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^ T H E 

Sihylline Oracles 

Tranflated from the 

J5eft Greek Copte0> 

And compar'd with the 


Efpccially with 

Daniel and the Revelations, 


With fo much H i s t o r y as plainly 

fhews, That many of the S i b y l s Pre- 
diftions are exaQ:ly fulfilPd. 


Answers to theOfijECTioNs 

ufually made againlt them. 

fed cunBis deniqyfaclis 

Turn recoletis me^ netf, dixerit amflitu uttus^ 
Infanam^ magnam fed vatem numinis alti. 

SibyUOrac. /ri. 3. 

'I I ' I I I H ■■ I I ■ , , , , , 

By Sir J o H N F l o y e r, Knight. 

L N D Nj 

Printed by R. Bruges ^ for J. N r c h o i s on^ at 
the Kings- Arms in Little-Britain. 1 7 » 3* 

ii»»— Mp-^ii^ 


3 ■ ■ ■ 

if TO THE- 

Right Reverend Father in Go d^ 



Litchfield and Coventry, 

My Lord, 

Ilnceyoar Lerdjbif was fU^d, 
to uad me the Editions of the . 
Sibylline Oracles by Opib- 
pseus and Gallseus, / think 
mjfelf obli^d to acknorvledge 
that Vivmr by this DedicatioKy and to beg 
jour JudMie/tt in this great Controvert 
betwixt the modern Critics and the learned 
Fathers of the Chrifiian Churchy ivhofe 
Opinion I have here undertaken to defend^ 
That the Sibylline Oracles are true Pro^ 
fhefies ; but the Cities caS them the For-^ 
geries if the Gnoftics in thefecond Cen- 
A % turf. 


turj» hapfearshythofeCrmcsComments^ 
they did not underJlMd the SubjeSt if fheje 
Prophefies ; and it was imfcffMe that they 
could J fo long as they affly dthem to the-Hi- 
fiories before the fecond Century ^ whereas 
mofi of them belong to the changes in the 
Cnrifiian Church and Roman Empire^ 
which happened after the fecond Century. 

My Lord, 1 here frefenttoyou in thefe 
Oracles the old Antediluvian Religion, 
and all the Moral Precepts communicated 
to Japhet^^ Family^ which alfo contain 
many Prophefies concerning the Changes 
which would happen in the Kjngdoms of 
JaphetV Poflerity ; fo that we do not wholly 
derive all our Religion and Learning from 
.the Jews, who conversed formerly very 
rarely with the Gentiles, among whom they 
were but little known before their Captivity. 
When the Chaldeans, -/Egyptians and 
Greeks had corrupted the Noachic Tradi^ 
tipns of Religion^ by applying their Sacri^ 
pees and Prayers to the Sun^ Moon^ and 
Heroes^ which were appoint e9 for Goi^s 
Service^ it pleased God to infpire the Si- 
byls, ' that they might reflore the true an^ 
cient fVor/hip to God alone^ and correB all 
* the Errors jrom the old moral Precepts by 
' thefe Oracles : The Je^ifh Men-Prophets^ 
' near the fame time^ reformed the Corrupti^ 



Hiftory mUinterpret both theOr2Lc\cs and 
Revelations, far they fkmfy relate thofe 
things which St. John exfrefH in Prcfhe^ 
tic figures. This is the old Kjj the fa^ 
thjsrs ufedj by which they interpreted the 
Revelations, as far as they could carry it ; 
but ftnce their Time Antichrift is come in 
the Eafij and the Chrifiian Church is cor^ 
rufted in the Wefi^ and both thefe mS have 
their Falls in that manner as is defcriPd in 
ihefe Oracles ; and this ia the Suh]eB (f 
them J which has hitherto not been under ^ 

Becaufe I am none of your Lardfbip^s 
Clergy y I mil give you this Account horn I 
was led into this Study of Prophejies : J 
had long confider'^d the datitk Symbols^ 
by which their Obfervations on the Pulfes are 
reprefented ; and this difpos^d my Thoughts 
to an eajy Jpprehenfion of (he Symbols us^d 
in the Revelations and Old Prophets ; 
and when I had compared St. Jphn'i ^»f- 
bolswith the civil Hijiory of the Romans 
and that of the Churchy I found thofe £* 
vents which the Vifions reprefented ^^ and 
after I had compared the fameHifiory with 
thefe Oracles^ that gave me a true notion 
of them. And the agreement of both the^ 
Revelations and Oracles in the fame Hi^ 
f^Kfy p^ovcy that I am not mifi^ken tn mjf 


Ifiterfretdtion of fhein : Butj mthotrt the 
helf^ifthefe Grades, >f cunhia fo certtan^ 
Ij find the Hifiories whkb nv mufi apfly to 
the PreiiSHtms i» the Revi^lations ; W 
mB Interfretatkins (f the Revelations thdt 
4re made without the helf of thefi Oracle, 
mB he hut uncertain^ Co^jeifuret. 'Si^ce 
hoth the Revelatidyis Md thefe Oracles 
eame hj- the Inffiutipn of the fame 
Spirit^ they were defign^d io exfhin one 
Another \ wd they mufi needs agree ^ ^• 
caufe hoth were to refrejent the Civil and 
Ecclefiafiical St4teoj theKotmn Em^re^ 
which tnufi end in the Kingdom of Saints 
w/i^e Millennium, 

J have jjere purfued the old Method of 
ihefirfi Ghrifiians in tomparing and inters 

freting tbt Rev<»lations, by the help of 

thefe Oracles ; ahdfo far as pafi Events 
have directed me^ I have endeavoured to 
improve it; hut hecaufe many things are 
yet to come^ they can only be undeffiood 
when future Events fi^aB explain them. 
The great defign of att Prophefies if, to con^^ 
frmfome holy Doff r in ^ and to bear wit'- 
nefs to its divine Jnjpiration^ in thofe Ages 
when the Events jhaB come to pafs. If 
then the Oracles defcribe the Turks Con^ 
fueftsof A^^y Greece, and Mgy^tj and 
the Reformation^ as I [baB plainly prove \ 

A 4 the 


the Worjbif of One God, the Hifiory 

Ani Wprjhif of Oh r i s t, the 'Return 

of she Jews, the bo(frm of Chvlist^s 

reign in the Millennium,4r^ divine Truths 

reve^d to us in thefe Oracles. And pnce 

the Kef (^motion is foretold in^ thefe Profhe^ 

fiesy all Frotefiants ought toendean;auf to 

^vindicate the Credit of them^ and to ad^ 

here to the DoStrin of the Reformed Chur^ 

ches^ here apfrov^d of by a Prophetic Spi^ 

rit. Tour Lordfbifs Learning makes you 

afrofer Judge of this Subjea^ and fince 

that is divine y it ought to be frefented by 

tne to your Pa^tronage j vshich I beg of your 

Ijord^ifj who am 

Oftob. 16. 

Your moft obedient 
and humble Servant, 

John Flpteh, 





' ( 


, • • • 

Think 'tis neceflary tx) premife fome , 
Obfervationsxbnceming the number 

. qi the. SibyisyZnA the, time they liv'd 
. iny and the burning and colledtiori 
of the Sibylline Oracles ; I will after- 
wards confider the ancient Teftimonies,. to 
prove that therewcremany In fpired Wo- 
men amonglt the Gentiles^ and that they 
publifli'd their Prophelies in fome Eafterii 
Language^ and I will laftly explain the 
Symbolical CharaSt^rs us'd in theOraclfcs, and 
conclude this Preface with fome ObferVaT 
tioi^:coflcerning the Vfifidnefs of thefe Pr^i 
i^^es^ in Explaining theRevelatii^fjs. 

By: way of Poftfcr ipt, I will add an Ex- 
trad out of the Fathers troncerning the Re- 
turn of- the JeW', Jintichrijty and the Millen^ 
«/»;», w|4ch they took out of thefe Oraclesi 
knd make a large Parallel betwixt the Ora^ 
gles ^ad Rcvelatimsj and fo conclude with 
an Anfwer to the Objeftions againft thefe 
Oracles, made by Offof^us^ If fTofftHs^ and 
iu pifi ^ adding fome Cfaronalogv about the 
&trj(u:enh and ancient Hiftory ot the Turh^ 
by which both the Or^c/fi and Revtlmms 
-will be better und^rftood. . 

I . Concerning the Number of the Stiyts 
the Critics difagrce : SOBic wiU haire but 


ii The Preface. 

one ; but fince Sibylla fignifies a Trofher 
tefsy and all the Critics alfow that there 
were many Pijopfetefies^ amongft the Gen- 
tile f^ this DifpQte is only ^omiml i and 
I think, by the Authority QfLaSt^miftSj we 
piay conclude, that theijr number was ten j 
for f^arroy as he is quoted by LaffimtfyiSj 
nadlics ten 5%/if, i. tnt F^rfian or Chdld^ffj 
. nientiofn'd by Nicanor v 2^ the LibyMi men- 
tioned hyEwri fides ^ 3* the DeSpbka y 4. the 
Cimmeria in /^i^;/; 5.. the£i^Ar«4»,>rho 
foa;?told the Deftruftkm of fTytjy ; 6. the &<.- 
i»/^ ; j^theCumana^ caWA HtrafhiUy wb9 
brought nine Books to T^arijuiniw Prifimy of 
which Ihe burnt all but three, and thcfe pc- 
ri(h'd with the Capitol 83 Yeats beitore 
Chrift 7 8. the Hdlejfontiac^ born in Aiar^ 
fefm^ in the time of cyww j 9. Phrygian who 
jMTOphefied at Jmjy^ \ to. MhunM^ or 7t- 
burtiha. t^tiaii reckons ten 5/^/jv an4 
SuUas gives the Naimes of the ten, bat they 
differ from /^^rrtf's ; and 'tis prpbibic fome 
Sibyls^ had different Names, as, the Bakylifi^ 
nian is caird ErythrM: Cbddaica^ Pfrpcm, 
JuddicA^ Sambitbej are pi^babty the Sime;. n 
z. As to the time iu whidi the feveral 
Sibyls liv^4y I find thefe Obierratiomsicolr 
}e(9^ed by Offof^m : The Sibyl at Df jjpibm w^ 
a Phrygian^ amcienter tiiaa Ojffhem^ ^ Me &r 
byl Uv'd ia the time (rf the Jewiih Judges ^ 
tt he Ct0uaaft^ in the tisie of Ama0as *, the 5i»- 
mian^ inthe timeof^i^'SwA; there was a Si- 
byd inSamos^y ia the time oi Darius Afiy^es* 
T\iQ,SihylIkG»rMMiproa^^^A ia ikt uttetJi 
, . . ' Olym- 

The Preface. iii 

Olympiad) or fifty-fourth. The Delfhlcs is 
die aacienteft Sibyl, and liv'd before the 
Tr9jan War j Homer borrowed many of her 
Verfes ; the Erythr^an after the Trofon War, 
and Ihe prophefied that the Leshisms (hould 
loofe the dominion of the Seas long before it 
happcn'd ; the HelUfpantiacd livM in the 60 • 
Olympiad, the Libyca hpfove the 80 Olym- 
piad, the Perfica Sibylla in the i 20 Olym- 
piad -, (he writ particularly of Chrift as God. 

St. Jerome affirtas, that the Erythr^an Si- 
byl was in the time of Romulus^ and the Sal- 
man HercfhiU in the time of NimM^ or Ho- 
flilius. St. Angufiin fays, the CumMn Sibyl Lib. i8» 
was in Nnm^f^ time, when Manajfes flew £- ^^P- 24* 
fdas'j and he fays, the Erythraean was in Ro- 
mulus^i days i and FUccianus tYi^RomanVto^ 
conful, when he difcours'd of Chrift with 
him, (hew'd him a Greek Copy of the Sibylla 
Erythraa^s Verfes •, but he fays, fome place 
the Erythraanin the time of tneTri?/4»Wars. 

That the Sibyls were before Homer is pro- 
bable, becaufe he took fome of their Verfes, 
as GuiL Canterus teftifies, Homerut multis in 
locis^ tit aperte conftaty Sibyllam fit imitatusy 
ejufify hemiflichia mmlta fua foefi inferuerit. 

This Authority is fufficient to oppofe (74/- 
Uusy wh6 thinks the Sibvls ftolo fome Hemi- 
fiichia from Homer : Tne plainnefs of the 
Sibyls Stil,e is a true fign of their Antiquity; 
and purenefs of Homer\ a proof of later 

3 .Concerning the burning and frelh coUe'*^ 
^onofthe Sibylline Oracles, Tacitus fays^ 

^ - After 

ii T/b Preface/ 

After the burning of the Capitol, the Siyyl- 
line Verier were brought from Samoi^ lUum^ 
Erjthrisy Africa^ Sicily^ Italy. Thefe Books^ 
f'lifjy iaysj -Were burnt in SylUs time (^ (* 83. 
Years before Ghrift) j after the new coUe-, 
ftion they lemain'd atRome^ till the time of 
• Hmorius apd 7%eodoJius junior^ and then &/- 
Iko being about to raife a Sedition, burnt; 
'em. Th^ Raipans brought 1000 of thefe 
y erfes to RotHf^ after rebuilding the C<p/W. 
. Suetonius gives^this account,That Augufius 
burnt 2000 Prophefies whofe Authority was 
Unce^rtain, Ac [dies retinuit Sibyllinos^ hofip de* 

LaBantius quotes thofe Verfes which re- 
late to one God, and they are the fame as 
we no\v read in the 5%///>ff Books;. they 
were common to all Men \ and thefe were 
the Verfes of the Erythraan SibyU none were 
concealed by the Romans but thofe of the Cu- 
tn^an Sibyl : The reafbn of keeping thefe 
from the Vulgar was, the Cumaan Sybil fore- 
told the Deftruciion of Rome and its Empire 
and Idolatrous Religion, in the 8th Book of 
the Oracles. 

But be fides thefe 5%//m> Oracles, there 
were kept in the Capitol fome Heathen O- 
racks prefcrib'd by the Pythia^ and the fug- 
geftlon of the Devil at I>f/pfcw, and thefe 
were promoters of Idolatry, and from thefe 
ithe Romans learnt which of the Heathen Gods 
were to be worihip'd, and what Sacrifices 
^were to be perfor niM in Earthquakes,Wars, 
Editions, Famines^ &c, but the Sibylline O 
' . * racks 

Tiib^ Preface. -vU- 

racks condemta'd all Idolatry, That this 
diftindion muft be riiade, is plain by the be- 
ginning of the 4th Book, 

— " diBata a numine magna, 
No» oracU qmdem dantis mendacia Bhabi^ 

And 'tiSj evident by the Roman Hiftories that 
they confulted the Oracles for Prediftions 
as well as their idolatrous Worfhip, upon 
great occa Cons i and the true Prediclions 
could be found only in the Sibylline Oracles. 
GVer(? mentions two forts of Priefts, one,OV. Ub.2, (/ 
quod prafit ceremoniis & facris ^ the Other, ^^g^^^* 
quod interfretur fatidicorum^& vatnm fata in-- 
cognUa. There were many colleftions of 
thefe Oracles ; the firft was of i coo Verfes, 
by Uiofe the Senate fent into the Eaft ; a fe- 
cond in Jiuguftush time, and a third in 77te- 
V/w/s reign, as Mr. £^cW<5f affirms ; a new 
Volume of the Sibyls Books was received in 
the third Year ot our Saviour's Miniftry, 
and added to the reft by a Decree of the Se- 
nate of ^<?wf, but not well relilh'd by the 
Emperor Tiberius : FOf this he quotes Taci- 
tus and Dim j therefore thisColledion was 
not perfected till Auguftus and Tiber ius^s' 
time. The Romans permitted none to fee 
the Curmean Sibyl but thejifteen Men ap- 
pointed, and the Oracles were notconful- 
ted without a Decree of the Senate : And 
lince none of the Sibylline Oracles were con- 
ceal'd in the Capitol but the C«w^^;;, none 
were loft b/the Burning, but that. 

4. I will next prove, that there ivvere 
feme infplr'd Women among the Gentiles. 
' . ' SiAce 

r^ The? 

^m^ ' life rREFACE* 

Since No^ iW'd in both Worlds, that be- 
forehand that after tbeFlood^he and hisChil- 
dren did convey the Hiftory,Cnftoms,Maii- 
ners, and Religion oit\it Ant ediluvianWorld 
to their Pofterity, who dividing thetofelves 
into three Kingdoms, carried thofe Tradi- 
tions and Precepts with 'em into all Parts ; 
Sem into the Eaft, Jafhet into the Weft, and 
Cham into the South : Thus all Arts, Scien- 
ces, and Religion were conveyed into every 
Country. But when thefe Traditions were 
corrupted by Idolatry, and other Wicked- 
ncfles, God fent the old Prophets to the 
Jews^ to reform their Idolatrous Worfhip 
and Manners i atid among Japhet^% Pofterity 
forae ProphetelTes were fent, to warn them 
agairift Idolatry and all forts of Vic^; thefe 
the Grecians^ in the t^olic Dialed, call'd 5/* 
hyls i and the Devil, in imitation of thefe, 
made ufe of Women in his Oracles. 
• That fome Women were infpir'd among 

the Jews^ is evident from 5>cripture ; Debtf- 
rah (Judg. 4.) •, Miriam the Sifter oiMofes^ 
(JExod. 21). Huldah under Jo/tah : Elizabeth, 
Anna the Virgin J Mary^^ and the iDaughters 

of Philip. 

That there were many infpirM Women 
among the <?efffi7f/,appears by theHiftori^s 
of ail Nations: Plato, in his Phadrus^ calls 
the Sibyls Prophetefes. Arifiotle (Probl. 30) 
fays the Sibyls were infpir'd, and, that one 
Lib. 4. liv'd in a Cave at G/w^ in /f^/jf. 

Viodor. Sicuhs affirms, that the Sibyl was 
aftuated by the Spirit of God, and the Name 


Thpi Preface. vM^l 

^^fignifies bdiUgfullofGod; and, that 
H^^mer borrowM many of his Ver fes of Daph- 
ne^ a Sibyl^who liv'd at the taking of Thebes. 

Str^ho calls the Erythr^m Siby 1 ^>1ixn i^ wJ, ^ 
and another Sibyl was born in the fame 
place^ caird jithmais^ ihe liv'd in Mexiar 
derH time. 

PlMtAT$h oblerv'd, that the Sibyls prediA- 
ed the Deftrndion of Cities, the Irruption 
of the Armies of Barbariansj the Everlion of 
Erajnrc, which came to pafs in Greece \ and 
the Eruption of c/fr»4 was foretold by 'em, 
which came lately to pafs, and deftroy'd 
many Cities. 

Paufanias fays, that Herofhile of Marfefiu 
in Phrygia fotetold the Trojsn War, and its 
Event : She liv'd molt in Samos^ and pro^ 
phefied ^t Delfhos^ and was fnrens divine 
JpirituafflaM. ' 

Cicero^ de Divinationey mentions two forts 
of Divination, one by Fury, by which the 
SibyUine Oracles were made^ the fecond by 
Sleep. Varro^ f^i^if^y Ovid^ and Tacitus ^ac- 
knowledg the Sibyls, and Juvenal mentions 
thQCiim£an. P/viiy acknowledges the Divi* 
nity of the Sibyls. 

The Apoftolic Conftittttions quote thcx;A.5,ofth 
4th Book of the Sibylline Oracles, to prove Martyrs, 
the Refurredion, in thefe words, which are 
thus tranflated : Jlnd when aU things JhaS be 
reduced to Duft md jfjhes^ and the Immortal 
Cod^ who kindled the Fire, Jjhall have ^uencVd 
ity Cod fljoU form thofe Bones and Afhes int9 

Man again f .andfiall flaco mortal Me^ as they 


vi The Preface- 

were before ; and then JhaB be the Jui^menty 
wherein GodJhaS do Jufirice. If therefore the 
Prophetefs confeflcs the Refurreftion, and 
does not deny the rcftoration of all things, 
and diftinguilhes the Godly from the Un- 
godly, 'tis in vain for them to deny cwir 
Doftrin. . 

^ntiq. lih.iy \ Jofiphiis quotes the Sibylline Ofncles con- 
•*• ^' cerning the building the Tower of Fabylon^ 

and fays, 'twas tjirown down hy the Winds, 
as the Oracles fay : And he fays the Sibyls 
fpeak of the Confbfion of Tongues, Thefe 
Accounts are ftill in our Copy of the Ora- 
cles. That the Books we have of the Sibyls 
are the fame as were providentially coUeft- 
ed by the Romans^ appears by thcTeftimony 
of the ancient Writers, who quote many 
parts of 'em againft the Gentiles^ as Jufiin 
Martyr J TTyeophilus Antiochenus^ jithenagoras^ 
CL jilexindrinus^ Firmianus^ Laltantius-, Eu- 
febins^ St. Auftin^ &Ct 

Juftin Martyr tells the Greeks^, they may 
find the true Religion in the ancient Babylo- 
nian Sibyl, who came to Cuma^ and there 
gave her Oracles, which Tlato admir'd, as 
divine j and tho' they foretold many great 
- things, they did not underftand '6m ; and 
for this caiife their Verfes ai'e imperfed, or 
becaufe the hearers miltook 'em : And they 
plainly foretdld the coming of Jefus Chrifl:^ 
by w hich means the Gentiles were more eafi- 
iy converted. He concludes that the Pro^ 
phets, by a divine ^J^^f w, can beft inftrud 
us conccrmng God and the p:ue H^ligiod- 

. ' 0em* 

l^e PRBf ACfi. /is. 

fays th^ Sibyls w^re inrpirM by Ood* He 
fays, Sti Baul quoted the Sibyls. . * 

. Iheafhf^ns iquotes the Sibyls, to pr^ye that Lib. i, ad M 
there would fc more Godi than Men,, if the ^oUcum^ 
Gods generated : And> j^henagoras quotes 
the SibylsS, in his Ejiibaffy; to Antminm for 
the Chrifiinm. ' Botii: thefts as well as Jvfiin 
and <3. AkxAnirkm-t \ Jiv'd in the fecond 
Century, and aQ quoted t|p Omelet as di'- 
vine Propbeiifes.; , ' 

.\St.wr*/J?«^fiy^^ the Sibyls, Or/>Am, and 
Honier^ f|)Oke truly df God and his Son* 

Since . thfe Infpiration of the SibyU is fo 
well dtteftfcid hy aU the Greek and^ Reman 
Writers^ and att the Fathers of the four firft 
Centuries, I think thcf? ©racks have a fuffi* 
cient Tfcftidionyi oa w^hicfe we may depends. 
• This wilbbe farther prDv?d by the Prophe* 
iies.ofcer^mfiresits which have coit^ td 
pafs, and.tbatwill conwnce the molt Incre* 
duioti§, that>thil]e OrsKrles had a Divine O-^ 
riginal. . * ^ 

St. ji^in farther^ysi 'Tis no. Error to Sf. Auflin^ 
believe that to fome.of the Gentiles the My- lib. 1 8, ch/aj 
ftery of Chrift was revfeal'd, and they were of the City o 
infpir'd by theSpirit of Prophecy to declarc^^* 
it* And he fays of the MythirMn Sibyl^ (he 
wrote Iteie apparfentPrpphefieS df Chrift • 
and he maicfishct' aCitizeaof God'sCity. 

5. I obferve, that Gr^eiwas not the on-* 
ginal Language in which the Oracles were \ 
given, but fbme Eafiern hsingmgki front 
whiclrthere were divers Gre^k Tranflatiorisj 
for the Sibyttine Verfes in LaBmtw difief 

a from 


The pREFACfi. 

from thofe in Opfifdus in many words, from 
whence 1 may con jedore, that there were 
different (?rreJl Copies of them, which would 
not have happened Jf that had been the Ori- 
ginal. The Erythr^an Sibyl, who wrote the 
three firft Books, came from Bahyhn^ and 
therefore 'tis probable (he writ in Chaldte^ 
Syriacy or Hebrew:, and the Kames of Gody 
bahaoth^ Admai^ and the Wordi Cherubim 
andBeliat^art t^e Ggnsof itsbeingaTran- 
flation, becanfe we do not change proper 
Names in a Tranflation. And in Book II. 
we find thefe Names, i^4i^/, AbnArnn^ Iputc^ 
Jaceby Jafusj Daniel^ EliMt^jtvAaceumy Jonoi. 
Since thefe Oracles were coUeded from 
jifrica^ Sicily y Itdly^ as well as Samosj lUumy 
£rythrisy they might probably be writ in the 
Language of thofe Coantriei^ befides, the 
numeral Letters intheKame of God will 
not agree with any (Frffi we know of. The 
Hebrew Prophets writ in different Stiles ; 
and fince there were many Sibyls ofdifferent 
Countries, they could not write in the &me 
Dialed and Stile in which we find the Ora-- 
cles. We may obferve the L^riVTranflation 
in many places not fo fully exprefiing the 
Senfe in the Greeks becanfe the Tranflator 
was hinder'd by the Meafure of his Latin 
Verfc •, and we may well expeft the feme 
Imperfedion by a Tranflation of the Verfes 
into Greek. The Grecian Poet who tranfla* 
ted the Oracles did not alter the Subjed of 
the Prophefies, but took the liberty to ufe 
the more modern Names, Phrafes, and Opi- 
nions ; As for inftance, N^ah tells the Pec* 


The Preface. - «t 

pte in hi$ time, that they fhould iatigh the 
Sardinian Laughter -, and there is a Prover- 
bial Phrafe, Ne CamarirtMm fgitOy in Book 39 
all which rofe in the World in later times 
than the Sibyls liv'd. The Poet ufes many 
Fidions, as thatof the Sibyl's being in the 
Ark, and her Joy after the Flood* The Si- 
byl is reprefented as feeing the laft Ages at 
the Deft ruaion of the World i theConftel- 
lations, as fighting with oqe another y theie , 
are plainly Poetical Fidions, as well as the 
piicQorre of God toiVT^^i^^and hisDilconrfe 
with the People : Befides, the Obferrations 
of the i^nmeral Letters in divers Names are 
only the Poet's fporting with Numbers, and 
the derivation of Names are only his Fa ncy. 
^Tis probable thefe Oracles were writ Ihort 
and obfcure, in lew words, but the Poet has 
more largely and fully defcrib'd 'em, after a 
poetical manner, which is only the Flouriih 
of the (7rfff;4» Poets. The <7rf<lx knew not 
the original Hiftory of the Flood, but from 
the ChMdsan Hiftorians, from whence they 
had the Hiftory of the Titms^ BsAely ana 
that the Ark refted in Phrygia. 

Since Nodh liv'd * joo Years after the 
Floods the Traditions of Religion reyeaPd 
to Adam and Ntfoh could not Ifoon be loft^ 
but was eonimitted to fome Writings, by 
which the Hiftory of the new and eld Werldi 
as well as Religien^ were preferv'd *, thefe 
afterwards corrupted Religion by the Wor- 
jhip of the Sun, Moon, and Stars ; and after 
the jiOjfrian Empire was fet up, the Hero 
Worimp was introduc'd, by deifying their 

a 2 Em- 

%^ Thi IP R E F A C^E. 

"Emperors-, and the ancient Mohnmeftts and 

- Hiftories were corrtipted by the additions 
, of Hiltorians. In this ftate the Sibyls found 

the World when they were infpir'd to re- 

^ ftore the Worfhip of one God by defcribirig 

the Creation, and thePunilhmentof the firft 

- World by the Flood, and that at laft there 
: would be a Judgment of all Mankind, and a 

Conflagration of the World, but the Godly 
fliould be re warded in a Millennium. Thefe 
Oracles contain gdod Inftruftions agaiiift 
all Vice, $nd iRew^ that God puniflies them 
by Wars,Plagud,and Famine in thisWprld. 
As il/(9/f/ had his Hiftory of the Creation, 
the Flood, and Patriarchs, from fbme writ- 
,tcn Traditions before him, fo the Poet, or 
thefe Sibyls, took thfc <7f /^ri/^ Hiftories, 
whidi ttey found at Babylon or in Afia^ to 
declare the Creation, Paradife, the Flood, 
and fdur Monarchfes. I?one of the hiftbri^ 
tal parts of the Grades whichrpreceded the 
Sibyls were infpir'd, but onlythofe things 
which were fucceeding, in the Rife or Ruin 
of the ^4?«w» Empire, or the (Jrfa^. 

St. John mentions TUtus^s Con^uefts bf Jr- 
rtifkhni^ which was before he writ in an. 96 ^ 
that the fucceeding Emperors, who were to 
deftroy the Jews^ might be more eafily un- 
der ftood -, and here the Sibyls mention on- 
ly the four Monarchies, to lead us,, to the 
J?«??«4« Affairs. - x 

6. Tte Events in" the Roman Empire muft 
interpret thefe Prophefies, if they be taken 
in their natural order, and conipar'd with 
the Prophefies. As Daniel mentibfls the 


Ti&^ Preface. xiij 

^yrim and il/ff(/4^. Empires, wbich wera 
paft iwrii^u the Image of all the four Monar- 
chies ^pear'd, ifo thefe .Oracles^ being to 
treat chiefly of the Roman Empire, premifcs 
ibm^thing of the preceding Empires \ and 
they keep the natural qrdcr of Hiftory, vItl^ 
the Creation, Paradife, the Flood, £4^^^/, the 
four Monarchies, arid the R<man la ft : Th?^ 
account of the Romans is chiefly the firft fif- 
teen Emperors, and the Birth of Chrift in* 
the peaceable time oiAvguftus^ whene/£^/ 
was conquer'di then the time of .the Mar- 
tyrsis.defcribM, tht GntfiantinofoUtan 'Em^ 
pirc, ]the Invafion of the C7«rA/5i the Saracens^. 
and at laft the coming of j^ntid^riji into Sy- 
riMj the Reign of the Woman, the Refox;-* 
matioa of Religion. 

The Erythraan Sibyl, as Eufebius aflurei 
lis, liv'd in the fixth Generation after the- 
Flood, and Ihe wrote the third Bopk, in 
which the Conqueft of the Turh in jijfia and 
(^r€€C€ are defcrib -d. The next remarkable 
Boo^ for Prophefies i? the fifth, which chip- 
fly rentes the coming of the Tjirk into S^ria. 
and f^gj^h aod afterwards the Fall ofRvme 
and the Turkijh Empire? The third Book . 
of evident Propl*efies is the eightji, attribp- 
"ted to the DM»rf4;« Sibyl i the^^rth, fxthi 
airf fcventh arc impeirfed, like old Moan* 
merits whofe Infcriptiions arc defaced byv 
Time/ or ill keeping. Thefe Propfiefie^ 
which remain ire very valuable and ufeful 
Antiquities, and fu^cient to explain xhs^ 
Wars JoS Jnfiichrifiy his Mira? l«s^ t)ie De?f 
ftniaiwLiifhis KinjgdWim the Rf mr^pf tji?! 

Wr The Preface. 

Jews J and the ftate of Chrift's Reign npon 
Earth before tlie end of the World. If wc 
only retain the Morality, the worlhipof one 
God, and the Prophelies defcrib'd in thefc 
Oracles, as divine Revelations, we may re- 
jed: many Defcriptions, as the efied of the 
Poet's Fancy that compil'd 'cm into Greek 

7. I will next confider the Uiefulnefs of 
the ftudy of thefe Oracles : FiV/, They wil^ 
confirm the Truth of the Gofpel-Hiftory 
concerning Chrift's Death and Refurredion 
and tlie Prophefies of St. Jolm. The Pathirs 
allow'd them as true Prophefies, and quoted 
'em againft the Heathen, to prove the Uni- 
ty of the Godhead, to condemn Idolatry, to. 
prove the Coming of Chriffc and the MiUen^ 
niumj the Return of the ten Tribes at laft, 
the burning of the World, arid the Refur- 
reaion of the Body : So far the firft Chri- 
ftians underffcood of 'em, and in thefe thiiigs 
. found them to' agree with the Rt^lJii^s^ 
but fincethdr times tliey h^Vf^ been negled* 
cd, the Copies decayed,' arid the Oracles Wrc 
now difcredited, by the bold Critics, and 
thofe who rejcft all Revelation, as alfo by 
the Raman Chwrch J vrhok Idolatry is here 
defcrib'd as well as the Kuin of it at lalt. * 
The Copy I us'd was.that ofOpfapdus^ prin» 
ted 1 507 ; I have feen a former Edition, in 
15999 and lately C7ifff4ii/'s Edition^ itfSy; 
from thefe I have made the befl Tranflation 
I could, and have chiefly aim'd at the Senfi^ 
but have left the Niceties to the Critics. I 
have began the Deliga of applying the feve- 


The Preface. 

raiJProphefies to the Hiltory of the Turhy 
but miift leave it to Pofterity to fioifli. 

Secondly^ Twill appear by this Traft, 
that the (ame Hiftory of Kvents in the ^^- 
mm Empire will interpret both the Oracles 
and Mevilsuhns i and^ that thele Events are 
more^ clearly deforib'd in the Oracles j fo 
that by comparing the OracUs with the Re^ 
wUtimif^ I will explain (bilie. parts of the 
latter better than nas yet been done, efpe^ 
ciafly the 14th, ijth, and 1 6th Chapters; 
for the OrMtes declare the Return of the ten 
Tribes before theDeftru&ion ofR^me j and 
the Deftrudion of the Harveft and Vintage 
in the Deftru&ion of the^ir/icrf/iBeaft in the 
Eaft and Weft ; the feven Vials will chiefly 
belong to the firft Decay of the Turks: And 
all this muft happen before the Deftru&ion 
of gMUj tho' the final Dt ftru&ion of th^ 
Tnri will be after the Fall of Rome. 

TUrdlyj Twill appear^ that God by his 
Providence raifis and deftroys all Empires, 
and appoints Signs of theie things, as Go- 
mets. Earthquakes, Inundations, eruption 
of Eii;e from the burning Mountains ; be- 
fore great Changes thefe hap]pen ; and 
Plagues, Famine, the Sword oxAntidn^iA^ 
are the common Punifiunent of IdoIatry,^cr. 

Rurihhf By thefe ^twiU appear that the 
Corruption in the Rman Church in the 
Weft, and the Tyranny in the Eaft under 
the r«rl, will la.ft to the end of the World. 

RftUy^ By the Orattes 'twill appear, that 
the MBemimm is a defcription ot the happy 
ftate of the Chriftian Church in this World 

a 4 after 



1 - __ 

^eeN" '* Ij^^ Peebace. 

^ftct thciDeftru'dian of the Popcdom^nd 
Turi^ and before the Confiagratioii ^ wnfere*' 
as fqitie ihgenions £icn make it adefi:ripti« 
on of the Heavenly ftate. In fliort^.the • 0* 
racles defcribe the chief HifliorieS'tQ which 
the Vifions in the Revelations belong, afid hf 
;ttnderftanding thefe, we catf d^tectnine to 
what Hiftories they reflate,! aqdi thereby a-» 
Toid applying improper Hiltorids to themv 
ThefeOr^r/fx will teach us toidiikingQifiitfae 
' different Fates of the Eaftrand Weft • parts 
of the Roman Empire ; the Turk oppreffes 
tiie Gr^fil Church in theEaft, at the :&ime 
time the Pope corrupts the Weftcrn. 

Sixthly^ The things we arc now toexped 
in the Popedom arc, a great Delblation by 
^ Famine and Civil Wars^and then the t^^- 
ptian King Ihall inveft Rcme^ and burn it, but 
the Jews muib firft teturn, many Changes 
happening in the Ttrkijb Empire bfefore it. 

Thefe Things are jjcxt to come to pafs 
in the TVrii^ Empire : 

Firft, Greece (hall be plundered by a :5iir- 
t4ri4»,aft9r which, Seditiom will fticceed^ 
and't|;ien^ Peac6 •, after this, a Plague, and 
wJien P,effiafhz\] heat Peace, the Jem (haU 
return to thi^ir own Country, and live in 
Peace ^nd Plenty, and' Thunder *om Hea- 
ven ihalldeftroy their Enemies: Le0erj^a 
Ihaftbc deftroyM hy;E^thquakes, and ma- / 
ny other Cities, Sn^rna^ Cuma^^MpoUsy Cor^ 
iyrdi Miletus. The -4^ri/fitx;lhail .invade* 
I&Uifpffntj and conquer the Thraii^ns ; the 
King of u£gyp^ injvade Macedmia^ aisd a* 
civil War ;ih J^ifidia^ * betw^ixt the. Lydiansj • 

: ' Galatians^ 

Tbe\ P B E i^ AG i'. ^^^ssm 

Gdrnhms^ and B^mfbylians % then XtMty {hdt 
bedpmc a DdTart^ aad about, the cjid of the 
Moon, pr Thsrki^ Empire, the Eaftern War 
(or from the North) fliall be, , and Wars in 
the Weft, and laMa^edmUi alfo a deftru- 
diott bf tho& Princes by Fire from Heaven : 
At tfais:fundntei ifaall f^jsnr be deftroy'd by 
an ignoble and wicked Prince^ who had be- 
fore invaded 3feirffi^ after which Chrift fliall 
comc^ ami deftiroy the Wicked-, and reign 
mn&fjtrufulem*^ then Bahj^ ika\\ fall by 
an Eardiqtiakie, the Sea be dry'd up, and 
(the Rivers being frozen up) the Tartars 
Ihall invade the Borders of ^/i, and deltroy 
the Turk ixiThti^e'j then fltall be a general 
Barfcnefs: There Ihall he^ Reformation of. 
ReUgion in ^^gypt^ sind a. Temple built§. 
which ths t>£d0iopians yiiVi dp&vQj ^ and 
God will flay them by Fire from Heaven. 

ScimeTdjodcthefeiOnicksbec^ufo of the 
Poetical Drcfs the Grecian Pdets have given 
them V others ^nd true Pra^ftefieis in them ^ 
I wiQ proceed in a: middle moderate way be- 
twixt the contrary Opinions, allowing'ail 
Oh>e&ions as to its Phrafes, tew Words, • 
Dcrirations, numeral: Ob&rvations ;. tHefo 
ace tile Poets Paraphrale, Ifot^s, Hiftories'^^ 
of ' Fablcsf and Remarks, not very perti-.t 
neiit. > I may allow many maftakes, and^ y>et 
afieit, that the Siibftaice of the Prophefiesi 
isiarue, and tiae Do6rin delivered with^em j ' 
hocmCt they agre? with the RtwUtimu 

I wifthext explain the Symbolical Gha- • 
rafttrfc us'd in'thefe 'Oracles: Neta is the - 
Turhj who KKil tyriknnistfe iatiie:fialb^ lii«^ • 

• I Name 

X^fOt ibe rRBFACB* 

Name is not mentioaM, bat his Chandfr : 
The Church is calPd a pure Virgin : The 
Woman, or Widow, is the XiMm corrupt 
Church, or Whore. ^ 

JjVifr^ was a Prince of great Cruelty, who 
flew his Mother. The Qttmmm Cruelty to 
their own Family, and to others, is repre- 
&nted by Ner^. 

Suetonim fays, after MrA peath there 
was a vulgar Report, that he was fled be* 
yond EufhrMtSj and that he would return 
again with the iame Cruelty \ and this Re* 
port might be occafion'd by this deicription 
ofiSTfTA in the Sibyls. This Story is a Fable, 
or feignM Allegory, and muft not be taken 
as a Hiftory. The tnrh is call'd Cruiilis 
hmtoy in the third Book, where his Conquefts 
of jifia minor<% Thrace^ and Greece^ are de* 

Ner» is alio a general Name for other 

cruel Princes, becaufe when the Eaftern 

War is defcribM, it fays, Murit & accifar 

tpUdam de fmkm 9rUsj vir fi^iitu venUt. 

The Popes are alfb caird Mutrum Cifsru \ 

the7iiri(, thtUnU^Homj when he came in* 

to jifia. The Turk fled from the Tsmars in 

Per&i. The Inundation oiE^ntesy in the 

fifth Book, reprefents the Turks Inrafion of 

^^ ; and the Inundation of p€net$Sy their 

Inyafionof Thrma. The alteration in the 

fniail Kingdoms of Itdy are defcrib'd by 

Eridanusy the P0, which produces dirers 

forms of wild Beafl:s, u 9. divers forts of 

Governments ; for the Empire is callM a 

Beaft in Prophetic Terms orStik« 


The Preface- 

In ttie fifth Book the PopeiscalPd t!.e 
great King of great R&mty who eqnals him- 
felf to God, (/. f . lyy afluming to hinfiielf 
the Title of Chrifs Vic^) \ he is faid to be 
producM hjjufiter and Jun^^ ($. e. has his 
Comnaifrion from God, and is elcded by the 
Chnrch) ^ be fings melodions Hymns, as in 
a Theatre, (i. e. nfes Songs and Anthems in 
the Church) j he fcall deftroy many, (viz. 
the Reformers) with -his miierable Mother 
(the Chrifiian Oiprch.) This cannot be Neroy 
becaufe he is thus defcrib'd after the Turk 
came over Eufhrata. Canfiamino^lc is call'd 
the Offspring of Lsuin Ri^me. 

The Sardcens are fjhmdelites^ begot by ^- 
hrshdm on JfiagoKy and they are callM the 
Baftard Stotik of ^rurn^ who muft invade 
both £iim^ and .y^. 

The Idolatry of the Chriftian Church, 
both in the Baft and Weft, is reprefented 
by the ojd GentiUWorfhip of Beafts, Dae- 
mons, &c^ ' and the Names of the old Hero 
Gods are nsM to exprefs the Chrifiian Saints. 

The true worlhip of God is reprefented 
by the Jewijh Ssicvificts to him, which are 
Types of the Chriftian Adulteries. Theft, 
Sodomy, Murder, and Idolatry, are tht 
caufes of Wars, Plagues, Famine, and Jl^^ 
tichriJFs Cruelty ; the^ fame is mention'd in 
the Rr9elatic9ts. Where the Books are entire, 
they begin with fome defcription of G a d, 
and end with the Deftru&ion of the World ; 
and thus the eighth Book ends ; therefore I 
rejcd the Acroftics, and the Hiftory of 
Chrlft's Birth and Paflion, that are added in^ 



'^ TA^ Preface. 

the end of it*, for there kpnough of ttefe 
Subjefts ia tbe. firjR:, a^d ojthcr Books^ . £u- 
f thins imputes the the ErythrMn 
§ibyl, and fays, he found thefe Verier quo-^ 
^d by av^rdj. Bqt both Dionyfini in bis Ro^ 
mm jimiifuipUsj and f^dtfr^^, as he i^uotes 
hini,declare t\it Acrofties to4)e fuppofititioiisj 
4nd addedto the Sibylline Verfes. I think 
, thefe Reafa^s ate fuffideJlt /or rejeAifag of 
thein. TW £^fehius fteita/s to believe^ that 
Cicero traaflated them into Latin, none ofthc 
Ancients mentions them, but he and Stv j4ih 
fiin'^ there is np mention madeof thefe Aero- 
ftics by Jufiin Mmyr\ Hheai^ilus^Antmhenusi 
Jithenagerofi CL jilexarfdrinnS'^ Firmiarms^: or 
LaHmtius^ who greatly admiretheSihyls. 

The Sibyls divide the time of the World 
into tenGenerations,but£/i/r4tf into twelre. 
The firft ^cjok makes five; Ages or Geuerati- 
oiis before the Elqodi the GPldenAge follows 
it, and is recHon'd the fixth Generation. The 
tenth Age will begin viith the Gonqueft of 
Perfiahy Alexander. Thedeftru&iotnof^iiWff 
fhall begin in the tenth Generation, when I- 
dolatry fhall decay : And in the fouithBook 
the Judgment and Millennium muft be in the 
tenth Agc,^ and then all my ft end. The Jffy- 
rims and Medes held their Empire^7oYears,^ 
of which the Medej held it 1 50^ tho Ferfimr 
(till Alexander) 230 ; in all thefe Emt)ires" 
were poo Years, but ^nct'jUexanderH Time: 
the tentli Ag« has been twice as long. The 
EfythrAOH Sibyl reckons thfe ten Generations 
from Adam \ the Sibyl, iather fOurtbBdc*, 
reckoner tbejn ftom.thc ElQPli, . i : i.i^' 
i THE 





Before the 


Containing the true Notion of Go d^ tphq 
made and governs the World^ and wijf, 
reward tho/e that ferve him^ and funifif 
Idolaters. - 

r * 

O Mortal, carnal, and vile &fen 1 why are 
you fo proud, not confidering that you 
muftdie? Neither do you tremble, and 
fear the fupream <S OD^ who govterns you 5 He This is qaoted 
knows, fees, and dbfcrves allthing^ ; He is the ^5[ ^^^*** ^** 4- 
Creator; and preferves all things j He fent his "^' ' 
pleaiant Spirit into ^ tilings, mA by that governs 
all Mankind. 

There is one God, who alone reigns; he iijujHn cht^ihi 
very great, unbegotten, omnipotent, invifible : JHe in his oration w 
alone fees all things, but cannot be feen by any ^^* <'"»*«^'» 
Mortal; for, what mortal Flefli can behold the 
Cdrfcftial, True, and Iihftiortal GOD with hi* 
Eyes, wha lives in Heiven, fincfe Mfen, who are 
bom Mortals, ofBohes, Flefh, artrfVtfins, cannot 
fiedfiJtly behold the ihihing Beaihs of the Sun. 

Wormip Him, who is the only Governour of 
the World/who aI<Mie'hath bontinu^d from Age 

" T " - - to 


The Prooemiuni. 

to Age ; He exifts from Himfelf, is unbegocteti ; 
be governs all cfaings, at ail Times, and He has 
ordain*d a Judgment for all Men, in one comman 
Day ; bur punifhes )uftly all evil Counfels, when 
v/t leave the true GOD, and do not honour Him 
as eternal, by o£^ring holy Hecatombs to him» 
but make Sacrifices to the Infernal Manes. 

Thefe Men are proud, and mad, leaving the 
ftrait way, they err through rocky and thorny 

O vain Men ! ceafe to wander in Darknefs and 
a black obfcure Night, but leave this Darkneis, 
rUmAMexandr. and enter into Light : He is manifeft to all^ and 
•"•• *^"' no Deceiver, therefore do not purfue this dark 
and tempeftuotts way any longer, but behold the 
fleafant Light of the Sun, which ihiues glmi* 

Know, and wifely confider it, there is one 
GOD, who gives Rain and Winds ; He caufi^ 
Earthquakes, Thunders, Famines, Plagues, Snow^ 
Ice, and all other grievotis Calamities, all which 
I can exprefs thus : He commands in Heaven, and 
governs m the Earth, and in HdJes, 

He exifts of himfelf, for that which is bom 

will be corrupted ; GOD cannot be generated of 

the parts of Men and W<mieQ, but there is one 

only fupream GOD, who hach created Heaven, 

the Sun, Moon, and Stars, and the fruitftil Earth, 

and the fwelling Waves of the Sea, the Mountains 

full of Woods, and the eternal Streams of the 

Fountains; He produces an innumend>le quantity 

of Fiih in the Waters, and He nonrifliech the 

creeping Creatures with a cool Diet (or in a cool 

place) and he gives to the Birds ^f various kinds 

Ihrill Voices, barlh or pleafant Notes, and to cut 

the Air with their noify Wings ; and he hath put 

the wild Bealb in the Hills, covered with Wood, 

and hath fubieded all Bcaftf to Mankind, bue 

- ^^ 

The Pi^odemium. xjdjl 

iiadi made his Soti, Who is begotten of G O D, 
Govemour of oil tb^gs ; and ne hath fnbjeded 
to Man many various dtings, which he cannoc 
compreb^d ; fpr, what mortal Man cati know 
all tbing3 f but He only knows thofe that made 
'em in the beginning : He is the incorrupdble and 
eternal Creator^ living in Heaven, who gives to 
all good Men a very great Reward, but is angry 
wi£ the tJnjuft and w icked, and punilfaes them 
by Wars, Plagues, and extraordinary Calamities. 

O Men i why do you vtinly rebel againft 
GOD, and are therefore utterly deftroyM ? Are 
not you aihamM to efteem as Gods^ Cats and 
Brutes ? Is it not Madnefs, Fury, or Stupidity ^ 
in your Minds to think Gods fteal Cattle, and ^ 
make a Fiey of Cups, who ought to inhabit the 
rich and glorious Heavens ; they appear to be 
eaten with Worms, and covered with Spiders * 

O you Fookl you worihip Serpents, Dogs, 
and Cats, and you adore Birds, and the creeping ^ 

Creatures in the £artb, and Images of poliih'd 
Stone, and Statues made with Hands and ador- 
ned $ and alio heaps of Earth or Sepulchres, 
which are made in the ways ; and you worihip, 
befides thele, many other vain things, of which it 
is a Ihame to make any mention* 

Thefe are the falfe Gods of fooliih Men, from 
whole Mouth diis deadly Poifon diftils ; but to 
Him we ought to fiibmit our felves, and follow 
the way of eternal Righteoufiie^, who has the 
Power of giving Life, and incorruptible and eter- 
nal Light, and tan give to Men Joys exceeding 
all pleaiant things of this Life, 

But you have forlaken all th^e, you have 
drank a Cup full of the unmixt Wine of G OD's 
Vengeance, which is very ftrong and thick, you 
beins mad and {bolifli iii your Minds ; neither 
would you become fob^r and found in your 
" -■ Mindv 



T^ ' Prooefliiubl. 

.Mifid,;!!) know cbe crue GcmI an4 King, . \vfcoie 
Pf^vidence is oY^r all things ; there the bucnitig 
of ft fervenc Fire (hall leize on you^ and you 
^ihaU bum in Flames condaually, for ever, bong 
alham^d of ydur unprofitable falfe Idols : ,Buc 
Xhey . who worftup the true: GOD fliall inherit 
Eternal Life for eycr ; they ihall poflcfs rfie fhiit- 

Ji^l Gardens of Paradife, and there feaft oil the 
weet Bread whii:h ^omts from the Starry Skies* * 

Notf^ This Froamiam. is co tie found in Tbe^Mlii^i ie^ond 
OrxcioD tOtAutolicnt ; he was Bilhop of Jintiocb in ;7t ; and 
CUmcns tAlexandrinm quotes foi^e Verles of it, tAu, Dofn, i^S^ 
^^,jmtim <|upte> them^ %An, Dom, 310 ; and ZufcUui repeats 
them. Jufttn l^tjr. dtes fome of chefe V^rfes. Some impute 
them to the ChalACdn sHsyl Sumh^he^ jBut JLanGtahtiw fays 
kh6f mufl: belong to the JBrythrdan Sibyl $ and 'tis probable the 
two Sibyls NameB belong co one of the Sibyls. Thefie Qaoctfxw 
one are fuficienc to prove (he Antiquity of this iV.9<npitium,f and 
hs original fironi the Sib/ls, whi^h lU^antiiii fays were col- 

• ■ ' . 1 .♦ < . 

T H E 


i itfc^ pi iii iV i I I'ri i I I II I Ii ii *- I » i 11 '> ii i i Hrrn'' ! i ll V ^' ^ 

« ■ t »„. 




me Oraclesk 

The Contents. 

hi this Bo^fitbe Creation is dejcrib^d^ and AdaiZi dfU 
Eve in Paradife l Tbeh Tcmppatim tjr the Serpent^ 
and EjeRnient out of ts^rsidiiel Five Generations 
of Men before the Piood; and their Dejhudiqh by 
the Flpodi The doideH Age fucceeds the PM; rvMcb 
n caWd the iixth-Gekerattonj The Titans are in 
the Seventh Generation; The Comfutatien of ^ 
INumerai Letters in God^s Name i ijit; by phicb 
j^Ioah l{nevo the dunttion (jf /i^ AntediluTkii J^r/^, 
iut none of the Grejti(^ Nahiei ofGpd TsiU make this 
number: The Name muft contain. four Syllables. 
Jehovah i caftd fAtf Tetragfammatbii, hut theLtt- 
ters muFt be nintp and five of them Confonants, 
ThisnHift befomeChdldeeNanie^invphicb t^eOr^^ 

T^e mkt thing diftldrU ts the tonh^ tf Cbnft k hk 
. K^m^t Ifitt^r.ikiS make 8S8. St.JoWs h^ 

hidding* thrift^ s Miracles, are defcrib% and his 

B Cruet" 

2 XbeoiBYLLinE xjraaes. 

Crmcsfixtm^ and ^ttnre&im the third Day ; a$U 
. the DeftruQim^f the Jews and their Temfk^ and 
the driving them out tf their Comitrjf, hjf the^Ko^ 
snans, n attributed ta their Barharitj in the Crm^ 
cifixim ef Chrift, 

^■^iH[e^e is One GOD, who alone 
rules i He is very great, wibe- 
gotten: This One God is above 
All, who made the Heavens, Sun 
and Moon, and Stars, and the fruitful Earth, 
and the fwelling Waves of die Sea-, He a- 
lone is God tlie Creator, being himfelf molt 
pure and uuconipounded ; He made the Fi- 
gure and Effigies of Men, and he mix'd the 
Nature of all the Generations of living Crea- 
vo*f,Thi» I will now begin to prophecy concerning 
>curati- a]] £vents, from the firft Generation of Men 
'hat^hb^'to the hit; what was done at firft, what 

^^^^^t the ^i°g^ ^^^ ViOY^^ and what are to come in the 
^ret^firft Worfd thro' the Impiety of Men. 
^Tkhaii Pi^^i God commands me to declare how 
^ings are the World was truly made ; therefore let all 
fromfiri Mortals wifely praife the Supreme King, 
wiaft. aha do not defpife my Prophecies. He 
^^^^^ created all the World, faying, Lttithe^zxA 
lion a^** it was madt:' He built the Eaith over the 
fexibM* Tartarian Caverns, and compafs^d it about 
with Sea- waters : He gave the pleafant 
Light, and rais'd uj) tbe Heavens, and ex-. 
tended the Sky-colour^cl Sea ; and he crown'd 
the Heavens with Ihimag Stars, and adorn'd 
the Earth with Plants, and mix'd the Rivers 


The Si B y l 1 1 M E Oracles. 5 

V^ith the Sea, into which they run ; the Vdpbrt 
and Rainy Clouds are fpread thro' the Air, 
and he put another Kind of Animals (viz.. the 
FilhJ into the Seas, and gave the Winds and 
Air to the Birds : He plac'd the hairy wild 
Beads in the Woods, as well as the Dr^gon^ 
which creep •, and all things we fee round 
about us he made by his. Word, and they 
did prefently exift, and truly, becaufe he 
is the Fountain of his owii Being, andpro^ 
duces iall other things by his Own P()w6r: 
He governs in Heaven after he had iinifli'd 
the World. 

Afterwards he ftatned a living AnimaU 
Inaking the l5ew Man after his own Image^ 
jbeautiful and^ holy, to inhabit a pkafant 
immortal Paradifei, that there he might 
fake care to perform good Works •, but he 
being alone in the fruitful Garden, defir'd 
one for Cbnverfition, and wilh'd to fte ano- 
ther of the fame Species with himfelf ; there* 
fore God product beautiful f'z/e?, taking her 
dut of his Side, a young Virgin, dnd (he was 
given him iov a wife, to live with him in 
Paradife: And when -^x/4w» beheld her, \\t^^^^^ 
Tery mrich rejoic'd, and was aftonilh'd when ^aifc"^*" 
he behfeld the Antitype folikehimfelfi and 
he bad the gift of wife Difcourfe, with Words * 
flowing freely : for God took care of all 
things* lutemperdnce had not yet corrupt- 
ed the Under ftanding, nor any Shame ap- 
J>ear'd j they were without any wicked 
Heart j they liv'd as wild Beafts^ naked- 
God afterwards gave them Precepts, and 

B^2 for- 


4 The S I B YX 1. 1. N E Oracles. 

forbid ^em^ the toiK:hing of a Tree *^ but the 
horrible Serpeat deccivM thetn^ and causM 
tl^eoi to err, and brought them to the de* 
creed Deaths aadf to the Knowledg of Good 
and Ervil; but the Wc>raai> was ^he firft Be- 
trayer of the Man, who. being ignorant^ 
perfuaded him to fin : He being over*perfua- 
ded by the Woman's Difcoutie, forgot the 
Immortal Creator^ and took no care to ob- 
{enre his plain Commands % and for this rea- 
fbn, inftead of any Good, they procurM Evil 
to themfelves, as they bad defervM. Then 
they made themfelves Garments, by fewing 
the Leaves of the fweet Figtree together, 
and cloath'd themfelves, to cover their na-^ 
ked Parts, becaufe they were alharo'd of 'em* 
Tbeiefore the Immortal being angry, con- 
detnn'd them to Labour, and caft them out 
of the immortal \Asice. For fuch was the De- 
cree, that Mortals Ihould live out of that 
place, becauie they rebelled, and did not ol>* 
ferve the Commands of the Great God» But 
they prefently going out upon the face of the ' 
Eartn, were overwhelm'a with Tears and 
Groans :/ Then the Immortal God fpoke thus 
to them, increafe and multiply^ and w^k th$ 
Land by An^ that yqu may havt fuffieiem Nu-- 
triffuf^ by your Sweat arfd Lakour. Sohefpoke; 
and he causM the Serpent, who was Author 
of their Error, to creep on bis Belly aujlSid^ 
upon the Earth, and with Iharp reproof drove 
bim away, and excited a grievoiis Enmity 
betwixt them : The Serpent endeavoi^rs to 
fa ve his Head, and the Man to fave bis. He^ i 


Ti&e S 1 fl T i. 1 1 N E Ortfcfc j. < 

for Death ii near t6 Men, and tx) the vt^ . 
pomous Serpents, who gave the evil Goub- 

Then the<3eneration of Men tticreasM InJJe. 
number, a* the Omnipoteirt hitnfelf com- 
tnaiidcd ', and fpriimmg up one after the 
other, becatlte an inmiite niimbfert>f f eople. 
They made aH fhantwr of Hourrt,afid others 
-built waH'd Cities very skilfully, becaufe drev 
liv'd a long and pleaiatit Life •, "for they did 
not die tormented by Difeafes, bnt Death 
feit'd 'etn like Sleep •, for Men were then 
happy and tnagnanirtous, whoiil the Immbr- 
tal Saviour and King, God hfmftdf, lOvM. 
Bnt theft Wretches Were infetuated with the J-»»'« 
fteaftres of Sid : romfe impndentlf ridicta'a ''^'"^^ 
their Fathers, and diflibnonrM their Mo- 
thers; they would itot own their Acqnaii^ 
tance, and dealt treacherouflywhrh theirBre- 
threh ; they were defiled and fetiated with 
human Blood; they rtiade Wats. But utter 
Deftruftfon from Heaven came on thi^itt^ 
which took aWay thehr Lives in a miftrable 
manner. Itades fwallow'd up theft ; ft) callM 
becaufe jidam firft went, thither wheix he 
had tailed Death, and was coverM hv the 
Earth ; hence all Men born on the fiattn arc 
ftid to go into the Honfes of /f/ii?jr ; but all 
thcfc^ tho* they went into the ttoufes of 
Nadifs^ were mudh honoured and cttteta^d, as 
the ilrongeft of Mankind . 

but when theft ^errdead, a fecorid Gent- tkc se. 
tation fprmjg ftotn the temaijis of thp belt T^^Lt^ 
Men, Very bigelrious, who iii!j>loy*d tSiem- 

B 3 ^Ives 

$ The Sibylline Oracles. 

fclves in acceptable Works and laudable Stu- 
dies, and Angular Modefty, add curious Wif- 
dom, and exercis'd all forts of Arts, which 
their mechanical Heads invented : One found 
out the Art of tilling the Earth by the Plow, 
another the Art or the Smith, and another 
difcover'd the Art of Kavigation and A- 
Itronoray ^ another the Art of Divination by 
the flying of Birds: Others invented Phyfick 
and Magick, and others all other things by 
great Study, having hereby gain'd the Name 
of Vigitant Inventers of ArtSy becaufe they 
had a fedate Mind. And thefe were of im- 
xnenfe 9odie$,thick and great in (hape. They 
all together defcended into the Tartarian hov- 
rid Houfe of H^/i, being tbere kept in ftrong 
Cliain^, to be.puniflx'd in HelJ, which is the 
.pernicious everlafting Pit. 
3*ner^'^ Then the thirdGeneration of Men of cruel 
Iqd. Tempers appcar'd, after the other: They 
were very proud and cruel, who committed 
tnany wicked things amongft one-anotherj 
private Murders, and Slaughters in Ba.ttels, 
continually deftroy'4 'em, they being pf a 
violent Temper. • 

^^i^a"^ Prom thefe proceeded the lafl: and greatefl: 
**"*"' Kind of Warriours, defiled with Slaughter, 
Men of violent Councils in the fourth Gene- 
ration, who flied 9}uch Blood, neither fearing 
GOD nor M^n.' Thefe were excited by a 
mad Paffion of Anger and wretched Impiety ; 
whom Wars, Slaughter^ an4 Murders fent iri- 
tp Erebus^ wh6n they 'h^d- pade tliemfelvfes 
Very mif^raWe and wi?ked.* Gpi W his an- 


The SiBTlltit^ Oracles. J 

er thruft th^oi ontof his WorI<I>, and (hut 
fem pp in the gteat; Tartarian Prifbn under 
Jhe bottoni of the Earth. 

* Afterwards th^ .Immortal God rais'd uprheifth 
another Gewrationjmoch worfey who did ^*J|*^*^;£ 
v:ery iwieked Adions ; thefe became A:iuchihcGia&», 
more ialbleiit than the other, tfiey were the 
monftrons Gi^nts^, abominable Blafphemers. 
i\7&i^,*nK>ngft'eniaH, wai the onfy righte- 
ous ?nd;]uft Mattj truly faithful, ftuclying 
how to do good WQt*k8. And to him God 
fpofce thu? frofn Jjkiaven : 

O iiCKkk \ kf boldr ^d frtach Refentance to JVbaVs 
4li nrfwr thm aU may be firvrd : Bur tfthfy JJ^^^^^ 
htcomt imfuient'i and dejfife thety J mU de^ 
jhr6y aU Ftejh hy a' great Immddtion 9fWater\ 
hut it jhdU ffring again fr am thety at from a 
ferfetval Root. J command thtp to male a wood-- 
en itouje^ which jhat not be corrupted by the Wa-^ . j 
ters .* / wiB give thee VnderfiartdinT and great I 

Sliff to make it of a due length and breadth ; / 
pill take cart of att things^ fo as tofave thee and 
all thofe whofvpim with thee :. lam he who exijfs ; 
( confider^thk in your, Mind ^ I am chathed with 
the He oven J and the Sea ii cafi about me ; 
the Earth is my Footfiool^ and the Mr is ffread 
round my Boay^ arid aB the Chorus of the Stars 
runs round me'^ my Name has nine Letter s^^ an^ 
four Syttablts:: Conjider who I am\ thp three 
fir ft Syllables have each two Letters^^ the other has 
fhe refiif and there are five Confonants* 7%e Hun" 
dreds ofaB thisstumber are twice eighty and thrice 
^hree Decadsy with three f evens* He that knows I'jiu 
who lamyJkaB not be if^orantef that divine Wif' 
4om which is from me* Note^ 

Ko^e, tluc Q6d, who (w>}fc to Ntf4£^ m C^iic/& k 
p^*d Kifo©' 0€^< ; bn^ tbcfe arc not ope wonj, 
and tbe nun)eral l-ettefs wiQ ihake but 1154, tfaere- 
ifore the Numbers Here metitionVi feeni to me to. 
(hew fhe I>uratiofi of the ' AiAedikvitR World; A& 
cer the time (Sod de<£ree;4 ^ 0eftriK&iM of k, he 
fiudy, in G^^jr, it ftottld contipiie |m Years; ai|d 
the ^ole is, the Cenraaes of the reouintog Years 
ai'e twice eight, that is 16 1 thrice three tfn$, ^ ^ 
and thre^ times fcven, 1^1 ^ in all 1x7 Years. ^By^ 
Ufjili m mal^e 1793. But (ince uq dthec. Greek 
Name of God has the Numbers above tfientionM, 
\is plain the Sibyl writ in feme Eafteri^ l^anguage; 
Muretm thin)cs «r«x^(irif@-, which makes by the nu- 
meial Letters 1696, is the word dcfignM ; and tUac 
;^ems probable, becav^e it comes neareft to the Age 
of die Antediluvian World : ^d then this^Enigiha 
was delign'd to ezpre& die Ages of the Qii 

So be fpoke, and ^mb was ftruck witb ail 
infinite Terror to hear fuch things i and theii 
wifely contriving all things, he exhorted 
tlw People, and began fuch Difcoprfe : 

^ 6 perfidious Men, agitated with great 
^ Fury J pod knows vfhat you h^e done; 

* for thp Eternal Saviour kncfws all things ; 

* for He fees all, who governs all things j 
^ arid hath commanded me to warn yon, that 
^ you be riot fatally deceived in your Minds^ 

* Be fober, aiid abfltain from Wkkednefs, nei- 
^^ther Violently purfue one another, being of 
*'a crutl 'tjsmper; fliedding. huraan Blood all 
f over the Earth. ^ Mortals I fear the 

* mi^ty God, invincible, the Gel^JAl Crea- 

Hor, iKprroptibk; wha lives ia Heaven. 
*Pray all of you to him, for he h very 
^kind 'y fupplicate him for the Life of Cities 

* and of all the World, of Qpadrupeds and 

* Birds, that he may be merciful to all. For 
^ the time is coming when the whole Worlds 
^ and infinite numbers of Men, perilhing J>y 
^ the Waters, (hall lament this dreadful Me^ 
<fage^ for the Air fliail be fuddenly. dl- 
^fturb'd, ai|d the Anger of the great God, 

* from Heaven, Ihall come upon you. There 
< fliall certainly be a time when the £verlail:> 
^ ing SaTioijr fhall fend his Ven^ance on 
^Men, unlefs you appeafc God, and imme*^ 
^ diately repeat, and hereafter do no Injury 
^ the cttie to the other, contrary to Law, but 
f every one f^^low a holy Life- 

But they hearing him, naock^ed him, faying 
liewasi»ii^and/oa/(/{^-, and tb^n i^T^^ibi began 
again bis Song or Meflkge, in a. loud Voice : 

f Q miierable, hard^iearted^ unftabk Meal 
^who leaving all Modefty, delight in liiipUK 
f dface, tyrannical Thieves, violently wic- 
^ted, l^yars. Infidels, workers of Evil<, in 
^ nothin^iincere, Whoreioaongers, Flatterers 
^in Words, fjjeaking Blafphemies, fearing 
^nol:^ the Anger of the high God, being re- 
^ ferv'd to he pvmfh'd in tlie Fifth Genera- 
^tioa! Yott are obftinate, and do not ^ 
^by yourielves an^weep, but laugh; you 
f flttU laugh th^ SkrdmUm Lighter when this 
f thing. &aU come to pai^ I n^ean the terril^U 
f JFAr944/ip94ftthal;i&€omifig^.wbeiitbe h<^y 

* Stock 

lo T%e SiiiMUNE Oracles. 

WofMhtt* Stock whicft ii on the Earth * (hall float on 
ittumi »* the Raters, which (hall flourifh eternally^ 
for^wi" 'with never-fading Roots; theii all others 
fAie,: ^ Ihall utterly be deftroy'd in one Kight, the 
v^D-'* ^^^ fliall (hake the Cities of the Earth, with 
^^ ^°" * their Inhabitants, and (hall open the Caverns 

* and overthrow the Walls •, then the whole 

* World of innumerable Men fliall die; and 

* then how niany things (hall I lament, and 

* mourn for ! Being cnclbs'd ' in a wooden 

* Houfe, how many Tears (hill T mix with 

* the Waves f for if this Deluge, commanded 

* by God, (hall come, the Earth; the Mouii- 

* tains, and the ^.ther will fwim, all places 

* will be cover'd by the Waters, and all things 

* will be dcftroy'd by them •, but the Wind^ 

* (hall ftop, and another Age (hall come, O 
^Phrygia! thou (halt fir(t riffe from the iop 

* of the Waters, and thou (halt firft jn[onri(h 
:*another Generation of Men, who then a-* 

* gain will begin, and thou (halt' be the Nurfe 

But when he had Ipoken thelc things iii 
vain to that wicked Generation, the high 
God appear'd^ and cry'd out again, and 
fjjokei * 

O Noah ! nem u the time come wherein at 
things P^aB be futfiKed which I /pake efj andfdi 
I would do for thee in that Day^ when I defiroy 
the whole World of Infidels'i for the innumerMe 
Sins which they have committed. Do thou fud^ 
^denly embark with thy Wife and Children^ and 
thy Sons Wives^ and coil together aU I have com^ 
manded to come of the Kinds of four-footed 


The SmYLLUHE Oracles. II 

^eafit^ creefing CreoiurtSy an4 Fowls j arid J 
will txcite the Will of thofe Creatures to whom 
f have granted Life^ to enter of their own ac^ 

ford. So he fpoke, and Noah enter'd the 
Ark, and cry'd out-, and then his Wife, 
gons and their Wives, canie into the wooden 
Houfe, and afterwards all the reft came 
in wh^m God would fave. But when, a 
convenient Key had faften'd the Covering of 
the Ark, being faften'd acrofs it in a hole 
made by (having, then the Counfel of the 
HeavenlyGod was brought to pafs, he ient 
forth the Clouds, which cover'd the f\ery 
Globe of the Sun, Moon, and Stars, which 
make the Celeftial Crown. This being co- 
ver'd. Mankind was terrified : He fent a 
fiery Tempeft, rais'd all the Winds, and o- 
pen'd all the Channels of Water \ great Cata- 
ra&s being open from the Heaven, and the 
Caverns of the ^rth, and froiri the unwea- 
ried Abyfs^ from thefe an infinite quantity of 
Water appear'd flowing, and the Earth was 
cover'd all over its vaft Body. But the divine 
Hou(e fwani in the middle of the Waters, 
being beat by many devouring Waves, and 
fwimming violently by the ftrdkes of the 
Wind, the §hip was carried timeroufly, and 
cut the infinite Foam of the roaring tern* 
peftuous Waters. 

When God had wafh'd the whole Earth 
by the Waters, JSToah defir'd to look abroad, 
according to the Counfel of God : Haying 
efcap'd the hazard of the Sea, he quickly 
ppea'4 the Covering of his fmooth JEioufq, 
^r^ * which 

1 2 The S 1 MY t tt N t Ckacies, 

which was jolnM together with fit Joints 
ae^t the Maft, a^d fteing a great quantity of 
Water every where, No^ thought he beheld 
Death in every place, and wa^ afraid, and 
his Heart palpitated much : Then the Air 
being a little mov*d,Yfo^ it had for many 
days water'd the whole Earth ) and then dir 
viding, tlie great fiery Globe of Heatefi apr 
pearM, weary, of a pale bloody cbloni^, 
NvMh had fcatce Cotitage \ Md then ht fent 
AKawn.. ft bkck BiM abroad, that hfe might know 
whether the Eirth appear M in its firmuels; 
but Ihe having fled about every where, '^- 
turn'd : Nor did the Water ctafe,^ bnt fiU'd 
aft places : But he retting fortie Days, 
fent again the black Dove, that he t^i^t 
know whether the Deluge ceaftd ', bijt %t 
Hying up and down, fled aWay : Shed^rcfeii- 
ded on the Earth, and havihg a little ttftted 
her Body on the #et Ealth,. a^Fter that re- 
turned M Noah^ bringing a Branch of an 
01ive-tree,a great fign of good News : Theu 
ill took Courage and rejoicM, 1)ecaufe they 
hop'd to fee the Earth. And thca prclehtly 
lie fent forth another black winged Bird^ and 
file confiding in her Wings, fled freely, and 
temainM in the Earth: Then Noak Yfitfr 
that the Earth was very near. But when the 
divine Building liad fwam here and ther^ up* 
wi the violent fWefting Waves of the Sea, it 
came ajnd Itucfc faft on a fmall Bank. 

There is ih the Continents of ilncH HryHM 
a very high and gttat Mountain, call^.^4^ 
i^4i tecauFc Mankind flibuld be favM 


JLOeZi I BY uhl N.E Uracles. 1 5 

freiH the Deluge ^ on tliis their great Defire 
wasaccomplifo'ii^ the Ark refted on the high 
Head of this Hill, when the Waxers ctsk&d. 
From this Hill the Channels of the great Ri- 
Ver M0atfyM arife* 

Then agai^n th« Voice of the Great God 
ery'd odt from Heaven in fiich Words: 
O Noah \ jnrtftrv'A frtm Danger^ faithful and 
jitfij come forth boldly ^ with thy ^ifcy Sons^ and 
three Daughters^ and fill the vAole Earth j c»- ' 
cre4ifc^an£n$$iitifly^ dtUvering my jujt Lam t4 
me^motber^ ma to all fucceediog G^eratitntf 
fill ail Mankind come to the Day of Judgment^ ^ 
far tharcjbail he a Judgment npon alt Men* SO 
the Divine Voite fpofee. 

NoiA confiding in God, went out upon the 
Earth as fixmi his Chamber, and his Sons 
wkh him, and hi^Wife^ and their Wiy<js,i 
and the creeping Creatures, and Birds^ and 
ail the Kinds of four-footed and wild Beaft% 
and all together went out of the woocfca, 
H<mfe into Odae place ; and AW?, the eighth 
Perfon, the molt Juft of all Men, went out, 
having continued in the Waters, by the 
couafel of the Great God, twice twenty, 
and one Day riiore. . 

* Henc^ 'rofe a new Generation of Men, the "J^^f^ 
firft Qolden Age, which is cali'd the fixth,thlFio^s 
aiid the f)eft fince Mankind was made : It. is ^^Jj^!^ 
caU'd the f^eanfenlyr^ becau fe God took parti^ noS! 
cnlar ca«e of ^he firit Stock: of. the lix?th Ge- 
neratipa^ * Q the great }q^ that I had when 
* I !*^W^d tiie great Deftrufldon, whca ray 
^ Husband with me, and his BitMli^f ^, and 


ii\. 1 A? b I B f L li I )^ ^ (JracleSi 

* Father, and Mother, and thefr Daujghtet-s-* 

* in-law, fufier'd much by being long tofs'd 

* Byihe Flood ! 

Ncte^ That this Account of the Deluge diflfers in 
fome Circumftances from* that in Genefis; for the 
Si hi fays Noah ftaid in the Ark 41 Days, but Mofisi 
a Year. Thence I may infer, that this Account of 
the Delujgc was neither writ by a Jew nor a Chri^ 
Hian ; therefore this Account was the Gentiles Tra- 
dition^ and from their Edftern Hiftories in Chdldaa^ 
or Afia minor : for all Nations beKev^d the Flood 
and Noah^s Ark, but they believ'd it retted in Pbry^ 
gia ; and they caiFd all the Mountains from Amte^ 
nia to Tanak^ Ararat. This Hiftory of the Flood 
is caird Noah <£ciJii, and the Gentiles might proba« 
biy fing it, as they us*d to do Homer*s Verfes ; and 
by fuch Songs they us*d to' preferve the memory of 
, famous Tran(a(9:ions, as Mofis did by his Song* 
The Sibjfl here detlares herfelf td be one of NoahH 
DaughterS'in-law, by a t^oetical Fi(ftion to repr^r 
fcnt the Joy of the Women after theit efcat>e ftoni 

Note, That Jofefhm makes -feven Generations 
befoce the Flood. 

^farther Now I Will praifc that AgCjifl which there 
S 00 1" ^aU be great fertility in Flowers and Fruits^ 
lenAgc. and Saturn fliall reign, and divide his King* 
dom. For three magnanimous Kings, righ- 
teous Men, (hall divide their Kingdoms into 
three parts, and reign a long time, and deli- 
ver juftLaws to Men who laboured much, and 
induftrioufly purfu'd commendable Works 5 
and then the Earth Ihall of itfelf produce its 
Ftuits joyfully. 


1 iEw p 1 B T I* i I N E Uraeies, 1 5 

A Generation (hall Aoot forth many Bran- 
ches one upon another, and the Parents (hall 
continue young a long time, without malig- 
nant Fevers, ^/^hich have hot and cbld Pa- 
roxyfnTs j they fliall die as it were in a Sleep*, 
and they fhall go into the Houfes of Hadesy 
where Achtron is, and there they (hall be 
honoured, becaufe they are the Generation 
oif the BJefTed : And they are happy Men to 
whom the God of Sabaoth gives a good Un- 
derftanding, and to whom he communicates 
his Counlels ^ thefe are tlie Happy, and fhall 
be fo when they are dead. 

Then (hall atife the fecond Generation of TrtieGcne- 
terrettrial Men, great and horrid, the Titans^ [?« ti/^x 
having the fame Figure, Grcatnefs, Nature, L* he f^' 
Species, and.the fame Language which God ^*^°'** ^8«- 
before gave to the firft Generation of Men : 
but thefe w ill be of a very proud Temper, and 
undertake defperate Projefts for the procu-' 
ring. their own Deftruiftion, by fighting a- - 
gainit Heaven J and then the great Ocean fhis is a. 
wifl make an Inundation thra^ the fury of the «»^ »»» 
Waves i but the great God of Sabaoth being which wt» 
angry, fhall forbid and reftrain it, that no ^J"^; 
Deluge (hould come again on wicked Men. j^ 
But when God by his Anger fliall caufe th? 
infinite Tumor of the Water, and its Inun- 
dations upon divers places to ceafe, and Li- 
raits are let to the dieep Seas by Ports and 
rough Shores, the great God, who caufes 
Thunder, fliall fet Bounds to the Sea in 


lt> jLoe zyi BY j.1.1 if K trades, 

of the Floody immediiaidy (ubjoins the Hiftofy of 
b!hr Saviour J bu^ the Hiftory ol xheTi$4ns ^xni 
Monarchies is fupply^d in the Third Book, which 
feems to be abruptly broken oS* from this place^ 
virhfire it mentions BaieL -^ , 

Nate^ In this Defcriptioh after the flood there's 
no mention of the Rainbow, nor the Permiflionr of 
eating Fleft, nor Nodh'^s &crifice » froiii whence I 
infer, that this Tradition was not from Sm^s WcAt^ 
Jee Gene^ r»y» ^"t Jafht's. Abraham had his TcadiciOQ^ 
>. fromi^rm, for all his Laws^ Statutes; ,.ilnci Precept^ 
Religious and Civil: . And by thefe Oracles it a^ 
pears^ that the fame were conveyM by. idl ctie Soii^ 
of l^oah to their Pofterity j witnefs this^ Jiifihiam 
ttadent natu natorum : Therefore I concliide, this 
Traditioti of the Flood and Ark, and a fecond Inun- 
dation on the Titans, i^as preferv'd in the Hiftoriei 
of y^/fc^'s Pofterity. 

:hrift's . Then the Son of the Great God Ihall come 
tmcT^ axnongft Men, being cloathM with FJelh,be- 
iug like mortal Men on the Earth ;' his Kame 
, ^ fluH have four Vowels and two Confofianti 
^ ^ ^g which aa?e double, and I will declate and in- 
r— 200 terpinet what Number may be made by the 
I '— 70 JSIumeral Letters in that Name : Firtt, ther^ 
'—400 a|.^8 Monads or Units, as many Tens, and 

- """^ Eigbn httadxed v in all »8&. 


. N0te^ That if 888 he dedua:ed frooa the i^ulgar 
Yeac 394r7^ when Qhrifk was bom, dicce wifl 0e-> 
main 3^59^ about which tinie the Sib^$ augbt 
write ; .and then was the time of the Jewifii Pro|pM(l^ 
under the AJfyrian Monarchy. And. by this compu* 
tadbit Chrift was to come after 888 Years. Thus 


The St^YhhiUE Oracles. ij 

Mdhtnet'^s Name is computed in ihc^evctaHons 
by 666^ in which time Anticbrift was to come ; 
and *cis probable M^^Mia^ ^^s Name muft be corn- 
paced by the Arabian Letters : The Grtel^ will 
make 664, if it be writ Aidbomir/iif 

The Numbers above-mcntion'd will fig- 
nific Chrift^s Name to the Men who are 
Infidels J but, do you confider Chrift as the 
Son of the mod High and Immortal God ? 
He (haD fulfill the Law of God, and not de^ 
ftf oy it, and (hew the Ukenefs of the Anti- 
type to the jewilh Religion and Sacrifices, 
aikl thereby he will inftrud us in all things j 
the PrielU Ihall ofier to iim Gold, Myrrh, 
and Frankincenfe, and he fiiall dp all chefe 


* * * 

l^te^ Tfaax Chrift muft es:plain the Symbolical . 
Religion of the 3f^m, and be worihip'd by Gifts, 
as God was*. 

But when a Voice Ihall come thro' the 
DeCirty and fhaU declare to Mortals, and 
cry to all, to make their Path ftreight^ a^nd 
call Wickednefs out of their Heart, and be 
baptiz'd, every Man of 'em, that being re- 
generate from above, they may no more 
break any of the holy Rules v a barbarous 
Man being^cnticed by Dancing, Ihall cut off ^'^<^^- b^hcadj 
the Speaker's Head, and give it as a Re- *^ 3^** ^*p"^ 
ward. Then there fliall be a great Sign to 
Men, when the beautiful Stone that was 
preferv'd (hall come out of the Land of «/£- 
gypt^ againft which the People oiJud<eaVcid\\ 

C ftum- 


io The S m Y hi. I iJB Oracles. 

ftunible^ but the Gentiles will be gather'd 
together by his ConduA ; and by him they 
fliall know the God who governs above, 
and the Path in the Light •, for he fhall (hew 
Eternal Life to Men who are the Eleft, but 
to the Wicked he (hall hring Eternal Fife. 
And then he (hall heal the Difeafed, and all 
the Infirm, who (hall believe in him : He 
Ihall give Sight to the Blind, and caufe the 
Lame to Walk, the Deaf to hear, and the 
Dumb to fpeak: He (haftcaft out Devils^ 
and raife the Dead : He (liall appeal the 
Storms, and in a defart place he fhall feed 
Five thoufand with five Loave$ and a Sca- 
Filhi and therelicks (liall fill twelve Baf- 
kets, fuch as Virgins tarry. 

Then Ifrael^ like a Perfon who is drunk, 
will not confider, nor hear with their Ears •, 
but when the furious Anger of the Supreme 
God (liall fall on the Hebrews^ and take a- 
way all Faithfulnefs from amongfl; one ano- 
ther, becaufe they dcfpis'd the Celeftial 
Son of God, then Ifrael (hall ftrike him, and 
fpit Venom upon him with their inipure 
Lips. They being in their Minds excited 
by a mifchievous Anger, will give him Gall 
for Meat, and Iliarp Vinegar for Drink. 
They will not fee with their Eyes, bcrng 
blinder than Moles, more odious than Ser- 
pents, and opprefs'd with Sleep, like thofe 
that are bit by venomous Afps. 

But when He (hall extend his Arms, and 
meafute as it were all things, and bear a 
Crown of Thorns, and they (hall pierce bi^ 


The ^i j8 1 ^i. t i M E Oracles. 1 9 

Side with a Spear, (for which reafbn there 
Jhall te for three poors monlH-ous dark 
Night in the middle df the Day ) then Soh- 
tnonh Teihple fhall gi^e i wonderful Sign 
to Men, when He (hall dbfcend into Hades^ 
to preach the Refurredion to the Dead : 
But when He ihall return in three, days to 
Life, and fliail Mve demonftrated to Men 
that Eifeath is like tp a Sluraberj arid have 
given full Inftruftion to his I)ifcipies^ he 
Ihali afcend in the Cloudis up to ^ Heavenly 
Habitation, leaving to the World the King- / 
dom of his Qofpel, and a new Bninch of 
the fame NaWe (hall fpring up among the 
Gentiles^ who (hall be govern'J by tlie Law 
of the high God i after that, the Solol (liali 
be the Guides c ^nd then, for the future, 
there (hall be no more Prophets. 

Thi^n the Hebrews (hall reap the Fruit of 
their wicked Aftions, and the Roman King 
ihall take from them much of their Gold 
and Silver. Afterwards there (hall bn o- 
ther Kingdoms dbnltantly in the roorti of 
fuch as are deftroy'd, and they (liall afflid 
Mankind ; and thofe Men Ihall fuffet much 
when they (hall enter upon their unjnlt 

But when the Temple oi$olomon (hall fall 
on the facred Ground, being tuin'd by Men 
of a barbarous Speech, in btd^en Armour j 
and when the liebre-ws (hall be droVe out of 
their own Country,and wander into Others, 
being miferably Vex'd, they (ball mix much 
Darnel with their Breads (thro' Poverty) 

C 2 and 

ap The ^ 1 B YLJLJ N E Oracles. 

and there IhaU be great Seditions aniongft 
all Men : the Cities having dealt in juriqufly 
with one another, fhall weep by tprns ; be- 
caufe of their wicked Works, they (hall 
bear in their Bdfoms the Vengeance of the 
Great God. 

ISfo^f , This Prophecy of our Savio|ir was ob- 
fcure before it came to pais, the' now very plain 
to us, who know the paft Hiftory ; but it is out 
of its placed and might better be anncxM to the 
Sixth Book. / • ' 

This Book ends with the DeftrisAion *of the 
JevfSf an4 «thr fecond begins with DiW^ri^ifX and 
other Heacfaen Pcrfecutor^, conquered by Con^ 

. 1 

• \T • 


'. .■ . 



TBe Si btx line Oracles, 

» ,- 



The Go N T E N T s. 

The Signs of great SUHghtetj^ Plagues^ and Famines 
in the. tenth Age^ vobenKotn^ JhaB bejfhaJ^en ; 
j^ter thefe^ a iifig Pedce, ii>hen Con&zntinc^s 
FiSar of Lights or Star, /hail appear like a Crtmni 
and thenmS foiTew the j^e jor the Martyrs ^* 
mrd* -iiflet this, PH^^^Sy fVars, Famine {from 
the . Northern Invafiohs) ; imd at Ian Belial 
. ( Mahomet ) fiiall eim^ : Then the Jews /haS rer- 
turniimi conquer -^ik Gedciks {the Tutk) tmd at 
Ufi befubjeH to him till the Millexuiium. j^ter 
tbis. Elks Jhal come from fieaven with thefi 
three Signs y two Cmetj, a general Dar^pefi- and 
a burning ^ver : Then JhaB be the I^efurreRionf 
the PtVcked jnmi/h% and the fujl rewarded in a 

terrefirial P4radife4 

. , \ « - 

* |0 €>I> catts'd my Verfts to cciafe fof 
^KiX fomc time, which w^ere foUdf Wil^ 
^doiQ', as I tTBtre^ted Mm ; but a ple^fant 

* Voice fpcakifig divine Words, my whote 

* Body is ftnick and coiiTuIftd, ^nd I knew 
^ iiotrwl^t i fay, but God commands me t^ 
^^dccliref^lLthiugs.. '' ^ •■ ^^. . ^ 

G 3 jp^ow 


a a The S I B T L JL I K £ Qracks* 

uisuthefttte Now wTicn* there Earthquakes 
the R^«jj^' and grievous Thunderbolts, Claps of Thui\T 
lylfwhwCajP dcr and Lightnings^ Blafts upon the Land^ 
i^robbMthc and Madnefs of ravcniiiffiWolves. Slaugh- 

jwiih Temple. . _- i? ■%# « 

heEarthauaket ters and Plagues amongit Men, as well as 

Jd°mab ckies ^Oaring Bulls, <rf quadruped Beaftsan^ Ur 
?r^m!andin borious Mules^Ooats and Sheep, the plow'd 
tos''^ Land flialT be negledcd aod left untiU'd, 
and Fruits will bfc wanting, and many Men 
will become licentious, and rob Temples •, 
then the Tenth Generation of Men fliall ap- 
pear, when he that thunders and fliakes 
rhe Doarin of the Earth (hall deftroy.the. Zeal for Imaees, 
ml^'t^^&. and fliake the Peopl? of ^me, which is feat^ 
'^^^^^ ' ed on feven Hills ^ a vaft quantity of Riches 
will'perifli and be burnt m thip Conflagra- 
tion of the City, and then bloody Drops 
fliall defcend froRi Heaven, and the infinite 

sbe- ^^"^^^^ ^^ ^®° ^^ ^^^ whdle World fliall 
wTaJv and in anger flay one another •, and in the Sedi- 
^'"i'^* and tionGod fliall fend Famine, and Plagues, 
A%ufilTor a nd Thunderbolts amongfl: Men, wh,o judge 

'^ctYit rhcH^n ^^'^^ J*^*^^^^^^^^ There fliAlI be a 

'hen EroyxoM* want of Men ip all the World, fo that if 
and CQuft^mHne. ^^y qj^^ f^^g ^j^g Footftep of^ Man uppn t;he 

Earth, he will wonder, 

Then the great God, who lives in Hea- 
ven, fliall fave every where the fdigious 
Me;i -, and then ihall be Peace and pro^u^ 
Kno^ledg^ ;an4 the fertile Earth fliall pro- 
duce agaiai J much more Fruit ; it fliall not 
^ be diMid^i nor brought into Bondage ; 
pv§ry flUiJbour andPort fliall be free to all 
Men, as they were formerly ;/ And fheii 
■ri > God 

- The SiBYi.i,lhiE Oracles, a2 

God fhall make a wondcrfbl Sign, a Star Th?s u the sta 
fhall fhine- very like to a (hining Crowju«^J"*?*>" 

• . , "^ . . 9 - ^ or the Light 

-beiQg very glorious, appearing m a clear.whkh appeai 
Sky for many Days. *^ amp^tinc 

Then he will Ihewthe Crown that is gi- 
ven to the V iftof s in Combats, for then (hall . 
be the great Age of ftriving to get into the rhe Age oVth 
Heavenly City, and he who hath the Glory M*"yrs in 

of Immortality fhall be a Difpenfatorof itw/' Th?fi, 
to Men: Then all People fliali ftrive for ^c'<««tion v 
immortal Rewards by a famous Vidory, J„ by the Emp 
for there any one may buy a Silver Crown ^^^^ ^^ **"»'• 
Without'Shame i for Chrift, who is piire, 
wili appoint juft Rewards for tbefe, and 
croiwn thwi who are try'd. But he ,wiU 
giv^ an Eternal Reward to the Martyrs 
whocontinued their Fight to Death, and 
to the Virgins who run their Courfe well. 
He will give an Eternal Reward, that is5«« R^y^r-^i 
laid up for them, and to them, who do Ju- Jkffca'l^TJ^i, 
fticje i taall Men, and to all forts of Gerf- ^^^ cemtiics \ 
///// who live holy Lives, and to them that 5;;;L^5^' 
know one God, and to them that love Ma-^ 
trimony and abftain from Adultery he will 
give rich Gifts, and Eternal Hope. Every | 

Soul of Men is the Gift of God, and it is^ not 
lawful for M^n to defilp it with all Wicked- ^ „ ^ 

neiS ^. aiMV Vcrfes A 

This is the Strife, theft are ^l^e Fights, «^^'«^=^^^^^ 
thefe the Rewards \ this is the Gate of Life, rupt\he sTnc,5 
and the Entrance into Immortalitv, which f ^ f^«etbre rs)^ 

_ , ■ w r (CCS 

the Heavenly and Juik God hath appointed 
as a Reward of human Victory ; and they 

C4 who 

54 The Sinrj^LlKEOrades. 

who receive the Grbwa with Honour IhaH 
enter into Heavcfn by it. 

^J^tttiT* *°^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^&^ ^** appeared in all 
•o»y!«r£«^f the World, Children fliall be born grey- 

iTrl'th^Sf ht^y*^^^«* r g^^*^ Affliaions fliall happen to 

hilt uri till the Men, Famines, Plagnes, Md Wars, change 

jhurch w« fet. of Scafons, mourning, and many Tears. 

Alasf how inany Widows ftiairmiferably 

:Imu'^*£Sor^ ^^^^^} their Children, and fliall bury their 
hero TnUfio^' Relations Bodies with their Limbs in the 

4&^^ "^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ Mother of all, they being defiled 
by Blood and Dufl: ! 

O very timerous Men of the laft Age, 
grievoufly wicked,and Fools ! notconfidcr 
ring, that When the Tribes of Women do 
not produce Children who fliall conauer 
the Tribes of Women, the Harveft of 
Men fliall be very great, jf that is, aDe-* 
ftrudion fliall be near) and there will 
be no Confent in Dodrines when ibme 
Deceivers arife in the World with great 

fahomet,i^ttk ^^^^7 ^* Prophets, and then Jhall Be^ 

I* ^oTMeinf. Hal come, and do tuany Wonders aniongft 

Men •, then fliall be a deftrudion of holy 

Men, who were eled and faithful: And 

there fliall be a depopulation of theft //>- 

trews ^ and a great Vengeance will purfue 


he Ret t When the ten Tribes of the Jews fliafl re- 

Jje^^!Vho turn from the Eafl:, feeking the -People 

fi^^^^j^^i con^ whom the jlfyrian frmce defl:roy'd, who 

/*V(che TiTrlkx) are of the fame Generation, thcfe fliall de- 

id they again « ; 

all b6 conquer'4 by tht Turkf^ becaufe chfir Empire ffiiift laft till ^eMiilen^ 



The SiBTj.zimE Oracles. 25 

ftroy tiicGenHlesy bat they ihall again reign 
over tlie faithful elefl: Hehrtws^ tho' very 
valiant Men, , conquering them as they did 
formerly vtccaufe their Kingdom mult con- 
tinue to the end of the World. 

He that is above all, the Infpeaor of all, 
who lives in Heaven, Ihall caufe all Men to 
be as it were in a Sleep, and cover their 
Eyes from leeing. H^ff are tbe^ Servants 
1»h0m their Ml^fter ceming^ jhalL find XMking : 

Let all wa^h for iim, always expefting 
him with waking Eyes, for he ihall come in 
the Morning, or Evening, or the middle of 
the Day : He Ihall certainly come, and it 
fhall happen asi I have declarM ; he ihall 
furprize them flceping,. when he comes 
from Heaven. Then all the Stars will ap- 
pear in the middle of the Day toaB Men, 
with two Cojnets, the time haftening ^ and 
then the Thesbitej direding his Celeitial s 
Chariot from Heaven, defcends on the 
Earth': And he Ihall fbew to the World 
three Signs of the end of Life. Woe to 
tbofc Women who fliall prove with Child 
in thofe*" days, and to them that give fuck 
to young Children, and to them that inba-^ 
bit on the Waters, and to them who Ihall 
fee that Day : For a great Darknefs Ihall 
tover all the World,/ from Eaft to Weft, 
North and South. Then Ihall a great Ri-The three sign, 
vef of burning Fire defcend from Heav?n,2lfjff2lsf7^f '^ 
aiklconfume every place, the Earth, and fiery River froit^ 
great Occaii,and fmaller sky-colour*d Seas, J^TSme« 'H 
Ponds, Rivers, and Fountains, and tlie m^ 


i2i6 T^he Si B Y jL L I irK:Oracles. 

placable Hades^ and >the titniiOfl: part of 
Heaven. Then the Heavenly Stars fltall 
xnelt into one mals, and into a rude figure ; 
for all the Stars whi6h appear at Sea Ihall 
fall from Heaven, and all the Souls of Mea 
jhall gnafli with their Teeth, being burnt 
in tte Rirer with Sulphur and vehement 
Fine upon the hot Soil r All things (hall be 
cover -d with Aflies i then all the Elemf nts 
of the World (hall be ufelefs, the Air, 
Earth, Sea, Liglit, the Heavens, Night and 
Day •, the Birds (ball no more fly thro' the 
immenfe Air, nor the Filh fvirim in the Sea;> 
nor a l^den Ship be carried on the Waves ^ 
nor (hall the Oxen be direded to plough 
the Fields *, the Winds (ball not make any 
noife in the Trees, but all things (ball be 
melted into one mafs, and coUeded into 
a pure body. When the incorruptible An- 
gels of the Immortal God (hall come, Mir 
chael^ Gabriely Raphatl^ and Vriel^ who 
knowing what evil ASipns everyone has 
done in time paft, they (hall bring the Souls 
iiic jTKfgment ^ of Meu out of the airy Darknefs, to Judg- 
ind thcTefur- ^ent at the Throne of God, who is*Immor- 
^oD of eke tal, and the Supreme, for there is only one 
^^' Incorruptible, he that is Omnipotent, who 

is the Judge of Men. And then the H.ea- 
venly God (hall reftore to the Dead tteir 
Souls, Breath, and Speech, and Bones fitted 
to each Limb^ and Flefh upon Flefb, aad 
Nerves, and Veins, and Skin^ and Hair up- 
on the Skin as formerly : AH tbefe fhall be 
immortally joytt?d together, and the living 


The S 1 B^Jiti I N E Oracles. 47 

and moving Bodies of the terreft rial Mcft 
Ihail rife in one Day. Then the great Acr 
gel VriH ftiall break open the great Prifoa * 
of (evere and unyielding Adamant, and the 
brazen Gates of Hades^ andlball bring all 
the fad Sonls to Judgment \ chiefly thofe of 
the ancient Tttans^ who were Idols or 
Giants, andthofewho were deftroy'd by 
the Flood, and thofe who weredrown'd in 
the Sea, and thole whom the. Beafts and 
creeping Creatures, and Fowls have de* 
vour'd ; he will call all thefe to God's Tii- 
buna], and all them who perifli'd in the 
devouring Fire^ and tiiefe alfo. he will 
raifc, and caufe to ftand before the Throne 
of God, when He ftiall raife theDeceas'd, 
and loofe the Bonds of Death : Then Sa- 
baoth Adon^Hs^ the A uthor of Thundcy, 
Ihall fit on Jus Heavenly Throne, and fix a 
great Pillar, and. Chrift Ihall come glori- 
oufly on a Cloud, with his good Angels, to 
the Immortal, he himfelf being immortal, 
and he IhgU fit honourably at the right fide 
of the Throne, judging the Lives of theUn- 
godiyi ai^d ^^^ ill Manners of wicked Men. 
And Mofes fliall come, the Friend of the 
high God, being cloath'd with Flefli : And 
great AWaham (ball come, Ifaac and Jacobs 
'^-J^s^ Daniel^ and Elias^ Habakkuk and Jp^ 
noii, and they whom the Hcbrtwi flew. And 
he Ihall deftroy all that were after Jert-^ 
fni^hj before the Throne, thofe Jews who 
were condemnM to receive the Reward 

Ip^iHicb X\m Work? reqwr'd, aftd be.punilht 


28 The Si BY tiilNE Oracles. 

for all ttef did in their mortal lives j thca 
all ihali 'pafs thro' the tarning River^ and 
the incxtinguifhablc Flame : All the Juft 
Jhall be fav'd, but the Wicked fhall be de- 
ftroy'd for ever, who have formerly done 
evil Anions, or Murders^ or are coiifc^ous 
of Wickednefs, Lyars,r Thieves, Cajcatsi 
wd grievous Pefts of !Famiiies^ Betrayers 
of their Giiefts, Adnltercrsy Blafphrmei-s, 
Cruel, Injurious, Lawfefs Idolaters, and 
they who have forfaken the Great Immor- 
tal God, are become Blafphemers, Tormcn- 
ters of the Godly, Unfaitliful, and De-* 
ftroyers erf Juft Men, and. old Men ivith 
their deceit^l and impudent douhte F;ices 
(or Vizors) «r ho appear as honourable old 
Servants, and reverently judge, but do 
wickedly to others \ they are Deceivers, 
perf\va(kd by Fame, being more deft ruQive 
than Panthers and Wolves j or the moft 
wicked, or exceedingly proud, or Ufurers, 
who every where heap Ufury upon Ufury, 
injuring Pupils and Widows with grfeat 
Damages 5 or thofe who give to Orphans 
or Widows what they have got by WvcheA 
Praftices; and thofewhogive of their oWn, 
fcut reproach at the lanie time v a»d they 
who Ipave their Parents in their Oki*age, 
neither repay the whole pebt, by afior^ng 
them Nutriment ^ alfo €hcy who difobey 
them, or ipeakbarfli Words to them ^ and 
they who. deny things cntrufted with ^em^ 
but enjoy 'em thcmfelves ; atad Servants 
- that retel dgaijift: tl^ir Maftef s v ^ild^ they 


The Si BY hhi VIE Oracles. 29 

who defile their own Flefli by Lafciviouf- 
ncfs i and they who corrupt Virgin?, pri- 
vately en joying them ; and they who being 
with Child, occafion^ Mifcarriages ; and 
they who wickedly expofe their Childrenr; 
and thole Men or Women who nfe poylbn*^ 
iqgi^tlioft, with thefe, the Anger of the Jf^,^,^;;^!^^^^ 
Immortal and Incormptible God will fix hcB. 
to the Pillar where the everlafting River of 
Fire flows round it on every fide. All thefc 
the Angels of the Immortal and Eternal 
God ihall grievoufly punifli with fiery 
Whips and burning Chains, binding them ' 
in Bonds that cannot be broken, afterwards 
in a Darknefs likQ Night they Ihall be 
thrown to the wild Beafts in Hell, who are 
in the 7iirf/«r/4»Prifon, which are many 
and horrible, where there is an extreanj 

But when they have fuffer'd who had an ' 
evil Heart many Torments there, after- 
wards ^ fiery Flame from the great River 
fliall inclofe them round about, that they 
there may remember their wicked. Deeds, 
and then they fliall lament afar off from 
one another their miferable Fate, botH the 
JFathers and their young Children, and the 
Mothers, with their weeping Sucklings;, 
and there (hall be no meafure of their La- 
mentation, neither Ihall one underftand the 
Voice of another when they miferably 
howl, but tbey fliall cry out, being tormen- 
ted afar off in the dark and large Tartar$ui 
and^in that wicked place they ftwU fuffer 


go Tha S IB Yh hi miOracleSi 

thrice as much as they have done tvii 
Works. They being tiiiich fpent by Ihe 
Fire, (hall gnkfli With their Teeth, and con- 
Aime by the force of the Torments and 
Thirft, and fliall fay, it were a happy thing 
to die, but Death fhall fly frorii them, thty 
Ih^ll have iio eafe by Dekth, or in the 
Night •, and they Ihall in vain ask many 

^ e hcchurch^'^^^S^ froiti God, who govems aB^vc, but 
urs*"! pu^c vir- he fliall plainly turn his Face frofti them; 

-n"^^ '^'whln ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ them the time of feven AgeS td 
heTyrinnyof tepeut in, who liave erred, rn whifch they 
he c^m don ^'*s'^^ ^^^^ Tepeutcd ! And this by the hand 
.Ahe p^par" of a pure Virgin, (that is, by the preach- 

;hurch. began. } j^g. ^f a purc ChurchJ 

But they who gave thenlfelves to the 

he Rtl'ws'in ^"^y ^^ ^"^ ^"^ S^^^ Wofks, and to Piety 
he miu^Tum, and holy Thoughts, fliall be carried by the 
he I'^aveni^''"" Augels thro' the flaming River, into a. place 
iLcl"'"'" ^ of Light, and into a Life without Cares, 
where the imrtiortal Path of the great God 

'arbrpa?Lufe *'^' ^"^ whcre three Fountains of Wine, 
il^Lhi/wwid! ^ Honey, and Milk flow. And the Earth 
fball beecjual toall, not divided byWalls 
or Partitions, but fliall bear much Ftuit 
fpontaneoufly : All fhall live in common, 
a ad their Wealth fhall be undivided •, nei- 
ther Podf^'^PItttSj^^fl^^ there^ nor Ty- 
rant, norScrvw>^^2mtopfe.^ lefs 
than the other : NoOtf'gnbr" Leader, all 
fhall enjoy all things in common •, and none 
^iil fay the Night is come, nor to Morrow 
or Yeflerday is paft •, and no Care fhajl be 
for many Days : There fliall be no Spring 


* ■ .1. .V 

The Sibylline Oracles. 31 

nor Summer, no Winter nor Autumn, nor 
Marriage, nor Death, nor buying or felling, 
nor fetting and rifing of the Sun, for there* 
fliall be a long Day, 

The Almighty Incorruptible God flial! 
grant this alto to the Righteous, vrhen they 
(liallpray to him, that he will P^^ferve ^^ j^^ ^^^ ^^^ 
them from the perniciousFire and everlaft- ihaii be rem ^om 
ing gnalhing of Teeth ^ and this he will-?-*;"'^^- 
do, when he gathers the Faithful from the ther Hcwniy 
eternal Fire, placing them in another Re- p^*^- 
gion, he fliall fend them by his own Angels 
into another Life, which will be eternal to 
tlieni that are immortal, in the £lyjtan 
Fields, where are the large Waters of the 
eternal Acherujian Lake,, which is very 
deep. ' 

* Alas ! alas for my miferaWe felf ! what 

* fhall I do iir that Day, for all thofe things 
' I have done thro^ Madnefs ? I have oiicn- 

* ded in every thing, neither obferving the 
^ Vow 6f Wedlock, nor careful to follow 

* Realbh. I liv'd effeminately with a rich 
^Husband, and excluded the Poor out of 
^ my Houfe ; and I did many wicked things 
^before, well knowing of it. But Thou„ 
*' O my Saviour ! deliver me from my Tor- 

* menters, tho' I am infamous, and have 
' done immodeft things. I. beleech thee, let 
'my Prophecies, which are delivered m 

* Verfe, ceafe a little while, O holy Cjiver 

* of Maftna ! O King of the great King- 
' dora ! 



31 . T^ Sibylline Ortfc/w* 

Another Tart of the Second Book^ 
which ought to he referred to the 
Begifmng of the Third. 


I I ^mmfmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmammmmm 


Qod is defirib^d at the Creator, and h alone to he 
wcrjhipped, and not Jdois. Cbrift mu^ be born 
when Rome had conquer'' d iE'gypc ; and he mu/t 
Go^m the IVorld. . Three muft. d/eftroy Rotne^ 
after v^hich the World Jhall have its end$ but 
f he Sibyl fromifes to declare the Calamities which 
JhaU happen in every City, in their order ; vthitb 
H done in the third Bookg, 

* I^Hou Heavenly Author of Thunder^ 
^ \ wh6drt happy, and hafc the Cheru- 

* him under thy Throne ! I pray thee fpare 

* me a little, who al\vay3 fpeak the Truth, 

* for i am weary in my Mind. But why 

* does my Heart palpitate again ? Why is 

* my Mind, ftruqk with a Whip,, forc'd to 

* declare from within, a Prophecy in Verfe 

* tp all M?n ? I will fpcak all things which 
^God commands me to declare: to Men. 

Mw I having the divin^e Form in your 
Image, why do you in vain err, and not 
walK in the ftrcight Path, always remem- 


bring the Eternal Creator? For there U 
one God) who is a Monarch inejB&ble^ U-* 
ving in Heaven, Author of himfclf, invifi* 
bky he alone feeing all things, whom no 
Carver in Stone j nor any Artificer in Gold 
6t Ivory, ttiadie, or can reprefent his Image, 
bnt lie hath (hew'd himfelf .from all Eter- 
nity^ who is^ and was^ md is to come. For^ 
what mortal Man can behold GOD with 
his Eyes ? And, who is capable alone tp 
hear the Name of the Heavenly Great Qbdi 
who governs the Wbrld, Snd by his Word 
created all things^ both Heaven and Sea^ 
the unwearied Sun, and the encreafing 
Moon,and the Ihining Stars, and our Itrong 
Mother the Earth, the Fountains and Ri- 
vets, incorruptible Fire, Days and Nights; 

This God made Adjm:^ whofe Name eon^ 
lifts of fopt Letters, wlio Was firft njade^ 
and by his Nanie and Pofterity fiUM the 
Eaft, Weft, South, and North : He inade 
the form and figute of Men, the wild Beafts, 
the creeping things^ arid Fowls. You do 
not worfliip or fear God, .but irainly err, 
worfliiping Serpents, and facrificing to 
Gats and other IdoU, the ftony Statues of 
Men, and place them before the Doors of 
prophane Teftiples; Adhere to the true 
God, who preferves all things* Yoti being 
delighted with the Vain Beauty of the 
Stones, forget thd Judgmeiit of the Imrapr- 
tal Saviour^ who tnade Hefaven and £arth^ 

O Gen^tion of bloody Men, deeeitflit,. 

tritked, impious^ doubie-toiigu'a$ Lyars, 

\ D ill- 

54 TbeSiBti.t,iKEOrdclcs.^ 

ili-ttituf'd^ Adalterei's^ Idolaters, treadle-' 
rmis ! whi have a Violent Iiiclinatioa in 
tbeir Hearts to do Mifchfef j they live by 
Robbery, attd feave miich Iraptidente iu 
their Mind« v f<^^ ii^w^ that h rich^ having 
Plenty, will give to another, but there fliall 
be an exceeding Wkkednefs in all Men v 
they fliall have no faith, and many Wid^wsr 
^ fhall privately love others ibr Gain, and 

they that have Husbands Ihail not obfervc 
the Laws of Wedlock. 
The Kingdom of Btit after that, Rof9ii Ihall govern (i/£gptf 
2n^MJ^" Uniting It to the Empire: Then the great 
vpt ^loiu^ Kingdom of the Immortal Kiiig fliall ap- 
^"^'*'- peat amongftMen, and a. holy King fliall 

come, commaading aft the World for all 
Ages of Time to come \ artd tliea the inevi- 
^ome muft be table Angct of God ftiali fall on the La^m : 

^h^ltK\^Lths '^^^^ *^^^ deftroy Emt by a miferable 

v^iuUs, and '* Fate,* and all Men fliall be deftroy'd in their 

^^^\^^}^^^^ own Houfes, whentlie River of Fire JhaU 

nu^Jburar. defcend from Heaven. O me. miferable } 

when that Day fliall come, and thejndg-. 

nient of the Itamortal God> the great 


Now why do you build Cities, add adora 
^them all with Temples, Studies^ ^Market-!- 
* places^ gitt, or carv -d, or covered with Sk\^ 
ver, or made of Stoae, that you mny. com^ 
to that ftd Day ? For it fliall coihe *rhfea 
the Smell of Brimftone defccnds amoagi^ 
Men. But I Will dedai?e ail things^ in irait 
'Cities Men fliall ftlfef (^amitiBS.. , . ... 

I ." 


Tie S i B 1 1 1 1 N a Orw/c J. 35 

^ Nifte^ This Prophecy ibout the EHeftrnAioii of 
^ome by (hree, cannot relate to At^ttftw^ Antcnim^ 
br Lepidm, becdufe they did hot defhx>y ^pnit^ 
knd they wele before Ghtift^ ^imd thelirorld muft 
end when the Turkifli gyrates have deftroy*d it .- 
as is here defe-tbM in the Eighth Bode. 

I^ote^ All the things which ihe will declare^ ai^e 
in thie lliird Book ^ anii this is the Preface to it. ' 

II ■ • -V I .III i l l 11 f I ' ■ T ■■ <" 






/ The Contents* 

ifti iittoiih^ the Accmnt ofAniichrifl in ifs hgin- 
mngt 'Hfhich i out of hs place, and ought to foUow 
the Account of Belial in the Second Booki, and not 
%frecede -ihe Biftory of the Tower of Babel in 
ibetlSrd. MiAfifitScomeoutof$tbzfth, his 
I(Sfk1i:Hff and rifcrle Miracles, and be burnt, and 
ut the fame, time a fVomanJhaB govern i jhe /halt 
ie^jme a Wider», ahd lojfe her I(jcbes, and theft 
^ibe World fhaU end. . 

jtftf tenth Age i after the Ploofi i^heh ihe Titirts 
teign'd ; aftir thmtbe Monarchies, the old Hi* 
ftory of the ^dHu fiabylon '^iSfiffer much un- 
•dcr the Pj^ans^ dnd &ti^t be conp(fr*dby W 

Dp Mefopo* 

^ . The SiBTtJimnOracles. 

Meibpotamia h caird Gog and Magog ; itjhall 
be A flace vf Wars^ under the ftrQan and Grc- 
ciao Monar^itu 

Lihyz/hallbe miferabU under the ^involutions of the 
^rfiian, Grecian, and Roman Bmfires. 

the fVeJiern parts nu^fiffer by Land and Sea^ far 
the Dejiru^ion of the Temple in Judea i and liSir 
ly become a Defart. 

In the ffijiern parts 4 Comet (A. D, 453) and 
Earthquakes deftroy many Cities in Ada and Eu- 
rope ; the Bfver Tanais fhall alter its Courfe. 
Theft Signs happened before the Northern Nations 

Conftantinople is defcrih^d^ and the peaceable times 
of Conftantine* The Godis fball come into Ma- 
cedonia, and plunder both Enjl and Wefi j the 
Saracens conquer in Europe^ and aft^ that £1- 
hylon fball be fubdu^d by themf. . 

The Turlc is calPd a cruel Man^ who will come' into 

Afiz, and conquer it, and the ConftancinopolitaR 

Emperor, who is c alt* d the Fattier of the ten Home. 

The firji Families of the Tnvkajhall be dejirqy'd, 

•who were of the Zclzuccian ^ce, byt they fhall 

leave, B I^ot^ fhf Caramanian JK^ng^ and tbefe 

at lajl were overcame by the Octoman I{ace ; Ac 

tunc adnafcens cornu regnabic. He JhaH eon^ 

-quer Phrygia and Ilium, and thefe fVars mufi be 

writ by another lying Homer, who will impute 

all to the Saints. Then Chalcedon, Lycia, and 

.Cyzicus mufl fuffer by the H^ejhern People ; and 

Byzantium will encourage the Wars againji the 

ftyiern Princes, who for that reafen they con" 

quer'*d it ^ and then theVenttizn^ fei;(d the 

I/lands. Rhodes, Samos and Cyprus were takfn 

, by K^ng Richard ; and the Weft em Princes con^ 

, quer'^d the ferCiSin Forces which came fo the afft' 

fiance of the Turks in the Holy. War^ 

; . Italy 

Tbh Si B Tix I ME Oracles. ^ 

Italy Jhall have Civil Wars at th^ $ime, ( htwixt 
thfi GvL^iiand Gibcllines.) 'l Laodicea fkall h 
m^thrpwn^the Thracians drtfve out cf their Com" 
tryy the Saracens or . Arabians jhail inpj$de 
Campania ; Cyrnus and Sardo drowned h 4 
Pointer Stohn ; thf Catamaniatl I^ingdom 
fet up in My 6a : • Carthage /hall not l^Jong, 
(if was taken bj the French.^ Great Mijirj 

, Vffili fplloxp iMjpalari^y and Tenedos, Sicyon, and 
^ Qorinthjbalt rejoice and (anient equally. Phgc- 

. picia, and all the M^ritimf Towns are deftro/d 
(in^the IfolyfVar.) CfQtf: /hall fyjfcr much Bur- 
ning and Sloj^ghter ( bjf the Pctoman Jnvafion,) ■ 

. ^hrzce/hall Juffer by the Galarse /i»</ Qar^^ni-" , 
d^, {the '&u\g'Xv\ZTiSJoyning the Turks in ACa, 
4gain/i the Emperor ) and afterwards (Jog and- 
Magog, {the Tartarian Princes) Marfag, Angon/ 
JLycia, Myfia, Pamphylia, |^ydia^ the AJoors, 

, JEtbiopians, Cappadof laps, arfd Arfibifins, /hall 

fubmit {to the Turk.) 
Thp barbarous Nation jhall conquer Qre^c^, killing " ' 
the third part of Men, (i.e^ Men fit for ff^itr,) 
At this tf me (here will be i $00 Tfears /ince the 
Komans conquered Greece, but (the Turks] the 
wicked Nation ntujhfo/fefi it till the endofihe^ 

When the new Kj^g ^f -f^Sy?^ A^^ ^^^&^ being the 
Seventh, of Greece, he /hall conquer all Alia and 
^gypt, (thi Prince » Sely mus i 5 1 7) th^n will 
be the ^formation nf Religion, yolyen Image^^ 
worjhip will fall ; And there i a Caution given 
to the HeformerSf againii Covetoufneji, and that 
fVars, Tumults, Plagues^ and Famines /hould 
Jucceed. The Greciznsjhall be drove out of their 
Country, and afterwards a long Veace. The fire" 
font State of Europe nthm dycri^d: ' ' . [ 

• * ■ 

■, .. P'3.; . .\Et ^ 

^% The S I ^ T z. 1. 1 N s Qrasks, 

El rtfiem capkt Rex, tetratnq; anfercec illi^ 

' £t gens delebiit genceoiy pqMiloiq^clfaafkf^ 

|4uc^bitque homilies cellus. '7 

The sAxt ^iUif^ fofucceed i, 
-*• barb^ra toras 

' Qra^comth pingues ^gros popu^ca poteftits 
ToDct diviwas. Thi i the Imafi&n tf Macedp^ 
nia by 4ifv£gyptian Prince^ and after that Oe^ 
predation a Seditionjhali ha f pen in Greece, h^, 
thefe Miferiesjhall end in a general FtSLCc. 
Then God mil find one Jrom Heaven f who Jhall ffo^ 
• '' cure Peace by killing fin^e, andjejning ethers in 
The Jcv/s /hall Jlourifif in much laches andPrineefy 
' fower^and Ornaments j then the (Sentile Prin^^es 
hefe are the ^^4// invade Judea, and befiege Jerufaietn, but 
fwh^vaded God Jhall deftroythem in an extraordinary man^ 
rtece, or Gcg ncr^ by Fire from Heaven^ and by War^ andHait^ 
id Ma^o^. and the wild Beafts Jhall feed on their Carcajes : 

then the Jews Jhall Hvefietsrely 700 Xears^ free 

'from War J aria in great plenty in the MiScn- 


Tie young Bride wilt rejoyce ( that »» the Church ) 

becaufe God inhabits in Her i and all Creatures 

will live in peace one with another ^ the H^her 

and Lambs, the Bears and Qahes ; and the Liens 

will eat Grafs^ 

Thefi are the Signs of the End of the fVorld z^ At the 

* end of the Millennium a Sword appearing in the 

flight ^ a Duji falling from: titdveK the Light of 

the Sun failing at Noen^ the bloody colour of the 

Moon, fome ^igns in the Stones, Armies of tforfi 

and Footfien in the Clouds , with a Noifili\i that 

in the hunting of wild BeaFts, Tien the Sibyl 

defcribes her fe If as coming from Babylon,-4»d 

the Grecians jfilf call bn the Erythr^an, mad 

' '' ' ^ ■■ ■ anA 

TA^SiarxLiNEOr^cl^j. 39 

anJf^^Siis^, k$camfitfi» p99fiff(M ill tkiwgs rf ' 

1 ■ 

• / 

OVT ef Sebafiia tfttr^ari:$Jfelial Jh^Il 
WiKTC, and do rbafjy Wonders*^ he 
fliall f aifc an eippearauce of a high Moijataiii^ 
and of the SeJ4, and of the Gireat fiery Sun, 
an4 of the fplendid Moon, and of theDe^d , 
rifing, but thefe Wonders (ha^ll he deceit- 
ful, and not real Miracles -, he Ihall delude 
naany Men hy ihem, both the Faithful and . 
EleSt Htbnv^sy and alfo wicked Men of the 
penfUeS:^ who liad not heaid the Word of 
God : but when^theThrfeatsof the Great 
God fliall conie, and the flaming River, like 
a Torrent, IteU fall on the Earth, it fliaB 
burn -»#//>/, and aB groud Men, who have 
b^liev'd iii him. 

Nfl^f , Tb«t Belial figoifics homp fcrJi^^p and 
muft be. iiaken for ^ Succeilion of ^aracen^ Calif h^ 

M^TuirkiJh Kl,^g^> who fixed thcmfehr^ i^ the 
Royal Cities, Pamafii^^ Jhhylen^ Jerufakm^ dnd 
the Tml(s at fih^ in S^baftia^ when the lai^tan 
drove tbeip out of F^fla j the Greeks called Jtu* sb (H 

g^^mi^$hfioh and many Citm, %9 S^hflia^ were i^c^Jdo^i 
calicid fi>: from: hi$ N^mi?. This is: in ^fiaminrn'^ 
and t;h^re is a Prpviooe in -^ffif <aU^d 4^gt{^a* 

Maboim^ was the Fovinder of this Umpire, 
and he pretended to raiie himfelf in three P^ys, 
He fays, he divided the Moon into two pan* 
Btffelytm^ de Ctwifummatime fieufi^ reckons thk*(c 
Muaqktf Qf Antichidib: Se^tiJt cum Lcft^m 6$ 

D 4 Para^ 

40 ^ The Si BX LLliXE Oracles, 

PHttdlyfin curattarttmf tnorfuos exeitaturtim, D^pnor 
not cjepwrum^ futura (SaJf/cntia. denwrn^^uNim, 
.Mmtes franjlaturtimj fuper Mar^ afnbuUiimumf Ig- 
nem de Calo deduQurum, filem circumaHurum, quo^ 
cumque Hbuerit. The Sibylline Oracles make the 
Hur^ Antichrift, who embrac'd Mahomet^s Dp- 
fflrine^ and Tyranny, an4 they calf hini the Linh 
Horn. Their Prophecy concerning the Deftru<%i« 
on of Antichrift cannot be taken froni Daniel^ or 
the Hevelatian^ becaufe Sebaftia is here mentioned, 
and the Magical /Delufions of Mshifnct, Which 
are not in them^ 

And then the World (hall be ruPd by the 
Hand of a Woman, believing her in afl 
things J but when Ae (hall becomp a Wir 
dow, and govern all the World, and c^ft 
her Silver and Gold into the great Sea, dnd 
thrq w alfo her Brafs and Iron, Cich as 
fliort-liv'd Men nfe, into the Sea, then alt 
the Elements of the World (hall become 
old^ and ceafe-, when God, who lives above, 
Ihall roll up the llcayen?, as a Book \s rol- 
led up, all the various parts'bf thp Heavens 
ftall fall on the Earth arid Sea i then a (Jat 
taraft of pernicious Fire (hall continually 
flow down^ and burn the Earth, theSea^ 
and the Heavens, and the Seafons (which 
dre diftinguifti'd by them) and all the Crea* 
tion (hall melt into one Lump, and (hall b6 
^olleded into a pure mafs*, there (hall be n6 
ihore the fmiling Globes of the Stars, nor 
Night, nor Morning, nor many Days of 
Care, nor Spring, norSuriiraer, norWin- 
ter^- nor Autumn ; and then ;he Judgment 
■ '• - . ^ "^ : . of 

Tib(? Sibylline Oracles. > 

frf th€ Great God Ihall be reveal'd in the 
great Age, when all thefe things are done. 

Note, The Woman here mention^ is die laitie 
as in the Hevelatians, chap. 17, who (hall ruk in 
the ffytf whilft Anficbrift tyrannizes in the Eafi ; 
and therefore' che. Woman is not the Antichrift, 
but the Weftern Pope, reprefented firft by a^Wo- 
man, and at laft by a Widow. The Woman in 
the Ifgvelanons brags, that (he is no Widow : She 
(hail unfortunately loofe her Riches, by cafting 
them into the Sea; that is, by the Turkfjh Pyrates^ 
jlilicrib'd in the eighth Book. And aner the de* 
^xvi£t)ovi of l^e, the World fhall end, and be 
deftroyM by Fire, and then (hall be the laft Judg- 
ment. All that is here mentioned about Antichrift 
and the Woman, belongs not to this Book, but 
td the fecond, where 'Belial is mentioned. The 
great Age is that which fucceeds the Millennium 

O the Navigabte Waters, and all the 
Earth, where the Sun rifes and fets ! all 
Things fhall obey him who comes into th© 
\^orld agaip ; for the firft World experi- 
enc'd Jiis Strength and Power. 

N«fr, This Prophecy (hews that all the Eatth 
(hall be renewM by Chrift^s Prayer, by which he 
made die firft World* And this is alfo out of its 
phcCf and bdongs to the (econd Book* 
• Note farther, this Third Book with its Preface 
at the fecond Pact of the fecond Book, ought to 
^^n here, ' 



4>. The Si BYLhi if nOracles^ 

Bnt when the Threats of the Great God 
I^Tower of are accompIiihM, with whkh he thre^e&'d 
coahi^oi^ the iMen who built the Tower of BMbcl in 
rottf^wi. the Couittry of AfyrUy then all (jpalic the 
feme Si)eech3 and feem'd to defign to aicend 
ks high as the Stars^ then the Immortal Qod 
feat a Wind, and when it kad overthrown 
the very high Tower, aod bad oc^fion^ 
a Contentioa araojigft oae another^ Hw 
gare to that Town the ^Slame of IT^'/av : 
but after the Tower feU^ and the Speech 
of Men difier'd by all forts of Words, then 
all the Earth was divided^ and fiird with 
different Kings and then was the tenth 
Generation of Mankind, from the tinie the 
Flood came on the firft; Men, aitd th^g 
reign'd Samwy and Thmy aad J^^^^ 

Note^ This Account of Bahet difiers from tb^c 
so Scriptvrc^ but tb<^e is the fame Hiftovy of it 
in Jifefhm I and Mr. Gr0garji^'m his dektipnon of 
that Tower, which is part ftanding, fay $, the fidl 
pefign of it was never finiih^d s but we n^ay well 
cbhjeiflure by this Account from the Oracles and 
9ofephuf, that the top of it was blown down by a 
Tempefty and the reft ftands as a fuffident Tefti- 
mony of the Truth of thiir aaeieat Ififtory.: 4nd 
the fame Tesipeft of Thunder oiigbi (o alter %hi| 
Speech of the Workmen, that their Toogue^ km^ 
coming like Paralytics, might occafion diffeveni 
Dialeas of the fame original Laqgnage, ihat is, 
the ^erfians, Arabians^ Syrians^ and Htbrews Lan- 
guage, were only different Dialecfts .of it, and 
from the mixtures and different Pronunciations 
all Other Languages arole. 


The SiBYi^isiHE Oracbs. j^^ 

' iVtf^e f^ftlier. Here is contmu^d the (£fl»fy «l 
ike fimea aft^r ibe , FlcfO^ which isi begw i& the 
^ Bpok, 2nd th^^e abruptly broken d^« 

Ai;^^ ferther^ Thai the Reign pif the TiW/ i$ 
in the fevwtb Generation iq tbfe ^ Bopk, but 
then the Generations were reckpri'd from Adam a 
but here dve reclfioning js from the Flood, the tcnt^ 
Generation of Men, the firft is more properly 
call*4 Periods, or Ages. 

the bcft Children of the Earth j and 
they were calFd Celeftial Men, by giving 
them their Name from the Earth and Hea* • 
ven^ becanfe they were the molt excellent 
of aft Men : The Earth was divided into 
three parts, according to the Lott of each i 
and each of them ruled in their own Share. 
And fehenthey had no Wars, for they were 
bound by an Oatji, which their Father im- 
posed i and their Sliares were juft and 
equals Btit when their Father was dead, 
in his Oid-a^e, the Sons tranftreft'd their 
pjiths very much, and they began Strife 
amoflgft ©neanother, who mould have the 
Kingly Government ov^r att Mankind j 
and Saturn and Tlpan fought, but ^ww, the "^'j"/" ^t^wu "^ 
Barth,aiidKririM, who delights ia Garlands, tL lif^T'^ 
and Gfre/, and f^efta^ and Tjea^iful Diapa^ 
reeoncilVi them, caiiling tliem to meet, and 
t^lKng them. That they were all Brothers, 
of the fame Blood as other Mtn^ and that 
they were of the Blood of the fame Parents i 
and they decreed that Saturn fhould be the 
King wl^o fhouM rule all Men, becauie he 
y^f^ dd^^ and inoft Majeftick : But titan 

" ' inipos'd 

' t 

44 ^^^ SiprxLi-NE Oracles. 

kaposM thfe gteatOath on S^twrif,' not to 
breed up any Male Child, that be might' 
reign when S/«tt/r» grew' old, and dy^.; 
When Rhea brought forth, the Titans were, 
prefeflt, and they deftroy'd all the Males, 
but permitted the Mother to preferve the 
Fenjales. But when Venerable Rhea lay^ 
iti the third time, (he was fir ft deliver^ of 
Juno ; and after they faw i(he was a Female, 
theSavage Titam departed : But afterwards 
JRhea brought forth a Male Child, and pre-r 
fcntly fent him into Phrygia^ to be nurfed 
privately. She chofe three Cretans^ and. 
bound them by an Oath, therefore he was 
caird Aftf, becaufe he was fent (by Mea 
bound by an Oath,which is efteem'd Diving) 
aiid Neftun€ was alfo fent privately^thithert 
But the Divine Rhea w;as deiiver'd again of 
Flutor the third Son, when flie pafs'd by 
Bodona^ whence the Stream of the |liver 
lurctu and ?^- Eurotod flows, aud falls into the Sea,- and 
^^-^'S^y^^yl^^^yflxXxPenem, which is callM the SI^t 
^i^ Waters, When the Titans had heard 
that there were Sons born to] Saturn and 
Rheaj privately kept, 7i//i;? gathered fixty 
of his Progeny ; he bound Saturn and Rhea 
in Bonds, and kept them in a dark Prifon, 
under the Earth \ but the Son of ftrong 
Saturn heard of it, and rais'd a great Wsov 
and a Tumult : and this is the beginning o^ 
War.amongS Men, and the firft courfe of ^ 
humane Wars. *" . 

ucMcs^"^ Then God brought Evil on t\i^Tttans\ 
and all the Generations of the Titans and 

— Saturn 

The Si 3 Yhhi^K Oracles. 45 

Saturn dy'd*, but in future Ages afterwiirds 
he raisM the Kingdom of ^^gyft^ and theft 
that of the Perfians and Medes^ t/£thiopians^ 
and Bahylm in uijfyria^ and afterwards of 
th^ Macedonians^ and of e/£gj2^ again, theli 
oi Rome. 

l^ote^ By this old Fable of th6 Gentiles^ the 
firft "Wars amongft the Pofterity of Noah are de- 
(crib'd« This Age was accounted the fabulous 
Age, becaufe the Gentiles Wanted the true Hifto^ 
ries of the Times after the Flood i they believ'd 
that their Gods were bom in Crete^ and thence the 
Rites of theirWorlhip were dcriv'd to other Coun* 
tries : In Fhrygia^ ^ea was worlhipp'd . By thi$ 
Hiftory the Sibyl proves, that the Heatheniih 
Gods were Na^iVSons ; and by this inftance, we 
may difcem that this Sibyl us'd the* Hiftory of the 
World'as they found it in the Gentile Hiftorians. 

The^i the Voice of the Great God darted 
fuddemiy into my Mind, and commanded 
me to prophecy in every Country, and to de- 
clare what Iball happen to all Kings. Then 
God alone communicated this firft to me^ 
how many Kingdoms of Men lliould rife, 
for the Houfe of Solomon fliall firft Reign, 
then the Governour of Phoenicia and Jfia^ 
and other Iflaiads, the Kingdoms of P4WfiE?y- 
lia^ Ferfia^ Phrygia^ Caria^ Myjia^ and of the 
tJenetation ot the rich Lydians j and after 
all thefe Kingdoms, the proud and impure 
Grecians 'y and then the great and various 
Kation of the Macedonians ihall ajfiid Men 
with a terrible Cloud of War, but the 
Heavenly God (hall deftrpy them utterly*. • 
i. After- 

46 The Si:dfttiSTS.Ora(iesi 

u ioHkans. Afterwards there (hall a new Kingdoift 
begin, wearing white Helmets, on the Weft 
of the Sea, which iSiall reign over many 
Gottntrfes, an<i (Hake many, and terrific atl 
feings^ at laft it Hiall gather much Gold 
ani Silver by plundering many Cities, and 
then Silver and Gold and great Ornaments 
Jhall abound in the whole World, and they 
ihali afllift Men^ but afterwards tliefe Men 
ihali fall ; when they govern witii;^ vf icfc^ 
Pride^ they wili ^efcntly be over-roji with 
« Load of Impiety ^ they will be guilty «tf 
Stjdomy, ttii will appoint youngBoys to be 
!ttptin Ihatneful Houfes: And thcte fhall 
Ibe ill thofe days a grfeat AAiftion amongJb 
IVteii^ which ftiall difturb and de|lroy all 
things, and Sll aU places with Calamities, 
fhameful Covetoufnefs, and ill-got Riches, 
feut efpecially iWitred(t7»/rt^ by wfaicti a Ha- 
tred will be raisM j and all liianner bf De- 
reit will be amongft them to the feventh 
Kingdom, in whicb the King ofe^j^yr Ihali 
ink, whoisof theCrm^wStotk. 

Nffte^ *rhe fitth Pt0hmj^ was ^foecfted by ttie 
4^Miitif/,aga44)ft Antiocbofj arid ims die f&Wiykif> 
ing didiivefkl froih his Opptef&dii^ flktoiA^* ' 

And then the PeofJte of the Great -God 

1 ihall become ftrong again^ who ffiall 111*' 

ilruft all fttef in the Ways of Life. 

•he punifliment, But Why bas Godptit k into my Miiljd tb 

^^tsltl^n! .%akxhis alfo, yftlxkt Evils &dll eoroe <^ 

* wii&t tfterwttds^ and ^^ SobXX Ije im 

The S i B TX LI N E Oracles, 47 

diiacNOgft M&nkind^ and what fhall be the 
begiQUiog of thefe ? 

Firft the Titms iball be deftroy'd byi 
God's appointmeoC^ and the Sons of ftroug 
St^nrn (hall fufier PunKhment^ becaufe they 
hoxxxkdi Saturn and the chafte Motlier of hiB 
Children i Theft W ill be the fmall ty ranni-» . \ 

cal States in Creete ; after tliem the proud^ 
fierce, irtiptire Kings, who were adulterous 
and very wicked: And there Iball be no 
Reft to Meft frbm Wars, and the ftupid 
Phrypms fhall all be deftroy'd i and tliei^^y^^ft ,^^ 
Ihall be the Dcftr odion of Troi^ j then ihaU 
Mifchief come upon J^yria and Ptrfia^ Libya 
and til^^gyft znd Ethiopia : And Calami- 
ties will come on the CarUns and Pamfhy* 
Uam^ and all Men. 

But why do I reckon them fingly ? Whe« 
tlie firft Evils end, the next will folloyv : I 
Will defcribe the firft or chief. 

The holy Men (hall fuffcr Calamities who 
live aix)Ut S^lomm\ Temple, who are the 
Children of juft Men , and I wilUlfo cele- 
brate their Tribes^ and the Generation of 
their jp^thers, and all the People : I will 
declare to yon, O fubtil Mortals I all things^ 
plainly, rfter a various manner.. : 

There is a. City in the Land o( Jl^rm Theorfgin.i 
froift whence came the Generation of^theHiftoryoirrhe 
jiift Men, who always took good Goitnfelf |;^^ou'^ '^''' 
and did good Works s They ar# not fblkir 
tOQScatbottt the Circular Motion of the StiA^ 
nof^theMooB^norpther Works wonder* i 

fblaojgh^ Gartii^ ft<»r fearch tiie/d^h^of ' 1 

' the ! 

48 The Si b Y l 1 1 n E OracUs. 

the ferene Ocean^ nor the ominous Sij^xis 
by Sneezing, or the Augilries by the flying ' 
of Birds, nor Prophecies^ nor tjiem who ufe 
Poifons, nor Enchanters, nor the Deceit^ 
6f foolilh Words fpoke by thofe who can 
fpeak from their Bellies without moving 
their Lips, nor the Prediftions of the OaU- 
itms by Aftrology, nor by Aftronpmy j for 
itll thefe things are Delufions which fooli(h 
Men daily invent, ejtercifing their Minds in 
unprofitable Works, but by Deceit teach 
them to miferable Men \ from whence ma- 
ny Mifchiefs happen to Mortals in the 
Earth, by caufing them to err from eood 
Ways and juft Works: ^But they who ftudy 
Righteoufnefs and Virtue, and avoid Cove- 
toufnefs, which produces an infinite num- 
ber of Evils to Men, Wars and great Fa- 
mineS, thefe obferve the juft Bounds in 
their Fields and Cities \ nor do they ftcal 
in the Night from one another, nor drive 
away the Herds of Bulls, Sheep, or Goats; 
nor does one Neighbour take from t'other 
the Limits of his Lands \ nor does any rich 
Man opprefs his inferiour, nor afflifi: the 
Widows, but rather aflilts ihem, fupplying 
them with Meat, Wine, and Oyl, being al-, 
' ways happy in their People, giving part of 
their Harvcft to them who have nothings 
and to the poorer fort, fulfilling the Cdin- 
mand of God, as a commendable Law j fo* 
God has made the Earth common to ill 
Men. But when the People of the twelve 
Tribes, with their Leaders fent from Gpd,i^ 


l^A^ Sibylline Or4c/tf5'4 49 

Ihall leave e/£^r, and travel pleafantlj^ 
marching in the Night, by the diredion of a 
Pillar of Fire, and a Gloud like a Pillar lea- 
ding them. by Day : God Ihall make Mofes 
their Leader^ a Man of Renown^, .whom^the 
Qiieeii found near the Fenns, and took him 
up, and hurfed him, and callM him her Son. 
He leading the People whom God brought 
out of ^/fipfjpr to Mount Sinaiy God there j^^y^^v^^d the 
gave. the Law from Heaven, writing .all his People out of 
jflfl: Precepts in two Tables j and he com- ^^'^t^"!;/' 
itianded them to obferve'cm \ and if any 
difobey'd, he was punilh'd according to the 
Law, and by humap Hands j but ijf hisOf-^ 
fence was unknown to. Men, he was de- 
ftroy'd by all forts of Judgments. God 
hath made the Eajth common to all, and 
Faith and good Thoughts are put into our 
Souls *, for thefe alone the fertile Earth 
produces Fruit, from one to an hundred, 
God giving it its meafure. But Calamities 
fliall befal thejfip/^and they Ihall notefc^ape 
the Plagues. And thou leaving the beauti- , 
fill Temple, fhalt fly ^ for it is determined, 
that thou flialt leave the Holy Land : And 
you Ihall be led into JffyrU^ and you Ihall 
fee your young Children ferve cruel Men j 
and your Wives alfo, and all your Provi-^ 
lions and Riches, ihall be deftroy'd. All 
Countries fliall be fill'd with you* and every 
Sea, and all Nations will hate thy Manners 
and Cuftoms. All the Land fliall be Defart 
to thee, and the Altars prohibited and de- 
fended againfl thee^ .and the Temple of the 

£ great 


The StBTLLiKfi Oracles. 

gfttt Gpd^ and th;^ UtRc Wa0, ifaxll all fait 
t6 the GrcMnid^ becaa^ tkoti didft not pre« 
ftrte in thy Mind the pure Law of therim- 
mortal God, but ertoneoufly haft ftrv'd on- 
worthy Idols. Not have you fear'd tlie im- 
nlortai Father of the Gods, and of Men ; 
and thou wobldfl: not honour him, but haft 
wOrffiip'd the Images of mortal Men. Fof 
thtft things thy fruitful Land fhall becoiM 
a Defatt to thee feverity Years, and fo Ihall 
thy wonderful Temple *, but the End fhall 
ht for good and grfeat Glory, as GOd fliall 
perfeft it, and a Mortal (C^rm) •, but do you 
remembei' and believe the pure Laws of the 
great Godf when he ihall lift tap ftreight 
your weary Knees into a place of Light. 

Then Gokl Ihall fend from Heaven a 
King, dnd he (hall prove every Man by 
Blood and burning Fire ; but thete (hall be 
one Roya! Tribe, whofe Generation is hh- 
biamable, and this ihall rplt in Aiture Ages, 
and begin to build a new Temple for God j 
and all tht Perfian Kings ihall beftow Gold, 
ztA Brafs, and Iron, which is capable of 
much work *, for God (hall give him in the 
Ills Dreftm u Klght a hoiy Dream, and then the Temple 
Ti^***^ *" fliafl agaitt be built as it was formerly. 

When tey Mind had ceas'd from deliver-* 
ing this Prophecy in Verfe, and 1 bad en- 
treated the great Father to ceafe from for- 
cmg me, the Voice of the gwat God came 
again into my Soul, and<^ffimsmded me to 
prophecy thro' every Country, and toteH 
Kings what (bouid come €0 ^ tereafter. 

\ And 

lie S i B * 1 1 IN n Oracles^ 5 1 

A«d this thing Gbd firft ptit into my Mind 
to fpeak ; faovir many lad Calamities he had 
ptipstt^'d for Sdyl9n^ becauft they bad de^ 
ftroy'diiis great Temple; 

Alas i aUs for thee BAylorr^ and • the iJa- ^ y»^ *<- 
tkin erf the j^yrim^s ! a howling Koife fliaU SiS Rdp! 
pafs thro' chat Land of kicked Men, and P*'^^-* ji^ took 
the Shouts of Men for Viaory (ha»l dcftroy from a" ?^ 
aH the Gbttntry* and the gireat Qod fliall/^- 
coafttmc and dfliid; it, who is the Author 
of my^og; for Vengeslnce IhaHcome on 
thee from the Air above, and sin eternal 
Fury (haS (k&^nd from the holy places in 
Heaven upon thee, and fhall defttoy thy 
Children , and tlien thou (halt be as at firft^ 
as if thou hadft not been born ; and then 
thou (halt be fiU'd with Bloody as thou haft 
fpiK the ^Blood of good and holy Men^ 
which now crycth to the high Heavens. 

O . e^feypr.' a terrible, great Slaughter ^^ji/^^^- 
ih^l bml thee, I ?<rhich tho^i djidft Appe &« it revoked 
Wouldjjey/?r befel thee; a Sword ttkli pafs ^^tr^^^t!"' 
thro' the midft of thy Land^ and a JJifpet* their fixth King, 
fton, and Death, and Famine^ fcaH follow i^^'^^^^*^"^! 
but in the feveijtb Generation Qf the Kings fcif; 
thoufliaithave.Eafe^nd R^fti 

Woe to thee, Land oiCfag and yfc%iy, Uef^^tamU, it 
lying between the ^rf;.>;i4» Rivers I how X^f,ilt7.:' 
great aii effpliop of Blood (halt be in thee !^ught, a»d th< 
and JAtA m^ csijl thee the Houft of Tudg^ iS^'^tuX 
irienti $1^ |:hy I^nd, which is well W4- 
terM^ /ha^l (jltii^k much HackJ^lood^ 

Ir 2 Alas 

5;i The'S IB-TLLINE Oraehs. 

c^h^ ^ Alas for thee, O Libya ! Alas for the Sea 
ftroy'^ by ci» ^jj^ j^j^^ j^^ j-^e Weftctn Nations \ you 

Iball come to the milerable Day, you Ihall 
come being exercis'd in a Conflift which 
will be terrible and difficult j you (hall have 
a fearful Judgment again, and you ail are 
condemned toDeftruaion,becdufe you have 
deftroy^d tbe great Temple of the llnmor- 
talGtxl, grievoufly grinding it as it were 
witji Iron Teeth : For this caufe thou flialt 
fee thy Land filfd with dead Bodies, forae 

flain in War, and all the force of evil Spi- 

XttvafiujM. " rits \ othets by Plagues and Eamiae, and 

by Men of a barbarous Fury : All thy Land 
Ihall become a Defarti and thy Cities for- 
faken* . . 

NotCi^ This Prophecy mufk com^ to pafs after 
the Deilrudion of Jerufiilem by Titus ; and it 
feems to oie to correfpond with the Dcftru(%ion of 
the Heathen Emperors by Cmftantinc^ defcrib*d in 
' Hf V. ^. under the fixth Seal , where *tis call'd the 
Day of Wrath : Or this refpedks the Northern In- 
vafions.> ' 

The Noitbcm 


In the Weft a Star Ihall fliine, which is 
Comet appca- call'd a Comet ^ and that is accounted among 

if feJctijinv?" ^^^ ^ ^^S'l of War, Famine, and Death by 
ioof^^ °^*' plagues, and of the flaughter of great Com- 
manders and Noblemen. And there ftiall 
be other Signs amongft Men ; for the M^th- 
tic Lake and deep Tanais (hall not continue 
their flux of Waters, and there Ihall be a 
fruitful Land in its Chanel, which fliall ftop 


The Si B y i Li NE Oracles. 55. 

the courfe oF the River, tho' it be infinite- 
ly eucr^as'dt 

There Iball be great Openings. of the 
Earth, and yaft Caverns fhaU appear^ and 
Men with their Cities (hall be.fw5llow'd.up- , 
Thefe Cities Ihall be overthrown in^JUy^^^^^ . 

la^iSy CerbrCy Pandonicy Colophony Ephe/iuy in jJii**\fZl 
Nic^aj Amiochia^ Sinape^ Tanazra^ Smyrna ^ •'^ ^l '" ^^«^» 
Marus j and tnele 1 owns in Europe ^ ty^g^^j ^^«-, a chy in 
ClitHSy SafiHs, Merofea, ^^^'^^>^^ ^^''^•f/f-t. ^^^'^^ p^^ 
Mycene^ PanthcUy Hier^eli^^ wealthy Gaza^iufafU^ioMia^ 
and jiftyffilofi. 

Note, A great pin of Antioch fell by an Eanh* ^^%^^^^^* 
quake, Ann. 515. And 458 Antiocb was rnin'd by qoa^J, wn/b^* 
an Earthquake ; and another happened there inoven»in*dCui«s 
478. Nicnea was utterly dcftroy'd by an Earth- ^Jfc^ff^^* 
quake in 372^ In 44d an Earthquake threw vid?»/fill!^i^«t 
down the Walls of Conjiantinofie^ andT was all MgrctiUmm^ 
over the World fix months. 

Then know the pernicious People of v^ x«>tiffi4%Ai». 
iypt are near DeftruAjon, and thea the beft lfl:^i:t 
Year will be over with the Alexaniridns t ^^^ an^ pimifiR 
When -Rmf hath receiv'd the Tributes of^^ei^'^.t* 
jifiay thi^nAfia fliall reeeive thrice as ranch g'^"' serwuy. 
Money again from Pi&me^ arid (hall- repay 
the fame pernicious Injury to it : And as 
m^y as have ferv'd the Itdian Families^ of 
thofe that came from Afay twenty, times 
as many, Ihall be Slaves in Afia \ and the 
hdlians ^^\ )a^ piiniih'd with, aa infinite 
Poverty. ;.... ^ T 1 • ! 

E 3 A^ff t , 

^ The Si B Y 1 1» i Jf ft Ofuch* 

Note, that Cmfidntine brought idl i&it %ilCbli^ 
faecou'Idy and sniahy Inhabitants^ i&otti olcl J^jpim 
to ConJiantimpUf and lb the Empire fafled fym^ 
Eurpfe into W/|r4j as Laitanfius €^fctve$. 

lubcurious rfc h Virgin,' the OfTsprt^g 
litLath Rpme I being intoxicated by inaay 
Celebrated JJuptiais, thou, who art ^ Ser- 
vant, fhalt not be married to the Wojbld ; 
Thy Mifbtfs often cuts off thy deliGatc 
Hair, inflicting Punifljmenj: on thee; ftie 
ihrqws thee from Hcavpn to the E^rtb, 
^ndnii^s thee from the J^rth to He^y^O 
tgaili, becaule thy InhaMt^i^ts live imy^ 
|ttd wicked Liyts. 

Kcte^ That ^^antintpte i$ the Ofii^rili|^ iM 
tdtih t^mcf ^nd it was callM hkii^ K^e. ][t ^as 
firft built hy J? dt^smidf, deftrpy?d ^SievetUs^ t^ 
built by Cpnftamine, and then became after one of 
the. Seats of tHe J^MtMii Em^ire^. It wis befiegM 
, many times by die Saranens^ tiktti by ^e isHm'^ 
ifotd at Jaft by die Ti^ri^, and now is the fhief Seat 
of their Ei^pire, ^^ 

- ' -' . ^ » f ' ' 

rtUaawtix&r Sames (hall become ah neap of San^t 
J»« pi«,. ^Q^ 1^^^ ^jj di&pi?ear, 

, .. • • - . , . , 

^j^y Tho! both lijie XiOands remain, ye^ they 
^igiit fii^r by l^rlhquakes. . which '^hi^d tii^ 
Buildiivgs, and :d%eot4^d ^ ^ ft 

|n Augujiiit's Reign. De&i was wafted ia ite fitiit 
i^ A^ibridan^ i thofe Illan^ ate o^tdeftroy*d» 


j4m D^Uit k^m^ %^umj & SiJf/Hs pen men4^^ ; 
xhetefere Jie had ^ good Qgioioff of ^ Sibyl5». 
»vIio b^d foretold this Eveur* St. Jef9ip mei>iio^ 
an Earthquake, in tfacfe words, 4Hn. i6^ ttrr^ 
motufer Mum OttemfaH^y Mart Htim egreX'^ 
Var, 4S SkUia muitamoifi htJUnrwm XJtha^ fS iV 

Rome ibali become a ftnkr, (or a VilisgO 
and all things prtdid«4 fliaU anii£ to*p»6^ 

Naaf , j^#ni# brcame a fvialcr Cky whco Att 
Sir^penqr C^ifim^ine rem^v'd from k ; and l^fye 
was pfi; taken, and fuffer'd by the In vafiosf of |||^ 
Heruli, Goths and Vandals, and the AYefteni ^naK 
|iirefpr.»any Year» deftroy'd. 

Aiid tliere ftall be no meniion pf ylndic?* 
<i«^:tb€ J^eHrndioo of i«ir^M»^ttt4)A}y th^ 
m OttQifeds and che Txeachci^ jof the G^ 

Peace and Tranquillity fliall happen toTj^ w#n 
tfhe Goimt»'ies in J^ ; then Em^t Aall beSj^;*^!!^^ 

without any Tempcft /)r HaiJ, pro&niiig^*"'' 
all things. Birds, ;aiid cre^ng things ^oa 
the Ea^rth : That Man4nrWoiiia>n k sappy 
wliO'Comes to that time; he will be hap^, 
itke ^he GMatryman v9ho iec^ipoly ^tpesAc, 
and'ft^all about him* AU manAer^MF jaft 
l^ws ihall deicend from Heaven amoi^ft 
(Vieti^ afid jttlfc adminiftratjo^ ftail accoin* 
p4ny:*^peip^ aqx^f loiiiid:C2em wikk^'ls 

^ ,'' ■ '^■- 'fi i|' •""' " '|tfON 


The S.I B TX3Li«as Oracles. 

profitabte'toMeA, Love, Faitb, Kof{)itali- 
ty: biit iJlLaws^ EnTy, Reproach, Aiigcr, 
Madnefs, Poverty, Force, Slaughter, per- 
nicious Cpnte^tions, pruel Wars, Thefts 
in the Night, and every, evil thing Ih^ll 
.'Men avoid ia thofe Times. 
mfi^^J^ But Macedonia fliall occafiou a greatD*- 
b^^and war Hiage to Afia. A great Mifchief &all l)efal 
icht^eEaftem£,^y.^^^ from the Breed of S^f«r;7, who are 
°^^^'^ Sons of a baftard Servant ; and they fliall 
he S4rafiens conquer ftroug Baby l<m^ and all Countries 
onqucft, which the Sun (hines on : She was formerly 
• caird Queen •, She fliall be deftroy'd by ex- 
"traordinary Ruin,, and ftjall not govern her 
wandring Pofterity. , . . . 

I^ote, The Saracens vf etc the Sons o('Hag4r by 
Jjhmael ; Abraham is Saturn^ and thefe conque^*d 
'many of the European Countries, CoxAe Pa(/, 
and France^ and Sfain^ Sicily and other Iflahds; 
4nd they fixed their chief Seat at Bahjlu^f • and 
htukBagdat^ Ann. 760, ^ 

^ hS^!!5>Sr" - ^^^ i^ *i"^^ thc^^ fl^aU come a perfidious 
Man intothe happy Country of -4^,: bei^g 
<:loath'd in purple Garments (like a Prince) 

i he will be ci^uel, of fl:range Manners of Laws, 
of a hot fiery Temper j a fl^fli of Lightning 

, feems to go before him^ rand he ftiall impofe 
hard Slar^ry 0n alM)?^, ap^ that i^and fliall 

.drink m»ch.Blbod, wWe^willbe fb,e4 on it. 

^ • • • • » ' • 

The Sib YLI-INE Oracles. 57 

firft ^c Stb^fiUf and afterwards at Icmium ; but 
at laft the S^l^uccian Family was deftroy'd by the 
Tartars and MammalukfiSf in Perjia, ^ia, PaU* . 
fiine^ zndjEffft, about the ix6o. . 

The Saracens caii^e firft into Afia^ and the Turl(s 
' afterwards, who dcftroy'd the other ; and thcue ' 
were two great Families of them, the ^ul:{uccian 
and the Ogus^iani The Tartars^ in IZ02, de^ 
ftray^dvXhe 7^l:{uocians mPerfia*^ and S^hmon^ 
who was the nead of the Ogus^ian, fled from F^r- 
fia alfo, and was the original of all the. Qnomans^ 
who in time deftroy'd the other Family^ 

His Generation Ihall be deftroyM by the 
Generation of thofe v\(hofe Generation he 
would -have deftroy'd. 

'NotCy The ZelT^uccian would have' deftroy*d 
the Ogtt:;ian^ when Ottoman began his reign, bijt 
j:his in time prcvail'd over the Caramanian King- 
dom, whicli is the Root here mention^ to be left. 

But they left one Root Cthc Xiaramaniajt 
Kingdom] which fhall be deftroy'd by War •, 
and that (hall cut off the Father of the Roy- 
al Stock, a Warriour, and he ihall plant 
ianother Plant near the ten Horns ^ but ^sryieTivt^t 
foon as he hath taken care of Ida, which 'raKgdmn 
was utterly deftroy'd, then he (hall perifli in ^h ^^^or^ 
by the Sons of them who confpire in the ^^^alU^'"" 
fame Fate 6fWar,and then the Horn plan- * ; 

ted near the ten Ihall reign. 

V * » • * 

K$n^ Ahev Aladin^s Death, chcfcrPriflces divi* 
ded his Kii^dom : To Sarachm Jell Mokif.: 
Jm0f M^ psut oilcfdU I CO -4i^mtl»f, reft ^ ; ^ 

' ' LydUj 

r8 The SiBYTLLianOracles. 

. Ljdia^ fbryg$4 maj^^ and dw jrc>^ P^ut of 
greater M^ ; to drdpmy the iefler FjEirjgxXiK^ith 
the reft oi Mjfid ; tx> the hftndi4mif die Cities of 
HeracUdi^ Strnpe^ jind part of Pontus^ next to Bir 
#1711/4 ; bat the main body pf the Tu^kijh King- 
dom was feiz\l hy JOaramdn, who had chefe Pro? 
vinces,tu;(. L^W^f, Lycao^a, Pifidia, P^mffyHd, 
Iffkuria^ Cilicia^ with the {legal City of leomum, 
^e greateft part of CarU^ part of Caffadocid, ai4 
^imtema minor* 

Ottcman fucce^ded bss Fath^ Bdmagal in a 
fmall ViUage in ^Ufynui^ Amu iftSo^; he con- 
guerM Nw, Phrygia, Bhhynidf and part of Pm- 
iriir, and he was the firft Sttltan of the Qjp$X!^4i» • 
l^aoiily, Amto 1300* 

Thefe were of the 7^:(uccum Family : Tdngror » 
hffx^ who conquered Perfia^ Cutlumufes fettled 
in jifia^ minor f MeUel^ and Ducm in DamAfcut^ 
jikfpo, Sjfia ; all thefe were in dme conqoer^d by 
the Tartars and Ottomans. 

The T«ri^/ arc here defcrib'd to conquer Pbr^ 
gia, and they are the little Horn, or Antiduift | 
they were griginally Scythian Herdfmen» and arc 
reprefented by die fmall Horns of Sheep. This 
is the fecond Beaft in the ^evelatimu^ dMp, « f . 


And there {hall be a Sign to fruiti&i Phrj/h' 
The Turks, gioj wHen the corrupt Stock of Rkea fiiful 
flourifli with proiperous Roots, and inak€ 
• DorU a. perpetual Inundation, 

cic/^in pl^i^, The Atifeis^ in the Qty jint^ndras^ a 
^inM by an 0)untry oft fliafcen with Earthquakes, feall 
Um.^Temniu bo Utterly deftroy'd in the Night j aijd this 

teaSb'of * " ^'^y ^^ ^^^^'^ ^DpriUum^ in old W-ic* Phrypa^ 
ka'rdhqutkes ; an imfertuiulle Country: Tiiereih^U-te a 
^crdore Ar*. tfiw fw Eaithcwiahci, which opcn^Ae/Ca- 

^»r*s here call d-. ^, , -_?■ , ' , ^- *^ ^ ^__ ..j 

roiKiiifbr rfrr«. veriM of the Earth, and throw fliMnr^ tiie 


The Si BYttiNB Onuhs, 

W^Qsfrf Gitiei^ thefe EattlH|«i£ikes ar^ 
Signs of Evils to coqtp, and are the bcgiit<^ 
mg 6f tliem. 

Notff Tbstt abottt the ¥eat 1 300, when thfsi 
Qptcman KiAgdoaa t>dgaa» dicfe witf a CemeC| 

and the greatf ft Earchqual^e' th^^ f ver h|^ppttiM» 
See pUttn4* 

The fad Calamities of the famfh^ianS^zt 
ihall tlieii happen, 4iid then (hall be fpilt 
^fae noble Blood of the old ^yirnadd \ an4 
they Ihall again be made a Prey to Men ia 
love. O Ilium! I]^tythee, for ia Sparta t^ 
Fury &all flourifli^ as a Plant beautiful aiid 
famous, and (hall occaiion Various Tumults 
in the Countries of $urope and j^Jla^ but 
chiefly to thee he (hall bring Mournings, 
and Sighs, and Labour ^ and he (hall have 
f verlafting Fame amongfl: Poifterity. 

M^f > l^hat the (^ovjcrnour^s Daughter ot Ahy 
ii^ fell in love wkb ^liaracbmen^ a Turk, and 
beti^iyM tha^ Caftle to him^ in |h^ time of trcha^ 
neSf Son of t)n9man^ who took Uiccy Prpfa, iVi* 
cmncdia^ and GaUipolli in Thrace^ Anno 1358. . 
' lit 1472 Md^c^fkh^ViffieHMh kdmk^y {^iin^ 

|b usidrnM to JPtkfokmJIa $ he then jttalldcSrU Ae 
^O^i^ o( .€w'U^^pd P4mfly4^ and bocm-fiHi!^^ 
94 $ and the Venetians are the ^BgpegiwH<kr9nei^ 
here mentioned J 

J^od t^ei .aa<u4 &)re Writer Iball ^pear 
bi liial: tim^agMOt ^omter^tiac his Qm^ 

fi^t M»g^ ^od^ ^ >i)MB «Hr« padi 

--•*■> Wit 


»". ' 

^o .JCbc S IB Y L L IN E Oracles. 

Wit-anci Eloquence, but ^ fmall meafpretrf 
Reafon. • 

They Ihall call him Chlon^ heirtg twa 
Names raixM, and he fhall write theHiftory 
oi-Ilium\ not juft as things are, but accord- 
ing to my words \ and he fliall ufe the fame 
Verfe. He fliall firft celebrate my Books, 
by turning them over with his Hands, and 
Jie Ihall much adorn the Commanders iu the 
Wa^" by hisPraifes, TriamHs'^ Son HeEtor^ 
and jichitles the Son of Pe/^«/, and all others: 
who delighted in War, and he fliall make 
the Gods to aflift them, writing falfly in 
every thing, that fpacious ///ww may give 
Reputation to thofe who dyM as niortal 
Men; but he fliall publifh. his alternate 
V.erfes. . , 

Nbte^ That this was fome Chriftian Poet, who 
writ the Wars betwixt the Chriftians and T«ri^x, 
and attributed all Succefs to the Saints and Virgin 
, Mary j but becaufe he is miftalcen by vulgar Rea- 
ders for Horner^ it is commonly bcliev*d that 
Homer ftole fome Verfes from the Sibyls. - - 

And the Progeny of the Locrians fliall ^o 
much Mifchief toXy^M v and the People of 
tMpdia fliull come to Chalted&n^ and depch* 
jstotateit, being ieated on the narrow -"PatP 
fage of the Sei. - 

. r ~ ' < : 

No/ff, The Lacrians are from a Province in 
Atbdidf and- from, them came the Locri m uaiy. 
'TbtC^ are the Chelan Py rates who iiivaded»^(^4/» 
<^dta; Lyda^ and Cy:(icm. Chakidm vi'M IV^ 


Tb& St BY L li I N E:OracleS. 6 i 

ma, over againft Conftan^moplet Cy^jlcm in A^j/Ji, 
near tbe VrofmPii, 

And the Sea (or PontM) fliall deftroy 
thy Riches, O CyzAeus ! Thou, Byzjmtium^ m^^^ "* 
ftialt encourage the W^rs in jijia^ for which 
thou (halt be rewarded with Sighs and 
much Blood. 

IMe^ In the Holy War» the C9nftantimf(dit4m 
betrayed the Chriftians, Anno 1147, Cammenim 
being Emperor, for which Reafon they ieiz'd Cm* 
ftantinofle in 1 204, and then the renetUns {x^fsM 
the £anern IllandSi and the Maridme Towns id 
Belofonnefm. ' 

And the great Strength of Lycia fliall be 
frdm the height of the Mountains. 

N(?/f, That L)cia is compafs'd on three fides 
with Mount Taurus, and was a part of the King- 
dom of Caramania ; and the Rivers mentioned d^ 
reprefent the continuance of the Tur^i/h Empire 
there till the end of the World. 


And the Waters fliall flow from the The jvw/z, Pn 
opening of the Rock, till the Prodigies SophctLll 
fpoke of by the; Prophetic Fathers fliall «*»ers, 

O €yx.ict4s I inhabiting the Profcmis^ 
where Vines grow, Rhyndactu fliall refound 
about thee with fwelling Waves :' And 
thou, Rhodesi flialt be free for a long time 
from Slavery- O Daughter of the Day 
(pv Sun)! thou flialt obtain much Riches 


Si jR&e iSi if tti NE Oracles. 

cellent Command in the Seathan ainy bdiersy 
but at length thou Ihalt become a Prey to 
i/ka thac are thy Lovers for thy Beauty or 
Ricbe^, iHd fubmit thy Neck to a Yoke 
that t$ grievous; 

Tiote, That f{hodes floiitifhM in a Co^unand at 
Sea under the i^mans ; and then gavethe-Mari- 
iifiocL^ms. ttcoacinu'd undbrcbe Ccnfidntino' 
Jtitiiiam fititpir^ ittii taken by MAaws^ in the bcr 
ekUiilig^f tlietSiir«r«» Etiipire; ii: was oecavel*^. 
by.dbeiGreofiUUy and ukeoby .the Knigbc^ of 
&. ^clmtfSferiifalcm^ i^oS, ^nd at laft coiicpier'd 
by Soljman, 1522; 

Biit the £){^i4rf Com motions Ih^ll fpoil 
the Affairs of Perfia and all jifidy and £«- 
r<yf Ihali horribly fdfFet* by them. 

N^e^ Tbe j^l^ucciam Kings vigoroo^y oppos^l 
tbei^ifetf the 0/>«fi4« family, aiid Perjiit wi« 
/ ConftAenxi whb obem. They vi^rred witU 
jimurathf Anno 19S7, and iiritfa Badfa:(^f after* 
wards ; and the Princes in Greece wctc in Lea^e 
^kh cbem; and when the Tftrks were in War with 
the Sw^feans, the CaramMmans^ rebeird. fiv tthe 
help of the Perfiansy Maboma the Great orovii 
Pjramet out of Caramania, who fled to t^ C^/!^ 
fanes for help in Perpa^ Aneto 1 473, and the ^Z- 
i^uccian Tur\s call'd the Tartars into lefler -^^n^ 
to defend them againft thtOnomansi, 

fkit the Sidonian pernicious King, kikJL 
the War of his other Confederates, fliall 
t)riqg a ffiiferaWe DefttuSion on the iSnwi* 

The St irj^j^ijiEOracleSi. 65 

msi by their Shii^s*, and the Sea with a 
great noife, and the Wives, v/ith the Dam* 
iels in fpkndid Garments, ihall complain 
of their indecent abufes : Thefe fhall la- 
ment thek Dead) and the other their Chil* 
dren flain. 

Nbf#^ Thb DeftHi<%Kin tnuft happen by the 

This fhall be the Prodigy ia (ypm^ the 
Earthquake (hall deftroy the Armies, and 
many fcall perilh together^ 

UoU, Thttt dyprusvf^s fubjed: to Edtchquakts^ 
and both Town and Idolatrous Temple are iaid 
to periih at the Prayers of St. Bamabm, but this 
Earchqiaake tnuft be in the Time of the Ottomam 
£ai{Mre*s begioningi It wasconquerMby thef^r^ 
crjRi/, 6569 by king I^chard 1191 ; and the Ve^ 
nctiam held it from I47X» to i $61, when Stlimus 
took it. 1^91 f Hugo^xhc laft King^ with many 
Chnftians flying into CjfruspWctc dcownVl near it; 
and ibmetimes by Earthquakes Invafions are de« 

TiyiUisy that is near Efhefm (a City in Ly 
dU) ih»ll lofe its welKbttilt Walls by an 
Eaithqwkei thefe wwe built by pernicious 
Men, of a great Spirit. Then the Earth 
Ihall proidnce boiling Waters, and by its 
weight falling in, Ihall drink up the fame ; 
but there Ihall remain a fmcU ot Sulphur, 

And Samos at a certain time ihall build 
Royal Houfes. 


64 The S I B Y L L I N E Oracles. 

NotCf That Samoj is now dcfolate ; it was fub* 
jed CO tHe Grecl^s, VenetianSy and now to the 
Turks* t 

O Ifaly! thou fhalt have no foreign Wars, 
but the efFulion of Blood amongft thy own 
Nations (hall afflidt thee, being very impu- 
dent, but not eaflly ^^a/l^di very famous 
and celebrated: That part of Italy which, 
is extended near the hot Baths, mall de- 
ftroy it iclf, upon the account. <Jf thdfe 
things which it faw would come to pafs^ 
Thou Ihalt not be a Mother of the Good, 
but a Nurfe of wild Beafts-, and other 
pernicious Men fhall come from Italy. 

No^ey That from 1300 to 1406 there wer^ Ci-* 
vil Wars in hahf betwiit the Emperors and the 
Popes Fadions, the Guelfi znd Giheiiinesy which 
pre vaird in Italy alfo at the feme tinie the Turk 
.took ConflanrimpUy Ann. 1455. The Wars be- 
twixt the Emperors and Popes continued 200 
Yearsi from Gregory xhc Seventh; 1073, to I173< 
That part of Italy near the Baia is Napiesy ^hofe 
Kingdom was transfer^ from the Normans to the 
Gcrmansy then to the F^enchy after to the Hunga- 
rUnsy and at. laft to the Spaniards by the Popes ; 
and they divided the Italian Cities amongjEk the 
Scaligersy Eftenfisy Gon\aga^s. The Duke pf Mi- 
Ian attempted the whole Government of J/a/y, and 
had continual Wars with the Florentines : And 
LadiJlafMy the King ofApuliay attempted the ta- 
king of I(pme thrice. Thefe things happen'dfrotti 
I loo to 1400. And the wild Beafts are the Prio- * 
ces mention^, the other Perniciou^ Men may be 
fome of them, or the Emperors. 


The Sibylline Oracles. 65 

' Then Laodiad (a fplendid City on the 
Banks of the divine River LycM^ Ihall be 
thrown down by an Earthquake : Thou 
Ihalt become filent, and no more lament 
thy magnmimdus Pkrent 

Mbff, That Laodicea 5Vas built by Antioehmi 
and had its Name from his Wife Laodice. Laodi^ 
cf 4, Sardts^ Philadelphia^ and Marnefia^ which s^re 
Deighbottring Cities, were oft iabje& to Earth- 

?uake$ I and this muft happen in the time of the 
'urks Conquefts4 

The Thr avians w ho live at Byzantium Ihall 
be driven from their Houfes to another 
place. CThis was when the Tirij tookO»- 
fiantinofUy many fled from thence.] 

The Arabians ftiall be ind»at/4/i#4,becaiife 
of the extraordinary Famine j but, after 
many Years, they fhall lament their Pa- 

'NotCf The Arabians did invade Campania^ (chat 
is, the Saracens) but, after fome Years, were drove 
out again. 

CyrnHS (Corjtca) and Sardo (^Sardinia) fliall 

iink into the bottom of the Sea, by the 
Storms of Winter, and by the Strokes of 
the holy God^ in their Maritime Houfes 
(or Ships.) Alas ! how ntany Damfels fhall 
die I and the Deep Ihall cover the young 
Maids living on the Shore* Alas for the 
Children fwi mming on the Shore, and the 
abundance of the Riches ! 

66 TbeSiBYi.'LlifROraeles. 


Notty This is the fame Inundation on Cor/ica 
and Sardinia, ot which the Hiftory may be loft. 

. Th€ happy Land of the Myftam fhall fud- 
denly raife a Princely Stock j but Carthage 
(hall not continue long. And the GaUtians 
fliall have much Mourning, and Tcnedos ihall 
have the laft, but greateft Mifchief. . 

"Note, The Caraffan and Aidinian K2ng4oms 
were fet up in M^fia, a Region in AJia minor ^ by 
the ;^(r/j(«ccM»TurkSy but they lafted afmall i6m^ 
being conqucrM by the Ottomans. The European 
lAyfi(Cs are Servia, conquer*d by the Turks under 
JMahnmet, 1460 ; and Bulgaria, in 1996. lam 
of opinion, that Carcl^don is miftaken for Cbalce- 
don, becaufe the reft of the Places are Afiatic. 
But the City oi Carthage was taken by the Trench 
1 170, and Xuni by Charles V. 1535. 
Teneios vrii la- Tenedos is an Ifland in the Hettejpmt, in the pot 

ken bjr the Vene^ feiSoU of the Tufks. 
tiuns in the War 

retaken'b^ the Aud thou, Sicyon^ fhalt boaft in the howl- 
rurfcs, i(5;7. |^g of thy brazen Inftrumepts ; and fo fliall 

torirtth ; yet over all, the/ripe fliall <equa41y 
found: (that is, they fliall both be Con- 
quered, and invaded by the Turks. Thcfe 
are both Cities in Pelofonnefw^ conquered by 

But when ray Mind had ceafcd from my 
infpiYd Verfe, the Word of the grieat God 
came again into ray Breafl:, and command- 
ed nie to prophecy concerning every Land* 
me Alas for Pheemcia^ both Men^and Womco^ 
p&^wcMoirer. and for all the Cities on the Sea-Coafts ? 
ruT.?^^ for 0ot one of you fliall remain in being 


The StBYLLlNE Oracles, 6j 


tnder the Sun, nor any great fiiimbef of 
Years, nor Tribes of People, becaufe of 
their deceitful Tongues and wicked impurtf 
Lives, i^hich they all liv'd, and fpake pro- 
jpAiane Words from theiir impure Mouths, 
which are l^lfe and wicked i and they re- 
beii'd againfl: the great God and King, and 
feake'iSiiily with their wicked Mouths : for 
this caufc they fhall be conquer'd by a hor- 
tible Slaughter thro' the whole Land, and 
(Sod fhall fbnd them a miferable Fate, bur* 
rung the Citie$ to the Ground, with their 

Note^ Thit Ptolefnai was takeh by the ^gyp-^ 
tian Sultan and burnt, and the Foundation dug 
up in 1 19 1 . At that Siege there were many Mur- 
ders, Felonies, Rapes, '&c* committed in the City, 
and the Govrernours at variance about the Com* 
inand of the City. In t^^olTjrc and Sidon were 
burnt by the Manima,luhh Sultan of '^^ft, 4pd 
now they dre heaps of Ruins. And ISe/jmm^ be<^ 
fore his Conquefts oiyBgyptf took Phcgnicia frooi 
the Mammdluk^Sk 

O Crete! who riiuft fiifler many Trou- 
bles ! for a Slaughter fhall happen to thee, 
which (hall be d horrible and everlafting 
Overthrow, and all the Earth (hall behold 
thy burn^ng,^ and the Tire (hall not leave 
the? for .an Age, but thy burning (ball con- 
tiwe fi> l,png. 

. ^e. The If »rks l?urnt and pillag'd CrSte 1 57 1 ^ 
t:^ac4f.lj|^ Vipifx from ih^ Ven^mns by ^ long 

. I if i Alas 

*4 t .», 

68 . The Sibyl uln e Grades. 

Aks for thee, Tlrace! becaufe thou (halt 
come into a fervile Yoke when the Gal^^ 
tiam-t mixM with the Dardanida; &i3.ll vio- 
lently wzit^Greece^ and then thou (halt fuf- 
fer Mifchief : Thou flialt do Injury to other 
Countries, and receive the fame thy felf. 

Note, The Turks took Gattifalk in Thrace^ anm, 
1358; and afterwards AdrianopU^ in 1 36z $ and 
ConftantinopU, in 1453. The DaYdanid<e are in 
Vfper. Mafia fCoM^di Servia^ near Macedonia^ or in 
Apa minor y from Dardanum in Myfia minor. The 
Turks wafted Greece before they took Confianfi^ 
nopley and oft brought their Afiatic Armies into 

Woe to thee Gog and Magogs and all the 
other in order, Marfog and Angon ! How 
many ill Fates will attend tliec? Many to 
the People of Lyfia^ Myfia^ Phrygia-, and the 
Pamphylian Nation : And many Evils will 
fall on Lydia^ the Moors, it>£thiopian5^ and 
other Natiolis of a barbarous Language ^ 
the Cappadocians and Arabians. But why do 
I relate all the Particulars ? for the Higheft 

;,- will fend a terrible Slaughter bnallNa- 

• tions who inhabit the Earth, 

Note, Cappadocia was conquered by the Turfc 
ann. 1 537 ^ and then was alfo Gaiatia and Arme- 
nia fiibdued by him. The Countries which lie 
Northward in Linle Afia the Turk did 'Conquer, 
after their Conqueft of Thrace, when the. Carama" 
man and other fmall Kingdoms rebelfd againft 
the Ottoman Emperors. And Ottoman conquered 
many Provinces before his Succeflbrs came into 

The Si Br%i^lj^E Oracles. 69 

Ear&fe, At this time' thcyconquerM tte Tartar r, 

Gc^g and Magog, or the Mefapotamhns, fo call'd J^^*^*' .'" 

by the Sibyls : the Tartars^ in their own Tongue, uTiAl^g hyl 

are call'd Mogli^ from Magog. There is a Hill in ^tS^ians, 

Afia ndnor callM Mefogis, which may be Marfig 

here m^ntion^d. ^«go» is miftaken lov- Oagon for 

the Pibf/Z/Hiij^ whofe God be is. - "' 

But when the moft barbarous Natipn The Tories co 
fhall come into Greece, it fliall <leftroy the ^^*^ ""^ ^'"' 
Kingdoms of many great Men, and many 
fat Cattle of the Inhabitants, the Horfes 
and Mules, and Herds of bellowing Oxen, 
and unjuftly burn the well-buik Houfes, 
and by force carry a'waj many Slaves into 
another Land *, and tlie well-cloath'd Wo- 
men, who were tenderly kept, out of their 
Chambers, who will fall down thro' the de- 
licate tendernefs of their Feet ^ they fliall 
lee 'em in Fetters under their barbarous 
Enemies, fuffering all manner of cruel Re- 
proach i and none (hall fpare them, or help 
'em by War, or defend their Lives, but ' 

they fcall fee their Enemies enjoying ail 
their PoUeffions, and all their Wealth ; 
their Knees fliall tremble, a hundred fliall 
fly, and, one fliall deftroy 'em all 5 five fliall 
overcome a fl:rong Army, they fliall fliame- 
fuUy fight, and raife terrible Tumults, 
which will give great Joy to their Enemies, 
and Grief to the Grecians'*^ and all Greeci 
fliall be reduc'd into Slavery and Bondage. 
And they fliall not only fuffer all the Mife- 
ties by War, but by a Plague alio : And 
God fliall make the great and hig;h Heavens 

F3 likfc 

JO The Si b yi m awOracies. 

like Brafs, the Bafrth ftafi be like Itoii, not 
having any Rain, but ^1 Men feall after- 
ward grievoufly lament their L^nds -nn- 
fown^anduntiird, and burnt with Firej 
and God, who made Heaven and Earthy 
willraife high Trees pn that Land fit for 
Mafts i and the Third Generation of Men 
fcall grow up agam (the Men fit for War). 
O Greece / why dp you confjdc in Prin- 
ces, who are mortal Men, who ganuot a- 
void Death, to which they itiuft ineyitably 
come ? Why do you ;give van Offerings to 
the Dead, and facrifice. to Idols ? W bo hath 
inftiird this Error into your Minds*, to do 
thefe things, leaving and forfeiting the 
' Face of the great God, butown^J^f.Narae 

and Worfliip of him, who made all thing's? 
Do not forget that it is t 500 Years fince 
the proud Kings reign'd in Gre^ct^ wJio firft 
led Men to thefe Wickednefles, to make 
many Idols of Gods, who ar^ only corrupt 
dead Mw, for whofe fake you were taught 
to think of vain things : But when the An- 
ger of the great God (hall fall x>n you, then 
you will acknowledge the Perfbn of the 
great God, and all People Ihall.njuch l^r 
jiient, lifting their Hands up to the largp 
Jieavens •, and they fliall begin to call t>n 
the grea^ King to hejp 'em ; and they fliall 
jfeek who fhall bf their Deliverer from this 
gre« Wrath, 

^otc^ That the Chriftian Idolatry is here 
prov'd, which they learnt from the Gre^s j for 
•wheh the Turics fonquery Qntn^ the -Heathe^ 


The, Si BY1LI.ISE Oracles. 71 

Idolatry was extinguifli'd long hcfott in that 
Countiy. TliQ compuution <»tjbe 15.00 Years 
1$ from the laft Heathen King of Greecs till the 
Onomans, who, according to the Sibyl Prophecy, 
now took pofleffibn of it : Perfcuff (he laft King, 
was carriea to Upme 159 Years before Cbrift, and 
MaJj43iet conquerM Maceden 1973, from whence 
to Pfrfcm will be 1 53X Years ; the odd Years 
are not ufually reckon^ in Prophecies. 

But learn this, and keep it in your Minds, 
how many Funerals fhali happen in Crrr^ctf 
in the Ages to come : And when iireec^ 
(hall facrifice Bulls and Oxen at the Tem- 
ple of the great God, as Holocaufts, it (hajl 
efcape the noifie Wax', and its Terror, and 
the Plague, and alfo be delivered fr^m Bon- 
dage and Slavery again : But yet the Gene- 
ration of wicked Men (hall remain there 
till the fatal Day of the end of the World 
(hall happen -, for Greece fhall not facrifice 
to God till all thefe things are come to 
pafs : For there is an abfolute necefTity that 
all things (hould be done which God alone 
wills and decrees Ihould be brought to pafs. 

> • 

Notey The Turks muft continue in Greece "till 
the Miltehniufn, wbenC^rift will come to deftroy 
theou Whofoever docs confider this PEopbecy 
cdocerning this Conqueft of Greece, and its Slave* 
ry, which muft laft to the end of the World, muft 
acknowledge, that *tis a true Defcriotion of the 
Turkifli Cqnquefts there, after be bad conq^cr^d 
lirde4^4 and Thrace s and, that under the notion 
of the old Grecian Idolatry the Vorihip of S^im 
and Images in the ChrUtian Church u reprcfeti* 

* P 4 ted 

7^ . The SiBYLLIVEOracles. 

ted/ which muft continue in that Church till the 
Millennium ; tho' in the Weftem, in fonie parts, it 
fliall be reformed. 

lefcription of Then fliajl rife a holy ftock of Righteous 
E«'?n»^ Men, who will obferve theCounfels and 
7. * Law of the fupream Go4, who will honour 
the Temple of the great God, by Libations 
aijd Fumes and holy Hecatombs, with Sa- 
crifices of fat Bulls and Rams without ble- 
mifb, and the firft-born of Sheep, with mul- 
titudes of fat Lambs, offering them devout- 
ly, as holy Hpc^tomb?, on the great Altar, 
and dividing 'em, according to the juft Law 
pf the moft High. They being happy, iliall 
inhabit Cities and rich Lands •, they (hall be 
Prophets fet ovpr others by the immortal 
God, and they ihall occafion great Joy to 
311 Men i for God has given to them alone 
wife Counfels, Faith, and a goodUndcr- 
ftanding, . who do not worfhip, thro' vain 
Errors, the Works of Men, made of Gold, 
Brafs, Silver, or Ivory, and the Idols of 
Wood, Stone, dead Gods, or Pidures 
L^c'h^wodhipdraw^ by Chalk or Vermilion, 

pifturcsof which Men worftiip who are led by vain 
Counfels i but they lift up to Heaven their 
pure Arms and Hands, and every Morjiing, 
when they rife from Bed, they purifie their 
Skins by wafliing in Water, and worfliip 
God, who is always great and immortal'^ 
and afterwards their Parents, and after 
that, the moft excellent araongft M^n: 
They arp mindful of holy Wedlock j nej.- 
' ' ' " ■ ther 

The Sibylline Oracles^ 75 

ther do they ufo impure Sodomy, as the 

PhoBnicians^ ^ySgyptiansy Latins^ large Greece^ 

an4 many Gentiles of other Countries, ^ 
the Perfians^ Galatiof^Sy^ and all jlfia ufo, 
tranfgrefling the holy Laws of thelmmor-. 
talGod by many Tranfgreffions v for which 
reafbn the Immortal hath brought upon all 
Men Mifchief, Famine, Loffes, Grief, Wars, 
Plagues, and painful Tears •, becaiife tifey 
would not honour after a holy manner the 
immortal Father of all Mankind, but woi(- 
fhip'd Idols •, arid things made by their ow-a 
Hands were adorM, which the fame Perfon 
threw away, hiding 'em for Shame in tlic 
Clefts of the Rocks. . .:• ii 

When the new King of ^^gyft Ihall 
reign, the feventh in his own Country, and 
be reckou'd as one of the Grecians King- ' 
dom, which the neighbouring iWi«cf4^(?;f/^»j 
fliall add to their Empire, 

Note^ That BAdja:{et firft conquered Macedch . 
nia ; the fecond King of it was Sei^man; the third « 
j\iahomef ; the fourth, Amurath II i the fifth, Af^ 
hornet II; the fixtb, Bajas;^et II ; the HkventhfSeijh • 
mus III, and he conquered jEgjft A. D. 1 517, at 
which time the Reformation began. And then 
this holy Nation are the Proteftants who rejedkcd 
the Eur of can Idolatry at this time i and Seiymm ii 
thus reckoned the feventh of the Grecian Emperors 
in Macedonia, and a new King in ^^ft. 

a great King IhaD come as.a fierce Eagle, sHjmiu. 
out of JJia^ who fliall cover all the Earth 
with Horfe aiid Foot, and Ihall beat down 


y^ The Si B lr L t in e Oracles. 

all Things, and fill all Places with Mifery-, 
and he mall or^hvovr the Kingdom of 
4i£^yft^ and carry away all the Riches as 
lie departs thro' the great Sea. 

' Nofe^ That Stlynm conquer^ SjrU and Pale^ 
fiint before he came into ^gj^ff, and flew the 
Mdtnmalu^es Princes ; and he rook Grand Cairo, 
land fenc all its Riches by Sea to CmftantimfU. 
This Story of Seljtnm^s Conqucft of j£gypt con- 
firms the former Interpretation, that he was the 
feventh Emperor in Maecitmia. And by this Hi- 
ckory the time of the Refortnation is evidendy de- 
<:lar*d by this Sibyl, which is a great evidence that 
Providence defignM it, and approvM the reJ6(9:ion 
of the Worfliip of Saints and Images* 

^ And then they fhall adore on their bare 
This 1$ an Ad- Knccs, On the fruitful Earth, the Great 
R^l'^«rto^*God and Immortal King i and then all the 
avoid covitouf- Idols made by Mens Hands fliall be con- 
S;%u"lb^^^^^^ by Fire ^ and then God fliall give 

^ro the Idols, great Joy to Men : For the E^rth, and 
X'^^'I^d^tST'^'Trees, and great Flocks of Cattle, foall 
jcbfiftiantrae giyc true cncreafe of Wine, and fweet 
«eftm^^^^ and white Milk, and Bread^corn, 

>«i«c sacrifi- Which is moIt acceptable to Men. 

But you, O Mortals ! of a various and 
evIlMind, leave Covetoufnefs, turn toGod 
a^d appeafe him, God an hun- 
dred Bulls, a^d the firft-born Lambs and 
Goats, but entreat him the Immortal God, 
nrfto will be raercifiil, for he is the only 
God, and there is not another ^ and f<dlow 
RighteouQiefs^ and do no Injury to others, 



for the Immortal commands dicfe Things 
to poor Mortals. 
But do you avoid the Anger of the Grea( 

God, when a Deftruftion by a Plague ftaH w^^f'!^ St 
come upon all Men, and they fliall foj^rRefonnatioL. 
Punifiiment by a horrible |^aiighter ; ajad 
Wiien one King ftail captivate Another, and 
takeaway his Land, and one Nation flJaii 
deftroy another, and the Governours their . 
People, and all the Princes fliall fly into 
anoth€fr Land, and change their Native 

?to«. This Prophcfie xclaics to the Wars i|» 
Germany^ in die time of Charles the 6£th, whb 
onaquetM the Proceftast Ele&ori, -mi took {bem 
PrUboerSy as well ^s the Frendt King. A&d Ca 
great Plague happened in Germany^ 1 54i» ^d i*t 
Ccnftantinofle alio, and there were Perfecutions 
of the People for their Religion ip F^ttnce, and 
Et^lmd, andWars in Fndnce afterwards, and Kipg ' 
Chdrics the feconi drove out of his Counpryt * ' 
This 3oes reprefent the Stare of Affairs in Eutofs *; 
in one or two Centuries after the- Iteformatibh .: . 

Mutabitfi homines teHus ; this may relate to the 
FrefJch Proteftan^, 

And a Barbarian then ruling, fliall dc- 
Itroy zXWreece^ afld ^all rob tijrt rich t^nd 
of'att its Riches, and ^all come againftft 
while they fl:rive about their Silrer an* 
Qold /ajid theuthe love of Riches fliall do 
' much Injury to Cities.) In a Jlrange Coun- 
try they all fliall lie unbury'd, and the Vul- 
tures ^d wiU BeaftB of the Earth ftall 
4owiir tbeJr OaxcaJfes ; And when all 
^ things 

76 Ti&^ Sibylline OracBs. 

things are done, the large Earth (hall con- 
fume the Reliqiies of the Dead, and it fliall 
all be unplow'd and unfow'd, by which 
Defolation will declare the Wicked nefs of 
,. innumerable Men.. In a great length of 
time, in Years^o come, there fhall be no 
jxeed of Bucklers, Breaftplates, Dart$^ aifd 
divers forts of Arms •, neither (ball Wood 
be cut froin the Oaks to burn. 

; .Note^ This is the miferable State of Greece fince 
the Reformation ; the Inhabitants drove into £11- 
rope^ and utterly deftroyM, and Solyman the Turl^ 
then (1531) invaded Hungary y Auftrid^ Stiria, 
CarinthU ; but Charles the fifth forc'd htm to 
retire, and the old-fafhion^d Armour of Shields, 
Darts, and burning Wood, us'd in Sieges^ was 
laid afide. 

« ■#« X I 

- And then God Ihall fend a King from 

to If I??^iS* the Eaftj or Sun, who fhall make all the 

Mhisun^^hc Earth to ceafe from War, by killing fome, 

lack ©fa Lyon, g^d making Leagues with others: And he 

ihall not 4o/.all thefe things by his 'own 

Counfel, but' confiding in the Decrees of 

the Great God , w hich are good . 

I : 

Note, This is the fame BajQiem Prince, as the 
Perfian^ who will come like Tamerlane, and con- 
quer the Turl^Sy and unite the, Chriftian Princes, 
and thereby make way for the return of the Jews, 
according to the Decree of God, by which be . 
will be excited to this War. 

he Jews return And thcPcople of the Great God Iball 
ito jude^. come loaded" with great Wealth, Silver and 


The S I B T t n N E Oracles. 77 

Gold^ and purpk Garments 5 and the 
Earth fliall be full of all Plenty, and the 
Sea furniihM with all good things j and 
then Kings Ihall begin to be angry 
another, contriving evil things in their 

Minds. TheGcmil 

Envy is not proper for miferablc Mortals, Kings* are" hey 
but the Kings of the G^^rZ/fi fhall again ia-^^^^'Y'j"^*^^' 
vade that Land with great multitudes^, rt^XfitfrWm 
bringing on themfelves a fatal Deftrudion ; ^^Jlfj"'^ ^^ ^^' 
for they defign'd to deftroy the Temple of 
the Great God, and the beft Men, when 
they came into that Country. Thefe defil'd 
Princes Ihall facrifice round about the City^ 
every one having his Jurifdi^ion apart, 
with his Infidels ^ and then God fliall fpeak ^ 
to all the unlearned and vain People with a 
loud Voice, and he who is the Great God 
fliall condemn them, and they fliall all 
perifli by the Hand of the Immortal, and 
fiery Swords fliall fall from Heaven upon 
the Earth, and great Lamps of Fire fliall 
come and ftiine ariiongft Men. The Earth 
alfo,- which is the common Parent, fliall 
be fliaken in thofe Days by the Immortal 
Hand, and the VOh in the Sea, arid all the 
wild, Beafl:s on the Land, and infinite kinds 
of Birds: and all the Souls of Men, and 
all the Sea, fliall tremble at the Prefence of 
the Immortal, and be much . afraid j He 
fliall ^resk open, the high Tops of the Moun- 
tains^, and the wail Hills, and the darkifli 
place of . the Dead fcaU appear to all, and 
the imxf Caveras in the high Mountains 
'-' * ftiali 

78 The SiBtttlViliOracles. 

ftall appear fiU'd with the Dead^ aad thtj 
Rocks fhall flow with Blood, and many 
Channels fhall fill the Plains, andallwelli 
built Walls fliall fall down an the Earthy 
which wicked Men bnilt^ becaufe they 
knew not the Law and Judgment of the 
Great God, but foolifhly attack'd the Holy 
Place. And God fliall condemn them all 
to be Jeftroy'd by War or Slaughter, and 
Fire and Rain in a Deluge ; and Sulphiit 
fliall defccnd from Heaven, and Hailftoaes 
/ many and grievous-, and the four-footed 
Beafts fliall dye : Then they fliall know the 
JEtemal God, who doe$ thefe things. The- 
Lamentation and Cry of the Men that pe* 
rifti fhall come upon all the Earth, and 
they fliall become mute, being walh'd in 
their own Blood, and the Earth fliall drink 
the Blood of the flain ; and Wild Beafts 
fhalf be fiird with Flefli. 

JNfotp, iTiis is like the War in the i itfe Chat>- 
ter of the Revelations ; and the Earthquake ^ere 
ttennon'df of the Earthquake and Hail in the 
feventh Vial, or the Dcfkruiilbn of Gaz ahd 
Magog when they befieg*d the Holy City by Fire 
from Heaven : But it fcems moft likely to be the 
feventh Vial, bccaufe of the Thunders and Light- 
cingSy Earthquake and Hail tbe^ delcrib*d^ 

The Great Eternal Gdd himfelf com- 
manded me to prophefie all thefe things, 
and they fliall not be in vain, nor im|)erfed j 
what the Spirit of God only puts into ray 
Mind fliflU in&Uibly €ome to pa0 in the 

World : 

The Sibylline Oracles. 79 

World : All the Sous of the Great Gpd 
flialllive in Quiet about his Temple, and 
(hall rejoyce in all thefe things which the 
Creator gives, who is the righteous Judge 
and Monarch : He alone fliall proted thenit 
and greatly affift them, as a Wajl round 
them of flaming Fire : Their Cities fliall 
be without Walls, all their Countries fliall 
be free from the force of an evil War : He 
fliall be their Defender, who is (he Immor- 
tal, and the Hand of the Holy fliall prote£t - 
them : And then all the Iflands and Cities 
fliall, lay how much the Immortal loves 
thofe Men, for all things fight for them^ 
and help them •, the Heavens, and the Sua 
movM by God, a nd the Moon, and the Earthy 
the Mother of all, fliall be mov'd in thofe 
Days^ and they fljall fing a plealant Hymn. ^ 
Come, let us fall all on the Earth, an4 
entreat the Immortal King, the Great God, 
and Eternal ^ let us fend Offerings into hisr 
Temple, fortiwtt: be is the only Governow i 
afid let us all declare the Law of the SiM 
pream God, which is mofl: = righteous of aH 
in tlWEatth •, but we ^rred. from the Path 
of the Immortal, ^nd tJif 0* a fbolifti Minc^ 
we w.arfliip'd. Statues made by MensHarids^ 
the^j^rvM Images of Mortal Men. . Thele 
thiags fliall th^ Sq^ilsof faithful Men fay :' 
Come let all the People of God fell on their 
Faces, let us pleafeGod the Father in every 
Hottfe by our Hymns j let us throyy away 
al) Arms mad« for our. Enemies in every 
Landi. for tlit,iqng i fpacVpf ; fevcn Ages of 


8o The Sibylline Or^fcj. 

Years t6 come, and alfo the ShieWs, and 
Breaftplatcs, and Helmets, and all fdrts of 
Arms, and Bows, and many Arrows, or 
Dart$, of a wicked Invention j neither 
ftall Wood be cut ofF the Oaks to burn 
Houfes in Sieges. 

But thou, O miferable Greece! ceafe 
from proud Thoughts, and entreat the 
Immortal Conqueror, and fend into this 
City the People that want Wifdom, who 
belong to the Holy Land of the Molt High* 
Do not move a Camarinay it is better let 
I alone ^ nor move a Panther from his Den, 
left you fuffer Injury by it, but abftainj 
neither entertain in your Breaft proud An- 
ger, which provokes you to quarrelling 
and fighting, but ferve the great God, that 
thou maift abftain from thefe things when 
the fatal Day fliall have its end. 


Note, Ne Camarinam agUa fignifies ro pfocure 
Evil CO themfelves ; and the Panther here men- 
tion '4, is the Greeks Emperor, theTi^^S fo chat 
ifais is an Admonition to the Grecians^ not to riro* 
voke him by a Rebellion to rid themfelves from 
his Slavery, for this muft come at the end front 
God, kWho will then deftroy him in the beginning 
of the Millennium, which here follows : And 'tis 
above intimated, chat Greece ihould remain in 
iubjedion till this time, and then they ihoiild 
iacrifiCe to God* 

^^m&m ^^^ Kingdomjof God fliall come upon 
"*■ good Men ^ for tlie Earth, which h the pro- 
ducer of all thing*, IbalLyteld to Mea the 


TheSfBYtl.IifEOracles. 8i 

beft^ and infinite ]?niits 5 Corn,Wine, Oyl, 
and the fweet Honey, Drink from Heaven, 
the Fruits of Trees, and the Acorns j and 
fat Cattle, and Beaftis, and Lambs from 
Lambs V ^nd Kids from Goats, and fweet 
Fountains fhall flow with the whiteft Milk, 
and the Cities fhall be full of good Men, 
and the Fields Ihall be fruitful, and there . 
Ihall be iio War in the Earth, not Tiiriiult, 
nor fliali the .Earth grodn by an Earth- 
quake \ no Wars, nor Drought, 01* Fdmine ; 
nor Hail to w^fte the Fruits •, but there 
fhall be great Peace fn all the Earth, and 
one King ihall live iii Friend (hip with the 
other, to the End of the Age j and the 
Immortal, y«rho lives in thp tteavens ador- 
ned; with Stars, fliall give a com moil Law 
to all Men in all the Earth, and inftrud 
miierable Men what things muft be done ; 
for he is the only God, and there is no 
other i and he (hall burn the great Strength 
of Men by Fire. But retain my Counfel ia • 
your Minds, fly all unwarrantable Worfhip, 
and fervc the living God i .avoid Adultery, 
and the Confufion of Sodomy^ and nourifli 
your Children, and do not kill them, for . 
with fuch Offenders the Immortal is angry'. 
Then he fliall raife a Kingdom fof ever , 
over all Men, when he hath given a Holy . 
Law to the Righteous, to all whom he pro- . 
mis'd to open the Earth j and the World 
of the bicfled, and all Joys, and an immor- 
tal Mind, and Eternal* chearfulnefs. Out 
of every Country they fliall bring Frankin* 

G cenfc, 

8"T The S IB It L'Lii'i^ Oracles. 

cenfe, and Gifts to the Houfes of the Great 

God, and there Ihafl be no other Houfe to 

, be enquired &)v by the Generations of Men 

that are to come, biit the faithful M^n 

whom Qod has given to be worfhip'd^ for 

Mortals call hint the Son of the Great Gdd j 

and all the Paths of the Fields, add rbijgh 

Shores, and high Mountains, and the ra^in^ 

Waves of the Sea, fhall be eafily paTs'd, or 

faifd through in thofe Days-, for all Peace' 

ftall happeh to the Good, throiigM all their 

Land, the Prophets of. thfeGttdt'd^d fliall 

take away ^11 SlaGghter, for ihty are the 

Judges of Mortals, and the rightcoti^Kitigs. 

And there (hall be juft Riches fbt Men, ftfr 

the Government of theGffcdt-God fiiaH be 

juft Judgment. Rejoyce, O Virgin, aM 

be glad, jfor He tliat, hath ct-eatefl Heaven 

ana Earth hath give;n thee .Eteriial' JOy ; He 

Ihall live with thee, and Eternal Light 

Ihall be given thee. ' ..; * 

The Wolves and Lambs fliall- eat Herbs 
together in the Mountains, Ind- the Pan- 
thers fhall feed together with tTife Kids^ 
and the Bears fhall be kept with the Calves 
in the fame place, and the carnivorous 
Lyon (liall eat Straw out of the Manger, as 
an Ox; and very young Children fhall bind 
them in Bonds, and a. fmall thing will 
affright a wild Beaft-, and Dragons (haU 
fleep with their young ones,' and not hurt 
them, for the Hand* of God Ihall proteft 


The St B T 1 1 1 K E- Oracles. $ 5 


N0#e» Tbat die Government of God is coBML 
lih Jndgmenc^ that i^ the Judgment of the Juft 
wiH be in the MiSenmum. The Virgin is tht 
Bfkle» or Chnrch^ in the I(e^Utkns : God ch^ 
Creator Ifaall' inhabit- the Earth : The tnnotenl 
State of the Ct eatur e$ in the hHUermiim is de<^ , 

io^% as in the Prophets ; the Miltenniam will 
be h^te the End of* the Worldi 

Bnt I will tell thet very cfeatly the Sips ^JS^th^isS 
whetel^ jrou may kno# wheutheEnaof theworu/ 
all tftiefc things mall happen in the Earth : 
WheriSv^otds Ihall be feen in the Night, 
towards Suii^fetting or Sun-rifing, in the 
Starry HcavenSj and a Duft defcends from 
Heaven fuddeniy upon all the Earth ; and 
tte Li^t of the Sun fhall fail in the niiddld 
df its Coul'fe iti the Heavens i and the 
Beams 6( th^ Moon fhall Ihine,^ and (hall 
JjrefenMy come to the Earth with bloody 
I>ro|)sV dnd the Rocks Ihall give a Sign, 
and m a Cloud the Fight of Hwfmen and 
JFootracn Will be fctxiy like the Crdud madd 
In tbe hunting of wild Beafts ^ this end 
Gpd, v^hb lives in Heaven, will give td 
W^n But all Ought to Sacrifice to the 
Great Ring. 


Noi€^ That the Swords may be tbe Taik of 
Coiziiecs^ the. Daft may come from the burning: 
Af oontains Eruptidp» ; the Sun etIipsM by its oWii 
MackUf and the Moon loiihg its Luitiiiiotis ke^ 
iicdion, will ap^at red, as in Edi|)fes j^ * 
^ Smoke tod Vapours in th^ Air, may fepfelent 
the Fights meiiti6h*d i So that all th^fe Signs ard 

C % , fro- 

84 The SiBY LxmiS^Oraclcis. 

probable, and may come by natural means. 
Xjbefe Things relating to the End of the World 
are neither in the Old or New Tefkament ; aad 
chereforje thefe Sighs wefe neither writ by a Jev^ 
or Chriftian. LaHnntim quotes this Book (^en^ 
and fo does Juftin Martyr ; fo that* we know it 
to be genuine, tho' the Words in the V^rfcs differ 
in the Quotations many times, but the S^nfe is 
the fame j which proves, that there vfete divers 
Greek Copies of thefe Oracles. 

Noftf farther. That xhe Worfliip of God is de- 
fcrib'd thro' this Book by « the Jemjh Sacrifices^ 
and therefor^ thefe Prophefics were writ before 
Chrift, orherways here would hive been (brtie 
mention of the Sacraments. ' ' 

Thefe things I p'rophecy'd to the World 
concerning God's Wrath upon Men^ when 
I was iafpir'd with a Fury and left gtcat 
Bdbyton in JJfyriar And I am a Fire fent 
againlt the Greeks^ . arid thefe are the divine 
^nigma'sy which I have declar'd by pro- 
phecying v but the Men in Greece wiiV fay I 
am of aiiotiier Country, horn ^tSrythrM^ 
very impudent; thefe will fay I am mad, 
and a falfe Sibyl, born of Gree my Mother, 
and Gnofttis my Father ; but when all things 
come to paf^, then you (hall remember nje, 
and then none will fay I am madi but a 
Prophetefs of the Great God, who (hew'd 
to me thofe things which were before' my 

, Parents •, and what things were fir ft done^ 
thefe he tanght me ; and all things which 

, were to be hereafter God put into my Mind> 
that I might prophecy of things that were 
paft> and of things to come, and tell ttiefe 


The Sibylline Oracles. S5 

tilings to Men 5 ifor when the World was 
drowned, and only one Man of worth was 
left in his wooden Houfcj fwimming on the 
Waters with the wild and tameBeafts, that 
the World might replenilh again by them j 
I was hisDaughter-in-Law,'and of his Blood. 
The firfl: things happenM in his Time, and 
airthelaft weredeclar'dtohim. Thus all 
things are truly delivered from my Mouth, , 

Nt>ie, This Sibyl declares (he came from Balj^ 
Ion, and is call'd by the Greeks the^ Erythnean. 
The Grecians fay (he is born of Circe, a Witch, 
and Gncftus^ a Wizzard ; the Obicurity of this 
Prophecy got her the Name of being mad, but 
the Defign of this Prophefie was to declare the 
Fate of Greece^ and its conqueft by the Turks ; 
and fince all thefe things are come to pafs in lefler 
jijia^ Greeee, axid Mgyft, and the Reformation 
from Idolatry, as this Prophefie has foretold , I 
have.plainly provVl, that this iSibyl was a Propjie- 
tefsiinfpir^d by God, and that thefe Oracles are no 
Forge^es of .the Jews and Chriftians, fincethis 
coiiid not be taken from the New or Old Tefta- 
ment : And thec^ are more Circumftances concer* 
ning Chrift^s Star, the return of the Jewsy and the 
Millennium^ and Signs of the End of the World, 
than are writ in our Bibles. And I niuft farther 
remark, that this Siby4 here owns, theHiftory of 
the Deluge was writ by her, which is €ontain*4 
io the firft Book ; and dien I infer that fhe writ 
this Book. The Sibyl calls her felf the Daughter 
of i^oah, becaufe (be was defcended from him, 
as all Mankind muft acknowledge they did. And 
note, this Sibyl does not call the Turk Ner^, as 
the following Sibyls do, and therefore flie is a 
digeil^nt Sibyl from the following. 

G 3 THE 

g6 The Si BY l.lL1^1BL0racks4 




The Contents. 

ft begins mtb a Deelaratim^ that tbi Siibyl hud iv^t 
ib^r Qr4ir/0i/ram Phcsbu^ afalJiGod^ hu$ ff^m 
the grea^ God^ ^ho m np Idal^ buP governs tim 
H^ifrld. He injpir^d her te relate alt ^ings, frem 
the firft Age to the eleventh She commends Pie^ 
ty, condemns Idolatry , andja^s^ Godwitt ceme ee 
judge bothithe ^fghteous and30e\ed* TheH^er 
k,ed Jhall again be ceninm^d to Oark^fi^ ami 
the H^ghteons /haB inherit the Banh, of t$r their 
J(efisrreBion^ vpbichjhall come to fafin the teiK^ 
Agoi In the beginning /^j&# Aflyrians fltallreiffe 

. fix Ages after the Fbod ^ then the Medcs two 
,. Ages, and in their time a great Dark,n^fit4ll 

\ baffek in the middle cf the Bay, and many Cities 
jfhaU be ever turned By Earth^juak^s, and 0andi 
rifi firetn the Sea ; then the¥cT6sais/haU conmur 
the Med^y and obtain the Empire, which jhait 
be boffy for one Age. Then the Greci^ti^ fi^aU 
eome over the H^tlefpooc, and defirey kGz. Hh^ 
/hall be a Famine, in £gy pc twenty Tears, and 

. ffvccccfisail he invaded by a great K^ng both h 
Sea and Land, Sicily jh4tl be dej^^d by J^ 

". '" . ' ^"' ' ' ' '• ■ * ' >»4 

: y,h^iBVi.pi}SE Oracles. ,^7 

And a QiO 4i^vpn^ j anJl^ Cimil Jf^arj fiMJI^taf- 
fm in Greece, whh dcfibtfal Kfl^. And in 
t^e.:tnuh 4g^ Macedonia J&rf// cmmur Perlia : 
Thebes being taken. Tyre dejlrofdy Samos w^r- 
wheMd with Sand, and Dtlos ruined, Babylon 
/hall mAke little te^ance. The Macedonians 
inhabit Jadfaj but thence they poali fy into 
Greece. When Py ramus floall reach the Holy^* 
tOandy Sybaris and Cyzicus Jhall fall by an 
Eartbfuake, and Rhodes be deftrcfd; but the 

, MAcedpnian Em fire muft fall by the Romans, 
who mil ctmquer Carthage. Laodicea mil be 
ruined by an Earthqua^ke^ and aftervfards be rtf- 
pair^d. Corinth /hall be conqucr*dy and Lycia 
dejiroyd by Hn Earthquake, kttncnu/hali be 
conquered by the Italians, and they Jhall deftrcy 
the Jevps Temple 5 but the Romans, tknf their 
^C^d^p and Tyr^^my, floall fall. NeroV 
, Cruelty in killing his Mother is mentioned, and the 
vulgar Opinion, that hefied aver Euphrates. 

Aftei wards the UefituBien of the Temple and Coun-^ 
try ef Judea » defirih'*d ; then the fame Earths 
quay Jhall dejlroy Paphos and Salamina, and 
caufe' an Inundation in Cyprus. TIbe Eruption of 
Vk{i\ym$ Jhall fill the Air with Afhes, and reef ' 
l^psjfhalt fall liie Minium : Then God will re-f 
venge the Death (f the Godly (Chriftians) by 
H^ars. in the We^ ; ax^d Nc^o (i\ e, the Tur|) 
fhaR come over Euphrates, 4nd take hnt\0(i%t ai^ 
defirpy Syria. Cyprus fhall fuffer by ff^nUxJr 
Storms^ The Riches of Rome fi)all be bxes^t . 
into Afia in the Holf fVar. The Famine Jhuli' 
fife in Caria, afterwards Impiety and' Cruelty 
Jhall encreafe, and God Jhall deftroy the World, 
by burning it, and thefh Signs Jhall preceJk ie^ 
Swordi, Trumpets, and a terrme Neiji at the 
Smrifing. Af^er thi Conftngratim, Men JUaH 
ber^^ifi^mifiAfbt^s, ^rfd fhe J^fffiat^ ftfttU 

* G 4 fuc* 

r tf 


88 The SiBtT^hlitEOracles. 

' ficeeed ; and the tfHckjtdJhall be again covered 
hytheBarfh^ hut tbe^rhfeom /hair again live 
on the Earth, and alijhali fie and i^»m them^ 

- filves. 

HEar, O you boafting People of jiJU 
and Europe /. what thing? I,. who am a 
Prophetefs of God, and not of faifc thvh$u^ 
am ready to prophecy, which are rcry true, 
and thefe I will declare in pleafant Vcrfes 
from my own Mouth. 

Vain Men call Pib<pi/« a pod, and pretend 
that he can prophecy, but \ ani a Propher 
tefs of the great God, who is not made by 

* Mens Hands, like to dumb Idols he w'd out 
of Stoiie, neither has he a Houle, nor is a 
Stone fet up in a Temple, dumb and deaf, 
and a difgrace to Men, being alfo aii ocea^ 
lion of their Miferies. None can fee God 
from the Earth, nor meafure him with their 
mortal Eyes ; no Hand of Mortals made 
him. He tees all Men at once, but is feen 

: of none himfelf. He made the dark Night 
and Day, the Sun, Moon, and Stars, and 

• the Sea full of Fiih, the Land, and the Ri- 
vers, and the Water of the ever-flowing 
Springs, Creatures for Food, and Showres 
to produce the Fruits of the Earth, and 
Trees, and Vines, and Olive-trees. This 
is he who agitates ipy Mind to declare tru- 
ly to M^vi both things that are prcfcnt, and 
things that will come hereafter, from the 
firfl Generation to the eleventh :, for He 

^ reveal-d and told them to me, and will per- 

• ^ - ' form 

The SiBri.J.ii9E Oracles., 89 

ift»in tlieni. But thou, O People ! hear the 
Voice of the Sibyl, who from her holy 
Mobth fpeaks thefe true Prophecies. 

JhtCy This Sibyl declares^ that (he was iniphr^d 
by ^ody and not by Bh^btis^ Jove^s $oti, the God 
of tie Gentile Oracles : And iuice flie begins from 
^heirfty as the Erjthraa^' did^ fhe muft be ano- 
thetSibyly and proh^l^ly the Cuntaan, becaufe (he 
iifei the Chataciler of Nero for the Turk: By 
whih Obfervation we may diftingui(h two Sibyls. 
Ancfhe who ufes Nero's Charader may be the 

A * . - 

Thofe Men fhall be happy in the Eart|i 

Srhi love the great God, giving Praife to 
im before they eat and drink, obfei'ving 
P^igteoiifnefs, and who avoid all the Idol- 
rXeitoles they fee, and their Altars and ' 
Idol^tatues of deaf Stones, which are po\- 
lute<with the Blood of Mankind, and the 
Sacr^ccs of Quadrupediv but .adore the 
.Glor^f the one God : They neither com- 
mit ctiel Murders, nor get great Gain by 
Theft^ which ate horrible to be done, nor 
have ^y Ihameftil Inclination to Adultery, 
nor toyUe, odious, and loathfom Sodomy -, 
whofe wous Life and Converfation otlier 
Men wl* not Imitate, whodelight in Im- 
pudeuei and dfcride them with Scorn and 
. Laught^and foolifhly err thro' their want 
of Wifdto, who do mifcbievous and wic- - 
ked Aeti^is •,. for all Mankind are hard to 
be gq^erki. But when the Judgment Ihall 
,f;QmeV bi(h of th? World 4nd of Men, 


9® The Sibylline Oracles. 

whkKGod faimftlf fliall execute, jn^gs^ 
both the Wicked and Righteoos, He wMl 
fend the Wicked again into Datknefs, ] mi 
then (hall they know the great Impietythey 
Irave committed : But the Righteous fcaU^ 
remain on the frukfnl Earth, theSpitt of 
God giving them Life and Viftuals. All 
thcfe things ftiail be finilh'd in the enth 
Age. Now I will relate thefe things, vhicji 
will happen from the firft Generation 

Ikte, That this Sibyl fays. All muft be itii(h!d 
in the tenth Age; and therefoit the eleentb, 
ttieotion^d above, is fame Miftake, for the Sibyls 
^ * fay nothing of it. Since Juftin^ Laflantt\ and 
Clemens Alexandrinus quote the Varies i this 
Book, it is certainly genuine ; but the Qiicatioils 
difler in words, and not in fence ; therefre i^^e 
Fathers bad a diftrenr Greek Tranflado from 
tbepreienc * . 

Thcfoiir Mo- Firft of all, the Agyrians (hall gomi aJI 

^^ *"• Men for fix Ages, reigning over tll<World 

from the time that tbeSea coTcr'd le Land 

by a Deluge, when God was aogy ' wltljf 

the Cities and dll Men. Thofe tl^ Jliedes 

will fupplant, and reign in the;ir 'brones : 

But they fhall continue only twdVges, In 

•which time thefe things win BapynrTher^ 

ihall be a Darknefs like that one Night, 

in the middle of the Day, andtfae Stais 

Ihall be wanting in the Heaven and the 

xDund Moon ^ and the Earth {h4 be mov'd 

iby a great Earthquake, join'd vrth a.Noift, 

..."..:■■. -.and 

The Si b y Jw % I H E Oracles. ^% 

and fliall overthrow many Cities aDdBuit-* 
dings \ and Iflands jhaH rife from thf: bof^ 
torn of the Sea. put when thc;great Rjvejr 
Eufhrata Aall flow with Bloody then fliajl 
be a grievous Fight betwixt thtMidts and 
Terfians 5 and the iWiri/f / being coaqncr'd by 
the P9tfi4f7s^ fhall fly over the great Rivet 
7% w i and the Perfidn Power (hall be the 
greateft in aU the World, and it (hall be a . 
happy Empire for ont'Generation. 

Then fli^U thbfe evil Deeds be doi^ 
which all Men hate, Fights, Murders, Sedi- 
tions, and Flights, the fubverfton of Tow- 
ers, Infurr^ftions' in Cities t Whenboaft- 
ing Greece (hall fail to the broad HeUeffoni^ 
and (hall make great Pevaftations in jifia^ 
and in fruitful ty£gyft (hall be a Famine^ 
and Sterility, tho! it be fit for the Plow and 
much Corn; and thi$ (hall rage there twen-' 
ty Years; when Nile^ which makes €>4f^;'/^l 
abound in Corn by its Inundation, (hall in 
fome other place hide its black Water un- 
der the Earth. A great Kiqg (hall under;- 
take a War, coming from Afia, into Greece 
with innumerable Ships \ be (hall come oa 
foot over the Sea, but (hall fail 011 drjf 
La^ J whom miferable Afia (bail receive 
W^bea he flies from th^t War. 

Ik^e^ The Darkfiefs in the time of the Msde^ 
may be like that which happened before Xerxes't 
^xptdinon^vfj^vchMerodetUf mentions. Dclosy/2$ 
ihakeh by ati Earthquake before t)ie Petofonnefian 
liTat : 4ie Mkenhm cook C;:{i0im apd Cotef^ 

95 The St ^YlilJg'E Oracles. 

0XiA plundered Lfdia and ChsleeJon, updef jf /ci- 
hiadei*s CondiuS:, whacben alfo took Bi^antium : 
Or, this may be the Lacedemonian War w;(h the 
ferfians in Ajia minor. When Mfc rifes under 
i 5 cubitSy there is a Dearth. Xerxes went over 
the Sea on a Bridge when he invaded Greece, and 
returned after his defeat in a fmall Ship, without 
lus Soldiers. ♦ 

' A fiery Torrent fliall break forth from 
tj^tnay and burn all miferable 5^i/y 9 and a 
great City ihall fall into the deep Sea. i 

liote. When the Athenians invaded Sicily^ there 
was a great Eruption of ^tna} which burnt the 
Country of the Catanei near it. 

The felcpfmme. ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ 8^*^^^ DlfcOrd ia 

jtrtwar. "(jrtffcf J and whck they are enragM againfl: 
one another, they fliall deftroy many Cities, 
and kill many by fighting, but the Viftory 
ihall be doubtful amongft 'em. 

But when the tenth Age (hall come, then 
the Perfians Ihall be conquered, and much 

Note, That fix Ages are allotted to the Ajff)^ 
fiansf [Herodetw fays, they poflefsVl AfiA 510 Years) 
two to the M^deSf one to the Perjians, in all nine j 
and when the tenth began, the Perjians were eon- 
• quer'd. T^his Sibyl reckons the Ages after a dif- 

i^rent manner than the former, from the Peluge 
fhe begins. 

And when the Macedonians ftall glpry in 
Jheir Empires, then the T}}cbans jihajl be 


The Si BY LiLiUEOrdcles. 9^. 

fubdo'd^ the Carians fhall inhabit Tyre^ and 
the Tyrians perifti : Then Sand (hall cover 
all^^o^^jr, which fhall be driven from th^ 
Short, and Delos ftiall appear no more, but 
it ftall all vanifh -, and Babylon^ which ap- 
pears fo great a City, fhall be defpis'd for 
its fmall Force, and ftiall depend upon its 
unprofitable Walls. ' Then tht Macedonians 
fhall inhabit Ba6tra^ ( in Perfia) and they 
that inhabit J?^flr^ and Sufa fliall fly into 
Greece. Thefe things fhall be when Silver* 
ftream'd Pyrdmus^vfhich flows by the Shore, 
Ihall come to the Holy IJland. 

Note, That King Philip conquer^ the Thebam 
and Athenians ac Chatronea^ and he demolifhM 
Thebes for their Rebellion : And Alexander con- 
quer*4 Tjfre, ^!Jf^9 Cilicia^ Rhodes j then thefe 
things happen'dto Samos and Delos. 

Babykny zn^ Babel its Tower,' was bulk 2531 

Yea?:s after the Flood, in the Plain of Senaar ^ this 1 

was the Seat of the Babylonian Empire after the ' 

fubverfion of the AJJyrian : It was taken by Cp'W 

3516. The PerJUns deftroy'd ^zn o£ Babjilon^ 

and Time confumM the reft ; the Grecians neglcr 

dbed ic .after SeUucus I^eanor built Seleuda on the 

ligru, 900 Stadia from Babylon. Seleuciji fuccee* 

ded Babylon, and it was calFd Babylon z Perjian 

City i^ a|id Bagdat was built near it, which is 4iow 

the h^. City of that Country,- and the Seat of the. 

Governour. It was . conquered by the Tartar 

Haofan, 125 9» The ^^r^c^j Teomles deftroyM^ 

and Chriftian Religion reftorM. The Sophi Ha* 

tof took it from the Turks, i6x$, znd Anturatb 

retook it 1638, and now it remains in the hands 

of th5 Turks, " 



54 The S 1 b Y tXllf^Ordcles. 

Notr^ Pyramm is a River in CHma^ ift v4iic& 
these af 6 C^faifafts ; and Ct^mt is the £b/jp {^jiim( } 
an4 this cdus'4 fbme I&undafiion in Cjfrm* 

. Syhark ( a City in CalabrW) and (^^ui 
(i^City ia ItfkTjI^fia) (h^U fall when the 
Earth ihaU abonnd in Earthquakes : And 
Shades Oiall fufier the laft ano .utmoft Dc- 
ftrudipn : But the Kingdom of MacedonU 
IJiall not always continue j but in tjie Weft 
a great /r^^^tt War Ihall fpring, hy which 
the World (hall be brought into Slav ery^ 
and wear the hard Yoke of th^ ttalians ^ 
and it fhall throw down every Tower of 
eWr^J^e t» the Ground; 
' O miferable Laodicta! the Earthquake 
fiiitll overthrow thee, but thofr ihalt be 
^bdlt again : And Cmnih ftaU lee het 

own Captivity^ • 

6 Lycia ! who aboundeft in fragrant 
pintments^ the trembling Earth (hall calt: 
thee down ; thou Ihalt fall with a noife td 
i;he Ear^ - and defire to fly into another 
i* Gountry^as a Stranger ^ and ArmenU ftialt 
be fubdued by thtltaliaHs^ who alfo jhall d€* 
ftroy the great Temple of God. 

^ n»hy That in the loth of Ghrift tbiitteii CU 
ties fell, in THherimh time. Arm. 66^ three Citie* 
ftil in Alta^ Laadma, Hieraf^itr, Coloffe s i% three 
€ities fell in Cyprm : i la^ three Cities /ih Gdlatid 
fell byin Eai^c^uake. - The I>efthM9:ion of the 
^f ♦/ Teffifrfe fticws when thefe Eanhqudkes ttaf* 
fQh% about Anri* 70^ after Ghrift* 


The Si 6 Y L L3 K E OracUs. " 9 5 

Btit when the Romans^ thro' a fooilifli 
Ctofifitknce, Ihall caft away all Care of 
Rightdotifneft^, and comftiit horriMc Mm<- 
dcrs, Umim^ ( that is, «« rfcv, about the 
Teriiple, at riic^ beginning of the JViiv/fe 
W^r) tlien a great King, likea clofc perfi- 
dious Fugitive, Ihall fly from Italy over the 
Kvf^ Ettfhrates -:, and thiiwill be when he 
has committed a horrible wicked Murder 
HTOn his own Mother. And mafny other 
rWngs he (ball attempt by his wicked 
Hands i and many fliall be flain about the 
holy Ground of ^(?wf, {[^ibe iW4mri3 when 
he files beyond the Bounds of his' Empire^ 

' 'Notp, That Nero flew his Mother, his Wif6, and 
his Kindred, and many Chriftiins, Peter and PWr/^ 
he at laft fled from l(pme and kilPd himfelf r And 
this being done privately^ ic was vulgs^rly belkv"^ 
that Nfiytf.wasifled into Perjia, ( becaufe tfae King 
of Per/ja would have built him a Monument ;Jt 
And there arofe many counterfeit Nero's after- 
Wards. SueioniHf fays of hin>, Qkaji vi^enHs^ C? 
krevi $nagno Inimtcorum mdlo reverfyri ; ai)4^ (M^ 
Ancient Church believ^i that Ne¥o (houH cooair 
again at the ^nH €f the World, to be Antid^rift, of 
whom they believ'd Ntro a Type : So Chrffpj[tom 
affirms, and St. Auflin mentions the fame Opiniofi^ 
all which this Predidion of the Sibyl might occa- 
iion. Nero^ m the &Abine old Language; (Which * 
diffi?rM licde from the Greek, ) fignifies Strength 5 
and here the Name of Nero is us*d by the Sibyls 
for an cruel Men, who flay theit own Families,^a$ 
the Turks do then: Brothers. 



^6 The S I B Y J^ I NE Oraclts. 

*rb^ Tcfror of the R^m^^s (hall come in- 
to Sfridy who fliall burn aril the Cities and 
Temple, and flay multitudes of Men in that 
War, and defltroy the large Country ofy«- 
deoy (which was formerly part ef Syria.) And 
then Salamina and Pafhos fhaH perifli by an* 
Earthquake, when Cyfrns fli^ll fuffer an 
Inundation by its black Water. 

Note, Pafhos zxiA Salamina^ Ciiit% in Cyfrmi, 
W€tre deftroy'd by an EarthqudcCj in VeJpafiafCs 

/ But when Fire fliall rife out of Clefts in 
the Italian Earth, and {hall reach up to 
Heaven, it fliall burn many Cities, and kill 
many Men : Then the fuliginous Aflies, in 
great quantity, fluU fill the. Air, and red- 
Drops fliall fall from Heaven like Minium j 
then fliall be known the Anger of God, be- 
CHuie they have deftroy'd the innocent 
Stock of Righteous 'Men. 

.. N(?ff, This Eruption of Vefuvim was in 82, in 
die time of TrVa/, and it covered H^me^ Afric^ and 
Syria with its A(hes : And afterwards the follow^ 
ing Milchieis will befal the Ihmans^ for the Mar- 
tyrdom of the ChrUlianSy and Deftnidion of the 

Then fliall come into the Welt great 
Contention by the Wars, which will be 
ftlrred up, and he that fled from kome 
(ball raife a great Army^ and pafs Euphrates 
with many Myriads of Men. tJnhappy 



TbcSiBriLtifKOriKks^ ^7 

MtUfht who muftceafe from being a City 
{thi chief City in Syria;), bccaofc of thy Fol- 
ly, thouiihalt again be taken by the Itdi^m 
Armjes ^ and then Scyrus flmll be deftroy'd 
by a Plttgiie and a crntil War. 

IMe^ Bf theft wofds. Then cMme into th P00 
gmtCi/tmiM in 4 ^^r* we muft iittdefftand . 
ite Invufiplis in the Wctt by the Goths 2nd ocher 
jh^brthem People : And by thefe words^ He ibae 
Ad from IU)me /haS raifi a great Army^ and p«ff 
)Suphitaie^ is fignified thell/ri^j, who came mxtja 
Vetfia ittto Sjria^A. D. 1 07 5, and fctrf'd at Damafi 
dMP, and fome of ^em in Fhemieia^ Thefe words, 
hndoch/hklfaS thro* itsfooUJbnefs^ and there Jhitt 
to m Famine and a rrie^oiu Fight in Syria, relaee 
to the Times of the Holy War. It was taken by 
the Chriflaaas, here caird the Italian Armies, 
onH* 1 098, and was betrayed by one Pyrrhm to 
them ; and to this the Prophecy refers, and nOt t6 
the taldng of Antioch by LucuSus or Ponipey^ be* 
caufe this Prophecy fucceeds that of the DefbraAi^ 
on of the Jews. Saladine retook Antioch, an*tt 88^ 
which ever declined afcerWahls j and there v^ a 
Plague in the Holy War* 

Alas, alas! O miTerable f^fUl the 
Waves of the broad Sea fhall deftroy thee, 
wh6 art tofs'd by Winter Storms : 

Kb^^ Th^t li^ehard King ofHngland took Cf^ 
frutp after bt had been long tb&*d in a Storm near 
it» on tic went to the H6ly War* 

But ^atrRichijS ihall cotne into JJidyVih^ 
Xm$ ihail retay twice as much 6( the 

H Riches 

'Kiches which (he had i Jid ap in her lati^e 
Trcafury. C T3b*^ *^ ^*<^ Exftna #/ thtrf^ts 
pf Rome III fAf HdyWar.^ 
, The Cities of the Ciri>/ (hall be dc- 
ftroyM, which arc beautifijlly built, like 
Towers on the Banks of iWirWer^ {a River 
ingfedt Phrygia) by a grievous Plague^ 
when AfdonJer Ihall hide its black Water. 

But when RighteoufnefS) Faitb^ and |u* 
fticc are deftroy d, by Men who give them-- 
ielves to wicked Enterprizes, and' they IhaH 
be guilty of foul Injuries, and miny other 
ill things, and none (hall vindicate or e- 
fteem the Jult, but, delighting in Injuftice^ 
they ihall deftroy all or >m in Rage and 

r Madnefs, polluting their Hands with much 
Slaughter*, then they (hall know God is not 
iany longer patient, but in time will judge 
and deltroy all the Generations of Mankind 
by a great Burning. C Thm the Turks 

. mufi be defir^^d.'} 

. ; AhfoolilhMenI repent of thefe things, 
and do not provoke the Great God to An- 
ger of all kinds, but lay a(ide your Wea- 
pons, your Torments, your Murders, and 
Injultice, and wafb your Body in petjpetual- i 
ly-flowing Wvers j and ftretching your 
Hands towards the Skies, ask Pardon for 
your Adions paft, and make amends for 
your Impiety, which has been great, by a 
righteous Life, and then God will repent, 
and not defbroy you, but ceafe from his 
Anger again, if you all will follow after an 
honourable Righteoufaefs in your Soull: 


jO&e SiBrxxJNE Oracks, 99 

fiut if you will;not l>e perfwaded by jaie, Q 
Men of na ievil Heart! .but lovc;UorAgb^ 
teoufnefs^ and receive tbeie Advices wita a 
penrerfe Mind, Fire (teill come irito the 
WorWi-atid tbefe Signs (Hill apj^ar in it, • 
SwordSi and the found of a Trumpet when 
the Stiii rlfes, and all the World ftiall hea< 
a bellowing and veliement Noife ^ and the 
fearth (hall burn. And after the Fire hath 
de(troy'd all Mankind, and all Cities, and 
Rivers, and Seas (ball be burnt up, then all 
things (hall become Soot and AOies ^ but 
ivhen all things (hall be Aflies, like burnt 
jVfinerals, and God (hall extiuguilh this 
immenfe Fii^e, which he had kindl'd out of 

g' e Bones and Alfaes^ Cod (hall again fqrm 
en } and when he hath made Men as they 
were. before, then (hall the Judgment be, 
in which God (hall ad ju(ily, judging the 
World again •, and they who have liv'd 
wickedly, (hall again be cpvet'd oy the 
Earth, but they who are righteous, (hall 
live again on the Earth, the Spirit of God 
giving them Life and fuffictent Provifions ; 
and then all Men Ihall know themfelves. 
Happy is the Man who (hall live at that 

Uote, irbat this fiook ciafHes cheHiftot7 of the 
J^imdns as far as the Holy War, and there ftoos^ 
but concludes with the burning of the Wond; 
And the coming of the Turk over Euphrates^ is 
de(i:rib^d bv AKrra ; tiberim had the Cognomen 
of fbr0 : And Suitmm obferves this of ic, that it 
^' Ha fig- ^ 

• • 

10O • the ^i^Yi:Jmifk^dMds. 

^MthefiUiie'Aoebuittfae TttrkiscalTdNiM. 
Ifite ik&& io tUe ilcscdnot of the I^mbm Afikira li 
^IjrVir inih^ fiftbiUSKi 4g)idi ^o^f. l^^is Book 
keeps tbe Order of .the Htftory in che fovc Afo^ 
narchiesy all the time mention^ j aoa is a gene-^ 
rat Accouiit of tKoie things that will be lAore vzsh 
ticolarly deCrib'd bere^er. 

h I * • III m^mitmdt^^^^ 


X%i?iBYi«%i^« Qrtickt. 101 

■ . T> 

■,\ \\ 



* V 


I . '. i-M 


' Mo^' mi ii^yMff^m « /^w^c Aceatmf ^f^ht 

' Riwii|iiifii»^'r«, i^jjinniA^ WA ^ QmSMfind 

ending viith Aiifan, dnd^^atunfhr rf fachfirfl 

" tbtft Bm^marti Tbr€9 muj^ nnfjpVf mUtbi. Mrd 

Nile, £f its tntmdaHam fifsU sbi^rp Agf^itind 

4be narft Gtner^itim tf Mat /h^ Hvi^ ^tbnf ip 
0ht SaiMtns.): Ail the IdeU^jf in Mg/ft fttall 
be defim^f 0nd Alemodida ^, and etm a 
wSeied Man /hall d^rt^ ^ Oe Bertb, {flM§ 
Onsar^) and the fame fe%fm ithe cenfuer*d 9er* 
& /bnA Wbr mth iBgTpt, iifd kfU dU Mt^, a 
thhd fdre remaining, (tbi m"tbe. T^sks Wkr 
witb tbeSatsyotns.) Iten s K^ng Jbatt €pn& 
frem the Weft, 4nd deftr^Sf dl ebe Land {in 4r 
^bf ^^r,) but wken (be temble Mm (the Sira- 
cen Calif b) jhali frevail, md takt Jcmftkoif 
tben 4 valiant J^mg iint foem ^kamm/^ 
ftfof tbe\peap ^ing {tbeSmnmo^ in JLfffCi) 

"" J ' tbire 

103 T^e S I B T L^L I KE Oracles, 

tbere tbenjhall be manj Princes in iEgypc^ (thdt 

if^^^Xndss JhaUJifflant the Saracen CaUfb, 

md the Maoun^ukes the TurJ^)t. 9;tlie Jbnin: 

Jation of Nile* tbefi fever al invafions are de* 

Jerilf^d^ The Inundation of Euphrates flsall de^ 

jfroxPerfia; the Jiji^Bihylon ^ ^ArMaflkge- « 

tae, and at Afia, to Pergatnus, Pitane, Lesbos, 

Sttij/tnfLy pichynui^Sy tia, PhocQtcia; l^ycia, Phty- 

gUiy^OQCUSj and ohi HTmigvciopix^ who jktvd 

in Perfia; 4114/ Cuclumuies, who was the Head 

ef the Tfirksy wbofettPd in Anatolia^ and amr 

' ther Branch foffeffd Syria, Phoenicia, W {• Duals 

and Meleck. 

tpbf Inundation of Peneps vfilt defirv TbfSblyf 

Eridantts, ( the Po in Italy ) will frodttee many 
> farms of wild Met^ii^ {many fmaU States in (tatj() 
^ >ao^he'id$ne the grMt J^ing of Komt inv^detebe 
Ifdubtis, ' (thai is^ the Foff inpades Hwfka^ m»d 
' JehuPtnanjfitceeffioeBrinees there.) 
rben abqrribU Kp^gfieall ffyfrm Oit^lon {ehis it 

dom, and tpok, Jerafatem,) or eke Ottcmam^ wba 

f0m tlfe Comet JbaU ajfear in the great Tear, a 

. great Star Jhatl eome from the North, (Haojan 

' r^e Tartar) i^ ybtftf^Tft Bontw^oM/Mbylon: 

* Then Civil JVars will makeltsiy zDefare. 

Then iEgypt will fuffer^ v^h the Men of Barca,' 

. ' who were in fordid Veftwres^ Uk? Slaves, fieall 

fut on a white Garment ; [the Mammaiul(es yifctc 

^ Slaves, and poiifefsM ASgyft^ then Libya will 

fuffer f^uch Mmy, and Cyrene, in the Holy War. 

^e French and Englilh will ft4in the Sea with 

. their Blood, heeaufi they injur*d the De^ef the 

' Haly War, by taking their Amies from thence, 

: uponfome Differ ences betwixt Vm. The DiJ^es 

. nr Italy ( hetmxt the Vc/^a^d Boiperor X "^It 

ffcafion thejlai^htar of iheChrifiiadiin the Bdft^ 

•* - \ , , ^ • ■.••■.//.-•.. by 

The SlAitttl N ti Or^Us. 1^^ 

*^ h diverting tbeir^Atmi.. Th Edrfbfi^ h 

turnt in MihiopisL and India. 
Corinth miift be e«njuer% (h tht Tttr^ , who i Ut^ 
:■ : Nero) and be wtM heaK thre^ fl&e fFathnli m 
tieiftbmm^ JitMenwiBUaJfriji^dWkem 
fbej remember eke great £ifx ( OiMi&skciiio^. ) 
And Mahoank tbt Qrcat itt^S^dM p^eat lilif* 
cUef to Mankind, *. • ^ 

Now will the Sibyl d^^lare what il to ^ 
happen in ourDa^s. 

WBen Perfia Jhall hiiti^J^ac^ the i^atim ^tbe 

y Jews JhAtlrevivf^)^i^oljpi!t inhabit the hofyCit^ 
wbicpjbatt be, eikomjuafi^d with fV^alls m far at 
Jopjpa f anitkefifi^i^frojper in atl flenty^ ^*^ 
$he mA^d Jkalt hi^ thf^elvestiU ,th^^ 
9 cban^^di ^4m a Sbome ef Firelj^'aUfall /rem 
tieaiven^ tjjeir Knemieu 

the next Calamities Jhall be Earthquakes in Afia^ 
Sardisi, Trallis^ Lacdicea, and Ephefus : Great 
MifiUefs fljall befal Caria, Lyaia, Joqia ; ih9 
H^ichd Jhall be Jtain bj Ihtmderj and Smytnti 
and Ciima eaft down : Lesbos, Corcyra, Hiera^ 
muftfalf ; Tripoly iwd MH^ns Jhall be defirofd. 
bjt Thunder : In Thrace the PVall^ having the Sea 
on each Jide^ Jhall J^ d^rqji'di Tt^ AflyrianS 
Jhall invade Htcllerpont, and overcome Tbrace $ 
and the S^ng ofMgy^Jhall invade Macedonia i 
And there Jhall be a Civil PTar in ViMh,betmxe 
the Lydians, Galatians, and Pamphylians. Ica« 
ly Jhall become a Defart ^ a great Darkfiefi JhalJ 
baffent and tbej Jhall hear much Tbuftder. Am 
Eafiern Prince Jhall make a deceitfitl fVkr fo» 
wards the end of the Mton^ {that is, the Turtfjh 
Bmfire } he Jhall defray all, and be defirefd, ^ 

H^ars frail ar^fein ^iacedonia, and they JkaUffud 
f$r Aid from the tV^^ (this IVar Jhall be imfbtt 
H^nf ft) ihm tiro 4nd Storms from Heaven Jf^ 


willM. - . 

^ <4r: j^flM f4w PJ^ Velf^^JijMI ^^-^V /^ 

T«^ * ^<«r n0^.wJffffik Prifm fhMi i9ify»d 

great iVmdft kow Strangers c^d dejhojji great 

Cbrifi /hall cm^ tcf^^ m^ 4U Cities, and build new 

feru&leo:^ and then will be Hhe lafi ti/petp jjf 

* ttfiiqbtbeSaintxhufi^riYgri. ... 

fmflonjhaii fall by ai^Eat^tbMakii then xiill alt 

Raters be drfd uf in tSe Wsfi, and the fyfi 

fuf[er ahUUAdatim^ Gf^t^, Cyprus; 1^bos» 

SSlsioa^, Jhail Juffer tfe4\ Calamities, and 

TfyttalAzihctrdcizJhaTl be defrt^d in thej^tb 

Qemration. V^en the A^feries JT'JEgypt yi4(( 

ceajfe, mdn) wielded t^ngs /hall be mxJt^ir, 

' and all f^atieni foffep it. 4«rf /« Maced(?pia, 

" X>ycvs^, kndAA% there ^ill be a de/lr^^ivti^ar^ 

^\ ver),blood)^ tibich the J^an Kings andl^Jtim 

*' Prinets wilt caufe to, ceafi. • 

then a batbareiit hl4^i^ (^he Tartars) /haff cm9 

■ever the /re:(en(^ivers, and iHvade AGz^ anJl'de^ 

' fircy the iHiraciaps, (/Ae Turks j fo the Coi^fki 

' invaded tbentf iana 161.^.) tlfen /hall be agreai 

barknejf, bjft a Ligjhtjhall beta the jufi^ ' 

fbeJddlatr/ ii^ ^JfLgyjgt/hMU be deftre/d; an4 under 

'tbeNaifiecf ifis and Sernfis, /AfTurbWw- 

' Jhip of the black, Stotie at McCO^ arid their Alco» 

fan,, andtbt Chriftian 1dolatr/yn defer ib^d ; and 

then there will beerefle4 i» JEgypc 4 Cbriftian 

fure Church, v^bicb the ^chiopianSj, ny&o mllfit'^^ 

eh in Mgypx, mil defiroy,' Then God will dfi^ 

firi\y the Jpjiiibpi^'ns, and the War Id xfil( b^ bumt^ 

> ■'■ • BUT 

Th^ S I ^T. t ^x ^ ji pwcJ^A ifoj 

I < « . -> 

BUT nowIwilUffcrib«tihe:fidTiixieft 

aft^^ rucc^fihe Kings of ^^il^rariif «)re all j 
dead and. burkd^ditd rafter theiCiltiBeu c£ 
ttllay IjMe^fmdin^yif^ cooquMUr aUt tiier 
&aft;ibd!tha rich M^^ whodi Mttiyb^ com 
fiitlpdv^aBd pTAi^^/tQ .be defi^lidTd/ii'Oiiir 
j|^Ar{i, and not ^om >|iac}r) jin/mn^ ail 
Fami^ rejtortcd,: f ' •. r ) 

4UxAn4e/ yfo^ born 5 tic axed at Bff^^n. i wbic^p 
pi?py€S K^mtp be i:he $pij of >Ai/i>, ai\4 njpf pfj^;,. 
///er; Or elfc this relates to Arid^n^. tlic Btd&ei 
dfmscannetf who was ca^lP^ PtHip frbm hts ft^ 
thfef J and by th^ Va^ga^be was litdi^ Btevetnoor 
oif AfJ/A^y after die :D«idi <£HhiMnX^\ 

- O J ' . • f . ^ J *. » . . . V.' I » ' » 

Afterwards thefGelieipatiQift. xH^jifiMitd 
IJiaUfHieign^ (of o£»e9^s Bloqd) i^H^'poA 
ftft^t^^srnddiA^iil^tbeSuvytafiits^ , 
AfiiepMamy Kih^^ aitdltfen delightiisg i% 
Wmvi^ :and i£l£EeT< the ^^^drea \9^ha n6i» 
TrnfiiffodbythaJBeaft^ ( R^aiM&r^^W &6» 
smsjj/%;|fi6j»^'V^eii^; thei^eft^^^ te the &r(fc: 
RUigi C-JWiW (af/4« 3 tte fitft * toltor 4>f K^ %»ifiw »^ 
wii|Q& Kfetne fign^i^ twSce ten,' and h^Tjieii«mi»Em* 
fliaU conqii^if maaijii t^oun^i^ ^ 4iid tteperowrt » a. * 
Lect»r W4li Um % lirjt fimlfioaticm ^f a^^'^ 
BMslt^iu^. . The next; fitimt . €liat f ^ign* 
wiH have[die girft liemr o£ the Alphabet ; 
thtMteV^BM lUfamtt to blm ibro' Fear, ai|i 
S/ri^ a fid M&mphify ^hidh will be deftroy'd , 

(bt^'theVJcfis4if«li0ir>Qw and of 


io6 Tfc Si B Y JL L I N E Oracles. 

a Woman who would not bear Subjeftion^ 
but caitiuir felf into the Waters. He will 
give biws to the People, and conquer all^ 
f Aisgttftas, €anfuir^d Anthony and Cteopa^ 
tra3 and' after alongtimc* he will deliver 
the Kingdom to ano^ry the firft Letter of 
whofe ^ame fignifies 300, and he (hall have 
the beloved Nime of a lUver, {Tihw^X He 
fiiall reign over the^ PtrjfuiHs and BJMm^ 
and ihall have War with the Medes* y^The. 
Perlians, ruerjmce Aujgultus'/ Days^refeiy^d 
their Parthian Kings^m the Romans;] 
Then he fcall reign who hath theNpmber 
of thrcif (Gaim) ; and afterwards he ihall 
bp King who(e firft Letter ilgnifies twice 
ien {fhaudiiu^ and he iball go to tlie ex*^ 
tream parts of the Sea, and fubjed thoie 
Tides to the Romans. C Claudius emtquerd 
Britain 4md the Oreades.] Then he whole 
firft Letter figniSes $0 ftall be Emperour ; 
he ihall be a cruel Serpent, Author of a 
great War, who fhall murder hisMotiier. 
entreating his Mercy, and ihall trouUe all 
things by his Gymnaftlc Exerci&s, hj kil-* 
ling the People, and infinite Enterpnzes: 
'He fl^U attempt to Cut the Ifthmus at Gk 
ricrf^, and level Mount v&ib^/, JO^etobegstm 
. the J^ifi Wkr hy Veipafian \ btfirwe in the 
Olymfi€S9ithfidUrs^Tf0^$diimsyiLC. Athos 
it s Hill in Mygdonia] but he fhall be utter* 
ly deftroy'd. Afterwards he Ihall return, 
equalling himfelf to God, but God (hall 
make hira know himfelf to be but a Man. 
The threeKings after him fliali d«ftroy one 
t ano* 

•" -T^e Si i^ T L 1 1 N knacks, 107 

another, (ir/i/Krf, Otboy iand ftteSittj) and af 
ter them fliall arife a great Deftroyef of 
Jioly Men, who wilJ be known by the firft 
LcttCT bjF bis Name, Unifying '70 (f^ejfsr 
Jmh) •, his Son flial'l deftrpy the Kingdom of 
the Tews, and the firft Letter of his Name 
fig4fi« 300 (Tttus); and after him there 
m\\ be a fetal Prince, who ft»U kill maaf, 
4Bfhofc firft Letcer fi^fies 4, iDrnttimy^ 
•aijd- After an^ hoiioof able Man will r^gff, 
feivijig the iltrtber itf, (^i^'^^"'^ » andaf^ 
•hiiii; one whofefirft'Lcttcr ftaudsfor 304 
who is of the C«/r«V Nation, out ttf'the 
muntains, who will haftett to the Ealt^rj^i 
Wars, but-hc ibj^ll not -evade. Death, biit 
feU, andWbwifd in a^ftrai^geCoujary, 
which bears thMSame of the Fi<wer; j^bm 

«k ^ 

'fhtt. That Trajan wasAorh in Sfain, tvfciA 
cfienc^/^^ formerly infaibitcd; he-died ^Stlfuci^ 
in ykuria,hat his Aflics were earned to l^»wr, and 
buried under a Pillar. He made Wawin G</ffi>, 
from whence u>me call him zCthic. 

After him another fliall reign, a Mast 
wi* a white Helmet-, he ihall haye the 
Kame of the Sea: he will be the belt of Men, 
and will know all things, under thee, O 
Very good Man, and moft txccUeni Prince, 
With Hair of a blue colour 1 


' ^Kott, Tis a 6arme!lc of Aat colour; thc^i 
X/!»V ihufi be (iulng'd fot 5f ct7t*, or blue Armour 
19 hi$ white HelmeCi or wlutc Head* Ncidicr 

^c8 Tbffi^lii'H^fP^J^'^ 

WUld welkfiXbf |^9.t to ^x rbm$b^t lj» J^fl 

."llobciL dr .Armdut; *; 

^icj^r thy Branches ill ftatf'?y«^: Tlirep 
ftkll wigri,, and the third; at 'laft IJiaff corf- 

qwaB?'-- •■ ''\- • •■ ;• v''.t1^_ 
,*'.{••" . !.* )• )*" ' ' • .y •> ■} * 

^^ ¥ifbcc/^^r/iir9i1s tnoft ptfnkukrfy deTcriim^tt 
Att' ei$h«ti l^bdCt iind the £alfern ;i^ii kii||if^ 
Asril be under t^e tipiee Headl^oC) the B:^ d«f^ 
ifedb'd by S/%«r. t. The im^mi %., Tiie:£s. 
•1^ PlPI^J^Pi^S ^. Jhc Bir^^ wto i^^ltit 9«y| 
y6i&& ail ^e ^fi \ ^ ua4cr thdc thre^ Bl^ 
ipbesV or £mpir€;s» che Days of ^ Men (thy^pi^ 
ll^e 4pcatioo of' t)i.e World) IKall be comprehqi^ 

'"A^A' *- %. ' - . 7 ^ ';.?! . 

9^0* • . C . . ^ ^ XT 

'"'■ kffte, Thiat-tfi!$; 5iby! prdmis^ in the- famit,^ 
ciniy to giye«tt Account of the ^ctkLatinUmJiic^^ 
iwp^fim ^t vikK Adrian^ xbQ' I ^th BmftMf, 
whordy'd ^bbiic i4o«. And becaafe there trt buc 
tluv^ intimated after him, fome Authors fancy 

Pmkfk Vw th« J^«PW9PW «^^ w anj^ 
yrbp 6pofi^r> t|^ Ipypwing ?j:oypbeq0i ^ ^fmtMf 

I am tormented, who am the Sifter of 
4^^^ wh^n aa llnitappy Frop^py cotaes 
iatomyMind, tho' itbpa^divinc Song rf 

Noie, That this Stbyl calls her ielf the $ft# 
of Ifis^ becaufe (heuuer^d Oraplesj not that Af 
really was fo, but (he prophecies very mnch of 
^JKr ^ what it is lik^ tp im^t by th« Sifrscpu, 
Mamnmluhs^ aijd Tur}^^ ^nd it |at 1>y Ar 


Tbd Si B 1 1 fci ^ E Oracles: t66 

t ' ■" - -'. 

' " Fii^ft the mad Women (hiW eiict^The tnt^^^ 
afeut the Fotwdatioii of thy temple^ ih ^ ^• 
W,Hich there. wilLbemtrch ni6ctfning, witli 
theit;Wickcd'H^nd*; and at tfiatf timtNitk 
e^dW ovbffio^ itr theLand 6io£mi fixtecii 
Ctibiti, which fliall #a(fi iWafy the whole 
Wiil V arid Men fllall faffer ;by; being cotiti^ 
litrilly wet i ?iri(l the Beauty tif that Land, 
and the Glor^ of its^ Face^ ffiall perifh. 
JkhmfbiSf you ihall.weep: m60: ^on the Ac<* 
dwmt. of f^gyjt^ fot i^bu govern'd the 
World formerly after a gioribiis mannet" t 
lltott Ihalt become fad, when the Authot of 
Thtindef cries with a loud Voice to thttj 
O ftrong Memphis^ Who forrtierly boa'ftedft 
thy Might amonglt. Cowards I thou Ihalt 
wjeej^, being forrowful, and tinfoitiinate^ 
till you do acknowledge the everlafting 
(^f and Immorial in the Qouds. Where 
l&thy great fwelling Title among Men, for 
which thou didft rage agatnft^ my Childredv 
wild were baptiz'd, and dealteft nnjuftiy 
With; good Men? Thou Ihalt receive fof 
Ifidf things fuch Fire and f unilhment, and 
|h6|i flialt no longer claim a place amonglt 
thcBiefled to appear in. Thoii: haft fain 
from the Stars, thou fhalt not afcend into 
jEieaven. Such things God commanded me 
to fpeak to n/£gypti iti the later Days^ when 
Men fhall be very^wfcked^ but wicked Men 
hcitomt miferable, continuing in Sin, xmc- 
*ithffiattding theWbth of m itnimM 

Heaveltly Sod, the jgreatThiJflaettr. Ih^ 


tio The Sv^TtithiiiEQracleL 

ftead of God, you worf^ip Stones, and 
adoire. Brute)!) featiJQg many other thipg< 
in different Pia^e$ which have no Re^fon^ 
jior tjnderftaiidingt . nor. .Hearing. /Tis 
' kot fit for me to fpeak of pch Idql miaffe 
^ ly Mens, Hands i Irom ttaeir own Labour^ 
and fooliih Invention they have yaiiiiy re- 
ceived Gods of ^ Wood, .Stone, Prkfs, G^ld^l 
and Silver/v yjTithoqt Life, deaf, and melt- 
kd in the Fire j thefe they have made^ vain- 
ly triiftihg^ntkem. , r. . ,- 
; pnnuis and Xffifu (hall be oppfefsM^ and 
the Couufel of Hercules^ Jupiter^ and Mtrj 
eury fliall be taken away, and War iha]i noi 
leave thee, O Alexandria ! a famoxisTowjii 
for Trade, and Multitudes of Men : , 

. Note, That this Inundarion of Nile was ai^ 
Omen of its Invafibn by the S or acens^ which itr^ 
here calPd the worft of Men, in the laft Times; 
This muft faa{>pen after Adrian^ and after tbePefw 
fecutions of the Cbtifti^ns there, aS aj^ars i:^ 
^he Perfecution of the Bio^im* All thele Suffe^if^ . 
ings are otcafion*d by laolsLtrj^ which was 4^ \ 
pos'd in,>£^/f, iff Cmjiantine^s and Ti^tod(fitu\ ' 
Reign : Then the Images were broke in toe Ten^ 
pie of Serapij. Therefore this muft be tb^ Pu* 
hilhmenr of the j£gyftian Chriftians for their 
IdoI-wor(hi{) in the laft Days. The Jews made k 
great Slaughter of the Chriftians in Cyrene^ ^fff^i 
and Cyprus^ in the time of Trajan ; by DiotMlan^ 
jinno'^Qj, that PeffeeilCion began* 

JHenesi the firft King of JBgl^pf;. built . Uempbih 
j^oc far fironti Grand Cairo y i die Vharoabs liv-d 
cb^re^ and thcrre was a Te^iple of Apis and Sa^ 
Tiff is. ' iismwi is a Town la -^V^ of. whicb 
I '^'^ ' "^^ ' • ■' tberi 

,li)eSiEr:hhifiE Oracles. iii 

iiiete WfS a Bilhop* - TatmisKing of Thebes was 
^ufher Ammon^ whole Counfel here mencion'd is 
his Oracles ; Xouit is an Ifle or Town in Lower 
yBpfK The next V.erfes are deficient, and the fot 
lowing relate to the Saracens in ^gyft. 

^ . ■ ' ' . . 

A barbarous, ftrong, terrible Madman Ihafl ^^sl^To 
deltl'oy ail thy Land, and the Men of evil liph, who con. 
Arts, pouring aut their Blood, and killing S)*?.'^ •^''^^ 
them near thy horrible Altars, and filling 
thy fandy Country as he purfues thy De- 
itrm^ion ; then thou, once the moft happy 
4n^ rich City, ihalt be very calamitous ^ 
and then all Afia fhall lament the accepta^- 
ble Merchandizes flie received from thee, 
fallf]!rg to the Ground, and' covering her 
wretched Head : But he who poflefles Per^ 
y£ii (hall War againft t>£^pti by killing all 
Meb^ and deftroying their Proviilons ^ 

vi» -^ « ■< 

Noie^ Thzt Ontar, the Saracen Caliph, b this 
iMifbirous Man, whodeftroy^d ^/ifX4»^ri^. The 
City of Akxandria had the great Trade of Spices 
iron) Mia^ and ibid them to Ajia and Europe, 
Th€ next Revolution in jE^ft was from the J^^/- 
:(uccian Turks^ who came from Perfidy and feiz'd 
Damafiw,. Anno iof$, and afterwards -/fijr^f.; 
for Noradin the $ulcan at Damafcm fent Saracon 
to afltft the Sultan in ^fftpf againft the Chrifti* 
ans, and he flew tjie Sulcan ; and ^/iWiV^ the 
,Turk fuccecded him, and flew the Caliph, and 
ail his Fan)ily, and diftributed the Riches of jE^ 
me amongft ^e Turks, -^jj//^ &ad been in the 
Ijapdsof the W4(?^»/ till this time, yinno li'Jc^^ 
This Story; agrees, mtjti the Prophecy. This Sul- 
tao at bamafem Wa& fiibjed to th^t ih'Perjia, atA 


iteab^ dl ibt Men, . ahd 'Sijftee^^ MI 'Sm 

to that hiifera1)Tfe Men UA btitAe^ third 

part left. tT^is t^erje is mifplac^d in th$ 
^ Oracles^ and ought to be here. ] \ 

. Artd a kirifg was fent f^bih <36ii ^giinft 

fei(CTn>aha he.fliall wme fi^bfe tlteWi^/^^^w^ 
. 1 fwift SaiU of Leap, Wfc6 (hall 'cvaftfe all 

,%he Land, a'nd make ft dtlblate. 

; ISfcff , Thkr ^e;c ej^tf? Afijiir is a Vrffefti PHftcb 
ia tlhe Holy Waf j CiVrfiw is thfc Weftuni Pans i h 
tht Ships a¥e faid to comie from chence. 

Butwhentbe(Air^m) Prince of e/^jff/ff 
flmll be the ftrongeft, it Ihall caiife a ih%me* 
fol Fear j he (hall come to d^ftroy the iJlcl^ 
fedCity, and then a ftroitg^King Siall t* 
fent from God, who Ihali flay all the great 
Kings, ahd the moft famous vCoitiftiwders, 
and then the utter Ruin^f Mea fliail $H^ 


Note, This h a Defcri^tion df Sdadfk^ C6A* 
l^iieft df the Chrtftians, arid of his zzkiti^ J^ufd»^ 
Hem from thefn, Arino ti^^. Afcclr it had be^i 
ield' by many df chem 89 Years, SaUHn. turh'd 
the XetupIesTouridacions itltp lM<^&h,andmadte 
Stables of the reft, only the Tempfe of thfe Sqiixli- 
<:hfe>as redeem'4 by the ChrittiiH's. tltiis fethe 
liilfillirig of th^t Prdph^cV coiidirninig Ahtfchrift 
fitjihg in the Temple of God. this laff diV^^ 
lK;irig is HMdn the tar^ah 'Who' fleW the$Uu 
it^ b4wi/J»i J ;a4i *is tahar m% a-ClWtolii^ 

f •' • '- - «'•.-• ' — -'- - — : ;> ,1.;, 


The Sx B Y LI.1 NE Oracles, 1 1 3 

Alar^forthec^ 6 timerotis Heart ! wliy 
doft thou move me to declare the trotible- 
fbme Government of ^gyft under many 
Princes ? 


U^tCf It'bis is tiie Saracen Calipiis, ^nd zivA 
jtlieiny cheTi^r^/y from ri63» till i245» when the 
Mammalukft poflefs^d it, Whom the Turk Sefjtfnni 
conquered, Jitmo 1 5i7* 

Turn to the tafi^ to the foblifli Kation of 
the Perfioff^i and fliew them thoie things 
that were before, and thofe things which 
are to come. 

The Water of the Rivet EtAhraies fhall The invafion 01 
make in Inlmdatibn, which mail ^eftroy ^^^ Turk$ in 
Perjia and Jheria^ and Babytm^ the Maffa^t- ^'^ *° ^' 
tes (Scythians) lovets of War, and all with 
their Arrows j all Jfia Ihall be burnt and 
confum'd, as for as the Iflands \ and Perga^ 
mos^ formerly very famous^ (hall be cut 
down as a Branch ^ and all Pitane (hall ap- 
pear a great Wildernefs to ail Men, and 
Lesbos fiiall fink into the deep bottom bf th6 
Sea, and feem to perifh 5 and Smyrna ihall ^»»>''^< was foi 

weep, rolling down from its, Precipices, ^'S^lJjit^fX 
and perifli, tho' formerly famous, and of «s fufferlne bi 

great Reputation. The Bithynians fhali ^J'^/esf h wa 
weep for their biitnt Country, and for j^"»i«^'on the 
great &^riai and Phcenicidy abounding in ^^T *^^ '*^ 
Trecsi > 

^Vlpte^ iThac by, the inunclatipn o^ Euftjraiesl 
the iiivafion of the Turks in Perfia and Afia is re* 

1 fre^ 


1 14 The ^iBYh LINE Qracks,, 

prefented. The Turks came firft from Tartar) 
into Armenia mdjor^ oow calld Twpct^^nhiaf 
Anno 844, cheace tk^y were called by the $filtan 
of cbe S4r4f^ns to bis Aififtance ; aed afierwacds 
TangrohfiXf Anno 1030, cotiqaer^d Perfia. Anno 
1075, the Turks having conquered the Calipb^ 
of U^bylon^ came into Sjria^ and ic W4$ agc^e<H 
beiwixc them and 4xan^ the TurkiCh Sultan in 
Perjia^ that M^/^(: and £>i/C4^ Ihould have Aleppo 
and Dama/cuSf and what they could conquer from 
the Saracens in S)riii. Cuttumufes, another of the 
Turkilh Generals, conquer'd Ciliciaf Media,, Ar* 
fnenia^ CappadociUy PontuSy BUbynia in Ajia minor : 
An(| to chefe Conquefts this Prophecy evideocly 

Euphrates is the great River of Mejif^amia : 
Aeria is Northward of Armenia major . Iberia is 
now Georgia. Pergamgs is a City ia Mjpa ^ PiV 
tane a City in JEoUa^ in Ajia minor ^ or in Ji{^4 
n^jor, near the Coafts of the AS^gaan Sea. /L^/^ 
^i^j is an Ifland in the j£g^an Sea. Bitbynia is a 
Country in Ajia minor^ oyer-againft Thrace. 

Alas for thee, OLycia! how manyMii^ 
chiefs are contrivM tor thee t He fliall a- 
fcend amongft thy miferable People, who 
- fhall freely admit him into their Coun- 
try t How ftialt thou weep with bitter Ri^ 
vers of Tears, for this Invafion^ or Earths 
quake ? Lycia iball be without Qiatm^nts^ 
who formerly us'd much ; andPibr)yi<i fuffcr 
a grievous Vengeance, becaufo of the Mour- 
aiiig, tor which Jupiter^s Mother Rhea went 
thitheryand remained there. Helhattde-* 
ftroy PontfUj whofe Inhabitants are a Genc-r 
ration which came fiora Mount T'aurm^^nd 
a barbarous Nation^ ' * 


The Si3 y I* I* I N K Oracles. 1 1 5 

, iN^e^ This Deftruftion wiU 1>efti Pbr;gia for 
i[$. aticient Idokcry of fffies. and fufiur ; and 
•towards. ibc Chriftiaost worfhip'd Saints, and 
t^c Virgin Marj^ I^ea was call'd Dea Pkr^giOf 
and the Mother of Jufiter.s Lycia is a Country 
'ukAfi4, niin0rf)Um(m% fqr Oincnvencs* Fmtus is 
ftGountiry in ^4iininor^ near on the North to 
the Euxine Sea, and has Tkrace on the PVefif and 
Bofpborus.^ All thcfe wereyconqucr'd by Cutlumu^ 
fis and bis ^ti^celTors^ ^h^n they <:ame into J^|U 

. Atid' the Lapithd he Jthall utterly deftroy ; 
r and 11?#^/y (hall be deftroy'd by the Imm- 
, datiohpffiMi^^ which is a deep Rlver^ and 

(hall defttby fWe Figift^es of Beafts from the 


Nbf r, TliAr the Lapifha are a People in th&ffki^ 
. fyf which'is a {)flft of Macedonia j Amurafh, Anno 
i38i, poffeft^d'many Pkccs- in Macedonia and 
Thejfalf. Z£h\i is the lAtii^d^tlon of Peneusj a 
River oh the .North of Ttiffaiy: The Inundation 
of this River inade Deucaftoh^s Flood. And now 
this innhdatiori reprdeiits ' the Tur^s Invaflon of 
Greete, itn&: ithe D^ftnfA!ori'-'bf the fmall King- 
doffiSy '' IK^hlch are call'd wild Beafts. The Beafi 
is the J6ii?/tfH^» 'in the pri)p!ietic*:'^tU Sonifacius 
Wi$ inad^ king of Thejptlf^-fzioi there was 
theh^'ftKM| inSjnrUt^ difd briers in Pelefdnnefus^ 
^nd the^^^i'/l^/hid.tiiitetttDjf Gre^c^, Whiihthc 
rRir^tbdkfeom rheiii. "• ' ■^"' - 

EridanHs(the Rive<?<?fe /r^/y) is faid to 
beget the Figures of wild Beafts at that 

' I 2 Note^ 


I I 6 Thfi B I B T D L I:N E Oruths. 

Nou^ Many PrittC(js rut this tiitie-w4« fctup 
by the Pope, and nmi)y fmail States; 4ai«'caira 
.wild Beafts ; and the^ Emperor made many ^frct 
States.- •'*•••. -■' ^- ;■■ "' -''^ 

i»- < 

And two or three Poets fliall defcribe the 
Miferies of Greece^ ,nnder thfe Turkifh Ty- 

W he n t he great Kiiig of great RoMi , (th^ 
Pope) a God-like Man from Italy fliall inyadc 
the Keck of Ifthmus, whom^ they fay, Ju- 
piter begot himklf^ ^thatis^.Chrifi^ryiif or f) 
and honourable Juno^ (thdrU^ ht tmi itle^ed 
by the .Churchy) he fliall deftroy many (the 
/Reformers) with their mifcraWcrMoither 

(the Church.) 


Mbf^,.That the Pope is here cajrd^the great 
King of ^ome^ bccauie of bis temporal Po^er and 
Dominions there ; tfee Emperors were tfeqn drove 
ovitoi Italy^ and ^e^greac King 
there. The Pope fet up. the feveral i^ipgdoms qt 
Naples ; the Norman Line he prefet'd, ^iimo i»i X5^ 
the. Germ4» in 1198, the French in i.:^^i^^ and he 
nude them his Tribuuries* The Pap^lKingdom 
came to a great Power in the Time of Qrefory the 
7th, Anno 1079, when keexcommunif;acea Henry 
IV, the German Emperor, for ffiedcUing with cbc 
Invefticures. Anno ii'i% Alexander Uh ezcoQi*. 
municated Fr<!Jer/c the Emperor^ and fet bis F<^ 
on his Neck. Tfius the Spiritual Tyranny ,ac 
H^me began at the fame time the Turkifh Em- 
pire was fet up in the £<^. ^.. . 

. V 

The S I KTl. I.I K E Oracles. 1 1 7 

♦ ., 

A Wrrtblc- and' fliamelcfs King fhall fly This h rhe 
from i?^lyfo;^ whor^^all Men, cfpccially all Kl'v^n, 
good Mefi hate, bccaufe he kill'd many, and ^">54. 
ript up Wopien witt\ Child, and debauchM 
riiarry'd Women,and was born of a corrupt ' 
Seed. He Ihall come to the Kings of Media 
and P^rjS^^whoin he mpft defirM, and to 
whom liegiyes thc^ moft^ Hpnour, and will 
enter into Lfeagne with^them againftabafe 
FepI^ ^fie took away the Temple^' buil^ 
by God, and burnt thr Citizens, t^iet^eo- 
ple that came thither, whom he juftly com- 
mehdcd. -His appearing in the World, ' , ' . 
OccatfioiiM the whole' CVeation to tremble \ 
Kings were deftrby'd^ alid'the Government - 
femainM in them, and they deftroy'd the- 
great City, andthe jnftfc^^ple. • ' " 

' K^Cf That Ahdin a Tiiffcifh Prinop, abour 
anno ixoo, fled out of Perfia, from the Tar fan, 
and fettrd ac Sebaflia, in Lejfer Afifi, and after ac 
Jconium : After the Idft AMtn, that* Kingdom was 
divided amongft many ; he was the Head of the 
;^ls[uccian Fj^mily. . SofymAn alfo fled from Perfm^ 
but was drowned returning into Ptrfia^ Anno i 2 1 4» 
bat his Son Btfugal came to BUhjma, and he was 
the Father of OmmMn, whofe Conquefts here are 
deicrib'd, ^md thofe of the Kings fucceeding him : 
Thefe ilew the £aftern Emperors of Trapetm and 
Ccnfiantinofie^ deftroy^d the great ana famous 
ChurcheSy and fee up a new Empire of die Oa» 
tomans. Solyman, that fled, fubmitted to the 
Kings of Perfia, and held but a fhiall Principality 
under the Sultan of it. Cuttwnufes at firft flea from 
Tangrohfix in Porfia^ but was afterwards afltfted 

IB by 

Il8 Ti^<?Sl3TXI-JNE Ofiicfcx/ 

by him ; and Solyman i\kt Son of Cu^lumufis^ was 
aflifted by the Perfians^ When he foa^ the Chri* 
ftian Princes in the Ifoly Wan ^lec and DucaK 
\ conquered SM^t ^d ,to0lc JerafMlnn, which che 

Chriftians retoolc: Tlp^ was. in 1097 ^ it hM 
been held by the Satajsens from 637, b^t the Turkf 
and Saracens joynjng, tb^y b^ac the Chriftians^ 
and retook JerufkUin. 

1 mention all chefe 'Plights oltlieTuiHt^ to (hew 
the Sibylline Charadiei: is true of all ctf them« 
fugiens veniet ^ but no'cfart of this Hiftoi^ belongs 
CO this Prophecy, but the Deftrudioii of (H^^m*. 
timfk^San94S^jdfi4^ . 

' comet «t the Biit whcQ a Coujet fli^U flimcfor the 
S tS* fourth part of the Yejir, then he f)iall wv^ 
^Jh* who will deftroy all the Earth for his JIo-? 

pmr ^ and he ihall firit place hinifeif a|: the 
3ea within the Lsif^^X^uxipi or C^ffi^S^a)^ 
and a Star fliall fall into the deep Ocean^ 
and (hall burn Pomnty^ which is of 9 high 
Situatioa) and Balylmal&>4 

•a ' 
• N0^c, That in izii.a Comet appeared before 
the Tartars Irruption into ^urfipe, \mt chat lafted 
but eighte^ I^ys :.Xhen chey conquered ^u^^ 
Moravia^ Silefia, Strntia^ Buharia^ and then rcr 
turn'd to Tanaif. A terrible Comet appeared i %6^ 
ftnd it lafte^ three Months, as Cameraritu obferv^d. 
iThe Tartars came Uitojfia^ sill, and were drove 
out 1 3 5o» and held AJia i x3 Years. The Cham 
of Tartarji^ in |ioi^ conquered the laft King" 
pf the Turk^s in Perfia, 1 1^ : H^lan was the firft 
Tartarian King in F^rfia ; be. utterly deftroy*d 
Bahl^f and then bq took the Sultan of pamafctm 
J^rifoncr, and flew him before the. Town ; and 
}l^ Tart an fon'querM the Twri^j in Utth Afia, an4 


" The SrBxx L I N E Oracles. i 1 9 

made Uiem Tributaries. And ehe Tartars drove 
. the Egyptian Cali^ mc of S/ria^ and r ecover 'd 

yituJM^ and f«piair^d ic Ca^anes the TtirtHr 
iC$Xfi»imo Syria, 1910. 

Okdjl by whom many of the holy and l^S'^^''' 

• ^ •!■.¥ «• ■ %** ^ « « / 1 1 >t '"* Popes C 

feichfm Jf*j are deirrby'd, and the true cuted the k 
Church i thou flialt have great Tfc>Qbles^;J.;;^^^^;;^ 
am(>rigft the Wicked, but thou Ihalt rciTrain ret«rm'ach 
'altogether a Wilder nefs 5 whole Ages fnalt 
-thojii cQBtinue fo^ ^"^^ ^^ ^ Defarf for ever, 
katiag thlae own C<)untry, becaofe thou 
delighteft inPoyfons. There are Adulte- 
ries amongft you, and unlawful Sodomy \ 
tbo^' art a-a efiertiinwe, wicked,- tnjuft, rnoft 
ttafortqnace City •, alas ! thou art the mok 
jmj^re^City of air the Land of the Latins •, 
thou artaMad-Woman,vxielighting ihWi- 
pets', tltou ftaltfita Widow at the Banks 
oiT^ibiTf and that River Jhall lament thee, 
as its Wife: Thou liaft a Heart polluted 
with Slaughter, and a wicked Mind:^ thou 
4oft nbrkiiow what God cao do, aail wha* 
is defigning, but th<M.i fayeft, / am Motie^ 
Md ndne JliaB dejtroy me ^ but GOd who lives, 
forever Will deftroy thee and thine, and 
there {ball be no Sign of thee in that* Coun- 
try, as formerly, when the Grtat God en- 
l^g'd thy Honours. O wicked City ! re- 
main alone, without Inhabitant ; and thon 
being burnt, Ihalt inhabit the Tartarian 
unjttft Regions qf Hades. 

' I 4 • Notc^ 

lao, Tbe SiBYLmfnOraeles. 

Ko^ ' That Hmfaee the Etgbch wis: Pot>6 in 
1185, who exc6Qimtimatcc4 xht Ffencb King, 
and difchar^'d his Subje&s from chelr Qbedie nee; 
and becaule of tbele Troubles, and theFaf^oa 
of the ^uelfhs and Gibettines^ the Ambafiadots of 
Caffanes tb^ Taitar to him had no Succefs^. fot the 
procuring his Affiftance £:>r tl^e maintaining bis 
Cpnquefts. Boniface was taken Prifoner by tl^e 
French f apd died in the Caftle of St. Angelo. J^me 
then nouriftiM many Vipers, (the Popes of wicked 
I^ives) (he was a Widow, is m^de defolate by in- 
teftine Wan; and the Empaor*s Power tbeie 
lyas fiibverted by the Popes ; and ^^Jfgfffian 
Sultan retook Jerijf^lem^ 

Now again, O t/£gyft ^ I deplore thy 
Lofles. Q Memphis / thq Author of thefe 
Miferies, full of Banks/ (like an ^fthmos) 
againfl: thee the "Pyramids fhall fpeakwith 
a bold Voice. O Python! thou waft ancient^ 
ly a double City, being well built,.(or Iniiit 
for Religion^ be thou fiknt for ever, that 
thou maift ceafc from Wickednefs \ thou 
wicked Reproach, the Trcafury of AfBidi^ 
ons ! thy mournful Walls Ihall be fell i)f 
Sufferings and luad Howlings, and thou 
ihalt be a Widow for ever. Thou art now 
grown old in the fole Government of thfe 
World ; but when $4y.€a fhall put on a 
white Gai'ment upon her fordid one, may I 
neither bcf born, nor have any B^ing. 

Note^ That Barca is a City in PentMfplK^ in jEt 
gjfpt, now Ptolemaiy famous for the Oracle of Jih 
jfiter 4mmon. 


The Si b tx i, i nb- Oracles. 151 

- N«r#» ^Tbac the Pyramids are fiear Mt$tffl!m, 
jM¥i bcfpe^ its Fame in former times. , And Pjh 
f ^ waOamotts for ics Heathen Grades. Ad3 
by theie the Place of thefe Calamities are dor 
fcribM. Mnufbi was the old Seat of the ^gyf:' / 

iian Kings, and by its Name Cairo is defignM^ 
which was the Seat of the Tio^j^iT^ Sultan. Cjrene 
i&<^M Bares* Dityviii^ii was taken by the Cbri* 
ftians, of^. t ait, aadchen may be faia to wea^a 
wUte {^innen Garment. . The Miferies chat foi* 
low'd were, the Siege of Caire, where tlie Chri^ 
ftia^Su Aroues were drownU by the Sluices open'd 
on theoi ; m^P^^iata was again furr^der'd to ' 
the Turk, and Lewi the Ninth of France was beat. 
Jim. i 249» Odmiata wa^ again befiegM by the 
Chriftian^ and moft of ib Inhabiwics were d&> 
ftroy'd by thePl^gue. 

In I ^45 the Mammalukes feii:'d on ^Jf^ > they 
were Slaves, ahd therefore might be aengn*d by 
Ehc{ fotjdg^d Garments, and that the vi^iKe Garments 
may rf!prerent their better condition. After the . 
killiog .of the Turks their Maftefs, theyraaed 
Ptelemi,- T)re,,Siilm^ BarjfUfp and ^oVc the 

Chriftiansoutofthe £afty4fifi. 1A9K 

, • »• * . . 

O thebes I where is thy great Power ? A 
barbarotts Man IKatt deftroy thy People \ 
thou fhalt wear Mack Garments, and flialt 
niiferably lament alone, and fhalt be re- 
warded for thofc wicfeed Works thou haft 
done; and all fliall obferre thy Lamenta- 
tion mix'd irith impudent Anger. A great 
Man (hall deftroy Syeni^ and the black In-^ 
iUani ihall forcibly pc^efs Teucharu of the 
^/£ihiepi4$ts^2knd at Pent ^elis^ Sees (^Rton^ 
Man) ihall lament. 

, Ov*ryinoiirfifialii»*)^tf/whdfli2ill declare 
thy QilamJtfes ? Who ftftrB werobrtterW 
<br thee, O Cyrene f, Thmi ftwlt lifot ccal^ 
'fr6mgrievon$ Lamentation at the time of 
thy Deftruftioii. 

Ndff, Thai Cjrem is € Cky in the Cortfinti^ <yf 
.^€$^ and jiMtfia. F^ti^Sfoli is theResioli of 
Crrentf it has five Cities* • T^charn may be T#iii- 
z^^'^, a CSty in the Province of tbeiMi^ a» well as 
<rrf«t« is ia the iamePirovfiice; Arflmeis how 
called TeUchelra i k ^^as catted 5i^» : Atid S^:r 
may be Sai^f^ a City in theiai, 

Nct€^ ' <hzt dcei* Tamt^tdns bad bteten BdJj0;(H 
Mid the jSiffftisn Calipl^* he puiftied him into 
Mgjft^ and there took DamiM^Hf aiid afterWat^ 
Gr4ii2^ Cfi^,' the R<jyalSc«6^ of the MimmMukf 
Sultan, andMs-Army hadiheSfioiiofthatGicy: 
He follow'Adie Sultarttd^ Ai^andrU, ^hd took it, 
and iv^ttity ^-thevMooHA Kings fttbatftted i^ 

and l:ii>f. < ThaJSrft Battel 4ie ibughr tvtts at 
Mount S^eAr, am. 139/, ^ar^Ai a Genuft being 
his chief Commander and Counlellor. . The i£« 
pftim^cv% Wofte afe the caoie- of t&ele Cala<» 
sntties, the P^r&cutiotK vti Diochii4n\ dune, and 
the Cruelty of the Turkis to them* 

Note farther. That LiHyx was conq^er*d by 
the Saracens f arm. 710, and fuflferM long under 
that People, till the Tories conquered Tuni and 
Mgiers^ 15^7. 

. The Ocean^ which makes a great teni- 
pefluous iioife,betwixt the Britains and»rich 
frenchy fhall be filPd with much Blood, be- 
caufe they did mifchief to the Sons of God 


. The Sinrz,l.lKE Oracles. 13^ 

When the ^mfkijmKin^ ied tl^e GaHit Vtott 
from the Sidomans^ otiC of ^rU', aud he 
ihafl flay thee. 

Non, That Phi Up King of ffrance, and /^iciirrJfThe weftera 
King of £«///t»//, undcnook an Expcdirion bygjg^^^ 
Sea «i the Holy War, and were fhipwrcck'd, but sc ttmt K, o 
they afterwards took Pioletnais iti fhtemcia^ and ?V<*<^«Wfc 
moft of the Jfttneh afterwa»d» went hitoie with ^^^^j;!; ,j[^ 
(heir King ; tho(e Forces which remain\lrhiader?di: ia ntf 5 thi 
King i^cA^r./ frgm ukiog Jerufalitn. The twoJf^^^^^J^J^ 
icings had great Diflferences : Philif went home c^ in ngx 
to make a; War againft King I^tcharJ^ and after wanjr Set^ 
with King ^obni this occafion'd. a Lofc to th«^t25S!? 
Cbriftians. BanttuAMn 

And Ravtnka, it felf led on to that 
31aughter. . , 

Note^ At this timt the Etnpf rors extorted- /<rf- 
^^pma out of thcPopc's handf*, atiJd-thc Differenced 
^n Ifaly hinder'd the profecution of the ^ioly War. 

O hdians: d6not be afraid ^ nor yoii^f^;^^^^^^^ 
O magnaninious t^thioffads ! when iA\tth^^ 
Circle 6f Cafriaorn tnoves oA his Axis ov^r 
thefe, and the Bul^ with, the twins^ fhall 
move in the mi4dlc of the Heavens, and the 
iCf^rgin afcendiflg^' and the* St^n about her 
Forehead, ai^ fixing the Zone, Ihall lead 
it thro* the Heavens •, there fliail be a great 
burning in the Ah* aU over the Earth^and 
tlteStarsflialt.have i difpofition for fight-' 
ing> fo as to deftroy by lampntable Fire all 
the J-and of ^W*^ and t/£rfcfg|/4. 

I ^4 Xhe S t'B ^ L E I TCB Oracles. 

Nste, The bon^ingof Jj>i^4 and w£/i&f^i4.i|KM 

be before tbe Turks (gonqucr^d Corinth, and after 

K. liichard*s Expedition into Pbanicia and CyfruSf 

Mwn. 1 135 ingensjjccltas, and 1137 ^fioifcrveri'^ 

.tijjtm/i. Sec C^/vijf«/s Chronology. ., 

hefe^Mwd bf ; Lament^ Omtfc / thy fird Deftruaioii; 

Jjl^^^y^^^. Wiien the three sifter srP/irr^; (hall; hive 

fpun out theirtvuned Threads, and fliall 

; bring to the high part oft3ie Ifthmus hifri 

that flies away deceitfully^ according to 

: the divine I)ecfee, till alt behold thee, who 

; formerly didft cut the Rock with hard and 

^ ^^ :ftaq3 To6rs V fte fliall deftrby and^wafte 

" " ' ' -'.thy Land, as 'tis decreed, for God alone 

*gave to him to perform .fuch things as mo 

former King could do. JFirft of all he fliaU. 

ftand and command others to pull down' 

the three Tower &, and to foot up the Foun- 

dktions of the liiValls on the Ifi:hmus, ,. 


M^^, That CoriW6 ftands upon the Ifthmus of 
,P^ht9nneRist'T\A% IfthmuS' was fortified by a 
\ li^aH and five Caftles, but Amurath the Seconfi^ 
pvcnhrew this Vail,, by battering it four Days,^ 
* 4fifiif» 145 5, and then he ravaged aJI the Country, ' 
iil9ih^er the Great afterward wholly conqucrM^ 
sV, am. 1457, and took it from the Venetians. 
Many Kings had atteippced to cut thro* this 
Ifthmus, to mafce it an Ifland, as Julius Cafir^ Ca^ 
iigula, and Nero : And to thefe Hiftories the Pro* 
{ihecy relates, comparing Nero's vain Attempt with 
-iiwr^fA's Suc^efs in deftroying the Wall. 

op onghtto fojthat they fliall be forc'd to cat the Flefli 
■■"yofw. of their Anceftors • for all Men will be fub-' 

. The StBXhhinu Orachsi J25 

jeia-to the Slaughters aiid Fury of the inir 
{>ftreking, becaiife of the great City, and 
tiiiie juft Peoj^e (formerly; preferv'd by an 
.QXC^llent Care and Providence (that is Owf- 


;N0ff9 That M^mst the Great is the impure 
King^ who iconciuer'd felofonnefus after be bad 
taken \Cof\fianHnople^ the great City. Amun^th 
m^de them tributary,, but Mahcmet fubdued Pelo- 
hdiiriefus, ann, 1460 : He carried Dtmetrim their 
rrifice to Can/tantinofle, 4nd gave him a Penfion ; 
hxitll9(mM his Brother fled into Italy. They pro- 
"VoVd'the Turk by denying their Tribute, and he 
'4^fie^d their Cities, which made 'em cat their 
jBj^n^/Lnceftors* , Or^ paying Tribi;ite may be cal- 
Ui fo-in aPropbecic ftue ^ as the ten Kings eating 
"f hi JFJefh of the Whore^ in the 17th Chapter of 
iteve(ai\ Or, Jf ^^ ^^^wft be interpreted as the La- 
nrrVerfeis,' ti^gis ut Infandi comedantur membrn 
fatentwn, jthen- they muft eat raw Flefh ; as the 
Tartars, <ih6 were the Anceftors of the Turks. 
;Th€6^ceofth]sOracIe being very obfcure, 'tis 
iQapd&fe ofcminy Jbterpretatibns. 

* ' OrJfjcOnltant^i led by evil Councils, en- Mahomet ^ 
i;an}j)p;ft'd ^y^ evU Fates, the Beginner of ^^'"• 
^MiftJ^^f, aiid;?: great Deftroyer of Men J 
fh^^^atipnwss'perniciousy but thou art* 
-pi:e^i:v'd by F? te ta be the moft . infainoiis 
.^IPPilgft thjq^Wickedy'th^ Ceftmaion and 
utter Ruin of Men. What Mortal can de- 
ilfft^thee:? Who is not inwardly griev'd ? 
;2ji4.v^^^ Kings are deftroy'd by throwing 
.away otbHr boaourable Estate ifi oppofitiOA 
*W:t&Gyj? .,Tho]ft.b«ftyfu>bY«rt€d aUiluiigjH 

• and ' 

e 'I » 

I a6 The S I B y L L INK Oraclesi 

and art an Inundation of tbe greatelt Bvils^ 
and by thee all the beautiful frame of ihf 
WorW is changed: Perhaps you will tm* 
pute theie Changes t6 out ContehtiOBS^ 

(thaf is J the Chriftians Dijfenfions): How i 

do you fay I willperfwade you ? and if I 

find any thing to reprehend, I will fpeak ? 

There was formerly amongfl: Men a Splen;- 

dour of the Snn, which fpread its Bi^ams 

upon the Prophets, and the Tongues of the 

y Prophets diftiird fweet Drink to Men \ it 

appear'd and encreas'd, aftd the Day 'raic 

on all \ but for this caufe.^ (u e. their Diffnp^ 

fim ) O pervcrfe Counfellor^ ;rnd Author of* 

great Mifchicfsf both the SWord and tAow^ 

ning fliall come in thofe.d^ys- Tftou art 

the beginning of all Troubles, and a great 

Deftrudiou to Men i thy Greati<>n is mif- 

chievous, and thy Fate will be unfortunate- 

V^^frem Hear the unpIeafaut:News^ which' (bail 

X«.Ajrtague be bitter to thcic^ and Dcfipi^ioAtoMi^n^ 

iira*the'arft but whenP^yi^ fliall be fife^ from Wafsi, 

1, chit is the and the Plague, and Mourning, then at that 

%^m^ time ftall arife the divine Stock of tKetep- 

jpyand heavily Jews, who' fliall inhabit 

tlie City of God In tbe middU of the Batth^ 

amf they Diall ehtompaTs it Witfr a gt^eat 

Wall as far as Jifffa v they fliill biild' it veh 

rj- high, as if it rfeadh'd the obfcure Qoudsi 

* ■ • . « < - . 

> • . ■ • J . . . . 

j ■ 'tioicj That the preceding Difcdurfe is againft 

[ ^/tbomet the Great, who conqtrcrM Pelcpomefis 

^tbi'(!o^fiMntmofle-z He-was perfididus, ambinons, 
«^ cniel, an4<)i^itfionUtkciikttgUterdf 8dooo6 
J-- " « Men* 

Tiw S I B y t L I N E Qracks. 137 

Men. In hb tioie^ anil dhofe chat fpUow'd him^ 
the Tutkifli Empire arrived to its greaceft ftace | 
^t when the Jews return'd from Ferfia^ ic was 
n^pfi: evidencly funk ; and the firft ftep of its greac 
Decieniiop was with a Plague* . 

The Trumpet Ihall no more give its 
found for t>loody Wars, neither fliall their 
Enemies be deftroy'd by furious Armies, 
for in that Age all Evils fhall ceafe, as if 
Trophies were let up for the Conquefts of 
them; : Then one excellent Man fhall come t^ 
frojn Heaven, who diftended his Arms up- 
on the fruitful Tree, the beft of the Jews^. 
who formerly ftopt the Sun, crying with 
excellent Difcourie from his pure Lips : 

NotCy That when the J^iw return there will be ,. 
apeaiC^able 4rime, in which they Ihall build their 
w all ^f their City as far as Jofpa^ wbiph is abouE 
yy milef from ^erufahm ; and from Joppa it is 
viiible. The Perlbn. who fpeaks is ^efus, Chrifl, 
as appears by his Crucifixion here intinfat^d ; and 
by his Power the Sun wa^ ftopt in Jcjhua\6aLys^ 
who formerly led the Jexps into Canaan ; tnd'\is 
Chrift who new brings them back, and ipeaks to 


No more torment.thy Mind, do not trouble Theprofpe..., 
thy Heart, thou that art begotten of God, ft««ofthc.7m 
abounding in all Riches, the Flower d^firM ^tp/^'^ ^"' 
by God alone, the glorious Light, the plea-^ 
fa nt Offspring, the d^firable Plant. OJu^ * 
dM 1 thou beloved and beautiful City, in- 
fpjirM with Hymns ! the impure Gntian 'i^\^'^J^^''' 
King {Alcxmdtr) fhall aot r^vei t^ro' tliQ 


Il8 TheSiBrtlLm^Oracks. 

Pirftan Country any more, having a Mind 
like to Bacchus for his Juftice ; but thy iiltl*- 
ftrious Inhabitants (hall honour thcc^ and 
fliall imploy themfelves in holy and learned 
ISb/f^ ^^ ty. Songs, and all forts of Sacrifices and Pray- 

wiirfin^^u ^'**' ^^^"^ ^^ honour ofGod : And for t^heir fmall 

thiir Rftu«r Affliftions, whofoever has born much La- 
bour and Mifery, they Ihall enjoy rtiore and 
pleafant good things, who are Righteous ^ 

J[^«wi^edarebut the Wickcd, who ufe their wicked 

Tongues againft Heaven, ftiall ceafc from 
their Calumnies which' they fpoke amongll 
one another, and ihall hi4e themfelves till 

AihowrcofFircthe World is chang'd. There Ihall fall 
m^l the froni the Clouds a Showre of burning Fire, 


RttwnVth?^ and then Men fliall not gather fruitful Corn 
5^^/;" and die fr^m the Earth •, all Places ihall be un- 
^^Tmxo^IT P'^^'^ ^^^ unfow'd till Men (hall acknow- 
Etrth^u'2^«f ledg the Immortal God, who governs all 
mayktu the Ftfli things, and always exifts, and no mor^ 

\n the Sea, and W • % Jt i ^i i- ^i ^ 

bcchefccond worihip uiovtal Men, and thofe that are 
VeUtio^^ ^' dead, nor Dogs, nor Vultures, which v£- 
gyft taught to worfliip, thro' their childiili 
Difcourfes and fooliih Advice, But the 
I'and of the Hebrews is holy, and fhsUl bear 
all things ^ there ihall flow Streams from 
the Rock and the Tongue fweet as Honey^ 
and to all the Juft ihall flow the immdrtal 

wKiaVthJX ^^^^ ' ^^^ ^^^ trufted in one God, the on^ 
ftory over t\e*^ ly excelleut Father •, that is^ they were re* 
peai^ in Kiv. ly. ry righteous and faithful. 

Note^ The happy ftate of the J&cqs is herie ife* 
fcriVa ; and the Wicked ( the Turkf ) ftall hidci. 


TbcS I sy L L I N E Oracles. .119 

themf^lves.^uringdiere Alterations, but Ihall fuf-t 
fer a Dearth bx toe fiety Showre ; and they (hall 
no mor^ conquer Perjta, as they nbw pofTefs 
Greece^ and therefore arc here meant by the Gre^ 
cians^. The Defcription oi Judaa is httc^ by its 
floWmg ^tth Milk aiid Honey ; which is a Meta*- 
^or to exfyi'efs tht abundance of its Provifions. 
The Blagueis above .intimated 9 and here the Fa^^ 
mine cailsM by thejjfry Showre is defcrib'd. And , 
the next Puniftmcnt of the Turks is by Eanh- 

?[uakes ^ and this ^iU occafion the Return of the 
ews in a peaceable ^mapner. 

But why does my Mind, Ml of Wifdom, ft^"^"^"J* 
fuggeft thefe things ? ,Ko w, O mift rable li^lc^L fra 
-4/Mf I I fadly lament thee, and the Nation [^*^^j|jf^';" 
01 the I(miansj Carians^ and rich Lydians. and thu is the 
Alas for Sardis^ and the belov'd Tr^/Z/V / [J^^^^^^iai on 

Alas for the beautiful City of Laodicea ! j^J^^*,^^^ 
becaufe ye (hall be deftroy'd by Earthquakes <ieftroy'd by 

and reduced to Afties : C 7^f Towis (^er-il^'^^^J'rrc, 
thrown ty Earthquakes are tifually burnt by their ^hw citi«-oT 
own FWes:) In dark Jfta^ and in rich Lydia, t^c^u^^sJdi 
the Temple of Diana^ built at Ephefnsy (hall « « ij^'«,Do\< 
fall into the'Sea, by a grtat Hiatm ir^hc^Jfi:^l^i^'\ 
Earthquakes, and thereby be utterly ruin'd ^r'^ 
when the Storms drive the Ships, and pfe js'^prTfe'S 
drown them: And Ephefus being over- ^^^^ a-Turkiih 
thrown, fliall lament on the Shore, and feek J^eFabrU* 'Jf ^ 
her Temple, which fliall be no more inha- |!i^«'» churchr 

V •- J -^ Vtanas Tempi. 

Dltea* . and the City u 

And then God, who is immortal, and n«^ *»^ ^'^'"^ 
lives in HeaVen, being angry, from Hea- 
ven fhall fend a fiery Storm agqinft the 

'♦K ' Ira- 


1 ^d The SiB T L LI ME OrkcUs. 

.f Turks de. Impure Kingdom, aiid thw there fliall be 
T* Th/a^rT ^»mm^f ihftcad of Winter : And this fliaQ 
iM theim^^r happen afterwards to M?n \ for the Oiniti* 
ft Vi? V^^^^^ Thunderer Ihall dcfrroy all thfc Im- 
ured on the ' pudcut by Thunder, Lightningi and Thun- 
?„' J;?/^;*,,, derbote, which fliall burn them who are 
«. perverfe and wicked, and extirpate *crn all^ 

has fuf- '^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^''^ remain hwre dead on the 
•d by'<j Elahl Earth than there is Sand. And Smymn fliall 
'Jj/;-^^*.;;J^^|* come lamenting their own Lycurgusy to the 
11 be f uinM by Gates of Ephefas^ and fcali perilh more 

7th*bucthtt fhan if 
slyhappcnU "»aait. 

>m r«m4 in Noff^ That Sardi is m Lj^^iV, Ln^pitcta in Cii^ 
^'cVw^ '''^' *"^ ^^ i* Atf fcf KT. C»i»4 is in jB^lia, Sit^fna 
iBhabirauti* in Imia : CufHA id Jtaly is in die Kingdoti ofNa^ 
r^ dull and pkf, faofiQus foT the Sibyl I bat that is not bctt 

;ke in Tibe» 

ft a"ab 'after ^"^ foollfli Ci//»/e, With its infpirM Wa- 

jews rcclra! ters, fliall be caft down by the Hand^ of the 

Gods, as well as thofe of wicked Men : No 

more fliall thy Chariotafcend into the Sky, 

(orthoujl)ah not have any Honour) but thou 
ihalt remain dead at the Cvm^M Waters, 
and then thofe who remain fliall fufferAf- 
fliaion together : When thou hafl: a Sign, 
thou flialt know for what thou fuffer'jft^ 
for the People of Cuma are obfl:inate, and an 
impudent Tribe. 

But when the wicked Land is burnt, Lep 
bos fliall be^ deltroy'd fw: ever. C ^^ it am 
IJlMdyfo that Eridanus is here mifiaknJJ 



The Silirhtivin Oracles. ip 

kU^ for Carcyroy X^Coth^ m IJl4nd in the 
Ionian &<^ T a beaHtifiil€ityf leave offthy 
Luxury. And thou Land of Hhrdpdh. a- »'>*t<^» «; . 
bounding m Riches, C^ ^^(y «» Phrygia ma* Ruins, 
jor^ tliou foait hav^ thfe mournful Country 
v^hich thou haft deflrM; thou (bait be 
thrown down near the Banks of thte Rivet 
'jTh^rmadw^ ^4 River ripng iVPontus ] and 
ftony Tripoli^ near the River MMnder^ 
t Tripolis is 4 Maritime City of Phoenicia, 
4«n/.Maeaiider is 01 Xivjtr dividing Caria from 
Wia] fiU'd with the Tides at Kight on its 
Shore, the Wifl and Providence of God 
ftatt deftroy thee utterly, and the,^neigh- 
bouring Country of Phcehs. O. 'Miletus a^^'^« "«o^ 
the delicate, whom a fiery Whirlwind from ^S^ ;m^ 
tieavejn will deftroy^ £ M)ietnS was a City ^ixm with 
in Caria, the Birthplace of Thales, and there it Mprefen«' ci 
fl>4ir the Oracle of Apollo Didym«usl be- R«l° of '^•^ ^^ 
caufe it rcceivM the deceitful Oracle oi^^""^^ 
Phcffbusy and the wife Counfels of Men^ and 
their prudent Advice! 

Note, All the Cities mentioned dre in 4fia, oi 
hear it^, ^d chey will fu^er by Earthquakes or 
Tiiiind& after tlie Return of the Jews ; and thefc 

Siti<ss were famous for Idolatry formerly, or greac 
rickednefs. Cuma itmft be in Afia, where there 
was the Sih^a Cumana^ for here the Sibyl prophet 
iSes of the 0eftfi]<Sbion of the Afian Cides, and la- 
ments ^m. The atKient Hiftories of thefe Palaces 
ire Jhention^^ in idolatrous dines ; bur. at the 
titties of thefc Earthquakes there will be the Chri- 
ftikn Woi:(hip of Saints, and Mdhometantfm ; 2lnd 
ihelc zit ^ Wicked, then to be disftroy'd by 

K a Thun- 

1 5 2 The S I B T L;LJ N E Orocles. 

Thunder, and falling of tfccii^ Cities^ or the Coun- 
tries where fomc Cities, iftood. 

O Father of all! fpare the pleafant and 
fruitful Land of great Jud<ta^ that we may 
deliver thy Laws, ^for this Land Qod firft 
cnrich'd by his Bounty) that it may appear 
to afl Men to be the firft of all other in thy 
Favour, and to excel all others, ^as God 
hath promisM to it. 

N(9f ff, That here the Sibyl fpeafcs in the Perfon 
of a Jew, commending Jiwfcw, and praying that 
it may be fpat'd when God dcftroys the Turks by 
Plague, Famine, Thunder, Earthquakes, $ua quo 
Deereta feramm, that they may inftrud all other* 

'^'*Jnl'rL«-% ^ defire, who a ra rery unhappy, to con- 
^ many wirs ; template the Mifenes. of the ThramfiSy 
'J!lld^n\^l^ (^^^^ ^'^' rk Turks, who will inhdlt it) and 
iTers indFouh- the. Wall with the Sea on each fide, (thatis^ 
Ktmtmo^? f** i»/i?/r/« the Harbour) reducM to Powder 
in the Air, ( that Is^ blown up ) and drawn 
into a Pond full of Filh, like a River. 

O miferable HelUffont ! the Men oiAffy^ 
ria (hall captivate thee, the Thracians ihall 
fight againft thee, and the King of t^^pt 
Ihall depopulate Macedonia \ and a barba- 
rous Nation Ihall break the Force of thy 
Commanders: The Lydians^Galatians^ and 
Pamphyliaus in Pifidia^ fhall arm all the Peo- 
ple, and enter into a fad War. 

;' Notc^ 

Note^ This is a Defcrfpiion of thofe Wars which 
will weaken -the Turkifh Empire , by the Affj^ . 
YiafCs Invaiion of HeH^wftt^ a Rebellion in Thrace^ 
che Piracy of the YAxifki Mgifp^ in Macedania^the 
War m Pijidia | and the barhafolis Nation may 
bt the Tartars. • 

O' unhappy Italy! thou fhalt remain a The Dcfoiaci 
Wildernefs, unlamefiited, m a fertile Soil ; i^j^^'-'j.j^jt 
thy pernicious Land fliall be deftroy'd i the Sfcr'^ chc f! 
large Heavens are fpread above, and from ^/jJJ^g^;^ ^ 
the Air allmay hear the Voice of God, like poured "a i* 
the noife of Thunder: The Light o^ ^he ^*^j^*"^^ 
Sun ftiall not Ihine like a Flame, nor thcfuiTffDrrklil 
Moon have its Splendor any more, when i' ■?"/ ^^^i 
God fliall reign in the latter Days, a black ftroaion <«' 
Darknefs ftall be thro' all i*ie Earth, and *^;j^j]^J;^^ 
Men fliall be blind, and the wild Beads fu- 
rious i and that time fliall be miferable for 
a great while : So that Men may conlider 
that God is King, by his Providence gover- 
ning all things from Heaven \ and He will 
have no Mercy on perverfe Men, who are 
his Enemies, tho' they facrifice Lambs^ 
Sheep, and Herds of Calves that bellow, 
and great Beafts with golden Horns, to 
Mercuries without Life, and to Gods of 
Stone-Statues, Let the Law of Wifdom 
jand the Glory of the Righteous lead you, 
left the Immortal God, being angry, de- 
ftroy all Mankind, their Provifions, and 
wicked Tribes. Wc ought always to love 
God our Father, wh6 is wife, and will al- 
ways exift, 

K 3 Note^ 

1 34 T^^^ S^^YI<L15^K Oracles^ 

Npte^ That b^rc is d^fcrib'd the QcfoIaUon of 
tfai]^ m the laft Pays, zn^ cbe Prodigies chat wiU 
happen ; the Voice of Go4 ihall be heard likf 
- Ibttodcr, the Sou an4 Moon dull appear more 
pbfcuoely» vhich will OfcaQoii a general Dark? 
fiefSy and a miferable timey chac Men n:>ay tepeiil; 
of their Idolatry. And the Idolatry of the Ualians 
m thefe laft Days, moft be their woi^hiping of 
daints and Images, whicb will continue thefe 1^ 
the end of the w o^id. 

IBM ftS There fhall be in the laft times, toward* 
lw\t the end the end of the iMoon, a War which will vex 
the Moon, the World, full of Theft and Perfidiouf- 
r livTr nefs. There fliall come from the ends of 

*vfauTth*e*' ^^^ l^^vth a cruel Man, a SUyer of his Mo^ 

ih Angd, to ther, void of Wifdom, of a fierce Speech^ 

'thc^toTo^f ^'^^ an anxiou? Thinker, who (hall dcftroy 

i Ea^ "^* ° all the Earth, and conquer all ^ and he will 

confiderali things more prudently than o- 

ther Men, for which reafon he is deftroy'd, 

and he fliall prefently deftroy the fame •, Ije 

fliall deftroy many Men aind great Princes, 

and burn their Countries, as a^iother (rib# 

Tvrk) did before i and thro' Envy he fliall 

let up them that were fallen. 

Nete^ This cruel Man tnuft be Com^ Perfim or 
Tdrisrian Prinze, who- came from the moft Nor* 
them or Eaftern Farts, to conquer the Turk« His 
>rudent Thought is, bis confidering that a falfc 
leligion, fuqh as Mab^met\ was the Qccafion of 
.lis MisPnrturies ; and be will deftroy that. an4 
fet up the Chr^tian Princes. 1^ Tartars are 
ufed tOj pierfidious thievifli Depredamms, of 4etce 
Ywcs, and litdc ynderftandxng, 
* ■•' ' : ■■ ^ -•■-;:: There 


. TlvSiuTJLhii^nOracks. 1^$ 

There fliall be many Wars ia the Weft wtr»m Ae 
-dmongft Men, apd Blood (hall flow from^*** 
the Binfcs into the deep Rivers j and a Sa^rbthAAfa 
ditipn Ihall be in Maadoniay which ihaO <«««-« war 
l>eg; Affiftance from the Weft Co deftroyj::|i,td^rJ 
their King (i. e. fhe Turk) i and then it flaadl rcprdenced i 
l)e the Winter feafon in that Country, anAclVit^nt 
that<i)uutry (l^U be fill'd with a niifcrable ^^^^ ^orft 
War; for Fire ihdll fall from Heaven and 
rain on Men Fire and Blood- water, a burn* 
ii^ Storm, Darkaefs,Obfcurity in the Hca^ 
vens for want of the Stars, and a general 
Pla^e in the War, and a Slaughter in the 
Darlc; and thefe (lull kill all the Kings^ 
and the great Men, fo the raiferablc Dc* 
ftmdion !fay War fliall have an endy and 
nojif Ibail fight with Swords, or Iron, nor 
thofe Weapons which 'tis unlawful to ufe 
any more ; but the wife People, who are 
left, iliall «n|oy Peace^ rejoycing after their 

jNb#r, This is the Deftnidion of the Turk by 
the help of the Chriftian Princes, who will alfift 
the Macethnidns to deftroy die Turks ; Fire from 
Heaven will help ^etn. Thele feem to agree with 
|he Deftmdion of the Turk, in ^. 19, when 

O Slayers <tf your Mothers \ ccafe from JJ'/JS^^.^^^ 
Confidence, and impudent evil A^io^s. 
who ha^ invented impure Sodomy, ana 
have a^^inted chafte Women for Whore* 
in fiiameful Houfes, to their great fnjttry, 
wrofig, and dilhonour j for among^ mn 

K 4 ^ 

136 The SiB tL LI it K Grades. 

the Mother lies with theSoM after aA^ iin- 
iawful manner, and the Daughter is mar- the Father; amongft yottyiKings 
fiare defil'd their unfortunate ModthS) and 
Wicked Men liave invented the I^ing \7ith 
BeSfts. Be filent, O depl©rabre.-wi<*ed Ci- 
ty (of Xame,) who giv'fli thy felf 46 Luxa- 

• ry I the young Veltal Virkias fliallmot find 
the divine Fire any more inthee, with the 
Matter us'd to nourifliit, for yqur Tempte 
wasdeftroy'd a long tfme fince •, and! be- 
held the fccond Temple demolift'd, .and 
utterly ruin'd and bnrnt with Fire, by im- 

^•^j^**^^*' * '^*"*P^® ^^^^ alwav.s flou»- 
nibd, a Temple preferv'd by God) hailt 
by Saints, and (being immortal de- 
fir d from the Heart and Soul-, foritprai- 
les God without wearinefs, in no obfcnre 
Land: Here the wife Builder never cotihe 
^tones, nor is Gold (the Deceiver of Sotils 
w theAVorld; ador'd, but the GrcatHa^ 
ther of all the Infpir'd ; they fliaU honour 
Jjira by Sacrifices and holy^ftecatooibs. , 

Nofe, By the iidatrum eafire, the Popes! inuft 
here be undetftood. becaufc. of their Cr«eJ« 
■ the Proteftants. Here tlieir SoHomy, liceh'fihg 6f 
Baudyhoufes for Money, difpenfing with unlawful 
A4arnages,difroIvingOaths.andMarri4ge. contraas 
among Pntices, are noted V for thefe "things W 
« call'd -a widc-ed-and luxurious City'. The fitfl 
»ate of l^othe, whilft the Church was pure, is rtfi 
fWfented by the Vejial Virgtns j but that b«arf 
^eftroy d- W fmce, as the r*/?*/ Temple w4 
¥^_ »fI5n<Jrwt<ias i?pffffip8e^ CmftviHfv^^ 

• ' ^ - ; Temple, 

The S I B Y 1 1 lUKiOMes, i^y 

T«mple, builc infyme,, which vrasj built by.thife 
5aincs^ apd long prefervM ; and cbi$ is reprefeoted 
as deftroy'd by wicked Men. And a reformU 
ftatc of Worfliip is reprefented by thpfe whoprailo 
God in no pbfcure Land ; and chfejr have no Ima- 
ges, nor Ornaments of Gold to deceive Souls, but 
worftiip God, the Father of all Saints, who were 
only infpir'd Men. This third ftac6of the I{cman ^ * 
Church rcprcfems the Reformation.' ' 

. But now an ignoble and imptirc King is The ruining of 
co^me anto Italy), and has deftroyd 't^is r^Tkiib^^Ta^, 
City, and fpoil'd the Striifture with a great ^^^^ i'»rks are 

multitude, and famous Men. He.died when "in^J^yfrsi. 
he invaded that excellent Land J and ther^i^yi*- 
never wasifuch a Wonder amongft Mcu, to 
iee Straflgors defl:f<)y this great City. 

iVi?/^, This is the laftX>eftru(£lion Qij{omc^ by 
fome Pyrate Turks, vvl^o ftiall fui»rL:je\art3 bum 
it. * The fame Hiftory is fl^ention'a m the Eit^hiU 
Book. This King is calPd ACAvh^ And Vhcrc- 


r Thc^leSed ManJ&conae fA>nivtSie-higHchr?ftefw?^^ 
Hearcnsivhaving His SWntre in H*4 lia'nds W/r*'"'*' '''^ 
whicIi.Goa gavpHuti, and gtonbufly go-a<id bd{i<i«A^ 
vwnsallv aM He reftorts to all good ken'f''''J*^' 
%ht RioKoS which Men* fbrjncrjy took from 
them v and.He Iws dcftrCyM allCities with . 
Fire, 'tOithieir very T^'omidatiofe^, ahd burnt 
all Nations of Meny who wer^ griilty'of 
evil WlOrks^^but He^Mth ntadc the City 
yrhich- (^ lov€$L>moit f|)lpndid th^n the 


I|8 The SiBTLtiNE Oracles. 

Son, and Stars^ and the Moon, and hatb 
adwn'd it, aild made a Holy Temple, fiilK 
ftantial, large, and beautiful, and rais'd ^, 
Tower great and large, upon many Stadia, 
as if it touch'd the Clouds, and vifible to 
all, that all holy and juft Men may feexh^ 
• ^ Glory of the invifible God i a defirable 
Speftacle ] the Eafi and IVefi (hall fing in 
Hymns the Praife of God ; for there (hall 
not be ^ny terrible Evils to miferable Mor- 
tals i no Adulteries, nor deteftable Sodo- 
my, nor Murder, nor Sedftion, but all fliaH 
ftrive for Virtue and Righteoufneft. The 
laft times (hall belong to the Saints; for 
<jod Almighty determines them fo to be, 
wlio Is the Builder o{ the great Tcnij^e. 

nit. That Chriftli 9jtign if here itkriKi 
after the FaUf^J^fM^ aiidilm he boilds die M^ 

*Jf^ Atas hr thce^ QjMmf who fittcft on 
tby gplden Thtonf^ and goldco Footftoo], 
an ancieat Qpeen, who alone didft couk 
niand tlie World, a City WiAerlip great 
and famoas t thoa Aalc no loDMr Kmaio 
on the goklea Mountains, bv ue Waters 
of Ewfkr4$a\ thoa ihalt be tiirowa down 
in the ti(pe of Earthquakes* The cruel 
PdrtkiMs help'd thee to conquer all. O 
impure Citjr I ftop thyMoutb, tbooGeoe^ 
ration of the Chddems^ neither be foBicN 
tons, nbr ask how yon fiiaU govers fetfiM^ 
or how tc^ji^qtier t\m.Mtd€iy fb|.he that 


The St Brfj,tivtt0raclcs, 4^9 

'defir'd thy J^mpire,^ for whidi ho teth 
l^oftftges,' ieat to Rame thofe who ferr'd 
ts Soldiers ia -rfyZ« i therefore thoo, whi 
m a wife Queen, (halt have the lame Judb 
ment as the ^ri^m^fw/, for whom thou dlo^ 
* pay a Ranfom ; and thou wilt fuffer fevere* 
ly froip thy Enemies for the pcryerfe Word; 
thou haft given them. ^ '- 

V ' t ' 


Kpn^ Tliat Baiylm will fi^l by an Eactb^uake, 
as the Angel with the ieventb Viat declares in thf 
fffvelatimsp $he fprmerly wa» the Seai: of ibt 
B^iijlmifh Empire, and at laft fell into the Tia^l^s 
Hands. The Panbian Kings were made by tli^ 
^gm4ns in the Time of jlMgt^Ptf but they (oon 
revolted from the tipmrns : Tiridates was fet ov^ 
<he^ by Ti^rim, and the t^gwmm kept ibme Ho- 
fl:age$ at Hmf* Tr4J4n conquered B^h^t ^nm 
115. This ought to be carefully obferv^d, that ^ 
Stgfm$ was deftrc^M before B^hylm/ and the Sibyla 
never call I^me^ Bahjlm. 

The Sea fliall be dry in the laft Times, ^s^a«tfl« 
»fld Ships (hall not iatt into I^y^^ i^xi^"^' 
great Afia^ which is very fruitful, fhall be 
covered by Water, and Crm (hall be-a Field, 
and Cy^rm ihall fuSer much damage, and 
i^jpfcw fhall fuffer a terrible Fate, which 
diay make it wife \ and the great City $d4k: 
mk {hall fuf!er great Calamity, aad the Land 
ihall be barren on the Shore again^ and a 
g;reat niimber of Caterpillars ftall deftroy 
the Land of Omm \ and Men who (hall 
loojfe ttpott 7^r# a^^l weep. . 



jri 'tbhtdi Ttfi); Urthe Ac^ontkC in the tfgvMktiml 
hHf.t6;^fm*Si!^[^\\ Iflaftdf fled aivay, and the 
^ounci^ins wor^ jrioc foupd>-a^d ih\s iminedi^^ccly 
/oUows the F^Iji of Babjlon^ hOfh in the i{evclatU 
Jims and Oracles, 

« * • 

;t^.^. •'• 

. . O Pfcfl?»/(rM7 great Wrath is refenr'd for 
Wee, till thou fall, that the Sirenes may 
truly lament thy Ruiil. * There (hall be in 
the fifth Generation, when the Deftruftiou 
pf t/£^/?r,fliaU ceafe, when the fhamelef§ 
King Ihall mix with one, another Genera- 
tions of all People, who fli^ll fettle them in 
^gyft : And there IhalLbe a War in Mac0^ 
donia^ AJia^ and Lycia^ which will ^perplex 
the World, and be very bloody, and burn 
ail to A flies, which the King of Rorki and 
. t,he Weftern Princes fliall carafe to cedft. - 


Noie^ That this Deftrudion pf PhcenicU muft 
be in the Macedonian War, and in that of jifia 
znd Ljtcia, . 

le Hail in Whcn the Wiutcr Blsfts fliall bring ijiuch 
^iionoiiht^ Snow, the great River being froze up, and 
nars. the great Fenns, prefently a barbarous Peo- 
ple fliall come into JJIa^ and deflroy the 
terrible Stock of the Thracians^ now eafily 
deftroy'd : The melancholy Mortals fliall 
eat their Anceftors, being tormented by 
buflger, and fwallow greedily fuch Meats ; 
and every Houfe will yield a Table to all 
^ild Beafts ; and the Birds fliall eat all 
•Men-, and the Sea fliall be filPd with the 
Wicked, from the Rivers in which the 
*' bloody 

The Sibyl LI NjsOr^ckf.; r^f 

bloody Bodies fwira^ aswell as the Blood 
of foolifli Men. Then there will be ftich:a 
little City upon the Earth, that the nunl'^ 
ber of Men aad Women may be ealily 

Note, This muft be an Invaiion of the Tartaril 
near Thrace^ in a hard Winter, coming over the 
River Danube and the Fens of Maoti. This is like 
. the fecond Vial, where the Sea is tum*d into 
Blood ; biit I refer it to the laft Deftrudion of 
them before the MUcnnium, 

The raiferable Generation in the Weft-<i„ ,1^^, ^^^^^ 
cm Countries will lament infinitely, for wa» no mor© 
fear the remaining part of the Ocean fhould^^*- 
not return to wafli them with its Waters j 
for it faw the impure Wickednefs of many 
Men: A palpable Darknefs {hall cover the * 
whole Heaven, and a thick Fogg the Val- 
leys of the Earth •, but the Light of God 
(hall lead godd Men, who have praisM 

Note, The Seas lie moft on the TVeft, and 
they will become dry at the End of the World, 
and a Darknefs (hall fall on the Wicked, but the 
Good (hall enjoy a divine Light, who praifed 

O JJisy the unfortunate Goddefe! thou 
(halt continue at the Waters of, Nile alone, 
mad and raging upon thd Sands of jicherwi^ 
and thou (halt no more be remcmber'd thro' 
all the Earth* And you^ Sn^i pbc'd oil 


I^i TheSililrthtTatOracy. 

21 Rock, (hall grieve ntuch. and lie i Rtoriii- 
ment of Ruin in miierable t^gyft ^ and 
the/ in e/^jfr iirhicb defifd theie, (hatl all 
lament thee grievoiifiy -^ and all that have 
an immortal Soul in thera^ and i% many ni 
praife God^ Ihall know that thou art no- 

Ndtei That Acheron U pu« for the place ot 
the Dead, and the Temple of Serkfi was de- * 
fttoy'd anm 3^9^ by Theodofim the Great» io thac 
the Cbriftian Idolatry in ^gypt i$ here i'epreieh- 
ted by the Worfliip of Ifis and Serafu ; And a rc^* 
formed Religion is reprefented here tinder the 
notion of a Temple ; and when the JBtbhfiani 
Ihall deftroy it, the World (hall have an End^ 
The yurl^ have long fince deftroy^d the Heathea 
idolatry ; and this here defcrib'd is at the End of 
the World, and muft be that of the Greek, Church^ 

« ^. 

rh« Rdbnoft- And one of the Prieits cloathM in Uflnen 

'•»Jj^Mo»*- (hall fay, let us build a true and beautiful 

lm!i^cS'i^i9n Temple for God \ come, let us change the 

»f«Tcmpit. evil Cuftoms of our Anceftors, by which 

they were taught to make Pomps, and 

Fcaft-days, and facrifice to Gods of Stone 

andEartb, ai|d did not conlider tUls^ let 

BS turn ouF Hearts to praife the immortal 

God, who is the Father of all, and will ;li* 

ways be the Gorernour of all, the moft true 

King, the Father and Preferfer of Sofil^ 

the great Qod, always liviag. And then 

tberefluiUoeagnlat pptxlTfinple boiltia 

^^^f^UJft^ and the People wh6 ftire Gdd ftaH 

king theifSKtifiicei^ and dodwiU tnabte 


The S I BT I; LINJS Oracks. ^J^ 

tliem to live purely t ButyfhtOrl^ofiflrit^ 
fisms Ihall leave the infoleut Tribes of thr 
Trihalliy and ihali reifc tbere^ aod pl09 
e^j^f as their own, then they (hall begin 
their Wickednefs, that all thijogs that are 
to^ come to pafs^ may be doiie;> fot thef 
flkall .deftroy the great Temple in the Land 
oft/£gyft. Then God Ihall pour fb^b bis^J^??^ 
grievous Vengeance on them, fo as if& de-^^iike^ 
ftrby all the Wicked and Unrighteous 5 ^'^^v*-**^- 
and there's none (hall fpare them in that ^•^ 
Country, becaufe they did not obferve the 
Traditions which God gave thema. 

Note, That this is the laft Scene of Afiairs ar 
the End of the 'World : In jEgfft there (hall be a^ 
Reformation of Religion from Idolatry, but that 
will be deftroy'd by the Ethiopians, after the* 
MiSetmium, and then the World muft be bumt^ 
as is afterwards defcrib'd* The Trihalli^ZTt ia 
Loioer M^^fia^ near the River Strymon in Thraeoj, 
and probably thefe are the remains of the Tlur^ifb" 
Empire, whom the Ethiopians deierted, when> 
ihe Tbracian Turks had been murder'd by iht^ 
Tdrtars Invafion i which is defcrib'd above. 

I Taw the Threats in the light of the Sua 
refle&ed from the Stars, and the cruel An* ^^ ^ 
ger 6f the Moon in her Beams. The &^s of scaiT^hdn] 
began a Fight, becaufe God permitted ^^••w*^«^ 
them \ for inftead of the Sun^ long Flames "^ * 
dartcfd at one another, the Morning-Stitr 
purfu'd the Fight, getting on the Back of 
the Lyotty and the miferable Moon chang'd 
her two^horn'd Figure ^ CafrUorn (truck oa 


J^. > 

144 The ^r&TVtrctf^Oracl^. 

thet^a^ ttK'Stt//, -and'the BuU prevented 
tbd time of* the return of Cafric^rn^ and 
fSfrim hisYofce^ fo as hot to remain tn his 
Phce •, arid fTirgo chang'd Place with Gimi^ 
0t in the iSfw, the PUiades did not appear, 
*nd t^i DrA£ok forfoolt his Zonfe^^ifd the 
Pijbfs caftie'under the Belt of the Ly<^^ -/the 
■^ V^O^^^ did ndt remain, becaiife ne feard 
f'Orioij\ theSc^rffion tiiriiM his Tail for fear 
oitheLyoK^ and the Do^-Star efcaped frbm 
th^Flames 6f the S«/i; Aquaria burnt the 
Strength of tire great 'Marning-Star ; Hea- 
ven mov'dit Telf, till it had fhaken off the 
Stars that fought, and being angry, it caft 
them down on the Earth*, and they de- 
»ftroying the Waters of the Sea, eafily burnt 
^1 the^'Eafth, and the Heavens remained 
without Stars. 

yiQte^ That at the End, there will be Signs in 
the Sun and Moon, by the change of their Light 
and Motion ; and this is reprefented here by the 
Tight of the Stairs, and leeming to fall j for if the 
motion of the Earth be nearer to the Sun and Stars, 
and irregular, the Stars will appear to us as fal- 
ling, and to have deferred their ufual' Place, in 
rcfpedt of us. This is Poetically defcrib'd, an4 
is the peculiar Rapture of the Tranflator, to ex- 
prefs the Confuiion of all things, both in Banh 
and Heaven, at the End of the World. 

If we confider, that Adrian is defcrib'd in the 
beginning of this Book, all the Prophecies after 
muft refpccil the Ages which fucceeded him, till 
the End of the World 5 as this imports, fubq; tui 
txcettcntijjime ramK^ Qmniatcmpora erunt. The 
Calamities of /Egyft are firft dcifcrib'd, and thofe 


TheSiBYJJXl NB Oracles. I45 

which muft happen. Tentpm ad extremum, fuo 
gensjmmansfutura eft feffima^ The Wars ac 
Alexandria are the hett ; and the Barbarian thit , 
deftroy^d dll th^c Cotintry is Omar, and the Hex 
Cijfu Mijfus, is the Chriftians in the Weft, Cinim 
being Javanh Soiu Thefi follows the Diluvium 
of EjjfhrateSf wf hich is the Twrl^s Invafion" ; and 
the dc^cuidb of Thejfafy and Corinth ar£ after- 
ward^ deKrib'd. None can believe this Series of 
Prophecies are raving Nonfence; nor can they 
jy^ly them, to any other, Hiflories after Adrian's 
Time. The fourth Vial on the Sun is defcrib'd 
in the Oracles, before the third on the Waters, 
becaufe the fourth has a connexion with the Cala* 
mities in j§Jii, whidh are related all together ; but 
the Vial on the Waters relates to the Fate of Thrace 
and the Magedmansin Bm^fe; where the Fate of 
divers Places muft b^ mentioned ; one muft be 
declarM in Wnting before the other, but they 
may both happen near the faiiie Time in different 
Countries : So, it may be^ in this Prophecy the 
fourth Vial is in Afia^ the third in Bttrx>pe. The 
Fall of Bahjion in the J^gvelaHons is before the De;* 
ftrtt&ion of Home, but in the Oracles after it j 
thefe being ifl di&rent Coutitries^ may fall ouf 
in the fame time, but thefe things being to come^ 
itiuft be -e^plain^d by ftiture EventSi 

. / 

• !' . 

« , 

V , • 

u tn% 

r r ' ' r 


1 4^ The S I B T J^ I* X« E QfttcHes. 





t r 


a *• ^ * 

-1 — " — n — ' ' — ' I • -' '• "^ 

- ^ t 

'.'1 ! . 

The C Q N T E K ti^*^^> 

Thi m •f fime Jiffkrmt 5iV' P'effi^/ #WUt 
Cbrin u defctiyd t^Uimn, yifpi:(H^ hi Mi^ 
raeteSf hn Deaths and €omiHg again ^^^-aH inen^ 
0iaH*d, and hi Creji W$M 'appear in lieaikn. 

• . J » X • ^. o t *• • 

T Win fiog htartilyof the GreiatsiiidCe- 
Y lebrated Son of the Iqiraorwl God, to. 
whom the Supream Father gaye.the poflef^l 
fioa of a^hroue before he. wasi^rn j an4. 
taking Flerti, he hepanii^ of two Natures: 
He was wafh'd in the Streams of "the River 
Jordan^ whofe Waters are clear, and flow 
fwiftly : He is the firftCod, of the firft 
Fire, and his Son begotten by a Dove, the 
Spirit, which appeared like a Dove with 
white Wings. He Ihall flourilh like a 
Flower, very pure j* and all things fhall 
thch flburifli. He (hall (hew all Mea the 
Ways and Paths which lead to Heaven \ 
and he ihaU inftr ud all by his wile Difcout- 


Tie StBTt.%tVfE Oracles. , I47 

fegt -He fliall judge all, and perfwade them 
whd dre^ncmks : He fhall commend the 
iaiid^We Stock of liis Heavenly Father : . 
Ke jliall appeafe the &a>and free Men from 
t^ie/r /:5>ifeafes : He fliall raife the peadi 
^.dfm^ away all great Pains^ and from 
One piece of Bread imany ihall be fed> when 
the Honfe of David ihall produce a Branch^ 
lii liti M^flds is^lJ t)ie World, the Earthy 
an4\Hdaven$, ^nd'Seat He fhall fliine a- 
gafn on th^ Earth, (at his fecorid coming) 
fjii^^Ai'l^cy twp&w hlmat firit, whe^ 
tliey.;.^aflie Out<,ofjbnc another's Side$. 
1:b0r« fii^ill be a? time when the Earth ihall 
)pq|oiee in the Hope^^f i>M$£t Son (in th< 

' O'li^tA of &9doiH ! great Mifchiefs re^ 
mafnfd*^ thee alone V for thoti being per- 
verife, didftnot IcnOyiTthyGod, bnt waR 
iSleceiy'd by Mcirtattinaginatlon ; but thou 
crowhedji him. wiith'.a Crown of Thorns^ 
andi 4idft .mix bjjter.Gall for the [greater 
ftlmfe^iitberefpte. the Spirit (hall contrive 
mmyiMifchftefs fot thi^. > 
: O tht hajipy Vi^oed- on which God vrti 
cxfena^41 the Eaf t» fllali not keep thee, 
Baif'; *htru' (halt Tee; the Heavenly Places. 
Whenl'the neW. fiery Countenance of G04 
ftiilt^ppear like t-ightning. 

ifo^J^dji^ who {ayi^ ffji penttleS' fatentur hoc ejjf 

tius tti^nHbni th»-*G6tfipi6t dgairi^ fuJ^a, If 
ililbfe £^A)phe€iei had been writ in prophetic Sym- 

L 4 fcols^ 

ia3 The. $1 by J. i^ti^n Grades. 

bols, the Gmiles would aeyer have Qndeirftooct 
Vm ; nor could they cotivioce *exn wbefi fbey 
came to pafs: Butihcjem, being us^d to Sym- 
bols, would more eafily underfland thofc fort of 
Exprcflions, which are very obfcurc to us, who 
live in the Weft. The Jewilh Prophets wcr^ read 
in their Syhagogues, and there es^plaih-d : And 
in the HfveUtians all the Symbolical Bxpfeffioiis 
are borrowed, from the old Prophets. It was ne^ 
ceflary that the Prophecies concerning, Chrift. 
Ihould be more deafly given to the GtntU^s than 
the Jem^ becaufe ^cis the only Knowledg cbey.tiad 
of Chrift 5 but the Jem .had many f rophecie^ 
concerning him : Beiide^, this Prophecy Was' oli- 
fture to the Gfn^ifcj till Chriftian ReligWn 'was 
{>reach'd amongft them, -arid' then they foufid it 
plainly in xheir Oracles: ABd the Cbrifiianr'SLjh 
pcard to them, to prove the great ArtideSvof thw. 
Religion. But GaImis is .offended, becaufe* 
ny Circnniftances of Chrift's ifeptifm in Jordat^ 
and his Miracles,, are mehtion'i Is this ajrea- 
ter Circumftaiice than th^ Place of Chrift> omK 
and his Birth of a Virgin, the cafting l^ots dit his 
Gannenr, and the thirty Pieces of Silver ? Bur 
I may affirm, that ii pleas'd God to deliver Pro-^ 
pbecies to the Ge»fi7« more plainly thiiivoSche 
Jem ; as appears by the Afuo/, who fouhd^^QUC 
the Time and Place of Cbrift's Birth,, they being 
direded by fome Prophecy to follow the Star thai; 
would lead them to Chrift, And this Prophecy 
the Jem were ignorant of ; neither could they by 
any Prophecy tell the exad Time and Place of his 
Birth, as the Gentile Magi did. And this is * 
fufficient Anfwer to our angry Commemator,,4iac 
God (hould infpire Pagan Woqien, maliri frofhe^ 
tUdono, than the Jewjm Prdphw.' Bur I hj^^' 
Quoted two Witndfes agiinft him for tli^ Piyini-:' 

Xhe S I ffTH^ziHR Oracles. -149 

ey^ of thefe Oracles, Lk&a9uim znd S9s^en, who 
£iy alfo the Gentiles do not deny ic. This ought 
CO caution G^f^fi^r from' afcribing chem to fbme 
Impoftdr^" v/ichouc naming any Peribn, or Quoting 
any Author, to prove that any one believ*d them 
to be Impoftures in;|he (r^ Centuries, when they 
were firft c|uoted. 

^fie^ftjlca SibytH frrote of Chflft 'a« God, in 
•the 116th Olympiad, -and he was born in the 
1 94th Olympiad : I therefore conjedure that this 
fioek^wa» writ by her. 

Becauie the Sibyl mentions the Names of Ci* 
ties wher^ great. C^lafpities will happen, they 
feem more eafie to be uhderftcod than the l{evela* 
iions ; but it may be obfery'd, that many old Ci- 
vics and Tcfmples 'dre lon^ fince deftroy'cl, and 
then the old City touft iepfefent the People of 
that Cbuikry,, and the l^^afchen Temple the Tur- 
kifli lyfofchSi or Idolatrous ^^mples for Saints 
Worfhip,;. , : - ^ . 

.-..: ■\ ■'■- 

J :. V 


4 •> 

. J 



130 The S 1 B T i; ]^ iirs Ort^x, 

> \ 


• I <■. f I & 

* »l ■ ■ ! i »^ *I *'M* l) f nil , fa 

The C o N 1 1 Ni*^i • 

JirojfU'kjftheSea, ,Sicily^«r«r ^gr iW own fire, 
l^aiterjha^ fleftroy afi, ^ter which Ji^^^ 
apother Age. . . ' « . ^^ 

^Vhrygiai is f he firfi f face inhabind; and ihe'firfi 
which offended by Idolatry. The Mihiopitxii'Jhatl 
become mijerable, and their Bodies Jlain. 

Mgf^Jhall be ruined by a Civil Dijfenfion, and 
then rejeS Apis, 

\.9^odict?L Jhall be bumt^ A Pillar encmnfafs^d 
with Fire to deftroy the H^ckfdf 

God gives a Throne to the Hfufi of Dwidf andfuhr 
jeHs all Ages to him, *"^ '^^ --.^-. ,.^. - 

fhe ?%ttati7hall reign, and introduce Sodomy ^ thp 

. V^otnsin/Kjalljhed mttch Blood, but at lafi be over-' 

come; Ui^s jhall not rejoice in her Mujical J«. 

ftruments^ but in Funsral Lamentations. Colo- 

photijhall be burnt, Thcflaly unfortunate to her 

^ J^mfhs,for the Earth Jhall never fee them again, 

* • «dr fheir Afhes, but theyfwim away by Sea, and 

leave the moft fordid Prey to their Enemies. 
^tjrifi is defcrib'^d tt$ baptised in Jordan, tbo* Ac 
was a Prince before the World, by his Father^ $ 
}y9r4f an4fht[fio{y Gjfoft ; be delight^ not in S^ 


TbeStB^XttSE Oracles. 151 

crificef^ Frdnktncenfi, Silver, andGoJJ, bu^ in 
' t^U^/tiope, i{eligim. fP^orJhif, Charity, and 

Hbfe ifiknd Sanio jpyall he burnt, and found no more. 
!r& Muthime Towns in lA^^Aom^ mufifall by a 

S^e jn&tof tizUiz, near the Alps, /haH bt covered 

fJbmcJhM be deftrefd v^hen it thinks 'it /elf moji 

ftrmr and glorious. -^ 

SytizJhaU be unhappy, and Thebes perijh in fVar^ 
^ mk^^Ufb^ Land d^r^M, and". M fl^ * If^ld * 

. . « • ♦- 

TH b tJ (halt be tlie firft of Cities, O 
' t>elds! the firft Widow of Men Ihall 
jJeftrojf.thce^ who js altogether unpleafaut 
In her^lJiet. O DeUs! thou Ihait fwim^ 
and flialt be unftabk in the Waters. 

Nofr, Tfais rel^ccs to the Story of Dclos rais^ The Bi«h o 
Aove Water to receive Latona, who was there ^^0^*1^' 
4eUvesrM <tf -rf/rffo, ' los. ^ 

OCyprmi theWavfi of the Scji which T^^^^^"^" 
is married to thee, fliall overflow thee. Ihc u.'r'nlng 
O Sicily! the Fire which boras in thee Ihall ^tn'd'in^h" 
confume thee \ neithet canft thou ev^de th^ b^ ototl^ 
horrible dnd hated'Waters, which God wiU 
. ftad. 

A certain iVb/f^, t)f all Men, Ihall efcape o^pi^rxDeUii 
them ^ the Earth (hall fwim, and the Moun- 
tains fwim> and the Air fwim \ all things 
fliall be covcr'd by Watcr^ and deftroy^l 
by the fame \ but the Winds (ball ccafti and 
another Age fiiall come. 

1 52 Tb^ Si B Y Ljf.-iNEQra(les. 

Npte^ Tills feems to be 0^r^#/s Flood, io which 
eime the Ifland Dehs Vofe ouc of tbe Wztets. 
Qgyges was King of Thebes^ in whofe time this pe- 
luge happened : it is reckoned after hhab^s 5^6 
YearSy and berore Dcucalion^s many Years. . Op" 
^es*s Flood was 1 79^ Years before Cbrift. This 
IS the firff cenatn fad in the Hiftory of Greece ; 
with this the Sibyl begins tl^is Bool;, tp Qiew ti^e 
beginning of Idohitry. 

' ■• . * , » r . 

' O Pbryiis / thou (lult firft ap|)ear tbove 
the top of the Waters^ and firft deny God, 
and turn to Impiety, and delight in other 
Idols which are horrid, aqd will 4eftroy 
thee in fbture Ages. 

The t/£thiofians arei miferable, fuffering 
lamentable Pains ^ they (hall be {lain with 
the Sword, trembling in their Bodies. 

^gyft fball be d^ftroy'd by int^ine Se- 
dition, which is fruitftil, and always ar 
bounds with Corn, which Nile inimdat^s 
with its feven Streams j then Men Ihall fud- 
denly caft out Jfu from amongft them, as 
no God. 

Note, Tl^at Phryg$4 is accused as the Author of 
Idolatry, and in future Ages oiuft fufFer for it, as 
it did in the Revolutions of all the Empires, and 
at laft by the Turks ^ the J^fhiofUns mi^ft be ilain 
in Battel, chiefly by the J^ans^ and they were 
expel'd thence by the Saracens^ ^-4.7, who were 
conquered by the T«rj^, The Mgyptians cafk forth 
wtf^« under the Cbriftian Emperors; and this is 
fome preceding Sedition. 

... ^ . Alas 

The Si b. y l- 1 1 N E- OfaaleY. JO 

. Abi& for La^dicea ! tbpu neither di^^l^fep R'v. |, laoHee* 
aod ?t any time, and thou, being very conr ^^: inching ; 
fident, wilt fpeafc falfly i the River of LycOs " ^▼"'^ «> «• 
ihaUlament thee. . : , ^ ihV^fe 

, The fame Gre^tGod, who is begotten,. ;. 
who fb^lLnpakem^ny Stars, .^nd haiig his :"- 

mkidle; Axis in the Air, Oiall raife a great 
jpoijiixin for Menj 3S a te.rrible Sight, being- ' 
.eflfiWiVpafs'd by Fire, whpl^ Sparks fhali.^^ '\ 

deftroy the w;ick€d Generation of cor rap$ ' 

Mj^n,' Tliere iliall be a common King, Sa^ 
turn-^ and then Men Ihall entreat God, but 
they fhall not put an end to- their fad Lof^ 
fes vbutall tbiugs fliali be,perforraM by 
the ^Hpufe pf I>4wV, for God hath granted- -^ 

him to poflfefs a. Throne ^ for all the Genii . 

fh^U-befiibjeatohim, both thofe whoap- , 
j)ear iaFire, and thofe who appear iti ^i^ -.. 
y^f^i and they^,,who preferve Cities,' an^ * * 
thfiy. who fend Winds,t)r give a^ tronblefpra ' 
Life to many Men, infiinuating themfelves 
into \heir Souls, and changing the Minds 
of :Men. But when* the Branch fcall fpring 
.frpmjtheRoQt.n^sW in appearance, he fliall 
diflblve the Creation, oy which he gave 
abundant Nutriment to all things. And 
9boiH; this time more fhall happen* 
^ But when other P^r/M;// fhall reign, who^;;;^-;,'^^';";^ 
are a Tribe of Warridlirs, there (hall pre- ftrCtM, or the 
fehf !> be unlawful Marriages of Women in ^trK fi 
tbeit (inful Tribes •, the Mothet fhall marry cUe s^m^is. 
her own Son, and the Son be a Husband to 
bi^ Mother-, theBaughter lie with theFa^ 
ther, and pauf§:hijaQ..tofleep. after thisJSf^r? 

bar ion 

( .• > • 

i |4 The Si b y % 1 1 V^ Orudes^ 

fMriiUt Pradicc : But after theft, the -jr^'to^ii 
Armies fli^li'bii jfkmoiVs iti many Battcls^'aud 
^ fteti humeri Bloqd ia many Goodtrfes •'; .^t^4 
^^r?!!^ then the /m//4» Prince fliall-^y, beirigcpn? 
few?the ?4^^i- <iUer'd in Sitteis, and leave on the GttHi;id 
^»nd Row4»/. <his Arms addrnM with Gold as he fled, and 
his succeffor 'thcy fliall cVer after foffcr (Defolatidn) the 
5-/WW took/4- Sign of Neceffity. Then fhall be' k time 

UftoM Captives p '-,, i., .'i « ...*- 

lie worfted ro«' when mnm^ being always wicked aiM mife? 
fi««fiM. i-ibly unfortunate, Oiall taftp of more Fu- 
nerals than Marriages •, theij the Nymphs 
fhall bewail grievoufly, becaufe they knew 
n6t God, but delighted in the Koife oF 
Drums and other founding Inftrumehts* 
of^hS Riw"" • ^ Calofhm ! <io thou confult the Oracle, 
T^m. ^^*^ for a terrible Fire hahgs over thee* 
UmwfMthiu%^'' O Thefdly! unfortunate to the Nymphs, 
a^Mtt'dn^ the Earth mall not feetheeany more, nor 
{bcrH}Ha^ i^Y Afhes^ for thou alone fhalt fly and fwim 

la'^awf "b's^i *^^y ^^^ ^f^^^ • ^ nnftraMc Land ! tfiOU 
irot^nJffJL * (halt fall by the fwift Rivers, and by the 
*^'- Sword. 

fS'Jt-Pim^ O miferable Or/^rA? thon flialt ^ en-. 
«!>« an?'z>rmfl (irompafsM by the fame War, and yonft^U 
wa^rtehe dgfttoy onc another. 

%Alb4nianSy and **-•-' * 

"?;^ *\^**'' >fo/^ That after the Hmdm Holy War fii the 
qnci^rpo^..^^, thefe Misfortunes wiU befal UimMdCokn 
9r</m,ano.i4^c./^» Citiesin 4fia utiATbeffkfjtf and Cmrinth io 

Gj'c^fcf. Thefe Wars (hall be firoto the Turks, 
** who conquered diefe places, as well as 7>rf ; and 

Cfiiio'Phcenicss fuiTcr a by the fame. The Nymphs 
fledfrom E/i;V«f when the Turks conquered it by 
Sea ; and there were inteftine Diflbn6oDS betwixt 
the Pnnces - before the Turks todc Cninth: So 


■'■■ ■'^heSt B T l-fl K^'Ckacks. '155 

<Us:BdokcoAtain9 fttte of thofii Hiftpnes ibe»^ 
iiog.^iiic^TNr(i«qdibnhiiBo(^, and muft be 
incerSv^ by thcbh; -The Delsge 4^&nh''d bi AnAlkgoriui 
lhc>ecjpping reprefems the Tirtars tpvafion in Jj^^^^'^;;;;^ 
jhef^; and Iiloaii\ the Turlu cbioiog into ^ 
'^«, £i^caule he is fold, like another' ^ii4;&, ro elca^ 
it alptL^,itiid/ugii!>if venit, which Is the ufnal Pt- ' 
'^[fdcnA '^f him: i^nd tberi fbllom the peftnir 
-6ib^ At Hrygijt by Ulm. And'tbe-J£rAM^«ii< are 
-tbe At%hibn iirtc^t^ wbotli tbe T«rk Coofioe^ 
lfirflinSjrl«,<andaftenlvaids iB-wfinM:] amlLw- 
'd!fV^^wj|4 ialK9 t^y:Fhftoi.i Qit^^ nHiilhinenctJf 
-tbcr^alt^a: >4u9iu> is ;«pr<;r4Dt?d by itw Pill^ 
enMmtidi'd »niit^ F' " " ' fj^e^ay d?ftf9/ 
the-Mi^h.^d ; And, a gave ttjm^iiM 

thc.feiH4r.a*;a'TJir( a' Pfrj/a*»/,Ciay - 

"be thi Tiifjt^, or Z afnt ^e inwfttf- 

iJoi ]Sifaf^es A^ti ' Th^n the Jf^> 

-w^i^'^j'd t(te 7 yA^or, abi (Mir 

Bkt&i%ai'l^Ucint:^»y(:^)iintr^-,iandthey fled, 
being Korl^CTdt j Afet ibi» VTar, tht <»*«»;* 
»i^fih#jt#5ingdflflit^d;Ci9pqaer'd.i/ii!iwJ, Cel*' 

::-iv.vfir.''r: '\i :, ;!; :, ., ■■ : ;-. r-} ^ ■ ■ . \J " 

.•iiO/i^ttl hbvfi-moD^ tlitagbifii&lt thdt 
OmmTttSbr^^mboawxiit Cbwrifyfof Righ>. 

iag/fornttTly ixtifefsU b|f hbliDarabk Mctf, 
onT-«gainft wHich -Ites tbe tcmpeftoous 
JtMi^Sok** OthbtiauftlrHbla! thdnkaev^ 
eft'UehtiiyOod; whom the Spirit waflitfd 
in JtfiiMM three tictea^ and re^nl' upon hiift 
ft loijg'.t^c^ Hftt)>^as ibrtnerly nude a 
Loni, Jb; the Word df hH Fath(^r, and by 
tfWfffilfxrSpicifc iti)^'gQ[yer<u bocb:the£AnIr, 

■*" ■ and 

'A2 «w 

156 The^Sr^ri.j:iixEOmles. 

4mA fwiftly z&endid iatd Heaveo f.bW: the 
treat Heavens made three great T6wers 
For himvjto'v^tiJch the good Mothers <jf God 

^now ihhublt Jjke Patriitrchal Churches iftthe 

"Sajfji Ho|?; adefirablePiety^ andReligi^ 
^pq, nof rejp^cing in Silyer and Gojfd,' but 
lift the \yqrlhi|5ers,. ^nd* their Sacrifices^ 
^e^Hcftrtsvof the mpft infl:. Thou IhaH fftcri- 
ifice to tiiti iffiraortaligr^at God> who is A- 
^•ftr^im, ;im Mecesof Frankincenfe melted 
^fcf Firev«mtnef (haltttioti flay with^a'Kttiife 
^ rpugh-haif'd Lamb y but with afl thojfe 
^hoareof thefameBlood'with thee^ thod 
JKalt take.w}]4 Bircis, arid (praying) Tend 
^them with .tl^y Eyes .fix'd up^ward fd^Hea- 
,veiv, and thou (halt fpriqklcW^tcr.oja'th? 
spure Fire^ Tpeakiag Tuch. things i^f.CpFa^ 
A'; ther, who, haft begot thee, theMtotd! 
^ O Father 1.1 have fent the Birdv a Cwift 
*^ Mefl[eng^*^-of my ft-ay^rs : O WoM of* 
" God! fprinkrdinthyBaptifm#ithptire 
*• Water, thou wilt not fliut the Door when 
j^ any. Sfifknger (hall come, lieiAg mw-dnt^ 
-^ tobeddiyer'd from Famine andPover* 
-*f-ty, but* receive him^ and fprifiiLto ^e 
/* Head of this Man wiih Water; . And, 
praying, thrice fpeak fheh things to yoor 
God;^ ** Ida not love Richest whenl.was 
f^ Poor, I received the F6or : O Father J 
^* the Govcrnonr inaH Places, hear me« ' 
f. /And he- wiH give to tftee Fraying ^ and 
,i*en.the Mdn*will anlwer^ " Do not afflift 
^^ Tine, whdam a holy Wwfliipperiof .Ge#i 
t^ p&i ^i^^fr€e9.anda)chofirn.CffivrilH(: 

The S I B TX LI KBOtracles. 157 

** G Pather ! confirm' my mifetaW? Heart^l 
*^ for I look Tip tmtb thee, who art unpolhH 
V ted, whom no Hands have made. > 


» « 

N9i^i. That l>re Was deftroy'd by the TurkfitC 
in t^ End of the Holy Wan Damafcw in AJ^U 
was th5 Royal Seat p£ the Turi^ who followed, 
Aff/ec aiid p»c<iy ; and pamafcvs is the chief City 
in Ccelbfyfia,: the K\vtrClnryforrham flows by D4t- 
f9i4/cixf into the Mediterranean Sea. The Reafons^ 
6f the Miseries of AjfjHa arc, their not following' 
Chfift. '^ • 

; Here<%riftVbeingrLord of Heaven and Earth' 
is iniinkiced before he rook a Body/ and afcended: 
t^vitl^. ^ And the Chnftian Religion <i$ here plainr 
ly deicrib'd to be without bloody Sacrifices andf 
Incenfe; their Sacrifices are Prayers, fent up by 
the Aifi^ance of the Holv Spirit jexp-efsu by 
Birds. Baptifm is hece detcrib d by theiprinklin|^ 
with Water and Fire, which is the Spirit; andi 
Charity is^ here mado part of that Religion. 

O Sardo ! thou being fad, (halt be turn'd 
into AIhe$^ and thdu. (halt fee no more an 
Ifland when the tenth Age (hali come ; andJ 
theailbtsinthcSea ftiall feekMhfee, Who 
art not: to-be found ^oand the Halcyms (hall? 
raife.theif miferablcLamcatatians for thee; 

> O'f0itigh.(and uiieyen) MygdinUl: []^iX^- 
gim 'of\M^ccdom» mar Tpjraei^jzM^ritxtM 
'EOiwn 'difficultly ^appuoach'di ; thou fliaic lld>.^' . ' 
grew <>ldr aad pcrifliforevEry andallbyi .-- •* 
hotrWindji ^thm^iihyith TuthsniSbmsy'} and: ' ' ' *' ' "' 
thowiteht^Tige-'thm^jiianf MSmek- • ^ •[; 

rTbdb Gterf^whatehaWteft near the Stfre^i 
^i//£httit Ok^ be/^arvrtr^d With^deejjSand^; 
i^ ^ it 

i 6o • The S I B y i> 1 1 N E Cracks. 

O yen be dtwrfe in th^ plowing by the Iran 
VfUnth direds tKem ; nor M\] they priin^ 
the Branches, or cut the Corn, but thty 
ffiall all eat the Manna, irhich fells like 
Dew, with th^ir white +eeth, arid God 
Ihall be with them, and inftfuft them: 

,\ • - ♦ • 

Nofe, That tKe Deftrudion in Thehes nluft'-be 
io the Mdtedonian tVar^ and cKat in 5;rii> as^k is 
4^fci:ibM in the fifth Book.; and after chat;:thfil 
^^11 of Sulphur, ^nd darknefs, and then ihall 
be a new World 2 BuE what the third Xo^. of 
Years co come fignifieSy and the firft eight,- 1 can- 
not euefs ; k may relate to this Verfe in the eighth 
JBook^ Pqft hunc regnabunt ires ultima temfora. har, 
hntes. Tis plain the Refurrjedion is aefcriVd 
of the Bodies, and the eating Manna iilParadife^ 
*nd Cbtiflfs Prefchte alfo, ^ 

P me who' aril wicked! for what Evils 
did 1 formerly with a Defign? and I did 
others unwillingly ; I have committed 
Whoredom many times, and I never mar- 
ryy 9 1 was unfaithful to all, but obligM 
others by a bnitlfh Oath; Iflmt out of my 
Houfe the Poor j but walking in the Porch^ 
I admitted thole who were like me, jiot 
co'uficjering the Command of God : For 
this reafon Fire hath eaten me ; and after 
this Confumption I Ihall not live again, but 
anlir^tinie ^rll deftroy me ^ and Men fliall 
t\\Sjsp me a Monriment, biit they who. will 
c6jpeaf^er fhajl thfrow me into theSea,Mfith* 
lflii?Sfi)ne5 tHat cover me/becapfe I lay with 
Mf ptberv^^anrf produc'd for him a dirif 
^•"'^ Son* 

The S I ^ YjX-X J JN E Oracles. 1 6 1 

Son. Let^all of you caft me away, for fo 
I fhall live, and fix my Eyes on Heaven. 

- » 

Note the Wickednefs the Sibyl here confefles 
(he had done, andxoncludes with a Prophefy how 
(he ihould be abused ^er her Death, for which 
(he hopes for Pardon ; but this Wickednefs is ob- ^ 
je&^^infk her by Qafi<tiu^ as making h^ unfit 
tor a Pfophetefs ; .to which 1 will^ive tais Anfwer 
out of the Apoftolic Conftitutions : Neither is 
every one that propbeciesJK>ly ; £aalam .did^irc- 
phecy, tho' he was a wicked Man ; as did Caia^ 

mongft' the true'Prbpfetlp^d ^ffefi*s falfe Pro- 
phets were infpir^d oy a lying Spirit, jindfome* 
times the toevirsOjradeis for ^coid Events truly, as 
well as tfie Witch' at £«i/(yr. 

LaSIantius quotes fbme of this Book, and there- 
fore we may fiipppfe it genuine, tho^^moft obfcure 
of any 5 and j^feems to yv^'nt its Proemium con^ 
cernin^ God I but it ends' with the burning of the 
World, the Refurrcttion and Mitenmum. The 
laceft this Sibyl was guilty of, dpes incline me 
,;o tjii^k jhe ^i$ zFerfiitn Sibyl. 

• ■* »-r^ 


' •<• £. 



1 6 1 The S I B T Lx'i N E Oracles, 




The Co KT 5 NTS. 

JEit tbi Bool^ thofe things are chiefly related jpbi^ 
belong to the DeJiruHion of the Roman Empire ; 
and thi n the Volumes of the Cumsean Sihylt 
'whichf LziAsLnximfayf, were l^eft <u Arcana by 
the Romans ; hut the refi tfthe Books of the Si^ 
byls were notferbidden to be cemmonff read by 
aBp and therefore were well kjuawn^ and might be 
freferv]d when the Capitol was burnt. 

The Covetoitjhefs of the Romans is firji reproved : 
Rome muft b^ demoUjh^d and burnt after A- 
drian, and after the three eminent Perjins who 
muft reign ; and they JhaB continue to the lafi 
Ages^ and the time fignified by God's Name^ the 
fumm of Xeir^f ^ili is 1764* Adrian diedsum. 
140, the total of the Tears of the fVorld 1904. 

Conftantine is the old Jf^ing, who brought the Riches 
of Rome #91^0 Afia^ and there the Turk jei:^d 

Nero here reprefents the Turk, and is the third of 
the three tt,at muft reign ^ and then the Emperor 
of the Eaft^ who reftdes in Roma Prognaca La- 
tina, Jhai iofe his Empire^ and that will never 
rife ^gain. 

■ The SiBY'L'tlNE Oracles. l6^ 

A Pp'Ate coming over i^be Seas ^ is caiPd Ignifet 
Dts^eOf ^wiih a great Armj^ and he Jhall deftroy 

. Rome, and ,tbm the End of the World k near i 
but Rome muji firji be dejtrofd, 

Ti^ lacin Wefiern Bmperorj mre here mentiorfd^ 
who will xije the fecond of the three ^ and firon^ 
them the f$me tho City muji fall is computed^ 

After jJEgypc has had 1 5 Kf^g^f ^hen , a Phoenician 
in his fifth Tear (hall come and dcfiroy the Jews, 
and conquer the Romans, and at tafi he poatl 
come out ofARA wiihagreat Army^ and furfri:{e 

. the Ciey.of,i,omc ; and then Rome, as the Nun^: 
bersin its Name Jignifie^ Jhall fulfill 9487^^^/, 
to which if we add the Tedr when the Wejiern 
Empire hegan^ it jpill make the Tear of our Lord 
1 748 5 bHt if we reckon from the beginning of the 
German Empire^ ann, 888, the Tear of the fi^orld 
Tpill be when Rortie fall's ^ 1836. Ihe Com put a^ 
tion in the Revelation Elands thus j the Papacy 
\ofe 6c5, to which add iz6p, the^ total is 1866, 

^ when. Rome muJi be burnt. 

The Per/on who muft dejiroy, Rpmq corner put of Afia^ 

failing. thence by the Jfthmiis of It^ly, beholaing 

^11 Countries as he pajfes j and he fhall cauf^ 

great effufion of ^lood, likfi 4 wild Beaft 5 be Jhall, 

fubveft lome Jf^ngdoms^ and then perijhl 

Rhodes muft after this be deftro/d^ and Thebes, 
/Egypt, and lafl^ o/ix//,,Perfia ; fhonChriftJkail 
reign, and the Dead be raised j L^efore which time^ 

' famines^ Plagues, Tumults, and great ff^icked^ 
pefipoall abound, and a Comet Jhall appear ^ then 
will be th^ reign of a f^njan, and the IVorld bei 

' dejirp/dj ^ -' ■ ' r ' ' ^ ' 

I Do declare the Signs of the grpat Aager 
of God, which is to come upon the 
odd/ which will be full of Infidelity in 
f^^ J^afl: Ages* I will prophefie of thefe 

1 6^ The Sibylline Oracks. 

things to all Men, in their icFcral Citjec, 
from the time thatcfae Tower of AiWfelH 
aad the Tongues of Men were divided into 
many Dialeds. 
Firft, of the fCingdom of t/dSjwij after 

that, of the Terfians^ Afedesy ana ^/Ethio- 
fians^ and 6i Babylon in ^ffyria \ then 1 will 
fpeak of the great Pride oi MftcedmU^ for 
I am fent againft the fa;mous and wicked 
Kingdom of ludy^^ and laftly, ihew -to all 
Men many Calamities which ave to xome, 
and will delbroy all the Labours of Men on 
the Earth Xtheir Gths^ j and then the fierce 
Kings of the Gentiles Ihall be brongfat into 
the Weft, [the IVefiern Emperors'] wtio ftiall 
give Laws to the People, and fubdue tliem 
all : Laft of all, the Mill of God (ball grind 
'em into fmall Powder, when Fire (hail de- 
ftroy all, and reduce into thin Aflies the 
tops of the high Mountains, and sfU Flefh. 

The Beginning of all Evils is Govetouf- 
nefsand Folly ij they fliall defiie mudi de- 
ceitful Gold and Silver, for Men think no- 
thing better than thefe, not theLig|it.of the 
Suny nor the Heavens, nor the Sea, nor the 
vaft Earth, where all things are bred, iv>r 
God, who gives all things, and is tlie Fa- 
ther of all •, nor do they prefer the Faith 
and Righteoufnefs of thefe : TPis is the 
Fountain of Impiety, and the Author of all 
Diforders, the Contriver of Wars^ andithp 
Enemy of Peace^ which makes Fathers &• 
nemies to their Children, and Cliildten to 
their Fathers : And .no Honoiir is paid to 


The Si b y t li ne Grades. 165 

fi^e% eqimi tc^ what is given to Gold. 
Th<r Eanh (hall haAre Bowids fet to it, and 
Gtiards to every 'Sea : It is meaftr'd out de- 
ceiifufty to thofe who abotmd in Gold, who 
defirealways to« enjoy the friiitftil Land j 
they wilt deftroy the Poor, that they raay 
po(&& more Lands^ and boaft that they are 
made their Slaves ; a«d if the great Earth 
had not been fo remote from the Starry 
Hejv^ens, thie Light had not* been equally - 
divided afmongft Men, but it would have 
been bought for G6ld,^and made fubjeft to 
tho Rich, and God muft have made another 
World fof the Poor. 

Nfl/^, The Meafure of the Verfes would not 
admit of naming the Monarchies in the Order 
they *rofe ^ and fince there is no more (aid of 
them, theDefign of this Book is only to dedai^e 
the laft Fate of the J^mansy which Ihould happen 
in the end of the World, when God*$ Mill (A e* his 
Providence) will reduce all to Pbwder. 

O ]^oud and boafting Rome! an eqtial 
Dcftroftion ftiall fall on thee from Hcavea 
above ^ and thou fhalt firfl: bend, thy Neck^ 
that thN:>0 maift be thrown dowa^ and thou 
(halt be utterly confum'd by Fire, and lie 
tm the Grou^nd •, and thy Riches fhall oe- 
rifb» and Wolves and Foxes Ihall inhabit 
thy Foundations, and then thou Ihalt be al- 
together defolate, as if thou hadft never 
been* Where will then be thy Palladium ? 

t the Statu0 of Villas^ which frefiru'dTrOfl 

What God made of Gold^ Silver^ qxBu» 

.M 3 ' will 


1 66 The S t b T L L I N E Orach A' 

' v^ill fave thee ? or. Where are theDeerees 
6f thy Senate ? Where is the Progeny of 
Rhea and Saturn ^ or Generation of JUfiteri 
and of all thofe Damons you worlhip'd, who 
are dead Men, and Images made of theni^ 
of whofe Monuments unfortunlte Cute 
makes her Wft, worfliiping dead and in- 
fenfible Images placed on Thrones. 
^ B,ut when fifteen luxurious Princes hav* 
poffefg'd the Empire of Rbme^ making all 
lubjeft to them from the Baft to the Weft^ 

^ there ihall be a King with a white Helmet, 
having the J^Iame of a neighbouring Sea j 
he fhall travel over the Worl4; iRith much 
Labour, giving Gifts, having very much 
Gold, dnd gathering more Silver from his 
JSriemies, f^hich he will fpend in Gyriinaftifc 
3ports or Exercifes : Aiid he ftiall under- 
ftand all the Myfteries of the Magie Rites : 
jHe Ihall make his Servant a God, and de- 
ftroy all other Worlhip {of the Jem\ and 
fh^ll difcover to all, the Myfteries of Errors 
from their original j \\*t\ all other Godsmre 
made in the fame manner at fir ft as hie Sen/antJi 
from thenceforward his Days {hall be un- 
happy, and he Ihall make a Wretched End. 

Note^y That Adrian travel'd t(5 Atheni^ and ma- 
ny other, places ; he inftituced the EUufinian 
Games, deftroy*d the Jews in Bethoron, prohibited 
them from feeing Jerufalem i he gave divine Ho- 
hoiirs to youhg Antinom, which was a great Dif- 
* ghiace to the Heathen Worfliip, to contecrate his 
Catamite : He ftudicd Magick much- The reai- 
^ti My he is fo t)artictilariy:defcrib'4i5 to^egftf- 


The Sibylline Oracles. 1 6j 

fent the abfurd Idolatry in his rime.ampngft the 
i^ans: He died of a Dropfy miferably. He 
built a Temple at ^erufalem, on the Ruins of the 
other, and dedicated it to Jufiter. 

Noce farther, that dhim ought to be twice rca4 
in that Verfe, and then the feijfe is. That that mi- 
ierable time kiird him, and he was miferable be* 
fore his Death. 

And the People who were once very 
powerful fliall fay. The City jhaU foB^ know- 
ing truly the evil time that was to come: 
Then they Ihall all lament together, both 
Fathers and their young Children, the fad 
Fate of Ramcy which they forefaw ; and 
they ftiair mourn on the melancholy Banks 
of Tyber. 

After Jdrian^ three ftiaH reign, who ftiall 
continue to the laft Ages, fulfilling the time 
iignified by God's Name, whofe Empire is 
at prefent, and fliall lafl: for all Ages to 

ISIott, That '^t^U makes 1480, 9#J< 184, (as HxiX 
the Marsin) in all 1764 ; to which add M. Dam. P 
140, (when Adrian ^ved, and from whence the ^ 
Computation maybe made) the total will be^ 
I904, And this is the largeft Computation that ^ 
Cam be made, and is rather a Computation for the ^ 
Deftrttdion of the Turkift Empire, which will 
fall out, acciording to the ^veUtims^ in i S 8 1. ^ 

One of the three Omdthtfirfi) (hall hold \ 
the Empire long, till he be old, arid in this 1 
refped a miferable Prince, who (hall Ihut 
up in jiif^Ho^fe all tln^ SLichjBS of the World^ 

M 4 and 



1 68 The ^ 1 ]^ Y t LIKE Ordctes. 

and iUU keep 'em^ that #ti€n tU Sidipi 
of his M'otier fliallc^ flylngy and return 
from the cridVpf tlie Vi/ojrldjc, he Iball givq 
afway thofe Rictes to all' his Followers', and 
thereby cnrlclf ill Jfa: Aud theii tho^ 
fiialt lant^ot thfc purple Oloi'y of thy Em- 
perors, when they fliall put it 6^^ (la^fi 
their Emf ire) and put on a mournful Gar- 

O boafting Prmcfe,- the Offspf ing pitdtlti 
Kame ! thbii flfialt riot e^oy any longet the 
. Fame of thy Bo^fting ; ihd thou^tJnfortu- 
liate, ftialt never be feftor'd, but tit d6wn 
(deftroy'd;'. And the Gi6ry of th& Ltgibrtiy 
whofe Banners carry fhe FJgiires of ^gWs, 
fliall (ink. Where is thy Strength ? IVhat 
Land (hall fight for thqe, who w&s Brought 
into Slavery by thy vain dnd wickpd Devi- 
ces ? F6r thcri (hall Mftn in all Couritries ber 
in tontnabiij when the Oiiinipotent* tkalt 
come and judge from his Throne the SouH 
of the. Quick and the Dead, and all the 
World: Theri the Parents ihal( aotloyi^ 
their Chiidren^ ijor the Children tieirl^a^ 
re^nts/for.the abundarnce of impiftty vaiiii 
fudderi Afftiaibn: Fron! tlieiidc ilhfiu ijialt 
have gnafhlffg of Teefehj Difpei'ficmf a«rd 
Gajitivitjr, Whtn tfife-GitieU Ml^ ^M^^tM 

!. iVbVff^ *0*^ i^i^ ^^ vMnce is Conjikhttiie th^ 

■' "Gre^r, vlfWhinhCcrtftahH^o^^^^^ carried th<J 

llrcfres of f{p»7je thither. * T^ Slayer bf Ms Uo^ 

ciief; iV'tfie Ohmdri fstti^^y^ Vy&a"^d tec 6f 

The SitrtiLitt fe Oracles :^ f6^ 

P&i^fii^ wficn- they came into j^ai aridP tBcy fei^^ 
oiiil\C^ftdntinis Riches vt^hcfn tttey took CmJ^ 
fidniiHi^te^ I4;53 ; but they pcnfel&'d tbt Eaftemr 
Part of t%^ Empire aiino 1 300, and tife ttmfiaHiti^ 
HdfoHtan^ fliall never regain theif Empire : It is^ 

caU'd the OHTsiiiring p^Lifi^iif i^wMv Xhet^reefa^^ 
who are to reign afiier ddrUn^ are, .1 . C^^antinei 
i. ,tfie Weftem Emperors ; J, the Tiairk j and the 
Tiii-li:' muft prevail over all at kft, fof fid corr-- 

ter^d the CtM^antinoftdi^an E^iperolrsr, e^dn ini-' 
fed tK^ Veftern EfbpiF€, and be m\^ totidmxs^ 
to di^ iti& of thie' World the greacefli Empire^ aod^ 
at laft tmca i((^tf. 

The fiery Di^igdn^ when ht fhall comiDr 
fwinfirSJng oh the Waves, having a Multw 
stfd^ in his Bdly^ and fliall noariih thy Chik 
Attn id thef time of Plague and Givil War^ 
thin the End of the World i$ near^ and the^ 
laft pay, aftd the Judgment <rf the Juft arid ^•«^^^*- 
EfeA by the Immortal God •,. but firft the ica in thlmu 
inevitable Veiige^nce fWuft happen to tbe^'""'«'*«^»"' 
tt6^ans\ A bloody Time,, ^d a mpliriifol 
Life^ fhail th^rt be- 

Ala^/or thee, O Land of It^ly^ a^ great 
baftstbns Ndtiotf \ th6u doft not confidcr 
whiiiee ihbxi cairieft, naked, and inglo^ioes 
tt>the Ligfit of the Sun \ D* c. ^iS^ty 4re ^iS^ 
Ofsffi^ghfiksQoth^i Lombards, Mdi^m* 
iA^ti%^NoHh€rffN^ifri/^."} that thott maift 
agiiii retfitn naked into the fSime place^ and 
at laft e6nS6 to Judgment \ for thou alone 
didft judgi t^kkedly with thy Giant-like 
Hands (hr l^it^ ia all pirts of the WorW. 
Tkm fifilt iiA »«tt Ui faigliiUte^ and ftait 



1 7Q 1 Tha S I B T L L I KE, Oracles. 

Uve low iq the Earth i thou (halt vanifii 
y thro' much biiriiing Fire, , made by bitumi-, 
nous N^bd (or jiffhahas) and Brimftone, 
and thou (hale become burning Afties for 
ever, and every one who beholds thee *all 
hear a great Bellowing and Lamentation 
from Ifades^ arid gnafhlng of Teeth, and 
the ftriking thy Atheiftieal Bofom wfeh 
thine own Hands, The Rich will have an, 
equal Night there with the Poor y they 
came naked out of the Earth, and they 
(hall return naked thither \ as they encreale 
they die, finifliing their Time : There is 
no Servant there, nor Lord, nor Tyrant, 
nor King, nor Commanders, being very 
pfoud •, nor a Lawyer with his Eloquence, 
nor a Governour who judges for Gain, nor 
he that facrifices with Libations, or pours 
Blood on the Altars-, neither does the 
Drum found, or the Cymbal, or the Pipe 
with many Holes, which difturbs the Mind 
by its Sound ; npr the Litum^ which bears 
the form of a Writhen or crooked Dragon \ 
nor the Trumpet, which, declares War by 
its barbarous Sounds nor they who are 
drunk in unlawful Banquets, nor Fornica- 
tions, northeNoife of the Harp, nor In- 
ventions to occalion evil Works, nor Con- 
tention, nor various Angpr, nor thcSwordj 
but there is a eo m mon A ge for all the Dead . 
The Keeper of the greit Prifon ftands at 
the Throne of God : adorn your felves with 
polifli'd Gold, Silver, and fcwels, that you 
©ay come to tjic bitter ^^y^Cc^e T$m ofju 

TbeSiBYJ,ijlviizOratks. 171 


DtfirtiHim). O Mcme ! thou haft feen thy 
firft Punifliment and Lamentation with 
gnalhing of Teeth, {that isy by the Ignifer 
Draco.) Neither the Syrian^ nor Gruiaa^ 
nor Barh^rian^ nor Qther Nation, fliall be- 
came Slaves to thee* Thdu flialt be de* 
ftroy'd, and ftfFer EviU for what thou iiaft 
done i and thou flialt lament and tremble 
till jthou haft paid for all. The World fhall 
ti;iumph over thee, and all fliall reproach 

J4ote^ The Ignifer braco is Genfiricus, with his 
Vandals who came, and plunder'd Upwie , ;ind burnt 
it, in the Fifth Century, and remrn'dinto Jifric. 
This is Jfi^ojwtf's firfl Punifliment ; and the Saracens 
butnt the Suburbs of I{fme in the Ninth' Centuryi. 
The State of Hades is next defcrib'd, and I(pme 
threatned widi utter Ruine. 

f^ofe. The three in the Weft goyern'd after 
Adrian i Cmftantine, the H^eftem Emperor, and 
^e t^k' but in the Baft the three are^ the 
Ba^em Emperor^ the Saracen, and J«fr.^. 

Then the Sixth Generatioil of the Latif^ 
Kings fliall begin, and continue to fulfill 
the laft Age, and they fli^U reign ; and o^ 
ver the fame Generation another King fliall 
reign, and govern all the Earth, and the 
Enit>irc, and be an abfolute Prince, thro^ 
the Decrees of die Great God j and the 
Childr€;a^,ChUdr?» of this King fliall re- 
jnainiinlhaken, for fo 'tis4ecrced in fol- 
lowing. Ages. 


1 74 The ^r B Y^t t i'nf^ Orasks. 

The Jews Will ' W&^n thffdffiall b^fiftceti KillgS'm e.*- 
^^TZ'^nn^iyP'^ Mt} when the /%i^/rM*r(Prk!<re) IfeU 
try bcforc'the c^Bie to' Ms fiftfr Vcar, a Katioft fliSal? coflie 
FaU of Rome, ^fttoyf Hg divers Nations, and the unmh'd 
Tribes 6f tht J^Wetf^s^^ thett one Jfetion 
by War IfeU make Depi^dations^ on a^^ 
VMx^ and' fftfe'fafrae ftall defeat the thtealft 
ind Afmi of the Smarts. The ffonrifting 
Empire bf^<w»^ wiis loft long ffnee, who 
teafs aa oM' Qpeen over many Cities round 
about lier. Hereafter thou Ihalt not couquef 
the liourifliing Country of the Ramans^ythtn 
i\^ Conqtrerof (half come wkh his Army 
out of >dfjf^- Savliig done ill tfeefe things, 
he ffiall come and furprizc Kom^^ who ffiall 
fulfill thrice Three hundred arud forty eight 
Yearsf, when this nakieky Fate fliall come 
and force it to accomjoliAr the Mirittbefs in 

N<rf?, Tfi« the Wcftenf fimpire #as fo? uc^ t* 
gab by the Pbf^, aiitd fiit French Emperdrs fire* 
ceeded of the Cbariemaine Family : And after 
Aeoi, anoehcr Frtfice of tfaeiakne F^mfily iuocced- 
ed in Gernui^^ which Empire i$ co continue to 
the laft Ages. ^^iJP^ mxA. have fifteen Kings^ 
Seljmus wa$t&e firtt Turkiffi Emperor t&ere, who 
eori4?Jer*d it aHn. 1 5 17 ^ and there had been ftf- 
teen Safaeen Cali|jh$ before Saracm conquered 
^ettf » and aftie^ards tikt^tt hlanim^tukf Cali{4i9k 

lifhrnrihim^t reign itt «/%yf^T ^i^d h^ 
itisTII |)IiiMf^ nranyKsitions, and tbe;?Wtt^ 
and defeat the Romans^ and at laft 40me 
out of >^4, and furprize Rome. 

The Bi BY I. irlfiS. Oracles, 175 

. J^/?»rthe Sar0fi^ens im^aded Ualj 8;i9, ^nd w 845. 
And labour 918 the S aracfm invzdcd Apulia, zrii- 
came Alfo from 4/^icrf amto 933, and invaded 
<^endn^ and plundeM if: And Mal^amet the great, 
fiot 'long -before his Deatb» wfaidi wafs uny^o 1 481^ 
cook O^anto in Jr^//, .^ndT held k ja ^ear, and 
•pliiii3dffr*d all itfhe Country : latuc iBimidence ft^ 
v^m^ his farEber<]!onquefts. by .his Be^ih^ ^and 
the Wair& he had wijth thcCar^pu^nhan King, A^ift- 
edhy£hei*^^«»flqd,5|//r4i?.of J^;jp^ ^ 

Aphmetttf Mal3pmeV%^Getip:2\, brought his A4r 
my from Autona^ a Seji-porc in Mai^dfinia^ over 
the Sta'tp0^r4?f^« iti^^/*^, which is but 60 Milest 
^And Vihea ij^me tniift fatl at kft, \^ Tirr^ Wifi 
^omefmti^ ./gfo^ond fuitpriie Sigmer )6^iwuisfuK^ 
dsunen^an^^ but JieiyAd&tv in die Ver&.ss fome mi? 

Aajop ofor a Wqrd < fignifyji^g jtnej^ffe4ly. Tlie P tco 

Crcejc J^me of /^«»?timkes 948,.^dtlii5 Oomi- * ^00 

micaKopmuft begin from 809, whca^hc Wcftccn ^ ^"^ '^^ 
empire began, or thetOerm^n i» 858. ** 2 

If we ferioufly cohfider -how many things ar^ 94^^ 

to come to pafs in ti^ Aftb Book ^ the Oracles. 
before the fall of theTc^, and Xnfks, Ave canno^ 
-think -rf>«t ^wwe canlfall in the 18th Century, for 
ihe 3Fc.vM muft return Bijl, .tbe ^jpr/^ww invade 
Bellejpmf,% tbe /SpftUns^ M/t^e^oni^^ th^ muft 
be^ ciyir*War in^JfjS^, Jr4/jr muft U^qpae arOc- 
fart, and a great ^^ caird Betlunt faUaXf and. 
Infidipfum from the end ofthe^'orld ; Wars in 
the TV^9 and in Mfasdw*^ and tbp I$.ing$,mLuft 
be dcftrpyM by Xhunder, and then Home muft be 
d^fttxyyM.; and. after 'that, the Tuiiift *aapifa 
Barbdrejfa with the Tutkifii VelT^Is {^kndei^'d Ipuly | 
and Sii^mtm dnno i{^ .defiguM m haye invaded 
dfetfir, but &U on ^ VineiiimSf flunder'd S^ti^ 
and Cyiktf^a^ ^ b^rnt i^e:tflaQdS;^/94, iP^r^i^ 
and Naxoi, 


?74^. TheSiBYj^tivtEOracles. 

;" Woe is me, mifcrable when I (hall fcp 
that Day which wiU be uiifortuijigte to thee, 
O R^mej but moft to all ftaly I The Soldiers, 
inrag'd with Anger, ihall commend him 
who afcends the Trojan Chariot, (or Ship) 
and came from Jfiaj for his hidden Gonnr 
iels and Ambufhes, after he hath pafled (or 
conquer'd) the Ifthmus (Naples) looking 
npon all as he goes •, be Ihall change the Sei 
(by coming to another) and the Beaft Ih^U 
^ come to black Blood •, QW^, the Turk here 
paU'd the Seafijhall be flain.'} The Dog hatli 
produced a Lyon, which fliall kill the Shepr 

herds, [that is j the Dog is fame Confederate's 
Army^ the Shepherd is the Commander^ the Lyon 
is fome V erf on fet up by them^ ta kill the Com- 
. . : tnander^ and they fliail take away his King.- 
dom, and he Ihall perifli- 

'Note^ The Sibyl, like other Poets, fuppofes (he 
faw that Day of /((^mff^s Pall, but none can think 
ihe will be alive then ; therefore fuch a Pidion of 
Ibnner Sibyls ought not to be obje(fted againft 
their Oracles. The Trojikn Chariot fliew's, that 
the Turk will come from thence j or it relates to 
the Ambufli in the Trojan Horfe. 

' The laft Mifchief {hall then befal Rhodes^ 
but the greateft ; and the Theh^ns (hall be 
taken Captive •, ^gypt ftiall be deftroy'd 
thro' the Faults of the Governours j but 
they who afterwards Ihall efcdpe this excee^ 
ding Deftruftion ftiall be exceeding happyj 
and four times a more h*ppy Ma^* * ' 

' The SiBY JjL I if E Oracles. 175 

Then Rome fliall be Ruint^^i.e. a fmAll 
Vtll^C', as at firfi j*i> had alfo its Name p<jm 

Ruma Mainma,]J 2>r/w fliall difappcar, 
and Samos become Sand, \Jtis obfervahle hew 
thefe Words rhime t$ one another in the Greek*'} 

But iafl: of all, the Perjians fliall fuffer 
Calamities, and all Injuftice fliall be de- 
ftroy'd for its Prjde, add then a pure Prince chrift reigns, 
ihall govern all the Earth for all Ag?s, r?i- 
fins the Oead* 

By thefe things the Higheft (God) fliall 
bring the miferable Fate, on Rome^ and Men 
fliall perifli, with all their Countries, by 
tfiefe things ; but they will not obey, thp' 
it were much better for theip- But when Famine, piigxi 
the.fevil Day fliall ehcfeiife^aipoji all Men, «»<* Tumuiti 
by J^amine and Plagues and TTifiifitlTtsJ'not to 
beappeasM, then a Prince formerly mife- 
rable, fliall call a Counftl, and confult how 
to defl:roy. The dry Land ftiall appear 
flourilhing with Leaves, [_i. e. the Land de- 
ftroy'd^ Jhall begin to recover"] but the Hea- 
venly Country fliall appear on a folid Rock 
{the Chitrchnot de^rofk] \ then Rain, Fire, 
and many Tenipefl:s fliall be on the Earth, 
and on Multitudes of Sheep Xjioho are kiWd 
by the Tempefi^ fpread thro' ail . the Earth : 
But they who have an impudent Mind^ will 
again do Evil; not fearing the Anger of 
GOD or Men, they ftall put off' all 
Modefl:y, and choofe Immodefty ; mifta- 
fele Tyrants, violently wicked, Lyars, per- 
fidious. Evil-workers, in nothing fincerc^' 
breakers of Leagues, uttering infanjous 

/ thifags 

i;7i6 Th Si ^ y l line Omks. 

things in falfeDifcourfes; neitterwijUthey 
te latisfy'4 with Riches^ but flianj^feyy 
(g^tiher more^ ftn4 will p^ijh by their ACtipg 
: the Tyrant. . , ' 

All tlie Stars will fall which anpea^r lie- 
A Comet before y<^«d thc Scas, and thofe on this fide.; and 
if/r W4 reign<f. ablating Cpffl€t will appefir, which Men 
' } call a Star, porttending great peftru^ipn 
-by Wars thgt .^ill happen, wd Slaughters. 
May I not live when HiUra rules, but when 
the Heavealy Grgce: (Chr,ifi) fh^U x^igh, 
and when tjie Holy Child ihall ^^li^?^ M^n 
from the Bonds of all Deceivers •, whfla he 
\ppens the Abyffi, which is petnicious, ^nd 
. .iMen return fu^dehly to their wopdcn 
The Bri<ie mfi^e Houfes \jn whicfn they dv^lt firm^riy^2 
juvcutions. But whenthetentlx Generation fhalLendf 
the Power of the WomaA's JCingdqiP %11 
'be great, dpring which God himfelf (hall 
encreale many , Evils, when the Woman 
ihall be crown'd and poflefs a Royal .Ho- 
nour, and allitbe Year Ihall be a mild Se^- 
fbnj and the Sun, as if running in an ob- 
fcure Light, Ihall appear •, the Stars Jhall 
leave the Heavens, and rulhingvwith a great 
The Refurreai-storm, fliall wafte the Earth. Then (liall 
' be the Refurreftion of the Dead, the Lame 
(hall run fwiftly, and the Deaf hear, and 
^'m^t^um ^he Blind fee, rand the Dumb fpeak j.aad 
'Provifions (hallbe coranK)n toall, asfvell 
as Riches, the Earth (hall be equally free 
-to all, not . divided by Walls and Fences, 
.but it fhall b^ar more Fruit, and yield 
jFouatains of :fi(!? Wine and white Milk 


The SiBYLiiNE Oracles. 177 

and Honey : And then (hall be the Judg« 
mcnt of the Immortal God. But when The End of th« 
God hath chang'd the Seafons, making the ^"^^^ 
Whiter Summer^ then he will give divine 
Rcfponfes -,■■ 
And whep he hath deftroy'd the World. 

Note^ I cannot guefs what is meant by H//4r4's 
Ragn, when Wars and Slaughters will prevail i 
Pafa HilarittS frafbeiiefi fpiritu fradixU, an ne^ 
fcitisinquit intra iflospariefes, rtgnaturitm Anti* 
chriftum ^ but this may be fome who pretends to 
a Papal Authoriiy afccr the DeftruAion of ^mne^ 
and this is the Prince above mentioned, ana his 
Name may be Hflarius, w^ch may be corrupted 
into Hilara. 

Since this Book is here ended with the Deftru- 
dtion of the Worlds the Refurre&ion, and Mil' 
lennium, hn a great abfurdicy to add the Acroftics, 
and the following Defcription of Chrift, and his 
Birth, Paflion, and Refurredtion ; there is enough 
of thefc Subje<^ in the pteceeding Books, tor 
thefe Additions are a Scandal co the Oracles, and 
have occaiion'd Authors to fnfpeA them; 
' Since this Book ufes for the Charac^ter of the 
Turk Cdefor Matrix it muft be writ by the fame 
Sibyl, who ufes that Charadl:er in the founh and 
^d fifth Books : And all the(e may be writ by 
the Cum^an Sibyl, but the three firft by the Ery- 
thraan Sibyl, who does not ufe that Chara<%er ; 
and thefe two Sibyls are plainly diftinguiihM^ 
The fixth and feventh Books are writ by onq 
Sibyl, but different from the former. 


The End of the Sibylline Orgies. 


N A Com> 

^ ; , . 


[ "^19 ] 




Made betwixt the 

Vi s I o N s in the Revelations 



Pro PHECT5 in the Oftfc/ei ; 

By which both wiR be better uhierfioad ; 
And by this it tpiS appear ^ that the fame 
Hifiory will interpret both. 

TH E Subjca of this Chapter is^ to fhew i^fon clu 
the Author of the Revelations. God 
gave them to Chrift, ^lid he feht them by 
his Aagel to John. Thefe were delivered 
by a Voice and a Vifion, aad be was com- 
manded to write thofe things which he had 
ften^ the things that are, and the thiiigs 
which (hall be hereafter, 

John prays for Grace and Pqgc? from God, 
which is^ and was^ and is to come. Chrifl: is 

defcrib'd as the Firft-begotten of the Dead^ 

K 2 and 

1 8o A Comparifon between the 

and the Prince of the Kings of the Earth. 
The Holy Ghoft is defcrib'd by the feven 
Spirits which were befote the Throne. 

A-JyB/w In the beginning of tfie Fourth Book the 

des. ' Author of them is defcriVd : 

~>— — DiQata a numine magna : 
Nott OrscU guidem daitis mendacia Fhtehu 

A nd in the Firft Book JGod is thus defcrib'd : 

VrtM qtiifolm ngnat Dem^ wins & idem^ 

In the fame Book Chrift is thus fpoke of: 

Tunc ad Mort^es venieti 'imrtdihus iffis 
In terrisfimilisy nutus Pants omnifotentU^ 

Sedp^quam triduo lucem^ repetiveriti""''^ 
■ ■ Coplefifd teStafvhikit. 

Lib. «. The Sibyls pretend to a Voice, and not to 
any Vilion : 

Divini cantHS f^ocefn fuhjtcit smmnam. 
Cerp0rw t&taftupens trahor huCj ignara quid ipfa 
: Ehquar: ipfifid hacmandat dtuswmUfari* 

This is the Sik^% Defcription of Ghrift : 

Lib* ^* t^tern\ magnum natum cano peSlore ah ima^ 
Ctii fifUum genitor tribuit fupremus habendum^ 
ifupdum progtnitoyfiquidem de Corpore duplex 
, Ext hit '. ' 

' Ei igne €X jprimo^ primus Deus. ' ' ■ 

• '^-.i 'r) ■ , .'■ ■*- ■ • ' - • -The 



B^evehtions and the Or odes. i8.i 

: The Spirit is^oftcn mcntion'd in the Ora-, Lib. 7. 

Nam f^fii miferdniM tuum^ quem frolmt Mm 

Thits the Trinity is acknowledged by both 

Chrift -writes to the feven Churches, and i^^ ch. 2, i 
correfts their enormous Opinions and wic- 
Ked Lives : He reproves the Lafcivionfnefs 
of the Nicolaitans at EpheJUsy the Mypccrifie 
of the Jews at Smyrna^ the eating of things 
offered to Idols at Ttrgmos^ the Fornica-^ 
tion of the Prophetefs Jez^ibel atThyatird^ 
the Decay of Ghriftiaiiity at Sardi^^ Luke- 
warmnefs in the Laodiceans , but the Pa* 
tience of the PhiUdehhi^ps is com n? ended . 
Chrift defer ibes himlelf ii| prppbetic Phra- 
fes, and his Rewards alfo. 

! They are fuU of moral Inftruftions a-TheSibyHii: 
gainft Atheifm, Idolatry, Adultery, Sodo- Oracles. 
my, Coyptoufnefs, Theft, Irreverence to 
Parents, breach of Vows, and Perjury. 
There are fo many of thpfe Correftions^ 
that I need not colled ^em ^ and, that tliefe 
Evils bring Wars, Plagues, Famines, and 
Antichrift upon divers Nations. The Ruin 

of SmyrnOj Sardis^ Efheftu^ Laodifea^ Ttrga^ 
tnos^ by Earthquakes, are defcrib'd in thefe 

' AR Efhefi flruBum Diana nomine fanum Lib, 5, 

••^-^Heii Sturdil hen multum Trdttti amena I 
Bbeu LaoJicea I XJrbs pUebrn^ ftrikiti ergo, 
^4efibus eiferfd terra. ■■ 

K I Cod 


1 84 AComfarifm between the 

eveiauOi*^. G O D IS rcprcfeotcd oh his Thtx>ne) 

with the four metropolitan Birfiops ; the 

twenty^four Elders are the ihfctioar Cler- 

gy,as Governours of the iiifetioflrChiirches 

conftituted by the Apoftles in St. John^s 

time : The Jcwifli Priefts were divided intx> 

twenty-fotfr. parts. 

rhe Sibynine They have not any thing like tliis Vifion, 

)raclcs buf fpeak thus of God arid his Spirit i 

*roceiniBia. . <,»'/. .* 

Non tremiti^funmumqi Deum {jm fr^ieftatK) 

Nonfcrtnidatis ? pficonjficit omnia tefiiff 
Cmditor^efnnia ^ui nutrit^unBifqiJitavem ^ 
tniidit affiatum, mortalefqm regat omnes, 
Vnui ^uifilm rtgnat Deik* atq^fufremm, 
OmnifotenSf nunquam genitik. 

.i(ev. ch. $. C H R I S T is reprefented as a Lamb 
flain ^ a feaPd Book of Prophecies is deli- 
vered to him . Here-God the Father is fea- 
tcd in his Throne, the Son is reprefented 
by the Lamb, and the Holy Spirit by the 
feven Spirits, or fevcn Horns, and Eyes, 
becaufe of its Power, jjnd Providence, and 
feven fpiritnal Gifts. 

rhe Sibylline Concerning Chrill's Paffion :■ ^ 

Sed manibuf foffis ccmmenfus tunBa^ oermam 
De Jpini tukrit^ necnm Um ejm arundo 
fixerit, -• 

Lib. I. The Sibyl attributes all her Prophecies 
to God : 

Hie mi hi verherihw mnUem piaHt acrihk intm, 
\ Vt qu<e nunc/untf (S qua ventura trabimtur^ 

Mortkli gentri refer am. Cereijpmanamqus 
Lib. 4« Jpfe mihi fandens, narravie ctmSa^ 


Kevehtim^mitbeOriKks. 185 

Chnft Is r^pr«fented fitting at God's 
right Hand: 

' — ~£a vmief in nute atemm & ipfi 
Cum genii, filion JiJem in alto^ 

Here the Lamb opens the Seals ; the fijur i^w. ch. 6. 
firft are the Vifions pf the four Emperors, 
who will deftroy the Jews; i.'BtHSy 2.2)^ 
fnitian^ i* Trajan^ ^. Adrian^ who finifh'd 
their Deftrndion in his War with Barcho- 
^hebof. The fifth Seal Ihews the Martyrs hi 
^ Vifion flain, in the three firft Perfecutions 
under Neroj Pomiiim^ and Trajan^ cryiijg 
for Vengeance on the R<fman Pcrfecutors. 
The flxth Seal contains the Deftruftion of * 
many idolatrous Emperors, HiocUtian^ Lit 

i:iniwj Maximin$^y &c# by Confimtine^ in the 
Day erf God's Wrath. 

-*— Syriam-Ugmanm adibit ' [ Sibylline C 

SeSatar, qui cum delukra cremaverit Jgni^ ' racles^ UB^ 
Imhm$ bertmdam nudtin^um c^dibm bsfiitm I 
Ep Judaorum latos fofulabitur dgros^ . 

This is the Prophecy concerning the i)e- 

ftrudion of the Rmans : 

• . ■ ■ ». 

' DebinctXifi^t dlttra rejrnit, Lib, i 

M^$4ks : fid mK tmo.m4ign0 ruin^ imkum i 
Tantd in eas mdgni dtjitritt ira tcnantis. 


Concerning the Martyrs th6 Sibyl writes 1 

thus : 

N 4 ' Caftut 

184 A Comj^rifon hetttfeen the 

Xldfiustnim Ctriftus f^HH c^tsmind jMfidi' 
Omahhqifrohos, a$emaqifT4tmid,rtddet^ 
Teftibus ad morti cer$4men e$mtibus ufjue. 

And in the beginning of this Age a Star ap- 
pcar'd like a Crown. 

^.^.'j. The four Angels holding the fourWinds 
reprefcnt the peaceable time of the Church, 
and freedom from Perfecution under Con-- 
ft ofitlhe^ in Which both the Converted 7^tr/ 
and Gentiles (hould be united into one body* 
The feveral Tribes mult be converted in 
the ijlaces of their difperfion. The great 
Multitudes are the GentUes^ in white Robes, 
. with Palms in their Hands; theft were 
Martyrs in the paft Perfecutions : And the 
greateftof all,D#Wff//i»'s, lately paft. The 
Scaling of the 7f»j, is, their profeflioh of 
Chriftianity, which makes themGod*s Ser- 
vants, as if they had been niark'd in the 

yll. Orac. Thus the peaceable time oiConftantine is 

.3. defcrib'd: 

Pdx didfem trdnquila Afi^e grdJietur in enri. 

Tirtic C? eritfeelix Europd, — — . 

Nam bmd Lex amni Cttli BetUnti's dh or it, 

^^^JufiUii eemtdnte imvifit, & und, 
Qfd nihil eft bomini nfUim, ceneerdidfamd. 
:0 iklix eeu vir, veniee qui tern fus dd itlndy 
Cut m$iUer, fieur^ mmwe mt£. 

Concerning the calling of the Gentiles^ 
this is their Prophecy :: 


Revelations W the Oracles. 185 

' ;*r^— * Cmi Ututk Hquetit »hi 
Pa80n Evan£ei$$9 cvfw (k womi^efurgt^ 
flore ttp^-g$tmem< de gentibuSf idque rggenium ' 
hl^i ^<^^ • Soli duSores inde fufmL 

* * • k 

• ^ r 

' This contains the feventh Seal, with the j^.ch.S. 
feven Angcls!^ as Heraulds of NVar, with 
their tTrnni pets. , • 

Th^firfl: Trumpet introduces tht Goth^ 
reprefented by H&il, ?becaufe a Norther^ 
Nation : Their Cruelty by Bloq<i ; the De- 
ftruftion of Cities by Fire. The Cities are , 
the Trees, and .the Villages the Grafs* 
jf^wr was taken by. the. OVibj 410. 

The fccond Trumpet introduces the Py- 
ritcy of the f^49^4//, and their plundering 
of Sicily ^iiA Rme^ and the 3ea-fights and 
Tcmpcft^ by which the Ships were de-: 
ftroyM aim. 442 . Thofe f^andd Py rates in-? 
fcGiiA Sicily 417/7.455 j they take i?^;??^, burn 
and plunder it for 1 4 day s. 

The third Trumpet introduces t;he Hum 
into Italy^ nndtr j^ttila^ ann.^%.i^ and he * 
fell upon the midland Cities, Aqmleia^ f^i- 
centiay f^erona^ Milan^Tlcinum. He is call'd 
a Star, becaufe he w^s a great Coipmand^r; 
and his Cruelty is reprefented by Worm* 
wood. The midland Cities are call'd the 
Rivers and Fountains, becaufe built near 
them. i 

The fourth Trumpet brings P^^^^crer into j 

Italy f and he forces Au^uftulus to refign his 
Kingdom, 4mr. 47*. Here the Emperor is 

^ the 


i86 A Comfmjm hetmem tbf 

the Sun, the Rojral City iRMt the Mooa, 
the Stars the Icfler GitiQS^ 

TTis noted by Hiftorians, that from the 
{dnndering of Rame by ^€nfiriauyit9'9imeT 
^ and Majefty decay'd: He plnnder'd the, 
Temples, and carried away the Imperial 
Ornaments, and the can&crated Veflels 
brought to Rome by Tkm. Jnn. 54^, TiriV 
Im the Goth took it^wn^, burnt the Qty, over*^ 
l^rew a third part of the Walls, and car- 
ried away the Citizens. The third part of 
the Sun, is the Glory of the Emperor's 
Kame, which was not u^'d in th« Wiift for 
324 Years. Odoacer asid his Succeffors were 
call'd only Kings of *^. The third part 
of the Moon, is the third partof the Walls 
of the City, which were aeniolifli'd : The 
time of this Defolation wis fhort, and 'tis 
call'd in theText, the third part trfthe Day 
and Night*, ioxBd^^ius in a fmall time 
rebhilt Ram^^ aiid call'd it Gttifiuu 

SibyL One. In the Second Book : 

Coneujjir Terra fiatuartm franget amoirem^f 
Bt Romae fopulum^ qua feptetn cmtinet aretsl 
ConcutieP: diffes deletd feribii ifpum tvV 
VtdeoM arthri mifiente iticemdia fiammim 

In the 2d Part of the Second Book : 

Trcj Romam trijli fatcrtm ft amine ferdenf, 
Tuneqi Latinorum non eluRabilis ira : 
Ub^ 3, ■ Hfgida fereundumjirte^ quod ^em 
JEtemi magnum grawterwlaftisp -^^^ergo 
Terram ifiam fknam defim&ii effif videtij^ 
^ 9s^f^ftifyjfamet,(inummisimfetmmmuf^ 


Revelations md the Oracles. 187 

Omni J terra defiru Pitip urbefqi reliS^., 

The fifth Angel founding, introduces 
Mahomet', who pretended to a Divine Infpi- ^^ du 9. 
ration as well as Civil Powcr^ fpr which he 
is caird a St4r foBieg fi^^ Hem>tn. His 
Dodrin is from the Abiyfs, and thence his 
Followers come, like Locufts In number, 
a nd Scorpions in tormenting t They at firft 
perfecuted the Jews and Idblaters^but none 
of the ChrifUans^ Who are call'd the Stded. 
The Locufts are defcrib'd as Warriour?, 
with a King over 'em as mifchievous as the 
Devil : Thefe Locufts are the jirabians^ be- 
ca\ife that Creature abounds moft there; 
they were to hurt and torment Men five 
Months, which reduc'd iiit4) Day^) is tec- 
koh'd 1 50 Years, taking every D^y for a 
Year; and fi> long the &friM:«if^ were in rai- 
ling the Ar^ian Empire. ^ This is the firft 

The Cxth Angel fbunded, and the four 
Angels were Ipofed at the River Eufhrases ; 
that is, the ^ur Turkilh Generals, jixan^ 
DucasjMeleCy and Cutlumufes ; the firib pof- 
fefs'd PerCojlA^ ftcooid S^ia^th^ third PJbor- 
Tficia'i and. the laft jifia miner. Thefe Turks 
abound in Horfemen, who flew the chird 
part of Mankind, Men fit for War^^ by tiheir 
Guns, that is, their Fire, Smo^k, and Briqd- 
ftone. The Canfes of thefe Calamities are 
luentioaM, Idolatry, Murders, &>rc^ies, 

1 88 .A Comj^tifan heiiPeen^he 

Fornication, Thefts. This is the fetaDnd 
Woe. . 

Sibyl. Orac. Afahomft is calFd Belial M the Second 

Humani generis ftrsges & iPtdxlma meffis 

Jnftaft cum ^Midamfro vatibm infinuiUi 

fdilaees ade^uni^ in terti vativinantes, 

r Bt Belial veniet, facietque fnfignia multm 

Iktifr martaler. Time fafi&$ fundi fuiatque, 

EleBi fidtque everfi dirifitntur^ 

HecHpi Hetrai, qmsfavier impetet ira. 

• • - ' t 

The Turk's coming over Euphrates is thns 
defcrib'd: . ' 

Qifin olim veniet ncn exfeStam in agrU 
FaJices 4fi4e, bumeros indutut amiSu $ 
Furfwreo, crudelis Jbomo, ifkfertunus & ardent : 
Fttlmine quiffe citus fint ilk vir ante j jugumq^ 
DurumhSzm totamfremet^^madefaSa crumrem 
. Terra tiietmultum ' — . 

Lib. 5* Diluvium immttent E^bratisflttmims unie, 
£t Ferfai fey dent ^ & lieros, & Babyknas. 

Lib. 3. £jf jiuguftinis autem, vohentibus aunis, 

Adveniet Belial — — — 

Miltaq; fignd faciet mortalibus. 

At noH vera, fed error ibi/uberit, 

Falktq;feqkentes, fides, ek0os Hebracs, iege ea^ 

', '^il ^li^h ^^emdum quibus efi audita Dei menu . 

^ The Angel whofeFace is like the Sun, 
and Feet like Fire, is the Son of God, de-r 
fcrib'd fo in the fi rft Chapter. The little 
Book is open : Tis call'd a little Book, be- 
caufe the feven feal'd Volumes are takeft 
put. of it} and now it remains open. 


Kcvelztiom and the Oracles. i8^ 

The Deftrudion of the Jeivs and Rokans^ 

the Eftablilhment of the Church under Con* , 

fiantine^ and the fix Invafions^being related 

folly by St. Jobn^ whiqh before were very 

obfcorely intimated and fcal'd np, that 

which is contained in the little Book is, the 

continuation of the Hiftory of the Saracens 

and Tari/, who are the Eaftern Anfichrift^ 

who muft make War with the Saints : And 

the third Woe is the Rife of the Papacy, 

who will do the fame* And in. this Book 

the Deftruftion of Rome in the Weft, of the .y^^oyM ii. m«r, 

Saracens and Turks in the Eaft, is defcribM,7;;^^{°«^^^^^^ 

and all introduc'd by the feventh Trumpet, chriftian*. oin. 

And many of thcfe things were rcveal'd to 1^^;^ jtuUem 

the "Jews by former Prophets, in fliort De- and in syru 

fcriptions, and to the Gentiles by the Sibyls ;Xmunr^''° 

foch is Antichrift and his Deft^udion by Thcfe things st. 

Fire, the Return of the Jews, the Judgment, ^^ed "ocT 

the Kingdom of the Saints in the il/iffri^-"wrice in his pro. 

»i»i«,. and the Burning of the World. ?'cmrpr^'^JL 

The Temple of God is meafur'd, withj^. ch, u. 
the Altar and Worflupcrs, but the Mea&re 
is iKrt £et down : This is the Temple of th? 
Sepulchre, which has continued ever fincc- 
C&ttftantine^s days; and the.jCourt is to be*^^^^ thc Tor 
left to the Gentiles, which they Ihall tread w often cai?d*^ 
dow n . 42 Months. Thcfe Gentiles are the ^J«^^J^^^ »» '^« 
Sarai^ens and "furh, whofe Kingdom mviOi* 
laft . 1 2tfo Days (*, e. Years).^ This : Year? 
171 3 istheiU5Hcgira; arid/theAw-^^' 
Empire began from the flight of Mahom/t 
ffdm'Aiecca^jn thp Chf iftian .^^,,522 \ to. 

<*. * 

i^Q A Camparifon between the 

which if Vft add il66 Ycars^ made, of the 
Days in 42 Months^ it witt be 1882^ whea 
that Empire muft fall \ and fooner, if we 
reckon by the Hcgira's. This reckoning is 
by Months^ and therefore it muft be by the 
Mahometan Years. , 

The two Witnefles mtift propheiie 1 260 
Days, which mnft be reckon'ci by Chriftian 
Tears, during which time they muft be in 
Sackcloth, $. e. periecuted or opprefs'd by 
the Saracens and Turhsy and Jerufalem trod 
under foot.* We muft reckoa this time 
from the taking of Jemfdtm by Omar^ in 
538 ; to which add iitfo, the fumm wiU be 
1 898 ', till that time Jemfdem muft be in 
the hands of thofe Gentiles^ tho' the Em<^ 
pire fink fomewhat fooner. 
. The twb Witneffes are, the twd Chmv 
che$i jinrmb knd jilexandria t Jifni$th wa$ 
taken by the Saracens^ $41 ; to which add 
1 250, the eiiid of their Sackcloth and Pro* 
phecy willbe 1901. 

After this time the Beaft, which is the 
Tkrit, ( the Saracen being deftroy'd before 
1 300 ) Ihall make War with them for three 
jreairs and a half, and canqu^ them hiGfani 
Qiire in oSgyfi^ whither the jiUxanJiriafi 
Fatrtarch is removed •, and in Jirufalnny 
where our Lord was crucified ; jbut after^ 
ward the Witneffes fliall lite and afcesd in- 
to Heaven, that is, fliafl conquer the TV*, 
or be recciv'd into the MJ^Miiim. 

J»Jbfe, Th^t theiccond Wpe vSf nowp^tbefe* 
Are \x comprehends all the Mifefieis die Cfijiftians 


Re^ektiofis -aitt/ the Oracles. 191 

mtA fufl^by die Rm'scinsmd Xvrj^ to theeod 
rfdift World;, 

The third Woe is oontain^4 under the jEeveoth 
Trumpet^ and thk nsfauis to the Weftem Church, 
as the fecond did to the Eaftem, from Mabamet^s 
time. This fevench Trumpet muft begin with 
At Rife of the Papacy ; as will be declared in the 
next Chapter* 

The Rife pf the San^ensMd Turks is de- 
clared -under the fifth and fixth Trumpet ; 
and this Eleventh Chapter is their Con« 
quefts of Jtrufalem^ jinticehj Alexandria^ 
and an account of the iU Hate of the Greek 
Church tin the Millennium. Thcfe two 
Witneflcs, or Patriarchal Churches, are 
call'd Candlefticks, which are in prophetic 
ftile Churches, as the feven Churches are fb 
call'd : Thefe Witneflfes have power to de^- 
ftroy their Enemies by Fire out of their 
fifoPDths, to hinder Rain, to turn Water in- 
to Blopd, and to fmite the Earth with all 
manner of Plagues. Thefe miraculous 
Powersjare the ft wa Vials, which the An- 
gela will pour oni the Turk^ Empire b&- 
t&rt the laftWar, in the tenth Chapter, 
when they will bedeftroyM by Chrift. 

TiitSaraeenfdMJ^maditesj bom of ^£ii^ SibyL Ora^ 
:,^^4i^4i»'s GoiBcirbine : 

•— ^ !^9pa MaffWi dolm $xorietwri - * / 
Sdhorm de gemt mtbi^ fi^fyi creatii ^ 

iUa etiamptmm Bahlmta JmaHtp ^ Uk }• 

^ The 

1^4 ^ A Ctmiparifm between tbc \ 

Lib. 5. T\itS4irMensQOt!q^ AUxmiS-ik: 

3> quoq-y Alexandres alnix ceUhri nme ci£ptAii 

. Vafiabitque tuMHtetrmn'Vh'^eJpmttt'emmem | 
Sanrmmque snficiee^ Jiw&h cteJikus araff 

' Barlsruty Jbmnanii, rMbh demenfe Prtmendmi 
BUrabUque rmis Afia mMi^tmff^s ^emfiii' 
Turfe caput d&ni^ ad terram frmta -c^iffMbw 
Sea cum terribilh multum dirirfque valeUt^ 
Jamq; beatmrum veniet foftdefurjit, JutbittL 

Lib. 5. A Defcription of the Turks Cbndiiefts: 

T0ta Afia igne ardens aqu&r fiiUabii a£if^u0, 
Bhhjmii f atria fiebmu in^fndia tena^ 
Bt Syria magna^ Pbtenicefq; arbere crebra* . 
Barbara gens ab eo Pontm Taurique feribunt^ 
Et Lafithas ad hwnum froftrattu dijpoliabiti 

The full Account of this laft War will be in 
the I pth Chapter : for after the fecoad Woig 
Cy. 1 4.) the 1 zth Chapter opght to bpgitt. 

j(iv, ch. XI, The feventh Trunipct founded.. The 

which ought Kingdoras of the World are become. the 

{y^^ l^^-'^*KingdomS(ofChrift, ;*iidhc fliall reign ^fw 

I ' ^* ever; that is., all the Weft .6f the »?i»4;f 

; Empire, or the grea teft part,* are tKiw con- 

} ,Ycrted to Chrifliaaity, and f6 will coi^tinde 

' till the Judgment and .Rewiird' in»the Mil^ 

lennivmy and till they were deftroy'd who 

, ^ '• : ;2 deftroy'd tfie.Earth. l^hti&thc continoance 

of the feventh Trumpct^is .ftated, t«rt i1ii$ 

chiefly fefgs^s the Affairs of tbeChwcb in , 

the Weft^ ^hiph muft bcgimwith tbe Papa-* 

,:! : J cy , 606. Jn the 1 pth .Verier ^^^ ftmftis of 

Cod xoa^xTf^^d in Htm^efi^- stith Thunders y 

S^rfhquakes^ and great Hail y thcfe niuft pre- 

■ cede 

Revthtions and the Oracles. 19^ 

prectd^ the Hiftory of the Temple's being 
opea'49 as the Scen^ oftbe next Chapter. 

The Hail is the Lomb/irds coming into ^wch. 12,2 
Italy^ A^D. 572: They being a Northern JJf |;.J^^^^^^ 
Kationt in 589 ^hey b^ellegM Rome^ bnt were 
droye from it by great Rain^ and Inunda- 
tions } aotd there was a Plague, and Famine 
and Locufts in 590, and in 594 a Comet. 
All the£e Prodigies, and the Conquelt of 
Lamb^trdy^ preceeded the Rife of the Pa- 

The Wonder in Heaven, is the Papacy ^ 
the Woman is the Church, cloathM with 
the SuH) that is the Imperial Power ^ and 
the Moon under her Feet, that is Romey the 
Seat of the Empire, and upon her Head 9 
Qro^Si of twelve Stars. In 6otf, Phiwas 
made jthe Pope Head of all Churches, which 
is reprefcnted by the Crown with twelve 
Stars, or twelve Apoftle?. This is tlje be- 
ginning^of the third Wop. . And the Hifto- 
ry of the Church or Woman, whjch was 
paft from its firft Conftitution, is related ; 
She brQught forth a good fort ofChriftians, 
which the Devil deftroy'd byfcven perfe- 
cQtij]g£mperors,which are his (even Heads 
crown'd y his ten Horns are the ten King- 
doms ftt Hp before the Papacy aiTum'd the 
TitleoiChrifsXMi^faincitr. The De- 
vil is the ted Dragon, who deftroy'd the 
third pasrtofthe$tars, or Governoiir? of 
the Cbnrch, by Martyrdoms. The Child 
brought forth wasChrift, or the Chriftians, 
Who are to rule all Nations with an Iron 

O Rod. 

194 ACmifarifmd^meMtbe 

Rod. The Wottan, for aflbmii^tlrisliff- 
perial zoA Sinritnal Fower^ h dtote into 
the Wildernefs, (tint is, txaAt delbktt by 
Wars) and To mnfi: continti^ i2do Dsiy^ 
which being reckon'd a^ Teai^ and added 
to 606^ when the Papacy begftn^ the dme of 
!ts Fall i9iVLbt i%66 1 So long it mil ftadd 
in its Corrnptlon, and then ixitktlxixA ift 
Ciril Wars tfll the Turk deftrc^s ter at kft. 
The War betwixt ASthatl and the Dragon, 
is the War betwixt Canfiantine and theHtih 
then Emperor, in which they Were over- 
come, and Chiiitian Emperors fhcceeded : 
This is the calling ont of the old Serpent, 
which deceir'd the Remm Emperors 1^ his 
Oracles, and their Authority he t»'d in 
the Perfecutions *, bttt now is come tht 
Kingdom of God, and the Power of Chrift, 
the Emperors being Chriftians. ilien the 
Devil pcrfecnted the Woman with a Flood 
of Waten (i. e. many iSeds and HerefiM) or 
the Nortfrern Nation^, all which tfee fiatth 
iwallow'd np, (that is, they ftnk, and pe^ 
riih'd by dcgttees of themfelite$) and then 
he made work with the Chriftiin«.» 

Sibyl* Orac* The Chttf ch is a Woman : ; 

Lib.3» Tunc aMi0H Mmim tMnilm nffili^ihi$ mm\ 

The Pope in his flew Empire : ' 

Lib. 5* Magftdi l^x magms d^Mgr, Jkmtt^i B» ^i^l , 

•* - - .. . , 

• • • * 

Ks^^htiota^tbeOrddgs, 1^5 

• » 1 

Th6 Miferie^ of Ttdtjic 

ItUttd, baud ttU yes cum eSftef^oStariejvtur4 eft ^ * 
Hei te'HtiHi Stin fhififaUttfangurs djgiUget. . 

Altrixftvaferta* ' 

In this is reprefeitecLthb Sitrdcea Empii-e i^. ch. 13. 1 
in its full ftate t, but this Beaft comprehends i 

all the Parts of the Hbmaik Empire, and iti 
Changes inttodnc'd by the ftrenTiiimpets, 

4. the Simtctmy ^. the Ti^k^ ^* the Pdpc^ 
7« the Bdftern Bmperorsi 

The Btiaft is defcrib^ like a LeiSpiird, by 
which t*c Kingdom of Grme fe defcrib'd 
]fYl>diieli, thhistHt Cmfia^iiihpoiifdHEm^ 
pcror. The Feet bf the Beat lignifie Per- 
fiM^ whert tbeTtirh Were come. The Mouth 
of the Lyon fignifies u10tU^ where thtiSa^ 
rmsmsvrwi^ at B^d0. The fev^h Heads . 
reprefent Rme^ which is feated on feren 
MoantaidSA The tdn; Hams are the ten 
WefterhKingdomsrWhich had ttrk ctown'd 
princes* Ontheiiv^nHiUathe Pope llltd^ 
whd has blafphemM Ohrift; by a{iuffling bii 
Power over all Churches. 

Tim Edibm Pari^ of the jftitt^4Ri Empire 
were ^nder the Snira^efti^ Tuths^ dfld Otti^dfi* 
ti9M$t»M Zmpttw^ and ttt ftere farther 
delcrib^ as one Bciaft. ^ 

The other Pattl of the mUfk^ thk ten 
Hoifnt, and the Po^^ ire dtffdnb'd in eht 
1 7th Chimter by theriifelvts,. dfid«r the no- 

tioft of fine W6iMfrYidifl^ gnitibs f(»fifet 

' . O z Beaft 

19^ A Cimfdrifmhetmeen the 

Beaft with ten Horns j therefore there will 

. be two^Bealts, one in the Weft, and another 

diftind in the Eaft,. which is farther here 

defcribM, to whom the Deyil gave his 

Power, Seat, and Authority. 

One of thefe Heads or Parts of the Beaft 
was wounded ; thatis^ tint Saracens in. the 
Siege of CMfiantinofU :were near over- 
thrown, oftn. 700, but they after recovcrMf 
and rais'd a great Empire in Babylmy e/£r^ 

5yft^Barhary^ Sfain^ and in fome parts of 
tal^ and France^ and the Mediterranean Ifles,. 
and their Empire came to its height in lefs 
than aoo Years \ and the 42 Months of its 
continuance muft be reckon'd frdm 6ii^ 
Mahomet^ time, who founded 1% t .And it 
muft comprehend the . fecond Beaft, the 
Turk^ after mentioned, <becaufe he is his 
Image both in Religion and Tyranny. 

This Saracen Beaft fpake Blafphemyi &c. 
denying Chrift to be God's Son; and he^ 
muft conquer the Saints, the Chriftians in 
^ria^ Palfifiinej t^^J/ft ^ but thefe [Saracens 
inall be led into Captivity, and flaia, by the 
Chriftians^ Turh^ and TiirMri, in the Holy 
War, and after it. 

The fecond Beaft riling out of the Earth, 
had the two Horns of a Lamb, becaule the 
7«r4i were Herdfmen, ^nd came from Sgr- 
thiay and he fpoke as a Dragon, (that is^ ty-? 
rannizVl asthe Saracens did, who were Dra- 
gons in Ar^ia^ as Efdras calls 'cm) and the 
Turk becoming ^Mdfomtany and feking 
their Egipire^ he caus^'daU ifopUtQWPr-^ 


Revelations and the Oracks. 1 9 7 

Ihip (>. e. become fubjefl: to) the Mahomttan 
or Saracen Empire, whofe deadly Wound 
was heard, tho' the Saracens were flain. 
The Mahometan Empire was fupported by . 
the Turks^ and M4homei% Religion foUow'd 
by all People, whom he at firft deceiv'd by 
his Miracles : He pretended to make Fire 
come from Heaven, w hich is mentioned in 
his Alcoran to beThu.ndef , which deftroy'd 
a Village. The Image inade to the firft 
Beaft is the fa me Tyranny $nd Religion fet 
up by the Turk as Mahomet usM amongft his 
Saracens^ zrxdiht fprc'd all toprofcfs that 
Religion and wear Turbants, as true4^»/e/- . 
men,. The Mark in the right Hand is the 
Mark of Soldiers, or the ProfefBon of their 
Creed, thsit there is one God^ and Mahomet 
his Prophets The number of the Man who 
fet up Government is 666 •, that is the Year 
ofthe beginning of this Empire, if we rec- 
kon by the iEra made by JuUnsCafar^ which 
is 44 or 45 Years before Chrift \ and add 
tf22, tlie Chriftian Reckonings When Maho^ 
met fled from Mecca^ and his Hegira will 
begin 666^ if we reckon nicely •, tor Eraf- 
mm Rheinholdus affirms, that the Hegira be- 
gan in 521, and 195 Days : And the nume- 
ral Letters in Mahomet*% Greek Name make 
near the fame number, but the numbers of . 
his Arabic Name ought chiefly to be confi- 
der'd, which I hope they will do who un- 
derftand that Language. 

Asan Accouiit is given both of the Rife 
of the Saracens and Turks^ in Chap. 9, fo 

O 3 both 

I ^3 A Gmnfarifm betweeti the 

both arc )py a'd, tsogcth^r in Chsdp.- 1 3 , and 
in the continuance of both 42 Manths,.4iit 
Lunar Years both the Sar4tcen^ and Thrh 
uffe, and both reckon by their H^gira, which 
is reckoned from M4h^mt^s Plight* 

Sibyl. Orac. The coming of the Thrhiu%QSyria / 

Suftulh & nmftum Divini^m ^ificn^mn^ 

Et elves iffii comhtijjit ■■ r - 
Hoc enhn trfmuh rerum naPura ct^ato^ 
Et regcs fericre: 

P^rdidirunf miignsmj;4irhemffofuIttmqikmonim 
Lib, 3. Purpurea JHrpis, fair em excindenSfer4>eem, 
ComiiuA ex imisp atikm flantamfetet indc, 
£t tunc dff^afiem ct^rnu rsg^4ki^* 

The Turks conqwrGriiee.- 
iatbara gens veto, cum Graces adorieturl 
^fulta qsUdem capit/i txtirfadit le^a viranan. 

TheTir*/ muft continue mereecc tiJJ the 

end of the World: 

Sed somen Jmfiaftirfs bominum iliuc ufqi vigcliPf 
Ikmfingm hqc cofias temfusfutale du/j^ue^ 

I muft obferve, that th? Begft in this 
Chapter is Antichrift, as beisdefcrib'd in 
JDaniet \ makes War with ^he Saints, and 
fpeaks Blafphemies 5 and that the Pope, in 
the defcription of this Bcaft, is made part 
of him; wit noticing farther is mentioned 
in this Chapter concerning the Pope> nor in 
the fucceeding, till the 1 7th and 1 8th Chap- 
ters i all before relates to the S^r^^ens and 

Tt/r^j Deftruftion, the Reformation* and 


Revelatiaaa mi the Oracks. 1 99 

Retiata ofiiictyfm^ la the beginning of 
tb0 tbird Book th« ^yJ joyns the Account 
oihntkhrUk an4 the Woman's reign, and 
the Fall of both at the end of the World* 
. At the feme time the Turkilh Power rofe 
in tb^ Edit : In the Eleventh Century the 
Popq cane to a ftll Power, or height of the 
Papacy, under C/rrf^ry the Seventh, 1073, 
aiid\the following Popes had Wars with the 
Emperors for aoo Years. 

The Jbamb appears with 144000, his firft i^. ciu 14 
Fn9it$9 redeem'd from among Men ^ thefe 
iaag a new Song, thefe follow Chrift i4 
Heaven : This &ws the Reward of the 
Martyrs. The next Angel brings the ever- 
lafting Qcripe), that i$, the Reformation 
from wprftiping Saists and their Idol-Sta- 
tqes, to worihip him that made Heave* 
and Earth. ' 

And there followed another Angel, lay- 
ing, Babylon UfaSen* 

The third Angel threatens thofe that 
worfliip the Beatt and his Image, with Tor- 
ments by Krc and Brimftone. At this time 
Babylon was the Seat 6f th^ Saracen CalijAs, 
who were conquer'd hyTad^rGlopix after bis 
Conquefl: of /^^yyZa!, in lojo^ and the Tir* 
t4^s Utterly deftroy'd the Caliph in la^o, 
under Hit alon. 

The Son of God appears with a Slecle to 
reap the Harveft, that is, to deftroy the 
Saracens in Ferfia^ Syria^ jifia mimr^ by the | 

HolyWar,radby4;heT4rr4r/. The Grapes 

I O 4 were ~ 1 

200 A Gmparifm hetween the 

were cut with the Siecle j that is, mahjSd^ 
racenjUain in Italy^ France^ Sfnin^ in whicb 
Countries Wines abouikl ^ but the greateft 
MaiTacre of them was made in the Weft. 
Thefc Angels came oat of the Temple. 
Thefe Slaughters were made by the Cnri- 
ftian Princes, and the Tartars were Cliri- 
ibyl. Orac. The Pofterity of Seleuctu held Babylon till 
L'^b. 5. the Parthians feiz'd it, and they had many 
Wars with the Remans. Trajan made fome 
Conquefts of it, but Adrian negle&ed it, 
and confin'd the Roman Empire within £»- 
fhrates. The Saracens took Babylon and P^r' 
fia^ and held a Caliphate in it 500 Years. 

The Turks take Perfia and BMylon : 

Et Perfas ferdent ^ Iberos & Babjlona. 

' The Holy War with the Saracens and Turks : 

— — • Hex cijjts mijfus diwnitus illi, 

Iffi ex occafit Jaltu vetooe velabit, 

Terram defolans, (3 vaftdns funditus omnem'. 

The coming of the T4rr^/.' 

Sed cum terribili muUtim dirufque valebit^ 
Jamque beaturum veniet pofuletur ut urbtm : 
^ex quidamfortif mijjks divinitus illi, 
Omnes exfcindet magnos regefqi virofque» 
Lib« 5* Deqifolo veniet fidus magnum in mare magnum : 
i Altum^ue exuret fontum, atq; iffam Babjlonem. 

The 7Vrr4r/, joynM with the ^n»r»/4»/, 
overthrew 1 00000 Babylonians. 

Babylon was not burnt hjCyrm or Alexan- 
der^ but decayed uttder the Grecians^ who 


Revelati(»)s and the Oracles. aor 

rcmov'd the People to StUucia i therefore 
this Deftruftion of Babylon is Bagdat^ and 
not Rome. The SibySine Oracles always d|- . 
iiinguilh the Fate of Babylon and Rome^ for 
they never can Rome Babylon. And the pre- 
fent Bs^dat was built by the Perfians or 
7»rjb, near Babylon^ and mufl: fell by an 
Earthquake at lalt* 

The feven Angels with the fevcn Vials i^ev. du 15. 
appear ; They who had got the Vidory 
over the Bead fto^d on the Sea of Glafs 
mingled with Fire, iinging the Song oiMo- 
fes ; the Jei»s are the Pcrfons here defcrib'd, 
Who had been long try'd tinder the Tyran- 
ny of the turl .• They ling Mofes\ Song 
upon their return into their Country, 

The Sibyl mentions the Jem Song : Lib. j. 

Tunc itAei incipient meJitari carmine laudes. 

Be modulata facris iicent tibi carmina Unguis^ Lib. 5* 

OmnigenifqideofacriSfprecibufqi litabunt. 

The Tabernacle is openM in Heaven, and , 
the fevcn Angels came out of the Temple ; 
oneof thefoorBeafts gave them the Vials. 
'Tis plain, by the SibySine Of acles, that the 
Return of the Jews mufl: fucceed the Refor- 
mation, and be before the Fall of Rome and 
that of the Turkifli Empire. The Defiga 
of the Vials, is the Dcftruftion of the Tur- 
luih Empire, and the Return of the Jews 
begins with the firft Vial* 


aoi A Cmnfmjm betmem the\ The firil Vkl broqgjn 9 gxwfim 5wc 
upou them* that w^rfoipM tbf Beaft^JJiisi 
muft be a Plague, aad the &byls j^ya it 
with the Return erf the Jw/ r 

Orac* lib, g. Timi f iMim tntrtales onmit fetet exitialk 

P^Of S3 hmribili fwmrum fir4gc fremfnhff* 
Ep tunc file deus regem demit HP 4^ 4ii^f^ 
Qui tot am terrain diris recreabit 4b armts i 
4tq'y iterum tnagniflmiebit am4ta deigens. 
Lib. 4. Trifiem dudi famam,fefii mprtaiibiu atyox^ 
Verum cum belli fam Ferfica terra carebit^ 
Bt fefie (S gemitu, turn ill§ temforf fffivit, 
^udaum diwmfenusy -^ 

• m 9*\t 

^ Qjd terrs mtdiii bakitdhmt fiuihus mrhml 

7%f fidond Angelfifurtd hi4 Vidw tiieSe4^ 
4md it became a$ the Blood of a dead Man : and 
- everyiiwt£S$id dicdi»^fSm* . l 

Orac lib* ^ • ^^^^ fi^^^ ^"^ pfirema temfere Poittus; 

Turn nee in. Itatiam vadent f^r carut4 navet^ 
Tunc Afiaf er ax rerumredigetnr inundate ' 

This drynefe of the Sea jaay kill ali ti« 
Creatares, or Fifli, in it : 


• — '-^Innumerumflebitgens dUrafiA orhif 
Occiduifinemne rurfum afiendtre pojj^^ 
Oeeani remanens tit ferfitndatur atmtdis. 

If this Plague upon the Sea muft relate to 
the Turh'i \ find no Hlftorv fo fit to apply 
to it as the Slaughter or the Thracians by 
the Tartars n' 

Revelations aad tfy: Oracles, ao^. 

Saogpm fiulHrimkf tenfobMf^ eorfma mngeti. 

But 'tis moft iMTci^ble that the fiery Showre 
and Earthquakes kiird all theFifli [a the * 
Sea^ and made it like Blood. 

. - '• ■ ' ' * ■ • - ■ " 

The third An^d paUT'd out: his Vial on the ^^- v«-4- 

Rivers and Fount aim j and they heame BUfod. 

This Hiaft f^aifie the Wars and Slaughters 

itt the uiland Gauntries, where the Rivers 

and Water ate. • > * 

,' . ■ . . - < . 

The Kipg of c/d!^^ fhall invade ^a^odonia : 

^xjue M/tceJonics ^S^fti defofuUhitf 
hi Fijidi Ljfdi^Galat^, J^mffyltijue omhi 
Hum fofulo armati cert amen trifle tenebuntl 

The fourth Jt^el poured his f^al on the Sun-, J(ev. ver. 8# 
a9$d pmer wot. given him to Jhreh Men with 

Ipieui exiftetverUe nubibm Ather, ^ Ot^cUh.^. 

Nee J am bom$nes fukwpot car pent toUurts ariftas i 

Ikcfitio pror/timfietf mec aratiof •— - 

Ttm Deus ind^nans atemus,^ ifi ^tbore dfgens, 

Fulmine praci fit es feeler atos dfJiV^r uret i. . 

Fro^ue kyemiiglacie fiet, tunc t^^^it ^jS^r* 

' *r3be fifth Angel poured his Vial on the Seat j^£v. vcr. lo 
of the Beaflf and his Kingdom w^ fuU of darir 

nefs : ■ ' > . 

* '■•.•■ 

ao4- A Ompdrifm : between the 

Orac. lih. 5* . Jam lum ixijhnt fidmrnamis lumhu SMi^ 

Lumine mc cliorojplendeln^ LufU itmcepti 
CumtDtus extremo rcgnath tempore ^ verum 
" Omnia fer terras caligo nigra tenebit. 

l^pv. Tcr. 12. ' -^^^ ^^^ fi^fl^ jingtl foureJL out his Fiat on 

the River Euphrates, and the Water was drfd 

vf^ that the way of the Kiags of the Eafi might 

be prepared. 

Vcr. 13. The three unclean Spirits are coming, 

I • out of the Mouth of the Dragon j (i. e. his 
Reafon for this War is, the deftrufltion of 
Mankind by Conqueft :) 2. out of the Mouth 
oftheBeaft (the defence of his Empire^ : 
3. out of the Mouth of the falfe Prophet^ (the 
propagation of his Religion,) 
Ver. I (• Behold^ I come m a Thief This is the Cha- 
radier of this War j they are gathered into 
, a pl^ce caird Armageddon in the Hebrew : 

One lib. 5 • Suh Lima finem fcflremo tempore helium 

Ingruet infanum^ falax, & infidiojum. 

^Tis caird in the Greek hniu^t^^or thievijh\ 
»• 0* coming as a Thief. 

Thus 9re the Kings of the Eaft deicribM : 

Matri & ceeifir quid*m definilnu orhi 
Virfugiens veniet^J^trans immane firemenffuep 
Onmei qui terrm ^aftabit, (S omma vineet : 
Et multes homines ferdet, magmfji t/rannoj ^ 
Exuretqi omnet, alius faciebat ut olim. 

This is his Conqueft of the Turksj who 
are here aimM at, as we may underftaqd by 
thcfe words, fuh Lunafinm^ for they have 


Revelations ioirf the Oracles^ aoj 

the Halfinoofi ia their Banners. ' l^ePriH 
dence of this Prince is commended, for ta-^ 
king away the Caufe of many Mi&hiefe that 
had befaln him ^ this may lie the :6hange of 
his Religion, i 

jbat homines tmms frudenter tunSa viJMt ;; 
Propter. ^am feriit, fr^tenus a^cwH iffim. 

He will affifl and raile his Friends 2 

< - . . ^ . • 

l^fus & 4ttoSet €9faffis ^emulus idem. 

The three Reafons of this War are, 1 . Con^ 
queii:^ x. Religion, 3. Afliftance of Friends^ 
And tbefe are the three Frogs^ or Reafons, 
thatgather'd the Kings of the Earth (i. r. 
the Turl and this Eaftern Prince) to the 
Battel of the great Day of God, which muft 
be in the Eaft, at ;/^ri»^f rf</w. This Prince 
niuit come defimbus orbisy which the Revela- 
tims can the Baft ^ and this may be the 
Cham of TirrMr/, or Prr/iii» Sophi, or the 
Mogul. , 

Tjie feventh Angel pouritd out his F7at /fffai^v.ver. 17. 
the* Air y and the Plaice faidj ^Ti^done* And 
there wm an BarthquaJte^ fnch as viae not fince 
Men w^t on the Earthy and the great City wot 
divided Jnto.threef^ti : and ike Cities of the 
Nations feUy and great Babylon came in re* 
membrarkeieforeOed. Therefore this great 

City » Balylon. . : 

. The Fall olBabylon by an Eiarthquake^ Orac./;A. 5. 

Bheu te Balytm i filium aurea, (S aureaflantoi, 
JJris olim magna ^ celebrn, nen amflius asereis 


ao6 A GnHfariJhn himaithe 'I 

Mm^hm Eiiqintit UjHM t^ieUt idtOiMsu 

Thus we hixNf thh Bi^tm is tidt l^ww^ 
Tbe Cities of the ftMaiiS (Kali &nV 

<«— Hen SardtJ i heu muhum Truitis i MfiUtriat 

■ Iihtibus ^tynfit -ttrrm pglvifyi tcAtStjf." 
« jfji BflKfift'ruHum Di^me nomine fanufu, 
JAotibut t§ vafti> fiA nmtfiie^ Ibidtu, ftxtefsZ 

Cuma^ JLesbos^ Cortyrd^ titer a^ Tr*p<?/]^thefe 

will fell by fiarthduakes, but thcfe Earth- 
quakes are plae'd befwe the Fall of liemt ; 
and bccauic nothing anfjvers them in the 
lievelaiionsy IhAve placM >ffl here j tho*, | 
guefs, thcfe Earthquakes rtiight alter the 
colour of the Sea, as will as throt/tr doivrt 
the maritlriie Towns, 4nd JTo belong to the 
fecond Vial, ivhere the Fllh are killM. 

jind every IJlmdfieddw^i and tht MirM'^ 
(fn.vcr.2o. tains were not found. 

Pcrro ficQus erit fofiremo .tempore Pont$t4.^\. ,^ 
[mCmhi.^. Tmejifia illaferaxrerum:reaigetur inundds^ . 

Creta^; cdmpris ertt, fctit (§ rAda trifiiu^ tf^ 

Sp8Mni9f^T^ufn,mor^klH jkhiiits^Hi 
Fbimioe j^avin ira tibkvfi vtBma twimmk. 

The Eattiiquakes n^^U alter the ^Sea^ 
make an Inundation in Afia^zB/i lay the.raft 
of the Sea dry in the Weft* 

The airy'nague is the Earthquakes^, the 
ne^t is theHM^.andtheii all tbePia|iies 
are oyer, except the final Deftrtfti^n, 


The Fall of iJiwi^ ill the QraCtes is befiw 
<h6 Earthquakes^ tlicrcfote ^Cis probal^ 
that !tit to be placed before it, tho' relat^ 
dfter it ia the M^tlathns^ aad Ms |oya'il 
With tiie Ruin of the Iflaiids: ^ 

TMs defcribet the Judgment of the groit j^ev. ch. 17. 
Whotei 01: Pope, of the Wefterft Church; 
for the Ghntth is rejprefented by a Woman 
G3tap^ xi^ a corrupt idolatrous Church b3Fa 
Whore. This WOmaft is fecn in the Wi|- '^^^.^/Ma 
derriefs^ aad therefore is the fame as wore aSording t 
the Crown in the i xth Chdpter : Sht is full the Oracf/. 
of blafphcnlous Nafiicsv Cbriflr'sJ^kari Htud Italia^ infcs) 

SfifiiuMi^ ^ ridc&OQ the fcarlist Beaft, the ZZl^^^^, 
Blili)«i>ars of t?#mi»nr) and to this Beaft ^^^^ ^ 

beiit^ the ten Horna, into Urhich the Rc^ 
man Weftern Empire was ditided. Tk^ 
Woman is array'd in Purple and Scarlet, as 
a Princefs, and deck'd with Gold and -prip- 
cich^ Stones; the Kings of the Earth hare 
committed Fornication with hir, and fbe 
hai kCup in ht!f Haid foil of Abomination, 
andtipbn her i^Whead iWJ^^^ Sdylott the 

is underftoodldoratry ty theTProphets,,and 
the Pope niade the Weftern Princes drunk 
with the\Vine of his JPornicatiOn ; that is, 
taj^ht^em to^wwHup Saints^ Im^ses, Re^ 
• ■ - licks. 

408 A dm far if on between the 

lickf. She was dronk with the Blood of the 
$aints and Martyrs of Jtfus ^ #• e. the Pn>- 
teftants, whom (be perfeoited becaufe they 
reform'd this corropt Worfliip. The Aq^ 
gel interprets all this Vifion^ Hh BisJtwMs^ 
smd i$ mt^ jmdfliaU djcend out of the boitmnlefs 
Tity ^and go into Perdition* The fevem Hesis 
are f even AtmmtAins^ on which the Woman fit^ 
teth \ the Waters are multitudes of Peoft^ ; the 
Woman is the great City which reigneth over the 
Kings of the Earth. Myfiery and Babylon 
ihe w (be is the Spiritual Babylon^ hot Babyloh 
mentioned above is the Eaftern Babylon^ 
Bagdaty conquered firit hj Tangrolofix the 
T^rl^ and after by the 74rf4i^. 

The Beafi was^ and is n^^ and yet is* This 
Beaft is the Weftern Emperor, revived a^ 
ter 314 Years by the Popes; he was for* 
merly, bnt was not in the interval men- 
tion'd, bat is nowreftorM by the Papd 
Power <to the Empire of the Weft, amt* 8oo. 
There are feven Kings, five are &Ileii» 
which are tbefc : 

A.D. Rcign*d Years 

800 Charles the Qreat 14 

8 1 4 Lewis the Godly ^ ^y 

840 Lethariniy Son (o Lewis ■ 1 5 
855 Lewisy iecondSoa to Letha!riusy rp 
875 Charles the Bald^ Son ofLewiSj 2 " 

This is he that //. * 
878 Ludovicns Balbm^ Son oi Lewis ^ 1 

This is the other* ^0 wme, who 
muft continue a Smalltime* 
880 Car oiks Qraffnsy who Was depOSM, 8. - 


Revelations aud the Oracles. 309 

TKcfe RTt the ftven French Emperors ftt 
up by the Popes, and the fieafl: that ir^,and 
is not^ is the eighth. 

'\vk%%%Amulfhus^ the German Emperor 
fet up the Pope^ rcign'd twelve Years, and 
then the Pope transferred the Empire to the 
Gemums* Thife proves the Empetor of 
German]^ tO be the Weftern Beaft in Scarlet, 
on wham the Pope rides j and he is of the 
feyen, (L e. he was of the fame Caroline Fa- 
mily as the other were^ and at the end of 
the World muft go into Perdition : He 
afcended out of the bottomlefs Pit, was to 
fcrve the Devil's delign in Perfecntions,and 
the Empire was rais'd by the Popes. All 
the ten Weftern Kingdoms joyn'd their 
Power with the Beaft, or Emperor, in ma- 
king War with the Lamb and his Faithful 
and Chofen, but the Lamb ih^ll overcome 

. The ten Herns are ten Kings, which have 
rcceiv'd as yet no Power, but Ihall receive 
Power, for a while with the Beaft to perfe* 
cute Trotefiants i that is, they fhall make ten 
Ferfecutions againft them, as ^ell as the 
Beaft or Emperor, with whom for that end 
they are confederate j but the ten Weftera 
Kingdoms fliall hate the Whore, make her 
defolate, burn her with Fire, cat her Flefh, 
deftroy her Revenues. The ten perfecu- 
ting Kings are of Fr^wr^, Sfain^ %nglandy 
Germany^ ^C. 

Lib. 5. 

^it A'QmtjforifmhetweHtbf 

5Lbvi Orac ThUi$ct»D*f£ripCioaoftheRifeofthe 
Weftern Empire : 

' JBjf iaQfixti defimai <etatetatini J 

Rfzes Urmtm ^ivertt, &fitftr4 retmquent. 
h^tetum feiHi* »liuJrtgn*Ht eandem, 
(M f^itt tent* tpuus.—'*-'-^ _ 
Sieeedetli tfrnftirfs intwcuffk rtefotm, 

Tbe Pope is thus dcfcfib'd 1 

MagM t^x magnm Hsf>t^> M^''fli ''«' '*''• 

He has a divine original Coniiniflion : 
Hi» Ptrfetotioa is th«5 exprcft'd : 

. perdtf muhei mift^amqi ftmite^. 

Mdtrum c4ire$ t»itnos etbihte fertee*, 
AuJMcefyue manm — ♦— ' 

the t>eftruaion of the Papacy Will be 
' thus reptefentcd, by its being a Widow : 

Cum vero vidua tntotumregnaveritorbm, 

oSlmi U J. Wi«-« *to»«^; 1-^. 

By this ^is evident, that the P^W ««ft 
laft toihe end of the World, and thattbe 
'more in the Rfuilmm h calM by the Ora- 
cles aVf^idow-' ~ ; , - • 


Re^hition^ mi the Oracles. ^it 

The fiime Deftmdioa oi Jimm by the 
Ti^r^/ is repeated ia Book 8. 

This introduces an Angel vcty glorious, i^. ch. iS. 
fent to acquaint the Eanh with the Falf of 
Spiritual Sabylm^ (J. e . Romi) for her For- 
nication, or idolatry : A Voice from ^tz.- 
rtn fkysy Come wt rf her ffy People^ thst yoH 
be not partakers of her SinSj and that you re* 
ceive not pf her Plagues t reward her asjhe re* 
warded you^ and double unto her double^ accor^ 
diffg to her Works* She faith^ I fit a Quten^ 
and am m Widam^ and jhaU fie uo fir row , 
therefirt fiudl her Pi^^nes come in one jD/nr, 
Deathy and Mournings and Famine ^ and fije 
{haU hi Imrnt with Rre. 

The beftrodionof Rorne is poetically de- 
fcrib'd by the Lamentation of Kings, Mer- 
chants, Sailors ; the Apoftles and Proj^ets 
muft rejoyce, becauie God hath avengM 
them on Jcr, for i» her woe fimd the Blood "^ 
ofPrefbets and Saintj. By this 'tis intimated 
St. Peter and St. Paul fuffer'd in this Roman 
Babylon. The glorious Angel with Lkht 
cnlightned the Earth (i^ e. the firft Refor- 
mers began the Reformation) in the 1 2th 
Century, and 'tis ipention'd in Chap. 14* 
but now there appears a clearer difcovery 
of Rame^% Eornicaden^ by the Protefiants in 
the itfth Century, and then a Voice from 
HfSOTea pjUtinly call'd God's People to come 

out of her CommuiiioR : 

Ikneio^meumJmrgoee^Mdem'genificrafiortnnl Sibyl. Orac, 
Qlfi firwoefta Dei miimntes jmen(efifcemi^ Lib. 3« 

' ^ P a Ejus 

I . 

ftl4 • i4 Crniparifm between the 

' EjyisbmurabuntcAfio litamne templum. 
Nee vera vams armbm uBa hhri 
Humani monumenta celutu ; ' " - ■- - 
Tum^l genu fie^tnt )ilbum regtqi ie^q^ 
BtfabrefaSa manu c&nJiJent jfmnla fflammi^ 

This is an evident Defcriptiou of the Re- 
formation, which mufb be at the time Sell- 
mvs took %/££ypt^ and before the Return of 
the Jews is defcrib'd. 

Llbv^. This is the boafting of if^iw .• 

Sola (inquh) egofim, nonfumfuferahili ulll : 
' Solafceiefta mane^ ^flaprantibvt indha fiammk^ 
Lib. 8« . Exjcindere^ i^^fjl 1^ unauam cum^i futrifii^ 
Tuque triumfhim em wundo, tu dedeauMrbif. 

, The Lord Cod reigneth, and then is the 

j^n'.ci:.i9. Marriage-Supper of the Lamb to his Bride 

-the Church. 

The Sibylline Geftif Uta fueUa^ tihi nam gaudia femfer 
Oracles. ^ Duratura dedh cffii Perr^eqi create. 

In te habhatutWjtibi lux £terna manMK 

The Government of Chrift fucceeds the 
Dcftrudionof jR^wif ; . 

Tuncfieptrum cajlus rex tetim erbn habebh 
PerpetuOf in vitam revocatis tumine cajjisp 
Hpmaq;JubUnii feraget turn trifiia fata. 
Hoc autem cunSu humannfine feribuut. 

Vcr. 1,1. Chrift rides on a white Horfe, the Ar- 
mies in Heaven folloW him, the Man in the 
"Sun. calls the Birds to the Supper of the 
great God, to eat the Flelh pf Kings and 
mighty Mea i the Beaft, and the Kings of 
the Eaithj were gather'd. to makjB War 
^ with 

Revelations W the Oracles. . a 1 3 

with Chrift and bis Army ; the Bealt^ 
which is the Turkj was taken, with his 
Mufti,, and ihey with thcit Mufelmen were 
call into a Lake of Fire burning with Brira- 
itone^the reft flain with the Jijword^and the 
Fowls were fiU'd with their Fkfli. 

• , ■ ♦ , '• ■ ■ f '. ' : 

\ . . 

4^; Macedonia fiiKahit Biii in arvH ' Sibyll. Ora. 

4uxHium oec4SKS qmerens^ ^^gi^l rmnanfif ' ''^* *• 

Infauficq^^folum heUorepUbitur eJM^ 

In^l homines igni de c«li defluet orif 

Ignif fanguisj aquaeyfulmen^ nox atberis atra^ 

Et reges omnes ferdetjjmul, exitniojfque : . 

Sic heBi exit turn capet miferahiie finem ; 

Sedfapiens fopulm gaudebit facefuferfies. 

^ I obferre, that this will be the laft War 
between the Ottomans and Ckrifiians \ their 
King will be deftroy'd lA Macedonia by a 
jFire from Heaven j the Awcilium occafm 
muft be from the Chriftians, and after this 
War there will be no more, but a Peace i» 
the Millennium. This is plac'd before the 
Deftrudion of Rome in the Oracles, and the 
reafon is, bccaufc the preceding Hiltory 
related all to the Turh^ and therefore the 
remaining JUtacedonim War yras added to 
it before the Sibyl relates the Fate of the 
Weft ; for it muft be oblerv*d ail-along, 
that the Sibyls diftinguift the Fates of the 
Eaft and Weft, and therefore Ibme of their 
Hiftories may be contemporary. The Man 
in the Sun may \)^EUas ThesbitUy who is to 
come at the end of the World. 

P 3 Turn 

"11/^. A Com^rijen betmeentbe 

5ibyl. Orac. ^^'^'^ ^^^ outefit eurruikveSm tnibit 

'^' ^* Time MrAnsfin^ c^t. nutnati, ak Mb,: 

Lib. 3, ■ Tenafqi fete$ftamidfa fdtefim. 

hifidfa exwret Belfer, bomin^^ fufhhfs. 

The thesbites comes to fhew S/f»4 trind 
Ojitndet tvH mmd^ 1/iti^ pereuntky stad thefe 
are, two Comets, a general Darknefs, and 
a flaming River, which is intimated by. the 
Lake of Fire in the Revelations. 

^ev. ver. 2u - jind the remnant were fiain with the Sword 
of him that fate upon the Horfoy which or oeeo" 
ded out of his Mouthy and all the Fowtf were 
filPd with their Flefi. 

The. laft Deftmaion of the Turks in 
Thrace is thus reprefented by the Invafion 
of the Tartars^ which they ofually mak^ in 
the Winter: 

nine fofi^aam Hybemis nivihm jam defiaet aer^ 
Etgufoii ingentesp & maxima fl^^gna rigefctmt^ 
I Brotinus invadent jSfia orm harbara tutba^ 

Bt duros perdent, ^uafi Jintfine ^robore Thraoat^ 
Prabebitqi f^s ntenfam domut emms, f$ ijfa^ 
Et volucres, emnes mortales dildcerabunt : 

Thus the Hiftpry of the Turks and PMaey 
are more plainly and folly reprefented by 
the Oracles than by the Kevelatmtsf The 

reafon of this is, the Gentile Kingdoms an 
moft concern'4 in thefe Revolutions •, and. 
when they find one thing fucx:eed another, 
; thay wiU be convinc'd of the Truth of the 

Chnftian Religion, and by it be prenar-'d 
f OT. the Miff emim. ^ ^ . 


K&rehtwas aad the Otades. ^19 

The Devil mufi: fae bound a thoufand i^rv, ch« 2o« 
Years ) the firft lUfiif r^ioa ti of tbe Jtilt 
and ]Vfaftyr§9 ^^d thofe who hd4 tdifttd 
MdhometmUhiy aiid they livM iHid tdietfd 
w ith Chrift i but the rttt 0f tfte De^d fi V'd 
not till a thoufttid Years w^re ei>dM) afiter 
which time Satan mufl: be loos'cL aud ga* 
ther C7<}f and >Wig^^ to battclf to befic^e Je- 
rufalem ; and Fiire came down put pf Hea- 
ven, and devotirM them. 

After this fhaf! fee the (ecohd Jtidgraent, 
which 19 ofthe^Wicked, and GhriltltaH lit ., 
on a white Throne, to judge th€» iccord- 
Wg to 'what is Wfitstes ik the Books -,i dM 
vrhdla^yer is not written in the ScKik cf 
Mfe, ihalllie daft idt6 the Lake of Ffafe^ 

This isthe Reftrreaion : ^ j^ sih^Eh 

^ tubus $ffd fids. " ■ ' ■ 

- Suildti morte refurgenf, 

Curfus erh rdfidus cUudarum, furdus fS iffi Lib. %. 

The Judgment after tHe ReftfrrefafoA 

-byOhriff: ^ 
'^£0 vtniu in mh aternus ^ iffi ^ Lil^ 2^ 

Chrift us ada^ernum, magno Render e, bmf^ue 
Cum geniis, fiilioqi ftdibtt itxter iti dhc, 
Judka u0 mores bomtnum, intam^i froborum, 
. Et feeler 4twu^*'''^'^^ 
Turn finis mmii^ turn lux extrema frepih^udi j ^jj^^ g^ 
yudickm^bet^Serkif IcSify^^Jfrobi/^. 

P 4 The 

^i6. ACah^ifmhetweentbe 

The ACMetmimm mult facceed the firft Jodg* 


rac W. 3. Cmmfiteim h$e eafiei iemftu fstdk^ dhfi^t 

^udUhmfi D» mmrtalidfeSmrd mugtmm^ 
^iermi mMgna imferia €dg€mte fukihmt. 
Hdm terra ommifirems fn^ei mtrtaUlm abmas 
Bdet imexbaufim aid, vinique, eiUfue, 
fdxetiam trrramieragrdUifimmavirarttm, 
BtgUJUi tOent affl^i numime vaus. 

The firft Judgment is call'd trnfirUm in the 
account of the A£Memium : 

tUd. Ugitf^ Dei imdjudiHum iffum^ erit imfcritm 


After the ACBemtinmj the Signs of the De«* 
ftru&ion of the World are given, by whkb 
'tis evident there .wiU be a MUenmum bc-^ 
fore it. 
IbM* The InvaficJn of Gog and Magog is conti- 
nued, with the Hiftory of the Return of the 
Jewsy bccaufe it relates to the laft Siege of 
Jirufalem^ and the Deltniaion of Gog and 
Afagog.^ " , ■ 

Ibid. Seder eiri terram Gentiks rurfks eandem 
Invadem regejf -t-^^ . 

Circum urbem reges ferverfifacrificahunt. 

•"■ ^' '• ' deoctraqi feribunt 
Omnej ietern^, (S calp identur ab dlco 
tn f err am ardentes enfes « ■ ' 

*' . '* quin infitienttr 
^dfiaifaeratam cunSi vtbraftis inAtUm. 
' Qmnes erg^ptus beUp muUdbit & enfi, * 
, Jfewy; fS midanti fluvia, tumfutfhur ab dtto, 

E^ lapis in densi ferniceq; grandine tceU 
Dafluet, 0xflebieqi M^ c^re dilaniata. 

"• The 

Revelations and the Oracles. 117 

. , , ■♦ • .. . ■' ' 

The Judgment of the Wicked, and Punllh- 

meat of era*. 

H^ inmrn^tdUs incorrufiiqi columnce Sibyfline 

Ira Dei affigep^ quum ctrcuh undi^; flumettf One iit. tw 

Indefeffi igni manaHs, (S eosfimul omnes^ 

j^erni patris geniif^'"^ 

Jgnhis Jlagris, inflammafifqi eatenis, 

Doris ttfrjuehmf panis, — — 

JgniamfeHimult^ : turn dentibut omnes 

Siridifinsj acri tabejient vi^e, fipiqu^*, . 

The fecond Cofiiing of Chrift; is thus de- 

. . clarM : 

Venitenim ceeli vir ab aha fide beatus, Lib. ^, 

In m^nibtageftafU divino munere fccf^utn, 
AffiJblo cunJSm Mtbti mhUo eruet igni. 

^ - . . '■»'-' ■ . , 

^he Happinefs of the Juft after their Re- 
,♦ . furre(3:iott : . , . 

Afi alios] qui jw aquum coluere, bonumqi Lib. 2. 

Sublatos genii rafidum per fitmink aftum 
Dmcntin lucem^ (iJecuTie munera wV>i?, 
bnmrtali uhimagni via trita tonantw^ 
Foruibm(S ninpf^vinum^ lac^ meOa fcatebunK 
fi^nnuftm, nm nms^ non emfti^f vendiHove, . 
Non occafiH erit, nm ortus : natnq; creabit 
fUediem longam^ ? — ^ 


The Jhft^ after the Miilennium^ mwft be 
tranflated to another place : 

*..«• hoe cottferet iHis* 
Ndmqilegtt ftabiles^ aterncqi eximet igni, 
Ferquefuos aliam in vitam mandabit^ eamqui 
j^emam^ nuBo nurisuris tempore^ campo 
. ScHiceP Ehfio 

'■'■•' A 

aiS A Comparifon between the 

ey.A.7\. A new Heaven and new Earth are dc^ 
Icrib'd, and no Sea ; the Hojiy City comes 
down from God, as a Bride adorn'd ; all 
things are made new, GOD will dwell 
with Men •, new Jerufalem is defcrib'd after 
a glorious manner, by Jewels j there was 
no Temple in it* 

The Hifcory of the End of the World 
precedes the new JtrupiUm in the tteftrip- 
tion, but that is contemporary with i^e 
Millennium J z% appears by the 5ily//we O- 

ytAC.lib. <• Ftdtcifutq^ Deo dileBam reddidit urbem, 
. Et Sole (SStettis & IM^ J^endldi»em. 

iBic amatitm.fofide : twn condidit almum 
Corforeum futeirtM eemplim, turrimq^fitt gmsf^ 
JMulH/^; in ft adits magnamfroduxie^ &amflgm^ 
" Iffm esfigentem nutes, etmS^$ f/idmsbm^ 
Omnes utjt^i wdeMmer09»nA;fideleSf 
Splendwtm ^eerm^^eSdcuta dulcia fafri4 .-; 
Ortufyi 9fS^ufqi. Dei eelciramt bomoresi 

All thefe Verfes are before the ^aU of 
JKn^iMi by an Earthquake : 

t^gmineum intferiam deinde eritf tottuttrnms 

miti ftctdum. 
VUimafanBortan font tempor* 


fir.cb. 22. ' The clear River ^ndTree^ofLife reprefent 
old Paradife reftor'd ; the ttpelve Fruits are 
the Je wifh Church 5 the Leaves^ the Gentiles. 
All are urtitied into oae Tree of Life, ChriS. 

There Jhall be no ntpre Cuffe^ nor unfhlitnil 
Land, nor Labour, W^rs, Death, nor diflc- 
rent Seafons of the Year : They who have 

a right 

Revelations and the Oracles. 019 

a right to the Tree of Life, mnft enter . 
thro' the Gates of tlic City. Withovt art 
Dogs^ S&reerersy Whorermmgersj Murderers^ 

A Dcfcription of the ParadiUacal State : 

Tunc bominum gignet fur 4$ in ewpore menftt^ ^ Orac* lUv 7« 

^^ituetqig^nusy fuit ui tiH tempore frifco. 

Jam nuBo/ulcos curvo prcfcindee aratro. 

Terra nee i bobu$ ferrofcindetur acuta. 

Nee fiica, nee eruntfarmmta : fid omnibus ma- 

t^fcida manna Jimut mandetur dentibus albu. 

Nee Deus abfuerit Hi, qui ewlBa doeebif. Lth. 4. 

Contra iterumin terras vivent fieiati amiei^ 

Jffis dante Dee flatum vitamq; cibwnjue, 

iefefii agn^ent^fefi^ue videhmt^ 

* • 

I have meation'd many Particulars ia 
which the Oracles and ReveiMUns agree, bttt 
that they were not wrote by any Chriftiafl 
after tte Revelations^ will appear by the 
want of theie Particulars in the Orticks^ 
which the Revelations mention : 

1. The Vifion of Chrift and the feven 

z. The Vifion of God in his Throne, the 
feven Seals, and feven Trumpets, the Nor- 
thern Invafions, are obfeurely and inge-' 
Acral defcrib'd in the Oracles. 

• 3. The Origin of the Saracens in Ari^ii$ 
are not delcrib'd, but only that they are tte 
baftard Progeny of Abraham ; and their 
Wars in ^>^^ft are defer ib'd, with the De- 
ftrudion otthem by the Holy War, Tartars 
and Turh* - 


a30 A Comparijm between the 

4. In the fealed Book all the Alterations 
in tlie Roman Empire are dcfcrib'd in their 
order i ^nd the fiime order is obferv'd in 
the Oracles : ilt^ The Deftnidion of the 
Jews:^ 2^/y^ the idolatrous^anwwi i idly^ the 
Northern Invafions ; ^thly^ the Saracens 
Empire v 5^Wj?, the Turkijh ; 6thly^ the 
Popedom raisM. In the 1 3th Chapter the 
Bealt, with all the Parts of the Roman Em- 
pire, is defcrib'd i and this is Antichrift : 
But in the defcribing of him he is divided 
I into two, one part in the Eafl:, and t'other 
in the Weft, confider'd as two Beafts with 
diftind Faces. The want of diftinguilhing 
the FacQS of the Civil and Ecclefiaftic State 
in the Eaftern and Weftern Empires, has 
bred an extream Confiifion amongjl Inter- 
preters,whbforfake the Hlftory or the Eaft 
and Weft, at the i oth Chapter, and theij 
lay all the SubjeA of the open Book at the 
Pete's Door, whereas the open Book fir ft 
defcribes the Wars and Conquefts of the 
Saracens and X^^ks in the Eaft, and the Rife 
of the Popedom, and afterwards the Fall 
of the Saracen Empire, by the HarOeft and 
V^i^tage i the Fall of the Turi^ by the Vials^ 
and of Rome^ in the 1 7th Chapter ^ but the 
Jews muft firft return^ Aftfer the Deftru- 
&\o\\ of the Turk and Pofe^ the MittennitAn 
muft fucceed, before EHas conies to deftroy 
the World. 

Sinqe the Oracles declare many Circum- 
ftances of Hiftory not related in Daniel^ 
nor the Revelation:! y as, the Turks conqueft 


Revelations <»«/ the Orgies* . aai 

of Grtcce^ the return of the Jews from Per-^ 
yl4, the Wars in j4Jia^ Thrace^ Macedonia^ by 
which the Tiirkim Empire mpfl: fall, and 
the Piratical Invafion by which Rome will 
Be deftroy'd \ I may conclude, that theO- 
rades are no Copies from the Jewifh Prti'- 
fhetsj nor the Revelapions. 

Thefe things we may learn from the Ora- 
cles : That Babylon is to be diftinguilh'd , 
from Xomt j tnat after the Conqueft of * 
Greece 2knds^gypt by the Turks^ i[\e Refor- 
mation mull lucceed ^ and after that, in 
the beginning of the firft Vial, the Jews 
muft return •, and, that after the Fall of 
Homf and the Turk^ the Millennium muft 
fucceed ^ a happy Paradife in this World, 
in which the firft Judgment and Refur- 
reftion of Juft Men muft be ; and dfter the 
thoufand Years, the Refurreftion and Judg- 
ment of the Wicked ; then the World muft 
be burnt. 

I omitted in its place this Obfervation, 
That the four Angels at Evfhratis were pre- - 
)ar'd for a Month, a Year, a Day, an Hour, 
or to flay the third part of Men. The to- 
tal of thofe Numbers are computed at 395 
Years, during which time theTurkilh Em- 
pire will come to its heighth 5 and it mu^ 
be computed from the time the Turks inva-^ 
ded ^fiay in 1075, ^^ which add 39(^, the 
total will be 1 47 1, the tkM of Mahomet 
the Great, who was call'd the firft Empe- 
ror, after his Conqueft of ^nfimiHnofle : 



aia ColUi 

The Rife of the Ssraceff Empire was in five 
Months, i. e. 1 50 Days. 

Since none of thefe Compntations are 
noted in the Orach s^ tfae Author of theni 
Jcnew nothing of ihtRevHatims. . St, Jolm 
writ the more obfcurely, becaufe be liv'd 
in the time of the Perfcaitions \ and it 
&tmi more obfcure to the Weftern Na- 
tions, becaufe their Authors never ufe a 
fymbolical Expreffion, as the Eaitcrn do^ 


G)lle6Uons frmi ?&<? F a t h e r s^ 
cmcermng thcRefum of the Jews, 
Antichrift, Wi^ Millennium^ 
jpUcb they hrroivd jmn thefe 

WHen I bad finifli'd mj Comment on 
thefe Prophecies, I thought it ncr 
cejBary to exanun the Opinions of the Fa- 
thers of the Chriftian Church, calhcw hour 
£ir they agreed with the Interpretations I 
had given, becaufe tb$y made life of tbe 
Sibylline Cracks, to lielp 'em to a clears 
£)efcriptiOB of Antichi^ifi:, tlie Return of 
Che jAn^ scad the laft ftace of the World* m 
t\k^ Mdlemium** AikI fiace'd ct^ 
Sihfllm Orades, as the beft Ke^y ^r the an- 
<l^rIUn(^i^lhe >^f^/jiri>frj, i will hereof 
kQ: what i^ey have writ oxi thefe Subjeds, 


CmeUions from tpe tUtthers^ c^a j 

Pdljffarf receiv'4 fonie (or all) Tradijtions -^" ^«*!^E< 
about the Milbnnium^ • He was the Difciple ^^^** ^^'*' 
of St.y^w^aad was ty him prdalu'd Bilhop 
pf SntyrfM ) aft^r ^t«^^/s deceale, ^. i o i ^ 
ia the fccond of Tr^jm^ he was Hea'd of the 
Chijrches in Afi4k j h? conversed with all the 
Apoftks;^ and died idy. 

Pi^W was. the Dift^iple of St^Jahn^ and a Eufeb. EccI 
CoiQp^nipji of Pclycsrp^ and a Bifliop ; he Hiik Hi. 3, 
wrote five 3oQk$ concerning the Explica- 
tion of the Sayiflgs of our Saviour, with 
this iolemn ^roft?0on : Non figebit n^s tihl 
prmiin ^* tpiond4m:a Presbyter is didmmus^ d^ 
bene reMefn^f record^tes exfonere^ cum in-- 
'•: PerprepaHenibuffyiS : neq'^ enim mult4 dicenti^ ' 
bfUifed ver4 trudemibHS ^nfadtavimm:^ neque 
his qui hoiHimim fr^cepta^ fed qui Domini mun^ 
daea memorahanty ab ipsa veritate JvfceptA, 
After this Frofeffion^ who can disbelieve 
him ? Po not aU believe what be writes of 
$t*JM^rk% That he wrote his Gofpcl in the 
ordtsr he h^ard it from St. Peter^ and not in 
tha$ order in which things were done and 
fpoken ? AAd we alfo believe what he fays 
ctf St. M$$tthev^ That his Gofpelvras writ 
in ifcbiieiw. Theft things E^JebiHs himfclf 
h^U^V^d) Ibo' he condemns P^i^^'s Opinion 
rab^^t tbe Mllennii4t»^zn^ fortbat calls him 
;%jg*ak M^n^ becaufe he did^pot explain 
^Hm A^ifmiiim ^fta royftical fiafe, BsEufi" 
bif/^iid : 9ut^. this Opinion wa? approved 

by JuAim Martyr^i JrendHti^ TerptlliAny &:^. 

.ftnd im&mrl^ £4#i9iy ^^^U^i i^ the i^- 

.; a ' bylline 

aa/|. CoIleMimi from the Fathers^ 

hylUne Oracles^ vihich Eufebim believM to 

be true Prophecies. Eufebius only di^r^d 

^ . horn Papias in his My R\ctLlMillenfnum^txnd 

by that was prejudiced againft him, or a- 

gainft CerinthM^ who was a little oMer than 

Papid^y and had corrupted the Tradition 

by fayiflgy that Paradtfe Would abound with 

all Voluptuoufnefs, he hirafclf bein^g given 

\ to Lull: and Gluttony. 

^m Martyr 7tt/?/» belicv'd according totheOpiinian 

>ialog, • of the Primitive Chriffiians, that the Juft, 

after their Refurreftion, ftiall remain for a 

thou fa nd Years in the City of JerufaUm^ 

' where they Ihall enjoy all lawful Pleafures. 

'He writ his Apology ann. 1 50, whilft Pro- 
phecies continued in the Church •, and he 

•iays the j^focdypfe was writ hy St. John. 
He muft be at tnat time well acquainted 

• with the Churches Tradition about it, and 

-her Interpretation of it in that Age. 
; The way of ihftriiaihg by Symbols ind 

\ Allegories was very ancieht, not only a- 
mongfl: the Jew/, but the Eafteru Philofo- 

' phers, and this occafion'^d the obfc^ire fu- 
perftitious way of interpreting Scripture 

-allegorically in the firft Ages of the Church. 

'The Primitive Writers abound in Allego- 
ries, fi hding put My fteries in every Word, 
and feldom would follow the literal fenfe : 
^hd as it ii«no\Kt^ fo it was in thofe Aget ; 
forae took the MUlemirim in a literal fenfe, 
as Jufiin^ JrehdHSy Tertullian^ La3^4Htimy and 
the Sihyls alfo agree with a literal fenib: 

"but ptiers thou^t fhcinfeives obliged to 


CoUeBions from the Fathers. a a ^ 

foWow the Mode of their Times, and took 
the Mittenniuminz myltical fenfe, making 
it an Allegory •, thefe were Eufehim^ St. Je^ 
romtj and St. Aujtin. Jufiin fays in his Dia- 
logue, that I, and all Chriftians who are of 
a true Judgment, know that the Juft fliall 
reign in Jtrufdcm^ enlarged, adornM, and 
reftorM for a thoufand Years, as Ez^tUtt^ 
Ifaiahj and others have declared, for they 
mention the thoufand Years. Nonfecmdum 
dUs Ugni vit£^ fofuli met ermt^''^''^^dies domi* 
nificut tnitteanni. They alfo defqribe thip 
new Heaven, and the new Earth. Jufiln 
alio obferves that St. John mentions thefe 
jthouiand Years, and that after that fhall b^ 
the general Refurreftion and Judgment, 
and that the Saints fhall not marry, as our 
J^ord aflures uSt 

He obferves the prohibition of reading !r^/Vs Apo^ 
the Prophetic Books of the Sibyls^ and oflogy» 
Hyjfaffis^ was made thro' the Malice of the 
Devil, to hinder Men from following their 
Admonitions againJl Idolatry j but Juftin 
gdviles an to read 'em, from whence molt 
of the true Religion may be learnt ; and he 
defcrib^s the 5/i;^/'s'CaVe at C«w4. He men* ^ n . l^ 
tions the Opinion of Tlato^ that the Cum^an monition 
Sibyl prophefied of many great things trAlyj :the^J3^^nt& 
and Jufiin fays, the Sibyl has defcrib'd the 
Advent of our Saviour in exprefs words- 
He advifes the <}tntiles to believe the Sibyls^ 
and tells 'em, that we cannot know God, 
but by the Revelation of his Prophets. To 
ttefe Oracle* Jw/hV ^t^als againft^thef/r^r 

»i6 , CoUeBums from the Fathers. 

dm Idolatry^and jirifi^flc mentions the old 
Silfjfl as weH as P/4r#« who deicribM the 
Creation and one God. 

Dialog, with Jvfiin iays. That be that will fpeak im* 
f^jfbon^ piofls Blafpbemies againfi: the Moft High is 
now ready to come, who (as Dm ft Sys) 
muft c^ntinve a imiCj mtd titnes^ mid half 4 
turn : hot the Jevfs ignorantly expound this 
for Three hundred and fifty Years. Jufiin 
calls Aatichrin: :a»«(ri«c i^Bp^'w&y V^^o^Uhmv 
againl}: the Moft High, and he fiiall commit 
«br^ai agaiaift: the Chriftians. 

Thtfe CvtteBfons I made out of IrendBUS, 
concerning Anticbrijr^ 

I. A Ntichrift flvaU be a Servant, and 
i\ make himfelf a King nnjoftly, con- 
trary to Law. ' 

2* As ail Apoftate, he ftall be very wic- 
ied,^ a Manflayer, a Thief> and he fliaD pro* 
mote a Diabolical Apoltafie ^ he ftiall de- 
ftroy the GentiU Idols, and fet up himfelf as 
anldolprfalleGod, that by him Men may 
ferve the Devil : he is call d the Son of 
Perdition^ the Man of Sin> who fliall, as the 
Av^i^ ^ys> extol himfelf above all that 
is called Godi or worlhip'd 5 and he (hall fit 
in the Temple of God at Jirufalem^ fliewing 

himfelf as God : In quo adverfarim fedebir^ 
tHUansfemet iffym Chrtfium cfitndere. 

Aiitichrifl: muJtt not ajppcar. till after the 
ten Kings, and he is the Unit Horn in Da- 

CoUeBitMS frarn the fathers. ?2 2 7 

nicl^ which jnuft deftroy three of the ten 
Horns ^ he will make War with the Saints, 
and fpeak Words againft the Moft High, 
change Times and the Law, and reign three 
Years and a iialf : tn temph Deifidebit^fedu^ 
FtrfS eos ijtti adorant eum^ quajt ipfifit Chriftpu* 

The Hiftory of Mahomet IheWs that he is 
that A n tichrift defer ib*d by IrenMu 

I . Mahomet was Servant to a Merchant 
fit Mete ay and made hlmfelf a King v the 
Jihimceros has a little Horn, and is a Bealt 
of Arabia^ and therefore by that the Rife 
of the Saracen Empite is defcribM in that 
Connfry*, which iii the fpace of an hundred 
Years ConqnerM y€£ypt^ Sjfriaj Arabia^ Ter- 
fia^ ArmentA'iAfilcajSpalnj&c. The three 
Kings conquer'd by the Saracens are, the 
ftrfian^ t\\tGothicKin%%\nSpain^ and the 
IBaftern B-m peror's Dominions in Syria^t^-^ 
gypt^ Ajhicay and fome parts of Afia minor* 
Tne Soldiers of HeracUm revolted to Ma-- 
hornet in Arabia^ and thus he became 2^ 
prince there. 

. i. Mahomet was a Homicide and Thief 5 
his Government was tyrannical, and he 
forced all to receive his Religion, or be- 
come Tributaries-, he promoted his new* 
ReHglon by his Sword, and forc'd many to 
j^poftatiie from the Chriftian : At firft he 
maintained hii Followers by robbing the 

3* Mdhomet promoted a diabolical Apo^- 
ftafiefrom Chrift, by which he fervid the 

a a 8 CoUedtons from the Fathers^ 

Devil : He was helped in the compoling of 
his Alcoran by a Jacobite Chrilbian, a Ntfio- 
rian Monk^ and a Jew^ aod then he gave a 
new Rule of Faith, and pretended to an In- 
fpiration by the Angel Gabrid in his Epi- 
leptic Fits. Tho' Mahomet acknowledges 
but One God, and deftroy'd the Gentile 
Moh, yet he tells ridiculous Stories of God , 
a nd denies the Trinity. Mahomet ^ a (cribes 
the Creation to Angels, and not . to God j 
he aflerts the Human Soul to be part of 
God-, he prefcribes fw earing by hi& Crea- 
tures as by the Morning Star^ and 'tis a fort 
of Idolatry to fwear by tlie Wind, or An^ 
gels. He declares himfelf to be the chief 
Prophet of God.. The Turks may be r^c- 
kou'd Idolaters, becaufe they worihi|> the 
Alcoran \ no Man mult touch it with his 
naked Hands \ the Pricit mult kifs it.an4 
bow to it, and the Mule which carries it to 
Alcoran, Mecca is had in great veneratiom They fay 
cb. 8c. the Alcoran was fent from Heaven by Gar 
hrictj and they believe that 'twas copied 
from a Book kept there, to which Honour 
and l^raife is due eternally. Mahomet makes 
God the Author of the Alcoran, and to 
fwear by it. He fays, 'tis impious to fay 
God had a Son, he therefore denys his Di- 
vinity, as the jirians do : And he ixiakes 
the Holy Ghoft a Creature, but fays he w«s 
infpir'd by hinr, and he denys that Ghrift 
truly died and 'rofe again : This Herefie 
Mahomet had from the Afanichees. The 
Mahomet^ms alfo hold the Errors of Orin^ 


CoUedmsfrmt the Fathers. 119 

. ^hmztAEhim-i ThatChrift is onlyaMafi,' 
and not God. Again ft thefe St. jdin wrote 
his Gpfpel,' and thefe were the many Anti- 
chrifts mentioned in his Epiftles ^ this was 
the Blafphemy of the Shnoniani^ Satumini^ 
Mdrcit4^ 8cc. Mahomet followed all the 
Heretical Opinions of the Apoftates above 
mention -dv he dcnys tlie worftiip of Chrift, 
and proves by thefe weak Arguments^ that 
he was not God's Son : 

ifi^ There is but one God, and he has no 
AiTociate or Companion. 

idly^QnA has no Wife, and therefore 

idlyy If God had a Son, there would be 
danger of Difpntes betwixt them. 

4fWj^, There is a Story told in the Alco- 
ran, That God chid Chrift for making him- 
felf God,' and, that Chrift deny'd it. Thefe 
ire AfahofHet^s Blafphemies agalnft Chrift as ' 
God 9 and i^^^0i»er feigiiM this Revelation, 
and in contempt of the Chriftian Worftip 
he ordainM Snnday to be a Day of Traffick^ 
and Friday to J>e their Religious .Day, or 
Holy Day. 

4. Antichrift muft not appear till the 
Roman Empire was divided into ten King-^ 
doms, which was done in the fifth and fix^th 
Ohturies, and Mahomet began his Religion 
and Flight from Aft€ta 522, whicf) was his 
Hegira. ' 

5. Mahomet^ $ Caliphs made War with 
the Chriftkns, and conquerM three of their 
Kings ; Omar took Jerufalfm^ and bollt a 

0.3 Mofch 

l|o CoJkBians fr&m the/ E^berst 

Mofch on the Ruins of the Temple j thnt 
the Antichriltian Prince fate in the Temple 
of God) preferring his Religion and laws 
above Cbrift's. 

5. This is MdfHfmet boafting that the Al^ 
cbran is writ with mote Eloquence an<i 
Flainnefs than the Scriptures ; and^ that h( 
is the laft and greateft of the Prophets ha* 
ving more Rnowledg than all the A$geU 
and Men in the World i and, that be te^ 
God in his Journey to Heaven ; that bis 
Kame was writ in the Throne of God, and, 
that Chrift foretold the coming of M4th0^ 
met. All this (hews him to be thp Falft 

God i$ faid, in the Alccuranj to ask Jcfu^ 
Chrift^ i>idfi thm enjoyn the Pe^h to warfiip 
thee and thy Mether Mary^ as two Gods f To 
which he anfwer'd, Worjb^God^ yourttard 
and mme- Th^ Sophi of Perfia is cali'd 
God's Lieutenant^ tlie high and might; 
. 3tar. 

6, ^*ifc*w!i«f pretended to a few JVIiraeleSi 
he divided the Moon into two parts, the 
one fell on the Groundy and t'other into hi$ 
Lap, but thefe two piecesi he folder'd toge- 
ther again< In mem^y of this, the T^ht 
nfe the Half-moon in their Enfigns, 

ii/^iiwflwtf f 's Jonrney to Jieaven is^i^othe^ 

of their JMirades^ wljich the Tiiyfe believe* 

He is laid to teach a Pigeon to piqlL f^Gi 

oint of hi9 jg^afSi^ and told the People it was 

$b^ Hoix<5hj>ft, whp.canie tP t?H hltt what 

> ' An 

CoUe6iians from the Fathers. a 3 1 

An Ox was taught to bring him a Chap- 
ter of the Alcoran oa his Horas^ in a full 

He pretended that a Shoulder of Mutton 
told hun it was poifonM j and he told the 
People that the Trees bow^d to hijn> th« 
Wolves howlM^ and the Afles bVay'd% de- 
iiring him to pray for theni^ He told his 
Followers^ that he would rife again the 
third Pay, but hedeqeiv'd'eni, hn^ they 
buried him the fourth at Medina^ where h|« 
Relicks are annually viflted by the Pil- 

trims. Such were the Miracles t?y whic^ 
e deluded the People 23 Year^> Un at 
Miccdj and thirteen ^t Medina. He liy^d 
tf J Years j ^ Comet appeared at th^e time of 
liis Death reftmbling a Swords, ' pointing 
from South to Korth ; this continued ilur- 
ty Days^ and appearM at Mid-day> and it • 
preceded or portended the Rile of tl;e ^r^ 
lii#i.Mojurcb^. v^ii£tfnmrchaugMth^Chri^ 
rfian iEira by inftituting the Hegira> JZ q£ 
Tfihicb Years aofwer 31 of the Chrifiian: 
The Year 1713 is the 1 1 25 He^ira^ and JH 
the i54oHegirathe Kingdom of th^T^k 
will falL a[nd tni with the coming of 
Clhrift. ^ 

When JbSiii^afonghr with tb« J^m 9it 
j^edina^ht was wounded with a Swotd U 
the Facc^, which broke out his foir^Tetth^ 
and he continued long in a pitcli a^ diegd^ 
his reviving afiain was thought a Htt^j^i 
jUd tQ tSi9 tte Head that vis^ ,w<>wad^ 

0.4 |n# 

i^i CoUeBiots from the Fathers; 

ind the Wound heaiy , may refer, in t\L\ 
1 3 th Chapter of the ReveUtiorO. 
Alcoran, Chaib preachM the Alcoran to the People 
cb. 26. ^f ^ Foreft near Medina^ who traduc'd him 
as a Lyar, but they were coverM with a 
Cloud that rain'd On 'efti a Show re of Fire, 
and they were burnt. Mahomet fay^, This 
ivM d Token of my Power. To this Story 
the Revelation relates, as a Miracle of the 
felfe Prophet's making Fire come from 
Heaven. Mahomet fays. Thunder was dar-^ 
ted againft them that flew the Camel of 
SMbee. On Mahomet^s Seal are engraven 
thefe words, Mahomet^ the Meffenger of God. 

f. Thefe Abfurditiei may be read m the 
. Alcoran : The Virgin Mary is Daughter tci 
Mofes^ Children and Bealts fpeak, Solomon 
rais'd an Army of Men and Angels ; God 
prays for Mahomet j Abraham had two Sons,^ 
ifaaic and Jacobs 

8. There Immoralities are taught by the 

I. They allow the Mufelmen to fwear 
deceitfully, and three days Faft <vlll fttisfic 
for Perjury. They ajlow Depiredatipns, 
and ^command the propagating Religipn by 
the Sword. They allow Liberty of aff Re- 
ligions, in which they fay all Mtrfmaybc 
favedt . *' . 

; 2. Divorce is lawful: Mahomet }t6\i 
'JZaiday that God had giiren hiita leave to 
take his Wife. They u le, many CpnlduBines. 
ThcTurh belieye Sciiif8ai Pfeafiift5'*in f/i-^ 
^adifi. ' :V 


CoSeBms fiom the fathers. jfjy 

The Turks had their^Circumcifion from 
Ha^ar^ and their fabulous Stories from the 
Talmud ; as, the Karnes of Angels, their 
Mercy to Beafts, and their Multitudes of 

The Ha^arens worlhip'd the Morning 
Star before Mahometh time, and Mahomet 
cook from thefe Idolaters his Fable, That a 
Wort^n was turned into that Star ; and- 
J^id^ was therefore o|)ferved by t\k>Mi*Jtt'^ 
men^^iiA they fwear by that Star: And^ 
^^A^i^ifr is call'd a falling Star in the Revc^, ' 

This is the Mufelmens Faith -,' at 8 Years 
pld they are obliged to lay, Thei*e is one 
<jOd, arid Mahainet his Prophet, EreSto manm 
foHi'ct^ and they who profefs tliis are faved^ 
thb' they five wicked Livq^c, in all manner 
of Luxury, f erfidioufiiefs, and Murder. - 

IrenfHi^ by the Beafi in the 1 3th Chapter 
of theRevela$i(msj -underftapds Antichrift ^ 
6e makes the fecond Beaft the falfe Prophet, 
or his Armiger, and believes his Miracles 
to be done by magical lUufions, as the Magi 
in t/Egypt did \ or the Devil might perform 
them, to fed uce Mankind. Irentm thought 
the. Name of Antichrift might be jnany 
Words, as, Tei^dn:^ or Lateims^ but that 
till Antichrift was come it could not be cer- 
taiijijy knqwfli. He fays, Antichrift muft 
hotbeydeftroyM till the coming of Chrift^ 
apd then the fourth Monarchy will end in 
the Ririgddm of the Saints. 


a^i^ CoUeBiats from the Fathers^ 

Irem^Ms had his account of die Apocaiyple 
fxom Polycarf^ the DiTcipie of St. John^ and 
he was P^j^^ igrp's Diiciple. Jerome makes 
him a Difciple of PofiM j and Iren^m was 
young when he fa w old Polycarp t He affirms, 
that the Jnfi: having liy'd a tbou&od Years, 
and enjoyM Temporal Pleafures, Aoald 
enter into Heaven, to poflefs Eternal H^;k 
. {Hnefs. He was born about i 40, and lived, 
till 202 \ be fpake thus of the Rev$l4fkm^ 
Ne^ enim anu mtdtum t^mforis vifumiffij fed 
ptm fidf mftro fuvlo^ frk jmtm imfgrii JDo^ 

JrewMms compares the tenToes of DMmeTs 
Image, to the ten Kingdoms. Chrift i^ the 
Stone that muft break them to pieces, and 
iet up the Eternal Kingdom. Tnefe Horns 
changed in every Agie^ fo the Skm arc now. 
nonct tha'oneoftheancienteifc. 

Some farther CoSeSfms from Irensti^ 
concerning the ReJurre£hon snd MiUtn- 


TH E fame Bodies (haU rife, as Chrllt's 
did \ the SoqIs are kept in f^parate 
Places under the Earth till the Refurreduoav 
and from thence Cbrift broogNimany at Ills 

The Jufl: Ihallrife grit, and then will be 
the Judgment -> the Creatures wiJl be re« 
newed, which they expeft at the RevelatH 
on of the &ns of God, and then they Ihall 


(M^msfrfim the Fathers^ ^^5 

be deliwr'd froni the Boadage df Corr^ 

TheSiiintB muft rife in the faflje "Qoiim 
they fufferM^ t||tt they may be^ewgtd^d 
ia them : Th^n they will dnak tuv^Wint hi 
the Kingdom Qf the Father, with Jefw^ 
Cbfiftv^«d thea Chrift wiH reward ocnr 
Charity to the Poo^,. aad for all ow Lolfe$ 
w^ iBuft expeft to f eeeiiJe 4 hwidred fold i* 
. In J^mVs Bkffi«g, L^ th Gtmhs ferm 

tbefi 4ud Prifttes ad^t tkecy, this was not 
performM in his Life-time to him^ therefore 
It tmi9: be done ift the MUeHmtm : Thofe 
Presbyters teftify that they heard, ftofli St* 
y$hn^ tiiat the }uft flfiall rife and retga, an4 
then the Creatikte fliould be renew'd9 ^ 
obey Mao, a$ they did in ParMife, Ail 
theft things Inin^m fey$ P^i^^y the Ui&lpii 
of St, Johtfy and Felo^Pupl with JP#^. 
c^^^ teftilie^ in his Wdtii^s in bis foi^th 

Boo*:. , ■ -':} 

The Jms expeoed a te«iporal Kingdom 
Qfkter the Jkk^h^ a$ the fit qyeft o| thif 
Mother of ZeMe$*% Sons intimates, '^nd ^ 

Qjieftion of the Bdfciples, after Chrift^Rc* 
furreftion. Whether he would then reftore 

tte Kitig^km to 4lr4ii/. 

btHMm d<^ea that there is an illlt^ry 
in the I'^rc^hectes cbneerniiig Antklvfift a^^ 
Chtift^ Rin^om iftthe Mtt^mrkon^ foi^ 
Wen Will then oraly rife from the Dead, ant! 
not allegorfcally, and be trntj incorrupll^ 
ble, and be prepar'd in the thoufand Years 
. ^ for 

« 2 S CdtteSions from the Fathers. " 

fdr the Society of Chrift and good fileni 
and be made capable of living in the Glory 
of'theFaithfer:j all things IhaH be truly re- 
newed, and they fliall live in the City of 
Gc^V and all thefe things are faid to be 
^ faithful and true, and written by God's 
Goramand, aiid (hall be done ; and the Hea- 
vens and Earth Iball not be deftroy'd, but 
thang'd. IreMus fays, there are different 
Manfions for thofe that (hall be rewarded ; 
Ibmc ftall b^ receivM into Heaven, others 
Into Paradife, and the reft of the Juft into 
the Holy City. 

Ghrift raifed L/«2:4rtf J in the fame Body.; 
and in the Refurredion the corruptible Body 
snnlt put on incorruption : Chrift rofe in 
the fame Body; and if the Body rife not^ 
Chrift needed not to have taken a humane 
Body, to reconcile it thro' his Blood : And 
as we have born the Image of the Eartbly, 
lb we muft bear the Image of the Heavenly^ 
therefore after the Refurredion, the Body 
will be made immortal j Fiijh ani BUod can- 
im inherit the Kif^doni of Heaven \ tlrat is,' 

l*ey who are led by the Fie (h, and do the 
Deeds to which it inclines them. 


ikte^ That fince our Bodies will be the fame*' 
es our &vi{mr's was after his Refurre<!liof^ in 
which be did« eav and drink with bis Difdpks; 
ip will Men in the Milfnmuim^x^^ the fame Di^ 
as was appointed for them in Paradife, without 
any Excels or luxury,, and the Tree of life will 
make them' immortal, 

" ' Cot- 

CgUeBions from the JEof^r, ; ? 3 j 

» • , * 1 

XlolkcHons out of TertuUiiaii; toncernim " ' 


I • ^ . 

BEfore the Day of Ghrifl's coining, there •^'^•'^ ^'/« 
mvft he rtir/c^Jpt?. rff»i, by Antichrilt/^^- ^^^ 
and that which hinders, is the Ronuinus Sta^ 
tus^ cujus ahfceffio in dtcem regcs difperfa^ An-^ 
tichrifium fuferindufet^ & turn fcvetabitur 
iniquusf Queni Daminus Jefuj inter fciet /pi- 
ritu4)ris ful. TertuUian mentions the Vials, 
and the Deftruclion pf the proftituted City 
bythe tenKings \ then the Beaft Antichrift, 
with his falfe Prophet, fhall War againft 
the Ghurch •, and, the Devil at laft being 
bound,, there will be the firft Refurreaion 
and Judgment •, but the Devil Ihall be loot- 
ed at laft, and condemned to the Fire, and 
then Ihall be the univerfal Refurre(ftion and 
Judgment out of the Books. Thefe things 
muft happen in the latter Days, and there- 
fore cannot be fpiritually allegoriz'd : Con^ Lib. 3. adv. 
fitfmur in urrk ngnum rtPromiffum^ fed ante^ M^donem^ 
caelum^ fsd alio fia$u^ pofi RefurreSionem^ in 
MiUe annosj in JerufaUm caIo dela$L On the 
Earth, he fays, the Saints w.ere afflided, 
and therefore 'tis fit they fliould rejoyce 
there, in all plenty of Spiritual Gifts •, but 
after the thoufarid Years, in which time the 
Saints fhall rife, fooner or later, according 
totheirMerits,theWorld(hairbedeftroy'd '' • 
by Fire, after the laft Judgment, and then 
pur Bodies ihaU be chang'd iutOanAngell^ 

^ " cal ■ 

u 5^ CoUe^ims from the Fathers, 

cal Subftance, and carryM into Heaven- 

tb.deM^ur- . rmttfli4» fays, that dhrift firft told th« 

rB. carnif. gjgns of the Deftruftion of JerufaUm^ and 

afterwards the Signs of the Deftruftion of 

. the World, which are thofc in the Sun, 

' aud Moon, and Stars j and the Powers in 

. tile Heavens fhall be mov'd, and then the 

Son of MajQ fhall come. And in the fame 

place T&tuUian mentions the coming of 

EUas^ and the Perfecution of Antichrift, 

ai)d the Pali of Babylon. Tertuttian lived iii 

V$>4-'and till 2i5. A^e 24 Elders, and their 

i4 wings, reprcfent the 24 canonical Books 

W the Old Teftament, according to Tertnl- 

tian. i ! think it more probable, that they 

f^re i^ Churches fiH'd by Inferiour Biftiops 

in St. Jfihnh Days, as ttre four Bealts repre^ 

Tent the four Governing Metropolitans at 

yerufaUnty jifjtloch'y Alexandria and Rume^ 

Which were in St. John\s time. 

CoHeHigns ^ut 0/ la^aittius, who writ 
dkoM tht XMr ^ 2O9 €m<imi»g the Fa& 
ifthelk^rmnEmfkr^^JfrtickriJl^ m4 
ri^^ MiHer^iuiti, 

AS ^>^ft was punllliM svfth many 
Plagues, before the deliverance of the 
Children of Ifroil^ fo vfriU aH the World be 
fmitten, amongft wham thtjews are dil?- 
perfed> before their laft deliverance, and 
Diany Prodigies wiD foretell the Deftru6tion 

pf aH Nations j th^e yvil! t» great Turoutts 


CoUeBims from the Fathers. 4^9 

and Wars amongft all ISfations, and t/£r^ft 
fliall fufFer firft, for its Supcrftitions, which 
fliall he the canfe of thefe Wars. The Rmtm 
Empire malt fall, Et Imperium in Afiam re- 
vertetur , at^e rurfus oriens dominahitur^ 
iattjut occideps ferviet ; the Roman Empire 
fliall be divided by many Wars into ten 
Kingdoms, then an Enemy from the Nortt The Turk^ 
flialfconquer three of thefe Kings that pofi 
iefsM Afia^ and become Head of them all, 
and fhaU aft tyrannically : By letting op a 
new Empire, and introducing new Laws, 
he Ihall become the Emperor,' transfer the 
Seat of his Empire, and deftroy all by the 

IkPt^ That iMS^miMf here plainly de&ribes cbe 
Turl(i coining irosii. the North ^ (le 4:QnqaerM cbe 
•King ofFewfia^ the Eniperors ikcprfisntinople and 
Tr4pe:iond; he fee iip a new Enapire after the di- 
king ofCmftantinofle^A transfer^ ic from Icanittin • 
(or Prt^ and Airiaimfle) tbither^ be changed the 
Laws and poileis*d all Afia^ and deftroy'daU by 
ib^ Sword. All this L^fitfttfsia had from the Si* 
bjls, aod this Propbecj 1$ fol&Il'd. 

There Ihall ht great InttndaUoas, Fd^ 
mines, Peftilences, great Prodigies in tbb / 
Heavens, Con)tts, I^kaefs, theCdotirof 
the Moon chang'd into Blood, falling Stars, 
and the tenth part of Mankind will be hard- 
ly left. / - 

Katt^ That LaBantitu having given a general 

Account of the ^man Empire tu! the End of xbt 

World, now begins a njK>rc patticalar Accotmc 

from the time oiElim and Mahomet. 

" He 

54-0 CoUedzons from the Fathers. 

He Fays, Ellds the Thsbitey a great Pro- 
phet, (hall be feat from God towards the 
latter end of the World^ to work Miracles, 
and turn Men to the Knowledge of G O D, 
and if Men wTIl not ohey^ he IhallOiut np 
the Heavens, flop the Rain, and turn the 
Waters into Blood i and they that will hurt 
him (hall bedeftroy'd by Fire proceeding 
out of his Mouth ; Then (hall another King 
rife out of Syr/4, the Deftrqyer of Mankind, 
and he Ihall fight againit that Prophet, and 
overcome him, and kill him, and leave him 
unbury'di.and after three Daysj he flull 
rife again, and be taken into Heavea. 

Nofr, That this Story about EUat^ ancl his be- 
' ing killed y h a mcer ConjdSiure of LaHantiw, 
who miftook the two Witnefles for Elid$^ Chap. 
I r, of the ^velations^ whereat they muft be two: 
Alfo they are call'd Caftdleftieks, that i^, two 

Chrift telh us, that St. J^hnvuzs the Elias^ and 

^ragffiHU de this was a Tradition of the Je\9s ; as LaBantius 

xtremo Jadi' intimates, fide Jud.torum. The I{gveUHons fays 

^*^* nothing of £/i^, uniefs the Man ftanding<in the 

Sun be him : and the Sibyl only fays, that he fliall 

come to deftroy the World at laft, bttc not to 

preach. This mifunderftapding of the two Wii^ 

lieiTes has laft^d even to this Age* 

The King of Syr/^ is call'd, Mendaciorum 

t*!^?^*** fropi^M, & feiffum confiituet^ & vocahit 

'*"^'^' JDeum^ & fe coli juhebit^^m filium Deiy c^ 

dabitur ei potefias^ ut faciat fign^ & frodigU i 

for which Men will adore him; He will 


CoUeMions front the Fathers, 3 4. 1 

command Fire from Heaven, the Sun to 
ftand ftill, and the Image to fpeak ; then he 
fball endeavour to deitroy the Temple of 
God, and perfecute the Juftj and there 
fliall be fuch an Oppreffion as was not from 
the beginning of the World. 

Note, This is a defcription of Mabomet^s Magi-^ 
cat DelufionSy as ic is deicribM in the Sibyls, and 
this muft be diftinguifh^d from the Account of the 
Northern Enemy above; deicribM, which is the 
Turk. Mahomet fets himfelf above Chrift, who 
is God. I^ftantitts miftakes the Titrl^s for the 
firfi Beaft m the ^fvelations, which is the Sara^^ 
cens, for they fofe firft ; as appears in the 9th 
Chap» of the ^evelaHons. The making the linage 
fpeak, is, the Tories rais'd the Saracens Pow^r 
and Religion, after they were deftroy'd, and will 
continue it to the End of the World. 


After three Years Wars, they that fub- 
nfitted to him are to be mark'd as Btafts, 
and become Slaves or Tributaries ; but 
they who refus'd his Doftrine, fled into the 
Mountain?:, orwereflaih: Idem jufios homir 
nts obvolvet libris Prefhetarum^ & cremahh* 
He will burn the Chriftians with their Pro- 
phefies concerning Antithrift ; £r dMtur 
ei defolare orb em terne 42 Menfibtu^ 1260 

Lunar Years, or Hegira's j this mult begin 
from Mahomet. 

The Miferies in the time of Antichrift 
are thus defcrib'd, Quafi uno communUpu 
latrocinio^ terra univerfa vajtabitur. This 

wicked Prince Ihall bcfiege the Chriftians in 

R . the 

H^ ColkHms frm the Fathers. 

the Motmtains, and God iha)! fegdagoeat 
Kibg from HeaTeQ, who fliail delhnoy tiiofe 
widced Armies by Fire and Sword. 

Note, TUsistbefinalDeftniftiQn oftbeT^- 
ktfif Empire at Cbrift^s coming, as LaSMuisu (ays, 
on Chriftmas-fve, when he Ihall come as XJltfnr 
and Hex. 

The Sigos of Cbrift <x>miiig are» CgJa 

glaiim rtfetae ex cmlo : He ftaU 4e^xid 

with the Angels, and a Fire IkaU go before 
liim, to deftroy Ancichrilb ; ^i feiffum 
Chrifium mentietur', beUvm ptjft rtnovibit^ cf" 
fefe vincetur^ donejc quarto frktio copfpStis om" 
.nibus imfiis AebeB^tU4^ (^ ^aftus : and all o* 
ither Tyrants Sx9\l be brOHght to Ch.rift, jind 
he fhall coindemu them to Torments j and 
all Image-worfhip fliall be aboliflied. 

After thefe things, the Dea4 feaU Tife 
who are Gbriftians, but noi^e of the \y ic-- 
j^ed till after the AfUUmUpm *, and the Sajiiat^ 
ihall . tea gn over them who remaiii ali^e 9 
tho.ulaHd Years, vrJthChrifton tie Earth. 
AH the Nations ftwill not be deftroy 'd, but 
•be govern'd by the Saints after tiie Judg- 
iment. The Holy (City Aall be buUt^ in 
which Chrrft ibaXl r^gn. The ftate of Par 
radife wiH return, and the Sun and Moon 
lliall fhine more glorioufly^ and the Earth . 
:be very fruitful ; the Rocks fhall fweat JEIo- 
^jiey^ the fraall Rivers run with Wine,- an<i 
the. great with Milk ; £this is a JymboUcal Jc 

fcrffpien,rfPjteffty2 tJt^^ cBeajB^ mil got de- 
- vour 

(^IkMims from the Fathers. it^'^ 

rouf one another, and the Kings of the 
Earth (hall come to wor&ip Ghrifl:* 

Nixtf, ^\\ Ms L^&amtkis colleded from the 
Prophets of tbt Jem sa:id Chriftldns, as well as 
the Sit^ls ; but Antichriil not beiog come, he was 
coofoundol in the account of the two Beafts. Till 
I(^me is deftroy'd^ the end of the tVbrld cannot 
come^ His ^nim eft civitat ^uafuftentap omnia^ 

After a thoufand Years the Devil will be 
loofed, and tempt th^ Natiops to befieg? 
the holy City ; then ilhgll the laft Anger of 
GODdeftroy Men by an Earthquake, whicH 
Ihall thrqw dowp all Mountains, and Gities 
in Syriiff j the Sun ftancjing ftill three Days* 
Ihall burn the Earth, and with Hail ana 
Lightning ^\l the Wicked fliaU be flain, but 
^he Ri^htpous will only -remain in the . 
Earth ; and th?n fpr fcven Years jJierc will 
be Peace. 

When the thoufand Years are finilhed,the 
World will be rene*'d, and Men become 
Angels ; then (hall the Unjufl: rife to eter- 
nal Punilhment,(fuch are they that worfhip 
lijiage?^ or deny Chrift) and fliall be caft 
' with the Devil into Hell-fire. Hac cfi da- 
Urina fypS^qrvm prophftar^m^ quam Chriftlani 
fe^quMfltffr^ h^ mftrafapientia. •""^jih/condi 
tegiq) myfiirium quam fidelijjime ofortet^ maxi-^ 
me dffpbii^ 

Note. LaBantius calls thisDodlrin ih^DoRrin 
of Chrift^ which was conceal'd, for fear ' of the , 

Emperors, in fymbolical figures. Whence LaSan^ 

24.4 CoUeBims from the Vathers. 

tins had thefe Tradit&ons of Anticbiift*s reign itf 
Syria, his foanh Battel, and many oihi:r circum** 
ftances, which are neither in the Sibyls ot^^^ela^ 
ticnsf I know not, unlefs from HxfiafiiSf whom he 
mentions to rejed the Millennium, LdSdntiut 
iays, *ei& to deny the Doi^rin of the Prophets, and 
the Traditions of the Cbriftians. In this order he 
has plac'd all Events. 

The World muft laft Six thoufand Years, 
the Deftrudion of the Roman Empire muft: 
precede that of the World j then Anti- 
chrift fiiall perfecnte EUas^ and be de- 
ftroy'd by the Coming of Chrift : Then 
Chrift fhall judge them that are rais'd from 
the Dead, and after this he Ihall reign a 
thoufand Years upon the Earth : When all 
Mankind ihall be raisM, the Good ihall be 
made good Angels, and the Wicked pu- 
niih'd in eternal Fire, and the Earth ihall 
be made new after its Conflagration. 

Collelihns from St. Auftin about the Mil- 
lennium, in his Book of the City of God. 

SAitit Aufiin confclles, that he once be- 
„ liev'd the Mittennmm^ but afterwards 
changM his Opinion, becaufe he could not 
allow a carnal Paradife^ fuch as fome Here- 
ticks alTerted. He makes the firft Refur- 
redion only a Spiritual Regeneration, and 
the binding of the Devil, the Encreafe of 

the Church. 


Q^cBmsjrmi the Fathers., 045 

Note, This cannot be fo allegorize, bccaufc 
the Church encireasVl in the t^ginnihg of the 
Kingdom of Heaven, and noc only at the end of 
the World. 

He fay s^ The thotiland Years fignifieE- 
tetnityj and the loofing the Devil, thie Per- 
iecution of the Church, which is the King- 
dom in whjqh Chrift will reign : The Seats 
placed for Judgment, are the Bifhopricks ; 
the Beaft, is the Society of the Wicked : By 
0eath is meant iniquity ; Gog and Mag9g is , 
the laft Perfecution by wicked Princes: 
The Holy City, isChrift's Church : By Fire 
confiiming the Wicked, we underftand the 
2eal of Juft Men : The Books bpenM, are • 
Hens Confciences : Antichrift, is wicked 
Men, whole Perfecutioa (hall laft three 
if ears and ^ half : And, that by him who 
Withholdeth the appearance of Antichrift, 
is meant the Roman State. And he defcribes 
this Ord^r of Events^ Firft, EUas muft 
come, the Jews will believe, Antichrift will 
pcrfecute, Chrift will judge, the Dead (hall 
rife, the Good and Bad Ihall be feparated. 
the World fhall burn and be renewed. 

Nof tf, This Allegorical Interpr^ation cpntra- 
di&s Daniels Yifibn, That Antichrift flia}l rife 
after die divifion of the /(pm^» Empire, and the 
Kingdoth of the Sf^ints fh^ll {iicceed Antichrift^s 
Peftrudiom Befides, hereby the whole Apoca- 
lypfe is made ufelefs, and all. the Frophefies are 
made infigniiiUnt Allegories, and no Hiftorical 
Ev^ncs are ](i£nifie4 by them. 

R 3 Coh 

3^6 CoUeBims frtm the Fatbtrs. 

fecani Dialogue. 

THis Accoont St. Martin g^ve concern- 
ing the End oixJta^yNovXAydeJmeftcuU^ 
That Nero and jinticbrifi Jbould Hrft come ; 
that Nir9 Ihonld reign in the Weft over the 
ten Kings ; and, that he ihould perfecute 
there, vt Idola gentium coU cofot : Tbat^inr^ 
, riVki/? (Loald poiTefs the fiaftern Empire j 
and, that he ihould place the Seat and Head 
of his Empire at Jerufdem ^ and, that he 
fliould repair the Citv and Temple ^ and, 
♦ that his Perfecution Ihould be fuch, itt Chrf- 

ftum dominutn cogat negari ^ ft totius Chrijlum 
ejft confirmans^ omneff, jficunaum legem cir- 
cumcidi juheat % and^ that jintichrifi (hould 
deftroy iVlrro, and conquer the World, and 
all Nations, till at laft he ihall be over- 
thrown by the coming of Chrift. 

There's no doubt but Antichrift was pot 
fefs'd with an evil Spirit in his Youth, and 
when a Man he got . the Empire. 

. 'Nott, Sc Martin was a Hfman Sakic^ and by 
Nero in the Weft he plainly defcribes the Popes, 
'who held the Weftetn Kings in fubjwfkion ; and 
he fet up the Worfhip tf Images and Saints ; be 
pcrfccuted the Eafterh fimperors wfto d^sM ir, 
and afterwards the Weftcm Reformers for the 
famt^from the 1 3th Century t6 Ai^ diy. And finc6 
there ha^ been no Perfecntion in the Weft, to force 
Men to Image-worfhip, but by the Vi^, thejf 
mnft be this Nero^ wh6 flew bis Mother, ju^.fMrt 
ChriJiUn CbwffihS} By Nrr^, a fucceffion of 



, (^UeBms ficmthd Fathers. 347 

#opes ftliift be und^jftMd, a» by Amithrifi \ifthe 
Aaft a fiioMfifioli of Satasett Caliphs and turkijh 
Xmpmtei, The firft Ages^ belidvM ttiac IV^rn* wa^ 
a Type of Antichrifty and this was St. Chr)fofi4m% 
OifixAoap aiRl ct» SihjKm Oracles call him fa. 

. T\^ MMhmetmtf zrt tht Aritkhrifi \ikt}¥^ 
Eaftr Wbd by their Oppreffidn^ fore'd Chri^ 
ftians to fbrlkke Gbrii^ to fixHow MakmmnH 
Do^in. >rf;jrf«ri!^3^wiHcoftqtrieri\&r<^^^ 
he fball art laft^nir prize apd bm^n ^^usrry asl 
the SihyUine Oracles aifirm. The Mahtime^ 
tans ufe Circumcifion j they built a Mofch 
on the Ruins of SolomonH Temple ^ they 
fortified the City, arid it has beea in tftelr 
fiands ever finte, ttctpt ii> the time of th§ 
Holy War ; they conqtrer'd many Nati^s, 
^nd the Revelations fay, Power was gi'Uefi^him 
itver att Nations. - 

[ We find by the Entity that ^^ Martin 
gl^e the cieareffi Account of Amichrpfi afid 
the Fofty and^rightly diftinguiih'd the R^a- , - 
fi)ns of the Perfecutions iathe Eaft frora - 
that in the Weft ; his Only "Miftake is th^ 
pfecing the Seat of his firiiipke at JirufaUm^ 
TTw^ Turk's Subjeds gi^e Mm the Titles of 
0od on Earthy Shadow iff G&di tr^tkef of thef 
ftm and Mo0ff^ the Giver of oB Edrtbly Croims^ 
Th(/ St. Jerome di^ridw the AmenmutHj 
yet iii bis Cdrftmeilt 6nJe^efHiah\^ cojtfeffi*s> 
Non fe attiere ddimate, cp^dntulti Ecdifidfii" 
fonm vhorttm^ & Mdrtyrum id dixeripi y 
and fpesiks 6f Anfkhrifi in bis TRott% on 
Pmel. 3nth&uahemVtidtyVtle£itI>ei 

- H4 ^ 

54.S CoUeSlims from the Fathers. 

& ceremmids mutare camtur^ and he- fhall 
raifc himfelf above all that is call'd God 
(Chrift) ; Rtli^ionitn xm^am fu* fid^ititns 
fotefiati. . I - ' 

Theodaret fays,Tbat about the Bad of the 
World ten Kings ihall rife, and after them 
jimichrifij who, ftriving for the Kingdom, 
ftall fubvert three of 'em : He ftiall fpeak 
Blafphemies againft God, D- e. Chrifl2 ; he 
Ihall punifh the Saints, overthrow the efta- 
blilh'd Religion, and change the Govern- 

LutherV Opinion concerning Antichrift, 
in his Military Sermon^ equated bj Slei- 
dan, in hisHifiorj of the Reformation^ 
lib. 14. 

THE Scripture prophefieth of two cruel 
Tyrants, who are to lay wafte and 
plague the Chriftian World before the laft 
.^ pay of Judgment-, the one by falfe Doftrin, 
of whom Danhly and after him St. Paul^ 
fpeaks,.and this is the Pope j and the other 
by JForce and Arms, (viz,, the Turk) of 
whom Daniel fpeaks in the 7th Chapter, the 
little Horn fprung up among the ten of the 
fourth Beaft V and tho' it be grown to a 
great btgnefs, yet it can never reach to the 
Power of the Roman Empire. And becaufe 
Daniel afllgns it three Horns, which it.muli: 
pull off from the ten, its Power will not 
proceed much farther, for thefe tbr^e Horns 


«« /.< ..«.i 

Op{op9Sus anfwer^d. 5/I9 

are long fince pull'd off, Gr^fctf, j^Jia^ tx& 
mf, three vajQ: Provinces of the Empire., 
wnich the Turks now poflefs ; and within . 
thefe Limits it is now confin'd: He m^y, 
poffibly get forae footing in Hungary ^ but 
'tis not to be thought he can long enjoy it, 
as he doth in ^<^, e/4jgyi>f, and 6'rw^. 

Nofff, All this is come to pafs as Luther truly 
interpreted the Prophecy ; and all the modern 
Froteftants ought to follow his diftindion of the 
two Tyrants in the Baft aqd Veft : The ^^U-^ 
don has joinM Vox into oneBeaft, in Chap. 13^. 
but gives a feparate account of them^of the Eaftem 
Beaft» in the ^th, i ith, and 13th Chapters, and of 
the Weftem Beaft in the 1 7th Chapter. 'Tis plain 
the Fate of the Eaftem Empire and Church aiffq^ 
from the Weftcrn. 

An Anfmr ^(? OpfopaeusV OhjeStions 4-' 
gMnfi the Sibylline Oracles^ and thofe 
of Ifaac Voffius, That they mre mU 
by the Jews. 

THo' th6 Events in Hiftory fufficiently 
prove the Oracles to be from a divine 
Infpiration, yet l think my felf oblig'd to 
anfwei^ the Common Objedions againft 

Ot/VfiF. 1 . There was no Sibyl before M4h 
fesj how then can (he predid the Flood, or 
pretend to be in the Atk before Noah ? 



550 Opfopaeils mjxirf'd. 

Anf». T\tt Sibyl ftys, fhe will fclatf 
things paft as Weil 2(5 thofe t6 came;, arid 
this Mofis alfe did j fcut neither conld have 
clone it without an InfJ^itatiaa concerning 
things paft as well as thofe tor come: And 
z% Mdfti made ufe of the old Hiftories, 
X brought dov^rn from Noah by the direftion 
/ of the Holy Ghoft, fo the SihU were di- 
rcded to ufe the Hiftories of the GtmiUs.^ 
becatff the© Prot)befi*s wer6 to be deli-^ 
verM to theis ^^and they Were well aoquam^ 
ted with their 6Wii Hifl:6riei5 brit not thofe 
iSi Mofis^ ccfflcetiting the Creatroi, Pira- 
dife, and the Mood- 

Obj.x. The Sibyt ikjs^ 'tis iiootean 
lince the idolatrous Princes of Greece ^ and 
therefore the Sibyl muft write 1 500 Years 
after the Grecian ^•mpire. 

jinf The Sibyl here only reckons the 
Jtime fince the laft King of (Jre e rf y Perfeusy 
who was carried toRme i $9 Years before 
Chrift^ till the OtumsiH donquer'd Greeeey 
aftd ji^ur^th conqaef 'd Theffaly^ 1430 \ and 
this makes 1 589, the odd Yeats are feldoni 
reckoned by the Prophets: And theT'i^ri^ 

had fomc footing in Crt^c* befiwe^itt 1 373^* 
Obj.i. The S^ fays, fee faw the fecofld 

P'^al Temple burnt^ which was in Cbmmor 

jinf. The Sibyl does not iay ihe faw the 
fecond Fefial Temple burnt^ bat a Temple 
which was built by the Saints at liome ^ for 
this is not mention'd till after Ghriftianity 
Wis fetlqd in the Empire, and not long bcr^ 


f6)cithtU{ttVimbfR0me. the 5%//, like 
other Prophets, uffe i Poetical Figure in de- 
fcrtblng both tt^tt and future ASioils, as if 
thty #cre pteifeiit di 'em ; £b the Sibjl re* 
pttKntS the IPiaf of Nd4h aiid hi« Family 
in the Ark, as if (he had been aitiongft 'em j 
and Ihe fpeaks of her felf as if Ine were 
pi^fent at the burning of the World. 

iJhj. 4. After Adrian, there will be but 
three Emperors, Antoninus TiuSy Antoninus 
fhihftrfhus^ and Cmfnodus^ a nd then the end 
bf the World (hall be. 

Anf. Thfe three to reign after Adrian are 
to continue the Years of the ntimcrari Letr ' 
ters of God, which are 1 7 ^5. Cmfiantint is 
thefirft; the C^rd//>^Famih, which fetup 
for the Weftern Empire, tne iccond j and . 
the furk^ caird Ntro^ the third. And nn- 
de'r the W eftern JBmpire the Gtrman Em-» 
plre tnufl: be reckon d*, and the Saractns 
arid turh are the fame Empire. The Hi- 
il6ry in the fifth Book, after Adrian^ could 
not come to pafs in Cdmmodiis^t Reign j 
thtrefore this Surmife is abfurd, that th^ 
World (houtd laft no longer, according to 
the SihyP% Writing. • 

Ohj. 5. That the Sihyh httd fome Opi- 
nion of C)r5f<?^'s,Thatthe Wicktd Ihould be 
deliverM trom Torment after fome Ages. 

Anf. this is a Miftake, for the Sibyls fay, 
ti6 Tuch thing, but the contrary. 

Ohj. 6. The Story of Nero'^ I^'light is 
falfe, and his coming oYcrfftrpir^rfi to be 


55? Opfopajus anfwer^d. 

4inf. The jintichrifi is call'd iVTirro for \d% 
Cruelty : This is oaiy a feign'd Allegory, 
or fymbolical Fable, and that this was weU 
known in Ner^s time we know, by the vul- 
gar Opinion that Ntro fled over Euphrates ; 
' and this could proceed from no other caufc 
than the finding it in the SibyBine Oracles. 
Suefom$u mentiops this popular Rumour : 
All Prophets ufe fuch fymbolical Fables to 
conceal their PropheCes till the Events hapr 
peq. Mahomet 4^d from Mecfa^ and Ottor 
man's Family out of Perfia^ therefore the 
Oracles fay oi AntkhriD:^ frgiemvemet* 
. Oh}. 7. The Sibyls Books are obfcure, dcT 
fedive, and without Order, 

Mf Till theHiftory of Events is ob- 
jferv'd,the Prophefies were oblicure, efper 
cially to the dhriftians in the firft Ages ^ 
but I muft affirm, that the Prophefies keepi 
the true chronological order from the Crea-. 
tjon to the Flood, in the four fucceeding 
Monarchies, ^xai In tht Roman Empire, 15 
C^ars ', then the ConfiantinofoUtan Emperor, 
the Northern lavafion, the Saracens ^Turisy 
the Reformation, the Return of the Jews^ 
the Deltrudion of the Pafal and Mahometan 
Empires, the coming of Chrift in the MH- 
lennittmy and the burning of the World af- 
ter the Refurredion and laft Judgment. 
, Obj. 8. The Name of jidam is ohferv'd 
to comprehend Eaft and Weft, North and 
South, in Greek j and this is ridiculous. . 

:/inf. The numeral Letters in Names were 
formerly much obferv'd, as appears bjr the 


Apbltolic Conftitutions i I figjufies ten, 
and ten is the Tithe,and there are ten Com* ^ 
mandments. The number of Mahotnet^% 
Name is 666 j and the feme way of compu- 
tation is iis'd by the Sibyls. In Genefis we 
find Names were given for a Monument of 
fome paft Hiftory. 

Obj. 9. Thefe Verfes arc exceeded in ma- 
jefty and expreffion by the Greek Poets. 

jinf. The defigno^thefe Verfes is not to 
pleafe, but iuftrud Men in their Duty and 
future Events : Hence Orfheuj^ Homer ^ He- 
fiod^ rirgil^ and all the Grecian Philofophers 
bcMTOWxi their Notions of the Creation, 
Flood, the Rewards of the Juft,and PuniJh- 
ment of the Wicked, the Golden Age^ their 
Sacrifices and Libations, a nd the Conflagra^ • 
tion of the World. Homer^ as Diodorus 
teftifies, took many Verfes from thefe O- 

Obj. I o. The Sihylline Verfes contain rat Jjer 
Hiftories than Prophefies. 

jinf. Nero., the Woman^ and Widorp^ arc 
fymbolical Charaders of the Turk and Foft* 
AH cruel Men are call'd MatrumC^fores\ 
Inundations are put for Invafions j and 
thefe Phrafes are ufual in Prophefies.- 

I wholly rejeft the Acrofticks, and the 
Hiftory following, where the Virgin Mary 
is namM, as fpurious Additions. 

Obi. 1 1 . The jtgone^ ifelafiici were infti- 
tuted in Trajan^^ time. 

jinf. 'Tis plain, thattht Sibyls call th^ 
Chriftians Martyrdoms by that Name, zi 


7 54 Opfopacus mjt»erd. 

appears by t)ie wardfMrlp^/-, and fince tfaet^ 
were m^ny M^rtyrdom^ in Trofstt's time, 
they may be call'd by tbe nevr-inftituted 

Obj. 1 2. Some things are cit^d by Authors 
fQV SihyBw Verfes, which are not in our 
Copies, for whicli Reafon fome believe 
thefe Oracles jire not the Ancient Silyls. 

Anf. M^ny SibyMine Verfes are wanting, 
as appears )n the defe^iyef laces ; and Au- 
thors might have had a different Tranflatiott 
fiom the pre&nt. L^4miHi attributes to 
all the ten Sibyls a feveral Book ; we have 
but eight. All the Sibyls agree in the true 
notions of {Religion, and the Change^ in the 
Roman Emigre : The Turh Conqueft of 
Greuf is plainly recorded in the third Book j 
and the fiftli has the Turh coming over £i- 
fhraits^ and the eightb his Deftrudion of 
Rome. If all the other were loft, theie thrcei 
the third> fifth, gnd eighth, are fufiTcient to 
dilfcover the moft confiderablc future E** 
vents in the Rom^^n Empire* 


Okj. I. A thoufand Verfes were brought 
to Rome by t^ojfe vyho were fhnt %q cQlfed 
them, after the Qpitpl was burnt, but 
now there are more. 

jinf The Cumtan Sibyls Verfes were 
burnt, for they only were kept as Secrets, 
all the reft were cpmmonly known \ there- 

fore the Ctmuum^ Verfe^ iiBedis4 a new CoU 
leftion, and npt the reft. 

Qhj. ;t. Tis obferv'd that Aim^^ Name 
ha,s the firft Letters of the four MrtS'Of the 

Anf* Names were imppsM for ibrac par- 
ttcular Heafpn \ Cod caU'd Aiam and £w 
by the^r Nanies, and be blefs'd them, ]tbat 
they might £U the Earth. 

tA'j^i* The Millennium 1% a yw//fc Opimoa, 
aad that the Wor^ muiQ: lafl: 5ooo Year«« 

Anf. Molt of the Fathers were of this 
Opiaion^and fome in the Apo&les times, as 
appears by fiarnJtai^ Epiftles^ and this 
ias ^omc from DoffiePs Kingdom of the 

Obj.4f Ip tbefe Oracle? the Creek Fables 
^f their Cods are mentioned* 

Afff Saturn reprefents Noah j or the Sons 

of Noah may be Saturn^ Ti$an^ Jafetm* 

f>hj, 5. The Flood is defcrib'd of forty 
Bays qpntlnuance. 

Ai^f This was the Gentiles Tradition, 
and it f ain'd fprty Days. 

Obj.6. Ararat i^jaiMQnDtaia la Armenia^ 
and not Phijigi4» 

Anf. The Armenians were deriv'd from 
t3he Phrygians^ wd ipoix the fanie Language ; 
apd Armm0 was formeily comprehended 
jki great old Pibry^^W. 

0^7.7* The River Ewrotas is m Lacm^y^iX^ 
flo): Xiczy Dodopa. 

[ Anf There is another Eurotas in Thefaly^ 
near Dodma. and it runs into teneus. * 


256 OpfopaMS anfwer^d 

Oh}. 8. The Kames of God are Jewifli, 
aod the worihip by Sacrificed. 

jinf. All thefe Names were known at 
B^loHj from whence the Sibyl came ; and 
the Jewifli Sacrifices were Types of the 
Chriftian Worihip. 

Some of thefe Objeftions were anfwer'd 
hyPiffifHj who thought them trivial. 

Obj. 9. rolJiw mentions a Ptophecy before 
onr Sariour's Birth, that a Ring {honld be 
born, who (honld govern nil Nations ; and, 
that this muft come from the Jevs^ and 
therefore they imposM on the Ranums this, 
when they colleded theft Oracles. 

Anp The SihyBine Verfes fay, this fhall 
happen when Rome (hall conquer t/£gypt ; 
none of the Jewilh Prophets did foretell 
that Circumftance, and this is a fufficient 
proof that the Sihyh had not this from the 
Jewsj as ri//i/«f fufpeds. 

The Magi had no notice of Chrift*s Birth 
from the Jews^ but from Baalamj a Gentile^ 
who was infpir'd. The Sibyls have many 
Frophefies concerning thofe Kingdoms, 
which are not mention'a by the Jewilh Pro- 
phets, as Sicily J Italy^ Conftantif^ofle. 

Ohj. 10. Ifaac Voffttis farther fays, that 
, the greateft part of the Oracles were made 
* by Chriftian?, anno 120. If this had been 
true^ this Forgery muft have been dilco- 
ver'4 in the firft 400 Years, but ho Wri- 
ter ever mentioned any fuch thing. Celfm 
only accufcs the Oracles as interpolated, 
but Origen denies it. 


Opfbpaeus i»»/»^V. 957 

Anf. I will readily rejed the Acrofticks, 
which are now different from what Z^/^ii^ySM 
apd Gcero mentionM The Ce/^x are men-, 
tion'd, to Ihew that the fucceeding Frophe^ 
fies b^long'd to the Himm Empire, and no 
Chriftian could tell the following Events 
without a Revelation. 

The Names of the Heathen Gods are 
made uie of, which thtjetvs would not do ; 
tTtmrod is Saturn ; Beltu^ Jupiter ; the Fa* 
ther oi Saturn is Cdum^ and wife Bhea^ 

TW Nero^s Charafter be made ufc of, 
(f • e. his killing his Mother) yet his |9ame 
is not mentioned in the Defcription of the 
Cruelty of the Turks to their own Family* 
Their Murther of their Brothers 4nd Rela-^ 
tions is fitly reprefented by Nero^s U4natu- 
ral Cruelty to his Mother ^ and the Turks 
^re only call'd Afatrum Gtfaresy which the 
Romans finding in the Sibyls, apply'd that 
to Nero^ who kill'd his Mother; and his 
flying beyond Euphrates^ and coming again, 
was from their Sibyls Book : And that is 
alfo a Teftimony, that thefe Books wer^ 
extant in Nero^% timet 


S M 


25^ Du Pin mfwer^d. 

<fciafciaa*m iirKi-xru i tii u iii 

Jn Anfwer to du Pin und his Englijh Com- 
ment dtor^ (vol. 2.) ThAt the Chriftians 
forged the Ok aCles. 

Objea. t. nnRE Oracles butirt ift the Ca- 
a pitol, A.V^Cond.ejij con- 
taiti'd the Pagan Superftitiofi, and direded 
Sports in honour ot the Heathen Gods, to 
build Temples^ and offer Sacrifices to the 
Infernal Gods ; but the prefent Oracles di- 
reft, no luch thing* 

jinf Tarquin had thofe Sibylline Varies 
mention'd, from aWoman, and thofe might 
be a Contrivance of the Devil, to promote 
Idolatry t The prefent Otacles were col- 
kfted by the Remans^ tevis'd in Augufim^s 
days, and could come from none without a 
J)rophetic Spirit. 

Ohj. z. The Oracles defcribe Chrift more 
plainly than the Jewifh Prophets. 

^nf Salaam Was a Gentile^ and fpakc 
plainly of Chrift i and the Magi^ by their 
Star, found Chrift more certainly tlian the 
Jews could by their Prophefies. God does 
foraetiraes infpire wicked Men with clear 
Prophefies. ] 

Ohj. 3. The Oracles are the fame as the 
Fathers quoted, and they appeared firft in 
the Second Century, in the time oiAntoni- 
nm Vim. 



Dm Vm amfwer'^d. * ^ ^59 

Anf 'Ti$ certain thefe were coBeftcd by 
the Romans before Chrift, and quoted by the 
Clnntnime Conftitutioas, J^fiphw^ and the 
pubiick Apologifts for Cbriftianity : No 
body ever told the. Author of fu^h For- 

Ohj. 4. The Emperors are delcrib'd af-^ 
tcr an hiftorical manr^er, and not after a 
prophetical one ^ the Stile has nothing of 
the Tranfport, not like Horner^. Thefe 
Verfc^ are ttot obfcurc. 

j4nf. Why did iK>t thefe Authors explain 
thefe Prophefies, if they be not obfcure ? 
JDiodartm fays, firmer took Verfes from the 

ohj. 5. This Itnpoftor, who coniposM the 
Books of the Sihyls^ was no Scholar ^ he de^^ 
rires Aiam from H^desy and (ays, that the 
4 Letters in Admnh Name fignifie the four 
Parts of the World ^ whereas there are no 
more than three Letters la it, in the Hebrtw 
or Chdldee Word. 

Afff. This is a Miftake \ for the Sibyls fay 
Ades is from Addm \ Ejl "AJ^f ^ quid eo fri- 
mus difcmdirit Adam* I willgire Koffius^s 
Anfwo- to the other part of tte Objedion j 
Nfc tdmen wrum efi ffuod divtmt trihns tmtui^ 
apud ffebrdos banc vocem canfiare Uteris^ quia 
mntpi cmfmdii gratU', wuva tstxalis in fcri-* 
htndo oynittiturifiaisfe habn in prormnciatione* 
There is in the Oracles very much of Geo* 
^aphy, ota Hiftory, tfid true Religion 5 
the Aitlior could siotl}e very igooraiii . 

• St Ohj, 

26o Dii Piri anfwer^d. 

Obj.6. The nnmeral Letters ia G O D^s 
Name are thought an Abfurdity. 
jifj/. To this I will give the Opinion of 

its Oraculis continere dkitur itfp?^ cum nen 
Jatis cotjfiat ijuodnam vocabulum debeat fntel* 
ligu Ego lubenter eorum fiquor fententiam^ quf 
de voce dnn^tnQ'^ idem quod tinK^arilQ-x^aca^ 

Obj. 7. The Fables of the Titans are put 
for true Hiftories, Mount Ararat placM in 
Phrygian the River Eurota in Epirus^ Gog and 
Magog are t/£thiopians , all which (hew, that 
the Impoftor neither underftood Hiftory or 

jinf. I will give Fo^tush Anfwer, De Sa- 
turno & T$tanibus qua fcrihmtur in Sibyllinis^ 
non efi ut quencpsam offimdant^ cum for Satur^ 
numN(B^y&fer T%tanas inteUigantur ojuspojtc 
rij qui turrimfint moliti Babyloniam. Au the 
' l^orthern Mountains in Afia^ from Armenia 

to Tanais^ were call'd Ararat. 

Obj.S. 'Tisfaidofthe City of Xoiwf, that 
it Ihould not lall: above 948 Years. 

Anf This Number is to be computed 
from the Rife of the Weftern Empire : All 
the other Objections are anfwer'd above. 

Thefe Ahfurdities foBow from du Pin'/ 

Ofinion : 

I . That all the Writers in the four Cen- 
turies were impos'd on by this Forgery. 

2. Juz 

Du Pin mfwer^d. a 6 1 

2. Jufim affirms in his Queftions, that 
St. 0fx»fxrr quoted the&W/, which dupin 
denies. Qemens AlexanJbrims fays St. Paul 
quoted the 5iMi .- IHi PiVi fays, the Author 
is miftaken ; he denies that Joftfhm quoted 

the Sihyls^ and fays, it was added to the * 

T«xt, but does not prove it. 

3. JHe believes Celfus^ who fays the Ora- 
cles were forg'd, more than Origert^ who de- 
ny'd it, and defended them v and Origen 
challenges Celfus to produce the ancient Co- 
pies of the Sihyts^ wherein that which the 
Chriftians cited was not to be found : How 
then.cOuldtbefe Oracles be newly forg'd, 
whenOrjfff» challenges the ancient Copies 
tobefhew'd ? 

As old Rcme forbid the reading of the 
Oracles, becaufe they foretold their Dc- 
ftru&ion, and forbid their Idolatry, fo our 
moiitrn Rom^nifis condemn the Sibyls^ be- 
caufe they write againft worihiping images^ 
and tell how and when Rome mulb ^11. And 
this is the true Reafon why they condemn 
them as Impoftures. 

I will leave rojfius^s Party to defend the ' 

Antiquity of the Silyh againft du Pin^ and ' I 

let him defend their late Forgeries againft 
f^cfius. I hope the Hiftories of the Tyrkijh j 

Gpnquefts, both in^ jifia and Greece, will , 

prove the Sibylline Oracles to be true. I 
rauft" appeal from our modern Criticks to 
the old ones, Clemens Alexandrinus, Origen^ 
Evfthiusy St. Jerome, Laitantins, and St. jiu- 

fiin^ who all belicv'd the Prophpfies in the ^ 

S3 Sibyl- 1 

a6 i Du Pin anfwer^d. 

Sibyllins Writings. Can any Modetn be 
clearer lighted than thefe old Criticks?: 
They liv'd nearer tte tinle of their coH^i^ 
on by the Romans^ and had more carreft Co 
pies than we. I am not-fingnlar in my Opi* 
nion, that thele Oracles related to the Tar* - 
Jt/jfeHiftory i {or Ch^lchondylas^ who wrote 
their Hiftory, and Langiusy in his Kotes on 
Jiipny intimate that they belieVd fa 

I find inany modern Writers have enter* 
taifi'd a more favotrrabie "Opinion of the Si^ 
byls-i as Heylin^ in his Geography oft/£gyf$ j 
and the learned Mr. Eaclmrdy in his Preface 
to his excellent and nfeful Ecclefiaftical 
Hiftory, has thns e:xprefs^d himfelf : **This 
*' great Blefling was defign'd for the benefit 
^^ of the Gent iUsy as well as the^fVu?/. So { 
Providence was no iefs careful to make way 
for Chrift in the Pagan World i and Jhis 
was effeded by divers methods, particular- 
ly by open Revelations and prophetical 
Words put into' the Months of ^e»n7r Pro- 
phets, but more efpecially by the difperfion 
of the Ifraelitesand Jews. Among the pro- 
phetical Perfons we may reckon BdMm^ 
who gave a lively account of die Mefi^th^ 
under the name4)f a Star ccfming frc^i yi- 

> cob* Hyda/pisy Trifmegifiusy and the SHyls^ 

who were all very particular concerning 
.1. this Prince,tho' thefe three latter have been 
• very much queftionM by foinc modern Cri- 
ticks, they were never yet folly difJ)rov'd^ 
their Arguments being rather Prfe&mpti- . 
ons than Proofs. 


J • 


•• • > ^ , ■ . , 

;. . A N N A 1. 9 of the $aracens Qpq«e/s. 

ji. J). 61%^ \K Ahwmet was the fkft Com- 
JLVi mander of tXxQS^fAcetJs^ 
l^iii^d itomMftx^m ^12., wlien tiis Hegifi 

^;»f, and ^yfEgyt^\^^o^ f^rfia coqquer'd. 

638^ Jtrufalemw^s takaU) ^fter ;t Years 
3iege ; and 'twas tlien agreed, that the 
Chrifiians fhould B^ wear Turbants, nor 
part their Hair, ^s they did^ but fbould 
Wear Girdles, and ihave the fore^part of 
their Head : This i* the Mark of the Beaft, 
in the Forehead. 

tf3p, all Syr** was conquer'd by the 5*4- 

64,1 , Antioch was deftroy'd, and Davtafcus 

takfn 9 Ph^nkht iav;tded, mi^£y^ .fub- 
^48, Ofman conquer'd Sarbary. 

a^id 663 Afis minor^ ^nd invaded Sicily. 

685, Abdimelec began the Cpqqwft of 
\Mffof0tami4 and Armenia. 
X 710, the Saracens conquer'd Sp^i^.. 

- Mr. Ikv^tm allows loc Years to llie Rife of the 
Saratensy the J^elatiom but. 1 50 : It came to ks 

, iicight in fi%, mA from the beginning. <xa, it 
Itfte^ 7PP Years; This i$ fo great aa Al^ewien 
in the ^fm4n Etppire, ;hat the Pi*oph^(xi^ nmft 
take a pari;i;:uhii'|i(^pi$:e bpcb o(Us Ri!» W Palt 

S 4 8oj,y^4« 

a64 Annals of the Saracens. 

8039 Aaran^ the Prince of the Saracimi 
. inade Nicefboru$ the Emperor tributary. 

do7, the Saracens plundered Sardinia and 

v.* 8ltf, they took Of re. 

828, the ^#V4»^ S^rncreir/ invaded 5/0^. 
^1 843, Saba the King of the Moors invaded 
$iri/y, and took Tarentum. 

845, the Saracens inrBiitdHetruria anil 
Qdabria^ and plunder'd jRM»r« 

845^ they plunder and burn ^cona. 

879, they invade Zi0i»&4r^. 

^to, they invade ^jpii/i4. 

93 S, they plunder Genoa^ 

980, they beat Or/^tf in i/ir4i^. 

Noce», Onur, thc^ iecotid Caliph, (that was 
bodi Pontiff and Sovereign) took 36000 Caftles^ 
demoIilhM 4000 ChurcS^ built 1300 Moichs s 
ThelQ are JtuicbriJPs Wars with the Cbrifiians^ 

The DeelffK ef the Safacen Emfire 

in the E*fi. 


675^*T^He Saracens receiv'd a great Over^* 
X thtow at the Siege of Confiantind- 
ple^ and lolt their Fleet. 

700, the Romans in Syfia kill'd 2000a 
Saracens. ^ 

718, Twenty-two thoufand of 'em were 
a^ixi iaSidgaria. 

710^ they befiege Omfiantimple 3 Years, 
where many died by Famine, Plague, and a 
Fleet of 300 fail were deftroyM. Mr. New 
ten begins the Declcnfion of their Empire 
hence. 870, 

Anndds cfthe Saracens. 165 

^70, the Perfians^ by the help of theTirilj 
from^ Mount Caucafus^ overcame the Sara^ 
cens in Perfia. 

8(f2, the t/Bgyptiarts revolted from the 
Caliph of Babylon^ and this Divilion wea- * ' 
ken'd their Empire : The Jfiicans and Spa- ^^ 
iiilh Mahometans depended on the t/£gyftian ^^ 
Caliph, who refided at Grand Cairo. 

1060, ElmahU conqtier'd the Caliph of 
Cajetan and Morocco^ and deftroy'd the Sara- 
cens there. About this time the Camtatiains 
invaded Mecta^ killM the Pilgrims, and 
took away the black Stdne they us'd to kifs. 
The Saracens never fiiffcr'd more j and Go* 
nabaus plunder'd their Temple. 

1 1 00, In this Century there were five 
Caliphates, one ^tBagddt^ under the Power 
of the Perfians ; another in ^gyft\ another 
at Corapna : another in India and the fupe^ 
riouf Track, and artothei* in Syria. 

1030, the Ferfian Sirltan call'd in the 

Turls to his affiftance againft the Caliph at 

• Babylon.^ and* the Twh then conquer'd Perfia. 

1055, the Turks conquer'd Pifafyris the 
Caliph, and pd0ers'd Babylon^ from which 
time the Caliph loft all his Civil Power, 
and retained only his Spiritual. 

xi60y the Tartars deftroy'd Babylon^ and 
its laft Caliph. 

Uote^ Hitheno is die Defcripdon of the Harvefi, 
now follows the Vintage^ which is the De* 
ftrudion of die Saracens in the Weft* 

* 72ri, Charles Mattel beat the Sardctns in 
IPrMiet. 73o> * 

^^ Amtls of the ^acens# 

730, Char la th Gnat flew 380050 of 
them in Frame. 

778, Carolemain beat the Saracens IQ Sfain* 
845, after theS^r^^^;?! had fack*d Remc^ 
• the greateft part perilh'd by Shipwreck* 

. 849, the Pope beat them at //p)?i4* 
" 969, Oth9 the firfl: Emperor of Germany 
drove the Saracens out 01 Italy ^ and they 
were drove out of S/a7j^ 878, out they re- 
gained it Spp. I n 9 5 o Dimefticuf beat tbeni 

1013, Henry \\y. Emperor of Germany^ 
drove the Saracens out of Cafua. 
. 1056, Robert th^ Norman refcued Cofua^ 

Note, The lf»()p Wir muft be reckoned as pare 
of die H4rwft, by whicfe tkic Sanacons were 
deftcoy'd in the Eajft, 

1097, die firft Batt^J betwixt the Turh 

and Saracens indChriJiiansyaXNtee^ itt which 
the Chrifiians flew 40000. 

iop8, A hundred thoufand Sarauns flaiii 
at jintiochy and at u4fc4on as many flaio. 

1099, Jerufdem was taken, after a bloo- 
dy Battel i the Bodies flain are faid tq fwim 
in their own Blood. The ChrifiioMf kept 
Jerufaltm 88 Years. 

1 1 24, the rVwrnVwif beat a Fleet of 5(jr*- 
tens of 700 fail, and the Roman Galleys ano- 
ther Fleet of 1 000 fail. 

J 170, Sttraem conquetM t/^jipf, and 
^ gave his Turh the Plunder. 


^m^s of fhe Turks. 

their Htfloryheforet^oo. 

* ' ^ . - 

7^3, npHE Tuds made an luctitiioii into 
X Jfioy and return'd to the Fenns- 
ojF MaotUf whence they firfl: caaw. 

844, they came thro' thj^CAffiMStrtigb^s^ 
and pa0in§ thro' Jhtrid^ feiz'd on ArmmU 
mojor^ giving it the Kame of 7Wc0i»40«i4. 

1030J T/w^r^/op/;c conquerM P^rj?4, 214 
Years after the: Twrfo capi? out of Scyth^i 

1 051 > the Tiiri^j came firfl: into Afia. 

X057, T^r^sfix took B^ytfiUy and for- 
ced the Caliph to create him Emperor. 

1 07 5, xJm^ furls being in pofleflion of ?fr- 
yji«, came into Syr^*^, and 'twas agreed that 
^a:4ii ihould have Ftrfia ^ il/r/^ and Dwas 
fhould have ^^/^ and JD^m^yct^, and what 
they could conquer from the Saracens in 
Syria : And from thefc came the Turhfi 
Kings at Datmfcus^ who lafted till i atf 2, 
when Haalan deftroy'd the lafl:« 

1079, Jerufdem was taken by the Twrl/ 
from the Saracen s^m^Ilo conquer'd it in tf 37. 

This SyriM Branch of the Turh^ held all 
of the Perfian^ as Vaflals. 

10751 To Cutlumufef was affign'd an Ar- 
my, to conquer the Chriftiansin jijkmiffor^ 
and be conquer'd Media^ Armenioy Caffod^ 
day Tommy Bithyma i and from him came 
the Turkijh Rings of the ZelzMccian FamjUy* , 
lu Afia minory Solyman his Son was difpof^ 


268 Aiuds of the Turks. 

fcfs'd of his Eftate by the Chrifiians in the 
Holy War. 

Occata the Tartar having driven the Tvrh 
oat of Perjia who were of the ZelzMccian 
Family, they .fled under the Condud of 
Aladiui and cooquerM CUicia : He made 
Stbafiia his royalSeat, which wasafterwards 
removed to Icmium ; but all the ZtlxMccian 
Family were dcftroy'd by the fanarsy or 
made Tribut^riiss. -^W/» the fecond was 
the laft, after whofe Death his Princes divi- 
ded his Dominion. 

To Sarchan fell t^olisj lonia^ part of 

To Aldin the reft of lydia^Phrygia major^ 
part of greater Afy/ia. 

To Cerafus the lefler Thrygiay with the 
reft of Myfia. 

To the Family of Lfenders^ HeracUa^ 
Sinapej part of Ponttu. There were lefler 
Toparchics, a Prince of Smyrna^ another 
of Amafia^ and a third of Amifm. 

To Caramon the main body of Aladinh 
Kingdom came, Lycia^ Lycaonia, Tijidiaj 
Panfphvliaj Ifauria^ CUicia^ with the regal 
City fconiumy greateft part of Caria^ with 
Coffodocia^ Armenia minor ^ and fome Towns 
. inPhrygia. 

The laft King of Caramania was Ibrahim 

, the fecond, call'd Pyr^wiw, he was conqner'd 

by Badjaz^r the fccond, and then the Cara- 

wanian Kingdom was united to the Otto- 


Armals of the Titfks. a6<) 

The Ottoman was the other great Family 
6f the Turks^ which fofe from Solymany the 
Father of 0rr«y4/. 

1 214, Solyman iSed from tht Tart urs out 
of Perha^ and was drowned in Euphrates ; 
he had but aYmall Kingdom in Perfia^ and 
EtrugaU his Son begg'd a fmall Village from 
AladinztSaguta. His Son was Ofrpi»4;f • 

1 2S09 Ottoman fiicceeded, and took Niee^ 
and after Aladinh Death took the Title of 
pulton J anno 1300. 

1204, The Latins took ConfiantinopU^ 
then Comenus fet up the Empire of Traft- 

1290, The Chriftians were drove out of 
the Eaft 1291 •, many drowned going to 
Crete ; the Holy War began 1 095. Not 
only the Turks and Chrifiians deftroy'd the 
the Saracens^ but the Tartars anno 1 220 con- 
quered them, as well as the Turks in Perfia. 

1164,^ A terrible Comet appear'd three 

I i60y Haalon the Tartar conquer'dPfr/fii, 
and Batylony and burnt the Mahometan Tem- 
ples, tney dien being Chriftians. 

1 2tf 2, The Tartars deftroy'd the Zelzjuc- 
cian Family, but the Mammalukes recorer'd 
it in 1245, and poflefs'd S^ria and t/£gyft 

13^0, Ckfanes the Tartar came into Syria j 
?md conquer'd the vSgyftian Sultan : The 
Tartars held Afia 108 Years. 

J 397» Tamerlane fl^w of the Turks and 
Saracens 200000^ and conquer'd t^^f/- . 

970 Amuds 9f ibe Txaks, 

The Rifi <f the Torkifti Ejw/w, fdff*d the 


V^ Sultatt^ who cx>iu|Qer d 
tkrygiM^ Bithytgioj Myfid^ aM ibmtpartof 
Pomus:, the Cities Nice, NeafpUs^ Pmfd: 
add othor of the Twkifii Princes fdz'd on 

1328, Orchanes took PaBifolk in Tlb-^^, 
Jhyd9i^ Nicenadia^ and theCiountry of C0- 

1350, Amur Of h took Adrianofle^ w ith the 
TVitriVi^ (Aerfmtfe^ ibt Oountries of 5em4, 
and iS^4r^ the Cities Mj^ >l/^^ad:^ in 
1 3S7 he made War m'&xA^in the CiriirM- 
0M0 King* 

13739 Bsdjoftet nude hioi&if Mafter 
of Thrdee, Macedm^ Achaisi the Cities 
fhituietfkid in I^^/4, Nlc^iiitmCriect, and 
befieg'd Conftantimfle eignt Years. In his 
War with Aladin the CardnMtnM King, he 
took /Mtimm^ L^mdd^ Amafis in Gffod&cU^ 
Sebafiia^ O^imaHii, and J^^Mrmx) Sln^s^HtfJfo- 
$Hiii HUrdfolis^ Mem^4^ and ki Arminia^ 
JUkikin s l^ beat the (fi^d^i{4^ Sjaltan, rv- 
ftor'd the King of B^dft^ to fivAcM :, ht 
made War in Bofnia^ and Walachiay and , 
oppreis'd thd MahcmMi Princes in ^/j 
* m^^r ^ bat Bi^dia^et wa$ bedt by Tmnerlme 
the T^r^/ir, and taken Priibner ^t MoQUt 

j&*if#j t5p7^ aad m^ kept in an Iroa 


Amtds of the Tmk%. ^7 1 


t ^^9^ Solymm fticceeded, and conquered 
Badjasieth Sons \viAJia and Eurufe. 

1404, Mahomet reign'd, who conquered 
IJld and Mufa^ in jijis and Europe^ and the 
Caramanian King, and recover'd all the Pro- 
vinces conqner'd by T'amerlarte: He con* 
tjuerM Daciay Macedonia^ Sclavania. 

1 41 5, Amiirath the fecond \yas King^who 
fubdu'd the Prince of Smyrna^ the Aidinian 
King; he took Thejfdonica in 1432, and 
afterwards ty£tolia^ then beat the Prince 
of Athens ; Pib(7t/4 and Bo^tftia fubtti itted, and 
all (jreece to Corinth : He invaded HungArj^ 
and Trdnfylvania in 1440 ; Hunniades op- 
posed him at Belgrade. He defeated trje 
Chriltians at F'arnas^ and died in the Siege 
of Scanderbeg. 

1 40^ Mahomet the Great beat the Cir/f» 
i»4»/^?^ King, then took Conftantinople^ and 
turn'd St. &pW4 into a Mofch, anno 1453 : 
He then became the fir ft: Emperor of the 
Turks^conqatr^dPetoponnefiis and Trapez^ond: 
Lesbos v\^as taken 14^2, Chalcis in Eubcsay an^ 
1470^ Sofnia ^^^ Caff a in the Tauricat 
Cherfonefus Was taken from the Gcnoefe^ and 
the Tartars Fracopenfes and Defienfes fub- 
fnitted ta the Ottomans .' He conquered -^i- . 
bania^ made Incurlions into l>atmatia'j 0r 
rUf Qarniola^ Trivli^ Scodra were furrender'd 
by the P^enetians^ anno 1478; he befieg'd 
Modes In vain, but took brranto in Itidyz * ^ 
tie dettrbyM the Temple and Images at ' 
Cpnfia^tinopUj calVd the Crucifix the Gid €f 
the Chrifiians 9 three days the Soldiers kilPd, 


^7^ ^A«»mIs of the Turks, 

pillagM, and raviOi'd the Citizens ; the 
Emperor and Nobles were flain. 

1 4.60 J the Empire ofTrapez/fnd was con* 
quer'd,D^/^ the Emi)eror beheaded: And 
befides the two Empires, the Turks took 
from the Chrifiians 1 2 Kingdoms, and con- 
quer'd 200 Cities. 
V H^i) Badjatxt the iecond fubdnM the 

Cardmanian Kingdom^ part of jirmenia^ and 
drove the Feniti^n out of the Mona^ and 
their part of DalmatU. 

1 51 2, Selymusj Emperor after he had 
poyfon'd his Father, conquered Syria^ 
falefiine^ jirabi/fj and the Mwtmalukes in 

1520, Solyman the fecond, the Magnifi^ 
cent, furpriz'd Rhodes^ BclgradcyBuday with 
a great part of Hungary *, Babylon^ -^Jfy^i^j 
Mefopotamia were conqu^r'd by him : He 
befieg'd V^ietma^ 1 529, but was drove out ojf 
Germany again the fxrlt time ; and from this 
time the declination of the Turiijh Empire 
may be reckon'd j for after the Reformation 
the Sibyls fay no more of the Turkijh Con- 
quefts, ajtho' fince they have taken fbme 

1 557, Selymus the fecond took from the 
Vemtians^Cyfrus^ and from the .^^^ the 
Kingdoms of Tunis and Algiers. 
. IS7S* -<*/««r4rJb the third took fromth? 
• ferfians^ Armenia^ Media-^ the City Taurus* 

1 5959 Mahomet the third took.^/4f in 


Annals of the Turks. 37^ 

I tfo3, jiclmet was Emperor, and he made 
Peace with the (?<rri»4»i. 

16 iS^ Mufiapha fuccccdcd. 

i5i 8, Ofman was Efrtperor j he was un- 
fuccefsful in his War with Poliwd^ and was 
flain by the 74w;c^w. 

1^2 3 5 jimurath the fourth recover'd ^4- 
fcy/<?i? from the Perftansi ^ ^3 8. 

i(J40, Ibrahim was unfuccefsful in his 
Wars with the renetians^ and depps'd. 

i<J48>^ Mahomet the fourth, whofe Army 
was beat at the Siege of Vienna 1^83, he 
took Candia from the Venetians. 

1 587, Solyman the third loft Hungary^ and 
fome part of Sclavonia^ Servia^ T^anfylvania^ 
Moldofviaj Walaehia. . 

1 591, Achmet the fecond, hefucceeded 
by the help of the French Faftion. 

1 69^ Mufiapha the fecond fucceeded ; he 
concluded a Peace with the Chriftians at ' 

Carlowitz^j 1698. 

^^703, The Janiz.aries mutinied, and fet 
up jichmet^ who is the 24th Ottoman Empe- 
ror, and T4th King oi^gypt^ Selymvs being 
the firft.. 

I have here defcrib'd, tlic Saracen and Tur- 
iijh Empires, to fliew the great Changes 
they made ia the Rmndn Empire, and the 
Prophefies mull: therefore take notice of 
them : The Fall of the Saraceni is fignified 
by the Deftrudion in the Harveft and Vin- 
tage •, the Fall of the Ottomans is defcrib'd 
ia the feven Vials. 


274- Hifiorical Engines. 

1571, The Turks maritime Power funk 

in the Battel of Lefonto^ where the Cbri- 

ftians took^ burnt, and funk 230 Ships j the 

Sea feera'd red with Blood, and fince that 

time the Turks have nercr Ifcen confiderable 

at Sea.. I have been often of Opinion that 

this might be the fecond Vial i but we find 

the Twkijh Empire cncreas'd till the Siege 

Urks kiird in andtakitigofCandiayamo 1 669^ fince Which, 

le Siege of jt has declined at the late Siege of Vlema : 

£ !!' But the Sibyls reckon its declination from 

* ^^* the Return of the Jews^ when a Plague, 

fiery Showre, Famine, and Earthquakes 

will weaken the Empire of the Ottomdns. 

The full defcription of the FaU of the Tur- 

hjh Empire may be read in the fifth Book of 

the Oracles,which foretel great Changes in 

the Ottoman Empire after the 1 5th King of 

ib. 8th of t^gypt. Sdymus is the firft, and the 14th 

le Oracles, j^qw reigns. 

Some Enquiries after particular HifiorieSy 
to which fome Prof be fie s relate^ 

THE General Changes in the Hiftory of 
the Romm Empire are very evident, but 
the Earthquakes, Inundations, and other 
Prodigies are loft, or will be difficultly re- 
trieved V and a particular Hiftory of the 
Tmrkiffi Conquefts iiXji^a mwrr is ftequently 
refer;d to, in the third Book. I cannot find 
fome Circumftances of them defcrib'd in the 
. • ^ " com- 

common Hiftories of the Turh\, th6 want 
of that will make: tl|e Propheftesi more ob- 
scure, like the old Jewijh Prophefies, whofe 
Hiftories are loft j I muft therefore refer 
the Reader to the JSfe^r/w Hiftoryy and 

Bo&i 2. When the Star appear'd llke-a 
Crown? the Star at Chrift's feirth,orthe 
Pillar of Light, ill C?z7y?4wr/«f's Banner, re- 
prefented with a Crofs and Crown on the 
top. This is moft probable, the Hiftorians 
mention it. 

• Bo&i 3. Whetf t6(P Afiafic and Eur&p^an , 
Cities fell by Earthquakes, fafis^ Cebre^ Tm* 


When Tanm River left M^otu. 

Who the Erinnynn Sparta Was. 

Whp the old Poet dhion was, who imjm* 
ted all Succefs to the Saints falfly. 

What Sidonian King invaded Sam$f. 

When the Earthquakes deftroy'd the 
Armies in cyfri». 

When TralKs fell by an Earthquake^ aiid 
the hot Spring broke forth. 

When Samos boilt Royal Cities. 

When the thracians were reitiot'd, ad 
alios ventes* 

When cyrj^w and Sardo lunk in the SeaJ 
Whether Carch^don is not millaken for 

T 2 jBook 

576 Hifimcal Enquiries. 

Bool 4. When the River Pyramus came to 
the Holy lHandC^frus'^ and when theGreehs 
fled from Bdlria. 

Whether Pyramus wzslbrahim the fecond, 
a Caramanian King, for in Opfopteus^s Frag- 
ments 'tis faid, de Cilicii dutem adventu in 
Cyfrunim fafiemijfima mulierum fie ad verhum . 
dicit. Erit foflerisquando Pyramus lata und^ 
littora perfuftdensj facram in Cyprum veniet. 

' When the darknefs happened in the time 
of the Medes^ the Earth quaked then, and 
Iflands rofe. 

Where and when the City in S/o/y was 

The 20 Years Famine in ^Aigypt. 

Book 5. When Nile did overflow 9/£^ptj 
and rofe 1 6 Cubits. 

What Poets defcrib'd the Miferies of 
Greece under the Conquefts of the Turks. 

When was the Burning of India and 
t/£thiopid by the Sun. 

Where LesBos on Eridanus is or was. 

Who Soif is. 

Who was %h€:Lycur£us at Snyma. 

Bool 7. When Cyprus fuifer'd an Inunda- 
tion, and 5/c//y the fame* 

Where Sardo Ifland was. 

What part of the Alps is cover'd with 
Sand, which belongs to the Cf/^ec. 


Bool 8. Wheat/foiyt fliall have i sKings- 
Who /C/^r^ wiU be. 

A The 

Hifiorical Enquiries. ijj 

The Copy of the 5ifi;^/i is more corrupt 
than that of any ancient Authors ; we 
want a more corred Manulcript than has 
yet been met with. 

He that confiders the multitude of Places, 
Perfons, andHiftories to which the Oracles 
relate, cannot fuppofe that they were writ 
by any Perfon ignorant of Hiftory and Geo- 
graphy, as is pretended *, the Revelation 
names few places, biit the Sibyls many ; and 
by confidering the pa ft Hiftory of thofe 
Places, we may find thofe Events which 
the Prophefies refpeft i and by the Events 
we find out the time eachProphefy refpeds: 
And iif we did not keep the true order in 
Chronolbgy,it would be impoffible to know 
to what Events each Prophefy belongs. 

Many Grammatical Niceties want to be 
eorrcded, as well as the Meafure of the 
Verfes ^ and a more corred Tranflation 
ought to be made from the Greek into Latin 
Profe •, for the Senfe can never be fully ex- 
prefs'd in Verfe. 

I have not concern'd my Jelf in confider- 
ing the exaft Times of particular Actions, 
but have fetdown thofe which occur'd to 
me in common Authors *, and as 'tis ufual 
for Hiftorians to relate many things which 
preceded,and many Events which hapjjen'd 
after the Hiftory of the Age they have uur 
dcrtaken to defcribe, fo it is in Prophefies j 
they report many things paft, to makp 
things they arc to predift more eafily appre- 
hended : And when they refpeft th« Fate 

T 3 of 

a 78' Espojitim of Tkn. 1 1 . 

. of fbme particular Perfons> or Places^ they 
' continue the PredidionstotheEndof the 
World, to avoid Confufion, which would 
happen by their being intermix'd with the 
general Fate of KJagdonis. Sq the Hiftory 
and Propbefy of Antichrift, in the third 
Book, begins with Af4h(fm0tj and is con- 
tinu'd to the End of the World : And the 
Hiftory of our Saviour, in the jgrft Book, 
is continu'd till the peftruSion pf Jerufa- 
lent. The fame is done in Revelations^ ch. 1 1 • 
The Hiftory of the Wars of the Sara- 
cens ajid Turh is continu'd to the End of the 
World, to avoid the Cgnfufion which would 
happen by intermixing that with the De- 
ftruaion of both. Afld this general Re- 
mark may be made, that the Oracles relate 
littjie of the Affairs of the Jjfyrian^ Perjian^ 
and Grecian Monarchies, but chiefly infift 
on thofe of the Roman^ in the laft Ages of 
the World, till which Time it muft con- 
tinue* /' 

The Hifiorical Expofition tjf D A n i e l, 
Chap. II, rvhieh relates to the Saracen, 
KJng of the South, and the Turk, the 
IQfig of the North. 

Verf. i-»^HIS belongs to the former 
J Chapter. 
2. There JhaS fiand uf yet three Races of 
Kin^s in Perfia, after Cyrm^ the Maceionimr 


E^^fitim ofDzn. 1 1. 279 

Pdrthian^ and the fourth in the Perfian Eiy- 
nafty, fet up by Artaxerxes^ A. D. 228. 
This Race warred with the Emperors of 
the Eaft, who had then the Grecian King- 
doms : Cofroes took from Heraclitu Mefo- 
fotamia^ SyrU^ and Jerufaltm;, 

No^e, The Siijftine Oracles ufe the Name of 
Greece in their defcription of the Turkjjh Con- 

3. A mighty Kifjg JhaS rife^ and do accord'' 
ing to his Witt, This is Omar the Saracen^ 
who conquered Hormifdas and ferpa^ in 534. 

4. Omar divided fetfia into feveral Sul- 
tanies^ and his Kingdom was at laft divided 
into many Caliphates, and was piill'd up by 
the Turh and Tartars : Thefe were the o- 
thers, befides Xki^Sai^actm^ who firft con- 
quer'd Verfia. 

%. The Saracen Calipiis are the Kings of 
the Somhj who came out of Arabia j fuch 
was Omar and Muhavias^ who had a great 

6. And after the Saracen Kingdom had 
ftood about 200 Years, Mahomet^ the Sara-- 
cen Sultan in Perjia^ invited Tangrolopix^ 
with' his Ti/riJ/, from Armenia major\ taaflift 
him eg^infl: the Caliph of Bahlon v and then 
he conquered Perfia^ and both Turks and ^- 
raeetis. (fhe Daughter of the SoMthy join'd in 
the Mahometan Keligion^ and ftatdt Tangro- 
lofix their King, alfo King of the North, 
(i. e. BahylonJ as weU as Perfia and Armenia* 
This was the lixth Dynafty in Per^a: But 

T 4 the 

aSo Rcpafaim of Dan. 1 1- 

thtSdracens Ihould not retain the Govern- 
ment, neither (hould he (the Turis) ftand, 
being in a fmall time conquered by the Tar- 
tars J in 1 260 j and the Turks conquer'd Per- 
yr^ in 1030. 

Note^ This is the general Hiftory of the Kings 
of the South and North» the particular A<^ions 
and Battels follow* 

7. Omar conquer'd Hormifdas^ who was 
a Heathen Prince in Perfia^ by Muhamias his 

. General. 

8. And Muhavias carried the Perfian Ri- 
ches and Gods into <^gyfty where he had 
huilt Grand Cairo : The Saracens continued 

^ / their Kingdom in t/£gyft more Years than 
the Turkifi Kingdom in Perfia^ this being 
puird up by the Tartars in 1 25o, but the Ca- 
liphs in c/£gypt continued till i S 1 7- 

Note^ EfdraSy tsh. x, defcribes the King of the 
South, ck 15, V, 19. The Nati&ns nfthe Dragons cf 
Arohiz/haB come cut vfitb many Chariots^ and the 
multitude of themfhaB be carried dt the Wind ufon 
the Earth. And none but the Saracens came (b 
out of Arabia. Ver. 30, is the Rife of the Turl^s^ 
there called the Carmanians. 

9. The King of the North JhaB enter in- 
too the Kingdom of the King of the S&uth ; 
(fo'tis in the Greek; that is, the Turhs made 
many Incurfions upon them, and retiirnM 
into Armenia again. 

10. But their Pofterity under Tlw/riifo^/A: 
fliall overcome the Saracens inPerfia^ and af- 
terwards take their *Royal Seat Babylon. 



Efi^fofaiem of Dan. 1 1 • aSi 

II. After the Turks had taken BabyUm^ 
the Arabian Saracens beat Tangrolafix*s Ax^ 
my under Cutlamufes. 

ii. And in a fecond Battel the Arabians 
beat the Army under Tangrolofix hinifclf. 

Note, This Waf is defcrib'd by Bfdras^ ch. 1 5; 
V. 30. And with great fovperjhall they come^ and 
jojn battel mtb them, and /hall wdjie a fortim of 
the Land of the AiTy rians.. And then /kail the Dra^ 
goni have the uffer handp 

13. The King of the North, Axan the 
Turij King of Babylon and Perfiaj conquered 
fome part of Syria j Efdr. 15.33. And from 
the Land of Aflyria /hall the Enemy be/iege 
thentj and confumefome of them. That is, tnc 
Per/ions and Turks^ under Mefec and Ducas^ 
came over Eufhratesj and raisM the firft 
Kingdom in Syria at hamafctts^ about 1 07 5 5 
and they took Syria from the Saracen Cz^ 
liphS in ty£gypt. £/i/r. ver. 35. They /ha& 
fmite on one another^ and fmite down a gre^t 
multitude of Stars^ (Princes.) 

14. At that time there were Diftra^ions 
in the Saracen Empire, and the Chri/tians in 
the Weft began the Hely War, A. D. 1096^ 
and thcfe are call'd the Robbers of thy People. 

15. The Turks then poflfefs'd Alefno^ and 
Damafcnsin Syria^ 1075 j atid Cuttumufesy 
another of the Turki/h Generals, feizM many 
ftrong Cities and Provinces in A/ia minor^ 
and the Saracens were not able to refift . 

16. And 

aSi E^fofaim of I^n* 1 1 • 

\6. And.the T«rl J conquer'd Jerufdem 
ji.D.ioi9j the glorious Land which the 
Saracens took A. D* 637. 

J 7. ^4^*4?? the Perfian Sultan affifted Cwr- 
lumufes in conquering MeMa^ Armmiay Ca^ 
fodocia^ PontHs^ znA BithynU'^ the. upriglit 
^ ones with him were the Chrifiians^ who 

joyn'd with him againft the ConfiantinopoU' 
tan Empetors •, but they did not lon^ affift 
him, tho' he corrupted them by the Liberty 
he gave of many Wives^ and Intermarria- 
ges betwixt the Children of Axan and .84- 
^iui the Emperor. 

, 18. After this the T«^rib took fome of the 
Afian Iflands, and conquer'd their corrupt 
6t cowardly Go vernours. BytheijfZa the 
Maritime Towns are defcribM, and thefc 
were retaken by the Chrifiiam in the Holy 

19. SdymMVf^%Cutlumufei%S^n^ SLnAht 
was drove, out of AJ$a mimr by the Chri- 
ftjan Armies, who took Nice and kwHun 
from the T'urku 

20. And a Branch of a Kingdom ftiall 4- 
rife^ andfimd up in his Efiatt. A new King- 
dom of the Turks ftiall arife from them that 
fled^ from Perfia under Aladin^ who was a 
Bratich of the Zelzjuccian Family \ and that 
decayM by degrees, beiag, after !i<M*».H> 
divided amongfl: many of his Captains. 

. 21 . The^eCaptains oiAladin had not the 
Honour of the Kingdom of Aladin^ tho' 
they were petty Princes in Afia minor ;, and 
we^e afterwards conquer'd by Ominan and 


his Sqcceflbrs. Or, this may relate to the 

Turkijh Sultan J|t pamafcuSy Norradiwy who 
&ntSaracon to afTift; the S\At2iiQiQit/£gyft 
2igdin^t\iQChrijHansy and he feiz'd e/^jyrl 
And this vile Perfoa may be IS^kacm. 

2Z. And he ftiall cverpv^^ and conquer ^ 
His Nephew Saladin killed the Caliph of 
cy^gyft^ 1170; and he conqper'd the Chrir 
ft ians, and took Guy King of Jerufalem 1 1 87* 

23. He made a Truce with the Chriftians 
for ten Years, and afterwards conouer'd 
their Cities, dealt deceitfully, ^and us d th« 
Treachery of the Count of Trif^ly^ therebSF 
breaking the Strength of all the Chriftians 

in the Eaft . In 1 1 77, Saladin firft invaded . * 
TaUfiiniy and was often beat by the Chri* 

24. After i\rarr^^/»'s Death, S4/4J//1 WW ^ 
invited by the Turks at Damafcus to reig% 
fin the room of i^/^cfc/i/^, the Soa of JSfor^ 
radincy whom tb^ defpis'd) and poflcfs'd 
^gyfty dividing the Riches of it amongft ^ 
his Turkijh Soldiers- The Turks kept t^£gyp(f 
till the time of the Mammaluh^. 

25. Saladin left behind him nine Sons, alt 
murder'd by Sefhradln. From Sefhradin de* 
fcended i^<?/^^/» Sultan of <t/£f^pr, and Cih 
radin Sultan ofpam^fcus. S^/^^w's King- 
dom being now again divided, 1 190, Freae^ 
nV the Eoiperor hsd^t Sefhradin^ S€ladin^% 
Son* 1 1 9 1 Pti^emaia was taken 9 the ChriH 
ftians took Damiata from Meladin the e;£- 
^^ph^» Sultan, and befieg'd Gri/rrf .Gf/fv, a^ 
bput 1 200. 1 248 the King of France took 

a84 Bxpjfitim aflhn. 1 1; 

DamiMd in o£gyft ; Meladin then died, and 
Meltchfalu fncceeded him. 1 250 the French 
King was taken Pnlbner. 

26. At that time the Mammidukes kiDM 
Melichfda in t^Bgyft^ and thefe are they 
who were fed as his Janilaries and Slaves : 
Their Kingdom continued 2tf 7 Years, and 
they afterwards fought with the Cbrifiians 
and Tartars. 

27. BoththefttwofKingd<ms f^gypt and 
Damafcns) jbaU be to do mifcbief. Coraiin 
raz'd Jtrufalem ; Frederic the Emperor had 
fign'd a Truce for ten Years, 1 229 the Tem- 
flars broke it, and the •/Egyftian Saltan took 

• . Gaz.a and jiskelon^ and {A. D. 1 234) razed 
Jervfalemj not fparing the Sepulchite j and 
Afelechfaldj who fucceeded him, crav'd Aid 
of the Sultan of Damafcus againft the Frertch 

2p. At that time the^hriftians under 
the French King fhall return to the South 
and i^yph and be repulsM by the Mam- 

30- For the Ships of Shittim^the Weftern 
Chriftians (hall attack Africa and t^yft ^ 
and the Mammalukes^ in 1 234, prophaaed 

Note, All the preceding Prophefies relate to the 
S^l:(uccian Family in Sjnria and ^gyptf and ano- 
ther Branch of it in Ajia minor, at firft under Cut- 
hmpfis, and another under Atadin. What follows 
relates to the Ottoman Family, whom the Septua- 
gint calls ^irif|&ai?4 ^ dv% 


Epcfofittm of Dan. 1 1 . 285 

51. And thefe *ir5f»i««7« £m^n^f\^ are the 
Ottoman Family, who fljall rife up about 
1 280, 4nd Ihall defile the Sanduary of the 
Kingdom (i.e. St. Sofhia) A.D. 1453, 
v^hcn CifnfiaatinofU yf3iS taken hj Mahomn 
the Great \ and they fliall take away the dai- 
ly Service of the Chriftians> i*'AAi5f./«'f*3r, and 
fhali fet up a falfe Worfhip in that Church 
of St. Sofhia^ by turning it into^ a Turkilh 
Mofch, w hich will be the EfFed of that De- 
fblation. ^ 

32. Othoman and his Succeflbrs fliall cor- 
rupt the Jews and Heathens, who were ig- 
norant of the Chriftian Covenant ; but the 
true Chriftians will fight for their Religion. 

33. The Chriftians fliall fall by the 
Sword, by Fire, Captivity, and by Spoil, 
many Days. That is the tivnej times j and 
half a time^ nientidn'd in Chap. 7. 

34. During this Oppreflion of the Turkijb 
Empire, was the Holy War •, and after that 
the Cham Cajfanes (A. D. 1 3 1 oj help'd the 
Chriftians, and fo did Tamerlane at laft. 
About 1400, thefe defeated the %/£gyptiafi 
Sultan, and made the Turks of the Zelzjuc- 
dan Family Tributaries \ and Haolan came 
firft to their help, before the Ottoman Race 
began, in i i6i. 

35. Thefe Sufferings were permitted, to 
try the Patience of the Chriftians. 

35. The Turks of the Oguz^ian Family fliall 
tyranite, and exalt themfelves above every 
God(a^;^) and all the Heathen Gods,they. 
preferring Mahomet above 'em all, and aflu-^ 


2S6 Epifojkian (f Dan. 1 1. 

ming to their EmpcrofS the hig^ieft Titles. 

37. Neither frail thcTiri/, who were 
Heathens at firft, regard the God of their 
Fathers, for they tBrn^d MAometMs in 
Terfia ^ and they (hall not regard the Defire 
of Women, their Children, nor their Huf- 
bandSyfrom whom he allows a divorce, and 
many Concubines ; and he will force all 
with his Religion, not regarding any other 

38. Bat iball hG|pnr Maoffim^ Mahamtty 
the5iir^f»Godof Forces, and make Pre- 
fents to his Temple at Mecca. 

39. He fhall divide all the Countries con- 
quered to his Soldiers, and force all Places 
of Strength to receive his Religion. 

40. The King of the South ( the Afam- 
maluies in t^gjfi) ihall pulh at the TVI, 
(SelvnjHSy 1517) but he, by an Army at Land 
ana a Navy by Sea, conquer'd the ty£gyf' 
iian Sultan. 

41. Selymtis then entered fdefiine and Sy- 
ria^ and conquer'd them, but the Arabians 
efcap'd, who made frequent Incurfions on 
his Army in its march. 

42. The Land oft^gypt wa* then fubdu'd 
to the Turh. 

43 . Selymtu carried out of %/£gypt by Sea 
all the Riches to Cmflamimfle^ and he fab- 
du'd the Libyans and Mthiofians* 

44. Tidings out of the-Eafi and North JhaS 
troubU him^ ffor Sefymtu heard a Report, 
that Tfmael of Terfia would invade him ) 
therefore heJhoB defitoy manyy he being a cruel 


E^pofitim of Dan. 12. 4S7 

Prince. Or rather thfe relates to the laft 
Times of the Tttrj^/^ when the Perfiarts and* 
Tartarrfhzn invade them, according to the 
StbyUine Oracles, who mention thefe Tidings 
of the Jews returning. 

45. And he jbiiU plant theT^ernacle ^f hu 
Talace between the Seasj in the glorimu holy 
MmmMin-, {i. e* thtOttmnans ftiall come to 
befiege Jerufdem^ as Geg is defcrib'd to do 
* by Ez^ekiel and ZecharidT^ and there receive , 
a fatal Overthrow . - 

Z>4». Ch. 1 2, Ver. i . And there JhaR be Or 
time'of trouble^ fuch as never was fince there 
was a Nation. This is the Defcription of a 
fecond Infafion of the 7i/rlx, when they (hall 
take Jerufalemj as is defcrib'd in Zechariah, 
Chapw 14, 

rer. 2. Ahd many that fieef in the Earth 
JhaU awake. Then fhall be the Refurreftion. 

3. And they that be wife JhaS be as the 
brightnefs of the ITrmdment. This is a fliort 
Defcription of the Millennitm. 

N(9/f y There are two Qjieftions in this Cfaapt^,^ ^ 
the firft VerC 6. How Imgjhall it be to the end of 
tbefi Wmders ? tbatis^ tui the ^ems Diiperfion is 
finiihM, Ver. 7, is the Anfwer, A time, and times^ 
and half a time. And tfaisis pfainly the whole 
time of jintichriJPs Kingdom: See Dan. ckj, 
v.^^.TheyJhail be given into his hands until a time^ 
and times y and' the dividing of time. And if this 
be the computation of AntichriJFs Kingdom, thep 
the I ith Chapter is a defcription of it : And this 

is interpreted by Sc John, ^gvelat. dLii, ver. i; 

.- ,_ .._ Tic 

305 ExpofoionofDm.i^. 

The Holy City (hall they tread underfoot fmy and 
two months ; that is from A. D. 637, 1160 Years. 
The fecond Qjicftion is, Dan. ch. la, ver. 8. 
f^at Jfhall be the end of thefe things ? Ti ?*' 
Ij^cflfic 74T»r, how long will the laft chihgs continue? 
viz. The time of Trouble, fuch at never was fince 
there was a Nation, Ver. r. of this Chapter. The 
Anfwer to this is a twofold Computation, wr. 1 1. 
Brem the time the daily Service of the Chriftians 
(not Sacrifice) Jhall be taken away, ( or changed, 
iiV3 ;tawp5 Tni^M:fS«aj, c*cA£Ai;^/^iu») and this will * 
be, according to ^ech^ 14, when the Nations fliall 
be gathered againft Jerufalem, and take it : And 
this is the time of the flaying the two Witnefles, 
Hw. 1 1 , three Days and a half, that is three Years 
and a half, 1 160 Days : But Daniel adds 30 more, 
1290, when the Antiebrifi will recdve his fatal 
Blow. Thefe are only the continuance 8f the time 
of the Troubles mentioned in the firft Verfe, for fo 
Daniel had made a computation of the time of 
Antiochus's Oppreffion ox %Yit Jews, inch. 8, v. 14, 
a3Q6 Days. 

n 1 2. Bleffed is he, that cotneth to the 1335 
Days : Then all the time of Trouble will be 
perfeftly ended, and the Milleminm and the 
Refurreftion begin. 

1 3. 'Thou Jhaltfiand in the lot at the end of 
the Day s^ laft computed. The beginning of 
this Computation muft be when Jerufalem 
is taken, as is defcribM by Zechariah^ch^ 14, 
then the Chriftian Service iball ceaft for fb 
many Days, 1290. 

^te. That Daniel obfervcs the biftorical order 
of Events, the I(pman Kingdom laft of the four 
Eppires, and the little H orn after the divilion into 


Epcpofitm 9f Jy^^ 189 

tdn Horns; and $befuigintntfh4lljit^ ami tak^ a* 
waj hi Dominion. 

Daniel, Chap. 8, purfaes the otdcr of Hiftory; 
«nd relates the Fate of the Perfian Empire, That 
it (hall be xonquer^d by tht Grecians, and then 
chat IhaU be divided into 4 parts, aod one of thefe 
(hall take away the Daily Sacrifice -^u^id, (not 
MMhtxffif^^f ) «|nd deftle th?| Sanduary *3oo 

Danid^ Chap. % relates the Deftruftioa 
of JerufkUm by the Romans^ after the com-f 
ing of Chrift, who caus-d the ^vtfict to ceafe, 
by deltroying the Temple. , 

Daniel^ Ghap. 10, has another Vifion, 
Vjrbicjh ifl. ord^r of Hiftory muft begin after 
Chrift, and the D^ruiaipn ftf JfrufaUm by 
Titus: And^ to intrpduce this Hiftory, he 
mentions three more Races of Kings after 
Cyrusj, in whqfe Reign he had this Vifion, 
and theii follows the Hiftory of the Sara- 
censi^ St; John's firft Beaft j and the Turk is 
his fecoiid. 

Note, St; Jerome at firft began the Miftake, in 
applying the i ith Chapter of Daniel to th^ Hifto? 
ry of the Qrecian Empiie ; but confeffes, that the 
latter end belongs to Anticbri^* And this Opi* 
nion Grotius follows. But *tis evident, that the 
Affiiirs of the Grecian Empire, fo far as concerned 
Ae jfews, were fuficiently predjiSted in Chap. rS, 
And the Duration of that AfiBidion is 4iwercnc 
from the Computation in Chap. 1 1 5 therefore 
Chap. 1 1, can refer only to the R^ife of the ^ara^ 
een King of the South, and the Tlsrl^ the King of 
the North : And he who will compare the coming 
^ ;^c Turk over Eufh^msf his Gonquefts in ^-r 

a^io C(MpanjMS9fthe ProJ)hets 

the ^/^^///W Oracles, and many ocktr Pfalrtifiiihts 
tbcrie ixbaaioil'd^ cbncrrnitig theDeftruAkiA of 
Cmflantinafbf the Wats of S^l^mm k ^fff^^ vbfc 
Returti. of the fem^ Ike DeftrwiUoii of Cdft^ |^ 
will dunk this Expofidon mbi^e pn^babtr^ bcionift 
agr^eii^ wicH alt the odtei* PropheOdS. -> • 

By c^c Veriieinavtsd the Te:stt nuft be rotnpar*d 
with this Expoficion ; the Text being omitcm b^ 
caufe it may be had readily in every one^s Bible* 
I moA add» That the Sepci^gicnr is. tn^ oskttSi 
tha» the Engrifh Trandjitiop. \idiich differs ^om 
the otber very nuiph j aind we want a fuUer Hifto- 
\y of the firft Battek betwixt the $aracens and 

^ TtfK^/, the Hiftory of the Turks in S^i^r ^i^d the 
Conqucft of Perfta by the Saracens^ Many Cir- 
eumftances in tbefe Hiftofie^ are (i^ceffiufjTy but 

. are ommed by oin: Hiftorians. 

«i • • ■ 

The Old Prophets W Efdras comfm'^d 
m$h th Sibyls ^ /^ Rev^lions^ 

• • '• 

THE 0/^ Prophets and Efdras- a^ec with 
the 5/%/j and Rcveldiws ia thefe three 
tbinga^ iff,Tliatthej4wlhallrQtttrafiroih 
thw prefejit Captivi^^y i, 24/i«i That ^*rt^ 
«fer/^lhaJtcora«r 5i»d afflid tM ^wrjfe Na- 
ti'Ott^ aad be deftroy'd aftemwds j j^/y^ 
That Chrift's Reiga fllalj ft^eed iii ^ happy 

x.\ will firfl: fte w the agreement orthe 

Old Profh€ps>^ in 4uertih2 thq return of the 

Jejvs. And it mi>ft be abler v'd that all tiie 

OWPr^ft^.firft diecUirft (i^QD'sJodgme^^ 

, ' ■" ' agdinft 

- . BPi^iiibi? Oracles. '291 

tigginft th$ J:ms^ which muft fnQceed ia 
follomng Ajg©s, not oaly before CKtRlST, 
but after, till the End of the World y as is 
molt erident in Eaekkt^ Drnkl^, ZechMriAi 
And after theie AiQi^ions^ the Prophets 
promife GOD's Mercy to that Natioa^ ajid 
a.loDg Pit)fp€Jrity of that Kingdom, after 
their return from their CaptiTiry. . 

Deut. chap, jo* *vet*^ Mofes tells the 
^Ifrmlites^^ that GOD would deliver them 
nrora their Captivity w hen they return'd to 
their Obedielnce* P^er. 4. If any of thine be 
driven out into the uttermofi farts of Heat/en^ 
jr(^m thence will the Lard thy God gather them* 
Ver. 5* u4nd the Lord thy God ioiH bring then^ 
into the Lmd which thy Hthirs f^Jf^fs'd^ ^d 
thou jhdlt fejfefs it^ ' 

Hafea^ in his Propbefies^ chiefly projAc- 
iies concerning the People in Samari^^ and 
calls thcni Jfraeiites v by which he diftin- 
gdiJhes the ten Ttibeft ftogk Juddh. 

Hof chap, t . ver, i o. Tit the number (ff th§ 
Giiliren of Ifrael jfcutf ht m the Sand of the Sea. 

Ver. 1 1 . "then jball the Children of Judah^ 
and the Children of Ifta^l be gather'* dtegethef^ 
mtd offoim themfel'iMs one Head\ and ^ey 
paS ceme out of the Ldnd'^ for great Jhatt fe 
the Da^ of ]etr^h 7^ z^#rf is a City of tb« 
Ephraimites. Jeremiah^ ch. 30. V*y, calk 
their Prince Pi«;i/ their King. 

Mefch.i.Ytt.^. JndtheChildr^ofKvMl 
(not of Judah^ Who only f etum'd with ano- 
ther Tribe, after the Babylonijh Captivity) 
feaU dbidi mmiy days^ Mth&i»t a Kingj an4 

XJ 2 withevt 

a^i Camfarifans of the Prophets 

wUb^mt a Prince j smd withtmi m &tcrificej mi 
without an Im^Cj smd withwt d TerMfhim. 

Ver. 5. Afterwstrds Jhal the Childrtn ef 
Ifrael return^ dnd feel the Lord their Gody mni 
David their King^ ^otd Jhat fedr the Lord and 
his Geednefs in the latter dofs. 

Hef. chap. 1 4. vcr- 7. Tiey thtt dwett tmdet 
• his Shadow jhaB return^ they jhaB revive as the 
Com J and grow uf as the Fine. 

Per. 8. Ephraim Jhal fay^ What have I 
mere to do with Idols f The Name Efhraim 

belongs to the ten Tribes, and not to Ju^ 


Amosj chap. 9^ prophelied againft Sa^ 
maria^ and when he bad threaten'd its De- 
ftradion, ver. 8, he fays, / wii not luterly 
defiroy the Houfe of Jacob, faith the Lord. 

Ver. 10. AB the Sinners of my Veofle JhaB 
die by the Sword. 
' Ver. w. In that d^ will I raife up the la- 

hernade of Davidf that is fallen. And I 

ipill build it as in the days of old* 

Ver. 14. And I will bring again the Capti- 
vity of my Peofle Ifracl, and they fijall build 
the wafie Cities and inhabit them. 

Ver. 1 5* And I will ftant them on their 
Land^ and they Jhall be no more piulVd uf out of 
the Land which I have given them^ faith the 
Lord thy Gad. 

After Joel had declared the Time of the 

Mejfiahy itiChaf. 3. ver. i, he fays, In that 
time when I Jhall bring again the Captivity of 
Judah and Jcrufalem. rer. 1. Iwill gather 
all. JSTat ions in the yalley of Jehofaphat, and 
K plead 

with the Orzchs. ta^^ 

pUdd with them therefor my People^ aft d fir my 
Heritage Ifrael, wh&m they have Jcatter^d 
am<mgft the NatioHs^ and parte d^ my Land. 
Vcr. I tf . The Lord will be the hope of his Peo- 
pJej and the Strength of the Children of Ifrael. , 

Vcr. 17. 'Then fiall Jenifalem be holy^ and 
no Stranger (Invader) fiiall pafs thr^ hen aty ^ 
more. * 

Micah^ ch. 5. ver. 3. Then the remnant of 
bis Brethren fiall return imtd the Houfe of 


No^f , That Mlc^h before chi$ fpoke of Chrift^s 
Birch at Bethlehem ; 4iid after this, propbeiies of 
bis conquering G^;, 

Obadiah is of the fame Age as Hofea^ jqel^ 
Amosj or that of Jeremiah and Ezjkiel. 

Obad.vev. 19. Theyjhall pojfefs the Fields 
of Ephraim, and Benjamin fhall poffefs Gllead • 

Ver. 20. And the Captivity of this Hoft of thf 
Children of Ifrael Jhall poffefs that of the Ca- 
naanites, even to Sarepta, and the Captivity of 
Jcrufalem, which is »» Sapharad, Jhall poffefs 
the Cities of the South. Ver. 21 • And the 
Kingdom jhall be the Lord^s. This is in the 

Zephaniah was in the days of Joftah-i ch: 3. 
vcr. 20. At that time I will bring you' again j 
' When I turn back your Captivity before 
your Eyes. Ver. 14. The Perfons that arc to 
be deliver'd are noted thus : Sing^ O Vaugh^ 
ter of Sion, Oiout', Ifrael. 

Ifaiidf^ Chap. 10, firft foretells the De- 
ft nidion of /fr^W, Judahy zn&iht Ajfyrians^ 
who deftroy^i Samaria and Epbraim. 

U 3 Chap. 

2^4 XHomptaifnu of the Prophets 

Chap. II, Kt comforts Ifrael by prorai^ 
fing tfadr Riettirn from tJieir Captiirky. 

Venn. Tif Lard will fit his Hand a fiemd 
time fp recovir the Rtnutam ^ hisftaUe fr^m 
Aflyria, iEgypt, Pathrw, Cufli, and from 
EUmt dndfiom Hasnath^ Mdjrom the Ijtands 
9f tkt Sea i vcr. 1 1, 0ndfrmn tkefiur Cimrnen 
ef the Earth. Ver. 13, Ephraim §haa. mat 
€Hvy Judoh, and judah/Liff mt vtx Epkraim. 
By this the twelve Tribes arc defcribM. 
Ver. i(J. And there Jhall he an highway fim- the 
Remnant 4ff hif PeefU. 
//i/Achap, Zf, Yer. 13- 'the great Trmt^ 

pet Jhall be blown j and they' JhaU eemv wifo wen 

r^ady to ferifh. 
Ver. iz. Te Jhall come one by eme of you^ 

ffoufe of Ifrael. 

Ver.tfi Uv9£;\ Jhall kli^mafidbud* 

All this mpft be after tbe Deftruftioa of 

JJviathan^(Q^ AmichriJlyt}n^Tmk) ver. I. 

7/i. chap, 43. v^r. (?. JwUlf^ty ta theNorth^ 
Givepp'^ ondtotheSovthyKeepnoth^eh: Bring 
my Sans from far 9 and my Daughters fiom the 
ends afthe Earth j Jram the Bafi^ and W$^^ Ti^. 

Ver. I . This is fpoke of Jacob and Ifra/el- 
Ver. lyof every one thoit is caWdiy my Name. 

If a. chap. 66. ver. ^o. And they jhall britfg 
all your Brethren^ fiMt of 4U JMati^Sy mjtm /&r- ' 
fesj, md in Chari<as y ^m*i , ntojny Holy Mmnr 
r^itt Jeroiajem. 

Jer. chap. 30. vcn 3. Iwillbring^ain the 
Coftivity of Ifr^i and Judah, faitij ^he^ l^d : 
I will caufi thet^ to retm^ to the l^md that f 
gave to their patberi^ ^nd tbfy fbfdl piS^ff, it^ . 

.:-5^tff»fll^. 3.1. v«5r; Sf Tlw fiflt yet pisnt 

JW/ «jj(t ^ifiyh nMM ^^o^f to §ion. 

Vcr. 8. SehoUy I mil bring ,^ki^m fiam thi 
^0rfhjCp^fff$ryi 4Ui4S4th^r $hemfronith^ Of^fis 

•Ver. 9. I am a Father to Ifra^I j 4^^ Et * 

}ji^n\mitnfffirfirkpm' \.\ ..r 

Ver. 1 8. I have heard Ephraini hj^o^ni^g 
hmpdfy i i ,M ■' « ■ t pra thou m% ^4 ^ Jh^l he 
tvrn^i, for tkpumske L9tdiiiyGo4^ 
, y^T* ao, 7j &phr#iai tny dear Son f». : » ^ m ,.,^ 
/ will fwrely have M^riy ^n hin^ fai(h the. 
Lord. ■•'.••• • -' . . . • ' 

again to thefe thy Qtp€s* ; .... 

. Notff Sincp tbe ten Tfibes^e ^lwjw# d^Ccri^^^ 

by Bpbraim, ti^9 Ciapteris a clw^^Qphefy ^ ' 

their Return, 

• • ..■."..' 

Hagiiet^ 3ermi4fy afld E^kiel prpp}iefi^4 
in the tiiflij of fudah^s Captivity. 

'Dm* xa.>er. I4 jiAdat that time thy Eio- 

' Ver. 7; WhtHhffhaU actemfUp to fkoHtf 
([fiaifli the difternan) the fmtr of. the hob 

Peofle^ all thofe things Jhall he fffijhed *>, (th« 

}s, the deftruaion of Antichf ift mentibn'd 
in Chap. II.) , 

£uiiet chap. 3 7. Ver.' j i . Thefe Bones are 
f be whoh ffoupf &f l&^^h 

Vef . J ±. /fljf/// ofenyjour Cravaj and hrhj^ 
you into the Ldnd of tfrad. - ■ 
•■■''.- V 4 Ver. 16. 

^^6 Compatifwis of thefiophets 

Vcr. 16. The Stick </ judah and Ej^taiin* 

Ver. 17* Joyn thtm together inta me &ick* • 

Ver. 4 f . / will take the Children of Uhtel 
fiom among the Heathen^ and bring them into 
» their oijon Land* 

VtXkii. And mdke them one Ndt ion upon 
the Mountains of Ifrael, and one King jhall be 
King to them all. 

Ver* 24. And David my Servant fiall be 
tver them. 

Ver., 26. J will make a Covenant of Peace 
- with them ; it fiall be an everlaJHng Covenant j 
and I mil Jet my Sati^uary in the miJfiof them 
for evermore. Ver. 27, 28. 

Ez.ek. cli. 39^ vcr. 25- NowwiU J bring af^ 
gain the Captivity of Jacob^ afid have mercy 
on the whole Houfe of Ifrael* 

Niptff, The tWo Sticks fetrrefcnt the twelve 
bribes, who muft return, and then be govemM 
by a King. And Chap. 3 &, God muft come aftef 
chetr Return, ver.S, In the Utter days thou fhak' 
^ ceine into the Land that i brot^ht hack from the 
Sword f and i gathered out of manj People. 

Note fiirther, That after thtSews retum^ they 
ihall have a Sandhiary for their old Service, and 
chat San(3:uary and Altar are meafur *d, chap. 40. 
The Ceremonies of Circumcifiop, obferving the 
j^baoth and Kew Moons, are defcrib'd in the fol- 
lowing Chapteh 

Ezek. 4rjj ver. 1 5. This JhaB be the Border 
whereby youfijaU inherit the Land^ according 
to the twelve Tribes of Ifrael. Chap. 48. 
h a full Delcriptioa how Jud^a muft be di- 

mhh the Ofacfee. i^f 

Tided amongQ: thefti; and rfci? meafUrk of 
theCitytpas round i^ooo Mtafures^ and the 
Name of it ^ The Lord is there ^ Ver. 35.^ This 
has not yet happen'd, fot* only two Tribes 
returnM after the SabylomjhCanptvfity*^ and 
the Tribes did not poflefs the Land in that 
ftianner, nor were governM by Kings, but 
, for the moil part by the High-pricft. 

Zech. 10, / will fit engthen the Houfe 
^ Judab, dndfave the Hdufe of Jofeph, (i. t. 
the tenTribesJ andlwiU bring them again 
to flace them^^-"^*^ and they piatl he as if I had • 

not cafi them out. - 

Vfer. 'j.-jind thty 6f Ephtaim ( the ten 
Tribes^ jhall be like a mighty Man. 

Ver. 8. jind I will hi fs for them^ and gather 
theifiy for I have redeemed them. 

Ver. 9. j4nd they JhaB remember me in far 
Countries^ and they piaU live with their Chil'^ 
dren-^ and turn again. 

Note^ That ^l^ecbaridb, Haggai, zndJMaUchi 
prophefied aft^r the Return of the two Tribes^ 
whofe Return is defcribM in Chap. 9. oiis^eba-- 

Mal^hi^ Ch. 3> Ver. i^. Jnd they JhaB be 
rUtne^ faith the Lord^ in that day when I make^ 
^p ^ Jewelsy and IwiUffare them as oneffa^ 
reth his Son. 

Ver. 18. Tlfjen fhaU ye returny and difeern 
betwixt the Righteous and the W^cjied. 

Chap, 4, Ver. i. But unto you that fear my 
Name jhall the Sun pf Righteoufnefs arife^witk 
healing in his Wings • 


a ^8 Compmfius of the Prophets 

Efdras^ Book II, Ch. 1 3, con|:ains a parti- 
cular Account of the Return of the y^ews 
firom their Captivity i a$ the Angel inter- 
prets the Vifion. 

Ver. 2 5. The Man coming from the raidft 
of theSea^ , , 

/ 2d. The fame u he whom God the Highefi 
hathheft agreai feafm^ which by hie ew» felf 
fiioU deliver hie Creaeure* 
' 32. Then fhall my Son be dfctared^ vehom 
thpufawefi AS a Man afeending* 

35. jind he fijoU fiand on Mount Sion. 

3tf. j4nd Sioti JhaBcome^ and JhaB be Jhero^d 
to aU Men^ being prefored and builded^ tike as 
tboufawefi the Hill graven without Hands • 

39* And whereas tboufawift that hegathe^ 
red another peaceable multitude untohim^ 
, 40. Thofe are the tenTribesywhich were ear" 
ried away Prifoners out of their ^mn Land^ in, 
the time of 0£tz the King^ vfcflw Salmanafar 
the King of Afryria. led away captive '^ and he 
tarried than over the Waters* 

46. Then dwelt fhey there umil the latter 
time \ and new^ when they ftai begin t& eome^ 

47. The Highefi fhatt fiay the Springs of the' 
Stream again^ that th^y may go through* 

49. jind when he hath dtfirofd the multi- 
tude of the Nations that are gathered t^ether^ 
hi fiaR defend his People that remain* 

Nite, St. 'Sferomty^ injjts Comment on Htek^eL 
licknowjcdges, that the Jews in his pme bcliey'd 
t*e ten Tribes ftould ttxx\tti to a glprfpu^ ferufir * 
tm^-em^ there ufrCkcumciiioi)^ ofilrSacriftces^ 

V J- and- 

with the Oracles, ,19^ 

and pb^rve cfaeir Sdbaocbs ; ^nd Jie confeges tbdc 
w^nyChriftians bcid ;be fai»e. So did JerfullUn^ 
in h|$ Bpol^ i/^ j*/^ Pidetium i and LaRantim^ it) his 
Ipfticutions, //t. 7 5 and E^ViRorinus PiBavicftfiSf 
in fai^ Expofitioji^j zni Sevens, in his Dialogue 
he called GdUo ; and boch Irenaut and ^f&lUna'- 
rius, Tho' St. Jeroim thinks die 3 ift Chapter of 
E:{ekiel fulfill'd in the Coming of Chrift, yet he 
feems to doabt of it. In chefe word« : Aut ctrte in 

feetmdo C9mfiend4 cr^Mfftut^ qu4nd$ in/ua tn^je-- . 

fiate domintis affarebit^ H fubintr^verit fhnimdo 

gentium^ut omni S/ratifaPifUsfiat. 

I will next give the 5%/j Defcription of 
the Riptiirn of tKe Jews^ but vyill firft ad-, 
vife the Reader to confult Momtague^iAEls 
and Monument $ of the 0)rifiian Churchy who 
aflerts, That the Romans collefted the pi:e- 
fent Oracles, aad digcfted 'em ioto Vo^ 
luine^, and thefe tbe Fatli^rs owtied ^ and 
from thence f^irgU and dcero nad the No- 
tion of a new World, and (he -Reftoration 
of all things, and ^f a King to <:oflie from ' 
Heaven. He fays, the Erythr^a calls her 
ftlf Nu>^i», that is, a Woman or a Maid de-» 
tended of Noah^% Blood 5 and Ihe w^s from 
5tf7», who outliv'd Abraham^ abont whofe 
time fhe might live : Some of the 5/l;y//liv'd 
before moJJ: of the Prophets, hx^ thofe of 
Cuman4 afld Hefitf^mic^ tat$r thaJ> ajpioft ' j 

all tbe Prpjihets. 

BeHarmm aik>w« the Sibyls^ and St. Jtrome 
think* they had the Gift of Prophefie for 
tiwir Virginity i ^ndali aUow, th»toijt of 
Judaa there were many Prophets, SLSj^tBa-' 

^66 Cmtpdrifms of the Prophets 

ladhiy &c. Clem. Alexandrinus fays, the Sibyls 

Books foretell things to come. Hyfiaffcs 
was in the time of Cyrus^ and he writ in 
plain terms concerning the Son of GOD. 
Trifmegifius fpeaks of the Trinity, and he 
was an %/Bgyftian Prince and Prieft. 

Silyh Orat. Titm ^itwn bis femitrtbubus eonfiaius ab crtu 
Lib.2,p.i98 Advenief fopuius, fofuiumai requiret Hebnaim 

Cogndta ftirfiSf qucmferiidi^ Affyriorum 
JmfettUf illaU gentcs it a clade feribunt : 
Poftremo rurjum vehemtntibtu tmperitabunt 
HabraiSffi^s, ekSiSp fub juga mijjis 

S^chariaVs Defcription of the Siege di^ervfd* 
lem, where Gag i$ deftroy'd i and a fecond 
Siege, where the Cicy is taken. 

• Orac. lib. }• Jfe^ tune file Deus regem demittet ab alto 
^26^ Sjfi totam terram diris recreabit ab aPmis, 

Oeeifli aliiSf aliis in fetdera junBis : 
Atqi iterum nmgnSfiorebif amata Deigens, 
DivitiiSf aurOf at^; argentc, furfwreoque 
Ornatu, tellufque parens gaudebit, (^ aquoTp 
Plena bonis ■ 

The ftace of the Jem after the deftru<5tion of 
the Gentiles, who befiegM them after their 

K 273. Interea magni proles feeura tonantis 

Circum <e&m wvent, (S latdbuntur in illis. 
Tune omnes pariterfabuntur infula (S urbes 
Ugantoiilos adamet Deus imnwr talis amore* 
Tune dulci incipient meditari carmine laudes, 

1^. ch. 1 5, mentions the S^em as finging upon 
their retuni. 


with the Oracles* 301 

Vftum cum bellh jam Perfica terra carthit^ sibfU Oracw. 

Et fefte &gemitUf tunc illo temfore vivet LiL 5* 

Judaum dium^enuj^ & emlefte, beatum\ 
Qjd terra meaiis babitabunt manibui ufyu9 a4 
Jeff en. 

TbcnChrift appears, as in ^echariah^ Andthej 
lool^on him wtom they pierceJp and mourn. 

Eififtetqi olim fmddm vir ab atbere frajlan^ 
Cujusfirugifertidifiendit in arbore. faimai, 
Optimus Hekrausp—^* 
JSt moduiatafacris dicent tibi carmina Unguis^ 
Igneus cxiftet vera ds nubibus ather, 
Neefatio frorfum fiet, nee 4ratio, donee 
fi^int martalei numen, quodcun&a gubernat, 
j&emum. ^ * 

This is the ConyerGon of the Gentiles by their 
Deftru(^n, ^ch. ch. ul|:« The £aitbquaic<s 
is afterwards ae{crib*dya8in;^^c/&^ 

feribitis ergo 

Motibus everfif terra. --^ 
7<Iam Deus omnifotensfceleratos eruet omne^ 
Fuigure^e & tonitru* 
Parce 6 emnifarens tenera terra (Sferaci 
^udaa magna^ tua quo deereta feramus. 
XJt videant omnes divino munere frimanf 
Mior tales banc ejfe^ Deo fracellere dante. 
. Solus enim fr a/ens, elandet munimine tutos 
Ardentiqi velut muro, circtmdabit ignCf 

Revelat. Ch. 1 5, Ver, 2. And I f aw a Ses 
ofGlafs mingled with Fire^ and them. t hap had 
gotten viRory over the Beafi ft and in the Sea of 
Glafs^ having the Harps of Cod. 

Ver. 3. And they fang the Song of Mofes, 
and the Song of the Lfmi. 

303 A NT I Cit tt I stV ^f:ruBtm. 

Ven 5 • Afiit thai I h^df ^d behold^ the 

' ' Temph of the Tefiimony in Hiaven wds tfened. 

V0r. 8. And the t^fn^e it^as filled ttfithfin^ak 

ftom the Glory of God ; and no indn moas abie to 

enter into theXem^le $iU the feven Fiague^ oj 

ihe [even Aigels afire fulfiSed* 

Note^ The OpprciSon of the Jem under the 
Gentiles (err Tnrkj) h reprefeited by a SesL of Gfels, 
burning With Fire ; the Joy df the Jei^f txpcm their 
return, by the Harps and'Sifigiftg; the renewing 
their Wdrftiip, is the opentfig of the Tefnple. 
Ver. 6. the Tevett Angcfs commg our df the Ttoi- 
* pie. built after the jfews Retttm : ThePrefence 

ami Glory of Gdd fite tht Temple, as i$ ikrd in 
jB;(tf^.43. 5. No fbm nor Gentiles wtfttld be con- 
verted tiU after dl the f kgties w^e exeta^ : 
f heft Fkgueit 4re pouted on theBeafr'lKotigdom, 
and from the Deftttt(3^ii c4 the BtsA the date of 
the Jeips Converfion muft be made. One of the 
four BeaftSy or Chriftia^rt Skhops^ gives the feven 
Vials full of Wrath by hisr Prayers, and acct^ns 
this- Fall of Antidirift by the fetett Plagues. 

The Defiru^ian of Am^hxiik^ and the 
Com/erjhn $f$m Jews to GhriifiiaMty ; 
occafim^d hj tffit fignd Overt w0f». 

THE Old Profhep^ Efdras^ the Sibyls^ ^atxA 
the Revtlati(fns agree ia the orcrthrov^ 

of Antichrifi. 

Dm. chap. ?• ver * 8* leonfidet^d the H^fns^ 
and there came up ammg pk$m anther lh$l$ 



A K IP I C H Rl ^*t^S Ve^ttSiuA 303 

-jff^if^ hef&re whdm thtr^ ivire three ofthefirft 
plucked up by the koot^. - '^^ 

Vtt. 1 1 ♦ TTje fume fnaieWdt whk the SamtSy 
49»d pr^aird agdinfi them : ' 

Ver.2l. VfttU tfie Mfciekt tuf Days taMty 
and Judgment was given tp the Saints vf the 
mdjt Nighy and the time tontt that the ' Saints 
p^ffefi^d the Kingddni. 

Ver. 25. HejhalifpeakgT^eat W'drdxagainfi 
the in^ fiigih ^^ War tna the Saints 9/ the 
mo^ High^ and think to change tim$s ^md Lam 
(this Mahomet did) and they jhatl btgiven int^ 
his Hand until a tim^^ and times ^ ana dividing 
of tintey (i 2S0, or 1 390 Hegita's.)- 

Ver.. 25. But the Judgment Jhdlt fit y and 
they Pali take aiody his Dominidn^ to tonjume 
and dejfrt^ ity UnU the end : i. e. tte ficaft 
wdts rfeftroy'd, and hh Body^ given to tte 
burning Pkrae. * 

E^ekiely chaj). ^85 defcribes the coming 
of Gog from the North, after the Jem bad 
returned into their Country. Ver. 1 7. jirt 

thou he of whom I have fpoken in old time by my 
Servants the Prophets of Ifrael^ that I would 
bring thee againjr them ? Ver. I$r. In that t>ay 
there Oaail he a great jhalitfg in the Land of 

iffraef, (that is, an Earthquake). • Ver. 20. 

And the Mountains pall he thrown ifowni and 
ruety Wall Jhall fall. Ver. 22. jtnd I will 
plead againfi hitn With Peftilenee^ and with 
jHpodj and J will rain on him and his Bands an 
cverfiewing Raitf^ and great Hailfionis^ Fire 
and Britnftone. Ver. 23. lyms will I f^^agnify 
tfpf felf^ and farcify my felfy and f wHt he 


3P4. A N T I C H R I S T V Defiru^im, 

inown in the Eyes of many Naiioms^ and thij 
Jhall haw that I am the Lord* 
* Cbap. 3^. ver. tf. / will fend a Fire en 
Magog, and among them that dwell carelejlj 
in the Iflesj and they Jhall in^w that I ^em the 

Ver. 2 1 . jind Iwittfet my Glory imwg tht 
Heathen J and aU the Heathen jhall Jee myjudf' 
ment that I have executed^ 

Note, This great Jadgmem laid on die Hea* 
then, will .convince 'cm that God is ^ Proce<3or 
and Saviour of the JewSf 

Ver. 22. SoJbaU the Houfe of Ifracl knor^ 
that I am the Lord their God. 

Ver. 2p. / have poured out my Spirit ufon 
tjoe Houfe ^/Ifra^l, faith the Lord God. 

Cihap. 47, ver* i • Behold^ Waters ijfu^d out 
from under the Threlhold of the Houfe eajhoardf 

Ver. 7. On the Banks of the River were n^any 
X^tes^ on tl^e on p fide and th^ of her. 

Ver. 9. Every thing jbaH live whither the 
Waters come. And, ver. 8, The Waters JhaS 
he healed in the Sea ; . j 

Ver. II. But the miry and ^arjhy ffdccs 

jhaBnotbe beale4* 

Ver. 11. The Fruit of thf Trees fhall (fp for 

Kfteaty and the Leaf for medicine. 

Note, The Water reprcfents the Converfiop of 
the 7^19/, as our Saviour's Difcourfe in. iamaria 
* with the Woman fignifies ; the Fiihcrs ^e the 
Apoftles, or other Preachers ; the Dead healed, 
the 3^ews I the miry places, fome Gentiles ; the 
froi^ the Plenty in a new Paradife in the MiUenr 


ANtiGHRrsT^ jJeJtx^iiftonJ 305 

niiim.y (This Vifion cannot be expounded Jiceral- 
ly^ but is, a. Figure. ^ . c * 

Ifaiah^ chap. 25. ver..2i. The Lordjcometh' 
cut of his fUce tofunijk the Inhabitants of the 
Earth. , ;.' '■:. ,-. 

Chap. 27. In that day, the Lord^ with his 
great and firong Sword^ Jhall funi/h Leviathan y 
the fiercing. Serpent^ , and he will Jlay the 
Dfagonin the Sea* 

If a* chap. 59, yer. ip. When the Enemy 
Jhall come in like a Floods the Lord will lift up^ 
a Standard againfi him. 

Ver. 20. 7l7e Redeemer fhall come to Sion* 

Ifai cbap. 66. ver. 1 6. For by Fire and by 
his Sword wiU the Lord plead with all Flefh^ and 
the flain of the Lord Jhall be many. 

Ver. 18. And I will gather all Nat iiins and 
Tongues and they Jhall come and fee my Glory % 
ver. 1 9, jind they Jhall declare my Glory a- 
rhongthe Gentiles. 

Ver. 24. And they Jhall go forth^ and look 
upon the Car cafes of the Men that have trauf" 
grefs^d againfi me. . . 

Note^ This Chapter is a plain Prophely con- 
cerning, the Deftrudion of Gog. E^cl^iel , czHs 
this time^f Gog*s Deftru(ikion the Day ipoken of, 
chap. 19, ver. 8 ; and- G^g is fpoken Of by the 
Prophet Es^el^iel, chap. 38^ ver. 17. 

//i. cRip. (S5. ver. 23. AH; Flefh JhkH ceme 
to worjhip before me. That is, hothjein^s atld 

Gentiles;vfho will be converted by the over- 
throw of Gog. 

X Zcch. 

3o6 ANTIGHRISt'^2)^, 

Zech. 12. ver. 2. Se^idy I make Jernfa- 
1cm a Cup of trembling unto oM the Pet>pJr rotmd 
about y when theyfljoB be in the Siege both againfi 
Judah 4W jfefufelem. 

Ver. 9- In that i4y ipiH feekta defiroy all 
Nations that come againfi Jerufalem. 

Ver. 10, j4nd I mil pour on the Hikje of 
David, and on the Inhamants of JerHfalfem, 
thn Spirit of Gtae4y and^of Sufflic^imy-^nd 
they {hall look upon tne whom they have fterc^d^ 
pierced J and they fhall memrn f&r hiMf as one 
mournethf&t his only Son* 

Note^ This a ^Mn df^caption of tfad Appea- 
rance cfCbrift in the Air, to convert the^^mr, af- 
ter he bad ddftroy'd Gig. 

Chapi ij. In that day I will cut off the 
Names of the Idols out of the Landy and I wiM 
caufethe Prophets and mcUa» Spirit to pafs out 
i^f the Land'. 

Note^ All' felfc Religion and falfe Propfeet? will 
then ceafe, and be afbam'd of their Vifions,-wr. 4, 
But ^echariah goes on with a new Vifion, chap. 
13. \€t.j.Avfal^,.0 Sword, agaii^ my^Sbepherd^ 
and agMnft the Man T»hb » my FeSpii^ fCitiien) 5 
ffHite,the Skejfherd, aHdniji Sheep fbalihe\feiitikr*d. 


Vet. S. Two farts pfain^'ecut. e^j and] die^ 
but the third left therein: 

Ver. 9., Ar^ I will bring^he third,fart thro^ 
the Birey jthejfpa^calim^y N^m^^ and I mil 

hear thern^ . , 

» . - - . 


A jt 1 1 c H R i> s i^'j' Dcfirihmcp. ^07 

Chaf). 1 4, ver. 2* I r^Hl gather, the Naticms 
againfi Jerufalem to battle^ and tht City Jhall 
be taken \ Iftalf fhall £o forth into Captivity^ and 
therefidue Jhall not be cut of. 

Ver.3'. Then fhaU the Lord gd forth^ afii 
fight againfi thofe Nations* 

Ver. 4^ ,And his Feet Jhall fiahd' ufon the 
Mount of Olives;, and it fhall dtaae in the 
niidfl' threof tmards the Eafidnd t onwards the 
Wefi (pm'i^:, by^ift-Eaithqtiake)— i_^;r^ 
theLord'^yOod'JhkH conie^ and oB the Saints 
with thee* 

Ver. (^i jind the Light JhaB not be clear ^ nor 
darh ' , 

Ver. 8. In that dayliviwgWattrsfi^aHgo 4ntt 
of Jerufalem^ hdftomard the former Sea, and 
half to:the' latter SeOi 

Ver. 9. Biit thtLord'JhaU be King oxrer aS 
the Earth. • 

Ver. 1 1. Jerufalem JhaB be fafely inhibi- 

Ver: 12. TTois Jhall be the Plague vpherewith 
the Lord will fmiti all People that have fought 
againfi Jerufalem, ^/^>V Flejh Jhall confwne 
attayy and their Eyts confume away', and their 
Tongues in th^ir mouthsi 

VcTr 15; ATufHuli from the Lord Jhall be 
amon^ thefn^^ — -^and his Hand ^att rife 
up agaiyifi the Hand of his Neighbour. 

Ver. 14. jindjmah Jhatl ^ht at JcxuGl" 
lem, and the Wealt'h of the fudthen Jhall be 
gathtr^drogethtr. * 

Vet. 18. Every ohe that i^left of theNa- 
thrnfi Jhklt go up from^ Tiar'toTedr tomrfbtp" 

X 2 the 

3o8 Antic h r i s tV Defirv^tm. 

' the King the Lord of Hofisj and to ketf the 
Foafi of TabernMcles. 

NotOi At the Siegtofjcrufalent, chap. i2, the 
Jews have a great Deliverance, and Chrift appears 
CO them, to convince them that he is their MeJJtab, 
whom they pierced; bur, chap. 14, the Nations 
are gathered againft Jerufalem^ and take it ; but 
. Chrift appears to them and deftroysthem by an 
Earthquake, and Plague, and by one another^s 
Swords. .This is a different Vifion, and ihews 
how the Gentiles muft be convened by his appea-* 
ranee, and overthrow of them ; all his ftincs ihali 
come with him, and the Lordjhall be K}ng over 
aB the R'arrfj^ and there fiaS be one Lord, vcr. 9. 
jind they fhall worjhif the Kjng, the Lord of Hojis^ 
ver. 16. And this will refihe the 7fwx,' as Silver 
and Gold is refined; {chaf. 13. ver. 9.) that is, 
convert them thoroughly to Chriftianity : The 
keeping the Feaft of Tabernacles will be a Me- 
morial of this Deliverance. 

Haggai; chap. 2, ver. 21, 22. IwiBjhaie 
the Hedven and the Earthy and I will overthrow 
the Thrones of Kingdoms \ and I will deftroy 
the Strength of the Kingdoms of the Heathen^, 
and the Horfe and the Rider JhaU come down^ 
every one by the Hand of his Brother* 

Jtremiah^ c\\2l^. 'ii . ver. 31. IwiR.makea 
new Covenant with the Houfe of Ifrael, and 
with the Houfe of Judah. Ver. 32. Iwillfut 
my La:vo in their inward PartSy and their 
God J and they Jhall be my People. 

Jer. eh^p. 3. ver. 11. Jit that time they 
jhall. call Jeruftlem the Thrgne of the Lord j 
and all the Nations JhaB ke g4ther d mto it^ fo 


thfNawt of the Lord^ tt> Jcrufalem : Neither 
fjhall they walk any mart after the Imaginations 
of their evil Heart* 

• Ver. 1 8. In thofe days the Houfe of Judah 
fhalL wall with the Houfe of Ifrael, and they ' 
{hall come together ont^f the North to the Land 
which I have given for an Inheritance unto your 
Mathers* : > Ver.i p. A goodly Heritage of the 
Hofis of the Natums* '- . — ^ .• . » 

Romans chz'^.w. ver. 25^25. BUndnefs 
in fart hath happened to Ifntl^ till the fulnefs 
cfthefSentiles jhall comein. 
\ y^rf^fh'ap. 3. ver. 2^. I will gather together 
all Nation:^ J and brifig them down into the V^al' 
7fy «»/ Jehofaphat : Ver. 12. There will I fk 
to judge the Heathen round about.. Ver. 14. 
The Day of the Lord isJtettr^ and in the FaiUy 
of Decifion* Ver. i <5. The Lordfliall roar out 
<ff Sion 5 and the Heavens and the Earth Jhall 
I jhale^ but' the Lord will be the hope of his Peo" 

ple^ and the Strength of the Children of IfraeL 
Ver. 17. Then JhaB ye know that lam the Lord 
your God^ dwelling in Sion^ my holy Mountain i 
then JWf Jerufalem be holy^ and there Jhall no 
Stranger pafs thro^* it any more* 

I lilote\ That is the laft Deftrudion of the 

?^ip/; the {kme as in the 14th of Z^ehdrUh, and 
I they ihali never be invaded aoy inore by the 

I Centiles. 


'_ . . ■ \ _ I 

ACc^JE?, chap. 5. ver. ^. This Man (t\\zt .\ 

is Chrilt, whofe Birth is defcrib'd ver.i.") 
Jhall be the feate-^ when the Aflyrian jfc^i/ come 

X 3 into 

513 ^ AkTicHRi8^'^2)^/r«5^w. 

Efdfas^ Book Il^tib. 1 2, Ver. 3 1 . The Lim 
that^thoU'faipefi rifing vp cut of theWtrndy and 
roarw^^and ffeaking t^ theEaghi drid rebuking 
her for her unrighteoufnefs .• ^ \ ' '^) ' 

Ver. 32. This is the ^AnUd:^ }vphicfi the 
ffigkefiihath kept for theni^caUd for their wic 
kedneii. unto the end. - n^^ ' * 

Ven: 3^3. For hefioB fet them before him in 
Judgment^ and fhHiU rebuke them^ and correR 
them. ' 

Ver. 34. For the reft of my PeofU JhaB he 
deliver with mercy^ thoft that haie^einf refer- 
ved of^my tfordersy and;hejhall mkkethemjey- 
ful until the coming of the Day of Judgment. 

j^/.Orac. * Bt'^lialveniet.facihq^inftgniifmuha. '■ 

^* ^* • iwf^ mortalcs, tunefknkifimditMf atque 

Eieai, fidifue everfi^rifientar: v^ \ 
. Netinon Hthraif qUosfituior-innfeietMi, -t . 

>rac. lib. 3. £^ ^ugufiinit ^fi^^m. ^ventibut 4n^iv/ ^ . 

222. Aiveniet Belial ^ ' 

Verum, q^0tt/io-Deip)^Hdi^i^ minduUfpnagi^'\ 
Adveny^ft^ ten:j^qifa$e^.^fiammata J^eJ^a^^ 
Jnflat4ffexifrifit Belip^ig-^omnefqifuporh^ 
,OnuK^^i^tqm\eif^^ .. 

Tliitt^t?^ is defcrib^d iM the SibyOine Ora- 
clesf irtJt:^ ?iktJ*£^fi^>/ 4nd ZecharUh^s Rc- 
latidtfpf li^Siege:a:n(i'ti ' ' 

fh Orac Sedcrqbri^, terr dm Gentiles rarjiis. eandem 
>-3>P-270. Jnvadent regej ' * 

Nnffque, Dei magni tentahune depopulari 

SacrayV)vofque bonof v ■ ' . 

- •■. : i.^^ . ;• I. dextraque feribunt 

Chines 'i'tema^ &,'ceflo labentur ab alto 

In ttr^hi aretes enfeSy venientji cdirtifea 



Antichrist^ Defi^rtdlim, gig 

The Earthquake is defcrib'd. 

At. terra omnJfdrens illis ftrculfa diebus 

fuin in/if ienter 

Hafiasfacrat^am eunBi vibraftis in adenC » 
•Omnes ergo Deus bello multabh (§ enfe^ 
Ij^w^^w^f ^ uhdatiti fluvia, turn fulfhur ab ifUo^ 
Et iafis in densa femiceq'^ grandinc, ccelo 
Deptnet'—^ . 

luiH Deus teternus nofcetur^ ^ui facie ilia : 
. ,^ I. „ y , exflebitqueferoi caro dilaniae^! \ 

The Sibyls here intimate, that the Jfir^ 
hadaTeojple^.and this Deltrudion would 
make them acknowledge God's Protedion. 

The liarkilefs mentibn'd in Zechariah is 
tlius deicrib'd : 

Jamnon ejcijlene flammaneia luminafMs i 
llumine nee clarojplendebif tuna deincefs, 
Cum Deus extremo regnabie tempore ; verum 
! i>miiihfer' terras caligo nigra tefifibit. 
■♦• -- r* ■ ■■ cognofcatur ut iffe - 

:' It^ws^hemines ignis de ceeli depluet or^ 
Ignis, fanguisy aqwe^fulmenf nox atberis atra, 
&rtges tmnes ferdet fimul, eximiofque, 
^ic. belli exitium capiet mifirakilefinem, Orac. lib 

Arma per exterifam r elegantes hojiica terram, n 2jV, * ^* 
per feptem lengos annis vertentibus crbes, 
Keu de querceto lignum fcindetur ad ignem^ 

This is a plain intimation that feven 
long Orbs of Years Ihall fucceed the De- 
ftru^ion of Gog^ and the Return of the 
Jews i and this agrees with Ez^ekiel^ ch. 39, 
ver.9. They that dwell in the Cities Jhall go 
farth^ and jhall fee en fire and burn the Wea* 
fcvsy and they jhall burn them with Fire feven 


« % • * 

gl^. A NT I CH R I ST S^^rtiSioH. 

Tears. Ver. i o. So thd^ theyjkatl take no Wocd 
out of the Fieldy neither cut dovm^anyovt of. the 
forrefi. In this the Sibyls and Ezeiiel ^^ee, 
^hat they (hall ufe no Wood for Fire but the 
Arms of their Enemies. 

Ez^i. ch. 38^ ver. 20. The Fijhes of the ^a^ 
the Fowh of the Heavens^ and the Beafts of the f 
f^ieldsj and all creeping things^ and aU Men 
jptalljhake at my f re fence ^ and the Momttains 
Jhall be thrown down^ and^ Towers Jhall fall^ 
and tvery Wall jhall fall totheGround* 

Oiac* Ub, 3. At terra emniforens ilth fer^ul/a diebut 
p. 270* titminis aterm Asftr^, pife^^ marini, 

Terreftrefj;fer4e omnes,(^ genus omne volameumf 
Humana j; omrfes animai, inaria omnia, yultum 
jEterni harrefcent, exalbefientqi tinure. 
Ilk fidJmmanes^ excelfa ^abumlna^ mMes^ - 
Rutnpct ♦ " .1 

I have quoted this Ciefcription to fl?^w, 
that thefe Prbphefies agree veryiribcfi in 
the defcription of C7<y^'s 6ver4:hn9iv.vbut 
the Sibj/lk do not meiitioa^i^^ /ni>rv\fniiuy 
cir,cuniftanGesin-£t,i0%Jr/;' •' -V*'" :; 

As Ghrift and his Apoftfespcrmitted^he 
ufe of the Jewifh Gereraoiiies till t^e t)e- 
AruSion bftheir Temple by the Ron^^s^ fo 
'twill happen at laft, the Jem will rfjtj^rn, 
build their Temple, and .ufe their old Cerer 
monies^ till this fignal coming of CJirift to 
dcftroy the 7«r^/, and his appearing in the 
Air fhafl conYert 'em : No Pre?cllin^ nor 
Miracles could formerly convince 'em, but 
this gloriou? fecond coming wilL prevail ^ 
and this will require their being fettled in 
' their 

(heir /xyv^A Ck>aiitry, that they ciay be all 
convi?c'4;et ofietinie^^od xlmi th&tFulnefe 
of thc-G^^f/c^ feall eo^je in, thjey beiflg all 
converted .by. this fecood coming pfGhrift 
to cpaquer tbem ; , aj^ then hfi/i^L Jews and 
GemiUi ^ill be obJigM to keep the Fepft of 
TabeRnacks, iwthich :the 3fi?»i.did at their 
fiulbrtturn fix)m fM^ft. 

The pefQriftion (f fhe Milleniiium^ hy tffe > 

Old PiOphets. 

■ '^ ' Z)iji».<:hap.7,yer.;i8. 

B Vt the Saints of the m(fft High fiiatt take fht 
KmgdoPt^ and pffefs itfer wer. 
Ver. « 3. Onehke'the Son tsf Man €ame with 
the£Uuis of Heofven^ and came to the atwierit 
efJ^* Ver. ,14. And there •vm given him 
Dominion^ andOlory^ and a Kin^doin^ that M 
JPe^fle^ N^tions^ '0nd Languages frojHd fervt 
him : his Deminii^n U an eveflafiing Dominion^ 
whk^jhdtl mot faff away^ and his Kir^dom thpt^ 
winch pM not be defifipoyed. 

Note^ The Sqn of Man is Cbrifty the Seines of 
the Meft High are fielievers in him, and dil'D(v 
minions fli^Ii ferye and obey him^and be ihall then 
raife ihf Dead, 

Ch. 12, ver. i^. fiUpdishe thati:otmth49 
the jii^d^s. the beginning of the 
MiUennivmyitoni the taking of ytfw/fi(*#» by 
the Nations, Zech* 14.3 

Ver. 2. And many of them that fleef in iJofi 
• dufi of the Earth Jhall awaken fome to ever loft-- 


3 1 6 The Millennium defcriPd. 

inglife^ and fame to pome. Ver. 3, Andthty 
that be wife jhall Jhine m the brightnefs of the 
Firmament ^ and they that turn many tB righ- 
teeufnefsj as the Stars^ for ever and ever. 
Vcr. 1 3. But go thy way till the end be .• for 
thoufhalt reft^ and ft and in thy lot at the and of 
the days. 0- e. Daniel (hall arife^ and have 
fhare with his own Tribe, as Bxxkitl has de- 
fcrib'd the diviCon among the 1 2 Tribes.] 
Ifaiah^ ch, 25, ver, 19. 7^ dead Men (hall 
Uve^together with rny dead body fjoll they strife: 
awake^ andfing^ ye that dwell in the Dufi. 

Note, There will be a new Par^di(iacal ftate of 
Men. and all other Creatures. ' 

Chap. (Jo, ver. i - jirife^ [bine^ for thy light 
is Cdfmtj and the Glory of the Jj^d is rifen on 
thee. Ver* 3. And tht Gentiles ^4// come ta 
t}y lights and Kings to this brightnefs of thy ri^ 
fmg. Ver. 1 1 . Therefore thy. Gates Jhall be open 
continually^ they [hall not be put day nor nighty 
that men may bring unto thee the Forces, cfthe 
Gentiles, and that their Kings may be^brought. 
Ver. 1 2. For the Nation and Kingdom that will 
notferve thee fh all feriOo. . Ver. I p. The Sun 
fhall he no triors thy light by day^ neitBer for 
brightnefs Jhall the Moon give light to thee^ but 
the Lord Jhall be unto thee an everlafting Lights 
Ver. 2 1 . Thy People alfo Jhall all be righteous^ 
and they Jhall inherit the Land for ever* 

Chap. 55, ver. 17. Behold^ I create a new 

Heaven-, and a new Earth: and the former Jhall 

not be remembred. Ver. r8. I create JcyuCbL' 

. lera a rejoycing^ and her People ajoy^ V. 1 9. The 

voice of weeping Jhall' be no more heard in. her^ 



The Millenniunl deJcriVd. 517 

mr th voice vfcrying* V. 25. The Wolf and 
the Lamb JhaB feed together j and the LyoHjhaB 
eat StroTO like the Bullock : aod Dufijhall be the 
Serfent^smeat. They fhall not hurt nor defiroy 
in aH my holy Mount ain* \ •- 

Chap. 66 J Ver- 1 2. / will extend Peace to 
her like a River ^ and the Glory of the Gentiles 
like afiavaing Stream. Ver. 23. jIU FleJhJhMl 
come and worjhip before me^ faith the Lord. 
. £z,(?i/>/, Ch. 47, Ver. 12. The Trees on the 
River Jhall bring forth Fruit according to its 
months^ and the Leaf jhall be for medicine^ that 
there Jhall be flenty and health. 

Joel^ Ch. 3, Ver. 18. jind it JhaB^ come to 
pafs in that da^^ that the Mountains Jhall drop 
down new Wine^ C bring forth many Vines ] 
and the Hills Jhall flow with Milk^ C /• ^* be 
fruitful Pafturesjl and the Rivers <?/ Judah 
Jhall flow with Wat^rs-^an^ a Fountain fl] all come 
forth of the Houfe of the Lord^ and Jhall water 
theFMey <>/Shittim. Ver. 20. Judahjfe^iSf 
dwell for ever^ and Jerufalem from generation 
to generation. 

Note^ Thefe Waccrs are mentioned by B:(ekief 
and ^chariah^ and^may only fignifie Plenty, or be 
the caufe of die fercilicy of the Land. 

* «• < . 
. Ifaiah^ Ch. 24, Ver. 23. Then the Moon Jhall 

be confounded^ and the Sun ajhamed^ when the 

Lord of Hofis Jhall reign in Mount Sion, and 

«» Jerufalem. . . 

Ctiap. 25, Ver. 7. He Jhall deftroy in this 
Mountain the face of the covering of all Feofle^ 
and the vcUfpread overall Nations., C This is' 

. » ' ' *fome 

3 20 The Millennium dejcrtFd. 

VInfMaJknSorumJimt temfora, mnmqi ca cmiit 
AUitomms^ €pfex temflifufcr omnia magnL 

He that will read tbefeQpocations fiom the M 
Propbefjf Efdras^ Kgvelatianj^ and Sihjls^ will ac- 
knowledg the Jews muft return into their Country 
to build their City and Temple^ and then will be 
befieg'd by Gog^ who will there be deftroy*d by 
Thunder : Then the Jewsy arid many Gentilesy fliaU 
be converted to Cir//?/4ifiV/ by this Ggnal Judgment 
on Gi^^^and the appearance of Chrift crucified, but 
afterwards the Gentiles will again take Jerufalemy 
(as in Z^ch. ch. ult.) but (hall at laft be deftroy 'd by 
Chrift itanding in Mount Sidn^ by theEarthquake, 
by a Plague, and by the Sword ; then IhallChrift 
come with all his Saints, be King over the Earth, 
and all Nations (hall come up to woifhip him. 

This is the Senfe of all the Prophets compared 
together, and they have been very little underftood 
by thofe who fuppos'd they related only to the 
Times before Chrift ; by what is^quoted they have 
plainly defcrib'd the laft Times, fincfc Chrift, w;(. 
the Return of the Jem^ the Deftrudbion of Anti- 
chrift^ and State of the Milienniunt. That I may 
more fully prove this, I will give my Interpretation 
of Dan. 11,12. which plainly relate to the Turl^zs 
King of the North ; and the Saracen^ King of the 
South : They at laft agreed in one falfe Religion 
and tyrannical Government, which is the Antichrift 
intimated by all the Prophets. No other. Hiftory 
has yet happenM agreeable with the Prophefies but 
that of the Saracens and Turl^Sy DaniePs UttleHom. 
/ And fince the Miferies of the Jews under tfic Ait- 
hometans have been greater and longer than thofe 
under Jntioehus and the ^mnans, •tis very probable 
Daniel fpoke of thefe, to convince the Infidelity of 
this Age, that GOD governs the World ; that He 
pre-ordain'd air Events, and by his infpired Pro- 
phets predi^ 'em. 


I ■ » ~ 1. . w 

* * ■ " ■ " ' i "" ^' ." ■ ■ ■ I ! > ■ iiiiii. ■!>» i I ■■i..ii». iiii r i—^M— ** 


Au the CharaBers agree with the 
Mahometan Antichrifl^ and not 
with the Tope. ' 

i . »TpHere mull be a falling away firft^be-* 
X fore the coming of ^^^/Vib^;/? .• This 
may be the denying of Chrift's Divinity 
by the Arrims^ which preceded the coming 
of the Impoftor Mahomet ; and this is the 
Myftery of Iniquity^ which is defcrjb'd in 
2 Thejf. 2. 

2. God Jhallfend them a firong Delufion^ 
that they fljould believe a Lye : u e» that Afa^ 
hornet was a Meflenger fent from Godj this 
is Mahomet^ % Lye thro' Hypocrifie. - ' 

3. -4«r/c:^//? is called the Son of Perdition j 
and both the Saracens and Turks flew an in- 
finite number of Chrifiiansy and made long 
Wars with 'em. 

4. The AntichrifHan Empire mult be 
part of the Roman Empire, and the Turft 
now poflefles one half. 

5. The Seat of the Antichrifiian Saracens 
was Babylon^ which they built, and call'd it 
Bagdetj but the Chriftians Bahyhn, to this 

Y He 


^22 Appendix. 

6. He Ihall fix his Tent and Dwelling in 
the Seas ^ which is, at CanftMntmeflc. 

7. jintichrift muft fit in the Chnrch of 
. God ; and fb did Mahomet the Great on 

the Altar in St. So^ioj when he took Gw- 
fiantinofU : He tnrnM it into a Mofch, 
which remains Co to this day ^ and the 
Turks fell all the Patriarchates in the Eaft, 
and govern aU their Churches in jiJU and 


8. He fliall bring in damnable Doftrins : 
that is his denying Chrift to be the Son of 
God ; this is his Blafphemy. 

9. He fliall extol himfelf againft all that 
is caird God : This is Mahomei% Pretence 
of being, a greater Prophet than .Chrift. 
The Turks call Mahomet the Lord of the Crea-- 
tures \ and the Turkijh Emperor's Title is, 
God^s Deputy upon Earthy Lord of the Lordi of 
this IVorld^ Kint^ of Greece. The Attributes 
and Praifes of Mahomet are fung on Fridays 
in their Mofchs, which is a fort of Idola- 
try. • 

10. jintichrijFs coming is with all Power 
and lying WonderSy in all dcceivablenefs 
of Unrighteoufnefs. This is Mahomet's 
pretence of his Commiffion to conquer and 
oblige all to become Mufelmen^ or Tributa- 
ries to him, and fome Miracles he pretend- 
ed to. See the Life of Mahomet^ in the 
fourTreatifes concerning the Mahometans^ 
w here Fire is faid to come down from Hea- 
ven on the Chriftians. 

1 1. He 

Appendix. 313 

1 1 . He muft oppofe Chrift both in Lif« 
and Doftrin j he denies the Sq% and there- 
fore muft deny the Father. See Mabomet'^s 
Life wrote by Dr. Prideaux. 

12. Antichrifihas two Horns, thefpiri- 
tual and temporal Authority j and theft 
both the S4r^ce» Caliphs (or Vicars of ^4- 

feawft ). pretended to. This is the falfe ^^"' 7« »^ 
Prophet in Sheeps Cloathing. 

13. He Ihall perftcwte the Ckrifiians 1 260 
prophetical Days, or Years. And this he 
has done above 1 1 00 Years already. 

14. He fhall change Times and Laws, 
and fubdue the Saints till Chrift's coming. 
Dm. 7.1. Afahomep began the firft Hegira, 
invented new Laws, and his Religion will 
laft to the coming of Chrift. 

15. The Lord fh^U confume him with 
the Fire of his Mouth. 

1 6. The fccond Beaft is the Image of the 
firft J the Turk^ of the Saracen Tyranny 

• and Religion, derived from Mahomet j and 
he (hall worlhip Maugim^ which his Fathers 
knew not. The Turks were originally Hea- 
then 'tartars before they embrac'd Ijlanifmy 
and they worlhip God* 

1 7. The two Horns of the Ram may relate 
to the Turks Profeffion, being Herdfraen at 
firft : Or, they may be defcrib'd like the 
Ferfian Ram with two Horns ; that is, they 
firft conquer'd Perfia an4 Media : So Axon 
did. Mahomet lays, there never was a Pro- 
phet who had not been a Shepherd j and he 
kept Halimas Sheep in Shepherds cloathing. 

y 2 Or 

5H Ai?pfiNt)t X. 

Or, this is the falfe Prophet in Matt. 7. 1 5, 
rpho comes in Sheeps clodthing^ but inwardly wa» 
a ravenotu Wolf, 

1 8. The Grecians had a Cuftom, ift their 
Myfteries and Oracles, to obferve the num- 
ber of Names: NciA^, the €>€0pr*^ River, 
contains the number of the Days of the 
Year, 365, and for that reafon St. John 
iifes the fame concerning the Number oi 
the'Beaft \ 666 h the Number or Mark of 
his Name, M«e/^w9'»< contains 66^. Pudet Tvr- 
cos vetufti nominis^ cfuo latronem infui not ant 
vernacuh ^'jftvat MviRcmin out Mufelman 
nova appettatio. The Number of the Beaft 
is the Number of a Man, that may be coun- 
ted inthe numeral Letters ^ the Mark in the 
Forehead, is the Turbant ; the Mark in the 
right Hand^ the Profeffion at Circumcifion, 
by holding up the Thumb and faying, God 

is ont^ and Mahomet his Prophet. 

The Thumb on the right Hand mult be 
, held up at this Profeffion, and after this 
they are accounted Mufelmen. The Nu- 
meral Letters in Mahomet'* s Name make 
666 J as Mountague obferves in his jippeUo 
C^farem ^ and fo does Napier reckon. 

That the Pope is not Antichrifi^ theft are 
my Arguments : 

i . He never der)iy'd the Father and the 
Son, which is St* Jobn'^s Mark of the great 1 

2. 'Tis no where faid that ^»f;rJ[;r(/?muft 
be a Chriftian, but as his Name imports, 
the Adverfary to that Religion. He may 


Appendix, 315 

be faid to fit in the Temple who turnM it 
into a Mofch, and built one on the Ruins 
of Sahmonh Temjde, as Omar did* 

3. In T^mothfs firftEpiftle, thap.^^ the 
Pfophefies of St. Taul relate to the Pope^and 
not to Antichrifi^ and to thofe Heretlcks 
which EfifhaniHs defcribes to hold the' 
fame Opinions before the Papal Monarchy 
began: Ver. i. In the latter times fome 
Jhatt (depart from the Faith^ gi'^i^g heed to 
feducing Spirits j and DoHrines <y Devils : 
Ver. 3. Forbidding to marry ^ and cofnmm- 
ding to abfiainfiomj^eats. 

Thefe are the Corruptions of the Weft- 
ern Church, and relate*not to the great 


4- The great Amichrifi is deftroy'd (chap. 
19 of t\i^ Revelations^ with tlie folfe Pro- 
phet ; but the Tope is deftroy'd, chap. 1 8, 
therefore the Pope cannot be Amichrifi. 

$. The great Antichriftian Empire was 
at Babylon in Chaldaa^ but the Papal Empire 
atRomej CdlVA the Myftical Babylon^ 

6. In the Turkifli Prayers .they ufe the 
following Epithet of God, R^^ol Maizxa^ 
the Lord of Powers or Fortitudes \ which is 
the fame with EloahMauzMj Dan. ii. ji, 
which is the Title of God omnipotent, and 
the Words of the Prayer are thefe •, Be that - 

far from thee^ O Lordy O Lord of Powers: 

whKrh they (Chrifiians) attribute to thee^ 
(thaft flm art a Father, and haft a Wife 

Y 3 ^nd 


Append i x. 

and Son.) This is a pablick Profcflion 
againft the Father and Son, and the moft 
evident Chara&er of jintitbrifiy and not of 
the Pope. Sec the Tnrkijh Litnrgy, by Al- 
bert BahovtHiy with the Notes. 

Smne Remarks wi the Jeverd 
Interpretations of the Revela- 

Every Age hfs attempted to expound 
the Revelations according to the Cir- 
cumftances of the Hiftories of their own 

1 . The firft Interpretation was traditio- 
nal from the Difciples of St. John^ and their 
Succeflbrs in the firft three hundred Years, 
and this cOncern'd chiefly the coming of 
jimichrifi^ Jefus Chrift's fecond coming, 
and the Millennium. 

2. At thc.end of the fourth Century, St. 
Aufiin and St. Jerom aUegorically interpre- 
ted the Xevtlaticns^ and all Prophefies, as 
chiefly relating to Cbrift's firft planting of 
Chriftianity*, and this Notion has been im- 
proved by Grotiw and Dr. lUmmmd^ but 
they deny'd the Millenmum. 

3« At the beginning of the Refiarmation 
the Alhigenfcs^ about the 1 2th Century, 
caird the Pope Antichrifiy and thought the 


Appendix. 317 

Woman crowu'd with twelve Stars repre- 
fented him. 

4. Lather^ in the fixteenth Century, be- 
liev'd the Turk was the iktU Horn inDanlely 
and confcquently the Antiehrifi in the 

5. The GiMw*/?^ Opinion, that t\\tPofe 
is j4ntjichrifi^ was defended by iViip/er, who 
indeed gives a good A ccount of the Prophe- 
tical Day for a Year, but he miftakcs the 
rife of the Popedom, ^wo 315, und in his 
Time ( 1 588) the Hiftory of the Turks was 
iraperfed •, he did not diftinguifh the Sara- 
cens and Turks j and he makes the World to 
end in 1 700. 

6. Mr. Mede fbllow'd Napier^ but has 
better explained the beginning of the Reve- 
lations., the deftruftion of the Jews and 
Heathen Emperors, and Rife of the ten 
Horns i but he afterwards deferts the Hi- 
ftory, makes no diftindion of the Eaftern 
andWeftern Churches, is mifled by his Syn- 
chronifms, and makes all the reft of the 
Prophefie relate to the Pope, as the Calvi- 
niftsdo.' All Expofitors nave follow'd the 
fame confufion of the Prophefies. 

ThcReafori why the Proteftants miftook 
th&Pofe 6>r the %xe3Lt Antichirifij was, his 
Cruelty to them by burning, and the Wars 
he cxicitcd againft them : The Turk then, 
by his frequent Invafionsof iife»f iirjj, di- 
verted the German Emperor from his de- 
fignUPerjfecttitioiis of thein. 

: Y 4 • I have 

3^8 Appendix* 

I have here accommodated the Prophefics 
to the paft Hiftory of the Roman Empire^ 
and the Chriftian Churches both in the 
^ fiaft and Weft, and muft leave it to be 
correfted by future Ages, my defign being 
to fliew, that the Sibylline Oracles defer ib€ 
the Rife, Cohqueft, and Deftrudioii of the 
Ottoman Empire, and alfo the Roman State 
in the Weft i and they make the Saractn 
snd Ottoman Princes the ^xt^tAntiehrifi^ 
■~- _ ■ — > ...■■ .. . 

A CoUecHim of fome farther Tefiiim^ 
ntes concerning the Sibyls. 

veriige'^ tJE firft relates the burning of the firft 
ndication Jn[ Sibylline Oracles 80 Years before 
f-^'^r^!^«c Chrift 1 and, that the Romans coUeded 
UcCanons.^j^^^^ g^in 7^ Years before Chrift, from 

Samos^ Ilium', Erythris., AJricy Sicily^ J^^y > 
Datoqy facer dot ibtu negotiif^ (fmutum humahA 
ope fotuijjinty vera difcernere. This Hiftory 
is attefted by Tacitus^ Apn. lib* <5. Dionyfius 
Ifalicarnaf eus dtliyen the fame, aad quotes 
it from P'arro. Fenefiella and La&antjus^ 
confirm it. 

Whether they were infpir'd, or taken 
from the y^w^ he does not determine, biit 
allows that the Chrifiians often quoted 'enl, 
«and the i?<w»/2» Authors ; and thefe he ad- 
mits of^ but none of thofe added in ifutiire 
Ages. ' , 

Biihop Beveridge quotes. theife Teftimo- 
nies for the Oracles : 

Appendix. 519 

1 . Jufiin'% Aplogy, publifh'd A. D: 1 4!^ 
or 142, ill which the Sibyls are quoted, 
{vfhich Bhndel believes to be forg'd^. D. 
138.) If they had been then for^'d, the 
Chriftians would not have ventured their 
Lives in reading 'em •, and Hyftaffis never 
would have quoted them to the Romans^ 
who collefted 'em Jf they had been fpurious. 

Jufiin fays, the Sibylline Oracles were 
then known to all the World j therefore 
we muft now have the fame Copy, and not 
a Ipurious one : Flri Graci^ credite anti^if" 
fim^ ^ frifc^ admodum SibylUj cvjus libri in 
toto extant orhe^ de futuro fervatoris nofiri Jefu 
Chrifii adventUy ac de relms abeogerendis^ U^ 
quid^ & ^irt^ vaticinanti. 

2. Celjus liv'd in the time of Jufiin^ and 
yet he never pretended that the Oracles 
were forg'd, but interpolated by the Chri-- 
ftians \ but that Origen deny'd, and chal- 
ieng'd him to produce a more correft Copy. 

3. Many in the fecond Century had the 
fame Opinion, as Jufiin^ Athcnagoras^ Clem^ 
Alexandrims^ Origen. 

Clemms quotes thefe words from St. P4»/, 
Uhros Grdcos fumite^f agnofcite SibyBam qua*, 
modo mum Deum indie et^ & ea qua funt fu^ 

St. Clement quotes the Sibyls in his £pi- 
ftle to the Corinthians^, as Jufiin Martyr 
quotes him in his Anfwer to the 74tli' 

'^ 4- J^ftfhus cites the Sibylline Oracles as 
they are now^ concerning the Tower of 


3^0 Api^endix. ^ 

BdtL This place in Jrfifhus is quoted by 

SufebinSj de Pr^paratione Evat^elUiy lib. 9, 
cap* 1 5. and the ianie Sibylline Verles are 
commended by TTjeofbilus Antiochtnusy in his 
iecond Book to Autolycus. 

5. Straba mentions this Oracle which is 
jiow extant : 

Ijib£e evehient, vajlis quo Pymmm undi 
Tewfere^ frofufi cmtinget ItPtmrt Cyfrum, 


6. Vlato^'ArifioHt^ Diodorus Siculusj Plu^ 
. iarch^ Tavfanias^ Dionyf. Hdicamaffeus^ Dion 
CaJJius^ Cicero^ Livy^ Tacitus^ Ovid^ f^irgUy 
(Eclog. 4O quote the Sibyls. • 

7. The Sibylline Oracles are commended 

by Conftantincy Nqn mirum eJpSy quod Confian- 
tirtttstam magnified de libris Sibyllinis locutus 
fit^ cum eminentijfima Ecclefi^ lumina eos to- 
tics ante iffum teftimoniofuo comfrobajfem. 

Thefe Teftimonies fufficiently confute 
Blohdel that they were lately invented, and 
•I will here annex the learned Bifliop's 
Cenfure on his Adverfary: Sed ling^ faUittir 

^f intone vir doHus^ J! grande ittud quod de Si- 
iiylUs volumen contexuit Blondellus^ tanti afud 
iomnes effeopinetur^ quant i apudfe fit: iffe nihil 
in to invenire pojfunty quod {pienquam nulla 
frajtidicatk Opinkne corruftum in fuam de 
ofrminibus SihyttiniJ antiquitus laudatis Jen- 

This is the Opinion of the learned Bijfaop 

.Bully in his Sermon on the Vanity of this 

Life, fag. 334, concerning 43hefe Oracles: 


Appendix. 33 1 

That they were extant before our Saviour's 
time, (iwhich in great part had their origi* 
ml from the Jewifli Theology; and they 
fpoke of the lafl: Conflagration, or Diflblu- 
tion of this prefent World j for fo Ovid 

EJfe quoqi in fatis reminifcitur affore nmpm 
Quo tnare^ qm teSm^ ctnrr^f^aaue regia ceeii 
Ardea^f ^ mUndi moles, ^ftrojd taboret. 

I find in Sarnabas^s Epiftle, that he lays, 
in Six thoufand Years the Lord (hall bring 
all to an end : Apd all the belt Computa- 
tions to the Mllemium agree with the 
Jewilh Opinion, to 'whom Barnabas wrote 
is Allegorical Letter. He compares the 
fix thoufand Years to the fix Days in which 
the World was made, becaufe one Day is 
as a thoufand Years, and when CHRIST 
IhaU come and aboliih the Seafon of the 
. Wicked, judge the Ungodly, and change 
t\\t Sun, Mooo, and Stars,, then he fhall" 
glorioufly reft on the fcventh ^ and the 
eighth is the beginning of the other World. 
By this ^tis manifeft that Barnabas believ'd 
the Millennium: Eis feventh Day is that 
thoufand Years which he calls the glorious 
Reft •, and the eighth Day is mentioned 
by, the Sibyls as the beginning of another 
World. By this Quotation I how muft 
explain the eighth Day in the Oracles, 
which I did not at firft underftand. 

I will here place tv^hat I omitted con- 
cerning Efdras^ that lie explains the Hi- 
ftory of the Roman Empire where Daniel 


ggi Appendi X. 

left off% that is, the coming of the Sant- 
€tm^ 'Turks ^ and Tartars into Sjrui. and 
AftA\ the Deftrndion of Babylon by the 
Tartars^ and the Saracens by the Ticril, chap. 
15 -, and chap. 17, he defcribes the three 
Heads of the Eagle (or Reman State), the 
Saracen^ X^t CanfiantinofoUtan^ iiid rhe Turk ; 
and in the fecond Chapter he treats of the 
MiVtrntmrn , ver. 13, that a Kingdom is fre- 
far d for the righteous ]ev/Sj ver. 16. Thofe 
that be dead I will raife uf again y and bring 
them out of their Grofves. Ver. 1 8, and pre- 
far^d for them twelve Trees laden with divers 
Fruits. Ven 1 9, and as many Fountains fiow-* 
ing with Milk and Honey. Ver. l^. I will 
give thee the jirft flace in my RefurreRian. 
Ver. 34f Look for ymr Shepherd^ he jhall 
\ive you Everlafiing Refi : For he is nigh at 
fand that Jhall come in the end of the World. 
Ven 35. Be ready to the Reward of the King* 
dom. Ver. 37. Give thanks unto him who hath 
caird you to the Heavenly Kingdom. Ver. 38. 
Behold the number of thofe that are feaPd in 
the Feaji of the LORD. Ver. 40, Jhut up thofe 
of thine who are cloath^din white. Ver. 41, 
Efdras faw a great number on Mount Sion, 
who praised the LORD with Songs. Ver. 45. 
Thefe have confefs^d the Name of GOX>^ a^d 
have put on the immortal Goathing^ they arc 
crown d^ and receive Palms. Ven 43, «47, 
the tall young Man who fet Crowns on their 
Heads^ is\he Son of GOD^ whom they have 
confefs*d in the World. . . 



ApP-ENDlJt. 335 

This is a plain defcription of the ^ews 
Return and having a Kingdom ; of the firft 
Refarredion ; of the fealing and crowning 
of the Saints, who confefs'd the Son of 
GOD in the World, and all the fame are 
plainly defcrib'd in the Sibyls. The Pre- 
judice againit Efdros is deriv'd from the 
Jews^ bccaufe he prophefied fo plainly con- 
cerning the Son of G O D •, therefore they - 
: will not acknowledge him as a Prophet^ 
but fupprefs'd the original Copy : So , 
Daniel has been ill us-d by them, becaufc 
his Prophefie is fo plain in their cutting off 
t\\^ Mejfiah. . 

The Devil has brought a Scandal upon 
Efdras and the Sibyls by our late Criticks, 
tho' they both agre^ with iht Revelations. 
T\\t Ramanifts will not permit that the 1 7th 
Chapter of the Revelations fhould be inter- 
preted concerning the Corruptions of their 
Church \ and thei^ Moderns deny the S<- 
bylline Oracles, becaufe they defcribe the 
wme Fate of Rome as the Revelations do. 
Tho' Bellarmine allows that the Sibyls are 
true Prophetefles, they who are ignorant 
in thefe Studies, and Strangers to the Pro- 
phetic Stile, will not allow that 'tis poffible 
to underftand them. To which I anfwer^ 
that St. Johnh Angel commanded him not 
to feal up tTie Prophefies, for the time was 
at hand^ Chaf. 22, ver. 10. And Chof. i. 
ver. 3, he calls them j5/q!/iJ that read and 
hear the Prophefies of that Book : And 
^ , Daniel^ Chap, i z^ ver» 10. None of the wicked 



9^4 Appendix. 

pkdl imJUrfimid^ hut tbevrifcfi»aUimder^Md. 
And fince the Jews told Herod^ from the 
Old Prophets, that CHRIST fliould be 
born at BithUhem^ and they then expeded 
the Mcffiahj why fhould it be thought ab- 
furd that we may now obferve that jtmi-^ 
cbrifi is rifen, and that none can anfwer his 
Charader hot the 'prefent Ottoman in the 
Eaft ? Chrift reproves the perverfenels 
of the Jews^ for not obfenriug the Signs 
dcliver'd them in the Prophefies, Mat. i6. 
ver. 3. Te Hypocrites! can you difcem the 
face of the Sky^ hut cannot dijcern the figns of 
the Times ? Thefe things are plainly de^- 
liver'd in the Prophefies above'mention'd, 
the Converfion of the Gemiles after the 
Deftrudion of Jerufalem^ the Divifibn and 
Fan of the Roman Empire, the Rife of jin- 
tichrifi in the Eaft, and the Whore in the 
Weft ; and the next great thing we expeft 
is the Return of the Jews^ the Fall of the 
Whore, and afterwards of Antichrijt^ the 
Refurredlon of the Juft, and the Millen- 
nium i thefe are fo plainly defcrib'd, that 
. we cannot miftake them, though the nice 
Computations, and fome other Circom- 
ftances, may remain uncertain till the 
Events explain them. The Hiftwical Or- 
der mnft be obferv'd in the Interpretation 
of Prophefies by Events, which always 
fucceed one another in order ; and the Pro- 
phefies are only Symbolical Pidures of the 
Hiftory, and muft keep the Order in which 
they arc fqcceflirely dcUvcr'd : What ^