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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

M^Tfcc 5c©ttcc fft t|&u 

mmaaamm Aqn^A 5c©tt" C&f f cqc 

1 4 1 EciAt C^f cqc Aiiewuc. Dcc»tu;», GA 3003C 

Table of Contents 

Student Life... 4 Sophomores... 113 

First Years... 122 
Faculty and 
Staff... 12g> 
Ads... 145 
Closing... 155 

Clubs... 26 
Sports... 64 
Seniors... (51 
Juniors, ,. 113 

ft What doee it mean to be a Scottie? Of course all 
students of Agnes 5cott are 5cottie5, but I feel it 
x.aVes-' a special type of 'HOV(yar\ to come to this 

le wouW ■ and motivated 

to make life for others as well as herself better. She I 
would not be the type t^ '''^ ''^^ -^'^■e her by. She's 
active ar\d determined every endeavor.] 

ika PatelJ^ 

?cottie is what ive awaye want^ei 
my daughters to be-incredibly intelligen 
young women who transition Into 
confident, socially aware leaders likely to 
make a great Impact on 
their communities. After 
16 years of Scotties I 
continue to be amazed 
by our remarkable i 
students. y| 

Misty 1^ 
)umas- Patterson 
Career Planning 


" gieing a 
Scottie is being 
a sister, having 
fun, and getting 
stuff done. It's 
figuring out who 
we are before 
we have to be 
that person in 
the 'real world. 


Megan McCulloch '13 

iBeing a Scottie means that I am apa 
select group of women that understands the 
trials of balancing academics with Black Cat 
commitments, being a member of the 3\ack Ring 
Mafia, and the joy of having an undefeated 
football team, j j itohowo Ekanemesang '07 

A Scottie engages this 
wor'\d with an intense desire 
to traneform it and be 
transformed by it. Scotties 
are a beautiful tapestry of 
hope. 11 

Mariseia Martinez 
Intercultural Affairs 

To me being a Scottie means being part of an 
amazing community of women, who strive to be 

intelligent, engaged, compassionate, 
and curious citizens of the world. 
In short, it means I have 
found my tribe. 11 

Kimberly 3. Reeves '10 

Words from tlie Editor-in-Ciiief of Siliiouette: 

II 3eing a Scottie is a unic^ue experience that I am 
blessed to have. Here at Agnes, we are given the 
opportunity to learn from a diverse group of women as 
well as discover more about ourselves. B-eing Editor-in- 
Chief of Silhouette is an overwhelming yet fulfilling 
experience that has definitely shaped how I view myself 
as a Scottie. This school year the Silhouette Staff 
and I have dedicated this y^ 

publication to hear your ,/ 

unicj^ue Agnes experiences 
and to discover what being '^ 
a Scottie means to you. i 
because we are more thai, ,, 
just fiesty; we are a 
d'weree, phenomena] force | 
to be reckoned with! II y \ 

BrittanI N. Banl<s '11 1 


'**fcii • ■■■'-.. 

- \5 

(Student Life 




^" in* 



^Charleen McClure, Marietta, GA 
, ^ . j^^'/ Class of 2010 ' ' /*: 

\ (^W^s* Memorable Moment at Agnes' Scott? ** 

A: "Just about everydayt^s memorable. Working with 
faculty, talking to student^i||eeing how passionate 
everyone iff-^bout tk^ir fields.. !^^st to see a buil^ of ** 
strong, confiderit^. women passionate about. ckanQm^tne: 
world has be^n anNOverwhelmi ngJipiiji ifi^ul experience/ 
not the person I was when t came here.. .Agnes has^h 
e the person I've always wanted to be 
^: What does it mean to be a Scottie ? 

'v: A Scottie is an empowered, confident, ^^pj|g-w^ 
woman of the world;'' .-lil - -* 

Sarah B'owen, Bradenton, 
^^^ Class Of 2011 

P>' }^ ' Q: Goals After School? 
A: "I want to go to Grad School for either Human 
Resources or Industrial Organizational Psychology." .i, .1 
at does it mean to be aL,^|^ttiex 
jottiejs well-rounded, has differ 
takes prirfln TtrmTT 'mt,r, rr'^t3. She takes 
re of all opportunities presented tah^ 

!~ has fun 










people wf 

pW. You t^ll ^ 

every 2 seconds. That's- for people 

with nothing to do. 

Q: What does it mean to be a Scottie? 

A: A Scottie is an Independent woman who Is 

educated, worldly, and beautiful. She knows how to 

work in any situation, she's Internationally know| 

cultural, and she has it together. 

Of 20p- 

Julia Burdine 

Class of 2015 

Marietta, GA 

Q: Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook? 

A: "Facebook. ..I'm collegiate now." 

Q: What does it mean to be a 

Scottie to you? 

A: Being a scottie means developing 

a sense of empowerment, tliat as a 

woman I can do anything. 

Class Of 2015 

Rockville, MP 

Q: What song is stick in you head? 

A: "Her Morning Elegance - Oren 


Q; What does being a Scottie 

mean to you? 

A; "I thing being a Scottie means I 

have a love for liberal arts and the 

drive for my passions." 

Class of 2013 

Big cypress, Fla. 

Q; What was your favorite part about 


A: "The awesome convocation ceremony and 

President Kiss's excellent speech." 

Q: What does it mean to be a Scottie to you? 

A; "Being a Scottie means I have to be 


Marietta, GA 

Q; What are you thinking about majoring in? 

A: "l?ight now I'm thinking about majoring in 

Neuroscience, but that can change later on." 

Q: What does it mean to be a Seattle to you? 

I A: "I have to have a sense of pride because I'm the first 

person to go to college in my family." 

Kirsten Gonzalez 
Class of 2013 

Marietta, GA 

Q: What song is stuck in your head? 

A: "The way she feels" by Between 

the Trees 

rana ma City, Tana ma 

Q: What was your favorite part about 


A: "One of my favorite orientation 

events was the Unity Dessert but I 

LOVED World of Coke and the 
Botanical Gardens (ASC 101 groups 
after community service). They were 

really fun!!!" 

Q; What does it mean to be a Scottie 

to you? 

A: "No one can do it like I do" 

lA/e are the Scotties. We like to party and even study at the same time. One tiling we l<now is we love o\' Agnes. Please 
kno w is we love ol' Aotn ee^ P lease don't take our Bla ck Ca t away! We are tli e_Sco tties. We like to party and even 

;ven study at the sar^^Bie. One thing we J^^H^^ love ol' Agne^^Base don't take> 
(ce our 6/ack Cat aw^^meare the Scott'^^^^^- — ^^^^^^^■^'j.. -^ ...i-- 

ke our Black Cat 
same time. One 
may] We are Xht 
our 3lack Cat away! We are the Scotties. We like to party and even study at the same time. One thing we know is 

6pirit Week! 

The 2009 Black Cat was, as always, a dramatic week for Scotties who 
love to party and study at the same time. From the first years fight to 
keep their mascot a secret, to the sophomores new mascot dilemma, 
to the ongoing struggle of making our precious week "family-friendly". 
Black Cat never fails to excite and inspire school pride. So, just in 
case missed you all the action, here is a sum up of one of our most 
beloved Scottie traditions: 

BTacfe Cat 200^ 

on't take our Black Cat away! We are the 5cotties. We like to party and even 5tudy at the same time. One thing we 
tudy at the same time. One thing we know is we love ol' Agnes. Please don't take our Black Cat away! We are the 
jr Black Cat away! We are the Scotties, We like to party and even study at the same time. One thing we know is we 
ame t/me. One thing we know ie we love ol' Agnes. Please don't take our 3lack Cat away! We are the Scotties. We 
Na\j\ We ave the Scotties. We like to party and even study at the same time. One thlnq we know is we love ol' Agnes. 
ling we know is we love ol' Agnes. Please don't take our Black Cat away! We are the Scotties. We like to party and 
cotties. We like to party and even study at the same time. One thing we know is we love ol' Agnes. Please don't take 
e love ol' Agnes. Please don't take our Black Cat away! We are the Scotties. We like to party and even study at 

^ Cheers before decorating the 
^ Main Quad and Alston... 

The Pheonixes support their 
class during trivia night... 

A sophomore display their new 
mascot at their party day... 

First Years shine during 
Bonfire as the Valkyries... 


The Amazons rock Gaines with 
their Wizard of Oz themed JP... 

Scotties enjoying the 
Speakeasy themed Formal... 

>acVC^ ^ 




This year , we ivelcome<d the Valkyries of 2013. 

Also, in the fashion of the departing Fhoenlxee, 

the c\aee of 2012 bid farewell to the 

Buccaneers and experienced a rebirth in the 

form of the Water Dragons. 

kt: l«T:i.! 


^^11 HOME! 







i ' ' 



7- '^. r ■ 



^i>r^j ^ 

^ -J^ 






^ct/fttl ^oafA 

%e Black Cat dinning experience started off with the Amazons who created a Harry Potter party in' 

Evans and featured Kock 3and\ On Tuesday the First Years showed a lot of creativity with a Toga 

themed party which included a live band and free togas! The sophomores based their party day on 

their new mascot with Asian inspired food and music. And the 3en\ore gave a final salute to Agnes 

with a Firehouse themed party, with a pie eating contest and a raffle! 

■ijiu.^ifiii 't'^j:"^ 


\ I / X 




g "^ 




r J^* 

*^ K i 









We will test your brains and measure your brawn.!!! 
jr migint, put up a figlit^^. 
.some fun. \ " • 


|r for the sport; ,^ JMigf 
?job isMof^e.^';!^- "^ 







H^H '''^ 


^BH ^w> ' 

[^«> '"""^^^ii 


^< 1 

Im^KSBki'?'-' ^ 



^■ih%fr V 

'.&.t-Jt'-'.' ^.■*«s. '. ''-^ ,.**!'•'' '•i -c-*^ .— ,■ .*« 



^\\e Phoenixes rise out of the fire one last time. The Amazons remained fierce like true 

\Narnore. The sophomores premiered their new mascot the Water 'Ovaq^o^'d with flare. 

The talented first years joined our tradition as the Valkyries with a golden spirit. 


we represent your Keeidenct 


H sTufiii^ fmduLcti^yi I j^^^ 

Class Dances Class Song s 

JP 2009 proved to be a hit! The night started with a bang of class songs and dancee. The fiery Phoenixes 
strutted their stuff with their rendition of Beyonce's "Diva" remixed, the mighty Amazons thrilled the crowd 
with their dance, Including an appearance by Michael Jackson (aka ChaQuanna Dunton), the brave Blue 
Dragons showed what their made of with their dance In the form of "America's Best Dance Crew" and the 
newcomers, the fierce Valkyries, blew everyone away with their creative and captivating rendition of "Yellow 
Submarine," uniting the Yellow and Green classes. 

Knd then the main event began. The Amazons' production kept the audience on their toes, from the swine 
flu dance to the special appearance of "kanye West. Written by Dani Herd and Julie Reynolds, the production 
followed Ramona, a stressed-out Junior o^uestioning her place in the A5C community portrayed by Madeline 
Paschen, and her new-found friends. There's the over-excited first-year Julia as portrayed by Julie Renyolds, 
the anti-social sophomore Becky as portrayed by Trisha Jackson, and Roberta, a senior with no job 
prospects, as portrayed by Chelseie Buckley. In the end, the women of the Agnes Scott community rally 
together to show Ramona that Agnes is the place for her and she ultimately decides to stay. 




• r. 



Circa 1920'e Frohibition 

eaturday, October 5, 2009 
\ The Foundry at Furitan Mill 

fie Dlack Cat week would not 
be complete without an 
amazmoj formal. This year, 
Fro-S>o gave U5 a epectaculavi 
event with an ]920'e theme. 

Good food, elegant 

decorations, and a lively dj 

made the 2009 Formal a hit! 



"Many people will walk in and out of jour life, but only 
true friends leave footprints in your heart." ^Mff 
- Eleanor Doosevelt 

"The future belongs to those who believe In the beauty of their 

»" -Ele.atioj>Roo&evelt 

AqyicA Sc9^ N^w& 

getting the meeeaqe acroee... 

Agnes Scott College Is the first college in 
Georgia to compost in its residence halls. 
While a few Georgia colleges an<d universities 
compost in their dining halls, Agnes Scott 
has extended its composting to a pilot 
program in its residence halls and campus 
center, which has a snack bar and cafe. 

Agnes Scott College ranks second among 
liberal arts colleges in the "Top Up-and- 

Coming Schools" in the U.S.News & World 

Report's just-released 2010 edition of 

"America's Best Colleges." It is the only 

women's college recognized in this category. 



what do you havg to 5ay ? 


"Very Beneficial but still 

confusing on Dos and Don'ts" 

Shauntia Lovett 

"So proud that Agnes is getting 

some recognition." 

Madelynn Martiniere 

brings the idea of community full circle! Scotties are working hard, not only for their 
education, but for the betterment of our Campus. Here are just a few ways in which 
Scotties are helping our ASC environment... 

Class of 2011 

Lathasia works as a receptionist for DesLife 

preparing paperwork for meetings and answering 

calls from parents concerning their children. 

What she loves about her job? Talking to 

international students' parents! 

Looking to switch jobs? Check out DesLife! It's a 

relaxed setting, plus Joy and Kijua are great to 

chill with! 

Cla&sof2011 ■■,■■. ■■■■■.■■:.■'-:■-■>--.-■ ^ 

Lintonia works in the Arts Store (Yes, we ha\o wix^. v^i 
those!) in Dana Fine Arts Building. She sells art supplies 
to students and helps them find art suDolies for their i' 

to stuaenLs ana neips mem tma art supplies ror meir ^ 


What she loves about her job? Helping you of course! 

§he likes helping you with your artwork and getting to 

work on her own pieces during downtime. 

Looking for a job? You may want to look into the art 

departflient They're cool, it's laid back, and the peonle 

there are really personable! I' 

SS of 2012 1 

(Siobhan works a<s a receptionist i 
Alston Info Desk answering phone caj 
ushering events on campus, and , 
answering people's questions thafsE 
by the desk. What she loves about h 
Job? Meeting new people! ; 




^B^ ^^^^1 


^fe: 9MH 


^^k ^ ^^"^^l 

■WirA^^V ^ ., N^ |^^lli|l|liM 






^H A.^^l 






P^.,...^--' "^ 

Happened in 


What did you think about that? 

The H1N1 virus, also known 
'swine flu' spread o[uickly 
across the globe from its 
first recorded outbreak in 
April 2009 in Mexico. The 
virus can be transferred from 
one person to another like the 
common flu; however, the 
death rates for swine flu is 
much more serious. Nearly 
6,000 deaths have been 
recorded as of October. The 
World Heath Organization 
declared it a pandemic on 
June 11th 2009. 

Say WHAT? 

"Change will not come if we wait for 
eome other pereon or some other time. 
We are the ones we've been waiting for. 

We are the change that we eeek." 
President 'darack Obama, 

2009 Nobel Feace Frize Laureate 

Madeline Pietryla 15 

"I think that 
confirmation into the 
U.S. Supreme Court 
is c^uite newsworthy. 
I think it was a 
progressive step, 
and I am glad th 
she got it." 

Charleeen McClure '10 

With the new preeidency came 
new concerns about health 
care and insurance. Should 
the government provide for us 
or should health care remain 
as it has always been? The 
anewer is very complicated 
and our ever straining 
economy does not seem to 
helping matters at all. Will the 
debate of health care be 
decided by year 2010? One 
can only hope. 


Around Atlanta 

After a long week*of Jj|^, impromptu 

iiggd a break from OI'^Agnes. And whatp^ace 

'^ IcouW be better for rfplenisjgng that^oiitRfal spirit ^ « 

^th%n Atlanta? Whether by car, bus, or MARTA, students ^ 

are trekking avo\yr\d the city to enjoy life ar\A forget their ^''^^ 

homework woes, if only for a weekend.... 

1: A group of ScotU^yetting cozy next to holiday. 

2: Students educatinl^Moiselves about other cultures at the Ann 

'^ 'wo students posing witlKhe i^o'i^wyaT manneq^uins from Old Navy 

Mptist Collegiate Ministry takes a trip to Stone Mountain. 
5: A student posing in front of^^te|erica I AM exhibit. 
6: TvMBi^aalaomores celebrating a pt^" 

Making a Difference 

Every year, an impressive number of Scotties venture 
away from the beautiful campus of Agnes Scott with 
the Intention of bettering the greater Atlanta area. 

Above, left: A first-year student posts fliers . 
promotfMg-a-benef it-sponsored by Pecatur Cooperative 

Above, Right: The American Chemistry Society Trick- 
or- Treats for canned goods. 

Below: Scotties wall< for a cause in the Atlanta Aids 

Christin Weeks - President of 
Habitat for Humanity 

Q: What inspired you to get 
involved with Habitat For 

A: ...The homeowners are an active 
part of the home-making process, 
so you know that the final product 
will be treasured and well-cared 
for.. .To me, just the gesture of a 
group of people coming together to 
assist one another in a time of need 
is so valuable. 

Q:How did you come to be 
president of Habitat For Humanity 
at such an early time in your 
college career? 

A:lt was kind of thrust upon me. The 
previous president graduated 
without leaving a successor, so she 
asked me to step up because she 
knew I loved Habitat. 

Global Scotties 

Agnes Scott students are making their voices heard not only around Atlanta, 

but ail over the world. 

Jenee Gaskin 

Class of 2010 
(Argentina- Spring '09) 

Going abroad was great because I 
wanted to learn more about Spanish 
culture and strengthen my language 
5l<ill5 but I learned much more. I 
learned about what it meant to be an 
American to me and how well I can 
adapt, I went abroad alone and gained 
some of the most amazing friendships 
and realized that I want that trip to 
be only the beginning of many more 
abroad experiences. I think no matter 
where you go or what you go for you 
will learn much more than you would 
ever expect. I newer would have 
thought I could survive an entire 
semester of classes in Spanish and 
pass and I did. ^ 

Annie Graefe 

1 went to Chengdu, China in ^prlnq 09 
and it was one of the best times of 
my life! I met many interesting people 
from China and many other countries 
as well as having some of the best 
food in existence. My favorite 
moment wae when {after climbing 
eacred Buddhist mountain Emei for 

2 days) i got to see the sunrise 
above the sea of clouds at 10,167 
feet, i was hesitant to go at first, 
but now I wouldn't trade my time 
there for anything. 


Class of 2010 
(China- - Spring '09) 

(Austraila- Spring '09) 

Going to Australia was the most 
amazing experience of my whole life! I got 
to experience a new culture, make friends 
from all around the world, visit places like 
the Sydney Opera House which I've 
wanted to see since I was a little girl, 
and I saw real live kangaroos in the wild! 
I took classes about Australia 
specifically, learning about their history, 
their culture, their literature and their 
environment, all of which were very 
interesting to me. Through this 
experience I have gained a new 
perspective of the world from outside of 
my own country and I think I have (^rown 
as a person because of it. Studying 
abroad in Australia was the best choice I 
ever made! 

The Office of ffifefftoitii^ftctP Erfuccttit^M 

What are the different types of programs that a Scottie can use to Study Abroad? 

"There is ISEP, CIEE, Summer Programs, etc, ..Our office can help students in this process by determining which 
proq^ram best fits what the student is looking for. There are programs designed for every type of experience: 
homestay options, volunteering. Internships, theme focused programs on topics like sustainability, development, 
public health, literature, etc. There are proqrams where you take classes and do field research or volunteering, 
there are programs that involve travel to multiple countries. The possibilities are endless! " 

Helen Tzow 


Class of 2010 (Ghana- Fall '08) 

still can't believe it has been a year since I have studied 
broad. Being in Ghana was a great experience. I loved learning 
II about their culture, trying their foods, learning the Twi 
inguage, and attending classes at the University of Ghana. I 
arned to be extremely mdependent and came to appreciate all 
ie little thinqs. Studying abroad with ISEP was so much fun. 
'e traveled all over Ghana and even to Togo and 3en\n. My 
itire study abroad experience helped me realize what I wanted 
-) do after graduation, which is to work abroad and be a ?eace 
orps volunteer. 

Emily WaltefcS 

Class of 2010 ((Senegal - (Spring '09) 

Spending a eemester in Senegal was the adventure 
of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to live with a 
Senegalese family for four months, travel all over the 
country, and challenge myself in ways I never thought 
possible. Mostly Importantly, my semester abroad 
wae a huge confidence booster: after spending three 
days cro65lnq the border between Senegal and 
Guinea in the back of a truck, I know 1 can do 

^ass of 2010 (France - Fall '08 Spring '09) 

From the canals of Vempe to the Schonbrunn Paf%e in Vienna, 
every day was an adventure and a learning experience. It opened 
my eyes to the world around me as well as helped me learn 
things about myself. My time abroad was something that will 
never be forgotten. 

A Scottie who studies abroad becomes... 

«fc* ^S bi>f cf, attrf /iCAif icwt" 

'hat are the advantages of studying abroad? 

Viore and more research verifies the benefits of studying abroad. Academics have found returned study abroad 
students to be more serious, more analytical and more creative in their coursework in their remaining college years 
after studying abroad. Study abroad students also tend to engage in more service and community activities than 
:heir classmates who have not studied abroad. Employers have preferences for students with international 
sxperiences. Besides professional and academic benefits, students gain so many invaluable life skills that are not 
always demanded of students on campus, simply because of the Independent nature of study abroad. 






Emerging leaders... pq 56 
'3 Sigma Phi... pg 55 
bitat for Humanity.. .pg 
nor Court... pg 29 
rvine Investment 
Group... pg 49 
■"^^ Jewish Student Association 
. p^ 41 
Judicial Board... pg 26 
Latmas Unidas... pg 45 
A5C Libertarians.,, pg ^3 
Muslim Student Ass'^c ^tioi 

. . pg 40 
Mortar 3oard... pg 55 
Novel Scotties,. 

Orientation Council... pg 30 
Profile... pg 53 
Programming Board... pg 33 
Publius... pg 49 
Residential Life... pg 32 
Pole-Playing Games... pg 59 
Safe Women... pg 35 
Senate... pg 31 
Sigma Alpha lota... pg 56 
Society of Physic 

Students... pg 56 
Student Government 

Association... pg 34 
Triota (lota lota lota) 54 
Witkaze... pg 4-& 
Young Democrats... pg 42 






J'3oard Is the governing body for 
the residence halls. The board 
strives to ensure students live a 
safe, comfortable environment. 

Brittany Manning, 
President (2010) 
^ Capricia Jeffers, 
Vice President (2011) 
Jia Yu, 

Treasurer (2011) 
Precious Acker, 
Secretary (2011) 
Jenee Gaskin and 
Carieta Thomas (20 1G 
Gianna Barnett and 
Ashley McCook (201 1 
Lauren Albin and 
Haviland Forrister 
(2012 Representatives 
Ambria Turner and 
Allyson Brannon (201; 

l)'3oard Investigates cases sent to them by Residence Life. If 
[necessary, the board will hear the case and then vote on it based off of 
tpo\\c\ee found In the student handbook. Do not be Intimidated by J- 
hoard members! They are your peers so they are very approachable. The^ 
^have your best Interest at heart when judging your cases! 

"A woman that Is an honorable person that is responsible for her actions. She 
takes personal responsibility for the things she does and how her actions affect 



f9 Ceo/rT 

reana Jones, 1 
P'resident (2010) 

kylar Washington, 
President (2010) 
Danielle Patton, 
Treasurer (2012) 
Sarah Bowen, 
Secretary (201 1 ) 
KImberly B. Reeves 

Catalina Ford (2010) ^ 
Esther Wallace (2010) 
Anna DunLany (2010) 
Jenny Jacobs (2011) 
Nicole Wood (2011) 
BhumikaPatel (2012) 
Chelsea Perdue (2012) 
G. Stephany Bolivar 
Kirby Rogers (201 3) 


"We contribute to the campue community by promotm^ honor in every 
action a student makes on and off campus. Our body continues the 
tradition of self responsibility and enables A^nes 6cott to be a safe 
place where students have complete trust In each other. " 

"We feel that a Scottle is a woman who works hard, plays hard, and 
always puts her personal honor first in ail of her decisions." 

, ^..(5 Of 

Aqnee 5coVVe oldeet traditions. \Ne deal with cae>ee of 
academic dishonor and a student's commitment to her 
community." 29 

je out^oin^ members of 
Orientation Council, aka 
Ic., are eome of the first 
BC 5tudente> we come In 
contact with ae flret-yeare. 
These dedicated students 
make first-years' transition 
from hi^h school to college 
life as smooth and painless 
as possible. 

Why did you join O.C.?: 

iy experience with the\ 

What'e the beet 

we a heart for firet years 
them and 0ettin0 to know 
ople to hqnee 5cott, sharing 
' ' ' ' 10 them create an 

of O.C? 

Sarah ^oiven 11 
"dradenton, FL 

arrive, while they are moving In and ae they 0et settled 
Into A5C. It le really aweeome to be a part of the whole 

fo be a 5cottie ^ 
', to have a paeelon 
for life and a deelre to live life to Ite fullest, and take 

Kcadern\C Coordinator advantage of every opportunity that comes one's way! 


Senate President, Lucia Huisether 

(pictured above, center) 

What inspired you to become a member of Senate? 

1 saw potential for being a student advocate on campus, and 
members of Senate inspired me as a- student and leader. 
What do you think is your biggest accomplishment thus 
far during your time on 6>enate? 

This year Senate instituted a new system where students 

and Senators can write ie,gislation about pertinent issues on 

campus. Once the legislation has passed, it will go to 

relevant administration and faculty offices for 

consider atlon. We have heard presentations on how the 

Admissions Office represents the school, changing the meal 

plan to accommodate students with religious and ethical 

dietary restrictions, overhauling A5C101, and applying 

internet harassment rules _ 

to Public Folders. 

What would you say to 

younger Scotties to 

encourage them to get 

involved in this 


Senate is an organization 

where every board member 

can have a voice ...If you have 

an Idea for how to improve 
ASC or simply want to be 
a representative voice for 

:o[jr classmates, Senate 
Iperfect organization to 

"As the primary li^hoh between 'studente 

and f acuity /etaff/admmletratore on 

campus, the mam purpose of Student 

Senate \s to advocate for student 

Interests in all dimensions of campus life." 

-I. Huisether 

Vice President- 

] Ryan (11) 
bang ('11) 


ioson-E^erkstresser (12) 

Jillian Pilch (12) 

Alex ^re^ev (10) 

Holly Nelson (10) 

I Darah Tabrum (11) 

J Stacey-Ann Love (12) 

tSenam Apaloo (11) 

[^ Sally Home (13) 

Tehseen Dossul (11) 

Heather Wiliiat^s (11) 

' ih Ashgar (13) 

ftie GordoY\ (13) 

Kh4:iiah Smith (12) 

^^e Kwakye (10) 

/aY\Y\ay\ Sharp {'09) 

r Nadi Nuhu (12) 

-^bnia Loriston (10) 

R^d^vit Lit^l 

They're the onee we qo to when we have a 
problem. The peer adv\5or5 of A^nee, the 
ResLife staff members are our qo-to t^lrle 
for when we need eomeone to talk to - or 
when a noisy neighbor keeps playing that 
N^'SYNC song over and over aq^\an. We love 
them and appreciate them and would be 
lost without them. Thanl<s ResLife staff! 

Onyinye Edeh, Cicy 
Cul, Holly Nelson, 
■ Dru Clark, Maggie 
I, Aduddell, (Second , 
\ Kow \-r) Kate 
' 3ennett, Klanna 
i^^^ IfSifewi ■ Coughran, Melissa 
""^' Iter, Tezin Waiji,; 
bn Tzow, 

Hannah Marlowe, Julie Keyndl^^nea Jackson, MK 
Bindley, (Front Kow l-r) Shaa'ista Sabir, Alyssa De 
pazon, Susie Martinez, Stacey-Ann Love, Kaitlyn 
McCune, Dhumika Patel, Beverly McCall 

(1) What's the beet thing about being a pa\ 
of ReeUfe?: 

Pya nne Daptlete, 
tuate Hall Dlrec] 
y.A.T. 2010 

A /;-'.>;':^ {:<iiivi;iiitiiSii 

ly tf/W you jc?/tt Reelifefii 


'"d) What doee it mean to be a Scottie^R 

who are determined to make a po&itivt 
influence in their community. > 

The purpoee of Froi^rammm^ 3aord is to plan, promote 
and produce programs that create a well-balanced social 

life for students at Agnes Scott. These cultural, 

educational, and eoclal pro^rame enhance the equality of 

life at Agnes Scott College, while contributing to diversity 

appreciation and supplementing the Kq^nee Scott 

academic mission. 

Executive 3oard\ 

Katie McLeilan 
Lauren Slipek 
Meghan Ryan i\ 

Natasha McClendon 

Chairs: "' 

Meg Beyer 
Jessi Probus ■:. 

Jeanine Pounds 
Trisha Manns 

Cicy Cui 
Kate Whitney 

Members: Alyssa Stafford, Ambria 

Turner, Brittany Fowler, CeciJ 
Alcala, Crystal Riley, Dani Adaf 
Hannah Hunt, Heather Drew, Heather 
Williams, Jaime Henry-White, T"Airan 

Duncan, Jessica Farmer, Juiil 
Lockman, Katie ^errumi^aard,m 
Cox, Kelley lockman, Korea Sm 
Layla 5hi, Leah Crawford, Lee 1| 
Megan McCulloch, Maureen E. P 
Ruhi S>arde, 5haa'ista Sabir, | 
Shantara Strickland, Tezin Waiji, 
Uyen Ha, Xun Qiu, Lesley Parks, Sam 

Programming S>oard strives to make 
sure something fun is always going on 
on NbCe campus. As your social 
organization, board members work to 
make sure that events at Agnes 


student body as a whole desires. 

jhiming Doard has been expanding its effof 
ore Inclusive, working to make sure the whole student 
body is represented in its events. Events the board 
creates cater to a variety of the campus' needs from the 
craftsmaker to the party-goer to the music junky. 

What does being a Scottie mean to this organization? 
A Scottie is an intelligent young woman who is socially 
involved. She understands that Interacting with the world 
outside of Koines Scott is just as Important as being a 
part of the Agnes Scott Community. 

Froqrammmq ... Everybody's doing it! 


The organizations that make 

up the Executive Board of 

6GA Includes: 

The Agnes Scott Student Government 

Association "works liard to ensure tinat 

campus life at Agnes Scott is everytliing 

we want it to be!" The executive board plans 

the fall leadership retreat, leadership 

transition, the leadership reception and 

elections, among other activities. 



Honor Court 

Inter-Organizational Council 

Judicial 3oard 

Orientation Council 

Froi^rammln^ ^oard 

Student Senate 

'he 2009 6GA Executive ^oard 

Meg ^eyer 10, president: -^^|||^^MBpfB|pp||P|ip|||||||pprnes 10, secretary/chair 

of elections; Lucia Hulsethe^^^^Klent Senate president', 3re Jones 10, Honor 

Court president; Brittany Manning 10, Judicial 3oard president; Jessi Probus 10, 

Inter- organization Council chair; Alisha Udhwani 10, COSMO chair; Katie McLellan 

10, Programming Board chairs; and Lauren Slipek 11, Orientation Council president 

* information courtesy of Agnes Scott website 

List of Members 

Jenny Jacobs 

Kenyetta McClain 

Sarah 5pann 

Liang Huang 

Casey WaUeck 

Kristen Fox 

Dru Clark 

Lauren Aibin 

AJ Halls 

Emily Tan 

Jillian Edosomwan 

Alyssa De Gazon 

Jarcy Hammond 

Dana Proctor 

Vladelynn Martinie 

re Beth Krakow 

\lajla Waieed 

Carol Holcomb 

Mission statement: 

"Student Advocates for Educating Women (5.A.F.E. Women) strive to be active 
in tlie campus community to promote health education in the form of 
inspirational, accessible proi^rame pertinent to the contemporary college woman 
in all of her forme. " 

How has the club changed or contributed to the ASC campus? 

"We have strived to promote dialogue and accurate health information on often 
stigmatized health topics." 

" Being a Seattle means being in charge of your body by making well- 
educated decisions. Scott'ies are aware of their bodies, knowledgeable 
and yet open-minded to different points of view. " 

Affiliates of the Dana 5cho\ar5 ?W(?\ram : 
5tacey-Ann Love, Zamachiza Mahlobo, 
Precious Acker, Onyinye Edeh, Uyen Ha, Indira 
Cruz, Susie Martinez, Alanna Coughran, 
Melissa King, Julie Reynolds, Julia St. Goar 

Dana ^c\\o\are 

2009-2010 Pana Scholars : Danielle 
Adamson, Lauren Albin, Drlttanl Banks, 
Meg Beyer, Sarah 3ower\, Rachel Burger, 
Keelin Cox, Charlotte Cue, Cicy Cui, Sarah 
Challa, Haviland Forrister, Cam 
Oodemann, Elizabeth Gustoson- 

Berkstresser, Lucia Hulsether, Lisa 
Jackson, Jenny Jacobs, Chan Jin, 3reana 
Jones, Juliana Jones, Elaine Koutroulias, 
Ariel Laws, Hanwen Li, Gina Luttrell, 
Hayley Maxwell, Kaitlyn McCune, Holly 
Nelson, Nadi Nuhu, Bhumika Patel, Chelsea 
Perdue, Jillian Pilch, Jessi Probus, Kimberly 
Reeves, Justine Schwartz, Kelsey Shaul, 
Yue Shen, Lauren Slipek, Khaliliah Smith, 
Monica Spitzer, Caitlin Suilmann, Zijia Sun, 
Emily Walters, Jillian Wells, Melissa Winter 




;er i 

Leaders of 2015 

Syedah Asghar 
Michelle Autrey 
Destiny Darker 
Stephany Bolivar 
Kathryn Dean 
Lauren Gaia 
Uyen Ha 
Camille Hackney 
Natalie Jorges 
Brittany Moore 
Gabrielle Nockelin 
Lissette Rodriguez 
Kirby Rogers 
Paige Sullivan 
Every year, first -year students are nominated to participate in this Deanna Tipton 

pro0)ram through the Department of Student Leadership and Engagement. Janani Webb 
Selection is based upon a show of promise, potential and avid involvement Caitlin White 

and displayed leadership in the Agnes Scott community. Students will then 

participate in programs, lectures, and a retreat in the Spring, geared 

towards honing and nurturing positive and effective leadership. 


The Office of 

nternational A ffairs 

The Ambassadors: Alexandra Brewer, Brittany Broomfield, Jordan 
TAira Duncan, Naseem Ghannad, Carolina Patino, and Calista Ross. 

Vlission: "The Office of Intercultural Affairs Ambassadors empowers tlie Agnes Scott College communi-| 
'ostering and advocating for social justice through facilitation of dialogue in a safe and open forum. Thel 
^mbassador5 promote awareness, consciousness, and engagement in order to cultivate respect, 
jnderstanding, and inclusivity," - Ross 


hadore affect'mq change oin campus? 

asteel: 'We participated in the A5C 101 rotatione, 
guiding discussions about trigger points, their origins, 
and facilitating an activity called "game of life". During 
iiversWeet, we did an activity to talk about respect and 
vade tee shirts. Lastly, we have met with residence halls 
and helped to create a better sense of community. 
Dverall, this semester has been a starting point to 
develop a greater sense of community on this campus." 

Ghannad: "We are here to facilitate dialogue about 
topics that may not have been openly talked about 
previously. The Ambassadors are here to create a 
change, cultivate respect and inclusivity among the 
campus community. Our goal is to educate the 
campus in order to create a space where everyone 
can be expressed and heard in a non-judgmental 
fashion. " 

How has being apart of the OIA 
Ambassadors influenced you? 

How can other Scotties get involved with the 
Ambassadors pro(^ram? 

brewer. "It has allowed me to be a part of 
:onversations that involve sensitive topics. It 
las taught me how to be an actwe Wegener as 
veil as how to appreciate everyone's story. It 
las prepared me to continue these 
:onversations in any setting and has given me 
}he knowledge to ask the type of o^uestions 
bhat make people think." 

Duncan: "5cotties can get involved with the OIA 
Ambassadors with an application process that 
involves an Interview. The application proceee is not 
long, and it allows you to be creative with your essay 
response. I wrote a poem for my essay response, and 
the experience was much more satisfying than writing 
in the form of an essay. Applications will be available in 
March and interviews will take place in April. If 
students don't want to be ambassadors, they can 
always use an ambassador to help lead a discussion, 
conduct a program, or to mediate a situation." 

\n OIA Ambassador Scottie is a woman who wants to actively engage with social justice and wants to make a 
hange. However, before an ambassador can bring about positive changes they must be willing to take a step 

back and examine themselves and challenge their own prejudices. "~ Patino 37 

The Mission: To enhance the lives of people with different 
^: abilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendshJj 


and Integrated employment. 

e activities and 

group acti^^^piW^Wnffl|PIWl^tiiig5, holiday 
parties, service projecte at tine zoo, trips to the aq^uarium. 

sr fun activities. 

Members: DanleWe Adamson, Michelle Autrey, Rose 
\B>ranner\, Brittany 3romfieU, Katy Chamberlain, Koed 
\Contrerae, Brittany Fowler, Stephanie Hall, Kelly 
Jones, Siobhan Keeve, Kelley Lockman, Shannon 
McCartha, Hannah Mitchell, Gabrielle Nockeiin, Lindsa 
Frescod, Ivirby i^ogers, Becky Soteio, Ambria Turner, 
Nyomi Washington, and Heather Williams. 


'The Buddies 
the Atlanta 

iBuddies Dolores 
and Katy 

effect is the or(:^anization havin^^ on the camoui 

ily does Best Buddies offer individuals who are 
jhtly a bled the opportunity to develop social 
deeded In society, but it also attempts to 
■J people's minds and especially their hearts 
■people that are differently abled both on- 
\s as well as the community. 

an someone get involved? 

% beginning of each acadernxc year, Karnes Scott 
.bids a student activities fair. At that time, please 
bme by the Best Buddies table and sign-up for the 
Agnes Scott Best Buddies mailing list, if you missth 
fair, you still have the opportunity to become involved 
■ -s^^-j; Buddies by attending the mandatory 
|zational meeting. 

/ould vou define a Scottie who participates in 

iest Buddies? 

believe that a Scottie College Buddy feels a sense o 
responsibility for not only their campus but their 
community as well. In addition, this feisty Scottie 
loves to help others and have fun while mak' 
terrific and life-changing friend in the proce 

Amnig^tv International 

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." -Mohandas Gandhi 
Members: Julia St, Goar, txristin Fox, Elizabeth Gustoson-Berkstresser, Danielle Adamson, 
Andrea-Paola Martinez, Joycelia Lewis, Laura Bloomer-Segrest, Nga Than, Caitlin White, 
Jaime Henry-White, Althea Gunther, Stacey Ann Love, Tierraney Richardson, DeAnna Tipton 


Amnesty International is an Independent, worldwide movement working impartially for the release of prisoners 
of conscience - thoee people detained because of their beliefs, race, sex, ethnic origin, language or religion - 
who have neither used nor advocated violence; fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners; and an end to 
torture and execution in all cases. Amnesty International is independent of any political, ideological or 
religious affiliations and is funded by donations from its members and supporters around the world. 

Habitat for Humanity 

Christin Weeke, Co-Freeldent 
3r\ttar\y 3romf\e\d - Co-preeldent 
Terrlcka White - Vice President 
Tori DeW - Secretary 

First-year Destani Farker and Juniors 

Brittany Bromfieid (above) Christin Linda Holston - PR Representative 

Weeks (below) don't mind getting down 

and dirty for qood a cauee. 



(left) Junior Terricka White 
was glad to give up her 
Saturday to help build a 
home for a family in need. 


Help build 
houeee and hope ff 


Thessalonians 5:11 "Therefore encourage one another and build each other 
up, just as in fact you are do'mQ." 

Muglim Student 

The Muslim Student Association worlo to 
build awareness in the A^nes Scott 
community about Islam and Muslims. MSA 
hopes to brin^g unity and an undereTandma, 
about The religion, the people and The political 
situation of many of the Islamic countries. 
The association was re-established during 
the 2000-2001 academic year. MSA has 
established a prayer room for Muslim 
students in Winship Hall and a meditation 
room In the Julia Thompson Smith Chapel. 
MSA encourages all students to join the club 
and help its endeavors, for more Information, 
please contact: Mehwish Shaukat. 


Members: Rebecca Abels, Ky\q^a\\ Dacharach, 5\mone 

Berman-Perlstein, Sarah Boim, Rachel Burner, Rebecca 

Cubells, Haley Oeloach, Lorraine (Lori) Finklea, Jaynie L. 

Gaskin, Andrea Goodman, Melissa Griffith, Arianne Kahn, 

Phoebe Kann, Abigail Maier, Amanda Miller, Madeline 

(Maddye) Mitchell, Gabrielle (Elle) O'Brien, Katy handler, 

Monica Spitzer, and Jessica Wacks 

ente Omamzed This Year: 

family \A/eel<end Kabbalat 
habbat in the Julia 
lompson Smith chapel 
pannukah Celebration 
folunteer day at the 
hearith Israel Women's 


•Purim Carnival 
•Yom HaShoah (Holocaust 
Remembrance Day) letter- 
writing campaign fight 
genocide and discussion panel 
on the significance of the 
Holocaust today 

y^HAWf Pgtftt^C/rOitA 


The purpose of Agnes &ott College 

Young Democrats is to promote 

progressive solidarity on the ASC campu 

As the A&CYDs, we seek to promote 

democratic ideals on campus and be/one 

while also empowering our members to 

discuss, engage, and advocate for their 

own personal values. 

AcSCYD is committed to encouraging 

students to engage the social and politici 

challenges of our times through civic 

participation, such as voting, performing 

service projects, and peer education. 

Vice-President: Ally Niemiec 

VP of Communications: Anna Cabe 

VPs of Finance: Anna Marie Pillard 

and Tia Oaee 

Tuesdays @ 7PM 
Discussing things that matter. 

A5CYD believes that, as a Scottle, 
you should be willing to stand up 

for what you believe in. Most 

Important, you should show these 

beliefs not just through worde, but 

through actions, as well. 

Abels, Debecca 
Adamson, Danielle 
Archilla. Ana 
5aker, Christine 
5arnett, Gianna 
Beyer, Megan 
Bolivar, Stephany 
Brannon, All/son 
Chenaull, Kristi 
Cox, Helen 
Croland, Caroline 
Cruz. Indira 
Curliss, Kathcrine 
Dickerson, Lydia 
Davis, Vironka 
Dean, Kathryn 
Dixon, Whitney 
Donlon, Kate 
Duncan, T'Aira 
Dupree, Jessica 
Drew, Heather 
Evans, Dachel 
Gaia, Lauren 
Gaido, Katherine 
Griffith, Melissa 
Grim, Emily 

Guenthcr, Chelsea 
Hall, Stephanie 
Hamilton, Margaret 
Harden, Kirsten 
Henry-White, Jaime 
Hinkle, Mary 
Home, Sally 
Jefferson, LaTia 
Jones, Breana M. 
Jones, Julianna K. 
Kwakyc, Candace 
Lain, Sagan 
Lank, Megan 
lockman, Juliette 
Madlock, Olivia 
Martinez, Andrea P. 
McCarron, Frances 
McClain, Kenyetta 
McCulloch, Megan 
Mitchell, Megan 
Moore, Brittany 
Nelson, Holly 
Newvillc, Jessie 
Nicholas, Tawana 
Nockelin, Gabby 
Northcutt, Jane 

O'Neal, Presence 
Otto, Sarah 
Petit, Porsche 
Prescod, Lindsay 
Probus, Jessica 
Richards, Charise 
Sanchez, Johnnie 
Schwartz, Justine 
Scfa-Boakye. Jennifer 
Laura Barrett Segrest 
Sharp, Savannah 
Simpkins. Carolyn 
Smith, Britessia 
Sotoohi, Ana 
Sox, Leda 
Stroud, Paquel 
Tachie-Menson, Marie 
Thomas, Emily 
Turner, Ambria 
Turner, Cecelia 
Tzow, Helen 
Underwood, Virginia 
Waldeck, Casey 
Wells, Jillian A. 
Williams, Heather 
Williams, Marquita 

ASC Lib^iitonnoiwi 

Furpoee: to facilitate campus-wide political awareness, establish familiarity 
with the United States Constitution, ensure campus-wide knowledge of 
Libertarian ideals, provide for common defense of liberty, and promote the 
economic and social welfare of students 

Members: Rose Psalmorid (president), Gma Luttrell 
(president yro tempore), Alanna Couqhran (treasurer), 
Patricia Johneon {secretary), Kate Dennett, Pose Drannen, 
Liz l\line, Joanna Hair, CarroW McWliorter, Alyssa Stafford, 
Haviland Forrister, Simorie Berman-Perlstein, Kaitlyn Lyies, 
Kelley iockman, Arielle Newgard, Fatimah Nadimi, Meqhan 
5pencer, Anna Tucker, tayior Prescott, Arnalee Craigmile, 
Sierra Pay, Emily Tin rower, Megan Mills, Caitlynn Donnovan, 
Sandra Shirk, Christy Cotter, Emi Watanabe, Joycelia K. 
Lewis, Mia Mclnnis, Julia Mayfield, Heather Williams, Sae 
Park, Nyomi Washington, Morgan Lewie, Lydia Dickerson, Dina 
Alvarado, Sally Home, Ana Archilla, Maria Tachie-Menson, 
Latia Jefferson, Stephany Bolivar, Haley Deloach, Devin 
Alford, Stephanie Hall, Rachel Burger, & Jillian Pilch 


ASC Cheerleaders 

Jessica Dupree and Precious Acker Co- Captalne (2011) 
Gianna Barnett - 2011, Brittany Moore- 2012, Ericka 

Howard -2012, Allyson Drannon - 2012, Betsy Dragoo - 
2012, Destani Farker -2012, Juliette Lockman-2012, 
Tierraney Pichardson -2012, and Dana Vroctor -2012 

Af TficciM otwJL WcaI" f vidioifi 

-Stwdcftt' AAA©€i0ltll>ft 


Candace Kwakye- President 
Oninye Edeh- Vice President 
Alysa DeGazon- Vice President 
Janani Webb- Volunteer Chair 
Stacey Ann Love- Dance Chaf~ 
Lathasia Collins- Dance Chal 
and Treasurer I 

Sarah Spann- Public Re 

Omowunmi Adeoti 'D' D 
Public Relations Officer! 
Jillian Edosomwan- I0(| 

General Body: 

Charleen McClure 
Jillian Edosomwan 
Genefine Sepatah | 

Virginia Jean-Baptiste | 
Tiffany Samuels ;| 

Morgan Lewie 7 

Kaver\ Campbell 
Adeoti Dlpeola 
Sarah Spann 
Candace Kwakye 
Zama Mahlobo 
Senam Apaloo -^ 

Chanelle Desamours | 

Alisha Udhwani | 

Keyva Can all 
Carieta Thomas 
Maria Tachie- Menson *.„ 
Shari Allen 
Althea Gunther 
Michelle Autrey 
Ramilah Muhammad 
Lissete Rudriguez 
Nyomi Washington 
Kate Bennett 

Mission: We are an organization devoted to 

sharing our African and West Indian culture with 

the campus. 

Events: Carnival, tea party, Benefit Concert, and 
Sarafina movie night. 

~ What is the club's mission? 
"Latinas UNIDAS is an organization 
focused in the Importance of allowing 
others to become aware of Latin 
American cultures. We are a sisterhood 
of dedicated women who have embraced 
the meaning of being a woman of color, 
a woman of race, a woman of culture, 
and a woman of love and Latin beauty." 

~ What does it mean to be a Scottie? 
"For me a Scottie is someone who 
discovers their passion, nourishes that 
passion and remains true to 
themselves and their passion. " 

Noelia Sandoval , 2013 

~ How has being in the club made a 
positive difference in your 1st year? 
"Latinas UNIDAS has made my 
WHOLE first year experience a positive 
onel It has helped me integrate into 
the Agnes Scott community smoothly, 
enabled me to volunteer for many 
community service activities, offered 
me many leadership and team building 
|[?portunities, and made me feel like I 
am a part of a family, not just a club. " 

- What does it mean to be a Scottie? 
"To be a Scottie, for me, is to be a 
"feisty" learner, an honorable person, 
and a confident Individual." 

Ajsiavi Wf^wieti 

Asian Women is a coWectwe voice for 
students interested in promoting ^ 
awareness of Asian culture and 
traditions. We are also a supportive / 

base for Asian/Asian-American 

students. AW represents the voice of the Asian Women in the A5C community, 
promote Asian culture and traditions by celebrating Asian traditions annually, or 
of which the Lunar New Year. It is our biggest annual event, which has given many 
our community members to a glimpse of Asia. 






y^d, respactful, hai 

-Lian^ Huan^ 

.d warm-hearted 

3^ with Jamila Akpapuriam (Affinity Treasurer) 

■iow does Affinity appeal to ASC students outside of its target 

Mthough AfPinity was created for students of color, we encourage .ve'^ • rre ^.-'j 
•s\ue the inclusiveness of all people. We believe that it is importan-z tc brcpX 
mrrkre an^ encouraqe an open dialogue between all people to brinv3 us to.jothcr .^ 
U;iman-bein,gs livinc^ in one ivorU. 

f^w does Affinity differ from other L&tQIA orgadizatioMs on campus? 

Affinity takes great pride in hostintj (jripping discussions ivhich bring voice and 
visibility to controversial issues that most people are reluctant to discuss, 
"hrough bring awareness to these issues, we learn Important things about 
>|j(rselves and others and urge the campus community to continue the 
dialogue with others. 

Vliat does your organization thinl< that it means to be a scottie? 

*(&Scotties, Affinity valuesiridividuality, mutual respect for ourselves and 
Jthers, safety, encouragement of open and mindful communication between 
afferent perspectives, raising awareness about diversity of sexual 
;)rientationand gender identity, 

S there anything about your organization that you would lii<e the A5C 
community to l<now? 

■\ffinity'5 goal is to provide a safe space on the-campus for those in the , 
vommunity who may not always feel safe. Affinity was created for the A&C'- 
lmt&\ :lf you're looking for someone to talk to, hang out with, or ei^are a_, 
two, or three, we welcome you! 

Latonya Ma ley. President 

Shantara Strickland, Vice President 

Jamila Akpapunam, Treasurer/IOC 

tvenyetta McClain, Sec/COSMO Rep 

Trisha Manns 

Caro Simpkins 

Aniseta Helena Williams 

Jllllan Endosomwan 

Marrer\da Young 

Jillian Wells 

Jhavia Etheridge 

Irene Rivera 

Tia Gass 

Beverly McCall 

Siobhan Keeve i 



fltkaze's primary purpose is to 
assist in the guidance, orientation, 

and advocacy of all African- 
American students reQard\ess of 
their level of participation within 
the organization. The group 
accomplishes this through adhering 
to their four pillars: academic 
excellence, social and political 
awareness, community service, 
and celebration. 

Witkaze empowers students of color by 

providing many outlets for these students to 

bond. Programs the group has initiated this 

year to continue to provide empowerment for 

these students have been bi-weekly study halls, 

the Sisters for Academic Success lecture 

series, and semi-annual HIV testing. 

Vironka Dav _^^ 

Wells (Co-Presidents), 
Skylar Washington 
(Vice President), 
Jordan Casteel and 
Shantara Strickland 
(Membership Co-Chairs), 
Ariel Laws (Community 
Service Chair), Trisha 
Manns (Step Chair), 
Kirsten Harden 
(Treasurer), Am"/ 
Baldwin and Taylc 
Samson (PR Even 
Flammq and Funl 
Co-Chairs), 5hena\ 
Davis (Secretary), and, 
Mori^han Fenderqraee 
{Alumnae Liaison, 
Parliamentarian, and 


Publius strives to assist students 

interested in pursuing law by 

organizing educational, social, 

cultural, civic activities and leadership 

opportunities for members as well as 

the student body. 

Executive Board Members: 

Clielsea Perdue, President, 2012 

Carolyn Brown, Vice President, 2012 

Ariel Laws, Secretary, 2011 

Kirsten Harden, Treasurer, 2011 

Sydney Tonsfeldt, PR Representative, 2011 

Precious Acker, Volunteer Coordinator, 2011 

rvlne Inveetment Group 

The Irvine Investment Group (IIG) seeks to educate its 
members through managing a real investment portfolio. IIG 
gives back to the campus community through financial 
education and distributing a portion of its portfolio's gains to 
the college and other charitable causes. 

Sarah 3ower\, President, 2011, 
Tori Bell, Vice President, 
Quyen Tran, Treasurer, 
Jasmine D Lewis, Secretary 

Members: Andrea Goodman, Melissa King, 
Tatyana Adams, Lizzie Paileson, Joycelia Lewis, 
Nicole Holbrook, Brittany Norris, Maria Tachie- 
Menson, T'Aira Duncan, Cilan Zhang, Senam 
Apaloo, Caprichia Jeffers, Nana Aba Hackman, 
Kimberly Wyche, Nga Than 





1 ! I r 






Our purpoee is to promote photography ae 
ar\ art form and to help students develop 
themselves as photographers. We also 
provide opportunities for students to 
showcase their work to the community. 

"A Scottie is someone who finds uniq^ue 
ways to express themselves creatively." 

List of Members: 

Rachael Cross (co-president); Carm 
Godemann (co-president);Lauren Kenney; 
Jillian Filch; Caity Walker; Taylor Prescott 
Shilin Zhou; Minaye Sowho; Ali Johnson; 
Nga Than; Shein EiCho; Emily Ledbetter 
and Portia Neat. 

Literature lovers can join Novel Scottles for 

riveting discussions and fascinating new 


President Jessica Mewby 

Vice President Kachael Jenkins 

Treasurer Andrea Goodman 


m /a 

xecutive 3oard 

resident- Charlotte Cut 
ice President- Indira Cri 
reasurer- Rebecca Lunn" 
ecretary- Molly Saunde 

-ierd, MadeWne Faechen, Julie 
eynolds, Rebecca Lunny, Chelsie Buckley, Andrea Love, 
tolly Saunders, May Kaufman, Katherine Curtiss 

(1) Why did you join Blacl<friars?: 

/ joined becauee \ abeolutely love 
theater and wanted to learn ae 
much ae poeelble 

(2) What's your favorite 
production thus far?: Galileo 
because we were working with a 
new concept and there were eo 
many Interesting aepecte to It 
that came together beautifully 

(3) What does it mean to be a 
Scottie?: It means having a cloee 
community to be a part of. 



Aurora Is the student- 
produced art and literary 
magazine of Agnes Scott 
College. Each year we accept 
submissions of poetry, 
fiction, creative non-fiction 
and visual art from any 
student enrolled at the 
college. Submissions undergo 
a blind review process prior |r 
publication. Aurora is an ^^ 
annual publication, appearing 
every spring. Aurora provides 
a medium where the diverse 
creative talents of Agnes 
Scott's student body can be 

it of ev(9' 

i Jane Austen Movie Ni^ht 
[Artist Showcase and Open Mic 
I Anti Love Sonnet Competition 
I Magnetic Poetry Contest 
I Magazine Launch Party! 

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Treasurer: Havlland Forrister 12 

IOC Reps: Savannah Sharp 10 & Bhumi 

^atel 12 ,,_^^^a^^^...-..s-.::i:.^^^^ 

" To be a Scottie is to be dangerous. It means that you have the capacity to thinl<, 
the capacity to doubt, and the capacity to stand up for what you believe in." 

Thg Fro file 

Elitor-in-chief: Justine Schwartz 

Manacilnc] Editor. Jessi Probus 

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Mortar 3oard, Inc., a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their 
leadership, and service, provides opportunities for continued leadership development, 
and universities, and encouraq^es lifelong contributions to tlie global community. 

Mortar 3oard 

Marlle Dolln 
lAmanda Chaffin 
^ing (Cicy) Cui 
Alice Eerron 
Lorraine Finklea 
/Kndrea Goodman 
Chelsea Guenther 
Chuya (Yaya) Guo 
Tia Simone Huston 

achievements in scholarship, 
promotes service to colleges 

Julianna K. Jones 
Renu 5a(^re\ya 
Caitlin Shull 
Justine Shwartz 
Leda Sox 
Julia St. Ooar 
Zijia Sun 
Emily Walters 

Indira Cruz (President), Helen Tzow(Vice President), Jennifer Sefa-Boakye 
(Secretary), Qian Zhang (Treasurer), and Esther Wallace {Recruitment Chair) 



Esther Wallace, 2010 

How is your organization trying to mal<e 
a positive cinange on campus? 
"Triota encourages the Agnes Scott 
community to c^iscover, explore, and 
embrace feminist principles of ec^uality 
and social justice. Triota, as an 
organization, sponsors and 
participates in events that promote 
movements for social justice, human 
rights, and academic ino^uiry." 

How is your organization trying to make 
a positive change in the community? 
"Triota seeks to actively engage the 
campus community to express feminist 
voice and ethics through events such 
as Feminist Open Mic Night, an avenue 
for feminists from, all walks to publicly 
speak on themes such as women's 
rights, human rights, patriarchy, 
gender, sexuality, class, race, ability 
and disability, etc. Furthermore, Triota 
partners with the community of 
Pecaturto uphold women via service 
projects with organizations sus^ 
Global Village School, an academ 

List of Members: "^ 

President- Esther \Na\\ace 

Vice President- Laura Louise Wilson 

Secretary- Brittani Banks 

Treasurer- Kate Schrum I 

Community service chair- Sarah Bauer 

Meg Beyer Sagan Lain Neil Simpkins 

Lillian Charles Amy Laurent Darah Tabrum 
Alice Ferron Holly Nelson Virginia Underwood 

" BciHCf a T;n©tci &i>ttic tneoiviA ctnfc/raciMCf ciwcl »cfi»coitiw«y 


Dr.Sally MacEwen and Dr. Megan Drinkwater 

Roster of Members: 

Marlie Bolin (2010) - President 

Arianne Kahn (2010) -- Vice President 

Elizabeth Schob (2010) -- Secretary 

Virginia "Jenna" 5tucl<ey (2011) — Treasurer 

Jessie Jones (2009) -- 6argeant at Arms 

.ori Finklea (2010); l\ate K.O(?i&re (2010); Sydney 

Tonsfeldt (2011); Alisha Watts (2011); Anna 

Young (2011); Bhumika Patel (2012); and Molly 

Saunders (2012) 



Eta Siflma Phi is declared to be an Honorary Greek Letter 
Societ y of undergraduate students, vvliose purposes are: 

a) To develop and promote interest in classical study 
among the students of colleges and universities. 

b) To promote cloeer relationships among students who 
are interested in classical study, Including mter-campue 

c) To engage generally in an effort to stimulate interest 
in classical study, and in the languages, literature, history, 
and art of ancient Greece and Kome. 

List of Activities: 

Eta Sigma Phi Initiation, Classics Scavenger Hunt, 

Saturnalia, Homer-A-Thon, and Classics Movie Night 

How is vour organization affectina 

chanae in the Decatur/ Atlanta 


:ta Sigma Phi is affecting change in 
he Pecatur/ Atlanta area in that we 
re facilitating engagement with, and 
3 greater understanding of, ancient 
■exts and traditions, which serve as 

a foundation for many modern 

institutions. By extending our 
<nowledge via such avenues as high 

school tutoring in Latin, we are 
jitivating a passion for the Classics 

- and, moreover, a passion for 
learning -- in the minds of the next 
generation of students. -- Marlie 


How is \ 

change or\ our ASd 

We are maklna classics an accessibk 

and non-frightening entity for the 

community. Our activities are 

designed so that anybody can join In. 

No matter their knowledge of the 
classics, participants still get some 
exposure to the ideas (chiton* party, 
anyone?). Classics tends to be seen 
as elite, stuck up or pointless. Eta 
Sigma Phi is chanqlnq that view with 
good movies, activities, laughter, and 

a lot of cheese. 

*Chitons are what the Greeks wore. 

— Arianne 

How would you define a Eta 5iama Phi Scottie? 

An Eta Sigma Phi Scottie thinks deeply, lives honor^ 
maintaining classical qrace and integrity. She is a| 
discourse. -- Jenna ? 

"Its so easy to get involved in Eta 

Sigma Phi! You have to have taken 

at least 2 classes with a S>+ 

average to be inducted in the 

organization, but you don't have to 

do that to participate in our 

campus-wide activities. We have 

several events planned for the end 

of the fall semester and eprlnq 

semester. Our mission is to make 

classics accessible to all of the 

Agnes Scott community and our 

campus-wide activities are 

accessible to all! —Elizabeth 

5>-- SMma Alpha lota (6A\) i^ -^ 

E-ethany Coulter 

Annaiee Craigmile - Serjeant-at-Arms 

Annalise Ford - Vice Presi^ient, Membership 

Kaitlin l-ladman - Vice President, Ritual 

Joanna Hair 

Mia Jacintho 

Michelle Stokes Krakowiak 

Emily Moore - President 

Chelsea Perdue - Secretary 

Ruth Reveal - President 

l\alyn Riggs - Vice President, Membership 

Piana Shull - Editor 

Virginia Taylor 

Christin Weeks - Treasurer 

Society of Physics Students 
"5P5 helps promote the education and 
appreciation of physics and astronomy 
to A5C students and the general 
public with fun, interesting events and 

Co-presidents: Hannah Marlowe and 

Laney Hall 

Vice President: 6ami Corvino 

Secretary: Haviland Forriester ■ 

Treasurer: Melissa Meister <=-! 

IOC Representatvie: Presence O'Neal, 

L/st of Act/V/t/g^j^Bj^^jSjH 
Camping Trips ^^^^'iaaWy^MlT 
Movie Nights in Planetarium 
Community Telescope Nights 

List of Membd.^^^^ ^^^^,,,,,,,,^^ 

a'ma Brooks, Sheneve Butler, Shein Cho, Alanna Coughran, 
hristine Franzel, Jaynie L. Gaskin, Kara Leverette, Laura Marsee, 
osemar/ Maxwell, Sophia Newton, Lorane Fsalmond, Quyen Iran, 
eon Venable, Emi Watanabe, Melissa Winter, and Yueren Zhou 

What are some great reasons for a Seattle to get 
involved with your organization? 

"Wanting to know more about science, he\p\nq the 
community, educating the community about Chemistry 
and getting to know some awesome Scotties are some of 
the great reasons to get involved with AC5." Emi 
Watanabe-- Historian 

What is your definition of a ACS Scottie? 

i"An ACS Scottie is someone who is interested in the world 
[and uses the concepts of chemistry to develop this 
'interest." Alanna Coughran- IOC Rep 

How is your club mai<ing a difference in the 

"Within the past year, our club has sought to make 
a difference in the Atlanta/Decatur community 
through volunteering with Trees Atlanta and Trick- 
or- Treating for cans on Halloween. Through these 
projects, we were able to plant over a hundred trees 
and collect over two hundred pounds, of food." 
Melissa Winter ~ President 

How is your club making a difference amongst 
other Scotties? 

"The Agnes Scott chapter of the American 
Chemical Society works hard to raise awareness in 
the campus community about academic and career 
opportunities for women in science. Our organization 
hosts campus-wide events which offer Informative 
and entertaining lectures, demonstrations, and 
hands-on activities that bring students' attention 
to the importance of chemistry in the modern world. 
"Jaynie L. Gaskin— Vice President 

Why did you decide to get Involved with ACS? 

"I got involved in ACS because I'm a chemistry 
major, and also because I wanted to be able to hang 
out with other people who love chemistry too." 
Sophia Newton-- Secretary 

If another Scottie is Interested, how can they get 
Involved with the organization? 

"We are always open to new Scotties with an 
interest in chemistry, req^ardleee of major. Just 
stop by one of our meetings. We welcome you to 
come share our love for the chemical world around 
us!" Kara leverette— Treasurer 

[&ience '{&] an imaginative adventure of the mind seeking truth in a 
world of mystery. " Sir Cyril Herman Hinshelwood (1897-1967) 57 

H "I pledge to uphold the objects of Circle l<^ International, to foster compaeelor] aY\d goodwill 
H toward others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities a'<^d the abilities of all 
H people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind's potential. " The Circle K Pledge 

Went: Christine^, 


List of Activities 

Froject Open Viand, 7- 1 
- Konald McDonald House, 
the Red Cross 3lood Drive, 

Clothing Swap, 
and th(? Boys and Girls^Ciub 


Role Playing Gawn^A 

Step outside of yourself and join Role Playing Games for a round of Dungeons 
and Dragons or World of Witchcraft. You can join in the fun or just watch. 

Lisa Mieike, Co-Founder 
(image to the left, row 2, center) 

Q; The Role Playing (3ames Club is pretty new to the ASC campus. 
What prompted its creation? 

A: VVi? wa^.zed to novwork with pecpie who had played Dungeons &. 

Drsiqo-'-e or otner tabietop RP6<5 in the t9'-^gt -jnd teach the game to 

othe" interested studem^s. 

(3: What does your organization think that it means to be a 


A: 5eing able to freely express youn-cH' an^ yo^ir interests. A 

Scottie ti^ rives in an inteliecuLitfiiy chailenging erwlronr'nent and has 

fun ii^side and outside the classroom, 


Lisa Mieike 

heather Coe 

AWeha Watts 

Victoria Belarde 

Katy Turner 

Morgan Daniel 

K^elsey Wolfram 

Jessica Jun^ 

Rebecca Johnson 

Chris Humphrey 

Lisa Kotlarchyl< 

Kelsey Hensler 

Ginia Tayk 

Some events 
of the year! 

A few events 

& A ton of 

Reef Liqkt C;»ecM L«(|kt 


'What should youn^ people do with their lives today? Many things, obvious 
^ut the most dar'mq^ V(\\r\q^ is to create stable communities in which the. 
terrible disease of loneliness cax\ be cured." 
" Kurt Vonne^ut, Jr. 



AavicA 5c©tt, 

The Bjim2DO^MMUdSpj^ 
201 § AthPi^kmA^^ 



The Scotties put up a brave fight 
this year, relinquishing their Fall 

Break for a defeat against 
Maryville College. Despite a few 

rough patches, our fearless 

Scotties ended the season on an 

awesome note defeating Wesleyan 

College to close the season with am 

overall record of 4-16. 

Good job girls. 

Q&A with Kirnel Daniel, 

How long have you been playing volleyball? 

I have been playing volleyball for four years. 

How long have you been captain of the A5C volleyball team? 

I have been a captain for one year. 

What made you choose Agnes Scott as the place to further your athletic career? 

I chose Aignes Scott because i felt I would be able to q^ro'H as an athletic in every possible way. I felt the 
support from everyone in the athletic department even before I committed. 
How has sports at Agnes impacted your life? 

Sports at Agnes has given my college experience everything I could ever imagine. I am able to form bonds 
with classmates and teammates. I have a support system outside of my academics and am able to stay 
active and focused on all I have to do. 


' > 

Name Year Position fVlajor 

Maria Saltnijarvi Sr. 0H/D5 English 

Kevi Martin 50 Ivlg' Undecided 

Carolyn Mahoney SO L/D5 Chemistry 

Kirnei Paniel 50 5/1^5 Undecided 

Georgia Dell FY D5/0H Undecided 

Anahita 5attari FY D5 Un^decided 

5arah Klln^enberq FY MD/OH Undecided 

Claire Brummeler FY 5 Undecided 

Jordan flanaqan FY OH/L Undecided 

Ashley Deianey FY MB Undecided 


Turku, Finland 
Rome, GA 
Athens, GA 
Riverdale, GA 
Midway, GA 
Jonesboro, GA 
Atlanta, GA 
Fowder 5prings, GA 
Lilburn, GA 
Hamilton, GA 


'Success doesn't come to you. . .you ^o to it." 
— Marva Collins 

What a season for the A6C Soccer team! This year 
these Scotties worked harclerthan ever before and 
succeeded in going the distance. The team won games 
against some of our rivals such as Spelman, Wesleyan, 
and LaGrange. With their impressive wins throughout 
the season the A6C Soccer team advanced to the 
Great South Athletic Conference Semifinals and 
ranked third overall. The commitment of these lovely 
ladies is so inspiring and with Coach Bergin as their 
guide we can all look forward to some amazing games 
in the future! 


fc •'. 

16 in 














Lauren Welch '11 


How has playing soccer at Agnes influenced your college experience? 

I've learned that there is no insurmountable obstacle that a strong worl< ethic cannot 
overcome and that having a little bit of heart is sometimes more Important than hav'mc 
more skill or being smarter. When you invest your emotions into a goal, especially as a 
team, accomplishing that goal is the greatest high. 
What are your plans for the future? 

Next year, I hope to spend a fifth year here at Agnes Scott, taking some classes th, 
didn't have time for during my first four years and then hopefully go to medical sch 
the following year. 

What is your definition of a Varsity Soccer Scottie? 

5occer is very much a team sport, we work for each other on and off the field. Tl- 

team is like a surrogate family. As D3 athletes, we don't receive any scholarships, we 

play because we love the challenge of the game and we care for our teammates. 

CoStfin Svufntom^ 

What was the highlight of the season according to you? 

Our eeaeon game against Piedmont! We played so well as a team. Even after we 

were down a goal, the team never gave up. Everyone worked so hard for each 

other, and even though we lost, it was such a great game for us as a team. 

What are your goals for next year for your team? 

I'd like our team to make it to the conference finals, and hopefully even win there. 

In a more abstract sense, I'd like for the team to continue to have great team 

dynamics on and off the field. Finally, I dont want anybody to tear their ACL! 

What is your definition of a Varsity Soccer 5cottle? 

A committed student-athlete. A player who plays not for glory or a scholarship, 

7ut because she loves the game and takes pride in playing for her school. 

Caitlin, co-captain 


What was the highlight of the season according to you? 

Beating 6pelman twice! 

What are your goals for next year for your team? 

Winning conference cliampionsliip! 

What is your definition of a Varsity Soccer Scottie? 

A Scottie athlete is completely committed to her teammates 
and the game, already planning and dreaming about next 

Quick Facts : 

The 2010 Soccer Team advanced 

to the Conference Semifinals. 

The session ended with the 

following stats: 

W- 10, L- 9, and T- 1 


!>lo. Name Year 

k Ashley Watts FY 
I Mary- Kate Laird Jr 
j' Clara l\ienzle FY 
^ Sarah Batchelor Jr 
p l\ate Schuhlein So 
j5 Dana Smith 
I Amber Sherer 
Kelsey Shaul 
Caitlin Suilmann 
Janelle Sourbeer FY 
3 Briana Karettis FY 
Erica Hiring 
Meredith Clark 
Lauren Welch 
Charia Gruber 
Becky Rowe 
Kirsten Frye 
Kelly Smith 
























'"-" ^ c 

1.) The Soccer team huddles together during the game. 

2.) Great South Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year, Briana Karettis 

3.) Sarah Batchelor Qunior) ar\d Dana Smith (first year) 

4.) Mary-Kate Laird, Erica Firing, ar\d Clara ^\er\-Ae show some muscle. 

i^tK'S* r-^-S-i-^AN^ i'i^St'^.'K-'.;-''*, i5SiK^*MJ'-S1 

A5C basketball Team- 2010 

This year the ASC Basketball team welcomed some enthusiastic first years (Danielle Copelan, 
Genefine Sapateh, Arielle Register, and Tiffany Jones) and created a strong well rounded 
team. They achieved their first win during the Emory Tip-Off Tournament and succeeded in 
defeating some of our rivals such as: Spelman, Wesleyan, and Salem. This season the ASC 
Basketball team has strengthened their family connection. And although they are sad to say 
good-bye to one of their own (Am'asa Baldwin '10), they look forward to bonding with the new 
Scotties joining their family for the next season. Congratulations on all your hard teamwork 

*>* Am'asa Baldwin ^ 

How hae playing basketball at Agnes influence your college experience? 

Playiriig basketball has really enhanced my college experience. It has taught me 
much about time management, hardwork, and how to work with others. It has 
also given me confidence and iniative, but most importantly it has given me 
many great friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 
What are your plans for the future? 

In the future I am planning on becoming a medical doctor; I am entering a 
postbacc premed proqram and then going to medical school. I want to 
become and obgyn and deliver babies. 
What is your definition of a Varsity Basketball Seattle? 
My definition of a Scottie basketball player is one who exhibits all the 
traits on the pyramid of success, its an athlete who will always keep fighting and 
never get up and most importantly its a person who puts the team first, and herself eecon 

^ Kimbarlv Reeves ^ 

i/hat was the highlight of the season according to you? 

'he best part of this 2009-2010 season were the little things. Everyone on the 

earn is so funny and great to be with. We always had a joke going that carried us 

hrough the weeks. 

yhat are your goals for next year for your team? 

!)urgoal is to keep getting better and with so much experience from this past 

fear, I feel that we will have a lot of success in not only conference games but 

1 the many games that we will be playing. 

(/hat is your definition of a Varsity Basketball Scottie? 

\ Varsity Basketball Scottie is a person that gives it her all every single time 

he is on the court and tries her best not just for herself but for her entire team 


No. Name Year 


2 Danielle Copelan FY 


3 Anna Wyatt So 


5 Genefine Sapateh FY 


10 Arielle Register FY 


11 Cristina Gutierrez So 


12 Kimberly Reeves So 


13 Rachael Hornbostel So 


14 Am'asa Baldwin Sr 


15 Rachael Pietkievyicz So 


24 Jennifer Russi So 


30 Tiffany Jones FY 


41 Kevi Martin So 


' ^aeketbaW Coaching Team: 
: Joy Grlt^t^e 

! Coach Tony Clccone 
Jamenda Whitehead 

1.) Rachael Hornbostel warme up before a game. 

2.) Kevi Martin at the start of a game. 

3.) Genefine Sapateh and Kevi Martin blocking their Maryville opponents 

4.) Arielle taking a few practice shots. 

5.) Am'asa Baldwin, Jennifer Russi, and Cristina Gutierrez. S 

6.) Tiffany Jones warms up before the home game against Salem -^ 

college experlencei 

Being a student-athlete at Agnes Scott College has allowed., 
me the opportunity to successfully integrate both my 
passion for academics aY\d aVn\eX^\ce and, altogether, 
experience the full range of college life. 

What are your goals for your team? 

Throughout the 2010 season, the Agnes Scott College 
lacrosse team seeks to represent the fiery and stead' 
Seattle spirit by committing ourselves to Improving a 
every arduous, yet enjoyable, day. We work together vv 
positive and persistent attitude to excel as a team c 
the knowledge and wisdom gained through participatii 
collegiate athletic team to become the best possible 
tate »as tudent-ath letes and young women within the Agnes Scovi. 
iollege community. 

• Is your definition of a Scottie? 

I^tie is a passionate, committed, and loving individual 
|o give her heart, soul, and blood for the betterment of 

^Rebecca Row< 






Mia Jacintho 



Channelle Desamours 



Anna Wyatt 



Alexandria Farrell 



Carolyn Malnoney 



Rebecca Rowe 



Laura Fargas-Lozada 



l\orea Black 



Kacey Gentry 



Kaitlyn McCune 



Far rain Waleed 



Sophia Newton 



Charia Gruber 



Anastasia Tsavaris 



Clarissa Boggs-Blake 



Alicia Logan 



Catherine Varner 



Jaynie Gaskin 


Mary- Kate Laird 





1. Channelle Desamours '11, Qeared and 
ready to go. 

2. Our ASC Lacrosse team during practice. 

3. Catherine Varner '12 during practice, 

4. Catherine on the field. 1„ 

2010 Schedule W 

1 >£ 


March 2 

LaGrange College "vl 

March 6 

Greensboro College ^-^ 

March 7 

Ferrum College 

March 10 

Missouri Baptist University 

March 13 

Methodist College 

March 14 

NC Wesleyan College 

March 20 

Trine University 

March 22 

LaGrange College 

March 30 

Oberlin College 

April 2 

Shenandoah University 

April 3 

Christopher Newport 

April 6 

University of the South 

April 10 

Birmingham Southern 

April 13 

USA South Tournament 


April 16-17 

USA South Tournament 

Semi-finals and Finals 

Schedule : 

bold indicates a home game 
Feb. 11 Truett-McConnell College 

Feb. 17 Anderson University 
Feb. 24 Elmira College 

Feb. 25-27 Peace College Tournament 
Mar. 6 Truett-McConnell College 
Mar. 16 LaGrange College 
Judeon College 
Wesleyan College 
La(3rance College 
Emory University 
Spelman College 
Maryville College 
Piedmont College 
Spelman College 
Huntingdon College 
May 2 G5AC Tournament 

Mar. 23 
Mar. 27 
Apr. 1 
Apr. 7 
Apr. 14 
Apr. 15 
Apr. 19 
Apr. 23 
Apr. 24 
Apr. 30 



The price of victory is higin, { 
but 50 are the rewards 
Captains' Interviews: 

Why did you join the 5oWo3\\ team?: I love eoftbaW. I'm 
on Agnes Scott's team because I like the fact that I can 
focus on academics and athletics at the same time. 
What does it mean to be a Scottie?: A Scottie does a 
lot of hard work, has discipline, self motivation, and 

What are the strengths of your team? We have learned 
that playing together is the only way to succeed. Provided 
we continue to work together and overcon\e adversity, we 
should have no problem achieving our goals. 
What does it mean to be a Scottie? Being a Scottie 
means hardwork and commitment. Our team has an 
Incredible sense of pride that motivates me to play for 
the school as a whole and not just my team. 

SUUt. W^^ington ' 1 

Why did you join the Softball team? I continue to play Softball at 
Agnes Scott because I believe in what the ASC Softball program 
wants to do and will do whatever I can to help achieve that success. 
What does it mean to be a ASC Softball Seattle? ... to have pride 
and perseverance. Exectations are set but it is the ability to deal 
with failed expectations that determines character. It is also the 
ability to rise, meet, and surpass expectations that show growth. 

MeUnle Cn 

What motivates you on the field? Knowing that I can never be 
satisfied with my ability, I can always be better so I give 100 
percent so that in the future I can be much better. 
How do you all encourage each other before playing a game? 

Before playing a game we all stand in a circle and take turns 
giving inspirational speeches. Also, we all wrote something 
positive on our lockers about each player to build confidence. 


2. Sydney Glasgow rounds first 

3. Third base(wo)man ready to fiel 
the ball. 

; Skylar Washington '10 
) ShiVani Ghodadra '13 
■ Elizabeth Raby '13 
► Brittany Wilson '13 
^ Sydney Glasgow '13 
) Amanda Messina '12 
1 Chelsea Kremer '12 

3 Avignon Greene '13 

4 Mara B-ryan '13 

5 Melanie Ennis '13 

6 Natalie Chilcutt '13 
i7 Ashley ^er^er '13 

15 Chandler Smoak '13 
|9 Laura Schaeffer '11 

4. ASC Coaches make an appearance and show their support. Msmf^. 

5. Infielders Elizabeth Raby and Chelsea l\remer congratulate teammate, Avig: 
Greene, after an amazing catch. ;,i 

6. Coach Bowers gives Amanda Messina a pep talk. ' 

7. Ready to run! 

8. First base(wo)man, Laura Schaeffer, prepares herself to catch the ball for momi 

What are you looking forward to 
in the future? "I'm looking forward 
to taking all that /\q^nee Scott 
has taught me: A sense discipline, 
friendship, a love for academics 
and really using that in the 
professional vjor\d and making a 
difference in the ^or\d!' 

What does the tennis team 
mean to you? "It means 
having a good support 
system. Having people I can 
always talk to and they will 
understand what I'm going 

Shamoniaue Jones '10 


Amanda Chaffin '10 

Most Memorable Moment: 

"Going to Virginia on an g>/10hr 
bus ride, then getting to play; 
not expecting to win and then 
winning in the 1st round and then 
getting to play Emory in the 
eecond r-ound^' 

Your goals for the team: "To once aa^aln become 
Conference Champione and to a\eo advance further 
in the Nationals tournament. I also want for us to 
continue having those amazing moments that have 
established us as more than just a team but 
those that have led to us becoming a big family." 

The Agnes Scott College 
Tennis Team for the 2009-2010 
season is a unique and hard- 
working group of \Norr\er\, 
KeeoWed to work together to 
achieve their goals, their trainin 

brings them closer to their 
collective Championship hopes; 
Brought together by their love: 

for the game, they are 

committed to supporting each 

other every step of the way. 

2010 Season 



Amanda Chaffin '10 

Nikitris Peloach '10 

Julie Prinkard '10 

Shamoniq^ue Jones '10 

Natalie Mayer '12 

' Danielle Patton '12 

Hannah Kraus '13 

Rachel Storz '13 

February 20th— Florida State College 

February 21st Emory University 

February 27th — University of the South 

March 1st Oglethorpe University 

March 6th Southeastern University 

March 17th Spelman College 

March 27th Young Harris College & Maryville College 

March 31st-- Piedmont College 

April 2nd — Meredith College 

April 3rd Methodist College 

April 10th— -Oxford College & Salem College 

April 11th Wesleyan College 

April 17th Huntingdon College 

April l&th Lagrange College 

April 30- May 1,2010 
Great South Athletic Conference 

Championships @ Piedmont 


Here's to a qreat eeaeonl 

Rachel Storz'13and 
Hannah Kraus '13 

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common 

people to attain uncommon results." 

Andrew Carnegie 

Danielle Patton '12 and 
Natalie Mayer '12 

kmc& ocott 




How long have you coached the ASC 
Volleyball team? 4 years 
Are you pleased with this season's 
outcome? Yes and no. Building a 
program is a process. I thinl< we made 
some big steps this season, but it is 
vital that we continue to build upon 
that foundation this coming fall in 
order to be more competitive in our 

What do you look for in a potential 
athlete? qood qradee. . .Skill, passion, 
and coachability 

What do you want your athletes to 
walk away with at the end of their 
stay at Agnes 5cott?'d like for them 
to walk away knowing that their blood, 
sweat, & tears not only helped to build 
a volleyball program but also helped to 
build ar\d mold who they are as 
women. ..Strong women, 

Where are you from? I grew up in Cincinnati 
Ohio, but spent most of my adult life in Los 

Angeles. I moved to Decatur from LA in 

Where did you go to school? I graduated 
from Marietta College (Marietta, Ohio) in 
]9&6. i played 10 years of professional 
eoccer before I got into coaching. 

What has been one of your highlight 
moments of the season? The highlight of 
the season was beating our arch rival 
Spelman College twice. 

What are you looking forward to next 
year? i am looking forward to getting 
everyone healthy and seeing just how far 
this team can go. 

How would you describe your Scottie 
Soccer team? The Scottie Soccer team 
can be described in thee words; passionate, 
committed and winners. 

Where are you from? I'm from Miami Bead 

How long have you been a coach? I coach' 
high school basketball for 6 years before rr 
first college position. I was an assistant 
coach for five years, Including 4 at Emory, 
before becoming the Scotties head coach. 

What has been one of your highlight 
moments of the season? A highlight of 
the season was beating Salem College by 
20 points last week after losing to them ii 
our first game of the season in November. 

What are you looking forward to next 

year? I am looking forward to returning at 
least 9 players to next year's team, who 
will have all the experience of a season 

How would you describe your Scottie 
Basketball team? The Scottie Basketball 
team is a talented, committed group with 
a strong competitive fire. 

*...Meet the Coaches! » **ja 




Where are you from? Originally from 
Greenwich CT, but I have lived here in 
Atlanta for 12 years. 

Where did you go to school? 

I learned to play Lacrosse in High 
School -The Hotchkiss School (Lakeville 
CT). I played Pivision III - St Lawrence 
University [Cantor], NY) 

How did you come to be the Lacrosse 
coach at Agnes? 

I was a Program consultant and on the 
side coaching a Club team for Hotlanta 
Lacrosse here for a number of years. I 
decided to quit my job and coach 

What are you looking forward to here 
at Agnes? I am looking forward to seeing 
the rewards of all our hard work. Our 
goal is to improve every time we step on 
the field. 

What about ASC drew you here to coach?: 

When I came to the campus I just got a 
feeling, I knew it would be a good fit. 
Everyone was friendly and helpful. 

What are your expectations for the 
upcoming season?: Our goals (I don't 
like the word expectations) are to win 
the conference tournament and to 
improve after each game. 

What do you want the school to know 
about the team?: We're a talented team 
with a lot of potential. Having support 
from the campus helps. We feed off 
energy, more people [at our games] 
would definitely help us. 

What does being a Scottie mean to you 
and the softball team?: A Scottie is 
someone who is dedicated, has a lot of 
pride, and is determined to get what 
they want. 

Where are you from? 

Uooea, Australia 

I came to the US in 1997. 

Where did you go to school? 

I graduated from Southern Tech in 2000 
and went on to receive my Masters of 
Science from Georgia Tech in 2002. 

How did you come to be the tennis 
coach at Agnes? 

I was an assistant coach at Emory from 
2002 to 2004, I became the head coach 
here in 2005. 

What are you looking forward to in the 
upcoming season? 

The whole season is going to be good. We 
have two First Years. The program is 
growing, and we have a tougher schedule 

but we have a strong and diverse team 
that works well together. 


Wc f i^fe ft^mMKxnd 't^ ticxt" n^ous^vd 




■J.C i 

nny afternoon in November, th( 

class of 2010 prepared themselves for a Agnes 

5cott tradition tliat has lasted for many generations 

Senior Investiture. The seniors marched in their 

robes from Dana to Presser to hear words o 

wisdom from Professor Amy Lovell, class of 199C 

,d department chair for Astronomy/ Physics. In h( 

ddress to the class of 2010, Dr. Lovell recalled he 

senior investiture as well as her experiences during he 

-inal year at Agnes. Dr. Lovell spoke of serendipity withii 

her own life. She took astronomy as a distribution^: 

class which led her to become an astronomy majot 

rather than the music major she had previously plannei 

Dr. Lovell stated, "Serendipity reo^uires flexibility and 

adventurous attitude" and she recommends worne 

such as confident Scotties, take advantage of these special moment 


clockwise): The faculty and seniors enter Gaines for the ceremony. Dr. Amy Lovell smiling after a very moving and 
Pertaining charge to the senior class. President Kiss and the faculty members exit the chapel, ready to mingle with 
class of 2010. (bottom, left to right): Seniors waiting in line with their hats in their hand. Seniors: Emily, Andrea, 
and Cam. 'oen\or&. Yvette-Ann, Jessi, and Kathehne. A senior is capped by Dean Zumwalt. 

". «lv-? 




^^1^1^ -:-- 




Debecca Abek 

/Xnnapoli?, I \\_J 
Political ocience 

\X/ licit 5- moneqf /\ man 

is- a s-ucces-f if ne get? up m 

tne morning and goer to 

bed at nignt ana in 

between doe? wnat ne 

want? to do. 

Jamila Nneka 

Bowie, MD i 

I— 's-qcnolog4 \\-^T&\/ei) i 

Affinit, ^ 1 

\l I were rec^llq cis-ked to define 

mL)5elf, I wouldnt ftart witn r-ace:', 

^/ouldnt ftort witn blacl^nesr; | | 

wouidnt ftcart vjclth gender; j wouldi 

rtcJrt wltn feminls-m. | would ?tart vxj 

srtnpping down to winc^t fundt^menti: 

informs- mq life, wnicn 15- tncit | m 

reeker on tfie patn. (^-tjell I — ^ookr' 

Int'Pcamu'PCil fowling anc 
oC^^/A |-^re?lcJent 

ne bldck rnt^rKet? not wnc:it 

it ured to be. 
C^buck Dc^??, C^offip (37!- 

VdCdville, (^^/\ C_^lct?Ficcil (civilisations- (^/Xricin otudieff^ 

^io S'^e^^ P^^| Cl-^^^^ic? Honor Societij (Vice President) 5, 
(^Kre?i<denty '^; Mni oigmt;! j ciu |-^hilos-opnL) )— |onor ^ocietq H-; 
\ovtav Jjoa-ra ^-; V37T'een -b^ciT'tn \^T0an\7.ahor\ I , (^ I vea^uTBTj Z; 
.^apane^e \^^u\iiuTa\ -j^vent? C,^ommittee Z, ^, ^ 

'ear (,370cl, let me be s-ometning everq minute of everij nour of mij life, j ei 

me be g(3Lj; let me be ^aa. \ et me be cola; let me be warm. | et me 

il ignj.-.riave too mucn to eat. | et me be ragged or well ave^^eo. I_et 

ere-be aeceitful. | et me be trutnful; let me be a liar. | et me be nonorab 

ij let me ?ln. Qnlq let me be ^ometblng ever4 ble^^eJ minute. AnJ wUn | 
eep, let me aream all tne time 90 tnat not one little piece of living 
los-t. - f^ettL) omitn, /-\ | ree v::7''^owr in f^rooklqn 

Evan Alyse Bodine 

Atlanta, GA 
|— 'fycnology (^opanlrnj 

P., Q, .nJ 

n ^onnron 

jobDie "nrow; 

f| |=r.nklin, TN 

|--'r4criolog4 ana 
Xntnropology/ oocIologL) 

j P.4cLlog4 Club 

/^ntliTopologij/ ^ociologij (_ C.t Co.iume a. , 

Seffner, -hL 

C_,lcis-s-iccil I anguager and 

I Iteraturer (^P^urlc^) 

SEC 1; 

v^uaicial ijoavd Z; 

C^ollegiate (^^norale I , /,-D,^; 

Sotto Voce 4 

j et ur go ringing or j-caT 

c^s- we go; tne Toti^d will be 
le?s- tealou?. - Vergil 


New, LA 
■BiocJiemirtrij /Molecular -Diology 

C-cie K, ACS. AWISA 

LjOu ncive mcfny kind? of tTOut 
Ljou 5-noulcl be full of jol), beccus-e 
LJOU know tncat tnee-e trouble? te?t 
qouT |-ciitn, end tnis- will give qou 
pc:itience. |_et qouT pcatience s-|-iow 
its-elf perfectlq in wncit qou do. 
I nen qou will be perfect cind 
complete isind will have everLjtning 
need, ^amez I ; 2-^ 

ViL Rica GA 


ASC V<:^r.9,t4 Tenn 

I earn, \ ntjetci \j\o\oq\ca 

\ — honors- jociettj, an 

I |o-rtar 

K^inJ words- can be snort 

ana 6094 to speok, but tne 

ecnoes- ave trulq encHesr. 

-I lotner | eresa 

|.(^conomIc? and \_)vqanhai^\or\ 
[^\ — lirtory ana \_Ja^\ca\ 

ks- tnink j-or me - 
V narles | amo 

Kristi Lee Chenau 

Ljecdtur, /\\_ ' 

International |-<velationr 
\\ — rencn ana j— |uman |-^igm 

/-\mneftq International, 

ASC Young 

Ljemocrats, and Yellow 1 

C^^cket \ — encing | 

I o love anotner person is to 

see tne face of (^3700. ] 

-Victor J — ^ugo 


Atlanta, GA 

|— 'rycfiology 


/\ girl snouU be two tnings: 
cIcissL] ana fabulous. 


-{, oco y^nane 

■Dirmingham, /\|_ 

tngllsTi I iterature ana 

International |-^elationr 

Re.L.fe, S.A.^.C. 
V(/omen, ana jpeaking 
/-\ prcJijer foT tne wild at 
neavt, kept in cage?. 
- I enne?9ee v(/ ""<^i^^ 



Martha Eleanor 

l9V^ 1 

Roanoke, VA 


1— 's-L)chologL| 


You ru^n a mivacle man, 


L|Ou get rotten mi-rcicles-. 
^Miracle M^x, 
1 ne I— ^rincer? \jy\ae 

LJaughters- of \::ya\a an 

apan \^u\iura\ -Invent 

I ne verL) existence of 

cimetnrower? pTover tnat 

letime, romewneTe, 9omeor 

to tnem^elve?, [ou kno\x 

ant to ?et tnore people over 

lere on fire, but | m ju?t not 

e enougn to get tne job done 

l-Cc^eorge Ocirlln (RIP) 



Dachael ts 

I allana??ee, -I — | 

l-'ffqcnologij (_|^atnematlcr^ 

V amera (^bscurci I , /,~D,^-; 

/-\urorci O.'H-; Mertle {joava '4- 

V37recit s-pirit? nctve oiIwcilj? 
encountered violent opposition frorr 
mediocre mind?. 
-/— \lbert -l^ing-tein 

Helen Elizabeth 

M<^rietta, GA 
Kolitical ocience 

Living XVcige Champaign 
I eaa otudent {^v^annev 

I )evicince bring? social 

I anijetta vy illlam? 

( 1 988-7009) 






DuUk GA 

I neatre ana 
Ooclology/ /Anthropology 

SGA, MoH.r e 

Monor Cou.t, ASC 

1 1 , cinj Orientation 


"All tke avi of living 

fine mingling of letting go ana 

lioUing on. - )— lenrq -l^lll? 

M^rtine7, GA 
I neatre and |— lirtori) (_opcini?n_) 

\j\ackr^<a-rg 1, ^e(rreiav^ Z , 

Vice President 5, President 

4; Pki AlpU JUo 4; .nd 

Pestle Bo.rd 4. 

I vegova tne tneotve as tne 

Qveaiest of aW avi j-orm?, tne 

mo?t immediate wolj in wnicn o 

num<5in being can ?ncire witn 

anotne-r the s-ense o]" wnc^t it i? t( 

-0.c..r Wilde 

i > 

Debecca Anne 

|— lamden, C_^ | 

tngli?n Literature - 

G'l'ecitlve Vv fiting 

(, 'women? otudiery 

Tke Prof,le, Agnes Scott 

C^o ege Young |_J)emocrats, 

Outdoor AJventures Cluk « 

\^\trr\D everi) mountain, forcJ 

4- r II 

everij s-trecim, ■j-oIIonx' everij 

nbow, till Ljou finj qour' dreai 

I ne oound of | |u?ic 

I dlyucin, oncinxi, (^ninci 
"Economic? and i^ainemaUi 

A.i.n \)^omen, SG A ' 

■j^xec, O^'i^isntation Oouno 

i^^olonnaae Oluo, 

Mrogrcimming Xjoava, anc\ 

I — ^onoT' Oouft 

I jiracles' ?ometimer occui 

but one rnoulci mcotI^ terTib- 

foT tliem. - {^haim \V ei-zm. 

Anne Cunningham 

Marietta, GA 
J— llrtory (_/\rt j— |irtorc|J 

XX/ ave and 1— 'bi Alpnci I heia 

3ne wd? not quite wnat 40U 

would call refined. One wca? 

not quite wnat qou would call 

unrefined, one was" tne kind of 

person tnat keep? a par-r'ot. 

- I lark I wain 



Catherine Doxanne 

Oeymour, | Ps] 

\gne9 ocott (^^ollege Young 

Jemocrats-, (^(— ^Tes-ident and 

VM Of V^ommunications-J, 

Pf4ck Qui, and Pertle 


\ — iT5-t tning? firrt. 
-X/incent LJej — \ari 

i^rtrop^rlcr (PrijcliologL)} 

Mu.lim StuJent 
-Xfjocic^tion I , I vea^vvev Z, 
,o-|— ^-rerident O, 'H-; ^ocietLj 

of PliL)ric9 Student?; 
A?"tfonomL| (^luD; |<eligiou? 
fe; and Mfes-ident 9 (^^ounc 

3 undeTS-tanJ tlie heari cinj m\nd 
a perron, look not at wlnat ke 
alreajq actnieved, but at wkat 

le arpirer to.. -Knalll \^'\b-ror\ 

Nikitris (Shunterria 

Rex, GA 
tconomicr and C_/''gani7citional 

rlanagement; tarlL) CtiiUlioocI 

■t=auca'tion C_,eT^ij-icatIon 

O-icron Delta PpJon, \^omen |n 

Bu.ine.., WitU.e, ASC Va..t4 

Tenni., and PPL 

I -nq claiming C^od r bie??ingr inrtead 

"f longing foT tnem and when qou are 

neaaea in tne wrong direction, 

.ememU God allow. U-turn.l." - 

N.kitri. Deloack 

I allahasree, j — \_ 
tjiocnemirbry ana \\^ 

■hiiologL) (^Prycnologij^ 

Senior Oa« President, To 

Council, Pertle Be 

Programming Board, SPG 

Circle K, AGS, Black Cat 

V^nair, oopnomore ] — amilij 

VVeekend (^^nair 

don t want to be a product of mq 

ivironment. | wc^nt muj environment 

to be a product of me. 
-\ — rcJnk Cortello, I he [departed 

C37reen?boro, NG 
Koli'fciccil ocience (tinglirn} 

VarjitL) I enni?, |-^rogrcimming 


I fie opposite of faitfi is- not doubt, 
but certaintL|. GertciintLj ir mirs-ing 
tne point entirelq. j — aitfi 
■ '-w- -noticing tne me??, tne emptines'? an 

^T^ -^•si'^®»SScOT£'l°'^*' '^^^ letting it be tbere 
f^h ^^ ^,.1 |. I , 

Vj^r'fi "' I jfctil ?ome light return?. 






SSDA Execut,ve 

Bo^rd Member 1 ,2,3; 

J-|onor Court 20 1 

l-veprefentative 'H-; and 

'Uck C-t Co-CUlr 4 

Erica Alexandra 

Augurta, GA 
■Economic? (,Diolog4j 

/-\gne? ocott \/cirsitL) 

Ooccer, -j^conomic? j — |on 

Socetq, anJ ASCR 

You cant cncjnge tne wind 
Dut Ljour can alNwaq? aajust 
L)OUT> rails'. - /-\nonLjmous- 



k ... 










Lorraine Finklea 

PortUnJ, OR 
I— '?L|cnologi) (^tjiolog4y 

Jewi?ln otudent /Association 

1 ,2,3,4; Ps; Qi 2,3,4; 

Eta Sigma Plii 3,4. 

XX/ e find tnat after i^ea-r^ 

Df S'truggle we do not take a 

trip; a trip takes' us. 

^Jonn ^teinbeck 

Tt^e \)(/ooJ.nJr, ^ 

|— llrtori) and 

•l^ngllsTi Literature 

Opeaking (^^enter | utor, P 

/-\lpna 1 neta, iota |ota |otf 

and \ lortar -poard 

1 wirk qou well and ?o I take n- 

ecive, 1 p'rc^L) L)Ou know me wnen ' 

meet again. 

-Willic^m S^-ke.peare JL 

Merckant Of Venice 

■ o 




The Phoenixes 


M5'4cnolog4 (^^lub 

|\|ew Life 

IXjewmcin (^^luD 

'le bert wai) to prepciT'e 
for life If to begin to live. 
-Lfbe-pt I — ^ubba-rd 


Tiye Amina Glove 

LJecatur, Q^/X 
■Economic? ana International 
I ■Relations- 

V:^lon|-L) nir work? and plea 
upfull in L)Our 
tnougnt?, even tnougn tne 
wno wifn qou well are few a 
\ar apa-rt - \_). \ larleij 

I Icitnematics and \ — conotnic? 

C-e.. Ob' 
(2), co-pre?iclent (5,4 
■f^nvi-ronment(:il j^^e^ifdent? 
s-ecretarL) \-3,^)-, l—^eftle 
rd \}^); and ocottie 
V^^Teen | earn \ Z) 
[our life I? what L)our 
tnougntf make it. 
- I larcus /\ureliu9 






Alp^K^Tetta, GA 

■(^conomicr and \Jvqan\T.a^ioi 

O-icron Deit. Epnlon (3,4 

Mortar BoarJ (4); Novel 

Ocotties-: member \Oj, {.-rea^ 

(4); Circle K (2,3,4); Irvlr 

nvertment Ciub (3,4); Jeml 

Student Affociation (1 ,7,i>A\ 

I ne ["-^roj-ile |-^notograpner (^v_-j 

V(/nerever ljou go, go witn 
L)Our neart. - Oonfuciu? 

Olivia Marie Greene 

I exington, K,Y 

|— lirtori) 

(^ffice Of opecial t^vent? an 
V^onj-erence? Intern ana 
tvent I lanagement 045"tem j 

well |m on mq waq j aont know wn 
am going | m on mt) waq [ m taking 

time out I aont wnere. 

-Paul S-on (Me anj Julio 

bq tne ocnoo! \ OTa) 

Emily Antoinette 

Tampa, \^\_ 
\ — rencn (^j— listory^) 

|( 2007-08) 

jne a ncive tne bra?? from 
fcne l-^entagon on tne carpet 
I ?o fa?t, tneir egg? would 
I ?cramble. - |-^nilip jmitn 




L/ougldsville, Q^A 
tnglisTi L—ltera-ture ana (— 'olitic 
Ocience (^Hlano (-JerT-ormance rluric^ 

013"^'' /\lpna Iota, {^^ollegiate (^_,nor(ale, 

Sotto Voce, Ro?e aj S^ielJ, SEC 

I owev (^^ouncil 
(^nce conform, once do wncit otner 

people do becciu?e tneL) do it, and a 

etnargq ?teal? over all tne pner nerve? 

and facultie? of tne ?oul, one become? all i? 

outer ?now and \n\i!/c7va emptine??; aull, 

ou?, and indifferent. -Virginia V/ Oj f 


Mrogre??ive (^^nrirtian \ — ellowrhip 

(^Ci,^), rCemper Ocnolar, 
f-^re?identr V^ommlttee on j — aitb 

and I earning (^ I , /,C)), 

CJrientation (^ouncil (O), f^lcick 

y^ai V_ommunitL) oervice („nair 

(2,3,4), Outdoor Adventure 

CU(1,?), Mortar Board 

(4), Be?teucJdie?(l,?) 

Kaitlin T. Hadman 

Augurta, GA 

■^ngllrn Literature- (^reative 

Writing ( 

Oigma /\lpba |ota, Collegiate 

(^,norale, v^^eorgia | ecn 

Ba.i Piano Duet? (3,4), 

and I— ^e?tle XJoavd (4J. 






/\ntnropolog 4/ o ociolog l) 
ana \__)ance 

jtudio \_Jance \ neahre, 
Kni Qigmci | au, an 
Vy e (^T^e fool? wlietn 
mce or not, fo vx/e miglit 01 


awa^, give pet;irls" ciwc?l|, rubie? 

a\faLj, tjut keep qouT familL| 

fTee. tjut I wcJ? one-eir 

t«/entL). |\|o u?e talking tc 

me. - /— \,-| . 1 lou^mc^n 

ahael Elizabeth 

I tjiTiiIngliam, /\|_ 
j ■tnglisTi Literature and 
I I— 'ollticcil O' 

jrcle K/ Novel Ocott 

ritlng (^^ent 
I I ne |-^TOfile 

Me not DufL) being born 
'us-q dijing -"Dob Ljijlan 

Alexandra Dose 

Arlieville, NC 
tconomicr and (_}rgcini7ationcil 
rianagement (Art j— ji^orLj) 

I ASC Big Si.te., Pe.tle 

, and (.^^amerci (^b?curci 
"I — ind life experiences- 
tnem \icliole. | ravel. | |eet manL| 
■ " people. V370 aown s-ome deaa end? 
"im and explore dark alleqs-. | rq 

everL)tning. f^xnaurt L|Our?elf in 
_ tne glorious- purs-uit of life. - 
I awrence J — is-n 





Julianna Kate 

I ci'otrpencevllle, Vc^t^ 

l-^eligiou? otudier ana joc\a 

Jurtice/|— 'oliticcil science 


Residence L'fe, Student 

(.370vernment /-\s-?ocic^tion 

■l:^xecui:ive Xjoa^a, \ ower 

Council Inter-n, Student 


I m not L|Oung enougn to kn 

everijtning. - (Jrccir \l/ \\d 


(.^Incinnati, CJj— I 
■Diocriemis4rr4 and P^jolecuL 

(^ nemis-trL) [ eciTmng (^^ente 

|— '•palrle v illage, rC/\ 
Claffs-icdl Lcinguagef ana Literature/ 
SecondciT>4 taucation (_|— listorij,) 

tta oigmci Mni, |--^e?tle XJoa 

and Mnl /\lpna | netci 

Jus-t to be on tne firrt ?tep ?nould 

rn£:^Ke ljOu nc^ppLi t^nd pToud- | o ncave 

ret^cned tnir point i? no ?ma 

^enlevement: wnat qou ve done alvead^ 

Dncte-rful tning. -(^^onftc^ntine 
Ccjfavq (^fConrtcintinor \-^ . f^aoapWi^J 






Row.ll GA 

3 Oociolog4//\ntfn'opologij 


a /-\gne9 Ocott Jewifn 

Otudent /As-s-ociation/J— |il 

ne futuT'e beloncis- to tno, 


no believe in tne beautu <| 

^ I 

tneiT dreams. 
- ■LleanoT l^oo?evelt i 

OpciTtcinburg, oC^ 

■LnglisTi I iterature- (^^reative 

Wi'i'ting (oiologLi} 

/\urova I iterarL) I |aga7ine an, 

Ocottie Oocidl LJcince /-\?5-ocicition 

\)v e are ciIwciljs' tne fame age inride 
-Vj^ertrude jtein 


Qiocnemlrtrq and rioleculi 
|iolog4 (_| juric |— 'erformance^ 

/\ccra, Cc7nan 

A^ISA .nJ StuJent 

jASCCO (1,23,4); 

!\^lnJ. ( 1 ,2,3); J.8eU 
|(4); IRe C2); Scott,e 

, and 
are, tnerefo 
f-\\-r\car\ proverb 

I ■l::rngllrri Literatin'e 


!\ffinit4, ASCtv, Living 

Ocrlotte, NC 

tngli"! Literature- Creative 

Writing (A-rt j-jirtory) 

i^ge (^^ampaign, and | riota 
iVnen we drop fear we can 
w nearer to people, we can 
)w nearer to tne eartn, we 
^n draw nearer to all tne 
neavenlq creature? tnat 
furround us", 
- bell nooksr 

I nere if a special radne?? in 
acnievement, in tne knowledge 
tnat a long-de?ired goal nar 
been a^iairiea at las-t, and tnat 
fe murt now be rnaped toward 
ew end?. -/-\rtnur y^. (^^larl^e 

Oummerville, oC^ 
Religiou? ^tudie? (-Lnglifti} 

Kettle tjoard, O^fs Agne? Ocott 

Oi?ter?, I lieta /\\pua |\appa 

|<eligiou<r otudier |— jonor Liocietq, 

anci I rioter. 
I |aq qour glaf? be ever full. | Iolj tn 

rooj" over qour neoA be alwaq? strong 

/-\nd mciq qou be in neaven naif cin 

nour before tne devil know? qoure 

0\Jt Irirb Toaft 


Abnia Loriston 

(_/p|<3in<3lo, -I — 1_ ana ^ ^^^.^tia 

\-^ov\>a'j-\-^v\nce, \ — lalti 
tjiocnemirtrL) ana \ loleculcir 
tjiology (_|— 'niloropfiq^) 

Senate (7,3,4); T. 
Councl (3,4); SEC (2,3); 

Joyful Noi.e (1,24); .nJ 

Vice P.e.iJent of c/o 20 1 


LJe pi ou kwe nan tet ou et 

ou fe tout ?a ou iia p 

l^ontcint, mwen renmeno 






Kristin Brooke 

C^incinnati, OH 

tljlology ana | ■'Religion/ ood 
Jurtice (Pr^Med) 

Newlife, SAPC Wo 
/\'jvova, ana \ v'lXjeia. 

I ne true delignt is- in tni 
pnding out Tatner' vnan in i 
knowing. - \^aac /-\?imov 


Q^ueenr, |\JY 
Holitical ocience (^tconomics-^ 

Judicial Jjoa-rd: l<eprerentative (_ I , / ), 

Vice PreriJent (3), P.e.,Jent (4); 

SGA (4); PuU.u.: Me.Le. ( 1 )Vice 

PreriJent (2) P.e.iJent (3,4); Women 

in yufines-s-: | lember (^ / ), \ reci?urer (^-jj, 

-l^ditoT of I \aqa-L\ne \-~>), v ice-|— ^rerident 

(4); .nJ ge (2) 
1 ( ne world needr ar-QarnQV^ ana "hne world 

ed? doerr. ijut above all, tne world 

need? aveamev^ wno do. 

Andrea- Paola 

ihe Phoenixes 

harleen Nicola 

Mc^riett,., GA 
tngliffri- I iterature 

AWISA, P^og^mming 
rd, and | ahna^ \^niaas 

\(/r,en tne're t? no enemi) witnin, 

the enemies- outfide cannot nur-t 

qou. - /African proverb 


|— Program ming "Docir, 
SG^A ]=xec, and K^oWa 

j— lourton, I /\ 

■DiocnemirtrL)/ | \oV 
DiologL) and Inter nations 
I -Relation? 

Otudent Invent (^^orp? cin 
OtuJio LJcince | neatre 

I Hats' wncit jne faid 

-Club 1 25 

|— 'olltlcdl oclence (^-tducatloi 

(^^o-(^^lciSS- \-'ye':\aer\t of zU I 
(1,2,3); MulticukurJ cUr < 

Orientation Councl! (3); 
ASC 101 LeJeA2);., 
Towe. Council PJI (2,3,4- 

It ir better to lignt a canal 

tnan cuTse tne ddTKne??-. 

- Onine?e |-^roverb 


K^la^ion, (:^A 

I neatre (,At^ ]— |is^;or^j 

tj'ackr'nia'r? and | ne 
Collective (^vice presidentj 

tje content witn wnc^t ljou no' 

I'cJ.ejoice in tne way tning? ars 

\X/nen qou realiie tnere ir 

notning lacking, tne wnole won 

belong? to l|Ou. - | ao j e v_,n 


(^_,ornerrville, | |\| 
■Economic? and (^_)vganrzationa\ 

l^anagemeni y\i(/omens O'tudler} 

Res.Jence Life (3,4); Senate 

:2,3,4); ASC- 101 Le 

'2,3); Or-ientation Council (2); 

I rlota (3,4j; ocottie oijter 

(2,3,4); anJ SEC (1) 

J not. Do, 
I nere is no tfLj. 




Plonument, v^U 
l-Js-ycnologij (^tconomlcfj 

\Jovel ocottier -| — oun 

dent, (^^ircle r\, Mrycnologq 
(^_,lub, and |\jewman (^^lub 
I would Tdtner entertain an 

nope tnat people learne 
ometning tnan educate people 
d nope tneq were entertdine. 
I: - \//o\i Di?ne4 

6hama Dabu 

fderaoad, India/ \_)ecaiuv, Kz7r\ I 

(^^olucci'tion and 3pani?fi_) 

Ql Honor Soc,et4, VP of 

rijcnology (^lub, | atina? UnidcJS, 

nd M...U SACC D.nce 


I he \^amoia 

\X/oodru|-|- ocnolars- and 
OociologLj and /-\ntnropologL) 

|-^ers"everc:;ince is" tne fCeij! 

_Jnce we bi 

cc^in Tis-K cuTios'ltLj, wonder, 
fpontcaneous- delignt, ot cinij 

perience tncst -revecil? tne numcisn 

Je<ssica E. Drobus 

1 ^ 
■^ngiirli Llteroture-V^T'eative Wf • 

SGA Exec, IOC, 

M-rogrcimming Xjoa-rd, (-Jrofue 

Otudent IXIewtrpaper, and _ 

/\3C_^ Intramural 'Dowli'^3- 

\X/hen tine trutin fallf qou, LjOU 

nave no cnoice but to abandon 

It. -C37or?ip Oirl 

Havelvn I. Daeuber 



I — J 


Zeleika Dabo^ 

0"="" -I — rancirco, \_f\/ 
^Jamaica, (ci^ueenr, |\|Y 



LJciughters- of \^^a\a 
Xe.,Jent 2008-20 1 

I nlf dbove all: to tnlne own 
t.ue." - ^,11 
Onakerpeare, ) — Camlet 

Jzabeth &hob 

■I — dyettevllle, |\|v^ 

I ASQv:(l), 

1 I ecnnologLi |_Ji''^ecto'r \ /), 
yvogrammmQ LJirector \C>), an 

Co-Pre?iJent (4); 
Eta Sigrna Plii: (2,3) cmj 
;ecret.r4 (4); Ne^Life: ( 1 ); 
id LJc^ugnteT? oj- {^^^a\a: (^ /,C>) 

Jennifer / 

/Xccra, Cz^fiana 
tnglirii I iteT'oituT>e-(^T>eative Vv piting 

/—\vvora: junior \^aiioT\-D), -[^clitor-in- 

C^.ef(4); TU Profile: Cop4 PJitor ( 1 ,2), 

Stciff Writer (3), Pecture? PcJitor(4); 

Writing Center Tutor (3,4); Resident 

Director (3); ReriJent Af?i^t<5int(2,4); f^eft 

Duclc<ier(_ I ), I |emDer?nip (^^oorciincjtor(^ Z ); 

Mort.r Bo<.rJ(4); Jo4ful Nol.e(l ,2); 

ColonnJe CluK2,3,4); ASC 1 1 LeJer 

\_J)ona ZDcriolari^j): l^merging | eaae-ry I ): 

d Wffice of {_^aveer f-'Unnlng f^logger (4j 

Qenu Urvashi Sagrei/a 

M<.ple Glen, PA 
Oodologq//\ntnropolog4 (^oponisriy 

I \a9a\a-j/\y^\^, tje?t niudaie?, 

■|^:merging | eaaers, \ lortar jjoava, 

/\rr\ev\can sociological /Xrs-ociation 
I — honors- program, 

I nink---l ive...|^ngage, Joijful |\joi?e, 

I — Hubert ocnolar? |— -^rogram in f^ublic 
service, I — habitat for ] — ^umanitLj 
il V_^ollegicite (^^ncillenge, | netd /\lpna 

r\cippa, and I iteracq volunteer? of 


K^'ii 1 

Justine Milliron 




K._)v\ando, \—\_ 



■trnglisti Literature-Creative 




ne Rrof 1 e ftudent news-paper 

and Oenior ClafS y_,o- 


I ni? I? wnat | do. | drop 
Tr^tk Bo"U,"' -30 Rock 






I he human -race hci? one 
realiLj effective weapon, an 

that i? laughter. 1|||| 

- I iarli I wain 

Caitlifi Abkail (Shull 

(.^erman otudler ana -tnglifn 

|_lter£iture-C_^pe£itive \j(/v\k!\r\q 


Novel Scottle? (1 ,2,3); Joqful 
Noi.e (2,5,4); Ro.e .nJ S^ieU 
(3,4); and Mortar goarJ (4) 
/-\nd rtill "bne s-tori) isri t over 
^till tnere care feeds" t' 
::it3tnereci, and room in tne oa<^ oj" 

AtUntc., GA 

/\j-picana otudler 

Mu.lim Student A.^oci^tior 

'■ ( 1 ), Secretary (2), N/lce, 

I PreriJent (3), Prerident (4 

ana XX/ooaruff ocholcir | 

O-^ganl^atlon (1 ,2,3) | 

ne cau?e of freedom i? not trj 

-1 j?e of a rc3ce or a s-ect, c3 pc^r 

■ - it i? the ct^u?e of 

" humomkind, the verq birthrignt ■ 

humcinitLj. -Anna ^ulid Ooopf 





Juanita Lynn (Simmons 

LJeca-tur, \::pt\ 

/Xfricana otudier and \l(/ omen s- 


I he people who are trqlng to make 
this- world wor?t aj'e not taking a aai) 

off, whq rhoula | f | ight up the 

aarknerf! - f^ob | larleij 





A^UnJ City, TN 

■^nglijn Literature 

(_Vvomen9 otudier^ 

LBTQIA Collect,ve, 
-pdns-genJeT j-^oliCLj, \_^r\c2\j' 
,^luD, (2nd Vv Tilting (^^enter. 

/\nA tfier | wol eterncilL) 
':ompleLjne/ | |l) wo, ana now 
tnci'l: twinned be we tweqne. 
i,nciucer, | roilu? ana (^^nreLjcl 

(^i-pcle K 

Hope Elizabeth 
Yancej (Sonam 

Atlanta, GA 
I— 'rycnology 

GRAMMY Unive..,t4 Net. 
omd oC^^- \X/ orldwide 

I ove IS" the c^nrwer. |\Jow whc^t 

tne qi ertion ! - LJerek vvl\|eil 

L/unwoody, \zpr\ 

j— lld^ory ana 
■tnglisTi I iterature 

I ne future belongs- to tnc 

■li/no believe in tne beautq of 

tneir dreams. 

-|:3lecinor l«c;oosevelt 

Atlanta, GA 


/-\ntnropologq/ oociologij (^^luh 
and V Outdoor /-\dventure 


n a gentle wciij, ljou can snake 
tne world. 
- I lonandas (.^andni 

M. Tobia (St 

■j — lowers tj'''cncn, (oz/X 

tnglisTi I IteratuTe- K^veative 

\(/v\t\ng ana \ — rencn 

I ne M-rofile: |\|ew? -I^ditor 

I larcila o^ce: jecvetav^ 

\)</e can onltj be ?aict to be 

alive in tnore moment; wnen 

our nearts' ave con?ciou? of our 


- I horton \)(/\\aer 



I allanars-ee, -I — \_ 
rrbernci'tional | <ela-tIons- 

{} — rencny 

k Student 

/-\r?oci(ation/] — ^illel: co-pre?idenl 

and treasurer y^J: \X/riting' 

{^^enter tutor; ar\c 

■|:^ques'tricin (,_^lub 

wirn for real love, tne imposTic 

nd tne utopian. j [eav knowledc 

of mq exact limits-. 

-|-<I.ene | jagritte 


/-\mnes'tL| International, 
npniti) (^^lub, -tnvironmentc 
|<!,es-identr, anc 
I lortar tjc 

■|::;verL) situation - na\j, ever' 
moment - i? Of infinite wortr 
for it If tne representative (j 

a wnole eternitL). - l^^^oetnt 

Chaundra Dionne cStaton 

RiclimonJ Mill GA 

eiolog^/Pr-^Med (ESS) 

Joqful Noi.e, \x/ltUe, anJ PMA 

I alent take; nard work, nard work 
aoe;nt take talent. -Ixl-lJ. VV 





VV itkave I lember?nip y^naiy 
ourcige i? tne mort important of 
all tne virtue?, becaure w/itnout 
courage l|Ou cant practice anL| 
ner virtue con?i?tentlLj. I 
ractice anij virtue erratically, but ji_ 
I notning cons-irtentlq without 
I courage. -| jaL|a /\ngelou 

Cz^eorgetown, C^juiiana 
Internationcil |-<velations- ana 
/Xfrlccina 3)tuaie? 

J-BoarJ, Pukliu., anJ AWISA 

I ne price of hating otner buman 
Deing9 i? loving oneself les"? 
- \::z\ariage C^leaver 


The Phoenixes 



Class of 2010 

Anna Laura Tucker 

\_)ecat^lv, /W_ 
Linguistic /\n-hnropolog4 {}_)ance) 

Newlife Ministry, Studio D^nce 

I heai-re, (^olonncicJe (^lub, OT=V^' 

|<es-icience Life, and L)™""^ I ecif^ 

/\ mc3n ctsn Jo notning better tn<^n 

to ec^t c^nd JrinK ana pna 

s-citi?Lctlon in hk work- ! nlr too 

S"ee i? fr^^ "tbe nana of \^^oa, yor 

witnout ] — ^im, wno can ea{. or pnci 

enjoL)ment! -Lcclesiartes- Z;Z'4--Z_i 


[ lortcr XjoaTa \/ice |-^re?ident, 

Oenior L'o?? I reas-urer, 1 ower 

uncll, Le?iaence I ife. Ooc//\r> 

CU, ASC 101 Le.Jer, ^ 

ISLP A-L...Jor, sec S^f 

Agnes- OcoH ois-teT?, vJo4rul 
l\|oi9e, J — Ic^Ditc^'h fOT ] — lumisnitij, 

/-\uT'OT'ci, ana Jje^t tjuddie? 
(^ne {^\)i/oJman can mcike a 
diffeT'ence ana eve'PLj (^woymcin rnoul 
tT"L)- Oo""^ \—- Kennedy 

1. 1 i\„- 

L^npirtianrted, St. C_^t 
virgin Is-landr 
OociologL)//\ntfiropologL) ana 

|— 'olitical ocisnce 


Marala SACL, (^a-r'ibbean Student? 

A^TOcicition, AWISA. cnJ President'? 

Lommittee of Liiverntq 

Success" met^n? nc:iving tne courc^ge tne 

determination, ana tne will to become qou 

elieve qou were meant to 

-C^eorge Sbeenan 




Otone r^ourrtoiin, (c^A 

L^ro?? C_,ountrL|( I , Z); 
SA.^.e \)^o^en(4); 
C,.cle K(3,4); ASC 


Novel Scottie9(4). 

I ne mos't wafted of aW aaij'^ |? 
one witnout laugnter 

Esther Ivana Caroline 

Atlanta, GA 
Arian otudies- (^womenr otudler} 

|otc) Iota lotci (_|\|citioncil \)(/ omens otuJier 
l-lonoT. Societq): PreriJent (4); Pk, Alplia 

I neta (^!\|citional ) — ^irtorq ) — ^onor 3ocietqj 
(^ /,~D,^-): I lortar tjocird: | lemDerrnip C_^ncjiT 

(4); aJ Mono. Court: (4) 
"Yet it ir not our part to master all tke tide 
tne world, out to Jo wnat ir in us for tne succour 
Of tno?e qear? wnerein we are ?et, uprooting tne 
evil in tU field? tLt we know, ro tLt tL?e wko 
live after ma^ kave clean ecirtii to till. X^Lt 

stner tneu ^hall nave is not ou 

J.R.R. Tolkien, TU Return of tke King 

The Phoenixes 


I ne big rhow i? inride mtj 
heaa. -rCurt \/onnegut, 
"D-reakrart of v^nampions- 

Cla^ of 2010 

(Skylar Datrice 


Youngffville, I A 

nterndtioncil | •"cj.elcitionr and 

•| — rencn 

j — \onov (^^ouft, Xv itkaie, 
Muoliur, otrong ^isrtcins-, anai 
3o)-bDaii 1 ecim. ! 

ttle nonfenje now and tnen 
relifned dl) tne wires"b men. 

Q_J)n ne ncii t pci? femme on l( 
nt" -Si. 

none de Tjeauvon 

Jillian Alexandria Wells 

College Park GA 
Political ocience (^|— |id;or4_) 

\X/itkci2e-: -Invent Plcinning j^xecutlve 
CL.r ( 1 ), Co-Pre.Jent (2,3,4) 
/\o(^^ Oenate- j — acilitie? |_iairon 
(z); /Xgner O^ott |_iving \^ aqe 
(^^ampciign- j — cjcilitator; |— ^refident? 
(^^ommittee on |_JlverritL|-otudent 

C^^ood tjenavio-r maker qou Invis-ible. 


^"" Phoenixes 







la^ of 2010 


Pooler, (o'/a 

|— llrtoTL) \\:^errmar\ oiudier ana 

tnglisTi I ]heratuve) 

/-\jy__^ -tqueftTian, \ — aurt, 

(^^ollective, ana \X/ Itkcize 

n wu vae nur an einen V37ott 

duben, aev lu tanien 

verrtu nde. | would ohIl) believe ir 

a Kzpoa tnat Know? now to dance. 

- \ — T>iear!cn IXIietifcne 

The Phoenixes 


Kifflberly Wjch 

Ocvannan, Cc^eorgia 

■Economic? ana K^yv^anhaiional 

rlanagemeiTt (.-tnglisri^ 

(^^otonade (^^lub ana Irvine 
Investment (^ lub 

You do not need to be 

pnenomenal to crecite 

pnenomenal tningr. - 


"^^^ Phoenixes 


Cla^ of 2010 

L)OU Wll 

a-re Tignt, qou nc 

P.Ck P.qcUlogq Cluk 

Centurq Club, and Infinitq Clul 

/-\lwaqs- ilften to qours-elf. |t i! 

etter to be wrong tnan s-implij i 

follow convention. \f ujou are Mcroi 

no matter, ljou nave learned 

sometning a 

tronger. \f l)ou 

taken another ?tep toward? a 
|-ulj-illing li]-e -] — \aqa\\i 


Otudent oenote: \Ci), I r 
\^): I lortar tjoard: | rea?urer (^M-j; 
I Omlcron Deltci Ep?ilon (4); A?ian 
Vvoman: oecretctr: \^): Xjoa-ra of 
I ruftee? Investment (^^ommittee: \^); 
■^Ta \ Z J, I rec^surer \C)): 
of Cl-s ?0 1 1 (3);. 
ation (^^ommittee \ I J, and 
I— 'rogramming xjoard (^ Z J 

AattcA 5c©tt" 



Precious Acker 
Tatyana Adams 
Avi^ail Bacharach 
Brittani Banks 

Gianna Barnett 
Sarah Batchelor 
Victoria Beiarde 
Rahela Doi^dan 

Sarah 3owen 
Chelsie Buckley 
Rachel Burger 
Leslie Burhenn 



Kftufft MtWe/f 

What has been the best part of your junior year at AS' 

The best part of my junior year was definitely the Global 
Connections trip to Ireland. It was an amazing experienc: 
and I made a lot of ^ood friends! 

How would you define a Scottie? 

A 5cottie is someone who works hard, plays hard, and 
knows how to balance the two. 

Jordan Caeteel 
Elanse Chen 
Heather Coe 
\Aorqar\ Daniel 

ilntonla Davie 
Adeoti Dlpeolu 
Tehseen Do55ul 
Jessica Dupree 

Onylnye Edeh 
Annie Graefe 
Michelle Haddad 
Anna Hail 

Oarcy Hammond 
Linda Holston 
Tricia Jackson 
Jenny Jacobs 

Kf^/f/rCt vJl^flitiM^W 

mat has been the best part of your junior year at ASC? 

'The influx of amount of activities that I have become involved in, such 
'p: Senate, Programming Board, Strong Sistas, and working with the 
justainability office. I really feel like I am proving myself to be more than 

[student now that I am involved in extracurricular activities and this 
i^eling makes my time at Agnes Scott more meaningful. 
low would you define a Scottie? 

j Scottie is a woman who is educated enough to realize that there will be 

pstacles in front of her. And as a Scottie she has the courage to overcome 

lie obstacle and er\q^aq^e in conversations as to why is it was there in the first place 


What has been the best part of your junior year at ASC? 

The best and most stimulating part of my junior year is a tie 
between working witli tlie wonderful people in the ASC Living 
Wage Campaign and working with the wonderful people on 
Student Senate. On the best days the two groups overlapped 

And how would you define a Scottie? 
A Scottie is someone who continually pushes intellectual and 
social boundaries for a constructive purpose, even when it 
means taking a big risk or being unpopular. 

Andrea JaramlWo 
Capnchla Jeffers 
Lauren Kaleta 
Melissa Kin^ 

Maria Le 
Kara Leverette 
Kelley lockman 
Rachel Moore 

Sophia Newton 
Jeanine Pounds 
iorane ?ea\mor\d 
Xun Qiu 

Calista Ross 
Stephanie Scott 
Mehwish Shaukat 
Diana Shull 


E/fift Cct/ffl^/r 

yVhat has been the best part of your junior year at ASC? 

Very Glen! Although the walk to campus— for those unlucky enouigh 
to have Sam classes-- is quite brisk, the freedom to live with a 
i7unch of your best friends and make your own meals is amazing. 
And how would you define a Scottie? 

A Scottie is an independent, motivated woman. She finishes her 
studies during the week-- sometimes with the occasional, 
lecessary all nighter-- and has the freedom to have fun on the 

Joy Siebers 
Julia Taylor 
Sydney TonsfeWt 
Caitlin Walker 

Apryl \Na\\ace- 
Emi Watanabe 
Alisha Watts 
Christin Weeks 

Lauren Welch 
Ashley Williams 
Heather Williams 
Sara Will if ord 

Nicole Wood 




cfftAAI^f 20 I 2 

khat has been the best part of your sophomore year? 

peing able to make connections with new and old 
iriends. But the best part was i^o'mq to Ireland this 
'inter for Global Connections. 


Khat is your definition of a Scottie? 


peing a scottie for me means I need to set the bar 

jigherthen previous classes and accomplish goals 

jeyond the Scottie expectation. 

DanleWe Adameon 
Lauren Albin 
Oevin Alford 
Jodi Catlow 

Kather'me Curtlee 
Kirnel Paniel 
Taylor Ceushane 
Kelly Dom'mo 

hannon Falls 
Gerlicia Francis 
Kirsten Frye 
Melissa Garwick 

Charia Gruber 
Elizabeth Gustoson- 
Kelsey Hensler 
Latisha Hipp 

Nicole Holbrook 
Jessica Jung 
Jordan Kennedy 
Lauren Kenney 

Leah Kuenzi 
Kristina Lamothe 
Kndr&a love 
Stacey Ann Love 

What has been the best part of your sophomore year at 

The best part of my sophomore year at Agnes Scott has 
been the feeling of having my feet planted in the community 
not feeling slightly intimidated when President Kiss says 
hello, and knowing how to approach your professor when I 
need help. In short — being able to call Agnes home. 

How would you define a Scottie? j 

I would define a Scottie as a woman who can go anywhere inf 
life she chooses with determination and wit, and doee not let prejudices 
or stereotypes stand in the way of her making a difference in the world. 

A/hat has been the best part of your sophomore year at Agnes? 

rhe best part of my sophomore year has definitely been the 
5ophomore Retreat. I ^ot to escape campus for a fun weekend, 
vhile also getting help making decisions about my time at Agnes 
and beyond. 

How wouU you define a Scottie? 

would define a Scottie as someone who is curious, intelligent, 
un, and open-minded. A Scottie cares about the world and 
passionately fights against injustices and ignorance. 

Lisa Mieike 
Me^an Mills 
Kiegan Montgomery 
Chelsea Perdue 

Kate Schuhiein 
Yue Shen 
Maya Sherer 

5! Sarah 5par\n 

Meghan 5pencer 
Virginia Taylor 
Anastasia Tsavaris 
Amber Turner 

Krleten Turner 


AawcA 5cf^tt 

First Years 



yhat has been the best part of your first year at Agnes? 

he best part of my first year at A5C has been instantly making 
reat friends. 

low would you define a Scottie? 

j\ Scottie is a sister who excels in academics, takes part in 
i'lack Cat, sings crazy songs, and isn't afraid of being different. 

Elizabeth Adams 
Kebecca Adams 
Kolynne' Andere>on 
Ana Archilla 

Syedah Asghar 
grittany Balfour 
Pestiny B-arker 
Rebecca B-earden 

Ashley Berber 
Gloria Bolivar 
Maria Jose 
Bos(5[uet- Perez 
Rose Drannen 

Rachel Drannin^ 
Aliyson 3rannon 
Emily Brosend 
Mara Bryan 

Leah Bryant 
Anna Cabe 
Raven Campbell 
Crista Carter 



Miranda Cash 
3reoY\a Castillo 
Me^an Cieri 
Lola Clairmont 

Amber Coleman 
Leah Crawford 
Nastassia Cummings 
Kathryn DeaY\ 

Whitney Pixon 
Kate Ponlon 
Jessie Downs 
Elizabeth Dvaqoo 

3y\e\Y\ Ei Cho 
Katharina English 
Erin En^strom 
Melanie Ennis 

Osasha Fertal 
Erin Fielding 
Christine Franzel 
Eia Oardnev 

Laurie Gugliemino 
Camille Hackney 
6amantha Hawkins 
Jaime Henry-White 


Sara Home 
Ellen Humphreys 
Virginie Jean-B-aptiste 

LaTia Jefferson 
CarWea Johnson 
Christiane Jones 
Natalie Jor^es 

Meghan Joyce 
Emma Kearney 
Verlinda King 
Julia Kirklen 

Sarah Kiingenberg 
Brittany Kozlewski 
Emily Led better 
Morgan Lewis 

Jenna Liuzzi 
Alicia Logan 
Erin Luippoid 
3^ Karen Ly 

Olivia Madlock 
Regina Marshall 
Clare McSride 
Megan McCulloch 


Hannah Mitchell 
Kamilah Muhammad 
Jessie Newville 
Brittany O'Brien 

Gabrieile O'Brien 
Ashieiigh O^ua^ha 
Patia Oiiis 
Madeline O'Quinn 

Wangyi Vax\ 
Panielle Perry 
Courtney Refkin 
Arielie Register 

Isobel Robinson-Ortiz 
Victoria Rumph 
Tiffany Samuels 
Noelia 'bar\dowa\ 

Anahita Sattari 
Rachael Shaner 
Xueying Shi 
Abriel Slaton 

Vawa Smith 
Becky Sotelo 
Antonika Souder 
Ugheminaye Sowho 


""^ ■ ly-mi^J 

UiMMMiA R»/>.t/A 

/hat has been the best part of your first year at ASC? 

|he best part of my first year was meeting all these wonderful young 

j'omen and beginning my journey to independence. It has been 

[hallenging and hard to cope with sometimes, especially being so far 

rom home, but it will only make me stronger and it's not over yet. 

hd how would you define a Seattle? 

p me a Scottie is a powerful, educated, beautiful, virtuous, and culturally 

itvare woman. 

Katherine 3pan0\er 
Susannah Stuckey 
N^a Than 
5u Myat Thu 

Ceanna Tipton 
Torrieana Triplett 
Maria Vega 
Afshah Velani 

Qianwen Wang 
Qiuyun Wang 
Janani Webb 
Caitlin White 

Anna Williams 
Megan Williams 
Amanda Wysinger 
Carmen Yarbrough 

Xiaochen Yu 
Shilin Zhou 
Yitian Zhou 

MCA 5cirtrjft» 


)n i& light, lack of it \s darkne5<s." a BucS^sian Proverb I 

I ock |<I.ogeT'9, 

r-PL) W \ngtvand, 

1 imoxnii i — in CO, 


O-pebrenka I-vODic, 


\^aven \ nomps-on. 


vJonn |-^i ger. 


ma onannon h^ei^ner. 



(leftj I oIdl) -j^me-r-h, Les-leii C^oia, an 

d \avaij\ta ^JacK^on-] mot 

low J w aaaz \^h\(/a\a 

, \_)ear 

James- \_J\edT\cK, 0"teven V^uthrie, \_^hair\otte 

^vie^e, Y^eaa 

j I homp9on, anc 

d l^cicnel | roufdal 

l^not pictured: V^^hris-tme V^077ens-, ^^mber \_Jevmont, w illie | olliver^ 

icoverj." Mark van DorcfJ 

vjulia |<\nowlton, Vz^undolf C^^ramL 

vJulia \ — |ou9e, and |— ^hiiip \_J]o. 
not pictured: {javoava |_Jre9cner ) 

iTiiinch and Gbrman 

ri? \_Jepvee, f-^m^ \ ove 

iL) ochurter, 

and ^ArriLt J^ullivar 


V^us- y^ochran, 

sanov I loms-, 

and vj<3iun ^^llende 



science Center 
'""^ Women 



(riqii-b) Micl-iciel Scn'ig/ \-^aiv\c\a /\nd\no, otacq KusTiac 

:C_oinn, | \av\e 

I \avquavdi, \ i 

Id |-^ippin, cine 



is* ^egi. 

■ K" rS 



' — ?J^^^^ 


1 ^!c-np ; J* 

KJk, ;^^^^ ■ 


> 1 ■ 





"To me the sole hope of human salvatiori 






lot pictured: "Detli |— |ackeW 

Women's studies 


h in teaching." George Bernard (Sh a^ 

LJudleq Odnders-, 

OotTd I homp9on. 

Ijlc^ks tj^ckn<5irn. 

and "nridaet 

^ane ] — -pacKenpohl, 

and \_Jdy\d \ awerencey 

\nKJ"CQ cnr>p 

Top right: Dianna Billings, Moniq^ue 
Nerestan, and Alison "do'^d^erx. 


Top left: Reginald Walker, B-obby Surillo, 
Lynn Wiley, Cindy Qiang, arxd Lai Chan. 


Tony C\Gc:\r\o, Joeleen Akin, Nicolle Williams, Beth Vansant, 
Amanda "^vo^Nry, Jamenda Whitehead, Pat Inglis, ar\d 
Shawn Bowers. 


Top left: Carolyn Council, Robert 
Oaek'me, and John Heqman. 

Academic AdvicSin^ 

Top right: 








Alyson Coffman, Misty Dumae- 

Patterson, Catherine Neiner, Davic^ 

Williams, and Gail Bell. 

Back row: 3etsy Davis, Susan Clarl<e, Erin Powell, Nancy 
Peterson, and Alvanita Neuron. Second row: Jaxen Solseng, 
Aimee Kahn-Foss, Kay Connelly, Katie Mattii, Janixia Peyes, 
and Josephine B>ernier. Front row: Theresa 5ehenuk, Alexa 
Oaeta, and LeeAnn Afton. 137 

Dob Parker, 

Vice President of College 
' :- Advancement 

Back row: Donna Ashley, Elizabeth Daly, Sheilee 

Fezatte, Betsy Huey, and Bridget Yang. Second 

row: Martha Hie, Maura Mullaney, Kelly Williams, 

Catherine Mollis, Jennifer Wells, and Dorothy Love 

Front row: Kirby Johnson, '\erGQa Plum, 

"kenna Smith, and Lee Davis. 

Megan Terraso, danann Giles, Lisa 

Ashmore, Jennifer O'nen, \-\oward 

Kob\n5on III, Demetrice Williams, Kerry 

g>. Meyers, and Marilyn Hammond. 

Julia Stover '03, Naylene Felt, and 
Kimberly Vickers 'd7. 

Kate Col ussy- Estes 

Dean of the College 

James Diedrick, Rosemary Zum wait 
Mary McAbee, and Amy Whitworth. 

Dean of Students 

Michelle Hall, Thomaysa Stinson- 
CaUeira, av\d Donna Lee. 




Special thanks to A6C Facility and Custodial Services! 

in alphabetical order: Stanley Arnold, Robert ^ell, Timothy Biackenship (Director, center, first voW), 

Deiissia Bostic, Rebecca 'doyd, Ricky Duran, Althea Fitzgerald, Lou Ghee, Fisseha Habtamu, 

Tom Huston, Sharon Jaye, Ronni Jackson, Ronald Keeton, Gerald t\loth, Pheobea Lovings, 

Marvin UcCrary, havon \-AcW\eaY\e, Esther Mobley, John Mobley, Kim Nolley, Jeff Offin, Elivis Parris, 

Maria Ramos, Mel Ramsey, Wynetta Reid, Earnest 3aY\for(i, Araceli 'dar\X.ana, Delia Spurley, 

Willie Stanford, Rundy Swanson, JoAnn Thornton, Mekdes Tiruneh, Johnny Walker, Halbert Ward, 

Girma Woldegebriel, Edward Woods, and Ruth \Noode. 


, :':g fourth from the left: Susan 
Pougnerty, Lauretta Saint-Louis, Pamela 
Simmons, Drew Homa, and Rachel Garner. 

Christa Watson, Lauren Rutledge, Itohowo 
Ekanemesang '07, and Patrick S>ononee. 

Yvonne Graham -Lewis, Agnes Ingram, Johnie Mae Crane, 

Venus Hairston, Shayvenia Billingsley, txelley, Grant, Hasan 

Gomez, Robert Gay, and Pete Miller. 

Front row: 

Casey Long, 
Sheri C\o'H&ve, 
Erica 3odr\ar, 


Debbie Adams 

Back row: 

Laura Ray, 

Resa Harney, 



Elizabeth Barley 


Liliane 5penle, 

Jennifer Lund. 

\\aren Gilbert, 

3randl Wilkes, 





Human Resources 

Na'eem Craft, 

Martha Lewis', 


Johnnie Mitchell 

Valerie Holmes 

Susan t\idd '75, 

LeaAnn Hudson 76, 

Angela Allen, 


Elizabeth Kiss, 

Lies VanE'ekl<uiTi '07, 

Katherine McGuire, 

and Sara Hauk. 

OfFice of the PrccSident 


Tanzania Nevels, Angela Dewberry, anid Cheryl 0'c&Gr\. 

(Science Support (Staf 

Frances Bruggeman, Shannon Reisner, 
and Alix Valcin. 

Laurel Watson, Lacondria Simmons, '^av\?ava Washington, 
Karen Tringle, Holly B-yrd, and Carole Holcomb. 


Congratulations to the Class of 201 

Best wishes from 

Agnes Scott Alumnae AssocidTion 

Remember to keep in touch 
and moke new connections with 


Agnes Scott's Online 

Alumnae Directory and Career Network 

TiaSimone Huston 

Dancing is tine loftiest, the 
most moving, the most 
beautiful of the arts, because it 
is not mere translation or 
abstraction from life; it is life 
Itself -Havelock Ellis 

We are so proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Joanna Loree Hair 

From your first days at 

Agnes to Black Cat to an 

adventure of a lifetime in 

Finland, it's been quite a 

ride! We couldn't be more 

proud of you. Keep 

dreaming and reaching 

for the stars! 


Mama, Daddy, and 



Our Brown Eyed Girl 


The song could have 
been written for you. 
Angelic baby, 
mischevious little girl, 
determined athlete, 
talented and funny 
performer, intrepid world 
traveler, and good friend 
to so many. 

"My how you have grown' 



Much love to you and best 
wishes for a bright and 
happy future. 

Your Family 



, ^^W0^ 



Natasha McClendon 

Congratulations Natasha! 
We wish you continued 
success and may the Lord 
forever bless you. We are 
all very proud of you. 


Dad, Mom, Carlos, 


Andrea Goodman 

Dear Andrea, 
The years have gone 
by so quickly, yet we 
remember each joyful 
moment of watching 
you grow into the 
wonderful young 
woman you have 

Congratulations on all 
your accomplishments! 

Love always. 
Mom, Dad and Lisa 

A^Asd )jQxwdu0b3(M}3'u\j 

AiviAsalJefwcLa. ' l^^^^m 

Tretw -klucferqartEivte C(sfa|e ijoii, wotk us prowl .JJ^^^Kp^^^^^^^-' B 


prQj|8rqaiieijsu.8a£4.te^teci®as4Up8«asedQJuifo<9fe 1 ^^^^Pp ~ "^^^^B 1 
'atoaktotL|i*.a'!/siiw)Lac(:|^tequ3»iisfcui % '^^^^L.J 


39n^rayatU5«£.Lii Sister I <«^^^ ~~ ~^^^^^^H 


1 ^^Hi^^l^^Bi^^^^^H 

I '■ yjm'^^m 

Kristi Chenault 


We are so proud of you! Continue to be 
passionate about your goals and always 
be true to yourself. You are and always 
will be our shining star. 

We Love You 

Mom, Mema, Cheryl and Cindy 

Brittany Manning 





Gods timing is always perfect. 
You are a true blessing in my 
life. I am so proud to be your 
mother. I am honored that you 
call me friend. Thank you for 
being a good daughter. Thank 
you for all your hard work, 
strength and courage. Thank 
you for allowing me to 
dream with you. Now you 
know, Grandpa would tell you 
to soar with the eagles. 
Congratulations, my darling 


Vanessa J. Arcio "Coconut' 

Nessa, we are so proud of you, 
way to go - congratulations! You 
did it! Our prayer for you is tliat you 
will continue to work liard, always 
do your best and that you will 
achieve your goals; that you will 
take the time to celebrate your 
successes and recognize that you 
deserve to succeed because you 
work so hard. Expect nothing less 
from life than what you are willing 
to accept, and aim high, because 
you are a queen. Know that the 
world is your playground and you 
can make the rules and try all of 
the rides. You're beautiful, 
thoughtful, smart, witty and kind. 
Love who you are, as we do, and 
know that you are loved! May God 
continue to bless you and guide 
your steps. Live life on purpose! 

Cam Godemam 

"'ducceee doee not 001111? to you... you jo to it." 

Cam, we are bur?tiii(j with pride ae we ehare your jojib „=iiiJ 

w^itoh you/'L^o for it". 

Wt? lovt' you, your f.iinily 

Olivia Rachel Carlisle 

Baaby Waaby to the 
amazing Drama Queen; 
You are the light of our life! 
Go Whoaman! All of our 

Love, Forever! 

Maama, Dada, Arf, and the 

Sophiemakins, (and Stella) 

Evan Alyse Bodine 


well done 



love, mom and dad 

Mm^n RdUerMnan 

I Cdiifd npf Se mdre preud 
ff^ ipi( and ymir 
ipMmmfi'f Fetiow ij 
hearty, ijdur dreamk and ijmir 
cmfaifi] dmrm. 

Skylar Datrice Washington 

Dearest Skylar, 
Where has the time 
gone?You have gone 
from our precious little girl 
to our beautiful, smart 
and talented young 
woman! We are beyond 
the words "Proud of 

You have given us more 
joy and admiration than 
you will ever know. 
Continue to keep God the 
head of your life and He 
will continue to pour out 
Blessings upon you! The 

world awaits you GO 

GET "EM!!!!!! 


Mom, Dad, Ce & Amber 

Laura Barrs 

Phoebe Lewis Kann 

Adventures with Phoebe: Priceless! 
Dancing at weddings ... Braves games with 
Dad and Jakie ... trips to NC, NYC and 
California to visit the relatives ... Wallace 
adoration ... chat nights! We are so proud of 
you and although you leave your beloved 
Agnes Scott, the fun continues! 


Congratulations Miss Ki! 

Wow, your wonderful journey continues! You are still the most 
extraordinary young woman that I have ever known. Your intellect, 
confidence, and strength are forces that continue to amaze me in 
many ways; continue being the persistent young woman that you are; 
continue being the light that shines on others during their darkest 
days and continue being that great friend, teacher, leader and Cod 
fearing woman that will one day have a legacy that spans the globe. 
Keep Cod in all of your dreams and you will continue to be 
victorious, for He has placed a charge on your life that has enabled 
you to lead and manifest in the lives of children. I am blessed and 
proud to say that you are my beautiful daughter and I thank Cod for 
you. With this, I am saying congratulations on your continued 
success and a beautiful life. I am proud of you Nikitris and I love you 
more than words can express. 
Love Always, Mom 






Parents Council 

Congratulates the Cla<s<s of 2010 

Indira Cruz 

Rachel Slaton 

Margaret Vellani 

Lauren Whitton 



Sleeping without your "passey", 
riding without training wheels, 
braces on your teeth, braces 
on your ankle, panic over 
"times" tables, panic over 
Macro exams, going on the 
school bus alone, going to 
Australia alone -PROUD of 
you all the way! 

Mom & Dad 

Charleen McClure 

Congratulations. We are extremely proud of you and 
the woman you have become . We wish you much 
blessings and success as you move to the next stage of 
your life. 

Love Always, Mom, Darryl and your family 

Erica Alexandra Kainani Hiring 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 
And sorry I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair 
And having perhaps the better claim. 
Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 
Though as for that, the passing there 
Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 
In leaves no step had trodden black 
Oh, I kept the first for another day! 
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Devar I' Ima: 

Class of 2010! 

If you 0et a chance to sit it out or dance, 
^Neho^eyou DANCE!!!!!!! 





,( wSi 

To the Ked claee of 20]0 

To the Fhoenlxee who play to win 

To our eletere who are leaving 

this place 

To our eletere who are running 

this race 


This is not ^oodbya forever, 

It's simply see you later 

Congratulations to the class 

of 2010 

May you fiery Phoenixes 

remain strong women. 
The 2009-2010 Silhouette etaf? 




F^ -l 









... a brief look at staff, specs, Z r-t C» 

and other little things. 


The 2009- 2010 Agnes Scott 
College Silhouette was published 
through Jostens Yearbook Avenue 
with 160 pages printed. 

Fonts used were: Action, Albert, 
Big Fiction, Tekton, and University 
Roman. The cover art was 
conceptualized by the editor-in- 
chief and developed by Sandra 
McCarthy of Jostens. 

The pictures were taken by staff 
members, submitted by students 
and faculty, and cited from other 
sources. The underclasswomen and 
senior portraits were taken by Doug 
Jacksons' company Photographic 

The staff would like to thank 
Sandra McCarthy, Elizabeth 
\Compton, and Erin Howie for 
^ their love and support. 

■ Lastly, the Silhouette 
k is a student 
. produced 
publication and is 
not representative 
of all views of 
'Agnes Scott 
College or its 

Brittani an^ygjfgl | 


''""^^_' — -^- B HH ■ 


^- ^i<\ \ '\- 



lb \wm 11 

i^ a 1 



# '" 


^Ann and Jeanine 

■B. ,. , _J; 





L' ^J»i 


i ',.-- 



The Spectacular 

Linda Holston 

Lauren Kaleta 

Stacey-Ann Love 

Kenyetta McClain 

Fortla Neat 

Jeanine Pounds 

Emi Watanabe 

Brittani N. 3anke, 

Brittani before deadline. 

'0i , ji0ry^*c-^' 

I rie?e ave tne word? | ficive been cmxioufflt} anticiptating ana yet avead\n^ at 
tne ?oime time. |t uas been a long journei} cind in tne proce?? | ncave 
\earnea a lot j-rom our /\gne? ocott communitLj. vv © 
cill ncive dijjerent opinion? on wncit it tcike? to be a 
Ocottie, but trie ?um of a\\ tne re?pon?e9 i? 
dmple. |t t^^kes- a great womcin to be a 
ocottie ana \ nave been ble??ea bq 
mcinL} great women in mq life; 

witnout tnem tnis- collection of 
memorie? would not be complete. | 

nave ?o mucn love for mq 
O'lnouette staff. | neir aeaication 
ana narawork flow? tnrougn tne 
page? ana | am forever grateful. | 
la al?o like to tnank mq friena? for 
nelping me keep tning? in per?pective ana 
providing laugnter wnen | wa? completelq overwnelmea. 
I bank? to mq familq for tnelr word? of encouragement 
and advice. /\na tnank? to tne ?tudent?, facultq, and 
?taff tnat participated in tni? edition of /\z)\^ 

oilnouette. |t mean? ?o mucn! 

I lucn I ove, 

B/fittctfii N. BciftfeA 


y A J^l 



^^Kj^ij^^^ ^^H^^BBH 

^^^ ,,v^ s^^ ^I^^hB