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Full text of "The Singer memorial, 1914-18 : roll of honour of employees of the Singer Manufacturing Co. Ltd"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

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N issuing this brochure it is the desire of the Company that 
the employees may be able to carry to their homes a record, 
in permanent form, of the devotion displayed by the workers 
in the Great War. The gallant fighters whose names are 
here inscribed have fashioned and emblazoned on the scroll 
of time their own memorials, and yet, while we may not 
tarnish these by any unworthy endeavour, it is fitting that we 
should permanently record the names of the employees, who in 
the seeming hour of the shadow of death proved themselves 
worthy of the splendid traditions of our manhood. 

Facing the main entrance of the Recreation Hall, a Roll of 

Honour consisting of three memorial tablets, made in copper 
and framed in oak, has been placed. On this Roll are inscribed 
the names of four hundred and eleven employees who made the 
supreme sacrifice in the hour of our nation's peril. 

Within the Hall, and situated on the west wall, are to be found 
tablets recording the names of two thousand five hundred and 
eight employees, who also responded to the call of duty and were 
happily spared. 

The Memorial will stand for all time as a record of our pride in 
the men who put all other considerations aside, and came forward 
to fight for Empire, Right and Freedom. 

Those who were fortunate enough to survive the storm and stress 
of battle came through with unshaken faith in the cause for 
which they fought. It is our earnest hope that in raising this Roll 
of Honour we may at once hearten them to live up to those grand 
ideals, and, at the same time, leave a tangible reminder to all of 
the gallant deeds and services which they rendered mankind. 









Abbot, Robt. 
Adams, Charles. 
Adams, Charles. 
Adams, Robert. 
Ahern, Patrick. 
Airth, William. 
Aitken, David. 
Alexander, John. 
Allan, John. 
Allan, Thomas. 
Anderson, George. 
Anderson, James. 
Anderson, William. 
Atkins, J. 
Atkinson, James. 
Bain, James. 
Bain, John. 

Baird, Alexander. 
Banks, Terrance. 
Barclay, Dugald. 
Bartlam, William. 
Baxter, Robert. 
Bennington, George. 
Berry, Edward. 
Black, Alexander 
Black, Daniel. 
Black, Daniel. 
Blackwood, James. 
Blakely, John. 
Bolton Samuel. 
Boyd John. 
Boyle, Arthur. 
Brebner, Peter. 
Brittain, Archibald. 

Brown, Forbes. 
Brown, J. 
Brown, Thomas. 
Bryan, William. 
Bryce, Alexander. 
Bryce, Charles. 
Caldwell, John. 
Caldwell, Robert. 
Cameron, Malcolm. 
Cameron, William. 
Campbell, Alexander. 
Campbell, Neil. 
Campbell, Peter. 
Campbell, Thomas. 
Carberry, Joseph. 
Carr, J. 
Carroll, Frank. 

Carson, W. 
Cattanach, James. 
Cavanagh, Gerald. 
Charity, James. 
Chisholm, William. 
Christie, James. 
Christie John. 
Clague, W. 
Cochrane, Alexander. 
Cochrane, Andrew. 
Collins, George. 
Collins, John. 
Colquhoun, James. 
Conlin, John. 
Connelly, John. 
Connelly, Joseph. 
Convery, Thomas. 

Coulter, W. 
Cowan, Alexander. 
Cowan, Alexander. 
Cowden, Alexander. 
Cowie, Albert. 
Crabb, G 
Craigie, Thomas. 
Crawford, J. 
Crawford, John. 
Crichton. Robert. 
Cullen, John. 
Cunningham, Francis. 
Currie, Michael. 
Curry, Wm. J. 
Cuthbertson, William. 
Dakers, G. 
Dahymple, Mungo. 
Daly, John. 
Daly, Thomas. 
Darroch James. 
Davidson, Albert 
Davil, William. 
Dempsey, James. 
Dickson, John. 
Docherty, George. 
Docherty, John. 

Docherty, Patrick. 
Doig, J. 
Dolan, Robert. 
Donaldson, Allan. 
Douglas, James. 
Downie, George. 
Drummond, Alex. 
Dunn, Alexander. 
Dunn, John. 
Dunn, Thomas. 
Dunn, Thomas. 
Edgar, William. 
Elliot, Joseph. 
Espy, Alexander. 
Evans, Daoiel. 
Ewart, Alexander. 
Ferguson, J. 
Ferguson, James. 
Ferguson, John. 
Ferry, John. 
Fitzpatnck, J. 
Fitzpatrick, J. 
Fleming, William. 
Flynn, Thomas. 
Fogo, Sam. 
Forrest, William. 

Fraser, George. 
Fraser, James. 
Fraser, John. 
Fraser, William. 
Fraser, William. 
Gallagher, James. 
Gardner, H. 
Gemmell, Archibald. 
Gibbons, Joseph. 
Gilchrist, Hugh. 
Gillan, James. 
Gillanders, David. 
Gilmour, Edward. 
Gilmour, T. 
Gilmour, William. 
Glendinning, Alex. 
Goudie, R. 
Gow, William. 
Graham, Robert. 
Graham, Robert. 
Granger, Robert. 
Grant, Alexander. 
Grant, M. 
Gray, Tas. A. 
Gray, Robert. 
Gray, William. 

Green George. 
Grieve, William B. 
Gunn, D. 
Hams, Peter. 
Hamilton, Archibald. 
Hamilton, David. 
Hamilton, William. 
Hannah, Ben. 
Hannah, George. 
Hannah, William 
Harris, Peter. 
Hart, John. 
Hartley, John 
Harvie, John. 
Haxton, Charles. 
Hay, Alexander. 
Heggie, Robt. G. 
Henderson, James 
Henderson, John. 
Henderson, William. 
Henshilwood, Donald. 
Higgins, James. 
Hill, Joseph. 
Hogg, Rennie 
Holborn John. 
Hollister, Charles. 

Hunter, Thomas. 

Laird, J. 

M'Dade, James. 

M'Kay, Thomas L. 

Hunter, William. 

Lamb Win. M'W. 

M'Dade, Robert J. 

M'Kee, James. 

Irvine, Hugh. 

Latimer, William. 

M'Dermid, James. 

M'Kellar, Archibald. 

Jack, Robert. 

Laughlin, J. 

M'Dougall John. 

M'Kellar, George. 

Jack, Thomas. 

Laverty, John. 

M'Ehvee, John. 

M'Kendrick, James 

Jardine, Daniel. 

Law, Andrew. 

M'Fadden, James. 

M'Kendrick, James. 

Jardine, Peter. 

Lee, Thomas. 

M'Fadden, Matthew. 

M'Kenna, Hugh. 

Jeffrey A. 

Leitch, Andrew 

M'Farlane. Andrew. 

M'Kenzie Robert. 

Johnston, David. 

Leitch, John. 

M'Farlanc, Lachlan. 

M'Kim, James. 

Johnston, Hugh. 

Leitch, Thomas. 

M'Farlane, William. 

M'Kinlay, John. 

Johnston, James. 

Lewis, Norman E. 

M'Geachy, George. 

M'Kinlay, Robert. 

Johnstone, William. 

Lightbody, Daniel 

M'Geoff, John. 

M'Kinnon, Robert. 

Joiner, James. 

Livingstone, A.lex. 

M'Gill, Charles. 

M' Lachlan, Daniel. 

Jordon, Alfred. 

Lockhart, A. 

M'Glynn, John. 

M'Lachlan, George. 

Jordon, William. 

Luke, John. 

M'Gregor, John. 

M' Lachlan, John. 

Keenan, Francis. 

Lynch, James. 

M'Guire, David. 

M'Laren, Alexander 

Kelly, James. 

M'Adani, R. 

M'Guire, Patrick. 

M'Lean, Charles. 

Kelly, Robert. 

M' Arthur, Robert. 

M'llroy, James. 

M'Lean, J. 

Kelpie, John. 

M'Ausland, William. 

M'lntosh. Andrew. 

M'Lellan, Walter. 

Kemp. J. 

M'Callum, William. 

M'Intosh, Duncan. 

M'Leod, James. 

Kilmartin, Michael. 

M'Cormack, Archd. 

M'Intyre, Alex. 

M'Lcod John. 

Kinioch, William. 

M'Craa. Alexander. 

M'Intyre, George. 

M'Leod, Murdo. 

Kinnear, Andrew. 

M'Crorie, John. 

M'Intyre, James. 

M'Leod, Sinclair. 

Kitchen, William. 

M'Cue, James. 

M'Intyre, James. 

M'Luckey, Charles. 

Knox, George. 

M'Culloch, Robert. 

M'Intyre, John. 

M'Luskey, Charles. 

Lain, Michael. 

M'Cutcheon, John. 

M'Kay, Robert. 

M'Mahon, William 


M' Master, George. 
M'Millan, Hugh. 
M'Millan, James. 
M'Millan, James. 
M'Murrich, Alexander. 
M'Neil, John. 
M'Xeish, James. 
M'Niven, Archibald. 
M'Pherson, Joseph. 
M'Phee, Archibald. 
M'Rae, Alexander. 
M' Robert, Alexander. 
M'Swan, Roderick. 
M'Taggart, Samuel. 
M'Whinney, Maxwell. 
M' Whirr, Thomas. 
Mailer, Andrew. 
Maitland, James. 
Mallany, James D. 
Malone, John. 
Manson, John. 
Marr, Merlyn. 
Marshal, James. 
Martin, John W. 
Masterton, James. 
Mechan, Francis. 

Meechan, George. 
Miller. Findlay. 
Miller, Harry. 
Miller, James. 
Miller, Robert. 
Mitchell, James. 
Mitchell, Robert. 
Moir, A. 

Morrison, James. 
Morrison, Robert. 
Moy, James. 
Murdoch, James. 
Murphy, Thomas. 
Murray. David. 
Murray, Gordon. 
Murray, James. 
Xaismith, Andrew. 
Neave, William. 
Newman, Albert. 
Niven, David. 
O'Hare, James. 
O'Ronrke, James. 
Orr, William. 
Paterson, A. 
Paterson, Andrew. 
Paterson, H. 

Paterson, William. 
Patrick, Thomas. 
Patterson, Alexander. 
Paul, George. 
Peel, Robert. 
Philip, John. 
Philson, Alexander. 
Philson, John. 
Philson, John. 
Phimister, James. 
Ponton, James. 
Proctor, John. 
Purcell, William. 
Queen, John. 
Quigley, James. 
Rae, Alexander. 
Rafferty John. 
Ramsay, David. 
Rannochan, James. 
Redpath, Samuel. 
Rennie, Hiram. 
Richmond, Thomas. 
Robertson, Donald. 
Robertson, James 
Russel, William.. 
Russell, William. 

Ryan, Thomas. 
Sadler, Robert W. 
Sands, Daniel. 
Scott, J. 
Scott, Robert. 
Scott, William. 
Selkirk, John A. 
Sewell, George. 
Sexton, Michael. 
Shaw, D. 
Shaw, James. 
Shaw, James. 
Shaw, John. 
Shea, Robert. 
Sheriff, John. 
Shields, Duncan. 
Shields, James. 
Sime, William. 
Simpson, Duncan. 
Sinclair, Dugald. 
Skelton, John. 
Sleith, William. 
Sloan, Bryce. 
Smith, A. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, Philip 


Snowden, Robert. 

Syme, Lawrence. 

Torrance, David. 

Wilson, Andrew. 

Speirs, J. 

Tassie, George B 

Turner, Andrew. 

Wilson, David. 

Speirs, Walter. 

Taylor, Harold 

Turner, David. 

Wilson, Hugh. 

Stevenson, Daniel 

Taylor. John. 

Turner, Francis. 

Wilson, Quentin. 

Stevenson, John. 

Taylor, John. 

Walker, Robert. 

Wilson, William. 

Stevenson, Peter. 

Teirney, Joseph. 

Walker, Thomas. 

Winning, Andrew- 

Stewart, Joseph. 

Temple, Daniel. 

Walker, William. 

Wood, William. 

Stirrat, James. 

Temple, Thomas. 

Walls, Joseph. 

Wright, Edward. 

Stoddart, George. 

Thompson, William. 

Ward, James. 

Wylie, John. 

Sommerville, Alexander. 

Thomson, Alexander. 

Watson, Alexander. 

Wyllie, George C. 

Summers Jeffrey. 

Thomson, D. 

Wheelan, Christopher. 

Yates, Ballantyne. 

Swan, John. 

Thomson John. 

White, James. 

Young, John. 

Sweeney, H. 

Thomson, Robert. 

White, John. 

Younger, A. 

Sweeney, William. 

Thomson, Robert. 

Willison, Alexander. 







* 1Q1R% 

te 1 









Abbot, John. 

Aird, James. 

Allan, David. 

Anderson, David. 

Abercrombie, Neil 

Aird, John. 

Allan, George. 

Anderson, George. 

Abercrombie, Ralph. 

Aird, Robert. 

Allan, Hugh. 

Anderson, George. 

Abernethy, Matthew. 

Aird, William 

Allan, Robert. 

Anderson, James. 

Adam, James. 

Aitken, Alexander. 

Allan, Robert. 

Anderson. Robert. 

Adam, John. 

Aitken, J. 

Allan, Thomas. 

Anderson, Robert. 

Adam. Robert. 

Aitken, Malcolm. 

Allan, William.. 

Anderson. William. 

Adams, Andrew. 

Aitken, Robert. 

Allan, William. 

Andrew, Francis. 

Adams, Duncan. 

Aitken, Thomas. 

Allan. William. 

Andrew, John. 

Adams William 

Aitken, William. 

Allen. J. 

Andrews, David. 

Adamson, Alexander. 

Alexander, Alex. 

Allen, James. 

Annesley, Charles. 

Adamson, John. 

Alexander, John. 

Allison, George. 

Arbuckle, Robert. 

Adamson, John. 

Alexander John. 

Alston, Thomas. 

Archibald, J. 

Agnew, John. 

Alexander, Robert. 

Anderson, Alexander. 

Archibald, John. 

Ahern. John. 

Alexander, W. 

Anderson, Andrew. 

Archibald, John. 

Aird, Daniel. 

Allan, Alexander. 

Anderson, Andrew. 

Armstrong, James. 

Aird, George. 

Allan, Campbell. 

Anderson, D. 

Armstrong, James. 


Armstrong, John. 

Ball, Edward. 

Beggs, William. 

Black, Angus. 

Armstrong, John. 

Ballantyne, James. 

Beggs, William. 

Black, David. 

Armstrong, Matthew. 

Balmer, G. 

Bell, James. 

Black, George. 

Armstrong, W. 

Balmer, R. 

Bell, John. 

Black, George. 

Arnold, J. K. 

Banks, Christopher. 

Bell, John. 

Black, J. 

Arnold, R. 

Banks, John. 

Bell, John. 

Black, James A. 

Arthur, James. 

Barbour, John. 

Bell, John. 

Black, John. 

Arthur, Thomas. 

Barclay, William. 

Bell, Thomas. 

Black, John. 

Atkinson, J. 

Barlow, Peter. 

Bell, Thomas. 

Black, Patrick. 

Atkinson, Thomas. 

Barnett, Robert. 

Bell, Thomas K. 

Black, Peter. 

Auchencloss, John. 

Barr, Dugald. 

Bell, William. 

Black, Robert. 

Auld, James. 

Barr, Thomas. 

Belshaw, John. 

Black, William. 

Bagguley, John. 

Bathgate, Alexander. 

Belshaw, John. 

Black, William J. 

Bailey, Alexander. 

Battison, George. 

Belshaw, William. 

Blackadder, Charles. 

Bailey, J. 

Baxter, James. 

Bennet, Henry. 

Blackburn, John. 

Baillie, James. 

Baxter, William. 

Bennet, James. 

Blackburn, Peter. 

Baillie, Robert. 

Baxter, William. 

Bennoch, Archibald. 

Blackwood, Aaron. 

Bain, John. 

Beaton, Alexander. 

Benson, James. 

Blaikie, William. 

Bain, John. 

Beaton, Donald. 

Berrie, Herbert. 

Blain, James. 

Bain, Peter. 

Beaton, William. 

Bethune, Robert. 

Blake, James. 

Bain, Tom. 

Beattie, Christopher. 

Betty, William. 

Blakely, David. 

Baird, John. 

Beattie, David. 

Beveridge, William. 

Bleakley, Charles. 

Baker, Thomas. 

Beattie, W. 

Binnie, John. 

Bloomer, Hugh. 

Bald, Charles. 

Beattie, William. 

Birkby, Andrew. 

Blyth, Robert. 

Bald, Joseph 

Beggs, Charles. 

Birkens, William. 

Boag, William. 

Balfour, John. 

Beggs, John. 

Bisset, Robert. 

Bolton, Matthew. 


Bolton, Robert. 

Breen, Charles. 

Brown, T. 

Bulloch, Alexander. 

Bolton, William. 

Bremner, John. 

Brown, Thomas. 

Bulloch, Robert. 

Bonnar, P. 

Brennan, Robert. 

Brown, Thomas. 

Bunnton, William. 

Borland, James. 

Brennan, T. 

Brown, Thomas. 

Burgess, Alexander. 

Borthwick, James. 

Brisbane, Thomas. 

Brown, William. 

Burgess, Hugh M'F. 

Bowie, Alexander. 

Brodie, Alexander. 

Brown, William. 

Burke, Edward. 

Bowie, George. 

Brodie, James. 

Brown, William P. 

Burnett, David. 

Bowie, T. 

Brodie, Thomas. 

Brownlie, Alexander. 

Burnett, James. 

Bowie, William. 

Broom, Richard. 

Brownlie, Archibald. 

Burnett, Matthew. 

Bowman, Robert. 

Brotherhood, Thomas 

Brownlie, Robert. 

Burns, F. 

Boyd, James. 

Brown, A. 

Bruce, Alexander. 

Burns, James. 

Boyd, Robert. 

Brown, Allan. 

Bruce, Daniel. 

Burns, Peter. 

Boyd, Thomas. 

Brown, Archibald. 

Bruce, George. 

Burns, Robert. 

Boyd, Walter. 

Brown, Alexander. 

Bruce, George. 

Burns, Thomas. 

Boyd, Walter. 

Brown, D. 

Bryan, Thomas. 

Burns, William. 

Boyle, John. 

Brown, David C. 

Bryce, John. 

Burnside, Alexander. 

Boyle, John B. 

Brown, George. 

Bryce, Robert. 

Burr, James. 

Boyle, William. 

Brown, J. 

Bryle, J. 

Burrell, Henry. 

Boyles, John. 

Brown, J. 

Bryson, Alexander. 

Burrows, Archibald. 

Brackenridge, J. 

Brown, James. 

Buchanan, Archibald. 

Butchart, Edwin. 

Bradley, Charles. 

Brown, John. 

Buchanan, D. 

Butler, William. 

Brady, Edward. 

Brown, John. 

Buchanan, Edwin. 

Byars, David. 

Brady, Thomas. 

Brown, John. 

Buchanan, James. 

Byars, James. 

Brae, Daniel. 

Brown, John. 

Buchanan, John. 

Cairney, George. 

Brannigan, Charles. 

Brown, Joseph. 

Buchanan, Walter. 

Cairns, D. 

Brebner, G. 

Brown, Matthew. 

Buchanan, William. 

Cairns, James. 


Cairns, John. 

Cameron, Murdoch. 

Campbell, James. 

Carrick, John. 

Calder, Alexander. 

Cameron, Peter. 

Campbell, James B. 

Carrol, William. 

Calder, J. 

Cameron, Peter. 

Campbell, James J. 

Carroll, J. 

Calder, Peter. 

Cameron, Robert I. 

Campbell, John. 

Carroll, Peter. 

Caldwell, David. 

Cameron, Thomas. 

Campbell, John. 

Carruthers, John. 

Caldwell, Hugh. 

Cameron, William. 

Campbell, John. 

Carson, Alexander. 

Caldwell, John. 

Cameron, William. 

Campbell, John. 

Carson, Patrick. 

Caldwell, Robert. 

Cameron, William. 

Campbell, John. 

Cartledge, John. 

Caldwell, Robert. ■ 

Campbell, Alexander. 

Campbell, John. 

Carton, Alexander. 

Caldwell, William. 

Campbell, Alfred. 

Campbell, Joseph. 

Cassells, John. 

Callaghan, Alexander. 

Campbell, Andrew. 

Campbell, Joseph. 

Cassels, Peter. 

Callaghan, James. 

Campbell, Angus. 

Campbell, Murdoch. 

Cassidy, Charles. 

Callaghan, James. 

Campbell, Archibald. 

Campbell, Oswald. 

Cassidy, James L. 

Callander, James. 

Campbell, Archibald. 

Campbell, Robert. 

Cassidy, Patrick. 

Callender, Charles. 

Campbell, Archibald. 

Campbell, Robert. 

Cassidy, Patrick. 

Cameron, Alexander. 

Campbell, Arthur. 

Campbell, William. 

Chalmers, James. 

Cameron, Alexander. 

Campbell, B. 

Campbell, William. 

Chalmers, John. 

Cameron, A. J. 

Campbell, David. 

Campbell, William. 

Chalmers, Matthew. 

Cameron, D. 

Campbell, Don. 

Canning, Alexander. 

Chapman, Jack. 

Cameron, Donald. 

Campbell, Donald. 

Canning, Neil. 

Chasty, Edward. 

Cameron, George. 

Campbell, George. 

Carmichael, James. 

Cherrie, Thomas. 

Cameron, James. 

Campbell, G. R. 

Carmichael, Neil. 

Childs, Henry. 

Cameron, John. 

Campbell, Hugh. 

Carolin, James. 

Chisholm, Robert. 

Cameron, John. 

Campbell, James. 

Carr, J. 

Christie, Archibald . 

Cameron, John E. 

Campbell, James. 

Carr, Patrick. 

Christie, Peter. 

Cameron, John R. 

Campbell, James. 

Carr, Patrick. 

Clark, David. 


Clark, G. 

Cockburn, Andrew. 

Cordial, James. 

Craig, John. 

Clark, Henry. 

Colman, Smythe. 

Cordner, James. 

Craigie, John. 

Clark, Henry. 

Collier, William. 

Corrigan, Michael. 

Crain, Alexander. 

Clark, Hugh. 

Collins, James. 

Corrigan, Patrick. 

Craken, Hugh. 

Clark, John. 

Collins, James. 

Costello, L. 

Cramb, Robert. 

Clark, Martin. 

Colquhoun, Alexander. 

Costello, Robert. 

Crawford, A. 

Clark, Robert. 

Colquhoun, James P. 

Costigane, Peter. 

Crawford, A. 

Clark, Thomas. 

Combe, Robert. 

Cotterhill, Fred. 

Crawford, Byron. 

Clark, Thomas. 

Conally, Robert. 

Cotton, Arthur. 

Crawford, George. 

Clark, Thomas. 

Conley, John. 

Coulter, Robert. 

Crawford, James. 

Clark, Thomas. 

Conlin, John. 

Coulter, William. 

Crawford, Robert. 

Clark, William. 

Connar, Pat. 

Couper, Charles. 

Crawford, R. P. 

Clark, William. 

Connar, Thomas. 

Couperthwaite, Robt. 

Crawford, William. 

Clason, Peter. 

Connor, George. 

Cousland, John. 

Crawley, Thomas. 

Cleare, James. 

Connolly, Patrick. 

Coutts, James. 

Cregan, Patrick. 

Cleare, James. 

Coobrough, Robert. 

Cowan, Alexander. 

Crichton, Alexander. 

Clearie, Edward. 

Coogan, Charles. 

Cowan, Edward. 

Crockett, James. 

Cleary, John. 

Cooke, George. 

Cowan, Joseph. 

Crombie, J. 

Clelland, Albert. 

Cooke, James. 

Cox, Thomas. 

Crombie, Peter. 

Clinton, John. 

Copland, James. 

Coyle, P. 

Crosbie, John. 

Clinton, Thomas. 

Cooper, James. 

Crabtree, Alfred. 

Crossan, John. 

Clubb, William. 

Cooper, Thomas. 

Crabtree, Thomas. 

Crossan, William. 

Coagalton, Martin. 

Cooney, James. 

Craig, Alexander. 

Cullen, John. 

Cochrane, Alexander. 

Cooney, Peter. 

Craig, J. 

Cumberland, Thomas. 

Cochrane, James. 

Corbett, David. 

Craig, James. 

Cummin g, James. 

Cochrane, Robert. 

Corbett, Thomas. 

Craig, John. 

Cumming, John. 


Cumming, Robert. 

Davenport, William. 

Delacourt. Peter. 

Dolan John. 

Cunningham, Alex. 

Davidson, David 

Derby, Patrick. 

Dolan, John. 

Cunningham, Eben. 

Davidson Donald 

Devine, Edward. 

Dolan, John. 

Cunningham, Edward. 

Davidson, George. 

Devlin, Edward. 

Dolan, Thomas 

Cunningham, Hugh. 

Davidson, James. 

Devlin, Harry. 

Don, James. 

Cunningham, J. 

Davidson, James. 

Dewar. William. 

Donaghy, James. 

Cunningham, James. 

Davidson, John. 

De Wit, Lambertus. 

Donald, Thomas. 

Cunningham, James. 

Davidson, John A. 

Diamond, John. 

Donaldson, Alexander. 

Cunningham, James G. 

Davidson, William. 

Dick, Andrew. 

Donaldson, James. 

Cunningham, John. 

Davidson, William. 

Dick, Andrew. 

Donaldson, John. 

Cunningham, John. 

Davie, Charles. 

Dick, John C. 

Donaldson, John. 

Cunningham, John L. 

Davie, William. 

Dickie, Robert. 

Donaldson, P. 

Cunningham, Robert. 

Davis, James. 

Dickie, William. 

Donaldson, William. 

Cunningham, Thomas. 

Davis, R. 

Dickie, William. 

Donaldson, William. 

Cunningham, William. 

Dawson, George. 

Dickson, James. 

Donnachie, Charles. 

Curran, John. 

Dawson, William. 

Dickson, Robert A. 

Donnachie, William. 

Currie, Angus. 

Day, John. 

Dillon, Thomas. 

Donnan, John. 

Currie, D. 

Dean, James. 

Dillon, Thomas. 

Donnelly, Frank. 

Currie, Donald. 

Deans, John. 

Dixon, Daniel. 

Donnelly, Peter. 

Currie, John. 

Degning, Harry. 

Docherty, Daniel. 

Donnelly, Thomas. 

Currie, Thomas. 

Dempsey, Thomas. 

Docherty, Edward. 

Donnelly, Thomas. 

Currie, William. 

Dempster, Gilbert. 

Docherty, Joseph. 

Donnelly, William. 

Cuthbertson, Joseph. 

Dempster, Henry. 

Docherty, Joseph. 

Donohoe, John. 

Cuthill, William. 

Denniston, Samuel. 

Docherty, Robert 

Doohan, John. 

Dalgarno, William. 

Denny, George. 

Docherty, William. 

Dougan, John. 

Darroch, John. 

Denoon, David. 

Doharty, James. 

Dougan, Patrick J. 


Douglas, Hugh. 

Dunbar, Alexander. 

Eadie, William. 

Evans, Samuel. 

Douglas, John. 

Dunbar, Dan. 

Easton, James. 

Evans, William. 

Douglas, John. 

Dunbar, James. 

Easton, John. 

Fagan, J. 

Douglas, Robert. 

Dunbar, Robert. 

Eddie, James. 

Fairgrieve, S. 

Dow, Andrew. 

Dunbar, William. 

Eden, John. 

Fairley, James M. 

Dow, D. 

Duncan, Andrew. 

Edgar, Robert W. 

Fairley, John. 

Dow, James. 

Duncan, Archibald. 

Edgley, Fred. 

Falconer, Peter. 

Dow, Walter. 

Duncan, John. 

Edwards, Thomas. 

Fanning, James. 

Dowie, Robert. 

Duncan, John. 

Edwards, Thomas. 

Fanning, Thomas. 

Downs, Charles M'Phail 

Duncan, Robert. 

Elborn, James. 

Fanning, William. 

Doyle, Edward. 

Duncan, Robert. 

Elliot, Hugh. 

Fannon, Patrick. 

Doyle, William. 

Duncan, Thomas. 

Elliot, Hugh. 

Farmer, James. 

Drake, Hugh. 

Duncan, William. 

Elliot, J. 

Farmer, William. 

Drake, William. 

Duncanson, David. 

Elliot. James. 

Farquhar, Walter. 

Drummond, E. 

Duncanson, G. 

Elliot, John. 

Farrell, Frances. 

Drummond, John. 

Dunlop, John. 

Elliot, John. 

Farrell, John. 

Drynan, R. 

Dunlop, John. 

Elliot, Joseph. 

Faulds, Frederick. 

Drysdale, Matthew. 

Dunlop, John. 

Elliot, Peter. 

Faulds, John. 

Drysdale, Thomas. 

Dunlop, Robert. 

Elliot, William. 

Faulds, Matthew. 

Duff, Alexander. 

Dunn, Alexander. 

Emsley, Harry. 

Fee, James. 

Duffin, H. 

Dunn, James. 

English, James. 

Fenton, Robert. 

Duffy, John. 

Dunn, John. 

Ewing, David. 

Ferguson, Alexander. 

Duffy, John. 

Dunn, Robert. 

Ewing, James. 

Ferguson, Alexander. 

Duffy, Thomas. 

Dunnochie, James. 

Ewing, John. 

Ferguson, David. 

Dugan, James. 

Dunstone, J. A. 

Ewing, Logie. 

Ferguson, Fred. 

Dugan, W. 

Dysart, J. 

Evans, Thorns. 

Ferguson, James. 


Ferguson, James. 

Fleming, Thomas. 

Fraser, Donald. 

Galbraith, William. 

Ferguson, John. 

Fletcher, Dawson. 

Fraser, Donald. 

Gallacher, Charles. 

Ferguson, Robert. 

Fletcher, Hugh. 

Fraser, James S. 

Gallacher, D. 

Ferguson, William. 

Fogo, David. 

Fraser, John. 

Gallacher, James. 

Ferguson, William. 

Forbes, Andrew. 

Fraser, Robert. 

Gallacher, John. 

Fergusson, Cornelli. 

Forbes, Peter. 

Fraser, William. 

Gallacher, John. 

Feme, Donald. 

Forbes, Robert. 

Fraser, William. 

Gallan, Alexander. 

Ferrie, John. 

Forbes, William A. 

Fraser, William. 

Gallie, A. 

Ferrier, Henry. 

Forbes, William. 

Fraser, William. 

Galloway, Harold. 

Ferriss, William. 

Foreman, Robert. 

Freebairn, Archibald. 

Gannon, Bernard. 

Findlay, James. 

Former, James. 

Freeburn, Thomas. 

Gardiner, Matthew. 

Findlay, Robert. 

Forrester, John. 

Freeman, James. 

Gardiner, Thomas. 

Findlay, Ralph. 

Forsyth, Daniel. 

Freeman, Robert. 

Gardiner, William. 

Finlay, William. 

Forsyth, David. 

Friock, James. 

Gardner, H. 

Finlayson, Farquhar. 

Forsyth, Robert. 

Fullarton, Andrew. 

Gardner, James. 

Finnie, David. 

Forsyth, Robert A. 

Fullerton, Henry. 

Gardner, Matthew. 

Finnigan, James. 

Forsythe, John. 

Fullerton, James. 

Gardner, Robert. 

Fisackerley, George. 

Fortune, John. 

Fullgar, Harold. 

Gardner, Robert. 

Fisher, Peter. 

Foster, A. 

Fulton, Andrew B. 

Garrity, Henry. 

Fisken, Thomas. 

Fothergill, George. 

Fulton, Harry. 

Garscadden, James. 

Fitzpatrick, Hugh. 

Fowler, William. 

Fulton, Henry. 

Gartley, James. 

Fitzpatrick, Michael. 

Franklin, Henry Thos. 

Fulton, Hugh. 

Gauley, William. 

Flannigan, John. 

Fraser, Alexander. 

Fulton, James. 

Gayne, Thomas. 

Fleming, Archibald. 

Fraser, Alexander. 

Fulton, William. 

Gemmell, Archibald. 

Fleming, C. 

Fraser, Colin. 

Fyfe, David. 

Gemmell, John. 

Fleming, John. 

Fraser, David. 

Galbraith, G. 

Gemmell, William. 


Genie, George. 

Gillan, Patrick. 

Goodman, Thomas. 

Grant, M. 

Gibb, Alexander. 

Gillan, William. 

Gordon, James. 

Gray, David. 

Gibbons, Thomas. 

Gillespie, John. 

Gordon, John. 

Gray, Henry. 

Gibbs, A. 

Gillespie, William. 

Gordon, P. 

Gray, James. 

Gibney, Bernard. 

Gillespie, W. 

Gorham, James. 

Gray, John. 

Gibney, John. 

Gillick, Hugh. 

Gorman, John. 

Greenlees, Walter. 

Gibson, Andrew. 

Gillick, John. 

Gorman, William. 

Greer, Charles. 

Gibson, James. 

Gillis, Alexander. 

Gosland, Allan. 

Grew, William. 

Gibson, James. 

Gillis, Robert. 

Goudie, William. 

Greig, David. 

Gibson, James. 

Gilmour, George. 

Gow, Alexander. 

Greig, James. 

Gibson, John. 

Gilmour, H. 

Graham, Alex. 

Greig, William. 

Gibson, John. 

Gilmour, T. 

Graham, David. 

Gribbon, Henry. 

Gibson, John. 

Gilstan, James. 

Graham, D. 

Gribbon, Hugh. 

Gibson, John. 

Gilston, Robert. 

Graham, James. 

Grierson, Matt. 

Gibson, Oliver. 

Ginn, Charles. 

Graham, John. 

Griffen, John. 

Gibson, Robert. 

Girvan, John. 

Graham, John. 

Groundwater, J. 

Gibson, William. 

Glasgow, John. 

Graham, J. 

Groves, David. 

Gibson, William. 

Glassford, Richard. 

Graham, R. 

Gunn, William. 

Gieston, James. 

Glen, James. 

Graham, Thomas. 

Gunning, James D. 

Gilchrist, David. 

Glennie, John. 

Graham, Thomas 

Guthrie, Hugh. 

Gilchrist, James. 

Glover, John D. 

Graham, William. 

Guthrie, John. 

Gilchrist, John. 

Goggins, Patrick. 

Graney, Law. 

Guy, John. 

Gilchrist, Peter. 

Goldie, James. 

Grant, A. 

Guy, Robert. 

Gilchrist, William. 

Goldie, Peter. 

Grant, Geoige. 

Haddow, George. 

Gilda, T. 

Goodall, John. 

Grant, Hugh. 

Haddow, James. 

Gill an J . 

Goodman, Hugh. 

Grant, James. 

Hain, Andrew. 


Hair, Adam. 
Hair, Adam P. 
Hair, Hugh. 
Hair, James. 
Halford, SamueL 
Hall, J. 
Hall, Thomas. 
Halley, John. 
Halliday, Harry. 
Halliday, John. 
Halliday, J. 
Halliday, William. 
Hamil, Robert. 
Hamilton, Alexander. 
Hamilton, A. 
Hamilton, Charles. 
Hamilton, Charles. 
Hamilton, David. 
Hamilton, David. 
Hamilton, George. 
Hamilton, Hugh. 
Hamilton, James. 
Hamilton, James. 
Hamilton, James. 
Hamilton, John. 
Hamilton, J. 

Hamilton, Matthew. 
Hamilton, Samuel. 
Hancox, Frank. 
Hancox, Frank. 
Hanley, Charles. 
Hanlin, Thomas. 
Hannah, Ben. 
Hannah, John. 
Hannah, John. 
Hannah, Samuel. 
Hannah, Samuel. 
Hannay, Douglas. 
Hannon, J. 
Hare, Andrew. 
Harper, Samuel. 
Harris, George. 
Harris, James. 
Harrison, Joseph. 
Hart, Thomas. 
Harte, George. 
Harton, Denis. 
Harvey, M. 
Hastie, Walter. 
Hastings, C. 
Hatchwell, Alexander. 
Hattrick, Alexander. 

Haugh, James. 
Haveron, T. 
Hay, John. 
Hay, Robert. 
Hay, Robert. 
Hay, Robert. 
Healy, Thomas. 
Healy, William. 
Heath, Arthur. 
Hefan, Charles. 
Heggie, Robert. 
Hemphill, John. 
Henderson, Alexander 
Henderson, Charles. 
Henderson, David. 
Henderson, Donald. 
Henderson, D. 
Henderson, James. 
Henderson, James. 
Henderson, John. 
Henderson, Robert. 
Henderson, Robert. 
Henderson, Robert. 
Henderson, W. 
Hendry, Alexander. 
Hendry, Andrew. 

Hendry, Harry. 
Hendry, James. 
Hendry, John. 
Hendry, John. 
Hendry, Neil. 
Hendry, Patrick. 
Hendry, Robert. 
Henny, George. 
Henry, David. 
Henshilwood, Andrew. 
Hepburn, Alexander. 
Hepburn, Andrew. 
Hepburn, J. 
Hepburn, Robert. 
Hepburn, Stewart. 
Heraty, Richard. 
Heraty, Walter. 
Herbert, John. 
Heron, Philip. 
Herriot, Arthur. 
Heylands, Hercules. 
Hickey, John. 
Higgins, James. 
Higgins, James. 
Higgins, John. 
Hilder, F. 


Hill, George. 

Howard, Edward. 

Hurrell, Robert. 

Irvine, William. 

Hill, George W. 

Howat, John. 

Hutcheson, David. 

Irving, Fergus. 

Hill, James. 

Howey, W. J. 

Hutcheson, James. 

Ivory, Thomas. 

Hodgkinson, William J . 

Howie, Francis. 

Hutchison, Andrew. 

Jack, Alexander. 

Hoey, Robert. 

Howie, William. 

Hutchison, James. 

Jack, Hugh. 

Hogarth, John. 

Hubbick, Alfred. 

Hutchison, John. 

Jack, James. 

Holmes, Alexander. 

Hughes, Arthur. 

Hutchison, Robert. 

Jack, John. 

Holmes, C. 

Hughes, James. 

Hutchison, William. 

Jack, Peter. 

Holmes, John. 

Hughes, James. 

Hutton, Duncan. 

Jackson, Joseph. 

Honeyford, W. 

Hughes, John. 

Hynes, J. H. 

Jackson, Samuel. 

I lood, Douglas. 

Hughes, John. 

Hyslop, Gavin. 

James, Robert. 

Hood, Robert. 

Hughes, William. 

Hyslop, John. 

Jamieson, Daniel. 

Hood, William. 

Hunter, Alexander. 

Hyslop, Robert. 

Jardine, Peter. 

Hopkins, Daniel. 

Hunter, David. 

Inglis, Robert. 

Jar vis, J. 

Hopkirk, Robert. 

Hunter, D. 

Inglis, Thomas. 

Jeffrey, John. 

Hopper, John. 

Hunter, George. 

Innes, Alfred. 

Jeffrey, Robert. 

Horgan, Andrew. 

Hunter, George. 

Innes, Gordon. 

Jenkins, Peter. 

Home, David B. 

Hunter, George. 

Innes, Herbert. 

Jenkins, W. 

Hosie, James. 

Hunter, George A. 

Innes, James. 

Johnston, Adam. 

Hosie, James Nixon. 

Hunter, John. 

Innes, John. 

Johnston, Albert. 

Hosie, John. 

Hunter, J. T. 

Ironside, H. 

Johnston, Frank. 

Hoskins, George. 

Hunter, William. 

Irvine, David H. 

Johnston, George. 

Houston, Adam. 

Hunter, William. 

Irvine, George. 

Johnston, John. 

Houston, James. 

Hunter, William. 

Irvine, James A. 

Johnston, John. 

Houston, William. 

Hunter, William. 

Irvine, John. 

Johnston, Lamont. 

Houston, William. 

Huntly, James. 

Irvine, Robert. 

Johnstone, Alexander. 


Johnstone, Angus. 
Johnstone, David. 
Johnstone, Frank. 
Johnstone, James. 
Johnstone, James. 
Johnstone, James. 
Johnstone, James. 
Johnstone, James. 
Johnstone, James W. 
Johnstone, John. 
Johnstone, John. 
Johnstone, John. 
Johnstone, John. 
Johnstone, Joseph. 
Johnstone, Joseph. 
Johnstone, Thomas. 
Johnstone, William. 
Johnstone, William. 
Jones, Henry. 
Jones, William. 
Jones, William. 
Jordan, James. 
Jordan, Peter. 
Kain, Robert. 
Kane, John. 
Kay, David. 

Kay, James. 
Kay, Robert. 
Kay, William. 
Keady, J. 
Kean, James. 
Keegan, P. 
Keir, John. 
Kellary, Michael. 
Kelly, Denis. 
Kelly, George. 
Kelly, James. 
Kelly, James. 
Kelly, James. 
Kelly, John. 
Kelly, John. 
Kelly, John. 
Kelly, John. 
Kelly, Patrick. 
Kelly, Richard. 
Kelly, William. 
Kelly, William. 
Kemp, Robert. 
Kempen, Edward. 
Kenna, Michael. 
Kennedy, James. 
Kennedy, John. 

Kennedy, John. 
Kennedy, Martin. 
Kennedy, Richard. 
Kennedy, Thomas. 
Kennedy, William. 
Kenny, John. 
Kerr, Andrew. 
Kerr, Edward. 
Kerr, James. 
Kerr, James. 
Kerr, James. 
Kerr, James. 
Kerr, John. 
Kerr, J. 
Kerr, J. 
Kerr, Robert. 
Kerr, Robert. 
Kesley, Andrew. 
Kidd, James. 
Kiddle, Robert. 
Kiernan, Patrick. 
Kilcullen, Daniel. 
Kilgour, Peter. 
Kilpatrick, William. 
Kincaid, William. 
King, Alexander. 

King, John. 
King, Joseph. 
King, William. 
King, William. 
King, W. 
Kinloch, James. 
Kinnon, John. 
Kir by, James. 
Kirk, William. 
Kirker, Alexander. 
Kirkland, Hugh. 
Kirkland, Tom. 
Kirkpatrick, Fred. 
Kirkwood, Archibald. 
Kirkwood, Richard. 
Kivney, J. 
Knox, James. 
Koch, C. 
Koch, James. 
Laidlaw, Thomas. 
Laing, Robert. 
Laird, Robert. 
Lally, John. 
Lamb, William. 
Lamb, William. 
Lambert, John. 


Lambert, William. 
Lambert, William. 
Lamond, Frederick. 
Lamond, John. 
Lamond, Neil. 
Lamont, David. 
Lamont, John. 
Lang, Henry. 
Laurence, James. 
Laurence, John. 
Laverie, Alexander. 
Law, Andrew. 
Law, Robert. 
Law, Thomas. 
Lawrence, James. 
Lawson, John. 
Lawson, Robert. 
Learmonth, G. 
Leckie, James. 
Lee, Andrew. 
Lee, William. 
Lees, Percy. 
Leith, James. 
Lennon, James. 
Lennox, Harry. 
Lennox, Wilson. 

Leslie, James. 
Lewis, Alexander. 
Lewis, John. 
Lewis, John. 
Liddell, Neil. 
Liddell, William. 
Lillie, Andrew. 
Lindsay, George. 
Lindsay, James. 
Lindsay, Thomas. 
Lindsay, William. 
Linton, Harry. 
Lipsett, Patrick. 
Lister, James. 
Little, Archibald. 
Little, Joseph. 
Little, Wilfred. 
Livingstone, George. 
Livingstone, J. 
Livingstone, William. 
Livsey, J. 
Loan, James. 
Lochhead, Alexander. 
Lochhead, Robert. 
Lockhart, Alfred. 
Logan, James. 

Logan, R. 
Lone, Henry. 
Lone, Joseph. 
Long, James. 
Long, James F. 
Longridge, Warnock. 
Loughrey, James. 
Lovatt, Joseph. 
Love, Hugh N. 
Love, James. 
Love, John. 
Love, J. 
Love, Richard. 
Luke, Hugh. 
Luke, William. 
Lumley, John. 
Lunn, Charles. 
Lynch, John. 
Lynch, Michael. 
Lynch, Patrick. 
Lynd, James. 
Lyon, Andrew. 
Lyon, Robert. 
M'Adoo, James. 
M'Allister, Alexander. 
M'Allister, Daniel. 

M'Allister, George. 
M'Allister, John. 
M'Aloon, Patrick. 
M'Ara, James. 
M'Ard, James. 
M' Arthur, Donald. 
M' Arthur, Don.M'D. 
M' Arthur, Neil. 
M'Ateer, Charles. 
M'Aulay, Edward. 
M'Aulay, James. 
M'Aulay, Samuel. 
M'Aulay, S. 
M'Aulay, Thomas. 
M'Aulay, Thomas. 
M'Aulay, William. 
M'Ausland, John. 
M'Auslane, J. B. 
M'Bean, Victor. 
M'Beth, John. 
M'Bride, Charles. 
M' Bride, Daniel. 
M'Bride, John. 
M'Bride, Samuel. 
M'Cabe, Dominic. 
M'Caffrey, William P. 


M'Call, David. 

M'Cormack, John. 

M'Diarmid, Andrew. 

M'Dowall, John. 

M'Call, Robert. 

M'Cormack, Thomas. 

M'Diarmid, Thomas. 

M'Elroy, Peter. 

M'Call, William. 

M'Cormack, T. 

M' Donald, Alexander. 

M'Ewan, Andrew. 

M'Callum, Alexander. 

M'Cormack, William. 

M' Donald, Alexander. 

M'Ewan, David. 

M'Callum, Daniel. 

M'Cormick, M. 

M' Donald, Charles. 

M'Ewan, James. 

M'Callum, Hugh. 

M'Cormick, Stephen. 

M' Donald, Donald. 

M'Ewan, Samuel. 

M'Callum, J. 

M'Creadie, Robert. 

M' Donald, Donald. 

M'Fadden, James. 

M'Callum, Robert. 

M'Crorie, Henry. 

M' Donald, George. 

M'Fadyen, Stephen. 

M'Cam, Benjamin. 

M'Cudden, Daniel. 

M' Donald, George. 

M'Farlane, Alexander. 

M'Cann, James. 

M'Cue, John. 

M' Donald, George. 

M'Farlane, Alexander. 

M'Cann, Patrick. 

M'Culloch, Hans. 

M'Donald, Gilbert. 

M'Farlane, Alexander. 

M'Caskill, John. 

M'Culloch, Harry. 

M' Donald, James. 

M'Farlane, Archibald. 

M'Carroll, E. 

M'Culloch, Hugh. 

M'Donald, James. 

M'Farlane, A. 

M' Clement, William. 

M'Culloch, James. 

M'Donald, John. 

M'Farlane, Daniel. 

M'Cloy, Hugh. 

M'Culloch, James. 

M'Donald, John. 

M'Farlane, G. 

M'Clay, William. 

M'Culloch, John. 

M'Donald, John. 

M'Farlane, James. 

M'Cluckie, Alexander. 

M'Culloch, Robert. 

M'Donald, John. 

M'Farlane, James. 

M'Colgan, Francis. 

M'Culloch, Stewart. 

M'Donald, J. B. 

M'Farlane, James. 

M'Coll, John. 

M'Cully, Thomas. 

M'Donald, Murdo. 

M'Farlane, John. 

M'Coll, Robert. 

M'Cutcheon, J. 

M'Donald, Norman. 

M'Farlane, John. 

M'Comish, Edward. 

M'Dade, Edward. 

M'Donald, N. 

M'Farlane, John. 

M' Cornish, William. 

M'Dade, James. 

M'Donald, Win. L. 

M'Farlane, J. 

M'Connell, David. 

M'Dade, John. 

M'Donald, William. 

M'Farlane, J. 

M'Cool, J. 

M'Dermid, Archibald. 

M'Dougall, Hugh. 

M'Farlane, Neil. 

M'Cormack, George. 

M'Dermott, Hugh. 

M'Dougall, Robert. 

M'Farlane, Robert. 

M'Cormack, George. 

M'Dermott, Michael. 

M'Dowall, James. 

M'Farlane, Robert. 


M'Farlane. Robert. 
M'Farlane, Robert. 
M'Farlane, William. 
M'Farlane, William K. 
M'Garrigle, Robert. 
M'Garvie, Andrew. 
M'Geachy, Wm. Stalker 
M'Geady, Joseph A. 
M'Geeghan, John. 
M'Geehin, John. 
M'Geehin, Peter. 
M'Gettigan, William. 
M'Ghie, Samuel. 
M' Gibbon, Samuel. 
M'Gill, Hugh. 
M'Gill, James. 
M'Gill, John. 
M'Ginn, Richard. 
M'Ginnes, Neil. 
M'Glashan, Donald. 
M'Goff, James. 
M'Goff. John. 
M'Goldrick, John. 
M'Goldrick, Philip. 
M'Gonigle, John. 
M'Gonnell, Edward. 

M' Govern, James. 
M'Govern, Patrick. 
M'Gowan, P. 
M'Gowan, P. 
M'Gowan, W. 
M'Granthin, Walter. 
M'Graw, William. 
M'Gregor, Alexander. 
M'Gregor, Anthony. 
M'Gregor, Archibald. 
M'Gregor, A. 
M'Gregor, Daniel. 
M'Gregor, Donald. 
M'Gregor, Donald. 
M'Gregor, Gregor. 
M'Gregor, James. 
M'Gregor, James. 
M'Gregor, John. 
M'Gregor, John. 
M'Gregor, Joseph. 
M'Gregor, Norman. 
M'Gregor, Peter. 
M'Gregor, Stewart. 
M'Gregor, Thomas. 
M'Guinnes, Michael. 
M'Guinnes, Thomas. 

M'Guire, Charles. 
M'Guire, Edward. 
M'Guire, George. 
M'Guire, George. 
M'Guire, Hector. 
M'Guire, John. 
M'Guire, Joseph. 
M'Guire, Patrick. 
M'Gurgen, James. 
M' Hardy, James. 
M'llroy, Alexander. 
M' II vain, Archibald. 
M'llvanie, Andrew. 
M'llwraith, Robert. 
M'llwraith, William. 
M'Inally, John. 
M' Innes, George. 
M'Innes, James. 
M' Innes, William. 
M'Innes, William. 
M'Intosh, James. 
M'Intosh, John. 
M'Intosh, Robert. 
M'Intosh, William. 
Mackintosh, Alex. 
M'Intyre, Archibald. 

M'lntyre, Archibald. 
M'Intyre, Archibald. 
M'Intyre, George. 
M'Intyre, James. 
M'Intyre, James. 
M'Intyre, Peter. 
M'Intyre, Thomas. 
M'Intyre, William. 
M'lvor, John. 
M'Kay, Allan. 
M'Kay, Aulay. 
M'Kay, Donald. 
Mackay, Duncan. 
M'Kay, James. 
M'Kay, Robert. 
M'Kay, Tom. 
M'Kay, William. 
M'Kay, William. 
M'Kean, Willaini. 
M'Kean, William. 
M'Keand, John. 
M'Kechnie, George. 
M'Kechnie, John. 
M'Kee, James. 
M'Kee, James. 
M'Kell, Archibald. 


M'Kellar, William. 

M'Kinnon, Colin. 

M'Lay, Andrew. 

M'Mahon, John. 

M'Kelvie, Matthew. 

M'Kinnon, Donald. 

M'Lean, James. 

M'Manus, Frank. 

M'Kendrick, Thomas. 

M'Kinnon, Peter. 

M'Lean, James. 

M'Manus, George. 

M'Kenna, David. 

M'Kirdy, Andrew. 

M'Lean, John. 

M'Manus, John. 

M'Kenna, William. 

M'Lachlan, Archibald. 

M'Lean, Joseph. 

M' Master, James. 

M'Kenzie, Allan. 

M'Lachlan, Donald. 

M'Lean, Joseph. 

M'Meel, James. 

M'Kenzie, Charles. 

M'Lachlan, Hugh. 

M'Lean, Laughlan. 

M'Millan, Archibald. 

M'Kenzie, Ewen. 

M'Lachlan, H. 

M'Lean, Norman. 

M'Millan, Edward. 

M'Kenzie, George. 

M'Lachlan, James. 

M'Lean, Robert. 

M'Millan, James. 

M'Kenzie, John. 

M'Lachlan, William. 

M'Lean, Stephen. 

M'Millan, James. 

M'Kenzie, John. 

M'Lafferty, George. 

M'Leary, John. 

M'Millan, James. 

M'Kenzie, John F. 

M'Lafferty, John. 

M'Lellan, Charles. 

M'Millan, John. 

M'Kenzie, J. 

M'Lancy, Robert. 

M'Lellan, William. 

M'Millan, John. 

M'Kenzie, Kenneth. 

M'Laney, William. 

M'Lelland, Alexander. 

M'Millan, John. 

M'Kenzie, Peter. 

M'Laren, David. 

M'Lelland, James. 

M'Millan, John. 

M'Kenzie, Robert. 

M'Laren, George. 

M'Lennan, John. 

M'Millan, Richard. 

M'Kenzie, Thomas 

M'Laren, George. 

M'Lennan, Kenneth. 

M'Millan, William. 

M'Keown, James. 

M'Laren, Joseph. 

M'Lennan, William. 

M'Millan, William. 

M'Kernan, David. 

M'Larty, John. 

M'Leod, Angus. 

M'Murdo, James. 

M'Kernan, John. 

M'Laughlin, Bernard. 

M'Leod, George. 

M'Murray, Michael. 

Mackie, James. 

M'Laughlin, George. 

M'Leod, Hugh. 

M'Nab, William. 

Mackie, Thomas. 

M'Laughlin, Hugh. 

M'Leod, John. 

M'Nair, James. 

M'Killin, William. 

M'Laughlin, James. 

M'Leod, Peter. 

M'Nair, John. 

M'Kimm, Robert. 

M'Laughlin, John. 

M'Leod, William. 

M' Naught, Jacob Brown. 

M'Kinlay, Andrew. 

M'Laughlin, L. 

M'Lorn, G. 

M' Naught, Thomas. 

M'Kinnon, Alexander. 

M'Laughlin, R. 

M'Lure, John. 

M'Nay, Samuel 


M'Neil, Alexander. 

M'Quade, Edwin. 

Manley, Charles. 

Mathieson, Hugh. 

M'Neil, James. 

M'Quade, Robert. 

Manson, Andrew. 

Mathieson, John. 

M'Neil, James. 

M'Quat, Andrew. 

Marley, Hugh. 

Matthews, Richard. 

M'Neil, John. 

M'Quat, Thomas. 

Marnie, Norman. 

Mauchlin, John. 

M'Neill, John. 

M'Quattie, Charles. 

Marshall, Andrew. 

Maxwell, Neil. 

M'Neill, Robert. 

M' Queen, John. 

Marshall, Colin. 

Maxwell, W'illiam. 

M'Neilly, William. 

M' Queen, J. 

Marshall, David. 

Mealyea, Henry. 

M'Nelio, Francis. 

M'Quillan, George. 

Marshall, James. 

Mearns, Archibald. 

M'Nie, John. 

M'Quillan, P. 

Marshall, James. 

Meffen, John. 

M'Nicol, Archibald. 

M' Reynolds, William. 

Marshall, John. 

Meikle, James. 

M'Nicol, Archibald. 

M' Roberts, Samuel. 

Marshall, John. 

Meldrum, Robert. 

M'Nicol, Donald. 

M'Shea, Andrew. 

Marshall, Samuel. 

Meldrum, Thomas. 

M'Nicol, Hugh. 

M'Sorley, John. 

Marshall, Thomas. 

Meldrum, Thomas. 

M'Niven, Angus. 

M'Taggart, Robert. 

Martin, James. 

Mellon, Edward. 

M'Niven, Duncan. 

M'Vey, William. 

Martin, John. 

Mellon, John. 

M'Niven, Duncan. 

M' Whirr, James. 

Martin, John M. 

Melville, William. 

M'Niven, John. 

M' Whirr, J. 

Martin, Joseph. 

Melvin, John. 

M'Phail, Donald. 

M' William, Adam. 

Martin, Peter. 

Mercer, John. 

M'Phee, Donald. 

M'W r illiam, R. 

Martin, Stephen J. 

Merrilees, George. 

M'Pherson, Duncan. 

M' Williams, John. 

Martin, Thomas. 

Merry, Archibald. 

M'Pherson, Duncan. 

Magee, Robert. 

Marvis, Alexander. 

Merry, James. 

M'Pherson, James. 

Mahaffie, William. 

Mason, John. 

Michie, Samuel. 

M'Pherson, J. 

Major, James. 

Massie, Marianus. 

Mill, Philip. 

M'Pherson, Robert. 

Major, W. 

Masterton, William. 

Millaney, Peter. 

M'Pherson, Samuel. 

Malloch, George. 

Matheson, Donald. 

Millar, Alexander. 

M'Pherson, William. 

Malonie, Peter. 

Mathie, Robert. 

Millar, Andrew B. 


Millar, John. 

Mitchell, Hugh. 

Mooney, Pat. 

Mouat, Alexander. 

Millar, Joseph. 

Mitchell, James. 

Mooney, Patrick. 

Moyies, David. 

Miller, Alexander. 

Mitchell, Robert. 

Moore, Albert. 

Muir, A. 

Miller, Arthur A. 

Mochan, Charles. 

Moore, Francis. 

Muir, Edward. 

Miller, A. 

Mochnie, William. 

Moore, Thomas. 

Muir, George. 

Miller, Charles. 

MofEatt, J. 

Moore, William. 

Muir, James. 

Miller, David. 

Mofifatt, William. 

Moran, Patrick. 

Muir, James. 

Miller, David. 

Moir, Alexander. 

Moran, William. 

Muir, John. 

Miller, Donald M. 

Moir, David. 

Morgan, Arthur. 

Muir, William. 

Miller, D. 

Moir, Frank. 

Morgan, George. 

Muirhead, John B. 

Miller, Edwin. 

Moir, W. 

Morgan, Gilbert. 

Muirhead, Robert. 

Miller, James. 

Monaghan, Charles. 

Morris, Arthur. 

Mulholland, John. 

Miller, John. 

Monaghan, D. 

Morrison, Alexander. 

Mulholland, William. 

Miller, John. 

Mongo, Thomas. 

Morrison, Archibald. 

Mulholland, William. 

Miller, Robert. 

Monk, John. 

Morrison, Charles. 

Munro, Alexander. 

Miller, R. 

Montgomerie, David. 

Morrison, Charles. 

Munro, Alexander. 

Miller, T. 

Montgomerie, John. 

Morrison, George. 

Munro, David. 

Milligan, David. 

Montgomery, Andrew. 

Morrison, John. 

Munro, Frank. 

Milliken, John. 

Montgomery, Charles. 

Morrison, Norman. 

Munro, John. 

Milmoe, Charles. 

Montgomery, Charles. 

Morrison, Peter. 

Murdoch, Alex. Inslee. 

Milne, Thomas. 

Montgomery, David. 

Morrison, William. 

Murdoch, John. 

Milne, William. 

Montgomery, David. 

Morrow, William. 

Murdoch, Robert. 

Milroy, P. 

Montgomery, Robert. 

Morton, Andrew. 

Murdoch, Samuel. 

Mirner, Edward. 

Montgomery, Win. G. 

Morton, A. 

Murdoch, Stewart. 

Mitchell, Charles. 

Moodie, D. 

Morton, Gavin. 

Murphy, Charles. 

Mitchell, Daniel. 

Moodie, John. 

Morton, James. 

Murphy, Ernest. 


Murphy, James. 

Neillie, John. 

O'Connor, Hugh. 

Overend, James. 

Murphy, John. 

Neilly, John. 

O'Connor, James. 

Overend, James. 

Murphy, John. 

Neilson, George. 

O'Donnell, Hugh. 

Owens, William. 

Murphy, John. 

Neilson, James. 

O'Donnell, Hugh. 

Owens, Charles. 

Murphy, John. 

Neilson, John P. 

O'Donnell, James. 

Paisley, John. 

Murphy, Thomas. 

Nelson, Samuel. 

O'Donnell, Maurice. 

Park, Henry. 

Murphy, W. 

Nesbit, M'Whirter. 

O'Hare, Michael. 

Park, James. 

Murray, Alexander. 

Nichol, Alexander. 

O'Kane, James. 

Park, J. 

Murray, Archibald. 

Nichol, William. 

O'Lone, John. 

Park, Robert. 

Murray, Andrew. 

Nicholson, Malcolm. 

O'Malley, Michael. 

Park, Thomas. 

Murray, David. 

Nicholson, Matthew. 

O'Malley, Patrick. 

Park, William. 

Murray, Hugh. 

Nicholson, Matthew. 

O'Neill, Francis. 

Parr, J. 

Murray, James. 

Nicholson, Robert. 

O'Neil, Edward. 

Pate, Hugh. 

Murray, James. 

Nicol, John. 

O'Neil, Edward. 

Paterson, Alexander. 

Murray, John. 

Nicol, William. 

O'Neil, Hugh. 

Paterson, Gavin. 

Murray, John. 

Nicolson, Robert. 

Ogilvie, James. 

Paterson, Gavin. 

Murray, John B. 

Nimmo, Alexander. 

Ogilvie, Peter. 

Paterson, George. 

Murray, Patrick. 

Niven, Daniel. 

Oliver, George. 

Paterson, George. 

Murray, Peter. 

Niven, Peter. 

Oliver, Robert. 

Paterson, George. 

Murray, Thomas. 

Nixon, Fred. 

Oliver, Thomas. 

Paterson, James. 

Naismith, Thomas. 

Nixon, James. 

Oliver, William. 

Paterson, John. 

Nairn, Andrew. 

Nixon, James. 

Orme, Robert. 

Paterson, John. 

Nairn, John. 

Nixon, Robert. 

Orr, Robert. 

Paterson, John. 

Neil, Robert. 

Nixon, William. 

Orrell, Thomas. 

Paterson, Robert. 

Neil, Samuel. 

Notman, Robert. 

Osborne, John. 

Paterson, Robert. 

Neil, Thomas. 

O'Brien, John. 

Ovens, David. 

Paterson, Robert. 


Paterson, Robert G. 
Paterson, W. 
Paterson, W. 
Paton, A. 
Paton, H. J. 
Paton, James. 
Paton, Robert. 
Paton, Thomas. 
Patrick, Johnston. 
Pattison, Henry. 
Paul, James. 
Payne, George. 
Peacock, George. 
Peden, Robert. 
Penman, John. 
Penman, John. 
Penman, Robert. 
Perston, William. 
Peterkin, Robert. 
Peters, Frederick. 
Pettigrew, Alexander. 
Phelan, Thomas. 
Philip, Joseph. 
Phillips, Arthur. 
Phillips, Henry. 
Phillips, Robert. 

Phillips Samuel. 
Phillips, William. 
Pierce, Alexander. 
Pinkerton, George. 
Pirie, George. 
Platen, Peter. 
Polland, John. 
Pollock, George. 
Pollock, John. 
Pollock, Robert. 
Pollock, Robert. 
Pollock, Thomas. 
Pope, Charles. 
Porrie, James. 
Porter, William. 
Porteous, Peter. 
Porteous, Peter. 
Porteous, Thomas. 
Porteous Thomas. 
Potts, John. 
Powrie, William. 
Prentice, D. 
Prentice, James. 
Presse, William. 
Preston, David 
Preston, James. 

Preston, John. 
Pritchard, Charles. 
Proctor, David. 
Provan. Alexander. 
Provan, John. 
Quigley, John. 
Quinn, Frank. 
Quinn, James. 
Rae, George. 
Raeburn, James. 
Rain, John. 
Raitt, G. 

Ramsay, Alexander. 
Ramsay. James. 
Ramsay, John. 
Ramsay, W. J. 
Rankin, T. 
Rankin, William. 
Reavey, Alexander. 
Reeves, Robert. 
Reid, Alexander. 
Reid, Alexander. 
Reid Alexander. 
Reid, Alexander. 
Reid, Charles. 
Reid, Crawford. 

Reid David. 
Reid, George. 
Reid, Harry. 
Reid, Hugh. 
Reid, James. 
Reid, James. 
Reid, John. 
Reid, John 
Reid, Peter. 
Reid, Robert. 
Reid, Robert. 
Reid. Robert. 
Reid, Robert. 
Reid, Samuel. 
Reid, William. 
Reid, William. 
Reilly, Frank. 
Reilly, John. 
Reilly, John. 
Reilly, Patrick. 
Renfrew, Findlay 
Rennie, William. 
Renton, George. 
Renton, Richard. 
Renton, Thomas. 
Renwick, Frank. 


Re vie, William. 
Reynolds, Richard 
Rice, James. 
Richmond, Alexander. 
Richmond, David. 
Richmond, James C. 
Riddell, James. 
Riddell, John. 
Riddell, Roderick 
Riddell, Walter. 
Riggs, John Henry. 
Rintoul, John. 
Ritchie, Robert. 
Robb, Colin. 
Robb, Robeit. 
Roberts, Alexander. 
Roberts, Thomas. 
Robertson, Alexander. 
Robertson, Andrew. 
Robertson, David. 
Robertson, Don. 
Robertson, George. 
Robertson, Hugh. 
Robertson, James. 
Robertson, James. 
Robertson, James. 

Robertson, John. 
Robertson, John. 
Robertson, John. 
Robertson, John. 
Robertson, John J. 
Robertson, Peter. 
Robertson, William. 
Robertson, W. 
Robin, Andrew. 
Robins, F. 
Robinson, George. 
Roddy, John. 
Rodger, James. 
Rodgers, James. 
Rodgers, John. 
Rodgers, John. 
Roe, Michael. 
Rogers, Peter. 
Rollo, D. 
Rollo, W. 
Ronald, Archibald. 
Rooney, B. A. 
Ross, Alexander. 
Ross, Allan. 
Ross, Charles. 
Ross, Charles. 

Ross, Colin. 
Ross, James. 
Ross, John. 
Ross, Joseph E. 
Ross, J. 
Ross, William. 
Rough, Robert. 
Rowat, Thomas. 
Rowan, James. 
Rush, Charles. 
Russell, Allan. 
Russell, G. B. 
Russell, John W. 
Russell, John. 
Russell, Lenoard. 
Russell, William. 
Russell, William. 
Rutherford, Robert. 
Ryan, William. 
Salter, William. 
Samuels, David. 
Sanderson, George. 
Sandills, Sydney D. 
Sands, Robert. 
Saunders, John. 
Savage, Hugh. 

Savage, James. 
Sawyer, H. 
Schofield, Alexander. 
Schofield, Sidney M. 
Sconnell, Lawrence. 
Scott, James. 
Scott, John. 
Scott, Peter. 
Scott, Thomas. 
Scott, William. 
Seaward, Henry. 
Sellars, James. 
Sergeant, Thomas. 
Sergeant, Walter. 
Shankland, Robert. 
Shannon, James. 
Shannon, William. 
Sharp, Alexander. 
Sharp, James. 
Sharp, James B. 
Sharp, Robert. 
Sharp, Robert S. 
Shaw, Alexander. 
Shaw, Donald. 
Shaw, Robert. 
Shaw, Thomas. 


Shaw, T. 
Shearer, Edward. 
Shearer, George. 
Shearer, William. 
Sheldon, Thomas. 
Sheppard, James. 
Sheridan, Thomas. 
Sheridan, William. 
Shields, Robert. 
Shields, Rodger. 
Shirlaw, William. 
Short, John. 
Short, Thomas. 
Shreenan, Charles. 
Shuttleton, William 
Sim, John. 
Simpson, Alexander. 
Simpson, Andrew. 
Simpson, Andrew. 
Simpson, Charles. 
Simpson, Peter. 
Simpson, Thomas. 
Simpson, William. 
Simpson, William. 
Sinclair, James. 
Sinclair, Peter. 

Sinclair, Robert. 
Sinclair, William. 
Skinner, Alexander. 
Skinner, George. 
Skinner, George. 
Skinner, John. 
Slater, A. 
Slavin, W. J. 
Sloan, Bryce. 
Sloan, Robert. 
Sloan, Thomas. 
Sloan, William. 
Sloan, William. 
Slowey, Arthur. 
Small, Bruce. 
Smart, James. 
Smart, John. 
Smart, Ritchie M. 
Smith, Alexander. 
Smith, Allan. 
Smith, A. 
Smith, Clement. 
Smith, Daniel. 
Smith, Duncan. 
Smith, George. 
Smith, George. 

Smith, Harry. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, James M. 
Smith, John. 
Smith, John. 
Smith, John M. 
Smith, Robert. 
Smith, Thomas. 
Smith, Thomas. 
Smith, Thomas. 
Smith, William. 
Smith, William. 
Smith, William. 
Smith, William. 
Smith, William. 
Smith, William G. 
Smyth, Charles. 
Smyth, William. 
Sneddon, James. 
Soder, Henry. 
Sommerville, Daniel. 
Speirs, James. 

Spence, Peter. 
Spence, William. 
Spratt, Patrick. 
Springate, C. 
Springate, John. 
Stainton, Samuel. 
Stangee, Thomas. 
Starrs, James. 
Steel, Samuel. 
Steel, William. 
Stein, William. 
Stephen, James. 
Stevenson, Alexander. 
Stevenson, Alfred. 
Stevenson, Henry. 
Stevenson, James. 
Stevenson, John. 
Stevenson, John. 
Stevenson, Thomas. 
Stevenson, T. 
Stevenson, Walter. 
Stevenson, William. 
Stewart, Alexander. 
Stewart, Alfred. 
Stewart, Duncan. 
Stewart, Hugh. 


Stewart, James. 
Stewart, James. 
Stewart, James. 
Stewart, James C. 
Stewart, John. 
Stewart John. 
Stewart, John. 
Stewart, Joseph. 
Stewart, Lyle. 
Stewart, William. 
Stewart William. 
Stewart, William. 
Stewart, William. 
Stimpson, Richard. 
Stirling, Andrew. 
Stobo, James. 
Stoddart, John. 
Storey, William. 
Stower, Thomas. 
Strachan, Robert. 
Straine, D. 
Strang, John. 
Stretch, Andrew. 
Struthers, John. 
Sturrock, George. 
Sulivan, James. 

Summers, Finlay. 
Summers, John. 
Surgenor, Neil. 
Sutherland, Hugh. 
Sutherland, John. 
Swan, James. 
Swan, Peter. 
Sweeney, Andrew. 
Sweeney, Edmund. 
Sweeney, Thomas. 
Sweeney, William. 
Symes, John Roy. 
Tabor, James. 
Tacey, Joseph. 
Taggart, Isaac. 
Taggart, Thomas. 
Tait, Charles. 
Tait, James. 
Tait, James. 
Tait, James. 
Tait, Robeit. 
Taylor, David. 
Taylor, Edward. 
Taylor, Gavin D. 
Taylor, George. 
Taylor, George B. 

Taylor, James. 
Taylor, James. 
Taylor, James. 
Taylor, John. 
Taylor, John. 
Taylor, Peter. 
Taylor, Peter. 
Taylor, Robert. 
Taylor, Robert. 
Taylor, Thomas. 
Taylor, William. 
Taylor, William. 
Telford, William. 
Temple, Thomas. 
Tennant, Thomas. 
Tennant William. 
Terrace, David. 
Terry, Robert. 
Thayne, John. 
Third, John. 
Thompson, James. 
Thompson, Peter. 
Thompson, Robert. 
Thomson, Andrew. 
Thomson, Charles. 
Thomson, David. 

Thomson, George. 
Thomson, George. 
Thomson, George H. 
Thomson, Harry. 
Thomson, Hugh. 
Thomson, James. 
Thomson, James. 
Thomson, James. 
Thomson, John. 
Thomson, John. 
Thomson, John. 
Thomson, John H. 
Thomson, Richard. 
Thomson, Robert. 
Thomson, R. 
Thomson, Samuel. 
Thomson, Thomas. 
Thomson, Thomas. 
Thomson, William. 
Thomson, William. 
Thomson, William. 
Tidd, J 

Tierney, James. 
Timoney, Charles. 
Timoney, John. 
Toal, Patrick. 


Todd, John. 

Urquhart, Thomas. 

Ward, James. 

Weir, Dougal 

Todd, William. 

Urquhart, William. 

Ward, Richard. 

Weir, John. 

Todd, William. 

Valentine, George. 

Ward, Thomas. 

Weir, Robert. 

Tolland, William. 

Vallance, J. 

Wardlaw, Benjamin. 

Weir, William. 

Torrance, J. 

Vallance, Robert. 

Wardrop, A. 

Welsh, Hugh. 

Torrance, J. 

Vance, John. 

Wark, James. 

Welsh, James. 

Tosh, John. 

Vaughan, David. 

Warren, Ronald. 

Welsh, William. 

Townley, John. 

Vogwill, Robert. 

Waterson, John. 

Welsh, William. 

Train, Alexander. 

Waddell, James. 

Watson, Angus. 

West, Charles. 

Train, John. 

Waddell, John. 

Watson, David. 

Westwater, Alexander. 

Trainer, Andrew. 

Waddell, Robert. 

Watson, D. 

Wheelans, James. 

Travers, Andrew. 

Wales, James. 

Watson, George. 

Wheeler, Mark. 

Travers, Thomas. 

Walker, A. 

Watson, John. 

White, John. 

Troughton, Francis. 

Walker, Hugh. 

Watson, John. 

White, Richard. 

Troughton, Frank. 

Walker, James. 

Watson, Robert. 

White, Robert. 

Turnbull, James. 

Walker, John. 

Watson, Robert. 

White, Thomas B. 

Turnbull, James. 

Walker, Robert. 

Watson, R. 

White, William. 

Turnbull, Thomas. 

Walker, R. 

Watson, Thomas B. 

White, William. 

Turner, Alexander. 

Wallace, David. 

Watson, Walter. 

White, William James. 

Turner, Robert. 

Wallace, David. 

Watson, William. 

Whitehall, D. 

Turner, S. 

Walsh, John. 

Watt, Alexander. 

Whitelaw, Archibald. 

Tyrell, Hamilton. 

Walters, William. 

Watt, George. 

Whitelaw, Dugald. 

Tyrell, Michael. 

Wands, Robert. 

Watt, Thomas. 

Whitelaw, James. 

Ure, Adam. 

Wanless, A. 

Webster, Farquhar. 

Whitelaw, Thomas. 

Ure, John. 

Wapshaw, Ebenezer. 

Wegg, John. 

Whitelaw, William. 

Ure, William. 

Ward, George. 

Weir, Alexander. 

Whiteside, Walter. 


Whitler, James E. 
Whitton, Peter. 
Wiggins, William. 
Wilcock, Stanley. 
Wilkie, H. G. 
Wilkie, John. 
Williamson, Alexander. 
Wilson, Alexander. 
Wilson, Alexander. 
Wilson, Hugh. 
Wilson, James. 
Wilson, James. 
Wilson, James. 
Wilson, James. 
Wilson, John. 
Wilson, Kennedy. 
Wilson, Matthew. 

Wilson, Robert. 
Wilson, Robert. 
Wilson, Robert. 
Wilson, Samuel. 
Wilson, Thomas. 
\\ ilson, Thomas. 
Wilson, William. 
Winning, John. 
Winning. William. 
Winter, Henry. 
Winter, Robert. 
Winter, Thomas. 
Winton, Alexander. 
Winton, James. 
Wood, Alexander. 
Wood, William. 
W r ood, W. E. 

Woodrow, Duncan. 
Wright, Albert. 
Wright, Alexander. 
W 7 right, Archibald. 
Wright, Francis. 
Wright, James. 
Wright, James G. 
Wright, John. 
Wright, John. 
Wright, John. 
Wright, John. 
Wright, Robert. 
Wright, Thomas. 
Wright, William. 
Wright, William. 
Wrigley, Joseph. 
Wyllie, George. 

Wyne, Fred. 
Yates, James. 
Yeats, James. 
Yool, David. 
Young, Alan. 
Young, David. 
Young, George. 
Young, John. 
Young, Moses. 
Young, Richard. 
Young, Robert. 
Young, Thomas. 
Young, William. 
Yuill, James. 


rr~~pn HE Singer Recreation Hall, in which are housed the Roll 
of Honour and the Memorial to the fallen, presents a very 
pleasing aspect in which nature combines with the art of 
the builder. The lawn makes an excellent foreground, 
and blends with the Welsh green slates which crown the 
building and the warm tint of the pressed bricks, while the 

Kilpatrick Hills in the background make the setting one on which 

it is a pleasure to rest the eye. 

The main entrance to the building leads into a spacious entrance 

hall, from which rises the stairway leading to the galleries of the grand hall. Here 
the attention is naturally rivetted upon the principal feature, the silent Memorial 
to the fallen. Impressive in its simple dignity it perpetuates the memory of their 


sacrifice, and the mighty deeds of the immediate past are recalled and link us with 
the life of the present. On either side of the entrance hall are cloak rooms and 
reception rooms, while, in addition, there are on each side of the building a number 
of other rooms, including reading rooms, recreation rooms and baths. 

The grand hall is planned on generous lines, being one hundred and eleven feet long 
and sixty eight feet broad, while the seating arrangements designed permit of 
accommodation for upwards of two thousand persons. The roof is an open one, 
intersected by eight dormar lights, while the colour scheme is laid on delicate tints 
of green and white which take the full light values. The floor is laid in maple and 
has been subjected to a special treatment. The stage is fifty feet wide and has been 
designed to meet the most exacting requirements. The proscenium arch, viewed 
from the auditorium, suggests spaciousness, and the stage is fitted with the latest 
appliances for lighting effects and scenery. 

To the east of the buildings an excellent bowling green has been laid down, and 
adjacent to the club house of the bowling green six tennis courts are provided, while 
football and hockey fields are situated in Boquhanran Road. 

In placing this splendidly equipped recreation hall, with its surrounding first-class 
sports' fields extending to over fifteen acres, at the disposal of their workers, the 
management of the Company desire to give ample opportunities and facilities for 
exercise, recreation and rest, recognising that these, with the development of the 
social virtues, form the basis of all progress.