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^<5, Tunira, s. border, margin, bank of a river. 

pi. c5i t'lvuru. 
^^, Ishta, a. wished, desired; s. worship, reverence; 

oblation; good fortune; that which happens. 
(^iSi6<^Qo, Ishtalcaranmvd, v. to cause to hap- 
pen; to complete, accomplish, fulfil. 
<5aOo532a), Ishtagandha, s. (r^f^ and coacD smell) 

fragrant odour, fragrance, scent of perfumes. 
oaQ ?03CS5c5, Ishta-vipdlaya, s. (o^ and c33-255ca 

reward) good luck, good fortune; reward of 

o^(5>Q^5d83, Ishtaivenaiod, v. to be accomplished. 
oaSa^^ac), Ishtdm'shta, s. (<5?3Q I'sJita and ^e6t2) 

anishta bad luck) merit and 'demerit, good and 

bad fortune, gain and loss. 
igsOa^, Ishtdrtha, s. (<iaQ zsA/a and ^'^ ori/ifl 

profit) good fortune, reward of merit; fortunate 

(^^3(3SS)ocr, Ifthtdlambanaya, s. ('^^ ishta and 

cpC^'S3 alambana thought, mind) pious reflec- 
tions, good thoughts. 
(5>e^5J)Q(3, Isl-abala, s. skull, pi. (pd!'(^ ishahaJ. 
<^tS^6, Ishara, s, head and part of the neck which 

is separated from the body by decapitation. 
<jje^S53S5(5c3, Isl-dLaraya, s. arrack distillery, dis- 
tillery house. 
<^dziesy6-^Q'i, Istaharanawd, v. to bring about, to 

perform: see (^')iSi6<0c,&'i ishtalcaranaivd. 
ed 3^0^383, Istawenmvd, v. to meet with success: 

see 0ac)s^e^^^ ishtaioenawd. 
-^e^^a-vsics, Istrikkaya, s. (Portuguese) 'smoothing 

<5f^(3NS)Jcfg8, Istojtpuwa, s. (Portuguese) outer 

'^"Q IsthuJa, see sa^c sthula. 
<eda8c5, Ispayiya, s. covering for the head, kind 

of hood. 
oe^ODgS, Ispdsuwa, s. opportunity, leisure, 
f e^S), Isba, s. measure of 140 cubits. 


s. ease, repose, sleeping. 

15 e^, Isma, s, juice, sauce. 

ge^S^ 50(5^93, Ismatukaranau'd, v. to patronize, 

to encourage, to show forth prominently, to 

(pc^SeJ, Tsman, a. quick, rapid, expeditious, 
ee^ggaa, lamwhcnn, s. the crown of the head. 
(DC^QtSj;, Iswetiya^ s, ((^30 ifxi head, tS what 

encompasses) turban. 

ge^sod, Isscwa, ad. before, prior, previous, anteced- 

^f^scdei, Issaraha, ad. (otitsd and ff(Si aha side) 
before, in front of, in presence of. 

i^s^ssa, Issd, s. shrimp, prawn. 

fedSQ, Issma, s. act of lifting up; verbal noun 
from |*Ed53S393 usf^anatcd. 

^e^^5S3^5, Isliori, s. dandrufp, scabbed head. 

<5S3, Isa, s. head; bear. 

ossS5e), Isakada, s. turban. 

'g63i5i35odiC33, Isakeyt'ljd, ") , . 

_ ' ' ys. hair on the head, 
(5>e3v^53s3, Isakes, j 

'gesScs, Isatiyn, s. lance used in war. 
9533, /sft, zwf7. Elu form of c?& z'rshyd; a copula- 
tive particle=^ r/rt and. (Inscription at Mihin- 

<?sa3253. Isdna, s. north-east. 
08, /.92', s. jealousy at the prosperity of others, 

envy; shrimps; Siva; a sage. 
985383, Ismawd, v. to sprinkle, to scatter as seed, 

to throw out as water from a pond: pret. <^iStzo 

(^B^6^Q-).y Istrenmvd, v. to spill accidentally: 

pret, (^BSi^ isirund. 
8(^9, Isilima, s. act of bearing up, carrying, 

from (i^gQeaSs iisidanmvd. 
-^SS^sf, Isiwatun, s. Elu form of d-si^Q^sxi 

(388(5c53, Isiiimrayd, s. general name for a saint or 

holy person, a sage. 
(5g, Isu, s. envy. 
9^, Isum, s. covetousness, excessive desire, 

"0^(5, Isura, s. fame, honour, renown; wealth, 

j)rosperity, riches; name of Siva,* pi, <geg5i. t'suini; 

a. chief, excellent, honourable. 
o^(5^sJ, Isurumat, a. having fame, honour, fre- 

nown; being famous. 
<g(^^e3'^5^^^, Isenawd, v. to be sprinkled: pret, -5^2533 

'g(s^e^ <5^<?cs, Ise-radaya, s. head-ache. 
(^S), Iha, s. head, adv. 'here. 
<gK)(53S)eD83, Ihagahanawd, v. to be troubled, to 

knock the head against, to put up with. 
(^saoj, Ihata, a. preceding, foregoing, before men- 
tioned; above. 
os3^, Ihavda, s. eggs of a blue fly producing 

maggots in dead bodies. 
<5S)C, Ihala, prep, above. 


" n , 



o - ^ 








ntler the Batrotta|c of 

Sihil oti4i[]imcnt of dji^ijl an. 




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THE first edition of this work was published in 1830. It proved to be most valuable to 
students of the Sinhalese language. The book has for many years been out of 
print and copies have been obtained only at very high prices. The issue of a new- 
edition has therefore been long felt to be necessary ; but the preparation of it involved 
a great amount of labour and rendered delay unavoidable. The work was begun by 
the Kev. George Baugh but the greater part was executed by the Rev. Robert Tebb. 
After these missionaries left Ceylon the whole has been very carefully revised and no 
pains have been spared to ensure accuracy. As it has been difficult to find time amid 
more pressing claims for this work, it is hoped that the delay which has occurred 
and also any errors and omissions which may be discovered will be regarded leniently. 
It has not been as a labour of love, but as the discharge of what appeared to be a 
public duty in the supply of a long felt want, that the execution has been persevered iu. 

The entire book has had the careful supervision of the eminent Pandit, Bartholomew 
Gnuas^kara Esquire, Mudaliyar, of the Colonial Secretary's Office. At his suggestion 
a number of Pali and Sanskrit words which appeared in the first edition have been 
omitted in this, as they did not in any sense belong to the Sinhalese language. But 
many other words have been added, and the total number of words in this volume 
will, it is believed, be much greater than the number included by Mr. Clough. We are 
much indebted to Mr. Gunasekara for the care and time he has devoted both to the 
revision of the copy and the correction of the proof sheets, and we are sure that those 
who use the book may rely with confidence on the results of his labours. 

Botanical terms were a leading feature of the original edition, as might be expected 
in a dictionary of the language of a people residing in a country enriched with such 
a profuse and diversified vegetation as that of Ceylon. This edition has the advantage 
of appearing subsequently to the publication of the ' Systematic catalogue of the 
flowering plants and ferns indigenous to or growing wild in Ceylon, with the Vernacular 
names and with references to Thwaites's * Enumeratio,' compiled by Henry Triemen 
M. B., F. L. s. Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens Ceylon." In the present work all 
the plants the vernacular names of which are sanctioned by Dr. Trieraen's authority 
are distinguished by the insertion of the natural orders to which they belong. Besides 
these an immense number of other names appeared in the first edition for which the 
Botanical names were taken, it is believed, from Moon's catalogue. Many of such 
names are found only in the medical and other books and are not in common use by the 



people in general. No pains have been spared to identify these; in many instances 
the species and genera have been corrected according to Dr. Triemen's catalogue and 
wherever possible the colloquial names have been added. In some instances a few 
words of description extracted from Mr. Morris's catalogue of P^radeniya Gardens or 
from Roxburgh's Flora Indica (Carey's edition) are added ; and a number of other 
plants chiefly medicinal are included. It is hoped that Botanical authorities will foro-ive 
any inaccuraces they may find in this department. 

The scientific names of birds are taken from the printed *' list of Ceylon Birds 
showing the species represented in the Colombo Museum": those of the "reptile 
fauna" are from the pamphlet of the late Wm. Ferguson Esq. f. l. s. This lamented 
gentleman took a warm interest in our present undertaking and was ever ready to aid 
us with advice as well as with information from his abundant stores of scientific 

Words in other departments of Natural History are represented by the scientific 
names as far as we have been able to discover them. It is to be regretted that the 
descriptions appearing in the valuable works on the natural History of Ceylon 
frequently do not give the vernacular names of the specimens, which thus cannot be 
easily identified by persons not having special knowledge. 

As many words are found only in books and are not used or perhaps understood by 
the people in general, the colloquial forms have in a large number of such cases been 

The above remarks will, we trust, make it evident that much has been done for the 
improvement of dough's Dictionary by removing blemishes and bringing the 
information it affords up to the present level of knowledge. It should however be 
understood that this is not a new Dictionary, but a new edition of an old and approved 
one. We have not altered anything for altering's sake ; and the quaint language and 
<;uriou8 definitions of the original are largely left untouched, while at the same time 
vigilance has been exercised to ensure accuracy throughout. 

We believe that to Europeans learning Sinhalese this book will be indispensable 5 
that Sii^halese students will find in it assistance which they will constantly and 
increasingly value ; and that all public officials and other persons taking an interest in 
Ceylon will deem their libraries to be incomplete without it. 

There is one feature in this edition to which we would call particular attention: namely 
that every Sinhalese word is given in English as well as in native characters. This has 
been done according to the plan adopted by the Government of Ceylon and now 
generally followed. It will, we do not doubt, prove a great help to planters, business 
men and others who, though having transactions with the Sinhalese, have not acquired 
:a knowledge of the Sinhalese characters. As the book contains a large number of 


technical terms as well as all the ordinary colloquial words, such persons will not fail 
to find it a great help in daily life. 

The same fact, viz. that Sinhalese words are printed in English letters, will we believe 
make this work of value to those in other countries (especially India and Europe) who 
take an interest in Indian subjects. The late Professor Childers (to whose Pali 
Dictionary we are under great obligations in the preparation of this edition) says that 
the Sinhalese language is " a rich though as yet almost unexplored philological mine." 
This dictionary will be found to give compendious but complete descriptions of the 
'doctrines, books and usages of Buddhism (now attracting so much attention,) of Hindu 
mythology and oriental literature; while it throws a flood of light on the customs, 
institutions and modes of thought of the natives of Ceylon. 

The printing, will go on without intermission, but considering the limited resources 

of a Mission printing office for an undertaking of this kind and also the time required for 

the careful reading several times of each proof sheet, we cannot promise that the whole 

will be completed very speedily. It is in contemplation to add a list (with derivations 

as of all the important words in the Dictionary) of the more characteristic Siiiihalese 

names of families and of places; but this will largely depend on the wishes of purchasers. 

Wesleyan Mission House, 

Kollupitiya, Colombo, JoHN ScOTT. 

November 1887. 

N. B: The equivalents in Roman letters are given according to the Minute of the Government 
-of Ceylon of August 28, 1866 ; with some additions. 

Initial forms ; * <f a, ^ a; (g i, ^ i; o u, <3) u; ( f eea ri, esaa ri; c<s lu, (?5>j lii;) d e, ^ ^; 
<S^<9ai. S) o; a) 6; 5)1 au [ J <?<> an; <|?8 ah; guttural] f^x e, (soimded like a as in hat) cpx e, the 
same sound lengthened. 

The following are sounded with a as final inherent vowel, and are given separately for the sake 
of convenience in referring to the Dictionary. 

Gutturals: ssi ka, Q kha; s) ga, as gha; ) iia. 
Palatals'. cha, ^ chha; d ja, -3S) jha; < na. 
Cerebrals: ta, & tha; Q da, db dha; ^ na. 
Dentals: ) ta, 6 tha; ^ da, S) dha; d na. 

Labials: C3 pa, 6 pha: ba, 3 bha; ma. 

Semi-vowels: ce ya, <5 ra; q la, Q va or wa. 
Sibilants and aspirate: sa sa, es sha; es sa, sj ha, |a. 
When a consonant is final by being deprived of its inherent vowel the sign ' or "^ (called al) 
is added to it, as J, , unless the consonant is conjoined wnth. another consonant. 

* The vowels to be sounded as in the Italian alphabet: tf &, like a in America. ^ 

t These characters are taken from the Sanskrit alphabet, the first is seldom the second never used. 

X These signs (o and t) are always preceded by vowels. 

The common English t and d. 


The following is a fall table of the consonants as combined with final vowels: 

) ka S53ka 3 ki 9 ki 5 ku g ku [ * 58 kri isw kri C33 klu > k|u] s^s) ke s^J ke ^v kai' 

403 ko sS5J ko (S>s) kau ffijo kaij SS3i ka|i. 
a kha 03 kha 3 khi 3 khi g khu g khii s^Q khe <?>(^^^ khai (3a3 kho S^Qi khau )o khani Qg khah, 
CJga <573ga <6 gi <S gi <5 gu <5 gu 0x5) ge S^csJ ge s^S^cj gai (?<533 go s^S3;J go s^ot gau Oo gan sag gah^ 
f& gha 893 gha ft ghi ghf 9 ghu 9 ghii Svas ghe s^is*k ghai (S^tsa gho >mi ghau ^o ghan mi ghah. 
e ua 3 iia S I'li S I'li Au riu s) fje 5^@ liai <s^ Ac c>i Aau S)o ria^i g; Aah. 
8cha 3cha chi 9 chi ^chu chii s^Sche s^ScW s^(5^^chai s^Socho iSJch6 <5>3)chauachan' 

I chah. 

^ chha e^D chha chhi ^ chhi ^ chhu ^ chhii S^d' chhe S^d' chhai e^d'o chho o^d"") chhau 
efo chhan di chhah" 

d ja aS ja ? ji ? ji ^ ju ^ jii d je S^tS je sv(S>d jai e^j^ jo <s^d3 jo (5>d) jau do jan ds jah. 
^ jha fi)D ]*ha <i^ jhi af5 jhf ^ jhu ^ jhii s\^ jhe sy^ jhai sv^d jho (j^i ihau S3o jhan ^s jhah. 
^5^ iia ^ fia li^ iii i^ ni es^ () nu (is^,)nu <!^^iie <i^<a^fiai <aa,no s^fa^lfiau <aq'>nan <a?8nah. 
8 ta 5 ta 8 ti 3 ti tu Q tu (S^ te (S^Q te s>s^ tai <5^3 to &Q5 to s^") tau Qo tan tah. 
& tha 63 tha S thi S thi s3 thu < thii (S><5 the S><?(S thai (3\<a3 tho S>6t thau io thaiii tSs thah. 
S da 3 da S di 8 di du g du > de (3^^ de sn* dai ^3 do J do *=) dau o dan 8 daji, 
& dha ^J dha ^ dhi ^ dhi S dhu ii dhii S^^ dhe (^^S^db dhai (S>dB3 dho s^db') dhau dbo dhan dbs dhaji. 
^ na ^ na esS' ni ^ ni <^ nu ^ nu ^^ ne (^^<dJ ne eS>-3 nai s^'^ no ><^J no e^<jS') nau <jko nan 
^8 nah. 

^^.-C3 ta 33 ta ^ ti ^ ti 49 tu .^ tu S03 te (3nJ te (S\Svo tai (5^03 to 9>G33 to svoi tau C3o tan S)g tah. 
S tha do tha 8 thi 8 thi g thu g thu <S^d the (Snsn^ thai (^^<^D tho s>6t thau 60 thay ^8 thah. 
^ da <^ da ^ di di g du g dii *ij de (S4 de <^^S^ dai <^ do s^ef do ^<J^ dau ^o daiji ^s dah. 
dha S) dha dhi 3 dhi g dhu g dhu * dhe (S^S> dhai (^^J dho S>=3 dhau So dhan 8 dhah.. 
esna 33na i0ni9ni' ^nu -^^nu ^^Dne(5^5n^ s^(5^5nai s^easno ^oJno s>d) nau ^^soonanl ass nah 
C3 pa C33 pa 8 pi 8 pi g pu g pu S^o pe d pe (Sv<sc3 pai 03 po oJpo ot pau co pa^ os pah. 
sS pha 63 pha 8 phi S phi ^ phu ^ phu 6^6 phe (S>s^6 phai (5>63 pho S^^i phau 60 phan ^8 phah. 
ha sba ^bi hi ghu bu s^S)he s^ he ^v bai e>3 bo ^ibo S\@') bau o ban s bah, 
bha ttssbha t6bhi ?Bbhi t^i bhu ^bhu s^aobhe ^s^es>bhai >eo3bho e>ao'o bhau eno bhani eos bhah. 
ma 3 ma mi mi mumu^me ^me ^>mai S3mos^Jm6 \)mau omani smah, 
CO ya C83 ya 8 yi 8 yi g yu g yii s^cs ye S^a5 ye ^^is yai >c03 yo co^ yo s^coi yau cCo yan co8 yah. 
tf ra ^ rd 6 ri S ri c5i ru 6x ru S(5 re S^i5 re ^SNd rai >C3 ro <3\63 ro ^<5<i rau <5o raij ds rah. 
C la C' 1^ @ li ^ li lu. g lu &>Q le ^^ le >^C lai *C3 lo S^C^ lo (3) lau Qo Ian, (38 lah. 

8 va 3 va vi 9 vi g vu g vii > ve G^B ve Si vai >83 vo SJ v6 s^) vau o van 8 vah. 

09 sa (S33 sd ( si (@ si eg su c su >(S3 se S^csJ se s>q9 sai S^C533 so S'Odi so 03) sau sae sa^ sag sah. 
sha ^3 shd S shi @ shi ^ shu ^ shu a she s^* shai 5S3 sho ST shau Ko shan ^8 shah. 

ee sa M3 sa Q si S si g su g su s^e5 se s^e^ se ^^S3 sai s^ec3 so 2sJ so e3T sau eso san ces sah. 

6) ha ao3 ha ?6 hi c9 hi g hu 3 hii S) he ^Kf he ^^es) hai s)3 ho ^loJ ho s^wo hau coo haiji tai hal.i, 

la 3 la g li ^ li 6 lu & lii s^ le s^^ le n> lai 3 }o J jo ^i |au o Ian 8 jah. 
Dotible letters: nga ncha c^nja & nta nda ^ nda ddha S) mba dwa aaxke ssix ke. 

The vowels ffx, e and c^ 6 are represented by the symbols i and -^ respectively as in Oi ^^e and 
ssx Ice. These vowels occur only in pure Si^ihalese words, and are not found in the Pali or Sanskrit. 

The above lists of vowels and consonants with the addition of the vowel sovmds in tSix ke and fi>x 
Tee repeated for each of the consonants, will contain about 550 characters. 

The diacritical mark under "n" denotes half of the nasal sound in the case of purely 
Smhalese words, such a po anga horn, (S5d ganga river, but when attached to Pali words e. g. c 
paucha five ^dQ anjali clasped hands &c., it stands for the full sound. 

* These Sanskrit forms are not repeated for the other consonants. 

lUMm II I l i 


8S5(3 ^0(^8 cp^3(;^^c3. 

I. The first letter in the Alphabet, pronounced 
like a in ichat. But in composition it is subject 
to several modifications: (a) In closed syllables 
the primary sound is generally retained, thus 
(53 (^ gal, stones, but in open syllables a change 
is often met with; thus in co(^(3 galwala, 
of stones, the second syllable has the sound 
of a in syllable, (b) In 5(5-(s^3 Jcaranaivd, 
do, and its participle iS)Q lata, the sound of 
a in 5 is like that of a in the word negative, 
while in OiQ kala, time, ssi has an open sound 
like eocf in C55<^9C' 
II. It inherently follows every consonant, unless 
some other vowel or sign be attached; thus 
<sj5o is bana, but S)32o is bdna, ^(S^'SO is bene, 
<^is bini, '3^Q^'^5D is bona, and Q^ is ban. 
III. In composition it is both a negative and 
privative particle, being substituted for ^o na, 
and becoming <^is5 an, before a vowel, thus 
fioSgg^ katayutu, proper, fpsiOgq^g akatayutu, 
improper; q:i03 anta, end, qp2a3S3 ananta, 
endless; here ^ a and {pien anta form 
Cf-253xa ananta, endless. 

qjo, a^, s, horns; (plural of qfD anga.) 

cpo>, J.;5?i-CT, s. see qpSa a?l-a. 

sfossida, Ankaraya, s. anchor. 

f?o9c3, Ankita, part, see ^S3 a^iyJV/a. 

cfoi^QOa, Anicuttd, s. a small kind of prickly fish; 
lame person, cripple. 

qio5(5, ^^i;M7-cf, s. see qpSfegd ankura. 

spoigc?, Ankusa, s. see ffSbgca atikusa. 

efo^Sii^^, Ankenda, s. name of a plant, 
Acronychia laurifolia (Rutacew), used for med- 
icinal purposes. 

90(53, Anga, s. see ^eDto a^i^a. 

^o<sjS, Angama, s. the power by which sorcerers 

or demon priests are said to command demons; 

spells, incantations, necromancy, pi. ffotsjo ungati, 
^o(53<^, Angana, s. Timonious Jambosella. (Rubiac.) 
q;(53C35(53, Angardga, s. see ff 5Xk!<^k> angardga, 
^o<55^?9, Angavikrati, s. see ffSto5a^ aAga- 

epo353d, J^wgrara, . see cp Stood aAgdra, 
fpocgQOo, Anguttd, a. see fo^933 ankuttd. 
Kodesa ^Qco, Afijanan-eltya, s. the light which a 

sorcerer or demon priest is said to make, see 

^cf^sDo anjanan. 
qfoc53. Ansa, a. part, share, portion; side, (in this 

sense used chiefly of the human body). 
qfcxra^s, Ansaka, part, partner, kinsman or relation, 

coheir; an astronomical number; dowry; indigent 

ffacg, Ansu, s. sun-beam, ray of light, light, 

splendour, effulgence. 
cpocgiS), Ansuka, s. clothes; fine cloth, muslin; a 

linen garment worn round the upper part of the 

CpoCgS)(5, Ansudhara, s. (^ocg light, Qd which 

holds or bears) the sun. 
{foegD(33, Ansumdld, s. (ffocg and 3Q0 garland) 

garland of light, halo. 
qpoog3(3, Ansumdli, s. (cfoeg3(33 and ^?5i in, 

aff.) the sun. 
^ocgo^, Ansujxiti, s. (<?ocsg and o^ chief) 

the sun. 
^oea, Ansa, s. shoulder blade, side of the body; 

sometimes written cfocs ansa, meaning part or 

qpocsii^O, Ansakuta, s. (^oss and gQ peak) a 

bull's hump, the protuberance between the 

shoulders of an Indian ox against which the 

yoke presses when drawing. 



.11, /,\ !,y. 




ffoxoion, Ansabhdga, 3. palsy. 

which oppresses) one of the eighty morbid 

airs; it produces sharp 'pain in the side. 
^, ah, Interj. O!, alas, ah. 
^esJ, Ale, 8. end, termination, summit; the eye; 

mark; dice used in gambling'; name of plant, 

terminalia belerica, (not in common use); 

Bometimes written ffao aga which see, 
cii^tSiSsSo!), Akkandi, a. respectful term for an 

elder sister. 
<^255)trs3'S3, Akkapdna, s, a plant commonly found 

in the low countty, bryophi/llwn cdtycinum, 

epJ^(5cp, Ahhamyn, s. acre; a superficial measure 

containing as much ground as sixteen turunies, 

or two bushels, will sow. 
e^ssi^i, AkM, 8. elder sister; pi. cp-es?45>0(33 

(f^ssio6zS, Akkdran, Is. a disease of infants, 
^J>3(5, Akkdram, j scurf or fur on the tongue, 

epJ3, AMj, ") a. sort of rash or cutaneous 
qp45JjS, Akki, /eruption. 

ff^s!9^5^c^, Akkttta, "la. (e?J point, o?^si 
, Ak-ktnitta, } 

esD, Ak-kinitta, ) stalk) extremity of a 

cluster of fruit or flowers, end of a twig, 

extreme point of a branch. 
q^Je5, Akta, "^ s. a paper signed by some 
fpJ65c3, ^i-toj/a, Vone and giving authority to 
epJs>S), Akte, > another person; warrant of 

appointment to an office. 
ipesJ^S, Akdivi, s. (q^asJ dice, playing) gambler, 

dicer; Sanskrit qp.S3^<^3 akshadevi. 
ffJ(3\<:j(Scs, A'cderii/a, s. straining cloth for 

purifying water. [Colloquial: <c3(5caJ453S)cs 

^5ocg:JL, Akpaturu, s. a tree, terminalia belerica, 

the fruit of which is used in medicine. [Golloq. 

a built.'] 

cfJS)cJl, Akbambaru, a. (ppOT aga, end, Q^Sl 
twisted, curled) curly (used of hair). [CoUoq. 
^9 vakutu."] 

ffdizioQ, Aktndwa, s. liver. 

fp.e55i;i(^C> Akmella, s. a medicinal plant. ;S'^m7- 
anthes acmella. (Compositce.) 

{ped|)(^, Akmul, a. (^esJ end, (^ beginning) root 
and top, the whole; the beginning and end: 
compare English phrase " root and branch." 

^^Sd '2S3t^, Ahmdneti, a. same as above neg- 
atively, without beginning or end; wearisome, 

cf^aOOo, Akrapattd, s. a kind of medicinal bark. 

<?^oDS;, Akrdnta, a. (cp neg. )o)?5D passed) 
not passed, unsurpassed. 

ep}j<5, Akrura, a. (fp and -^^^(5 cruel) gentle, 
not cruel. 

ef<5^^Ta), AkrSdha, a. (cf and s^^JS anger) not 
angry, dispassionate, not malicious, calm, even- 
tempered. 8. restraint of anger, one of the ten 

^ duties of an ascetic. 

fp-'SS. Aksha, s. a die for gambling; contest, 
lawsuit, legal proceedings; an organ of sense, 
the eye ; wheel of a carriage ; a tree bearing a 
medicinal fruit, terminalia belerica; a kind of 

i seed or small nut, elceocarpus, used by Hindus 
for rosaries, in which sense it chiefly occurs in 

: composition; a weight of sixteen MAsha seeds. 

?p33^, Akshadhurta, s. ((f^3 die, g^ rogue) 

(pi3S-<s0o, Akshana, a. ((f neg. ^^ moment) 

(i^s, Akshama, a. impatient, intolerant. 

|ff5^3, Akshama, s. (ep neg. J^)3 patience) 

! envy, impatience of another's success. 

q;-J^3Co, Akshamdld, e. (qp<^ kind of seed or 
bead,' 3(53 necklace) rosary, string of beads, 
especially the seeds- of the Elceocarpus used 
by the Hindu mendicants; name of Arundhati 
wife of Vasishtha from her wearing a rosary. 

9^*^06, Akshaya, a. (ff neg. s^cs to waste or 

I decay) durable, permanent, undecaying^ im- 

' perishable. 

fp^'^d, Akshara, s. letter of alphabet; a plant, 
achyranthes aspera, (Amarantacece,) [Colloquial: 

I ss)6(4^i'S) kai-alheba']; eternal blessedness or 

I exemption from further transmigration. a. 

I imperishable. 

]s^^.3s6^Q^, Aksharajivaka, s. ((f^6 and ?> 
who lives) one who gets a livelihood by his 
pen, scribe. 

3^3, Aksharatulikd, s. (-!^5 and <g(^^S3 
a brush) pen. 

^^6Qa)S3ai, Aksharalikhitaya, s. (^^5S<5 and 
(gSa^cfl waiting) writing, 

5'9'Q^oci, Aksharaldpaya, s. (qs'usd and 
SN^^3C3 a cutting off) grammatical term for the 
elision of letters. 



(f^^s6B<i:iXD3s, Aksharavinydsa, s. . (cp^d and 

Seaaoes an assemblage) metre, division of letters 

in verses to show their rhythm &c; alphabet, 

spelling, writing. 
tf3^<5333:agco. Aksharadstraya, s. {(^?^6 letter, 

(533:959 science) science of letters. 
^5^5s5oto33^, Ahsharasa?isthdna, s. (^a'5 and 

esoeeQjSD placing, collecting) formation of 

{fesBOSsn, Akshardgama, s. (^^<5 ajid .<^ 

augment) grammatical term for ,the auginefl.ta- 

tion or insertion of letters, 
{f^'^i^fcs, AksJiarddiya, s. dictionary, corrupt 

form of qS53C5c5 akdrddiya. 
t^C3&<^^^'S&<ji, Aksharddemya, s. (ft^d and' 

{3!9>.^63 substitution) substitution of letters. 
(^^SJSsSS, Akshdnti, s. (fp neg. ;ss)eD5S forbearance) 

envy, impatience of another's success. [Colloq. 

O^^DfSS no-ivas{jna.'\ 
^^, Akshi, s. the eye. [Colloq. ^tsa esa.'] 
"i^^c-g^SJ, ALsIukutaka, s. (^-jS and i^Q ball) 

^^GSDSD, Aksktgata, a. (^4eS and cjsj gone) 

afEecting the eyes, as a disease; hateful. 
.^^(56, Akshigutha, s. (cp2S and (s^d rheum) 

rheum in sore eyes, mucus. 
iy4Ss^(SJiC) Akshigola, s. (cf^M and '^siiQ a ball) 

<;p4S33<5, Akshtdhdra, s. (cp<29 and Q3<5 which 

flows) tears. [Colloq. .^gd ia^Jt^M/tt.] 
^^C3S293, Akshipakshma, s. (^^^ and offi&^^ 

lash) eyelash. [Colloq. ^iSScs fsi/)?_ya.] 
^^caOC, Akshipatala, s. (^-^ and oQc coat) 

cataract in the eye. 
qp4S3\205sd', AkshibhesJiqja, s. (^.sS and svaa^d 

remedy) a tree, gompJiocarpm volubilia; any 

medicament or coUyrium for the eye. 
<]p^<^(3c5, Akshimandalaya, s. (q;<2S and 

Q)-d?cD(3 circumference, disc) eyeball; design 

shewing alphabet classification at one view. 
(f .33 Sid, Akskiruja,\s,(e^'!^ and (S.d to ache) 
cp4Sc3id5, Akshirujd, ) that one of the eighty 

morbid airs which causes weak eyes. 
9^s^(5J, AksJuroma, s. (^4eS and s^<55i) hair) 

qp<s3^2?S, Akshina, s. (cp neg. ^-.s^ decaying) 

imperishable, unfading. 
f;p^(5, Akshi'ra, s. (qp and jeS:5 milk) without 

milk, milkless. 

(fS'^sa'i&<^, Akshauhim, s. (<fa^ aksJia, a carriage, 
Q?)!9<^ uhim, an assemblage) a complete army 

consisting of 109350 foot, 65610 horse, 21870 

chariots ajid 21870 elephants. 
qp-esJsosJ Aksai^, e. letters n,umbering the pages 

of a book, 
cpsles^, Aksanu, s. screen, ciirtain, awning. 
^-esJesdcs, Aksaraya, s. letter of the alphabet; 

corrupt form of qf^^dcs. [Colloq. ^2<5 akura.'] 
fpsJgeJ, Aksun, s, (tfisi end, ^J cut) anything 

having the end cut or pruned; anything rough 

or fierce. 
{f-esJgS), Aksujna, s. wrath, rage. 
ffss, Aka, 8. sign, mark; little, small quantity; 

a weight of 16 rndshas; pain, affliction; a tree, 

asclepias gigantea. 
^^i, Akak, a. little. [Colloq. 8)3 tikak.'] 
qp3o3i,(3\S, Akatatebbe, a. improper, irreligious. 

s. mishap, unintended fault. 
fp5a9g?-5g, AkaiayiUu, a. improper to be done. 
f S33)9, Akatavikata, s. a low word to express 

raillery, nonsense, clownish antics. 
<p455<jcS), AJcanda, incorrectly for _<]pS)<^ a- 

khanda, which see. 
^3<3S?S)3<5-<s?683, Akandakaranawd, see q^Q^^ 

S)d-<^Qo akhandakavanawd. 
f^es:^, Akana, s. lightning; want of rest or leisure; 

qp55>d3Q^, Akanitthd, s. Pali form of the following 

word; highest, sublime. 
cp4S)j3eftS3, Akanishtlid, s. eldest daughter of a 

family; the sublime gods who are to inherit 

Nirvana, a. elder, superior. 
(fsazi, AkajKi, a. improper, unfit, unlawful; cor- 
rectly written ^-2551:3 Akepa. 
^as3^-''3J, Akampya, \ a. (<f neg. ^ssbss shaking) 
9S>C3, Akampa, firm, stable, immovable. 
(p^sSWjc Akampdla, a. unshaken, unmoved; in 

common conversation it is used in a difEerent 

sense, viz. compassionate, sympathetic, distress 

or pain of mind. 
^3S)^3Q(S^Q^Qo, Akampdlaicenawd, v, to be sorry, 

to sympathize. 
{p>Se38, Akampdwa, s. stability; (in common i;se) 

compassion, sympathy. 
q!^S59s), Akampita, part. (<f neg. )6s3 shaken) 

unshaken, unmoved, firm, not agitated. 
cffflSBcOD, Akamjnyd, a. careless^ negligent, in- 
advertent, forgetful. 

L i pj il t 


Cp^i)S)e^, Akambas, a. (<p and )e^ obedient) 
disobedient, unruly, ungovernable, unmanage- 
able. [Colloq. p9)Jl alcJkaru.2 

9S>Si,eJs5, Akametta, s. unwillingness. 

qp4!j)i^, Akameti, I a, unwilling, indisposed, 

qp5ati?9, Ahcmeti, J disinclined. 

<f)i)i?9)a), J./:awff?A:ama, s. unwillingness, 

ffi)3x^g, J.fca?/jefCT/, . not liking, displeased. 

^G)Sivss, Alarkasa, a. (9 neg. 5<S>(ra hard) soft, 
mild, not harsh, not cruel. 

f^GxsSf, Akm-na, a. (^ and ssi4S ear) deaf, 
heedless, inattentive, s. deaf person, one without 

pa)?SS33, Akartauya, a, (<p and >^8 to be 
done) not to be done, improper, impracticable. 
8. unlawful or improper act, gross or indecent 

<?>, Akarma, s. (<;p and 5 an act) actionless, 
inactive; absence of occupation; crime. 

cpj5, Akarmaka, a. without work, inactive, 

cpS5<sS, Akarmanya, a, (ff and ^^5J karman, 
act, cseJ 2"^^' ^^*) ^*^* * ^^ done, improper. 

/eSj<5, A^'ara, s. letter, Nirvana. 

ep^j(5<5^cs, Akaramya, a. (cf and sxJ'O^co fit 
to be done) not to be done, improper, imprac- 
ticable. [Colloq. (3VS33539q-eg nokatayutuJ] 

fp*KK^S3iQs^^, Akaratebbe, a. improper, irreligious, 
s. unforeseen occurrence. 

fc^Jl-a^, Akaruna, a. (ep and ssi:Si-<^ cause) 
causeless, groundless. 

cp)5l-^e), Akarundwa^ s. ( and ^cJi.-fiJoQ kind- 
ness) unkinduess, ungraciousness, severity. 

q!5cJi<^82003, Aharundivanta^ a, (^tf and ^di-s^ 
)XD kind) unkind, ungenerous, unmerciful. 

fS)(^c^(3l3^a^, Akalpalite, 8. premature greyness of 
the hair. 

fp*i5j(^, Akahva, adv, not in proper time or season. 

fp5(3, Akalya, a, (ep and ^jqm well) sick, 

t^KiQtD<^^ Akahjdna. a. ( and 5Go-<a5 pros- 
perous) unlucky, inauspicious. 

cp)c Akala, a. (fp and 455c time) irregular, or 
unusual as time or season, s, premature or 
unseasonable time, 

ep^5)(35, Akala?ika, Is. (<? and ^qo^ blemish) 

p)C^' Akalanka, ) freedom from blemish, im- 
maculate, spotless. 

4 ^^5) 

ep:e), Akalaka, a. ({f and s>c^ dirt) clean, 
pure, free from spots or dirt. 

<f>Q), Akalaha, s. (ep and fiJQK) tumult) peace, 
quietness, calmness. 

{p)e533, Akalamand, s. (ep and >>es33 proper) 
improper deed, unlawful act, unjustifiable proce- 

fp)aS;, Akdma, a. (cp and )d lust) free from 
lust or desire. 

fp03)3 cpS<s^8a, Akdmakd arinawd, v. to hide 
a fault, to make excuse; to connive at, to 
overlook a fault. 

ep5DccS, Akdrya, a. (<p and esioix>% to be done) 
improper to be done. s. improper act. 

f53(5-<S, Akdrana, a. (ep and ^553(5<sS cause) 
non-existence of a cause, causeless, groundless. 

ep>o<5cs, Akdraya, s, letter (f a. 

cp53(^cs, Akdrddtya, s. (<f33(5 aMra, the first 
letter of the alphabet, p ddi, and so forth) from 
the first letter of the alphabet onward, i. e. a 

i^ssioSi<^4S)aio, Akdrunikayd, s. a merciless, cruel 

{fSSi(^E>, Akahva, la. (tf priv. ssiOQ time) out of 

{^53(3> Akdla, J season, unseasonable, prema- 
ture, inauspicious, unfortunate; also, not black, 

ep5D(3S)Sca, Akdlakarmaya, s. (t^G>oQ unseason- 
able, > act or deed) mishap, misfortune, 
untimely event. 

ep)3Ga(go3c5, Akdtapalitaya, s. premature grey- 
ness of hair. 

ff ^aD, Akinchana, a. (cp priv. 98e3 something) 
having nothing, destitute, penurious, poor. 

^?S3aD3, Akinchanatd, s. (the foregoing with 
the nominal affix cJd) state of poverty, 
voluntary povei'ty* 

^<9e5, Akit, s. (<f neg. c35 from Sii& kirti, 
fame) infamy, dispraise, public odium; a sort 
of jasmine, jasminum sambac [Colloquial: 6SQ 
2nchcha^ ; a creeper, borago zeylanica; sometimes 
written in Pali form tp^BoeS aktttt, infamy. 

ccSSc, Akitiya, a. ( and ?S5cs act) unpractical, 
useless, dull; also used in the sense of irreligious 
or heathenish. 

({!S8co)3cS3, Akiriyavddiyd, s. (fp and S;?cs act, 
83c83 who says) one who denies the retribution 
of acts in a future state, a heathen. 

cpiS^TjcJi, Ak/'karu, a. (cp and 9):JL obedient) 
disobedient, selfwilled. 


. -.. .pr;r>~^ 


epSs):Ji^S)>c5^i3, Akikarukamka7'anawd, v. to 
act disobediently. 

{f 4S^:SlS5), Akikarukama, s. disobedience. 

(^iSiss'SiQo, Akikaruwd, s. disobedient person, 

ef 59^JI(5n8-2o83, Akikaj-mcenaivd, v. to be disobe- 
dient, to be rebellious. 

fpiS^^Sco, Akirttta, part, (cp and ^^9^03 said) 
not said, untold, not celebrated. 

qp^^^S, Akirti, s. {(!( reverse, 49^59 fame) 
infamy, disgrace, dispraise, public odium. 

{p^gSD, Akudd, a. (cp neg. ss^oi:) small) not small, 

q:g-<!^, Akuna, s. the electric fluid, lightning; 
thunder bolt, thunder, pi. ^s%4^ akunu. 

|p28.e^cao383, Akunugahanawd, v. to explode as 
the electric fluid, to strike with lightning. 

^415 -^^g(g, Akunuvidult, s. the stream of fire 
caused by the explosion of the electric fluid, 
forked lightning. 

pe2<;^5S3, Akunuhanda, s. the sound caused by 
the explosion of the electric fluid, thunder. 

qpagg-^^. Akiulunu, s. screen, curtain, veil. 

^i5o)3-2g, Akudhdtu, s. (q:^^ collar, Qa-sg relic) 
the collar bone relic of Buddha. 

q;e%033, Akwpya, s. (qp neg. ^07i base metal) 
pure metal, gold, silver, a. improper, unfit. 

<p^i5 Akura, s. letter of the alphabet, flaw, any 
character written or engraved; bud, young 
shoots of leaves; little stone, pi. ffe^<^ akiirii,. 

fp55dS:f Sf^e303, Akurakin vidinaicd, throw 
stones ominously by placing them between the 
fore-fingers of the left and right hand. This 
art is described in the native books as that of a 
certain class of men possessing such a power in 
their fingers that they could project stones in the 
way already mentioned, and by throwing them 
against the leaves and bark of trees could augur 
future events by the appearance of the impres- 
sions made. 

^egcJi SS, Akuru madiuoa, s, (q^^cJl letters, 
8 shed) place where letters are taught; 

(fi^di e, Akuru matidalay s. {^s^d^ letters, 
S(3 plan) scheme exhibiting the alphabet 
at one view according to the classes of the 
letters, gi*oup of lettei-s. 

cfagC) ^kula, s. live hedge, grove, thicket, bush, 
bushy place; withered branch; pi. (f^^ akul. 

^egC^^'j Akulanawd, v. to fold, roll up, twist, 
twine, enwrap. Pret. tfiss^&Qo ekuluwd. 

fp^gg^D, AkuUna, a. {ff neg. s^Q-ssi of a good 
family) mean, low, vile, of low origin or 
race. [Colloq. 293 mcha.'] 

{f-eg^e3c33. AkuUnayd, s. one having no caste, of 
low or base extraction. 

^415, Akuwa, s. collar bone. 

^sgedes, Akussa, s. hook or goad used for 
guiding an elephant when travelling, pi. ^^gg 

cp5geoG> Akusala, s. (q: neg. 5?ss(3 merit) demerit, 

bad-luck or misfortune, applied to persons 

labouring under any particular misfortune 

or deformity, in consequence of misdeeds in 

a former state of existence and considered 

as retributive inflictions, pi. ef^X(^ akusal* 

a. not clever, without merit. 

as\i5)3c^, Akos, I , 

^ {8. abuse, curse. 

^(S\)3e3, Akosa. J 

^<s^3Jcj35, Akopya, a. (cp neg. s>453Jc5& violate) 

inviolate, unaltered; not angry, not irritative. 
ep(3^^^J0C> Akomala, a. (^ and (3^^Jo soft) 

hard, rough, disagreeable, disgusting. 
^3xc3, Akepa, a. (ff and iCio proper) improper, 

unfit, unlawful, used chiefly of religious 

matters or religious offerings. 
^531,^, Ak^mati, see ^5i)x,^ akameti. 
^5ii,sJs3, Akemettat see ^3x6Jo3 akametta. 
cp^ae^, Akrichch'hra, a, (f neg. ^%^ difficult) 

without difficulty, easy, unobstructed; also 

freedom from pain or sorrow. 
{fS59S), Akritya, a. (ep and 5ao3 to be done) 

improper to be done. s. improper act. 
(fSSi^S3, Akrita, a. (ce and 53a> done) undone, 

neglected, incomplete, s. any act unperformed. 
i^ssi^>si<:Si, Akritajna, a. (cp and 4DiiOD(3^ grateful) 

ungrateful. [Colloquial: s>3(3^(2,59 cg-<g3T,.?S 

kelehi gunanettJJ 
ep3as3a^c33, Akritajnayd, s. one insensible of 

anything done for him, ungrateful man. 
(9^^3jcB(3, Akausalya, e. (ep and isv3ic53(3 skill) 

want of skill. * 

epS)-<s!Bpe), Akhanda, a. (<f and S)<flSS) broken) 

all, entire, unbroken, inviolate. 
jf a -(^455(5^03, Akhandctkara^awd, t). (<fa<3S 

and 4J)(5-<ss5Sd to do) not to violate, not to 

break; also to violate, to break; this word ia 

chiefly used in the sense of violating. 


epa^jScQes, Akhandana, $. (ep and a-dSos)^^ break- 
ing) time; unbroken .whole. 

^Qo^, Akhddya, a. (ep 9,nd QoCq to be eaten) 
improper to be eaten. 

{^C> Akhila, , (qj and Sq separated) all, 
entire. [CoUoq. Qcoq siyalu.'] 

^(sf, ^^r, more correctly tfcj o^a, whicli see. 

^csJotCj Aggala, s. (^o agfa, higher, sjc fi'aZa, 
stone) upper millstone; sometimes improperly 
written (f-ssiiSiQ akgala. 

q;edc53(33, Aggala, s. kind of sweetmeat, ball of 
dough made of flour and jaggery, globe-cake. 

qiedcSe^es, aggissa, s. end, extremity, apex, top. 

*^epcd<5s5, Agclat, a. knowijig;the end, discerning the, 
result of things. 

epcd(>^<5c3, Agderaya, s. the eaves of a roof. 

ef^a^; also a Hinduldeity fo ca^ed 
in consequence of his being considered the 
god of fire; he presides over burnt pfferings. 
Agni is also the sovereign bi ;vthe south east 
quarter of the world which after him is called 
,q!(SDj9 (3>5J^ agni kona or cSe6 (^^^^(<go gini 
korta. Name of a plant (5aj'26g(^ ratnitul, 
plumbago zeylanica; fire of the stomach, bile 
or the digestive faculty, appetite. In history 
it is the name of the ir^fa pr.ttQiSecond age of 
the Hindus. 

ep(55o3^S3, Agnikriday 8. {i^<si^ fire, ^ So play) 
illuminations, fireworks. 

'^(S3e5333csi, Agnikdrya, s. (<f(53o3 and .asD&s^ an 
act) maintaining a sacred .fire. 

<^cs>j9)3S^3, Agnikdrikd, s, , (<^P^ and 4Ki35s5?3 
making) that which produces fire, firewood; 
but among the Hindus it is the production of 
sacrificial fire by means of melted butter; 
maintaining a sacrificial fire. 

<y(s^e3>3estS, Agnikdshtha, e. (epcsjQ and ^553s6 
wood) firebrand; agallochum or aloe wood. 

fp<53i53^5cf<^, Agnikona, s. (cp(53i3 and (3^)J\^ 
corner) south east. 

(^(s>6i(S}(a, Agnigarbha, s. (cposjfQ and sjsS womb) 
crystal, sun stone, a fabulous stone supposed 
to contain and impart solar heat. 

Cpcs5i53t3(3, Agnijwdla, s. (c?(K>j9 and cSsq flame) 
flame of fire; plant bearing red blossoms used 
by dyers, grislea tomentosa, [Colloq, q <gs5^ 

(f(S^^(S), Agnidigd, s. (<f 33^3 and ^(Si direction) 
south east. [Colloq. cS^3><S)3<^ ginikona."] 

(f<s^(S^^Q, Agnideva, s. ((JscsjjQ and <s^^Q a god) 
the god of fire; one of the names of the 
pleiades or 3rd lunar mansion, so called in 
consequence of ep(53i53 the god of fire being 
considered the ruling deity of this constellation. 

qp(53e)a35g, Agnidhdtu, s. (cp<Ki3 and S)3^ root, 
source,) bUe. 

ep(53Q33a3, Agnindsa, 1 5. (cfC53e3 and >S33C53 

^<55<QD3e3, ^^'wrnasfl, J destroyer) anything that 
extinguishes fire, fire extinguisher; water. 

q?<K>jflS)(3, Agnibala, s. (q?(5?i9 and S)q power) 
sensation caused by hunger. 

fpc5je3<^, Agnimani, s. (cftK)ir3 and <^ .a jewel 
or gem) crystal; sun stone. 

{^pcjcDSe^, Agnimanda, s. (cpK0 and xs^ defi- 
ciency) scarcity of bile, indigestion. 

^<5?i53Q, Agmmukha, s. (tfsjjQ and Q mouth) 
oblations passed through fire as though it were 
the mouths of the gods; name of plant, (5c5 
^^S ratnitul, plumbago zeylanica. 

ef<s^6^<^, Agnirakshana, s. (cpos^ol and 6^s<f> 
preserving) preservation of sacred fire. 

*fp(S3ifl<^(S, Agndrdsi,^'^3. (^C5?i0 and <^c a coUec- 

epsjiOCoS, Agnirdsi. J tion) a conflagration. 

ef:<siiSiQQ;^m, Agnivallabha, s. ( f<53^. and 8(33 ei 
friend) resin, so called from, its befriending 
fire. [Colloq. 3)c dummtda.'] 

^cs3<53(a, Agnisikha, s. (<fesji3 and SQ crest, 
flame) flame of fire. 

tpcK53c8Q3, Agnisikha, s. flame; a plant, eflcscoc^ 
niyaugald, gloriosa superba. 

cp<yK9o3ea25a), Agniskandha, s. (cpcsxO and eeaoeS) 
multitude) flame, flake .or pillar of fire, , ascend- 
ing flame. 

{fcoc^KioSttJc:, Agnistambhaya^ s, (^ffisn^ and 
eoC33)33c5 pillar) flame arising from a large 

pc5Q(sa3(339, Agnisdldwa, s. (<f <s^53 and (ssoQoQ a 
room) place where water is heated for bathing. 

{^j5f3(S\K)J^, Agnilwtra, s. (epcsji^ and s<K)J^ 
burnt offerings) Hindu custom of keeping 
sacrificial fire constantly burning. 

cfJS)3MQc3, Agnydlaya, s. (epcsJjQ agni, and t^Q<> 
dlaya, asylum) a place vfhQTQ consecrated fire is 

v^ig, Agra, a. chief, principal, first, prior, ex- 
cellent, exalted, best, much, most, fore, front. 
s, end, top, summit, point, upper part, a weight 
equal to one pala, , ... ^^ 

"- " ' "" ""n w w w t m i. '"" !_! ' " 



qp<9eoaca<^, AgraMyana, s. (cpcg and is>oa-<^ year) 

' name of a month, i, e. the eighth of the lunar 
year of the Hindus "when the moon is f uU near 
the head of. Orion, or about November aad 

! December. 

icfcs^JOid, Agrahdra, s. endowment of lands or 
villages conferred on Brahmins; village in- 
habited by Brahmins. 

?>, Aga, s. end, front, extremity, great depth, 
profundity, sorrow, distress, house, rock, stone, 
fear, body, fire, medicine, part, portion, sun, 
snake, cobra capella. a. first, noble, principal, 

cp(53'Soe3, Aganana, s. (ep neg. (Si^^iSi price) 
unfair price,, extra charge. 

ep(53-<s^.23co, Aganamya, a. ( and (5J-<sJSei9c5 to be 
numbered) not to be numbered or reckoned. 

ep-irx^a), Aganita^ ^)ar^ (ep and eo<^at counted) 
not reckoned, not counted. 

^(55^, Agati, s. (<? and 3^ manner) wrong 
course, evil course or state. 

e^c57?9(5??i)>2SD, Agatigamana, s. (epc53?9 and <53? 
journey or passing off) evil course; inauspicious 
event, unfavourable occurrence; there are four 
things that are unfavourable to just and right- 
eous determinations, viz. lust, anger, fear-, 
and ignorance, and should these four or any of 
them be found in a judge, his judicial decrees 
cannot be according to equity; the determina- 
tions of such a judge are called' ^OT^cjSesD. 

q;c3^<5:Bo3, Agatirdhita, a. ({?<55^ and cSjSqd not) 
proper, right, frank, candid, open to conviction, 

<<>!57^3, Agatisi, s. The rishi or sage' commonly 
called Agasti. 

q;c5^, Agada, s. (cp and od^. disease) medicament, 
medicine, drug; a. healthy, free from disease. 

epQ0(S^5S, Agadevi, s. the chief god; Indra. 

cpcneo, AganOfla. excellent, worthy, valuable; 

{$(53^530, Agand, J rare, scarce. 

eps5e^S33S)<3-e3, AganittdbamhaJowa, s. a cor- 
rupt form of q? 535^633 (9^ C3 akanitdbamba- 
loica, (ep priv. tSi^Qa or 5^fl^3 kanisthd, 
small, S) Brahma, (B'C?^ world). In Hindu 
mythology the chief or highest of the material 

Brahma lokas or worlds. 
($(Si^^, Agapati, 1 s. (epo diief, oS lord) 

(fosi^^&a'i, Agapatzyd, (the first minister of state, 

man of great power and authority. 

cp<g3S)3C35Sc83, Agrdfudtyayd, s. (($(Q agra, chief, 

cp3033c53 amdtyayd, a minister) prime minister. 
ep^33co, Agrakdya, s. (if(Q and -55305 body) 

the upper part of the body, a person having a 

handsome figure. 
(^<^d, Agraja, s. (tfcQ first, d who is born) 

first born, elder brother or sister; Brahmin. 
(f<s)d3^s>, Agrajdtaka, s. {ts<Q and c35e3-3> who 

is born) man of high caste, Brahmin; 
^cE)a5?9, Agrajdti, see the last. 
{je)sS's333, Agrajihvd, s. (ff(g end, eS'saSs tongue.) 

tip of the tongue. [Colloq. ^9 kot diva aga."} 
q)@<^^-(!033, Agraddkshinya, s. (<f (^ and <,<5S-<^33 

who is fit to be offered to) venerable person, 

sage, rahat. . 
<f^<^eD, Agraddna, "Vs. (cpc) and ^-2o alms) 
fpej^eocc, Agraddnaya, J excellent alms. 
^^^253, Agradina, g. (^^ and ^2o day) high 

day, great day. 
{f(9v<f, AgradevUi s. (tfcg and ^<^S a god) chief 

of the gods; Indra. 
cpoj^Q, Agranakha, s, (epcg and ssaS) nail) end 

of the nail, very beautiful nail. 
<g333J3, Agrandsikd, s. (ep<9 and ^!^^8)^ the 

nose) end of the nose, a fine lookiag nose. 
q><gg3C3, Agraprdpta, a. (fp<g and gscsoj arrived) 

attained, summit literally or metaphorically. 
*F<9g'?C. Agraptulgala, s. (ff(Q and g^c a 

man) person of eminence, one of the names 

of Buddha. 
ep<gg^(5Ji5o, Agrapurohita, s. {^(Q and g'5M5Jc6a3 

family priest) king's chief Brahmin; prime 

fpc^Ss^jdS^SJas), Agramahe'shikdwa, s. (^^ and 

)$\cs5S^38 queen) empress. 
<f<E53cS, Agramdrga, s. {^<Q and 3c8 path) the 

path or stage which leads to Nirvdna; also good 

ep^cao, Agrayd, s. a chief. 

ep(K<35d, Agrardja, s. (tfcg and did king) emperor. 
fp<geS, Agravi'ihi, s. best paddy or rice. 
ff<)g340c63, Agrasrdvctkayd, s. (e@ and 1^38^55 

pupil) the chief pupil priest who attended 

Buddha during his personal ministry. See 

e>cs)e3 agasat. 
q^s:<5, Agrasara, s. (feeg) and w6 who goes) 

leader, a. going before, preceding. 
cp^Bsesss, Agrasasya, s. (fficg and caK* corn) best 

paddy, best thriving paddy; first fruits. 

tf&B 8 

f!<5>S)4^, Agabamunu, s. (qpo and <s:^ Brah- 
min) chief Brahmin. 
^(SjStoSNescsxo, Agdbhhaseyyd, a. (cp neg. csjSto 

womb, (5^e3coD lying) not liahle to be born again 

in this Avorld, freedom from transmigration. 

s. state of the Rahats; this state is acquired by 

a rigid adherence to the prescribed rules of 

<?(55^es, Agahisava, s. (^F^ and ee9 queen) 

chief wife of a king, empress, pi, ^oe3cJi 

qsoa, Agam, s. religion; grammatical term for the 

augmentation of letters. 
^oo^aSs^e^-soi, Agampadtse'ndwa, s. servants or 

retainers, paid in grain only, who attend to any 

business in the interior of a palace. 
^OT, Agami/a, a. (ff and cjSjs to be gone to) 

not to be visited or approached, difficult of 

acquirement, inaccessible. 
9(530(55, Agamaga, s. (^oo and <S5 way) the way 

to Nirvdna; the supreme path. 
ep(s?i,^cs9, Agametiyd, s. (^asi and t^csD from 

Dggc83 mantriyd, councillor) prime minister, 

chief minister of state. 
ep(55|]c Agamula, s. (-(53 end, (3 root) root and 

top of a tree, beginning and end. 
f<55G^x^5 Agamulaneti, a. (cp(S5 and gc 

beginning, 253r?9 not) without beginning or 

end, irregular, confused; also used in the sense 

of infinite, innumerable. 
qp(S5G '331 S z(^, Agamula nett wel, s. name of 

a creeper, cuscuta rejlexa {Convolvulaceoe). 
<pco(S(3\8, AgameJiesi, s. (f(53 chief, (S^^K)S 

queen) empress, pi. 9(5^(^^s^s^^^5:J agamehesun. 
q!(5Dcc, Agaya, \ . ^i, 1 

<f<c5^, Age, ]' P''^''^' '^''^^' ^^^"^^^ '''*' 
9(53e0 9\cecso, Agarhhasayyd, a. see q;(55S)K:>(S^CG(3) 

^(55(5, Agara, s. beauty. 
(f<si6d, Agaraja, s. {^<si chief, dd king) emperor. 

pi. p(53(5d'(5i agarajawaru. 
(53(^, Agard, s. an unguent for anointing the body. 
(f(S><^. Agaru, s. agallochum or aloe wood. 
9055 cJi, Agaru, a. (tp neg. (53(51 honour) dishonour- 
able, disrespectful, degraded, impudent. 
ef(SidiiSi6-^Qo, Agarukaranawd, v. (9(5>c5t and 

453<5-<s^93 to do) to dishonour, to degrade, to 


9S3(^ep)C,(5, AgakkJdra, 8. tree, adhatoda vasica. 

*F2?dC'S3''> Agallanaiod, v. pret, f(r(:^ei3 agaU 
lewd-^ see qpc53C<?'5^3 agaladamanawd. 

<?(53(3, Again, s. ditch, trench. 

ep(53C^'S393> Agaladamanawd, v, to cut a ditch. 

{f{53CiS)?S3iE^9S, Agalamedahesmma, s. filling 
up a ditch or trench. 

Cj:c53(S, Agalu, s. nonsense. 

epcs^Sd, Agaivrawa, see fjpisvom^ agaivrawa. 

ep(ncJ, Agawat, a. invaluable or incalculable, 

'cf:(53cf, Agavtp, Is. (cpra and d Brahmin) 

9G!3g, Agavipu, J a chief Brahmin. 

qjOTC^, Agas, s. (efcsi aga, and e^ sas grain, the 
initial ta sa cut off) first fruits, best grain. 
a. precious, valuable. 

f(53365, Agasti, Is. a celebrated saint of Hindu 

pp(53esS333, Agastya, j mythology, the son of both 
Mitra and Varuna by Urvasi; he is represented 
of short stature, and is said by some to have 
been born in a water jar; he is said to have 
once swallowed the ocean when it had given 
him offence, but restored it again by urinary 
evacuation. He is spoken of in the RamAyana, 
Skandana and other works, and is said to have 
framed the Tamil language. He is also said 
to be the regent of the star Canopus. He 
was a Rishi, a sanctified personage. A kind of 
valuable red stone; a tree, murunga. 

fp(53e3e9>, AgastiJca, s. a tree, murunga. 

cp(53f^ Cf^, Agas-dana, Is. ({fc53E^ first fruits, 

cpe53e^ <^S3{D5, Agas-ddnaya, ) ^^ giving) an offer- 
ing of the first fruits. 

(^(Siis,t>, Agasaw, s. ((fvsi from, ^(9 agra chief, 
63 9 from ^o) srdvaka, disciple) name given 
to the two chief disciples of Buddha, who 
accompanied him in all his travels for the 
purpose of recording the facts of his history and 
his public discourses, one called e?i8a!ci Seriyut 
was always on his right hand, the other called 
C53C^ Mugalan, was always on the left. Every 
Buddha has two chief disciples. 

<^(53<5Nes:J, Agasen, s. (^w chief, svesesJ an army) 
principal army, leader, general. 

ep(53S3, Agahana, a. (q: neg. e>JS)20 crowded) 
not crowded, not populous, thinly inhabited. 

p(53J53(5, Agahara, s. village inhabited by Brah- 



epsJcBo, Agahiga, s. want, need. 

epsiiSsj, Agahtta, la. (fp and cs?! legal) coun- 

cpcJcBcj, Agahita, / terfeit, illegal, improper. 

cpOTiO, Agddha, s. (^ and o^S) fixed place) hole, 
chasm, fathomless abyss, a. very deep, bottomless. 

^(5333 dcco, Agddha-jalaya, s. (fpoooQ deep, c^Cco 
water") lake, very deep water. 

^<533e6s)0, Agdnigd, s. sorrow, distress, need, neces- 
sity, uneasiness, either in body or mind. 

(f(Siodsi, Agdraka, s. (^cjad house, > aff.) lajrman, 
a. lay, not clerical. 

fps53(5ce, Agdraya, s. {f^<s> mountain, 83) ri to go, 
rising like a hill) house, dale, or valley. 

^(53355, Agdriha, a. lay, not clerical, see e^^idss-. 
agar aha. 

tf<s)o8s5i doeacs, AgdriTca-ratnaya, s. (cfcsiod agdra 
house, <5> ilea aff, <5?S5aocs ornament) ornaments 
of a house, furniture; one of the names of 
a ChaJcravartt, king of the universe. 

qpcSeoSs, Aginmod, v. to be worth, value. 
<^c8(^, Agil, s. agallochum, the aloe. 
^^ca, Aghja, s. (ep and <9c8 verse) prose. 
fjog):5^-<!^, Aguharuni, s. plant, geophila reni- 

f 07 mis (Rubiacece,) 
?fcg(34S59<sSo, Aguhona, s. (fpog roof, s^S:0'^ angle) 

the angle of the roof of a house, pi. ffC^'S^ssi'i^ 

q!og<^, Aguna, a. (^ and cg-<s good qualities) 

void of good qualities, bad, inefficacious, un- 
wholesome, s. defect, fault. 
?pcg->s^c, Aguyiayn, "I .<?. disagreeableness, badness, 
?fogiS<s33f, Agnne, ) inefficacy; evil disposition or 

conduct, indisposition arising from improper 

diet, impure air &c. 
<f^co5, Agupta,a. (cf and c^etn hidden) unhidden, 

qpogc50^339, Agupalandandwa, s. (^(^ fromt^fSao 

armlet, C3<3^ 25339 ornament) arm ornament. 
^ogQc^asJaj), Agubalannd, s. (tjfog taste, Q(5:fD3 

examiner) the king's food taster. 
*fC3G'253S)3, Agubalanawd, v. to examine the 

taste of food for kings or noblemen before 

^cgcJl, Aguru, s. (rf priv. c^cJi heavy) name of a 

fragrant wood, aloe wood, also f<8(^ agil. 

f?<^(S 5^9, Agxd-Tcamma, s. piece of iron which 

catches the bar. 
^<?d ^. Agul-divd, s. bolt. 

ffc^($ <s^c33dc. Agul-polla, . bar for fastening a 

door, door bar. 
^ogC Agula, s. bolt, bar, pi. <?og(^ o^mZ. 
?p(5f5 ^383, Agula-damanawd, Iv. (tpc^C holt, 
qpc^C C^3 Agula-lanatvd, J ^SaaSa or c3 

3 to put) to bolt, to bar, to lock up. 
^cg9, Aguwa, s. eaves of a roof, ground tjelow the 

eaves of a house, 
epoges, Agusa, s, sort of fried grain used by the 

natives, sometimes as food and sometimes as 


qpis^crf. Age, s. value, price, worth. 

(S^(sf <^&, Age eti, 1 i ri 

. jal I / . / ?- valuable, precious. 

{ps^csf 5(5-<sg93, ^^e ^aranatra, v. (^S'CsJ value, 
a3(5-<!So93 to make) to make valuable, to over- 
value; to esteem, to boast. 

"pSNCff SS3, Age' wadana, a. (ffs^ai worth, QQes 
increasing) worth increasing, value augmenting, 
respectable, valuable. 

Cp(^^csJ SeaSs, Age wadanawd, v. (^>csJ price, 8 
e393 to increase) to increase the price, to en- 
hance the value, to overvalue. 

'IP(3^cm(5, Agauraiva, s, ((f priv. S^ciid honour) 
dishonour, disrespect, irreverence. 

ep{3^a53)(5)<5'-<^3, Agaurawa Tcaranawd, v. a. to 
dishonour, to disgrace, to treat with disrespiect. 

q!S^(5^'^(5g, Agaurawawi,, a. dishonoxirable, dis- 

^ffis, Anga, s. a horn. pi. tfo an. 

tft), Anga. s. (Sans. fpSbo a?iga) limb, liiember, 
part, mode, manner, body. 

qpDo, Angan, s. (prop: written (foooo angd^) power 
by which jugglers are supposed to command 

(ftsi-^, Angana, s. space in front of a house, court, 
yard. [CoUoq. c,(^ midula.'] 

fpD-253, Angana, s. woman, pi. (fto^&i anganan. 

j;ps333, Angand, s. woman. 

qpo^9, Angani, s. an assembly. 

?piK)c3eeD, Angapasanga, s. the collective members 
of the body. The Elu form of the Sanskrit 
word fpatogc538ato aTigapratyatiga. 

qpto, Angama, s. sort of magic, pi. qpDo angan, 
improperly written for tpotn angama which see. 

(ftssa, Angaya, s. body, limb, manner; corruption 
of tjSiscs aiigaya which see. 

{fo<5e^455, Angarakshaka, s. see efSkodissSi a?iga- 


qpcjc5a5cs3, Angarakshakayd, s. see efS^<5e^ss>cio 

<^ti6q<!Si6 a333, Angaradangara pdnawd, v. to 

exhibit gestures of body as a dancing girl, 
tfoodco, Angaraya, s. gesture, applied chiefly to 

women, the particular gesture of the Malabar 

dancing girls; pretended shyness of women. 
{po<^, Angard, s. see p]bO(^-o aiigardga. 
{fD(i<s^, Angarena, s. (<pc3 horn, dt<s^ a cord) 

cord tied to the horns of wild bullocks and 

qfS3e, Angala, s. distance from first to second joint 

of the forefinger when bent, inch. pi. ^c?(^ 

qpC3C3^-<sgc8, Anga laJcsJcanaya, see cpatoc^^'^'^c-* 


cfiSiQ^, Angawana. a. explanatory, shewing the 

meaning of. 
<;p^393, Angawanawd, v. to intimate by signs, 

to make known, to inform, pret. c^igvioSQo; 

see S3iK)9383 hangmva'iiawd. 
<?0S3c5L83, Angaharuwd, s. planet Mars. 
^K>K>^83^, Angaharuwddd, s. (^OK3c5l9a Mars, 

^ day) Tuesday, 
ff cc3<^, Angdni, s. stall in market where provisions 

are sold, especially meat. 
'^4035, Angdri, s. see fpatesS aiigdri. 
cfSd, Angtra, s. see epStS^ afigtra. 
^^<5s3, Angirasa, s. see JfacBdss atigtrasa, 
(fi^, Angu, s. thumb, arm ornament. 
qpigS, Anguta, s. (from fS)^^ Sans.) thumb. 
qpc2, Angutu, a. having horns or prickles; short. 
qpcg<38, Angute, s. toe. 
qp JS<^, Anguna, s. name of a plant, Ao?/a (^^scZe- 

piadece) of which there are several species in 

Ceylon; Sanskrit fp(3N)ffl3C aiikola. a woman. 
92^ tC, Angunawela, s. see the foregoing. 
^g<2^, Angunu, a. woman, from qpD3D angand. 
^cgc3C?>S338, Angupalandandwa, s. (<pcg from 

cfei^eaS aiigushtha the thumb and c3C^d3 an 

ornament) ring. 
qpcg(5, Angura, s. charcoal or carbon, pi. ^tgcJi 

(f(Q6tS, Anguras, s. a Rishi so called; one of the 
seven principal sages; planet Jupiter. 

cp^5t.v53J.J55, Anguruhokka, s. (^cg^ charcoal, 
s>ffi)353 a hook) blacksmith's fire hook, iron for 
branding cattle, i^l. ffi% Si ^&\t^ angurukoku. 

10 ff^iVi 

fft^d s>c30(5c. AngulpoUa, s. (qptge double canoe, 
<s^3dC pole) cross timber of double canoe 
which joins two canoes together, pi. ^g(^ 
^C33g Angulpolu. 

cp^gCi Angula, s. double canoe, two or more^canoes 
lashed together so as to form one boat having a 
flat floor at the top ; from first to second joint 
of the forefinger, inch. pi. ^cgc^ angul. 

fpcg(5, AnguU s. see f^i^S aiiguU. 

qpegdSo, Anguhiwd, s. kind of fish with prickles. 

m^Q, Anguwa, s. ring. 

fftQ!SXSii, Anguttara, s. see fpS3^C5ea(5 aiiguttara. 

^3^D3^s>a5, Angottara, 8. see ^(5>9jb335eO(5 aAgot- 

^&}55, ^T^^^a, s. mark, spot, stain; sign, badge, 
vestige; cypher; impression; line, stroke; flank 
or part of the body above the hip. 

Cfi9s), A'Akita, a. marked, spotted, stained, 

fpSfepd, AAkura, s. germ, bud of leaves, scion, 
shoot, sprout, sucker, plant just appearing above 
ground; name applied to a king and a god. 

cpafc^o, AAkusa, Is. hook used for driving the 

{?afeg53, A?ikusa, j elephant. [CoUoq. (S^S3-<!^9 

cpabo, ATiga, s. limb, member, part, mode, manner; 
body; a country so called; among the Hindus it 
means a certain division of learning comprehend- 
ing such science as is dependent on the Vedast 
hence also it is called V^ddnga or works on six 
subjects viz. pronunciation, grammar, prosody, 
explanation of obscure terms, description of 
religious rites, and astronomy. 

(fSiS)-^, Afigana, Is. court or yard; [Colloquial: 

epstoeo, Aiigana, %e^Q midula]. 

qp9is-<^, A^igand, 1 

^^^^Q, Aiigandwa, T^^ '^'^^^ "^^and. 

^ate)'S33c5. Angandpriya, s. (<;?abo33 woman, cc 
pleasing) plant, jonesia asoca (not in common 
use) ; a kind of worship being performed by 
women to this plant. [Colloq. <3^ts)i":jb hopalu.'] 

{|pate3go3MSLte>, Aiigapratyaiiga, s. (epates body, 
gs3abD limbs) members of the human body 
expressed collectively, equivalent to the term 
cap a pie. 

epabocfl, Angaya, see epafco aiiga. 

cpate><5^S8>, Aiigarakshaka, s. (qfSoD body, <5) 

1 guardian) protector of body; armour. 



pa)QD<53^ca3, Ayigarakshakayd, s. one who pro- 
tects a king's person, (see the foregoing.) 
fpalto<35s3, Afigardga, s. (^aio body, <^C53 anointing) 

anointing the body after bathing with perfumes 

made from sandal wood. 
SfSisiQ^Stf^Oi, Angalahshanaya, s. (cf-Ska body, 

(3^53-<s3 beauty) beauty of person. 
q!alsSi3>ao, Atigavikshepa, s. (^ato and B(S^^3o 

moving) gesture, gesticulation. 
<f!6Dt305a), A^gavikrita, \s. (^sDto body, S5a^ 
fSho)3^, Adgavikriti, ) change of condition) 

disfiguration of the body by being born with 

more limbs than is usual or born without a 

limb; gesture; syncope. 
qFQuboS-^^, AAgavikrati, s. see ^a]t2oS)a^ anga- 

<f3lsse>8)as338, Angawaikritya, s. ({fStjo and 

eS)aS3, <3^^ at is, substituted for g e in S)ao) 

deformity of the limbs, sign, token, intimation 
^ given by a private sign. 

paub33<5, Angara, 1 s. charcoal, burning or not, 
qp9ub03<^45), A%amyl-a, f but generally the latter; 

planet Mars, from his resemblance in colour to 

burning charcoal, 
(patooi^^a <^, Angdraka mani, s. (<f S)ao3<5J and 

<^ gem) coral, 
qiatooo, Angari, s, fiftyseventh year of the 

Indian cycle. 
cf. QiS<S, A?igtra, s. sixth year of ^the Indian cycle. 
(f)S6sa, Angi'rasa, s. (qpSbo auga body, & i aug, 

<5ss ray) name of Buddha; planet Jupiter. 
^Q5S3ea<5, A'AgviUara, s, fourth and fifth divisions 

of the Sutra Pitakas, containing 15 books. 
f^^Q-, Anguli, s. finger; tip of an elephant's trunk. 
<;peJ^{3co), Anguliyaka, s. ring, fiinger. 
ifStgOftS, Angmhtha, s. thumb; great toe. [CoUoq. 

3oO {^8(^C mdjjata 
|f(3ate)33e3<5, Angottara, see 9%eoS)c5, afiguttara. 
(f)i Anghri, s. a foot, [Colloq. oca 2)(^i^((} I the 

ankle bone. 
t^BQ<$, Achchara, a. (vulg.) so much as that, so 

^a)3c5l, Achchdru, (Portuguese) s. pickles. 
^gJ(3^J, Achchukkeduwa, s. punishment, 

penalty, degradation, vexation. 
^)^-<!jS03j Achckukara^aivdi t> (^^^ and 5(5 

<S83 to do) to punish, 
^(55e5<&3J, Achchigasanawd, "Iv. to print, to 
^(53S)'25d83, Achchngahanawd, J stamp. 

q:9Q, Achchuwa, s. punishment; mould, die, 
or stamp, (a modern tise.) pi. ^ achchu. 

qpS^g, Achchhtdra, a. {tf neg. ^g chhidra, hole) 
whole, sound, pure. [Colloq. Qg<5iDi^ sidurvr 

qp(^^Qd^g, Achchhedyawu, a. inseparable, that 
cannot be cut. 

q;3-<s35c&), Achanda, a. (<p and 3<3S passionate) not 
passionate, gentle. 

q:3oe> Achapala, a. (p priv. QoQ fickle in tem- 
per) calm, thoughtful, steady. 

(^^{S^d'^cs, Acharmachhedyaya, s. (^ neg..Q 
skin, (S^dCQ cutting) uncircumcision. 

^S^svSd^g, Acharmachchhedyawu, a. uncircum- 

(fQQ, Achala, a. (^ priv. Qq shaken) unshaken, 

^ fixed, immovable. 

'tfBtS/Si^, Achittaka. s. (q: priv. aCD thought) 
absence of mind, want of thought, careless, 
forgetful, a. having no mind. 

e^^^sxiTi, Achmtya, la. (cp neg. >253 con- 

qpS s3Dg, Achintyawu, J ceivable) incomprehen- 
sible, inconceivable, unimaginable. 

<f(^^e^S3ca, Achinteyya, a. beyond thought, in- 

<J@<5, Achira, s. little time, not long. 

^g(5?8, Achirawati, s. name of one of the five 
great rivers which proceeded from the lake 
Anotatta in the Himalaya forest. 

(f(5^Bs3zo, Achetana, a. (ef neg. (5n3)33 conscious- 
ness) thoughtless, unconscious, insensible, sense- 
less; inanimate. 

^(3\9oi95, Achetamka,-\ 

tf(3v8s3esa5>, Achetaska, ya. see the preceding, 

^s^^c5^Q^53, Achetasika, j 

(fiS^zlQiSi, Achelaka, a. {^tf and (S^^c-esi clothes) 
unclothed, naked; [Colloq. -eflS^ nirwastra']. 
s. a sort of religious mendicants who go 

9'9^^3<5, Achorat a. (tf and s^^3<5 thief) honest, 

'i^d^3(3\05^ ?Sic8, Ajjhdrohana timiya, s, (e^^ 
adhi very, dliss ruha to ascend, <jk nya aff.) 
fabulous fish so called, probably alluding to its 
size; see ^f co: a. ascending. 

e^d, AJa, s. he goat. [Colloq. 0^03 eluwd."] 

^dsi, Ajana, a. uninhabited, desolated, waste. 
s. forest. 




^c^3), AJanaka. a. (<f and cf<es3) generator) one 
' not a parent or producer, unproductive, un- 

<pd3f9, Ajanani, s. (tf and ds3i9 birth) privation 
of birth: used in Sanskrit as an imprecation; 
in Pali it means motherless from (f priv. d^iSi 

<f do3C, Ajapdla, s. (<pd a goat, tsoQ keeper) 
goatherd; the banyan tree imder which Buddha 
sat m the seventh week after he attained the 

cfd^^od, Ajamoja, \ s. sort of parsley, apium 

^ds^^odci, Ajamojaka, Kinvolucratum; name of 

ep:^Sv3^, Ajamodd, j a plant, kind of lovage, 
ligusticum ajtvaen; [CoUoq:. qpes's^SJ.^sD^d asa- 

efd6, Ajara, a. (cp and d6 decay) imperishable, 
undecayiag, unfading, ever young; [Colloq. 
(5^^^^^-<s^ nodii'ana], s. deity. 

'^S3S, Ajd, s. she goat. [Colloq. ^d(S><53 eludenaJ] 

<^e35s3<53^, Ajdtasatru. s. (p?3S<o unborn, <53^ 
enemy) one who never made an enemy, one of 
the names of Yvdhishthira. 

q;?3S^9, Ajddant, s. (e^d aja goat, (^qi^ adani 
eating) a small species of prickly night shade. 

ifdSs^c^d^'d^, Ajdrohini, s. fabulous sea monster; 
see cpej^3S^fioK)-ie aJJ/idrohana. 

epf5, AJijia, s. sort of antelope; skin of the 

^f 3 Q^, AJina-charma, s. (^?<53 and S^ skin) 
hide of the antelope or any kind of tiger, skin 
used as a seat or bed by the Hindu religious 
mendicants and students; also used by mendi- 
cants as a cloak. 

(fd-^, AJirna, Is. (qp and d'OSC digestion) 

^c?-j^cc, AjVmwoya, J indigestion, flatulence. 

qpd', Ajiwa. s. (^ and d" life) death, non 
existence, a. ugly, cadaverous. 

^dai>, Ajiwaka, s. kind of Hindu religious men- 
dicant who goes about naked as a proof that he 
has destroyed his passions. 

(f^6'3Si, Ajivika, a. without life. 

qp^S, Ajuwa, a. disfigured, discoloured, s. ugli- 
ness, [a low word.J 

ips^dJg, Ajoduwa, s. accidental impediment, 

(fdi6, AJera, 8. teacher, preceptor. 

cfdso, Afijana, ^ s. antimony; collyrium or ap- 

^E^3, Anjana, J plication to the eye lashes to 

darken and improve them, very generally used 
among the natives of India as adding to the 
beauty of the face; the name of a plant; echites 
antidysenterica ; elephant of the west. 
^fe3o, Anjanan, Is. witchcraft, necromancy, 
(fi^^o, Anjanan, J sorcery of every kind; med- 
icine rubbed inside the eye when a person is 
very sick. 

fpe^^oo)3^cs3, Anjanankdrayd, ") s. Q^s^^sio 
^4^e3953<5cS3, Anjanankdrayd, J witchcraft,, >3 

<5c53 doer) magician, dealer in the black art. 
qpdesa^Scs, Anjanakutaya, ") s. (^5^3 an- 
(fS(:^-!s:>iSj^dai, Anjanakutaya, } tiraonj, iqO rock) 

native antimony; a rock resembling antimony in 

!fdss<s>iSi(S, Anjanake^i, \s. a vegetable per- 
ep<2b^DS^S5c8, Anjanakesi, J fume. 
^?^^o^^^3, Anjanadevi, )s. (^is^ea witchcraft, 
qti^2sD<Sn59, Anjanadevi, J gvejS goddess) goddess 

of magic, mother of Hanuman a noted demon 

by whose aid the magicians discover lost articles. 
^c^e33)^, Anjandwati, 1 s. female elephant of 
qp^E^eoi^, Anjnndwati, J the north east. 
^e^C33, Anjcd(ii<-'<^) \s- a fish, the young of the 
^^G303, Anjaldwd, J sC3J(^ tord, or seer fish. 
(fdQ, Anjali, \s. cavity formed by putting the 
^25^(3, Anjali, J hands together and hollowing the 

palms as if to receive water in the manner of 

the Hindus, so as to avoid contact with the 

giver. [Colloq. S^efo dota.'] 
jaltputa, I s. 
jalijmta, j of 

raising them towards the forehead, in the attitude 

of salutation or worship, 
qpas^a?, Anna, a. other, another. 
fpQ, a. Ajna, a. stupid, ignorant. 
9S3>, AJndta, a. (cp neg. cSoS) known) unknown. 
ef^^, Ajndna, a. (^ priv. S33 knowledge) foolish, 

stupid, ignorant, unwise. 
{y^eoc53, Ajndnayd, s. fool, idiot, ignorant person. 
^9^(^^0^^^, Atfamwenawd, v. to get out of 

the way, to stand aside, [a low word.] 
^93, Attarna, adv. (vulg.) aloof, out of the way. 
9QD3CC5, Attdlaya, s. hut on poles on which a 

watchman sleeps, observatory. 
{p9SJffi)3, Attikkd, 8. tree, Ficua glomerata, 

( Urticacece), 
^Sg S)f 3S3, Attn baudinawd, v. to adhere, to 

stick, to soil, to contract filth, to become dirty or 


tfdQ^O, Aujaliputa^ I s. the placing the palms 
<ip5^(3gcj, Anjaliputa, j of the hands together and 




^99, Aituwa, 8. any glutinous substance, any 
thing that soils, dirt, filth. 

cfQ, Ata, s. eight; an age; war. 

{p 3-23(5, Atalcara, s. (^Q eight, SS)6 arm) name of 

tfz)<S'SSi'i<g>, Atakona, s. (tp3 and <S>)3'<sSo corner) 
the four points of the compass with their 
intermediate four half points; an octagon, any- 
thing with eight sides. 

^Q(5353S3, Atagannawd, v. to grow as trees 
and all things that have life; to conceive in the 
womb, to be produced. 

^QoD(5), Atanga maga, s. (^3 eight, qp<p limb 
or part, So way) eightfold way leading to 
Nirvana, viz: 1. e3SJ^e0B Samyakdrishtiya, 
pure religion, 2. e3J seoaaQpesao Samyah- 
sankalpandwa, holy thought, 3. ssS^-esJ e)3co 
Samyak vachanaya, holy words, 4. C3<a)i 
5(^3xco Samyak karmdntaya, holy works, 
5. cs5 pc?co Samyak djtwaya, purity of 
conduct respecting food, 6. e35 xoceoSco 
Samyak vydydmaya, holy exertions in religious 
matters, 7. esSaa^J d8)9^ca Samyak smritiya, 
purity of thought, mental abstraction similar to 
that practised by Hindus to obtain dominion 
over the passions, 8, eeSaeaJ esSaSco Samyak 
samddhiya, holy tranquillity of mind. 

efQtn-^ Atajigaminay s. ((fQ and <^o part or 
section, <3 gem) the octagonal gem, or the 
precious stone given by Sakra to king Kusa 
who had been rejected by his wife on account 
of his being ugly ; he rubbed his face with this 
stone which rendered him beautiful, and his 
wife received him again. 

^=^58"^' -^tf^tiinUf s. (^$ and .2g<g body) a nauie 
of Siva referring to his being evident in the sky, 
air, water, fire, earth, offering, moon, and sun. 

^^cS, Ataturd, a. (^ and Q^'^ uttiru subse- 
quent) eight more, more by eight. 

^agc^Sco, Ataturdsiya, s. (<f and (^-agi^i more, 
Qa a hundi-ed) magical number of 108. 

^jgcJl, Ataturu, a. see <^Q.C205 ataturd. 

(ycsJc3^J, Atadigpattn, Is. (q; and ^ot 

<p^cda^(3(3^c5J, Atadtgpdlayo, ydtga place, ooq 
S^coJ keepers) the eight tutelary gods who have 
charge of the eight parts of the world given in 
the following word. 

^Sf (55, Atadiga, s. the four points of the compass 
with their intermediate four half points. 

<f(3^-20c5, Atanet, s. (cp and s^eoi eyes) eight 
eyed, one of the names of Brahma. 

^o9 )d-g93, Atapattam karanawd, v. to 
make octagonal, to make eight sides. 

q;c5QQ, Atapattamxx, a. octagonal, having eight 
sides, s. an octagon, pi. ^oS atajyattam. 

98S5(5, Atapirikara, s. (^Q and Q8iSi6 orna- 
ments, utensils) the eight articles that are given 
to a priest of Buddha on the day of his conse- 
cration or ordination, consisting of three robes, 
one dish out of which to eat his rice, one belt or 
girdle for the loins, a razor, a needle, and a 
water strainer. 

qpeSss, Atapirisa, s. (cp and 88is attendants) 
the eight companies of celestial guards who 
attended Buddha during his ministry in this 
world, viz. tautisadeva, brahmayas, kings, mara- 
devata, grahapati, sramana or priests, chatur- 
maharajika deva, Brahma. 

qp>C Atamagala, s. magical diagram made 
by forming an octagonal figure with ashes, and 
used for propitiatory purposes; also an octagonal 
ornament worn on the waist, pi. ^(5)(^ ata- 

cpcai9dos, Atamahaniraya, s. (p and Sesj^Qdca 
great hell) the eight chief hells: 1. esod" 
eanjiwa, the living hell, or punishments inflicted 
by others; 2. )3CS^ kdlasutra, black lined 
hell; 3. e3oK3) sa^ghdtay the crushing hell; 
4. (^^d'^(5S raurawa, terrible hell; 5. W3S^<5i(58 
mahd raurawa, the very terrible heU; 6. 0330 
tdpa, fire hell; 7. gs33o pratdpa, excessive fire- 
hell; 8. ^3 avichi, hell of endless torments. 

^s)S^05o53cs, Atamaharogaya, s. (f} and S'CS) 
great (S^c^sjcs sickness) the eight chief diseases 
with which men are afflicted: 3S3S^055dc5 icdta- 
rogaya, windy complaint; ^iKd(3^<35(55ca asmari- 
rogaya, stone; ^eaS<3^c35(^ca kushtharogaya, 
leprosy; ^<3y^(S^(Si(Si:A prameharogaya, urinary 
complaints, suppression of urine from an excess 
of venery; ^^<5(9>d53ca tidararogaya, dropsy; 
ss?s3e^<5(3^cS(53C3 bhagandararogaya, fistula in ano; 
4f(Se^(5^^S)cs arsasrogaya, piles; (gsx^s^Oocjcs 
gi-ahanirogaya, dysentery or chronic diarrhea. 

^(5e3, Atarasa, s, (j^Q and <5s3 for <JS2 dasa, ten) 
eighteen; also 3338 des ^ ndtya rasa, afa, 
the eight poetical tastes or sentiments, viz, love, 
mirth, tenderness, anger, heroism, terror, disgust 
and surprise. (Namdvali. 67.) 





fQ^s3gd, Atalpahura, Is. buffoonery, a. (vulg.) 

ffQ(^3gcJl. Atalpahuru, J clownish, confused, per- 

qp3(^Q, Alalia, s. high tower or observatory, built 
of wood, for the purpose of surveying the sur- 
rounding country; pi. ^Qg atalu. 

5p985 -23, Atawakdina, 1 s. the 

QSJ (S^oas^WJ^eo, Atawak pohodina, } eighth 
day after the new and full moon on which the 
Buddhists subscribe to the eight silas. 

pQQs>, Atawaka, s. (ffQ and S^j a lunar day 
twenty-four of our hours or sixty Sinhalese,) 
the eighth day after the new and full moon. 

ffQ85^<tf5, Atawakamina, s. see fpQo<^ atanga- 

{fQQ-iaQo, Atawanawd, v. to set a trap; to draw 
a bow, pret. <^s^^^^^. etewwd. 

{f3, Atavi, 8. forest. [Colloquial: 8<2033<5ca 

fpOQ 6S63, Atavisi pirita^ s. pirit, or recitation 
consisting of the attributes of twenty-eight 
Buddhas, with a view to secure protection from 
demons and for the curing or keeping away of 

<pQ3, Atavi, s. see fQS atavi. 

^c)3^S^9, Ataweni, a. eighth. 

t^Qs^Q^S, Atawenutva, adv. eighthly. 

4f0rf, AtaSt a. octagonal. 

'fSQ(5, Ataeil, s. (ef^ and Q(^ prescribed duties) 
the eight silas or commands of Buddha. See 
^aQjatoc8c<J5> ashtdfiga silaya. 

^0(S^3e^) Atalos, a. eighteen* [Colloq. <J^c) 
daha ata.'\ 

ep8, Ati, s. pleasure, desire. 

ifSSQssSo, Atiwadanawd, * to excite desire 
towards a woman; to desire, to covet, to grow 
fond of. 

ef;Q?^^D^e^, Atukos, e. dried pieces of jack fruit. 

q:3>2533, Atumdnd, s. species of heron, adjutant 
bird; used also as a term of ridicule to a long 
legged man* 

^9i)-i^e3, Atumessa, s. elevated wicker frame for 
keeping paddy, etc. 

^0, Atuiva, 8. barn, granary; see foregomg 
word. pi. ^ atui 

qpgSj 43(53, Atuwd katkdwa, 8. discourse updn 
interpretation, exegesis. 

cfg-iJD, Atuwdwa, s. glossary, commentary. 

f(S\SJo3Qo8, Atordsiya, s. hundred and eighti 

reQxcdi, Ates, a. octagonal. 

<fe), Ada, a. half. 

cp9ocg)(5-<siS)3, Adangukaranaim, v. to make to 

consist, to include; to humble, to bring low, to 

subject, to control. 
fpQocg, Adanguwa, s. the.' [being included; con- 
<^e)o^s8esD3, Adanguwenaivd, v. to consist, to be 

contained, to contain. 
<fSJ5. Adakkama, s. fire work, box filled 

with all kinds of fireworks and which throws up 

a jet of fire like a fountain. 
^as\93ea, Adakotasa, s. i(^) half s^45530es part) 

half part, portion. 
{p8i5>coJgco, Adagotraya, s. (f e) and (9^e5JJ^ce tribe) 

half tribe. 
<f8cg)(5-<flS03, Adangukaranawd, v. see <}!SoC2 

5(5<3S3 adangukaranawd. 
^)^, Adanguwa, a. see <ye)o^8 adanguwa, 
^Sjg{Sj83, Adauguwenaivd, Vi see ^"cgS^SajSa 


8)C5S)2533, Adatabanawd, 1 

^ *, . , >s. to place a support. 

fe)^ca'2533, Adattyanawa, J ' 

<pa<j), Adadada, s. hurrying, confusion, puzzle. 

{pS<2_^, Adadeniwa, a. (<fe) and ^iSi or q Si dana 

knee wa aff.) kneeling on one knee as a token 

of reverence. 
q!a5(S\sJD0i)5(5-flS3, Adantettamkaranawd, v. 

to assault, to commit a rape, to oppress, to arrest, 

to use personal violence. 
'<p8)o-So, Adapana, . (^S and o-^sw life) half dead, 

nearly extinct. 
ffl)i(j, Adabelma, s. () and St(^ sight) 

side look, leer; pi. ^e)S)tsi) adabelum. 
pa^, Adamadata, s. (qpe) and cj a small 

red berry) weight used in weighing medicine, 

half manchddii [Colloq. a3^)3(E308 manchddi 

^as)e3, Adamasa, 8. (fpS and ss month) half of 

a lunar month, fortnight. 
cfa3Dci5, Adamdnaya, la. overweighed, over- 
^S3(3*J, Adamdne, J balanced; 5. a common 

word for doubt. 
qpcDca, Adaya, * prop, plug, stopper. 
<^S)cc8, Adayaiii e, javelin, missile Weaponi 

[Colloq. (S>W(^e hella^l 
pS)osq<5, Adayatidara, s. (^8ca8 javelin, ^4 

bearing) the god of war, one of the names of 

hataragdma deviyot 





fr8c6D(5, Adaydlama, s. brand, mark, type. pi. 
{fScO)(^i) adaydlam. 

fpSCco, Adalaya, 1 5. part, also (common use) 

f^^f^c^, Adale, J small portion of the cocoanut 
left in the shell after the other part has been 
rasped out for culinary purposes, pi. <fC 

^99cp(5c^S'. Adawallanawd, s. to dance -with 
violent bodily action, to throw a somersault. 

^999, Adawxva, s. dance, somersault. 

qp39(^iS5c5-<j693, Adaivalkaranaiod, v. to half shut 
the door, to put the door or window shutter ajar. 

9Sc6, Adaviya, s. wilderness, large forest, un- 
inhabited or thinly populated district. [CoUoq. 
^03x53<5cs wandntaraya.'\ 

epSrfSce, Adasst'ya, s. shortness of breath, oppres- 
sion in breathing; imprisoning, confinement; 
obstruction, impediment. 

epQes^, Adasada, s. suppressed sound, arrow. 

S)e3^, Adasanda, 8. (epS half, es^ moon) half- 

t^Qec^ C3338, Adasanda pandiva, s. see tpSsj^ 
o^jiS adahanda pandwa. 

t^9)<^ti?si, Adasen, s. arrow, detachment in an army, 

epSao^ -3-2030, Adahanda pandiva, s. (cpQs)^ half 
moon, cseM comb) a comb of the shape of 
half moon used as an ornament by women. 

fS)3, Add, 8. (Tamil,) a low word, used in 
calling to persons of low caste. [Colloquial; 
3(3 holaJ] 

epS3Cj Addla, a. unfinished, remaining incomplete 

epS, Adi, 8. plural of fpScs adiya, foot, when 
joined with some verbs it signifies fixing. 

epSP(^C'S383, Adiallanawd, s. to settle, to fix, to 
remain, to take up an abode; to fix a stand or 

ep8s^5JS 5(5-<fle93, AdiJcdda karanawd, s. terrify- 
ing by ghosts, playing at ghosts. 

epS5iS^5:J(3, Adikola, s. shame, shyness, timidity, 

qpSS5Jc> Adikolama, 8. fun, foolery, pi. fpS 
(5>-2S5Je adikolam. 

epSaowaa, Adigahana. a. stamping with the foot. 

qpSsicsjaaSo, Adigahanawd, v. to stamp with the 

^c53irf3, Adtgesma, s. the sound made in walk- 
ing, also a sound caused by ghosts to resemble 
that of men when walking; mark or track 
made by the foot of animals, which enables their 

pursuer to follow them; the sound of birds or 
animals, by means of which they are discovered 
by the sportsmen. 

{fSc33(3, Aditdlama, s. (^S foot, GiOQ from teSQ 
sthala place) foundation. 

pS!33(5, Adipdra, s. track made by the feet of 
animals or of men, foot-path. 

qp^ca, Adiya, 8. foot, footstep, the bottom of any- 
thing; twelve inches. 

^aoc3-S33, Adihapanatvd, v. to stamp with the 
foot as when angry. 

qfSJ, Adt, 8. the vocative of you (feminine) used 
only to inferiors, (vulg:) [Colloq. 9 tt."] 

ep, Adu, a. less, deficient, inferior, low, mean; a 
grammatical term for abbreviation. 

<ff^!>(5<JEo93, Adukkaranawd, 1 ?. to pack 

q!f!)esJ55S5(5-<sjC9o, Adukkukaranawd, /up, to pile 
up, to heap together. 

{^Qedi^, Adukkmca, 8. pile, heap of things 
placed one upon another, assortment of provi- 
sions ready dressed, pi. q>Je5 adukku. 

cpa, Adukama, s. (fS^ less, 5 afF.) state of 
being less, deficiency, abatement, disgrace. 

<}!>(5<So9d, Adukaranawd, v. to make deficient, 
to make less, to subtract, to deduct. 

ep 5c;c8, Adu kalaya, 8. (fp and tSiQoA pot) 
pot half filled. 

qp 5e99, Adu kaldtva, 8. small portion of the 
moon's disc. 

Ti^^gco'j Adukulaya, 8. low caste, mean birth. 

fp55^, Adukule, a. of low caste. 

fp (53<flS25D, Adu ganana, s. (f^S) less, e5?-<tfc'2D 
account) low price, deficient number, unfinished 
account, pi. ef^^tsi-nfo^ aduganan. 

^ eSj^ca, Adujdtiya, s. ({^ low, eSS^Sco birth) 
low caste, base born. 

{^5}^, Aduttu, a. belonging to, part of, apper- 
taining to. 

'??sJg(3^9303, Aduttuwenawd, v. to appertain to. 

tps3(5S), Adutarama, a. base, low, mean, degrad- 
ed; 8. inferiority, meanness, degraded state, 
pi. q:03'5i) adutaram. 

{fc33, Adupddu, a. (^ less, C33 same) defi- 
cient, wanting, needful. 

^g33g9, Adupdduwa, 8. deficiency, want, need. 

^SSS Aduluhundu, see c33D adupddu. 

{ffJSgS5, Adiduhundukama, see ^f^gg9 




<?*Sg5i5-So3, AdiihihunduTcdranawd, v. to keep 

in want, to make short of, to lessen. 
<p2g8, Aduluhunduwa, s. deficiency, want. 
epQg5\02!393, Aduluhunduivenaivd, v. to want, 

to be short of. 
<f%^, Aduwa, s. evil, misfortune, curse; part, 

portion, deficiency. 
P^9tSob, Aduwediya, s. goods, effects, tools. 
<;p)(3^0395, Aduwenatvd, v. to decrease, to becotne 
, I deficient, to be abated. 
<f, Anda, s. sound, voice, 
cp, Anda, properly ep^jS anda, which see. 
fp(F)S32S39D. Andagasanawd, 1 ??. to call, to invite, 
^S)^55?5J5i3p)3, Andagahanawd, ) to sound, to cry out. 
rf, Andaja, see so^^^d andaja, 
ef^S)<5c?, Andadaharaj/a, s. ( noise, ^Q6'Jt 

quarrel) noi^y squabbling, quarrelling, fighting. 
c;f^S253a, Andadamanawd, v. to make a noise. 
p303, Andanawd, v. to weep, to cry. pret. 

<ft93 enduwd. p. p. ^d andd. 
qp33^Scs, Andanahiriya, s. two species of Crota- 

laria; (Legum.) 
qp(St5ce, Andaberaya, s. tom torn, or native 

drum for publishing orders; a corrupt form of 

{^-<flC!S>S)(5cs anaberaya. 
^Ss<(5-5?3'5ca3, Andaberakdrayd, s. drummer, tom 

tom beater. 
^s^S)'5(558SJ^5^8^, Andaberagahartawd, v. to publish 

by beat of tom tom, see c^^'3^'a>d(*^Qo anabera- 

^cs, Andaya, s. see -^c5 andaya. 
^C'SoSi, Andalanawd, v. to cry or chirp as birds 

or fowls, to crow. 
'^be3c5, Andawdtaya, 'is. see <f >j^303c6 anda- 
ee9D03S, Andawdyuwa, } wdtaya. 
?e3(^!?M:j g(5, Andasddeha dura. s. (cp voice, 

e84s^<5 sound, g(5 distance) the distance to which 

the sound of the voice can be heard when a 

person is calling or hallooing; this is a common 

mode of reckoning the distance from one place 
^ to another among the natives. 
|pasji<5(;5o93, Andakeralanawd, v. to chant or 

make a noise, as when persons are ploughing or 

driving cattle. 
ef%Q, Anduiva, s. pincers, tonga. 
{^, Anda, s. egg, testicle, scrotum. 
Cp'dSQd', Andaja, s. (tf^sfrS) egg, d born) one born 

from an egg, bird; a. oviparous, produced from 

WijfeScs, Andaya, s. patch. 

q;<flS)(5(3>^, Andarademala, "is. nonsense, a 
^dSc5(5^^JS<3^(S, Andaradefnale, /confused un- 
meaning talk; (a low word). 
{}!.<j^83C5c8, s. (q:<!JCS) scrotum, aocs wind) hy- 
drocele: see next. 
:<^3Sc3, Andawdyiya, Is. (f^^JCS) scrotlim, 3g 
fp-^BS)SDci7, Andawdyu, J wind) a disease, hernia 

of the scrotum. 
}, At, s. self, individuality; body from jpc3 
dtma'. hand and arm from 53?^ hattha ; within, 
interior from 3e5 anta ; wealth, meaning 
interpretation, from epiSb arttha ; west, see fftes) 
asta ; castor oil plant; end of an age or yuga. 
qpsJ, At, s. hand, generally used as the plural, the 

singular being qpe> ata. 
<$f^e^is^6, At-aJcura, s. a letter written with the 

hand, handwriting, pi. epc5<^p5c5L at-akuru. 
^sJee4g<5, Ai-atura, s. breast, part between the 

arms. [Colloq. CiOxt^Si lepetta."] 
^cJ^S^Ssc, At-arina, a. leaving, abandoningj for- 
fps5^8-g3, At-arinatvd, v. to leave, to abandon, 

to forsake. 
?ecJ^(5<je533, At-eradamanaivd, v. to give up, to 

forsake, to leave off, to abandon. 
^J(fic5<^, At-erademima, e. the verbal noun of 

the last. 
q:c3*<fic5c863, At-erayanatvd, v. to leave off, to 

forsake, to abandon. 
(ft^t^S, Af-m'ma, the vei-bal noun of epeJqp8-<!JfS3 

atarinawd. leaving, forsaking. 
epcJ 9-e53e5ffi3<5-<siR83, At-matkaranawd, v. to vac- 
cinate. [Colloq. q)?5533 atvtdinawd.'] 
ot^Sid, Atkara, s. the wrist. [Colloq. t<^^ 

5 inenikkatuwa.^ 
epc53(5cs?:f'25D9D, Atkaragannawd, v. to take posses- 
sion of. 
epcJe^Scc, Atkudaya, 8. hand umbrelld. 
fpcJ(K>c, Atgala, s. hand stone, upper round stone 
in a set of curry stones; stone used by potters in 
smoothing their pots. 
^c}cS<5, Atgira, Is. (^J west, (88 mountain) the 
eps5c85, ^^m, /western mountain behind which 

the sun is supposed to set. 
ep}c^-<sCc6, Atgunaya, s. (qpoJ hands, cg^ virtue) 
virtue of the hand; power supposed to be 
possessed by some doctors to give efficacy to the 
medicines prescribed by them. 




^si'?(553S)c6, Atgobaya, Is. lower part of the arm 
^oJlS^5^^S^S), Atgohe, J from the elbow to the 

{fcdCT, Atta, s. branch, pi. ^-jg atu. 
'qpsJsjSgs), Attattuwa. s. see cpc5o38 attatuwa. 
q:c5!S)i53a3S3, Attakigasanawd, Iv. to flutter 
cp}?33c55 23-25303, Attatiigahanawci, J the wings, to 

flap the wings. 
{f55s5e), Attatuwa, s. wing. 
^sJs3asj53'2S3S3, Attatuhapanawd, v. see ^65o 

coeosjSs attatugahanawd, 
^oJsj^yi, Aawa. . thorn apple, a medicinal plant, 

datura fastuosce, (Solanacece). 
"^cisjt, J.a/n, s. Elu form of SJe5)J /iasfa- 

karma (C3 < being substituted for 5 ^'a,) 

manufacture, but it is generally used to express 

chance, fortune etc; also a provincial term for 

tilling or ploughing a field for another who has 

ploughed one's own field for him, as q!c553 

(S^^55^^^5^S^ attamkotanawd. [Colloquial: W;S3) 

30l)3 53C3ca hastakarmdntaya.'] 
fpo5s52), Attama, s. portion or share of work to 

be done, pi. tpS)S3 attam. 
tff^S3Q, Attala, s. the palm of the hand; 

^205533 -^^QScs, Attdnuditthiya, a. (epeoS) self, ^-^ 

with, c>Sc3 sight) close thought, embracing 

another religion, free thinking. 
qf'SjeaS'^^Qj^cs, Attdnmvddaya, s. (^s>S) and q^-gg 

83<5 blame) the upbraidings of conscience in 

consequence of some secret evil act. 
(fsJs3305 Attdlama, s. cymbal, pi. aJc33(3 at- 

tdlam. [Colloq. 8c33C kaytdlama.'] 
q:65?932533, Attikkd, s. a tree, Jicus glomerata, 

(Urticacece): see <^93J53 a//?Ha. 
q;cJ^)3(5a), Attikdrama, s. earnest money, deposit 

money, pi. po5^53d^ attikdram. 
^s5^83(5, Attiwdrama, s. foundation, pi. ^c5^ 

3<5 attiwdram. 
fft^ i^Q^^^Q, At-tuwakkuwa, s. fowling piece, 

ordinary small gun, musket. 
<fsJ<j93Q3, At-dakinawd, v, to experience, to 

prove, to come at the knowledge or truth of a 

thing by experiment. 
<fid ^-isS^. At-danda, s. (^SJ and ijifiSe) a stick) 

walking stick, staff; arm from the elbow to the 

^cJ<?i), Atdama, s. handcuffs ph cpes}<q atdam, 
CFcJ<5,4SS)j Atdfkma, 8. experience. 


'iF^^d >3?)3, Atnul-bandmawd, v. tying thread 

on the hands or arms as a charm. 
qpsJc3sJ25>(5(53e5:J2s33, Atpatkaraganuawd, v. to 

possess, to take possession of, to take possession 

of by force; to attain. 
fecjrjss, Atpasa, s. the space inclosed by the arms 

placed horizontally the elbows kept by the side; 

eatables presented to a priest must be placed in 

that space before he can lawfully accept them; 

side, part. 
^6Jc33, Atpd, a. hands and feet; used in various 

senses; as {fs5 o3 (3^>25j-255(5JD3 at pd mehe- 

karannd, a servant of all work. 
fficJ C33 \(5\ffi3o5, Atp)dmeheya, s. (tfcJo3 and (S 

S^wcs service) rubbing the feet or hands when 

attacked with pain, any kind of menial service. 
epcJeO, Atptta, adv. in hand, now, in advance, 

immediately, readily. 
cpcJGScsjsse^jQD, Atpidigasanawd, It', see <foJ(s*c53 
<^c5g(53S338j, Atpudigasanaivd, J es^J (S^q^^^ 

ffJsc33(5 fp(JC"2533) Atpora-allanawd, v. to seize 

by the hand as a trial of strength. 
<f!cJsN:33(5cs, Atporaya. 8. (epei hands, s^osd war) 

wrestling, seizing by the hand as a trial of 


q;s^(^^o^<58, Atporawa, s. hatchet, pi. tff^^oois^dS 

{fc5s^s3J8e^93, Atpowanawd, v. to dip the hands; 
to touch. 

<pc53vc3eGi, Atpolasan, s. (^cS hands, >a3 
striking, esaJ sound) the sound of clapping the 

qps5s^:33s3e5!3^^o83, Atpiolasandenawd, v. to clap 

the hands. 
<f5S)<5cs, Athambaraya, ") s. top such as boys 
^a5S)(5, Atbambare, J play with; that kind of 

top which is spun by winding a striug roimd the 

lower part of it. 
965S)d, Atbara, s. hand bundle, a. ill. 
'p5S)i8, Atbewa, s. Elu form of the Pali peaS)^38 

attabhdwa, the body. 
s5s)3oS, AtmdncJmwa, s. handcuff. 
fpJ33o53c5cs3, Atmdnankdrayd, s. one who 

throws stones ominously, by placing them 

between the forefingers of the left and right 

hand, See ^$^6!^^ S^ejQs, akurakin vidina- 

qjsJSi'fioss:?, Atmdnan, s. name of a game, throwing 

up several balls at one time. 





^cJ93v5l.csje3eo83, Atmdrugasanaivd, v. (<;ps5 and 
3c3i ch^ging or crossing, (SisasiQo to beat) to 
beat a drum or torn torn with the hands and 
elbows at the same time, putting them into 
various postures. 

fpcJ^, Atmidtma, s. release, redemption. 

^s5^S^<Q))3, Atmidenawd, v. to be released. 

^eJg^C, Atmiidala, s. one's own money, i. e. 
money in possession with power to dispose of it; 
ready cash. pi. ^c5<5(^ atmudaL 

^cJ ^^, At-me's, s. gloves. 

<j!a)>33SO, Atyanta, ad. (q;^ ati beyond, ^303 anta 
end) very much, exceeding. [Colloquial. ^S33 

cp333S\ie330^3d, Atyantopakdra, a. (<|ps336)0^ 
atyanta and (^ossi^6 upakdra help) much want- 
ed, very useful. 

^S3S, Atyartha, a. (f^^ ati and ^S artha subs- 
tance) excessive, much. [CoUoq. ^S> adhikaJ] 

qiSS(yj, Atyalpa, a. (cp^ ati very, ipQCJ alp)a small) 
very small, minute. 

f^(gSto, Atrilinga, s. (cp neg. ^ three, gabo gen- 
der) without the three genders; grammatical 
term used to express verbs and particles that are 
without gender. 

<pc5c> Atla, s. palm of the hand: sometimes ^Sq 
alia; pi. cp-egc^ atul. 

^c5ce3, Atlasa, s. bribe; pi. qps5(^r^ atlas; some- 
times ^^^C^ alias. 

^5S3D3, Ativasanaivd, v. to conceal. 

q!a583Sco, Ativdchchiya, s. knack, peculiar skill 
or efficacy, especially in administering medicine, 

^sJ3C5l), Atwdruwa, s. support. 

tfsJe3S3, Atvidinawd, v. to bore the hands, to 
lance, to spear; to vaccinate, to inoculate for 
small pox. 

^sJ^C^5 Atvilanguwa, s. handciiff, 

<?Js^0'S383, Aticoiawd, v. to become possessed of, 
to come into the hands of. 

<^s5tQ, Ativeta, s. hand lamp, candle. 

^sJ8te), Ativeda, s. profit, (in a future state deriv- 
ed by a person from good actions) merit; hand 
work; self interest. 

i^t^Q%d>4^, Ativeredda, s. accident, mishap; pi. 
^c5i<5^ ativeradi. 

<fsiSiC> Atwcla, s. rail or string to hold by in 
passing over a plank thrown acros a river, pi. 
cpJi(^ atwel. 

efc5ie^, Atwes, s, see (ff^QiQao atawesiyd. 

fpcJQtrf, Atwes7na, s. (ci hands, StdT^) cover) 
gloves, cover for the hand; the hilt of a sword. 

{fcJ0te^ss3, Atwe'ssd, Is. subject, dependant, ser- 

ffsJSiQcsa, Atu-esiyd, j vant, pupil. 

^oiSxcs, Atweya, s. small adze. 

qpJe3i!:Jes>':5<s)ro3, Atsankaranawd, v. to sign. 

^sJiG-aa, Atsana, s. signature, pi. wsieaed' atsan. 

^c5^-^, Atsunu, s. a mixture of dried flour mixed 
with sugar. 

(ff^taifj^Q^Qo, At-haddbalanaii'd, v, to test, to 
prove for oneself. 

(fr^S)::)0(Sii$i^O3, At-hapdgannaivd, v. to strike 
with the hands (as a sign of pain, anger, joy etc.) 

^c5sj8, At-hari, a. equal, (in force). 

^oisjS<*583, At-ha7-inawd, v. to forsake, to aban- 
don, to dismiss. 

^ci^SQSeaQs, At-hitaivanawd, v. to cause to stop, 
to hinder, cause to cease, to prevent; to abolish, 
to adjourn; to stop, to discontinue. 

<fc5:8S3i), At-hitavi'ma, s. suspension, prohibition, 

epc55S^83, At-hitinawd, v. to stop, to discontinue, 
to cease from action. 

{fcJ^ec, At-hisa, s. (tfc5 arm, 5053 the top) the 
shoulder blade, scapula. 

^sJg:^, At-Jmru, s. ability of the hand, dexterity, 

tfSiS3z^q, At-henda, s. wing. pi. e^^Sii^ athemli. 
see also cp65oD8 attattuca. 

^c5s3i'5^S25dS3, At-heradamanaicd, v. to forsake, 
to turn away, (as a servant,) to cancel a debt, 
to drop. 

efQ3, Ata, s. hand, arm, side or quarter, pi. 'poJ at. 

qpo3ocg9, Atanguwa, s. hand net. 

^o !fS-<^Q), Ata-arinawd, v. to forsake, to aban- 

q:a> ^,6*5J>(5-<sS83, Ata-ulukharanaiod, v. to el- 
evate the hand with the intention to strike. 

^e> -55S)(5co3, Atakabarayd, s. man with a kind of 
leprosy in the hands or with spotted hands. 

fS>S5(5 pj3cis)i), Atakara-dyittama, s. ornaments 
worn by women, comprehending all the articles 
of jewellery. 

efSi.^:^, Atakuni, s. handwriting: see tftd ef^SQ^ 

^S)55c5l(553'2o83, Atahtirugasanawdt i\ see f^^6 
!^&i 33 akiirakin vidinaivd. 

(fO^)3g, Atakoluwa, s. mallet. 

<fS545)t3ce3, Ataketiyd, s. plant, randia gardnert, 

pS3(53(533 :J33, Atagagd innavod, v. to grope, to 
feel with the hand; to delay, to neglect. 




f?C3(53es3S3, Atagasanawd, 1 r. to take by the 
^>(53K>S38j, Atagahanawd, /hand, to support by 

the hand, to strike the hands in pain, to reach 

with the hand; to strike a bargain. 
efSiisimiQo, Atagdnawd, v. to rub, to stroke, to 

grope, to feel, to touch. 
cfSy&cs, Atatai/a, s. shallow drum with only one 

f?03-egc5i, Ataturu, s. the breast. [Colloq. ecs lai/a.^ 
q:<D^S393, Atadamanawd, r. to put the hand in, 

to meddle. 
fS^5^CJ 3:503, Atadenaii'd, v. to give the hand, to 

shake the hand. 
^033, Afana, s. that place, in that place. 
pe3 e><53<sc3, Ata-naganaivd, v. to raise the hapds, 

to raise the hands as an appeal to God, also give 
, consent or to draw attention. 
'<fS3Ciganc5->s^)3, Atapasukaranawd, "J i\ to delay, 
fp05;rig5c5.!3Si, Atapahul-aranawd, |to fail in 

performing, to neglect, to put off a thing, to 

e?0333, Atajmnaivd, v. to hold the hands, to 

stretch the hands. 

<p53g<S, Atapurd, 1 i .. , 
-,-,..-^-v A^ ' >o. handful. 

fpesgoB, Atapurama, j 

fp<55'?>C3<53S3, Ataperawanatcd, i\ to fold the 
arms across the breast from cold. 

f!0(S*c3S39, Atdpowanawd, v. to handle, to touch, 
to dip the hand; to reach with the hand. pret. 
^o<S^oS3 atapeimvd. 

epwoiisJ <s55<5-(sD, Ataj)en ivatkaranmvd, v. 
(cfSi hand, Oxei water, S5}>c5-c3 to pour) 
to pour water into the hand, referring to a cus- 
tom among the Buddhists, when a person makes 
a vow to offer a gift of importance to the priests 
or the temple, he ratifies it by pouring water 
into the hand of the priest; also to pour water 
into the hands of each other at the marriage 
ceremony to ratify their promise. 

^C3S)<5)3, Atabarcdama, s. magnitude, serious 
illness, heaviness. 

qFO>)(5<S>cS3, Atahara ledd, s. excessively diseased 

CfoQjQcoa, Atabdlayd, s. younger person. 

*P& Atambula, s. kind of precious stone which 
when held in the hand towards any part every 
object in that direction becomes visible; kind of 
prism; a nelli fruit, phyllanthus or mi/robalann 

33-i^, Atamitaneti, a. (^S3 hand, fist, 
s:>i^ not) needy, destitute, helpless, poor. 

^)|jc^(5, Atamugura, s. staff, club, mace, car- 
penter's hammer. 

^S) coO, Ata-yata, ad. (fpss and ca0 under) under- 

^S)(5, Atara, prep, between, in, amongst, during 
the space of; s. middle, interval, from fpesxcd 
antara; adv. whilst, in the meantime, from 
fpX55G5 antard. 

4f3d-<s3ro, Ataratia, s. cloth for covering a chair, 
table, or couch. 

<]pc3(5-<!^ (^, Ataranamnl, s. flowers spread. 

ff3(5-sg<5, Ataratura, j)rep. amongst, in the midst. 
8. intermediate space. 

epO<5Di??, Ataraneti, a. coarse, gross, without 

tp3(5o3(5'<tfo3, Ataramankaranawd, v. to aban- 
don, to distress, to render helpless, to forsake, 
to leave unprotected. 

If 5<5o>8e33, Ataramamcenawd, v. to be astray, 
wander; to be left unprotected. 

^35(53, Ataramaga, s. ({f03d in, o road) on the 
road; or a middle path. pi. e^isid'^o ataraman. 

effS>6Q3dci, Atarawdraya, s. intermediate tune, an 

^D<53(5>(5, Atarawdre, adv. amidst, in the mean- 
time; seldom. 

^tSif^6tS, Atarehi,'\\oQ.?ktiYe of e^^6 atara\ mid- 

f>S, Atare, /die, amongst, in the midst of . 

epC3e> Atala, s. (fp neg. cdq bottom) bottomless, 
that portion of the world immediately below the 
earth, one of the hells, a particular division in 
hell; a. spread, strewn. 

ffS)C^83, Atalanaicd, v. (tf03 and CsaS'D to put) 
to put the hand in, to meddle. 

^C5(3cfl5 Atalamayd, s. infant in arms, a word of 
fondness like darling in English. 

<?03C ttO'^j Atalasparsa, a. (cf neg. c bottom, 
e3!3cS touch) bottomless, very deep, unfathom- 
able. [Colloq. (gs>3 (K)i,@<5 2td gembura.'] 

feS5(g\(^, Atale, s. water pot to carry in the hand; 
[Colloq. 4f5 .esjQco atkalaya'\. mug; pi. t^tsiQ 

qpOS^(3^c^eo, Atalossa, s. kind of measure; i. e. as 
much as can be contained in one hand, hand- 
ful, pi. 0)3>C3S atalostiy fpos^c^g atalohu. 
cfo Se^eD3, Ata-ivananaivd, v. to beckon with 
the hand. 




epc3eD3, Ata-vidinaicd, v. to let blood, to bleed 

the arm; to vaccinate. 
i|p4Dtrfe33, Ataivessd, 1 s. disciple, pupil, depend- 
<pe38i8oo3, Atawesiyd, J ant, servant. 
fC3(a^, Atahanda, s. net. [CoUoq. <5,e c?e/a.] 
fp<S3cj:f455<5-<s?o3, Atahankaranawd, v. to sign. 
^08320, Atahana, s. signature, 
^oaoS-aKSo, Ataharinawd , v. see q:s3fj8-^3 ato- 

^, Ati, ad. much, very, exceedingly, over, 

^^(-cseJ, Atiudayan,s. see ef&BQasi ativtdayan. 
(f&ig'SXfo, Atikramana, s. (f^& beyond, ^-<!?r 

going) transgression, contrariety, opposition; a 

daring affair. 
(f&i^oaxD, Attkrdnta, a. {f^> exceeding, )3)K) 

going beyond) in the highest degTee, analogous 

to English words, infinity, beyond all expression ; 

transgressed, surpassed. 
<?^ C53S^(5, Ati gambMra, 8. see ff^cDigcJl oti- 

rf& oSej, Atigarvita, a. {i^S and csiS gariva pride, 

9S3 zYa aff.) very proud, arrogant. [Colloquial: 

^333 (^Szg itd-udangu.2 
ffi c^ecj, J.^? gupta, a. (f ^ and (^e hidden) 

very secret, closely hidden or concealed, 
ep^ es3i<5, Ati gembura, s. great depth, see next. 
ef& c5Ji(5i, Ati gemburu, a. ((f^ and (53t<5 deep) 

very deep, profound, difficult, hard to be un- 
derstood; used of the abstruse sciences. 
cf^dQ,Atijawa, a. (q;^ and c^ 9 quick) swift, 

fleet, marching fast. [CoUoq. ^zoo (^^^)Sci 

ltd we'gawat.^ 
^?9e55c?DC5, Atijdgara, a. (ef^i and d)Cio6 wakeful) 

sleepless, watchful, 
ef& (S3 ^3, Ati tanhd, s. intense desire, longing, 
(f& ^fflS^, Ati tikshna, a. {f[^ and ^42^ 

sharp) very sharp, very pungent, 
tf^S, Atithi, s. person entitled to the rites of 

hospitality, guest. [Colloq. epsj^s^^aocos dgan- 

p^ q^ss, Ati dahsha, a. (^ and ^a clever) 

exceedingly clever, generally used mentally, 
^^ S^^'j -^^^ durlabha, a. (tf^ and gS dur diffi- 
cult, C^ labha receiving) exceedingly scarce, 

very difficult to obtain, 
(f& '5255(5, Ati dushkara, a. extremely difficult, 
"e^^ C33S3, Atipdna, s. much drinking, chiefly used 

of water. 

efi tt33e3?, Ati bJidsana, s. (cp^ and C5?3t33 speak- 
ing) loquaciousness; lustre. 


ep^ s^-^!3^S3(5, Ati manoliara, a. (f ?9 and S(?>203S3(5 

beautiful) very beautiful, very lovely, very 

p^ csSs^, Ati maryddd, ad. (^^ and c6?d^ 

limit) much, excessive, unlimited. 
<f?9 3:fe3ij0, Ati mdnnaya, s. (q:.?9 and ibsj mdna 

pride) vainglory, conceit, 


q!?Sc8, 4%rt, s. remnant, (Ndmavali. 287). Colloq. 

<p?Sgg9, Atiymva, a. (t^^ and gg0 young) childish, 

<|p^(5, Atira, a. (qp neg. ^(5 firm) not lasting, 

unstable, changeable, 
qf^ disy::^, Ati rakta, a. ((f^ and (5^OT red) very 

Cp?9<5e3, Atirasa, Is. (<p^ and dec taste) the name 
ep^doo, Atiraha, J of a kind of cake made of 

sugar and flour; a. very fine tasted. 
^(95455CD, Atirikta, a. (q.iS) and 45335 flowing) 

overflowing abundant, excessive, exceeding. 

[Colloq. ^^5 itiri."] 
^(^& Qo<^, Atiivdda, s. (cfS) overcoming, a<j to 

speak) abuse, opprobrious speech. 
cp^SScssif, Atividayan, s. medicinal drug; Lagen- 

andra lancifolia, (Aracece). see also qp^6B3 

ep^ (533(3, Ati visdla, s. very great, very extensive; 

see ^^3ca3C ativisdla. 
{]!^3, Ativishd, s. (qp^ overcoming, ai poison) 

name of a tree used in medicine, and said to be 

an antidote to poison, the bark is also employed 

in dyeing, it is of three kinds; white, red, and 

black, Atis or Bettda. [Colloq, {p^e)c5s5 ati- 
q^ s6a)(5, Ati vistara, a. very explanatory, very 

descriptive, very plain, 
{p^Sc3, Ativisa, s. medicinal plant; deadly poison. 
q:?9e33, Ativisd, see (f^zj^o ativishd. 
qp^ Se330, Ati visdla, a. (ff& very, 633(3 large) 

very large, very extensive, very deep. 
ef^9<53c5, Atisaya, a. much, excessive. 
fp?9c538s:f, Atisayin, a. (<f^9<55c5 and (isS in aff,) 

f^S\ra3Jf3D, Atisobhana, a. ((^& and (S^C5a3eo^D 

beautiful) very pleasing, very agreeable, very 

beautiful, extremely handsome. 





{p^said, Atisdra, a. (^ excessively, esDi^ that 
which goes) dysentery; a. very fruitful. 

^^ QgD, Ati siyum, a. (^?9 and Sgfji) sharp) ex- 
ceedingly sharp, as a razor; very profound. 

q;?9 g8, Atisuwa,8. (|p^ and ^8 health) great 
happiness, great health; great riches. 

fp^ g&3, Ati sukshma, a. vqtj profound, very 
deep, very lofty. 

qp^coaes, AtiMsa, s. ({f& much, ojoeo laughter) 
violent laughter, horselaugh. [Colloquial: ):j 
S33Q tada smciiva.'] 

{f^03, Atita, a. passed, gone, belonging to former 
times; s. the past. 

<f s9o3 :S3, Atita katJidwa, s. ancient story. 

qp^co ^r3(3ca, ^<^7a kcilaya, s. past time; in gram- 
mar the preterite tense. 

{p9^c8, Atmdriya, a. (tf?S a^z beyond, ^^j^jr 
indriya organ of sense) imperceptible, unattain- 
able by the senses. 

q;^, J.f/, plural of {fcJos / a branch; branches. 

;f^:?33-a^S3, Atugdnau'd, v. to sweep, as with a 

qpgs^(sJ, J.f?<^/, s. small house or hut made of 
cocoanut leaves and attached to a dwelling house 
to bathe in etc. The common word among the 
natives for a privy or necessary; thatched house 
or hut. 

<f^33, Atuna, s. the bowels; [CoUoq. SQi(;* 
badawela']. pi. tf^^^ atunu. 

ep^^SsjSD, Atunubahana, -\ s. (qp^'3 bowels, 

qF^'333, Atunubdna, Vd3 string) the caul 

'f^'QStSas, Atunuwetiya, j which encloses the 

qp-egasDjJ, Atupatara, s. (9^ branch, C33(5 leaf) 
branch with its leaves. 

qf<9CJ3(5, Atup<ira, s. path branching from the high 
road, bye path. 

qp^Q(3^(^, Attibale, s. prop, support. 

(fi^d, Atiira, s. tying cocoanut trees to each other 
from the top, so as to enable the toddy drawers 
to walk from one tree to the other without 
descending when they are extracting toddy; 
interval, pi. ep^5i aturu. 

p-jg(5(553S3, Aturagahanau'd, v. to draw lines, to 
make furrows by the plough for sowing seed, or 
irrigation. [Colloq. cQwje^So hihdnawd.'] 

cp^d'flwdo, Aturanawd, v. to spread, to scatter, 
pret. t^ts^Si^i eturmcd or <J!eg(,3 atuld. 

q:^c5l, Aturu, s. space, intermission; furrow; heart; 
also plural of qpg<5 atura. 

^iZ'^ Ch^33, Aturu endanaivd, v. (qp^t^ and 
^^3a to yoke together) to tie cocoanut trees 
together from the top so as to pass from one to 
the other without descending when extracting 

tp9c5i iSidoQ, Aturu kathdiva, s. story added by 
way of explanation to the principal subject. 

f?.S5cJl ffi5c3, Aturu kajxi, s. (ffs^di intermediate, 
^a kalpa) an inferior or intermediate kalpa. 

<f^:^^J, Attirudan, s. Elu form of q:xD3 2!3 
antardlidna ; disappearing, vanishing. 

qf.!g:5i^2d'?i933, Atuntdanicenawd, v. to vanish, 
to disappear. 

f^c^dio", Aturupasa, s. food taken between meal 

'T'Cgc^Sts?, Aturumaga, s. middle of the way, mid- 

cp9 "5^(559, Aturehi, prep, amongst, between, in the 

{|'S>iS:fcj>3(5cs3, Attirendakdrayd, s. one who 
takes a rent from the principal renter; sub- 
renter; sharer, partner in the piirchase of 
government rents. 

tfi^<S^lSisi^ai, Aturendaya, s. sub rent. 

ffts^(S, Atul, a. (qp neg. ^(^ equal) unequal, un- 
like; [Colloq. q^esSaesa asa7ndna,'] s. the palm of 
the hand. [Colloq. <((^C alia.'] 

cp^(^:3<5, Atulpahara, 1 . blow with the palm of 

(fi^(^oo6, Atulpdra, J the hand. 

^^e* Atulya, a. (qp neg. -C^C^ equal) unequal, 
unlike. [Colloq. ^s(S^^^^ samanowana.] 

^^dC-253S3, AtuUanatcd, v. (<p^d the palm, ceo 
3 to apply) to rub off, to knead the limbs; 
to rub or apply as ointment, pret. fi-J9dc3 

{f-Qig, Attila, s. covering, coverlet, the palm of 
the hand; a. unlike, see (f^G atulya; p.p. 
of eftsy<5<i^.Qo aturanawd to spread. 

c53acsl, Atrtpiti, a. (qp not, csacsS satisfaction) 
unsatisfied, greedy. 

qpSS-<sSo, Athanvana, . name of the fourth V^da. 

{p<^<^(5, Addara, s. edge, border, margin. 

^^(S^ej(S^i$S, Addone, s. vessel for washing the hands. 

fp<5ag03, Adbhuta, a. wonderful, extraordinary. 

cp^0320, Adyatana, s. period of a current day, 
from midnight to midnight, but sometimes reck- 
oned from simset to sunset. 




tfgSao, Afhauya, a. (fp neg. 838 matter) immate- 

ijpg, Adri, s. mountain; tree; sun. 

<p Cot^, Adri-raja, s. (<f^ and dSrf king) the king 
of mountains; one of the names of the Himalaya 

geQ, Adrishta, see ^tf^aO adrishta. 

qp5:, Adi-istja, see <y<^os3a adrisya, 

"^{fScsSafferJ, lAdwai/awddm, s. (tf neg. co two, 

'^<j9c63i*e:r, j S3Sfi who speaks) one who ac- 
knowledges but one principle, he who never 
contradicts his own word; one of the names of 

q:3^09, lAdicesbi, a. (es neg. (S^<j8gs dwesha 

{f<^9S, J malice) not malicious, harmless. 

fp<J, ^r/a, ad. today, this day; another form of 
!SJ<^ hada (Elu form of ODaijco hridaya) the heart. 

e;p^^, AdaJcsha, a. (ep neg. <ja clever) not clever, 
unskilful; s. bungler. 

cp<j4ESi^a8, Adakshmdrha, a. (<f not, i5^<!So c?ai'- 
sht'na offering, tyaS arAa proper) unholy, unfit 
for offering religiously; s. disobedience to the 
precepts of Buddha. 

qp^i5\)(g, Adakeli, s. cohabitation. 

f<jCi3eS3(^3cs. Adattdddnaya, s. (ep not, ^CDO datta 
given, tpCi'Ssa dddna taking) taking things that 
are not given, robbery, theft. [Colloq. S>e33c5> 

<f55S(53, Adanmaga, s. long way. 

ff^mo, Adand, v. the participle of (^^-s^Bi adinaim. 

epij, Adam, a. Elu form of ffQ adharma; un- 
righteous, unjust; s. unrighteousness, injustice, 
false doctrine. 

rp<j, Adamyo, a. (q- not, <jS) tamed) unruly, 

<;p^cS3co, Adarsanaya, s. (<f neg. ^(Ss) sight) in- 
visibility, absence, being o^^t of sight, disappear- 

cfqS^ca, Adarsaniya, a. (tp and c;(Sf9ca agreeable 
to the sight) ugly, unpleasant to the sight, aris- 
ing from deformity. 

tf^d, Adara, s. the lip; honour, love, affection, 
esteem arising from affection; name of the 
locative case in grammar; a receptacle; favour, 

q?ijo>, Adawata, s. see csj^853 hadaivata. 

Cf<jge5, Adasun, s. see {;p^cS^cc adarsanaya. 

{|p<^K)es383, Adahanawd, v. to believe, to trust, to 
worship, pret. <^<j3S3 edahuud. 

<;p<jwtc, Adahasa, s. motive, design, intention, 

cfqsi^QSi&iis^Qi, Adahdgannawd, v. to believe, to 

confide in. 
(fq >{553, Ada heta, ad. today or tomorrow, in 

these days. 
<f<5ca5c^3, Addyakayd, s. (p neg. ^cs5(a3 who 

gives) one not disposed to religious offerings; 

an illiberal man; an uncharitable man; i. e. 

one who does not give to the poor. 
f;p^(5-<s^83, Addranatvd, v. to read, to say lessons; 

pret. i^^Si^-i edentim. see as3,<5-<s^83 haddrana- 

wd. [Colloq. ooiDD 9c525d83 pddam ktyanawd.'] 
qp^, Addla, a. appertaining to, adapted to, fit 

for; said, repeated, spoken; from ^q<5-<SS3 add- 

efC,(Q(S*Qs^Qo, Addlawenaivd, v. to appertain to, to 

belong to. 
{f?, Adika, a. more, great, excessive; see cp&-5, 

^^tSi6-^, Adikarana, s. cause, suit, trial; court, 

bar, subject of discourse, 
{f i^.e>3(5i), Adtkdrama, s. a Kandian chief, adigar, 

minister of state; pi, <^^455D($^8^ adikdramwaru. 

See ^53(5 adhtkdrama. 
^XSD3^.s?o5, Adinndddnaya, s. taking what is not 

given; theft. 
9{^'2o83, Adtnaivd, v. to pull, to draw, to drag, to 

haul. pret. ^4'? eddd. 
qp5^dg8, Adtpjmioa, s. lattice, frame, 
qf^o^, Adtpati, see epSo^ adhipati. 
{fo^<S5 435(5-<s^83, Adipatikam karanawd. v. to 

exercise chief control, to perform the functions 

of a chief or prime minister; see ^3o^,j53 

5(5is83 adhipatikam karanaivd. 
<fC3^G5i, Adipatiyd, s. see cp3a^c03 adhipatiyd. 
<;pc8(5, Adiyara, s. Elu form of cyS>3<5 adhikdra, 
^ chapter, 

qi^e^, Adt's, see fpS adi'si. 
ffi^tSSi, Adtsst, a. sudden, unforeseen. 
efi^eSQji, Adissiya, s. accident, chance, sudden 

event, haste. 
ff^Q, Adisi, a. (fp neg. ^es disa seeing) invisible, 

out of sight; [Colloq. ^c^<si-az,'is^ adrisyamdna'\. 
qpg, Adu, s. gambling; (Namavali. 231.) [Colloq. 

g5*3(gca dukeliya']. 
ffgdgS, Aduppuiva, s. see {f{frfg8 adippuira. 
"qpe^ca*, Adrisya, a. (f^ neg. ^oa to be seen) in- 
visible, not to be seen; improper to be beheld. 




f <i(3ao^, Adrisyamdna, a. invisible, out of sight, 

tf<:^(5335cfl, Adrisiiaya, s. (ep and e^csjsco sight) that 

which is invisible, 
^(i^ac), Adrtshta, a. (qp and i^?x) seen,) unseen, 

unforeseen, absent; s, casual and imseen danger 

(as from conflagration or inundation), fear. 
ef^Cfti, Ades, "Is. mirror; grammatical term for 
qps^cjea, Adesa, J substitute; see tps^^ea dde'sa. 

(Namavali. 177.) 
<f5v,^, Ade, s. one of the twenty-seven lunar 

stations, the sixth in the order of reckoning 

according to native- astronomers ; Elu form of 

the Sanskrit tp^ drdrd. 
<|p5NCfC!33, Adondwa, s. mourning, lamentation; 

whine usually made by beggars. 
(fS^^ SocSo, Ado-mdrgaya, s. corrupt form of 

^(3\q)33c8cs adhomdrgaya which see. 
cf^, Anda, s. see ^ao) andha, 
tp^'esacs, Andanaya, g. under garment of a priest. 
'^(f^sto, Audand, j). a. dressing. 
<^^e335K, AndandLada, s. lower robe of a priest, 

cf^tS^isS, Andane, s. the lower robe of a priest. 

[CoUoq. ^^3 Sgd andina siieura.'] 
<p^c5, Andaya, s. share, portion, part. 
<y.5D8D, Andtnaicd, v. to dress, to robe, to wear, 

to put on, to paint, to dra^v; pret. ifi^C, endd. 
^gS3Q), Andutald, s. plant, species of the Oeymum, 

generic name in Hindi and Bengali Toolsi. 

(Roxburg Flora Indica 465.) See (QisS&C^ 

hi'ntald and sigvJJiOCo madurutald. 
t^^&S, Andun, s. Elu form of ^a^-(Sw anjana, 

collyrium or application to the eyelashes to 

darken and improve them; eyesalve; antimony; 

lamp black. 
ifgeJegd, Andunkutu, s. ink, also kind of paint. 
ef^&iS6, Audungira, s. (^Si and (Sd mountain) 

name of a mountain. 
ffg2s:rScs3, Ajidimdtvtyd, s. spotted tiger. 
tf^&SQ^Qo, Andunwanawdt v, (Causative) to make 

acquainted with, to introduce; pret. <^J>) 

3 eudinneivuwd, 
^gJ 8, Audim wa}a, a. the part under tiie eye 

which the natives of India make black with 

^ged*iD, Audunivenna, s. a plant; Tl^n^^mna 

fg3, At34una, 8. see ff^^ ajidun. 


{]pg'25D'8S3, Andunana, p. a. acquainted with, known, 

cpgeosj}, Andunanawd, v. to be acquainted with, 

to know, to recognize; pret. ^:feD3 endtnnd. 
'jpgd, Andura, s. darkness, dimness, 
'^g^ Anduru, a. dark. 

pgc5i, c5lg, Anduiu rujm, s. (^g<5l and (5i.g enemy) 
^ the sun. 
Qa^^, Adhyaksha, s. superintendent, overseer; 

a. perceptible, present to the senses. [CoUoq. 

gQi'S^oBa pradhdniyd.'] 
q: Sacs -23, Adhyayana, s. study, reading, especially 

of the sacred books; one of the six duties of a 

(fa)-a):3SSi, Adhydpaka, s. teacher, instructor in the 

sacred books of the Hindus. 
efaa)C33, Adhydpana, s. instruction in the sacred 

books of the Hindus; one of the six duties of 

the Brahmins. 
tpajMGSco, Adhydsaya, s. wish, intention. [Colloq. 

cp^wss adahasa.'] 
qsQajWod, Adhydhdra, s. adding a word or Avords 

to complete a sentence, supplying an ellipsis; 

reasoning, argument. 
^gL, Adhiuwa, a. (ep neg. ., fixed) unstable, 

unfixed, uncertain, transient. [Colloq. c^ssBd 

{^20, Adhwa, s. road, way. [Colloq. exp 7naga.2 
fS9cj, Adkwaga, s. (f) and cj who goes) trav- 
eller, camel, the sun. [Colloq. 65a;ci33do53 

epaSSsj, Adhammika, s. not doctrinal. Pali form 

of ^oi^Si adharmtka, which see. 
cpa, Adhama, a. inferior, low, mean, base, vile. 
^a), Adhamakama, s. (tfaS and > afE.) 

baseness, meanness, vileness. 
<fcDc53, Adkamayd, s. person of low caste, mean 

or base person. 
'{^aSDcs, Adharmaya, s. (^ priv. Q virtue &c*) 

unrighteousness, injvistice; all behaviour contrary 

to religious and legal institutes. 
^Q^ss>, Adharmtka, a. unjust, unrighteous, ir- 
religious, wicked. 
e^afSadb, AdharmisJitha, . very wicked, unright- 

eouSj improper, irreligious. 
ja)fft5i)> Adharmishfhakdma, s wickedness, 

^Q^eaficaa, Adharmshthayd, 8, wkked person, 

tmrighteous ma3a. 




'f a<5, Adhara, a. (if neg. Q6 to hold) low, inferior, 
below, vUe; s. under lip. 

{f Q(33iSic3, Adharoshthaya, s. corrupt form of the 

q^oisNc^'iaiScc, Adharaushthaya, s. (^o35 adhara 
below, S)'3ftS oshtha the lip) the under and upper 

^QtS, Adhas, ind. down, downwards, below; 
[Colloq. oesjca^jaAato.] 5. pudendum muliebre. 

fpo)c8S)3o5, Adhastdt, see last. 

qpQj^), Adhdrraika, a. (cf neg. 2)3^^55 virtuous) 
unjust, wicked. 

<p3, Adhi, ind. over, above, upon, etc. a. perposi- 
tion and prefix to verbs implying superiority in 
place, quality, quantity. 

93^2, Adhtkrama, s. (<f 3 and ^S) to go) ascend- 
ancy, superiority; invasion. 

f S), Adhtka, a. more, great, exceeding, excessive, 
surpassing, superabundant, more than. 

Cp3>03(5, Adhikatara, ad. exceeding, very much, 
more, comparatively more. 

?p3>(5-<!^, Adhikarana, s. justice, judgment, suit, 
trial; matter of dispute. In grammar the locative 

<^)d-<s6 >205i5>o5D, Adhikarana ndyakayd, s. a 

{?iSe3SNcs:f, Adhikawasayen, ad. more, more so, 
more than. 

f3>3d, Adhikdrama, s. prime minister, judge, 
(principally applied to judges of the superior 
court), an adigar. pi. cp3^3<J8cJi adhikdram- 

{?3j3(5cs, Adhikdraya, s. (cp3 over, 33(5 what 
makes) chapter, section; [Colloq, oSS'Q^^oi 
parichchhedaya.'] authority, supremacy; the 
bearing of royal insignia. 

fS5a), Adhikrita, a. (tpS over, aaasj made) 
superintended, guided; s. superintendent. 

<^3(K)C3, Adhigata, a. (cp3 and esis) gone) approach- 
ed, attained, acquired, gone through or over; 
[Colloq. ot^^'fio peminuna.^ literally or fig- 
uratively as read, studied: s. ecstasy, trance. 

ep3(53, Adhigama, 1 s. (qp3 excellent, o 

<;p3(532o, Adhigdmana, } going) used to express 
the way taken to attain Nirvana, the attainment 
of Arhatshijh i. e. an entire freedom from all 
impure, or Improper passions ; attainment, read- 
ing, study. 

icy863S3xs:3<253, Adhigamdntardhdna, . (epSoo 

adhigama and fp553s:33 antardhdna, disappear- 
ing) loss of the road to Nirvana, age in which 
perfect purity cannot be obtained (as the 
present), the age of sin, inability to impart 
purity, (applied only to the time when there is 
no Buddha in the world.) 

q!3(53a:963, Adhigrihita, a. (cfQ power, (ksjBot seized 
for the purpose of dwelling) taking for a dwell- 
ing place, applied only to demons whether good 
or bad, who after having beheld a place suitable 
for a residence as upon the tops of mountains or 
trees, seize it as their own: any person intruding 
on the dwelling of the demon, without his per- 
mission would be destroyed, unless possessed of 
perfect purity. This word is incorrectly written 
{fS(gc0S3 AdhigraJn'.'a, 

q^Sstjs e23:o3e9co, Adhitya samutpattiya, s. (q>3 
C3 uncaused, esi) sam with, (^swqxSco utpattiya 
bu-th) transmigration, one of the four states or 
divisions of the animate world, signifymg the 
present state of things; state in which men or 
animals are now in a state of migration. [Colloq. 
^S^esj-2g) (-OX3S329 <^?9 ahetwka utpatti eU.'\ 

9Sg3ca, Adhiprdya, 1 

t, g^ .,,. / }s. see Sf-fBw<Ji abhip7-dya. 

^sgae), Adhiprawa, J t 3 f j 

cp3o, Adhipa, s. (cfS and o Avho preserves from) 

master, chief, owner, ruler, king. 
ep3c3^S, Adhipati, s. (<p3 and o& master) master, 

owner, chief ruler, lord. 
^c3^23i) ffi)<5-^83, Adhipatika7n karanaivd, v. to 

rule, to hold sway, to exercise influence, to 

q5c34Sc53, s. lord, chief; see ^Sa^ adhipati. 
^3^, Adhimdtra, s. (fp3 more, 3g the whole) 

more than necessary, excessive, superfluous. 
^83e3c5, Adhimdsaya, s. (^3 and 3e3 month) 

an intercalary month, formed of the aggregate 

days omitted in reckoning the limar year. 
cpSs^flosS-is^, Adhirohini, s. ladder, pair of steps. 

[Colloq. <g<^<53 iniinaga.^ 
<f3 QQs3, Adhiivachana, s. (;p3 and Qea speech) 

name, appellation. 
^8(5, Adhiivara, a. (tf^ and Q6 chief) supreme. 

[Colloq. igs)3 ^cJ3 itd uttama.'] 
^8353, Adhiivdsa, e. dwelling, abode, residence, 

house; perfuming the person, 
(pSQseaajj Adhiu-dsana, s* perfuming or scenting 

the person; [Colloquial: ^8^<53i(^9 suwauda- 

gelvima."] consent, assent, acceptance; abiding. 



^at)3eocs, Adhishthdnat/a, s. remaining immov- 
able, resolution, determination; applied chiefly 
to intensity of mind when engaged on subjects 
that require deep thought and from which no- 
thing can move the mind. 

^e)S3, Adhtshthita, a. (^S and tc9o5 sthita 
stationed) fixed, determined, established, engaged 
in meditation, overruled. 

<fSeo, Adhma, a. (^S and <is:i ina master) servile, 
docile, dependant. [CoUoq. coSaotrf yataliat.'] 

<pa(S(5, Adhiswara, s. (<;p3 and S^esSd zsicara 
lord) lord paramount, emperor. [CoUoq. ff:si6d 

<pS, Adhisa, s. (p3 and d(sa isa master) master, 
lord. [CoUoq. eo3f cao sicdmiya .'] 

<;pg5S33, Adhund, ad. now, at present. [Colloq. ^^ 

tfts^oio, Adho, ad. down, under, underneath. 

<^(5vSj^(5c3, Adhoksharaya, s. correction written 
under the line. 

<fi5^Q3<5>CD, Adhogata, a. (^o):^ adhas down, oo 
gone) dishonoured, gone down, base. 

^>a33(53 83S305, Adhogama wdtaya, s. (fp)^ adhas 
below, CO going, QoS3 wind) breaking wind, 
one of the five vital airs. 

^3\o)3 aascKia, Adho-bhdgaya, s. (^Qed and kidcj) 
part) the lower part; from the hips downward; 

<p(?>S3 ^8e3, Adho-bhmvana, s. (fa)el beneath, 
^3 world) infernal regions, heU, the naga 
world. [Colloq. O3033(3cs^afa^aya.j 

Cfs^Qj 3oSco, Adho-mdrgaya, s. fundament. ['Colloq. 
C 053 mala-maga.2 

<psva)3S) S3<5'<flS3, Adhomukha Jcaranaicd. v, to 
look down, to blush, to turn the mouth (as of a 
vessel) downwards. 

<p<s^553 a)o8, Adho-mukhdya, s. (tfcDe^ downwards, 
3 mouth) mouth turned down; adj. looking 
downwards; inverted, turned upside down; adv. 

^iS>Q3(36cs, Adholiptya, s. letter or letters below 
the line to correct errors, foot-note. 

f(5^)3(?>c'i, Adholoka, s. (epSidi and s*C3> world) 
regions below the earth. 

ffO^SJo c8iS, Adho-^irs/ia, 1 s. (^S)ed and (33 head) 

|pQ(58c8S, Adha^sirsha, J the head downwards, 

suspension by the heels. 
<f9it, Adhah, adv. downwards, below, under, low. 
[Colloq. OC0C3 pahata.'] 

qpa4t8f503, Adhahkshipta, a. (<po)rf adhas down, 
^KCJ part past of 4ESd kship to throw) precip- 
itated, thrown doAvn, [Colloq. oeoCJ (g^g j^^'^^'^ 

{fQi a)3cs, Adliah-kdya., s. haunches, lower part of 

the body. 
efisS, An, a. other, foreign; s. horns, plural of <f<o 

asga: in this sense, more correctly ^o an; also a 
^ negative particle. 
'{fsJdc^e'o, Anjaldwd, s. kind of sea fish, the 

young of the sea fish. 
(fi$S(^s), Ande, s. patch; testicle. 
fpK038, Antya, a. (qpeooD anta end, ceo5 yat aff.) 

last, ultimate; inferior, low; s. man of low caste, 

last constellation s^iJQ^S Rewati, last sign of the 

zodiac, last letter of the alphabet. [Colloquial: 

S^*?^ kelawara.'] 
^eo^oS, Antrdwa, s. see <]px3:c358 antardwa. 
Cp>sxD, Anta, s. boundary, limit; death; a. final, 

qpexoaa, Antaka, s. (^ff^sxa death, ) aff. of agency) 

name of Mara, the king of death, in Hindu 

mythology called Yama; Wasawarti the enemy 

of Buddha. 

^xo<55 g, Antaka ripu, s. (^3es35 and 5g en-' 

emy) enemy or destroyer of death, enemy of 

Mara and Yama; one of the names of Buddha. 
930D<55, Antaga, la. dead, departed; crossing, 
fpeocsDOTSD, Antagata, J going to the end. 
tfisxEca, Antaya, s. limit, end, conclusion; religious 

penance, religious offerings made to procure a 

place in Kamaloka. 
tf Do:o53, Antayd, s. worst or meanest person. 
cf3C3cSsD, Antargata, a. (<pXD^ antar within sjcj 

gone) forgotten, intermediate; included, belong- 
ing to, comprehended. 
^exatSa, Antargriha, s. (qpexoiJ andsja house) 

an inner apartment. [Colloq. ^^(^soac8 ettd 

qp^S3f<S5, Antarjathara, s. ^exnd andd^d belly) 

stomach. [Colloq. cpSsceca dmdsaya.'] 
ffisxssB^Si, Antarddha, s. (<]pxS and c,(S) burning) 

internal heat or fever. 
^3!o2i3eo, Antardhdna, s. vanishing, disappearing, ' 

concealing. [Colloquial: (S^^o^o<^c3z) nojiem- 

(f^sysi^^ tS^Q^Qo, Antardhdna ivenawd, V. to fade 

away, to disappear, to vanish. 
^X53iJ^C3, Antarbhuta, a. (qp>6D03d? and cgsj been) 

internal, inner, within. 





^2035^33, Antarhitn, a. (F)035 and 3 dim to 

liold with so kta afp; cS /<? substituted for So 

rf/t) concealed, hidden, vaaished, disappearing. 
^2DC5c5, ^nffl?'a, a^Z. within, without, between, 

amongst; except, outside; s. end, conclusion, 

intermediate space, other; a. different, 
peoS5<5oe33, Antarawdsaka, s. Buddhist priest's 

under clothing, one of the three garments worn 

by a Buddhist priest. 
^2oa)05, Antard, prep, between, without, except, 

in the middle, on the way, near at hand; see 

c^iOiod antara. 
<|p^DS3<5, Antard, s. danger, obstacle, impediment, 

hindrance, accident, end. 
^e!53D<5o(53, Antardnsa, s. (ff^sx^d antara between, 

fpo ansa part) inner parts. [Colloq. r^ c3o(^ 

meda pa?igu.'\ 
<y53<35>(5-j83, Antardkaranawd, V. to endanger, 

to imperil, to hurt, to injure; to hinder. 
<;pX5D<5 (5-<!iS-c5, Antard ynaranaya, s. sudden death, 
^303<^cS, Antardya, see ef3JD<5 antard. 
if-i<X36i)), Antardwa, s. danger, accident, injury. 
e^-'^^y^iSi, Antika, a. (^-aosD anta end, <g i inserted, 

5 aff.) near, proximate. [Colloquial: esSog 

p-2S3!92, Antima, a. final, ultimate, last, very near. 
cpi535SScs, Antimaya, s. end, termination, acme. 
^^5S^^^, Antime, s. at the end; see ep35Sc6 anti- 
c<:9v3Cd)3Q.3S>, Antewdstka, s. (qp^xs and SoS^iS) 

who dwells) one that lives near another, t. e. 

pupil, scholar; servant. 
ff(9^isxiQoQsi, Antewdsin, s. (qps^^5t5^ loc. case of 

cp-sooD near, aSai dweller) pupil, [Colloquial: 

(S^ca^Cao golayd.'] 
cff^isysio^, Antora, s. inner town, (Namavali. 103,) 

see (fi(a*C33<5 ctora. 
f|fDK)?, Antah, a. inner. 
^XD j(33ca, Antah-kalpaya, s. 1,774,080,000 

years. . 
{f^sxii ^6a>, Antah-pywaya, s. (qf axDiJJ antar inner, 

g<5 house) queen's apartments, inner court; 

cf^q, Anda. a. see qpe^ andha. 
q:edi^iR3(5c5, Andakdraya, s. darkness. 
(^isic^isi 0325393, Andan tabanawd, v. to clip the 

beard into shape. 
qpeJj^S, Andama, s. mode, manner, state, condition; 

pi. qperJ^l andam. 

^55:fcjc53, Andayd, s. see epsSlcsa andhayd. 

c^is5q6, Andara, s. a sort of tree, (acacia) of which 

there are about seven or eight species in Ceylon; 

Dichrostachys cinerea, (Legum). 
qp:J^Q33, Andaicanawd, v. to dress another, to 

clothe; pret. {fieJs^^SSa endewwd. 
qp55:J^cs, Anddyama, s. fortified entrenchment, 

camp, barricade, pi. qp:J(^c5l) anddyam. 
qpei, Anditu, s. (qpsJ other ^9 religion) heathen, 

fd'sefc5l9, Andoruwa, s. Kandian palanqum. 
qpaa), Andha, a. blind; dark. 
qpJjS), Andhaka, s. name of a country, probably 

Behar; name of a king, a muni, and an Asur. 

a. blind. 
qpea)^S), Andliakama, s. darkness. 
qp55)^553(5, Andhakdra, s. (qfesa) blind, 5J<5 what 

makes) darkness, 
qpea)cS3, Andhayd, s. blind man. 
qpa)(a*8-25383, Andhawenawd, v. to become blind, 
qpoeo, ylnwa, s, boiled rice; food. 
q::J-253, J.n?io, m^ particle of exclamation, look, 

behold, there ! 
qp:f-2SDJ)3, Annakkd, s. pine apple; provincial. 

[Colloq, qpsi^^oQ anndsi."] 
qp3S3c332o, A7inapdna, s. (<fDS3 food, a33 ;xma 

drink) meat and drink, food. 
qp5.253'9^, Annamade, 1 s, (fp^df^o striking, 
qped^saScjca, Annamalaya, J Gc5 weapon) spear or 

spike used in the chase for spearing animals, 
q:-deDeD83, Annanawd, v. to cause to strike or 

beat; to cause to fight with the horns, pret. 

?^Js^-2093 ennewwd. 
qpsieaSo, Annaivd, v. to strike, to stab, to pierce. 

pret, ffi'jd'eDS ennd. 
ffesjs, Anya, a. other, not this, different, foreign, 

strange; unlike, 
{p.S5D53 cn^, Anya-gati, s. another nature, strange 

p333 C5349S5, Anya-gatika, a, of another kind, of 

another sample, 
qp^>5 c35^i5, Anya-jdtiya, $. (fp^s and 35^co race) 
, another race, anothei* caste. 
{p55D59S3<5, Anyatara, jiron. other, different, either 

of the two; applied chiefly to words that refer to 
two thino's. 
cp203S <^'^, Anya-drishti, a. (qpesrjs strange, i^aS 
sight) apostate, heretical, heathen, 

q;3J3 ^!S@)c33, Anya-drishtikayd, s, apostate, hea- 




pD56 g^, Anya-pushta, s, (fp>25: and ga3 nour- 
ished) Indian cuckoo, supposed to be reared by 
the crow. 

cpeD33 8oa?33, Anya-brita, s. (^ajjo and oao nourish- 
ed) the kokiJa or Indian cuckoo. This bird is 
supposed to lay its eggs in the nests of other 
birds (generally the crow) to be hatched by 
them. [Colloq. s^i3Djo3 kohd.'] 

Cpes33S (5s3co, Anya-rasaya, s. (<|>S3 and c5eeca taste) 
another taste. 

epD33 (3^> Anya-labdhi, a, ({p3J3 and QaS sect, 
faith) heretical, false in religion. 

^3 &03, Anya-tcardhita, a. (qpeoas and 5C5 
grown) brought up by another, fostered 

ep2$D35)3J, Anyawddin, s. (ep.253J5 otherwise, D^^szf 

who speaks) one who speaks inconsistently, pre- 
^ varicator. 

f^3i53, Anyiina, a. (ep neg. ^^^ defective) 

complete, entire. [Colloq. ssDg^ sampth-na.'] 
qp'5^^5^52o:^^55, Anyodaka, s. f^saa anya and <5<^-253 

idaka water) other water; fever ague taking 

effect every twenty-four hours. 
{f'SdSsaSo, Ami-anatvd, r. to cause to pierce or 

butt, and is used of horned animals to make 

them fight, pret. (^i(5v2oS03 enneivwd. See 

ep:^a333 annanaivd. 
4f-2co, Anivaya, s. generation, lineage, succession; 

the natural order or connection of words in a 
^^ sentence or stanza. 
ep(SN^5S-<?^, Anweshana, s. research, investigation 

of duty by reasoning. [Colloq. (5*ss3 seivima.'] 
tf(S^^SS^D, Anweshita, a. {(^^anu and -gSo ishita 

desired) sought, searched. 
eped'S^Ses, Anwesa, s. another figure or form. 
tp^55es^55c5, Ansakaya, 1 s. part, portion ; see q'oseco 
tfsS^(S^id, Ansake, ^ansaya. 
q):Jeoe55, Ansat, s. spine. [Colloquial: gJ <^Sa5 

mudun etaya."] 

, . > a. belonging to another. 

^Js3dfe3a>, Ansantaka, j 

qp^rfssce, Ansaya, s. see ^o(bc ansaya. 

(fis5ss(^, Ansa!, s. lute, rock, stability, firmness. 

(fSS-esi, Anszna, s. a person deprived of some 
members of his body. 

ffi^, Ansii, see qpo^ ansti. 

ep3, Awa, s. command, an order, authority; in Pali 

^ books it means sound: more correctly if^-^ ana. 

tfe53 )(5-<sr83, Ana-karanawd, v. to order, to com- 
mand: more correctly }!-(rfc3<5-<siK3 anakaranawd. 

q^3 Sc6e533, Ana-kiyanawd, v. prohibit, to threat- 
en: more correctly ep<jg <9c533 ana-kiyanawd. 

^-S3<533S5, Anagdrika, s. (ffcf aw not, cp(553c5 
a^ara house) houseless, an epithet applied to a 
certain class of ascetics who live in woods, name 
for a certain kind of saints, it may be applied 
to Buddhist priests as they are not householders. 

^3c8, Anagi, a. Elu form of epsD^ anargha, 
which see. 

(?33(K) Anonga, a. ((fi^ an neg. tfto anga body) 
bodiless, an epithet of Kama, the Hindu god of 
love, which name he bears in consequence of 
having been reduced to ashes by the eye of Siva 
for having disturbed his devotions, and rendered 
him enamoured of the goddess Pdrvati; also the 
sky, heart. 

CfenD8cs, Anangapiya, s. asoka tree, (jonesia 
asoca.) [Colloq. ^csdC3C3 dtyaratambald, also 
<3>S5Jad C5^e2 h6jmlu-gasa.'\ 

qp25365c53, Anangayd, see q!3D anauga. 

^3ate)cs, Anangajmya, s. see qf^ocsScs anaijga 

cpD3rac53, AnaAgayd, s. (ep:J an neg. <ipSk) a?iga 
body) name of Kama, the Hindu deity of love; 
see p3K) ananga; also, general name for the 
gods which they bear in consequence of their 

^^6, Anachchha, a. (Jn and ^^ achchha 
clear) not clear, turbid, muddy as the distiirbed 
waters of a river or pond. 

{faag, Anadu, a. (ep not, eag justice) unjust, 
contrary to law, iniquitovis. 

qp^ s^o3<Sc5. Anadu 2)oUya, s. (<f3g and s^'coQca 
interest) usury. 

fpsog, Anadtiwa, s. injustice; that which is con- 
trary to law. 

/<f36j, Anat, s. king of Nagaloka or world of 
snakes; a. endless; see fp3)e3 ananta. 

3S3, Anata, a. Elu form of the Sanskrit word 
tj;DX3D ananta, endless, infinite. 

^SDSJcflJ, Anatayd, s. poor man, needy person. 

qpD^253333, Anatikrdnta, a. (cfe:? an not, (f^ 
^33X53 atikrdnta going beyond duty) keeping 
within bounds, unsurpassed, unexoeeded, un- 

qf!e53^(5, Anatura, s. peril, danger, unforeseen 
calamity; pi. <p3^c5i anaturu. 

^253^:51., Anaturu, a. (qp*^ fl and Cfi^^ atuni 
space) without intermission, constant, continual; 




dangerous; next immediately following, next of 
kin or in succession, next. This Avord occurs 
also in the Elu books as a form of the Sanskrit 
^x^co antarm/a. 

tp2S3ij, Annda, a. (ep priv. ^q sound) silent; but 
it is ;ised as expressive of being joyless; s. the 
name of a famous disciple of Buddha. 

^-eoijd, Ana/lara, s. (epci an not, k<^6 adara 
respect) disrespect; unkindness, injury, in- 

q:3^<5, Anadiimra, s. Elu form of Cf^SQd 
anadhiwara which see. 

ep^^';^<J^s^9J, Anadenawd, v. to command: more 
correctly fp<!^l3^^a39^ anadenawd. 

cp3(5, Anad/moara,s. {(fi^ an neg. s^'SQd adhi- 
irara a chief) without a superior, epithet of 

t??e5XS3, Ananta, a. (efe^ an not, {f^sxn anta end) 
endless, eternal, infinite; s. name of the king of 
the Nagaloka or the world of snakes; the sky, 
the atmosphere. 

ce<202r5n(5, Anantara, see tyeD-egcJL anaturu. 

ef<20S3eD c8@3, Ananta si'rshd, s. (epe533SD many c@ 

./ head) the wife of Vasuki, king of serpents. 

cp3), Anani/a, a. (qfsrf an neg. ff^x,ani/a other) 
without any other, same. 

<fe533>3 SaeoeS, Ananya vritti, a. (cpe5:f an and 
^esjs anya other, a 3S profession) closely atten- 
tive, having the mind fixed on one object. 

{f>53<93, Ananawd, v. to knead, to mix as dough, 
to mingle; pret. 'ft ^3 eniiwd. 

epe3'^S<c53ej5, Ananuyon, s. question. [Colloquial: 
gG333c3 prasnaya.'l 

tf3c305S, Anaparddha, 1 s. (e^&S an and ^ ::;<iS} 

^3C3C^3, Anaparddhi, \ aparddha offence) inno- 
cence, o. innocent, sinless, guiltless. 

cpaa <3^33(^C5, Anapolla, s. ((^^ order, (S^c3(^c 
staff) baton, mace, constable's staff: more correct- 
ly {f<3ro (s>.:33(^c finapoUa. pi. cp-is^Ss^oig anapolu 

^e33\S)(5>D<5t3, Anaberakdrayd, s. one who pub- 
lishes orders by beat of drum: more correctly 
^<sSo>Q<5ffi>3<5cs) anaberakdrayd. pi. ^f^S^^ 
53(5!?csi anaberakdrayo. 

e:)S\Q<5cfl, Anaberaya, s. drum by which orders 
are published: more correctly fp-<SiS>S!,<5c5 ana- 

{peis^^dc^-sss, Anaberalannd. s. see cpD5>S)54553 
f5cS3 anaberalidrayd. 

ep3'5<S)<5(3-5D3, Anaberalanawd, v. to publish 

orders by beat of drum: more correctly <f-<tfo<5 
C393 anaberalanaivd. 

f^2oe53a)3, Anabhydsa, s. (fpJ aw neg, ff waiw 
abhydsa practice, custom) want of practice, in- 
experience. [Colloq. -^gcJL^^ nupurudda.'] 

tpsXQ, Anabhra, a. (t^fsi an and cftQ abhra cloud) 
not cloudy; without plumbago. 

fpeatBia^, Anabhijna, a. (t^i^ an and <;tB5 abhijna 
wise) unwise, stupid. 

q!^s^tBS)i, Anabhiddhyd, s. (cpJ an and t^tBSso 
abhiddhyd covetousness) freedom from covetous- 

^253^3^, Anabhinanda, a. (tp5 a7i and fpt93<s^ 
abhinanda delightful) not pleased. [Colloquial: 

fp35B2S5, Anabhtbhawa, s. (^:J a and ]5t9 

abhibhawa defeat) freedom from obstruction or 

eeejfQjnSi^cis, Anabhibhatcam'ya, a. (ffisi an and 

qpi^SjQiScs abhibhawamya conquerable) uncon- 
querable, s. that which cannot be subdued. 
tf553tB^C3, AnabhibMta, a. (tfei an and pptSc^CJ 

abhibhuta subdued) imsubdued, unobstructed; 

not confused; not happened. 
cp33f8C5, Anabhimata, a. {d^ an and tf?Br> 

abhimata liked) undesired, disliked. 
f^e3?B3, Anabhimuhha, a. {^tsi an and cptSgQ 

abhimuhha present) absent. 
<?<53t?Qcs, Anabhimukhaya, s. absence. 
q;3fB(5?9cc, Anabhiratiya, s. ((f?si an and tffBd&cB 

abhiratiya wish) freedom from the influence of 

passion, having no longing for a thing. [Colloq. 

(5^2533f^(^ noelma.'] 
epaDcB8)35, Anabhtshikta,a. {(^isi an and cptB8w3 

abhishikta anointed) not anointed, not regularly 

appointed to the office of king, 
t^eoce, Anaya, Is. (fp5 an neg. <pca 

{fe53cs3so7, Anayawdsana, ) aya good fortune) 

ill-luck, fate, bad fortune; calamity; sometimes 

vice, transgression. 
qp3^(5l, Anayuru, s. sea. [Colloquial: coooodcs 

fD^, Anarga, a. corrupt form of ^eoS anarghay 

which see. 
i^escSc Anargala, a. (cfi^ an and c8c ar^a/a 

bolt or bar) self willed, unrestrained. [Colloq. 

(?> -2533 5BJ 553 nohtkmuna.'] 
qpeaS, Anargha, a. (t^isi an and q:S ar^iArt price) 

invaluable, priceless, precious. 





ffeoS, Anartha, la. (ffJ an and ^rsSb arttha 
ciSi'Sb, Anarttha, J meaning or use) without mean- 
ing, unmeaning, unjust. 
p3^ca, Anartthaya, s. loss, injustice, that which 

is without meaning or profit. 
KejQia, Analpa, "ka. <fisi an neg. tf^s alpa 
^aacpg, Analpawu, jievr) many, not a few. 
cf^Q, Anala, s. fire; bile; name of a plant, daJ 
>3d ratnetul, (plumbago zeylanica and rosea); 
also the third constellation. 

?es3Ce5. Analasa, a. (ffisi an and pCS3 alasa idle) 

qp39, Anawa, s. the ocean; (Ndmdvali. 81.) 

[CoUoq. eais^dza sagar-aya']. 

{f5J38>3S5, AwoM'a^a, a. (e^i an and <?853e6 

awakdsa rest) without rest or leisure, without 
space, occupied, 

cp339>o5s3 (5, Anawatatta vila, s. name of a lake 
in the Himalaya mountains, the dark lake; i. e. 
on which the beams of the sun never shine. 

qp39^, Anaivadya, a. ((fsi an not, fp0^ aivadya 
guilt) guiltless, innocent. 

cfeaSaosD, Anawadhdna, s. (cfi an and <?8S3> 
awadhdna attention) carelessness, inattention* 
inadvertence, mistake. 

S38<5-<s^, Anawarana, s. freedom from obstruc- 
tion. [Colloq, (S'^oQiQiQ noioelakima'] ; see 
<f3D0(5<sS andwarana. 

f 38<5s>, Anawa7'ata, a. ((^^ an neg. (fQ6s3 awa- 
rata ceased, stopped) continual, constant, un- 
remitting, eternal. [Colloq. 29c5?cr<5 nirantara.'] 

pDS(5S3cf, Anawarataya, s. constancy. [Colloq. 

26<5)eD<5c8 ntrantaraya.'] 

<^5^^(5e^?^csf, Anawaratayen, ad. constantly, con- 

epSjQcSx?, Anawardgra, a. (<T^ an not, <fQ6 awara 
the hinder part or bottom, f.^ agra end) without 
beginning or ending, endless, infinite, [Colloq. 
*f'^d'253i^ akmulneti.'] 

;p338<?>C3S>, Anawaloka, la. (Jawand{f8 

qpa38s^G3)S3, Jwau-a/o^-ana, jawa and (S^co to 
see) imperceptible. 

ffDes3, -4narma, s. witchcraft, incantations prac- 
tised upon persons who have been poisoned, or 
bitten by a serpent. 

e5!3a3J3<5c03, Anavinakdrayd, s. juggler, one who 
practises incantations upon persons who have 
been poisoned or bitten by a serpent. 

i;p3g(5L, Anawuru, s. (<^^ an and e^^(^ aivuru to 
cover) the sea. [Colloq. ^ muhicda,'] 

cp 'S3eo45>, ^wasa^-a, s. order, command, jurisdiction: 
more correctly qp-^eeo anasaka. 

^e)-85G, Andkula, a. (efi^ an And ppi^Q dkula 
confused) clear, unconf used, simple, composed, 

fp03(55C3, Andgata, a. ((f&i an and cpcsxo dgata 
come) future, not arrived. 

fpD3(KS5 53(3ca, Andgata kdlaya, s. (<f 33553 fu- 
ture, 53(3c3 time) future time; grammatical 
term for future tense. 

^33(53S)8ODa, Andgatawaktri, s. one that fore- 
tells, prophet, pi. cpa33OT)8W338(5i andgata- 

^33(55o83>c3, Andgatawdhjaya, s. a prophecy, 

^es33C553, Andgdmi, s. (tfi^ an and pro3^ dgdmi 
one who comes) one who has entered the third 
of the four paths to Nirvdna, so called because 
he cannot be bom again in the world of men 
or of gods, but only in a Brahma world from 
which he may attain Nirvana; the future. 

<y35e33 3cScs, Andgdmi mdrgaya, s. (<?f an and 
pc533^ dgdmi returning, SacS way) the third 
of the four paths to Nirvana. 

^esD3(53i, Andgemi, see ^e33(5J3^ andgdmi. 

<f3383(5, Andchdra, a, (ef&5 an and tp83(5 dchdra, 
established rule of conduct) imcivil, unpolite, 
rude, immoral, illbehaved; ugly; s. impropriety, 
violation of moral or civil rule or institute. 

ef-S3383Sc8, Andchdriya, a. immoral, indecorous 
illbehaved, wicked. 

<|peo3838ca3, Andchdriyd, s. vulgar, rude person; 

^33C!S)co, Andtmaya, a. (cfvi an not, f9S3S)ce dtma- 

ya body or soul) bodiless, soul-less. 
q;2!33d, Andtha, a. (q? and aaad lord) lordless; s. 

forlorn and destitute person, beggar. 
<?33<S68).as5c53, Andthapindakayd, \ 8. charitable 
qpes3368'<JS5cS3, AndthajJindakayd, vperson, phi- 
qp33(S8<^), Andthapindika, ) lanthropist ; 

name of a votary of Buddha. 
{pD3<^(5, Anddara, s. (^J an not, (f:q6 ddara 

respect) disrespect. 
]P203^3, Andddna, s. ('T*^ ^^ ^''^^ p"?^ dddna 

taking) not taking. 
9e33, Anddi, a. (^f an and ^^ ddi beginning) 

without any beginning, eternal, uncreftte, un- 
p2533^cJ, Anddimat, a. without beginning, 

<yyca, Anddiya, s. eternity, [Colloq. eo^)3Ccs 




p)i<:^i, Anddrisa, a. (cp? an and Jp<^ ddrisa 

shape) Avithout pattern or model. 
cf^'iQ'id, Anddhdra, a. (<fJ an and ep-Sac? ddhdra 

help) without a support, helpless, destitute, 

distressed, friendless. 
<F3305?9c8, Andpattiyn, s. ((fi an and epiCSSid? 

dpatti fault) state of being faultless, innocent; 

but it is used chiefly of fitness for the office of 

the Buddhist priesthood, 
cpeaog, Andpu, a. pret, of qpsj^Qo ananaivd. 
^255380?, Andmaya, s. (resrJ an and ^9c3 dmaya 

sickness) health. 
^sao^^Ko, Andmikd, s. the ring finger. [Colloq. 

"H.^dC mudengt'lla .'] 
p33c?3esc8, Andydsaya, s. (ff^ an and pc53S3 o?/a- 

sa effort) facility. 
tF33c80S3(S>c5rf, Andydsayen, ad. easily, with facil- 
ity. [Colloq. s^(^S'5<ccf le'siyen.'] 
{f33coS, Andrya, la. (^^H" aw and e?)05^ r/Vya 
efe533c5^ffi>, Andryalca, f respectable, 455 A-a aff.) un- 
worthy, disreputable, not noble, of mean origin; 

belonging to the country of the Mlechchhas, or 

barbarians; name of a kind of wood, the agallo- 

chum or aloe wood (aquilaria agallochum). 
(fiS3j69kr)cR, Andrambhaya, s. {^isi an and fo(5'5)eo 

drambha beginning) want of a beginning, non 

tpewQcJ'CS^, Andwarana, a. (tfJ an and ep9(5<3S 

dwarana covering) open, unclosed, uncovered, 

exposed, unobstructed. 
qp33(5<^ i5,->!S^c, Andwarana ndnaya, 1 s. {s^isi 
9338(5-<s?o &,e53ao, Andivarana jndnaya, ) an and 

ep)(5-<flSo dwarana screen, (&r,?^ jndna knowledge) 

known wisdom, evident knowledge, omniscience, 

all seeing. 
<f339(5-SD esteo, Andwarana nena, see above. 
{pD)?(=;, Andvila, a. (ifsi an and ep(5 027"m 

turbid) clear, clean, pure. 
epeosSa'SDeD, Andvritta, a. (q?5 an neg. epSaeoss 

dvritta round) not circular. 
^D3ao3, Andvrita, a. (^J an and ^asj dvrita 

covered) tmcovered, open. 
^>S33gco, Andsraya, s. (^^ an and tfDcgoB dsraya 

asylum) absence of attachment or dependence. 
<^533tg, Andsrawa, a. (<pJ an and p@ dsrawa 

lust) free from human passion; s. name of 

qpe53e2co, Andsawaya, 8. PAli form of the preced- 

qp253DSj ii55!5-(S^3, Andjnd-karanawd, corruption of 
pi:S3?'5<?c3 djndkaranawd. 

^>S33S3, Andjndwa, corruption of ffocSi djndwa. 

epd3<sJ, ^ml', a. other. 

^s^J^, Am'kdd, s. the day after tomorrow. 

fp63, Anika, s. the other thing, 

(^^6>J, Anikak, s. another one. 

^2^355^, Anikaku, s. another man. 

pefl3353, Am'kd, s. the other one. 

epe6s9^6, Anikini, s. army, host, forces; force 
consisting of a certain number that is one tenth 
of an akshauhini; 2187 elephants, and as many 
chariots, 6561 horse, and 10,935 foot. 

^sQ^gsJ, Anikut, a. other, the other one also. 

qp^9-S55, Aniktidu, s. the other one; a. other. 

^^^535 2rf, Am'kek, s. an other person. 

?5s58o, Anichchan, 1 (Pali), a. not lasting, transi- 

ep6)83, AnichcM, J tory, perishable. 

ff^6(?vS9, Am'chche, Pdli form of ^e6c5 anitya. 

^^6l3^9, Amchche, interj. expressing surprise, as 
dear me ! 

pi6, Anitu, a. inauspicious, ominous; ^s. misery, 
suffering, sin, poison, ingratitude. 

{^26a5, Anit, a. the other. 

fpe^cJo?, Am'tta, s. plant, Rhinacanthus communis, 

qj'j6s5>5, Anitya, a. (Jf neg. e6o533 constant) tran- 
sient, perishable, changeable, not always abiding, 

cp'SQ^^, Aniddd, ad. the day after tomorrow. 

^^ffe^cs, Anindriya, a. (^25^' aw not, <ge^cs indriya 

an organ of sense) imperceptible, void of the 

^e6^05, Anindita, a. (q> and 26^03 reproached) 
honourable, respectable, but its more general 
meaning is that of beauty or freedom from any 
deformity ; in Sanskrit books it conveys the idea 
of pious, virtuous. 

^^625D3, Aninawd, v. to spear, to pierce, to stab, 
to gore; to punch, to beat with the fist or with 

^ a stick, pret. pi:f33 ewwa. 

(f^^ts, Animisha, "Is. (if and fla that twinkles) 

(fdi'^ti, Animisa, J that which always keeps its 
eyes open; a god, a deity. 

^23^S(5^C3'2!3, Animisalochana, s. unblenching 
gaze; a. sleepless, lit. never closing the eyes. 

pp'SScscJ, Aniyata, a. (f and e^cses proper) impro- 
per, mistaken; undefined, unprescribed. 

f]p^6c6, Aniyam, I o. (^ and zQcs appointed) un- 

fp^Qcs, Aniyama, j fixed, unsettled, not appointed, 
undetermined, indefinite, irregular. 




epeQc^lS, lAniruddha, s. the son of Pradyumna, 

cf.6i(Si^, J a form of Kama and husband of Usha. 

(fi^Q, Anila, s. air or wind, considered also as a 
deity who has the command of the wind; a 
subordmate kind of deity 49 of whom form a 
class called anilas ; the 15th nakshatra or 
lunar mansion, a. airy, windy. 

qf^6^, Anishta, a. (fJ an neg. <6) ishta wished) 
bad, unlucky, undesirable; see tfi^^ anitu. 

i^^!aQ(3\ 3^303, Anishtaivenawd, v. . not to happen, 
not to accomplish. 

cp^6e^e3, Anissa, s. (ef and ^Qe^ea that which is 
proper) an improper act, a duty which a man is 
not obliged to do. 

p5Bes, Anisa, a. perishable, not always abiding. 

ef!^iS), Anika, see (fiAssi anika. 

^iQ9^, Anikini, see ^^99i9 anikini. 

q:i9(5^<5, Amswara, a. {^isS an neg. <^cx)6 iswara 
lord) lordless, having no authority. 

\^, Ann, preposition and prefix implying after, 
like, in the same manner; under, inferior to: 
along, lengthwise; with, together with, in part 
of; severally, each by each, near to; in regard 

(f^, Ann, a. small, minute, subtle, confirming; 
s. atom, well watered place, measure equal to 
thirty six paramanus: more correctly ^4^ anu. 

<p|3), Anukta, past. part. {(fisS an not, <^iSfS) 
ukta said) not said, not related. 

f<g<g, Anukrama, s. (tf.q^ methodically, <g to 
go) order, method; a. very regular, strictly 
according to rule. 

^<g^i)s^ca5, Anukramayen, ad. gradually by 

9^^g, Anukshmlra, a. {<^i^ very, ss^c, little) 
very little, very small, not of importance, in- 
significant. [CoUoq. f S33 2a)3 ltd kugid. 

ep-Q5Stoa, Anukampd, s. (^^ very or intense, 
S)?33 shaking) great agitation ; but the word is 
invariably used to express an affection of the 
mind, namely, great compassion, gxeat tenderness 
of heart, extreme commiseration, pity, compas- 

^^>t3j iSi6<s^Qo, Anukampd karanawd, a. to 

compassionate, to shew pity. 

q5-9e38, Anukampdwa, s. compassion, ^tender- 

ep<g^35$36^C)a3S3, Anuhampdwenawd, v. to com- 
miserate, to be kindly affectionate, to feel com- 

qp^5@-<sg, Anukarshana, s. ((f-q^ and ^saa krisha 
to draw, <S aff,) invoking, summoning by in- 

^'I3<'^C. Anukula, a. (qp<g together with, ^i^e 
bank or shore) friendly, favourable or conform- 
able to, agreeable. 

^^85(3, Anukulaiva, adv. according to, in ac- 
cordance with, conformably to. 

^QgKics, Anugrahaya^ s. (^og afterwards, @es3 to 
take) grace, favour, help, assistance, conferring 
benefits by promoting good and preventing ill. 

{p-^osja), Anugata, a. (^-^ and C5?03 gone) followed, 
following, relating to, concerning. 

^>^(5)93, Amcgamana, 8. {ff<Q together with, 
(5j3 going) a following; follower, companion. 

^3(553'SJ), Anugdmika, a. (^sg with, cDj^^a gouig) 
accompanying, following; s. follower. 

qs-^sjociSSJJ, Anugdyand, s. (^-^ and <5)3o633 sing- 
ing) singing together with another, performing 
on musical instruments with others. 

^^Se^, Anuchcha, a. (^^ an neg. ^S9 uchcha 

high) low, not high, humble. 
(f^QQ36<s0o, Anuchchdrana, s. (^^si an not, (^^3 

d<^ uchchdrana saying) non utterance. 
cp^9<5, Anuchara, s. (^Q with, S(5 going) com- 
panion, follower. 
(i^d, Anuja, a. (q;-^ after, d born) born after, 

younger, junior; s. younger brother or sister; 

9^535s), Anujdta, a. (fp-3 like, uJo born) similar 

in nature, used of children who are perfect 

models of their father; born after, younger. 
(f-iQ^Qssif Anujt'icaka, s. (ff^ with, 5?S^55 who 

lives) soldier, companion. 
qp-ggtSa, Anujfid, a. (ff^ according to, % to know) 

order or command, assent, permission, sanction, 
ep^eoea^, AmUtama, a. (qpJ an neg. (^5a39 ut- 

tama best) chief, principal, best. 
p>g33ea5, Anuttara, a. (^ffs^ an and ^G&i6 uttara 

answer or subsequent) unable to answer j silent; 

best, chief, principal, excellent. 
^<^S>5>3C3, Anuttdpa, see ^^S333 dnutdpat 

ff-^^DOD*?, Anutpdda. a. ((fisi an and (^^SXioq utjyd- 

da birth) without birth. 
(p^^SX5')^^, Anuipddana, 8. {ep&i an and ^sxio^^ 

utpddana birth) that which is without birth, i. e. 


<? 32 

qi^sjg, Anutarsha, s. (qp^ and cdS from 38 
trisha to thirst) thirst, wish, desire; [Colloquial: 
Bootsca pipdsayaJ] drinking vessel, one used 
for drinking spirituous liquors. 

qp'^oSisS, Anutarshana, s. a vessel used for drink- 
ing spirituous liquors. 

^-30x5, Anutara, a. very little, very small; fare, 

(f^sxS e230cfi, Anutara-pdjjoya, $. very small or 
trifling sin. 

^-303-3, Anutdpa, s. (qf-^g afterwards, issio pain) 

<:p'g033, Anutdwa, s, littleness, smallness. 

^'g^^sJ, Anudat, la. permitted, consented, 

qp'^<qJ33, Anudannd, } allowed. 

^^^J33c4*4' Anudanndladde, s. a thing sanc- 

tf^qtsSQiaQo, Anudanwanawd, v, to cause to con- 
sent or permit. 

<}!^<5), Anvdiga, s. (^^ secondary, <53 direction) 
any intermediate point, intermediate point of the 

^^-253, Anudina, ad. daily. 

KP'Q^S, Anudiw, s. general name for any small 
island; a disease of the tongue in which a small 
protuberance of flesh appears under the tongue, 
resembling a small tongue. 

if-^^eso, Anudtsd, see t;p-3C5) anvdiga, 

qp-^Cj., Anudrita, s. half of a druta or one fourth 
of a mdtrd, or the time taken to articulate a 
short vowel. 

^'g<5^5, Anudenma, see ^>g9^92, anvdenima. 

*f"Sfl*D, Anud<ena, past, part, having permitted 
or consented. 

fp*S3^*^> Anvdenima, s. permission, consent. 

qp-^g^aw, Anuddhrita, a, {<f&S an neg. Q^^fSi 
vddhrita proud) humble, unassuming; not lift- 
ed. [Colloq. csOoJ yatat.'] 

tf^isS, Anun, pron. others. 

fp-ggesjco, Anunaya, 8. salutation, courtesy, civility; 
shewing extreme respect to a guest or deity. 

ep'Qaag, Anunawu, a. (corrupt form of anuna) 
{t^isi an neg. (^n-esa una less) entire, complete, 
without deficiency. [Colloq. C5g<^og sam- 

tf^iSii<iiS), AnundyaTca, s. (t^^ and >6docM9 chief) 
sub-chief, vice-president. 

<f ^^^^c;fS^(;5^, Anundyakayd, s. second high priest 
of the Buddhists. 

ef^SioQssi, Anundsika, a, (^-Q and eoDS^Ra nose) 

p'9gi^e5S, Anuprajiiapti , s. law, order or a 
command added afterwards, chiefly used in 
matters of religion. 

^^3t23, Amcpluwa, s. follower, companion. 

(f-^o, Anujja, see ff^zi anupa. 

p-^c3fi!@ac), Anupahlishta, a. (<^M an not, (C3 
(3^ upmhlishta an producing) free from sin, 
saintly, holy. 

e^-^o&i'id Anuj)akdri, a. (fpsi an neg. ^a^o8&S 

^ upakdrin assisting) not assisting, helpless. 

"<? -30, Anupama, a, {t^fsi an and Qo^i upamd 
resemblance) best, excellent. 

p^oc8, Anv,pavM,ya, a. (ffsJ an and (^osn^cs 
upameya comparable) incomparable, shapeless. 

(f-ggogesso, AnujMlipta, a, (^J an and ^oQtysi 
upalipta tainted) untainted, unpolluted; firm, 

qp'Qosseteeoeo, Anupasampanna, a. (^esf an and 
goe65303K) ujHisampanna ordained) not ordain- 
ed; . one not yet ordained; a samanera or novice 
who has no appointment to any temple, being 
out of the priesthood. [Colloq. eo3s<3^(5 sama- 

^>QC3es)03, Anupaliata, a. not killed. 

qf'g^oavj 5^6380, Annpddisesa, s, (^ed an and (jao^ 
u][)ddt cleaving, svsses remainder) that which 
puts an end to transmigration, that which leads 
to Nirvana. 

^^OD3, Anujydna, s. (ep^ with or after, cja3 
drink) a fluid vehicle in medicine; drink taken 
with or after medicine. 

cp-gggS, Anupurwa, s. {^^ after, gS prior) order, 
regular, succession, series, degree; a, regular, 
orderly. [Colloq. QQ(5^Qq piliwela.'] 

(f^<^o6, Anupera, s. order, succession. 

qP'^goeo, Anuj^rdsa, s. (^-Q and g pra before, <J9 
asa to be) alliteration. 

f^-iQ^76d^, Anub'yanjana, Is. subordinate aus- 

qp'g3S)33^e3, AnvH'yanjana, Jpicious marks on the 
person of Buddha; signs of beauty, see ^^ 
8cf3 aniivyanjanat 

qp^Q^, Anubauda, ad. always, continual, ever, 
unceasing, constant. [Colloq. ^BdeosDC^ca niran- 

qj^g^Sg), '\Amibaddha, a. (^-^ and G^ bound) 

{f-3<5S) J connected with, attached to; see the 
next word. 




(f^'&)t^, Anubandha, s. ((f^ after, a5) to "bind 
or confine) an inseparable adjunct or sign of 
any thing, indication of guilt or symptom of 
disease, an element of language, as a root or 
affix; binding, confining. 

ep-^QC^, Anubala, s. help, reinforcement; additional 
power, delegated power. 

tlp'^^Qc ^^^Qo, Anubala denawd, v. to assist, to 
support, to encourage, to aid. 

cf-SQ^n}, 1 Anubtiddha, 8. (cp'^g with or after, ^ 

^^<^, I known) an inferior Buddha, lesser Bud 
dha, apostle, one who has attained Nirvana 
after Buddha. 

(f-q}'S)z^(Sii^z), Anubendagenima, s. driving be- 

^^63, Antcbhaica, s. understanding, enjoyment, 
eating, partaking. 

{p-QW5(5<3ro83, Anubhaivakaranawd, v. to enjoy, 
to partake of, to eat. 

^-^^wa, AnubMwa, s. dignity, authority, power, 
might, glory, efficacy. 

fp-^Sd^c^s), Anumajjita, (Pali) part. a. cleaned by 
rubbing, stroked. 

if'QS^ca, Anumatiya, s. thought, opinion, senti- 
ment, consent, assent, sanction, command; fif- 
teenth day of the moon's age on which she rises 
one digit less than full. 

, Anumarjja, "I see cp>q39dc?e anu- 
3, Anumarjjana, ymajjita. 

^^6^, Anumarana, s. (fp-g with, d<fS death) 
dying with, the voluntary death of a Hindu 
widow with her husband. 

ep^3g, Anumdtra, s. small quantity, little. 
[Colloq. e6(3e3c5 swalpaya.'] 

cp'95)33, Anumdna, s. (^^ after or according to, 
3 to measure, >2S3 afif.) inference; (in logic) 
drawing a conclusion from given premises, (in 
common use) doubt, uncertainty, 

ep-gs^St^vS^a, Anumeivent, s. satisfaction, approval, 
thanks; the words which the priests pronounce 
when they receive the offerings of food from the 
people expressive of their own gratitude and also 
of benediction. 

{^g^;J.?f, Anumodan, Is. see the preceding 

9'^'5J^5!D3, Anumodand, J word. 

tp-gST^co, Anumetiya, s. see fp<3^cs anumatiya. 

^-305303, Anuydta, a. ({p^ after, csosj gone) 
followed, accompanied; s. a follower. 

qp'^gggasw:*, Amiyukta, a. (<f-^ and <^ssxs^ joined) 
complied with; asked; . question. 

{^^(S\c83C53ce, Anuyogaya, s. (cp>g with, (s^ca^(55 union) 
joining with, compliance with, question; repeat- 

cp'g(5, Anura, s. seventeenth nakshatra or lunar 
mansion designated by a row of oblations;' stars 
in Libra. 

(^^6^, Anurati, s. love, passion, one of the eight 
sentiments expressed by the drama, 

ep^(5d3, Anuranjana, la, (fp-^ and 6<f5f^^ to 

cp'3'5^t?'2!3, Anuranjana, f desire, to adhere) stick- 
ing, adhering, fixed in or upon; faithful. 

fp^<5?s), Anuranjita, ) ax. a f ^ a ^ 

^^/<x=.9, A ~--. / adhered, fastened to, 
{p'^o^jro?, Anuranjita, \ 

{^3^, Anurd, 1 . love, passion, attachment, 

fp^(^OT, Anurdga, /delight, 

cp'3(^5i)3, Anurddhd, see (^^6 anura. 

cf^S., Anuru, 1 

^^6^, Anuru, \^' ^^^ ^^^"^ ^^ ^^^ next word. 

p-g(5<,C3, Anuriipa, s. (cf<Q similar, d^o form) 
likeness, similarity; fitness, propriety. 

<$'tQ'5\d s^iSSi'Si, Anure nekata, see (f-^6 anura. 

cp^QDo, Anulapa, s. (fp-^g again, qdcj saying) 
repeating, saying again and agam; beseeching. 

(f^t^C^^, A^mlom, ) 5. (qp-Q with, >(33 going 

>e3 1^(33, Anuloma, S or hair) natural order, des- 
cent, succession. 

t^^Q-&ds5, Anuvyanjana, Is. (qp-^g and 835<is^<s3 

cp-Q93Si!^?, Anuvyanjana, fa characteristic) the 
minor marks which accompany the thirty two 
principal marks in the body of Buddha indica- 
tive of his being a great man, such as a well 
rounded form, well proportioned members, etc. 
[Colloq. (f^css^^ amdaJcunu."] 

ep-g, Anmva, ad. with, together with, following. 

p-g-K), Amavana, a. (cp neg. '^ao wisdom) 
ignorant, unwise, injudicious, foolish. 

fp^ c553, Anuwa-yanau'd, v. (cp>S^ together, 

C5e533 to go) to follow. 

p'3^33, Anuwartana, s. obliging, conferring 
favours on others. 

^^o^, Anuwdda, s. (qi-Q low, 3^ speaking) 
reviling, abuse, censure; tautology; argument- 
ative contest. 

^^3S>4, Anuu'dde, ad. by accident, nearly, near, 
almost; by or on account of evil, [Provincial.] 

^.^383^3, Anuwdsana, s. (cp^g after, ase to fumi- 
gate) perfuming the clothes, scenting iu general. 




^^931023 C5d-<sS93, Anuwdsana l-aranaivn, v. to 
perfume the clothes, to perfume or scent, to 
smoke a place or object. 

cp^S5c3, Anuvicharita, a. (ep^ with, inten- 
sive, S5o3 walked) walked through, much 

cp-^9c5<5:f, Anuviyadun, Elu form of ep-^S^ft^-eo 

ff'^SS, Anufist, a. conquered, subject, subordi-^ 
nate; one less than twenty. 

^igcBcj, Amisaya, s. hatred, enmity of long stand- 
ing; [Colloq. s^>^ac6 krodhaya']; repentence, 
regret, object of pursuit. 

fp.^333S3-s^, AnusdsaJca, s. counsellor, instructor, 
one who interprets and enforces law. 

p'^333eS'25a5, Aniisdsand, s. (ff-^ andc533d3a?3 govern- 
ing) governing, order, command, precept, in- 
struction, exhortation, informing, counselling. 

ef-iQtiSfn, Anushna, a. (:J an neg. ^'S>^ ushna 
warm, alert) lazy, sluggish; [Colloq. 5l7^ 
Jcammelt']', cold, chilly. 

epfi^^e;, Anusna, corruption of the foregoing. 

{f'Qe(5-<??c5, Anusmaranaya, s. (fp-^g after, e^a 
smrt to think, -sgcas nya aff .) recollection, memory, 
meditation. [Colloq. 8jB>5'? sthikerima.'\ 

cp^^^e^a^cs, Anusmritiya, s. (cp-^ and e^a^ me- 
mory) cherished recollection; see foregoing word. 

{p^f39MS5fiO, Anusampanna, see ^-q^3 ami- 

'tf-SQtud, Anusara, s. recollection, memory. 

fp^^eed-ss^o, Anusa7'ana, s. (ff'Q and tea sri to go 

<s^33 nya aff.) following, going after; habit, 


ep'^saeo, Anusasa, s. merit, glory, dignity, power, 

authority, pi. cp^sse^ anusas. 
fp-QSDdcs, Anmdraya, s, following, conformity to 

usage; pattern, example, help, instruction. 
^.Qesod's^caad', Anusdrayen, adv. according to. 
cp^e33325D3, Anusdsandwa, see ^^53063333, anu- 


ep^sjes, Anuhasa, s. glory, splendour, dignity, 

merit, pi. {f<^!S>dr Anuhas. 
fp^K33(5, Anuhdra, s. imitation, resemblance, 
cp^-sa, Anuria, a. ((fssi an and (^isa una less) 

whole, entire, complete. [Colloq. esS^^ sam- 

cp^35, Anunaka, a. see the preceeding word. 
ep^3, Anupa, s. {(^^Q anu near or with, cp?o dpa 

water, ^) u substituted for ^ a) watery, 


ep^0, Aniiwa, s. ninety. 

tps:'a;^, Anriju, a. ((fi an neg. eea^ r)'M straight) 

crooked, perverse, wicked. 
t^^^Si, Anrt'ta, s. (cftsS an and ts^fSi rita truth) 

falsehood, agriculture. 
epo^aa^Si, Aneka, a. ((ftsi an not, 63 e^-a one) 

various, many. [Colloq. (S^33(S^c6J o?/6^.3 
ef<^'is:iszid, Anekaja, 8. (ffs^-ao^s) more than one, d 

what is born) bird, which is produced first in the 

shell and the second time when hatched. 
fp^^esSg^n, Anedamuka, a. (ef^ anu implying 

similarity, <5S eda deaf, > dumb) deaf and 

dumb; wicked, perverse, false. 
fp(S^:J, Ane, a. various, many, interj, alas, oh! 
ep(5^:J:i, Aneka, see {^(3^^^ aneka. 
(f<5y^oo<?^ai-, Anopameyyaj^see cp>QC3 amipa- 
fp(9-3Dc3(9>cs, Anopameya, ) ma. 
<f(9^3;Js36j<35, Anotatta, s. (tfid an neg. fXS3 

awatatta heated) one of the seven lakes in the 

Himalaya, so called from its situation being 

enclosed by lofty mountains. 
fp(5^^53J^, Anddd, s. marsh-mallow; Abutilon Asia- 

ticum (Malvace(B). 
{}!(S^^5?J^5^^, Anond, s. custard apple, (anona squa- 
fpd, Ap, p)ron. we. s. water. 
ffdr5, Appachchi, see next word, 
fpd-dTe^, Aj^pajjd, s. word for father, used only 

amongst the low caste or caste of torn torn 

cp5ic3(^>C Appalle, s. kind of earthern vessel or 

pan used by the natives to cook with, pi. ^d 

0(^C5 appalld. [Colloq. ^c?^ {^^gca loku 

f^d'jo, Appd, s. father, (not very respectable), pi. 

^rfjiC^ appdld. 
qptjg, Aj)pu, s. head servant. 
<fe^35X)30o, Appudigahanau-d, v. to clap the 

fpc32S53, Ap>piihdmi, s. title of respect to persons 

of high caste and sons of mudaliyars, 
f^dfS^ootlW, 8. father, (more respectable word than 

sfdzio appd). pi, qpef3^c53C3 appochcliild. 
^9^550, A2^rakata,y^a. (ff neg, g>3 or gffijacs 
^g^acra, Aprakdsa, /public) secret, unrevealed, 

not published, not known, [Colloquial: qpgS^ 

q:g5a?9, Aprakriti, 8. (f and g>a^ nature or 

matter) accidental property or nature; not na- 




qpgwsias, Ajyratyaksha, a. (ff and gsjjS'S^ present) 
imperceptible, not present, invisible. 

f gessca, Apratyaya, a. (^ and go33Sc3 cause) cause- 
less, without cause, having no producing princi- 
ple; also (cp a vowel a, ^SiTioa pratyaya an affix) 
the affix a. 

qpg?9336, Apratindtha, s. (^ and 9^ second, esDsS 
chief) one who has not his superior; interreg- 
num; a. peerless. 

;pg^g^C> Aprattpudgala, s. one to whom none 
can be compared. 

^g?9oo3S5, Apratibhdga, a. {cf not, g?9a33cs? like) 
incomparable, matchless. [Colloquial: q;e3i)325Dg 

^g^ecaSca, Apratisandhika, s. (<f- and g?9 again, 
eecS union, birth) freedom from transmigration. 

cpgQjej, Apradhdna, a. (<f and gSjsa chief) 
secondary, subordinate. 

eegS'S^, Apramatta, see ^g3^ apramdda. 

pg)^, ^^)ra/nana, a. (<^ and gi)3-<s^ quantity) 
immeasurable, countless, incalculable, infinite, 
unlimited, boundless. 

fpgD:j, Apramdda, a. (^ and g3<f delay) hasty, 
quick, without delay, not lingering, s. diligence. 

<fg!Si)c&, Aprameya, a. same as fpgi/D<s^ apramdna. 

fg5^csJ(55, Aprayoga, a. (^ and gs^csJen cunning) 
ingenuous, sincere, candid, open, frank, void of 
deceit, s. sincerity, freedom from deceit. 

{jjg^coJd'ea, Aprayojana, a. (^ and g-svcaJd^o pro- 
fit) unprofitable, fruitless, vain, unproductive. 

qpgcSS), Apralamba, a. (^ and gc^ slow or 
hanging) not hanging, not suspending; quick, 

qpg)3C3e8, Apravrittt, s. (tf neg. gSaSDeS pn-avritti 
news) want of news or information on a subject; 

^gs^Sesi), Ajn'awesama, s. (tp and g3>S care) 
carelessness, inattention, negligence; heedless- 
ness, imprudence. 

cpg60S3S3, Aprasanna, a. (^ and gsoe^ao clear) 
turbid, muddy, not clear; (most commonly,) 
unwilling, displeased. 

^geaoij, Ajyrasdda, see the preceding word. 

^gQS), iAprastddha, a. secret, unrevealed, un- 

^gSip, J published. See {);g^3G3 aprakdsa. 

^gg^^a, Aprasutikd, s. (^ not, gg^)3 child 
bearing) barren wonian. [CoUoq. ^^ ts&a 
ivauda stiriyaJ] 

q>g;9-<sgc, Aprahma, a. (jsf and gc9^ destruction) 
that which is not destroyed or wasted. 

q)g3o^, Aprdnt, a. (cf and ^o-^ jvdna life) life- 
less, inanimate. [Colloq. c3^sc^5^I.^^>a^^amfi^.] 

{pgjCOT, Ajirdpta, a. (f and go^cs arrived) not 
arrived, not come; not obtained. 

^gca, Apriya, a. (^ and gca beloved) not dear, not 
beloved, not pleasant, unfriendly, inimical, un- 
kind; also (^ neg. cs husband) husbandless. 

faj3, Ajmyd, s. (cp and c53 wife) one wifeless, 
widower. [Colloq. Qii^qt^Qo icendambuwd.j 

<^gc538, Apriydioa, s. disgust, nuisance. 

e3S3<:S, Apsard, s. (qsd ap water, ess sri to go or, 
q;cg in the waters, <5e3 rasa flavour) apsara, 
nymph of swarga; the name alludes either to 
production of the nymphs at the churning of the 
ocean or to their frequent bathing. 

q;o, Apa, p)ron, us, the accusative of the per. pron. 
p8 a/"; also a particle or preposition, the reverse 
of <f 83 adhi up, implying privation, inferiority, 
down, below, beneath; contrariety, opposition to, 
difference from, bad, base; s. water. 

{fo^'^sSsJf, Apakshaivddi, a. (qp neg. o?ss a party, 
83 attached) not faithful, opjiiosed, disloyal, 
hostile, impartial. 


ffC3^, Apakra7na, s. (cp:2 from i^zi going) flight, 

^C25^, Apakrashta, see efc3-2S593i) apaknshfa, 
q5o^cS3, Apakrtyd, s. (ffzi against, <gc53 action) 

hatred, malice; evil doing, wickedness, 
qois^^scs, Apakrosa, s. (<fc3 against, ^css krusa to 

call out) abuse, reviling. [Colloq. -e^ce, nin~ 

cfo^od, Apakdra, s. Q^o ill, 33<5 what does) in- 
jury, ofiPence, hatred, enmity; helplessness, the 

leaving destitute of aid. 
Ff.^^i^&, Apakirtti, s. (^3 before, iS9^ fame) 

infamy, disgrace, reproach. 
{pc35Ka':i3Q, Ajjakrishfa, a. low, vile, inferior. 

[Colloq. (fQ adhamaJ] 
cpc3 (9^^55(3^(5^d', AjKi-keren, the abl. of ^6 o^m. 
epc3 {5>5(Sd^, Apa-kerehi, the loc. of tfO rt^w, 

sometimes used in the sense of ^oO aptata ahd 

qpc3C53^, Apagata, a. (^s3 away, cdsj gone) lost, 
deprived of; dead, deceased, departed. [Colloq. 
o^^ pahawu7\ 

cpoOT'Se?, Apagamana, s, {(fo and co0 going) 
departure, separation. 

^ '- 



fpCJS^ed, Apage, the gen. of qp8 a^n. 

<;prj8c5, Apachaya, s. loss, decay, wearing away; 

[Colloq. ^(5j3cS3S geviydma;'] respect, obeisance. 
qpcS, Apata, the dat. of <y8 o^w. 
fodI(2s33, Apatund, see <jc3oJg33 apatwund. 
^c5C53j5, Apatya, s. (qp neg. ::303m falling) that which 

fails not, offspring male or female. 
q^oc:, Apatya, a. unsuitable, not agreeing with, 

applied chiefly, medically, with respect to diet, 

regimen etc; not digesting: more properly ^c}<5 

apathy a. 
^ciS3 ^> Apatya-satru, s. (^asss offspring, 

88^ an enemy) the crab, being said to perish on 

producing its young. [Colloq. ssi^&Qo kaJcu- 
, lxhwd?[ 

qpog:23, Apatrapd, s. (efo and ^533 shame) bash- 

pc3CJg33. Apatwuna, pret, of following word. 

p:3sJ(SNaD)3, Apathwenawd, v. to die. 

tpc333S-<si, Apata7-pana, s. ((fo bad, e3S<s^ satisfac- 
tion) fasting, (chiefly in sickness); [Colloquial: 
^^05k)3<5c3 nirdlidraya.'] 

t^O'&iS^Qi(^Si, Apatiloguru, s. (ffo oui-, ^S^C^^cgcJl 
which see) name of Buddha. 

fpc3<?, Apada, a. (ep neg. 0*5 foot) footless, having 
no feet. 

efcs^fid', Apadan, s. removal, taking away, a term 
for the Ablative case, ffooc^^s^ ^csi^sxScs ajidddna 

^cxqesd's^S'Sa^o, Apadanivenawd, v. to lose. [Colloq. 

<253i,^'3^e33 netiicenawdi'] 
^3^S3, Apaddna, s, approved occupation, work 

well or completely done, deed, heroic action, tale 

or legend; thirteenth book of the Khuddaka- 


(^oCy'^cs, Apaddrthaya, s. calamity. 

fpC3^*53, Apadisa, s. (^C3 and fc53 to show) interme- 
diate space, half of a point of the compass. 

{fCK^qsra, Ajmdesa, s. (^o ill, badly, 33 disa to 
shew) contrivance, disguise by dress &c, pre- 
tence. [Colloq. Cj^^'^ '^'l><^^y<^-'\ 

q;oC0635, Apannala, a. (cp prohibitive, oeoSD 
gone, -S55 aff.) used of fiuch as deviate from the 
right road in religion, heretical, erroneous; also 
certain, true; without leaves; s, one of the in- 
carnations of Buddha, flrst in order, 

cpa^oGS, Apabhrnnsa, s. {tfo and ^oea fall) lan- 
guage so called, ungrammatical language. 

<fC3-<s^, Apamana, a. (9 and a-iS5 quantity) 
countless, infinite ; -endless. 

<fC33eoc5, Ajmmdnaya, s. (efo reverse, 3-253 res- 
pect) disrespect, disgrace. 

^:3C83>253, Apaydna, s. (^a from, caseo going) re- 
treat, flight. [Colloq. 0(^3(3x9 paldyema.^ 

{p!3col303, Aparyanta, a. (cp neg. C3C5^2S30D end) 
endless, immeasurable, boundless, unlimited, in- 
definite. [Colloq. (S^38(5J e^x^ kelawarak 

fpc3<5, Apara, s. west; also, other, opposite, contra- 
ry. [Colloq. S)0e9(5 batahira.'] 

^3(5(5^o3cS3e3co, Aparagoydnaya, s. an imaginary 
island or continent so called in the west, some 
say it is America. 

(^06 c^cs, Apara-pakshaya, s. the wane of the 

qpo<5 oSsJcs, Apara-parwataya, s. {cfod west, oS 
C3CS rock) the western movmtain behind which 
the sun sets. 

(fssdejscoca, Aparabhdgaya, s. time just past, after- 

qps^, Apard, a. other, opposite. [Colloq. {^j6J 

epc305?), Ajmrdjtta, a. (tf and C3^5?S3 conquered) 
unconquered; name of Vishnu and Siva, name 
of a plant, (clitoria ternatea ;) see eQ(^.S5(9>fi5^ 

^o^gDco, Aparddhaya, s. {(fo badly, OoQ to accom- 
plish) offence, impropriety, guilt, txansgression. 

qpo<55, Aparddhika, s. offender, transgressor, 
guilty person. 

sfz}<^oc&% Apardparya, s. transmigration. [Colloq. 
eeesd igo sasara-ipadimajy 

9c3(^K)3, Apardlina, s. {^zi6 apara after, <fS)e3 
day) afternoon, evening, the last watch of the 
day. [Colloq. e5e^3c5l sawasivarmm.'] 

epoS^esJ, Aimrikshipta, a. (p and ZiS round 
about, ^K03 thrown) not surrounded, un-encir- 
cled; [Colloq. Q^'^^'iSSiQwatanokala']. 

qpoS^oS, Apankshina, a. {(f neg. 08 and ^<siS 
emaciate) imperishable, not faded, not wearing 

^c3S??ac9c3, Apartgrihita, a. not taken or accepted, 
not assented to. 

ff cj SceS'eDCT, Aimrichch'hinna, a, not broken or 

ip:D5)S3, AjmrijTidta, 1 a. (ff and oS emphatic, 

cfc3<5i2sc^S5, Jl^>anw7'to, J SjCD known) unknown, 


^o^05e3S3, Aparttapta, a. (q: and 08 exceeding, 
SDfSOT warmed) not warmed or heated either by 
fire or of the sun. 

^cSg-?35^, Aparipurnna, a. {f^ and 08 emphatic, 

g-sji^ filled) incomplete, not filled; unprofitable, 

tfo83^K)3csj, Aparibhoga, a. not used, not embrac- 
ed; compare oSs^ccJS) /lanMo^a. 

<fc5S3-<!^, Aparimdna, a. (^ and aSi/o-uSS measure) 
immeasurable, boundless, immense. 

qpcsS^o, Aparimita. a. boundless, immense, in- 
finite; compare oS^Si parimita. 

4po8cg3), j^parisuddha,) a- not clean, not pure, 

^FoSsa), 1 ;;l ( "ii^ioly; compare c8c^ 

<fo8a^, ^P'''''''''^'^^''^^ parimddha. 

^oS^^J, Aparikshd, s. (^ not, oS^3 test) thought- 
lessness, carelessness. 

<^o^-s8aD Apartkshita, a. (q: and C35^S> tried) 
untried, unproved. 

qpc3i3^050'K/e)co, Ajyaropakramaya, s. {ffod apara 
other, (^a^S upakrama stratagem) another 

qpc3(3, Apala, Elu form of ^6c aphala which see. 

tfOQ_a, Apalai/a, s, misfortune, disadvantage, un- 
profitableness, bad luck; evil infiuence, (used of 
the planets.) 

^C5Q30, Apcddpa, s. i^tfo away or kindly, Qo lapa 
to speak) denial or concealment of knowledge, 
secrecy; affection, hiding; a. {f neg. oo^^ 
chaff) not empty, useful. 

(^oQ<si, Apaivaga, Elu form of fo8fi8 apawarga, 
s. final happiness, the soul being freed from 
transmigration and delivered from all further 
connection with the body; name of Nifvaiia. 

q:a06J, Apawat, a. dead. [Colloq. ''s)v^-^ meruna.^ 

fpo8ois^Q^3, A2)awatwenawd, v. to die. [CoUoq. 
i,S*(5<So3 merenawd,^ 

efoQ^, Apawarga, see sfoQ<si apawaga. 

qpaci)e3^^, Ajmivai-jjana, s. abandoning, forsaking; 
a gift or donation; final emancipation or beat- 

<fC3S3<j, ApaiL'dda, s. (^o bad, Sa^ speech) cen- 
sure, blame; indecent speech. 

q!oe)3<5^, Apawdrana, s. covering, concealment, 

^os5, Apavit, 1 a. (f neg. oBtQ clean) impure, 

ifrjS^, 42)ar?>a, J unclean, defile, polluted. 

9:3 ^ed^, Apavistra, corruption of Jf 3g apavitra. 

ffo SQssi, Apa visin, pron, instrumental case of 
cf8 api. 

^C3e3(5, Apasmdra, s, (epo privation, e^a smri to 
remember) epilepsy, falling sickness; a kind of 
sickness in which the patient is supposed to be 
affected by a demoniacal possession and suddenly 
falls, [Colloq, Qti'^6 (S^dSs^ca icasmara'rogaya.'j 

^^ee35^c3, A2)aswddrga,s. (<}! neg. o5t)3^ alliance) 
enmity, hostility, [Colloq, <s^c^&is) drohikama ."] 

^oes"?, Apasada, s. ungrammatical speech, 

C32^3, Apasarjana, s. emancipation, abandon- 
ment; a gift or donation, 

q:c3e3<5, Apasara, s. goddess, ;Elu); removal from 
one place to another, (Sanskrit). 

os5. Apasavya, a. (^o and esQjs left) the right 
(as opposite to left) ; opposite, contrary ; the 
space between the thumb and fore finger, 

^C3s^j<^<^c3, Apaharanaija, s. taking away, carrying 
off, stealing. [Colloq. OKXa^aaS pahakerima.'] 

^osjes, Apahasa, s. scorn, contempt, 

{pcjcogS, Apahasmca, s. ({f neg. cjssgi ease) af- 
fliction, illness, disorder, sickness: fatigue, in- 

efoiaosza, Ap)ahdsaya, s. disgrace. 

<p03, Ap)d, s. hell, general name for the infernal 

cpoo, AjM, adj. footless. [Colloq, o9^ ii:i& pdda 

tfooiSi, Apdka, s. (^ and oosi ripeness) unripe- 
ness, the state of not beuig well cooked, or 
digested, immaturity. [Colloq. s^33q5iS no- 

9033)30, Apdiiga, s. (qpo apa before, t^SDao aiiga 
limb) outer corner of the eye, comer of the eye 
next the object when taking a side glance at 
any thing. [CoUoq. fi) S)i(^ei ada belma.'] 

qps33<5, Apdda, la. (cp and oa^ feet) footless, 

cfajqs), A2mdaka, J applied to serpents &c. 

903^'253, Apdddna, s. {f^^ apa from, {p>(^3 dddna 
taking) removal, taking from; it conveys the 
sense of the fifth or ablative case in Sanskrit 
and Pali. 

epoJ^, Apddt, see cfQo^ apdda. 

9:^3 gcs5, Ajyd duka, s. (j^ao hell, g> sorrow) 
sorrows of hell, punishments or sufferings of the 
infernal regions. 

9O3'20, Apdna, s. (90 apa below, ^eo ana to 
breathe) the anus, breaking wind, one of the 
five vital airs. 

{po30, Apdpa, a, (^ neg. C33s3 sin) sialese, vii'tuous. 




<yc33f3?9. Apdmpati, s. ({^33 apdm the gen. case 
of epCJ a2)a water, o^ master) the ocean; name 
of Varuna. 

qpoaScjo, AjKimaga, s. (qpD3 hell, go a way) path 
to hell, sin; Elu form of fpo33cS ajKimirga. 

(^zi'iii'if^, Apdmdrga, see JpessDoa apdmaga. 

<f03c5, Apdya, s. (qpo apa privative, ^cs ai/a profit) 
hell, penal infliction, retributive punishment; 
see eso3<5 fpo3cs satara apdya. 

f^o'ica C55C8, Apdya bhaya, s. (^oscs heU. cncs i'ear) 
fear of heU. 

p03g, Apdsu, s. affliction, sickness, illness, un- 
easiness; a. hard to cure, very sick. 

<y6, Apti, pron. we; also a preposition and particle 
corresponding to our particles even, though, yet, 
assuredly; also implying enquiry, interogation, 
doubt, possibility. 

^6c)33, Apidhdna, s. covering, concealment, dis- 
appearance. [Colloq. QobiSi piyanaJ] 

t^QS, Apiri, a. (^ neg. 85 filled) not filled; see 
<?!ct apria. 

<;p6SgJ, Apiripun, a. not full, incomplete. 

<f&8c&, Apiriya, Elu form of ^ca apriya. 

<f 88cso5, Apiriyat, Elu form of f oco'25303 apary- 
yanta, endless, infinite. [CoUoq. s5g,(5J 
3t29 kelaivarak neti.^ 

CfQSQc^, Apirisidu, a. {t^ and 66fig clean) un- 

. clean, foul, stained, polluted. 

eperf, Ajyis^ Elu form of c^s^QoCle^ cdjye'ckchha. 

^Ssit^, Apisas, a. not haunted by evil spirits or 

fpg-<s3ic, Apunya, a. {Cf and g<^ virtuous) bad, 
wicked; unfortunate, unlucky. [CoUoq. Bisi 
^i^ pin netiJ\ 

<pg-(grcxcs, Apu^yaya, Si demerit, sin. 

ffgg), Aputraka, a. (^ and gg son, ^ aff.) 

childless; s. man who has no son. 
qpg(^(352s?3, Apidlannd, s. washerman. 
^g(^(3SD3, Apullanaivd, v. to strike, to beat, used 

of washing clothes which the natives do by 

beating them against a stone, pret. ^figc^gSs 


epgC Apula, a. loathesome, disgusting; s. disgust. 

^gSg, Apturwawu, a. (cp and gS) before) not 

happened before, strange, wonderful, admired, 

^^510, Apuruwa, s. wonder, strange thing, sur- 
prise, a. unusual, wonderful. 
<pS^c^J, Apen, abl, of ^6 apt. 
efs^d, Ajye, pron, our. 

^Sr3^38, Apekshdwa, s. (tfo apa emphatic, S-i^ 
iksha seeing) hope, regard, expectation; looking 
intensely into anything. 

^Sv033, Apoyi, interj. alas ! oh ! 

^S^o^C^^^ Apolanawd, v. to clap the hands; 
[Colloq. cp65(3^c33(Seesi(9>^eD3 atpolasandenawd'] ; 
also to strike; see ?pg(^C^^' apullanaivd. 

{fSNODS^aosasi, Apohosat, a. (^ and e^oatjieojsosJ 
rich) not rich, poor; unable. 

^6(3, Aphala, a. (f? and 6c fruit) fruitless, 
sterile, barren; unprofitable, disadvantageous. 

<f 6(3>? Aphalakama, s. barrenness, sterility, un- 

^?93g), Aphdsuiva, s. see qosig apahasuwa. 

qpSW, Abja, s. (cf^ ab for, ^d aj) water, d ja born) 
the lotus, [Colloq. s^^^g nelwn]', moon, physi- 
cian of the gods. 

qpSb'c^cssefl, Abjayoni, s. one of the names of 

^S)E?eQ, Abjim, s. multitude of lotus flowers. 

<^E?^a^, Abjintpati, s. (ff'Sjd'iSi and c^ lord) 
the sun. [Colloq. gcscC3 suryayd.'] 

^a, Abdhi, s. sea, ocean. [Colloq, g^ muda.'} 

''^S3(?3o, Abbdgdta, a. cripple, lame; see cf'shi^ 
^30 abbhdghdta. [Colloq. (S^^36 kora.'] 

cfSS)3(K>3S3c53, Abbdgdtayd, )s. cripple, person hav- 

epato3ffi3, Abbhdghdta, J ing lost a limb. 

epS)epo5 SeG, Abbhuta dhamma, s. {if not, t3 
beino' or been, S event; that which has not 
happened before, strange event, wonder, miracle; 
one of the branches of sacred science into which 
Buddhism is divided, comprehending such siitras 
or works as describe the miraculous powers of 

qvSfe)33ais>361>3acs, Abbhokdsikdilgaya, the Pali 
form of {^e335933c8-25538)Dco abhyawakdsikdngaya 
which see. 

ef9B3S3S, Abrahmachdri, see gsS3S brahma- 

{f9E<5Sj3, Abrahmanya. a. (ep neg. gKS:<^ pro- 
per for a brahman; i. e. death) sacred, not to be 

fpS), Aba, s. mustard, brassica juncea (Cruet/era;). 

^'S>^6, Abatura, " Elu form of ^tixzxi6 abhyan- 

epQ^c^, Abaturu, J tara. 

^aag, Abandhu, a. (^ and S)i^ relative) without 
relations, not related. 

^aS, Ababa, s. a hell so called; a number. 

^05, Abaya, s. (if and S)ca fear) exemption from 
fear or danger. 




CpS)<5, Abara, a. (cp not, <5 weight) light, not 
heavy. [Colloq. 8siS5i(^^ sehellu.'] 

ep5<s?o, Abarana, s. ornaments, jewels. 

{fC) AbaJa, a. (?p and c strength) powerless, 
weak, old. 

^S)c3, Abala, s. woman. [Colloq. sfn'.] 

cpS)(3, Ahali, a. old, worn out, damaged. 

{pQ(3, Abalt, s. see f?Qci abaln, 

epQg, Abahiwa, s. husk of the mustard seed. 
[Colloq. {fS)ecS(^C3 aba}yiijallaP\ plural cpC 

(^'a)\ Aba. s. ( and 3 fortune or fear) misfortune, 
bad luck; safety, confidence. 

c?^, Abi, prep, and prefix meaning before, in 
front of. 

epo, Abm, 1 

^^^, Abin, ]'' "P^""^' 

Cp939, Abij)rmva, incorrectly used for {ftSgicc 

cpSJ, Abiman, Elu form of (^SQo^ abhimdna. 

ep), Abiimiwa, Elu form of ^!93 abhmukha. 

tf^cs, Abrt/a, see epKJcs abhaya. 

?pcs, Abiya, Is. (<? not, fear, ^ what 

^csij, Abiyada, (gives) Nirvdna, freedom from 

cp^cses, Abiyasa, a. near, proximate, close on the 
borders of. [Colloq. Qi langa.'] 

{?g5c}, Abiyut, see eptBcfcJ Abhijit. 

^<3^coe^, Abiyes, see q>.?c5es abiyasa. 

ep^S^coJ(53, Abiyoga, a. silly, foolish, stupid; s. in- 

qp<5[,, a. Elu form of epsBcJl abhirti. 

'^eaJl. Abisaru, s. woman who goes to an assig- 

{fSNes, Abisew, a. Elu form of fPtB3>e3) abhiseka. 

cp03, ^A2<to, Of. false; . falsehood, folly, idiocy: 
properly written p*^05 abhuta. 

(5^S)Jf:^6, I ^^odhya, a. unintelligible. 
{fK)33(g, Abhyagra, a. (cptB a^Az' in the presence of 
(^CQ agra the front) near, proximate. [Colloq. 
C,S3 langa.'] 
^C5DJ3is>, Abhyanga, Is. smearing the body with 
fpcoaStej Abhyanga. foil, rubbing the body with 

any unctuous substance. 
t^Ti-Ad'Si, Abhyanjana, Is. ({?tQ and tfisf^ to 
epeDJSs^'e:^, Abhyanjana, (anoint) ointment, smear- 
ing the body with oil in unction ; applying coUy- 
rium to the eyelashes. 

9{!n2ao3<5, Abhyantara, pi-ep. within, inside, inner 
space, the space included. [Colloq. f^c^Q etula^ 

fp{S3333(K05, Abhyawakdsaya, s. firmament. [Col. 
^53C53co awakdsaya.'] 

^w953cj3Ste>cs, Abhyawakdsikddgaya, s. (?t65* 
53C5a abhyawakdsa atmosphere, ^> ika aflp. 
^ate> aAga ordinance) institute of the Buddhist 
code enjoining upon the priests to reside in the 
open air, and not to employ the slightest cover- 
ing or defence, whatever may be the weather to 
which they are exposed. See S'w;^?^ 3gDo 
teles dhutdiiga. 

cpao32oaaoeo, Abhyakhydna, s. (tftS ai^? and ^QoaoSD 
dkhydna saying) groundless demand; false ac- 

q5C3)(5>385, Abhydgdrika, s. (^S abhi and epwad 
dgdm house, <^S) ika aff.) one diligent in 
supporting the concerns of a house. 

fpwax^ea, Abhydddna, s. beginning, commence- 
ment. [Colloq. oQ&ScsiiisSs) pafangenma.'] 

epwaoescs, Abhydsaya, s. practice, exercise. [Colloq, 
gcJi<^<:j inirudda.'] 

pQOjg;:3C5>i)a3, Abhyupagamana, s. (<fi abhi and 
QZi upa implying association or -vicinity, enS-eo 
going) promise, an agreement, [Colloq. S^oa 
M^5g poronduwa~\\ approaching. [Colloq. 
0(3 2 elambima.'] 

qig, Abhra, s. sky, firmament; a, cloud; plum- 

tf^oQw, Abhranliha, s. air, wind. [Colloq. 3)ca 

tf^ssi, Abhraka, a. mineral substance, talc. [Colloq. 
i0(5aJ miniran.'\ 

{?@3C') Abhramdld, s. (<?^ and 3C3 garland) 
line or succession of clouds. 

^CDiS^', Abhakti, 8. (cf neg. oc7 faith) unbelief, 
want of devotion to, impiety. [Colloq. 9^s:o 
'^^^dC noedahilla.'] 

qpK)iSxfi>, Abhaktika, a. ungodly. 

Cp(545x9c3, s. Abhaktiya, impiety, wickedness, un- 
itfiSica, Abhaya, a. (^ not, essca fear) fearless, free- 
dom from fear or danger. 

f er>S, Abhawya, a. (fp and eo fit, proper) unfit, 

qpeos, Abhdwa, s. (tf and en39 being) non exist- 
ence, annihilation. 

ffeoiSw, Abhdvita, a. (cp and <j*3o3 accustomed) 
unaccustomed to a thing, not exercised in. 


<pS, Ahht, prep, implying similarity, in the pre- 
sence of, separation, severally, wish, desire; 
conjoined, belonging to, with respect to. 

epSc^-S3, Abhiqamana, s. (qptB near to, (55e3 
going) approaching. 

ftSa83?9, AhhigMti, s. (qfjSwDCT ahhighata what 
kills, 3^ { pars, aff.) enemy. 

cprSSaSasai, Abhichdrikd, see fpSescSl abisant-. 

ptSci5!H)3, AbUjjhd, ?. Pali form of ^tB3so rt/)7(2- 

{fcBt^o, Abhijdta, a. (^B and Gfi<55 born) well 
born, noble; learned, wise. 

(^tSs^s^, Ahhtpt, s. three stars inserted between the 
twenty first and twenty second lunar mansions. 

<;pSa^, Abhijna, 1 s. (fetB very, > knowledge) 

^tSs>, Abhtjm, /profound knowledge, supernat- 
ural acquirements, used chiefly to express the 
five kinds of knowledge acquired by the Rahats 
or Buddhistical ascetics; viz. 1. The power 
to assume any shape. 2. Supernatural hearing, 
by which words or soimds however low can be 
heard at any distance. 3, The power of know- 
ing the hearts of others. 4. The knowledge of 
men's condition in a former state of existence. 
6. The power of seeing objects at any distance, 
a. having known, become cognizant of. 

CPS?rrw^, Abhinnd, Pali form of fftSsSj abhijnd. 

ptSec5, Ahhitapta, a. (^tB and 03f5n burnt) 
scorched, burnt. 

eptfiQ*), Abhidhydwa, s. extreme desire, excessive 
longing, violent covetousness. 

ep8, Ahhid.harma, s. (eptfi profound, SD^ID say- 
ings of Buddha) those addresses of Buddha 
which were delivered to the gods; one of the 
three pitakas or divisions of Buddhism. 

qptSa eOa>o5, Abhidharma-pitahaya, s. (^tSS) 
and e~)5j5 basket) third of the three pitakas 
or collections of the discourses of Buddha. It 
contains books, which were addressed to gods. 

q:B5)3'S3, Abhidhdna, s. name, appellation; vocab- 

, ulary, dictionary, 

fptS3)3, Abhinydsa, s. (<fS very, ^ m and epss 
asa to throw) incurable or mortal fever. 

tpsSe^-a^eocs, Abhinandanaya, s. (<fi emphatic, 
particle, ^esqs^ joy) extreme joy; in Hindu 
mythology, name of the fourth Jaina Tirt'ha- 
kara, or deified saint. 

cptBsaS), Abhtnawa, a. new, modern; young, [Coll. 

40 t^iB^ 

ftB^<5^cs', Abhinhresn, s. (e?tB and ^6 before, 
to enter) intense application to any object, 
determination to effect a purpose or to attain an 

{ptS^6a-^^, Abhinishkramann, s. (cptB intensi- 
tive, i6s5-^ departing) forsaking the world 
and retiring into solitude for the purposes of 
asceticism, chiefly used of Buddha, 

fftB^^c Abhinila, s. (p(f3 intensitive, diQ blue) 
very blue. 

sffBi^^od, Abhinihdra, s. (tpt8 very, ^ before, the 
final, (^ i lengthened, S53c5 what brings) hope, 
expectation, earnest wish, or aspiration; prayer, 
request, freedom from all doubt. 

q?tBg3c5, Abhiprdya, "I s. meaning, intention, wish, 

t^tBgo, Abhtprdwa, /purpose, design, thought; 

{ptScn, Abhibhaira, s. defeat, subjugation, want of 
kindness; humiliation. [Colloq. o<^d( pard- 

{f^tnSej, Abhibhawana, s. overpowering, over- 
coming, defeat, conquest, [Colloq. tS)citc5 
93 medapewetvima.'] 

cptBsiSj, Abh'bhaivd, past. part, having subjugat- 
ed, having eclipsed. 

cptBtQea, Abhibhutawa, pass. part, being defeated 
or subjugated. 

cptfi^eo, Abhibbuta, a. defeated, conquered, subdvx- 
ed, subjugated; humbled. 

cpBa!iKC, AbhimaTigala, s, (e^fB emphatic, StoQ 
feast) great feast, high festival, splendid enter- 
tainment, solemnity. 

cptBe3, Abhimata, a. (eptB and C3 thought) great 
pleasure, very willing, wished, 

{f5Be33^, Abhimatdrtha, s. ({^pcSSo, wished, (^Sb 

object) desired object, favourite pursuit. 
tpB:f, Abhiman, ^ s. pride, haughtiness. 
cpt8325>er>, Abhimdnna, > [Colloq. i DtrseT'cs 
q;B3-S3, Abhimdna, j n-edi-mdnnaya.'\ 
epc6a, Abhimvkha, prep. ({?B before, 3 face) 

before the face, in the presence of, present. 
cp{BQc5, Abhimukhaya, s. presence. 

ep^o355", Abliyukta, a. (ffsB and g?s>5^ joined) 
surrounded, encompassed by an enemy, [Colloq. 
5 5-^(3:j watakaranalada']; s. servant at- 
tending a priest. 

fftB5^, Abhirati, s. ({fB emphatic, <5?9 pleasure) 
excessive desire. 



cf^dS:a, Abhiramya, a. ({^B very, (5 delightful) 
very pleasant, delightful, agreeable. 

fptS<5-<sjScc, Abhiramanaya, s. copulation, adultery. 

eptfiOo, Abhirdma, a. (c?tB before, <5 to sport) 
very good, dear, affectionate; beautiful, 

eptSc^CJ, Abhirupa, a. (qitS emphatic, <^C3 beauti- 
ful) extremely beautiful; s. philosopher, name 
of Siva or Vishnu. 

atBc'a!, Abhildsha, Is. (epeBandc^s lasha to like) 

?9C35s, Abhildsa, J desire, appetite, sensual de- 
sire, lust. 

.^tBgScs, Abhivraddhii/a, improperly written for 
f?tB8aSca abhivriddhiya. 

c^rB^oq, Abhhvdda, s, (fpeB against, Qjij speech) 
opprobrious speech, abuse; see next. 

(f^^oq^, Abhhvddana, s. (fftf^ in presence of, 
o<53 speech) worship, salutation, honouring. 

epffiSaScs, "XAhhivriddhiya, s. increase, growth, 

cptB9ai;SG5, J prosperity; superabounding. [Coll. 
iQSScs wedasiddhiya.'] 

^^BSasio?, Abhishil-ta, see eptQia'CoSi abhtseka. 

{ftBe3o5a^o:>, Abhisanskrata, see {ftSeeoeeasaw ai^z- 

fptBs3o5Q833<5, AbhisansMra, s. thought, idea, con- 
ception, fancy, forming, perfecting, accumula- 
tion, collection. This word is somethnes found 
written as eftSes(oi5>^<5 abhisansTcdra, in old 

epSeso8ea5k)3?n, Abhismislrita, a. (fptS and esoteasa 
well done) completely or well made, perfected; 
prepared, formed. 

eftBeeSS)^, lAbJusambuddht, s. (ep^ emphatic, 

{fBe3@|)^, je6S9<^ wisdom) great wisdom, 
universal knowledge, infallible knowledge. 

eptS53?cfl, Abhtsamanaya, s. check, suppression, 
that which causes anything to cease. [Colloq. 
esoQ^S sansindavima.'] 

epSeecs, Abhisamaya, s. penetration, comprehen- 
sion, clear understanding; fine weather, good 
or favourable season; good religion. 

f?5f3ec35ffi)3S, Abhisdrikdwa, s. woman who goes 
to an assignation. 

^eBSs>5?, Abhisikta, Is. (cpjQ before, 8X3 sprink- 

{fe9!S^e3), Abhiseka, J ling) an anointing, royal 
unction ; sprinkling. 

f8;9s), Abhihita, a. (^tP before, Qd dhd to have, 
85X55 kta aff, ^ hi substituted for the root) spoken, 
said, called, named. [Colloq. aSctesQCj kiyana- 

41 <?^ 

<f?Ss3, AbMta, a, (cp neg. tB3 daunted) fearlesa, 

p{B, Abhima, 1 .(<? and tf?5) terrific) causing 
(^^isi, Abh'maka, j no fear, unterrific; opposite. 
sfeBcJi, Abhmi, a. (^ and ^c5l timid) fearless, 

undaunted; s. name of a plant, (asparagus 

qp?BcJi;, Abhiruka, s. courageous man. 
{f^o>, Abhuta, s. (cp and fo being) that which is 

not, that which has not been, falsehood; non- 
existence, annihilation. 
CfS^3^, Abhedya, a. (ef and (S^tsie^ to be broken) 

not to be broken, solid; s. diamond, 
{p, Amba, s. water, rainy cloud; woman, wife; 

chaste wife; mother; also a medicinal drug, see 

tB8'^B8ai himce'nya. 
ep, Amba, s. mango, mangifera indica or mangi- 

fera zeylanica (Anacardiacece). 
qp5C53, Ambakaha, s. tuberous plant, with scarce- 
ly any stem, Kaempferia pandurata (Scimita- 

ffi <53W, Amba-gaha, s. mango tree. 
^?(5^s^ce, Ambagedtya, s. mango fruit; kidney, 
q -25303, Ambanawd, v. to make, to form; to drive 

away: pret. J^gSo ?wji2"<^'. 
q: (j, Amba-mal, s. flower of the mango, 
{pad, Ambara, s. the sky, the atmosphere; apparel, 

clothes; also a powder applied to the body. 
^(5<s^93, Ambaranawd, v. to gi-ind, to twist: 

pret. <^cJi.So embarmvd. 
<? c5l, Amba-ruka, s. mango tree. 
{^C. Ambala, s. plant, Limnanthemum cristatum, 

{pe, Ambalama, see ^DS)c ambalama. 
^033, Ambawanawd, v. to drive, to drive away; 

to cause to be driven away, to chase after, to 

mould: pret. ^(^^g^ or ^(3\993 embewwd. 
^0(S}^, Ambdgana, 1 . chasing, chased, hav- 
jp3(3(55-^, Ambdgena, j ing chased. 
q:g, Ambu, s. water, [Colloq. e^cco jalaya"] ; wife, 

q;d, Ambuja, s. (ep water, d born) lotus. 

[Colloq. (?D^ nelum.'] 
e^^qc^fS^QS, Ambudaruwo, s. wife and chUdren, 

the family. 
^c^, Amburd, s. sky, heaven; Elu form of fpSSd 

ambara. [Colloq. epsjss ahasa.'] 
^cJl9, Ambunim, s. (^%<^ and e9 river) the 

river of swarga or heaven. 




n9, A/nbuu-a, s. wife. 

ef^^, Ambus, s. water. [Colloc[. Qf^6 ivatiira.'] 
^(S^, AMe, s. singular of tf amba, mango. 
^6)<5, Ambara, s. sky; apparel, clothes; talc. 
cf^Scs, Ambarisha, s. frying pan, war, battle; 

name of Siva, also of Vishnu; young animal, 

colt, lx)y; division in hell; the sun, repentance, 

a king- so called of the Suriya race ; kind of tree, 

(spojuh'as mangifera), [Colloq. t^'^d>(^Q em- 

barelln'] . 
qpS(3, Ambalama, s. kind of shed built on the 
^ road side for travellers to rest in. 
^iS)3, Amba, s. mother. 
fpi5539, Ambikdwa, s. mother, wife; plant, 

(c lypea herna ndifo h'a). 
??, Ambu, s. water. 
f^^d, Ambuja, s. (ffSE^ water, d born) lotus, 

moon, fish, oyster; a. aquatic. 
<f^ej, Ambuda, s. (^SQ and <5 what gives) cloud; 

plant, (cyperus rohindiis); [Colloq. 5C3^ 

^sS)?, AmbwdJiari, s. (^S|) and S)<5 dhara which 

bears) cloud. 
<fef33, Ambudhi, s. (tfS and 8 what possesses) 
i the ocean. [CoHoq. esggca samudraya.'] 
<pS) g^'o^e?, Ambu-prasddana, s. (q^SE) and gee? 

prasada to cleanse) clearing nut tree, (strychnos 

jiotatorum) ; the nuts of this plant are used for 

purifying water, they are rubbed upon the inner 

surface of the vessel and cause the precipitation 

of the impurities of the fluid. [Colloq. <^uS>^ 

cpggcJi.5J, Amburuha, s. (fS and c5leo what grows 

in or on) lotus, any aquatic plant. 
<psK> d, Ambhoja, s. (q;trf ambhas water, d 

born) water born, lotus; moon. 
q:s\?)eoo ^633, Ambho-nidhi, s. (|pafe)df ambhas and 

^3 treasure) ocean. [Colloq. s30(5J(5co sa^araya]. 
fp3^e5^(5iiS5, Amblwruha, s. {(^^itsiiS ambhas and 

cJlao what rises or grows) lotus. [Colloq. 699 

{p3<j3^a5, Ammandi, s. respectful term for mother 

used in conversation. 
ff i>33, Ammd, s. mother, pi. cp3(33 ammdld or 

q3je)^^ ammdwaru. 
cf93a(^C) Ammdpalla, 'is. common asseveration, 
Cf3C50, Ammdpd, j " by my mother." 
<;p, Amra, s. mango. [CoHoq. <f amba.'] 
c;pga), Amrata, see cpac3 amrita. 

{j::^, Amla, s. sourness, acidity; [Colloq. fi^cS 
embid"]; wood sorrel, (oxalis monadelpha). 

ai(g;3, Amh'kd, s. tamarind tree, [Colloq. fics 
Qo siyambald'] ; wood sorrel. 

{J, Ama, s. water; [Colloquial: dc<^ jalaya"], 
ambrosia and nectar. See ^?^as> amrita. 

^^9(57, Amaga, s. (e? neg. ra the way") heresy. 

qpSSise, Amanqala, s. (ff and SraC auspicious) 
inauspicious, unlucky; s. castor oil plant, the 
wood of which has no sap and is useless. 

<p??J^, Amattu, 8. cessation. [Provin.] 

f03, Amata, s. nectar or ambrosia, Nirvdna, 
water, see fpSasj amrita. 

fpS3J^5D3, Amatannd, s. thinker, inventor, pi, 
qP2)C32d(3\^r3j amatannd. 

f Se3^, Amatana, a. inviting, thinking, expecting. 

^0338i, Amatanawd, r. to think, to ponder, to 
look for by the mind as for an answer to a ques- 
tion, to invent, invite: pret. '-^^)3 ematuwd. 

{?<5, Amada, s. perfume, odour; leprosy; pleasure, 

q?<?, Amada, a. (^ neg. :j little) not a little, 
much, sufficient, plentiful, abundant. 

'253, Amadina, a. sweeping. 

f?{^'S393, Amadtnawd, v. to sweep, to clean, to 
rub as with a cloth: pret. <^t4*^ emfddd. 
[Colloquial: fp42'S>3<3383 atugdnawd, Q^SiQ'3 

($^iSi, Amadini, s. mother, sweeper, broom, 

^5, Amadu, s. eating, feeding. 

cpgc5, Amadura, la. (ff and g<5 savour) taste- 

fp5c^^, Amaduru, j less, having no savour. [Coll. 
des e?i?9 rasa-neti.'\ 

<fgc5, Amadhura, Pdli form of preceding word. 

qp3, Amana, a. (tf and 33 thought) thoughtless, 
ignorant, stupid, idiotic. 

ep-253cs3, Amanayd, s. simple-man, stupid-man. 

a33, Amanawd, v. to blow, convey a very good 
or bad smell. 

q;33::;, Amandpa, a. (ff priv. 3D30 content) dis- 
contented, dissatisfied, unwilling. 

^33:3C!5, Amandpaya, s. dislike, displeasure. 

cp-g335, Amanushya, s. (^ neg. gs* man) not 
a human being, demon or evil spirit, [Colloq. 
C5^^ yalc8ha~\ ; a. devilish. 

f?(S>2533<ac{, Amanojna, a. (<? priv. ?^^f:^{ ex- 
cellent) inferior; not excellent. 

^a3, Amapd, s. (cpS nectar, C33 who drinks) deity; 




^SiS, Amayitri, see epG^ amaitri. 

<^0ac5i, Amayuru, a. (^i) nectar, cpg^c^ ayura like) 

delicious, resembling ambrosia. 
f?Sg5<5i, 8<q2>3, Amayuru, icadana, s. (^gj5 sAveet, 

^20 word) sweet speech, pleasing words. 
<f S, Amarsha, s. anger, passion, wrath. [Colloq. 

03ds) tar alia ^ 
{^i)(5, J.?ara, s. (if and <5 dying) immortal; 

deity; heaven or world of the gods; quicksilver, 
^c5<^co, Amaraiuya, a. (jsf and c5-3^ca perish- 
able) that cannot die, undying, immortal. 
^ds33Sc3, Amarabhdwaya, s. (<f<5 undying, es33 

6c8 state or condition) the undying state. 
{f6Q3, Amarald, s. name of a fish. 
^c5, Amard., s. deity, god, kind of panic grass 

(heterepogon hirttis), [Colloq. c?a)-<a itatia']; 

kind of creeper, holy basil; banyan tree; city 

of gods. 
qpc55.g, Amarupu, s. (qf god, <^q an enemy) 

name of Buddha. 
fp(^, Amal, a. pure, clean. [Colloq. &3Qq phi- 

^C, ^maZa, a. (^ neg. q rust) unsullied, cleaa-, 

pure, as polished brass or steel. 
^Sd, Amalu, s. crystal. [Colloq. :3(Jgj9a/2SgM.] 
^3, Arm, s. name of Nirvana; ambrosia, day of 

the new moon. 
3 (^S^) Amd-eduru, s. (^3 Nirvana, <fiS^ 

teacher) the teacher that shows the way to 

Nu-vana, Buddha. 
(fl)0tsi-3i, Anuitya, \s. jjrime minister, ct>un- 
<f3SjcC3, Amutyayd, J sellor, state officer. [Coll. 

<^^c53 einatiyd.'\ 
^3^a5, Amddtya, s. (fpSs immortal or sweet, ^cs 

water) water of life, nectar; sweet or pure water. 
qpSoiSO, Amdjita, is. incorrectly written for 
q;5:2S?33, Aindptya, J q:3S53S ama^ya which see. 
(foz>iisS, Amdpen, s. see pJi^c5 amddiya. 
^33s3 ^^3-<s?o, Amdmaha niicana, s. name of Nir- 

<fDC53, Amdyd, a. (cp priv. 3C53 deceit) sincere, 

frank, open. [Colloq. diQQQ ^t& rcwoHli- 

^3(5-<aw3j, Amdrafiaicd, v. to flourish a weapon, 

etc. as if to strike, to strike as with a SAVord or 

weapon: pret. (^xCSis)3 emeruwd. 
Cf^idsc; Amdrasa, s. (<?3 immortal, (5:." taste) am- 
brosial taste, such a savour as id pleasing tt) the 


qf3:JL, Amaru, a. difficult. 

(izndiss, Amdresa, s. (cf3 and dj^ rays) moon; 

pi. ^3dprf amdres. [Colloq. Q'c53 chandrayd.'\ 
^3(3ce, Amdliya, s. (^3 and (gco creeper) a sort 

of creeper, species of the amaranthus. 
38, AmdwaJca, s. the day of the new moon. 
^38^<5, Amdwatura, s. (<p3 and &?^6 water) 

the water of life; Siyhalese book so called. 
qp398, Amdwasi, see ^3038 amdwdsi. 
<f38)SNS, Amd-wahare, s. (p3 ambrosial, 8ja(?>5 

rain) Elu form of ^as) S^a amrita warshd; 

the fall of ambrosia^from heaven; pleasant rain. 
93838, Amdwdsi, s. ('?a/3 with, 8i^ to abide) the 

day in which the moon is with or in the same 

quarter as the sun; the day of the new moon. 
^3 xS, Amd-wesi, see (f^oQsys^iS amd-wahare. 
<f 3(3\e^, Amdse, 8. (cp3 and (S^cS shade) ambrosial 

shade, pleasant shade. 
<fc5, Amit, la. (^ and ^ friendly) unfriend-i 
^^, Amitra, S ly, adverse, inimical. 
tfS), Amita, a. (p priv. S3 measure) immeasura- 
ble, infinite, boundless. [Colloq. ^g3is6 apra- 

qp'^4g<35, Amiturd, s. enemy; pi. <f^s*(5J ami' 

t^%i^Si, Amituru, a. Elu form of ^g amitra. 
^'%^^iqm, Amitodana, s. a king so called, brother 

to Suddhodana the father of Buddha. 
ep^ed, Amin, 8. multitude, assembly; [Colloquial: 

oBJc6 samuhaya.^ a. immeasurable. 
'Scsi, Amiydwa, s. see ^ca3 emiydwa. 
ff ^gg, Amiyu, s. eating. 
qpfogcJi, Amiyuru, a. (<f not, ggcii. savour) tasteless, 

having no savour, insipid; not pleasing. 
K^<Q, Amisra, a. {<} and g mixture) ixnmixed, 

(f^ts, Atnisa, s. flesh, food, luxury. See f)a 

cf^Q, Amisi, s. kind of dill or fennel, (anetkum 

soii-a) [Colloq. ess? 415 do satakuppa']. 
^e05j Amihiri, see (^^'^Si amiyuru. 
qpU, Ami, s. eating. [Colloq. teg wftandtona.'] 
p<533, Amirasa, s. bad taste, insipidity; a. taste- 
less, disagreeable taste. 
cf, Amu, a. raw, green, unripe; a kind of paddy; 

a plant, of which there are five or six species in 

Ceylon, pasjyalum 8Crobiculatum, (Gramineo'). 
{p3J555<^, Amukhn-d, s. a sort of plant, (physalis 

jloxuosa); Withaaia mmuifera (Solanacea'.) 




(f^^x;^, ArnuJcta, a. (^ neg. >c33 released) not 
loosed, retained; s. weapon that is always grasp- 
ed to be used as a knife. 

^ &QSi, Amu-kapuru, s. unprepared camphor. 

(f^'2s:6, Amukara, past. part, begun, brought into 
the presence. 

fpgQjs, Amukhi/a, a. (ep not, 333 chief) secondary, 
inferior, not chief. [CoUoq. qpgS)3D apradhdna.\ 

^a), Amuda, is. piece of cloth used to pass 

<fg3NS), ^?;iMc?e, J between the legs from the front 
to behind for the purpose of tucking up the 
lower garments. 

fg-ajro, Amuna, s. the standard measure_of paddy 
and other grain, contauiiag eight parrahs or 160 
measures of paddy, t. e. five bushels. It varies 
in different parts of the Island. In the Colombo 
district it is equal to about six bushels; a super- 
ficial measure containing as much ground as an 
amuna of grain will sow, it is reckoned at 2 1 
acres but in the central province about two 
acres; a temporary dam for diverting or stopp- 
ing the water of a stream for the purpose of 
irrigation; the bank in a paddy field, pi. q!<s^ 

^%^ ^383, Amunu baudinawd, v. to construct 
a dam, to stop up a water course to irrigate the 

^sJs3, AmiUfa, s, a new thing, anything strange. '^s^Jk, Amogha, v. (^ priv. -^-SJ^ vain) produc 
epc5s3j, Amuttd, s. stranger, visitor, guest; pi. 

q:gcj(3\SDJ amuttd. 
^|]^, Amutu, a. novel, of another kind. 
(f|j^, Amutu, s. procession, miracle, wonder. [Coll. 

cf^52 .sSS, Amittu kiinu, s. poetical invention, 

(literally) new saying; pi, {g<5 Si% amutu kim. 
^^ S3, Amutu bata, s. (^'D^ new, CD boiled 

rice) food given to strangers, hospitality; food 

cooked out of the first produce of a harvest. 
^i^D, Amutum, see (fi^ ematum. 
tfg^ Sts), Amutu iceda, s. additional work. 
^^ ^iS, Amutu hcti, s. new or strange forms. 
Kg^ 20lS), Amutu heda. s. new shapes, other 

{fg<5D25D, Amunana, a. stringmg together; s. string 

of beads, or flowers, or any kind of ornaments 

that are strung or linked together. 
^"gsas^iSa, Amunanatrd, r. to striiig Ijcals; to 

thread (needle), tu arrange; pret. (^^ejQo 


{<!|j~)3Q, AmujxUa, s. (^g unripe or fresh as leaves, 
oo'z) colour) green. 

4pg <5j', Amu-ran, s. unwrought gold. 

^^<d, Amulu, a. (q: neg. d multitude) crowdless. 

^0, Amuwa, s. unripe, green colour. 

epg(?>e23(3'.S3D2J?, Amusohona, s. ground where dead 
bodies are cast without a burial. 

{fg (S^ssio^q, Amu-hodda, s. (<^ raw, (F>293<^^ soup) 
soup or condiment prepared without the help of 
fire; soup that is not well boiled, pi. {fgQSJoJ^ 

fpgg^, Amulika, a. (fp neg. gc mida root, begin- 
ning, (^?s> ika aff.) endless, infinite. 

^aS3, Amrita, a. (qp and go dead) immortal, 
imperishable, unfading; s. freedom from death, 
final emancipation of the soul from the body, 
according to the Buddhistical philosophy deliver- 
ance from transmigration, i. e. Nirvana; also the 
food of the gods, ambrosia, nectar. 

qpa03 83, Amrita ivai'shd, see qoQssi^5 amd- 

./ wahare. 

^S>SiJS. Amedhya, e, (^ and >} pure) foeces, 
excrement; a. impure, foul. [Colloq. ^^ 

^ asucht.^ 

^S^ae^, Amedhas, s. fool, idiot. [Colloq. (^^Ja)c6^ 

qp<3is, Amaitri, s. unfriendliness. 

tive, fruitful. 
<^<^i^, Amdda. s. joy, pleasure, [Colloq. ts^Q 

satutii] ; strong perfume, fragrance. 
^(3>J<^, Amord, p. p. having lifted up as if to 

strike, [Colloq. (^d-esia^^jQ idukkota.'j 
qpsNcf5J, Amoha, s. (^ neg, (3>Scfs3 folly) absence of 

ignorance or error, correct kno^Yledge. 
fp'5\Jii', Amohi, s. i^ not, (^^J^S foolish) wise 

judicious person. [CoUoq. >^^eDi.i^3 nuwa- 

i^ce, Aya, s. taxes, produce, gain; person; iron; in 

Sanskrit writings, good luck, fortune, pi. ^cs or 

qpcsSt^ ayawal. 
^c3<S5<5^j2cJ3, Ayakaranaivd, v. to recover a debt, 

to collect as a tax, to levy taxes (judicially). 
^c.253(^, Ayakal, s. the fourth or the iron age of 
_. the world. [Colloq. SDggcocs kah'yugaya.] 
ifdd^^i^, Ayajamen, adv. by the request, on ac- 
count of the request. [Colloq. e{^.i^)^c^-?ej' 


*/ -J 

(fjiSi, Ayati, a. belonging to, attached to. 




Cfa<x S3:J'S3)3, Ayada-gannawd, v. to pray, to en- 
treat, to beseech, 
^cs <Q2S33, Aya-damanawd, r. to win at games 

played with cowry or dice, to play at dice. 
^cs^so, Ayadina, part. a. praying. 
fc53S3, Ayadinawd, v. to pray, to ask, to beseech, 

to bless: pret. q:csg83 ayaduwd or qfcsi^*?, ayed- 

dd. [Colloq: ca3e)asj,^c5-<sg3 ydchndkaranawdJ] 
ffcog, Ayaduma, s. prayer, request. [CoUoq. 

<^d(3 illiina.] pi. i^csgi) ayadum. 
{fts^^D, Ayadekum, s. tribute to a king, revenue; 

giving to a temple the produce of the lands 

attached thereto, 
^csesi, Ayan, s. road. [Colloq. a S3 mdicata.'] 
9css:>, Ayana, s. way, road, [Colloq. aoScc mdrga- 

v/a] ; half year, that is the sun's passage north 

or south; going, motion. 
q^ca5o3, Ayanaicd, v. to gape, to yawn, to open, 

pret. <^g53 eyuwd. 
q:c65Di,gi5i, Ayaneduru, s. (epcs^ss; ayana Nirvana, 

(fie^^ eduru teacher) name of Buddha. 
^aiz>%'Si, AyajMTiduru, s. revenue. 
{fG5^^, Ayabadda, s. tax, impost, revenue; pi. 

^csg ayabadu. 
qfc3, Ayam, s. length. [Colloq. ^(Si diga.'] 
cpco5Ne-j3cD, Ayamnoyam, s. see cpcojS'S^ssiceail 

(fi&BBoid, Ayamvitara, s. length and breadth. 

[Colloq. (55 53G diga jxdala.'j 
^c5, Ayama, see ^co ayani. 
qpcsf -Kf, Ayamin, abl. of fpcaS ayama. '] 
<fcoJ Aya/, s. a rock, [Colloq. oQzOiZ parivataya]; 

yellow fragrant wood. 
fpc3c5, Ayavyaya, [s. (<fc;j gain, as^ loss) profit 
{fc5ic5, Ayaveya, J and loss of any concern; in- 
comings and out goings of a family; revenue 

and expenditure. 
^csdcC> Ayassula, Is. (tfcsd u-on, cc a pike) 
q:c5edgc Aya-ssilla, J iron pike used as an in- 
strument of punishment in hell; any iron pike. 

[Colloq. cs^kS (-C yakada ida.'\ 
tfcAsi, Ayas, s. iron. [Colloq. cs^a) yakada.j 
RcsscaaaeocD, Ayask-dnta, s. (tpcse^ and &-53oo3 stone) 

loadstone. [Colloq. 35:r<qs) kdndama.'j 
^c6233<5, Ayaskdra, s. iron smith. 
^c5X, ^yasa, s. (^ not, c552 fame) dispraise, public 

odium; weariness. 
^c*^^, Ayasun, s. (tfcs iron, g<>i powder) iron 


^cos3C3c}, Ayahapat, a. (^ not, c6SJC3.c5 good) bad, 

unrighteous, improper. 
^c5K)C3e3, Ayahapata, s. wickedness, misfortune. 
fc33K)d''203, Aydgannawd, v. to gape, to yawn. 
qpcS3S (S>e33!ai), Aydm-noydm, s. dearth, need, 

scarcity, necessity. [Colloq. fS358s33i) agahiga- 

efcs39, Aydma, s. dearth, need, scarcity, want; pi. 

epcs3i) aydin. [Colloq. tScsica Jdgaya.'] 
qpcs3(3ci53, Aydlayd, s. vagrant, wanderer, vagabond. 
l7ca^S^c cs<5:)3, Aydle yanawd, v. to go astray, to 

wander. [Colloquial: 03<:j(9^S cs>2533 pcidade- 


<yo53es, Aydsa, s. for epcsseo yflsa which see. 

qpfi, A?/?', see efQ<q ayida. 

qp8^, J.y2Y?", a. belonging to. 

^i.^^53(5cs3, Ayitikdrayd, s. owner, possessor, in- 
heritor; slave. 

cp8^, Ayida, ind. seldom used, see fT,8 eyi or 
efis2<^ eyida. 

f8'Si, J._ym, s. wealth not given. 

^^^'SD, Ayina, s. side, border, multitude, shoal (of 
fishes), pi. ffSes:? ym. 

Cp(2'5D3^-a3, Ayinddana, s. theft. 

<f Sca^sjoJS, Ayiyandi, s. respectful term for an elder 
brother used in conversation. 

ifcS3, Ayiyd, s. elder brother; pi. efSczoQO aytydld. 

qS^aS, Ayiyd, interj. ah ! oh ! alas ! 

^SdS^^, Ayirdwana, s. Elu form of s^-6<35<sSo 
airdicana, elephant with tusks; elephant of 

qp3c5 ^3e^, Ayird dahas, a. ((f^<^ more, ^K)e5 
thousand) more than a thousand. 

q;3oQcs^, Ayisvoaryya, see s^tScssQcai aiswaryya. 

iyg5333, Ayukta, s. injustice, injury; a. improper; 
sometimes written ^g'SJS) ayutta. 

^^:sSiiz, Ayuktiya, s. (^ neg. gxS justice) in- 
justice, illegality. 

f<:a55(^, Ayukal, s. the past, the past time* [Colloq. 
qp^03 4S)3(3cs a^/to kdlaya.'\ 

^x^<^, Aywm, s. fault. [Colloq. cpeg^s^ a^wna.] 

q;cg^, Ayutu, a. {^ and gj^ proper) improper, un- 

fg^^S), Ayutukama, s. impropriety, injustice. 

ffogcJi, Ayuru, a. like, similar. [Colloq. p)3(5 

^'s^csacs)*, Ayogya, a. (tf and l3^c^^:^33 proper) im- 
proper, unfit, unsuitable. [Colloq. >>S335fl9 no- 




Cf^c&icsi Ayoga, s. (<f and (9^cs3<55 union) separation, 
disjunction; unlike, dissimilar. 

^S^cojalaj, lAi/odhi/d, a. (qp and ggeQ yuddha to 
<f^c03ei, J make war) not to be warred against; 

s. the capital of Kama; the modern Ovide. 
^(5vc5Jc3, Ayomaya, a. made of iron. 
qp'^NcsJ (3, Ayo-mala, s. (<fc3d ayos iron, Q dirt) 

rust of iron, [Colloq. cs58 c yakada-mala.'] 
^(S^csJfj^.d, Ayomudgara, s. club of iron. 
qpo58 sScacc, ^?/aA parwataya, s. (efizsi ayas iron, 

aSs3cs mountain) mountain of iron; instrument 

of punishment in hell. 
<f<, Arka, s. sun; [Colloq. ^cslcso suryayd.'] 
tf^jeoe^^sD, Arhanandana, s. (q^< and <5:e^-25D son) 

Yama, son of Siirya. 
^<iS5.'5^, Arkabandhu, ) .. (q:^ sun, S)ag 

tf^S)3S)S, Arkabdndhawa, J kinsman) name of 

Buddha expressive of his family origiii, viz, 

Svirya wai^sa or line of the sun. 
<pc8c Argala, s. wooden pin or bolt for fastening 

the door, [Colloq. ^cgo agula]; a surge or 

billow. [Colloq. d>Q rela.\ 
tfS, Argha, s. price, cost, value, [Colloq. ^<s5ca 
^ agaya^ ; reverence or mode of worship. 
i^K^), Arjuna, s. name of a king with a thousand 

arms; peacock; name of a plant, terrnincdia 

glabra, (Combretacece), commonly called ^%^ 

kumbuk ; the third of the five Pandavas. 

Arnawa, is. (ff 'SsS s6 arnas water, aflP. 
(f<ii^Q, Arnnaiva, )and es sa is dropped) ocean. 

[Colloq. g<^ muhuda.~\ 

qp;^, Artha, s. meaning, signification, [Colloquial: 

^sJcJl teruma'] ; property, riches, wealth, [Coll. 

Qi^Q wastuiva']; profit, fruit; cause, origin; 

request, petition; acquisition of wealth by foreign 

conquests, and by punishment of the wicked 
/ with justice. 

fi^ Scs3Sj, Artha-kiyanawd, v. to say the mean- 

. ing of, to interpret, to explain. 

(f^ ga<^, Artha-dmhana, s. (cf^ and g-cs^ 
spoiling) waste, prodigality, extravagance. 

^^ gs^&oJsJ, Artha-j)r ayoga, s. (cf^ wealth, c5(^^ccJ 
^ <Si application) the profession of usury. 

fp^ <5e3co, Artha-rasaya, s. elegance, taste. 

^:^0sJ, Arthawat, a. wealthy, rich; significant, 
1^ having good sense or meaning. 

^^ S^Sj^D, Artha-vijndna, s. (^^ meaning, &,>20 

knowledge) one of the six sciences contained in 

the (98e,9te> u-eddtiga viz, comprehension of 

fpi^ <533aegcs, Artha-sdstraya, s. the science of 
polity or moral and political government, 

cp:S&i3Sc3, 1 Arthasiddhiya, s. {^'^ and fii^ ac- 

{f^Si^cc, Jcomplishment) fulfilment of purpose, 

^^ sB'SSD, Artha-Jiina, a. (<fi& and cSeo wanting) 
poor, failing; unmeaning, nonsensical. 

^i^jS5, Arthdgama, a. (^=^ artha and epci d- 
gama coming) treasury, or depot of wealth; 

^ acquisition of wealth. 

^iS&3c5D, Arthdwagama, s. comprehension of 

(f-S), Ardha, s. part, half. 

e^S) 053, Ardha chaiidrayd, s. ((fii half, eg 
moon) half moon, crescent; semicircular scratch 
of the finger nail; semicircular marks on the 

^ peacock's tail. [Colloq. ^Sss^ adasaiida.'] 

qpc23C) Ardhapdla^ s. kind of fabled Eahat said 
to clothe only the part of the body from the hips 
upward to the shoulders. 

qpSi3g, Ardhamdtra, s. half a syllabic instant. 

fp CS3, Ardhor-ydma, s. (^fi and cooi) a watch) 
half a watch, two hours. 

cf c^^, Ardha-rdtra, s. midnight. [Colloq. ^ 
dt maddimare.'] 

cf^^-^^, Ardha-vtkshana, s. (<^ half, Q^<Sk, 
looking) side look, glance, leer. [Colloq. yS 
t(^-3 adabelma.'] 

^^'3ate3 ^i^'O, Ardhdnga-nritya, s, (f^i) ardha 
and qp9)E) anga body, crgOM dance) kind of 
dance in which only half of the body is in mo- 

i^SijSicz, Ardhdrdhaya, ,. quarter, one fourth. 
[Colloq. coc^l5^e5 oocg jjanguicen panguwa.^ 

epSN^i^, Ardendu, s. (ff^ ardha and sj^eg indu 
moon) half moon or crescent; the impression of 
a finger nail; an arrow with a crescent shaped 
head. See ffSi -^csj ardha chandrayd. 

nS'Siro, Arpana, s. fixing, placing in or upon; 

(f'Sj^c^, Arbbuda, s. ophthalmia; canker, boil, stain; 

^ hundred million. 

"qp^sJ, Arhat, s. (fp?^ to worship, J aff. or qpS ari 
an enemy; i. e. the passions, k)S3 hnta destroyed) 
llahat, one who has completely destroyed klesha 
or passion, and is consequently prepared for 
Nirvana; it is the first of the nhie pre-eminent 
qualities of Buddha; see .s^8cg-<^ naivagnna. 
[Colloq. (5>sJ rahat.'] 



qJijScJ 6ccs, Arhat-phalaya, s. fruition of the 

^^sJ 3cS:5, Arhat-mdrgaya, s. (q;t^J arhat, ogS 

way, path) the last of the four paths or grades 

to Nirvana, when, the passions which are a 

source of existence being destroyed, the devotee 

finally attains Nirvana or extinction. 
cf!JS>39, Arghikdiva, s. artificial tree of lamps. 

[CoUoq. o-i?si<SiiSi jmnruJco.'] 
ffd, Ara, pron. that, (at a distance). 
(fd, Ara, s. spoke or radius of a wheel. [Colloq. 

S^65q^< (S)-)^ rodaye grddi.~\ 
^6?^, Arak, Elu form of epd^so draJcshd, 
^6sAss^, Arakku, s. arrack, spirituous liquor. 
fe'5J'8s?i,^ca3, Arahhemiyd, s. cook. 
^:5Je5?s:J>5393, Aralcgannan-d, r. to protect, to 

guard, to inhabit. [Colloquial: {pde^i^s^c^-^s^Sa 

drakshdhai'anawd .~\ 
?p<5}'5"ij9, Arakdew, s. protecting god, guardian 

Jf<5ffi), Araka, s. that thing, (masc); name of an 

aquatic plant (valUsneria); protection, pi. ^(563 

^^o9, Arakata, s. dat. or ace. of f<55 araka. 
cp(5>3, Arakd, pron. that one, (disrespectful") 

commonly used of the lower animals; pi. C(.6^o 

Q'} arakdld. 
efdS, Araki, the fem. form of the above, pi. 

(f6^Q'i arakild. 
ep<5<53^^83, Aragannawd, v. to take, to receive. 
qp<5<53-<s^ cs55d83, Aragana-yanawd, v. to carry, to 

cf<5(53C Aragnla, s. noise, din, tumult, uproar. 

[Colloq. s^^dJcjswqcs koldhalaya.'] 
tfdi*^, Aranfta, Pali form of qfd-s^a aranya. 
{^(50, Arattiwa, s. heart or hard part of a tree. 

pi. tf<5 aratu. 
cp<5-<s?cas, Aranya, s. forest. [Colloq. 8-S3oexc<5ca 

(f6^TS> iSilQ, Aranya-kadali, s. (tfd^-aand ^^Q 

plantain) the wood or wild plantain. [^Colloq. 

8e5? i3>(9<ee(^ wana- kesel.'] 
cfd<s^-& 4553839, Ai'anya-kdrpdsi, s. (pd-<s^33 and 

^dS39 cotton) wild cotton. [Colloq. 8-sd 3g 

fpd-<sSc 0^x8^553, Ara7iya-makshikd, s. (^(5-<s3k3S and 

.sSe553 fly) gad fly. [Colloq. 553 it^eso ivana- 
t^6<So7i 83C5S3, Aranya-wdyasa, s. jungle crow. 
[Colloq. 83 5a)3 wana-kawudd.^ 

cf6<^, Arana, s. Elu form of epdij^ss aranya. 

ffc5-2^, Arani, s. wood used for kindling a fire 
exciting it by attrition; plant from which this 
wood is taken (premna spinosa). 

f dsios, Aratta, s. ichneumon plant, (mimosa oct- 
andra); when the mungoose is wounded by a 
poisonous snake, it is supposed to prevent the 
effects of the venom by the use of this plant. 

tfdSi, Arati, s. (qp not, <5^ desire) not to be desir- 
ed, dislike, discontent, abstinence from anger, 

(^6q, Arada, ind. always, continnually. [Colloq. 
eQs35 nitara.'] 

(f6q<is), Aradanga, s. mischief. 

qp(5^, A7-arida, adt\ corruption of ?<5e? arada. 

cpdei, Aran, part, taking, having taken; s. pre- 
served wilderness. (Namavali. 110). [Colloq. 
(^SiiSiQ <5D etikala lvanal^^ 

(^6isS?S)ts), Arankaha, s. {(fd&S forest, 5S3 tur- 
meric) turmeric, (curcuma longa). 

(f6&5 (3>s339e:f, Aran-gosin, p. p. of the following, 
having carried. 

^6isi cosdSo, Aran-yanau-d, v. see cp<5<53<^ caD83 

Cf6^, Arana, s. incorrectly for q?(5<3S arana. 

{f<5S), Araba, ad. therefore, on account of, for; 
s. beginning. 

i^<5S)cC3, Arahayd, ad. on account of, for. 

fp(5, Aramba, s. beginning, grove, forest. 

qp<5S, Ai^ama, see ep/CSi) drdma. 

q!(5 )(!), Aramana, s. kind of leprosy. 

ec<5)-^c53 Aramanayd, s. kind of small worm or 
maggot which breeds m sores. 

f(5S-^, Arumand, s. tree. Cassia siamea or C. 
fiorida (Leguminoscp); also called 80 wd. 

efd^-^a, Araminiya, s. being seated cross legged 
as the images of Buddha are frequently re- 
presented in the temples. 

ff<5^, Aramuna, s. thought which is the result of 
seeing any beautiful or striking object, thought, 
conception, an idea, beginning; pi. <fc5^ ara- 

^<^-s^5(5<flS83, Aramunukaranawd, v. to deter- 
mine, to resolve, to intend. 

^^?e5 Aramudala, s. the treasury of the king or 
government money; pi. <pd<5(^ aramudal. 

ifdfi, Aralu, s. name of a plant, terminalia chebula 



Cf66Q, Araluwa, s. the radical fibres which hang 

from the branches of the ntigagaha or banyan 

tree, and which in time penetrate the earth and 

become fresh stems; an araju fruit. 
fp(533, Arawanawd, v. to cause to be put away; 

to cause to be sent; to cause to open: pret, 

^(S^<593 ereimvd. 
ep<58d5, Ai'awaral'ama, s. mischief. [Colloq. 

<3<g555 chandtkama.] 
qp(58(5cfi3, Arau-arayn, s. quarrelsome person. 
F(53, Armed, s. those things; pi. of fp<55 araha. 
cf(5s^, Aravinda, s. lotus, nymphcea nelumho. 

[Colloq. >SDfiD ??e/ww.] 
cp<58, Arasa, a. (fp not, dss flavour) insipid, taste- 
less, dull, (as a composition). 
{ff6so6, Ai^asara, see (p(3)Qj(5 drdchdra. 
q!(5as>, Araha, a. just, proper, fit, worthy, venerable, 

Cfdsisi, Arahat, a. finally sanctified. 
]f^, Ard, p. p. having ascended; commonly; 

8. a fish. 
Cfi^dssi, Ardjaka, a. (^ neg. dtdiSi kingship) 

interregnum; anarchical, having no king or 

q)<^, Ardma, s. (f$ and c^ joy) disconsolate 

state. [Colloq. iQi^QQ 250i^S) senasili neti- 

ef8, Ari, s. enemy, [Colloq. t3^(S ga^wra]; wheel; 

species of mimosa. 
b8 cfQ, Ari-ata, see fpaOocsl ashtdrya. 
^8, Aritu, s. enemy; [Colloq. te^dS sattird^; 

a. wicked, bad; see (^8^ artshta. 
{p55a, Arituhama, s. fierceness; pi. ^8a5 

(fS^Qo, Arinawd, v. to send; to open, to let go 

the hold; to leave, to abandon: pret. <^8ca3 

p8^, Aritra, s.'a ship's rudder. [Colloq. gJ5-) 

<2S3 8ukhdnam,a.~\ 
^8^<5, Aridda, s. tree, Campnosperma zeylanicum 

( Anacardiacece). 
ep89, Aiimhiaoa, s. carved work on the margin, 

used of metals only. 
^8c5, Ariya, s. Rahat, one of the highest orders 

of the Buddhist ascetics; see ^cel drya. 
^8cs3, Ariyana, a. entreating. 
e8c8(5, Ariyara, 1 ind. always, constantly, in- 
ff8(?>oS3(5, Ariyora, J cessantly. [Colloq. ^6?sys:i6 

S^cesd nirantarayen.'] 

fp8^, Arishta, s. name of a plant, soap berry plant, 
sapindus saponaria, also garlic; the nimb tree, 
meUa azadaracta; evil symptom; sign or symp- 
tom of approaching death; asura or infernal 
spirit; any portent or natural phenomenon indi- 
cating calamities; crow, heron; vinous spirit. 
See qpS aritu. 

^8i>iS), Arishtakama, s. (^8^6) disagreeable, ) 
afp.") bitterness, wrath; malice. [Colloq. ^^c^ 
5 napurukama.'] 

^SaQcsa, Arishtayd, s. disobedient man, cruel man. 

qpSesee, Arisasa, s. hemorrhoids, piles; pi. fpSssd? 

cJL-esJ, Aruk, s. kind of leprosy. 

^cSl, Aruchi, s. (< neg. <5L desire) disgust, loath- 
ing of food, antipathy, aversion. 

^(Si-^, Aruna, s. sun; charioteer of the sun; dawn 
of day, the colour of dawn, dark red or mixture 
of red and black, redness of sunset; name of 
the bitter apple, (colocynth); the plant that 
yields the red and black berry from which the 
jeweller's weight, the retti, is derived; kind of 

?pi5i,-<!^gtt53, Arunaprabhd, s. dawn of day. 

{fi5i-(S^Sx33, Artmawanta, a. (t^(Si<$S and S3SD 
poss. aff. having) of a light red colour; of a kind 
of red colour. 

{fc^^^^j^S, Aruna-sdratJii, s. sun; charioteer of 

^ the sun. 

/sfc^^, Arunu, s. charioteer of the sun, dawn, 
morning rays of the sun; a. risen, ascended. 

(^(Si'^QisS, Arunuwan, s. {f^'Si^^ and Qisi from 
^ ii'arna colour) the colour of the dawn or 
dark red. 

qpcJj,(3N-^<^c8, Arunodaya, s. (epc51.-<!^ aruna dawn, 

^ (5^ca vdaya rise) break of day, dawn. 

qf(5j,), Aruta, s. see ff<5l, aruchi. 

^^J^g-q^gSNCsf S'25^^) Arudunuhuge dunna, s. bow 
of Arjuna. 

qpc5^:f<^, Arundi, pron. that endearing person. 

{fc5lea)?9, Arundhati, s. wife of one of the seven 
rishis named Vasishtha; she is considered as a 
pattern of conjugal excellence, and is invoked at 
the marriage ceremony by the bridegroom; one 
of the Pleiades. 

qpt^lea)^ ^od, Arundhati-ndtha, s. Vasishtha, one 
of the stars in the Great Bear. 

qpc5l.c, Arumaya, 1 s. wonder, curiosity . [Coll. 

epcJlc^d, Arumayak, J ggc3 pudumaya.'] 




cpv5icoJ(3N5, Arumayahlce, ad. low word meaning 
seldom, since a long while, unusually, for the 
first time. 

t^<SiQ, Armva, a. (ep neg. diQ beauty") ugly, ill 
formed; s. potter. 

p(^, Am, pron. that fellow; pi. cfcSi^ arun. 

y<^S3(3cs, Arutalaya, s. one of the four heavens 

the inhabitants of which are immaterial beings. 
^(^:3, Arupa, a. (cp neg. <5^i3 beauty, or image) 

ugly, deformed; disfigured; bodiless, having no 

visible form. 
cfc^oScJ, Arupawat, a. ugly, shapeless. [Colloq. 

(5^02537^ rmoaneti.'] 
tpc^oS^sxn, Arupaioanta, a. bodiless, formless, 
epc^aSeocDcaa, Arupawantayd, s. deformed person. 
q:<^03S(5, Arupdivachara, s. the world or realm 

of formlessness; a. belonging to arupabrahmar- 

tfd^&, Arupt, a. formless, incorporeal, immaterial. 
fp(5x,8 QSs^QaS, Arupi-hamhalowa, s. (ef(^& and 

S)S) brahma, (5^039 world) formless brahma 

heaven. There are said to be four heavens 

peopled by formless brahmas. 
cfS^dQ, Aroiva, s. dispute. 

ep>(5f>3dcC3, Arokdrai/d, s. disputant, antagonist. 
ci(^diS, Aroqi, a. healthy, free from sickness. 
t};'S^dJ(Ss^^, Arogitd, s. health. 
qp(?>dJ, Aroma, a. (ef neg. (5><5J hair) without 

hair, woolless. 
($(S>6iQ, Arowa, s. contest, dispute, disturbance. 
efd>^s>, Aretta, see f^6f^tsi aratta. 
f<^. Are, pro. that one, (fem.) 
fpd -^U s. a mute letter or the symbol to neutralize 

the inherent vowel of consonants. 
<f(^>5-<sgS3, Alharanawd, v. to put the Al mark 
C or *^) over a consonant, signifying that the 
inherent vowel is dropped. 
<?(^<3^cs:f, AJge, s. weaving room. [Colloq. v<5 8ca3 

(S^(^ redi viyana ge."] 
^GP, Alpa, a. small, little, inferior, insignificant, 
low; unaspirated, put in opposition to saago-isS 
mahdprdna or aspirated. 
epCPsii^, Alpagandha, s. (qpoa and cnea) smell) a 

little smell; the red lotus. 
!f CPOJ'q^, Alpatanu, a. (q:^ and C3-Q body) small, 
thin, short, having a little body. 

^CC"ac83) Alpasrutayd, s. unlearned person, 
ignorant person. 

CPicPes, Alpdyusa, s. ("(^ alpa and p?3 dyusa 

life) short life. 
'^>(^)d, AlpecTichha, a. (^(y alpa little, <c^i 
ichchhd, desire) freedom from covetousness, 
contentment. [Colloq. 89c:r ts^^g S)t9 tiJcin 
satutu bew.'\ 
e?(5kef3(3^^:56x9c, Alpenettiya, a. pin. 
^'^CP ra3^3S, Alpe-sdh/a, s. (CPCP alpa and (3> 

power") one of little power or influence. 
?P(^55cs, Almdriya, s. almirah, (Port.) 
ep(^r, Alia, s. palm of the hand. 
^(^e393 Allanawd, v. to contain; to seize, to 
apprehend, to lay hold of, to take hold of, to 
catch: pret. ?ids3 elluwd; p. p. ^d<^3 ^^- 
cp<^eS>20?)', Allawanaiod, v. to cause to seize: 

pret. <fi^r93 ellewwd. 
(^C3, AZZasa, s. bribe; pi. dooJ ?^- 
'^dC'j ^^l^'> P^^*- Slaving seized or laid hold of. 
?P033C5 csQgaes, Alldpa-salldpa, s. courtship, 


{p(5(53g, Alldpu, a. seized, laid hold of; ^generally,) 

near, next to, adjoining; part, apprehended, 

attacked with. 

(^C;d88393, Alldsitinawd, Iv. to bear, to keep 

f?(4Q5tS9393, Alldhitinawd, ("up, to hold on, to 

continue: pret. q^c^eseSScai alldhiUyd. 
^dSza, Alliya, s. spot, place, a place or square on 
a chess board, (sometimes) a small Hindu tem- 
ple Tinder a tree &c. 
ef(iQ^Qo, Alwanawd, v. to seize or apprehend: 

pret. eptc^S! elluwd. 
(fQ, Ala, s. yam; house, fondness, desire, 
{^po, Alan, adv. expletive, conveying the idea of 

sufficiency and of beauty. 
fPC>5-<5, Alanhdra, see epc^^*^' AlaAkdra. 
tFCoanodos, AlanJcdraya, see (^G^)as>odai alaiihdraya. 
'^(^o59C3, AlanTcrita, see ?pcStoaS5 aladJcnta. 
{pCoBS^cfl. Alanghaniya, see q^c^M^^ alaAgha- 

{fe. Alandu, s. tree, Alloeanthus zeylanicm, 

(^Qot&'i'QiSi, Alamdtaha, s. class of brahmins, who 
are so voracious that they untie their gh-dles 
previous to eating in order to remove every 
^CJ, Alah, s. painting, drawing, picture from 

^(S^Q'oi-Adlekhya. [Colloq. ceacoS sdyama.'] 
t?(5xs?, Alakta, Is. (<p neg. dssys- rakta red, 
(^QSff^esi, Alaktaka, } 6ra being changed to c ^) 



Icind of red dye made froiii a sort of resin or 

wax which is found in its native state in the 

interior; lac, the red animal dye so called. 

[CoUoq. c^ ^x latu-diya.'] 
<f(32S^, Alakshmi, s. (ff priv. (3 as fortune) 

misery, misfortune, poverty. [Colloq. epQaeoaaoS 

^C5-<sS, Alakashana, a. (^ and QissisSi beautiful) 

not handsome, unfortunate, ill fated. 
pr5>, Alal-a, s- name of a city, capital of Kuvera. 
tpQ 5:J<J, Ala Idnda, s. ridge of earth raised by 

planting yams or potatoes; pi. <f(=5 5g ala-kandu. 
^C;^^, Alakumnndd, n. K'uvera's city. 
^;j^a^oSca, Alakcdanchiya, s. brawl, noisy quar- 
rel, an uproar; great distress or trouble, [a low 

word] ; vexation, perplexity. 
|Fe533o, Alakddldpa, \ s. ({pe>3 city, efQo 
cfC5333cJ49, Alakddhipati, \ adhipa or ^80 ?9 

adhipati ruler) name of Kuvera. [Colloq, 

s^Se5^<!^ 6^ iresamuni raja."] 
^C5^g>^) Alakdpura. see (fQSi alaka. 
C5>53, Alagna, a. (^ not, c3 attached to) not 

joined or connected; not adhering. [Colloq. 

, (5>25^3ffi(5*c;25^C<^ noelenalada."] 

^CcgS), Alagwca, s. mark made to assist the 

! memory in casting up accounts. 

fpC5, Alanga, 8. kissing. 

(fOS^asid, Alajikdra, a. beautiful, ornamented, 
: decorated. 

ff Q9)ss}o6<x>, AlaAkdrai/a, s. beauty, ornament, dec- 
oration, ornament (of dress), trinkets, jewels, 
. etc; rhetorical figures, rhetoric. 

{^CS^9^> Alankrita, past. part, ornamented, dec- 
orated, adorned, embellished. 

qpC^as^cflj Alanghaniya, a. ( not, cSw^co to be 
passed) impassable, inviolable, not to be trans- 

p(3tjE?>c3, Alajjikayd, s. shameless liian, glutton. 
(fG^tSoi, Alajjita, a. (qp priv. C3& lajja shame, 

(g ita aff.) not ashamed, shameless; bold. 
i{Qi^:i, Ataid,''8. fac, a red animal dye, see {fc^sro; 

alakta. [Colloq. C^jfcs latudiya.l 

tfQaiQ, Alatdwa, s. gumlac. [CoUoq. C^?t* 

<^d, ATap, s. Vord, calliiig; the vocative relation. 

ffC^^? Alapata, s. shoots of the yam. 

fC%, Aldbu, s. gourd, pumpkin; Elu form of 

<|fCJ@ aldbu. 
tfC, Alamba, s. a biir6r df^serp6nts' venom, kind 

of stick. 

*IFC^> Alainandd, 8. the city of Wesamuni or 
Kuvera; Elu form of f>c>S3, dlakamandd. 

epCcs, Alaya, s. yam. 

e^C^ce, Alariya, s. kind of tree, plumeria acu- 

^GG'253'j Alalanaivd, v. to put in motion, to stir 
about as Watet in a vessel: pret. tfiCS^' elahiwd. 

epG&oc^S), Alaimngmoa, 's. crowbar, lever, axletree. 

fpcS'SaSj, Alaivanawd, v. to paste or glue together, 
to cause one thing to adhere to another, to affix: 
pret. ^'5<(3i elernurd. 

^C SiC? Ala-tvela, s. (f^pc yam? ^C creeper) a 
kind of creeper of which the root is edible. 

qpCJes, Alasa, a. (<f neg. (353 to work) lazy, indo- 
lent, idle. 

^(3S35i), Alasakama, s. laziness, idleness. 

{fCascoi, Alasayd, s. idle person. 

?p(33^) Aldbu, see <;POcl alabu. 

<fC0V), Aldbha, a. (t? neg. catsi cheap) dear, ex- 
pensive; 8. loss, dearness. 

^C3C5>5J)c6cs, Aldbhahdmya, s. loss, damage. 

qFOi>, Aldmaka, a. (qp neg. (33S3 mean or 
childish) honourable, reputable, respectable; 
wise, prudent, not childish. 

CfQ, AH, 8. bee, [Colloq, d5 hambard'\', el- 
ephants, [Colloq. <^cJ^o ettul; scorpion; sign 
of Scorpio; plural of qp(3c3 aliyd. 

qf(3J, Aliky s. picture, painting from t^S^Qoi 
dle'kha. [Colloq. S^cs situyama.'] 

f(g55t^, Alikkemi, s. (qF@J and >rS who 
does) painter. [Colloq. Qtsitsxi sittard.'\ 

@c5, Aliyama, 8. daybreak, dawn; pi. <)?gcfli) 
ally am, \ 

<f gcajj Aliyd, s. Elephas Indicm, Indian or Asiatic 

^ elephant, pi. ?Q ali. 

qsg, Alu, 8. ray, dawn, morning. [Colloq. (5(S3c5 

qpd, Alu, s. ashes. 

cpSJooc Alukkdla, s. one sixteenth of a penny, 

or quarter of a cent or farthing. 

d3^5^eo(^, Alukesel, 1 , , , i ^ 

,.',,,, > 5. ash coloured plantam. 
q>Oisv)<s^(3, Aiukenel, \ 

f^)(5^^35^iS^S)cdG5J, AbtJcobeyiyd, s. {<ft ashes, (9^5^ 
(S^S)cdcS3 pigeon) ashcoloured pigeon; wild or 
spotted necked pigeon. 

qpi) <s)t$, Alu-gas, s. plant, alpinia alughas (Sci- 

qpdf^^OToe), Alugoda, s. heap of ashes. 

tfib9^'S)iz)6, Alugomara, s, ash coloured spot. 




<fQr^, Alut, a. new, fresh, novel. 

qpg5iJ<5ow93, Alutkaranawdf v. to repair, to 

<ipgcJ Ss), Alut-wata, s. a new cloth. 

tfQr^Qi^diSSid-^Qj, Alutwediyd-karanaivd, v. to 
repair, to mend. 

^d^o, Aludiya, s. ashes mixed with water and 
used by the washermen when washing clothes, 

^d (5*^(^, Alu-del, s. a tree, artocarpus nobilis. 

^gd, A/jf/), s. (^ neg. gd cut) not cut off, un- 
changed, as an affix, etc; fragment, bit, morsel; 
from p(33C3 dldjia. 

^dooQ, Alupdta, 8. the ash colour. 

^dSc, Alupila, s, plant, tephrosia tinctoria 

ep2g, Aliqni', s. a word, [CoDoq. S)ea ba8a.~\ 

qpfiggC^, Aliqmsul, \s. species of pumpkin cover- 

ff-i>S'Q(S, Aluphul, J ed with a sort of powder of 
an ash colour; bemncasa cerifera (Cucurbi.J. 

^d(S\o3Sc03, Alupodayd, s. person affected Avith a 
cutaneous disease in which the body seems of an 
ash colour; [a low word, j 

(f&S^aaQtoo, Alupolangd, s. a polonga (a venomous 
snake) of ash colour. 

<^ds>Si, Alubd, 5. tree, eugenia sylveatris (Myrta- 

<;pdS) s^oae^') Alumi-polaugd, s. a species of 
polonga, venomus snake. 

ipgco, Aluyama, s. daybreak, pi. ^gca aluyam. 

^S6>, AluHta, a. (<f neg. ggs) shaken) un- 
shaken, undisturbed, calm, quiet. 

^^0, Aluwa. 8. loom; sides cut in feUing a tree. 

^6Sd, Aluwd, 8, sweet meat made of flour, jag- 
gery, ghee etc. 

epdwi), Aluham, s. (pd ash, 5o skin) ash colour- 
ed spots on the skin. 

^d^^, Aluhunu, 8. lime (for mortar), chunam. 

(^s^Q^-:), Alena, a. (fp neg. <?^^3 refuge) destitute, 

<^(S^G2^6-<^^'), Ateyikaranawd, i 

fpS^c^(5-^S3t Alevtkaranawd, )^' *^ ^P^^* 

*?^C> Ale(cu, 8. picture, painting; anointing. 

<]p.^(^, Ale, s. yam. 

^(3^(^Q, Ale'si, a. (fp and >(^Q easy) difficult, 
troublesome; s. uneasiness, difficulty, trouble. 

^s^C^d, Aloj^, s. a lump or ball of food; see 
pS>GJc3 dldjia. 

<f JSfiJCD, AivyaJda, a. (ef and 8S35es3 distinct) in- 
visible, imperceptible, indistinct; also not clever, 
unlearned, illiterate; a. the sOul; fool. 

CfQiassxa iSios), Awynkta-rdga, s. ({pS25>33 indistinct, 
05(55 colour) dark red, the colour of the dawn. 

fp8j6?S33(5, Airyabhichdra, s. (cp neg. c9S3c5 ir- 
regularity) constancy, faithfulness, not having 
committed adultery. 

qpSscs, Awyaya, s. (in grammar) the indeclinable 
words or particles, as adverbs, prepositions etc. 

^8Sffi33s), Awyayi'bhdica, s. indeclinable compound. 

efQxo^^, Aicyddhika, s. (^ and SaaS disease, ) 
aff.) healthy person. [CoUoq. seiSc? {^c53 

:^9d5, Aurd, Is. rampart, entrenchment, breast 
;^9(5i, AttTM, /work near the entrance of a city; 

[Colloq. S^53Qo53dc5ca kotutdppaya']; mode, 

manner, from {f)33(5 dkdra. 

efBQi5:>, Awlana, a, confused; collecting, gathering; 

Cp99, Aimva, s. sun. 

c^Sesijcs, Awsadaya, see S)ieo) auskadha. 

Cp8, Aiva, 8. fortnight of the waning moon. 

^S, Awa, preposition and prefix with the sense 
of from, down, downwards, down from, away; 
diminution; disrespect; bad; a negative and priv- 
ative particle. 

<p8), Atvanka, a. see ^Sbs) aivanka. 

|p8(j>^38c3, Awakshepa, s. ({f and s>-2S!3 throw- 
ing) insult, reproach. [Colloq. effee, ninddwa.'] 

p8ja383, Awakapanaicd, v. to use an illomened 

^)S'iC, Awakarskana, a, attracting, drawing 
towards, pulling. 

^>(5i.-^, Aivakarundiva, s, (<f priv. ssSl^ 
mercy) unkindness, displea;^urei 

ff>3ca, Awakdsa, 1 8. (qp betAveen, 33g3 tn 

fe53es, Att-aMsa, J shine) leisure, opportunity, 
interval; tmoccupied space; the atmosphere, sky. 

{f)3e35^-<!JS3, Awakdsakaranaicd, v, to com- 
plete, to finish, to vacate, to empty. 

q;^c53, Aioakriydica, s. (^ bad, ^c53 act.) 
misdeed, bad conduct. 

{fiS-<s', Au-akirna, a. coarsely pounded, scatter- 
ed, confused, irregularly thrown together. 

{p>i.6i', Airakepima, 8. saying something in- 
auspicious, contradiction, an ill omen; pi. tfz> 
40 18 aicakejn'm. 

^coa), Aicagada, s. boil or pimple on the face. 
Elu form of (fQiSi-d^ awa-gan^a. 

^Q<S)<^, Awaganda, see epQcssQ aicagada. 

ef:o^, Aivagati, s. knowledge: in general bad 
temper, viciousness, misbehaviour. 




pQ03sss5, Awagcihaka, s, bather, one who im- 

^8c33K)eo, Awagdhana, s. (^S before, cojoss gaha- 
na agitation) bath, bathing. [Colloq. te2533S3C5 

^0<3s), Aivagt'ta, a. (cpQ bad. <So3 sounded or 
sung) detested, reproached, blamed, publicly 
censured, vile, wicked. 

p)cg-<fl, Aivagunaf a. {tfQ priv. <5-<sS virtue) bad, 
vile, mean; s. bad or evil temper, unkindnesa. 

^QSlffl, Ai<;ate, a. {<f priv. Ste) crooked) not 
crooked, straight, upright, frank, sincere. 

i^QSds, Awachchhdwa, \s. (epQ increase, 5^3 

<;pa)^3cs3, Awachckhdyd, J ov ^3ca3 shadow) that 
part of the sun's shadow which is cut off in 
reckoning time according to the native custom: 
vulgarly (^Q0^i awachchd. 

^3^^, Awachd7-itra, 8. (efQ bad, QsSg man- 
ners) unbecoming behaviour, bad manners, bad 
course of life. 

<fS ^qS, Awa-jalawaka, s. the 4th day after 
full moon, reckoned unlucky. [Colloq. o53(^^^e^ 
Qs) (fica sjs)^(5^8'2^ ^esi pasaloswaka giya hatara- 
weni dtna.^ 

^9a5s3, Awajdta, a. (s^Q implying depreciation, 
35 born) base born, illegitimate. 

qp2)c^ 33(33, Aioajdtayd, s. bastard, adulterine, 

{fie)3, AwanC'id, ia. (q: priv. Ossc^^o deceit) 

ifQis^o, Awanchd, J sincere, open, fx*ank. 

{fisa,, Aivajhd, ~\ s. (fe) bad, , to know, 

qp9i03<53, Airajndna, \,and Sjao knowledge) dis- 

c^e/ijSj, Awajfidwa, J respect. [Colloq. qsesj^jdco 

ep93, Awata, jjrej). around, round about; [CoUoq. 
C533SJJ53 hdtjmsaj. s. (from ^83'=) Pali) hole, 
vacuity, chasm. [Colloquial: (3^<y(^^J bene, S 

<f, Awafu, s, hole in the ground; back of the 

^ia), Awacla. see cp8t) aivrda. 

CfQiSiois, Awatansa, s. earring; crest, crown. 

efQsij6ai, Atoatdraya, s. (^ downj s)<5 taixc to 
cross or pass) descent; this word is used by 
various oriental nations to express the incarna- 
tion of their deities, or their descent from heaven 
to earth; and in Hindu history it particularly 
refers to the incarnation of Vishnu in ten prin- 
cipal forms viz. 1. the fish, 2. the tortoise, 
8. tlie boar, 4- the man lion, 5. the dwarf. 

6 and 7. the two Ramas, 8. Krishna, 9. Bud- 
dha, and 10. Kalki; (in present use) ghost, 
apparition, generally used in the indefinite form 
as (^Qs3i6iZ'SA awatdrayah. 

qpS^-sJ^, Aivatirnna, a. descending, alighting 
upon. [CoUoq. ie^33g bessdwuJ^ 

^^s^o8, Awatirnnawa, part, having descend- 
ed. [CoUoq. tea besa.'l 

fp8^.s^Sg, Awatirnnawu, see ^8?9-<^o aiva- 

{p9^, Awadya, s. (ep neg. ^ to be spoken) fault, 
sin; [Colloq. d^ warada], a. disagreeable, 
disliked; low. 

<5S3, Awadana, s. thought, meditation, Elu form 
of qo8e3@e3 dwarjjana, [Colloq, 5(2|3'25j3 kalpa- 

p^S3, Awaddta, a. white, clean, clear, beautiful: 
s. white (the colour). [Colloq. gg sudu.] 

sfQe^6<0o, Awaddratia, s, spade or hoe. [Colloq. 
0"a,dG udella.'] 

qp8, Awadt, Elu form of cp3 awadhi which see. 

qpSJ^3c5-<siro8o, Awadikaranawd, v. to awaken, to 

^Sf cs, Awadiya, s, period of time, time, 

(3n9d3, Awadiivenawd, v. to awake. 

'qpa)3(5-!), Awadhdrana, Is. ({? and 0)9 dhri to 
hold, "(S^* nya afE.) ascertainment, afiirmation, 
emphasis; a class of emphatic indeclinables ; also 
see tf3 awadhi. 

<fQ'2, Awadhi. s. limit, division; period of time; 
agreement; conclusion; ablative case in grammar. 

qp3j, Awadhikala, p. p. appointed, fixed as 

{p8:f, Awan, s, danger, risk; bazaar, market place. 

cpe359, Awanti, s. name of a city, modern Oujeiu: 
Avanti is one of the seven sacred cities of the 
Hindus, to die at which secures eternal happi- 
ness; name of a coimtry and its people. 


ifQi^6q, Awanradu, J 

;ped'sos5, Awansat, s. (f9s3 aicana came from, 

fpocDCT npanna and ss&i being) a pregnant wo- 

epQ'Sdsjo, Awanhala, s. (fpSsi drinking' together, 
eoQ house) tavern, place where spirits are sold. 

{f!^^, Awana, s. market, shop. 

cfS^essg, Awanadu, s. (tfO bad, esg judgment; 
perverted judgment, injustice. 

qj9-253S^3 5<53, Awana dukaranau'd, v. to judge 
or deal unjustly. 

cpQedd'd', Awanraja, r -n i - 

^ ' -^ ' s, name of Balarama. 




ep33S>, Au-anata, a. (cfQ and eao) bending) bend- 
ing, stooping, bowing, humble, respectful. [CoU, 
-es3i|J3D nemuna.'] 

^S3i)g, Awanambu, '\s. (^Q priv. -ZoDg honour) 

fpQesDg, Awanambu, J dishonour, disrespect; a. 

efQ^3^}o, Aivanawd, v. to curse, to imprecate: pret. 
(^ga ewuwd. 

98333o5, Awanasat, see ^idsscJ axoansat. 

<f-sD3!2c5, Awandpaya, s. dislike, see {fe)33;2 awa- 

<f833C3(S^'2533, AivandjKiwenawd, v. to dislike. 

cp^, Awani, 1 s. earth. [CoUoq. oaSe^cs prithi- 

cpi9, Aioant, ) viya.~\ 

cp oca, Aioa-paya, s. the left foot. [Provincial.] 

9o3C3, Aivajxita, s. (^ down, C2S> to go or fall) 
descent, descending; hole or pit in the ground 

^/ for catching game in, 

^(?>JS, Awabodha, s. (cfQ emphatic, s^QJQ 
knowledge) understanding, full knowledge. 

qfSs^QJQ 5d-<SK3, Awabodha-karanawd, v. to un- 
derstand, to know, to comprehend. 

{f, ^warn, s. cursing, abusing. See ^33 

(?o(5i(333, Aivamangalya, see cp3)S)t30C* ftM^^- 

^c^C> Awamaffula, see fi)5k>e*c8 aivaman- 

ji9l2)C*) Awama/igalya, a, (^Q bad, ak)e 

fortunate) unfortunate, inauspicious, calamitous, 

^<2)ai)30C*55> Awama7igalyaya, e. any calamitous 

event; funeral ceremony. 
^90O, Aivamata, a, (^ implying contempt, 

known) despised, contemned. [Colloq. ^3, 

^^(^(S^C? ninddkaranalada.'\ 
9^, Awamaii, s. (cp bad, ^ thought) dis- 
regard, contempt. 
cp2d', Awaman, see epS32d'25:c3 awamdnnaya. 
tp^, Atcamarda, s. devastation, laying waste a 

ifQSss, J.H'a/Hrt.s<(, s. (if implying depreciation, 

3 month) the dark fortnight. 
ep5/3&:fei, Awamdnna^ . disgraceful, shameful. 

(<f. disreputableness, disgrace. 
<f8i)3SJeDcc, Awamdnnaya, s. (ff bad, Sj^i^a 

respect) disrespect, dishonour, disgrace. 
3iQo3, Aicamdnita, a, despised, disrespected. 
fc5, Aivaya, Elu form of eposes apdya. 

^c5, Atvayawa, s. limb, member of the humsh 
body; (vulg.) news, intelligence. 

efQ-aS, Aivarna, 1 s. (^ neg. ^sS" praise, colour 

^*^^, ^ji'arwwa, J etc.) censure, blame; colour- 
less; a. mean, bad, low; the vowels tf a and 
p d. 

efQ6, Awara, s. (ep and <5 preferable) posterior, 
hinder, last; west; a creeper, (dolichos tetragono- 

^(5(53, Awaraga, Is. (cp<5 hinder, and ^s) aga 

cf.Q6S6, Awaragira., J or c6(5 rock) fictitious rock 
in the west behind which the sun is supposed to 

p<5^, Axvaraja, s. (^d posterior, after, d born) 
younger brother. [CoUoq. ccoa malayd.'] 

^(5-(^, Awarana. s. covering, wall, door, protec- 

fp<5^<5), Awaradiga, \s. (^<5 and ^eooS 

qp<5^S63, At^ararfesa<i'a, J direction) west. 

^Q6 oca, Aioara-pakahaya, s. the moon's wane. 

tf85, ^ware, Is. mdigo plant; a small tree 

<f 5c&, Aivariya, j (nerium tinctorium) ; a decoc- 
tion of the leaves with the addition of a little 
lime juice makes an indigo of fine quality; 
see also j9(5 ^6 nil-awari. 

^3\^, Aware, s, the after part of a vessel. 

tpQs^Ooa), Awarodha, s. (9 and v^Q rjf^Aa to in- 
close or shut up) seraglio of a palace, queen's 
apartments; covering, obstruction, hindrance. 

<^Qs>c5JcD dvi?(S>c5J, Awarodha janayo, s. females of 
a harem; attendants of the queen. 

^Q(S ^Ipf'WSa, Awal adinaivd, v. to pull by oars, 
to row. 

cpCj Aioala,a. overspread, crowded, replete; con- 
fused; [Colloq* <!Oi8S(S3cJ gwas(gat\i s co- 
habitation, confusion; an oar* 

ffC^^ Awalaksha, s. (^ and Q^ td mark) 
white (the colour). 

tfQQSss<^, Aicalakshana, a. (^ priv. Q?^<A 
beautiful) ugly, not handsome. 

epC^^(co, Awalakeliya, s. (qFC and (S^5(gca 
an act or sport) cohabitation, copulation, confu- 
9(3JS3, Aioalagna, a. (cf neg. Q.<s3?o adhered) 
not firm, not adhering; [Colloq. <s^^3'^<s>Q^ 
noelena']. s, waist. 
<f0<S, Awalangu, '\a. (<? neg; Se<^ legal) ille- 
<?S)co^, Awalaugu, j g(d, counterfeit; not passable; 
abrogated, withered, lifeless, 


^0(3ocg)(5-4*o83, AwalangutJcaranawd, v. to aanul, 
to make void, to render lifeless. 

^C;35), Aivalamba, ^s. asylum, protection; 

t|p0^'S3> Awalambana, ) part, depending, sus- 
pended, hanging on, or from. [Colloq. t9(^<3 

q:0GSSo, Awalambita, a. quick, expeditious; 
hanging on or from, suspended; protected, 
cherished. [Colloq, ^(^^C'^Q^ ellenalada.'] 

^)CC> Aivalamala, s. rowlock, lock or hold for 
rowing. [CoUoq. ))(^oae3a5 habalpdsaya ] 

*pe3> Awalamd, s. vagabond; pi. ^e^i awa- 
lammu. also see oocjeDcoa pddadayd. 

{^Qacj, Awaldda, s. reproach, blame, abuse, 
remonstrance before the gods. 

<f (33ej 5JcS'203, Awaldda kiyanawd, v. to reproach, 
to blame, to censure. 

<^QQtxi, Awalip}ta, a. (ef before, geoj smeared) 
plastered, smeared, 

^(gco, Awalit/a, s. ninetysixth part of a bushel. 

{piS^O, Awale, s. oar, paddle, such as those used 
in the pada boats; pi. ^<^ awal; [Colloq. 
S5G habala^. 

tfSv(5o5 Aivale'pa, s. (<|p and Qo lipa to smear) 
pride, anointing, smearing. 

qp(S*(^c33, Aivalepana, s. anointing; daring pur- 

t^S^(5^' Awaleha, s. licking. 

<fS^cJ4a3, Aivalokana, s. sight, seeing. 

<fa^cs, Awawddaya, s. (<f and 3^ speech) 
censure, blame, reproach; command, order; ad- 
vice, warning, admonition. 

^(aaa, Awayay ind, (eft neg. oa wafa to subdue) 
^ certainly, necessarily. [Colloq. ^csoejeo e'Li'mta.'] 
9ca3^cs5, Awasyayen, ad. certainly. 
qpScSaQ, Awasishta, la. (q; and cSaJ left) left, 
{f (5^(53, Awasesha, J rest, remainder. [CoUoq. 

{fe^, ^t(?a*, s. see {{j^Sass dwdsa. 

^ts3)), J.ti?asfaii"a, corrupt form of the next. 

<fcod3, Aivasthdwa, s, time, season, portion of 
time, an epoch; state, condition of humanity 
varying with time, as youth, age. [Colloq. ssiOQ 
cs kdlayaJj 

^tt8a3, Aivasthita, a. (cf before, teSa sthd to 
stay, .JSiS) kta aff.) occupying place or period, 
abiding, renaaining firm or fixed. [CoUoq^. BQ 
C83g sitiydwu.^ 

54 ^^Gd 

^esip, Awasanga, la. (^^ neg. eatp submis- 

cpsoo, Awasangawa, _{sive) not humble, power- 
less, incapable of making any use. [Colloq. 
e3D eji^S wasaiiga-neti.'\ 

(fQea&S, Awasan, s. end, termination. 

{fSssaS, Aivasandhi, a. ((fQ and esaS joint) dis- 
jointed, dislocated. 

<^33S iSi6<t^Qo, Awasandhi-karanawd, v. to dis- 
joint, to dislocate, 

fpe3-K5, Aivasana, see <ya53'eo atvasdna. 

cfsoc8, Awasamaya, s. (ep and eaSco religion) 
heathenism, heresy. [Colloq. (5Mo:^e@co mithyd- 

^6<5c6, Awasaraya, s. permission, leave. 

ea(5c53es^33, Aivasaragamiaicd, v. (cpSesd and 
<5355d'33 to take) to take leave. 

qpe33?, Aimsawa, s. (^ and s^ssa sAo to finish, 
is changed to ^ a) end, termination, con- 
clusion, cessation; boundary, limit; death. [Coll. 
S55i3, kammutta.^ 

i^Qs^tS, Awase, s. see efQQSiQ awachchhdiva. 

^S^tles. Awase'sa, s. that which remains, rest, 
remainder. [Colloq. Q(5t tturu.J^ 

^ifis), Aivahita, past. part. (p and So c?Aa to 
have or hold) known, celebrated; done with care, 

<|p3, Aivd, 8. general name in Elu for hell; house; 
also past part, of ^S aivam to curse. 

Cp83J, Awdk, a. (cf neg. 3J speech) dumb. 
[CoUoq. (9(533d golu.'] 

^3>s, Awdchya, s. (<? and 3 to be spoken) 
improper to be uttered. [Colloq. <9o8a33WiS 

^3, Awdchi, a, (<? and QoW speech) dumb; also 
(^ aiva down, ^ i'j^^- ancha to go) looking down, 
headlong; s, south, the south quarter which is 
considered as below. 

p3S3, Axoddita, a. not said, not spoken. [Colloq. 
'?>i53D2Sc5DC"? nokiyanalada,~\ 

tp33, Awdna, s. fan; dry, dried (as of fruit) 
(Port.) ; more usually os:f ;303 pawanpata. 

cp3^ca, Aivdbtya, s. (<f3 hell, ^cs fear) fear of 

fp3<5, Aivdra, s. the near bank of a rivei*. [Colloq. 
eD <g<5 langa iwura,'] 

Cf^33, J.a'a'srt, see ^^^aea diodsdi 

cpSaeS'SSaj Awdsand, a. (cp neg. JesasoJ good for- 
tune) adverse, unfortunate, unhappy, unlucky. 

if 3862039^ Awdsandwa, s. misfortune, bad luck. 




?p?Deo33eae3, Awdaandwanta, Bee tjewesJ awd- 

(fQot&eS, Awdsas, a. naked. [CoHoq. <98je nir- 

qpQaS, Aivdsi, part, not obtained, conqufer6d; a. 
not advantageous, indefensible, not supportable. 

<;p'JSg^0^3S^, Awdsiwenmvd, r. to be defeated 
(as in a lawsuit). 

sf, Art, s. weapon. [CoUoq. JpgScs dyudhaya.'] 

fpS^e303, Avtkshipta, a. ((f neg. g^era trem- 
bling) firm, not staking; unclaimed. [Colloq. 
0(3^3 chanchalanuwu.^ 

f9KS3, Arighna, a. ((f and 8a83 impediment) 
unobstructed, facile, easy. [Colloq. S)DaD ^53i?9 

<]p!)cs5, Avichchiyd, 8. (jfS^ imitative sound, 
cso aff.) small bird with a red breast, only appear- 
ing in October, the red breast. 

ep^a:)5-i, Aviehchhinna^^a. (? neg. S^^r 

CfSs^Sd.?, Avichchheda, /cut ofP.) unbroken, 
uncut. [Colloq. veaoftf 3e<? nosindinalada.'] 

t}:d&3, Avijjd, s. (F priv. c36fD knowledge) Pali 
form of <^ 3 ^, avidyd, ignorance, chiefly of the 
four great truths of Buddhism. 

<f9djS5, Avijahita, a. (tf neg. SdcS put away) 
not removed, not ,put away. [Colloq. q^trfs^eoD 
esi8<SoQq atnoharinalada.j 

^,5?e,-So), J.2Jmnawal-a, a. (^ priv. s}as,-<^ 
sense, 5 aE.) without intelligence or conscious- 
ness, inanimate, insensitive. [Colloq. Sc5 ^t& 
sit neti.^ 

fp9cj, Avttarka, a. (<? and >< thought) 
thoughtless, destitute of thought, absence of 
mind. [Colloq. ffiJo^eDD -soi^ kalpand neti.'] 

<f^, Avidya, a. (^ and <^ knowledge) ignorant, 

{:p9A5^333 Avidyamdna, a. (ef and ^3a3 having) 
not having, not possessing, not existing, not 

^^8, Avidydwa, s. ignorance, error. [Colloq. 
<JS50 modaJcama.^ 

tfSe, Avtdu, Elu form of <?^ avidyd. 

(f^c^l&S, Aviduman, Elu form of ef^e^Doesiavidya- 

qpiT^, Avinashta, a. (cp neg. g)33 destroyed) 
not destroyied. [Colloq. 2S33<53'53d5<5-<!^C'? 

'qSs3, Avim'ta, a. (cp and g^Qo trained) untrain- 
ed, acting improperly; sometimeis applied 'to acts 
of infidelity between the sexes. 

f9oco?3ee, Aviparydsa, la. (tf priv. C3?5 dif- 

cpSoSo, Avipan'ta, j ference) steady, firm, the 
same, not inverted. [Colloq. 'S93di(3>eo3(S>83 
C^ wenasnoivenalada.'] 

<pSc33-, Avipdka, a. (fp and c33 reward) with- 
out reward. 

9fi5^^55^^, At'ibhaJctil-a, a. indeclinable, without 
case termination. 

^9scs5, AvimuJcta, a. (ff neg. SXD loosed) un- 
loosed, not separated. [Colloq. s^3M^3 7?o- 

cp?ca, Aviya, s. implement, tool, weapon. [Colloq. 
p$gS)co dyudhaya ."] also, an indeclinable word. 

cpSossJ, Aviyat, Elu form of epSjsasxD avyahta. 

eeSdsj, Avirata, a. (ef and S<5c3 stopping) eternal, 
continual. [Colloq. eoefiioQsJ saddkdiika.'] 

ff^6c> Avirala, a. (<^ and 9<5o fine) gross, coarse, 
substantial. [Colloq. 993|3 ^^ana?PM.] 

?pS5g, Aviridu, '\ a. (<? and 9i5leS against) 

<f9^^, Aviniddha, rnot contrary, unobstructed, 

Cp^c5ig, -4.vrc?tt, ' without difficulties, certain, 
at peace, absolute. 

fpSc'iSo, Avilambita, a, (<f and Sc^So slow) 
quick, expeditious, swift. 

qf 9(5, Aviioara, a. (p priv. ^06 opening or chasm) 
whole, impervious. [Colloq. fig<5t 3iJ9 siduru 

P8jb30, Aviwdhaka, a. ((f neg. 93W> married) 

;p9(5<5, Aviioeka, a. (<f and 95^^ discrimination) 
defective in judgment, indiscriminate, super- 
ficial, short sighted; having no rest. 

<p9oK)3), Avisimsa, a. (^ and 9<k3 trust") mis- 
trusted, unfaithful, unfriendly, unbelieving. 

f ;SaQ, Avisishta, a. not distinguished from others. 

tf9535s, Aviseska, a. ( and 9n(B8b variation) 
uniform, alike; 8. want of distinction. 

966C5, Avishaya, a. (f? and 9c5 an object of 
sense) insensible, iiot belbtiging to; unperceived. 

{fSet*^, Avisada, a. (tf priv. 93<^ clean) unclean, 
polluted, filthy. [Colloq. {fo^f^ apavitra.'] 

cp^ecco, Avisdya, see <f9GK8 avishaya; s. impos- 

(fziQd, Avisip, 8. the science of using weapons. 

^9k), Aviha, s. the twelfth of the Brahma lokas. 

"^qpSScs, Avi'chiya, s. (qp neg. 9 shelter, asylum) a 
hell so called, lowest of the hells. 

f^3<5, -4mm, 1. (cppriv. 9(5 strength) weak, 

^9Sgi, Aviriya, /impotent, helpless, destitute. 




, Aum, see epg awitwa. 

t^^di, Aiuut, p.p. having come. 

epgaas, Awund, past. part, having strung or linked 

together as beads. [CoUoq. ^Dajsca amundld.'] 
^g-^, Awunu, s. place where fish is sold, meat- 
market. [CoUoq, e^ 2ns\S mas-hade ?\ 
Cpc303, Aioupata, s. kind of shade or umhrella, 

usually of a palmyra leaf. pi. c3cJ awupat. '^ 
p<5-<!^93, Awuranawd, v. to encircle, to enclose, 

to cover, to shade or screen: pret. ftgc5i,3 

ep|Jc5D, Aivuram, s. coverinar. 
<|pc5^(^<:j, Awurudda, s. year. pi. t?<^5 awurudu. 
pgc5iec5S33 Aivurudtipatd, ad. yearly. 
fpg(5i9, Awurum, s. covering; see <fg<5-jK3 aiou- 

f(^, ^i/^Z, a. confused, s. confusion: this form is 

chiefly used in composition as qpg(^5(5-<?583 

awuJTcaranaiod, to confuse. 
*^d a^. ^?Z (/ffz', s. (^gc tM?a thicket, ^^ 

tooth) an alligator. [Colloq. <9SlG' himbuld.'] 
<?g(^K)<5, Aivulhara, s. kind of necklace, comh. 
<?(? Awula, s. confusion, perplexity; disturbance. 

pi. <?c^ awuL 
CpgCeaSa, Awulanawd, v. to collect, to pick up, to 

heap up; to shine: pret. e^g^93 ewuluwd. 
qpgd, Awulu, s. kind of cake. 
^gdocJ, Awulupat, s. cakes. 
f;g6^5D3, Auniluwanaivd, v. to cause to take fire, 

cause to contend, instigate, to contend; to enrage, 

to catch or fasten by a hook; to cause to gather 

or collect: pret. f^?5'?c95 evileivtvd. 
^^d Awule, s. confusion, perplexity. 
q;g, Awuwa, s. sun-shine, light or heat of the 

cprf, Awus, s. drum in general. [Colloq. s^Qdce 

qpgef S3es33, Aivussanaicd, v. to cause to be angry, 

to vex, to stir up, to irritate; to put into disorder, 

to confuse: pret. ?^e^ea3 ewussuwd. 
tf^ssQ, Awusadha, s. medicine, medical drugs. 

see ^it,Q aushadha. 
cf(S>Qi3S<i^, Awehshana, s. seeing. [Colloq. ^^cSsacs 

q:^^^s^, Awekshd, s. observation, seeing, looking 

ef-Cs^Qcg,, Aioedya, a. (tf priv. (5><^ to be known) 

that which cannot be known. [ Colloq. s>dd<:jo5 

tcS nodataheki.'] 

tp>^, Aivem, Elu form of (p'^B<^ai dtvenika. 

qpSN^c^, Aive'ldwa, s. (q? and '5^e^9 time) im- 

^ proper time, bad time, unseasonable time. 

|PiS, Aweda, a. (if priv. x^ good) evil, bad; 

^ 8. injury, evil. 

^(K>tt3<, Asmahheda, s. (^ stone, '?^^Bi? that 
breaks) plant (u^ruwa lanata or illecehrum 
lanatum), commonly called c33(^5S)c3Ci pol- 
hudupald, said to be good in nephritic com- 

^(S^S, Asman, s. disease, stone or gravel. 

^(^e^3, AsraddM,' *! 5. C neg. geQs beliefs 

eps5^3, Asraddhdwa, j unbelief. 

f<s^, Asramana, a. (cf and @^ Buddhist 
priest) unpriestly, unbecoming a priest, acting 
contrary to the character of a priest. 

f?^' ^?ru, s. tear. fColloq. 5gg kandulu.'] 

^^S3, Asruta, a. C?p not, c[C3 heard) unheard. 
[Colloq. '^^if^^i^^q noasana.lada.'] 

f?(?^c!ac?!fc3, Asleshd, s. the ninth Nakshatra or lunar 
mansion containing five stars. 

cp(s8, Asiva, 8. horse. 

Cf!(S5<#, Aswakarna, 8. (ep<s?0 horse, iSi-aS" ear^ 
large timber tree the leaves of Avhich resemble 
the ears of a horse (sTiorea rohusta ; Sal in 
Bengal and Hindi: the Hal tree of the Sinhalese 
is Vateria Acuminata or V. indtca); also the 
name of the seventh or outermost of the circular 
ranges of rocks, surrounding Meru, and form- 
ing the boundaries of as many circumambient 
waters or oceans. 

cpCfQsjea), Aswagandha, s. fifK and cs^aa) scent) 

^ plant, (Tiedysarum vaginale). 

fpGc?^, Aswattka, s. Bo tree, (Jicus religiosa). 

qp{!?03(5, Asimtara, s. one of the chief of the ndga 
or serpent race, who inhabit the regions under 

^ the earth; mule. 

cpcsQoDCcso, Aswapdlayd, s. (tfax) and 033053 
keeper) horse keeper, groom. 

<^cs)3<5, Asimmdra, 1 s. plant, plumeria 

f?(s)3(5-S3>, Aswamdraka, ) acuminata. [Colloq. 
455(5>2d''5i kaneru.'] 

<To?io), Aswamukha, s. (q?oc0 and 3 face) kin- 
nara or heavenly chorister; this kind of demigod 
is represented with a horse's head. 

^qjQsnSS, Aswamedha, s. ((fc^ horse, sa) 
sacrifice) the sacrifice of a horse, actually or 
emblematically. This sacrifice is one of the 
highest order among the Hindus, and performed 



a hundred times entitles the sacrificer to the 
sovereignty of Swarga: it is sometimes only 
emblematical, the horse being simply bound 
during the performance of certain ceremonies, 
and this appears to have been the original insti- 

{f<sQiao, Aswayd, s. horse. 

(fosQ^d, Aswayxija, s. first lunar mansion; name 
of a month, September-October. [CoUoq. <ftij^ 
>T)05 asvida-nelcata]. See Jfaaf ^53 asvini. 

q!(s)?>C, Aswalemba, Is. mare, pi. ^(K^(^^C 

^(Ss^GSS), Aswalemba, J ^^s^csJ aswalembiyo. 

^(HSoSacsSciCa, AswcicMryayd, \s. horse breaker, 

^3335c:3, Asivdchdriyd, J horsekeeper. 

^<sc)3SM5:fs3, Aswdroha, s. (fpcsQ asu-a and jps^dJsj 
droha, who mounts) horseman. [Colloq. ^fsS. 
3 asaruwd.^ 

qpG3i9, Asvini, s. first of the twenty-seven con- 
stellations in the moon's path, hence considered 
its mansions; the symbol of this nakshatra is a 
horse's head figured by three stars in the head 
of Aries. See f^<ss)<^d aswayuja. 

<f<j33, Asana,s food, boiled rice; plant, terminalia 
alata tomentosa. 

efcssiSi, Asani, s. Indra's thvmderbolt. 

epcsaS)?, Asabda, a. (^ neg. ca? sound) silent. 

qpcssSd, Asarira, a. (ep neg. c3d body) bodiless, 
incorporeal, s. name of Kdma, the god of love. 

^osocQa), Asdswata, a. (^ priv. 633Gcd ever) not 
eternal, temporary. 

qp(4^53, Asikshita, p. p. untaught, ill-bred, ig- 

cp(8?9, Asiti, a. eighty. [Colloq. '^gS asmva.} 

{peg, '\Asuddha, a. (^ neg. eg^ pure) impure, 

qpcg^, J unclean. 

^cgqa3C3i)co, Asuddhdtmaya, s. (fog^ and p:c3 
spirit) evil or unclean spirit; impure body or 

<yog3, Amnya, a. not empty, not void. 

9 eg 653, Asubha, a. (^ neg. cgeo good) unlucky, bad, 
inauspicious, s. misfortune, sin. 

^(3\c3aj, Ase'sha, a. (9 neg. (^^3^^ remainder) all, 
entire. [Colloq. QcsQ siyalu.'] 

q^SvoJ^S), Asoka, s. {tf and sxhJ^s sorrow) name of 
a plant or shrub (jonesia asoca); [Colloq. s^sjj 
afi hopalu]* a. free from sorrow. 

^S>(J5a3, Asobhana, a. unseemly, ugly, un- 

<f fflQ, Ashta, s. eight. [Colloq. (fQ ata.'] 

^30 (5<Q<5&5, Ashta udaraya, s. (cpaQ and Qi^d 
belly) medical term used to express eight kinds 
of sickness to which the bowels are subject. 

^aSsD^, Ashtakarna, s. (<|^ and Si^sS" ear) 
name of Brahma, who is fabled to have four 
heads and eight ears. 

{^^43 SScs, Ashtakarma vidhiya, s. (<peQ and 
^556 ca sorcery) eight supernaturM powers, 
said to be possessed by jugglers. 

q?ac)cg(^c5, Ashtagulmaya, s. eight kinds of diseas- 
es caused by worms in the belly. 

(f^^a^o^Qai^, AshtadikjKilayan, Isee ^0o5:fo3 

^eQ5^c;Jc33(3co^, Ashtadigpdlayan, } Q^a:ii atadig- 
2x1 1 ay 6. 

qp^ gjaOs^-sSca, Ashta dushtakshatiaya, s. (tf^ 
eight, g^eas-a^ca evil time) eight kinds of evU 
states; according to the doctrines of Buddha, 
to be born in any one of these is a sore evil: 
1. ?(555?co narakaya, in hell; 2. ^Sessi' s^caJ^Qca 
tirisan-yoniya, as an animal; 3. (3>^S3 (S^coi'dics 
preta-yoniya, as a kind of ghost or hobgoblin; 
4. ^d^sjcca ess) ^sso^SjCDC"^ arutalaya saha 
asanndtalaya, in the bodiless world of the 
Brahmas; 5. gs)33DCDc5 pratyantaya, in a desert 
or among savages; 6. ::3S^iSE^-J^csc5J'^csJ ) 
2Kinchendriyayange vikalabawa, in a state 
destitute of the five senses; 7. (353od^3c6 
mithyddrishtiya, as a pagan; 8. <^S^<5330X33^ 
53(3oo abuddhotpdda kdlaya, an age in which 
there is no Buddha. 

if<i ac5, Ashta-dharmaya, s. (^^ and SiS 
cause) the eight qualifications necessary to be- 
come a Buddha; the candidate must be 1. g 
OJsQS manicshya haica, a man (not a god nor 
a Brahma); 2. 6S'S)S pirmibawa, a male; 
3. (s^bJ^ (^^S)Q 7ie7 ettbawa, worthy of the 
character; 4. gJ eS)Q budun dutid)aica, he 
must have seen a Buddha; 5. sj-<^8 mahana 
bawa, he must be a priest; 6. ^^sS <^^S)) ^zma 
ettbawa, virtuous; 7. g3i^.so3 j^^S)8 2}rdrtand 
etibaioa, he must possess a hope of becoming 
a Buddha; 8. Sco^Sisi <fi49Qs) viryasit ettbawa, 
he must have energy to become such. 

^aO ssS-s^odco, Ashta parishkdraya, see <5pS85)(^ 

<fCsQseo3<s305, Ashtabhogaya, s. (^aO and s^ttjscj 
that which is to be enjoyed) eight things said to 
constitute human happiness: viz. 1. perfumes, 



2. women, 3. robes, 4. beds, 5. betel, 6. food, 
7. dancing, 8. modes of conveyance. 

^{SQK ^S3(5.S5C3, Ashtamahd narakai/a, see ^3S3 
-jQdco atamaha niraya. 

^^i)33 (S^dJsJcs, Ashtamahd rogaya, see ^QS3 
S^<5Js3c6 atamaha rogaya. 

^^, Ashtami, s. eighth day after the new or full 
moon. [CoUoq. ep8e)) atawaka.^ 

qpaQ ^^, As/t/a ?n?<r^z, s. (tf^ and g^^S form) 
name of Siva, referring to the five elements to- 
gether with :the mind, individuality and crude 

<f ^(3>e3^ acs, Ashtaloka dharmaya, s. (<f3c) 
and s^(3^s^5)* things of the world) eight things 
in this life to which mankind are incident: viz. 
1. profit, 2. loss, 3. praise, 4. dispraise, 5. dis- 
grace, G. reputation, 7. health, 8. sickness. 

{jpaQSc^, Ashtavidyd, s. (ff^ and S^ knowledge) 
eight branches of knowledge peculiar to the 
rahats: viz. 1. knowledge attained by abstract 
meditation, 2. power of doing any things desir- 
ed, 3. ability to assume a variety of shapes, 4. 
supernatural hearing, 5. knowledge of others' 
Hearts, 6. knowledge of former existence, 7. 
divine sight, 8. divine knowledge. 

ep^Sa, Ashtavidha, a. (ff ^ eight, SQ sort) eight- 
fold, of eight kinds. 

^Q C33-253C3, Ashtavidha iKinaya, s. (fp3SS) of 
eicht kinds, C333 drink) eight kinds of fruit, 
the juice of which diluted with water the priests 
are permitted to drink: viz. mango, jambu, 
plantain, seedy kind of plaintain, grape, sort of 
lotus or water lily, jujube, and boraludamnu 
a sort of calyjytixaithes, or kind of jambu. 

<^ac)33C3S)e8cs, Ashtasamdjyattiya, s. (^aQ and 
seSjooeS an attainment) eight religious observ- 
ances practised by one of the religious sects, viz. 
that of Kapila, as also by the Buddhists, or the 
four dhyanas and the four duties of the Brah- 

ep^3a)t)J<^.s^33i5, Ashtdngamdnihjaya, see ^Qjo 
ssDoo (Sees, Ashtdnga-sUaya, ~\s (j^^ ashta 

ep^saldo C<^> Ashtdnga-silaya, J and ifate) aTiga 
order, <^q<, precept) the eight commands of 
Buddha: viz. 1. not to take life, 2. not to steal, 

3. celibacy, 4. not to lie, 5. to abstain from all 
intoxicating liquors, 6. not to eat after midday, 
7. to avoid all Avorldly pleasures and luxuries. 

8. to avoid lying or sitting on luxurious beds 
spread with red clothes, or on bedsteads above 
a certain height. [Colloq. ^363(^ atasil.'] 

ep^3 6i)S^ 3(jScs, Ashtdngiha mdrgaya, s. (^^ 
ashta and epSte) a'Aga limb, <g^ ika aff. 3cS way) 
the road to Nirvana, consisting of four grades 
and their four attendant enjoyments, or the eight 
sacred paths for which see fpQioSco atangamaga. 

(^^iqtssi, Ashtddasa, s. eighteen. [Colloq. ^caqpQ 

^^30<^, Ashtdpada, s. (^^ ashta and o^ quar- 
ter, place etc. sf a being made long) a sort of 
chequered cloth, or board for drafts, dice, etc. 
[Colloq. g(5ocfcJi,8 dup6ruwa.'\ 

qp-^QscoS, Ashtdrya, s. (fpec) ashta and epcsf drya 
venerable) those who have attained the four 
paths to Nirvana and the four consequent enjoy- 

cpG^, Ashthi, s. bone, kernel; [Colloq. (fiOcs 
etayal; metre consisting of sixteen syllabic 
instants in each line. 

9:^ 6603(3^55, Ashthi sankhalika, s. (epasS bone, 
eeoag cham or fetter) skeleton. [Colloq. (fiO 
iazf^(^Q etasekilla.'] 

epo^e^) Ashthild, s. disease, described as tumours 

in the viscera, probably an enlargement of the 

mesentric glands, 
qpasdb, Ashddha, )s. a month so called, part 
^a3^^5>, Ashddhaka, J of June and July, [Colloq. 

<^e3(ie3 esala-masa.^ 
cpdi, As, s. horse, seal, signet; angle, corner; bear; 

half moon; shoulder. 

(fti S)ffi)^S3, As-obanawd, v. (tfe^ seal, .sj^s to 
press) to seal, to stamp with a seal. [Colloq. 
^<5(5 S)S)^Q3 muddara tahanawdr\ 

q;ed^e), Askada, s. breach or opening in a dam. 

pe^^^, Askan, Elu form of q;<K^5>^ aswakama. 

epe5eKK5-i3w3, Askaraiiawd, v. to put in order, to 
arrange, to put by, to decorate. 

^^<s^ssi^,Askendi,s. (cpe^ horse, ^3 fibres, hairs) 

long hairs of the horse; fibre obtained from the 

bark of a creeping plant. 
^e^(g33, Askhalita, a. (fp neg. c)@e3 slipped) 

firm, permanent, unshaken. [Colloq. SNeasoi^B 

<3~C^C"? nopekilenalada.'] 
<^e^cs306;83, Asgasanawd, '\v. to smooth, as timber 
^e^,fl53e33, Asgahanawd, J or the gTound, to cut 

the end or edge of anything. 




epe^s^cnog, Asgodu, s, sort of medicine. [CoUoq. 

^^^55 05 amukkard.'] 
*cpdis>(5>3S3, Asgowuwd, see tfcs^ooQiai aswa- 

epee, ^LS^ra, s. weapon, sword, bow, missile weapon. 
epesS), Asia, s. the western mountain behind which 

the sun is supposed to set. 
{ftQS)0 55O3, Astangata, part. (epEOOo disappearance, 

CS5S3 gone) the sun having set. 
tOQ)3S)i), Astangama, s. fepKiSJo and oD to go) 

descending, setting (of the sun), disappearance, 

vanishing, destruction, annihilation, 
cpeojai), Astam, ind. (qpss asa to cast, 05 aff.) dis- 
appearing, vanishing, setting. 
q!t0S)j3(3, Astdchala, s. the western mountain, 
{f ea?9, Astt, ind. pni-t. now being, existent, present, 

it is. [CoUoq. 'fi^ ett.'] 
fpe3?95553<5cso, Astikdrayd, s. opulent man, wealthy 

person. [CoUoq. a5o9a3a)cs3 dhanawantayd.'] 
<pec3(5, Asthira, a. (q; priv. t^6 firm) unsteady, 

trembling, shaken. 
^dii^D, Asdam, s. rope to tie a horse in the stable. 
cfeSis:), Asna, s. news, epistle, seat; pi <?g^ asun. 
efoSoes&cz, Aspantiya, s. line or row of horses; 

stall for horses, stable, 
fpe^trjcso, Aspayd, s, horse, [vulg.] 
(fcSoiOQi, Aspetaivd, s. foal, colt. 
Cpe^(3v9, Asbeti, see epc^Q^d. 
^t^4' Asmad, the first person pronoun; I or we. 
epj^S, Asman, see {fe25 asmari. 
(;pdi4^> Asrrmdda, s. (epdi and f)^^ the same) seal, 

efsSQ^q^Qo, Aswaddanaivd, v. improve a paddy 

field: pret. q:c^0i<^g83 asivedduwd. 
f^tSQ^i^Qis:)Q3, Aswaddaivanawd, v. to cause to 
^ cultivate; pret. q;e^8^<^5^^S^ asweddewwd, 
epe5Sso33, Aswasanaivd, v. to comfort, to console, 

to cherish: pret. (ftSQi^Qo aswesuwd. 
{(eSQ^d, Aswasttra, s. excrements of a horse. 
(f-oSBq, Asvida, s. the first of the twentyseven con- 
stellations in the moon's p,th. . 
ffc (?>9e As-ivedd, s. ((itS horse, l^^^^ doctor) 

tftS^&^Qo, Aswenawd, v, to be put aside, to be 

cleared of, to be arranged. 
^e5<SS(4, Aswel, s. plant, anodendron paniculatum 

{f elSiS35D, Aswenna, s. crops, (applied to grain) : 

plant, Alyssicarpus bupleurifoliiis (Leguminosce). 

<^e^9iQ(3>Di5c63, Aswesilikdrayd, 8. comforter. 

^dfeo, Assa, s. corner, angle. 

efe53e5, Assaka, loc : indef: in a corner, inside, 

qfrifes9, Assata, lit. to a corner, ace. or dat of 
Cfe^so assa; among. 

ffe^?>33253OT, Assenaga, ,9, cavalry. 

:ed^3^e^, Asse, locative of f^e^ss assa. part, between, 

"{pe^^ve^^jS), Assendwa, see Cpe^s^eseD'T) asseno^ra. 

epc5r3, Ashala, s. stable, 

qpee, Asa. s. side, goat; [CoUoq. 6603 eluwd']. 

cpseo^gc Asanktda, see f?s3?^c amfikuJa. 

^esoaas, Asankhya, 1 rt. (q! neg. 63oS)is wwHya 

^e3o'5>S)a553, ^Sfl^iHeyyrt, f and fso-^Noics to bejium- 
bered) numberless, innumerable; used by native 
authors to express the highest idea of number- 
ing, beyond which it is impossible to reckon or 
calculate; s. the highest numeral. 

"{f 30(55 S3, Asangata, a. (ff neg. csootss connected) 
unattached, unaccompanied, detached. 

?ps390<5-<s^, Asanwarana, part, (cp and eeo)<5<^ 
covering) uncovering. 

f;pe3o8353, Asanwdsa, a. (ff neg. esoSiea living to- 
gether) deprived of co-residence, expelled from 
the priesthood; not proper to reside with. 

fpts8ja>, Asanwdsika, s. (ep and iCoQsea sanwdsa 
living with, cj> aff.) outcast; applied to persons 
rejected from society on account of ill behaviour 
or bad deeds. 

ffesisJ, Asak, Is. (ff and eaS) doubt) certainty, 

^63355, Asaka, J assurance; without eyes, blind; 
dull; see also ^S3D ahaka. This is the Elu 
form of ^esoa* asankhya. 

^eo)c9-^, AsaJikirna, a. (^ and ssSjS*^ mixed) 
unmixed, not confused. [CoUoq. q!<> atni- 

<?e3SS5C, Asajikula, a. (cp and ^9^c crowded) 

^ open, broad. 

qpeosJ, Asai, a. not existing; not true, not good; 

qsessJ^;, Asatdam, s. see ^ss.^ asaddharma. 

^eas^gcJi^, Asatpurusha, a. (cp neg. eoe:gv5l0 vir- 
tuous) wicked, unrighteous, base. 

(fists^Si^es)^, Asatpurushakama, s. viciousness, 

"(fusts^ia, Asatya, a. (<f and esss* true) untrue, false, 

^e3^, Asatutu, a. not pleasing, not pleased. 



^ss, Asaditu, see ^e3s:ff asanditu. 

^ee3, Asadrisa, la. (ep and e3:^ra likeness) un- 

epesd^cs, Asadrisa, J like, incomparable. 

^esejQ^, Asaddharma, s. lanrighteousness; used 
also for the union of the sexes, cohabitation. 

cftai:^, Asan, see ^esesJ^ss dsanna. 

q!555:Js^S33^cs, Ascmtoshaya, a. (^ and e3^is^c^^^s 
joy) unwilling, displeasing, discontented; s. un- 
willingness, displeasure, anger. 

qpe3:f^, Asanditu, s. (^ bad, eco sail with, g 
sight, or neg, ssD^g samditu orthodoxy) false 
sight, used only of religion; one who professes 
an erroneous religion, heretic. 

^eS'SD, Asana, s. name of a tree, (terminalia alata 

qpesesoSo, Asanawd, v. to hear, to ask, to question: 
pret. J^gSo esuivd. 

^e'26':33C3, Asanipdta, s. thunderbolt. 

{pe3e6cs(^, Asaniyamal, s. fried grain. 

peof^::J, Asam'pa, a. (ep neg. tsi^o health) un- 
healthy, sick, disordered. 

qjcsjQacs, Ascmipaya, s. ill health, sickness. 

epesdgSes, Asapjmiisa, Pali form of ^essagcJles 

^esgS, Asapiiwa, s. house adjoining a Buddhist 
temple for the priest, residence of a Hindoo 
priest, pi. ^seg asapu. 

^esS), Asahada, s. border, edge, margin. 

cpeaD^g, Asamditu, see qp3J^ asanditu. 

^eeg-*5^^, Asampurnna, a. (^ neg. esg-55^ 

/ complete) incomplete, unfulfilled. 

'^53i)tB363, Asamhhinna, a. (^ and seStBsDS^ bro- 
ken) unbroken, uninterrupted. 

cpS33s3, Asammata, s. (sf and sso sa:^ with, 23 
minded) difference of opinion, dissenting from. 

^e33c5, Asammukhaya, s. absence. 

^es^^, Asammiidha, s. (ff and es^^ foolish) 
cool, calm, wise, judicious. 

fps3, Asama, s. (fp and ts like) the incomparable 
one, name of Buddha; a. incomparable, imlike. 

^e3S<3, Asamartha, a. (cp and esS^ clever) un- 

^e8i^s, Asamarthahama, s. unskilfulness. 

^e3g<5, Asamadhura, a. peerless, one who has not 
his equal. 

cpes!^, Asamdna, a. unlike; see ^ssis) asama. 

qpesi/oi^sj, Asamdhita, a. (cp and es^oSsi mild in 
behaviour) rude, morose, ill behaved. 

^e3S\cf<55o, Asamodagan, Is. parsley, petroseli- 
qpe3(9>Jijo55eKj, Asamodagan, ) num. sativum. 
epes^o, Asardhdwa, s. (q: and ssSj^ faith) un- 
faithfulness, unbelief. Corrupt form of ^@S}3 

(f^d, Asara, s. goddess; way. 
epe3<5<s5, Asarana, a. (^ and esd^ help) desolate, 

forlorn, helpless, friendless, distressed, destitute. 
qpesCH, Asaru, a. (ep and eoc5l fertile) sterile. 
qpe3c5i,o, Asarmvd, s. horseman, horse-soldier, pi. 

Sic5i3^8J asarinw. 
cpe3(^, J.5a7, . border, margin, environs, nearness; 

firmness; sometimes written fpssQ asala. 
{]pea(^3Sc33, Asahvdsiyd, s. (^sf.(^ near, 38 who 

dwells) neighbour. 
epssc, ^sa/rt, s. rock, mountain; one well acquaint- 
ed with anything; see (f^(^ asal. 
epes, Asawwa, s. hmge of a door. 
q!S3(^, Asaival, s. such a one, such as any one, 

some one, pi. ^35c^g asaicallu. 
{pseg, Asaivuwa, see pso asaimva. 
i?e3!M3c5, Asahdya, a. (ff neg'. ess)3c3 like) unlike, 

unequalled, incomparable, solitary. 
^esoSas, 1 Asdddhya, a. (if and sssfiQas curable) 
cpe33^, J incurable, irremediable. 
epss3cD3(5-<^, Asddhdrana, a. (qp priv. eesQsc^^g gen- 
eral) unrighteous, unjust; uncommon, peculiar, 

unequalled; s, partiality, injustice. 
{^633(5, Asdra, a. (qp neg. e33(5 sap) sapless, pithless, 

sterile, fruitless; s. castor oil tree. 
tpe33eeQ3, Asdswata, see ^cs3{S?0e3 asdswata. 
{p8, As?, s. sword, scimitar; female friend. 
epS59s3, Asikkita, a. shabby, mean, low; not 

under proper control, disobedient, not docile. 
^QJ9c3ca'), Asikkitayd, s. filthy person. 
cp8s3, Asita, s. black (colour), name of the planet 

Saturn, the dark fortnight of a lunar month; 

indigo plant. 
?pS<^, Asiddha, a. (cp neg. 8<5cD perfect) unripe. 
cpSSjs, Asiddhya, a. (cp and S what can occur) 

impossible, impracticable. 
<^8ogco, Asipatraya, Is. hell paved with swords, 
^8os3, Asipata, J blade of a sword. 

fpS S, J-sm, s. astonishment, surprise; one of the 

eight graces in dancing. 
i^QScS^, Asiriril, s. (p8? surprise, C^form, beauty) 

name of Kama the Indian cupid. 

Bgss, Asii'i.'ia, s. (qfQ tooth or fang, cs poison) 

snake. [Colloq. eoScss sarpayd^^ 



efQ&, Asia, a. eighty. 

epQc^, Asiru, a. abstruse, difficult, laborious. 

cfQc5L9, Asiruioa, s. difficulty. 

{fg3S55<gM93, Asukaranawd, v. to seize, to catch. 

regS), Asukha, s. (^ neg. gQ pleasure) sorrow, 
pain, affliction. [Colloq. gsj duJca.'] 

q;g3S>, Asu-gaha, see qpg ahu. 

ff!g, Asuchi, s. excrement, dirt; a. impure. 

wgijQ, AsiuMM, a. (p and g^ clean) unclean, 

pgf, J.5MW, s. intelligence; horses. 

<fgc3x8a3, Asujyewata, s. a rich crop of grain; 
adj. pleasing to the sight, beautiful, plump. 

qigw, Asubha, a. {(f and ^to auspicious) inauspi- 
cious, unfortunate, unlucky, unhappy. 

fp|9<5, Asura, s. (ff priv. gd deity) a class of de- 
mons who are perpetually at war with the gods; 
Titan, pi. t^^ts^d^ asuro. 

^g(553co, Asurakdya, s. (fS<^ asura, ?3cs habita- 
tion) the residence or place of confinement allot- 
ted to the vanquished Asuras or Titans, after 
their conflict with the gods, situated beneath 
Meru, and surrounded by the ocean which pre- 
vents aU egress; it is one of the four states of 
punitive infliction: See e3S3(5 tpaaco satara 

qpg<5e5)W3S)3, Asuragahanau'd, v. to snap the fin- 
gers: pret. fpg<5(53i.g&3 asuragehuwd. 

qpg<5cg<5i, Asuraguru, s. (<Pg<5 asura, c^cSi teacher) 
Sukra, the regent of Venvis, and preceptor of 
the Titans, sometimes written ^^<5 6d Asura 

iqpg(5d^, Asiira-rada, s. one of the names of 
^ Venus. 

qjgSg, Asurindu, 8. chief of the Asuras. 

^^3, Asuri, 8. black mustard, (sinapis ramosa). 

^gJxS-esQo, Asuruivanawd, v. to cause to collect, 
to put things together, to bring into order, to 
regulate: pret. ifiB'S^dBQo esireivwd. 

ff^SitQ?^, Asurman, s. the sound occasioned by 
snapping the fingers. 

(f ^(3\8383, Asuwenaivd, v. to be caught, to be 

, seized. 

qpg, Asuchi, see <f^ asuchi. 

q;ges3, Asunya, a. (cp neg. gs?* annihilation) un- 
destroyed, existing; corrupt form of qpcg-s^w 

'ep^9'i&,t:'.2)5 C^^<^? AsuriiaTijuna laksJutna, s. 
(^cf^ and i'-if:'-o inherent, c^5S<sSt ma;rk) the 

eighty minor tokens inherent in the person of 
Buddha; see ef&i asiti and ^^^"AodSi anu- 

efg), Astiiva, s. eighty. 

<^^(^^^6, Asmveni, a. eightieth. 

<f (5>e3, Ase, 8. female friend. 

ffs^eee^, Ases, a. all, entire, the whole. [Colloq, 
ScsQ styalu.j 

qps^^^, Ase, see ep<5^t3 ase. 

^>t^^8, Asetuwa, a, unhappy, miserable; s. mis- 
fortime; incorrectly for q!(5>ts<4g8 ahetmva. 

(fiS'tsi, Aso, ") 8. tree, (jonesia asoca); a plant 

^f^tsS^, Asoka, /which is used for medicine; 
a. without sorrow; see cf s>C5?Jffl; asoka, 

fps^eajffii^o, Asobhana, a. (<f neg. '5^eaJco^o beauti- 
ful) not handsome, ugly. 

ffe3i>, As^ka, s. certainty. 

Cp>, Aha, interj. oh ! 

^S3o>j'5(a, Ahankdraya, 8. (j;w> I, )3i5 which 
makes) self-conceit, pride, arrogance, egotism, 

cpS3JK5-<gro83, Ahakkaranawd. v. to put aside, 
to put away, to dismiss. 

5JJ5, Ahaka, ad. aside, apart, away; 8. side, place, 
little apart from another. 

cpas)c}c3cnc5, Ahatpahat, a. hinnble, submissive. 

fpooJ55(5, Ahankdra, see tfraoSSTdca ahai^draya. 

qpsj-saSa, Ahanawd, v. to ask, to enquire, to ques- 
tion; to hear, to listen: pret. <^g83 ehuwd. 

tftao^, Ahapati, s. the sun. 

epSjQS), Ahabada, 8. border. 

{?20S)c5, Ahambaya, i s. accident, chance, sur- 

qpS5cs, Ahambaya, \ prise. 

epcoD'S^Qesi, Aharnben, ad. accidentally. 

ifsa6, Ahara, 8. food, victuals; road. 

f esj<5 S53, Ahara kisa, pret. (ep(5 food, Sc3 kisw 
deed) the act of taking a meal. 

<<^)(555533, Aharakukkd, s. kind of a snake not 

aasjc Ahala, s. border, margin; environ; some- 
times written ^fSQ asala. 

epS3(30SJC) AhaJapahala, ad. in the neighbour- 
hood, uear-about; s. neighbourhood. 

eps38(5, Ahawara, s. leisure; termination of a 

tfssiQ6ssid<^.Qo, Ahaivarakaranawd, v. to termi- 
nate, to finish. 

^ej9<5isS:83, AhawaYawenawd, ?. t6 be at leisure, 
to be finished, 

<ys5j8(=^, Ahaical, a. such, that, such and such. 




tftsiQQ'i, Ahaivald, s, such and such a one, pi. 
ep5S3^Q ahawallu. 

tfSitS (53o, Ahas ganga, s. (tftata ahasa sky, odsd 
river) the celestial river. 

p63rfs3(508, Ahastalaya, s. (^cojs ahasa and C3(3C6 
plane) visible heaven. 

(fSicSoiisi, Ahassan, s. (^wes ahasa and e3s:f cover- 
ing from e^s^3 chhanna) canopy, awning, 
carried canopy. 

stats, Ahasa, s. sky, firmament, atmosphere. 

fpsjco, Ahaha, interj. interjection of surprise or 
wonder, as, ah, aha. 

cpjB, Ahi, s. snake, serpent; the name of Rdhu or 
the ascending node. 

ffitsi, Ahita, s. enemy, adversary; fool. 

<jjS4g, Ahitu, s. dung. 

qp5Bg<^>ca3, Ahitundikayd, s. snake catcher, 
snake exhibitor, juggler who carries snakes with 
him, the poisonous fangs of the snakes being 
extracted they are often permitted to bite the 

fpjfioeo, Ahinsaka, a. (^ neg. jSoesa himd pain) 
that which gives no pain. 

jf?Bo53, Ahirdivd, s. kind of fish. 

't{!!93C35, Ahiwdtala, s. (ff^ snake, 90 wind, 
breath, as aff.) pestilence, plague. 

^56e3. Ahivisa, s. poison of serpents. 

tfjSsei, Ahisewa, s. slough cast off by the ser- 

<^c8c330, Ahipdta. s. poverty, want. 

qpg, Ahu, s. tree, Morinda citrifoUa and M. tinc- 
toria, (Rubiacece). 

f:g>5-<^93, Ahukaranawd, v. to seize, to catch. 

<fQC3xo>, Ahupewata, a. flourishing, in a state 
of perfection, plump (applied principally to veg- 
etable productions); s. heap of paddy. 

^g<5, Ahura 8. as much as can be held in the 
closed hand, handful, pi ^S<^ ahuru. 

ef^6<go&3, Ahuranawd, v. to set up (as type) to 
put together, to arrange, to pack up, to enclose 
as by a fence, to block up, to cork: pret. fig<5l 
3 ehuruwd. 

<;pg<Jl(5)5oa393, Ahurugahanawd, v. to snap the 

^gcJi,e3isvJ, Ahurusene, s. moment, so short a time 
as the snap of the fingers. 

q:Q(3\33, Ahuwenawd, v. to be caught (as fish 
in a net, or a trap) to be seized. 

eps^trf^, Ahetuwa, a. (qp neg. s^tsf-eg producing 

cause) vain, causeless, unfortunate, unhappy; 

s. misfortune, ill-luck. 
qp(3\{sJ^9o5, Aheniya, s. distress, stress, tiresomeness, 

fatigue, impotency. 
^(3^tf^53s^^5^^, Ahe'niwenawd, v. to be tired, to 
, be fatigued. 

(fis^sai, Aho, interj. oh! alas! 
qpfsvsjj (5^, Aho-rdtri, s. (ef^i ahan day, ^^ 

night) day and night. 


The second letter in the alphabet; it corres- 
ponds in sound with our a in charm: in com- 
position where it is non-initial it is written after 
^ the consonant: as 53 Ted. 

"{pan, Akarsha, s. attraction, drawing. 
^>(5co, Akaraya, s. mine. 

epSJOCj, Akalpa, s. ornament, decoration; demean- 
{p)>9(5, Akdra, s. form, manner, mode; hint, sign, 

token; mine. 
fp53(5c5e3JS, Akdragupti, s. dissimulation. 
fp:3G3, Akdsa, " 5. the fifth element, ether; sky, 
f)53es, Akdsa, J atmosphere. 
"^53)363 05253, Akdsa viyaua, s. a carried canopy. 
{f353e33'S3<a5^css33, Akdsdnanndyatana, s. one of 

the Brahma lokas, first of the four ariitalas, or 

states of immaterial existence. 
epiS-sJ^o, Aki7'nna, a. crowded, confused, imper- 
^ vious. 

pgC> Akula, a. confounded, perplexed, distress- 
^ ed; crowded, confused. 
cp5a^, Akriti, s. form, figure, body, tribe, 

p>3eQ, Akrishta, s. drawn, attracted. 
{fo(9^3(K, Akrosa, s. abuse, curse, censure, an 

fpS)o, Akhyd, s, name, appellation. 
^ Qiao 33, Akhydta, part, said, spoken; belonging to 

a verb. 
epQaooco, Akhydtaya, s. a part of grammar, the 

ep3)34553, Akhydyikd, s. tale, story, legend. 
{pQ'C^Q, Akhandala, s. name of Indra. 
f5(9aD3ca-<^, Agrahdyana, s. month so called, first 

of the Hindu year, part of November and 





pgS)Dc3<jo?, Agrakdyam, s. name of a constellation 
consisting of three stars, one of which is A Orionis 
figured by an antelope's head; the day of the 
full moon in the month ^0N3t3-^ dgrahdyana. 

<f:(53>2g3, Agantuka, a. (cp and o gama to go, 
^) aff,) incidental, strange, adventitious. 

ep(5332gS5 ^6ci, Aganttika-jwaraya, s. (epoajsg 
incidental, 3 aff. c)<5 fever) slight fever, 
strange fever, fever brought on by accident, as 
a fall or the fracture of a limb etc. 

^co<202g42aca3, Agantukayd, 8. guest, visitor, one 
who comes by accident or unexpectedly, new- 

^ comer, stranger. 

^05) , Agama, s. (tp and gd to come, to go) an 
approaching, coming; grammatical augment; 
science, a work on any of the sacred sciences; 
the word is universally used in coUoquial inter- 
course to express religion. 

jo(5)D, Agamana, s. arrival, coming. 

^(553(5, Agdi'a, 8. house. 

ffi,^3-<3B, Aghrdna, 8. smeUing, 

pra30), Aghdta, 1 8. killing; slaughter-house, 

jfj^33'2S3, Aghdtana, J place for killing animals or 

^, AchcJii, s. grand-mother. 

pSd3^esoco, Achchhddanaya, s. cloth, clothes; put- 
ting on cloth, covering. 

^s^O^q^, AchchJiedana, s. cutting. 

'gpQ6'<^, Acharana, pat-t. walking. 

p)85v53, Acharita, a. trained, used, observed. 

p83ca2cs3, Achdryaydt see ffcSsS.edQaoesis^c^ dchd- 
rinwahanse . 

(^Qo(5, Achdra, s. established rule of conduct, 
ordinance, institute; precept; (commonly) a salu- 

fo33(5)<5-<^03, AchdraJcaranawd, v. to bow, to 
make obeisance. 

p93dca, Achdraya, s. salutation. 

ffi)S3<583e3cS3, Achdrawantayd, s. weU-behaved 

fo03ScS3, Achdriyd^ . blacksmith. 

eeSsScoscsd, Achdnyd-palu, s. plant, cowitch, 
Mucuna pruriens (Legum)\ or ifSoScoso^ 

aoQ35:JSsj:f(9^el, Achdrinivahanse, s. teacher, 

,, preceptor. 

'{focsSsN^aco, Ajdneya, s. horse of a good breed. 

fp5?s?, Ajiu-a, s. livelihood, profession. 

{p5?0), Ajiicaka, see epe?S^ ajuvaJca, 

^?9);3, Ajnvakayd, s. religious mendicant of a 
peculiar class. 

f3(5^33;3, Atopa, a. fat, glutinous, thick. 

jp(3\QJo, Atopa, 8. pride. 

^S'iQd, Adambara, 8. pride, arrogance; a, proud, 

{pe)3(^^a)Ja)^, Addtodd, 8. plant, justicia adkenatoda; 
[CoUoq. ^(55^epc,(5 agaldddra']. 

fpdbtf, Adhya, a. abounding in, opulent, wealthy, 

{pfib), Adhaka, s. a corn measure containing about 
7 lbs. 11 oz. avoirdupois. 

jpebditdbS), Adharudhaka, see tpSj'S^oJSj dddtodd. 

fice3, Aridiyd, s. religious mendicant, fakir. 

{p<^, Andmva, 8. government, ruling, reign. 

fcC3533, Attd, 8. grand-mother, pi. (pGXSiJC^ dttdld; 
a fruit, bullock's heart; anona reticulata. 

pci-jg-50i^3, Attunetikama, 8. poverty, destitu- 

^^o::^, Atmaja, 8. (p03S) and d born) son, daugh- 

^ ter. 

p:i)t, Atmabhu, 8. {(^tsS) and ^ who is born, 
existent) name of Kama the god of love. 

focQca, At7naya, 8. soul; understanding, intellect; 
mind or faculty of reason; life, spirit, animated 
frame, vivifying soul in opposition to the senti- 
ent; self, abstract individuality, pi. ^c:(^ 

^ dtmawal, 

f)Si)3!&c5, Atmdrthaya, s. (^c: dtma self, tf^ 
artha good) self-interest, one's own good, 

pc:)3-g9<^5s8c8, Atmdnudrishtiya, 8. (^cc dtma 

, and ^Ip'^ci^^cs amulrishtiya seeing) experience. 

epo3c2, Atap>a, s. sunshine. [GoUoq. <fziQ aivuwaJ] 

foS)C3^, Atapatra^ 1 8. (po sunshine, 

{f3 0o3(5'<siK, Atajmiim-ana, J g what preserves, or 
Qo6<fo which prevents) umbrella. [Colloquial: 
<23S kude."] 

(p(S>B<^, Atarjmna, s. satisfaction. 

f)S33, Atd, 8. grandfather, pi. {pojQj dtdld, 

ep^gd, Atwa, a. diseased. 

fp^d 3^^, Atura-pakshe, s. the party of the 
bridegroom or the bride. 

efD.a2<5cs3, Aturayd, 8. diseased person, patient. 

'ep^'gsDSJ Adyanta, a. first and last. 

efoqcS, Adarsa, s. mirror; commentary; the original 
manuscript from which a copy is taken. 

^^i6, Adara, s. respect, reverence, affection, love. 

f)e,3, Addna, s. taking, receipt, acceptance. 

{fo^co, Addyama, 8, reyeaue* 




ep^<5ca, Addraya, s. favour, help, assistance, 
ep^eaoo, Addsatala, s. mirror. [Colloq. >tSo53 

keda^yata ^ 
cp^waa, Addhana, s. (jsp and qtsi to burn) burn- 
ing, conflagration. 
(^^, Adi, a. ancient, first, prior, other; s. et-cetera. 

adv. formerly. 
^^fS3l&, Aditya, s. sun; general name for a deity. 
pco, Adiya, see {p ddi, 
^3, Adinaica, s. distress, paia, uneasiness, 

fault, transgression, evil consequence. 
ep^txn, Adipta, a. enlightened, illuminated. 
(fiS^^S3, Adesa, s. (in grammar) substitute. 
jo^, Andd, 8. eel. 
^S)7So^, Addhydtma, s. (^3 ddhi and ^J an aff . 

ffsca dtma self etc.) inner man, soul or seat of 

{foS)o5, Addhydtmka, a. internal, mental. 
tfoSDMoeo, Addhydsa, ^s. thought, reflection; mean- 
^Qsoes, Adhydsa, J ing, intent, purpose. 
{po)}<5, Adhdra, s. comprehension, in grammar, 

the sense of the locative or ablative (7th) case, 

in or on. 
^tpQo^co, Adhdraya, s. help, support. 
'^eogoS, Antrdwa, s. danger; more correctly ep-asxn 

^08 antardya, 
i^3. Ana, 8. breath inspired, shelf, clothes-line, 
{peaei^, Ananda, s. happiness, joy; fabulous fish, 

4000 yodims in length; see ^ca timiya. 
efoeo-SJ, Anana, s. mouth, and by syncope, face. 
tfci333, Ananawd, v. to gape, to yawn: pret, 

cpit-^Qj enuwd, 
tp-soa)3>2c5, Anamdnaya, s. contrivance, plot, 

tfj^aGad, Anawdlu, s. kind of plantain. 
fpe3303-253, And^idna, s. {tp^ dna breath inspired, 

cfooiSi apdna breath respired) inspiration and 

respiration of the breath, 
epi^ssoes, Anisansa, s. reward, gain, efficacy, effect, 
p93), Am'ka, 8. army; corrupt form of fpQ 

tp^VioS, Anubhdwa, s. power, glory, influence. 
t^tstsu, Apia, a. confidential, trusted, gained, obtain- 
ed; twisted. 
(^ts&, Ajiti, s. gain, acquisition, binding, joiniag. 
{ptSQ, A^ilawa, s. bathing. 
{oo, Apya, a. (efoo djya water, cs aff.) watery, 

consisting of water, as froth; plant, kind of 

costus, [Colloq. > feJtf.] i 

pC3, Ajm, 8. water, [Colloq, 4gd ivatura']. 

{po<S), Apakwa, a. (^ diminutive, o^ dressed, 

cooked) half baked grain etc. eaten from the 

^0(553. Apagd, 8. (fpc3 water, e^a what goes) river, 
stream. [Colloq. gsjotoo gangdiva.'] 

^c3-<s^, Apana, 8. market, shop. 

|d;j-2^5, Apantka, s. merchant, dealer. 

(poiSi&, Apatti, 1 

^^Ci,, Apadd, r ^^^f^^t^^^' calamity. 

(fjOCsXD, Apanna, a. unfortunate, calamitous, un- 
happy; gained, obtained; required. 

fpc3^, Apasu, ad. backwards. 

t{3:3^i)g, Apasumadu, 8. kind of creeper, (bind- 

ffD033, Ap)dta, a. descending, falling; ad. the same 
moment, immediately. 

foc33e3, Apdna, 8. (ep together, ooea drinking) 
place for drinking in society. 

{fos^035Q'S3, Apokasina, s. (j^iod djms water, ^aS 
-253 kasina) power of producing the watery hu- 
mour of the body in a sensible form from the 
mouth, eyes, etc. attained by intense abstraction. 

{p'5^c33S)3^, Apodhdtuwa, s. (epoe^ dpas water, 

S)3^ dhdtu. an element) water as one of the 

primary elements. 

f3S)(5-<3cs, Abaranaya, s. corrupt form of p)^<5-<s^oj 

^QcS^5>, Abahikaina, s. avarice, 

pS)3oDco, Abddhaya, s. sickness, danger, obstacle. 

{peod-iaSco, Abharanaya, s. any ornaments for wear- 

, ing, decoration; jewellery, ornament. 

{p335SOs5, Abhdshana, part, addressing, speaking to. 

ao($Na5jJe53, Abhoga, s. completion, fulness; eifort, 

pains; extended hood of the cobra capella used 

by Varuna as his umbrella. 
^S)o)(5-<aS3, Ambankaranawd, v. to train, to 

{p, Amra, s. mango tree, magnifera indica, 

[Colloq. ^ amba.'] 
q;5(33, ATnbalika, see ^q dmla. 
jp(3, Amla, 1 5. tamarind tree. [Colloq. 80s 
pe)(33j, Amlikd, jSiQo siyambald.'] 
{ps\gS3, Amredita, s. repetition of a word or 

{p)S, Ama, a. raw, unripe, undigested, undressed; 

8. sickness, disease, affection of the bowels aris- 
ing from indigestion, rawness. 
{pt^dc5, Amajwaraya, s. (^ and 0cJ fever) 

bilious fever, fever arising from indigestion. 



jpSeog'*^, Amantrana. s. calling, invitation, 

^ salutation. 

ffo-<sg, Amarshana, jmrt. meditating, thinking; 

bearing; rubbing; stroking with the hand as an 

act of fondling. 

epi3C>) Amnlala, 1 s. gem, crystal; tree, phyllan- 

{f/C^, Amalah', ^ thus emblica; fColloq. S^e3(^g 

{|39D03ca, Amawdtai/a, s. (cpD and 3S3 wind) 
morbid air producing a slight diarrha;a. 

{o), Ajnd, s. wet nurse, pi. p)cJi dmdwarii, or 
^i>3(33 dindld, 

epSosocs, Arndsaya, s. stomach. 

^.^cs, Amisha, s. flesh, hence a bribe, secular 

gain; enjoyment; pleasing or beautiful object; 
^ coveting, longing for, lust, desire; food, 
^f (sej^j, Amishaddna, s. (fpW^ and q3 gift) 

bestowing flesh, alms etc., material gifts. 

tp^ssxT), Amukta, a. {tap and 9 mucha to release, 

unbind, axD ^trt aff.) clothed, accoutred; cast, 

tfo-^^^Jij, Amdda, s. fragrancy, perfume, joy, plea- 
sure; a. diffusive. 

tpcseoa, Ayatta, a. (ep and caD yama to restrain, 
axsD /.to aff.) docile, tractable, dependent. 

f3csC3, Ayata, a. long. 

4f:csS33, Ayatana, s. (Pali) the five senses; (Sans- 

^ krit), altar, shed for sacrificing, abode, cause. 

jfocs, Ayam, s. government duty on the saltpans. 

pcs0(3, Ayampala, s. the place where the salt 

^. duty is collected. 

pc03, Ayd, s. nurse, children's nursemaid, pi. tp 

^ CC333 dydld, or jpcs3SiJl dydioaru. 

^C8), Ayd ma, s. scarcity; length. 

ep-coes, vi^fwa, s. fatigue, wearisomeness, sometimes 
written ^csoes aydsa. 

{o83)S3i), Aytttnma, s. dress, uniform, ornament. 

5pS -4_y?f, s. age, duration of life. 

^.^a, Ayudha, }' ^^^P^'^' implement, tool, 
{pgos^^*^, Ayubowan, interj. salutation, express- 
ing desire for another's long life and happiness. 
aoC)?iS<^, Ayuriceda, s. the science of medicine. 
j^'.C(":)sJ, Ayushmat, a. (fpssqes dyus life, cj poss. 

aff.) long lived, venerable. 
epg^555C*3c5, Ayuskalpaya, .<(. age. 
cpgjscs, Aytisaya, s. age, duration. 
{p^c5 ', Ayet, '\ 

{ps^csS, Ayema, Vo^/. again, fmce more. 
I {prs^cd. Aye, ) 

tpj(58, Arachchi, '\ t 

j0(58c^e, Arachchirdla, >-i 
{p<58C Arachchila, J 1 

'fp^, .4rrfra, , (q'<5 arfa to go, <5!J raJc aff.) sixth 
nakshatra or lunar mansion. 

^), Ardraka, s. ginger in its undried state. 

^co2, Arya, a. term of high respect, of veneration, 
and applied to persons of high descent, venerable, 
respectable, proper: s. name of Buddha, but 
particularly applied to the priests of Buddha. 

efocsldsJSDcs, Aryaratnaya, s. ({f:c6' venerable, 

^ ^ do53 gem) rahat, saint. 

epdocs, Aranchi'ya, s. news, intelligence. 

{p(5s3o), Aralshdwa, s. (ep prefix, <5^^3 to pre- 
serve) preservation, support, protection. 

tpj(58, Arachchi, *J s. aratchy, officer in 

the native militia of 
the rank of sergeant, a 
petty village official. 

ff5(5<^, Aranya, s. forest, wilderness. [Colloq, 
soj^xodco ivandntaraya.'] 

{p<5-<s^a35353o, Aranyakdnga, s. ({pd-^^a forest, o 

ka aff. ^o anga ordinance) institute of the 

Buddhist priesthood enjoining upon the priests 

to live in forests or solitary places and not in 

town or villages; see s^39>eJ gsjoao teles- 

fp<5-<s^03, Aranawd, v. to become fat or stout. 

fp(5SS), Arabdha, s. begun, commenced. 

p(5 i)eos5(5-<!^83, Arambhakaranawd, v. to com 
mence, to attempt. 

{fDdi)eoca, Arambhaya, s. commencement, begin- 
ning; [Colloq, ozOsSosiiZsi^ patangenma], 

jp(5<jo, Arammana, s. being affected; reflection, 

thought; subject of thought, that which occupies 
the mind. 

{^^^3(5, Ardchdra, s. {(Sp<S) far, 8(5 chara to go) 
living far from evil ways, leading a virtuous life. 

{pc5ij338, Arddandioa, s. invitation. 

{f)d5)S3, Arddhana, s. accomplishment, worship- 
ping, propitiating, attainment, request, invitation. 

{f;:05a.2D3, Arddhandica, 8. entreating, solicitation, 
request; gratifying. 

p05, Ardma, s. garden, orchard, grove, forest; 
residence of the disciples of Buddha, monastery. 

cpOogc Ardtvula, s. dispute, quarrel. 

{pc^ttS, Ariidha. a. ascending, mounting, rising. 

efodxdii3\<503, Ari'idhaioenawd, v. to mount, to 

, take possession, to ascend. 

^(s>dJs>39, Arogya, s, (cp a neg. i^cJJeo roga sickness) 

'p(3^^JoSocfl, Aropanaya, s. planting, fixing. 

{ps>(5J8s>, Arnpita, a. planted, fixed. 




{jn(S\dJs, Aroha, 8. length; ascent; rising, mount- 
ing; riding. 

^s^(5ifs)<^, Arohana, s. (ep and <^tsi ruha to 

ascend, ^jSjg nya aff.) ladder, stair-case, rising, 

^(35S3 Alakamandd, s. sity of Kuvera. 

pec3, Alangd, "Is. moon-flower; Ipomcea Bona- 

pC0533, Alangd, ) nox, (Convolv.); kind of cake. 

ef3C^^'5^'^^, Alapanne, s. materials, tools. 

cp^S^Dcs, Alambanaya, 1 ^. hanging down, sup- 

efD(3S)30B, ^/am5ana?/a, j porting. 

^ec5> Alaya, s. affection, attachment, inclination; 

house, place of worship; desire. 
(pQQiSi, Alawaka, s. demon or yaksha, one of the 

yaksha chiefs under Kuvera. 

^QHBTi, Alasya, s. idleness, sloth. 

tpC^^j Aldpa, s. (ep and Q'^ I'^'P'^ to speak) speak- 
ing to, addressing. 

^^(S, An, 8. woman's female friend; row, contin- 
uous line; race, family. 

^(gi0'20, Alingana, s. (ep before, (^toeD to ap- 

^ proach) embracing, an embrace. 

^^s^CQA Alekhi/a, s. (ep and QQ likha to write, 
<tfe56 nya aff.) painting. 

f)(5^COiSJ(5-(sSS3, Alepakaranawd, v. to smear, to 
plaster, to anoint. 

f!5S^(5, Ale, 8. wish, desire. 

{p(5(^c3c5, Ale'jmya, 8. ointment, anointing. 

fpS^CJ^SJ, Aloka, s. light, sight, seeing, looking. 

{ps^e^^cfl, Alopaya, 8. ball of boiled rice. 

^tpSSeoSo, Awadanawd, v. (ep life, 0S)sd increase) 
to salute, to wish long life to one: pret. ^j 
6iQ3 dxveduwd, 

tpSs^cSO, Awate'wa, s. ministrations. 

j^8e02S33, Aivarjjand, s. thought, reflection, con- 
sidering. [Colloq. ffi5(53339 Jcalpandwa.'] 

^9, Aivarta, s. whirlpool, revolving, turning 

Cfo9f925D, Awartana, 8. stirring anything in a state 
of fusion, melting metals together, alligation, 

^8d'<S5o, Aivarana, "is. shield, shelter, screen, 

pd-(S^c8, Awaramj/a, /covering. 

{p8@, Aivali, 8. row, range, continuous line. 

epSoO, Awdta, s. very deep hole, pit. 

jeQjjs, Awdsa, Is. house, residence, one of the 

ttjQjescs, Awdsaya, /names for all kind of drums. 

ep93, Awdha, 8. marriage. 

D, Avi, 8. age, life, period of a person's life. 

V^' -^^^da, s. implement, instrument, tool, 

epSacJ, Avrtta, a. enclosed, surrounded as by a 
wall or ditch. 

(p<5\Q<^ssi, Awenika, adj. detached, separate. 

fpSN^cse-s, Au'esanq, s. house in which work is 
done, manufactory, work shop; demoniacal poss- 
ession, fury. 

epS^Sef, Aice'sa, s^ pride, arrogance; demoniac 

epccScs^, Ascharya, s. miracle, anything mar- 
vellous, wonder. 

{|.ow)c3s5, Ascharyamat, a. wonderful, admirable. 

fpg, Asrama, s. hermitage, abode of retired saints 
or ascetics. 

cp-gca, Asraya, s. (fp and ^ .n to serve) cheating, 
fraud, circumvention; asylum, shelter, refuge, 

jpg8, Asratoa, s. distress, fatigue; fault, trans- 

'{p2?Q353, Astvdsa, s. inhaled air. 
epcsca, Asaya, 8. meaning, intention; receptacle. 
^^33, Asa, 8. wish, desire, hope; quarter, region. 
{p)cS3<Q, Asirwdda, s. blessing, benediction. 
{pcSSeg, Asinnsha, s. (epcS and 55 poison) snake, 
epsgodb, Ashddha, s. month so called (June and 

July) ; name of the twenty first or twenty second 
lunar mansion. 

epe^ScsS, Ascharya, see {(;:<5ccs^ ascharya, 
(piJXSi<'S^xs, Astaranaya, s. elephant's housings, 

painted blanket or cloth worn on his back; 

covering, sheet. 
.pe3s^, Aspada, s. business, affair; place, situation, 

dignity, authority, 
ffoe^^, Asmi, 1 s. sweetmeat like a pancake, 
fped <5, Aswada, /made of flour, oil and jaggery, 
(ptsQoq, Asiodda, s. health, happiness; the act of 

tasting, enjoyment, 

epedSe^!, Asvz'na, see {pcsS^Q asvim. 

pgS, Asrawa, see aoa dsraioa. 

{pxoS53, Asanlcd, s. doubt, uncertainty. 

pe8C5DS3, Asanna, a, near, proximate; s,, ter- 

{pic^SDcs, Asanaya, s. seat, throne, 

f)533, Asa, see {jscss dsd. 

{pxa^, Asddha, see jpesodb dshdda. 

fpsasS), Asdiva, see jpaas dsd. 

pQcs, Asiya, s. ace in a Sinhalese game. 

aoSSj<j, Asivicdda, see fpcSSsij dsirivdda 

fjiSi6, Ahara, 

K)5, Ahara, ) , . , 

. ,', , >.. tood, victuals. 
)Q, A/iara, j 

{pE8^<:^'D, Ahitundika, see cpcB^-sfS^a ahitnn- 


The third vowel in the alphabet having the 
fine, sharp sound of i in his or him or pin ; where 
non-initial it is written above the consonant, 
as ^ ki. 

i^^sJ, Ih, s. sight, looking; sugar cane, passing time. 

5e5J-SK3gc IkMmadula, s. soft part of the jack 
fruit without stone, pi, <^^ssi3^Q ikkdmadulu. 

<gd 45339, Ikkdwa, s. hiccough. 
9J3^, Ikbiti, ad. thereafter, then. 
1J^d0<s^, Ikmana, s. quickness, expedition, 
(gesJSsi, Ikman, a, quick, expeditious. 
(^iAi)^^6^Q3, Ikmankaranaicd. v. to expedite, 

to hasten. 
^J5\<^, Ikmena, part, passing away, vanishing, 

disappearing, expiring. 

^^sSs^S-s^So, Ikmenaivd,v. to pass away, to vanish, 
to disappear: pret. ^^gs^ ikmund. 

'53^83a5, Ikshwdku, s, first monarch in the Siirya- 
vaijsa, or line of the sun, commencing in the 
second yuga, or sUver age of the Hindus; in this 
line Buddha was born. 

(Sj^^, IksJm, s. sugar cane. [Colloq. (^J<s>K) uk- 

5ig53<:6^, Ikskukdnda, s. species of the sugar 

cane, saccharutn munja. 
'^agSi, Ikshuwa, see 5g ikshu. 

<gS356J-s383, Iktgahanawdi i\ to sob, to weep, to 

^S<^, Ikini, s. female louse. 

(g9^f eoSa, Iktbindmawd, v, (<gJ&-.3 ikkd hic- 
cough, ^3383 to break) to sob, to sigh. 

<^i^3, Ikm, s. plant barleria; [Colloq. 45)3<5g 
kafukariidu']; shell-fish, sea-urchin, species of 

(gcSS^ggdgS'o, Ikirikadupjnnvd, s, species of fish. 

(gS5c33, Ikirit/d, s. ((gtSS and csa aff.) sea-urchin. 

<5S(g, Ikilt, s. plant. Acanthus ilicifolus, (Acan- 
thacece); also 555 (gsBg katu-ikili. 

<gS(3c5, Ikiliya, s. hip, groin; vessel; floating 

plant with white flowers, Trapa bispinosa 

5Q65, Ikut, a. past, gone, ancient, after; part. 

ended, finished. 
a5cJN2o93, Ikutwenawd, v. to die, to cease to 

exist, to expire, to pass away. 

<go, Inga, Is. waist, loins, pi, ^coQc^ en^a- 
i^coSca, Ingatiya, J ival or <go in. 
(g3C5c3, Tugapatiya, s. girdle. 
<^S, Ingi, 's. hint or sign given by the eye, wink; 
thought, intention. .sm\^A,-^-\ 

59s5<5<<^83, Ingikaranawd, v. to wink feigiaS- 

(gjB^JcJl, Ingikariiwa, part, looking round about 

with caution. 
58s3, Ingita, s. (^uo inga to go, 53D kta afif.) 

hint, sign, gesture. 
-^S^, Ingini, s. tree bearing the clearing nut, 

strychnos potatoi'um, (Loganiacece). 
^6<5-<jo93, Ingimaranawd, v. to intimate senti- 
ment by the eye, gesture etc., to hint. 
gBSc539, Ingiriydwa, s. ball of the eye. 
-gzg, Ingu, s. sugar cane. 
%is^6, Ingura, see igcg^<5i inguru. 
^jg(35, Ingurd, s. small fish used by fishermen as 


<^iQSi, Ing^iru, s. ginger, 
^^d' lugul^ s, vermilion. 
(^5i<^(S)^is^Qo, Iganagannawd, v. to learn, to be 

f(53-<!^eof^, Iganagenima, s. learning, the act of 

(gsj^i), Iganima, s. learning. 
^cSfa^C^S') Igilenawd, v. to fly off; to peel as bark 
from trees; to be rooted up: pret. "gc^ceos igvr- 
(goiedS, Igenvima, s. teaching, instruction, pi. 

(gOTt^s^S igenvim. 
^9jffi5<5-<s^S3, Ichchdkaranawd, v. to flatter. 
^9930, Ichchdwa, s. flattery. 
5)d39, Ichchhdiva, s. wish, desire. 
'(gQQssJsjc^-csSoSs, Ittankai-anawd, v. to emancipate, 
^QQsd'S, Ittanvima, see <gQ ittama. 
^8QJ8e393, Iftanwenatvd, v. to be emancipated. 
(g8Q, Ittama, s. emancipation. 
U9393, Itanawd, v. to exist in a future state; to 

determine, purpose, resolve. 
f 9^(5, Itamittira, s. (<8 wished, ^gd friend) 

a chosen friend. 
^3, Iti, s. wax, candle, wax candle. 
sjSsxsrf, Itige, s. tent, pi. '^Q^(SiQ(^ itigewal, 
c>c55<^, Itipandama, s, candlestick; wax candle, 

pi. <g0'd<?i) itipandam. 
^% Itu, Elu form of 988 Ishta. 
(ga), Ida, s. place, room, opportunity. 





^S tfS^Qo, Icla-arinawd, v. to make room. 
98 (3>^383, Ida-denawd, v. to give place, to 

allow, to permit. 
9g0SQ, Idaprastdxva, s. opportunity. 
9S), Idama, s. spot, place. 
(ge^Q, 7f/^, s. time. 
<g<^^^, /c?e, s. leisure, occasion. 
9(9^S)ji5ca, Idoraya, s. dry weather. 
'<5<^e)<53, biimaga, s. ladder, pi. (<^o miman. 
<gc5c3, 7ifto, s. cluster of fruit; plant, HejJtapleurum 

steUatum ( Araliaceoe ) . 
<gcJa)5, Ittal\ a. bridle, bit. 
cJs)3, Ittd, s. game resembling draughts, pi. 

<5s5(?i3j, ittd. 
igesJcJx-egd, Ittekura, s. prickle of the porcupine. 
cis3x3) Itteivd, s. hedge-hog, porcupine. 
9C5, /ia, a. (from Elu), beloved, desired, wished 

for; (from Sanskrit) gone, remembered. 

<g03, ltd, ad, much, very. 

<gaD39, Itdma, ad, exceedingly. 

^^, Iti, an indeclinable particle (in Sinhalese com- 
position generally changed into the termination 
8) implying cause, (thus, therefore) ; manifesta- 
tion, (lo ! behold!); something additional (et- 
cetera); conclusion (finis); manner (so, thus, 
even, in this manner) ; a grammatical copixlative, 
indicating a preceding sound or sense to be again 

(^:9:f, Itin, ad, well then, now then, perhaps, 

^^5, Itiri, 8. remainder, woman, wife adj. 
another, other, remaining. 

(g^Ss^S-saSo, Itiriwenawd, v, to remain; to recover 
from sickness. 

^?95, Itirima, s, overilowiag or boiling over. 

(!S)S^6<^Q3, Ittrenawd, v. to overflow, to boil over, 
to exceed: pret. (g^di^fiS iturund. 

<g^>S)5, Itiivuttaka, s. (?9 thus, g-eK3 said, 
ssi aff.) one of the nine divisions of sacred 
science which belong to Buddhism; it compre- 
hends such siitras or works as are written in 
the catechetical form; see e30Dsoe?eo naivanga- 

(|^S3De3, Itihdsa, s, history, traditional accounts; 
heroic history. 

f^g*^, Ituru, a. remaining, surplus. 

(g^g(5i3d-<^83, Iturukaranawd, v, to reserve, to 

f-5g^3, Itiiruwd, s. remainder, arrear; also the 

pret. of (5^(5^03 %ituranawd. 
f QCJi(3^S'^^S^, Ituruwenawd, v. to remain, to be in 

<g<5J, Idda, s. spindle; plant, the flowers of which 

are offered in temples, Wrightia zeylanica; also 

called gg (^^ sudii-idda and )(^ ^^ ival-idda. 
<g<^(5, Iddaixi, s. head of a bed, the upper part of 

(g^'5^^s^S^, Iddenawd, v. to pain, to give pain; to 

pain by coming in contact with anything (as a 

boil or sore): pret. <g<^ge3D iddund. 
g^C Idala, s. broom; dried branch or plant. 
<g^)gS, Idikatuwa, s. needle. 
'j^45)(^(3, Idikadidla, s. kind of gate closed by 

means of bars, pi. ig^^SG idikadidu. 
9^3(5-<s^S3, Idikaranaivd, v. to make earthern 

vessels, to build, to do, to form. 
98S, Idichcha, a. ripe. 
(gJ^, Idimuma, s. swelling. 
f^s^SeaSo, Idimenawd, v. to swell: pret. (2533 

f<5 ag, Idtripaeti, a. (f^S before, og last) con- 
fused, out of order; Urst last, and last first. 
f5 o^S, Idtri pasuiva, s, obstacle, hindrance, 

discrepancy, inconsistency, 
f ^580, Idmjnia, prep, before, in the presence of 
fg^Scs, Idiriya, s. position in front of an object, 

before, or in the presence of a person or thing. 
g^3\(5^3, Idtrenaicd, v. to fall (as a tree from 

decay of the roots) to be plucked up by the 

roots: pret. <^e^S^-^ iUurund, 
<g^0iCi. Idiw^la, s. (<95 idda spindle, QiQ stick) 

the distaff. 
/<gg, Idu, s, name of a tree, Crata'va reUgiom, or 

C. Itoxburghii; [CoUoq. Q4^Q6^ Iwmwara- 

mi] ; row (of plants, trees etc) . 

(gg9(^, Idukil, s. threshold, 

!ggS)D, Idubd 

gg^. Idubu. 

g(5, Idura, s. semen virile. 

-ggcSi, Iduru, s. semen; east; name of Indra. 

'ggSL(J, Iduwel, s. creeping plant, cardiospermum 

haliacabum, (Sapindacea^J; [Colloq. (3^oS>-S3C 

^o^q-^Qj, Idenawd, v. to ripen; to suppurate. 

<g^(5D:fD03, ludagannaivd, v, to sit down, to be 

^ seated. 

"gf ) ludt, s. date, see ^f <s3ss iudigasa. 

>d, ) 
h J 

s. tortoise. 



(^^ss)q), Indilada, s. entrance to a fenced garden, 

<gf oea, Indigasa, s. date tree, Phcenix zeylanica 

(g^-eoQo, Indinawd, v. to sit: pret. (^COSJO unnd. 

*(g<5, Indira, s. bee. 

^8(5, Indiioara, 1 . blue lotus, nymphcea cae- 

(g@6(5, ImUicara, } rulea. 

<^^, T>]du, s. moon; name of Sakra; chief, eminence. 

9g03-25303, Ijidukdntd, s. (fg and aDJ^DCDo hus- 
band) night. 

i^g^Sc Iiidukila, see ig^^C indrcdcila. 

^g^, lududa, s. thunder. 

<gg5t^, ladudada, s. rainbow. [Colloq. S^^S*^^ 

sggsJ, Iijdtin, s. sitting. 

<3^*^' luduntl, s. emerald, blue sapphire. 

fggsi, Imiujmt, s. (^g and geJ son) planet 

<gg<3^, ludumtTii s, emerald, blue sapphire. 
(gg<5, ludura, s. name of Sakra; Vishnu; east. 
!gg(55>2o, Iwluratna, s, pearl. 
(g(5e55, Induran, s. the five senses, 
<gg05, Indurd, a. true. arf. in truth, verily, indeed . 
ggc^i, liidurii, s. plant; susum anthelminticum 

(FlagellaricaaeJ; east, eminence. 
(^^Si(S)d, Iiidurugaja, s. Indra's elephant. 
(^(Sl^(Si, luduriuliga, s, east. 
^gj^g, Indarudeli, s. juggler, deceiver, 
gviT.:;3?S, Indiirupati, s. ruler of the east. 
9gd' illdul, s. remainder of a meal. 
g(^)<5-<swe)3, Indulkaranaicd, s. to taste first of 


USd^^^'' Iliduhvenawd, s. to be polluted by 
eating off the same plate with another, to have 
contracted some impurity and rendered unfit 
for use. 

<gg9393, luduivancucd, v. to cause to plant: pret. 
<^is5s^qBQi, indeivwdi 

<gg(^, Iiiduwara, Elu form of <^-^Q6 indtivara. 

<^^Q(^Q, IndmvalUt ^s. (^g and Q(^Q creeper) 

<gg8i,(4, Induivel, J moon plant, in Sanskrit Soma 
lata, asdejiias acida. It yields, a quantity of 
milky juice, mild and acid. Koxburgh 2ij2. 

(gees^, ludusal, s. hal tree, iShorea robusta or 
Vcitena Acuminata. 

^gSveseo, Jndusena, e. (<g and \S33 thunder) 

5g3Si9, Indusew, s. rainbow. 

'(^i^efdi^G,, In-aniddd, adv. two days after to- 

'^esScsi!^, Ingan, s. limit, boundary, pi. <^si<si^ 
ingam or <gDv>v)i> imgam. 

<g-5i'^SDS3, Indanawd, s, to cause to sit, to plant. 

525^g, Indra, s. organ of sense; the human or 
animal soul, the portion of spirit residing in the 
body; name of a Hindu deity presiding over 
Swarga and the secondary class of divinities; 
he is more particularly the deity of the atmos- 
phere and regent of the east quarter, and cor- 
responds in many respects with the Grecian 
Jove; one of the yogas or divisions of a circle 
on the plane of the ecliptic. 

-gegiSc Indraktla, s. (^ag and SiQ pin or bolt) 
threshold of a door; the fabulous mountain 
Mandaar, with which the ocean was churned by 
the gods. 

U'JgSDCs, Indrachdjm, s, (f fig and Qjo bow) rain 
bow. [Colloq, (3^4^'S3 deduniia.'} 

gegc^Q, Indrajdla, s. (^<5 and dJQ net) decep- 
tion, cheating, juggling. 

^^^Q, Indranila, s. emerald, blue sapphire. 

"^^r^Qa-;^, Indrawriksha, s. kind of fir. 

''^39), Indrdyudha, s. rainbow. 

f ages, Indriya, s. organ of sense. 

gacs3csS3So, Indriydyatana, s. (.<gagc5 and {pcaO'Sso 
dyatana mansion) body, residence of the senses. 

gagcsD^, Indriydrtha, s. object of sense, as sound, 
smell, taste, etc. 

f cs58(5, Indiioara, see ^5^<5 indiaxira. 

:ge5^, Indima, s. act of planting or fixing any 


'^?si^Q6, Indiwara, s. blue lotus, nymphoea coerw- 

g^Je?, liiiia, s. hedge stake, pi. <i^ ini. 

^^Si(S^(^, Innale, s. small kind of yam somewhat 

like a potato, Plectranthus tuberosiis (Labiata'J. 

pi. igsJeDC innala. 
|;iiD83, Innaicd, i\ to sit, to be, to be present: 

pret. Qisiisi'i unnd. 
^d^^sDS3C> Innaliala, see i:f-20(S^(4 innale. 
9j'33, Innd, s. Avart, verbal form meaning there 

is (Avithin sight); pi. fesis^-eo^J iniid. 
2diQs33, Innisd, conj. therefore, (incorrectly used 

for tSr e^s53 enisd or <9cs -60633 eya nisd). 
(geio^, Inpasu, ad. after that. 
S3, Ina, 8, waist. 




.s. birth. 

oDocg, Inangu, a. proper, fit, suitable. 

^S3, Inama, s. a general name for any low caste. 

<g^5^"^l^<^, Inahede, s. girdle used only by toddy 

(geasji^, Inahenda, s. dress worn by devU dancers, 

Supposed to represent the demon they wish to 

(g^Qeg-j^, Imhind, s. white louse found in cloth, 

pi. (ge^egs^^^J iniJcuno. 
^cS3, Iniyd, interj. expression of tenderness, used 

at the loss of a beloved object or the occurrence 

of a misfortune. 
'^'3, Inuma, s. spring of ^water; loosening or 

separation of any thing tied or fastened. 
(^(3^253^5393, Inenaivd, v. to spring up as water; 

to be loosened or separated: pret, "g^So inuwd. 

"2^^dC Ipcidilla, J 
^;2^ai, Ipadima, | 
<gc3g, Ipaduma, } 
(^':i(S^(i^Qo, l2)adenaivd, v. to be born: pret. fo 

ge33 ijiadund. 
^50-2Dx(^C> Ipanella, s. stalk of grain, stubble, pi. 

<gc3-s:t(S ipaneli. 
^::3(^, Iptala, s. rod; leafless branch, pi. <^0(^ ipal. 
f 80, /?M/a, ad. distant, far. 
(g6cs5, Ip)iyd, s. mouth of a wind instrument; insect 

which destroys the inside of the grains of paddy; 

float used in angling. 
(g83^<5<s69^, Ipirenawd, see (g^s^d-c^So itirenawd. 
^8(33, Ip)iUa, s. float used in angling; buoy or 

out-rigger of a canoe. 
<^&JQ'}, Ipilld, s. kind of fish, 
<g6(j3\Q^E)D, Ipillenawd, v. to spring up, as water; 

to become vain or proud: pret. ^e(^^feDD ipil- 

<Bq, Ipila, s. boiling up of water; a. elated with. 
fSC) Ipula, s. blue lotus (nymjihoea coeridea); see 

CaC upula. 
(g^x^^, l2)eddma, s. creation, the cause of birth 
, or origin of things. 

^SQj, Ibbd, s. land tortoise, pi. f 3>S5 tbbo. 
9, Iba, s. an elephant. [Colloq. tfgcs) aliyd.'] 
s>Qd(5>3Scd, Ibdgdte, s. sauntering, walking about 

without any special object, 
(gg, Ibu, see S) tba, 

(g5vS, Ibe, larf. spontaneously; of itself , of its 
6j>)0, Ibe'ta, J own accord.' 
ligao, Ibha, see ^S) iba. 

<^'ZS2Qo, Imbinawd, v. to smell, to kiss: pret. 

<g3 imbd. 
<g(d, Imbtd, s. cotton tree, Eriodendron anfrac- 

tuosum (Malvaceae,) bombax hej^taj^hyllum of 

Roxburgh; the tree cotton used in stuffing pil- 
lows, etc. 
(^^(^&8'SiG>, Imbulkiribata, s. ("^^c^ and ^SSQoD 

rice milk) balls of rice mUk in the shape of the 

silk cotton pod. pi. ^(^9<S5 imbulkiribat. 
<g(^ g^eJ, Imbul pidun, s. the tree cotton used 

in stufling pillows, etc. 
i ^<s^)-, Imkanuwa, s. boundary pillar or post, 

(gl):'9)-SD)3, Imgahanaicd, v. to mark the limit. 
^ QjS), Im temba, see ig iS)<^Q im kanuwa. 
(g, Ima, s. boundary. Limit, pi. fj^ tm. 
(gc8, lya, see ?6c5 ht'ya. 

(gco (5<5^S, /?/a ztre, quiver; see ^c3(5 hiyuwura. 
-gs^cssf^, lyora, see igcs (^iS^S z"/ to-e. 
cs^3C36cs, Irydpaihaya, see 'gScS3C3<3c3 iriyd- 
, pathaya. 
f d, Irdhi, s. superhuman power, power of flying 

through the air, said to be possessed by the Ra- 

hats, (incorrectly for eeaS ridhi.) 
(gi5Ssi, Irdhimat, s. Rabat, Buddhist saint of the 

highest order, see asaSSeJ ridhimat 
<(5, Ira, s. the sun; line; row (as of trees, shrubs.) 

pi. (8 iri. 
^dSQcs, Irattaya, s. even number, two, double, 

not odd. 
(g(5cs, Iratiya, s. long basket for catching fish* 
<g(58, Irafuwa, ) . central fibre of the eocoauut 
ifds^. Irate, J or primyra leaf, pi. <^6^iraiu 

or c^d'Od iratd. 
9 d^ca, Irattaya, see fdOQcc irattaya. 
(6<^, Irana, p)art. sawing, tearing, splittmg. 
(g(5-<s^, Iranama, s. fate, decree, predestination; 

rib, pi. (6<^ iranam. 
(5(J<5^)3, Iranawd, i\ o saw, to split, to tear, to 

rend: pret. fc^i^o iruwd. 
%6t)^, Iramasu, s. sarsapariUa, hemidesmus indi- 

cus (AsclepiadeoeJ; the root of which is used as 

(5^Se'3, Iramudun.'., s. {<6 sun, eeo summit) 

mid-day, noon. 
9<^, Ira, ad. exceediagly. 
(8, Iri, pi. of (5 ira. 
'S'^C'^' ifi"^^-) s. sunrise, very early in the 



(|5.s5e33a, Irtgahanawa, v. to rule, to draw line: 

pret. 5c5iqS3 irigehuu-c'i. 
<5eg, Iringu, s. maize, Indian corn. 
^S^, Iritu, s. a season. Tj correctly for 2ca-Jg ritu. 
i^S^, Iridci, s. Sunday, 
^Sg, Iridu, s. uprightness, a. straight. 
oS93S), Irimattama, s. (<6 ira line, 833 rule) 

carpenter's rule. 
(g8<jcs, Irimadaya, s. defect m the pith of plants. 
-^Sgg, Irimusu, see 'g<5Ki iramasu. 
(^ScsSS, Iriyaivwa, s, general term expressing 

existence; either sitting, standing, reclining or 

(jScoootSco, Iriydpathaya, see i^ScoS iriyawua. 
(^Ss^^Sce, Iriweriya, s. medicinal plant, Plectran- 

thus zeylam'cus (Labiatce); a drug; vegetable 

5)i9S, Iriwetima, s. act of splitting, cracking, 

pi. 89i iriwetum. 
^cJl, /?, s. sun. 
(gc^i^, Irutii, s. season; division of two months. 

See 59 eg p'ttc. 
<3(5t., Irtima, s. split, rent, crack, pi. (gcJi irum. 
f<5ic Irumandala, s. halo; horizon. 
<5c5lc35d', Irurdja, s. plant, Zeuxine regia (Burman- 

9c5i, Iruwa, s. leaf of a book, page; quarter from 

any point. 
0-^03(5<^35, Iruwdradaya, s. sun-stroke. 
%(^, //, s. earth; forest; palanquin or dooly, litter. 
(^S)-<s?c, Iltana, s. father in law. 
^ o<s^3, Il-panuivd, s. a vermin which destroys 

the leaves of trees principally in November. 
(gC^iS^iiSsaSj, Ilpenmod, v, to float; to become high- 
minded; to float: pret. o(^gD3 ilpund. 
(g(4 63, Il-masa. s. November. 
ig(33, /ZZa, s. plant, Callicarpa lanata (Verben.) 
(gOgeDOo, Illanaivd, v. to ask, request, solicit: 

pret. oc^gSs illuwd. 
ig^G, Illama, s. a vein of metal. 

<ec3^.^, //%?^, ),. obtainment. 

<j>C333 5it<^> Illdgemma, j 

9d(3' IlUina, s. petition, prayer, pi. ^(^(3 

ilUm, ox <^(^S ilium. 
^X^6^3(5ca3, Illumhdraii/d, s. petitionei;, ^ppli^a^t. 
dS' Illuma, see "gecS ilUma. 
0(^3dS3, Ilwanawd, v. to ask, to request, to 

solicit: pret. ^(^s^cSSo illewwd. 
(5(^9, Ilvima, see 9(^(33 ilUma. 

C') Ilangama, s. kind of dancing school, 
where dancing and beating of the torn torn are 
taught, pi. f Qocs^o ilangan,. 

i^QifiQa, Ilaetaya, s. rib. 

(3^s5^55, s. cypher, figure, number, pi. ^(3J53i> 

Q(325J2J)c5, Ilalchaya, 1 s. target, mark for shooting, 

(3C'2s5s^'255, Ilakhe, j pi. ^C'^sJ' ilahka. 

-^Cj-^OTSgS, Ilattattuiva, s. betel dish, tray. 

(5QcJ^c5, Ilattiya, s. elephant's dung. [Colloq. 

i^Qq^Q, Iladahiiva, s. rib. 

<g(^ed'(5, Ilanda, s. tree, ztzyj)hus jujuha (Rham- 

naceoe). [Colloq. e3s^ wasan.] 
<^Q!dcj8(j:,-), Ilanddriyd, s. youth, young man. 
'jC^^j Ilapata, s. small broom made of the strong 

fibres of the coconut leaf, pi. (^O^cS ilapat. 

gf^S, Ilaimva, s. misfortune, mishap, woe; fu- 

0(oJ^cS3, Ilittiyd, s, kind of fish. 

<5<3d'5^c3-S393, Ilippenau'd, v. to float, rise to the 
surface: pret. (p(dg203 ilipimnd. 

ft^S, Ilima, s. rubbing. 

!g'3(3cs3, Ileyd, s. kind of fish used for curry. 

<!>, hva, s. scent, instinct, power of smelling at a 
distance after the manner of hounds; a so, even, 
like, as, in the same manner. 

oS{j'(33^5j3, Iivaallanmcd , ?;. to search by scent. 

^965^(5-^S3, Iwatkaranaicd, v. to put aside, put 
out of the way. 

<^QiSi, Iwata, ad. aside, aslant, out of the way. 

9^, Iwada, s. medicinal plant. 

ig(5, Iicara, s. leisure, end, termination, accom- 

^8(55?<5<s^3, Itcai'akaranawd, v. to finish, to ter- 

(g(55^S-25D3, Iicarawenawd, v. to be at leisure, to 

be finished. 

<gQe3^, Iwasana, part, forbearing, enduring, bear- 

(gQeS'aoSs, Iicasanaicd, v. to bear with, to endure, 
to support, to accept: pret. (5g3 iwasuivd. 

15S833, Iirasilla, s. patience, forbearance, pi, 9 

&Q iwasili. 

<g9S, Twasi'ma, s. endurance, forbearance, ac- 

^g, Iwasu, a. accepted, endured. 

(?g,, Iivasuma, see 2 hrasim't. 

f'S(3, Irili, s. food cooked: see (;:333 uyanaim. 

S, Irima, .. the act of cooking: see (*c5'S33 




^<^, Iiviira, s. border, margin, bank of a river. 

pi. ^c^ t'lvuru. 
^sQ, Ishta, a. wished, desired; s. worship, reverence; 

oblation; good fortune; that which happens. 
^^e33(5<^S3, IshtaJcaranawd, v. to cause to hap- 
pen; to complete, accomplish, fulfil. 
<?!^(5525S), IsJitagandha, s. (-^sc) and <5jaa) smell) 

fragrant odour, fragrance, scent of perfumes. 
0^ So3C55c5, Ishta-ripdhaya, s. (<53c) and c33-255cs 

reward) good luck, good fortune; reward of 

0!3c)(3^Sd83, Ishtawenawd, v. to be accomplished. 
QSSa 26533, Ishtdnishta, s. (oaQ ishta and ^^aQ 

anishta bad luck) merit and "demerit, good and 

bad fortune, gain and loss. 
<^ySb, Ishfdrtha, s. (<5ac) ishta and ff^ artha 

profit) good fortune, reward of merit; fortunate 

<gac)3C;*SS).S3ct, Ishtdlambanaya, s. {'^'1 ishta and 

fpC^"23 alambana thought, mind) pious reflec- 
tions, good thoughts. 
(^e^5c, Islcabala, s. skull, pi. t^tSiSi'Sx^ ishahaJ. 
(^iS^d, Iskara, s. head and part of the neck which 

is separated from the body by decapitation, 
(^e^ffljsaadcs, Iskdkaraya, s. arrack distillery, dis- 
tillery house. 
<^iSz)tsy6<0oQ'i, Istakaranatvd, v. to bring about, to 

perform: see (^'iO5(5<^03 ishtalcaranawd. 
06^35*9^003, Istawenawd, v. to meet with success: 

see 0^3^^^9^ ishtatvenawd. 
'^tS^ssiSS)cs>, Ist7'ikkaya, s. (Portuguese) 'smoothing 

<5f^(SvsDidg8, Istoppuwa, s. (Portuguese) outer 

(^^^Q Isthula, see m^Qsthula. 
<tSoBca, Ispayiya, s. covering for the head, kind 

of hood. 
0e^O3gS, Ispdsuwa, s. opportunity, leisure. 
^fdiS), Isba, s. measure of 140 cubits. 

(^tS^?5S, Isbun, 
S^, Isbiim, 

s. ease, repose, sleeping. 

<^tS, Isma, s, juice, sauce. 

0e52)-eg25J<5^93, Ismatukaranawd, i\ to patronize, 

to encourage, to show forth prominently, to 

^diSeJ, Ismnn, a. quick, rapid, expeditious. 
0dfe;253, lamit'Jnnn, s. the crown of the head. 
0e^8t^, Iswetiya, s, (^so isa head, i9 what 

encompasses) turban. 

hair on the head. 

0dies(5, Issara, ad. before, prior, previous, anteced- 

0f^e3(5s3, Issaraha, ad. (oc^eacJ and f co aha side) 
before, in front of, in presence of. 

'5e^ss3, Issd, s. shrimp, prawn. 

(ge^a, Issima, s. act of lifting up; verbal noun 
from (e^53D93 ussanawd. 

^e^s^essS, Ishori, s. dandruff, scabbed head. 

063, Isa, s. head; bear. 

<^8S59, Isakada, s. turban. 

'5S3'3>i3)cdcS3, IsaJceyiyd, "l 

(^ess^sjcs, Isal-es, j' 

'gesScs, Isatiya, s. lance used in war. 

15233, Isd, ind. Elu form of &!% irshyd; a copula- 
tive particle=ij da and. (Inscription at Mihin- 
tale) . 

(scsjsa. Isdna, s. north-east. 

98, Tsi, s. jealousy at the prosperity of others, 
envy; shrimps; Siva; a sage. 

(^SsdSo, Isinawd, v. to sprinkle, to scatter as seed, 
to throw out as water from a pond: pret. '^e^sc3 

<^&@^6-<^Qi., Isirenatvd, r. to spill accidentally: 
pret, 9Q:5^<s^ isirund. ' 

08(3 i), Isilima, s. act of bearing up, carrying, 
from (5g(3eD0D usulanau'd. 

i^QQi^?^, Isiwatun, s. Elu form of 3^a238x53 

088<5c33, Isiwarayd, s. general name for a saint or 
holy person, a sage. 

0g, Isu, s. envy. 

fg, Isum, s. covetousness, excessive desire, 

'0g<5, I sura, s. fame, honour, renown; wealth, 
prosperity, riches; name of Siva, ^ pi. <gg:Ji isurit; 

^ a. chief, excellent, honourable. 

0gcJlc}, Isurumat, a. having fame, honour, f re- 
nown; being famous. 

(gijiessoSo, Isenawd, v. to be sprinkled: pret. 9^203 

<gr^^e5 <5qa, Ise-radaya, s. head-ache. 

(^!SJ, Iha, s. head. adv. 'here. 

(5K)(53!a>25393, I?iagahanaivd, v. to be troubled, to 
knock the head against, to put up with. 

(gssjo, Ihata, a. preceding, foregoing, before men- 
tioned; above. 

0S3^, fhanda, s. eggs of a blue fly producing 
maggots in dead bodies. 

0K>C> J^hala, p?-ep. above. 




o^osS)iSioQcA, Ihdtmabhdioai/d, Is. ('^ss here, f5e:& 

(geoDc:i)c5, Ihdtmaya, J existence, 53 

state) the present state of existence. 

1^^, Ihi, prep, with, in the company of, (Qcsi^eS, 
with relations, Selalihini Sandesa). 

^eSt^C Ihidela, a. coarse, as cloth; s. prawn net. 

(gv833, Ihtnawd, v. to sprinkle, to scatter, to bale 
off, or throw out water as from a large hole or 
pond: pret. ige^ssa issd. 

(^^r^6^Qo, Ihirenawd, v. to be scattered, sprink- 
led, spilt: pret. (^sScJl-?^ ihirund. 

^?S(5, IliiU s. kind of cloth of a thin or loose tex- 
ture; cohabitation; softness, a. soft, of a loose 

(^58(5. Ihilima, s. the act of bearing up: see also 
<^&Q isilima. 

o'&Qi), Ihiluma, see 9(3 isiUma, 

'^Ci@> Ihilelt, a. soft, of a loose texture. 

(^SSJ33, Ihenawd, v, to be sprinkled with, to be 
spattered with. 

d, Ilu, s, forest; congregation, multitude. 

(gdJ, Iluk, Is. kiad of reed, Imperata 

f 6-esJs3-<flS, Iluhtana, } arundinacea (GramineaeJ; 
or Saccharum cylindricum. 

The fourth letter in the alphabet; it is sound- 
ed like ee in feel; wliere non-initial it is written 
above the consonant; as c9 ki, said, how 

^ many. 

c?(5<5o5, turaya, s. quiver. 

i?a-<fl, Ikshana, s. sight, seeing; eye. 

2^s>o<5, ikdra, s. the letter <^ {, 

S^OTee, tnrtsa., 1 

' -^ ' Vs. an arrow. 

^(5)S5, Igaha, J 

3^(550S5, igdne, a. various, multiplied; ac/t'. re- 

S^wjSd, Igdivd, a. proximate, near. 

5^0, //Of, to that. 

cJ^Sca, //2V/a. s. long hook by which an elephant is 

d^03<^, Itana, s. species of the panic grass, Iletere- 
pogon hirtus (Gramineoe). 

i?s>ec6, italayai s. the head or blade of an awow. 

d^ot^oaa, tpetta, s, plantj Cyathocalyx zeylanicus 
(Anonacece); also called ss^i&o kclrda, 

c?, iina, s. (6^303 enawd he comes) coming or 

i?c5, Jya, s, arrow. 



c?csS, /ya/n, )-s. lead. 

i5fc5, lyama 

d"S^Q, lye, ad. yesterday. 

^cs^39, Irshydwa, s. envy, impatience of another's 

success, jealousy. 
d^^lsQ^ooD, Irshydwanta, a. envious. 
d'd, Iri, s. sow, pi. cJ^5(^^c5cf ?'nyo. 
(S-8tSi, Irita, p)art. (p6i {rati he sends) sent, des- 
<-?5oB, triya, s. forest tree, Myristica Iriya, 

^^, II, s. palanquin. 
c?(^C ilia, s, name of a tree, callicarpa lanata 

c?(3o, ilanga, a. next. 
d^(?:)(5c63, tswarayd, s. chief, lord, head or master; 

owner, proprietor; name of Siva or Kamadeva. 
C^cs?05, tswari, s. wife of Siva, otherwise named 

Lakshmi, Durgd, or Saraswati. 
(^C533D, Isdna, north east quarter; name of iva aa 

regent of that quarter. 
c^J, I shut, a. little, some. 
i?&8(5c53, tswarayd, see S'(sB<5aio iswarayd. 
c?6e3, iswari, see d^csQS i&voari. 
3^e3oD<5, tsadhara, s. one of the seven mountains 

surrounding Mahdm^ru. 

id^e3i.<5c5, tseraya, s, journey or passage of the 

I The third short vowel, and fifth in the 

' aipuabet; it sound? like u iu put. 

^J, Uk, s, sugar cane. 

(5Js3(5325>S'jS3, Ukkaganuawd, v. to chide, to 

speak snappishly, to speak in a snarling way. 
^JgS^cs, Ukkutikaya, s. act of sitting on the 

heels, as commonly practised by the natives. 
(^i^?^isi, Ukkun, inter, expression of fondness 

used to infants when giving them the breast. 
(J<55ec, Ukgasa, see (5J uk. 
QSJfSi, Ukta, s, px^^i' spoken, said. 
^)63, Ukti, s, speech, speaking. 
(5i<^-<3Sr)> Ukdanda, s. sugar cane, pi. (5-8sJ^ 

^^S'S' Ukdunu, S: name of Kaniadeva the Indian 

t^i^Ziii^, Ukpcni, s. ((^esJ alid -cii^ juice) juice 

of the sugar cane. 





(553, Ukasa, \s. pledge, pawn, mortgage, secu- 
(55S3, Uknha, j rity, pi. i^ssid ukas. 

(5Je355Jl, Uksahuru, s. sugar. 

^^z>, Uknta, s. eminence. 

(^S5(3, Ukatali, s. disgust, aversion, weariness. 

(^C3 3(5 ?)a:>3, Ukatali'icenaicd, ?'. to become in- 
dolent, to grow lazy, to become dissatisfied. 

-^aneav^D, TJkanaicd, r. to scoop or lade out; tc 
take with the hand, pick up, raise. 

Q^tissiida^, Ukaskeraya, s. mortgage deed. 

^i^ne^OTsrfeDQa, Ukasgannawd, v. to take in mort- 

Q^-^ ^S)2!d8d, Ukastihanawd, v. to pledge, to lay 
down a stake. 

, Ukasa, )s. p 
, Uknha, J rity, 

(josiD, Ukd. p. p. having raised, lifted. 
'(5)j5, Ukdra, s. the letter q u. 

(5^, Uku, a. thick (as applied to liquids). 

^^ssiSi, Ukukama, s. thickness (as applied to 

(^s^<f!o, Ukiind, s. louse, pi. (* ;23^<siroJ ukuno. 

(^,5?<5^9, Ukunutrala, s, nape or hollow on the 
back part of the head. 

(^e25^)eo83, Ukutivenawd, v. to die, to expire. 

^s^^dC' Ukimilla, s. hook or stick used by 
toddy drawers to hang their vessels on. 

^ 45^325383, Ukvhdnawd, v. to chide, to speak 

0-5?d ^'5^9? Ukulele, 8. hip. 

<5-29C) Ukiila, s. hip, lap, pi. c*-sd ^^^^ 

'(^ags^eji, Ukussd, s. kite; eagle. 

S'^S'^^' Ukusuivan, s. one of the six names of 
the Gurulas, a race of imaginary birds possess- 
ing supernatural powers. 

,*g, Ugra, s. name of Siva; wrath, anger; a severe 
affliction; plant said to be murunga hijj)eranthu7n; 
a. angry, cruel, violent. 

'i^iHsJ, Ugat, a. learned. 

(5ac52553), Ugatkama, s. erudition. 
"i^fiSi'Sit^ Ugatd, s, learned man, pi, (*io5(?'C5:J 

(3(?v)'35"S3, Ugannau'd, v, to learn: pret. ^.?oca) 

(*5558383, Uganwanaivd, r, to teach, to instruct: 
pret. <3<Kx:Jo383 ig^nnmrd. 

Q^si-Sizj, Ugahafa. a. difiicult, laborious, tn)ublo- 

^<5, Ugu, s, sugar cane. [Colloq. (^5??:^:) ukgaha.'] 

^c^gSs, Ugudiuvd^ s. wild cat, ocelet, Paradox- 
tirus musanga. pi. (*c^g^^S5 uguduwd. 

(3Cigc5, Ugura, s. throat, pi. Q^^ ugtiru. 

^cgcii (ftOcs, Uguru-etaya, s. Adam's apple, or the 
prominent part of the throat. 

,5&3^, ^<!g^c), UguriiMhqida, s. wind pipe. 

^cgdc-j^a, Uguressa,s. tree, sweet lovilovi, Flacour- 
tia Eamontchi (Bixineoe). 

(*C5C) Ugula, s. snare, trap, pi. (^(^d ?<i7'^ 

(5cgC'2533' Ugidanawd, v. to eradicate, to root up, 
to pluck lip, to pull up by the roots: pret. ^cSd 
38 J I gi limed. 

Qc^&B^Qo, Ugiduwanawd, v. to cause to eradicate: 
pret. 0cS(^^cSS3 igilewwd. 

(5(3^C5:J, f/^e, ja/'on. his; (not respectful in common 

(D8, Uchcha, a. high, tall, lofty. 

'^^s^isSdc;, Uchchdranaya, s. utterance; pronun- 

Q^Bids^cz &i6-<^Q3, Uchchdvanaya-karanawd, v. 
to confess, to pronounce. 

^9g8, Uchchittuica, s. quittance or discharge. 

Q^^^iS), Uchchirshaka, s. pillow. 

Q^SXS-), Uchchhtnna, part, eradicated or cut up 
by the roots. 

((3\8e^^, Uchchhe'da, s, cutting oif, destruction. 

((S^d^ ^^s>, Uchchhe'da drishtika, s. (^(^^^^ 
and ^^cs dfishtiya sight) a sect who embraced 
a system of atheism and denied the future exis- 
tence of the soul. 

(2S^S5^t83tC8, Uchchhadawddaya, .?. ((*'9^5^<5 and 
8o^co discussion) system of religicm denying the 
transmigration ^f beings. 

^(5vSd<j83^, Uchchhedawddi, s. {^<^^c and 83<f 
who speaks) atheist, properly one denying trans- 

_ mioration or the future existence of souls. 

(*a), Uda, 2)rep. above, higher up, upwards, over, 
above the head, 

,58) (^d> Uda-dma, s. difficulty in breathing, 

(^a)cs)2d'383, Udagannaivd, r, to lift up, to take 

(*e)2) Udangu, a, high, exalted, haughty, ar- 
rogant, proud. 

(*a)geni), Udaiigukama, s. pride, haughtuiess, 
arrogance, height. 

^35, Udat, adv. above; s. the upper end. 

(9^, Udana, s. ignorant foolish persons. 

(*,e)>^, Udanu, 8. wicked man, wretch, an ignorant 

(^,8i'r36isS, Udapparan, s. conceit, puppyism. 



(5(3oo5, Udaltpata, s. strong piece of plank laid 
horizontally over the door or window when 
building, for the purpose of supporting that 
part of the wall which does not rest on the 
frame: pi, ^S^Qot^ udalipat. 

(5 S S3 (33, Udahalla, s. something suspended in 
order to preserve some little things, shelf, hang- 
ing wicker safe: pi. ^S^jg udahalu. 

(^J<9ca, Udikkhja, s. kind of small drum carried 
in the hand by the Malabar mendicants, and 
beaten at the doors of the persons from whom 
they ask alms, 

(^SJ, Udtn, ad. above, higher, over. 

0' ^(^^^ s. a constellation, plough; riches; a. 

^ tigh. 

C9dc Udutalla, s. roof of the mouth, palate, 

P^- 0%^^ udutalu. 
C^^vQJoe, Udutola, s. upper lip; pi. oS^^^^d 

09=3' Udupa, \ . ^ 

Ol^S), Uduba,r- ^^^' ^^^*- 
C9Q'-^G^5)3, Uduhurnlanmvn, v. to howl, to yell, 

to bark (as a dog) : pret. j^gQdlCxSj uduburu- 

(*gS)t(^(S<eJ, Uduhelmen, ad. C^^S) uda up td^ 

behna looking) with the face upwards, prone. 
(2SJ3(5, Udumahale, s. floor of an upper room, 

upstair; pi. (f;^SK)(^ udwnahal. 
(C50(9>S393, Udumhjciwenawd, v. to raise the 

head to look at anything. 
(2dc* Udurewula, s. mustache. 
(^s^S, Ude, s. breeches (worn under cloth). 
(^^jSt^arfsBcs, Udekkiyas see (^^^deScs ndikkiya. 
,^'S^ct, Undiya, s. ball. 
<3<35^(3^a), TJnde, s. cannon shot, ball to shoot with, 

pi. Q<^ unda. 
(5-<sS, Una, s. fever; common bamboo tree, bam- 

busa tmlgaiis (Gramin.) 
(^<^.iSQ&, Unamakulu, s. the manna in the trunk 

of the bamboo tree, 
(2?5J, Ut, prep, preposition or prefix, implying up, 

upwards, much, excessive, 
,*?55-a@e3a3, Utkshipta. a. thrown up, tossed up; 
, s. the thorn apple. 
(^gJ>^A), Utkanthd, a. ((sJ much, -ssS kathi 

to be sad) regretting, missing any object. 
(3c5.S5-<!*tSs3, Utkanthita, a. regretted; discouraged, 

sorrowful, sad. 
^eieaS, Utkarsha, s. excellence, eminence. 

(5?d)D, Utkrama, s. (Qsi priv. ^2 to go in order) 
irregularity, want of order, perversion, 

(^nsJ^ac), Utkrishta, incorrectly for i^d^ra'iO ut- 

(jeJ^aai), Utkvi'shta, a. eminent, superior, ex- 
cellent, much, 

(jcJ^gS^, Ufkuta. .<?. sleeping with the head erect, 

(3 55^5^, Utkunn, s. ((;,sJ loud, ^-s^ to call, as 
ka aff.) louse, 

(3cJc5>t5>, Utgata, part. (r,zi upwards, otos gone) 
ascended; literally gone up, 

5s5.^)S3, Uttrdsa, s. (r^&'J much, ^i^ fear) fear, 
terror; [CoUoq. eocs bhaya']. 

^o5s)S), Uttama, a. best, first, principal. 

^,cJa3cfl3, Uttamayn, s. ((dc^X' and cji aff,) 

^/sJo^oosi, Uttnmrinqa, s. head. [Colloq, fies h'sa 
or oee z'sa.] 

^SDcJ, Uttara,s. answer, reply; ''in law) defence, 
rejoiuder; the North, a. best, highest, most ex- 
cellent; northern. 

^OS3<55g(5i, ZTttarabuni, s. the country about the 
north pole, 

(5c5o3(5s3<5, Uttaratara, a. ((-e5o55 and 335 very) 
very eminent. 

(2?rfc3(5-<s^, Uttarana, s. passing over, 

(5S>ac5ca, Uttaraya, s. answer, reply, defence; see 
(*>S3(5 uttara. 

^S)S3<563C(^<^) Uttara phdJ gum, s. (^ZsaSid sub- 
sequent, 63(3:5-<sS phdlguna asterism) twelfth 
lunar mansion containing two stars figured by a 

i^?s:^6ti^z,z.c,, Uttarabhddrapada, s. (( t2^c5 and 
e5335C3<:j constellation) twentyseventh lunar man- 
sion figured by a couch and comprehending 
two stars, 

(^5S>S)5e3)S^5:c:, Uttarasdtakaya, 8. upper and outer 
garment: see (^siciOossto uttardsanga. 

'cJ03(35cs<sScc;, Uttardyanaya, s. sun's northern 

(2Ja3(^G05), ITttardshddhd, s. twentyfirst of the 
lunar mansions figured by an elephant's tooth or 
a bed and containing two stars one of which is 
/3 in Sagittarius, 

(5cis3c33es<s3, Uttardsanga, s. upper and outer gar- 

^55o35ca, Uttart'ya, see (*5oti5Cffi5 uttardsanga. 

(^_,cJq3)2S3, Vttdita, a. shallow; .< the act of .sleep- 
ing supinely, or with the face upwards. 





5J3333S5c, Uttdmsmja, s. (,^^1530^ and cocs 

who sleeps) one who sleeps with hia face up- 

^\'ards; infant, 
^^degocsj, Uttunga, a. high, lofty, tall. 
''-5^:35eSca, Utpattiya, s. ((jcJ ,up, 00 to go) 

bu-th, nativity, production. 
(*,<3X36D0, Utpanna, a. born, produced. 
C.3:wC. Ufpala, s. blue lotus. 
^oxaccsjesS), Utpalagandha, s. (c,(S3aQ and C58) 

smell) species of sandal wood of the colour of 
^ brass and very fragrant. 
(^dooQej, Utpdtana, s. ((^cJ and oQ pata to go, 

<s^33 aff.) eradicating, pulling up by the roots. 
^sJcsoSsj, Utpdtita, a. eradicated, pulled up by 

the roots. 
^dic3oa3, Utpdta, s. portent, some natural prodigy, 

(2s:r33<:j, Utpdda, s. birth, production. 
(3J(?^g."es3, Utprekshd, s. (in poetry or rhetoric) 
, illustration or comparison. 

(^sicseoeD, Utsanna, a. violent, furious, excessive. 
S^39, Utsaiva, Is. festival, jubi- 

Occe30 ^a)39, JTlfsaim Tcnddwa, jlee. 

atoc^ce maAgalyaya.'] 
I* 02630 33, Utsdha, s. efEort, endeavour, strenuous 

exertion; desire. 
(*3cs, Utraya, corrupt for (Seoeadco uttaraya. 
<5^, Z7^?<, 5. season; vulva; menstrual discharge. 
(*^), UtuJcatuwa, s. hard cocoanut shell. 
(5^S5e)cs, Utukadaya, s. cocoanut in a certain 

tender stage. 
(5^*53, ?7^?m2', s. woman arrived at puberty. 
C^D, t/^fiiw, rt, eminent, excellent, exalted. 
,55<s>, Utumkama, s. eminence, excellence, ex- 
altation; supremacy, pi. (j^D^aD tctumJcam. 
Q^zxsy, Utumaga, s. head, vulva, pi. (^egSo utu- 

(2^o, Utumd, 8. person of eminence. 
(5^3-2oi0e3:f5^df, Utumdnanivahanse, s. ((j^Sa 

es^ and Qsi&Ss^iS title of respect) commonly 

used to signify the Governor; pi. (gS3253:f 

82sjs:f(5^cd(53 utumdnanwahanseld. 
(3^(5, Utura, s. North; answer. 
(5^(5-<j^S3, Uturanaivd, v. to boil, to run over, to 

spill from being too full: pret. 9?9c5l3 itincwd, 

(5-Jg3 utuld. 
(55CSi, Utiiru, a. northern. 

(555C5^.-^cJl, Uturuhuru, see (^^KSJdeg Ji uttarahim. 
C^^'^^^C^ Uturutepula, s. reply. 

05^33, Uturund,8.(Qis^6utum North, 33 lord) 

name of Kuvera, the regent of the north. 
Pjs^'Si^'bQ. Uturusaluiva, s. upper garment, cloak. 
^^^fS), Udgata, a. risen, ascended; vomited, cast 

up: part, gone up, ascended. 
(^^<Si'i6, Udgdra, s. ((} ut up, csjgg gr{ to vomit) 

vomiting; sound. 
<5<f(5^jsi^^, Udghoshana, s. (q4 great, >BS3ss<5g^ 

noise") loud noise. 
(3^<^393, Uddanmvd, v. to give pain: pret, o^e^B:) 

<-^eCT, Uddipta, 

C^?ce, C7Vi.7^>^>a, .. L^^^^t^^g' 

I exciting, inflaming, as 
C^8c33, TJddipana, s. j Passion. 
(5'^(3^<?e3, Uddesa, s. illustration, exemplification. 
(5^9><?85S5 SeaeoS, Uddesiha wastuwa, s. a thing 

erected in memory of Buddha, such as the 

images of his person. 
(5^(5^<^?S)3, UddehiM, s. the white ant, termes, 
PGs?, Uddhata, a. rude, arrogant, ill-behaved. 
0^3, Udbhawa, s. (^^^ up, ^ iA?J to be) birth, 

C4^4y TIdbhid, a. (^^ and fB^ to break or burst) 

sprouting, germinating. 
(^^t9<?, Udbhida, s. culinary salt; borax. 
(3^3, Udydna, s. garden. [Colloq. |*c63 uyana.'} 
f,(5,D03ecC3, Udydnapdlayd, s. (q^^ and 03Cca3 
^^ keeper) gardener. 
C)^, Uda, s. water. 

'CA^^ Udak, la. much, great deal. ad. earn- 
f,<?I, Udalcma, festly. 

O^^, UdaTca, s. water. [Colloq. 8^<5 ivatura.'] 
G^^C3, UdaJcaldwa, a. alone, single, by himself. 
0^3, Udadhi, s. sea, ocean. [Colloq. |)<:j 7n^^^Za.] 
^,<j25:r epea^Qj, ^Jt^^^rTO ananawd, v. to be pleased, 

to express one's self with joy. 
(5^-33D, Udapdna, s. (<^>^ and ooeo to drink) place 

where water is drunk, well. 
O^, Udam, a. high. [Colloq. ^r iis.'] 
(5<jc3, Udaya, s. (commonly), morning; (in books), 

rismg, ascending; name of a mountain in the 
^ east behind which the sun is supposed to rise. 
(5^cs<ec5, Udayagira, s. a mountain so called. 
(^;^<5cs, Udaraya, s. belly. 
Q^dzz, Udaraya, 1 

C,q6<S^6i^^, Udara-rogaya, ]' ^^^^P'^J^' 
b^vS' Udahi, see CA(3^ udella. 
0^9, Udaia, ) 
C^e, C7-rfau'tt<, r- ^^^P' ^^tance, favour. 


(*,<^c, Udaviya, s. multitude, people. 

(5<QS5ed(5\e53S)3, Udahaswenaivd, v. to be angry. 

(3i?e3, Udahasa, s. wrath, anger, indignation. 

QC,s^, Uddna, s. one of the five vital airs, that 
which rises up the throat and passes into the 
head; one of the nine classes of books into 
which the sacred writings of the Buddhists are 
divided, such as are written in Pali stanzas with 
a prose Pali comment; joy, pleasure. 

(5^3, Uddpaw, s. fabulous rock in the East. 

(5^(5, Uddra, a. great, generous, liberal, munif- 
icent; proud, arrogant. 

(fj<5,c5S), Uddrama, s. pride, arrogance; pi. (*<^(5i' 

(5^,^, Uddwarta, s. disease, flatulence and consti- 

(5<^'5^8e39i, Uddwenawd, v. to arise, to ascend. 

(3e,ee33, Uddsana, s. (o^ca vdaya morning, C8d 
time) morning, dawn. 

(^533i5!5^e^, Uddsanakse, ad. early dawn, very 

^(^Saa, Uddsina, s. stranger, common acquaint- 
ance, person neither friend nor foe; a. in- 

(2<!^w5isScc8, Uddharanaya, s. an example, illustra- 
tion, apposite argument; precedent, instance. 

(5S3, Udita, part, said, spoken, risen, born. 

(I^g, Udu, a. straight, upright. 

<5g3, Uduna, s. oven. 

(*.iS)(5, Udumbara, 1 ^ , j. , 

^^_ . ^^, , > 5. fig tree, ncus qlomerata. 

(5Sd, Udumbara, f -^ ^ 

(*5C5, Udura, s. rat. [Colloq. c:3 7mi/d.'] 

QCjd^Qi, Uduranawd, v. to pluck up, to eradi- 
cate: pret. fgc^Qo iduruwd. 

(5(^, Udul, a. shining, glittermg, good, excellent. 

(5(^S)t, Udulbeivu, s. gracefulness; name of the 
forms in dancing. 

(52(5, Udula, see Cgd u^^fd. 

(^S^ijeseoQo, Udesanawd, v. to enunciate, to say or 

(* (3^^333, Udesd, prep, on account of, for that rea- 
son, instead of. 

O^dC^ Udella, s. kind of hoe, mammoti; pi. ^^Q 

(5^03 S3, Udesana, s. mornmg. 

Undu, s. plant, species of Jlemingia. 

jgsK>5 983, Undugowu'd, s. kind of small worm 
which eats away the roots of the hair, pi. ^^g 
S^)iS'3J undugmoico. 

8. rat. 

^^ c^^ 

^ges3, Unduna, s. oven; kiln. 

^gSctg, Undupiyali, s. medicinal plant, DeBtno- 

dium or hedysarum, (Leguminosce); of which 

there are many species in Ceylon. 
(f,5i, Unduru, see ^^6 undura. 
(f;9d 88, Undmvap masa, s. part of the months 

of December and January, 
(erf, Un, pron. they, a form generally used when 

speaking of low classes and animals. 
(55:JssGrf, Tinge, pron. their, of them. 
(-:f3, Unta, pron. to them. 
<3'5, Undura, ") 
(*5g(5caa, Undurayd, f 
^aies33^Ne^, Unndnse, pron. third pers. sing, he 

(respectfully) ; s. buddhist priest, pi. (jeJesocrf 

(5^0^(30 unndnseld. 
i23e)d, Unmat, la. insane, mad, frantic; drunk, 
(^ex)^, Unmad, /intoxicated; s. name of the 

plant datura, or thorn apple, of which there are 

several species and which name is given to them 

on account of their deleterious properties. 
(5633<:j, Umndda, s. madness, insanity, extrav- 
(5nC^i Unmilana, s. winking, twinkling the 

Q^s^Q^ca 5(5<^)o, Unmilanaya karanaivd, v. 

to open the eyes. 
(33a), Unmukha, s. looking upwards, literally 

the face up. 
(2:!g(3e3, Unmulita, part, eradicated, plucked up 

by the roots. 
(^ed'Saoesrfs^dr, Unwahanse, pron. third pers. sing. 

applied to God, to kings, and to persons of high 

(35c8ee, Unhisa, s. (more correctly, (',<ii''&so un- 

hisci) crown; cloth wrapped round the head. 
(2339(gC Unakilila, s. shoot or tender part of 

the bamboo. 
(^easJSJ, Unagaha, s. bamboo tree, pi. (jaawe^ 

unagas; see (3<sj ima. 
(*3?, Unanga, s. name of Ananga the Indian 

(535d'g, UnanduAva, s. awakening. 
(2^5D^:fg<s^e^^, Unanduwenawd , v. to awake, to 

get up, to lift up the head after sleep; to delay, 

to be agitated, to be confused. 
<232S383, Unanatvd, v. to spring as water, to loosen 

as a strhig: pret. ij'^j} inuwd. 
(jeoggdSi, Unapupiduwd, s. loris. 



(5oiS)5, Unambara, s, ((-sa deficient, cpSSd a?n- 

5ra clothing) naked ascetic. 
(53(5, Z7waZ', s. kind of bamboo. 
(^eawgfiSa, Unahapuluivd, s. the loris, kind of 

monkey, loris gracilis. 
(S33, Una, V. incorrectly for g3a unind; pret. of 

n933 tvenawd, to be. 

(535:j9^o9i, Unddamanmvd, ^\ to loose, to untie, 
to let loose. 

S' C^WM, a. (incorrect form of ^<^ mm) hot, 

warm; s. earring; decrease. 
C'?3'?3 Ununu, s. plant, Pygeum Wightianum 


(-g^i), Unuhuma, 1 
(-s^gf), Unuhum, j 

s. warmth, heat. 

("rfaos, Uppata, s. leaf of betel. [CoUoq. gcsJ 

(3dc3C Uppala, s. lotus. 

(5ef:2D;j, Uppdda. s. birth, nativity. 

(2d:2iC3n'?>93393, Uppennawenawdy v. to be bom. 

(5:3, C/))a, particle and prefix to verbs, implying 
excess, over, above; near, by the side of, 
together with; inferiority, secondary, lower; like- 
ness, resemblance; disease, extinction; ornament: 
command; reproof; astonishment; 'giving; diffu- 
sion; wish, desire; effort, exertion. 

(5C33 Upakrama, s. ((:3 over, ^^S to go) strat- 
agem, overreaching; deliberate commencement 
or undertaking; providing means and anticipat- 
ing consequences; beginning in general; valour; 
trying the fidelity of a friend. 

(5C3(3^as(30G5, Upaklemya, s. sinful thought. 

^0(5*45Js3c, Upakrosaya, s. censure, reproach. 

Q'-jiSS^d^, Upakarana, s. implements, materials, 

means; provisions for a journey; insignia of 

^,35S>3ca?, Upakdrya, a. deserving assistance or 

^3')(5&D(5^2)3, Upakdrakaranawd, v. to help, 

assist, favour. 
(5!3>35c;, Upakdraya, s. help, assistance, favour, 

protection, in Sanskrit authors it sometimes 
^ means a flower full blown. 
(^OOTOT, Upagata, a. ((*o with, siS? gone) come 

to; promised, agreed. 
(5=3053, Upagama, s. approach, approximation; 

promise, agreement. 
(-0833S3, Upaghdta, s. ((^ss much, ^3S3 injuring) 

touch, contact, especially with an intent to 

injure; sickness, disease. 


(5!3<5, Upacharo, see (*::393<5 tipachdi'a, 

(:3Sa), Ujmchanta, a. served, ministered to. 

(*393(5, ZTpachdra, s. ((^,:2 well or near, 8<5 chnra 
to go) being or living near to; practice, profes- 
sion, usage, service, assistance; present, bribe; 
practice of physic ; ellipsis. 

(5C3S3, Upachita, a. (1^0 and C3 collected) 
collected, assembled. 

QO^S), Upajdta, a. born, brought forth. 

(t3S?Ss3, Upajmha, s. ((^o likeness or privation, 
c?Ss33 tongue) uvula or soft palate; kind of in- 
sect; disease, enlargement of the uvula. 

(*,oa3, Upata, s. birth, origin, source. 

^C3S53C5, Upaidpa, s. ((50 and 'Si:>-o heat) burning, 
heat, heatedness; haste, hurry, disease, sickness. 

(^'3^<:jS383, Upaddanaii'd, v. to cause, to produce: 
pret. C3t(^g3 ipedduwd. 

(5C38, Upadrawa, s. portent, omen, natural 
phenomenon; danger, risk. 

(5C3g8cc, Upadrawaya, s. danger, misfortune. 

(5C3<;oscs, Upadansaya, s. {^,^ much, <qoc53 biting) 
relish, something to produce an appetite; the 
venereal disease. 

(^ziq&S, Upadan, s. pillow. [Colloq. (5^5393c3 

(^s^SesaSs, Upadawanaii'd,v. to produce, to cause: 
pret, f?c3t<fc93 ipedduwd. 

(*,C3^393, Upadinawd, v. to be produced, to be 
born, to arise, to originate: pret. (^oe^S^i'iipadund 
or (2C333e:;3 upannd. 

(^o^^x, Upadesa, s. advice, instruction, informa- 
tion; stratagem; meat: pi. (3-3i^<^e^ npades. 

^)OG^:>zsi, Ujjadhdna, s. pillow, kindness, affection; 
poison; religious observance. 

Q-:iS, Upadht, s. fraud, circumvention. 

(^jisS, Upan, part. born. 

^o^Q-ooi, Upan-lapaya, s. Avart, spot, mole or 
freckle with which a man is born. 

(^O'fiO, Ujmna, see (^jO?^ upan. 

(3C5-SD3(5, Upanagara, s. suburb, city or town of 
a secondary class. 

(* r)253css3, Upanayana, ") s. custom of investing the 

(30 2533C3, Upandya, J Brahmins with the cord 
as the insignia of their office, according to their 
respective age and rank. 

(5C3^, Upanidhi, s. deposit, pledge, property put 
intc) the care of a friend. 

(^o^Q^cfl, Upanisrayn, s. happiness, fortune. 

^zi^'^zi:', Uparn'srita, a. with, united, joined. 





mma, J 

stopping, ceasing. 

QOi^^4^ Upanishad, s. portion of the religious 
writings of the Hindus : i. e-. the theological part 
and the vedanta or argumentative part of the 

(^oi^fiiOCT, JJpanisinna, a. sat, seated. 

"^oo^, UjMpatt, s. paramour, gallant. 

^:j'3vio3K), Upahhoga, s. pleasure, satisfaction, en- 
joyment; wealth, things used for comfort such 
as furniture. 

(^oSa, Upamci, -\ s. (qo like, 3 to measure) 

g:3320, Upamdna, v likeness, resemblance as a 

^S338, Upamdwa, J picture, an image etc., par- 

. able, simile. 

(5:3C338), Upayanawa^ v. to amass, as money or 
wealth, to collect, to procure, to earn. 

^ocsD^o, Upaydchita, a. {^QO much, csaeJo to 
ask or beg) offered, especially to the deities to 
render them propitious. 

(C3(53, Upxirakta, s. (^o implying distress, 6isssi 
tG colour) afflicting with pain or calamity; 
eclipse of sun or moon; Rahu, the ascending 

(5C3<5^, Ujmratt 

(5^05sD, Upardga, see <^,o6sxs> uparakta. 

(20<55d, Upardja,, s. viceroy. 

i^scJSi), Upanbna, see QodS) uparati. 
%^Qi Upala, see OSC ttpula. 

(c3G^Ba^, Upalakshana, s. synecdoche of a part 
i .r a whole or of quality for that in which it 
resides; the characteristic mark by which any 
thing is distinguished, as eGi.d'3^4 iQQi^^<^ 
;ja3><5s5 scrade nuwanmini pandaren, Sidat- 
sano-ara; live long in the possession of gifts of 
eye-gems, t. e. admired by the world. 

QOQ-s^Si, Upalakshita, a. (,3=3 near, c<^ laksha 
mark, and W3 kta affix) endued with, contamed 
or inherent. 

(=!3(3SS, Upalabdld, s. {^z> and Qis> labha to re- 
ceive) gain, acquisition; mind, understanding, 
knowledge, especially religious. 

'^csgecj, Upalipita, a. {c>^ and Qo lipa to smear, 
-S335 aff.) smeared, daubed, anointed. 

(5C3g, Upawadhu, s. concubine. 

QoQiSi, Upawana, s. (0=^ like, Sea wood) kind of 
garden, grove, wilderness bordering a village. 

f^o3<5, Upawdda, s. abuse. [CoUoq. i<^ be- 

(CJ)53, Upaivdsa, s. fast, fasting on stated days. 

(5^2(53, Ujiamma, see (3C3Ki^c3 upasamanaya. 

(*C3KK), Upastambha, s. service rendered to per- 
sons of respectability, support of life. 

(3seo&33c5, Upasthanaya, s. standing by; rite of 

(2C3e63c54Kc33, Upcisthdyakayd, s. attendant, servant, 
one employed to serve a person of great respect- 

(2ae3o^<^, Upasaiikramana, s. (^o near, eo^ 
ss^ to go) approaching, going to. 

(3C3S53::3^, Upasampadd, s. (^qo again, esSot^ 
gain) acquirement of office or emolument; order 
of a Buddhist priest who has passed his noviti- 
ate, highest order of Buddhist priests. 

i^^ssSoe,, Upasampaddwa, s. the admission of a 
Buddhist priest to the full privileges of the 

joeac>0, Upasampanna, p. a, perfected, im- 
molated, sacrificed as a victim; attained to. 

^c3esa)-<sScs, Upasamanaya, s. tranquility, calmness, 

(^.oescS, Upasarga, s. (^o near or with, teid srija 
to go) portent, omen, indication of future evil; 
particle prefixed to roots; preposition. 

QOtBOZXi, Upasdnta, a. very tranquil, very peace- 

(^sQcJ, Upasit, s. medicinal plant, hoya hirsuta. 

^o^SQO&o, Upasobhita, a. (^cs very, (S^ssdcSo 
beautiful) extremely beautiful, very suitable. 

(^(SSJd^sgS, Upaharana, s. illustration. See QC,^ 
d^^ca uddharanaya. 

gocjQs), Upahastta, . laughter, laughing. 

(-53533(5, Upahdra, s. complimentary gift, present 
to a superior. 

("lOOJxCi^jCcs, Upah^ranaya, s. explanation. 

^^53^, Upddya, s. spiritual preceptor or teacher. 

QZioe^^, Ujxiddiia, s, {^o and cfvqea dddna to 
take) abstraction, restraining the organ of sense 
or perception; cause, motive; proximate or im- 
mediate cause. 

;;*:233ics, UjMdhydya, \s. spiritual precep- 

;f,ooaicscs3, Upddhydyayd, J tor. 

QOoQ, Upddhi, s. virtuous reiiectiou, great powers 
of discrimination; respectability. 

QZiOsirS., Updmdru, s. deception, deceit, disguise. 

/*e33cs, Ujxiya, s. means of success against an 
enemy: four are usually enumerated; viz, sow- 
ing discord, chastisement, conciliation and gifts; 
an expedient or stratagem. 





^O3c82o, Updyana, a. present, respectful or com- 
plimentary gift. 
^aocaiss, Updydsa, s. mental sorrow, great distress 

of mind. [CoUoq. &is3^ci sokaya']. 
(203(3, Updli, s. name of the compiler and arranger 

of the Vinaya or the sacred code of the Buddhist 

(30355, Updsaka, s. worshipping, serving. 
(503e6aacs3, Updsal-ayd, s. ((^,o near, cpea dsa to 

be and i ka affix) one devoted to religious 

exercises, strict Buddhist, lay devotee. 
(*S33Q3S, Updsikdwa, s. female devotee, see qoo 

ee><j83 tipdsakai/d. 
(^gS-soSs, Uputanawd, y^v. to pluck, to pluck up, 
jg<5<sg83, Upuranawd' J to pluck out, to root up: 
^g(^, Upul, s. lotus; stone. 
OSd <3^'3C5 Upul-kola, s. leaves of the water 

lilies; plant, costus specwstis. 
Cad*^' Ujmhccm, s, (osd ^^^ ^^ colour, 

blue) name of Vishnu, from his colour. 
Oqd"^^' Upulwanaiod, v. to raise, to lift up. 
OaC) Upula, s. piece of stone. 
(3>c3^S83, UpeksM, s. middle state, mediocrity; 

trick, deceit; indifference. 
(5^:30, Upeta,part. having, being. 
^,!3a<5, Upendray s. name of Vishnu. 
'^sv^Scs, Ubberiya, s. name of a tree, Carcillia 

calycina (Khizophomcece.) 
^oc8, Vbhaya^pron. both. 

'^ c&^5C Ubhayakuiii, s. (o and *ge progeny) 
" both from father and mother, t. e. progeny or 

race coming in eqaal lines from both parents. 
'^^S, Umba, pron. you, addressed familiarly to 

equals or inferiors. 
J^iJXcsxCT, Ummagga, s. subterraneous passage. 
^t^'iiioq, Ummdda, s. m-Adneas; . foolish, silly, 
^(5OT, Umaga, see (-i)i)rx ummagga. 
,^a)^, Umatu, s> plant, stramonium', epilepsy, a. 

foolish, insane. 
'^'3o52as3):), Umankaninmcd, )?.*. to enter a 
^^Sii^sjSa, Umankaninawd, /house by a hole 

made in the wall, to break into a house, to rob. 
(^,S^(3g;, UmanU'ya, s. stick used as rafter, etc. 
^i?cOT33, Umayangand, s. name of the goddess 

Pi'irvati or Durga. 
(*3, Umd, s. see ^S>c5o<s33:^3 umayangand which 

is sometimes written (*isv4 umddevii a wave. 
>,S)3?S3, tTmrfA'Offff, 1 ^. name of the goddess 
,^^s^4^, Umddevi, ) Parvati or Durga. 

^3^49, Umdpati, s. ((33 and o^ lord, husband) 

name of Siva, as the husband of PArvati. 
(^,3|5S3, Umdsuta, s. name of Kartik^ya usually 

called Kataragama-deviyo. 
(3, Umutu, s. chameleon. 

(*C35(3N(5)3S3, Uyangoiowd, 1 s. gardener, pi. ^ 
(5ca's:f23Ccs3, Uyanpdlayd, j ca^ts^csioBs^QS uyan- 

^cssJeas, Uyannd, s. cook. 
(3C3-2S3, Uyana. s. royal garden; garden, pL (^ca^J 

(*ca2nicsJ, Uyanage, s. kitchen. 
(5;se393, Uyanawd, v. to dress provisions, to cook: 

pret. (g>)3 iwu'd. 
(csie3, Uyamana, s. cooking, pi. ^jiSsi uyaman. 
0^C> Uyala, s. tuberous plant, kind of yam, 

Dioscorea tomentosa (Dioscoracece). 
(5(5, Ura, s. heart; mind, shoulder, bosom, snake. 
(5<5<ge5, Ura-isa, s. tip of the shoulder, pi. ^<5f e^ 

(*<5oc8, Urangap'iya, s. sandal wood. 
(<5ffi3ca3, Urangayd, s. snake, serpent. [Colloq. 

esSces sarpayd'\. 
(*(5ra, Uraga, s. snake. 
(3<5c53Cj Uragala, s. touch stone for trying gold 

and other precious metals, pi. (5<5(5D(5 uragal. 
/^^r3'S33, Uragdnatvd, v. to prove the quality of 

metals by the touch-stone. 
(*(55(5<^3, Urachchtkaranawd, v, to rub, to 

polish by rubbing, to rub so as to extract or 

ascertain the quality of anything. 
(c5^i)je'j Urachakramdld, s, ((^6 neck, 9^ 

discus, 3C' garland) discus worn as a punish- 
ment in one of the infernal regions; it appears 

to the victim like a splendid necklace, but 

when he has put it on it cuts him to pieces by 

its circular motion. 
(^d^sS, Tirana, s. anger, wrath; species of the 

(*(5<s?oS3, XJranaim, v. to imbibe, to suck in, to 

absorb, to smell, to snuffle: pret. <g(5i3 iruwd> 
i*<5''<j^(S^33, Urana^venaicd, v. to be angry. 
((5e,, Uradd, s. son, legitimate son. 
(^,deig, Urapimwa, a. haughty; s. haughty man. 
(5(5:3 6J, Urapat, s. {<^6 belly, ocJ what goes^ 

(3(58cs, Urapiya, s. sandal wood, 
((5S)3g, Urabdhuica, s. {i^6 breast, Q3g0 arm) 

disease in the arm and shoulder, rheumatism. 




(<53S, Uratndwa, s. turban. 

(*,d^c5, TJraya, s. shoulder; pillow-case. 

(2(5:Jig, Urarupu, s. {1^6 snake, (5ig an enemy) 
garuda, the bird of Vishnu. 

(*c5ca^<^, Ui-aschhada, s. (Q6tS breast, i^q what 
covers) armour, mail. 

,*<5rf, Urns, s. breast, bosom. 

(-deeas, Urasya, s. legitimate son or daughter, ?. e. 
one born from a married couple of the same 
tribe or caste. 

(^6^1^, Uraf^rdn, see (^doatf*^ uraschhada, 

(^c5)5, Urahara, ft. ((^6 snake, s>6 necklace) 
necklace reaching down the breast; name of 
Siva; race of imaginary birds possessing super- 
natural powers. 

{^oeSx, Urahisa. s. ((^j6 shoulder, eSes head) 
shoulder blade. 

fjC^, Urd, s. snake, serpent. 

(^,^'^'S)')^Q), Urdbonaiod, r. to drink with great 
avidity, to suck: pret. (^d^SSj urdbiwd. 

^5g, UriRdu, s snake. [Colloq. eaScso mrpayd.'] 

(^^g atsisi, Urindti yahan, s. ((^Sg snake, iSo^^si 
who rides) Vishnu. 

^8 Si, Urini, s. blood. 

(^ScJioa, Urh-ujx'i, s. Rakshasa, demon. 

(^^5i, Uru, a. large, great. 

^Sl.^, Uriuli. ad. truly, verily. 

Q<SiQ, Urwpu, "is. castor oil plant, ridniis 

^c5L5, Urubuka, ^communis. [Colloq. ^Sc5l 

(*:5l, Uruma, s. possession, estate, hereditary pro- 
perty, inheritance. 

(^,(3i'S)550'5!:53, Uru7naH-drayd, s. heir, inheritor. 

(*^S455<5<sg^S3, Urumaharaiuiwd, v. to inherit. 

O-^'-Ct.^* Urulervd, s. sort of wild cat, lesser civet 
cat, Viverra malaccensis. 

(^<5i,(3xe593, Urulesattama, s. musk, procured 

from the musk rat. 
(*^(5!S^, Urehidd, s. one born legitimately. 

(^(^s:, Ulkatuwa, s. stilus, iron pen used by the 
natives with which they write or engrave tlieir 
books and manuscripts on the talipot leaf. 

^(^isi6<^i)'3, UlLm-arutwd, v. tt) make anything 

^(^s>5, Ulkd, s. (^^5S ii.iha to burn, (3 la sub. for 
cs sha and ^55 ka aff ) firebrand; meteor, flame. 

Q^,&)OGi(Si'0, Ulkdtaruiva, \ s. (^c^) flame, o3S3 

(3,^^3'jj53, Ulkdpdta, j Avhich falls) lire fall- 
ing from heaven, meteor; fire-brand. 

(5(^o9, Ulpattu, a. public. [Colloq. gSd^ pra- 

(5(^:3 03, UliKita, s. spring of water; fountain, pi. 

(*(^::3J idpat. 
c-,c5 SiCiJfSJ, Ul-meesd, s. kind of fly Avith a long 

pointed beak. 
OdC^^, UUangha, s. (c6 "P "^ beyond, c^ /- 

gha to go) going beyond, transgressing, leaping, 

bounding or springing over. 
Od^C^^) UUdgan, s. the thrush. 
^^C Via, s. point of a dart or any sharp instru- 
ment: spike, stake, pi. ^(S ^^ 
5CS, Ulaiigi, s. rising, ascending. 
5G^c3^2>3, Ulatiyanaivd, v. to impale a person, 
(*C3S5, Ulanmvd, v. to rub, to touch: pret. 

eg83 iluud. 
,0e3> ?7/aW(7, .. devil bird, pi. OC^^ uJamo. 
GC^M r//?'"', rt- large, great. 
(^C(3S<^cfl), Ulalihiniyd, s. kind of stork. 
(2C35, Z7/orrt, a. great; famed; liberal. 
OQ^-, Uliika,s. owl. [Colloq. 'S)^^^o bakamund.'] 
Cs^CC' Ulela, s. whirling in the water, festival. 
C^^C^C* Ufola, 8. waves. 
(5Ci^) Ulengi, 8. rising. 
G, Uira, 8. bow; a prefix, near. 
Y^S3, Uwata, 1 . _ ^, . 

^Q2i^, Uwaten, } 

^935, Uwatamba, see ^c2co5a3 upasthambha. 
'^8g<5, Uicadura, s. portent, danger, pestilence, 

pi. (^Sg^ uivaduru. 
(*8s^, Uwana, s. face, pi- ^SesJ lamn. [Colloq. 

^53 mtihtma.^ 
^582), Uicama, s. comparison, simile. See ^^csSaS 

(-9S33, Uwamand, a. suitable, proper, fit, con- 
sistent, necessary. 
(^Q6<^, Uicarana, see q::33<5<s^ upakarana. 
^8e3, Uwasa, 8. affection, regard. [Colloq. (S>^C5 

(5)3<5, Uivasara, s. assistance; see QoQod vpa~ 

= g, Uicasii, see (^ziOtaSiao updsakayd. 
;^e3(5-<sro, Uwdrana, see (^o^jd^sSo iqmkarana. 
i*Sg, Uvindu, s. name of Vishnu; Elu form of the 

Sanskrit word (^<s^o^^ upendra. 
s^fie^iSiSi, Uvtndukata, s. wife of Vishnu, Laksh- 

^SeQx, Uvindttbe, s. elder brother of Vishnu, 







(3?ggQ3, Zrrindusnfa, s. ((;^,g Vishnu, g3 son)! ^^iitfe^es, Uluassa, see QbbtStt nluirnssa. 

name of Anai^ga. 
(29t325:J, Uioetan, see (5C3so63S3 upasthdna. 
"^ass^, Ushna, s. heat, warmth; hot season. 
^5e<s^3, Ushmsha, s. turban, diadem. 
'^c^, /^, (f. high, elevated. 
(^e^g^esaS, Usimirufdtra^ .. sickness, swelling of 

the belly from indigestion, 
^g, Z7sro, s. ray of light, [Colloq. dle^^ r('.*- 

QtSes^Qo, Ussanawd, v, to lift up, to raise, to 
elevate: pret. oe^^Sa issuwn. 

(^edi53, Ussahn, s. labour, exertion, diligence. 

^t^e33, Ussd, s. kite, hawk; pi. ^ji^rp^csl ussd. 

(5^e63K)ce, Ussdhaya, see ^^^e^sacsj tissaha, 

(^63, C/^, s. height, eminence, exaltation, see QtS 
us; a. high, tall, 

(*e3S), Usaba, s. an ox; in composition, best, ex- 
cellent, from ca3S5 rishahha. 

(^;<38ca, Usawaya, s. eminent or chief person. 

(^csdi, f/sas, a. high, elevated. 

"O^S^' Usasim, s. throne, high seat. 

(^eao, f/^sr?, #. labour, exertion; from ,^,-S!^i(Si iit- 

(5503c3t9, Usdyani, s. night. 

(5e23, Usdvi, 8. contrivance, plot, disguise, decep- 
tion, stratagem. 

(^sgjScs, Usdviya, s. court of justice. 

(^3, Usi, s. inciting, urging as dogs etc, to the 

(^SsjsdfSeoSs, Usigamranawd, v. to set on, to 
incite as a dog, to instigate. 

(jQsJ, Usit, s. labour, endeavour, exertion. 

'^(g-2553(5, UsuMra, s. maker of arrows. 

"^^QeoSa, Usulanaivd, 1 v. to bear up, to 

(*gC3'55^D6DS3, U.siddgannaiod, J carry, to support, 
to be long-suffering: pret. -^gS^^ isuhiwd. 

(^g^eaSs, Usuwanawd, v. to lift up, raise, elevate. 

(2(5*533(3, Usoli, s. exertion, effort. 

(^(53, Uha, a. high, lofty, applied only to things. 
s. height. 

O^dC^' Uhalld, 8. tall man, pi. ^)(^>cJ uluilld. 

(25333e^s^S3, Uhdffannawd, r. to lift up, to rai'^e 

(2C53<:f X-saSS; U/iddnmiditird, r. to push off, to 

CS' ^^"'> i>'"ow. him, his: pi. they. 

(3(gg, Uh'ndv, s. ((^)'5 "/ star, <> inr/n Lird) moon. 
[C'olloq. CS3^ handd^j 

(^^, Ula, s. star; tiles sucli as are use<l for t-over- 
in": houses. 

Q<bisi^6-<!^Q'), Uhiklaranaivd, r. to menace. 

^j^^^^S, Uhikhmva, s. disjointing, dislocation, 

(^'dis^'iScs, Ulul-rtaya, s. tile. 

i^'d^ii^, Uluken, 8. congee or gruel. 

Q'^^, Ulundii, see (*,g undu. 

(^iSdj'SiQa, Ulii]>panaicd, r. to liollow out, to 
scoop: pret. gdgSa ilippau-d. 

(5^ <5d', Ulu-raja, s. {^ji> stars, d;^ king) moon. 
[Colloq. K>9 hando.'] 

Qi) S3, Ulii-iradiiivd, s, (j^d tiles, 0^Sl3 work- 
man) bricklayer, mason. 

(^dSdsa, Ulmvassa, s. door frame, pi. (*,d9g 

(;^,63S33^, Uluwahdl, "| i. small grain or seed used 

(l^dSs, Uluwd, j by natives to put in to 
their curries; condiment. 

^6gs5, Uiusiin, 8. brick dust. 

^,^23)(^, Uluhdl, see ,*63ffi33(^ vlmcahdl. 

t^'tib, Uluhi, s. tree, Machilus (ihnu-cstceas (Lcuir- 

The sixth vowel of the alphabet: it is sounded 

like ? in rule, 
^^^i, U, jyron. he, (disrespectful) aj^plied to inferiors 

or animals. 
(^^gfa-SeaSa, Uduwenaicd, p. to swell, to become 

large or bloated, 
(^^SJ, una, a. short, deficient, less. 
^=i305, Unatwaya, s. want, deficiency. 
(5")Sc53, Umaya, 8. mute, dumb or silent person. 
(2=0 <e^, Urna, 1 s. circle of hair between 

(2)^^<^J, XJrnaroma, J the eye-brows consider- 
ed as a token of greatness. 
(3)^, tirdhwa, a. high, above, upper, uppermost. 
^)SOc553(;o, Urdhwakdya, s. part from the waist 
^ upwards. 
(2)SScs)3e5, TJrdkwasivdsa, s. ((^'oti urdhira up, 

ckQssg breathing) difficulty of breathing; rattling 

in the throat which precedes death, 
Q^^OiS), Urdhiodyra, a. (^/)fi urdhira and s^cq 

agra point) top-end 
(2'-o3^ Urioast, 
(2)giS, tir 
Q")6q, Urala, s. plant said to be cyvhtincn iu- 

dicum, kind of yam, hog's meat. 
(j-K^, Ufd, 8. hog, pi. (2TS^<5J ?<?-J. 

rwasi, I 

' , > s. n 
rwast, J 

ymj^li of Swarga, goddess. 




()<:S555xQc5, Uraketaya, .. circle of burnt clay 

used in forming the inside of a well. 
(*):Ji, tlru, a. big, large; s. the thigh. 
(^:J^.^s^<^, unddnu, s. Lasianthcra ajn'adift (Ola- 

(^TCJiS^cs)^, I'viuiciuld, .V. kind of lierbs, Portulaca 

()-5is>03Jd, Urufora, ,. name of plant, Cassia 

So2ihera (Leguminosce). 
(^TCJtCcso, Urumiijd, s. rat of large size; Mus 

gigantevs; bandicoot. 
{5Tc5i0, Uruinanri, s. ((5'^^ large, c^9 mouth) 

(-icSlocOT, Urm/uga, s. tAvo thighs. 
(*)>5x.8, Uruica, s. thigh; barren ground, sand. 
(^Tii 9, Uru-Vf, s. wild paddy, Oryza sattva. 

(51CJI(5^S59j, Uruwenaicd, v. to spoil, to become 

"^jeD, Uldtca, .. a fish. 

^^(^caed-SSJoc^cJi, inii/aLLdra/fd, . palanquin bearer. 
(^gcsS), UUijaina, s. work or service of carrying 

palanquins; ct)mpulsory lab(tur to which stran- 
gers are liable; perfunctory di charge of duties, 

(Colloquial use). 
^'IQCS^, UHha, s. owl. 
^i(3xj, Uleivd, see (^''c^^ uldira. 
<Ta^, Ushna, s. heat, ray; corrupt form of (^-ssSS 

(^'^'3^ (3N<5J(55cs, Vshnardgaya, "| ^f. venereal disease, 
i^=i",sijjn Sjs3c5, Ushnawdtaya, J gonoi-rhea. 
^1553, Uhd, s. reasoning; completing a defective 
sentence or verse, supplying an ellipsis. 

A vowel-consonaiit, the sound of which is in 
Sanskrit-=/' in English, which sound is retained 
in some Sanskrit words, naturalized in the 
Sinhalese language, while in others it is=rM. 

asa, Iti, sometimes ru. 

3sa 5s5, Rik, s. the Eig Veda. 
'^sea^, Jitju, a. straight; metaphorically upright, 

^ just. 

sca^, JRtna, s. debt; fort, strong hold. 

s;a^, Jtttit, s. season, Siijhalese divide the year 
into six seasons each consisting of tWo months; 
the menstrual evacuation. 

2saga)?9, Ritumati, s. woman during her menstrua- 

2saC5, Rituwa, see joafg ritu. 

3sa, Riddhi, s. wealth, possession, property; 
superhuman power of flying in the air. 

xaSSsJ, Riddhimat, rich, pro.^perous, endowed 
with superhuman power. 

Kassto, Rtshabha, s. one of the eight chief medica- 
ments of the Indians; bull; a. excellent, best. 

5a9, Rtshi, s. general name for a saint or holy 
person ; but the name is usually applied to seven 
ancient sages, who in Hindu mythology hold an 
exalted and mysterious rank, and in astronomy 
form the aster ism of the great bear. 

S3aa, /?/, s. The long sound of the vowel-conso- 
nant esa rt which see. 

The seventh vowel of the alphabet, sounds as 
a in hay, or e in men; in composition it is 
written before the consonant after which it is 
pronounced as ^s> ka, S^ 7ne. 

6, E, pron. he, that (spoken of before). 

?95, Ek, a. one (indefinitely). 

'3^s5^, Elka, prep, together Avith, united to. 

^i:^^6^.0o, Elkaranawd. v. to join, to unite, to 
collect, to put together. 

^?^{Si^,, Ekkala, ad. certainly, truly, verily. 

\3J5(g, Ekkala, v. added, joined. 

62s55ajg, EH-dsu, part, united, collected, gathered 
together, assembled with. 

-:5Js^3gs>5-^S3, Ekkdsukaranaicd, v. to assem- 
ble, to collect, to gather, to join, to put together. 

^s^fS-ssiQQO, Ekkeliptfa, prep, over against, op- 
posite . 

65(^^5^9, EJckoma, s. all, the whole. 

6J5>253J, Ekkd, conj. either, or. 

6Js305, Ektard, pron. one, certain person, applied 
only to persons. 

^Js5(3, Ektala, s. drum beaten only on one end; 
harmony, unison. 

6J<^e5, Ekdat, s. name of Gana Deviyo the 
Hindu god of wisdom. 

6JS^, Ekbiju, s. karandatree, gahdupa arborea; 
see ffi)(5e karanfla. 

^-esJS, Ekwa, part, united, collected, gathered, 
assembled with. 

6J8i, Ekwan, ad always, contintially, un- 



^esJSt^^. Ekwcni, a. alone, solitary. 

-;33:3sJ, Ehsat, s. {^^ eJca one, 6ss5 umbrella) 
univerijal rule or government. 

5?s?S3(3, Ekheli, a. open, exposed, uncovered. 

6as>, Eka, a. one, best. 

6^5^^5533, Ekaekd, proit. every one, one by one. 
*'-:Sa53esJ, Ekak, s. one thing. 

<3^3)5g, Ekaku, s. person, (ace or gen). 

ib^Si&j, Ekanga, a. united, peaceful, acquiescing, 
cementing, amicable. 

<9)o5, Ekangakama, Is. unity, agreeableness, 

^^e?c5, Ekaijgm/a, j agreement, unanimity. 

tS5:5N<S6S, Eka?iehi, ad. at that instant, then, im- 
mediately, instantly. 

^5cJ, Ekat, ad. (>5S> one, cpsi i side) on one 

<5es>cJ^e^9, Ekatpaswa, "^ad. (tSac^i and oso 

3365:5!3^S3ec, Ekatpaseka, j pasa side) on one side, 
on the same side, aside, standing on one side out 
of respect to a person. 

6555i550s5^9, Ekntdttnira, .. harmony in singing 
or chanting continually. 

6^3C Ekatdla, s. (6^55 one, sodc musical mea- 
sure or tune) harmony, unison, the accurate 
adjustment of song and dance. 

d^Si)S^QQ^, Ekatdletama, ad. harmoniously, in 
a regular train, continually, without inter- 

^ssis^^d^Qi, Ekatukaranawd, v. to unite, to 
jom together, to assemble, collect, combine. 

tSea^aaodcJO, Ekatukdrayd, s. ally, partner. 

^5?^, Ekatuwa, p. being united. 

^&)q, Ekada, a. one, even one. 

a^>?S3, Ekadeha, s. (65 best, (S^q(Si body) one 
of elegant form; the planet Mercury. 

tS^i^ 53203 <9, Ekaninndda, s. (6> one, e6s>S3D<Q 
loud noise) one continued noise, blast. 

^^^)^^e^^B, Ekanehima, see t5^-3\<s^e8 ekanehi. 

65 o<0i, Eka-p)ama)ia, a. {j5^ and o<^ size) 
of the same size, quantity etc., equal, 

^^S)g, Ekabandu, a. like, similar. 

^23>, Ekama, a. one, one only, alone. 

65^, Ekamutu, a. collected, gathered, assembl- 
ed; friendly, united, agreeable. 

a^(^, Ekal, '\ 

<32S5(^^, Ekalhi, \ad. then, when, at that time. 

0^C> Ekala, ) 

62K>c^) Ekalas, a. collected, 'gathered, arranged, 

4D(5o, Ekakhca, a. alone, solitary. 
dssi'iS, Ekas, a. (t23 one, cpsa asa corner or slioul- 
der) on one side, over one vslioulder etc. 

<3De^<3*S)<5, Ekasbera, s. (6^eS one side, ^'S)6 
drum) timbrel, tympanum. 

6ii-)'-Jidi, Ekasat, a. (63 one, essJ or i^f^ chhafra 
imibrella, used here metaphorically for govern- 
ment) under one government, under the same 
sovereign, unanimous. 

0^S3De3, Ekasamdna, a. like, equal, similar. 
^^'S^^Qi, Ekaheld, ad. at once, all together. 
t9^3, Ekd, pron. one person, one man or animal, 

6s>5S)3<5, Ekdkdra, a. alike, similar. 
^2S53iS5cs, Ekdicerii/a, s. plant, Jiauwoljla 

Serpentina (Apoci/naceoe). 
d^D9t(3, Ekdicela, s. necklace of pearls, beads, 

flowers etc. 

-cS^StSss^^d^, Ekiekin, ad. one by one. 

t94:Si6^, Ekineka, ) ; , , 

' V . one by one, each one. 
^^^6.^0, Ektnekd, ) 

^^S, Eki, pron. that woman (not respectful); part, 

weged, Ektin, a. less one, one under (as -cSs^sd 
i3c5C5 ekim siyaya, literally one hundred less uJie, 
i. e. ninety nine). 

<9-25'^-?gaQ, Ekurutupafa, s. (tS^^cSl^ and 00 
fold) end of the cloth folded and fastened at the 
waist as a pocket. 

^(3yS5i^<^^, Ekeneht, ad. at that time, immediate- 
ly, forthwith. 

'^^iSi^Q^, Ekolaha, s. eleven. 

65^^5)Do>g,3E^5*9^9 Ekolosweni, a. eleventh. 

6sves338), Egoda, s. other side, as of a river, lake 

683d, Echchara. ad. so much. 

<S98, Eftuwa, s. loss, risk. 

6)(5t, Endaru, s. castor oil plant, ria'nus commu- 
nis (EuphorbJ: see t9<5 Erandu. 

6(5iSvSD(^, Eijdarutel, s. castor oil. 

6s^g<^, Ejiderd, s. herdsman, shepherd, keeper, 
6^c5x Ende'ru. 

6, Edi, s. pride, arrogance. 

6s55s;(^, Etakal, ad. until, till then. 

t9s>625i, Etakin, ad. so much, that much. 

<Ds325g58s5, Etakvdvr-uivat, conj. but, howerer. 

tS S3 (3^55530, Etakoia, conj. then. 

6s3S3, Etana, ad. there, in that place. 



6 33 .2^ 9, Etanin, 
^^i^sS, Etanin 

<S<33?3, Etand, s. a term of respect applied to 
females; as Mrs. etc., in English; used chiefly 
among Kandyans. 

> nd. from tliciice. 

a^J, Etara, s. other side of a river or lake etc; 

adr. beyond, 
a^gi), Etuma, s. involution, wrapping up; he, 

(respectful term). 
d-S^s>J, Etek, s. conclusion, end, finishing; ad. 

till then. 
a-a^sssS-ss^, Etel-in, ad. by so much. 
63^S3'a), Etema, pron. he; sometimes written S^&'3 

(9\S5i) heterna. 
a!5^s^<5, Etera, see as)(5 etara. 
a 5,, Edci, ad. that day, the other day. 
^^isi^^z), Edineddta, ad. day by day. 
a(^, Ediri, a. inimical, adverse, against. 
a^55)<5:53, Edtrikdrayd, s. enemy, adversary, 

a^SeS, Ediripita, prep, before, sometimes written 

i^'^dQQ tdiripita. 
a538Ss3a33, Ediri pirimahanawd^ r. to revenge: 

pret. a^SSSi'tgSj ediripirimehmod. 
6^8-Jt, Edirii/a, s. aversion, enmity, opposition. 
a^89)g, Ediriivddu, s, malice, envy. 
6sSsiJci, Ensdl, s, Ceylon cardamoms, elettaria 

cardamomum (Scitamineoe). 
a93, Enaivd, t\ to come; pret. tpSa dwd. 
'dzi^-^^ Epamana, ad, about, so much. 
a^a, Epd, ad. particle of prohibition, don't want, 
used after the infinitive mood to form an imper- 
ative: as 6i5i^ a ^3 maranfa epd^ do not kill, 
a 80, Epifn, ad. distant, far, at a distance. 
a3g, Ebatulii, a. such, like that. 
aSs), Ebaiva, s. that fact. 
aS^asJ^J, Ebikan^ s. peeping, sly look. 
a^>2s:f'(5-<s?o93, Ebikanharanawd, 1 
a^ Qc^Sj, Ebi-balanaivd, j ' 
a, Ebuma, s. pressure; see S)S)S38o obanawd, 
agScs, Ebupiya, s. stamped foot mark. 
asS)so3, Ebenaicd, v. to peep into, to look in a 

sly unperceived manner: pret. ageoj ebund. 
aQtSsJ, Ebrvin, conj. then, therefore. 
aSQCj Embala, s. interjection of calling, oh 1 ah 1 
^'^'5i:i, Embd, interj, O 1 oh 1 Woe I 
a, Ema, 2iron, same. 
a0, Emata, adv. much, abundantly. 
aS5^, Emasatida, s, same time. 

a(!^^d', Emen, ad. so, thus, in that way or manner. 

acsO, Eyata, pron. dative sing, neut; to that. 

ac03, Eyd, jiron. he, that person, (nf)t A^ery respect- 

aco38<5, Eydwara, ad. then. 

ai;eJ, Eyin, ad. from that, from those, thence. 

a2iog, EyinpasUi ad. from that time, since. 

ad^, Erandu, s. castor t>il plant, see aScJi endaru. 

a<5S)g, Erabadu, s. coral tree, erythrinu indica, 

a<5<:Sc33, Eraminiyd. s. plant, the fruit of which 

is about the size of a pepper corn and is eaten 

when ripe, zizyphus napeca ( Rhumnaceai ) . 
^6Q^, Eraivana, s. Au form of Sanskrit <5^a<3) 

8-<flK airdivana, the elephant of Indra or Sakra. 
a<53S3, Erawanawd, r. to cause to sink in the 

ground, to fill the udders with milk. 

a(5aoi, Erahcndi, V<t. tree, cathartocarpus Jis- 

a<5 soiedij, Erahenda, j tula. 

a<^8t,s>S3S3, Erda'ctenau-d, v. to sink in the 

a8e^s5(3C3, Erismlayn, .-. ill humour, peevishness. 

aSM5-<SroS3, Erenaird, v. to sink in the mud, to fill 

the udder with milk; pret. ibdi-^fio eriutd. 

a'S^dcScs, Erehiyq, s. anger, wrath. 

a(^S)t4<q, Elbedda, s. plant, Melios/na Wightii 

^dC>25393> EUanaicd, r. to hang, to suspend. 

^dc9"253)3, EUawanawd^ i\ to cause to be hung, 

to cause to be suspended. 
^dS^5W, ElhmgaJia, s. gallows, the erection on 

which criminals are liltng, pi. adg^foe^ ellun- 

a d I?' e "253^)3, EUenaivd, v. a. to be hanged, to be 

a^S, Elnma, s. hanging. 
ac, Ela, a, white; s. goat, 
ac <^%<Si Ela-i?nbuli s. tree, cochlospermum gos- 

sypium (Bixinece). 
ac S)(3^, Ela-oUnda, s. species of the abrus or 

wild liquorice, 
ac 03)3s^(^d, Ela-kaiarolu, s. medicinal plant, 

cUtoria ternatea. See f^(^ siQis^^'b nilkatarola, 

ac^^-^^Qj) Elakaranawd, v. to bleach, to make 

^QtS^S, Elakiri, s. cow's milk, in contradistinc 

tion to buffalo's milk. 
ac^<3^S3(4, Elangitel, 1 c. cow's butter, in contra^ 
ac <S>?53d Ela-gitel, /distinction to bufEftlo's 





6g s>(551>, Ela-gokatu, s. tree, Gniania sjncata. 

^(3<j<^S5cs, Klaf/afkdiri//(i, f>. plant, Euphhorhia 

p (j-vij/ora. (Eiiphorhuiecae.) 
^C^^isi, Eladen, s. cow, pi. tSc's^^sd^^g eladennu. 
^QZiQ:i, ElanniL'tu v. to throw diwii, to cause to 

fall, to spread: pret. ^gSa ehnod. 
=Sc 'S?, Ela-nuga, s. large tree, Etciis TsieUt. 
60 SNe3(^, Ela-netuI, s. medicinal plant, plum- 

hago zet/lam'ca (Plumhuqinece). 
<5C::3<S^2si, Elapane, s. the tender part of trees next 

under the hark. 
^qQQ, EJahatu, .. species of night shade, Sola- 

num Xanthocarpum (Solannceo?). 
6(5, Elamhi, ft. arrival, approach. 
6(3(5>25393, Elambenairn, r. to come, to approach, 

to come near to: pret. 6(3^23) elamhtind. 
^0d Elainal, .. flowering plant, Hedychkun 

coronarium (Scitamineoe). 
fSf* 9^'^'(^C) Ela-midella, s. tree, resembling the 

oak, Barringtoma acutangnla (Jfi/rtacece). 
6(3 <5c5S)(;^, Ela-ratmal, s. plant, Knexia zeyJani- 

ca, (Jiabt'dcea'). 
^CC^^^f Elalatnnrd, r. to darn, to repair, to 

mend with the needle: pret 6r;gj elaluwd. 
6c S-g-^j Ela-Iuhimu, s. white onions. 
6c<^) Ela-icard, see s^sooSi^ helaward. 
^oSg, Eldiralu, >. vegetables, 
6c<^, Elawwd, (t. (6(3 white, g aff. d5 red) 

light red, pinki 
6e3^3'253)3, Elaicenaicd, v. to drive, to cause to 

run away, to pursue! pret. 69>(393 elewiod. 
6(3 <9>3i.(5) Ela-wewel, s. kind of rattan, Cala- 
mus Itoxburgkii (Palmoi). 
6c^S3Si Elawolu, see 6cQs claivalu. 
6(38t(^, Elawel, s. kind of ratan, Calamus rivalis 

6csj:r, Elahan, prep. near. 
6(3asj<553, Elaharakd, s. ox, cattle, in contradis- 
tinction to the buffalo. 
6c^5 Elalu, s. complexion, a fair complexion, 

light red, brown. 
^Qoq^s^Qi, ElddamanaiixU v, to put down, to 

siibduet pret. 60x5, Sa eldd^mmd. 
^6(3, Eli, rt. public, open; plural of ^Qa eliya, 

a light. 
6g^ad<^83, Elikara^aivd, v. to clear the ground 

from jungle. 
.tSg^d, Elidaraw, a. published, made known; 
111 ' I III f I II i. .1 1 . I I 

6 (3 00?, Eh'pnta, s. threshold. 

ibQz}!^, ElijKina, .*t. day light. 

6@ffi5^, EUinahana, .<-. open plain. 

6(Sc5, EUi/a, s. light; open space or plain. 

^(3<S? Elili, a. light red, copper coloured. 

6(g5^8sDS3, Eliwenan-d, r. to duAvn, to become 

65\(33&3, Elenawd, r. to twist round, to entwine; 
to be fatigued. 

^'s'Q^, Elesa, ad. so, in that manner. 

63^(335), Eloira, .. other world, future world, fu- 
turity, a future state of being. 

6, Ew, adv. as, like; come. 

69 ^d, Eicak, ad. that time, then. 

63aJc33.25:J, En-akpafan, ad. from that time. 

6):3, Eicakata, ad. then, at that time. 

^QiSi^:), Eivanau'd.^ v. to send: pret. 653 ewuwd. 

^)6, Ewara, s>. then, at that time, at that day. 

68(?>(3, Eiralema, ad. immediately, instantly. 

6 05563, Etngasa, ad. immediatly, forthwith. 

^^B^, EvicJiarat ad. so much. 

69Q, Evita, ad. then, on that occasion, at that 

6S3(5, Ei'itara, ad. so much. 

6, Eii'ii, see 69 ^?<>. 

65>^, Eweni, a. like that, such. 



68te6, Eiveni, see 6sN8e6 ^^r^w?'. 

6 3^, E sand a, 

635<c5i?, Esamayeh 

6^39, Esdvima, v. noun of 39d83 osawanaird. 

6Kg, Esau'ii, see 6(3^s& eseicu, 

6e3d, Esalu, s. ascending, elevation. 

6<^^08 5}, ^5^^, conj. but, though. 

6s^e325, Eseyin, conj. in that manner. 

6(3^S2g, 'se?i"w, *. rise, ascent, arising; . raised, 

6(3>df, 'sc', ad. so, in that manner. 

6s^E^(;^)6J, Esemcat, ad. although, nevertheless. 

63^e^-^5j, Esenumut, ad, nevertheless, notwith- 

6(5^tli), Ese'ma, ad. in that very manner. 

6(^^f^co, Eseya, ctd, yes. 

6s>e^s3^^cJ, Esevinumut, ad. yet, although* 

6(3^c^S^aos5, Ese'heyin, conj. therefore; 

6^0, Ehd, pre}), thei'e, in that place: sec: 2yersi 
sing.' you; pi. 6s33(30 cJidld. [Colloq. sd|]s^c^ 

pS, Eirelawa, 1 , ,, . , 

o T. M 7 . /^"'* tlien m that ti 
e^, Eiceleh, J 

6sN8e6 eweni. 

\ ad. then, at that time 
Id, j 


87 d5c 

i5S, Ehi, prep, there, in it. 

<3(5JK)-txJ Ehet, conj. but, though, although. 

t3sN5De:>, Ehenmn, ad. then, in that case. 

^S^SJ-^gsJ, Ehenumut, conj. but, nevertheless. 

^(s'Si, Ehema, ad. so, in that manner, in that way. 

tSfS^s^SeS-sstf, Ehemapitin, ad. wholly. 

^S^BiS, Eheyi, ad. yes. (honorific form.) 

^^siSsd', Eheyin, conj. therefore, by that, 

^sKf, 7^7<c', ad. there. 

^iS, ^J/?t, .?. species of cassia; goat; sheep, see 6683 

6d {Qa'^c^, Elu eiiderd, s. shepherd, goatherd, 

pi. 6^ 6s^Si5i. e/ enderu. 
6S ct:^, Ela-gaja, s. one of the names of the 

cassia: see ?^Q6 tuwara. 
db^^'Sss, Ehulena, s. ewe, she goat, pi. d&'a^qisiq^ 

6& aSScc, Elu-pattiya, s. watch-house. 
{^^::20(3c33, Elupdlat/d, s. shepherd. 
^iddiss, Eliircsa, s. (t96 goat, dc3 sign) sign Aries. 
-669, Eluwa, s. the ancient Sinhalese language. 
6603, Eltiicd, s. goat. 
6fis3e:J, Ehisan, s. to cry like a goat; in the 

Kandian provinces this word is used to mean 



The eleventh vowel of the alphabet: it sounds 
like a in made. 

tf, E, pron. that or those. 

^!^<ia9>ijtsi, Ekshanayen., ad. in an instant. 

}Si, Eka,a. alone, solitary; other, different; chief, 

pre-eminent; jn-on. that thing. 
^TfiEoss, ikansa, s. (ssi one, cfoX' ansa shoulder) 

having one shoulder. 
tfifffisss^J, ELaghana, a, cemented, made strong. 
fs>dg, Ekachchhatra, see ^^SJfscJ ekasat. 
^iSi%)3S, Ekachdri, .. (tSf-sn alone, )d c/tora which 

goes) one going alone. 
fffi)i3C, Ekajjwdhi, s. flame. 
f)033C> Ekatdla, s. harmony, unison. 
ffffl):J^^<5D, Ekadantn, .. (tSf-255 one, :jeoc3 tooth) 

name of (Tanesa who lo.t one of lii.s tusks in a 

scuffle with Ivartikeva. 
3^S'<^<s), Ekadeha, see t5o>*:jiT ckadeha. 
f^K::3^'^, Ekapaksha, . (tSf^ and -c^ss side) one 

of the same side or ])arty, ally, associate, parti- 

tf>5eo(5x::;, Ekasivarupa, a. of the same manner, 

like form. 
f53, l^kd, jiron. he, that fellow. 
^fflSDoiT), Ekd/jga, s. (tff5 excellent, <yo(53 anga 

body) name of the planet Mercury. 
^^osS, Ekdkshi. s. (tf5 one, f^ akshi eye) 

the one eyed one, crow. 
dssiocsiid, Ekdkdi-a, a. like, equal, of the same 

kind, similar. . 
dssii^, Ekdgra, a. closely attentive, intent, the 

mind bent on one object. 
^f -25533350, Ekdnta, ") ac/, verily, truly, 

if aa ) 3333 3^cs sits), Ekdntayenma, J indeed. 
r>3s), Ekdbaddha, s. (^.fiSJone, {f:i) dbaddha, 

bound to) a. joined, united, 
d'^ocaeo, Ekdyana, i s. (6) eka alone, 

^553Jcs.23rt05, Ekdyanagata, ) tfc52S3 ayana road) 

tlie way to Nirvana, the sole road (to salvation). 

See Childers' Pali Dictionary. 
t2f)jSi.c Ekdaola, see 65JiC ekdtcela. 
^253333 ^, Ekdsantka, s. (f-35 one, qeseSaa ow- 

/a'ifcrt who eats) religious observance among the 

Buddhists to eat only once a day; priest. 
!fi55352-5^ajffi3, Ekdsanikdnga, s. (tfS3 and {p;s33 

dsana seat, <53 ika aff. Cfjo a^ and ordinance) 

an institute of the Buddhist code, enjoining up- 
on the priests always to use the same seat while 

eating: see s^s>lS^(^e^o^^e3 telesdhntdnga. 
&!>, Eh', pron. fem. she, a term of disrespect; 

also applied to females of irrational animals. 
^S^J, Eke, ad. there, in that place; in it. 
tSfS, Eda, a. deaf. 
^Sgaa, Edamuka, a. (tSTa) and gC55 dumb) deaf 

and dumb; wicked, perverse. 
^ ^, Ella, ~\ s. (9<^ tna to go, t^ aff.) sort 
-(^ssi, Etiaka, Vof deer or antelope, described as 
t^-sj^, Eiii, J being of a black colour, witli 

beautiful eyes, and short legs. 
tSTsi^cosDeoSo, Ettugannawd, v. to accept, to 

tSfcDjesJ, Etdk, ad. so much, till, till then, until. 
^i^"^^, Edanda, .*. plank or be.un laid aci'oss a 

river or brook to pa?s over as a bridge; pi. ^<i% 

3^2az,i, Edanriini, r. to prepare or mix a currv. 

or condiment: pret. ^c;9j t'dittrd. 

^Q, Edha, .. fur^l. as wood, gra-^s, etc. 

^j;S3), Ediiitd, a. iiicreised, growii. 

tff^s?^, Enan), ad. tliat is, that is to sa\', then, if so. 
. ,-,,..,- 1 . 1 




!^0?33, Jk nisei, conj. therefore, on that account. I S)J>35^<5, OH-are, s. retching at the stomach, 
&o^^, Epamana, ad. so much, about. 

tfoc5, P.pawat, see ^C38c5 epawat. 

tfc33, Epd, see <9c33 ^'pr/'. 

^(5is>^, Erakan/fa. s. pole of a cart or carriage, 
pi. ^5D^a:f e'rdknndan. 

tf<5<5S>s3e3s5, EralcawattiLa, s. a capital punish- 
ment, stripping the skin from the neck to the 
waist, and folding it as a cloth. 

f6 rs?;}, Erandii, see ^'tjSi endaru. 

^<SiCS)c-^, Erdtamld., ,*. keel of a ship. 

f5cifo^^, Erhn'tkanda, see if(5^ erakanda. 

"3 Q'QtQ^, Elau'dlukd, s {^'-^Q'ie'lu cardamoms, 8c 
to breathe, S5 aff.) granular substance apparent- 
ly vegetable, of a reddish brown colour, and 
used as a drug or perfume. 

tSfga, Eld, s. small cardamoms, eletaria cardamo- 

mum. [Colloq. -iSesJesac^ ensdl'\. 

^Qy^, Eldlu, s, species of cucumber, cucmnis 
madraspatan us . 

f 8;f), E-waga, s. that afFair. 

^Qi, Eird, pron. those. 

^ SJiS, Ehfdi, s, tliat manner. 

Diphthong: it sounds like 2" in Avhile. 
^^SJyioSfflJ, Aikd(jdriha, s. (stSi <nLa or t^ffl) eka 
one, fp(3)d ujjdra house) possessor of one res- 

S^62sJgcs>, Aindriyaica, a. perceptible, perceived; 
.9. object of the sense of seeing. 

^6<338^s^, Airdwana, s. elephant of Indra. 
^^(^p)Gi, Atrdwata, s. elephant of the north or 
Indra's elephant; orange. 

(5^6<:$8^, Airdwatt, s. female of Indra's elephant. 

(S^tSorQcs'^, Aiiiwarya, .. (d'KQ5 iHwara master, a 
deity, !225^ shyan aflF.) superhuman power; the 
divine attributes of omnipresence, omnipotence, 
invisibility; it may also be used to express 
supremacy in general; human greatness, such 
as the power, glory, honour, magnificence and 
wealth of kings. 

'?\-6cs3':^, Ai'sdni, s, quarter of the world so called 

-P-d'Si 9<(3'oe5, Af/i((-laiih'/,(f, .*. ('jjqd t'ha here, 
<5(3i6)-2K> wordly) things of this world. 

The thirteentli vowel of llie alpliabet: it has 
nearly the sound of o in olive. 


J 3*45^3, Okkoma, pron. all, every one. 
S)5i^, Okanda, a. thick, coagulated; s. stream or 

pillar of light, thickness. 
i)c53, Oga, s. flood. [Colloq. ooiQ gelima']. 
S)^, Ochchama, s. quizzing, joking, banter, 

sport, ridicule. 
29<5, Ochchara, ad. so much. 
Sd, Oja, s. joy, delight, pleasure, juice flowing 

from an elephant's temples when in rut; each 

alternate sign of the zodiac, 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc. 
S)d3 5^S3, Ojakaranawd, v. to allure, to attract. 
s)d^6, Ojare, s. kind of sickness which causes the 

swelling of the belly. 
S);^8a^93, Ojairadanaird, r. to overvalue, to 

make a fuss, 
S)9S)8gcc, Ottukachclnya, s. belt for the waist, 

S)9355<5^83, OtfMkammivd, v. to bet, to wager, 

to stake a wager. 
S98, Ottawa, s. Avager, bet, stake. 
S)Q, Ota, s. the lip, from ^(S& oshtha; regarc! 

afEection; plant, Macaranga digyna, (Ewphorb.) 
S)g, Otu, see S)53 otund. 

Sgsr^e:^, Otunna, s. crown, diadem; pi. a)g^o///.nw. 
S)-Q c3iC> Otunu-iielandima, s. coronation. 
a)83, Otuwd, s. camel. 
SSSsNijsB, Oddidehi, s. lime or lemon of SfiS' 

country so called. 
S)5Do^3, Odapana, s. pledge, stake. 
S)a), Odama, s. drinking vessel. 
, Odi, s. banner, standard. [CoUoq. n2553S5gs 

kodiya~\ . 
SJScsdl^SS, Odiyarukima, s. irony, covert praise or 

S^e^' Odutulan, s. mint, Mentha javanka or 

M. arvensis (Labiatoc). 
SgS, Oduiva, s. something inserted into a boil or 

a)?^^)^s^^5^, Odokkwra, s. kind of pocket, that is 

the place in the waist where the natives deposit 

their l:)etel box and money. 
ilci, Ot, a. reclining, re-ting. 
S)-ti'S>, Otta, see Sleg otu 
3 -.1^, Ottu, s. act of a spy. 
3 i3^<2S)):5cj53, Ottukdrayd, .. ;spv, guide to an 

army, envov. 




5^Se393, Ottvialamwd, v. to watch for an 

opportunity as a spy. 
3J^, Ottuwa, s. information given by a spy. 
'^t^<s^i^, Otte, a. odd, uneven. 
S)c3, Ota, 8. falsehood, untruth; name of a tree. 
SD3, Otana, ad. there (near you). 
S)o5383, Otanaivd, v. to fold, to lap, tx) wrap: 

pret. 6^) etuwd. 
Sojrf, Otap,s. fear to commit sin, shame. 
S)^, Otu, s. tax, tithe, duty; otu duty is one tenth 

of any thing; sing. SdcJ otta, 
S)s3x6, Oteni, a. weak, feeble, emaciated. 
i)<^:j(^5(5<sBco, Oddalkaramwd, v. to hurt, to 

smash, as a boil or sore. 
^, Oda, 8. pride, haughtiness, power, force; nec- 
tar; pleasure. 
^qs>, Odana, see <53 ddana. 
)<?f eoSj, Odabindtnawd, v. to humble, to bring 

down, to break the- power of , to weaken: pret. 

S<52d'<i^ odabindd. 
g4gCJ, Odutulan, s. kind of mint, mentha ja- 

vanica, (Lahiatce). 

S)i(^(338, Onchilldwa, 8. swin^. 

S)f3, 0?ma, m^e?;;'. of consent; there I 'tis so ! 
even so ! 

rf, Op, a. clean, glittering. 

3d)(5><sg;Si3, Opnaganaivd, v. to polish, to make 

^ bright: pret. Se^^xc^Sa ojmeguwd. 

Sda, Oppuwa, s. proof, document, evidence; 

, pi. S)dg oppu, 

So, Opa, see d op. 

S)'5^d, 0;?/, see d op. 

^SaS, Oiia, arf. there, off, away. 

S), Oia, acZ. there, yonder; pron. you or thou, 


e53S3, Obanawd, v. to press, to imprint by 

SSs^ib, O&awoJa, a(/. here and 'there, up and 

s)G. 05a/a, 1 

S)ec}, O^a/a^ ]^' ^^^^' "ifi^^ fro^ age.^ 
S9isj3i5?di, Obawahanse, pron. your worship, 

your honour; thou, (very respectful, applied to 

God and persons of eminence). 

3i3, Obina, a. fit, suitable, worthy, proper. 

2533, Obinawd, V. to be suitable, to become, to 
^ be fit. 

S, Omari, s. ogling. 

ce, Oi/a, s. rivulet, stream; pi. ca8(^ oyaival. 

pron. that (demonstrative pronoun). 

o6eo3, Oyanawd, v. to peel, to strip off the shell 

or bark. 
oB3, 0yd, "ypron. that person (familiar and some- 
cex, Oy^, } what low) ; pi. c5x(53 oyeld, 
ScJS'SoQa, Orawanaivd, v. to look fierce, to stare: 

pret. 6sN<593 ereivwd. 
^l^ssj, OruJcaha, s. the gunwale of a boat, pi. 

cJi.a5d orukas. 

:5i., Oruiva, 8. boat, canoe, pi. ScJ^orw- 
(^'So^, Olmoda, a. mad, insane. 
(^D^co, Ohnddaya, s. madness. 
(^9<5jsj, Olwarahanda, s. loud cry, shout of joy 
or triumph. 

Ce55, Olagama, s. place of refuge or conceal- 
ment from enemies or disease. 

C03> Olaguwa, s. large purse; see ^(3^{5 

ceo, Olayd, see Ss^qScoo ohyiyd. 

C?^'^^^^' "la. great, large. 
C3S, O/an, j 

g^ i(^, Olijida-wel, s. plant, aJrMS precatorim, 

wild liquorice. 
@, OZe', . caste of torn tom beaters and dancers. 
S'5>53cJ5, Olupetta, s. plant, Ostodes zeylantca, 

(Euphorbiacece) : also called 8(^ Mg) waZ- 

g, Oluwa, 8. head. 
SfSveScfij, Ohyiyd, s. bird so called; kind of water 

wag tail. 
(3^e3C5, Ologima, s. two bundles tied and thrown 

over the, shoulder to carry. 
9, Ow, ad. yes. 

33, Owanawd. v. to pour into, to fill: 
Sd, Owap, s. beam, ray. 
3, Owd, 8. advice. 
3(5, Ovitara, a. so much. 
S(g, OeJz7?, s. palanquin, swing, pain. 
g, OtM, see 9 o?<?. 
:f, Ot/;Mn, ;)row. they, (applied only to things 

g'S^eoogs:?, Owunoivim, pron. they, one with 

aaa, Oivuhu, pron. they. 
e5i3\d, Osse, ad. along. 
es<?, Osadawatu, s. druggist. 
e33, Osana, s. perfumes, unguents. 
eea33, Osanawatuuri^ s. person who deals in 

perfumes, perfumer. 
_ ___ 




S)!sc^, Osap, 1 menstrual flux. 

S3:3, Osapa, J 

SesScs, Osamhiya, Is. drug brought from the 

e8cs, Osabiya, J Himalaya. 

S)e3C, Osala, s. collection, gathering, crowd. 

S)k33, Osawanawd, v. to raise, to lift up, to 

elevate: pret. <9<3fi3983 asewwd. 
59, Osu, 8. medicine. 
Sgorf, Osupat, s. hell so called. 
..i)g, Ohu, pron. he; they (in ancient writings). 
S)gJ, Ohun, pron. see ^ oi<>mw. 
3g'S33gJ, Ohunohun, pron. see 3g\33g:J 

s, OAe, a(/. there. 

S(9!SJ3, Ohoma, ad. so, in that way or manner. 

S)SNS33Sc5, Ohoriya, s. kind of female dress, such as 

is worn by Tamil women. 
S)(^w5, Oho, interj. of recollection, aye i oh ! 

The fourteenth letter of the alphabet; it 
takes the sound of the vowel a held long; as in 

So, On, s. among the Hindus the mysterious name 

of the deity, more properly written 6m, 

which see. 
535, 6ka, pron. that; house, asylum, refuge. 
f)58), 6kada, s. a sheet of water near the sea-shore. 
S>^, dkanda, s. the shore or level ground along 

the banks of a river. 
Sa)3, 6kd, s. a person or animal or thing, used in 

common language, (disrespectful when applied 

to a person), pi. S^kog' ohdld. 
S)5D(5, dkdra, the latter 6. 
^!), 6ki, pron. that woman (disrespectful), pi. 

^^Qo okild. 
^gcJi, Okuru, s. plant, Cleidion javanicum, (Eu- 

Ss^^siScsJ, Okeyiyd, s. kind of wUdpine, Pandanus 

zeylanicus, (Pandanaceae). 
Sm, dgha, s. quick time in music; river, flood, 

stream, torrent, flow of water, multitude. 
^dv, Ojasa, s. light, splendour; manifestation, 

appearance; power; vitality; moisture of the 

human body or plants, pi. Sde^ ojas. 
!F^9, Ode, 8. small lake; water course. 
Sg g'-, Odra-p\ishpa, s, flower, Chinese rose, 

Hibiscus mutabilis; name of a country, the 

northern part of Orissa. 

\S3(3c59, Oteliyd, 8. a fish so called. 
(?>c^^s^^, 6tom6, pron. fern, she, respectfully, 

(used only in books). 
^S3, Odana, s. C(S^ unda to be wet, -(^a nya 

aff.) boiled rice. 

^qtS, ddas, "^ 

^.^63, ddasa, rsee Sdes qjasa. 

<!5(^^el, Odase, ^ 

^isi, On, see S 6m. 

'SsD3, Una, part, pouring into; falling, 

SeDx, One, ad. must, ought, want. 

S^n^^n, Onekama, 1 , 

~ es A , ' >s. need, necessity, want. 

S3x9, Oneiva, ) ' 

S:303^), dpapdtika, s. one bom by chance; 
one who appears ready-formed on the earth, 

Sc3igc3, dpddupa, 8. insinuation, information, slan- 
der, backbiting, detraction. 

SD, 6m,''s. mystic name of the Hindu deity; the 
general opinion is, that it is composed of the 
following letters: ep a name of Vishnu, (f, % of 
Siva, TW of Brahma, which implies the Indian 
triad, and expresses the three in one. It prefaces 
most of the writings of the Hindus, and all 
their prayers. It has the same place in all the 
books, prayers, charms, and incantations of the 
Kapuwas, the Yakaduras and the Balikarayas of 
Ceylon, and in most of the books on astronomy. 
It is always pronoimced with great reverence by 
the natives in their temples and on all religious 
occasions: the Hindus are, it is believed, accus- 
tomed to pass over the word in silence as the 
Jews did the word Jehovah. 

3, 6yi, interj. of calling; as O there, hallo there. 

S, 6lu, 8. species of waterlily, Nymphaea Lotus, 
(Nymphoeacece) ; also Limnanthemum indicum, 

?q83, dluwd, 8. sort of deer; antelope. 

03, 6wd, pron. those, applied to things. 

S3, dvita, s, low ground which may be used for 
the cultivation of paddy or yams. pi. 9 oviti. 

dC. 6villa, s. child's swing, cradle; pain. 

WBQ, dvili, plur. of the above word. 

Saa, dshtha, 8. lip, especially the upper lip. 

Dsftfie^, dshthaja, s. (f)'59S and d which produces) 
labial, that which is pronounced by the lip. 

eftSca, dshthaya, see SsftS 6shtha. 

SssS, dshadhi, s. (3 heat, 3 dhd to have or to 
bear) star; an annual plant or herb, one that dies 
after becoming ripe. 




SesS si:}6ssio, dsadhi tdrakd, s. (SesS medicine, 

)3(5iS3 star) star that presides over medicine; 

star that accompanies the moon ; morning star. 
SesSos, Oshadhisa, s. (Sa;3 star, ^csa isa lord) 

moon. [Colloq. ea^ sajida.] 
^S^tS, Use, s. protracted sound of the voice after 

the word or sentence is finished, 
SaoQ, dhata, the dative of g ohu, he. 

The fifteenth letter in the alphabet: it sounds 

. like ou 'm our. 

S)')6ei, Aurasa, s. (5<5rf uras best and ^-(SjsJ ati 
afiix) a legitimate child, i. e. a child whose 
mother is of the same caste as the father. 

9)'n<^^q, Aurudda, s. year, see ?c^<t<< awurudda. 

S)iao), Aushadha, s. drugs, medicuie in general. 

ibS, Aushadhi, see a3 oshadU. 

Not reckoned as a separate letter: it soimds 
somewhat like a in cat, and, when lengthened 
(^ e,) like a in jam. 

ftsJ, JEJkma, s. sixth sign or figure in astronomi- 
cal reckoning, 

^Js^eD83, ^kmenawd, 1)^ to be crushed, to be 
bruized, to be seized: pret. {piJ53J elcmund, 

eptidg, Eksum, s. curse, imprecation. 

<fi9(^C Ekilla, s. chain for tying elephants. 

^9s^C'23Q3, Ekilenawd, v. n, to fold, to close, to 
shrivel: pret. f^5g633 ekulund. 

<fi(53Ci;5^(^e33, Egaladandule'nd, s. brown flying 
squirrel, pteromys oral. 

tficSgcs, Egiliya, s. ditch, drain. 

<fi(5>xs), ^gewa, s. festoon work. 

(^o, Enga, s. body. 

{fio3, ^Tigavt'ma, 

(fi3gi), Eugawwna 

f^^dC Engilla, s. finger, pi. e^Sg fwgreV^ 

<ft^6S^^j Engilipuruka, s. knuckle. 

^<S(gS(5, Engilmaray s. space between the fingers 
or toes at the bottom. 

(^S^iiO^saSo, Engenawd. v. to feel; to be convinced; 
to know; to perceive; to understand, to experi- 
ence: pret. ^C933 Engund, 

'^dd, Ejara, s. master, teacher, 

^9S5g203S\SoS3, Ettakundwenaivd. v. to be par 

JEka, > 

, >8. hip, side. 

>, JSkaya, J ^ . 


s. information. 



efi9QS)05, JEttambard, s. plant, solandra oppositi- 

^3Si^, Ettamurd, s. climbing shrub, cansiera 

<fiQQ6, Ettara, a. hard, obstinate. 
{fiSOd (5363, Ettara gasa, s. variety of the sisu tree, 

dalbei'gia sisu. 
<fi8Q<5cS3, Ettarayd, s. stubborn man. 
{^8>S5cs, Etteriya, s. small tree, with white 

fragrant flowers, murraya exotica (Rutacece). 
cfiQ, jf/a, s. bone, kernel; seed, grain of any thing; 

{f^,0^^3^(S^as)^^S^, JEtakatugehenawd, r. to grow 

lean, to become a skeleton. 
{fi8 S5^Qi,(j, j&/a kirindawel, s. j^laat,. strychnoa 

cinnamomifolia, (Loganiaceae). 
{^9ScC> ^takirilla, s. forest tree, Twpinia 

pomifera or T. nepalensis (Sapindacece); also 

called ^gsiegSlcs kunkumbald. 
^iQ <5gScs3, ^ta-kuhumbiyd, s. small ant. 
{^ (3^s^s^5S3^, jK/a ^e^e/, s. kind of plaintain or 

banana, musa sajnentum. 
^Q (3N5305?, j&/a gemadiyd, s. kind of toad or 

{fvSoei, JEtapan, s. plant, Lepironia mucronata, 

{piOoC JStapala, s. porcupine. 
{fiQ (3\S)(g, Eta-beli, s. tree, og^/e marmelos, (Ruta- 

ceoe) or s^Qg ie/j. 
(fiQSScJi, JEtambaru, 'Is. tree, Fagroea zeylanica 
'^ > JEtambaru, j (LogaiiiaceoeJ, 
{fiS, Etamba, s. mangifera indica or the common 

wild mango. 
<^0qco3, JEtamadayd, s. bull. 
{fiS'^^, JEtamidalu, s. marrow. 
<fic)5cs, Etamiriya, s. plant, Ericybe Paniculata, 

^Qid ^tamul, s. (<fiQ bone, d ^oot) marroAV 

of the bones. 
(^Os\3(5, Etamola, see <fi0i56 etamidalu. 
q;iSi)ie56S3, Etamessd, s. horse fly, pi. tfvSSxe^S^esJ 

^iSSOo, JEtaward, s. river fish so called; also see 

{fiQS(^e5> JEtawalld, s, name of a large sea fish. 
(f\QQxdii(dd Etawrella, e, shrub, dodoncea vis^ 

cosa, (Sapindacece J. 
ifiQQiC Etawela, s. necklace, pi. (fi8t(^ ctawcl. 
:fiSe2iS(JC> ^tasekilla, s. skeleton, ph i^Qssi^Q 





^o<J&i^<533, Ettlittd, s. small kind o:f frog. 
<^5g5C' Etikubidd, s. kind of jungle fowl; 

red cock. 
e^^(^, Etikul, s. Greek partridge. 
iegQ9, Etikuld, see ^iSeg.sgC' etihukuld. 
^e53, Etuna, s. plant, Heritiera littoi^alis (Ster- 


<^83, Etwwanu, s. holes in the trunk or root of 

a tree proceeding from decay, pi. e^8erJ etu- 

ft(3^S:Jd5, Etdrd, s. panic grass, panicum rep6ns. 

<fii), Eiidima, \s> crying, weeping, pi. <^ 

^t, Enduma, ) endim or fii> endum. 

Cftc5, j^#, shoulders; elephants, pi. of (fT.S)3 eVa. 

t^cj ^9, Et-adi, 8. plant with hairy leaves chiefly 

radical, clcphantopus scaher, (Compositae). 
ft5 8<.0(3, ^i undupiyali, s. small plant, food 

for rabbits, hed^sarum heterocarpon or dermo- 

dium ( Leguminosce ) . 
<^65 d, Et Silly 8. water lily, nymphoea. 
^sJ 5, < i'/M, s. ((^33 fia elephant, ^ 

prick) an elepliant hook. 

^6j4S)9(QS<^c23, jptkaudah'hiniyd, s. kind of 

eagle fabled to be the destroyer and eater of 

(^sJ^Tiecf, jptLany s, plant, arurn macrorhizon, name 

of the kfla tree, butea frondesa. 
?^c5 i28c5l32sj, ^f kukurumdriy 8. plant, randia 

uUginosa (Rubiaceoe), 
fii S>)3<5e38i^, ]^t korasaw^l,' s, plant, Petracera 

loevis (Dilleniacem)k 
ififiJsxsjDgQj, Etgowmvd, s. elephant keeper, 
^ci>, ^, s. truth, certainty, fact, that which 

really is. 

e^cJax^C jptta^dala^ 5. plant, arum colocasia. 
(^cJs33, ^, s. possessor, owner, pi. e^sis^caJ 

^tto or (ficis)5 fa?2. 
ffis5339cc, Ettd^iya, s. see (ftsi ^^ et-adi. 
^ci^, ^m', s. female owner, pi. 'ficJsvcjJ fo. 
{^J^, Ettu, pL of ?^C3D f^a. 
{ftsi^sJ^S, Etttittin, s. kmd of grass, aristida 

(^5s>s33, ^o, . people, the natives or residents 

of a place. 

<ftc5(3^)J(5, ^t tora, s. plant, Atylosia Candollei 

ifit^ q!Si, Et data, 8. elephant's tusk^ pi. }!t55<?6J 

t^^<^si 8iS)3d, Etdamcctakolu, g, plant, mo- 
mordica cylindrical 

^c5 <j, j^< dama, s. chain for tying elephants. 

<|ptJ <j, JEt dala, see ^tsJ ^ss et data. 

epicJ (^^Q9, jE^f demata, s. timber tree with yellow 

flowers, gmelina arhorea (Verhenaceoe). 
^65 s^^^(5o, Et nerenchi, s. plant with small 

stem, long branches and yellow flowers; it 

renders water or milk mucilaginous, pedalium 

murex, (Pedaliaceae). 
ptJ C3^^&5, Et pantiya, s. elephants' stall. 
<^?s5 oi6JScc3, Et panikkiyd, s, elephant keeper. 
fi5 o, Et pamba, 8-, fern, Lygodium dicho- 

tomum, (Filice8.) 
<ftJo(5, Etpal, 8. elephant keeper, pi. <fi55o(5g 

<ft.t^ BBQisiiSij, Et p)itawakM, s. plant, Agyneia 

bacciformis, (Euphorb), 
(^cJ 53iQ83, j^i pepawd, s. young elephant. 
^J i^^Sco, -^f bemikmya, e. stemless plant, 

phrynium capitatum (Scitamineoe). 
^5i)cj, Etmada, s. a tree, echites or alstima 

^c58D, ^tmiwana, s. shield-fern, aspidium 

<^65 S)3)3) j^< mudamahana, s. plant, sphoeran- 

thus indicus or ^SSweo mudamahana. 
ififsiQ<s3Q(^, JEitwagapul, s. climbing plant with an 

aromatic seed something of the nature of peppefj 

pothos officinalis or o5O30t^ potdwel. 
^cjQdoS, JEltwarana, a. (^d fi elephant^ doS 

stopping) elephant hook. 
^cJs^es3i), Etsonda, s. elephant's ti*unk. 
(fi2dssi,8cs, ^tsetiya, a medicinal plant. 
cptois3C Et-hala, s. elephant's stall. 
(ficJ 5385, Et-hawari, 8. plant, Psilotum nudum 

(Lycopodiaceae) . 
'^cJ <3NS)<5(3c5, Et-heraliya, s. plant, peculiar to 

Ceylon, Kunimia zeylanica (Cela8traceoe)> 
>^fs>. Eta, ad. is it enough, there is. 
{^03, Etam, a. some. 

(^<53(5i, Etaru, 8. ('^03 and 5t who mounts) ele- 
phant driver. 
(^S33, ^fa, s. elephant, pi, ftai-^ ew. 
t^i, Eti, a. enough, sufficient, existing; v, there is. 
(fi^3c5^83, J^tikaranaivd, v, to bring up, td 

breed; to adopt; to educate. 
ffi&^iQQ:s3, jptikalawana, s. garden, park or 

pleasure ground. 
(^^esJi^, Etinni, \ s. female elephant, ph (^^5 
i^&^, Etini, J i^SHcaJ etinniyo. 



e^^Sco, Etiriya, see t^^Sf^C? ?tirilla. 

<^^5(^ oc'j Etiril paid, s. plant, gisekia pharna- 

ceoides, (Ficsidece). 
>^^8(^Q, Etirilla, s. that which is spread; but 

generally a piece of cloth spread upon chairs 

and other seats out of respect to a guest; a sheet, 

pi. ifi&dQ etirili, 
(^^(3\(5-s!SQ3, Etirenaim, y. to be spread: pret. 

!f\.^Si<^ etirnnd. 
f^^gcis, ^tiliya, 8. large open cooking vessel, 

pi. ft^Q etilt. 
f^^s>9<2s39, Etmenaivd, v. to grow, to spring up 

as a child, to be brought up, to be satisfied. 
<^^ffijx3 jSco^oSj, Etiheti kiyanawd, v. to confess, 

to acknowledge. 
^^, Etu, s. elephant. 
(f\.^^, Etun, plur. of i^eg ^tu. 
c^egS), J^tuma, s. body with life. 
^g(^, J^tul, ad, inside, inner, within. 
(^43(;^3C5<sS3, Etulkaranawd, v. to thrust in. 

(^^(^ >3Q(5, J^tul nuwara, 8. citadel, the inner- 

<^g(^g(5, Etuljmra, 8. inner city, usually the 
residence of royalty and courtezans. 

efv-ege, ^tula, see ^x^(^ c<w^. 

(^^a5, JEitiilat, a. belonging to, intimate, connect- 
ed with, admitted, friendly. 

{^^eis^QeoSa, Etulatwenawdy v. to be admitted, 
to become intimate. 

e^^gd, jEJtuluwa, ad. with, including. 

(ft^9, Etuwa, part, having, with. 

(^s\S33(5, J^tora, see epes53jg<5co antahpuraya. 

(^4^, Jbldda, ad. is it enough? is it? 

?^4'9^^3^-'' J^ddenawd, v. to drag or trail itself 
along the ground, to creep, to crawl. 

(^<j, J^da, a. crooked, bent, unfriendly. 

*f\.q ^5-<siS3, J^da-arinawd, v. to make straight, 

<^^<5)2d-2383, Edagannawd, v. to draw, to pull; to 
attract; to absorb, to convey (as property); to 
find fault. 

<^^59(^C J^ddhilta, 8. faith, belief, religious con- 
fidencBj pi. (fi<^tBQ ^dahili. 

ft4(5^wcs^9^, ^dahelanawd, v, to throw down, to 
drag down with violence. 

l^^Q, Edili, s. putting the palms of the hands 
together, as the natives do when saluting. 

{fi^, Edi'ma, s, dragging, attraction; difficulty of 

<^g, Eduma, s. difficulty in breathing; rattling 

in the throat as a precursor of death, 
'figc^, Edurd, "Is. expeller of devils, an exorcist; 
<fig(5i, Eduru, J teacher; messenger; rock, pi. ^g 

(S^6i edurd. 
{fiiSN^, Ede, 8. crookedness, bending, 
^^j Enda, s. bed, sleeping couch. 
^i^oed^oSa, Endagannawd, v. to put on dress, i 
(^^ ,2g<^, Enda-makund, s. bug. 
eftfeaCTsJesaQo, Endinagannawd, v. to obtain 

knowledge (of persons or things). ! 

tft.^ff'aaeoSj, Endinenawd, v. to be known, to be 

come acquainted with: pret. (fif <q-S03 endinund.\ 
<^5, Ejidiri, s. darkness; a. dark, obscure. ' 

f^f , Jpudma, s. clothes, dress; painting; draw 

ing, pi. e^f eudtm. 
^g^i)(S\8)S3, Eudunumwenawd, v. to know, to 

be acquainted with, 
efig, ^uduma, s. clothes, dress, wearing, pi. tfifi) 

tfi&S'Six, jpnne, interj, expression of anger, mishap, 

misfortune or sorrow; a. unlawful. j 

fpi53x, Enntva, s. nuisance. 
fi'ta, lina, s. nail (of iron &c), peg. 
<ft3f3Q3, jpna-innawd, v. to squat on the 

<^20iS3S))D, J^nagahanawd, v. to nail. 
{^3a3, Enaicanaicd, v. to call. 
fii3i5, J^niya, s. prow of a dhony or ship, 
<^93), Emma, i s, kneading, stabbing, pi. (ft9i) 
efi'Q, Enuma, } emm, tfi^^ ^um. 
<^>eo23, Enenawd, v. to be pierced; to be 

kneaded: pret. efi^sos nund, 
(fi<S^&S, JEne, 8. nail (of iron &c.) 
?^rf, J^p, Elu pron. we. 
<fto, Jppa, s. security, bail. 
{fi534K3dc53, Epakdrayd, s. surety, 
e^oC> ^pala, 8. plant, Triumfetia Bhomhoidea 


<^6<;^(3S, EpilUmd^ s. the act of washing, pi. 
^8(^g epilUnii 

^t^S)i.t6(SN'S33, J^hbehuvenaivd, v. to become ac- 
customed to, to become acquainted with, to fre- 
quent uncourteously* 

fiS)a5, Ebaya, 8, cork, stopper, plug, prop, 
(^Scjo, Ebitta, 8. very little; 
fi^>S3ca3, Ebittayd,s, the servant of a priest* 
ifi-e^e3, J^bissa, 8. very little quantity. 



cpiede3J, JEbtssak, s. short space, little time, very 

^>9, Ebe, see <fiS)co ebaya. 
q:td3i), Embaravima, s. act of causing to grind, 

or twist: see pi)(5-<s^3 ambaranawd. 
^t<SM5'<sJSo85, Embarenawd, v. to become twisted 

or turned, to be ground: pret. ^tSc^<^ emba- 

pi(3, ^mbala, plant, buck bean, Limnanthemum 

cristatum or i. indicum: see ^c ambala. 
cpxScco'j Embalayd, s. red ant. 
9ide ^nibillct, s. name of plant genus, awie- 

desma (Euphorbiacece). 

^i.(^, Embul, a. sour; s. sourness, acidity, sour 

curry, of natives; plant, species of the phyllan- 
thus (Euphorb.) 

^id ^S33^s)<3^e3(5, Embul dnawdluhesel, s. 

wild plaintain tree, WMsa paradisiaca or (^ 

s^)(3^C5j(^ wal-kehel. 
<fid <3^<^s)^> Embul dodan, s. sour variety of 

tbe orange tree. 
?i^d ^C'j Embul paid, s, a peculiar curry, made 

of vegetables; plant, hedyotis diffusa. 
<?td <3^S)33^3^> Jpmbul honarawdlu, s. variety 

of the plantain or banana tree, musa sapientum, 
(ft^Q, J^mbula, 8. variety of water lUy, nymphcea. 
(fi^'b, JEmbulu, s. plant, species of the 2)hyllanthus. 
ffi%QtQ<^i Embulembiliya, s. plant, species of 

the marsilea, or c fid ^t(Scs diya-embul 

^ti)Sd^(2, ]pmharlla, s. tree, hog-plum, sj^on- 

dias mangifera, (AnacardiaceoeJ. 
^1^^Se6c^J, Embeniyd, s. wife; woman. 
ffiS)i8c)eo3, jpnibfttayd, s. barber, 
qpi, jpmfna, s, ache, pain. 
fpt, Emd^ s. bait, pi. ^t em: another form of 

esx sfma, all. 
^)C, ^ma^a/a, 1 ^_ everlastingly. 
^xS3C*' Emakale, J 
^t?9c3, Ematiyd, s. minister of state. 
qpt^, Ematuma, s. thought, reflection; calling, 

invitation, pi. qitS-sg emattm. 

<ft^), ^madma, K^ sleeping, as with a broom. 

^xg, Emaduma, ) 

(fi^Qc^Qj, Emitilld, s, kind of small rat, mus 

musculiis ? 
^i^^6de> Eminilla, s. stringing (as beads), see 

fS3DSj amunanaivd. 
qpt-'Is^s^'SaSa, Eminenawd, v. to be caught with a 

bait, to be stuck in. 

<pt@co3, Emiyd, s. name of a plant, a species of the 

ffxca38, Emiydwa, s. disease ia the stomach and 

bowels, proceeding from indigestion. 

(ficaq, Eyada, past part, _^csf ^^o^ ayadinaivd, to 

9i63, Eyi, interj. of enquiry, why? 

tfijgf), ^yum, v. noun of ^ca383 ayanawd. 

epi(5, JSra, ad. besides, except, too, save. 

^i(5o}, Erat, ad. besides, besides that, in addition 
to what has been said or done. 

<pt<5, Eramba, conj. for, on account of, instead 
of, therefore; s. beginning. 

{^dggf, Erayum, s. prayer, request. 

{pt(5e^3> ^ralanawd, v. to conduct, to escort, 
accompany a person a certain distance on his 
journey, out of respect: pret. ^z6qQ'3 eraluwd. 

{^5g5, JEriwun, s. request. 

efx8, JEnma, Is. sending, opening or quieting, 

iftdi, fJruma, J the verbal noun of q^5-<a3 ari- 
nawd, which see. 

qpl^(5<S58D, Erenawd, v. to be put away, to be laid 
aside, to be out of employment: pret. ^i,cJL<^ 

qpi,(5, JSl, a. cold, frigid. 

f^i(^ssi6-<^Qi, fllkaranawd, v, to cool, (applied 
chiefly when cold water is poured into warm). 

^i^ ffl)863S(Sco3, J^l-kasdmbiliyd, s. a sort of plant, 

ifi(J (St?D, El-keta, s. kind of paddy field, i. e. 
grovmd which has been cleared of jungle, and 
sown with a particular kind of paddy. 

^i.(^ SN(y)Do53, El-goviyd, s. cultivator of hill- 

{pid 23t2sJ, JEll-pen, s. cold water. 

^1(5, ^Ima, s. love, attachment; slope. 

pt(^<5-(gS83, JEilmaranawd, v. to take off the chill 
from water, to make water lukewarm, literally 
to kill the cold, to remove distension of the ab- 

eft(^Qi, Elmuwd, s. small louse, pi. efi(^^(SyQ3 

{fi,(^>i)(3383, Elme'lanaivd, v. to separate a cow 
and calf from the flock, to cause the young calf 
to repose while the mother cow is grazing: pret, 
<fid<3^Cx3 ^Imeleicd. 

^^dC) Ella, s. water fall; rapid. 

4fi(5 3, El-vt, Si sort of paddy so called; 

^iC) Ela, s, brook, rivulet, channel, canal; a, in- 
clined, bent. I 

^7 h' side of the body. 

tjjxCgajQo, Elalanawd, v. to open water courses 

for the irrigation of the paddy or rice fields. 
cpie<3. Elaltma, verbal noun of ficC'2S3 ela- 
cptCSeaSa, Elawanawd, v. to stick, to cause to 

adhere: pret. ^v(3^QtQ^ elewwd. 
?iC^. Elawun, s. speaking in the presence 

(from fccc33 dlapana); pillar to which an ele- 
phant is tied. 
cfiGS^Q^Qa, Elawenawd, v. to recline, to lean, to 

fall on one side. 
t^iQ, Eli, a. white, 
fptg <?t>3, Eli-etd, 8. white elephant, pi. tfiQ 

^isJ^g eli-ettu. 
ft(S5, Elik, s. picture. 

^tgco, Eliya, s. ditch, drain, river; wish, desire. 
^i@ Qgc35, Eli-wandurd, s. white monkey, semna- 

pithicus thersites. 
cfiQ esSd, Eli-sawarama, s. (^i@ white, esSd 

whisk) white whisk. 
tfiS, Eb'ma, s. verbal noun of (^C'2533 

fi2-20, Eluna, a. adhering, loving, 
^igrf, Elup, 8. speech, a word from Gpco dlapa. 
q>tSi)(3N8-S383, Elumwenawd, v. to adhere to, to 

stick to, to be attached to, to love. 
<fzQ, J^luma, 8. desire, longing, attachment. 
^^C^3 Elenawd, v. to adhere to, to stick to; 

to be attached to, to love: pret. ^iS39 elund. 
^iS^<^, Ele, 8, side of the body. 
fi8?o, Ewata, see ^x8iaJ6 ewetni. 
epi,9, Eviti, a. teazing, perplexing, vexing, 

fpt9c6(^, Evitiyal, a. wild, fierce, not tamed. 
^iS9(g, Evitili, 8. perseverance, urgent request. 

<^95, Evit, part, having come (from ^saSa 

cpt4'?^3' Eviddawanau'd, v. to cause to walk: 

pret. epl(^(3^^^^^ eviddewwd. 
qpi^?83, Evidinawd, v. to walk: pret. <pi^^ 

^i9^, Evidima, verbal noun of the preceding. 
^iSg, Eviduma, 8. journey, walking. 
qptS'Q, Evinum, s. linking together. 
tfz'^l^q, Eviridda, 8. year, pi. Cpi95 ei'mV/? 
<fTS(3, Evirili, 8. wall, [CoUoq. @6x8a5 bittiya']. 



^i@dC> Evililla, 1 fi. sharp piercing or shooting 
^i@i), Evilima, J pain, as, a stitch in the side; 

rheumatism, pi. ptS(3(3 evilili. 
?pi(SC'2s?83, Evilenawd, v. to be affected with 

rheumatism, to take fire, to catch fire: pret. ^i9 

2-2539 eviluna. 
^t9diS, Evissima, verbal noun of the following 

word, pi. {ftSe^S evissim. 
^te^s^e32o83, Evts8enawd, v. to become angry, to 

become roused or stirred up: pret. <^xrfg33 

qptS, Evt'ma, 8. cursing, imprecation. 

eptS^Sa. Eiooma, a. all, the whole. 

qpi8tcJ, -E^it'ff, 8. guilt, 

fi8xJ^9, Ewetni, 8. term of respectful salutation; 

as when a priest or a person of age is addressed. 
qpiSxd^es, Ewe8sa, a. near, proximate; in relative 

connection, related either by the father's sister, 

or mother's brother, direct relation ; as qpi8ts^e3 

33 eivessa mdmd, uncle, i. e. mother's brother. 
^l8^, Ewema, Is. that which, comes next 
fpi8t'S^2rJ, Ewemen, /after, in succession, de- 
cease, pi. epi8^ ewem. 
eptrif, Es, plur. of {fxes esa; also 8. comer, angle, 
{f iriiegg, Eshuli, 8. reward for restoring or finding 

lost things, literally the reward of the eyes. 
^te^cg(^(33, Esgulld, 8. snake. 
^idTcggcs, Esguliya, s. eye-ball. 
^trii 5,(^, E8-del, 8. (tfita 8a eye, <JC ^?^ iiet> 

multitude) name of Indra; a. having interstices, 

^tc^oo, Espata, 8. hasp, joint, moveable hinge or 

fastening, link, that which faces or covers the 

key hole, pi. ^irfcsci espat. 
cfxrfScs, Espiya, s. eye lids. 
^idi8c0(53K)383, Espiyagahanawd, v. to twinkle 

the eye. 
(fxtS8(^, Espil, 8. ({^les esa eye, Be /'^'^^ feather) 

peacock's tail. 
cfitSes)'iQQ, Espihdtta, s. (cfita and ewsQ wing) 

eyelash, pi. 'firfSMa^ espihdtu. 
efirf($^c33C Espola, s. ophthalmia, cataract. 
cfirfQtKJg, Esbenduma, s. juggling, pi. epieJ 

^t5igD esbendum. 
efiC^Qi, Esbema, 8. eye brow, pi. ^le^Si, fs- 

cpie^S^eg, Esmusu, 8. lamp. 
cpi^QScc, Esiva/aya, s. ancle bone. 




cpts^Scs), Eawaha, s. curse supposed to be produced 
by envious eye, literally eye poison; evil sight. 

epieiJ85S3OT33C393, Eawdhagannawd, v. to look witb 
an envious eye. 

^tss, Esa, 8. eye, tear, from cpg^ asm, see <fit5 fs. 

^les^g, Esatu, j 

qpice, Esala. see epieong, f^e/. 

Cprac 9e3, Esala masa, s. June-July. 

eptS9^, Esikim, s. pupil of the eye. 

<^z88cs, Esipiya, s. eye lid, 

^tSSc^C, Esirilla, s. arrangement, order, pi. ^8 
5(3 esirili. 

qpxSc5l, ^S2m, a. joined, connected from fp^ca 
dsraya, living wdth. 

tpiQr^C. ^S27Za, s. snapping the finger and thumb; 
twinkling the eyes; instant. 

^i&dc^^' Esillakin, ad. instantly, in the twin- 
kling of an eye. 

^i9, Esima, s. hearing, question, pi. qfiS eaim; 
verbal noun of tpes^oSa asanawd. 

epiged, Esun, s. cursing. 

?pt^, Esuma, s. hearing. 

^ig(5l, Esuru, see tSc5l estru. 

ffi^, Esu, past part, of ^S33)3 asanawd. 

'ifi.s^oaeaa?, Esenawd, v. to be heard: pret. ^t^33 

^i?Sf >25393, Ehindinawd, v. to gather up, to pick 

up, to pick out, to sort as cofEee: pret. epi^edi^ 

cpi,!S(5>c5i!35o83, EMrenawd, v. to assemble, to come 

together; to become parched. 
cftcQ, EMma, s. hearing, question, verbal noun 

of epeo^DSo ahanawd. 
fxQ:fiS5e:J^^-2533, Ehunkandenawd, v, to hear, 

to listen attentively, 
^tg, Ehuma, s. hearing, verbal noun of the 

pt(5>W2SDS9, Ehenawd, v. to be heard. 
qpis)!, Ehe, see cptrf es. 
{fiSJiQ, ^Ae/M, s. large tree, Ftcus Tsiela (Urti- 

<?iffi5tde3. Ehetulld, 8. whip snake, passerita 

mycterizans, dryiophidoe order ophidia. 
qpz5JiG3 Ehemuld, s. snake. 
^iSJi., Ehela, s, ornamental and medicinal tree. 

Cassia fistula ( Leguminosoe ) . 
tfisjt e3, Ehelamasa, see eptesg, Sea fs/a masa. 
{^, '$, pron, she, her; s. etcetra, Elu form of sp^ 


^id, Ek, a. can, possible. 

?^S5es:fe339, Ekansdwa, s. induration of the glands 

of the cheek, mumps. 
<^9, ^k{, see t^td ek. 
?h,cJ, Et, a. far, distant; . distance. 
'!^sJ5(5<sg3, Etkaranawd, v. to put to a distance. 
5h.?3^s^8^D8^, Etwenawd, v. to be distant. 
?*kC3, ^ia, s, distance. 
5?if^, Emma, s. gaping, yawning, pi. f^^^"^ 

enum ; verbal noun of ttj333 dnanawd. 
5^(5\c33?sJ?D, Epotta, s. scalcs of the pangolin. 
^ca3, Eyd, s. pangolia. 
^gca39, Eliydwa, s. disease in which the belly is 

?ic6cs393, Eliydwa. s. glutton, a term of reproach, 

pi. ^gas3>9J eb'ydwo. 

The first consonant of the alphabet and 
sounds like k in kalendar. 

fS)c&, Kantha, see iSi-^Si, kantha. 

assoes, Kansa, s. seed, which has lost the power of 
fructifying; uncle and enemy of Krishna by 
whom he was slain ; he is generally considered 
an asur or demon, inhabiting pdtala; goblet or 
drinking vessel; kind of metal called by the 
natives tuttandgam, i. e. white copper; bell 
metal, or any mixture of zinc and copper. 

5o;e453, Kansaka, a. kind of salt used by the native 
medical men in mixing some of their medicines. 

)o*ss?s5, Kansajit, s. (5oe3 and ??c} who con- 
quers) he that conquered the demon Kansa, i. e. 
Krishna or Vishnu. 

Oo5e3(^^, Kanadrdti, a. ()ot3 kansa and t^^^ 
enemy) the enemy of Ka^sa, i. e. Krishna or 

5^d9eaca, Kakkiaaya, a, accident, unpleasant 
event, troublesome event. 

5J5e^8co, Kakkusaiya, a. necessary, privy, pi. 
>5d55^Q kakkussi. (Port.) 

>Jg^ C3c3, Kakkutvrpald, a. water-cress, Naa- 

, tiirtium officinale, (Cruciferoe). 

3S><:^>, Kakantaka, a. lizard. 

ss)Si:), Kakd, part, of 2o3 kanaiva, eating. 

4B5>3(5-w&3, Kakdranawd, v. to stir arjy boiling 
liquid with a spoon, to make an infusion or 
decoction, by boiling etc: pret. )i)x(5i,3 keke- 

)9ca>K:3, Kakiyanawd, v. to be pained, to ache. 




es56c5)399, Kakhjawanawd, v. to boil; to cause 
pain: pret. 5i6!?<ca9S3 kekiyeivwd. 

a5S80, Kakisa, a. fatigued, tired. 

5.!5i6Dk)3-<8S3cs, KahudhahMndaya, 8. the insignia 
of royalty. 

)9(^ (5^5S^^5, Kakul-kedettuim, s. pain and 
feebleness in the legs from weariness. 

irg(^(55338o, Kakulgdnawd, v. to work with the 
foot: pret. ao-sgc^ooxSo kakulgewd. 

tfJegc^^ejS, Kakiddada, s. continual moving, per- 
petual motion; wandering, vagrancy. 

>5(^<^3cS3, Kakuldadayd, s. vagabond. 

)5C;, Kakula, s. foot, calf of the leg, pi. ssa^c^ 

tSii^b djio, Kakulu-resa, 8. fourth sign of the 
Indian zodiac, Cancer, or the crab. 

o^^itQ-), Kakuluwd, s. crab. 

^^516 ^o, Kakulu-sun, s. (5g6 crab, go or roaato 
srtTiga horn or claw of the crab) a plant, fruit 

of which is compared to the claw or feeler of a 



ffi5ont3C3, Kagapata, s. blade of a sword or sabre, 
?OT9, Kagamuiva, s. edge of the sword; squirrel, 

5C55ca, Kagaya, s. sword. 
^SJcoSfs, Kagavisa, "I 
ffi>055e3-<!^, Kagavisana, f 
5o(5>9-s^, Kangaive'nd, s. unicorn, pi. ^sjos^Sed-Q 

eg, Kangu, 1 s. kind of dry grain or millet, 
CJol^, Kaiig%i^ f which is cultivated as an article of 
, food, panicum italicum or setaria italica. 
as58c8, Kachchiya, s. piece of liuen cloth no part 

of which has been torn ofF. pi. 5 kachchi. 
)5$3, Kachchhapa, s. (^s>d armpit, o which 

drinks) turtle, tortoise. 
)?, Kanchana. s. gold; a. golden. 
5g5, Kanchuka, s. skin of a snake; armour, 

mail; bodice or jacket; clothes, dress. 
>drd, Kajja, s. native cake made with oil, honey 

and flour, pi. 5df ;f kajju; also a cashew niit. 
5dfd'c, Kajjala, s. cloud; lamp black, used by 

the natives as a coUyrium, being applied upon 

the eye brows and eyelashes either as an orna- 
ment or medicine. 
^, Kaju, s. cashew nut tree, Anacardium occi- 

dentale ; (Anaciordiaceoe). 
^9aC> Kajupuhulama, s. cashew apple, pi. 

5^ggC^ kajupuhulam. 

8. unicorn. 

>3, Katta, a. steps cut in wood or stone; detach- 
ed piece of wood or stone, notch. 

^S0^5(^, Kattakumanchal, s. frankincense. 

5c G53W, Katta-gaha, s. brittle tree. 

o30@(qScf3, Kattahvddhiyd, s. person who mis- 
conceives, whose thoughts are crude, shallow 

5QOco3, Kattayd, s. cheat, rogue; diminutive per- 

>Q03Sce3, Kattddiyd, s. sorcerer, enchanter, magi- 
cian, expeller of devils, devil priest or dancer. 

ssiOdoQo, Kattdwd, s. kind of sea fish, pi. a3Q^^'3^^J 

>S8, Kattt, feminine of 5o53 kattayd. 

OSes, Katttya, 8. portion of work; pi. )Q katti. 

5Sg8, Kattuwa, a. bundle, parcel; crowd. 

"ssiQ, Kata, s. fuel, throat, corpse; thin piece of 
wood; plank; mouth. 

585ca, Katakaya, 1 s. fourth sign of 

tSiQssi c;<5320cs, Kataka-lagnaya, /the Indian zo- 
diac. Cancer, or the crab. 

50S)(3ce3, Katakaliyawa, a^ bit. 

53e33g -253C03, Katakahc-nayd, a. a kind of snake. 

ssiDsiQQo, Katakaluwd, a. a kind of snake. 

ffi53>5353(3a5, KatakoUya, a. spitting vessel. 

50<5>^c53, Katagandayd, s. man with stinking 

50(559, Katagamuwa, ad. up to the mouth. 

Qo^ed, Katapadan, ad. to the mouth, as far as 
the mouth. 

)9s3cs3cs, Katapayddiya, s. a mode of calculation 
in which figures are represented by letters, thus: 
12845678 9 

ffij, a, (55, M, a, s, f, ^, ^, <?. 

0, (5, iD, db, <^, 3, d, q, a, 3, 
o, 6, , w, , 
CO, 6, Q, , 03, ^, es, Kl, , 
and reckoned from right to left. Every letter 
under each of the above columns represents the 
respective figure or zero against which the same 
is placed. Initial vowels and mute consonants 
are not reckoned. It is permissible to inflect 
the above numeral consonants with vowels in 
order to render them euphonious: e. g. (S)d<^Q)= 
3811 or 1183 reading from right to left. 

30C3a), Katapddama, a. lesson committed to 

)g<35, Katapurd, a. mouthful. 

~~13 ^ 



505)>3(5ca3, Katabahakdrayd, a, talkative per- 

05)c)S)c35, Katamhard, 8. medicinal plant, cucumis 

esQWiOe, Katamina, a. neck-jewel. 

>Q^, Katamin, see fflSSiof katamen, 

58iC3)a), Katametakama, a. imperious lan- 
guage; egotism. 

CjQSierf, Katamen, s. neck gem of Vishnu; neck- 
gem in general, (esso )0i-<siw eGg:J(5^:f saha 
katamena aapunmen, Sidatsangard). 

023W5, Katayukta, "l 5. that which is proper to 

o3g3cJ5D, Katayutta, J be done. 

5S5g^, Katayutu, a. proper, suitable, lawful. 

oSs^c^e, Katarolu, s. 'plant; duriyo zibethinus. 

5SS )(S3, Katalu-kathdwa, s. fable; story. 

>3w, Katawaha, a. evil tongue. 

538383Qca3, Katawdchdlayd, a. talkative person. 

3esj, Katahanda, a. sound of the mouth, used 

^ to express a good or sweet voice. 

83, Katd, a. elephant's cheek. 

)'c)3^, Katdkaha, a. leer, glance, side look. 

5Q3(5S), Katdrama, a. vase of stone, or any manu- 
facture of carved stone, caldron, cistern, pi. 
o33<5^ katdram, 

d83JS), Katdha, a. vessel; shallow vessel for hold- 
ing oil, butter, &c, turtle shell; hell, infernal 

SiB, Rati, a. hip, buttocks; Joins. 

39s^qo3o(533, Katigongd, a. a fish. 

53iS)25^ cc383, Katinbadin yanawd, v. to be 
attacked as with the cholera, (vulgar.) 

Ss?, Katina, a. difficult; sharp to the taste. 

tsi^isi^'i, Katinawd, v. to spin as thread: pret. 
5i903 kettd. 

^533'9^^s^, Katine, a. offering of cloth for a robe 

made to Buddha or to his priests in the course 

of a single day and night. 
>gs^(^<5^, Katipradesa, a. waist. 
59a5, Kattya, see > kati. 
SdC!>> Katilld, a. a small river fish. 
esiQQ3(^Q, Katiwdyuwa, a. pain in the loins, 

5, Katu, a. pungent; envious; fierce, impetuous; 

hot; displeasing, disagreeable; thorny. 
jg f^isi^d, Katio-andara, a. tree, acacia leucoph- 

Icea (Legum.) ; also called k> ^si^<5 maha- 


) <3SS, Katu-ikirt, a, plant, Hygrophila apinoaa 

5Q <DB(3, Katu-ikili, a. plant, Acanthua ilicifoliua 

(Acanthaceae) ; also called igjSg ikili. 
) '5d Katvr-imbul, a. red cotton tree, bombax 

malabaricum (Malvaceae). 
5 0^G> Katvr-tmbula, a. thorny tree, believed 

to be in hell. 
C^' Katvruna, a, spiny bamboo, bambusa 

ajii'nosa (Graminece), 
ffijg fTiScjC) Katu-embilla, a. plant, elceagnua lati- 

folia (Elceagnaceae). 
3is), Katuka, a. bitter, sharp to the taste, acrid; 

a. plant, the bark and seed of which have an 

acrid and bitter taste, and used in medicine for 

worms and dysentery; echites antidysenterica ; 

mustard; medicinal compound of three pungent 

substances, viz. black pepper, long pepper and 

dried ginger. 
5))'5g, Katukarandu, a. plant, barleria prionitia 

ss>^is.6<^i, Katukaranda, a. gray bonduc, plant. 
)Qi53c5e3Ci5, Katukarasaya, a. bitter taste, sharp taste. 
^55^5^<:Si^3^, Katukarohim, a. medicinal plant, 

used as a sedative and laxative, see >!S^dii?<^ 

s.53(33Q, Katukdldbu, a. bitter gourd. 

453S.J5(^, Katu-kttul, a. tree, Oncoaperma faaci- 

culata (Palmes). 
D 6)Sf , Katu-kirindi, a. tree, atrychnoa recurva. 
> 59-S3, Katu-kina, a. plant, zanthoxylum tetra- 

apermum (Eutacece). 
4K) i0(5cs, Katu-kiriya, a. plant, alpinia calcarata 


i 55(5C5 Katu-kukulala, a, kind of yam, <:?io- 

co?'ea alata. 
5 8^'g, Katiir-kurundu, a. prickly plant used 

for fences, acolopia crenata (Bixineoe). 
S>(5^5e5i^, Katukenda, a. see the last word; also 

name of a timber tree. 


' ssiLQsixCf Katu-ketakela, a. tree, hriedelia 

5S3J, Katugaha, a. thorn tree. 

^KwE)3253i3, Katugdnawd, v. to blot out, to obli- 
terate, to erase: pret. )s?xS3 katugewd. 

ffi3c5Dit^i), Katugeama, a. illegible letters, erasure, 

esjg^ca, Katutraya, see 5(3^c5Ji5<3^ katurohim. 

) tj)53G3, Katu-tampald, a. plant, amaranthua 
ajnnoaus (Amarantaceoe). 




5 ^3^3(5, Katu-timhol, s. plant, plecospermum 

spinosum (Urticaceoe). 
fi)6cs<5, Katuniyada, s. plant, monetia barlerio- 

> (5\>2536, Katu-nelu, s. plant, barleria buxifoUa 

C53 o-q)5, Katu-patuh, s. plant, opuntia Dillenii 

5 t3g<5, Katu-pandu7'a, s. thicket of thorn bushes. 
) o^cJt, Katu-pambu7-u, s. tree, scleropyron 

WalUchianum (Santalacece). 
:)c3)-<flS, Katupahana, s. gravel, pebbles. 
99C> Katupila, s. tree, celastrus emarginatus 

staff tree. 
i6(g53, Katupilikd, s. indurated ulcer arising 
^ from a wound. 

5s^a^, Katupeuda^ 8. plant, caulinia indica. 
^C5iCidG> Katupelella, s. gate or screen made 

of thorns, pi. tSi^oiQQ katupelali. 
O^S^QoS), Katuboda, s. tree, wild durian, cullenia 

exceUa (Malvacece). 
)i)(^, Katumbard, see ffi)3S)05 katamhard. 
55jgS:^e8), Kaf.umassd, s. sea and river fish. 
)aJi3, Katumeti, s. first clay coating of a wall. 
^55m5J59<^j Katurohiniy s. medicinal plant, used 

as a sedative and laxative, black hellebore. 
9dO> Katulla, s. sorrow, distress. 
:3i,es)iS), Katuleheba, see )og<5 katujjatidura. 
a39, Katuwa, s. thorn, any thing with a sharp 

point, bone, pi. )9 kafu. 
5g8(^C'> Katuwalld, s. garter fish, pi. )9d 

^q3 katuwallo. 
j(3, Katuwala, s. kind of yam, dioscorea penta- 

>g93, Katuwd, 8. kind of worm. 
5S)!)a^2DS3, Katuwdkanawd, v. to eat by the 

above named worm, producing leanness etc. 
ffi5s^Cs^, Katuwelanga, see s^S(3'^ welanga. 
jQ9tdQ, Katuwelbatu, s. plant, kind of night 

shade, used medicinally, Solanum jacquini 

40rfe3a, Katussd, s. chameleon; bloodsucker, pi. 

)diS^eaJ katussd; name of genus Calotes. 
4Ks3<5 snQJsj, Katusara-bSga, s. all sorts of grain 

in general except rice. 
^5^5^e3S8(^, Katuseicel, Is. plant, draxantium 
)9(3Ne3S8c> Katuseicela, } spinosum. 
)esi^Sc6, Katusemitiya, 8. (sjg thorn, eez,^ 

whip) scourge. 

5^'es3S3^:if, Katenariwddan, s. bad words, 

abusive language, (vulgar.) 
S3!3>33(^, iTa/oZ, s. sorrow, distress. 
'^S3, Kathina, a. hard, solid; rude, rough. 
2r), Kada, s. (from a-s^") khanda) piece, part, 

fragment; half moon, arrow; rag, bit of cloth; 

boutiques, pi. of a^Sco kadaya which see. 
^kS^S), Kada-ima, s. limit, boundary of a country, 

frontier, pi. SiS^D kada-im. 
a5ei)^c3DS3, Kadakapanawd, v. to cut in pieces, 

to chip. 
5e)a55(5-<3w03, Kadakaranawd, v. to disobey, to 

transgress; to trade in a boutique. 
a53S)3(5co3, Kadakdrayd, 8. shop keeper, market 

man, man who keeps a bazaar or shop. 
39>x65o3, Kadaketta, 8. razor, pi. eSi9)S5ii& 

)Sg<5, Kadatura, 8. canopy. 
)S45058, Kadaturdwa, 8. cloth put before the 

face of those supposed to be possessed by the 

devil, during the ceremonies performed by an 

exorcist, screen. 
&S)q Kadada, 8. half, part. 
3S^6i, Kadadat, a. possessing only one half of 

the original teeth, the rest having disappeared 

by age, etc. 
)Se,Sca, Kadaddsiya, 8. papei*. 
)S533, Kadanawd, v. to break; to part; to tear; 

to separate, pluck; to detach: pret. 3ig3 


5a8c Kadapila^ s. small bazaar or shop, pi. 5S) 

ed kadapiL 
&"5S5cs3, Kadarmiriyd s. name of a sea fish, 

Russel's batlu, (horse mackerel tribe) trachonytis 

3ad^S5, Kadamalkada, ragged cloth. 
*53Si)S, Kadamalu, a. ragged, torn; 8. old rags or 

ffi5S)i)3dc> Kadamdlla, s. rag, ragged or patched 

5)Qc5, Kadaya, e. shop, bazaar, elevated place or 

terrace in front of a house, where articles are 
^ exposed for sale, pi. e^i) kada. 
a53e)(3, Kadala, s, kind of small bean, usually call- 
ed gram, which is given to horses, cicer arietinum 

or pisum arvense. 
S)9s3, Kadawata, s. post or station, gi-avet. 
^9}Q6, Kadawara, s. channel, ditch, gutter, 
3S9e3, Kadaivasama, s. sketch, lineament, out- 
line, well proportioned shape. 




S3-S3Q3, Kaddkanawd, v. to peck or nibble at, 

to tear as a bird of prey: pret. 3e)3)x83 kadd- 

5Sjot3D03, Kaddgannawd, v. to tear off or 

break off for one's self. 
)a)3^ 925003, Kadddamanawd, v. to pull down, to 

break down: pret. 4S)S)3^3 kadddemuim. 
)a)3S)3g, Kaddbddu, a. vagabond, scampish, va- 
)S)3S)3g(SN>SD83, Kaddbddmoenawd, v. to beconae 

disappointed, to scatter. 
5a)3<5, Kaddra, s. variegated colour, mixture of 

blue and yellow. 
5S:f5S), Kadinkada, a. from place to place, 

scattered; dispersed; piecemeal; in detachments. 
^sjS^sdS, Kadinam, a. quick, sharp, hasty. 
5dg, Kadippuwa, s. drumstick. 
5Sc63, Kadii/d, s. black ant. 
5Scs3(3, Kadiydlama, s. bridle. 
ffi5(9*Sc55o, Kadiwegan, s. see ^ogs^^w kaduwe- 

563(5, Kadisara, . quick; diligent, active, smart. 
5QJs;, Kadukkama, s. large earring, chiefly 

worn by the Chetty caste; small earing worn by 
native females, pi. -e5J>ssJ kadukkan. 
^S)g5553(5co3, Kadukdrayd, s. swordsman, soldier 

armed with a sword. 
a3gSN53g, Kadukopuica, s. scabbard. 
5gsj^9, Kaduttuwa, s. flux, diarrhoea. 
5gs)3\(^, Kadutale, s. bla^e of a sword, pi. >g 

iSiQ kadutala. 
igdg8, KadupiMwa, see si^dg kadippuwa. 
sigoao'i, Kadxipahara, s. blow with a sword. 
3gr53(5, Kadupdra, s. plant, cacalia or emilia 

sonchifoUa (Compositce). 
^Ssd' Kadupul, s. species of lotus. 
3i)'9>Scs, Kadumberiya, s. bastard ebony, dios- 

jyyros Gardneri (Ebenacec^). 
5i), Kaduma, s. sign, mark. 
^3, Kadumita, s. hilt or handle of sword. 
^SdO) Kadulla, s. opening in a fence or enclo- 
sure, stile, pi. 3Ss kadulu. 
3g9, Kaduwa, s. sword, sabre. 
^Q^i^CTo, Kaduwegati, s. scorbutic eruption in the 

feet of children. 
SjgcScyj, Kadusilpa, s. ()Q and (cp an art) 

sword exercise. 
45)gs3(5, Kaduharatnba, s. sword exercise. 
S5(S^S, Kade\ s. market place, bazaar, pi. )) kat^a. 

5(3<83(^, Kadol, s. tree, mangrove tree, rhtzophora 
mucronata, ( Rhizophoracem) . 

5(3\83(^C Kadolla, s. stile in a fence, see 3g(5e 

esii^^Si, Kantaka, s. thorn; foe; rudeness; work- 
shop, manufactory; bamboo; fault; point of a 
pin or needle; sea monster. 

fSi<^i), Kantha, s. throat; sound, especially gut- 
tural sound; rope to tie round the neck of a 
horse; small tree, vangueria spinosa. 

555<aK^C33(S3, KanthajMsa, s. rope passing round an 
elephant's neck. 

><Sw^ ^593, Kanfha-bhtishd, s. collar or short 
necklace, ornament for the neck. 

3'<s3S(S<i^, Kanthamam, 1 s, (^^s^ 

^<s5(S3<^53353<:c, Kanthamdnikyaya, J and 3<^ 
553* gem) jewel worn on the throat, reckoned by 
the natives to be one of very great value and 
supposed to be found in the throat of the cobra 

>-<!Soe)D, Kandana, s. dividing, separating; thresh- 
ing, separating chaff from corn. 

^S3'<33ce) qQ^, Kandalawana, s. mineral salt; salt 
dug from the earth. 

5<^A)3csi), Ka?iddyama, s. multitude, company, 
regiment, pi. :-<^3c5 kanddyam. 

5<^. ^?*^"' Is. itch, itching. 
^S3<:^?9, Kanduti^ } 


^53<!^c5'25a, Kanduyana^ 1 
)<3c^c33, Kanduyd, J 
)0^d, Kandura, s. (><:^ itching, <^ rd what 

makes) plant so called, bearing legumes with 

stinging hairs, the cowach, carpopogon pruriens. 
Si.<^, Kana, s. ear, species of attana, stramonium; 

drop of water; long pepper; a. blind; part. 

eating, pi. 3i kan. 
5-g5<5-s63, Kanakaranawd, v. to blind. 
^<s^ OT^Scs, Kana-gatiya, s. blindness. 
3^iC, Kanawla, s. that by which a blind man 

is led. 
><S5, Kand, s. blind man; gold; long pepper, pi. 

iSii^^ kannu. 
%i<^^3Q, Kanikdwa, s. Elu form of iSi'^^^ssi'i 

kannikd, pistil or female organs of generation in 
^ flowers. 
5cJ, Kat, plural of &q hada which see; woman. 

)cJ35, Kattari, s, pair of scissors, see >^S kav' 




5s5^ 5^5538, Kattirikdwa, s. two pieces of wood 

laid across. 
^^, Katru, 8. nominative case in grammar, cause 

or agent; incorrectly for )?Sa kartri. 
S5c5 (3^9, Kat-lanuwa, s. string by which bundles 

are tied to the pingo, see iscJ kat. 
5eJ(5c5, Katliya, | s. piece of wood shaped 
)c5 CidCi Kat-lella, j like a bow and laid across 

the shoulders to carry burdens, i. e. a pingo. 
4K658i(3 Kativela, s. pingo-string, (>^ kada 

elastic stick, QiQ cord, trap.) 
ajsige^, Kat-husma, s. (sji^ kada porter's load, 

^tS) breathing) the distance at which a cooly 

or carrier usually rests, generally reckoned one 

mQe English. 
><S3, Kata, s. woman; lustre, effulgence, a ray of 

the sun, pi. >^gs5 katun. 
)S)(5, Katara, s. unfrequented and bad road. 
S5S3(5o&), Kataragama, s, (>S3(5 desert, es? vil- 
lage) village in the south East of Ceylon, cele- 
brated for a temple of Kdrtikeya. 
axDdssS i3^Y'S^cS3, Kataragama deviiio, s. ()S3i5 

(55 and s^<5 god) name of Kartikeya the god 

of war, by which he is generally designated in 

5S3jS5<5-<js58o, Katdkaranawd, see >(3o>(5<s^Sd 

{SitS3i^<f6, Katdndara, 1 see ><Sd5S3(5cs kathdn- 
5S)333eD5, Katdntara, } taraya. 
)S)a8, Katdwa, see ssidoQ kathdwa. 
503386KgS), Katdwastuwa, see 5<S38cKg8 kathd- 

5?9>, Katika, see 5S)c53 kathikayd, 
J^^38, Katikdwa, see *S3S5j8 kathikdwa. 
^K^S)38<53, Katikdwata, s. regulations or rules, 

enactments for the Buddhist priests. 
ia^<5cn, Katiraya, s. two pieces of wood laid 

thus X. 
)2, Katu, Elu form of s)^a kartri. 
55)^(5, Katura, s. scissors, pi. -eo^tii katuru. 
5^s3l, Katuru, s, venom-curer, kind of stick, 

mode of describing. 
ssa^SiOtisSiSi^, Katurup^nnd, s. fish. 
4S)^c5icJL03, Katuru-muruugdi e. tree, sesbania 

grandiflora (Legum.) species of mvirunga used 

tais^'Si<X)Q, KatU7'uyati, s. staff. 
3^e^0, Katusma, see 5sJge5S kat-husma. 
3dD, Kathana, s. saying, nai-rating, relating. 

53 dD, Kathd, s. speech, tale or fable; historical 

5(335c5-<sS593, Kathdkaranawd, v. to speak, to talk, 
to converse, to relate, to narrate. 

a556320S3c5c3, KatJidntaraya, s. history, narrative, 
set discourse, historical narration, tale. 

5d3ge3Ste3, Kathd-prasanga, s. (^di fable, gesSts 
who retales) talkative person, one fond of talk- 
ing much; babbler, sUly half witted talker; 
conjuror, dealer in antidotes. 

^55638, Kathdwa, s. talk, .oration, speech, conversa- 
tion; history, historical account. 

asidsSesegS, Kathdwastuwa, s. history, collection of 
historical records, 

563\Od^cs, Kathdvichchhedaya, s. refutation 

^ of the arguments of another. 

^^^^, Kathika, ^ ^ ^^^^^^ counseUor. 

-as)S3c33, Kathikaya, J 

5S38, Kathikdwa, s. oration, set speech. 

ssi^, Kada, s. cloud; load or pack, as much as can 
be carried on a pingo, pi. 5oJ kat. 

ssi^B, Kadam, s. mud from 3| kardama. 

<5>i^, Kadamba, Is. tree, nauclea cordijolia; 

;^i)5, Kadambaka, j [Colloq s^csior^Q^o kolon] ; 
mustard seed plant, sinapis dichotoma; palol 
tree, hignonia; multitude, an assemblage, collec- 

^ ... 

SXjcsS, Kadarya, a. avaricious, miserly. 

^(^j Kadali, s. plantain tree, miisa sapientum; 
[CoUoq. s^tsi'^t&(^ kesel]. 

3q, Kadd, s. silicious earth used in the manufac- 
ture of glass, beads, bracelets, &c.; particle signi- 
fying, when, at what time. 

)e,8c3^, Kaddwalalu, s. (^ss^ and 8c^ ring) 
bracelet made from the earth called 3<^ kadd. 

Dc8, Kadimaya, |s. interjection of approval, 

<53^3, /tocZmoyj, jgoodi well I a. good, fine. 

^^%,Kadubu, k. ray of light. 

45)g, KaduTnbu, J 

aagc^,, Kaduru, s. tree, sometimes called the for- 
bidden tree on account of the poisonous nut it 
produces, generic name of several species of 
dogsbane (Apocynaceae) ; see s^(533a3g(5i go^a* 

5agcJl)i3c3 8i(^, Kadurukettya-vjfl, . plant, 
combretum opalifolium (LeguminoBce), 

)gid, Kadulu. see 5gd kaijdutu, 

ffiJS^q, Kado, s. light, reflection; fire-fly, 

4as^ejS, Kadokimi, s. fire-fly. 



53N^3 cJ^g, Kadokimi-rupu, s. (ss^^ef^S^ and 

c5i.g enemy) sun. 
iSi<^$ 31, <^, Kado-peni, s. fire-fly; glow worm. 
J^, Kanda, s. stem or trunk of a tree; body of a 

man, shoulder; one of the names of Kartikeya, 

pi. ssi^?$5 kandan. 
S5 ^ 2 S cSl, Kandakum am, 1 s . Skanda or K ar- 

2S)^-2go<5^3, Kandalumdrayd, J tikeya, the son of 

Siva and military deity of the Hindus, common- 
ly called i55C3D(5^'i (S^^Qs^oai kataragama deviyo. 
J55^(5>33C, Kandakola, s.- betel leaves which are 

not soft or smooth. 
)^^<qf^, Kandades, s. withers of an elephant. 
5^d, Kandap, s. name of Anayga, the Indian 

Cupid; see 3e^3 kandarpa. 
)^djq<^, Kaiidapyuda, s. copulation. 
)^c3<sgS3, Kaudapanuwd, s. a grub in the trunk 

of a tree. 
5^a3, KaTidapd, s. Cupid or god of love, Anaigiga. 
5^8('^^8G, Kanda-jyiltwela, s. transmigration. 
5^C, Kandamala, s. (5^ trunk, o flower) 

tree producing a very fragrant flower from its 

trunk, horsjieldia odorata. 
5S5^gc5, Kwadayura, s. military encampment; breast 

work raised outside of a city or town to defend 

it against an invading enemy; suburb, pi. ssi^ 

^iSi katldayuru. 
"iaa^Q, Kaudala, s. plant, colocasia antiquorum 

or arum colocasia (Aracecie), kind of yam. 
>^gc5, Kaiidawura, i^^ ^^^^ kandayura. 
iSi^^'Si, Karjdawuru, J 
;^s(5C^) Kandawelep, s. thicket. 
5^)t0, Kaudaw^ta, s. railed fence, fence made 

of thicker wood than common fence sticks, pi. 

)^)xQ8(J kaiidaw^tawal. 
)^jo^, Kandahatu, 8. (>^ trunk of tree, cs)^ 

mushroom) kind of mushroom so called, fungus 

growing on decayed trees. 
5g, Kanduy plural of 3e^ kanda, 
a)go3S53S^d KandiLpatdle, s. valley. 
5gg, Kamlubu, see ^g kadubu. 
5gc5^, Kanduru, \s. small stream descend- 

^gdigos, Kandureliya, Jing from the hills. 
4Kgg, Kaudulu, s. tears. 
^g(3ig, Kandideli, s. shedding tears, flood of 

tears, weeping. 
S"-Ct^^> Kajidtdessa, s. plant, arosera indica. 
^isSfs^^O, Kankatula, s. extreme suffering, great 


Si^Sii), Kankalu, a. good, pleasing to the ear. 

233aJ')3-S3, Kankdnama, s. officer in the Sinhalese 
militia of the rank of a corporal, petty headman, 

^jisd^KDScc, Kankdriya, s. (^s5 and snScs, busi- 
ness) invocation of devUs, etc. 

easf^gs^", Kankun, s. plant, Ipomcea aquatica 

esii^s^^iij, Kankundd, s. insect resembling the 
centipede, pi. ^isi^isS^SiS kankundd. 

aeieg^ vS239co3, Kankumbal kotiyd, s. tree, 
pygeum Zeylanicum (Rosaceoe), also called c5J(^ 
(^^^d gal-mora or (^osd ^3(5 golu-mora, 

Si^s^Oo, Kankutnbald, s. forest tree, Turpinia 
pomifera or T. nepalensis (Sapmdaceoe); also 
called i^Qf^8(^Q etakirilla ; twining plant, 
cynanchum paucijiorum (Asclepiadeae). 

455'^5J(5^^5^^5s^^'^5^^^, Kankeudirigdnawd, v. to grum- 
ble; to beg earnestly. 

5S)J(53iQca, Kangetaya, s. (sua kana ear, csstSca 
knot) lobe of the ear. 

SisiS) oe^eoSj, Kanda-paninawd, v. to snap or 

snatch (as a dog) : pret. >JS C3t:f 233 kanda 

^sSiio(Xi^, Kanddyama, see Si<foijoia^ kanddyama. 

&)&iq, Kanda, s. hill, mountain, hillock, pi. 5g 
kaudu; yam. 

)aoDc5, Kandhara, s. (s:o i-a^J water or the head, 
Q6 what supports) cloud; neck. 

455^5 <5, Kandara, s. artificial or natural cave; ele- 
phant's hook. 

5^<^i55c5, Kandardkara, s. (ssi^d kandara and 
^ssi6 dkara having) mountain. 

ai^S, Kandarpa, s. name of Cama, Indian god 
of love. 

3^.S5, Kanduka, s. ball of wood or pith for 
playing with. 

5S>0(3s)> Kannalawwa, s. supplication, earnest 

53C3S (5NC33C03, Kannddi-polaugd , s. snake. 

5O03cs, Kannddiyu, s. spectacles; mirror; look- 
ing glass. 

ssiisS oQ, Kanpata, s, pendant part of the ear which 
has been much elongated by weighty ornaments, 

S5:J(3>03aJc3, Kanpotta, s. (3a kana ear (3>s33eio3 
bark) outer part of the ear, pi. iSiS^^^^o?^, kan- 

55Sc Kanbibida, Is. drum or tympanum of 

3JgC Kanbubula, J the ear 





455f(3, Kanmula, s. cheek, pi. sasS^r^ hanmul. 

iSiSiXO, Kanyd. 8. virgin; sign of the zodiac Virgo. 

a)S3a>)i), Kani/dkama, s. virginity. 

533)aboi5^3, Kanydngandtoa, s. virgin, 

^^x,% Kanydwa, 1 _ ^^^ ^^^ ^^.^^^^ 

5253M99, Kanydvi, J 

ssi^Q^iSi, Kanwayina, s. pillow. 

Si&iQoi&'i, Kanwdyd, 8. small red insect or worm, 

said to cause death by entering the'ear. 
a5JSiC!, Kanivela, s. that by which a blind man 

is led: pendant ornaments of the ear. 
)58xc63, Kanwdyd, 8. earwig. 
55555^635, Kausd, s. opium plant. 
^srfstoOo^, Kansdrdti, see 5oe83<^^ kansdrdti. 
sjerfSgd, Kan8idura, s. ear hole. 
4KJ9(^, Kanstl, s. auditory passage in the ear. 
fSi!^^^, Kanse, s. cheek, pi. ^aes^ss: see .Sio^ 

iSi?^'Siiiq, Kanhenda, s. (^S)-^ kana ear, (snisS^ 

spoon) ear-pick, pi. ^sjsJcsjz,^ kanhendi. 
533, Kanaka, Is. gold, (not used in speak- 
a5e535, Kanakam, J ing.) 
)^a53S(3, Kanakdchala, s. (53) and c^Bq 

mountain) golden mountain, Mahameru, 
a>a3*)3!(^, Kanakokvila, 8. species of the 

hedge-hyssop, gratiola veronicifolia. 
53>53S53, Kanakokd, s. pond-heron, ardeola 

grayi (order Herodiones.) 

j30533, Kanagdtu, a. vexatious, distressing, an- 

53(5)39, Kanagdtuwa, 8. (53 and cssienig ge- 

hetu teasing) vexation, sorrow, trouble, distress, 
>33S>(533o(5>3, Kanagongd, s. fish. 
5253 >:!03fD, Kaua-gonua, s. small jak, arto- 

carpus lakoocha (Urticaceos). 
5a3 (S)3<55, Kana-goraka, s: gamboge, garcinia 

morella (Guttiferoe), also called <s^(5>3S5 gokatu. 
)'253cJ, Kanatta,s. elevated ground, hilly ground, 
., field (with a little jimgle). 
45)33 3^ef, Kanado, s. lightning. 
S)2rrfg9, Kanappuiva, s. wooden stand or small 

table, teapoy. 
533389, Kanaptta, s. unprinted side of cloth; 

wrong side, 
aieaoi^'^j Kanapeddd. s. kind of fish. 
iO^DSa^^, Kanamagurd, 8. kind of river fish. 
45>eo, Kanami, 8. nest or hive of honey flies. 
iS)3S)i^8c33, Kanaviediriyd, 8. fire-fly. 
53CS3, Kanayd, 8. fish found in fields and ponds. 

)3S3, Kanawd, v. to eat; pret. 5x3 kSwd. 

)3, Kanavi, 8. spear. 

538i:fg, Kanawendumi, . widow, pi. ^5)33 

z,:fg^3^c5j kanawendumiyo. 
^5)e3ede3g, Kanassalu, s. vexation, sorrow, teasing; 

a. vexatious, tedious, sorrowful. 
^sesssod, Kanasara, 8. saint so called. 
)33, Kandtu, a. old and tall (applied to trees.) 
55)333 s<j, Kandde, s. measure of capacity equal to 

two seers, pi. ^^jq kandda. 
3e333)iS^8ca3, Kandmediriyd, see )33iSc3 kana- 

59, Kanitu, Elu form of 5S)56eftS kanishtha. 
)^^33j, Kaninawd, v. to dig, to excavate: pret. 

fi3x:fe33 kennd. 
59eftS, Kanishtha, a. small, little, younger, 

younger born. 
555^6^3, Kanishtha, s. little finger. 
5j)^^;3, Kanisama, a. about, near; s. size; period 

of time, instant, pi. ^i^saW kanisam. 
iSi-iQ, Kanu, plur. of SJ-jg kanuwa. 
ssiiQ'OQ, Kanupala, s. enclosure for cattle; marked 


535^e3, Kanumasa, s. flesh round the nails. 

iSi^Q, Kanuwa, s. pillar of stone or wood, post. 

3^si(5, Kanera, "i , . . 

, Vs. tree, plumeria acuminata. 
3<s>cac5i, Kaneru, \ 

a)33trf, Kanes, s. peacock's tail. 

)rf, j^aj9, 8. pillar. 

3d'5>>c5, Kapkelawara, s. termination of a 
Kalpa or age of the world, see j(y33 33005 

)d.2gv5l, Kapturu, s. pelestial tree. 

SidoisS, Kappan, 8. tribute, tax. 

)dr5<5, Kappara, 8. ship, sloop. 

jSidcsdSc^gco, Kapparawalliya, 8. kind of mint, 
coleus aromaticus or mentha indica (Lahiatce). 

S5do35S)3i333, Kappdkanud, s. pimp. 

5dc33g, Kappddu, a. castrated, emasculated. 

55)ds33 SJ^^Ss, Kappddu-karanawd, v. to cas- 
trate, to emasculate. 

^Sido^gSs, Kappdduwd, s. (-^dcasg with the nom. 
of. 3) eunuch, capon, gelding, castrated ani- 
mal &c. 

53d 3, Kappi, s. grit, bran; last remains of any 
powdered grain. 

5S3d83i), Kappibhdndha, see 555d8c33S) kappiya- 

5S)d8c5, Kappiya, 8. pulley. 




5rf8(5, Kapptl, s. an ornamented pillar; the eyes 
in a peacock's tail. 

tSi6 (Sissi, Kap-ruka, s. kalpa tree; fabulous tree 
which yields to the possessor every thing he 
desires; sometimes written fijrf-agd kaptura. 

5rf59S833, Kap-hituwanawd, v. (^ad pillar, 
cB 9^083 hituioanawd to fix) to worship 
Pattini etc.; a pillar is set up, and the votaries 
move round muttering invocations, beating 
drums etc. ; to recite a kind of poetical incanta- 
tion for the cure of the sick, or to procure 
prosperity, to make a vow to a demon, by 
setting a stick on the ground, to perform a cere- 
mony as the fulfilment of a vow 

50, Kapa, s. see s^gp Tcalpa. 

3o3, Kapata, s. fraud, deceit, cheating, circum- 
vention; a. fraudulent, deceitful, roguish. 

5s95 2), Kapatikama, s. fraud, roguery, pi. 5oS 
5 kapatakam; see esi'oz) kapata. 

Gi:2t^, Kapat, s. crab. 

^o^Qi, Kapanawa, v. to cut, to chop: pret. 
5i,gSa kepuwd. 

5C3(^'?<5, Kapaldara, s. (5C3C kapala skull, ij<5 
who has) name of Siva, who wears a necklace of 
skulls; beggar. 

^^dC' Kapalla. s. an opening in a fence. 

303C. Kapala, s. skull, kind of leprosy; cut, 
break in a dam; gap; head. 

5:33C3asJ, Kapdlahhrit, s. (5S33(3 skull, togsJ 
bhrit who bears) name of Siva, alluding to his 
necklace of human skulls. 

^556, Kapt, s. ape or monkey. 

ssi&^, Kapim, 8. female monkey. 

58c> Kapila, s. name of a celebrated saint, 
founder of the SMkhya philosophy; female 
elephant of the south east; fabulous car much 
celebrated in the Purdnas; a. tawny coloured. 

58c<?S^, Kapiladytdi, s. (58c and c^^!> light) 
name of Siirya or the sun. 

iSi&QQsS C3%c5, Kapilawan-peya, s. anything of ' a 
tawny colour. 

)6(5^(33?S3, Kajnioha, s. brass. 

45588 ffi5g, Kapiwaktra, s. name of Narada, saint 
and friend of Krishna. 

38c@, KapisirsTia, s. upper part or coping of a 

5358 S33, Kapitana, s. tree, spondias mangifera. 

^S)8ag, Kapindra, s. (4558 and (g indra chief) 
monkey-chief; Hanuman. 

5rf8ce33, Kaj)piyabhdndha, s. things proper to 

be offered to a Buddhist priest. 
5g, Kapu, s. silk cotton tree; cotton. 
5g9d3e^ee, Kajmkimssa, s. annual hairy plant, 

hibiscus angulosus or h. abelmoschis (Malvaceae). 
5gG)3, Kaputd, s. crow, pi. sjgs^SJ kaputo. see 

53J53 kdkkd. 
.-s^ggQcsD Kaputubayd, s. bird, Ceylonese Drongo, 

dissemurus lophorinus, (order Passer es;) also 

called ^SDgSj katvudd. 
)g(3^S)J, Kaputubo, see 5gg^Q-f kawudubo. 
5g93, Kaputuwd, s. crow, pi. :^<^%(S^Qikaputuw6. 

see 53J3i kdkkd. 
>g 8g, Kapvr-pili, s. cotton cloth. 
55g 6O) Kapu-phala, s. unwrought cotton, fruit 

of the cotton tree. 
^a<^C5 Kapurdla, see fisgSs kapuwd. 
^a^^j Kapuru, s. camphor; goniothalamm tvalkeri 

(Anonacece) ; gaultheria fragrantissima (Eri- 

3g)3, Kapuwd, s. barber; demon priest, pi. ^ng 

s^8J kapuwd. 

ffi>g!S3ie:J3ti*^, Kapuhenneddd, s. kind of fish. 

^s>03), Kapota, \ , 

TT- , ? dove or pigeon. 

5'5^33S55, Kajiotaku, S 

3Sci3S3 o3@53, Kapota-pdUkd, s. dove-cot or 


453S^:2^e, Kapola, ) , , , ^ ., , 
. x^ /, V s. cheek, pi. fi5(3^c330 A;ao/. 

53>S3acc5. Kapolaya, J ^ x- 

SiSNcJ^d, Kapole, s. cancer, imposthume. 

56, Kapha, s. phlegm, one of the three humors of 

the body. 
)S), Kabba, s. phosphorescent light seen in 

waves at night, in the sea, salt water lakes etc. 
5S), Kaba, s. gum of the eye. 
4)g, Kabandu, \ s. headless trunk, especially 
3S)3), Kabandha, j retaining the power of action; 

water; name of Rahu. 
5S)<5, Kabara, s. scrofulous or cutaneous disease, 

white scab. 

3S)<5s^(5)^cs^, Kabaragoyd, "i s. large spotted lizard 

.S55S)<5, Kabard, J or iguana, hydrosaurus 

salvator (order Sauria), pi. 5(5(3n2D3S kabara- 

.5)S)5, Kabari, s. woman suffering with scrofula; 
spreading shrub used in tattooing, eclipta j)'>'os- 
trata or verbesina scandens. 

;?'3v(^d'e3, Kabarossa, s. creeping plant resembl- 
ing sarsapariUa, the genus Smilax (Liliaceoe). 




)S)^ a5<5(^C3 Kabal-kdralld, s. sea fish. 
^53S)(^)C35, Kahal-mdrd, s. tree, ulbizzia stipulat<' 

(Leg a 111.) 
5a^(3x3, Kahallewd, s. five-fingered pangolin. 

ant eater, manis i^entadacti/la, 
.SiSi^s^SeaSa, Kabalivenmrd, v. to decay, t<i be 

come old and bad, (applied to drums and pots). 
455S)C) Kahala, s. shell of the tortoise or any testji 

ceous animal; skull; clay oven; remnant of an\ 

thing old or decayed, potsherd; scab, pi, SiS^ 

iSi^QilA, Kabalak, s. mouthful of meal. 

5i3Scci. Kabalitii/d, s. Indian cone goose, sarci- 

diornis melanonotus, (order Anseres,) 
Si^Q, Kabalu, s. sort of cake; scales; scabs; crust. 
>S3C5, Kabdya, s. coat. 

)'5^S)j(^C) KaboUa, $. dry incrustation of a sore. 
)8(^, KambapiU s. peacock's tail. 
fflScs, Kambaija, 8. large rope, pi. 455 kamba. 
SJ(3cC3, Ka/nbiltyd, s. incorrectly for ^^SiQiZJ 

>(5^^e)^, Kamburcmawd, v. to serve as a menial 

or slave. 
^^(, Kamburd, s, brazier, smith ; from as^jcj 

S3^, Kamburii, a. variegated. 
SSi^SiQsS oxcs, Ka/nburunxm-pet/a, s. variegated 

>>5i ee, Kamburu-sama^ s (:05 and esS^hide) 



^^, /va/H, .?. water; de-;ire: Elu form of S5'i^ 

k irina. 
SiJi^B^Qs, Kamkarund^ s. servant, bond servajit, 

one skilled in manufacture. 
S5^S<^' J^amkiltya, s. menial servant, female 

servant of the lowest order. 
^Wq-q, Kam-dada, s. name of ^s^^ anauga or 

5553 kdma, Indian god of love; shark. 
^2531^, Kamneti, a. useless, needless, having no 

occasion for. 
5i>320, Kampana, a. trembling, unsteady, shaken, 

iSiWziti^ Kampas, a. obedient, manageable. 
355;3e^5d-<^)3, Kamjxis-karanatrd, r, to punish 

^r3:ji, Kainpd, -s. shaking, tre:nbling, agitation. 
A'3^;538, Kampdiva, .. compassion, 
^S)^i33<9>S<3D9i, Kamjmcenmd, v, to shake, to be 

agitated, to be sorry. 

455S)e53, Kampita, p)art. shaken, agitated, alarmed. 
455^6(^(3, Kamptlla, l.. plant used in dyeing 
5i)a^cs, Kampilii/a, J and as a perfume; sort of 

^sD'S^ijisis)), Kdinpottd, .<. plant, aporosa latifolia 
(Eupli ] -buicecej . 

55c5, Kainbaya, s. board covering an 61a book. 

S5Qc5, Kambara, s. variegated (colour). 

S)S)C3, Ka/nbala, s. blanket. 

5SS)eJ, Kambas, see SiBad kampas. 

55i)a)fd55-<<gcS3, Kambaskaranaivd, v. see isM^ti 
Sid '^3 kampas-karanaud. 

5S)3cs, Kambdya, s. coloured cloth chiefly worn 
by native women. 

5^ci5, Kambtya, s. wire, pi. 5i>S kambi. 

5S-ScS3, Kambiyd, s, kind of worm which breeds 
in rotten trees or wood. 

S(3, Kambili, see )Dt(3 Kammeli. 

SiDSgcc, Kambiliya, s. kind of hair cloth or car- 
pet, blanket, pi. 5i>^S kambiU. 

5i>.^6c53, Kambiliyd, s. idle person, see ^i)t@ 
C63 kammeliyd. 

Si%%, Kainbu, s. gold; conch, shell; bracelet, ring; 
neck; vein; a. speckled, variegated. 

Sj'^S ^0-), Kambii^grm'd, s. neck marked with 
three lines like a shell, and considered to be in- 
dicative of exalted fortune ; sign of great beauty. 

3i)Q, Kammafama, s. smith's shop, smithery. 

455 C Kammala, s. smith's shop, forge, pi. 22 3> 
%;^ kammal. 

455 i^, Kammutu, part, finished, ended, done. 

455S^455<5'SS5S3, Kaminutukaranaivd, v. to finisli, 
to end, to complete. 

^gg-^3\253, KammiUuU'enaivd, v, to be finished. 

.S5i)|j ':;, Kammula, s. cheek, pi. 4k(^ kammul. 

4S5li6, Kammeli, a. lazy, indolent, idle. 

J55i6-2S5, Kammeltkama, s. laziness, indolence, 

455i)x(ScS3, Kammeliyd, s. lazy person. 

5DcJLg, Kam-rupu, e. (5i) god of love, Cupid, 
i^g enemy) name of Siva. 

&5DC. Kamhala, s. work shop, manufactory. 

455, Kama, s. business, deed, act, matter; need, 
necesaity, occasion, pi. ts^^ kam, 

^^d^^^^ lutmakin'ti, a. useless, unnecessary, 

s:455>e3^, Kamakne, ind, never mind; there is no 
need of it, 





Si^Qsi&i, Kamatahan, s. abstract meditations for 
the purpose of subjugating the passions of 
which tliere are fortj' varieties. 

5e:c5, h'a/mindala, J a-, earthen or wooden vessel 

^s)&o, Kaimnuhi, jout of which an ascetic 
eats liis food. 

^S5S), Kainata, ,. tlireshiug floor, pi. ^.^jj kamat. 

^a-eo, Kamaaa, a. libidinous; desirous. 

a"5'2Qc5, A'amanii/a, a. pleasing, beautiful, desir- 

5-2(^, Kamal, s. blue lotus, lotus in general. 

3d ^C) Kamal-ala, s. the edible part of the 

5S)(^ 453(^5 Kamal-kal, s. name of Vishnu and also 
wife of Vishnu. 

iSi'i>(S<iO> Kamal-dahi, see s^iiQ,<iQ kamala-dala, 

3a}(j s^SDcdi, Kamal-net, s, (isi'^(^ lotus, (s^^ei 
eye) name of Vishnu. 

52)(^ S3tS), Kamal-neba, s. Vishnu. 

S5ai(2 Kamala, s. lotus, nympluva nelumbo. 

^C^^j Katnalakara, 6'. sun. 

^0 ^^! Kxiituda-patra, J *' 

SjScSiC Kayilau-ela, s. creeping plaiit, ph/lan- 

thus reticidatus; also called i(^ ^Sc icf^l- 

52c 2S3^, Kai/iln-hatu, .*. kind of musliroom, 

fungus jihallordcx. 
,ssi9.Q-iS^, Kayiimru; s. songs, congratulation. 
i5aS3, Karkata, .. crab; sign of the zodiac, 

Cancer; kind of bird, numidian crane, long 

555^j3s3 (Sc8cs, A'arkafaka-7'dstt/a, s. sign of the 

zodiac. Cancer. 
iS>i^Qssi<ssioS, Karkatakasringi, s. medicinal plant, 

the fruit of which is said to resemble the claws 
^ , of the crab. 

&)^(S5, Karkasa, a. harsh, rude, violent, unfeeling, 
, unkind, unmerciful. 
ssi^t Karna, ( s, ear; prmce so ctdled, 


I, J so 

leaf of the lotus. 

&ziQj, Kamala, s. name of Lakshmi. 

)i)G3ii)5, Kamaldkara, s. lake where the lotus 

ssi^C^tss^, Kamaldsana, s. name of Brahma. 
53*5<53, Kainalini, . place abounding with lotus. 
^5503, Kama, s. woman. 

^i)D2), Kam'uru, s. forgiveness, pardon, remission. 
^c/3S^0o'3'i)j, Kaindtrenaicd, v. to forgive, to par- 
.S5'5)i3, Kumisa, .s. colour, see ssiCi'O^ kalmdsha. 
S)'^63C5, Kainisaya, s. shirt, pi. ^)a kainisa. 
^%&, Kainihi, s. delay, loitering, [_Colloq^. gs/Jijcs 

pratnddaya^ , 
iS)0, Kaya, s. body, see a)3cs kdya. 
^cseoQj, Kayasthd, see ^3cs>S3 kdyasthd. 
38 Sc8S35)3, Kayi-kiyanawd. r. to chant songs: 

pret. S5^ 6S8j kuyi-kiivivd. 
S535^3, Kayittdiva, s. unprofitable conversation, 

pi. SJiyfioeaj kayittd. 
S5<3<330C2^j Kayitdlania., s. cymbal. 
52dg, Kayippu^ s. astringent mixture chewed 

with betel; plant, Knoxia corymbosa, 
ssiSiS, Koyiyit, .s. kind of song or chant, sung by a 

band of labourers. 
S)S!3\cO(3c8, Kayiyeliya, s. cloth with coloUfed 

border worn by the natives. 

S3-sJ5f^c5, Karnnaya, j sovereign of Aiigadesa; 

plant, kind of swallow wort; another plant 

caseia jistiUa [Colloq. '^wt ehela]- 
^55<flcS'S)j(5, Karnadhdra, s. {ssi^ ear used here 

metaphorically for helm and Qd dhara to hold) 

pilot, helmsman. 
ssi^ 33<Q, Karna-ndda, s. {ssi<^ and eDJ<5 sound) 
^ disease of the ear. 
.sn-^lie), Karnamuda, s. one of the seven lakes 

in the Himalaya. 
5-3^3K!<5^c5, Karndbharanaya, s. ear-ring. 
^b<^^3, Karntkd, 'is. rock roee, cistus luba- 
2Si5<^^oQ, Karnt'kdwa, ) tus; pericarp of a lotus. 
'^S5, A'artari, \s. (^9<S3 krtta to cutl pair of 
S> ^?^, Kartrt, j scissors. 
S5^3 Kartri s. nominative case in grammar, cause 

or agent: avithor, editor. 

^^i), Kardama, s. mud, mire, clay. [Colloq. 

ssi^'^d, Karda-maja, s. (iSi^^ and d born) lotus. 

^sjSjss, Karpdsa, s, cotton. 

^sjSjso (Kj3^, Karpdsa-sdtaka, s. cotton cloth. 

ssi^^<^, Karpura, s, camphor. 

S3, Karma, Is. merit or demerit of actions 

^^, Kaiinma, ) performed in a previous state of 
existence, act, action, object of action; subject 
of action in grammar; moral duty, religious ac- 
tion or sacrifices to secure a future recompense. 

i2a^^0, Juirmalshamit, a. cotnpetent to act. 
^MiiS^a, Karmakshaya, s. (5 merit, ^cs cuu 
sumption) extinction of karma. 




)55, Karmal-ara, s. hired labourer, servant,; 
name of Yama, regent of the dead; slave. 

535, Karmakdra, s. hired servant; blacksmith. 

^9d, Karmaja, a. resulting from human actions, 
principally from those supposed to have been 
performed in a prior state of existence; s. kali- 
yuga, the fourth or present age of the Hindus; 
age of sin. 

ffl)^ 6(3, Karma-phala, s. pain or pleasure con- 
sidered as the fruit of human actions in a pre- 
vious state of existence. 

a> 83 S5M08, Kai'ma-wdhjaya, s. religious discourse, 

formula prescribed for ecclesiastical proceedings 

among the priests of Buddha in ordination, 

deposition, acts of discipline, &c., rubric. 

5 9c335co, Karma-vipdkaya, see sjS 6c lorvm 

S)^ (9(3, Karma-sila, a. assiduous, laborious; i. 
one who perseveres in his duty without looking 
forward to its reward. 

as5eiS3 2S3, Karmasthdna, s. instruction necessary 
to 1)6 received prior to the student entering upon 
abstract meditation for the subjugation of the 

5i55<5. Karmdkdra, see )S5)c5 karmakdra. 

53S303, Kartmnta, s. (5S and Cf 2oe3 anta end) 
tilled or cultivated land; trade, calling, work. 

/S>3d, Karmdra, s. brazier. 

435^3(5 g<5, Karmdra-putra, s. people of the brazier 

^5, Karsha, s. weight of gold or silver; karsha is 
equal to KJ mashas or about "280 grains troy; 
ploughing, husbandry, 

&^-^, Karshana, s. ploughing, attracting. 

SS)<5, Kwa, s. hand, arm; neck; shoulder; palm of 
the hand; one of the dances wliich people per- 
form in religious observances; one of the eight 
castes in dancing; ray of light, sun or moon 
beam; toll, tax, impost; elephant's trunk; 
thorny shrub, mnthium parv(flnrum (Ruhutcefe). 

^;5S)a393, Karo-ambanaird, r. to geld, the act of 
crushing the testicles of young bullocks between 
two pieces of to produce the effects of 

555(5 ^5^S^i^c5, Karahicfh'fia, .<?. conical shaped wick- 
er basket, used principally for catching fish in 
rivers &c., of no great depth: it is of a portable 
size and open at top and bottom. 

iSi6 5g'5, Kara-katura, s. razor. 

)<5 5<;5, Kara-kantaka, s. (si6 hand, 3<;<a5 
thorn) finger nail. 

Si6&i^, Karakam, 8. act of shaving the head or 

!5i6 ?s>6 '^Q'i, Karakaranawd, i\ to roast too much. 

455'53^-S33, Karakawanawd, v. to turn round as 
a wheel: pret. S5^>t99i karakewwd. 

3(5s>3(5 S)a393, Karakdra handinaivd, r. to 

S3(5.2S)3(5 Qt^i), Karakdra hendima, s. {ssi''^ handi 
(5)^6 same, Qi^S tying) marriage. 

5<59>s>icco, Karakolaya, s. raw talipot leaf for 

555(5 5)i(^0) Karakevtlla, s. dizziness in the head, 
giddiness; turning, revolution. 

555<5s5xS0393, Karakewenaicd, r. tD go round as 
a wheel, to turn, to revolve: pret. )(53i33 

S5c5<92S), Karagraha, s. (ssi hand, cgsj taking) 
marriage; one part of the ceremony being the 
placing the right hand of the bride, with the 
palm uppermost, in the right hand of the bride- 

0)(5(532s5, Karagan, s. name of Ganesa, Hindu god 
of wisdom. 

5<5is?c Karagala, s. hone, whetstone, pi. a><5w(^ 

3S)6'S^(si, Karage, s. hair-cutter's .shop, place where 
the hair of a person is cut who is to become 
a Buddhist priest. 

20i5(53iS9, Karagcte, s. hard excrescence or indu- 
ration of the palm of the hand caused by over- 
work or unusual work. 

)<5<55i<s^l), Karagrnum, .. marriage. 

S5(5^9(^ 5<5<5^93, Karachchal-karanau'd, v. to 

^ tease, to plague, to vex. 

3<5c5, Kara fit/a, .. neck; part of a tree above the 
stem from which the branches grow. 

a5<5s^9, Karanduwa, s. small box or casket of 
any kind. 

^6^, Karana, v. body; organ of sense: instru- 
ment or means of action; cause, motive; act, ac- 
tion; business; occupation, trade; copulation; 
plastering anything with the hand; field, foot 
mark; newness. 

5(5<sSC'5^5j3 9^(53 'S^, Karafiakofagena, s. prep, by, 
for, on account of, through. 

555(5<S;, Karanama, s. summerset; kind of dance 
performed by giving the body a rotatory motion, 
pi. S5d-<sei) karanam. 




^^3, Karanawd, v. to do, to act, to make, to 

perform: pret. i kald. 
)<5<^, Karam, a. proper, right, fit. 
ssi6.^, Karanu, s. doing. Imp. let it be dohe. 
)'5<!S-ic53, Karanemiyd, s. barber. 
O(5c5'^03, Karatte, s. any kind of wheeled carriage. 
>(563(;, Karatala, s. palm of the hand. 
^Si6fSi^9>(*, Karatdle, s. act of beating time to mii- 

sic by clapping the hands; musical instrument. 
md^d, Karadara, a. teasing, plaguing; s. trouble?. 
35i6^tsi, Karadin. s. nails on the fingers &c. 
)(5^ca, Karadiija. s. sea water, salt water. 
)tfg, Karadu, s. plant, dracontium. 
OSid^, Karanda, s. plant, gaUdupa arhorea. 
5d33i9x^oe3, Karanewemiyd, s. barber. 
tSi6^otsif Karappan, . cutaneous disease. 
4dc}Scs, Karapatiya, .?. collar, neckband of any 

)(5 O^, Kara-patra, s. saw; splashing the water 

about when bathing. 
>5o3, Karapata, s. saw. 
>5c3(^, Kara-pala, s. root of the lotus. 
)5c33(5, Karapdla, s. sword, scymitar. 
o5c33(3i, Karapdh'kd, .. cudgel, wooden sword. 
a)588, Karapincha, .<?. aromatic plant the leaves 

of which are used ia making curry, murraya 

Koenigii (Rutaceae). 
a<5g9, Karaputa, 8. ()5 hand, g3 cavity) hands 

joined as if to receive water. 
aa(5(S^c3e3, Karapeta, s. palm of the hand. 
(5sc3S^, Karapena, s. f(iam or froth of salt water. 
aodS, Karab, see ><5}'3'C?>f)j5 karakgediya . 
)<5S, Karaha, see )c55o Karahha. 
>5Q, Kara-batu, s. sort of night-shade, soJaniiw 

C55dS)5(55-^ <5S^25?93, Karahdgona innaird, r. to bo 

silent, to liang down the head. 
odS))^^, Karabdna, a. silent, sitting in silence 

with the head hanging down; neck-rope. 
5sS0, Kara-btma, s. unfruitful ground. 
5(5'5\S)f)cs, Karabembiyn, see S3(5S8 karapincha. 
^6(i, Karahha, s. young camel or elepliant; youn;.' 

of any animal; metacarpus; hand from the wri-t 

to the root of the finsrers. 
SSi6, Karamba, s. tree, of which there are two 

species Sw )(5 maha-karamba, cari'sm caran- 

das; cQ'id" 5<5S) htn-karamba, carissa spinarinn 


a) 5^, Karamarda, *) 

^62^^^, Karamardaka, | see the preceding word. 

'Si69iQ, Karamala, s. crest of a cock; gills of a 

^ fish, pi. >5'2)(^ karamal. 

iodgsOT, Karamukta, s. missile weapon to be 

thrown by the hand, dart, javelin. 
5D<5^', Kara?nwra, a. sharp, as a razor. 

ssida^, Karaya, .s razor. 


ss^6Sjss, Kararrm,s, (as5(5 strong, dJ^ssray) the sun. 

^^d'^^^) Karal iringn, s. plant, holcus sorghum. 

asi^c^ 03<s^, Kara! tana, s. common meadow grass. 

3>c5(^ 03(33, Karal tald, s. plant, ocymum polys- 

35d^!S-i'3\S)J, KarahehS, s. plant, achyranthes as- 

3)<5(5. Karala, s. ear of corn; pod or seed of any 

kind; plant, paspalum kora; pi. SS)6(^ karal. 
^(5(^, Karalabn, n. species of gourd. 
35(59, Karan', s. plant, phyllanfhus indicus (Eu- 

3S(59s3(33, Karau'tald, s. species of basil. 
3)(599iS5, Karawafamdna, .<?. plant, anthistiria 

Cymbaria (GraminecB). 
iSi6Q'sS, Karawan, s. saw. 
)d9e, Karawala, s. dried fish. 
535(59(3 ^S!^'5^(^(3, Karawala-kebella, s. small tree, 

Antidesma Bunius, variety A. Tioaitesianum, 

255(59(33, Karawald, s. kind of small venomous 

snake, Bungarus Ceylonicus or B. coeruleus^ 

355<5-33(5 3, Karavikdrayd. s. horse soldier. 
S5f5?co, Karariya, s. coat of mail. 
255C5S<5, Karainra, 1 see 5t53<5 kararira and 
55c5(5), Karaviraka, f 5(53(55 karaviraka. 
255(53, Karari, s. leif of the assafoetida plant. 
25353iS5, Kararika, s. kokila or Indian cuckoo. 
3553(5, Kararira, Is. fragrant plant, nerium 
255(53(5255, Karan/'raka, ) odorum; sword. 
255(5 J^9 3^9), Karawenavd, v. to dry to excess, to 

be scorched. 
2S5(59z(^ .3^255J2S5J, Karawcl-kokd , s. purple heron, 

ardea purjtureu; black bittern, ardeirella jlari- 

coUis (^order Herodiones); pi. 535(59 i(^3^'2553}-a5 

:si6<Sitai:>, Karamkhd, s. (255 5 hand, C553 5)3 branch) 

S5!5es3, Karasd, s. finger. 

asJ093 109 


5(5:6T3, Karasdkn, see 5 5<53iQ9 karasdkhd. 

5c53\w3, Karaho, f 

d&, Karalv, a. hard; . new cloth. 

S5(^, A'arrf, ar/. near, proximate; 8. sun; taxes; 

articles subject to taxation. 
SSi<^ g33, Kard-laputd, s. kind of crow. 
>^SX5D, Kardnta, s. {Gi6 lara hand, tfesXD Ofn<o 
end) end of the fingers or hand. 
ffiJCSiSl, Kardhn,. clov^etree, Crn//nph//Ilus aromati- 

cus: arabic, Kerunpul. 
^9, Kardiva, s. a caste so called. 
55, Kari, s. elephant. 
89(^, Karh'ila, s. creeping plant, the fruit of 

which is used in making curry, momordica 

charantia ( CucurhitaceoB ) . 
/)3, Kari, see ssS hari. 
)Sa5, Kari'ndra, s. chief of the elephants. 
/^oSss, Karisha, s. dry cow dung. 

rungd, ) 

,. dried areca nut. 

SJ-^i^gcJlcsjieoeo, Karuhurugdnawd, r. to scratch as 
a rat ; to incise as a person writing on olas. 

> 5^(53025283, Karugdnawd , v. (c?(5l9 larmra har- 
row, (5532s?9j to rub) to harrow. 

saS,^, Karuna, s. goods, things, effects; event, 
reason, cause, circumstance, pi. ss^c^iS^ karunui 
see tSio6-:^ l-drand. 

iSiS.^, Karund, Is. mercy, tenderness, com- 

ssiSi<^Q, Karundwa, (passion: feeling or senti- 

a>(5i^9^5>s?, Karundicanta, a. merciful, kind, 

5<5l2;c5, Karumaya, s. merit or demerit of actions, 
performed in a previous state of existence : com- 
monly used as signifying fate, misfortune, see 
s> lav ma. 

5Jl)3 333305, Karum'intai/ci. .*. labour, work, occu- 
]iation, employment, see .85) 33353 karmdnta. 

iSi-Sc), Karuirn, s. mould, matrix: share: half: 
quarter; prop, support, harrow. 

^'SiQi, Kariiwd, .s. artificer. 

i5)^c5-s^, Karenu, s. female elephant. 

tSi^<^'si, Karon. ,. plant, Tnnrne/ortui argentca 

S5rJ, Kal, a. beautiful, pleasant to the sight: 
plural of -25(3 kala time: .*. goodness; husband: 
owner: woman. 

3CJ, Kalka, s. levigated powder. 


5C05, Kalkaya, s. sediment, any unctuous sub- 
stance; dirt, filth, ordure, wax of the ear; collec- 
tion of medicinal drugs, pi. )cs> kalka. 

iSit^ss^d^Qo, Kalkaranau'd, v. to live, to pass time. 

5(^c8co, Kalgiija, a. old, ancient; postponed. 

4i5>(^g, Kalduma, s. tree, myrobalans. 

85>(^f3^^<5D, Kaldc'rama, f>. caldron, 

)(33, Kalpa, s. in the mythology of the Hindus a 
kalpa comprehends a day and night of Brahma 
equal to a period of 482,000,000 years of men, 
measuring the duration of the world, and as 
many, the interval of its annihilation. It means 
also one of six Vedanga=, or sacred works of the 
Brahmins, namelv the one which contains the 
description of religious -rites. A resolve, a pur- 
pose or act of determination. 

cy3Sv^' Kalpadruma, s. (iQp purpose, g^S 
tree) one of the fabulous trees of Indra's heaven ; 
a tree which yields whatever may be desired. 

(y3S3), Kalpandwa, s. thought, reflection, con- 
sideration, opinion, pi. )(^2533 kaJpartd, 

ssirysa, Kalpaya, see &cp kalpa. 

S)i^:j<535, Kalpalatd, see ffijgp^^ kalpadruma. 

j(53i33S3, Kal/xinta. s. (CC3 kalpa period, pa3S3 j 
anta end) end of the Kalpa or the four ages of 
its existence, iiamely the destruction of the 
world (commonly used to signify a long time) ; 
see ssi^p kalpa. 

aa.3P33S3 939, Kalpdnta warshdiva, s, (osieo 
and ) rain) according to native mythology 
the world is to be destroyed three times, the 
first by rain, 4KiC^3^i?en &3; second by wind, 
sSiiy^it >fys> QofSicz kaljxinta icdtaya; third by fire, 
45)Ci33K3 S)coi6ca kalpdnta wahntya. 

sa^'S)^, Kalbanda, s. woman. 

0S3(^i)^, Kalmasa, s. sin; kind of hell, division in 
the internal regions; a. dirty, foul. 

53r3i)3^, Kalmdsha, s. variegated cohmr, mixture 
of black and white; demon or goblin. 

5(^cs)''9i, Kalyawanawd, v. to pass away, to 

I pass the time, used also metaphorically for the 

/ mode or manner of life. 

C3(^(3, Kalla, a. deaf; healthy, recovered from 
sickness; triekish. cunning; s. person in health; 
mud, clay. 

555(^(3 15 9 )c), KaUikuttd. see ^(^^cc) kalliyd. 
^dS S^ssgct, Katli-keliya, s. sort of game; game 
with sticks. - '^ro^ip 




ei(^QcA\ KalUyn, s. sticks used in playing the 
aforementioned game. 

ts>QA, Kah/a, s. health, freedom from sickness; 
dexterity, cleverness, good fortune, prosperity, 
happiness, luck. 

iS)CtD<!f^, Kalyonn, f>. good fortune, happiness, 
prosperity; beantA', mark of beauty; odj. pros- 
perous fortunate, virtuous; happy, well, right. 

SiQ-cao^, /uili/f'iMa, .. see Sigogo?) kalifinga. 

O-^cdCf Knllola, .. surge, billow; joy, happi- 
ness, pleasure. 

45)<^8('5(5, Kahvahnre, s. seasonable rain. 

a>(^5)5, Kalhnrn, 1 s. white water lily, white lo- 

S5(^eo'<5, KaJhf'ira, ) tus. 

C Kala, s time, period; dancing girl; threshing 
floor; vinegar; good; kind of bird, Indian 
cuckoo; low or soft tone as chirping or buzzing; 
digit or one sixteenth of the moon's diameter; 
division of time equal to thirty kashhtas or 
about eight seconds; part or portion; menstrual 
discharge; bo:it: fraud, deceit: goodness; dex- 
terity; semen virile; Yamn, the regent of death; 
crab; woman; poison; mould, matrix. 

)(3^i Kalanka, s. sign, spot, mark; rust of iron; 

GiQ^ssi, KaJnndaha, .9. squirrel. 

>e5 2^. Kalahama, s. misfortune, unlucky event, 
pi. >v3>^ halakam. 

a>0>G. Kalakala, 8. confused noise of a crowd, 
tumult, loud murmuring. 

S5G98ca, Kalakiriya, s. death. 

353G93, Kalakiri, s. anger. 

a)(34S^'5<!^9o, Kalakirenmod, v. to put off a thing, 
to lay aside a work, to give up a pursuit; to be 
pained, to be discouraged, to be disheartened, to 
be disgusted: pret. >Gc95l<^ kalaUrund, 

2S>CS?C5 Kalakula, s. war, battle. 

-c3, Kalati, s. tree, Poh/althea suberosa (An- 
onaceae) ; a. unripe, half ripe. 

2DGSJ.5, Kalafit/a, s. plant, Pithecolohium gemina- 
tum, (Legum.) ; half ripe cocoa-nut. 

ssiQ^, Kalana, s. spot, stain, offence, fault, defect; 
a. good, fortunate. 

ssiQ^, Kalat, s. kind of small bean or gram. 

23>(^3Js52S39), Kalattanawd, v. to agitate, to stir 
about as water: pret. ts>x(^,n^ts^Q'i kelettuwd. 

G^> Kalatra, s. wife; hip, loins; royal citadel, 
strong hold or fastness. 

j(^C3253&), Knlatanaird, see ?(3e5fD2S383 kalatta- 

>(34g(5j., Kalaturu, Elu form of SiQt^ kalatra. 

ssiQq, Kalada, s. squirrel. 

ssiQt^s^, Kalado, s. silver. 

53J(3^, Kalanda, s. kind of jeweller's weight, 
twenty masha seeds or one twelfth of an ounce; 
squirrel, pi. esiQ-si kalan. 

ffi)C5>Q')S>, KaJadliauta, s. gold; silver. 

S5(3e^a5>, Kdlandaka, see c<^ kalada. 

S)C5^o-5, Kalan-padiya, s. weight equal to a 
>o^ kalanda which see. 

^QS^C,, Kalanda, s. small kind of fish, the smelt, 

ssi^^d, JKalap, s. multitude, assemblage, bundle, 

see )(=;3C3 kaldpa, sometimes written 0(*S) 

iSiQCi6f5i^'^Q'i, Kalaparandelld, s. bird called 
the Rufus Babbler, malaco-cercus rufescens 
f'order Passeres); also called <5^ iS^q^QBQi 
ratu-demalichchd, o6?s'iq(^ s^Si(^(y parandal 
kurulld, or o^c^dic^Q-i pandarelld. 

SJCi^Q, Kalapuwa, s. lake which communicates 
with the sea, salt water lake. 

aaCS <5St(^(3^>j)), Kalafmwa-karawelkokd, 
s. grey heron, ardea cinerea (Herodiones); also 
called <f?gc^?>353 indurukokd. 

S)C^Q, Kalaba, s. ()C black, ep aba cloud) 
rainy cloud. 

SJ^QinsJu^Q, Kalabegeni, a. confused, hurried. 

SJCjSiCTx^ -251 5-<s3S59), Kalabegeni-karanawd, v. to 
confuse, to confound. 

23)qS), Kalamha, s. young elephant; cluster, bunch, 
multitude; peacock's tail, an arrow; birds eye 
view, plant, the cadamba, nauclea cadamba, 

455 c 33 03, Kalambanawd, v. to stir, to agitate; to 
disturb; pret. S>ic9^J krlamhuwd. 

35(j*i)s\a, Kalampe, s. back cross plank of a door 
or of window shutters. 

>(3gDc Kalnmadala, .<?. threshing floor. 

C99j Kalamaduwa, s. tree, Ficus nervom 

)e3o5a5, Kalayitta, .. apparatus. 

-S5C^'^> Kalarawa, s. Indian cuckoo; dove, pigeon. 

ssiCd)^, K ilarcw)!, s. Elu form of the foregoing. 

^Qdi^Q.^, K(il((rricnlap, s, wood pecker. 

CC^i Kahi', a. dirt, mud; time immediately 
following conception prior to the foetus being- 




25>C<^ (55S)), Kalal-gaduwa, s. bubo. 

fioOC* J^<iM(fj womb, uterus, embryo. 

ooo, Kalawa, s. thigh, 

sSiQQisS, K((law(tn, a. mixed. 

^QQi^ssi5<ia?>"t, KalaivanLaraiiawd, v. to mix. 

453(303, Kalawa, plural of fiJ^S kalawa. 

^"5(3i), Kalavita, s. threshing floor, place where 
the paddy is trodden out of the ear by the bul- 

SiQQi4<^, Kalawcddd, s. wild cat, golden musang, 
(mungoose family) Paradoxurus zeylanicus. 

^C^tdi Kalawel, s. creeping plant, Derris Scan- 
dens (Legmmnoace). 

asQ, Kalasa, \ s. earthen water pot; it fre- 

ssiG^, Kalasa, S-quently means a water pot 

s>eM'C' Kalasdla, ) containing a quantity of the 
flowers of the cocoanut tree and placed before 
the door of a house on festival occasions. 

5C, Kalaha, g. tumult, quarrel; war, battle, 
strife, dissension; water pot; tree, Ficm infec- 

2))CW Kalahaea, .y. (asj^ black, eoea goose) goose 
with black feet and bill; swan. 

ssiQi, Kald, s. art, digit or one-sixteenth of the 
moon's diameter. 

&\-^^3^>, Kaldnge, s. bag or basket made of the 
leaf of the areca tree. 

5C39<^> Kaldtura, ad. perhaps, sometime or other, 
uncertain period. 

e^^'^SJ, Kaldturaldn, ad. at times, now and 

C^SC^j Kaldjiiluru. s. bulbous plant or grass 

used medicinally {cyperns rotundus), wax of the 

ear; sort of fly. 
>C3^, Kaldni, Elu form of the following word. 
)C3^Si Kaldnidhi. s. moon. 
>e30, Kaldpa, s, ornament in general; zone; 

string of bells worn by women round the waist; 

peacock's tail; assemblnge, multitude; quiver; 

moon; clever and intelligent man; volume, 

C'C> Kaldla, s. kind of carpet or mat. 
5C3<Sd' Kaldle, s. kind of mat, p). ^SJC'C kaldla. 
40(3j9, Kaldwa, s. influence which the moon is 

supposed to have on the human body, or any of 

its members, reckoned according to the moon's 

CHQj 'Sa^ Katd-siipa, S: aily inechanical art or 


SiQ, Kali, see a3(39gj kuliyuga. 

^Qssi'i, Kalikd, s. calix of flowers; unblown flower; 
base or bottom of a lute or Indian n'nd. 

253gg, Kalingu, s, country so called which em- 
braces a district on the Coromandel coast, ex- 
tending from below Cuttack to the vicinity of. 

S5(33^ -S3oq^6, Kalindar-nandani, .<. (^age^ and 
eie^^ daughter) the river Jumna, name which 
it bears in consequence of having its source in 
the mountain Kalinda. 

455(3g, Kalindu, s. name for Yama, regent of the 
dead; river Yamuna or Jumna. 

255(3g 56 S, Kalinda-himi, $. name of Vishnu. 

Sw<55) Kaliyuga, s. fourth age of the world; ac- 
cording to the Hindus it corresponds with the 
iron age or age of vice; the commencement of 
the Kaliyuga age is placed about 3101 years an- 
terior to the Christian era; the number of its 
years is -132,000 at the expiration of which the 
world is to be destroyed. 

ga>, Kalusha, s. sin; [Colloq. o3;:3c8 pdpuya.^ 
adj. turbid, foul, wicked. 

3'S*(^S)<5, Kale'bara, 1 s. body (chieily applied to a 

)3^(^<5, Kalewara, J dead body). 

S>f5^Q3iiQo6<^c^, Kaloswdianiya, s. plant, justicia 
gendurmsa ( Acanthaceae ) . 

j9, Kaw, s. poem. 

, Kawa, 8. circle, a. circular. 

)S39, Kawttktttuwa, s. pair of compasses. 

38<5DB)33, Kawagahanawd, s. to describe a 

>9, Kawacha, .. armour; mail; drum used in 
battle, kettle-drum; amulet, charm. 

5)S0og, Kawachaputra, s. (cStSe) and og leaf) 
pieces of the bark of the tree called bhurjapatra, 
inscribed with mystical verses and worn as 
charms and amulets. 

iSiQzi!Si%ss)6<&Qy, Kawatakamkaranaivd, v. to 

)9S3, Kawatakama, s. jest, ridicule, banter. 
2S)8ca3, Kawatayd, s, jocose person, wag. 
a>Scc3, Kawadiyd, s. small shell commonly called 

cowri, and used in Bengal as money. 
)^, Kawada, s. armour. 
^Qg,^, Kuumddda, ad, on what day, when. 
aSvjSaJ, Kawuddwat, ad. ever, at any time. 
)^, Kawanda, s. headless trunk. 
):fqi, Kawandan, s, yoke of a bullock. 
. 1 




a-38aS), Kawundha, s. headless trunk. 

&->0363, Kaa-anawd, v. to feed, to cause to eat: 
pret. 4iaij83 keicim. \ 

^jiS'jQos, Kaicaniya, s. muslin. 

^EtQcc, Kaivaya, s, circle. 

)<$, Kawara, s. braid or fillet of hair; plant, 
mimosa octandru, leaf of the assafoetida tree; 
ad. which? when? Avhat? 

3C Kaivala, s. mouthful; kind of tish, lacerta 

tS)QQsSssi6<^Q^, Ivaivalankarancuvd, v. to mix. 
see ^oQcdsx^'SSoSj kalaicankaranawd. 

&)'iQ,^, Kaicalama, s. intermixture, pi. 5Q,d 

)e;3ofc5, Kau'dtaya, s. opening in a house for the 
purpose of letting in light, etc., air hole, \vindo^^. 

a^eJad, Kawdla, s. kind of grass., Setaria glama, 

i&'j, Kavt, s. poetry, song, etc.; covetousness ; the 
planet Venus; also Sukra, the regent of thai 
planet and preceptor of the demons; learned or 
wise person. 

&)^&', Kavika, s, bit of a bridle. 

^)Si36(^'), Kavikdrayd, s. poet, writer of songs, 
ballads, etc. 

a)idS3, Kadjana, s. learned man, wise man. 

siSqe:), Kavidana, s. (caiS poem, ^^ea man) poet. 

555?Jcs, Kaviya, *, poem, song, verse; pi. 4^6 kavi. 

Si^&6, Kaohvara, s. {s>6 and QC) best, most ex- 
cellent) head or chief of the poets. 

Si^9)i, Kaivudd, *. crow; see >-^^)j kaicudmvd. 

Si^'^ssif^d, Kawudiokckiri, s. plant, bryonia um- 

^sggo^'SsJsSftja, KaivudupanikkiydiS. (^ crow, 
oi^J^coJ master) small bird remarkable for its 
enmity to the crow; see ?g^3 kamidmcd . 

3ggi^^J, Kawitdubo, s. tree, Ammotina. 

>^^0D, Kawuduivd, s. crow; Ceylonese white 
bellied drongo, buchunga leucojrygialts, also 
called SJ^Qc^esJ 6)0:3, kawudujyamkktyd; Cey- 
lonese crested drongo, dissemuriis lophorinm, 
also called ^TjggScea kajmtubayd ; {order Pas- 

5^, Kmvuda, pron. who? 

)|^cJi^, Katvurun^ the plural of &^^ kawiida, 

a5gfi^^(5, Kaimladora, s. window frame or place. 

^5:^63, Kaivtduioa, s. window, pi. )d kuindn.. 

) yh'b, liaae'lto, s. plant, see <:. 3 5>5J^ kdkoH. 

,$^S^2?^ KaiL'Oshna, . ^^sliglit warmth; 

^C53<5 d<a53i), Kasmh-a-janma, s. saffron. 

53S3), Kasd, s. whip. 

SiiS^asd:^, Kaseru, s. back bone; jjlant, (iponogcton 

'Si^, Kashta, s. bodily pain or uneashiess. 
4K)!3, Kasha, s. touch stone. 
^5S3cs, KasMyn, s. astringent taste or flavour; 

anointing; perfuming a person; plant, bignonia 

indica; medical decoction. 

3e^, Kas, s. whip; kind of itch or cutaneous erup- 

(ia)C) K^astala, s. bell; any piece of metal struck 

with sticks; thickness. 
3eda?js^2s5, Kastdne, s. kind of sabre, worn by 

native headmen, pi. &itiG>:)i^kastdna. 

eac^-sacs^, Kasturya, \ o. . , 

1 7' . J-^se ^^d kasturi. 

ajes^^o, Kasturi, J ^ 

Gid^^ S^^efei, Kasturi-dehi, s. species of lime, limo- 

nia trifoliata. 

3e^2g(Sg93, Kasturi-muu-d. s. civet cat. 

)S9Jg, Kasturi, s. musk. 

^55C(5^/(3, Kasmala, s. fainting, syncope. 

^se, Kasya, \ , . 

, "^ Ks. s,QQ ss^'iop^Tbe kansyan. 
4Kes3S53, Kasyan, J 

S)32, Kasa, s. touch stone; cocoanut; Avhip. 

5Sisia53, Kasagaha, s. tree, casuarina equisttt/olia. 

S5sg), Kasata, a. astringent, acrid, harsh. 

^5335c)3c, Kasutagasa, s. saffron tree. 

^553s3axC5, Kasatpeya, s. yellow, safEron colour. 

S)a3<>;3, Kasanaivd, v. to itch, to scratch: pret. 

)tgS3 kesuwd. 
353S23d, Kasajxlra, s. stroke or lash of tlio whip.' 
5S5ggc5'K3S3, Kasaptipurawanaicd, v. to crack or 

smack a whip. 
)so:3i^, Kasapen, s. young, unripe cocoanuts, 

such as are taken to drink the milk, [Colloq. 

gcJiSS)j kurumbd.j 
5S0(3c3, Kasambiliya, see ffiJOD^gcc kakambiliya. 
ss^r-Q, Kasala, s. excrement, dung, foeces 
S5ecc55, Kasalamaga, s. anus. 
a509, Kasaic, s. gold lace, gold fruige. 
58', Kasd, s. turmeric, saffron, see ffi)2o kaha; 

shrub, ixora coccinea; [Colloquial: dcoS)Q3 

555e33^)333:', Kasdkkupdna, see ^tsi tfa^&tiSOia 

kaha-akkapdna . 
^i.3ijS)33C)3, Kasddahnjdinaud, t\ to marrVi 
-J5^e8i<^ca, Kaeddaya, -s. marriage. 
^jK3>U5, Kasdyn, s, decoction, see ^rsiio* kashdys. 




>5e3co, Kasdyavuastra, s. yellow robe of the 

Buddhist priest. 
5S3, Kasina, a. all, whole, entire. 
ffijS <5Q, Kasi-rata, s. Benares. 
iS)^e^S3^, Kasistana, s. kind of grass. 
)Qe5c:f, Kasisan, s. pewter. 
S)gJ, ZasMTi, s. gold, [CoUoq. <5s5(5:J m<ra.] 
^g93, Kasuhuioci, s. tortoise. 
S)(5\eJ, Kase, s. whip, cat of nine tails, 
ffijsj, TTaAa, s. saffron, turmeric, curcuma longa 
(Scitaminece); small tree, the anotta, Bixa 
orellana (Bixinece): see 3S33 l-am. 
5K) fp^sJ^soo^, Kaha-akkapdna, s. small plant, 
bryophyllum calycinum; see ?p;?)c33: akkapdna. 
M53 ^(55(^eiDi^ Stc. Kaha-agamulneti tvela, s. 

creeping plant, cuscuta reflexa. 
^55S3 fp3!SSc3, KaTio^andanaUriya, s. plant, cro- 

tularia retusa (Legura.) 
i55SJ gs^3CJl, Kaha-indtnnaru, s. hooded milfoil 

w<?Vc /arz a bifida . 
S5 C'S3(3, Kaha-unali, s. bamboo cane, bambma 

83553 55593383, Kaha-kattdwd, s. sea fish. 
555835359, Kahakada, see 55533(539 kahagada. 
.55JS3 .S5<5C3, Kaha-karawald, s. snake. 
555S3 555gfi555<5(^ (^, Kuha-kukulukaral mal, s. 

cock's comb, celosia cristata. 
/3K3 5g<5l(^G3> Kaha-kuruUd, s. bird called black 
headed oriole, oriolus melanocephalus; black 
headed bulbul, rubtgiUa melanictera, (order 
Passer es) . 
5S5S3 5> 5333(5 (3c53, Kaha-koraliyd, s. kind of river fish. 
555B3!3^5^(3^e3g, Kahakoloudu, s. tree, chrysanthe- 
mum indicum. 
5S5S3 5S3xe Kaha-kela, s. tree, Diospyros Toposia 

555ts3(53a, Kahagada, s. tender husk of the cocoanut. 
533B3 (53E58ed, Kaha-gasmms, s. pepper plant, cas- 

picum frutescens. 
555S3 (3^c533e3(SN5533(3, Kaha-gonakola, s. creeping plant 

Adenosma camphoratum ( Scrophulariacece). 
555253 5i<5cfl3, Kaha-gerandiyd, s. snake. 
555K)3, Kahata, a. bitter, acrid, astringent; s. tree, 

Patana oak, Careya arborea (Myrtacew). 
5S5S39 o!35Scs3, Kahata-paratiya, s. kind of fish. 
55353 tSiK^'^iSi'iQ,' Kaha-telkola, s. plant, Ipomoea 

chryseides, (Convolvulacece). 
5S553383, Kahanaivd, v. to scratch: pret. 553i.g3 
kehuicd, see 555ee3S3 kasanawd. 

553253 3 5, Kahapan, see 55553c3i5 kasapen. 

ssitsi 2330, Kaha-pdta, s. yellow colour, saffron 

553W <5to3:J, Kaha-petan, s. shrub, Bauhinia to- 

mentosa (Leguminosce). 
esitsi (S^os^^DC Kaha-penela, s. tree, Sapindus lau- 

ri/olius, (Sapindacece.) 
555 03 S)aJ, Kaha-bat, s. (5535) yellow, J boiled 
rice) rice boiled with a small quantity of tur- 
^S5S(3(a3, Kahambiliyd, s. nettle, see(f553eo(g(a3 
wal-kahambiliyd and (53d?555e3S(3(3 gas-kaham- 
55355 (^<35, Kaha-magurd, s. kind of fish. 
5S553i)(5^i^, Kahamade, s. yolk of an egg. 
53553 3 8c3, Kaha-mdptld, s. snake, dipsas Forsenii 

55353 %8d, Kaha-miris. s. saffron and chilly. 
'^255538el(53e> Kahamirisgaltt, 8. turmeric stone; 

grinding stone. 
'555(5i''2so, Kaharamna, s. sort of paddy. 
55553(3S^(533Q, Kahalagoda, s. dung-hill. 
^53C3c8c8 Kahalamdrgaya, s. anus. 
55353(3, Kahali, s. cheating at play, fraud in gambl- 
5S3539<s:^8, Kahawanuwa, s. gerandi, kind of rat 
snake ; weight for weighing gold or silver, equal 
to about 280 grains troy. 
5S353, Kahala, 8. dung, see 53563(3 kasala. 
523582083, Kahinawd, v. to cough: pret. 555id?e33 

555, Kala, part. done. 
553<5-<s^, Kalaguna, s. (555 done, og<^ virtue) 

553(S(5<sS <^5d'33, Kalaguna-dannd, s. (^Qc^-^ 

and ^:J'2533 who knows) grateful man. 
S3(3\(33co, Kalagedii/a, s. water-pot. 
a532533, Kalamand, a. proper, fit, suitable, (ap- 
plied only to actions) s. pi. proper actions. 
553(S(i5, Kalaya, s. waterpot. 

553^, Kalu, s. name of Vishnu; a. pleasing, agree- 
able; black, blue, etc. 
55316 fpcS(^, Kalu-agil, s. tree, aqvilaria agallochum. 
^Si<b ^S32D<25D. Kalv^attanu, s. species of the thorn 

apple , datura fastuosa . 
5S3d f)(5oe533, Kalu-dlangd, s. plant, ipomaea bana- 

553i(^S5cs38, Kalu-ingiriydwa, 8. pupil of the ej^e. 
as36 (5 5^(53^1, Kalu-ukgas, s. species of the sugar 





d (^^, Kalu-una, s. common bamboo, Bamhusa 

& ;^3, Kalu-ordwd^ s. brown surgeon fish, 

Acanthurus maloides. 
S)b {Si^, Kalu'kauda, s. tree, emhryapteris glutini- 

Sii> 5^C> Kalu-handala, s. plant, arum colocast'a. 
555d ag5^5cc, Kalu-ladumheriya, 8. tree, dios- 

pyros oocarpa ( Ebenncece ) . 
"(Siii ssits5t5^%8zsi, Kalu-hanmeriya, s. plant, species 

of night shade, solanum nigrum. 
45>6 5<5S(33, Kalu-Jcarmvald, s. kind of snake. 
ssiS> QSiS, Kalu-Jcihiri, s, tree, species of santalum. 
>d^5D, Kaluhumd, s. turkey fowl. 
s>ib gg, Kalvr-huhumbi, s. small black ant. 
ss>i) *es)3iS53, Kalu-kokd, s. black bittern; see ^6 

Qi(^ S^533 harawel-hohd. 
ssi& <s^<!S)3(5fi, Kalu-hollu, 8. sort of gram, glycine 

)d x(5, Kalu-hera, s. plant, gomothalamus 

thwaitesii ( Anonacecy, ) . 
5d(55C, Kalugala, s, common black granite, pi. 

S)dc55(^ kalugal. 
sob (Sid^8t?, Kalu-gasmiris, s. plant, capricum 

255 d QOid^cso, Kaliir-gerandiyd, s. black rat snake. 
56 3Ct Kalu-tala, see 3C^ *<^^^' 
ffijd 53c;3, Kalio-tald, s. tree, nyctanthes arbor 


5d ^@5, Kalu-timbiri, s. (jsfi black, and ^S) 
tree, diospyros melanoccylon. 

56 ^S, Kalu-tumba, see -sg tumba, 

5)d ijSCj Kalu-dambala, s. negro kidney bean. 

3d <:jS'9>(^?3, Kalu-dandidend, s. black hill- 
squirrel, Sciurus Tennentii. 

!Sibt^<Si, Kaluduru, s. (es)b black, gc5i cummin) 
black cummin seed, nigella indica. 

iS)d<tt3, Kaludewd, s. ass. 

)d25:J, Kalun, s. women. 

iSib 5O05), Kalu-nayd, s. black cobra. 

i3fi jflffij, Kalu-nika, s. tree, sort of vitex. 

sob s>03(^(33S3, Kalu-pollichchd, s. black robin, 
thamnobia fulicata, (order Passeres.) 

is>b s^oDQSKiD, Kalu-polangd, s. black viper. 

^6 sdc* Kalw-badulla, s. species of the mark- 
ing nut plant, semecarpus obovatum. 

5idS)^2o83, Kalumadtnawd, v. to blacken the letters 
written on olas: pret. iS)bi4^ halumeddd. 

Sib Sge^, Kalu-masun, s. kind of black fish. 

G>b 9a, Kalu-mimd, s. black buffalo, Bubalus 

ssib 9oB3. Kalvr-miyd, s. black rat. Mm rattus. 

tSib 03, Kalu-muwd, s. (tab black, 03 deer, 

or mouth) dark kind of deer; monkey. 
5di^Sc5, Kalumediriya, s. tree, diospyros op- 

positifolia (Ebenacece); commonly called cala- 

mander wood. 
iSib6fSi, Kalu-rata,'\s. (5d black, <5s3 red) 
tSib d-sg, Kalu-ratu, } mixture of black and red, 

ssib 0553S@c83, Kalu-rdjdliyd, 8. black kite eagle, 

neopus malayensis, (order Accipitres.) 
Sib dcg, Kalu-rdbu, s. black radish. 
SibSza, Kaluriya, 8. death, [Colloquial: S(5-<!Soc6 

maranayti] . 
S)b8casid-<^Qo, Kaluriyaharanawd, v. to die. 
tSib Q^, Kalu-lunu, 8. kind of black salt used in 

the preparation of medicine. 
SibQQ, Kaluwata, 8. kind of radish, rapkanm 

Sib 0g!^, Kalu-wandurd, s. black monkey, Ceylon 

laugur, semnopithicus cephaloptertis. 
SibQ6, Kaluwara, s. ebony; a. dark. 
SibQd s><5S>e3Jo5, Kaluwara-depoya, 8. two dark 

quarters of the moon. 
ssib (^Qowe, Kalvr-walgahala, s. plant. 
^55^ gQiSca, Kalu-wawuletiya, s. bonduc or 

nicker tree, guHandina bonduc. 
SibQ^, Kaluwd, ")s. tuberous plant, kind of 
SibQ'iQ,, Kaluivdla, J turmeric; alpinia galanga 

(Scitamineoe) great galangal : medicinal root. 
Sib^Qb, Kaluwelu, s. venom, poison. 
Sib QiQs'Syib, Kalu-iveiakolu, 8. plant, momordica 

Sib id^ce, Kalunweraniya, s. plant, justicia gen- 

SibQx(i, Kaluwel, 8. odoriferous creeper. 
Sib 5oS)<5c Kalu-habarala, 8. species of the wake 

robin; bulbous plant with very broad leaves. 
Sib eoQdgos, Kalvr-habaraliya, s. tree, maba buxi- 

folia (Ebenacece). 
j6c5J<5, Kaluhara, see SibQd kaluwara, 
SibSeiQQtoo, Kaluhis walasd, s. (Sib black, Sto 

hisu head, qi33 bear) hyena. 
)(?(^, Kale, s. water pot, pi. 5S kala. 
Sio, Kd, pron. who; s. heaven; head; body; crow; 
^ vessel, water. 
Si'io&a, Kdnsiya, s. lonesomeness, tedium. 




)3oSs^^o8a, Kdnstwenawd, v. to become sorrow- 
ful, to be distressed. 

>3oe3, Kdnsya, s. goblet, drinking vessel. 

)3oeQJSo, Kdnsyan, s. white copper, queen's metal; 
any amalgam of ^inc and copper; sort of musical 
instrument or gong made of bell metal and struck 
with a stick. 

535)3, Kdkkd, s, black crow, corone macrorhynea 
f'order Passeres); also called otdSot 53esJ>3 

535, Kdka, s. crow, see 03JS3 kdkkd; cripple; 
measure; heaven; head; body; plant, ardisia 

3350gf3, Kdkagunjd, s. kind of plant, species of 
the t^dj which see. 

53)d, Kdkajambu, s. plant, ardisia solanacea. 

53>-?5^S53, Kdkatujidikd, see c^d gwija. 

>3a503B, Kdkapaksha, s. locks left at the tonsure. 

S53C504eS, Kdkapaksht, s. crow. 

)35g), Kdkajpuihta, s. ()3) crow, gaO nour- 
ished) Indian cuckoo, name which it has in 
consequence of leaving its eggs in the nests of 
crowa or other birds, as the same bird in Eng- 
land, for the purpose of being hatched and the 

^ young ones brought up by them, 

aJ3ffi)ee(5, Kdkaswara, s. (^as^a crow, esDd voice) 
hoarse or harsh voice. 

3i38, Kdkdri, . owl. 

53)3C> Kdkdla, s. raven. 

53<9, Kdki, s. female crow. 

}35, Kdku, s. change of the voice in fear, grief, 

33S^;JsJ^C5 Kdkotphala, s. kind of lotus. 

53(s>33<5(5, Kdkodara, s. snake. 

53(3^53C> Kdkola, s, raven; snake; boar. 

a:3(3*)j(3, Kdkoli, s. plant from which is produced 
a poisonous drug. 

53S^QO, Kdge, pron. whose. 

fi53Sca, Kdchaya, s. disease of the eyes, affection of 
the optic nerve or gutta serena; kind of siliceous 
clay or earth from which glass is made. 

a)3.23, Kdnchana, s. gold; turmeric; name of 
several plants and trees which they bear in con- 
sequence of the yellow colour of their flower as 
the champacB, etc.; a. golden. 

4533, Kdiichi, s. woman's girdle; one of the seven 
sacred cities of the Hindus: name of a plant, 
ubrus pHcaioriuSt 

/i5533. Kdnchika, s. soui* gtuel, see >3S kadi. 

s. loud-stone. 

>38, Kdtuwa, s. chaff. 

?Si'3Gii^?^^(,'i, Kddakkudayd,'\8. vagabond: ad- 
)3e)cs3, Kddayd, J venturer. 

33, Kadi, Is. vinegar; toddy or boiled 
3S cfl, Kddidiya, J rice water in a state of spon- 
taneous fermentation, used in the preparation of 

)3<s^, Kdnda, s. arrow; part, portion; chapter, 

section; stalk or stem, the part of the trunk of 

a tree whence the branches proceed; cluster; 

opportunity, season; watr; kind of sugar cane, 

saccharum sara; implement. 
53<!^S)3^, Kdndakdra, s. betel nut, fruit of the 

areca tree. 
53J, Kdt, s. any one, some one. 
536J3tS, Kdtneti, a. (45510J and 3t^ without) 

solitary, friendless, destitute. 
53S3)ca3, Kdtydyana, s. name of a sage and 

>3^^, Kddeti, s. pin or nail driven into the wall 

to suspend any thing upon. 
53XD, Kdnta, a. pleasing, agreeable, beautiful. 
533e?c53C Kdntagala, "I 

533C3S33ee3?, Kdutapdsdna, J 
/a>3S53, Kdntd, s. wife, mistress, any beloved 

>3M33<5, Kdntdra, s. bad or difficult road: wood 

or f(^)rest; wilderness, desert; hole or cavity. 
as)33ff)o0, Kdntdiva, s. woman: [CoUoq. es^ strij 
)3dScs, Kdntiya, s. beauty, splendor, light; lustre, 

effulgence; wish, desire. 
53e5X03 Kdntah, s. moon; name of Krishna; iron; 

gem; husband. 
^35<rjo, Kdndan, 
<S)3s^<Qo<K)(3, Kdndanga 
532s:Je3), Kdnsdiva, s. sorrow, grief, distress of 

Sio^Qa, Kdnsiya, s. melancholy or depression of 

spirits occasioned by being in solitude, lonesome- 

320, Kdna, s. crow; a. one eyed, monoculous. 
)3-53e^, Kdnana, s. forest, grove. 
C53-Q9, Kdnuwa. s. drain. (Portuguese.) 
403 ,jd, Kdpatha, s. bad road. 
^iBc, Kdpila, see ss^Qq kapila. 
,(3e5, Kdbiin, s. death. 
53e, Kdmbala, s, kind of snake; sort of woollen 

cloth or blanket; name of a sort of Indian cax 

covered with a blanket* 

da, j 

s. magnet, loadstone. 




>3eG, Kdminlya, s. sandal wood; perfume said 

to be brought from Kampila. 
sjoSsnQJc^, Kdmboja, s. country so called, situated 

in the north east of Bengal ; name of plant, sort 

of white mimosa. 
4553, Kama, s. Hindu cupid or deity of love; wish, 

desire; lust; semen virile; particle of assent; also, 

of assertion, as truly, verily; a. lustful, 

505i(g, Kdmakeli, s. (>3 and ^^Q V^^j) 

53^,2s^c8, Kdmachchhandaya, s. lechery, libidi- 


5D oiass^D, Kdma-trishndwa, s. (esias) lust, 

s3aj^o8 the same) lechery, sensual desire. 

53g^, Kdmaduti, s. female demon so called. 

2^3 S)3-2g, Kdma-dhdtu, s. (4550 and 83^ source) 
semen virile. 

S53S533C Kdma^xila, s. one of the names of Bala- 
rdma the brother of Krishna. 

5De3, Kdmabhawa, s. (53 passion, fioS being) 
one of the three states of existence, that which 
includes men and gods. 

iS53<3so93(5c6, Kdma-mithjdchdraya, s. adultery, 

a>3a5, Kdmaya, s. lust, desire of corporeal enjoy- 

)Dc53, Kdmayd, s. greedy person. 

i553<5u53, Kdmaraugd, s. tree, kind of bilimbi, 
averrhoa carambola, (Geraniacece). 

53(5c6, Kdmaraya, s. cTiamber. (Portuguese.) 

S33c Kamala, s. disease, jaundice. 

Si3S^G3'8Si, Kdmaloka, s. the world in which bodi- 
ly pains or pleasures are experienced, including 
the hells, the world, and the six heavens. 

55535S53'5, Kdmavikdra, a. (5J lust, )D(5 ges- 

^ ture) wanton gesture. 

533-g<5c53, Kdmdtwayd, s, lecher, libidinous man. 

53380(5, Kdmdwachara, a. (^33 and fp9<5 
awachara going) sensual, subject to passion. 

a53S38S(5 ^(5^C^S), Kdmdwachara divyaloha, s. 
(S533S0c5 and ^33S^(335 heaven) highest or 
last of the heavens. 

S533g Kdmdsraioa, s. sexual pollution. 

4553, Kdmt, s. libidinous man, lecher, 

5S)3a3, Kdmuha, a. desirous, cupidinous, lustful, 

. libidinous. 

^3cc, Kdya, s, body; multitude, assembly; natural 
temperament; house, habitation. 

^3caS)3a)2S3, Kdyabhandana, s. ()3co body, sS)^ 
tying) girdle, zone. 

J3C6, Kdyama. s. dregs of an infusion, a broth or 

decoction of spices, as pepper etc. 
S)3c5ee6, Kdyastha, s. one of the castes among the 

Hindus, the writer caste; name of Brahma the 

Hindu Supreme Being. 
es>3633, Kdyika, a. belonging to the body. 
55538^55:, Kdrtika, s. the month ^(^ il (October 

and November) when the moon is full near 

the Pleiades. 
^3^59(3^^dc8, Kdrtikeya, s. Indian god of war, 

generally called in Ceylon Kataragama deviyo, 

answering to the Grecian Mars. 

536-<s^, Kdrjianya, s. poverty, indigence. 

53S3e3, Kdrpdsa, s. cotton plant, [Colloquial: ;g 

^3, Kdrma, a. laborious, industrious, occupied. 

5s;3<iro, Kdrmana, s. magic. 

33^^5), Kdrmika. a. worked, embroidered, inter- 
mixed with coloured thread, cloth, etc. 

)3d'S5, Kdrmuka, s. bow; bamboo. 

ss>0(ji% Kdrya, Is. cause, origin, motive, object, 

5553cs23, Kdryd, J affair, business. 

D3cSi)S, Kdrsmari, s. tree, gmelina arborea. 

^S535, Kdrshaka, s. husbandman. 

5533je3<^, Kdrshdpana, s. weight or measure of 
silver equal to sixteen panas or cowries; weight 
of copper equal to eighty retis; weight of shells 
equal to the same number of cowries. 

es33(5, Kara, s. kUling, slaughter; certainty; effort, 
exertion, religious austerity; tax, toll, royal re- 
venue; master, lord. 

53(5), Kd7'aka, s. act, deed, agent especially in 
grammar; that part of grammar comprising all 
nouns which imply the agent, object, instrument 
&c. or any thing except the radical idea; it also 
includes the application of all the cases; the hal 
tree, shorea robusta. 

ssi'i6^ssi, Kdrakakama, s. instrumentality. 

2D3<5^3)co, Kdrakaya, s. horn to put in pHls etc. 

53(5es3x<s:^, Kdragenuma, s. marriage. 

45}35-<so3, Kdranaivd, r. to hawk, to clear the 
throat: pret. ^xc5L3 keruwd. 

4553^-5^, Kdrand, s. cause, motive, principle, action, 
agency; organ of sense; instrument, means; 
pain, agony. 

)3i5"^9, Kdrandwa, Is. the preceding' With the 

2553 (5eo3, Kdrandwa, J affix wa; affair, citcum- 

, stance, matter. 

25)3(5, Kdrama, s. corrosive quality, corrosiveness. 




*'^"^dC'> Kdralld, s. small kind of fish. 

53(59, Kdi-awa, s. crow. 

5S)3<58(^<3, KdraivalU, s. plant, kind of gourd, ?no- 

mordica charantia. 
5553(5 53i53, Kdravi kdkkd, s. common grey 

crow, corone splendens, ^order Passeres.) 
^ss>36^, Kdravi, s. kind of paddy or unhusked rice. 
5^(5l3^(^(^, Kdrawelli, see 5a(50(^(3 kdrawalU. 
SJ3S, ^an, 5. action, act, agency, artist. 
4S)38s53, Kdrikd, s. kind of actress, dancing girl; 

action, agency; explanatory verse; art, profes- 
sion; sharp pain. 
iSioSa, Kdrti/a, s. matter, afEair, circumstance, 

53c5l, Kdru, s. artist, artificer, agent, maker, doer; 

name of Viswakarma, the architect of tho gods. 
53c3l<io?5, Kdrunika, a. compassionate, merciful, 

53C5lg, Kdrupu, s. owl. 
^553(3, Kdlya, s. dawn, day break. 
33(;, Kdla, s. time; quarter; name of Yama regent 

of the dead; black (colour,) death; form of Siva; 

iron; black agallochum. 
a)D(5^cS3, Kdlakriyd, s. death. 
^5330^ca3 45>(5-<^93, Kdlakriyd-karmiQwd, t\ to die. 
a53(3S5, Kdlaka, s. freckle, mark; water-snake; 

)3C^*<s^ Kdlakantha, s, {es)'iQ black, SJ^sS^ 

neck or throat) name of Siva; waterfowl, galli- 

nule; sparrow; peacock; tree, pentaptera tomen- 

533es).<^a^, Kdlakanm, a. miserable, unfortunate, 

unlucky, wretched, unhappy. 
>3e^S5'^^cs3, Kdlakanniyd, s. miserable person. 
553Q^9, Kdlakuta, s. {ssijQ Yama, ^Q to destroy) 

kind of poison said to be so powerful that it even 

destroys Yama the regent of death. 
ssiocssmi, Kdlakrit, "ts. {ssiOQ time, 43?acj who 
^n^c^o^, Kdlakrata, } makes) he who makes or 

measures time, the sim. 



ajs^ad'e?, Kdlakhanjana, 

33Qa-<jScS), Kdlaklianda 

33(^e^<5, Kdlanjara, 8. name of Siva; also of a 
country, the modem Kallinjer; an assembly or 
collection of religious mendicants; Kallinjer is 
one of the places at which such assemblies meet, 
being enumerated m the Vedas amongst the 
Tapasyastbanas or places adapted to practices 
of austere devotion. 

^3(3^cs, Kdlatraya, s. (3C time, -^ three) past, 
present and future time. 

2353(3^9 25J 25, Kdlatuwakkuwa, s. cannon. 

83)3(33, Kdladharma, s. (S)3c and 3 virtue or 
property) death, dying. 

iSijQo^cii, Kdlapakshaya, s. (s53C black, o^'^ca 
side) the moon's wane. 

^JGO'isq^, Kdlapandama, s. kind of large torch 
used in the temples. 

553C5, Kdlama, s. magic; black art, actions per- 
formed by the agency of the devU. 

>3CS), Kdlamukha, s. (53C5 black, 3 mouth) 
monkey. [Colloquial: Sgflo wandurd or 8(383 

^ rilawd'\ . 

/53(3cc, Kdlaya, s. time, see 553C kdla. 

53C C^'^j Kdla-lawana, s. factitious and purga- 
tive salt. 

33C C3*) Kdla-loha, s. (esiOQ and <s>coisi metal) 

530-aS', Kdlawarna, s. black (colour), 

53(3j8, Kdlavydpi, a. constant, perpetual, eter- 

53cSos), Kdlasinha, s. (53Q and 80S) lion) beai*^ 
[CoUoq. (jeeo walasd"^. 

e353(3ggcc, Kdlasutraya, s. one of the twenty-one 
hells mentioned ia Hindu mythology; one of 
the eight principal hells of the Buddhists. 

433GS302S, Kdlaha^sa, s. black swan. 

a)3(33C53c3^, Kdldgaru, s. black kind of aloe wood or 

^OQoasi, Kdldyas, s. iron. 

"^533(3, Kdlt, s. name of Durga the wife of iva. 

4533(35, Kdlika, s. curlew; black kind of sandal; 
multitude of clouds; dark cloud threatening rain; 
fog or mist; goddess Gauri; form of Chandi or 
Durga; female singer of swarga; blackness; 
black colour; fault or flaw La gold, etc.; black 
scorpion; spikenard; line of hair extending to 
the navel; female crow; ink; in proper time. . 

(SioQiSs, Kdliuga, s. country so called; elephant; 
jsnake; species of cucumber, cucumts utilattssi- 
mus; blue dovci 

33(3<^e8, Kdliddsa, s. celebrated poet, who was one 
of the nine poets or gems of Viki'amaditya's 
court and is supposed by some to have flourished 

^ In the century preceding the Christian era. 

<Si')Q >&:)cfi3, Kdli-nayd, s. snake. 

j(3 >03CC33, Kdlt-polaugd, s. snake. 




4553, Kdvya, s. name of Sikura, preceptor of the 
demons; poetical composition, poem; intelligence, 

C)dS33 fis^a Kdvya-lcartri, s. (53S poem, 5Sa 
who makes) poet. 

>3c5, Kdwat, s. sun. [Colloq. <g<5 n-a.] 

caoSScsJ, Kdwaiyd, s. kind of fish. 

4038(5, Kdival s. care, preservation. 

>36, Kdwalu, 8. species of panic grass, panicum 

)3)3, Kdwd, s. moth. 

ffi>333o63, Kdivdtiyd, s. oyster. 

53cs, Kdviyama, s. poem, poetry, pi. :3Sco 

<03gd, Kdimilu, s. kind of grass, 2^<^ntcum glaucum. 

>3C33a;3, Kdsyapa, Is. name of Aruna charioteer 

esiocanB, Kdsyapt, J of the sun; name of Garuda 
the bird of Vishnu, both of whom were sons of 

)3<B, Kdm^ see aeo kdsa. 

)3ad, ^asa, see 33Q i-asj. 

45>3^), Kdshtaka, a. dry. 

53aOa), Kdshtatalcsha, 8. (>3aO wood, cs^sa to 
cut or pare) carpenter. [Colloq. gQs ti'at/MM^a.] 

)39i&, Kdshtha, s. wood. 

33aS9, Kdshthd, s. quarter or region of the world, 
space, tract; place, site; limit, boundary; measure 
of time, the 30th part of a kald or eighteen 
twinklings of the eye; excellency, superiority; 
plant, curcuma zanthorhiza. 

3)3(5ad, Kdsm,{ra, s. noted city or country in the 
north west of India, Cashmere; plant with a 
tuberous root, a sort of costus, costus speciosus. 

53iK(5^, Kdsmiraja, Is. (^3csS<5 and 

s)3<Ki)<5de53J, Kdsmirajanman, ) dhovia) saffron; 
costus, see 53(Ki Icdsmira. 

i3eo3 Kdsyapa, see ojcss^rs kdsyapa. 

S59S, Kdsa, 8. cough, catarrh; tree, kind of reed or 
long grass, sacckarum spontaneum ; species of 
the murunga; whip tree, Caeuatina equisettfolia 
(Casuarineae); thin kind of white cloth. 

aaseswjQ, Kdsaghm, s. (538 and wzQ a termination 
from CDS? han which kills) that which removes 
a cough ; sort of prickly night shade. 

a53e3S)f , Kdsamarda, s. (s^seo and | which des- 
troys) acid preparation, mixture of tamarinds 
and mustard; shrub producing edible peas, 
cytisus cajan, 

33e9c8, Kdsaya, s. consumptioni see ^Jes Icdsa, 

45)36335, Kdsdri, see ^Des^ kdsamarda. 

53aa3, Kdsdwa, s. yellow robes worn by the Bud- 
dhist priests. 

53Qe3, Kdsisa, s ()3a kdsa cough, c?ea<3^ han 
affix) green vitriol, green sulphate of iron. 

55538, Kdsi, 8. city greatly celebrated in the Bud- 
dhistical writings, the modern Benares; money. 

ss)3&QqQ <cts3SJ3, Kdsiwalata gannawd, v. to 

^>3SJC> Kdhala, s. sound in general; kind of large 
drum or torn torn. 

^o. Kin, see <Si> km. 

!&o^6, Kit}kara, s. servant. 

sSiog^^iSi, Kinkinika^ Is. girdle of small bells or 

55o9<^, Kinkini, J any tinkling ornaments. 

/Sod(35, Kinjalka, s. anther of the lotus. 

3ocg, Kinsuka, s. tree bearing beautiful red 
blossoms, almost every part of which is medici- 
nal, butea frondosa. [Colloq. &ixG kela.'\ 

35<S, Kikki, s. bitch whelp. 

95(5i,, Kikaru, see 49)(3l kikaru. 

9)(3, Kikala, Elu particle signifying what time? 

S49J^C Kikindela, see 5So^<^ kinkini. 

sSiiSiiS, Kikini, see ^Bo^S-^'flS) kitikinika. 

iiSi%, Kikili, 8. hen, pi. ^^S^s^coJ kikiliyo, 

3<9^dre^, Kikilibijja, Is. egg, pi. S9g 

99ge)6)(5ca, Kikilibittaraya, J ^ kikilibiju. 

2Siii^6, Kikura, s. servant of iva. 

sS^dQiSi, Kinjalka, s. filament of a lotus, great 
numbers of which surround the pericarp. 

SSg, Kittu, ad. near to, 

S5(5^sro3, Kittukaranawd, v. to place near, 

?Q, Kittmca, s. neighbourhood. 

?S)g3^o93, Kittuwenawd, v. to approach, to ap- 

^S), Kida, s. Elu form of ^5)3 sport, pleasure, 
dancing; the kneeling of an elephant. 

9S)c3W2o3, Kidagahanawd, v. to kneel as an ele- 

59e)c5, Kidawara, s. worker in straw or rattan, 
basket maker. 

SS3S^5(3, Kidahakeli, s. little girl, pi. 6aK> 
^ss>(^'^G3 kidalia-kello. 

S3)3(5<55, Kiddran, s. plant, amorphophallus cam- 
panulatm (Aracea'J. 

^c5, Kidiya, s, danciiig; dancing girl. 

^^c5(5, Kidiyara, s, conjuror, Elu form of ^eDs 
S53(5 kriddkdra, 

<9, Kidu, see 63) Uda, 




S8 S, Ktdu-bima, a. dancing school or assembly 

9S)ii^e55(3 Kideheheli, see SS)e)SN>@ Jcidaha 

<S8x, Kide, see g3 kudd. 

iS)4!QisB, Kinuhata, s. (3<jg black, >3 from )-<s^i 
kantha neck) name of Siva. 

<9^OT, Kinumaga, s. (S^ black resembling 
charcoal, oo way) fire. 

S^rii, Kinumas, s. fresh water fish of a dark- 

^oJ, ^eY, 5. fame, see SSicR kirtiya. 

^Ja>:f, Kittan, s. marline; tow, hemp. 

Sc5^, iTzV^z, s. Pali form of iS4JS kirti which see. 

6i33?5(5>, Kttayuga, s. golden age. 

3s3c Kitala, 8. sort of plantain, mwsa saptentum. 

<9o(33, Kitala, 8. water cock, gallicrex cincrea. 
also called (S^S^SSJ walikukuld; Indian blue- 
coat, 'porphyrio polliocephalus, (order Gralloe.) 

^sj9, Kitawa, 8. gamester, gambler; cheat, cheat- 
ing, fraudulent; thorn apple, datura stramonium, 

S^)e33, Kitikawanaivd, v. to tickle. 

9^(4, Kitul, s. tree from which jaggory is obtain- 
ed; the pith of old trees resembles sago, caryota 
urens (Pahnae). 

<9g, Kidit, 8. pepper. 

^^.Kinda, "Is. marsh, bog. 

^^gcc, Kindaliya, j 

9^a33, Kindanawd, v. to sink: pret. 9g33 

0^D3, Kindawanawd, v. to cause to sink, to 

immerse: pret. 9s^3 kindeiowd. 
<9, Kindi, s. pepper, plant, the tulsi ocymum 

sanctum; also tinospora cordifolia; see <55& 

galuchi. [CoUoq. g(5iC3 maduru-tald or des 

f^^^Kindu, s, order, arrangement; branch; pepper. 

^gdo, Kindurd, s. kind of fabulous being the 
upper part said to resemble a man, the lower 
part a bird; merman; in Hindu mythology it 
means a kind of demi-god attached to the service 
of Kuw^ra chief of the devils; celestial musician; 
pi. 46g^(5J kindurd. 

3g5, Kinduri,8. mermaid, pi. tSgSs^coJ kinduriyo. 

3g5g, Kinduritidu, s. (3g05 kindurd demigod or 
satyr, (gg indu chief) Kuvera. 

9g^, Kinduru, see iSg^ kindurd. 

9i3H^-203, Kindenawd, v. to sink: pret. tSg-asas 

<6J^^>, Kinkinika, see <So!d'^3 kinkinika. 
iQ^i^dC^, Kintulld, see 33t2C^ kinituld. 
3:f<5, Kinda, pron. what ? 
49oe3(5co3, Kinnarayd, s. low caste man, weaver of 

9253OC35, Kinnard, s. the mat weaver, see Sgd5 

Q5305^(5ee, Kinnaresa, s. name of Kuvera regent 

of Pdtdla or hell. 
^5:fD3(5, Kinndrama, s. large sort of lute; 

(S^isSBca, Kinpiya, s. logwood. 
92s:fg, Kinsuka, see BoCa kinsuka^ 
ysSiSi, Kinam, pron. who, what. 
9i9, JTzm, s. sun. [Colloq. <6 zVa.] 
9e6g, Kiningu, s. tender fruit. 
9e6c5(^, Kiningul, s. unripe fruit. 
9^, Kinitu, 8. worthless person, mean person. 
S>fSiitAtSi,Kinitta, s. end of a bunch, cluster; tender 

branch, twig, pi. S<69 kiniti. 
3i6g(^3 Kinituld, 8. dog louse, tick, pi. B<fi3 

S^qS kinituld. 
29^S)(55, Kinimaga, see 9^<53 kinumaga. 
tS^esM, Kinissa, s. dagger, kind of ladle made of 

the shell of cocoanut, and used to take water 

from a jar to drink, pi. <99Q kinisi. 
9^6?B(5c6, Kinihiraya, Is. tree, cochlospermum 
?96!BSc;, Kinihiriya, } gossyjn'um, (Biocinece.) 

also called ^q <^%(S ela-imbul. 
!S>^tB KiniM, 8. (46^6 sore, cd ha which removes) 

tree said to be good for wounds which it removes 

by cicatrizing them, achyranthes aspera. [Colloq. 

fi)<5(^as>tS) ka7'alheba.~\ 
^iQs^^, Kinire, s. anvil, pi. ^^<5 kim'ra. 
9-Q, Kinu, Elu form of 58i^ krishna black. 
^^ Kinutu, see ^i6 kinitu. 
^.9^1), Kinudam, s. ornamental chain for the 

^"SSdj Kinupul, 8. species of the nymphea, bltie 

S^^<5?, Kinumaga, s. (tQ^ black resembling 

charcoal, oo way) fire. 
^<g(33, Kinurd, s. attendants of Kuvera the king 

of Patala or the infernal regions. 
^^6g, Kinuniidu, s. name of Wesamuni long of 

Yakas or devils. 
^Q(5i, Kinuru, s. retinue of Wesamuni. 
98, Kipima, 8. verbal noun of <Q(3^o33 kipe- 





Ss\oa33, Kipenawd, v. to be in a passion, to be 

angry: pret. ^g33 ktpund. 
3^^^^^^, Kibidenawd, v. to awake: pret, {6g 

-233 Idhidund. 

^^(3, KibiU, s. shrimp, prawn, [Colloquial: ^e^eso 

<6QS, Jubuwa, s hood of a gig. 

8C3> Kibuld, s. bird, see 9<5C3 kirald. 

9(3, Kimhili, s. kind of sprat, clupea cultrata. 

SS-238d, Kimbisinawd, ^v. to sneeze, pret. 

^5^5300, Kimhihinawd, } j^^des^i kimbtssd. 

i>^&(^, Ktmbthtlla, s. sneezing. 

9{;^, Ivimbid, s. plant, jyhimbago rosea, lead wort; 
tawny colour. 

^d) Kimbidmuwa, s. name of a carriage 

!S)^(^Q?5S, Kimbulwan, s. tawny colour. 

S(^0is:^3, Kimbulwenna, s. generic name of 

'^^(S g3^^5 Kimbul-hund, s. kind of lizard. 

iSgC^j Kimhuld, s. crocodile, alligator, pi. 9^(^^cJ 

9, ^m, ind. part, signifying, what, how; either, 
or, a particle of doubt or interrogation, also a 
rel. pron. what, who, which, expressing doubt, 
interrogation, disdain, reproach ; as, in English, 
Who are you, etc. 

^5, Kimda, interrog. pron. what? what of that.'' 

^^Si)g(5L, Kimpurusha, see {Sg(35 kindurd. 

S, Kima, interrog. pron. why, wherefore, which, 
what ? see the preceding. 

9, Kimi, s. small monkey, worms, see %'^ krimi. 

i9D8j, Kimidinawd, v. to dive: pret. Q4^ 

9(SJ<:j, Kimekda, see 3i>5 kimda. 

^cs<33, Kiyata, s. saw, pi. 9a5sJ ^-z^a^ 

^co3d83, Kiyanawd, v. to speak, to say, to tell: 
pret, ^3d kiwwd. 

^cs, Kiyambu, s. hair of the head; hair platted 
and tucked up behind the head. 

6cs>S393, Kiyawanawd, v. to read, to cause to say: 
pret. sS(3^cs83 kiyewwd. 

Sce^, Kiyalu, s. publishing, informing. 

6c53, /i7'?/a, s. bullock's hump; ^jar. having said. 

9ce3'3^:?-S3S3, Kiyddenawd, v. to inform, to com- 
municate, to expound; to confess, to acknow- 
ledge, to dictate, to teach: pret. So53gj'eD3 
kiyddunnd . 

9g, Kiyu, s. speech. 

?8ga^, Kiyulu, s. information, announcement. 


f^6, Kira, parrot; [CoUoq. S6Qo girawd.'] milk. 

^<5(3d Kira-ul, s. properly 9i5g(^ kiriwul which 

^dg, Kirangu, s. elk, [CoUoq. s>)J^533 gdnd.'] 

c9(5-<s^, Ktrana, s. ray, sun-beam; white sea. 

^d-^83, Kiranawd, v, to weigh, to balance: pret. 

43c$i93 kiruwd. 
^c5-<<^S)3g, Kiranamdli,8. {i6-^ ray, 3(3 coUec- 

tion) sun. 
S(5s3, Kirata, s. small plant, gentiana chirayta. 
c9c5(^(3K) Kirala-gaha. species of cork tree. 
^(5(33, Kirald, s. red wattled lap-wing, lobiva- 

nellus indicus, also called sSQc^ kibuld; yellow 

wattled lap-wing, lobij^luvia malubarica, (order 

9(5C33, Kiraldwd, s. sea fish. 
B<5(^, Kirawul, s. body. 

3(5c5^55, Kirdtaka, 1 s. barbarians, uncivilized peo- 
^c5cs3s^, Kirdtaja, J pie, savages. 
ii^^ 'Siisx!:), Kirdta-tikta, s. {iS.di'<S) and ^axsD 

bitter) kind of gentian, gentiana chirayta, found 

in the woods. 
^Sc^8^,S^^^8^, Kirdwetenawd, v. to slumber. 
;S, ^m, a. white; s. milk; plant, clinsene cora- 

cana; learned men; elephants. 
^8^cg<^, Kiri-anguna, s. plant, dregea volubilis 

or hoya viridiflora (Asclepiadiacece). 
66 <g3 Kiri-ibbd, s. fresh water burrowing 

turtle, emyda Ceylonensis (order Chelonia). 
^8 S)^, Kiri-kaju, s. plant, vissadula zeylanica 

6i8 55M5^fi, Kirikawelu, s. Elu form of 5i(5>3 

355^(3 iksMra-kdkoli. 
^8 (5530-25383, Kiri-kotanawd, v. to chum, pret. 

gj8 (^^^55Q8J kiri-ketuwd. 
^S (3N5S)J:f, Kiri-kon, s. tree, ivalsura piscidia, 

(Meliaceoe); the bark is stated to be thrown into 

ponds to kill the fish without rendering them 

e9Seo9, Kirigaduwa, s. little boil, bubo. 
eSSsJcSl, Kirigarunda, s. sort of white substance 

which when pulverized is used in medicine, 

species of alabaster. 
c9S(5nk)39, Kirigotuwa, s. milk strainer made of 

wicker work. 
^Sig, Kiringu, see eSdeg kirangu. 
?6Sce, Kirichchaya, s. poniard, dagger. 
S<S@, Kirindi, s. tares. 




9S33<5^a, Kirindi-mdnd, s. kind of grass, coix 

lachryma (Graminece). 
SSt(5, Kirindi-wel, s. creeper, rouria santaloi- 

des (Connaracece). 
25250c^(68o, Kirinaguluwd, s. kind of fish. 
^Sa6, Kiripalu, s. tree, buchanania lati folia. 
SSc33, Kiriim, s. unicorn. 
S58g, Kiripidu, s. rice milk, mixture of boiled 

rice and milk. 
SS(S>03S383, Kiri-ijowanawd, v. suckle. 
SSai(^r^, Iuripella,s. tree, ^cts Tsjakela (Urti- 

SSQcJ, Ktrtbat, s. rice boiled with the milk of the 

^d'a)e^, Kiribadu, s. plant, Ipomoea digitata (Con- 

volvulacece ) . 
^5g(^C. Kiribadidla, s tree, species of the 

marking nut plant, semecarpus latifolium. 
68s^J3 ^:5^93, Kiribona-daruwd, s. suckling. 
Q8s*a)3e?S3, Kiribonawd, v. to drink milk. 
495 Se? 6, Kiri-makulu, 8. small tree, (juice poiso- 
nous, seeds used for intoxicating fish,) sapium 

indicmn^ (Euphorbiacece). 
S8)3 Kiri-maduwd, s. sea fish. 
S5 a;c5eo3-<SEoJ, Kiri-matgdnawd, v. to churn. 
?98g, Kirimadu, s. plant, Ipomoea cymosa (Con- 

g5e)S, Kin-maw, s (68 milk, mother) nurse, 

foster mother, pi. &Sges5 kirirmxwun. 
&d^%i<^i Kirimord, s. white shark. 
^SSiJiSJ^^, Kirimoru, s. churned milk. 
aSSSiS, Kirimeti, s. (SS milk, tS clay) white 

clay; pipe clay, marl; Kaolin or China clay. 
S8c5, Kinya, s. ground sufficient to sow four 

3<^4353 ?namX-a==64 Q^id Ids; a saw; gram- 
matical term for verb. 
SS(^r;, Kirilla, s. tree, Sonneratia acida (Lyth- 

racece) ; cork tree. 
^SdC. Kirilla, 1 the fern, of ^2<5l(^c' kurulld, 
iS8(j(3, Am7/?, J pi. ?S8(^(g(5NcsJ kirilliyo, 
<958{^e393, Kiriwadinawd, i\ to be not quite ripe, 

juicy: pret. ^6'i,g33 kiriwcdund. 
988<5(3, Kiriwarala, s. plant, Isonundra wigh- 

tiana ( Sapotacece ) . 

6S(^C3> Kiriwalld, s. tree, Holarrhena mitis 

S89C3, Kiriwawld, s. small bat, pi. 4S5(S^e^ 

*^5d I^Mwul, 6. body. 

/. weights for scales. 

988x(^, Kiriwel, s. creeping plant, Morinda um- 

hellata (RubiacecB); also Ichnocarpus frtitescens 

( Apocynacece). 
68fig, Kirisidu, s. (9(S and Qg sea) sea of milk. 
sSSwjgd, Kirihaugulu, s. plant, marsdenia asth- 
ma tica. 
tSSjSScs, Kirihiriya, s. plant, exacum zeylanicum 

(Gentianacece) ; also called iJzncZwri*; see Z,m- 

^8s3iisSq, Kirihenda, s. plant, Celocia argentea 

( Amarantacece ) . 
498k)i(3co, Kirihembiliya, s. tree, Dichopsis 

grandis (Sapotacece); also called Kirildriya, and 

S3, Kirita, s. crown, diadem. 
9SS), Kirima, verbal noun of 3(5-<:^3 kiratiawd 

or )(5-<s3so3 /fcarawau-'a. 
3c5i^, Kirutu, see S<35o3a3 kirdtalca 
!S>S.?si6, Kinmbara, 
S<3t,S)c5, Kirumbara 
9c5^, Kirula, s. crown, diadem. 
i&'Si'b^-^, Kirulumina, s. precious stone on the top 

of a crown. 
9s^dJi5-<sjB3, Kirenwaranaivd, v. to wean: pret. 

S'S^(5'5J'xCJi,D kirenweruicd. 

^dC> A7//a, s. menstrual flux, impurity, see <9(3 

^^d^^C^s^^) Killote, s. small box containing the 

chunam which is eaten by the natives with the 

betel leaf, pi. iSx^s^Q^Q^ killotd. 
^G, Kila, s. small house or cottage, 
fSQ?s5, Kilan, s. butter milk. 
*SCC Kilala, s. plant, sonneratia acida Ceylon 

cork tree: [CoUoq. 98dG kirilla"]' 
ScS, Kilasi, s. ailment, slight pain. 
9C353, Kildsa, s. itch, blotch, scab. 
Sg, Kili, s. menstrual flux ; small house or hut. 
^(3, Kiliti, see 2Sg kilutu. 
^@dC3> Kilidilld, s. kind of fish. 
;6(gs^c33?3, Kilijwlanaicd, v. to shiver, to stiir- 

tle: pret. S(g3>c363 kilipeluwd. 

^iQoiC Kilipcla, s. kind of small hut connected 
with the residence of families in which females 
are forced to reside during the flow of the men- 
ses, pi. 8(gc3td ^iUpel. 

48(Se)3S^d Kilimdle, s. bloody issue; 

9(3d> ^^^ih edible part of the stem of cocoa-nut 
tree, cocoanut cabbage^ 




9g, Kilutu, a. dirty, impure, filthy, defiled, 
polluted, Elu form of ssiQ'&) klishta. 

^9, Kiw, s. speech, speaking; j)<^'''t- said, men- 

^ tioned. 

S9, Kivi, s. planet Venus; poet; professor of 
learning; monkey of the black kind. 

9?, Kividina, s. Friday. 

9Sg, Kivindu, s. name of Venus. 

ScO(5, Kiviyara, e. poet. 

9g(5, Kiioul, a. wanting salt, i. e. provisions 
which are deficient in salt; but when used of 
water, brackish. 

9e^, Kis, 2'>i'on. all, anything, whatever; s. for egrf 
kus which see. 

4Se^53)D, Kislcanawd, v. to smart, (as when 
whipped): pret. 9ef)x83 kishewd. 

^Sjrfcjdi, Kisdas, s. beggar, mendicant, [Colloquial: 
?8cDC3S33 htngannd.'] 

Se^(9e,i, Kisdowun, s. last born, youngest bro- 

sSid-^, Ktsnd, Elu form of sja^s^ Krishna. 

iSes, Kisa, Elu form of 5ac33S kritya which see. 

9e3^, Kisauda, s. dwelling house. 

^esSg^grf, Kisapitukus, s. man living at another's 

See(^, Ktsala, s. sprout, shoot; extremity of a 
shoot bearing new leaves. 

<98, Kist, a. any, some; some thing, any thing. 

tSSsiQeaQj, Kisikawanaivd, v. to smack a whip. 

S8oJ, Ktsit, a. any, some, anything, whatever. 

^S-Q, Kistnu, s. practice of austerities for the 
purpose of destroying the passions. 

<S8S, Kisim, 8. flower, [Colloq. %q mala], 

SS, Kisima, 1 

<Scsi), Kisiyam, J ' 

<98(^C Kisilla, s. armpit, pi. f^&Q kisili. 

5i3S'8sJ, Kisiwak, s. something. 

98(9n8J, Kisiwek, s, some 6ne. 

9|9<^, Kisunu, a. all, see a8 ssiB-a^ parikasina* 

^Sg, Kieum, s, flower, [Colloq. Sq mala], 

^Sgd, Kisulu, s. body, [Colloq. caSt^iS sariraya']. 

<S(65, Kihiri, s. tree, acacia catechu also called 
a. sM?na and a. sundra, see <5s53^S rat-kihiri. 

s35Sdg, Kihir^li, e. an epithet of Vishnu, derived 
from )^<5>4w(5 Khadira-dehalt, where )(5 is 
equal to ^?68 A'i'AeV/, Mimosa catechu^ and (3>^cs)^ 
the threshold of a door, an image of the deity 
having, they say, been made of iStSd kihiri 

99dC> Kihilla, s. armpit, pi. tSsBg kihili. 

9, Kz, prefix to words signifying number or quan- 
tity: part, said, spoken. 

^ssic^, Kikaru, a. obedient, docile, tractable. 

a93(5l83, Kikaruwd, s. obedient person. 

:Qssidis\Q'S:>Qo, Ktkaruwenawd, v. to become obe- 

iSiSSf oe, Kikirindiya, s. shrub, medicinal plant, 
eclipta erecta (Compositce). 

99, Kzta, s. general name for worms. 

aSeo, Ktna, s. tree, calophyllum tomentosa and 
c. Walkeri; (GuttiferceJ; there are about seven 
or eight other species in Ceylon. 

So, Kipa, ad. many, much, some, several. 

9c38<55, Kipawarak, ad. many times, often, fre- 

iS, Kima, s. saying, pi. iS kim\ verbal noun of 
Sco303 kiyanawd. 

9csij, Kiyada, ad. how much? how many? what 
o'clock is it ? 

S-^, Kirna, a. covered, secreted, hidden; scatter- 
ed, thrown, cast; injured. 

^9^253, Kirtana, s. speech, words. 

i9?9?9, Kirti, \6. fame, renown, glory, repu- 

3<S^co, Kirtiya, J tation; favour, approbation; 
sound; light, lustre; diffusion, expansion. 

S6, Kira, s. splinter; parrot. 

9(^, Ki'l, s. tar, pitch. 

SQ'SS, Kilana, '\ 

493, KUd, >s. play, sport, amusement. 

i9(go, Kilita, J 

5, Ku, s. earth; indeclinable particle of depreca- 
tion, implying sin, guilt; reproach, contempt, 
meanness; diminution, littleness; prevention, hin- 

igoeg, Kunkuma, s. saffron, crocus sativus. 
i5o)eso3^, Kunchandda, s. roaring of an elephant. 
go33 Kunchikd, s. plant bearing seeds which 

are used as weights, abrus precatorivs ; [CoUoq. 

S)(g^St(^ oli7i,da-wer\\ branch or shoot of a 

bamboo; key. 
e5o53:t'g, Kunchikdchchhidra, s. (go)3 key, 

Sg, hole) keyhole. 
gIb3, Kukkd, e. young dog, pup) whelp, 
ig>g8, Kukkuta, s. gallinaceous fowl, cock, 

wild cock. 

Q5g9, Kukkuti, s. feminine of the preceding 

s^i^'^, Kukkura, 8. dog, [Colloq. ^C' baltd^. 




Kulshi, s. belly, [Colloq. S) bada]. 

<58CJi3s:f, Kukurumdn, Is. thorny shrub, 

eg^gcSif^So, Kukurumuwan, } randia dumetorum 

i58(^, Kulul, s. hair gathered into a bunch at the 

top or behind the head; a. relating to fowls, 

hard, rough. 
i^Q(^s>a^6, Kukul-pora, s. (<g 45^ cock, 9^036 

battle) cock fighting. 

55(5e^e3D, Kukulmassd, s. kind of fish. 

^S^CC) Kukulala, s- sort of yam or country 

8gg, Kukulu, 8. valuable earring; cocks; kind of 

55Si(^, Kukuluwel, s. kind of ratan, calamus 

pachystemontis, (Palmce.) 
fig^gc^, Kukus, 8. doubt, uncertainty. 
i^i^tS ^;3'3D03, Kukits-upadmawd, v. to doubt, 

to be vmcertain, become dubious. 
g553, Kiikuld, s. cock, pi. 5g(5<J kukulo. 
558, Kucha, 8. breast, pap. 
igSeqaj, Kuchandana, 8. (q bad, e^ea sandal) 

red Sanders, pterocarpus santaUnu8 ; kind of log 

wood; leguminous plant, adenanthera pavonina; 

inferior kind of sandal-wood. 
e^d^, Kujja, s. man who stoops. 
s^d, Kuja, s. planet Mars; (eg earth, d produced) 

e^d^Si, Kujadina, s. Tuesday. [Colloq. ^josjc^ 

D^ angaharuwddd^ 
5C^ce9, Kujayd, see is^d kuja. 

z^dQ6, ^'>"';."lgee*grfeDZ;iarfma. 
grf935, Kujawdra, j 

sgjjS, Kuja, see is^d kuja. 

i^dd, Kunjara, 8. (g earth, d6 which presses) 
elephant; (in composition) pre-eminent. 

2gQco, Kuttiya, s. lump, piece, slip. 

egS, Kuti, 6. house; tree; body. 

g3)D<55, Kutikdraka, 8. (g3 and 53(5J doer) 
house builder. 

.^9c, Kutiya, see egQ kuti. 

4580, Kutila, a. crooked, bent; metaphorically, 

ig3(3ca3, Kutilayd, s. deceitful fellow, idle fellow. 

^@, Kutumba, 8. family, race; name; kinsman; 
relation by the mother's side by marriage; off- 
spring, progeny, kindred. 

gSKJ, Kutumbin, s. (giJS) kutumba kindred, 

^ tni possessive affix.) householder, pater- 

gSS^9, Kutumbini, 8. wife of a house-holder and 

mother of a family, matron. 
4!gS, Kuda, 8. umbrella, any pulverized substance, 

igQdoD, Kudappd, s. uncle, father's brother; step 

father, pi. e^QdooQj, kudappdld. 
ig003, Kudammd, s. aunt, mother's sister; step 

mother, pi. ^ig3So(^D kudammdld. 
2gS^e33, Kudamassd, s. fish, general name for 

river fish, pi. ^5S)rfs^S3J kudamassd. 
agS)s}S'S53(^(33> Kudaha-kolld, s. lad, low or very 

familiar word. 
g3, Kudd, a. small, little, diminutive, short. 
<gS)33ci.C2, Kuddkaduttu, s. urine. 
egSDffljgsJ^g es5(5-?e3, Kuddkaduttu-karanawd, v. 

to void urine, 
eg 8)3453 03e33, Kuddkam-pdnawd, v. to disparage 

or degrade oneVself . 

eg3a52), Kuddkama, s. meanness, dishonour. 

55S3>(5o93, Kuddkaranawd, v. to make small 
or less. 

8a3 s>3(^c!i, Kudd-kolld, see egQw <s^iSi'i(^Q:i 

egSa s^caco, Kudd-geya, s. cottage, small house. 
e2S3K)xSc63, Kuddhedayd, s. plant, lycopodtum 

hookei'i (Lycopodiacece.) 
55l5(5jes3S33, Kudigannaivd, v. to marry. 
egScs, Kudichchiya, s. shell of a cocoa-nut made 

into a cup to drink out of or to measure any 

egSD^co, Kudimbiya, s. comb or crest of a fowl; 

tuft of hair. 
eg. Kudu, s. powder, dust, film; any small thing. 
83^es55, Kudukedukama, s. hatred, malice, 

pi. eg>edge3> kudukedukam. 
eg aszjSS, Kudur-kekiri, s. plant, zehneria hoo- 

keriana, (Cucurbitacece.) 
g33e)393, Kudugahanawd, v. to winnow. 
gg(533o3, Kudugdnawd, v. to grate, to reduce 

to powder. 
g;fd, Kududawulu, s. plant, litsea zeylanica 

e2grfg3. Kuduppuwd, s. fish, 
egg C333, Kudu-pdta, s. brown colour, 
egg, Kudupuiva, s. food or cake made of the 

refuse of grain. 
eg S\c33(303, Kudu-polangd, s. snake. 
eg8;^, Kudvr-miris, s. plant, loddalia scopoUa 

or aculeata. 



ig'?", Kude, 3. umbrella. 

i^^sf^C, Kundala, 1. earring; 

5<^(5itt5(5-<?Scs, Ktmdaldhharanaya, \ bracelet; 

fetter; tie; collar; ornaments for the ear. 
^5<^(3cB, Kundaliya, s. this sign .^.'-**^ used in 

native book?, it is the same as our full stop. 
?K)S335, Kundahattiya, s. cooking chatty, 
^s^o, Kunapa, s. dead body, corpse; stink, foul 

smell; a. foul, filthy, bad, mean. 
5<^(^, Kunal, s. kokila or Indian cuckoo, see 

s^^C kundla. 
e^^C^ Kundla, s. one of the seven lakes in the 

Himalaya; kokila or Indian cuckoo. 
5<j^, Kuni, s. cripple with a crooked or withered 

^5s5^d2), Kutttrama, s. deceit, cheating, tricking. 
Q!sxso, Kutsd, s. reproach, contempt, censure. 
egODSo?, Kutsita, a. low, vile, contemptible, mean. 
geg5, KutuJca, s. eagerness, vehemence, desire, 

^5^c, Kutiihala, s. eagerness, vehemence, im- 
petuosity, desire; a. excellent, best, praised, 

celebrated; surprising, wonderful. 
554^805, Kuddatiya, Is. boil, swelling of the 
25(^3N<^3c5, Kwldetiya, J glands, 
egij, Kida, s. hunch-backed. 
5^, ICiidd, s. crooked man, male animal, hunch- 
backed man, pi. 5^C Jcuddu. 
5503l3, Kudi-kapanaivd, v. (2cs kudiya 

fetlock joint, 5C5>83 to cut) to hough, to 

25, Kuditu, s. (Q bad, from <ja5^ drishti 

sight) pagan, one professing a false religion, 

heretic, heresy. 
5^co, Kudiya, s. fetlock joint. 
''^g^, Kud{, s. hunch-backed woman, the fern, of 

^g^ kudd. 
egg, Kudu, a. small, little, short, diminutive, 

hunch-backed ; s. man who stoops in walking. 
^<s^OT36JeS(^ce, Kudugotsangiya, s. last of the five 

divisions of the siitra pitaka, comprising fifteen 

55gd3, Kuduni, s. ditch, brook, canal. 
5gi*^, Kudumudda, s. ringlet, small rings. 
^''S^S^C, Kuduvila, s. kind of small lake or pond 

overgrown with flowers; marsh. 
5SeiS, Kuduweio, s. (gq small, tS lakes) 

tanks, ponds. 
e^^^'^:s^,Kudrtshtika, 1^^ ^^^ ^^^.^^_ 
S^q'i^zR, Kudrishttya, J 

sgij^f^, Kude. a. crooked, bent; s. the state of being 

5*^, Kunda, s. kind of jasmine. 
5:fgD58a38o, Kundukahinawd, 1 ?*. to hop, jump 
25ig(55CK)-S39j, Kundugahanawd, j on one leg, 
25D, Kuna, s. dirt, filth, any decayed substance, 

pi. i^^ kunu. 
g2530C5, Kunapaya, see eg-s^o kunapa. 
ga33, Kund, s. filthy man, covetous man, pi. 

5:f'^ kunnu. 
egeoogS, Kundtuwa, s. tempest, storm, 
^g^, Kum, s. filthy or miserly woman. 
^^iQ, Kunu, s. dirt, dust, filth; a. filthy, dirty. 
eg^2j))3, Kunukatuwd, s. viperine snake, hyj)- 

nale nepa (order Ophidia:) the word is also 

applied to any one who is uncharitable. 
25^D3^<?C^, Kunukandal, s. dirt, filth. 
iSQ&^ssidQQo, Kunukarawald, s. snake, bungarus. 
.g-S3C553eo3, Kunugdnawd, v. to besmear, to daub: 

pret. e5-g^OTx83 kunugeivd. 
ag-Qc5 asgSa, Kunudiya-kaluwd, s. snake, 
^5^>03C^3. Kunupolangd, s. viperine snake. 
25 ^ aod^C'' Kunumi-karawald, s. colubrine 

^5-^^ (5>c33eKi3, Kunumi-polangd, s. viperme 

!?'S^dC3, Kunumelld, s. snail. 
^5-gs^8a^3, Kunuwenawd, v. to putrefy, to be- 
come filthy. 
^do>i)^6c5, Kuppameniya, s. plant, acalypha 
^ indica (EuphorbiacecB). 
e5d8ce, Kuppiya, s. vial; calyx of a flower, 
agcsca, Kupaya; see i^ocs kupaya. 
5g8), Kupita, a. angry, wrathful, enraged. 
ge<3Dffl)c5<83, Kupitakaranawd, v. to enrage, to 

agSH, iTMiji'fl, s. hump-backed man, crooked man, 

one who stoops in walking. 
'^gg^^ioSa, Kuhuddanawd, v. to cause to awake, 

to arouse: pret. Si^^e^Q'i kibidduwd. 
eg^^saSD, Kubiulinaivd, v. to awake: pret. 6Sg 

e33 kibidund. 
5g, Kubudu, s. half blown flower; shame. 
^gs^S)d;e^, Kuberes, s. tree with fragrant flowers, 

bignonia suave-olens. 
^g, Kumba, s. pot, mast of a ship. 
8S(53S), Kumhagaha. s. mast of a ship, pi. bSotc^ 

egSc^ ee3, Kumbal-saka, s. potter's wheel. 




5(^3, Kumhala, s. potter; kind of winged insect, 
pi. ?<^S kumballu. 

<gfi)6, Kumbalu, s. tree, wild bilimbi, ailantus 
malabarica ( Simarubacece ) ; also called (^ @ 
Qo ival-bilm. 

i5J, Kumbuk, s. tree, terminalia glabra, 

?s^^ssi<^, Kumbul'aru, s. potter. 

5g, Kumbudu, see 5g hubudu. 

5y?>ce3:f, Kumbuyon, see C55S?9 Agasti. 

55, Kumbura,8. paddy field, pi. sg^ciiX-MwiwrM. 

5^5i.8T(^, Kumburu-wel. s. plant, ccesalpinia 
bond tic, ( Leguminosce ) . 

8sJ, Kumbuwat, s. variegated colour. 

5^9c5i, Kumbuwaru, s. the bonduc or sucker tree. 

2g, Kumbe, see 25 kumba. 

5Sg Kumbili, see 25^:8 ^ kumbhila. 

gi)e55, Kumbha, s. frontal globe on the upper part 
of the forehead of an elephant; there are two 
of these projections which swell in the rutting 
season; jar, water pot, earthen cooking vessel: 
mast of a ship; sign of the zodiac (Aquarius): 
name of a noted demon, nephew of Rdvana; 
fragrant resin, or the plant which bears it; 

<539(5, KumbhaTcdra, s. (g2n pot, )3(5 who 
makes) potter. 

5Kis^cao^6, Kumbha-yoni, s. (i^Sco jar, s^csd^S 
womb) one of the names of Agasti, alluding to 
the fable of his being produced from a water 
jar; name of Vasishtha and of Drona military 
preceptor of the Kurus and Pdndus. 

gK)<35{Scs Kumbha-rdsiya, 8. sign of the zodiac 

gste6c<^ Kumbhastalaya, s. hollow on the top 
of an elephant's head, between the frontals. 

is^!tSi:)<^,Kumbhdnda, s. (^ztsikumbha water- 
jar, <f<5?3) anda testicle or semen genitale) sort 
of demon of enormous size. 

a^cf5<5, Kumbhira, 1 s. crocodile, alligator. 

sgSiBc Kumbhila, j [Colloq. SC3 kimbuld'], 

sfDSisScas, Kummehiyd, s miser. 

^S), Kuma, see tSi) kima. 

55 2d, Kumak, s. something, somewhat. 

.50, Kumata, ad. why, wherefore. 

^gS/Qcs, Kumatiya, s. plant, allmania nodifiora, 
( Amarantacece: ) also called >Si9s8(J(^ weni- 

eg 0553, Kumana, s. what. 

KSgS5, Kumara, s. little child, see s^'i6 kumdra. 

5i^, Kumard, s. prince, pi. ^5Ss^dJ kumaro, see 
e?3<5 kumdra. 

^5co, Kumariya, 1 5. princess, pi. 255^c:^, see 

SQ?, Kumari, j .a53S kumdri. 

85c3i, Kumaru, s. Kataragama deviyo, a chUd, 

55(5i93, Kumaruwd, s. child, infant, prince. 

253(5, Kumdra, s. son or male chUd, boy under 
five years of age; prince, heir, and who is asso- 
ciated to the empire; name of Kartik^ya or 
Kataragama deviyo; parrot; tree, tapia cratceva; 
name of the river Indus or Sindhu. 

'25Dc5i55, Kumdraka, s. boy, lad. 

25 3 '5 (5^48s3393, Kumdra-dewatdwd, s. devil nox- 
ious to women. 

5g3c5csa, Kumdrayd, s. prince, 

sg35, Kumdri, s. princess; girl from ten to twelve 
years old, virgin; name of Durga the wife of 
Siva; according to Hindu geography the central 
part of the universe, usually called Jambu- 
dwipa, India proper; the most southern part of 
the peninsula of India, whence comes the name 
cape Comorin or Kumdri; name of a river flow- 
ing from the mountain Saktiman; plant, clitorin 
ternatea, [Colloq. 26(^ ^a9c35d nil-katarolu;'\ 
double jasmine; aloe tree, aloes perfoliata. 

/g3S5S53, Kumdrikd, s. girl from ten to twelve 
years of age, or generally a virgin, princess. 

/5, Kumu, 8. unblossomed flower. 

ay55, Kumuku, s. areca tree; [Colloq. g8J(53853 

2525if>, Kumukulu, s. cock; half blown flower. 
'^9> Kumutu, s. swallowing; diving, sinking. 
'5y^, Kumuda, s. white esculent water lily, nym- 

phea esculenta, red lotus, nymphea rubra; silver; 

elephant of the south west quarter; ddnava or 

infernal deity; camphor. 
55<^8e3', Kumudawanawd, v. to rinse the mouth. 
25e Kumuda, s. aquatic plant, pistia stratiotes, 

[Colloquial: ^cacdSc' diyaparandnld']; tree, 

gmelina arborea, [Colloq. (!^cJ5^^Q et-demafa'], 
55, Kumudu, see 5^ kumuda. 
55e,8?9, Kumuduwatt, s. place abounding in water 

i^ds^iSi?^, Kurakkan, s. sort of grain, sometimes 

called nachchini, millet, eleusine coracana (Gra- 





8<5c5i3eo3, Kuragdnawd, v. to walk as quadrupeds, 
principally used in speaking of hoofed animals . 

5g(5o, Kuranga, s. sort of deer, antelope. 

5(53, Kurata, s. p4ant, gmelina, of which there are 
three species in Ceylon. 

s^6-d^Si, Kwandaka, s. plant, barleria prionites, 
[Colloq. 45595<5g hatu-harandu] ; and also jas- 
minum indicum spinosum. 

g<5co, Kuraya, s. hoof of animals. 

ag(5(5, Kurara, s. fish-hawk, sort of eagle. 

s^d(4, Rural, s. ear of corn, paddy. 

g(5g(3\535(^(53, Kuravi-kevilld, s. Indian cuckoo. 

egc58ei^), Kuravindaha, see egcJl^a^ kuruvinda. 

g(533, Kuravika, s. Indian cuckoo. 

5<5s325j, Kurahan, see ^gd^J^a^s:? kurakkan. 

g(5{5js:f 3C^> KuraTian-talapa, s. kanji or por- 
ridge made of millet. 

^05, Kurd, s. dwarf, pigmy, any male animal 
stinted in its growth; ant, pi. ^5'5^<5^ ku7'6. 

^^c^Cco, Kui'dlaya, s. stage or high altar used in 
demon ceremonies; bier. 

e^Si^e^o, Kurinnan, s. creeper, gymnema lacti- 
Jerum (Asclepiadacece). 

ts^86(Ai, Kurirayd, s. the following word with the 
nominal affix coo, a cruel man etc. 

s^8di, Kuri7'u, a. harsh, cruel, severe, austere; 
bad, noxious. 

458(^^53, Kurirukama, s. cruelty, pi. i^Sc^Gi 

s^($i, Kuru, s. bud, tender leaves; bow; tortoise; 
according to Indian geography Kuru or Uttara 
Kuru is the northern of the four maha-dwipas 
or principal divisions of the known world; it 
evidently means the country beyond the most 
northern range of mountains and extending to 
the frozen ocean; a. small; cruel; short; a prince 
so called. 

i^cJi,oc5), Kurunga-miga, see igdis? kuranga. 

5<5i(S5303, Kurutugdnawd, v. to rasp, to scribble. 

5g<5i<^c5, Kuruniya, s. measure, one eighth of a 
bushel; five of which make one par rah. 

!gJi.^5, Kurutuudu, see e5<35 turd. 

5CJl,g, KurwQdu, s. cinnamon, cinnamomum zeyla- 
nicum (Lauracece.) 

sg-^goid' Kurujulu-gal, s. cinnamon stone, a sort 
of hyacinth. 

^gcJi.sJ', Kurun, plural of agdo kurd or e^cJi 
kuruma which see. 

^5c5ii^ (S^S)^'5^^6^ca^, Kurunda-kobeyiyd. s. purple 

wood-pigeon, alsocomus puntceus, f'order Colum- 

5g(55.:f53o, Kurundanawd, v. to scrape the 
ground with the hoof, as a bull when enraged. 

Qc5i.ef, Kurup, s. tortoise. 

ag-iloD, Kurupdwa, s. post, an oblique or upright 
supporter of a beam or wall plate. 

^(Si^Q, Kurubili, s. sally-port. 

gdiS)38, Kurumbdwa, s. young cocoa-nut. 

^<Sl^, Kuruma, s. Coin=five shillings sterling. 

55(3T.33i>, Kurumdnam, s. aim when shooting. 

2c5L32S3i) S)e'S33, Kurumdnam-balanawd, v. to 

egcJi^iS -sgcJLc^CSj Kurumini-kundld, s. blue-tailed 
bee eater, merop)s j>hilUj)ensis; green bee eater, 
m. viridis; chesnut-headed bee eater, m. sicin- 
hoii, (^order Picarice). 

5c5i^cS3, Kuruminiyd, s. black kind of beetle 
with an extremely hard snout, by which it per- 
forates wood as if bored with an instrument; it 
lodges chiefly in the tops of cocoar-nuts and often 
destroys the tree by its boring to get at the 

gc5l<5e3, Kurumurald, s. kind of fish. 

i^di^Qo, Kurulld, s. the general name for bird. 

55Ld, Kurulu, s. young children; a. young, in- 

e5c3i6(3^(553c63, Kurulugoyd, s. bird; marsh harrier, 
circus aeruginosus ; pied harrier, c. melano- 
leucus; Montagu's harrier, c. ctneraceus, also 
called 05^(3c63 rdjdliyd; pale harrier, c. macru- 
7'us ; Indian buzzard, buteo p)lumipes ; common 
kestrel, cerchneis tinnunculus, two last also caE 
ed <55e^JS3 ukussd, (^order Accipitres); pi. gc5i,d 
SMK3S kurulugoyi. 

SCJlCx< Kurulewa, s. pimple, 

5CJiS, Kuruviti, a. round, globular. 

^c^SisSq, Kuruvinda, s. fragrant grass, cyperiis 
rotundus ; ruby. 

-85c3l(^C> Kuruvilla, s. ruby. 

i^^Qssi6-^Qti, Kurusikaranawd, v. to peep. 

^^(JiScc, Kurusiya, s. the cross, gibbet consisting 
of two pieces of timber placed across each other 

^ either in form of a T or an X- 

e^6^6, Kurura, corruption of t^^6 krura, cruel, 
harsh, severe, wicked, bad, vicious. 

g>6, Kurd, s. hoof of animals. 

(^f^6i, Kurd, s. kind of ant; pi. of egOo kurd. 




^5(^i)65, Kulmat, s. surprise, wonder; joy ecstasy: 
a, lofty, haughty. 

eg(^oJs^e33, Kulmatwenawd, v. to be astonish- 
ed, to be surprised or high-minded. 

SSC*> Kulya, s. bone; kind of measure; winnow- 
ing basket; flesh: a. of a good family, well bom; 
of high rank; of high descent. 

SSC^C) Kulla, s. winnowing fan or basket; hawk 
or kite. 

55c Kula, s. pungent taste; large rock; plunder, 
things stolen; disgrace; family, race, tribe or 
caste; herd or flock etc. of animals of the same 
species; inhabited country; house, abode; body. 

igCoa3, Kulangana, s. (sgc 3^d ^OS'SO an^ana 
Woman) woman of rank, woman of high descent 
or caste; chaste woman. 

^5(5^, Kulaja, s. (^?C race, d born) well born, 
of good family. 

^5ClS^/asftSc5^, Kulajyeshthayd, s, head of a family. 

fi5e^cJi.3, Kuladaruwd, s. (egC family, ^(5iD 
child) legitimate child; man of a good family. 

22 Qg, Kuladu, s. woman of a good family, chaste 

2Se<^^' Kuladetu, Elu form of 5<3>d'38^c03 
kxdajyeshthayd head of a family. 

?C S), Kula-dharma, s. (se family, S) virtue) 
practice or observance peculiar to a tribe or 
caste; peculiar duty of caste or race. 

igQC^g, Kulappuwa, s. agitation, confusion, tu- 

<?C^9'"2SDi, Kulappuwenawd, v, to be agitated, 
to turn fierce (as a horse). 

55es3^cs3 Kulapatiyd, s. (igc and c3?S chief) 
head of a family or race, chief of a tribe. 

s?eo3(9, Kidapdli, s. (gc and ojg who nour- 
ishes) chaste woman. 

?e S^cs3. Kida-putrayd, see sqq qc^Qo Tcula- 

8SG53"id> Kula-peU e. woman with one husband. 

2CC) Kidamala, s, depreciation; abuse of a per- 
son's rank. 

^gC^* Kulaya, s, race, tribe, caste; disgrace. 

*SCd' Kulal^ s> kind of wind instrument, sort of 
horn; plural of the following word. 

*2CC> Kulala, s. neck; scar. 

5C4^^^^* Kulmvaddanawd, v. to cause to entei* 
into the caste, to name, to give the family name 
and title or privUeges* 

s^GQ^, Kulawami, s. (25c and i woman) chaste 
woman, woman of rank. 

igOes^, Kulastri, s. woman of rank, chaste woman 

55C'abD33, KiddAgandwa, s. C8C ^'^'^<* ^^^ 
epS)QD3D angandwa woman) woman of good 
family, woman of rank. 

egCJ, Kuldwa, s. vessel, jug, can. 

g(g, KuHchchama, s. bolster. 

g^, Kuh, s. hire, wages, fare, rent. 

S<353(5c63, KuUkdrayd, s. (^s^Q wages, 53dcfl3 
doer) hired servant, cooly. 

2g(3'20, KuUna, a. of good family. 

?:^S6 , Kidira, s. crab; [CoU. ij)g63 kaJculuwd.'] 

2SSd) Kulundul, s. first born. 

5SOC9, Kulupaga, s. (2C kula and qo upa near, 
(S3 going) faithful friend, familiar acquaintance. 

g(S(^, Ktde, s. caste, rank, race, family, disgrace, 

s^Q6, Kuwara, s. an astringent taste; Elu form of 
egS^^ kuivera which see. 

a5{^3S3, Kuvidtnawd, see 503 kubudinawd. 

^5?^, Kuvinda, s. weaver. 

2SNi9, Kmve'ni, s. noted female demon, who 
forms a very prominent character in the mytho- 
logy of Ceylon; she is the same that was changed 
into the form of a bitch when Vijaya Raja first 
arrived in Ceylon. 

^^B6, Kuivera, s. (^g bad, evil, e><5 body) the 
Indian Plutus, god of wealth ; the name of this 
deity alludes to his deformity, he being re- 
presented as having three legs and only eight 
teeth; his most common name is 9>Q&i^<^ 6d 
wesamuni-raja which see. 

gs>9^e^, Kuweres. s. Casalpinia Bonduc, [Colloq. 
5(5ii,G kumburuwela.')^ 

5S>a3cBcs, Kusesaya, 8. lotus in general. 

i^atSeasQ, Ktishthaghnt, s. (igesiS leprosy, w20 ghna 
what destroys) medicinal plant used in the cure 
of leprosy. 

fig^, Kmhtha, 8. plant, kind of costus; cutaneous 
disorder; leprosy; kind of poison. 

geft5s>(5J<s)c5, Kushtha-rogaya, s. any cutaneous 
disorder ; leprosy. 

5a3<6a), Kushmdnda, s. pumpkin gourd, cucur- 
bit a pepOt 

^ii, Kus, e. Ibellyj Wotntj mslde* 

t^tiq6i Kusdat% Si mm living at auotlier's ex- 

2J8ce, ICussiya, s. kltclieii. 

egse, Kusa, s. belly, womb; interior or inside, 




breast; a sacrificial grass, heterepogon hirtus ; 
water; yoke of a plougli; in Hiadu history name 
of the sons of Rama; also, one of the great 
dwipas, or divisions of the universe, surrounded 
by the sea of spirituous liquor, supposed by 
some to be the land of Kush in Scripture and to 
comprehend the countries between the Indus, 
the Persian Gulf and Caspian sea; rope; 
wrought iron; nose rope of a horse; reia, bridle; 
a. weak; depraved, mad, inebriate. 
5ge3a)6}s)3, Kusaottd, s. uterine brother, one born 

in the same womb. 
^geea)<sSc, Kusa-tana, "Is. arrowgrass, jmniciim 
-eg83C03<sSo, Kusa-trina, ) paniculatum. It is stated 
that on a certain occasion a Brahmin gave a 
handful of this grass to Buddha, who cast it 
on the ground under a Bo-tree, when it imme- 
diately became a seat for him to sit upon; 
hence it is a sacred grass among the Buddhists. 

^ges^dcs, Kusadaraya, s. state of dependence on 

5ge36(g)3S, Kusapilikciwa, s. (igea belly, Q%iSi'iQ 

cancer) cancer in the inside of the belly. 
5503 6g8^, Kusa-pilisindiina, s. foetus in the 

womb; conception. 
ge5vc33sJs>, Kusapotta, s. omentum, caul. 
^^eeC) Kusala, s. merit, power or virtue of good 

works, pi. e^tz<^ kusal. 
5eeC3'53, Kusaldna, s. cup, drinking vessel, pi. 

s^iSQossS kiisaldn, 

<gS, Kusi, s. part of a priest's dress. 

g6d>253305, Kusindrd, s. city in the district of Malla- 
wa, celebrated among the Buddhists as the death 
place of Gautama Buddha. 
k-agS^, Kusida, s. laziness, usury. 

i5gj^, Ktcsumdada, s. (gg D flowers, qq ensign) 
name of e"o^c;D anangayd. 

25g<q(3> Kusumdala, s. see (^ati6 mal-peni. 

'8SS'Q' Kusumdunu, s. name of ^DuC5dcs3 anan- 
gayd, the Indian cupid. 

gg Kusuma, s. flower in general; menstrual dis- 
charge; disease of the eyes, ophthalmia; fruit, 
pi. 55 g Kusum. 

^^g^C Kusula, s. g-ranary, cupboard, place or 
vessel in which grain is kept. 

e^ts)^, Kichaha, $. juggling, deception, sleight of 
hand; hypocrite, cheat, rogue. 

^gao^, Kuhana, Is. small earthen vessel; rat; 

eg ^501, Kuhana, /snake; hypocrisy; false preten- 
sions to sanctity or religion. 

2gcB3, Kuhumbiyd, 1 

55gg93, Kuhumhuwd, J *" 

5g(^, Kuhid, s. doubt, deceit, uncertainty. 

^g^o, Kuld, a. wild, disobedient, unmanageable. 

?5^$>, Kulu, a. , stubborn, disobedient, wUd, unruly, 
ungovernable; hard; s. peak of a rock; un- 
blossomed flower. 

4gd(5)25:fS:?83, Kuluganwanawd, v. (8^ top, sum- 
mit, (K:f8s383 causal of (SisimQi gannaivd to 
take) to place or set on the summit, literally or 

25iis>cK)co, Kulugediya, s. sledge-hammer. 

58 )^, Kulumi, s. mercy, kindness; one of the 
eight tastes as an object of poetry or composi- 

agifi^-isiSo, Kulutuna, s. medicament consisting of 
three spices, pepper, ginger and tippili. 

55)(5\<*di, Kuludes, s. false witness. 

^633, Kuluna, s. column, cap of a pillar. 

^gdoes, Kulupasa, s. (agd spice, oes five) com- 
pound of five spices, viz. ginger, pepper, tippili, 
cinnamon and cardamoms. 

eg6S)S), Kiilubadu, s. pungent substances, such as, 
dry ginger, pepper, etc. 

gdc0(5, Kuluyara, s. basket maker, worker in 

straw, ratans etc. 

g)dt-c, Kulurena, see 5^55(3^<^^-s^ katiikaro- 

^^Q6, Kttluwara, see *g^c0(5 kuluyara. 

egiSs^SeaSo, Kuluwenawd, v. to become disobe- 
dient, or unmanageable. 

e8(',x3, Kuleti, a. wild, unruly, unmanageable, 

g53, Kuttama, s. pair, set of any thing, pi. 
^90 kuttam. 

^53, Kuttu, a. together, with, joined, united. 

^^, Kuta, s. upper part of the frame of a circular 
roof; house, dwelling; peak or summit of a 
mountain; multitude, assemblage; firmness; uni- 
form and elementary substance; illusion by 
feats of jugglers; water jar; ham; mallet, large 
hammer; plough-share; body of a plough; trap 
for catching deer; fraud, deceit, untruth, false- 
hood, lie; a. counterfeit, untrue. 

iq3ssi, Kiltaka, a. hot. 

^^S(S>a5J, Ktitake, 8. heat. 

^8 653C5eacc3, Kufa^tdpasayd. s. (^0 fraud, 5jc3 
fi8C69 ascetic) fraudulent priest, counterfeit her- 




^^Sco, Kutaya, see ^8 kuta. 

^^S ca 253^05, Kuta-yantrayor^ s. trap, snare for deer, 

birds, etc. 
egSraDcSg, Kutasdlmali, s. species of the simul 

or silk cotton tree. 
^Q3OT0<5, Kutagcira, s. (^^S Z;2<<a peak, ipoo^ a- 

<7ara house) upper room, apartment on the top 

of a house. 
g938, Kudya, 8. wall. 
'^gas<3^^^9, Kudaludehi, s. leech-lime. 
a^agSc^, Kudalu-mal, 8. plant, impatiens Jlaccida 

^!5S3(5, Kuddrama, s. tent, pi. ^gSjd^ Hddram. 
s^S), Kudmva, s. nest, cage. 
^^^, ^M<fe, s. basket, pi. ^^3 >['?<(/'. 
a^altc^C^, Kudelld, s, leech, pi. ^^Sid'S^C^ ^^''- 

5<2^c83, Kiiniyd, Is. very small kind of shrimp, 
^^s^e^esj, Knvisftd, j pi. ^<2^ Z'w???", ^<^diS^eeJ 

t^^q^Qo, Kuddanawd, v. to awake: pret. 9.^g83 

^so, Kunama, s. palanquin with a crooked bam- 
boo, pi. ^gS'D hunam. 

gc3, jSrz<j9a, s. well, hole, hollow; mast; tree or 
rock in the midst of a river. 

gC3>, Kupaka, s. mast of a vessel; stake to which 
a boat is moored; leathern oil vessel; hollow 
below the loins; funeral pile. 

5sJ<55, Kupodaka, s. (-e^cj kupa well, (3^5 
udaka water) well-water. 

5^'5, Ktibara, s. nave of a wheel, pole of a car- 
riage or wood to which the yoke is fixed. 

^cao, Kumbiyd, see egg^css kidiumhiyd. 

j, Kumbu, s. elephant; water pot: the proboscis 
of an elephant; unfruitfulness; more properly 

"^^5^ kumbu. 

i5)S9cS@, Kurchasirsha, s. drug, commonly called 
ji'vaka, one of the eight principal medicaments. 

^, Kurma, s. tortoise, turtle. 

i^<^6, Kurmardja, s. (.e^ turtle, t^d king) king 
of turtles, in the mythology of the Hindus; it is 
the tortoise on the back of which the world is 
supposed to rest. 

gS^SJ<5<5, Kurmodara, s. (e^ kurma tortoise, 

^ (5<^<5 udara belly) disease, induration of the 
mesenteric glands. 

^^(5, Kura, s. boiled rice; hair pin, skewer, pi. 
ii^<5l hiru. 

^^doDescD, Kuratampald, see 03oC3 tampald. 
^i5s38o5, Kurapayiya, s, wallet, pocket, large kind 

of purse. 
e^cJScas, Kurayiyd, a. general name for a fish. 
5(5c3, Kurald, s. name of a fish. 
sqScao, Kuriyd, see 5(58ca3 Tcurayiyd, 
^(5lc533383, Kunigdnawd, v. to stir up with a pin 

or wire: pret. ^5<5i(53^3 kurugetvd. 
e^d^Sao, Kuretiya, s. plant, memecylon rostratum, 

( MelastomacecB ) . 
5C38, Kulya, see 2?e* kulya. 
iS^Q, Kula, s. shore, bank; heap, mound; pond, pool. 
is^Qd, Kuwara, see ^^(5 kuhara. 
55^3, Kushmdnda, see ss^'S.^<^ kushmdnda, 
(3^iSietSi6'<^Q'3, Kenkaranawd, v. to use a kind of 

(3^4^os^5^^ 8xd)(^C> Kenkok-werella, s. plant, 

botrychtum zeylanicum, or moon wort. 
(S5oa3x95, Kenkekiri, s. plant, bryonia grandts. 
13^555081(5, Kenwela, see i5i)Sic kemwela. 
(3^S5J), Kekka, s. stick with a hooked end for 

gathering fruit, pi. S59 keki. 
>555S59cs, Kekatiya, 1 . aquatic plant, Aponogeton 
(35555?9cs, Kekatiya, j Crispum ( Naiadacece ) . 
S^455S5<5ct3383, Kekaragdnaivd, v. to chuck as a 

hen, when about to lay: pret. s^SJ^adoo^Ss ^e- 

S 555 5533, Kekd, 

*555i353c35c5, Kekdrdtvaya, >s. cry of a peacock. 


'3>>i9, Kekz, s. female crane. 

(3^S555, Kehu, s. plant, Bocagea coriacea (Anona- 

(5^i58, Kenchi, s. fun, sport, ridicule; o. lean, 

s>i55B55d-<s*o3, Kemhikaranawd, v. to pray, to 

implore, to supplicate, to entreat, to tease by 

s^5S)s^s3D, Kenchiivenawd, v. to become thin, 

to grow lean. 
Q^ssi^^iSid^Qo, Kenjikaranawd, see s*3259)<5 

<fl3 kenchikaranau'd. 
(?)8, Ze^M. a. thin, lean, meagre, gaunt. 
SN33, iTeto, a. short (not long); s. short woman. 
s^5Qc Ketala, s. plant, Lagenandra toxicaria 

s^)39^C Ketavilla, 8. instigation, setting on, 

setting people together by the ears, pi. (5>fi)3(3 


'ekd, "^ 

ic5, Kekdrdtvaya, >i 
), Kekdrew, j 




S^53, Keti, a. short (not tall). 

(^^5S^, Kef/mn, 8. poundino:; digging. 

iS^^55 Dc3<33, Kefmnpata, s. rongh copy, rough draft 

of a writing, pi. (3\^s5DocJ letumpat. 
S^5ii, Ketnma, ft. act of making an incision, of 

digging, cutting, or beating. 
-s^^jS^Q ?, lu'teri, > ., sort of axe with a lono; 
^^3^95:?, Ketjriya, (handle, nsed by Sanvi'i.sis 

or mendicant priests. 
iS^SJ'SvScsJ^g, Kedettu, a. wearied, fatigued, lean, 

tired; thin. 
'S<5S5-<s^co, Kendaya, s, the calf of the leg, pi. 

<5>iSi'<^S)o lendd. 
(S\iS5<*f^5S, Kendikdwa, 1 s. pitcher or jug with 
S^^a^s^^cs, Kendiya, j a lip or spout. 
^ssi^'S'^, Kende., s. calf of the leg, pi. '^^sj^^S^d 


5^S5'S>-<Sff(5, Kenera, 1 

^. y^' \^. female elephant. 

(g\O5*<^05>e3, Kenerangana, ) ^ 

^a555v<s?oj8, Kenehi, ad. at that time, immediately, 

Sv^sisiog, Ket-pahi, s. one whose business it is to 

watch the field, husbandman. 

5?J), Keta, s. Elu form of (S^?B3^ Ishetra, field: 

house, abode, pi. (S^^c3 ket. 
(55Sdi), Ketaram, ad. how much. 
!S^S5(3035, Ketel'y ad. how much, hoAv many, how. 
(^^^5), Kendi, s. wire; small thread, fibre. 
iiS58OT3aDo, Kendirigdnawd , v. to groan, lo 

>4i3)as5a)c8, Kendaya, see :^^2K<c^ kendaya. 
'?)5a)c6), Kendayd, s. kind of fish. 
'9.55dc5, Kendiya, see '5'2S><5^Scs kendiya. 
l5^^D^5:f'9'S), Kende, see (3^555<5tcc kendaya. 
f^ssiisi^, Kenda, s. wire, small thread, fibre. ])I. 

s^isif kendi. 
!3>^sd'<:j55, Kendagam, s. sulphur, brimstone. 
(3\i352s5a!3t^^, Kenhendo, .?. plant, cler^dendrum 

serratum ( Verbenacea> ) . 

(avaneD, Kenam, s. some one, certain one, what. 

(^^^53(^^^5^'^d, Kenek, pron. on6, one person. 

(^^45>'5^^^E^e3, Kenessa, s. water ladle. 

'3^555d::3, Keppa, >. 

S^aado Qj5>cJ, Keppa-u'dte, I s. disease of the 

6^^S5do 83 3c5, Keppa-ivd^iiya, Twomb. 

^)dc5 )3qS, Keppa-wdyuwa, J 

(Sinc33-s?o, Kepamana, ad. how inuch, how many. 

(5\aS)g, Kebandu, ad. how, in what manner. 

*), Ke7n, pi. of s>5 kema; in Elu, plant 

^ bryonia grandis; feast, happiness. 

s^-SiSSd, Kemioara, s. capuism, worship of the 

gods, demons, etc. 
(9)iC Kemwela, s. creeping plant, which bears 

a fruit of the gourd species, Bryonia grandis. 
S*5, Kema, s. sort of magic, exercised to avert 

i^iSiSs^, Kemana, s. sort of long basket used for 

catching fish in very shallow water. 
S^ssi^, Kemi, s. the pedicle or part of the flower 

when the leaves are fallen off. 
<3va)^c5, Kemiya, s. spout of a vessel of any kind; 

pedicle, pi. s^^^ kemi. 
(g\S3^ej:f, Kemen, "I g. Elu form of ^5)^c;e:J kra- 
-jv^sjSnSsj, Kemena, j mayen; basket used for catch- 
ing fish. 
s>i(3, Kemeli, s. froth of the sea. 
(9>2558csi, Keyiyd, s. generic name of wild pines, 

SN5g5<5, Keyura, see Jg(5 keyx'ira. 
^555(5, Kera, s. lame woman, or any lame female 

animal, feminine of sS53C35 kord, lame person. 
cs*:<59(^C Keratilla, s. sprig, small branch, top 

of a tree, pi. (S^S)6QQ keratili. 
^iSi6Q, Kerala, see (3v3(5c ke'rala. 
-s^^sdSc Kerawala, s. extremity, point, or end, 

termination, pi. (S^a)(59(f{ keraival. 
f^iSi'^, Keri, s. lame woman. 

S>ffl?S, Kerima, "> verbal noun of ssi^^Qn kara- 
'3\.SSi^, Keruma, ) natvd, to do, pi. ^S)i% kerim. 
'3i55^<5-<^3, Kerenawd, v. it is being done: pret. 

SN3CJi-a^ kei-nnd. 
3NC3S>(5s5, Keren, affix from. 
^Si<S'6zS, Keremin, part, doing, being done. 
-^lass^dS, Kerevi, s. small venomous serpent, spe- 
cies of coluber. 
3\D(SN<5sB, Kerehi, prep, in, iipon, towards; particle 

and affix, used for dative and locative. 
5\5(^9, Kelmuiva, s. kind of deer. 
3N^(^C Kella, s. female slave; little girl, lass (a 

low word), pi, S^fSif^fS^QS kelld. 
s^3CeoK)S33, Kelagahanaivd, v. to s}>it: pret. 

SNC<55ig3 kelagehuicd. 
^esiQ<?^s>iQ, Kelatolu, s. stammering, speaking as 

an idiot. 
(S^esiQsss^Qo, Kelasanaivd, ly. to defile; to defame, 
(tnS5CK)'233, Kelahanawd, j to spoil, to dirty : pret. 

e>SiGs;iiBQo kelahewwd. 




<S*5@, Keli, s. play, sport, pastime, amusement, 

pleasure; flag, an ensign. 
fijgsJ, Kelin, a. straight, upright, perpendicular. 

(3>(g-S33, Kelinawd, v. to play, to sport as chil- 
dren: pret. S)gco3 heliyd. 

gvaagaad, Kelmalu, s. dancing, sportj play, plea- 
sure, pastime. 

(S^aaQQgQ, Kelibaduwa. s. toy, pi. '3\5(g heli- 

S^55>(3g(^C! Kelimadulla, s, dancing room. 

(S^sjgco, Keliya, s. play, sport, verbal noun of 
(S^SiQ-zsiQo kelinawd, pi. <S5(g keli, 

(a>)(g(^C> Kelilla, s. knee. 

(;>S5(g8i5^, Keliwede, s. toy, plaything. 

|3^^S^(3^^, Kelena, a. playing, sporting. 

<5'^'5^G^-> K^l^s, s. nose; excrement (used for se- 
men); filth; evil in the thoughts, desires, or 
affections; mountain so called: see >5C'33 

5SCf^ i9s8e^, Keles-niwes, s. (^'?^^.(S>cM rock 
so caUed, ^Qs^Se^ residence) name of Siva so 
called from the rock on which he is supposed to 

S^^S5S^CS3, KcUsa, ad. how, m what manner. 

(3^^3>(3Q, Kelesima, verbal noun of s^^QeeeoQa 

^^^C^ed, Kelesun, 1,^^ ^^^^^ ,,,i,,^ 

(3>53*Cg, Kelesuma, j 

S^SJvQ, Kevita, s. goad, pi. s^ffi5S keviti. 

(S^S5SScs9<5, Kevitiya-ktra, s. plant, Meniecylon 
exalata (Melastomacece). 

(S^^5is3, Kevinna, s. part of a ring where the 
stone is set, pi. eali^ kevini. 

>5(^(3, KevilU,\s. feminine of s^siagCD kowtc- 

s^aaSg, Kevili, } Id Indian cuckoo, multitude, 
flock, heap. 

3i^|jfj, Keicul, a. relating to water, 

o^>gC3, Keivuld, s. fisherman, pi. *5)C^ 

'S'^'i^S, KewuU, s. fern, of the above, pi. >gg 
S^ai keividtyd, 

s>53^. Keivuh', a, known, understood. 

(5*555 s^J3, Keicenna, 5. handle of a plough, pi. 
(S'i^^BS kaicem. 

5>-S5(9\S'S3Si3, Kewenaivd, v. to paiii, a;^ the eye, 
when auj' thing has fallen into it, as dust or dirt ; 
pret. Si^gesj kewund, 

S^5as<<6, Keweni, ad. how, in what manner. 

<S*3(5*^a, Keweniya, s. base born son, illegitimate 
child, basted. 

(?2S5e^, Kes, s. hairs. 

^^^e^^;f, Kesmandan, \s. comb for fastening 

5*S>sd?3'^, Kesinadane, j up the hair. 

<3>S3e3, Kesa, s. hair; urine, pi. S'iSiiS kes. 

3.S5ac!S(5c3, Kesakiliya, s. (sv35c urine, B(gco 
house) privy. 

5>55GS3, Kesaga, s. hair, single hair of the head, 
tip of the hair. 

Sv5se3p3, Kesanga, Elu form of s>avS33Sto krisdt'uja, 
poor, lean. 

3*^563(5, Kesara, s. stamina of flowers; mane; hair 
on the body, pi. (S^&eod^kesaru. 

'5va5SS(5 QiCj Kesara-bevila, see i0 brvila. 

<s^ssit&(, Kesard, s. maned lion. 

3>^s>3s8g, Kesarindu, s. lion; [Colloq. fiosocoj ?'//- 

S^esJK^J^,, Kesaru, s. tree, mimusops elengi; lion. 

5*5S5S3ai iSc Jyesaru-beltla, see 9t^C5 bevila. 

(3>538g, Kesimudu, s. key. 

?i555QC, Kesivida, s. key hole. 

3>;5^.5^,, Kestiru, s. the pollen of flowers; dust. 

!S^5^^S3(^, Kesel, 8. banana or plantain, of which 
there are according to Mr. Moon about fifty- 
three species and A^arieties in Ceylon; for their 
names and arrangement, reference must be had 
to his valuable work. 

'5*53e5(^gS', Keselmmva, s. flower of the plantain. 

PiSiS^tSCf, Kese'da. particle of interrogation, how? 
in what manner? it is used also as a particle of 
introduction to a subject under relation; as, that 
is to say, namely, in the following manner. 

^^SsS^di'S:, Kese'nam, I particle of introduction to 

(^^^5>S^e^g, Keseuu, J a chapter or section, or a 
subject Tinder relation, namely, that is, etc., also 
in this manner, thus, so, as etc. 

3^5S\ffi), Kehe, s. hair, single hair. 

(3*es5S*es)^, Kehetu, see (S*.esJ^ ke'lu. 

(S^^s>!3*S)(^, Kehel, s. plantains, bananas, see >s:s>ea(^ 

^ kesel. 

tS^Si^iSiQ, Keheli, s. flags, or trophies of victory, 

4S)^<3gti, Kehelidum, 8, fire. 

<S>^ /ve/rt, s. spittle, saliva; end; numeral of 
100 lakhs; bud, sprout. 

'9>iS3f, Kelak, s, 100, lakha. 

S^452c5, Kelawara, s. end, utmost, final, teilmna- 
tion, extremity. 




is^ssi^^, Kelinda, s. medicinal nut or seed, from 

the tree, neriwn antidysentericum; it is used in 

cases of diarrhasa, dysentery, etc. 
(3<S)S^S', Kelembi, s. man of wealth, or rich person. 
<^^-^5f, Ke, s. hairs; field; screw pine, pandanus odo- 

ratissimtis; also, who? 
<^^^SiO, Ke'kd, s. cry of the peacock. 
3^'^5J9, Ke'kt s. peacock; species of crane, or as 

it is usually called in Ceylon paddy bird. 
^^sJef, Keju, s. cheese. 

t^i^3)s^5, Kedare, Is. lassitude, weariness, fati- 
j^-edgS, Keduwa, J gue, exhaustion of strength. 
?-es3 553555, Ketaha, Is. screw pine, j^cii^danus odora- 
j>-edcD4S, Ketahii jttsstmus. [CoUoq. g^(^^38co^ 

^lo3s>(^, Ke'tale, s. kettle, pi. >Joe ke'tala. 
j^-esf^, Ketu, s. in Indian astronomy the ninth of 
the planets; the dragon's tail or descending node, 
see also c^g rdktr, in their mythology a noted 
demon; banner, flag; mark, sign, symbol; comet; 
falling star; enemy. 

3^<5J^S)3(330, Ke'tumdldwa, s. one of the nine great 

divisions of the known world, the western part 

of Jambu-dwipa, or India proper. 
3<J^, Keijdi, s. scores or lines drawn upon any 

thing, but more especially upon fish previously 

to their being cooked. 
!3-25Jc^3, Kendilanawd, v. to make incisions, to 

score; see the preceding: pret. ^x^^Cx^^ kendi- 

S^Jeg, Kendra, s. squares and diagrams used by 

astrologers in casting nativities, horoscope, 
(3>i^3o3S>, Kenipdta, s. (5 ka water, ^oDsa who 

goes or faUs) oar; helm; rudder, large oar used 

as a rudder. 
S^-esJgc^, Kei/ura, s. bracelet woi'u on the upper 

part of the arm. 
>5J(3, Kerala, s. large fish, one of the whale 

tribe? with the addition of N<^e3 desa it is an 

appellation of a country, the modern Malabar. 
Ov-esJcJg Kerali, s. an aatronomical science; period 

of time, about an hour, 

^i^5, Ken, s. cocoa-nut tree, [Colloq[. >03(5c^C5) 

s^^5Joi) ^;5S333, Kelam-kiyanawd, v. to slander, 

to backbite, to traduce: pret. (S^Jc^ cS03 

<S>^Q%, Kelama, s. slander, backbiting, pi. <3^e^ 

(S\I(3i)3 Ke'lamd, s. slanderous, backbiting man, 
pi. <3>5oi)|j kelanmm. 

S^-esJSt^j Kewala, ad. one, only, alone, by itself; 
all, entire, whole; one of the names of Nirwana; 
absolute, certain; an envious or selfish man; a 
kind of . knowledge, probably of the unity of 

(3^JS(3 Sc53555(5-<^, Kewala-vaiydkaratia, s. 
(si80 only, G8oS335-<s^ grammarian) mere 
grammarian, one not versed in any other science. 

^nAQQ, Kewali, s. sort of religious ascetic; one 
who lives in retirement. 

(5vJs>8(^555<5-<aro3, Kewclkaranawd, v. to grieve, to 
pain, to cause sorrow, to tease, to grumble, 
to haggle. 

S^JcS3, Kesya, s. medicinal plant or tree, which in 
medical works is usually called csoc^ priyangu 
and described as bearing a medicinal and fra- 
grant seed. 

\Ja3555G'<s^, Kesakalydna, s, ((3\5c53 hair, S3Ci 
oso excellent) fine head of hair, both as to colour 
and length. 

(3^^5J(5^^, Kesamushti, s. large species of the 
nimba tree. 

(9N5c3<5d^Q^, Kesarajanika, s. kind of tree, bar- 

, leria prionitis. 

(5^^55c^3(gc8, Kemgraya, s. end of the liau*. 

S>5sJe5S5C3::}cs. Kesakaldpaya, s. well dressed head 
of hair. 

(9vJesS)3^0, Ke'mdhdtuica, s. hair of Buddha pre- 
served in one of the temples or dagebas, and 
ever treated as an object of worship. 

^Je303e3, Kesapdsa, s. much or ornamented hair. 

(s^^sJescssS. Ke'sapdst, s, lock of hair on the top 
of the head. 

(5^^t&6,Kesara,8. iron wood tree, mesiixi ferrea; 
assafoetida plant; tree bearing a white strong 
smelling flower mimtisops elengi, [Colloq. j202)(^ 

(3\^3sc5iD, Kesardga, s. ((S^sSes hair, i^asJ adhesion) 
kind of unctuous substance used by natives as a 
perfume for the head and to make the hair grow. 

S^J^SJ, Kesarin, s. lion; horse; citron tree. 

(5>Jia5, Kesari, s. lion; plant, kind of ginger. 

s^nAxS :iQ, Ke'sarmdra, s. name of Vishnu, lordly 

(3\5538, Ke'sawa, s. name of Vishnu or Krisna, 
alluding to his fime hair. 




(^5e3'3^08, Kesuwesa, s. (<Jes hair, s^Sss orna- 
ment) tress or fillet of hair. 
(53S38, Kaitawa, 8, deceit, fraud, cheating, 

S435gc8, Kaipudiya, s. handle of a box or trunk. 
(s^S5i6Q, Kairawa, s. white esculent water lUy; 

rogue, cheat; enemy. 
Sffi505955, Kairdtaka, s, poison, one of the fixed 

3d53>, Kairdtika, a. deceitful, fraudulent, 
(55C3e3, Kaildsa, s. name of a mountain, stated 

in the Hindu mythology to be the residence of 

Kuvera, the Indian Plutus, and a favourite resort 

of Siva; it is generally considered to be among 

the Himalayan mountains, 
<^ts^S58^, Kaiwarta, s. fisherman, waterman. 
(3\^oo45>c5-<s^S3, Konkaranawd, v. to put aside, to 

set apart. 
(?33o(5)^c33, Konganiyd, s. small prawn. 
(S;35ffi5, Kokka, s. hook, pi. <s>)355 koku. 
(5^a53-ed52505Sc?, Kokkanam-payii/a, Is. sort of 
> 55)3 is> 253, Kokkanama, J wallet or 

bag vised by pilgrims or sanysisis, which they 

hang upon the arm. 
S'SiO'SA^, Kokkti, pi. of (S^5S)3.2S)3 kokd. 
(5a>jJ33 o<5Sc5), Koknd-pKtkshiyd, s. (s^^a5 
fork, 25DD bill, C3-2S bird) bird, turdus gingianus. 
S^^oa^sJ-aoa , Koknd-muwa., s. (5553J33 and 8 

deer) wolf. 
(;^33J^i)33) Kohnota^ s. plant, pipe wort, erio- 

caidon qmnquangulare (Eriocaulonew). 
i35e62d, Koksan, s. violent laughter. 
(S^5o^ds3SC'2533, Kokhaudalanawd, v. to call 

workmen or labourers together by a certain kind 

of whoop, to shout out in laughter: pret. s^^sa-ed 

S)SCx5^!> kokhandalewd. 
/i3>53^}5, Koka, s. wolf. 
S^535553cs, Kokatiya, s. tree, garcinia temophylla 

(3^S535(5-^.25dS)3, Kokadenaivd, v. to hallo or shout, 

to huzza. 
S53>'5:^, Kokanada, s, red lotus, red water lily. 
^a)353^ (^^^^^9, Kokanada, ice'ndwa, s. sort of 

fiddle given by Sakra to Buddha when he was 

Kusa Raja, made of wood which resembled the 

red lotus. 
S>ffl3)3^tC Kokanadawela, s. red lotus. 
S^S53^3, Kokd, 8. crane or heron, of which there 

are many species in Ceylon ; some are named as 

follows <s^'S>Q(s'SSi3Sii beli-kokd muscle coloured, 
ggs^eajiao smJu-kokd white, 5eK><s^)3SJ3 kana- 
kokd dun coloured; iSi6Qx(^<S'iSi'i^')karawelkokd 
long necked; 3e32sJ(545)3533?nanara-^-o/i;a spread- 
ing; ^order Herodiones). 

0^5553 Q(5, Kokila, s. Indian cuckoo, cuculus nu- 
crop)terus (order Picaricc). 

<s*es>oiS>tS, Kokis, s. kind of food or bread made of 
rice flour. 

S^iOJago, Koktin, s. saffron; tree, swietenia febri- 

<^s^3^g9l3^c3^^g, Kokunpotn, s. tree, kokuna zeyla- 

nica (Celastracece); also called 8253c33-9 tvana- 

<St3355, Kokiim, see <s^^'i^a kokuu. 

<5^3Q<5, Kochchara, ad. how much, how many. 

iS>5S)38e3 S)S)C Kochcht-batala, s. species of bind 

weed convolv'uhts batatas. 
S^^55^o5^, Kochchiyd, s. kind of fish, a man of 

(3>ffi>380, Kotta, a. dry, dried; s. pillow, bolster, 
S^2553S3 <5'Sn5, Kotta-ure, s. pillow case, pi. >3380 

q6 kotta-icra. 
(S^&oBQo, Kaftan, see (3v3380i) kottam. 
s^539So s^coSca, Kottan-gediya, s. medicinal nut, 

used also in mar king cloth. 
(3>539Q, Kottam, s. plant, costus speciosus ; 

[Colloq. S^S)g tebu.'] 
i3>^ji)3, Kottambd, s. Indian almond tree, ter~ 

minalia catappa (Combretacea;). 
S^53SQ3e3ce, Koftdsaya, s. part, portion, division, 

section, pi. >)3903es kottdsa. 
539s^9, Koite, s. cushion, pillow, pi. s^393 

>45i39s^8^c5i83, Kottormvd, s. bird, brown-headed 

barbet, megalcema zeylanica; yellow-pointed bar- 
bet, m. favifrons; crimson-breasted barbet. 

xantholcema hoimacephala, also called (^ <3^iS539 

(3^SJc$i,83 mal-kottoruwd; (^order Picarice). 
(5^^5533, Kota, a. short; little, abridged, curtailed; 

also, p)^Kf' P<^^f- of 5(5-<s^3 karanawd to do; 

s, jackal. 
3^as^^9^55^d8^^3^, KotakanHcawld, s. small fox bat, 

Cynopiteris margmatus, 
(3^&i3d^%&, Koiadimbiild, s. kind of ^g-ti^cc, Jicus 

opjyositifolia, variety of F. hispida ( (Jrticacea ) . 
'3^5^0:fe3^, Kotannd, s. wood cutter. 
S^>39f eosJco, Kotan-hatta, s. fungus which groAVs 

on the trunks of trees* 




SS)3333, Kofanaivd, v. to dig with a spade; to 
bruise, or beat as paddy, when separating the 
husk from the grain; to fight, as cocks only; to 
cut as with an axe: pret. (5>S)03 kepuwd. 

v:33c8i.(^, Kotala-wel, s. creeping plant, Torenia 
asiattca ( Sa'ojihulariacecc) . 

'5^^53^^^5^8^, Kotawanawd, v. to set on, to insti- 
gate a quarrel; to chop, to dig: pret. s^sjs^OSSs 

(S^SJoOee, Kotasa, s. part, portion. 

S533wd, Kotahalu, s. present given by a young 
woman to her dhoby on her puberty. 

(^sjdO^s^^-sd, Kotaludena, s. she ass, pi. S>333^ 
*^^'S kotaltidennu. 

SN^S53c)dS3, Kotaluwd, s. ass, jackass. 

(S^ss>o!z)'3, Kotd, s. short man, pi. S^^SJsSQ kottu; 
perf. part, of (3>5S533eS3 kotanawd, see above. 

(9>53S^5)o tgG> Kotikai}-belila, ) s. medicinal 

<S^ss>'i^'lSio'Sii^Q, KotikaJi-bevila, J fibrous plant, 
sida rhombifoUa (Malvaceae). 

*53953, Kotikd, s. dried arecanut. 

Si^aDSs^^ao, Kotidena, s. tigress, pi. ^isnQiS^^^'^ 

(3>J3Sc53, Kotiyd, s. Ceylon tiger or leopard, Jelis 
pardus; pi. <S>ss)oQ koti. 

(3^3^, Kopu, a. surrounded, fenced in. 

S\5533(;psJs>, Kotu-atta, s. path, by-way. 

S>^553g 033 ds^d, Kotu-tdppe. s. rampart, pi. S^^sg 
S33do kotu tdppa. 

(S^5553c)oOT, Kotupata, s. see (5^^S)32|^Js3 kotto-atta. 

(^^5^953g<5, Kotupawura, . walls of a fortress etc. 
pi. >5a33-5L kotujMwuru. 

SvSJsg, Kotuiva, s. enclosure; fortress, castle, pi. 
>S53 kotu. 

(3^&-233\D, /lo/e, s. short thing, stump, pi. &^:iQ kota. 

^^^5)o, ) Kotfhaka, s. mner apartment; gran- 

(3^^3c^5, J ary; fort. 

3C3, {j{QftJidsa, see (9^D)SiJisc3 koitdsaya, 

5*.S53a)co3, Kodayd, s. black ant, pismire. 
3^A'S))i5, ilToc??, ^5/{tr. of i3^33c2 kodiya. 
3>.3553<2n3(5c53, Kodikdvayd, s. standard bearer. 
iS'^jO^ ^'^i^-i^Q, Kodttiiwakkuwa, s. sort of gun 

used by the Kandians, and placed when fired on 

a portable tripod; grasshopper gun, jingal. 
(^^^^I3:5, Kodiya, s. colour, standard, flag, banner. 
S^tSJ^J^so, Kodivina, s. magical incantations of a 

mischievous tendency: any other acts doue with 

a view to produce mischief. 


'S^)^, Konda, s, fruit; pig; socket of the arm 

where it joins the shoulder; huge hog. 
'ffi>3(3g, Kondaltndu, s. king, [Colloq. 6 d raja"], 
(3^<5S53(9^3(^, Kondol, s. snakes; goats; ear orna- 
?5^2a3v3(2, Kondola, s. kind of yam, pi. Sv)3iS*s)3(^ 

(3>43(S>)3Q3, Kondola, s. earrings, plant, kind of 

'5^^^3S^<sScS), Konde, s. kind of binder used to tuck 

up the hair of the head, hair of the head as tied 

up behind, pi. ^ssio-d^o kondd. 
'5*5)3s5, Kot, s. sceptre; point of a bow, spear; wife 

of Vishnu; banner of Cupid. 
(S>33sJ^j)id(^C3, Kot-kerella, s. spiral lines or 

wreaths winding round the ornaments on the top 

of a house. 
S53cJo3, Kottama, s. kind of jacket worn by the 

Sinhalese; kind of waistcoat, pi. (3>>3cJs) 

(S>53i5Jc3(^(g, Kottamalli, s. coriander, conandrum 

^53sJ^S)(5<^83, Kottukaranawd, v. to prick or 

pierce with a small puncture. 
(S^ssiO^'Bq, Kot-7nala, see <s^&'3^^^id>(^Q kot-ke- 
iS^^3cJ(3558, Kotvilakkuwa, s. standing lamp 

of copper etc. 
S'^S3S3, Kota, .. spire or other ornament, at the top 

of a buUding, pi. (3^,2S336J kot. 
(aa)305'S3, Kotana, ad. where? in, or to, or at what 

(S>^3SD, Kotatnbu, s. neck gem of Vishnu. 
^ssidSiQa, Kotalaya, s. vessel with a spout for 

drinking out of. 
S\5'j3aD3oqiQ, Kotdyucla, s. spear, lance; name of 

Kan da; see ^^^^e) :k kandakuinani. 
^sa3.^, Kotu, s. laughter. 
i3>.Si3^S5(5<!^93, Kotukaraiiawd, v. to j^ick, nibble 

(as a fish at a bait). 
^5)-2gc5tS)i'if^, Kotui'ubc'dda, n. plant, psychotria 

o'^a 38, Kotiiiva, s. one-twentieth part of a parrah 
(5v.K)i-gs)C Kotuhala, s, tumult, uproar, disturb 

3Nis:53^o3J, Kotek, ad. how nmchj how many. 
(3^S53S3t5595, Kotenhida, ad. where? in wlia* 

'"^tSi'M^, Koda, 8. rancour, grudge; proii. who? 




.s, island. 

(S>533S>^S, Kodewwa, 1 

SNa53(3Ni^0, Kodewuwa, j 

<53^, Konda, s. white esculent water lily, nym- 
pJioea esculenta. 

53ej5t5(d, Konda-heladu, s. plant, species of 
jasmin ; another plant, species of the nymphoea 
or water lily. 

S*a33^e5i(5, Kondasera, s. bow of flowers; garland. 

(Sv)3g, Kondu, 8. things made of goats hair. 

(5^55)3g C3C53, Koudu-palasct . s. exceedingly fine 
cloth, made of goats hair. 

i9^53g<5<s>S, Kojidurana, a. whispering, murmuring 

S^3^g<5iw^, Konduranawd, v. to whisper, to mur- 
mur, to grumble, to complain: pret. (?455gcJi3 

(S^Si'JisS, Kon, plur. of <s^>33 lona. 

(SN^sioesf )<5<3s583, Konlaranawd, v. to put aside or 

(Si5>3ff:!'Si>^i-<^S3, Koncham-laranmcd, \v. to 

*53^Ss5<5'<s^&3, Konchi-karanmvd , J mock, 
jeer, laugh at, ridicule. 

C>S33:f3, Konda. s. kind of binder or girdle used 
for tucking up the haii-, pi. 3>J35:fsvS konde. 

a53255e) fiSt^c^C'j Konda-kuridld, s. small bird, 
called Madras bulbul, pi/cnonotiis hfemotThois, 
('order Passeres). 

(3>S33:J83^4553S)j, Konda-kohi, s. pied-crested cuc- 
koo, coccystes'jacobinus; red-winged crested 
cuckoo, c. coromandus ('order Picaria;). 

^S)3255S)tgJ, Kondakewun, ) s. kind of cake, 

(3^532s5a)as>t, Kondakeivum, fin shape resemb- 
ling the 5^533 s:f(3<S) konde. 

'3^^5^^^d Sgt^, Konda-umndurd, s. Madras laiigur, 
Semnojnthicus priamus. 

s53JiS), Konde, s. bunch, or knot, in which the 
Siijhalese tie up their hair, pi, '5>33es:re)3 konda 
or '5^^55J^5:JS) konda. 

(9>532003, Konfa, s. kind of spear or lance, rosary. 

<3^)33eD32^Qc2, Kontdyudhaya, s. spear, or lance; 
Indian god of war, see 5^g3^cfi3 kanda- 

'^S5i^?si'5^fsi, Kontc, s. stick forming one part of a 
tripod, with a large iron hook at the top, two of 
which are used for supporting a palanquin when 
not in motion, and to prevent it from touching 
the ground. 

<s^4S3*^, Konda, s. rump. 

(?53aJ<5_(5^9, Kondete, s. spine, pi. <Si553^^Q kon- 

5>fiD3:f(S^'2533, Konwenaivd, v. to go aside, to step 
out of the way. 

5a5>3.33, Kon a, s. end, corner, angle; comer of a 
room, pi. (5*53>3ed kon. 

9^>32S35S5, Konaka, ad. apart, aside. 

(5^S53353e33, Kouahanawd, 1 v. to pinch, to nip: 

'S^ .SiOi^sS ea^Qo, Komssanaivd, J pret. ^ssass^Q^ ke- 
nahuwd; e^^si^d'gSa kentssuwd. 

^Si'idod, Koppara, s. kernel of the cocoanut cut 
in pieces and dried in the sun, from which oil is 

'S^53rfc3^, Koppard, s. sort of large sea fish. 

(?5s>30-(!se, Kopamana. ojd, how much, what num- 

'3^^55^8(^, Kopil, s. cheek, [CoUoq. -aa^ge kam- 

'^Sio^, Kopu, s. well, [CoUoq. @^ linda^. 
'3ffi33g(^ ^5, Kopul-ata, s. cheek. 
?>-S53gc Kopida, s. cheek, jaw, pi. )3g(^ koptd. 
5^^55^g9, Kopuwa, s. sheath, scabbard, pi. ^roog 

(^^^^)^(3^o, Kope, s. anger, see oJeco kopaya. 
9v>3'5>03C, Kopola, 8. cheek 
S\53^^, Kobbe, 8. tree, allophylus cohbe (Sapin- 

3^^^^S), Koba, ad. where. 

s^3S)^C Kobam'la, 1 8. tree, mountain ebony, 
S^53S)((3, Kobalila, } bauhinia purpurea. 
S^3(S^S)8oo3, Kobeyiyd, s. common Indian dove, 

turtur risorius; spotted dove, t. suratensis, also 

called cp6(553>ScS3 alu-kobeyiyd ; ('order Co- 


(S^^E^(S^S)J'?'(5^Sc<^C Kobogedi-walaUa, 8. pigeon 

(S>>3>S)J<3^c59(3g, Kobogedi-walalu, s. projecting 

ends of beams in houses etc. often ornamen'od. 
'?539^J eacas, Kobo-nayd, s. snake. 
3>53S*J r^, Kobo-mal, s. tree, Eugenia oper- 

ctdata (Myrtaceos) ; also called Ss^s.'^ bata- 

s^^533S^S)J8.2s5ffi)3, Kobikvakkd, s. plant, ventilago 

<5>s>3, Kombtiwa, ) .<?. musical instrument shap- 
'?<ffl)j9, Kombuwa, fed like a French horn: 

Sinhalese character i kombuwa representing the 

vowel 9 e. 
5^2553 s)3, Komadd, s. name of a fish. 
(3^4553^, Komadn, s. water melon, citrullus vulgaris 






>53g, Komandu, s. gourd, cucurbita citrulla; 
[Colloq. csJ ^iSi'i^^yak-homadu.'] 

(5>53:Js^^, Komande, s. troop, detachment, pi. 
s^^^^5J^ komanda. 

^SioQ, Komala, a. soft, flexible; s. things pro- 
ducing love or affection, any thing soft. 

(^^^55^S)C2^^<sro9^, Komcda-haranawd, v. to make 
love, or to court. 

<S>fi)3i)3S5S53, Komdrihd, see iS^5J355553 Mmdrilcd. 

(S^ffi33, Komu, s. fine cloth made of goats hair. 

s^>38, Komwpidu, s. kind of cake or bread 
made of rice flower. 

(S^538(3, Komupili, see (3>3|j homu. 

(3<-as533^55, Koyaka, ad. which ? 

(S^538, Koyi, ad. where? which? 

>55>3S'S^<Y> Koyinda, ad. whence, from whence. 

<S^i5i'i6, Kora, a. lame; s. scales of fishes. 

(3^ffi33'55W, Korakaha, s. plant, memecylon umbella- 
tum ( Melastomacea' ) . 

(5^^553 (5455 3, Korakahd, s. kind of saffron. 

s^3(5CTS3eD83, Koragahanawd, ?\ to limp, to walk 

(S^53(5, Koratti, s. jackal; enclosure. 

(3^^K3c5g^, Koratuwa, s. sort of fence in order to 
prevent cattle trespass. 

>4K3(5, Korandu, s. abridgment, conciseness. 

(^^03<5<3^e3^^5^s^, Korapotta, s. scale of fish; scab, 
pi. >>3(5f3vc33^ korapotu. 

Sv^3(5s>c33(^ s^co^CiS, Korapol-gediya, s. cocoa-nut 
for fighting; at pestilential times the natives 
have a ceremony of throwing cocoa-nuts one 
against the other, to remove sickness, but at 
other times for sport, sometimes and more pro- 
perly Avritten (5>o^c5(^^c^^(^'5^c55cs porapolgediya. 

(5>ffl53(5(5i93, Koratnburuwd, s. fish, char. 

>)3<5(^, Koral, s. coral. 

S^^3(5c J'^orala, s. scaliness. 

(S'53(5c^. Koralan, .<?. flat fish, carp. 

(54553(5C33, Korrddivd, s. kind of small sea fish. 

S^iSiodQxo, Koraliyd, s, fresh water fish, species of 
the carp. 

S^J3(5^3, Korawakd, s. bird called ruddy rail, 
porzana fusca ; blue-breasted rail, hypotcenidia 
striata; white-breasted water hen, erythra 
phoenicura; (^order GraJla?.) pi. (5^^353(50 ^s5 55 ko~ 

iS^2353(5e, Korasa, s. large pan; a. rough. 

(Sffi33dse)i(^, Korasa-irel. see fS^fSi'XS^'imQiQ korosa 

<S^53dc3iS, Korasedi, a, rough, rugged, hard, 

'5^5533<5'k), Koraha, s. large pan, large chatty, see 

>iS53(5s3 korasa. 
>53<52S3x, Korahedi, see e^ostfesrS korasedi. 
(3^>3d5, Kord, s. lame man, any male lame animal, 

pi. ?35i, koru. 
<^^^S53(5l, Koru, s. jackal, [Colloq. ^sdScss wa?7)/a]j. 
se553(S^(^e^, Koros, a. cruel, barbarous, hard heart- 
ed; plant, see the following word. 
^.a5>3(Si<^ea StQ, Korosa-wela, s. creeper, deUma 

sarmentosa (DiUeniacew). 
'3>S53'5N^e3 SN^soQ, Korosa-koJa, s. pi. leaves of a 

creeper, used to clean furniture. 
^!S)~)(^C^^Qo, Kollakanaivd, v. to rob, to plvmder. 

to pillage. 

'5*53(^C<^<3^'3C Kollankola, s. plant, kind of 

(S'SSiOi^Qsi 09, Kollan-gaha, s. tree, garcinia or 

xanthocymus pictorius, [Colloq. <5c)(3>(5>3c5) rata- 

(9>es)3(^(^cc, Kollaya., s. plunder, pillage, things 

taken by theft. 
^4553(^(35 Kolld, s. young lad, youngster, (a low 

word), pi. <s*^,0(^(S^q3 kallo. 
3>iS53(^g, Kollu, s. horse gram, Madras gram, 

dolichos biflorus (Leguminosa;). 
(9^^553(^(^x0, KoUeiva, s. outrigger of a fishing 



(3> 4553 (3^5 (5, Kolakura, s. bud, young shoots of the 

(3^4553C455i3cs, Kola-ketiya, s. heap or stack of com. 
'3>-S53(3^, KoJatii, s. branches. 
sS53(3^<5, Kolatu7-a, s, tree. 
(3^5553(3 ^c53, Kola-diviyd, s. (<o^^jq and S^(M3 

ounce) tiger cat, felis rvbiginosa. 
iS^S530 s^-^^(3-s^^^, Kola-nelanawd, i\ to weed, to 

pluck out weeds. 
(S^^3(3oa?, Kolapata, s. leaf of a book or tree, pi. 

(5>a>3(3(3sJ kola pat. 
(3^^3(;^c;<5^8c53, Kola-pardtiyd, s. kind of fish. 
'3>-S53C cssS'? Kola-pdta, s. green (literally leafy 

(9>ffl53(2;g9, Kolapu'ra, s. spathe of the flower of the 

cocoa-nut tree, 
s^assjf^ <S383, Koh-madinatva, v. to thrash corn 

by trampling: pret, (9^^3(^tSa)3 kola-meddd. 
t^SSi'iQ^'SiQ-), Kdltnnitrnird, s. kind of small sea 

fish. I 




^"' I arf. how much, how many. 

(^^>^esJCcs, Kolahalaya, a. tumultuous noise; 

noise, uproar, quarrel. 
S53C?9d' Kola-himbul, s. sort of silk cotton, 

from i^3<siJ(^z}Q hutasdlmaU. 
e*33(3, KoU, 8. tree, zizyphus jujuba, [Colloq. Sw 

SS(5 maha-debara and eso Twasa^]. 
(?53(3s>, Koliha, s. extreme point of a tree. 

S^4553g, Kohl, 1 J J IT 

c. , , > see (5>a50(3C3 a;o< to. 
e>)3g83, Koluwa, ) 

S^^^5^<^, ^o/e, s. leaf, branch; herbs; raiment; rat 

snake, Garunda; ferry, pi. ^SSi')Q Tcola. 
<^>3S^C3^cs, Kolomhiya, s. species of mango tree. 
(S'!S'.'i'5''Q>,'if^Q, Kolombmva, s. wooden stool, log of 

wood to sit upon. 
'sN3iJa3>3, Koivakkd, s. plant, bryonia grandis 
i5>3)S<5, Kovichara^ 
(S^5^s^(5, Kovitara 
'5>^3(^e5. Kowulld, 8. kokila or Indian cuckoo. 
SNi553e, Koivula, s. decayed or rotten tree, pi. 

s^oogc^ lowuL 
<5^ss)-fS, Kos, s. lack tree, artocarpus integrifolia 

( Urticacece ) . 
s^S3ie^ ffcJoD, Kos-atta, 8. plant, Blachia umbellata 

>)3f^'!fiQ c;3, Koseta-miyd, s. common Indian 

mouse, 7nu8 urbanus. 
i^fSi-itS^^ 8C3 Koaeta-wawld, . Coromandel 

bat, Scotophihis coromandelianus. 
'3^^^=^ ^^'^de^j Kos-hurulld, s. bird called little 

minivet, pericrocotus peregrtnus ^order Pas8eres). 
'553Ef 2sm8c;3, Koskctiyd, 8. sort of tree. 
s>3!^6D Kos-bada, s. tree, ieVsm tomentosa 

S^33f^gs8<3^cs3, Koslihiniyd, s. curlew. 
s^^35^rfi^, Kossa, s. brush, broom, fibre; matter in 

a boil, pi. '5^S53S5 ^oAtt. 
(S4?3e^e33, Kossd, s. kind of sea fish or fly. 
(5^5353, Kosamba: see ';^5^s^eK)^ kohomba. 
(^^)^a^S isnosc^' Kosamba-polangd. s. snake. 
s^53!S3e. Kohala, s. secret things, hidden property; 

'5^33533, KoM, 8. Indian plaintive cuckoo, cuculm 

passerinus (^order Ptcarice). 
>53i^C, Kohila, s. plant, (both leaves and root 

edible); Laaia sptnosa (Aracece). 
(S^^Dg, /foA?/, s. sort of paddy, on/za aattra; fibre 

of the cocoa-nut husk. 
<5>a53g , Kohvr-amba, 8. species of mango, man- 
go/era indica. 

'5^a53g <9S(^C> Kohu-hinlla, s. plant, microco8 

'S>a)3g <j9(^(^5, Kohvrdewareddiri, s. sort of 

paddy, or3/za sativa. 
^Sii^Q^^, KoTiu-lanuwa, 8. cord made from 

the fibres of the husk of the cocoa-nut. 

;N)3'5^Kr, Kohe, 1 , , . . . 1 

> aa. where, m what place. 
?>>3^tr<j, Koheda, j 

<s^53S*S338, KoTiota, s. share, part, portion, see 
s^ffliSes Tcotaaa. 

3*5553 '5* 8533 6, KoTioui, 8. school, place for learning, 
[Colloq. see5i)J(^c3 skolaya."] 

';N53<'s*as)3, Kohomba, 8. margosa tree, azadirachta 
indica (Meliacece). 

3*3S*cs)3e', Kohoma, 1 ad. how? in what man- 

?<>3i5>833^, Kohomada, f ner? 

';*S53S*S33(^, Kohol, 8. shame facedness, shyness; 
covered or concealed place, rod, stick. 

3^^S5^S^K)^(^C^ Koholle, s. gum of the jack tree. 

'?^3S>asJ39e, Kohovila, s. plant, dracontium spino- 

is*53S*3, Kolom, 8. tree, ac?ma cordifolia or 
nauclea (Rubiacece). 

?>^5^J, -So, t?. where; . anger. 

'^ss'iiSi, Koka, ad. which; 8. wolf, see (S>a)35 ^o^a. 

-s^^oifcBcso, Kokiyd. s. cook. 

^SjJiBGcoa. -S'oHZaya, . black Indian cuckoo; this 
bird has a pleasing and affecting note, and ac- 
cording to Indian poets produces strong emotions 
in the heart, and makes a prominent figure in 

^ their poetry. 

(S^sjJSScs, Kottaya, 8. fort. 

"i^-SRJS, Koti, 1 number, 100 lacs or ten 

S>,55:Jc, Kotiya, j millions; end, termination; edge 
of a sword; end of a bow; point, edge, corner, 
angle; eminence, excellence; plant medicago es- 

*5ia9, Kotuwa, small stick, pi. (S^^3^ kotu. 

"^ciJ^, Kodrawa, Is. species of grain eaten 

(S^Sii^Q^, Kodraivaka, f by the common people 
paspalum 8crobicuIatum, [Colloq. ? amu]. 

(S^Siic^i^, Kodanda, 1 

iS'SS^is^G,^, Kodona, J 

^>Je<^S)3, Konduruwdf s. eye fly; gnat. 

(S^iSii?^, Kon, s. tree, Ceylon oak, producing a 
pleasant acid fruit, schleichera trijuga (Sapin- 

s^^J^^, Kona, s. general name for the three divi- 
sions of the year. 


,8. bow; the eye brow. 




(SiS5cf s>, Konama, s. general name for cloth, bath- 
ing cloth, hence, rag, poor man's cloth. 
S>Jc3, Kopa, a. angry, wrathful, passionate. 

'S^ssii'O'ji, Kopaya, s. anger, wrath, passion, sorrow, 

';^^s>J9, Kopi, s. cofPee, coffea arabica. 

(^553^89 -rf3 9c53, KSphvatta-miyd, s. bush or cofEee 

rat, golunda ellioti. 
'5'SiSz>o8ss:'i, Komdrikd, s. kind of medicinal plant, 

aloe, aloe vulgaris. 
<S^ssi36iSi, Koraha, s. bud, unblown flower; kind of 

perfume; berry containing a resinous and fra- 
^ grant substance. 
(^^^S5cf(5(3^(^, Korale, s. part of a province, division, 

pi. (3Nas>J(5(5 Mrala. 
(^ssi5($ 7, Kordla, s. the chief of a K6ral^, 
'S^^S);JC Kola, s. fruit of the jujube tree; kind of 

pepper, 2yiper chavya, [Colloq. SScs siviya] ; hog; 

raft, float; haunch, hip or flank; embrace; planet 

Saturn; kind of plumbago p)l'^fnbago zeylanica ; 

a country, Kali^ga, including the sea coast 

from Kuttack to Madras; kind of weapon, 

^tSii'^iS), Kolaka, s. kind of pepper, piper longum; 

^^35T(5SS)a>, Kolambaka, s. body of a lute, whole 
of it except the strings; large water jar. 

(S^^Sq, Kolama, s. masked dance in which both 
human and supernatural characters are introdu- 
ced, masquerade, show, pi. '3^>J(^i) kolam. 

(3^Jg8(^(, Kolawalli, s. long pepper. 

(^sjJc efoSsJ^Qcs, Kola-sanniya, s. excess of phlegm 
in the throat so as to cause suffocation; cholera 

t^iSiJcy^Q, Koldruwa, s. want, need, necessity. 
'5^&'5J(30S3(3, Xoldhala, s. tumult, uproar, loud and 

confused noise, riot. 
<s^ssii, Koli, s jujube tree. 
(s'4Kif(3593, Kolikuttu, s. large sort of plantain, 

table plantain. 
(S^ssi6^(^, Kole, s. diffidence, shyness, bashfulness; 

kind of paralytic affection. 
(3^dJ9, Kowa, s. crucible. 
s^SiiSesJ^Jj, Kowakkd, s. plant, cephalandra indi- 

ca, or coccinea ( Cucurbitacece ) . 
^iSiiB, Kovi, s. cabbage, brasica oleracea. 
Si53>cf^, Kovida, a. wise, learned. 
S^s>ff3c,<5, Koviddra, s. species of ebony, bauhinia 

<s^^5QC Kovila, s. brahminical temple, pi. s^>J 

(^ kdvil. 

(S>G)3^Q, Kowe, see (^^a5J8 kowa. 

<^iSii(s&. Kosa, s. egg; gold; shoe, sandal. 

(^^>Jc5^(3, Kosala, see (^^3ssq kosala. 

a^^aJ^, Koshtha, s. granary, place in which grain 
is kept; apartment; stomach. 

^'Ss>5'<s, Kosha, s. egg; sheath, scabbard; bud; gold, 
any of the precious metals; wealth, treasure; 
treasury; drinking vessel; vulva; womb; testicle; 
scrotum; penis; ball, globe; nutmeg; dictionary, 
vocabulary; shoe, sandal; beard of corn. 

^ssiifSiSi, Koshaka, s. egg, testicle. 

3^5j2S33<5, Koshakdra, s. sugar cane; silk worm, 
or the insect while in its cone, chrysalis. 

^^S5df5S ci^KJcs, Kosha-garbhayo, s. leathern purse 
or bag of any kind; scrotum. 

^^^55cf5e^s^^, Koshdtaka, s. hair; creeper, momordi- 
ca cylindrica. 

'5^5J^o^5S, Koshdtakt, s. small species of cucum- 
ber; cucurbitaceous plant, lufa acutangula 
[CoUoq. Q^^(5^^55^fi wetakolu] ; night. 

s^^aJes, Kosa, see 'S^)Jgs kosha. 

3^5Je3 6e, Kosa-phala, s. (a^^Ssc egg, 6c fruit) 
kind of berry, in shape resembling an egg, con- 
taining a waxy and fragrant substance, bdellium. 

5vJe3C Kosala, s. name of the city Ayodhyd; 
country or district south of Ayodhya, (Oude) 
and one of the great scenes of the public minis- 
try of Buddha; one of the kings of this city was 
the first who set up an image of Buddha for 
public worship. 

3>^Je330D), Kosdtaka, see ts^ssijis^Sisa koshdtaka. 

(s^iK^ssaocS Kosdtaki, see (5<Jsei3e35S koshdtaki. 

s^iSi^s^i?, Kose, see s^&iS^ kosha. 

S'^3'S^iiX-o, Koseyyan, s. silken cloth; carpet in- 
wrought with gold. 

^Si^ss^a^*, Kaukritya, s. (sg kti bad, )3C35 notion) 
evil, wicked deed, wickedness, 

!5^3]S5, Kautika, s. (tt^S kuta trap, tS^sJ fhak 
affix) hypocrite, cheat, deceiver; one who kills 
animals and sells their flesh for his own subsis- 
tence; hunter, poacher, mountaineer. 

(?i235')^S>QJ, Kaudu-bo, s. tree, Ficus arnottiana 
(Urticacece); also called ^KgQ's^QJ kapntu-bd or 
555^1^ J^J kaivudu-bo. 

(^^)J>s^^5D, Kaundinya, s. thirteenth lunar as- 
terism designated by a hand containing five 
stars, one of which is seven or eight Corvi; tree 
horago zeylanica? 




<S^35)2g555, Kautuka, s. desire to see strange tilings, I 
cviriosity, eagerness; vehemence, impatience; joy, 
pleasure, happiness; sport, pastime, festival; 
friendly greeting. 

(9\.aDT^S53as3J(5cs, Kautukdgdraya, s. museum. 

'yvca^-egsjc Kautuhala, s. eagerness, vehemence. 

(5^&"5TS>Ss), Kauntika, s. spearman, lancer, soldier, 
armed with a spear. 

(5v^aTS*95, Kauberi, s. name of Kuvera or Wesa- 
muni-raja chief of the demon race; the North 
' quarter of which he is regent. 

<3^3')^<5, Kaumada, s. white lotus, from its resem- 
blance to moonlight, or from the circumstance 
of its always opening in the moonlight. 

(S'^')zi^( ^^1 Kaumada-bandhu, s. moonlight. 

s^ 255=1 ^<^, Kaumitda, s. month Kartik (October and 

(S\cs))g, Kaumudi, s. moonlight; Hindu festival in 

^honour of Kartikeya (commonly called Katara- 
gama deviyo) held on the full moon of the 
month Kartik; day of the full moon in the 
months Aswiui and Kartik. 

(3>S5T^ a^s, Kaumudi-wriksha, s. (iS^^m^^ light? 
8a .^ tree) lamp stand. 

(3>2S)")(5e), Kaurawa, s. descendant of Kuru; see agcJi 

iS^iSi'^Q, Kaula, s. one of a good family, well born. 

(J^^-kSsj, Kaultna, s. high birth, family, descent; 
rumour, report; combat of animals birds, snakes 
etc., cock lighting; privity, privy part; improper 
act; the son of a female beggar. 

G^cs)'^3^(^a:.S), Kaule'yaka, a. of good family, of good 

^^5))*8as3, Kaustubha, s. jewel of Krishna sus- 
pended on his breast. 

S^4aTe3C;59, Kausalya, s. good fortune, well being; 
mother of Riima. 

(3^5=)Q^S5, Kausika, s. name of Indra; fragrant 
substance, bdellium; owl; snake catcher; ichneu- 
mon; title of Wiswamitra; one skilled in dic- 
tionaries; dictionary compiler; love, passion; 
marrow; a river in Bahar, the Kosi or Koosa; 
name of the goddess Durga, 

S>a5i3e^cC, Kameya, . silken, of sUk. 

ifiiid, K^k, 8. sorrow, 
-sat'SsIeg, Kekkuma, s. pain, ache. 
5t^C Kekala, s. tree, Cyatliocalyx zeylanicum, 
(Anonaceoi); also called (i?oxc5a3 ipetta. 

53JiS(5, Kekira^ s. generic name for cucumber, pi. 

5S>t^8 kekiri. 
5x38<^, Kekiri-ward, s. name of Schumacheria 

castanecefolta (Dillenacece) and of axinandra 

zeylanica (Lythracece), both plants peculiar to 

5n9(^0, Kektlla, s. small thicket, fern, Gleicha- 

nia linearis (FilicesJ. 
Siis^^, Kekuna, s. tree, canarium zeylanicum 

(Burseracece), peculiar to Ceylon. 
5t.5gC, Kekula, s. flower bud; adj. hard, pi. 2S5i 

556 kekulu. 
^'i-^'d, Kekulu, s. strong glare; hardness. 
355ii3x(3^c5-<s?o93, Kekerenawd, v. to boU with a 

gentle heat; neutral form of 455)3d-^3 kakd- 

aat85, Ketta, a. spun, see d8393 katinawd. 
S5i93s^8^r38i, Kettawenawd, v. to be disinclined 

to, proceeding either from fear or disgust. 
S5i3, Keta, s. looking glass, mirror; pebble, small 

stone, bit of stone; lamp; cocoanut shell. 

5t3cS8(^(, Keta-kirilli, fern, of asiiQ^(^(^Q,'i 

Sii^ss^ Si(^Q^, Ketakurulld, s. small bird found in 

paddy fields. 
SitQssixGj Keta-kela, s. tree, Bridelia retusa 

5z3 , Keta-dtma, s. giving a solemn pledge or 

assurance, as truly, verily. 
)t0255, Ketan, s. troubling (as of water.) 
3l3:323, Ketapata, see sdxQosj kedapata. 
5S)i3 03(S5'<s!83, Kcta-pdganawd, v, to tread the 

ground in the cultivation of fields, 

5i0co, Ketaya, see DiO keta. 

5t3c5-S5(5-<sS83, Ketayamkaranawd, v. to engrave, 
to carve. 

5i0c5, Ketayama, s. engraving, carving, pi. 4S)i9 

ceD ketayam. 
S5i., Keti, s. ball, clod, lump, any thing congealed. 
S3tS-~^, Ketiya, s. clod, lump; plant, Pittoaporuvi 

zeylanicum (Pittosporacece), peculiar to Ceylon. 
^1^9, Kefuwa, prep, together with, along with. 
2SiS9, Kete, s. small earthen pot, see ^xS keta. 
553xe), Keda, s. mark, sign. 
a5ta)c363, Kedapata, s. looking glass, mirror, pi. 

^ia)c3s5 kedapat. 
3ta)c3>, Kedapana^ s. letter addressed to a king, 

3iSi), Kedhia, s. act of breaking, pi. iOtSi) 





ssix^o, Kedun, 1 verbal noun of >a)e393 Icadana- 
SiD, Kedum, jivd, to break or cut. 
^i<3>eiss, Kedena, part, breaking. 
>i>a)2s30D. Kedenawd, Vi to break (neut*) pret. 

ffiStQeo) kedund. 
tcJ, ^e^, a. of noble birth, royal. 
ssiii^ '^^(^(2, Ket-embilla, s. plant, aberia gard- 

neri, (Bixinice), peculiar to Ceylon. 
5ic5a3xJ, Ketkat, Is, ()tcJ royal, )s5 woman) 
)>c;, Ketkala^ J queen. 
>i6j BG, Ket-Tcula, s. (>tsJ and ego family, 

race or ojffspring) royalty, of royal descent. 
)zcJ5, Ketta, s. bill, large sort of crooked knife, 

biU hook, chopping knife, pi. ;t?9 keti. 
Mc5(gca, Ket-Uya^ s. {asm^ and Qca woman) 

)i,cJc3, Ket-waga, s. (aJtsJ royal, Sco or 8cS 

warga sort, kind or race) royalty, of royal 

usixtsi, Keta, a. disgusting, filthy, base, vile, mean, 

ugly; s. dirt, filth* 
iSii), Keti, plural of ^StsJsJ ketta, 
iSit^ S3i3^^, Keti-tale, s* iron part or blade of the 

bill hook, pi. >i?9c5C5 keti-tala. 
)i^(^e5 Keti-malla, s. ()i,5s3 ketta knife, 

dc l>ag) toddy drawer's knife case. 
5i<J(5c> Kedella, s. nest, lump (as of flesh) ; con- 
fused assemblage (as of worms or any thing like 

them), pi. M<J@ kedali. 
5i^, Kejida, 8. rice gruel, decoction, congee. 
)t^8, Kendall, s. corner of a house. 
5i^jo3, Keudatta, s. small quantity of gruel. 
3i^(3<25d83, Kendalanawd, v. to starch, pret. )i^ 

(3^83 kenda-lewdt 
asJi^SeoSj, Keudawanawd, v. to call, to summon, 

to invite. 
455x^83(53 <sro 6393, Keudawdgana enawd, v. to 

bring home (a bride.) 
)t^38, Kendavima, v, invitation, call, verbal 
^ noun of 3i^8eo83 kendawanawd, 
4SJtJ<j, Kenda, s. plant, Macaranga tomentosa, 

( Euphorhiacece ) , 
Jz:f ^(53K), Kenda-gaha, s, candle nut tree, croton 

moluccanum, formerly called aleurites trilboa; 

also called S^C5^(^^^y^o tel-kekuna, 

>x:f<j-25383, Kendanawd, see >x^8e383 kejidawa- 

Jt:f^8-2S389, Kendawanawd, v. to call, to cause 
to call, to invite, to send for by another. 

)tJ(^ca6333, Kendd-yanawd, v. go along with 

(a bride). 
tSii&S^W3<, Kenme'nya, 1 s. night shade; solarium 
csitsSs^BScSi, Kenweriya, y nigrum. 
^lisSfsiiisSq, Kenhenda, s, plant, clerodendrum 

serratum ( Verbenacece) . 
3ieD, Kena, s. assembly, multitude; bimch of 

fruit; past participle of )^6383 kaninawd, pi. 

sixsi ken. 
i5)i>SD, Kenatu, s. betel, [CoUoq. Qc^J iw/ai]. 
nieoi{(^3, Kenahild, s. jackal, fox, pi. ffiJteaiitJg 

kenahillu, [Colloq. eaScsa wan'^aj. 
3t253isJj, Kenetta, s. cluster, bunch, (as og )x 

^i(^?si pajju^kenetta heart, liver and lungs), 

pli 5i3<S kenatii 
5td6c83, Keppitiyd. I s. species of croton, 

3xd(3N;:jS3co3, Keppettiyd, } croton lacci/erum 

(Euphorbiacece) . 
)i.o, Kepa, s. offering to a deity or a devU; a. 

proper, fit, devoted, but particularly that which 

is offered to a god or demon. 
:ia3C^S3, Kepakaruwd, s. priest's attendant. 
csiiQ^i, Kepima, s. cutting or wounding. 
Ozgeo, Kejmna, a. cut. 
3ig, Kepuma, s. scare, trembling, cutting, pi 

>igf) kepum. 
iSii'&i6Q0, Kebarald, s, red woodpecker, brachyp- 

ternus ceylonus (Ficidce order Picarice.) 
)iS)(3, Kebali, plural of 5i(3nS)^c; kebella. 
eai(g'2ac5-<s^83, Kebalikaranawd, v. to reduce to 

83x^(3. Kfbili, s. half moon; a. half. 
5t^(3e553, Kebilitta, s. broken piece of earthen 

pot or vessel, potsherd, pi. ssiitt)Q& kebiliti, 

5t(3>S)(^C> Kebella, s. piece, bit, slice, pi. tsu'SiQ 

3t,<3>S)<JO 3N, Kebella-gaha, s. tree, aporosa Lind- 

leyana (Euphorbiacece). 
855xS)x(^C> Kebella, see 5iS^(3C hebella. 
5xD, ^fw, see s<5o8xe kenwela. 
4S5x^5 Kemati, a, contented, pleased, willing. 
3i^3^8-2539j, Kfmatiwenawd, v. to be willing or 

contented; to consent. 
a)x^, ^eme, s. writer. 
sSi-i^, Kemi, S. row, arrangement, ordei"; doer, 

worker from ss)^ karmi. 
3i2)tsJQ3, Kemetta, s. contentment, will, wiUiug- 

ness, consent; 




fflJxd, Kera, s. bunch of flowers growing together; 

!)i<5s^c33eJs33, Kerapottd, s. sort of small house 

cricket, cockroach, pi. &ii6<S^O'it^<S^'Sii herapotto. 
3i<5ca, Keraya, s. writing, deed, contract; voucher, 

ffl>t<5(^C Keralla, see Jid<(^C kerella. 
sS)i6Q, Kerali, s. heap, bundle; assembly, multi- 
tude, union or association; mob or company of 

people assembled for riotous purposes. 
5t(5(3racoe3S3, Keraligahanawd, v. to rebel, to as- 
semble for riotous purposes. 
)i,>S, Kere, see 5i<^cB keraya. 
5i^dC' Kerella, s. assembly, multitude, crowd; 

riotous company; army, company of soldiers or 

men ready to fight; bimdle, skein, pi. tS)i6Q 

)tdt'3^ffi535, Kerekoku, s. fern, acrosticum aureum 

iSii(^, Kel, s. light; morning. 
)iC. Kela, s. multitude; wood, jungle etc. in the 

latter sense written )tS^(^ kele. 
eaxC^i^'cs, Kelaniya, s. name of a village and 

river; aromatic plant, alpinia alughas ( Scita- 

minece); also called p6(S)df alu-gas. 
iSixQiSi,Kelata,s. dregs, lees, sediment, confusion; 

a. muddy, thick, not clear, not peUucid. 
^iQ.&, Kelati, s. troubling; sediment, lees. 
^i(3S\a)e33, Kelatenaivd, v. to become muddy as 

when a liquor containing a sediment is shaken; 

to be agitated: pret. iSiiQ^^'^ kelatund. 
5tC^> Klarnbima, verbal noun of the following 

iSiiQ^^s^^h Kelambenawd, v. to trouble, to stir. 
i,(3, Kelama, ad. whoUy, totally, 
^xQiS, Kelaya, s. jungle, thicket, wood, pi. ^xQx 

xCd> Klal, plural of the following. 
5xCG> Kelala^ 8. cicatrice; mark, scar, blemish, 

esiiQf Kelt, s. unblo^vn flower, derived from 

Sanskrit SiQ kali. 
5i@)33(3, Keli-kasala, s. filth, or dirt swept away. 
iSnQoSi, Kelipana, s. shadow, sign. 
4ixgcs, Krliya, s. black (the colour) ; plant, greioia 

microcos ( TiUacea') . 
^igi), Keliun, s. gladuetis uf heart, cheerfulness; 

brightness, resplendency t solar heat or rays, ef- 


tS^(5) Kele, see SiiQ,cS) kelaya, 

a5iS>(^ (^^^S)^s:Ja)c5^, Kele-kondayd, s. black bulbul, 

hypsipetes ganeesa (Brachypodidce order Pas- 
iSixQx^, Kelewa, s. a wood, wild uncultivated spot, 

3x89, Kevita, s. goad, pi. 3i?9 keviti. 
sai^dC) Kevilla, s. food, anything that can be 

eaten, pi. iSii^Q kevili. 
esiS^, Kevili, s. sweet meats, cakes, 
acxg, Keivu, a, rubbed, smeared. 
5iS3, Kewuta, s. liver, pi. 5xg4g kewutu. 
assxgi), Kewuma, s. sort of cake, made of rice 

flour honey and cocoa-nut oil, pi. 5t3i) kewum 

or )xJ kewun. 
isyt^Qi^^^i Kewulehiyd, s. gormandizer, glutton. 
)i<38'253)j, Kewenatvd, v. to smart, to pain (in the 

eye): pret. ixg-s:3 kewund. 
3xd?c33c3.g, Kespd-potu, s. shell of a sea tortoise. 
iOxE^Sj, Kesbd Is. Indian edible turtle, cho~ 
)xf^S)x3, Kesbeiod, } Ionia virgata. 
5tedx (3^cdC> Kesbe-lella, see )ielo3 S^oo-eg 

5xe^S33, Keswatuwd, s. common snipe, galli- 

nago scolopacina; pin-taUed snipe, g. stenura 

( Scolopacidce order Gralloe). 
3xe^sc, Kessa, s. cough. 
S)xe3, Kesa, s. arm pit, thicket. 
>x6C33, Kesapata, s. clothes tucked up, (a>as83 

kakshd girdle, o3 pata cloth) end of the lower 

garment, which after the cloth ia carried round 

the body is brought up behind and tucked into 

the waist band. 
)i%o3o53esj3393, Kesapata-gahanawd, v. to gird 

up the garments for a journey or work. 
>xS, Kesi, plural of ^xcSts kessa. 
ss)xQ3eSs3?5i, Kesipissan, s. plant, Cyclea Burmanni 

(Menispermacece) . 
>xQi), Kesima, s. itching, or scratching, verbal 

noun of tSi^^Qi kahinawd, 
S>xgrf, Kesup, '\ 
45>xg, Kesubu, > 
Mg, Kesuma, verbal noun of ^eaeaSa hasana- 

li'd or iS525393 kakanawd. 
)x^, Keki, pL of fiJxftJes kessa. 
;i588o5a2rf, Kehipittan, see (SiSBiSiz^ keei- 


s. turtle, tortoise. [Colloquial: 
, ^^^, , . ^^j^g)3 kesbd."] 
csii^i^, Kesumbu, J -^ 




^Sx'^sJsio, Kedettd, Is. bird with a peculiarly 
aax^s5o33, Kendattd, J plaintive or begging cry; 

40xS>p)(^C5j Kehibelld, s. Ceylonese jay, cissa 

ornata (Corvidce order Passeres), 
)ig, Kehuma, see tg lesuma. 
a3ziSic30.5iK)D83, Kehepcitcigahanawd, see )it3C3S 

oesjaaSo kesapatagahanawd. 
fSiXi Ke, p. eaten, joas^ ^ja?-^. of jsj^oSd kanawd. 
5x<3^i5)J(53K)>soQ3, Kekogahatiawd, v. to make a 

noise or uproar. 
5x(535s)S393, KegaJiauawd, "If. to cry out, to bawl, 
>i<533e383, Kegdnawd, J to squall. 
3x<Q<5, Kedai'a, a. gluttonous, ravenous, greedy of 

3x^dce3, Kedarayd, s. glutton. 

}8. bin 

it is supposed when crying to be begging water 
from the clouds, the sole soiu-ce of the fluid that 
this bird drinks; Ceylonese hornbill; toclcus 
gingalensis ( Bucerotidce, order Picarece). 

>idg<5, Keppura, s, camphor. [CoUoq. -ssjg^ ka- 

iS)(;383, Kembaldwd, see ssix^6a>'3 hedarayd. 
?x, Kema, s. food, victuals, eatables, provi- 
Ox ^8<^83, Kema-arinawd, v, to lay food on 

tables, to have food ready to be eaten, to serve 
^ up meat. 
asJxdc') Kerala, s. general name of the woodpecker, 

viz: Layard's woodpecker, chrysolapttes strick- 

landi; black-backed woodpecker, c. Jestious; 

Madras rufous woodpecker, nucropternus gulans; 

red woodpecker, (see ^tS)<5g3 Jcebarald); 

Southern golden-backed woodpecker, brachyp- 

ternus punettcollts ; {iamilj Picidce, order Ptca- 

7'ice). pi. 5x(5(^Q kerallu. 
5xS, Kerima, s. coughing, slight exertion of the 

lungs to clear away expectoration; hawk. 
45)xde^e30, Keressd, s. cricket, pi. ss)xd)tS^is3 ke- 

^xdC' Kella, s, piece, bit, scrap, crumb, pi. ^xQ 

5xc Kela, s, tree bearing beautiful red blossoms, 

butea Jrondosa, [Colloq. csitS&ixc^ gas kela'\. 
^x(3) Kilama, adv. alone, only. 
^%Qj Kfli, see 5x(^C5 kella, 
^o^'fio, Krandana, $. weeping, lamenting, sobbing ; 

crying out, callmg; mutual daring or defiance, 


5^S3, Ki-andtta, a. lamented, bewailed, challeng 
ed; defied; called. 

^3), Krama, s. order, method, degree; power, 
strength; overcoming, subduing; surpassing; sa- 
cred precept, religious practice; fort. 

<34B), Kramaka, s. (^ to go or, order, ^ nomi- 
nal aflix) one who goes through a regular course 
of study; one who goes methodically, student. 

/^^(SNccixf, Kramakramayen, ad. by degrees, 

g^, Kramana, Is. foot, [Colloq. 52C 

2j<^c3, Kramanaya, y kakula"]. 

.'gcs, Kramaya, see ^2) krama. 

^'diSi, Ki-amika, a. regular, according to order, 
proceeding by rule. 

^, Kramu, s. areca nut tree, [Colloq. g9sJ 

^), Kramuka, s. areca or betel nut tree; another 
tree, red species of the tree, bark of which is 
used in dyeing, symplocos racemosa; kind of 
mulberry tree, morus indica; fruit of the cotton 

5i/3(3, Kramumdla, s. tree, cathartocar pus fistula. 
'g(^^ Krame, see ) krama, 

'^|3^(3), Kramelaka, s. (^ krama order, <Q ila 
to go) camel, [Colloq. ^gSa otuivdj, 

^C3, Kraya, s. buying, purchasing. 

^c5 S-^c8, Kraya-vikraya, s. (^cs and S^ca sale) 

buying and selling, trade, traffic, merchandize, 
^caas^c^s), Ki'aydroha, s. (^cs and p)(3*^co droha 

to rise) market, fair. 
iQ^<8Si, Krayika, s. trader, dealer; purchaser, buyer. 
^9, Kraivya, s. flesh, raw flesh. 
.^833 ^aojisj, Krawya-gMtana, e. (^m and 833S3es3 

to kill) that which is killed for its flesh, deer, 

[Colloq. g)&3 7nuwd^, 
^scei, Krawydt, ) s, (^8j3 and cf^ ad to eat) 
^)33o<^, Krawydd, J that which eats flesh, beast, 

carnivorous animal; imp, goblin, rakshaya. 
QssasS, Krdnti, part, ascending, surmounting, ei- 
ther in a literal or figurative sense ; surpassing, 
^ going beyond. 
3S322, Ki'dntu, s. bird; bird in general, [Colloq. 

3-^:23 pakshtyd^t 
^)g, Krdbit, 8, clovesj earring, properly &5d5 

^9C8), Krdyaha, see ^S hrayika, 
jgo, Krii}, Si imitative sound, clang of concussion. 




(^SS)(S, Krikara, s. name of Siva; that one of the 
five vital airs which assists digestion. 

^, Krimi, s. worm, insect; lac, which is the 

^ accumulation of an insect: also 5a hrimi. 

^ca"), Kriyd., 1 . act, action, deed; acting; 

^C83), Kriydwa, J means, expedient; beginning, 
undertaking; atonement; study; worship; dis- 
quisition; bodily action; remedying; physical 
treatment or practice; instrument, implement; 
religious initiatory ceremony; obsequies, rites 
preformed immediately after death. 

^5cc^^c5, Kriyendriya,s. (-i^cs hriya action, <^^(X 
indriya organ) organ of action, as the hand, 
foot, voice etc. ; organ of generation, and that of 

^93, Kndana, s. play, sport. 

^8)d, Kridd, s. sport, pleasure, pastime, play, 

^5)j?o)<e?g), Kriddbhdnda, s. toys or play things 
for children. 

^i)3S)(^(5, Kndd-madulla, s. place for amuse- 

^S)3 (5(3c5, Kridd-rathaya, s. (^a)3 pleasure, <56ce 
car) car or carriage of pleasure. 

^SjS), Kriddwa, s. sport, pleasure. 

^S3, Ki't'ta, s. son, one of the twelve kinds ac- 
knowledged by the ancient Hindu law, he who 

is purchased froni his parents; a. bought, pur- 

5a 50(^363, Krikakisa, s. lizard, chameleon. 

iSi9^^, Krtchchhra, s. bodily pain: religious pen- 
ance; expiation. 

.25536328^5), Kritttka, s. third of the lunar mansions 
or constellations in the moon's path consisting of 
six stars, and corresponding to the Pleiades. 

^^ s>js, Kritya, ") kind of affix in grammar, 

.255aoDJSc3, Krityaya, (forming verbal nouns with 
an active or passive sense; motive, cause. 

^3 53a), Krityd, s. act, action. 

^ax33, Kritsana, a. all, whole, entire, complete. 

^3 53, Krita, s. according to the mythology of the 
Hindus the first of the four ages of the world, 
satyar-yuga; consequence; fruit; pai't. done, 
made, finished. 
fc/ifi353 53^55, KHtaka, s. that which is artificial; a. fac- 
titious; made, not produced spontaneously. 

5353 03^550, Kritakan, s. artificial salt, produced by 
boiling and evaporating from saline soils; pai-t. 
done, made, performed. 

fflaa33, Kritakarma, s. skill, dexterity, expert- 
ness, cleverness, 

3a 333253, Kritaghna, s. (5S3 done, a93 destroy 
ing) ingratitude, ungrateful, not acknowledging 
former good offices. 

aS3(a^, Kritajna, s. (a53> and a^ who knows) 
one who remembers former aid or favors, pro- 
perly one that is grateful for kindness. 

a35ao3g<sg36, Knta-jmnya, s. (33S3 and g-^33 hap- 
py, fortunate) auspicious events, good deeds, 

meritorious actions, such works as procure final 
^ beatitude. 

<255aS) (^a^<^, Krita-lakshana, s. (sjao done, allud- 
ing to good deeds, es<?D sign, mark) one noted 
for good deeds, virtuous, excellent or holy man. 

S3aS3WOS), Krtta-hasta, s. (^aaoJ done, exercised, 
K)35) hand) clever, skilful, skilled in archery. 

^j3s533?^c3, Kritdnjali, s. act of joining the palms 
of the hands together in the manner of the na- 
tives, as an act of salutation or reverence. 

S39S333i553<5, Kfttddhikdra, s. one possessed of 
great merit, a fortunate person, chiefly referring 
to religious merit. 

ffi>a333a303, Krttdnta, s. (^oao done, act, tpeaos 
anta end) name of Ydma, the regent of death* 
alluding to his office of deciding on the final 
states of departed spirits according to their 
deeds in this life, answering to the Grecian 
Pluto; death personified; fate, destiny; sinful or 
inauspicious actions. 

)as33xs3de:>3, Kritdnta-janaka, s. (-25530333333 

Yama, t^eas) progenitor) father of Yama, a 

name of the sun. 

5ac33>3i:, Kritdwakdsa, s. leisure, rest from 

5533^, Kriti, s. act, action, doing etc. injuring, hurt- 
ing, hurt. 

^53a5^^53Jo^5^^<5, Kritopakdra, s. (ffisass krita done, 

(5^*S53(5 ujmkdra favor) act of kindness or 

generosity, but used chiefly to express a sense 

of kindness, received from another; gratitude, 


5as^ S3 Jo 4533(5 e5i(^5^, Kritopakdra-selakima, s. 

^3a-<s^, Kripana. a. miserable, avaricious; low, 

5a'J3, Kripd, .?. tenderness, compassion, kindness, 
benevolenc'', [Colloq. 455(5i^S) harundwa\. 

a39o:C, Kripdlu, a. kind, tender, compassionate, 





8933), Krimighand, s. (a53 worm, es33 which 
destroys) anthelmintic shrub, serratula or conyza 
anthelmintica, [Colloq. S(3ffiJ533(^ walangasdf\, 

ssi^d, Krimija, s. aguru or aloe wood, [CoUoq. 
epcSJ agtl]. 

ssi^Wf^isS, Krimidan, s. Elu form of the preceding. 

ffi>833-gi^, Krimisatru, s. ()a and C53^ enemy) 
kind of grass, Panicus antidotale (Graminece). 

5af, Krimin, pi. of . krimi. 

3a33, Krisa, a. small, little, thin, minute ; ^ spare, 
lean, emaciated. 

Sii<si3?)!Si<x>, Krtsdrigaya, s. (ss^i(ss krisa thin, cpStocs 
a'Agaya body) thin or well shaped person. 

ffiiaso^ Krisdnu, s. name of fire; plant plumbago 
zeylanica; [CoUoq. ^Q<s>^^(i ela-netufj. 

aaa^, Krishta, a. ploughed, furrowed, tilled, as a 
field etc. 

533J5, Krishna, s. in Hindu mythology Krishna 
is considered the most celebrated form of Vishnu 
or rather Vishnu himself; in that form he is 
however distinct from the ten avatars or incarna- 
tions of Vishnu, being always identified with the 
deity himself; one of the names of Arjuna the 
charioteer of the sun; kokila or Indian cuckoo; 
crow; kind of fruit, carissa carandas; [Colloq 
^tS)Si6^ maha-haramha^, black or dark blue; 
black pepper; blue vitriol; iron; sin. 

gs?5 5, Krishna-lcarma, s. (53S6 black, ffi) 
action) guUt, sin, criminality. 

aja^isJS 53-2a, Krishna-hdTca, s. raven. 
^ssi9'-^'iSi')e5XS3, Krishna-kdnta, s. black (colour) or 
dark blue. 

i533'3^ 4550 ?i eS/3cf , Krishna-kdmboji, s. blue lotus. 

53'3S5 5? (5^55, Krishna-jtraka, s. (3^55 and tS'dssi 
cummin seed) plant having a small black seed 
which is used for medical and culinary purposes, 

^ nigella indica, [Colloq. )<5i kahiduru]. 

sai'Si^ a?5S, Krishna-paksha, s. (45>3'sJS and oa 
half) dark half of a lunar month, fifteen days 

^ during which the moon is in the wane. 

555a:as^^?, Krishna-bumi, 1 5. 5553 355 black, 

)a'5^ ^, Krishna-bhumi, /earth) country with 
a dark soil, one of mould, blue clay etc. 

isia'ss^^eo^, Krishna-bhedi, s. (>a^?) dirt, excre- 
ment, sveo what breaks) medicinal plant. 

ssii'^s^ d5, Krishna-manjari, s, kind of tree, the 
wood of which, is usually called calamander 
wood diospi/ros qucesita; [Colloq. ^KdSi^'Scn 
kalumediriya'\ . 

53^ (S>J9435, Krishna-mochaka, s. species of 
the banana or plantain tree. 

iSiifni^dotS , Krishna-rdji, s. black species of the 
coriander seed. 

')3'3J5 83a3Si3, Krishna-wrintd, s. trumpet flower, 
datura suave-olens; [Colloq. 6Q ^sJs?^ rata- 

53e^, Krishnd, s, name of Draupadi, wife of the 
Pdnddvas; indigo plant; long pepper; kind of 
grape; sort of drug, nigella indica; black mus- 
tard; this name is applied to several other vege- 
table substances, in consequence of ^their black 

cnss-iSSyc Krishndchala, s. mountain so called; 
it is part of the western portion of the Vindhya 
chain, it is also one of the nine principal moun- 
tains, that separate the same divisions or Varshas 
of the world inhabited by living beings, 

33S;-5^iJ), Krishnika, s. black mustard. 

5553^, Krishaka, s. plough share; husbandman, 
cultivator, thin or spare man. 

.255fl8, Krishi, s. husbandry, agriculture; ploughing, 
cultivating the soil. 

^^<5, Krura, a. evil, bad; vicious, cruel, pitiless, 
harsh; hard, solid; hot; mischievous, destructive; 
formidable, terrible. 

gjC5s*cJs)55, Kruralochana, s. (^x<5 evU, <3>(3:J8d 
eye) of an evil or inauspicious aspect, name of 
the planet Saturn. 

^^<^53^, Krurdkriti, s. (^xd and tpasa^ form) 
name of Ravana. 

^^^JQcs, Krodhaya, s. anger, wrath, passion, choler, 

2S(335K), Kldnta, a. weak, faint, fatigued, wearied, 

aa^Q, Kliba, ~| s. eunuch. [Colloq. eagooa^s^osj 

ffix^S, KUwa, y napunsakayd~\. 

s^asagGS, Klesa. s. pain; affliction or distress; pain 
from disease, anguish; worldly occupation, care, 
trouble; wrath, anger; lust, passion, evil, pollu- 
tion, defilement; the sinful corruption of all the 
senses and spiritual faculties of man; according 
to the doctrines of Buddhism klesa is the source 
of all the miseries to which existence in any 
stage is subject; and so long as it exists in any 
degree either in man or any sentient being it 
binds him to existence which is considered a 
calamity; the destruction of klesa is therefore 
the sole object of a Buddhist's religious life; 
hence without any reference to a supreme being, 
all the laws, precepts, rites and ceremonies of 



Buddhism have a regard only to the entire des- 
truction of klesa; this object accomplished, the 
soul or sentient faculty in man or any higher 
order of being escapes from existence and ob- 
tains Nirvana or annihilation. 

, Kshana, s. moment; measure of time equal 
to four minutes; leisure, opportunity; certain 
day of the fortnight, as the full moon, change etc. 

25'reC)353, Kshanakdsa, s. asthma. 

S5<J, Kshanada, s. (?6a-<5^ leisure, ^ who gives) 
water; astrologer. 

8B-^^, Kshanada, s. night; turmeric. 

: geo3, Kshana-prabhd, s. (^5a-<fl moment, geoj 
light) lightning, [CoUoq. B^Qca viduliya'\. 

i3<^^, Kshantka, a, momentary, 

aB^, Kshatra, s. weapon, sword; man of the 
royal or military tribe. 

fss^fX, Kshatriya, s. man or woman of the royal or 
military race. 

^sa^ca -ssccS) Kshatnya-kulaya, s. royal or military 
family or tribe. 

^^^c5 2cs, Kshatriya-dharmayay s. royal virtue, 
or those particular qualities that are supposed to 
exist in royalty, as honour, fidelity, justice, be- 
nignity, kindness, benevolence, mercy etc. 

338.^co 30), Kehatrtya-mdyd, s. secrets of royalty, 
those particular secrets that are supposed to be 
possessed by kings and are hereditary from one 
generation to another. 

eBa5, Kshata, s. wound, hurt, sore ; a. broken, 
rent, torn, hurt, wounded. 

^'SS8S3)3e;, Kshatakdsa, s. (eraoJ blood, )3e3 cough) 
pulmonary cousumption. 

esscid, KsJiataja, s. (D and d which producen) 
blood, pus, matter. 

a533, Kshapd, . night; [Colloq. Co^cs rdtriya']. 

^C333<5, Kshapdkara, s. (3eo3 and iSi6 who 
makes) moon; [Colloq. c^ handa']. 

.^, Kshama, a, proper, fit; patient, able. 

^D, Kshama, s, resignation; benevolence; night; 

fS^jiSi6^Q3f Kshamdkaranawd; v, pardon, for- 

iS!)5(5l)50i) Kehanidkat'aivanatvd, v, obtain 

^^oqotsd, Kshamddansd, s. horse-radish tree, 
moringa pterogosperma, [Colloquial: gv^Loooj 
murufjgd^ . 

a^38, Kshamdwa, 8. pardon; forgiveness; excuse, 

^'3S\30a, Kshamdwenawd, i\ to pardon, to ex- 
cuse, to remit. 

aaca, Kshaya, s. fourth incarnation of Vishnu (Nara- 
si^ha avatdr); destruction of the world; in 
algebra, negative quantity or minus, loss; disap- 
pearance; decay, decline, consumption. 

aaBcss^c35<5^, Kshayaroga, s. consumption. 

<5, Kshara, s. water, cloud, [Colloq. &(2;3eg 

S3sQ, Kshawa, s. sneezing; cough. 
sb83, Kshawaka, s. mustard plant, [Colloq. <f 

8, Kshawathu, see ^38 kshawa, 

^SSD^XD, Kshdnta, a. patient, enduring. 

^S:)f5y&, Kshdnti, "). patience, forbearance; 

^sao^oe, Kshdntiya, } endurance. 

a3K^, Kshdntu, see 33e3 kshdnta. 

8363 2), Kshdma, a. slender, thin, emaciated, weak. 

tsi^6, Kshdra, s, factitious or medicinal salt, juice, 
essence; kind of molasses or treacle; salt; ashes; 
rogue, cheat; borax, borate of soda; alkali, 
either soda or potash. 

S3(5a>, Kshdraka, s. juice, essence; blossom, new 
blown flower, [Colloq. es)-iS^Q, kekula"]; cage, 
basket; washerman. 

35a3(5^, Kshdradru, s. tree with flowers bell shap- 
ed, hignonia indica. [CoUoq. C3S^3(^ palol."] 

aa3(5G), Kshdra-wadha, s. (i3o6 salt, Q inflic- 
tion) punishment inflicted on malefactors, cut- 
ting the flesh and introducing salt etc. into the 

5^3^585$, Kehdrdchchha, s. (383(5 kshdra and tfQt$ 
achchha clear, pure) sea salt. 

3B3SN05ij), Kshdrodaka, a. (JSBsd kshdra salt, ^^ 
tSivdaka, water) salt, or brackish water; exceed- 
ingly hot or boiling water, which forms the 
means of punishment in the hell called e3Sv(35^ 
SSi m6tSi kshdrodaka-naraka. 

^^3(3D, Kshdlana, s. washing, sprinkling, cleaning 
with water. 

3o>sf ^, Kshityaditi, s. (4eS^ kshiti earth, ^^^ 
aditi mother of the gods) mother of Kfishna, 
the terrestrial parent of the gods. 

4^^, Kshiti, s. the earth; abode, dwelling, house} 
loss, destruction; wane; period of the destruc- 
tion of the universe; kind of perfume i 
- ~^ ^ . 




^55, Kshipta, past part, thrown, sent, dismissed, 
Se3a>3, Kshipta, s. night, [Colloq. <^^c8 rdtrii/a']. 
4^g, Kshtpra, a. qiiick. [Colloq. Je5j ikman']. 
4So, Kshtpa, s. art of throwing or casting; one 

who throws. 
4^o), Kshipaha, s. warrior, fighter. 
-2^C5<s^, Kshipani, s. missile weapon; oar. 
<s^<^, Kshina, a. thin, slender, emaciated, feeble. 
4^S), Kshiba, a. drunk, intoxicated. [CoUoq. (38S 

4^6, Kshira, s. water [Colloq. -^d ivatura]; 

milk [CoUoq. 465 Mrq. 
4eS<55-<!^, KsMrakantha, s. (3^6 milk, 5-i(> 

kantha throat) infant, young child. 
4^(5s33<?'S53(S^3, Kshtrakdkoltkd, 1 s. one of the 
e^6ssi'}(S^SS)oQ, Kshirakdkolt, J eight principal 

medicaments of the Indian medical men, see 

)3(3)3(3 kdkolt. 
^^(5(3^^JS3C8, Ksh'ra-dohanaya, s. a milk pail, 

-2^<5Q3^8, Kslura-dhdrdwa, s. stream of milk 

which flows when milking. 
^^(5o3cS3S9, Kshira-pdydsa, s. rice boiled or cooked 

in milk. 
^do-tf^^, Kshzra-parnm, s. medicinal plant; 

[Colloq. (jvcjc^ hela-waj'd']. 
4^<58-(gscS), Kshira-pinda, s. ball of rice milk or as 

much as is taken in the hand at once when eating. 
g35SS, KsUrdbdhi, s. {^6 milk, ^3 abdhi 

ocean) sea of milk, one of the seven seas said to 

surround as many worlds. 
^(5aa<5X5D3, Kshirabhaktd, s. tree, eugenia ojier- 

culata, [Colloq. S)3>^ batadomba']. 
Sd>c3, KshirawalU, ) s. sort of medicinal 
4^(5^d, KsUraviddn, /creeper, convolvulus 

^683 as, Kshira-ivriksha, s. species of fig tree, 

Jims glomerata; [Colloq. cp9SJ)3 a^e^M]. 
^(5s3d, Kshirasara, s. cream. 
^6 C83(55<5cs, Kshira-sdgaraya, s. sea of milk, one 

of the seven seas surrounding as many worlds. 
^(5s33c5, KsMrasdra, 8. butter, [Qolloq. s^SSdi 
^ iveudaru\, 
^S, KsTim, 8. tree, species of mmusops; name of 

several plants, which yield a milky or juicy sap 

upon expression or incision, the name being 

formed from ^d milk with ig^Q ini afiix. 
esgtsJ, KsJiut, s. sneezing, the act of sneezing; hun- 

isgci 8c33S33, Kshut-jnpdsd, s. (^^sJ hunger, 

603533 thirst) hunger and thirst. 
23g, Kshudra, a. small, little; mean, low; niggard- 
ly, avaricious; cruel; poor, indigent, 
aggss-*?^^, Kshudra-parnni, s. medicinal plant, 

[CoUoq. o8-i5esD munwenna], 
ag5e^ Kshudrabald, s. medicinal plant, [Colloq. 

^d S)t@(3 sidu-belila"\. 
agos3, Kshudramdga, s. medicinal plant, drymo- 

glossum heterophyllum, [Colloq. ed)i,5D mas- 

wenna~\ . 

ag (5\(5Jc53, Kshndra-roga, s. minor disease. 
agg8@3, Kshiidra-warshdbhu, s. medicinal plant, 

[Colloq. ec)(5o saram]. 
gg3?93?9<^, Kshvdrawdrtdkini, s. medicinal 

plant, Solanim indicum, [Colloq. ^S) tib- 

batu] . 
sg5, Kshudrd, s. woman maimed or crippled, 

wanting a limb etc., dancing girl; harlot; fly, bee, 

wasp; gnat; prickly nightshade; egg plant; 

kmd of sorrel; solanum Jacgnint, [Colloq. > 

td katuwelbatu]. 
45ga3, Kshudhd, s. hunger, [Colloq. 'S)8)<BiA 

23g3o3, Kshudhita, a. hungry, hungered, 
aga, Kshubhita, a. frightened, alarmed, agitated. 
^^3, Kshumd, s. linseed, sort of flax. 
ag(5, Kshura, s. razor; plant barleria longifolia ; 

another plant tribulus lanugtnosus ; hoof of a 

horse or cow; foot of a bedstead. 
2jgc5S)3<35, Kshuradhdrd, a. sharp, as a razor, knife 

^CQ. Kshulla, a. little, small; [Colloq. gg sulu]. 
.j^ggaa, Kshullaka, a. little, small; hard; poor, 

indigent; low, vile, mean; wicked; malicious; 

abandoned; young, youngest; s. small shell. 
(5^<"^g, Kshe'tra, s. field; body; wife; place of pil- 
grimage; geometrical figure. 
(3^^ge^, Kshe'traja, s. (<Ss^^ wife, d born) son; 

offspring of the wife by a kinsman or person 

duly appointed to procreate issue to the husband; 

this is one of the twelve kinds of issue acknow- 
ledged by the old Hindu law. 
<3^^^^Q, Kshe'trajna, s. (SNe^^ body, i^ who 

knows) soul, 
s^^es, Kshepa, "| s. sending, dismissing, throw 

I, y 

lya, J ii 

(S^^oco, Kshepaya, /ing; pride, haughtiness, dis- 
respect, contempt; passing away time; delay, 
dilatoriness; clump of floweri^. 



S\, Kshe'ma, s. happiness, well-being; preserva^ 
tion, protection; keeping what is acquired; final 

^ emancipation, or eternal happiness. 

r^3ij, Kshoda, s. powder, any pulverised sub- 

(S^fSjtsi, Kshoba, s. agitation, shaking. 

(S^mo, Kshoma, s. wove silk; room on the top of 
a house. 

<!^)g, Kshaudra, s. honey. 

S^^^i, Kshauma, s. airy room on the top of a 
house; apartment on the top of a hall; back of 
an edifice; fortified place in front of a building; 
building of a particular form; wove silk; linen 

(5^^)d, Kshaura, 8. shaving. 

The second consonant in the Sinhalese alpha- 
bet; it is the foregoing letter aspirated and is 
expressed in English letters by kh and pronounc- 
ed like k in back-hall, allowing the h to coalesce. 
s. heaven, sky, or ether; organ of sense; know- 
ledge; happiness, pleasure; vacuity; dot, cipher; 
city; field; action; auspiciousness. 

Q(53K, Khagga, s. rhinoceros; sword. 

ac53K>e3i<8o Khagga-visdna, s. rhinoceros. 

Qot, Khaga, s. (Q sky, ea who goes) bird; arrow; 
sun; planet; deity; air, wind; grasshopper. 

as^c^cs)<5, Khageswara, s. (Qoo and ^css)<5 t'swara 
king) king of birds, garuda the bird of Vishnu. 

Qs^Kiac? Khagola, s. vault of the heavens. 

Qd^6, Khajjura, s. silver; date tree. 

Q(SNC^3S3, Khajjota, s. fire fly, [Colloq. ffi><^z8 
ca3 lcandmediriyd~\. 

Qef, Khanja, a. lame, limping, crippled. 

S)d253, Khanjana, s. small bird, kind of wagtail. 

o)dSz), Khanjarita. s. bird, wagtail. 

S)c^3, Khanjd, s. species of metre, stanza of two 
lines, one of thirty-two, the other of thirty feet. 

a03, Khatwd, s. bed, couch, [Colloq. ^^ enda']. 

aSsj, Kliadga, s. rhinoceros, rhinoceros' horn; 
sword; kind of large sacrificial knife; arrow; bird. 

a, Khanda, s. flaw in a jewel; treacle or 
molasses, piece, part, fragment, portion; chapter, 
section; sugar. 

a<j3ScS)c8S, Khandaguda,s. (Q <s&j piece, ogQ sugar) 
sugar candy, [Colloq. g6S suktrt']. 

a<jic, Khanda, s. piece, part, bit, small quantity, 
[Colloq. '^ssjoQss kotasa']. 

a<sjC<x)odc'g, Khanda-parsu, s. (Q<i^ and odsg 

axe) he whose axe cuts every thing to pieces; 

name of Paras urama; Siva; Eahu the personified 

ascending node, see (5q Rdhu. 
a-s^ode2, Khanda-parasu, s. (a-<s^ part, C3<5e 

hatchet) name of Siva alluding to his cutting his 

enemies in pieces by a hatchet. 
Q^g^^gg, Khandaphulla, a. broken. 
a<i35cS^, Khanda-lawana, s. black salt. 
S)<j3c(53Sc^, Khanda-sarkard, Is. (Q<^ piece, 
a)-(sJcS)Qs33, Khandasitd, Jcs^Sk^ mrlard 

sugar) sugar candy. 
acisScs, Khattiya, Pali form of ^^co kshatriya. 
a^(5, Khadira, s. name of Indra; moon; tree, the 

resin of which is used in medicine, mimosa 

catechu; [Colloq. sSeSS kihiri']. 
a<5SN^S3(g, KhadiradehaU, s. see ^QeSd-g 

a^5, Khadin, s. sensitive plant, mimosa piidica; 

[Colloq. ^ midiy 

a^(^o, Khadyota, s. (Q sky, (?^e3 what is lumi- 
nous) sun [Colloq. gScio suriyd'] ; fire fly, see 
Q<S^^o& khajjota. 

QaS, Khandha, s. multitude; the five constituent 
parts of the human body, see o^teSSizS) panchas- 
kandha; shoulder; head of the humerus; figure; 
trunk of a tree; virtue; good quality or disposi- 
tion; name of Kataragama deviyo; house; juice 
of the sugar cane. 

as3), Khanaka, s. (Qeo to dig ? aflSx) rat; house- 
breaker; miner. 

Qdi, laiani, s. mine, especially of precious stones. 

35^^, Khanika, see Q2S35 khanaka. 

ae6<3, Khanitra, s. spade, hoe, [Colloq. ^ :63 
g(3 bima-kaninahula~\. 

ag<5, Khapura, s. water jar; city in the sky, city 
of Harischandra, areca tree, areca catechi, 
[Colloq. g2sJ;>wM;a^-]; fragrant grass, cyperus 
pertenms; garlic. 

a-^, Khamani, s. (9 sky, <s^ jewel) sun. 

Qcs, Khaya, s. pulmonary consumption; loss; ex- 

a^, KJiaiju, s. cutaneous eruption, itch, scab, etc. 
worm, insect. 

a^(5, Kharjura, Is. fruit of the date, date tree; 

a^3, Kharjuri, J [Colloquial. (^^ indi]; yellow 
orpiment; scorpion. 

aSc5, Kharpara, s. thief, rogue, cheat; beggar's 
bowl or dish; crown of the cranium; umbrella 




or parasol; coUyrium or application to the eye 

Q, Kharha, s. dwarf, short person; a. short, 
low, of little size or stature; [Colloq. 8 mitt']. 
ten million millions; one of the nine treasures 
of Kuvera. 

S)8, Kharwa, see Q kharba. 

Q5, Khara, a. hot, sharp, pungent, piercing, sharp- 
edged, sharp-pointed; cruel, harsh; s. ass, heron, 
crow, kind of grass, andropogon serratus, 

)(5(53a8^3, Kharagandhanibhdy s. plant, hedy- 
sarum lagopodioidea. 

Q5(53aeD3, Kharagandhd, 8. tree, bearing beauti- 
ful red blossoms, butea frondosa; [Colloq. eodi 
*S5xC gas-kela^. 

Q<50o63^, Kharadhwansin, s. (Qtf a Edkshasa, 
SQoBisi who destroys) name of Rdma alluding to 
his conquering and destroying a demon called 

S)(5?3<;, Kharandda, s. braying of an ass. 

Q6at3, Kharapatra, s. red sort of tulasi or basil; 
teak tree [CoUoq. (3^^5o te'kJca]. 

)<5ogo, Kharapatraka, s. plant bearing an oily 
seed, oil and seed being much used in oriental 
cooking sesamum orientale [Colloq. fHQ tala]. 

Qdg^o, Kharapushpa, 1 . kind of tulasi, ocymum 

S)<5gr33, Kharajmshpd, ) gratissimum. 

Q6dS, Kharamanjan, s. (Q<5 pungent, tB^8 
pedicle) plant, achyranthes aspera, [Colloquial: 
><5(^aoz karalheba]. 

a)ds^e^i)5, Kharaloman, s. (Qd ass, s^C'*^ hair 
of the body) one having the skin of an ass, that 
is one of the chiefs of the serpent race inhabit- 
ing Pat^a or the world of serpents. 

QdeaaaaeD, Kharaskandha, s. date tree, [Colloq. (f 
CSJBJ indi-gaha], 

Qdoocg, Khardnsu, s. ()<5 hot, <;pocg ansu ray) sun, 
[Colloq. g8a!3 suriyd']- 

Q<35o393, Khardswd, s. plant, celosia cristata, 

a<S^, Khardsu, see Qdoocg Khardnsu. 

Qcil, Kharu, 8. name of Siva; horse; tooth; pride; 
love or the god Kama: white colour; fool, idiot; 
a. harsh, cruel. 

QQja), Khalyd, 8. multitude of threshing floors; 

gang of thieves. 
o)Q, Khala, 8. earth, mould or soil; sediment, de- 
posit of oil; place, site; granary; threshing floor; 
low or vile man; cruel man; the sun. 


Q(3g, Khalapu, s. sweeper, cleanser, one taking 
care of and cleaning a threshing floor. 

QGoS)3^, KhalddMrdf 8. cockroach, [Colloq. ffi5i<5 
Sv03oJo33 kerapottdl. 

q)@33, Khalttd, 8. black pepper, piper nigrum; 
[Colloq K)i>8rf gammiri8'\. 

3(3 3, Khalina, 8, bit of a bridle. 

3(3^, Khalim, s. thieves, gang of robbers; multi- 

^ tude of threshing floors. 

3^eD, Khalina, see Q(33 khalina. 

a{S>(33S^, Khalokti, s. low or wicked language, 
formed of Qq khala and qs& ukti. 

S)e8i, Khaad, s. mother of the imps or goblins. 

Qat^iSi, Khdjika, 8. fried grain. 

0)303, Khdta, 8. large square or oblong pond exca- 

S)3lj, Khddya, 8. what is to be or may be eaten, 

edible; solid or dry food. 
Q3<;253, Khddana, s. eating, food, victuals. 
a)3^o, Khddita, part: eaten. 
Qo'^J^ce, Khandaya, s. part, section, portion, 
Qs^d, Khdni, s. mine. [Colloq. pffi)<5aJ, dkaraya^. 
33^>, Khdnika, s. hole or breach in a wall; mine. 
ai'i^Q, Khdnila, s. house-breaker. 
QS'Q, Khdnu, s. trunk of a lopped tree; pillar, post 
Q)3d, Khar a, s. salt ground, salt; blossom; measure 

of three bushels; a. saltish. 
Q)305:3S>t5'3, Khdrdpatachchhika, s. punishment 

inflicted by sawing the flesh of the culprit in the 

first instance and then applying a mixture of 

salt and chillies to the wounds. 
QsS, Khdri, s. measure of grain containing 16 

dronas, or about three bushels; scar, wound. 
asSffl), Khdrika, s. a field sown with three bushels 

of grain. 
3 3, Khiddd, s. Pali form of ^93 kridd. 
3s3S3S^5B) Khinna-de'ha, s. (Scoco suffering, cjco 

body) one who is tired or wearied. 
S3o, Khi])pan, a. quick, Pali form of 4^g kshipra. 
3(^, Khila, s. unploughed or waste land; a. empty, 

3<J!5es(3N3, Khindsawo, 8. (3-<*^ khina destroyed or 

subdued, fpsc^ dsawa sinful thought) one that 

has entirely subdued his passions, rahat. 
3<5, Khiran, Pali form of ^bSc5 kshira, 
Qcj6f, Khujja, 8. humpbacked man; Pali form of 

igSW kubja. 
Q5, Khura, s. razor; hoof, horse's hoof; foot of a 




bedstead; sort of perfume, apparently dried shell- 
fish of the shape of a hoof; medicine commonly 
called eeJ253t sahneba. 

g(5), Khuraka, s. plant, bearing an oily seed, 
sesamtim orientate. 

Qd'fi^eeo, Kkurandsd, s. (Q<5 hoof, D3e8 nose) flat- 
nosed; one having a nose like a horse's hoof. 

gc^, Khurd, 8. creeping plant; durian tree, durto 

-^NQQd, Khechara, s. ('9>Q in heaven or atmosphere, 
Q<5 who goes) name of Siva; kind of demigods; 
magical pUls, by putting one of which into the 
mouth a person has the power of flying to 
heaven; sun; wind; moon; general name for a 
planet, star; arrow; bird; perspiration; cloud. 

vQ9, Kheta, s. grass; hunting, chase; a. vile, 
bad, low; armed with weapons; shield; village; 
suburb: phlegm, phlegmatic, or watery humour; 
club of BalarAma. 

(S>QcI3, Khetta, Pali form of <?^i33t^ kshetra. 

(SQ<J, Kheda, s. sorrow, affliction, distress; regret, 

S^Q, Khe'ma, s. peace, happiness, well being; 
safety; name of Nirvana; a. well, right, happy; 
preserved, guarded. 

sS)ca, Kheya^s. ditch, moat. [CoUoq: cpcoQ agala]. 

s^QC Khe'la, a. decrease; wasting, decay; derision, 
ridicule, contempt; place of safety, refuge. 

S^Qc^) Khelana, Is. play, sport, pastime, amuse- 

9>Q03, Kheld, J ment. [Colloquial s^ai(^(3 
sellama] . 

S^)(g, Kheli, 8 song, hymn; arrow; siin; bird; 

^S)S(33, Khe'lo, s. spittle, saliva. 

S^QdS), Khoda, a. lame, or limping. 

S>S)3d, Khora, a. lame. 

(S^Qo^, Khola, a. lame, limping. [Colloq: (553<5g 
korawu'] . 

S^Q^QSSi, Kholaka, s. shield, armour for the head; 
pot, sauce pan; ant hUl; shell of a betel nut. 

aa)S3, Khydta, a. famous, renowned, celebrated. 

S))?9, Khydti, s. fame, celebrity. 


The third consonant of the Sinhalese alpha- 
bet, corresponding to the letter G; it is always 
pronounced hard. 
<o, Ga, a. who or what goes, used in composition. 

(5)o, Gan, 8. plur. of cnaa ganga river, and incor- 
rectly, of (53 gama village. 

(Sjo55):f<J, Gan-kanda, s. small hill lying on the 
banks of a river; bank of a river. 

(5JO (S>s>3(^G^'3^53(3, Gan-koUankola, 8. plant, 
Pogostemon Heyneanm (Labiatce) ; it is from a 
variety of this plant, viz. ^j. patchouli, that the 
patchouli leaves of commerce are procured. 

Gno<5)i51t, Gangaru, s. shrimps or prawns, [Colloq, 
(gc^s^eaJ isso^. 

>o(SJ3a)<5, Gungddhara, see otkoq)^ gangddhara. 

os)o<5)30, Gangdwa, 8. river, more properly written 
coaooJ gangdwa or in Pali <5)o30 gangdwa, pi. 
053(533 gangd or c53id3 gangd. 

v5)oQ\OTC0, Gangeyya, see <5)Socc Gangeyya. 

OTo'5^o^<5, Gantera, s. bank or border of a river; 

55oOdC Ganpalla, s. bottom of a river. 

53oQS, Ganbada, 8. border or edge of a river. 

530 g, Gan-mi, 8. tree peculiar to Ceylon, basaia 
nerifolia ( Sapotacece). 

c!Oo9^6. Ganwatura, s. flood, high-water, river- 

3Jo)^'5 <55e^3, Ganwatura-galanawd, v. to over- 
flow, to inundate with river water, 

jod<s35, Gaggara,s. sound, noise, distant rumbling, 
as of the sea or thunder. 

(5)C55i^, Gagana, s. sky, atmosphere; sometimes 
written oocsjeo gagana. 

)(5)-<s6oCcfi, Gaganatalaya, s. visible heavens; lit- 
erally, the plane of the heavens, 

JCTSv33?<5, Gaganodara, s. (ooeo gagana sky, 
^qd udara cavity) concavity of the sky. 

(5)003, Gaga, s. continuing to rub or polish. 

<5)c, Ganga, s. river. 

s)flD^<5, Gangadara, s. name of Siva, see (F)a53a<5 

c5)a3S, Gangabada, s. border or brink of a river. 

(S)ajS3, Gangandwana, 8. species of shield fern, 
aspidium viviparum. 

is)ta3, Gangd, 8. river Ganges, personification of 
that river as a goddess, see (Sjaoss^^S gangdde'vi. 

(s^oso^dce, Gangdtiraya, 
(5)D3(S^05(5, Gangdtera, 

see (5)ogNO<5 gantera. 

C5)K)3S^033Q, Gangd-tota, s. ferry, part of a river 
bank from whence the river is crossed. 

(5>a53S^^9, Gangd-devi, s. name of the goddess 
Parvati wife of Siva as the personification of the 
Ganges, see eoeos gangd. 




cn{D3Q5, Gangddhara, s. (aotsio Ganges, )5 who 
holds or receives) ocean ; name of Siva, alluding 
to the legend that the Ganges in its descent first 
alighted on the head of Siva and continued for 
some period entangled in his hair, 

CjijoDgQjS), Gangdpraivdha, s. overflowing of a 
river, flood, [CoUoq. 82g<5(S5i(^ waturagelma]. 

(y)03), Gangdwa, see sjosjj gangdwa. 

eocgc* Gangula. s- rapid, small water fall in a 
brook, pi. (Si!^(^ gang id. 

Cj9^ffi306, gangeyya, a. belonging to the Ganges: s. 
kind of elephant. 

co'9occ3S^<?>(^, Gangeyya-hule, s. of the Gangeyya 

(SiQ6, Gachchha, s. tree, small tree, shrub. 

(syd, Gaja, s. elephant; [Colloq. <3cs3 altyd.'] mea- 
sure of length, yard, two cubits; mound of earth 
sloping on both sides, on which a house may be 

(S)d f c5, Gaja-at, s. {(Sid and qfci hand) elephant's 

(SidSi'i^, Gajakand, s, long-pepper, piper longum ; 
[Colloq. issd^adQQ gajatippiW]. 

oi^-agSffiJ, Gajakumbka, s. forehead of an elephant. 

cr>dS3J, Gajatd, s. multitude or herd of elephants. 

(Sid&d&Q, Gaja-tippiU, s. particular species of 
long-pepper; see (Sid&-if^ gajakand. 

(Sidc^f^, Gaja-dat, ls.(<s^de\eiphant,^ysidan- 

<S)d^syS3, Gajadanta, j ta tooth.) elephant's tooth, 
ivory; name of Ganesa, Hindu god of wisdom, 
who is figured with an elephant's head. 

(Sidqisysi 6c Gajadanta-p)hala, s. kind of cucum- 
ber. [Colloq. ffi;t8 kekiri']. 

andisS, Gajan, plur. ace. or gen of cod' gaja. 

(P>desSssi6, Gajanlcara, &ee (S)d e^ti gnja-at. 

OTd33, Gajandwa, s. breech of a gun. 

csidoi^ssi, Gajapardka, s leguminous plant bearing 
red seeds with black mark; Abrus pyi'^(^'^torius, 
[Colloq. (3^ ^3 olinda-eta']. 

OTe^8, Gajapitu, s. top of the shoulders of ele- 

<K)dsc30S3ffl>, Gajapotaka, s. (end' and ^oisi^ cub) 

young elephant. 
CTdco, Gajapriya, s. gum olibanum tree, boswellia 

serrata; plantain or banana tree. 
OTd(^3, Gajabald, s. lion; plant, species of the 

stda: [Colloq: St^Q bevila.'l 
(Sid^q, Gaja-mada, s. semen of an elephant. 
(5)d'3 9c Gajamdchala, s. (cod elephant, 3 

fortune c which shakes) destroyer of the 

elephant, lion. 
C55d(3v333, Gajamdtana, s, (ood and Q muta to 

cause to run away) lion. [CoUoq. So5)c33 

sinhayd~\ . 
(5)dc63, Gajayd, s. big fellow, one like an elephant. 
<syd, Gajali, s. general name for a river, [Colloq, 

OTffi3j8 gangdwa^. 
odSaJ, Gajawat, Eluformof cad8s5g gajawaktra. 
(SidQqs3, Gajawadana, s. (ood and 'Qq?S3 face) 

name of Ganesa, Hindu god of wisdom, alluding 

to his being figured with an elephant's head. 
(Sid 630, Gaja-sama, s. ((Sid and esS) skin) name 

of Iswara or Siva. 
eodS, Gaja-siw, s. the earth, [Colloquial: (5^C3 

(5)5358, Gajdri, s. (eid gaja and ef8 art enemy) 

lion, [Colloq. Sococa3 sinhayd^ . 
(5)E5S633, Gajdsana, s. sacred fig tree,^CMS religiosa, 

[Colloq. (5^cf(SDK) bo-gahaj, 
os^d'Sg, Gaje'ndra, s. leading, or chief elephant in 

the herd. 
(Sid, Ganja, s. disrespect, contempt; mine, jewel 

mine; cow house; treasury, or jewel room; place 

where plate etc., is deposited and preserved;! 

tavern; drinking vessel; hut, hovel and abode of 

low people; plant bearing olinda seed, Ab7-us 

p)recatorius . 
csja), Gada, s. stone; jaw; kind of fish (sort of gilt 

head); impediment, obstacle; screen, covering; 

fence; ditch, moat. 
tsjiDs^cjSco, Gadagediya, s. boils or pustules on the 

csjScss, Gadayd, s. kind of fish. 
QS39Scse> Gada-viyala, s. sort of boil or pustules 

on the skin. 
(53S)o(3^(5>, Gaddgedi, s. general name for fruit 

as oranges, pines etc. 
oSss^iQcB, Gadddehi, s. sort of rough skinned lime 

or lemon, sometimes called a Cdffre lime. 
(53, Gadu, 8. hump on the back, also pi. of ejQ 

)Cj Gadula, a. (<5) hump, q aflix) crooked, 

<5)g, Gaduiva, s. boil or pustule of any sort, 

abscess; blister. 
GoS>S, Gade, see 008 gada. 

gos^SsCj Gadola, 8. brick or fliat tile, used for pav- 
ing houses, pi. eos83(^ gadol 




(53 ^sS^, GantM, s. knot; snare; joint in a bamboo. 

o^jSc, Ganda, s. culture; cheek, whole side of the 
face including the temples; blister, boil, pimple; 
mark or spot; hero; rhinoceros; tenth yoga, or 
one of the twentyseven portions of a circle on 
the plane of the ecliptic; astronomical period; 
knot or joint; v. infinitive of the verb to take. 

eO'dc, Gandaka, s. rhinoceros; mode of reckon- 
ing; obstacle or impediment; disjunction, separa- 
tion; science of astrology; name of a river in the 
north of India. 

<5)<!jicQ33S, Gandakdri, s. (<5)<s)Sc boil, aooS what 
occasions) sensitive plant, mimosa pudica. 
[Colloq. iBi^^gi) nidihumba]. 

<5)<sjKe)^gg, Ganda-kusuma, s, (cn<jBc elephant's 
temples, ^gg flower from its supposed fra- 
grance) juice that exudes from the temples of 
an elephant in time of rut. 

(53<3k3C55 Gandamdld, s. (jsj^sScS) boil, 3Q3 neck- 
lace) inflammation of the glands of the neck. 

(55<s)Sa)3d, Ganddra, see (3>53S)(3g kobalila. 

(53<sjS<5, Gandira, s. kind of pot herb, described as 
growing in watery ground; according to some 
a species of cucumber; hero, champion. 

co<:^t303^, Gauduppdda, 1 5. earthworm. [Colloq. 

(53<^^<5 Gandupada, j (S)i9)B(^o ^qQj geda- 

<S3'<^, Gana, s. flock, multitude, troop, tribe, class; 
priest; wickedness; body of troops, comprising 
twenty-nine chariots, eighty-one horses and one 
hundred and thirty-five foot; the troops called 
Gandharwa, kind of inferior deities considered as 
Siva's attendants and under the especial com- 
mand of Ganesa the Hindu god of wisdom; arith- 
metical number: kind of perfume; name of Ga- 
nesa; attendants of Siva; cloud; plant, cyperus 
rotandus, [Colloq. >(33g5i kaldnduru']. 

oa^siwSi, Ganaka, 8. astrologer, calculator of nativ- 

(Si'^i^Q, Ganakula^ s. fabulous mountain Kailasa, 

supposed to be the residence of the Kumara 

yakshayas, and other classes of demons and 

subordinate deities, sometimes written eoeaagc". 

^^s^^Bs^aS, Ganadevif/o^s, (c55<9E multitude, <?^^d 
god) Ganesa, the Hindu god of wisdom; this 
name alludes to his being the chief of the Gan- 
dharwa, kind of inferior deities, the immediate 
attendants of Sakra or Siva. 

(S3<So^, Ganan, p)lur. of C5J'<^33 ganana. 

(53<sS5i5:fi5D<5-<fl3, Ganankarannwd, v. to couiit, to 

s)-<sSe5J(53:Jes333, Ganangannawd, v. to take ac- 

(55'^edo6ca, Gananjmthai/a, s. Arithmetic. 

(S3<0oi^ 9.^co, Gananchakraya, Is. table in 

(Si-^^ <]k(3c3, Ganan-mandalaya, J Arithmetic. 

esj^sS-sss, Ganana, s. counting, enumerating; ac- 
count; price, value, rate, pi. cj-iSSceJ ganan. 

c53-<^-5038, Ganandwa, s. account, number, reckon- 

(S3-^o^, Ganapati, s. name of Ganesa the Hindu 
god of wisdom, see (53<3s^^9 ganadevi; name of 

<55<!Sc2<536ico, Gana-pantiya, s. communion or 
school of pupils under the care and instruction 
of the priests of Buddha, resident in any temple. 

(55-^cc, Ganaya, s. poetical measure consisting of 
three feet; residence or dwelling of the priests of 
Buddha, always situated close to a temple. [Col: 
oedsec pansala^, 

CK)-<s^(5xO, Gaiiarupa, s. swallow- wort or mudar, 
gigantea calotrojns. [Colloq. &05 ward.^ 

(55<sS(5^8:, Ganaruptka, swallow wort, the white 
sort. [Colloq. ^QQdi elaward.'] 

(55is6cS3, Ganayd, s. assemblage of priests; some- 
times, a disrespectful term for a Buddhist priest. 

(S3<s^5So(si<^ssi, Ganasa/jganika, s. assembly, con- 
gregation of priests; one Avho lives with an as- 
sembly of priests. 

(5D-6o3e3, Ganddhpa, see (si<sff(^q'S ganadevi. 

(K)^^, Gani, s. harlot. 

(5D<^)3, Ganikd, s. harlot, courtezan, pi. si^iSij 
S^SJ ganikdwo. 

(Si<^^oQ, Ganikdwa, s harlot, courtezan; elk; 
female elephant; sort of jasmin jasminum au- 
riculatxm; [CoUq. (5>k?o3(3s73 sepdlikd.^ tree, 
premna spinosa ; [Colloq. kS?si%^ sihin-midi.'] 
counting, enumerating. 

(53<^S), Ganita, a. numbered, counted, reckoned, 

co<j^QO?ca, Ganttagarbhaya, s. arithmetical 


(53<^C3cs, Ganitaya, s. astrological or astronomical 

treatise; calculating; computing, arithmetic. 

C53^03c63, Ganitaya, s. framer of horoscopes, as- 

CD<^oDc33eego8, Ganitasdstraya^ s. science of 




i<^^, Ganitt, third person plural of ot-j^ 25303 

ganinawd or csesJeaSo gannawd. 
co<!^g, GaniTidu, s. name of Ganesa, Hindu god 

of wisdom, see oasvrSROS ganesa. 

<s3<Siis:ij, Ganinnd, s. arithmetician, one who 

3<3^:fe335(3^e^, Ganinndnse, s. (esj^aS gana multi- 
tude or association, referring here to a company 
of priests, resident in one dwelling or pansala 
'5sJ33 innd being, fs^e^ nse for 8s32sJse^ 
ivahanse a term of respect) priest of Buddha, 
generally applied to one of the lowest order, whose 
office it is to read the Bana or sacred books on 
public occasions; after which it is interpreted 
by a higher one: he also presides at the altar, 
and attends to the cleaning of the temples. 

<53<J383, Ganinawd, v to add up, to count, to 

reckon, to compute, to calculate: pret. eazssj^oo 

CT<3^59(5t, Ganisuru, s. (ooisS gana <^%di isuru) see 

^ the following. 

c3a^<!Sc^, Ganesa, (<55-<!J gana a troop <S'(S) isa 
lord or chief) the Hindu god of wisdom; he is 
represented in their temples as a short fat man 
with the head of an elephant; he is the son of 
Siva by Pdrvati and is considered the remover 
of obstacles; hence in the commencement of all 
undertakings and in the opening of all composi- 
tions he receives the reverential homage of the 
Hindus; he is considered as the chiefs of the 
various classes of subordinate deities who are 
regarded as Siva's attendants; Siva himself is 
sometimes called by this name. 

C!)J, Gat, p, taken; s. books, literary compositions. 

csjoJ, Gatta, s. information of some crime or 
ofEence, pi. esj^ gatu. 

(S)Je33, Gattd, v. pret. took, got. 

cncD, Gata, s. body; limb, multitude; verse, stanza, 
book; participial form of verb from the root es3 
gama, gone; known, understood; obtained; 

^ gained, pi. (Sidigat, 

(55C5egc3t, Gatakuru, see 0O3^3^(5 gatrdhshara. 

(53S5>cqa{33^, Gatayuttak-, s. that which is proper 
. to be taken. 

C5S5St)-2s38), Gatawenawd, v. to pass away, to be 
transitory or fleeting. 

eds?, GfiH, Si mode; mailll61*j custom; tnafch; pro- 
cession; species bf birth; any of the several iliode-^ 
of obtaining existence according to the tenets of 

Buddha; establishment, support; end, termina- 
tion; inclination; wisdom, knowledge; habitation, 
residence, dwelling; journey, road, way, path; 
period of life, as youth, age, &c ; expedient, 
means of success; sinus, fistular sore; worldly 
vanity, wickedness; course of events, fate, for- 
tune; slave. 

sj^co, Gatiya, s. nature, disposition, temper; 

quality, state 
C53.?2, Gatu^ s. evil speech, slander. 
(53-tg>3(5cS3, Gatuhdrayd, s. informant, a com- 
SJ-eg^ScsaaQo, Gatukiyanawd, s to inform against, 
^ to slander. 
(53^, Gada, s. disease, sickness; speech; weapon; 

the younger brother of Krishna; womb. 
G53^<fJ, gadaba-at, 1 s.palma christi or castor-oil 
<5)ijS), Gadamba, J tree, ricinus communis 

[CoUoq. (50 ^ScJi. i-ata-endaru] 
(53<5S)3, Gadambd, s. camel; chorister, 
(53 s^, Gadd, s. sickness; weapon, particularly that 

of the Wessawana, mace, club; plant, trumpet 

flower, bignonia suave-olens. [Col. c3(3^3(^^)a/oZ.] 
<53<^053^, Gaddgada, s. physicians of Swarga, the two 

sons of Aswini by Siirya. 
e53<^S<5, Gadddhara, s. (<siq, club; Q6 who holds) 

name of Krishna or Vishnu who is figured as 

holding a mace in one of his hands. 
053^, Gajida, s. smell, perfume, fragrance; stink, 

odour, &c. see <53aa) gandha. 
(53^3Cd, Gandakalal, s. perfume, made from 

mixture of fragrant substances. 
(53^S(gcc, Gandaldliya, s. (<53^ perfume, S@(a 

house) the residence of Buddha, a fragrance 

issuing from every part of his person perfuming 

his dwelling; sweet scented house. 

(53^5g, Gandakuhumbi, s. small kind of ant. 
<53^s3d, Gandagctja, s. kind of elephant. 
(Hi^cncseoSs, Gaiiflagahanawd, v. to stink. 
{53^o33, Gaodapdna, s. plant, lantana, lantana 

mixta (Verbenacece), also called cJQjBcgc^, 7-ata- 

hiuguru ; another plant, ma2ip)ia ovata (OlacineceJ. 
(5)^g?S5, Gajidaputika, s. stench, offensive smell. 
!S3^(^, Gandamal, pi. fragrant flowers. 
(53^ 53^, Gandamalian, s. mountain, see 3a) 

^34^ ai^'^^Mmadan(i. 
<si^Q<!i^, Gandawana,s, (s)^ and 8-<c a wound) 

smell from a wound. 




>?C^j Gandavilawun, s. perfumes, unguents 

consisting of sandalwood &c. used for anointing 

the body, 
(55^633(5, Gandasdra, s. sandal wood, a sense of 

GSj^tcJ, Gandet, s. musk elephant. 
<K>ff:i^55i53, Ganliikuld, s. the domestic cock, pi. 

<K)55g4ig?J gankukulo. 
c^eiQ, Ganta, r. to take. 
oe^Soi^aa, Gandarmdana, s. see ct3S)JJd G^rtw- 

e9s:f^co, Gandiya, s. (ooss^ river, c8 water) river 

water, corruptly for s)oJ^c6 gandiya. 
sjaa), Gandha, s. smell, odour, perfume, fragrance; 

any fragrant substance; sulphur; kind of 

elephant; tree moringa pterygosperma ; pride, 

arrogance; neighbour; aloe-wood; a. small, little, 

diminutive; small in quantity. 
(532sa)i5), Gandhaka, s. sulphur; tree moringa 

ptei~ygosperma [Colloq. <5x,o(5J3 murungd.^ 
(SjeSiaoestB, Gandhakdshtha, s, any fragrant wood, 

as sandal wood, aloe-wood &c. 
S5S)259ca, Gandhakntiya, s. (eiaa) perfume, 

5g3 kuti abode) Buddha's residence; kind of 

CjaSc,, Gandhaddma, s. (csjaa) and c, string of 

flowers) string or necklace of flowers. 
(SjesgDgg, Gandhadhuli, s. (raaa) fragrant, gg 

dust) musk. 
(5)aa)3, Gandhana, s. continued effort, persever- 
ance; injury; intimation; information; hurting; 

<sii^di(^iXi, Gandhamlayd, s. double jasmine; 

[Colloq. essJa^caJS^ss^edf satpetidesaman.~\ 
(53acDs335(3, Gandhandkuh', s. medicinal plant, 

[Colloq. Cfdd^ aratta.'] 

<552a)c39, Gandhapatra, s. white sort of basil, 

ocimum gratissimum; [Colloq. g^osc^ madunir- 

<55a5)::3C*.3j Gandhapald, "^ s. turmeric, saff- 

<S)i^':2Q'i(Q^'3, Gandhapald xikd, >ron, curcuma 
OT25a):3(3, Gandhapali, j longa ; [Colloq- 

^55253 kaha], 
(53a3lO(33(, Gandhap(ddsi, s. a plant, Kaempferia 

Galanga [Colloq. eSigcJiScsg hingnrupiyali.^ 
55255) ISO e33-(S^, Gandhapdsdno, .. (33) and oosca^^ 

stone) sulphur. [Colloq. 'a^iS)SsS^<s)o kendaga/f.~\ 
eoaa)6e33ffi?3, Gandha pisdchikd, s, (sjeo) and 

6e03O pnsdchika, female demon) incense or the 

smell of incense; diffusive incense; so called 

from its dark colour or implike appearance, 

or from its cloudy nature attracting demons by 
its fragrance. 

e5325)gaw, Gandhapushpa, s. kind of cane (Cala- 
mus rotang); name of a fragrant reed growing 
near the water, [Colloq. <5i3^cg>S3 ruk-anguna^ 
also of several aromatic plants; kind of fragrant 
offering consisting of flower and sandal presented 
at the time of worship. 

(53iS)6C) Gandhaj)hala, 8. gum olibanum tree 
hosiveUia serruta; flowers or blossoms of the 
champaca tree; Michaelia champaca ; [Colloq. 
eog sapu.'\ 

(53aa)S), Gandhabba, Pali form of <53a)S gandha- 
rwa which see. 

i53aS)3:j20, Gandhamddana, s. name of a mountain 
said to be in the Himalaya range; one of the 
monkey chiefs, so called ; sulphur ; large black 

(533ai(2, Gandhamula, s. (c532a) and c root) plant 
with a fragrant and tuberous root, alpinia 
galanga. [Colloq. 56SoG kaluwdla.'] 

(53aS)c>, Gandhamidaka, s. sort of curcuma', 
sandal wood; plant hemidesmus indicus, [Colloq. 
(5^ iramusuJ] 

r55eS)g833, Gandhamushikd, s. musk shrew sorex 

f53aa)a<53, Gandhamriga, s. (ooaS) and as) deer, 
musk deer; civet-cat. [Coll: (^cJlOxS^ urulewd.'] 

2oeia)g555, Gandhayukta, a. fragrant, perfumed. 

053a)8, Gandharica, s. choristers or musicians that 

inhabit Indra's heaven or the celestial regions; 

at all the principal banquets of the gods they 

compose the orchestra; horse, kind of deer; the 

soul after death and previous to its being born 

again, a being somewhat like the western notion 

of a ghost; a singer in general; the kokila or 
Indian cuckoo. 

s3aa)Swteea, Gandharwahasta, s. (c53aa)S deer, SDtoo 
hand) plant, the leaves of which are compared 
to the foot of the deer; ricinus communis or 
castor oil plant, [Colloq. <53^)c5i rataendaru.'] 

(53s)(5e3, Gandharasa, s. (cjaa) and dts essence) 

(53s)fi5d, Gandhardja, s. sandal; any sweet smell- 
ing flower. 

i5525a)05, Gandhaward, s. (cDa) and Q6 wara 
excellence) highest degree of fragrance; camphor. 
[Colloq. SjgcJi kapmru.'] 

20 ~" 




63a(3giD, Gandhawalltkd, s. (sjea) and cS>3 

creeper) species of jasmin. 
(55)9s>, Gandhawnha, s. (esza) fragrance, 

what conveys) air, wind ; nose. 
(55a)93s>, Gandhaivdha, s. (derived as weaSs) 

gandhawaha) Avind; musk deer; nose. 
(552)es5(5, Gandhasdra, s. (csjaa) perfume, taid 

essence) essence of perfume, sandal wood. [Coll. 

S3g:f Jumhtn.'] 
I'OT^aJwtadS, Gandhahasti, s. musk elephant. 
(532S)K)3(5>3, Gandhahdrakd, s. female artisan 

working in another person's house. 
C5)2sS)jQ, Gandhdkhu, s. (cjaD gandha and ^g 

ai'^M rat) musk rat. [CoUoq. tSed^cSD hikmlyd.'] 
(5)aa)3<5, Gandhdra, s. country so called; sound 

like the cry of a goat. 
(53235)3(S25:?, Gandlidsman, s. ((nea) gandha and 

qpoeJ axman stone) sulphur. [CoUoq. i5^a>s^ej 

(5Ja)D8, Gandhdri, see C5>2a)3c5 gandhdra, 

c55aS5 Gandhtka, s. sulphur. 

(ns>2a)3S>aj3, Gandhottamd, s. cjaeD gandha smell, 

^SDS uttama highest or hest) any spirituous 

liquor; toddy, the liquid extracted from the 

cocoa-nut tree. [Colloq. <^ m.] 

(55(^^^a)J(3, GandhoU, s. kind of cucumber; eagle; 

(5>S^^3(5, GandhoU, s. wasp; fragrant grass c?//)e- 
rM rotundus. [Colloq. J(33g5i. kaldndiiru]. 

(5>2s5e3S3, Gannawd, v. to take; to assume, pret. 
C5355s33 gattd. 

0532s^C<^^. Ganladdd, s. (ck ^awa and Q^q who 
has received) the grantee of lands or villages from 
the king, and who exercises an authority over 
the tenants similar to that of a lord of the manor. 

(SisSQ^Qo, Ganwanawd, v. to cause to take or 

^ receive; pret. cJiids^aaSSs gennewwd. 

<53<53^55&),' Ganahada, a. extremely thick, .9. thick 

coeo.S3, Ganakama, s. thickness. 

(53S3ai(^, Ganakal, s. rainy season. 

OTsaego, Ganakula, s. a cloud. 

(SiSiS^d, Ganakulu, s. line of clouds. 

oo^s3S55)393, Ganagahanawd, v. to twist. 

coeasJi^D, Ganagejum, s. thunder; [Colloq. cpaoes 

^K)!53 ahasagerawima'] ; modern, 
csjeato, Gananga, s. (ct^ thick, ffD a]iga hody) 

name of Gauesa, Hindu god of wisdom. 
e3eo^(5, Ganadara, see (syS3^6 ganandara. 
I- . . 

S53^<J, Ganandara, s. darkness, thick darkness, 
ooeogao, Ganapushjm, s. woollen cloth woven 

with flowers. 
(53253, Ganaba, s. thick cloud, or line of clouds 

thickly charged with water. 
saad^Q, Ganarupu, s. the sun. [Colloq, (^6 ira,'] 
siSB^, Ganichchi, s. esteem, regard, respect. 
cods33, Gapsdvima, s. for (5>?^e3)3 gassdvima 

which see. 
isjSjS), Gabba, Pali form of (s?S garwa. 
^oS5, Gabbha, Pali form of (Si^ garbha. 
S5)e9.23, Gabbhim, s. pregnant woman. 
^25352020, Gabbhydna, s. any complaint or disease 

in the bowels or womb. 
otS), Gaba, s. belly; womb; inside, or inner part 

of any thing. 
3S)a3>j<5cf3, Gabaddkdrayd. s. storekeeper. 
5) 5)33, Gabaddwa, s. store room; pantry; 

(53S)9(^, Gabamala, s. child dead in the Avomb; 

53036865, Gabhastt, $ ray of light, sun or moon 

beam; light, splendour. 
sscosKSSJii, Gabhastimat, s. (o558ot3e9 and cJposs. 

affix) sun, [Colloq. gc3?c33 suryayd.'] 
53, Gam, ])hir. of s> gama, 
S39de^0csi, Gamjestayd, s. corruptly, for (E)3 

(5>d'e(los3 grdmajyeshthayd , which see. 
33^333, Gamtota, for otoS^cddS gantota s. ferry. 
53i)3^e?93, Gamdetuwd, Elu form of CTi)(5^de^0ca^ 

gamjestayd . 
5)i)'9^<^d, Gamdora, s. gate or entrance into a 

cs)8(g, Gampili, s. plant, galega purpurea. 
Q53S)38, Gambdri, see CT')eoi8 gambhdri. 
53a533(5, Gambhdra, s. mantra, or magical incan- 
tation, written in prose; lotus; citron. 
33^teo38, Gambhdri, s. name of a tree, commonly 

called by the same name Gambhdri, Gmelina 

arborea [Colloq. fficds^.^ etdemata.'] 
(53^ (5, Gambhira, a. deep, as water, but applied 

metaphorically to sound, intellect &c. 
(53 2)2, Gammalu, s. resinons timber tree, ptei-ocar- 

pus marsupium (Leguminosce.) 
553S^2d', Gamitidne, s. cultivated country; inha- 
bited country in the neighbourhood of a village, 

pi. (533i5:f gammdn. 
c53^^Se^, Gammiris, s. black pepper. 




(S)SiS^8i(4, Gnmmirisivrl s. black pepper plant, 

}nper nigrum ( Pvperaceie ) . 

C'oi).7(3ce3, Gammudaliyd, a. the chief of a village. 

e338, Gamya, a. attainable, accessible; perceptible. 

e^SSaScco. Gamwdsiyd, 1 . 

^ o ^ } villager. 

coa))iScs3, Gamwestya, J 

(55, Gama, s. village; going, moving, marching, 
journeying, journey, road; kind of game, back- 
gammon; pi. csji) gam. 

(Si3)d, Gamatha, s. road; traveller. 

*"^ . . . . , 

enSsD, Gamana, s. journey; gait; going m general, 

march; march of an assailant, pi. <sis$S gaman. 
(5 25333320, Gamandsaua, s. (eo2S3 gamana and 

<?>53D asana victuals), provisions for a journey. 
(53 29, Gamani, s. traveller. 
(53^, Gamabima, s. landed property, pi. (5)i)3i), 

(53<a3, Gamayd, 
(53(5cc Gamaradala,y s. head man of a village. 

<a3, Gamaya, i 

(5iqc> Gamaradala,^ s. 
05(3, Gam,ardla, j 


(Si^ss), Gamika, s. traveller; going, marching. 
csj^gcJi, Gamtsuru, s. {p^ gama and ^cSl isuru 

chief) chief or head man of a village. 
(5)0, Gaya, s. kind of ox; name of a royal or 

military saint; verse or stanza. 
csjcSx^^cJ^, Gayanukitta, s. the symbol i as used 

in the word (?ics3')(58e5)(5<sStj gauraivakara.awd. 
(53(J53, Gayd,s. Gaya, city in Behar, rendered famous 

on account of its being the residence of Buddha; 

according to ancient tradition Buddha was bom 

in a forest which formerly surrounded this city ; 

in Sanskrit authors it is called Buddha Gaya, 

it is a place of great sanctity among the Hindus, 
c53cS5, Gargarif s. (sicS imitative sound, a gurgling, 

6 ra what makes) chum; water vessel, goglet. 
eoSd Garja, s. roaring of elephants; rumbling of 

clouds; growling of wUd beasts; thunder. 
(S3?3S3, Garjjaka, s, kind of fish, commonly Gajar. 
C53aS^33e), Garjjandwa, s. sound, noise; rumbling 

of the clouds; thunder; war, battle, conflict; 

passion, wrath, excessive indignation; reproach; 

<5)^<a, Garjita, s, an elephant in rut; rumbling of 

clouds, rolling of distant thunder. 
eoSo, Garta, s. hole, the hollow of the loins. 
^^qts), Gardabha^s.wldtQ lotus; smell, odour; ass, 

(S)bC(iQ, GardahJu, s, insect, kind of beetle breed- 
ing from cowdung; she-ass; cutaneous eruption. 

en^esa, Garddhana, a. avaricious or covetous. 
33^33, Garbbha, Is. womb; foetus, embryo; belly; 
C53c8, Garblia J the inside; inner apartment; 

middle; pride; joining, union. 
C53e6), Garbhaka, s. chaplet of flowers worn on 

the hair; period of a day and two nights. 
o>3^(E)3<s3, Garbbhagrahana, s. (ot^ womb, 

^K)^ taking) conception. 
(53SS330^53, Garbhapdtaka, s. (sS3e8 and C330> jjdta 

falliug) red kind of murunga, supposed to 

produce abortion. 

oo^Kjg^Scgco^aSccs, Garbbhapratigrahanaya, s. for- 
mation of the fcjjtus, conception. 
(53Ss)g^8aS32!3(a, Garbbhaj^'atishthdnaya^ s. pre- 
vention of miscarriage. 
!53^(a5:3o9, Garbbhasayydwa, s. uterus. 
s3S30(ajK9<3, Garbbhasdnttya, s. period between 

the birth of a child and conception. 
?3^go9, Garbhasrdwa, s. (eaCB womb, 936 

expulsion) abortion, miscarriage; the afterbirth. 
S83CS33(5, Garbhdgdra, s. lying-in chamber. 
oflSsaiea, Garbhddhdna, 8. conception, ceremony 

performed prior to conception. 
(?3%)38^D3Sce, Grabbhdivakrdntiya, s. conception ; 

formation of the f(3etus in womb. 
(S}'SfB<^, Garbhim, s. pregnant woman; twining 

plant Avith milky gum and large flowers see <si6 

(S^QJ garabo, asclepias rosea. 
(53<3N^3c5'ig-<sSc5, Garbbhotkramanaya, s. bringing 

forth from the womb, birth, 
(5)8, Gariva, s. pride, arrogance, haughtiness. [Coll. 

t^Q^9)6a ddambaraya.~\ 
(5)03, Garvita, a. proud, haughty, arrogant. 
(532S-<a, Garhana, s. censure, blame, reproach. 

[Colloq. (S3i<5c9 gerahima.'] 
(SijSdS, Garhdwa, s. censure, contempt. 
CT^SJ, Garhita, a. contemptible, despised. 
(5)jS5S, Garhya, a. low, vile, contemptible. [Colloq. 

^33 nicha.~\ 
5)aSi3(5ia3, Garhydkaranawd. v. to abuse, to 

censure, to blame; to despise, to contemn, to treat 

without respect; to disgrace. |^Collo(j. 'jQe,><5 

aC03 ninddkaranawd.'\ 
63(5, Gara, s. sickness, disease; poison; house; 

antidote; sprinkling, wetting. 
(53<5co3, Garaudiyd, s. rat-snake, pi. (53(5 garandt, 

p)tyas mucosus (Colubridoe order Ophidia.) 
(53<5'=c3, Garanawd, s. to cleanse the grain, or 

separate it from the dirt, to sift. 




<55d^, Garada, s. ((Si6 poison, q who gives) poisoner, 
poison; a. unwholesome. 

(Si6^, Garab, 1 5. rat snake; phmt ichnocar- 
(53(5s^S)J, Garubo, ) pus frutescens, [Colloq, 68 

Qi(^ Iciriioel.'] 
<55^C> Garala, s. venom of a snake, venom in 
general, [CoUoq. QBQ s^oirac7tcha7idvi. ^ihundle 
of hay or grass; measure in general. 

eodSoQcsJ, Garawdsiyd, s. (c53(5 house, oS icdsi 

who lives) the inhabitant of a house, house 

holder, pi. caCQ^Q gm-aivdsi, incorrectly for sad 

Q3Q gharcacdsi . 
(55(5 *5(^, Garavil, s. rat snake; commonly called 

co(5cs3 garandiyd. 
(53dQ Garavila, see odc garala. 
<K)<5Sa^3, Garavrindaka, s. (w<5 house, ax^^S) 

god) house-hold god, improperly for KdSa-sSjdffi) 

$r/ifl ra vrinddraka . 
<53c5s333a, Garahanawd, s. to contemn, to despise, 

to censure, to blame, to reproach, pret. (55i<5g3 

eo(5cs33, Garahd, s. contempt, scorn, ridicule; part. 

having despised. 
(55(35, Ga}'d, s. swallowing. . [CoUoq. <S(3 gilima7\ 
Si<^^<Ji, Garddiya, s. railing, meter, spoke of a 

CTC^&s^gS, Garayakuma, s. a particular demon 

(SiS, Gari, s. sort of grass andropogon serratus. 
(55<^, Garu, s. wing; respect, honour, veneration, 

esteem, regard; a. respectable, estimable, worthy 

of regard. 
<s)^!^, Garuka, a. much, heavy, serious. 
K)(5iaDQgeg, Garukatayut'ii, honourable, worthy of 

(S3(5i,"S5, Garukama, s. respect, honour, gTaudeur. 
iS)6 i&'i<5 'sSoQj, Garukaranawd, v. to respect, to 

esteem, to regard. 
/s>ul>JOS3(S, Garukdpatti, n. (csJCJiaj garuka serious, 

{poS38 dpattt guilt) any great crime, but parti- 
cularly the thirteen sins which are to be avoided 

by the priests of Buddha, 

(SiSiiSiod, Garukdra, s. respect, honour, veneration. 

(SJ^LS, Garuda, s. bird and vehicle of Vishnu; 
this is generally represented as being something 
between a man and a bird and is considered as 
sovereign of the feathered kind; he is the son of 
Kasyapa and Vinata and younger brother of 

Aruna; alabaster, sometimes written <s)(5ts) 

<si6iSiSQd , Garudadhwaja, s. (csjdxS) and cJdd 

symbol or ensign) he whose symbol is Garuda, 

one of the names of Vishnu. 
(55(5i8:33eeD-<s^, Garudapdsdna, s . ((55(5 1 and 03683 <S5 

stone) emerald. 
^(5103, Garuda, s. large centipede. 
(53(5tcJ, Garut, s. wing. 
<s)6i<sS)o&i, Garutmdn, s. name of Vishnu's bird, 

see (53(5ia) garuda. 
(53(5iS3d, Garutara, a. very respectable, highly 

honourable; exceedingly venerable. 
cf)6ztsi!i'^^, Ganibhdnda, property common to the 

priests, as opposed to C38)3<5 partkkhdra, their 

personal property. 
(53(5t3 Garuld, s. see (^6xiQo guruld. 
<53(^, Gal, pi. of (S)Q gala, stone, rock. 
(5?(^qp:J3DS, Galanndst, s. kind of pineapple. 
^n(^i^tS, Galehi, s. plant, Cyperus corymbosus 

( Cyperacece ) . 
L'^<^(gSS)3, Galibbd, s. fresh water tortoise, Emys 

CT(;^39, Galkatuwa, s. pick axe. 
e5(^5a)ca3 Galkadayd, s. kind of sea fish. 
co(^i55<^, GaUcandu, s. sugar-candy. 
:o(^ffi>dc3i58(^(3(a, Galkajyptarawalliya, s. plant, 

AnisQchihts carnosus (Labiato'). 
<0(^>(5^, Galkaranda, s. plant, Humboldtia 

laurifoUa (Legumitiosce); small tree, Canthium 

didymum (Utibtacece), also called (3^e33<53d5 

<S)(^Si6iQj, Galkaruwd, s. stone cutter; quarry 

(53(^^5^ 3, Galkusumbd, s. Carey or Indian green 

turtle, edible, chelonia virgata (order Chelonia.) 
3d*2 Galkula, s. rock, pi. (Wc^igd, galktdu, 
(S3(^.S6^6, Galkiira, s. slate pencil; medicinal herb. 
c<3(^(S^>, Galkema, s. tank hewn in a rock. 
20(^^510)00, Galkefaya, s. stone, piece of stone. 
(55(^CT3'25:J-SD3, Galgdnnd, s. lapidary, cutter of pre- 
cious stones, pi. OT(j633(3'3er5j galgdnnd. 
>-^d<?2533, GalguJidwa, s. cave in a rock. 
C'0(^(3^s5c, Galgediya,8. stone so cut as to be ready 

for the mason, stone. 
e3(^Qi,, Galtnnba, s. stone pillar. 
(5D(^e^^''C5^8^5^^3, Galtd //guwenawd , v. to be asto- 
<23d^23 Galtduma, s, sore fooi hurt by stone. 




C5(^(s^ij3, Galdemata, s. plant, kind of balsam 

peculiar to Ceylon; Impatiens repens (Gera- 

S)(^is^G,<5, Galdora, s. stone door, 
co(^e3ca3, Galnayd, s. variety of the cobra; see 

eoc33 nayd. 
c55(^eDK)c5, Galnahara, s. gum olibanum. 
c5D(^C5g<5, Galpawura, s. stone rampart. 
OT(^c3gd, Galpahut-a, s. ledge of rocks. 
(55(^8cS(g, Galpiyali, see (0(^i)<5 galmada. 
C53(^gd2s533, Galpulunnd, s. fish, Block's sea 

perch, jmacanthus blochii. 
OT(^(3cs, Galbilaya, s. natural cave or hole in a 

rock or stone. 
(Si^^, Galmada, s. talc; Jewzom or gum benjamin; 

medicinal plant. 
055(4, Galmt, s. kind of gum resin (atyrax?) 
OT(5(S^3C5, Galmora, s. tree (Kandian country) 

Pometta (nephelium) eximia (Sapindacece); 

tree (low country) Cryptocarya Wightiana 

<si(^'^iisi^9ii6, Galmendora, s. timber tree, Cyno- 

metra i^amiflora (Leguminosce). 
5(^<5tg, Galrupu, s. pigeon; [CoUoq. o(5cc3 

>dCxdC Gallella, s. slab or flat piece of stone, 

slate; pi. <si(^QxS gall^li. 
<55(^^C'253> Gallena^ s, cave in a rock, natural cave. 
^^25333, Galwanawd, s. to dye, to daub, to rub 

or smear on the body ; to put, to apply one thing 

to another; to cause to sink; to cause to swallow, 

pret. CTxc^S^c^' gellewwd, 
5(^SS) Galwalu, s. see coGS galaioalu. 
(5j^-3\8<5d, Galweralu, s. tree, pecxdiar to Ceylon; 

Elceocarpus subvillosus (Tilliacece). 
(K)(^S\8(3\(5dg, Galwei'eppuwa, s. kind of cancer. 
<si(^QaQ3, Galsiyambald, s. timber and fruit tree 

peculiar to Ceylon, Dialium ovoideum (Legumi- 

CT)(5(^^^33^(^, Galsewcl, s. rock moss. 
(55(3, Gala, s. stone, rock; throat, neck; rope; kind 

of resin; sort of reed, saccharum cylindncum: 

musical instrument; kind of fish, sort of gilt 

head, pi. (53(^ gal. 
roQ^S, Galalcada, s. flesh that hangs from the 

throat of oxen which laps or licks the dew in 

grazing, hence called the dew-lap, 
C55C<^'^^) Galaganda,s/\n^?krn.ra.'iii\on, enlargement 

of the glands of the neck. 

CTC^wco, Galagrahaya, s. (is^c throat, (Q!Si 

graha seizure) act of seizing by the throat; 

disease, inflammation of the glands of the neck ; 

sauce of fish ground up with salt, pepper, ghee &c. 
C55(3S5C> Galatala,s. (ooc stone, c^o plane) surface 

of a stone. 
GOCOJDoc^O, Galatdnguwa, s. recovery from going 

to fall. 
5C"2535> Galanawd, v. to flow, to overflow, to dip 

pret. <53ig3 geluwd. 
coccseaSo Galapanawd, v. to unite, to join, to knot. 

pret. cs?x(3g3 gelapuwd. 
OTGdc3eJ^5(5<sjC3, Galappattikaranawd, v. to 

<siQ^otA^(ji, Galappattiya, s. overlaying with tar 

the planks of a ship or boat. 
OT(;3, Galamuwd, a. made of stone; kind of sea 

fish; kind of deer. 
C5?C^^S)C3, Galame'khald, s. (eoc neck, vac3 

girdle) necklace. 
^edtg, Galarupu, see (5)(^^g gahupu. 
<s)QdB, Galarew, s. (oe throat, d;9 sound) cock; 

pigeon; sound, noise, sounds from the throat of 

animals, in contradistinction to other sounds. 
OTQD3, Galawanawd, v. to deliver, to set free, 

to loosen, to save; pret. OTi(S^(3Sa geleivwd. 
(53CS5 Galawalu, s. back part of the neck; head 

of the humerus. 
i5)Q3, Gala, part, having overflowed or dipped, 

s. term used to signify a stubborn fellow. 
5(3), Galita, a. fallen, dropped. 
co(ge3D, Galtnawd, v. to swallow, pret. (Sii(^QO 


(53(3e^, Gaits, s. tree, Gardenia latifolia. 

(SiB, Gaw, plur. oi csiQQ gaivwa which see. 

OT, Gaivya, a. of or belonging to a cow; proper 

or fit for cattle; s. cow-butter; bow string; colom- 

ing substance, dye, yellow orpiment. 
5), Gawyd, s. multitude of cows; measure of 

4000 yards; a. of or belonging to a cow; proper 

or fit for cattle. 
OT&, Gawiva, s. measure of distance of the Sii^- 

halese mile 5600 yards, or about three and half 

35, Gaiva, s. ox; bullock. 
(559oe3, Gaivangana, s. cow; [Colloq. ^C'^^*' 

<S)Qd, Gawaja, 
'"^Q^c Gaivada 

;aja, 1 
7 }s. kind of ox, bos gavceiis. 




oo0o(^, Gawapal, Is. cowherd; cowkeeper; 

OT0O3CCC9, Gatvapdlayd, J one of the names of 

cciQcocaed, Gawayahan, s. (onQ ox, c5i vehicle) 

name of Iswara or Siva. 
S38c53, Gawayd, s. a species of ox, the gayal or 

bos gavoeus, bullock; name of a fish. 
3<5, Gawaraioala, s. mud hole, place for the 

lodgment of dirt or rubbish. 

<S)Q6qs, Gawarasa, s. curdled milk, or coagulated 

sj8d5, Gaward, s. species of buffalo; zebra. 
(53(3, Gawala, s. wild buffalo; buffalo's horn; 

bubahis ami. [CoUoq. S(^3 loalmiind.'] 
raSeaeDSa, Gaivasanaivd, v. to ornament the head 

with a chaplet of flowers, to stick, to fasten, pret. 

ootSgQo gewasuwd. 
<553^^, Gawdksha, a. (co gawa ox, (^^ akslia 

eye) ox-eyed; s. window, air-hole, loop-hole; 

round window; bull's eye; kind of monkey (with 

eyes like those of an ox). 
<5d8o^, Gaicdlsht, s. (s^if>3 go earth, ^^3 aksha 

to spread) sort of cucumber cucumis madras- 

jmtanus, [CoUoq. ^(Si')?d:^i^8 gonkekiri;'] plant 

clitoria ternatea, [CoUoq. c6(^59!5^<^) nil-kata 

<533q'S3, Gawddana, s. pasture or meadow grass. 
co3<q6, Gawddani,s. hay-rack, trough for holding 

grass; plant, see c^&O'^ gawdkshi. 
cnQ'iQSSi, Gaicdhika, s. gayal, species of ox found 

in the upper provinces of India, hos gavoeus. 
c<i, Gavi, s. clarified butter, things proper to be 

offered in sacrifice. 
ot''3d, Gavtna, s. cow-butter. 
iS^^Q6i^, Gave'ruka, s. red chalk. [Colloq. SSo 

c^cJi sivanguru.'\ 
e5(5^9s33, Gat^esana, s. search. 
CT3^8Qs^, Gavesita, sought, from ^^es^ gave'sati 

he seeks. 
<55>3<^ffi), Gawodaka, s. cow's urine. 
CTd', Gas, pi. of ooes gasa. 
siiScsiQc Gaskayila, s. plant, breynia rhamnoides 

( Eaphorbiacea' ) . 
c53E^3(5(^S3t, Gas-karal-heba, s. weed, achyran- 

thes aspera ( Amarantaceoe ) . 
<53c55S3gc03, Gas-kahambiUyd, s. kind of nettle, 

girardinia Zeylanica (Urticacece). 
(55C^)id88cC3, Gas-keppitiyd, s. plant croton lacci- 

ferum (Euphorbiacea^); also called, ^ld<S^o9c^^ 


<5)e55xC Gas-kela, s. Pulas tree producing a gum 
and beautiful flowers, buiea frondosa (Legumi- 
nosm) ; also called 'fisJisis:? etkan. 

(SitissitQa, Gas-keliya, s. plant grewia hevigata. 

<55rf(^^<s^i)c5^, Gas-getuadiyd, s. kind of frog, said 
to live on suction from trees; it is frequently 
found in the tops of the trunks of trees, its bite is 
said to bepoisonous, pl.raed(S>(53S gasgemadi,poly- 
pedates maculatus forder Batrachia Salientia.) 

<55^gC*, Gas-dul, s. plant, debregeasia velntina, 

Qfitii^^e^^o), Gas-nidikumba, s. plant, biophytum 
nervifolia (Geraniaceoe); aquatic plant neptunia 
oleracea or mimosa nutans (Leguminosce). 

(55ed^6S^, Gas-niviti, s. esculent plant, malabar 
night shade. 

roe^fS^ejQc^, Gas-netul, s. plant, ^ars gibbosa (Urti- 

(S)tS3BQ, Gas-j)ichcha, s. plant, Coffea travancor- 

ensis (Rubiacece). 
<sitS8&Si^, Gas-pinna, s. plant, clei'odendron in- 

fortunatum (Verbenacece). 
c53l^-203, Gas-madinawd, v. to extract toddy from 

the trees; pret. Goel!,^*^ gas-meddd. 
f55C^w83, Gas-miyd, s, tree rat, mus rufescens. 
<5?t^e333, Gassanawd, v. to pull the trigger, to fire 

off, to strike against, to give a violent shock; pret. 

c5Die^g3 gessuwd. 
(53^e333, Gassdviina, s. abortion; miscarriage. 
s^edes^(^^^o^, Gassdicenaicd, v. to miscarry. 
<S)S2, Gasa, s. tree in general; also called eos) gaha. 
c?)33333, Gasanawd, v. to beat, to strike; pret. c^iig 

3 gesuivd ; see C55S3<5393 gahanaivd. 
K)3:3555'S33, Gasdkanawd, t\ to prey on, to seize 

voraciously; to snatch away for the purpose of 

coc33S5^5:J2o83. Gasdgannaicd, v. to snatch, to take 

by force. 
coe3ij25DS3, Gasudamanaivd, v. to shake off, to 

brush off the dust. 
53K)9(5, Gahicara, \s. cave, cavern, grotto; recess 
C531S393, Gahwari, Jin a rock or mountain, thick- 
et, a wood; pride weeping; crying, but not 

violently; arbour, bower. 
S3S3, Gaha, s. tree; house; planet; cultivator. 
GDK3(S3-i'S' Gahagemunu, s. (otco plant, asiJ^ 

gdmini chief) lord of the planets, sun. 
(53)S^C53, Gahagevi, s. householder; husbandman. 
C55C539, Gaha fa, s. suffering; afflictions, sorrow. 




S3S3-?5, Gahana, s. nose, eclipse. 

c<30J<^, Gahani, s, belly; digestive faculty, internal 

heat producing digestion. 
(535n<j2S33, Gahadamanawd, v. to behead; to do 

a thing in a hurry; knock down. 
co^isS, Gahan, s. nose. [Colloq. ^oS^Tsf ndhf]. 
CO 50 255 33, Gahanmaga, s. (ots) planet, Sot way) 

sky; circuit made by a planet on the plane 

of the ecliptic. 
(55e)25:rS, Gahanstw, s. name of Brahma. 
(55S3 33, Gahana, a. impervious; beating, nailing, 

fastening; s. multitude; great quantity; wood, 

thicket; cave; pain; distress. 
e52os5, Gahanat, s. (oooed gahan nose, fftsi at 

hand) name of Ganesa who is figured with the 

head of an elephant. 
(K>S3)03, Gahanaiod, i\ to beat, to strike, to knock, 

to thump, to flog, pret. ratgSa gehuwd, 

(5)S3C3?9, Gahapati, 8. householder, head of a 
family ; cultivator. 

C55), GaJiamaga, s. see (S)Si!s5(Si gahanmaga. 

^si<<^, Gahamini, s. (otsj constellation, %<S 
gem) sun. [Colloq. ^(5 ] 

K)2>")<5^, Gaharada, s. (cosj planet, 6^ king) moon 
[Colloq. S3^ haTula']. 

(Sitae Gahala, s. plant, a yam, colocasia anti- 
quorum (Aracece). 

C5sa(;^s3'i)a)cs3, Gahala-gambadayd, s, scavenger, 
outcaste who cleans the streets, inters corp- 
ses etc. 

(53(3C03, Gahalayd, person of the caste so called. 

&, Galuchi, s. holy basil, ocimum sanctum; 
[Colloq. gcJls3(;,3 madurutald, also cJestS^ 
1-asakinda;^ timber tree, terminalia citrina. 

*553, Gd, s. song, singing; bullock; part^ having 
smeared rubbed or played on a lute; from 
C5JJ-3383 gdnawd 

s>3 5to3cs^, Gdngdyani, 1 name of Krishna; also, 

cji^SIbos, Gdiige'i/a, J name of Kartakeya; 
in the first name it is the river Ganges personi- 
fied as the wife of Santanu, and mother of that 
celebrated hero; in the latter sense, as the recei- 
ver of Kartik^ya, the son of Siva from Agni, 
the god of fire;, kind of fish, clupia alosa; 
gold; fragrant grass ci/perus rotundus. [Colloq. 
^SjQDgc^ Kaldnduru]. 

c553S>ate)8, GdAgeri s. fragrant grass, q/perus rotun 
diis; species of the marsebd. 

s53Q2d93, Gdtanawd, s. to waddle; pret. (S3i,Q3 

(5338, Gddt, s. respectful term for a sncSc:3 


(533, Gdndi, s. bow of Arjuna; carriage drawn by 

(53')<5, Gdndt'ra, .9. long pepper plant pijyer 

longum [Colloq. &dBQ tippili\. 
(533?i63c!, Gdndiheya, a. golden, made of gold or 

the quality of gold. 

e3j8553, Gdndtrika, 1 <u>^ , 7' 

00 ^.' 7/ ., ' rsee c53J-<s?;eje; qandma* 
<53oej 04533, Gandinka, J "" ' ' 

(533^, Gddha, much, excessive; hard; thick; 

(533db'?^3sB^6, Gddhamohini, s. plant said to render 

those invisible that eat of it. 
OT3t^9, Gdndiwa, '\s. bow; particularly the 
(533^siSS0, GdndiH-a, j bow of Arjuna. 
C53)C5C6, Gatrya, s. body; fore quarter of an 

elephant; limb, member; pi. ots^o gdtrd. 

foosj gdta. 
c533S53?s<5, Gdtrdkshara s. consonant. 
S3^g3'g3^(;^c;^fl, Gdtrdnulepant s. ((533^ gdti-a 

body, {f-Q amt upon, Q.o lipa to smear) fra- 
grant unguents etc. smeared upon the body; 

perfumes for the person. 
(5330339, Gdtdwa, see (53363 gdthdwa. 
(533^5, Gdtu, s. one of the celestial choristers; the 

Kokila or Indian cuckoo; large black bee; 

singer; a. angry, wrathful. 
c5^3'5^sJ, Gdte, s. leg, including the part both above 

and below the knee, pi. S3333 gdta. 
5336453, Gdthaka, s. singer, musician, chorister. 
(533639, Gdthdwa, s. verse, stanza; metre, rhythm; 

song, verse or chant to be sung or chanted. 

pi. (53363 gdthd. 
(533:r<^8, Gdnddrt see <53)2s)3(5 gdndhdra. 
e332sa)8), Gdndhariva, s. heavenly chorister, see 

coaSS gandharwa, song, singing; form of 

marriage, that which requires only amorous 

and mutual agreement. 
(5333a)j(5, Gdndhdra, s one of the seven primary 

notes of music; minium or red lead; country so 

called, lying between the north of India and 

Persia; gum myrrh. 
)325S)38, GdndJidrt, mother of Dury('>dhana; see 

also es3a)3<5 gandhdra. 
(533^53, Gdna, s. song, singing in general, sound. 




(S33383, Gonawd, v, to daub, to smear, to plaster, 

to rub: pret. cJxQa gewd. 
G5J3S)d5<5, Gdmbhira, a, deep, as water, sound &c. 

profound; proud, lofty, haughty, ostentatious. 

(53305, Gdya, s. pain, suffering; strength of body. 

(?3Dc3ffi?c33, Gdyalcayd, s. singer. 

(553csi@, Gdyatri, s. stanza of twenty four syllables, or 
four lines of six syllables each ; another measure 
in prosody containing six feet; in the mythology 
of the Hindus a gdyatri means a sacred verse 
from the Vedas, to be recited only mentally; 
this is usually personified and considered a 
goddess, the metaphorical mother of the three first 
classes of the Hindus in their capacity of twice 
born, investiture with the Brahminical cord, 
their sacred and distinguishing string, being 
considered as a new brith. 

CT3ce255, Gdyana, s. singing, singer, chorister: 

cj3cS'250o Si6-^Qo, Gdyand-haranaivd , v. to sing, to 
chant; to perform on a musical instrument. 

osjoSg, Gdrpuwa, s. fork. 

c553v5lo), Gdruda, s. charm against poison; emer- 
ald, gold. 

SJJCJic^ej, Gdrutmat, s. emerald; this gem is 
supposed to be generated from the voided 
phlegm of Garuda the bird of Vishnu. 

(Sii^^, Gdla, s, enclosure for elephants or cattle; 
thicket, pi. (533(5 5"^'^* 

(533C3S^coJQ9o, Gdldgotttya, s. tumultuous noise. 

(533, Gdwa, s. border, brim, edge. 

(53303, Gdivd, j)ar. near, next, proximate. 

(53325330, Gdwiudwa, s, pain, labour, trouble, tra- 
vail, affliction. 

<533e^, Gdstmoa, s. (Port.) fees. 

(533^825383, Gdhmawd, v. to shed, to pour out. 

SS8, Gigiri s. thunder; rings put on the hands 
of tom-tom beaters to increase the sound when 
in the act of beating; bells and rings on the feet 
of dancers and dancing girls. 

<SS8 8C03) Gigiri-walalla, s. one of the rings 
mentioned in the foregoing, pi. c8cS5 S(3g 

(Si^cS;, Gigiruma, s. noise, sound, roaring of 
thunder, rumbling of the clouds, 

cSc^, Gig urn, 

(805, Giguma, V s. thunder 

cS(^<5ia), Gigurnma 


cScfe)g, Gijjhakuta, s. (^SdtSi vulture, iqQ 

peak) mountain in the neighbourhood of Raja- 

gaha, so called from its resembling a vulture 

in shape. 
<Sd5, Gtjd, s. name of the goddess Parvati or 

Durgd, wife of Siva. 
cSc?j, Gijinda, s. elephant, pi. (ficfg:f gijindun. 

[CoUoq. c?(3cC3 aliyd']. 
(S^, Gij^i, a. gluttonous, greedy. 
<S^2gdo8, Gijukulupawa, see (ScS^^c^Q gw^^'^<- 

<^^Q^<^<Jt,^, Gijulihiniyd, s. golden eagle, pi. <S^ 

Q&<^ gijulihini. 

cS^^, Ginuma, s. counting. 
cS(3C3(^, Gitel, s. ghee, or clarified butter. 
<6g, Gidu, s. Elu from of S^ giju. 
cSa), Gtddha, a. covetous, greedy. 

(Bi^, Gin, s. bullock; resemblance; heat. 
(fiedesDd (5)SJ, Ginnara-gaha, 1 see c6^^5cfi gini 
Si$S^si8a, Ginneriya, j hiriya. 

c82dsc33(5, Ginpol, s. tree, native of salt swamps, 
Nipa fruticans (Palmce). 

c8<53, Gina, s. fire. 

c86, Gini, s. fire; heat; -plant j^hifnbago rosea. 

cS^ ^gc5, Gini-angura, s. live coal, pi. Si^ ^i%<^i 

cSeS ^^^^ (325383, Gini-evilenawd, v. to be kindled. 
(f3^6s38, Ginikatuwa, s. steel for striking fire. 


c65^5S)(3, Ginikabala, s. (cSe^ and Si'a)Q a 
sherd) small furnace, piece of any clay 
vessel in which fire is placed, pi. S^ssi'a)(^ 

(fii^aai^, Ginikaranda, s. defects or fiaws in iron, 
or earthen vessels. 

cB'265gags,3, Ginikukuld, s. (c8eQ fire, s?^?^ 
cock) kind of domestic cock, pi. S'SAss^s^'S^qS 

cSi^ag<5 1(333, Ginikundld, s. bird called Ceylonese 
trogon harpactes fasciatus (Trogonidie); also 
called eaSi^Q 45(51033 nawam'la-kurulhi and 
dsfSsJ lS^^K)^^da)c5J, ranwnn-kondayd. (order 
Picaria;) bird called the orange minivet, pericro- 
cotus jiammeus (order Passeres). 

(B<^!5^i2)->-s0c:, Ginikona, s. south-east quarter, pi. 

^ Si^(S^ss>o?^ ginikon. 

c6^6^(j39, Ginijdldwa, s. (ifie^ fire, c35(;^3 
stream) flame of fire. 

ifieQ^csesSs, Ginitiyanaird, v. to set fire. 




cSiBijoSc, Ginidanda, s. stick used in produc- 
ing fire by friction, pi. Si^^% ginidandu. 

<S-s6<j(^03DD, Ginidalwanawd s. to kindle a fire. 

Sdi^QSi, Ginidiga, s. south east, 

c6^Q9, Ginidtw, s. creeping plant gloriosa 
superha [CoUoq. e6ooDC''3 nii/angald'] 

SS^Q, Ginidiva, s. tongue of fire, pi. c9^fl 

Si^e^, Giniduma, s. smoke, literally fire vapour. 

c8^^(S^<^, Ginidevi, s Agnidevi, the god of fire; 
regent of the south east quarter. 

cS^^(3^<^s>S^(^, Ginidewol, s. place where offerings 
are made to Agnidevi. 

<Si6<je. Ginidela, s. spark of fire; fire, pi. (8^5,(^ 

(B^Q^d, Ginijmjmra, s. spark of fire. pi. cSiQ 
5gg<5i, ginijyitpuni. 

(Se6sNO'3>3(^C, Ginipenella, s. fire brand, pi, cS^S 
(S^s3<^^>^5:>(3 ginipeneli. 

cS^63c, Ginimala, 8. large flame, flake of fire; 

cBi9f, Ginimu, s. 1 plant plumbago zeylanica', 

cS9|l8, Ginimuwa, ) [CoUoq. ^cs^aag^^ ela- 
netul.'] another plant gloriosa superba; 
[CoUoq. iBcS'JOCs niyangald']. 

(Si6svoc'S3') Ginimolawanawd, i\ to make 
fire blaze, to blow the fire. 

ii3i97(*o5, Ginimelaya, 8. large flame, flake of fire, 

c9^fll^ea, Ginimessa, s. fire grate; spit; fire kind- 
led in the night on a kind of raised wicker work 
or platform, by those who watch the corn in 
the fields, for the purpose of warming them- 
selves and keeping off the elephants, &c. pi. 
cS^6ttS ginimehi or c8^63r8 ginimesi. 

(S^^cs, Giniyama, s. heat, pi. cS23c5 giniyam. 

c8.26(?i^2d, Giniron, s. spark of fire. 

cSe^dOes, Giniresa, s. beam, ray 

cS'S^qcdcO), Ginilannd, s. incendiary, pi. Si^ 

(3(3S3oJ ginilannd. 
Si^Q^Qi, Ginilanawd, v. to set on fire. 
Si^&i>, Ginisilu, s. root of the plant leadwort 

plumbago rosea; plant gloriosa superba: see (Sefl 

9 ginimnwa. 
Si^tsi^, Ginisera, s. power of fire; fireworks. 
cS^^sjCj Ginihala, s. fire place, room where a fire 

is kindled. 
(S^cSSca, Ginihii'iya, s. small plant chinoriamyxa. 

S^'^Q, Ginihula, s. torch. 

cS^85^s05, Ginihord, s. bird with a long tail, 

pi. (S^6s^3(5r ginihoru, 'paradise flycatcher 

tersiphone paradisi (Muscicapidce order 
Pas seres); also called s^cJJ^s^sjd^ redihord. 
c8, Gim, a. hot. [Colloq. ^5 gn'shma']. 
^^(3^. Gim-^tu, s. 1 (cS heat, (j^ season) hot 
cSi).S5(^, Gimhal, J season. 
^%d)i$. Gimres, s. (SB fire or heat, diiS ray) 

sun [Colloq. gSc83 suriyd'] 
<B?^, Giman, s, heat. 
S^sSsiS^Qo, Gimanharinau'd, v. to cool one's 

self by resting during or after a journey. 
cSco, Giya, s. clarified butter. 
S6, Gira, s. rock; vomiting. 
cSdS, Giramba, s. species of mango tree, mangi- 

fera indica. 
<9c5cffl, Giraya, s. instrument for cutting the areca 

nut, resembling a pair of scissors, pi. (Sdo gird. 
S6Qo, Girawd, s, parrot, pi. S6z> giraw, (genus 

jmloeornis order Psittaci) 

<9<5, Gird, s. vomiting; parrot; colour blue; 

cSdo <jS), Gird-amba, see cSd giramba. 

cS<^55<5i(333, Girdkurulld, s. green bulbul phyl- 
lornis jerdoni, Malabar green bulbul, p. ma- 
baricus, ( Brachypodidce order Passeres). 

c8^:3G3 Girdpald s. creeping plant, Commelina 
elevata or c. salicifolia (Commelinacece). 

(Sd5S(3Dc&3, Girdmalichchiyd, s. Ceylonese lori- 
keet, loriculus indicus (Psiitaci). 

(B<^Qsi, Girdwan, s. (cSdo green, 8sJ colour) the 
colour green, parrot colour. 

c8<^S(3ca3, Girdwalayd, s. kind of fish. 

S8, Giri, s. small rat; mouse; act of swallow- 
ing; mountain, hill; disease of the eyes: wooden 
ball for playing with: a. venerable, respect- 

S8s), Giriha, s. tree spathodea indica. 

S8^<fiQss), Girikantaka, s. (<S5 mountain, 
^5^<SK^^a thorn) Indra's thunderbolt, referring 
to its splitting or tearing the rocks. 

S3^^6, Girikandara, s. cave, cavern. 

cBSs5-)^^, Girikarnni,s. plant ipomoea zeylanica; 
another plant clitoria tornatea, [Colloq. 50 
<^^^6 katarolu\. 

SSesi'f^SSsii, Girikarnnikd, s. (S8 and tsi^^^' 
S53 ear) the earth. [Colloq. s^oo polawa.'\ 

(85455), Girihd, s. small rat; mouse. 





S8iSi3<^, Girikdna, s. blind or one-eyed man, one 
blind from a particular disease. 

SSs^Q, Girikula, s. large rock, mountain, rock. 

(S8s3a)K)3(5, Giri(jabbhc(ra, s. natural or artificial 
cave in a ruck. 

(S8c^5, Girijicara, s. (S8 and c)(5 heat or what 
burns) the thunder bolt. 

(38d, Girija, s. (i5S and d born) talc; benzoin 
or gum benjamin; bitumen; iron. [Colloq. (53(^ 
q galmada]. 

(S8d5. Girijd, (derived as before) the mountain 
born, a gum resin, styrax; one of the names of 
Ptirvati, as daughter of the personified Himalaya 
mountain ; pumplemose, citrus decumana ; 
plant, a white species of rdsnd. [Colloq. Ssd 
(3^03(5 wanamora^. 

i58c^0(3, Girijdmala, s. (S8d girija mountain 
born, ^(3 amala clear) talc. 

cS8<^, Girini, s. wife. 

cSSoQD, Giritald, s. the summit of a rock; plant, 
kind of basU. 

S8&, Giriti, a. vexing, tearing. 

cSS^(^(3, Giritilla, s. creeping plant, peculiar to 
Ceylon, Argyreia j)opidiJoUa, (Convolvulacece). 

c68, Giridi, see cS8g girindu. 

cSSgeJ, Giridun, name of Durga, the wife of 

S8e,&St9^, Giridunhimi, s. (c85g2s5 and ?6 lord) 
name of Siva. 

(88g, Girindu, s. king or chief of mountains, 
Mount M^ru; one of the names of Siva. 

(B8i^(^, Girinil, s. plant chinoria myxa. 

cSSeQs^Se^, Giriniives, s. fabulous mountain Kai- 
Idsa, the residence of Siva. 

<S5(^g53, Girimallikd, s. echites antidysenterica, 
[CoUoq. (5^35^^ kelinda]. 

(SSSoeo, Girimdna, s> (&8 mountain, d3 a meas- 
ure) that which resembles a mountain in bulk, 
a large and powerful elephant. 

(BSSdC') Girimdlaka, s. Coraiya tree; also, ca- 
thartocarpus fistula. [CoUoq. <^ca esala'] 

<B8)QSSi'), Girimdlakd, s. see <88(^(g)a giri- 

^ mallikd, plant echites antidysenteria. 

cS8(3N0)e> Girimekhala, s. (formed from the same 
primitives as <SS0 2o gii-mdnaj an elephant 
resembling a mountain in bulk, i. e. the ele- 
phant of Maraya, the noted demon and opposer 
of Buddha in his assumption of the sacred office 
of Buddhaship. 

<SS(3g(^, Girimevul, s. Maraya's elephant; see 

3(5 mdj'a. 

cSScs, Giriya, s. inner part of the throat, the 

part between the top and the trunk of any palm 

<S86q, Girirada, s. (cSS and dq king) one of 

the six names of MahA-meru. 
iBSs^Q^o, Girilena, s. natural or artificial cave in 

a rock. 
c889df, Giriwas, s. name of Siva; lion, see c8S 

i^S'QeS giriniwes, 
(B8(ss, Girisa, s. (cS5 and cS si to sleep) name 

of Siva, in allusion to his inhabiting the 

mountain Kailasi, or frequenting the Himalaya 

range of mountains. 
(SSraaalao, Girisringa, s. ((68 mountain, csaSto 

peak) name of Ganesa alluding to his bulk. 
S8g3, Girisa, see (SSra Girisa. 
(SSes^g^Jl, Girisaturu, s (<B8 and ea^sgcJi an enemy) 

unicorn, alluding to the fable of his piercing the 

rocks with his horn. [Colloq. )o<3*<5^ Kanga 

wend'] . 
c88e33d, Girisdra, s. (S8 and es3(5 essence) iron; 

tin; name of the Malaya mountains situated 

in the south of India. 
(i38t3S)<^, Girisikhara, s. summit of a rock or 

mountain; cave in a rock. 
cS8gs33, Girisutd, s. Parvati, wife of Siva. 
(S8k), Girihadu, s. barren place, wilderness. 
c8<3m!5, Gii-e', s. see cS<5cs giraya. 
cS^, Gilma, s. moat. 
(8(338.S393, Gillawanawd, v. to cause to swallow, 

to drench, to immerse, to drown: pret. (SiS^QgD 

03 giUewwd. 
cS(3, Gila, s. citron; swallowing 
<Sc<?3383, Giladamanawd, l^. to swallow greedily, 

to gulp: pret. cSc^3 gilademmd. 
cS(2^, Gilan, a. sick, diseased, afflicted, decrepit, 

infirm, emaciated with age, fatigue, or sick- 
ness; s. whey. 
c802d':je3, Gilanpasa, see cSc3)C38cc gildnapa- 

cB(3e5D3, Giland, s. sick man. 
<^C9) Gilajni, past part, pass, of SQ^Qo gili- 

cSoCteses. Gilampasa, s. sick diet' of Buddhist 

priests; refreshments taken by them in the 

afternoon and evening: incorrectly for Sc^zitQ 






Sq'}^, Gildna, a. sick, diseased. 
c6c3eog2Djscs, Gildnapratyaya, ^ 5. things proper 
(SC3'S3"-2 305, Gildnapachchaya, vto be eaten by 
c8C3'253s3e)cs, Gilanapadaya, j a priest; medi- 
cament or medicine in general. 
cSg, 6^i7t, s. falling, swallowing, eating. 

cS^soSj, Gilinaivd, v. to swallow: pret. cSc^go 

iS(3g Gilihiana, s, act of falling to the ground. 

SQ'S^SiSoQo, Gilihenaivd, v. to fall to the ground; 
to drop, as fruit, flowers, etc, from trees: pret. 
dB(3gs33 gilihund. 

<Sg, Gilu, a. swallowed. 

cSg^o, Giluna, s. that which has been swallowed, 
sunk as in water or mud. 

cBg^c^'^ Gtlenawd, v. to be swallowed up or 
absorbed; to sink: pret. (Bq^3 giluna. 

cSs>(^CCTad'3r)3, Gile'gannawd, v. to swallow with 
difficulty, to be suffocated, to stop in the throat. 

(BQ, Giiv, Elu form of (Q griwa which see. 

cSSe^es-SDQj, Givissanawd, v. to promise, to con- 
vince, to prove: pret. cSr^g3 gtvissuwd. 

^53, Givtsa, iJart. promised, having agreed. 

(S9ea(S)S303, Givisagannawd, v. to promise, to 

c898, Givisi, a. promised, agreed. 

(SSQesSs, Givisinawd, v. to promise, to agree, to 

make a contract: pret. c6Sg)3 givisund. 
<8S, Givisima, Is. agreement, promise, con- 
cS^iga), Gtvisuma, J tract, compact, pi. <6g 

<6gg, Giindu, s. wood apple, feronia elephantum, 

[CoUoq. (^ diicul^. 
(SS, Gihi, a. not in the priesthood; s. householder 

as opposed to a Buddhist monk. 
cS^BsNcsJ, Giliige^ s. household, family. 
(BSi^, Gihini, a. inherent, possessed of. 
<SJ9a^5J3^^5?, GihqMnne, s. household furniture. 
<8c9<e^-2DC!, Gthtbandanaya, 1 s. married state, lit- 
<S5SS)a)soo, Gthibandhanan, J erally state of a man 

bound to a family. 
<S^c03, Gihiyd, s. householder, family man, laic; 

opposite to a hermit or Buddhist ascetic or 

priest, who lives in a state of celibacy; one not 

in the priesthood. 
<6eS3cs, Gthivinaya, s. book so called, containing 

directions for the conduct of a householder or 


6V, s. clarified cow-butter; singmg. 

|c9 eScaeaQo, Gt'-kiyanawd, v. (<S song, iS^ica^So to 
say) to sing, to chant. 

c9 cS, Gi-ktma, s. psalmody, song. 

cSsjsdSs, Giganaicd^ s. priest of the goddess Pattini, 
capua who repeats songs while worshipping; sing- 
ing songs. 

cSs), Gita, s. singing; song, either general or parti- 

cSo33, Gitd, a. sung, chanted, sounded, etc., name 
often applied to books, but particularly such as 
consist of Gatras or measured lines. 

(6^4553, Gitikdwa, s, song, chant, psalm, hymn, 
ode, singing. 

cS^, Gitu, s. vain or empty talk, old woman's 

(S-sg 9co33, Gitu-l-tyancucd, v. to murmur, to 

cSdes, Gi'rasa, s. sweet or musical sound or voice. 

cS'Ju^, Gtskpatt, s. name of Vrihaspati, regent of 

the planet Jupiter and preceptor of the gods; 

learned pandit or teacher. 

cs;gc Guggida, Pali form of (^(^Q giiguhi, which 

q)(5 (5-<s^S3, Guguranawd, t\ to thunder; to roar as 
wild beasts; to make a loud noise, as the sea: 
pret. S^diQo giguruwd. 

C5^(^, Gugtd, s. plant, amyrus agallochai balm. 

og^g, Gu.gidu, s. fragrant gum resin, bdellium', 
murunga tree, moringa pterygosperma. 

, Guchchha, s. cluster of blossoms, as that of 
the palm or cocoa-nut tree; clump of grass; 
collection, assemblage ; bundle ; kind of necklace. 

c^Sdog, Guchchha-pati'a, s. (:^6 and cag leaf) 
palm tree. 

cqQS', Guchchhi, s, species of bonduc. 

cgc^dos, Gujjaraya, s. modern Guzeratta or 
Guj erat. 

c^d^-i, Gujand, s, red onion, allium cepa, [[Colloq. 
d-e^g-Q ratulunu.'] 

C2^:f, Gitjun, see cjt^-sd gejun, 

(^d, Gunja, s. cluster of blossoms, as that on the 
cocoa-nut tree; nosegay. 

ogda, Gunjd, s. small shrub, abrus precatorius, 
[CoUoq. S^ olinda^, bearing a red and black 
seed, which forms the smallest of the jeweller's 
weights; the seed averages about one five six- 
teenth gr. troy; kettle drum; low murmuring, 
sounrl indistinctly heard as the sound of the sea; 
reflection, meditation. 




cb8)3, Gutikd, s. pill, bolus; small globe or ball. 

^9cs, Gutii/a, 8. blow, stroke, lump, handful, ball, 

(^SScoo, Guddayd, s. stupid man, fool. 

cga), Guda, s. globe, ball; jaggery, coarse sort of 
sugar, raw sugar, powdered sugar; trappings or 
armour of an elephant; mouthful. 

(ga)9, Giidativach, s. aromatic bark of the woody 

cg90i)S, Gudatwacha, s. cassia bark; mace. 

^3ac> Gudapala, s. tree, careya arborea, [CoUoq. 
3i3 kahata]. 

cgSoeo, Gxidapald, s. tree, commonly called lovi 
lovi, Jlacourtia inermis. 

cgS^c Gudaphala, see cgSoC gudapala. 

(^88a^^, Gudawrihsha, s. (fcje) sugar, Sa^s^ tree) 
sugar cane. [Colloq. ^Je3W ukgaha.'] 

cgsDa, Gudd, s. plant called milk hedge, euphorbia 
tirucalU; [Colloq. eaSco-fi^ waim/mnc??'], see c^Qo 
guld; powder, any pounded substance. 

(;5e)^!^^J(5^, Guddke'sa, s. (cglDo plant euphorbia, 
<S^ 5<53 hair) he whose hair forms matted locks, 
resembling in shape the leaves of the plant 
euphorbia; one of the names of iva and of 

<^, Gudu, a. well-dried. 

"egg sv 55 See, Gudugediya, see g^o3(^ gudupol. 

(^g, Giiduchi, s. twining plant, tinospora cordi- 
folia, [CoUq. <5eeS^ rasakinda']. 

cgg(g\s3D(^, Gudupol, 6. dried cocoa-nut. 

(^<s^Sco, Gunthita, a. pounded, ground. 

cg^S") Gum, s. virtue; quality, attribute or proper- 
ty in general; property of humanity; film over 
the eye; multitude; heap; advantage, happy 
consequence; fastening, securing; means of de- 
fence; form, shape etc., property of the body; 
knowledge, ignorance etc., or quality of the 
mind; heroism, valour, etc.; colour, white, black 
etc.; observance of the ordinances of Buddha; 
an organ of sense; rope, string, bow string; 
excellency, freedom from fault or blemish: 
a. subordinate, secondary. 

cg'<sSo3^c3, Gunadharmaya, s. virtue incident to 
certain qualities; clemency is the virtue of royal- 
ty, holiness that of the priesthood. 

<g<^2, GummakUi a. (cg^ excellence. Si? 
erasing) detracting, depreciating another's worth, 

cg-iK(5o3, Gunaratna, s. (cg-<^ and (5D3 gem) 
jewel of virtue. 

og<g8c}, Ganawat, 1 o, (<^-<gro andSsi or 8dk) 

cg-<^8exr, Gunawanta, J poss. aff.) humane, vir- 
tuous, kind, merciful, benevolent. 

cg-s?D8W34s>i), Gtinawantakama, s. humanity, 
amenity, benevolence, pi. cg^S^sxo^a gutia- 

cg-<s^Sa^, Gunawriksha, s. (cg-^ rope, 8a ^ tree) 
mast, mast of a ship. 

og^^o, Gund, s. plant of the fibres of which bow 
strings are made, sanseviera zeylanica. [Colloq. 
eflco^ niyanda."^ 

(^if<5ssi6, Gundkara, s. (cg-<s3 gtma excellence, (^ 
5<5 dkara mine) mine of excellence or merit, 

^_^name or title of Buddha. 

<5^, Guda, s. anus. 

cg<jS(35, Gudakilaka, s. (t^^ and sS>QSSi pin or 
boll) piles. 

C8<?8cses, Gudapnyasa, s. (cg<5 and Scoes district) 

^q^, Gv/lama, s. (Portuguese) store-house, cellar, 
godown, pi. ^^i) gudam. 

cg,~3c8co, Gudamdrgaya, see eg*? guda. 

<^i^53^^sj2f^, Gudirinne, ) s. mattrass, bolster, pi. 

cg^5, Gudirima, j (^^8a^e^ gudirinncc. 

cgs^^, Gude', see cg^ guda. 

(^ed'^do (3^03(^, Gundird-iJol, s. kind of cocoa nut 
imported from the Maldive isles. 

^^g, Gundra, ") s. kind of grass, saccharum sara; 

cg-eg3, Gundrd, J another species of fragrant grtiss, 
cyperv^ pertenuis ; c. rotunduSf [Colloq. ^qo^<^ 

^3co, Gunaya, see cg<aS guna. 

(^^s^c5i.^55, Gunanik, see cg-(S^8a^^ gunawriksha. 

(^6323, Gupta, a. preserved, protected; hidden, con- 
cealed; joined, combined; invisible, withdrawn 
from sight. 

qjcxS, Gupti, s. concealment; protection, preserv- 
ing; cavern; sink, cellar, etc., place of conceal- 
ment; prison; name of Yama regent of the 

<^S3C5, Gubbdyama, s. hovel, hut of the Rocji- 
yas; sometimes written ^dooaQ kiqipdyama, 

c^, Gumba, s. multitude, collection, heap; thicket. 

{^S, Gu7n, s, sound, noise, roaring. 

(^, Guma, s. heat. [Colloq. c^ gmhmai'] 




virile member. 

<g, Gumu, s. beating; fence of bushes cut down 
and placed at the foot of a tree, to give notice 
by the rustling of the approach of wild beasts; 
thicket, live hedge, grove. 

c^ofsjcs, Guyhai/a, 1 

C5cd'X)e^cD)(S>55:J, Gui/kastdne, J ^' 

^(5-<!JC, Gffmna, s. ejffort, perseverance; great or 
continued exertion. 

<^<5i, Guru, s. planet Jupiter; teacher, schoolmaster, 
preceptor; religious teacher, one who explains 
the law and religion to his pupils and instructs 
them in the sastras; parent; this person may be 
either the natural parent or religious preceptor; 
father, or any venerable male relation; term of 
respect applied to a man sustaining place in the 
character of a teacher; among the Hindus a kind 
of spiritual guardian of youth ; name of Vrihas- 
pati the preceptor of the gods; mixture of red 
chalk; long vowel; sound equal to two matras or 
simple sounds: a. heavy, weighty, great, large 
or eminent; difficult, arduous; best, excellent. 

cg^ fp'Sg^, Guru-akuru, s. the letters which are 
given as models to the scholars to write. 

cgc^, Gurukama, s. office of a teacher, lesson. 
cgcJii^^e?, GuruLina, s. tree, Calojjhi/llum Bur- 

inatini (Guttiferce), 
(gcJL'Sje, Gurugala, s. red chalk, or as sometimes 

applied, red orpiment; gold. 
(^SiS<^, Gurugini, s. large or very destructive fire. 
cgJl^-ea, Gurudina, s. Thursday. 
cg(5i5e33'5:f ^^e^, Gurunndnse, s. teacher, preceptor, 

honorific of c^5i guru. 
ogCJi-g, Gurunu, s. melting, dissolving. 
egc5lc3<^, Gurupandura, s. offerings or gifts to 

teachers or instructors. 
<?^dO> Gurulla, s. shrub, Leea sambucina (Am- 

jwltdece); also called gcJi(JG bundla. 
C2CJl(SN(^J^8, Gurule'ttmca, s. goglet, goblet, 
cgc5LdcSD, Guruwarayd, s. teacher, school-master. 
(^(SiQj, Giiruivd, s. juggler, sleight of hand man ; 

name of a sea fish. 
c^vJisS^, Guruhini, s. deficiency. 
<gc5l!^^5J^e), Gurukordtva, s, the power or in- 
fluence which the planet Jupiter is said to have 

on the affairs of men every Thursday morning 

during the space of one hour. 
(QC^Qo, Guruld, s. imaginary monstrous bird, see 

(Kc^uS) garuda. 

c^c^i>qq, Gurulvdada, s. name of Vishnu; it is the 
Elu form of <5)-5icD9d garudadhwaja. 

C5C?9, Gulpha, s. ankle. [CoUoq. es><^ walalu- 

c^e, Grulma, s. spleen; division of an army; body 
of troops consisting of nine platoons, or nine 
elephants, nine chariots, twentyseven horse, and 
fortyfive foot; shrub, bush, clump of grass, etc. 
fort, intrenchment; disciplining an army, keep- 
ing it in a posture of defence; wharf or stairs; 
disease, chronic enlargement of the spleen, or an 
induration of the mesenteric glands so as to be 
perceived externally; according to others an en- 
largement of the intestines by worms. 

<?CiC> Gulmamula, s. ginger. 

^d Gulmi, s. tent; plant, emblic myrobalan or 
phyllanthus emblica, [Colloq. ($>^(^Q nelH']; 
small sort of cardamons, [Colloq. 65e93(^ en- 
sdl']; cluster or clump of trees; multitude of 

cge^> Gulmint, s. spreading creeper, any creep- 
ing plant. 

cgC*> Gulya, s. sweetness, saccharine taste. 

c^dc^! Guild, s. very small insect which perforates 
timber, rice-worm, pi. (^(^iS^Q,^ guild. 

cgc> Gida, s. food; juice of the sugarcane; raw, or 
unrefined sugar; vent, small cavity; hole; pi. 

c^QS-i^a, Gidapindaya, s. ball of jaggery or 
country raw sugar. 

cgC9'^*3 Gtdaptishpa, s. Indian tree (not found 
in Ceylon); its sweet flowers are eaten under the 
name of mahwa, bassia latijolia. 

cgC') Guld, s. plant, eujihorbia tirucalli: [Colloq, 
eoSaoed'^ nawahandt]. 

cgCoSa, Guldmd, s. dirty mean fellow, sloven, pi. 
<SC gulammu. 

c^g, Gidt, s. pill, bolus, any small globular sub- 
stance, ball, lump. 

c^gsjcaesDSo, Guligahanawd, v. to make pi]ls, etc. 

cgS, Gulu, 6. falling, sinking; name of tree. 

(^Q^dttsS, Guluarut, s. hidden, (in meaning"). 

^gcgdiSo, Gidugurmvd, s. bird called white eye- 
browed bulbul, ixos hdeolue (Brachyjwdidce 
order Passeres). 

fig0:f, Guwiin, > s. sky, firmament, visible 

f^QsSiiifi, Guicanmaga, V heavens. [Colloq. ^wes 

cgS^D, Gutvana, j ahasai"] I 




C5o>, Gtncdka, s. areca nut tree, [CoUoq. gSJ 

puwalc^ . 
ogK>5, Guhi/aka, s, kind of demon or demigod 

attendant upon Kuvera the deity of wealtli, and 

guardian of his treasures. 
cgcs)5^^s5o?0(5, Guhyakeswara, s. name of Kuvera 

the Indian Plutus. 
cgS), Guha, s. name of Kartikcya or, as he is called 

in Ceylon, Kataragama deviyo. 

c^aoD, Guild, s. plant, hedysarum lagojwdioides. 

[Colloq. asiQxisS'iSi paswenna^. 
^cs3D(5c5, GuMraya, 1 . any large cavity, cave, 
cgoo, Guhdica, J natural cave in a rock, place 

of concealment; cavern, hole, pit, vault. 
C5K))3S^c5i, Guhdsayo, s. (cgsjo cave, tpraca dsaya 

asylum) lion, [Colloq. SoS)c83 sinhayd'\. 
eg, Gu, s. dung, fajces. 
<&, Gudha, a, hidden, concealed, secret. 
^^d, Gudhaja, s. (cgdb hidden or secret, d born) 

son of a concealed birth; a, born privately of 

a woman whose husband is absent and the real 

father unknown. 
<2^03<^, Gudhapdd, s. (ogib and oo^ 2)dda foot) 

snake. [CoUoq. eeScsi saipayd^. 

<5&gt5l^, Gudha-jmriisha, s. (cgfi& and gX man) 

^ spy, secret emissary. 

(6, Gutha, s. dung, fjeces, ordure. 

(^6 ^ocs, GutJia-kupaya, s. cess-pool, water- 

C2<3 ead^cc, Gutha-narakaya, s. hell of ordure. 

(53, Guna, a. voided as ordure. 

(^6<s^, Gurana, s. effort, exertion. 

Q^di?^^, Gurenda, s. tree, celtis cinnamomea, 

<S^(5J, Ge, s. house, dwelling house, pi. (S^(siB(^ffeivaL 
^sjsges, Gehusa, s. interior of a house. 
S^JDC^, Gejja, s. small bell or tinkling ornament 
used by dancers, pi. S^sidfE? gejji. 

SxaSsiod, Gedige, s. ornamental wall surrounding 

a well; ornamented arch fixed up in front of a 

house on festive occasions. 
otSc5, Gediya, s. fruit; boil, tumour, pi. (^^(5^f5 

(^^Gacs42<5, Gediyatura., s. padlock; also ^^cs-jgd 

(S^5<^csdSo, Genayanawd, v. to carry, to carry 

off, to convey: pret. (^^s5^c8cc^ genagiyd or 

(3>(53'0^33 genichchd. 

s^(55^ca^o^, Geniyanawd, v. to carry, to convey. 
S^(53(3\'<^3o, Genenawd, v. to bring: pret. >(55ed 

-^3 gennuwd. 
s^(53eJ<3Da>(5<^D, Gettamkaranaivd, v. to sew, to 

stitch, to patch, to embroider. 
(S>OT^ga3, Getuna, p. woven, knotted. 
S^(53^, Getuma, s. any thing knotted, twisted or 

platted; twisting. 
s^s^^d, Gedarn, s. house with the premises, home. 
^(53<^d -2D, Gedora-nama, s. house name, family 

(avcoScgS^, Gediguvil, s. a large and long pond near 

a house 
<3V(55^, Genda, s. vegetable used in making curry; 

purslane, jjortidaca oleracea (Portuculaceoe) ; 

lean, thin. 
(a^cDsi, Gen, a particle or termination, sign of the 

ablative case, as 3(3*(5>5 mdgen, from me. 
S^cj'SrfSeaQD, Genivanawa, v. to cause to brmg: 

pret. (S^55crf (9^-253 3 gennewwd. 
S^csDoe. Gep)ala, s. area or site of a house, pi. 

>C55C!(^ gejml. 
(3>rc)8if5^, Gejnliwela, s. row of houses. 
S>co, Gehima, see (5>roc3C gepala. 
(5N{553, Gembd, -\ s. frog, general name for 
(5^c3DcJc33, Gemadittd, vfrog or toad, the most 
S\c53cS3. Gemadiyd, J common species found 

under flower pots, bufo melanostictus (order 

Batrachia salientia). 
<5\C53, Gemaw, s. {(S^csi ge house, SD mother) 

(S^co^, Gemt'na, "is. (js^<^ ge and ^-(s^ gem, 
>ra.g^, Gemitura, ) ^6 sun) lamp. [Colloq. 

OS3S3 jjaAana.] 
(3NK)g(5i, Gemiyuru, s. (^csf gre and 03c5i peacock) 

tame or domestic peacock. 
S^<3csjs, Geyya, s. {S gi to sing, to chant, ^ca 

f^/j/a aff.) one of the nine divisions of sacred 

science, that which is in gathas or verses. 
<953ca, Geya, s. house, dwelling place; song, singing 
^ a song, chant; couple. 
<s>(5)8 3, Geyi-nama, see (S^C53^<5 es gedara- 

s^(5Jf5, Geyuma, s. exertion, attrition. 
S^cj?, G^cn, s. sort of pismire or black ant; also 

pi. of <a(535cs3 geriyd. 
Q>(Si8 (fiQ, Geri-fta, 8. bones of cattle. 
svoS'fi (S3ti, Gerieta-gas, s. shrub, Linociera 

purpurea:sQQ (5>^5(^ ^tS gherieta-gas. 




>(Si8i^-<^, Gerikuna, s. carcass, pi. S\<si8i^^ 

(S>s3Ss^a)3S50, Gerikokd, s. bird called cattle-egret, 

hahulcus coromandus (Ardeidce, order Hero- 

<s^tsi8tS, Gerimas, s. beef. 
>c3Sc63, Geriyd, s. bull, ox; buffalo; middle sized 

black ant, beef eater, pi. s^e^S. 
(9>C53(^, Gel, s. beating. 
S^<5JC) Gela, s. neck, throat. 
^?i9ic-S9. Gelemutu, s. necklace of pearls. 
S^cwS^eaSa, Gewadt'nawd, v. to enter a new house, 

ceremony of considerable importance among the 

Sinhalese: pret. S^c539g^^ geivadund. 
(S>ctS'5333, Gewanawd, v. to pay, to discharge a 

debt; to rub, to polish, to waste by rubbing, to 

pass as time: pret. (3>cs)98) gewwd. 
(5^(559d-<s^, Gewarana, s. wall, walls of a house. 
^(53 9(^, Geival, plural of s^csf ge. 
(3^Go8(^ -s^^^dC'. Geival-kurulld, see (5>crf egc^idco 

S^SD^d 4<?) Gewal-badda, s. tax imposed on 

house property. 

(a^raSd c3') Gewal-miyd, s. brown rat, mus decu- 
, manus. 


(93d83, Gewd, p. preterite of s^<55S3d gewanawd, 
which see. 

(S^oSsg, Gewdpu, p. paid, discharged (as a debt). 

(539:f, Gevitan, s. waggon; [Colloquial: <5<Scb 
rathaya^ ; mixture. 

S>(5j93, Gevima, s. payment, reckoning; verbal 
noun of (3*539-2093 gewanawd, which see. 

S*(53-253, Gewuna, p. worn, paid; preterite of ^eoS^S 
S393 gewenawd. 

(^^s^gca^5^, Gewuyana, s- ((S>(si ge house, (*coeD uyana 
garden) grove, garden near a house. 

(S>oos*e33, Gewenawd, v. to be paid, or spent as 
time; to wear away, to consume, to fritter. 

S^OTN, Geha, s. house, dwelling. 

(3\23c6^, Gehimi, s. boundary of a house. 

(9>533^S)c83, Gehediyd, s. sort of hornet. 

s^(si, Ge, Elu form of the Sanskrit, O^aJsj ge'ha 
house, dwelling; termination or sign of the geni- 
tive case in grammar. 

s^od55C5i(333, Gekuruiki, s sparrow, literally house 
bird, passer domesticus (Fn'ngilltda'J; Loten's 
sun bird, cynnyris loteniii!^ ; also called 6si 
g9J33 ran-sutikkd and 5^^^^5(5 gSesJ^s 
modare-sutiJckd ; purple sun bird, c. asiaticus: 

(CynnyndcB order Passeres); also called s^twSd 
^^dC gewal-kurulld. 

s^od 3, Ge-nama, 8. house-name, family name. 

(3\ejJ303, Ge'nawd, v. to bring: pret. (S^sjassQo ge- 

^(d(S(5ts, Gesarasa, s, (o^csJ and csdes lake) pond 
close to a house. 

s^csJk), Ge'ha, s. house, dwelling; name of Ganesa 
the Hindu god of wisdom who is usually invok- 
ed on laying the foundation of a house. 

SNcdK)gc5, Gehasura, s. (csifsj and ^6 hero) cot- 
quean, house hero, slothful and trifling man who 
is unfit for any thing beyond the concerns of a 

S\cds332020cs, Ge'hdnganaya, s. veranda or terrace 
of a house; court or yard of a house. 

S*cd?ScS3, Ge'himtyd, s. (^cs5 and jSi Jmni lord) 
landlord, head of a house, pater familias. 

(S^SiSssi, Gairika, s. red chalk; red orpiment; 
\C6]lo(i. QQo(^<Si siwanguru]; gold; dog. 

<seo<3*(5c6, Gaireya, s. red chalk; bitumen; rock 
moss; a. mountain born. 

<S<si^6B, Gaireyi, s. fragrant grass cyperus rotun- 
dus. [Colloq. a^cag^ kaldnduru,'] 

S*{533, Go, s. heaven, paradise; bull; cow; ox; 
cattle; lizard; earth; ray of light; thunderbolt; 
moon; sun; sacrifice of a cow; speech. 

(5>(5>-)o39de3. Go?ikatilld, s. kind of fish. 

S>C33J 3^^533(3, Gokkola, s. young shoots of the 
cocoa-nut leaves which are used for tying the 
olas when covering houses, constructing bun- 
galows; they are used also in ornamenting the 
triumphal arches and festooning houses on fes- 
tival occasions. 

(S>)32jg<5, Gokshura, s. ((5>C533 cow, 2^6 hoof) plant, 
the leaves of which resemble the hoofs of a cow, 
ruellia longifolia, [Colloq. 'S^isi'USi^ gokatu], 

*(S33JS3, Gokatu, s. thistles, name of several thorny 
plants; Gamboge tree, garcinia morella (Gutti- 
feroi); also called 3.2S3S^e33<53 kanagoraka. 

S^c5J^^<:^^fiS3, Gokantaka, s. thistle; goraka tree, 
garcinia cambogia. 

(3>c533453'jS', Gokarna, s. object of sense; span from 
the tip of the thumb to that of the little finger; 
kind of deer; mule; class of demigods; snake. 

(5^c533.2o5<^, Gokarni, $. ('9(533 cow, 36^ ear) 
plant, the leaves of which are said to resemble 
the ears of a cow, sanseviera zeylanica, [Colloq. 
<^cs^ niyamla']. 

^fiojiSe 168 


(S>(5)3<9c Gokila, "| , , ,, 

V . plougn; pestle. 
s^(S5^^9e. Gohla, J 

(?(533gc5, Gohura, s. cow's hoof. 

>(5)32C> Gokula, s. ((S^otd and ^go assemblage) 
multitude of cows; cow house or station, fold 
for kine. 

^C33(5J<!S, Gogana, s. herd of cattle, 

(3>(5539<5, Gochara, s. object of sense; shape; sound; 
colour, country, district; food, feeding, prov- 

(S^csjid^Qj, Gojabbd, s. plant, Hygroriza aristata 
( Graminece ) . 

^(SiodQ, Gojala, s. cow's urine. 

(5*003 535c5j83, Gojdgarika, a. happy, fortunate, aus- 

S(S33C?393, Gojihiod, s. ((3^(533 COW, cfffijQo tongue) 
kind of wild pot herb, the leaves of which 
are compared to the tongues of cattle, trojyhis 

*<533^<5, Gojura, s. food, feeding, provender, pi. 
(3^(S53^(:5i gojuru. see io>ot3c5 godura. 

(9(33, G^o/m, s. cup, any thing made in the resem- 
blance of a cup; tree, gmelina asiatica, [Colloq. 
>ijQ demata], 

(S(S33g'5^a53(j^, Gotukola, s. herb, generic name of 
Hydrocotyle, see Ssj wia^a and tSsJ" (3> coo (? 5553 C 

3^<i533 (^, Gotu-mal, s. flowers of the foregoing. 

'^sjsgS), Gotuwa, s. cup made of leaves of any kind, 
any flexible substance rolled to hold liquid, pi. 
<3^(53^ gotu. 

<SN(K)3e), Goda, s. heap, mass; land, (i. e. a place 
without water) ; village, hamlet. 

(5><533a) <5s5s3, Goda-itta, s. plant, Ileptapleurum 
(or Hedera) exaltahim, (Araliacece). 

(3\oo3e) s>s<3i, Goda-kaduru, s. tree, Strychnos nux 
vomica (Loganiaceoe). 

S>(553a) ^8(^c> Godor-kirilla, s. timber tree, Ceylon 
elm, Holoptelea (or ulmus) integrifolia (Urti- 

(S><5)333(53'<^83, Godanaganawd, v. to erect, to 
raise, to build. 

(5is33S)2S3c8d9o, Godanaginawd, v. to ascend, to 
mount, to come to land. 

(3<<553Sc3<5, Godapara, s. timber tree, dtUenia retusa, 

(?>3533Q)2S3S3, Godabdnawd, v. to land. 

5^(S33SQ3^5?^, Godabdnawd, v. to unship, to un- 
load, to discharge; to land, to disembark: pret. 
(3^(5)3ST.3 godabewd. 

SCT3S K)'3^^^<^, Goda-mahanel, ") s. bulbous stem- 


S^raaS) 3i^(^, Goda-7ndml, J less plant, C?V- 
WMm zeylanicum or C. ornatum, or Amaryllis 
zeylanica ( Amaryllidece ) . 

Seo3e)'5\i)Sce3, Godameriyd, s. shrub, barleria cris- 

13^05538)053, Godayd, s. kind of fish; rustic, clown. 

(3^(5333 6g(;;xScs, Goda-wawuletiya, s. plant, Mezo- 
neurum enneaphyllum ( Leguminosw ) . 

(3^(5333^egc5, Godahingura, s. tree, acacia pennata. 

<5>(553^^3, Godigald, s. bungler, blockhead, pi. 
(9^S33(53(^g godigallu. 

(?><533i,(^(3, Godella, s. hill; mound, rising ground, 

^(S33<i^, Gonda, s. prominent navel or a lump of 
flesh on the navel. 

<3\(533-(S^ Gona, s. nose, [Colloq. -2533cac3 ndsaya^. 

3>K)3<*c, Gond, s. bull, ox, bullock. 

iS^OTsesJ, Got, s. Elu form of <^^c^^g _9o^?'a which see. 

(J'OTag, Gotra, s. family, race, tribe, lineage, kin; 
name, appellation; forest; field; umbrella; road; 
knowledge of futurity; kind of inspiration; 
genus, class, species; increase, wealth, mountain. 

'5>E)3gd, Gdtraja, s. (s^sjsg family, d born) rela- 
tion; in law among the Hindus the term is 
nearly equivalent to the Gentile of Roman law, 
and is applied to kindred of the same general 
family who are connected by offerings of food 
and water, and stands opposed to the bandhu or 
cognate kin who do not partake in the offerings 
made to the common ancestors. 

s*<5i3gfi3cJ, Gotrabhit, "^s. ('3^0533^ mountain, tSi^ 

^c533^t8^, Gdtrabhid, j who splits) name of Indra 
alluding to his splitting mountains with his thun- 

(31(573 ^CgC3, Gdtrabhuta, see <3*<533^d gotraja. 

(3>c33^3, Gotrd, s. earth; herd of kine. 

5^(53323, Gota, a, inarticulate, indistinct in speech, 

Sv(553S3'S33, Gotauawd, V. to knot, to plait, to knit, 
to contrive, to fetter, to weave a net: pret. (3^>s 
^03 getuwd. 

(3^(203 esD, Gdtama, s. one of the Gotama family, 
epithet of the last Buddha. 

s33S3, Gotami, see 3(533(5<^ gorada. 

i3'C533<^e3Q3, Godanta, s. (-9^333 cow, <j5DeD tooth) 
fossil substance of a white colour, apparently an 
earthy salt, and so called from its resemblance 
to a cow's tooth; it is found in great abundance 
on the sea shore; cow's tooth; yellow orpimeut, 
[Colloq. ^8cs(^ Inriyal']. . 





S*C5)'>S(5, Oodura. s. food; prey, plunder, Elu form 

of (5)J3(5 gochara. 
s^cjDgcJi, Goduru, s. five senses; food, victuals, see 

the preceding. 
eS'fSifCCii s^93J), Godurvr-bohka, s. stomach. 
S*GO02sJ, Gon, plur. of (Jgjd-^ gond. 
<s>(5JJS^5g:5i, Gon-haduru, s. tree, Cerbera odollum 

0553 sd"^, Gonhama, s. stupidity. 
e*Q035s:r4s8S3, Gonkawadd '\ s. Ceylonese 

S^<5>^^5:?3^8^, Gonkawadichchd, vmyna, acri- 
(a>eo3''d')cfl3, Gonkawadiyd, j dotheres me- 

lanosternus, (Sturmdce order Passeres). 
<S'<F)j{siis>i!&8, Gonkekm, s. kind of cucumber, 

Cucumis pubescens (Cucurbitacece). 
S^os^^^5^(5J^, Gongd, s. large cowrie. 
(5i<5)35:fs><5)cs, Gongeya, s. (<5)3<S5 ^owa ox, (5<5Jce 

couple) yoke of oxen. 
(5'C5>3s:f'?C5>J8c5, Gongoriya, s. bullock's hump. 
'S><s))J33 Gontd, s. properly (5'Q33-<SoS3 ghontd, which 

s^(a^^s^^^, Gonna, s. tree, Diospyros insignis 

(Ebenaceoe); also called essdlSS^Q /jortfwa- 

TwaZ^a and (^i^Scc walmediriya. 
S>(5332s:Js^S)(^C3 Gonbelld, s. snail, sometimes writ- 
ten s\c53ds^S)(^(33 gombelld, helix. 
ss33:f'S\(3 s^4K)353, Gonbeli-kokd, s. bird called 

shell ibis, anastomus oscttans (Plataleidce order 


>e5533jg(5, Gonang 

S^CT^^5^, Gonatu, s. benches placed at the distance 

of a mile from each other, on the high road side, 

for travellers to rest upon. 
iS^cjDsrf ^8c8, Gop-etaya, 8. ankle. 
S^(ra5rf 63, Gop-masa, s. calf of the leg. 
(5^(533 3 (;o(55D, Gopalangd, s. plant, Corallocarpus 

epigcea (Cucurbitacece). 
s^>30(?3, Gopald. s. cow-herd, or cow-keeper, pl 

eo3a(^e gopallu. 
>(S)'io^e^isi, Gopasandun, s. white kind of sandal 

wood, syrium myrtifolium. 
S'cs^jg, Gopu, s. poison, 
iS'CO) 5^03(^(33, Gopolld, s. cowherd. 
s>(533S)g, Gobadu, a. tender, (as tender cocoa-nut). 
>33)S)cs, Gobaya. s. topmost shoot of a plant, bud. 
'3vc5>j(3\Q)(^(^, Gobolla, s. tender cocoa-nut. 
9(5331), Gom, s. rock, stone, sun-beam; keeper, 

guard, preserver, protector. 

lagul, 1 

uangul,}'' ^ack faced monkey. 

<3>OT3, Goma, s. cow dung. 

S>C533(;^, Gomandala, s. enclosure for cattle, 

[CoUoq. (5)3 gala']. 
(5^(5)3 ^(^G3, Gomatilld, s. kind of fish. 
-s^OToSoi, Gomatemba, s. heap of cow dung, 

cow clap. 
!3>sD3589, Gomaritta, s. moss growing on heaps 

of cow dung, pi. 6^(533 69 gomariti. 
s^eo3x(59, Gomawerati, s. dried cow dung, used 

in some parts of India as fuel. 
!3<533Ss)cJD, Gomahatta, s. mushroom, 
(i-fSiO^, Gomu, s. cow's urine. 
5>(533g, Gomudu, s. stall, place for keeping cattle. 
T^oo39, Gomuwa, s. small room at the end of a 

house formed by the roof being continued, small 

outer verandah; thicket. 

5^(533(38 3s33, Goyam-kapanawd, v. to reap. 

3>s33cs, Goyama, s. corn, grain in general, harvest, 
pi. (3^(53)051) goyam. 

S^(533ca3, Goya, s. land lizard, viz. iguana, varanus 
dracoena, [Colloquial: 63(3\(5)3cs3 talagoyd"] and 
hydrosaurus salvator, [Colloq. jS)d(3c5)3cc3 ka- 
baragoyd"] ; ('order Sauna). 

'9C533S, Goyi, plur. of e^cp38cc3 goyiyd, 

'3^c5)^8^a3wDcs, Goyi-karmdntaya, s. husbandry, 
cultivation of the ground. 

sk)3Sct, Goyigama, s. caste so called, velldla, 

9^(5338(53 iS33J5S33, Goyigama-kdkkd, s. another 
name for the black crow, commonly called 
)3J>3 kdkkd, cor one macrorhynea (Corvidoe 

^ order Passeres). 

s^(5)3lS^^^53, Goyitena, s. cultivation. 

3^(S3o8c3(3, Goyipala, s. cultivated or arable ground, 

^s)389, Goyibima, s. cultivated ground as corn 
or paddy fields. 

'3\c5338c63, Goyiyd, s. husbandman, cultivator of the 


(3^(S338s^coJ, Goyiyd, s. a term used in friendly con- 
versation in second person singular vocative case. 

|^^C5^^8 ea, Goyi-wasama, s. occupation of a culti- 
vator, agricultural tribe. 

s^S3)S^^(^, Goyiwel, s. plant, Flagellaria indica 

'^^s^^cq, Goyu, s. freckle; slave. 

I?' 053399, Goyum, a. descended from Gotama. 

^c3)gs^(5)3 5J, Goyumgot, s. (s^ssagqD Gotama, 
(3^0533 55 race or caste) family or race from which 
Gautama Buddha was descended. 





S>(5J3c5, Oora, a. white, [CoUoq. gg smcZm]; causing 

s^(S)D(5as, Goraha, s. acid fruit used in making 
curries, tree, garcinia camhogia ( Guttiferce ) . 

S^S)J(5}053, Gorakayd^ s. child, infant. 

(S^(533(56)(5, Goratara, a. very dreadful, terrible. 

(Sv(533d^, Gorada, s. bezoar stone found in the 

stomach of cattle; wild fellow; crocodile. 

(S(533(5S)3, GorabdyS. pigeon, [CoUoq. C3c5cs3 joara- 

<s^03d939.i, Gorawanawd, v. to snore, to growL 

to rumble as thunder; pret. *<5>(3\<593 gerewwd. 

S(5)3S\d5es!, Goroh, s. old person; affliction; any 

hard or heavy substance, assistance; garcinia 

>co3(^C) Golla, s. party, relations, grove. 

S^(5)^e, Gola, s. blow; distress; a. short. 

<s^ji(3(53i3, Golageta, s. inside part of an half 

baked ball or cake. 
(?>eo3(3aox(3, Golahela, s. deep hole, full of mud. 
(9^(533(33, G^oZa, "I -1 A 7- 

'5'(53^Q(3^S)(^(3^, Golubelld, f ' ' 

s^<533(3N(238, Golowa, s. glass globe, globe lamp. 
^ (Eng.) 
(5^(5)3903, Gowwd, s. keeper of cattle, watcher, 

^(5338<j, Goivada, s. enclosure for cattle, cow pen, 

[Colloq. S33 gdla]. 
S^<5332(3ce, Govikulaya, see (^^<53^S(S5 goyigama; 

cultivators of the ground. 
(^^(5)^g, Govindu, s. name of Vishnu; Elu form of 

s^csjJSe^ govinda, which see. 

S^C533c03, Goviydf see <^(Sio3z&o goyiyd. 

(S^(533e^, Gos, s. noise, roaring .of thunder; pa^'t. 
having gone. 

(?<5j3ee, Gosa, s. noise, sound, thunder. 

<3^0533e3g:f, Gosandun, see (S><s)3a^^is5 gopasandun. 

(SM333SJ, Gosin, part, having gone. 

<^>(533S^S33g, GoJiodu, a. miry, muddy. 

(SM3533K33c5i, GoJioru, s. mire, muddy place or hole. 

S^<5)3d, (to/m, a. dumb, shallow. 

(5M5)3i6<5, Golvr-muda, s. the sea not far from the 

land, the shallow sea. 
^QD3^(Sv3(5, Gohimora, s. plant peculiar to Ceylon, 

Pygeum Wightiana (Rosacece); also called tsi^ 

5(^ (3>S539co3 kankumbal-Jcotiyd. 
5^(533683, Goluwd, s. dumb man. 
(S^(Si5 cpo. G6-an, s. bullock's horn. 
S^QoJ3e^, Gokana, s. bull, ox, bullock. 
I S^aoJSScfl. Gottiya, s. noise. 

Qocf 33c8, Gotaviya, s. helm of a ship or any vessel. 

s^caJ<s^, Gona, see s^K)3^ gond. 

>(53;J<3^cs, Goniya, s. sack, cloth bag. 

>(53:fe^'S3, Goddna, s. presents distributed by the 
surviving relations of a person at his death, for 
the benefit of his soul; namely to procure free- 
dom from all liability to be born again; the most 
valuable gift is that of a cow, from which the 
word is formed. 

is^(Si3G,6-(^, Goddrana^ s. ((S^oJ earth, (^(5<a what 

cleaves or splits) plough; spade, hoe. 

'3>K)cfa3, Godhana, s. (<scnif cow, Q>S3 wealth) herd 
of cattle. 

(3(5)JoD3, Godhd, s. iguana, see (^(533ce3 goyd; leather 
fence worn by archers on the left arm to prevent 
its being injured by the bow-string; alligator. 

^s)J, Godhuma, s. wheat. 

(3^(53cfgS, Godhuma, s. wheat, orange; name of a drug 

(3^<5)J3>, Gonaka, s. kind of fleecy counterpane. 

s^eocf'253S^S53(^, Gona-kola, s. generic name of ade- 
nosma, see ) (3*)J3(3>^353C kaha-gonakola and 
29^ (S>(55Je:(Sa53(3 nil-gonakola. 

<s^(S)i^^, Gonandt, s. female of the Sdras or 
Indian crane. 

(^^OTcf'^5^^, Gonamiiwd, s. elk of Ceylon, JRusa 

'S'CSiS^^, Gonarda, s. Sdras or Indian crane; fra- 
grant grass cyperus rotundus. [Colloq. DC33gc5i 

(3>(5)J'2S3C> Gonala, s. esculent root, sort of yam or 
country potatoe. 

(5N(55J39-i(^, Gdna-wel, s. plant, peculiar to Ceylon 
Ancistrocladus Vahlii (Ancistrocladece). 

^(Siiis:^^, Gonasa, s. viper, [Colloq. s>e33CKi3 po- 

(3^s)J33, Gond, s. elk, rusa aristotelis, pi. s^gssJkJ 
g9 gonnu. 

i5>e?3JD3e3, Gondsa, s. ((S>K)3 ox, -s^oes nose) large 

snake, considered by some the boa constrictor 
from its nose resembling that of an ox. 

(3\(S)J^^, Gonun, ace. plur. of :;v.-iJs33 gond. 

<^^e5^J^t^so^, Gonussd, s. scorpion, Scolopendra. 

(5N<5}J-S3ze^, Gones, s. rafter. 

(S^eoJa, Gdpa, s. herdsman; head of a cowpen; cow- 
herd; milk man; superintendent of a district; 
king; myrrh. 

'wJo-'^i^, Gopakshma^ s. one of the thirty-two 
personal beauties of Buddha, namely the beauty 
of his eyelashes. 




<3^c5)cfa5, Gopaka, s. myrrh; herdsman, cow-herd; 
superintendent of a district. 

(S^ 053^0^, Gopati, 8. (js^<sii earth, o-S lord of mas- 
ter) name of Siva, Indra; sun; king; bull. 

S^53Jc3Dco, Gopanaya, s. protection, safeguard, 

(3^(5jic3Sc03, Gopayiyd, s. sort of tick or body louse. 

(5^c55J:3(^, Gopal, s. herdsman, cow keeper. 

<5>c53Jo3, Gopd, s. nulk-woman, female cowherd. 

(^^(53Jc3^^SDS, Gopduasi, s. wood of a thatch roof, 

svcsjJiajSa), Gopdyita, a, preserved, guarded, saved. 

(5^(5)^33(3, Gopdla, s. king, sovereign, cowherd. 

(5^<5);Je33(^ca3, Gopdlayd, 8. (is^osii earth, C33(3 /)<^/a 
who protects) king; sovereign; cow-herd; name 

^ of Krishna. 

s^eoJS, Gopi, s. plant, echites frutescens, cowherd's 

wife; protectoress; nature, natural disposition or 

S\(oJg<5, Gopura, s. door, town gate, ornamented 

gateway of a temple; gate in general; kind of 

grass, cyperus rotundus. 
s^oJg^, Gopurisha, s. cowdung. 
s^K)Js^o, G6p)endra, s. {<S^<siio gopa cow herd, 

^ag indra lord or chief) name of Krishna or 

Vishnu, alludiag to his being the chief or lord 

of the herdsmen or cattle keepers. 
<3^<5jJS(5, Gobara, s. spots on the body. 
S^osjJao, Gobhawa, see (S>(Si36ci gorada. 

S^<5dJcp, Gomaya, s. cow-dung; natiire or property 
of a cow. 

(S>(S)!J(5, Gomara, s. yellow spot on the skin, spot, 
freckle, or any cutaneous mark. 

(3ic55J(5 egg3, Gomara-pilihuduwd, s. red king- 
fisher, Ceryle rudis ( Alcedinidce order Picarii), 
also called ag<5'^93 waturanuwd, 

<s><s)3i)8^o, Gomaritd, s. wood wagtail, limonidro- 
mus indicus; Richard's pipit corydalla Richardi 
(Motacillidoe) ; Indian skylark alavda gulgula ; 
Madras bush lark, mrafra affinis (Alaudidce, 
order Passeres). 

S^iSjJSsgg, Gomdyu, s. jackall; Gandharba or celes- 
tial musician; bile or bilious humour of the cow. 
S^ffijJ, Gomi, 1 in Pali (533i5, a. rich in 
(S^isiS^&i, Gomin, J herds, rich in kine; an honour- 
ary epithet. 

s^csjJgS), Gomukha^ s. chasm m the Himalaya 
mountains, through which the Ganges flows, 
erroneously conceived by the natives of the East 
to be of the shape of a cow's mouth. 

SNooJg^, Gomutra, 8. cow's urine. 

^(5)i<s^^q, Gdmeda, 8. (S>(5)J eye, e^^ to anoint) 
gem of a yellow colour; topaz? kind of poison, 
(see 5^<s^s^e kdkdla,) smearing the body with 

l3^(53Js^^, Gome'dha, 1 . (<sC3J cow, <?) sacri- 

(S*(S)JTc Gomedala, J fice) sacrifice of a cow. 

(^^es^Jgq(53, Goyuga. s. (s^<555 and go yoke) yoke of 

(S^(55J(3^c6J^6ci^, Goyouiya, s. state of birth as cattle. 

s^csii^, Gorda, s. brain. [CoUoq. >3<3^^ mole.'] 

(jieaJdo^g, Goranku, s. water fowl; prisoner; naked 
man; mendicant etc. wandering about naked. 

s>K)J<5^B3, Gorakshd, s. {@^<siS and (5S3 who keeps) 
cow keeper; preserver of kine; orange. 

(^^OTJc5e3, Gorusu, s. milk, [Colloq. ^65 amu-kiri'] ; 
ciirdled or coagulated milk, [CoUoq. q83g9S 
mudawdpti-km]; buttermilk, [CoUoq. s^SJcJi 

(S^K)JSg, Goripu, s. (snojJ cattle, 6g enemy) tiger 
[Colloq. )3C63 kotiyd']. 

^(s:3i3^63Q^, Gorochana, s. bezoar stone found in 
the stomachs of cattle. 

<s^(S)5c Gola, s. circle, ball, any thing round, or 
globular; globe, sphere; wooden ball with which 
children play; woman's female friend; Godaviry 
river; large water jar; ink; red arsenic; name of 
the goddess Durga; diminutive person; a. relative 
to disciple or pupU. 

<3^c5)J(3co3, Golayd, 8. scholar, disciple. 

sxsjJgee, Goltsa, 1 . tree, hignonia indica. [CoUoq. 

(S^sjJgw, Gdliha, ) Q(i o(S^&^^ wal-paloV]. 

s^ooJs^cJ^j Golomz, s, orris root; arrow grass with 
white blossoms; root of the plant sweet flag 
acorus calamus, [QoUoq. 8<j)as) wadakaha']; 

s<(S)iQd, Gowaja, s. ((^^e5)J and Qd enclosure) cow- 

^(SiSQ&i, Gowan, s. dusky red or brown colour. 

>(53J3, Gowd, s. cabbage, brassica oleracea. 

(5^<53J9, G6vit,s. cow dung, [CoUoq. (553 g'owia]. 

(s^<55J<3^, Govinda, 8. one who has the principal 
charge of cattle; one of the most usual appella- 
tions of Krishna or of Vishnu in that form; 
name of Vrihaspati or Jupiter. 

(5>(SiS^d, Gowraja, e. station for cattlei 

<3>(5)Jaei^, Govrtnda, s. property in cattle; herd of 





0^(55 J;S@, Gostrsha, s. kind of sandal of the colour 
of brass and of great fragrance. 

csjJeftS, Goshtha, s, cowpen; fold for cattle; station 
of cowherds. 

GfoJesS, Goshthi, s. school; assembly, meeting; con- 

ctJsiJ, Goshd, s. corruptly for k35S3 gJioshd, 
sound, noise, tumult, uproar. 

>csjJfOS)S3, Gostana, s. udder of a cow, garland 
consisting of four or thirty-four strings; cluster 
of blossoms; nosegay. 

<s*(s33ijxs)^, Gostam, s. grape, [Colloq. if <3^oce 

S^(53Jdr3<5co, Gostaraya, s. food, corrupt form of 
S^(5)J3<5 gochara. 

ia>(53Jels>s3, Gosmesa, s. kind of bird of the gull 
tribe, larus ('order Gavice). 

<5><s)ita, Gosa, s. gum; myrrh; last watch of the 
night, day-break. 

s^coJeso, Gosan, see ssi^e^S. kaluduru. 

(9^(55Je3oa, Gosankhya, s. herdsman, cow keeper. 

G^osdJ^, Gosuwa, ad. much. 

<s^(Si5S8oisS, Gohiri-pan, s. plant, Cyperus pumilus 

<53J^(5)25:f3Q3, Golugaunawd, v. to shout in an- 
ger, to scold. 

(3^ea=3, Gau, corrupt form oi (SiB gaw, which see. 

C5D3S3S), Gautama, s. name of Buddha which he 
took from his teacher a celebrated sage and sup- 
posed by some to be the founder of the Naya 
philosophy: so our first Edition, but Bumouf 
says, " Gautama was the sacerdotal family name 
of the Sakyas who being Kshatriyas had no 
ancestor or tutelary saint like the Brahmans, but 
might as the Hindu law permits have taken the 
name of the sage to whose family belonged their 
spiritual guide," 

SNr55")a3<5, GaudMra, ") s. (s^kioQo godhd alligator, 

S^OTiS^Qcc, Gaudheya, jt^da^ arah aff, of descent) 
iguana, considered as the offspring of the alli- 
gator, [CoUoq. 03C*co3ca3fa%oya]. 

>co)^S58, Gaunawsawa, s. poison, one of the 
fixed kinds, mineral or vegetable. 

(3^(S5i(5, Gaura, s. colour white, yellow, pale, red; 
[Colloquial: j66co(^ hiriyal]', filament of lotus; 
gold; saffron; tree, grislea tomentosa; a. clean, 
cleansed, pure. 

!5^Y3)c58, Gauraiva, s, honour; respect, veneration; 

consequence or weight. 
(5^<53^c5S^s5^g^, Gaurawa-hatayutu, a. reverend, 

(3>c53t58s5(5<S03, Gaurawa-karanawd, v. to respect, 

to venerate. 
9>c55t5859co, Gaurawam'ya, see ^<js3'^6Q.ssi^^?^ gau- 

(3\OT=0(5 esSes, Gaura-sarshapa, s. white mustard, 

sinapis alba, 
(3OT):^, Gaurd, Is. name of the goddess Parvati; 
<5>CT)5, Gaun, J young girl, eight years old; any 

young girl prior to menstruation, maid, virgin ; 

name of a river; wife of the deity Varuna; earth; 

turmeric; yellow dye; plant, see 6^(^029 roc^a we ; 

plant bearing fragrant seed, see Qa^o^ priyaAgu; 

white kind of durva or bent grass; Arabian jas- 
^ mine; sacred basil. 
^^(S5)(3^5)^, Gaulikd, s. lizard; name of plant, .^o?*- 

tulaca oleracea: purslane. 
>C53'), Gauwya, s. (corruptly for k) gawya) 

curds; butter. 
(^^o^, Gauwa, s. (corruptly for jBQ gaw wo) 

distance of 5600 yards. 
(S3i^&5, Gejun, ^ Elu form of oSfe^D garjandwa, 
CTi^S, Gejum, J which see. 
siiQa, Getaya, s, knot; joint in a reed or bamboo, 

etc. pi. GJx0 geta. 
<s3i'dQi>>, Geta oluwa, s. plant, GUnogyne virgata 

( Scitamineoe). 
CTtQ):3d'03, Geta-kapannd, s. pick pocket. 
v55i33<5C3) Geta-karawald, s. kind of snake. 
csiiQs^iSi, Geta-kina, s. sort of tree, calophyUum 


<?5i3^2oS^cs, Geta-kahambiliya, s, species of net- 
tle, urtica heterophylla. 

vT)i3i3v^553C5 Getakola, s. plant, with short branch- 
ing stem, Hedyolis auricularia, (Rubiaceoe), ' 

SDiQsjaoeoQD, Getagahanawd, v. to tie with a knot. 

esoiQ-ag, Geta-tumba, s. plant, leiicas zeylanica 

(KiQ(3>03Jd, Geta-tora, s. sort of pepper, pipe7' betle. 

oalQdSgiJ, Geta-nitul, s. small tree, Streblus asper 
or trophis aspera (Urticacece). 

25xe^(^, Getanimul, s. ornament. 

K)t3 ijc5i, Geta-dan, s. plant, calyptranthes caryO' 

ctiOd^co, Getapadaya, s. explanation of difficult 
terms; glossary. 




(SiiQoisi, Geta-pan, s. species of club rush, sctrpus 

'<jot0c333, Getapahatu, s. musical instrument. 
(53-10889, Geta-pichclia, s. sort of jasmine, jasmi- 

minum sambac. 
coi,3gc5l.JS(3, Getapurukvila, s. plant, bergia ver- 

ODtO So3(303, Geta-polatigd, s. kind of snake. 
(5)xSsdco, Getaberai/a, s. sort of tom-tom, or 

native drum. 
OTiQSdSj, Getambaluwd, 8, kind of grass, maran- 

ta paniculata. 
(5DtQ3l)c5i, Getamdme'ru, s. species of pepper, 

piper betle, [CoUoq. C<sJ9i(^ bulat-well^. 
0531,0 3c3(5a, Getami-karawald, s. kind of snake. 
cs)x0 is<c33(3K)3, Getami-polangd, s. kind of snake. 
05310^ 33, Getamona, s. plant, andropogon cari- 

ootScca, Getayd, s, young man not arrived at pu- 
berty, not come to maturity, boy. 
<53z.0C^5> Gefaldnawd, see 63i0(53S32o83 fi'f/a- 

(531 08, Getawatu, s. kind of button or loop in tbe 
priest's robes, button. 

C53i08<5co3, Getawarayd, s. young man, youth. 

ef^i,08O5, Getaward, s. young fruit. 

(53x0 sn898ic Geta-weniwela, s creeper plant, 

cissampelos convolvulus^ 

o?3i8g, Getasu, s. thief, robber. 

(?3i0g, Getahu, s. (s3x0 knot or lump, g thread) 

knotted thread. 

O0i8c6, Getiya, s. brim, edge, rim; plant, jsj maha 
or (53tc5 bugetiya, Hugonia mystax (Linacece). 

(53iSrfQ, Getissi, s. young girl not arrived at pu- 

<53x,(S^9 x(30393, Gete-wetenawd, v. to miscarry. 

(53tS)o ^3, G^da-paiiutod, s. kind of long worm, 

ground worm. 
ootS)^, Gedarnbu, see C53ig gedumbu. 
<5?te)g, G^dalu, s. red worm. 
(53iS)3, Gedavt, s. bow of Arjuna. 
<53ie)(33, Gedavild, s. kind of ground worm. 
C5)t, Gedu, "Is. tree, Trema orientalis (Ur- 

(53ig, Gedumbu, } ttcaceoe), 
(Sit^i Gfna, ad, concerning, respecting, about, etc. 

s, fire. 
(Sii<^z), Genma, s. act of taking, act of counting; 

verb, noun of C3:f33 gannawd, to take. 

(53tcJc3j, Gettdf \ 

<syi&, Gett, > 5. servant. 

33x^:03, Gettyd,j 

cot 9, Cei, plural of <53t geba; s. inside of the 
squares that compose a priest's robe. 

Q5Ji^3355Ja3D, Gebgaunuwd, v. to conceive. 

o-nxQ, G^eSa, s. water pot; wooden fork; womb, 
belly, pi. c53iS geb. 

'OxQg'Q, Gebadunu, s. conception. 

sjz'S)!^, Gebam, see <s)x'^<S! gebim^ 

nt3e3(5c5)xc5, Gebaperahera, s. (coi embryo, 
<s*3(5s3i<5 ceremony) festive ceremony performed 
on conception. 

OTtS)(5, Gebara, s. child in the womb; depth. 

33xS)(3. Gebali, s. juice or sap of trees and fruit. 

?3tS5, Gebastri, s. pregnancy, considered as a 
fortunate omen. 

s3tS)8(5i, Gebasiru, s. time immediately after con- 

33i<3^, Gebtm, s. pregnant woman. 

:<3i^<5, Gembura, s. depth, profundity. 

53ig<3i, Gemburu, a. deep, profound, difficult to be 

;ox, G^ewe, s. villager, countryman. 

coi^^ciiaJ, Gemiarut, s, clown, plebeian, rustic, 

23i<qo, Gemidan, corrupt form of the following. 

53i5@, Gemidam, s. copulation. 

v^i^g^, Getniduda, s. the words of the populace. 

S3xc5g(^, Gerandt-dul, s. plant, ichnocarpus frut- 

C53tc5c53, Gerandtyd, s. rat snake, jaiya* mucosus; 
see C53c5cs3 garandiyd. 

,s3i^^, G^raddha, s. plant, a)7<m colocasia, 

53xC5Qi), Gerahum, s. ridicule, banter, despising. 

C3i(5g^53(5-<s^3, Gerahum-karanawd, v. to ridi- 
cule, to banter, to despise. 

(53xc5g, Gerahuma, s. ridiculing. 

(53t(^, G'e/, plural of (53i gela. 

raid ^P-sgcJ, Gel-akui-a, s. axle tree of a cart. 

S3td S33c, G^l-ndbiya, s, nave of a cart wheel. 

(53i,d of -203, Gel-padinawd, v. to drive a cart, 
(bullock bandy). 

3xd Gelma, s. sinking; flowing. 

3xdc5, Gelviya, s. yoke of a cart. 

(?3xdee3, Gel-saka, s. cart wheel. 

(53teSS, Gelavi'ma, s. escape, deliverance; salvation. 

(?3te^^'<^<^3> Gelawumkdrayd, v. Saviour, 

(SiiC^s^Q^Qi, Gelawenawd, v. to escape, to be de- 
livered; to be saved. 




<yyiQ'<s), Gehma, s. sinking: flood, pi. (SixQ gelim, 
cs3ts>C33, Gelenawd, v. to sink: pret. eoid3a 

eoiS^GD, Geloma, s. gallon, (Eng.) pi. otxS^c^^ 

CTiQfi, Gewasi'ma, s. verbal noun of (53i8sNe3o8D 


OTies2s38o, Gewasenawd, v. to be covered or 

overspread, to frequent: pret. (55t8|933 gewa- 

sjigcJi, Gewuru, s. affection, esteem, honour. 

(joirf, Gesma, s. tremulous motion, shivering, 

shaking, wavering. 
s)tel8'D, Gessima, s. drawing the trigger of a gun, 

striking against, act of starting. 
(iE^iS^e3e383, Gessenawd, v, to shake, to quiver, to 

be affected by a tremulous motion, to strike 

against or to knock involuntarily: pret. ootc^^sjo 

<siiQ^, Gesma, s. stroke, blow, striking. 
cK)i(3e3-2D8o, Gesenawd, v. to knock, to strike 

against; to crack; to quake, to quiver, to be 

agitated: pret. otgeao gesund. 
(K)iK)t, Gehetu, a. tired, fatigued, wearied; teazed, 

vexed, troubled, [Colloq. s^Ss^kjss wehesaJi. 
(53i55)x<^, Geheni, s, fatigue, wearisomeness; wo- 
<53iSJt<s^(3^?83, GeJieniwenawd, v. to be fatigued, 

to be wearied, 
sjtg'^, Gehunu, a. thick. 
(331, Gfla, s. sort of cart or waggon, [Colloq. 

5d65s3cs kamttai/a'], pi. cixc^ gel. 
eox* 0-2383, Gelapenawd, v. to join, to join to- 
gether, to unite, to be conjugated, to be joined: 

pret. e3i,c9-203 gelapund. 
<53x5 Ge, 2)art. smeared, rubbed over, plastered. 
cJxiS^QeaQs, Gftenawd, v. to crowd, to press close 

together, to waddle: pret. ooxgesDi getund, 
csix<^} Gent, s. woman, female. 
(Six'd^^^P, Genusatd, s. female animal. 
osjx, Getna, s. daubing, smearing, plastering; verb. 

noun of (S3:>iSiQo gdnawd. 
(53x(S^383, Gewenawd, v. to be smeared, to be 

daubed, to have applied any unctuous substance, 

to come in contact, 
co^g, Gehum, s. thunder. 
QQd^, Grajana, s. muruigga. 
^^, Gmntha, s. knot, tying or stringing; book 

or any composition in verse; poetical stanza; 

metre or measure of thirty-two syllables; wealth, 

(Q^enod, Granthakdra, s. author of a book. 

iQ^^da, Granthadhuraya, s. (^5 and <5 
dhura office) instruction of pupils in temples or 
houses by priests, not in deserts or as ascetics. 

cgdeDcJ)d'<s^3, Granthanaya-karanawd, v. to 
twist, to twine, to plait, to string, to tie ; to im^ 
prove, to edify, to teach. 

(g-sS, Granthi, s. knot or joint of a reed or cane, 
etc. and figuratively of the body; knot or tie in 
a cord etc.; distortion; rheumatism; crooked- 

^-aS5, Granthika, s. astrologer, fortune teller 
thorny plant, capparis aphylla, described as 
growing in deserts and fed upon by camels; root 
of long pepper, [Colloq. &6QQ^^ tippili-mul']; 
kind of rosin, bdellium ; perfume. 

(g-sS53, Granthikd, see @^) granthika. 

<9^C'> Granthi-muld, s. plant, hemedesmus in 
diem. [Colloq. <6^f^ iramu8u.'\ 

<9^(S^(33^> Granthilomaka, see s^sjJ^^cJ go 

(^eSeeSa-so, Granthisthdna, s. very difficult passage 
of a book. 

.,&}, Graha, s. taking by acceptance or seizure ; 
eclipse of the sun or moon, see (^3 Rdhu; planet; 
name of Rahu or the ascending node; imp, 
goblin; effort in battle; tenacity; perseverance; 
favour, patronage. 

<96J-35n, Graham, s. taking, seizure; receiving, 
acceptance; assent; agreement; respect; hand; 
eclipse of the sun or moon, which is fabled to 
result from the Asura Rahu seizing and at- 
tempting to swallow the sun or moon; compre- 
hension, taking or receiving instruction. 

''@SJ<s!^, Grahani, s. diarrhsea, dysentery. 

(Q^<^^, Grahanika, a. belongmg to diarrhoea. 

(SjKi^^cs, Grahaniya, part, to be taken. 

<3s^(3^<^, Grahane s. corruptly for (g53-<s^c8 graha- 

<S5S3eD3<5)3, Graha-tdrakdwa, s. fixed star; as- 
terism, constellation. 

^55335)0(5, Grahddhdra, s. ((25SJ graha planet,' epQad 
ddhdra asylum) constellation dhruva or polar 
star; it has this name in allusion to its remaining 
fixed amidst the planetary movements. 

^32/j3, Grdmya, s, rustic or homely speech; rustic 
(in discourse). 




ffi)3 Sl3D, Ch'dmya-dharma, s. ((EJd village, 

S)g virtue) village virtue, copulation, 
(Q'i%xa<sS), Grdmydswa, s. (cjiSas grdmya and fpcs 

a5M7a horse) ass. 
<goct, Grdmaya, s. village, hamlet; scale in music; 

multitude; castle. 
^3^5, GrdmiTca, a. resident in a village, rustic, 

village born. 
<g38-<!S5, Grdmina, s. villager; dog; crow; indigo 

gjsscs, Grdsaya, s. mouthfvJ, lump of rice etc. 
(g3), Grdha, s. taking or seizure; shark; alligator. 
^Scs, Gn'waya, s. neck, [CoUoq. (5^S)(^C bella] ; 

back part of the neck, nape ; debt, 
^CSQ, Gn'wardwa, s. (8 throat, <$Q sound) 

hoarseness, speaking in the throat. 
^3ffi5(5<^, Gniodbharana, s. (^ gnwa neck, jp 

3<5-<sSo dhharana ornament) neck ornament. 
^, Gn'shma, s. heat; warmth, hot season; a. 

hot, warm. 
^ eeaegS, Gn'shma-rttuwa, "I s. hot season, 
^5 )3(3ce, Gn'shma-Mlaya, j (June - July). 
CDassqe^-s^, Grinjana, s. poisoned flesh, flesh of an 

animal destroyed by poison; garlic, [Colloq. gg 

Q-SQ sudidunu], 
(538 g, Griddhra, a. desirous, greedy; s. vulture. 
(S3ae@, GrishH, s. cow that has had one calf; plant, 

lycopodtum imbricatum; jujube tree, [Colloq. 

fiSo masan'] ; pig. 
00863, Griha, 8. house, mansion, dwelling, habita- 
tion, [Colloq. (3^(53 ge'"]', wife; name, appellation. 
coaesssseajM, Grihakanyd, s. aloe, aloe perfoliata. 
s3affi3OT^co, Griha-garbhya, s. inner part of a house, 

inner room 
(>3a*(53^@>3, Grthagolikd, s. (raaes house, s^(s>iQ^ 

lizard) small house lizard, [Colloq. ^33 hund']. 
cs^acDg^, Grihadruma, s tree, cordia myxa, [Coll: 

(5?aC53, Griha-dhuma, s. (waw house, Q smoke) 
house smoke. 

OTaW'fJjosasj, Chrihandsana, s. (raaw and >2S33C533 
what destroys or defaces) common house pigeon, 
so called in consequence of its defacing the 
house where it builds its nest, [Colloq. C3(3^<59cs3 

eoas3C3^cs3, Grihapatiyd, s. ((saw house, a& patt 
chief) head or lord of a family; householder; 
householder of particular merit, giving alms and 
performing all the prescribed duties of religion; 

virtue, especially of a householder, hospitality; 

sun, (derived from opato planet, o^ lord.) 
53a330^<56r3, Grihapati-ratna, s. (roawcs^S and 

<5o3S3 gem) one of the seven gems of a universal 

emperor; viz. a man who possesses the faculty of 

discovering hid treasures. 
?5as>S)2a)3c:, Grihahandhanaya, s. (cnaw house, 

6)5^253 bound) family tie, household life. 
OTas3<!^, Grihamani, s. (ona and <a^ jewel) 

lamp, [Colloq. caoea jaawa]. 
^aw^s^, Grthardja,8. (ooara planet, d5 caking) sun; 

moon; planet Jupiter, or its regent. 
33aaoe8), Grihawastuwa, s. site of a house or 

<^a53teQ, Grihastha, s. (oaaeo house, te& dwelling) 

householder, master of a house, one performing 

all the duties of a house and father of a family, 

laic, the opposite to the Buddhist priesthood. 
.^803486-25), Cfrihasthakama, a. dwelling in a house; 

domestic state ; having a house and family. 
(53acnco8co3, Grihasthayd, s. householder. 
(539S33<^, Grihdrdma, s. (otbk) house, cp^ drama 

grove) garden or grove near a house. 

, Grthtm, s. female housekeeper, wife. 

(S3a{9s3, GriMta, a. taken, attached, seized, caught. 
(5)a(3as33<^'253cs, Gfthodydnaya, s. (coaK) griha house, 

^(533 udydna garden) garden attached to a 

r)asS33^<5c6, Grihodaraya, s. (<53aK) griha house, 

Qj<5 udara inner part) inside of a house, 
(g^^, Gridha, corrupt form of cg^ gudha, which 


The fourth consonant in the Sinhalese alphas 

bet; it is the preceding consonant aspirated and 

soimds like gh in ghastly, 
ago, Ghan, s. bell; any tinkling ornament; killing; 

esQS, Ghatta, s. quay or landing place. 
8993S33, Ghattand, s. going, moving; covering; 

touching, striking. 
683, Ghata, s. earthen water jar, chatty; assembly; 

among the Hindus a suspending the breath as a 

religious exercise; grinding; efEortor exertion. 
asQess, Ghatana, s. mixing; effort; assembling, 

collection, bringing together. 
^3^303, Ghatanawd, v. to grind; to twist; to tie; 

ensnare; to mix. 




8s333, Ghatandt see wQ^ ghatana. 

8303, Ghatd, s. effort, exertion, endeavour; assem- 
blage; troop of elephants. 

839), Ghatika, s. posteriors, waterman. 

k9)3, Ghatika, s. ancle; period of time, sixtieth 
part of a day and night, or twenty-four minutes. 

^Qsij6,Ghattkdra, corruptly for ^Qssiod ghattkdra. 

^svoJ<jDco, Ghatitodanaya, s. food, prepared vic- 

8s3, Ghati, s, plate of iron or mixed metal on which 
the hours are struck, Indian clock; water jar. 

f&Qssio6, Ghatz'kdra, s. (k3 water jar, )3(5 who 
makes) potter. 

a9cfl'2ogco, Ghati-yantraya, s. rope and bucket of 
a well, any machine for raising water. 

fs -^0, Ghantd, s. bell; plate of iron or mixed 
metal for the purpose of being struck as a beU. 

as^5}d'cs, Ghantdraya, s. bell. 

3, Ghantikd, s. uvula or soft palate. 

Ghanavitbhidi, s. sort of cucumber, 
[Colloq. ^co^ tiyambai'd^. 

fssj, Ghata, s. ghee or clarified butter. 

as(9^S3J<^S3, Ghatodana, s. (^> ghata and ^^ 
odana boiled rice) food, victuals prepared from 
boiled rice and ghee or clarified butter. 

^3, Ghana, a. thick, gross, coarse, solid, without 
interstices; material, auspicious, fortunate; per- 
manent, eternal; s. thickness; cloud; iron club; 
cymbal; bell; gong; any brazen or composite 
metallic instrument which is struck as a clock 
etc., iron; skin, rind, bark; body; hardness, 
solidity, substance, matter; fragrant grass, cype- 
rus rotundus. 

8920S55S, Ghanakapha, s. (^sa cloud, aJsS phlegm) 

693>S, Ghanakama, s, thickness, 

^s:3S53(^, Ghanakdla, s. (ssea cloud, 5553(3 time or 
season) rainy season; wet cloudy weather. 

^3?g?^, Ghanajyrajd, s. tree, bassia latifolia; liq- 
uorice, [Colloq. 8i(^ welmi'\. 

K20c5, Ghanapriya, s. (asea wet or moist weather, 
c5 what delights) swallow, [CoUoq. ic8(g;8<^ 
C63 whi-Uhiniyd~\ . 

883(3, Ghanamula, s. cube root. 

99es3(S-8553, GhanamuUkd, s. tree, celastrus emar- 

8S3de3, Ghanarasa, s. camphor; water; extract, de- 
coction etc., thick juice; plant, sanseviera zeyla- 
nica, [CoUoq. eflco^ niyanda']. 

aaa3eo3(5, Ghanasdra, s. camphor, [Colloq. ffisgcJi 
kapuru"]; mercury; water. 

K23)<5, Ghandkara. s. (asea ghana rain, epead 
dkara mine) rainy season. 

KS^5;J;8, Ghanodadhi, s. (k3 ghana large, ^^^ 
udadhi ocean) division of hell. 

^i<5, Gharghara, s. door; gate; owl; laughter, 
mirth; river so called, the Gogra. 

KiicS, Gharghard, s. one of the tones or notes in 
music; kind of lute. 

89Ss53, Ghargharikd, s. river so called; musical 
instrument; small bells; fried grain. 

68^5, Gharghan, s. girdle of small bells or any 
tinkling ornaments worn by women. 

63, Gharma, s. heat; warmth, hot season; sun- 
shine; sweat, perspiration. 

83S3ocg, Gharmdnsu, s. (ea gharma and qpoeg ansu 
ray) sun. 

ffiij^33e3!33, Gharmdbhitapta, a. (as gharma and 
(fStS3f5is> abhitapta oppressed or fatigued) op- 
pressed with heat, fainting from heat. 

^z^esi, Gharmika, a. (as gharma heat, (gsj ika 
affix) hot. 

^S^co, Gharshanaya,s. grinding, poimding; strik- 

^@<^, Gharsham, s. turmeric, [Colloq. iS3 itaAa], 

835, Ghara, s. house, [Colloq. ^csf ge'J. 

^c5<sJo^, Gharam, s. wife. 

^t^d, Ghasmara, a. gluttonous, voracious, greedy 
of food. 

8933, Ghata, s. nape or back of the neck. 

833C3, Ghata, s. murder, killing, slaughter. 

i33035, Ghdtaka, s. murderer, slaughterer, killer. 

a83e3453c5^a^3, Ghdtakaranawd, v. to destroy life, 
to kill. 

^33eD, Ghatana, s. killing, slaughterings murder- 

53)^9^55, Ghdtuka, a. mischievous; hurtful; cruel, 
savage, violent, ferocious. 

39363, Ghdsa, s. meadow grass; food, eating, enjoy- 

g3, Ghuta, '^ g. ancle, [Colloq. ^^iQ^a bolata- 

g, Ghutt, ^ya^. 

S5<!ge)3, Ghundd, s. large black bee. 

g<s^, Ghima, s. kind of insect found in timber. 

g<^ce, Ghunapriya, s. (g<s^and gcs what pleases) 
timber, wood. 

^<^co3, Ghunapriyd, see fp^SQcaezT atividayan. 



S^wS'^Q csitS, Gherieta-gas, s. small tree, peculiar 
to Ceylon, Linociera purpurea or Cktonanthus 

zeylanica (Oleacece): corrupt form of S^roSf^S 
(SiiS gerieta-gas, 
S893<;u)o, Ghontd, s. jujube tree, zizyphus jujuba, 
[Colloq. Sesed masan] ; axeca nut tree, areca 
catechu, [Colloq. 538 J ^wifa/;;]. 

(?8sJ0ffi>, Ghotaka, s. horse, [Colloquial: tpsjQcsa 

&e&i^, Ghond, s. nose, [Colloq. <^s^^<3^ttJ waAe] ; 

nose or nostrils of a horse. 

iS>e9Je3e5, Ghonasa, s. polanga or viper; according 

to others (s^m for >(553 g'o cow, eaea nose) boa 

^ssid, Ghora, s. name of Siva, alluding to the 

terror which he inspires into the mind; horror, 

fear, horribleness; a. terrific. 
(S>esJ(5?^33, GhSradarsana, a. (js^fsid and ^c^s^ 

sight) frightful, horrible, terrific. 
S^8s^d<533:jc8, Ghoi'anddaya, s. roaring or growling 

sound, as of wild beasts etc, 
is^kJ(35, Ghord, s. night. 
SNasJ, Ghosha, s. village of herdsmen; kind of bell 

metal, [Colloq. is)isX53^3(S)(sS tuttandgan] ; sound; 

low thunder, gnat, musquito. 
^^itsisi, GhoshaJca, s. kind of creeping plant, so 

called, bearing white or yellow flowers. [Colloq, 

^sJca Q-iQ(S^Sio6 titta-wetalcolu]. 

S^wdft^^, Ghoshana, a. loud sounding, speaking 

loud, thimdering, crying out as a public pro- 

>asJa3, Ghosha, s. kind of fennel, anethum sowa; 
noise, loud sound, high speaking, proclamation. 

^fs3^^?3s6a, Ghoshdksharaya, s. (s^ascfaj ghosha 
and (^?3s6 akshara letter) sonant letter, 

^(sJe33, Ghosd, see s^asJes ghosha. 

I3<^, Ghrdna, s. nose; smell, sense of smelling, 

^9^^<5Jor), Ghrdna-roga, s. catarrh. 

M3<^, Ghrina, s. reproach, blame, censure; kind- 
ness, compassion, tenderness. 

K3<^, Ghrini, s. ray, beam of the sun or moon; sun. 

Ma S3, Ghrita, s. ghee, clarified butter, butter; water. 

9sas3-(SJ^, Ghritamanda, s. (esso ghee, s!ice) 

scum) medicinal plant, so called from the scum 

of its iufusion resembling ghee; it is described 

as sweet and cooling, allaying fever, removing 
phlegm etc. 

823 e, Ghrishti, 8. grinding, pounding; emulation, 

contest; plant, lycopodium imbricatum. \ 

wassScj, Ghrishtika, a. grinding, pounding. 

The sixth consonant of the alphabet, and first 
of the second or palatal class of consonants; 
it has the sound of ch in champion; it is 
also a particle and conjunction, copulative or 
disjunctive, corresponding to and, also, more- 
over, but. 

So'^, Chankrama, s. walking, pacing, going; place 
for walking, kind of covered walk. 

8o^<sg, ChankramCma, part, going, walking, 
pacing, proceeding. 

9o, Chanchu, s. castor oil plant, see 6dienc?am; 
beak of a bird. 

S)og9, Chanchtaoa, s. beak of a bird. 

5)iaes:>, Chakka, Pali form of ^ chakra which see, 

9.S5S5(5o3io, Chakkaratana, Pali form of 8^ 
<5c32S3c3 chakraratnaya which see, 

waaSesxS, Ghakkawatti, see ^^?9 chakra- 

9cg, Chakkhu, s. TSli form of Sag chakshu, 
eye, [Colloq. t^ts esa] ; omniscience of Buddha, 
or the faculty of knowing three things, viz. 
impermanency of matter, existence of sorrow in 
all things, annihilation of the spirit; mental 
perception, that perception of truth which leads 
to the sowan-marga; eye of the mind. 

ec5, Chakkundriya, s. sight of the eye, pupil 
of the eye, 

5)^, Chakra, s. wheel, wheel of a carriage; circle; 
mark or sign; religious code; discus, worn as a 
punishment in one of the infernal regions (^c5 
^303 -253(540 urachakramdld-naraka) ; this 
appears to the victim like a splendid necklace, 
but as soon as he puts it on, it cuts him to pieces 
by its circular motion; four acts, namely, walk- 
ing, standing, sitting, reposing; complete pros- 
perity; success; the movable palace of Chakrar- 
warti-raja, made of precious stones; region or 
tract of country; assembly; army, forces; potter's 
wheel; order, edict; weapon in form of a discus 
having the outward edge exceedingly sharp ; alms 
giving; heap or multitude; astronomical or mys- 
tical figure; anatomical division or portion of the 
body; six of these are enumerated, viz, pubis, 
navel, pit of the stomach, root of the nose, hol- 
low between the frontal sinuses, and the union 
of the frontal and coronal sutures; cycle of 

23 ~ " 



[^sg<5, Chahrakubara, s, pole of a carriage. 

S)4i9^3<3^, Chakrapdm, s. (^^^ discus, oo'^s hand) 
name of Vishnu. 

^'ggS, Chakra-purwa, s. tree, eugenia operculata, 
[CoUoq. i5^4553<53rf hobu-gas]- 

8^e^, Ghahra-bija, see 255g^<^e^e3 Icapuhinissa. 

8^5)<i3roS)(3, CTiakra-mandala, s. collection of cars 
or war chariots. 

9^fs5, Chakramardaka, s. (9^ wheel, here 
meaning figuratively, a large leprous spot, if iK 
which cleanses) plant, cassia tora, [Colloquial: 
<s>tsiS6 t6ra~\. 

9^!i(53, Chakra-mdld, s. (^ wheel, ic^ neck- 
lace) discus or sharp circular weapon which is 
used as an instrument of punishment in one 
of the hells: see .^ chakra. 

8^Q, Chakra-mukha, s. (-^ discus, 'S) face or 
snout) hog, [Colloq. (5)^ urd']. 

^csoaa, Chakrai/dna, s. wheeled carriage. 

8^!5?s?S3cs, Chakraratnaya, s. (^region, empire 
<5s>*3 ratna excellence) carriage of Chakravarti- 

QiQQ^S<^, Chakralakshana, s. twining plant, 
ttnospora cordifolia, fCoUoq. (5e39^ rasakinda']- 
lines on the soles of the feet of Buddha which 
betokened his becoming a Chakrawarti-raja and 
also a Buddha. 

^^^, Chakrawarti, s. (^ region, SaS3 writa 
to abide) emperor, sovereign of the world, 
universal monarch whose authority is supposed 
to extend over the large continents situated to 
the east, west, north and south of Mahdmeru; 
Europe, Asia and Africa forming the southern 
continent or Jambudvipa. 

^3555, Chakrawdka, s. ruddy goose, commonly 
called in India the brahmany goose or brah- 
many kite. 

^3005, Chakrawdtaya, ") s. (^ region, 8 

^3(3, Chakraivdla, ) wata to encompass) 
range of mountains supposed to encircle the 
Sakwala or system comprising the hells, the 
four large continents, the visible heavens and 
the worlds of gods and Brahmans; boundaries 
of the world; limit of light and darkness; 
sensible horizon, 
9^<S^a)3, Chakra-wedJiana, s. car or war chariot 
armed with instruments like sword blades, that 
are designed to destroy when the car is in mo- 

^^e^:'3, Chakra -send, s. creeping plant, see i 

^ C5jg medahangu 

^3)3(5, Chakrdkdra, a. round, circular, [Colloq. 
^cJi. watakuru^. 

9539ite), Chakrdiiga, s. gander; carriage; medicinal 
plant used as a sedative and laxative. 

^sSJS, Chakrdiigi, s. goose; drug echites anti- 
dysenterica ; potherb TiUancha repens. 

^3crS)c8, Chakrdyudhaya, s. f-S5 chakra circle, 
e^g^S) dyudha instrument^ discus used as an in- 
strument of torture in one of the hells, see Qss) 
chakra; it is also the instrument of Marayd by 
which he attempted in vain to oppose and destroy 

Buddha when he was a candidate for Buddha- 

B^^, Chakrin, s. name of Vishnu; potter; brah- 
many goose; tumbler, one who exhibits tricks 
with a discus or wheel; oil grinder; emperor. 

(S^^c5a8, Chakre swart, s. (^ chakra universe, 
<3^c5?5 tswari mistress) universal empress; queen 
of Chakrawarti-rdja; among one of the Hindu 
sects it is the name of their goddess of wisdom. 

9^, Chakshu, s. eye; sight; sense of seeing. 

95^03(5c5, Chakshuddwdraya, s. (ag eye, Qo6ai 
door or entrance) the door of the eye. 

.'^gadca, Chakshu-pathaya, s. (9sg sight, odos 
way) that which is visible, in sight, line of 

^^C> Chakshvr-phala, s. (9^5g and 6c, fruit, 
profit, gain) beautiful sight, that which is ex- 
ceedingly agreeable to the eye; missile weapon, 
kind of discus, fruit of eye-sight. 

25g(^, Chakshurd, s. kind of fig tree, [Colloq. 
?d dimbuT]. 

9-'^cg, Chakshusrawa, see ^sgs^Se^ chahshuh- 

9'5^:a, Chakshushya, s. coUyrium or application 
to the eyes extracted from the amomum an- 
thorhiza; agreeable for the eyes. 

922g3ca, Ghakshusaya, s. eye, [Colloq. '^ts)i ehe']. 

925g8ig9e^, Ghakshuh-srawas, s. (25^8 eye, gSrf 
ear) one whose eyes are ears; snake. 

9^55, Ghakita, a. fearful, timid; amazed, terrified. 

(3>s>Jc5, Ghakora, s bartavelle or Greek partridge 
perdix rufa, [Colloq. e^S^g^g^s ettkukuld']; 
this bird delights in coolness, and is frequently 
seen and heard on moonlight evenings; hence 
it is fabulously reported that it lives on the 




0*5^(^, Chanchala, s. tremor, agitation; telegrapli 
plant, Desmodium gyrans (Leguminosce) ; a. 
trembling, shaking, moving, unsteady, fickle. 

8^(3S5, Chanchalakama, s. tremor, agitation, 

825^(33^9-2083, Ckanchalawenawd, v, to be agitat- 
ed or shaken. 

825^(^3, CAa?kAaZa,s. lightning; name of Lakshmi. 

38>, Chataka, s. sparrow, [Colloq. (s^(si Qdi(^Qo 

i8343, Chatakd, s. hen sparrow; root o the long 
pepper plant. 

8G, Chatula, a. trembling, tremulous; beautiful. 

89G3, Chatuld, s. woman; lightning. 

Q^SSei, Chanda, s. tamarind tree; messenger of 
Yama, the Indian Pluto; demon, daitya; a mis- 
chievous, furious, unruly man, a demon like 
man; heat, warmth; a, hard, severe, furious, 

Q'sf^ziSits^ Ckanda-parusha, a. furious, violent, 

8<^cS)i)3^0co, Chandamdrutayay s. hurricane, 
strong wind. 

3<!g3, Chanda, s. passion, wrath; kind of per- 
fume; sort of grass, andropogon aciculatum; 
name of a river in the east of Bengal 

8<sS;3(5, Chanddla, s. chandala is a kind of 
generic name for a man of the lowest caste; pro- 
perly an outcast; sort of mischievous demon like 
wretch, one ready to execute any vile or mis- 
chievous act. 

8-(SJS, Chandi, s. name of the goddess Durga, 
alluding especially to her incarnation for the 
purpose of destroying MahesAsur; passionate, 
furious or demon like woman ; a. vile, furious, 

8<:^ct3, Chandiyd, s. vile fellow, pi. 8<^ chandi. 

8'<flS), Chanaka, s. chick-pea. 

8-<s6)3, Chanakd, s. linseed. 

8.55, Chatu, a. four, [CoIIoq[. C3<5 hatara"]' 

3.Qa)(5, Chatumadhura, s. (8g and <5 sweet) 
food prepared from sugar, honey, fine sort of 
jaggery and butter and presented to the priests. 

y^egcS^, Chaturgatt, s. tortoise, [Coll: (g3 ibbd']. 

8.5gc-<sSoGS, Chaturgunaya, a, four-fold. 

Q.^&o'3isiS^, Chaturjdti-gandha, s. aggregate of 
four perfumes used by kings and great persons, 
consisting of jg^ds^ kunkuma, iXiQ^^^a yawana 
pushpa, ^(5)6 tagara and jc5l^5) turukkha which 

8^^, Chaturtha, ad. fourth, [CoUoq. iC3<5^8d5 
hataraweni^ . 

Qi^-'Sb^d, Chaturthajwara, s. quartan ague. 

845^ai3cs, Chaturthadhydnaya, s. (8^5 cha- 
tiir and Qjsocso mental religious reflection) four 
kinds of religious meditation or reflection ; it is 
that profound and abstract meditation which 
brings its object fully and undisturbedly before 
the mind; it is the favourite religious exercise 
of the Buddhistical ascetics and is practised 
chiefly with a view of freeing the soul from all 
evil propensities. 

^^^Ci Chaturdala, s. kind of jasmine, [Colloq. 
Q^^^q watusudda~\. 

8^f C53, Chaturdasa, adv. fourteen, [Colloq. <;w 
e53S3(5 daha-haiara^. 

8-e56S), Chaturmukha, s. (S^sgS four, 5) face) 
name of Brahma, alluding to his having four 

8^<5@(3, ChaturmuU, see ^g ahu. 

8^<s5^, Chaturwama, s. (8.eg6 four, ^jS* sort 
or tribe) the four chief divisions of men, or the 
four chief castes; viz, royal caste, sacerdotal 
order, merchant caste, cultivators or husband- 

8.52'^ ^'Se? Chaturvidya, s. Hindu priest who has 
studied the four Vedas. 

8^6360 3cScs, Chaturvidha-mdrgaya, s. (Q^ii 
four, Sa sort, SscS mdrga way) four states which 
precede Nirwana, 1st. (3@i3e33!3S328 srotasdpatti 
including those persons that have carefully 
studied and comprehended the 849 cases* chatus- 
satya; 2nd. C3)a<^(533 sakriddgdmi those who 
have so far subdued the passions as to have 
only one more birth in this world; 3rd. ^33333^ 
andgdmi those who have attained exemption 
from mundane existence; 4th. ^aSci arhat one 
who has entirely subjugated the passions, 

8.ag5sNSqc, Chaturwe'daya, the four chief Vedas, 
see (^^9<^ we'da. 

8^s33(^ii3, Chaturwaisdrddya, s. (8.2gS and 
etsi 8 3 <^<35 profound knowledge) four degrees of 
supernatural knowledge said to be possessed by 

84g(5, Chatura, s. four, [Colloq. tsitsi6 hatara"]', 
a. dexterous, ingenious, clever; visible, percep- 




^egtfSto, Chaturanga, a. (S-S^S chatur four, ^Ski 
aiiga member) fourfold, four times; as Q^dSteJ 
^aa)53<5 chaturariga-andkakdra four fold dark- 
ness, darkness produced by four different causes. 
9g(5eJSi9(3*e^-S33, Chaturarigim-send, s. army con- 
sisting of horsemen, men on elephants, men in 
cars, and footmen. 

Q-Q'^^^Cj Chaturaiigula, e. (9-9c5 and qpSl^c ^- 
^tt^a finger) plant the leaves of which are said to 
be four fingers in length, cassia fistula, [Colloq. 
t^JSJi, ehela~\ ; but another derivation is a tree 
the leaves of which resemble the four fingers of 
the hand catharto carpus fistula. 

9^(5oes, Chaturansa, a. four sided. 

Q^egdg, Chaturasra, a. (9-egS chatur and qsg asra 
corner) four cornered, quadrangular. 

9-2gdg3, Chattirasrd, s. plant, [Colloq. (9d^e^e3 hi- 
ressa'j, vitis guadrangularis. 

Q^gdog, Chaturdsrawa, s. (S-egS chatur and pg) 
dsrawa evil thought or passion) four evil pro- 
pensities to which human nature is naturally 
subject; viz. lust, improper wish for existence, 
pride of the eye, ignorance. 

Q^S\(5Jm, Chatur6ga,s. (-agS chatur and ^ ogha 
torrent) four torrents, used here metaphorically 
of the passions by which men are governed, also 
see'SogQ chaturdsrawa. 

Q^Q\65o3a, ChattLropdya, s. four means used in 
conqueriag, viz. force, punishment, treaty, in- 

^ trigue. 

Q^eg^cs, Chatushtaya, s. four; square. 

Q^g^afi, Chatushpatha, s. (egS chatur four, od 
road) place where four roads meet. 

Q^gatJ^iss, Chatu^hpadika, see ^^^eg'jea^es^ chatush- 

8.jgae33^, Chatmhpdda, s. verse, metre of stanzas 
especially consisting of four padas or lines; qua- 

9.22a33^.fi3>, Chatushpddaka, a. (Q^gi^ chatur and 
aD<5a5 foot) fourfooted. 

e).egJ0Mo(gs)8eKg8, Chatussangraha loastuica, s. 
four chief moral virtues, viz. alms giving, affa- 
bility, promoting the prosperity of others and 
loving others as ourselves. 

5).2gcsS)j9, Chatussatya, s. (Qt^^ chatur and e3S3 
truth) the four chief truths connected with 
religion; viz. 1, that sorrow is connected with 
existence in every state : 2, that men are attached 
to existence only by sensual desires: 8, the 

means conducing to the complete subjugation 
of the passions: 4, the state preparatory to 
Nirvana, in which the passions are subjected, 
and every attachment to a continuance of 
existence destroyed. 

Qes^so, Chandana, s. sandal, santalum album; it 
implies either the tree, wood or the unctuous 
preparations of the wood, held in high esteem as 
perfumes, [Colloq. eegsJ sandun] ; red sandal 
wood, p)terocarpus santalinus. 

Qei^eoraS^D, Chandana-ghatikdwa, s. knot in 
sandal wood. 

3e^D35)C) Chandandchala, s. (e^20 chandana 
and fp9c ^chala hill or mountain) sandal moun 
Cains, or the hills producing sandal; name of the 
Malaya mountain, part of the southern range of 
the Ghats where sandal is produced in abim- 

Qe^es, Chandasa, s. science of prosody, corruptly 
for d'e^es ckhandasa. 

3<e^D, Chandtmd, s. moon, [Colloq. w^ hatida']. 

'0g, Chandra, s. moon; deity so called; gold; 
water; eye in the peacock's tail; one of the 
eighteen minor dvipas or divisions of the known 

Q-fiS^c, Chandraka, s. eye in a peacock's tail; fin 
ger nail. 

Qag303, Chandrakald, s. one sixteenth part of 

the moon's orb. 
'egisoeaoD, Chandrakdnta, s. (8^ and ^oxr> 
splendid) fabulous gem, supposed to be formed 
of the congelation of the moon's rays, crystal. 

e)'C333S, Chandrakdnti, corruptly for 82)3x53 
chandrakdnta, which see; moonbeam. 

!^ <^ 
* / 

^cgsj-i^co, Chandragrahanaya, s. (S'fi^ moon, 
(QSi<^ grahana seizure) fabulous seizure of the 
moon, used to signify eclipse of the moon; see 
Goffi^ Bdhu. 

^^^lgs^(s^JC) Chandragola, s. ofb or sphere of the 

)3g^(5, Chandraddra, s, (8"4g and ^6 wife) twenty 
seven daughters of Daksha who were married 
to the moon and who in Indian astronomy re- 
present the twenty-seven lunar mansions. 

S^ggeoj, Chandraprahhd, s. moon beam. 
a)ega)3(33, Chandrabdld, see t95e33(^ ensdl. 
8'^3<^Qco, Chandra-mandalaya, s. circle round 
the moon in wet weather; lunar sphere. 



B^s^bQo, Chandrare'khd, ^ ^^ ^j^-^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 

^S, Ckandramancht, } dra-kdnta. 
0^(3<og, Chandra-mauli, s. (S-SS moon, (S\)6 
crest) this deity being represented with a half 
^ moon; name of Siva. 

''S'S^dQ'' Chandralekhd, J 

^ScoalQD, ChandravihaAgama, s. sort of crane. 

8'icS33(33, Chandra-sdld, s. moonlight, apartment 
on the house-top. 

9ag(3*cs5)(5, Chandrasekhara, $. ()" and ^os3Q(5 
crest) name of Siva, alludiag to his being some- 
times represented with a half moon on his fore 

Q'3(9^eJ-<^) Chandrdlokaya, s. moonlight. 

e^538, Chadrtkdwa, s. moonbeam. 

/So (3, Ckapala, a. trembling, tremulous, shaking, 
wavering; unruly; criminal; swift, expeditious. 

Soogjg, Ckapalaprasu, s. screw pine, pandanus 
fascicularis or p. odoratissimus, [Colloq. g 
3So63 mudukeyiyd']. 

8s3C3, Chapald, s. Lakshmi the goddess of luck or 
fortune; lightning; whore; tongue; long pepper, 
[CoUoq. ^dea ttppiiq. 

S, Champa, s. capital of Karna and the modern 

)B5, Champaka, s, tree bearing a yellow fra- 
grant flower, with which the altars in the tem- 
ples of Buddha are covered every morning, 
rmchelia champaca, [CoUoq. csg sapu] : division 
in the jack fruit. 

S0S33, Champa, see )t5 champa. 

9S^, Champu, s. work in which the same subject 
is continued through alternations in the composi- 

, tion of prose and verse. 

8(5, Chamara, s. kind of deer, or more properly 
the yak or bos grunniens. 

85), Chamarika, see s\S5oQ(3c kohalila, 

8, Chamu, Si army, squadron or division of an 

:3, Chamupa^ s (8 army, cs who preserves) 

8c5l, Chamuru, (8 chama eat, q6B urach afp.) 
sort of deer* 

8cs, Ckaya, Si asseinlalagS, multitude; keap, collect 
tion; rampartj mound of earth raised from the 
ditch of a fort; gate of a fort; cover j covering. 

80938, Chaydioa>, s. shade* shadow, corruptly for 

5^30539 chhdi/diva; [Colloq. (5\)83t(^(3 heica- 

8, Charma, s. skin; bark; [Colloq. w hama"]; 
hide; shield; hide used by Hiadu students and 
ascetics as their seat and bed, usually the skin of 
a tiger or antelope. 

8)5S3, Charma-kashd, s. medicinal plant, [Coll: 
^0 lunuvtla^, herpestis monniera. 

805)3d, Charmakdra, s. (8 skin, S53d who 
does or makes) worker in leather, currier; shoe- 

8(^49(3, Charma-kila, s. (8 and ^c pin) 
severe kind of piles. 

8tK33, Charmaghdta, s. leather cutter; shoe- 

8d^53cs, Charmachhe'danaya, s. circumcision. 

B^oi^j, Charma-pat}'d,s. (8 skia, of^ l>aira 
wing) bat, small house-bat, [Colloq. SS 8(23 

8l)g3^e^^553, Charma-prasevikd, s. bellows. 

8cs, Charmaya, see 8) charma. 

83gco, Charmdgraya, s. foreskin. 

8^ 2d, Charmin, s. shield bearer, soldier armed 
with a shield. 

8cflicfl, Chary ay a, 1 s. due and regular observance 

800&, Charydwa, j oi all religious rites and cere- 
monies; perseverance in the practice of religious 

8Sa), Charvita, a. eaten. 

8(5, Chara, s. spy, secret emissary or agent; planet 
Mars; game similar to back-gammon; wag-tail. 

8(5 S), Charaka, s. spy or secret emissary; name of 
a treatise upon medicine, as well as the name of 
the author. 

^6<S:, Charaka, s. foot; root of a tree; race or 
family; fixed or instituted observance; peculiar- 
ity of condition or conduct implied by the En- 
glish word hood, as, manhood, priesthood; the 
fourth part of a stanza; past^ part, wandering, 
roaming, going about. 

8(5o63Q, Charana-nakha, s. toe nail. 

(5<sjSgg(53Qc8, Charana-yugalaya, s. biped. 

8<5.^Sg^, Charandmbuja, s. lotus like feet. 

8(5^93D, Charandyudha, s. (8(5-<s) charana foot, 
ffj^qQ dyudha weapon) who fights with his foot, 

8dgdlesc83, Charapurushayd, s spy, secyet emissa- 
ry; guide; 

8(5, Charama; o. last, nal; wdstj 

8(^8i5, Chardchara, part. a. movable and im- 
movable, shaking, trembling; s. the world. 




Q8o), Charttra, s. instituted and peculiar observ- 
ance or conduct; observance, custom, mode. 

QSs3, Gharita, s. fixed iustitute, proper or peculiar 
observance; mode, manner, condition. 

38 es^, Charishnu, a. movable, locomotive. 

3(^, Chala, a. trembling, shaking, tremulous, 

^ unsteady, unfixed, rolling, moving, movable. 

GD, Chalana, a. wandering, roaming; trembling, 
shaking; spearing, piercing. 

Q(3o^, Chalapatra, s. tree, see s^QJos) bogaha. 

0(330(3, Chaldchala, s. crow: a. tremulous, un- 
steady, unfixed; movable and stationary. 

s)<3Q3, Chalita, part. a. shaking, trembling; part. 
gone, departed. 

e)39, Chawya, s. species of pepper, piper chawya, 
[Colloq. &o& siviya^. 

9Ss3, Chawana, s. death, [Colloq. (5<sic6 mara- 

Q89j3, Chawamdna, past, part, dead, [Colloq. 

3^J, Chavika, see 9j6 chawya. 

0^, Chashaka, s. vessel for drinking spirits with, 
wine glass; any drinking vessel. 

e)3SJ, Chdga, s. donation, gift; state of destitution. 

)3a)eo, Chdga-dkana, s. things which have been 
given, presents. 

033, Chdta, 8. cheat, rogue, peculator, one who 
makes away with money etc. which has been 
entrusted to him. 

jg, Ghdtu, 8. pleasing or grateful discourse; 
flattery; a, cunning, cheating, deceiving, mis- 

35a<5<siS93, Chdtukaranawdf v. to circumvent} 

e)3<<jBS3(3, Chdnddla, s. name of an impure or de- 
graded tribe; kind of an outcaste or pariah, see 
9<sjBS)j(3 chanddla and its compounds. 

3'<5c3g5, Chdnddlika, s, name of Durgd, allud- 
ing to her mischievous and irascible temper; 
kind of vulgar lute. 

Q3e3> 0^053, Ghdtaka-pakshiyd, s. kind of bird 
usually called &x^xsSsi3 kendettd. 

33^<^<53, Ghdtuddast, s. new moon. 

03.a2^ao3d55?4S>, Ghdturmahdrdjiha, s. (9 egS eha- 
tur four, Sao maha great, 6d raja to shine, ^^ 
ika aff.) the first or lowest of the six worlds of 
the gods, so named from the four great chiefs 
who preside over it, see eo<53<53:5^ s<? (3\-fJ 
satarawaram-deviyo ; sky, firmament. 

03^9^K)3cif4sc8, Ghdturmahdrdjikaya, s. visible 
heavens, firmament. 

03 55^, Chdn, a. plain, not ornamental. 

0jg, Ghdndra, 8. planet Mercury; a. lunar. 

03 C3, Ghdpa, 8. bow. 

03S^S)e3cs<, Ghdmpeyya, s. champac tree, see 9)e35 
champaka; ironwood tree, mesua fer?-ea, [Colloq. 
>S33(53S3 nd-gaha'\. 

03 i)6, Chdmara, 8. sort of large fan made from 
the root of a fragrant grass and used to fan 
kings or great men; kind of whisk or brush 
made from the tail of the Indian Yak, bos grun- 
niens, and used to whisk off the flies; species of 
fire work. 

jSdg'x;, Ghdmara-pushpa, s. areca nut tree. 
[Colloq. ^Qd^ puwak'\\ mango tree, [Colloq. 
q. amba~\\ sort of grass saccharum cylindricum ; 
screw pine, pandanus odoratissimus, [Colloq. 
e,<3^33c83 mudukeytydj, 

=O3a;c303c3ce, Ghdmara-wdladhiya, s. tail of the 
Indian yak, bos grunniens. 

039\(5, Ghdmare, see 3(^ chdmara, 

i)35(5, Ghdmikara, s. gold, variety of gold. 

^3003, Chdydwa, s. shade, shadow, see d3c03 

sSsaa, Ghdrwdka, s. (3(^ chdru beautiful, 3> 
discourse) one who enchants or deludes by his 
beautiful or enticing speeches; sceptic in matters 
of religion; sophist, philosopher. 

3<5, Ghdra, 8. going, motion; spy, secret agent or 
emissary; fetter; prison; tree, buchannania lati- 
folia; wandering :ibout, travelling; morality. 

03^S)tc, Chdrakaya, s. groom, horseman, cavalier; 
binding, fetter; associate, companion. 

J3:5^3, C/idri/cdwa, 8. wandering, going about, 
moving, travelling. 

0j(3^co, Chdritrai/a, s. practice, observance; cus- 
tom, peculiarity of custom or condition, fit or 
proper action. 

3^, Chdru, 8. name of Vrihaspati regent of 
Jupiter and preceptor of the gods; prepared 
oblation for the gods; gold; a. beautiful, pleas- 
ing, delightful. 

Ji j^ijiSeo, Chdrudarsana, s. {QoSi beautiful, ^(Szi 
sight) any beautiful object or pleasing sight; 
tree QQc^'si pulila-gaha; long pepper. 

J .^5 sss, Chdrudraksha, s. kind of tree, buchan-' 
nania latifolia. 




351 ;^,, Chdrndru, s "banyan tree^ ficua bengalensis, 

[Colloq. !SJ'3S5 maha-miga\. 
e)3CJi.cJC=;9, Chdrupald, see QoS^^c^ cMruphald. 
835ig^, Chdrupushpt, s trumpet flower. 
83CJl6c3, Chdruphald, s. (QoSi beautiful, 6c 

phala fruit) grape; name of a tree, hignonia 

03<^'i|foi^iD, CMru-brahndka, 8. kind of tree, bark 

of which is medicinal, smetenia febrifugia. 
S3<5l?S>, Chdrurtaka, s. blue vitriol; sulphate of 

copper, especially considered as medicinal; colly- 

rium extracted from the amomum zanthoirhiza. 

3c5l(5>C^Q"2S3, Chdrulochana, s. (03(51. and S^qJ^' 
eye) deer; epithet for a woman, considered as 
the highest mark of beauty. 

33c5lc9(3'> Chdrustld, s. (3^1 and ^qo stone) gem, 
any precious stone. 

83(3e3, Chdlana, s. sieve, strainer, [Colloq. &o 
e^esJsvS peneW] ; causing to move. 

93(^> Chdlttra, 1 corruption of QiSfs^ca chdrt- 

sgeeg, Chdlistra, }traya. 

SogsJ, Chinchin, s. tamarind, fColloq. Scec^ 
8iyarnbald~\ ; a. sour, acid. 

^6036353), Chikitsaka. s. physician, practitioner in 

3s3e339, Chikitsdwa, s. practice of medicine, 
healing, curing, administering or applying re- 

^ medies. 

S(7;, Chiktia, s, mud, mire, [Colloq. S)a) mada], 

i5<5, Chikura, s. hair; mountain; snake; musk 
rat; kind of bird; a. rashly criminal, inconsid- 
erately guilty; punishing or injuring others 
without consideration. 

3d, Chichchttd, s. sound, sharp or shrill noise; 
sound like the dropping of water. 

5^3, ChincM, s. tamarind tree, [Colloq. 8c5(33 

C3i, Chitichitd, see 393 chichchttd. 
cJ, Chit, s. intellect, understanding; collection, 

multitude, heap; affix to words giving them an 

indefinite signification. 
WsaSi, Chitta, s. mind or faculty of reasoning, 

heart considered as the seat of intellect ; thought, 

l3s)S)53c, GMttardhiya, s. (l-a5eD thought, esaSco 

riddhiya supernatural power) faculty of produc- 
,^ ing anything or event by mere thought. 
^eDassajoDjej, Chitta-santdna, s. train of thought. 

0035, Chittd, s. due of the lunar constellations; 
star in the virgin's spike. 

SD3S>eo3c55, Chittdhhoga, 8. consciousness, percep- 

^ tion, sensibility. 

^s?, Chttya,8. memento, monument, remembran- 
cer, mark of the site of a funeral pile. 

^, Chttra, 8. wonder, surprise; painting; delinea^ 
tion, writing etc., sky, heaven; circular orna- 
ment; sectarial mark on the forehead of a Hindu; 
white or spotted leprosy; medicinal plant, [Coll: 
<g53 mi-miga]', variegated colour; name of 
Yama the Indian Pluto; a. variegated, spotted; 
speckled; wonderful, surprising. 

^^455, Chitraka, s. mark made with sandal etc., 
on the forehead of a Hindu to distinguish the 
religious sect to which he belongs; chitft or 
small hunting leopard; painter; castor oil plant, 
[Colloq. 6 J^ endaru] ; medicinal plant, plum- 
bago zeylantca, [Colloq. 6c5^3Qd ela-netul"]. 

^^5S5, Chttra-kathika, s. (^f^ ornamented, 
Ci83 speech) highly finished speech; clever 

^)535, Cht'trakarma, 8. tree, dalbergia ougeinien- 
sis', painting, magic. 

=5^ffi5S33e?, Chitra-karmdnta, s. painting, 

^^iD^cs, Chitrakdya, s. (^ spotted, aisos body) 

^iD3<5ce3, Chitrakdrayd, s. (^ painting, a!)3(5 
kdra who does') painter. 

s?30cs, Chitrakutaya, s. (^ wonderful, fi^S 
kuta peak) name of a mountain in Bundelcund, 
the modern Kompteh and first habitation of 
Rdma in his exile. 

^^c5f!C5, Chi'tra-gupta, s. (<5 writing, t^tjcs pre- 
serving) name of Yama, alluding to his office as 
regent of the dead and the judge of their actions; 
Yama's registrar, who records the vices and vir- 
tues of mankind. 

t^fS}<^jC Chitra-tandula, 8. medicinal plant said 
to possess anthelmintic virtues, [Colloq. g<o 
633 (^ icalangasdl']. 

^o6<:^53, Chitraparntkd, s. plant, hemtonttea 
cordifolia; Bengal madder hedyotea umbeltata. 

^0(33, Chitrapald, s. snake gourd, tnchosanthes 
anguina, [Colloq oS^cdJc patola]^. 

^C339(3, Chitrapdtali, s. trumpet flower, bignonia 

^^6(3, Chitraphalam, see ^t^oQ'i chitrapald. 




^^CTj'g, Chitrahhdnu, s. (^ surprising, coS'^g 

light) fire; sun; name of Bhairava a form of 

^<5S, Chitra-ratha, s. (^ painted, ddcar) sun; 

chief of the choristers of Indra's heaven. 
^QOa, Chitralatd, s. garden of Indra, 
^8e3, Chitrawallika, s. sheat fish, silurus 

^(9a<^d, Chitrasikhandija, s. name of Vrihas- 

pati or the regent of the planet Jupiter. 
S^(SQ<^-20, Chitrasikhandina, s. the seven sages 

so much celebrated in Hindu history, but es- 
pecially as represented in the seven principal 

stars of the great bear. 
^9, Chttrd, s. star in the virgin's spike; medicinal 

plant, [Colloquial: B)S^(5J3:f5i495 mahagon- 

^39)12003, CkttrdAgatd, s. (Sg chttra spotted, 

tfOs) aAga body) kind of snake; plant, j)lumbago 

zeylanica, [CoUoq. ^bQ'S'^'^dela-^etul'}', yellow 

orpiment, vermilion; name of Subhadra the 

sister of Jagannatha; star in the virgin's spike; 

river so called; illusion; worldly unreality; 

name of a nymph of Swarga. 
^%iSi, Chitnka, s. month called 6)Ji)3 bak-masa 

(March- April). 
o>, Chita, a. covered, veiled, concealed, closed, 

pressed together. 
Sc355, Chitaka, 8. heap of food, funeral pile. 
3a)^(03, Chitatigulitd, s. fingers so closely 

pressed together that no opening is seen, one of 

the beauties of Buddha's hand. 
33, Chita, see S3^S5 chitaka. 
^, Chiti, 8. funeral pile; heap, quantity. 
X03, Chintd, s. reflection, consideration, thought, 

meditation, contemplation. 
XD3S)3<^)36co, Chintdmdnikyaya, 8. (3033 

thought, 3<:^a> mdnikya gem) fabulous gem, 

supposed to give its possessor every thing desired, 
9>53a, Chinnd, s. kind of grain, [CoUoq. ^ 

>5eco, Chine'laya, s. slipper. (Port.) 
), Chibuka, s. chin, [CoUoq. j9)3 nikata']. 
(5, Chira, a. ancient, long, protracted, much. 
S<5)3(3, Chirakdla, s. (@d long, )3(3 time) long 

Sd^^S, Chiranjivi, s. tree, oroxylum indicum, 

[Colloq. SNCD3S(3 totila']. 
dx53D, Chirantana, a. old, very ancient, anti- 

quated, [Colloq. <s^S)^s^wJ45^^ cstQ^ bohokal- 

pewati'\ ; long lasting. 
tfo3>, Chirapdka, a. very old, exceedmgly ripe. 
(5<^g, Chirardtra, s, (<5 long, <35 rdtri night) 

period of very many nights, long period; great 


<5sJ, Chiras, a. ancient, of long continuance, anti- 

<5te638, Chirasthdyt, a, long enduring. 

ScioJ, Chirdt, s. long period, long time; name of 

<:S65:3(3co, Chirdt-kdlaya, s. long period. 

SS, Chiri, s. parrot, [Colloq. (8(503 girawd}. 

SScScS, Chirihilwa, s. tree, dalbergia arborea, 

^ [Colloq. ffi5<5^ karanda']. 

^03. Chilla, s. Bengal kite falco cheela; bleared 
or sore eyes; cricket; cutaneous disease, 

6. Chilichima, s. kind of sprat, clupea cull- 
rata; kind of prawn. 

^iK)2S3, Chihna, s. mark, spot, sign. 

e3, Ghi, par. fy ! shame ! 

Seaa, CMtta, s. (Port.) chintz. 

Sea, China, 8. country so called. Cochin China; the 
native geographers divide this country into two 
parts' Cochin China, Sea china, and SesUea maha 
china, that is Great China or Proper; kind of 
deer; sort of banner (made of deer skins); sort 
of cloth; thread; sort of panic grass, panicum 
miliaceum; tin. 

S33, CMnaka, 8. panicum miliaceum. 

S25D4S5g, Ckina-kapu, s. brown cotton plant, gossy- 

pium reliqiosum. 

t)j5^^<^, China-gundu, 8. species of firework. 

S)(^, China-mul, 8. medicinal root, cacalia ca- 

c5, Chira, s. cloth, clothes, [CoUoq. (S^<5 redi"} ; 
rag, old torn cloth; bark, rind; crest; kind of 
garland; lead; line; stroke; writing; dress of the 

S(55S3fi5, Chirakawdsika, s. punishment, pour- 
ing boiling lead down the throat. 

S5)3, Chirikd, s. cricket, [CoUoquial: (S^sjxacos 

3, Chiri, s. eye cloth, veil, covering for the eyes; 
cricket: ends or hem of a garment. 

QQssii, Chilikd, see i553 chirikd. 

BQ6(, Chiwaraya, s. dress of the Buddhist priests. 

gog, Chunchu, 8. musk rat or shrew. 

^5, Chunchuri, s. game, kind of hazard played 
with tamarind seeds instead of dice. 





), Chuhra, s, sourness, acid seasoning; sorrel; 

tamarind tree; a. sour, acid. 
g^aSC. Chulcrdmla, s. tamarind tree, tamarindus 

indica, [Colloq. 808 QJ siyamhald']. 
g^>, Chukrika,^ s. wood sorrel, oxalis mona- 
g^ffiJD, Chukrikd, >delphta; another plant, variety 
49, Chukrikt,) of tlie marcilea coromande- 

lina ? 
, Chuchchu, 1 s. nipple, [Colloq.c5aDg8 
^5, Chuchchuka, ) tanapuduwa]. 
5q5, Chuchchundari, s. musk rat, sorex 

ccerulescens, [CoUoq. c8Ja53 hikmiyd']. 
g|5, Chuchuka, see gSgfflJ chuchchuka. 
S), CAw^a, s. anus; mango; that which has fallen; 

murder, killing, death. 
gssS, Chutavtma, s. death, dying; exit from one 

state of existence to another. 
c^(S^8^38^, Chutawenawd, v. to die, to depart. 
"'^ewX3e6, Chutuppatti, s. (^tsichuta dead, ^tax9 

Xipjmtti birth) new or fresh birth, transmigration. 
i6)>, Chumbaka, s. one who kisses; lecher; rogue, 

cheat; loadstone; general scholar, one who 

knows parts in a variety of books; upper part of 

middle of a balance. 
@5)ffi53oeaoe53, Chumbakapdsdna, s. magnet. 
eS, Chumbata, s. (Pali form of gge simbula). 
giSesa, Chumbana, part. a. (from the root 

chubi to kiss) kissing, [Colloq. 8SS stmbi'ma']. 
Q(^, Churd, s. theft, stealing, [Colloq, (3^JS33(55 

03) Chulla, s. blear eye; cutaneous disease; oven; 

a. little, small, diminutive, [Colloq. gg stdu]. 
C6, CAmZ/?, Is. chimney; fire place; funeral 
^CS, ChidU, j pile. 
ggs), Chuluka, s. mud, mire; small vessel or pot, 

gallipot etc., the hand hollowed to hold water; 

rinsing the mouth with water held in the palm 

of the hand. 
03, Chudd, s. single lock of hair on the crown of 

the head; crest, plume, diadem; peacock's crest; 

top, summit; upper room, one on the top of a 

Q^9)3<s^, Chuddmani, s. creeper plant, abrus preca- 

torius, [Colloq. S)Q^ olinda']. 
S)33<^333, Chuddmdnikya, s. (3 crest, <^ 

mam jewel) jewel worn in crest or diadem. 
gSsC, Chtiddla, s. head, [CoUoq. (See hisa or S)g8 

83(33, Chuddld, 8. kind of grass, kyllinga monoce- 

phala; a. crested, having a lock of hair on the 
crown of the head. 

3i55, Chutaka, s. mango, [Colloq. f^ amba"]; 
small or shallow well. 

-^, Churnna, v. powder, dust, any pulverized 
substance, applied chiefly to medicinal powder; 
fossil alkali, [Colloq. 5 kudu]. 

g<<5;l5o3, Chumnaka, s. grain fried and pounded. 

9-<j^5o, Churnnakan, s. sentence in prose ex- 
pounding the purport of the foregoing Gdthd or 

-5f*o )<5-<s3, Churnna-karanawd, v. to pul- 

g *5aiS'ffi>3, Churnikd, s. toasts proposed at feasts. 

Bqo, Chuld, s. upper room, one on the top of the 
house; lock of hair left on the crown of the 
head, [Colloquial: 5^c8 tec?MOT%a]; crest, 
diadem; peacock's crest. 

@3, Chulikd, s. root of an elephant's ear; drama, 
inferior personages of a drama collectively, 

<?^^ziiS), Chetaka, s. servant, slave, [Colloq. <^esc63 

>9, Che'tt\ s. female servant or slave, [Colloq 
^S ddsQ. 

(^^s^, Cheta, see (3^S55d Chetana. 

5>e3a>, Chetaka, s. dog trained to the chase 

(3>8s>4S, Chetaki, s. yellow myrobalan, terminalia 
chebula, [Colloq. fpdd aralu"]. 

(3\9s)3, Chetana, 8. mind or faculty of reason; un- 
derstanding, intelligence; wisdom; reflection; soul. 

s^<5^<5^^, Chetandwa, s. animal or existent being; 
rational or sentient being; mind as the seat of 
thought and reason; understanding. 

5>93df, Chetas, 1 s. mind, intellect, faculty of 

^03a, Chetasa, J reasoning or understanding. 

s^S)3, Che'td, see s^Soj'Sa chetana. 

(S^8c^ Chela, s. dress, clothes, raiment, cloth, 
[Colloq. ^d^ redi] ; a. vUe, bad, wicked. 

(?>9(33, Cheldwa, s. weapon, missile weapon. 

tsi8o33S, Chaitya, s. place of sacrifice or religious 
worship; as a temple, tree, shed or any place 
where offerings are made and the deity propi- 
tiated; Buddhist dagaba; monument, tomb or 
column erected in memory of some deceased 

<?8^, Chattra, s. name of a month usually called 
S)Ji)3 bak-masa (March, April); monument 
erected to the memory of the dead, column or 
block of wood etc., being so considered. 



(38^es5, Chaitraka, "J s. month usually call- 

ed bak-masa (March, 

(59)8gS)je3, Chaitra-mdsa, J 

6 8 502038, Chaitanya, a. soul, spirit; intellect, 
source of thought. 

9o5S>, Ckaitasika, s. thought, reflection, in- 

(5n3J3, Ch6cha,s, bark, rind, [Colloq. oa^^o?it];; 
skin; cassia bark; cinnamon, [Colloq. ^gcJlg 
kw'UTidu]; half eaten fruit; fruit of the palm; 
banana or plantain, [Colloq. (3N^55(5e3(^ kesel"} ; 
cocoa-nut, [Colloq. <?>c3a(^ j^o/]. 

(5^9J8), Choehaka, s. bark, rind. 

(5>8J, Choda, s. tank, pond, reservoir, [Colloq. 
(^o:iSSQ-^ pokuna] 

e>Sifj'S33S, Chodancma, s. precept, sacred ordi- 
nance; sending, commanding, directing; fault, 

i3^9J^'953, Chodanikd, s. plant, species of the 
sida, white leaved. 

^<03, Chodttci, a. published, made known, pro- 
claimed; guilty. 

S'QSd, Chora, 8. thief, robber; kind of tree from 
which a resinous substance is extracted and in 
some parts of India a perfume is made from it, 
dipterocarpus turbinatus, see ^isiodsai hora-gas. 

<^^8J<5o, Choraka, s. aromatic plant, kempferia 
galanga, [Colloq. ^ <%<SiQz.Q hingurupiyaW] 

8Jds>cs, Chorakarmaya, s. theft, robbery. 

(3>8J(5D3(3s53, Chorandlikd, s. creeping plant, bind 
weed ipomoea turpethum, [Colloq. ^03)3g 

<5N8cfdga, Chorapushpa, s. kind of grass, andro- 
pogan aciculatum ; flowering shrub, crotularia 
laburntfolia, [Colloq. (:Z'S^(S^^8cs yakbe'riya']; see 
(3^Scf<5S) choraka. 

(3^0df(3, Chola, s. short jacket, kind of bodice, stays, 
(worn by females), [Colloq. <5^Q3Q.cs ch6liya~\ ; 
name of a country, the modern Tanjore. 

(Sv8Jc^, Cholaka, s. breast plate; cuirass; bark, 

v9J(3c8, Choliya, see <3^t)iQ, chola. 

8)co^, Chaurya, s. theft, robbing. 

(5^9)d, Chaura, s. thief, robber, pilferer, [Colloq. 
^es)3<5 hord^; planet, see >QJ(5g'Ju chora- 

S>9')(3, Chaula, s. beard; tonsure; single tuft of 
hair left on the crown of the head after the rest 
has been shaven. 

(3^Qie^ Ghaida-karma, s. ceremony of cutting 
off the hair from the head of a Hindu child at 
three years old. 

88, Chah, part, iy, shame ! 

8Ss>, Chyuta, part, dropped, fallen, lost, departed. 

Qj?9, C%M<2, s. departure, ^oss. 

The preceding consonant aspirated; it is ex- 
pressed by chha. 

<si-^, Chhagana, s. foeces, dried cowdung. 
<siQ, Chhagala, s. blue cloth or raiment; goat. 
<s3Q.Si, Chhagalaka, s. goat, [Colloquial: ^i&Qo 

eluwd'] . 
dcsjCi, Chhagala, Is. she goat; kind of plant, ipo- 
e^QO(g, Chhagalt, ) mcea hiloba or i. pes caprce, 

[Colloq. g s:fo3c5i mudu-bintambmu\. 
d'Sa^si ^^, Chhachaka-sutra, s. (e^ six, 8iaes5 

wheel, i. e. the five senses and mind, gg 

short rule) a siitra so called. 

t^Oo, Chhatd, s. light, assemblage, quantity, straight 

or continuous line. 
^do6C; Chhatd-phala, s. palmyra tree, [Colloq. 

O(^3eo tal-gaha']. 


if3S), Chhatta, s. Pali form of dg chhatra, with 
some few additional meanings, as, an ensign of! 
royalty, great rapidity, etc. i 

?f eieSoesos, Chhattinsaya, s. thirty six. 

d'^, Chhatra. s. umbrella, parasol, [Colloq. egS^S 

d'g^D, Chhatraka, s. kingfisher, [Colloq. eggS3 
pilihudmvd']; shrub, leucas zeylanica, [Colloq. 
(Siiz)?^'^ g(^tatumba']. 

e^^Qd, Chhatradhara, s. bearer of an umbrella, 

d^O'i^, Chhatraparna, s. plant, alstonia schola- 
ris, [Colloq. 'Sii^f^ciiSi^ rukattana']. ' 

l'^e3^553, Chhatraparvtkd, s-. creeping plant, vitis 
quadrangularis, [Colloq. 59dede6 hiressa^. 

el'gaoate), Chhatrabhariga, s. widowhood; subver- 
sion of dominion. 

d^go, Chhatra, s. kind of fennel, anethum sowa; 
coriander seed, [Colloq. >33c5oJ(^@ kotta- 
mallt~\', anise; mushroom. 

t^t^issi, Chhatraka, s. mushroom; plant, mimosa 

?f^oc9, Chhatra ki, s. plant, mimosa octandra. 

, Chhatrdu-ha, s. kind of plant, leucas zeyla- 
nica, [Colloq. (5310-eg gctatwnba]. 


e^^dQ, Chhatrdsi, s. sort of creeper, commonly 
called &d)iit6 kiressa; see d^sSsJ) chhatra- 

t^^^sx), Chhaddanta, s. kind of elephant; large 
lake in the Himalaya mountains. 

e^ij, Chhadma, s. fraud, deceit, trick; disguise, 

E^ij, Chhada, s. leaf; wing; plant; bark, rind, 

if^ea, Chhadana, s. leaf; wing; roof; covering; 
sheath, scabbard. 

di^, Chhadi, s. roof; covering, shade. 

d^, Chhanda, 1 s. meaning, intention, pur- 

di^oo, Chhandaya, J port, opinion; subjection; 
poison; wish, desire. 

d'fi^^sjco, Chhandardgaya, s. vehement desire, ar- 
dent wish. 

Efo^w, Chhandasa, s. prosody; poetical metre; 
peculiar kind of metre such as that of the book 
Vrittodaya; meaning, purport; object; inten- 
tion; wish, desire; independence or uncontrolled 

^SS), Chhandd, s. wish, desire; a. solitary, private, 

tfs^^ejSg^^, Chhandovichiti, s. one of the Vedan- 
gas, prosody. 

dSXS^, Chhanna, s, ordinance, precept; a. fit, pro- 
per, convenient; private, secret; concealed, cover- 
ed; solitary; clothed, accoutred. 

d^, Chharda, s. vomiting, sickness, retching, 
[Colloq. QS(S^5J(5^i558a) wamanekenma\. 

d^3, Chhardana, s. nimb tree, also called bead 

tree and Indian Lilac; melta azedarach; de- 

d^, Chhardi, l s. vomiting, retching, sick- 

'dqssi, Chhardika, J ness at the stomach. 

tQ, Chhawa, a. dead; low, vile. 

dQsi, Chhmvaka, s. dead body, corpse; mean, low, 

vile person. 
d'Sa)3)>, Chhawaddhaka, s. he whose business 

or place it is to prepare the funeral pile, and 

burn dead bodies. 
dB, Ghhavi, s. moonlight; beauty, splendour, 

effulgence, brilliance, light, lustre. 
eI^3(j5isScs, Chhavi-kalydnaya, s. one of the 

five personal beauties, beauty of the skin, parti- 
cularly the lips. 
e^(3(g, Chhalli, s. rind, bark; skin. 
dQ, Chhala, s. cunning, stumbling; wickedness, 

fraud, circumvention, stratagem. 

ddsi, Ghhdga, s. goat, [CoUoq. 6dS3 eluwd']. 

d^(SiSi-^, Chhdgakarna, s. (doc) and ^SJO" ear) 

tree, terminalia alata. 

d'o'sjco^ss*, Chhdga-bhakshya, s. kind of hemp or 

sf3S)(5vJ<j, Chhdgamoda, s. parsley, [Colloq. (fta 
(SnJ^(53o a8am6daga^~\. 

idocS, Chhdgt, Is. she goat, [Colloq, OdG^^<2S3 

djSiSiJ, Chhdgikd, y eludena]. 

doig, Chhdtra,s. scholar, disciple, pupil; weakness. 

\dotS3, Chhdta, part. cut, divided, separated; 

ief3S55, Chhdtaka, s. famine. 

d'3<j'20* Chhddana, s. roof; covering, screen, leaf; 

d3o, Chkddita, a. covered, concealed; cut, divided. 

^3ca3, Chhdyd, s. shade, shadow; reflected image; 
any image, statue or picture; wife of the sun; 
radiance; beauty; splendor, lustre, light; nourish- 
ment; bribe; darkness, obscurity. 

5^30530(3, Chhdydpatha, s. (d3C03 light, od road) 
firmament; ether. 

sfjcaag^, Chhdyd-putra, s. (d3CS3 wife of the sun, 
gg son) name of Saturn. 

do&oStOiS, Chhdydrupaya, s. shadow; image, like- 

dacso, Chhdydwa, see ^3c83 chhdyd. 

d3cojga), Chhdydsuta, s. name of Saturn. 

SeD&3, Chhinna, s. death; whore, harlot; a. cut, 
divided, broken (as by sorrow). 

eJcDCOcDa^, Chhinnagandhi, s. asaf^tida, [Colloq. 
(^^^5CJ^.o^^^ci perunkdyain] 

8sXDi^S30, Chhinnaruhd, 

6es3ffi)3, Chhinnd, 

S'S^iSXSjo^Q, Chhinnodbhawa, 
[Colloq. <583S^ 7'asaktnda']' 

^5, Chhtdra, s. hole, perforation, vacuity, small 
opening; fault, flaw, defect. 

^53, Chktdrita, a. perforated, pierced, having 
holes or any small openings. 

8c3, Chhillt, s. plant, amaranthus polygonoides, 
[Colloq. ^65<5 sulukura or iS^6si^ziG3 ktira- 

^5)3, Chhu7'ikd, s. knife, instrument for cut- 

Q^cJf3, Chhe'ka, a. conversant with; well informed; 
clever; tame, domesticated, as a bird or beast; 
citizen, town-bred; rakish; buckish, smart, train- 
ed in the acuteness and vioe of towns. 


8. kind of creep- 
ing plant, tinos- 
pora cordifolia ; 



tf ^, Chhedya, past part, fit to be cut, separated, 

(5^0^455(5<3S3, Chhedya-karanawd, v. to cut off. 
Svd'<j3, Chhedana, a. cutting, dividing, breaking, 

<3>^5D3, Chhedana, s. that which cuts; breaker. 
(3>df J^03, Chhedtta, p. part, cut, divided. 


The third letter of the second class of con- 
sonants and the twenty-first in the alphabet; it 
sounds like ja in jam: s. name of Siva, and of 
Vishriu; birth, production; parent, progenitor; 
a. born. 

e^oea, Jangama, properly dOssi^jangama, which 

doe^o, Janghd, s. calf of the leg. 

do^iQ, Janghdla, s. traveller, joumeyer, pedes- 
trian, runner, racer, quick marcher, rapid walker. 

dodiQ, Janjdla, s. error, mistake, injury. 

di3^, Jalcshna, 1 s. consumption, phthisis, 

d^sBa)5, Jakshman, J [CoUoq. .^^C8S^(5J)C5 kshaya 

dfsi^i Jagat, s. world, universe, earth; people, 
mankind; air, wind; a. opulent, renowned, cele- 

ds33gcc, Jagattraya, 8, three worlds; heaven, earth 
and hell. 

d(S3Sio&, Jagatpati, s, king, deity. 

^(535g3-ro, Jagat-prdna, s. (dssed and go^gS life) 
air, wind, [CoUoq. ^Qio hulanga'\. 

d(S3fd es34^, Jagat-sdkshi, s, (dcjsJ earth, 633^ 

^ ^witness) sun, [Colloq. <6 ?Va]. 

d<si^(S^6, Jagadiswara, s, (d'ooJ jagat world, 
d^ojQd iswara lord) king, name of Buddha. 

diSiSX^d, Jaganndtha, s. (d(SitA jagat world, e336 
lord) name or form of Vishnu; a celebrated idol 
of this name is worshipped on the Coromandel 
coast in Orissa and is visited by pUgrims from 
every part of India. 

d^-eo*, Jaghanya, a. last, final, hindmost; low, 

^ vile. 

dm<s^^d, Jaghanyaja, s. Sudra; younger brother. 

d^3, Jaghana, s. hip and loins. 

^df^ts^isi^G^i Jaghane'phald, 8. opposite leaved fig 
tree, [Colloq. >S533^C5' kotadmbuld'], 

d<si6, Jagara, s. armour, mail. 

d<s)Qxfi, Jagalyd, "Is. toddy or liquid extracted 

dosiQ, Jagala, J from the cocoanut tree; any 
vinous liquor for distillation. 

date) 9, Jangama, s. movable, not stationary, lo- 

dQtoeQ, Ja'Agamavisa, s. poison which circula- 
tes rapidly through the blood. 

d'atoc Jafigala, s. desert, jungle, flesh; a. wild. 

dSisiJQ, JaAgdla, s. landmark, boundary, [Colloq. 
S3 mdma'2 5 ^^^ over a field, [Colloq. e^csd 
niyara^ . 

dS^oQ, Jaiigdwa, s, buttocks. 

d^C Jaiigula, s. poison, venom, [Colloq. eso6 

ddjQ, Jatydla, s. error, mistake. 

dQiSi'i8is:>o, Jatakdrikd, s. {dQ clotted hair, >385 

kdrika doer) one who has long clotted hair 

brought over the head, so as to project like a 

horn from the forehead. 

dQ6, Jatara, s. stomach, fjcorruptly for d^6 

dSs, Jatd, s. turban; entangled matted or clotted 

hair; clotted hair of ascetics; matted hair as worn 

by Siva as the regent of the clouds and the giver 

of rain; cluster of bamboos; entanglement; wish, 

desire; concupiscence; spikenard. 
d3S)<5, Jatddhara, s. (d3 entangled hair, Q6 

who bears) name of Siva; an ascetic. 
dQ388, Jatdmakuta, s. kind of spikenard. 
d'033oss, Jatdindnsa, s. Indian spikenard. 
d832)3(338, Jatdmdldiva, s. tuft of hair on the 

crown of the head. 
dSocg, Jatdyu, s. bdellium, [Colloq. c^cgc^ guguQ* 
ddoQO, Jatdld, s. spikenard. 
dQ, Jati, see dQjati. 
dc J(''t^^(^i * lion; ascetic or religious penitent 

with clotted hair. 
d^QiO, Jatild, s. Indian spikenard; long pepper; 

orris root. 
d, Jatz, 8. kind of fig tree, the waved-leaf fig 

tree, ficus venosa, [CoUoq. ^Qo puUla~\ . 
d^6, Jathara, s. belly, stomach, [Colloq. S) 

bada^; a. hard, firm, bound, tied. 
^(Sc^ffi3iSco, Jathardgniya, s, {d ^6 jathara stomach, 

;p(53i3 agni fire) fire of the stomach, that is, the 

bile or digestive faculty, 
da), Jada, a. frosty, cold, frigid, chilly; dull, 

sluggish in mind or body, stupid, idiotic, 

apathetic; mean, vile; dumb; hard. 




dQsi, Jadakama, 8. meanness, vileness. 

dS)o5D, Jadayd, s. paltry pitiful man, mean fellow, 

low vile contemptible person, blockhead, mean 

vile fellow. 
d^o, Jadd, s. cowach. [Colloq. SgCJlSx loanduru- 

di^,Jatu,s, lac, red dye, [Colloq. QOSi^ Idkadd]. 

or animal pigment, analogous to cochineal. 
d-jg), Jatuka,s. bat; see also dcQJatw, asafaetida, 

[ CoUoq. (^^ c3 c5lo455aco D perunkdyam] . 
d^, Jatru, s. coUar bone, clavicle. 
d3e?, Jantu, s. any animal, sentient being, any 

being endowed with animal life; it is however, 

more usually applied to beings of the lowest 

e^Kg3, Jantuka, s. animal, animal in general; 

animated being. 
disx^^Q, Jantwphala, s. (disxs) animal (worm), 

6(3 fruit or leaf) kind of fig tree, Jims glomera- 

ta, the leaves of which swarm with insects, 

[Colloq. ^98^5^2553 attikkd']. 
e^3, Janma,s. nature; birth; nation, race, tribe, 

lineage; a. bom, 
d^sx)s5, Janman, s. birth, production. 
de3eo36e*> Janmasdphalya, s. attainment of the 

object of existence. 
d33W3<5, Janmdntara, s. (d^sx) janma birth, 

^)CD<5 awtora other) other world, regeneration, 

another birth. 
d;332sa), Janmdndha, s. blind from birth. 
deDJS, Janya, s. father; friend, attendant or com- 
panion of a bridegroom; war, combat; rumovir, 

report; market, fair; portent, one occurring at a 

d-SDoao, Janyd, s. mother; friend of a mother; 

bridesmaid; pleasure, happiness. 
dD, Jana, s. man, individually or collectively; 

mankind, sentient being; festival; birth, produc- 
de33, Janaka, s. father, progenitor. 
d-2ocos3^53, Janagahana, s. (dec people, eaeo-aa 

pressure) crowd of people, multitude. 
d3S)a, Janatd, s, mankind, number of men. 
d3S3, Janana^ 8. birth, production; family, race, 

idsi^, Janam, s. mother; tenderness, compassion; 

Arabian jasmine, [Colloq. S^Qog^ij bolidda], 
de3i3<5co, Janapadaya^ s. (diSi man, o^pada going) 

an inhabited country; mankind. 

da3o<jS^dJ<53, Janapadaroga, 8. pestilence. 
e^e33^)co, Janapadikaya, s. province. 
d^^Qo^, Janapi-awdda, s. rumour, report. 
dejgce, Janapriya, a. agreeable to mankiad. 
deD^^S^S, Janamurtt, s. one who is like the soul 

(literally body) of the people, protector of the 


^253003, Janayd, s. multitude. 

d-esatSicsJ, Janayo, s. people, pi. of d'Ss^a'i janayd. 

d'issd'S^'SSiia, Janaranjanaya, s. (d^ and 6^Si 

ranjana pleasure) national happiness and pros- 
perity arising from an equitable government and 

a due administration of law. 
d'S^Q'iq, Janawdda, s. news, intelligence, 
d-escgeojs, Janasunya, a. (d3 man, c3 void) 

uninhabited, solitary, desolate, 
de^^^, Janasruti, s. news, report, rumour, tidings, 

d'lsitaSixi^ssiO, Janasa^ganikd, s. inhabited, peo- 
pled, abounding in inhabitants. 
d<2s3e3(5, Janasanchara, s. (d^ people, esSd to 

walk) inhabited place, populous country. 
d^as^shQ, Janasambddha, s. crowded with people* 

peopled to excess. 
d''2535Bs3i9<3), Janahitanirata, a. entertaining good 

win toward all men, philanthropical. 
C3'3D^D, Jandrdana, 8. (d3 jana man, <Pq3 

ardana worshipping) he whom man worships, 

name of Vishnu. 
d33gcfl, Jandsraya, s. (d^jana and epgoo dsraya 

asylum) temporary hall, place for meeting or 

d^, Jani, s. woman; mother; birth, production. 
diSia, Janita, past part, born, produced, brought 

diSssS, Janitavtma, s. birth, production. 
di&, Jam, see diSijant. 
d^, Janu, 8. birth. 
ds^5c5i, Janeru, s. January, applied to the new 

year, (Port.) 
d(S'^Q<Ji, Janelaya, s. window 
dsvsJcsQd, Janeswara, s. {d^jana man, c^<sx)6 

isivara lord) king. 

dSN3J^C5)^-<s, Janoddharana, s. fame, glory. 

do, Japa, 8. offering to a demon; muttering of 
prayers at offering to demons; repeating inaudi- 
bly charms, names of gods and demons, on 
certain religious occasions; practice of Hindu 
religious mendicants to count in silence the beads 
of a rosary. 



doi, Japd, s. China rose; aquatic plant, vallisneria. 
dS)3g, Jabddu, s. musk, [Colloq. ssn^d kasturQ. 
c^)g3, Jabdduwd, s. civet cat, [Colloq. ^cJic^Sa 

d^6, Jambura, s. depth, profundity. 

d di, Jamburu, a. deep, profound, either naturally 

or metaphorically; hard, difficult. 
dc5i.s5(5-<fl3, Jamburukaranawd, v. to deepen. 
do^, Jampati, s. man and wife. 
di>S)G, Jambala, s. shaddock: see dB(S^'S)SGjam- 

d^sihc, Jambala, s. mud, clay, mire, [Colloq. e) 
mada] . 

d^<5, Jambira, s. lemon; citron; common lime; 
it may be applied to several species of lime; sort 
of basil. 

d, Jambu, s. fruit tree, rose apple, Jambosa 
vulgaris; fruit of the same. 

dSf^>, Jambuka, s. jackal, [Colloq. eaScoa narii/d']. 

dSgScaca, Jambudwipaya, s. (e^S rose apple tree, 
oc6 Island) country so called from its produc- 
ing that fruit in abundance; according to the 
geography of the Hindus the name of the 
central division of the universe or the known 
world; but according to the Buddhists it is the 
continent of India or more strictly India proper, 
or India within the Ganges, it being generally 
reckoned by them as the scene of the labours of 

d^^^, Jambunada, 8. for e3520^ jdmb'dnada 
which see. 

d^C Jambula, s. rose apple, see dt^ jambu. 

e^i)>S)J(3, Jambola, s. tree, shaddock or pumelow, 
citrus decumatia. 

d^^6, JambMra, 8. lime or citron, see d^6 jam- 

di)(5)^co, Jammagatiya, s. nature, natural dis' 

e^a)(jO, Jammaya, s. nature, birth; nation, caste, 
see disx>janma. 

c^33(5o, Jamandran, 8. mandarin orange. [Colloq. 

^ w 2533^0 maha-ndran]. 

dee, Jaya, s. victory, conquest, triumph; name of 
Yudhishthira in allusion to hia warlike character 
and the victories he obtained, particularly over 
the Kurus in the beginning of the fourth age. 

dats^aiis^Q, Jayaketuwa, 1 g (dc8 victory, (3>J^ 

dce^53Sc8, Jayakodiya, jke'tu banner) military 
flag or banner, banner of victory. 

d(X)'3^&iJf!Xrjai, Jayakontaya, s. flag; banner; ensign; 
royal sceptre. 

d'cscoOK)93, Jayagannaivd, v. to conquer, to over- 
come. , 
e^cc(53x^, Jayagemma, s. conquest, victory, pi. 
dca(S3i<^ jayagem'm: verbal noun of c^ccotcxtj 
3 jayagannaivd. 
e^c6303, Jayanta, s. hero and demigod, son of Indra; 

name of Siva; moon. 
dcais^nS, Jayantt, s. name of the goddess Durga; 

flag, banner; plant, ceschynomene sesban. 
dcaooQ, Jayapdla, s. (dec victory, C33C who nour- 
ishes) king, sovereign; it is an appellation of 
several celebrated Hindu princes; plant, croton 
tiglium (EuphorbiaceceJ. sometimes written ?55 
V ^"O jdpdla. 

e^coce3, Jayasriydwa, Is. pride or exultation of 
e^cs85ce, Jayasiriya, J victory, 
dceeefi), Jayasaka, s, land of horn or large chank 

blown on festive occasions, bugle. 
dcao, Jayd, s. name of the goddess Parvati the wife 
of iva; the third, eighth, and thirteenth lunar 
day of either half of the moon; yellow myro- 
balan plant, [Colloq. (f6& aralu"]. 
d&6, Jarjara, s. emblem or banner of Sakra; 

aquatic plant, vallisneria ; a. old, infirm. 
d6fS>, Jarjarika, a. torn, ragged; perforated, full 

of holes; old, decayed. 
d6, Jara, ^a. old, advanced in years; rotten, 
d6ei. Jar at, J decayed, hard, solid; cruel, harsh; 

infirm; decrepit, 
d6-<^, Jarana, s. cummin seed; plant, yielding a 
pungent seed, nigella indica; sort of salt, bit 
lobon; old, decayed; old age, infirmity from 
decrepitude, asafretida. 
d^, Jard, s. decay; old age; infirmity (from old 
age) decrepitude; tree, mtmusops kauki; noted 
female demon. 
d<^d^, Jard-jambu, s, plant, see Q^qi^i baludan. 
d^s>^03>33, Jardpretawenawd, v. to become 

d<S><^, Jardyu, s. womb, uterus; foetus. 
d^Q, Jardvoa, see d^jard. 
d(yiO^, Jalpdka, s. singer, chanter; chatterer, 

prattler, babbler, 
dQ, Jala, s. water, [Colloq. ^<5 watura'} ; kind 
of perfume, [Colloq. -gSsvSSconwen'ya]; uterus 
of a cow; a. dull, stupid, idiotic; apathetic; 
cold, frigid. 





dQtSi^tsiisjQ, Jalakadiittuiva, s. strangury. 
dc-fisiS, Jalakapi, s. {dQ water, fisS ape) Gange- 

tic porpoise. 
dcS5<^o5, Jalakaranka, 8. (do and x^o> cup) 

cocoanut; shell, conch; lotus. 
dciqS, Jalahupi, s. whirlpool; pond; spring, well. 
e^e^aoS, Jalalcriddwa, s. bathing for amusement. 
s^CSC) Jalagulma, s. whirlpool, 
d(^8SS3^, Jalaghnadruma, s. tree, cassia aurt- 

cidata, fCoUoq. 6<^S^ ranaward'\. 
dQ^6, Jalachara, s. (dQ water, S<5 what goes) 

fish; a. aquatic. 
dQd, Jalaja, s. (dc and d born) fish; shell; lotus; 

a water-born. 
dodisxsi, Jalajanhi, s. {dQ and d5 animal) 

fish or any marine, aquatic, or amphibious 

dQd), Jalajanma, s. (dc and disS) bom) lotus. 
dQit6^, Jalajdsana,8. (dQd jalaja lotus, {pessa 

dsana seat) name of Brahma alluding to his 

being born from or resting upon the lotus which 

sprung from Vishnu's navel. 
dQSic, Jalatala, s. (dQ water, fS3Q plain) surface 

of water; face of the deep. 
dQSiQoQ, Jalataldwa, s. (dQ and 3e90 surface) 

place overspread with water; marsh; surface of 

water; sheet of water. 
dQtsyoQ, Jalatala, s. hilsa or sable fish, clupea 

d'ccsa <!), Jalatrina, s. (dQ and C3a<!J grass) 

aquatic grass, [Colloq. ^co S3<s!is^isi'i^ diya- 

dQCi, Jalada, s. (dQ and q what gives) cloud; 

plant, cyperus rotundus, [CoUoq, ssiQO^di ka- 

Idnduru^ . 
dQCi6, Jaladara, s. plant, corchorus acutangulus. 
dQQd, Jaladhara, s. (dQ and Qd bearing) cloud, 

[Colloq. Qqos^q waldkula']. 
dQ'Si, Jaladhi, s. (dQ and from Qo to have) 

ocean, [Colloq. scacjdco sdgaraya^, 

dQ^id, Jaladhija, s. (dQ^ ocean, d produced) 
ocean born, name of the goddess Lakshmi, allud- 
ing to the fable that she was amongst the fourteen 
precious things that were recovered at the churn- 
ing of the ocean, corresponding to Venus being 
produced from the froth of the sea. 

dQi^Q, Jalanidhi, s. sea, ocean, [Colloq. <j 

d(3^cS, Jalanirgama, s. drain, pipe for carrying 
off water, water fall. 

dQi^Q, JalanUi, 8. aquatic plant, valUsneria; 
(dQ water, i^Q niU blue dye or indigo) allud- 
ing to its imparting its own tinge to the water or 
to the stream. 

dQoS, Jalapati, s. (dQ and o^ chief or lord) 
Varuna, the Hindu Neptune; ocean. 

dQ^Q, Jala-]ihala, s. cocoa-nut, [CoUoq. 03^ 
(s^(5)c3 polgediya'\. 

e^Q8e(3, Jalapippali, s. (dQ and 6t3oS long 
pepper) aquatic plant, commelina salicifolia, or 
c. clevata; [Colloq. SditiQ') gird-pald']. 

d(2S03j Jala-polawa, s. (dQ and (5^C33Q subs- 
tratum) one of the three foundations on which 
this universe is supposed to rest. 

t^CgSaw, Jalaprawdha, s. (dQ and gSasj over- 
flow) flood, overflow of water, deluge. 

dQ<s), Jalamaga, s. water course, stream. 

dQQ^, Jalamattama, s. (dQ and 98 rule) 
carpenter's rule, so called from its inequalities 
being discovered by placing it on a surface of 
water; level of the water. 

dQQ ffQiSQcB, Jalamala-adassiya, s. constipation 
of bowels and suppression of iirine. 

dQo(S, Jalamdrga, s. drain or issue from a pond. 

^C^> Jalamuch, s. cloud, [Colloquial: C'*? 
waldkula"] . 

dQza, Jalaya, s. water. 

dQ co3gc6, Jala-yantraya, s. (dQ and coogce 

machine) water work, machine for raising water, 

watercan for gardens. 
dQ6o(S), Jalaranka, "I s. dQ water, 6otSi greedy) 
dQ6oi^, Jalaranku, /bird feeding on fish and 

therefore frequenting lakes and swamps, kind of 

crane; gallinule. 
dQQtaQ, Jalawydla, s. watersnake. 
dQQss), Jalawaka, s. fourth day of the lunar 

dcegiSxS, Jalasukti, s. (dQ and cg&"x9 oyster) 

bivalve shell. 
dQassi, Jalasuka, s. aquatic plant, valUsneria. 
d(3t0S)i)sj, Jalastambha, s. (dQ and ed5))QD pillar) 

dQGs^ssi, Jalasambuka: see dQCs^iS^ jalasukti. 
d(3ee3)j, Jalasdtikd, s. cloth used to tie round 

the waist when bathing, [CoUoq. {^oos^d^^ diya- 

I dQ^Ois^, Jaldtana, s. heron, genus ardea. 




dcoSiQ, Jaldtam, s. {dQJala and tfQsi atana 

^ who goes) leech; fish. 

dQ^^d, Jaldbuja, a. bom from the womb, vivi- 

dQO'^Qa, Jaldrnawaya, s. rainy season; sea of 
fresh water. 

dQoQS, Jaldwarta, s. eddy, whirlpool. 

dQiSscs, Jaldsaya, s. (dQ Jala and epcracs dsaya 
abode) pond, tank, lake, reservoir, or any piece 
of water; sea, ocean; fragrant grass, cuscus, 
andropogon muricatus, [Colloq. cszte^<^ sewen- 

dQ^o, Jalukd, s. leech, [CoUoq. -KgSiOSO kudelld'). 

t^g!59, Jalukd, s. leech (water). 

dis^i^, Jale, s. water. 

ds^^(^^, Jaleruha, s. (dis^(^ in water, c5ls) grow- 
ing) lotus ; any water flower. 

dtS'QiiSii, Jalokd, s. (dQ jala and i5) oka house) 
whose house is water, leech. 

d's^(JJ8d9^e^, Jalochchhicdsa, s. drain or channel 

made on purpose for carrying ofE water, or such 

a channel made naturally by the overflow of 

ds^C)^^, Jalawkd, see d(S^Q^&i3 jalokd. 

dQ, Jaiva, s. speed, velocity; racer, runner; ex- 

dQ^, Jawana, s. speed, velocity; courser, fleet 
horse; name of a country; a. swift, expeditious, 
, see coQ'Sa yawana. 

dSeDsansa, Jawana-hansa, s. kind of swift moving 

d)^n6o, Jawandran, s. mandarin orange, variety 
of citrus aurantium, 

dQ<sis^'3, Jawanikd, s. curtain; wall or screen of 
cloth Surrounding a tent; outer tent; small tink- 
ling bells such as are sometimes tied to flags. 

dSes^osDCO, Jawasampanna, a. swift, speedy. 

d03, Jawd, s, China rose, [Colloq, e3ao5-ag c 

dQi^ssi, Jawddhika, s. race horse, fleet horse, 

dK)333, Jahdnaka, s. period when the world will 
be totally destroyed. 
Igaryd, 1 
igara, J 

e^y)?, Jdgari, s. one who sleeps little. 

?35(>o(5^533, Jdgaruka, s. one who sleeps little, watcher 

c35ate)C> Jdngala, s. flesh; painted partridge, fran- 
coltnus jnctus (order Gal lince) ; wood, jungle; 

i(Sitx>%T, Jdgaryd, 1 s. wakefulness, vigilance, wak- 
35otc5, Jdgara, J ing; mail, armour. 

a. wild, rural, picturesque, diversified with hill 

and dale, wood and water (country) ; barbarous, 

5f6S]to<g, Jdtigali, s. {t^SksiQ jdAgala wilderness, 

(g i aff.) snake catcher. 
e35siK3<S, Jdfigah', s. cowach, carpopogon p)ruriens. 
di^Q, Jddgula, s. poison, venom, [Colloq. So 

visha'] . 

i^Si^Q, Jdiiguli, s. snake-catcher, dealer in anti- 

diSi^Qssi, Jdfigulika, s. snake catcher, snake doc- 
tor, one who pretends chiefly by charms to cure 
the bite of serpents and other venomous animals ; 
dealer in antidotes. 

^Qi^(5, Jddgtdz, s. knowledge of poisons; posses- 
sion of charms or drugs and the employment of 
them as antidotes; kind of pot herb, luffa acu- 
tangula, [Colloq. QiQ(S^ssioi> wetakolu or ^d8i0 
(3*fflo^ ddra-wetakolu~\. 

e35es5:6, Jdtya, a. (j^&jdti birth, cat^ yat aff) well 
born, of good family; best, excellent; pleasing, 

35Q3a6e)cs3, Jdtyandhayd, s. (t^& jdti birth, ^sa) 
andha blind) one born blind. 

dJ!S3, Jdta, s. chUd, offspring; kind, class, species, 
sort; description; multitude, collection; indivi- 
duality; specific condition; birth, production; 
a. born, produced, engendered, generated. 

e^siS5, Jdtaka, s. birth, production; that which 
has been born; astrological calculation of a 
nativity; a. born, produced. 

c^S35 ^C3^S), Jdtaka-pota, s. (ef^cs birth, s^cjaos 
book) work of great celebrity among the Bud- 
dhists; it is usually reckoned a history of the 
five hundred and fifty births of Buddha, or more 
properly of Bodhisatwa while a candidate for 
that high and sacred character; the work how- 
ever only comprehends a narrative of some one 
principal event or action in the life of Bodhi- 
satwa ra each of the births and is recorded to 
illustrate his wisdom and the benevolence of his 
character, and at the same time to impress upon 
mankind moral and religious sentiments; this 
book is so sacred among the Buddhists that they 

, will offer to it and worship it. 

oScD^aaS, Jdtakavima, s. being generated. 

c^S35)og, Jdtamdtra, s. (d5c3 birth, 3^ moment) 
moment of the birth of a child; time from which 
the nativity is cast. 




d53co, Jdtaya^ s. generation, race, sort, tribe, see 
e^s> jdta. 

3Sco<^C3, Jdtarupa, s. (e35 produced, <5tc3 form) 
gold, silver; any precious metal; coined gold; a. 
embodied, assuming shape or form. 

a5s)S>?, Jdta-we'da, s. (csSta born, ^Bq vedas) 
fire; gold; name of Agni the Hindu god of fire, 
alluding to a certain legend among them that the 
Vedas issued from his mouth. 

?35o333S3a3, Jdtdpatyd, s. woman who has had chil- 

t^, Jdtt, 8. plant, emblic myrohalan, [Colloq. 
^0(^(3 nelli] ; great flowered jasmin, [CoUoq. 
53i88Q samanpichcha]', mace; nutmeg; birth, 

d)& S)<jSo, Jdti-kand, s. (e3S^ birth, s:<^ blind) 
one bom blind, man blind from his birth. 

e3S^ (5^5d05, Jdti-kord, s. man crippled from his 

d5^(SN)5e3, Jdtikosa, s. (e35^ mace, (S^^its sheath 
or covering) that which has mace for its cover- 
ing, nutmeg, [Colloq. tai^a^Sii sddikkd'] 

e55S (3NCT3>S9, Jdti-goluwd, s, man born dumb. 

d5S a)c, Jdti-dharmaya, s. duty of caste; speci- 
fic or generic property. 

caSSog, Jdti-patra, s. (d5^ jasmin, ag leaf) leaf 
of the great flowered jasmine; mace, [Colloq. 
e333Q wasdwdsi]. 

e35^c3C> Jdtipala, ">. (d>^ mace, 6q fruit) 

e35^6Cj Jdtiphala, J nutmeg. 

535^c5, Jdtmat, a. (aS^ race, family, c5 poss. 
aff.) honourable, high born, of good family. 

d5^c6, Jdtiya, s. birth, production; reunion of the 
soul with some other body; kind, sort, class, 
species; nation; lineage, race, family, tribe; 
poetical metre; rhetorical ornament, pi. ti&jdtt. 

536^9<5a)Qo, Jdtiratiga, 8. kind of gem usually called 

a5?9 9^cs, Jdti-wadaya, 8. (d5^ and ^ wada af- 
fliction) transmigration. 

535^ 83<j, Jdti-wdda, 8. caste controversy. 

e3)?9(?8c5, Jdti-waira, 8. innate hostility. 

C35^ss<5<s^sa3'e3ca, Jdtismaranajndnaya. 8. (c55^ 
birth, e3<5-!i5 recollection, cSj'Zcce knowledge) ac- 
quaintance with what transpired in former births 
the wisdom by which previous states of existence 
are perceived. 

d6^2so<^, Jdttsampadd, . (05^ birth, esSte^ 
fortunate) auspicious birth. 

d6^eso053, Jdtisampanna, a. of a good family, 
well born, of noble birth. 

05^83 s^JiJ, Jdttsambheda, 8. (a5^ family or race, 
ecSsNcfc^, breaking) breaking the breed, inter 
rupting or destroying the lineal descent. 

35-295, Jdtuka, s. assafaetida. 

c3?(S>S)Jaa, Jdt6ksha,s. (tfSijdta bom, ^m uksha 
ox) bullock, [Colloq. s^mo-^ gond']. 

e35<25D25D, Jdnana, s. knowledge, information. 

d52S33<j, Jdnapada, 8. inhabited country; people 

e5J-|9, Jdnu, s. knee, [Colloq. q^ dana\. 

d!)<g9<ScS)c'^ Jdnumandalaya, s. cap of the knee. 

35 o, Jdpa, s. muttering prayers inaudibly, [Colloq. 
Si^S metinma]. 

d5c33C Jdpdla, s. goatherd; sheep fold; kind of 
plant, corrupt form of dcao^G jayapdla, which 

a56)8, Jdmbawa, s. rose apple, [Colloq. d 

35@ge:<j, Jdmbunada, s. gold; from d8g3 jambu- 
nadi, river flowing from mount Sum^ru, the 
Indian Pactolus. 

d5i3>S)Ja3<j, Jdmbonada, s. gold; particular kind of 
gold said to be produced in the jambu nadi river. 

c35, Jama, s. period of time, a watch, four hours, 
corruptly for c63 ydma. 

536338, Jdmdtrt, s. daughter's husband, son-in- 
law; husband, lord or master; friend; sunflower. 

C35, Jdmt, 8. virtuous and respectable woman; 
woman of high rank or caste ; sister. 

a5co3, Jdyd, 8. wife, wedded according to the laW' 
ful ritual, [Colloq. C533coS3 bhdrydwa]. 

s^a30?9, Jdydpati, 8. (aScoj wife, C3^ husband) hus- 
band and wife, [Colloq. esg gc5lK stri purusha]. 

35(5, Jdra, 8. paramour, gallant, [Colloq. s^)3d 
5gcJico3 hora-purushayd\ 

didesi, Jdraka, see 5cJl8-i(j kumburuwel. 

didd, Jdraja, s. {d>6 paramour, d born) bastard, 
child bom of a woman by her gallant, adulterine. 

35(5cs, Jdraya, s. yard or two cubits. (Port.) 

aSe, Jdlma, 8. low man, one of a mean or de- 
graded caste; a. cruel, rash. 

die, Jdla, 8. net, [Colloq. <s,C dela]; window; 
lattice, eyelet, loop hole; multitude, assemblage; 
unblown flower; pride, arrogance; magic, con- 
juring, illusion, supernatural deception; kadamba 
tree, nauclea; young fruit of a gourd or cu- 





dJQS), Jdlaka, s. bud, germ, unblown flower; nest; 
net; pride; plantain fruit; multitude; assemblage; 
window shutter; window, lattice; loop-bole or 

dio 5g6, Jdla-hawuhiwa, s. window, [CoUoq. 
d(S^^sd(5^(2 jane'le] . 

d)r^^.ss^'i6^,Jdla-MraJca, s. (d)Q net, cobweb, ^06 
-SS5 maker) spider, [Colloq. 0giS83 mahuluwd']. 

55)C^^j JdlaTcini, s. sbeep, ewe, 

C3$(j^cs, Jdlaya, s. net, see i^QJdla. 

c^Cceo, Jdlayd, s. name given to a cock of a certain 

diCiQ, Jdldwa, s. flame. 

diQ, Jdli, s. small kind of cucumber, trichosanthes 
diceca; medicine, drug; trumpet flower, lignonia 

diQiSi, Jdltka, s. one wbo uses a net, spider; fisher- 
man; hunter using a net; cheat, rogue, vaga- 
bond; conjuror; juggler. 

d)Q^o, Jdlikd, s. armour, chain armour; kind of 
cloth or raiment; woollen cloth; leech; window; 
iron; maker of nest. 
d5Q4S)3 83^, Jdlikd-wrilcsha, s. kind of fig tree, 
Jicus oppositifolia, [Colloq. (3\S)30(3' kota- 
^Q^, Jdlini, s. wish, desire; kind of plant or 
creeper, momordica cylindrica, [Colloq. 81Q 
s^^od wetakolii] ; painting room, room with a 
particular kind of window or eyelet, so as to 
throw the light conveniently to the painter. 
3503, Jdwd, s. plant, endive, cichorium endivia; 

native of Java; Malay. 
aJQss^Ci Jdivdle, s. kind of esculent root. 
5?(9k3, Jigishd, 8. emulation, wish to excel or over- 
??e3Q:S3, Jighatsd, s. hunger. 
t?6303g, Jighatsu, a. hungry, [Colloq. S)9<SiQ bada- 

gihf\ . 
2?eiQ, JiAgi, s. species of madder, rubia manjitha, 

[Colloq. 0t(^<53 welmadataj. 
c? 2beo3, Jtjndsd, s. act of asking, inquiring, search. 
s?cj^, Jijndsu, a. inquisitive, desirous of knowing. 
S^6, Jitwara, a. victorious, triumphant. 
e?S), Jita, past. part, conquered, vanquished, over- 
come, subdued, surpassed. 
j3^ 5Jsc8, Jitendriya, s. (tS&jtta and ^cs indriya 
organ of sense) one who has conquered his pas- 
sions, ascetic, sage. 

o 'S3, Jtna, 8. one that has conquered, conqueror; 
one that has subdued his passions; sage, teacher; 
ascetic; in the Mythology of the Hindus it is the 
name of an eminent sage, the leader and founder 
of the Jaina sect; name of Buddha as the sub- 
duer of sin. 

^<^S^' Jinajmtra, s. name applied to a disciple 
or priest of Buddha. 

cf^es^Sd, Jinatvara, s. eminent Jina or Buddha. 

c's^s:i'^g, Jinendra, s. (?3 one who has conquer- 
ed his passions, saint, "^^ indra lord) epithet of 
Buddha, alluding to his being the chief of the 
sect of Buddhist ascetics; an ascetic. 

d'K>(^3, Jimhald, s. earthquake, or the subterra- 
nious rumbling which accompanies an earth- 
quake, [Colloq. 'S'aoG^QSssiOfSo?) polokampdwa']^ 

tfStos, Jiivhd, 8. tongue, [Colloq. ^0 c?m]. 

tfSssscs, Jiwhdpa, s. (??to3 and C33 pd who drinks) 
dog; cat; tiger; leopard, hunting leopard; bear. 

ef g(^, Jiwul. s. elephant or wood apple tree, feronia 
elephantum, sometimes called f (^ diwul. 

^d QiQcsS, Jiwul-meliyam, " s. gum or resinous 

^SdC^S) Jtwul-ldtu, j substance which 

oozes from the foregoing tree, more properly 
c8g(^ giwul. 

sfa^, Jishnu, s. name of Vishnu or Indra. 

cJk3, Jihma, a. crooked, slow; tortuous. 

c?K2n, Jihmaga, 8. (efjs and e? which goes) 
serpent, snake, from its going tortuously; Saturn; 
plant, [Colloq. 0(33ze>es3 waldwenna']. 

?K!93, Jihwd, 8. tongue. 

?^es)3, Jijukd, s. plant, abru8 precatorhi8, wild 
liquorice, [Colloq. g^ oltnda']. 

c?-SD, Jma, a. old, [Colloq. -2553^ ndkt], 

?s>, Jzmuta, 8. cloud; mountain; elephant; k6kLla 
or Indian cuckoo; tree; sort of ebony; plant or 
grass, andropogon serratum; sort of fragrant 
grass, cyperus rotundus, [Colloq. 5C3^ kaldn- 
dwu]; name of Indra; nourisher; musk. 

c?^, Jirna, s. cumin seed; a, old, ancient, di- 

cf ^e^(5c6, Jirnajjwarayat s. {^^ old, ^6 jwara 
fever) fever of some continuance and diminished 

?o^(^^.s^9^, Jirnawenawdf v. to digest, or be 
digested, to decay. 

tS6, Jira, 8. cumin seed; sacrificial knife; sword, 
scimitar; sort of panic seed. 




e?<5ffi5, Jiral-a, s. cumin seed, [CoUoq. )fiecJi. 

5?S, Jiwa, s. life, existence; sentient soul; that 
which is incorporated with the animal body and 
gives it life, motion and sensation; livelihood, 
profession, occupation; Vrihaspati, regent of the 
planet Jupiter; Brahma as the soul of the world 

E?85, Jiwaka, s. animal, living being; servant, 
one who gets his livelihood by his service; snake 
catcher, mendicant or one who lives by begging; 
one whose life is prolonged by blessings; any 
medicinal plant; tree, pentaptera tomentosa; 
medical practitioner; a. living, existing, endow- 
ed with life. 

t^Qsxs^Q^, Jhvan-jtwaha, s. (?? jiwa life, e?Sa:5 
who lives) one that is long lived, name of a bird 
and supposed to be a pheasant; Greek partridge, 
[CoUoq (fi555(g,3 etikukuld']. 

E?s5, Jiwat, a. living, having life, existing. 

5?}3, Jiwatvima, s. living, existence. 

?SsJ<3>833, Juvatwenawd, v. to live. 

tSQ>Si, Jiwati, s. plant, holy basU, ocimum sanctum, 
[CoUoq. gcJis3G3 madurutald']. 

dQd, Jiwatha, s. life, existence; virtue, piety. 

???, Jiwada, s. (s? life, Q from c, da who gives) 
physician, medical practitioner, [CoUoq. S\<ij(^(; 

E?9S)2o, Jhm-dhana, s. (s? life, Qso wealth) 
living property, wealth in flocks and herds. 

s?esDSD, Jiwanta, s, life, existence. 

?S3iS^, Jlwantika, s. fowler, bird catcher. 

??3!Se533, Jtwantikd, s. name of several plants 
which possess either aromatic or medicinal qual- 
ities, see iSQ?^ jiivanti. 

tSQisyQ, Juvanti, s. name of a tree, celtts orientalis; 
plant, tinospora cordifolia, [CoUoq. des^^ rasa- 
kinda'] ; yeUow myrobalan, [CoUoq. p<5d aralu] ; 
betel plant, [CoUoq. %C^^i(i bulat-wel]. 

e?>2o, Jtwana, s. life, existence, living sentient 
being; water; butter; marrow; plant, odina 
ivodter; [CoUoq. sS^ hiky, another plant, celtts 

efSeDcs, Jiwanaya, s. life, see tSQ^jiwana. 

5?eo3, Jiwand, s. plant, see s?5D59 jiwanti. 

sfS-eoagi^, Jz'wandlim, s. plant, dregea volubilis 
or hoya viridijlora, [CoUoq. ^SScpcgea kiri- 

?9, Jiwam, s. jasmine, [CoUoq. S^e) pichcha']. 

?53cfl, Jiwamya^s, water, [CoUoq. ^c5M?a<Mra].. 

??2^cso, Jiwamyd, s. mUk of the breast. 

5S'33D, Jiwamdna, a. Uving, existent, having life, 

^ endowed with life. 

s?gi).2o, Jiwa-sumana, s. shoe-flower, hibiscus 
rosa-sinensis, [CoUoq. t&ocSisi^QsajyattVr-mala']. 

5?3, Jiwd, s. earth; bowstring; tinkling of met- 
allic ornaments; orris root, [CoUoq. ^5K3 

E?3e3sJ, Jzwdtman, s, (jSQjiwa life, ^<53 dtma 
soul) vital principle or spirit; that spiritual 
essence which renders bodies susceptible of 
motion or sensation; animal soul, that principle 
of vitaUty which is alike common to aU sentient 

5?935g. Jiwdtu, s. drug for reanimating the dead. 

--f3xD), Ji'wdntaka, s. ('SQ jiwa and tf^aa^ 
antaka destroyer) bird-catcher, fowler. 

i?S53, Jivikd, s. Uvelihood; profession or occupa- 
tion by which a subsistence is obtained. 

s?S53, Jivikdwa, s. life; Uvelihood, occupation, 
any caUing by which subsistence is obtained. 

cJ^e^cc, Jivitaya, s. life, existence, being. 

s?03jxDcs, Jivitdntaya, s. (jStS3 life, epxn anta 
end) end of Ufe, termination of human existence. 

E?(^^5-^^ca, Jtvitendriya, s. heart, considered as 
the source of life; (e?S3 ^Vre to and ^ce mc/nya 
organ) principle of life, supposed to be of an 
oval shape and watery colour, see also ?DC3d 

e?v5J<59, Jhite'sa, s. (jSBs3 jwita and C^csa I'sa 
lord) name of Yama the regent of death; moon; 
lover; husband. 

g'cgt333), Jugupsana, Is. censure, abuse, reproach, 

^cgC3e93, Jugupsd, J reviling, [CoUoq. -jQeSj^S^ 

^(^oSa), Jugupsita, a. censured, reviled. 

^ate), Junga, s. kind of creeping plant, Ipomea 

^e)S<s3, JuAgita, a. outcast; deserted; injured; 

^<;^ o), Junka-pakkka, s. (PaU.) bright half 
of the month. 

^-<:^3, Junhdy s. (PaU.) moonlight, 

^^, Juti, s. appetite; light, splendour, effulgence; 

^eO, Jushta, a. gratified, served, obUged, examin- 
ed, explored. 

^g, Juhu, s. wooden vessel of the shape of a semi- 
circle or crescent and used at sacrifices. 



^53, Juta, s. speed, velocity, expedition, [CoUoq. 
^ }-(!) ikmana']. 

^(^ (535), Jul-gaha, s. wood apple tree, commonly 
called (^ C55S) diwul-gaha. 

^(^ (5>c55Scs, Jul-gediya, s. wood apple. 

(S\doD3, e/efa, s. conqueror, victor, [Colloq. dc& 
CO 53333 jayaganna] . 

(3>dc8, Je^a, a. conquerable, fit to be conquered. 

(i>d3, Jaina, s, follower of the principles of Jina 
a noted heretic from Brahminism, and who 
taught a number of heterodox notions, the chief 
of which are the supremacy of certain religious 
pontiffs over the gods of the Hindus, a denial 
of the divine authority of the Vedas, and a 
disregard of the distinction of caste. 

@>dQ3S3a5, Jaiwdtrika, s. moon; drug; medica- 
ment; a. long lived, thin, spare. 

(3NdJos3S5, Jongaka, s. aloe wood, [Colloq. qp<S(^ 

^ agil']. 

dcf^es^, Jotisattha, s. (Pali) astronomy. 

(S^di^ SSaS^sjJ, Joti-sitdno, s. eminent person so 
called, often referred to in the Jatakas. 

<3^d5&, Josha, s. happiness, felicity, pleasure, enjoy- 
ment, satisfaction. 

(3\e^J@oJ, Joshit, \ 

Jin T' 1 :' t^- woman. 
(3^oa033, Joshtta, J 

(3^d3^^6^Qo, Jodukaranawd, v. to prepare. 

(3\d3^Q, Joduwa, s. pair, couple; preparation. 

(S^dJ^, Joti, s. sunshine, light, effulgence; fire; 

dJ^3(g), Jotimdlika, s. {(S^d3& fire, oqo ma- 
id garland, <e5> ika aff.) capital punishment, 
Wrapping the culprit in cloth saturated with oil, 
etc. and setting him on fire. 

SvdJ^c63, Jotiyd, s. astronomer, astrologer. 

da as), Jrimbha, s. gaping, yawning, expansion, 
stretching, swelling. 

dae)w^, Jrimbhana, s. yawning, gaping; blowing. 

e^aa)50C5, Jrimbhita, see d 9^^ jrimbha. 

dxo, Jyd, s. bowstring, chord of an arc. 

S>d36^, Jye'shtha, a. best, most excellent, pre-emi- 
nent, first, highest (in rank) ; s. month so called 
(May-Jime), [Colloq. (3>a3i3\33J es poson- 

(S\g^j6i5ftSc63, Jyeshthaydi . chief, leader; person of 
eminence; elder, one very far advanced in life, 
man of age; elder born. 

(3^dj86fti833^ Jyeshtha-wdsa, s. name of akra allud- 
ing to his residence on Mahdm^ru* 

S^d'iftS3, Jyeshthd, s. one of the asterisms, con- 
sidered as lunar mansions; the eighteenth, com- 
prising three stars of which one is ''' Scorpionis 
figured by a ring or earring; the middle finger; 
misfortune; small house lizard. 

(5>d>3Joxss33, Jyotsnd, s. moonlight, moonlight night; 
creeper, trichosanthes cucumiriana, [Colloq. g 
x(33 dummella']. 

^^jsJa:e32533co, Jydtsndpriya, s. bird called the 
chakora or common coucal or Ceylonese coucal, 
centropus rujipennis, and c. chlorohyncus, (Cu- 
culidce order Picarice). [Colloq. ^S54ig9 f/^- 

s^e^jsisxseQ, Jyotsm, s. kind of perfume; plant, 

luffa acutangula, [Colloq. 8tQ(S^^3^ wetakolu 

and CidSiQs^^sjad ddra-wetakolu]. 
(S\d'J^^-2SDco, Jyotirjndnaya, s. ((^^d*J^ star, ab'253 

jndna knowledge) knowledge of the planetary 

l^^dM;J^i)cJ, Jyotimat, a. light, effulgent; shining, 

(^^d38J<9^, Jyotirvidyd, s, science of computation, 

from arithmetic to astronomy and astrology. 
svdJ^8S)3D, Jyotmiiga, s. fire-fly, [Colloq. -20 

i^^Scoo kanamediriyd']. 
(S^dT^&sssdr^Oi, Jyotissdstraya, s. astronomy, as- 
S^dxi &{3S), Jyotishka, s. planetary or heavenly 

body; generic term for the sun, moon, planet, 

asterism, star; plant, plumbago zeylanica, [Coll: 

^QiS^^Sd ela-netut]. 
<3^d-&i&^i2, Jyotishmati, s. heart pea, cardiosper- 

mtim haltcacabum, [Colloq. (S^oi5^S3QQt(^ penela- 

S^dJ^3, Jyotisha, s. science of astronomy and 

vdjs^^S, Jyotishi, s. star, planet, asterism, [Colloq. 

SJod^noS tdi'akdwa']. 
(3>d3sJ^rii, Jyotis, s. light; star; pupil of the eye; 

fire, god of fire. 
(3\d56j?9s<533^ca, Jyotihsdstraya, s. science of astro- 
S^dJ9(5<3, Jyoti-ratha, s. polestar. 
cSE)<5cs, Jwaraya, s. fever, intermitting or continued, 

[Colloq. (^-(SSS una"] . 
C^<35^(5c03, Jwa7'dturayd, s. one sick of a fever. 
5^(3, Jwala, 8. flame, blaze, light, jealousy. 
a(^3, Jwalana,8. agni or fire, [Coll: ^6^tnt]; 

fervency, zeal; inflammation; blazing, burning. 





a(Sa>, Jwalita, 8. jealousy, burning, blazing, flam- 
ing, shining; zeal; a. jealous, burning. 
0S3c Jwdla, s. flame, blaze. 

The ninth consonant of the alphabet; aspirate 

of the proceeding letter; it is usually expressed 

by jha. 
2)o^Dc5, Jhanhdra, s. tinkling sound; sound as of 

the voice of birds etc. 
^39, Jhatd, s, plant, flacourtia cataphracta, 

[CoUoq. (53 ^(^d^efes rata-uguressa]. 
^03, Jhampd, s. jumping, springing, plunging; 

hoping, expecting. 
^d^<5, Jahrjhara, s. kind of tom-tom or native 

drum; cymbals; Kaliyuga, or the present age of 

the world; name of a river. 
aSi6, Jhara, s. cascade, water fall. 
4siS, Jhan, s. river, [CoUoq. ooio ganga'] ; cascade, 

water fall, [Colloq. fido fUa^- 
4 03, Jhalla, s. prize fighter, cudgel player. 
^C33S3, Jhallaka, s. cymbals. 
^Q3, Jhald, s. daughter; sunshine; splendour, 

brilliancy, light. 
^12, Jhasha, s. fish, one of the signs of the zodiac, 

Pisces; heat, warmth; forest, thicket. 
sSif&'ifJhashd, s. pulas tree, butea frondosa, [Coll: 

<5)c^5x6< gas-keliya}. 
^oQ, Jhdta, s. arbour, bower, place over grown 

with creepers; wood, thicket; jasmine. 
48i)333c JTidtdla, s. kind of flower, trumpet floWer, 

bignonia indica. 
i)33, Jhdna, s. contemplation, reflection, medita- 
tion. (Pali.) 
^3g>, Jhdwuka, s. tree, StercuUa balanghas, 

[Colloq. 8^o pichula or ^jQow^ ndwd-gas']. 

aate)3a>, Jhifigdka, Is. sort of cucumber, luffa 

5^qJS^, Jhttigim, j acutangula, [Colloq. QxQ 

S<)3d wetakolu]. 
^^^iQ, Jhintim, s. indigo plant, [Colloq. efQSa 

4^-.sSe3, JUnti^ 8. plant, barleria prionitis, [Colloq. 

>>d katukaraudu], 
^S53, Jhirikd, Is, cricket, [Colloq. dS)iac63 
Jhin, y reJieyiyd']. 
Jhirikd, \ s, cricket; light of sunshine, 
^(5l3-), Jhirukd, V [Colloq. tfBQ awwa] ; strong 
s^qQ^j, JhiUtkd, J light, splendour; dirt taken 

off the body in rubbing it with perfumes; wick 

of a lamp ; cloth or rag for applying ungents to 
the body; cricket's cry. 

^Q&> Jhilli, s, cricket, light, wick of a lamp; 


The second nasal of the Sinhalese and Pali 
alphabet and is usually expressed by na. N. B: 
In Sanskrit words, this does not occur as an 
initial but only as a mute letter joined to a con- 
sonant, as Qes^Q chanchala. 

^isy&, jVdttt, s. announcement, declaration. 

^^0, J^atwd, part, having known. 

^-<s, Ndna, s. wisdom, understanding, intelligence, 
knowledge in general; religious knowledge, such 
as is acquired by the reading and study of the 
sacred books. 

^-<sg^53a33, Ndnadassana, s. (^^aS knowledge, 
^fiSMSD sight, vision) fruit, or reward of an action 
of a priest of Buddha; supernatural vision ob- 
tained by intense meditation; faculty of knowing 
things past, present, and future; omniscience, 
confined to Buddha by his followers; reflection; 
knowledge obtained by turning the thoughts on 
the past, the path of Buddha and other purified 
persons of his religion. 

-a^^^Q^osD^SJ, Ndnawantakama, s. wisdom. 

S,-<s)aDe3c03, J^dnawantayd, s, sage. 

:^<5o?, Ndni, s. sage, one possessing great religious 
knowledge; fortune-teller: astrologer. 

fi^ S3(5^)J, i9ato^o, is. relative, kinsman, [Colloq. 

'^^, 2?dti, J e3x3 fifyd^. 

iSs^&is^Qca, jS/dti-kulaya, s. race or lineage in a 
direct line. 

ia^^o)\S3, J\tdti-dhammo, s. duty to relations. 

<as,^^5Si3) Ndtimittd, "Is. relations and 

^^^(SNcei, I^dtimitrayd, J friends, [Colloq, ^i% 
QSNCoJ nede-mitrayo^^ 

^9, jS^dw, s. cry made by a cat. 

<;^g93, J^dwuwd, s. water-pheasant, hydrophasia- 
mf,s chiragus, (Parridce, order Grallac). 

s^iiS^<s^c036^, f^eyyo, p. /. p. that should be known, 

A compound letter which appears to be com- 
posed of t6 ja and a^ na ; it is difficult to ex- 
press the sound in Eoman letters. 




9Si, J^a, s. one who knows; name of the planet 
Mercury; sometimes applied to the planet Mars 
or its regent; a. wise. 

a^esoj, Jnapta, see (3ci8fSi jnapita. 

<ieits&, Jnaptt, s. understanding, wisdom, compre- 
hension; exercise of the intellectual faculties. 

(^6s3, Jnapita, a. taught, learned, well informed; 
expounded, made known. 

CB)S> Jndta, s. known. 

B3^, Jndti, s. kinsman, relation, [Colloq. <253xcfl3 

jsabe?, Jndn6, s. wisdom, knowledge in general; 
specific and religious knowledge, 

s,3<53i), Jndnagamya, a. (uSj-zsa wisdom, e?* 
attainable) attainable by knowledge. 

SjS3<5)f'S33, Jndna-garjand, s. (a)-253 and C55f33 
sound) praise or fame of wisdom or knowledge. 

cb3CjcS2S3, Jndna-darsana, s. insight by knowledge. 

S33^S3, Jndna-dipa, s. lamp of knowledge. 

iSb^saSexo, Jndnawania, a. wise, knowing; prudent, 

>'2539S33, Jndna-vtjndna, s. sacred and profane 

csB^iQ, Jndm, s. wise or learned man, a literary 
character; sage, but particularly one skilled in 
astronomy and the powers of the planetary sys- 
tem over the afEairs and destinies of men; astro- 
loger; fortune-teller, man prescient of future 

<3(5^25^>2^ce, Jfklnendriya, s. organ of perception. 

<2B)C3$9, Jndpti, ") , . , . p . 

-r~ > fS making known, mionmng. 

ebS3^> Jnapana, J 

<i^c6, Jneya, part, to be known, what may or 
ought to be known. 

The eleventh consonant of the modern Sinhalese 
alphabet and first of the third class or cerebrals; 
it corresponds in sound to the letter t, pronounc- 
ed far back in the mouth as in true; sign of the 
accusative, dative or genitive case in grammar. 

QoS><!3ro, Tanhana, s. borax, used as a flux for 
metals etc., [CoUoq. ge^^(5 pushara] ; binding, 

8a>SM3Jc5i9, 'Pahaporuwa, s. a piece of board hung 
up on a tree to scare away birds, squerrels etc. 
from orchards and fruit trees by pulling it, when 
it makes the sound tak, tak, hence the name, Q5 
(^^sJc5i8 which literally means the "tak-board." 

Sot (5, fagara, s. borax; play, sport; confusion of 

mind; an object of sense; a. squint-eyed, [Coll: 

8oc5 wapara], 
QSlffl, Tanka, s. species of the elephant or wood 

apple, [Colloquial: -6(^ g(^ nil-diwut]', borax; 

spade or hoe; stone-cutter's chisel, [CoUoq. e7(^ 

o3 >J3<^ galpalana penuma]; hatchet; 

sword; sacrificial knife; scabbard, sheath; anger, 

wrath; pride, arrogance. 

0iB5S5, TaTikaka, s. stamped coin. 

SStoo^, Ta/ikapati, s. master of a mint. 

^ShiezoQO, Taiika-sdld, s. mint. 

j)lj5M, Taiikd, s. edge or side of a mountain. 

dBsi, Tatiga, s. spade, axe, borax. 

0Do rajejQa, Tdn-gdnawd, v. to make the sound 

SaStod, Tddkara, s. (Qoo tdn oath, d<5 who 

makes) blackguard; lecher, libertine. 
o o woeaSj, Tin tin gdnawd, v. to make the 

sound ti^ tini. 
Q&>, fika, a. little, small in quantity, few. 
3s55, Tikak, s. little, small quantity. 
33<95d, fikakin, ad. in a little while, by and 
^ bye, shortly. 

SaS5dfS5, fikin-tika, adv. little by little, gradu- 
. aUy. 

3Soxi5^3, J^ikiri-penchd, s. little boy. 
8^Sce3, Tikiriyd, s. little boy (a term used only 

in the Kandian Province.) 
QcSe6, ^Tigini, s. eyelid, eyeball. 
SSSoD^, Tittibhaka, s. kind of bird, parra jacana 

or goensis. 
S53, ^kd, s. commentary. 
<)>, funtuka, 8. tree, bignonia indica or spa- 

thodea indica, [CoUoq. s^ojdQc totila^; name of 

a bird, sylvia sutoria. 
(3v3355, fokka, s. blow on the head with the fist, 

pi. (3N33g toku. 
0x9, feba, s. water-pot. 
QiS), ^emba, s. pillar, stone pillar, pi. Qt tern. 


The aspirate of the preceding letter; its sound 
is expressed by th. 

(Sc5i^cs, Thapamya, s. what should be placed, or 
set aside. 

^s-s?, fhdna, s. place, situation; stay or continu- 
ance; post, rank. 

&333302<5cs, ^hdndntaraya, s. employment, high 
oflice, oflice of responsibility. 





The third letter of the cerebral class of con- 
sonants having the sound of d with the tip of 
the tongue thrown back on the palate, as in the 
word dance; it is also a substitute for the Q ta 
of the infinitive mood. 
S)S)(5, Dabara, s. quarrel, affray, conflict without 
weapons, tumult, riot, kind of skirmishing war- 
fare; fight. 
QS)^, Daharctwa, s. large spoon made of the shell 
of a cocoanut or gourd and used by ascetics for 
the double purpose of straining and conveying 
Q, Dabu, Is. delay, procrastination; conceal- 
9^, JDambu, J ment; plunder. 
(5, Damara., s. sound of the S)c5i damaru. 
c5t., Damaru, s. kind of small tom-tom or native 
drum shaped like an hour glass and held in one 
hand and beaten by the other; it is chiefly used 
by the Hindu mendicants. 
Qcaea Dayana, s. palanquin or doli, flying in 

the air. 
9(3 SJ, Dalaka, s. sling; basket; presents of fruit, 

sweetmeats etc. 
QSoeI, Dawa-gas, s. tree, lythrum fructicosum., 
iD5Q, Davim, s. female imp. 
BJ^co, Dahadiya, s. sweat, perspiration. 
ss-sdQj, Dahanaivd, v. to bite: pret. 9tg3 

e)g, Dahu, s. bread fruit tree, artocarpus incisa, 

[CoUoq. (5^<3^^J(^ ratadet]. 
3, Dd, s. kind of female imp or goblin, [Colloq. 
c862d'9 ?/aHnn/]; basket carried by a sling; 
S)3S^6, Ddkini, s. kind of female demon, imp or 

evil being, [Colloq. csaS'Jsiaa yaJdnna']. 
8dc8, Dddiya, s. (Qo sweat, cfi moisture) perspi- 
ration, moisture from perspiration. 
932083, Ddnawd, v. to bite, to seize by the mouth. 
93<5, Damara, s. affray, conflict with weapons, 

93(g, Ddlima, s. pomegranate, [Colloq. is^q<d 

93S(51, Dd-siditru, s. (93 sweat, 8g<5i perfora- 
tion) pores of the skin. 
OCT, Dinga, s. bit, small portion, moderate. 
Soc8cJo3is!, Dtngittak, s. little bit. 
SocSS, Dingiri, a. small, little. 

o(Sd?cs, Dingissa, 8. a little. 
SoS^^oe:^, Dingen, s. within a little, almost. 
a^, Dindima, 8. small drum or tabor.; plant 
bearing a small fruit, carissa carandas, [Colloq. 
ssi6 karamba']. 
ei<^6 Dindira, s. cuttle fish bone, considered to 

be the foam of the sea. 
-(S?cS(5'3^SJ<j>, Dindiramodaha, 8. garlic, [Colloq. 

gg^^qg siididunu]. 
iS), Dimba, s. affray, quarrel, fight, assavilt, de- 
fiance, sound or noise occasioned by terror; egg; 
bladder; spleen; uterus; fear, terror; young 
?), Dimbha, s. young animal; fool, idiot block- 
^<:^ssi, Dunduka, s. tree, spathodea indica. 
'S\<^tsi, Dundubha, s. water snake, cerberus 

rhynchops, [Colloq. ceS)Sca3 diyabariyd~\. 
s^9Q<5, Debara, s. tree, ztzyphus jujuba, [Colloq. 

es:f masan']. 
s>9S)c^, Debard, 8. corruptly for s:j<35 debard, 

wasp, bee. 
(3>9Jc3. Dold, s. palanquin, corruptly for e^QO 

dold, which see. 
s^9Jc3 ^Gi Dold-phala, s. tree, bassia longifolia 

[Colloq. mi~\. 
9xJSc5, Dekkiya, 8. kind of tom-tom or native 
drum; it is beat only on one end and is chiefly 
used by the Kapuwas. 
9ieoieos:f-SD83, Dehegannawd, v. to bite, to seize 

with the mouth, or bill. 
SiSOifoiesif, Dehegenma, verbal noun of the pre- 
ceding word. 
9x<5)255e393, Degannawd, see 9icoi(5?2sJ383 dehe- 

The preceding letter aspirated. 
^J), Dhakka, s. city or district; concealment, 

covering; disappearance. 
^J53, Dhakkd, s. large drum, see 9iJ<Sa5 

(JvdbJQ, Dhola, 8. dhol or drum. 

The nasal n of the third or cerebral class of 
consonants. It seldom occurs as an intial letter 
except in roots of verbs. 





The first consonant of the fourth or dental 

class; it sounds like th in thin; o ta is sometimes 

used for osG^csJ tage genitive case of 6>J to, as 

in csSsj tasita, thy mind. 
C3}>, TakJcada, s. shrub, common by the sea 

side, sccevola hoenigii, (Goodenoviaceoe). 
s>5s5555S, Tahhadihama, s. villany, roguery, 

S3J^5)5ca3, TaTckadiyd,s. rogue, rascal, vUe fellow, 

CJ';^ e55(55J(^, TakJcola, s. (P41i) bdellium; sort of 

perfume made from the berry of the kakkola 

plant. Sinhalese fSiis^(^ takul. 
3^, Takra, s. butter-milk mixed with water, 

[CoUoq. !S)8 i3vJc5i, kiri-moru]. 
03^^S5, Takshaka, s. carpenter, [CoUoq. SgSo 

fSi?53-^, Takshana, s. chipper, peeler; carpenter; 

name of Viswakarma the architect of the gods. 
o^^cSqd, Taksha-sild, s. name of a city, the Taxi- 
la of Ptolemy, a renowned university town, 
/05^c5i)3, Takatiruwd, s. stupid man, blackguard. 
S343)383, Takanawd, v. to esteem, to regard, to 

reverence: pret. SDiagSo tekuwd. 
S35, Taku, Elu form of 3^ tarka, which see. 
S3sd> Takul, s. nut of the annual hairy plant, S5g 

iSiSsSta kapukinssa. 
^s%Q, Takula, s. plant, hibiscus abelmoschus. 

[CoUoq. ^5>g9^6e^s9 kapukinissaj. 
e3ge3S), Takusata, see CJ^jcsaassg tarkasdstra. 
33(5) ^S, Tagana, s, poetical foot having the two 

first syllables long and the third short. 
0(5)(5, Tagara, s. tree, taberncemontana coronaria, 

[CoUoq. -2gdC3 tuwarald']; myrrh; waves. 
5C5, Tagu, s. delay, loitering; slow travelling. 
S38c35, Tachapanchaka, s. five parts of the 

human body, viz. hair of the head, hair of the 

body, naUs, teeth, and skin, 
s>93, Tatta, a. bald. 
0389 ^<Si(^Q^, Tatta-kurulld, s. common weaver 

bird, ploceus philippinus ('order Passeres) ; also 

called )agcSl(^(33 wadu-kurulld. 
cj93, Tattama. s. buttocks, hind part of a man 

or beast, pi. S393 tattam. 
e)83coo, Tattayd, s. bald man. 
0393s>di<35, Tatta-serd, s. Indian whistling teal, 

dendrocygna javanica, (Anatidoe order Anseres); 

also called s^c^c^ sera. 

e39, Tattu, s. knocking, tapping, slight knock; 
shelves, layers; ceiling; deck of a ship. 

Q39^33(5-isS5S3, Tattukaranawd, v. to knock. 

S38S, Tattuwa, s. ceiling of a house; deck of a 
ship; coating (as of dirt on the body). 

C339g^9383, Tattuwenawd, v. to hit. 

033 Tata, the dative of nosJ to thou; s. shore, 
bank of a river. 

3335, Tataka, s. shore, bank of a river. 

333o33, Tatatata, s. tremour, shaking; trembling; 

333383, Tatamanawd, v. to strain when evac- 
uating by stool; to make a strong attempt, to 
essay: pret. 03t3S)3 tetamuwd. 

33 03 S3 CO, Tatdkaya, s. pond, deep enough for the 

lotus and other aquatic plants, tank, [CoUoq. 

s^a^^5<s?o pokuna or Sq vila^, plural 3333^55 

S3'5vffi>3^S)3, Tatu-kokd, s. black headed white ibis. 

Ibis melanocephala (Plataleidce, order Herodio- 

S39, Tatuwa, s. brazen vessel for eating; wing 

of a bird; ofEering made to a demon, pi. 3 

eoS), Tada, s. burden carried by two people on a 
^ pole. 

a3aJ, Tadit, s. lightning. 
33S)3e383, Tadibdnawd, v. to cudgel: pret. 03S 

103 tadibewd. 
S305, Tadiya, s. pole used in carrying burdens. 
33^053, Tadiyd, s. fat or corpulent man; anyj f at 

animal, louse. 
S3df9a:, Tadissiya, s. small swelling. 
03e5S(3^8'25393, Tadissiwenawd, v. to sweU. 
sjgaJ^gS), Taduttuwa, s. obstruction, impediment; 

stopping of the breath, panting. 
03-<6(^^D3, Tandal-damanawd, s. to place an 

additional pair of animals in front of a vehicle 

to carry a heavy load. 
a3-<sca)(3, Tandala, s. plant, cultivated variety of 

colocasia antiquorum (Aracece); see caeoe ga- 

hala and esi^Q kandala. 
S3<^Qo, Tandald, s. Tindal or master of a vessel, 
s3C-<^) Tandula, s. thrashed and winnowed grain, 

but especially rice; sort of plant, species of ama- 
^<^Q, TanduU, s. plant, amarantus polygonoi- 

des, [CoUoq. ^(5o3oC3 kura-tampald']. 




S3 45^3, Tanhd, 1 s. lust, covetousness, longing, 

<j5.i5^3, Tanhdwa, J ardent desire; wish, thirst; 
name of Maraya the great opposer of Buddha. 

o^.iJ5to3S^'e^b, Tanhdwenawd, v. to desire, to 

zs)<^ )S)C> Tana-kabala, s. (3-3So grass, 5c 
mouthful) mouthful of grass. 

^^(S^s^sjsc Tanakola, s. blades of grass, gi-ass. 

cD<sSS astCtSj Tana-kelaya, s. place overgrown 
with high and thick grass, 

(S3-^<si, Tanaga, s. point of a blade of grass. 

3-(S^ cSi583, Tana-girawd, s. (eD<5^ grass, cS<563 
parrot) grasshopper, genus cicada. 

si<^o(S3, Tanaj)ata, s. blade of grass. 

3^sS C3C'. Tana-pald, s. plant resembling grass, 
commelina diffusa 

S)-<sS 6d, Tana-raja, Is. (c3-<s^ and <5d king) chief 

03-<sJ dij, Tana-rada, j of the grasses; palmyra 
tree, [Colloq. OTc^tsjes <aZ-^asa]. 

eD<gro C533^, Tana-kdl, s. millet, setaria italica 

oc5, Ta^ conjunction answering to even if, al- 
though, as Q f9o3c5 oAw etat, although he 
come; s. string of a musical instrument: a. that. 

C3cJ 53>C) Tat-lcabala, s. vessel painted red. 

osis)e383, Tathawanawd , v. to tighten the string 
of an instrument; to stretch a bow: pret. S3s5 
5i3 tatkeiowd. 

cisyS), Tattica, s. (ojcj that (divine being), o 
twan thou, art) name of the Hindu Supreme Being 
or Brahma which is expressive of his real and 
essential nature and existence; essential nature, 
the human soul considered as one and the same 
with the divine spirit animating the universe; 
nature, state; truth, reality; substance as opposed 
to illusion, first principle, elementary property. 

^Giz^'iSr,^, Tattwajndna, s. knowledge of divine 
truth, or the essence of any thing. 

S3s5^8, Tattuwa, s. manner, mode. 

S5J(3^C53, Tatte, s. thirst. 

03C", Tatra, adv. there, therein, [CoUoq. <95B ehi']. 

C30X3c5, Tatpara,s. one thirtieth part of the time of 
the twinkling of the eye: a. diligent, attached 

^ to; careful; addicted to. 

03053(5is, Tatpurusha, s. that person; species of 
compound words usually consisting of two nouns, 
the first of which was in any case except the 
Nominative or Vocative; sometimes the case in- 
flexion is retained. 

05, Tatwa, see 353 tattwa. 

<5)si Cj30eo3, Tat-swabhdwa, s. its own peculiar 

sDsfeo, Tatsama, see Des tasama. 

S33, Tata, s. string of a violin or lute; sound of 
the lute: a. spread, diffused, expanded. 

^03253, Tatana, s. sickness, disease, disorder, suffer- 
ing (bodUy); shaking. 

?D03'25Da33, Tatanauawd, v. to rave, to storm when 
in a passion; to shake; to thunder: pret. 63xSD^ 
3 tetanuwd. 

!S)^, Tatu, s. cord, string; nature, disposition, 
mode, manner; fact, state. 

^(33, Tathd, adv, so, thus, in like manner. 

e3d3i53C5, Tathdgata, s. (sdSo thus, epcass dgata who 
came) name or epithet of Buddha, given him in 
allusion to his having come to or obtained the 
rank of Buddha in the same way as his predeces- 

3^, Tad, adjective pronoun, that. 

s3<^eo9, Tadbhawa, see 5S)9 tabawa. 

!S)q, Tada, a. hard, obdurate, firm, strong; great, 
excessive; resolute; vehement; severe, harsh. 

e355, Tadakama, s. severity, hardness. 

s3^555(5<?o3, Tadakaranawd, v. to tighten, to press 

^ down or close together. 

Q3<5(3, Tadabala, a. powerful, severe; serious. 

2D^S)(35d<sSc3, Tadabala-karanawd, v. to compel, 
to press on. 

3^coo, Tadayd, s. harsh austere man, hard hearted 
obdurate one. 

^<?j(3N>25^3, Tadawenawd, v. to be tightened or 

S5Se3, Taddhita, s. term applied to derivative 
nouns, as patronymics or derivatives of various 

SDj^cgE^, Tangus, s. sort of weed used in fishing. 

S3d'S(^, Tandal, s. master of a dhoni. 

c3ds3S3, Tantawd, see ^S)<53 berawd. 

C3:f^8c30, Tantiripata, s. kind of musical instru- 

ojessD, Tantu, s. thread; offspring, race, descend- 

?a3253CB, Tantuwdya, s. weaver, spider. 

O320gcs, Tantraya, s. treatise which teaches the 
nature and powers of the mantras, a sort of mys- 
tical or magical formula much used by astrolo- 
gers and magicians in their intercourse with 
demons; medicament, drug, or charm considered 





as such, much used by natives of every class; 
thread, cord; cord of a lute; service; dependence; 
trial, ordeal; oath; heap, multitude; wealth; 
house; loom; happiness, felicity. 

S55^, Tantri, s. string, rope; wire, or string of a 
lute; any vessel of the body; plant, menisjiei'mum 
glahrum, [CoUoq. (5e39^ rasalcinda\\ stalk of a 
bunch of plantains; musician. 

c525:J^(5D^D(5c63, Tandiramkdrayd, s. artful man, 

03^Jf(5, Tandtrama, s. perfidy. 

s^agj, Tandrd, "is. drowsiness, lassitude, exhaus- 

SD^^, Tandri, Jtion, weariness; sluggishness; syn- 

!Si?sSQxQ, Tanwesi, s. one using speech fit for the 

occasion: a. skilled, refined. 

S3sis33, Tanhd, 1 . , , 

J c^ m J. ' f see e3-4wS3 tanha. 
S3edJ5338, lanhawa, J 

C35JeB, Tanhi, adv. there, therein. 

OT'Ss, Tana, s. breast; longing; avarice; cocoa-nut 
tree: a. fine, thin; shaking, trembling; it fre- 
quently occurs as a corruption of o-iS^a tanhd. 

C5S09S, Tana-kiri, s. woman's milk. 

)5539iK>, Tanakiha, s. under part of the breast. 

6Da3o, Tananga, s. nipple or teat. 

DS3-?g(5, Tanatura, s. office, service, appointment, 
employment, pi. essD-egcJl tanaturu. 

co33<53S3, Tananawd, v. to make, to do, to build, 

to construct, to educate, to rear, to bring up; 

to shake: pret. 03ig383 tenuwd. 
S3303, Tanapd, s. (3253 breast, C33 who drinks) 

sucking child; breast-milk. 
33g8, Tana-puduwa, see S33<o tananga. 
C3S3C5, Tanaya, s. son, male descendant; child, 

ofEspring; breast of a female, sometimes written 

c^^:^' tane. 
S3-2oa53, Tanayd, s. daughter, [CoUoq. g duwd]. 
S33(5, Tanara, s. eyeball. 
C3i9, Tani, a. alone, single, individual. 
326 6(3)osj, Tani-ela-kaha, s. plant, hibiscus rosa 

sinensis, [Colloq. coocJ-eg^ sapattu-mal']. 
cD'J6 q-<<ScS), Tani-danda, s. shin, pi. oeflcjg tani- 

S3^^<^e5jrf, Tani-dahas, s. plant, tajetes patula. 
<356cs, Taniya, see S36 torn'. 
556c6J(^, Tani-yakmal, 8. plant, tajetes erecta. 
S5'253(5(^, Taniragu, s. plant, hibiscus rosa sinensis, 

rColloq. 30ci-22(^ sapattu-maQ. 

SDiQS-eg^if^, Tani-ivatusudda, s. ornamental shrub, 
tabemcemontana coronaria. 

C3i6e^<533g, Tanisnddu, s. rape. 

e?e6gc3fs53.?5D!S, Tani-suryakdnti, s, plant, helian- 
thus annuus, sun flower 

CD^, T'flw?*, 1 5. body; skin: a. small, little, 

5-Qs;, Tanuka, /minute, thin, fine, slender, deli- 
cate, lean, meagre, emaciated. 

S3^d, Tanuja, s. (o<^ body, d born) son; descen- 

SD-^g, Tanutra, s. (3g and ^ what preserves) 
mail, armour. 

SD'g^sJsoKJcs, Tanutydgaya, s. {^^ and tsi-a:s^ tyd- 
ga offering) offering of the body either as a reli- 
gious sacrifice or as an act of charity ; it is related 
of Buddha that while a candidate for that rank 
he gave his own flesh and blood to feed the poor 
to satisfy demons and to feed animals, to such 
an extent that he gave more blood than there 
is water in the sea and flesh than the earth of 
which this world is composed. 

?si^G^-&, Tanu-maddhya, s. (S3>Q and S)s) middle) 

55^(51 K), Tanuruha, s. hair (of the body); wing of 
a bird; son. 

sS'^Qto, Tanuwanga, s. (^-SQ fine, soft, ^to anga 
body) woman, [Colloq. t3 strQ. 

?DS^J, Tane', s. sternum or breast, see <a3co 

^d, Tajy, s. burning, consuming; destroying. 

o^KSD, Tapta, a. heated, inflamed, burnt with heat, 

ocjM-tsSo, Tappana, s. satisfaction, satiety, fulness; 
either the act of pleasing or being pleased ; reli- 
gious rite presenting water to the manes of the 

e?3(gc03, Tappaliyd, s. plump short man. 

sjo, Tajm, s. austerity, self-denial, penance, sub- 
duing the passions, virtue, moral merit; mental 
or bodily pain; superhuman power; heat, warmth, 
hot season. 

S3C3:^, Tapana, s. sun, [Colloq. (^6 ira]', one of 
the eight hells; heat, burning; also, marking nut. 

OTO^Q^S), Tapanisrita, s, (3C5 penance, e6(^S5 
accustomed to) one possessing the virtues of an 

S3053, Tapani, s. the Godavari river. 

3oi9ca, Tapaniya, s. (osci to b\irn, cfiQatb am'yar 
affix, what must be melted) gold, [Colloq. dcJ 
6s>S 7'atran^ ; a. to be heated. 




cDce^, l^apas, s. religious austerity, penance, mor- 
tification, practice of mental or personal self 
denial ; world, region inhabited by saints or devo- 
tees after death; virtue, moral merit, duty; 
among the Hindus the special observance of cer- 
tain things; thus, tapas of a Brahman is sacred 
learning; of a Kshatriya, the protection of sub- 
jects; of a Vaisya, almsgiving to Brahmans; of 
a Sudra, the service of the same tribe; and of a 
rishi or saint, feeding upon herbs and roots; 
name of a month magha (January-February) ; 
cold dewy season; hot season. 

03aee56, Tapasya, s. February-March. 

S30Gito, Tapasya, s. devout austerity, religious 

SDoe^^sS-iSscSo, Tapas-rakinawd, v. to become an 
ascetic, to perform the duties of an ascetic. 

S3r>:^0'5cc3, Tapasioarayd, s. hermit, ascetic. 

3s3ci825J, Tapasvin, s. ascetic, hermit, one given 
up to religious and devout penance; mendicant, 

S33es3i9, Tapasvtni, s. female devotee; spikenard. 

33S8, Tapasa, s. ascetic life. 

sjoeasis, Tapasatiga, s. {fSioti tapas and cpato 
anga religious ordinance) ordinance to be ob- 
served by an ascetic; there are thirteen of these. 

ssagesJ, Tapasun, corrupt form of 5D)g:f tawasun, 
which see. 

383S3, Tapinawd, v. to warm one's self near the 
fire or under the sun: pret. ODidoo tej)pd. 

S)S^cJg)s3, Tapodhana, s. (saoe^ tapas religious 
austerity, S)-so wealthj devotee, ascetic; one 
abounding in devout religious penance. 

s^s^oJ0^, Tapoicata, s. (s)c3e^ tapas and 3 what 
surrounds) country so called; part of central 
India remarkable for the piety of its inhabitants. 

osvaJSs:, Tapowana, s. sacred grove; place fre- 
quented by ascetics. 

sss^oJSaod?, Tapovritti, s. practices of an ascetic, 
mode or manner of life of an ascetic. 

S)C3xC Tapela, s. post, post mail, also Siio%Q 

3383, Tabanawd, v. to put, to place, to fix; to 
preserve, to keep not to use: pret. cJigSo tebitwd 
or ^SSo tibbd. 

S)), Tabciwd, s, (s3 that, ^) being derived) term 
in Elu grammar designating the vocables formed 
from the Sanskrit or mediately from the Piili by 
the mutation and elision of letters. 

D3, Tabd, ])ar. used in the sense of having put, 
placed; besides, in addition to, except, instead; 
'setting aside' putting out of the question' 
'not to speak of,' e. g. <3Ne33<555i3vi)s9 s;a35 e;^ 

53 (3<i)c35?9(^^C^B e^'^'v^'?) (233^3Co>3d :) 

He has suffered for his thievish act in this world, 
not to speak of (his suffering in) the future life. 

?, Tamba, s. copper; kind of copper colour; 
dewlap of a bullock; red colour. 

oJ), Tambahka, s. pinchbeck. 

e3Sgd(^, Tambadulul, s. name of Iswara or iva. 

3S)253 3cS3, Tambanakhayd, s. (sj copper, eaQ 
finger nail, cs3 pers. aff.) one having copper co- 
loured finger nails. 

cDc;3, Tambapata, s. copper-plate. 

S3S8(J, Tamba-pil, s. cocoa-nut tree, [Colloq. 
<3^e3D(^(53W pol-gaha^. 

33^, Tambara, s. red (colour) ; red water lily, 

^ [Colloq. (SNeafi nelum]. 

SD5d, Tambanlu, s. multitude of lotuses; also 
thocymus pictoris; see ^a<5^ karanda; bark of 
the bamboo. 

odSo, Tambala, s. kind of root, colocasia anti- 

S3(20S3, Tambalayd, s. kind of fish. 

S3 S-jgd, Tamba-watura, 8. river water during the 
time of a fiood. 

S3Q25J, Tambawan, s. (s3 copper, J colour) 
copper colour; dark or coppery red. 

sdSSCJd, Tambawald, see S^s^Jess? gond. 

?o8d, Tambawalu, s. bullock, [Colloq. i<5)D<^ 
gond^ . 

3Se3(^(3cs, Tambasalliya, s, one eighth of a penny, 
(literally) a copper challi. 

D9^, Tambasilu, s. cock, [Colloq. e5583 kuku- 

/a] ; gallinule. 
^^3J5, Tambdkka, see 3SJ5 tambakka, 
D(5;, Tamburu, s. generic name of the nymph^ 

or water lily, lotus, [Colloq. (J>2odi) nelum]. 

)C3C3, Tampald, s. kind of gxeens, rhubarb; 
plant, nothosoerua brachiata (Amarantacece). 

3i)33, Tampa, s. cow, [Colloq. 6c^^J eladena"]. 

3SS)d93, Tambanawd, v. to boil as meat: pret. 
3xl)83 tcmbuivd. 

e3SS)c3<d*2:^, Tambapamit, s. name of Ceylon. 

oil, Tambi, s. term used in addressing a Moor- 
man. (Tamil.) 




C3g0x(3, Tambutu-ivela, s. rattan or cane, pe- 
culiar to Ceylon, calamus ovoideus (Fabnce), pi. 
S39i(^ tambutu-ivel. 

ojSs^QJcSi, Tamboruwa, s. drum, tamborine, war 

e3i)33, Tammand, s. plant, peculiar to Ceylon, 
mischodon zeylanicus (Euphorbiaceoe). 

)t93i), Tamjnettama, s. two drums fastened 
together as kettle drums, pi. 3f)i93i> tammet- 

63, Tama, pron. he himself; s. darkness; dark- 
ness considered metaphorically, as ignorance; 
quality of darkness incident to humanity; tran- 
quillity of mind; state of an ascetic having sub- 
dued passions; error; name of Eahu. 

3S35, Tamataman, pron. one with another, 
applied to persons. 

<af, Taman, s. themselves; their own. 

C3S, Tamayi, par, even so. 

e3(5ig, Tamarupu, s. (s3 darkness, dig enemy) 
sun, [Colloq. goo^coo siiri/ayd~\. 

e3C Tamala, s. Sal or Saul tree, timber tree, 
shorea robusta. 

S)s, Tamalu, s. name of a tree bearing black 
blossoms, [Colloq. iaS53(^C'53S3 hollam-gaha']. 

C3e^, Tamas, s. religious austerity, penance, mor- 
tification, practice of mental or personal self 
denial; virtue, moral merit; practice of auster- 
ities according to the character or caste of the 

S)3)ee^, Tamasvtni, s. ()e^ darkness, i6 aff.) 
night, [Colloq. cS^cs rdtriya']. 

S)See, Tamasa, see S3 tama. 

/S33, Tamd, pron. him, one's self. 

C3D(2, Tamdla, s. name of a tree; see S3s 

S33(3C3^, Tamdla-patra, 8. (s3D(3 and otg leaf) 

sectarial mark on the forehead of a Hindu made 

* of a compound of ashes and sandal wood, and 

usually called tilaka; leaf of the Laur us cassia, 

S3, Tami, s. night. 

S3^g, Tamisra, s. darkness. 

S3g3, Thmisrd, s. night; very dark night; great 

darkness; night during the wane of the moon. 
^S3, l^ami, see S3^ tamt, 

S3g5, Tamun, s. themselves, their own* 

C3f easeds^e^, Tamunndnse, per. pron. you (res- 

Q3:f'25Di^BJ, Tamunnehe, s. you, somewhat res- 

S3(3^e^, Tamuse, per. pron. you, (politely). 

3(F^J-g^, Tamonuda, s. (s33e^ tamas darkness, 
(Q^ to send away, to disperse) sun; moon; fire; 
lamp ; epithet or title of Buddha. 

S3.ee9e5, Tarhkin, s. logician, disputer. 

, Tarka, s. plant, sesbania or chynomene sesban; 
logic, science of disputation; reasoning, argu- 
mentation, art of discussion or contending; doubt; 
thought; supplying an ellipsis; cause, motive; 
reduction to an absurdity. 
(5D3^co, Tarka-sdstraya, s. science of logic. 

C3fe3^d'<s^83, Tarjanakaranawd, v. to rebuke, 

Si&^a, Tarjanaya, s. rebuke, chiding, warning, 
threatening, menacing. 

ssSf^, Tar jam, s. forefinger, so called on account 
of its being held up as a sign of threatening or 

e38<s^cs, Tarpanaya, s. satisfaction, satiety, fulness; 
satisfaction given or received; act of pleasing or 
state of being pleased; perfumes; that which de- 
lights in smell or taste; that which gives health 
and vigour to the body. 

03, Tarsha, s. thirst; wish, desire, [Colloq. ^sso 
dsdwa^ . 

tS)6, Tara, s. raft, float; passing over, crossing; 
road; strength, power; name of Vishnu; any 
thing firm or immovable; a. great, stout, fat, 
lusty, strong, hard. 

S3doS^^, Taranke, s. door-bar, door-fastener. 

03<5'25g, Tarakshu, s. (s3d road, ^ kshi to annoy) 

S3(5453, Tarakama, s. fatness, stoutness. 

S3<53(5'^3, Tarakaranawd, v. to fatten. 

s3(5o, Taranga, s. wave; debate, contest, argument, 

s3<5o><5<sS83, Taraugakaranawd, v. to compete, 

^ ^ to rival, dispute, argue. 

D<5-^, Tar ana, s. crossing, going over; passing; 
raft, float; sharp or cutting instrument, as sword, 
knife, axe; shrub, webera corymbosa (Riibiaceoe). 

S3(5-<855S), Taranabatu, s. species of night shade, 
solatium sodomeum, 

S3(5^, Tarani, s, going aci*oss, passing over; sunj 
ray of light; float, raft, boat; sort of aloe. 

1s^<5lS^<^^s^, Tara-dena, s. fat or well fed cow. 
03i5dg, Tarappuwa, s. staircase. 




S3(5, Tarama, s. rank, quality, station in life; 

size, bulk, measure, quantity, pi. ac5i) taram. 
3(5coasj2o83, Taramagahanawd, v. to decapitate, 

to behead. 
Side? Tarala, s. agitation, trembling, rolling; 

moving; gruel, rice gruel; liquid, any vinous 

or spirituous liquor; necklace, central gem in 

a necklace. 
3<58235(5<3S3, Tarawatukaranawd^ v. to censure, 

to reprove, to reprimand. 
a)(588, Tarawatuwa, s. censure, menace, reproof, 

Dd393, Tarawanawd, v. to rub on, to daub: 

pret. C3iS^(583 terewwd. 
iSidcS, Taras, s. strength, power, force; speed, ve- 
locity; raft; bear, [Colloq. Qeoo walasd^. 
3de3, Tarasa, s. hyena, Elu form of S3<5ag tarak- 

03(5k, Taraha, s. wrath, rage, anger, choler, passion. 
SDc5C'> Tarahald, s. goldsmith, [Colloq. S)e)3C3 

s^<5^l3^)'5^J, Tarahawenawd, v. to become angry. 
S3^, Tard, s. sunbeam, ray of light, [Colloq. ded 

33(^^(5, Tardtirama, s. rank, station, pi. cj^ 

^d> tardtiram. 
ejfiofco, Tarddiya, s. scales, small pair of scales, 

C35, Tan, s. crossing, way over a river; boat, float, 

S35g, Tarindti, s. (5(5 tara star, ^g indti lord) 

moon, [Colloq. w^ handa]. 
3c3i, Taru, 8. tree; stars. 
3c5i ^@cs, Tarnr-eliya, s. star-light. 
!Si(Si^, Taruna, s. young man, youth, one of virile 

age; castor oil plant; a. young, youthful, ju- 
venile; new, fresh. 
3d^<3^, Taruni, s. young woman, pi. tsi(Si'i^(S^a5 

taruniyo; aloe tree, aloe vulgaris, [Colloq. is^s^i 

355J homdrilcd'], 
3<5l<s^, Tarum, s, youth; young man; a. young, 

sj^e^g, Taruppu, s. kind of gem, rubal. 
3<5iu^, Tarupati, s. (s3c5i stars, 63^ chief) moon, 

[Colloq. 6)^ handal. 
a^(f*s33S3, Tarupona, s. cocoa-nut in which the 

kernel is not quite hardened. 
tsidiQfsy), Tarulatd, s. plaiit, ipomea qtiamocltt. 
tSi<SiQiC Taruwela, s. constellation, asterism. 

e3(^, Tal, s. palmyra tree, borassus flabelUformia 

( Pabnae); nightshade. 
^(^55^, Tal-/carida, s. stem of the palmyra tree. 
05(^>53C, Tal-kola, s. palmyra leaf used for writ- 
ing on and making baskets. 
S3(^ci53sj, Tal-gaha, s. palmyra tree: see O^ tal. 
e3(5ca3, Tal-diviyd, s. enraged tiger. 
en(^oo3, Talpata, s. letter written on the leaf of 

the palmyra tree. 
?S3(^ o<^<3(^, Tal-pardle, s. palmyra rafter. 
S3(^S), Tabnaha, s. whale. 
S3(^ ^, Tal-rd, s. toddy or liquor extracted from 

the palmyra tree. 
S5(^C? Talla, s. roof of the mouth, palate; part 

under the tongue; reservoir, large tank or pond. 
e3(4(3<5<s03, Tallamaranawd, see 3d(5-<a5oS3 

sacg^'j Tallikd, key. [Colloq. csg<5 yaturaJ] 
S3(^, Tallu, s. push, thrusting, shove. 
S3(^g5<5-<sS3, Tallukaranawd, v. to push, to 

thrust, to shove. 
C3(^35<5, Talwdkara, s. arrack of the second 

ac^z9, Talweta^ s. fan used by the priests of 

Buddha to hide their faces when preaching and 

to prevent their seeing women when travelling; 

common fan, [Colloq. oQ'^otSi pawanpata']. 

S)C> Tula, 8. plain, surface; shelf or layer; bottom 
or support of any thing; place or firm spot, the 
ground; essential nature; depth, bottom; infe- 
riority of position, place under the earth; sole of 
the foot; palm of the hand; quiver; leathern 
fence worn by archers on the left arm; palmyra 
tree; span; hole, hollow; sea shore; blades; 
sesamum, sesamum indicum; talipot tree, cory- 
pha umbraculifera (Palmce). 

S3Q {^(5^9, Tala-ete, s. sesamum seed, forming the 
smallest of the doctor's weights, it is about one 
ninth of a gr. troy. 

SDCJiS59Q, Talakkattu, 8. top. 

s3(^Q8cis33, Talakmttd, s. francoline or painted 
partridge, francolinus pictus ( Tetrocindoe order 

C3(3<S^<553co3, Talagoydi s, land lizard called tgimna 
(edible) Varamis draccena ('order Sauria), 

S5(;s5, Talat, s, name of Balabhadra or Balardma. 
0(2(?>$>(^, Tala-tet, s. sesamum oil, gingely oil. 
3C^, Talan, s. beam, rafter; 




CD(;^9, Talani, s. kind of cloth manufactured from 
the bark of trees. 

0(30, Talapa, s. kind of porridge. 

oes3C3, Talapata, s. leaf of the palmyra tree, used 
as a screen for the head against the sun or rain, 
pi. 63(30 6J talapat. 

s>0^^5 Talapata, s. sword fish, pi, 3e!3sJ^ 

fOQS^ooQ, Talapota, s. plant, hibiscus abelmoschus ; 
shrub, cassia awriculata, [Colloq. 6i^Q<^ rana- 
tvard or c5SS)(5gc5 diyaberaliya~\. 

5ee Tala-mala, s. flower of the taKpot tree, or 
of the sesamum plant, 

OC^'^SQj Tala-muruwata, s, dregs or refuse of 
the sesamum grain after the oil has been ex- 
pressed, used as food when mixed with jaggery. 

e5(;cs, Talaya, s. the blade of any instrument, see 
C3(3 tala, 

S3qQ^, Tala-wadi, s. spirit of arrack. 

0(39, Talawwa, s. meadow, plain, [Colloq. 683 
dies 2)iUanii/a] ; part of the road frequently gone 
over by cart-bullocks, wheels etc. 

O^D, Tald, s. high ground, hUl; plant, basil, of 
which according to Sii^halese botany there are 
twenty-two species and varieties; see Mr. Moon's 
work; Dr. Trimen gives six species of the genus 
ocimum as belonging to Ceylon, see eSsissgo 
hintald and i)g<5i3C' madurutald; Roxburgh 
includes thirteen species in the Flora Indica;- 
large pond covered with flowers ; any large sheet 
of water; tree, cathartocarpus fistida. 

S5C3'3*^3C? Taldkola, s. leaf of the holy basil 
which is used medicinally; see ^(SiS3Q0 maduru- 

^&^Ci Taldtala, s. one of the seven divisions of 
the infernal regions. 

53C3^, Taldrida, \s. beam, not to support the roof 


irida, \ 
an, J 

fSiQ^fsi, Taldn, J but to keep the pillars from 

<D33S), Taldwa, s, open glade, or meadow, table 
land; open country without jungle in the moun- 
tainous districts, sometimes called asjsa patana. 

5(3, Tali, 8. brazen or metal dish, platter; basin, 

sjgco, Taliya, s. charger or large metal or brazen 

dish; bason; plate. 
3gel, Talis, s, tree so called, which is much used 

aH a medicine by the natives, Jlacourtia cata- 

phracta, [Colloq* 6z) <^<^d^ta rata-^guressay, 

yellow orpiment. 

S3<s^(^, Tale, s. blade of a sword or any sharp ins- 
S3C?tQ, Taleta, see sj^'^s^Q tala-ete. 

S3l)(3t(3*S)383, Taw-lebenawd, v. to fade, to decay, 
to waste. 

S3, Tawwa, s. hole to drive a nail in. 

o9, Tawa, s. ascetic or the state of an ascetic or 

Tapasaya: adv. more, yet, still, moreover. 
559 e5, Tawat, ad. furthermore, moreover, still more. 
<539c3, Tawataioa, adv. more and more. 
sd9<:j, Tawada, particle used to introduce a sen- 
tence or paragraph, answering to our moreover, 

furthermore, and, etc. 
a385d'^S5(5<sS83, Tawankaranawd, v. to rear plants, 

to put in a nursery, form nursery of plants. 
S)9D0D, Tawanawd, v. to foment, to warm, to 

revive nature by the application of outward 

stimulants: pret. OtgQD tewuwd. 
sjSotC, Tawapela, s. (o ascetic, oiQ house) 

house occupied by a Buddhist ascetic or hermit, 

pi. S39c3t(^ tawapel, [Colloq. c^desQ pansala"]. 
03, Tawama, adv. still, to this hour, yet. 
S3<5, Tawara, s. daubing, smearing, anointing. 
SD9(5'<fl93, Tawaranawd, v. to besmear, to daub, 

to anoint, to plaster: pret. s3tc5j,S3 tewaruwd^ 
(^C Tawalla, s. upper part of a tank cultivated 

when the water is low. 
Si^Q, ,Tawalama, s. number of oxen laden with 

merchandize; mart or station on the frontiers 

for the sale or exchange of commodities, pi. 

ojSqI) taivalam. 
SiQtS, Tawas, ") Elu form of &otS tapas the opa 
SjSes, Tawasa, J being changed for wa according 

to a rule in Elu grammar which applies to all 

the words formed from this primitive. 
eaeftf, Tawasara, s. ascetic; see 2De^ tawas and 

S)C3e5 tapas. 
e393, Tawd, p. having fomented: pret. of S3933 

tawanawd. '^ 

33<53, Tawdna, s. nursery of plants, pi. SiQi&i 

asQig, Tawdlu, s. kind of paddy. 

3^K3t559i53cs, Tawutisdbhaivauaya, s. (s5d9 tdwa 
three, ^oes tinsa thirty, esD^ bhawana place of 
residence) name of a Swarga, alluding to the 
thirty three eminently holy persons who, by the 
power of their devout religious austerities, went 
direct from this world to heaven, and are now 
inferior gods, at the head of whom is Sakrayd or 




C3^-<sJcc83, Tawumaranawd, v. to cause to fade, 
by holding a leaf and over the fire : pret. S5 
x:5i9o tawumeruivd. 

63gi)7'3Nd'-<!jjo93, Taioumerenawd, v. to pade as a leaf 
before the fire and sun: pret. (Si^i)i6i<^ tawu- 

sjgj^, Tawura, a. solid, firm, immovable. 

65:Ji, Taivuru, a. delay, procrastination. 

ogf^, Tawus, see o8di taivas. 

aseeasd, Taskara, s. thief, robber; spring shrub, 
vangueria spinosa. 

636923 !?, TasJcari, s. passionate woman. 

C3e3, Tasama, s. (c5 that, es like, same) appella- 
tion, in Elu grammar, of Sanskrit and Pali words 
retained in the language without any change of 

C5es(5, Tasara, s. shuttle, see 3a)D9 naddwa. 

), Tahadmva, s. flatness; any beaten metal 
plate ; lock. 

?53S3:fSc6, Tahansiya, see tstsasi tahanama. 

S3SJ2S3i)255d^83, Takanamkaranawd, v. to prohibit, 
obstruct, confiscate. 

63C5>3, Tahanama, s. attachment of goods; prohi- 
bition, obstruction, impediment. 

S3S5jg(5l, Tahawuru, a. firm, hard, strong. 

<D(S2o9d, Talanau-d, v. to flog, to beat, to strike, 
to scourge: pret. e3id3 teluwd. 

tSi^'iSSiOi, Taldkaya, s. tank, pond, [Colloq. S^c30 
<^ pokuna'\ . 

s>d(55S338o, Talugasanawd, v. to taste; to move 
the jaws; to smack the lips. 

co(5<^93, Talumaranawd, s. smack the lips. 

033, Td, pron. thee. 

S33J, Tdk, a particle or termination answering to 
untU, unto, to that time, till then &c. &c. 

333 esJ^^, Tdkkmva, s. mitigation or abatement as 
applied to disease. 

S)3(3NCEf, Tdge, pron. your, thine or thy. 

S3Dca, Tdchchiya, s. large earthen vessel, frying 

ojDeOofi), Tddanka, s. (oS tada shine, cpSto aAka 
aff.) ornament for the ear. 

odQot, Tddana, s. beating, whipping, [Colloq. 

Oig teltma']. 
e339cc, Tddamya, f. p. to be beaten, punishable. 
e33<s*c8, Tdndawa, s. dancing, the act of dancing. 
33-dE, Tdndi, s. science of dancing. 
03iJ33, Tdttd, s. father, in familiar language. 

03)di5g8, Tdttuwa,s. chant, musical measure; danc- 
ing to the beat of the tom-tom. 

33S3, Tdta, 8. father; also a son, in familiar lan- 
guage ; holy man, sage, a venerable and respect- 

C33<^ac, Tddrisa, a. such like, like him, it, etc. 

cDoefJ, Tdn, a. new, unbleached. 

033S)838, Tdntuwdwa, s. obstacle, difiiculty, per- 

C333i;i55, Tdntvika, s. scholar, man completely 
versed in any science ; but it particularly refers 
to one who has studied and follows the doctrines 
of the s)-s>5j tantra which see. 

OTJerJsa^oedio, Tdnnamdnna, s. presents and dis- 
tinctions conferred by the king or Government. 

s^o?^(S^64^, Tdnredda, s. new unbleached cloth, 

S333, Tana, s. tune; expanse, extension; object of 
sense; protection, refuge, deliverance, salvation. 

S33'2SD, Tdnama, s. tune or kind of chant repeated 
to the beat of the tom-tom. 

S33'2SD3353(5c3, Tdndntaraya, s. high office, office of 

state, any great or important employment or 

avocation, corrupt form of toSj^sDa^ocDdco sthd- 

C3333o^c83, Tdndpattyd, s. ambassador. 

2D0S3jco9, Tdndyama, s. rest house, place of ac- 
commodation for travellers. 

sD3<5>si, Tdne, s. place, spot. 

eroda'^'SJc Tdppamola, s. large wooden hammer 
for beating or levelling the ground. 

S33rfs^a, Tdppe, s. wall of a garden, stone or clay 
fence, pi. C3)do tdppa. 

S33C3, Tdpa, s. heat, burning; splendour (reflection 
of the sun) ; pain of mind, sorrow, distress of 

^io2s?cfl, Tdpanaya, s. act of heating or burning, 

inflaming; sun; arrows of Kama, the Indian god 
of love. 
C330^c8, Tdpaniya, a. to be heated, glowing as 

SJDOco, Tdpaya, s. name of one of the hells, that 
in which the punishment consists of burning; 
see C3)C3 tdpa. 

S33oee, Tdpasa, see oivtS tapas. 

S3DOCQC53, Tdpasayd, s, ascetic, religious devotee; 
hermit, one living in the practice of devout reli- 
gious penance. 

tS3i6Scf^, Tdpinja, 1 s. tamdla tree, xanthocy- 

(Sii&ts^^, Tdpinjana, ) mus pictorius, [Colloq. 
<s^53(^(3i)3S5 kollam-gaha~\. 




fsyi&cS, Tdpin, s. person oppressed by heat. 

e^^s^rf, Tape, see odo tdpa. 

03^, Tdmbra, s. corrupt form of od^, copper, 

[Colloq. Si tamba'\; dark red kind of sandal 

wood, pterocarpus santalinus, 
Sii^:^^, Tdmbi'da, s. hetel, piper betel; areca-nut. 
OD^S^C^Og, Tdmbulawalli, s. betel creeper, see 

ecJi(3 hulatwela. 
333, Tdma, s. object of terror; fault, defect, vice; 

anxiety, distress; desire; thyself, even thee; 

see 65 tawama. 
(5yi6, Tdmara, s. water; ghee or oiled butter. 
033 '5=3, Tdmarasa, s. blue lotus, nehmibium 

speciosum, [Colloq. (3^^5^l6D ne/m]; gold; cop- 
e33G'SSj Tdmalaki, s. plant, flacoiirtia cataphrac- 

ta, [Colloq. <50 ^cgd^e^es 7'ata-uguressa]. 
e33es, Tdmasa, s. darkness. 
'S33^,&, Tdmasi, s. very dark night; name of the 

goddess Durga. 
C33g, Tdmra, see SJ tamba. 
S335SQ5, Tdmralcuttaha, s. tobacco; the word 

is imitative of the foreign original, [Colloq. gi) 

5^^553 c? dumhola]. 
S3);99, Tdmrakuta, s. brazier, [Colloq S^cJ^gcJl 

3 lokuruivd^. 

Sii^s^QcA, Tdmra-hulaya, s. brazier caste. 

S3DggeaScs, Tdmra-kushthaya, s. leprosy. 

e>3^g6D, Tdmrachuda, s. (e33) and S) crest) cock. 

C3)oQ0, Tdmrapatta, s. copper plate, such as 

Hindu grants of land, etc. are frequently 
inscribed on. 

S>3C3^, Tdmra-pati'a, s. copper plate. 

(Si'i'^o^, Tdmraparna, see (5>53(^S kollu. 

03o-(^^, Tdmra-parnm, s. (s33 and c3<!fi^P 
leaf) name of a river in India and of the district 
in its vicinity. 

C33c3(3q8, Tdmra-pcdlawa, s. tree, alangium hex- 
apetaliim, [Colloq. S^sjJod hopahi]. 

033g53o, Tdmra-pushpa, s. (ojg and g5 flower) 
name of a plant bearing red flowers, kcempferia 
rotunda, [Colloq. csS(5vi55e^ yawakenda'] ; moun- 
tain ebony, bauhinia variegata or purpurea; 
trumpet flower, stereospermum suare-olens. 

^3^g9, Tdmra-pushpt, s. (derived as the fore- 
going), flowering shrub, tvoodfordia Jloribunda; 
trumpet flower; red teori. 

osg^C) Tdmraphala, s. (osg and 6e fruit) tree, 

alangium hexapetalum, also <SiSSii^-<^ rukanguna. 

i 1__ 

033(3>(3ds) Tdmra-loha, s. copper, [Colloq. sS 

tatnba'] . 
?a3S-^, Tdmra-warna, s. (oDsg and ^^ff colour) 

copper colour. 
)3g8-.^<s3^, Tdmra-warni, s. blossoms of sesamum. 
03D^C(Q, Tdmrawalli, s. (S33 and E)qS creeper) 

Bengal madder, rubia manjith or oldenlandia 

umbellata, [Colloq. St(^<jS welmadata]. 
03383fls, Tdmra-vriksha, s. (o33 and aJss tree) 

kind of sandal wood, pterocarpus. 
633S3)ro, Tdmra-vrinta,s. kind of vetch, [Coll: 

v53(^g kollu'\ ; a tree, nyctanthes arbor tristes, 

[Colloq. G^eSaoQsepdla or is^eSooQsiO sepdlikd']. 
Q33cS3, TdmrasikM, s. (o33 and c8a)3 sikhd 

crest, 926 ini affix) cock, [Colloq. 5? ^3 

S33 533(5, Tdmrasdra, s. (033 and ce3c5 pith) red 
kind of sandal wood: see 033^ tdmbra. 

C336^^J3, Tdrkshya, s. collyrium for the eyes or 
eyelashes; name of Garuda; see (S3<Si8^ garuda; 
horse; gold; tree, vateria indica, [Coll: 33(^ AoZ]. 

sosSa^SiSd', Tdrkshyadhwaja, see CTCJ^a^Qd ga- 

C33d<ss (Sts^oc, Tdrkshya-saila, s. (cssds^aa col- 
lyrium, S>(5N(53(3 stone) substance made from the 
calx of brass, or from the amomum anthorrhiza 
and used as a collyrium or medical application to 

the eyes, [Colloq. (Sess^s^^eo rasdnjana']; red 

e33 5Si55, Tdrkika,s. logician; philosopher, sophist. 

0335, Tdra, s. skeleton; silver, [Colloq. 8^ ridQ; 
crossing or passing over; star; planet, asterism; 
high note or tone in music; peai'l; beauty or 
elegance of a pearl; pupil of the eye; kind of 
pitch; a. radiant, shining, clean, clear; good; 
wellflavoured ; resplendent. 

033dj53, Tdraka, s. star in general; crossing, act of 
passing over; float, raft; eye, pupil of the eye, 
pilot; helmsman, steersman; name of a noted 
demon destroyed by Kdrtikeya or Kataragama 
deviyo; protector, preserver. 

c<0)(533c3, Tdrakddhipa, s. (c3o6^. tdraka star etc. 
cpSc3 adhipa ruler) moon, [Colloq, so^ ha'Bda'\. 

033c5s)3, Tdrakdwa, s. star, planet, asterism, con- 

e336^5s?85, Tdrake'swara, s. (o33(5) tdraka and 
d(sQ6 iswara chief) moon. 

e33<5-<j^, Tdrana, s. crossing, passing over; boat, 
float, raft, 




33(5s)j3, Tdratamya, s. more or less, the state or 

33(5'S33, Tdrand, see oodoes^ tdrdpati. 

033(35, T'ara, s. goddess, wife of Vrihaspati the re- 
gent of the planet Jupiter; wife of Sugriva king 
of the monkeys; name of Durga the wife of Siva 
and mother of the Kataragama deviyo ; pupil of 
the eye; star, 

a3(^c3, Tdf'ddhijM, s. see a33d5o?S tdrdpati. 

S)3<^o^, Tdrdpati, s. (cjac^ star, o^ chief) moon. 

)3(^S3S, Tdrdpatha, s. (e33<5 and od road, way) 
atmosphere, firmament, sky or visible heavens, 
[CoUoq. ^)3e3 dkdsa']. 

S33G593, Tdrdwd, s. drake. 

s)3^, Tdrdvi, s. duck. 

S33c5i>D (g^S)3, Tdrukd-ibbd, s. starred tortoise, tes 
tudo elegans (Chelonia). 

>3<5i>D8, Tdrukdwa, corruptly for S33(5)3) tdra- 

33C5l-<ss38, Tdrunya^s. youth. 

)3Q, Tdla, s. short span, one measured by the 
thumb and middle finger; the open hand with 
the fingers extended; musical time; beating time 
in music by clapping the hands: sort of cymbal 
played with a stick; palmyra tree, [CoUoq. 3(^ 
e5W tal-gaha~\\ yellow orpiment, [CoUoq. sSS 
C6^ hiriyaV]. 

)3(3oo3&5, Tdlanpataya, s. accompaniment of the 
tambourine with dancing. 

)3(3C3^> TdlajJatra, s. (s33C palmyra, ats) leaf) 
leaf of the palmyra tree, much used in writing; 
kind of ear-ring made of pieces of the leaf of 
this tree, being rolled up in an ornamental way 
and used as a substitute for the following, viz. 
a hollow cylinder of gold, with or without a ring 
attached to it, thrust through the lobe of the ear 
and worn chiefly by the Hindus and higher 
classes of Malabar women as an ornament, 

)3Ci3^S)3, Tdlapatrikd, s. leaf of the palmyra 
tree, much used in writing native books, 

C33(^e3-2a5Scc, Tdlapantiya, s. row of palmjrra trees. 

Q33Q^d, Tdla-Uja, s. (s53G palmyra, d seed) 
seed of the palmyra. 

Q30QoQ, Tdlampai , s. sort of cymbal peculiar to 
the Tamils; accouipaniment of the tambourine 
with dancing* 

S33CQ') Tdlama, s. teatiag time in music; kind of 
measured chant which is repeated when beating 
the tom-tom, and dancing. 

^3C6'2553, Tdlamulikd, 1 s. tuberous stemless 

^3C6) TdlamuU, J plant with yellow 
flowers, curculigo orchioidea, [Colloq. ^^ J 
SD(^ Mn-bintaiy 

iSioQOi, Tdlaya, see 03C tdlama, 

033G8a5^, Tdla-vriksha, s. palmyra tree, borassus 
flabellijormis, [Colloq. 3(5 tal"]. 

S33c983e3, Tdla-vrinta, s. (fSiOQ palm of the hand, 
SaaooD root or stalk) fan, alluding to its shape 
which when made from the young leaf of the 
palmyra expands from the hand like a leaf from 
its stem. 

s)3(33Sto, TdldAka, s. name of Balabhadra or 
Balarama elder brother of Krishna. 

S33(33]te)5?c5 TdldAkajit, s. (c53(3393sd and t^si 
who conquers) name of Kartikeya, or as he is 
called in Ceylon Kataragama deviyo, in allusion 
to his conquering Balabhadra, being born for 
that purpose. 

S33@, Tdli, s. sort of key or pin; species of the 
mountain palm, corypha taliera, or talipot c. 
iLmbraculifera, [Colloq, SJg tala^ ; thorny tree, 
jlacourtia catap>hracta, [Colloq. 6z) ^(^d/tSea 
rata-uguressa']; fragrant kind of earth; spi- 
rituous juice of the palm; common toddy ex- 
tracted from the cocoa-nut tree, 

D3(3co, Tdliya, s. large pot or vessel either earthen 

or metallic, but chiefly the latter; kind of tablet 

or collar made of gold and worn on the neck of 

the Moor and Malabar women, [Colloq. OtQS 

^iS, Tdlif s. talipot tree, [Colloq. ssc^cos) tala- 

gaha"] ; see )3(g tdli. 
5a(3sso^o, TdUsa-patran, s. kind of medical plant 

or its lea,i, Jlacourtia cataphracta, see S39g tdli. 
SD3S^S)3, Tdlukd, s. palate, 
C33Se^^^<5, Tdlujdkshara, s. any palatal letter. 
S)3S)3g:, Tdwakdlika, s. time of the day in 

which it is lawful for the priests of Buddha to 

eat, viz. at any hour before twelve o'clock or 

S538.oe3c5, Tdwatinsaya, s. name of Sakraya's 

heaven on the summit of Mahameru : see sag^ees 

co8ocfl taivutisdbhawanaya. 
6339(5, Tdwara, s. things without life; plant, a?7t/ 

macrorhizon; bow-string; a. firm, immoveable, 

the Elu form of ceQ38(5 sthdwara. 
Q33^a3 Tdvikd, s. Indian taUor bird, orthotomus 

sutoriits (Timaliidw order Passeres). 




OJesgco, Tdsapriya, s. tree, nepheltum longana, 
[Colloq. (3v35 7nora or 295:3 qdS) Iciripalw- 

&, Ti, s. three, [Colloq. ^g tuna']. 

^o^e65, Tintriniha, s. corrupt form of &f5y&siss) 

^J, TeX^ s. spot, freckle, mark, spots on tigers or 
deer; powerful rays of the sun. 

^W3, Tikta, s. bitterness, bitter taste; medical 
plant, echites antidi/senterica, [Colloq. fS^ssiS^ 
kelinda]; tree, capparis Roxburghii; another 
medical plant, mollugo pentaphylla; a. bitter, 
sharp, pungent, tart, keen. 

&iSfSiSSi, Tihtaka, s. sort of gourd, [CoUoq. g 
iQ3 dummella]; kind of gentian; dark kind of 
mimosa catechu. 

i<55W3(5J2a)3, TiJda-gandhd, s. (^25X55 bitter, csisa) 
fragrance) plant, lycopodium imbricatum. 

^5S)OTGCD, Tihta-dugdhd, s. medicinal species of 

i^5S38cg53)3, Tiktawallikd, s. plant, sanseviera 
zeylanica, [Colloq. sQcc^ niyanda']. 

^33DC5335, Tiktasdka, s. (^^S5SD bitter, C335 vege- 
table) kind of mimosa; another plant, capparis 

49>K)es33(5, Tiktahdra, s. plant, species of the mi- 

^5S33, Tiktd, s. febrile medicament, compounded 
of three pungent substances, viz. black pepper, 
long pepper, and dried ginger; medicinal plant, 
iSi^^<S^<5i^<s^ kdtukardhim, [CoUoq. ^S))^(5J 
es3 katukarosana] . 

?9s5?93, Tiktikd, s. bitter gourd. 

^^sJcavoDCKi'j Tik-jyolangd, see ^d<s^O3QiSi0 tit- 

^Js\<5^, Tikmerada, s. sun, [CoUoq. ^cs^cso 

^}(3^K)(g, TikheU, s. man without feet; cripple. 

&^(sxaoQ, Tikitsdwa, corrupt form of SoDe3D8 
chikitsdwa, which see. 

^^> Tikula, s. mountain with three peaks. 

4^256, Tikulu, s. (^ three, 25 pungent) medicine 
compoimded of ginger, black and long pepper. 

^Qsa, Tigma, s. heat, that peculiar kind of heat 
existing in spices and aromatic plants; a. pun- 
gent; sharp, keen, bitter, acrid. 

^(sQooeg, Tigmansu, s. ('S<s^ tigma heat, tfocsg a?isu 
ray) sun, [CoUoq. gji^csa suryayd"]^, a. cruel, 
fierce, savage. 

&siii&, Tigessi,s. startling, startle, fright; hesita- 

^S)i,e^8(5^-253S3, Tigessiivenawd, v. to be startled. 

?9c9c533, Tingurasa, Elu form of ^r dcs tigma- 
rasmi, see ?S(S3ocg tigmdnsu. 

^3, Tita, pron.fem. dat. singular to thee. 

^So(?3, Tititiga, s. Sesbania cegyptiaca, (TamU 
Karum chembai) ; ardisia humilis, [CoUoq, S)d 
q% baludam or ^co<^ diyadamba']. 

^65, Tzi, Elu form of ^^^ ttrthaka, which see; 
a. bitter. 

^65s), Titta, a. bitter, pungent, peppery. 

^sJo ff2g3, Titta-anguna, s. plant, leptadenia 

jSsJs) 5gc5^, Titta-kapuru, s. bitter kind of cam- 

^e5o 9<^, Tittd-kinda, s. plant, Tinospora ci^ispa 

(Menispennacece) . 
^aJo s^^55^g, Titta-komadu, s. bitter gourd, 

citrullus colocynthis, [CoUoq. coJ^)3 3/a^- 
komadu^ . 

^55s3 ^x.s9S, Titta-kekiri, s. bitter species of cu- 
cumber, cucumis madaraspatanus. 

^s5c3cs5e^, Titta-gas, s. plant, trichadenia zeyla- 
nica (Bixinece); also called Tolol. 

^cJo g3xd(3 Titta-dummella, s. plant, tricho- 
santhes cuumerina, see gi^SxC^C dummella. 

^s5o3 G? Titta-labu, see ^5s3 S^^asSQ <?a- 

^d 63053, Tittayd, s, small river fish. 

^s5<53 (5e3, Titta-rasa, s. one of the seven tastes, 

^Ssjs) (9, Titta-U, s. worm- wood. 
^53a3(3^S(5^, Tittd-weralu, s. species of wild olive. 
^c5s) 8l^S^5^^, Titta-wetakolxi, s. creeping plant, 

genus luffa: see q(59t0(3^S53d ddra-wetakolu, 

and '29cs2d'8t0<5>S53 niyan-ioetakolu. 
?Ss56> 8i(^, Titta-wel, s. plant, anamirta pani- 

cidata, (Menisjyermacece). 
^sis) S3(^, Titta-hal, s. tree, variety of vateria 

^sJs3 (S^e3S)(3, Titta-hondala, s. climbing plant, 

the root said to be poisonous, trichosanthes pal- 

mata (Cucwbitacece). 
^x8(5, Tittira, 1 s. spotted snipe, [CoUoq. ^sJ 
^xS5, re^rn, J 83 tit-watuwd']. 

<3^c33e53, Tit-polangd, s. deadly viper, daboia 
russellii (Ophidia). 
^SsJ 38c3) Tit-mdpild, s. snake, variety of dipsaa 




^si 3, Ttt-muwd, s. spotted deer, axis maculatiis. 

^c5 83, Tit-ivatuwd, s. (^d spotted, gSa 
snipe) spotted quail or snipe. 

So, Tita, s. speck, freckle, spot, mark; mole, spots 
upon a tiger, deer etc.; mark in pimctuation. 

^^, Titi, Elu form of ?98 tithi, which see. 

^'3i33'i, Titikshd, s. patience, resignation, suffer- 
ance, endurance; pardon, forgiving. 

^6^:^, Titikshu, a. patient, resigned. 

?9^c3, Titiya, s. Elu form of ^S tithi or ^8cs 

^S, Tithi, Is. lunar day; one-thirtieth of a 

jSSgo, Tithiya, } whole lunation. 

Si^i^, Tidas, s. a god, 

?9ije^a?9, Tidaspati, see ^^Sg tidasindu. 

&qd^6, Tidaspura,s. name of Swarga or cag^seo 
eoSsDiS tawutisd-bhawanaya, which see. 

<S^e^<5<?, Tidasrada, s. {&qtS god, dq king) name 
of Sakra or Indra alluding to his being the chief 
of gods. 

^<?e^<5<:jc8, Tidasradaviya, s. (SqtSdci and fp^ca 
aviya instrument) rain-bow, in allusion to its 
being the bow of Sakra or Indra the king of 
Swarga and regent of the skies or visible hea- 

^i^ee, Tidasa, s. a god. 

!iqs3^6 Tidasapura, s. (?9<^es and g<5 city) Swarga, 
heaven or the region of the gods, situated on the 
summit of Mahameru. 

^iji^g, Tidasindu, s. {^qta tidasa god, g indu 
chief or lord) name of Sakra as lord or chief 
of the gods of C3 9 ^esDW 8-25300 tawutisdbhawana- 
ya, which see. 

&^^6d, Tidesraja, see ^^fig tidasindu. 

?925?6^a), Tintida, "l s. tamarind tree, [Colloq. 

^2oS55)3, Tintidikd, } &c&co siyambald~\. 

^a3sS3, Tm^eW, s. tamarind tree; also emblic myro- 
balan, [Colloq. fS^is^i^Q nelli~\. 

^asS^, Tintidika, s. tamarind tree or its fruit. 

^ag, Tindu, \s. tree, from the fruit of which 

^>."a5, Tinduka, ) a, kind of resin is obtained, 
iised in India as pitch for caulking vessels, etc., 
diospyros embryopteris, [Colloq. ?98 timbiri']. 

^S-ag^S, Tindukt,s. fruit of the last mentioned tree. 

?9<?C Tindula, see ^-fg tindu. 

S)^cs, Tiniya, s. tree peculiar to Ceylon, doona 
congesfifolia ( Dipterocarpaceoe) 

^S'S^ajD, Tiniyum 

^^Q, Tiniwa 

,m, 1 

s. shaking, trembling, tremor. 

65e6(53, Tinisa, s. fruit tree, dalbergia ougeinensts, 

[CoUoq. s^4a3 kobu]. 
^Oi-ssscJ, Ttnet, s. (& three, s^eo5 eyes) three-eyed 

one, name of Siva alluding to his having three 

eyes, [Colloq. C^csStfcco iswarayd']. 
^d&Q, Tippili, 8. long pepper, piper lofigum 

^C3(f , Tipal, s. medicine compounded of the three 

noted myrobalans or medical nuts Cf6& aralu, 

^ bulu, >e53(^(g nelli, which are used in almost 

every native medicinal preparation ; see the words 

in their proper places. 
^0(^ 3e33cs, Tipal-kasdya, s. (^C3(^ and ^Jfisoce 

purge) purgative decoction made from the above 

mentioned nuts. 
^^3303, Tipdsa, a. thirsty, see Boots pijMsa. 
^^3^303, Tipdsaya, s. thirst, (corrupt form of 

8c33e33 pipdsd^. 
^g'i)3, Tiputd, see gS3 triputd. 
^go3, Tipusa, s. plant, species of the sphceranthus. 
?9^S), Tibbatu, s. spiny shrub, kind of nightshade, 

solanum indicum ( Solanacece ) . 
^SSQsaSs, Tibbanawd, v. to cause to place: pret. 

?SS(5^S)S83 tibbewwd. 
^S)eo83, Tihanawd, v. to put, to place, to reserve: 

pret. ^^3 tibbd or ^03 tibuwd: see ^z&^Qo 

^'^(g, Tibili, see ^(g tivili. 
^^, Tibima, verbal noun of ^QeaSs tibanawd. 
?9(?v383, Tibenawd, v. to be, (applied only to 

things): pret. ^^$33 tibund: see ^s^coesDSs 

?9S), Timba, s. measure equal to four kurunies or 

four fifths of a parrah. 

?9SS, Timbiri, s. tree from which exudes a glu- 
tinous substance resembling glue which is much 
used in the country for the seams of boats; from 
its exceeding acidity, it is not liable to be attack- 
ed by ants, worms or insects of any kind, the 
unripe fruit contains much tannin used to pre- 
serve fishing nets, diospyros embryopteris (Ebe- 
nacecej: see ^S-^g^S) tinduka. 

^S'S^csJ Timbirige, see ^Ss^cd timirige. 

^Q, Timbili, see ^(3 tivili. 

?9, Timi, s. hole, cavity; fainting. 

?9o(53C Timingala, see -^S^ca timiya. 

^o, Timita, a. wet. moist, damp; steady, fixed, 
unmoved, unshaken. 




29c6, Tmit/a, s. ocean, [CoUoq. ggij muhuda] ; 
fabulous fish of an enormous size, said to be 
five hundred yoduns in length; there are five 
kinds, all of the same size, ^o^q timingala, 
?9(56o(!D(3 timira-pi7igala, ^e^3(3^(5Jaoco ajjdro- 
haya, ^ca timiya; oj?Sico maha-timiya; name 
for any large fish, as the whale, etc. 

&'^6, Timira, s. darkness, blindness, either physi- 
cally or morally; gutta serena, arising from an 
affection of the optic nerve; [Colloquial: ^g<5 

i&^d 455(58(33, Timira-karawald, s. snake, genus 

^f c58o(55C Timirapi7igala, see ^cs timiya. 

^g(5 (^^c3^e:K)^, Timira-polangd, s. viperine snake, 

^(5Sg, Timira-ripuy Is. (^if (5 darkness, Sg en- 

^i^S, Timirdri, J emy) sun; moon. 

?9^S<3\csf, Timiri-ge, s. small house or apartment, 
attached to a dwelling house for woman to be 
confined in; lying in-room, 

&^Q,Timuwa, s. leech, [CoUoq. iq^iQ^oHdeUd']: 
a. having three faces. 

9c8, Tiya, Elu form of ^ tri three. 

iSiciiisi, Tiyan, s. corrupt form of ^cs tiyam, 
which see. 

Sxxi^Qo, Tiyanawd, v. to put, to place, (applied 
only to things): pret. .^SSSa tihhd, ^g03 
tibuivd: see ^^o0d tibanawd. 

^cs<^, Tiyambard, s. sort of cucumber. 

iScsi), Tiyam, Is. (^9 three, coS going or watch) 

^05, Tiyamu, j" three watches or a period of time 
equal to twelve of our hours; the Sinhalese 
divide the day and night into sixty peyas or hours, 
six yaraas or watches, and two tiyams or twelve 
of our hours, either the day or the night. 

^csc, Tiyala, s. sort of prepared dish of food, the 
chief ingredient in which is fish, 

^c88>, Tiyawaha, s. the third day after the new 
or full moon. 

^cS3, Tiyd, part, of ^c833 tiyanawd, has an 
idiomatic use: e. g. 8tS^S c3e^<3^<:J<s^^5^QO ^csj 
.^aos^^^e^^2^8aJ 45)dJ3 x, The work can- 
not be done by even ten men, putting five men 
out of the question, i. e. much less can five men 
do it. 

^S Tiyu, s. praise, panegyric. 

^o9)c5l, Tiyukaru, see &^&^(Si tiwukaru. 
I ^89S> Tiyugi, s. kind of poetical panegyric. 

^Sg-s^i Tiyunu, a. sharp, piercing, pungent; pep- 
pery; clever, discerning. 

^8g^)<5, Tiyunukara, s. (-693^ and ^6 ray) 
sun, powerful rays of the sun,' see 8^ja0cs3 
wandibhattayd . 

^S9^'SQ^. Tiyunu-nuwana, s. keen penetration, 
discernment, intelligence; wit. 

^5, Tiyu7n, s. satisfaction, joy, gladness. 

^>cee33, Tiyenawd, v. to be (applied to things 
inanimate): pret. ?S33 tibund-, part. 29r5 tibi. 

^ceS?, Tiryah, ad. across, horizontal. 

43caS3K03cs, Tiryagagtaya, s. (^cogJ tiryak and 
ejOT gata what goes) any animal; quadruped. 

^6, Tira, Elu form of ed<5 sthira, firmness etc. 
which see; screen, wall of cloth for surrounding 
a place; curtain, veil, hanging: a. certain, fixed. 

^(585^323, Tirachchhdna, s. quadruped; general 
name for an animal, [Colloq, -eSSeseos tirisand']. 

^<58d33 >csJi3c5, Tirachchhdna-yoniya, s. me- 
tempsychosis under the form of an animal; ani- 
mals, including every species except man. 

^dco, Tiraya, s. curtain, veil; see &6 tira-, also, 
^28^5538 jawanikdwa. 

^(5gca3, Tiraliyd, s. kind of fish. 

^dc533ca3, Tiraschinayd, s. animal, see ^dSs^sa^ 

&diS, Tiras, ad. secretly, covertly; horizontally. 

&6ia3Si8<^, Tiraskarim, s. (^deS secret, ^8<^ 
making) outer tent, wall or screen of cloth 
surrounding the principal tent: see 59c5toQ)S3g 

&6&!X5iQoQ, Tirastawdlu, s. creeping plant, havmg 
stems with three or four angles and large white 
flowers; the root is a powerful purgative, ipomcea 
turpethum; sometimes written ^e^c^Ssg trasta- 

&i6^6, Tirasara, la. true, certain; firm, unmov- 

^<5e33(5, l^irasdra, ) ed. 

366, Tiralu, s. ram, [Colloq, i8)83 betaluwd']. 

^<^53C TirdkoJa, s. leaves of a plant used as a 

35S(&, Tiringiya,s. tie, binding; any thing firmly 

^Scg, Tiringu, s. Avheat. 

^Ssisj, Tirittama, s. good manner, proper con- 
duct, respectable and well behaved demeanour. 

^Seasi ff C33CS, Tirisan-apdya,s. place of punishment 
for sin committed. in a former state of existence; 
punishment by birth under an animal form. 




^8ee>S3D, Tirisand, s. brute animal, beast, irrational 
being, see ^dSdoea tirachchhdna. 

sSSQis, Tm'taka, s. bark of a tree worn by asce- 
tics; bark, rind, [Colloq. SSg^r5 riti-sumbula, 

&(^, Tiru, a. firm, strong, fixed. 

^(SlQo, Tiruwd, s. fool, simpleton, [Colloq. ^^5s)cto 

^(5t35^, Tiruwdkana, 8. pan or touch-hole of a 

gun or cannon, pi. ^5iS35^ tiruwdkan. 
^c5i,S3e3<53C Tiruwdna-gala, s. white stone, quartz. 
^(S^6<dQisS, Tireluwan, s. kind of ram. 
S^b, Tire, s. curtain, veil, pi. 65(5 tira. 
^i5><5JQ3^, Tirodhdna, s. (S)'5tS tiras secret, Qosa 

holding) covering, concealment; sheath; veil; 

cloth or cloak; any thing which withholds an 

other from sight; disappearance, act of disap- 

^<3N<5J59<s>, Tirohita, a. concealed, hidden, escaping 
privately, absconding. 

^(38, Tilwa, I5. medicinal tree, excoecaria 

^(38^55, Tilwaka, } agallocha, [Colloq. (5^C3(;^96c 
tela-h'rii/a]; symplocus racemosa, [Colloq. <5>S)C 
s^C^sJ hela-lot]. 

&Q, Tila, 8. plant bearing an oily seed, the oil and 
seed being both much used in oriental cooking, 
Sesamum indicum, [Colloq. e>(3 tala\ ; mole or 
spot compared to the seed of the sesamum, 
[Colloq. ^e3<5:fc53co tipan-lapaya]. 

^CS5, Tilaka, s. mark or marks made with colour- 
ed earth or unguents and sometimes a composi 
tion of ashes and sandal wood, made upon the 
forehead and between the eye-brows of the Hin- 
dus either as an ornamental or sectarial distinc- 
tion; freckle, mole, natural mark on the person; 
title, especially in composition, implying pre- 
eminence, as 03)4^(3 ^QiSi sdkyakula-tilaka, 
the chief or head of the race of Sdkya, one of 
the names or epithets of Buddha; the bladder; 
black salt, [Colloq. esibQ<!^ kalu-lunu], a facti- 
tious salt containing sulphur and iron; a disease 
viz. the appearance of dark spots on the skin, 
unattended with inflammation; the spleen; small 
red berry, [Colloq. ^Sco madatiya] : a. spotted, 
freckled, having moles or spots; chief, principal. 

^QSSi'iQiSi, Tilakdlaka, s. (j&Q sesamum seed, 
2553(3455 black) mole, freckle, freckled person. 

^C^<2^> Ti-lahunu, s. (^ three, QS^<s^ sign) 
three subjects which form a principal part of the 

meditations of religious ascetics, but chiefly of 
the priests of Buddha: viz. the impermanency of 
human nature, sorrow in all worldly things, 

Sod, Ttlaja, 8. (^C ^^^ ^ what is bom or pro- 
duced) sesamum oil: see <0(3<5^(^ talatel. 

^e^> Tilat, see occJ talat. 

'^Q^<^Qssi, Tilatandulaka, s. (&Q sesamum, 
G3<^Q grain and ^S5 affix, that which is as 
agreeable as rice mixed with sesamum) an em- 
brace, embracing. 

<Scs5(3, Tilataila, s. (?9c and G3Q oil) sesa- 
mum oil, [Colloq. C\)(3<5^e3(^ tala-teQ. 

d5(3C3 <io^, Tilaparnni, s. red sanders, pterocarpus 
santolinum, [CoUoq. <5jSgd' rat-sandun]. 

4?C9^*3 8> TilapusJqmh, s. flower of the sesamum 

^(3^s^c3, Tila-bijaya, s. sesamum seed. 
^C^des, Tilarasa, s, (jS>Q and dea what is extract- 
ed) sesamum oil. 
t9(3a:ie9, Tilitsa, s. snake, [Colloq. ^ts^Qiaipolangd, 

or 8^ jnmbiird']. 
^Q?^, Tilin, par. from that, from this, abl. of 

'?s^^c tele. 
^(3^53, Tilina, s. present, gift, [Colloq. 3xJs5 teg- 

ga^ ; kindness, mercy, pity, [Colloq. 5(5L-^8 

^s^CoQ, Tilowa, 8. (^ three, (S^(3^ world) three 



^s>cJc^c5^, TiUguru, 8. {& three, S'C^ world, cgc^ 
teacher) title of Buddha as teacher of three 
worlds, viz. brahmas, gods, and men; procum- 
bent hairy plant, ptolygala glaucoides. 

^<S'QitS3Qi:Si, Ttldtalaya, s. (^9 and (3^cJ world, 
63(3 tala place) the three substrata or foundations 
upon which this Sakwala or universe is supposed 
to rest, viz. the first or lowest of air; the second, 
water; the third, earth. 

S<3^(3J-s?3, TiUnd, s. (&(S>gS and 33 from eD3c65 
ndyaka chief) name or title of Buddha as chief 
of three worlds, viz. brahmas, gods, and men. 

^83, Tiwata, s. name of Viswakarma, the arch- 
itect of the gods, who constructed Sakra's palace ; 
name of Brahma. 

^S3, Tiwana, s. parrot, [Colloq. S6Q3 girawd"]. 

^a), Tividha, a. {& three, SQ sort) of three 
kinds, of three forms, three fold. 

&^Q, Tivili, 8. person with three dents in his belly 
(from fatness). 




<9g, Tiivu, s. praise, eulogium, panegyric, 
^3(5, Tiwukara, a. class of persons whose busi- 
ness it is to panegyrize, and who are employed 

by others for that purpose. 
^>5L, TiuniJcaru, s. panegyrist, eulogist. 
^053, Thvutd, s. creeping plant, ipomcea turpet- 

hum, [Colloquial: ^cOSiQ3g ^mstoti'aZtt]; small 

cardamums, [CoUoq ficBssJ Osd'd30(^ 8ihin-en8dr\. 
^'^'SS^) Tiwunu-nnivana, s. penetration, keen 

perception, see ^aa<sg^9D tiyunu-nuwana. 
496S, Tishya, s. the eighth of the lunar mansions, 

an asterism figured by an arrow, and containiag 

three stars, of which one is o Cancri; month 

5 (51^ durutu (January-February); Kaliyuga, 

the fourth or present age; plant, phyllanthus 

emblica, [CoUoq. s^a^c^g nellf]. 
^aj36(^3 Tishya-phald, s. plant, emhlic myrohalan, 

[CoUoq. (53(5g nelW]. 
^ti, Tis, a. thirty. 
^edcsD, Tis-nama, s. an assembly of thirty priests 

of Buddha, or of thirty respectable persons. 
^8353, Tisya, see ^t2 tishya. 
^di(3^8^, Tisweni, a. thirtieth. 
^fi^iS, Tisse, 1 ad. always, continually, con- 
^e^S^t^, Tissema, J stantly. 
^69, Tisa, s. number thirty. 
^e3cJ, Tisat, a. sharp, pungent. 
4Je3(5, Tisara, s. sort of swan; according to some a 

large crane, [Colloq. sjoeecoa hansaydli; a. high; 

eminent, excellent 
^3od^, Tisarana, s. (^ three, ea^isS help) the 

three religious helps or refuges for the world, 

viz. Buddha, his doctrines, and his priesthood. 
&i&6^Q, Tisarapata, s. kind of dress. 
^53(5(3o<5(3, Tisara-perali, s. (^esd swan, is^odQ 

involved) creeper, clitoria ternata. [Colloq. <^(^ 

:SSiQ<S'<Si'b nil-katarolu~\. 
^8e(5s3c5, Tisarahara, s. pearl necklace, row of 

pearls, [Colloq. |)^8iC mutuwela']. 
^e3<^, Tisard, s. teal, wild duck, anas crecca 

(Anatidce order Anseres). 
^i&y^iQ, Tisd-wewa, s. lake or tank so called at 

Anuradhapura an ancient and celebrated city in 

sSgs:^, Tisun, s. joy, gladness, mirth, hilarity. 
^gD, Tisum, 8. trembling, [Colloq. "a^SSd ivetv- 

luma'] . 

^e6cs5, Tisulat, ) j, i 

^ ^ m. , . i-s. name oi Iswara. 

SJgcSco, Itsulaviya, y 

?9a5), Tiha, a. thirty, see ^es tisa. 

^cBSeg, Tihiri-pih', s. linen; garment made of bark. 

?9^, Tili, s. joy, pleasure, delight: a. contented, 

J!9(ge3, Tilina, see ^(33 tilina. 

?9, Ti, pr. thou (feminine). 

^23^, Tikshna, s. heat, warmth; poison; iron; 
war, battle; plague, pestilence, epidemic destruc- 
tion; weapon; death; sea salt; nitre; scrotum or 
testicles; suicide; orris root; trembling, agitation: 
a. keen, piercing, sharp, pungent, peppery; in- 
telligent, clever, discerning; zealous, active; 
warm; hot, hasty, speedy; devout. 

Ssji^iSii^, Tlkshna-gandha, s. (^azd^ sharp, 
(55aS) smell) horse radish tree, Moringa pterygos- 
perma, [Colloq. ^SiO<si-) murungd~\ ; gum oliba- 
num tree; small cardamoms; species of ocimum; 
also, see 6cs(^ piyal. 

iSoi^csii^o, Tt'ksJma-gandhd, Is. mustard seed, 

^528^(553^2^, Tikshna-gandhim, ) [Colloq. ^S) a- 
ba'] ; orris root, 6<J5S) wadakaha'] ; screw pine, 
pandanus fascicularis, [Colloq. g (SvsjScoa 

?9:3S^QS, Tikshna-dhuma, s. small tree, murraya 
exotica, [Colloq. <f^^(^^^Sce etteriya^. 

^ociAi^o^, Tikshna-patra, Is. coriander seed, 

im^^Q, Tikshna-phala, /[Colloq. <3^306io^(^ 

Q kottamalli'] ; also, see Ba^ piyal. 

^02&2^05, Tikshnaya, 8. sharpness, acuteness, keen- 

^ i^&-o e83<5, Tikshna-sdra, s. wild sapota tree, basgia 

longifolia, [Colloq. gsj:^ mi-gas^. 
^5j&2o3Kf^, Tikshndgni, s. (^e3S<^ tikshna and 

<f 5^ agni fire) heart-burn, dyspepsia, 
^^sis), Tinta, s. ink, paint. 

^?s5fSi ^dScs, Tinta-kuppiya, 


s. inkstand. 

&?sisi .s^Q, Tinta-kuduwa 

?925^, Tindu, s. end, finish, termination, comple- 
tion: a. settled. 

^?sSc^^6-<^Q'3, Tindukaranawd, v. to finish, to 
complete, to decide, to pronounce judgment. 

^^5d'g'5^S'^s^9^, Tinduwenawd, v. to expire, to be 

^cBC Tiyala, s. sort of curry. 

^!&, Tirtha, s. sacred science; religious persua- 
sion; holy place of pilgrimage; teacher; in- 
structor, sacred preceptor; sacrifice; avatara or 
descent of a deity; school of philosophy; sect, 
counsellor, adviser; expedient or means of suc- 
cess, contrivance, device; menses; vulva; vessel; 
ford, ferry. 




^^^, Tirthaka, s. heretic. 

?9d-<3B, Tirana, s: certain conclusion; undoubted 

^<5cs, Tiraya, . shore, bank; border; hem; arrow; 
tin; column, of a page. 

^<5o53s:^cs, Tirasthdnaya, s. ferry, .place for land- 
ing on the bank of a river; the opposite shore. 

?9c5l8, Tiruwa, s. rent, duty, custom, ship duty. 

^g), Tiwra, s. beat; pungency; shore, bank; tin; 
black mustai'd; a. much, excessive,. endless, un- 
bounded, unlimited; warm; pungent severe. 

?9gj, Tt'wrd, s. name of a river in the east of 

g, Tu, adv. fie, shame. 

^J, Tuk, \ s. manna of bambus, sort 

.e5589, Tiikpiti, \.oi pith or^fliour found in 

-^50^8, Tukdkshm, J the bamb\ipt;-ee and used 
medicinally, [CoUoq. (^^aSS^gd i^amakulii]. 

4gc5334ESS, Tugdkshtri, see i^ssi:>'a^3.tukdkshm. 

^cg, Tungu, see .aSltK) tuTiga. . 

4985(5, Tungutaray a. very lofty Qu.high. 

.egcDao, TwAga, s. mountain; highest, point of a 
planet's ring; top: a. high, elevated,.' lofty ; chief, 
principal; passionate, hot. 

^Stog^,, Tuiigadrima, s. (.^Ste) agd ^S tree) 
Northern monkeyfaced tree, yieldijig red dye, 
mallotus philippinensis or rottteiia, tinctoria, 
[Colloq. sjDoSog Aay;an7/a]; kjad of basil, 
ocimum gratissimum, see ^sgaJQ tw^gii sort of 
turmeric; cocoa-nut tree, [Oolloq:^aa(^)^oZ- 
gaha'\. ^ , _ _ 

a2alaa'333853, Tunga-ndsikd, s^. (^Sto and 3j9)3 
nose) high or prominent nose. 

.egateJD, Tungd, s. bambu manna, [CoUoq. Q<^e^ 

6 unamakulu]: see .jg^sJ tuk. 
^SS Tungi, s. kind of hdi^, ocimum graiissimum, 

[Colloq. <3^C3()e^ weld-gas\. . , 
.^3cS, -Tuchchha, a. void, empty; unimportant, 

trivial; shallow, idiotic; small, little; abandoned, 

deserted; meqfl, low, vile; filthy. 
?5^^esi6-^Qj, Tuchchhakaranawd, v. to calum- 
niate, to disparage. 
.egSt^g^, Tuchchhadru, s. castor-oil plant, [CoUoq. 

6c3 erandu^. 
^SdQjaosS), Tuchchha-dfyiriycika, s. straw. 
<g9d o^a, Tuchchlia-patraya, s. castor oil plant, 

[CoUoq. ^)c5l,^w<^ani]; mean writing. 
38c^3iS&, Tuchchhdrtha, a. {^Q^ tuchohha void, 

^j3 artha meaning, profit) unmeaning, non- 
sensical; worthless. 

egSga), Tuttuiva, s. pice, one and half cent, fourth 
part of anna or fanam. 

^3, Tufa, s. joy, gladness, delight, pleasure. 

^, Tutu, s. joy, pleasiire, satisfaction. 

^gc3S3, Tutupahatu, a. joyful, joyous, pleased, 

.eg, Tuda, s. mouth, face; beak, bill; snout; point, 
corner, end. 

^8)5idS3, Tuda-kaluwd, s. species of snake. 

^9)<5<^ (S^BQi(^, Tudarana-wewel, s. kind of ratan, 
calamus rutendum (Palmoe). 

4g, Tudu, plur. of -sp tuda, ; . 

^^ssid-^Qi, Tudukaranawd, v. to raise the wick 
in a lamp. 

.e2(3>ij'S3S)3, Tududenawd, v. to show the head, 

speaking of worms in a sore. 

.2gg8, Tuduwa, s. cape, promontory. 

.age) 1(^(30, Tudelld, s. kind of fish. 

^(flj, Tunda, s. bill, beak; mouth; face. 

.ag-<S5t53, Tundikd, s. navel; also, see i3>S5SSt(^, 

^(^Ws^^Si Tundikeri, s. cotton plant, [CoUoq. 
>gc53rf kapu-gas^; sort of gourd, momordica 
monadelpha or bryonia grandis. 

(.eg^s^^C Tundila, s. one of a prominent or elevat- 
ed navel; one speaking harshly or severely; 

Tundi, s. beak or bill, mouth, face. 
.ag<g^(5, Tundira, s. tree, producing a red berry, 
smallest of the jewellers weights, albizzia Lehbek, 
[Colloq. 3(^ mdrd^. 

Tnnduwa, s. bit, piece of paper, memo: 
Tuna, 8. number three. 

.agcJsj, Tutta, s. elephant pike or goad; dross of 

.eg6iC333(5):f, Tuttandgan, s. pewter, tin. 

.egs5^5, Tuttiri, s. common kind of grass, called 
love grass, crysopogon aciculoius (Grarmnice). 

^cS, Tuttha, s. coUyrium extracted from the 
amomum zanthorrhiza; blue vitriol; sulphate of 
copper, especially medicinally considered as an 
application to the eyes; indigo, [Colloq. e6(^ <f88 
nil-awart} ; small cardamoms, [Colloq. 6ed'853(5 

?s^'^^, Tutthaka, s. blue vitriol. 

^?^3daD, Tuttlidnjana, s. (-sgoS tuttha blue vitriol, 
^cf3 anjana collyrium) blue vitriol, considered 
as a medicinal application to the eyes. 



eg?9, Tuti, s. praise, panegyric, eulogium. 

eg eg. Tutu, s. fragments of a broken vessel, etc. 

egg, Tudu, s. laughter. [Colloq. ^eosj^feJ liinaha- 

eggdi, Tmlus, a, fourteen. 

.5grf5, Ttulusioaka, s. (-sgge^ and 5 lunar day) 

fourteenth day of the moon; day before the full 

or change of the moon. 
.5gJ, Tun, a. three. 
.g:f eaa-^, Tun-rituwa, s. the three seasons of the 

year*; rainy season, hot season, and the season 

between the two. 
.eg^)93, Tun-hatuwd, s. kind of fish, 
eg 255^5)03, Tun-lcata, s. (^:f three, )0 wife) name 

of Siva alluding to his having three wives. 
sgJ^55(3(3, Tun-lcalala, see -sgsJ^siCO tun-helala. 
i5^?sS!S)&, Tunkini, s. jasmine, [Colloq. 8BB pich- 


i^is5<s^ssi:iisgi, Tun-hona, s. triangle, pi. ^ssJs^^sjoerf 

^:r^tce Tun-kelala, s. (^^^ and 5tCC mark, 
sign) name of Iswara, probably alluding to the 
three insignia which he is frequently represent- 
ed as bearing, viz. his trident, crescent, and 

/^sfs3fi5(3^S)Jc, Tuntard-bodhiya, s. three kinds 
of bodhi or knowledge possessed by a Supreme 
Buddha, Pratyeka Buddha (a secondary Bud- 
dha), or an Arhat (Saint). 

egecfsjcce, Tuntalaya, see ^S^oJesccc tilotalaya. 

ego^, Tunda, s. belly, [Colloq. 8 bada\. 

43^, Tundi, ") 

^<s^, Tundi, J 

4ges^g93, Tundumdwa, a. cluster of three fruits, 
like three apples on a twig. 

t5^id(S^Q/5, Tun-dora, s, (-^25^ three, >^<5 door) 
three sources or modes of karma, merit or de- 
merit, viz. personal, verbal, and mental. 

^sj's^^es, Tundosa, s. (-eged^ and (3^^e3 humour) 
three humours of the human body, bile, phlegm, 
and wind (literally the three disorders). 

^063 3C5, Tunnawdya, s. seamster, tailor. 

^sSoti is^di^, Tunpat-kiirundu, s. species of the 

cinnamon plant; see ^953 sJ g:3ig tmnpat ku- 

^25^:2 c5 S3C, Tunpat-tala, s. species of the sesa- 

mum plant, gingely, sesamum indicum, [Colloq. 

>5(^ S50 tel-tala\r 
^:Jc;5 )Scs, Ttmpada-kaviya, s. triplet, 
egsrfajcs, Tun-pdya, s. (-egsi three, oaco palace) 

8. belly, navel. 

a house with three rooms or upper stories, so 
constructed as to embrace the advantages of the 
three seasons; such a one as was occupied by 
Buddha when living in the palace of his father 
Suddhodana, as prince Siddhdrta Kumara; three 
storied house. 

sgesJeS^nco, Ttin-pitakaya, s. (Qisi and 8Q^ jyifa- 
ka basket) used here metaphorically for a recep- 
tacle or depository; name of the Buddhist Scrip- 
tures in three divisions viz. Vinaya, Siitra, 
Abhidharmma, containing the sermons and ordi- 
nances of Buddha addressed to three classes of 
beings; see 8Q&a pifakaya. 

^^g6C' Tunpulila, s. trumpet flower, stereos- 
permum sttave-olens or bignonia grandiflora. 

^s-Jts^Scf, Tunbo, see ^cJosa attana. 

sgedcoScs, Tun-bhawaya, s, (-egsJ and oQ bhawa 
being) three states of existence through which 
all beings have to pass previous to their obtain- 
ing Nirwana; the first is KAma bhawa, a state la 
which beings are subject to the influence of the 
passions, and includes both men and gods; the 
second is the Kupa bhawa, a state in which the 
passions have been destroyed by a previous 
course of religious austerities, and nothing re- 
mains but a refined spiritual body which how- 
ever is free from the influence of the passions; 
this state includes the ten Brahma lokas; the third 
is the Arupa bhawa, in which nothing remains 
but a pure etherial spirit totally invisible; it is 
the next state to Nirwana or entire annihilation, 
which forms the ultimate object at which the 
pious Buddhist aims. 

^^^%^Q, Tun-mandulla, s. {^&S three, gdC 
what surrounds) robe of a priest of Buddha 
which covers and ornaments three parts of the 
body; namely, the waist and right arm, the neck 
and breast, and the legs. 

^ede).^, Tun-mada, s. (i^&S and ^ humour) ele- 
phant, [Colloq. tfQi&o aliyd'j ; elephant in rut, 
alluding to the three humours which exude from 
him in the rutting season, namely, from his 
temples, his eyes, and penis. 

gs5 SaQcs, Tun-mdlaya, see ^sfssact tunpdya. 

^J<5ee3o6, Tun-ratnaya,e. (^isS and 6^isiratna 
gem, or treasure) three inestimable gems which 
have been bestowed on mankind: namely, Bud- 
dha, his doctrines and his priests. 




C^&i >(3J5c5, Tun-lokaya, s. three lower or inferior 
worlds the inhabitants of which are under the 
influence of the unsubdued passions; namely, 
world of gods, world of men, and pdtala or the 
lower regions inhabited by demons and asurs. 

^tsiQd^si, Tun-warak, 

^^32sJ, Tun-vitak. 

^sJ^9, Tunweni, a. third. 

ad. thrice. 

^2s::r 9*8^^9, Tunweniwa, 
^25:f 9^8'Q9, Tunwenuw 

ad. thirdly. 

ig^d'esd^, Tim-sarana, s. three helps, viz. Buddha, 

^ his doctrines, and priests. 

^edgcrf, Tun-hidas, a. three sided. 

^D, Tuna, s. number three, sometimes written 

^<s^ tuna; cord, string. 
2555356(5(3, Tunangilla, s. climbing plant, cissus 

pedata or vitis pedata, [CoUoq. i05 8i(^ 

egssScs, I'unatiya, s. loins, waist, hips. 
jg-aog, Tunatu, see G^ btdat. 
^^6, T?/7i?, see -jgj^ f?m'. 
^56occ, Tunmc/nija, s. toy, child's play, any sport 

or amusement of children ; encouragement; for- 
titude, confidence, 
eg^, Titm, a. thin, fine, slender, delicate, soft or 

fine in texture; lessening, decrease, diminishirig, 

22 "S' Tunit, s. body; human form; agitation, tre- 

mour, tremulous affection of the body, palsy: 

a. thin, fine, slender, delicate. 
.qj-qg cpra, Tunu-anga, s. (c^-^ fine, delicate, ff tsi 

body) name of Kama dewa or Anaiigaya the 

Indian Cupid. 
^^^o^Sd, Tunutambd, s. jungle or wild cock, 

[Colloq. )(3-2553 ivaU-kukuld~\; common cou- 

cal, Ceylonese coucal, [Colloq. 'fi825go f'/i- 

^g'S^'S^csa^, Tunuyon, s. (-ag-Q and s^codsJ puden- 
dum muliebre) name of Anangayii or Kdma- 

dewa the Indian Cupid. 
i^i^SiQsi, I'unurmvan, s. (e^'Q for -^esi tun three, 

cJiSesf gems) three gems, used metaphorically of 

Buddha, his doctrines, and his priests. 
.2g^^, Tunuicanga, s. (.jg-Qfine, slender, delicate, 

CfiSi anga body) woman, [Colloq. f^ stri'^; 

name of Anangaya or Kama dewa the Indian 

egcgQe?, Tunuwana, 1 s. name of Anangaya, the 
^^Qsii, Tunuwana, J Indian Cupid. 

^^C> Tunuvila, s. lake-like body. 

^^^S^j Tunusapuwa, s. bodily health or vigour. 

^^tQc^, Tunuhiru, see -sg^gSsa tunuwana. 

S)do!9j3, Tuppahikama, s. interpretation from 
one language to another. 

.2gdot9co3, Tuppahiyd, s. interpreter. Burgher (in 
contempt) . 

egd s^odSScs. Tuppottiya, s. waist cloth. 

4g, T%d)u, 8. tail, taU of any animal, [Colloq. 
JiS^csJ wdlgf\\ anything of a trifling or un- 
important nature. 

^%^, Tuhuni, s. plantation, act of planting trees, 
labours in a nursery. 

egQ, Tubu, s. p. p. placed, been. 

^, Tumba, s. long gourd, momordica; back-part 
of a cocoa-nut; lead. 

^S) 3c5C3, Tumba-karavila, s. tuberous plant, 
the fruit used for curries, momordica dioika 

22^^, Tumbani, see -CgQ^B tubuni, 

^Sea, Tumbasa, s. hUls or mounds raised by the 
white ants, pi. ^gS)cd tumbas. 

^S::3 6j^gcJLg, Tumpat-kurundii, s. shrub, Limonia 

alata (Rutacece). 

^iS), Tumba, 1 , , 

%- /vs. long gourd. 

^fiS, Tumbi, 3 

^S5, Tumbtm,'\s. coriander seed, conanrfrwrn 

<5sf)^5 Tumburu, y sativum. 

^^33;^, Tumbyaja, see -egSS) tumba. 

^2/3, Tumd, s. exalted man, one possessing great 

authority and honour, (contracted form of (3^3 

2g, Tumu, suffix denoting Nominative Plural. 
^|jg, Tumutu, s. speed, velocity, rapidity; style of 

a flower; joy. 
jgg-sgg, Tumutuimt, another form of 03o?55^ 

tamataman which see. 
^^C Tumida, s. power, strength; mingled or 

tumultuous combat; uproar, tumult, tumultuous 

noise; plant, beleric pyrobalan, [Colloq. 6 

bithi]: bulk, magnitude: a. great, vast, big. 
^, Tumu, see ?5^% tumu. 
^(5, Tura, s. tree, [Colloq. (Si^ gasa']; o. quick, 

speedy, expeditious. 
5<5(5J, 2'uraga, 1 s. (5g<5 speedy, ct which goes) 
egdcD, Turanga, J horse, [Colloq. ^k0cS3 am-aya] ; 

mind, considered as the seat of feeling as well as 

intellect; heart; attendants of Kuvera. 




^2<5D Q^'ia, Twang a-wadana, s. (sj6iS) horse, 
Qqsi face) class of beings inhabiting Swarga or 
the region of the gods; described as having the 
bodies of men, and heads of horses; thej are the 
celestial choristers, see also, csjaeDS gandharwa 
and 3DS3d5 kinnard. 

S9<5a)ao(532s)3, Turaiiga-gandM, s. name of a med- 
icinal plant, alyssicarj)us vaginalis. 

4gi5Ste)2), TuraAgaina, see eg^ao turanga. 

^(5ei9, Turaiigi, s. plant, withania somnifera, 
[Colloq. <pgdiS)!35 amul-kard']. 

^c35ajD9, Turdshdt, s. name of Sakra or Indra. 

^gc^ssasj, Turdsdha, s. name of Indra. 

gS3, Turita, s. express, runner, courier: ad. 
quickly, speedily. 

<g8c6, Turiya, see -cgcoS turya. 

.jgcSi, Turn, s. journey; gladness; star, [CoUoq. 
S3DdJ39 tdi-akckva']; drum; bird, debt; tree, 
[Colloq. C55S3 gasa"] : ad. till, until. 

^(5i), Turukkha, s. (Pali) Indian incense, see 
the following. 

i^:Sii^ (S^S3<^, Tttrick-tel, s. very fragrant oil; one 
of the four perfumes used by kings. 

^C^<^, Turuna,\s. novelty, new thing; youth, 

^t5^^, Turunu, ) a. new, novel. 

^gcJlo^S. Turupati, s. (gcJl stars, o& lord) moon, 
[Colloq. ^ handa^. 

4gc5lo3, Turupd, s. shed; shade, shadow; covering, 

^<^d Turul, s. period immediately preceding con- 
ception: a. near, proximate, contiguous. 

^(5i(^2J>(5o53S3D83, Tundkaragannaivd, v. to clasp, 
to embrace. 

^c5l(f^d-^S3, Turulkaranawdy v. to bring within 
the embrace. 

^^(SCf Turidla, s. embrace, embracing; bosom; 
lap, pi. 4g:Jid turulu. 

?2-^(3<^5 Turuliya, s. (^^ tree, Qcz creeper) any 
parasitic plant, or trees and creepers. 

i^di'3^, Turushka, s. incense; a very fragrant oil, 
one of the four perfumes used by kings. 

^^cSitS, Turns, s. debt, [Colloq. eocs naya']. 

^(^, Tul, s. PjIu form of -250* ttilya which see; 
a. big. 

^C*> Tulya, a. like, resembling, similar, equal or 

^^.jsu)^?, Tulyapdna, a. (-^gC* ^^^ oo3 drink- 
ing) drinking together. 

^Co^fic^, Tuldrdsiya, ^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ tulddUra. 

9(^, Tida, a. great, big, of great magnitude or 
dimensions; equal, similar, analogous. 

sgC^C' Tidakala, s. ornament of the feet. 

^C?<^j Tuladara, s. gold and silversmith, sun, 
trader, string of a balance. 

^CS> Tulasi, Is. small shrub held in high 

^(^^Sce, Ttdasiya, j veneration by the Hindus, holy 
basil, ocimim sanctum, [Colloquial: ^<5 10(33 

45C3, Tula, 8. weight of hundred palams or about 
hundred and fifty ounces troy; balance or gold- 
smith's scales; sign of the zodiac (Libra); resem- 
blance, likeness, equality, similarity; main beam 
by which the roof of a house is supported. 

eg(j^3(3^as)39, Tuldkoti, s. ring or ornament of the 
feet or toes; weight; a number, one hundred mil- 
lions; one end of a scale or balance. 

^20333-5, Tulddhdra, s. (-egc' ^^^ ^^'^ holding) 

sign of the zodiac (Libra); string of a balance; 

trader, trafficker, dealer. 
^(33 2553(5 ct, Tiddbhdi^aya, s. gift of valuables equal 

to the weight of the donor. 
dsiya, 1 
^Qodiis, Tiddresa, J 
egCs C^'^'Sj Tuld-lagnaya, s. rising of the sign 

^(^3, Tuldwa, s. balance, or scale; see egC' tuld. 
^(33c5i, Tuldwai-u, s. (-egc^ balance, 8<5i for ><5i 

karu who uses) goldsmith, [CoUoq. JC' 

^(3, TuU^ Is. fibrous stick or brush, used by 
eg '3, Tul I, j weavers for cleaning the threads of 

the woof; painter's brush, fibrous stick used for 

that purpose. 
S}<3'S>, Tidika, a. painter's brush; small bird said 

to resemble the wagtail: see i3^eoJi)633 gomaritd. 

^g, Tidu, ace. case of >e3(5>c tele.=^!Si'i oka that 

one, that fellow. 
^}.25 .ffi53'^S, T'uwakku-kdnuwa, s. gun-barrel. 
cgS^esJ^g, Tuicakkuwa, s. gun, musket, fowling 

^-esleg Q(SC- Tuicakhi-icalla, s. breech or lower 

end of a gun. 

^80, Tuivatuiva, s. stalk; footstalk of a leaf or 
fruit, f Colloq, 3iS3 ntta~\. 

^9(5, Tuwara, s. astringent taste; frankincense 
tree; species of cassia, see S^csdJ5 tor a: a. astrin- 
gent, acrid; beardless. 




djai/a, 1 

fs. towel, napkin. 

^g9<5s5, Tuwai-ala, s. fragrant earth; kind of 

lentil, cytisus cajan. 
5g'5(3i, Tuwarald, s. frankincense, incense, [Coll: 

5g93d'c5, Tibivdjaya, 

jg83cs, Tiixody 

4^930, Tuwdla, s. lameness, defect arising from an 
injury or accident; wound. 

^3(^^53 (5 '3283, Tuwdlakaranawd, v. to wound. 

^aO, Tushta, a. pleased, satisfied, glad, joyful, 

^^9<5c:, Tmhtawaraya. s. (^aO joyful, 8c5cs 
request) boon, boon that is greatly to be desired, 
request of the highest value. 

<ga, Tiishti, s. joy, pleasure, gladness. 

29538 ScJ, Tushtimat, a. joyful, glad. 

-eg^, Tusha, s. tree, terminalia behrica, [Colloq. 
d bidu\. 

^ao(5, Tushdra,s. ice, frost, snoAv; cold; thin rain, 
mist, dew; tree; see (3>aaod'o^ bhojapatra. 

sgc^, Tvs, Elu form of -jg^ tushta, which see. 

^t3, Tusa, s. husk of rice, or any grain chaff. 

2g23<5, Tusara, see ^Gad tushdra. 

i^ss6si6, Tusarakara, s. (^5<5 dew, ^6 what 
makes) moon, [Colloq. 8-agoo) chandrayd']. 

^es3(5 7'usdra, see -sgaad tushdra. 

^Qc3, Tustta, s. (^33 <sa joy, gladness, <C3 poss. 
aff.) one of the six heavens or regions of the 
gods; it is the fourth heaven and next above the 
COD 2 ydma (see this word); it has its name from 
the happiness of the place, Avhich is obtained by 
previous works of religious merit; joy, pleasure, 
happiness, felicity, paradisaical pleasures. 

.SScD533c5, Tusttakdya, s. (^gSoj joy, .55305 body) 
pleasing forms assumed by the inhabitants of 
^So tustta, which see. 

^S5s3g<5cs, Ttisita-puraya, s. one of the six heavens 
or regions of gods. 

^gScsaoQeoco, Tusita-bhawanaya, see above. 

^fejgdcs, Tusi-puraya, Elu form of ^as3g(5 

^5820, Tuhina, s. dew; frost; moonlight, moon- 
shine: ray of light; camphor; white sandal, 
[Colloq. ts^s^ saudun]. 

^, Tula, s. inside; adv. within. 

^-s^, Tuna, s. quiver. 

Cg<s^, Tutu, s. indigo plant, [Colloq. (}Q8 aicai-i']; 

^<^d, Tunira, s. quiver. 

^i)Qcs, Tumbaya, s. bier. 

^^, Turna, a. quick, speedy, swift, [Colloq. lg^5i 

2dr ikman\. 
3ca^, Turya, s. musical instrument, either wind or 
stringed instrument; music; tone or sound in 

gcsS33<jco, Turya-nddaya, s. (^cs? and 2533^ ndda 
sound) sound of a musical instrument, music in 

C3calc5>3<ScS)co, Turya-bhdndaya, s. any musical in- 

CgccSOoS), Turyardwa, s. music, sound of musical 
, instruments of any kind. 

C^Q, Tula, 1 s. mulberry tree, 7noriis indica 

t^QSSi, Tulaka, J or m. nigra; cotton, [Colloq. 
gds:f pulun]', white lead, (Colloq. gg S^cs 

cgCsSc', Tula-phald, s. (-JgC and 6c phala fruit) 
mulberry; silk cotton tree. 

t^Q^o, Tidikd, s. pencil, painter's brush; kind of 
stick with a fibrous point used by painters; cot- 
ton mattress; ingot mould; anointing or perfum- 
ing the body. 

^8(5, Tuwara, s. beardless man; eunuch; astrin- 

CpSS, Tmcari, s. fragrant earth. 

ega^55>, Tushnika, s. silent man, one given to 
taciturnity: a. silent, taciturn. 

e^a^S, Tushmm, a. silent, taciturn, [Colloq. 
j^aasQi^g mssebdawu]. 

Cg'4<5^S^S3, Tushnimbhuta, a. {^t<^^ silent, ^o 
being) silent, taciturn. 

^2S^l3ga)3, Tushnimbhutarima, s. being silent. 

Cp5S<3^i)c8C> Tushmmsila, see ^!S<^Bt^KS3 ttishnm- 

G^fSi, Te,a. three, [Colloq. i^-afa tuna']. 

S^a)5, Tek, ad. till, until, as far as. 

^S35(35d, Tekardja, s. shrub, medicinal plant 
used in tattooing, eclipta ei-ecta, [Colloq. iS^SSf 
ktkirindi']; see S)^^Q brah?namuU. 

^S3SSiQ, Tekala, s. ((S^C3 three, S5C time) the past, 
present and future time; applicable either to the 
omniscience of Buddha or to the three tenses in 

f^^s^8^55^ioce, Techiwarikdngaya, see S^cJSSS 
^KJiK) techiwarikd/iga. 

(^^^5^s5, Tet, a. wet, moist, damp; cold, frigid. 

(3^C3c5455'S33, Tetkanawd, r. to soak, to steep, to 
become moist; to mould. 



}s. moisture, dampness, wet. 

^5cJ^caJ ^cs383, Tettiyan-tiyanawd, v. to set 

the teeth of a saw-erect. 
S^e3c5?g, Tettu, s. small child, pet; disobedience 
(3^03C3, Teta, 
S>S5O303, Tetamana 
s^o^4, TecZrt, Elu form of (s^sieie^ ^e}'as. 
s^SD^ces), Tediyata, s. (snoj three, ^css? world) the 

three worlds. 
^S)si\^s^(^^8^, Ten-helinawd, v. to skip, to jump, 

to frisk. 
S^s^^D, Tena, s. son; place, situation, locality. 
(^^c5^s^, Tenut, s. theft, robbery. 
iS3(3\eD, T'^we, s. son, [Colloq. gs)3 ^?m?]. 
(S^OjS^-sosJ, Tenet, s. (s^o three, ^coci eye) name 

of Siva, alluding to his having three eyep, 

similar to the Grecian Jupiter, one of which is 

in his forehead. 
(^Siti, Tep, s. large kind of spear used for spearing 

elephants; any large wooden spear, stake, point- 
ed stick; pers. pron. ye or you. 
(S^^d <^&iis:>, Tejj-inna, s. stake, pointed stick, 
s^sjd (3C) Tep-ula, see \ODdgc teppula. 
(S^s^dc:3, Teppama, s. raft. 
!?>s3dg(3, Teppula, s. spike,=^S)d ^G tep)-ula. 
SvQDcsg, Tepalu, see s^?5DgG tepula. 
^336, Te2n. pers. pron. ye, you. 
^9C' Tepula, s. word, speech; conversation; 

composition of the medicine for the eye, pi. 

^Sd tepul. 
(5>a3, Teba, s. large wooden dart or spear; see 

s^osd tep. 
S\S3, Tebu, s. plant with spirally arranged leaves, 

costus speciosus (Scitaminece). 
(3>S3i), Tern, s. wetting, soaking. 
(5\?33@e3(^^^(5<g593, Temparddu-Jcaranaim, v. to 

season a curry after it has once been cooked. 
(5\e3c3<35g, TemjJardduwa, s. seasoning, tempering. 
S^S), Tema, s. nominal affix mas. sing, and sign 

of the nominative case: wetting, moistening. 
(Svos^^o, Temana, s. cooked food, stewed or boiled 

(9v?o-20C Temanala, s. plant, dracunculus esciden- 

(3>S3^33, Temanawd, v. to wet, to moisten, to 

make damp: pret. S\e393 temuwd. 
\S3, Temima, verbal noun of the preceding 
^ word, wetting, moistening. 
<S>^%%, Temum, s. praise, eulogium, panegyrism; 

wettins; etc. 

SNOJgS), Temuwa, s, leech, [Colloq. -e^aJTC^c^ ^'*- 

-9sdi5S39d, Temenawd, v. n. to become wet, damp 

or moist: pret. <9'OD33 tamund. 
(?^<3^'3^, Teme, 1 suffix indicating nominative 
'5^s^'^^i)^, r^^ttiema, / singular. 
(^^a)cqi), Teyum, see (5^03g^ tesum. 
'3^3^<5, Tera, s. bank or border of a river, [ Colloq. 

OTo5gc5 gan-iwura']; priest who has been twenty 

years in the priesthood and has attained to the 

rank of (^cesSo^ upasampa-dd, which see. 
(avSDdoaaQa,, Terapanawd, v. to press, to throng: 

pret. (3^S3<5g03 terapuwd. 
3^S)5, Teri, s. female priest of Buddha. 
S^CDSg, Terindu, s. ((5^S3(5 tera and <gg inda chief) 

chief priest. 
>DCJl^j'^o^^d's^d', Terunndnse, s. elderly Buddhist 

(F^o:^(^, Tel, s. oil, see (S^coq tela. 
s^aD(^ s, Tel-olu, s. species of the lotus, nymjihcea 

(5^S3(^ ^55(58^3, Tel-karaivald, s. snake, variety of 

bangarus ceylonicus. 
(3*a3(^33, Telkd, s. sediment of oil, 
<S>iS>(^ 52S) Tel-kulmmbi, s. very small kind of 

aD(^ (3\^333 9^833, Tel-lohomba, s. bead tree, Indian 

lilac, 7nelia azidaracta. 

(5>C53(5 ^i,.5e3, Tel-kekuna, s. candle nut tree, aleu- 
rites trilboa (Euphoi'btaceceJ . 

5'S)(5 S5xdS)x3, Tel-kesbeicd, s. thin skinned tur- 
tle, see c,<5 3ie^x3 ddra-kesbeiod . (order 

oNS3(^ 33(3, Tel-tala, s. sesamum, gingely, sesamitm 
indicuin (Pedaliacem), 

3\C33(;^ s^^, Tel-domba, s. a tree from the fruit of 
which an oil is extracted, calo2)hyllum inophyl- 
liun: see S^c, domba. 


'?>03(3 o^'S), Tel-nuga, s. tree, ficiis Trimeni (Urti- 

(5*S3(j (3^;3^o^') Tel-polangd, s. snake. 
<5\0D(^ , Tel-mi, s. tree, bassia longifolia, [Colloq. 

(S^^(^Q, Telia, see (s^sjg^gd telikura. 

S^SJ^eSScs, Tdhiriya, s. tree, colubrina asiatica 

^Si(^, Tela, s. oil, grease, fat; any imctuous sub- 
stance; pron, i^used only in books)==S)ca oya. 





(5\C3(2>3-S303, Telahdnta, s. mango tree, [Colloq. 
<{!SotS3 amba-gaha], 

^s)C-S5i'S3C33, Telakdntd, s. oil woman, female oil 

<5\tSiQ:^8ci, Telahirhja, s. tree with acrid juice, 
excoecaria agallocJia ( Euphorbiacece ) . 

(S>S3C, Telambu, s. large timber tree with edible 
seeds, yielding oil, Stercidia fcetida, ( Sterculia- 

iS>eD(3s>3C3C3 Telikd-pald, s. plant, molhigo penta- 

S^a^(5^5gd, Telikura, s. fibrous stick used by pain- 
ters, kind of painting brush or pencil. 

(?C3@^, Telijja, s. sweet toddy. 

(S^SiQao, Telii/d, s. fish resembling a snake in ap- 
pearance, the electric eel, river fish. 

<s-S)(Se5 (5vc33C03, Telis-polangd, s, largish snake, 
hypnale nepa (Crotalidce order Ophidia). 

5geJe33, Telissd. s. sort of venomous snake, small 
species of the viper. 

s^oges, Teli-sam, 

(3^S3(g53, Teli-ham 

S^SD'3^e, Tele, pro. this, these. 

S3(S(33, Telesa, s. thirteen, [Colloquial: ^jw^g-**^ 

^s)(g,3, Teivald, s. name of the book called -egsi 
83555 tunpitaha, which see. 

<s^0355:J, Tevikun, ^s. name of Vishnu, Elu form 

s^S355, Tevikum, J of .^S^i) ^n'nX-rama, which 

(3i)S0, Tevita, ad, three times, thrice. 

SS59g, Tevidu, see ^S^8 trividydiva, 

(^^s^g^55, Tewun, s. praise, adulation, panegyrism. 

(3SDgD3, TeitJwwa, s. praise, adulation: a. surround- 
ed as by a fence ; shining. 

(3>s3^s)3>i)::r-^9, Testame'ntuica, s. Testament. 

(3>s3e3 55, Tesat, Elu form of i^osxSoo trisaktiya, 
which see. 

ssKd-csjE, Tesarana, s. (^) three, eocJ^sS help or 
favour) three religious helps, viz. Buddha, his 
doctrines, and his priests. 

<3^03g, Tesu, s, words, speech; others, the rest: a 

SvsJ^, Teaum, $. theft, robbery, [Colloq. S^wad 
5 horakama]. 

(S*6^3^eo^^(^^^e^S3, Tehettuwenawd, v. to be wea- 
ried, to be fatigued, to be tired. 

(S>S3>c^, Teles, a. thirteen (used in writing). 

S>S3s*digo33C3, Telesdhutdnga, s. (s^s^<(S,dl and 
gS3 dhuta shaken, ^ei anga religious ordi- 
nance) thirteen religious ordinances which are to 
be observed by the Buddhist priests; they are 
the following viz. c!og;?ggs5eDco Fansukulikan- 
gaya, (3nc5S5S53c;cs Te'cMwartkdngaya, e<5)Sa 
c33?Ss33<ocs Pindapntikdngaya, e3!r3^D3355S53G3c5 
Sapaddnachdrikdtigaya, ^ esi'iz^i^iSi'iiSicjb Ekdsa- 
nikdfigaya, oSJSjS <:^^533lK)co Pattajnndikdngaya, 
C3d3c5^2533ffi?c5 PctchchMbhattikdngaya, q,o 
dis^^owa Arannakdngaya, c5l)(3^j)3s?c5 
Rukkhamulikdngaya, tp(5vate)3338)3ocs Abbho- 
kdstkdngaya, (9e8j83e65553sics Sosdnikdngaya, 
cc63S5'2555^)3e3co Yathdsanthattkdngaya, s^eieedf 
cfaJSiKJco Nesajjikdngaya ; for further explana- 
tion see the words in their alphabetical order in 
the dictionary; these preposterous ordinances 
seem to have been given, as most others, only to 
exhibit the extravagant claims of the religion of 
Buddha, and not to be kept; for according to the 
confessions of the Buddhists themselves, these 
ordinances were never all kept by any one priest 
except one called Maha Kasyapa. 

<3^s5, Te', s. tea; number three. 

s^cJ^d^a, Te'kka, s. teak tree or Indian oak, tectona 
grandis (Verbenacece), 

<5^s5SSS53C5, Techm-arikdnga, s. (s^cJ three, )8(5 
chiwara robe, ^o anga ordinance) one of the 
thirteen ordinances of the Buddhist priesthood, 
viz. that which enjoins the priest invariably to 
dress in one particular kind of robe, consisting of 
three parts, see SNe)(5>e^gca3D telesdhutdnga. 

^f^d, Teja, s. power, energy; honour, dignity; 
splendour, enlightening; effulgence; fire; pun- 
gency; heat. 

s^t^d^o, Tejakd, e. febrile medical compound, the 
aggregate of three spices, black pepper, long 
pepper, and dried ginger. 

(S^t^dfSiS^, Tejakisinu, s. (js^t^d fire, SS^ reli- 
gious austerity) the power which Buddha pos- 
sessed of emitting from his body a fiery splen- 
dour and glory so as to be able, without the aid 
of the sim, to illuminate at any hour a space 
around him of several yoduns; this supernatural 
faculty has its name from the mode in which it 
was acquired by Buddha, viz. the practice, to an 
infinite extent, of devout religious austerities. 

S^cJdso, Tejana, s. bambu, [Colloq. (^sjj^Mwa- 
^as]; bow, arrow: a, enlightening; making 
splendid, illuminating; polishing, sharpening. 




s^oid'5533, Tejand, s. medical compound of three 
pungent substances, namely, black pepper, long 
pepper, and ginger, prescribed in cases of fever. 

'6Jd'i6, Tejani, s. plant, sansiviera zeylanica or 
aletris hyacinthoides, [Colloq. i9co^ wzya2K?a], 

(3>c5e^S?9, Tejawatt, s. aromatic plant, pothos offi- 


(S>cie^s5, Tejasa, s. splendour, efEulgence, light, lus- 
tre, dazzling; dignity, honour; fame, glory, 
renown; heat; sunbeams; consequence, strength, 
power, influence; impatience; gold; bile; marrow; 
brains; sharpness; brightness; energy, might, 
authority; metallic pungency, pi. S>s5d'e^ tejas. 

(S^c5c35a)3, Tejdivhd, see (5>.65s^dJ^?9 tejSioati. 

<S't^<S'diiSiQ^, Te'jokasina, see <5^55e^S9-Q teja- 

(3^5'5e^JS)3^9, Tejodhdtuwa, s. (^i^dsS tejas heat, 
fire, Qd^^S root, source) the element of fire, 
caloric, source of animal heat, bile; digestive 

(S^si'j^dcfS?^, Tejawatt, s. kind of pepper plant, 
jn2iei- chavya, [Colloq. SgcsQtc? siviya-wef\; 
another plant bearing a seed resembling pepper, 
pothos officinale, and considered as a large species 
of pepper. 

'3>5(9>d, Tepe', s. name of the banyan tree, Jicits 
bengalensis, [Colloq. e^ocne) nuga-gaha"]. 

'3^cJ(59(^(3, Teravilla, s. explication, interpretation; 
enigma, riddle, puzzle, pi. '5>s5'5@ teaavili. 

iS^diS, Ten, s. priestess. 

<S^sJ:5li), Te'ruma, s, meaning, explication; also, the 
verbal noun of iSii6<^''} tdranawd. 

>s}s>(5<^93, Terenawd, v. to be understood; to be 
singled out or withdrawn for some fault or im- 
perfection: pret. <3s5'3i.<^ terund. 

>s5Ses>d-<si8a, Teioakaranawd, v. to serve, to at- 
tend on, to offer. 

<^^5iQ^^(5, Te-watura, s, tea as a beverage. 

S^ci8ca, Te'waya, s. religious service, or offering. 

<?>3>C Taila, s. oil, oil expressed from the cocoa- 
nut tree, etc. name of a plant, barleria pinonitis, 
[Colloq. 33<$ katuharajidii]; storax; gum 
benzoin, incense; see also the following word. 

<5t9^S3(3^S5, Tailaha, s. plant, musa rosacea; small 
quantity of oil. 

a>(3ao35, Tailakdra, s. oil-manufacturer. 

>^C^'*^^'25>, Tailajmimnika, s. white sandal- 
wood, santalutn album, [Colloq. ggaogcs^ sudu 

<SSiQO^<s^, Tailaparnni, s. sandal; incense; tur- 

O(3O0, Tailapd, 1 s. (0(;* oil, C3i3 

5^S3CC533>3, TailajKiyikd, } 5S53 who drinks) 
cockroach, [Colloq. i^(5(3^c336^^^ kerapottd~\. 

S3C38-<sgS, Tailapindi, "i s. plant, barleria 

iQDoS^Ss), Tailapindita, f prionitis, see snS^O' 
Q taila; also jasminimundicum spinosum. 

<s*(9^S3C8e3, Tailapina, see S)e533Ss53 taila- 

(3^S^s^Qgo9, Tailaprabhawa, s. (s><S*S3C sesamum, 
gso8 producing) flower of the sesamum, [Coll: 
S)(30 tala-7nala']. 

(3^>ODG 6q, Taila-phala, s. (s>e3c sesamum, &C 
fruit) sesamum seed from which the sesamum 
oil is expressed. 

(S^S^s^e, Tailama, s. oil possessing medicinal pro- 
perties; of these medical oils the native practi- 
tioners have a very large variety, extracted from 
various plants, roots, barks, leaves and seeds; 
they are much used as emollients to sores, brui- 
ses, and wounds, and as unguents to parts affect- 
ed by local or acute pains; opium, pi. >(^^a^C 

5<s>s3cce, Tailaya, s. oil, see (^^S^S5e tayila. 

S^S^CDQessSiS&iQ, Tailaedwarthani, s. gold; any of 
the precious metals. 

<S^(S^C3(3?, Taib'na, s. land for sowing the sesamum 
seed, field of sesamum. 

>C53J^g, Tokkuwa, s. place, situation, site, 
[Colloq. te633ce sthdnaya]. 

(^^^5^^^55, Toka, s. bark of a tree, [Colloq. (S^oscJs) 

(S^SJDOOTC Tongala, s. end, point. 

(5^s^^^, Tata, s. ford, ferry; dative of >S3J to 

S^sJoQ^cS, TotakuU, s. (*C333 ferry, s^% hire) 
fare, ferriage. 

(S>e333oC Totapala, see ^e^J^oc totupala. 

S\C5338cS(^C5 Totapiyalla, s. small shreds of cloth 
beat off in the act of washing linen and which 
are used in certain medical prescriptions and as 
charms in magical incantations; clothes which 
have been left at a religious bathing place after 
the ablutions have been performed. 

S^SD33|j>253cs, Totamunaya, s. sea-port; place for 
landing, site of a ferry, quay; district, province. 

s^333Scc3, Toiiyd, s. man that steers or rows a ferry 




s>0D3(^C Totilla, s. child's cot or swinging cradle; 

swing; tree, spathodea indica; another tree, big- 

nonia indica. 
<S^S5)e, Totila, s. plant, oroxylum indicum (Big- 

S\S33, Totu, 8. path over a river, ford; one who 

has adopted false views of religion, heathen. 
NS330{3, Totupala, s. ferry, ford, site of a ferry, 

place for landing, quay. 
s>D3i3^8)3-5i^8, Todottuwa, s. rope or rein by which 

a bullock is guided, passing through the cartilage 

of the nostrils; stop or hindrance. 
(^033<:^S), Totiduwa, s. snare or noose for catching 

birds, deer, etc. 
s^033eJ.sgS, Tottuwa, s. kiss. 
s^OD3Q3^, Totani, s. sheet of water, basin for water: 

a. round; the root of a tree. 
iS^e33d8tf, Toppiaga, s. hat, bonnet, cap. (Port.) 
(?03C3, Topa, per. pron. you, in the accusative: 

see (S^oJ to. 
SvoJJOS^oJ, Tojyage, genitive case of the preceding. 
(S>S33S, Topi, j)er. pron. ye, or you. 
(5>O330, Toma, s. clump or spot of growing corn, 

wheat or barley. 
(3^03S>J, To7n6, pr. feminine of s^sjS tema, which 

S^e^3i5(^)d(^^8^, Toyil-karanawd, v. to perform 

demon ceremonies, see (a^C33(^555<5-<!^S3 tovil- 

s^c^3(5, Tora, s. interval, cessation. 
(9>S33<5s33, Torakirima, s. removing, separating. 
(9*33^^<5, Toratura, s. afEair; matter; circumstance, 

concern, news, intelligence, pi. S^sjad^egcJi tora- 

>C33i5isstc, Torana, s. arch erected on festival occa- 
sions and decorated with the young shoots of the 

cocoa-nut leaves, ferns, flags etc. pandal; outer 

door, porch; hairy shrub, canthium jmrviflorum, 

["Colloq. ?Si6 kara], 
S^o?3d^t-jg9, Toranetuxm, ad. always, continually, 

9^C33i5c3G^sJ, To7-apane, s. gimlet, bow-wimble. 
(?>033dsSeo)3, Torawenawd, v. to fail, to be sep- 
arated from. 
(?>o)3c, Tola, s. lip, pi. S^S33(^ toL 
'5^CD3(3S>J, Tolabo, s. bulbous plant with umbels 

of large white flowers, crinum Asiaticum (A- 

(S^)3(325D3(3, Tolindtka, see (S^GiiS'Ss^od toUndtha. 

(3^C33(5>C3(^, Tolol, s. plant, peculiar to Ceylon, 
Trichadenia zeylanica (Bixinice); also called 
{psJcDDsje^ dttd-gas. 

<s*033(^S5(5-<s?cS3, Tovilkaranawd, v. to expel de- 
mons, to destroy demoniacal possessions; to cure 
diseases by dislodging devils from the patient; 
all diseases are supposed to be inflicted by some 
evil demon ; hence it is that in almost all cases of 
severe sickness natives depend more upon the 
power of the demon priest than upon medicine; 
the last means used with dyiag persons is the 
rejection of all medicine and the sole use of the 
yantras and mantras of the capuwa. 

(?C539(3^(^, Tovile, s. devil ceremony, pi. s^s339(^ 

(3D3S3c2, Tosaya, s. joy, pleasure, gladness. 
s^osSs^cfisaJ, Tosiyot, see 3x^isis)3 kendettd. 
<^^s^^K)(^, Tohal,s. umbrella, [CoUoq. egSN kude'\. 
!5>333d(533e33, Tolugdnaivd, v. to crop, to graze as 

cattle, (literally to rub on the lip). 

(3iC3J, To, j^ron. thou, applied, in modern usage, to 
persons of great inferiority and of low and de- 
graded caste, or as a term of abuse. 

s>03jo. Ton, s. fee charged by one who keeps a 
gambling house. 

<s^S3iss>, Toka, a, less, short, deficient. 

iS^S)Jai^c8, Tonchiya, s. ceasing, [Colloq. eDi89 

\C3jg8, Toduwa, s. Malabar ear-ring or ornament, 
hollow cylinder of gold thrust through the lobe 
of the ear. 

(^^c^J^, TStra, s. hook used for guiding an ele- 
phant; goad or pike for driving cattle. 

(3^^J<5'^5;^, Todana, s. goad; pain; anguish, torture, 

s^oJsrT-sgS, Tontmva, s. giddiness. 

(3\e3jg, Tombwwa, s. register. 

^tSii6, Tomara, s. iron crow; elephant hook; any 
weapon for piercing, spear; instrument for per- 
forating, javelin. 

SNoJca, Toya, Is. water, [Colloq. 4g<5 iva- 

(S^^ica&i, Toyaka, ^tura~\. 

S^ojJco^, Toyada, s. (S^^jJcs water, <:; which gives) 
cloud; kind of fragrant grass, cy perns rotundus, 
[Colloq. 455C3gcJi kaldnduru], 

S^oJcoe,, Toyada, s. tree, eloeagnus latifolia, [Coll: 
t(^ ^(^C wel-embilla or ) <fiS(^C katu- 
einbilla'] . 

e^iSii SdQi 



(S^wJco and 6i6 what 
plant, Jussicea 

^G>i<JiSi6, Toyadhara, s 
holds) cloud. 

(S53;ifce83(3, Toya-ptjipali, s. 

<3vs3Jc8ge33<j3, Toyaprasddana, s. ((S>oJco and geao 
^3 cleansing) clearing nut plant, strychnos pota- 
torum, [Colloquial: oS^ I'lI^inQ; the seeds of 
which being rubbed on the inside of a jar or 
water pot, cause the precipitation of the impuri- 
ties of water. 

(?>C3;Jc)(3(3, Toyawalli, s. kind of gourd, momordica 
charantia, [Colloq. ^55c5c Ji:o.ravila\. 

S^QiSd, Tora, s. cassia plant of which there are 
many species in Ceylon ; for an account of which 
see Moon's Catalogue of the plants of Ceylon, 
and Trimen's Systematic Catalogue 257. 

<5<C3i(5<^S3, Toranawd, v. to explain, to interpret, 
to expound; to choose, to select, to pick out, to 
separate: pret. >eJJi3 termed. 

S3J(53(3Q, Toramalli, s. general name for the 

SNoJt^, I'ord, s. seer fish, most valuable fish in 

these seas; it may be termed the salmon of 

Ceylon, cybium (or scomber) guttatum, pi. S^oJ^L 

<^^i(^^^i), Tolkakama, s. interpretation. 

3^C3J(3, Toll, s. sign of the zodiac (Libra); name 

of Sukra. 
<s^odJ(3>2s33(3, ToUndtha, s. Sukra the regent of the 

planet Venus. 
S>03i8x(^, To-wel, s. creeping plant with numerous 

small greenish purple flowers; Vitts erioclada or 

V. indica (Ampelidece), 
(3>Dics^, Taurya, s. harmony, see -^cal turya. 
(S^S3=ics?.-ss5, Tauryatrika, s. ('S^O'JcsS and ^^ 

three) the triple or threefold melody, viz. the 

union of song, dance and instrumental music; 

(5^Q3T(3, Tauli, s. balance; sign of the zodiac (Libra); 

see .egc^ tidd. 
s^C3T(33, TauUna, s. balance; one of the signs of 

the zodiac (Libra); planet Venus. 
(S^C5DT(3s3oS, Taidi'-ndtha, s. (s^sj^k^ and eaad chief 

or lord) name of Sukra, regent of the planet 

5t^sJ, I'ek, s. whey. 

e3i3, Tcft, s. kind of brazen dish, charger; por- 
'S3iS)t(^Q3, Tcdelld, s. kind of fish. 

S3i,Js5383, Tetkawanawd, v. to string an instru- 
ment; to string a bow, to bend a bow; to strive. 

453 iD, Teta, s. string of a vinti or native violin; 
the wire-string of any instrument; labour, en- 
deavour, pains. 

S)i)3, Tetana, s. thunder, [Colloq. s^)^s^ hena']. 

S3ie5'^, Tetanuma, s. thunder; roaring, bellowing. 

C3t^, Teti, s. fear, tremour or trembling from fear. 

ct^^DOeD9D, Tetigannawd, v. to be afraid. 

S3t^(53JS-2D9a, Tetiganwanawd, v. to frighten, 

23-4^(^(3, Tetilla, s. spoon or head of a working 
implement, as a spade, hoe, iron part of a spade 
or hoe, pi. iSix&Q tetili. 

CDi^, Tedi, s. bond, covenant. 

C3i,5s:f, Ten, plur. of Otea tena: also any sharp 
cutting instrument, 

i/S3t^t3J5(5<^83, Tenpatkaranawd, v. to bury, to 

S3te3, Tena, s. place, spot, site, situation. 

SDi2!3sJ8aoed'(3e^, Tenanwahanse, s. eminent per- 

SDi,esD-253, Tenana, s. thunder, [Colloq. (3>35ao /<ewa]. 

?S3ii^^QoQ, Tenitaldiva, s. level open space. 

CDf2^i:f3t-20, Tenintena, s. from place to place, 

here and there. 
SDt'e99<5cs, Tenhoaraya, s. level ground, level plot. 
03i^, Temma, s. formation, construction, pi. Oi 

3 tenum-, verbal noun of cjsa^oSa tananawd, 

which see. 
SJfQS, Tenuma, s. verbal noun of ca^ssaeaSo tana- 
nawd, which see; trembling, state of being a^i- 

tated, tremor. 
Otcoicisja, Tenettd, s. person. 
S)ids^oe383, T'eppenawd, v. to spoil victuals in the 

dressing by a deficiency of heat. 
)idc^33j Teplanawd, v. to bellow, to low as 

oxen: pret. osidciSo teplewd. 
S3iCiC Tepela, s. post (for letters), mail. 
3i^i), Tebima, s. act of putting or placing, verbtil 

noun of 03S)2i33 tabanaivd, which see. 
<5Dtg3, Tebuwd, pret. of c39a3S3 tabanawd. 
C3i,g, TembiU, s. species of cocoa-nut tree which 

produces a nut of a light yellow colour, and is 

commonly called king cocoa-nut. 
'S^i.^S g-^, Tembili-puioak, s. sort of areca nut 

palm, areca catechu. 
CJiSgas, Tembiliya, s. shrub, Eugenia hracteata, 





coiD, Temhima, s. the act of boiling. 

03ii)S3, Tembuwd, past tense of aSa^DSo tam- 

CDi<5(3, Teralt, s. kind of food. 

S)i,(55v8e3)3, Teraivenawd, v. to wear away by- 
attrition; to be soUed or besmeared, to touch. 

35tSca, Teriya, s. calyx of flowers, pedicle, face of 
a nut. 

SJiC*, TeUs. creeping plant, bind- weed, convolvulus 
fiaims: a. sweet; soft, tender, delicate, weak; 

Otc^S), Tehna, s. wound or scar caused by beating 
or flogging. 

C3tdc Telia, s. kind of ornament or gold collar 
worn on the neck or breast of women, particular- 
ly on the day of marriage; plate of wrought gold 
worn as a sign of office; dewlap of an ox; any 
protuberance of flesh under the chin. 

sJic^QiQ, Tel-wela, see cot(^ tel. 

c^zgSvi, Telipili, s. clothes given by a bridegroom 
to his bride on the day of their marriage. 

c^r,g'S^23C, Telipola, s. dewlap of oxen: see 03z(^(3 

ODtgQE), Telmbuwa, s. contusion, wound made by 
a blunt instrument. 

!Di(Sc6, Teliya, s. culinary utensil, cooking pot or 
pan, sometimes written, ojgco taliya, e3ic6 te- 
tiya, and ssig seli. 

<j)i'5, Tewarima, verbal noun of S3z8(3^(5-<s^3 

C5i)i3^d-<<^83, Tewarenawd, v. to be touched; to 
be daubed, to be smeared: pret. 05i8(5l<5it 

Oi9(3g, Tevilla, s. fomentation or outward stimu- 
lant, decrease, diminishing, but applied chiefly 
to the abatement of a disease or to the decrease 
of a swelling, pi. OiSg tevili. 

e5t9, Tevima, s. tepefaction, fomentation; inflam- 
mation; sorrow of mind; repentance. 

C5z, Teumma, s. warmth, heat, fomentation, 
tepefaction, pi. S3ig teumm, or Oiged tewun. 

OTigcJi, Tewuru, a. soiled, sullied, spoiled; firm, 
solid, strong. 

C3iC, Tewula, Is. heatmg, sorrow, grief, afflic- 

Oigg, Tewuli, J tion, pain of mind, repentance. 

e5ig8, Tewuiva, s. surface of a file; roughness of 
a leaf used for polishing. 

<3i'3v8e33, Tewenawd, v. to become sorrowful; 
to be worn away by affliction; to be heated: 
pret. S3 1 g -2533 tewund. 

?SJztS, Tes, s. bran, powder, any pulverized subs- 
tance; long gourd; lead; measure of capacity, 
about four quarts. 

OTi.(g, Telima, s. beating, flogging, verbal noun 
of o'2d8o talanawd. 

C55td^8, Telumbuwa, s. contusion. 

05ii6i>5S33, Telumkanawd, v. to be beaten 
or flogged. 

Dt>, Teluma, s. blow, stroke, bruising, beating. 

S5ii3^-S3)3, Telenawd, v. to be crushed or bruised: 
pret. C3idesa3 telund. 

e^icdsj, Tegga, s. gift, donation, present, pi. e3x<6 

S5xc8^i<5cs, Tegtkeraya, s. deed of gift. 

S5^^d'(^^^, Tende, s. bedstead. 

S5soc5>, Tydga, s. gift, donation; abandonment, de- 
serting; separation, parting from. 

?j)aDc8S3e3, Tydgiwanta, a. disposed to give, gene- 
rous, liberal. 

S3a3<S, Tydgi, s. donor, giver; abandoner, applied 
chiefly to the religious ascetic, who abandons 
all worldly objects, thoughts and passions for 
the purpose of giving himself up entirely to 
religious meditation. 

S5oS5cs, Trankaya, s. bar, bolt, sometimes written 
sjdoS^SJ taranke. 

^C3, Trapa, 1 s. shame, modesty, bashfulness, 

^C33, Trapd, j [CoUoq. e^^S lajjdwa']. 

^gas, Trapusha, s. sort of cucumber; tin. 

^ce, Traya, s. number three. 

iQcs^oQSdtsS, Traya-trinsat, see C3g?S5ec3a553c6 ta- 
u'utisd-bhawanaya . 

^8, Trayi, s. three principal Vedas of the Hindus; 
the fourth or Atharwan not being considered a 
text-book in their religious rites; it is viewed 
more as an appendix to the others. 

gg^coJ^ro, Trayodasa, s. thirteen. 

^iii3>, Trasta, a. timid, fearful. 

^6^05830, Trastawdlu, s. creeping plant with large 
white flowers and medicinal root, bind-weed, 
Ipomcea turpethum, (Convolvulaceoi). 

^esd, Trasara, s. weaving; shuttle. 

^5-<s^, Trdna, s. preservation, protection. 

93COS36^, Trdyanti, s. protectress; medical plant, 
[CoUoq. Q^^C lunuvila'j. 

g3co3-<s^, Trdyamdna, s. preserver; preserving; 
medical plant. 

^3es, Trdsa, s. fear, terror, alarm; flaw or defect 
in a jewel. 




^, Tin, s. three, [Colloq. -eg-^ tuna"] ; ad. thrice. 

^o33i3), Trifimha, s. thirty; collectively, multitude 
of thirty. 

^ocssoJ, Trinsat, a. thirty, [Colloq. ^w tiha]. 

^5S^55, Trikatuka, s. (^ three, s^Qas pungency) 
aggregate of three pungent spices, viz. black and 
long pepper and dry ginger. 

^iSKi^es), Trtkantaka, s. plant, stalagmites cambo- 
gi aides ; a fish, silu7'ns. 

^ffi53(^Q, Trikdlajna, s. (j^ and 5553(3 time, ^ who 
knows) name or epithet of Buddha, alluding to 
what is usually termed his omniscience, i. e. his 
perfect knowledge of all things, past, present, 
and future. 

^Si'iQ,Ci^, TrikdJadarsi, s. (^ and ioc times, 
<rj(^ who sees) name of Buddha, implying that 
at one look he sees all events of past, present 
and future time. 

^a^QoSs), Trikuta-parivata, s. (^ and iqQ peak, 
oS53 mountain) fabulous tripod mountain, which 
has its base in the second of the &'5^Q3siQ tilo- 
tala and on its supports Sakra's paradise ; 
the space between the three peaks forms the 
world O3S30C pdtdla, which is inhabited by the 
serpent race and Asuras; from this region came 
Oog Hdhu to the churning of the sea by the 
gods; see c^g Rdhu. 

^^ssii-^, Trikona, s. triangle, pi. ^iS^SiOsS trikon. 

^csjaa), Trigandha, see ^gsjaS) trisugandha. 

^c5-<s^, Triguna, a. three-fold, three times, triple. 

^cgaoo, Triguhd, s. medicinal plant, Alyssicarpus 
bupleurifolitis, [Colloq. (fi^Qz-sS^is:) aswenna']. 

^?35S), Trijdta, 1 5. (^ three, ^?9 spice) the three 

^s3)?S, Trijdti, J principal spices; nutmeg, cloves, 
and mace. 

^c5, Trittvai/a, s. triad, trinity. 

^5C5?, Tridasa, s. (^ and <ja33 dasd state) a god, 
deity, divinity; the name refers to the gods 
being subject to the three states connected with 
existence, viz. birth, being, and death, i. e. trans- 
migration; the gods not having attained that 
state of the subjugation of their passions which 
entitles them to final emancipation, they are, like 
other inferior living sentient beings, liable to be 

born again or reproduced in some other mode of 

^^caoQjGcS, Tridasdchdrya, s. (^;ra tridasa and 

p)9oc5S dcMrya preceptor) name of Vrihaspati, 

the regent of the planet Jupiter, referring to his 

being the preceptor of the gods. 

<^<^G335, Tridasdri, s. (<5<?c53 tridasa gods, ^5 ari 
enemy) enemy of the gods, Asura or titan. 

^0, Tridiwa, s. (^ three alluding to Brahma, 
Vishnu, and Siva, 8 to sport) Swarga or heaven, 
the paradise of the Indian gods, the place where 
the three deities sport; according to oriental my- 
thology the gods or inhabitants of Swarga in- 
dulge in every sensual gratification; sky, atmos- 

^ phere. 

^esDcB-SD, Trinai/ana, s. (^ and eocoaa eye) name 
of Iswara or Siva, alluding to the eye which he 
is represented as having in his forehead, similar 
to the Grecian Jupiter. 

<C3S)5, Tripatraka, s. tree, butea frondosa, [Coll: 
Sidr^DxC gas-kela']. 

%oq, Tripada, s. tripod; verse or stanza consisting 
of three lines. 

^C3^, Tripadi, s, creeping plant, vitis f'or cissiis) 
pedata, [Colloq. SiScB 0z(5 mediya-wet]. 

^ob-^ta, Triparnyd, s. medicinal plant, [Colloq. 
^e^Si'Sd'^ aswenna']: see ^cgaas triguhd. 

^e3SSa>2D, Tripariwritta, s. (^ three, o8 sev- 
erally, Sa^esjai being) three objects of pursuit, 
viz. desire of wealth, sensuous pleasure, contin- 
ual existence, which are to be rejected by the 
Buddhist ascetic. 

^83555ca, Trijntakaya, see is^^BQiSid tunpitakaya. 

^g3, Triptita, s. (.^ and g8 skin) pease of three 
kinds; pulse; bank or shore; cubit; kind of 
vetch, deer arietinum; a hairy plant, ruellia 

^gQj, TriputdyS. sort of creeping plant, bind-weed, 

ipomcea Turpethum, [Colloq. ^di<n83S trasta- 

wdht]; small cardamums, elletaria cardamomum, 

[Colloq. BSis3 ^esStao(^ sihtn-ensdl~\; Arabian 

jasmin; goddess. 

^g(5, Tripura, s. (^ and gc5 city) name of 
Ravana the noted Asura or demon and king of 
Lanka or Ceylon ; the name alludes to his occu- 
pying a district containing three strong and fa- 
mous cities: see (358-<c Ravana. 

^g<5cje53 20, Tripuradahana, s. (< three, gd city, 

<j(S3-253 burning, consuming) name of Siva, who 

as Mahad^wa destroyed the three famous cities 

of Ravana. 

^gso, Trijmshd, s. black teori, [Colloq. ^co^ 

tiyambard'] . 
^6(33, Triphald, s. the three myrobalans, [Colloq. 
ef6> a7'alu, Qd buhi, (3*2(^Q nellij^. 




^^<:^, Tribhandt, s. (^ and ttD-<sS to oppose) 
a long creeping medical plant, which is said to 
oppose the three elements, or bile, phlegm and 
wind; it is called teori, in Bengali, ipoma'a 
tnrpethum, [CoUoq. ^dfoSog trastaicdlu], 

^^8^, Tribhuivana, s. the three worlds, viz. the 
worlds in which beings are under the influence 
of passions; t. e. deva loka, or world of gods, 
world of men, and patala or world of demons; 
see sgsd'fSNcJ^ca tunlokaya. 

45S)<J(3, Trimandala, s. the three circles, i. e. 
the two knees and the navel, applied to the mode 
of wearing the robe of Buddhist priests so as to 
cover the said parts. 

^5, Triinada, see -gJ<j tunmada, 

^(3^^-<j^, Trilakshana, see iQ?s^^ tilahunu. 

^QSaD, Triwachana, s. (^ three, Sd word) 
three memorable words or sentences spoken by 
Buddha, on the day of his birth, the day of his 
becoming Buddha, and on the day of his death; 
the first was ^s^sxaJcoSsa^ (S^QiiSisxa aggohamas- 
mi lokassa, "I am the chief of the world"; the 
second ef<s^sS^di& esoeeodo anekajdtt-sansdran, 
"I have passed through various transmigrations" 
(alluding to his five himdred and fifty births) ; 
^ew3(3N.^2i3 C3i)a^(3^4^ appainddena sampddetha, 
"Attain (to bliss) by non-procrastination"; 
grammatical term for the three numbers, viz. 
sing, dual and plural. 

^(S, Ti-iwarga, s. (^ and ScS class or sort) three 

objects of human pursuit; as love, duty, and 

wealth; three conditions of a king or state, as 

prosperity, evenness and decay; loss, gain, e- 

quality etc.; three qualities of nature, as purity, 

blindness and depravity; the three myrobalans, 

see ^6^3 triphald; three spices, see ^)aa 

^e3^, Trivikrama, s. (^ and 3^9 going) name 
of Vishnu, alludiag to his crossing over the 
three worlds by three steps, to the discomfiture 
of Bali, the noted demon or Asura, whom he 
vanquished and destroyed. 

^9^0, Trividydwa, s. (^ and ^ vidyd know- 
ledge) three-fold knowledge, more properly the 
supernatural knowledge of three important facts, 
viz. the impermanency of matter, the existence 
of sorrow in all things, and the annihilation of 
the spirit, or the living principle or sentient fa- 
culty in all living beings; this knowledge forms 

one of the leading and essential doctrines of 
Buddhism, and was said to be possessed by Bud- 
dha in the highest possible degree and to consti- 
tute one of the essential attributes of his charac- 
ter; the acquirement of the same forms one of 
the chief objects of mental study, and of the 
abstract and devout meditation of the priests, 
and all religious ascetics. 

^SS), Trividha, a. three, three-fold. 

^9a) Q^iS, I'rividha-dharmaya, s. three kinds of 
doctrines delivered by Buddha; viz. the gg 
sutra his sermons addressed to the laity, Seace 
vinaya his sermons to the priests, tptSaJ abhi- 
dharma his sermons to the gods. 

^SaSodcB, Tvividlmdwdraya, s. () and 3<5c5 
entrance) the three entrances for good and evil 
which are found in man ; bodily senses, his words, 
and his thoughts. 

^9o) S, Tnvidhabhaiva, see ^:feoSco tun- 

9D(5s>eoc5, Trivtdharatnaya, s. (^ and So) sort, 
dc3S3 ratna gems) the three precious gems which 
have been given to the world, viz. Buddha, his 
bana i. e, sermons and doctrines, and his priests. 

^9S(3, Trividha-sikshdwa, s. f^SlQdavsa 
tnvidharatna implied and cS^^d sikshd command 
or ordinance) devout and religious obedience to 
the trividharatna or Buddha, his doctrines and 

ft)3K9, Trtvidhdgni, s. (^ and 8Q vidha man- 
ner, ^05je3 agni fire) metaphorically the three 
destructive passions or circumstances of nature, 
to which mankind are subject, viz. lust or ar- 
dent desire, hatred, and ignorance. 

^8acJ, Triwrit, s. plant of valuable purgative pro 
perties, commonly called Teori, and distinguish- 
ed into white and black, convolvuhts turpethuin 
or ipomcea turpethum, [Colloq. ^e^sjQog trasta- 

^(2SxS, Trisakti, s. (< three, c3jS power or 
ability) the three prerogatives of royalty, viz. 
the power to inflict pimishment, great personal 
energy, and command of council. 

^cG, Trisula, s. trident or three pointed spear, 
borne in the hand of Kataragama deviyo as the 
emblem of his character, he being the god of 

^ede330, Trisndn-a^ s. desire, wish, anxious long- 
ing, lust, corrupt form of ODaa<^ trishndtva. 




^gis)a), Trisugandha, Is. (^ and gsjzsS) fra- 

^gc55eS, Trisagandhi, J grance) the aggregate of 
three vegetable perfumes, viz. cinnamon, mint, 
and cardamums. 

S3a-<!^, Trina, s. gxass, any gramineous plant. 

SDa^!5i.ds)i9, lyina-ke'takt, s. screw -p'me, panda- 
711CS odoratissimus, [CoUoq. 5^e5;8csj mudu- 
keyiyd~\ . 

SJa-a^S^-esJ^g, Trma-ke'tu, s. (sJa-iSso and (3<5^ ban- 
ner) bambu tree, bambusa vulgaris, [Colloq. 
Q<^.(S3Si iina-gahci], 

oa^^^Jao, TrinagodM, s. kind of newt, chame- 
leon . 

3a-<s*55j^, Trina-drima, see zsi^-^ a^^ trina- 

'?5i9<^0'giS', Trina-parna, s. plant, commelina dif- 

s)a-3Sogaei, IVina-jmshpa, $. tree the bark of which 
is a febrifuge, sidetena Jebrifugia. 

fSi'i<^^d, Trina-rdja, s. (q39-<sjS grass, <^d king) 
palmyra tree, [Colloq. 03(^coS3 tal-gaha] ; cocoa- 
nut tree, which is considered by the natives 
as the king among the grasses and gramineous 

oa'^Sa^^, Trina-wriksha, s. (s;a^s^ and a-?-^ 
tree) the tree which is preeminent among the 
grasses or the gramineous plants; any of the 
various species of the palm; as the palmyra, 
cocoa-nut tree, etc. 

OTa'i^c^s:*, Triiia-sunya, s. Arabian jasmin. 

SDa^s^TcgC) Trinasula, s. kind of white flower, not 

3a <sgceso35534, Trina-sanstdra, s. bed or resting 
place made of grass spread on the ground. 

e3a-*Se3i)5B, Trinasambhawa, s. wheat. 

C3a^-a?cJ^5j), Trtnodaka, s, (s5a-<s^ tn/ia and ^^ss) 
iidaka water) dew. 

S3a(5^'<s^JG33, Trinolkd, s. torch made of grass or 
cocoa-nut leaves, commonly called chul. 

S3a?9c8, Tritiya, ad. third, [Col : ^d(S\9e6 tunveni] . 

CDa^a5^'5, Tritiyajwara, s. intermitting fever that 
comes on once every three days, tertian ague. 

s3a^ca3^a)S3co, Tritiyaddhydnaya, see Qaasocs 

S)3e363, Tripti, s. sufficiency, repletion, enough, 
satisfaction, contentment. 

^8, Trutt, s. opening, expanding as a flower; 
doubt, uncertainty; cutting, breaking; small card- 
amums, [Colloq. 6d?9eJ 9:fa3(5 sthin ensdQ. 

^Q^, Tru/ita, a. cut, hurt, broken. 

^<30ccvi3cs, Tretdyiigaya, s. second of the four 

great periods of the world. 
^^^C^^*> TriloLya, see ^geJta^Qi^acs tun-lokaya. 
^esJ, Twak, s. skin; bark, rind, peel. 
<)Ev-5:<2a), Tivaggandha, s. orange. 
^3^(^>ef, Timg-d6sha,s. (^cs5 skin, S^efcs rheum) 

any purulent matter exuding from the skin in 

cutaneous disorders and affections; pus; leprosy; 

cutaneous disease. 
6a)i93aS?, Twagdkshm, s, manna of the bambu 

tree, [Colloq. ^-^^es^b una7nakulu]. 
3, Twacha, s. skiu; bark, rind, peel, [Colloq. 

g^ surnbulu] ; plant, species of the cassia, [Coll: 

5C5ig'5N;:33^ kurunduiwtu^. 
<2)i35, Tivard, s. haste, speed. 
^Sc), Twarita, a. quick, swift, [Colloq. ^^JSei 



The seventeenth consonant of the alphabet 
and second of the class of dentals; it is the aspi- 
rate of the preceding; and is expressed by tha. 

6^, Thaddha, a. firm, hard, stubborn. 

6c> Thala, s. land, ground; place, firm spot. 

d^d, Thalaja, s. (pQ ground, d born) land-born, 
any thing produced from the earth, the opposite 
of dQd jalaja, aquatic. 

(S^i35, The'ri, s. female priest, senior Buddhist nun. 

(S^6s^6S, Thero^ 8. senior Buddhist priest. 

The third letter of the dental claSSj aiid the 
eighteenth consonant, it sounds nearly like 'Hh " 
in that; it is also an affix to words and has the 
power of a copulative conjunction; it is the sign 
of an interrogation. 

<^o<3^5Dc3, Dangediya, s. log of wood used for the 
purpose of cutting fish, meat etc. 

<5o(K, Datisa, s. gadfly; tooth; stinging, biting; sting 
of a serpent; armour, mail. 

^ocsae?, Dansana, a. biting, stinging. 

(^oago, Danshti-d, s. large tooth, tusk of an elephant, 
wild boar, eye tooth. 

'^^J^K'SoSo, Dakkanawd, v. to drive, to force along 
by goading: pret. <5,J^93 d^kkuwd. 

q'Sj^<0o, Dakkhma, Pali form of <54S^ dakshiiia. 

<j:S<^, Dakkhind, s. gift, donation, charity. 

5S(5N<s^ci5, Dakkhineiya, Pali form of ^^<^co 




<5I<3D3, Daknd, part, of ^^d83 dakinawd. 

^J 9-25303, Dakwanawd, causal form of <J?9-2S393 
dakinawd, to show, to exhibit: pret. 9^J(3>S5S3 

^J3, Dakwd, ad. until, till, unto, as far as, to 
the extent of. 

q?s^, Daksha,a. dextrous, clever, conversant with; 
able : s. in the mythology of the Hindus a noted 
deity, who was a son of Brahma, born from 
the thumb of his right hand for the purpose of 
assisting in peopling the world; this Daksha 
had sixty daughters; of whom twenty-seven are 
the nymphs who were married to the moon 
and form the twenty-seven lunar asterisms; one 
of his daughters was Sati or Durga the wife 
of Siva, and thirteen were married to Kasyapa; 
see )3<rao kdsyapa. 

^-aS<s^, Dakshina, s. the right; south, southern; 
offerings, religious presents: a. clever, skilful, 
dextrous, able; candid, sincere, honest; depend- 
ent, subject. 

(^.<^gs39is)cs, Dakshina-vibhaiigaya, s. (^q^<^ 
ofEerings, fi53atej vibhanga discrimination, deci- 
sion) religious rite delivered by Buddha to the 
priests, enjoining upon them a community of 
goods; viz. that whatsoever is offered religiously 
is to be considered as common to all, both priests 
and people. 

^-sS-^jw^eg-^co, Dakshina-vimddhiya, s. (^^ts^S 
offering, cg^ pure) pure offerings, such as can 
only be offered to the priests on religious occa- 

(^^<s^(53oQc5, Dakshina-satikaya, s. ^<j^^ right, 
C33c5 shell or chank) chank shell opening to 
the right hand; such a chank is very valuable, 
and is used for pouring water on the heads of 

q^tS-<!ScB&, Dakshinastha, s. (<j^-<s^ and teS who 
stands) charioteer, coachman: a. upon the south 

qsS'ifii, Dakshmd, s. offerings, presents, things 

proper or fit to be offered; south. 
ij8<i^3d, Dakshindpatha, s. south, the southern 

<j4E3<s5aS, Dakshindrha , s. (^^-^ gifc, offering, 

^aS arha worthy) one that is worthy of being 

offered to a priest of Buddha. 
^<^-^8-e9, Dakshindioarta, s. any thing bent to 

the south, or turned to the right; as a chank 

which turns to the right is considered exceeding- 
ly valuable ; the navel of a person that turns to 
the right is considered a mark of great beauty. 

ej<^<s^c5, Dakshiniya, s. meriting a reward, one 
worthy of receiving gifts or presents; priest. 

<j<xS3v-<!^:J<5, Dakshinoda, \s.{q.3^-^dak8hina 

^^M(S^-^S^&, Dakshinodaka, } right hand, (5< 
udaka water) water which is poured into the 
right hand of a priest, as a ratification of an offer- 
ing of value that either has been made or is yet 
to be made. 

<55, Daka, s. water. 

^S5-<sSc, Dakana, a. south, southward. 

<j9-S393, Dakinawd, v. to see, to look, to perceive, 
to find out: pret. ^93 dutuwd. 

eag-csro, Dakuna, s. right, dexter, south. 

<^g-rt^sJae3, Dakunatpasa, s. right side; south 
quarter; measure, two cubits. 

<^g-<5]ro03, Dakunata, s. right hand; south quarter, 
pi. ^^<^t^ dakunat. 

c^ssQ^^, Dakimu, s. right, dexter; south; gift, dona- 
tion; region of Yama the Indian Pluto; see ^25<s^ 
?B^ dakunw-himi. 

^ag-^(53, Dakunudiga, Is. the south quarter, 

<5g4^<^cg, Dakunudingu, j ]pl. <<sgi^od daku/iu- 

<542^ee5, Dakumisaka, see q'3^<^(S5o'S)ci dakshina 

cj^g^ e8, Dakunu-himi, s. (^-JQ-^ south, e6 
lord) name of Yama the Indian Pluto, in allu- 
sion to his reigning in the south or Patala, he is 
the judge of the dead. 

^^g-<si(3cc, Dakunelaya, s. right side. 

^goD, Dagdha, a. burnt, scorched, consumed by 

5QS3uS)3.S3, Dagdhamdna, s. any thing burnt or 

^(SSD3, Dagdhd, s. the quarter where the sun is 

observable; fragrant grass. 
^(Si^SSiJ, Dagdhikd, s. scorched rice, [CoUoq. ^ 

egS) damkuda']. 
^(5\osi^.20, Dagdhodana, s. scorched, or boiled rice. 
^D, Danga, s. imprisonment; calf of the leg; sprout, 

young shoot of a leaf or flower, germ, chain for 

tying elephants; a. crafty, subtUe, cunning; 

troublesome, vexatious; treacherous. 
qisi^d^^Qo, Dangakaranawd, v. to plague, to vex, 

to tease, to worry; to struggle with, to wrestle; 

to twist, to coil, to twine. 



^K)(^^(53c5, Dauga-gei/a, s. prison, [Colloq. jSds^cs? 
h{rage~\ . 

^'ts>6, Dangara, s. the wanton gestures of a lewd 
woman when walking: a. coiled; spiral. 

<^oc5^(53co, Dangai-a-lcarawald, s. snake, variety 
of bwigarus Ceylonicus. 

^03(555(S)3Sd, Dangaragahanawd, v. to coil: pret. 
^0'5ffi5igD (langaragehuim. 

^c?dS>03CS33, Dangara-polangd, s. kind of viper. 

5D(^39j, Dangalanawd, v. to struggle, to writhe, 

^ to flutter, to flounder. 

^9, Dada, s. fine, forfeit; wilderness, [CoUoq. 

825DjSDeD(5cs MJanattfaraya] ; belly: a. tame, obe- 

ija) 6cJi, Dada-endaru, s. wild castor oil plant. 

ija)cj)|^cJ, Dadakalat, s. sort of gram or bean 
which grows wild in the jungle. 

qei^S), Dada-laha, s. plant, curcuma aromatica 
( Scitaminece] : also called 8(^J353 ival-kaha. 

^e)S8(^Ci Dadakirilla, s. Ceylon elm, Holop- 
telea (or iilmus) integrifolia; also called (3^c5^^a) 
^^dC goda-Tcirilla. 

q^^SiSji, Dada-hiriya, s, generic name of Euphor- 

^S^JS5^S)(^, Dada-kehel, s. plant, rap)hidophora 
decursiva (Aracece). 

<Jj5)K!S)a38o, Dadagahanaii'd, v. to fine, to inflict a 

^3o53i3, Dadagehuma, verbal noun of ^Sow^sa 
8o dadagahanawd, 

5a)Sed, Dadamas, s. flesh, the flesh of quadrupeds 

<jaS)3, Dadamimd, 1 . (<^e) tame, i)0D or i3 

i;8)3, Z)arfa?m-a, J buffalo) tame buffalo, used 
as a decoy in catching wild ones. 

^S)c2j Dadaya, s. fine. 

<5Sca}i}(5cJ, Dadayakhdrayd, s. hunter. 

<je)csi5)'5-<s^83, Dadayamharanawd, v. to shoot or 
hunt game. 

^Scc, Dadayama, s. hunting; shooting game, tak- 
ing game in any way. 

^Soj3, Dadayd, see <q8^'33 dadamiwd. 

<:Ja)^(3^e5, Daddwate, a. wandering, going astray. 

5S320c5l, Dadimiaru, s. plant, buchnera euphrasi- 

^3n, Dade, see <^9c5 dadaya. 

Cf^, Duiidii, s. wood, timber; kind of oar. 

cj^ffgS, Danduanduwa, s. smith's vice. 

^^sjq, Dandu-lcanda, s. stocks, pi. ^5^J 

:jc555, Dandujyat, s. timber, planks. 

i^^ofids^si, Dandupanne, s. varieties of timber. 

q^^dQO, Dandumurald, s. kind of sea fish. 

<5(3*(^eD3, Dandule'nd, s. long tailed forest squirrel, 
called grizzled hill squirrel, sciurus macrourus. 

<:jg8, Danduwama, s. punishment, chastisement, 
castigation, pi. <jg8 danduivam. 

<?dC5> Danduwalld, s. kind of sea fish. 

^%QQ'S)xca, Danduwalubeya, s. kind of hive. 

ij8t0, Dandu-weta, s, fence of sticks or any kind 
of wood; candle-stick; large kind of flambean. 

^St(ixc, Danduwelbeya, see <^g8sxco dan- 

ijgsj, Danduhama, corruptly for <J8 dandu- 
wama, which see. 

<5gjS)(^, Dandvy-hala, s. timber-yard. 

<rj-<sicc), Danda, s. stick, staff; club; jjunishment, 
chastisement, castigation; fine, forfeit; subjection, 
obedience; measure of four cubits; army; stem 
of a tree; pride, arrogance; measure of time, a 
Siijhalese hour or twenty four minutes. 

q^)iSi, Dandaka, s. sort of metre, the stanza of 
which exceeds twenty seven syllables and may 
be extended to two hundred. 

^<s^3c3, Danda-karmaya, s. punishment, casti- 
gation, chastisement. 

^ScS)53(5is^5Scs, Dandakdranyaya, s. a noted forest, 
situated in q<!3Sa)>3 dandakd, the peninsula of 
India from between the Narmada and Godtivari 

<j-a8eS)'S3cc, Dandanaya, see ^^^j danda, 

^(SiSoe)i6^, Danda-niti, s. moral philosophy, ethics; 
name of Vrihaspati, regent of the planet Jupiter 

^ and preceptor of the gods. 

5<^g9, Dandapushpi, s. stemless plant bearing 
a beautiful flower, crinum (or amaryllis) zeyla- 
nica, [CoUoq. <5>cE)3a)i)329(;^ goda-77idniQ ; medici- 
nal plant, [Coll: ^esiSi^oSiSii komdrikd']. 

^<5^3j33cc, Danddsanaya, s. small or low kind of 
table or stool on which the natives lay the book 
they are copying. 

^JSDK)S3, Danddhata, s. butter-milk, [Colloq. 
<^'^5Si m67'u'\. 

<5<s?l^S)ca3, Dandikadayd, see ^-isSScea dandiyd. 

q-^^'^i, Dandin, s. staff or mace bearer: name of 
Yama the Indian Pluto. 

c^<^'^ia, Dandiya, s. kind of frame work used when 
threshing or treading corn. 

<? <sJc63, Dandiyd, s. small kind of river fish. 




q<S^<!^j!SX}^o, Daridotjmld, see (3^(53oSo3^ goda 

mdnil and <5<!jSS)gse8 dandapiishpi. 
c^fsi, Dat, plur. of ^o) c/a<a; known: part, of <;j5 

eD63 dannaim: s. tusk of an elephant; sharp 

edge of any cutting instrument. 

'^^^g'^^^-^^"^-'].. tooth pick, 
<Qc3as)9, Dat-kafuwa, J 

^cJ^53i,I^, Dat-kekkuma, s. tooth ache. 

^65.fi3>tCi8a, Datketiyd, s. plant peculiar to Ceylon, 

xylopia champonii (Anonacece) ; plant with long 

leaves and many flowered corymbs, oj)hiorrhiza 

mungos (Eubtacece). 
^(sieScoSaaQ), Dat-niyawanawd,v. to grin, to make 

<^c55<5383, Datmiti-kanawd, v. to gnash the 

teeth from pain or anguish. 

<5J9SCj Dat-yuwala, s. pair of teeth, two tusks of 
an elephant. 

5c5c^g, Datrmluy 1 s. lion, [CoUoq. Sowoeo sinha- 

^d:5j.g, Datrupu, /?/]. 

^o, Z)a^a, s. tooth. 

<^S)e6c8393, Datantyawanawd, see ^'d^flcaS'SjSa 
dat-niyawanawd . 

<5S3S3J, Datamand, 1 s. that which ought to be 

;503q^, Datayutu, J known, that which is proper 
to be known. 

r-q, Dada, s. star; fool; leprosy; plant, (costus) 
bird; parts of generation; male organ of genera- 
tion; tooth; flag, banner; wicked or low man; 
Brahmin; ring worm; cutaneous disorder, kind 
of scurvy. 


^^<S^oQ, Dada-pela, s. (^^ banner, ^oq row) line 
of flags of various shapes and colours, by which 
the temples are ornamented on festival occasions ; 
to bestow a suit of these colours on a temple is 
reckoned a work of great merit. 

e^^ti^d, Dada-bhuja, s. (qq bird, ^d what eats) 
bird of the eagle kind; any bird of prey. 

<^^ g03. Dada-muivd, s. (^J"^ flag, coloured cloth, 
g3 covering or screen) screen made of flags, a 
screen or wall of coloured cloth; curtain; vail 
surrounding a room or tent. 

^^(, Dadaya, s. ring-worm, scurvy. 

<^^<5, Dadara, s. frog, [Colloq. (S^oniSb gembd^; 

<l^6^, Dada-rada, s. (^<q star, 6^ king) moon, 
[Colloq. ta^ handa]; sandal wood; bird of 
Vishnu, garuda. 

q^Qd<g, Dada-warana, s. (^ij tooth, >6-<^ what 
covers) lip, [Colloq. (5^033(3 tolal- 

qc,^, Dadru, s. cutaneous and herpetic eruptions. 

e?gj^88S3, Dadrughna, s. species of cassia, cassia tora, 
[Colloq. sjjd tora"]. 

:j5j<S, Dadru-wairi, s. plant, plumbago rosea, 
[Colloq. (5sJ(S^2J3(^ ratnetul']. 

<^, Dadhi, s. milk curdled, either spontaneously 
or by heat; a kind of food thus made is held in 
high estimation among the Hindus, and is con- 
sidered, medicinally, as a remedy or preventative 

of most disorders. 


i^gg-isQ, Dadhipushpt, s. kind of flower, clitorea 
ternata, [Colloq. i^(^ ^3*^ifi nil-katarolu]. 

i^6r, Dadhiphala, s. elephant or wood apple, 
[Colloq. {^(^ dhvul']. 

<?S-!j?a), Dadhimanda, s. whey, [Colloq. 95 S^Scf 
cSi kiri-in6rii\. 

<rjgQ, Dadhimukha^ s. (<? curdled milk (colour), 
3 face) white-faced monkey. 

<5 53555^2, Dadhtsaktu, s. (^ curdled milk, esfiseg 
barley meal) sort of food consisting of barley 
meal mixed with curds. 

<^S3<5, Dadhtsdra, s. (qS and e33<5 essence) fresh 
butter, [Colloq. (S^QsjSi wendaru]. 

qisS, Dan, s. gift, donation, offering; pad^y; waist 
clothing of women; name of a tree of which 
there are several species ; it yields a fruit much 
eaten by the natives: Eugenia or syzygixim 
cargophyllcea, (Myrtaceoe) ; also called c9:''^J 
hin-dan; see 3.^^ mddan ; Sd<:jerJ baludan. 

qisS (3^(55S, Dan-gedi, s. fruit of the dan tree. 

qi^9),Danda,s. large stick, log of wood; corruptly 

for q-^Si) danda. 

<53C3, Danta, s. tooth, tusk, peak or side of a 

<^eoK))3ftS, Dantakdshtha, s. a piece of stick used 
as a tooth brush, [Colloq. <jeDi9 deheti^. 

qax^d, Dantaja, a. dental. 

ijD03S)39e53, Dantadhdwana, s. tooth brush, clean- 
ing the teeth; tree, mimusops elengi, [Colloq. 
g.253(^ sjes muhunamal-gasa']: also see ^t6S 

q?sysysdSi, Dantasatha, s. elephant or wood apple, 
[Colloquial: ^g(^ f/(7M/j; common lime, citrus 
limetta or c. acida, [Colloq. s^qS dehi"]; tree 
bearing an acid fruit, averrhoa carambola, [Coll: 
53(5o^33 kdmarangd~\; common orange tree, 
citrus aurantium, [Colloq. ^c,e) dodam\. 




^303K)@, Dantaharsha, s. tenderness of the teeth; 

intolerance of any rough or acid substance. 
qf!Xi3(S3^, Dantdgada,s. specific for every disorder 

of the teeth. 
<:j3tt)39(2, Dantdbala, s. tusked elephant. 
qysiot\q, Dantdrbvda, s. gum boil, ulceration of 

the gums. 
<?xS53, Dantikd, s. medicinal plant, described as 

a gentle stimulant, [Colloq. <5,cJvJ) detta], 
qy^, Danti, s. medicinal plant, Croton polyan- 

drum, [Colloq. ^s5a) detta], 
qZ3(^'3d, Dantivija, s. plant, croton tigUum, [Coll: 

dc503(3 jayapdla]. 
<5355c5, Dantura, a. having a large or projecting 

tooth; waving, undulating. 
q(o^?sys)i^3tJ?5s6, Dantoshthdkshai'a, s. (^isxidanta 

tooth, S(S dshtha lip, (fi5s6 akshara letter) 

letter which partakes in sound both of the labial 

and dental; as the semi- vowel 8 iva which is the 

only one in the alphabet of this class. 
5j'(3^^^5^8^, Dandenawd, v. to give alms. 
qs5^Q'3, Dannaicd, v. to know, to be acquainted 

with: pret. ij^^JsjSXao denagattd. 
^Ja33, Dannd, a. acquainted with any matter, 

ejsiQeaSo, Danwanawd, v. to make known: pret. 

^-?d'^83 dennuwd. 
q'sSQ'i, Danicd, s. Asura, titan, demon: ]}. having 

announced, or made known. 

qsiSos^'Si, Danwd-saturu, s. (^s5Q:i and 65^(51 

enemy) name of Vishnu, alluding to his being 

the enemy of the Asuras. 
c'siQiz), Danweta, s, (^JcJ and i 3 observance) 

charity, alms-giving. 
ejsiStC) Danwela, corrupt form of <ji>)i(3 dam- 

qsiia(^, Dansala, s. {^&5 gift, S3(^ hall) public 

place for distributing alms, alms house. 
^^, Dana, s. knee; riches, wealth, property, 

possessions; people, mankind; birth, origin: pi. 

q'sS dan. 
^S3fi3, Dana-isa, s. cap of the knee. 
<5.20^^2S)9, Danautukatuica, s. bone of the knee, 

cap of the knee. 
^33K)S3.sd93, Danagahanaicd, v. to kneel. 
<^-e35, Danada, s. (^sss wealth, q who gives) name 

of Wesamuni-raja or Kuvera; Indian Plutus. 
(^esaerf, Danan, s. people. 

^mea, Danana, s. birth, production; conquest, vic- 

^^Dsjagcs, Dana-ndliya, s. knee, knee bone. 

c^?s:ioS>, Danapati,s. (^20 wealth, o& chief) name 
of Kuvera or Wesamuni-raja, the Indian Plutus; 
(poetically) wealthy man, one very rich or 
possessing great property. 

^Sioq, Danapada, see d^tsq janapada. 

<533^r^, Danambtd, s. mountain, hill; vinegar; 
water in which rice has been washed. 

i233&c Danamandala, s. (<q3 and (3 an orb) 
knee, cap of the knee. 

j^aaSed, Danawat, a. rich, wealthy, opulent. 

(^2539 253 03, Danawanawd, v. to produce: pret. 
(g^saS denavi, he produced. 

<5-2393, Danawd, v. to burn, to consume by fire: 
pret. ^Qjdewd; part, of (^sjSesSs danawanaivd, 
having produced. 

52og9, Danawuwa, s. country, province, district; 
house of a respectable man, pi. q-zsiB danaw. 

<^33, Dana, s. man, mankind. 

<5^g, Danindu, s. name of Wesamuni, chief of the 

<Q^, Danu, s. bow, [Colloq. gsd'ea dimna'] ; sign of 
the Zodiac (Sagittarius); mother of the Daityas, 
demons, or Asuras ; she was one of the daughters 
of ij daksha (which see), and wife of Kasyapa, 
the celebrated Rishi or holy man, the teacher of 
Parasurama, from whom he received the sov- 
ereignty of the world. 

^^d, Danuja, s. (<q-Q and d born) titan, Asura, 

5^g3^^cs3, Danvmctiyd, s. experienced man; man 
of mature judgment. 

(fj^QSJSD, Danu-lagnu, I s. (<!j>g3 bow, QSfa sign) 

/:J^g9, Danuwa, /sign of the Zodiac, (Sagit- 

c^o, Dapa. Elu form of <;S darpa, pride, arrogance; 
copulation, cohabitation. 

<j3-<s, Dapana, s. looking glass, mirror. 

<^aa393, Dapanawd, v. to offer to devils, to repeat 
mantras inaudibly, to mutter a sort of magical 
incantations or prayers to demons; to charm 
demons by the power of magical incantations; 
these are the practices of the Kattadiyas or de- 
mon priests for the purpose of curing diseases, 
or to cure a disease by expelling the evil demon 
who has been supposed to inflict the disease; 
after the prayers and mantras have been repeated 



audibly for some time, the Kattddiya stretches 
himself on his back on the ground and continues 
to mutter the charms inaudibly, till he becomes 
inspired by the demon and ascertains whether or 
not his requests have been complied with: pret. 
^gSo depuwci. 

^(5, Dabara, s. quarrel, fight without weapons, 
tumult, uproar. 

^(5 {^iSc^C) Dabara-engtUa, s. (?S)<5 and ?^9(^C 
finger) forefinger, so called in allusion to its be- 
ing used when threatening, or menacing or chal- 
lenging to a fight or quarrel. 

i^Qi^d^ScS), Dabara-Jcai^anaivd, v. to quarrel. 

^i), Damba, s. fruit tree, Elu form of dg jambu. 

(Q, Dambadiwa, s. one of the four continents 
situated south of Maha m(^ru, Elu form of dSQ 
C3C8 jambudvipaya, which see. 

^ dsfdsi, Damba-ratran, s. fabulous sort of gold. 

^Q, Dambala, s. kidney bean, jihaseolus vulgaris. 

ej, Dambu,s. jackal, [CoUoq. otScso wan'ya]: a. 
not well baked or burnt, as q^ ^ifi dambu-ulu 
tiles slightly baked, 

<^D, Dam, ind. wife; doctrine, religious truth: see 
also q?si dan. 

^i)S3f^, Damkanda, Elu form of ae&35)3)cft dhai^- 
maskandhaya, which see. 

q^-^s), Damkuda, s. rice left at the bottom of the 
pot in which rice has been boiled. 

^^S^sjScs, Damgedtya, s. tom-tom used for collect- 
ing the priests at the time of repeating the bana; 

^ chopping or decapitating block. 

^i>(5\^ea25D83, Damdesanawd, v. (^i) bana, ^i^eseo 

3 to proclaim) to read the bana, to expound 

the sermons of Buddha; to preach, to address a 

sermon to a congregation: pret, <^i)(3<^e83 dam- 

q%oit^, Dampatihu, s. husband and wife, [CoUoq. 

cp e3i,<5vc6J ambu semiyo]. 
.^SaaS, Dam-pdta, s. (q^ fruit, csdS colour) purple. 
q'i)6d, Damraja, see S<^d dharmardja, 
q^<5q, Dam-rada, Elu form of S(^d dharmardja. 
q%QxCj, Damwda, s. chain, fetter, pi. q)i(^ 


<je8J, Damsak, Elu form of o)9^ dharma- 

i^SesQo, Dam-sabdwa, s. congregation assembled 

to hear a sermon, but particularly applied to 

those who hear the bana or the discourses of 


(^SeoiS, Damseri, s. charioteer or guide of men 
who require training, epithet of Buddha. 

q^)esi, Damha, s. deceit, fraud, cheating; hypocrisy; 
lie; sin, wickedness; pride, arrogance. 

<5, Dama, s. chain; punishment, chastisement; 
self-command; endurance of the most painful 
austerities; taming, subduing; self restraint, sub- 
duing the senses, suppressing the passions. 

q''s)si, Damaka, s. tamer, subduer; one who en- 
deavours to subdue himself; penitent, one given 
up to the practice of religious austerities. 

qd, Damatha, s. punishment, chastisement, in- 
flicted chiefly for subduing the passions; self 
control, endurance of rigorous austerities. 

<qD, Damana, s. resignation, mental tranquillity 
or composure; self command, control over the 
passions; sjate of religious austerity; convincing 
any person of his errors, applied only to religious 
matters, religious conversion. 

<r;9a3co, Damanaya, see ^253 damana. 

<qOTcs5c5-<s^S3, Damanaya-karanaxvd, v. to sub- 
due, to bring into subjection, to render obedient; 
to convert, to turn from one religion to another. 

<5D3, Damanawd, v. to tame, to subdue; to 
place, to put, to fix: pret. ^33 demmd, ^8o 

q^i^ca, Damaniya, p. a. to be tamed, subjected, 
or subdued. 

q^^, Damita, p. a. subjugated, brought under 
control, (as the passions); converted, turned 
from bad practices, converted from heresy. 

q'%^<, Daminiya, s. tree, grewia tilmfolia (Tilia- 
cece); this tree is said to have taken its name 
from the circumstance of a priest having bound 
to it a devil whom he wished to compel into 
his service. 

q'Syiq6, Damodara, s. name of Kataragama-deviyo 
the Indian god of war; name of Vishnu. 

q(S^5(, Damord, s. name of Vishnu. 

<^c53, Dayd, s. tenderness, compassion, mercy. 

iqc53c5, Daydbara, '\ 

_, ,, fa. merciful, tender, kind, 

ijc33!!, Dayalu, > 

qoioQ^, Daydwanta, ) co^^P^ssionate. 

^cs392ocs350, Daydtvantakama, s.- kindness, tender- 

q^e^<5, Dardura, s. frog. 

qbG,^,Dardru,s. ring- worm, kind of scurvy, [Coll: 
qq dada'}. 

q8, Darpa, see qo dapa. 

~30 ' ~ 




^8^5), Daiyaka, s. name of Kiunadeva the Indian 
god of love. I 

q&<^cii, Darpanaya, s. mirror, looking glass; eye; 
kindling, inflaming. 

q$^, Darbi, s. ladle, spoon, [Colloq. ii5 hen- 
da^ ; expanded hood of the cobra de capello. 

qe8, Darbha, s. kusa-tana or sacrificial grass; kind 
of reed, saccharum spontaneum. 

ijS, Darvi, s. spoon, [Colloq. sai^q hendct], 

qE^, Darvika, s. ladle, spoon. 

^(, Darsa, s. sight; seeing; day of the new moon, 

when she rises invisible; sacrifice made on that 

q^iSi, Darsaka,s. door-keeper; warder; exhibiter; 
skilful man; one conversant with any art or 

<^cSe53cfi, Darsanaya, s. sight, seeing, looking; eye: 
mirror; dream, vision; virtue, moral merit: 
knowledge, especially religious illumination; in- 
tellect; sect of philosophy. 

ij(9cs, Darsaniya, a. beautiful, handsome, agree- 
able; fit to see, proper to be seen. 

^6, Dara, s, dried wood, firewood; the sharp edge 
of any cutting instrument; hole in the ground; 
cavern, grotto; the earth; Elu form of d<Si jard, 
which see. 

:^(553333, Dara-kapanaicd, v. to fell timber for 

^dssixQao, Daraketiyd, s. large testaceous worm 
which breeds in dry and rotten wood. 

C(6^^oQ, Darachchdiva, s. a reparation or atone- 
ment made in a subsequent transmigration for 
debts or obligations contracted in a former state 
of existence. 

<q(5<jS, Darana, s. creeping things, the serpent tribe. 

j(5-^3253eo3, Darana-gahanawd, v. to coil as a 
rope or snake. 

qds^Q'i, Daranawa, v. to bear, to suffer, to sup- 
port, to carry: pret. 5,c5i.83 deriavd. 

qd^Q, Daranuwa, s. circle of twined canes for 
placing vessels on. 

q6q, Darada, s. country bordering on Kashmir; 
Vermillion, [Colloq. esa^gc^^i) sddilingarn]. 

5(5c, Daradandu, s. firewood; coldness and stiff- 
ness of a corpse. 

^(5^(53t (3*2025383, Daradandugehenawd, v. to be 
come stiff as a corpse. 

q6^, Daradi, s. debt, [Colloq. -esaco naya], 

<q<5^Sc6, Dara-mitiya, s. faggot. 

<:?<5e3tca, Daras^ya, s, funeral pile. 

q6 ffi33(^e3sJ, Dara-hdlpan, s. plant, Fimbristylis 

tetragona (Cyperacea;). 
q<^, Dard, s. earth, [Colloq. (S^ooqQ jwlaiva']; 

e,<35, Ddrdnda, s. upper side of a field. 
q8, Dari, s. natural or artificial excavation in a 

mountain, cave, grotto, [Colloq. 555gdQ kandu- 

(^85, Daridra, a. poor, needy, indigent, distressed, 
q8, Darima, s. kind of pomegranate, [Colloq. (S^^ 

iS delurn]. 
j8, Dan, s. cave in a rock, natural or artificial: 

see qS dart, 
qdt, Daru, s. child. 

qdi^, Darukama, s. state of being a child, son- 
ship, relation of a child. 
qS. (53&5ca, Daru-garbhaya, s. (<qc5i child, ct^ 

garbha womb) pregnancy, fcetus. 
9c3i.OTC Daru-gala, s. small rolling stone. 
<^c5x.c53t, Daru-geba, see ej Jt(53.%>c6 daru-garbhaya, 
qc^ii^, Darunu, a. rough, harsh, boisterous, austere, 

severe, hard, obdurate. 
^c5iS)<5, Dand)ara, s, child bearing. 
^c5lS)d5eD, Darabara-kata, s, (ijc3^ and Q(5 weight, 

^03 woman) mother; woman having a large 

family of children. 
q<Si, Daruma, Elu form of Q dharma, which see. 
q(^Q, Darumala, see <^c@S dalabuwa. 
q<^>o, Daruma, s, (c^^ child, 3 mother) mother, 

[CoUoq. S maiv]. 
q(Siv(sii(^Q, Daru-mehelli, s, woman who has 

children in her old age, 
^c5l)3, Daruwd, s, child, infant, pi. qcSi<a^)6 daruwo, 
^(^QiS^Qo, Dalicanawd, v. to kindle, to light, to set 

fire to any thing, to inflame; open as the mouth: 

pret. <5,(^sS3 delluwd. 
qQ, Data, s, leaf; leaves of flowers; tooth, ivory; 

fire; flame of fire, effulgence, glittering; cove- 

teousness; avarice; water; heart; calix; half; 

part, portion; division; cutting, tearing; heap. 
qQ'328<^, Dalakshtrim, s, tree, [Colloq. o^J 

2)atuk^ . 
^(3^55^, Dala-kanda, s. (qc water, Gi^ heap) 

standing water as a pond or lake. 
qC'^iSi^, Dala-keli, s, (qQ and <3^5(g sport) bath- 
ing, sporting in the water; venereal pleasures. 
qO^cFii'cd, Dala-geba, s. (q(^. and ctz womb) cloud, 

[Colloq. C355 waldkula']. 





c^C?^j Daladan, s. (^c and q^ gift) cloud; 
year; sea, ocean. 

qcq^, Daladara, s. (^Q and q6 ])earing) cloud, 
cloud condensed with rain; sea, ocean. 

i^Qq6Q^<^, Daladara-icarana, s. elephant of Sak- 

i^OqQ, Dala-clalu, s. young shoot or sprout of a 
leaf, leaf-bud. 

qQS3q?sS, Dalanadan, s. sea, ocean, [Colloq. ^q 
muda] . 

c^Q^e^, Dalanidu, s. sea, ocean; name of Ananta- 
ya, king of the serpent race. 

qQ ^:Jg, Dala-binduwa, s. drop of water. 

^(39, Dalabuwa, s. womb. 

<?C3, Dalabuwa, s. small worm or grub, cater- 

<qcQi Dalabema, s. whirlpool; whirling round of 
the water. 

qO^, Dalambu, s. womb; time immediately follow- 
ing conception prior to the foetus being formed; 
small worm or grub; viviparous. 

q(jtS, Dalamas, s. the Pulas, name of tree, hutea 
frondosa, [CoUoq. cneJsJiC gas-kela~], 

qQ<Jt^ Dalaya, see qo, dala. 

qQ,<^q, Dala-rada, Is. {qo water, 6q king, d>iS 

qcStS, Dala-res, J collection) sea, ocean, [Coll: 
'^q ?nuda]. 

qC^6, Dalasara, s. (qQ and 3(5 which moves) 
fish in general, [CoUoq. gf masun] ; water- 
fowl, any fowl or bird going or residing in 
water; fish. 

qC^3, Dalasd, s. (^(3 fire, Kd branch) flame, [Coll: 
(Si^qiiQ ginidaluwa']. 

qO.'i, Dald, s. kind of fish. 

qQ'i^ssi, Dalddhaka, s, sesamum; an aquatic plant 
jnstia stratiotes, [CoUoq. ^c&od^Qo diya-para- 
nald']', iron wood tree, mesua ferrea, [Colloq. <2533 
na]; flowering tree, mimosa sirissa; red chalk; 
cuttle fish bone; moat, ditch; species of jasmine, 
jasminum j^ubescens; elephant's ear; hurricane. 

qQ, Dali, s. clod of clay or mould; bud, young 
shoot of the leaf; sort of small house cricket, 

qQssi, Dalika, s. timber, wood, [Colloq. S IQ. 

qQ, Dalii, s. bow; the bud or young shoots of leaves. 

qQ^, Daluk, s. tree, euphorbia antiquorum, (Eu- 
phorbiacece); the thorns on this tree are so large 
and piercing that the branches are used for 
making fences against elephants, wild buffaloes 

etc. it has "a grotesque appearance with a prickly 
cactus-like stem without leaves." (Morris.) 

qQ<^^-)^Q, Dalukotuwa, s. betel plantation. 

^"SC^ Dalu-bidat, s. species of the betel leaf. 

qQ^d, Dalumura, s. betel leaf, [Colloq. C^ 

qQ^6 S)dg^S5!5-<s83, Dalumura-oppukaranawd, v. 
to offer to devils, to present an offering to a de- 
vil, consisting of the betel leaf, sandal wood and 
the flowers of the areca tree; to present betel to 
the king by his oflScer in waiting or the person 
who is kept for that purpose; see the following 

qQ^d^jdcao, Dalumurakdrayd, s. the person who 
serves the king with betel; the ofiice is one of 
great importance and confidence, in consequence 
of the great number of narcotics and stimulants 
which are mixed up jv'ith the betel, and which 
vary according either to the state of health, or 
the fancy of the king. 

^SC-soSiD, Dalu-lanawd, v. to bud, to germinate. 

qQQ, Daluwa, s. young shoot of the leaf, bud; 
long pepper plant. 

qg8i3, Dalu-watta, s. garden planted with the 
betel creeper. 

^SSd Daluwa-mul, s. root of the long pepper 
plant, 2)i2)er longum, [Colloq. ^d8(3D(^ tippili- 

qB, Daw, ad, speedily, quickly, swiftly, expedi- 

<^ 82083, Dawwanaifd, r. to take slightly hold, 
as of a corner or extremity: pret. <^S83 deiuivd. 

<j8, Dawa, s. play, sport, amusement; frolic; wood, 
wilderness, forest; wood on fire; fire in general: 
ad. quickly, speedily: a. two. 

qQQ, Dawata, s. timber tree with beautiful foliage, 
carallia integerrima (Ehizophoracece). 

<588d83, Dawatanawd, v. to roU; to envelope; to 
fold up, to wrap, to twist: pret. <5_883 deivatuwd. 

^83, Dawana, s. black monkey, [Colloq. 8<g<5 
wandurd~\ . 

:^8s383, Dawanawd, v. to burn, to consume by 
fire: pret. ^03 dewwd, 

^8i9c3 <533, Dawaniya-gasa, s, tree, see <q^cs 

qQ6t>, Daivare, s. period of time, sixty of the Siij- 
halese hours, making a day and night. 

qQ(Si Daical, s. day-time. 




qQc> Daivala, s. white (the colour), [CoUoq. ^^ 

qQQ, Dawalu, a. white, pure. 
^Qj^s^ffisSi), Dawaskerima, s. mode of life, living, 

qe^::3eD3, Datvas^yatd, ad. daily. 
CfQtS^i-^, Dawas-mena, ls.(i^Se^ days, I'S^ gem, 
qe^cB, Daivas-himi, ) eSif lord) sun, [Colloq. 

gcsScoa suryayd"]. 
^8es, Dawasa, s. day. 

<!j85sj, Daioaha, s. day-time; arfy. constantly. 
58s5255<S3Ji, Dawahat-taruwa, s. star so called. 
^8kiC5, Daivahala, s. cloth; day-time, time from 

the rising to the going down of the sun. 
<58(3^)3c63, Dawaheyiyd, s. chaff. 
iQ3C5)jff, Dawdgni, s. wood on fire, conflagration of 

a forest. 
qQoQ, Dawdla, s. day-time. 
5g, Dawu, s. rapidity, celerity, velocity, swiftness; 

timber tree, anogeissus (or conocarpus) latifolia 

(Combretacea;): a. large. 
^g(^^5(5lg, Dawtd-kurundu, s. variety of cinnamo- 

mum zeylanica. 
^d e5^203, Dawul-gahanawd, v. to beat with a 

drum stick. 
<?G> Dawula, s. drum stick with which the native 

drum is beaten at both ends, pi. ^d dawul. 
ij<ra^55<^, Dasakantha, s. (<QC53 ten, ^55^<S neck) 

the ten necked one, name of Rawana, alluding 
, to his having ten heads. 
<^oa)c5, Dasadharmaya^ see qc9<5d'S)ca dasardja 

^53253, Dasana, s. tooth; peak of a mountain; a)- 

mour, mail. 
qs^^Q, Dasanakha, s. ten nails of the fingers. 
q(?3a3d<Q?, Dasanachchhadana, \s. (j^raao tooth, 
^0333ese^, Dasanmvdsas, J ^<qeD or 333 

lodsa covering) lip, [CoUoq. S^e330 tola]. 
q(S5o6i)yb, Damparamdrtha, see oo6^S3oQ pdra- 

<Q(ag-!Sw33 ^c53, Dasapunya-kriydwa, s. (<qs3 ten, 

g<^ virtuous, <gcs3 kriyd ,&() ten virtuous 

works which are enjoined by the religion of 

Buddha; viz. alms-giving; observance of moral 

precepts; abstract religious meditation; imputing 

to others the religious merit we have acquired 

from our own good works; receiving from others 

the merit that has been procured by their good 

works; obedience to Buddha, his doctrines, and 

his priests; respect to the aged; reading the 
bana; hearing the bana; undeviating orthodoxy 
in religion. 

<^c5?c5(3, Dasaratha, s. (q<ss ten, 6d car) proper 
name, sovereign of Ayodhya or Oude, and the 
father of Rama; the name alludes to his ten cars, 
which bore him to the ten points of the universe, 
viz. the eight points of the compass, and the 
Zenith and Nadir. 

q<ss(^dSif), Dasardja-dharma,s. (<^(53 ten, (^d royal 
or kingly, Qif quality) the ten moral virtues 
belonging to royalty; viz. alms-giving; observ- 
ance of religious precepts; liberality in presents; 
uprightness; compassion; addiction to religious 
austerities; mild or even temper; tenderness; 
patience ; peacef ulness. 

<^c53S)(5o&3ce, Dasavidha-ratnaya, s. (5C0 and 3 
sort, 6si?s3 gem) the ten jewels, viz. pearl, gem, 
lapis lazuli, conch, mineral called sila, coral, sil- 
ver, gold, emerald, and ruby. 

(^(533, Dam, s. the end of a garment; state, condi- 
tion; period of age, as youth, manhood, etc.; the 
mind or faculty of understanding. 

^(533e3.S3, Dasdnana,s. {qcssdasa ten, cfO'SD^ss anana 
face) name of Ravana, the noted Asura, and king 
of Lanka or Ceylon; alluding to his ten faces: 
see c^-<s^ Edvana. 

^ra3c53.'5, Dasdwatdra, s. (c^<Si dasa and ff8s5)(5 

awatdra incarnation) name or epithet of Vishnu 

alluding to his ten incarnations : see ^S)3(5 awa- 

iT^'KOK, Dasdswa, s. (qas dasa ten, epcs aswa 

horse) moon, alluding to his chariot being drawn 

by ten horses. 
e^(3^csi'2^05, Dasendriya, s. (^csa dosa and (^cs> organ 

of sense) the ten organs of sense and action, viz. 

skin, eye, tongue, nose, ear, speech, hand, foot, 

arm and pudendum. 
<^^, Dashfa, s. biting, as by the teeth; stinging as 

a snake etc. 
qtx)s)6^So, Dashtakaranawd, v. to sting as a 

serpent, bite with a venomous fang. 
c^e^. Das, s. slave; skill, ability; sight, seeing. 
^55, Dasra, s. either of the twin sons of Asvini and 

physicians of Swarga. 
^g(3>^03, Dasra-dewatd, s. (^g and (3\^Q?3 god) 

lunar constellation of Asvini, he being the ruling 

genius of the asterism. 
qsB, Dasa, s. number ten; quarter, side; male slave. 

^ed ^ 



<^ee ^igeecij Dasa-akusala, see <qee3-25eec dasdku- 

<^ee ^3, Dasa-ata, see 5fls) ep3 daha-ata. 
qm (^,'JC33c5033, Dasa-ujyapdramitd, see 03^^038 

<:jc36455a)s8, Dasaekadamasa, s. ten and half 

<^ee <ge3C Dasa-kusala, see ^s3g-<*c ^csoS (^Zasa- 

:js3si, Dasan, s. tooth, [Colloq. ^sd cZato]. 

<^e355c3C5 Dasan-pala, s. ox, bullock, [Colloquial. 
^Q^o-ifHi gond^. 

:ja;>g^eo, Dasanvdasa, s. four quarters of the com- 
pass, with their four intermediate points. 

^eeoji^^oj, Dasapdramitdwa, 1 see oad^OJJ 

ijec(3>:2C5l2s5, Dasaiieruman, ) pdramitdwa. 

^ea^G, Dasabala, I . epithet of Buddha allud- 

<qe6(^, Dasambid, _f ing to his bodily powers or 
strength; the rate of which is calculated by the 
power of a fabulous elephant, which possessed 
the strength of 300,000,000 of men; in addition 
to which were nine other elephants, each posses- 
sing ten times the power of the other; and 
Buddha is said to have possessed ten times the 
strength of the last, making a power equal to 
300,000,000,000,000,000 men. 

^f3K)3^5, Dasabhdtika, s. (<qe3 ten, od^^55 one 
having a brother) ten sons of the king Ugra- 
s^na, whose wife was daughter of Ka^isaraja; 
their names are, Wasudeva, Baladeva, Chandra- 
deva, Siiryadeva, Agnideva, Arjunadeva, Pa- 
yunadeva, Ghata-pandita, Ankura, Warunadeva, 

^a, Dasam, s. lip, [Colloq. (3^s^^(3 tola]. 
qss^oQ, Dasam-p)ala, see q^?^oQ dasan-pala, 
^S3(^, Dasa-mul, s. (qss ten, (^ roots) roots of 

ten plants from which is prepared a decoction 

which is a powerful purgative. 
<qesco Dasaya, see qos dasa. 
iqescoeadcJdod', Dasayana-ratran, s. gold of ten 

carats or the tenth degree. 

q^Si, Dasam, see ^es(5lS dasaruwa. 
qi&<SisS, Dasarun, s. walking, moving; j^/wr, of the 
following word. 

qsac^Q, Dasaruwa, s. shoulder, [Colloq. ^<5s9f3 

^e386)d, Dasasatara, see <:jwws3<5 dahahatara. 

<je6Sccs, Dasa-silaya, s. (qse ten, &q sila precept) 
the ten moral precepts enjoined by the religion 

of Buddha; viz. to abstain from the destruction 
of life, (the life of any animal) ; from theft ; 
from all intercourse with women ; from falsehood ; 
from all intoxicating liquors; from eating after 
mid-day; from all amusement, as music, singing, 
dancing, etc. ; from indulgence in luxuries, such 
as perfumes, unguents, etc; from ornaments, as 
gold, gems etc.; from use of seats or couches 
above the prescribed height. 

^soD^^eec Dasdkusala, s. [qis dasa and {fsgesc 
demerit, sin) the ten chief sins which are forbid- 
den by the religion of Buddha; viz. murder, 
(properly the destruction of life, it extends to all 
living beings): theft; adultery; lying; abuse; 
slander; vain talk; covetousness; wishing evil to 
others; heterodoxy. 

qs^nQ, Dasdwa, s. end or border of a garment or 
any piece of cloth; quarter, direction; state, con- 
dition of life; period during which a person is 
supposed to be under the influence of any one of 
the planets. 

q%i^, Dasun, I s. seeing, perceiving, beholding; 

q^%, Dasxun, f attachment; accordance; stumbl- 
ing; q^^ dasun is also the plural of ^8 desi, 

iqasj, Daha, s. lake or pond in which the lotus 
grows; bud, young sprout; day, [Colloq. ^8es 
dawasa'] . 

q^ <f D, Daha-ata, s. eighteen. 

<^K)ca, Dahadiya, s. sweat, perspiration. 

qsi?Q<!^, Dahatxina, s. thirteen. 

^sjsd, Dalian, s. fire; meditation; species of paddy. 

qsi?sSsai8, Dahanseri, s. (<:jS333 dahana fire, eaxS 
charioteer) wind. 

<^S)e3, Dahana. s. fire; name of Agni, god of fire; 
burning, combustion; marking nut plant; lead- 
wort, plumbago zeylanica: [Colloq. t&c (j^so^cj 

qtsizaosi, Dahanaga, 1 s. downy substance on the 

(^easao), Dahananga, J grains of paddy beneath the 

<^S)253cs, Dahanaya, see ^jwes dahana. 

qtsiiSiQ, Dahanala, s. species of paddy: see 9 vt. 

q^-Si^Oi, Dahanaivaya, s. nineteen. 

<^5)D, Daham, s. agitation or erection of the hair of 
the body, considered as a mark of exquisite plea- 
sure or pain; Elu form of S) dharma, which 




q'Si (S^qso^^j. Daham-desanawd, v. (<qfiS5i) from 
S dharma bana, <9\<^S338d to speak, or read in 
public) to read bana in public, to repeat bana 
extempore, as the priests do in the bana 
maduwa: pret. 5i)s^<:jgj daham-desuivd. 

ijsj'Da^^Sai), Daham-desima, verbal noun of the 

<qs)(5d', DaJiam-raja, s. {q:si^ from ) dharma 
and 6d king) name of Buddha, king of right- 
eousness; prince of virtue; royal dispenser of the 

<5K)l)x5, Dahamsak, Elu form of u;^)^ dharma 
chakra, which see. 

qeoi)so<5<^, Dahamsarana, s. (^qisi% from 6)~dhar- 
ma bana, 36^ refuge, help) bana i. e. sermons 
of Buddha, which are esteemed as an inestimable 
refuge bestowed upon mankind; there are three 
of these sacred or religious refuges that have 
been given to the world, viz. gaieed-^ biit- 
sarana, q^%^6-^ dahamsarana, and e3oeo(5-<gT 
sanga-sarana, Buddha, his bana, and his priests. 

<;j2ai)estS, Dahamseri, corrupt form of ^estS 

i^S), Bahama, s. righteousness, justice, equity, 
holiness; virtue; it is from a)^ dharma, which 

(^cact, Dahaya, s. ten. 

<^S33o53, Dahayiyd, s. chaff. 

q^6, Dahara, s. mouse; rat; young animal, child, 
infant; pirabura or rock snake; youth, young 
man; shower of rain, stream of water: a. young, 
new, fresh, novel. 

qtsi(^, Dahal, s. fire %, [Collocj[uial; ^si^D^zJ^Scsa 

<^eocJs)cSi, Dahawattaru, s. sometimes written cj 
{oeJaJcSl dawahattaru, which see. 

<jsj(^, Ddhawal, s. day, day-time. 

<5)9(^C Dahawalla, s. end of a garment, 

<qi)^, Dahas, a. thousand; pZi<?'. of qfsaa dahasa. 

<5S)Sios, Dahasaya, s. sixteen. 

^as3S3te^, Dahases, s. (sjsjea dahasa and (^di eyes) 
name of Indra or Sakra, alluding to the fable 
of his having a thousand eyes; in this character 
he is a personification of the firmament or region 
of the stars; according to another authority the 
name refers to his having been covered over 
with marks resembling the female organ, in 
consequence of a curse from a noted Kishi call- 

ed Gautama; the saint afterwards relented, and 
removed the curse, and the marks were changed 
to eyes. 

<^5S3)03, Dahahata, s. seventeen. 

<5S)S)0(5, Dahahatara, s. fourteen. 

<^(gfo, Dalha, a. hard, solid, firm. 

^S^sj^cs, Dalhikarmaya, s. confirmation. 

i^, Dala, 8. snout of hog, tusk of any animal, 
fang of a serpent, sting ; bulk, magnitude, matted 
hair, as worn by ascetics, that is, the hair 
clotted together and brought over the forehead: 
a. thick, coarse. 

5S5a), Dalakada, s. (<^ coarse, 553s) cloth) cloth, 
coarse cloth; piece of ivory. 

^^S), Daladata, s. (^ great, ^eD tooth) jaw 
teeth or grinders. 

^^, Daladd, s. (^ tooth, ^ relic) tooth of Bud- 
dha, supposed to be preserved in the chief temple 
at Kandy, a festival is celebrated in its honour 
on the day of full moon in May. 

<qg, Dalapudu, s. (^ ivory, g socket, or 
place of uniting) ornamented head of the white 
or royal umbrella. 

^aS^'E^es^) Dalapudusesata, s. (<?gS and ^d 
white, 60S> umbrella) white umbrella, used by 
kings and men of high rank. 

<:^GS)c Dalamadala, s. hair matted and tied in 

the form of a circle on the crown of the head, as 

worn by Siva, and by ascetics. 
^S^^* Dalamutu, s. (qQ snout (of hog), g-e^ 

pearl) fabulous pearl said to grow in the snout 

of the hog. 
^(g'5\8eD3, Dalawenawd, v. to increase, to enlarge. 
^53^, Dalasanda, s. name of Iswara or Siva, 
i/^. Da, s. day, (used in composition, as efi^dic, 

anttdd, the day after tomorrow, 555^ kaivadd, 

what day); relic. 
^^3C5<s^, Ddkshdyana, s. relation of c^is^ daksha, 

which see; gold; gold ornament. 

e,'seD8'^, Ddkshdyini, s. the twenty seven lunar 
mansions, considered mythologically as the 
daughters of Daksha and the wives of the moon ; 
lunar asterism in general: see ^^ daksha. 

^^3S<^ z>&, Ddkshdyini-pati, s. (c^^oB-^ and 
o?9 chief) moon, [Colloq. k)^ handa"]. 

e,^-<s^5S, Ddkshinya, s. concord, harmony, agree- 
ment: a. meriting a reward or gift. 

C,es), Ddka, s. donor, giver. 




e,(53, Ddgaha, '\ s. (c, from QD^g dhdtu relic 

<S,^CT3S), Ddgoba, / <5> from s?^ garbha, womb) 

,cs?x, Ddgeba, J a large solid building in the 
form of a cone, raised close to the Buddhist tem- 
ples and an object of the highest veneration; 
the erection of these dagabas had its origin in the 
fable that after the death of Buddha his body, 
according to the custom of the country where he 
lived, was burnt; after the conflagration had 
ceased certain portions of his bones had survived 
the operation of the fire; these were carefully 
collected and deposited with great pomp and 
solemnity by the priests in a building of this 
kind, raised for the purpose; afterwards, these 
sacred relics were divided and sent over the 
world for the purpose of religious veneration; 
every temple has its dagaba, and every ddgaba 
has a portion of these bones; so that at this rate 
of calculation Buddha must have had tolerably 
large bones ! 

i^tSo, Ddthd, s. (Pali) canine tooth, tusk, fang. 

<^3i Dddima, s. pomegranate tree, [Colloq. (S^qb% 

^ deluTn] . 

C^'^>Q'^SQ^, Dddima-pushpaka, s. species of the 
erythrina or coral tree, [Colloq. ^6'S)e^e7'abadu]. 

,GS, Dddiya, s. sweat, perspiration. 

e,3a-'^, Dddi-vriksha, s. tree, [Colloq. (^^^S5^<^^^ 
kolorn] . 

C^^o, Dddhd, s. large tooth, tusk. 

^S^3, Dddhikd, s. beard, [Colloq. <^g rewula], 

e,03SK), Ddtyuha, s. bird with a black neck, galli- 
nule, [Coll: ^^^So ddtuduwd^', sort of cuckoo: 
see )x^xsJe3) kendettd. 

^^, Ddtra, s. sort of sickle. 

c,s), Ddta, a. divided, separated, severed, rent. 

e,S3i9, Ddtaki, s. tree, corruptly for 6D3C39 
dhdtaki, which see. 

^^, Ddtu, corruptly for a)D^ dhdtu. 

^5g3, Ddhiduwd, s. gallinule, pelican-ibis, tan- 
talus leiicocephalus ( Plataleidce, order Hero 
dtones): also called <?3 datuduwd. 

<^e, Dddu. s. dice. 

^g<5e53S3, Dddu-damanawd, v. to cast lots, to 
throw the dice. 

^(jN^es, Dddosa, s. disease of any of the seven 
constituent parts of the body: see 630030)345 

^X33, Ddnta, a. tamed, subdued; daunted, bearing 
patiently, calm, tranquil. 

^3s9, Ddnti, s. subjugation, humiliation; patient 
endurance of austerities or privations; calmness 
of mind, tranquillity. 

>^?, Dana, s. gift; giving, donation; present, spec- 
ial gift; fluid which flows from the temples of 
an elephant in the rutting season; nourishing, 
cherishing; purification; cutting, dividing; beat- 
ing; striking. 

e,e30^, Ddnapatt, s. (e^ea giving, o& chief) lib- 
eral and munificent man. 

^3 o8<53a)^c3, Ddna-paritydgaya, s. (e,e3 gift, 
aSfSxas) j)(^'>^^tyd9a freely giving) the act of pre- 
senting a religious offering without any reserve 
of feeling, offering freely and with all the heart. 

<^2DS33(5f 030, Ddnajxiramitdtva, see 03<5S33 
pdra?mtdwa and q^?^E^^9 ddnasetuiva. 

e,3g3K)c5, Bdnapraiodliaya, s. (q^ and g3S3 
prawdha flood) overflow of religious offerings; 
such as is brought to the temple on the great 
festival days. 

>^Dco, Ddnaya, see ^d ddna. 

<^3, Ddnaiva, s. demon, titan; giant, Asura. 

^e:cgcJi, Ddnawaguru, s. (^S3 asura, c^cJ^ tea- 
cher) name of Sukra or Sikura, regent of the 

planet Venus, and preceptor of the demons or 

(^33<S, Ddnawdri, s. (^3 ddnawa asura, (f8 
ari foe) a god, a deity. 

<^3(5>c53i<^, Ddnasaunda, a. liberal, generous, 
munificent, [Colloq. sssacSS^ocs tydgiwanta']. 

C,39c> Ddnasila, a. liberal, munificent, but espe- 
cially much addicted to make religious offerings. 

^SDS^rf-eg, Ddna-setmva, s. (e,o offerings, s^iS^ 
setu bridge) metaphorically the road to Nirwana; 
religious offerings and almsgiving constitute one 
of the essential principles of Buddhism; no duties 
contribute more to the final emancipation of the 
soul; it is fabled of Buddha that while a candi- 
date for the Buddhaship, in the character of 
Bodhisat, he gave more flesh from his own body 
to feed the poor than the bulk of this earth, 
aiid blood more than there is water in the sea. 

,20 K)3(f , Ddna-hdl, s. sort oi rice. 

^e33iff eoe3, Ddndm'sansa, s. (^zs? ddna and ep^Qssoso 
dnisansa reward) that nierit which is the reward 
of religious offerings and charity. 

^D356, Ddndrha, s. (<^e:5 ddna and aeS arha who 
is worthy) one worthy of receiving religious of- 
ferings; priest of Buddha or religious preceptor. 




(^-g, Ddnu, s. donor, victor. 

^(S^'Siizii^d'^, Ddnopakarana, 8. any thing used 
in the preparation of religious offerings, as rice, 
ghee etc. 

<S,(5>as5g393, Ddm-kelmawd, v. to play at chess. 

'^o^C^.x<SCf Ddm-lella, s. chess-board. 

e,, Ddma, s. rope, string, cord, thread; ray, sun- 

^ce, Ddmaya, s. string, rope, cord, chain or neck- 

^^S)J(^(5, Ddmodara, s. (c^^ddma and ,^c^6 udara 
belly) name of Krishna, alluding to the fable 
of his foster-mother, Yasodara, having in vain 
passed the folds of a rope round his belly, while 
a child, to keep him in confinement. 

^ce, Ddya, s. gift, donation; any special gift, as a 
nuptial present; portion, inheritance, dowry; loss, 
destruction; breaking, dividing; place, site; heat, 
warmth, burning. 

(S,cs5S5, Ddyaha, s. donor: a. liberal, giving, muni- 
ficient, generous. 

e,cS5S5cso, Ddyakayd, s. giver, donor; sharer; one 
who is liberal in contributing to the support of 
the priests. 

^^c53<^, Ddydda, s. son; kinsman, near or remote; 
wedding gift. 

^2s), Ddyita, s. the person to whom any thing is 
awarded: a. condemned, sentenced; awarded, 

<E,6SoK30, Ddrwdghdta, s. woodpecker, bird of a 
red colour having a long beak by which he 
perforates and destroys plants and trees; it is 
usually called ss^x'^O'^ kerald; its cry is con- 
sidered very ominous by the natives. 

Gp^, Ddrvi,s. bulbous plant, curcuma zanthor- 
rhiza, [CoUoq. is*e^T(^ loeniwet]. 

^5Sc!)36, Ddrvikwdtha, s. decoction of the plant, 
curcuma zanthorrldza, taken as a purgative; 
decoction of coscinium fenestratum, [Colloquial: 
(9<^)i(^ -3562305 weniwel kasdya']. 

e,<Sd^3, Ddrvikd, s. sort of coUyrium prepared 
from an infusion of the plant, curcuma zantJior- 
rhiza; Indian sarsaparilla, hemidesmus indicus, 
' Colloq. g<5^ iramusu~\, 

^d3, Ddrvi, s. plant, cwcuma zanthorrhiza, see 
C^bB ddrvi ; sort of pine; turmeric; coUyrium 
extracted from an infusion of the curcuma 

^(5, Ddra, s. wife, [Colloq. DaceSoS bhdrydwa] ; 

edge of any cutting instrument; edge or border. 
C^dssi, Ddraka, s. son; child, infant or young child; 

charioteer of Vishnu. 
e,<5:, Ddra-karma, s. (c,<5 wife, a^S business) 

C,(55c58c3, Ddra-karawald, s. kind of snake, 

variety of bungarus Ceylonicus. 

<^(55S5te^Qxo, Ddra-kesbeivd, s. thin skinned turtle, 

dermatochelys coriacea (order Chelonia) ; also 

see (S^S3(j i5)ie^Sx03 tel-kesbeivd. 
C)6(aQ^Sio, Ddra-galanawd, v. to stream, to flow 

in a stream; to fall voluntarily into water with 

the arms extended. 
C^6<^Cj, Ddranaya, s. tearing, rending, splitting; 

clearing nut plant, stryclmos potatorum, [Colloq. 

0Sc6 ?np'mz] ; retention of any thing learnt: 

learning, education, more correctly Sa^^jKce 

C,6Ct, Ddrada, s. quicksilver, vermillion, [CV)lloq. 

ia:>^Qo<s)'5S sddilingan^', ocean; poison so called, 

brought from a country called Darad; poison of 

<S,c5<5(3, Ddra-dambala, s. leguminous plant, doH- 

chos tetragonolobus. 
e,5gc5lJ, Ddra-jmruk, s. shrub, ruellia zeylanica. 
,(5 3^ 03(^403, Ddra-polangd, s. kind of viper. 
C,5a, Ddraya, s. rim, border, edge. 
C,<5S(3, Ddravila, s. hedge hyssop, gratiola oppositi- 

C,d QiQ<s^^o<b, Ddra-wetakolu, s. creeping plant, 

young fruit eaten as vegetable and in curries, 

luffa acutangula (Cucurbitace'ce). 

<S,<5 is)'3(^^^, Ddra-hdlpan, s. club rush, sch^pus 

e,c5, Ddrd, s. wife; water, liquid; rain, soft sprink- 
ling or drizzling rain. 

irf^'S)Qd!iSi6^Q'3, Ddrd-wakkaranawd, v. to pour, 
as water or any liquid; to rain, to sprinkle. 

e, 3:9i*SeD93, Ddrd-wetenaiod, v. to fall as rain, 

or water from a height; to sprinkle; to ooze, to 

wet by rain. 
^8530, Ddrikdwa, s. daughter, [Colloq g du- 

wa]; prostitute, strumpet, [Colloq. >Se3e><53 

C,5o, Ddrtta, a. torn, divided, separated; rent, 

split, cloven. 
e,8550, Ddridrakama, s. poverty, indigence. 
, 1 




^(5i, Ddru, s. wood; fire-wood, fuel, [Colloq. q6 

dara] ; timber; large resinous pine, 'ptnus de'wa- 

ddrii; brass; giver, donor, one inclined to make 

gifts, liberal and munificent man. 
^<Si^, Ddrima, s. horror, terror, dread; horrible- 

ness; plant, \Q?Ldi^ ori, plumbago zeylanica, [Coll: 

^C *>253d ela-netuV] : a. horrible. 
e,c5leas?3, Ddruntsd, s. (e,cJL wood, ^C53a turmeric) 

plant, curcuma zanthorrhiza. 
C,(51j9(5, Ddrum'ra, s. banyan tree, Jicus benga- 

lensis, [Colloq. csj-Qcsj maha-niiga]. 
C,<SlOG^, Ddrupald, s. kind of potherb. 
(c5ics, Ddrumaya, a. made of wood. 
C,<Si<sid^, Ddruharidrd, s. (^cJl wood, eoSg, tur- 
meric) bulbous plant, curcuma zanthorrhiza. 
^c5ls3to?a, Ddruhasta, s. (^cJL timber, sjea hand) 

ladle, wooden ladle. 
C,'5^C, Ddre, s. edge, border, rim. 
^, Ddwa, s. fire, fire in general; heat; forest 

on fire; begotten by: v. past p>art. of c,s>e383 

C,253, Ddwana, s. tree, [Colloq. fS,S8 Icihiri]. 
t^Qc^, Ddicam, s. plant, ali/ssicarjMS bupleurifolius, 

[Colloq. ^e^i,ed"3 aswenna'\. 
C,8d, Ddwal, s. day time, period from the rismg 

to the setting of the sun. 
^dO' Ddwalla, s. border of a garment, selvage 

mark in a piece of cloth. 
S,S, Ddwalu, pilur. of the foregoing, s. clothes. 
C.o^SaaSo, Ddwenawd, v. to be engendered, to be 

qe^, Dds, s. thousand. 

e,e^s^o?9, Dds-pett, "l s. (^^ and s^oS corolla of 

e,E^is)C Dds-mala, ) a flower) marigold; general 

name for flowers of the class Compositse, given 

in consequence of the great number of florets 

with which they abound. 
^333, Ddsya, s. (^es ddsa slave) slavery, servitude, 

dependence, bond service. 
e,es, Ddsa, s. slave, servant. 
qeeSJ, Ddsa-karma, s. (c,ta slave, 3 work) 

slavery ; menial service ; any low or servile work, 
^ss^, Ddsatwa. s. slavery, servitude, 
i^ss^o, Ddsa-bhuta, s. (CjSS and ^S) being) slavery, 

bond-service, any low or menial state; one who 

is a servant: a, enslaved. 
^-xcoo, Dnsityd, s. slave, bond servant. 
e,8>3, Ddsikd, s. female servant, female slave. 

^biQii33, Ddsi-vriksha, s. fragrant plant, common- 
ly called s^^a^dG^5J(S>^5)^(3 kollankola; it is said 
to be one of the 4^(53) trisugandha, a sort of 

e,S, Ddsi, 8. female servant or slave, pi. i^S<a>coJ 


(2(5\dica, Ddseya, "J , 

p ^ T^. ' fs. servant, slave. 
^'5eeo, Dasera, J 

C^^,Ddha,s. thousand; heat, warmth, animal heat; 

^csjc53^c5, Ddha-gattya, s. (^es> heat, warmth, C5)?S 
cs state, being) animal heat; state of perspira- 

S,ao33cS9, Ddhandstm, see (S^eJc^D hela-dam. 

qcs3co, Ddhaya, see ^ ddha. 

e,es3S>s3J6K^, Ddha-sophaghni, s. sUk cotton tree. 

C,S)S5'5, Ddhasara, s. (^S3 burning, ts6 to go) place 
where dead bodies are burnt. 

C,K)SJ(5, Ddhahara, s. white sandal wood, santahim 
album, [Colloq. ^gge:r siidu-handun], 

Ci&oesjd^s^, Ddha-harana, s. (^sj heat, Si6-<^ re- 
moving) the root of a fragrant grass, cuscus 
grass, andropogon muricatus, [CoUoq. soxie:f:j(^ 
sewendard'] ; this root is woven into screens, and 
kept for the purpose of excluding or tempering 
the hot winds. 

^J, Dik, s. length; extent; side; any one of the 
four quarters or of the intermediate points and 
the Zenith and Nadir. 

^2s55<5-<s?o3, Dtkkaranawd, v. to lengthen, to pro- 
long, to stretch out. 

^^5J^5S3c8, Dikddhaya, s. (J quarter, ^S) ddha 
burning, blazing)- meteor, fiery meteor passing 
from one quarter to another and considered as 
one of the five evil omens of the firmament. 

^^s5<^, Dikde, s. (^J long, <^ genus) serpent tribe 
in general, [Colloq. eaScfs sarpayd']. 

^l^o^, Dikpati, is. regent of a quarter of the 

i^2sJ"-3J(3, Dikpdla, /universe, as Indra of the east, 
Agni of the south east. 

^cs^. Dig, a. long; cardinal point, quarter. 

^6:x55d, Diggaja, s. (^csf quarter, (Sid elephant) one 
of the elephants belonging to the eight quarters 
of the compass and supposed to support the 

/ globe. 

^e3c.\ Digdha, s. poisoned arrow; oU, unguents, any 

unctuous substance; fire; tale, true or false: a. 

daubed, anointed, smeared. 
_ ___ 



^(sSdai, Diginjaya, s. (^csJ quarter or space, Sd'ce 
victory) subjugation of an extensive country. 

C5J, Dtga, s. length, extent; side, direction, quarter, 
cardinal point; space, 

^QS)tf8-<^Qi, Diga-arinawd, see J^<5)jS-<sS03 digdri- 

^(5j9, Digati, a. oblong, longer than broad. 

e)0, Digafa, s. (^S) long, quarter, (fG) ata hand, 
side) long handed person; cardinal point. 

^v"OX0(5, Digantara, s. (J dtk cardinal point, 
p3e3<5 antara interval) any one of the interme- 
diate points of the compass; space: a. tedious, 
extremely long, as ^csj sxDd 45563 digantara 
hatlidwa a tedious story. 

5^(5?S)(5, Di'gabara, 1 Elu form of ^(S)^6 digam- 

(5?i5, Digambara, ) bara: seethe following word. 

^(5)i<5, Digambara, s. (crf dig space, epiS)c5 ain- 
bara vestment) one whose only garment is the 
firmament; a sort of religious mendicant, who 
goes about naked; a Buddhist priest of the low- 
est or noviciate order, and usually called Siima- 
nera; goddess; sky, atmosphere, firmament. 

^.530, Digd, s. (^c^ digu long, jp d pers. aff.) tall 
long bodied man; long bodied animal in general; 
longevity (from ^c^ digu long, cfo d duration of 
life;) the saint 3^g)(3\-<gSe)c3 Mdrkandeya. 

^OT)SX55c5, Digantara, see ^^<Si?s:iSi6 digantara. 

cf)3'S-<*0?3, Digdrinawd, v. to unfold: pret. J^cJiSca^ 

^c<)3(5>8oS3, Digdwenaivd, ?', to lie down. 

^cg, Digu, s. direction, space, quarter: a. long, 
stretched, extended. 

^cgffi)'5-<s^93, Digiblcaranawd, v. to stretch out, to 

^cgo^esDsJ, Digunet, s. (Scgand ^325J eye) woman, 
female; epithet applied to females as an expres- 
sion of beauty, [Colloq. tsQ strz']. 

^C5j(^, Diguvil, s. oblong pond, artificial reservoir 
for the purpose of retaining water for irrigating 
the rice fields during the dry season, [Colloq. 

R(53C agcila, C t'iJa]' 
3)tScs, Digesiya, s. (k) long, eptso esa eye, <^cz iya 

fem. aff.) woman, [Colloq. esg stri^. 
i^d, Dija, s. man of the Brahmin caste, [C(jlloq. 

S)^*o bamimd^. (Pali.) 
OS3eoD, Ditthdnta, Pali form of <ja^c)33c: drish- 

tdnta, which see. 
i^QS, Dittki, Pali form of q^^'drishfi, whicli see. 
f^Q, Dita, Elu form of :^a5S drishti, which see. 

^% Ditu, 8. (derived as the foregoing word) appear- 
ance; sight, vision; mental illumination; it chief- 
ly refers to religious illumination; part, oi c^sSasi 
3 for 5 duty, seen. 

^3, Dituivd, see g93 dutuwd, 

^sJ, Dit, s. Asura, titan; ghost, goblin. 

^3333, Ditya, s. titan, Asura, demon, giant of the 
Daityas or Asurs. 

s5cJig, Dit-rupu, s. a god. 

?o, Dita, see {^c5 dit. 

5^<33c5^g, Dita-rupu, s. (e3 and cJ^g enemy) name 
of Vishnu. 

?9, Z)72', s. wife of Kasyapa. 

^S)d, Ditija, s. one born of ^ diti; Asura, titan, 

^cfl, Ditiya, s. one of the wives of Kasyapa the 
noted Eishi; she was mother of the Daityas or 
Asurs; another form of S?S diti. 

^^(^^^, Diddle, s. thimble, pi. ^G diddla. 

^^tsi, Dindibha, see S(5ca kirald. 

^253, Dina, s. day; producing, production, origin; 
name of Buddha; acquisition; conquest, win- 

^-23-S5d, Dinakara, s. (^^ day, )<5 who makes) 
sun, [Colloq. gcsScS3 suryayd']. 

25333, Dinanawd, v, to conquer, to overcome, to 
defeat; to prevail, to gain, to win: pret: ^'^gQs 

{^233C33, Dinapatd, ad. daily. 

^aao^, Dinapati, Is. (^ea and o^ lord, <^ 

Di/-si^, Dinamani, /jewel, gem) sun. 

2S3C8, Dinaya, see 20 t/ma. 

i^^33 555d'533, Dindgaunawd, v. to conquer, to pre- 
vail, to win. 

c^?9c5, Dinitiya, s. mother of Bodhisatwa when 
he was born as Kusaraja, who afterwards becarne 
Buddha; mother, [Colloq. S)g inatrii]. 

^e^g, Dinidu, s. {^is^ dina day, og indu chief) 
sun; name of Buddha; name of Balabhadra: see 
C^S Balabhadra. 

^!^%, Dinim, s. birth, production, bringing forth; 
I gave: pret. of ^c^-^^Q'i denaird. 

i^Si^Si, Dinisurii, s. {^i^ dina and <^(Si isu7-u 
lord) sun, [ Colloq. ^cs2a3 suryayd~\ ; name of 
Balabhadra, the younger brother of Vishnu; 
also a name of Wesamuniraja or Kuvf^ra, the 
Indian Plutus 

29, Dinima, 
J^-3, Dinuma 


s. wininng, gain, conquest. 





(3>3id'J^^53, Dinen-dina, s. day by day. 

o, Dipa, s. elephant, [Colloq. <^C33 cta\. 

^oc}, Dijyada, s. man: a. biped. 

o<SN^5ea, Dipadottama, s. {^oq dipada and 
(5>S3 uttama chief ) epithet of Buddha, allud- 
ing to his being chief of the bipeds or men. 

^S), Dibba, s. a god, a deity. (Pali.) 

^(^, Dimbul,s. corrupt form of fd (^i^'^'^h ele- 
phant or wood apple; also a species of the Jicus, 
f. glomerata, [Colloquial: ^3SJ)3 attiklxt], 

c53, Dimiyd, s. red ant. 

^5, Dtmutu, a. enlightened, illuminated, splendid, 

co, Dipa, s. water; world; conquest, victory; bow- 
string; pepper plant, pipei^ betel, [Colloq. C^ 
9i(^ bidat-ivel'] : also, give me, used in speaking 
to servants of low grade, imperative singular 
of (S^^s:>Qo denaicd. 

f CO ^(S)Q, Diya-agala, s. wet ditch, moat. 

05 fp, Diya-amba, s. kind of mango tree, magni- 
fera indica. 

cfl tfbz), Diya-aluwa, s. (co water, pd pitcher) 
bucket, baling vessel. 

ca (5^t5c8, Diya-iularaya, s. (J^co and C^<5c6 belly) 

co ^(^ (ft(3cs, Diya-emhul-emhiliya, s. creeping 
plant on the borders of water, Marsilea quadri- 
Jolia (Rhizocarpeoe). 

^cz 5Sc3, Diya-kachchiya, s. bathing dress; small 
piece of cloth worn round the waist by the cin- 
namon peelers and cultivators of the ground. 

^cc)gS3, Diya-kaputuwd, s. (5^c8 water, fijggSa 
crow) kind of cormorant: see ^co ^5)383 dtya- 

^(&^6-^Bo, Diyakaranawd, v. to melt, to dissolve 
in water. 

f ooffl)C*s Diya-kalandd, s. kind of river fish. 

^05 >3Q3, Dtya-kdwd, s. bird called the little cor- 
morant, phalacrocorax pygmceus ; bird called the 
darter, plotus melanogaster (Pelecanidce, order 

co 9(5C3) Diya-kirald, s, (ca water, eScJcs lap- 
wing) kind of water bird. 

cs ^5^t(^, Diya-kirijidi-ivpl, s. climbing shrub, 
with greenish yellow fiowors, hippoa-atera ob- 
tusifoUa, (Celastracece). 

!^ca 35(;5C) Diya-kirilla, s. creeping plant, growing 
in marshy ground, with blue flowers, hydrolea 
zeylanica , ( Hydrophyllaceoe ) . 

cs ci^Sd, Diya-kudalu, s. plant, kydrocera trijlora 

c5 ^s)t(^Q'i, Diya-kudelld, s. water leech. 
Sc5Sa"^33e5, Diyakonta, s. flag of victory, banner. 
c3 (5>S53a;g, Diya-komadu, s. water gourd, cucurbtta 

S^c3 (5NiS53g(5(23, Diya-kowulld, s. water crane. 
^cs (5^5Je:, Diya-konama, s. kind of dress worn 

by men when bathing. 
c5o, Diyanga, s. saffron, [Colloq. > kaha\. 
^a55j3(5-<aso3, Diyatkaranawd, v. to la