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Reprinted from The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical 
Magazine. Vol. XI. 




Joseph S. .Vmes. 

The Cantey family of South CaroHna is undoubtedly of 
Irish descent; but nothing is known of its early history.' 
In the 17th century several members of the family emi- 
grated to Barbados; and one branch came from there to 
South Carolina. The first of the name to make this move 
was George Cantey,' who came in the "first fleet" in the 
spring of 1670; and a few years later he "imported" his 
father Teige Cantey. So far as is known, all the widely 
separated branches of the family in America descend from 
this single head, Teige Cantey. -i '^^'"iSS'l 

In Hotten's ''Emigrants, etc.," tliere is reference to a 
Mrs. Hellen Cantey, who was living in Barbados in 1680; 
but her connection with Teige is not known. 

Through the whole history of South Carolina members 
of this family have done distinguished service, both in 
Church and State. They were vestrymen or founders of 
St. James' Goose Creek, of St. George's, of St. Mark's and 
of St. Stephen's. They were members of the Commons in 
Assembly almost continuously from 1696 to 1775. One 
after the other, William Cantey, of Dorchester; his nephew, 
John Cantey, of Goose Creek; James Cantey and Joseph 
Cantey, sons of William; were Captains of the provincial 
forces and took part in nearly all the campaigns; John 
Cantey of Pine Tree Hill, Samuel Cantey and his brother 

*In compiling this genealogy I have had at every point the invaluable 
assistance of the suggestions and advice of D. E. Huger Smith, Esq., 
and of the skill of ]\Iiss Mabel L. Webber in searching for records. 
Without their help this paper would never have been written. The 
sections devoted to P^lizabeth (Cantey) Elmes and her children were 
compiled by M. Alston Read, Esq. 

'Mrs. Alice Stopford Green, in her recent book, "The Making of 
Ireland and its Undoing, 1500-1600," p. 360, et seq., refers to the 
O'Kainti family as one of the clans of bards to whom was entrusted 
the sacred duty of transmitting the history of the people from genera- 
tion to generation. 

'In an editorial note by Langdon Cheves, Esq., in the "Shaftesbury 
Papers," it is said that he was a passenger on the "Carolina" ; but 
his name does not appear in the lists of those sailing from the Downs. 


John of St. Mark's, and others, were in Lyttleton's cam- 
paign of 1759-60 against the Cherokees; and practically all 
the men of the family able to bear arms took an active part 
in the Revolution. Since then, in the War of 1812, in the 
Mexican War and in the late war between the States, their 
names are to be found among the troops furnished by their 
State. Further, it may be noted that three of the most 
distinguished soldiers of South Carolina in the Revolution, 
Richardson, Sumter and Hampton, married daughters of 
the family. 


Teige Cantey of Ashley River. 

Teige Cantey and his wife Elizabeth were brought to the 
first settlement on the Ashley River by their son George, 
as appears from a warrant issued to the latter, July 6, 1695.' 
In the inventory of Teige's estate there is an item, "Left in 
the hands of M'' Hooker in y- Isleland of Barbados in 
ready money." ; so it is probable that he came directly from 
Barbados; and the first record of his being in South Caro- 
lina is on Aug. 24, 1672,^ when he received a grant of 24 
acres, adjacent to the grant previously made his son George. 
On June 15, 1678,' he received a further grant of 550 acres 
"in some convenient place;" but he died within the follow- 
ing year. His will is dated Sept. 21, 1678," and the inven- 
tory of his estate was filed on May 3, 1679.' In his will he 
names his wife Elizabeth as his executrix, and the instru- 
ment is witnessed by John Stork, John Donnoho and Ralph 
Marshall. He calls himself "Teige Cantey of Ashley 
River," and leaves bequests to his two daughters, Mary 
Smericke and Catherine Manely; his two sons, George and 
William (the latter having then no issue) ; his grandson, 
Francis Smericke "when 21;" and his grandson, John 
Cantey, son of George, "when 21." It is evident from the 

^Historical Commission, Columbia, "Book 1672-92," p. 86. 
=Ibid, p. 19. 
'Ibid, p. 131. 
*Ibid, p. 59-60. 
'Ibid, p. 61. 


will that George was the elder son; and it seems clear tha* 
all four of his children were living at the time in South 

It is, of course, extremely probable that the Teige Cantey. 
noted in a grant of Sept. 5, 1674, as dead, was also a son, 
who, in that case, probably died without issue. 
Issue : Order of birth not known. 

2. i George Cantey d. after 1714, m. before 1671, Mar- 


3. ii William Cantey d. about 1716, m. Jane 

iii Mary Cantey d. after 1678, m Smericke.' 

Issue: i Francis, living 1678. 
Possibly others, 
iv Catherine Cantey d. after 1678, m IManely.' 

Issue: Unknown, if any. 
V Teige Cantey' d. before Sept. 5, 1674. 

The inventory of Teige Cantey's estate, with its bill of 
expenses for wine and rum in connection with a funeral, 
would seem plainly to indicate that the family was of Irish 

A true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods 
Chatties Debts rights and Creditts w"" were and did belong unto 
Teige Cantey late of this Colloney Deceased and w'^" were 
shewed and declared by his Executrix taken and appraized the 
third day of May in the yeare of our Lord 1679 by the Ptyes 
whose names are hereunder written as ffollows 

Beddin : 

lb S d 
Inprimus one ffether bedd Red Rugg 2 blanckitts one 

Bolster and three pillows att ' OS: 00: 00 

Three browne holland sheets 01: 00: 00 

Three" pillow bears 00: 03: 00 

one" sett of Curtaines and vallence 00: 15: 00 

one" old bedd ticke 00:: 02: 00 

'He leaves them "one calfe the next that shall fall of the black 
cow," etc., etc. 

'On this date reference is made to "Teague Cantey, deceased." in 
a grant to Mrs. Joan Carver. "Warrants for Lands in South Carolina." 
1672-1679. p. 86. 

'Query : can these names be the same as Smethwick and Mauley, 
which appear in the early records? 

Notes. In several papers the name of Teige Cantey is spelled 
"Teague," which is evidently simply the phonetic way. "Teige" is a 
proper name occurring frequently in Irish families. 


Table" lyninge' 
one ozenbrigge" table" Cloath and six Napkins 
Two Diaper Napkins and one diaper towell -.. 
one" pantadoe Carpett sloath 










Three" new pewter dishes 00: 

Two new plates two new porringers one' new bassin one" 
new tankard and five' new spoones 00: 

Three" old pewter dishis six pewter plates two old bassins 
one old tankard three old porringers one sauzer and 
five" spoones 00: 

one" Chamber pott 00: 

one brass morter and pestill one' brass bassin 00: 05: 06 

Copper : 
one' Copper Skimer 00: 01: 00 

Two Tynn pans and one Tynn funnell 00 02 06 

Iron ware : 

Three" Iron potts and potthookes two pare of hangers & 

one; Ketle 02 

one frying pan one spitt one" pare" of Tonges one" flesh 

hooke' 00 

one box smothin Iron and two heaters .— 00 

Two single' smothin Irons 00 

Two broad hoes six narrow hoes' two pitching axes one' 

large Iron Chaine' two botle" rings 01 

Two Chests w*** lockes boys and hinges 01 

one spining wheele 00 

00: 00 


one" sicke Dropsecall deceased Negro woman, 
one" Negro boy two yeares old 

Cattle :" 
Two Cowes one" heifer Calfe" and one" bull of" 15 months 


17: 00: 00 

flrom M"" Oldys and 

Debts oweing to the Deceased : 

M" : Carner twenty bushells of 

02: 10: 00 

Left in the" hands of Mr: Hooker: 
bados in ready money 

in y"' Isleland of Bar- 

11: 00 

The' pticulars was taken and appraised by us the' day and 
yeare* above' written as wittnes our hands 

Ralph : Marshall the marke" of 

John) Sullivan 


Debts owcinoc by the Deceased 

To Doctor Bodett 01 

To ]\r: Midwinter 00 

To John Dunohoe 00 

To the" Secretary 

fifunerall Expences 

To three' gall of wine 

To three gall and a halfe of. Rum 

ffor board for the Coffin 

: 06 
: 11 













George Cantey of Berkley. 

George Cantey, son of Teige Cantey, was one of the pas- 
sengers by "the first fleet," saiHng from Barbados and 
reaching South Carohna in March 1670'. His name ap- 
pears on Mar. 22, 1670-71. as a freeholder;' and on June 
18, 1672, he is mentioned as liable for military service 
"with two men able to bear arms."" He received an allot- 
ment of land in the first settlement, on the West bank of 
the Ashley River,* and later in the new one, w^here the City 
of Charleston now is.° He was granted land at various 
times in Berkeley County, on the North side of the Ashley, 
one grant, Feb. 8. 1704. being of 1,000 acres;' and he seems 
to have left Charleston at an early period and settled on 
these plantations. 

Soon after his arrival he sent for his father and had him 
join him. probably in 1672. The last reference to him we 
have is in a deed of gift of "George Cantey, senior" to his 
granddaughter Martha Lad son. April 2, 1714.' 

'Shaftsbury Papers. S. C. Hist. Soc. Coll 5. PP- 271, 340, 356. 

(In some of these references Teige and George are confused.) 

*"J1. of Grand Council, 1671-1680," p. 36. 
*See "Culpepper's draueht of Ashley River." made about July- 

Aug.. 1671 ; frontispiece of Vol. 5. S. C. Hist. Soc. Coll., or 

Charleston Year Book. 1883 
'Hist. Commission. Columbia. "Bk. 1672-92," p. 124. 
'Ibid. pp. 52: "Reg. Rec. Bk. 2." p. 88; Memorial Books 2, 3 and 
4\ M. C. O., Charleston, Y., p. 20. 
'Charleston P. C, 1714-17. Misc. 


He was a member of the jury, July 1692;' an assessor 
for the North side of the Ashley in 1703;" a member of the 
Commons for Berkley in 1703 and 1704°; and a Vestryman 
of St. James's, Goose Creek, in 1707" 

As appears from various grants and deeds, the name of 
George Cantey's wife was Martha;'' and the names of four 
children are known," there being no reason to suppose that 
there were any others. 
Issue : Order of birth not known. 

4. i John Cantey b. about 1675, d. 1724, m. (i) ; 

(2) Ann 

5. ii William Cantey b , d. 1729, m. before Nov., 

1703, Arabella Oldys. 

6. iii Sendiniah Cantey b , d. 1740, Dec. 9, m. 

James Boswood. 

7. iv Elizabeth Cantey b , d , m. 1692, 

Sept., Thomas Elmes. 

Capt. William Cantey of Dorchester. 

William Cantey, son of Teige Cantey, was, like his elder 
brother, George, one of the early settlers of South Carolina. 
The earliest grant to him was on June i, 1679,' when he 
is described as "one of the free persons of this province." 
Other grants followed in 1682, and 171 3.' 

He was placed in command of one of the military com- 
panies at an early date, as appears from the records of the 

"71. of Grand Council, Apr. 11, 1692-Sept. 26, 1692," p. 46. 
'S. C. Statutes. Vol. 2, p. 222. 
"Jl. of Commons, Hist. Comm., Columbia. 

"Dalcho's "Historical Account of the P. E. Church in South Caro- 
lina," p. 245. 

'"Memorial Bk. 2, p. 67. etc. (Earliest date, 1674; latest, 1708.) 
""son John," will of Teige Cantey ; 
"son William," Mem. Bk. 2, p. 67, etc. ; 

"dau. Sendiniah Boswood" and "son-in-law James Boswood;" ib. ; 
"dau. Elizabeth ;" marriage license with Thomas Elmes, Sept. 2, 
1692. Court of Ordinary, 1672-1692, p. 492. Hist. Comm., 
'Hist. Comm., Columbia, "Bk. 1672-92," p. 163. 
'Ibid, Reg. Rec. Bk. 2, p. 170; Mem. Bk. 3, p. 181. 


Assembly of 1703. of \vhich he was a member, being en- 
rolled as "Capt. William Cantey.'" He was also a member 
of Assembly for Berkeley, in the years 1696, 1697 and 
1704.* In the attack on the City of Charleston by the 
French and Spaniards, in Sept. 1706, he commanded a 
company, which, with Capt. Fenwicke's, signally defeated 
and routed the enemy,' at Hobcaw in Christ Church Parish. 

He died about 1716, as his wddow Jane Cantey, in a pe- 
tition" for the division of his estate, July 15, 1724, says that 
he had died about nine years before and that his will had 
been lost. She also says that the eldest son, James, was not 
of age at the time of his father's death, but was at the date 
of her petition, and she refers to five other children, but 
not by name. Accordingly a commission, consisting of 
Hon. Ralph Izard, Walter Izard, James Waring, Richard 
Butler and Gelson Clapp, was appointed to divide his prop- 
erty, consisting of 22 slaves; and they made their report 
Feb. 12, 1725,' having divided the slaves between Airs. 
Jane Cantey, James Cantey, Samuel Cantey, Joseph Cantey, 
Joseph White, Capt. W^m. Bellinger and James McCloglin. 

In the will of Richard Baker,' written Jan. 8, 1697-8 and 
proved July 24, 1698, he mentions his wife Elizabeth, sev- 
eral children, his "son-in-law William Cantey," (called also 
"son"), and "son" John Pamor [Palmer?]. No reference 
is made to a daughter Jane. It appears then that either 
W^illiam Cantey married Jane Baker, or, Richard Baker 
married Elizabeth Cantey, widows of Teige. 
Issue : Order of birth not known. 

8. i James Cantey b. before 1703, d. 1735. m. 1723, 
July 24. Elizabeth Stevens. 

o. ii Joseph Cantey b. before 1704, d. 1763, Jan 23, m. 

'Ibid. Jl. of Commons ; see also Charleston P. C, "1687-1710," p. 55, 
"Capt. Wm. Cantey" appointed appraiser of estate of Benj. Blanchard, 
May 20, 1702. 

*Ibid, Jl. of Commons. 

°S. C. Gazette, June 2, 1766, reprint of extract of the Boston News 
Letter of Oct. 7-Oct. 14, 1706. No. 130. See also Carroll's Historical 
Collections. Vol. I, pp. 161. 162. 

•Charleston P. C, 1724-25, pp. 11, q8. 

'Ibid, 1729-31. p. 123: see also P. C. 1722-26; pp. 253. 254. 

'Ibid, 1687-1710, Misc. Vol. Richard Baker was an Assistant J'-.dge 
in 1692 and a Member of Assembly in 1696. 


10. iii Samuel Cantey b. after 1704, d. before Feb. 19, 

1762, m. Ann 

iv Mary Cantey' b , d. before Dec. 15, 1724, 

m. Capt. William Bellinger. 

V Cantey, m. Joseph White. 

vi Cantey, m. James McCloglin. 

Capt. John Cantey of Goose Creek. 

John Cantey, son of George and Martha Cantey, was, 
according to the statement of his grandson, John Peyre/ 
"the third white male child" born in the settlement at 
Charlestown; and he certainly was born before Sept. 21, 
1678, the date of his grandfather's will. His own will was 
written May 19, 1724,' (although no copy now exists) ; and 
he died before April, 1725.^ He was married twice; the 
name of his first wife is not known ; that of the second was 

He received numerous grants in St. George's Parish and 
elsewhere, and was prominent in the civil, religious and 
military life of the new country. In 1706 and 171 3 he was 
a member of Assembly, and in 1 714 he was elected but re- 

'Capt. William Bellinger administered the estate of his wife, Mary, 
Dec. 15, 1724. Charleston P. C, 1724-25, p. 72. 

^"The Peyre Book," now in the possession of John Peyre Thomas, 
Jr., Esq., Columbia, S. C. 

'Memorial Book 3, p. 191. 

^Joseph J. Child (wife Mary) in his will, May 12, 1715, names his 
"brother, John Cantey," as his executor; but when the will is proved, 
April 9, 1725, the latter is dead. Charleston P. C, 1724-25, pp. 138-140. 

^On Oct. 2, 1736, Martha Diston. Mary Cantey and John Stevens, 
who intermarried with Elizabeth Cantey, daughters of John Cantey 
and co-heirs of their brother, Epaphroditus Cantey, of Berkelej^, dec, 
deed to Charles Cantey, 200 acres, etc. Charleston M. C. O., Z, p. 178. 
In the Peyre Book, Charles and Sarah Cantey are entered as the 
children of John and Ann Cantey. It follows that John Cantey was 
married twice ; and also that by Oct., 1736, there was no direct male 
issue of the first marriage living; but it is possible that there were 
other children than those named, by both marriages. Ann Cantey, 
possibly the widow of Capt. John, was a witness for the wills of 
members of the Diston family, in the vear 1743. Charleston P. C, 



fused to sen-e.' In 171 5, 1716 and 17 19 he was a tax com- 
missioner for English Santee/ In 1707 he was a vestry- 
man of St. James's, Goose Creek; and in 1717 he was a 
commissioner for building St. George's Church.' He was 
a Captain of the militia, and took part in several Indian 
campaigns; in March, 1712-3, he was in the second expedi- 
tion against the Tuscaroras, under Col. Moore ;' and in 
171 5-16 he was with Capt. Chicken in the campaign against 
the Yemassees.' In 171 7 he was a commissioner for in- 
specting Rangers for the Western range; and in 1718 
he was designated to furnish supplies for the men going 
against the Cherokees." 
Issue" : First wife; order of birth not knowm. 

i John Cantey, will dated 1729, July 18; d. before 

1736, and no male issue living at that date, 
ii George Cantey d. before 1736, and at that date 
had no living male issue. The last record of 
him is in Feb., 1724. 
iii Epaphroditus Cantey d. before Oct. 1737, and at 
that date had no living male issue. He was liv- 
ing in 1733. 

11. iv Martha Cantey, will dated 1743, Nov. 19, proved 

1752, Mar. 28; m. 1719, Jan. 16, Charles Diston. 

12. V Elizabeth Cantey d. before Oct. 1736; m. John 

vi Mary Cantey, unm. in Oct. 1736. 
Second wife. 

13. vii Charles Cantey b. 1718, d. 1780, Oct. 10; m. (i), 

before Oct. 1746, Harriet Drake, (2) about 
1759, Ann Drake. 

°J1. of Commons, Columbict. 

'S. C. Statutes, Vol. 2, pp. 628, 667, Vol. 3, p. 72. 

'Ibid. Vol. 3, p. 10 ; Dalcho. loc. cit., pp. 245 and 346. 

'S. C. Hist. Mag. X, pp. 2,1, 38. 

'Charleston Year Book, 1894, p. 326, et seq. 

'"S. C. Statutes, Vol. 3, pp. 25, 34. 

"Sec note *. John Cantey, Jr., is called "brother" in will of Cliarles 
Diston, (who married Martha Cantey), March 28, 1725 (Charleston P. 
C, 1729-31, p. 420). The date of his will is found in Memorial Book 
3, p. 191. 

George Cantey is referred to in will of Charles Diston as uncle of 
his son. In Feb., 1724, he is witness for a deed of James Cantey. 
Charleston M. C. O., D. 269. 


14. viii Sarah Cantey b. 1720. Mar. 29; d. 1771, Dec. 24; 
m. 1747, Samuel Peyre. 

William Cantev of Craven. 

William Cantey, son of George and Martha Cantey, is 
referred to in the early records as William Cantey, Jr., or 
as William Cantey of Craven. He died intestate; and his 
estate was administered in Oct. 1729.' He married, before 
Nov. 1703, Arabeha Oldys,' daughter of Joseph Oldys;' 
but it is not known whether she was the mother of his 
children, or not. 

He was a tax commissioner for English Santee in 171 5,* 
and was the owner of extensive plantations. 
Issue :' 

'Charleston P. C, 1721-31, p. 206. 

^Columbia, Reg. Rec. Bk. F, pp. 7 and 8. 

^Joseph Oldys was Deputy-Secretary of the Province, in 1688 and 
also Deputy-Register. S. C. Hist. Mag., V, p. 227 ; "J\. of Grand 
Council, 1671-1680," p. 13. George Cantey was the executor of his 
estate, July IS, 1692. 

■•S. C. Statutes, Vol. 2, p. 628. 

^Josiah Cantev is called "son and heir"' of William Cantey in a 
deed of March 20, 1731. Charleston M. C. O. N. 1. (See also M. C. 
O., H, p. 121.) The evidence as to William Cantey having had the 
other three children, as stated above, is indirect, but, in the opinion 
of the writer, conclusive. It is as follows : 

a. There are three William Canteys definitely known as of this 
generation: 1. William, son of Josiah, b. 1732, see 27; 2. William, son 
of Capt. James, b. about 1726, see 23 ; 3. William, son of Samuel, b. 
1733, see 10. In the deed referred to above, of March 20, 1731, William 
Cantey is referred to as "senior;" and there is a William Cantey, who 
was certainly married before the summer of 1747, see 16. For these 
reasons and others given below it seems that there was a 4th William 
Cantey, son of William Cantey, Senior. 

b. Capt. John Cantey died in 1724 or 5, and his son, John, was 
dead by 1736; but there was a John Cantey (later known as "of Pine 
Tree Hill") who was married by 1749. He could not have been a son of 
Capt. James, or of Capt. Joseph ; for the names of all their children 
are known; he may have been a son of Samuel (see 10), but it is 
much more propable that he was a son of William Cantey of Craven, 
as will appear below. 

c. Mary Cantey married on Oct. 11, 1738, so she was born probably 
in or before 1722. The only Mary Canteys definitely identified are: 
1. Mary, dau. of Capt. John, who was certainly unmarried in 1736. 
see 4; 2. Mary, dau. of Capt. James, who was certainly not born until 
after 1724, see 8; 3. Mary, dau. of Capt. Joseph, whose life is well 


i Josiah Cantey b. before 1708, d. 1773; m. ^i) 
1 73 1, Oct. 3, Elizabeth Boswood, (2) Susannah 

16. ii Wilham Cantey. m. before 1748, Ehzabeth 

17. iii John Cantey d. 1792, m. 1749, Mary McGirt. 

18. iv Mary Cantey, m. 1738, Oct. 11, Richard Richardson 


Sendiniah Cantey. 

I. I. 3. 

Sendiniah Cantey, daughter of George and Martha 
Cantey. died Dec. 9, 1740, (St. Andrew's Parish Reg- 
ister). She married James Boswood.' 
Issue : All that are known. 

i William Boswood. 

ii Elizabeth Boswood.' 

known, see 27. If Samuel Cantey had a daughter, Mary, she must have 
been born after 1725, see 10. Therefore, it seems that this Mary, who 
was married in 1738, must have been a daughter of William Cantey, of 

d. Richard Richardson, husband of Mary Cantey, was named by 
Josiah Cantey as his executor. 

e. Josiah. William and John Cantey and Richard Richardson were 
associated in many ways : 

1. William and John Cantcv are executors of Richard Middle- 
ton. 1750. Charleston P." C. 1747-52, p. 382. 

2. William Cantey and Richard Richardson are executors' of 
John Scott, 1751. Charleston P. C, 1752-56, p. 533. 

3. Josiah and William Cantev are witnesses for a deed of 
John Cantey, 1754. Charleston M. C. O., E. 3, p. 168. 

4. William and John Cantey evidently lived near each other, 
for the children of both families were baptized within the 
same week, 1753. Dec, in Prince Frederick Parish. 

5. When St. Mark's Parish was organized, in 1757, Richard 
Richardson, William and John Cantey and James McGirt 
(father-in-law of John Cantey) were four of the Commis- 

See also IS, 16, 17 and 18. 

It seems fair to conclude, therefore, that William, John and Mary 
Cantey were of the same family with Josiah. 

'Called son-in-law by George Cantey in deed, Sept., 1708. Mem. 
Bk. 2, p. 67. 

James Boswood, Sen., d Feb. 25. 1730/ [31]. St. Andrew's Reg. 

*An Elizabeth Boswood married, in 1731, Josiah Cantey. son of 
William Cantey of Craven. See 15. 


iii Mary Boswood.' m. Thomas Mell. 
? iv James Boswood. 
[? V. Sendiniah Boswood, m. Thomas Wood, Feb. 3, 
1735; She d. 1739. St. A. Reg. — Editor.] 


Ehzabeth Cantey.* 

I. I. 4. 

Ehzabeth Cantey, daughter of George and Martha 
Cantey, married,' in Sept. 1692, Thomas Ehnes, planter. 
But few items in regard to him have been recovered : He 
was a witness to the will of Paul Parker, 17 Sept., 1690;' 
and was appointed administrator^ of the estate of Job 
Bishop, 31 March, 1693, by Gov. Philip Ludwell, his bonds- 
men being Thos. Rose and Nicholas Marden. Job Bishop 
left half of his estate to his daughter "Mary Bishop," and 
the other half to "William Elmes," but nothing shows what 
was the relationship between the parties, if any; Thomas 
Elmes witnessed the will. Elmes' own will,* dated Jan. 
24, 1723-4, and proved Jan 15, 1724-5, mentions wife 
Elizabeth, eldest son Thomas Elmes (under 21), son Sam- 
uel Elmes, daughter Martha Ladson, (to whom slaves and 
stock, given "her instead of a persall of land left her by 
her grandfather"), daughter Mary Green, daughter Mar- 
garet Smith, daughter Sarah Elmes (under 16) ; executors, 
wife Elizabeth, sons-in-law William Ladson and Emanuel 
Smith, brother-in-law James Boswood. Elizabeth Elmes, 
widow, and Wm. Ladson qualified, Jan. 15, 1724-5; James 
Boswood renounced. 
Issue : As named in father's will. 

^James Boswood and wife, Sindinah, deed of gift to well beloved 
son, Thomas Mell and wife, ]\Iary, Nov. 26, 1730. Charleston M. C. 
O., J. 184. 

*These notes concerning Elizabeth Cantey and her children were 
compiled by M. Alston Read, Esq., (July 14, 1910). 

'Marriage Bond, 2 Sept., 1692. Ct. Ord., 1672-92, p. 492. 
=Ct. Ord., Bk. 1672-92. 

'Charleston P. C, Bk. 1692-93. pp. 29 and 37. 
Charleston P. C, Bk. 1724-25, p. 95. 



19. i Thomas Elmes (eldest son, b. 1703. or later), m. 

Anna Hasford.' 
ii Samuel Elmes (born 1704, or later), d.° 1757, no 

20. iii Martha Elmes (b. 1698, or earlier),' d. Nov , 

1750; m." before 1714, William Ladson. 

21. iv Mary Elmes b. about 1703, m..° (i) 27 Nov.. 1719, 

John Green." (2) Bailey, (3)" William 


22. V Margaret Elmes. b. about 1705, d. after Jan. 24, 

1723-4 and before Aug. 1744; m." Feb. 1721, 
Emanuel Smith, 
vi Sarah Elmes b. 1707, or later; under 16 in 1723-4." 

Capt. James Cantey of Ashley Ferry 

James Cantey, eldest son of Capt. William and Jane 
Cantey, was not of age when his father died, about 1716, but 
was 21 by July 1724;' so he was born before 1703. On 
July 24, 1723 (St. Andrew's Parish Register), he married 
Elizabeth Stevens, daughter of John and Abigail (Lord) 

=Deed of Dec. 18. 1747. Charleston IM. C. O.. E. E.. p. 55; and will 
of Samuel Elmes. Charle.ston P. C. Bk. 1761-77. p. 510. 

"Will dated 14 Nov., 1757. proved 9 Dec, 1757. Charleston P. C, 
Bk. 1751-77. p. 510. 

'"Martha Ladson. Widow, buried Nov. 7'", 1750." St. Andrew's 

"Deed of Gift of grandfather Geo. Cantey. April 2. 1714. Charles- 
ton P. C, 1714-17. Misc. Rec. and will of Tho^ Elmes. mentions 
soit-iu-lazv, William Ladson (see above). 

'St. Andrew's Register. 

""Will of Susannah Green, spinster — "Brother, Richard F.ailey." 
Charleston P. C, Bk. 1740-47. p. 392, together with will of Samuel 
Elmes— "Richard Bealsy, my well beloved Nephew." Ibid, Bk. 1761-77, 
p. 510. 

"Will of Susannah Green. Spinster, 8 Sept.. 1747. "My honoured 
Mother, Mary Fishborne;" will of Samuel Elmes, 14 Nov., 1757— "Mary 
Fishlnirn. my Dearly Beloved Sister." 

'"St. Andrew's Register. 

"It would seem that she died unmarried; at least no mention is 
made of her or of anv children of hers, in the will of her brother, 
Samuel Elmes, 14 Nov.', 1757. 

•Charleston P. C. 1724-25, pp. 11. 58. 


Stevens; and he died in 1735 probably, as the inventory of 
his estate was filed Aug. 16, of that year/ 

In a deed of Feb. 7, 1724, he is described as James Cantey 
of Ashley Ferry.' In 1734 he was a Captain of Rangers.* 

[His widow married on July 24, 1738, Anthony Williams 
(Prince Frederick Parish Register) ; and the estate of the 
latter was administered by Elizabeth Williams and William 
Cantey, as "next of kin," Jan. 31, 1772.'] 
Issue f 

i Elizabeth Cantey, living 1733. 

23. ii William Cantey, living 1733. 
iii Mary Cantey, living 1733. 

iv Sarah Cantey b. before Mar. 31, 1733, living unm. 

24. V James Cantey b. after Mar. 31, 1733. d. 1794; m. 

1773, June 10, Margaret Anderson. 


Capt. Joseph Cantey of St. Mark's. 

Joseph Cantey, son of Capt. William and Jane Cantey, 
Avas born in or before 1704, because at the time his elder 
brother was appointed guardian of his brother Samuel, 
Jan. 17, 1725, there was no application made concerning 

^Charleston P. C, 1732-36, p. 19. 

'Charleston M. C. O., D. 269. 

^Records in the office of the Historical Commission, Columbia; 
also S. C. Stat., Vol 3, p. 392. 

'Charleston P. C Rec. ; Ct. of Ord., 1771-75. See also Gazette, 
Mar. 3, 1772. 

N. B. On December 30, 1/69, John Williams, of St. Mark's Parish, 
sells, as heir-at-law to his late brother, Anthony Williams. 100 acres, 
etc. — (Original deed now in possession of the family.) 

Also, in the will of James Cantey, of Georgia, Aug'ust Is, 1799, he 
says his grandmother, Elizabeth Cantey, widow of James Cantey, mar- 
ried Philip Williams. (There is evidently a confusion of names.) 

'The first four children are named, in the order given, in the will 
of their grandmother, Mrs. Abigail Stevens, written March 31, 1733. 
Charleston P. C, 1744-5.) The fifth child was James, as is stated 
in the will of his son James, referred to above. 

'On Jan. 19, 1754 Sarah Cantey gives bond to deliver property to 
William Cantey, both of St. James', Santee, Samuel Cantey being a 
witness. Charleston P. C, 1754-58, p. 433. 


him, and one may assume that he was of age/ He died 
Jan. 23, 1763; his wife, Mary, having died Aug. 2, 1761.' 

He received numerous grants of land in Craven Co., and 
for many years was associated with Prince Frederick Par- 
ish, but later with St. Mark's.' In 1757 he was appointed 
one of the commissioners for building St. Mark's Church; 
and there are many references to him in Dr. Burgess' 
"History of St. Mark's Parish." 

He was Captain of militia, certainly as early as 1737;* 
probably before. In 1754 and 1755 he was a member of 
the Commons from Prince Frederick Parish ;° and for 
many years he was a Justice of the Peace for Craven 

His plantation near the Santee River was called "Mount 
Hope," and the title deeds are still in the possession of his 
descendants. He bought it in 1739; and part of the land 
was set aside and is still used as the family burial-ground.' 
Issue :* Order of birth not known. 

25. i Samuel Cantey b. 1731, June 7, d. 1776, Dec. 16; 

m. (i) 1756, Feb. 12, Ann , (2) 1760, 

May 18, Martha Brown, 
ii Joseph Cantey d. 1763, Sept. 23. 
iii Josiah Cantey d. 1763, Oct. 10. 

26. iv John Cantey d. 1786, May 15; m (i) before 1766, 

Margaret , (2) Hannah Connor, (3) 

after 1780, Mrs. Susannah (McDonald) Flud. 

'Charleston P. C. 1722-26. Misc., p. 253. 

^These dates and those given of his first four children below are 
taken from the Family Bible of his eldest son, Samuel, which is now 
in the possession of his descendants. 

'S. C. Statutes, Vol. 3. p. 440 ; Dalcho. loc. cit.. etc. 

^Charleston M. C. O., R. 435. 

*J1. of Commons, Columbia. 

°S. C. Gazette, Nov. 29. 1767; Feb. 2, 1769, etc. 

'Chi^rleston M. C. O., Y. 545. 

'Most of these dates are taken from the Family Bible ; that of the 
birth of Martha is given in the Register of Prince Frederick Parish. 
On January 4. 1762. Joseph Cantey deeds slaves to his daughters, 
Mary Jameson and Martha Nelson. (Charleston P. C. M. M., pp. 
79, 481.) This is probably a coniiplete list of the children of Capt. 
Joseph ; for the records in Samuel Cantey's Bible are unusually 


27. V Mary Cantey d. 1817; m. (i) before 1762, William 

Jameson, (2) 1767, Thomas Sumter, 
vi Martha Cantey b. 1742, Apr. 12; m. before 1762, 


Samuel Cantey of Prince Frederick. 

I. 2. 3. 

Samuel Cantey, son of Capt. William and Jane Cantey, 
was born after 1704, as on Jan. 17, 1725, his elder brother 
James was appointed his guardian;' and he died early in 
1762 probably, as on Feb. 19, of that year his son Joseph 
Cantey, Jr., obtained a citation to administer his estate.' 

On July 17, 1 73 1 he bought land in Dorchester,^ but later 
moved to Prince Frederick Parish, across the Santee. In 
1757 he was elected an Overseer of the Parish.* His wife's 
name was Ann; her name and the names of the following 
children, are found in the Register of the Parish.' 
Issue : 

i William Cantey b. 1733, July 21 ; bapt. 1742, June 

28. ii Joseph Cantey b. 1735, Jan. 26; bapt. 1742, June 

18; d. before Aug. 16. 1781 ; m. Ann 

iii Jane Cantey b. 1740, Mar. 19. 

Possibly other, either younger or older, see 
Notes I and o. 

Martha Cantey. 

I. I. I. 4. 

Martha Cantey, daughter of Capt. John Cantey and his 
first wife, married Charles Diston' on Jan. 16, 1719 (St. 

'Charleston P. C, 1722-26. Misc., p. 253. 

^Charleston P. C, Bundle. 

'Memorial Book 2, p. 98. 

*Parish Register. 

^On June 18, 1742, two of his children were baptized, as was also 
one of Capt. Joseph Cantey ; and on June 17 two children of James 
McGirt were baptized. [See 17.] 

'His will was written March 28, 1725, and proved April 26, 1731. 
Charleston P. C, 1729-31, 420. 


Andrew's Parish Register). Her will was dated Nov. 19, 
1743, but was not proved until Mar. 28, 1752.'' 
Issue : As given in the parents' wills. 

i Thomas Diston, (named in father's, but not in 

mother's will). 
ii Mary Diston, m. before 1743, William Walter. 
Issue : i Richard Walter.' 


Elizabeth Cantey. 

I. I. I. 5. 

Elizabeth Cantey, daughter of Capt. John Cantey and 
his first wife, died before Oct. 1736, the date of a deed of 
the heirs of her brother, Epaphroditus, in which her hus- 
band represents her. She married John Stevens,' son of 
John and Abigail (Lord) Stevens, and brother of Eliza- 
beth Stevens, who married Capt. James Cantey. 
Issue : 

i Martha Stevens b. before Mar. 31, 1733. 
Possibly others. 


Charles Cantey of St. Stephen's. 

I. I. I. 7. 

Charles Cantey, son of Capt. John and Ann Cantey, was 
born in the Summer of 1718; for, according to the records 
in The Peyre Book, he died of smallpox on Oct. 10, 1780, 
"aged 62 years and about 2 months." He was twice mar- 
ried, first, before Oct. 1746, to Harriet Drake, daughter of 
William and Elizabeth (Drake) Drake;' second, about 

'Charleston P. C, 1747-52. 

'Possibly he is the Richard Walter who married Harriet Cantey, 
daughter of Charles Cantey, See 29. 

He was "not 20" at the time of his grandmother's will. 

^He and his daughter, "under 16," are mentioned in the will of his 
mother, March 31. 1733. Charleston P. C, 1744-5. 

'Mem. Book 7, p. 534, Charles Cantev entered memorial, June 10, 
1751, for 980 acres devised by "will of William Drake, Aug. 3, 1738, 
to his daughter, Harriet, who married Charles Cantey." 

Charleston M. C. O., K. K. 60, "Charles Cantev and wife Harriet, 
etc.," Oct. 1, 1746. 


1759' to her first cousin, Ann Drake, daughter of Jonathan 
and Mary (Loveridge) Drake." 

He owned extensive plantations in St. Stephen's Parish, 
his home being called "Mattesee." In 1762 he was a com- 
missioner for erecting St. Stephen's f and for many years 
he was a Justice of the Peace.* In the years 1757, 1758, 
1759, 1760 and 1768. he was a member of Assembly;^ and 
in 1775 he sat in both sessions of the Provincial Congress. 

His seven daughters were famed far and wide for their 
beauty and grace. 
Issuer^ First wife. Order of birth not known. 

29. i Harriet Cantey d. 1792; m. 1765, May 2, Richard 


30. ii Elizabeth Cantey d. 1783, Oct.; m. (i) 1771, 

March, Rene Peyre, (2) after 1773. Peter Sink- 

^Charleston P. C, 1761-77^ pp. 228 and 446. Mrs. Mary Drake in 
her will (proved April 29, 1768) names her daugher, Anne Cantey, 
and appoints her son-in-law, Charles Cantey, executor ; Jonathan Drake, 
son of Mrs. Mary Drake, in his will dated March 20, 1770, names his 
sister, Ann Cantey, and her daughter, Margaret Cantey, and appoints 
his brother-in-law, Charles Cantey, executor. [Elizabeth Drake, 
mother of his first wife, and Jonathan Drake, father of his second 
wife, were both children of Jonathan and Mary Drake ; but the rela- 
tionship of William Drake to this family is not known.] 

'S. C. Statutes, Vol. 4, p. 163; Dalcho: loc. cit. 

^S. C. Gazette, Oct. 31, 1765; Nov. 29, 1767; Feb. 2, 1769, etc., etc. 

"1757 Burgess' History of St. Mark's Parish. 

1758, 59, 60. Jl. of Commons, Columbia. 

1768. McCrady: History of So. Car. 

1775, both 1st and 2d Provincial Congresses. Journals. 

•^Elizabeth Sinkler, in her will, written Oct. 19, 1783, and proved 
Nov. 1, 1783. (Charleston P. C, Book A, p. 222) named her sisters: 
Mary Peyre, Ann (dec), Sarah (dec), Harriet, Margaret and 
Charlotte (has no children), and her brothers: Charles Cantey, James 
Sinkler and Richard Walter. 

In DeSauss'ure's Reports, H, p. 128, there is an abstract of the 
suit of Executors of Sinkler vs. Legatees of Sinkler, from which one 
may conclude that Charles Cantey died intestate; that he had eight 
children ; that Charles, Jr., was the only son and was not the son of 
Harriet Drake; that two of James Sinkler's wives were daughters of 
Charles Cantey, his last wife being Margaret ; and that Mary Cantey 
[b. 1757], who married John Peyre, was the daughter of Harriet 
Drake. [There may be some doubt as to the distribution of the 
children to the two wives, as given in the text ; and it is possible that 
there were more than two wives ; but there is no evidence to cause 
one to be uncertain.] 

Note. In the S. C. Gazette. Dec. 25, 1770, there is notice of the 
death of "Mrs. Mary Cantey, wife of Charles Cantey, of St. Stephen's." 
This may be a mistake, for "Ann"; or there may have been another 
Charles Cantey who is otherwise not known. 


iii Mary Cantey b. 1757, Jan. 24, d. 1801, Sept. 9; 
m. 1776, Apr. 25, John Peyre, her first cousin, 
son of Samuel Peyre and Sarah Cantey. No 
31. iv Charlotte Cantey, m. Benjamin Walker, Jr. 
22. V Ann Cantey d. before Oct. 1783; m. John Drake. 
^T,. vi Sarah Cantey d. before Oct. 1780; m. Capt. 
James Sinkler, (his second wife). 
Second wife. 

34. vii Charles Cantey, Jr., b. 1760, Nov., d. 1789, Oct. 

20, ; m. Margaret Evance. 

35. viii Margaret Cantey b. about 1763, d. 182 1, Dec. 4; 

m. Capt. James Sinkler, (his third wife). 

Sarah Cantey. 

Sarah Cantey, daughter of Capt. John and Ann Cantey, 
was born Mar. 29, 1720 and died Dec. 24, 1771. In 1747 
she married Samuel Peyre (b. 171 5. d. 1758, Mar. 7), son 
of David and Judith Peyre.' [These and the following 
dates are taken from The Peyre Book.] 
Issue : 

i Samuel Peyre b. 1748-9, Feb. 23, d. 1785, Apr. 7; 

ii John Peyre b. 1 750-1, Feb. i, d. 1807, Apr. 8; m. 
1776, Apr. 25, Mary Cantey, daughter of Charles 

'Another son of David and Judith Peyre was Rene Peyre (d. 1766). 
who m. (1) Floride Bonneau, (2) Mrs. Hannah (Simons) Hasell, (3) 
Catherine Cleave, and wlio had issue : 
first wife, 
i Rene Peyre, d. 1773, Dec; m. 1771, IMar. Elizabeth Cantey, 

daughter of Charles Cantey, see 30. 
ii Judith Peyre, m. John Gaillard. 
iii Floride Peyre, d. unm. 
iv Elizabeth Peyre. 

second wife, 

V Anne Peyre, m. 1772. July 15, Thomas Ashby. 

vi Francis Pevre, d. 1819; m. (1) Catherine Sinkler, daughter of 
Peter Sinkler and Catherine Palmer; (2) 1800, Aug. 19, 
Mary Peyre Walter, daughter of Thomas Walter and Ann 
Peyre. See 36. 


Cantey and Harriet Drake, his first wife. No 

issue. For a sketch of his Hfe see Samuel Du- 

bose's "Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish 

Craven County." 
iii Sarah Peyre b. 1753, Nov. 29, d. 1774, June; m. 

1773, May 20, Col. John Glaze. No issue. "He 

survived his wife over thirty years and lived in 

St. George's Parish, Dorchester." 
36. iv Ann Peyre b. 1755, Mar. 26, d ; m. 1777, 

Mar. 20, Thomas Walter. 
V Charles Peyre b. 1756, Oct. 21, d. 1781, Aug. 19, 

in a Continental Army Prison at Lancaster, Penn. 

He and his brother John were Loyalists during 

the Revolution. 


Josiah Cantey of St. Mark's. 
I. I. 2. I. 

Josiah Cantey, son of William Cantey of Craven, was 
certainly born before 1708;' and he died late in the autumn 
of 1773, as his will was dated Oct. 8 of that year and 
proved on Dec. 17.' He was twice married: First, on Oct. 
3, 1731,^ to Ehzabeth Boswood, (who died at the birth of 
her third child, and was buried Oct. 2, 1736); second, to 
Susannah' , who died before him. 

Llis father dying intestate, he inherited his real property 
in Craven County. He was living in St. Andrew's Parish 
in 1 73 1, but later moved to St. Mark's Parish, where he 
died. It is probable that he is the Josiah Cantey who took 
part in Lyttleton's campaign, in the winter of 1759 and 
'60,' whose name appears in connection with the entertain- 
ment of the Indians, in 1764 and 1767,° who was inquirer 

'On March 20, 1731, he sells land. Charleston M. C. O., N. 1. 

Charleston P. C, Bk. 1771-74, p. 492. 

'Register of St. Andrew's Parish. It is possible that she was a 
daughter of James Boswood and Sendiniah Cantey. See 6. 

^On Feb. 21, 1752, Josiah Cantc}' and wife. Susannah, sold land in 
St. Andrew's Parish. Charleston M. C. O., K. K., 240. 
. 'S C. Statutes, Vol. 4, pp. 123, 203, 280, 242. 


and collector for St. Mark's in 1766,° and who was a Jus- 
tice of the Peace in 1765.° 

He was intimate \vith the family of Col. Richard Rich- 
ardson, being a sponsor at the baptism of his son in 1758/ 
and appointed him to be his executor. 
Issue: First wife. (St. Andrew's Parish Re2:ister.) 

T^y. i William Cantey b. 1732, Nov. 6; m. Rebecca 

ii Anne Cantey. bapt. 1734, July 31; (unm. and 

called "unfortunate" in father's will.) 
iii George Cantey, bapt. 1736. Oct. 2, (not men- 
tioned in father's will). 
Second wife, (according to father's will. 1773). 
iv Elizabeth Cantey. m. [James] Brunson. 
V Martha Cantey. m. [Henry?] Richbourg. 

vi Comfort Cantey, m Green. 

vii Susanna Cantey. m Dennis. 

viii Rebecca Cantey, m Gale. 

ix Esther Cantey. [m., after 1773. Nathaniel Rich- 
burg] . 


Capt. William Cantey. 

I. I. 2. 2. 

William Cantey, son of William Cantey of Craven, lived 
in Prince Frederick Parish and later in St. Mark's. He 
w'as married before the Summer of 1747, and his wife's 
name was Elizabeth.' (She was living as late as Aug. 
1756.= ) 

Richard Middleton in his will, written Feb. 19, 1749-50, 
leaves his estate under the care of William Cantey and John 
Cantey;' William Cantey, Richard Richardson and Wm. 
Scott are appointed executors in the w'ill of John Scott, 
1751;* on Aug. 3, 1754, William Cantey, Josiah Cantey 
and Samuel Bacot were witnesses for John Cantey. ° 

'S. C. Gazette. Oct. 31. 1765. 

'A. S. Salley, Jr. "History of Orangeburg Co.," p. 179. 

'Register Prince Frederick Parish. 

'See deed, Aug.. 1756. Charleston M. C. O., V, p. 130. 

'Charleston P C, 1747-52. p. 382. 

^Charleston P. C. 1752-56. p. 533. 

'Charleston M. C. O., E. 3, p. 168. 


It is extremely probable that he is the William Cantey 
who was the commissioner for St. Mark's Parish in 1757, 
with Richard Richardson, Joseph Cantey, John Cantey and 
others f and who, with John Cantey, was a Captain in 
Col. Richardson's regiment in Lyttleton's campaign against 
the Cherokees in the winter of 1759-60;' and it is pos- 
sible that he is the "William Cantey, senior," the inventory 
of whose estate was filed at Camden, Feb. 7, 1787. 
Issue: So far as is known; Register of Prince Frederick 


i John Cantey, bapt. 1753, Dec. 5, aged 5^ years. 

ii Jona Cantey, bapt. 1753, Dec. 5, aged 3^ years. 

iii George Cantey, bapt. 1753, Dec. 5, aged 11 months. 
(N. B. the children of John and Mary (McGirt) Can- 
tey were baptized three days before.) 

Capt. John Cantey of Camden. 

John Cantey, son of William Cantey of Craven, is often 
referred to in the records as "of Pinetree Hill," because 
he was an early settler of this tract, which later became the 
town of Camden.^ He died on his plantation "Live Easy," 
a few miles below Camden, in 1792; letters of administra- 
tion being given his sons on Oct. 11 of that year.' His 
wife was Mary McGirt, daughter of Col. James McGirt," 
and she is said to have been younger than he by many 

He lived after his marriage in Prince Frederick Parish, 

*Dalcho, loc. cit. 

'Records in the office of the Hist. Commission, Columbia. 

'Charleston M. C. O., E. 3, 162. May 12, 1753. 

Charleston M. C. O., E. 3, 184, Jan. 25, 1764. 

Charleston M. C. O., R. 3, 393. April 22, 1765. 

'Camden P. C. 

^James McGirt was married in St. Philip's Parish, on Oct. 12, 1732, 
to Priscilla Davison. He was a Commissioner for establishing St. 
Mark's Parish, in 1757; a Lieut. Col. in Col. Richardson's Regiment in 
the campaign of 1759-60; a Justice, etc. His son, Daniel, was the 
famo'ns Loyalist "raider." See Johnson's "Traditions," and "His- 
toric Camden," by Kirkland and Kennedy. 

^Family records. See "Historic Camden." 


was a commissioner for St. Mark's Parish in 1757," and 
held many local offices up to nearly the time of his death*. 
He was Justice of the Peace for several years;' and in 
Lyttleton's carnpaign of the winter of 1759-60, against 
the Cherokees. he was Captain in Col. Richard Richardson's 
Issue :° 
38 i. Alary Cantey. bapt. 1753. Dec. 2, aged 4 years; 
[m. 1769, Nov. 19, Ely Kershaw.] 

39. ii Sarah Cantey. bapt. 1753. Dec. 2, aged 11 months; 

[b. 1753, Feb. 15, d. 1786, Feb. 12; m. 1770, John 
Chesnut. ] 

40. iii James Cantey b. 1755. d. 181 7, Oct. 9; m. Martha 


41. iv Zachariah Cantey b. 1759. d. 1822. Sept. 9; m. 

Sarah Boykin. 


Mary Cantey. 

I. I. 2. 4. 

Mary Cantey, daughter of William Cantey of Craven, 
was the first wife of Col. Richard Richardson. They were 
married Oct. 11, 1738, (Prince Frederick Parish Register) ; 
and according to family tradition, she died thirteen years 
before her husband, that is in 1767. 

Richard Richardson was born in Virginia about 1704, 
and he died on his plantations in South Carolina, in Sept. 
1780. His mother is said to have been a Miss Burchell. 
Few men played a more important part in the provincial 
history of South Carolina. He was repeatedly a member 
of Assembly, a delegate to the Provincial Congress of Jan. 
1775, a member of the Legislative Council in March 1776, 

'Dalcho, loc. cit. 

•S. C. Statutes, Vol. 4. pp. Ill, 692; Vol. 9. pp. 200. 212. 

'S. C. Gazette, 1765. Oct. 31; 1767, Nov. 29; 1769, Feb. 2, etc. Sec 
also "Historic Camden." 

'Records in tlie office of the Hist. Commission, Columbia. 

'The baptismal records of the first two children arc given in the 
Register of Prince Frederick Parish ; and in the letters of administra- 
tion of his estate, James and Zachariah are called his sons ; the other 
records' are copied from family Bibles and newspapers. 


etc.; he was Colonel of the militia as early as 1757; was in 
the Cherokee wars of 1760 and 1761, in command of a 
regiment, was in command of the militia and regulars in 
the famous "Snow campaign" against the Tories at Ninety- 
Six, in the winter of 1775; assisted at the defeat of the 
British fleet at Charleston, in June 1776, and commanded 
the State militia at Purrysburg, in Dec. 1778, having been 
appointed Brigadier General March 25, 1778. At the sur- 
render of Charleston in 1780 he was taken prisoner and 
paroled. Later he was imprisoned, and his health failing 
he was sent home and soon died.' 

His second wife' was Dorothy Sinkler, (b. 1737, d. 1793, 
July 6), sister of Peter Sinkler. His will was dated Sept. 
2, 1780; but no copy now exists. According to a legal 
paper quoted in the S. C. Hist. Mag., Vol. 8, p. 173, he 
referred in his will to leaving six sons and three daughters, 
Thomas being the youngest child. 
Issue : Order of birth not known. 

42. i Richard Richardson, Jr., b. 1741, Mar. 4, d. 1818; 

m. 1 76 1, Dorcas Nelson. 

43. ii Martha Richardson, m. Col. Archibald McDonald. 

44. iii Rebecca Richardson b. 1752, Nov. 2, d. 1834, 

May 12; m. (i) Cooper, (2) 1774, 

John Singleton, 
iv Margaret Richardson d. before Sept. 1780. [Dr. 
Burgess' loc. cit.] 

45. V Edward Richardson d. 1808, June 26; m. 1776, 

Mar. 8, Rachel Heatley 

^See Johnson's "Traditions of the Revolution;" McCrady's History; 
Dr. B'urgess' "History of St. Mark's Parish," etc 
"The children of this second marriage were : 

i James Burchell Richardson, b. 1770, Oct. 28; d. 1836, April 28; 
m. Anne Cantey Sinkler, daughter of James Sinkler and 
Sarah Cantey. See 33. 
ii John Peter Richardson, b. 1772, Oct. 20; d. 1811, Jan. 30; m. 
1792, May 12, Floride Bonneau Peyre, daughter of Rene 
Peyre and Elizabeth Cantey. See 30. 
iii Charles Richardson, b. 1774, Nov. 20; d. 1829, May 22: m. 1801, 
Feb. 3, Elizabeth Eveleigh (b. 1774, Feb. 17; d. 1824, Nov. 
4), daughter of Thomas and Ann (Simmons) Eveleigh. 
Issue: 9 children: 7 died young; Juliana Augusta Manning m. 
John Peter Richardson 2d. ; Dorothea Ann m. William 
H. B. Richardson. 
iv Thomas Richardson d. before 1793, under 21. 


46. vi Susannah Richardson, m. Col. Laurence Manning. 

vii Ezekiah Cantey Richardson b. 1758, Sept. 28. (All 

that is known of him is the record of his birth 

and baptism, copied in Salley's "History of 

Orangeburg County.) 


Thomas Elmes. 

I. I. 4. I. 

Thomas Elmes, eldest son of Thomas Elmes and Eliza- 
beth Cantey, married Anna Hasford,' and had one child, a 
daughter, living unmarried in 1757. Thomas Elmes was 
born in 1703 or later,' and was living at late as Aug. 30, 
1748; when he died is not known to the compiler, but it was 
undoubtedly before Oct. 18, 1755, the date of his wife's 

Issue: (Named in mother's wnll.) 
i Sarah Elmes,' unm. in 1757. 


Martha Elmes. 

I. I. 4. 3. 

Martha Elmes, daughter of Thomas Elmes and Eliza- 
beth Cantey, married William Ladson, son of John and 

'Anna Elmes, of St. George's Parish, Berkeley Co., names in her 
will, written Oct. 18, 1755, nephew, John Keys, son of John Keys ; 
dau., Sarah Elmes. Executors : Brother-in-law, Samuel Elmes and 
nephew, Thomas Ladson. Charleston P. C, Bk. 1752-56, p. 394. 

Joseph Hasford, of Berkeley Co., in his will dated August 30, 1748, 
names his son, Joseph Hasford (not 21) ; dau., Anna Elmes, wife of 
Thomas Elmes ; dau., Rebecca Goodbe, wife of Alex'' Goodbe ; dau., 
Hannah Hasford; brother, Richard Hasford; executors: son-in-law, 
Thomas Elmes and Hugh Cartwright. Charleston P. C, 1747-52, p. 81. 
"He was under 21 when his father wrote his will, Jan. 24. 1723/4. 
'Will of Samuel Elmes, dated 14 Nov., 1757. "Sarah Elmes, my 
well beloved Neice, Daughter of Thomas Elmes and Ann his 
wife," 1 bed and its furniture, 6 Silver teaspoons, tongs and 
strainer, and all remainder of negroes ; and if she dies without 
heirs of her body, then said bequests to return to Richard P>ailey, 
William Fishburn, Thomas Fishburn and Martha Brown, but 
if she should be married and have issue, then said bequests to 
be hers forever. (Charleston P. C, Bk. 1761-77, p. 510.) 
Samuel Elmes having no children of his own, left all his prop- 
erty to his neices and nephews. 


Mary (Stanyarne) Ladson; and an old mourning ring, still 
in the possession of the family, gives his birth in 1687 and 
his death in 1739. The Parish Register of St. Andrew's 
gives ''William Ladson, buried Dec. 22, 1739." No v^ill 
of this William Ladson has been found, but we know that 
Martha (Elmes) Ladson survived him, for the same reg- 
ister gives, "Martha, the daughter of Martha Ladson, 
widow, buried Feb. 10, 1739," and later gives, "Martha 
Ladson, widow, buried Nov. 7*" 1750." She left a will.' 
Issue: Living in 1750, as named in her will. 

i William Ladson. 

ii Thomas Ladson, living 1755, when he was named 
as an executor in the will of his aunt, Anna 
Elmes, widow of Thomas. 

iii John Ladson. 

iv Mary Ladson. 

V Sarah Ladson. 


Mary Elmes. 
I. I. 4. 4. 

Mary Elmes, daughter of Thomas Elmes and Elizabeth 
Cantey, married (i) on Nov. 28, 1719, John Green of St. 
James' Parish, Goose Creek, Berkley County ; he died with- 
in a few years, leaving two infant daughters.' (Will dated 
April 23, 1723, and proved Nov. 7, 1723). Mary (Elmes) 

Green, widow, seems then to have married (2) 

Bailey,' by whom, apparently she had only one child, a son ; 
she then married (3) William Fishburn, of Beech Hill, St. 
Paul's Parish, by whom she had at least three children. 
Issue: (As given by the wills cited.) First husband. 

'Charleston P. C, Bk. 1747-52, p. 461; will dated 1" Nov. 1750. 
proved 25"> Oct., 1751. 

'Charleston P. C, Bk. 1722-24, p. 220. Left his property to wife, 
dau. Susannah, and child 'unborn. 

^On May 16, 1727, Mary Bayly, widow, is granted administration 
on the estate of Joseph Bayly, late of Goose Creek, deceased. Charles- 
ton P. C, 1726-27, p. 452. [Possibly this refers to the present family.] 

^William Fishburn, in his will, dated Sept. 22, 1753, and proved 
Dec. 3, 1756, names' his wife, Mary, sons, William and Thomas, dau. 
Martha, dau. Eliz" Sanders ; Executors : sons, William and Thomas 
Fishburn. Charleston P. C, 1752-56, p. 539. 


i Susanna Green b. about 1720-21, d/ 1747, Sept.; 

ii Elizabeth Green b. 1723 (posthumous) ; m. be- 
tween' 1737 and 1747, McKenzie. 

Second husband. 

iii Richard Bailey b. before' 1747. 
Third husband. 

iv William Fishburn b. before' 1747. d.' 1760; m. 

V Thomas Fishburn." 

vi Martha Fishburn b. before 1747;" m. by 1757, 
, Brown. 


Margaret Elmes. 

I. I. 4. 5. 

Margaret Elmes, daughter of Thomas Elmes and Eliza- 
beth Cantey, married' in Feb., 1721, Emanuel Smith, 
a widower. It has not been proved that she was the mother 
of any of his children ; but a critical examination of such 
dates as the compiler has been able to find relating to the 
children of Emanuel Smith, makes it quite probable that 
his son Thomas Smith was by Margaret Elmes, who was 

'St. Andrew's Register. 

Charleston P. C, Bk. 1740-47. p. 392. Will dated 8 Sept.. 1747, 
proved 18 Sept. 1747, mentions "uncle Thomas Elmes," and is witnessed 
by Anna Elmes. 

'Will of her sister, Susannah Green, 1747 (8 Sept.). "My sister 
Elizabeth x^IcKenzie ;" will of Joshua Green (uncle), "Elizabeth 
Green," dated 10 Dec. 1737. Charleston P. C, Bk. 1736-40, p. 143. 

'Will of Susanna Green, 1747: "My Brother Richard Bailey;" will 
of Samuel Elmes, 14 Nov., 1757: "Richard Bealy my well beloved 
Nephew." Charleston P. C^Bk. 1761-77, 510. 

'Will of Susanna Green, 1747. 
^ 'His will, Charleston P. C, Bk. 1757-60, p. 345. Will dated 6 Feb.. 
1760, proved 8 Nov., 1760. Mentions wife — unnamed — if child born to 
him, then estate to be divided between wife and child 

'Not mentioned in will of Susanna Green, 1747. Mentioned in 
will of Samuel Elmes. 14 Nov., 1757, and in will of Wm. Fishburn, 1760. 

'"Called "Sister Martha Fishburn" in will of Susannah Green, 1747, 
and "neice" Martha Brown in will of Samuel Elmes, 1757. 



apparently his third wife.' She predeceased him, as his 
will,^ written Aug. 19, 1744, shows that at his death his 
wife's name was Mary. 
Issue: (Named in father's will.) 

? i Thomas Smith b. about 1723, living in Charles 
Town 1744. 


William Cantey. 

I. 2. I. 2. 

William Cantey, son of Capt. James Cantey and Eliza- 
beth Stevens, his wife, was born about 1726 and was living 
m 1772, on Jan. 31 of which year, he and his mother, who 
had married again, were appointed administrators of the 
estate of his step-father, Anthony Williams, "late of St 

His brother, James Cantey, is known to have gone to 
Georgia; and he is probably the William Cantey who ap- 
plied in Oct. 1769 for a grant of 500 acres on St. Simon's 
Island, "being about to come with wife, five children and 
four negroes," and who in Jan. 1772, in again applying, said 
he hoped to bring his family and slaves within six months. 
(Ga. Colonial Records.) There is no evidence, however, 
that he actually moved from South Carolina to G eorgia. 

Ch2}\^^l--^^^^'^^^' °^ St. Andrew's Pj^rish, in possession of the 
to Itamlel Smid7: ^°"''''' ^"'^ '''' '°"°""^^ ''''^' -^^^ reference 
"Emanuel Smith and "Anne Jouds' married Dec 9 17^ \nne 
Smith dau. of Enianuel Smith [sic!] bur^ Sep. 19. 1721; Mary A e 
dau. of Emanuel Smith [s.c] baptized Dec. 27, 1721 ; Emanuel Smith 
married to Margaret Ehnes Feb 17^1/2" 

Tan^';?' %fn °^ ^^"'"'^ J°"''J ?^ ^}- Andrews, Berkeley Co., dated 
Jan. 17, 1726/7 mentions granddaughter, Mary Ann Smith (under 

Ct Bk"??7l'';727Wo"f""^''>!™''^'/?'^,"?^''^^ ^'' son-in-law Prob. 
not given ] ^ ^ grandchild mentioned, daughter's name 

Krnu"f ""'' ^^■"'^A ^f^ ^""^^ ^^^4 ^^fter Oct. 1, month and day 
broken away) in Charleston (St Philip's Register), and his will, dated 
17 Aug., and proved 3 Nov., 1744, gives him as then of Charles Town 
in It he mentioned son Thomas Smith (the terms used in regard to 
hmi making it probable that he was then of age), daughter Mary 
tZ ^S^''t\i^'^' of Belteshazzar Lambright, of James Island)! 
V^-A7 lir P"'"'''^ ^" ""^°™ '^hild. Charleston P. C, Bk! 
'Charleston P. C, Court of Ord., 1771-75. 


In Oct., 1 771, William Cantey and wife Ann, of St. 
Mark's, sell 400 acres;' and it is probable that all these 
William Canteys are one and the same person. Of his 
children nothing is known. [One of these may have been 
Philip. See Note 12.] 


James Cantey of Georgia. 

I. 2. I. 5. 

James Cantey, son of Capt. James Cantey and Elizabeth 
Stevens his wife, was born about 1734, as he is not men- 
tioned with his brothers and sisters in the will of his grand- 
mother, dated March 31, 1733; and as his father died early 
in 1735. In 1769 he moved to Georgia; on Oct. 3 of that 
year he applied for 200 acres, being "just come into the 
province with two negroes." In 1770 and 1771 he re- 
ceived grants in St. Andrew's Parish and on the Alatamaha 
River, (Georgia Colonial Records). 

On June 10, 1773, he married Margaret Anderson, 
daughter of David Anderson of Liberty County, Georgia, 
and his estate was administered in this same County in 
1794, by James Wilson.' 

It is possible that he is the James Cantey who was ap- 
pointed Deputy Surveyor of the Province of South Caro- 
lina, Jan. 2"], 1764.' and who obtained numerous grants on 
the Santee in 1757, 1763. 1768.' 
Issue : Only child, as far as is known — 
47. i James Cantey d. 1799; m. Elizabeth Blandford 

Major Samuel Cantey of St. Mark's. 

Samuel Cantey, eldest son of Capt. Joseph and Mary 
Cantey, of St. Mark's Parish, w^as born June 7. 1731, and 

'Charleston M. C. O., D. 4. 151. 

'Records of P. C. Liberty County. David Anderson's will is on record 
in the P. C. of Camden, S. C. 

^Charleston M. C. O., M. M., 1763-67. 52. 
'Mem. Bk. 6, p. 180; 7, p. 158; 8. p. 244, etc. 


died in the same Parish, Dec. i6, 1776. He was twice 

married; first, Feb. 12. 1756, to Ann , (b. 1738, 

Aug. 4, d. 1759 Mar. 15) ; second, May 18, 1760, to Martha 
Brown, (b. 1737, Feb. 21).' In his will,' written May 16, 
1 77 1, and proved Feb. i, 1777, he mentions his wife 
Martha, his son Joseph, his daughter Christiana, his brother 
John, his nephew Thomas Sumter and his niece Mary 

He inherited all the plantations of his father, and took a 
prominent part in the civil and military life of the province. 
In Oct. 1749, he was an Ensign in Capt. Isaac Brunson's 
company of foot;' in Lyttleton's campaign against the 
Cherokees, in 1759-60, he was Captain of a company in 
Col. Richardson's regiment,* — his brother John Cantey be- 
ing his adjutant; and shortly before his death he was 
Major of the Camden Provincial Militia.^ 
Issue: (Family Bible Records.) 

i Samuel John Cantey d. 1761, June 24. 

48. ii Christiana Cantey d. 1813, Jan. 28; m. (i) Fran- 

cis Lesesne, (2) Isaac Connor. 

49. iii Joseph Cantey b. 1765. Nov. 27, d. 1834, Sept. 6; 

m (i) 1784, Feb. 5, Ann Connor, (2) 1795, May 
14, Mrs. Susannah (McDonald) Connor. 


Major John Cantey of St. Mark's. 

I. 2. 2. 4. 

John Cantey, son of Capt. Joseph and Mary Cantey of 
St. Mark's Parish, is referred to in the early records as 

'Family Bible Records. 

In addition to these records the following also found in the same 
Bible : 

"Henry Montgomery was born July 14. 1754. 

"Henry Montgomery and Martha Cantey were married 18th of 
May [year torn away]. 

"My wife Martha Montgomery departed this life May 20, 1779." 

So it appears that Samuel Cantey's widow married a second time. 
(Note the discrepancy in age!) 

"Charleston P. C, Bk. 1774-78. p. 410. 

^Dr. Burgess' "History of St. Mark's Parish." 

'Records in office of Hist. Commission, Columbia. 

'Drayton's "Memoirs of the Revolution." vi, p. 353. See also S. C. 
Statutes, Vol. IV, pp. 122, 123, and "Historic Camden." 


John Cantey, Jr., to distinguish huii from Capt. John 
Cantey of Pinetree Hill. He died May 15, 1786.' 

Like his father and brother he was prominent in both 
civil and military affairs. In 1762 he was a Road Com- 
missioner;' he was repeatedly a Justice of the Peace ;^ and 
in Dec. 1774, he was a member of the famous Grand Jury 
at Camden, with his brother Samuel.' In Lyttleton's ex- 
pedition of 1759-60 he was adjutant in his brother's com- 
pany ;" in the campaign against the Tories preceding the 
Revolution he was a Major in Col. Richardson's regiment;' 
and during the Revolution he was an active partisan, and 
his home was often Gen. Marion's headquarters. The lat- 
ter gave a ball there the night he heard of Cornwallis' sur- 

Major Cantey was married at least three times. In deeds 
of 1765 and 1766 his wife's name, Margaret, appears;' 
John Connor of Prince Frederick Parish, in his will dated 
Feb. 28, 1777,° refers to his daughter Hannah Cantey and 

'S. C. Gazette, Mav 22, 1786, death notice of "Major John Cantey." 

=S. C. Statutes, Vo'l 9, p. 200; Vol. 4, p. 193. 

'S. C. Gazette, April 24, 1770. Suppl., etc. 

^"Historic Camden." 

'Records in office of Hist. Commission. Columbia. 

'See letter from Col. Richardson to Henry Laurens, President of 
the Council of Safety, Sept. 6, 1775. Salley's "History of Orangeburg 
Co.," p. 432. 

'Johnson's "Traditions of the Revolution." 

"Mem. Bk. 12, p. 59; original deed, July 5, 1766. 

According to tradition this wife, Margaret, was Margaret Richard- 
son, daughter of Col. Richard Richardson ; but there is no other 
evidence in favor of this. It is much more probable that she was a 
daughter of Samuel Little, of St. John's, Berkeley. In the S. C. Gaz., 
Jan. 28, 1766, John Cantey and Samuel Little advertise as administra- 
tors of the estate of Mr. Samuel Little, of St. John's Berkley, doc. 
In the P. C. of Charleston there is an application, Dec. 23, 1763, by 
Samuel and William Little, minors, sons of Samuel Little, of St. 
John's Parish, to have their brother-in-law, John Cantey, of St. Mark's, 
appointed their guardian for property they were entitled to by the 
death of George Ball. (George Ball, who died 1753-4, without children, 
left his property to his wife, Catherine, and his brothers, Samuel and 
William Little; Samuel Little and William Bannister being appointed 
executors.) Further, on Jan. 20, 1775, there was granted a citation 
to Ann Bannister, widow, John Cook, of St. John's Berkley, and 
John Cantey, of St. Mark's, Esq., to administer the estate of William 
Bannister, of St. John's, Berkley, "as ne.xt of Kin." (Josiah Brunson. 
of St. John's (d. 1760), in his will calls Wm. Bannister and James 
McKelvey his brothers.) 

•Charleston P. C, Bk. 1776-84, p. 224. 

John Connor, in this will, refers to "son-in-law, John Cantey's two 
daughters. Martha Cantey and Margaret Cantey," and to the fact that 
his daughter, Hannah Cantey, is then pregnant. 


son-in-law John Cantey; and it is known that his last wife 
was Mrs. Susannah (McDonald) Find, widow of Col 
William Flud (d. 1778, Sept.) 
Issue : So far as is known. 

i Martha Cantey/ '° living in 1777. 

ii Margaret Cantey/ living in 1777. 

50. iii Mary Cantey b. 1780, d. 1863, June 19; m. 1801, 

July, Wade Hampton. 
Last wife. 

51. iv Susan Flud Cantey b. 1786, d • m. 

1804, Dec. 13, John Christopher Schulz. 


Mary Cantey. 

I. 2. 2. 5. 

Mary Cantey, daughter of Capt. Joseph and Mary 
Cantey of St. Marks, was twice married, first, before 1762 * 
to William Jameson^ (d. 1766), son of William and Mar- 
garet Jameson of Ireland; second, in 1767 to Gen. Thomas 
Sumter (b. 1734, Aug. 14, d. 1832, June i). She died in 

The life of Gen. Sumter is too well known to be given 
here. A monument has been recently erected in his honor 
at Statesburg, S. C, the inscription on which is as follows: 

sham'^?Si?iv^ri?s"T''' '''Z^'T'l^'"^ Genealogy of the Haber- 
snam 1 amily, p. 128, et. seq., Martha Cantey, sister of Mrs Hamoton 

^Q'''"'M'''L^'''^°"f r^' °^ Capt. Wm. Ransom Davis (d 1799 Dec' 
e^'oTmVli mt^"'' 'V'^-^'Yr ?l"'dren: i Warren Ransom (b 
?&" fIk 9i'^-T^?-^^v"""'-^^V, ^^'"'■^^^^ Ma"^ (^- 1853, Nov. 13), m 
Vol Vn 'n 1S^q°f" Ewmg Calhoun (see S. C. Hist, and Geneal. Ma^,' 
Vol. VII, p. 155, for their descendants) ; iii Henry, d. young 

In this connection a letter of Gen. Hampton's, of date Dec ^4 1799 

Ja™?sc„^^"chlV,e'rfn l^TuTVyf' ='"" '° "'^ <»-■• ^ary 


West Side. 

This stone marks the grave of one of South 

Carolina's most distinguished citizens, 

One of the founders of the Repubhc. 
Born in Va., Aug. 14, 1734. 
Died June i, 1832. 
South Side. 
Erected by the General Assembly of S. C. 
East Side. 
He came to South Carolina about 1760 
and was in the Indian Service on the 
Frontier for several years before settling 
as a planter in this vicinity. 
Commandant of 6th Regt., S. C. Line, 
Continental Estab., 1776- 1778. 
Brig. Gen. S. C. Militia, 1780- 1782. 
Member of Continental Congress. 1783- 1784. 
Member U. S. Congress, 1789- 1793, 1 797-1 801. 
U. S. Senator, 1801-1810. 
North Side. 
Tanto Nomini Nullium 
Par Elogium. 
For a full biography of Gen. Sumter, see "An Address 
delivered by Henry A. M. Smith at the Unveiling of the 
Monument to General Thomas Sumter, at Statesburgh, S. 
C, August 14, 1907." 
52. i Thomas Sumter. Jr.. b. 1768. Aug. 30, d. 1840, 
June 15; m. 1802. Mar. 20, Natalie de Delage. 
ii Mary Sumter, mentioned in will of uncle, Samuel 
Cantey, May 16, 1771. She died young. 


Joseph Cantey. 

I. 2. 3. 2. 

Joseph Cantey, son of Samuel and Ann Cantey of Prince 
Frederick, was born Jan. 26, 1735, and was baptized June 


i8, 1742, in Prince Frederick Parish. Land grants to him 
are recorded as early as 1759;' and he was apparently a 
prominent citizen of Craven County, for he was repeatedly 
a Justice of the Peace, and in 1767 he was a member of 
the Grand Jury. 

His wife's name was Ann; but his married life was not 
happy, as is seen from the following advertisement in the 
South Carolina Gazette of March 27, 1776: 

"St. Mark's Parish. July 25, 1775, whereas my wife, Ann 
Cantey, has eloped from me sometime past, I hereby warn 
all persons, etc. * * * Joseph Cantey." 

His will was filed in the Probate Court at Camden, Aug. 
16, 1781. 

Issue: (Taken from his will.) 
i Samuel Cantey.' 
ii Joseph Cantey.^ 
iii Martha Cantey, m. before Aug. 1781, Ebenezer 

iv Matthew Cantey. 
53. V Thomas Cantey. [b. 1772, Jan. 26, d. 1809, Sept. 
8; m. Susan Singletary.] 


Harriet Cantey. 

Harriet Cantey, daughter of Charles Cantey of St. 
Stephen's and his first wife, Harriet Drake, married Rich- 
ard Walter' (d. 1784, April), a merchant of Charleston on 
May 2, 1765.' After his death she returned to St. Stephen's 
Parish and lived on her plantations there.' She died in the 

'Charleston M. C. O., F. 3. 558; Y. 3, 189, etc. 

^It is possible that he is the Samuel Cantey, of St. James', Goose 
Creek, Innkeeper, whose wife was Judith, and who made deed of 
gift to his children, May 25, 1804. See Note 10. 

^It is probable that he is the Joseph Cantey who, with wife, 
Isabelle, sells 2,500 acres, on Great Lynche's Creek, Dec, 1791. Cam- 
den P. C, B. 97. 

'Martha Cantey, half-sister of Charles Cantey, had a grandson by 
this name ; possibly they are the same. 

^S. C. Hist. Mag., XI, p. 29. 

*See Dubose's "Reminiscences, etc." 


second half of the year 1792, her will' being written July 
21, an( 
Issue :° 

:i, and proved Nov. 17. ^ QfiCTCro^ 

i Mary Walter, m. 1784, Oct. 7. Peter Sinkler. Jr., 

son of Peter Sinkler and his first wife. Elizabeth 

Mouzon. No issue, 
ii Harriet Walter, m. before 1807, Sims Lequeux. 
iii Martha Walter, m. (i) after 1793, C. G. White, 

(2) 1 80 1, Dec. 6, Samuel Dubose. 
iv Sarah Cantey Walter, m. after 1807, Benjamin 

v Richard Charles Walter, m. Ellen Ford, 
vi John Cantey Walter, m. Magdalen Taylor, 
vii William Drake Walter, b. 1784. 


Elizabeth Cantey. 

Elizabeth Cantey, daughter of Charles Cantey of St. 
Stephen's and his first wife, Harriet Drake, was twice mar- 
ried ; first, in March 1771, Rene Peyre (d. 1773, Dec), son 
of Rene Peyre and Floride Bonneau [see note to 14] ; sec- 
ond, to Peter Sinkler of St. Stephen's, she being his fourth 
wife. She died in Oct. 1783, her will being written Oct. 
19 and proved Nov. i of that year.' 

For an account of the life of Peter Sinkler, see Dubose's 
"Reminiscenses, etc." According to this his previous wives 

were Elizabeth Mouzon Boisseau and Catherine 

Palmer. He was the brother of Capt. James Sinkler, who 
married' in succession two daughters of Charles Cantey, 
and of Dorothy Sinkler, who was the second wife of Col. 
Richard Richardson. His plantation, "Lifeland," had 
belonged previously to Mrs. Alary (Cantey) Jameson, who 
later married Gen. Sumter. 
Issue : First husband. 

^Charleston P. C. B. 701. 

''The names of the hushands and wives are taken from Dubose's 
"Reminiscences, etc." 

'Charleston P. C, Bk. A., p. 222. 


i Floride Bonneau Peyre b. 1772, Feb. 4. d. 1844, 
May 11; m. 1792, May 12. John Peter Richard- 
son, son of Gen. Richard Richardson and his sec- 
ond wife, Dorothy Sinkler. (See 18.) 


Charlotte Cantey. 

I. I. I. 7. 4. 

Charlotte Cantey, daughter of Charles Cantey of St. 
Stephen's and Harriet Drake, his first wife, married Ben- 
jamin Walker, Jr., of St. Stephen's, son of Benjamin 
Walker and Elizabeth Palmer. In her sister's, Mrs. Mary 
Sinkler's, will, she is referred to simply as "Charlotte," 
and provision is made in case she has children. Her hus- 
band's wiir was proved March 24, 1792, and in it he men- 
tions his wife Charlotte and the children named below. 

(It is possible, of course, that they were his children by 
a previous marriage.) 
Issue : 

i Ann Walker, (m. George English of Clarendon, 
according to Dubose.) 

ii Benjamin Walker, ("not 21.") 

iii James Cantey Walker, 


Ann Cantey. 

I. I. I. 7. 5. 

Ann Cantey, daughter of Charles Cantey of St. Steph- 
en's and Harriet Drake, his first wife, married John Drake, 
son of John' and Mary Drake. She was dead in Oct. 1783, 
the date of her sister Elizabeth's will. 
Issue: (Register of St. James' Santee.) 

Charles Drake b. 1765, Aug. 30, d. before 1793. 
Harriet Drake b. 1766, Sept. 26. 
^Charleston P . C. 1792, B. 

^The connection between John Drake and the two wives of Charles 
Cantey is not known. 



iii Charles Cantey Brake' b. 1771, Apr. 12, d. 1794, 
Oct. 27; m. before Mar. 29, 1793, Lois Leqneux. 
iv WilHam Drake b. 1772, July 6, d. before 1793. 

Sarah Cantey. 
I. I. I. 7. 6. 

Sarah Cantey. daughter of Charles Cantey of St. Steph- 
en's and Harriet Drake, his first wife, became the second 
wife of Capt. James Sinkler of "Old Santee," St. Steph- 
en's. (His first wife, according to Dubose, was 

Cahusac, and his third, Margaret Cantey, half-sister of 
Sarah.) She was dead in Oct. 1780, the date of her 
father's death, and her husband died Nov. 20, 1800.' 
(See 35.) 
Issue : 

i Anne Cantey Sinkler, m. 1791, INIay 10, James 
Burchell Richardson, son of Gen. Richard Rich- 
ardson and his second wife, Dorothy Sinkler. 
(See 18.) 

Charles Cantey, Jr., of St. Stephen's. 

I. I. I. 7. 7. 

Charles Cantey, Jr., only son of Charles Cantey of St. 
Stephen's and his second wife, Ann Drake, was born and 
died in St. Stephen's Parish. According to his tomb-stone 
inscription, as copied by the late H. A. DeSaussure, Esq., 
he died Oct. 20, 1789, aged 28 years and 11 months. He 
married Margaret Evance, daughter of Thomas and Mar- 
garet Evance, of St. James' Santee. According to the reg- 
ister of this parish, she was born July 29, 1764; and she 
died between July 12, 1847 ^""^ Mar. 8, 1848, the dates of 
the writing and the proving of her will. (Mr. DeSaus- 

^See deed of "Charles Cantey Drake and wife, Louisa," March 29, 
1793. Charleston M. C. O., M. 8, p. 26, "Only son and heir-at-law 
of his' father, John Drake." 

'See DeSaussure's Reports, Vol. II, p. 128. 


sure's copy of her tomb-stone inscription is "born 29th. 
July, 1765 and died 2d. March, 1847"). 

In Mr. Dubose's "Reminiscences of St. Stephen's," is 
given a charming account of Mrs. Cantey ; her cordial man- 
ners, warm hospitality and kindly sympathy. 
Issue: (According to Dubose.) 

i Margaret Cantey' b. 1787, Jan. 16, d. 1854, Aug. 

7; m. Press McPherson Smith. (No issue. ?) 
ii Ann Susan Cantey,' m. 1804, John Dubose. 

Margaret Cantey. 

Margaret Cantey, daughter of Charles Cantey of St. 
Stephen's and his second wife, Ann Drake, became the 
third wife of Capt. James Sinkler of "Old Santee," St. 
Stephen's Parish, (b. 1740, d. 1800, Nov. 20). [His sec- 
ond wife had been her half-sister Sarah. See 33.] She 
died Dec. 4, 1821. 
Issue: (Family records.) 

i Charles Sinkler b. 1780, d. 18 17, Nov. 20; m. 
181 7, June 17, Elizabeth Peyre, dau. of Francis 
Peyre and Catherine Sinkler. No issue. (See 
note under 14.) 
ii William Sinkler b. 1787, Nov. 2; d. 1853, June 8; 
m. 18 10, Jan. 16, Elizabeth Allen Broun, dau. 
of Archibald and Mary (Deas) Broiin. 

iii Margaret Anna Sinkler b. 1793, Feb. 2, d ; 

m. 181 5, Dec. 17, John Linton Thomson of 
"Belleville," son of Col. Wm. Russell and Eliza- 
beth (Sabb) Thomson, 
iv James Sinkler b. after Feb. 1798, the date of his 
father's will. 

^Dates are from tombstone; date of birth is given in Register of 
St. James', Santee Parish. 

^See "Historic Camden," p. 372. 


Ann Peyre. 

I. I. I. 8. 4. 

Ann Peyre, daughter of Samuel Peyre and Sarah Can- 
tey, was born Mar. 26. 1755, and on Mar. 20, 1777, married 
Thomas Walter, the celebrated botanist. (See Dubose, 
loc. cit.) 
Issue : 

i. Ann Walter, m. 1794, May 29, Thomas Hasell 

Thomas of "Betaw," St. Stephen's Parish, 
ii Mary Peyre Walter b. 1780; m. 1800, Aug. 19, 
Francis Peyre, son of Rene and Hannah (Sim- 
ons) Peyre. (See note under 14.) 


William Cantey. 

I. I. 2. I. I. 

William Cantey, eldest son of Josiah Cantey and Eliza- 
beth Boswood, was born in St. Andrew's Parish, Nov. 6, 
1732. His wife's name was Rebecca. 

In Salley's "History of Orangeburg County," there are 
two references to him and his wife. On Dec. 28, 1754, he 
was sponsor at the baptism of Peter, son of William and 
Sarah Brunson ; and when his own son Josiah was baptized, 
James and Elizabeth Brunson were sponsors. 

It is probable that he is the William Cantey who was a 
Captain in the Revolution, under Gen. Williamson, as ap- 
pears in a Court Martial proceeding, of date June 28, 

He certainly owned large tracts of land on Jack's Creek, 

Camden District, which \vere offered for sale in 1793, after 

his death. 

Issue : So far as is known. 

i Josiah Cantey b. 1760. Jan. 20. He was probably 

the Josiah Cantey who married a Miss Vine and 

was a surveyor in Camden after the Revolution.' 

'S. C. Gaz.. Aug. 13, 1779. 
^'Historic Camden." 


Mary Cantey. 

Mary Cantey, eldest daughter of Capt. John Cantey of 
Camden and Mary McGirt his wife, was "baptized Dec. 2, 
1753, aged 4 years," in Prince Frederick Parish; but the 
date of her death is not known. On Nov. 19, 1769 she 
married Ely Kershaw, (d. 1780, Dec, aged 37.) 

Ely Kershaw' came from Yorkshire to Charleston about 
1750, with his two brothers, Joseph and William. In 1766 
he was granted the land on which CheraAv is no\v located; 
and he and his brother Joseph laid out the town, calling it 
"Chatham," in honor of the elder Pitt. 

He and his brothers became prosperous merchants, hav- 
ing stores in different parts of the State : where Cheraw, 
Camden, Columbia, etc., now are. In 1774 he moved to 
Camden. He was a delegate to the Provincial Congress, 
which met Jan. 11, 1775, and served on its executive com- 
mittee. At the outbreak of the Revolution he joined the 
American cause, was Captain in Col. Wm. Thomson's 
Rangers, and rose to be Lieut. Colonel in 1779. He was 
engaged in many battles and was distinguished for his 
bravery. His sword, engraved with his name and the date 
"1775" is preserved by his descendants. 

He and his brother Joseph were exiled by the British 
after the surrender of Charleston; and he died en route to 
Bermuda, in Dec. 1780. 
Issue: (Family records.) 

John Kershaw b. 1769, Dec. 7, d. 1798, Apr.; unm. 
Ely Kershaw b. 1771, May 3, d. 1804, Mar. 16; 

Rebecca Kershaw b. 1775, June, d. 1802, May 21; 
m. 1793, Mar. 17, Joseph Brevard, son of John 
and Jane (McWhorter) Brevard. 

'"Historic Camden," pp. 109, 110, 123, 203, 381-383. 

Gregg's "Old Cheraws," pp. 104, 236. 

Salley's "History of Orangeburg Co.," pp. 279, 386, 


Sarah Cantey. 
I. I. 2. 3. 2. 

Sarah Cantey, daughter of Capt. John Cantey of Cam- 
den and Mary McGirt, his wife, was born at "Salt Lake" 
Plantation, on the Wateree River, Feb. 15, 1753, and died 
in Camden, Feb. 12, 1786. In the year 1770 she married 
Capt. John Chesnut of ''Knight's Hill." 

In the notice, in the Camden newspaper, of her funeral, 
she is referred to as "the amiable consort of John Chesnut, 
Esq., merchant of this place — her remains were this day 
attended to Knight's Hill, her once favorite retreat, by a 
numerous band of friends and acquaintances, whose un- 
feigned sorrow gave ample testimony that she died as 
sincerely lamented as she had lived respected." A silhou- 
ette of her, made by cutting a profile out of parchment and 
stretching it across a piece of black silk held in a frame is 
in the possession of her descendant, David R. Williams, 
Esq., of Camden. 

John Chesnut. son of James and Margaret Chesnut, was 
born in the Valley of Virginia, June 18, 1743, and was 
brought to South Carolina by his mother and stepfather, 
Jasper Sutton, when he was thirteen years old. He entered 
the Kershaw stores as apprentice, but was a partner by the 
time he was 2^. 

At the time of the Revolution his landed estates were 
very large, and he was a most influential man. He was a 
delegate to the first Provincial Congress of South Carolina, 
which met in Charleston, Jan. 11, 1775 and again on June 
I. He was later elected to the Committee of Continental 
Association. He was appointed "Justice of the Quorum" 
for Orangeburg District in 1775. and Justice of the Peace 
in April 1776. When the war began, he was attached to 
the 3d South Carolina Regiment, commanded by Colonel 
William Thomson, as Paymaster with the rank of Captain. 
After the battle of Purrysburg he resigned, having an at- 
tack of rheumatism which confined him to bed for six 
months. As soon as he recovered, he obtained a command 


in the militia, and served during the Georgia campaign; 
later, at the evacuation of Charleston, 1780, he was taken 
prisoner and paroled to his plantation at Knight's Hill. 

While a prisoner on parole, John Rutledge, the Dictator, 
came to stay all night with him, but on being told " it is 
very unhealthy here, your Excellency," he took the hint 
and fled, thus escaping capture by Tarleton. Lord Rawdon 
then commanded the British forces in Camden, and upon 
the approach of the American army, in August 1780, called 
upon all the inhabitants to take up arms against their 
countrymen. Colonel John Chesnut, among others, re- 
fused; and he was thrown into prison and chained to the 
floor. He bore to his grave the marks of these irons about 
his ankles. 

After the Revolution he took a prominent part in the 
politics of the State. In 1788 he was a member of the 
Convention to frame the Constitution; in 1793 and again 
in 1796 he was elected to the State Senate; and he was 
among the first selection of Trustees for the South Caro- 
lina College then founded. He was an intimate friend of 
General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, of Governor John 
Rutledge and Colonel Wade Hampton; and General Wash- 
ington, in his visit to the South, in 1791, was entertained 
by him in Camden. His portrait, by Gilbert Stuart, is now 
in the possession of his great-great-grandson, David Rog- 
erson Williams, 3d. 

He became a very rich man and lived in great state in 
his different houses. One part of his social life which 
pleased the younger part of the community was a weekly 
ball and supper. He often travelled with coach and four 
to Charleston or Columbia in the winter; and rarely missed 
a visit to Virginia and Philadelphia or New York in the 
summer. He was well educated ; and had a fine library. 

On April i, 1813, he died, and was buried beside his wife 
in the family burying ground at Knight's Hill. 
Issue : 

i Mary Chesnut b. 1771, Jan. 21, d. 1843. Jan ; 

m. 1789, Duncan McRae, whose first wife was 
Sarah Powell. (See 44.) 


ii James Chesnut b. 1773. Feb. 19. d. 1866. Feb. 17; 

m. 1796, Sept. 20, Mary Cox, daughter of Col. 

John Cox, of Philadelphia, 
iii Sarah Cantey Chesnut b. 1774, Dec. 12. d. 1851, 

June ; m. 1793, Mar. 17. John Taylor, later 

Governor of South Carolina. (See S. C. Hist. 

Mag.. Vol. Vin.) 
iv Harriet Chesnut b. 1776, Dec. 19, d. 1831, Sept. 

7 ; unm. 
V Rebecca Chesnut b. 1779, June 8. d. 1779. Nov. 6. 
vi John Chesnut b. 1783. Jan. 3. d. 1799, Aug. 15. 
vii Margaret Rebecca Chesnut b. 1786. Jan. 24, d 

Nov. 3; m. 1808. Jan. 21, James Sutherland Deas, 

son of John and Elizabeth (Allen) Deas. 


Capt. James Cantey of Camden. 
I. I. 2. 3. 3. 

James Cantey, eldest son of Capt. John Cantey of Cam- 
den and Mary McGirt, his wife, was born in Camden Dis- 
trict, S. C and died near Milledgeville. Ga., "Oct. 9, 181 7, 
aged 62.'' His wife was Martha Whitaker (d. 1806, May 
9), daughter of James Whitaker of Camden. 

He was a Lieutenant under Col. Richardson, in the 
Snow Campaign of Nov. 1775; and was also Lieutenant 
in Col. Thomson's regiment of Rangers in the Continental 
army, but resigned Mar. 26, 1778.' He again, however, 
took service with the State militia, rose to the rank of 
Captain and was in command of an outpost on Sullivan's 
Island at the time of the surrender of Charleston.' Re- 
turning to Camden, it is said he guided Col. Washington 
to Rugeley's Fort. After the Revolution he was offered 
many offices but would accept no other than that of Captain 
of militia. In 1798 he sold his land at Camden, and moved 
to the neighborhood of Milledgeville, Ga., where he died. 
Issue : ( Family records. ) 

'Sallcv's "Historv of Orangeburg Co.." also S. C. Hist. Mag., 

VIII. 79; 

'"Historic Camden," also Charleston Year Rook, 1897. p. 400. 


i John Cantey b. 1786, Mar. 11, d. 1854. June 28; 
m. Emma Susanna Richardson, dau. of John 
Peter and Floride Bonneau (Peyre) Richardson. 
See 18. 

ii Zachariah Cantey b. 1787, Dec. 10. d. in youth. 

iii Mary Cantey b. 1790, Jan. 25; m. WilHam Whit- 
aker, son of Hudson Whitaker. 

iv Sarah Catherine Cantey b. 1792, Apr. 10, d. 1877; 
m. Col. Henry Crowell, son of Samuel and Tabi- 
tha (Bradford) Crowell. 

V James Willis Cantey b. 1794. Nov. 30, d. i860, 
Aug. 20, m. 1822, Mar. 26. Camilla Floride 
Richardson, dau. of John Peter and Floride Bon- 
neau (Peyre) Richardson. See 18. 


Gen. Zachariah Cantey of Camden. 

I. I. 2. 3. 4. 

Zachariah Cantey, son of Capt. John Cantey of Camden 
and Mary McGirt, his wife, was born in Camden District 
in 1759 and died there Sept. 8, 1822. His wife was Sarah 
Boykin (d. 1821), daughter of Capt. Samuel and Eliza- 
beth (Inman) Boykin of Camden. 

He was one of the Camden militia who surrendered and 
were paroled at Charleston in 1780. But later he returned 
to service and was Quartermaster under Gen. Greene. He 
felt justified in breaking his parole because, on refusing to 
guide Major Cochrane of Tarleton's regiment in his pur- 
suit of Col Buford, he was turned out of his house and 
severely persecuted. In ''Historic Camden" many stories 
are told of his skill and bravery. 

After the Revolution he engaged in a most successful 
mercantile and milling business with Duncan McRae in 
Camden. In 1804 he was elected State Senator; in 1805 
he was appointed a trustee of the South Carolina College; 
and he was General of militia for many years. 
Issue: (Family records.) 

i Samuel Boykin Cantey (Lieut. U. S. A.), d. 18 13, 


Sept. 1 1 ; killed in a duel on Sullivan's Island ; 
lea\-ing no issue. 

ii Zachariah Cantey d. soon after he was grown, leav- 
ing no issue. 

iii Henry T. Cantey (Capt. ) d. 1831, Feb. 21, aged 
26. leaving no issue. 

iv Elizabeth Boykin Cantey. m. Charles Edwards, no 

V. Edward Cantey d. 1822. Sept. 2, unm. 

vi Sarah Cantey b. 1813. Dec. 19. d. 1835, Mar. 23; 
m. 1830, Feb. 14. Philip Augustus Stockton, son 
of Lucius Witham and Eliza Augusta (Coxe) 
Stockton, of Princeton, N. J. 


Colonel Richard Richardson, Jr. 

I. I. 2. 4. I. 

Richard Richardson, Jr., eldest son of Gen Richard 
Richardson and Mary Cantey, was born in Prince Frederick 
Parish, Mar. 4, 1741, and he died in 1818. In 1761 he 
married Dorcas Nelson (b. 1741. d. 1834). daughter of 

Capt. John Nelson and Brunson. (An account 

of her life is given in Mrs. Ellett's "Women of the Revo- 
lution, vol. I, p. 263.) 

In Lyttleton's campaign against the Cherokees of 1759- 
60, he was a Lieutenant in Capt. Samuel Cantey's com- 
pany ;' and later, like his father, he was prominent in the 
Revolution. He was in the Snow campaign of 1775, being 
Captain of Militia; and in 1776 he was commissioned Cap- 
tain in the 2d Regiment, under Col. Sumter. He became 
Major, was taken prisoner at Charleston and paroled ; re- 
turning to service he joined Gen. Marion, and at the battle 
of Eutaw Springs, he. now a Colonel, commanded the right 
of Marion's Brigade.' 

^Records in office of the Historical Commission, Columbia. 
^DeSaussure's "Names of Officers, etc." 
Johnson's "Traditions of the Revolution." 


In 1776 he had been, hke his father, one of the committee 
to carry into effect the Continental Association; he was a 
representative to the Jacksonboro Assembly of Jan. 1782; 
and a member of the House of Representatives in Mar. 

Issue : Order of birth not known. 

i Martha Richardson, m. John James, Jr. 

ii Richard Richardson, 3d., d. unm. 

iii Mary Richardson b. 1763, Nov. 10. d. 1803, Nov.; 

m. 1787. Oct. 9. William Billups, son of Robert 

and Anne (Ransom?) Billups. 

iv Dorcas Richardson, m Dow. 

v Susannah Richardson b. 1789, d. 1824; m. Dr. 

John Boyd of Clarendon County, 
vi Harriet Richardson. 
Four others died young. 


Martha Richardson. 

I. I. 2. 4. 2. 

Martha Richardson, daughter of Gen. Richard Richard- 
son and Mary Cantey. married Col. Archibald McDonald, 
of Revolutionary fame. In his will, dated Mar. 29. 1785 
he mentions the children named below. 
Issue : Order of birth not known. 

i Susannah McDonald b. 1768. Oct. 3. d. 1843, May 
16; m. (i) Adam Connor, Sr., (2) 1795, May 14, 
Joseph Cantey. (See 49.) 
ii Martha McDonald, m. before 1793. Matthew 
Singleton Moore, son of Isham and Ann (Single- 
ton) Moore, 
iii William McDonald b. 1773, Mar., d. 1818, Oct. 
15; m. (i) Mary Martha Couturier of "Tower's 
Hill," (2) Mrs. Emily Louisa (Kirk) Dwight, 
iv Mary Margaret McDonald. 

"'Historic Camden," pp. 109, 286. 



Rebecca Richardson. 

I. I. 2. 4. 3. 

Rebecca Richardson, daughter of Gen. Richard Richard- 
son and Mary Cantey, was born in South CaroHna, Nov. 
2, 1752, and died in Philadelphia, May 12, 1834. She was 

twice married; first, at the age of sixteen, to 

Cooper; second, in 1774, to John Singleton of "Midway" 
(b. 1754, Sept. I, d. 1820, Dec. 5), son of Col. Matthew 
and Mary (James) Singleton, and Lieutenant in his father's 
company of horse in the campaign of 1775, under Col. 
Richard Richardson. 
Issue : Family records. 

John Peter Singleton b. 1775, Mar. 5, d. unm. 
Richard Singleton b. 1776, Nov. 5, d. 1852, Nov. 
26; m. (i) 1802. May 27, Charlotte Videau 
Ashby, dau. of Anthony and Charlotte (Marion) 
Ashby, (2) 18 1 2, Feb. 3, Rebecca Travis Coles of 
iii Harriet Richardson Singleton b. 1779, Mar. 13, d. 
18 1 7, June 2 ; m. ( i ) 1804, May 4, Robert Broiin, 
son of Archibald and Mary (Deas) Broiin, (2) 
1813, Jan. II, John Russell Spann. 
iv Matthew R. Singleton, b. 1783, Julv 16, d 1793, 

Oct. I. 
V Mary Martha Singleton, b. 1785, June 5, d. 1863, 
Dec; m. 1812. Jan. 10, Powell McRae, son of 
Duncan and Sarah (Powell) McRae. 


Capt. Edward Richardson. 

I. I. 2. 4. 5. 

Edward Richardson, son of Gen. Richard Richardson 
and Mary Cantey, died June 26, 1808. On Mar. 8, 1776, 
he married Rachel Heatly (b. 1758, Aug. 24, d. 1820, Sept. 
7), daughter of Col. William and Mary Elizabeth (Cour- 
tonne) Heatly, of St. Matthew's Parish. 


He served in the Revolution, being appointed Captain of 
Thomson's Rangers, June i8, 1775, and resigning Jan. 30, 
1776, and then holding office with the militia/ After the 
surrender of Charleston, he was for a while on parole, but 
soon returned to service with Gen. Marion. 
Issue: (Family records). 

i Edward Richardson (Col.), b. 1780, Apr. 22, d. 

1840, Aug. 31; m. Mary Elizabeth Turquand. 

(d. 1848, Dec. 10) dau. of Rev. Paul Turquand. 

No issue. 

ii Charlotte Richardson b. 1784, Sept. 29; m. 1802, 

Turner Stark. No issue, 
iii Eliza Richardson b. 1789, Jan. 26, d. 18 16, Oct. 

16; m Willett. No issue. 

iv William Heatley Richardson b. 1794, Aug. 14, d. 

1797, Aug. 3. 
V Mary Rebecca Richardson b. 1797, Nov. 17, d. 
aged 31; m. (i) Richard M. Bee of Charleston, 
(2) after 1817. John T. McCord. 


Susannah Richardson. 

I. I. 2. 4. 6. 

Susannah Richardson, daughter of Gen. Richard Rich- 
ardson and Mary Cantey, became the wife of Col. 
Laurence Manning (d 1804). He was an Irishman and 
came to South Carolina from Virginia as Lieutenant in 
"Lee's Legion." He was distinguished in many battles and 
by many acts of personal bravery. His exploit of using a 
British officer as a shield for himself at the battle of Eutaw 
is the subject of a painting in the State House at Columbia. 

On the organization of the State militia, after the Revo- 
lution, he was appointed Adjutant General, and he held 
the office till his death. He also served the State in its 
Issue: Order of birth not known. 

i Richard Irving Manning b. 1789, May i, d. 1836, 

'Salley's "History of Orangeburg Co.," pp. 279, 386. 388. 


May I ; m. 1814, Elizabeth Peyre Richardson, 
dau. of John Peter and Floride Bonneau (Peyre) 
Richardson. See 18. 

ii Martha Manning, m. Jeptha Dyson. 

iii Laurence Manning, ni. Martha Ashley. 

iv Matilda Manning d. unm. 


James Cantey. 

James Cantey, son of James Cantey of Georgia and Mar- 
garet Anderson, was born in Liberty County, Ga., and died 
there in the year 1799. His wife was Elizabeth Blandford 
Inglesby, daughter of William and Mary (Blandford) 
Liglesby. (After his death she married Joshua Hargreaves, 
a merchant of Charleston, Jan. 10, 1801.)' 

His wiir was dated Aug. 15, 1799, and in it he mentions 
his wife, his father-in-law, his only child, William, his 
grandfather, James Cantey, his grandmother, Elizabeth and 
her second marriage with Philip Williams, and his grand- 
father David Anderson. He is buried in the Churchyard 
of the First Baptist Church, Charleston, together with his 
Issue : 

i William Cantey. 

Christiana Cantey. 

Christiana Cantey, daughter of Major Samuel Cantey of 
St. Marks, was twice married ; first to Francis Lesesne, sec- 
ond to Isaac Connor. (See Burgess' "History of St. Mark's 
Issue : First husband. 

'S. C. Gaz., Jan. 12, 1801. "Salley's Marriages." 
'Records of P. C, Liberty Co., Ga. 


i Mary Ann Lesesne b. 1787, Feb. 28, d. 18 14. Oct. 
25; m. James H. Montgomery. 


Joseph Cantey. 

I. 2. 2. I. 3. 

Joseph Cantey, son of Major Samuel Cantey of St. 
Mark's and his second wife, Martha Brown, was born Nov. 
27, 1765. and died Sept. 6, 1834. He was twice married: 
first, Feb. 5, 1784. to Ann Connor (d. 1794, Apr. 13) ; sec- 
ond. May 14, 1795, to Mrs. Susannah (McDonald) Con- 
nor (b. 1768, Oct. 3, d. 1843, May 16), widow^ of Adam 
Connor, Sr. 

According to Dr. Burgess' "History of St. Mark's Parish" 
he was one of its most influential citizens. The records 
below are taken from the family Bible. 
Issue : First wife. 

i Samuel Cantey b. 1784, Nov. 4, d. 1855, Sept. 2, 

ii John Cantey b. 1786, Sept. 27, d. 181 2, Oct. 14. 
iii Christiana Hannah Cantey b. 1788, Nov. 22, d. 

1792, Sept. 26. 
iv Joseph Francis Cantey b. 1790. Sept. 8, d. 18 18, 
Aug. 30; m. Susannah Elizabeth Singleton, dau. 
of Thomas Day and Mary Magdalen (Blanch- 
ard) Singleton, Sr. 
V Archibald Cantey b. 1792, May 14, d. 1824, Nov. 

23, unm. 
vi Isaac Cantey b. 1794, Mar. 16, d. 1794, Oct. 19. 
Second wife. 

vii Thomas Sumter Cantey b. 1796, Apr. 2, d. 1819, 

May II, unm. 
viii Mary Evelinah Cantey b. 1798, Apr. 15, d. 1798, 

Sept. 17. 
ix William James Ransom Cantey b. 1805, Jan. 11, 
d. 1845, Nov. 30; m. 1825. Feb. 3, Mary Ann 
Eliza Bennett, dau. of Samuel and Ann (Sutton) 


Mary Cantey. 

I. 2. 2. 4. I. 

Mary Cantey, eldest daughter of Major John Cantey of 
St. Mark's, was born in the year 1780 and died June 19, 
1863. On July 18, 1 80 1 she married Gen. Wade Hampton 
(d. 1835. Feb. 4, aged 83), son of Anthony Hampton. 
[He had been married twice before, first, to Mrs. Epps 
Howell; second, on Aug. 14, 1786, to Harriet Flud (d. 
1794, Oct. 31), daughter of Col William and Susanna 
(McDonald) Flud of Santee.] 

There is a tradition that Wade Hampton taught school, 
when a young man, on the Tyger River, Spartanburg Dis- 
trict. At the beginning of the Revolution it is said that 
he was uncertain as to which side it was his duty to join ; 
but he soon chose the American. His military services are 
too well known to be described; but it may be w^ell to en- 
umerate the offices he held. During the Revolution he was 
1st Lieut.. Capt., Lt. Colonel, and at one time Paymaster 
of the 6th Continental Regiment; he was commissioned Lt. 
Colonel, Oct. 10, 1808; Brigadier General Feb. 15. 1809; 
and Major General, Mar. 2, 1813. He resigned April 6, 
18 1 4. In 18 1 3 he was in command of the army on Lake 
Champlain ; but his refusal to cooperate with Gen. Wilkin- 
son caused the failure of the attack on Montreal. 

After his resignation he passed his life on his plantation 
in Richland District. He was reported to be the w^ealthiest 
planter in the United States and to have owned 3,000 
Issue: (Copied in the main from tomb-stones.) 

i Harriet Hampton d. 1826, Oct. 2, aged 23; unm. 

ii Louisa Wade Hampton d. 1827, Aug. 15, aged 22, 

iii Caroline Martha Hampton b. 1807, Sept. 12, d. 
1883, Dec. 12; m. Gen. John S. Preston of Vir- 


iv Mary Sumter Hampton d. 1832, May 17, aged 21; 
m. Thomas T. Player. No issue. 

V Alfred Hampton d. 1826. Oct. 29, aged 10. 

vi Susan Frances Hampton b. 1816, Feb. 14, d. 1845, 
Oct. 29; m. 1838, April 11, Gov. John Laurence 
Manning, son of Richard Irvine and Elizabeth 
Peyre (Richardson) Manning. See 46. 


Susan Flud Cantey. 

I. 2. 2. 4. 3. 

Susan Flud Cantey, daughter of Major John Cantey of 
St. Mark's and Susannah McDonald, his wife, was born 
in 1786, and on Dec. 13, 1804, married John Christopher 
Schulz (d. 1833) of Pendleton, but at that time a merchant 
of Columbia. 
Issue : 

i Maria Boyd Schulz. 

ii Wade Hampton Schulz, m. Rosa Boyle. 

iii John Schulz, m. Mary H. Boone. 

iv Susan Schulz. 

V Mary Schulz. 

vi Anne Schulz, m. Dr. Thomas L. Burden, 
vii Frederick Schulz. 

viii Henry Schulz, m Warley. 

ix Harriet Hampton Schulz, m. Dr. Daniel Flud, 
son of Daniel and Mary (Stanyarne) Flud. 

Thomas Sumter, Jr. 
I. 2. 2. 5. I. 

Thomas Sumter, Jr., son of Gen. Thomas Sumter and 
Mary Cantey, his wife, was born in Stateburg, Aug. 30, 
1768. and died there June 15, 1840. 

He entered diplomatic life in 1800, being appointed by 
President Jefferson secretary to Mr. Livingston, Minister 
to France. On the passage from New York to France he 


met Mile. Natalie de Delage de Volude (b. 1782, Oct. 28, 
d. 1841. Aug. 10). who had been sent to America by her 
parents at the time of the French Revolution and was now 
returning under Mr. Livingston's care. They were mar- 
ried Mar. 20, 1802, and returned to America in 1804. He 
was elected Lieut. Governor of South Carolina, and lived 
on his plantations near Stateburg, until 1808, when he was 
appointed Alinister to Brazil. After serving there for 
some years, he returned to South Carolina, where he lived 
till his death. 

Mile. Natalie de Delage was the daughter of Comte 
Louis Jean de Delage and Etienette d'Amblimont. The 
latter was the daughter of the ]\Iarquis d'Amblimont of 
the French navy, and was the dame d'honneur of the un- 
fortunate Princesse de Lamballe. During the French Rev- 
olution the Marquise de Delage was at Bordeaux with her 
three children ; and, in making arrangements for escape she 
found it necessary to entrust her daughter Natalie to a 
friend who was also fleeing. The latter with her own child 
and Natalie succeeding in reaching New York. The Mar- 
quise and her two children, after leaving France, were 
captured by a privateer, and this in turn by an English 
man-of-war, which landed the fugitives in Spain, where 
they were welcomed. The protector of Natalie, on reach- 
ing New York, opened a school for young ladies, and 
Natalie remained as one of her family. Attending this 
school were Theodosia Burr, the daughter of Chancellor 
Livingston and others. After some years the Marquise de 
Delage thought it was safe to have her daughter return to 
France, and she came, under the protection of Mr. Liv- 
Issue : 

i Annette Marie Natalie Sumter b. in Paris 1803. 
Jan. 2. d. 1853, Oct. ; m. Comte Joseph de Fonte- 
nay of Autun. 

ii Stephanie Beatrix Sumter b. 1805. ]Mar. 26. d. 
1864. July; m. 1825, Guiseppe Binda. 

iii Marie Thomasa Sumter b. 1806, Nov. 24, d. 1828, 
July 17, in Paris; unm. 



iv Paul Thomas Delage Sumter b. 1809, Nov. 14, d. 
1874, July 2; umn. 

V Pauline Bresilia Sumter b. 1813, Mar. i, d. 1889, 
Nov. 29; m. 1833, May 8, John W. Brownfield, 
son of Dr. Robert and Susan (Heriot) Brown- 

vi Francis Brasilimo Sumter b. 1815, May 13, d. 
1864, July 31; unm. (Capt. Palmetto Regiment, 
Mexican War.) 

vii Sebastian d'Amblimont Sumter, b. 1820, Sept. 8, 
d. 1909, Apr.; m. (i) Mary Butler Waties, dau. 
of Dr. Thomas and Maria (Rutledge) Waties; 
(2) 1864, Emma Bradley. 


Thomas Cantey. 

I. 2. 3. 2. 5. 

Thomas Cantey, son of Joseph and Ann Cantey, was born 
in Camden District, Jan. 26, 1772, and died in St. George's 
Parish, Sept. 8. 1809. He married Susan Singletary, who, 
"with six small children" survived him.' 

Issue : Only one whose name is known. 

i Thomas Singletary Cantey, m. 1820, Jan. 31, Ann 
Kenna Harborn. 


1. ^ Charles Cantey, Jr., and Mary, his wife, of St. 
John's Berkley, sell 100 acres, on Jan. 24, 1771, to Joseph 
Cantey (son of Samuel and Ann Cantey. See 28). The 
witnesses were William and Josiah Neilson. This land 
was granted Charles Cantey, June 15, 1765, and was adja- 
cent to land owned by Joseph Cantey. (Charleston M C 
0.,Z, 3, 774.) 

It is probable that this Charles Cantey was a younger 
son of Samuel and Ann Cantey, born after June 18, 1742, 
the date of the baptism of two of their children. (See 10.) 

2. A Charles Cantey is noted in the Census of 1790, as 
'City Gazette, Sept. 19, 1809. " 


living in Clarendon County, having a family of 2 males 
over 16 years of age, 2 males under 16, and i female, but 
no slaves. 

3. A Charles Cantey received a grant of 266 acres in 
the Santee Swamp, Clarendon County, May 13, 1820. 

4. A Charles Cantey was commissioned ist Lieut., U. 
S. A., Aug. 3, 1813, and honorably discharged June 15, 
1815. (U. S. Army Records.) 

5. A Charles Cantey received a grant of 1,000 acres in 
Granville County, in the fork of Savannah and Rocky 
River, June 29, 1772. (Memorial Book 11, p. 279.) 

6. James Cantey, a house carpenter of Charleston, died, 
and his estate, "not exceeding £10," was administered by 
Mrs. Ann Cantey, his widow, to whom letters were given 
April 9, 1795. Charleston P. C, 1789-91, p. 237. (He 
may have been a son of William, son of Samuel. See 10.) 

7. Rebecca Cantey, born in Charleston, died in that 
city, Mar. 4, 1822, of old age, aged 80, and was buried in 
the Circular Church Yard. (Records of Health Office.) 

8. Ann Cantey, born in Charleston, died in that city, of 
old age, May 21, 1827, aged 82, and was buried in the 
Circular Church Yard. (Records of Health Office.) 
Query: Was she the widow of James Cantey, mentioned 
in note 6? 

9. Elizabeth Cantey married Abijah Russ on Apr. 6, 
1758. (Register of St. Thomas and St. Dennis Parish.) 
She may have been a daughter of Samuel and Ann Cantey. 
[An Abijah Russ was born in this Parish, Oct. 15, 1736; 
and the inventory of one of this name was filed June 13, 
1774, Joseph Cantey being an appraiser, St. Mark's Parish.] 

10. In the deed of gift of Samuel Cantey of St. James' 
Goose Creek, referred to in note under 28, he mentions the 
following children: Ann, wife of Robert Hamilton, Jr., 
of Kingstree; Martha, Mary B., Samuel and Robert W. 
His wife Judith had died before 1804 and after 1795. 
(Charleston M. C. O., X. 7, 100, and W. 7, 442.) 

11. Josias Cantey receives a grant of 450 acres in St. 
Mark's Parish, Dec. 20, 1774; Mem. Bk. 13, p. 159. 

12. Philip Cantey, who died Sept. 29, 1794, according 


to the record in the Family Bible of Major Samuel Cantey, 
was evidently closely connected with the family of Capt. 
Joseph Cantey of St. Mark's. He witnessed various deeds 
for members of the family in 1774, 1777, 1783 and 1792. 
He was in the militia at the siege of Charleston, previous 
to the surrender of 1780, as he signed one of the petitions. 
(Charleston Year Book, 1897, p. 400.) He was probably 
a son of William, son of Capt. James. 

13. From a conveyance under a court judgment, dated 
Aug. 31, 1783, it seems that John Webb and Mary Cantey 
were the executers of Col. Wm. Fludd (d. 1778). This 
is probably a mistake, as subsequent court papers show that 
his wife, Susannah, who later married Major John Cantey, 
was executor with John Webb. (Charleston M. C. O., B. 
8, 5; W. 7, 46 and 316. 

14. Mrs. Lydia Ford, exec, of will of her husband, 
Anthony Ford, late of Etheringham County, Ga., (will 

dated Mar. 20, 1790), married Cantey, before 

May 23, 1794, on which date a dedimus is issued to her, 
as "Lydia Cantey," to administer her former husband's 
estate. (Charleston P. C.) 

15. Mary Cantey was witness to the will of Charles 
Diston, Mar. 28, 1725, who married Martha Cantey, dau. 
of Capt. John Cantey of Goose Creek. She proved the will 
Apr. 26. 1 73 1, calling herself "Mrs. Mary Cantey." 
(Charleston P. C. 1729-31, 420.) Query: Could this be 
Mary, the wife of Capt. Joseph? 

16. Mrs. Mary Cantey, wife of Charles Cantey of St. 
Stephen's; death notice, Gazette, Dec. 25, 1770. 

17. William Neilson, of St. Matthew's Parish, in his 
will, Nov. 14. 1 77 1, names three sisters, Elizabeth Houze, 
Mary Cantey. Susanna Little. See Note i. (Charleston 

P. c, 1771-74, III-) 

18. Elizabeth Cantey was witness to the will of George 
Neilson of Prince Frederick Parish, Sept. 15, 1742. [There 
is some evidence for believing her to have been his sister, 
and the younger dau. of Matthew Neilson.] (Charleston 
P. C, 1740-47, III.) Query: Was she the wife of 
William Cantey, 16? 

19. Mary Davis of St. Mark's, in her will, Sept. 3, 
1772, names her dau. Dorothy Cantey. (Charleston P. C.) 

ft 5^^