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' vV^^^B- ^ 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Otif^vep i^cott C^ 






















I (qiezf things would be 

different at Agnes Scott. Once 

I got on campus, I Iqieiu that 

this vJos where I Belonged. I 

never thought I would call 

Slgnes home, But I do. The 

people are friendlij, the campus 

IS Beautiful, the courses 

challenging and interesting; 
I just Iqiew that this place would change my world and with it, I 
would change too. I have Been aBle to form close Bonds with Both 
my classmates and the administration. Who Iqiew that the 'Deans 
could Be so cool! 'When I came to visit during my Senior year of high 
school everything was so difjerent. I thought, 'this place is amazing 
and I can have a douBle major, an internship, and study aBroadl Once I got here and realized that this was my 
home, I felt comfortaBle as/qng upperclasswomenjor help and advice. I soon learned that the students had a 
lot oj power and opportunities availaBle to them and that they were a Bunch oj strong-vAlled women who 
Iqiew what they wanted. I started to feel that I could Be one of those women. Agnes Scott could give me the 
opportunities to Become one of those student leaders and gain the slqlls that I would need to Be a leader Beyond 
Agnes. It all started with Orientation and someday it will end with (graduation. In the meantime this Bool^is 
to l^p all of the memories that occur Between those two life 
changing events. There was the 9{orwr Tledge singing, 'Blacf^^ 
Cat, 'family 'Weel^nd, Sophomore family 'Weekend, junior 
Production, and Senior Investiture. 'Each of these events was 
important and truly helped to make me a part of the Agnes Scott 
College community. 'W^hik those Big events occured I also 
honestly enjoyed my major and professors, moving around 
campus with my roommate, and "getting involved" as 'Dean 
iKudson instructed during that initial Orientation. I am sure 
that I signed up to Be in aBout fifteen cluBs that year, first- 
year really was a lot of fun and the years sure have flown By. 
iVhile I could not Believe that I would ever call Agnes home,I 
now thinkthat part of me will always consider it home, espically 
that tower room in 'Main. 

The friendly 

faces of 



Hanwen Li ("10), 

Kaybern Cuffy 

(■09) and 


Smitli ('10) 

sooth the fear 

of moving in. 

Move in could have been 
so stressful, but 
everyone was so helpful 
in easing my mind, and 
they helped my parents 
stop freaking out tool I 
met my hallmates and 
they seem alright. I just 
know that this year will 
bring lots of good times 
and even more 
adventures away from 

Growing together 
already! Floormates 
all dolled up before 
the Honor Pledge 

Wise words of advice 
from Dean Zumwalt 
during Convocation. 

Working together... 

"You must be the change you wish 
to see in the world." -Gandhi 

This memorable quote was the focus of the 
Leadership Retreat, with nearly 100 Scotties in 
attendance thinking of ways to change the ASC 
community and the world! This year at Stone 
Mountain, we Scotties listened attentively, worked 
together, dedicated ourselves to a better community 
and, more importantly, had FUN! Dean Hudson 
premiered her iPod parties at the Leadership 
Retreat, and the dance on the first night really 
brought together groups and friends who spent the 
summer apart. The Leadership Retreat also 
showcased the amazing, dedicated and world- 
changing minds that have shaped this year at ASC! 

'Jki'S ^tAr'^ ne.^ siaAvAt^ Aoi to 
siAri A ne.^ irAAitlotf.: Muin^ tAck 

AvTC'IO'l ^vowp compete A^<\tnst tke 
otkevi, but tke_i^ aIjo (olloi«eM tke 
fivit-^eAv" tr^MitioR^ o( ^evuice 

SAinrAAOj aaA, o[ course, tke -Hon-or 

CoAt 'S'iAMHA. G^AcV. AVOUp itiAS. 

nAmtA A[itr a pev^oR tMt Ms 
Imi^AcitA /o^nes vTcott, At<J. tkM 
\tAf\KtA ^bout A^yC'i kistovy aaA 
cwitojtti As tke_i^ spent tke (irst ^eeks 
of tkeir (i^ll semester vese-Av-ckiK^ aiaA 
e)Cpe\'ieR(;iR^ tke vj'cottie life first- 
kAni. As wswAl, AvICiOi enie^^ 
^itk tke loR^ AifiA\{,tA ^Uck CAt 

A6C 101 

Wack Gat Deau^tions 

much red as possfcle 1*0 t^he Quad in hopes 
f creating a hellish almoei^Tere. 
fti^hl". Two Phoenixes gel* fhe River 
Shpc sittiat'ed during Deca^ahons Nij^. 

Above: The dass of '09 builds 
their mine sJiafl* in Alston 



Dear Agues, 

Q\ac^ Decorations alwai^s 
(?mdles mewories of frantic 
rws(iing to ciaiw t(ne best spot 
on tf\e q\Aad and enormous 
awoi/ints of caution tape, 
Staining np late, covering 
KKii^seif in ijeliow, md (langing 
out wit^ fellow classmates will 
always fold a special place In 
mi) memori^ of Agnes, 

The Class cf 2Dii mafoes a 

gpeai* start in the Bad?, Cat 

tradition with a Wizard of 

O3 theme for the Quad and 


Go Amazon Warrior^Il 

Tf I only had a brain" -> 


Above; The blue playscape 
never fails to draw 
attentioa on. the qj&A 
Left: The Hue ladies mafee 
sure Gaines has Luna Spirit! 

^i(g if'^s'sn? i^"s? 

ASC Party Days were the BEST part of Black Cat! 

The food was great, the music was good, and 

every class brought their best. These four day 

were truly an adventure. I survived the Seven 

Deadly Sins with the Phoenixes, played croquet 

with the Amazon Warriors, partied at the rave 

with the Gold Diggers, and last but not least.partied 

like a rock star with the rock star Lunas! 

T R 1 .Y. I A 

Dear Rgnes, 

As a member of the class 

of '09, 1 was disappointed 

with the results of trim this 

year. We came in second 

our first year and 

sophomore year, but I guess 

we're passing the torch to 

our sister class who ceime 

in second this year. We may 

not have done well this year, 

but at least we got the cup! 

I^bch Cat "^^onfee 

QunioYs) )\\itch ai their 
jellon'' chuimatci pajorm 
tlieir cliUi soiujs. 

jRiaht: Ulie 'Amazon 
Warriors (Tirst If ears) 
slion'' tlieir selwol spirit 
aii^ exeitement at their 
irst Iboniire. 


'08 II QUE^! 

.Cejt : Ohe jour cLsses oj 200S. 2009.2010. i- 2011 
qather arouiii) the bonjire an? siii^ their elass soiiiis. 

Ihottom .Lejt: Uhe .Liuias (Seniors) enjoif tlieir last hoiijire 
simjinq their sonq prouDlif jor other elasses aiii^ jaeultii. 

^Bottom righ t: Uhe 'J: hoenixes (Sophomores) n\iteh aiiD n^ait 
patientlij to perjorm their souij. 

Junior froduablori 

This year's Junior 
Production night was 
better than years past and 
every class really proved 
their worth! Some 
memorable moments were 
the dance for 201 1 and 
their rendition of "In The 
Jungle", the crowd 
interaction with the 
members of 2009 and the 
many proud and loud Gold 
Diggers, the Phoenixes ode 
to their sister class and 
how they're "crispy, crispy, 
crispy" and how 2008 is 
the puppetmaster; showing 
the other classes how its 

"Alice in Agnesland" was 
one of the best JPs of all 
time; blending the 
traditional JP format with 
musical numbers. With its 
depiction of ASC folks and 
the hilarious songs, it will 
be hard to forget this 

Mrd tango' 

The Black Cat Formal is one of Agnes Scott 
College's longest traditions. This year's formal 
was hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 
Students and staff enjoyed a fabulous night filled 
with dancing until exhaustion, delicious food and 
excellent music choices. After hours of fun, 
everyone left with tired feet and newly made 
memories and friends. 

Family Waakand 

Tlib yc?ar'e Family \Neeie\v\ wae f illt?^ with euneliiiic', 
ouXAoov cj^mee aiiJ fun tinit?? ivith the? family! 

Senior Investiture 

Senior Jnoestiture is the first 
time cue Seniors eoen thougiit 
about Graduation, CDith Dean 
fiudson looingly calling it 
"practice" for graduation eoen 
though some of us refuse to use 
the "G" voord yeV. 
VJe coere surrounded by our 
friends, family, and felloro LLUias 
CDith a Senior Inuestiture that no 
one coill forget! There coere lots 
of laughs, some joyful tears, 
many proud family members and 
looed ones, and a standing 
ooation to congratulate us on 
suruioing this far! 

Study Abroad 

"Everyone who wondere \6 not lost." JRK Tolkian 

We are a part of one endless horizon. All cultures are interwoven in a tapestry of 

boundless beauty and students from all walks of life are given the privilege to walk 

amongst the ancient Mayans, share a Guinness with the Scots, dance in passion and 

friendship with the tribes in SoWato, South Africa, and share the Silver Bullet and 

Cherry Blossoms in Japan. 

My journey to Scotland, for Study Abroad Summer 2007, will be an experience I will 
never forget. Even though, these feisty Scots are darn sure similar to us audacious 
Scotties, I learned to love our differences (bloody bag piping at Sam in the morning), 
and feel at home with our similarities (Drinks on me lassies!) 1 remember one quote I 
found in a pub, in the middle of Stirling, Scotland called Pivos. Their motto is "Where 
beer is made, fun is had." This is defiantly the epitome of truth for both the Scots and 

the Scotties. 

S>eer S>eer Peer for Old A^nes Scott 

You bring the whisky, I'll bring the scotch 

Send a sophomore out for beer 

And don't let a eober Sedor in!l! 

Cheers Mate! 

Jif Jia/itnett C 
ken- keoA^iJl^ui PoAiA 
Akkk ma 

Plence 02 lliAii uutk a 
itaiue m Gklle. 

Gk&Ue Mu^Acuj, 02, in jtaJjf, 
ccMiem/picded- lij^ {Autkcud 

wAenckmaui mia the hla/jiHCj, 

(juliA /MilkiR^on '0<J ix eRJo^iw^ ikt sunvi-se. MuY"in„^ kev 
jumor _i^Mv in. >J~oM-fck Afvic^. 


'0^ AiiA A 

w^-steriow^ (rieni^ 
^ke. k^^ w.ti 

-HoR^ J^£ ' 0<J 

5ko/^5 off key" 

AMA^in^ ^-tren^tk 

-tk^-fc ^ke kA^ 

^Aii^e^ ^kilfc 

siuAiXinA AbroAA. 


Rddkbnca Halb are 





iftiw^2;or> W^rMoifS 

StMow Apofee 
Khadijoif Amiititt 
AviqaiP Rarhanarh 

Bftittom" BanfeA 

Cianno Ba/mttt 
Lnwifvt Bonwett 

Bniona Bnitnicfqc 

Atna«(ia Bn(»ek 
RacltpP Bunqcn 
Lfufit Bunftcim 
Matoslto Bfnct 

Refcin Cof PiHuaiy 

Afiii^vi Caritfn 
JuftdoM CaateeP 

APwumo Off mj 

Laurta CePtmaM 
Latfraaia CefPttta 

Mfnfdith CotwfitJi 
Mounf PeamaHM 
APantta C^acfhnatt 
M»«}a« DawipP 
Lintenia Dou'a 


Ammo DiPPawJ 
Qtaquona Dmrfen 

Kirtstevt Efdbedqt 'y^ 
Lawra FcmqaJi-L^zada 

JaijHie Gnafein 

Annie Gnaefi> 

JuPio 6rtai|st<« 

MiekePPe Haddcfi 
An«a HoPP 

Dcwci^ HomweHcf 
Kirts'teM Homiew 

Linda HePaten 
Lianq Hunnq 

Jurfi Mucfe 

Lixeia HuPaetfcen 

T/ricia Japfeaen 

Popfticliio Jettfns 


EPifabeth .TeneA 
Lawwtt KaPfta 
Jufia Kanqf 

Mefi/ma Kittq 

Kdtit Kiwwi| 
EPi>afce«i KPim 
E(Ual»th Kni'tjlit 
Cattdacf Kwakiff 
Mwni Kate Laind 

'^ Aniff LmuJi 
Mania Lf 
Mamjanet LfKom 

Ji» Lin 

SiqMP LecMAtecf 

Hannolt Luin|9mf 
Zamaehiza MoMoiiB 

CoffiEftiMf MaiitfPfa 
Reaf*nOM| MaxwffP 

SepJtia IVpuitcM 

EPiVobrtf? PoPPpsbm 
SiaMtn Pcntjiuam" 


LeAPei^ Panks 
Anrhmta Pdtef 

Brtitni PItePp* 
LfJtuitM Pea* 

CaPiatn Re*A 

CfcePspn Rude 
HoPeii RuaacPP 

OraniAaa Sapp 
Amanda SccnmnePP 

KniateM Srhxetz 

Iviitha Shefften 


Lourto SwiiHt 

Lamnevt Swtitli 
n/otnPie Stncftiirfe 

CoifPin SuiPHlOMM 

Mitlrie Sa*mnefF*-Pcwz 
SaHtaMtfei Tamtert 

JuPia Taiffon 

Zona Vqhahe 

PauPiHe Vijatjafeumart 

CaitPiM WaPfecfl 

Eatten WaPPace 


Emi Vflatmtahe 
Afiiiha Watt* 
^f!ttnrka VVliite 
Apnif W(titf(><Y 
AttiFfta \nliffifnnn 

Safto WlifPihmi 
l\lipnff Weed 
«a.T« WmqW^laPttt 
Ambtrt YeuMff 


We women of 2010 really know how to work it! We started 
our year off great by continuing to be super-involved on 
campus by participating in Senate, OC, and more. But the 
icing on the cake was getting SECONP PLACE during 3lack 

We Phoenixes really are HOTTER THAN HELL!!! 

&CfeK AfePiPu 

JowiiPn Ak{9a|9utf(nn 

Shi-PPeij Ban**;. 

G/iart BcPancife 


KitnfcpnrPi^ Bwu)f /» 
Raina BwickA 

' mj^ 

^r "'5^, 


11 Aviwt Bm^atff 
5 OPiwn Canfiiiff 

Amawia Otoffivt 
Sowtna OtoMteutewt 

Kmiiti OwHouPt 
SatnoM'flta Cenvine 

RocltatP Prt»i4 
(ndi/ro Cm« 
OKuiPette Cue 

Lifdia Diotnotttia 
Avwa DuMfaw/ 

Effq/xawJhia FcwfuaeM 
APire Fe;ifl»H 

AahPfi4 hitd 


JtHte Goafein 
CantK Gctffmatw 

CJwPsco GueMtfcen 
Kcntf in HodmoM 

Manqanft HawtiPteM 

EPizabctli HeppewataPP 
Jccmette HtPdwtJj 

Mia JaciMffce 

JuPiaHMn June* 
Plti»efcc KciHn 

EmiPii KtPqe/?e 

EPcritw KiMCttmafiaA 

Saqaw Lain 

Awn/ Lonnciit 


Maritha Lw 
EPifeo Lftnitwji 
Hanux'M Li 
KnistiM LiMscetf 

T7' '^ Ahvtia LertisteH 

KePPei/ Mavufotd 
^lnaha /Waniu 

HotjPeif Mo>;u)«PP 
IVotasfra MpCPphc(»h 
C(t(MrPee« McPfwte 

KatfceniKe McLtPPcm 
Mcmqan^ McMiffaw 
Jevntifen Miffkfii 
Skphame Mishnv 

IMaasit MithaauoJfa 
StephnHif Men/ita»H 

W^=^ /I \ < 


JeAaira iVfwbif 

Ccumfivia Potine 
Zfffika Roboq 


Katlten«Me Recfqtn* 

Korti/ Scmdffji 

EPizabetft Schefc 

JaatiMe SefcuMWrtz 

JenttiFen SetcrS^ahfe 

Soaxntuoh ^anp 

Caitfit, Shuff 
ApntP Sfetcw 

EeKi«|»rRl>M SittrPain 

RorlwP SPotoH 

atp»<P Svmtf. 

Lfda Sex 


JuPia St 6eM»n 
Mirhftfe Stefeta 
Sfo»Hta»o Stnirkfatid 
Pu/nMMP Strntdfit 

Zijia Sum 
Ponieto Tlrowtaa 
Mirhfffe Titmniiu 
Anna Tucfeen 

APisha Uc0>u>ani 
Ginmy Vf PPoni' 

(VojPo H/oPeerf 
EtniP^j WaPfera 
Toni Wotfeina 
JfPPion WePPa 


MoMfoajtx APfxmuipn 
Hatntoh Afffn 
Lpcii Awipniibvx 
Mivida Awhnnttvi 

Laixnpvt BpH-Etjiflot 
Kofi Bentcfiwn 

EPizobcflr BnauttXtfin 
Xana Bnitikmcm 

Jakpvia BnetvH 
EPi>(jfcftl» Buffws 
EPizofcftlr ButttMuentfc 

Ettiea Connp 

DoMO GrcDtePPo 


AcinicHMC Daqestivtc 

Avnawia FwtweAA 

Apnif Gartwtt 

Ertica 6tPbe»t-W(»a»i» 

^epltattie f4aviiu»nd 
SujiM Hf adnicfe 

AnPo Hutcfcea»H 
fmani fwitif} 

Sanah Kafounti 

Moutqanet KcwpseM 

RaclteP KPoPrttM 

Totmre/ LtUMpttp 



Wf iltua Li 
BmftMpii LittPc 
JorqupPine MouicMicfe 

Axhfeif Mevtqu>aAJ%f!t 

AftitPPp ly/euHfonct 

JeoM Pcmefe 
LauAen Petten 
Q?aaait(| Pmtcltett 

Kffiif<4 OmWPfvt 
Lpoh Rirhiprt 


Momf Ruafc 
Jpwmtfn Rif* 
LaiMO Shoaifn 

Suimm't^ctlf Srfrfpeq 
Efttrn SiMtmDMS 
Mbwjom Swtttfi 

At7bei| StackhtHjusp 

Eftica Stoffond 

Eitfeealti TI16M1 
Mortjewit Tnouiicfe 

RocfcpP W«rfeA 
Kimfccnfif Wott 


Ss^jiK Vim 


WhaUher we'ra supporting our 

performing like pros at JP or just 

plain having fun, W6 woman of 2000 

raally are ^ina! 




David D'Ambwelo 

Juan Chattah 

John Winz^nbur^ 

Trace)/ Laird 

Frgnch and German Papartmant: 


3uear\ne Warner 

Domenica HeweW-Amato 

Julia ICnowlton 

Olivier Bourderlonnet 

3pan\eh Pgpartmgnt: 

6tacy Ruenak 

Patricia Andino 

Michaal 6ch[i0 

Rafael Ocaeio 

Gieda Norat 




M..'% h 








C\aee\ce Pgpartmgnt: 
6ally MacEwen 

Thgatrg and Pancg Pgpartmgnt: 

Pudley Banders 

Pavid Vaompeon 

David Lawrence 

3}r\d0et Kooea 


Egsj 6ociob^y and Anthropology 
Yvonne Heweome 
DoU0 Falen 

v^f***^'Wi3 ^t'^ndaHoke 


















\ \i 







WTT y^ 






P Jl 1 : i ■ " '»| 












Education Pgpartmgnt: 
Ed She^hay 

Marquita Jadcsoti-Minot 
Toby Bfuert 
Victoria Deneroff 

Ke\\a\oue 3tud\ee Pgpartmgnt: 

Abraham ZaHockl 

Tina Pippin 

Marie Marquardt 

B(\a\\e\\ Department: 
Willia Tollivar 
Cyntliia Wu 
6tav5 Guthrie 
Charbtte Arteee 
Chrietine Cozzene 
Amber Vermont 



6arah Win^at 

Lili Harvey 

Diana 6inith '07 ■? 

KuthKiUr ■ 

Katrina ber^bauer 

Dou0 Fantz 

Laon Vanabla 

Mathematlce Pgparttngnt: 

Alan Koch 

Jim Wieeman 

Larry Riddb 

Myrtb i-5win 

Michael Waeeerman 

Myrna Schtvarzbee 

Philosophy Pgpartmgnt: 

Lara Penis 

Hal Thorsrud 

Pavid ^ehan 




The Dean of the College Office: 

Dean of the College- 
Rosemary Zumwalt, 
Amy Whitworth, 
Laura PaluckiBlake, 
Associate Dean- 
James Diedrick, 
Mary McAbee, and 
Bess Grasswick 

The President's Office: 

Lee Ann Hudson '76, 
Katherlne McGuire, 
Robin Owings, 
Sara Hauk, and 
President Elizabeth Kiss 


Center for Student 
Leadersliip and 

Director of Student 
Activities- Kristy Smith, 
Director of Student 
Leadersliip and 
Development- Erin 
Howie, and Director of 
Multicultural Affairs- 
Kijua Sanders-McMurtry 

Tlie Office of Residence 

Director of Residence Life- 
Erica Roberts and Associate 
Dean John Luc\' 

Tlie Dean of Students 

Associate Dean Michelle 
hlall, Thoma\'sa Stinson- 
Caldeira. and Dean Gue 
Hudson '68 


The Office of Academic Advising: 
Machamma Quinichette, Associate Dean 
James Diedrick, Cynthia McPheeters, and 
Assistant Dean Jennifer Cannady 

They would like to give a shout out to Dean Hucisoti who's 
favorite dance is the "YMCA." 

The Office of Experiential Learning: Director 
Isa Williams and Megan Lank ' l o 

The Office of Career Planning: 

Catherine Neiner, 

Misty [3umas-Patterson, and 


The Office of the Registrar: 

Alana White, 

Tanzania Nevels, and 

Nancy Albert 


The Office of 
Financial Aid: 

DiAne Clark, 

Lauren Cobb, and 

Melva Lord 

rhe Office of Accounting: Bobb\' Surillo, 
:indy Qiang, Lai Chan, Lynn Wiley, and 
Reginald Walker 

Tlie Office of 

Demetrice Williams, 
Marilyn Hammond, 
Lisa Ashmore, 
Lee Dancy, 
Jennifer Owen, 
Janann Giles, and 
Kerry Meyers 

Human Resources: 
Karen Gilbert, 
Brandi Warren, and 
Sherri Greenwood 


Evans Dining Hall Staff: Hasan Gomez, Vi Robinson, Agnes Ingram, 
Marian Brigl^t, Gloria Perry, Pete Miller, Johnnie Mae Crane, Michael Sylva, 
Dee Usher, Melinda Williams, Jackie Hardman, and Kelly Grant 

Moilie s Staff: Valarie 
Washington and Genine Smith 


Bullock Science Center Support Staff: 

Alix Valcin, Raff Betza, Ginny Vachon '07, 
Diane Smith '07, Frances Bruggeman, and 
Sarah Cott 3 


Felicia Ford, 

Alex Stewart 

-Head Basketball 


Amanda Brown 

-Head Volleyball 


Joeleen Akin 

-Director ot Athletics, 

Jeannie Ray 

-Head Softball Coach, 

Kirsten Schlau, and 

Glen Hill 

-Head Tennis Coach 

iformation Technology Services: Back Row (L-R): MDAbdur Razzak, Frank 
langanaro, LeNeta Counts, Pamela Woods, Emily Gwynn- Front Row (L-R): 
hris Cannon, Carolyn Malcom, Tamara Carter, Dolores Shelton, Duke Miller, 
ami Stanko, Carol Kobayashi, John Grant, and Laura Bishop 


Facilities and Custodial Services: Front Row (L-R): Mekdes Tiruneh, Araceli 
Santana, Wynetta Reid, Aithea Fitzgerald. Delia Spurley, Maria, Ramos, Tonr 
Houston, Ronald Keaton, June Williams, PT Lovings, Lou Ghee, Earnest 
Santord, Tim Blankensliip -Back Row (L-R): Willie Stanford, Stanley Arnold, 
JoAnn Thornton, Ricky Duran, Veronica Jackson, Robert Bell, Aaron 
McMeans, Halbert Ward, Jeff Offin, Johnnie Walker, Mel Ramsey, Gerald 
Kloth, and Marvin McCrary 

Office of 

Alexa Gaeta, 

Meghan Jaffe '05, 

Brenda Plishka, 

Lee Ann Afton, 

Stephanie Balmer, 

Kay Connelly, 

Linda Lael, 

Betsy Davis, and 

Nancy Peterson 

Office of Alumnae Relations: 

Julia Stover '03 

Naylene Felt 

Kim Vickers '87 


Faculty Services: 

Lauretta Saint Louis, 
Sara Cott, 
Pamela Simmons, 
Susan Dougherty, and 
Drew Homa 

Office of Internation Education: 

Liliane Soenle. 

Clementine Hakizimana, and 

Jennifer Lund 

Personal Counseling: Claire Fuller, Andreka Peat, Andrea Miller-Bruce, Abby 
M\'ers, Barbara Washington, Beth Krakow, Seda Sumer, Holly Byrd, and 
KenWana Lewis 

Health Center: Barbara Washington, Carole Holcomb, and Sarah Kiwanuka 

Office of Development: 

Lee Davis, 

Dorthy Love, 

Theresa Plum, 

Maura Mullany-Boylan, 

DeAnna Spurlin, 

Betsy Huey '97, 

Shellee Fezatte, 

Kenna Smith, 

Amy Nash. 

Elizabeth Daly, 

Susan Constantino. 

Donna Ashley. 

Joanne Davis, and 

Martha Ille 



Can you believe that we're 
already here? I still 
remember our First-Year: 
our great times with Black 
Cat, learning about Agnes 
Scott and its traditions, 
having fun with our friends 
and living the good life at 

Now, in our Senior year, 
things haven't really 
changed. We're still living 
it up as the most spirited 
class at Agnes Scott, our 
Junior Production rocked, 
we dominated field 
hockey, our Black Cat 
decorations were flawless, 
and we still have some of 
those same great 
friendships that we 
started our first year. 
Now, our time has come 
to leave our home of four 
years and go out and be 
the strong, feisty women 
that Agnes Scott has 
helped us become. 

Luna Moon Godd&ee&e 




^,i .*.-li 







1^ "i 




.^tL I 




Oladele S. yVkinsiku 
Ciciinesville^ PJ_ 

Lisa D, T^H^cikef* 

Woi'nen's Studies 

(yKj-r'iccinci Studies) 

AJew Vo^'k AJy 

"If you have come to help me, you are 

wasting your time; But if you have come 

because your freedom is bound up with 

mine then let us work together." 

-Aboriginal Activist Group, Queensland, 


■f-likci y\ncini 

£ngIisK J-itet'citMy'e - (Zt^eaVwe. 


LciWJ'encevilley C\y\ 

'"For I know the plans I have for you,' 

declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and 

not to harm you, plans to give you hope and 

a future."' -Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) 

£^leanor yVy>*es 
WillicitnsbuK'g/ VyV 

y\nastcisia Elaine Ball 
English Liter'atMr'e - 
Cj*eative Wr'iting 

(Studio y\»-t) 

"If I ever saw an amputee being hanged, 

I'd probably just start calling out 

letters." -Demetri Martin 

// i 


jayna kacyn bas+ian 
yA^-t ■|-listo^•y cxnd £nglisK 

Pell City, y\J- 

y\leiAe 3^oneci Ba+cKeloj' 

£-conovr\'\cs and 

OvgaWyzcxVxovxaA ]\Aay\aQe-vv\e.v\\ 

av\c^ Studio y\»»t 

Stone A^ountciin, <S\y\ 

"I am not a saint, unless you tlninl< of a 

saint as a sinner wlio l<eeps on trying." 

-Nelson Mandela 

Cecilia Ji^ene BatcKelor 

SpanisK and l-'i*e->nedical 


Xa^*bo^•0/ T^C 

"I can do all things through Christ who 

strengthens me." 


yVVa^'io J_. Bauinstai^k 

Ke^*^•y daine Baxter" 

"1 do not want people to be 
agreeable, as It saves me the 
trouble of liking them." 
-Jane Austen 




CKf'istine Belbci-S^nitK 

Dnie.t^y\aViona\ Relations 

and P»*encK 

~Ce.yna, CAV\cxv\a 

"Being confident of tliis, tinat lie who 

began a good worl< in [me] will bring it 

on to completion until the day of 

Christ Jesus." -Philippians 1:6 

1-'i*iya»n BKcir'gciva 
^conoinics and Business 
("Political Science) 
Collie^•ville, TA) 

"The reasonable man adapts himself to 
the world. The unreasonable man adapts 
the world to himself. All progress 
depends upon the unreasonable man." 
-George Bernard 5haw 

^an&e- Skat^a Blake 



Stockbcidge, Ci^A 

"If winning isn't everything than why 

do they keep score?" 

-Vince Lombardi 

TMicole TWicWele Boddie 


(Z-avyi AJov'tK <Sa^•olina 

"I doubt that the imagination can be 
suppressed. If you truly eradicated it in a 
child, he would grow up to be an eggplant." 
-Ursula K. Le Guin 

Caitlin Dafcy 'BoUannon 


(7^.st^•op^^ysics and Classics) 

Lawrenceville, il^eoi'gia 

"Heaven and Earth do nothing, and yet 

there is nothing that they do not do." 

-Chaung Tzu 



Jessica J^Aai^ie Bolton 
SKa^'psbu^*gy d^yX 

"When the heart speaks, the mind finds 
it Indecent to object." -Milan Kundera 


Cci+Ke>*ine yV^cieve Boyle 

C7K^te^'nationcll Relations and 


Baton Tiouge, L^V 

"You may forget but let me tell you this 

someone in some future time will thinl< 

of us." -Sappho 

£leano»* A^or'y Cainpbeil 

"because of the Lord's great love we are 
not consumed, for his compassions 
never fail. They are new every morning, 
great is your faithfulness." 
-Lamentations 3:22-23 

Key a S. Canaii 
Pi'edei'ikstecl, VC7 


/sJicole Xakala Canavan 
Biology and CKernist^'y 
y\tlanta, (^^/V 

"Never go with a hippie to a second 
location." -Jack Donaghy 


"Political Science 

"You have enemies? Good. Tliat means 

you've stood up for something sometime 

in your life." -Winston Churchill 

Kf*is+en ;AsKley CoKoon 
-f-loscKtony (l^y\ 

"He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for 
you, for my power is made perfect in 
weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the 
more gladly about my weaknesses, so 
that Christ's power may rest on me. For 
when I am weak, then I am strong." 
-2 Corinthians 2:19 

7^ncli*eci AJc)v*iceI A^<a»*tine2 


Jn+ef'nationcil "Relations ana 


DecatM^•/ C\y\ 

"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves 

and forget about progress and prosperity 

for our community.. .Our ambitions must be 

broad enough to include the aspirations 

and needs of others, for their sakes and 

for our own." -Cesar Estrada Chavez 

Cai*ol Coi-nfie 
PsycKology and 
"Political Science 
J_ilbu(*n, CvA 

"Dwell in possibility." -Emily Dickinson 

Sa>*aK 3^ane Coope»* 

£nglisK Litej'atm^e - 

Ci^eative Wf'iting 

A^oMlt>'ie, C\y\ 

love deadlines. I like the whooshing 

sound they make as they fly by." 

-Douglas Adams 


KoF'ma Cotter" 
Dallas, C\y\ 

(yVsiarv Studies) 

"Do the things you fear, and the death of 
fear is certain." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

d»ystal Dianne Co^ 

"Political Science 

(Religious Studies and WoH^en's 


San y\ntonio, ~Ve.^as 

"I owe my success to having listened 

respectfully to the very best advice, and 

then Qo'mq away and doing the exact 

opposite." -G. K. Chesterton 

Ki^nbe>*ly Ccews 

English Literature - Creative 


dienw'ood/ C\yA 

"Life is nothing more than a bargaining 

chip. Its a loaned anomaly. You keep it as 

long as possible. You dont understand it- 

- you just do It. You play the hand youve 

been dealt. I no longer fear. After 4 years 

at Agnes, I was born to do this." 

-Kim Crews 

:^ynay\c\a C^mily Cude-Woods 
Sociology St. y\ntKropology 
Fayetteville, y\R 





yWeagan yV. DaugKer'ty 
£nglisK cxnd f-lis+ot'y 
St. Paul, MJ^ 

Katie :Ann I3'£nt>'e»rvont 

^i*t -Hlistofy and 

'Religious Studies 

Deltona, PL 

"Cry when you cry, run when you run/ 
love when you love/ represent the ashes/ 
that you leave behind" 
-"Angry" by Matchbox Twenty 

Laufen /Slicole Dukes 
(yVfj'icaKva Studies) 
Faif-fax/ VjA 

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering 
is worse than the suffering itself. And that 
no heart has ever suffered when it goes in 
search of its dreams, because every 
second of the search is a seconds 
encounter with God and with eternity." 
-Paul Coe\ho 

yWavina 2. i£dwa(*ds 

Sociology & y\nt^^^*opology 


A)icKolson, C\y\ 





^ng\\sV\ Lite>'cj+M»*e and SpcinisK 

(Af*+ -HistoK-y) 

"The Dude abides. I don't know about you, 
but I take comfort in that. It's good 
knoivin' he's out there takin' 'er easy for all 
The Stranger 


us sinners. 


{dnevni st^*y ) 

WKitesville, KV 

"The best butter beans do just as 

much good In the world as peace 

talks." -Paula Deen 

AJciXasKci Vaft^ice £llis 
Sociology & y\ntKf*opology 
CKat+cmooga, TT^ 
"It's in the reach of my arm. The span of 
my hips/ The stride of my step/ The curl 
of my lips./ I'm a woman./ Phenomenally/ 
Phenomenal woman,/ That's me." 
-Maya Angelou 

^-lea+Ke^* 7^ i cole £vcins 

'Political Science 

(Religious Studies and 

yVi't -Histocy) 

d-vesapeake, V^ 

"Life is a journey, not a destination." 

-Ursula K. Le Guin 




Culvei* City, Cy\ 

"We need not worry so much about what 

man descends from, it's what he 

descends to that shames the human 

race." -Mark Twain 


CZ-\ass\ca\ Lcmgwages cikva 

"What we do in life echoes in eternity." 
-Maximus in "Gladiator " 

£kvglisK J_i+e(*atu>*e 
(Religious Studies) 
dncinnati/ Ol-l 

"Be ashamed to die until you have won 
some victory for humanity" 
-Horace Mann 

£li2cibe+Ki»^e Bacon C\ciMltney 

£ng I isK i_ite>*atMi*e - C>*ecitive 


Jacksonville/ T-J_ 

"One da)j at a time." - My mother and I 

DapKne Davice Cjicinton 
Wornen's Studies 
RoKne, Ciy\ 

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my 
strength in the service of my vision, 
then it becomes less and less important 
whether I am afraid." -Audre Lorde 

/sJicole C\n&cco 

£nglisK i-ite>*atu^'e - Cr'ecitive 


l--'o>'t Ofange-, T"J_ 


CKevonne J_cinise C^olden 

College 'Pa^'k/ CJyA 

"Do not be afraid of what you truly 
deserve. Pursue it with determination. 
Everyone deserves the best, including 
you." - Chevonne Golden 


7V\a»»gcif*et yAnn Ci^'eoives 
CnglisK Lite^'citMre - (Z-\^e-a\\\>& 
DeiTvoF'esty d^yV 

"The truth is that there comes a time 
when we can mourn no more over music 
that is so much motionless sound." 
-Wallace Stevens 

Bdcbacci OtKeiioi-ClisabetK 


P'olitical Sc\e.y\c& 

Lexif^gtoH/ KV 

"If you are going to be a bear.. .BE A 
GRIZZLY." - My father 

ZJy\\e.v'^\aV\ov■Ka.\ 'Relations and 


CKat^loHe, ]^(Z 

"But I'm still having fun and I guess 

that's the key, I'm a twentysomething 

and I'll keep being me" -Jamie Cullum 

_ < 

• • 






(yVi't ■Histoi'y) 
■J-HtCSOU/ X7\) 

"One day we will die and our ashes will fly 

from the aeroplane over the sea, for now we 

are young let us lay in the sun and count 

every beautiful thing we can see." 

-Neutral Milk Hotel 

£i-nily ^cii^s Lake h\ansen 
£ngIisK and l-j^encK 
Venscxcoia, T-J_ 

"Or I guess the grass is itself a child. ..the 
produced babe of the vegetation. Or I 
guess it is a uniform hieroglyphic. And it 
means. Sprouting alike in broad zones 
and narrow zones." 
-Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass 

J-CiMfen ■^-lc^^•^•is 


Coluinbusy OH 

"Why c\uote something that 

someone ELSE said? Be original, 

say something for yourself." 

-Lauren Harris 

^►•encK and TKea+ce 


St. Louis, MO 

"People are like stained- 
glass windows; they sparkle 
and shine when the sun is 
out, but when the darkness 
sets in, their true beauty is 
revealed only if there is a 
light within." 
-Dr. Elisabeth KLibler-Ross 

knily y\Kvne -Hauck 

Studio ^►•t 



Atlanta, Gy\ 

'I'll be what I wanna do." 

-Phillip J. Fry 



L-ogciKiville, CAy\ 

SciP'a RcicKel ^-len^^ing-S+OMt 

£nglisK Litei'citMr'e - Cceafive 



Pof-tland, OR 

"Give me a woman who loves beer and I 

will conc^uer the world." - Kaiser Wllhelm 

Vanessa Rosalie ■1-leK'i'iKvg 
Seat+Ie, W/V 

"You are who you are, the trick is not 
getting caught." - Brian Wayne Peterson 

daii^e dizabe+K Hwddleston 

yVj*! ■f-listo»*y 

(Economics and Business) 

TWempKis, T7VJ 

Dream Wildly. Laugh Often. Eat lots of 
Ice Cream." - Jake's Ice Cream 

yXlexandi'a Bf*ool<e 



(Women's S+wdies) 

'PeacK+f'ee City, G^A 

"Things will happen in your 

life that you can't stop. 

But that's no reason to 

shut out the world." -From 


"Now and Then" 







jasmine. SlizcibetK c^cickson 

English Li+eccituk'e - C~^\'\\>& 


"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, 

and his righteousness; and all these 

things shall be added unto you." 

-Matthew 6:33 

y\-f-riccinci Studies 
CPoliticcil Science) 
Stone A^ownticin/ C\y\ 

"Being a dedicated mother has c^ualified 
me to find success in transcending 
annihilative institutions and use 
precocious understanding while pouring 
intensive love into raising tomorrows 
conscious world leader." 
-Jameelah James Anderson 

£n-\ilie Susanne ^''►^^s 

"nKeciti»e and £nglisK Litev'citMj'e 

- C(»eative Waiting 

dintony SC 

We can't just stop. We're not rocks- 
progress, migration, motion is ... modernity. 
It's animate, it's what living things do. We 
desire. Even if all we desire is stillness, we 
still desire for. Even if we go faster than we 
should." -Tony Kushner's Angels in America 

•1-leidi Susanne ^ones 
(Woinen's Studies) 
Ca^'^*oIton^ Ciy\ 

"Be happy for this moment. This moment 
is your life." -Omar Khayyam 

£vcin ^lizabetK c^^oslin 


yVtIantci, CIaA 

"Be who you are and say what you 

feel because those who mind don't 

matter and those who matter don't 

mind." -Dr. Seuss 

vme. (r-^ 

"PsycKology cxv\(\ Wo»nen's 


Colbei^t, C\A 

"May their roads home be on the trail of 
peace. Happily may they all return. In beauty 
I walk. With beauty before me, I walk. With 
beauty behind me, I walk. With beauty above 
and about me, I walk. It is finished in 
beauty." -Navajo Night Chant 

Crystal y\Kin Kedclie--Hill 


(Ai't ■l-listof'y) 

A^ontgomeF'yy ^i_ 

"Beer is proof that God loves us 

and wants us to be Happy." 

-Benjamin Franklin 

^►•eomnci Slocl^^ Kelly 
CnglisK J_ite^*clt^i^'e - d*ecitive 
Midway, y\J_ 

"Three things in human life are 
important. The first is to be kind. The 
second is to be kind. And the third is to 
be kind."- Henry James 

DoH^ikiigwe y\nd>'ea K.kan 

^^►'t Histop'y c\v\(^ 

Religious Studies 

Silve^' SpyriWQ, 7V\D 

"This is my simple religion. There is no 

need for temples; no need for complicated 

philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart 

is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." 

-Dalai Lama 




Saf^antUa Lynn Knudsen 
Economics and A^atKen-iatics 
Ciainesville, KL 

"The most wasted of all days is one 
without laughter." -e.e. cummings 






Bvit+ney T)anc\& KoKlei* 

l-'ublic "Policy/ Jutej'disciplinciry 

T-'olitical Science «& £conoii^ics 

3civonnaK/ G&ot^g'icx 

"And this I believe that the free, exploring 

mind of the individual human is the most 

valuable thing in all the world. And this I 

would fight for the freedom of the mind to 

take any direction it wishes, undirected. And 

this I must fight against any idea, religion, 

or government which limits or destroys the 

individual. "-John Steinbeck 

y\lecici Ki^cinz 


Denve^*/ Colok'cido 

"Don't ask for a light load, rather pray for 
a strong back." -Unknown 

■f-|ong A'VinK Le 


Stone TVlowntciin, (l^^V 

'If I were an enzyme, 1 would be DNA 

helicase so I could unzip your 

genes." -Anonymous 

Ve>*onicci 'Vonnie' Lee 


Mai'iet+ci, <^y\ 

"There are two mistakes one can 
make along the road to truth not 
going all the way, and not starting." 

T^cicnel i-'neu^'eux 
"PKilosopky anii A^wsic 

£»»in J\Aay'i& J_mse^^^neye^* 
"Religion and Social justice 
(Ft*encV\ and "Political Science) 
West C-Wicago, JL 

"When you walk to the edge of all the light 
you have and take that first step into the 
darkness of the unknown, you must believe 
that one of two things will happen There 
will be something solid for you to stand 
upon, or, you will be taught how to fly." 
-Patrick Overton 

Linnette DeLouK'des 

Pi^anco Lozcidci 

£nglisK J_ite^•clt^l^'e - 

d*eative Writing 

and SpanisK 

J_awi*enceville, CAy\ 

"I'd like to cjuit thinking of 

the present, like right now, 

as some minor, insignificant 

preamble to somethin' else." 

-Richard Linklater 

CZat^m&Wa JKAanns 
y\tlanta, C\A 


J_yndsey-A^'ckael A^c^Vdan^s 


(y^^•t Histor'y) 

Bcenien, G^X 

"I'll eat some breakfast then change the 
world." -Tracy Turnblad, Hairspray 

Diana 7Wcy\nnally-i_in2 


7V\on>'oviay C^V 



"PsycKology and Spanish 
Sah Lake City, UT 

"Life is either a daring adventure or 

nothing. To keep our faces toward change, 

and behave like free spirits in the 

presence of fate, is strength 

undefeatable" -Helen Keller 

LoMj^en daii^e TVVcdees 
Classical Civilizations 
T^tlanta, il^A 

"It is our choices. ..that show what we 
truly are, far more than our abilities." 
-Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the 
Sorcerer's Stone 

Colleen A^a^'ie A^cCreigKt 

"Religion and Social ^Tustice 

(Sociology & yVntkv'opology) 

OntaK'io/ Cy\ 

"The earth provides enough resources 
for everyone's need, but not for some 
people's greed." -CSandhi 

KatKe»*ine TVVai^ie A^cC^'oa^*y 
Biology and T-'olitical Science 
L-eesville, L-^V 

"Strength is great and Power strikes fear 
into heroes and villains alike, but 
someone who follows their heart, putting 
their loved ones first, damning the 
consec^uences, and even themselves in 
the process... Believe me, those people, 
they're worth payin' attention to." 
-Whistler to the Oracles in the online 
story Outside Humanity by Prake Roberts 

Kt'istal c^ci'den LeigK A^cKensie 

Cnglisk J_ite>'atuv*e - C>"eative 


y\tlanta, <:^y\ 

'Years ago my mother used to say to me, 

she'd say, "In this world, Elwood, you must be" 

— she always called me Elwood -- "In this 

world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh 

so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart. I 

recommend pleasant." 

-Elwood P. Dowd, Harvey 





T-'oliticcil Science 
(SpanisK and y\i*t -f-lis+ot-y) 
~Vavnpa Bay, PJ_ 

"Things turn out best for the people who 
mal<e the best of the way things turn 
out" -Art Lintcletter 


£inily T^cJ-emoK-e 

"yvonne Al'cole A^itcKell 
^conovn'ics and OF'ganizational 
dony&t^s, C\&ov-Q\a 

"I can do all things through Christ who 
strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13 

CKer'ie A^nv'v'ay 

Sociology <& 


(yApvicana Studies) 

Decatuv, C\y\ 

"Wait on the Lord; 3e of good 

courage, And He shall 

strengthen your heart; Wait, I 

say, on the Lord!" 

-Psalm 27:14 

Vini+Ua /VJai'eddy 



AJevv Poi't Rickey, FL 


Religious Studies and 
dassical Civilization 

"The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; 

by understanding he established the 

heavens; by his knowledge the deeps 

broke open, and the clouds drop down 

the dew." -Proverbs 3:19-20 (NRSV) 

TTKuy -hiong "UKi TVJguyen 
Biology and ■)-listo>'y 
Snellviile, G^^ 

"The aim of life is some way of living, as 
flexible and gentle as human nature; so that 
ambition may stoop to kindness, and 
philosophy to condor and humor. Neither 
prosperity nor empire nor heaven can be worth 
winning at the price of a virulent temper, 
bloody hands, an anguished spirit, and a vain 
hatred of the rest of the world." 
-George Santayana 

J_aM^'a /VJickles 
CKapel Mill, A)C 

Cf'in AJicole 7\Ji?c 

Cconoi-nics and 

O^'gani2ational A^ci'^cigfi^^fi'^t 


XJecatut*, CivA 

"Who loves ya baby?" -My Mom 

RacKel Ololade OImwo 


Stone TVVountain, C\7A 

"Live, love, laugh, learn" -Anonymous 


.?' \ 


19a. A 




Bl' ' 






BetKany TWicKelle Osboi*n 


St. dKades, A^'ssoui'i 

"Your belief, more so than anyone else's will 
determine what you accomplish." 
-Bob Moawad 


Sav'aK Ot+o 

"Religious Studies 

'l-lcii'npton/ Vt^ 

"What a language it is, the laughter of women, 

high-flying and subversive. Long before law and 

scripture we heard the laughter, we 

understood freedom." -Lisel Mueller 

Ckcii'one D. Vag&H 
"Political Science, ana 
Women's Studies 
T^tlanta, GA 

"And in the end, the love you make is 
ec^ual to the love you make." -Charone 

7V\ivcinda Patton 

English ciiid XKeati^e 

<S^^•Clnite Falls, ]^(Z 

^uditK Lillian "Piecce 
Political Sc\ev\c& 
;Alai-neda, C^A 

(Regarding the bathtubs in 
Inman) "An optimist washes 
the bathtub after her bath, a 
pessimist washes the 
bathtub before her bath, but a 
lady washes it before and 
after." -Mrs. Bettie Ott Class 
of 1945 


Mama Kif f « 


Rebecca l-'oole 
\^oMngsvilley /vJC 

yVVar'V ^lizabetK Vop& 


Rayle, ay\ 

"Until you lose your reputation, you never 
realize what a burden it is or what 
freedom really is." -Margaret Mitchell 

jAlyson ^--'o^•woll 

"Political Science <& 


Baker-sfieldy Cy\ 

"Go confidently in the direction of your 

dreams. Live the life you have imagined." 

-Henry David Thoreau 

AJicole Lynn Powell 
A^aysville, C\y\ 

"What's it like to be so free?" -Kelly 

Br*i++any DePilippo Rast 

Sociology & y\ntKf*opology 

ai\(^ Women's S+wdies 

Pa>*l<ev*, (ZO 

"You and I will change the world, then 

everyone will join us. It's been said 

before, but it doesn't matter. You and I 

will change the world." - Arik Einstein 

and Miki Gabriellov 



^Fai^'N'o Kcii»inci T^eyes 

"Success is liking yourself, liking 
what you do, and liking how you do 
it." -Maya Angelou 

DeKiesyci J_yn Riley 
Sociology & yVntK>*opology 

"In order to succeed, your desire for 

success should be greater than your fear 

of failure." -Bill Cosby 

J_c»M»*el Rose 'Rober'ts-A'^eese 


San Rafael, C-A 

"I don't know just what's gonna happen, 

that's alright with me; I open up my arms 

and I embrace the mystery." -India Arie 

JSAcxi^yavn J\Aicl\e\in& Robinson 

yVtIanta, GA 

"Be the change you wish to see in the 
world" -Ghandi 

\^az.if\'in Rodt'igMez 
Cn+ef'nation Relations 




Sydney \^oung RMckei* 


{y^ff'icana Studies) 

Bir'i'ningKci''Hy yAl_ 

"Knowledge in the beginning it is 

bitter, but in the end it is sweeter 

than honey." -Noor Al Husseing, 

Queen of Jordan 

TTiminiKa T-'eai'l RMCKev 

Stiidio y\i^t 

St. Louis, MO 

"I just cant give up now/ I've 

come too far from where I 

started from/ 

Nobody told me the road would 

be easy/ And I dont believe He 

brought me this far to leave 


-James Cleveland Jordan 

Kfisten lounge 


'Per'r'yy Cx^A 

"Between two evils, I always 

pick the one I never tried 

before." -Mae West 

i-ciMi'en Scii^ciK Scldle^• 
"Religion and Social 
SavannaKy Gy^ 

"Hillel says, "If I am not for 
myself, who will be for me? But if 
am only for myself, who am I? If 
not now, when?" -Rabbi Hillel 30 
BC - 10AD, The Talmud, Ethics of 
the Fathers, 114 

Sr-ika Sancn&z 

£.conon\'ics ana 

Ok'ganizational A^cinageknent 

Dalton, C\:A 

" A life spent making mistakes in not 

only more honorable but more useful 

than a life spent doing nothing" 

-George Bernard Shaw 

W Mr 


"The only true currency in this 
bankrupt world is what you share 
with someone else when you're 
uncool" -Philip Seymour Hoffman 

IRebekciK Sue Scoggins 
yAr*t +-|isto^♦y 

"Everythings supposed to have a happy 

ending, the record keeps skipping & the 

needle keeps bending, like the road Im 

driving, to the bridge that has no end. I 

wanna take back everything Ive broken, the 

bridges behind me are burning & smoking, I 

guess this is the end." -Butch Walker 



Raleigk A^C 

"When the power of love 

overcomes the love of power, the 

world will know peace." 

-Jimi Hendrix 

Rebecca TVAciK'ie y\nn 3i>MH^ons 

T?eligioi4S Studies 

Ci>'iffin, C\jA 

"The difference between what we do and 

what we are capable of doing would 

suffice to solve most of the world's 

problems" -Mahatma Gandhi 



Donionique AJ- SiMi+K 
Sociology <& 
Heidelbe^'g, C\&vi'y\anY 

"Dont ask what the world 
needle. Ask what makes you 
come alive and go do it. 
Because what the world needs 
is people who have come alive." 
-Howard Thurman 



y\nv\a Lee Spence 



"I think (quotes are very 

dangerous things." 

-Kate Bush 

3^enna "Rose Stegin 



"People change and forget to 
tell one another." 
-Lillian Heiiman 

J_ai4>'en Blake 


Spoi^isK and 

yAct ■f-listor'y 

C^^a^'loHe, AJC 

"Life was a funny thing that 

happened to me on the way 

to the grave." -Quentin Crisp 

K.atKe>*iKie Swinyoi'cl 
Women's Studies 
Be?celey, OM 

Sa^•aK Swyge>'+ 

I3iocKe^nis+^•y and 

yVlolecuIay' Biology 

Decatuf*, C\yA 


TWai^y Lynn Szelis+owski 
Economics, Classics 
~Vaw\pa, T-J_ 

"Evil is powerless if the good are 
unafraid" -President Ronald Reagan 

LeigK Xakata 

SpanisK and 

Women's Studies 

yVlpkai'etta/ C\y\ 

No me deje de los hombres. No fui buena 
ni obediente." -Gloria Anzaldua 

/vJancy y\nn TTKebaut 
y\»*t ■f-lis+o>*y and 
l-'olitical Sci&nc& 
C\ainesville^ Plo^'ida 

"I needed Anna Karenina to 
throw herself under that train 
so that I would never have to" 

daice TrKomas 


("Political Science) 

Xallakasseey K J_ 

Lau^'a dizabetK XKon^as 


(yVsian Studies) 

Cka^'lotte, AIC 

"Our awareness of the world and our 

capacity to deal intelligibly with its 

problems are shaped not only by the 

history we know but by what we do not 

know. Ignorance, especially the ignorance 

of educated men, can be a more powerful 

force than knowledge."-lv1ichael Howard 





CZat*o\\n& TWovnpson 

Religion and Social cf'^stice 

and £aAy education 

y\d>*ici Xoliver* 
Dallas, XX 

"Do not confuse motion and 
progress. A rocking Inorse keeps 
moving but does not make 
progress." -Alfred A Montapert 

yV\elissa A^a»*ie Tolley 


Swannanoa, 7\)CS 

"Quaintest tliouglits, c^ueerest 

fancies, come to life and fade away. 

What care I how the day advances, I 

am drinking ale today." 

-Edgar Allan Poe 

J^ai'yavn XaKi^'a Xf'owell 

'Fair'fa^c, Vy\ 

"Say what you mean and mean what 
you say. Because the people that 
mind don't matter and the people 
that matter don't mind." -Unknown 

l_au»»en A^icKelle Xwining 
C7^^te^•^^ational "Relations 

WdCnei* Robins, C\y\ 

"Always behave like a duck - keep 

calm and unruffled on the surface 

but paddle like the devil 

underneath." -Jacob Braude 



Economics and T-j'encK 
Salt Lake City, UT 
"Of course, it is very important to be sober 
when you tal<e an exam. Many ivortliivhile 
careers in the street- cleansing, fruit- 
picl<ing and subway-guitar-playing 
industries have been founded on a lack of 
understanding of this simple fact."- Terry 
Pratchett, Moving Pictures 

A^ci>''e Vander'pMye 

iZTKiterna+ioKval Relations and 


Cantoments/ ^^ccf^a CiKana 

"May the words of my mouth and the 

meditation of my heart be pleasing in 

your sight Lord, my Rocl< and my 

Redeemer." -Psalm 19:14 

Danieka Wallei* 

Biology and A'e^l^'oscience 

Decatm*, <I^jA 

"Be glad for all God is planning for you. 
Be patient in trouble, and prayerful 
always" -Romans 12:12 (The Living Bible) 

LoF'ianne A^icole Watts 

Women's Studies 


yVnniston, y\i_ 

"You must learn day by day, year by year, 

to broaden your horizon. The more things 

you love, the more you are interested in, 

the more you enjoy, the more you are 

indignant about, the more you have left 

when anything happens." 

-Ethel Barrymore 

3Fa>nenda A^'cKelle 



College Paf*k/ <l^y\ 

"And not only so, but we 
glory in tribulations also 
knowing that tribulation 
worketh patience and 
patience, experience; and 
experience, hope." 
-Romans 5:3-4 




(ZaHlyn C\y^ac& \\>\\\H&^^ 

"If we all worked on the 

assumption that what is 

accepted as true were really 

true, there would be little hope 

of advance." -Orville Wright 

Cntek'nationcil l^elations 
^ol\nson City, "CAJ 
"Passion doesn't look beyond the 
moment of it's existence." 
-Christian Nevell Bovee 

^i^lia Sie^*^'Cl WilkiKisoM 

"Religions Studies and Social 

^Justice and 

yXf^j'icana Studies 

Xybee CJsIand, ^y\ 

"EishI Idulu kakhulu le. Kodwa 

Ndiyathanda apha. Enkosi kakahulu 

lAgnes Scott College" 

-Julia Sierra Wilkinson 

^sKley A^icKelle Williaii^s 



SavannaK/ Cx^V 

"One isn't necessarily born with courage, 
but one is born with potential. Without 
courage, we cannot practice any other 
virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, 
true, merciful, generous, or honest." 
-Maya Angelou 

■|-leatKep' y\llison Williains 


Decatui*, C»y\ 

"I've had the time of my life" 
-Green Day 

Stacy Victo>*ia Williai'ns 

Ockfield, GA 

"The future be\or\ge to those who 
believe in the beauty of tlieir 
dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt 

Danielle Alicole Willis 

^conoi-nics and 

O>'gani2ational A^cmageinent 

Ro>r\e, CaA 

"We cannot know what will occur, /Just 

mal<e our journey worth the taking, /And 

pray we're wiser than we were, /In the 

beginning..." -Children of Eden 

SKeniece Willis 
l-'sycKology and education 
"Tyj^oney C\;A 

Cidne Lemon Winegaf* 


'^-la^*^'ison, X^T^ 

"I expect to pass through this world 

but once. Any good, therefore, that 

I can do or any kindness I can show 

to any fellow creature, let me do it 

now. Let me not defer or neglect it 

for I shall not pass this way again." 

-Etienne de Grellent 

Celia J_eey\nn Woi-ley 


jAdaiysville^ (I^;A 

"I love coaching at a smart girls 

school." -Coach Ray, Head Softball 




Kelso Olin WyetK 

A^citKevvi cities 

CKat+cinoogciy ~C]^ 

"Do you know how to pony/like bony 
maroney?" -Patti Smith 

CKunying X'^ 
A^atKeKKiatics and 
SKangKcii/ CKina 

"Our greatest glory is not in never 
falling, but in rising every time we 
fall." -Confucius 

'BiocV\e.ynisit^y and 

JK\o\e-cu\ai* Biology 

y\tlantci, CaA 

"Open your arms to change, but don't 
let go of your values." -Dalai Lama 

i-&ona ^lizcibetK 2ippei'eF' 
dassical Civilizations 
("Religious Studies) 
Valdosta, C\y\ 

"Let's think the unthinkable, let's do 
the undoable, let's prepare to 
grapple with the ineffable itself, and 
see if we may not eff it after all." 
-Douglas Adams 

Lawa E. fldrean 
Atlanta, Gfl 


^ -A- Q, 

Sara Jltwater 
Atlanta, Gfl 

« _<^ 

Gainesville, FL 

Victoria P. flviles 
Atlanta, GA 

Lisa D. AmaKer 

Women's Sti^dies 

(Africana Sti^dies) 


Ha^ar's House Voli^nteer (1,2,4), Project TaKe Charge 

Volunteer & CoMnselor 0), W§0 Co-President (2), Honor 

Cowt F^ep. (2,3,4), W§0 President (3), Partnership 

Against Domestic Violence Volunteer (3), Living Wa^e 

Campaign (3), ThinK, Live, En^a^e (3), Mortar Board (4), 

Editor of CiUtiAral Connections, Office of Mi4ticiUtiAral 

Affairs Newsletter (4), WitKaze (4) 


English LiteratiAre - Creative Writing 
Lawrenceville, GA 

Conservative Forum (1,2,3 (President), 4 (Secretarj))), 
National Soeietj) of Collegiate Scholars (1,2,3,4 (Vice- 
President of Community Service)), French Club (1,2,3,4), 
Fellowship of Christian Sti^dents (1,2,3,4), eiojjful Noise 
(3,4), College Republicans (1,2,3), Writer's Club (4) 
Writing Center Tutor (4) 

Emma K. AtKinson 
Austin, T% 

Eleanor Aifres 

Sociolo^if & Anthropolo^i) 

Williamsburg, VA 

Anastasia Elaine Ball 

English Literature- Creative Writing 

(Sti^io Art) 

LaGran^e, Ga 

Goin^ slowli) Insane, NSCS 

jayna Karjfn bastian 

Art Historjj and English Literature 


Alene Jonea Batchelor 

Economics & Organizational Management and Studio Ai't 
Stone Mountain, GA 

Special Event Corps (1), Witkaze Planning Committee Co- 
Chair (1,2), S.T.R.O.N.G. Sistas (1,2,3,4), Joijful NoUe 
(1,2,3,4), Sophomore Familij Weekend Rin^ Sales Chair (2), 
MOS.AIC (3), WICT Mentoring Pro5ram(3), Judicial 
Board (3,4) 

"And we Knowthat allthinjs work together for ^ood to them 
that love God, to them who are the called according to his 
purpose." Romans 8:28 



Cecilia Irene Bcrtchelor 
Spanish and Pre-medicalsti^clies"' 
Tarboro, NC 

Neu- Life Campi^s Crwsade for Christ 0), Vice-President for 
Class of 2008 0,2), Sophomore Familv) WeeKend 
Committee (2), President for Class of 2008 (3), Asian 
Women (3,4), Momg Democrats (3,4), flCCC y otrth 
Counselor (3,4), Gradj) Memorial Hospital VoMnteer 
(3,4), Environmental Resident (3,4), Colonnade CMb (4), 
Pre-Med flssoeiotion President (4) 

Niaria L. BanmstarK 

veeoti^r, GJ^ 

^errjf Elaine Baxter 

LaGran^e, Gfl 

BlacKfriars (1,2,3,4), Fawst Club 0,2,3,4), BlacK Cat Field 
Dai) Chair (3), Pestle Board (4), CwriciU'^m Committee 

Christine Belba-Smith 

International F'^elotions and French 

Tema, Ghana 

Honor Cot^rt Transfer Representative (2,3,4), Colonnade 

Cl«b Assignments Chair (2,3,4), Model United Notions 

(2), Donor Coordinator (3,4), Special Events Corps (2,3) 

Prij)am Bhar^ava 

Economics & Bi^siness 

(Political Science) 

Collierville, TN 

Masala-Sace President (3,4), Scottie Programming Board 

MtASie Chair (3), BlacK Cat Chair (2), International 

Student .Association (1), Global Beats Coordinator (2), Holi 

Chair (2,3,4), ASC Tennis (1), So^^ii Seotties (4), 

International iJi^stice Mission Dance Instructor (3), 

MiUtictUtural Affairs Office (2,3,4), Delta Pi Kappa 0), 

Bij Sister (1,2) 

ianee Shara BlaHe 
'^io'^vbud^e, GA 

'.- r' cH'aU (1,2,3,4), Showtime (1), Jazz Ensemble, BlacK 
-' ' ^Ai> Dav) Co-Chair (4), BlacK Cat Son^s Chair(3) 


Nicole Michele Boddie 


Carl), North Carolina 

Psijcholo^i) Cl^b (1,2,3,4), A^nes Scott Pool Lifeguard 

(1,2,3,4), LB.T.Q.I.A. Collective (1), FMLA (1,2), Scottie 

Swim Instructor (2,3,4), Intramural Sports (3), Classics Clu 

(3,4), Psi)cholo5i) Research Assistant (4), Pestle Board (4) 

Caitlin Darci) Bohannon 


(Astrophi)Sics and Classical Literati^re & Lan^ua^e) 

Lawrenceville, Georgia 

TriBeta, Biological Honors Societj) (2,3,4), American 

Chemical Societj) (3,4), Soeietj) of Phijsics Students (4) 

Jessica Marie Bolton 



Sharpsbur^, GA 

Psi Chi (3-President,4), Psi)choloji) Club (1,2,3-Secretari), 

4-Vice- President), Notional Societj) of Collegiate Scholars 

(2,3-Seeretari), 4), Psi)chobabble (3,4), Research Assistant 


Catherine Maeve Boijle 

International Relations and Theater 

Baton Rou^e, LA 

BlacKfriars (1,2,3,4), Orientation Council (2,3,4), Class 

Officer (2,4), Programming Board (1,2,3) 

Jessica C. BrooKs 
Chottonoo^a, TN 

Marie L. Bri)an 
Economics & Business 
Atlanta, GA 

Eleanor Mari) Campbell 

Psi)cholo^i) ' 

Potomac, MD 

Vorsiti) Vollei)ball (1,2), Campus Crusade (1,2,3,4), 

Colonnade Club (3.4), SEC (1,2), Student Advisor (1), Psi 

Chi (2,3,4) 


Kei)a S. Canaii 

Nicole TaKala Canavan 

Biolo^jl and Chemistry 

Atlanta, Gfl 

Woodruff Scholars (2,3,4), Honor Court F-vepresentative 

(3,4), American Chemical Societi) (4) 

Sarah Chartier 
Atlanta, Gfl 

Jessica NlChesler 
Sroselton, GJ\ 

Sabrina Lucia Cintron 

Political Science 


fluburndale, FL 

flSC Lifeguard (1,2,3,4), Colonnade Club (1), Colonnade 

Club Special Events Chair (2,3,4), Lotinas Unidas (2,3), 

Programming Board Volunteer (1), Programming Board 

Executive Board (1,2), Financial flid Office (1,2), Scottie 

Swim Camp Instructor (2,3,4), Caribbean Student 

Association Secretary (3,4), Pestle Board (4), Class of 

2008 Vice President (4) 

Tarishd C. ClarK 
College PttrK, Gfl 

Kristen Ashlei) Cohoon 



BosKetball (1,2,3), Softball (1,2,3), Cross Country (1), 

SflAC (2,3), Emer^ini Leaders, ASCR. (1,2,3,4)! NSCS 


Andrea Norieel Martinet Colmenares 

notional Relations and Spanish 

LattnMlnidas (LU) Chair (1,2), LU Vice-President (3), 
temational Member (3), ASC Living Wa^e 
ampai^n (3,4), Ltl President (4), President's Committee on 
Community Diversity (4) 

Carol Comrie 

Psychology and Politic(j,Ll 

Lilbum, GA 

Psychology Club (2,3,4), Special Events Corps (1,2), Tower > 

Council (3,4), Colonnade Club (4), Admission Alumnae 

Sti^dent Coordinator (2,3,4) 

Camiley d. ConStantine 
DectttiAr, GA 

Sarah e5ane Cooper 

English Literature- Creative Writing 

Moultrie, GA 

LBTQIA Collective (1,2,3,4), FMLA/WAVE (2), Pestle 

Board (4), Fiabblerousin^ (1,2,3,4) 

Korina Cotter 
Dallas, GA 

Briana Janell Cojc 


(Asian Studies) 

Stone Mountain, GA 

Joyful Noise, Judicial Board, Mortar Board (4), Class of 

2008 Secretary, Study Abroad - Japan (3), Phi Alpha 

Theta - History Honor Society 

Crystal Dianne Cox 

Political Science 

(Religious Studies and Women's Studies) 

San Antonio, Texas 

ASC Varsity Cross Country (1), SAFE Women (2,3), ASC 

Cheerleadin^ (2,3, Captain 4), Silhouette (2,3,4), Publius 

(4), Model United Notions (1), Latino llnidos (1), Newlife (4) 

Kimberly S. Crews 
English Literature- Creotive Writing 
Ellenwood, GA 

Joyful Noise Choir (1,2,3,4), Joyful Noise President (4), 
BlocK Cot Sonjs Choir (4), Junior Production Writer (3), 
Student Senote (3), Silhouette (2,3,4), Silhouette Assistant- 
Editor (3), Silhouette Business Editor (4), Pestle Boord (3,4), 
Sophomore Scottie Sister (3), Collegiate Chorale 0,2), 
Chorale Assistont (1,2), Student Calling Pro^rom (3,4), Big 
Sister (2,3,4), Si^mo Alpha Iota (3,4), Si^ma Alpha Iota ^ 
Editor and Social Choir (3,4). IOC Vice Chair (3,4), ASC 
Pre-Med Association (1) 


flmanda Emtli] Cucle-Woods 
flnthropolojij & Soctolo^v) 
Fajjetteville, S\K 

aJennifer E. Cwl 
T^cKer, Gfl 

Mea^an M. Dai^^hertjj 
English and Historj) 
St. Paul, MN 

Leah R, Davis 

flfriean flmeriean Social Psijcholo^i) 


Katie Jinn D'Entremont 

flrt Historif and Reli^ioi^s Studies 

Deltona, FL 

FMLfl (1), Tomorrou'S Leaders Participant (1), Special Events 

Corps 0,2), Bi^ Sister (2), Ireland Global Connections (2), 

Dalton Galleri) -Assistant C2), FU I Leader (3), BlaeK Cot 

CoSttwes Co-Chair (3), Tower Council (3,4), DaiA^hters of 

Gaia (l-Seeretarj), 2-Vice- President, 3-President, 4-Co- 


Nelcarme Devilmat 
Ellenwood, GM 

Lawen Nicole Di^Kes 


(flfricana Sti^dies) 

Fairfax, Vfl 

WitKaz.e (4), WitKaze Steppers (Step Team Coordinator) (3), 

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (2), Lotinas Unidas 

(2), flWISfl (2), F.fl.D. (2), Psychology Club (2) 

Rii^Mita J\. Durden 
Ellenwood, Gfl 

Marina %. Edwards 

Sociology & Anthropology ond History 

Nicholson, Gfl 

KirSten M. Eide Nelson 
Soeiolo^y & Anthropology 
Riverside, Cfl 

Erin Marie Eidson 

English Literature and Spanish 

(Art History) 

Lilburn, Gfl 

Latinas Unidas (1), Tennis (1), Spanish Dept. Tutor (2,3), 

Scholarship Interviewer (2,3), The Profile (3) 

fSrittany Carol Eirwin 



WhitesviUe, KU 

Latinas tlnidas (1,2,3,4) (Co-Vice President (4), Secretary 

(2,3)), Sti^dent Senate (3,4) Treasurer (4), Resident 

Assistant (2,3), Spanish Tutor (3,4), Scottie Social Dance 

NaTasha Patrice Ellis 

Sociology & Anthropology 

Chattanooga, TN 

Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4), Secretary of WitKaze (4), WICT 

Mentoring Program, Social Council (1), Women in Business 



Heather Nicole Evans 

Political Science 

(Religious Studies and Art History) 

ChesapeaKe, VA j 

Circle K ((1) Secretary (2) Vice President (3) President ^i 

(4)), Faust Club (0) Vice President (2) President (3,4)), | 

A^nes Scott College Republicans ((1) Secretary (2) Vice ! 

Chairman (3)), Orientation Council Volunteer Coordinator 

(3), Mortar Board (4) 


Erin Fears 

ChesapeaKe, Cfl 

Tribeta (23,4), fSlacK Cat Step Team Co-Captain (1,2,3) 

Kaftlijn Marie Fernandez 

Classical Lan^i^a^es & Literature 

Varsitj) §urim Team (1,2,3,4), Swim Team Captain (3,4), 

Emer^in^ Leaclers (2005), Phi Si^ma TaM (3,4), Eta Si^ma 

Phi (4) 

Melissa Dianne Foiles 

Religions StiAdies 

(Political Science) 

Woodruff Scholars Organization, aJoijful Noise, Sti^dent 

Senate (1), SflSS 

Keijona M. Forbes 
International [Relations 
(French and Jlfricana Studies) 
BrooKlifn, Ny 

Katherine Jlnne Frazier 

English Liter ati^re 

([■leli^ious Studies) 

Special Events Corps (1), Tower Council (2,3), fl^nes Scott 

College youn^ Democrats (3,4), Fyi Leader (2), Writers 

Festival Committee (2), Familij Weekend Planning Committee 

(2), Chaplain Search Committee (2), Collegiate Chorale (1,2) 

Elizabethine Bacon Gaultnej) 

English Literab^re- Creative Writing 

eJacHsonville, FL 

Fellowship of Christian students (3), Best Buddies (4), Pofftry 

Etc (2), Class on Craie (2005) 

Daphne IDariee Glanton 
Women's Studies 
[■lome, Gfl 

Woodruff Scholars Organization (l-Secretarj), 2,3-Co- 
P^dent, 4-General Member,), Affirmed Daughters of Kuth 
Ellis -fl.|^.O.KE. (1-Secretari), 2,3,4-Co-President), Global 
^^^y-Or^anizing Committee Member), COSMO 
(^,4- General Member), Sti^dent Calling Program (1- 
Student Caller, 2-flssistant Manager) 

Nicole Gnecco ^^ 

English Literature- Creat^eW'^f 
Port Orange, FL 


Chevonne Lanise Golden 

Mathematics and Certification in Secondary) Education 

College Park, Gfl 

WitKaze Step Team (2,3,4), Strong Sisters (3) 

Katherine Graj) 
English Literature 
Austin, T% 

Margaret Ann Greaves 

English Literature 

Demorest, Gfl 

Writing Center, Mortar Board, Orchestra 

Barbara Othella-EUzabeth Greene 

Political Science 

Lexington, Ky 

BlacK Student Association (1,2,3 PR Chair, 4 President), 

Special Events and Conferences (1 Information desK, 2 and 3 

Information desk student intern, 4 EMS sti^dent intern) 

I would UKe to send a special thanK jjou to mj) famili) for their 

love and sacrifice. 

Hannah Michelle Griffin 

International Relations and Spanish 

Charlotte, NC 

Residence Life Staff (2), Honor Court (2,3,4), American Red 

Cross Blood Drive (2,3,4), Georgia Tech Rugbi) Club 

(2,3,4), Pestle Board (4), Circle K (3,4), Big Sister (2) 

Adrienne Lana Hamilton 

Economics & Organizational Management 


Hixson, TN 

Mortar Board (4), Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honor 

Societj) (3,4), Pestle Board (4), Resident Assistant (2), 

Social Council Vice- President (1,2), Economics Tutor (2,3,4) 



Lawa Elizabeth Hanc^zel 

English and flstrophjjsics 

Boise, ID 

Tower Coi^neil (3,4), Special Events Corps (1,2), Circle K 

0,2), .Japan Club (4), flstronomi) Club (4), Physies Club 

and Society of Physics Students (4), Kesidence Life f'lesident 

Assistant (2), flstronomi) Lab Assistant (2,3), Physics Tutor 


Emili) aSane LaKe Hansen ^ """•-- 

English and French 
PenSacoU, FL 

Tiie Profile (^l^ayout Editor 2, Features Editor 3, Editor-in- 
Chief 4), SE(m2), Tower Council (Intern 3,4) 

Lauren Harris 


Columbus, OH 

WttKaze (1,2,3), WitKaze President (3), Tower Council 

(2,3), fl^nes Scott Bi^ Sister (2), Special Events Corps (2), 

Flesidenee Life Resident Assistant (2,3), A^nes Scott Faith 

and Learning Committee (3), A^nes Scott Faith WorKs 

Tanzania, East Africa (2), A^nes Scott Annual Fund Sti^dent 

Calling Program (1), A^nes Scott Admissions Calling 

Program (2), Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4) 

Elizabeth Hutchin^s Hartnett 

French and Theotre 


BlacKfriars (1,2 Secretary, 3,4), Collegiate Chorole (1,2,3 4, 

VP 3-4), Sotto Voce (1,2,3,4), Luchsin^ers (3-4-, Secretary 

4), Si^ma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity for 

Women (1,2 Treasurer, 3 VP RiUa.1 4), ASCH D (1), 

Amnesty International (1), Resource Center for Moth and 

Science (1,2,3,4) 

Emily Anne HaucK 

Studio Art 

(Environmental Studies) 

Camera Obscura (3,4), Dana Design (2), Women In 

Business (2), A^nes Scott Libertarians (4) 

Amei.nda Henderson 
Lojanville, GA 

Alison Hennessee 

English Literature- Creative Writing 

Atlanta, GA 


Sara Rachel Henninj-Stout 

English Literature- Creative Writing 


Portland, OR 

A^nes Scott College hiomg Democrats (1,2,3), President 

A^nes Scott College Houn^ Democrats (2), Strident Calling 

Program (1), First year Initiative Group Leader (2), Scott's 

Orientation Staff (2), Scottie Spirit Scjuad (2) 

Vanessa Rosalie Herring 



Seattle, WA 

Special Events Corps (1), Amnesty International (1), French 

Club (1,2), SAFE Women (1,2). FHI Leader (2), Honor 

Court (3), Residence Life Resident Assistant (2), Resident 

Director-RebeKah (3), Resident Direetor-Inman/HopKins 

(4), Mortar Boord (4) 

Claire Elizabeth Huddleston 
Art History 

(Economics & Business) 
Memphis, TN 

RocKthe Vote Volunteer (1), Special Events Corps (1), 
Scholarship Weekend Interviewer (1,2), Canterbury 
Club/Rose & Shield (1,2,3), Family Weekend Planning 
Committee (2), Sophomore Family Weekend Registration 
Materials/Publicity Co-Chair (2), Amnesty International 
(2,3,4), Fy I/ASC-lOl Leader (2,3,4), Tower Council 
(2,3,4), A^nes Scott College y oun^ Democrats (Executive 
Board/Treasurer 2,3,4), BlacK Cot Trivia Chair (4), 
Mortar Board (Treasurer, JP Committee 4) 

Alexandra Brooke Hu^uelet 


(Women's Sti^dies) 

Peachtree City, GA 

Special Events Corps (1), Family Weekend Planning ' 

Committee (1), Tower Council (2), Fy I Student Leader (2), 

Bi^ Sister (2), Peer Advisor (2), The Profile - Feotiws and 

Sports Editor and Distribution Manager (2), Sophomore 

Family Weekend Registration and Publicity Co-Chair (2), 

Office of Communication News Services Intern (2), Phi Beta 

Theta (3,4), Office of Communieotion Creative Services Intern 




Jasmine Elizabeth JacKson 

English Literttti^re 

Atlanta, GJ\ 

Writing Center Tirtor 0), Eeonomie Empowerment Initiative 

(2), Circle K (2), Latinos Unidas (1), The National Societjj 

of Collegiate Scholars (4) 

aJameelah aiames-flnderSon 

flfrieana Stt^dies 

(Political Science) 

Stone MoiAntain, GS\ 

PMm Vice President 0), WitKazeO), flWlSfl (2,3), 

SlMBoH (Supportinj Intelligent Mothers with Babies and 

Allies) President and Founder (2,3,4), Senate (1), Profile 

(l),M§fl (2,3,4) 

RebeKah aJaijnes 
Irmo, SC 

Emilie Susanne aJones 

Theatre and English Literoti^re- Creative Writing 
Clinton, SC 

©lacKfriars (1,2,3,4), BlacKfriars' Tenderfoot Award 
Recipient (1), BlacKfriars' Treast^rer (2), ©lacKfriars' 
President (3), BlaeKfriars' Co-President (4), FSlacH Cot 
Costi^me Chair (2), BlacK Cat Junior Production Co-Chair 
and Co-Direetor (3), py I Leader (2,3), flSClOl Leader 
(4), SilhoMette (2,3), Pestle Board (4), ASCH D's 
Secretarj) of Transportation (1.2), Class of 2008 
Secretarj) (3), Scottie Orientation Staff (2), Orientation 
Council's Fttmili) Life Coordinator (3), Orientation Council's 
Transfer Student Coordinator (4), Dana Scholar (3), Bettj) 
Lou HoucK Smith Drama Scholarship Recipient (4), Dad's 
Garage Theatre Compani) Intern (4) 

Heidi Susanne Jones 


(Women's Studies) 

Carrollton, SC 

Activates Special Events Corps (1), SAFE Women (2) 


Evan Elizabeth Joslin 


Atlanta, GA 

NCAA Varsiti) BasKetball(1,2,3,4), NCAA Varsttji Cross*- 

Countri) (1,2,3,4) Cross Countrv) Captain (2,3,4), Special 

Events Corps (1), Tower Council (2,3,4), Orientation Council 

Athletic Coordinator (3,4), Student Athletic Advisorj) 

Committee (2,3,4), Mortar Board (4), American Chemical 

Soeietji (1,2,3,4), American Chemical Societt) Treasurer (3), 

American Chemical Societj) President (4) 

Aimee Kahn-FoSS 

Psi)cholo^i) and Women's Studies 

Colbert, GA 

Varsitj) Soccer (1,2,3,4), Varsitj) Soccer Co-Captain (2,3,4), 

Student Athlete Advisorjl Committee (2,3,4), Athletics 

Advisori) Committee (4), Triota (3,4), Triota Co-President 

(4), Psi Chi (3,4), Psi Chi Secretary (4), National Societv) of 

Collegiate Scholars (2,3,4), Women's Studies Advisory 

Group Student Representative (4), Colonnade Club (3), 

Mortar Board (4) 

Crystal «Rnn Keddie-Hill 


(Art History) 

Montgomery, AL 

Astrophysics + Job = No activities 

Breanna Sloan Kelly 

English Literatt^re- Creative Writing 

Midway, AL 

Tower Council (2,3,4), SEC (1), BlacKfriars (3,4) 

Domini(|ue Andrea Khan 

Art History and Religious Studies 

Silver Spring, MD 

Daughters of Gaia Founder/Co-President (1,2,3,4), 

Religious Life Council Member (1,2,3,4), Global Connections 

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Inter- 

Or^anizotional Council Representative (2), COSMO 


Samantha Lynn Knudsen 

Economics and Mathematics 

Gainesville, FL 

Silhouette (1,2), Resident Assistant (2), Resident 

Walters (3), Flute Choir (1.2,3), Omicron Delta 

(3,4), Sophomore Family WeeKend Registration Chair (2)7 

Infinity Club (2,3,4) 


©rtttnei) Danae Kohler 

Pi^blic Policii, Interdisciplinari) Political Science & 


Savannah, Georgia 

flgnes Scott SpeaKinj Center Tirtor (2,3,4), Women In 

Bi^siness 0,2,3,4), Sti^elent Senate (3), College F'^epHbUcans 

0,2,3), Class President (2), Sophomore Familjj WeeKend 

Committee (2), Black Cat Decorertions Chair 0) 

fllecia Kran? 


Denver, Colorado 

Softball 0), Residence Life (2), Best Buddies 0), Poetri) 

Etc. (3) 

Hon^ Minh Le 


Stone Moi^ntain, G.fl 

Asian Women 0), Orientation Coi^ncil (2), TriBeta (3), 

Profile (4) 

Veronica "Vonnie" Lee 


Marietta, Gfl 

Neve Life 0), Circle K 0), Silhouette 0), FU I Leader (2,3), 

Orientation SOS (2), Bi^ Sister (2,3), Sophomore Famili) 

WeeKend SUdeshou" Co-Chair (2), Asian Women (1,2, 

President 3, Co-VP 4), The Profile (Copy Editor 2, Neu^s 

Editor 2-3, Manajin^ Editor 4), COSMO (3), ISEP 

.Ambassador (4) 

Flachel L'HeweT« 
Philosophy and Music 
Ai^^i^sta, Gfl 

flUia Lindsay 

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica 

Erin Marie Linsenmeyer 

Pveligion & Social Justice 

(French and Political Science) 

West Chicago, I L 

Mortar Board (4), National Society of Collegiate Scholars 

0,2,3,4). [ota Iota Iota (3,4), Pi Delta Phi (2,3,4), Fy I 

Le./.der (2,3), Scottie Sister (2,3.4), Model UN 0,2), 

EmBriiiiij Leaders 0), Speaking Center Tutor (2,3,4), 

flelig!r,»:; %f^d[e,% Student -Aide 0,2,3,4), Tourer Council 

(2,3), SEC 0,2), Peer Advisor (3,4), fl^nes Scott College 

young Democ a'^s (2,3,4), =5oyful Noise 0,2,3,4) 


Linnette DeLowdes Franco Lozada 

English Literatwe and Spanish 

Lawrenceville, G«R 

eJames S. Kemper Scholar 0,2,3,4), Technology Prodi^etion 

Stt^dio 0,2), Writing Center Tutor (3), Residence Life 

Resident Assistant (2), Resident Direetor-flvery Glen (3) 

Carmella Manns 
Atlanta, Ga 

Stacy Mantooth 

Classical Languages & Literatiw 

Nancy, Ky 

Lyndsey-Michael Mcfldams 
(Art History) 
Bremen, Gfl 

D-Group Campus Crusade for Christ 0), Emerging Leaders 
0), flSy D (2,3), Special Events Corps 0,2), BlacK Cat 
Decorations Co-Chair (4), BlacK Cat Field Day Co-Chair 
0,2), eJP Co-Chair (3), Fy I Leader (3), Tower Council 
(3,4), Class Co-President (2,4), Silhouette 0,2,3), Pestle 
Board (4), BlacKfriars 0,2,3,4), BlacKfriars VP (3), 
BlacKfriars Co-President (4), Mortar Board (4), NyU 
Spring in Neu' yorK Program (2), Relay for Life (1,2), 
Orientation Council (2,4), SOS (3), Neu' Victory Theater 
Operations Apprentice (2), Alliance Theater Summer Camp 
Counselor (3,4), Little Shop of Stories Storyteller/BooK 
Saleswoman (3,4), DOS Student Worker 6,2) 

Diana MeJlnnally-Linz 


Monrovia, Cfl 

.American Chemical Society (3,4) 

Kristin Razzeca McCau^hey 

Psychology and Spanish 

Salt LaKe City, tlT 

S.flFE Women 0,2), Sti^dy Abroad in Spain (3) 

Lauren Claire McClees 

Classical Civilizations 


Atlanta, GA 

Eta Sigma Phi 0), .flgnes Scott College Republicans 0), i 

Classics Club (2), Publics (1). Psychology Club 0) 

Colleen Marie MeCrei^ht 

fieli^ion & Social eS^stiee 

(Sociolo^i) & <.flnthropolo^i|) 

Ontario, Cfl 

Fair Trade Campaign (3,4), Living Wa^e Campaign (3,4), 

Project for Peace (4), oflmnestj) International (2,3,4) 

Kotherine Marie MeCroarj) 

Biolojij and Political Science 

Leesville, Lfl 

Daughters of Gaia (2,3,4), fSiolo^jf Learning Assistant (4) 

Abigail McGraw 
Rome, Gfl 

Kristal aJaiden Lei^h McKenzie 

English LiteratiAre-Creative Writing 

Atlanta, Gfl 

CatnpT^s Girl Scoots 0), Best Buddies (2), Librari) fldvisorj) 

Group (3,4) 

Shannon Lei^h McKni^ht 
Political Science 
(Spanish and flrt Historjf) 
Tompa Bai|, FL 

Campus CrMSade for Christ (1), Special Events Corps (1), 
Lotinas tinidos (2,4), Sophomore Fomilj) Weekend 
Decorations Chair (2), BlacH Cot Decorations Chair (3), 
Fy I Leader (3), flSC In Spain Program, fii^ Sister/Little 
SUter (2,3,4), Tower Coi^ncil (2,3,4), S.flFE Women (3,4), 
Strident Government Secretari| (2007), Silhonette kJearbooK 
(3, Design Editor 4), Pestle Board (4), Residence Life 
Resident .Assistant (2,3), [Resident Director- Walters (4), 
Mortor Board (4), Mortar Board BlacK Cat Chair (4), 
Dana Scholar (4) 

Emilij McLemore 
s5oppa, MD 

Rq^n Merchant 

Emerson, GJ\ .*w,..™."> 

Natalie Miscolta-Cameron 
Seattle, Wfl 

yvonne Nicole Mitchell 

Economics & Organizational Management 

Coni)erS, Georgia 

flSCBasKetball 0,2,3,4) 

Cherie Murrat) ^ 

Sociolo(ji| S?.flnthropolo^i) 
Cflfricana Studies) 
Decatur, Gfl 

-fl^nes Scott College Bi^ Sister/Little Sister Program (1,2), 
Best Buddies (1),e!oi)ful Noise Gospel Choir (1,2,3,4), Senate 
(3), Special Events Corps (1.2), Social Council (2), 
S.T.R.O.N.G Sisters (2,3,4), Witkaze (1,2,3,4), WitKaze 
Planning Committee Co-Chair (2), Witkaze Secretary (3), 
WitKaze Vice-President (4), Women in Business (2) 
"TalK back to the spirit of discouragement. SpeaK instead to 
faith. Faith saijS don't (|uit believing. Keep pressing for ijour 
blessin^.'-Reverend aJerrj) D. BlacK 

Vinitha Nareddj) 

Biolo^ij and Chemistrj) 

New Port Rieheri|,FL '^ 

Candice M. Narvaez 

Economics & Organizational Management 

Decatur, G,f\ 

Associations Allocating Funds Committee (1), (Judicial Board 

Representative (1,2), flSC Dance Team Captain (3,4), '08 

BlacK Cat Dance Chair (1,2,3,4) 

Katherine Irene Newbury 

Religious Studies and Classical Lanjua^es & Civilizations 

Smijrna, Gfl 

BlacK Cot Decorations Chair (1), Notional Senior Classical 

League (1), (Judicial Board (1,2), BlacKfriars (1,2), Georgia 

Senior Classical League (Historian 1, Parliamentarian 2, 

President 3, Honorary) Representative 4), Classical 

-Association of the Midwest and South (3), Safe fl^nes Scott 

Sisters (3, Organizational Chair 4), -flSCTV (3, 

Programming Director 4), Peer Educator in Religious Studies 

(4), Living Wa^e Campaign (4) 

Thujl Hon^ Thi N^Uijen 
Biolo^t) and Historji 
Snellville, Gfl 

Asian Women (1,2,3, President 4), Best Buddies (2,3, 
Coordinator 3), Bi^ Sister/Little Sister (2), -HSC .Apprentice 
(1), Pre-Med -Association (2,3, Treasurer 4), Great Scott 
Panel (4), Nationol Museum Fellow for Minorities ( 
COSMO (3,4) 



Lawa ELlese NicKles 
Chapel Hill, NC 

Erin Nicole Nijc 

Economics & Organizational Man^ment 


Decffh^r, Gfl 

FLirte Choir (1,2,3,4), Si^ma Alpha Iota- Gamma Eta 

(2,3,4), Sijma Alpha Iota- Gamma Eta Treasurer (3), 

Si^ma Alpha Iota- Gamma Eta Co-President (4), Senate 

(2,3), Soccer (1) 

race Nix. 

istorjl an<f Phtlosophij: Ethics Focus 
la^iti), GA 

Political Science 
Snellville, GA 

Rachel Ololacle OImwo 


Stone Mountain, GA 

Fellowship Of Christian Sti^clents (3,4), Special Events Corps 

(1,2), AWISA (1,2,3,4), ISA (1,2). WitKaze (1,2), Fy I 

Leader (2), Vice President, Treasurer- PreMed Association 

(2,3,4) Pestle Board (4),=5oi)ful NoUe (1,2,3) 

Bethani) Michelle Osborn 


St. Charles, Missouri 

Varsity Volleijball (1,2,4), Scottie Swim Instructor (2,3,4), 

Psijcholo^i) Club (1,2,34), Scottie Spirit S<{uad (2,4) 

Sarah Otto 

Religious Sti^dies 

Hampton, VA 

Delta Pi Kappa (1), Social Council (1), Safe A^nes Scott 

Sisters (SASS) (2,3,4), Scottie Sisters (2), Student Senate 

(2), Social Council (2), ShowTime (2), Programming Board 

Committee (2,4) 


Charone D. Pa^ett 

Political Science and Women's Studies 

Atlanta, GA 

ASCTV (2,3,4), A.D.O.[^E (3), Woodruff Scholar 


Miranda Patton 
Granite Falls, NC 

yeshei) Pelzom 
Atlanta, GA 

Allison Petti) 
Mari)ville, TN 

eJudith Lillian Pierce 

Political Science 

Alameda, CA 

SAFE Women Executive Board (1,2,3,4), A^nes Scott y oun^ 

Democrats Co-Founder and Executive Member (2,3,4), The 

Vagina Monologues - Actress (1), Junior Production - 

Writer and Actress (3) 

(Jenna CocKerton PollocK 

Political Science 

(Religious Sti^dies) 

Sharon, MA 

Studj) Abroad in Chiang, Mai, Thailand and Muscat, Oman, 

Model United Nations, Sti^dent Representative to the 

Curriculum Committee (2), Emer^in^ Leaders, ASC 

Volleijball (1), Sti^dent Calling, dSA 

Rebecca Poole 
Historj) and PhiloSof 
youn^sville, NC 


Marj) Elizabeth Pope 

Theatre ^ 

Raijle, GA 

BlacKfriars (1,2,3,4), Campus Crusade for Christ (1), Fy I 

Leader (2), S.O.S. (2), Pestle Board (4), Scottie Sister 




fllijSon PoruroU 

Political Science and Pstjcholo^i) 

BaKersfieU, Cfl 

Sophomore Famili) Weekend Rin^ Ceremoni) Chair (2), 

Black Cat Decorations Chair (2), Black Cat Chair (3), 

py I Leader (2), Sti^dent Senate (1,2,3), Mortar Board 

President (4), PMbliiAS President (3,4), Orientation Cot^neil 

(1,2), Orientation Council President (3) 

Nicole Lijnn Powell 


Maijsville, Gfl 

flSC Softball (12,3,4) Captain (4), flSC Basketball 0,2) 

Heather Rankins 

Women's Studies 

Morgan City, Lfl 

S.fl.F.E. Women Vice President (3,4), Witkaze, Secretarj] 

(3,4), Strident Government Execirtive Board Secretary (1), 

Black Cot Party Day Chair (4), Common Ground 

TreasiArer (3,4), Pestle Board (4) 

Brittany DeFilippo Rast 

Sociology & Anthropology and Women's Sti^dieS 

Parker, CO 

Black Cat Party Day Chair (1,2,3), Speaking Center Ti^or 

(2,3,4), Iota Iota Iota (4), loto Iota Iota Communications 

Vice President (4), SOS Coordinator (2), SOS (1,2), Sti-ldio 

Dance Theater (2) 

Janijcta Karina Reyes 


Tucker, GJl 

Scottie Social Dance Association (1,2,3,4), Habitat for 

Humanity (1,2,3,4), Psychology Club (1,2,3,4), Orientation 

Council (2,3), Tower Council (2.3), French Tutor (2,3,4), 

Fy I/flSClOl Leader (2,3,4), Tower Council (2,3,4), 

Student Representative of the Strategic Planning 

Coordinating Committee (3,4), Pestle Board (4) 

Daijesya Lyn Riley 

' flnthropolo|y 
[untain, Gfl 
mts Corps (1,2,3), Witkaze (1), Joyful Noise 
(12,4), Judicial Board Representative (3,4) 


Laurel Rose Roberts-h 



San Rafael, Cfl 

Luchsin^ers (1,2, President 3 & 4), Special Events Cor^ 

Swim Instructor (1), Collegiate Chorale (1, Secretary 2 & 

3), Sotto Voce (1,2,3), Resident Assistant (3), Junior''' 

Recital (3), Si^ma Alpha Iota (2, Vice President 3, 

Secretary & Programs Chair 4), Senate (4) 

Maryam Micheline [-Robinson 



Atlanta, GA 

Muslim Strident Association (1,2,3,4), Honor Court (3,4), 

COSMO (4), Special Events Corps (2), Sophomore Family 

Weekend Entertainment Chair (2), Varsity Tennis (1), 

Varsity Volleyball (2), Pre Medical Association (1,2,3,4), 

Blackfriars Production (4) 

yazmin [■^odri^uez 
International ['delations 
Decatur, GA 

Audrey Roetman 
Atlanta, GA 

Sydney youn^ Rucker 


(Africana Studies) 

Varsity Volleyball (4), Witkaze (4), Witkaze Alumni 

Liaison (2), Strong S.I.S.T.A.S. (4), Black Cat Step Team 

(2), Witkaze Step Team (3), Committee on Academic 

Standards and Advising (3), SAAC Volleyball 

Representative (2) 

Timinika Pearl Rucker 

Studio Art 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Economic Empowerment Initiative (EEI) (1,2,3,4) 

Kristen Run^e 


Perry, GA 

Psychology Club (2,3,4), SAFE Women Secret 

Chi (3,4), Psi Chi Vice President (4) 



Lauren §aroh Sadler 
Religion & Social Jt^stice 
Savannah, GJ\ 
Tri Beta Biological Honor Societj) (1), Jewish Student 
Association 0,2,3,4), President of eSeuish Student 
flssociotion (3,4), Vice President of Jeuish Stt^dent 
Association (2), Bij SUter (3,4), SAFE Women (2), 
COSMO (2,3,4), Reli^ioMS Life Council (2,3,4), Safe 
A^nes Scott Sisters (S ASS) (3,4) 

EriKa Sanchez 

%onomics & Organizational Management 

(French) ^ 

Dalton, GS\ 

Lotinas Unidas (1, Chair 2, Treaswer 3 & 4), Habitat for 

Htwanitji (2,3, Treasurer 4), French Club (3, TreaST^rer 4) 

fllison Schultz 
English and Historj) 
Warren, MI 

Alexandria Grace Sch^lz 


Oxford, Gfl 

Circle K (1), Social Council (1,2), Special Events Corps 

(1,2), Omicron Delta Epsilon (2,3,4), Semester flbroad- 

Netherlands (3), Programming Board (3,4), SGfl Execirtive 

Board (4) 

"I didn't invent the raini) dajf, man. IjMSt oumthe best 

umbrella." -aJimmi) Fallon in .Almost Famous 

Gretchen Lijnn SchureerS 

Psijcholo^v) and Philosophij 

Cleveland, TN 

Studio Dance Theatre (1,2,3,4), Tower Council (2,3,4), 

Psvjcholo^i) Club (2,3) 

P\.ebeKah Sue Sco^^ins 
-Rrt Historj) 
Griffin, Gfl 

Technolo^vf Production Studio Media Assistant (1,2,3,4), 
Dana. Design (2), Scottie Sister (2,3), E-Portfolio Tutor 
(2.3.,4), Scottie Spirit Sc^uad (3), ASC Blo^ Diva (3), Art 
h'i^^toT v; i'heme House Student Leader and Department 
i. •.L"2;,r: -Aj, ElBmentarif flrt Show Coordinator (3), flrt 
H 4at J t'lKud House Event Planner (3), Web fldvisorj) 

G\V\? '■4;7,-:S?:r(4) 


Nicolle Maria Scruj^s 

Residence Life Resident flssistont (2,3), 2008 Co- 
President (3), Green Earth Organization Member (1,2,3,4), 
Secretarif (3,4), Pestle Board (4) 

Lauren Shields 
Las Ve^as, NV 

Rebecca Marie flnn Simmons 

Religious Studies 

Griffin, GJ\ 

Dou^hters of Gaia (President 1), SAFE Women (2), 

Sophomore Famili) Weekend (Volunteer Coordinator 3), Fyi 

(3), BlacK Cat Co-Chair (Decorations 3), Safe fl^nes Scott 

Sisters (3), Peer Educator in Religious Studies (4), S=RSS 


Domoni(^ue N. Smith 

Sociolo^i) 6? flnthropolo^j) 

Heidelberg, Germanij 

BlacKfriars (l,2,4),'sflFE Women (2,3), Pestle Board (4), 

Residence Life Resident Assistant (4) 

Anna Lee Spence 



.Atlanta, GJ\ 

Psijcholo^i) Club (1,2,3), flSCF (2,3,4), Joj)ful Noise (3,4), 

flSCR (2), Bi^ Sister/Little Sister (3), Pestle Board (4), 


fllijcia Spinner 
Macon, Gfl 

aJenna Rose Ste^in 



Atlanta, Gfl _^ j 

Bi^ Sister (1), Peer Leader (1), Notional Societjj for I 

Collegiate Scholars (1,2,3,4), Circle K Seeretarj) (3), Circle j 

K Vice-President (4), Phi Alpha Theta (3,4), Office of ! 

Communications Intern (3, 4) 

LaMren BlaKe SttKeleerther 

Spanish and flrt Historj) 

Charlotte, NC 

flmnestj) International 0,2), FMLfl/Wave (1,2,3,4), y o^n^ 

Democrats (3,4) 

Lijllian Surann 
Deeatt^r, Gfl 

Ktttherine Sunnford 
Women's Stidies 
Bexlei), OH 

Sarah Sury^ert 

Biochemistri) and MoleeiUar fSiolo^ij 

Decoti^r, GS\ 

Nancif-flnnThebaMt ^ 

flrt Historji and Political Science 
Gainesville, Florida 
Honor CoMrt President (2006), Student Government 
Association President (2007), French Theme House "^ 
Coordinator (2), French Club Co-President (2), -flrts 
Stjmposium Co-Chair (3,4), Project for Peace Chair 
(2007), Board of Trustees Student flepresentotive (3,4) 

Claire Thomas 


(Political Science) 

Tallohassee, Fl 

Joijful NoUe (1,2,3,4), Social Council 0,2), Showtime 0,2), 

Programming Board (3,4), Seottie Spirit S<|uad (2), Lotinas 

Unidos (2,3,4), Mortar Board (4), Pestle Board (4) 

Marj) Li)nn S^elistowsKi 

Economics and Classical Lan^ua^es & Literoti^re 
Tampa, FL 

Social Council 0), fl^nes Scott College Republicans Vice 
Chairman 0), Student Calling 0,2), .fl^nes Scott 
Conservative Forum Vice President (2), Resident Assistant 
(2), Girl Scout Assistant Leader (2), A^nes Scott College 
Republicans Chairman (2,3), Colonnade Club (3), Board of 
Trustees Associate Member Finoncial Committee (3), 
Refugee Familif Services Tutor (4), Georgia Association of 
College Republicans Atlanta Area Field Director (3,4), 
A^nes Scott College Republican Executive Director (4), 
Georgia Association of College [Republicans Photographer 
(3,4), Georgia Association of College [■Republicans Campus 
Activism Director (4), Georgia Association of College 
Repi^blieans Financial Secretary) (4) 

Lei^h TaKota 

Spanish and Women's Sti^dies 

Alpharetto, GA 

Fall Fashion Show 0), Senate 0), Special Event Corps 

(1,2,3,4), Habitat for Humanitj) 0,2 Fundraisinj Chair 3, 

Vice President 4), Blackfriars 0,2,3,4), dSA 0,2, Co- 

Pr^ident 3, Vice President 4), Asian Women (1, Vice 

President 2,3,4), Democratic Partjl of Georgia Intern (1), 

TleW^ House Project 0), Dekalb Rape Crisis Center 

^pP^ SSDA (2,3,4). Si^ma Alpha lota (3,4), Triota 

(S,4), Junior Production (3), Dragon Boat Race (4) 

Laura Elizabeth Thomas 


(Asian Studies) 

Charlotte, NC 

eJapanese Theme House Event Coordinator (2), Curriculum 

Committee (3,4),a5apanese Cultural Events Committee (4) 

Caroline Thompson 

Religious Stt^dies & Social Justice and Earlj) Childhood 


Newnam, GA 

Adria Toliver 

Psycholo^jl and Women's Str^dies 

Dallas, TX 

Melissa Marie Tollei) 



Swannanoa, NC 

Faust Club 0,2,3), Infmitif Club 0,2,3,4 President), Math 

Learning Center Tutor (2,3,4), Field HocKei) (2,3,4), A^nes 

Scott College Republicans (2,3), A^nes Scott College Houn^ 

Democrats (3), National Societi) of Collegiate Scholars (3- 

Vice President, 4- President), REll in Mathematics (3), 

Association for Women in Mathematics (3,4) 



Anna Catherine Trematne 

Psi)cholo^t| and French 

Anchorage, flK 

Sti^dio Danee Theatre 0,2,4), Stidj) abroad in France (3) 

Mart)am Tahira Trowell 
Fairfax, Vfl 

Tower Council Q, Intern 4), SJIFE Women (3, Treasurer 4), 
fl§a01 Leader C4), Orientation Council (2,3), FW I 
J:.ead5i^»), Programming Board Vice President of 

ions (3), Shourtime! (1, President 2), The Profile 
0), Vagina F^nolo^ues 0), Special Events Corps (1) 

Lauren Michelle Turinin^ 

International Relations 


Warner Robins, Gfl 

Si^ma Alpha Iota (1-Communitj| Service Chair, 2-Editor, 3- 

Secretari), 4- Vice President for Membership), Mortar Board 

(4), National Soeietjj of Collegiate Scholars, Fk) I Leader 

(2,3), Bi^ Sister (2,3), Special Events Corps (1,2,3), flSC 

Communiti) Orchestra (1,2,3,4), Piano Duets(1,2,3,4), 

Model United Nations (3), Conservative Forum (1) 

Katharine L. Tijler 
Economics and French 
BlacKfriars (1,2,3,4) 

flnne Elise van fSeKKum 


(Sociolo^i) © flnthropolo^ij) 

Nor cross, Gfl 

Psijeholo^i) Club (1, 2(Treasurer)3,4), Student Senate 

(2,3(§ecretari)), 4( President)), Student Government 

Association Exec (4), Mortar Board (4), Psi Chi (3,4), 

Sustainabiliti) Steering Committee (4), Circle K (1,2,3,4) 

Marie Vanderpujje 
International Pvelotions and French 
Cantements, -Accra Ghana 

^- /.'.-..-jf'ip of ChrUtian Students (1,2,3,4), Senate (1,2), 
■ '" "13), Joyful Noise (1,2,3,4), Model United 


DameKa Waller 
Biolo^i) and Neuroscience 
Decati^r, Gfl 

Lorianne Nicole Watts 

Women's Studies 


flnniston, Alabama 

A^nes Scott Dance Team (1), Common Ground (1,2) 

(Publicity Chair 2), Aurora (1,2,3,4) (Treasurer 2,3), 

Seottie Sisters (1,2,3,4), Studio Dance Theater (2,3,4) 

Jamenda Michelle Whitehead 


College ParK, Georgia 

ASC BasKetball (1,2,3,4 Captain), <Jov)ful Noise (1,2.3.4 

Directress), ASC Bi^ Sister/ Little SUter (1.2,3.4). 

Athletics AdvUori) Board Committee for 2007-2008 

Caitlyn Grace Whitten 


Charlotte, NC 

Volleyball Team (1,2, Captain 3). Softball Team (1,2), Tri- 

Beta Biological Honor Society (2, Secretary 3, President 4), 

American Chemical Society (1,2, Vice President 3, Historian 

4), Mortar Board (3.4) 

Jennifer Pai^e Whitton 

International Relations 


aJohnson City. TN 

Tower Council (2,3). Cross-Country (2), Campus Christian 

Fellowship (2.3,4), A^nes Scott College Community 

Orchestra (1,2.3) 

(Julia Sierra WilKinSon 

Religious Studies with a Concentration in SoeialeJiAlticesand 
Africana Sti^dies ^^ 

Tybee Island, GA 

Colonnade Club (1), National Society of Collegiate Scholars 
(1,2,3.4). FaithWorKs Tanzania (2). Ni^htUjht Worship 
Leader (2). Honor Court (2). Chaplain Search Committee ' 
(2), SASS-Reli^ion Department (2,3,4), Junior year 
Abroad in South Africa (3), Resident Assistant (2), 
Resident Director-Avery Glen €? Theme Houses (4), 
Mortar Board AlumnaeChM(4), Joyful Noise Gospel 
Choir-Vice President (^^^^Bj^n Department, Peer 
Educator (4) 

flshleij Michelle Williams 



Savannah, Gfl 

eJoijfMl Noise(1,2), flllocations Committee (1), Special Events 

Corps 0,2), WitKaze (1,2,3,4), WitKaze Co-CommMnitj) 

Chair, Historian (2), Special Events Department Staff 

(1,2,3,4,), Sti^dent Government Chair of Strident 

MMltieiUti^ral Organizations (2,3,4), President's Committee 

on CommMnitj) DiverSitj) (3,4), Mortar Board- Membership 

Chair, Historian (4), Board of Trustees- Strident Life 

Committee flssoeiote Member (3,4), Sti^dio Dance Theoter 

(3,4), President's Inaw^wotion Planning Committee (3), 

CDC iSevier Intern (4), Pestle Board (4) 

,4), SpRlTOat 

Celia Leeflnn Worlei) 
Jldairsville, GJ\ 

Softball Team (1,2,3,4), SHPsolTOaptain (3), Scottie Sprit 
S(jMad President (4), flstronomif Club (1,2,3), Fsijcholo^i) 
CUb (2,3,4), FMLfl (2,3), Southeastern Psychological 
tion(3,4) "^ 

Kelso Olin Wyeth 


Chattanooga, TN 

Latinas Unidas (2,3), Infinttv) Club (1,2,3,4), The Profile 

(1,2,3,4), LBTQIfl Collective (3,4), Math Leaminj Center 

TiAtor (3,4) 

Heather flllison Williams 


Decatur, Gfl 

Stocj) Victoria Williams 



OaKfield, Georgia 

PTibliMS Events Co-Chair (3), Pi^bliMS Treasurer (4) 

Danielle Nicole Willis 

Economics & Organizational Management 

Rome, G/i 

Shourtime (1,2), SAFE Women (2,3), Cheerleadin^ (1,3,4) 

Shenieee Willis 
Psi|eholo^i) and EdMcotion 
OaKfield. Gfl 

Cidne Lemon Wine^ar 


Harrison, TN 

Latinos tlnidas (1,2,3), .R^nes Scott Conservative For^m 

(2,3), Psi Chi (3.4) 

flij^er Woods 
P^^^fl^and Edi^cotion 

ChiAnvjin^ %ie 

Mathematics and Economics 
Shanghai, China 

Class Treaswer (2,3,4), Fy I Leader (2), Scottie Sister 
(2,3,4), International Student Association (1,2,3,4-Co- 
President), Infinitj) Club (3-Secretari), 4), Mortar Board 
(4-Co-Vice President), Notional Societi) of Collegiate 
Scholars (1,2,3,4), Omicron Delta Epsilon (3,4) 

Nonmen^ ^l^ 

Biochemistry) ond Molecular Biolo^i) 

Atlanta, Gfl 

Orientotion Council (2,3,4), Habitat for HMmanittj (1,2,3- 

Vice President, 4-Co-President), International Stt^dent 

Association (1,2-VolMnteer Choir, 3,4-Co-President), 

American Chemicol Society (1,2,3,4- Treoswer), National 

Societi) of Collegiate Scholars (1,2,3,4), FH I Leader (2), 

Scottie Sister (3), Mortar Board (4-Co-Vice President), 

StiAdent liep on Presidentiol Search Committee (2) 

Rio y^ 

Hinesville, GA 

Leona Elizabeth %ipperer 

Clossicol Ctvilizotions 

(Fieli^ioMS Studies) 

Voldosto, GA 

Untitled (1,2), Daughters of Goio (1), Collective (1,2,3), Eto 






h^x\&d 6cott etudente have a wide variety of o^lone when It comee 
to dub involvement at A^nee. the Co\\e0e eneuree that every student 
will be able to find something they want to be Involved In and if not 
then they are welcome to add to the College's list of clubs. Currently i 
the College plays host to three etudent publications: Aurom, The \ 
Frofile, and The Silhouette, the College aieo off ere academic \ 

organizations; American Chemical Society, Astronomy Club, 3eta 3eti 
Peta, Pana Scholars, Mortar 3oard, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi 3eta Kappa, i 
Phi Sigma Tau, Pi Delta Phi, Psi Chi, Sigma Alpha lota, Fre-Med 
Association, Sigma Delta Pi, Society of Physics Students, and Theta I 
Alpha Kappa. Seven cultural clubs: AWISA, Asian Women, Faust Club, i 
French Club, International Student Association, Latinas IMdae. and j 
Witkaze. While these clubs show the cultural diversity on campus the ' 
following show the rell^loue diversity: baptist College Ministry, i 

Daughters of Gala, Fellowship of Christian Students, Jewish Student 
Association, Muslim Student Association, New Life Campus Crusade fci 
Christ, New Westminster Fellowship, Newman Gub, Unitarian \ 

Universalist, and Wesley Fellowship. Agnes Scott also provides j 

students with several opportunities to be involved with leadership, i 

»ome of the special leadership groups include: the Coiomade Club, 
\m6r0\n0 leadere, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Orientation 
Ibuncil, Religious Life Council, Residence Life, and Tower Council. Agnes 
j'cott is dedicated to service and has chapters of ^est buddies, 
■ampus (3irl Scouts, Circle K, and Habitat for Humanity. Many 
'cotties also take to heart the charge to ingage the social challenges 
If their times as shoivn by the exsistence of ADORE, Amnesty 
iiternational, HvlLA, GEO, L3TQIA Collective, and SAFE Women. There 
jre also many students who are politically active involved in such 
jroups as ASCF, ASCR, ASC Libertarians, and ASCYD. Scotties also 
'ake pride in the roles they play in COSMO, Honor Court. \0C. Judicaial 
I'oard, Programming 3oard, S(3A, Student Calling, Student Senate, 
jnd Woodruff Scholars Or0an\zat\on. beyond academics and express 
'fadereHp organizations many students find outlets for their creative 
lides in ASC-TV, ^laclcf riars, CUora\e, the Dance Team, Rute Choir, 
kndlwotie Club, Joyful Noise, Luchsingers. Orchestra, Outdoor 
jdventure Club, Poetry Etc., and Studio Dane Theatre. A few of these 
ubs are shown on the following pages. 



md^-jm^- ^1 ^l^^^^^H ^^^ ^1 


K^^^Hk^L^^^i^^llS '.fl 


1 i4\j>ft(i;>*- 


SGA works hard for YOU! 

SGA has been an Agnes Scott institution for more than 100 
years but each year, the SGA Exec Board nnakes the position 
their own! This year, the theme was working for peace and 
cooperation. It started with Project for Peace, then SGA Exec 
collaborated to prepare one of the most fun Leadership 
Retreats of all! The new SGA Exec Board has its own goals and 
aspirations and with the determination and dedication of these 
awesome Scotties, there's no telling how many great things will 
happen at ASC! 

2007 Exec Board: 
Nancy Thebaut - President 
Brittney Little - Treasurer 
Shannon McKnight - Secretary/ 
Election Chair 

jayna bastian - IOC Chair 

Alyson Porwoll - DC President 

Lies van Bekkum - Senate 


Becca Poole - Honor Court 


Allia Lindsay - J-Board Presides 

Ashley Williams - COSMO Chair 

Alexandria Schuiz - ProBo 


2008 Exec Board: 
Brittney Little - President 
SIgi Choi - Treasurer 
Indira Cruz - Secretary/Electior 
Chair | 
Meg Beyer - IOC Chair 

Laura van Duursen - 00 Presid( 

Rocio Rodriguez - Senate 


Elizabeth Butterworth - Honor 

Court President 

Allia Lindsay - J-Board Presiden 

Am'Asa Baldwin - COSMO Chaih 

Meredith Goodman - ProBo 


you'ri^ on 

If liHiif iiBg^fi 

reiSESf ©lEO^'S'S UssiKgl'ffflWII IDd^E® ^©(D^g ILniii Wan Hg: 

gSSf ©gSS^'B'iSgg S&SEWm !Ds®WKii„ iJJl!ll>!LS&i!?i ^= WlllL!i,Sj S3 

IFsiiaiiBS'irB ILiii^Da IScEBsami! Wmm 

Issaao S^EHIE, !DlKI!E!lE„ 


Jac(«c«f Hc^Gi/id 

The JBoard Crew: 

Allia Lindsay, 

Qian Zhang, 

Rachel Evans, 

Kimberly Brewer, 

Enkeshi Thorn, 

Brittany Manning, 

Densya Riley, 

Colleen Cogan 

Drunk? Sneaking in naughty men, 
stealing plates and salt shakers from 

Evans, smoking near the buildings 
that burn!!! I know I know, I'm always 

looking over my shoulder for these 

gals. Whatchu' gonna do when they 

come for you?! 


Bubbly and high spirited, the ladies of Honor Cou 
manage to be both honorable and fun! Who knev\;! 


TOst a(yc6ee>, the Mafia are babies 

?.? ^irb, Only outside of Court 

"c eee these eenoue facee. Yikes! 

Honor Court Ladies: Sarah Bowen, Rebecca Poole, Maryam Robinson, Indira (u- 

Christine Belba-Smith, Lisa Amaker, Hannah G^fi' 

Qaee Officere 

Amazon Wamore 

QaeeofZO] 1 : 
Anna \oun0, Keleey 
6hauL Kris f helps, 
Rachel 3ur0er 


M60 ^eyer, Mar0ar6t 

McMillan, Hanwen Li 

and Chelsea 


Hot pictured Justine 



Qassof 2003: 

Cat ^oyle, Chunyin^ Xie, Sabma Qntron , 

^riana Cox an<;l Lyndsey McAdams. 

Qassof 2009: 
Sarah Ka\ar\e, Ashley Mengwasser, 

Jakevia &rown and Sl^i Choi. 
Not pictured Laura Van Duursen 



Council Members-. 

Sophie> Morell 

Alison Ethericl3e 

Ne»nmen3 yu 

Anne* brye>nt 

Kimberly We»tt 

Evein Joslin 

Indirei Cru2 
J Emilie Tones 
n britte>ny Little 
1 MereJith frooclme»n 

Alyson Porwoll 

C«»therine boyle 

Eli2e>beth butterworth 

frwenclylon Smith 

Lynclsey McAcle»ms 

Decin Michelle He>ll 



ResUfe Staff: 

Mary-Bd"^ Floi/imoLj, Hanwen Li, Ka\^bem Ci/iff^), 

FazilaAseem, Mi^aela 5(ieldt, Lauren McCai/ilei^, 

Dladele A^insi^u, Vmessa Herring, ^lessica 

Moore Rocio Rodriguez, Domonlqi/ie 5mit(^, 

Nadia Mitc(neii, ^Jiiiian Wells, 5f\ea Hi/inter, Laura 

bans, ZiJia 5i/in, Jennifer Sefa-Boa^ye, 5(nannon 

McKnig(nt, 5ara(i Kaiaris, Helen Tzow, Anna 

Ti/ic^er, :)Miia Wilkinson, Eowbjn-Rose Sinclair, 

Rachel l3Mn^er, Haylei) Maxwell, ^ 

Mortar board 


Lisa Amaker, Kate Binkow, Briana Cox, 
Vanessa Herring, Claire Huddleston, 
Evan Joslin, Aimee Kahn-Foss, Lyndsey 
McAdams, Shannon McKnight, Taji 
Gkolo, Alyson Porwoll, Lauren Twining, 
Lies van Bekkum, Caitlyn Whitten, Julia 
Wilkinson, Ashley M. Williams, Chunying 
Xie, Nanmeng Yu 


Because we do it better, Pestle Board is a board full of fuELlovin! 
Seniors and rising Seniors in tlie Spring. We love to poke 
stiff counterparts, but it's all lo 

at our 

&\0ma Alpha \ota 

6AI eietere 2007-200d\Uz Hartnatt, Kim Cve^e, Pauline Worusski, Erin Nix, Ponna 

Wrobb, Lei^h lakata, Kata Hadman, 3ath 3rauneteh Kieea Uercado. Lauren Twining, Emily 

Frantz, Laurel Roberte-Meeee, Tiffany Qaibome, and Michelle 6tc»kee. 

BCM: Baptist Collegiate Ministry 

"Tor nk are Qp^'s nkvhnmship, created in Christ Jesus to h ^ooi rHorhs, ^hich Qoi prepared in adiance ^or us to do. 

—"Ephesians 2:10 

Delow: /cottie/ at the bCA International /tudent Picnic at /tone Mountain (Left) 

Above: bapti/t Coilesiate Aini/try weekly bible /tudy (Bjsht) 


Above (Ri^ht): aiSfl members and fellow seotties design boxes to 
benefit the Women's shelter dwin^ Harvest Fesi 









iiichelnQer Aluiti Aehlt^y 

luchemijere a CappeWa \e buretiiicj at thd^ scfanis thi? yaar with the iarijeet group to date, \\e\\emo^ in 
a naw eound, mora mod(?rn r(?p(?rtoira, and e^jew aAdmQ some vocal parcuseion. After the reXeaee of 
their first etucWo-recorded CD, luchelnQere ebowe no ekjn of stoppin(j! 


Hew Ufa f 

"Do everythhLj in lova." -Corinthians 1 6: 1 4 



jb members; Jessica Bolton, Abbey 
ackhouse, Lauren Beacham, Alison Carter, 
[rah Bowen, Janixia Reyes, Virginia Luttrell, 
jd Rose Psalmond take part in the club's 
[ibitat for Humanity build day. 

Evan Bodine, Katie Gaido, Megan Lank, Sarah Lyn 
Jones, Bria Washington, Jessica Bolton, Mimi-Lee 
Curtis, Janixia Reyes, Kristen Runge, and Anna 
Spence enjoy the annual picnic. 

P« Chi 

Uhe National Honor Society in Psychology 

hley Mengwasser, Catherine 
crest, Aimee Khan-Foss, Cidne 
Tion, Jessica Bolton, Rachel 
stieberry, Lindsay Burdette, Ayla 
tcheson, Sarah Lyn Jones, Bria 
ishington, Eleanor Campbell, Dr. 
oley. Lies Van Bekkum, Dr. 
ghes. Abbey Stackhouse, and 
eper McDonald. 

New officers for 2008: Laura Shaver, Aimee Kahn- 
Foss, Peeper McDonald, and Bria Washington 

Laura Shaver, Aimee Kahn-Foss, 
Ashley Mengwasser, Bria 
Washintgon, Kristen Runge, Peeper 
McDonald, Jessica Bolton, Abbey 
Stackhouse, Rachel Castleberry, Lies 
Van Bekkum, and Eleanor Campbell 
meet for the fall Induction at Jake's. 



"LaJinas UNIDAS is an orgardjailon. focused on. the 
importance of aJlowin^ others to iDecome aware of 
Latin American cultures. We are sisterhood of dedicated 
women who have embraced the meaning of being a 
woman of color, a woman of race, a woman of culture, 
a woman of love and Latin beauty." 

'Andrea. N. Martinet Preskkrd- 

A SisHxi^nooA ci tte Americaj 

The women of Latinas Unidas (LU) are not just 
your everyday club; they're working to make a 
change in the world! They're actively involved 
in civil and political participation and in recent 
years have worked to create a united voice by 

working with other Spanish-speaking 

organisations in and around the Atlanta area. 

LU participates with these organisations in 

order to be a mechanism of creating a 

stronger social network by coordinating 

events like fundraisers, voluteer days, political 

jrotests, and even parties! 

Meraba^: Andrea N. Martines (President), Podo 
Rodrigues (Qj-vice-jresident), Erittany Eirwin (Co- 
vice jresident), Erika Sandhej (Treasurer), Claire 
Thomas (Secretan^, Jessica Moore, A. Kalena 
Williams, Erin Camer, Lauren Dukes. Letida 
Santos, Alexis Alexander 


%SC }joum uemocrais 

\ Members qather jor a 
f^roiip photo hiring one oj 
their meetings. 

Vfm^fl Anderson and 
mother club member shon^ 
jj the nev^ party shirts. 

Club ojjicers: 
"Alison 'Etherise, 
J^achel Wacks, and 
Llaire HuMeston are 
a ne)\i year jo 

■ -achel Wacks and 'Alison "Etherid^e distribute injormation 
out the ^Democratic candidates stances on reproducti\>e 
?edom at the Spiritual ]jcuth jor j<eproductii>e 'treedom 
formation session. 

Clair Huddleston nHth 'Democratic It residential 
hopejul. Dennis Kucinich 

Club members enjoij plaifina^ a (]^ame oj tn'ister nViere tht 
jaces oj the most popular party candidates replace the 
traditional colors. 1 1 1 

Agnes Scott College 

The College Republicans have been very active this year. This fall they 
invited Dr. Miraim Grossman to speak about her book Unprotected and 
the concept of safer sex. They also made a display on September 11th 
with one American flag to represent each person killed in the attacks. 
Agnes Scott's chapter is involved with the Georgia Association of College 
Republicans and attends their meetings regularly. ASCR also attended the 
Conservative Political Action Conference this Spring. They are also 
bringing Bay Buchanan this Spring. Their Executive Board consits of 
Chairwoman Rachel Kaleren, Vice-Chairwoman Stephanie Scott, 
Executive Director Mary Szelistowski, Tresurer Amanda Greer, and 
Secretary. The general body members include Missy Pintos, Esther 
Wallace, Erica Erring, Ariel Newgard, Shannon Reisner, Kelsey Shaul, 
Haley Maxwell, Michelle Timmons, Rose Plasmond, Mimi Lee Curtis, and 
Crystal Purser. 

Hgnes Scott College Cibertarians 

iocial liberalism, economic conservatism" 

Members- Rose Psalmond (President), Gina 

Cuttrell (President Pro Qmpore), Ciz Kline 

(Secretary), jfoanna f>air (Creasurer), Hlanna 

Cougbran, Carroll jvic^borter, Dianna Hllen, 

6mil5> r>auch, f>a))le5> Maxwell, 3ia Cin, 

Melissa foiles, Mimi-Cee Curtis, Patricia 

3obnson, Racbel Castleberr>>, Zeleika Rabo)) 

Ignes Scott Student Calling Program 

ie Student Calling Program, a vital component of fund-raising at Agnes Scott, employs 
-udents to call alumnae and parents in order to share news about the college and to as 
leir financial support of the Annual Fund. 

i;aff Manager: Kirby Johnson '06 

nagers: Chelsea Guenther '10, Michelle 
mmins '09 

aliens: Adria Toliver '08, Adrienne D'Agostino 
9, Anna Dunlany '10, Archana Patel '1 1 , Ari 
^skin '10, Bernie McCarthy '1 1 , Bobbi Lynch 
1, Chassity Pritchett '09, Dameka Waller '08, 
lanielle Lonneman '07, Darah Tabrum '1 1 , Emily 
Valters '10, Ginny Vellani '10, Haifa Wright-Hulett 
'1, Hilary Osborne '09, Ivy Fitzgerald '09, Jean 
hnek '09, Jessica Moriarty '09, Kim Crews '08, 
Im Wyche '10, Li Zipperer '08, Meg Beyer '10, 
iehwish Shaukat '1 1 , Rachel Klaeren '09, Sina 
tbpeland '10, Xun Qiu '11 

k for 


TUe pF-e-IciW club is dedicci+ed +o cissis+i>^g jAgr^es ScoH s+udei^+s wKo a»*ef 
coy\s\Ae.i-\y\Q a c^cxv^e^e-v^ \v\ +Ue fi^W of law or* wisW +o aH^v\A law scUool irv +Ke | 
fu+u»*e.. Tke. club spo^ASors spe.cil<e.»*s cyy\ vaHous ccii> i»^ +Ue legal fie^ld, i 
pe»*spe^c+ives o>A law scKool ar^d L-S AT pi^e^p +es+s. | 

007-200S ExccutJi/e B&a/fcC 

nfc^ 5iMW O^, OnqavnzdtA^vi Chain 

nistivic. Bcf bcr5t«itf» OS, AAAiqwHtcittA Chain I fl 

fcntMa Civitrmvi OS. ActiwticA Chairt 

0O7-2OO8 M^wIt^a: 

t«f i"c Bm/aut 0<? 
tavt^n Cawtpb^ff OS 

qt" CfclM 0<? 

wf C&wwic OS 

te Cw^fe I O 

nq Cai I O 

?Pi«ff Ech^Ao^niwcitt ' I I 

vni ^^th FPi>urtw©{| O^ 

nee Qojikiw ' I O 

!« Jitiq ' I O 

rtoh Kctfortia 0<? 

«M Panefe 0<? 

jOMftii Prtitcliett 0<? 

-IftMtaf Rei;e;Te '0<? 


IJMMi'fert 5cfcrB&ofo^c I O 

'bna T^ivf^ OS 

W W(|tlte I o 


Daughters of Gaia 

GrouD Members 


Katie D'Entremont and 

Dominiqe Khan 


Jade Hershberer 

Shea Hunter 

Jackie Merenicl^ 

Cat Boyle 

Jessie Stone 

Meagan Rottersman 

Shelley Barber 

Caroline Croland 

Alice Terry 
Kimberly Brewer 


Woodruff &cho\ave 

he Woodruff Scholar Organization aeemlatee and hte(^vatee 
tudante who ara oUar than traditional college a^e. Woodruff Soholare, 
|to tha oampue ootnmunity throu0h irwoWement, thereby er\r\ohir\0 
bth tha individual Woodruff Scholare and tha oolb^a ae a whok 1 1 7 

■t5^JisfU\U\<^ S^L^^^eAf^x!^^ 

Witkaze Executive Council 2007-2008: Jillian Wells '10, Co-President, Barbara Greene '08, Co- 
President, Cherie Murray '08, Vice-President, Elisa Gresham '09, Treasurer, Amasa Baldwin '10, 
Panning Committee Executive Chair, Taylor Sampson '10, Public Relations/Fundraising Executive 
Chcfir, Carmeila Manns, '08 Community Service Executive Chair, Vironka Davis '10, Public 
Peiatioris/Fundraising Committee Executive Co-Chair, Heather Rankins '08, Secretary, Lauren DukeJ 
'Oc Step-Team Executive Chair, Sydney Rucker '08, Alumnae Liaison, Skylar Washington '10, Interir 
Nandi Committee Executive Chair, Adriana Glover '10, Nandi Committee Executive Chair, Kristen 
Davis '09, Pariiarnentarian/Historian 





|The cheerleading ec\yad consist of the following: 

[First- Years: Gianna Barnett, Jenny Jacobs, Michie Summers-? erez, T'Aira Duncan, Clara Taylor, Precious 

lAcker. Kristen Schuetz, Jessica Dupree, Darrylann Lenoard, Annalise Ford 

^Junior: Cassandra Whipple 

|Senior: Crystal Cox, Captain 


Committee of 




So a fr\&nd of mine, last yrs. Chair of 
1^ f aiTta^tto umbrella of mulUlcuIture, 
taught me a life leeeon. Qie tau^U » 
about the power of a mteeuse^ vvor^l 
aiK:! -ttie <kma0& ]ginora3no& could oai 
^ These arel ^ ' 

Powerful women 

with a Powerful 




Note To Self: 

OMA empowers students in their personal, 
academic, and professional development towards 
realizing their potential as educated, responsible, 
creative, and compassionate leaders and citizens 

of the world. 
These ladies are always on their p's and q's. 
taking on the world one word at a time. I'm 
proud to know half of this ah-mazing group!! 


Prc?^ammln^ Boar^ 


Pro^ammln^ l^oard Membere! 

Claire "Vnorme, Alex ^ultz, Meredith Goodtnan, Me^ Beyer, Nloole Glbbe, Leda ^oxT 
5ardi Otto, Jessie Probus, Laura Barrs, Am Asa Baldwin, Llv Zodorozny, I\atle 
McLellan, Rachel Bryant, Deelree Canton, Cloy Cul, Kelley Lookman, Natasha 
McClendon, Charleen McClure, Lesley Parks, Xun (5lu, AnnMarle Rainwater, Meghan 
Ryan, Mehwleh Shaukat, Lauren Sllpek, Shantara Strickland, Samantha Tanner and 
j..s* Taylor. 

Event Aestetancd Commrt^teel 

^HyaT. Bhar^ava, Ertca Simmons, YeRan^ Son, Ivlaryam Trowell, Rosle Zen^ 

Pro^ammln^ Poarcl throwe all of th& 

PEST partial at ASC. Soma of thlg 

yaarg hl^hll^htJg wara Uha Punk or Prap 

Party, Tha Goo^ Claan Rjn Party durh^ 

Family Waakand, and Tha Praakf a^t at 

Tiffany 6 Soiree, fro^o halp6 all of tha 

Soottlae hava a 0ood timai whathar it 

ba watching a movia, dancing it up with 

frian^, chilling out at a coff aa houea or 

making fun orafte. 

With Kriaty Smith a6 tha naw diractor 

of Stoiant Aotivitia^, Pro^ammin^ 

Boar^^l ha6 ^ona abova and bayond our 

axpaotation^ and thrown 6oma 
SPECTACULAR partial and avantel 


O^^TOs Race CaJled cfcyfu/ jyfofe 

I've been in Joyful Noise for 
fours years now. I lool< bacl< 
over my days in the choir and 
I truly have nothing negative 
to say about it. Wednesday 
night, my longest night of the 
week, is also the immediately 
blessed part of my week. 

There is a bond between 
each woman in that choir 
which spreads like light every 
Wednesday night at 6:30, 
over to the daylight hours and 
weekend fun. I have found 
best friends in that choir. I 
have made connections with 
women that I would have 
never seen within the same 
daylight rays, because we are 
that different, belong to 
different departments, 
celebrate God in different 
ways. But. The point is that 
we come to Presser 17 every 
Wednesday and we sing, we 
share, we laugh, we let go of 
tears we've held for too long. 
Here we come to mend 
broken hearts, stitch together 
pieces of a shattered souls, 
bandaged head wounds from 
the world's clear plastic 

i love these women, I am in 
'ove with this bond we share, 
and I rnourn those who will 
never snare this space and 
time wi^h me, 


Joyful Noise 
Executive Board 



ASC-TV is an organization devoted to bringing a variety of programming to the campus via Agnes 

Scott's closed circuit television station and providing an outlet for student expression through 


Some of the favorite shows this year include: Daughters of Gaia, Caroline Live from Finland, 

Gimme Gimme Shocktreatment, The Anna Banana Show, Gumbo, Beth's Comedy Hour, The 

Entity, Charone's Stash of Slash", Hayley Nawaya News, and Locking it up with Lonneman 

Each of these shows is student produced. 

Some of these shows are represented by the above picture: Calvin Burgamy, Savannah Sharp, 

Carieta Thomas, Emily Moore, Hayley Maxwell, Tyie Glover, Sagan Lain, Anna Spence 




All the Cool Kids Do h 


6ditor: Sarab Kalaris 09 
Hssitant Gditor: Nicole (onccco 08 
Design editor: Shannon McRnigbt ' 
Business 6ditor: Kiniberl)> Crews C 

Staff: Crystal Cox, Cara Brinkman, Pauli 
(Jdorusski, Katie talker, Sarab Bowen, 
Jessica DePree | 


Staff Members: 
Editor-in-chief: EmiK' Lake 

Managing Editor: Vonnle 

News Editor: Justine 

Assistant News Editor: 
Naish Mithaiwala 
Features Editor: Miranda 

Layout Editor: Tiffan\' 

Opinions Editor: Dara 
Sports Editor: Dana 

Piioto Editor: Leda Sox 
Business Manager: Jaxen 

Staff: Slgi Choi, Alice 
Ferrron. Rachael Jenkins, 
Ashley Mengwasser, 
Lesley Parks. Charissa 
Sapp, Amber Sims. Cara 
Sn\der, Samantha Tanner, 
Jessica Wacks, Elisa Wong 
Copy Editors: Jess! Probus 
(chief), Erin Eidson, 
Jennifer Sefa-Boak\'e 
Photograpliers: Andrea 
Goodman, Tobia St. 
Germain, Kelso \V\eth 
Campus Adx'iser: Erin 
I iovvle 

Emerging Leaders 

-The Class of 2011- 
The Amazon Warriors 

Class of 201] Emerging Leaders: 
Elizgbeth Paleson, Ashley E Williams, Britni 
Phelps, Caprichia Jeffers, Meredith Canners, 
Katherine Flinn, Adrienne Anderson, Christine 
Baker, Onyinye Edeh, Melissa Griffith, 
Annolise Ford, Kristen Schuetz. Ariel Laws, 
Sarah Bowen, Jio Yu. Margaret Lenarz, 
Diana Shul, Mio Mclnnis. Jordal Casteel, 
Esther Wallace. Rachel Mathers, Lucia 
Hulsether and Brittani Bonks. 

Emerging Leaders is a progrom that helps 

new First Years become involved on campus 

by encouraging new students to, as Dean 

Hudson famously says "be involved"! By 

encouraging people to get involved, the 

Emerging Leaders program is helping promote 

responsible and innovative leadership on 

campus. Erin h^owle, the director of the 

program, hopes that these Scotties will 

continue on their quest for leadership and that 

they'll take root and grow beyond to become 

the new Agnes Scott leader! 


Dana Leadership Scholars are those Scotties on 
campus who are making waves in the classroom 
and across campus. The Dana Scholars maintain 
academic integrity while still being involved in on- 
campus clubs and organizations. 

This year, thanks to Erin Howie, the Dana Scholars 

program does not only include a scholarship, but 

they participate in events. These events include 

sessions on promoting personal integrity in 

leadership positions, how to utilize your personal 

skills to achieve your goals, women as CEOs and 

businesswomen, and more. 

This program is really helping to nurture the future 
leaders of the world! 

i pOB: jayna bastian, Emily Hansen, Vanessa Herring, Evan 

oslin, Allia Lindsay, Lyndsey McAdams, Shannon McKnight, 

hbecca Poole, Janixia Reyes, Alexandria Schuiz, Nancy 

lebaut, Claire Thomas, Lies van Bekkum, Ashley M. Williams, 

lanmeng Yu 

■309: Fazila Aseem, Caroline Borden, SIgi Choi, Mary Beth 

liurnoy, April Garrett, Nicole Gibbs, Shea Hunter, Brittney 

I tie, Saarah Mecholsky, Ashley Mengwasser, Rocio Rodriguez, 

/nber Sims, Laura van Duursen, Olivia White 

IHQ: Meg Beyer, Anna Elise Bryant, Helen Cox, Meredith 

Jodman, Chelsea Guenther, Julianna Jones, Hanwen Li, Sophie 

fpnell, Natalie Navellier, Annie Polashock, Justine Schwartz, 

Qino Simpkins, Jillian Wells. 

4 I 


4 4 


Jessies JoDes 





C^itHD SolbD^Dr) Fy 

10 f ^i!yD K^^shi lo. 

11 ^W^lctoicft Ji?. 

12 Ki?!stoKett Jt?. 
I? Ei?ic^EMDg lo. 

.6 L^aj?€D Welch Fy 

12 L^m?^ Ih^er Jr. 
tocf Co^d^: Jo€ "SeifgiD 

fern) C^t^iD 




Agnes Scott 









Name Pos 

Jessica Ball S 

Robin Calloway MB 
Bethany Osborn OH/DS 
Khadijah Marshall OH/MB 
Antonella Barrero OH 
Sydney Rucker RS 

Stephanie Vescovi DS 
Hannah Peters OH/S 
Head Coach : Amanda Brown 





(Sj^oss (Sourv+r-y 

P^e^aioAo^ vJttl^ a-- ■prffrtAJ flaH: -tAe. kti^A't ifie^ove^ 

'B\/CM. Jo^cA cMd Jo^feiA 'S'de-eiA.a 


i\/<2^ ft -tl^eiv <A o=t -tA^ XC 

S^-JiMffAo^ iyx \lVaM£>^ 

'TT'^x'te^vH- ^os>e£> for o^ 


Run, Sco+ties, T^un! 

i ^ 

'tlr^e^]d'{y\o( \dcKhJiy[.a \feKA\r I^chv ^<?-cU- a€> \f(KA vo/Vi, 
-tl^e^ /v^<j/\A.o^ieS> W-^'tl^eyi 0'Y'e^/\A'\i <%Oki. X iaJE// 

^ido^'^, VdctvocA ^die!A£!e^ /v^<f^(yr. 

"Kto/ij^Y A^<HOV' 'tAtS \le0y. 

-tl^o^ -tU^ doA-t S<tod\(l 


Lets Qo ScottieS; Lets Qo! 

I [ovei^Gti£ to tfi£ ASC 'Bos l{etSa[;[ games, tfiey were fu[[ of energy and my scottie sisters and I 
"Dominated oviT the opposing teams. Our (Bos f:eta6[[ team gave it their ait each and every garni. 
The fans were behin.dthem 100% and the cheerleaders /<iept up the Scottie spirit I am proud to 
be a Scottie and l wovldnot have it any other way. 


We're 9{umSer 1 

3 9{il<iki Map(£S 



4 ^fikxj Cohoon 



5 Jamenda Wfiitehead 



10 MarrendaJ'ouiy 



12 "Evanjosfin 



13 Laura Cokman 



14 Am' Asa 'BaCdwin 



15 Jame 'BCal^e 



23 "Kristen 'Davis 



25 Vamssaloussaint 



31 9{ico[eMitclk[[ 



33 Morgan Smitfi 



^ieadCoacfi: A[e?(^Stezvart 

Assistant CoacH: Datana Watson 





Haifa Wright-Hulet flies 
through her race. 

From Left to Right: IVIaggie Hamilton '10, April Whitley '1 1 , Kaitlin 
Fernandez '08, Sophia Newton '11, Julia KargI '08, Caitlin Shull '10, 
Chelsea Rude '1 1 , Hannah Lumpry '11, and Haifa Wright-Hulett '1 1 

Kaiti'M F-cmandez aiiij ^>ophia Newton 
stand on deck and prepare for their race. 

April Whitley shows off her speed in 
another race. 


pe 2007-08 will be a season of first for ASC Swimming. Veteran ASC coach Laura LeDuc will be at 
e helm of the Scottie swim program for the first time, and over half the team will be competing at the 
illegiate level for the first time. While these Scotties may have had a lot of first they also had 
;cellent returning leadership. These swimmers work hard in and out of the pool to excell in the 
■eat South Athletic Conference. 







J L 


Team Members: 

Tara Brinkman '09 

Esther Kaplan '09 

Lindsey Burdette '09 

Amanda Chaff in ' 1 

Nikitris Deloach ' l O 

Shamonique Jones ' lo 

Julie Drinkard ' 1 

Head Coach: Glen Hill 

Assistant Coach: Jacob 



Sinqfts ctHd Owd^ts 

.■^^^^^. x-'^^^^^v^ 


3oftballTaam 2007-200g> 

Nicole? FoweW 

A\e\ Okon 

Mary-Kat^ Laird 

Caitlyii Whittcfii 

Cc'lia Worlc^y 


Alieha Andareon 

Oiiyinyc^ E^idi 

Paiiitfllc' ZiniiiicTinan 


Nikki Maplc'6 


' ^1 


f^^Lv-^ •" ' -^W^' 

I^IJ:' \.M 





Huffe/it £jpa/en^ip 

acfi KJm 

There are many things in life that 

change, but sometimes the things that 

we remember best are the things that 

we've been doing forever. 

So, what makes Agnes ScOft so fecial? 

e/iwi ^f/i4}edduie 

at we' Carry On 


Wai 'i 



(Minify ^e (We// 

f^e ■3fa'te^/f (^ez/aiie^' 



^^fW/Sf ^^^Jictf 





U^^mn^le (^mif^ l4^/e/i/ 

yieC^lMi 0/20/0 wm o//caff</ Uioie/ a,»/' lecog,,,-^ oi <Hco«ie, oUAi <jean '4o^U,mA?a,mf' h7e/»>/ '^e C6%ii of 20/0 
(U tHe 50d! cfau to pm^ei^ate i„ t^n ceiewo„(/ a,>/jo,;>i r^,M '^co« fa^<afei, fo,,, t^'iouy^ouU^e /eca/ei a,^ amU ^e ,miA/! i„ 
P '^Wac^ (M;f 'Ma/a" '^e f^alticipatio,, 0/ /as me^e^i of t^eil cfm, /lai Se,„ o,>e of f^e /l/g^e^t pai(/eipatio„ latei <„ tile Mol^ 
'tie ceie,m,„j UJ i^fu/e/ if,eec4ei gioe,, 4,j ^^amiet '9(i,^ '64. ^em ,4/^ Sfudo,, 'fi^, a,^:^iei,Je,^' 6>fijaSet^ ^%ii. 'HM t^e 
ee^efg/' itief/ Oicfa/e^/' a c^aliA/ S/,go <^mel. a Jntyeal /«// rewi/o,, h„H-£, a,^ a ' HorJ,p iewice fe/ S^ ita/e,^. "W^ '^ifUiette 
'tqff loouf/ fi^e to (^o^atuUe tie C&au 0/20/0 a,^ o/^caft^ me&ome t^e,„ /^ ge CMfaci (Mi,^ <Sf„/a. 
in </ean commiee eoMiitet/' 0/ C&&iei,/efdl '36^ CS^eyel an/' 3\{(,igaiet SiCWi/'fo,,, ''We \^e4/</e^ 
Tie6ea (Puet^el, T^ecudlel ^ayiwen 9j, Mecietattf &(uti„e ^^e/ltmitj, ^ing C6'eie,rio,it/ Cp'Ul 3fe1eM 
9fiAay,, (Mi^ Mafei (^f^a/l ^oamm Wail a,^(€ait6„ '^A,if, '§ti/e §^ouf 1 
\,/eei C&a/i '^efe„ C^w. ^beeoiatio,^ (J&aii ,^t/e ^M^/Tm T4Srj/,/> (j&Mne^ (Qaii ^uiia 
mei, ^:^ot/'C6A/i r^„^3fmie ^ai/itt>atei,''^^eita,,u„e„t [^^^"ia/n C^ea„a ^oiiei ar^&eui ^^oS,u, 
^iitiation %^oceu {J&'^ %'" #''"' '^^fgi^ttatio,, -lPaM<;t<^ ^^ ^'"W ^^'K^ia Cfi'/j a^^^Me^ 74fe,,, 

foijoi Wea„ 'Jm/c^effe Watt 

)uY- {AiiiiMiic ^iA.{{ akA {acuHo^ ^kArtA iktW Ao^s i^'dk u^ v^f^o-t-tiM -for A fe^ ^{ttmoon.^ -tkrow^kow-t ikt ^tAr. l-fc 
i\5 ArtAi to no-t tkin-k Aboui mAitrw.^ A\kA kowe^ovk Adi koU A ^i^l^^O^ [i\.s{.tAA[ J^ot orI^ i^-A^ it A ^ve^t relief, 
^Ixo kelpei!^ tko^e ^ko i^trt wissiR.^ tkeir pet^ from kome. l/Oe. kope tk^t tke "^yVlix^ '^our ^o^ - Comt 'V\a^ 
)itk Owr^" euent.s ^ill become A trA^ition At A^n-e^ ^cott AvJ< i/^t ^ill ^et to jee tki^s preciou.s pwppie-s ^roijy up 
tk W5 v^cottie^. 

Many people do not believe that 

we con make a difference. Tfie 

people tfiat attended tfie School of 

the Americas protest would 

disagree. These students, along 

with around 15,000 others protest 

tfie injustice that occurs at the 

SOA every year. These students 

hope to cause a shift in the 

government's policy regarding Latin 

America and hope for a more 

Recycling / 

Even though Agnes Scott has 
always recycled this year it's 
been revitalized Thanks to 
Dean Hall and the 
Environmental Residents, our 
recycling efforts hove become 
more present on campus with 
more Scotties than ever 
pitching in to go green ! 


and make a difference. 

'^ Project for Peace 

ASC was one of tfie many schools losf year 
wfio received funding to do a Project for 
Peace; promoting peace and awareness in 
tfie community. Agnes Scott's SGA proposed 
a project tfiat would create awareness about 
domestic violence in tfie Decatur and 
Greater Atlanta community. Many Scotties 
dedicated a portion of tfieir summers in order 
to fielp with this effort. The Scottie Team was 
dedicated as they launched a weekend 
event about domestic violence with crafts, 
speakers artists and more. 

At Agnes Scott, we pride oourselves on being involved not only on 
campus, but in the community. We v^ont to work together for the 
common good and to truly make the world a better place. Through our 
many efforts with various clubs and organizations, many Scotties on 
campus have already started making a difference. 

Some people participate by going to rallies, others by creating 
art for a purpose, and others still by organizing multiple efforts for their 
cause. We applaud the efforts of these incredibly driven, courageous 
and, dare we say, feisty Scotties. 

5c©ttit S»J;iit 






"n!^ 1 — - ^^ 

'■ «^' fl 





i 1 ii 

-"-^ - ^'-'^jHI^^™ 







f i 






^ ^mi' 






*i -H 







Once Upon a Time, the sound of a breaking 
hour glass tink, pinked, and tooshed upon the 
floor of Heaven, and from there a destiny of 
turbulent trials, late nights of salt and water, 
and thank you Jesus anyhows billowed across 
a starry night and into the crevasse of 
Being...and it somehow bumped into me & 
hence the Charmed Life, but truly. Agnes Scott ^' 
is one hard cookie, but I wouldn't trade it for f^ 
the world. I have found Friends For Life here or 
perhaps they have found ma I am strong, but | ^ j 
Agnes made me tougher. I fear no more. After 
4 yrs. I was bom to do this. To my friends: you 
know who you are. There's no one like you. 1st ^ 
years. I worry about you. J.R.'s represent! and 
Sophomores show 'em how it's dona Sarah 
Kalaris worked her ass off on this...thanks for | 
the ED. toots! And to the beautiful person F 

reading my ED. thanks for stopping by and 




1 ■' 









'„, . \ 



Senior Year Already? 

Soiv\eX\o\Aj , ) ca^\\ believe +Ka+ it's ulpwost +ifwe to 
cjt'oduti+e. ) feel like ) jus+ c)0+ her'e. Xit-ne ceally does fly 
wKen you'i'e li<:Avii^c( fi-iiA. ^^-^<^l 7 K<jve to cj<rl»-ni+ +K<a+ tl-ve 
poS+ fouc yeoi'S <a+ >Ac(nes l-v<jve beeiA fu^-^. 

Xhet"e were pai'+ies, dii^ners, f-nowie tv\cir<j+l-iOfAS, S+tArsUip 
i^uns, lAicjK+s SpekA+ doi^cif-vc), fv\oi*f-\iiAC(S speiA+ tryitAc) +o 
reH^enAbef* +Ke i^ic(K+ before... "CUese cir'e +he +Kii-AC(S +l-\<a+ 
yVn t-\o+ ready to le+ qo of. 

WKei^ V +l-vit^l< cjbout i+, ^Vv^ (-\o+ sui'e +Uca+ /fv\ r'eady +o 
ecive. On the Of-\e Koi-\d, yW\ exci+ed +o i^ot huve papers 
atAd e><cin^s c\t-\d fot-\s of V\Otv\e.\Atoi^\<. On +lie o\\\e.\^ l-vand, 
/ m not ready to leave +Ue friends +Ka+ V've w\CKc\t^. lYs 
STi^anpe t'ealizinc^ +Ua"h +Ue people you've seen every da>' 
or +l-ve pas+ four years you may vy.i^\jt^i^ see acjain. 

So y"ve fr\ade +liis pacje as a tribute +o tUose people. 

£ven +UoucjK vje t-nay not see eacK o+Ker, you'll alvv^a>s 
icive a Special place in n^y H^enAOries and in M^y Kear+. 

nicoL,€ qnecco 

"""^im -f 'INL HU.MlBHri I'l 

DEAD -« AlIN'e' 

We do not remember dawe... 

... we remember momeirte. -Ceea-e paveee 

I still cavii believe that I'm here, at this point in 
my life. I've been so blessed with everything and 
my experience at Agnes has been nothing but 
enriching. I can honestly say that without this 
amazing place. I would not be the person I am 

Firstly, I want to thank my parents for always 
loving and supporting me. You always believed 
in me, even when I didn't believe in myself and 
you helped me become the loving, kind and 
God-fearing woman that I am today. I love you 
both eternally. Next. I would like to thank all of 
the people that I have worked with at ASC like : 
the DOS staff. ResLife folks, the awesome 
people in Student Life and everyone else who 
has supported me. You all deserve a million 
dollars for all of the work that you do, TMANK 
YOU! I would also like to thank my amazing 
friends. All of you fabulous people have made me I 
laugh when I needed it most, made me smile 
when things were tough, made me think we 
were crazy because of the silly things we did 
and best of all. we partied like rock stars! \ 

Special shout-outs go to the ladies of Walters I 
2rd (04-05) for all of the good times from Rrsti 
Year and beyond, my fellow ResLifers over the 
years who've dealt with everything imaginable 
and we still managed to get through it with 
smiles on our faces, the 007 Bond ©iris who 
made last year amazing, the "Bridesmaid 
Brigade", the '07 SGA Exec Board for all of our i 
hard work and time together, the Art History ' 
Theme Mouse (with our Flavor of Love and I 
Love Mew York obsessions), my fellow members 
of the Silhouette over the past two years, and 
all the lovely Lunas who always kept things fun, 
interesting and entertaining. I 

Each person at Agnes Scott has made my four j 
years here an amazing experience and I couldn't! 
be happier for every moment that I got to i 
spend with each of you. | 

I apologize for not naming everyone in my life 
that I should thank, but there are just so many 
people to thank that it would never fit in this 
little box! So, to everyone, named and 
unnamed, thank you from the bottom of my 
heart. I will always remember each of you and 
will keep our time together as a precious 
memory that I will treasure forever. 

Love Always. 

SijMmjL. WJtC^h) '08 

Design Editor 

staff Specifications 

Sarah Kalaris 09 

Assitant Editor 
Nicole Gnecco '09 

Design Editor 

Shannon McKnight 05 

6ussiness Editor 
Kimberly Crews 05 

Staff Members 
Crystal Cox 05 
Tara Brinkman 0? 
Pauline Worussici 09 
Sarah 6owen IT 
Jessica Oupree 7T 
Caitlin Walker 71 

rhe Staff would like to thank, our advisor 
Erin Howie. Dean 6ue Hudson U, President 
Elizabeth Kiss. Janaan Giles. Lyndsey 
McAdams 06. Faculty. Staff, and Students. 

\s the Editor. I would like to thank my 
staff for their never ending work. 
Especially. Shannon McKnight. Pauline 
^orruski. and Kim Crews for their many 
lours spent in the office. I am also 
iternally grateful to Whitney Brown 07 for 
ler continued support with whose help I 
sould never have produced this book. Also, 
) big thanks goes out to Betty Derrick "bb 
For her many years of dedication to the 

The ^007-2.009 Silhouette was produced 
at Agnes Scott College using Jostens 
Yearbook Avenue. Pictures were taken 
by the staff as well as submitted by 
other students and Agnes Scott staff. 
Staff cameras include a Sony 
Cybershot with SI megapixels, a Sony 
Cybershot with 7X megapixels, a Sony 
Cybershot with IX.1 megapixels, and a 
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with 
megapixels. Underclassmen were 
photographed in Lower Leticia Pate 
Evans Dining Hall by Lif etouch 
Photography. The Senior Portraits 
were photographed by Terri Clark of 
Terri Clark Photography. The book was 
produced and printed by Jostens. Inc.. 
headquarters in Clarksville, TN. 

The cover was designed through a 
collaboration of Sarah Kalaris 09 and 
Sandra McCarthy of Jostens. 
Photographs for the cover were 
provided by the Agnes Scott College 
Office of Communications and 
Silhouette staff photographs. 

The Silhouette is a student produced 
publication and is not representative of 
the views of Agnes Scott College or 
its affiliates. 




Today \e your day. 

You ra off to (?raat flaoeel 

You ra off and awayl 

You hava bralne in your haad. 

You hava f aat In your ehoa^ 

You can elJaar yourealf 

any dlractlon you chooe&. 

You ra on your own. And you know what you know.' 

And YOU ara tha girl who II d^lch whara to ^o. 

Oh, "the plaoa^ you II ^o 

-By Dr. 5&uee 

Rachel Katherine L'Heureux 

Tuition, room and board: 


Personal allowance: 


Phone calls home: 


One happy, 

well-educated daughter: 


Me^an uau^heriy 

to- <Klfl 


LeigK TTakafa 

No matter 
where your 

future travels 
and adventures 

may take you 

- you will 

always be 


We are so 
proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 

s^daune^t Sana^ Sadien. 


Mazal tov on completing i 


tw^0S^'^^^ i^ft ^r^ 


your studies. One chapter J 


^^'■k " 


closes, another opens. J| 


^^L - • 


Baruch Hashem! Mf 

^^ ^v ^/ 



With Love, m^ 

Z/^ \JSf 


WKt \ 

Mommy, Daddy, mj^ 

JK \j^-:i \ / 



Eva and Philli ^^^ 




HV ^^ "^^^^^^^^^^^^A ^^^^^^^r '*^^^r oV '^Kt VB ^ CI^^V 




1 i-C 



Ji^atLx ^ittl 


If you can keep your head when all about you 

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you. 

If you can trust yourself when all around doubt you 

But make allowance for their doubting too, 

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. 

Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, 

Or being hated, don't give way to hating. 

And yet don't look too good. 

Nor talk too wise: 

If you can dream— and not make 

Dreams your master, 

If you can think— and not 

Make thoughts your aim; 

If you can meet with 

Triumph and Disaster 

And treat those two 

Impostors just 

The same; 

If you can bear to 

Hear the truth 

You've spoken 

Twisted by 

Knaves to make 

A trap for fools, 

Or watch the 

Things you gave 

Your life to, broken. 

And stoop and build 

'Em up vsath worn-out tools: 

If you can make one heap of all your winnings 
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss, 
.And lose, and start again at your beginnings 
.'•■.nd never breath a word about your loss; 
I) yc: caa force your heart and nerve and sinew 
To sci /e your turn long after they are gone, 
And so iioid on vhen there is nothing in you 
Except the Will v/hich says to them: "Hold on!" 

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue. 

Or walk with kings— nor lose the common touch. 

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; 

If all men count with you, but none too much, 

If you can fill the unforgiving minute 

With sixty seconds' worth of distance run. 

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it. 

And— which is more— you'll be a woman, my daughter! 


—Adaptation from Rudyard Kipling's Poem 

Abigail McGraw 


AlthouglT you are graduating and are completing your 
formal education, you are really only beginning life's journey. 
We have watched you grow and learn for what seems 
simultaneously an instant and an eternity. We are proud of 
you and love you. In the words of William Blake, remember 
to "see a world in a grain of sand; and heaven in a wild 
flower; hold infinity in the palm of your hand; and eternity in 
an hour." Good luck, and know that we will always be there 
for you when you need us! 


Mom and Dad 


\ J 


H^P .^KB^. ^^fll 





(, 1^ 





HeafKe-f^ T^icole £varvs 

This picture is of you at exactly 2 months old to the day. Who knew 
that at 2 1 years old, you were to become the amazing young 
woman you are today. We have always told you Life is a journey, 
not a destination. We can only imagine where you will be 20 years 
from now. We can't believe everything you have accomplished in 
your first 21 years. Always stay beautiful, head strong, courageous 
and amazing and your life will be exacdy that! 

Always in our hearts and always loved. Sweet Pea. 


Mom. Dad and Amanda 

K^^isferv T^urvge 

S(^i^i^ ^<^udi 

ev<t/i CM-. It i^i3<J &eeH <uci }tu( euuC eleti^^At to- & 
oMe to- (Meat tfOitn exAi&<ti. and tuteti to- ifoufi 
t<U&i-. ^oun. ituuttf aceotu^iiiiAitieitt^ teiitpnee 
accr &eiie{ ut Cfowi a^iiitiei-, eu t^e<f. iAotdd ifo^c. 
^Oic one ewutcOtouijtif mti^ue eutti eve ^ave ttttltf 
&eeu 6iei-ietC utitA a- i^iecuU cUuc^^ten. 

/i^ cfou- vefttme (ottA utto t^ uuyiid, ^tvz- ^zottt 
<m>i frtoteetw-e atiHA, UfC conA cfoa ail tAe &e4i 
t^eit C^e. Aoi- to o^i. "Hea^ or ^<vi, atAeieven 
^otc ate, &wMt t^tut tfou ane even ut owi 4aaw!t. 
tAoue^At^ an-eC fruufetii,. 

(^(tn^taiedatioit^ att a }o& Ufeli eOute! 

^%j<« attd "Dad 

'lAetf. ate o*te fiezaoti 
'?Aetf one tufo aio*te 
7i&^ one tAtee to^etA^t 
l^e^ one- ^ot- ea^ otAet 

- Stefi-Aett StiUi. 

tCe^jxma mcmet ^cmmd^ 

You have been blessed with the alignment of your 

spirit; to have been granted your hearts desire 

We have been blessed with you. We are 
extremely proud of all your accomplishments. 
May your inner light continue to shine 

Your loving Grandma and the Rease Family 

Ttnna ^panca 

Congratulations Anna! We are so proud of your 
hard work and dedication while a student at Agnes 
Scott. We know that you have much success in 
life. The best is yet to be. And always remember: 
Keep it real; keep hope alive; you are somebody; 
and keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the 
ground, and a jelly donut in your glove 


Mom, Dad, and Katherine 

Keyona Monet Forbes 


My dearest Keyona. ..Proverbs 3:5.6 ... continually orders our lives; to make 
positive contributions to this world. At the age of 4, you expressed an 
urgency to learn ballet: for continuous learning; to travel to Africa and India; 
bring services & a better quality of life to those in need. Those trips were a 
confirmation that your purpose and desires are being fulfilled. We have 
been blessed with a wonderful, gracious and socially conscious daughter. 
We are proud of your accomplishments, achievements and most of all the 
young lady you have become. 

Love Always, 

SWo^nnon LeigK A^cKiAigm 

'J^ %. 

We have watched you grow from a 

plain caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly; 

from an eaglet learning to fly to an 

eagle flying high. 

We are proud of you and all you have 

become. As you leave school behind 

may you SOAR to new heights. 

You have many talents that you gladly 

share with the world may you always 

use them to brighten life and ease the 


As you grow older always keep that 

youthful spirit in your life it makes you 

who you are. 

Remember to thank He who lifts you 

up; He made you a very special & 

blessed person. 

We love you always, 
M &D 

' %> 




/titf^^m %. Poncut<M 

Somehow I can't belie\ e 
there are any heights that 
can't be scaled b}' men who 
know the secret of making 
dreams come true. This 
special secret, it seems to 
me. can be summarized in 

four C's: Curiosity. 
Confidence. Courage, and 
Constancy and the greatest 

of these is Confidence. 

When you believe a thing. 

believe it all the way, 

implicitly and 


-- Walt Disney 


We know you were born to 

make a difference in this 

world. We are so proud of 

the woman you've become.! 


Love. Mom & Dad. 


"Before 1 formed you 

in the womb 1 knew 

you; before you were 

born 1 dedicated you." 

Erin, you have been a 

treasure since the 

moment you were 

born. We are so 

proud of you. 

Love, Love, Love You 


Your Family 

SamarLtha Lynn Knudsen^ 

Adorable infant, precious 
and precocious child, 

amazing young woman 
and college graduate! 

We're so proud of you, 

We love you so much, 

Mom, Dad, 
Cilia, Erin and Corry 


To live a successful life does not 
require fame, power or prestige. 
It's more a matter of being true to 
your principles, doing your best 
even in the smallest of things, and 
never taking anything for granted. 
For all the money in the world 
cannot buy self-esteem, character, 
contentment or happiness - and 
these are the very things that make 
life worth living. However you 
define happiness and success, may 
you find and enjoy them every day 
of your life. 





Sweetness of spirit, imagination, sincerity, adaptability, candor, determination, exuberant 
enjoyment of life, loyalty, honesty and love of family (plus Maxwell Pugsly and Disney 
World) are the characteristics that define you. Your life has been a source of continual 
enjoyment and pride for us. We are thrilled by your accomplishments to date and look 
forward to future chapters of your life. Bre Bre, you will become a great writer and an even 
greater woman. 

Love, Your Family 

Priyam Bhargava 

Dear Priyam 

You used to listen to us, now you 
tell us. Just kidding. You are 
very special and lovely daughter. 



Look around, work hard, 
understand the world, realize your 
potential, reach new heights and 
make us proud of your 


/ / 

These two circles are our hearts. 
You reside in them. 

JhB^ ^w--^-^ m 


"igratulations and Blessings. 

iVicm and Dad 



We are SO Proud of You! 

You've grown into one 

amazing beautiful young 

woman. Congratulations on 

all of you accomplishments 

from kindergarten through 

college. We know you will be 

a great success in anything 

you do. May all your dreams 

come true. 

We love you very very much 
Mom and Dad 

KcitK^»^i»^^ JKAc^CZv^ocxv^y 

We're so proud of you! 

You have a drive to 
succeed and skills in 

many areas: 

sports, writing, art and 


We look forward to the 
next chapter in your life. 

Mom, Sean and Dennis 

J2auren un>inin^ 

It's been a great four years-good friends, new 
adventures, and outstanding accomplishments. 
We are so proud of the young woman you've 
become. As you graduate and begin a new 
journey in life follow your dreams and find 
happiness in all you do. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

E\\zabetf\me Bacon GawltKiey 

'trpDi the (\n/ i/c// jiViy boiii 

With t'l'tTi/ step ijoti hd\\ taken 

\\ itii ei'erif n^ori) ijoii InnV leai} 

Uc the present hij Ljrat^imtion. 

you /anV taken that step an^ hnce} 

Uaken the nWD ani} soarei} 

Rn} \iUe} the hearts o\ those aroiint^ ijou n^ith lo\\'. 

We ha\'e alnhiijs been ani) li'ill eontinue to be so iVii/ proiii^ oj ifou. 

Much Love, Your family 

The Silhouette 

Congratulates its Senior Staffers 

Nicole Gnecco 

^The Administration of 
Congratulates the 

^rom the T)mn of Students, 

^Dtan of the Cottege, 

S^nes Scott Cotkge 
Class of 2008 


Scotties "Wish a ^ond JareivefC^o A JavoriU "Dean 

'Dean Oiudson may Se retiring but she loitt never (eave Agnes Scott for good. 

With Dean Hudson's retirement this Spring, Agnes Scott will lose its number one 
cheerleader. With her love for students and enthusiasm for every event on campus, 
few of which she ever misses, her leaving will be a tremendous loss. Whether she is 
the reason you came to Agnes, the one thing you actually remember from Orientation 
("Get Involved"), or you just love to wave at her across campus and have her shout 
your name back, you know that she will be greatly missed. Dean Hudson, we know 
that this is a happy time for you and so we are sad for selfish reasons only. Each 
Agnes Scott student has their own personal favorite memory with you and hopefully 
these pictures capture some of them. The Student Body wishes you the best in your 
retirement and hopes that you come back to see us often.