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v«*i j«j^T-e^«- 


Batbatli BollEst libtarj 

t7,<i. S 






Edited by 

Edward Stetson gjiiffing, I '89 

Compiled by a Staff of Assistant Editors 


Issued in the 

Sixty-Fourth Year of the Fraternity 



^^X.:J:^-: !J^.^ 

DEC 19 19i1 


Prraa af 

Chapplb Pubusbino Compant, Limited 

boston. ifassachusesttb 


The official letter of the President of the Grand Lodge, No. 7, dated 
June 1, 1907, instructed the Charges to establish card indexes, bring the 
information about their graduates up to date and prepare for a new 

The Editor of the Sixth Catalogue was appointed by Edward John 
Cook, E '95, P. G. L., on March 31, 1908. On April 19, 1910, the Grand 
Lodge instructed the Editor to proceed with the preparation of the Cata- 
logue based upon the information furnished by the staff of Assistant 
Editors. On May 27, 1911, the Grand Lodge instructed the Editor to 
publish the catalogue. Proof was submitted to the Assistant Editors 
during August, 1911, for their revision to date, and corrections were 
received and entered until September 19th, so that all the information 
contained in this catalogue is not only absolutely correct in accordance 
with the records of each Charge, as reported by the Assistant Editors, 
but is up to date as well. 

In presenting the Sixth Catalogue of B A X, the Editor wishes to 
express his deep appreciation of the assistance of Frederic Carter, E^ '90, 
Custodian of Archives and Editor of the Fifth Catalogue, whose help and 
fund of fraternity information was of the greatest value; to Robert Stephen 
Emerson, Z '98 and James Currie Hallock, A '91, for their assistance with 
the clerical details; and to each of the Assistant Editors who furnished 
the information about the fraters in their various Charges. 

Fraternally submitted in the eternal bonds of 6 AX, 

I '89. 

New York City, September, 1911. 


A Frederic Carter, E^ '90 

r Frederic Carter, E^ *90 

A James C. Hallock, A '91 

E Arthur D. Wright, E '04 

Z Robert S. Emerson, Z '97 

H Sumner Edwards, H '10 

e William R. McKim, 9 '94 

I Lionel E. Drew, I '11 

K Guy Hamilton, K '10 

A Everett J. Beede, A '05 

M^ Laurence W. Babbage, M^ '11 

N^ A. Ellis Hunt, N^ '11 

O Edward Van Winkle, P^ '00 

n Frederic Carter, E^ '90 

P Arthur D. Wright, E '04 

S Edward E. Fessenden, K '10 

T Arthur D. Wright, E '04 

T Edward Van Winkle, P^ '00 

* George K. Day, * '12 

X^ Frederick W. Albert, XA '05 

B John B. Wood, B '13 

r^ RichardW.Hickman,Jr.,rA'll 

AA Leonard W. Buck, A^ '13 

EA Harley W. Russ, EA '00 

Z^ Wilfrid Bovey, Z^ '03 

H^ Stewart A. Bostwick, H^ '12 

e^ PhiUp Schmitt, Jr., e^ '13 

I^ Brainerd Mears, I^ '03 

KA Clark W. Bullard, K^ '09 

M Arthur D. Wright, E '04 

N Arthur D. Wright, E '04 

S Gardner A. McWhorter, S '13 

O^ Sturgis Pishon, O^ '10 

n^ George W. Fischer, U^ '12 

P^ Miguel E. de Aguero, Jr.,PA '12 

2^ Clement A. Rossbach, S^ '11 

T^ George B. Webster, T^ '01 

T^ Arthur D. Wright, E '04 

X Ernest F. Barker, X '08 

V Howard S. Brast«d, V '10 



Introductory 3 

Assistant Editors 4 

Table of Contents 5 

Explanatory 6 

Active Charges 7 

Inactive Charges 8 

Associations 9 

Grand Lodges 11 

Conventions 19 

Shields 23 

Catalogues 26 

Number of Praters 27 

Distribution of Praters 28 

Number of Praters by Charges 29 

Relationship Record Holders 30 

Pounders 31 


Paoe Paob 

A 33 M 167 

Bn 38 MA 169 

B 39 N 177 

r 49 NA 179 

r^ 51 E 185 

A 57 O 195 

A^ 65 QA 197 

E 69 n 213 

E^ 75 n^ 217 

Z 79 P 223 

Z^ 91 P^ 225 

H 95 2 233 

H^ 107 S^ 239 

e Ill T 245 

e^ 117 TA 247 

I 121 Y 253 

lA 131 YA 255 

K 137 * 257 

K^ 149 X 267 

A9 153 XA 275 

Boston Graduate 155 V 281 

A 157 Q 289 

Geographical Distribution 301 

Alphabetical List 393 


Bold-face type denotes that the frater is living. 

Light-face type denotes that the frater has passed into the Q Charge. 
Italics denote that the frater has affiliated with another Charge. 
(Aff.) denotes that the frater is a member of the Charge by affiliation. 
Affiliated fraters are reported in the Charge of their last affiliation. 


B Cornell University 1870 

r^ University of Michigan 1889 

A^ .^ . . .University of California 1000 

E College of Williain and Mary 1853 

Z Brown University 1853 

Z^ McGill University 1901 

H Bowdoin College 1854 

H^ Stanford University 1903 

B^ Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . 1890 

I Harvard University 1856 

P WiUiams CoUege 1891 

K Tufts College 1856 

KA University of Illinois , 1908 

A Boston University 1877 

M^ Amherst College 1885 

N University of Virginia 1857 

N^ Lehigh University 1884 

S Hobart College 1857 

O^ Dartmouth College 1869 

n^ College of the City of New York 1881 

P^ ] Columbia University 1883 

2^ University of Wisconsin 1895 

T^ University of Minnesota 1892 

* Lafayette College 1867 

X University of Rochester 1867 

X^ George Washington University 1896 

y Hamilton College 1868 


A Union CoUcge *1848 

r University of Vermont 1852 

A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1853 

E^ Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University 1887 

© Kenyon College . ! 1854 

M University of North Carolina 1857 

O Wesleyan University 1857 

n Washington and Jefferson College 1858 

P Washington and Lee University 1869 

S Dickinson College 1861 

T Princeton College 1863 

T University of Lewisburg 1865 

T^ Wabash CoUege 1879 

""See statement under Alpha. 




Association of 6 A X 1897 

e A X Press 1907 

Founders Corporation of A X 1911 


New York Graduate Association New Yoric City 

New England Association Boston, Mass. 

Central Graduate Association Chicago, 111. 

Buffalo Graduate Association Buffalo, N. Y. 

Graduate Qub of e A X New York City 

Rhode Island Alumni Association of B A X Providence, R. I. 

Minnesota Association Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rochester Graduate Association of S A X Rochester, N. Y. 

Graduate Association of 6 A X of Western Pennsylvania 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Central New York Graduate Association of 6 A X . . Syracuse, N. Y 

Eastern Maine Association Bangor, Me. 

Kansas City Graduate Association of S A X Kansas City, Mo. 

The eAX Montreal, P. Q. 

SAX Corporation of Rhode Island Providence, R. I. 

Connecticut Association of O A X Hartford, Conn. 

Central Illinois Association of A X Springfield, 111. 

California Graduate Association of 6 A X San Francisco, Cal. 

Northwestern Graduate Association of 6 A X Seattle, Wash 

Boston Club of 6 A X Boston, Mass. 

Cleveland Alumni Association of 6 A X Cleveland, Ohio 

Washington Graduate Association of 6 A X Washington, D. C 

Columbia River Association of 6 A X Portland, Ore. 

A X Association of the State of Virginia Richmond, Va. 



Thedelchian New York City, 1908 




B Corporation Ithaca, N. Y. 

r^ Association of © A X Ann Arbor, Mich., 1889 

E Alumni Association Williamsburg, Va., 1904 

Thirty Six Club New York aty, 1903 

Z Alunmi Association . . . (See Rhode Island Alumni Association of 6 A X) 

Z^ Alumni Association ^ . . Montreal, P. Q., 1902 

H Chapter House Corporation Brunswick, Me., 1901 

H^ Alumni Association Palo Alto, Cal., 1905 

I Graduate Association Cambridge, Mass., 1902 

B A X Association of Williams College Williamstown, Mass., 1906 

K Charge of 9 A X Fraternity Corporation. .Tufts College, Mass., 1883 

Trustees Semi-Centennial Fund Tufts College, Mass., 1906 

9 A X Building Association Champaign, 111., 1908 

A Graduate Association Boston, Mass., 1899 

New York Association A Alumni New York City, 

M^ Association of B A X Society Amherst, Mass., 1890 

N^ Alumni Association Bethlehem, Pa., 1908 

S Charge of B A X Corporation Geneva, N. Y., 1907 

O Survivors Association Cromwell, Conn., 1908 

O^ Alumni Association Springfield, Conn., 

Graduate Association of 11^ New York City, 1906 

P Alumni Association Chicago, 111., 1907 

P^ Alimini Association New York City, 1903 

PA Company New York City, 1904 

S^ Alumni Association of B A X Madison, Wis., 1903 

Wisconsin Association of B A X Madison, Wis., 1895 

T^ Alumni Association (See Minnesota Association) 

^ House Trustees Hazleton, Pa., 

X Alumni Association. . . (See Rochester Graduate Association of B AX) 

X Alumni Association of New York New York City, 1909 

X^ Graduate Association . . (See Washington Graduate Association of B A X) 

X^ Fund Trustees Washington, D. C, 1906 

W Alunmi Association .Clinton, N. Y. 

V House Trustees Clinton, N. Y. 


The Twentieth Convention of 1868 changed the governing power 
from the Alpha Charge (last meeting Jan. 14, 1867), to the Grana Lodge, 
a body composed of one graduate and two undergraduate members, to 
be elected each year by Convention. The Sixty-first Convention of 1909 
changed the Grand Lodge to five members, three graduates and two 
undergraduates, to be dected each year by Convention. 


Elected ''3 P. M. Session,'' Friday, January 24, 1868 

John Adams Johnson, S '62 Yiist President 

Claytcm Wood Hohnes, 4» '69 Secretary 

James Horton Shankland, Z '69 Treaeturer 


Elected Friday, May 7, 1869 

PoBTEus C. GiLBEBT, S '62 Sccoud President 

WiLUAM C. Strawbrwge, A '70 Secretary 

Jacques Benezet Juvenal, ^ '71 , Treasurer 


Elected Friday, February 18, 1870 

PoRTEus C. Gilbert, S '62 Second President 

Adelbert Pierson Little, X '72 Secretaiy 

John W. Chi[jrch, y72 Treasurer 


Elected Thursday, March 9, 1871 

PoRTEUS C. Gilbert, S '62 Second President 

Edward Brown Hamlin, Z '72 Secretary 

William Matthews Raynolds, 6 '73 Treasurer 




Elected Thursday, February 29, March 1, 1872 

Samttel Douglas Cornell, S '60 Third President 

Resigned June, '72, succeeded by 
Frank Wells Stewart, ^ '69 (ratification in Nov., 1872) Fourth President 

WiLMER Henry Shields, P 72 Secretary 

Lloyd Paxton Appleman, ^ '73 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, February 21, 1873 

Frank Wells Stewart, * '69 Fourth President 

George W. Haight, A '74 Secretary 

Rudolphus Charles Briggs, ^ '73 Treasurer 


Elected Thursday, February 19, 1874 

Frank Wells Stewart, * '69 Fourth President 

Information on application as to Secretary 
Arthur Lewis Brown, Z '76 Treasurer 


Elected Thursday, February 4, 1875 

Franklin Bttrdge, Z '56 Fifth President 

Resigned in Januaiy, 1876, and was succeeded on February 10, 1876, by 

Israel Piatt Pardee, ^ '74 Sixth President 

Henderson Horatio Eddy, K '76 Secretary 

TuLLius AiKiN Thayer, '77 Treasurer 



Elected Thursday, Fdbruary 8, 1877 

Henderson Horatio Eddy, K '76 Seventh President 

John Gilbert Blue, S^ '77 Secretary 

George Bushar Markle, Jr., ^ '78 Treasurer 


■ ■■-■--■.-■i»-- II ■-■■■■ ■■■■ ji ■■■■■ ■ —-■■ ■ ■■■ 


Elected Thursday, Fdbruary 7, 1878 

Hend«nMm Hontio Eddir, K 76 Seventh President 

Sewtfd Dttcne Allen, W 78 Secretary 

Seward Aduns Simons, B, 79 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, October 25, 1878 

Chariet Christian Kneialer, Z 73 Eighth President 

Seward Adams Simons. B 79 Secretary 

Richard Henry Eddy, K '80 Treasurer 


Elected Thursday, October 23, 1879 

Charles Christian Kneisley, Z 73 Eighth President 

Richard Henry Eddy, K 'SO Secretary 

Resigned, December, 1879, and succeeded by 

Chariet William Davenport, 4> '81 Secretary 

Samubl Fred Nixon, V '81 Treasurer 


Elected Thursday, October 21, 1880 

Chariet Christian Kneisley, Z 73 Eighth President 

Jesse Felt Libby, H '82. Junior Member and Secretary of 35th Con- 
vention, 1881. 


Elected Thursday, November 3, 1881 

Israel Piatt Pardee, * 74 Ninth President 

Herbert Thomas Kincaid, O^ '83. Junior Member and Secretary of 36th 
Convention, 1882. 


Elected Friday, October 27, 1882 

Natban LaFatette Bachman, ^ '72 Tenth President 

George Limd Taft, A '84. Junior Member and Secretary of 37th Con- 
vention, 1883. 



Elected Friday, November 23, 1883 (a) 

Seward Adams Siiium8« B 79 Eleventh President 

Gsofge Lund Taft, A '84 Secretary 

GMTge P. Lawyer, S^ '85 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, November 21, 1884 

Seward Adams Simons^ B 79 Eleventh President 

George P. Lawyer, V '85 Secretary 

Carl Axel Harstrom, S '86 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, November 20, 1885 

John M. Curtis, 2 '65 Twelfth President 

Carl Axel Harstrom, S '86 Secretary 

Isaac Cruse Blandy, A '87 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, November 19, 1886 

John M. Curtis, S '65 Twelfth President 

Isaac Cruse Blandy, A '87 Secretary 

Henry Clinton Hill, H '88 , Treasurer 


Elected Friday, November 18, 1887 

Calbraith Bourne Perry, Z '67 Thirteenth President 

Resigned and succeeded by 

Abthur Lewis Bartlett, A '84 Fourteenth President 

Henry Clinton HOI, H '88 Secretary 

Maxwell Alexander Kilvert, I '89 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, November 23, 1888 

Arthxtr Lewis Bartlett, A '84 Fourteenth President 

Luzerne Coville, P^ '89 Secretary 

Frederic Carter, E^ '90 Treasurer 

(a) Nathan LaFayettb Bachman, V '72, was unanimously re-elected 
P. G. L., but told the Convention that he could not accept. 



Elected Friday, Noyember 22, 1889 

Abthub Lewis Babtlett, A '84 Fourteenth President 

Frederic Carter, E^ '90 Secretary 

James Currie Hallock, A '91 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, November 21, 1890 

Clayton Wood Holmes, 4» '69 Fifteenth President 

Duncan Campbell Lee, ^ '91 Secretary 

Edward Caripll Ehlers, P^ '92 Treasurer 


Elected Thursday, November 19, 1891 

Clayton Wood Hohnes, ^ '69 Fifteenth President 

Edward Cargill Ehlers, P^ '92 Secretary 

Frederick Eftert Kimball, K '92 Treasurer 

Elected Thursday, November 17, 1892 

Asa Gardner Benedict, ^'72 Sixteenth President 

Emory Movers "^^^Ison, B '93 Secretary 

Chablbs Henrt Van Sant, N^ '94 Treasurer 

Elected Wednesday, November 29, 1893 

Asa Gardner Benedict, ^ '72 Sixteenth President 

^(nUlam Luther Sawtelle, I^ '94 Sed-etary 

Benjamin Franklin Mansfield, E^ '96 Treasurer 


Elected Wednesday^ November 28, 1894 

Carl Axel Harstnnm S '86 Seventeenth President 

Benjamin Franklin Mansfield, E^ '96 Secretaiy 

George William Kosmak, P^ '94 Treasurer 



Elected Wednesday, November 27, 1895 

Ceil Axel Hantram. S '86 Seventeenth President 

Benjamin Franklin Mansfield, E^ '96 Secretary 

John Hinckley Morse, H '97 Treasurer 


Elected Wednesday, November 25, 1896 

Call Axel Harstrom, S '86 Seventeenth President 

John Hhickley Morse, H '97 Secretary 

Edmund Sewall Smith, B '99 Treasurer 


Elected Wednesday, February 9, 1898 

Carl Axel Harstrom, S '86 Seventeenth President 

Edmund Sewall Smith, B '99 Secretary 

Ernest Oilman Marble, K '99 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, January 13, 1899 

Carl Axel Harstrom. E '86 Seventeenth President 

Ernest Gibnan Marble, K '99 Secretary 

John Boyce Smith, Jr., P^ '01 Treasurer 


Elected Friday, February 23, 1900 

Ernest Wilson Huppcut, B '84 Eighteenth President 

John Boyce Smith, Jr., P^ '01 Secretary 
lennan Campbell Stevens, F^ '01 Treasurer 


Elected Wednesday, July 3, 1901 

EbniSt Wilson Hufpcut, B '84 Eighteenth President 

Heonan Campbell Stevens, T^ '01 Secretary 

Walter Thornton Bryant, M^ '02 Treasurer 



Elected Friday, February 21, 1902 

Rudolf Tombo, Jr., P^ '09 Nineteenth President 

Walter Thornton Bryant, M^ '02 .Secretary 

Harry Peake Brown, I '03 Treasurer 


Elected Tuesday, February 24, 1903 

Rudolf Tombo, Jr., P"^ '99 Nineterath President 

Harry Peake Brown, I '03 Secretary 

Llewellyn Williams Jutten, Z '04 Treasurer 


Elected Tuesday, February 23, 1904 

Rudolf Tombo, Jr., P^ '99 Nineteenth President 

Llewellyn ^^^Hlliams Jutten, Z '04 Secretary 

Louis Clayton Grover, O^ '05 Treasurer 


Elected Tuesday, February 21, 1905 

Lawrence Thomas Cole, F^ '92 Twentieth President 

Merwyn Humfihrey Nellis, V '06 Secretary 

Hugh Ellis Leach, T^ '05 Treasurer 


Elected Saturday, February 24, 1906 

George Hazleton Spencer, A '90 i Twenty-first President 

Horace Latfarop Dawson. B '07 Secretary 

Charles A. Stewart, P^ ^06 Treasurer 


Elected Saturday, February 23, 1907 

Edward Stetson Griffing, I '89 Twenty-second President 

Walter Merwin Gilbert, X^ '07 Secretary 

George Nash Shaeffer, 4> '08 Treasurer 

18 GRiUn) LODGE 


Elected Tuesday, February 25, 1908 

Edward John Cook, E '96 Twenty-third President 

Geofge Ifaih Shaeffen 4» '08 Secretary 

Ralph Finley McElfresh, N^ '08 (Resigned December 1, 1908) . .Treasurer 
Clyde Dayis Garrett, X^ '10 (Appointed December 1, 1908). . .Treasurer 


Elected Tuesday, February 23, 1909 

Edward John Cook, S '95 Twenty-third President 

Morria Scott ChApin, 8^ '10 Secretary 

Clyde Davis Garrett, X^ '10 Treasurer 

James Currie HaUock, A '91 (Appointed May 2, 1909) . Graduate Secretary 
Robert Stephen Emerson, Z '97 (Appointed May 2, 1909) 

Graduate Treasurer 


Elected Tuesday, February 22, 1910 

Edward John Cook, S '95 Twenty-third President 

Harold Howe Robison, E '11 Secretary 

Fletcher Payne Burton, O^ '10 Treasurer 

James Currie HaUock, A^ '91 Graduate Secretary 

Robert Stephen Emerson, Z '97 Graduate Treasurer 


Elected Wednesday, February 22, 1911 

Frank Elbert Compton, £^ '98 Twenty-fourth President 

Robert Morford Adams, B '12 Secretary 

Lionel Edward Drew, I '11 Treasurer 

Burt H. Winchester, P^ '01 Graduate Secretary 

Frank Nelaton Dodd, P^ '91 Graduate Treasurer 


Second ConTcntioii: 

Givin's Hotel, Schenectady, New York, July, 1849, auspices of A. 

Sixth ConTention: 

Troy, New York, June, 1853, auspices of A. 

Seventh Conyention: 

Sons of Temperance Hall, Schenectady, New York, June 2, 1854, 
auspices of A. *" 

Eighth Cooventioa: 

Masonic Hall, ''What Cheer" Building, Providence, R. I. Date 
not of record — 1855. 

Ninth Convention: 

Williamsburg, Virginia, June 6, 1856. 

Tenth Convention: 

New York City, April 29, 30, 1857, auspices of A. 

Eleventh Convention: 

Washington, May 25, 1858, auspices of A. 

Twelfth Convention: 

Troy, New York, June 9, 10, 1859, auspices of A. 

Fourteenth Convention: 

Geneva, New York, June 19, 20, 1861, auspices of S. 

Fifteenth Convention: 

^ Astor House, New York, June 18, 19, 1862. 

Seventeenth Convention: 

Astor House, New York, June 16, 17, 1864. 

Nineteenth Convention: 

Astor House, New York, February 22, 23, 1866. 



Twentieth Convention: 

Aster House, New York, April 18, 19, 20, 1867. 

Constitutional Convention: 

A Charge Rooms, Troy, New York, September 24, 25, 1867. 

Twenty-first Convention: 

Astor House, New York, January 24, 25, 1868, auspices of T. 

Twenty-second Convention: 

Astor House, New York, May 6, 7, 1869. 

Twenty-third Convention: 

Astor House, New York, February 17, 18, 1870, auspices of E. 

Twenty-fourth Convention: 

Continental Hotel, Philadelphia, March 8, 9, 1871, auspices of S. 

auspices of ^. 

Twenty-fifth Convention (Styled ''Quarter Centennial''): 
Astor House, New York, February 28, 29, March 1, 1872, 

Twenty-fiixtfa Convention: 

Astor House, New York, February ^^t 20, 21, 1873, auspices of X. 

Twenty-seventh Convention: 

Astor House, New York, February 18, 19, 1874, auspices of Y. 

Twenty-eighth Convention: 

\f etropolitan Hotel, New York, February 3, 4, 1875. 

— No convention held Centennial Year. 
Nomenclature was changed. 

Thirtieth Annual Convention: 

Revere House, Boston, February 7, 8, 1877, auspices of H. 

Thirty-first Annual Convention: 

Kennard House, Clevelimd, Ohio, February 6, 7, 1878, auspices of O. 

Thirty-second Annual Convention: 

(See Book of Records). Revere House, Boston (Invitation states), 
October 23, 24, 1878, Memorial History states October 24, 25,. 
1878, auspices of K. 

Thirty-third Annual Convention: 

Hotel Brunswick, Boston, October 22, 23, 1879. 

Thirty-fourth Annual Convention: 

Sturtevant House, New York, October 20, 21, 1880. 

Thirty-fifth Annual Convention: 

Sturtevant House, New York, November 2, 3, 1881. 

Thirty-sizth Annual Convention: 

Young's Hotel, Boston, October 26, 27, 1882. 


Thirbr-seventh Annual Convention: 

Martmelli'B, New York, November 22, 23, 1883. 

Thirty-eiKhth Annual Convention: 

Windsor Hotel, New York, November 19, 20, 21, 1884. 

Thirty-ninth Annual Convention: 

Windsor Hotel, New Yoric, November 18, 19, 20, 1885, auspices of T. 

Fortieth Annual Convention: 

Young's Hotel, Boston, November 17, 18, 19, 1886. 

Forty-first Annual Convention: 

Park Avenue Hotel, New York, November 16, 17, 18, 1887. 

Forty-second Annual Convention: 

Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, November 21, 22, 23, 1888. 

Forty-third Annual Convention: 

Young's Hotel, Boston, November 20, 21, 22, 1889. 

Forty-fourth Annual Convention: 

Austin Room. Masonic Temple, New York, Headquarters Hoffman 
House, November 19, 20, 21, 1890. 

Forty-flfth Annual Convention: 

Hotel Marlborough, New York, November 18, 19, 1891. 

Forty-eiztfa Antmai Convention: 

Young's Hotel, Boston, November 16, 17, 1892. 

Forty-seventh Annual Convention: • 

Hotel Marlborough, New York, November 28, 29, 1893. 

Forty-eit^th Annual Convention: 

Hotel Savoy, New York, November 27, 28, 1894. 

Forty- ninth Annual Convention: 

Young's Hotel, Boston, November 26, 27, 1895. 

Fiftieth Annual Convention: 

Hoffman House, November 24, 25, 1896. 

Semi-Centennial Convention: 

Wmdsor Hotel, New York, February 8, 9, 10, 1898. 

Fifty-first Annual Convention: 

Young's Hotel, Boston, January 12, 13, 1899. 

Fifty-second Annual Convention: 

Hotel Raleigh, Washington, D. C, February 22, 23, 1900. 

Fifty-third Annual Convention: ' 

Buffalo Historical Society; Headquarters Hotel Iroquois, Buffalo, 
New York, July 2, 3, 1901. 


Fifty-fourth Annital Convention: 

Hotel Manhattan, New York, February 20, 21, 1902. 

Fifty ;^fth Annual Convention: 
el Bellevue, Headqua 
21, 22, 23, 24, 1903. Banquet at Hotel Vendome. 

Hotel Bellevue, Headquarters Tremont Temple, Boston, February 

Fifty«BizCh Annual Convention: 

Hotel Majestic, New York, February 21, 22, 23, 1904. 

Fifty-seventh Anmril Convention: 

Auditorium Hotel, Chicago, February 19, 20, 21, 22, 1905. 

Annual Convention: 

Lorimer Hall, Boston, February 22. 23, 24, 1906. Headquarters, 
Tremont Temple. Banquet, Hotel Somerset. 

Fifty-ninth Annual Convention: 

Waldorf Astoria, New York, February 22, 23, 24, 1907. 

Sixtieth Annual Convention: 

Hotel Astor, New York, February 22, 23, 24, 25, 1906. 

Sixty-first Annual Convention: 

Lorimer Hall, Boston, February 20, 21, 22, 1909. Headquarters, 
Tremont Temple. Banquet, Hotel Somerset. 

Sixty-second Annual Convention: 

Congress Hotel, Chicago, February 19, 20, 21, 22, 1910. 

Sixty-third Annual Convention: 

Hotel Astor, New York, February 19, 20, 21, 22, 1911. 



Established in 1869 bt Porteus C. Gilbert, E '62 

Volume I, 1869. 

Editor, Porteus C. Gilbert. 

Volume I (new series) 1884. 

Edwin A. Start, K '84, Editor-in-chief. Edmund W. Powers, K '81, 
business manager. Corresponding editors, William L. Stone, Z '57; 
Franklin Burdge,Z '56; Nathan LaFayette Bachman, ^ '72; Elijah 
M. Rewey, ^'73. Issued at Boston, Mass. 

Volume n, 1885: 

Edwin A. Start, K '84, Editor-in-chief. Corresponding editors, 
William L. Stone, Z '57; Franklin Burdge, Z '56; Lewis Halsey, 
S '68. Issued at Boston, Mass. 

Volume nL 1886. 

CounS: William L. Stone, Z '57; Newton W. Cadwell, V '76; 
Piene Gushing, E '81; Frederick J. Swift. ^ '85; N. Archibald 
Shaw, Jr., ^ '82. N. Archibald Shaw, Jr., V* '82, General Manager. 
Issued at New York City. 

Volume JV, 1888. 

Frank Lawrence Jones, n^ '88; Frederic Goodwin, 11^ '82, Editors. 
Issued at New York City. 

Volume V, 1889. 

Numbers 1, 2 and 3, Frank Lawrence Jones, 11^ '88, Editor. Number 
4, Clay W. Hobnes, ^ '69, Editor. Issued at New York Qty. 

Vohmie VI, 1890. 

Clay W. Holmes, « '69, Editor, Elmira, N. Y. Issued at Elmira, N. Y. 

Vohmie Vn, 1891. 

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Volume XV, 1899. 

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Volume XVI, 1900. 

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Volume XVn, 1901. 

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8HIELD8 25 

Volume XXm, 1907. 

Numbers 1 and 2 begun by Duncan C. Lee, ^ '91, Editor, Ithaca, 
N. Y., completed by Edward Van Winkle. P^ '00, Editor, New York 
aty. Numbers 3 and 4, Edward Van Winkle, P^ '00. Editor, New 
York aty. Published by 6 A X Press, New York City. 

Volume XXIV, 1908. 

Edward Van Winkle, P^ '00, Editor, New York aty. PubUshed 
by e A X Press, New York aty. 

Volume XXV, 1909. 

Numbers 1 and 2, Joseph R. Lynes, ^ '01, EditcH*. East Oranoe, N. J. 
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Volume XXVn, 1911. 

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by e A X Press, New York aty. 


John William Little, A '60, Compiler. 


'^PubliBhed under the auspices of the Grand Central Committee: 
William L. Stone of the Zeta, Benj. C. Potts and Charles Davison of the 
Delta, Augustus H. Viele and J. Adams Johnson of the Xi, and John W. 
Little of the Alpha.'' William L. Stone, Z '57, was the chief factor. 
138 pages. New York. Stone and Barron. 

Living members 958 

Q 77 

Nu of Virginia and Rho of South Carolina 60 

No records available in 1867 of N and P 

Total membership 1,095 


Committee of Pubhcation: Franklin Burdge, Z '56; Frank W. 
Stewart, ^ '69; Lucien B. Stone, Z '62; Charles A. Poole. Z '72: Charles C. 
KneidLey, A '73; Israel P. Pardee, 4» '74. Franklin Burdge, Z ^56, was the 
chi^ factor. 162 pages. New York. Edgar Hoyt. 

Living members 1,267 

Q 167 

Total membership 1,434 


Authorized by the Forty-fourth Convention. Completed by the 
Twenty-third Grand Lodge. Committee of Publication: Clay W. Holmes. 
* '69: Duncan C. Lee, V^91, and Edward C. Ehlem, P^ '92. Edited and 
compUed by Clay W. Hohnes. 270 pages. Elmira, N. Y. The Elmira 
Advertiser Association. 

Living members 2,366 

Q... 348 

Total membenhip 2,714 




The Shield Edition. Edited and compiled by Clay W. Hohnes, 
^ '69. 262 pages. Elmira, N. Y. The Elnura Advertiaer Aasociation. 

living members 2,968 

O >. 407 

Total membofslup 3,875 


Authorized by the Grand Lodge. Edited and compiled by Frederic 
Carter, £^ '90, Custodian of Archives, assisted by Charles Stevens White, 
I '00. 284 pages. New York City. Ithaca Publishing Company. 

living members 3,817 

O 580 

Total membership ^ 4,397 


Authorized by the Grand Lodge. Edited by Edward Stetson Griffing, 
I '89; ooinpiled by a staff of Assistant Editors. 446 pages. New York City. 
Qiapple Press, Boston, Mass. 

living members 5,392 

O 983 

Total membership 6,375 


Recapitulation Living O Total 

First Catalogue, 1867 1,018 

Second Cal^Iogue, 1875 . . ' 1,267 

Third Catalogue, 1891 2,366 

Fourth Catalogue, 1895 2,968 

Fifth Catalogue, 1901 3,817 

Sixth Catalogue, 1911 5.392 














Father: FIRST 

James MacBride St«rrett, Oergyman, Washington, D. C X '67 


Jambs MacBride Sterbbtt, Jr., Student, Rochester, N. Y. . .X '96 

Heniy Hatch Dent Stenrett Clergyman. Colmnbus, Ohio I '99 

Robert Stenrett, U. S. A., Washington, D. C « '99 

William DouglMSterrett,U.S. Forestry service^Washington, D.C.I '01 
Douglas Bouvard Sterrett, U. S. Geol. Survey, Wash., D. C. . .X^ '02 
John Adlum Stenrett, £. E. Washington, D. C X^ '07 

Elliott Johnston Dent, U. S. A., Washington, D. C X^ '99 

Father: SECOND 

Frank Nimocks Day, Coal, Hazleton, Pa ^ '74 


Franklin Kamher Day, Engineer, Fairmont, W. Va ^ '03 

n, Pa. 

«y, u 

George R. Kaercher Day, Hazleton, Pa ^ '12 

Alfred Diy, Hasleton, Pa * '08 

Samuel Kaercher Day, U. S. N., Hazleton, Pa ^ '10 

Father: THIRD 

Thomas Merdoc Partridge, Lumber, Minneapolis, Minn S '87 


George B. Partridge, Lumber, Minneapolis, Minn T^ '10 


Edward Bellamy Partridge, Lawyer, Phelps, N. Y. 3 '99 

Samuel Selden Partridge, Salesman, Phelps, N. Y 3 '02 

Leonard Selden Partridge, Phelps, N. Y E '06 

Sisters Married to 

William Augui^us Howe, M. D., Phelps, N. Y S '85 

Cari Axel Harstrom (P. G. L.), School, Norwalk, Conn S '86 

Lewis Bates McCabe, Merchant, New York City E '94 

Father: FOURTH 

Asa Gardner Benedict (P. G. L.), Insurance, New York City . V '72 


Howard Wright Benedict, Telephone, Lockport, N. Y ^ '06 

Son-in-Law: . , . , 

Edward Judson Humeston, Clergyman, Philadelphia, Pa ^ '99 



Erwin Colton Hull, Clergyman, Jasper, N. Y. V '69 

John Herbert Pardee, Elec. R. R., New York City V '89 



A X 

WiLUAM G. Akin, A '49, Q November 7, 1S54. 
Abel Beach, A '49, Q June 19, 1899. 
Theodore B. Bbown, A '49, Q August 13, 1864. 
Andrew Heatley Green, A '49 
WiLUAM Hyslop, a '49, Q February 27, 1864. 
Samuel F. Wile, A '49, Q September 9, 1872. 

Note. A complete sketch of our Founders by Franklin Burdge, Z '56, 
was published in the Shield, Vol. I, page 149 (1884). 




Fratebnttt Foundation June 5, 1848 
AT 15 Front Stbxbt, now 117 Front Street 

Schenectady, N. Y, 
Last Recorded Meeting, January 14/1867 

In Mav, 1847. the six Foundera met in the college building then 
known as West College, and formed a pact. It is uncertain whether the 
Founders ever contemporaneously clauned that their first association 
was the foundation of the Fraternity. On June 5, 1848, the six Founders, 
with two other fraters, signed the following statement of fact en^prossea 
as their first record page on the Alpha minute book, now in Archives: 

' 'Though the subject, for the settlement of which, the first meeting 
of our Fraternity was held, had been under consideration some wee]a 
previous, it is believed by the Founders of our Fraternity that the first 
active steps may pnmerly date from the fifth of June, the year of our 
Lord eighteen hundrea and forty-eight, and that day is accordingly recom- 
mended to the Fraternity as the anniversary of its foundation.^' 

The following shows the definite founaation of A X: 

''On the night of the fifth of June, 1848, the following named gentle- 
men, members of Union College, met according to agreement at the house 
No. 15 Front Street, occupied by the family of the late Governor Yates: 
Wm. G. Akin, Abel Beach, Theodore B. Brown, Robert L. Dodge, Theo- 
dore J. Fonda, Jesse D. Fonda. Andrew H. Green, Wm. H. Hyslop, 
Francis E. Martindale, Samuel F. Wile, Newton B. Sherman and Abram 
Walrath. It was unanimously resolved that a secret association be 
formed." — (Alpha minutes, page 3). 

A constitution was aaopted at this meeting. 


William G. Akin, M. D., Chicago, 111., Founder. Q Nov. 7, 1854. 

Abel Beach, Iowa Qty, la. Founder. <^ B K. Shield VI 7, XV 179, 
XVm 203. Q June 19, 1899. 

Allen C. Beach, Lawyer, Watertown, N. Y. Lieut.-Gov. of N. Y., 1870-72. 

Theodore B. Brown, Schenectady, N. Y. Founder. <^ B K. Q Aug. 
13, 1864. 

Samuel B. Carraway, Jr., Montgomery, Ala. Q 1876. 

John Raymond French, Vice-Chan., Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Shield XIII 180. Q April 26, 1897. 

Andrew Heatley Green, Lawyer, 402 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Surviving Founder. * B K. Qty Clerk, Utica, 1853. Con- 
vention Orator, 1854. Judge Advocate U. S. Pacific Squadron, 
1854-55. aty Atty., Syracuse, 1872-76. Shield VI 149, XIX 264, 
XXIII 253. 



WiLUAM S. HiLLTBR (Initiated by Convention), Brig.-Gen. U. S. V., 

Washington, D. C. Q 1874. 
William Htblop, New York Qty. Founder. <^ B K. Q Feb. 27, 1854 
Samuel F. Wile, Pineville, S. C. Founder. Q Sept. 9, 1872. 

George D. Cowles, Lawyer, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Robert L. Dodge, Lawyer, »eui Francisco, Cal. 
Jesse D. Fonda, New York Qty. Shield II 24. Q June 9, 1885. 
Theodore J. Fonda, New York City. Q 1869. 
Francis Elwell Martindale, M. t)., Port Richmond, N. Y. Shield 

VI 259, XVIII 387. Q Oct. 26, 1902. 
Lemuel C. Paine, Rochester, N. Y. Q Jan. 8, 1899. 
Newton Burke Sherman, Cold Spring, N. Y. 
Abram Walrath, Danube, N. Y. 


Timothy Banker (by aff.), Pittstown, N. Y. 

William W. Caraway (by aff.), Norfolk, Va. 

D. J. Goodwin (by aff.), Norfolk, Va. 

Edward L. HaU (by aff.). New York City. 

T. M. Harwood (by aff.}, Rappahannock, Va. 

Homer Holiday (by aff.), Homellsville, N. Y. Shield XXI 397. O 

Sept. 21, 1901. 
£. T. Hunt (by aff.), Galesburg, 111. 
Charles Mathews (by aff .). rlainfield, N. J. 
Samuel Decatur Morris (oy aff.), Lawyer. Brooklyn, N. Y. Shield 

XXV 317. Q Oct. 31, 1909. 
£. C. Moulton (by aff.), Schullsburgh, Wis. 
William Newton (by aff.), Flint, Mich. 
J. H. Parcell (by an.). Judge Supreme Court, Buffalo, N. Y. 
D. A. Robinson (by aff.), Elizabeth, N. J. 
Robert Whitaker (by aff.), St. Louis, Mo. Q 1871. 


Henry B. Barstow, Canaan, N. Y. Q 1854. 

£. WUlard Boies, WamerviUe, N. Y. 

A. FiRMiN Carman, Prof. Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Conven- 
tion Post, 1854. 

Tames Cruikshank, Teacher, 206 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Samuel N. Hartwell, Chicago, 111. Ch. Eng. U. S. N^ 1861-65. 

Israel Proseus, Kinderhook, N. Y. First Member of Q, 1851. 

Charles J. Rogers, Lawyer, Dubuaue, la. la. Assembly, 1873-75. 
First Frater to own a badge set with peark. 

Henry M. Cobb, Albany, N. Y. Q 1853. 
James Demarest, Cler^man, Hughsonville, N. Y. 
James C. McMurtrv, Henderson, 111. 
William Henry Merriam, Troy, N. Y. Major U. S. V. Appointed 

Minister to Siam, 1859. Shield V 135. Q Nov. 20, 1875. 
Samuel Packwood, Jr., New Orleans, La. Q 1862. 
Daniel Pardee, Fulton, N. Y. Shield VII 271. Q Aug. 25, 1891. 



Salphboniub H. HABftiNOTON, M. D., Chenango Forks, N. Y. Q Dec* 

17, 1900. 
Gbobgb W. Jackson, New York Oty. 
WiUiAm Rufus N<»tiiway, City Eng., 1030 Wilcox Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Shiekl VII 17. 
Jambs A. Wiswbll, Lawyer, Mankato, Minn. Q 18S4. 
John Turneb, Lawyer, Providence, R. I. Judge Adv.-Gen.; R. I. Legis. 

O March 26, 1877. 


Ebwin Bakbb, Oskaloosa, la. Q 1887. 

Thbodobb H. Oppie, Fishkill, N. Y. Q 1853. 

Albxandeb Wilson, Mineral Point, Wis., Dist. Atty.; Co. Judge; Atty.- 

Gen. of Wisconsin. 
Austin A. Tates, Lawyer, Schenectady, N. Y. Major U. S. V.; Dist. 

Atty.; Co. Judge. 


John Philups Harding, Haverhill, Mass. Q 1857. 

Paul Lightneb, Meadow Dale, Va. 

Alexander Henry Sharp, Lawyer, Salem, N. J. 

Clement H. Sinnickson, Lawyer, Salem, N. J. M. C. 1875-79. Capt. 

Co. I 4th N. J. V. Judge Common Pleas, Orphans Court and Oyer 

and Terminer. 
Ctbus a. Windus, Belmont, N. Y. Shield XIV 189. Q March 13, 1897. 


John PoHer Beach (Aff. with A '56). 

Geobge Washington Cavebt, Judge, Osawatomie, Kan. Q 1861. 
Bdwin D^dit IngersolL Catskill, N. Y. Shield VIII 247. 
Oeorge AmM Mamm (Aff. with A '55). 


James Bailey Beveridgei Brookljm, N. Y. 

Fbedebich Augustus Bbaehm (Aff. from A 56), Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Nicholas L. Casey, Auburn, N. Y. 
William Kenneth Logie, Geneva, N. Y. Brig -Gen. U. S. V. Killed 

at Atlanta. Monument erected by S, of which he was founder. Shield 

VII 250. 
Gbobgb Allen Pomebot, Paymaster U. S. A., Omaha, Neb. Major 

Me. V. Q Jan. 1, 1869. 
Charles William Pratt, Little Falls, N. Y. 

James McB. Prioleau (Aff. from A '57), Charleston, S. C. 
acob Smith Spaun, Lawyer, Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Geobge Hobace Wood, Brewsters, N. Y. Q Jan. 1, 1890. 



Clabence SiiAUiEY -Bate (Aff. from Z '58), Woodside, Ky. Guerilla 
C. S. A. Sentenced to death; pardoned by President Lincoln at the 
request of John Hay. Shield XIV 170. 

LuMAN Pheston Norton, Bennington, Vt. Vt. Legis. 1874-75. Shield 
XXII 154. Q AprU 26, 1906. 


Theophilus Edwards, Dir. State Insane Asylum, Snow Hill, N. C. 
John Gilpin, Kittaning, Pa. Q 1883. 
Howard Melville Hanna, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Augustus White Nicoll, Lawyer, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Burr SchermerhorH, HonesdaJe, Pa. 


Samuel Wesley Hall, Conneaut Lake, Pa. 

George T. Ingham, Lawyer, Atlantic City, N. J. Shield XV 368. 
Q Oct. 31, 1899. 

Clarence Trumbull Jenkins, St. Louis, Mo. Shield XVII 79. 

John William Little, Reg. in Bktcy, New York City. Compiler Manu- 
script Catalogue of 1859. 

Edwardo De San Jose Mariana Polhamus, Nuevitas, Cuba. Colonel 
in insurgent army; executed by the Spaniards. In Union Coll.. 
Centenmal Catalogue, called also Edgar Polhamus Wyckoff . Shield 
IX 8. 

WiLiB M. Rexpord, Contractor, New York City. Shield XVIII 304. 
Q July 21, 1902. 


Edward Valencourt Deueix, Surgeon-Gen. U. S. A., Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. Shield VI 437, XXI 155. Q Jan. 20, 1905, 

Heniy Alonzo Furman, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Samuel Huntington, Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y. Shield XX 425. Q Sept., 

Henry Mandell Isham (Aff. from E '58), Esperance, N. Y. Q 1862. 

Daniel Leech, New York City. 

Peter Van Vranken, Schenectady. N. Y. 

Daniel Yost, Lawyer, Fonda, N. Y. 


Charles Archer Dubois, Kingston, Ohio. 

Martin Luther Fenton, Jamestown, N. Y. 

Edwin Olncy Gibson, South New Berlin, N. Y. 

John Card Graves (Aff. from K '62), 125 Chapin Parkway, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Shield V 59, XVII 239. 
John Frank Hazleton, Lawyer, Canajoharie, N. Y. 
Augustus Hubbard, Watertown, N. Y. 
Jeduthan Harper Lindsay, Jr. ( Aff. from M '60), Greensboro, N. C. 

Q 1865. 



John Jordan Hollow ay, Henderson, Ky. Capt. U. 8. V. 

William True Hurt, Lexington, Ky. 

Alson Isaac Sherwood, Lawrence, Kan. Capt. U. S. V. 


Samuel ErsJnne Dimmick (AS. with T '64). 

Benedict Satterlee Lewis, Lawyer. Waseca, Minn. Q 1891. 

Thomas Elder Ralston, Lawyer, 414 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 

James Lawrence Seward, Lawyer, Lawrenceville, 111. 

WiUiam Leonard Smith, Passaic, N. J. 

George M. Stewart, 3917 Delmar Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Morris Cameron Tuthill, Washingtonville, N. Y. 

^ 1865 

Lucius Dexter Leffingwell, Cleveland, Ohio. Q 1884. 

Daniel Newton Lockwood, Lawyer, Buffalo, N. Y. M. C. Shield VI 

49, XXII 206. Q June 1, 1906. 
James B. Wayne Wands, Areola, Tangipahoa Parish, Fla. 


John Andrew Green, Quincy, 111. Presided 1866 Convention. Q 1867. 
Joseph Kissick Pearson, New Castle, Pa. 
Robert Wing Rogers, C. E., New Orleans, La. 
Charles Amos Welch, Willow Creek, 111. 
Almeron Wheat, Jr., Lawyer, Quincy, 111. 


Michael D. Murray, Lawyer, Johnstown, N. Y. 

Robert Payne, Lawyer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank Howard Ransom (Aff. from K '67), 137 Main St., Buflfalo, N. Y. 


David Merriwether McHenry, Frankfort, Kj^. 

Edward Schenck, Lawyer, New York City. Smeld XXIV 324. Q Oct. 

17, 1908. 
Martin Schenck, Greenbush, N. Y. 

Last Recorded Meeting of Alpha, January 14, 1867 



Established in January, 1849, bt Alpha 
Initiation at Sans Souci Hotel 

Shortlv afterward, the fourteen initiated members were transferred 
to the Alpha rolls, ana again there was but one Charge. This left Beta 
Proteron an entity only by courtesy, and she is mentioned here only 
historically. Her merger in Alpha was complete. 




Established January 11, 1870 

Initiation at the Clinton House 

Chartered February 18, 1870, as A A 

Shield XVI 201 History of B Charge 

The Twenty-third Convention (February 19, 20, 1873), decreed "that 
Charges represented by double letters, be asaisned by the Grand Lodge, 
some one of the letters, B, 11, P, and £/' In the same month, February, 
1873, the identity of Beta Charge was decreed. 


Asa Bowles Clark Dickinson, ^ William Horace Corbin 
Fox Holden Ashbel Norton Fitch, T 

William Henry Tallmadge Frederick Eugene Wadhams 


Asa Bowles Clark Dickinson (Initiated at T), Lawyer, Ulysses, N. Y. 

Shield XVI 217. Q Feb. 25, 1870. 
Ashbel Norton Fitch (Initiated at T), Lawyer, Fidelity Trust Bldg., 

Tacoma, Wash. Shield XVI 213. 
William Henry Tallbiadge, Clergyman, Elk Grove, Cal. Shield XVI 

217. Q Feb. 24, 1880. 


Fox Holden, North Lansing, N. Y. Shield XVI 216. 
WiUie Bttrdette Leach, Lawyer, Norwich, N. Y. 


Leroy Franklin Baker, Clergyman, Selins, Pa. 

William Horace Corbin, Lawyer, 570 N. Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Shield XVI 218. 
Frank Daggett Eastman, Lodi, N. Y. Shield XVI 262. Q Sept. 16, 

JiRAH Blackmer Ewell, Udall, Kan. Shield IV 135, XVI 253. Q July 8, 

William Barkdull Kridler. Fremont, Ohio. Q Feb. 7, 1907. 
Frank Hemy Lay, 906 W. 26tn St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
)KnUiam Bradford Merserau, Mfr., Wells Fargo Bldg., Portland. Ore. 
Frank Hammond Sweet, Mfr., 19 S. Lafayette St., Grand Rapias, Mich. 
Frederick Eugene Wadhams, Lawyer, 33 Tweddle Bldg., Albany, N. Y. 


40 B 

Alliene Case, Wallaoe, Idaho. 

James Henby Durkee, Sandy Hill, N. Y. Q Jan. 25, 1908. 
Hezekiah Moffatt GiUett, Lawyer, 1114 5th Ave., Bav City, Mich. 
Marshall Herrick, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Q Aug. 6, 1901. 
Horace Lee House, Clergman, Grand Forks, N. D. 
Andrew Worth Pahner, Fairport, N. Y. 

WilUam Morton Jackson Rice, Artist, 66 W. 33d St., New York City. 
Michael Myers Shoemaker, Writer, 667 W. 4th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

George Dudley Bills, Com Merchant, 216 East Ave., Oak Park, 111. 


William Tames Berry, Forestville, N. Y. 

Spencer Houghton Coon, Journalist, 29 Willow St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Millard Fillmore Watts, Lawyer, 5740 Cabonne Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


Benjamin Hershey Grove, Oculist, 101 Jewett Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Merritt Elvin Haviland, Lawyer, 32 Nassau St., New York City. 
John Chiles Houston Stevenson, Lawyer, 40 State St., Boston, Mass. 
William Howard Sutherland, Laporte, Ind. Q Jan. 2, 1879. 
John Sayles Waterman, Pittsford, Vt. Q March 10, 1891. 


John Borden, Jr., Chicago, 111. Shield XVI 255. Q April 22, 1878. 

Franklin Mason Kendall, 9 W. Long St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Floyd Joseph Hadley, New York City. Shield XII 267, XVI 255. Q 

William Beardsley Hawkins, M. D., Rochester, N. Y. Shield VIII 

260, XVI 254. Q May 21, 1892. 
Otto Keuffner, Lawyer, 63 N. Milton St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Charles David Marx, Prof. Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, Cal. Shield VII 

No. 3. 
Edward Livermore Preston, Seattle, Wash. Q Oct. 15, 1905. 
Albert William Smith, Dean Sibley Coll., 15 East Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Shield VII No. 3, XX 177. 
Edwin D. Smith, Merchant, 1022 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa. 
Cornelius Stephens Thacher, Teacher, 362 Clifton Ave., Newark, N. J. 


Charles Button Cook, Arch., 342 14th St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Henry Marx, Mfr., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Edmund Royce Morse, Marble, Rutland, Vt. 
Harold Preston, Lawyer, 712 135th Ave^ Seattle, Wash. 
Herbert Paris Sheldon, M. D., Scottsblufr, Neb. 

Seward Adams Simons, Lawyer, Security Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. Treas. 
10th G. L., Sec. 11th G. L., 11th P. G. L., 16th and 17th G. L., 1883. 
Edwin Morse Wyckoff, Mfr., Canandaigua, N. Y. 



Zeaas Lockwood Leonard, M. D., 19 West 120th St., New York City. 
George T. Munson, Journalist^ 3201 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo. Q 

March 8, 1908. 
Charles Edwin Pierce, Austin, Dl. 

Charles Stiles Sheldon, Teacher State N. 8., Oswego, N. Y. 
Edwin Henry Sibley, Arcadia PI., Franklin, Pa. Shield VI 56. 
Western Starr, Lawyer, 107 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Hosea Webster, Babcock and Wilcox Boiler Co., 85 Liberty St., New 

York City. 


John Saunders Collman, Geneva Bank. Freeport, 111. 

WiUiam Ballard Hoyt, Lawyer, 841 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Benjamin Franklin McConnell, St. Joseph, Mich. 

. SI 

Henry Shippen, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Shield XVI 256. Q July 28, 1879. 


Arthur Gillespie Hatch, Boston, Mass. Q May 12, 1902. 

William Archibald Kent, Mining, Prescott, Ariz. 

Charles Daniel Pitcher, Lincoln, Neb. Shield XVI 256. Q May 9, 

Walker Glazier Rappleye, Teacher, 47 W. Seneca St., Oswego, N. Y. 


Edward Henry Crooker, Lawyer, Phoenix Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Shield VIII 161. 

John Alden Dix, Paper Mfr., Thompson, N. Y. Governor of N. Y., 
1911-12. Shield XXVI 359, XXVII 34. 

Townsend Herbert Jacobs, Dentist, St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles Wallace KeUy, Macbeth & Co., Iron and Steel, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Henry Edgar Longwell, West. Machine Co., 75 S. Negley Ave., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. • 

Eugene Lyman Oatley, Utica, N. Y. Shield XVI 256. Q Nov. 1, 1891. 

David Jay Matteson, St. Louis, Mo. Q Feb. 24, 1907. 

Walter Gifford Smith, Ed. Hawaiian Comm. Advertiser, Honolulu, H. I. 

George Henry Thayer, Jr., Mfr., Plymouth, Ind. 


William Alexander Carter, Ranchman, Bridger, Wyo. 

Ftanklin Albert Coles, Lawyer, Glen Cove, N. Y. 

William Neely Freeman, Philaaelphia, Pa. 

John Hamilton Grotedoss, Teacher, 314 W. 17th St., New York aty. 

Mathias Hettinger, Freeport, 111. 

Ernest Wilson Hufpcut, Lawyer, Dean Cornell L. S., Ithaca, N. Y. Ed. 
Shield XV. 18th P. G. L., 32d and 33d G. L., 1900. Shield IX 281, 
XVI 34, XXII 25, XXIII 95, XXVI 1, 15. Q May 4, 1907. 

Frank Clines Patchin, Gen. Mgr. P. O. Express, 5 S. Water St., Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Charles Monroe Thorp, Lawyer, Frick Bldg., Pittsburgh. Pa. 

James Newton Wyckoff, 32} Franklin St., Auburn, N. Y. 

42 B 


Herbert Alpine Beidler, Western Union Bids., ChicaflK), 111. 
Sidney Smith Holman, 558 Lincoln Ave., Piuo Alto, Cal. 
William RosseU Lay, 142 West 3rd St., Union Qty, Pa. 
Harold Granger Simpson, 136 E. Spring St., Columbus, Ohio. 
Albert Hale Smtth, Franklin, Pa. Shield XVI 257. 
William Henry Waterman, M. E., 14 Maple Ave., Newton, Mass. 


Luxeme CoviUe (Aflf. with P^ *89). 

Blias Albinun de Lima, Banker, 17 State St., New York City. 

Louis Eugene Hyatt, Furniture, Lansingburgh, N. Y. 


Redmond Stephen Colnon, Contractor, Merchants Laclede Bldg., St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Frederick Vernon Coville, Ch. Botanist Dept. of Agri., 1836 Califomia 

Ave., Washington, D. C. 
Charles William Curtis, Lawyer, 31 Thomdale Terr., Rochester, N. Y. 

Shield XII, 157. 
Perry Buchanan Roberts, Bldg. and loan, 1221 Waverly St., Palo Alto, Cal. 
Clark Hohnes Timerman (All. from ^ '87), Buffalo, N. Y. 
Frederick William Thomson, Atty. D., L. & W. Ry., 512 Park Ave., 

East Orange, N. J. 
John Fuller Thomson, Alexandria Bay, J^. Y. 

Herman Klock Vedder, Teacher Mich. Agri. Coll., East Lansing, Mich. 
Ralph Cossitt Warner, Buckeye Pipe Line Co., Lima, Ohio. 


Charles Billings Dix, 33 Glen St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 

George Lincoln Fielder, Ins., Park Row Bldg., New York City. 

jABfEB Thomas Howes, Saranac Lake, N. Y. Shield XV 369, XVI 257. 

Q Oct. 4, 1899. 
John Sherwood Hyatt, Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 
Henry Christian Roess, 615 W. Ist St., Oil City, Pa. 
Franklin Shbble, Philadelphia, Pa. Shield XV 104, XVI 257. Q April 

2, 1899. 
William Morse Stockbrictee, Patent Atty., 41 Park Row. New York Qty. 
William Henry Stratton, Eng., 30 Church St., New York Qty. 
WiUiam Franklin Willoughby (Initiated by G. L. '93), 1430 33d St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 


Charles Robert Murphy, Casket Trimmings, 665 Prairie Ave., Decatur, 111. 

Lee Hamilton Parker, Eng., 147 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Leon Stem, Arch., Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 


Thomas Tames McReynolds, Banker, Hopkinsville, Ky. 
William Henry Morrison, Lang & Button Fdry. Ck)., Ithaca, N. Y. 
William Lincoln Stranahan, Mgr. Coal. Water and Elec. Co., 277 Monroe 
St., Coalinga, Cal. 


William Reuben Webster, Jr., Bridgeport Brass Co., 126 Elmwood PL, 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
George Ray Wicker, Instr. Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H. 


John Kingsbttfy Dean, Salesman, 1023 N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Max Mc&lnney, Hotel Majestic, New Y^k City. 

Malcolm N. McLaren, 9upt. Dickson Mfg. Co., 322 Madison Ave., 

Scranton, Pa. 
John Thompson Manierre, M. D., 531 Dearborn St., Oiicago, HI. 
Fredebick Fabley Sswall, Lake Geneva, Wis. O Oct. 31, 1896. 
Milton Greene Stratton, 213 14th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Charles Henry Stuart, Nursersrman, Union St., Newaik, N. J. 


Earl Clifford Haggett, Asst. Supt. Am. Loco. Works, 432 Eagle St., Dmi- 

kirk, N. Y. 
Henry Bastes Merriam, M. D., 224 £. State St^ Ithaca^ N. Y. 
Lools Jacob Roess, Lawyer, 101 Central Ave., South Oil City, Pa. 
Thomas Burton Van Dom, Van Dom Iron Works, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Walter Irving Vose, Merchant, Manville, R. I. 
Edward Young Ware (Aff. from E^ '91), Eng., Wichita, Kan. 
Charles Ham Werner (Aff. from ^ '92), Lawyer, 38 William St., New 

York City. 


James Francis Barker, Prin. Technical H. S., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Frank Leavenworth Connard, Reading, Pa. Q Jan. 21, 1908. 
Emmr Meyers Wilson, Dir. Hist. Washington H. S., 1607 7th St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. Sec. 25th G. L. 


Garrett Hubbard Brown, 512 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Charles Alfred Cleaver, 73 Theatre Bldg., Houston, Tex. 

Walter Chase Dreier, United Fruit Co., 27 Beaver St., New York City. 

Loois Stem Loner, Mgr. McGraw Pub. Co., Old Colony Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Edward Denison McConnell, 189 La Salle St.. Chicago, 111. 

Peter Augostin Newton, 111. Steel Co., 6223 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, III. 

Edward Colbtun Ryan, Ins., 354 Main St., Winnipeg, Man. 


George WiUiston Collins, Sivyer Steel Castmg Co., 1320 Grand Ave., 

x^il^iraukee \^is 
John Mark Dodson, Chicago, 111. Shield XVI 258. Q April 6, 1895. 
Paul Thome Du Bois, Manhattan Rubber Co., 280 Gregory Ave., Passaic, 

Tnnis Thayer Hubbard, M. E., William Todd Co., Younnstown, Ohio. 
Waldo Franklin Tobey, Lawyer, 115 Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
Merritt Smith 'VIHlcox, Arch., 129 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio. 

44 B 


Frederick Anderson Bassette, Bassette Printing Co., 169,Thomp6on St., 

Sprinsfield, Mass. 
Edwin Aylesworfh Burlingame, Supt. grounds and bldgs., Brown Univ., 

359 Brook St., Providence, R. I. 
Willis Henry DeWolf, Corbin Co.. New Britain, Conn. 
Carl Dorset Drier, United Fruit Co., Bocas del Toro, Panama. 
Walter Scott GoU, Ft. Wayne Eiec. Co., Madison, Wis. 
John Keese Hallock, Jr., Am. Surety Co., Frick Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Walter Howard (Aff. from N^ '95), Geneva, N. Y. 
Frederick Ayers Johnson, Composer, 1419 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, 

Leroy Allen KendaU (Aff. from N^ '95), 661 Lafavette St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Cassius Mathews Kilgore, Shreveport, La. Shield XlA 424. Q Aug. 

26, 1903. 
William SmNEY Nicholson, Albany, N. Y. Q June 27, 1908. 


Earl B. Chinn, Lumber, Lumber Exchange, Seattle, Wash. 

Herbert Thomas Dyett, Treas. Rome Steel Co., 218 N. George St., Rome, 

■ N.Y. 
Edward Bertram Graves, 11th and Columbia St., Olympia, Wash. 
William Wilev Hubbard, Heating Eng., 301 William St^ East Orange, N. J. 
Theodore Gilbert Hubbard, Gen. Mgr. Geneva Milk Co., 65 Genesee St., 

Geneva, N. Y. 
Maurice Morrison, Salesman Remington Typewriter Co., 327 Broadway, 

New York City. 
Harry Ransom Tobey, 49 Wall St., New York City. 
Harvey Head Wicks, 42 Miller St., Utica, N. Y. 


William Atmore Ansley, Lawyer, 167 Park St., Montclair, N. J. 
Oliver Russell Beckwitii, Lawyer, 1049 Prospect St., Hartford, Conn. 
Frederick Adams Briggs, 12 Quebec St., Sherbrooke, P. Q. 
William Christian FeigensiMm, Brewer, Hi^ St., Newark, N. J. 
Herbert Merrick Groves, Jamestown, N. Y. 

George Gardiner Reynolds, Lawyer, 415 E. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Percy William Simpson, Lawyer, 43 Cedar St., New York City. 
Philip Maxwell Walter, Lawyer, Hotel Windemere, Chicago, III. 


Brace Hayden Hamilton, 73 Johnsons Pk., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Orson Cary Hoyt, Broker, 2023 Broadway, New York City. 
Clarence Meigs Oddie, Mining, Tonapah, Nev. 

Edmund SewaU Smitii, Chemist Cart)orundum Co., 70 Johnsons Pk., 
Buffalo, N. Y. Treas. 29th G. L., Sec. 30th G. L. 


Frederick George Grimshaw. W. J. & S. R. R., 313 N. 2nd St., Camden, N. J. 

Tames Bennett Nolan, 432 Oley St., Reading, Pa. 

Frank Ellsworth Pendleton, 2005 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Richard Sanford Penoos, Mgr. Walnut Fruit Growers Assn., 3 Spanish 

Dr., Walnut, Cal. 
Charles Aldrich Stevens, Salesman Elec. City Engraving Co., 364 Bird 

Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Jesse Henry Wilson, Jr. (Aff. from X^ '00), Lawver, 319 John Marshall 

PL, Washington, D. C. 


Charles Cassels Atwood, Supt. New Amsterdam Gas Co., 617 Academy 

St., Astoria, N. Y. 
William Hogg Baker, 2 Rector St., New York City. 
William Russell Huntley, Gen. Elec. Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Albert Edward Kirk, 220 Darrah St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Walter Griffith Massey, Mfr., 26 Emerson PI., Watertown, N. Y. 
George Farrington MenrlU, Lombard, 111. 

Archibald Bostwick Morrison, Jr. (Aff. from Z '00), Toledo, Ohk>. 
Roger Marr Roberts, Producer seedless raisins, Yuba City, Cal. 
Harold Baldwin Skinner, N. Y. Edison Co., 55 Duane St., New York City. 


George Arthur Austin, 304 Highland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

^sej^ Williams Cook, Lawyer, 609 W. 137th St., New Yoric Qty. 

William Kaufman Bckert, 1247 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, Pa. 

Toxaway Bronte Evennan, 412 Maple St^ Washington, D. C. 

Philip Bunting Fitzpatbick, Troy, N. Y. Q AprQ 8, 1906. 

Wallace Park Foote, 6264 Jackson Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

William Lowder Heame, Wheeling, W. Va. 

Robert CoUyer Hosmer, Sp. Agt., 159 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Harold Colbert Jones, 56 Woodland Pk., Chicago, 111. 

James Richmond, Mfr., Lockport, N. Y. 

Emory Ward Steams, Rubber Mfr., 228 South St., New York City. 

Alan Emerson Ashcraft, Fairbanks Morse Co., Beloit, Wis. 
George Edward DruUard Brady, 52 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Clement Kellogg Corbin, Lawyer, 243 Washington St., Jersey City, N. J. 
Walter Fobes Miller, 148 La Salle St^ Chicago, Ql. 
James White Persons, East Amrora, N. Y. 
Roy Polk RockefeUer (Aff. from S '02). Phelps, N. Y. 
Arthur Sidney Whitbeck (Aff. from X ^02), Lawyer, 27 Buckingham St., 
Rochester, N. Y. 


Ralph Hinckley Bourne, M. E., Whiting Fdry. Equip. Co., Harvey, 111. 
Charles Philip Bradv, 52 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
James Adams Brinker, Great Southern Lumber Co., Bogalusa. La. 
Ernest Harvey Greenwood, Publisher, 320 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
John Cowdrey Greir, Lawyer, 13 Park Row, New York Citv. 
Warren Atherton Lamson, Board of Trade Bldp., Chicago, 111. 
Norman Spear Lawrence, Whiting Fdry. Equip. Co., Harvey, 111. 
Charles Albert Lyon, East Orange, N. J. Q March 28. 1907. 
FranUyn Edward NeUis, Jr., 153 S. Water St., Chicago, ill. 

46 B 

Sidney Eugene Osgood, Arch,, Widdeoourt Bldg., Grand Rapids, Midi. 
Rudolph Ernest Pnissing, 595 Dearborn St., Chicago, lU. 
Royall Dimock Smith, 16 Ehn St., New Haven, Conn. 
Craig McClelland Watt, 5432 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. 


Cuyler Culver Adams, Orelands Mining Co., Deerwood, Minn. 

Edward Johnson Blair, Metropolitan ''L'', 742 Warren Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Le Brun Cooper, 24 Front St., Owego, N. Y. 

Arthur Melvin Harrington, Machinery, 17th and Callowhill Sts., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Sanford Scribner Holden, Forbes Lith. Mfg. Co., Ry. Exchange Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Benjamin Franklin Mechlin, Jr., 370 Church Lane, Germantown, Pa. 

Ralph Henry Newton, 4500 Ptairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ardiibald Herbert Sayce, 218 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 

Erskine Phelps Wilder, Elmhurst, HI. 


Craig Adair, 402 20th St., Wihnington, Del. 

Lawrence Arnold, Lawyer, 141 Broadwi^, New York City. 

Frank Simon Fitzpatrick, Troy, N. Y. Q Aug. 8, 1906. 

Ira Owen Jones, Wis. Steel Co;, 316 E. 66th St., Chicago, 111. 

Caldwell Mortimer, Lawver, Equitable Bldg., Denver, Col. 

John NewhaU, Glencoe, 111. 

Chester Linwood Roadhouse (Aff. from A^ '05), Teacher, 2129 Parker 

St., Berkeley, Cal. 
James Harold Whitehead, 507 Porter Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Edward Tucker Wilder, Ehnhurst, HI 


Ftands Salisbury Adams, Mining, Torrey Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 

James Harvey Baker, Baldwin Loco. Works, 2020 N. 22d St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

William Henry Ballance, Jr., Gipp Brewery Co;. Peoria, HI. 

Horace Lathrop Dawson, 1225 Judson Ave., BiVanston, 111., Sec. 38th 
G. L., Shield XXII 66. 

Chester Jennings Goodier, U. S. A., Fort Hancock, S. I., N. Y. 

Rodger Hale, Towanda, Pa. 

Alfred Pettis Howes, Jr., Blyth & Bonner, Brokers, 624 Madison Ave., 
New York City. 

Ralph Burt Roe, Chemist, 127 Canner St., New Haven, Conn. 

William Samuel Rowland (Aff. from X^ '04), 1213 13th St., Chem. Eng. 
Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn. 

Robert Major Schmid (Aff. from 11^ '02), 23 Beekman Place, New York 


Charles Rodman StuU, Ridley Park, Pa. 


Horace Patten Baker, 2020 N. 22nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
William Beckwith (Aff. from H"^ '08), Packard Motor Car Co., 197 Putnam 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 


Stephen Charles Hollands, 41 Maple St., Homell, N. Y. 
Harold Dunmore Humpstone, 291 Ryerson St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Rali^ Williams XJllman, 201 Wesley Ave., Oak Park, Hi. 
Van Loan Whitehead, Jr., 507 Porter Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Harold Wilder, McCoughey Lumber Co., Fortson, Wash. 


George Bancroft Chase, North Adams, Mass. 

John Crocker Fisher, Jr. (Aff. from V^ '08), 1019 East Ave., Ehnira, N. Y. 

Henxy Hale, Jr., 123 Cleveland St., Orange, N. J. 

James Armstrong Harris, Jr., 8218 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

George Meinhard Keller, Det. Lusulated Wire Co., 197 Putnam Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Walter M. Leuthold (Aff. from T"^ '09), Lumber, White Fish, Idaho. 
Harry Frederick Prussing, 437 W. 12th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Mark Davis Rector, 1451 Windsor Ave., ChK^ago, 111. 
Norman Edgar Ritdiie, 138 College Ave., Beaver, Pa. 
Herbert Lacy Smith, 224 Ehnwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Robert Hull Tifft, M. E.. 10 Bridge St., New York City. 
George Alfred Tflden, Bldg. Construction, 136th St., and East River, 

New York Qty. 
Roscoe Cook Tmdal, 511 W. 9th St., Wihninston, Del. 
James Wilson UUmann, 201 Wesley Ave., O^ Park, 111. 


William Alden Backus (Aff. from X^ '09), Mech. Eng. Wis. Steel Co., 

7616 Bond Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Nemo Melville Fischer, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Stanton Griffis, Teacher Oregon Agri. Coll., Medford, Ore. 
Kenneth Goadby Haxton, Kent, Conn. 

Thomas Minton Heermans, M. E., 455 54th Ave., West Allis, Wis. 
George Ervin Kent, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Thomas Rice RoUo, 4948 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. 
Joseph Crocker Sibley, Jr., Acadia PL, Franklin, Pa. 
Paul Truman Williamson (Aff. from A^ '08), Stockton, Cal. 


Henry Willet Brown, 512 W. Onondaga St., S3rracuse, N. Y. 

Alan J. Collins, 69 Grand PL, Arlington, N. J. 

Leo Arancis Giblin, 58 Rutger St., Utica, N. Y. 

Malcolm Rivers McNeil, 1312 Maple Ave., Evanston, IH. 

Samuel Frederick Nixon, Westfield, N. Y. 

Harold Sellman Oberrender (Aff. from N^ '10), Stratford Ave., Melrose 

Park, Pa. 
Jerome lyier Thompson, 458 W. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Alfred Mosher Tilden, 31 Wendell St., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Ruftts Isaac Worrell, 304 W. 3rd St., Dayton, Ohio. 


Robert Morford Adams, Torrey Bldg., Duluth, Minn. Sec. 43rd G. L. 

Shield XXVII 137. 
George Clinton Andrews, Jr., 93 Neperan Rd., Tarrytown, N. Y. 

48 B 

John CalTin Barker, Evanston, 111. 

ThonuB Nelson Biihop* Cherry St., Winnetka, 111. 

Bruce Robertson Duvsll. Minto, N. D. 

Clarence Seitz Heim, Kane, Pa. 

Henry Mallory Huchesy Franklin, Pa. 

Benjamin Lane Tenln, 220 South Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 

George Redlleld Nizon (Aff. from ^ '12), Westfield, N. Y. 

John Williams Stoddard, Jr., 72 Bellemont Ave., Dasrton, Ohio. 

Paul Wilder, Ehnhurst, III. 


William Daniel Becker, 1500 Robinwood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Rudolf Patrik de Laval, 136 Highland Ave., Orange, N. J. 
Harold Andrew Fltzsimmons, 241 Maple St., Holyoke, Mass. 
William Andrus Frease, 1503 N. Market St^ Canton, Ohio. 
Frederick Brol Norton, 511 W. Onondaga St^ Syracuse, N. Y. 
Carleton Porter Rez, 8840 Germantown Ave., Chestnut Hill, Pa. 
PhiUp Alfred Richmond, 282 High St., Lockport, N. Y. 
Harry Toulmin Wallis, Girard, Ohio. 
John Bartholomew Wood, 1036 Wahiut St., Newton Highlands, Mass. 


Edwin Hunter Clark, Union City, Pa. 
Morris Way Davidson, Louisville, Ky. 
Bdwin Scott Dawson, Evanston, 111. 
Crawford Arnold Duntley, Chicago, 111. 
Alexander William Keller, Rochester, N. Y. 
Frederick David Kribs, Portland, Ore. 
Clarence Reudy May, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Arthur Moore Shelton, Dunkirk, N. Y. 
George Boulton Hiorp, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Henry Augustus Tilden, Pittsfield, Mass. 
Lynn Bryan Hmmerman, Lima, Ohio, 




Shield VI 165 


Edward Daniel Atwater Frederick Halsey Baldwin 

Wilbur Palmer Davis Oscar Fribbie 

William Worthinqton Gadcomb Samuel Rice Henry 

Edward Judson Hill Georqe Dimon Kellooq 

Rodney Smith Vmiiam Smith 


Wilbur Palmer Davis, St. Albans, Vt. 

Joseph Warren Healey, LL.D., Clergyman, New Orleans, La. 


Edward Daniel Atwater, St. Paul, Minn. Q 1882. 
Frederick Harley Baldwin, Hindsburgh, Vt. Shield VI 183. Q 1870. 
Edward Judson Hill, Lawyer, Chican), lU. 

George Dimon Kellogg, Lawyer, Peru, N. Y. Col. and Brev. Lt. Col. 
U.S.A. Q1868. 


WiLUAM Worthington Gadcomb, St. Albans, Vt. Q 1871. 

Samuel Rice Henry, Westford, Va. Q 1855. 

AuHin A. Ned (Afif. with E '53). 

Rodney Smith, Asst. Paymaster Gen. U. S. A., 39 Whitehall St., New 

Yorkaty. Shield V 146. 
William Smith, Paymaster Gen. U. S. A., Ret. Brig.-Gen. 1606 K. St., 

Washington, D. C. Shield V 219, XI 34. 


William H. Hickock, Burlington, Vt. 
Andrew J. Perry, 99 State St., Chicago, 111. 
Frederick Roloclsont Detroit, Mich. 




Thomas A. Andrews, Ottawa, Ont. 

Oscar Fbisbie, Lawyer, Brooklyn, N. Y. Shield XVII 79. Q Jan. 25, 

W. B. Shnons, Westford, Vt. 
William W. Southgate, Washington, D. C. 

Isaac P. Case, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hemy Partridge Cutting, Franconia, N. H. 

Ptolemy O'Meara Edson, M. D., 36 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury, Mass. 
John Worthington Newton, Capt. U. S. V., Roxbury, Mass. 
KOLUN Mabsh Richmond, Banker, Quindaro. Kan. Q 1858. 
William De Forest Wilson, Lawyer, St. Aloans, Vt. 

Discontinued in July, 1857 



EsTABUSHBD Dbcbmbbb 13, 1889 

Shield V 200 Memorial Histobt 253 


Wolcott Haddey Butler Edwin RAymond Cole 

Clarence Elbert DePuy George Thonuui McGee 

George D. Rebec Lyman Benjamin Trumbull 

Edward Dodge Warner 


Augustus Seymour Butter, Lawyer, Allegan, Mich. 

Wolcott Hackley Butter, Lawyer, 806 Arch St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

George Hall ConUin, M. D., 2119 Ogden Ave., Superior. Wis. 

Clarence Elbert DePuy, Eng., 411 N. Eimwood Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

William M. Miller, Lawyer, Pasadena, Cal. Q Feb. 20, 1896. 

George D. Rebec, North Yakima, Wash. 

Lyman Benjamin Trumbull, lokwyer, Carter Bldg., Jackson, Mich. 

Edward Dodge Warner, 5632 Rural Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Lawrence Thomas Cole, Rector Trinity School, 147 W. 91st Street, New 
York aty, 20th P. G. L., 37th G. L., 1905. Shield XVI 310, XXI 76. 
George Thomas McGee, Eng., 2005 Jerome PL, Helena, Mont. " '"■ 
John Herbert WInans (Aff. from P^ '89), Lawyer, 150 Nassau St., New 
York aty. 


rin Raymond Cole, Prof., Watronsville, Mich. 
Ernest Toseiih Dennen, Clergjrman, 80 S. Common St., Lynn, Mass. 
George Heniy Field, Con. Eng., 89 Alger Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Harvey Russell Gaylord, M. D., East Aurora, N. Y. 
Hvah Father MeGaughey (Aff. with P^ '96). 
Arthur Heniy Veysey, Teacher and author. Orchard Hill, Stockbridge, 



Ernest Nelson Bullock, Clergyman, 530 Broadway Ave., South Boston, 

Edward Leigh Gedney (Aff. from T^ '94), Dentist, 1808 W. 31st St., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ross Chauncey Whitman, M. D., 1147 12th St., Boulder, Col. 
Piercy Wilson, Silver City, N. M. 


52 r^ 


Frank Briscoe, Automobile Mfr., Groese Point, Detroit, Mich. Shield 

XXVII 72. 
Howard Malcolm Coz, Patent Attv., 35 Kemwood Park PL, Chicago, 111. 
Augustine Smith Gaylord. Agriculturist, Box 673, Pasadena, Cal. 
Charles Henry Grinr, Prof., 1000 Ohio St., Lawrence, Kan. 
Frank Foster Van Tiurl, Con. Eng., 118 Horton Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Walter Wellington Woodbury, Lawyer, JefiFerson, Ohio. 


James Burt Hamilton, Wickes Bros., Machinery, 139 Liberty St., New 

York aty. 
William Franklin Holmes, M. D., 863 Main St., Brockton, Mass. 
John Albert SLreis, Eng., 36 Horton Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Thomas Durand McCoU, Eng., City Wire Insp., Toledo, Ohio. 
Horace Hill Van Tuyl, Engraving, 502 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Guy Voorhees Williams (Aff. from O '96 and S^ '96), Shoes, Portsmouth, 

Paul Darling Wright (Aff. from E"^ '96), Mfr., 515 Wahiut St., Erie, Pa. 
William Wise Young, Eng., 430 N. 37th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Ralph Collamore, Arch. & Eng., 25 Hancock Ave., W. Detroit, Mich. 
Robert Wilson Hyde, Agriculturist, R. F. D. No. 3, Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Richard Huss Sutphen, Lawyer, 203 Jefferson Street, Defiance, Ohio. 

Pros. Atty. Shield XXV 207. 
Clifford Ross Tatem, Eng., 401 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Granville Malcolm Coz, Eng., 4524 Lake St., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Mintum Dean, Ins., 1106 Church St., Chicago, 111. 

Norman Honore Hackett, Actor, 441 Fourth Ave., Detroit, Mich. Shield 

XXV 9, XXVI 125. 
Richard Matthews Heames, Flour, Renard Apartments, Detroit, Mich. 
Louis Alvin SLreis, Lawyer, 4544 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
William Keepers Maxwell, Raibx>ad, 7QQW. 11th St., Kansas City, Kan. 
Frank Vincent Sackett, 159 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Frank Noble Savage, £. E., 2483 Lakewood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Philip Ralston Thomas (Aff. from T"^ '98), Dentist, Ribbing, Minn. 
Henry Elmore Wilkinson, Austin, Texas. 


Frank Tones Arbuckle, Planter, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. 
Carl Munson Green, Advertising, 1416 Jefferson St., Toledo^ Ohio. 
Martin Charles Huggett, Sec., 375 College Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
FraiUc Powell Llewellyn, Lumber, 306 High St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Charles Rufus MoreV, Prof., 20 Bank St.. Princeton, N. J. 
Charles Edward Wehrle, Toledo, Ohio. Shield XVI 288. Q Aug. 
21, 1900. 




Jenaro y Caballero DavilAt Eng.. Carle de Hidalgo, MoDt6K«y, Mex. 
Clifton Harvey Bushnell (Ajff. from ^ '00), Lumber, 1716 Peim St., 

Kansas CSty^ Mo. 
Joseiih Breckenndge Hitchcock. Merchant, 62 Church St., Ware, Mass. 
Joseph Walter Wood, Mfr., Niles, Mich. 


Forest Henry Lancashke, Eng., Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 
Russell Roy McPeek, Lawyer, Harris Ave., Charlotte, Mich. Pros. Atty. 
Frederick Chaffee Nash, Grower, 180 Madison St., Pasadena, Cal. 
Herman Campbell Stevens. 4245 Brooklyn Ave., Seattle, Wash. Treas. 

32nd G. L., Sec. 33rd 6. L. Shield XVI 40. 
William Wilson Talcott, Prin., 726 W. 61st St., C^iicago, lU. 
Arthur Richmond Tower (Ajff. from X '01), Furniture, 747 Chapman St., 

San Jose, Cal. 
Burt H. Winchester, Eng., Essex Bldg., Newark, N. J. Grad. Sec., 43rd 

G. L., 1911. Shield XXVII 138. 


Ralph Jason Bidwell, Advertising, Call Bldg.. San Francisco, Cal. 
Wm Stanley Cookson, 38 Pleasant St., Fitchbura;, Mass. 
Alfred John Kinnucan, Salesman Mich. Malleable Son Co., Detroit. Mich. 
Herbert Leonard Maris, Real Estate, 1221 N. Redfield St., Philadelphia, 

John Chase Scully (Aff. from E^ '02), Lawyer, 518 Bryan Ave^ Peoria, 111. 
Milton Newberger Shnon (Aff. from M^ '02,) Lawyer, 23 W. 26th St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Frederick will Thumau, Adv. Mgr. Hampton's Mag., 2107 Kenmore 

Ave., Chicago, HI. 
Harry C. Thumau, Prof., 1022 Packard St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Floyd Jerome Wood, 698 Main St., Niles, Mich. 


John Amos Belford, La¥0^er, S. Main St., Frankfort, Ind. 
Fred Charles Crumpacker, Lawyer, 406 S. Hohman St., Hammond, Ind. 
Harry Lewis Crumpacker, Lawyer, 228 E. Fourth St., Michigan City^ Ind. 
Owen Lucas Crumpacker, Lawyer, 406 S. Holman St., Hammond, Ind. 
Stephen Codding Mason, M. D^ Menominee, Mich. 


Robert S. Flesheim, Eng., Allis Chalmers Co., Detn»t, Mich. 

Herbert Spencer Graver, Eng., 7211 Yale Ave., Chicago, HI. 

Norman Luther Hanson, Banker, Penysburg, Ohio. 

Harry Winfred McClure, Mfr., 513 El. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

George Piirung, 4452 Perry St., Chicago, Bl. 

Samuel Emory Thomason, Lawyer, 10430 Longwood Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Wmiam Thomas Walker, Eng., 306 E. Court St., Fhnt, Mich. 

64 r^ 


Alexftttder McDonald Graver, Eng., 7211 Yale Ave., Chicago, lU. 
William Henry Foote, Eng., 1437 S. Park Ave., West Seneca, N. Y. 
Burt Horr Montgomery, M. D., 6344 LakewooKi Ave., Cluca«o, HI. 
William Boydaton Norm, Eng., 2140 Robinwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 
Elmer Norman Whjrte, Bookkeeper, 1631 E. First St., Duluth, Minn. . 


Ralph AUuon Adams (AS. from U^ '05 and with P^ '06). 

Robert Isaac Gale, Ena., Ill N. Washin^n St., Owobeo, Mich. 

Robert Warren Gotahall, Eng., 4124 Sheridan Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Tames B. Nicholson, Holl^ood, Los Angles, Cal. 

Phineas H. Spaulding, Mm. Eng., Newnure, Col. 

Isaac J^ Thorpe, Telephone, 549 Clinton St., Newark, N. J. 

Arthur F. Thumau, Mining, 409 W. Third St., Joplin, Mo. 

Gunner Wingard, Eng., N. W. Improvement Co., Red Lodge, Mont. 


Carl Howard Clement, Eng., Western Mott Co., Flint, Mich. 

Alfred Black Koch, Dty Goods, 2117 Robinwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 

George Hans Kuhn, Eng., 752 Wellington Ave., Chicago, lU. 

Allen Gustavus Olsen, U. S. N., Navy Yard, San Francisco, Cal. 

Harnr Oral Potter, Mint Producer, 213 N. Cochrane Ave., Charlotte, 

Edward Burke Victor Sigersan (Aff. from U^ *06 and with P^ '07). 


Lloyd Logan Boone, Boone Lumber Co., Montpelier, Ohio. 

Winfield Sanford Bowman, Real Estate, 1014 Laurel St., Kansas CSty, 

John Crocker Fiecher, Jr. (Aff. with B '09). 

Edward F. Mayne, Salesman, 603 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Neal M. McCullough, Banker, 422 W. 10th St., Anderson, Ind. 
Joseph Newton Aj^uckle McCreart, Toledo, Ohio. O March 28, 1910. 
Eric Pareon (Aff. with I '08). 

Burritt Alton Parks, Eng., R. F. D. No. 5, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
David Francis Stevenson (Aff. from S '08), Advertising, Rochester, Minn. 


Chauncey Samuel Boucher, Asist. Prof. Univ. of Mich., Marion, Ind. 

Maurice E. Crumpacker, Lawyer, Valparaiso, Ind. 

Percy FranUyn Dunphy, Quincy, Mich. 

Benjamin Rudolph Bggeman, Lawyer, 164 Clinton St., Detroit, Mich. 

Giles Morton Fritch, Business Coll., 4553a Cook Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Max Hulett, Lawyer, 38 Hague Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Harvey McKni^t Mauss, J. Walter Thompson Co., Advertising, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Walter Nielsen, Leather, Wyoming. Ohio. 

Frank Huibhel West (Aff. from X^ '08), C. E., James Stewart Co., 30 
Church St., New York Qty. 


1910 . 

Fred Edwin Gooding (Aff. from ^ '09), Journalist, 926 W. Market St., 

lima, Ohio. 
Bradford Shinkie SLreis, Eng., Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
MeUen Chamberlain Martin, 543 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
James Joy Miller, Salesroom, 130 Langiey Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Jost Wilford Petrie (Aff. from E '09), Qiemist, Flint, Mich. 


Charles Allen Bowman, 1108 Laurel Ave^ Kansas City. Kan. 
Harold Welles Crawford, Clerk, 710 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Cecil Royal Evans, Forester, Cheboygan, Mich. 

Richard W. Hickman, Jr., Forester, 2329 First St., Washington. D. C. 
Virg^ Morris Knisley, Newspaper, 1068 W. Market St., Lima, Ohio. 
Walter Bernard Montgomery, Eng., 6344 Lakewood Ave., Chicago. 111. 
Joseph Harold Peterson, Lumber, 2304 Robinwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 
Hugh Morehead Ptnkerton, Lawyer, 345 Gladstone Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 
William Paul Pinkerton, Lawyer, 345 Gladstone Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 
Arthur Reid Stubbs, Real Estate, 1012 Cleveland Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 


Harvey Francis Comwell, 1009 Comwell PL, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Frank Daniels, 1612 E. Madison St., Seattle, Wash. 
John Maurice Fol^ (Aff. from X '11), 33 Champlain St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Oakley Fumey (Aff. from X '11), Teacher, 72 Munroe Ave., Brockport, N. Y. 
Mard&aU King Gorham, Lumber, 304 Fancher St^ Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Robert Marsh KendalL 1815 Franklin Pk., S., (Jolumbus, Ohio. 
Stanley Arthur Kreis, Glenway Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
WHliam Cowie Restrick, 192 Canfield Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Harold Vincent Yocum, Clerk, 324 2nd St., Jackson, Mich. 


Kenelm Winslow Collamore, 1997 Washington Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 

J^mes Donovan, Jr., Napoleon, Ohio. 

William Burton Hmton, Muskogee, Okla. 

Arthur Henry Kuhn, 752 Wellington Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Max Kuhr, Chinook, Mont. 

Harold Barclay Williamson, 109 California Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Barton Dixon Wood (Aff. from H^ 42), 807 19th St., Merced, Cal. 


Sverett Leonard Bentley, 2371 W. Grand Blvd.. Detroit, Mich. 
Michael Henry Boyle (Aff. from 0^'13), 224 14th Ave., E., Duluth, Minn. 
John Robert T. Craine, 408 Howard St., Altoona, Pa. 
Paul Kenneth Cubbison, 2500 N. 10th St., Kansas City, Kan. 
Granville Squiers Lamb, Charlotte, Mich. 
John Clifford Potter, Charlotte, Mich. 

George Cornell Patterson, 1195 Warren Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. 
Rudolph Otto Smith, Kearsarge, Mich. 



Established Januabt 26, 1853 

Charter Surrendered, March 9, 1871 

Re-estabushed November 2, 1883 

Charter Surrendered, October 28, 1896 

Shield VI 36 

charter members 

Antonio F. De Lacerda Auousto F. De Laciwda 

W. P. Oppenheimer George Arnou> Mason 

Charles B. 


Thobcas K. Baltzell, C. £., TaUahassee, Fla. Ch. Eng. Govt. Works, 

Tampa Bay. 
George B. Hunt, Great Barrington, Mass. Q 1881. 


Edward D. Barton, Troy, N. Y. Killed in Naval Battle. 

Antonio F. de Lacerda, Largo de Roma, Bahia, Brazil. Shield I 206 (a). 

AuGUSTO F. DE Lacerda, C. E., Bahia, Brazil. Shield I 206. XIV 77. 

Q 1898. (a). 
Horatio G. Lloyd, Middletown, Del. 
George Arnold Mason (Aff. from A '56), Chicago, Bl. Shield VI 403. 

Q March 12, 1855. 
W. P. Oppenheimer, Ponce, Porto Rico. Shield I 206 (a). 
Henry A. Redmond, New York Qty. 
James G. Smith, Chicopee, Mass. 
Peter F. Story, Poughk^psie, N. Y. 
Tench F. Tilghman, Ch. Eng. M. & D. R. R^ Oxford, Md. Shield XIX 

347. Q 1867. Col. on l^y guard of Jefferson Davis. 
J. Watson Webb, 2nd, New York City. 
Walter W. Webb, Jr., St. Paul, Minn. 

(a). These three fraters were undoubtedly elected. Their names 
were sent to Burgess, the badge maker at Albany, and by him furnished 
to John P. Little, A '60, for the Manuscript Cataloeue of 1859. These 
names were omitted by Franklin Burdge, Z '56, Editor of the 1875 
Catalogue and the 1880 Supplement. The Charter members are quoted 
from the Memorial History. 




John Porter Beach (AS. from A '56), Nashville, Tenn. 

£. L. Biddle, Beloit, Wis. 

Frederick A. Braehm (Aff, with A '57>. 

John Camp, Jr., Jersey City, N.J. 

Harvey S. Chatfield, New York City. 

John M. Clark, C. E., Leather, 2000 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. U. S. 

Thomas C. Deven, New York City. 
Francis C. Draper, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Joseph Lawrence Hicks, M. D^ Flushing, N. Y. Burgeon 1st N. Y. V. 
George P. B. Hill, Brantford, Ont. 

William I>ummer Jarvis, Ret. Lieut.-Col. British Army, Toronto, Ont. 
William P. Kellogg, Troy, N. Y. Q May 30, 1903. 
George B. McOmber, Washington, D. C. 
George Arnold Mason (Aff. from A '56), Chicago, 111. Shield VI 403. 

Q March 12,' 1855. 
William D. Powell, Niagara, Ont. 

William Prince, Lieut. Ordnance U. S. A., Flushing, N. Y. 
Charles B. Richards, San Francisco, Cal. 
C. Elliott Rowand, Charleston, S. C. 
Robert B. Thurston, Huntington, N. Y. 


E. Pearce Horne, Milledgeville, Ga. Q Sept. 8, 1903. 

Burton L. Kingsbury, Burlington. Kan. 

Charles Macdonald, C. E., Con. Eng., 26 Exchange PI., New York City. 

Frederic Mbrcur, Gen. Supt. L. V. R. R. Mines, Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Edmund H. Murnet, Belleville, Ont., Supt. of R. K. in Spain. Q 1866. 

James McB. Prioleau (Aff. witii A '57). 


John D. Abert, Washington, D. C. 

James C. Coit, Col. U. S. A., Cheraw, S. C. S. C. Legis. 1867. Compt. 

Gen. and Lieut. Gov., 8. C. 
Clark Fisher, C. E., Eagle Anvil Works, Trenton, N. J. Ch. Eng. 

U. S. N. Shield XX 67. O Dec. 31, 1903. 
Edward Harlbston, Charleston, S. C. O Oct. 30, 1891. 
Henry Harley, C. E., Pittsburg, Pa. Shield V 222. Q Dec. 5, 1889. 
William S. Kimball, Rochester, N. Y. Shield XI 17, Q March 26, 1895. 
Robert T. Luce, Yonkers, N. Y. 
J. J. McPherson, Charleston. S. C. 
Henry W. Mewan, C. E., Asst. Eng. U. S. S. Weehawken, Brooklyn, 

N. Y. Memorial window placed at R. P. I. Shield II 161. Q Dec. 

6, 1863. 
George H. Pierce, C. E., Richmond, P. Q. Q March, 1911. 
Charles A. Stetson, Co-proprietor of the Astor House, New York City. 

Entertained the 15th, 17th, 20th, 2l8t, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th and 

27th Conventions J1862-1874). 



Oliver S. Ackley, Lawyer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John B. Carpenter, Ch. Eng. U. 8. N., Wyoming, Pa. Q July 22, 1888. 

James Charles Fitzpatrick, Brooklyn, N. Y. War correspondent on 

staff of Gen. Bumside. Q June 27, 1901. 
Ormond W. Follin, C. £., Santa Cnu, Cal. 
William B. Gibson, M. D., New York City. 
Theodore Ignatius Heizmann, C. E., Ch. Eng. P. R. R., Reading, Pa. 

Shield VI 52. Q March 3, 1911. 
Joseph J. Henry, Capt. U. S. V., Oxford, N. J. Killed at Roanoke 

Island. His body was found b^ide that of another Theta Delt, their 

hands clasped in the grip. Q Feb., 1862. 
L. Charles Inglis, Baltimore^ Md. 
William W. Miller, Wheehng. W. Va. 
William A. Robertson, MirsSores, Mexico. 
Russell Sage, 2nd., C. E., New York City. Shield VIII 27. Q Feb. 4, 

Franklin G. Smith, C. E., Brig. Gen. U. S. A., 1306 21st St., N. W., Wash- 

ington, D. C. Shield VI 50, XIV 318. 


William Pope Anderson, Pres. Cotton Seed Oil Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Col. U. S. V. Shield XIV 189. Q Nov. 21, 1897. 
James McDonald, Jr., Alba^, N. Y. 
Calvin Pardee, Coal, Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 


James Cromwell, C. E., Cornwall, N. Y. Maj. 124 N. Y. V. Killed at 

Gettysburg. Memorial window placed at R. P. I. Shield VI 60. 

Q July 2, 1863. 
Frederick F. Durand, Dentist, South Orange, N. J. 
Warren T. Kellogg, C. E., Auditor, 460 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y. 
James H. Perry, Gen. Insp. of Mchy., Bureau Steam Eng. U. S. N., 

420 W. 118th St., New York City. 
Thomas Guilford Smith, C. E., LL.D., Carnegie Steel Co., EUicott Sq., 

Buffalo, N. Y. Shield VI 60. 
John N. Strader, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Ons Fisher, Trenton, N. J., 1st Lieut. 8th U. S. Inf. Killed at Peters- 
burg. Shield II 165. Q Oct. 3, 1864. 

William Henrt Scranton, Gen. Mgr. Oxford Iron and Nail Co., Oxford, 
N. J. Shield V 71. Q June 19, 1889. 

Peter Dmnont Vroom, C. E., Brig.-Gen. U. S. A., Trenton, N. J. 


Churchill Crittenden, San Francisco, Cal. Killed in C. S. A. 
Marshall Hastings, Benicia, Cal. 
James G. Knap^ Ogdensburg, N. Y. 


August E. W. Painter, C. E., Iron Mfr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Shield XIX 
313. Q July 4, 1903. 

Benjamin C. Potts, C. £., Lawyer, Media, Pa. Ck)inin. Ist Cat. Conven- 
tion orator, 1875. Q July 31, 1908. 

Thomas Nye Van Valkenburgh, Lockport, N. Y. Shield XXIV 167. 
Q Dec. 10, 1907. 


Sidney £. Cooke, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Arthur J. Dillon, St. Louis, Mo. 
J. Lawrence Rathbone, San Francisco, Cal. U. S. Consul Gen., Pans, 

1887-91. Q May 2, 1907. 
Homer H. Warner, M. D., New York City. 
Drake Whitney, C. E., 335 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 


Edward H. Hammond, Newark, N. J. Q 1879. 

Andrew L. Hughes, St. Joseph, mo. 

Freeborn G. Jewett, Selkirk, N. Y. 

William Silliman. Cornwall, N. Y. Col. 26th U. S. Colored Inf. Wounded 

at Gregory's Farm. Q Dec. 26, 1864. 
John C. Thompson, C. E., Asst. Eng. Croton W. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 
William Wheelwright, London, Eng. 


Walter C. Childs, 56 Pine St., New York Qty. 

Charles H. Dauchy, Trojjr, N. Y. Shield XIX 129. Q Jan. 21, 1903. 

Charles Davison, 100 Wilham St., New York City. Comm. Ist Cat. 

Bertram Delafield, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Theodore N. Ely, C. E., Ch. of Motive Power, P. R. R., Altoona, Pa. 

Alfred DbF. Gale, Troy, N. Y. Q 1877. 

John Gillespy, 1729 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Edward M. Green, Hardware, Troy. N. Y. 

Thomas L. Knap, C. E., Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Charles Underhill, Ossining, N. Y. 

Eugene Vanderpool, Newark, N. J. Q July 12, 1903. 


Dalton Dorr, Philadelphia, Pa. Q Feb. 26, 1901. 
HoLMER Reeves Ingalls, Troy, N. Y. Q Dec. 10, 1900. 
WiLLLUif L. NicoLL, U. S. N., Southampton, N. Y. Q July 2, 1887. 
Francis H. Saylor, C. E., Pres. Phila. Bridge Works, Pottstown, Pa. 


Edward G. Gilbert, Troy, N. Y. Q 1893. 


William N. Burgess, M. E., Kansas City, Mo. 

St. Clair Denny, Pittsburg Pa. 

Robert Forsyth* C. E., Con. Eng., 1159 Rookery, Chicago. 111. 


Joseph Mullin, C. E., Lawyer, Watertown, N. Y. N. Y. Senator, 1897, 

Shield XIII 261. Q Sept. 2, 1897. 
John W. Trott, Niagara FaJls, N. Y. 


Anthony H. Blaisdell, C. £., Eng. Mo. River Comm., St. Louis, Mo. 

Thomas C. Clabkson. Pittsburgh, Pa. Q Sept< 28, 1902. 

Robert C. Neal, M. E., Pres. Harr. Rolling Mill Co., 15 N. Front St., 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Charles H. Scott, M. E., Merchant, Drexel Bldg.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
William C. Strawbbidoe, M. E., Lawyer, Philaaelphia, Pa. Sec. 2nd 

G. L. Q Sept. 20, 1907. 


William IL Adams, Jr., New York City. 

Graham Macfarlane, C. E., Min. E2ng., Pres. Red River Iron Co., Lincoln 

Bldg., Louisville, Ky. 
John W. Smnickson, 1435 S. 50th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


OuxileB ChriHian Kneideu (AS. with Z 73). 
Francis Shippen, Hoboken, N. J. Q 1896. 

The Charge Ceased to Exist in 1870 

Chabteb Surbsnderbd March 9, 1871 

Re-established November 2, 1883 

Manuel Francisco Aguayo (Initiated at P^ '87), Porto Rico. Q Oct. 4, 

Juan Francisco Echeverria (Initiated at 11^), C. E., San Jose, Costa Rica. 
M. C, Sec. of Treas., Gov. State of limon. 


Johannes H. Cuntz, C. E., 325 Hudson St., Hoboken, N. J. 
Ricardo Jose Echeverria, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

William Chauncey Hawlev (Initiated at P^), C. E., Ch. Eng. Penn. Water 
Co., 701 Wood St., WilkinsburK, Pa. Shield IX 19. 

iohn Van W. Reynders, Jr., C. E., v. P. Penn. Steel Co., Steelton, Pa. 
f orris Robeson Sherrerd, (Initiated at 4»), Ch. Eng., City Hall, Newark, 
N. J. 


Ricardo Manuel Arango, C. E., Ch. Eng. Rep. of Panama, E. E. & M. P. 

from Panama to Court of St. James. 
Isaac Cruse Blandy. C. E., Banker & Paper Mfr., Greenwich, N. Y. 

Treas. 18th G. L., Sec. 19th G. L. 
Thomas Earie, C. E., Supt. B. & C. Dept. Penn^ Steel Co., Steelton, Pa. 
Herman Ro86ntreter,Prin. Asst. Eng. Water Dept., City Hall, Newark, N. J. 
Jnuus C. ScHREiBER, Hobokcu, N. J. 


WUliam G. Preston, Publisher, 443 4th Ave., New York Qty. 

Robert G. Simonds, Treas. Bush Termmal Co., 100 Broad St., New York 



George Swetland Groesbeck, C. E., Con. Eng. N. Y., W. & B. Ry., 20 

Exchange PL, New York City. 
Edward M. WiUdns, 211 9th Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 


John £. Consalus, The Hampton, Albany. N. Y. 

Hugh H. Pitcaim (Aff. from t '88), Res. £ng. M. & D. Ry., Manila, P. I. 


James Currie Hallock, C. £., Dep. Ch. Eng., City Hall, Newark, N. J. 

Treas. 22nd G. L. 1st Grad. Sec. G. L. 1909. Shield XVIII 294, 

XXV 190, XXVI 19, 114. 
William Manning Miller, Bay City, Mich. Q Feb. 20^ 1896. 
Alejandro Posada, Bogota, Columbia. 


Carlos Constantino Arosemena, C. E., Sec. Dept. Public Works, Panama. 

E. E. & M. P. from Panama to U. S. Shield XX 354. 
Charles Edwin Birch, C. E., 90 West St., New York City. 
Springer Harbauoh Bradley, Pittsburgh, Pa. Shield VI 449. Q 

Sept. 5, 1890. 
Edward Seymour Brown, Scottsville, N. Y. Shield XVI 371. Q Nov. 

3, 1900. 
Leonard M. Cox, C. E., Lieut. Comm. U. S. N., Bureau Yards and Docks, 

Washington, D. C. 
Samuel Carletan Hawhi (Aff. from and with U^ '92). 
Carlos Yznaqa, Sugar and cattle plantation, Trinidad, Cuba. U. S. 

Consul, Lieut. Gov. of District. Shield X^CVII 210. Q Sept. 21, 1910. 


Tim B. Cram, Ry. Materials Co., Old Colony Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Jose B. Palados, Esmeraldas, Ecuador. 

C. Victor Rice, Pitts. Dry Goods Co., 115 9th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
James D. Ringwood, Ilion, N. Y. 


Thomas D. Ringwood, Asst. Eng. N. Y. State Dept. of Highways, Ilion, 

N. Y. 


William C. Brohm, C. E., Ch. Eng. Grainger & Co., 101 Tenth St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Hany M. Gould, C. E., V. P. Foster-Creighton-Gould Co., Berry Block, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Walter J. Towne, C, E., Eng. Maintenance of Way, C. & N. W. R. R., 
215 Jackson Blvd., Chicago, III. 



Geon;e Henry Beebe, C. E., Ch. Eng. and Supt. Water Bureau, 137 N. 

State St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Edwin C. Clabk, Waterloo, N. Y. Q Oct. 5, 1909. 
Robert I. Gleason, G. E., Contractor, 121 Second St., Troy, N. Y. 
John B. Parr» Mech. Eng., 328 Monroe St., Butler, Pa. 

Charles Toseph McDonough, C. E., 1st Asst. Eng. Barge Canal, Buffalo, 

Donald Wallace Mackay, C. E., Troy, N. Y. 

Frederic RenssaUer Schoomnaker, Pub. Bureau Gen. Elec. Co., Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. 


Louis B. Foley, Actor, Care Geo. W. Law, Mmhurst, III. 
Toseph A. Meehan, 43 W. 105th St., New York City. 
Theodore H. Schoepf, E. E., West Elec. & Mfg. Co., 6830 McPherson 
Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Charter Surrendered October 28, 1896 



. Chartered April 20, 1900 
Initiation and Installation at Liberty Hall op the Pythian Castle 

San Francisco, April 28, 1900 
Shield XVI 111 

charter members 

Ernest White Arnold Charles Grant Bailey 

David Monroe Barnwell McCuUough Graydon 

Aaron Edwards Jackson Robert Branks Macdonald 

St John Edward McCormick Harry Deloss Porter 

Joseph Jay Scott Shirley Cyrus Walker 

Luden James White 


Ernest White Arnold, Corvallis, Ore. 

St. John Edward McCormick, 351 7th St., San Francisco, Cal. 


David Monroe Barnwell, Fresno, Cal. 

Wilfred Reginald Houghton Hodgkin, Clergyman, 2316 Cedar St., Berke- 
ley, Cal. 


McCullough Graydon, Fres. Pac. Coast Hosp. Assn., Phelan Bldg., San 

Francisco, Cal. 
Robert Branks Macdonald. 1 Broderick St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Shirley Cyrus Walker, Walker Adv. Agency, Phelan Bldg., San Francisco, 



Charles Grant Bailey, 1332 Walnut St., Berkeley, Cal. 
Henry Roy Brinck, Fruit Grower, Winters, Cal. 
William Albert Brinck, Fruit Grower, Winters, Cal. 
Oliver Wendall Himter, Lumber, 2518 College Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Aaron Edwards Jackson, Oakland, Cal. Q Nov. 17, 1903. 
Ralph Howard Merrill, Ins.. Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Hiuny Deloss Porter, 2243 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Joseph Jay Scott, Newspaper, Hanford Block, San Francisco, Cal. 
Lucien James White, Vacuum Cleaner Co., Merchants Ex. Bldg., San 
Francisco, Cal. 


66 AA 


Max William Enderlein, Lemoore, Cal. 

Roy Jewett Hutchins, Min. Eng., Bank of Arizona Bldg., Presoott, Ariz. 

James Edwin Roadhousb, Berkeley, Cal. Q Nov. 27, 1907. 

Howard Thompson Wajme, Globe, Ariz. 

Olin Wellborn, Jr., Lawyer, Stimpson Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Julian Adams, 1711 Fletcher Ave., South Pasadena, Cal. 

Weldon Fairbanks Barnes, New England Bldg., luinsas City, Mo. 

Talmage Bert Crane, Story Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Samuel Chase Haight, 2433 Haste St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Augustine Carter Keane, Lawyer, 1924 Washington St., San Francisco, Cal. 

William McCleave, Jr., U. S. A., Fort Whipple, Prescott, Ariz. 

Arthur James McComb, Otis Elev. Co., 741§ Nprthrup St., Portland, Ore. 

Thomas Eugene Risley, 2380 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

CheHer Linwood Roadhouse (Aff. with B '06). 


Edgar Earl Barker, Min. Eng., Nevada City, Cal. 

Henry Ward Beecher, C. C. Moore & Co., Seattle, Wash. 

Ober Wilson Bryant, Monrovia, Cal. 

Erie Long Cope, C. E., Berkeley, Cal. 

Walter Raymond De Leon, Actor, Berkelev, Cal. Shield XXVI 376. 

Douglas jAnies Graham, Vulcan Lron Works. San Francisco, Cal. 

Daniel TrrrBRiNQTON Montgomery, Berkeley, Cal. Q Oct. 30, 1907. 


Frank Henry Buck, Jr., Lawver, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 

Elliot Simson Crane, Fairbanks Morse Co., Seattle, Wash. 

Frank Roberts Havenner (Aflf. from X^ '05 and with H^ '07). 

Claude Carlos Kern, Elec. Fixtures, 487 Kingston Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

George WaUace Elneisley, C. E., Guthrie, Okla. 

Woodworth Allen Ryder, Artist, 2036 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Claude Arthur Wajme, 2621 Dalton Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Julian Carter Whitman, Farmer, Greenacres, Wash. 


George Thomas Boyd, Yuba City, Cal. 

Ralph Donald Robinson, 680 Broadway, Portland, Ore. 

Norman Waite Shaw, Arch., 171 i 16th St., Portland, Ore. 

George Hill Stoddard, Nestor Elec. Co., 2060 Jackson St., San Francisco, 

Paid Truman Williamson (Aff. with B '10). 


Abraham Frank Bangs, Haberdasher, Eugene, Ore. 
Edward Lewis Barber, 2220 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, Cal. 
Freeman Wate Bowley, U. S. Cadet, U. S., M. A., West Point, N. Y. 
Charles Raymond Clinch, Gen. Mdse., Grass Valley, Cal. 


James William Caughy, Orchardist, Vacaville, Cal. 

Joseph Edward Hill, Sec. Cal. Canneries, 600 Minnesota St., San Francisco^ 

David Leith McKay, Fuller Glass Co., San Francisco, Cal. 
David Naffziger Morgan, Prof. Stockton H. S., Stockton, Cal. 
Arthur Ferris Moultoo, Pacific Tel. Co., Seattle, Wash. 
Clarence Leroy Porter, Farmer, Esperanza, Mexico. 
Harry Albert Thornton, 193 HiUcrest Rd., Berkeley, Cal. 


Joseph Barbour Danielson, Orchardist, Suisuin, Cal. 

Leon Marion Gove, Real Estate, 1213 Chestnut St., Berkeley, Cal. 

George Raymond Kingsland, Otis Elev. Co., Hotel St. James, Los Angeles, 

Raymond William Parsons, Mine Owner, Grass Valley, Cal. 
Richard Charles Pierce, 1809 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Alexander Campbell Stoddard, Hog Reusing Expert, 2060 Jackson St., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
George Casey White, 400 Broderick St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Watt Willis Clinch, Grass VaUey, Cal. 

Ralph Countiyman, 653 Chetwood St., Oakland, Cal. 

Clifford WiUiam Lord, Cashier Home Tel. Co., 1903 Telegraph Ave., 

Berkeley, Cal. 
Robcsrt Harrison Moulton, 175 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, Cal. 
Lawrence Knox Marshal, 1903 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Harvey Lorenze Van Fleet, Agriculturist, Lower Lake, Cal. 


George Norman Browning, 1517 Sherman St., Alameda, Cal. 
Ralph Carpenter Emmons, 1722 13th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Nathaniel Gould Harrold, Farmer, Esperanza, Mex. 
Burdett Arnold Otis, 421 W. Adams St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Carl Diederer Adams, Sugar Expert, Uplands, Cal. 
David Ernest Alvord, Ventura, Cal. 

Leonard William Buck, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 
Eugene Daney, Jr., 2131 Albatross St., San Diego, Cal. 
Kendal Phelps ftost, 1011 W. 23rd St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Henry AdolfSi Heilbron, 2025 M St., Sacramento, Cal. 
Ernest Francis Moulton, 175 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, Cal. 
Charles Low Reynolds, Riverside, Cal. 
Irving Scott, Sutter Club, Sacramento, Cal. 


Vic Ellis Breeden, Santa Ana, Cal. 

Elvin Frederick Chapman, Evanston, Wyo. 

James Warren Stitt, Jr., 2411 Bowditch St., Berkeley, Cal. 



Chartered May 12, 1853 

Discontinued in 1861 

Attempted Revival in January, 1871 

Re-established April 22, 1904 

Shield XX 141 


MoTTROM DuLANY Ball Alexander Taylor Bell 

John Bucleioh Donovan Charles Rollin Grandy 

Edward L. Hoof Austin A. Nbbl, V 

Samuel H. Neuman Leonidas W. Smith 

Charles Wilkinson John Henry Ducachet Winofield 


William Yelverton Peyton, Ed. Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, Va. 
Q July 2, 1859. 


Daniel McCarty Chichester, Lawyer, Fairfax Court House, Va. Va. 
Legis. Co. Judge. Q April 25, 1897. 

John Bucleigh Donovan, Lawyer, Mathews Court House, Va, 26th 
Va. Inf. C. S. A. Only survivor of his company at the surr^ider at 
Appomattox. Comm. Atty. 1893-00. Q Nov. 20, 1900. 

Edward L. Hoof, Shepardstown, W. Va. 

Austin A. Neel (Aff. from F '54), Lawyer, Ed. Virginia Gazette, Fin- 
castle, Va., Staff Officer C. S. A. Q 1862. 

Samuel H. Neuman, Baltimore, Md. 

John Calhoun Nicholls, Lawyer, Blackshear. Ga. C. S. A. Ga. Const . 
Conv. 1865. Ga. Senate 1870-75. M. C. 46th and 48th. Q Dec. 25, 1893. 

Leonidas W. Smith, Norfolk, Va. 

Charles Wilkinson, Norfolk, Va. 

John Henry Ducachet Wingfield, D. D., LL.D., Bishop of Nor. Calif., 
Benicia, Cal. Pres. St. Augustine Coll. SWeld XlV 293, XV 30. 
. Q July 27, 1898. 


MoTTROM DuLANY Ball, Lawyer and Ed., Sitka, Alaska. Col. 11th 

Va. Cav. C. S. A. Customs Coll. and U. S. Dist. Atty. for Alaska. 

(Great-grandson of Martha Washington.) Convention Poet 1856. 

Q Sept. 13, 1887. 
William Henry Burroughs, Lawyer, 207 Boush St., Norfolk, Va. Col. 

C. S. A. Judge Corp. Court, 1871-77. 
Joseph G. Gilliam, M. D., Petersburg, Va. Siu'geon C. S. A. 


70 E 

Charles Rollin Grandy, Lawyer, Norfolk, Va. Capt. Norfolk Light 
ArtiUeiy Blues C. S. A. Shield XXI 399. Q April 1, 1868. 

Gemp H. Hart, Williamsburs, Va. 

William Lamb. Bank Pres., Norfolk. Va. Life senator of ^ B K. Ck)l. 
Artillery C. S. A. In commana of Fort Fisher and desperately 
wounded when captured by the- Federals Jan. 15, 1865. Mayor of 
Norfolk 1880-86. Shield V 131, XVII 243, XXV 137. Q March 23, 

Thomas Martin, Editor, Annapolis, Md. Md. Senate. Q 1875. 

James May, Jr, (Aff. with I '58). 

Van Taliaferro, Merchant, Washington, D. C. Co. G. 11th Va. Inf. 
C. S. A. Q March 2, 1902. 

Bladen Tasker Tatloe, King George, Va. Capt. Co. K, 30th Va. Inf., 
Corse's Brigade, Pickett's Div., C. S. A. Wounded in battle. Q 
Jan., 1862. 

Moses J. White, Vicksburg, Miss. U. S. M. A. 1858. Lieut. U. S. A. 
Col. C. S. A. in command of Ft. Maoon when taken by Gen. Bum- 
side. Q Jan. 28. 1864. 


Alexander Taylor Bell, M . D., 1820 W. Fayette St., Baltimore, Md. Surgeon 

and Major 3rd Va. Cav. and Stuart Horse Artillery C. S. A. 
William Dunnington Bloxham, Lawyer, Tallahassee, Fla. Capt. 

C. S. A, Fla. Legis. 1861. Lieut.-Gov. 1870. Sec. of State 1877-80. 

Compt. 1890-96. Governor 1881-85 and 1897-01. Shield XVII 145. 

Q March 15, 1911. 
Cassius Carter, Farmer. Casanova, Va. Turner Ashby's Cav. C. S. A. 

''Black Horse Cav.^' and Co. B Mosby's Battalion. 
Hill Carter, Jr., Shirley, Va. Lieut. Co. D, 3rd Va. Cav. C. S. A. Killed 

at Chancellorsville. Q May 6, 1864. 
Cyrus Wiley Grandy, Lawyer, Elizabeth City, N. C. Capt. and Adj., 

C. S. A. N. C. Senate. Q Dec. 26, 1894. 
Henry Gwynn, Raleigh, N. C. Officer C. S. A. 

Claudius Rawls Haines, D. D., Rector St. Paul's, Petersburg, Va. 

Q Sept. 1, 1901: 
Frederick Campbell Stuart Hunter, Lawyer, King George, Va, Capt. 

Co. K. 30th Va. Inf. C. S.A. Va. Const. Conv. 1869. Comm. Atty., 

Judge, Co. Treas, Q June 21, 1895. 
John Newton Murphy, Lawyer, Kenmore, Va. Capt. Co. C, 9th Va. 

Cav. C. S. A., Comm. Atty. Q Feb. 12, 1897. 
Abner Wentworth Clopton Nowlin, Ed. Richmond Whig, Washington, 

D. C. Capt. Co. C, 24th Va. Inf. C. S. A. Co. Judge, Va. Senate. 
Q March 7, 1906. 

John Taylob Perrin, Transportation Agt., Baltimore, Md. Major, 

C. S. A. Shield XX 124. Q Feb. 25, 1904. 
Alfred Magill Randolph, D. D., LL.D., D. C. L., Prot. Epis. Bishop of 

So. Virginia, 238 Freemason St., Norfolk, Va, 


William Kemp Gatewood, M. D., West Point, Va. Asst. Surgeon C. S. A. 

Q March 5, 1909. 
William Henry Graves, Lawyer and Banker, Birmingham, Ala. Ca;pi, 

C. S. A. 


John Wiluam Green, Richmond, Va. C. S. A. Killed at Jackson's 

Creek. Q 1862. 
Thomas Peachy McCandlish, Lawyer, Richmond, Va. Capt. and Asst. 

Q. M. 32nd Va. Inf. C. S. A. Prof. WUUam and Mary Ck)U. Q 

Sept. 29, 1877. 
Edgar Burwell Montague, Lawyer, Afton, Va. Col. 32nd Va. Inf« 

C. S. A. Comm. Atty. Q Fdi>. 21, 1885. 
Alexander Dixon Payne, Lawyer, Warrenton, Va. Capt. ''Black 

Horse Troop," C. S. A. Mayor of Warrenton. Va. Legis. Q March 

8, 1893. 
P. Bell Smith, Lawyer, Warrenton, Va. Col. on Staff of his father, Gov. 

Wm. Smith of Va. Q Sept. 1865. 
Thomas Smith, Lawyer, Warrenton, Va. Col. 36th Va. Inf. C. S. A. Co. 

Judge. Va. Legis. Ch. Justice of N. M. Shield XI 33. 
William Talbot Walke, Ins., Norfolk, Va. C. S. A. Shield XXI 398. 

Q March 14, 1905. 


Edward L. Baptist, Clergyman, Boydton, Va. Supt. of Schools. 
Joseph Goodman Griswold, Prin. of St. Paul's School, Petersburg, Va. 

Maj. 1st Va. Inf., C. S. A. Provost-Marshal of Richmond. Q Jan. 

8, 1893. 
Robert Wilson Lamb, Banker, Norfolk, Va. Capt. in Q. M. Dept. 

C. S. A. Q Oct. 18, 1900. 
George W. Stone, Lawyer, Brunswick Court House, Va. C. S. A. 
Richard Walke, Lawyer, Norfolk, Va. Capt. and Insp. Gen. C. S. A. 

Shield XXI 398. Q June 20, 1901. 


William J. H. Ballard, U. S. Consul to Hull, Eng., Orange, Va. Q 1895. 

Henry Manddl Isham (Aff. with A '61). 

Howard Shield McCandlish, Clerk in U. S. Pension Office, 1916 18th St., 

N. W., Washington, D. C. Co. C, 32nd Va. Inf. C. S. A. 
Beverley St. George Tucker, M. D., Colorado Springs, Col. Surgeon 

C. S. A. Q March 30, 1894. 


WAiyrER E. Weir, Manassas, Va. Capt. C. S. A. Killed in the early 
part of the war. 


WiLLLAM Tayloe, Farmer, King George, Va. Sergt. Co. K, 30th Va. Inf. 
C. S. A. Q April 23,1907. 


Charles Shirley Harrison, Planter, Upper Brandon, Va. Capt. 

Artillery C. S. A. Shield XV 369. Q Feb. 18, 1899. 
Charles Poindezter, State Librarian 1884-94. Ret., 512 E. Franklin St., 

Richmond, Va. Richmond Howitzers^ C. S. A. 
Thomas Smith Beverley Tucker, Wilhamsburg, Va. Capt. Staff of 

Gen. McLaw, C. S. A. "The only man Phil Sheridan ever feared." 

Disabled at Fredericksburg. Q May 5, 1872. 

Discontinued in 1861 

72 E 

Attempted revival in January, 1871 


Edward Pleasant Cole, Lawyer, San Francisco, Cal. Shield XIII 265. 

Q Oct. 1, 1897. 
William Edward Harwood, M. D^ 46 N. Union St., Petersburg, Va. 

Priv. Ck). B, 4th Va. Reserves C. S. A. Grand Comm. U. C. V. of Va. 
McLeod Kasey, Lawyer, Bedford City, Va. Q April 11, 1882. 


Peter Meriwether Boyden, Prot. Epis. Clerg3nnan, Burrowsville, Va. 
Charles William Wharton, Ins., Bedford City, Va. 

Re-£stabu8hed April 22, 1904 


Joseph Howard Chitwood, Lawyer, Rocky Mount, Va. Va. Legis, 1908-09. 
Jackson Davis, State Supt. of Rural El. Schools, Richmond, Va. 
William Thomas Hodges, Supt. of Schools, Arlington, Va. 


Robert Armistead Holt, Clerk, Hampton, Va. Shield XXVI 292. 
Q July 4, 1910. 

Arthur Rohert Welch Mackreth, Rep. Times Dispatch, Richmond, Va. 

WiUiam Arthur Maddoz, Prof. State N. S., Farmville, Va. 

Thomas Lowry Sinclair, Jr., Prot. Epis. Missionary, Yangchow, via 
Shanghai, China. 

Arthur Davis Wright, Supt. of Henrico Co. Schools, P. O. Box 15, Rich- 
mond, Va. 


Charles Irving Carey, Lawyer, Rome, Ga. 

Thomas Nevitt Lawrence, Prot. Epis. Clergyman, Franklin, Va. 

Joel Cutchins Rawls, M. D., Crystal River, Fla. 


John WilUs Abbitt, M. D., Port Norfolk, Va. 
Emmett Bates Faison, Teacher, Portsmouth, Va. 
Francis Calyxtus O'Keeffe, Jr., Arch., New York City. 


Harry Gilmore Carter, Teacher, Kibnamock, Va. 

Roy William Carter, Asst. Postmaster, Orange, Va. 

George Edward Fletcher, Foreman Emmons Loom Harness Co., 590 

Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Charles Henry Fowler, Clerk, Baltimore, Md. Q May 6, 1909. 
Q. Wilson Hodges, Farmer, Chatham, Va. 


William Berkeley Lawrence, Lynchburg, Va. Q Feb. 22, 1906. 
Henry Howard Marsden, Prot. Epis. Clergyman, Albany, Ore. 
William Henry Pettus, Prot. Epis. Clergyman, Plasterco, Va. 
Robert HaU Standing, Mdse. Broker, 318 N. Washington St., Alexandria, 

Oscar Bruce Watson, 1703 Wise Ave., S. E., Roanoke, Va. 


John Compton Freeman, Areola, Va. 

Augustine Warner Lewis, Minor, Va. 

Duncan Alexander McRae, Teacher, Washington, D. C. Q March 

25, 1911. 
Raymond Bernard Small, Clerk, New York City. 
Ar&ur Crossley Smith, Accountant, New York City. 
Charles Albert Taylor, Jr., Prin. John Smith School, Richmond, Va. 
Selden Richard Warner, Teacher John Marshall H. S., Richmond, Va. 


Frank Erskin Graves, Teacher, Marksville, Va. 

Joseph Ewart Healy, Teacher, Streets, Va. 

Herbert Smith Joynes, Clerk, 558 Chapel St., Norfolk, Va. 

Amos Raljdi Koontz, Asst. Prof. William and Mary Coll., Williamsburg, 

George William Land, R. F. D. 1, Norfolk, Va. 
John Lee Lawless, Jr., Lumber, Ocklockner, Fla. 
Russell Vanderberry Shumadine, R. F. D. No. 1, Norfolk, Va. 
Roscoe Conkling Young, Instr. William and Mary Coll., Williamsburg, Va. 


Josiah Tidball Carter, Theological Seminary, Va. 

Alexander Washington Martin, Clerk, 414 North St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Edward Paul Severance, 1107 E. 5th St.,. Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Charles Chapman Snow, Wicomico Church, Va. 
Elmer Raymond Stump, 1308 3rd Ave., Altoona, Pa. 


Carleton Barnwell^ 2916 Virginia Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Emmett Lee Hoskms Machen, Mobjack, Va. 

Alexis Wyckoff O'Keeffe, Clerk, Williamsburg, Va. 

Sol Waite Rawls, Holland, Va. 

Lewis Betty Staton, 418 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 

Henry Atwill Turner, 1421 Church St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Herbert Wentworth Vaden, Elba, Va. 

John Halpin Wright, Box 15, Richmond, Va. 

74 E 


John Spottswood Graves, Somerset, Va. 

John mUlard Healy, Streets, Va 

Richard Perkins, 111 32nd St., Newport News, Va. 

Thomas Jefferson Rowe, Jr., 260 Victoria Ave., Hampton, Va. 

Cecil Conard Graves, Marksville, Va. 




Established November 21, 1887 

Instituted at 41st Convention, Park Avenue Hotel, New York City 

Charter Surrendered in October, 1900 
Shield IV 32 Memorial History 229 


Mark Spaulding Bradley Perry Moore Caldwell 

Louis Coert DuBois Lewis Winters Gunckel 

Cromwell Gibbons Edwin Forrest Landy 

James Wodrow Ruthven George Cushing Worthington 


Willlam H. Brewer, Prof. New Haven, Conn. Shield XXVII 76. 

Q Nov. 2, 1910. 
Mark Spaulding Bradley, M. D., 956 Asylum St., Hartford, Conn. 
Perry Moore Caldwell, Lawyer, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Louis Coprt DuBois, Hudson, N. Y. Shield XX 124. Q Dec. 26, 1903. 
Cromwell Gibbons, Lawyer, 442 E^ Forsyth St., Jacksonville, Fla. Speaker 

Fla.Legis. Shield XDC 225. 
Edwin Forrest Landy, M. D., 1316 Elam St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Paul Sheaf er, Ins., Sheaf er Bldg., Pottsville, Pa. 


Frederic Carter, Eng., 170 Broadway, New York City. Treas. 21st G. L., 
Sec. 22nd G. L., First Custodian of Archives, 1896. Ed. 5th Cat. 
Shield XIII 13, XVIII 294. 

Duane Phillips Cobb, 31 Nassau St., New York Citv. 

Charles Newton Gunn, 33 Gill St., New Haven, ODnn. 

Josefih Barnard Hall, M. D., Hartford, Conn. 

Henry Porter McKnigtht, 401 W. Broadway, Louisville, Ky. 

Edwin Rowe, Jr. Q March 16, 1890. 

James Wodrow Ruthven, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Charies Bailey Spruce, Eng., Durban, Natal. British Light Horse in 
Boer War, 1900^1. Victoria Cross. 

Frederic Clark Strong, Winsted, Conn. 

George Cushing Worthington, 29 Washington Ave., Elyria, Ohio. 


76 E^ 


Burton Diddnson Blair» Ins., Edgewater Park, N. J. 
Lewis Winters Gunckel, Dayton, Ohio. 

Pearl Tenney Haskell, M. D., 1 S. State St., Concord, N. H. 
William Walter Law, Jr., Briarcliffe Manor, N. Y. 
Milton HoUey Robbins, Jr. (Aff. from N^ '91). Otis Elev. Co., San Fran- 
cisco, CsJ. 
Charles Marcy Robinson, Lawyer, Malley Bldg., New Haven, Conn. 
Eugene Boutelle Sanger, M. D., 184 French St., Bangor, Me. 
Henry Hudson Shepard, R. R. Supt., 802 Webster Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Edward Young Ware (Aff. with B ^92). 


James Dudley Dewell, Jr., Lawyer, 184 Bradley St., New Haven, Conn. 
Frank Lockwood Hatch, Lawyer, 1004 N. 6th St., Springfield, Mass. Shield 

XXVI 185. 
Jairus W. Kbnnan, New Haven, Conn. Q March 16, 1890. 
William Reynolds Ricketts, Elm Lawn, Forty Fort, Pa. 
Ralph William Sprague, Glass, 666 La Salle Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Harry Taylor Stoddart, Lawyer, 21 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


James Beach Beckett, Lawyer, La Grange, 111. 

Herman D. Clark, Jr., 13 Tnunbull St., New Haven, Conn. 

Alexander K. Sedgwick, Eng. 203 Cedar St., Virginia, Minn. Shield 

XI 112. 
George B. Sedgwick, Ins., Ishpeming, Mich. 
DeForest Lee Selover, Garfield Bldg.. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Frederick £. Stow, 905 Arch St., PMladelphia, Pa. 
Henry Augustus Stults, 318 Hall St., East Savannah, Ga. 
Albert Leverett Van Huyck, Lee, Mass. Shield X 211. Q 1894. 


Harry Perry Disbecker, Lawyer, N. Y. Ath. Club, New York City. 
Ralph Elliott Dusinberre, Contractor, Port Washington, N. Y. 
Charles Russell Pratt, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Edward Page Smith, Bankmg, 1308 Ritchie PL, Chicago, 111. 
Francis Downs Wanning, Mfr., Derby, Conn. 


A. Raymond Barton, Art., 635 W. 137th St., New York City. 

WiUiam Henry Corbett (Aff. from 11^ '93), Lawyer, 108 E. 78th St., New 

York aty. 
Harvey Dennison Cowee, 161 River St., Troy, N. Y. 
Andrew James Gihnour, M. D., 133 E. 67th St., New York City. 
Charles A. Morrogh, 30 W. 44th St., New York City. 
Theodore J. Vandergrift, Woodsfield, Ohio. 
George W. Van Slyke, Mfr., 756 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
William Hoagban Van Slyke, Mfr., Kingston, N. Y. 



William B. Dean, Jr., 307 N. 4th St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Howell R088 Hanson, Eng., 622 W. Rittenhouse St., Germantown, Pa. 

Lemuel Robert Hofton, Mfr., Plainfield, N. J. £1 Sept. 5, 191L 

Henry Hooker, Mfr., Kensin^^n, Conn. 

Adolph G. Hupfel, Jr., Mfr., IBlst St. & 3rd Ave., New York City. 

Holmes Condict Jaduon, 400 Riverside Drive, New York City. 

Benjamin Pranldm Mansfield, Bonds, Braly Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Treas. 26th G. L., Sec. 27th and 28th G. L. 
Robert Hartley Perdue, Ins. 1856 £. 87th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Frederick M. T.erriU. Eng., 195 Genesee St., New Hartford, Conn. 
Irving G. Waite, Baldwinsville, Mass. 
James Hart Welch, Real Estate, Douglaston, N. Y. 
Paul Darling Wright (AflF. with T^ '96) 

Ralph Glenn Wright. Mfr., 214 Hi^and Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
R088 Pier Wright, Mfr., 225 W. 6th St., Erie, Pa. 

Dudley B. Deming, M. D., 292 W. Main St., Waterbury, Conn. 
Ernest A. Edwards, Mfr.. 91 State St., Utica, N. Y. 
Robert Carr Lander, Mfr., 810 S. 5th St., Springfield, 111. 
Frank Gardiner Palmer, Eng. Bocas del Toro, Panama. 
Henry B. Quinan, Publisher, 43 Warington Rd., London, Eng. 


Ndson Maitland Ayres^ Lawyer, Times Bldg., New York City. 
Bemhard Beinecke, Jr., Merchant, Melville. Mont. 
Frederick Famham Davis, Merchant, Winchendon, Mass. 
James Hess, Lawyer, 17 Park Row, New York City. 
Richard Krementz, Mfr., 1072 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 


Raymond Gustavus Clapp, M. D^ Lincoln, Neb. 

Robert G. Church, Merchant, 8 W. Maine St., Meriden, Conn. 

Sidney Dillon, Stock Raising, Spear, Neb. 

John Walter Gannon (Aff. from N^ '98), Merchant, 95 Liberty St., New 

York City. 
Ward Slosson Gregory, M. D., 5 West Ave., Norwalk, Conn. 
Frederick Morton Jourdan, Merchant, 38 St. Botolph St., Boston, Mass. 
Richard Steele Lamb, Waterbury, Conn. Q Oct. 16, 1900. 
James Ewen Mclntyre, Real Estate, Los Angeles, Cal. 


William Park McCord, Farmer, Glendale, Ariz. 

Harley WiUis Russ, Mfr., 60 Broadway, Haverhill, Mass. 


George Samuel Brigham, Eng., Miles City, Mont. 

Ralph Oakley Clock, M. D., 59 W. 54th St., New York City. 

78 E^ 

Royal French Ditmars, Waterbury, Conn. 

Benton Cook Moss, Merchant, 4300 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Richard Ten Broeck, Automobile Salesman, St. Mathews, Kentucky. 


Martin Allen Pinch, Eng., Triangle Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 

Thomas Aloysius Pogarty, Eng., 264 Blatchley Ave., New Haven, Conn. 

Inslee Blair Greene (Aff. from ^ '02), M. D., Central Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

George Southmayd MacDonald, Lawyer, 134 Nassau St., New York City. 

Henry Christopher Minor, Transportation, Univ. Club, Altoona, Pa. 

JotejM Mayruxrd Morgan (Aff. with ^ '04). 

Myron Ellis Overton, Merchant, Port Jefferson, N. Y. 

John Chase ScuUy (AS. with P^ '02). 

Thomas Hilton Williams, Mfr., 105 Plymouth St., Jersey City, N. J. 


Albert Francis McWilliams, Transportation, 18th St. and 5th Ave., Wlute- 

stone, N. Y. 
Thomas Lloyd Wickenden, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Charter Surrendered in October, 1900 



Established November 12, 1853 

Discontinued about 1877 

Re-established September 27, 1887 

Memorial History 99 


Horace Earle Brooks Frankun Burdge 

HENRr F. Clark John Ck>FORTH 

William Henry Otis Thomas Simons 

Samuel Starkweather, Jr. Willlam Henrt Tefft 

Louis DeWitt Toulane George Putaam Upton 

Jared Irving Williams Joseph Hilliard Worcester 


Alexander Ltman Hollet, Brooklyn, N. Y., Pres. Am. Inst. Mining 
EnoneCTS. Author. Statue in Central Park, N. Y. Shield VI 377, 
Xra 367, XXII 106. Q Jan. 29, 1882. 

Isaac Morse Murdock, Winchendon, Mass. Q Nov. 8, 1875. 


John Goforth, Philadelphia, Pa. Asst. Atty. Gen. of U. S. 1874. Q Oct. 14, 

George Putnam Upton. City Ed. Chicago Tribune; Author Musical 

Works, 2427 S. Park Ave., Chicago, iff. 
Jared Irving Williams, Lawyer, Lancaster, N. H. Capt. U. S. V., N. H. 

H. R. 1879-80. 


Thomas Simons. Lawyer, Washington, D. C. Asst. Atty. Gen. of U. S: 

1875-85. Shield XX 266, 293. Q June 19, 1886. 
Joseph Hilliard Worcester, Lawyer, Rochester, N. H Shield XVI 

186. Q April 11, 1900. 


Horace Earle Brooks, Worcester, Mass. Sec. of Legation at Paris. 

Disabled at Roanoke Island. Q 1870. 
Franklin Burdoe, Lawyer, New York City, New York. Biographer. 

History of 6 A X. 5th P. G. L., 8th G. L., 1875. Comm. 2nd Cat. 

Shield I 149, XXIV 243, 321. Q Sept. 9, 1908. 


80 Z 

William Henry Otis, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Benjamin Lincx)ln Ray, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa. Q Dec. 9, 1879. 

Samuel Starkweather, Jr., Lawyer, 469 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

U. S. V. 
William Henry Tefft, Lawyer, Ed. Wh. Chronicle, Whitehall, N. Y. 

M. C. 1873. Coll. of Customs. Shield XIV 71. Q Jan. 28, 1898. 


Henry C. Brockmeyer, Lawyer, St. Louis, Mo. Lieut. Gov. of Mo. 

George Wheaton Carr, M. D., Providence, R. I. Brig. Surgeon R. I. V. 
Q June 18, 1907. 

Henry F. Clark, Cleveland, Ohio. 

William Evans Norris, U. S. Pension Agt., Palo Alto, Cal. Major 
U. S. V. Shield XXI 521. Q January 5, 1906. 

Daniel Bullard Pond. Woonsocket, R. I. R. I. Senate. Mayor of 
Woonsocket. Shield V 207, XII 362. Q Sept. 9, 1896. 

James Granville Sproat, Wareham, Mass. Mass. Senate 1870-71. 
Shield IV 136. Q Feb. 22, 1888. 

George Clinton Tanner, Clergyman, Prof. Seabury Div. School, Fari- 
bault. Minn. 

Louis DeWltt Tulane, Princeton, N. J. 


Clarence Smalley Bate {AS. with A '58). 

Elbert S. Carman, Ed. Rural New Yorker, New York, N. Y. Shield 

VI 159, XVI 129. Q Feb. 28, 1900. 
Merrick Goldthwait, Lawyer, Uxbridge, Mass. Q May 26, 1901. 
John Hay, LL.D., Lawyer, Wadungton, D. C. Author, Statesman, 

Private Sec. to President Lincoln, Sec. of Legations at Paris and 

Madrid, Charge d'affaires at Vienna, Ambassador to England, Sec. 

of State under Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt. Shidd VI 287, 

XIII 121, XIV 163, 329, XXI 275, XXII 243, XXVII 1. Q June 

30, 1905. 
Moses L3rman, Author, 12 Livin^ton Pk., Rochester, N. Y. 
Leander Cornelius Manchester, D. D., 380 Rogers St., Lowell, Mass. 
Henry Guernsey Merriam, Waverley, N. Y. Q April 7, 1911. 
Robert Millar, M. D., Providence, R. I. Shield XXVI 186. Q Dec. 

17, 1909. 
McW ALTER Bernard Noyes, Clergyman, New York, N. Y. Chaplain 

U. S. V. Consul at Venice. Shield Vol. II 215. Q 1886. 
James B. Patterson, Clergyman, Van Wert, Ohio. 
James Alexander Robert, 2377 Wheeler St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Augustus E. ScoU (Aff. with K '58). 
William Leete Stone, LL.B., Author, Mount Vernon, N. Y. Sec. 

Saratoga Monument Assn. Comm. 1st Cat. Ch. Council Shield III. 

Shield VI 269, XIV 398, XXIV 207, 244. Q June 11, 1908. 


Samuel Nelson Aldrich, Pres. State Nat. Bank, Boston, Mass. Asst. 

Treas. U. S. at Boston. Q Feb. 1909. 
James R. Dockray, Portland, Me. 


Robert W. Douglas, Brooklyn, N. Y. Shield XVII 14. 

Edgar R. Morris, Quincy, 111. 

Egbert Olcott, Cherry Valley, N. Y. Col. N. Y. V., Brev. Brig. Gen. 

Taken prisoner at the Wilderness. Q Feb. 23, 1882. 
Hascall Ransford, Norwich, N. Y. 
Chester Fttch Short, Knoxville, Pa. Q 1864. 
Reading Wood, Bristol, Pa. 


Joseph E. Finney, St. Louis, Mo. 

William L. Jones, Norristown, Pa. Ist Lieut. U. S. V. Killed at Fred- 
ericksburg. Q Dec., 1862. 

John Straughan Larwill, 93 E. Berry St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

William Michael Ledwith, Lawyer, Jacksonville, Fla. U. S. V. Fla. 
Legis. 1876. Shield XVII 422, XVIII 66. Q Oct. 13, 1901. 

MosES Smith, Montclair, N. J. Shield XIV 354. Q Sept. 14, 1898. 

Henry Joshua Spooner, Lawyer, 12 Humboldt Ave., lYovidence, R. I. 
Adj. 4th R. I. v.. Speaker R. I. H. R. 1879-80, M. C. 1881-91. 
Shield XDC 336. 

John C. Whitridge, Lawyer, Richmond, Ind. Q March 10, 1888. 


Henry Wirt Butler, Springfield, 111. 

Charles David Cady, Lawyer, Providence, R. I. Q April 10, 1873. 

Thomas Henry Edsall, Lawyer, Colorado Springs, Col. Ist Lieut, and 

Adj. U. S. V. Shield XIV 354. Q Oct. 26, 1897. 
Charles Felix Mason, 218 Waterman St., Providence, R. I. Pres. R. I. 

Loco. Works. 
George Edward Mason, M. D., Providence, R. I. Q Oct. 17, 1887. 
David Henry Montgomery, Historian, 37 Holworthy St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Samuel Foster Quinby, M. D^ Salem, Mass. 
Sumner Unham Shearman, Clergyman. Jamaica Plain, Mass. Capt. 

U. S. V. Tsdken prisoner at Petersburg. 
Charles Mason Stead, Union League Club, New York City. V. P. N. Y. 

Stock Exchange 1877-81. 
Luden Bonaparte Stone, Rutherford, N. J. 2nd Lieut. U. S. V. Comm. 

2nd Cat. 


Elijah Harrison Austin, Newburyport, Mass. 
William Daniel Martin, 26 Princeton Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Charles Smith Thompson, Supt. A. D. Tel., Brooklyn, N. Y. Q 1891. 
Andrew Patterson Vinson, Ridgeway, S. C. Killed at Fort Sumter. 


Amos Miller Bowen, Pres. Franklin Mut. Fire Ins. Co., Providence, 
R. I. Ist Lieut. 2nd R. I. V. Taken prisoner at Bull Run. R. I. 
H. R. 1879-'86. Shield XXIII 152. Q June 3, 1907. 

George B. Fairchild,. Somerset, Mass. 

Monroe Goode, Ra3rmond, Miss. C. S. A. Killed at Peach Tree Creek. 

Edward Gifford Kelton, 62 Carpenter St., Providence, R. I. 


Jambs Rbtnolds, Chicago, 111. Q Feb. 2S, 1891. 

Nathaniel Thomas Sandebs, U. S. V., Washington, D. C. Q Aug. 

13, 1885. 
LiYiNGSTON Scott (A£F. from K '63), Probate Judge, Woonsocket, R. I. 
Fbbdebick Baker Sears, Lawyer, Fall Elver, Mass. Q Jan. 9, 1871. 


Clarence Tripp Gardiner, M. D., Providence, R. I. 2nd Lieut. U. S. 

ArtiUery. Q May 23, 1907. 
Edward Newbold Lawrence, Tobacco Mfr., Flushing, N. Y. Q Dec. 

8, 1866. 
Fenelon Atwell Pierce, Mfg. Jeweler, 55 South St., Morristown, N. J. 
Charles Russell Tucker, Jr., New Bedford, Mass. Q Feb. 11, 1891. 


Herbert Dorrance Bullock, 18 Broad St., Boston, Mass. 

Israel M. Bullock, Lawyer, Bridgeport, Conn. U.S.V. Q Oct. 20, 1879. 

Georqe Lucius Herrick, Antiquarian and Author, London, Eng. Q 

July 18, 1901. 
WiUdns Updike Hidden, 49 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 
Charles Chauncey Hoskins, Providence, R: I. Q Aug. 14, 1903. 
William Dennis Upham Shearman, Clergyman, Monrovia, Cal. Shield 

XVIII 270. Q Feb. 9, 1902. 
Job Randall Smith, Manchester, N. H. 


Frederic Augustus Dockray, Jacksonville, Fla. 2nd Lieut. U. S. V. 
Cornelius Sowle Sweetland, Pres. Prov. Banking Co., Treas. Brown Univ., 

9 Orchard Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Orray Taft, 107 W. 84th St., New York City. 


Lucien Gates Chaffin, Ed. Music Books, 331 W. 55th St., New York City. 

Charles Pemberton Deane, New York City. Q Jan. 10, 1902. 

James Nathaniel Granger, Bronxville, N. Y. Capt. U. S. V. Q Oct. 
28, 1897. 

Richard Williams Grinnell, New Bedford, Mass. Q Dec. 23, 1900. 

Joseph Davis Kirby, Helena, Mont. Q March 17, 1887. 

James Moore Wayne Nepp, Pres. Arctic Mfg. Co., Mt. Auburn, Ohio. 
Lieut. U. S. V. Q June 1, 1903. 

Calbraith Bourne Perry, Clergyman, Cambridge, N. Y. 13th P. G. L., 
20th G. L., 1887. Shield IV 64. 

James H. Tower, Iron Fence Mfr., 164 Angell St., Providence, R. I. Mem- 
ber of Commission that revised Const. 


Benjamin Cook, Lawyer, 257 French St., Fall River, Mass. 

John Lombard Dale, M. D., 275 Pine St., Springfield, Mass. 

William Edwin Hoyt, Asst. Eng. N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R., 50 Westminster 
Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

Ebenezer Thompson, Clergyman, Sarasota, Fla. Presided at 1868 Con- 
vention at which first G. L. was installed. 



Albert Clifford Barney, Washington, D. C. Q Dec. 16, 1902. 
Nathan Fellows Dixon, Lawyer, Westerly, R. I. M. C 1885. U. S. 

Senator, 1889-95. Shield XIII 247. Q Nov. 8, 1897. 
William Ooden Jones, Chicago, 111. 
James Horton Shankland, Lawyer, 715 W. 28th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Treas. Ist G. L. 
John Butler Tytus, Middletown, Ohio. Shield IX 318. Q Nov. 18, 1893. 


Levi Whbaton Clapp, M. D., Pawtucket, R. I. Shield X 447. Q Sept. 

18, 1894. 
Jeffrey Davis, Cotton Mfr., 49 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 
J. L. A. Garber, 220 N. 32nd St^ Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edward Vaug^ian Granger, M. D., HarrisvLUe, R. I. 
Arthur Hamilton Watson, Wholesale Shoes, 2 Benevolent St., Providence, 

R. I. 


George Edmund Boynton, Treas., Columbian Iron Works, Baltimore, 

Md. Q June 17, 1889. 
Seth Hunt Brownell, Spices, Providence, R. I. Q May 22, 1892. 
Stephen Fish Brownell, Providence, R. I. Q June 13, 1878. 
Gilbert Noxon Campbell, Lawyer, New York City. 
Augustus Samuel Miller, Lawyer, Providence, R. I. Speaker R. I. 

H. R. 1889-91. Mayor of Prov. 1902-05. Shield XXI 399, 521. 

Q Sept. 26, 1905. 


Edward E. Barney, Holmwood, Va. 

Francis William Bird, Paper Mfr., East Walpole, Mass. Q July 10, 

Edward Bowen Hamlin, 65 Clifford St., Providence, R. I. Sec. 4th G. L. 
Frank Harkness, Cincinnati, Ohio. Q Sept. 26, 1890. 
Charles Potter, Ptovidence, R. I. Shield III 13. 


Walter Francis Brown, Artist, Palazzo da Mula. San Vio 725, Venice, Italy. 
Charles Christian Kneisley (Aff. from A 73), Guthrie, Okla. 8th P. G. L., 

11th, 12th and 13th G. L., 1878. 
Frank Mason Mathewson, Broker, 30 Broad St., New York City. 
Merritt G. McKinnet, Cincinnati, Ohio. Q Dec. 10, 1892. 


William Oliver Blanding, Wholesale Drugs, Weybosset St., Providence, R. I. 
George Briggs, Mfg. Jeweler, 491 Angell St., Providence, R. I. 
William Smith Daboll, Holliston, Mass. Shield VIII 387. Q Aug. 

22, 1892. 
Charles Adams Paine. Eastport, Me. 
Frederick Scott, Kimball, S. D. 



Samuel Johnson Bradbury, M. D., 110 E. 22nd St., New York City. 
Arthur Lewis Brown, Jud^ U. S. Dist. Court, 36 Barnes St., Providence, 

R. I. Treas. 7th G. L. Shield XIII 5. 
Frederick B. Spelman, Duluth, Minn. 


Julius Palmer, Mfg. Jeweler, 577 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 
Walter Russell Stiness, Lawyer, Banigan Bldg., Providence, R. I. R. I. 


Richard Kidder Randolph, Blackstone, Mass. 

Harry Roundt Palmer, Providence, R. I. Q March 16, 1905. 

Discontinued about 1877 
Re-established Sept. 27, 1887 

Joseph Somers Russel, Clergyman, Cottonwood Falls, Kan. 


Edwin Collins Frost, Librarian, Villa Costa, Posillipo, Italy. 
Stephen Grant Goldthwaite, Ed. Boone Co. Republican, Boone, la. 
Elmer Fremont Higqins, Worcester, Mass. Q May 3, 1889. 
Frederick Miller Rhodes, Asst. Sec. Board of Trade, 264 Public St., 

Providence, R. I. 
Edward Clinton Stiness, Lawyer, 38 Humboldt Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Rep. R. I. Supreme Court. 
Clifford Sayles Tower, Lawyer, 49 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 
Geone Heber Webb, Sec. of Board of Trade, Providence, R. I. R. I. 

Comm. of Industrial Statistics. 


Frank Dyer Lisle, Broker, Union Trust Bldg., Providence, R. I. 
George Douglas Robertson McGregor, Author, Wrentham, Mass. 
Henry Joshua Spooner, Jr., Mfr., 125 George St., Providence, R. I. 


Herschel Luther Gardner, Lawyer, 633 W. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. 

Herbert Forrest Gould, Charlton, Mass. 

Martin Wilmarth Kern, Mech. Enp., 148 Melrose St., Providence, R. I. 

Charles Stickney, Lawyer, Elk Point, S. D. 

Asa Watson Armington Traver, M. D., 625 Westminster St., Providence, 

R. L 
Alpheus Dudley Tucker, Pawtucket, R. I. Shield XIII 346. Q Dec. 

6, 1897. 




Walter Stanley Hawkins (Aff. from A '03 and K '93), Actor, New York 


Stephen AUen Hopkins, Journal Bldg., Boston^ Mass. 
Frederick Augustus Jillson, Merchant, 367 Main St., Pawtucket, R^ I. 
Frederic Pierpont Ladd, Author, New York City. 

Alexander Meiklejohn, Dean of Brown Univ., 95 Waterman St., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 
Charies Albert Selden, Ed. Evening Poet, Park Row, New York City. 
Frank Joseph Sexton, M. D., Brookline, Mass. 


George Robinson Cooper Hall. 

William Colver HiU, Prin. Milton H. S., MUton, Mass. 

Walter Hanunond Kimball, 462 Broadway, Providence, R. I. 

Frederick Mellen Knights, Actor, New York City. 

Henry Augustus Monroe, Ins., 17 Custom House St., Providence, R. I. 

James Spencer Moore, M. D., 16 Walnut St., East Providence, R. I. 

Lucius Herbert Newell, Coal, Pawtucket, R. I. 

Morton Collins Stewart, Prof. Union Coll., Schenectady, N. Y. 


James Davis Bennett, U. S. Postal Service, 88 Greenwdbd St., New Dor- 
chester, Mass. 
George Herbert Eiswald, Arbuckle & Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Will Bdward Gardner, Rector Christ Church, Quincy, Mass. 
Herbert Faulkner HiU, Fidelity & Casualty Co., New York City. 
Luden Edward Tajdor, librarian, 9 Haviland St., Boston. Mass. 
Frederick Everett Thompson (A£F. from K '95), Bangor, Me. 
Charles Harold Walling, M. D., Boston, Mass. 


Frederick Pierce Cole, Yam Broker, 9 Cleveland St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Charles Frederick Deacon, M. D., 480 Friendship St., Providence, R. I. 
William Avery Gaylord, M. D.. 25 Main St^Pawtucket, R. I. 
Edward Bailey Morse, City Ed. Telegram, Herald Bldg., New York City. 
Edward Stark Parker, M. £)., 121 Broadway, Pawtucket, R. I. 
Edward Sanford Roberts, Sav. Elec. Co., Savannah, Ga. 
Henry Lawrence Smith, Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 


Fred Atwell Arnold, Bond Salesman, E^tabrook & Co., Boston, Mass. 
John Howard Brown, Dry Goods, 41 Grove Ave., Westerly, R. I. 
Robert Steidien Emerson, Lawyer, Banigan Bldg., Providence, R. I. 

Grad. Treas. 41st and 42nd G. L. Shield XXV 191, XXVII 114. 
Arthur Hollingworth, M. D., 593 Biolad St., Providence, R. I. 
William Burr Hopkins, Fruitland, N. Y. 
Frank Horton Lewis, First Avenue Hotel, Denver, Col. 
Mardus Harold Merchant, M. D., Warren, R. I. 


George Leland Miner, Doe & Little Co., Coal, Providence, R. I. 
Frank Widmar Senior, Dentist, 73 Prospect St., Woonsocket, R. I. 
Edward Wadsworth Shead, M. D., Eastport, Me. Q Aug., 1905. 
Arthur Crowell Stone, 219 Butler Ave., Providence, R. I. 


Warren James Ballou, 30 Hart St., Providence, R. I. 
Richard Jackson Barker, Jr., Barker Lumber Co., Fall River, Mass. 
Harvey Rowland Clapp, Lumber, 1226 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 
Henry Dean Church Diibois, Lawyer, 19 College St., FYovidenoe, R. I. 
William King Potter, Jr., Stationer, 156 Shaw Ave., Edgewood, R. I. 
David Wallace Reeves, Jr., Adv. Mgr. Jas. Marshall & Bro., Hat Mfg. 

Co., Fall River, Mass. 
Harold Heathwood Totten, North Attleboro, Mass. 


Lewis Appleton Barker, Lawyer, Bangor, Me. 

John AUen BuffinUm (AS, with P^ '99). 

Julian Clements Chase, Ed. Motor, 2 Duane St., New York City. 

George Howard Davis, Eng. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles Arnold Hull, Merchant, 53 Leonard St., New York City. 

Albee Lovejoy Ladd, Eng., 1120 Seventh St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles Walter Low, 234 W. Elm St., Brockton, Mass. 

Robert Kerr Lyons, Chemist, 159 Lloyd Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Ernest Angell Parlds, 46A Humboldt Ave., Rioxbury, Mass. 


Louis Millens Burt, Mgr., 623 Madison Ave., New York City. 

James Boise Bush, 1305 Josephine St., New Orleans^ La. 

John Laurence Hood, Box Mfr., South Attleboro, Mass. 

Nathaniel Willis Myrick, Merchant, 837 Burlington Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Charles Herbert Gilmore, Lawyer, 73 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
Eben Coleman Gould, M. D.. 152 Lancaster St., Leominster, Mass. 
William Henry Hull, 536 Park Ave., Auburn, R. I. 
Allen Kramer Krause, M. D., 238 Cumbea^land St., Lebanon, Pa. 
Herbert Colbath Low, Box Mfr., 234 W. Elm St., Brockton. Mass. 
Stewart Baker McLeod, Lawyer, 10 Tremont St., Ctkmpello, Mass. 
Allan Munro Newman, Dentist, Bristol, R. I. Q Aug. 21, 1903. 
Preston Hill Porcheron, Albany, N. Y. 


Ernest Clinton Baker, Gold refiner, 270 Washington Ave., Providence, R.I. 

Walter Robert Bullock, 38 Brook St.^ Pawtucket, R. I. 

M3nron Charles Fish, Mfr., Main St., Pawtucket, R. I. 

Raymond Mathewson Hood, Arch., 107 Cottage St., Pawtucket, R. I. 

George Albert Lawry, Rockland, Me. 

Everett Clifford Potter, Merchant, 501 Park Ave., Providence, R. I. 




Alfred Vamey BUckstone, M. D., State Farm, Mass. 
Chester Hibbert Briden. 828 N. Main St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Roacoe Arnold Carter (Aff. with I '05). 
Waldo Henry Fish, 81 Blackstone St., Lonsdale, R. I. 
Roy ^Ivester Litchfield, Thos. W. Pangbom Co., 90 West St., New York 


Elmer Dinsmore Greenleaf, 95 High St^ Auburn, Me. 

Llewellyn Williams Jutten, Lawyer, Equitable Sav. Bank Bldg., Los 

Angeles, Cal. Treas. 35th G. L., Sec. 36th G. L. 
Edward Stunner Macomber, Cotton Salesman, 134 Blackstone Blvd., 

Providence, R. I. 
Allen Webster Milliken, Lai^er, Masonic Bldg., New Bedford, Mass. 
Harry Maynard Penley, 38 Union St., Auburn, Me. 


Frank Hammett Childs, 51 WiUis St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Roland Kimble Crafts, Manchester, N. H. Q June, 1901. 

Carl Augustus Hiland, N. E. Tel. & Tel. Co^ Bangor, Me. 

Perqr Remington Leete, C. E., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Stephen Albert Lowe, New Bedford, Mass. 

Malcolm Bemis Mower, Teacher, Waterville, Me. 

Arthur Niles Potter, 146 Church St., Willimantic, Conn. 

Joseph Arnold Warren, Providence, K. I. 

Thomas Albert Welch, Shoe Mfr., 13 Hamilton Ave., L3rnn, Mass. 


Henry Truman Beckwiih (Aff. with H^ '07). 

John Harrison Joyce, 1842 W. 49th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

George Franklin Krause, Hardware, 323 Chestnut St., Lebanon, Pa. 

Percy Shires, Nicholson File Co., Pix)vidence, R. I. 


Arthur Chester Brackett, Rep. Prov. Tribune, Providence, R. I. 
William Phineas Bumham. North Abington, Mass. 
Myron Shiriey Curtis, Drattsman, 43 Spring St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
William Obed Devoll, Jr., 400 Union St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Leonard Simmons Little, Narragansett Chemical Co., Auburn, R. I. 
John Henry McLean (Aff. from A '06), Cler^man, Roslindale, Mass. 
D wight Wood Robinson, Mgr. Newspaper Clipping Bureau, 11 Waverly 

Ave. Newton I^ass. 
William Kenneth White, Y. M. C. A., Syracuse, N. Y. 


John Gladding Canfield, E. E.^ 35 S. Angell St., Providence, R. I. 

Ludan Winfield Himes, Phenix, R. I. 

Raymond Willcutt DeWolf Jones, 33 Chapman St., Greenfield, Mass. 

88 Z 

Alfred Hopkins Lake, 616 Public St., Providence, R. I. 

James Hartwell Chester Marston, 191 Main St., Fairhaven, Mass. 

Charles Westmacott Perry, 173 Kennebeck St., Portland, Me. 


Irving Whitman Bogle, 138 Lincoln Ave., Fall River, Mass. 

Charles Frederick Butterworth, Teacher, Somerset, Mass. 

James Davis Dean, Chemist U. S. Finishing Co., Providence, R. I. 

Frank Edward Dennie, Instr. Univ. of Missouri, RoUa, Mo. 

Harold Minot Pitman, 97 WilUams St., Providence, R. I. 

Wendell Phillips Raymond, Teacher, 140 W. Water St., Rockland, Mass. 

Guy Forney Strickler, Mfg. Jeweler, 107 Angell St., Providence, R. I. 


Otis Ray Chadwell, 41 Elsmere St., Lynn, Mass. 

Leon Francis Clark, Chemist U. S. Finishing Co., Apponaug, R. I. 

Jerome Richmond Fales, Harrington, R. I. 

Malcolm Field, Winthrop St., Taunton, Mass. 

Maxwell Krause, 238 Cumberland St., Lebanon, Pa. 

William Harkins Lynn, 27 Humboldt Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Edward John Shaeffer, 396 Milton Ave., Ballston Spa, N. Y. 

Henry Bangs Thatcher, 31 Byron Ave., Brockton, Mass. 


Homer Temple Brookins, Bernardsville, N. J. 

Chester Thomas Calder, 3 Benevolent St., Providence, R. I. 

Robert Dexter Chase, 24 Park PL, Pawtucket, R. I. 

John Clarence Clark, 568 Garden St., Little Falls, N. Y. 

Philip Chadsey Curtis, 43 Spring St., Pawtucket, R. I. 

William Emerson Muir, Elm St., Morristown, N. J. 

Henry Arthur Pantaenius, 73 Washington St., Morristown, N. J. 

Lewis Alexander Shepherd, 430 N. Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

Arthur Edgar Staff, 517 Summer St., Brockton, Mass. 

Harold Francis Whitmore, 421 5th Ave., W., FUnt, Mich. 


Wilbur Stone Deming (Aff. from A '12), Sharon, Mass. 

Kenneth Leland Nash, South Weymouth, Mass. 

Delmar Burton Orcutt, North Abmgton, Mass. 

George Anton Repko, Queen's Road, Hollis Court, N. Y. 

John Stephen Repko, Jr., Queens Road, Hollis Coiuii, N. Y. 

William Henderson Robertson, Lonsdale, R. I. 

William Frederick Scholze, Saylesville, R. I. 

Herbert Eugene Wray, 196 Waterman St., Providence, R. I. 


Daniel Harrison Kulp, 952 Queens St., Pottstown, Pa. 
William Joseph Reed, 18 Chase Ave., North Adams, Mass. 
Charles Noble Robertson, Jr., Lonsdale, R. I. 


Ernest Albert Scholze, Savlesville, R. I. 

Walter Henry Snell, 101 Newburv St., Brockton, Mass. 

Carleton Fenner Sims, Warwick Neck, R. I. 

Lemuel Halsted Thompson, 5 Washington PL, Morristown, N. J. 


Austin Norcross Cook, 433 Union Ave., Providence, R. I. 
irving King, Ptovidence, R. I. 
Reginald Nash, South Weymouth, Mass. 
Stephen Patten, Brooklyn, N. Y. 



Chartered July 1, 1901 

Established October 4, 1901 

Shield XVII 305 


Frederick Walton Blakeman Raoul Philip Bonin 

John Alfred Briggs Robert Allison Chambers 

William Howard Dickson Herbert Cunningham Featherstonb 

Claude Edward Freer Fortin William Field Graham 

Benjamin Howard Higgins Edgar Reginald Parkins 

James '^^Hlliam Dimcan, M. D., Sherbrooke Apartments, Montreal, P. Q. 


Frederick Walton Blakeman, M. D., Cobalt, Ont. 
Herbert Cunningham Featherstone, M. D., Hamilton, Ont. Q 
April 14, 1903. 


Francis Henry Wilfrid Bovey, Lawyer, 157 St. James St., Montreal, P. Q. 

John Alfred Briggs, M. D^New Westminster, B. C. 

John Eugene Brooks, M. D., Essex St.. Bangor, Me. 

William Gordon Ctunming, M. D., Sydney, B. C. 

William Howard Dickson, M. D., Grand Forks. B. C. 

Claude Edward Freer Fortin, M. D., 275 Donald St., Winnipeg, Man. 

William Field Graham, C. E., Dimdas, Ont. 

Harrington Bennett Munroe, M. D., 875 Western Ave., Lynn, Mass. 

Edgar Reginald Parkins, Lawyer, 2S4 University St., Montreal, P. Q. 


Marshall Brodie Atkinson, C. E., Bridge Eng., 547 Lansdowne Ave., West- 

momit, P. Q. 
Raoul Philip Bonin, M. D., 60 Drummond St., Montreal, P. Q. 
Robert Allison Chambers, New Glasgow, N. S. 
Wendell Stewart Graham, New Glasgow, N. S. 
Gordon Moore Gibson, M. D., 166 State St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
^^niliam Thomas Greenwood, M. D., 17 Church St., St. Catherines, Ont. 


92 Z^ 

Benjamin Howard Hifgins, London, Ont. 

Sarsfield Michael Nagle, M. D., 96 Daly Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

Chester Waterman, M. £>., Central Islip, N. Y. 


Thomas Forrest Cotton, M. D., Ck)wansyille, P. Q. 
Moses Andrew FuUington, C. E., Willoudiby St^ Toronto. Ont. 
Benjamin Howard Higgins, E. E., Scott Mch. & Tool Co., London, Ont. 
Charles Sutherland, C. E., M. A. A. A. Club House, Montreal, P. Q. 


George Herbert Burke, M. D., 300 Dickinson St., Springfield, Mass. 
Reginald Percival Cowans, Min. Eng., McKay Apartments, Overdale Ave., 

Montreal, P. Q. 
John James Lahey, 499 South St., Quincy, Mass. 
George Walker McKay, C. E., Kew Glasgow, N. S. 
William Gordon Peterson, 447 Sherbrook St., W., Montreal, P. Q. 


Dallas Gilbert Bray, M. D., Sayville, N. Y. 

Charles Lang Cantley, Sydney Mines, N. S. 

Fred W. Cattanach, £. £., 1 Washin^n Sq., Chelsea, Mass. 

Simon Bothwell Fraser, M. D^ Coaticook, P. Q. 

Lawrence Gardiner Maxwell, St. Mary's, Ont. 

Ernest Gordon McKay, Sydney Mines, N. S. 

John Archibald McKinnon, 212 17th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta. 

Frank Clin Whitcomb, M. E., Smith's Falls, Ont. 


Kenneth Watson Allen, M. D., San Fernando, Cal. 

William James Baldwin, M. D., Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Robert Moffatt McKay, Chemist, Sydnev Mines, N. S. 

Richard Thomas Mohan, Chemist, Brockville, Ont. 

Arthur Guy Penny, Journalist, 315 Peel St., Montreal, P. Q. 

Charles Edward Richardson, M. E., St. Mary's, Ont. 

Ormond Montgomery Stitt, Can. Geodetic Survey, 550 McLaren St., 

Ottawa, Can. 
Ralph Frederick Stockwell, Lawyer, Danville, P. Q. 


Maurice Black, C. E., Windsor, N. S, 

CecU George Porter, Metallurgist, St. John, N. B. 

George Orville Scott, M. D., 169 Somerset St., Ottawa, Ont. 


Ives Hadley Armstrong, 320 Mountain St., Montreal, P. Q. 

Ernest Henry Falconer (Aff. from 2^ '06 and H^ '06), M. D., Prentice, Wis. 

Robert Fraser, Hydrographic Survey, Ottawa, Ont. 

Wilbert Grieve Fraser, M. D., Pembroke, Ont. 


Wylie Alfred Mather, Lincoln Trust Co., New York City. 
Calvin Stowe McLean, Min. Eng., Box 23, St. John, N. B. 
George Albert Sihler, Jr., M. D., Litchfield, 111. 
Philip Hanbuiy Skelton, 83 Mansfield St., Montreal, P. Q. 


Thomas Clarence Gorman, 282 Somerset St., Ottawa, Ont. 
John Kerry, Journalist, 300 Pine Ave., Montreal, P. Q. 
Allen Nye Scott, Wellington St., Ottawa, Ont. 


Leonard William Fay, Knowlton, P. Q. 

Frederic. Cyril Greenwood, 27 Church St^ St. Catherines, Ont. 

James Arthur Mathewson, Montreal, P. Q. 

Walter Alfred Merrill, Lawyer, Montreal, P. Q. 

Ralph Skelton, Montreal, P. Q. 

Briton OUver Smith, d5 Victoria St., Montreal, P. Q. 

Harry Oliver Young, 26 Cottage PL, White Plains, N. Y. 


Hugh Dalford Chambers, New Glasgow, N. S. 

Joseph Francis Gallagher, 109 Pine St., Bangor, Me. 

William Bain Gordon, Portland, Ore. 

William Harold Lawrence, Detroit, Mich. 

Samueljames Mathewson, 112 St. Famille St., Montreal, P. Q. 

Henry William Morgan, University St., Montreal, P. Q. 

W. Clifford Scott, 169 Somerset St., Ottawa, Ont. 

Jules Robert Timmins, Windsor Hotel, Montreal, P. Q. 


Royce Larabee Gale, Waterville, P. Q. 
Frank Albert ParUns, Montreal, P. Q. 
Martin Mihie Todd, Gait, Ont. 



estabubhbd in junb, 1854 

Chabtbr Withdbawn bt Alpha, Jxinb 20, 1863 

Re-bstabushbd April 30, 1872 

Shield II 155, X 293 Memorial History 104 


Bbenezer Bean* Ward Chadwick 

Franklin Carblet Davis Stephen Hilton 

William Mathewson Johnson Benjamin Barnes Kingsbury 
Charles Jenkins Little Henry Newbegin 

Charles Lewis Nichols Ctbus Stone 

John Pillsburt Watson 


Franklin Cabslet Davis, Washington, D. C. Lieut. 3rd Pa. Cav. 

Q March 25, 1870. 
William Matheson Johnson, Clergyman, Brunswick, Me. QOct. 

John Pillsburt Watson, Clergyman, Laconia, N. H. Q Jan. 22, 1887. 


Bbenezer Bean, Clergyman, Blue Hill, Me. 
Ward Chadwick, West Boxford, Mass. Q 1862. 
Justin Martyr Copeland^ New Sharon, Me. 

fohn Howard Hayes. Moors Station, Cal. 

Stephen Hilton, Lyndon, Wash. 
Benjamin Barnes Kingsbury, Lawyer, 52} 2nd St., Defiance, Ohio. Shield 

VI 91 X 294. 
Charles Jenkins Little, 200 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 
Henry Ilewbegin. Lawyer, Defiance, Ohio. Shield X 290. 
Charles Lewis Nichols, Clergyman, Clinton, N. Y. Q April 28, 1905. 
Ctrus Stone, Clergyman, Halbwell, Me. Q Feb. 7, 1889. 


Franklin Mellen Drew, Lawyer, Lewiston, Me. Capt. 15th Me. V.; 

Brev. CoL; Treas. Bowdoin Coll.: Sec. of State of Me., 1868; Probate 

Judge. Shield VI 304, X 297. 
Osceola Jackson, Merchant. Barracoa, Africa. Q June 27, 1888 
Jefferson Bethel Mesenrey, Elast Bridgewater, Mass. 
John Henry Moore (AS. with O '59). 


98 H 


William Augustus Deering, Ph.D., Ins., 425 8th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, 

David Maurice McPherson, U. S. Postal Service, 45 Smith St., Portland, Me. 
Wilson Nevins, Lawyer, Portland, Me. 
Newland Morse Pettengill, Lawyer, Memphis, Mo. 
George E. Smith, North Bridgton, Me. 


Charles Sew all Andrews, Lawyer, San Francisco, Cal. Q April 12, 1883. 

Charles Herbert Clark, Teacher, Exeter, N. H. 

John Samuel Leavitt, Jr., Merchant, Gorham, Me. 

John Gair Libby, 28 Minot St., Boston, Mass. 

Charles Albert Perry, Clerg3anan, Sharon^ Mass. 

George Franklin Pratt, Clergyman, 43 Mill St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Allan Ellington Rogers, ProfTUniv. of Maine, Orono, Me. 

Alvah Horton Sabin, Mfr., 45 Broadway, New York City. 

Charles Augustus Whittemore, Grand Rapids, Mich. Q Jan. 13, 1903. 


Edgar Millard Cousins, Clergyman, Old Town, Me. 

Joseph Knight Greene, Lawyer, 340 Main St., Worcester, Mass.- 

William Chute Greene, Lawyer, Sag Harbor, N. Y. 

Samuel Appleton Melcher, Supt. of Schools, Whitinsville, Mass. 

Edward Clarence Metcalf, C. E., Brunswick, Me. Q July 8, 1880. 

John Alfred Roberts, Lawyer, Norway, Me. 

Edwin Albert Scribner, Boon ton, N. J. Q May 22, 1899. 

Lewis Alfred Stanwood, Lawyer, Avery, Okla. 


Daniel Henry Felch, Lawyer, Cheney, Wash. 

Willis Walton French, M. D., New York City. Q March 11, 1888* 

James Lucius Higgins, Lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Edward Sargent, Prin. Hebron Acad., Hebron, Me. 


Heber Durgin Bowker, Merchant, Milford, Mass. 
Frank Melvin Byron, 218 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
George Washington Johnson, Clergyman, Brunswick, Me. 
Frank Kimball, Pharmacist, Norway, Me. 


Emery Wilson Bartlett, Journalist, Liverpool, Ohio. 

Ayres Mason Edwards, Boston, Mass. Shield VII 3, XXVI 293. Q 

July 21, 1910. 
Albra Hamblin Harding, Lawyer, 23 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. 
Walter Payson Perkins, Lawyer, Cornish, Me. 
Henry Asa Wing, Lewiston, Me. 
Frank Winter, Lawyer, McMillan Bldg., LaCrosse, Wis. 



Augustus Ford French, Norway, Me. Q Oct. 2, 1878. 

Albion Dwioht Gray, Teacher, Philadelphia, Pa. Shield XII 168. 

Q Feb. 23, 1896. 
Frederick La Forest Johnson, M. D., 240 N. Main St., Wichita, Kan. 
Daniel John McGiUicuddy, Lawyer, 8 Lidi)on St., Lewiston, Me. Mayor 

1887, 1890. M. C, 1910. 
Leland Burton Lane, West Paris, Me. 
John Witham Nichols, M. D., Farmington, Me. 

Arthur Gooding Pettengill, Clergjrman, 65 Woodfords St., Portland, Me. 
Harry Edgar Snow, M. D., Santa Maria, Cal. 
Frederick Clement Stevens, 1940 St. Anthony Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Minn. Legis. 1888-91. M. C. 1896. Shield XIII 249, XVI 259. 
Edward Lyon Swazey, 1135 OUve St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Nathaniel Rowe Wehster, Boston, Mass. 


Herbert Harrison Chase, Lawyer, Fanners' Ex. Bank Bldg., San Ber- 
nardino, Cal. 

Mandbville Foreland Corson, Andover, Me. 

William Woodside Curtis, 141 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Jesse Felt Libby, Lawyer, Gorham, N. H. Sec. 13th .G. L. 

Eugene Timothy McCarthy, Lynn, Mass. Shield XVI 271. Q May 
26, 1900. 

Irving Steams, Merchant, Berlin, N. H. 


Herbert Ehnore Cole, Prin. Morse H. S., 73 North St., Bath, Me. 

Jesse Walter Knapp, C. E., North Bridgton, Me. 

Roswell Linscott, Damariscotta Mills, Me. 

William Albert Perkins, Teacher, Lynn, Mass. 

Joseph Barton Reed, Lawyer, 98 Exchange St., Portland, ^Me. 

Horace Edwin Snow, M. D., Bucksport, Me. 

Walter Clarence Winter, Lawyer^ LaCrosse, Wis. 

Charles Simeon Woodbury, Cape Elizabeth, Me. Q Oct. 28, 1886. 


Llewellyn Barton, Lawyer, 98 Exchange St., Portland, Me. Me. Legis. 

WiLLLiM HoLLEY CoTHREN, E. E., Phoenix, Ariz. Q Nov. 12, 1897. 
Alfred Harris Fogg, South Freeport, Me. Q July 13, 1906. 
Zachariah Willis Kemp, Prin. Sanborn Acad., Kingston, N. H. 
Franklin Pierce Knight, Teacher Gould Acad., Bethel. Me. 
Charles WUhehn Longren, Clergyman, Longmont, Col. 
Melvin Horace Orr, Lawyer, Stockton, Cal. 


FMnk West Alexander, Teacher, Georgetown, Mass. 

FMnk Irving Brown, M. D., South Portland, Me. 

WiLUAM Ryder Butler, Teacher, Ellsworth, Me. Q May 15, 1910^ 

100 H 

Elmeb Ellsworth Chase. BostooL Mass. Q Sept. 22, 1883. 

Oliver Richmond Cook, 8 Lisbon St., Woroester, Mass. 

Frank Wiluam Davis, Clergyman, Cumberland Center, Me. Q March 

4, 1899. 
Herman Nelson Dunham, Teacher, Atkinson, N. H. 
Lucius Bion Folsom, 92 Pearl St., Boston, Mass. 
Edwin Ruthvin Harding, 397 Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 
William Converse Kendall, U. S. Fish Comm., Washington, D. C. 
John Fuller Libby, Lawyer, Medford, Mass. Q Dec. 25, 1906. 
Howard Leslie Lunt, Supt. of Schools, Riverside, Cal. 
Charles Henry Wardwell, Lawyer, Boston, Mass. Q May 29, 1907. 


Charles Albert Byram. Supt. of Schools, Pittsfield, Mass. 

Levi Turner, Jr., Judge Superior Court, Portland, Me. Q Feb. 19, 1911. 


Carroll Merton Austin, Teacher, Stoughton, Mass. 
Irving William Home, En^ish H. S., Lynn, Mass. 
Wallace Warren Kilgore, North Newry, Me. 
Merton Lyndon Kimball, Lawyer, Norway, Me. 


Ernest Seymour Bartlett, Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

Horatio Smith Card, M. D., 676 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

Dennis More Cole, Teacher, Westfield, Mass. 

Alvin Cram Dresser, Lawyer, Portland, Me. Shield XVIII 35^. Q 

April 26, 1901. 
William Tootfaaker Hall, Jr., Lawyer, Bath, Me. 
Henry Clinton Hill, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Treas. 19th G. h,, 

Sec. 20th G. L. 
George Ansel Ingalls, Real Estate, 181 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
George Howard Larrabee, Bangor H. S., Bangor, Me. Shield X 306. 
Frank Knox Linscott, Lawyer, 60 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
Perdval Freeman Marston, D. D., Grinnell, la. 
Jdhn Herbert Maxwell, Lawyer, Livermore Falls, Me. 
Albert Wesley Meserve, Pharmacist, Kennebunk, Me. 
Albert durier Shorey, Newton Center, Mass. 
Frederick Henry Spaulding, North Brattleboro, Vt. 


Lincoln John Bodge, Lawyer, Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 
John Rogers Clark, Surgeon U. S. A., 86 Port St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Charies Henry Harriman, New Haven, Conn. 
Charles Fnmcis Hersey, City Missionary, 755 First St., New Bedford, 

Frank Howard Hill, Norwood, Mass. 

Fremont Charles John Little, Lawyer, 19 Spring St., Augusta, Me. 
Herbert Merrill, Gray, Me. Q March 18, 1888. 


Clarence Lincoln Iftitchell, Teacher, 46 Comhill, Boston, Mass. 

Vnhk Melvin Russell, Merchant, 9 Ravenscroft Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

Fred Cuttler Russell, M. D., Newbury, Vt. 

Sidney Grant Stacey, 177 Woodruff Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Homer BUsworth Alexander, Teacher, Richmond, Me. 

George Brinton Chandler, Rocky HiU, Conn. Conn. Leds. 1910. Shield 
XXV 208. 

George Franklin Freeman, Asst. Surgeon U. S. N., Portsmouth, N. H. 

Henry Harmon Hastings, Lawyer, Bethel, Me. 

Wilmot Brookings Mitchell, Prof. Bowdoin Coll., 6 College St., Bruns- 
wick, Me. 

Aretas Elroy Steams, Lawyer, Rumford FaUs, Me. 

Henry Wilson Webb, Clergyman, Warren, Me. 


Frank Slias Bragdon, Bucksport, Me. 

Fred Winbum Dudley, Teacher, Harrison, Me. 

Qiarles Harris Hastings, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 

John Robebts Horne, Clen3rman, Bartlett, N. H. Q Sept. 30, 1899. 

Edmund Mcntimer Leary, Capt. 11th Cav. U. S. A., U. S. M. A., West 

Point, N. Y. 
Edwabd Henbt Nbwbeqin, Clergyman, Bangor, Me. Shield XXIII 55. 

Q Oct. 14, 1896. 
Parker Cleveland Newbedn, C. £., Houlton, Me. 
Herbert Henry Noyes, Clergyman, Island FaUs, Me. 
Fred Eugene Parker. 

Walton Willis Poor, Hampden, Me. Corp. 1st Me. V. Q Aug. 8, 1898. 
Gould Alexander Porter, Lumber, North Anson, Me. 
Bertrand Dean Ridlon, M. D., Togus, Me. 

Charles Edward Riley, Prof., Springfield, Mo. Q May 21, 1892. 
Charles Bias Wright, M. D., 137 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 


Samuel Belcher Abbott, Lawyer, Farmington, Me. 

Frank Durgin, Lawyer, 18 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

Will Osmer Hersey, Teacher, Fairfield, Me. 

John Femald Hodgdon, So. Berwick, Me. 

John Carpenter Hull, Teacher, Leominster, Mass. 

Thomas Flint Nichols, Ph.D., Prof. Hamilton Coll., Clinton, N. Y. 

Howard WelUngton Poor, 27 Mt. Vernon St., Reading, Mass. 

Edward Haven Wilson, Lawyer, 48} Exchange St., Portland, Me. 


Frank Russell Arnold, State Agri. Coll., Logan, Utah. 
Henry Sinclair Baker, 2700 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 
^rron Fuller Barker, M. D., Bath, Me. 
dbarles Calvin Budmam, Lawyer, Sears Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Charles Henry Howard, Pharmacist, South Paris, Me. 
Wadsworth Spring, New Gloucester, Me. 

102 H 


Perez Burr Bisrnhain, Jr., Portland, Me. 

Arthur Chapman, Caaco Bank Bldg., Portland, Me. 

Fred WUbur Hill, Seba»o. Me. 

Frank Herbert Knight, Pharmacist, Winchester, Mass. 

Charles Milton Lei^ton, M. D., 365 Congress St., Portland, Me. 

George Anthony Merrill, Oergvman, Foxcroft, Me. 

James Albert nichols. Old Orchard. Me. 

Frederic William Pickard, May Bldg., Pittsbiurgh, Pa. 

Pliny Fenimore Stevens, M. D., 853 Ave. C, Bayonne, N. J. 


Bert Lewis Bryant, M. D., 250 French St., Bangor, Me. 

Herbert John Dudley, Lawyer, Calais, Me. 

Fred Lincoln Fessenden, Madisonville, Ohio. 

John Shaw French, Morris Heights School, Providence, R. I. 

George Lincoln KimbaQ, Lawyer, North Waterford, Me. 

William Elston Leighton, M. D., 346 Boyle Ave., St.^ Louis, Mo. 

Frank Herbert Mead, Dentist, Bangor, Me. 

Arthur Harvey Stetson, Lawyer, Bath, Me. 

Harvey Waterman Thayer, Asst. Preceptor Princeton Coll., Princeton, N. J. 

Arthur Goodwin Wilev, M. D., Bar Mills, Buxton, Me. 

Ernest Roliston Woodbuiy, Pnn. Thornton Acad., Saco, Me. 


Charles Mayberry Brown, Freeport, Me. 

Philip Dana, Cotton Mfr., Westbrook, Me. 

Walter Winthbop Fogg, Portland, Me. Q Sept. 17, 1907. 

Angus Gordon Hebb, M. D., Bridgton, Me. 

Robert Newbegin, Lstwyer, Nicholas Bldg., Toledo, Ohio. 

Robert Edward Soule, M. D., 601 Lexington Ave., New York City. 

Charles True Stone, Teacher, Long Branch, N. J. . 


Eugene Leslie Bodge, Lawyer, 120 Exchange St^ Portland, Me. 
Benjamin John Fitz, Clergyman, Greenwich, Conn. Shield XXVI 187 . 

Q Jan. 1, 1910. 
Andro Amos French, Attleboro, Mass. 
Robert Lord HuU, M. D., 135 E. 42nd St., New York City. 
Thomas Charles Keohan, Lawyer, 110 Greenbrier St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Fred Gustavus Kneeland, Lawyer, Jamestown, N. D. 
Donald Baxter McMillan, Freeport, Me. Peary Polar Expedition 1908-09. 

Shield XXVI 368, 405. 
John Hinckley Morse, M. D., Donaldson Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Treas. 28th 0. L., Sec. 29th 0. L. 
Frank Austin Steams, Hot Springs, Ark. 


Albert Coolidge Eames, Ins., 77 Kilby St., Boston, Mass. 

Theodore Gould, Fidelity Trust Co., Portland, Me. 

Ernest Lockwood Hall, Dentist, Augusta, Me. Q Aug. 24, 1909. 



Edwin Ellis Spear, Jr., Lawyer, Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Edward Franklin Studley, Merchant, 621 Nostrand Ave., Brookl3m, N. Y. 
Frank Herbert Swan, Lawyer, 170 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 
Ralph Libby Wiggin, Supt. of Schools, Braintree, Mass. 
Cassius Claudius Williamson, Lewiston, Me. 



Lincoln Lewis Cleaves, 1349 Balmoral Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Roval Senter Cleaves, 92 William St., New York City. 

Ralph Milo Greenlaw, Lawyer, Bani«^ Bide., Providence, R. I. 

PhiUp Choate Haskell, Wilkes. Silk Co., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Lucian Percy Libby, 107 Oak St., Portland, Me. 

Waldo Thomas Merrill, Waterville, Me. 

Winifred Henry Smith, M. D., Supt. Johns Hopkins Hosp., Baltimore, 

Md. Shield XXVII 208. 
William Dennet Stockbridge, 369 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Carl Vose Woodbury, Norwich Univ., Northfield, Vt. 


William Joseph Abbott, Rockland, Me. 

Henry Woodbury Cobb, 123 North St., Bath, Me. 

George Bradford Gould, Univ. School, 1818 E. 90th St., Cleveland, 

Fred Bean Merrill, Lawyer, Bethel, Me. 

Philip Mason Palmer, Prof. Lehigh Univ., South Bethlehem, Pa. 
Charles Hagan Potter, Lawyer, Bath, Me. Shield XXI 264. Q Feb. 

28, 1905. 
Henry Augustus Shorey, Jr., Journalist, Bridgton, Me. 
Malcolm Cameron Sylvester, Teacher, Marietta, Ga. 


John Arthur Corliss, 36 Greenville St., Somerville, Mass. 
Clarence Blake Flint, 355 State St., Albany, N. Y. 
Norman John Gehring, Norman, Okla. 
Frederick Letms HiU (Aff. with O^ '01). 
Ernest Thomas Smith, Gray, Me. 


Edward Edgecumbe Carter, Forestry, 45 Green St., Bath, Me. 

Harvey Dow Gibson, Am. Exp. Co., 65 Broadway, New York City. 

Edwin Garfield Giles, East Brownfield, Me. 

George Clifford Hamblet, Brighton Ave., Woodford, Me. 

Ahnon Franklin Hill, Jr., Bridgton. Me. 

Irving Ellis Mabry. East Hiram, Me. 

Perez Benjamin Merrill, 2143 North St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harrison King McCann, Adv. Dept., Standard Oil Co., 26 Broadway, 

New York Qty. 
Andrew Stroud Rodick, Bar Harbor, Me. 

104 H 


Edward Farrington Abbott 230 Minot Ave.. Auburn. Me. 

Luther Dana, Westbrook, Me. 

George Bourne Famsworth, M. D., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Edward Fairfield Moody, 97 Emery St., Portland, Me. 

Harold Miller Stevens, Westbrook, Me. 

Leon Valentine Walker, Lawyer, 57 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Francis Joseph Welch, M. D., 359 Conpress St., Portland, Me. 

Malcolm Sumner Woodbury, M. D., Clifton Springs, N. Y. 


Henry Eugene Beverage, Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co., Madison, Wis. 

Myrton Andrew Biyant, Ginn & Co., Perry Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas Emerson Chase, Auburn, Me. 

Merton Asa McRae, Cumberland, Md. 

Harry Lane Pahner, 115 W. 38th St., New York City. 

Arthur Carleton Shorey, Internat. Banking Corp., Pekin, China. 

Charles Arnold Wyndham, Lisbon Falls, Me. 


Arthtu* Osman Davis, M. D., Bridgton, Me. 

Edwin Laforest Harvey, N. Y. Times, New York City. 

Carl Thomas Plummer, Bridgton, Me. 

Naihan CarroU Redlon (Aff. with O^ '06). 

Thomas Lowell Richards, Waidoboro. Me. 

Archibald Thompson Shor^, 60 Clark St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George Henry Stone, 260 Church St., CUnton, Mass. 

Stanley Williams, Internat. Banking Corp., Manila, P. I. 


Arthur Horace Bodkin, Jr., Woodfords, Me. 

Alfred Russell Boothby, Westbrook, Me. 

Henry Philip Chapman, 166 Oakland St., Springfield, Mass. 

James Newell Emery, Bar Harbor, Me. 

Charles Fitdi Jenks, 245 Winslow Ave., Norwood, Mass. 

Clarence Arthur Rogers, 131 Wabash Ave., Chicago, III. 

Fred Elhanan Smith, Norway, Me. 

George Carroll Soule, 311 Ocean St., South Portland, Me. 

Harold Grant Tobey, M. D., CUnton. Mass. 

Gilbert Woodsum Tuell, 4323 Main St., Kansas City, Kan. 

Robert Thompson Woodruff, Powers & Hall, IQl Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Joseph Samson Waterman, 33 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury, Mass. 

Louis Dwight Harvell Weld, Census Dept., Washington, D. C. 


Harry Leland Brown, Fitchburg, Mass. 

George William Craigie, Cumberland Mills, Me. 

PhiUp Ricker Shorey, N. Y.^World, New York City. 

James Aubrey Voorhees, Box 60, Porcupine, Ont. 

Frank Jones Weed, N. E. Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass. 



Lorenzo Wilson Baldwin, Lawyer, 54 Wall St., New York City. 

James Mitchell Chandler, Advertising, 6 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Joseph Albert Davis, Westbrook, Me. 

Roy Luther Kinney, Holtville, Mont. 

George Packard, 24 Murdock St., Brighton, Mass. 

Harry Woodbury Purington, Manchester Trust Co., Manchester, Mass. 

Thomas Charles Simpson, 97 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 

Christopher Toole, Jr., Lawyer, St. James Hotel, Bangor, Me. 

John H. Woodruff, Bnmswick, Me. 


Harrison Atwood, 2022 Beverly Rd^ Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hervey Drowne Benner, 33 Broad St., Boston, Mass. 

Kenneth Howard Dresser, 483 Park PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Wallace Hanson Hayden, Batavia, N. Y. 

Karl Desmond Scates, Van Buren, Me. 

Carl Ellis Stone, Norway, Me. 

James Melvin Sturtevant, Dixfield, Me. 

Leonard Foster Wakefield, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Boston, Mass. 

John Alexander Wentworth, 234 State St., Portland, Me. 


Harold Wheeler Davie, Southbridge, Mass. 

Clyde Leroy Doming, Cornish Centre, N. H. 

James Batties Draper, Old Town, Me. 

Sumner Edwards, Bethel, Me. 

James Forbush Hamburger, 280 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Harlan Frank Hansen, N. Y. Tel. Co., 15 Dey St., New York City. 

Henry Quimby Hawes, Westbrook, Me. 

Leon Stanley Lippincott, 12 Columbia St., Augusta, Me. 

Harold Potter Marsh, Sheldon, Vt. 

William Proctor Newman, Bar Harbor. Me. 

Henry Lowell Russell, 6 Brown St., Salem, Mass. 

Harold Wilson Slocum, 123 Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 

Leon Hartley Smith, Woodfords, Me. 

Raymond Anderson Tuttle, 18 Westland Ave., Boston, Mass. 


Linwood Everett Clark, Wilton, Me. Carnegie Hero Medal. 

Alonzo Garcelon Dennis, 18 George St., Medford, Mass. 

Jantes Holdm Files {AS. with K '12). 

Orison Perkins Haley, Popham Beach, Me. 

George Wilson Howe, Milo, Me. 

George Chandler Katdbach, Greenfield, Mass. 

Harold Percival Marston, Grinnell, la. 

Frank Pierce Richards, Hotel Weston, New York City. 

Horace Herbert Watson, 97 Front St., South Portland, Me. 

Harold Preble Whitmore, Bar Harbor, Me. 

106 H 


Charles Cirnhmmi Abbott, Auburn, Me. 

Charles Francis Adams, 71 School St., Auburn, Me. 

Philip Pearson Cole, 73 North St., Bath, Me. 

George Fabyan Cresqr. 64 Carleton St., Portland^ Me. 

John Henry Joy, 42 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury. Mass. 

William Edward Montgomery, Montgomery Sprinkler Co., Lewiston, Me. 

Stephen Carroll Perry (AS. with O^ *13). 

Frank Davis Slocum, 123 Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 

Arthur Deehan Welch, 230 Danforth St., Portland, Me. 


Harold Davis Archer, Milton, Mass. 

Stanley Fuller Dole, 4 Walker St., Portland, Me. 

Frederick Trevenen Edwards, 184 24th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Neil Augustus Fogg, Freeport, Me. 

Winthrop Stephenson Greene, 340 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

Wilmot Clyde Lippincott, 12 Columbia St., Augusta, Me. 

William Joseph Nixon, East Rochester, N. H. 

Albert Eusha Parkhurst, Presque Isle, Me. 

John Albert Slocum, 123 Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 

Earle Blanchard Tuttle, Freeport, Me. 

Philip Shaw Wood, Bar Harbor, Me. 


Horace Allen Barton, Middletown^Conn. 

Walter Brown, Bath, Me. 

Ralph Lewin Buell, Portland, Me. 

Alan Ramsay Cole, Bath, Me. 

Louis Augustin Donahue, Portland, Me. 

Paul Edwin Donahue, Portland^ Me. 

Maurice Wingate Hamblen, Bndgton, Me. 

James Gregory Blaine Lappin, Portland, Me. 

Dana Kinsman Merrill, Portland, Me. 

Clifford Little Russell, Portland, Me. 

Neal Tuttle, Freeport, Me. 




Ebtablibhed April 25, 1903 
Shield XIX 150 


Sanford Lord Bacon Howell Cluunben Brown 

Walter Allen Grossman William WatUns Edwards 

Fred Fretlagert Gtmdrum Lee Carroll Hawley 

Robert Allen Hudson James Edmimd Knapp 

Walter TnlUdge Ogier Marion Frederick Reynolds 

Walter Gnstave Adolphe Schtilte 

John Qnisley Toong, Dentist, 537 E. 23rd St., North Portland, Ore. 


Sanford Lord Bacon, Shoes, San Jose, Cal. 

Fred Fretlagert Gnndrum, M. D., Riverside. Cal. 

Lee Carrol Hawl^, Nat. Carbon Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 

James Edmimd Knapp, Joshua Hendy Mchy. Co., 75 Fremont St., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Walter Adolph Gustavo Schulte, M. D., Youkum, Col. 


Howell Chambers Brown, 120 N. El Moline, Pasadena, Cal. 
Walter Allen Crossman, Real Estate, Sunnyvale, Cal. 
Archibald Edward Preston, Min. Eng., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Marion Frederick Reynolds, Prin. H. S., lading, Cal. Q Jan. 19, 


William WatUns Edwards, C. E., Hydraulic, Cariboo District, B. C. 

Clay Holmes Tucker, Selma, Cal. 

Waiter Tullidge Ogier, Engineer, Yreka, Cal. 


Howard William Chadwick (Aff. from 2^ '06) 
Ernest Henry Falconer (Aff. from 2^ '06 and with Z^ '10). 
Carl Augustus Ferguson, Redlands, Cal. 

Roy Noble Ferguson, Associated Oil Co., 3426 Siskiyou St., Los Angeles, 


108 H^ 

Robert Hughes Gaither, Allis Chalmers Co., First Nat. Bank Bldg., 

Chicago, HI. 
William Howard Hoyle, Providence. R. I. 

Robert Allen Hudson, Eng., Monaonock Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Louis Henry Wiegel,' City Eng., Granada, Cal. 


Henrr Truman Beckwith (Aff. from Z '06), Min. Eng., American Hotel, 

Allentown, Pa. 
John Knowels Dotten, Real Estate, 41 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena. Cal. 
Frank Roberts Havenner (Aff. from X^ '05 and A^ '07), Rep. Tribune, 

Hotel Athens, Oakland, Cal. 
John Lawrence Scudder. 

Ganott Foster Van Sickle, 422 Maple Way, Pasadena, Cal. 
William Thomas Young, Banker, Etna, Cal. 


WiUiam BeckwUh (Aff. with B '08). 

Rezford H. Connant, 545 Yamhill St., Portland, Ore. 

Eugene Lafayette StockweU, Lawyer, Alaska Comm. Bldg., San Francisco, 

Dallas England Wood, Berkeley, Cal. 


Griffin Randolph Barry, New York Citv. 

Harry Frederick George, Astoria, Ore. Q May 26, 1907. 

Lowell Jay Hart, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Frederick William McNulty, Lawyer, Chronicle Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

Garfield Howard Macrum, C. E., 185 E. 13th St., Portland, Ore. 

Randolph Gregory Marshall (Aff. with S^ '09). 

Frank C. Nye, Riverside, Cal. 

Charles Loring Roberts, C. E., 372 Baker St., San Francisco, Cal. 

John A. Robertson, Crombe & Co., 810 E. 1st St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Roger Houssels Brown, Duarte, Cal. 

Merwin Bishop Carson, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Dell Duane Gammon, C. E., Lodi. Cal. 

Carl Field Ganong, Oregon City, Ore. 

Charles Lauran Hudson, 1642 Fell St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Harry Earl Reed,. Banker, Louisburg, Kan. 

Harold Warren Thompson, Sacramento Union, Sacramento, Cal. 

WilUam Webb Wheeler, Jr., 703 Hall St., St. Joseph, Mo. 


Roland Grotecloss Marx, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Carl Emory Newman, Madera, Cal. 

Chauncey Smith, 85 Worcester Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Edward Hahn Ogier, Citizen's Realtv Co., Pasadena, Cal. 

William McKee Wyman, San Luis Obispo, Cal. 



Stewart Ashley Bostwick, Mill Valley, Cal. 

Ellison Robbins Canterbury, Redlands, Cal. 

Percy Douglass Fawcett, 1302 S. I St., Tacoma, Wash. 

Alden Orville Gra^, 1443 Osos St., San Luis Obispo, Cal. 

Marshall Brooke Henshaw, Downey, Cal. 

Howard Augustus Lewis, Real Estate, 542 Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Charles Comly Shoemaker, Jr.. Silver City, N. M. 

Westley Hubert Weast, Red Bluff, Cal. 

BarUm Dixon Wood (Aff. with F^ '13). 

Frank Herbert Young, Fort Jones, Cal. 


Frank Baker Belcher, Pomona, Cat. 

Sidney Laqr Boughn, Riverside, Cal. 

Warren Edwin Brokaw, N. W. Woodenware Co., Tacoma, Wash. 

Harry Bascom Davis, Pomona, Cal. 

Julian Riette Jack, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Howard Sazton Reed, Colton, Cal. 


Waldemar Jacob Barman, 834 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Comer Pitts Brown, Duarte, Cal. 

Alexander Woolfolk Davis, romona, Cal. 

Pedro James Escobar, San Salvador, C. A. 

William IKHnslow Glass, Pasadena, Cal. 

Roland English Hartley, Jr., 697 Haight St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Elmer Franklin Hudson, 175 S. 13th St., San Jose, Cal. 

Paul Boole McKee, 3456 Washington St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Frank Edwin Palmer, Ellensburg, Wash. 

Archie Martin Paulson, 1142 W. 1st St., Los Angeles, Cal. 




Disbanded bt the Civil War in 1861 (a) 
Re-estabushed March 19, 1870 
Memorial History 106 


Mathew Page Andrews Benjamin Clark Cutler 

James Kilbourne Jones William Renick Madeira 

James Tuttle Sterung 


Levi Buttles, Gambler, Ohio. Q June 11, 1891. 


Samuel Mustard Saroeant* M. D., Cal. Q 1893. 


Mathew Page Andrews, Lawyer, Shepardtown, W. Va., C. S. A. Q 

March 7, 1878. 
William Renick Madeira, Chillicothe, Ohio. Q June 15, 1899. 


Benjamin Clark Cutler, Jr., Santa Fe. N. M. Capt. U. S. V. Q 1866. 
John Eldon HamUton, 412 14th St., Washington, D. C. U. S. Dist. Atty. 

for Kentucky. U. S. Consul, Cornwall, Ont. 
CiNCiNNATUS MoRTiER MoRRisoN, Springfield, 111. Q 1875. 
James Tuttle Sterling, Grosse Isle, Mich. Col. U. S. V. Trustee 

Kenyon Coll. Shield XVI 372. Q Nov. 2, 1899. 


Thomas Blake Brooke, Flat 20, 15th and 11th Sts., Washington, D. C. 

Horace Jared Canfield, Andover, Mass. 

Thomas Harfield Macaughtry, Ind. Q 1899. 

Eugene Aiken Osborne, Major Paymaster's Dept. U. S. A.. Chicago, 111. 

Isaac Meason Sowers, Oil, Gt. Northern Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

(a) Before the war many Southern men were at Kenyon. When the 
war broke out, these men left. Dr. Andrews, President of the college, 
organized a company right in the classrooms. 


112 e 


Flamen Ball, Lawyer, 22 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 111. Capt. and Asst. 

A. D. C, U. S. V. 
William W. Hayes, M. D., San Luis Obispo, Cal. Surgeon, U. S. N. 
Jessie Elliott Jacobs, Baltimore, Md. Adj. Gen. uT S. V. 
James Kilbourne Jones. Hdwe. Merchant, Columbus, Ohio. Capt. 

U. S. V. Shield XXVII 211. Q July 22^ 1910. 
Warren Munger, Jr., Lawyer, Dayton, Ohio. O May 27, 1894. 


Benjamin William Dudley, Lexington, Ky. Q 1884. 

George Howard Fay, Columbus, Ohio. Q 1862. 

Charles E. McIlvaine, Clergyman, Towanda, Pa. Q Feb. 22, 1876. 

James TPullen Stephens, Trenton, N.J. Q July 8, 1902. 

Benjamin Frankun Strader, Cincinnati, Ohio. Q 1898. 


George Stone Benedict, Cleveland, Ohio. Q Feb. 4, 1871. 

Spencer Franklin, St. Louis, Mo. Lieut. U, S. V. Q 1906. 

John Dobson Kinney, Banker, Ark. Q 1884. 

Stephen Satterly L'Hommedieu, Cincinnati, Ohio. Q July 14, 1883. 

Henry Clark Winslow, Buffalo, N. Y. Q 1877. 


Albert Cole Bearss, Peru, Ind. 

William Neal Dennison, Denver, Col. Capt. U. S. Artillery. 

George B. Eastin, Louisville, Ky. 

Charles D. Jones, Cincinnati, Ohio. Ensign U. S. N. Killed in battle. 

Orlando Metcalf Loomis, Cleveland, Ohio. Capt. U. S. V. 
Elisha Warpield Tarleton, Frankfort, Ky. Cfol. U. S. Cav. Q 1895. 
Edward R. Warpield, Lexington, Ky. Q 1888. 


Francis Cunningham Crawford, Paymaster Vandalia R. R., Ill N. 7th 

St., Terre Haute, Ind. Major U. S. V. 
John Crowell, Jr., Cleveland, Ohio. Capt. and Asst. Adj. Gen., U. S. V. 

Q Jan. 5, 1886. 
Byron Hector Kilbourne, North Lake, Wis. Q Aug. 24, 1897. 
Edward £. Law, Lawyer, law library, 1226 Upper 1st St., Evansville, Ind. 

Comm. Met. Police Board. 
John Gilbert Shanklin, Evansville, Ind. Sec. of State of Ind. Shield 

XX 277. Q Aug. 6, 1903. 
Joseph Rockwell Swan, Pres. Utica Herald Pub. Co., Utica, N. Y. 

QDec. 13, 1901. 

Amherst Franklm, Lawyer, 321 W. 4th St., Ottawa, Kan. 1st Lieut. U. S. V. 



Alisxandeb L. Andbbwb, Columbus, Ohio. Q 1877. 
Cameal Anderson WaifieldL Lexinj^n, Ky. 
Bainbridob H. Webb, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Disbanded bt the Civiii Wab in 1861 
Re-established March 19, 1870 


James Lawrence, Lawyer, Rockefeller Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. Atty. 

Gen. of Ohio. Corp. Counsel of Cleveland. Judge of Common 

Pleas. Prof. Western Reserve Univ. 
William Lawrence, Jr., Ed. Mansfield Shield, Mansfield, Ohio. Q 

Jan., 1908. 
James Swearingen Thatcher, City Eng.. 330 S. Akard St., Dallas, Tex. 
Frank Evans Wing, Banker, New York City. Q Dec. 12, 1899. 


Charles Henry Buchanan, M. D., 6808 Yale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
John M. Critchfield, Lawyer, Judge, Monroe Mills, Ohio. Q 1893. 
William Moore Ferguson, Lawyer, Cincinnati, Ohio. Q Feb., 1877. 
William Matthews Raynolds, Lawyer, Am. Trust Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Treas. 4th G. L. 
John Barnbtt Sherwood, Indianapolis, Ind. Q Oct. 31, 1907. 


Jchn Graeme Black, D. D., Prof. Univ. of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 
Robert H. McFarland, Lawyer, Zanesville, Ohio. 

H. C. Hankins, Cal. 

Louis L'Hommedieu, Riverside, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Charles Augustus VanDuzen, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Charles Catlin Damarin, Portsmouth, Ohio. Q Dec. 24, 1888. 
James M. Greenslade, M. D., Lima, Ohio. 

J. H. Brice, Toledo, Ohio. 
Albert Tracet Johnson, Pres. Ports. Fire Brick Co., Portsmouth, 

Ohio. Q Dec. 25, 1903. 
Albert Lawrence, Lawyer, Society for Sav. Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Carey Rees Montgomery, M. D., 251 Oak St., Columbus, Ohio. 
Robert Bruce Montgomenr, City Atty., Omaha, Neb. 
Henry Robert Stanbery, Ins. People's Sav. Bank Bldg., Zanesville, Ohio. 
Tullius Aiken Thayer, Cincinnati, Ohio. Treas. 8th G. L. Q Aug. 

29, 1878. 

114 e 


Howard Mulman Adae, Avondale, Ohio. Q Feb. 11, 1893. 

Henry Herbert Smythe, D. D., Rector St. Barnabas, Falmouth, Mass. 


Edwin Parrott Matthews, Lawyer, U. B. Bldg., Da3rton, Ohio. Council 
1888-92; Dep. Supt. of Elections 1892-96; U. S. Conun. and Qty 
Solicitor 1895-05; Judge Common Pleas 1905. 

Samuel Hutchinson Nicholas, Lawyer, 1207 Kenilworth Ave., Coshocton, 
Ohio. Pros. Atty., Judge Common Pleas. 


William Henry Galway, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Otis K. White, Wholes^e Cigars, 217 N. 3rd St., St. Louis, Mo. 


John Kerr Crawford, Lawyer, Franklin, Pa. 

James Robinette Crawford, M. D., 543 S. Santa Fe Ave., Salina, Kan. 

W. Darr, Olena, Ohio. 

George Douglas Grasser, Newark, Ohio. 

Fabius Anderson Harrison, Lexington, Ky. 

William Weston Heame, Iron, R. E. Trust Co. Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles Benjamin Shaflfer, Oil, Farmers Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Benjamin Franklin Crofoot, City Clerk, S. St. Clair St^ Plainsville, Ohio. 
Albert Wilson Hayward, Arch., Union Trust Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Newcomb Butler Thompson, Mdse. Broker, 121 E. 2nd St., Cincinnati, 

Marcus Tullius Cicero Wing, Pittsburgh, Pa. Q 1905. 


John Franklin Smith, Supt. of Schools, 204 W. Main Cross St., Findlay, 


Samuel Bartlit, 173 E. Town St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Henry Holcomb Bennett, Landscape Painter and Writer, 76 W. 2ad St., 

Chillicothe, Ohio. 
Edmund Lawrence Case, Grocer, Prairie du Chien, Wis. Q April 1, 1911. 
William Ellsworth Grant, Cashier Guar. Sav. Bank and Trust Co., Mt. 

Vernon, Ohio. 
Edward L. Robinson, Coshocton, Ohio. 
Harry Lardner Sterrett, City Gas Co., Hartford, Conn. 

Curtis Claypoole, Mfr., Glen Wilton, Va. 



Samuel PerdTal Johnson, Monarch Typewriting Co., 24 E. Madison St.; 

Chicago, HI. 
WiLLLUf MoERLiN, C. Moerlin Brewing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Q Sept. 

17, 1896. 



Alexander L. Crawford, Terre Haute, Ind. Q July 2, 1902. 

Frank Sanford Curtis, Ch. Clerk Navy Dept., The Savoy, Washington, 

D. C. 
Charles Herbert Grant, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Q Jan. 1, 1898. 
Harris Dicket Huston, bayton, Ohio. Q 1885. 
Henry Hubbard Peachy, M. D., Am. S. S. Line. New York City. 
Alexander Stewart, Beresford Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Harry Clark Wing, Alta Vista, Cal. 

Louis Ernest Durr, Rector St. Mary's, Hillsboro, Ohio. 

Alan Stuart Harkness, Ins., Fourth Nat. Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


ie Kneisley Harkness, Kalispell, Mont. 
William Russell McKim, Rector St. John's, 152 Main St., Oneida, N. Y. 
John J. Shaffer, Auditor Madison Co., R. F. D. No. 1, London, Ohio. 

Elmer W. Armstrong, Monroeville, Ohio. 


Charles Wilson Baker, Rector St. George's, 228 E. Cass St., Roseburg, Ore. 

Omot AddbeH Knox (AS. with W '96). 

Jdse^ John McAdoo, City Ticket Agt., P. & L. E. R. R., 357 Fifth Ave., 

rittsburgh. Pa. 
Robert Lee Means, Kenton. Ohio. Shield IX 28. Q 1893. 
Edwin B. Redhead, Rector St. Stephen's, 602 N. 7th St., Steubenville, 

Guy Voorhee* Williams (Afif. with 8^ '96 and F"^ '96). 
Earie Reamy Wilson, Marion, Ohio. 


Carl M. Babst, CrestUne, Ohio. 

Frank M. fiawley, Hawley House, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Harry J. Sharp, 1172 Franklin Av^r., Columbus, Ohio. 

116 e 

Charles Stephen Shaw, Waterfoid, Pa. 


Warren Howard Mann, Sporting Ed. Cleveland Press, 9732 Woodward 
Ave , N. £., Cleveland, Ohio. 



Established Mabch 21, 1890 

Initiation at the Tremont House 

Charter Surrendered October 5, 1892 

Re-bstabushed June 2, 1906 

Shield VI 179, XXII 181 


William Curtis Capron Thomas Harold Creden 

Frank H. Dorr Horace H. Enswortli 

George Burton Hawley Francis Cobb Norton 

J. Francis Whfte Clarence Edgar Whitney 


Frank H. Dorr, Chicago, HI. Shield XIU 22. Q Jan. 8, 1897. 
Horace H. Ensworth, Uaraware, 510 Farmington Ave., Hartfoid, Conn. 
James Wilson Pierce, C. £., Durham, N. C. 
J. Francis White, Waterbury, Conn. Shield XTV 190. Q Nov. 17, 

Clarence Edgar Whitney, Pres. Whitney Mfg. Co., 568 Farmington Ave., 

Hartford, Conn. 


George William Baker, Ins., 50 Highland St., Hartford, Conn. 

William Cmn^ Capron, M. £., Instr. Cornell Univ., 41 WiUard St., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Thomas Harold Creden, 940 Broadway, South Boston, Mass. 

Henry Chester Dresser, Macon, Ga. 

George Burton Hawley, E. E., Gen. Insp. Union Tel. Co., 914 N. Capitol 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Herbert Stanley Miller, E. E., 1025 E. Jersey St., Ehsabeth, N. J. 

Andrew P. Newman, 91 Haverhill St., Boston, Mass. 


George Ftink Dana, Dana Mfs. Co., Roeedale, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Frauds Cobb Norton, Rockland, Me. 

William Beth Resor, Chicago Tel. Co., Chicago, 111. 

Frederic Ives Warren, Draftsman, Bay City. Mich. 

Parker Hastings Wilder, Sec. Choate School, WaUingford, Conn. 


118 e^ 


Samuel Peters Blanc, N. Y. C. I. Pipe Co., Empire Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 
Richard Clougfa Anderson, East Walnut HiUs, Ohio. 
Walter Crosswell. Daggett, N. J. Tel. Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


William Hearst Greenfield, Baltimore, Md. 

Jamss W. Baynolds, Sec. of Terr., Santa Fe, N. M. 

Philip Herbert Withington, Mfr., 8820 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Guy Vwrhee$ WiUiatru (AS. from 8 '96 and with V^ '96). 

Charter Surrendered October 5, 1892 
Re-established June 2, 1906 


Arthur F. Beldmg, Sales Eng.. 124 E. Fourth St., Joplm, Mo. " 

Joseph Henry Brown, Jr., Sullivan Mch. Co., 266 W. 77th St., New York 

Sidney Lovett Cole, Mech. Eng., 328 Genessee St., Waukegan, 111. 
Francis E. Drake, Lynn Gas & £lec. Co., Lynn, Mass. 
Charles Roland Prichard, Supt. Bev. Gas & Elec. Co., 1 Farcom Ave., 

Beverly, Mass. 


Stewart Clark Coey, E. E., 105 Madison Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 
Walter Dodge Duval, Ins. Eng., 107 Sycamore St., Somerville, Mass. 
James Edwm Griffin, 130 Temple St., West Newton, Mass. 
George Mitchell Henderson, Min. Eng., Winkleman, Ariz. 
Robert Howe, Edison Elec. Co., 236 Bolton St., Marlboro, Mass. 
Guy Hall Ruggles, Min. Eng., Ray, Ari2. 
Herbert Lawrence Williams, Min. Eng., Newtonville, Mass. 


Llewellyn Dana Davenport, Min. Eng., Chisholm, Minn. 
John Mather, Lieut. U.S. Coast Artillery, 112 Fort Hill Ave., Lowell, Mass. 
Harry Lawrence Moody, Salesman, 5 Walker St., West SomervUle, Mass. 
Ku\ Willis Richards, C. E., 107 Mariner St., Norfolk, Va. 
Oscar Henry Starkweather, Arch. Sewage Comm., 2211 28th St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 


Edward Earl Allen, Trav. Salesman, 212 Lake St., Chicago, 111. 
Arthur Franklin Conant, Salesman, 22 Beekman St., New York City. 
Clarence Ronald Lament, Mine and Mill Mgr., Piocne, Nev. 
Alfred Griffin Place, E. E., Stone di; Webster, 1014 Minor Ave., Seattle, Wa^. 
John Theodore Tobin, C. E., 43 E. Newton St., Boston, Mass. 



John Renshaw Carson, 13 Thron St., Sewickley, Pa. 
James Hamilton Critchett, Chem. Eng., 41 Palfrey St., Watertown, Mass. 
Newman Ballard Gregory, Min. Eng., 802 Wall St., Joplin, Mo. 
Paul Burton Lord, Min. Eng., 18 S. Mimroe Terr., Dorchester, Mass. 
Samuel Norman McCain, C. £., 2420 Perry ville Ave., All^heny, Pa. 
Shirley Andrew Mace, Lynn Gas & Elec. Co., 15 Mace PL, Lynn, Mass. 
Burr Arthur Rohinson, Min. Eng., 311 14th St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Maurice Scott Chapin, 127 School St., Springfield, Mass. Sec. 41st G. L. 

Shield XXV 111. 
Karl Dickson Femstrom, Instr. M. I. T., Blue Hill, Me. 
Paul Reed Fleming, Natick, Mass. 

Arthur Franklin Glasier, 25 Bainbridge St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Kenneth Leavens, 17 Otis St., Newtonville, Mass. 

Henry Franklin Miller, 2nd, Mech. Eng.^ 18 Lawrence St., Wakefield, Mass. 
Bergen Reynolds, Mech. Eng., 142 Highland Ave., Somerville, Mass. 
Ral^ Martin Torrey, 88 Centre St., Brookline, Mass. 
Charles William WaUower (Aff. from N^ '10), E. E., 15 Dey St., New 

York City. 


Clifford Lsrton Hufsmith, Palestine, Tex. 

Francis Aldrich Moore, Tyler, Tex. 

John Albert Proctor, Wireless Expert, Revere, Mass. 

Arthur William Underhill, 83 Ineersoll Grove, Springfield, Mass. 

John Law Wilds, Darlington, S. C. 

Howard David Williams, 83 Magnolia Terr., Springfield, Mass. 

Roy Pease Williams, 83 Magnolia Terr., Springfield, Mass. 


Harvey Smith Benson, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Stuart John Eynon (Aff. from 11^ '12), 262 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 

Ward Nelson Gere, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Albert Clark Goodnow (Aff. from S^ '11), Waukegan, IlL 

John Seely Grant, Dorchester, Mass. 

John Maurice Leddy, New York City. 

Salvador Rodriquez, Jr., Portchester, N. Y. 

Walter Morley Ruby, Oneida, N. Y. 

Erwin Haskell Schell, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Seth Heness Seelye, Key West, Fla. 

John Eddy Whittlesey, West Newton, Mass. 


John Bent Farwell, Natick, Mass. 
Edwin Clarence Gere, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Halsey Boardman Homer, Melrose, Mass. 
Robert Allen Lesher, Easton, Pa. 

120 e^ 

Philip Schmitt, Jr., 262 Newbury St., Boston, Maas. 
Roland Charles Thompson, Winchester, Mass. 
Lyle Kerr Wehber, Woodlawn, Hamilton, Ont. 

Roy Cuming Brett, South Bndntree, Mass. 
Chaimcey Davis Bryant, Newton, Mass. 
Donald Gibbs Crowell, Winchester, Mass. 
Clarence Williams Hale, Springfield, Mass. 
Adelbert Delano Hiller, Marion, Mass. 
Horace Gentry Stewart, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Winthrop Gordon Thomas, New York City. 
Fay Woodbum Williams, Springfield, Mass. 




estabubhed in 1856 

disoontintjed about 1867 

Revived about 1885 

Charter Surrendered in 1888 

Re-established June 8, 1892 

Shield VIII 357, XXII 187 Memorial History 110 


Francis H. Brown Horace Newton Fisher 

Charles P. Gorely George Hollingsworth 

Charles V. Mapes Patrick A. 0'Ck>NNELL 


Francis H, Brown, M. D., 28 State St., Boston, Mass. Asst. Surgeon, 

U. S. A. 
Horace Newton Fisher, Consul of Chile, 60 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Lieut. Col. and Major Gen. 20th Army Corps. 
Charles P. Gorely, Lawyer, 34 School St., Boston, Mass. 
George Hollingsworth, Groton, N. Y. 

Charles V. Mapes, Mapes Fertilizer Co., 60 W. 40th St., New York City. 
Patrick A. O Connell, Surgeon U. S. A., Santa Barbara, Cal. 


Frederick G. Bromherg, Lawyer, 72 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala. 
Benjamin Dewees Marshall Jones, Blackstone, Va. 
James May, Jr. (Aff. from E '54). Capt. C. S. A., Petersburg, Va, 
Killed at Petersburg. 


Thomas D. Wessbx Jones, Hartford, N. C. Capt. C. S, A. Killed at 

Gettysburg. Q Nov. 6, 1863. 
NuMA Oliver Lauve, Austin, Tex. Q 1887. 

Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Boston, Mass. Capt. U. S. V, Q Aug. 9, 1862. 
William Brandt Storer, Boston, Mass. Q 1884. 


William Channing Gannett, Pastor First Unitarian, 15 Sibley PL, Rochester, 

N. Y. 
Horace Howland, Hohokus, N. J. 
William R. Rodman, Boston, Mass. 



Benjamin Smith Skinner, Hartford, N. C. Capt. C. S. A. Q Aug. 

25, 1864. 
O. F. Wadsworth, Boston, Mass. Q Sept., 1006. 
v. F. Wadsworth, M. D., Prof. Harvard Med. School, 526 Beacon St., 

Boston^ Mass. 
Francis Minot Weld, M. D., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Q Dec. 1893. 
Robert Willard, M. D., Boston, Mass. O 1890. 
George B. Youno, Lawyer, St. Paul, Minn. Ch. Justice Superior Court. 

Q Dec. 30, 1906. 

Discontinued about 1857 
Revived about 1885 


Charles Walter Gerould (Aff. from K '82), Teacher, 76 Oxford St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 


Loring Woert Batten, Clergyman, Prof. Gen. Theol. Sem., New York City. 

John D* Gary (Aff. from T '84), Richfield Springs, N. Y. 

Henry Foster Lewis, M. D., 4426 Lake Ave., Chicago, lU. 

Justin Perry Miner, Sheridan, N. Y. Shield XyV^II 77. Q Dec. 16, 

Arthur Allen Waterman, Mfr., 226 E. 53rd St., Chicago, 111. 
William Warren Winslow, Lawyer, Punxatawney, Pa. 
Theodore C. Van Storch, Banker, 1609 N. Main St., Scranton, Pa. 


Lewis P. Frost, Arlington, Mass. 

Edward James •Sartelle, 33 WiUiam St., Worcester, Mass. 

Stanley M. Todd, Stockton, N. Y. Q Jan. 30, 1890. 


Charles Churchill Carmalt, New York City. Shield XXI 265, 400. 

Q Jan. 8, 1905. 
Lomhard C. Jones, M. D., 82 Summer St., Maiden, Mass. 
George Edgar Ladd, Rolla, Mo. 
William Kanan Smith, 351 Third St., Portland, Ore. 
Frank Chester Southworth, Clerg3anan, Meadville, Pa. Shield XIX 277. 
Charles Sproull Thompson, Milwaukee, Wis. 


Frank P. Eldridge, Belvidere, 111. Shield XXVI 409. Q Oct. 6, 1910. 
Valentine Mott Pierce, M. D., Sec. World's Dispensary, 663 Main St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


Frank Cole Bahhett, Prof. Trinity Coll., 65 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

Horatio J. Green, Portland, Ore. 

Edward Stetson Griffing, Lawyer, C. P. A., 154 Nassau St., New York 
City. Compt. of New Rochelle 1908-11. 22nd P. G. L., 89th G. L., 
1907. Ed. 6th Cat. Shield XXIII 1, 179, XXIV 1, XXV 204. 


Maxwell Alexander KilTert, Apartado 195, Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. 

Treaa. 20th G. L. 
Samuel R. King) Bradford, Mass. 
Edward J. McClellan, Chicago, 111. 
F. O. Rajrmond, Haverhill, Mass. 
James S. Taylor, Denver, Col. 
George Wentworth, Exeter, N. H. 


Frederick Smyth Duncan, Lawyer, 37 Nassau St., New York City. 

Nathan Richard George, Instr. M. I. T., Boston, Mass. 

Henry H. Haskell, M. D., 34 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

WilUam J. Farquhar, N. Y. Tel. Co., 15 Dcy St., New York City. 

Charter Surrendered in 1888 
Re-estabubhed June 8, 1892 


George Purcell Costigan, New York City. 

William Cotton Damon, Box 836, New York City. 

Arthur Morgan Day. Danbury, Conn. 

Le^ W. Dimton, Spencer, Mass. 

Parley Leonard Home, Prof., South Byfield, Mass. 

Edward Muzzey Moore, Lawyer, 27 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Nathaniel Saltonstall Sanders, Danvers, Mass. 

Ralph Hamilton Shepard, New Haven, N. Y. Shield X 395. Q Aug. 
17, 1894. 

Benjamin Arthur Whittemore, 17 Bigelow St., Cambridge, Mass. 

William Harrison Wiggin, Northwestern Miller, 118 S. S»th St., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Herbert P. Williams, Greenbush, Mass. 


Charles Harris Beckwith, 122 Florida St., Springfield. Mass. 

Joseph William Carr, Teacher Univ. of Maine, Orono, Me. Shield 

XXV 138. Q March 4, 1909. 
£2dward Russell Coffin, Lawyer, New York City. Q Sept. 2, 1907. 
Howard Hamblett Cook, Bureau of Corporations, Washingtcm, D. C. 
Frederick William Dallinger, Lawyer, 28 State St., Boston, Mass. Mass. 

L^. 1896-99. 
William Horace Davis, Suffolk St., Holyoke, Mass. 
Herbcurt Lincoln Flint, 8 Chauncy St., Cambridge. Mass. 
Frederick Palmer ICidder, Albany, N. Y. Shield XIX 314. Q Dec. 

5, 1900. 
Harry Chamberlain Low, Boston, Mass. 
Frederick Chase McLaug^iUn, Lawyer, 165 Broadway, New York Oty. 


Arfhur Parker Stone, Lawyer, 28 State St., Boston, Mass. Justice Dist. 

Frederick C. Thwaits, 553 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Charles Edward Whitmore, Jr., 50 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
Joseph Wiggin, Lawyer, 28 state St., Boston, Mass. 


Barfiett Robbins Atwood, A. C. McClurg k Co., Chicago, 111. 
Samuel Starret Dearborn, M. D., 6 Concord St., Nashua, N. H. 
Horace Cecil Fisher, 2 Muton Rd., Brookline, Mass. 
Robert Etheridge Gregg, Clergyman and Lawyer, 84 State St., Boston, 

Edwin Manton Gboyer, Lawyer, Needham, Mass. Shield XXI 265. 

Q April 28, 1905. 
Lewis Dana Hill, Prof., 32 Binford St., Boston, Mass. 
Aaron Benedict Kebler, Ridgefield, Conn. Shield XIX 315. Q April 

4, 1900. 
Charles Lewis Lawrence, 209 Bunker Hill St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Charles Irving Merrick, Holyoke, Mass. 
John Randall Nichols, Lawyer, 194 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 


Howland Dudley, Lawyer, 95 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Goldman Edmunds, Lawyer, Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

William Frye Garcelon, Lawyer, Sears Bldg., Boston, Mass. Mass. Legis. 

Frederick Brackett Hill, Lawyer, South Framingham, Mass. 

Edward V. Huntington, Instr. Harvard Univ., 35 Fairfax Hall, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Julio Julian Juan Julbb, Ponce, Porto Rico. 

Delcevare King, 128 Summer St., Boston. Mass. 

G^ord LeClear, Eng., 15 Exchange St., Boston, Mass. 

Willis Lyman, Harvard Club, New York Qty. 

Thomas Edward Powe, 3130 Hall St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Arthur Joseph Russell, Arch., 8 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Henry August Low Sand, Lawyer, 120 Broadway, New York City. 

Charles Edward Smith, Fall River, Mass. 

William Everett Stark, Prin. Ethical Culture School, N. Y. C, 12 Cornell 
Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Frederick Putnam Thompson, Easton, Mass. 

Henry Pickering Walker, Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Thomas Weston, Jr., Lawyer, 42 Court St^ Boston, Mass. 

Hohnes Whitmore, 207 E. 16th St.. New York Qty. 

Howard Whitmore, Lawyer, 95 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

William Bums Wolffe, 35 Nassau St., New York aty. 


Charles Dunhar Booth, Lawyer. 191 Middle St.^ Portland, Me. 
Percy N. Booth, Lawyer, 1026 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 
Horace Canfield, Lawyer, Seattle, Wash. Q June 2, 1911. 
Chauncet Giles Carter, West Newton, Mass. Q April 11, 1896. 


Edward F. Champney, 96 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

Oscar Charles Gallagher, Master Boston Enc. H. S., West Roxbury, Mass. 

Richard Hayter, Harvard Club, New York City. 

Loring Thayer Hildreth, Lawyer, 45 Broadway, New York City. 

Henry Haven Morgan, Arch., Long Bldg., New London, Conn. 

John F. Osbon, C. £., 314 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Lawrence Pierpont. 

Edmund E. Van der Burgh, 230 £. 27th St., New York City. 


Charles Augustus Archer, Locke Regulation Co., Salem, Mass. 

Henry Williamson Beale, Lawyer, Ames Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Sidney H. Borden, 296 Lincoln Ave., Fall River, Mass. 

Benjamin Thomas Burley, M. D., 25 High St., Worcester, Mass. 

Fenner Albert Choce, M. D., 373 N. Maine St., Fall River, Mass. 

Frederick B. Cooley, Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Evarts Field, Newton, Mass. 

Arthur P. Oifford, Salem, Mass. 

Frederick Whitmg Mansur, Groton, Mass. 

Frank Nash Morrill, N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Drake Thomdyke Perry, 814 Case Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Herbert B. Priest, M. D., Groton, Mass. 

Edwm Willis Rich, M. D., Fort Ontario, N. Y. 

Lincoln Fleetwood Sise, M. D., 12 Main St., Medford, Mass. 

Robert P. Starkweather, Milwaukee, Wis. Q 1954. 

Edward Ewell Whiting. 284 Pine St., Springfield, Mass. 

Henry Jason Wilder, Dept. of Agri., Washington, D. C. 

Sydney Russell Wrig^tington, La^er, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Bruce Wyman, Prof. Harvard L. S., Cambridge, Mass. 


Frederick Lyman Beecher, Lumber, Box 923, Vancouver, B. C. 

Louis H. Bioelow, Natick, Mass. Q 1898. 

Hubert Lazell Carter, Carter Rice & Co., 235 Mt. Vernon St., Wes<> 

Newton, Mass. 
Richard Burrage Carter, Pres. Carter's Ink Co., Cambridge, Mass. 
Fred S. Chishohn, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Wentworfh L. Harrington (Aff. from IT^ '95), Maplewood, N. J. 
Edward Mahon, Omaha, Neb. 

George Putnam Metcalf, 110 W. Fourth St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Henry Milnior Rideout. 

Henry Constant Ring, Arch., 101 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
Frederick H. Thompson, Fitchburg, Mass. 

Everett Marshall Waterhouse (Aff. from Z '98), Clergyman, New York City . 
Frank Chester White, Chicago, 111. 

George Horace Breed, Arch., 112 Water St., Boston, Mass. 
William Walcott Carter, 100 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 
Sidney Marsh Chase, 4 Mt. Vernon St., Haverhill, Mass. 


James Taylor Harrinctoii, Roosevelt Hosp., New Yotk City. 

Paul Munroe Keene, I^^an Shore Drive. Lynn, Mass. 

John Alexander Hull Keiti^ Oshkosh, Wis. 

Waldo Shaw Kendall, 52 William St., New York City. 

Henry Hatch Dent Sterrett (AfiF. from X^ '98), Clergyman, Columbus, 

Frederick Bourne Taylor, 249 Walnut St., Brookline, Mass. 
Henry Preston White, 84 University Rd., Brookline, Mass. 


George William Billings, Milford, Mass. 

Horace Keith BoutweU, M. D., 655 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

Walter Azro Buxton (AfiF. from M^ '99), 200 Summer St., Boston, Mass. 

Atherton Darling Converse^ Winchendon, Mass. 

Russell Pay Crane, Cambridge, Mass. 

OuvEB Daniel Crilly, Chicago, 111. Shidd XXVI 187. Q Jan. 21, 

Albert G. Donham, Portland, Me. 
James Pike Elucott, Baltimore, Md. Shield XIV 77. Q March 3, 

William Paine Everts, Lawyer, St. Paul, Minn. 
Foster Regnier Greene, 514 High St., Fall River, Mass. 
Stephen Higginson, Jr., Boston Globe, Boston, Mass. 
Edmund Bayfield HiUiard, Teacher Morr. SchocJ, Morristown, N. J. 
Giles Milton Hoyt, 104 Milligan PL, South Orange, N. J. 
Harold Weston Mason, 31 State St., Boston, Mass. 
William Francis Porter. Lsnm, Mass. 
Ernest E. Wheeler (Aff. from 11^ '96), New Y<M-k aty. 
Travis Howard Whitney, 154 Nassau St., New York City. 
Charles Stevens White, 60 W. 10th St., New York aty. Asst. Ed. 5th 

Charles Royal Woods, Jr., Advertising, 15 Spruce St., New York City. 


John George Berry, C. Berry & Co., Boston, Mass. 

Albert Williams Cooper. Boston, Mass. 

Paul Dudlev Dean, 51 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. 

Edward Robert Fay, Union Hat Co.^ Bethel, Conn. 

Roger Flint, 8 Chauncy St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Frederick Woodbury Fosdick (Aff. from M^ '98), Lawyer, 28 State St., 

Boston, Mass. 
Gordon Ireland, Lawyer, 32 Nassau St., New York City. 
Osgood N. Mayhew, Cottage City, Mass. 
Charles Moline, M. D., Sunderland, Mass. 
Melville Terry Nichols, 17 Central Ave., Lynn, Mass. 
Harold Clark Paine, Newton, Mass. Q Dec., 1901. 
George Alfred Sawin, 73 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 
William Douglas Sterrett (Aff. from X^ '00), U. S. Forestry service. Pierce 

Mill Rd., Washington, D. C. 
Ethan Rogers UnderwcKkl, Glass, 259 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, N. J. 



Wade Sears Belcher, Stoughton, Majss. 

Walter Meredith Boothby, M. D., 508 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Julian D. Chase, Dedham, Mass. 

Morton Le Baron Church, 2 Dean St., Taunton, Mass. 

Cyrus Cole DeCoster, Jr., St. Paul, Minn. 

Richard Wiggin Drown, 124 Washington St., Ljmn, Mass. 

Nathaniel Wales Faxon, M. D., Stoughton, Mass. 

Robert Poster Janes, N. Y. Tel. Co., 15 Dey St., New York CSty. 

Philip Albert Nutting, 1680 Cambridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 

William HiUs Otter, 1103 Third St., LouisviUe, Ky. 

Frank Peter Parker, Jr., Fleischman & Co., 151 W. 70th St., New York 


Edmund Lester Pearson, 174 State St., Albany, N. Y. 
Charles Irving Porter, W. M. Porter & Son, Lyiin, Mass. 
Henry Hooker Skinner, Machesway Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Albion Millett Boothby, 323 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Hany Peake Brown, Dry goods. Fall River, Mass. Treas. 34th G. L., 

Sec. 35th G. L. 
Fred Louis Carter, Jr., 1039 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
Robert Augustus Dean, 383 June St., Fall River, Mass. 
Torr Wagner Harmer, 18 Adams St., Somerville, Mass. 
Mark Robert Jouett, Jr., 44 Boston Ave., West Medford, Mass. 
Sumner Thompson McCall, First Nat. Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Thomas Mellon, Jr., Lawyer, 400 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Stanley Rand Miller, Lawyer, Winchester, Mass. 
Arthur James Munroe, Cambridge, Mass. 
Artley Berber Parson (Aff. from X^ '02), Clergyman, 40 Boylston Ave., 

Providence, R. I. 
Ernst Mey Parsons, Arch., Paddock Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Lawrence Drew Somers, 134 Salisbury Rd.>, Brookline, Mass. 
Harold Gordon Spencer, Lawver, Honolulu, H. I. 
Henry Tobnan, Jr., Albermarle Chambers, Boston, Mass. 
Louis Lumber Wadsworth, Jr., 84 Church St., Winchester, Mass. 
C. R. Wait, Wakefield, Mass. 


Angus Davis Estabrook, 101 Washington St., Cambridge, Mass. 
William Withington Gallagher, Braintree, Mass. 
Leon Abbott Hackett, 239 Woodland Rd., Aubumdale, Mass. 
Charles Pliny Heath, Wakefield, Mass. Q Nov. 29, 1907. 
James M. Hughes, 2012 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 
William Minot Hurd, Main St., Winchester, Mass. 
Frank Howard Lahey, M. D., Haverhill, Mass. 
A. S. Milinauski, 411 E. Erie Ave., Loraine, Ohio. 

Thomas Almy, Fall River, Mass. 
Thomas Borden Bassett, Hig^ St., Fall River, Mass. 
Lawrence Beebe, Foster St., Mekose, Mass. 


Roscoe Arnold Carter (Aff. from Z '03), Highland ville, Mass. 

Walter T. Harrison, Beacon Chambers, Boston, Mass. 

Fitch Harrison Ha^ell, Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Ernest Robbins KimbaU, 336 Mystic St., Arlington, Mass. 

Richard Henry Miller, M. D.. Main St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

Donald Parson (Aff. from X^ '04), Mfr., 39 Spring St., Youngstown, Ohio. 

George H. Pritchett, 2424 Case St., Omaha, Neb. 

William Denny Sargent, Swampscott, Mass. 

Edward Willis Taylor, Lexington. Mass. 

Nathaniel B. Wales, 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

M. Drew Wardner, Pelham, N. Y. 

William Woodward Williams, 860 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Frederick Arthur Carrick, Real Estate, 14 Trowbridge PI., Cambridge, 

Arthur Mayhew Cook, Forester, Laconia, N. H. 
Frederick G. Femald, Melrose, Mass. 
Clarence Ainslie Fultz, 9 Oxford St., Winchester, Mass. 
Noel Hammond, Harvard Club, New York City. 
Paul Hammond, Harvard Club, New York City. 
Charlton Blackinton Hibbard, Am. Loco. Works, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Ransom Clark Pingree, Lawyer, Haverhill Trust Co. Bldg., Haverhill, 

Edward Roth, Lieut. U. S. A., Vineyard Haven, Mass. 
Harry B. Sawyer, 8 Bellevue Ave., Melrose, Mass. 
Eugene Lloyd Sheldon, Journalist, 20 Union Pk., Boston, Mass. 
North Storms, 604 Upper First St., Evansville, Ind. 
Frederick Williams Van Schrader, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo. 


George William Bailey, Un. Shoe Mchy. Co., 45 Grand View Ave., Wol- 

bston, Mass. 
Edwin Lewis Bumham, 30 Francis St., Maiden, Mass. 
Clement Harlow Condell, Maiden, Mass. Q July 3, 1911. 
Paul A. Draper, Canton, Mass. 

Artemas Russell Ellis, 1692 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
Louis Winslow, 26 Kendall St., Worcester, Mass. 
Rohert Walhridge Femald, 82 Beacon St., Winchester, Mass. 
Harry Maynard Wheeler, South Paris, Me. 
Clifton Macy Foss, Portland, Me. 
George A. Leland, Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Joseph Mattison, Harvard Club, New York City. 
George Ambrose Rivinius, 92 Washington Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
George Bradford Simmons, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mason Hills Stowe, Belmont, Mass. 

Warren Dtmham Thompson, Commercial Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Philip Rockwood Webber, 85 Main St., Winchester, Mass. 
George Cogswell Welch, Stoughton, Mass. 
Cjrrus Woodman, Hubbard Park, Cambridge, Mass. 



Louis Wintfarop Barta, Winchester, Mass. 

Edward Becker, 54 Dunster St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Willard Cranston Chamberlain, 101 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

Edward Dana, 13 Marathon St^ Arlington, Mass. 

Randolph Edgar, 66 Overland Terr., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Richmond Knapp Fletcher, Arch., 16 Talbot St., Lowell, Mass. 

Frshk Wetmore Freeman, 120 W. 121st St., New York City. 

Harold Mason Goodwin, 25 Vine St., Haverhill, Mass. 

Julius Harrah, Havana, Cuba. 

Dwight Bradford Hill, 18 Ripley St.. Wwcester, Mass. 

John Bigelow Marsh, Cambridge, Mafis. 

John Auther Moir, West Roxbury, Mass. 

Maurice Machado Osborne, 42 Shepard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Eric Parson (Aff. from T^ '08), 309 New Jersey Ave., Washington, D. C. 

George Franklin Waters, Ipswich, Mass. 

Paul Woodman, 75 Vaug^ian St., rortland. Me. 

Frederic Frank Wulkop, Winchester, Majss. 

Oliver Aidrich Wyman, Somerville, Majss. 


Andrew Weeks Anthony, 113 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Harold Cleaveland Bodman, 299 Schiller St., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Ruttledge Clark, 3 Chestnut St., Boerton, Mass. 

James Curtiss, 110 Astor St., Chicago, 111. 

Richard Green Harwood, Littleton, Mass. 

Richard Montague Hunt (Aff. from O^ '09), Winchester, Mass. 

Harry Fontaine Nash, Cambridge, Mass. 

William McNear Rand, 104 Chestnut St., Boston, Mass, 

George Stanley Shirk, Hanover, Pa. 

Allen Swift 388 Park St., West Roxbury, Mass. 

Horace Stokes Waite, 1221 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

Niles Washburn Weeks, 467 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 


Francis Augustus Brewer, 16 John St., Brookline. Mass. 

George Lindsay Burr, 151 W. 74th St., New York Qty. 

Philip Walker Carter, 308 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Harlan Francis Drown, 124 Washington St., Lynn, Mass. 

Luther Mitchell Ferguson, 91 Arlington St., Newton, Mass. 

Herbert Edward Htuwood, Littleton, Mass. 

Richworth Pierpont Jordan, Saco, Me. 

Samuel Crocker Lawrence, 2nd, 7 Rural Ave., West Medford, Mass. 

Gardner Murphy, 12 Braemore Rd., Brookline, Mass. 

Thomas Brook Townsend, Jr., Denver, Col. 

David Julius Witmer, 115 Church St., Winchester, Mass. 


William Prichard Browne. 65 Central Park West, New York City. 
James Preston Carr, Andover, N. H. 


Lionel Edward Drew, 19 Craigie St., Cambridge, Mass. Treas. 43rd 

G. L. Shield XXVII 137. 
Newton Hinckley Foster, Winthrop, Mass. 
Ralph S. Hopkins, 110 Mill St., Springfield, Mass. 
Henry Sears Hoyt, Sound Beach, Conn. 
Franklin Lambert Hunt, Winchester, Mass. 
Edward Abbott Jamieson, Newton, Mass. Q Aug. 25, 1910. 
Ernest Parker Miller, Jr., Main St., Fitchburg, Mass. 
James CUfton Morrison, Jr., Billings, Mont. 
Alan MarshaU Osgood, 1713 P St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Henry Bancroft Sprague, 104 Grand St., New York City. 
Edward Robinson Squibb, 11, Bemardsville, N. J. 
Harold Townley Webber, 289 Main St., Winchester, Mass. 


Herbert Allison Baker, West Roxbury, Mass. 

William Patton Boyd, 1654 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

John Shedd Childs, Hillsboro, N. H. 

Thomas Rodman Goethals, Culebra, C. Z. 

Ralph Simpson Gross, 205 Branch St., Lowell, Mass. 

Lauron NcdBf Hanford, 1103 Summit Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Frank Schuyler Meade, Great Barrington, Conn. 

George Ernest Morrison, Monadnock Rd., Newton Centre, Mass. 

John Lowell Stebbins, Parker House, Boston, Mass. 

Lincoln Cummings Torrey, Bedford, Mass. 


Robert Cooper Barr, 12 Wedgemere Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

Waldo Merrill Brown, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Moses Francis Carr, Brookline^ Mass. 

Phillips Dennett, Fitchburg, Mass. 

John Bradbury Judldns, Merrimac, Mass. 

Robert Marvin Nelson, St. Paul, Minn. 


Schuyler Adams, West Newton, Mass. 
William Lawrence Beckett, Newton Centre, Mass. 
William Gilman Brackett, Newton, Mass. 
Wintfarop Morse Foster, Winchester, Mass. 
Bonne Carper Look, Denver, Col. 


Established June 12, 1891 
Shield VII 260 Memorial History 255 


James Wright Anderson Lynn Paddock Armstrong 

Edward Bartow Edwin Whitney Bishop 

William Irving Corthell Benjamin DeWolfe 

Frederic Carlos Ferry Paul Myron Goodrich 

Charles LoTejoy Hibbard John Perit Huntington 

Charles Elbert Montague Olcott Osbom Partridge 

Hiram Grant Person Louis Arnold Pierson 

Charles Park Pressey William Luther Sawtelle 

George Newton Sleight Herbert Llewellyn Towne 

William Orr Wark Ernest Nash Wilcox 

Gavin Hamilton Wright 


Frederic Carlos Ferry, Ph.D., Dean Williams Coll., Williamstown, Mass. 
Charles Elbert Montague, M. D., 26 Chestnut St., Wakefield, Mass. 
Hiram Grant Person, Clergyman, Hyde Ave., Newton, Mass. 
Louis Arnold Pierson, Clergyman, Castile, N. Y. 


Edward Bartow, PhJD., Teacher, Oregon St., Urbana, 111. 
Edwin Whitney Bishop, Clergyman, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Christopher Walter Collier, Clergyman, 61 Fourth St., Bangor, Me. 
Benjamin De Wolfe, North Adams, Mass. Shield VIII 258. Q May 

23, 1892. 
Charles Lovejoy Hibbard, Lawyer, 267 South St., Pittsfield, Mass. 
James Edward Peabody, Teacher, 918 E. 170th St., New York City. 
William Orr Wark, 789 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. 


James Wright Anderson, Lawyer, 256 Broadway, New York City. 
Lynn Paddock Armstrong, Clergyman, 508 5th St., Brooklyii, N. Y. 
William Irving Corthell, Teacher, 2 Arborway Ct., Forept Hills, Mass. 


132 I^ 

Andrew Boyd GUfillan (Aff. from V '93), Lawyer, 354 Franklin St., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Cliarles Park Pressey, Teachers' Agency, 8 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

George Newton Sleij^t, Teacher, Elgin Acad., Elgin, 111. 
Ernest Nash Wilcox, M. D., Bedford Rd., Pleasantville, N. Y. 


Paul Myron Goodrich, Lieut. 9th U. S. Inf., Washington, D. C. 

iohn Perit Huntington, Lawyer, 206 Broadway, Norwich, Conn, 
ewis Earle Lee, Clergyman, Ironton, Ohio. 
Olcott Osbom Partridge, Lawyer, Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
William Luther SawteUe, Clergyman, 511 Union PL, Ehnira, N. Y. Sec. 

26th G. L. 
Herbert Llewellyn Towne, M. D., 820 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Gavin Hamilton Wright, Clergyman, Fairfield, Neb. Q Nov. 24, 1905. 


James Ray Craighead, Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Georse William Hunter. Jr. (Aff. from 11^ '95), Teacher, 2238 Andrews 

Ave., New York City. 
Willard Pierrepont Millspaugh, M. D., 1133 Kensington Rd., Los Angeles, 

John Herbert Peck, Lawyer^ 119 Milk St.. Boston, Mass. 
John Albertson Sampson, M. D., 180 Wasnington Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Richard Percy Ward, 831 Brent Ave., South Pasadena, Cal. 
John L Zoller, 553 Garden St., Little Falls, N. Y. 


Philip Herrick Dater, C. E., DeGraaf Bldg., Albany, N. Y. 
Sylvester Chittenden Doming, Lawyer, Arlington, Vt. 
Clarence Wells Dtmham, Cler^man, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 
Edmonds Putney, Lawyer, 2 Rector St., New York City. 
Clarence John Russell, Teacher, 51 Union St., Pittsfield, Mass. 

George William Cartledge. 

Clinton Burr Goodrich, Lawyer, North Adams, Mass. 
Lawrence Ashley Hawkins, Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
William Herbert Nutter, Boston, Mass. 

James McLauiy Peake, I^awyer, 44 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Frank Marion Williams, Teacher, Watertown, N. Y. 


Charles Henry Davis, Clergyman, HoUis, N. H. 

Ralph Walton Dunbar, Lawyer, Ames Bldg., Boston, Mass. 


Clarence Mallory Abbott, 80 Howard St., Albany, N. Y. 
William Henry Seattle, M. D., 133 Park Ave., Utica, N. Y. 
Ralph Starkweather Chandler, Banker, 204 N. Mc Arthur St., Macomb, 


Walter Charles Kellogg, Lawyer, 24 North St., Pittsfield, Mass. 
Harry Haynes Rowland, M. D., 286 W. 70th St., New York City. 
Henry Church Taylor, Besse Bldg., Springfield, Mass. 


James Wilson Boyd, Teacher, 1122 Broadway, New York City. 

John Asa DeCamp, Teacher, Little Falls, N. Y. 

Willard Foster DooUttle (Aff. from X '00), M. D., 242 W. 104th St., New 

York City. 
Philip Richards Dunhar, Lawyer, 84 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Russell Cahot Oihbs, Banker, 55 Judkins St., Newton ville, Mass. 
George Herbert Huntington, Teacher Robert Coll., Constantinople, 

Dwight Ralston Little, Teacher, 377 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
James Hall Marshall, Box 175, Chicago, III. 
William Beaumont Putney, 220 E. 107th St^ New York City. 
Elmer Irwin Shepard, Teacher Williams Coll., Williamstown, Mass. 
Edward Rufus Sibley, Rochester, N. Y. 


Henry Dwight Brooks, 61 Franklin St., Westfield, Mass. 

George Vilasco Chandler, St. Louis,- Mo. 

Charles Milton Davenport, Lawyer, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Marion Francis Dolph, Lawyer, Mohawk Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Orville Reed Hagen, M. D., 160 Broadway, Paterson, N. J. 

Paul Revere Kmight, Newtonville, Mass. 

Charles French Osbom, 1300 Columbia Rd., Washington, D. C. 


Arthur Francis Bassett, 332 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

Everton Jay Lawrence, M. D., Norwalk, Ohio. 

Asa Merrick Parker, Clergyman, Somersworth, N. H. 


George C, Forrey, Jr., Anderson, Ind. 

Marcus Clinton Mason, Rockville, Conn. 

Brainerd Mears, Ph.D., Teacher, Williams Coll., Williamstown, Mass. 

Harris David Mears, Williamstown, Mass. Q June 13, 1910. 

iohn Ralph Royall, Lawyer, 2 Rector St.. New York City. 
eigh Sanford, 33 W. Silver St., Westfield, Mass. 
Ernest Edward Shepard, Banker, 118 W. 7th St., Winona, Mum. 
George Lemuel Taylor, Great Barrington, Mass. 
Edward Lyon Wharton, 108 Minn. Ave., East Orange, N. J. 
Willard Wall Wheeler, Adv. Dept. Pompeian Mfg. Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Howard Gregory Whipple, Banker, Devils Lake, N. D. 
Warren Eugene Woodworth, 40 S. Washington St., Rochester, N. Y. 

134 lA 


Alvin Converse Bacon, Clergyman, Salem, Mass. 

John Bridgewater, Jr., 39 Poplar St., Melrose, Mass. 

Edward Nicholas Chase, Arlington Heights, Mass. 

Fletcher McCuUou^ Durbin, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edwin Franklin Gibbs, 60 Commerce St., Boston, Mass. 

Earl Piiipps Hite, Lawyer, White Plains, N. Y. 

Roscoe Rowland Mitchell, Lawyer, EUioott Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Henry Longfellow Wadsworth, Lawyer, 65 Tremont St., Lawrence, Mass. 

Abram Zoller, Lawyer, Little Falls, N. Y. 


William Johnson Colby, East Weymouth, Mass. 

George Bliss Davenport, Bluff ton, Ind. 

Harry Lewis Everitt, Clergyman, Newark. N. J. 

John Manning Harts, Lincoln, 111. Shield XXI 401. Q Sept. 22, 1905. 

Ralph Edward McMillan, Boston Herald, Boston, Mass. 

Harold Everett Nesbitt, Lawyer, S4 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Harry Towle Watson, Williamstown, Mass. 

Robert Epenetus Webster, Western Elec. Co., New York City. 


Lindoff Austin Bassett, Ware, Mass. 

Albert Francis Buchanan, 320 Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Craig Thomas Bums, Geneseo, N. Y. 

Leonard Lord Campbell, 1527 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lorenz Pratt Chittenden, 48 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Leverett Bumham Mears, Williamstown, Mass. 

Herman Lothrop Tucker, 206 Church St., Newton, Mass. 


Benjamin Charles English, 1125 N. Vermilion St., Danville, 111. 

Frank GosneU, Jr., 1212 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 

John Dean Gillett Hill, Lawyer, Lincoln, 111. 

Ralph Merton McLellan, Kister, Lesh & Co., Chicago, 111. 

Otis Chamberlain Morrill, Columbia Univ., New York City. 

Selwyn Reed Pevear, 23 Fiske PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John Wood Redick, 2123 Emmet St., Omaha, Neb. 

Wilbur Hammond Russell, Newton Center. Mass. 

Edwin Garvin Shea, Brooklyn, N. Y. Shield XX 426. Q Oct. 16, 1904. 


Samuel Neil Campbell, 1527 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Robert Taylor Currier, 116 Bedford St., Boston, Mass. 

Allen Miller Fletcher, Jr., Proctorsville, Vt. 

George Bergen George, Indianapolis, Ind. 

George Edgar Hite, 2nd, White Plains, N. Y. • 

Raymond Carleton Hodg^dnson, Internat. Paper Co., Glens Falls, N. Y. 


Walter Maurice Lacey, M. D., 300 E. 17th St., Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Stanton Budington Leeds, 139 E. 15th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Harold Fuller Reed, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 


Harold Mortimer Green, 259 Main St.^ Norwalk, Conn. 

Henry William Harter, Jr., Canton, Ohio. 

Joseph Whitmore Koapp, Newbury port, Mass. 

James Henry Mitchell, Jr., Cohoes, N. Y. 

Hickman Price (AS. with P^ '09). 

Garrett Schendc, Jr., Millinocket, Me. 

Earl Williams Soudant, Collinsville, Conn. 

Cromwell Cornelius Thompson, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Benno William von Witzieben, 15 W. 34th St., New York City. 


Richard Orcutt Bailey, Oneida, N. Y. 

Richard Henry, Garfield St., Watertown, Mass. 

Elliot Weber Johnson, Boston, Mass. 

Herbert Charles Peter, Jr., 297 Highland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

George Marsh Pulver, 2206 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, lU. 

Frederick Millard Warner, Jr., 108 Asylum St., Hartford, Conn. 

Charles Douglas Woodhouse, Burlington, Vt. 


Harold Standard Adams, 31 Heniy Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. 

Henry Webster Biggins, WaJlingford, Conn. 

Wentworth Caleb Carr, Arlington, Mass. 

James Lyon Crane, Worcester, Mass. 

Alexander Campbell Hooker, Evanston, 111. 

Paul Julius Hultman, Worcester, Mass. 

Edward Carlton McLellan, Newton Center, Mass. 

Gordon Anderson Roper, Pelham, N. Y. 

Harold Noble Underbill, 80 Berkeley Ave., Orange, N. J. 

John Glover WiLLiiLMSON, Quincy, 111. Q March 26, 1908. 

Robert Frederic Curt von witzieben, Larchmont, N. Y. 

Lawrence Baker Woodward, 2104 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Cliflford Hogencamp Ayres, Patcrson, N. J. 
Frederick Armitage Hewat, Briggsville, Mass. 
Benjamin Thayer McGill, Englewood, N. J. 
Frederic WoeUer Mears, WilUamstown, Mass. 
Alexander Hill Neagle, Ehnira, N. Y. 
Ronald Fabius Webster, Evanston, lU. 


Harry Forester Armstrong, Piqua, Ohio. 
Ronald Fletcher Bogle, Wappingers Falls, N. Y. 
Edward Livingston Freeman, Central Falls, R. I. 

136 I^ 

Fletcher Ladd Gill, West Newton, Mass. 

James Thomas Greene, Woonsocket, R. I. 

George Percival Gregory, Roxbury, Mass. 

Stockton Harter, Canton, Ohio. 

Merritt Haviland Smith, White Plains. N. Y. 

Lawrence Baker Woodward, 2104 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Cyrus Perrin Brown, Jr., New York City. 
Harold Howell Fish, Middletown, N. Y. 
Stephen Luther French, Fall River, Mass. 
Charles Martin Marchand, Canton, Ohio. 
Addison Hurlbutt Northrop, Norwich, Conn. 
Stanley Tippett Rodgers. Middletown, N. Y. 
Lester Foss Watson, Williamstown, Mass. 



Charter Granted by Alpha, June 15, 1854 

Established in 1856 

Memorial History 110 


Elmer Hewitt Capen Winsor Brown French 

William Erastus Gibbb Horatio McIntire 

Elam Porter Benjamin Kimball Russ 

Oscar Gerard Sawyer Augustus Elwin Scott 

Obed Chester Turner 


David Comstock Moore, M. D., South Royalton, Vt. Q Oct. 9, 1876. 
Augustus Elwin Scott (Aff. from Z '58), Lawyer, Lexington, Mass. Shield 
XXII 264. 


Winsor Brown French, Lawyer, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Brig. Gen. 

U. S. V. Shield VI 15, XXII 282, XXVI 294. Q March 24, 1910. 
William Erastus Gibbs, D. D., Lawrence, Mass. Shield XXVI 51. 

O Dec. 5, 1909. 
Obed Chester Turner, M. D., North Cambridge, Mass. Q Oct. 31, 1882. 
Andrew Jackson Weaver, Clergyman, Old Orchard, Me. 


Elbier Hewitt Capen, Pres. Tufts Coll., Tufts College, Mass. Shield 
XIV 73, 167, XVI 273, XXI 165. Q March 22, 1905. 

Jambs L. Eastwood, Clergjrman, West Brattleboro, Vt. Q Dec. 11, 1895. 

Orville Hinckley, Middleboro, Mass. Q May 6, 1874. 

Benjamin Hammond Hinds, New York City. Q Sept. 7, 1908. 

Horatio McIntyre^ M. D^ Riverside, Wash. O Aug. 6, 1899. 

Elam Porter, Cincmnati, Ohio. Q Dec. 17. 1867. 

Benjamin Kimball Russ, Clerg3rman, Gornam, Me. Shield XII 376, 
XXI 197. Q Nov. 6^ 1896. 

Sidney B. Sanders, Sprmgfield, Mass. Q March 17, 1904. 

Oscar Gerard Sawyer, Jomnalist, New York City. Q 1887. 


138 K 


Merritt B. Coolidge, Merchant, 8 Dana St., Portland, Me. 

Adna True Denlson, 562 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Charles Scott Fobes, Merchant, Portland, Me. Shield XXV 235. 

Q June 26, 1909. 
John Wilkes HAiofOND, Justice Supreme Court, 337 Harvard St., Cam- 

bridgeport, Mass. 
Charles Greenwood Pope, Lawyer, Somerville, Mass. Q April 24, 1893. 
James Franklin Powers, D. D., 901 Mahontango St., Pottsville, Pa. 


John Card Graves (AS. with A '62). 

Eugene H. Richards, Mfr., Boston, Mass. Q Dec. 11, 1899. 
William Augustus Start, Bursar Tufts Coll., Tufts College, Mass. 
Shield XIII 15. Q March 4, 1897. 


James Bartlett Brewster, M. D., Plymouth, Mass. 

§ELDEN Gilbert, Clergyman, Macmas, Me. 

Otis Henry Johnson, M. D., Haverhill, Mass. Q July 16, 1904. 

Louis Edward Munroe, Roxbury, Mass. Capt. U. S. V. Killed at 

Petersburg. Q July 30, 1864. 
LimngsUm ScoU (Aff. with Z '63). 


Warren E. Eaton, Charlestown, Mass. Q July 2, 1903. 

Abner Crosby Fish, Clergyman, Chicago, 111. Capt. U. S. V. Shield 

XVI 45. Q Dec. 23, 1899. 
Ezekiel Fitzgerald, Jr., Clergyman, 136 Chandler St., Boston, Mass. 
^Ivester J. Hill, Manchester, N. H. 
Horatio Huntington Johnson, M. D., Belfast, Me. Shield XII 376. 

Q Aug. 4, 1896. 
Edwin D. White, Boston, Mass. 


Jacob Murray Baker, Boston, Mass. Q July 1, 1890. 

Erastus Crosby, Lawyer, 140 Allen St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Melvin Porter Frank, Lawyer, 114 Pine St., Portland, Me. Speaker 

Me. H. R., 1879. 
William C. Ireland, Boston, Mass. O 1895. 
Francis Alanson Nichols, Lit. Ed. Globe, Boston, Mass. Q Nov. 23, 

Francis FuUam Parker, M. D., 41 Center St., Chicopee, Mass. 
William E. Savery, Iron Mfr., Carver, Mass. Q 1905. 


Stephen Moulton Babcock, Prof. Univ. Wisconsin, 432 Lake St., Madison, 

Wis. Shield XVII 262, XX 272. 
Henry L. Bingham, Clerg3rman, Columbus, Wis. 
Virgil Guilford Curtis, Supt. of Schools, Corry,. Pa. 


Gbobge H. Lane, Rochester, N. Y. Shield XII 371. Q Dec. 27, 1896. 
Amos M. Leonard, Master Lawrence School, B and 3rd Sts., South Boston, 

Benjamin Franklin Martin, Hawley, Pa. Q Oct. 15, 1875. 
James Madison Schumacher, Pres. First Nat. Bank, 60 Riverside Ave., 

Jacksonville, Fla. 


Edward £. Bardbn, M. D., Rockport. Mass. Q Dec. 4, 1875. 

Henry ^Hlliam Cory, Judge Municipal Court, St. Paul Pk., St. Paul, Minn. 

Byron <7roce, Teacher, 4 Schuyler St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Bphraim Dana Howe, Lawyer, 68 Pearl St., Gardner, Mass. 

HoBEA Morrill Knowlton, Lawyer, New Bedford, Mass. Atty. Gen. 

of Mass. Shield XVII 7, XIX 68. Q Dec. 18, 1902. 
Edward Albert Perry, Clergyman, Cooperstown, N. Y. 
Frank Houoard Ransom (Aff. with A '67). 


Charles Ernest Fay, Prof. Tufts Coll., Tufts College, Mass. 

Roland Hammond, M. D., Campello, Mass. Q July 8, 1900. 

Jotham M. Paine, Clergyman, Hallowell, Me. 

Vernon O. Taylor, M. D., Providence, R. I. Q 1907. 

Samuel Tucker, Fiia, Howe Acad., Billerica, Mass. Shield XII 377. 

O Juhr 26, 1895. 
Thomas Whittemore, Boston, Mass. Q Dec. 15, 1890. 


Herbert John McDonald, Boston, Mass. 

Herbert S. Messinger, Milton, Mass. Q 1890. 

Stephen Minot Pitman, Ins., 12 Keene St., Providence, R. I. 

WiUiam Freeman Southard, M. D., Oakland, Cal. 

Charles Warren Sumner, Brockton, Mass. Q Jan. 3, 1890. 


William Bradford French, Lawyer, 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Charles N. Harrington, Lia,wyer, 17 Haley St., Providence, R. I. 
Charles Carroll O'Brien, M. D., Groveton, N. H. 
Charles Barstow Southard, Lawyer, Old South Bldg., Boston, Mass. 


John R. Carter, 305 Main St., Wobum, Mass. 
F^ed James Littlefield, Bangor, Me. 


James W. Chase, South Amesbury, Mass. Q 1871. 
Albert Brock Guilbert, Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Benjamin Franklin Harmon, B. & M. R. R., 27 Botolph St., Boston, Mass. 
Franklin Warren Knowlton, Lawyer, West Acton, Mass. Q Jan. 
25, 1876. 

140 K 

Alexander Graham McAllistefi Prin. School No. 40, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Le Grand Powers, Lit. D., Chief Statistician U. S. Census Bureau, 3107 

16th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Comm. of Labor of Minneapolis 

1891-99. Shield XV 95. 
Edward Blanchard True, Min. Eng., 405 Grove St., Boise, Idaho. 


Herman Bbagg, Medford, Mass. Q Jan. 23, 1890. 
WiUiam Edgar Eogan (Aff. with O^ 72). 

William Moore Lawrence, Prin. Ray School, 57th and Monroe Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 


Charles W. Allen, Honesdale, Pa. 

Frederick William Eddy, Teacher Mech. Art H. S., Boston, Mass. 

Isaac Curtis Mann, Fruit, Orlando, Fla^ 

George Julian Tufts, Lawyer, Boston, Mass. Q March, 1909. 


Fred Emery Beane, Agriculturist, Hallowell, Me. 

Joseph Henry Conkling, 53 Chambers St., New York City. 

Jerome Fred Hastings, Lawyer, Bradford, Mass. 

Myron J^ Michael, Supt. of Schools, 44 Maiden Lane, Kingston, N. Y. 

Ellery Elmer Peck, Bangor, Me. Q 1889. 



Henry W. Cook, Worcester, Mass. 

Henderson Horatio Eddy, Lawyer, Denver, Col. Speaker Col. H. R.; 

Col. Senate. Sec. 8th G. L.; 7th P. G. L.; 9th and 10th G. L., 1877. 
Arthur Philip French, Lawyer, 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 
James Q. Frost, Webster City, Iowa. 
Claude Bassett Leonard, Lawyer, 115 S. Fourth St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Shield VIII 162. 
George F. Lowell, Mfr., 3 Puritan Ave., Dorchester, Mass. 


George Edwin Bill, M. D., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Daniel Robbins Brown, M. D., 197 Leifayette St., Salem, Mass. 

Frank Bishop Harrington, M. D., 201 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

William Leslie Hooper, Prof. Tufts Coll.. Tufts College, Mass. 

Bamabus Ballou Platner, Life Ins., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Frank Arthur Spooner. 


Scott Carmine Campbell, Banker, Carson, Iowa. 

Eugene Leo Peltier, Brattleboro, Vt. Shield XIII 185. Q March 8, 

Andrew Ambrose Stanton, B. & M. R. R., Wobum, Mass. 



James Horatio Bradbury, Actor, Lambs Club, New York City. Shield 

XVIII 111, XXVI 407. 
Frederick Frothingfaam Burgin, Jomnalist, 8 Spruce St., New York City. 
Aabon Cbosby Dickinson, Assayer U. S. Mint, Denver, Col. 
Cyrus Bstes Mazfield» 2104 6th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Frank PLmr Monroe, C. E., Glenwood Springs, Col. 
Wallace Matteson Perry, Mutual Life Bldg., battle, Wash. 
Harry Rust Virgin, Lawyer, 34 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 
St. Clair Whittemore, Cambridgeport, Mass. O 1887. 


Edwin Elwell Davis, D. M. D., 100 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 
Richard Henry Eddy, M. D., 68 Harvard Ave., Providence, R. I. Treas. 

11th G. L., Sec. 12th G. L. 
George Arthur Gardner, Salesman, 116 Willis St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Frederick William Hamilton, Pres. Tufts Coll., Tufts College, Mass. 

Shield XXI 204, XXII 103. 
William Wilson Leach, Lawyer, Palmer, Mass. Shield XIX 75. Q 

Dec. 11, 1903. 
Joseph Loring Meloon, Nashua, N. H. 

Harley Nelson Pearce, Teacher, 910 Madison St., Bloomington, 111. 
Robinson Morton Sherman, Mining, Spokane, Wash. 
Octavio Pacheco Silva, Mfr., San Paulo, Brazil. 
Frank Wellington Wilder, Banker, Grand Forks, N. D. 


Lucius Hobart Denison, Boulder, Col. 

Mandeville Hall, Peru, Me. 

Charles Gale Leonard, Tufts College. Mass. Q July 13, 1887. 

Henrt Clifford Meserve, Lawyer, Boston, Mass. Shield XII 377. 

Q May 28, 1896. 
Edmund Wilson Powers, Lawyer, New York City. Q Nov. 26, 1908. 
Frederick Avery Rice, C. E., Stillwater, Minn. 


Charles Warren Geroidd (Aff. with I '83). 

Frank Herbert Howe, Pharmacist, 14 Franklin St., Allston, Mass. 

George Robley Howe, Ins., 100 Main St., Norway, Me. 

Thomas Whittier Lothrop, Castine, Me. 

George Montgomery Love joy. Phoenix Ins. Co., 3325 Perkins Ave., 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Arthur Winslow Peirce, Prin. Dean Acad., Franklin, Mass. 
Henry Wood, Clergyman, Lawrence, Mass. 


Herbert Foote Edwards. Assayer and MiU Supt., Bannock, Mont. 
Oscar Hoyt Perry, Teacher, 10 Adelaide St., Woodfords, Me. 
Charles Hunnicutt Puffer, D. D., Salem, Mass. 

142 K 

William M. BaUou, Fargo, N. D. 
Frandscado de Camba Bueno, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Winthrop Lippitt Marvin, Journalist, 157 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 

Shield XII 249. 
Amaro Aranjo Ribiero, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Edwin Augustus Start, Author and Ed., The Uplands, Billerica, Mass. 

Ed. Shield I (N. S.) and LI. 
Charles Plimpton Stevens, Hotel, Loon Lake, N. Y. 


David Bigelow Colton, Pittsfield, Mass. 

William Hilton Gould, Cler^rman, Portland, Me. 

Abbott Waldron Lawrence, Lawyer, 40 Crescent Ave., Chelsea, Mass. 

Samuel Warren Mendum, Lawyer, 10 l>emont St., Boston, Mass. 

Herbert Edgar Taylor, New York City. Q March 17, 1910. 

William Richardson Woodbury, M. D., 175 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 

PhiUp Green Wright, Prof. 1443 East Knox St., Galesburg, 111. 


George Herbert Braley, Merchant, 1302 Broadway, Oakland, Cal. 
Ralph Edgar Joslin, Lawyer, 10 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
Fred Clifford Spaulding, Merchant, Ardmore, Pa. 
Fred Allen Taylor, Clergyman, Waltham, Mass. 
Frederic Henzy Wilder, Ins., Fargo, N. D. 
Frank Bliss Wilson, Mining, Seattle, Wash. 


James Francis Albion, D. D., Pine St., Portland, Me. 

Frank Elliot Bateman, M. D., 163 Highland Ave., Somerville, Mass. 

John D. Merrill, Lawyer, Lawrence, Mass. 

Edward Roulston Metcalf, Treas. Knowlton Packing Co., 122 Pearl St., 

Boston, Mass. 
Charles Henry Patterson, Prin. Dean Acad., Franklin, Mass. 



George Austin Bailey, Hardware, New York City. O May 1, 1904. 

Charles Ernest Bateman, Charlestown, Mass. 

Frederick Eugene Gardner, Lawyer, Crisfield, Md. 

Frank E. Huntress, St. Ry. Supplies, Boston, Mass. 

Thomas Oliver Marvin, Treas. Publicity Bureau, 274 Chestnut St., 

West Newton, Mass. 
Hamilton Rice, Chicago, 111. 

Sumner Robinson, Lawyer, 199 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 
Charles L. Young, 41 Langdon St., Cambridge, Mass. 


Harry Chester Bascom, Lawyer, Foster Block, Leominster, Mass. 
Edwin Joel Crandall, Lawyer, 11 Wall St., New York Qty. 
Ansel True Dennison, Goffstown Centre, N. Y. 


William Churchill Felton, Monson, Mass. Q June 20, 1891. 

Arthur Adams Folsome, Lawyer, 50 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Eugene Burt Lawrence, Teacher, New London, Conn. 

Charles Lincohi Reed, Teacher Mech. Art H. S., Boston, Mass. 

Frank Edwin Sanborn, Prof., Columbus, Ohio. 

Charles Sumner Wheelock, Barre, Vt. 


William Henry Chapman, Everett, Mass. Shield XII 79. Q Dec., 1895. 
Charles Russell Herrick, Teacher, Prescott House, Everett, Mass. 
Walter French Leighton, Lawyer, Lowell, Mass. 
William Lutiier Ridketts, Woolen Mfr., Monson, Mass. 
Stephen Rounds, Prin. H. S., Cornish, Me. 


Frank Chase Burrington, M. D., Winsor. Vt. 

Arthur Wilder Groce, Clergyman, 33 Birr St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Royal Taft Needham, 4 Wellington Court, Roxbury, Mass. 

Frederick Williams Perkins, Clergyman, 20 Nichols St., Lynn, Mass. 

Frank Henry Stephenson, C. E., 24 S. Ingleside, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Carl D. Cushing, Bethel, Vt. 

William Southwick Gray, Sec. Eng. Bureau, Witherspoon Bldg., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

John Murray Hollister, E. E., Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Melvtn Maynard Johnson, Lawyer, 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Frederick Elbert S^imball, Grocer, 271 Maple St., Burlington, Vt., Treas. 
24th G. L. 

Frederick Dow Lyon, M. D., 634 Dudley St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Frank Allen North, Lawyer, 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Heiiry Joseph Perxy, M. D., 636 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Arthur Everett Peterson, Teacher Morris H. S., Bronx, New York City. 

Arthur Gile Randall, M. D.. 20 Market St., Providence, R. I. 

Albert Oliver Thayer, Lumoer, Mobile, Ala. 


Joseph Byron Groce, AUyn & Bacon, Publishers, 172 Tremont St., Boston, 

Walter Stanley Hawkins (Aff. from A '93 and with Z '93). 
Charles G. Kipp, 159 E. 34th St., New York City. 
Stillman Shaw, Ins., 45 M3rrtle St., Winchester, Mass. 
Alfred Perdval Thompson, M. D., 71 Brooks St., Wollaston, Mass. 


James Stewart Eastwood, M. D., Brandon, Vt. 

William Henrt Goodrich, Fitchburg, Mass. Shield X 172, 195. Q 

March 24, 1894. 
Isaac Burrill Hersey, 457 Blue Hill Ave., Roxbury, Mass. 

144 K 

Hervey Hastings Hoyt, Clergyman, East Hiram, Me. 
Sprague H. Perkins, Lvndhurst St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Fred Storer Walker, Clergyman, Caribou, Me. 
Thomas Whittemore, Prof. Tufts Coll., Tufts College, Mass. 


Charles Neal Barney, Lawyer, 9 Sherman Terr., Lynn, Mass. Mayor of 

Charles Dow Clark, Actor, Actors Society, New York City. 
Charles P. Darling, Roxbury, Mass. O March 17, 1892. 
Clarence Livingstone Eaton, Clergyman, Medford, Mass. 
Harold Bartlett Fobes, Factory Supt., 72 Emery St., Portland, Me. 
Harry Charles Folsom, Prin. Danbury H. S., Danbury, Conn. 
Henry Pennell Frank, Lawyer, 10 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
Arthur Lincoln George, C. E., Johnstown, Pa. 
Bert Dutton George, M. D., Hardwick, Vt. 

William Hollis Godfrey, Author, 63 Brooks St., West Medford, Mass. 
Frank Martin Lynde, D. M. D., Barre, Vt. 
Charles Luther Ricketts, Manchester, Conn. 
Frank Edwin Sanborn, Prof. Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio. 
Frederick Everett Tkampson (AS. with Z '97). 


Daniel Baxter Hajrward, Clifton Mfg. Co., 65 Brookside Ave., Jamaica 

Plain. Mass. 
Arthur Kelly Hooper, Manchester, Mass. 
Charles Gilbert Jordan, Grain, East Braintree, Mass. 
Frank W. Keene, E. E., 17 Atlantic St., Lynn, Mass. 
Reginald Kent Marvin, Cler|Qnnan, Franklm, Mass. 
Guv Clifford Pierce, Advertising, 1816 Chicago Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Ralph Waldo Pindar, Lowell, Mass. 
Henry Charles WkUaker (Aff. with O^ '96). 


Irving Reed Bancroft, M. D.. Telluride, Col. 

Josiah Brown Chase, West Newton, Mass. 

Warren Stewart Clark, E. E., Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Horace Amos Davis, D. M. D., Warren Chambers, Boylston St., Boston, 

John Wellington Knowlton, Lawyer, New Bedford, Mass. Shield 

XXIV 252. Q July 22, 1908. 
Carlton Albert Perry, Lawyer, 40 State St., Boston, Mass. 
George Walter Rowbotham, Southern Belting Co., 720 Union St., New 

Orleans, La. 
Rollin Brewster Sanford, Lawyer. 80 State St., Albany, N. Y. 
Kilby Page Smith, Printer, 51 School St., Waltham, Mass. 
Alaric Bertrand Start, New York City. Q March 23, 1902. 
Franklin Bates WiUiams, Banker, 116 Sedgwick St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 



Ralph Lyman Burbank, Library Bureau, Frisco Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Samuel Paul Capen, Ph.D., Prof. Claric Coll., Worcester, Mass. 
James Frank Donaldson, M. D., 78 Federid St., Salem, Mass. 
Roland Hammond, Jr., M. D., 266 Benefit St., Providence, R. I. 
Edward Dunbar Johnson^lergyman, Methuen, Mass. 
Coleman Tousey, D. M. £)., 100 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 
Frederick Edward Town, C. E., Otis Elev. Ck)., Keenan Bldg., Pittsburgh, 


Wihner Herman Greul, Otis Elev. Co., 17 Battery PL, New York City. 
lia. Rich Kent, Asst. Ed. Youth's Companion, 201 Columbus Ave., Boston, 

Frank Warren Knowlton, Lawyer, Sears Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Hiurry Livingston Litchfield, Central Un. Tel. Co., Dayton, Ohio. 
Ernest Gihoian Marble, C. L., Am. Ship Windlass Co., Providence, R. I. 

Treas. 30th G. L., Sec. 31st G. L. Shield XV 18. 
Charles Remington Marvin, Bleaching and Dyeing, Fall River, Mass. 
William Madison Mason, Washington, D. C. 
Edward Wellington Rich, Anderdonk Eng. Co., Denver, Col. 


John Otis Burrage, C. E., Foxcroft Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

John Putnam CSjARK, Teacher, Lynn, Mass. Shield XaII 69. Q Feb. 

22, 1900. 
Gilbert Hodges, Jr., Hillside Ave., Medford, Mass. 
George Rutherford Kempton, E. E., 972 Lafavette Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Ralph L Kendall, H. T. Merrill & Co., Hardware, Portland, Me. 


Joseph Francis Berry, Lawyer, Sears Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Arthur Mavnard Boutelle, Prin. H. S., Baldwinsville, Mass. 

Josiah Butler, Merchant, Ix>well, Mass. 

Kingsbury Foster, Lawyer, 35 Nassau St., New York City. 

Robert Edward Goodell, E. E., 7001 Perry Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Alfred Pomfret Huested, E. E., P. O. Box No. 4, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

We^ey Goodrich Humes, Greenfield, Mass. 

Leslie Dean Pierce, Electrical Plant, Rochester, Vt. 

ArUiur William Row, Actor, Actors Society, New York City. 

Harry Chester Turner, Lumber, New Canaan, Conn. 

Walter Forestus Wyman, Maple St., Hyde Park, Mass. 


Charles Pearson Anthony, Pianist, Tufts College, Mass. 

Dana Clark Bailey, Instr. Westbrook Sem., 777 Harris St., Appleton, Wis. 

Clak Lincoln Baker, Min. Eng., Aguas Calientes, Mex. 

Richard Bradford Coolidge, Lawyer, 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Samuel Spaulding Fiske, Oroville, Wash. 

146 K 

Ray Barton Manbert, 2431 Fairfax Ave., Morgan Pk., 111. 
Charles Ernest Moors, Teacher, Marlboro, N. H. 
Horace Kimball Richardson, Jr^ M. D., Bradford, Me. 
George Edward Spring, Agri., Holliston, Mass. 


Clarence Prescott Bearce, Chemist, 75 Waterman St., East Providence, 

R. I. 
Arthur William Coolidge, Lawyer, 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Ford Tyler Flagg, Richmond, Yt. 
Hiram Elisha Foster, Derby Line, Vt. 
Thomas Sawyer Knight, E. E., Tufts Coll., Mass. 
Joseph Allen Lamb, Larkin Soap Co., Memphis, Tenn. 
Robert Edward Mason, Lawyer, Lowders Lane, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 


Charles Franklin Berry, Jr^ Life Ins^ Equitable Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Compton Durlin Bray, C. E., Tufts Coll., Mass. 

Harold Fay, Forester, Tufts College, Mass. 

Dennis Camille Amedee Galameau, Forester, Boise, Idaho. 

Harry Marlow Green, Woodbridge Hotel, West Somerville, Mass. 

Charles Edward McMahon, Cohen, Creery & Richter, 15 William St., 

New York Qty. 
Chester Earl Pierce, Finishing Mill, Rochester, Vt. 
Harry Ehner Richardson, East Aurora, N. Y. 
Ernest Clair Witham, Teacher, Westbrook, Me. 


Mellen Greely Calderwood, Baker, 532 Congress St., Portland, Me. 

Tom Denny Dunham, Ins., 85 Water St., Boston, Mass. 

Louis Bancroft Estabrook, WoUaston, Mass. 

Arthur Waldo Loveioy, 90 Appleton St., Lowell, Mass. 

Louis Olaf Maas, Oliver Ditson Co., New York City. 

Lorin Charles Powers (Aff. from X^ '05), Accountant, R. E. Trust Co. 

Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sidney Pulsifer Sweetser, Lumber, Colima, Mex. 
Charles Hosea Temple, Clergyman, Lewiston. Me. 
Harold Asa Thomas, PrintonUd., Birkenhead, Eng. 
Harry Perdval Wikton, C. E., Medford Hillside, Mass. 
William Mason Wise, Flour, 62 Prince St., West Newton, Mass. 


Arthur James Abbe, Springfield, Mass. Shield XX 236, XXII 185. 
Q Feb. 22, 1904. 

Alvah Lowell Burrage, C. E., Reading, Mass. 

Charles Mathews Qiapin, Journalist, 55 Fairmount Ave., West Somer- 
ville, Mass. 

Henry Haile Dole, Eng., Arlington Centre, Mass. 

Otho McCarroU Graves, Instr. Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Edward Allen Knowlton, M. D., 79 Hillside Ave., West Newton, Mass. 

Shield XX 360. 
Herbert Leslie Michael, C. E., 44 Maiden La., Kingston, N. Y. 
Geoffrey Winslow, New Bedford, Mass. 


Walter George Alpaugfa, Forester, Willimantic, Conn. 

Francisco Bento de Alverenga, Eng. and Mfr., Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Perley Tames Buchanan, Chemist, Barre, Vt. 

Ralph £dward Case, Eng., 8th St. and Ave. A, Bayonne, N. J. 

Alexander Dillingham, Instr. Tufts Coll., Tufts College, Mass. 

Frank Weston Knowlton, Automobiles, 39 Willard St^ Chelsea, Mass. 

Frank Leo Sinclair Reynolds, M. D., 93 Liberty Ave., Somerville, Mass. 

Howardjames Savage, Instr. Harvard Univ., Lindsev Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Harlan Barzillai Turner, Ins., 13 Deering St., Portland, Me. 


James Aaron Bumham, Jr. (Aff. from A '07), Lawyer, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 

Frank Watkins Clark, Real Estate, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Rae Delafield Graves, North East Harbor, Me. 

Walter Robbins Green, E. E., Gen. Elec. Co., Lynn, Mass. 

Wilmyn Herbert, Elastic Garter Co., Ave. A, Bayonne, N. J. 

Lester Bradford Hunter, Hardware, 852 Morton St., Dorchester, Mass. 

William Whipple Michael, C. E., 8th St. and Ave. A., Bayonne, N. J. 

Conant Wentworth Ruth, C. E., Wakefield, Mass. - 

Dayton George Vogt, Clergyman, Dover, N. H. 


Raymond Whitcomb Bliss, M. D., 235 Beknont St., Belmont, Mass. 
John Grace Boss, Shawmut Nat. Bk., Boston, Mass. 
Edward Philip Brehm, C. E., 1101 Broadway, Somerville, Mass. 
William Ellsworth Hooper, E. E., 6 a Calle de Versalles 103, Mexico 

City, Mex. 
Charles George Puffer. 

Jacob Wilbur Purinton, Merchant, Dover, N. H. 
Edward Augustus West, Portland, Ore. 


John Alden Adams, E. E., 6 a Calle de Versalles 103, Mexico City, Mex. 

George Winthrop Gaboon (Aff. from A '10), Telephone, Uniontown, Pa. 

William Henry Buck Crosley, Middleboro, Mass. 

Clarence Hoffman Dittrick, £. E., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Benjamin Leslie Dolbear, E. E., Tufts College, Mass. 

Arthur Louis Du Broy, E. E., 2159 Fairmount Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Edward Everett Fessenden, Journalist, 122 E. 25th St., New York City. 

Guy Hamilton, Journalist, Tufts College, Mass. 

Ruben Herrera, E. E., San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Robert Mossman Knight, E. E., Tufts College, Mass. 

Raymond Gilbert Lincoln, Lawyer, 68 Miles St., Hartford, Conn. 

148 K 

Paul McClintock, E. E., G. E. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Harry Levi Tower, Merchant, Newton, Mass. 
Barle Sessions Wallace, C. E., Loe Angeles, Cal. 


Roy Willis Dickinson, Wiscasset, Me. 

William Parker LitUe, 232 North St., Willimantic, Ck)nn. 

Allen Friend McLane, C. E^ Los Angeles, Cal. 

Edwin John Osier, 2nd, 49 Union Ave., Merchantville, N. J. 

Russell Perrin Wise, West Newton, Mass. 


Arthur Williams Brandt, Ontario, N. Y. 

Harry Coombs, Tufts College, Mass. 

Herbert Vaughan Field, West Somerville, Mass. 

James Holden Files (Aff. from H 42), 243 High St., Portland, Me. 

Austin Wellington Fisher, Fitchburg, Mass. 

Allen Gimnison Hooper, Tufts Collie, Mass. 

Vice Cacdatori Isola, Waban, Mass. 

Frank Wood Merrill, 90 Curtis St., West Somerville, Mass. 


Herbert Joseph Allen, Ayer, Mass. 

Paul DilUngham, Bridgep<Ht, Conn. 

William Hunnewell, West Somerville, Mass. 

Philip Woodbury Johnson, 8 Ditson PL, Methuen, Mass. 

Sumner Leighton Mountfort, 10 Clinton St., Portland, Me. 

Wellington Rindge, 62 Upland Rd., Cambridge, Mass. 

Clinton Lee Scott, Newport, Vt. 

Perley Fay Ayer, Portland, Me. 
Lester Foster Babcock, Ljmn, Mass. 
Russell Lee Davison, North Billerica, Mass. 
Clarence Preston Houstcm, Methuen, Mass. 
Edward Lester Marshall, Lynn, Mass. 
Clarence Schlayer Powers, Meriden, Conn. 
George Alvan Ridker, Poland Springs, Me. 
Roger Sherman Robbins, East Pepperell, Mass. 



Established Mat 27, 1908 
Shield XXIV 213 


Edwin Elliott Bullard Robert Ernest Doherty 

Earl Norman Hager A. Frazier Htint 

Jasper Newton Hunt, Jr. William Chester Maguire 

John Frederick Meyer, Jr. George Edward Pfisterer 

Albert Paul Streff Ehner A. Tilden 

Richard James Wall Stanley Eastbum Wilkinson 


Edwin EUiott Bullard, E. E., 426 S. *'C" St., Tacoma, Wash. 
George Chapin, Reporter, 607 S. Busey Ave., Urbana, III. 


Jasper Newton Hunt, Jr., La Providentia, Vera Cruz, Mex. 

John Frederick Meyer, Jr., Lumber, 113 CoUins Ave., Hannibal, Mo. 

Richard James Wall, Draftsman, 2330 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 111. 


A. Frazier Hunt, Ranchman, Omealca, Vera Cniz, Mex. 
William Chester Maguire, Lawyer, 808 S. Matthews Ave., Urbana, 111. 
George Edward Pfisterer, Trav. Salesman, 900 Belden Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Ehner A. Tilden, Prof., 722 Campus Ave.^ Pullman, Wash. 
Stanley Eastbum Wilkinson, Ice and Coal, 277 Rosewood Ave., Kan- 
kakee, 111. 


Clark Wesley Bullard, Arch., 318 S. Glenwood Ave., Springfield, 111. 
Robert Ernest Doherty, E. E., 602 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Earl Norman Hager, Lumber and Coal, Dwight, 111. 
Edward Ferdinand Jacob Lindberg, E. E., 1011 Townsend St., Chicago, 

Edward Cleveland Rainey, Instr. Univ. of Illinois, 201 E. Green St., 

Champaign, HI. 
Albert Paul Streff, Structural Eng., 5250 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, 111. 


150 K^ 


Watts Cyrus Cutter, Fanner, Oswego, 111. 

Warren Williain Day, Arch., 608 N. Madison Ave., Peoria, 111. 

William Chalmores Grant, Aast. Night Ed. Globe Democrat, 5207 Vernon 

Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Harry Allen Hanke, Reporter, 394 Stephenson St., Freeport, HI. 
John Joseph Langan, Real Estate, 438 E. Court St., Kankakee, 111. 
Irving Augustus Isaac Lindberg, U. S. Efficiency Ck>mm., 930 18th St., 

N. W., WashiMton, D. C. 
Ira Wilder Smith, Farmer, 45 Maple St., Kankakee, 111. 
Jesse Theodore Smith, Q. M. Dept. I. C. C, Pedro Miquel, C. Z. 
Thane Sponsel, C. E. N. P. R. R., Ismay, Mont. 

• 1911 

Benjamin B. BuUwinkle, Farmer, Roseburg, Ore. 

David Lawrence Eastbum, Real Estate, Stephen, Minn. 

Roy Vincent Edwards, C. E., Farmer, 309 W. Ehn St., Urbana, 111. 

Walter Hamilton, Tester P. R. R., 615 Montgomery St., Fort Wayne, 

Humphrey David Ingham, 390 E. 57th St., Chicago, 111. 
Robert James Jordan, 126 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis. Minn. 
Harry Landor, Concrete Const. Supt., 1013 N. Walnut St., Canton, 

Walter A. Landor, C. E., 1013 N. Walnut St., Canton, Ohio. 
Roy Curtis Miller, Taylorville, 111. 

WilUs Craig Ware, Chemist. 1824 Eddv St., Chicago, lU. 
Francis Eugene warren (Aff. from X^ ^10), C. E., Supt. Const. Fuller 

Co., The Royalton, Washington, D. C. 
Ben Chesnut WiUis, Bank Clerk. 309 E. Mam St., Toledo, 111. 
Warren Crook Woodward, 414 E. 44th St., Chicago, 111. 


James Thompson Daugherty, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Ind. 

Clarence Walter Dawson, Bement, 111. 

Arthur Hamilton Edgerton, Draftsman, 155 W. Pratt St., Indianapolis, 

Thomas Grover Foster, 183 Burr Oak Ave., Blue Island, 111. 
Charles Leroy Gustafson, 106 N. Romine St., Urbana, 111. 
Paul Ashley Hutchhigs, C. E., 4300 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Clarence Albert Klooster, 203 N. Ehnwood Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Raymond George Leggett, 918 N. Cherry St., Canton, Ohio. 
Ralph Rise Lewis, Fremont, Mich. 

Truman Goodwin Lively, 4222 Irving Park Blvd., Chicago, lU. 
Ben Harrison McCleery, Osteopath, 608 W. Cedar St., Cherokee, la. 
Eugene Harris McFarland, Valley City, N. D. 
John Francis Seifried, 217 S. 3rd Ave., Maywood, 111. 
Charles Leroy Simons, Kentland, Ind. 
Frank Thayer Sisco, 443 Tenth Ave., Clinton, la. 



Jay Austin Colvin, Chicago, 111. 

Clifford William Lucius Day, Trav. Salesman, 605 N. Madison St., Peoria, 

Ira Allen Dixon, Kentland, Ind. 

Lestca* Eugene Frailey, 7(6 W. Calif omia St., Urbans, 111. 
Philip Frank Gray, Accountant, Glen Ellyn, 111. 
Clyde Holland Hunter, Accountant, Carterville, 111. 
James Albert Hunter, Peoria, 111. 
George Ashton Yates, 400 E. Church St., Collinsville, 111. 


Harold James Derby, Chicago, 111. 
Floyd Brittan Hadley, Cambridge, 111. 
Lisle Gwynn Hall, Peoria, 111. 
James Harold Kendall, Maywood, 111. 
Nathaniel McKay Kneisley, Guthrie, Okla 
Herbert Jackson Moore, Chicago, 111. 
Henry Benton Parker, Chicago, 111. 
Charles Richardson, Louisville, Ky. 
Roy Edward Risser, Washington, 111. 



Established in the Summeb of 1856 
Charteb Surrendebed in the Summer of 1857 
Organization Discontinued in 1864 
Memorial History 116 

This was a Graduate Charge, formed by several graduates and the 
ten initiates who were afterwai^s afBliated to the A. 

The Tenth Convention in April, 1857, transferred the entire authority 
of the Fraternity from the A to the A Graduate. A Graduate surrendered 
her Charter in the summer of 1857, whereupon A resumed executive 
authority and retained it until January 24, 1868, when the Grand Lodge 
was organized. 

The organization of A Graduate, though unofficial, continued in 
social meetings to which were called the following '60 to '67 members. 
By 1864 the A Graduate became crystallized in memory. 

A Graduate is here given the importance due the Charge that governed 
8 A X for several months during 1857, and pioneered the path towards 
centralized government. 



Theodore J. Fonda Union College, A *50 

Jesse D. Fonda Union College, A '50 

George T. Ingham Union College, A '60 

George W. Jackson Union College, A '53 

Daniel Leech Union College, A '61 

John William Little Union College, A '60 

William Henrt Merriam Union College, A '52 

Samuel Decatur Morris Union College, A '50 

Augustus White Nicoll Union College, A '59 

William S. Hillyer Yale College, A '49 

Oscar Frisbie University of Vermont, A '56 

George Dimon Kellogg University of Vermont, A '53 

William W. Southgate University of Vermont, A '56 

Oliver S. Ackley Rensselaer Poljrtechnic Institute, '59 

E. L. Biddle Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '56 

Charles Davison Ilensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '66 

Thomas C. Deven Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '56 

Bertram Delafield Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '66 



Clark Fisher Rensselaer Polytech|^c Institute, '58 

William L. Nicoll Rensselaer Poljrtechnic Institute, '67 

Benjamin C. Potts Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '63 

William Prince Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '56 

Charles A. Stetson Rensselaer Pol3i;echnic Institute, '58 

J. Watson Webb Rensselaer Poljrtechnic Institute, '55 

Walter W. Webb, Jr. . . . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '55 

Franklin Burdge Brown University, Z '56 

Herbert Dorrance Bullock Brown University, Z '65 

Elbert S. Carman Brown University, Z '58 

Thomas Henry Edsall Brown University, Z '61 

Charles Chauncey Hoskins Brown University, Z '65 

William Henry Tefft Brown University, Z '56 

Heniy Guernsey Merriam Brown University, Z '58 

McWalter Bernard Noyes Brown University, Z '58 

Thomas Simons Brown University, Z '55 

Charles Mason Stead Brown University, Z '61 

Moses Smith Brown University, Z '60 

Lucien Bonaparte Stone Brown University, Z '61 

William Leete Stone Brown University, Z '58 

Horace Howland .' Harvard University, I '60 

Charles V. Mapes Harvard University, I '57 

Francis Minot Weld Harvard University, I '60 

Oscar Gerard Sawyer Tufts College, K '60 

William E. Savery Tufts College, K '65 

Mortimer Clark Addoms Hobart College, '62 

John Lewis Amsden Hobart College, '63 

William Henry Hollister Hobart College, '65 

John Adams Johnson Hobart College, '62 

Truman Washington Miller Hobart College, '61 

Augustus Hamilton Viele Hobart College, '64 

Nehemiah Nickerson Wesleyan University, O '55 

Abram Burtis Bayliss CoUege of New Jersey, T '66 

John J. Crocheron College of New Jersey, T '67 



John Brougham, Trinity Coll., Dublin, A '57 (Aflf.)» Actor and Dramatist, 
New York City. Convention Poet 1857 and 1873. Shield II 9, 
XIV 321. Q June 7, 1880. 

FiTz jABfBS O'Brien, Trinity ColL, Dublin, A '57 (Aflf.), Writer, New 
York City. On the staff of General Lander, U. S. A. Wounded 
near Washington. Shield XIV 411. Q Feb. 16, 1862. 

Francis Colt Cantine, Coll., A '57 (Aff.), Orange, N. J. 

Charies C. Dunn, Columbia Coll., A '57 (Aff.), New York City. 

Robert H. Eddy, Dartmouth Coll., A '57 (Aff.), New York City. 

Burr S, Kellogg, Williams Coll., A '57 (Aff.), Providence, R. I. 

Charles May, Colby Coll., A '57 (Aff.), New York City. 

Mark Smith, Dartmouth Coll., A '57 (Aff.), Comedian, New York City. 

Stephen Upson, Columbia Coll., A '57 (Aff.), Athens, Ga. 

E. G. P. WiLKiNS, Columbia Coll., A '57 (Aff.), Dramatist and Critic, 
New York City. Convention orator 1859. Shield XIV 418. 


A Charter, now in the Archives, was granted to the Boston Graduate 
Charge on January 1, 1885. A meeting was held January 15, 1885. The 
organization of that meeting constitutes the only important right of 
the Boston Graduate Charge to historic entity. We do not consider 
it, in effect, an addition to the roll. See Shield II, 104, 230. 



Ebtabushed Mabch 14, 1877 

Not Proven 


Nathan C^»ne Alger, Clergyman, Great Harrington, Mass. 

Asa Ai Caswell, East Rochester, N. H. Q June 18, 1881. 

William Gibson Coleswobtht, Bookseller, Boston, Mass. Q April 

25, 1907. 
John Wesley Collieb, Missionary, Coquimbo. Chile. Q Shield I No. 2. 
Saxton Bently Conant, Providence, R. I. O Feb. 13, 1878. 
Charles Leroy Goodell, D. D., 136 W. 130th St., New York City. 
James William Higgins, Clergyman, East Saugus, Mass. 
Orison Swett Marden, £d. Success, 29 E. 22nd St., New York City. 
Frank Clement Mesenre, Lawyer, Lawrenceville, 111. 
John Davibs Pickles, Clergyman, Lynn. Mass. Q June 11, 1908. 
Joseph Emery Sears, Supt. of Schools, Main St., Dighton, Mass. 


Arthur Josiah Clough, Teacher Berkshire School, Pittsfield, Mass. 
Abner Morrill Osgood, Cleivjrman, 12 Wood St., Charlestown, Mass. 
Myron Thomas Rdtchard, Teacher, 125 School St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Porter Raymond Stratton, Clerg3rman, Chicopee, Mass. 
Douglas Streeter, Clergyman, 217 Morrison Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. 


Howard Eugene Cooke, Clergyman, North Abington, Mass. 
George Morris Stroud, Teacher, 327 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Frank Walter Whitney, Teacher, 3 Marion Rd., Watertown, Mass. 


Geobge Mqbbill French, M. D., Maiden, Mass. Q Feb. 23, 1900. 

Francis Euott Hayden, Fitchburg, Mass. 

Pleasant Hunter, Jr., Clergyman, 15 Washington St., Newark, N. J. 

Charles Manly Melden, Pres. N. O. Univ., New Orleans, La. 

William Frank Morrison, M. D., Providence, R. I. Q April 9, 1907. 

Edward Martin Nesmith (AS. with O^ '80). 

Willis Paterson Odell, Clergyman, Meredith, N. H. 

John Quincy Adams Pettengill, Teacher, Salisbury, Mass. 

George Forrest Weeks, Lawyer, Sheridan, Mont. Mayor of Sheridan. 

Herbert Wesley Young, Boston, Mass. 




Solon Irving Bailey, Astronomer, Prof. Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass. 

Shield XI No. 2. 
Mortimer Heman Bowman, Supt. of Schools, Barre, Mass. 
N. W. Conlan, Clergyman, Nova Scotia. 
Frederick Harrison Corson, Clergyman, Moultonville, N. H. 
William Cox Ctutis, Clergyman, Bethel, Me. 

Charles Sumner Davis, Teacher, 79 R^rvoir St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Nathaniel Stowers Blench, Teacher, Roxbury, Mass. Q June 5, ld05. 
Benjamin Asbury Goodridge, Clergyman, 17 E. Micheltorena St., Santa 

Barbara, Cal. 
Dennison Gage Hunt, Clerk, 100 Summer St., Lynn, Mass. 
Nathaniel Willis Jordan, Clergyman, St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward Binney Lane, M. D., 419 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 


Fbed John Brockway, M. D., Brattleboro, Vt. Q April 21, 1901. 

Hiram GrifiSn, Ossining, N. Y. 

William Howard HutcSdnson, Mgr., 49 Monroe St., Lynn, Mass. 

Emory Warren Lane, Organs, 1(H1 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 

Seth Pecker Smith (Aff. with O^ '82). 

Charles Henry Whitney, 933 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 


Albert Reid Archibald, Prof. Taylor Univ., Upland, Ind. 

George Howard Fall, Prof., 265 Pleasant St., Maiden, Mass. Mayor of 

Irving Pearson Fox, Pres. Spatula Pub. Co., 79 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. 
Georee Rich Jones, Lawyer, 18 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. Pres. Mass. 

Annis Merrill Kilgore, Elma, Wash. 
Hany Huestis Newton, Lawyer, Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. Mass. 

John Brown Scott, Lawyer; Judge, 405 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
Frederick Norman Upham, Clergyman, Westfield, Mass. Shield XVI 

91. Q Dec. 10, 1899. 
William Dodge Woodward, Clergyman, Wakefield, R. I. 


Arthur Lewis Bartlett, Lawyer, Franklin, N. H. 14th P. G. L., 20th, 

21st and 22nd G. L. 1887. Member of Commission that revised Const. 

Shield XVII 36, XVIII 294. Q March 7, 1901. 
Jason True Draper, Teacher, 76 Pleasant St., Holyoke, Mass. 
Frank Elmer Morse, Dept. Mgr. Metcalf Press, 9 Franklin Sq., Dedham, 

George Lund Taft, D. M. D., 17 Lowell St., Cambridge, Mass. Sec. 

15th and 16th G. L. 



Liverus Hull Dorchester, Clergyman, 718 Linden St., Scranton. Pa. 
John Calvin Frnpison, Foreign Sec, Shanghai^ China. Shield XVI 303. 
Edwin Lincoln Ifouse, Clergyman, 413 S. Washington St., Spokane, Wash. 
Charles David Jones^ M. D., 137 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 
George Randall Eeene, Teacher, Mattapan, Mass. Shield XII 371. 

Q Aug. 10, 1896. 
Frank Johnson Metcalf, Clerk, 901 Ingraham St., Washington, D. C. 
Albert Beckwith Shields, Clergyman, 847 Madison Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 
Dwight Stanley Whittemore, MT D., 102 W. Bartlett St., Brockton, Mass. 


George Benedict, Clergjrman, Central Village, Conn. 

WiUiiun Monroe Brigham, Lawyer, Marlboro, Mass. 

Albert Candlin, Teacher, 155 Pinejrwoods Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Andrew Ltford Chase, Sebec, Me. Q 1901. 

William Elisha Chenery, M. D., 22 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Frank Lincoln Goodspeed, Cler^man, Oakland, Cal. 

Francis Easton Ho^dns, Pres. Marion Press, Jamaica, N. Y. 

Chessman Palmer Hutchinson, M. D., 88 Central St., Aubumdale, Mass. 

Charles Dana Meserve, Headmaster, 85 Otis St., Newton, Mass. 

Arthur Hamilton Noyes, Teacher, Knoxville, 111. 

Orville Cram Poland, Clergyman, 243 Maple St., Lynn, Mass. 

George Tilton Richardson, 252 Chestnut Ave^ Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

William Alfred Sullivan, Clergnnan, Vernon Center, N. Y. 

Frank Irving Wheat, 810 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Arthur Herbert Wilde, Pres. Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. 


Foye Spencer Baldwin, Prof. Boston Univ., Boston, Mass. 

Charles Wesley Blackett, Clergyman, Winchester, Mass. 

Charles AlbeH Breck (Aflf. with M^ '88). 

Frederick Manning Brooks, Clergyman, 3 Chester St., Watertown, Mass. 

Luther Freeman, Clergyman, Columbus, Ohio. 

Arthur Marstan Heard (Aff. with M^ '88). 

Emerson Augustus Kimball, Master St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

Wallace Minot Leonard (AS. with M^ '88). 

Franklin Rand Magee, Priv. Sec. Tiffany & Co., 401 Fifth Ave., New 

York aty. 
Warren Joseph Moulion (Aff. with M^ 'SS). 
Irving Smith, Marlboro, Mass. 
Wales Rogers Stockbbidqe, Jr., Banker, New York City. Q July 28, 

James Alden Stockwell, Lawyer, 10 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 


William Reed Bigelow, Lawyer, 18 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

Charles Jesse Bullock, Ptof. Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass. Ed. 

Shield XVI and XVII. Shield XI 113, XV 101. 
William Harvey Clifford, Teacher, 2301 S. Columbine St., Denver, Col. 


William Bernard Geoghegan, Clergyman, 47 S. Sixth St., New Bedford, 

Albion Wilbur Hobson, 121 Plymouth Ct^ Chicago, 111. 
Arthur Lee Janes, Teacher, 64 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
George Martin Newhall, Clergyman, Pittsbursh, N. H. 
Marnlle Christopher Webber, Lawyer, 24} Center St., Rutland, Yt. 


Joshua Loring Brooks, Pres. Brooks Bank Note Co., 42 Monmouth St., 

Springfield, Mass. 
Frederick Willard Cobb, Clergyman, Campello, Mass. 
Stephen Emery, Teacher, Richmond Hill, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Warren Eyans Fisher, Farmer, Springfield, Yt. 
George Francis Kenney, Prin., Brimfield, Mass. 
William Benjamin Locke, Clergyman, Methuen, Mass. 
George Hazleton Spencer, Clergyman, 36 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass. 

21st P. G. L., 38th G. L., 1906. Shield XY 21. XXII 63. 
John Wesley Spencer, Prof., Northfield, Yt. Shield YIII 34. Q Nov. 

28, 1891. 
Charles Julian Tutfaill, Clergyman, Mattapoisett, Mass. 
Samuel Edgar Whitaker, E. E., 29 W. 39th St., New York City. 
Wesley Wiggin, Clergyman, WoUaston, Mass. 


Forrest Nathan Adams, Lawyer, 42 Court St., Boston, Mass. 

Herbert John Bickford, Lawyer, 60 Wall St., New York aty. 

Harry Grant Butler, Clergyman, Brookfield, Mass. 

Arthur Cheney Downs, CVE., 109 McKinley Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Harvey Winchester Hardy, D. M. D., 129 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass. 

Colin Scott Pitblado, Ins., 227 Sisson St., Hartford, Conn. 

Charles Thompson Snow, Clergyman, 214 Patchen Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George Franldin Willett, Mfr., 246 Summer St., Boston, Mass. 


Fred Winslow Adams, Clergyman, Schenectady, N. Y. 

John Alvin Balcom, M. D., 203 Lewis St., Lynn, Mass. 

Adelbert Abel Estabrook, Farmer, Leominster, Mass. 

Wilbert Farley Gihnan. Ret. Mfr., Tilton, N. H. 

John Wesley Luce, Publisher, 143 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 

Austin Roger PauU, Supt. of Schools, South Berwick, Me. 

Thomas Henry Sylvester, Jr., Y. P. Columbia Orchards, Fireman's Ins. 

Bldg., Newark, N. J. 
Charles Boardman Tewksbury, Tag Mfr., 14 Landseer St., West Rox- 

bury, Mass. 


Harrt Fkeeman Coyle, Alameda, Cal. Q Oct., 1895. 
John Howard Fuller, Fruit Grower, Talent, Ore. 
Christopher Robert Hamlin, Clergyman, Randolph, Mass. 
Walter Stanley Hawkins (AS. with K '93 and with Z '93). 


Edwin Ernest Heckbert, Lawyer, Board of Trade Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

John Lombard Hopkins, Boston, Mass. Shield VII 412. Q Sept. 18, 

Fred Brigham Kellogg, Clergyman, Waterbury, Vt. 

Edwin LaForest Noble, Qergvman, Newton, Mass. 

John Pearson Pillsburt, Clerayman, Nashua, Mass. Q Dec, 1896. 

Albert Leslie Pitcher, Supt. of Schools, Mystic. Conn. 

William Sawyer Spencer, Prof. R. I. State Coll., Kingston, R. I. 

Hiomas &iowden Thomas, Sec. Y. M. C. A., 915 Academy St., Water- 
town, N. Y. 

Joseph Gray Wjnnan, Accountant, 60 Wall St., New York City. 


George Burrett Adams, Real Estate, 103 E. Terrace St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Omar Pasha Brady, Buffalo, N. Y. Q Aug. 24, 1892. 

Charles Weldon Coyle, S. F. Exposition Co., 770 Everett Ave., Palo 

Alto, Cal. 
George Willard Farmer, Clergyman, 152 Court St., Portsmouth, N. H. 
Frank William Kimball, Ins., 58 Kilby St., Boston, Mass. 
Frank Clinton McDuffee, Clergyman, Hill City, S. D. 
George Leonard Connely Richardson, Clergyman, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
WiUitun Fordyce Rogers, Adv. Mgr. Transcript, 324 Waaliington St., 

Boston, Mass. 
George Orlando Smith, Teacher, Marlboro, N. H. 
Geoi^e Albert Sweetser, Lawyer, 84 State St., Boston, Mass. Chairman 

Wellesley Selectmen. 
Charles Norris Tilton, Clergyman, Wadena, Minn. Q Feb., 1905. 
Liverus Hull Woodvine, M. D., 23 Follen St., Boston, Mass. 


Walter Forister Adams, M. D., Waltham, Mass. Q April 1, 1910. 

Eugene Maiming Bosworth, Stereoptician, 36 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass. 

Walter WiUianu Breck (Aflf. with M^ '95). 

George Benjamin Dean, Clergyman, 16 Summit St., Somerville, Mass. 

Arthur Dechman, Clersyman, Dinuba, Cal. 

Altus Deroy Flower, New. York City. 

Jewell Flower, Lawyer, New York City. 

Clifford Fyfife Gregg, Cambridge, Mass. 

Heman Andrew Harding, Lawyer, Chatham, Mass. 

Warren Francis Low, Clergyman, Georgetown, Mass. 

Albert Barrett Meredith, Supt. of Schools, Nutley, N. J. 

Charles Willard Pierce, M. D., Allston, Mass. Q Oct. 9, 1909. 

Luther Blanchard Woodward, Lawyer, Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Edward Cleveland Wjnnan, Hopkinton, Mass. 

Herbert Hilarion Yeames, Prof. Hobart Coll., Geneva, N. Y. 


Leon Estyn Baldwin, Musician, 6 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

John Mason, Clergyman, South Lawrence, Mass. 

Jedediah Albert Morrill, Ice, 18 Summer St., Rochester, N. H. 


Raymond Adams Robbins, Mgr., Carter's Ink Co., 19 Rockwood Terr., 

Aubumdale, Mass. 
John Thomas Ryan, Ed. and Lawyer^ 24 Church St., Wellesley, Mass. 
Herbert Charles Sanborn, Prof. Washington Coll., Chesterton, Md. 
Clifford J. Thome, Lawyer, Washington, la. 


Buss Paisley Boultenhouse, Teacher, Medford, Mass. Q Jan. 29, 1908. 
Cecil Henry Marble, Salesman, 95 E. Squantum St., Atlantic, Mass. 


John Henry Andrews, M. D., 51 Broad St., Lynn, Mass. 

Allston Bennett Gifford. Clergsrman, Ipswich, Mass. 

Elihu Grant, Prof. Smith ColL, Northampton, Mass. 

Fk'ederick Joseph Hallett Manmeld, Optician, 364 A Boylston St., Boston, 

Frank Monroe Marsh, Sunt, of Schools, 50 Union St., Fairhaven, Mass. 
Oscar Augustus Noyes, Salesman, 18 Garland Ave., Maiden, Mass. 
Frank LeSUe Simpson, Lawver, 159 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. 
Ralph Ricker Stratton, M. D., 654 Main St., Mehose, Mass. 
Frank Henry Wilkins, Teacher, 61 Boston St., Somerville, Mass. 


George Brinton Currier, Advertising, 449 Fourth Ave., New York City. 
Theodore Lake Davis, Clerk No. Postal Station, Boston, Mass. 
Allen Augustus Hartwell, Postal Service, 49 Eknmons St., Milford, Mass. 
Edward Samuel King, Ins., 4 Liberty Sq.^ Boston, Mass. 
Frederic Herbert Lincoln, Teacher, Henniker, N. H. 
John Wesley MacCormack, Cohasset, Mass. 

Joseph Roswell Hawley Moore, Teacher, 115 S. Ritter Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 
Albert Irving Oliver, Clergyman, Thomaston, Me. 
William Au^anson Ruston, Somerville, Mass. 
Herbert Prescott Sheldon, Lawyer, Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Francis Adin Shinn, Decorator, 158 Waverley PL, New York City. 
Edward Shippen Underwood, Lawyer, 333 Union St^ Lynn, Mass. 
David Stone Wheeler, Clergyman, East Hampton, Conn. 
Charles Wesl^ Wilder, Jr., Prof. Worcester Acad., Worcester, Mass. 
James Grant woodruff, Salem, Ohio. 


Bertram Allen Albro, Teacher, 9 Fayette St^ Milford, Mass. 
Clifford Gilmore Alien, Prof. Stanford Univ., Cal. 

Ernest Clinton Brown, Postal Service, 14 Fairview Ave., Cliftondale, Mass. 
Raymond Gilmore Clapp, Prof. Yale Div. School, New Haven, Conn. 
Wilbur Alden Coit, Prof. Acadia Coll., WolfvUle, N. S. 
James Davies, Prof. Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Daniel Clark Dorchester, Clergjrman, 5520 Baum St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Robert Newcomb Fulton, Clergyman, 1625 N. Delaware St., Indiana]x>lis, 


James Munroe Gage, Clergyman, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

Bert Luther Jemiiiigs, Clergyman, 277 Broadway, Somerville, Mass. 

Charles Levi Joslin, D. M. D., 84a Broadway, Somerville, Mass. 

John Edwin Lacount, Clergyman. 43 Church St., Hudson, Mass. 

Bbnby Fay Look, Prof ., Topeka, Kan. Shield XXIV 252. Q July 15, 1908. 

Archibald Edward Noble. Mgr. Wat. Lumber Co., Watertown, Mass. 

James Porman Shook, Cflergyman, Hatboro, Pa. 

Sydney Adams Weston, Editor, 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


John Wesley Annas, Clergyman, Arnolds Mills, R. I. 

Merton Lawrence Briggs, M. D., 31 Central Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Ralph Oscar Brooks, Bookkeeper, 122 Exchange St., Athol, Mass. 

Everett Weston Crawford, Lawyer, 15 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

William Edwin Ennis, Clergyman, Norwell, Mass. 

George Henry Gilbert, Teacher, 43 City Sq., Taunton, Mass. 

Francis Ellis Hemenway, Pnn., Tacloban, Leyte, P. I. 

Sumner Peter Mills, Lawyer, Stonington, Me. Maine Legis. 

Alexander Hamilton Rice, Prof. Boston Univ., Boston, Mass. 

Guy Edward Sanger, M. D., 707 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 

Henby Deane Woodward, Boston, Mass. Q May 13, 1902. 


Joshua Arthur Baker, Lawyer, Carter Bldg., Houston, Tex. 
George Louis Bradlee, Stereoscopes, 3 W. 19th St., New York City. 
Webster Allen Chandler, Lawyer, 6 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
Charles Henry Holbrook, Clergyman, Sivas, West Turkey. 
Charles Pray Holbrook, Clergyman, 185 Chauncey St., Brooklyn, N. Y« 
Hiram William Hook, Clergyman, 14 Bellevuedt., Lowell, Mass. 
Fred Putnam Webber, Teacher, Melville Sta., Newport, R. I. 
George Pascal Wilder, Customs Officer, Newport, Vt. 


Paul Earl Brodbeck, Ins., 58 Kilby St., Boston, Mass. 
Robert Allen Coan, Ginn & Co., 70 Fifth Ave., New York City. 
Joseph Wilfred Hood, Buyer, 91 Hobart St., Brighton, Mass. 
Morton Grey Hopkins, Rubber, 161 Summer St., Boston, Mass. 
Walter Henry Merritt, Lawyer, 54 Wall St., New York City. 
Perry Harvey Murdick, Clergyman, South Orange, N. J. 
John Evarts Rice, M. D.. 862 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
John Christian Rhik, Auditor, North Pelham, N. Y. 
Leopold Theodore Togus, M. D., Hooksett, N. H. 
Chester Wilson Tudbury, Prin., Warwick, R. I. 
George Freeman Turner, Teacher, Holyoke, Mass. 


Herbert Spalding Avery, Lawyer, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Arthur Hastings Delano, Prof., 8 Ashburton PL, Boston, Mass. 
Paul Dorchester, 550 E. 21st St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Harold Alden Edson, Grain, Littleton, N. H. 


Walter John Farrell, Teacher, 63 Washington St., East Milton, Mass. 
Herbert Mark Kline, Boston, Mass. Q Dec. 23, 1901. 
John Latham Litchman, Salesman, 162 Congress St., Boston. Mass. 
John Ernest Moore, E. E., Telluride Power Co., Provo^ Utan. 
Howard William Sdiafer, Mgr. Library Bm'eau, Winnipeg, Man. 
Nathaniel Perry Sipprelle, Lawyer, 6 Beacon St.. Boston, Mass. 
Clinton Pinkham Tuttle, Auditor, 70 Nineteenth St., Lowell, Mass. 
James Francis Tyrrell, Teacher, 83 Medford St., Charlestown, Mass. 


Hiram John Archer, Lawyer, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 
Eyerett Jefts Beede, Shoe Mfr., 139 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. 
Samuel Albert Cragin, Teacher, 159 High St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Howard Crenshaw Hawkes, Electrician, 505 Woodford St., Portland, Me. 
Clifton Burnett Herrick, Lowell, Mass. Q April 27, 1905. 
George Henry McCrea, Clergyman, Terre Haute, Ind. 
James Dimcan MacNair, Chaplain U. S. N., U. S. S. Georgia, New York 

George Nahmn Merritt, Lawyer, 89 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Charles Henry Moore, Lawyer, 59 Pinckne^ St., Boston, Mass. Boston 

Millard Lyman Robinson, Clergyman, 337 E. 17th St., New York City. 
Zenas Carlton Staples, Teacher, St. John's School, Manlius, N. Y. 
Roscoe Daniel Tarboz, Clergyman, Roxbury, N. Y. 


Gleason Leonard Archer, Lawyer, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 

Karl Granville Baker, Journalist, 41 Dorr St., Roxbinry, Mass. 

John Black Bell, Bank Cashier, Saskatoon, Sask. 

Amasa Donaldson Ellis, Clergyman, Austin, Tex. 

George Ariel Grant, Artist, New York City. Q July 13, 1911. 

Clarence Byron Hill, Rrof. Vermont Acad., Saxton's River, Vt. 

Paul Boynton James, Cler^^anan. Abilene, Kan. 

John Henry McLean (Aff. with Z *07). 

Louis Herbert Maxson, M. D., Tremont Ave., and Blewett St., Seattle, 

Vernon Ollis White, Jeweler, 219 S. Main St., Attleboro, Mass. 
Willard Everett Wood, Salesman, 85 Main St., Groveland, Mass. 


Robert Mollison Alexander, 93 Gainsboro St., Boston, Mass. 

David Bums Bartlett, Lawyer, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 

George Greenleaf Bulfinch, Jr., Teacher, 526 Harvard St., Brookline, 

James Aanm Bumhaniy Jr. (Aff. with K '08). 

Martin Russ Edwards, M. D., Harvard Med. School, Boston, Mass. 
Henry Alfred Leech, Clerg3rman, South Walpole, Mass. 
Charles Neves Serpa, Lawyer, 16 Fifth St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Walter Scott Stuart, Int. Fisheries Co., 1413 S. Fifth St., Tacoma, Wash. 
John Leslie Tudbury, E. E., 58 Lynn St., Peabody, Mass. 



Philip Atherton Goold, Clergyman, Berlin, Mass. 

Tames Owen Greenan, Min. Eng., 215 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Prescott Woodbridge Hilton, Machinist, 124 Oakland Ave., Providence, 

R. I. 
Percy Jonathan Look, Harvard Med. School, Boston. Mass. 
Harold Morgan Mariett, Am. Felt Co., 325 S. Market St., Chicago, III. 
Harold Lamont Sanders, Salesman Library Bureau, Winnipeg, Man. 
Frank J|i»hn Stalker, D. M. D., 126 Main St., Gloucester, Mass. 


Earl Albert Bessom, Auto. Eng., 46 Manchester PL, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Warren Horace Fairbanks, Clerg3rman, 5250 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Thomas Ross Hicks, Cler^^man, 17 Gillis St., Nashua, N. H. 
Clarence Ray Miller, North Haverhill, N. H. 

Harold Harris Sharp, Min. Eng., 177 Bellevue Ave., Melrose, Mass. 
Roswel Steams, C. E., Nespelem, Wash. 


Samuel Edmund Bentley, Lawyer, 69 County St., New Bedford, Mass* 

Francis Ira Bursley, Dept.* Mgr., 8 Willard Ave., Medford, Mass. 

George Wtnikrap Cahoon (AS. with K '10). 

Carl Pierce Lothrop, Lawyer, 77 Holbrook Ave., South Braintree, Mass. 

Lucius Wright Robinson, Main St., Westfield, Mass. 

Eugene Sanders, Clerk, 202 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. 


William Hutchinson Campbell, 47 Bushnell St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Hubert Porter Colton, Teacher, 220 Center St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Wilbur Stone Deming (Af!. with Z '12). 

Milo Chester Green, 25 Hathaway St., West Lynn, Mass. 

Clyde Brooks Morgan, Beale St., Wollaston, Mass 

Harold Blaisdell Shepard, 350 Main St., Concord Junction, Mass. 


Frederic Wier Campbell, 47 Bushnell St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Washington Irvine Cummings, 16 Auburn St., Waltham, Mass. 
Harry Alexander Sutherland, 244 Columbia Rd., Dorchester, Mass. 


Campbell Lloyd Brown, 480 Washington St., Gloucester, Mass. 

Call Francis Burril, 72 Lincoln St., Gardner, Mass. 

Kurt George Busiek, Belleville, III. 

Carl William Tower, 223 Belmont St., Everett, Mass. 



Established in 1857 
Charter Eeturned to Alpha October 18, 1860 


Joseph A. C. Brown Abner S. Calloway 

William Macon Coleman Ambrose B. Davie 

Andrew D. Lindsay Leroy M. McAfee 

James A. Marsh William Murphy 

John A. Sloane William L. Twitty 

John Williams Williamson 

Joseph Graham, M. D., Charlotte, N. C. Q Aug. 13, 1907. 


Joseph A. C. Brown, High Point, N. C. Q 1888. 

William Macon Coleman, Dean Intercontinental Univ. L. S., 1102 14th 

St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Author of "Come, My Boys" '56. 

Convention Poet 1858. Atty. Gen. of N. C. '68. U. d. Consul to 

Stettin '69. Shield XIV 311. 
Ambrose B. Davie, Montgomery Co., Tenn. Q 1862. 
Leroy M. McAfee, Shelby, N. C. N. C. Legis. '70. Col.^ C. S. A. 

Leader of Ku Klux Klan. 
J4MES A. Marsh, White Hall, N. C. Capt. C. S. A. 
Lueco Mitchell, Salisbury, N. C. 
William Murphy, Salisbury, N. C. Q 1859. 
William L. Twitty, M. D., Spartanburg, S. C. 
John Williams Williamson, U. S. Dep. Marshall, Reidsville, N. C. 

Capt. 13th N. C. Inf. C. S. A. Q Oct. 24, 1893. 


Abneb S. Calloway, Wilkesbarre, N. C. Lieut. Col. C. S. A. Q 1872. 

Andrew D. Lindsay, Greensboro. N. C. Lieut. C. S. A. 

George C. McConnaugfaey, SalLsoury, N. C. Sergt. 57th N. C. Inf., 

C. S. A. 
John A. Sloane, Richmond, Va. 


168 M 


Lawkence M. Anderson, Capt. C. S. A., Tallahassee, Fla. Killed at 

ShUoh. Q April, 1862. 
Charles S. Bruce, Capt. C. S. A., Halifax, Va. Killed at Seven Pines. 

Q May, 1863. 
Richard A. BuUock, Farmer, Williamsboro, N. C. Sergt. C. S. A. 
Jeduthan Harver Lindsay (Aff. with A '62). 
Arthttr N. McKimmon, Raleigh, N. C. C. S. A. 


Allen T. Bowie, Jr., Planter, Mound, La. 

R. Lawrence Coffin, Cotton, Memphis, Tenn. Q Dec. 12, 1902. 
James P. Johnson, Provost Med. Dept., Univ. of Texas, Galveston, Tex. 
Joseph Motley Morehead. Lawyer and Historian, Greensboro, N. C. 

Shield XXVII 212. Q Jan. 1, 1911. 
Thomas L. Samuels, Quitman, Miss. 
Thomas C. Thompson, Druggist, Galveston, Tex. 


Kerr Craige, Asst. Postmaster Gen., Salisbury, N. C. Capt. Cav. 

C. S. A., N. C. Assembly. Shield XX 311. Q Sept. 1, 1904. 
Leonard A. Henderson, Col. 8th N. C. Inf. C. S. A., Safisbury. N. C. 

Killed while leading his regiment in a charge at Cold Harbor. Q 

June 1, 1864. 
A. A. McAfee, Capt. Cav. C. S. A., Shelby, N. C. Convention Orator 

1858. KiUed at Cold Harbor. Q June, 1864. 

Charter Returned to A October 18, 1860 



Established June 15, 1885 

Institutbd at Masonic Hall 

Shield VI 281, XVIII 139 


Edward Gray Adams Asa George Baker 

George Modey Brockway Jrving Artfaur Biimap 

Geobgb Cornwell Curtis Dean 

Osgood Tilton Eastman Edwin Fairley ^ 

Frank Lewis Garfield Frank Harley Harriman 

Nelson Cary Haskell John Denby Hird 

Arthur John Hopkins Eleazer. Osbom Hopkins 

Edward Lester Marsh Josiah William Morris 

Francis Leseure Palmer Paul Crysostom Phillips 

James Gilbert Riggs Sidney Algernon Sherman 

Ernest Herman Smith Edward Arthur Tuck 

Edward Minton Woodward James Scott Totmg 


Curtis Dean, -Lawyer, Willimantic, Conn. 

Arthur John Hopkins, Prof. Amherst Coll., Amherst, Mass. 

Charles Holbrook Longfellow, D. D., Pasadena, Cal. 

Josiah William Morris, M. D., 142 Forest Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Francis Leseure Palmer, D. D., Stillwater, Minn. 

Sidney Algernon Sherman, D. D., Rock Kidge Farm, Lincoln, R. I. 

Ernest Herman Smith, M. D., Redding, Conn. 

Edward Arthur Tuck, D. D., West Concord, N. H. 

Edward Minton Woodward, Teacher, 736 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. 


Edward Gray Adams, Teacher, Portland Acad., Portland, Ore. 
Osgood Tilton Eastman, First Nat. Bank, Omaha, Neb. 
Edwin Faurley, Teacher, 282 Quincy St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Denby Hird, Chemist, 1806 Lamont St., Washington, D. C. 
James Scott Young, D. D., 75 Bogart Ave., Garfield, N. J. 


170 M-^ 


William Orion Conrad, D. D., Keene, N. H. 

Frank Hariey Harriman, Ma3mard, Mass. 

Nelson Gary Haskell, M. D., Amherst, Mass. 

George Alonzo Mirick, Teacher, 312 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Asa George Baker, Publisher, 499 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 
Ralph Wilber Bartlett, Lawyer, Exchange Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Charles Albert Breck (AfF. from A '88), Supt. of Schools, Methuen, Mass. 
Irving Arthur Bnmap, D. D., 1 Columbia St., Hartford, Conn. 
George Cornwell, Missionary, Chefoo, China. Q Aug. 26, 1909. 
Frank Lewis Gaifield, D. D., Castleton, Vt. 
Arthur Marston Heard (Aff. from A '88), Pres. Amoskeag Nat. Bank, 

Manchester, N. H. 
Eleazer Osbom Hopkins, Teacher, Holbrook, Mass. 
Wallace Minot Leonard (AfF. from A '88), D. C. Heath Co., 120 Boybton 

St., Boston, Mass. 
Edward Lester Marsh, D. D., 19 Sumter St., Providence, R. I. 
Warren Joseph Moulton (Aff. from A '88), Teacher, 25 4th St., Bangor, 

Paul Crvsostom Phillips, M. D., Amherst, Mass. 
James Gilbert Riggs, Supt. of Schools, Orange, N. J. 


George Mosley Brockway, M. D., Florence, Ariz. 

Edward Chapin Camp, D. D., 18 Pearl St., Watertown, Mass. 

James Leon Chamberlain, Teacher, Hastings, N. Y. 

Robert Warner Crowell, Teacher, 6 Lawrence St., Waterville, Me. 

Walter Vreeland Gray, D. D., Southington, Conn. 

Charles Jewett Humphrey, Investors Agt., Wellington, Kan. Shield 

XIX 227. Q April 4, 1903. 
Frank Ellsworth Spaulding, Supt. of Schools, Newtonville, Mass. 
Franklin Eliott Tuttle, Teacher, 125 E. Maxwell St., Lexington, Ky. 
John Jairus Walker, D. D., 7 Church St., Westboro, Mass. 
Robert Rombout White, D. D., 359 W. 48th St., New York City. 


Frederick Allen Ballou, Lawyer, 9 High St., Westfield, Mass. 

Edgar James Banks, Lecturer and Author, South Woodbury, Vt. U. S. 

Consul, Bagdad, Turkey, 1898. 
William Nelson Bartlett, Guilford, Conn. 
Albert Waldo Crockett, Teacher, Chico, Cal. 

Ernest Darwin Daniels, Teacher, 157 Midwood St., Brookl^, N. Y. 
Harry William Landfear, Teacher, 13 Olyphant Pk., Morristown, N. J. 
Willard German Reynolds, M. D., 162 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hobart Karl Whitaker, Teacher H. S., Salem, Mass. 



Frank William Allen, Contr. Eng., 5 W. 125th St., New York City. 
Nathan Prentice Ayery, Lawyer, Holyoke, Mass. Mayor of Holyoke 

Arthur Stoddard Cooley. Lecturer, 387 Central St., Aubumdale, Mass. 
Lucius Clark Dana, Norwich, Conn. 

John M. Y^. Famham, M. D., 58 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. 
William Augustine Henderson, Worcester, Mass. Q Jan. 8, 1890. 
Daniel Rowland Knight, Lawyer, 22 Kingsdale St., Dorchester, Mass. 
Charles Herbert Sibley (Aff. from O^ '91), Lawyer, State Mutual Bldg., 

Worcester, Mass. 
George Sawin Stewart, Salesman, 46 Floral St., Newton Highlands, Mass. 
Herbert Kendal Stiles, M. D., Somerville, Mass. Q Aug. 12, 1907. 
Robert Sessions Woodworth, Teacher Columbia Univ., New York City. 


Nelson Dwight Alexander, Banker, West Dover, Vt. 

Arthur Lyman Brainerd, Teacher, South Orange, N. J. 

Samuel Cole Fairley, Teacher Mt. Pleasant Acad., Ossining, N. Y. 

Willard James Fisher, Teacher, 811 E. State St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

George Preston Hitchcock, Teacher, 64 Brington Rd., Brookline, Mass. 

William Beard Perry, Lawyer, 62 Thomas St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Edwin Dana Pierce, £. £., Kenilworth, III. 

Elmer Piatt Smith, Lawyer, Port Jefferson, N. Y. 

Ernest Winfred Tooker, Lawyer, Riverhead, N. Y. 


Henry Harrison Baker, Lawyer, Hyannis, Mass. 

Martin Tuttle Baldwin, Lawyer, 269 Ridgewood Ave., Glenridge, N. J. 

Frederick Williams Cole, Lawyer, 58 E. 64th St., New York City. 

Frank" Dexter Edgell, Teacher, 665 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George Herbert Fisher, Editor, Box 15, Scranton, Pa. 

Milton Silliman Lacey, Southport, Conn. 

Luther Gordon Paul, Surgeon, 321 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Walter Howard Ross, M. D., 215 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Thomas Cann Trask, Teacher, 155 W. 65th St., New York City. 

Arthur Vine Woodworth, Teacher, Grandview, Tenn. 


Warren Tyler Bartlett, Lawyer, North Brookfield, Mass. 
Wheelock Tenney Craig, Hotel, Teaticket, Mass. 
Harris Bigelow Haskell, M. D^Wenatchee, Wash. 
Frederick Downing Hayward, Teacher, Mason, N. H. 
Albert Worcester Howes, D. D., Fitzwilliam, N. H. 
Cornelius Searle Hurlbut, Dentist, Springfield, Mass. 
Ralph Buttrick Putnam, 125 Washington St., Salem, Mass. 
Austin Rice, D. D., Wakefield, Mass. 
Charles Oakes Seymour, 180 Fleet St., London, E. C, Eng. 

172 M^ 


Clinton Howard Bell, Lawyer, 25 Harrison Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Edward Henry Bliss, Dairy, Ayer, Mass. 

Walter Williams Breck (Aff. from A '95), 15 Dey St., New York City. 

Carlton Augustine Kelley, Lawyer, State House, Denver, Col. 

Harry Wilder Lane, Keene, N. H. 

Theodobe Atwatbr Peiwey, Teacher, Newburg, N. Y. 

Jonathan Ansel Rawson, Publisher, 8 Spruce St., New York City. 

John Pickett Trask, Beverly, Mass. Q Nov. 8, 1894. 


Charles Joseph Adams, Editorial Writer, 142 Elm St., Worcester, Mass. 
Oscar Albert Beverstock, Teacher, 26 Clarendon PL, Orange, N. J. 
George Rolland Bliss, Jr., Salesman^ 10 Con^-ess St., Worcester, Mass. 
John Hildreth Chase, 357 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. 
George Lyman Crosby, Shoes, 77 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 
Harrison Frederick Htmt, West Medway, Mass. 

George Herrick Jewett, Teacher, Montclair Mil. Acad., Montclair, N. J. 
Herbert Atdiinson Jimip, D. D., 16 Washington St., New Britain, Conn. 
Chester Tapley Porter, Teacher, 850 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
Henry Ruland Russell, Woolen Mfr., 3 N. Bartlett Ave., Fittsfield, Mass. 
Frank Carver Wolff, Denver, Col. 
James Walter Woodworth, Clinton, Conn. 


Loring Bertie Chase, D. D., Sunderland, Mass. 

Frederick Stuart Crawford, N. Y. Tribune, New York City. 

Charles Wiggins Cobb, Instr., Amherst, Mass. 

Hewitt Grenville Fletcher, Lawyer, 84 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Benjamin Gtumison, Erie, Pa. ^ 

Harry Welton Kidder, Treas. Amherst Coll., Amherst, Mass. 

Herbert Trumbull Lane, Lawyer, Equitable Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Arthur Hammond Merriam, Exporter, 153 High St., Nutley, N. J. 

Marshall Henry Tyler, Teacher, Kingston, R. I. 


Edward Herman Bamum, F. B. Goodrich Co., 851 Boylston St., Boston, 

Frederick Woodbury Fosdick (Aff. with I '01). 

Edmtmd Augustine Garland, 10 Hammond St., Worcester, Mass. 

Frederick Robertson Griffin, D. D., Simpson & Sherbrook Streets, Mon- 
treal, P. Q. 

William Harold Hitchcock, Lawyer, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Robert Allison Holmes, Elmira, N. Y. 

Robert Astley Rice, M. D., Fitchburg, Mass. 

William Emrick Walker, M. D., Fairhaven, Mass. 

Edward SUvanus Ward, M. D., North Attleboro, Mass. 



Charles Whittlesey Atkinson, Standard Oil Co., Kobe, Japan. 

Frederick Thomas Bedford, Jr., Mfr., 26 Broadway, New York City. 

Carl Marhle Blair, Lawyer, 340 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

Harry Albert BuUock, N. Y. Times, New York Qty. 

WaUer Azro BvxUm (Af!. with I '00). 

Thomas Grinnell Flaherty, Lawyer, 132 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ralph Elliot Hatch, Coal, West Newton, Mass. 

Henry Williams Lyman, Lawyer, Greenfield, Mass. 

Hairy Brooks Marsh, Teacher H. S., Rockville, Conn. 

Albert Morse Walker, Lawyer, Central Office BIdg., Akron, Ohio. 

Charles Warner Walker, Ins., 19 Round Hill St., Northampton, Mass. 

Ralph Waldo Wight, 87 Hampton St., Indian Orchard, Mass. 


Frank Ellis Bogues, Teacher, Tarrytown, N. Y. 

William Endicott Clapp, Lawyer, 35 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 

Edward Tracey Clark, Clerk Senate Comm., 327 College St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
Edward Scribner Cobb, Missionary, Nugata. Japan. 
Frank Church Dudley, M. D., 276 E. 23rd St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Francis Arthur Morris, 115 Broadway, New York City. 
Chester Mayo Pratt, Lawyer, 143 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. 


William Brooks Baker, Lawyer^ 18 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 
William Darling Ballantine, M:onadnock Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Francis (joodell Bamum, M. D., Hyde Park, Mass. 
William Smith Hatch, Sheffield, Ala. 
Albert Weeks Hunt, Teacher, Milton, Mass. 


Charles William Anderson, Jr., 13 Gold St., New York City. 

Silas Dewey Barber, Merchant, Plattsburg, N. Y. 

HowABD Ikying Baldwin, Amherst, Mass. Q April, 1902. 

Walter Thornton Bryant, Hardware, 23 Chapin St., Chicopee, Mass. Treas. 

33rd G. L., Sec. 34th G. L. 
Solyman Gregory Hamlin, Cooper Bldg^ Denver, Col. 
Allen Webster Jackson, 13 S. Division St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
MiUin Newberger Simon (AS. with V^ '02). 
Paul Alfred Waters, West Newton, Mass. Shield XVII 56. Q Dec. 

11, 1900. 
Warren Judson Bnrke, 160 Washington St., Chicago, III. 


Charles Congdon Ellsworth, Millertown, N. Y. 
Harold Frederick Greene, 186 State St., Albany, N. Y. 
Harry Russell Hallet, White & WychofT, Holyoke, Mass. 
Edgar Drury Hardy, Central Chambers, Ottawa, Ont. 

174 M^ 

Lester Gumey Johnson, Gen. Elec. Co.. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Frank Otis Lenro, 10 Crescent Ct., Wakefield, Mass. 

Ernest Pahner Lowe, Falulah Paper Co., 91 Sumner St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

Gilbert Hayen Roehrig, Lancaster, Pa. 

John Howard Steyens, 682 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

Harold Abbott Vamum, Lawyer, 89 Vamum Aye., Lowell, Mass. 


Charles Hiram Brown, 26 Broadwa}^ New York City. 

Charles Tabor Fitts, Teacher Oahu Coll., Honolulu, H. I. 

Joseph Albert Lowe, Falulah Paper Co^ 34 Atlantic Ave., Fitchburg, Mass. 

John Frank Kane, 341 W. 55th St., New York City. 

Harry Gardner Lund, 4 Post Office Sq., Boston, Mass. 

Gordon Cyril Smith, Surveyor, Boise, Idaho. 

Fred Loring Thompson, Teacher, 36) Burleigh St., Waterville, Me. 


Nelson F. Cole, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Leonard George Diehl, Siu-veyor, King Hill, Idaho. 

Frary Hale, Jr., 58 S. Main St., Wallingford, Conn. 

Alexander Symonds Nash, 70 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

Mather Humphrey Neill, M. D., City Hospital, Boston, Mass. 

Ephraim English Orrell, 6 Irving St., Newton Centre, .Mass. 

Walter Walker Palmer, M. D., 85 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass. 

Roger Nelson Squire, 88 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Clarence Nelson Stone, 316 Broadway, New York City. 

Winfield Alonzo Townsend, Teacher, Summit, N. J. 

Henry Edward Warren, Somersworth, N. H. 

Stanley Nathan Whitney, 71 Aspinwall Ave., Brookline, Mass. 


Roy Lees Atwood, Head Master, Plimpton, Norwood, Mass. 
Harry Colvin Crawford, 13 Westland St., Worcester, Mass. 
Warren Fales Draper, Quarantine Station, Angel Island, Cal. 
Norman Percy Foster (AfF. from X^ '05), Music Dealer, 1330 G St., 

Washington, D. C. 
Maurice Joseph Kane, Trav. Salesman, Gardiner, Me. 
Guy Russell Lowe, 310 Reamer PL, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Sumner GoldChwait Rand, Lawyer, 10 Weybosset St., Providence, R. I. 
Clarence Adams Spear, 269 New York Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Elijah Roberts Williams, Interurban Gas Co., 627 Castle St., Geneva, N. Y. 


Henry Franklin Blanchard, Printer, 6 Walnut St., Worcester, Mass. 
Harold Stuart Brown (Aff. with and from P^ '08), Columbia Univ., New 

York City. 
Lewis Winslow Everett, 9 Beeching St., Worcester, Mass. 
Edward Twitchell Hall, Ralston Purina Co., St. Louis, Mo. 
Duncan Hall Newell, 30 Vista St., Aubumdale, Mass. 
Jesse Datus Smith, Jackson, Mich. 
Homer Francis TUton, 51 Greenwood Ave., West Newton, Mass. 



GUbert W. Benedict (Aff. from V '08), Lawyer, Fulton, N. Y. 

William Henry Bogardus, 1440 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Henry Augustus Dudley, Dudley Paper Co., Lansing, Mich. 

John Andrew Gildersleeye, Livingston Hall, Columbia Univ., New York 

Paul Henry, Geneva, N. Y. 

Philip Starr Jamieson, 179 Hunnewell Ave., Newton, Mass. 
Edward W. Kidder, 1000 Valentine Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 
Arthur Livingstone Kimball, Instr. Amherst Coll., Amherst, Mass. 
William Scribner Kimball, Amherst. Mass. 

Lester McLean Lewis, 107 Pennsylvania Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Maxwell C. Shattuck, 24 Stone St., New York City. 
Horatio Elwell Smith, 5 Elm St., Brattleboro, Vt. 


Leonard Roys Clinton, 530 W. Water St., Ehnira, N. Y. 
Charles Usher Hatch, 826 Watertown St., West Newton, Mass. 
Albert Beebe Houghton, 215 W. Pierce St., Council Bluffs, la. 
Joseph Boardman Jamieson, 179 Hunnewell Ave., Newton, Mass. 
George Edwin Pierce, 75 Linden St., Brattleboro, Vt. 
Clinton White Tylee, 9 Harvard St., Worcester, Mass. 


Thomas Allen Benedict. 176 S. 3rd St., Fulton, N. Y. 

Courtney Campbell, Wilson, N. C. 

Pierre Drewsen, 385 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Randal Marcy Field, 23 Main Ave., Rockville Center, N. Y. 

Donald Maurice Gildersleeve, 18 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Henry Bass Hall, 4 Avon St., Cambridge, Mass. 

John Parks Henry, Amherst, Mass. 

Ralph Waldo Rice, 5463 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Eustace Joseph Seligman, 324 W. 86th St., New York City. 

George Frisbee Whicher, Middle Haddam, Conn. 

Ralph Sampson Wood, South Haven, Mich. 

Harold Edward Woodward, 736 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. 


Laurence Washburn Babbage, 80 Douglas Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 

William Francis Corry, 26 Loomis St., Montpelier, Vt. 

Arthur Lorenzo Davis, Ware, Mass. 

Bryce Shepard Evans, 332 Bay State Rd., Boston, Mass. 

Ralph Benson Hurlbutt, 308 Summer St., Stamford, Conn. 

Thomas Leo Kane, Gardiner, Me. 

PhiUp Nettre LiUenthal, 1805 Franklin St., Frisco, Cal. 

Royal Edward Pushee, 128 Highland St., West Newton, Mass. 

Ar&ur Crawford Stone, 13 Westland St., Worcester. Mass. 

William Stuart Woodside, 606 Grove St., Elmira, N. Y. 

176 M^ 


Howard Roger Bacon, Pittsford, N. Y. 

Roland Humphrey Brock, Athol, Mass. 

Harold Edward Fitts, 78 Pleasant St., Mansfield, Mass. 

RusseU Bertram Hall (AS. with P^ '12). 

William Franklin Johns, 67 W. 106th St., New York aty. , 

Levi Ronald Jones, 36 Main St., Winthrop, Me. 

James John Keogh, 3730 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles Alfred Mason, Mt. Royal Apartments, Baltimore, Md. 

Leslie Fisher Smith, 131 Prospect St., Stamford, Conn. 

Melville Smithers, 5592 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


Stanley W. Crosby, Warren, Mass. 

William Gilford Dickinson, 30 Chestnut St., Oneonta, N. Y. 

John Eden Farwell, 209 Lewis St., Geneva, N. Y. 

Raymond James Fitzsimmons, 241 Maple St., Holyoke, Mass. 

William Leslie Goff, 21 Mjrrtle St., Winchester, Mass. 

John Bentley Marquis, 5327 Waterman Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Alvin Mitchell, 1367 S. Figuera St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Kenneth Spaulding Patten, 29 Erie St., Brockport, N. Y. 

Frank Palmer Stelling, Oakland, N. Y. 

Lewis Morton Stewart, Glenridge, N. J. 

Ralph Wells Westcott, 152 N. Scoville Ave., Oak Park, 111. 


Paul Fairbanks Brigham, 306 Lexington St., Waltham, Mass. 
William Michael Crilly, 526 £. 34th St., Chicago, 111. 
Louis Burke De Veau, 675 West End Ave., New York City. 
Guy Harry Gundaker, 235 Wisconsin Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Roger Seaver Wainwright, 32 Dartmouth St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Charles Wyatt Williams, 60 E. 2nd St., Corning, N. Y. 
Ralph Schuyler WiUiams, 1253 Waverly PL, Elizabeth, N. J. . 



Chartered in 1857 

Records Incomplete, Caused by the Advent of the Civil War and the 
Disbanding of the Charge. No Record of Importance is Extant 

Re-established in 1873 

Charter Withdrawn by the Thirty-fcKjrth Convention 
IN New York City, October 20, 1881 

Re-established June 11, 1910 

Shield V 113, XXVI 241 Memorial History 122 


William R. Alexander Peter M. Boyden, E 72 

Edward P. Cole, E 72 McLeod Kasey, E 72 

Thomas P. McCandlish, E '57 


William R. Alexander, Lawyer, Winchester, Va. 

Oliver Perry Baldwin, Ed. Baltimore Sun, 2204 Ruskin St., Baltimore, Md. 

James W. Logan, Jr., Salem, Va. Q May 6, 1875. 

Alexander Parish Robertson, Lawyer, 120 Church St., Staimton, Va. 

Pres. School Board. 
Patrick Henry Ward, Lawyer, San Antonio, Tex. 


Marcus Blakey Allmond, LL.D., Prof. Hampden-Sidney Coll., Louis- 
ville, Ky. Q1909. 

John Dillard Bellamy, Lawyer, Southern Bldg., Wihnington, N. C. N. C. 
Senator, 1891-93. M. C. 1899-03. Shield XVI 263. 

Robert Temple Grinnan, V. P. Bingham School, Asheville, N. C. 

James Mendenhall Dunlap, M. D., Ansonville, N. C. 


Paschal Buford Burks, Lawyer, Bedford City. Va. Q May 30, 1888. 
Bryan Callaghan, Lawyer, 341 Crockett St., San Antonio, Tex. Alderman, 

Recorder, County Judge. Mayor. 
George T. Holman, M. D., »an Saba, Tex. 


178 N 

John Cooke Olmsted, M. D., Prof. Atlanta Coll. of P. & 8., 620 Piedmont 

Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
RoBBBT Goodhue Scabbobough, Lawyer, Cincinnati, Ohio. Q 1881. 
Thornton S. Wilsosi Ed. Presbyterian .of the South, Richmond, Va. 


Horace Miller Marshall, Asst. U. S. Eng., Vicksburg, Miss. Mayor of 


Robert Benjamin Epperson, Merchant, Clarksville, Tenn. 

lames G. Garrison, Lawyer, Tyler, Tex. 

Keating Simons Nelson, Clergjrman, Staimton, Va. 


Geo^e S. Thomas, Dean Univ. of North Dakota, 515 S. 5th St., Grand 
Forks, N. D. 

Andrew Dew Dejamette Hart, Farmer, North Garden, Va. 

Chabteb Withdbawn Octobeb 20, 1881 

Re-established June 11, 1910 

James Cook Bardin, Augusta, Ga. 
Ifeedham Stuart Tiunhull, Jr., Lawyer, Victoria, Va. 


Archihald Murphy Aiken, Jr., Danville, Va. 

Chesley Allen Haden, Teacher, Crozet, Va. 

Russell Landram Haden, Crozet, Va. 

Matthew Thompson McClure, Instr. Columbia Univ., Spotswood, Va. 

William Holloway Clark, 1346 S. Third Ave., Louisville, Ky. 


Albert George Adam Balz, Charlottesville, Va. 

Charles Eltinge French, 315 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Vincent Luke Parker, Portsmouth, Va. 


Thomas Alexander Bolle, Elkwood, Va. 

Fritz Leopold Dressier, 29 W. 69th St., New York City. 

John Grady Ellison, Crozet, Va. 

Joseph Le Grand McNeil, Valley Mills, Tex. 

Henry Porterfield Taylor, 1101 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Harry Alfred Cowardin, 36th and O Sts., Richmond, Va. 
Gervas Storrs Taylor, 1101 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 



Established June 14, 1884 
Shield I 180 


Charles Augustus Luckenbach Horace Andrew LuckenlMich 
Mason Delano Pratt John Henry Spongier 

Charles E. Thomas Edward Power Van Kiric 


Harbt Luther Bowman, Bethlehem, Pa. Q Dec. 26, 1898. 

Irving Andrew Heikes, Teacher Morris H. S., 1061 Clay Ave., New York 

Charles E. Thomas, Borland Block, Chicago, 111. 


Charles Augustus Luckenbach, Mgr. Constr. L. A. Gas & Elec. Co., 

1338 Kellam Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Horace Andrew Luckenbach, Miller, 151 S. Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
John Henry Spongier, Bureau of Eng. Dept. Public Works, Chicago, 111. 


Frank Fielding Amsden, Mgr. Paxton Iron and Steel Co., 215 S. Front 

St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Mason Delano Pratt, Con. Eng., 1100 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Edward PoW\er Van Kirk, West. Air Brake Co., Elizabeth, Pa. 
Frank Williams, Johnstown, Pa. Q Oct., 1900. 


Frederick Sturtevant Bates, Treas. Ohio Oil Co., 202 Hancock St., Findlay, 

Robert Anderson Heberling (Aff. from S '88), Lawyer, Market Sq., 

Mauch Chunk, Pa. 
William Lynville NeiU, Lawyer, 624 Elsmere Pk., Lexington, Ky. 
Howard Seger Nehnan, Chemist, 402 W. 153rd St., New York City. 
Charles McCoombe Wilkins, Lawyer, 125 Porter Ave., Warren, Ohio. 

Ptos. Atty. 


180 N^ 


Thomas T. Cortes, Havana, Cuba. 

Chables Herbebt Deans, C. £., Phoenixville, Pa. Q March 7, 1909. 
Harry Alexander Gillis, Con. Eng., Home Life Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
George Wentz Harris, C. E., Min. Eng^ Kanawha St., Beckley, W. Va. 
Archibald Johnston, V. P. Beth. Steel Co., Church St., Bethlehem, Pa. 


Charles Baldwin* Cassadt, B. & O. R. R., Baltimore, Md. 

Lester Hallet Ely, East Orange, N. J. Q May 29, 1909. 

David Garth Heame, Pres. Eagle Flour Co., WheeUng, W. Va. 

Julian Green Heame, Capital^, City Bank Bldg., Wheeling, W. Va. 

W. Va. Legis. 
Frederick Warner McCall, Dentist, 36 Henry St., Binghamton, N. Y. 
Charles Wesley Palbier, Tuckertown, N. J. Shield IV 25. Q June 

15, 1887. 


Joseph Edward Cochran, Mfr. Angldile Computing Scales, Elkhart, Ind. 
ohn Sidney Heilig, Ih-sitsman, Homestead, Pa. 
Frank Hamilton McCall, Ch. Electrician U. P. R. R. Shops, 2113 Maple 

St., Omaha, Neb. 
Frank Anderson Merrick, Asst. Gen. Mgr. Can. Westinghouse Co., 53 

Arkledun Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Hany Timothy Morris, Supt. Armor Plate Dept. Beth. Steel Co., 200 S. 

High St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Milton Hawley Robbiru, Jr. (AS. with E^ '91). 


William J. Baird, Wheeling, W. Va. Shield IX 319. Q 1893. 

John Mayall Beaumont, Teacher Scranton H. S., 119 S. Seventh St., 

Scranton, Pa. 
Edward Faroason, Memphis, Tenn. Q 1895. 
William Bush Schoher, Prof. Lehigh Univ., Bishopthorpe St., South 

Bethlehem, Pa. 


Charles Willits Gearhart, Salesman Johns-Manville Co., Queens, N. Y. 

Gustavus Adolphus Gessner, Jr., Con. Eng., 2465 Scottwood Ave., Toledo, 

Lee Stout Harris, Eng. and Contractor, 918 Farragut Terr., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

William R. Stinemetz, E. E., 92 Trenton Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 


William Emley Holcomhe, E. E., Wendell & Adams Rd., Schenectady, 
N. Y. 

Edward Marsh, M. Thomas & Sons, 15th and Chestnut Sts., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Enrique A. Schumann, Santiago, Cuba. 



William Lebbaeus Bosbvshell, Auditor Aetna Life Ins. Ck)., 5th and 
Walnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Arthur Stebbins Clift, Rio Tinto Co., London, Eng. 

Benjamin Irving Drake, Mfr. Merwarth Metallic Gasket, 141 Market 
St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Walter Howard (AS. with B '96). 

William Thomas Hutchins, Wyoming, Pa. 

Leroy Allen KendaU (AS, with B '96). 

George Samuel Post, C. E. and Contractor, Anthracite Bldg., Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa. 

Paul Wick Powers, Youngstown, Ohio. 

Heniy Crider Quigley, Western Elec. Co., 1867 S. Hamlin Ave., Haw- 
thorne, 111. 

Edward George Steinmetz, Asst. Supt. Elec. Storage Battery Co., North 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harry Maas UUman, Prof. Lehig^ Univ., Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Charles Henry Vanbant, C. E., Eddingtown, Pa. Treas. 25th G. L. 
Q March 1, 1907. 

Harry Cecil Whitaker, V. P. WheeUng Corrugating Co., Wheeling, W. Va. 

William C. Williams, 112 N. Sumner St., Scranton, Pa. 


Frank Oliver Dufour, Prof. Univ. of Illinois, 113 Davidson St., Cham- 
paign. 111. 

Oliver Zell Howard, Hagerstown, Md. 

John George Lehman, Gen. Mgr. Beth. Fdry & Mch. Co., 54 Church St., 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Walter R. Okeson, Cont. Eng. Phoenix Bridge Co., New York City. 

Chester Dawson Richmond, Mgr. Chat. Store Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Henry Felthousen Russell, Purch. Agt. Lumen Bearing Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Clarence Earle Weaver, 102 Congress St., Bradford, Pa. 


Robert Bedell Cable, Jr., Mech. Eng., 45 Prospect St., Waterfoury, Conn. 
William Stephen Hiester, E. E., 813 N. Second St., Harrisbulrg, Pa. 
Henry Sackett Johnson, Pres. F. P. Little Elec. Co., 385 Fillmore Ave., 

East Aurora, 111. 
Samuel Palmer Senior, Supt. Bridge. Hydraulic Co., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Frank Betts Smith, Ch. Eng. Scofield Con. Co., Honolulu, H. I. 
Frederick Charles Wettlaufer, Hoboken Ribbon Co., 44 Reid St., Passaic, 

N. J. 


John WaUer Oanwm (AS, with E^ '99). 

Stuart John Gass, Asst. Eng., 216 Maryland Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Frank Jacob Myers, 331 Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Edward J. Neiibaker, Div. Supt. L. & W. Coal Co., Audenried, Pa. 

182 N^ 


John Sterling Deans, Ch. Eng. Phoenix Bridge Co., 520 Main St., 

Phoenixville, Pa. 
Donald Calvert Fngitt (Aff. from X^ '99), Real Estate, 542 Beacon St., 

San Pedro. Cal. 
Eugene Glffora Grace, Gen. Mgr. Beth. Steel Co., 12th and Prospect Sts., 

West Bethlehem, Pa. 
John Wesley Grace, Supt. of Yards Beth. Steel Co., 10th and Prospect 

Sts., West BetUehem, Pa. 
Benjamin Sargent Hanna, Roland Park, Md. 
Edward Allen Keys, Supt. of Const, of Public Bides., Linden, Md. 
Roy Rhodes Homer, Con. Min. Eng., 144 E. New St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 


John Hazelrod Pomeroy, Pres. Pomeroy Const. Co., 107 E. Ridley Ave., 
Ridley Park, Pa. 


Samuel Ray Alder, E. M., Bethlehem, Pa. Q Nov. 11, 1903. 

Ernesto Franco, C. E., Guayac]^uil, Ecuador. • 

Joseph Blackburn Fteund, Midvale Steel Co., 221 Zeralda St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Edward Thomas Murphy, Mgr. Buffalo Forge Co., 267 S. 55th St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


William Thomas Griffith, Asst. Mgr. Leonardson Dept. Store, 224 Greeves 

St., Kane, Pa. 
William Louis Helm, Asst. to Gen. Supt. McKean and Otto Chonical 

Cos., 115 Biddle St., Kane, Pa. 
Edwin Higgins, Jr., Con. Eng., Columbia Trust Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Floyd W. Parsons, Asst. Ed. Eng. and Mining Journal, 505 Pearl St., 

New York City. 


Arthur Deans Barrett, Erector of Structiu'al Steel, R. F, D. No. 1, Sus- 
quehanna, Pa. 

Albert Robinson Glancy, Mech. Eng., 1837 Kalarama Ave., Washington, 
D. C. 

Eugene August Hildreth, Dentist, Schunbach Bldg., Wheeling, W. Va. 

Geone Murray Lewis (Aff. from E '02), C. E., Sewage Pumpmg Station, 
Washington, D. C. 

John K. Lilley, 10 Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

John Routt Reigart, Supt. Crosby Mine, Nashwauk, Minn. 

George Roseberry Stull, Instr., Ridley Pk., Pa. 

George Emanud TwUmyer (AR, with ^ '03). 

Joseph C. TwUmyer (Aff. with * '03). 

lyer {A 

James Steward Warr, Cigar Mfr., 70 Broad St., Oneida, N. Y. 


Charles C. Carr, Sporting Gkx>ds Mfr., 583 Woodruff PI., Cleveland, Ohio. 
William Thomas Crellin, Anthracite Separator Co., Hazelton, Pa. 
Andrew J. Farabaugh, Beth. Steel Co., Bethlehem, Pa. 


Louis £. Farabaugh, Latrobe Steel & Coupler Co., Melroise Pk.. 111. 
William McCarthy Lalor, Mgr. Rv. Dept. U. S. Light & Heatmg Co., 

Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Paul Jacob Luckenbach, Milter, 54 Church St., Bethlehem. Pa. 
Frank Parley Howe Sholly, La Follette Iron Co., La Follette, Tenn. 
Edward Graham Taylor, Q. M. Dept., Fort Riley, Kan. 
Jesse Waggener Underwood, Mech. Eng., 1331 Park Rd., Washington, 

D. C. 


Richard Smith Leaming, Dennisville, N. J. 

William Emmerick Ostermaier, Instr., 5845 Marlborough Ave., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 


Harlon Frederick Banfield, Treas. West Penn. Fdry & Mch. Co., Avon- 
more, Pa. 
WaHer French Evans (AfF. with ^ '07). 

Edward Everett Johnston, C. E., 2622 N. Charles St^ Baltimore, Md. 
Benjamin Carl McClure, Meriden Curtain Fixture Co., Meriden, Conn. 
Charles Hook Tompkins (AfF. with X^ '06). 


Jose Penteado Bill. 

William Albert Draper, C. E., War Dept., 325 A St., S. E. Washington, 

D. C. 
Joseph Hamilton Galliher, Lumber, 905 Virginia Ave., S. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
LeRov Townsend Grace, Goshen, N. J. 
Thomas Richard Seniw (Aff. with X^ '07). 
Ernest Benjamin Walton, C. E., Pocomoke City, Md. 


Charies Franklin Ayer, Real Estate, Broad and Arch Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 
John Everett Ballenger, City Surveyor's Office, Washington, D. C. 
Robert Anson Burlingame, Mech. Eng. Standard Car Co., Butler, Pa. 
Ralph Eugene Day, Accountant Waterbury Brass Co., Farmington Ave., 

Waterbuiy, (jonn. 
Arthur Oram Fulton, Sales Mgr. Wheelock, Lovejoy & Co., 35 Olive St., 

Boston, Mass. 
Agustin Alejo Gojrtisolo, Asst. Gen. Mgr. No. Am. Sugar Co., P. O. Box 

101, Cienfuegos, Cuba. 
Ralph Fmley McElfresh, Dept. of Justice. 309 M St., N. W., Washington, 

D. C. Treas. 40th G. L. Shield XXIV 90. 
Charles Ctjshman Shorklet, Con. Eng., Knoxville, Tenn. Q April 21, 



Alfred Copeland Callen, Instr., Pottstown, Pa. 
George Courtney Hall, Limiber, Pocomoke City, Md. 
Frank Herman Kaiser, Chemist Oucible Steel Co., 405 Tompkins St., 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

184 N^ 

Arthtsr Mandell, Jr., Gren. Mgr. Producers Oil Co.. Vivian, La. 
Harry Holstein Schimpf, The Royal, Broad St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Thomas Francis Walsh, Pres. John O'Toole Machine Co., 122 S. 7th Ave., 
Scranton, Pa. 

John Anderson, Charlotte, N. C. 

Francis Hardie Blake, Fruit Shipper, 42 W. State St., Albion, N. Y. 
Sherman Blaine Bowen, Asst. to Ch. £ng. Crosby Mine, Nashwauk, Minn. 
Harry Mahlon Focht, 301 York, Pottstown, Pa. 
Myrl Lamont Jacobs. Min. Eng., Nyaun^a, Upper Burma, India. 
John Woodford Knimn, Paterson, N. J. 
Chester Bernard Lawson, 426 N. Second St., Pottsville, Pa. 
HarM Seaman Oberrender (AS. with B '11). 
Archibald Robert Shaw, 3 W. Slst St., New York City. 
Floyd Morgan Skidgell, Chemist Taylor Iron and Steel Co., High Bridge, 

N. J. 
Charles WiUiam WaUawer (AS, with S^ '10). 


Joseph Glenn Anderson, 56 Wallace Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Edison Allen Buckley, Westfield, N. J. 
Miguel Angel Chiriboga, Ambato, Ecuador. 
Aldridge Ellis Hunt, 726 Scott St., Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Horace Donald Kerr, Titusville, Pa. 


Clotworthy Bimie, Jr., Taneytown, Md. 

Donald Bowman, 308 Packer Ave., South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Eber Waddell Cook, 120 E. Wallace Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

John R. Crellin, 65 N. Laurel St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Ray John Hauk, Lehighton, Pa. 

Frank Spargo Lubrecht, 731 W. Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. 

Walter John Maguire, Third and Cherokee St., Bethlehem, Pa. 


Arthur Spencer Callen, 2344 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Robert Campbell, 543 Chestnut St., Pottstown, Pa. 
S. Clair Dutot, Scott & 7th Sts., Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Edward Clayton Meiswinkel, Pottsville, Pa. 
Edward Foley Price, Danville, Pa. 
Edmimd Coze Wilson, St. Paul, Minn. 


Simon Harry Ash, Roslyn, Wash. 
Fred Bianco, Roslyn, Wash. 
William Roger Browne, New York City. 
Charles WiUiam Pottigrew, Tryon, N. C. 



Established June 29, 1857 

Initiation at the Mansion House 

Shield VII 245 Memorial History 124 


John Young Barclay David Brooks 

Ralph Leland Goodrich Heniy Ebenezer Handerson 

Lewis Moss Chester Roy 

Thomas James Rundel George Williamson Smith 

Philip Oliver Yawger 


George Williamson Smith, D. D., LL.D., 1410 2l8t St., Washington, D. C. 
Pres. Trinity Coll. Shield XVI 316. 


John Young Barclay, M. D., Dodgeville, la. Q Oct. 6, 1890. 
Ralph Leland Goodrich, Lawyer, Little Rock, Ark. Lieut. C. S. A., 

Qerk U. S. Court. Shield XIV 188. Q April 7, 1898. 
Henry Ebenezer Handerson, M. D., 1924 E. 66th St., Cleveland, O. 

Adj. Gen. C. S. A. 
Lewis Moss, New York City. Q March 31, 1893. 
Chester Roy, Torrey, N. Y. Q Sept. 4, 1859. 


Benjamin Franklin Lee, Mantua Station, Ohio. 
George Paul Pringle, Hastings, Minn. Q Feb. 1, 1874. 
T. Innes Randolph, Richmond, Va. Q 1887. 

Philip Oliver Yawger, Rochester, N. Y. Shield XIX 186. Q March 
28, 1903. 


David W. Brooks, Clergyman, El Centro, Cal. 

Samuel Douglas Cornell, Pres. Nat. Lead Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 3rd 

P. G. L., 5th G. L., 1872. Shield XXVI 297. Q April 7, 1910. 
Thomas James Rundel, 45 W. 55th St., New York City. 


Tames Douglas Langworthy, Lawyer, Dubuque, la. 
Truman Washington Miller, M. D., Chicago, 111. Shield XVI 288. 
Q June 1, 1900. 



Geofge GusUths Penney Qemnnan, Manlius, N. Y. 
George Ludlow Yoer, Watenoo, N. Y. Lieot. U. S. V. Woimded at 
Gettysburg. Q Nov. 19, 1877. 


Mortimer Claik Addoois, Lawyer, 11) WiUiams St., New York Qty. 

Justice Supreme Court. 
Heniy Richard Gibson, Lawyer, KnoxviUe, Tenn. Tenn. Senate 1870-76. 

ChanceDor 1886-94. M. C. 1895. Shield XIII 252. 
PoBTEUS C. Gilbert, M. D., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 2nd P. G. L., 

2, 3. and 4 G. L., 1869. Founder and £d. Shield I. Shield XIV 296. 

Q June IL 1898. 
George Rex Gbayes, Lawyer, St. Paul, Minn. Q April 24, 1873. 
John Adamb Johnson, New York City, 1st P. G. L., 1st G. L., 1868. 

Comm. Ist Cat. Shield VI 301. 
Rudolph Alpheub King, Washington, D. C. Major C. S. A. Shield 

XXIII 151. Q April 22, 1907. 
WiLBERFORCE RICHMOND McKnew, Baltimore, Md. Surgeon, C. S. A. 
WfOuoD. DeWolfe Pringle, Lawyer, Hastings, Minn. 
George Edward Pritchett, Lawyer, 2124 Cass St., Omaha, Neb. 


John Lewis Amsden, Bank Pres., Versailles, Ky. Lieut. Morgan's Cav. 

C. S. A. 
Charles Edward Cocket, Broad Creek, Md. 
Charles Milford Graves, Coming, N. Y. 
Thobcas Trifolet Hunter, Bladensburg, Md. Lieut. C. S. V. on S. S. 

Henry Lawrence Slosson, Nurseryman, Geneva, N. Y. U. S. Eng. Corps. 

Shield XIX 425. Q Nov. 14, 1903. 
Robert E. Williams, Boonville, Mo. 


WiLLL/Uki L. Baldwin, M. D., Utica, N. Y. Shield IV 225. 

Edward Oziel Graves, Banker, Seattle, Wash. Asst. U. S. Treas., 

1883-85. Q Jan., 1909. 
Frederick Lyman Tremain, Albany, N. Y. Lieut. Col. U. S. V. Killed 

in battle. Q Feb. 6, 1865. 
Augustus Hamilton Viele, Gen. F. &. P. Agt. D. & I. R. R., Duluth, Minn. 

Comm. 1st Cat. 


Charles Clement Burns, Treas. Nat. Starch Co., New York City. 

Q March 21, 1901. 
William Heniy Hollister, Banker, 120 Broadway, New York City. 


Albert Carrier Btum, Clerg3rman, Richmond HiU, N. Y. 

Romaine Stiles Mansfield, Clergyman, Suffern, N. Y. 

Augustus Cortland Means, Cleveland, Ohio. Q Nov. 1, 1895. 



Ernest Blair Dox, Geneva, N. Y. 
Clinton D. Eastman, Ovid, N. Y. Q April 12, 1901. 
Lewis Halsey, D. D., 67 Kiely Rd., Wyoming, Ohio. Pres. Hobart 
Alumni. Pres. S. A. R. Ariz. Shield VlII 331. 


Hobart Brewer Cone, Lawyer, Batavia, N. Y. Shield XXVI 300. 

Q Aug. 4, 1910. 
Richard Rapelete Cornell, Buffalo, N. Y. 


Mahlon Norris Gilbert, Rt. Rev. D. D., Bishop of Minn., St. Paul, 
Minn. Shield VIII 149, XVI 111, 117. Q June 2, 1900. 

Cameron Mann, Rt. Rev. D. D., S. T. D., Bishop of N. D., Fargo, N. D. 
Shield XVII 411, XIV 89, 180. 

William Guy Raines, Lawyer, 12 Thayer St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Robert Child Scott, Treas. Morris Mch. Works, Baldwinsville, N. Y. 


Frederick Beverly Cossett, Clergyman, San Diego, Cal. Q July 22, 

Louis Sandford Schuyler, Clergyman, Palmyra, N. Y. Shield IV 226. 

Q Sept. 17, 1878. 


James Abercrombie, Lockport, N. Y. Q Oct. 26, 1872. 
Charles Augustus Poole, D. D., Prof. Seabury Div. School, Faribault, 
Minn. Comm. 2nd Cat. 


James C. Beecher, Lawyer, 62 S. Division St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Frank Pearce Harrington, Clergyman, 69 Gainsborough St., Boston, Mass. 

William A. Talbot, Warren, Pa. 


Charles London Arnold, Clerg3rman, 622 LaFayette Ave., Detroit. Mich. 
Philander Chase Chamberlain, Lawyer, Ed. Daily Capitol, 317 Clay St., 

Topeka, Kan. 
George Terwilliger Finch, M. D., Thompsonville, Conn. 
Jacob Schwartz, Lawyer, Elmira, N. Y. Q Dec. 5, 1891. 

Charles Arthur Ctunmings, Clerg3rman, 1618 Otto Blvd., Chicago Heights, 


Spaulding Evans, Lawyer, Lockport, N. Y. 
(Carles Henry Hibbard, D. D., PasiEulena, Cal. 

188 Z 


Wmiam Ray Delano^ Lawyer, Suirogale's Office, New York City. 
WiixiAU Pitkin McKnight, Ehnira, N. Y. Shield 1, 89. Q Dec. 24, 


Lewis Atwater Kednet, Lawyer, Fargo, N. D. 

James Sheldon, Jr., Labor and Commerce Comm., Washington, D. C. 

Henry S. Tpthffl, M. D., Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Josiah Millspanih James McCreory & Co., 5 W. 34th St., New York City. 


George Edwabd Gabdneb, Clergyman, St. Joseph, Mo. Q Nov. 5, 1891. 
Jesse Covert Joralemon, Clergyman, Greenville, N. J. 


Pierre Cushing, Clergyman, Leroy, N. Y. 

Henry MacBeth, Clergyman, Bethel, Conn. 

Alexander Mann, S. T. D., Rector Trinity, 233 Ckurendon St., Boston, Mass. 

Ralph H. Brandreth, Mfr., Ossining, N. Y. 


Franklin Thomas Eastment, Clergyman, Philipsburg, Pa. 
Donald Peter Mann, Lmnber, Tennessee Chib, Memphis, Tenn. 
Clarence Coan Tntibjll, 2724 Indiana Ave., Chicago, III. 
Emmannel Herbert Vail, Weather Bureau, Albany, N. Y. 


William Hou>en Chace, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y. Q 1908. 

William Newton Fessenden, Lawyer, Kingston, N. Y. 

Joseph McCarty Frost, Mudcegon, Mich. 

Charies B. Jacobs, 4110 LaFayette Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

George William Keeler, Lawyer, Havana, N. Y. 

John McKinney, Clergyman, 251 Park PL, Janesville, Wis. 

Frederick William Marshall, Flatbush, N. Y. Q May, 1884. 

William Otis Waters, S. T. D., 1604 Prairie Ave., Chicago, III. 


James Henry Haslett, M. D., Phelps, N. Y. 

William Angnstas Howe, M. D., N. Y. State Board of Health, I^elps, 

N. Y. 
Edward Pool Pearson, Lawyer, 158 W. 106th St., New York Qtv. 
Alexander MiUer Rich, Clergyman, Snow Hill, Md. Shield XII 153. 
Simeon Aknizo Watsm, 163W. Main St., Rochester, N. Y. 



Henrt Clarence Chace, Lawyer, Buffalo, N. Y. Shield XVII 339. 

Q Aug. 25, 1901. 
Heniy Greene Clark, 809 Warren Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Carl Axel Harstrom, Ph.D., Harstrom School, Norwalk, Conn. Treas. 

17th G. L. Sec. 18th G. L. 17th P. G. L. 27th to 31st G. L., 1894. 

Shield XIII 10, XI 6, XV 5, 16. 
Francis Albert Herendeen, Mfr., Geneva, N. Y. 


William Gardner Choate, Purcelle, Okla. 

James J. Davis, Galena, 111. 

Thomas Merdoc Partridge, Lumber, 2200 Colfax Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 


John Otto Chace, Postal Tel. Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Frank Edwin Clayes, Brockville, Ont. 

David Lincoln Ferris, Clergyman, 6025 Hoeveler St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

John Henry Foss, Canton St., Baltimore, Md. 

Ernest Willoughby Jewell, Clergyman, 501 N. Walnut St., Bay City, Mich. 


Henry Irving Beers, Ice Mfr., 12 S. State St., Dover, Del. 
Guy Miller McDowell, Sec. Niagara Shoe Co., Danville, 111. 


William Edward Carr, Lawyer, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

William Armstrong Carson, Jr., Rushville, N. Y. 

Arthur Pounsford Guiou, Lumber, Omaha, Ncb»^ 

Charles Carr Hofif, Teacher Hamilton Inst., 45 W. Slst St., New York 


Carlos Tabb Pearce, Groton Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

George Henry Pierce, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Calvin Washburn Starbuck, Broker, 15 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


William EUery Hills, L&wycr, 154 Nassau St., New York City. 

Cjrrus Curtis Palmer, Lawyer, Baltic & Van Sicklyn Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John George Robinson, Clergyman, 7507 Kelly St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


George Robert Brush, Clergyman, Vergennes, Vt. 
Satterlee Saltonstall, Lawyer, Rye, N. Y. 


John Erwin Brodhead, Clergyman, Port Clinton, Ohio. 
Dwigfat Arthur Parce, Clergyman, Bolton Landing, N. Y. 
Leslie Fenton Potter, Clergyman, Kirkwood, Mo. 



Thttrman Hendricks Bachman, Geneva, N. Y. Shield XI 319. Q Oct. 

24, 1895. 
Price Morgan Davis, Mfr., 129 Waters St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Lewis Bates McCabe, Merchant, 747 West End Ave., New York City. 


Harry Blatchley, Merchant, Wellsboro, Pa. 

John S. Boyd, 1000 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Edward John Cook, Lawyer, Geneva, N. Y. 23rd P. G. L. ^Oth, 41st 

and 42nd G. L., 1908. Shield XXIV 89, XXV 3, 85, XXVI 114. 
Lewis H. Elliot, Merchant, Mayville, N. Y. 
Carl William New, Teacher, Highland Park, 111. 


Lotte Williams Humphrey, Lawyer, Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C. 
Albert Glenn Richards, Clergyman, Lake Forest, 111. 
Austin Wakeman, Mfr., Saugatuck, Conn. 


William Hallowell Bliss, Clereyman, 1005 Tenth Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
William Neeley Colton, Teacher St. Johns Mil. School, Salina, Kan. 


Jay Bjington Covert, M. D., Geneva, N. Y. 

William Switzer Watson, Clergyman, 219 High St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frederick Davenport Whitwell, Lawyer, Geneva, N. Y. 


Francis Branch Blodgett, Teacher Gen. Theo. Sem., Chelsea Sq., New 

York City. . 
Harry Tunis Moore, Dean of Cathedral, Dallas, Tex. 
Burt Benjamin Norton, Alabama, N. Y. 
Edward Bellamy Partridge, Lawyer, Phelps, N. Y. 


William Simms Bachman, Lawyer, Geneva, N. Y. 

Francis Richard Dennison, Accountant, Rochester, N. Y. 

Frederick Daniel Graves, Clergyman, Alliance, Neb. 

Archibald Bostwick Morrison, Jr. (Aff. with B '01). 

WOliam Whitwell Robison, Lawyer, 31 Nassau St., New York City. 

Albert Stettenbenz, Merchant, 1015 LaFayette St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Frederick Beatunont Griffith, Lawyer, 550 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Karl Hobart Wisewell, Arch., 1608 Kuskin Ave., Baltimore, Md. 




Edwin Briscoe Andrews, Salesman, 123 Harmon St., Warren, Ohio. 

Matthew Wells Bennett Lawyer, 527 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Oeorge Murray LewU (Aff. with N^ '03). 

Samuel Selden Partridge, Jr., Salesman, Phelpe, N. Y. 

Roy PoUe Roch^dler (Aff. with B '03). 

Earl Spear Warner, Lawyw. Phelpe, N. Y. 

Robert Benjamin Waugfa, Teacher, Norwalk, Conn. 


Edwin Valentine Baker, Bookkeeper, Watkins, N. Y. 

Arthur Wood Chapman, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Clazton Dooris, Granite^ Peabody, Mass. 

Edward Everett, Clergyman, 13 Lambert St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Frank Hamilton HiU, Sprague Elec. Co., 527 W. 34th St., New York Qty. 

Roland Fisher HiU, 043 Middle St., Bath, Me. 

Glenn Hughes Marston, 150 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Henry Renter, Elec. SuppUes and Constr., Geneva, N. Y. 


Warren Miller Covill. Victor, N. Y. 

Volney Jackson Estabrook, Tenny and Baynes Sts., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Arthur Frank Heussler, Newspaper, 335 Porter Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Joseph Evart Mount, Chemist, Saltville, Va. 

Floyd Baker Van Keuren, Clerg^an, Erie, Pa. 

John Boardman Whitney, Chemist, 35 Pascal St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Ralph H. Espy, Priv. Sec. Butler Bros., 6934 Normal Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Herbert Rockwell Hollands, Merchant, Homell, N. Y. 
William Edward Shaeffer, Merchant, Lockport, N. Y. 


Herbert A. Bradford, 1544 Race St., Denver, Col. 

Harry F. Lembeck, Watkins. N. Y. 

Leonard Selden Partridge, Phelps, N. Y. 

C. S. Jackson, Toronto, Ont. 

Ratfabone A. Knox, Coudersport, Pa. 

Robert D. Wait, Banker, Watkins, N. Y. 

George F. Weeks, Newark, N. Y. 


Heniy Burton Franklin, 184 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Claude Henry McCray (Aff. with X^ '10). 
Oeorge Naek Skaeffer (Aff. with 4> '08). 



Albert C. Andrews, StUesman, 12 Monroe St., Warreai, Ohio. 

Marvin H. Durand, Mfr., 182 Gibeon St., Canandaigua, N. Y. 

George Maurice Hooper, Rochester, N. Y. 

Rufns P. Keeler, Keeler's Hotd, 979 Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Seward G. Spoor, Lawyer, 20 Exchange PL, New York Qty. 

David FraneU Steommm (Aff. with T^ '08). 

Bertrand G. Vandeihoof, 204 St. Paul St., Baltunore, Md. 


John £• Connolly, Merchant, Phelpe, N. Y. 

Clement T. Grove, 101 Jenett Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Walter G. Heussler, Mfr , 335 Porter Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

JoH Wilford Petrie (Aff. with V^ '10). 

Nat T. Sabin, Merchant, 132 W. Flora St., Stoekton, Cal. 

Frank Henry Shaeffer, East Ave., Loclqport, N. Y. 

Miles DeVeme Stettenbenz, Knickeiboeker Press, Albany, N. Y. 


Everett Howard Hunt|Hamburg, N. Y. 

Wnhnr Jackson, 1282 E 111th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Hugh IfiUikin McWhorter, Chicago, III. 

C. Nelson Richards, 21 Elberon Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Alfred StanHand, 497 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Irving Cole Bennett, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Raymond £. Grove, 101 Janett Ave.^ Buffalo, N. Y. 

John H. Ra^bun, 2108 LaFayette Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Harold Howard Robison, Newfane, N. Y. Sec. 42nd G. L. Shield XXYI 

Edward Clinton Stebbins, Teacher Groton School, Groton, Mass. 
William Carleton Sweet, Holljrwood, Cal. 
R. Stanley Webber, Lockport, N. Y. 


Malcolm Beckwith Ayres, Spuyten Duyvil, N. Y. 

Murray Guiou Dennison, Geneva, N. Y. 

Oliver Phelps Jackson, 92 Lancaster Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Francis Keith Lawrence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Theodore Henry Warner, Phelpe, N. Y. 


Charles Royden Baker, Warren, Ohio. 

Mandeville James Barker, Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Carl Nelson Hand, Medina, N. Y. 

James Rossiter Izant, 109 £. Washington St., Warren, Ohio. 

Gardner Alpheus McWhorter, Western Theol. Sem., Chicago, 111. 



George Arthtsr Newell, Medina, N. Y. 
William Heniy Skinner, Geneva, N. Y. 
Harold Flint Thomas, Warren, Ohio. 


Chabtered Octobeb 30, 1857 
Disbanded about 1863 
Memobial Hibtobt 129 


William Levi Bodwell William D. Bridge 

Henry Bascom Brown Henbt E. Eastman 

Fbancis Daniels Edgebton Samuel Emery 

John B. Lapham William H. Lee 

Chables S. Macbbadino John Henbt Moobe, H '58 

William E. Morgan Eugene O. Ranney 

Chables Raymond Charles G. R. YinBl 

Webster Rogers WaUdey Geobge Clabk Webbeb 

Samuel Augustus Winsob John Toung 


Robert Henry, Ret. Mfr., 150 Purchase St., Fall River, Mass. 
Nehemiah Nickerson, M. D., 16 Washington St., Meriden, Conn. Surgeon 

21st Conn. V. 
Albebt a. Scott, Kents Hill, Me. Q 1862. 

Chables F. King, Somerville, Mass. Shield VIII 28. Q Feb. 2, 1892. 

Henbt E. Eastman, Landaff, N. H. Q Oct. 27, 1865. 


Charles Collard Adams, Clerg3rman, Cromwell, Conn. Chaplain 22nd 

Conn.V. Shield XXV 118. 
Henry Bascom Brown, Mfr., Easthampton, Conn. Paymaster U. S. N. 

Shield XXV 118. 
Samuel Emery, Ret. Teacher, Masonic Home, Lisbon, N. H. 
John Henbt Moobe (Aff. from H '58), Augusta, Me. Q Aug. 25, 1863. 


196 O 


William Lbyi Bodwell, South Norwalk, Conn. Color Sergt. Co. d 

27th Conn. V. Wounded at Gettysburg. O July 5, 1864. 
John B. Lapham, Clergyman, South Paris, Me. Shield XXVI 301. Q 

March 13, 1910. 
William H. Lee, Prin. Mafix>g Acad., Stanstead, P. Q. 
Chables S. Macreadino, Clergyman, WiUimantic, Conn. Q May 21, 

William £. Morgan, Postmaster, Greeley, Neb. Lieut. 8th 111. Cav. 
Eugene O. Ranney, M. D., Barton Landing, Vt. 
Charles Raymond, Evanston, 111. 
Webster Rogers Walkley, Ret. Hdw. Merchant, 578 Washington Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
George Clark Webber, M. D., Millbury, Mass. Shield XIII 24. Q 

June 11, 1895. 
Samuel Auoustus Winsor, Clergjrman, Col. Q 1899. 
John Young, Lawyer, Newport, Vt. 


WiLUAM J. Bramblse, Clergyman, Bellows Falls, Vt. O June 10, 1868. 
William D. Bridge, Clergyman, 150 Fifth Ave., New York Qty. 
Francis Daniels Edoerton, M. D., Middletown, Conn. O Jan. 19, 1905. 
Charles G. R. Vinal, Lawyer, Middletown, Conn. Lieut, 24th Conn. V. 
Sec. of State of Conn. 1900. 


Charles O. Brioham, Major 1st Conn. V. Art., Boston, Mass. 

George H. Goodwin, Middletown, Conn. Q April 14, 1864. 

Samuel P. Hatfield, Asst. Eng., U. S. A., 39 Whitehall St., New York 

City. Major 1st Conn. V. Artillery. 
Carl Lattz, Druggist, 300 N. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Disbanded about 1863 



Established in Seftembeb, 1869 

Charter Suspended in 1880 

Suspension Revoked, October 20, 1880, bt Thirty-Fourth Convention, 

New York City 

Date Generally Accepted, September 28, 1869; not Proven. 

Initiation at Thornton Hall 

Shield I 561, X 19 Memorl/O/ History 130 


Proof is lacking; there were fifteen or sixteen Charter Members. 


Frank Taylor Beede, Shoe Mfr., Hudson, Mass. O Nov. 22, 1905. 
Herbert Henderson Browne, Ossioee, N. H. O Feb. 23, 1876. 
Arthur Greene FItz, Qergjonan, North Bridgton, Me. Q March 13, 

Albra Fogg, Teacher, Moultonville, N. H. 
Asa Moulton French, C. E., Corpus Christi, Tex. 

William Edgar Hogan (Aff . from K 73), Lawyer, 52 Front St., Bath. Me. 
Frank Dorr Hutchins, Lawyer and Banker, Lancaster, N. H. Shield 

XXI 522. O March 5, 1905. 
John Nathaniel Jenks, Bamston, P. Q. 
William Henry Leonard, Rancher, Alamogordo, N. M. 
Charles Ransom Miller, Ed. N. Y. Times, Times Bkig., New York City. 

Shield X 24. 
John BaHey Mills, Night Ed. Herald, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Andrew Morse Moulton, Farmer, Hampstead, N. H. 
John Appleton Sanborn, Seattle. Wash. O Jan. 7, 1890. 
Charles Henry Sawyer, C. E.^ 20th St. and 4th Ave., Kearney, Neb. 
James Madison Stephens, Pnnceton, Me. 
Henry Frederick Wales, Clergjrman, Imperial, Cal. 
Arthur Newman Ward, U. S. Customs Service, 36 Packard Ave., Somer- 

ville, Mass. 
Chester Horton Wead, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Q Aug. 3, 1907. 


Joseph Brayton Clarke, Clergyman. Tulare, Cal. 

ifathan Threll Dyer, Qerrpian, Deep River, Conn. 

Stephen Josiah Hastings, Farmer. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Charles Jacob Hatward, Teacher, St. Louis, Mo. O Dec. 18, 1892. 


t^. «^ •-- ' -t ' *--^ — - •- •-* *•■*"• vrr*< 

198 O^ 

George Hazen, Lawyer, Oxford, Me. 

Henby Martin Kellogg, dera^man, Goventrv, Conn. O July, 1911. 

Arthub Henbt Kimball, M. D., Battle Creek, Mich. Shield X 449. 

O Aug. 6, 1894. 
Cabl Ephbaim Knight, Lawyer, Milford, N. H. Q Jan. 21, 1909. 
Otis Humphbey Mabion, M. D., Allston, Mass. Surgeon Gen. of Mass. 

Q Nov. 27, 1906. 
Joseph Sidney Moulton, Cler^moAn, Stow, Mass. 
Charles Frederick Cher, M. D., 296 Hanover St., Manchester, N. H. 


Alexander Russell Archihald^ Real E^ate, 2544 Aldrich Ave., S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Eliel Shumway Ball, Merchant, Waltham, Mass. O Jan. 12, 1892. 

Edward Josiah Brown, M. D., 3027 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Shield VIII 169. 

Samuel J. Bubnham, Durham, N. H. Q March 27, 1872. 

Frederic L. Clark, Groton, Vt. 

William Evebett Petbie, Lawyer, Flatlands, N. Y. Q Dec. 4, 1909. 

Frederick Saifly Piatt, Lawyer, Clerk U. S. D. C., Poultney, Vt. 

Albert Walter Scott Proctor, Lawyer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

James Wallace Putnam, M. D., Lyons, N. Y. Mayor of Lyons. Shield 
XXIV 162. O Feb. 9, 1908. 

Robert Gates Reed, M. D., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Sampson Augustus Reed, Lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. O May 31, 


Walter Holbrook Downs, Lawyer, South Berwick, Me. 

Chables William Fbench, Lawyer, Pittsfield, Mass. N. H. Legis. 

1893. Shield XI 155. Q April 11, 1895. 
Adelbebt Henby Gale, Waterville, P. Q. Shield XVII 194. O March 

18, 1901. 
William Allen Hayes Goodwin, Fanner, South Berwick, Me. 
Robert Joshua Lounsbury, Pontiac, Mich. 
William John Noyes, Teacher, Americus. Ga. 
Jacob Joseph Wertheimer, Pres. Wertneimer, Swarts Shoe Co., 18th 

and Locust Sts., St. Louis, Mo. 


Edward Kellogg Blanchard, C. £., S^mour, Mo. 

Geoige Herbert Bridgman, M. D., Elstabrook & Co., Bankers, 15 State 

St., Boston, Mass. U. S. Minister to Bolivia 1897-06. 
Phineas Chambeblain, Lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. O Sept. 20, 1887. 
Gray Raymond Clark, 237 E. 15th St., Davenport, la. 
Scott E. Dabling, Dallas, Tex. O Nov. 23, 1885. 
JABfES OscAB Emebson, D. D., Germautown, N. Y. 
Frederick William Emstl Teacher, 126 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Francis Gilbert Gale, Mfr., Waterville. P. Q. Mayor of Waterville. 
Arthur Hay, Western Elec. Co., 259 Clinton St., Chicago, 111. 



Peter Trenholm Marshall, Lawyer, HorseheadSi N. Y. Shield XXVI 

301. O May 2, 1910. 
Clarence Spalding Sargent, Clergyman, Wichita, Kan. 
William Seaman Sayres, D. D., 163 Willis Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. A 

founder of St. Johns Coll., Shanghai, China. 
Ellas C. Stone, Homestead, Pa. 
Benjamin Joseph Wertheimer, Lawyer, 134 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 


Charles Darwin Adams, Ph.D., Prof. Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H. 

Shield X 26. 
Alfred Hills Campbell, Ph.D., Prin. Campbell School, Windsor, Conn. 
George Henry Child, Merchant, Harpers Ferry, W. Va. 
John Moore Comstock, Prin. Chelsea Acad., Chelsea, Vt. 
Albert Glenmore Cox, Lawyer, White River Junction, Vt. 
John Merriam, Clergyman, Port Dickinson, N. Y. 
Edward Arthur Murdock, M. D., Spencer, Mass. 

Angus Archibald Robertson, D. D., Fort Smith, Ark. Q May 18, 1907. 
Isaac S. Schultz, San Francisco, Cal. O 1888. 
William Lang Sutherland, D. D., Grinnell, la. 
Albert Wallace, Shoe Mfr., Rochester, N. H. 
Sumner Wallace, Shoe Mfr., Rochester, N. H. 


Arthur Eugene Ewing, M. D., Prof. Washington Univ., 5956 W. Cabaime 
PI., St. Louis, Mo. 

John Howe Fox, Lawy^ East Jaffrey, N. H. O April 11, 1887. 

Frederic Douglas Lane, Teacher Cushing Acad., Ashoumham, Mass. 

John Mark Moses, Farmer, Strafford, N. H. 

Eugene O'Neill, Lawyer, 496 Idaho St., Lewiston, Idaho. 

Ruez Holland Rice, Lyndon, Vt. 

Edward Herrick Rowell, Lawyer, 25 State St., Newburyport, Mass. 

Walter Herbebt Small, Supt. of Schools, Providence, R. I. Shield 
XXY 318. Q Sept. 15, 1909. 

Charles Fremont Templeton, Lawyer, 148 Reeves Ave., Grand Forks, 
N. D. Judge Supreme Court Dakota Terr. Judge of N. D. 

Charles Daniel Tenney, LL.D.. D. D., Lecturer, 86 Buckingham St., 
Cambridge, Mass. Pres. oi Pei Yang Univ., China. Brev. Chinese 
Mandarin, 2nd rank, 1895. Priv. Sec. to Li Hung Chang. Guide of 
allied forces to Pekin in Boxer campaign. Director of Chinese Stu- 
dents in U. S. Shield XVI 303. 

Josiah Alonzo Wood, Real Estate, 160 Rockaway Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


William Henry Cummings, Supt. of Schools, Claremont, N. H. 
Charles Wallace French, Prin. Chicago N. P. S., Chicago, 111. 
Charles Henry Hadley, M. D., Temple, N. H. 
Fbank Leslie Irish, Lawyer, Kansas City, Mo. Q Oct. 5, 1901. 
George Sanders Long, Lawyer, Lincoln Hotel, Columbus, Ohio. Ohio 
Senate 1898-02. 

200 O^ 

Frank A. Newell, Real Estate, 55 Warren Ave., Boston, Mass. 

George Washington Putnam, Adv. Mgr., 22 Osgood St., Lowell, Mass. 

Poet Thirty-sixth Convention 1882. 
Habvie Mabsh Rich, Bank Treas^ MorrisviUe, Vt. Q Oct. 13, 1909. 
William Seward Thompson, M. D.. Standish, Me. M. C. 
Stephen Young, M. D., City Physician, 408 Central Ave., Dover, N. H. 

Chabteb Suspended in 1880 

Suspension Revoked Octobeb 20, 1880, by Thibty-Foubth 

Convention, New Yobk City 


Albebt Abneb Beane, Burt, Ga. 

Elwood Laurence Hallman, Lawyer, Norristown, Pa. 

Samuel Thomas King, M. D., 34 Greeene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Thomas Barton Kyle, Lawyer, Troy, Ohio. M. C. 

Frank Morton, Pnn. H. S., 3377 Washington St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Edwabd Monboe Nesmith (Aff. from A '80), Merrimac, N. H. Shield 

V 225. Q July 16, 1889. 
Jesse Barzillai Twiss, Am. Exp. Co., 5 India St., Boston, Mass. 
Willard Warner, Supt. of Blast Furnace, East Lake, Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Obanoe Henby Adams, M. D., Vineland, N. J. O Aug. 6, 1905. 
Gardner Pickard Balch, Teacher, 16 Montview St., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Charles Burdick Cunningham, M. D., Warrensburg, N. Y. 
Chableb Sumneb Dennett, Biddeford, Me. Q Oct. 28, 1882. 
Clabence Eugene Kimball, M. D., Mt. Vemonj N. Y. O Nov. 29, 1885. 
Ellwood Davis Kimball, Loans and Mtgs., Wichita, Kan. 
Charles Frauds King, Lawyer, 142 Glen St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Francis W. Lane, Eng. Correspondent London Times, 437 W. 67th St., 

Chicago, HI. 
Herbert Bruce Mclhtire. M. D., 4 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass. 
William Smith, Treas. Sav. Bank, Springfield^ Vt. 
Lewis Roger Wentworth, Lawyer, Judge Pohce Court, 81 Monroe St., 

Somerville, Mass. 


William Frye English, Cler»rman, East Windsor, Conn. 

Henby Richabd Fosteb, Clergyman, Winchendon, Mass. Shield IV 

27, V 50. Q Dec. 2, 1887. 
Arthur Vincent Goss, M. D., Supt. Taunton Lisane Hosp., Taunton, Mass. 
Franklin Goodwin Humiston, M. D., East Jaffrey, N. H. 
Moses Lindsley Sanbobn, Lawyer,* Boston, Mass. Q Aug. 16, 1907. 
Seth Peckeb Smith (AfF. from A *82), La^nrer, Boston, Mass. Member 

of Commission that revised Const. Shield X 28, 63; XIX 267. Q 

March 2, 1903. 


Warren Augustus Bennett, 23 Prospect Sq., Gloucester, Mass. 
John Herbert Bixby, Teacher, Granby, Mass. Q Aug. 4, 1901. 
William Rawson Conant, Carriages and Harness, Orford, N. H. 
Frank Eugene Jewett, 220 Palisade St., Jersey City, N. J. 
Herbert 'Diomas Klncaid, Asst. Prin. Steele H. S., Dayton, Ohio. Sec. 

14th G. L. 
Walter Herbert Marble, M. D., Chicago, 111. Shield XV 28. Q Jan. 

13, 1899. 
John Iriuigdon Rand, Lawyer, Baker City, Ore. 
Champion James Waring, Lawyer, 119 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Everett Chickering Willard, Supt. of Schools, Stamford, Conn. 
Charles Frederick Worcester, Lawyer, Ayer, Mass. 

Frederic Edgar Chapin, Teacher, Randolph, Mass. 
William Linwood Femald, Nurseryman, Eliot, Me. 
Thomas Manning Hodgdon, D. D., 8 S. Main St., West Hartford, Conn. 
James Perry Houston, M. D., 3424 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111. Shield 

X 30, 66. 
Ernest Howard, Ed. Spgfld. Republican, 286 Pine St., Springfield, Mass. 
Warner Joseph Hutchinson, Lawyer, 42 W. Eagle St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Fred Leslie Laird, Lawyer, 48 Main St., Montpelier, Vt. 
Augustus Erdman Harden, M. D., Indian Service and Mission, Sacaton, 

William Slade, D. D., Thetford, Vt. 

Charles Orion Thurston, Mfr., Colonial Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Sainuel Francis Tower, Master English H. S., Boston, Mass. 

George Warren Woodward, Teacher Pawcatuck H. S., Stonington, Conn. 

George Masters Woodwell, Clergyman, Princeton, Me. 


Arza Herbert Armes, Clergyman, Middleboro, Mass. 

Clifton William Bates, Instr. Boys^ H. S.. 47 Brevoort PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Daniel Otis Bean, D. D., LL.D., Portland, Ore.* 

Charles Whitmore Floyd, P. O. Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

Herbert Darling Foster, Ph.D., Prof. Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H. 

Shield X 32, 89; XIII 170. 
Jay Munsell Hulbert, D. D., 171 W. Wilson St., Elatavia, 111. 
Elmer Alien Ejmball, Lawyer, Unity Bldg.. Chicago, 111. 
Amob Cogswell Lyford, Pitkin, Col. Shield VIII 261. Q May 3, 1892. 
William Aheam O'Brien, Lawyer, Bellows Falls, Vt. 
William John Charles Wakefield, Lawyer, Peyton Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Arthur Wendell Whitcomb, Pres. Whitcomb & Boyce, 1421 Trumbull 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Fbbdebick Pebkins Batcheldeb, Teacher, South Hadley, Mass. Q 

April 29, 1905. 
Thomas Jefferson Harris, M. D., 117 E. 40th St., New York City. 
Fbbd Matnabd Hatch, East Berkshire, Vt. Q May 27, 1891. 

202 O^ 

William Powers Kelly, Supt. of Schools. Meriden, Conn. 

William Edwin Marden, D. D., Woodside Manse, Troy, N. Y. 

Samuel Rose, Clergyman, Cornwall, Vt. 

Leslie Perkins Snow, Lawyer, Pres. Roch. Nat. Bank, Rochester, N. H. 

N. H. H. R. 1897-98. 
Henry Winfred Tliurston, Probation Officer, Chicago Juvenile Court, 

7233 Harvard Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Frank Tenney Vaughan, Lawyer, 38 Central Sq., Keene, N. H. Coroner 

Sullivan Co. 


Henrt Osgood Aiken, Pottstown, Pa. Shield XIII 170. O June 2, 1897. 

George Preston Bacon, Teacher, Berlin, Germany. 

Edward Abra Burnett, Lawyer, 4 Court St., Plymouth, Mass. 

Carl Heniy Corwin, D. D., 473 Sedgwick St., Chicago, 111. 

Richard Royal Eastman, Somersworth, N. H. Q Jan. 26, 1886. 

Charles Christopher Gardner, Farm Loan Securities, Grim Bldg., Kirks- 

Edward Wallace Knight, Lawyer, Charleston, W. Va. Council 1891-94. 
George Clafun Parker, Lawyer, Worcester, Mass. Q June 13, 1899. 
Winfred Smith Ross, Teacher, Somersworth, N. H. 
James Clifford Simpson, PubMier, 120 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

Shield X 34. 
Frank John Urquhart, Ed. Newark Sunday Call, 342 Clifton Ave., Newark, 



Abraham Lincoln Artz, Boston, Mass. 

Warren Fenno Gregory, Treas. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, Publishers, 

93 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 
Newton Marshall Hall, Clergyman, 19 Eliot St., Springfield, Mass. 
Tames Clarence Hyde, Theatrical Mgr., Lambs Club, New York City. 
Daniel Luther Lawrence, Teacher, Denver, Col. O May 10, 1896. 
Arthur Leslie Livermore, Lawyer, 30 Broad St., New York City. 
Irving S. Meredith, D. D., Lexington, Mass. Shield X 202. Q May 

8 1894. 
Charles Henry Morrill, Prin. State N. S., Randolph Center, Vt. 
Fred Russell Shapleigh, Somersworth, N. H. Shield X 210. Q March 

31, 1894. 


Ralph Sylvester Bartlett, Lawyer, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Archibald Campbell Botd, Prof. Boston Univ. L. S., Boston, Mass. 

Shield XXVI 409. Q Sept. 11, 1910. 
Arthur Chase, Clergjrman, 44 Bank St., Ware, Mass. 
Ozora Steams Davis, Ph.D., D. D., Pres. Chicago Theo. Sem., Chicago, 111. 
Edward Franklin Dillon. Springfield, Vt. Q Feb. 5, 1887. 
Leslie Howard Ingham, Ph.D., Prof. Bidtimore City CoU., Baltimore, Md. 
John Harsha Johnson, Lawyer, Dana, Mass. 
Harold Warren Knight, Lumber, Saltes, W. Va. 
Joseph Henrt Mason, Credit Rep., Marlboro, Mass. Q June 14, 1902. 


Charles Judd Merrill, N. Y. World, New York City Q Sept. 28, 

Willis B. Moore, Teacher, Brooklyn, N. Y. O Jan. 25, 1907. 
John Russell Perkins, Prin. State N. S., 72 Deerhill Ave., Danbury, Conn. 
Walter Seager Sullivan, Mutual Life Ins. Co., 32 Nassau St., New York City. 


William Tabor Abbott, Lawyer, V. P. Central Trust Co., 162 Monroe St., 

Chicago, 111. 
William Augustus Bacon, Clergyman, High St., Littleton, N. H. 
Albert Hugo Baehr, Tailor. Cleveland, Ohio. Q Nov. 7, 1902. 
Jay Bayard Benton, City Ed. Boston Transcript, 328 Washington St., 

Boston, Mass. 
William L. Bunker, Fin. Agt. Haynes & Co., 346 Main St., Springfield, 

George Van Ness Dearborn, M. D., Ph.D., Prof. Tufts Coll. Med. School, 

Boston, Mass. 
James Fitzgerald, Jr., Rockville, Conn. 

George Sherman Mills, Clergyman, 109 School St., Bennington, Vt. 
Richard Dana Upham, Barber Asphalt Pav. Co., 11 Broadway, New York 



James Francis Allison, Supt. of Schools, 40 Maple Ave., Great Barrington, 

Herbert Everett Colby, Lumber, Danville, N. H. 
Herbert Salisbury Hopkins, 1 Lincoln St., Waycrass, Ga. 
Frank Wentworth Plummer, M. D., 334 Pleasant St., Maiden, Mass. 
Fred Elmer Prichard, Ed. Easthampton News, Easthampton, Mass. 
Chafes H. SiUey (AS. with M^ '91). 
John Thomas Sullivan, M. D., Nashua, N. H. 
Edward Wingate Tewksbunr, Merchant, Randolph, Vt. 
George Marshall Watson, M. D., 1037 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 


Harry Carley Allen, Gaysville, Vt. 

Willis Clayton Belknap, Lawyer, Pub. Bellows Falls Times, Bellows Falls, 

Vt. Dep. Coll. Int. Rev. 
Charles A. Clark, Boston, Mass. 
Vernon Augustus Doty, 65 E. State St., Montpelier, Vt. 
Frederic Legro Hayes, M. D., 12 Vemdale St., BrookUne, Mass. 
Frank Webster Lakeman, Teacher Spring St. School, Nashua, N. H. 
Elmer Carlton Potter, Lawyer, State Mutual Bldg., Worcester, Mass. 

Mass. Legis. 1903-07. 
Babbon Shirley, Lawyer, Franklin, N. H. Q July 1, 1906. 
Merrill Shurtleff, Lawyer, Judge Police Coiui;, Lancaster, N. H. 
Walter Stephen Thompson, Lawyer, Equitable Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

City SoUcitor of Everett. 
Frank Irving Weston, Comm. Merchant, Faneuil Hall Market, Boston, 


204 O^ 


Willard Grant Abom, Pres. L. E. Nail & Supply Co., Rockefeller Bldg., 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Emil Arthur Baehr, Real Estate, 8309 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 
LuMous WiLUAM Briqham, St. Albans, Vt. Q March 12, 1891. 
Carl Chittenden Fletdier, Pub. Swanton Courier, Swanton, Vt. 
Samuel Pingree French, Teacher, West Lebanon, N. H. 
William Rice Jarvis, Mgr. Sullivan Mchy. Co., Farmers Bank Bldg., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Frank William Miller, Teacher Steele H. S., Dayton, Ohio. 
Perley Oakland Place, Prof. Sjrracuse Univ., 1204 E. Adams St., Syracuse, 

John Munn Rowell, Prin. Belmont Gr. School, 8 Fairlawn St., Everett, 

George Charles Selden, Ed. Ticker & Investment Digest, 2 Rector St., 

Herbert Tetlow, M. D., 141 W. Broad St., Westerly, R. I. 
Charles Freeman Chadwick Towne, Washington, D. C. O Jan. 15, 


Frederick Carleton Allen, Lawyer, 23 Court St., Boston, Mass. 

John Henry Bartlett, Lawyer, 19 Middle St., Portsmouth, N. H. 

Rolla Willis Bartlett, Lawyer, 35 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 

John Pearl Gifford, M. D., Randolph, Vt. 

Frank Aaron Griffin, Optician, 288 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

Aubrey Clifford Lewis, Draftsman Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

John Harold Morse, Mining, Gold Creek, Nev. 

Frederick Augustus Murphy, Lumber, First St., East Cambridge, Mass. 

Ernest Kilbum Piper, Lawyer, Belmont, N. H. 

Bertrand Adoniram Smalley, Adv. Mgr. Rueter & Co., 165 Terrace St., 

Roxbury, Mass. 
Walter C. Washburn, Ins., Montpelier, Vt. 


Arthur George Bugbee, Supt. Woolen Mill, Conshohocken, Pa. 

Carroll Arthur Davis, U. S. Dep. Coll., Federal Bldg., Newport, Vt. 

Edwin Roscoe Davis, C. E., Marathon, Fla. 

Homer Abial Flint, Ph.D., D. D., 8 Baldwin St., Montpelier, Vt. 

John Edward Rollins Hayes, Lawyer, 60 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Walter Lamson Kelso, M. D., Myrtle St., Hillsborough Bridge, N. H. 

Harry Ward Newell, M. D., 967 Ehn St., Manchester, N. H. 

Norman J. Page, Pnn., Lisbon, N. H. 

John William Hobbs Pollard, M. D., Prof. Washington and Lee Univ., 

Lexington, Va. Shield XIX 352. 
Daniel Ezra Putnam, Clerj^man, Unionville, Conn. Q May 2, 1911. 
Wallace Henry Tarbell, M. D., Hopkinton, N. H. 
Edward Stockman Watson, Supt. of Schools, Newport, Vt. 
Albion Benjamin Wilson, Lawyer, 11 Central Row, Hartford, Conn. 



Josiah Winslow Edgerly, M. D., 418 E. 136th St., New York City. 
R. L. Frost. 

William Leavitt Habris, Lawyer, Nashua, N. H. Q June 4, 1908. 
Raymond Daniel Hazen, Bond Salesman, 56 William St., New York City. 
' Harxy Daniel Lakeman, Garment Buyer, 269 Haverhill St., Lawrence, 

Preston Shirley, Journalist. Boston. Mass. Q Aug. 11, 1905. 
Henry Charles Whitaker (Aff. from K '96), Ed. Am. Stone Trade, 16 

Merchant St., Barre, Vt. 


Richard Mather Boardman, Lawyer, 15 Exchange PL, Jersey City, N. J. 

George Campbell Boyd, Cost Dept. Western Elec. Co., 259 S. Clinton St., 
Chicago. 111. 

John Merrill Boyd, Lawyer, Sec. Boston Univ. L. S., 10 Ashburton PL, 
Boston, Mass. 

William E. Ela, Monuments, Stevens St., Haverhill, Mass. 

George Warren Gilman, Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

William Seymour Hardy, Musician, 32 Berkmans St., Worcester, Mass. 

George Fay Hilton, Lumber. 1724 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Franldin Clinton Johnson, Supt. of Schools, Hillsborough Bridge, N. H. 

Walter Frederic KeUy, M. Dy Purdue Univ. Med School, 5511 E. Wash- 
ington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

William D. McFee, M. D., Mass. Tuberculosis Comm., 103 Merrimack 
St., Haverhill, Mass. 

John William Merrow, Arch., F. F. Proctor, 1193 Broadway, New York 


Loren Augustus Mosher, Western Elec. Co., Chicago, 111. 

John Merrill Poor, Ph.D., Prof. Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H. 
oseph Frands Ryan, N. E. Mgr. D. Appleton & Co., 20 Boylston St., 
Boston, Mass. 
Henry Schwann, Winnetka, 111. 

Jose^ Ormond Simpson, Census Bureau, Washington, D. C. 
George Edward Tent, Cashier N. E. News Co., 93 Arch St., Boston, Mass. 
Maurice Watson, M. D., 1037 Ehn St., Manchester, N. H. 


Herbert Willard Blake, Lawyer, Island Pond, Vt. 

Joseph P. Carney, Lawyer, Gardn^ Mass. 

John Marcus Connelly, Adv.* Mgr., Denver Gas & Elec. Co., Denver, Col. 

Charles LeRoy Day, Ward HiU, Mass. Shield XIII 174. Q April 7, 1897. 

Charles Duncan, M. D., Bacteriologist State Board of Health, 29 Fayette 

St., Concord, N. H. 
Harry LeRoy Ford, Barre, Vt. 

Ernest Eugene French, La^er, West Lebanon, N. H. 
Guy Lewis Gary, Mining, Mokelumne Hill, CaJ. 
Jolm Alfred Gilman, Mgr. Green. Light & Water Co., Greenville, Ky. 
Ernest Morton Gleason, Teacher, Kmgston, Mass. 
David Carr McAndrew, So. Pac. R. R. Co., San Francisco, Cal. 
Everard Walker Snow, Clergyman, Winsted, Conn. 

206 * O^ 


Henry Hale Dearborn, M. D., Main St., Becket, Mass. 
Jesse Judson Dearborn, M. D., 25 Nashua St., Milford, N. H. 
Percy Greenough Drake, M. D., Siu^geon U. S. A., Washington, D. C. 
John McQuesten French, C. E., San fVancisco, Cal. Q Aug. 29, 

Joseph Wilson Hobbs, Prin. H. S., Portsmouth, N. H. 
Arthur Pearl Irving, Fiumiture, 150 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 
Robert Gordon Rowe, Clerk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H. 
Samuel Justin Smith, Asst. Eng. N. P. R. R., Windsor, Vt. 


« ■ 

Nathaniel Haven Barrows, Woolen Mfr., Waterville, Me. 

Charles Thornton Bodge, South Berwick, Me. Q Jan. 10, 1906. 

Edgar Randal Gate, Boilers, Boonton, N. J. 

William Henry Cook, Cashier Prince George Hotel, New York City. 

Harry Bertram Davis, Lawyer, 3 Coiui; St., Plymouth, Mass. 

Hany Stanley Fairfield, Priv. Sec. to Speaker H. R., State House, Boston, 

Jasper Manlius Gibson, Struct. Eng., 44 E. 23rd St., New York City. 
Elias C. Mayer, Lawyer, 81 Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
John Franklin Moody, Teacher Bridgton Ac^., North Bridgton, Me. 
John H. Putnam, Baldwinsville, Mass. 

Arthur Stanley Roberts, Master St. George School, Newport, R. I. 
Charles Warner Rogers, C. E., 101 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 
Leroy Robinson Sawyer, Teacher, Dagupan, Pangasinan Prov., P. I. 
Embert Hiram Sprague, C. E. & M. E., 735 Kansas St., Peoria, 111. 
Sydney Francis Stevens, Lawyer, 19 Main St.^ Somersworth, N. H. 

City Solicitor, N. H. H. R. 1907. 


Frederick David Carpenter, Lancaster, N. H. 

Harland Earle Cate, 101 Lovett St., Beverly, Mass. 

•Frederick Lewis Hill (AS. from H '01), Lawyer, Brockton, Mass. 

Q Oct. 7, 1908. 
Charles Warren Kimball, Jr., Singer Mfg. Co., 149 Broadway, New York 

James Howland Kimball, Lumber, Summer St., Hingham, Mass. 
Thomas Augustus Mason, Teacher Syracuse Univ., 415 University PL, 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Joseph Raphael, M. D., 100 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Arthur Prescott Redman, Lawyer, Mutual Life Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Douglas VanderHoof, M. D., Instr. Medical Coll. of Va., 603 E. Grace 

St., Richmond, Va. 
James H. Wallace, 27 Prichard Ave., Somerville, Mass. 
Charles Whelan, M. D., Central St., Hingham, Mass. 
Rubert Henry Whitcomb, Teacher Houston School, Spokane, Wash. 
John Edward Wilson, 31 Winneway St., Natick, Mass. 



Herbert Wilfred Bric^gs, Bonds, 200 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. 
Ralph Howard Carleton, Ch. Clerk to Gen. Auditor C.» R. I. & P. R. R. 

LaSalle St. Station, Chicago, 111. 
Robert Browning Clark, Supt. Woon. Gas Co., Woonsocket, R. I. 
Willis Parker Craig, M. D., Walpole, N. H. 
Edward Ftands Cregg, Teacher, 193 Bailey St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Percy Orrin Dorr, Bonds, 248 Pearl St., Sprin^eld, Mass. 
James Frank Drake, Phelps Pub. Co., Sprin^ld, Mass. Shield XXIII 

Carl Howard Farley, Advertising, 205 LaSalle St^ Chicago, 111. 
Edward Jordan Fletcher, Bonds, 32 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 
William Hanson Howard, Master Holdemess School, Plymouth, N. H. 
George Willard Newman, 49 Union St., Keene, N. H. 
John Christopher O'Connor, M. D., 1037 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 
Harold Francis Parker, Grocer, 55 Walnut St., Reading, Mass. 
Herbert Gooduig Parker, Instr., 533 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Karl Albrecht Pember, Arch., Woodstock, Vt. 


James Baxter Cresswell, Agt. Anchor Line, St. Paul, Minn. 

Clarence Gray Howes, Bright & Howes, Cleaners & Dyers, 64 Huntington 

Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Philip Nelson Tones, Lawyer. Exchange Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Harold Edwin KeUner, Credit Rep. 224 Market St.. Newark, N. J. 
Leigh Wadsworth Ejmball, Teacher St. Johns School, Manlius, N. Y. 
Ralph Worrick Neal, Teacher, Hamilton, Mass. 
Harold Vaill Palmer, Carter, Rice & Co., Paper, Devonshire St., Boston, 

Hollis Water Stewart, Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Franklin Wesley Wentworth, Mgr. Library Bureau, 509 Market St., 

San Francisco, Cal. 


Edward James Couillard, M. D^ Manchang, Mass. 

Amos Parker Foster, Lawyer, First Nat. Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Frank Samuel Hamblin, Farmer, Bolton, Mass. 

Delbert Linscott Jackson, M. D., 43 County Rd., Chelsea, Mass. 

Charles Irnng Lampee, Salesman Library Bureau, Federal St., Boston, 

James Tyler Maynard, Jr., Ins., 159 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. 
Harry Howard Nichols, New London, N. H. 
Harrison George Roby, C. E., 401 State St., Madison, Wis. 
Dlllwyn Sidney Rollins, Asst. Treas. Dexter Richards & Sons Co., 

Newport, N. H. 
George Levi Scales, Johnstown, Pa. 

Thomas Vincent Uniac, M. D., State Hospital, Tewksbury, Mass. 
Leroy Benjamin Vail, M. D., 941 Simpson St., New York City. 
William Augustus Young, Hardware and Plumbing, Exeter, N. H. 

208 O^ 


James Stuart Alexander, Foreign Adv. Dept. Boston Herald, 171 Tremont 

St., Boston, Mass. 
William Edward Chamberlain, Asst. Supt., 40 Union St., Boston, Mass. 
Edmimd Ezra Day, Ph.D., Instr. Harvard Univ., Dane Hall, Cambridge, 

Louis Clayton Grover, Salesman, North Dana, Mass. Treas. 36th G. L. 
Thomas Odiome Hatch, Testing Dept. N. Y. Edison Co., 117 W. 39th 

St., New York City. 
Owen Augustme McGrath, C. S. P. St. Paul's, 415 W. 59th St., New York 


Ira Aaron Newick, Portsmouth, N. H. 

George Newton Proctor, Broker, 35 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
James Albert Vaughan, Coal, Security Bcmk Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Maynard Vilas, Winslow Bus. Serv. Co., 417 Mesa Ave., El Paso, Tex. 
Harry Lyman Watson, D. M. D., 913 Ehn St., Manchester, N. H. 


Arthur Newell Bumie, Hudson Term. Constr. Co., 50 Church St., New 
York aty. 

George Loff, C. E., U. P. R. R., Omaha, Neb. 

William Phipps McGrail, Salesman Brown, Diurell Co^ Boston, Mass. 

Michael Stephen O'Brien, Lawyer, 273 S. Union St., Lawrence, Mass. 

Nathan Carroll Redlon (Aff. from H '05), Contractor, William St., Port- 
land, Me. 

Robert Blaney Wardwell, Jr., Shipper, Gale Bros., Exeter, N. H. 

Harold Carter Winship, Teacher, Reading, Mass. 


Harry Thomas Haley, Asst. Supt. Davis Mills, Fall River, Mass. 
Charles Henry Hathaway, Adv. Mgr. Good Housekeeping, People's Gas 

Bldg., Cmcago, HI. 
John Harold Jordan, McElwain Shoe Co., Boston, Mass. 
Robert Raymond Lane, Silk Mfr., Westbrook, Me. 
Hany SuUivan McDevitt, Pratt St., Allston, Mass. 
Kirke Lewis Moses, Mgr. Atlas Rubber Co., 751a Boylston St., Boston, 

Harold Louville Niles, Real Estate, 60 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Charles Daniel Ryder, C. E., Supervisor of Bldgs., Story Bldg., Los Angeles, 

Richard Steele Southgate, Advertising, People's Gas Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Leon Alfred Sprague, Salesman, 2400 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 


Erastus Beethoven Badger, 2nd., E. B. Badger & Sons, Coppersmiths, 

63 Pitts St., Boston, Mass. 
Arthur Bradley Barnes, C. E^ 30 Huntington St., Lowell, Mass. 
Gordon Blanchard, 9 Recent Circle, Brookline, Mass. 
Glenn Richard Grant, Piano Salesman, 14 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 
Laurence Wakeman Griswold, Advertising, Bell Tel. Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Morton Hull, Sec. Board of Trade, Holvoke, Mass. 

Harold Winslow Joyce, Fairbanks Scale Co., 32 Pearl St^ Boston, Mass. 

Isaac Beauchamp Locke, Comm. Merchant, Faneuil Hall Market, Boston, 

Florence Joseph McAuliffe, Contractor, 20 Dix St., Worcester, Mass. 
Allan Moore Perkins, Note Broker, 50 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
James Sullivan Proctor, Broker, 35 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
Douglas Donald Ruzton, Twine, Intemat. Harvester Co.. Auburn, N. Y. 
Malcolm Steams, Good Housekeeping, People's Gas Blag.. Chicago, Bl. 
Laurence Metcalf Symmes. Bonds, 115 Broadway, New York City. 
John Morris Tatterson, Swift & Co., Ft. Worth, Tex. 


Harry Eugene Burroughs, Shoe Mfr^ 384 Confloress St., Boston. Mass. 

Leon Baker Farley, Salesman, 805 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Richard Montague Hunt (Aff. with I '00). 

Benjamin Lang, South Lee, N. H. 

Richard Baldwin Locke, Sulpho-Napthol Co., 14 Medford St., Boston, 

Richard Jeremiah Lord, Clerk Municipal Court, Boston, Mass. 
Karl Roland Maerker, 504 Washington St., Napoleon, Ohio. 
Seymour Putnam Steams, Elec. Signs, 1250 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 


Leslie Clarke Barttett Alfalfa Ranch, Corvallis, Ore. 

John Wesley Bates, State Oil Co^McEittrick, Cal. 

Fletcher Payne Burton, CoaJ, 31 Weybosset St., Providence, R. I. Treas. 

43rd G. L. Shield XXVI 116. 
Hiram Norton Cushman, Phelps Pub. Co., Springfield, Mass. 
John Thurston Farwell, Berlin, N. H. 
John Alva Ferguson, J. G. & B. S. Ferguson, Bakers, 853 Albany St., 

Roxburv A^ass 
PhiUp Merrill Forristall, Nat. India Rubber Co., Essex St., Boston, 

Martin Edward Hannon, Salesman, 604 W. 162nd St., New York Qty. 
Irving Frederick Jewett, Ins., 30 lulby St., Boston, Mass. 
Hazen Worcester Jones, Grant Nail and Supply Co., 47 High St., Boston, 

Walter Heselton Norton, 101 Summit Ave., Winthrop, Mass. 
Robert Emerson Parker, C. E., Reading, Mass. 
Earle Howard Pierce, C. E., 575 Watertown St., Newtonville, Mass. 
Sturgis Pishon, 248 Summer St., Boston. Mass. 
James Marsh Porter, C. E., Montana Club. Helena, Mont. 
Russell Tillinghast Williams, Ins., Farmers^ Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


George Herbert Adams, Jr., Plymouth, N. H. 
Burton Keith Burbeck, 208 North Ave., North Abington, Mass. 
Leo Ftands Caproni, U. S. Column Co., Erie & Albany Sts., Cambridge, 

210 OA 

Co., AbiDgton, Mass, 
ubumdale, Mass. 

Frederick Weller Lone, Linooln Hotel, Columbus, Ohio. 
G«7 Oliver Patnaiii, 11 Thetford Ave., Dorchester, Mass. 
Meloolm Gale RoUiiis, 270 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 
Oiqr CarleUm SteeTes, 330 W. 89th St., New York Qty. 
John Franeii StoaMi, Vr. (A£f. with P^ '11). 
Artimr Genld Wlaahip, Reading, Mass. 


Stuart Oakes BIythe (Aff. from 2^ '12), The Burlington, Washington, D. C. 

Sunes Thomas CottrelL Tiverton, R. I. 
ana Weeman JoneSi 88 Summer St., Maiden, Mass. 
Walter Thomas Kyle. Troy, Ohio. 
Ouy Charles Lewis, Lebanon, N. H. 
Roy Everett Lewis, Lebanon. N. H. 
WOliam Henry Locke, 561 Pleasant St., Belmont, Mass. 
John Wallace Mahlstedt, Ins.. 34 Pine St., New York City. 
William Whipple Poole, Westbrook, Me. 
Irving Hoban Putnam, 11 Thetford Ave., Dorchester, Mass. 
Walter Frederic Thomas, 63 Bellevue Ave., Mehose, Mass. 
Comwd Edwin Snow, Rochester, N. H. 
Leslie Whitmore Snow, Rochester, N. H. 
Ftands Parkinson Walsh, 419 Andover St., Lowell, Mass. 


David Ernest Adams, 1 Park St., Hanovor, N. H. 

MidUid Henry Bayie (A£F. with P"^ '14). 

Esmond Richardson Crowley, 1047 florenoe Ave., Butte, Mont. 

Joseph Paul Donahue, 157 Fairmount St., Lowell, Mass. 

waiter Thomas Fitzpatrick, 32 Sigoumey St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Walter John Haley, 95 Brown Ave., Roslindale, Mass. 

George Ansel Hayes, 72 Newludl St., Lynn, Mass. 

William Heniy Mason, Copley Sq. Hotel, Boston, Mass. 

David Beale Morey, 34 HiOside Ave., Maiden, Mass. 

Steidien Carroll INnnr, Jr. (Aff. from H '12), 19 Avon St., Portland, Me. 

Emmett Pishon, 42 Fairmount Ave., Newton, Mass. 

Marcus Melville Whitney, Winchendon, Mass. 

Kendall Whiship, 65 Laurel St., Melrose, Mass. 


Hammond Barnes, Lowell, Mass. 
Charles Shaw Batchelder, Dorchester, Mass. 
Robert Valentine Bean, Boston, Mass. 
Edmund William Bowler, Hanover, N. H. 
Clyfton Chandler, Plymouth, Mass. 
Hadley Henry Cole, Plsrmouth, Mass. 


Mozris O. Hastings (Aff. from T"^ '14). 
John Kerr Knoop, Troy, Ohio. 
Percy John Lewis, Lebanon, N. H. 
John Tufts Peppard, Plymouth, N. H. 
Bertrand Ropes Synionds, Salem, Mass. 
Carleton Scott Wicker, Erie, Pa. 



Chabtbred July 24, 1858 
Memobial Histobt 33 

Proof Lacking 


Thomas B. Cline Alvabo.F. Gibbenb 

Waltbb Scott McCune Lutheb Halset Williams 

David Boal Wilson James Wallace Wightman 


Bbuce Benton Blaib, Clergyman, Shippensburg, Pa. Chaplain C. S. A. 

Q June 19, 1871. 
Henxy Christoidlier McCook. Clergyman, 3700 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 

Pa., Chaplidn 4l8t lU. U. S. V. Shield XXVII 206. 
Joseph Tobbence Poweb, Lawyer, Washington, D. C. Capt. and 

A. Q. M., U. S. V. Q Nov. 4, 1886. 
Ctbus Townsend, Leavenworth, Kan. 1st Lieut. 211th Pa. V. Shield 

XV 26. Q Aug. 4, 1898. 

WOliam Brown, Greensburg, Pa. 
Thomas B. Cune, Pt. Pleasant, Va. 
Alvabo F. Gibbens, Washington, D. C. Shield II 129, XXII 150. Q 

March 4, 1906. 
John D. Jewell, Lawyer, E^ Point, Miss. Capt. U. S. V. 
Wai/ebb Scott McCune, Lawyer, Ironton, Ohio. O Aug., 1887. 
Benjamin J. Redmond, Pt. Pleasant, Va. 
James Wa&ace Wightman, 1726 WUlard St., Washington, D. C. Pies. 

Ogden Con., Ky., 1877-'83. 
David Boal Wilson, Major U. S. A., Fort Missoula, Mont. 131st Pa. V. 


Nathaniel E. Dickev, Lebanon, Pa. Co. D 10th Pa. V. 

Herman Husband Fairall, Clergyman, Iowa City, la. 

William J. Gibson, Jr., Lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. O May 14, 1888. 

William McJxtnkin, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

John Watson McTKHlliams, Lawyer, Cottonwood Falls, Kan. 

John Montdsth Milleb, Hickory, Pa. O May 14, 1888. 

"^I^lliam Owens, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


214 n 


John James McCook» Prof. Trinity Coll., Hartford. Conn. 
William M. Robertson, Steubenville. Ohio. O Feb. 21, 1865. 
Frank W. Smith^Lawyer, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
LiTTHEB Halbbt WILLIAMS, Pittsbtfs^, Pa. O May 26, 1891. 


Robert Gordon, Hecla, Pa. 

James T. P. Houston, Christiana, Pa. 

E. D. McCltmonds. New Lisbon, Ohio. 

John R. Miller, Carlisle, Pa. 

William Brown Noble, Clergyman, Synodical Supt. Home Missions, 

1323 Linwood Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
William J. Snodgrass, Camden. Pa. 
John H. Weiss, Lawyer, Harrisbmg, Pa. Co. Judge. Q 1905. 


J. S. Cooper, M. D., 3701 Hamilton St., Tacony, Pa. 

Albert S. Furst, Lawyer, Cedar Springs, Pa. 

Luther C. Furst, Lawyer, Cedar Spnngs, Fa. 

Frank K. Smith, Greensburg, Pa. 

Jackson B. Tompkins, Capt. C. S. A., Lake Providence, La. Killed in 

William A. Whitb, Lawyer, Lock Haven, Pa. 

Washington College and Jefferson College were united March 4th, 
1865, by Act of the L^islature. The CoUeee was located at Washington, 
Pa., by Act of February 26th, 1869, and the final vote of the Boara of 
Trustees April 20th, 1869. 


David Gregg, Clergyman, Allegheny Qiv, Pa. 

Alexander Peebles Kelso, Clergyman, Presb. For. Missionary to India, 

Saharanpur, Lidia. 
George M. McFarland, Cross Creek, Pa. 
James R. Mellon, Banker, Pres. Ligonier V. R. R., 400 N. Negley Ave., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. Shield XII 117. 
Xenonhon Christmas Scott, M. D., 457 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Military Surgeon in Franco-Prussian War. 

James Harbison Seyler, M. D., Preemption, 111. 
ohn S. Wilson, Murdocksville, Pa. 


William P. Adams, Birmingham, Pa. 

T. Jefferson Blair, Shippensburg, Pa. 

Cadwalader Evans, M. D., S. Ne^ey Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Searight Hatfield, Uniontown, Pa. 


William A. Jewell, Egg Point, Miss. 

Fulton Phillipe, Pittsburg, Pa. 

C. D. RicheV, SunviUe, Pa. 

James Ward Scott, Jr., M. D., Bel Air, Md. 


R. D. Bbattt, East Libertv, Pa. 

Robert A. Kebb, M. D^Youngstown, Ohio. O 1908. 

Jesse Bbown Wilson, Clergjrman, Zelinople, Pa. O June 2, 1873. 

Frank J. Kline, 803 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Shield VI 186, 


William McFarland, Clergyman, Lisbon Centre, N. Y. 

John E. MgEalup, Clergyman, Beaver, Pa. Shield XIX 316. Q July 

18, 1903. 
Edward £• Montooth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Samuel A. Wise, Lawyer, Vinoennes, Ind. O Oct. 3, 1874. 




L. C. Bttshfield, Middletown, Pa. 
Samuel Elliott Camthers, McEeesport, Pa. 
Robert T. Galloway, Connellsville, Pa. 
Fraok Huston, Uniontown, Pa. 
Eari W. Oglebay, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Christian Fox Overholt, Oak Dale, Cal. 
Fenton Charles Overholt, Sanger, Cal. 
William J. Rush, Lawyer, Uniontown, Pa. 
Charles Edward ^iriver, C. E., Aspen, Col. 


Lewis L. Deleplain, Oshawa, Ont. 

Chables B. McConnell, Treas. Presb. Banner Pub. Co., 543 Wood St., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ftank G. Paulson. Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
J. L. Reed, West Finley, Pa. 

F. W. Schoonmaker, Pharmacist, 40 E. 42nd St., New York City. 

G. B. Schoonmaker, Pharmacist, 40 E. 42nd St., New York City. 
J. M. Watson, Lawyer^New York City. 

John R. Weaveb, M. D., Canonsburg, Pa. 

216 n 


Daniel W. Clendenan, Oshawa, Ont. 

Chablbb B. Dott, Steubenville, Ohio. 

W. £. Hallock, M. D., 5th and Aiken Aves., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thomas £. Lamping, M. D., Owensboro, Ky. 

Tames Kirkbride Mitchell, Banker, Galesburg, lU. 

J. BxTBNB Reed, West Finley, Pa. 

Cassius Clav Roberts, 1062 Millard Ave., Chicago, 111. Capt. U. 8. V. 

Shield XI 316. 
Clarence Brook Turner, Wellsburg, W. Va. O 1802. 


W. C. Daniels, Haipers Ferry, W. Va. Lieut. C. S. V. 

Widdoff Campbell Gaus, Youn^town, Ohio. Lieut. C. S. V. 

Isaac A. Harvey, Lawyer, Lock tiaven. Pa. 

Frederick I. Norton, Ashland, Ky. 

Frank M. Oglebay, 1030 Central St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Benjamin Walker Peterson, Wheeling, W. Va. 

Note. It is not to be assumed that men were initiated at Washing- 
ton, Pa. The last four classes ('69-72) probably were not and we know 
that fifteen of the thirty-one were not. The deduction is that Canons- 
burg was the only place of initiation. The date of expiration is unknown. 




Initiation at the Stubtevant House 
Shield VII 390 Mbmobial Histoby 250 

y charter members 

Joseph B. Gill Frederic Van Bibber Goodwin 

William Arthur Henna George H. Robinson 

Felidano I. Valdes, Jr. 


Daniel Samuel Dougherty, M. D., 73 W. 49th St., New York City. 
Frederic Van Bibber Goodwin, 988 Ogden Ave., New York City. Ed. 
Shield IV. 


Walter Nicholas Paine Darrow, St. Augustine, Fla. Shield XIV 338, 

XVI 134. 
WiUiam Arthur Henna (Aff. with P^ '85). 


Juan Francisco Echeoerria (Initiated for A '85). 
Joseidi B. Gill, 935 E. 168th St., New York City. 


George N. Grass, Pianos, New York City. O Dec. 15, 1906. 
George H. Robinson, New York City. 


Ambrose de Cardenas, Santa Clara, Cuba. 

Feliciano I. Valdes, Jr., Calle '^Y** No. 15, Vedado, Havana, Cuba. 

^ 1887 

Joaa Francisco BeUimi (Aff. with P^ '87). 

David B. R. Chapman, Salesman Bums Coal Co., Greenwich, Conn. 
George King Cummings, New York City. 
Russell Raymond Dana, 165 Elmdorf St., Kingston, N. Y. 
Daniel de Cardenas, Robert Keasbey Co., 100 N. Moore St., New York 


Miguel de Cardenas, New York City. 


218 n^ 

A. E, Maieo Fejardo (Aff. with P^ '87). 

Fdix Sania Anna Oavin (Aff. with P^ '87). 

Henry H. Jackson, Real Estate, 63 E. 92nd St., New York City. 

Manud M, Lmibnd (Aff. with P^ '87). 

Frederick Ludhw Luqlueer (Aff. with P^ '89). 

Chables Patne Seass, Artist, Atlantic Highlands, N. J. Shield XXIV 

251. Q June 23, 1908. 
WiUiam LeeU Stone, Jr. (Aff. with P^ '87). 


Gonzalo de Quesada, Cuban Minister to Germany, Cuban Ligation, 
Berlin, Germany. Cuban Minister to U. S. Shield XIV 307, X VII 394. 

Thomas LeClaire Jaques, Printer Pelham, N. Y. 

Frank Lawrence Jones, Ed. N. Y. Herald, Herald Bldg., New York City. 
Ed. Shield IV and V. 

GueiaiBe BMtacher Tuaka (Aff. with P^ '91). 

Louis Wettlaufer, 917 West End Ave., New York City. 


Edward G. Alsdorf, Lawyer, 60 W. 13l8t St., New York City. 

Harry Db H. Cameron, M. D., Denver. Col. 

Ventura Puentes, M. D., Prof. C. C. N. Y., 630 W. 138th St., New York 


Louis A. Grass, Jr., New York City. 

Clarence LeClaur Howe, Real Estate Dept., N. Y. Life Ins. Co., 44 

Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Carlton B. Little, New York City. 

William Henry Mclntyre, M. D., 259 W. 11th St., New York Qty. 
Ezra K. Waterbury, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Archibald Anthon, E. E., 93 Federal St^ Boston, Mass. 

George T. Dutcher, M. D., Pasenia, Cal. O June, 1900. 

Edtoard CargiU Ehlers (Aff. with P^ '91). 

John T. Little, Jr., New York City. 

Dean Nelson, 420 Lenox Ave., New York City. 

Frederick H. PaUerson (Aff. with P^ *90). 

Charles Albert Wenzel, N. Y. Edison Co., Duane St., New York City. 

William Henry Wettlaufer, Ribbon Mfr., 317 W. 83rd St., New York City. 


William H. Bogbrt, C. E., New York Qty. Q 1902. 

WiUiam J. Collins, New York City. 

George Conrad Goebel, Lawyerjl04 W. 84th St., New York City. 

Henry CUy Nelson, E. E., 500 W. 143rd St., New York aty. 

Forest Rose Trafford, Home life Pub. Co., 258 Fourth Ave., New York 

A. Edward Wuppennan, Cortina Acad, of Language, 620 W. 116th St., 

New York City. 


Anson Burlingame Cole, Lawyer, 246 Madison St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Samuel Carleton Haight (Aff. with and from A '92), Tutor C. C. N. Y., 

643 E., 179th St., New York City. 
Charles Hibson, Real Estate, 136 E. 34th St., New York Qty. 
Marco Sidney Parker, Printer, ISlst St. and Ft. Wash. Ave., New York 

Geofge M. S. Schulz, Lawyer, 5 Crotona' Park East, New York City. 

N. Y. Assembly 1907-08. N. Y. Senate 1909-10. 
William Marshall Seufert, Judge, Englewood, N. J. 
Frederick Newton Whitehome, M. D., 22 W. 123rd St., New York City. 

CHABiiES Walter Bogbrt, C. E., New York City. Shield XIV 72. Q 

Dec. 4, 1896. 
Willis H. Butler, Clergjrman, Northampton, Mass. 
WiUiam Henry Corhett (Aff. with E^ '95). 
Henxy Edward Crampton, Prof. Columbia Univ., New York City. Shield 

XVII 342. 
Washington Lee Jaques, Jn, Printer, Hotel Collingwood, New York City. 
George WiUiam Koimak (Aff. with P"^ '94). 
William T. Lawson, 613 E. 14th St., Brookl^m, N. Y. 
Wai/ebb Wbight Leb, Broker, New York Qty. Q July 3, 1911. 
George Burr Richardson, New York City. 
Mortimer A. Smith, 97 Vista PL, Motmt Vernon. N. Y. 
Heniy Spofford, 952 Delaware Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 
Clifford Wihniirt, Astor Trust Co., New York City. 

Charles S. C. Collins, New York City. 
Henry King Cummings, New York C^ty. 
Albert 7. Pierey (Aff. with P^ *94). 

John W. Remer, Lawyer, 611 W. 136th St., New York City. 
femest A« Rundlett^ New York City. 
Ouy H, Turrdl (Aff. with P"^ '94). 
Henry Ayree Uterhart (Aff. with P^ '94). 

Weniworth L. Harrington (Aff. with I '98). 
George W, Hunter, Jr. (Aff. with I^ '95). 
AmW Tombo, Jr. (Aff. with P^ '99). 
Charles Frederick Wilken, 591 Broadway, New York City. 


Stephen Philbhi Anderton, Lawyer, 519 W. 124th St., New York City. 

Joseph A. Dwyer, C. E., 430 W. 147th St^ New York City. 

Joseph G. Geoghegan, Iron Works,. 537 W. Broadway, New York City. 

IX)NALD G. Mabre^er, New York City. O Dec. 25, 1895. 

Clare Nelson, Swartwout & Appenzeller, 420 Lenox Ave., New York City. 

220 n^ 

Walter Emil Strobel, Strobel & Wilken, 591 Broadway, New York City. 

Reeve Turner, M. D., 208 E. 72nd St., New York Qty. 

Oscar Wagner, Lawyer, ISlst St. amd St. Nicholas Ave., New York City. 

Ernest E, Wheder (Aff. with I '00). 

Alfred Amturose Wright, 174 Archer Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y." 


Francis Alexander Adams, Journalist, 511 W. 138th St., New York City. 

Edward P. Davis, Palisade Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Leonard Liddle Griffiths, M. E., Tex. Port. Cement Co., Dallas, Tex. 

James Hamill, Jr., Lawyer, 1027 E. 167th St., New York Qty. 

Chades Edward Morrison (Aff. with P"^ '01). 

Isaac Nelson, Lawyer, 420 Lenox Ave., New York City. 

Charles Philip Sdunid, Jr., Mgr. Trautman, Bail^ & Blampey, 557 W. 

124th St., New York City. Ed. Shield XVIII and XIX. Shield 

XX 82. 
CaH Tombo "(Aff. with P^ '02). 
William Bartow Wright, Lawyer, 174 Archer Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 


WiUiam H. Bamhurst, Beth. Steel Co., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Carleton £. Bryant, 544 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

Mortimer Bristol Foster, Pres. Shield Elec. Co., Sound Beach, Conn. 

Lewis S. Goebel, Lawyer, 338 W. 87th St^^ New York Qty. 

William Edgar Moran, Axch., York and Sawyer Sts., Glenridge, N. J. 

Frederick A. Onderdonk, Dickson & Eddy Coal Co., 108 W. 95th St., 

New York City. 
Wmam Sebser OUman (Aff. with P^ '98). 
Allan Scott, Lawyer, 55 Liberty St., New York CJity. 
Leslie Calhoun ^hattuck, Teacher P. S. No. 19, 303 W. 22nd St., New 

York aty. 


William H. Brouwer, Am. Consulate, Buenos Asrres, Argentine. 
Thomas Henry Calhoun, Lawyer, 713 St. Nicholas Ave., New York City. 
George Purdy Ferguson, Lawyer, Cranford, N. J. 
Herbert Miles Holton, Instr. C. C. N. Y., Boston Rd., Eastchester, N. Y. 
Nelson Prentiss Mead, Prof. C. C. N. Y., 1601 Jerome Ave., New York 


Charles Robert Neidlinger, Ins., Alpine, N. J. 
Samuel Carter Neidlinger, Ins.^ 45 S. Willow St.. Montclair, N. J. 
Ernest Emmel Schmid, Mgr. Shield Elec. Co., St. Albans PL, Jamaica, N. Y. 
Dbanb Stratton, New York aty. Shield XXIV 159. Q Feb. 17, 1908. 
Waldemar Frederick Timme, Lawyer, 607 W. 136th St., New York aty. 
Wilson Guyon Wood, M. D., 48 W. 51st St., New York aty. 


Frederick Schilling Fisher, Lawyer, 2424 7th Ave^ New York aty. 
Otto Joseph Antonio Grassi, Mat. L. Gandolfi & Co., Importers, 45 St. 
Nicholas Terr., New York City. 


Arthur Lenox Howe, Lawyer, 507 £. Tremont Ave., New York City. 
Edwabd Fbankltn Schaefeb, New York City. Shield XXIV 326. 

Q May 27, 1908. 
George William Steele, Lawyer, 103 Park Ave., New York City. 
Frederick Manley Steeves, Church E. Gates k Co., 330 W. 89th St., 

New York (Sty. 


Heathe Gregory, Concert Basso, Franklin, Pa. 

Harold Powell Moran, Eng., 951 Prospect PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Francis William Poyntz, rameris Madrid 11, Mexico City, Mex. 


Harry A. Fisher, Real Estate, 258 W. 13l8t. St., New York City. 

Robert Major Sehmid {AS. with B '07). 

Carl Schur, Jr., 4 Hamilton Terr., New York City. 

Conrad Louis Trubenbach (AS. with P^ '05). 

Charles Francis Tucker, Bedell Co., 61 Pierpont St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Austin Gilbert Clark, Teacher, 110 E. 71st St., New York City. 
Rui>OLF RiCHABD I>ULON, Artist, Ncw York City. Shield XXIII 58. 

Q March 14, 1907. 
Robert Walter Maloney, Lawyer, 309 Broadway, New York City. 
Arthur George Murphy, Real Estate, 340 Madison Ave., New York City. 
Paul Wunderlich, Julian SchoU Co., Kingston, N. Y. 


William Haven Irvine, Broker, 317 W. 121st St., New York City. 
Harold Edmund Nagle, Lawyer, 3 E. 129th St., New York Qty. 
Louis Ferdinand Schultze, 543 E. 147th St., New York Qty. 


Rddph AUiion Adams {AS. with P^ '06 and P^ '06). 
Edmund Burke Victor Sigerson (Aff. with V^ '07 and P^ '07). 
Lloyd Livingston Tompldns, 265 W. 122nd St., New York Oty. 


Frank J. Coleman, Jr., Lawyer, 850 Lexington Ave., New York City. 
Herbert Mead Wallace, Lawyer, 32 Broadway, New York City. 


George Gale Dixon, 123 E. 74th St., New York aty. 
Gustave Phillip Engel, Hotel Lucerne, New York City. 

Dillon Ferdinand Clements, 1 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

222 n^ 

Jeremiah Allen Starr, U. S. 8. Bear, 706 £. ITOth St., New York City. 


Warner W. Clements, 1 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Albert Carl Kaestner (AS. with P^ '10). 

Frank Edward MuUen, 324 W. 145th St., New York Qty. 


Harry George Belmont, 1438 Sand St., Unionport, New York City. 
Harvey Brover Bogart, New York City. 
James Blanchard Crawford, 55 W. 131st St., New York City. 
James Hugh Knox, New York City. 


Stuart John Eynon (AS. with O^ '12). 

George W, Fischer, 755 Home St., New York City. 

Herman Weiss Johnston, Boston Rd., Eastchester, New York City. 

William Herbert Lange, 2528 Grand Ave., New York City. 

Cornelius Bumham Savage, 16 Laight St., New York City. 

Hany Carl Wilhelm Johan Schultz-de Brun, 1 £. 101st St., New York 


Karl Bungerz, 153rd St. and Bergen Ave., New York City. 
William Hammond Dickie, 132 Hooper St., Brooklyn, N. Y . 
George Joseph Mullen, 324 W. 145th St., New York City. 
Whitson C. Ridgway, 1129 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Enos Waters, Enos, 111. 


Isaac A. Chapman, 173 W. 83rd St., New York City. 
Clarence George Feltner, 1423 Franklin Ave., New York City. 
Ralph Archer Hookey, 42 W. 120th St.. New York Qty. 
Norman Richard Johnson, 3610 Broaaway, New York City. 
Walter A. Schmid, 23 Beekman PL, New York City. 



Chabtebed Afi a B 

Established Decembeb 29, 1869 

Initiation by A at the Astob House, New Yobk City 

Discontinxted about 1872 
Memobial Histoby 136 

The initiates were guests of Charles A. Stetson, A '58, who fitted up 
a lodge room in correct form. The twentynsdxth Convention changed the 
name to P on February 20, 1873, at the same time changing P at the 
University of South Carolina to P Proteron, and A A at Cornell Uni- 
versity to B. This is the only record indicating that there might have 
been a Charge at the University of South Carolina. 


James Goodin Babb Alston Boyd 

Francis H. Brockenbroogh John Jordan Carter 

William WInboume Gray Thomas Moore Jackson 

John Stacker Lewis Alfred W. Marshall 

Wihner Henry Shields Wai/tbb Dabence Stephenson 

Jambs B. Wallbb Daniel Love Wilson 


Alston Bovd, Pres. Arlington Ins. Co., 359 Jefferson St., Memphis, Tenn. 
John Jordan Carter, NadiviUe, Tenn. 


James Goodin Babb, Gallatin, Tenn. O 1872. 

Rrands H. Brockenturough, Hotel Proprietor, Lexington, Va. 

Walter Temple Chandler, Franklm McVeagh & Co., 29 Wabash Ave. 

Qiicago, 111. 
William winboume Gray, Surgeon U. S. A., Atlanta, Ga. 
Alfred W. Marshall, Lawyer, Lexington^ Ky. 
Daniel Love Wilson, Clergyman, Bristol, Tenn. Q Aug. 1902. 


John Stacker Lewis, Treas. Nashville American^ Nashville, Tenn. 
Wilmer Henry Shields, Real Estate, Natchez, Miss. Sec. 5th G. L. 
Wautbb Dabence Stephenson, I^awyer, Los Angeles, Cal. 




De Lact Mobgan Chandleb, Sec. Miss. Valley Trust Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Q May 19, 1904. 
Thomas Moore Jackson^ Prof. Univ. of West Va., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Frederick William Kirchoff, Collector^ 2022 Peters Ave., New Orleans, La. 
James C. Lillet, C. E^ Staunton, Va. 
Howard Martin, New York City. 
James B. Walleb, Teller Merchants Nat. Bank, Chicago, 111. 


Edmxtnd Coopeb Eastland Chbistian, So. Express Co., Chattanooga, 
Tenn. Q July 16, 1901. 

John Avebt Haldeman, Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky. O 1899. 

Disbanded about 1872 



EsTABUBHED Januabt 2, 1883 
Shibld XX 329 Memorial Histobt 251 


JoAS Francisco Belueni, II^ '87 A. E. Mateo Fejardo 11^ '87 
Felix Santa Anna Govin, 11^ '87 Whjjam Arthur Henna, II^ '83 
Manuel M. Loubriel, 11^ '87 William Leete Stone, Jr., 11^ '87 


John R. Conway, Jr., M. D., New York City. Q*1899. 
Robert J. Mahon, Lawyer, 154 Nassau St., New York City. 
Alberto Vergueiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 


Jose B. L. Penteado, Rio Janeiro, Brazil. 

Charles Frederick Stokes, M. D., Surgeon-Gen. U. S. N., Washington, 
D. C. Shield XXVI 181. 


Carl R. Krause, M. D., 132 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


WiUiam Chauncey HawUy (Initiated for A '86). 

William Arthur Henna (Aff. from n^ '83), M. D., Ponce, Porto Rioo. 

Q Nov. 27, 1886. 
Vincent Maria julbe, Jr., Ins., 100 Aquaiar St., Havana, Cuba. 


Manuel Francuco Aguayo (Initiated for A '84). 

JoAS Francisco Belldbni (Aff. from n^ '87), Rio Janeiro, Brazil. 

Edward S. Conway, Pharmacist, 97 Lexington Ave., New York Qty. 

Gerardo y AguUar Echeverria, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

A. E. Mateo Fejardo (Aff. from EL^ '87), Planter, Mayaguez. Costa Rica. 

Felix Santa Anna Govin (Aff. from 11^ '87), Broadway and 69th St., New 

York aty. 
Manuel M. Loubriel (Aff. from 11^ '87), Pharmacist, 96 Lexington Ave., 

New York aty. 
William G. Mangold, M. D., Pharmacist, 354 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn, 

WiUiam Leete Stone, Jr. (Aff. from 11^ '87), Lawyer, 99 Nassau St., 
New York Qty. 


226 . PA 

Frank S. Babton, M. D., Clvde, N. Y. 

Cluttlet Moore Burrows. M. D., 126 Main St., Albion, N. Y. 

Emilio EchereniA, M. D., San Joee, Costa Rica. 

George H. Undenmejr, M. D., 306 W. 139th St., New York aty. 

William P. Neele, Geneva, N. Y. Q Aug. 10, 1888. 

Vnak Hemy Zitr, M. D., Dniggist, 1087 Lexington Ave., New York City. 


Lorenzo Burrows, Jr.. M. D.. 482 Franklin Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Luzerne Coirffle (Aff. from B ^86), M. D., 514 E. Buffalo St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Sec. 21st G. L. 
L. Leo Landes, Lawyer, 42 W. 119th St., New York City. 
St^en Wood Liniiigton, Lawyer, 41 Park Row, New York Oty. 
Frederick Ludlow Luqueer (Aff. from 11^ '87), Prin., 86 Marlborough 

Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Edward John McCrossin, Lawyer, 135 Broadw^, New York City. 
Frederick B. Sondem, M. D., 200 W. 56th St., New York Qty. 
John BerbeH Winam (Aff. with F^ '92). 


Walcott C. Foster, C. E., Lawyer, 91 Wall St., New York Qty. 

Thomas John Jones, £2ng., Iron Mountain, Keswick, Cal. 

Frederick H. Patterson (Aff. from n^ '90), Lawyer, 10 Wall St., New 

York aty. 
John Remer, M. D., 611 W. 136th St., New York Qty. 
Thomas MatUiew St John, Eng., 848 Nmth Ave., New York City. 


Read Gordon Dilworth, Lawyer, 140 Church St., New York City. 
Frank NeUton Dodd, C. P. A., 150 W. 40th St., New York City. Grad. 

Treas. 43rd G. L., 1911. Shield XXVII 139. 
Mariano Luis Mora, 44 Broad St., New York City. 
Samubl Dbcatub Mobbis, JB.,Brookl3m, N. Y. 
James Alfred Murtha, Jr., 186 Kumson St., Brookhm, N. Y. 
Oustave Rohitscher Tuska (Aff. from 11^ '88), 62 Williams St., New York 



Horatio Dedendofff Averill, Averill Park, N. Y. 

Frederick Weller De Gray, Mansion House, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles A. Donahue, New York aty. 

GBOBqB Lathrop Douglas, New York aty. Q 1897. 

Edward Cargill Ehlers (Aff. from n^ '90), M. D., 23 W. 94th St^ New 

York aty. Treas. 23rd G. L.. Sec. 24th G. L. Comm. 3rd Cat. 
Clarence Norman Fenner, Eng., Albion PL, Paterson, N. J. 
Halbert Powers Gillette, Eng., Chicago, 111. 
Arthur Hay, Eng., 821 S. Second St., Springfield, HI. 
James Hbpbubn Pollock, Brooklyn^ N. Y. Q Shield VII 84. 
Richard D. Pope, aergyman. Tivoh, N. Y. 
Charles Frederick Walker, Clergyman, Sandusky, Ohio. 



Ignacio Ernesto Agramonte, Eng., Havana, Cuba. 

RoBEBT Geobge Dillenback, New York City. Shield X 405. Q Oct. 

5, 1894. 
Edwin Francis Hicks, £ng., 4837 Fairmont Ave^ Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edmnnd H. Jewett, Woman's Home Companion, Chicago, III. 
George Arthur Scofield, Pease Piano Co., 128 W. 42nd St., New York Qty. 
Charles R. Smith, 493 Lexington Ave., New York City. 
Jefferson Brockner Van Tine, 127 W. 11th St., New York City. 


George William Kosmak (A£F. from 11^ '93), M. D., 23 E. 93rd St., New 

York Qty. Treas. 27th G. L. 
Albert I. Piercy (Aff. from U^ '94), Trucking, 422 W. 15th St., New York 


Edgar G. Roberts, The Cosmopolitan, Chicago, 111. 

Guy H. Turrell (Aff. from 11^ '94), M. D., Smithtown, N. Y. 

Henry Ayres Utefhart (Aff. from 11^ '94), Lawyer, 302 Broadway, New 

York aty. 
Robert Van Iderstine, Lawyer, 1(X) William St., New York City. 


Paul MacGahan, Eng., 300 S. Negley St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hugh Farber McGaughey (Aff. from F^ '93), M* I>i S2 E. 5th St., Winona, 

John Campbell Maben, Jr^2241 Sycamore St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Elliot Mathews Sergeant, Eng., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Walter Irvine SUchter, E. E., Prof. Columbia Univ., 431 Riverside Dr., 

New York Qty. 
William CuUen Uhlk, Instr. Chemistry, Columbia Univ., East Orange, N. J. 
Habbt Hooker Wilson, New York City. Q April 19, 1895, 


Alexander Morrison Brown, Builder, 33 E. 20th St., New York City. 
Stewart Hooker Crampton, 50 Orange St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Louis E. Eickwort, Jr., Builder, 332 Perry Ave., Bronx, New York City. 
Charies Herman Fulton, Pres. S. D. School of Mines, Rapid City, S. D. 
William Winans, Asbury Park, N. J. 


Arthur Bull De Young, Lawyer^ 265 Broadway, New York City. 

Frank Griggs Dresser, Southbndge, Mass. 

Henry Grah Hershfield, Real Estate, 2999 Broadway, New York City. 

Mayor of Pompton. 
William Setzer Ottman (Aff. from H^ '98), Puck Bldg., New York Qty. 
Ansetm Edwin Schaff, Bayside, N. Y. 
Jonathan Dimham Wilson, Jr., Newburgh, N. Y. 

228 PA 


Httiy Austin Annitage, 283 Alexander Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John Allen Buffinlon (Aff. from Z '99), Mfg. jeweler, 483 Broadway, 

Providence, R. I. 
Ftank Seoor Dickerson. 181 Broadway, New York Qty. 
George Ehret. Jr., Brewer, 3 E. 93rd St., New York Qty. 
Hraxy Clay R^er, 152 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hunt Schanck, Arch., New York Qty. 

Rudolf Tombo, Jr. (Aff. from n^ '95), Prof. Columbia Univ., New York 
aty. Ed. Shidd XVn. 19th P. G. L., 34th, 35th and 36th G. L., 
1902. Shield XVIII 60, XX 71. 


Arthur Washington BeaL Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Ray Dawson, Boonton, N. J. 

John Swift Holhrook, Gorham Mfg. Co., Providence, R. I. 
John Leonabd Eebleb, Bronxvilie, N. V. Q 1904. 
Lndwig Undemneyr, Arch., 37 E. 28th St., New York Qty. 
Manuel Enrique Rionda, 141 W. 93rd St^ New York Gty. 
Hany Hull St Clair, 20 Exchange PL, New York aty. 
Hu^ Philip Tiemann, New York Qty. 

Edward Van Winkle, Patent Atty., 90 West St., New York aty. Ed. 
Shield XXni and XXIV. ^eld XXV 1. 


Alexander McDonald Brown, Oncinnati, Ohio. 

Charies Bastmond, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charles Edward Morrison (AfF. from 11^ '97), New York aty. 

Irwin Auoubtus Poweli^ New York aty. Q 1907. 

Jose B. Rionda, New York aty. 
ohn Boyce Sndth, Jr., Lawyer, 115 Broadway, New York aty. Treas. 
31 G. L., Sec. 32 G. L. Ed. Shield XX and XXI. Shidd XV 20, 
XVI 40. 


Arthur £. Cherouny, New York aty. 

Harold Dickerson, Great Neck, N. Y. 

Charles Bryant Halsey, New York aty. 

Henry Field Haviland, Eng., Monadnock Blk., Chicago, 111. 

John Nash Kirby, New York aty. 

Philip Bevan LaRoche, Jr., Lawyer, New York aty. 

Williiun Wheelock Lawson, New York aty. 

Leandro Jose Rionda, Merchant, 112 Wall St., New York aty. 

Joseph .Whittlesey Spencer, Lawyer, 15 William St., New York aty. 

Carl Tombo (AfF. from 11^ '97), Eng., 321 St. Nicholas Ave., New York 



William Harmon Beers, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
Warden Hanover Fenton, Newark, N. J. 
Frank Valentine Goodman, New York aty. 
Sidney Otis, Yonkers, N. Y. 


Haitison Ross Steeves, Instr. Columbia Univ., 596 Riverside Dr., New 

York aty. 
Shepherd StevenSi Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Herbert L Benjamin, New York Qty. 

Albert R^ Camp, Automobiles, 405 W. 118th St., New York Qty. 

Leonard Kebler, Bronxville, N. Y. 

Isaac Clendennin Perkins, New York City. 

Eugene J. Reid, £. £., 116 Broad St., New York City. 

Henry DeForest Sergeant, Summit, N. J. 


George Rowland Bradley, E. K, Baltimore, Md. 

Albsllndeb Algbo Bbittain, Hoboken, N. J. Q 1904. 

Whitney T. Eckert, Stamford, Conn. 

Harold N. Lawrie, Atlantic Highlands, N. J. 

John Hall Mdlvahie, 6321 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Robert Benson Rogers, New York City. 

WUliam Van Voorhees Stephens, New York City. 

Thomas Joseph Thorp, Rockville Center, N. Y. 

GIfanan Parris Tiffany, Newburgh, N. Y. Shield XVUI 412. 

Conrad Louis Trobenbach (A£F. from U^ '02), New York City. 


Ralph Allison Adams (Aff. from 11^ '05 and F^ '06), Journalist, 8th Ave. 

and 19th St., Whitestone. N. Y. 
Grant Bums, 423 W. 117th St.. New York Qty. 
Guy Snnderlein Bldridge, Lumber, 1005 A St., Taooma, Wash. 
Chester Alan Fulton, Eng., 127 Glenwood Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Harold W. Hastings, Lawyer, 119 E. 86th St., New York City. 
Samuel Thomson Hollister, Real Estate, 61 E. 9l8t St., New York City. 
Roland H. Lawrie, Atlantic Highlands, N. J. 
George G. Moore, Jr., 833 Madison Ave., New York City. 
James Edward No<mey, 166 Clerk St., Jersey City, N. J. 
Charles A. Stewart, New York aty. Treas. 38th G. L. Shield XXII 67. 
Philip Coolidge Streeter, 26 Lenox Ave., New York City. 


Wilbur Nicholas Albertson, Arch., 95 William St., New York City. 

Joseph Leo Egan, Lawyer, 46 W. 120th St., New York City. 

Francis Napier Lund, Laurence Pk., Bionxville, N. Y. 

Roy Samuel McElwee, 21 New Winterfeld St., Berlin, Germany. 

Donald H. T. Miller (Aff. from ^ '07), Binghamton, N. Y. 

Paul L. Nolthenius, 132 Herrengracht, Amsterdam. Holland. 

George Heuner Reaney, Real Estate, 133 W. 92nd St^ New York City. 

Edmund Burke Victor Sigerson (Aff. from 11^ '05 and P^ '07) , Salesman, 

118 W. 129th St., New York Qty. 
John StanisUus Thorp, 119 W. 95th St., New York aty. 
Benjamin Franklin Tillson, Min. Eng., Franklin Furnace, N. J. 

230 pA 


Earl Julian Bassett, Rockville Center, N. Y. 

Paul BiUlnssley, Geolc^. Butte, Mont. 

William Gage Brady, aerk, 109 W. 122nd St., New York City. 

Harold S. Broum (Aff. from and with M^ '07). 

Perqr Marks Gushing, Journalist, Larchmont, N. Y. 

Fred George Gude, 46 West End Ave., New York City. 

Ftank Lemuel Marcy, New York City. 


Millard Hancock Ashton, Eng., 72 Newell Ave., Rutherford, N. J. 
John Gordon Baragwanath, Geolodst, 141 W. 4th St., New York City. 
Kenneth Caulfield Browne, Min. Eng., 1235 Linton Ave., Bronx, New 

York aty. 
Herman Clark Mooney, Manhattan Sq. Hotel, New York City. 
Thomas Henry Ozman, 1324 W. Lake Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Hickman Price (Aff. from I^ '09), Journalist, 918 Boylston Ave., Seattle, 

Charles McG. Roberts, Lawyer, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 
Alfred Rhemgold Schmid. 171 W. 71st St., New York City. 
Paul SheehaUy Lawyer, Niagara St., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Thomas Albert Gannon (Aff. from ^ 40), 114 W. 76th St., New York Qty. 
Richard Garvey. Jr., 612 W. 115th St., New York aty. 
Carl Fritz Hutflhiger, 771 Carroll St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Albert Carl Kaestner (Aff. from n^ '10). C. £., Clinton St., New York Qty. 
Donald M. MacArthur, Old South Bldg., Boston, Mass. 
Arthur Vincent McDermott, 850 St. Marks Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Robert Vmcent Mahon, 229 W. 138th St., New York City. 
Edward Royal Mosher, 116th St., and 7th Ave., New York City. 
Edward B. Meyer, Newburgh, N. Y. 

Vance Bishop Murray, Fordham Rd. and Creston Ave., Fordham, N. Y. 
Vincent Ferrer SulUvan, 130 E. 78th St., New York aty. 
Lewis Torrent, 127 Webster Ave., Muskegon, Mich. 
Heniy James Lamar Washington, Riverside Dr. and 85th St., New York 


Ross Vernon Bennett, 1 E. Bridge St., Oswego, N. Y. 

Spencer Bartholomew Driggs, 

Waldemar H. H. Grassi, 28 Edgecombe Ave., New York City. 

William Henry Hastings, 119 E. 86th St., New York Qty. 

Elwyn Erving Leslie, Flushing. N. Y. 

John Pierre Roche, 742 Ldncoln Park Blvd. , Chicago, HI. 

John Francis Steeves, Jr. (Aff. from O^ '11), 330 W. 89th St., New York 

Richmond Stephens, 456 Richmond Terr., New Brighton, N. Y. 
Stephen D. Stephens, Jr., 456 Richmond Terr., New Brighton, N. Y. 



Herbert Homer Clyne, 135 Hamilton PL, New York City. 

Miguel E. de Aguero, Jr., 294 W. 92nd St., New York City. 

WiUiam Milton Dederick, 11 Erie St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

George Shapley Downing, 141 S. Allen St., Albany. N. Y. 

Charles Edward Gautier, 260 W. 91st St., New York Qty. 

Russell Bertram Hall (Aff. from M^ '12), 75 Lancaster St., Worcester, 

William H. McArdle, 314 4th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
George Lane Maurer, 181st St. and Haven Ave., New York City. 
J. Henry C. Moffett (Aff. from T^ '09), 22 W. 25th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Charles Ernest Reutter, 36 W. 88th St., New York Qty. 
Salvador Cirilo Rionda, 141 W. 93rd St., New York aty. 
Edward Scott Swazey, 225 King William St^ San Antonio, Tex. 
Frank H. Wagner, 348 Prospect Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Joseph William Carroll, 76 Momingside Ave., W.. New York City. 

Warren B. Chapin, 232 W. 101st St., New York City. 

John C. Guilbert, 2323 Davidson Ave., New York City. 

Louis Walter Hickey, 242 Park St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Walter Logan, 76 Percy St., New York aty. 

Charles Henry Mahler, 35 W. 96th St., New York aty. 

Albert H. Morrill, 630 W. 122nd St., New York aty. 

Robert H. Reutter, 36 W. 88th St., New York aty. 

Walter Steinbruck, 206 8th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Richard Blevin Roberts, Jr., 3671 Broadway, New York aty. 



Chabtbred Octobbr 17, 1861 Estabushed November 28, 1861 

Re-established January 4, 1881 

Charter Surrendered October 27, 1895 

Memorial History 137 


John M. Curtis D. Gibson Givin 

James Givin Benjamin P. Lamberton 

George T. Motter William M. Ooilby 

WiLLLUif B. Parker Thomas A. Reily 

Thomas P. Roberts 


Benjamin P. Lamberton, Comm. U. S. N., 1319 N St., Washington, D. C. 

Chief of Staff to Admiral Dewey and Comm. U. S. S. Olympia, 1898. 

Shield XIV 303, XV 261, 300. 
George T. Motter, M. D., Tane3rtown, Md. 
WiLUAM M. Ogilby, Chicago, 111. Q May, 1889. 


D. Gibson Givin, Mt. Holly Springs, Pa. Q Sept., 1862. 

George K. Kunkle, Lawyer, Harrisbiirg, Pa. 

Thomas P. Roberts, C. E., U. S. Eng. Office, 519 Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, 

W. H. Wetherill, M. D., Lambertville, N. J. Surgeon U. S. A. 


Jambs Givin, Mt. Kolly Spring, Pa. 
William B. Parker, (jarhsle. Pa. U. S. Consul to Greece. 
Thomas A. Reily, Fort Wayne, Ind. Major U. S. A. Shield XII 18, 
XIV 301. Q Aug. 18, 1898. 


John M. Curtis, M. D., 219 £. Dale St., Colorado Springs, Col. 12th P. 

G. L., 18th and 19th G. L., 1885. Shield IV 6. 
Edgar E. Hastings, Carlisle, Pa. Q Feb. 9. 1901. 
Warner Hewes, 25 South St., Baltimore, Ma. 




Charles P. Biodlb, Lawyer, Erie, Pa. Q 1890. 

WUber H. Burnite, Felton, Del. Treas. of Del. 

Thomas O. Maurer, Auditor N. Y. & L. B. R. R., Belmar, N. J. 

Thomas Eckstein Rogbbs, Supt. Nat. Bank Redemption Agency, U. S. 

Treas., Washington, D. C. Shield XII 126. Q May 7, 1911. 
Vosburgh N. Shaffer, 208 Main St., Phoenixville, Pa. 
Charles J. String, Comm. Merchant, 111 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Thomas Woodard Ahl, Promoter, Carlisle, Pa. 

William H. Hare, Tobacco, 210 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Caleb J. Peace, Clergyman, Philadel^a, Pa. 

John M. Willluibon, Washington, D. C. Q June 11, 1899. 


Gordon Thomas Atkinson, M. D., Banker, Crisfield, Md. Compt. of 

Md. 1904-08. Shield XX 118. 
Benjamin R. Davidson, M. D., Davidsonville, Md. Q May, 1910. 
George W. G. Thompson, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Willie D. Aldbioge, St. Michaels, Md. Q Aug. 30, 1867. 
ClayUm Wood Holmes (Aff. with 4» '69). 
Samuel J. Van Reed, 30 N. 41st St., Reading, Pa. 
Charles Roberts Wright, Patent Atty., 625 F St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. Shield XII 145. 


Chables Granville Biggs, Lawyer, Sharpsburg, Md. 

Edward W. Bym, Patent Atty., Munn & Co., 627 F St., N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. Shield XII 129. 

Charles E. Cassell, Editor, York, Pa. Q June 2, 1907. 

James Wallace, Jr., Oysters, Cambridge, Md. Shield XIX 131. Q 
Jan. 7, 1903. 


Leonard V. Aspril, Jr., Odessa, Del. 

William G. Elliott, U. S. A., San Francisco, Cal. 

Edward U. Looias, Eng. U. S. N., Carlisle, Pa. 

Raymond C. Looias, Pottstown, Pa. 

A. George Miller, Lawyer, Carlisle, Pa. 

Andrew H. Parker, San Antonio, Tex. 

N. F. Shoch, Baltimore, Md. 

Edward J. Todd. Shield XI 266, XII 366. Q Nov. 4, 1896. 

Frank E. Van Dyke, Odessa, Del. 

John Db H. White, Philaddphia, Pa. 



Robert H. Conlyn, Jeweler, Carlisle, Pa. 
James B. McCttrlet, Baltimore, Md. 
Wai/ter M. Thompson, Easton, Md. 
William E. Wright, Clergyman, Parksley, Va. 

W. James Dale, Carlisle, Pa. 
William F. Rbilt, M. D., Major, Surgeon 11th Pa. V., Carlisle, Pa. 


Eben Swift, Lieut. 5th U. S. C, San Juan, Porto Rico. 
Robert B. Weaver, Carlisle, Pa. 


John H. Ahl, Farmer, 267 S. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. 
D. G. Kendio, M. D., New York City. 

John G. Knight, 1712 Adler St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Re-estabushed Januart 4, 1881 

Thomas Newton Rawlins, Real Estate, Seaford, Del. 


George M. Bilger, Lawyer, Clearfield, Pa. 
'^^niliam A. Carroll, Clergyman, Nassau, Del. 
Geoige Franklin Hopkins, Clergyman, Amber, N. Y. 


Albert Jonathan Harbaugh, C. E. and Min. Eng., Bellaire, Ohio. 

George B. Mimiper, Lawyer, Manitou, Col. 

Isaac Lemuel Wood, Clergyman, 241 E. State St., Trenton, N. J. 

Daniel B. Jones, Townsend, Del. 
Lerot W.Magee, Clergyman, Chester, Pa. 
A. S. Mowbray, Clergyman, Port Deposit, Md. 
Harry G. Trout, Lieut. 29th U. S. Cav., Washington, D. C. Q 1905. 


Ralph T. Coursey, Clergyman, Newport, Del. 

Edward B. Dixon, Clergyman, East Stroudsburg, Pa. , 

Thomas Lattomus, Townsend, Del. 

Alexander Paterson, Brick Mfr., Clearfield, Pa. 


Okv D. Ridiim C. E., U. S. Ekig. Off., 517 Wert St., ¥n]miiigtoii, Del. 
WOmer W. SaliiMMi, Ptas. Gen. Ry. Sisnal Go., Bochester, N. Y. 
Bichard W. Sharp, Beal EBtole, LameiLKan. 
Frederick L. SaShf Lawyer, Hailetoiiy ra. 
J. SojBtoii Stifller, Lawyer, Bd Air, Md. 


Daniel Bailej Brandt, Grain, 121 W. State St., Harriaburs, Pa. 
WnxiAM A. Davis, Chattanooga, Tenn. Shidd Yin 490. Q Sqpt. 

Kiepper B. Bice, Lawyer, Caitiale, Pia. 

Robert Andmmm Heberimf (Aff. with N^ '88). 

J. M. mu, R. R., 402 &0t End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

ffaoft ff. PUeaim (Aff. with A '90). 

A. H. Yocom, Gl^ Moore, Pa. 


Fredefkk Bdwards, Clergyman, 32 Washington St., Maiden, Mass. 
J. Ftank Hntchlnaoii, Roanoke, Ya. 


}. T. HamfltQn» Clergyman, Catdiogue. N. Y. 
ames T. Bichardaon, Clergyman, Backq)Qrt. Me. 
Samod Stnart Wallace, Prof. Georgia School of Teeh^ Atlanta, Ga. 
Chaxlea Walter Webbert, Lawyer, Pa. State Dept. of Health, 1402 State 
St., Harriaburg, Pa. 

A. L. Baldwin, Tioga, Pa. 

Thomas B. Hanley. N. Y. Heraki, New York Qty. 
Jnlhsa Renmiel Heberling, Merchant, Mauch Chunk, Pa. 
Arthur Hitchins, Frostburg, Md. 

T. Barton Rettew, Lawyer, Stephen Girard Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
L. A. iSattsaman, Reading, Pa. 


John Austin Brandt, Grain, State St. and Poplar Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Ftederick H. Fletcher, Lawyer, Cambrid^, Md. 
Charles Tapy Hepburn, Lawyer. Bailey Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Cbaries Edward Pettinos, Graphite Mming, Bethlehem, Pa. 


Clarence Balentine, Lawyer, Board of Trade Bldg., Scranton, Pa. 
Walter Lytic Pyle, M. D> 1931 Chestnut St., PhSadelphia, Pa. 
George Wilbur Shipley, Ctennrman, Suffolk, Ya. 
Ward F. Sprenkel, Instr. Umv. of Penn., Philadelphia, Pa. 


J. A. Underwood, Mechanicflburg, Pa. 


S. M. Hdm^ Colonial Bldg., Reading, Pa. 

Emery G. HitchinSy Frostburg. Md. 

Carl D. Pickens, Quiet Dell, W. Va. 

James Alfred Tanner, Lawyer, Bailey Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. Asst. 

U. S. Atty. Shield XU 161. 
W. B. Vandermark, Clergyman, Audenreid, Pa. 


Arllrar Japy Hepburn, Lieut. Comm. U. 8. N., Washington, D. C^ 
William Torder, Reading, Pa. 
Wai/ter L. Sntder, Harrisburg, Pa. 


J^nes Kirke Bosler, Lawyer, Carlisle, Pa. 

^iiniliam A. Jordan, Lawyer, Fidelity Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Edwin Maxwell, Clarksburg. W. Va. 

Hugh Rankin MUler, 10th U. S. Inf., Washmgton, D. C. 

James Strayer, Real Estate, 1342 New York Ave., N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
William Gladstone Thomas, Lawyer, Mauch Chunk, Pa. 


Frank H. Beetem, Bank Clerk, Carlisle, Pa. 

Frank HoUlnger Hertzler, Salesman, 16 E. 40th St., New York City. 

Chabtbb Sitbbendsrbd Octobsb 27, 1895 



Chartebed Mat 9, 1895 

Established Mat 15, 1895 

Shield XI 114 Memobial Histobt 261 

charter members 

Charles Cameron Leander Baldwin Charles Richard Barney 

George Theoplulus Blynd Herbert Eugene Bolton 

Theodore Walter Brazeau Adam Comstock 

Gerhard Melvin Dahl Guy Stanton Ford 

John Gray Graham Charles Sheen Greenwood 

George niUip Hambrecht William Gersham Hartwell 

George Harvey Jones Andrew Lees 

Joseih Lowe McNab George Wilson Mead 

William Byron Naylor, Jr. Isaac Peterson 

John Alexander Pratt Oliver Manson Salisbury 

Ernst Arthur Stavrum Frederick Willis Thomas 

Earl Clarence Tillotson Harry Montague Trippe 

Glenn Herbert Williams John Frank Wilson 

Isaac Phelps Witter Henry Sherwood Touker 

Sigma Deuteron's Charter runs to A. K. Sedgwick, E^ *93, C. J. 
BullockTA '89, F. J. KUne, n '68, J. P. Houston. O^ '84, F. N. KendaU, 
B 78, Clay W. Holmes, ^ '69, "and to the members of the Sigma Delta 
Sigma Society at the University of Wisconsin." The names that appear 
on the Charter are those of the sponsors and not those of the Charter 


Charles Cameron Leander Baldwin, Lawyer, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Charles Richard Barney, Lawyer, N. Y. Block, Seattle, Wash. 

Adam Comstock, Goettmgen, Germany. Shield XIV 73. Q Feb. 3, 1898. 

George Wilson Mead, Banker, Grand Rapids, Wis. 

William Byron Naylor, Jr., Lawyer, Tomah, Wis. Composer of A X 

Two Step. 
John Alexander Pratt, Banker, Menomonee Falls, Wis. 
Henry Sherwood Touker, Instr., State N. S., Oslkosh, Wis. 


240 2^ 

• 1895 

Herbert Eugene Boltan* Ph.D., Prof. Univ. of Texas, Austin, Tex. 
Guy Stanton Ford, Prof., 8055 Goodwin Ave.. UrtMna, SL 
William Gerdiam Hartwell, Lawyer. Coeur a'Akne, Idaho. 
Andrew Lees, Lawyer, 110 N. Fourth St.. LaCrosse, Wis. 
Oliver M anaon SaUalrary, Farmer, Hamilton, Mont. 
Frederick WOlts Thomas, Packer, Eau Claire, Wis. 


Gerhard Metvin Dahl, Lawyer, St. Ry. Comm. of Cleveland, Qty Hall, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
George Philip Hambrecht, Lawyer, Grand Rapids, Wis. Wis. Legis. 1909. 
Jo84^ Lowe McNab, Lawyer, 1206 Benson Ave., Evanston, m. 
Isaac Peterson, Publisher, 278 Wabash Ave., Chicago, HI. 
Hany Montague Triroe, Eng., Whitewater, Wis. 
John Frank WOaon, Kin. H. S., Ashland, Wis. 
Isaac Phelps Witter, Banker, Grand Rapids, Wis. 


George Theophilus Blynd, M. D., Berlin, Wis. 

Theodore Walter Bnueean, Lawyer, Grand Rapids, Wis. Dist. Atty. 

Wis. Senate, 1906-10. 
John Gray Graham, Lawyer, Tomah, Wis. 
Charles aieen Greenwood, Lawyer, Lake Mills, Wis. 
Geoige Harvey Jones, Cmcago Edison Co., 279 Keystone Ave., River 

Forest, HI. 
Ernst Arthur Stavmm, Impresario. 1525 Pratt Ave., Chicago, LI. 
Earl Clarence Tillotson, Lawyer, Purity Bank Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Glenn Herhert ^^WHlliams, Lawyer, Grand Rapids, Wis. 


Frederick Shearer Barrows, Jr., Merchant, Tomah, Wis. 

Ftank Elhert Compton, Publisher, 215 S. Market St., Chicago, 111. 24th 

P. G. L., 43rd G. 1^1911. Shield XXVH 135. 
William Stuart Ferris, Chemist, Guanjuato, Mex. 
Ira Bird Kirkland, Lawyer, Lewiston, Mont. 
George Bliss Nelson, Lawyer. Stevens Point, Wis. Dist. Atty. 
Herhert Henry Ryan, Ed. Daily News, 790 Bremen St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Frank Lamoreuz Bean, Lawyer, Eugene, Ore. 

Harry Nathan Carter, Lumber, 321 Lake St., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Walter Scott Cate, Lawyer, Ashland, Wis. 

John Parker Grep, La^er, Charles City, la. 

Frank Hasford Watson, M. D., Milwaukee, Wis. 


WHliam Fraser Adams, Lawyer, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Albert Frederick Alexander, Salesman, 200 Monroe St., Chicago, HI. 

Ernst LeRoy Bolton, M. D., Chilton, Wis. 


Roy Fdton Fairand, 8t. John's Mil. Acad., Commandant St., Delafield, 

George Neb Ferris, Lawyer, Elkhom, Wis. 

James Herbert McNeel, Pnn. Marquette H. S., 517 Spruce St., Mar- 
quette, Mich. 

Ralph Waldo Bmerson Perry, Eng., Lyndon, N. Y. 

Charles Edwin Seller, Promoter, La CrosBe, Wis. 


Burton Hathaway Bridge, Merchant, 3612 Virginia Ave., Kansas City, Mo • 
William Courtney Burdlck, Eng., Falk Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
William Jarvis Carr, Lawyer, Asst. Qty Atty., 44 S. Euchd Ave., Pasadena, 

Leslie Shinoe Everts. Accountant, Dep. Compt., City Hall, Milwaukee, 

Wis. Shield :?^VII 209. 
Frank Leland Ford, Trav. Salesman, Corpus Christi, Tex. 
George Alvln Scott, Eng., Woodworth Bldg., Lancaster, Pa. 
Ashford V. Smith, Postmaster, Waukemm, 111. 
Clarence Joel White, Lawyer, 4123 EUis Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Harry Edward Carthew. Lawyer, Lancaster, Wis. 

William Henry Dale, M. D., Harrisburg, Ore. 

Clarence John DuFour, Prin. H. S., 1612 Almeda Ave., Almeda, Cal. 

Stephen Gardner, Eng., N. Y. Life Bldg^ Chicago, HI. 

Albert Frederick Kindt, Mfr., 15th and Utah Sts., San Francisco, Cal. 

Raymond Eugene Nichols, Eng., Seattle, Wash. 

Chaiies Harry Watson, Allis-Qialmers Co., West Allis, Wis. 


Perry John Carter, Eng., Box 621, San Angelo, Tex. 

Howard Stidmey Elliott, Eng.^ Horse Creek, S. D. 

Henry John Geerllngs, Chemist Pfister & Vogel Tannery, Wauwatosa, 

Arnold Ludus Gesell, Instr. N. S., Casa Verdugo, Cal. 

Oscar Harvey Hulberg, Merchant, 228 Main St., La Crosse, Wis. 

George Julius Heuer, M. D., Madison, Wis. 

Myron Reed Johnson, Newspaper, Waupaca, Wis. 

Henry Heames Otjen, Lawyer, Pereles Bldg^ Waukesha, Wis. 

Wniiam Johnathan Rowe, Ibg., 407 E. 50th PL, Chicago, 111. 

Charies Herbert Schnlghiu, Am. Bridge Co., Woodwortih Bldg., Chicago, 

Leslie Bateman Woodruff, Eng. Public Service Ry. Co., 51 Fort PL, 

New Brighton, N. Y. 


Ransom Driggs Bernard, M. D., 455 Oakley Blvd., Chicago, HI. 
Chatter Dewitt Bond, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Bono Hangan Borrenson, Eng., LaCroese, Wis. 
Arcmo Bert Carter, Eng., Yreka, Cal. 

242 £A 

Robert BoOai Cttkay, &«^ FUmt BUg.. GUnn HL 

L ft wren ce WiOtmi Grehore, Eng^ LoTdodc, Ner. 

Edoi WiOiaii Drake, Eog., 2817 BSfdiland Bhd^MlhrMikee, Wii. 

Geofge Hevy Dyer, Eog., 310 Knf St., Seattle, Wadi. 

Bail C Howard, fialfianen, Manton Ave., DeCrait» Bfiek. 

Albert Seav^ Kcooe^y, £d8:. Seattle, Wash. 

Amn Gbi^iii McLean, Frah Ghnpot, EatantiNm, N. J. 

Tamea Maic Mvaaer, Eng., 1216 S. Geoler St., Tenne Haute, lod. 

Peter Lawrence Peaae, Merdiant, White BIdg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hoaur DeVtnt WdU (Aff. with T^^Oi). 


Bmat Borcfaert, Jr^ Eog-, Los Angdea, Cal. 

Sidney WaDnce CoOiM, Lumber, 6310 Marahand St., Pittflbuig||i, Fk. 

Joh n Mflton Convlon, Salmman, 215 S. Maikei St., Chicago, DL 

wHliani Wdlingtoa Cnhrer, Newapaper, Free lYeas BIdg., Bfihraukee, Wia. 

Bmat S. Hobba, Jr^ Anion, DL 

George Landrolh Humghi yy a , Bfgr. Nat. CMh Reg. Go., 425 W. Siqwrior 

St., Duluth, Minn. 
JoiMt BolttoMr It^IUU, (Aff. with T^ '05). 
CoOina Wmlidd Santnda, JanesviU^ Wis. 


Robert Ridden Bayne, Eog., Wairen, Bl. 
John Phi^ Bandej, F. A M. Im. Co., St. Paul, Minn, 
flawanl WiKmm Ckodwirk (Aff. with H^ '06). 
Bert Morse Oinclrtin, Eog., HibtMng, Miim. 
John Fraaaer Bdwarda, iSog., Loe Angdea, GaL 
Enal Hmrp Fahomer (Aff. with H^ '06 and with Z^ '10). 
George Franda Hannan, Lawyer, 113 14th St., Mihrankee, Wis. 
Victor Hugo Kadiah, Chmki, 889 Summit Ave., Milwaukee Wia. 
Gfatistian Roman Ki^Mt Lumber, 802 £. Goiham St., Mndbnn, Wia. 
Themaa Fiancia Kdl^, fkig., 527 Munay Ave., MihraJokee, Wia. 
John Frank Kesaenich, Merdiant, Madison, Wis. 
George John lieber. Lawyer, 184 Tinwiln Ave., Milwaukee, Wia. 
George Ann Se ller, Salesman, Monroe. Wis. 
Rnben Chailea Wmott, Eog., Y. M. C. A., Kaukaima, Wis. 
Harold Aiflmr Whittaker, Bacteiiofegiat, 1521 UnivecBity Ave., Minne- 
i^iolis, Minn. 


Albert land Bochecker, Eng., Box 1249, Spokane, Wash. 

Alfred Bfaifce Cai^, Eng., VSctoria, B. C. 

mden BaDard daik, 15 Day's He, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Efaner Yail Byman, M. D.. 1020 Forest Ave., Evanston, Bl. 

Lacy Hortoo, Grand Rafiids, Wis. 

Hany AUen Porter, Eog., 511 Jackson Blvd., Oiieago, HI. 

Andrew Robertaon, Newqiaper, Milwaukee, Wis. 

YkUx George Swenaon, Trav. Saksman, 1215 RuUedge St., Madison, Wis. 

Stephen Chariemagne Wachenleld, Eng.) Orange, N. J. 



Eldonne Frederick Cox, 5150 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Louis Joseph Francisco, Friv. Sec. Gaar, »Bott Co., Richmond, Ind. 

William Frawley Hannan, Lawyer, 113 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Clive Newcomb Musser, Eng., Free^rt, HI. 

F^ank Freeman Post Eng., Black luver Falls, Wis. 

Herbert Lee Post, Black Elver Falls, Wis. 

Tames Brownlee Robertson, Mgr. Bumside Dairy, Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Nicholas Roaholt, £^., Ooonomowoc. Wis. 

John Herman Thickens, Eng., Madison, .Wis. 


Edward Phipps Farley, Pres. Chicago Yacht Brokerage Co., Madison, Wis. 

James Albcat Johnson, Lawyer, Butternut, Wis. 

Harry Emil Kessenich, Merchant, 648 E. Gorham St., Madison, Wis. 

Morton Macartney, Victoria Hotel, Des Moines, la. 

Randoljili Greggory Marshall (Aff. from H"^ '09), 513 Locust St., Des 

Moines, la. 
Ernest John Springer, Eng., Commercial Nat. Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 


Francis Henry Bird, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Paul Hyde Buchanan, Farm Director, 3110 N. Pennsylvania St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 
Bert Raddiffe Hines, Merchant, Cumberland. Wis. 
Carl Theodore Kayser, Chemist, 217 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Leo Maurice Tipton, Lawyer, East Las Vegas, N. M. 


Jatnei Wallace Flagler (Aff. from and with ^ '11). 

John Almeron Fryer, Landscape Gardener, Cutler Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 

Albert Clark Ooodnaw (Aff. with S^ '12). 

Kenneth Bovee Halverson, Merchant, Whitewater. Wis. 

Albert Julian Hendley (Aff. from and with 11^ '10). 

Perry Osgood McSSnney, Janesville, Wis. 

Clement Astor Rossbach, 639 Smnmit Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

ArOiur John Wilmanns, 231 25th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


James Reeva Adams, Appleton, Wis. 

Nevius Van Dyke Ballance. 21o Randolph Ave., Peoria, 111. 

SiuaH Oakes Blythe (Aff. with O"^ '12). 

Leon Perry Branyen (Aff. from T^ '11), Salesman, 5540 Cornell Ave., 

Chicago, HI. 
Albert Rudolf Diehi, 95 14th St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Earl Myron Hill, Grand Rapids, Wis. 
Herman Jacob Karlen. Monroe. Wis. 
Paul M. Rickert (Aff. from T^ aO), Banker, Sisseton, S. D. 
Lew Wallace Springer, East Las Vegas, N. M. 
Leonard Edward Stapleton, Watertown, Wis. 



Established April 27, 1892 
Inhxation at Masonic Hall 
Shield VIII 197 Memorial History 257 

charter members 

James Everett Bradford Elmer L. Clifford 

Jdtm Frithiof Pahl John William Erf 

John Coy Farmer John Frederick Farmer 

Arthur Marion Frazee Edward Leigh Gedney 

George Armand Gray William Irving Gray 

Henry Edwin Hatch Harlan Edward Leach 

Harris Eaton Leach Thomas J. McElligott 

Malvern Hill Manuel Chaiies Thomas Moffett 

James Burch Moffett, Jr. Henry S. Morris 

Soren Peterson Rees Edward Herbert Schofield 

Edmund Perry Sheldon 'William Adair Simonton 

James Fifield Stevens Albert A. Webster 

Charles Louis Weeks Romeyn Wallace Wentworth 


John Frithiof Dahl, Legal Dept. T. C. R. T. Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Gottfried E. Hult, Prof., Fargo, N. D. 

Harlan Edward Leach. Lawyer, Owatona, Minn. 

Henry S. Morris, Banker, Sisseton, S. D. 

Albert A. Webster, M. D., Portland, Ore. 


/ A. 

Winfleld W. Bardwell, Lawyer, Minn. Loan & Trust Bldg., Minneapolis, 

James Everett Bradford, Lawyer, BaHey Bldg., Seattle. Wash. 
J^m Frederick Farmer, M. D., 637 N. Broadway, Shawnee, Okla. 
William Irving Gray, Cont. Eng., 704 5th St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Charles Thomas Moffett, Real Estate, 112 4th St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 


John William Erf, C. E., Am. Bridge Co., New York Qty. 
Thomas J. McElligott, Lawyer, Appleton, Minn. 


248 T^ 


R. P. Feltoni 4815 Queens Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Arthur Marion Ftazee, G. N. Power Co., Dulutn, Minn. 

Edward Leigh Qedn^ (Aff. with F^ '04). 

Harris Eaton Leach, Real Estate, Phoenix Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Malvern Hill Manuc^ Heating, 821 Washington Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Edward Herhert Schofield, Eng. Elec. Dept. T. C. R. T. Co., Minneapolis, 

Edmund Perry Sheldon, Prof., Portland, Ore. 
IXniliam Adair Simonton, Pubusher, Glenwood, Minn. 
Charles Louis Weeks, Capitol, St. Paul, Minn. 

William Charles Weeks, Eng. Wash. Water Power Co., Spokane, Wash. 
Romeyn Wallace Wentworth, Carnegie Steel Co., Pioneer Press Bldg., 

St. Paul, Minn. 


Charles William Brav, M. D., Biwabik, Minn. 

Elmer L. Clifford, Adv. Mgr., St. Paul Dispatch, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frederick Emory Cobb, Dentist, Masonic Temple, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jdm Coy Farmer. M. D., McKinley, Minn. 

George Armand Gray, M. D., Hyde Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 

Henry Edwhi Hatch, Goldfield, Nev. 

Wendell Hertig, Lawyer, N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Alderman. 

James Burch Moffett, Keal Estate, 112 4th St., S.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Francis U. Ramaley, Prof. Univ. of Colorado, Boulder; Col. 

Soren Peterson Rees, M. D., ^drus Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

James Fifield Stevens, Actor, Minneapolis^ Minn. 

George Silas Todd, Dentist, Lake Qty, Mmn. 


Willis J. Eg^eston, U. S. Reclamation Service, Helena, Mont. 
WHliam D. Hartmann, Far^, N. D. 

Thomas M. Hughes, American Club. Guadalajara, Jalesoo, Mex. 
Thomas L McDermott, Lawyo^ Gilfillan Blk., St. Paul, Minn. 
Edward S. Savage, Eng., 40 Wellington Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 


IXniliam S. Hoffman, Chippena Falls, Wis. 

George Henry Johnston, Banker, Wales, N. D. 

Robert E. One. 

Albert Pfaender, Lawyer, New Ulm, Minn. Minn. Legis. 

William Colby Rucker. M. D., Can^ Whi^tman, Alamo, Cal. 

Linneaus T. Savage, Savage Mfg. Co., Ene Basin, Brookl3rn, N. Y. 

George R« Snpad, Minneapolis, Minn. 


Horace A. Chouinard, Chaplin Platts. Barracks, Plattsburg, N. Y. 
Max Arthur Lehman, Pillsbury-Washbum Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Charles F. Q. Merriam, Wallace, Idaho. 


Frederick W. Praili Waseca, Minn. 

Geof ge Albert Pratt, Pratt's Express, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Harry S. Swenson, Lawyer, Bank of Com. Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

PhiUp RakUm Thomas (Aff. with P^ '98). 

Hairy ComeUua Bayless, M. E., Soo R. R., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Frederick Bdward Andrews, Stevens, Jarvis liumber Co., Eau Claiire. Wis. 

Bmory Chace Brace, Furniture, Wellington Hotel, San Francisco, Ca\, 

Oliver Tones Egleston, Min. £mg., Kenneth, Cal. 

Frank C. Farmer, M. !>., 57 Washington St., Chicago, HI. 

Merton Echo Harrison, Intemat. Stock Food Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Percy Jones Lawrence, 2317 Buchanan St., N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Claude Xavier Nicoulin^ Real Estate, Algona, la. 

Jay Nelson Pike, Dentist, Donaldson Bldg.^ Minneapolis, Minn. 

Earl Demoe Pillsbury, Furniture, San Francisco, Cal. 

Milton Irving Stewsjt, Thwing Milling Co., Duluth^ Minn. 

Benjamin Franklin Webber, Lawyer, Globe Bldg;, Minneapolis, Minn. 


George Henry Cool, Druggist, A. T. Hall Drug Co., St. Paul, Minn. 

Marvin Jay Egleston, Washburn-Crosby Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

GUbert Henry, Shoes, 722 E. 5th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Charles Frank Lane, Grocery Salesman, 715 U. Ave., S. £., Minneapolis, 
Mmn. Shield XIX 233. 

Norman Charles McCloud, M. D., 965 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Robert Franklin McKesson, Furniture, 245 Montgomery St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

Hiram Goodrich Sweet, Standard Oil Co., Whiting, Ind. 

George B. Webster, Lumber, Lumber Exchange Bldg., Minneapolis, 


Robert L. Tebbitt, M. D., Laramie, Wyo. 


Melville C. Bacheller, Real Estate, Grand Forks, N. D. 
Earl M. Barrows, 227 4th St., S. £., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Paul G. Clarkson, Wri^t, Clarkson Co., Duluth, Minn. 
Claude D. Kimball, Prmter, 500 4th St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Carl Ahrendt Scherer, M. D., U. S. A., Waslungton, D. C. 


Ahnond Bdolph Chilson, Grain, Webster, S. D. 

Ray Stuart Dean, Hotel Warner, Chicago, 111. 

William C. Deering, Lumb^ Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank N. Edmonds, Real Estate, Palace Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Samuel E. Hayes, Lumber, Schwager & Nettleton, Seattle, Wash. 

Roy Manning Pike, Artist, London, Eng. 

250 T* 

GeofKe Westetlield Ward, Dnmatisi, Alazaadria, Minn. 

Homer DeYem Wells (Aff. from 2^ '04), OeboniD-McMillnn Co., Min- 

nei^ioiiB, Min n. 
Fred TtmwiM Williams, Mayor's Sec., Qly HaD, Bfimieapolis, Minn. 


Bert E. Dnftdier, Real Ertale, 532 Granville St., Vanoomrer, B. C 
Tames Balthosor Irsileld (Aff. from 2 ^ '05), Glinnel A Co^ Spokane, Wash. 
Lanrd Lvoos Kdls, Banker, Sauk Center, Minn. 

Hni^ Ems Leach, Lawyer, Alexandria, Minn. Trees. 37th G. L. Shidd 
XXI 80. 


Hany J. Bartran, M. D., Watertown, S. D. 

Berton J. Branton, M. D., Wilmar, Minn. 

George B. Kramer, Real Estate, Medford, Ore. 

Helon £. Lea^ Lawyer, Phoenix Bldg., Minneapofis, Minn. 

Eail D. Luce, Capitahst, Minnei^wlis, Minn. 

Albert S. Newcomb, Banker, Mondak. Mont. 

Chester H. libbetto, Etag., Duluth, Minn. 

GeoTKe H. T^ler, Lawyer, Elk River, Minn. 

Albert R. Varco, M. D., Miks Qty, Mont. 


Kern B. Fontsine, Minneapolis, Minn. 

William L. Greenlev, Salesman, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Abin Herman, Athletic Instr., St. Paul, Minn. 

Sail W. Huntiey, Real Estate, Medford, Ore. 

Eugene D. Kimball, Lumber, Swift Current, Sask. 

Thomas R. Martfai« M. D., 1523 U Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

R. N. Gardner, Staples, Minn. 
F. R. Harrison, Dentist, Grand Rapids, Minn. 
Harry C. Leach, Houghton, Mich. 

Samuel W. McEwan, M. D., 1523 U Ave., S. E., Minnei^xrfis, Minn. 
Frank L. Morse, 2614 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Maurice E. Salisbury, Salesman, 419 3rd Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
WttUBm J. Sheldon, Alexandria, Minn. 
Lynn G. Varco, Merchant, Fairview, Mont. 


Ray Chamberlam, Salesman Wilcox Auto Co., 1523 U Ave., S. E., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 
WaUer M. LeuthM (Aff. with B '09). 
J, Henry C. Moffat (Aff. with P^ '12). 
Justus Ohage, Jr., M. D., St. Paul, Minn. 

Robert Block, Walker, Minn. 
Chaunccnr C. Coon, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Conrad Fredin, Contractor, Exchange Bklg., Duluth, Minn. • 


Lafayette Frenchi Jr., Austin, Minn. 

Fred B. MenrOl, Stillwater, Minn. 

George B. Partridge, Lumber, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lynn A. Porter, Banker, LeKoy, Minn. 

Paul M. RUiheri (Aff. with 71^ '12). 

Willis R. Salisbury, Clerk, 419 3rd Ave., S. E., Minnei^wlis, Minn. 


Leon Perry Branyen (Aff. with S^ '12). 

Arthur V. Brown, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles G. Layboume^ Jr., Fire Ins., Medford, Ore. 

-Barle T. Pickeringi Mmneapolis, Minn. 


Arthur B. Block, 14 Attorney St., St. Paul, Minn. 

George J. Bohn, U. S. Forester Service, Albuquerque, N. M. 

'^^niliam Branyen, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Charles L. BflUngs, 640 HoUy Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Glenn W. Carpenter, 2201 Girard Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Benjamin C. Ferriss, St. Paul, Minn. 

Harold M. Greenley, Hennepm Ct., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Asa J. Hunter, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank Metcalf, Madison, S. D. 


Wellesley D. Armatage, Minneapolis, Minn. 

John E. Butier, Contractor, N. Y. Life Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Roland E. Chapman, llmDer, Portland, Ore. 

Manley Dale, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Everett H. Hale, Minneapolis, Minn. 

M. O. Hastings, St. Paul, Minn. 

Frank E, Metcalf, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Howard Qulnlany Minneapolis. Minn. 

Kenneth Salisbuiy, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Gustavo Stamm, St. Paul, Minn. 

Paul D. Webster, Richfield, Minn. 

Clark N. Woodis, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frank A. Wright, Minneapolis, Minn. 


Perdval Banister, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Henry Brandtjen, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Dean Houghton Carpenter, Mmneapolis, Minn. 
Mathew D. Crawford, Minneapolis, Minn. 
John Nelson Farmer, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Monti 0, Hadinas (Aff. with O^ '14). 
Webster G. Hodge, Pine City, Minn. 
John J. McEwan, Minneapolis, Minn. 


umvBRsrnr of Iewisburg, lbwisburg, pa. 

Bbcamb Buckmbll Uniyioibitt in 1887 

Chabtbbbd July 5, 18d5 

Ebtablibhbd July 10, 1805 

Chabtbb Subbbndbbxd in 1871 

Shibu) VII 252 MsicoBiAL History 143 


C. Frank Emmerich Albert 6. Hetfaerington 

Gborob Henry Irwin Ibmc F. Oveiliott 

J. Philip Williams 

C. Frank Emmerich, U. S. N. Shield X 95. Q Feb. 3, 1895. 
George Henry Irwin, New York City. Q 1894. 
J. Pbiup Williams, Auditor N. C. & St. L. R. R. Murfreeeboro, Tenii. 

Ibmc F. Overhott, Piiieville, Ky. 
B. Frank Cox Whitbhall, Pa. Sergt. U. S. Artillery. 

George WorChingtoii Bliss, Bellefonte. Pa. 
Frederi ck B vans Bower, Lewisburg, Fa. 
"oseph Williams Crawford, Lumber, 2301 Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 


John Farley Fisher, M. D., Flemington, N. J. 

Albert G. Hetfaerington, 2049 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robert Ai/ter Lawshe, Merchant, Lewisburg, Pa. Shield XXIV 324. 

Q Oct. 20, 1908. 
John T* Linn, Pittsbursh, Pa. 
Joseph L. Marks, Distuler, Middleburgh, Pa. 
Milton T. Slater, Washmgton, D. C. 
Frank WdU Stewart (AS, with ^ '69). 
Henry Swift, Clergyman, San Antonio, Tex. 
Dale Wilson, Lawyer. 317 Pine St., Williamsport, Pa. 
Joseph T* Wright, Clergyman, Greenville, 111. 

Charles Henry BaUwin (Aff. with ^ 70). 
CoRWiN W. BuRGBSSBR, Carsoii, Wis. 
Arotlb Finnet, Washington, D. C. 



Lewis C. Fisher, Lambertville. N. J. 

George Smedlbt Matlack, Lewisbvg, Pa. Q 1893. 

Frank Sumner Rice (Aff. with ^ 70). 

W. Morris Rooke, M. D., Philadelphia^ Pa. Q 1876. 

George H. Rogers, Muncy, Pa. 

Thomas J. Wattson, Broker, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Adoniram Judson BonsaU, Clergyman, 1531 Irwin Ave., N. S., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
William M. Ginter, Lewisburg, Pa. Shield XXYII 79. Q Dec. 5, 1910. 
WiUiam W. HanseU, Philadelphia, Pa. 


William Dotmton, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Henry H. Hickman, West Chester, Pa. 
Ernest M. Naile, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Glenson C. Rhoads, Reading, Pa. 
George M. Righter, Clerg^an, R(»boro, Pa. 
Albert Rorke, Phoenixville, Pa. 


S. Stratton Leeds, Salem, N. J. 
E. Clarence Nogle, Lewisburg, Pa. 
J. Wilson Reitmeyer, Lewisburg, Pa. 
EU Slifer, Jr., New York Qty. 

Charter Surrendered in 1871 



Chartebbd Mat 24, 1879 

Established in June, 1879 

Declared Disbanded at Convention, October 27, 1882 

Memorial History 217 


No initiates, due to there being fewer men at College 
in 1879-80 than at any time in its history. 


Harry Lane Wilson, Spokane, Wash. Minister to Chile 1897-02, to 
Greece 1902-05, to Belgium 1905-09, Ambassador to Mexico 1909. 
Shield XXI 206, XXVI 183. 


William Beckwtth, Lawyer and Journalist, Danville, 111. Q Feb. 10, 

aarence Perry Colbum. M. D., 19 S. 18th St., Richmond, Ind. 
Edward Franklin McCabei Lawyer, Williamsport, Ind. 


Hubbard Smith Armstrong, Vincennes, Ind. Q 1884. 
Henry App Ritter, Lawyer, 226 LaSalle St., Chicago,, 111. 


Josenh Marshall Cravens, Farmer, R. F. D. No. 5, Madison, Ind. Ind. 

L^. 1903-07. 
Gates Seztoni Lajnyer, Rushville, Ind. 
Lemon Stratton, Wabash, Ind. 


Harry F. Coleman, Logansport, Ind. 

Josepih Talbat Tomlinson, Lawyer, Logansport, Ind. 

Declared Disbanded at Convention, October 27, 1882 


258 * 

James Vemer Long, U. S. Consul, Am. Consulate, Malta. 

Frank Sumner Rice (A£f. from T 70), Lawyer, Springfield, Mass. Shield 

VII 140, XIV 407. Q Nov. 4, 1898. 
Alexander Hamilton Sherrerd, 410 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
John Kennedy Stout, 1129 Stephens St., Spokane Falls, Wash. 


James P. Dickson, Mfr., Dalton, Pa. Q Sept. 26, 1906. 
Benjamin Douglass, Lawyer, 290 Broadway, New York City. 
WilUam James Hogg, Carpet Mfr., Worcester, Mass. 
Jacques Benezet Juvenal, Lawyer, 314 Broadway, New York City. Treas. 
2nd G. L. 
' Theodobe Cutler Juvenal, Philadelphia, Pa. 
David Mizsell, 216 Spring Garden St., Easton, Pa. 


William Angus Douglass, Merchant, 171 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Hany Augustus Smith, M. D., 1523 Oxford St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Howard Foster Smith, Coal, Elkhart, Ind. 


Lloyd Paxton Appelman, Fire Ins., 1529 Larimer St., Denver, Col. Treas. 

5th G. L. 
Ftanklm Pierce Billmeyer, 19 W. 18th St., New York Qty. 
Heniy Coolidge Ftost, M. D., 212 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Henrt Ivan Habbib, Long Island City, N. Y. Q 1902. 
John Howard Lett, M. D., Buffalo, Wyo. 
JosiAH B. Mendenhall, BloomsbuTK, Pa. 
William H. Pabkeb, Carlisle, Pa. O 1886. 
Clayton Kerper Smith, 1303 7th Ave., Oakland, Cal. 


Adam L. Clarke, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frank Nimocks Day, Coal, 123 N. Vine St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Angus Lewis FuUerton, C. E., R. F. D. No. 4, Columbus, Ohio. 

Samuel Boyd Hepburn, N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R., Grand Cent. Depot, 

New York Qty. 
Daniel GrafSn Heylmun, Mt. Morris, N. Y. 
Alfbed Fbeeman Ibvino, East Orange, N. J. Q Nov. 13. 1885. 
Israel Piatt Pardee, Pres. Hazleton Nat. Bank, 235 N.Laurel St., Hazleton, 

Pa. Comm. 2nd Cat. 6th P. G. L., 8th G. L., 1876, 9th P. G. L., 14th 

G. L., 1881. 
Sidney N. Perkins, Norwalk, Ohio. 
Geoboe Robebt Van Reed, Reading, Pa. Q Aug. 12, 1908. 

William Henry Wright, Merchant, 20 Central Ave., Newark, N. J. 



Edward Rutherford Conant, Accountant, 221 Marion Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
Alfred Miller Long, Glass Mfr., 5530 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Henry Daniel Michler, M. D., 134 N. Third St.. Easton, Pa. 
Nicholas Irwin Scott, Norwood St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Charles Baeder Adamson, Mgr. Baeder, Adamson & Co., 76 E. Logan 

St., Germantown, Pa. 
Park Edwards Bell, Steel, 216 Pearl St., New York aty. 
Casper DuU, Lawyer, Front and Pine Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Charles MacAlester, W3rt'heville, Va. 
Barton Pardee, Lock Haven, Pa. 


William Gates Coffin, Pfd. Accident Ins. Co., 290 Broadway, New York 

Alexander Elliott, Counsel Edison Laboratory, Orange, N. J. Q Nov. 

George Bushar Markle, Banker, 219 E. Broad St., Hazleton, Pa. Treas. 

9th G. L. 
Charles Dinsmore Marvin, Banker, 18 Wall St., New York City. 
Henry Millholland, Draftsman, Arcade Bldg., Philadelphia, ra. 
John Maxwell Sherrerd, 340 Spring Garden St., Easton, Pa. 


Isaac Gerhart Eckert, Pres. Farmer's Nat. Bank, Reading, Pa. 

Daniel Coyle Herr, Lawyer, 305 Walnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Perdval Coover Kauffman, Fidelity Trust Co., Tacoma, Wash. V. P. Am. 

Bankers Assn. Shield XXV 360. 
Frank Pardee, Coal, Vine and Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. 


Theodore Adams, Philadelphia, Pa. Q Oct. 1885. 
James Hamill Archer, Denver, Col. 
Frank Eshleman Bachman, Port Heniy, N. Y. 
Austin Farrell, Chemist, Marquette, Mich. 

Benjamin Franklin Harris, Railroad, Phillipsburg, N. J. Q 1900. 
John Markle, Coal, Jeddo, Pa. Shield VII 48. 

KUBENS Peale Patterson, Chemist, Wayne, Pa. Shield XX 126. 
Q Jan. 29, 1906. 


Charles William Davenport, Mfr., 246 W. 9th St., Erie, Pa. Sec. 12th G. L. 

William Joseph McCarter, Erie. Pa. Q Jan., 1898. 

Hany Moore Payne, 2023 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D. C. Sec. 

Auditor D. C. Supreme Court. 
Edward Leicester Plunkett, New York City. Shield VI 33. Q Jan. 

10, 1890. 


260 « 


John Wright CampbeU, P. R. R., 1811 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
William Edward Coleman^ Contractor, 1599 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Valentine Hummel, Harrisburg, Pa. Shield XIX 133. O Dec. 22, 1901. 
Mabk London Htndman. Railroad, Philadelphia, Pa. Q Dec. 15, 1903. 
Alvin MarUe, Pres. Markle Bank, Coal, 221 W. Broad St., Hazleton, Pa. 


Prescott Adanuon, 16 Fischers Lane, Germantown, Pa. 
George Troutman Carter, Pottsville, Pa. Shield XIV 447. 
Hunter Bckert, Reading. Pa. 
William E. HaU, Mfr., Geneva, N. Y. 

WiLUAM John Gaul Yuengling, Pottsville, Pa. 


Harry Bnmdage Casaelbury, M. D., 348 W. Broad St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Lee Smith Clymer, Chemist. Ri^lsville. Pa. 

Thomas William Grant, Coal, Shenandoah, Pa. 

Charles Bdgard Schell, Cashier, Marion, Ohio. 

Frank Phllo Van Saun, 273 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


John A. Grant, Div. Eng. L. V. Coal Co., Shenandoah, Pa. Shield 

XIII 31. Q Feb. 9, 1897. 
John Bucher Hummel, C. £., Harrisburg, Pa. Q Dec., 1887. 
Morris Robeson Sherrerd (Initiated for A '85). 


David Lewis Emanuel, Contractor, 522 Fourth St., Catasauqua, Pa. 
Howard Lincohi Ho£f, Merchant, 802 N. Fifth St., Reading, Pa. 

Lincoln Burd Patterson, Chemist, Box 797, West Duluth. Minn. 


Griffith Robert Lewis, Druggist, Cripple Creek, Col. 

Hennojones Ordonez, Bogota, ColumDia. 

James Greer Woods, Clergyman, Mayaguez, Porto Rico. 


Thomas R. Fretz, Fleetwood, N. J. 

George M. Hertzog, Clergyman, 143 S. Main St., Phoenixville, Pa. 

Clifford K. Read, Hackensack, N. J. 

Disbanded in 1886 


Re-establibhed March 1, 1889 


Robert Collins Bryant, Clergyman, 517 N. Court St., Rodcford, 111. 
Albert Edwin Keigwin, D. D., 139 W. 103id St.. New York Qty. 
William L. Sanderson, Prof. Central H. S., Philadelphia, Pa. 

., Trei 

Albert J. Weisley, Clergyman, 130 N. Warren St., Trenton, N. J. 


Wayne Dmnont, Lawyer, 266 Main St., Paterson, N. J. 

David Leonard Hower, Supt. of Schools, 311 15th St., Honesdale, Pa. 

William Adams Jones, Jr., Teacher, Seitz & Lincoln Sts., Easton, Pa. 

Edward Augustus Louz, Clers^rman, Berwick. Pa. 

Elmer LleweUyn Myers, 158 S. Main St., Wiikes-Barre, Pa. 

Chofks Ham Werner (Aff. with B '92). 


Charles Albertson, White Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Edwin Crosby Chamberlin, M. D., 4 W. 84th St., New York City. 

George Gill Honness, Div. Eng., West Chester Br., Pleasantville, N. Y. 

Wellington La Monte, Long Branch, N. J. 

Joseph Jesse Robinson, Li^er, 76 William St., New York City. 


William Grant Chambers,Westem Univ. of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Frank James Drake, M. D., PhUlipsbuig, N. J. 

Joseph Tompkins Losee, Syndicate Bldg., Patchogue, N. Y. 

Fred Oscar Nightengale, flEuston, Pa. 

GusTAVUS Kabl Voigt, Newark, N. J. Q Dec. 14, 1899. 

Charles William Wagner, Min. Eng., Potteville Club, Potteville, Pa. 


Olin George Andrews Barker, M. D., Johnstown Trust Bldg., Johnstown, 

Reuben John Glick, Lawyer, 7400 E. Independence St.. Shamokin, Pa. 
Albert Fred Hovey, E. E., 19 W. 107th St., New York Qty. 


Frederick Russell Ahbe, Clover Cloft, Athens, Pa. 

Chauncey Lobingier, Lawyer, Frick Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 

David Le Roy Reeves, Sporting Ed. Public Ledger, R. E. Trust Co. Bldg., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hugh Bradford Seymour, Long Branch, N. J. 
John Howard Slocum, Long Branch, N. J. 
Edwin Biirket Twitmyer, F¥of . Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Storrs Myron Bishop, C. E., 9 Parkwood, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Thomas W. Cooper, Ix)ng Branch, N. J. 
Slater Caldwell Garver, Broad St. Station, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rabe Ferguson Marsh, Greensbm-g, Pa. 


Wmim Riduffdaoa Dwiw, (awcncartle, Pk. 

jQlm Leftvitt Griggii, Lawyer, 152 Market St., Pateraon^ N. J. 

Svan C. Jooes, Lawyer, 15 S. Franklin St., Wilkes-Bane, Pa. 

Tlioaias Rowland Jones, Min. Eng.^ W. Diamond Ave., Haileton, P&. 

Hairy Samoel Newman, Govt. Sennce, Washington, D. C. 

John Keati Stewart, Teacher, Shippensbiirg, Pa. 


Fred Oacar Bmm^ 715 S. Kenihrorth Ave., Oak Paik, HI. 
James Conrad Hedonan, Qiemist, 385 Fillnxve Ave., East Aurora, N. Y . 
Charles Hubbard Laridn, V. P. Larkin S014) Co.. Buffafe, N. Y. 
Aitinir Edward Lebo, M. D., 13th and Howard St^ Harrisburg, Pa. 
Robert Sterrett (Aff. from X^ '99). Ist Lieut. 9th Cav. U. S. A., Wash- 
ington, D. C. Shield XVUI 296. 
John Henderson Toong, 1205 Alle^ioiy Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 


John Dtunont Laridn, Asst. Treas. Larkin Soap Co., 336 Tinwood Ave., 

Buflfalo, N. Y. 
John Wallace Stokes, M. D., Easthaim>ton, N. Y. 
James Garrison Stradling, Am. Book Co., ParsoDS & Reeder Sts., Easton, 

Herbert Norttirap Warbasse, Lawyer, 68 Green Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Richard Lewis Toong, 1914 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Joseph Russell Lynes, Rector St. James, Great Barrington, Mass. Ed. 

Shield XXV. Shield XXV 193. 
Robert Huntington Rice, Supt. Forsyth Iron Bed Co., Winston, N. C. 
John William Ruc^, Chemist, Box 182, Hannibal, Mo. 
Horace Enos Sternberg, Craftonville, Cal. 
John Frederick Tim, Lawyer, 306 E. Fairmont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Inslee Blair Greene (Aff. with E^ '02). 

Bruce Edmiston Loomis, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Charles Fox Rumbaugh, Real Estate, 614 Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

William James Williams, Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 


Frank Harper Bissell, E. E. and Arch., 103 Park Ave., New York City. 
Franklin Kaercher Day, Div. Eng. Fidrmont Coal and Coke Co., 900 

Alexander PL, Fairmont, W. Va. 
Harry Hubbard Larkin, 237 North St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Henry Lloyd, Jr., Pitts. Dry Goods Co., 933 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
William Howard Rush, 6214 Walnut St., Pittsbiu-gh, Pa. 


John Charles Skuse, Duluth, Minn. 

George Emanuel Twitmeyer (Aff. from N^ '03) , Adv. Mgr. Peerless Motor 

Car Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Joseph Clyde Twitmeyer (Aff. from N^ '03), Larkin Leather Co., Bufifalo, 


Leonard Gansevoort Bradley, 1107 E. First St., Duluth, Minn. 
David Blah: McLiture, M. D., 6009 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jose^ Maynard Morgan (An. from E^ '02), Adv. Mgr., Poughkeepsie 

Evening Star, 115 Main St., Kingston, N. Y. 
Joseph Wilson Smith, C. E., Erie R. R., Hazleton, Pa. 
William Keams Wightman, 5733 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Harold Atwood Brown, 'Advertising, 30 Vesey St., New York City. 
Walter Bohrer Guy, Lawyer, 422 5th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Tracy Di^ Luccock, Advertising, 815 N. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Herbert Humphries Robertson, 616 Linden Ave., Pittsburi^, Pa. 
Harry Herbert Ruef, P. O. Box 182. Hannibal, Mo. 
Franklm Seltzer Smith, 1523 Oxford St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Frank Wells Stewart, Jr., Lawyer, 111 N. Fourth St., Easton, Pa. 


George Crowell Andrews, C. E., 307 Cayuga St., Fulton, N. Y. 
Paul Raymond Correll, M. D., 2535 S. 18th St^ Philadelphia, Pa. 
James Algernon Darsie, C. E., 1027 Portland St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Samuel George Harvey Robertson, 21 Walnut St., Newark, N. J. 


Charles Robbins Anderson, C. E., Bachmans Boarding House, Hazleton, 

William Frederick Cooper, 112 Kearney St., Kearney, N. J. 
Brastus Raymond Doud, Salesman, P. O. Box 117, Scranton, Pa. 
Walter French Evans (Aff. from N^ '06), Mm. Eng., Sterling Hotel, 

Franklin Furnace, N. J. 
George Ralph Hendrickson, Lawyer Union Trust Co., 260 Washington 

St., Jersey City, N. J. 
Harry Dill Finney, Min. Eng., Easton Sanitarium, Easton, Pa. 
Frank Lester Sherrer, 619 W. 113th St., New York City. 


Alfred Day, 123 N. Vine St., Hazleton, Pa. 

James Wilson Rhoads Engle, N. Laurel St., Hazleton, Pa. 

George Nash Shaeffer (Aff. from E '07), Chemist, 138 East Ave., Lock- 
port, N. Y. Treas. 39th G. L. Sec. 40th G. L. Shield XXIII 6. 

Samuel Hawley Sherrerd, C. E. and E. E., Spanish Am. Iron Co., Felton 
Oriente, Cuba. 


Axtbat WUte Samran. Adv. Mgr. St. Ry. Adv. Co., 4 8. Windsor PI., 

Forest Hills, N. Y. 
Frauds WmMm Suffivsn, Rep. N. Y. MaO, 619 W. 113th St., New York 


Andrew Parinr Wamer (Aff. from X^ '06), Retd Estate, 916 F St., Wash- , 

ington, D. C. | 


George Dande, Mfr., 1411 Westmioflter St., Frovidenoe, R. I. 
WUUam Walker Darsie, Min. Eng., 4716 Wallingford St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
William Moody Evans, 704 Irving Ave.^yracuse, N. Y. 
Bllery Dolson Manley, Sales Agt., 402 W. Church St., Ebnira, N. Y. 


Samuel Kaercher Day, U. S. N., 123 N. Vine St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Tfumuu Albert Oanmm (Aff. with P^ '10). 

Ahram Packer Hays, Harden PL, Munhall, Pa. 

William Blake Hindman, 30 E. 4th St^ Chillioothe. Ohio. 

Clarence William Horr, Salesman, 51 S. 11th St., Newark, N. J. 

Frederick Collier McCutcheonf Sharoeburg. Pa. 

Joseph Oliver Parker, 310 N. Lang Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Arthur Barber Schooley, Clerk, W. 8th St., Wyoming, Pa. * 


Henry Bunn Anderson, Bloomsbury, N. J. 
Clarence Douglas Andrews, Clerk, 341 Reeder St., Easton, Pa. 
Samuel Bingham Luccock, 523 N. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, HI. 
Frederick Adolphus Miller, 23 Maple Ave., Madison, N. J. 
John Herbert Rumbaugh, Teacher, Castle Rock, Wash. 


Henry Bldredge Cole, Salesman, 234 N. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, lU. 

George R. Kaercher Day, 123 N. Vine St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Paul Williams Bmanuel, 522 Fourth St., Catasauqua, Pa. 

George Bdwin Horr, 51 S. 11th St., Newark, N. J. 

George Busbar Markle, Jr., Draftsman, 219 E. Broad St., Haaleton, Pa. 


Charles Webster Andrews, 316 Woodward Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Frank Waits Hanford, 1503 10th Ave.. Seattle, Wash. 
Charles Alexander Hindman, 30 E. 4th St., Chillicothe. Ohio. 
James Hoeveler, Fanner and Huckster, 5th Ave. and Emerson St., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
John Ackley Horn, Salesman, 1040 Northampton St., Elaston, Pa. 
Alexander Vemon Lloyd, 1458 Wi^tman St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Eugene Kearfott Miller, 610 Chestnut St., Scottdale, Pa. 
James Lee Pttrdee, 235 N. Laiurel St., Hasleton, Pa. 


Leonard Carlton Peckitt, 234 Walnut St., Catasauqua, Pa. 
Albert Schreiber, 626 June St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
David Bishop Skillman, 18Q8 Christian St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
CliflPord Marcelle Smith, 610 Loucks Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 


John Riegel Clymer, Riegelsville, Pa. 

Frank Marchand Eyerson, 6324 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Walter Seely Mallory, Paxinosa Ave., Easton, Pa. 

Schuyler Pardee, Diamond Ave. & Vine St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Frederic Anthony Reilly, Pottsville, Pa. 

Vincent Robinson Smi&, 610 Loucks Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 



Established Mat, 1867 
Disbanded about 1880 
Re-established June 6, 1892 
Shield VIII 370, XVII 91 Memorial History 155 


Nathan Pratt Barlow Freeman A. Greene 

Judson Wade Harris Adelbert Jasper Howe 

Charles Green Kingman James Prescott McKinney 

Willis Seaver Paine James MacBride Sterrett 

Nathan Pratt Barlow, Clergyman, 520 Orange St., Greenville, Mich. 


Judson Wade Harris, Clergyman, St. Petersbm'g, Fla. 

Charles Green Kingman, Clergyman, Orange, N. J. Shield XI 219. 

Q Nov. 2, 1892. 
James MacBride Sterrett, D. D., Springland, Pierce Mill Rd., Washington, 

D. C. Prof. Em. George Washington Univ. Shield VIII 153; XII 

121, 147; XIV 471; XXII 110. 


Willis Seaver Paine, LL.D., Plaza Hotel, New York City. Supt. of 
Banking, N. Y. 1888^9. Shield VII 7, VIII 137. 


Freeman A. Greene, Hartland, N. Y. Q Aug. 24, 1900. 
Adelbert Jasper Howe, Publisher, 41 Union Sq., New York City. 
James Prescott McKinney, Adv. Mgr., Cambridge Bldg., New York 

aty. Shield XXV 265. 
Albert w. Morehouse, Educator, Port Byron, N. Y. 


Thomas Hunqerford, Rochester, N. Y. Q April 4, 1878. 

John F. Oaks, M. D., Bank & Ins. Bldg., Dubuque, la. 

Jacob Spahn, Lawyer, Rochester, N. Y. Shield IV 122, VI 25, XII 307, 

XVII 91, XVIII 7, 39-52, Q Feb. 22, 1902. 
Isaac G. Wile, Rochester, N. Y. 



Walter Monteith Glass, Ed. Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co., Rochester, N.Y. 
James MacBride Stebbett, Jr., Washington, D. C. Shield A 406. 

Q Sept. 10, 1894. 
WiUard WeUs Williams, Ed. Telegram, Herald Sq., New York City. 


Arthur Richards Anderson, Lawyer, Ellwanger & B. Bldg., Rochester, 
N. Y. 


Roy Neil Burgess, Standard Oil Co., 36 Central Whf., Boston, Mass. 
James Albert Hamilton, Teacher, 81 W. 181st St., Bronx, New York City. 
Herbert Ira Harris, M. D., Med. Officer U. S. A., Fort Snelling, Minn. 
George Lionel Hayes, Opera Singer, 57 W. 57th St., New York City. 
Freeman Elton McNall, House Fum. and Undertaking, 72 Main St., E., 

Albion, N. Y. 
Frederick Tecumseh Lent, Rochester, N. Y. Shield XI 24. Q Jan. 

29, 1895. 
Harlan Watson Rippey, Lawyer. Powers Blk., Rochester, N. Y. - 
George Merriman Winegar, Cashier Couple Gear Freight Wheel Co., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
William Burt Woodruff, Farmer, ScottsblufF, Neb. 


Wilfred Joseph Craven Craig, Teacher Chestnut Hill School, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Milford Lyman Hakes, Fruit Grower, R. F. D. No. 1, Albion, N. Y. 

Charles Eugene Hyde, Trav. Salesman, 45 E. High St., Detroit, Mich. 

Merwin Watson L^, Lawyer, University Blk., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Charles Gifford Orwen, Poet and* Author, Rochester, N. Y. Q June 
23 1907. 

Herbert Walker Taylor, Dentist, 58 W. 50th St., New York Qty. 

William Israel Tompkins, Structiu-al Eng. Toledo-Massilon Bridge Co. 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Clark James Ttmnn (Aff. with X^ '99). 

Edwin Oscar Wilson, Pastor Emmanuel Baptist, 1 Tiffany Pk., Newark, N.J. 


WiUard Fosifir DooHtUe (Aff. with I^ '00). 

George Francis Gomph, Electrician, Pittsford, N. Y. 

James Franklin Keeler, Lawyer, Powers Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 

James Ryan Martin, Lawyer, Honeoye Falls, N. Y. 

Walter Bosworth Clarke, Cal. Nursery Co., Niles, Cal. 
Edward Dyer Hardy, Prin. P. S. No. 9, 506 Pennsylvania Ave., Elmira, N.Y. 
Albert Joseph Kennedy, Ph.D., Sociologist, 20 Union Pk., Boston, Mass. 
Eugene Charles Roeser, Real Estate, 1486 St. Paul St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Arthur Richmond Tower (Aff. with T^ '01). 

Charles William Watkeys, Prof. Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. 
Percy Frank Wils^on, Editor, Memphis, Tenn. Q Jan., 1906. 



Frederick Clarence DePuy, Arch. Draftsmu), 670 BloBsom Rd., Rochester, 

James Albert Gosnell, Lawyer, Chamber of Commerce Bide., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Ray Hemy Hart, Teacher, Barrin^r H. S., Newark, N. J. 
Ellis Earie Lawton, Ph.D.. Prof. Denison Univ., Granville, Ohio. 
William Hemy Salmon, Elbridge Engine Co., Rochester, N. Y. 
James Sanford Vail, Bookkeeper, 36 Colby St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Arthur Sidney Whiibeck (Aff. with B '03). 


William Elmore Drake, Lumber, Albuquerque, N. M. Shield XXIV 

253. a March 18, 1908. 
Charles Lane Hincher, M. D., 260 North St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Fred Seward Holbrook, Lawyer, Spenoerport, N. Y. 
William Francis Love, Lawyer, Ellwanger and B. Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 
Hiram Sibley Schumacher, M. D., 1056 Clinton Ave., N., Rochester, N. Y. 


William Francis Croston, Eng. Roch. Ry. & Light Co., Rochester, N. Y. 
Fred Elmer Gladwin, N. Y. State Nursery Inspector, 67 Tremont St., 

Rochester N. Y 
William Morse Hastings, Teacher, 36 N. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Joseph Patrick Hogan, Asst. Dist. Atty., 23 Glasgow St., Rochester, N. Y. 
William Herman Henry Intemann, Am. Lith. Co., New York City. 
William John Richter, Lawyer. 900 South Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
George Hayden Rounds, Hotel, Parker House, Boston, Mass. 
Frank Edward Winter, Lawyer, Wilder Bljig., Rochester, N. Y. 


Frederick Warner Drake, Supt. Santa Barbara Tie and Pole Co., Hodges, 
N. M. 

John Raymond Dunn, Real Estate, Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Roches- 
ter, N. Y. 

Frederick Gustave Erbe, Office Fixtures, Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Charles Palmer Jackman, Laundry, 9 WiUiam St., Palmyra, N. Y. 

Carl Paul, Real Estate, Highland and Clinton Ave^ Rochester, N. Y. 

Clarence Herbert Spiehler, Eng. Dayton Lighting Co., Dayton, Ohio. 


Raymond Lewis Sattler, C. E., 267 Jefferson Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Harry John Simmelink, C. E., 17 Oregon St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Charles Arthur Simpson, Fifth Ave. Bank, New York City. 
James Hungerford »nidi. Chemist, 238 Eklgerton St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Martin F. Tieman, Bacteriologist Moore Filter Co., 170 Broadway, New 
York aty. 



Eldred Selden Brandt, Produce, Ontario Center, N. Y. 

Earle Morse C^p, Sugar Cane Ene., Charlotte, N. Y. 

George Henry Cushing, Hingham, Mass. 

Harold Benton Gilbert, Merchant, Avon, N. Y. 

Fred Raymond Lewis, M. D., Charlotte, N. Y. 

George Truman Palmer, Sanitary £ng. M. I. T., Boston, Mass. 

Charles Pool Rehasz, Eng. Dept. U. P. R. R., Kansas City, Mo. 

Harold Osbom Stewart, £. E. Koch. Ry. & Light Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

Edgar Charles Taggart, Asst. Supt. Pa. Steel Co., Steelton, Pa. 

Henry Lincoln Wilder, Chemist Pa. Steel Co., Steelton, Pa. 


Ernest Franklin Barker, Instr. Univ. of Rochester, 56} Hamilton St., 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Thomas James Fulton, Diamond Rubber Co., New York City. 
Joseph Lewis OXonnor, Reporter, 32 Jefferson Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Arthur Thomas Pammenter, Lawver, German Ins. Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 
James Joseph Tighe, Ch. Clerk N. Y. C. Signal Dept., Rochester, N. Y. 
Clayton Irving Ward, 1240 N. Euclid Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 
Samuel Young Whitehouse, Teacher, Grass River, Man. 


Frederick McGuire Buckley, Silk Mfr., Boonville, N. Y. 
Jose^ Edward Harrington. 45 Melvin St.. Wakefield, Mass. 
Leo Dann Hayes, Diamona Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio. 
Frank Alien Jones, Montour Falls, N. Y. 
Harry Albert May, Sec. Crown Optical Co., Rochester, N. Y. 
Leon James Russell, Asst. Prin. H. S. Towanda, Pa. 


Francis Edward Cassidy, 26 High St.; Webster, Mass. 

Thomas Arthur Connor, 12 Champlam St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Frank Seymour Dana, Ins., 33 Joslyn PL, Rochester, N. Y. 

Roswell Millard Eldridge, Trav. Salesman, Livonia, N. Y. 

William Henry Irvine, Lawyer, 9 King St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Edward Jose|3i Keiber, 418 Hayward Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Raymond HiUary McSIinney, Publisher's Representative, 334 Fifth Ave., 

New York City. 
Arthur Woodruff Morrison, Selden Motor Works, 24 Vick Pk. A., Rochester, 

Fred Callender Moses, Draftsman, 1941 LaMirada Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
William Francis Skuse, 90 Belmont St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Frederick Charles Armbruster, Candy Mfr., 214 Central Pk., Rochester, 

George James Barnes, Asst. Supt. Export Dept. C. T. Ham Mfg. Co., 

Rochester, N. Y. 
John Maurice Foley (Aff. with T^ '12). 


Oakley Fumey (AS. with T^ 42). 

John Carl Hageman, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Clarence Monroe Hedges, Undertaker, 100 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Donald John MacPherson, Palmyra. N. Y. 

Selden Everest May, 241 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

John Lowe Short, Honeoye, N. Y. 


Samuel Dean Adams, 61 Field St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Walter Reynolds Converse, Palmyra, N. Y. 

Harry Menill Damon, Proofreader, 11 Eagle St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Harvey James Hauck, 98 Huntington Pk., Rochester, N. Y. 

David Ftice, Trav. Salesman, Peckville, Pa. 

Earl Burt Taylor, Pahnyra, N. Y. 

1913 ^ 

James Jenner Hennessey, Palmyra, N. Y. 

ypm Powers Reed, 540 W. 122nd St., New York City. 

Harold Sawyer, 31 Rundel Pk., Rochester, N. Y. 

James Dumont Stone, Druggist, 104 West Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

&dward Cleveland Strauchen, 309 Portland Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Clifford Johnson Walton, Palmyra, N. Y. 


Ludan Clark Bareham, Palmyra, N. Y. 
Frederick James Converse, Palmyra, N. Y. 
Oliver Perry Guthrie, Palmyra. N. Y. 
John Lees Hilton, 57 Avenue D, Rochester, N. Y. 



Name Changed from Columbian Univebsitt, 
September 1, 1904 

Established March 26, 1896 

Shield XII 131 Memorial History 264 


Joseph Fauntleroy Barnes Edmund Kemper Broadus 

George Roscoe Davis Elliott Johnstone Dent 

Joseph Finckel Donald Calvert Fugitt 

George Wadsworth Gordon Victor Lewis Mason 

Stanton Canfield Peelle Edward Alfred Flatter 

Henry Rogers Pyne Henry Hatch Dent Sterrett 

Robert Sterrett 

Henry Rogers Pyne, Teacher, Morns H. S., Bronx, New York City. 

George Roscoe Davis, Lawyer, Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

Edward Alfred Flatter, Teacher, Denver, Col. Q Aug. 16, 1907. 


Edmund Kemper Broadus, Teacher Univ. of Alberta, Strathcona, Alta. 
Joseph Finckel, Teacher Business H. S., Washington, D. C. 
Victor Louis Mason, 11 Pine St., New York City. Chairman N. J. Inter- 
state Bridge Comm. Fres. Passaic Board of Trade. 

Henry Hatch Dent Sterrett (Aff. with I '99). 


John Henrt Ai/tschu, Lawyer, Washington, D. C. Shield XXI 360. 

Q July 8, 1905. 
Jose^ Fauntleroy Barnes, Capt. 2nd Field Art. U. S. A., Washington, 

D. C. 


276 X^ 

Elliott Johnstone Dent, Capt. £ng. Corps U. S. A., Washiiigton, D. C. 

Donald Calvert Fugitt (AS. with N^ '99). 

George Wadsworfii Gordon, Lawyer, Borland Bldg., Chicaeo, 111. 

William Saunders Manning, M. D., Atlantic Nat. Bank Bldg., Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

Stanton Canfield Peelle, Lawyer, 1416 F St., Washington, D. C. Ist 
Asst. U. S. Atty. for D. C. 40. Shield XXVI 289. 

Robert SterreU (AS. with * '99). 

Clark James Twinn (Aff. from X '99), Lawyer, City Court Bldg., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 


Horace Fbost Ashford, Washington, D. C. Q Nov. 17, 1901. 
George Griffith Chase, Lawyer St. L. Union Trust Co., St. Louis, Mo. 
Harry Tennvson Domer, Real Estate, 727 15th St., Washington, D. C. 
William Wefr Gilliss, Clergyman, 86 Locust St., Dover, N. H. 
Gilbert Walker Kelly, Ed. Scott, Foresman Pub. Co., 378 Wabash Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Melville Wilmer Lindsay, Alexandria. Va. Q July 6, 1901. 
Henry Joseph McKenney, 1st Lt. 13th Cav. U. S. A., Washington, D. C. 

Shield XVIII 192, 352. 
Gustavus Lane Monroe, Jr., Dept. of State, Washington, D. C. 
Arthur Prince Spear, Artist, 11 Hamilton PL, Boston, Mass. Shield 

XXV 285 298. 
William Douglas SterreU (AS. with I '01). 
Jesse Henry Wilson, Jr. (Aff. with B '00). 


Charles Nelson Dunham, Merchant, La Crosse. Wis. 
Nathaniel Emmons Robinson, Govt. Clerk, Park Ave., Brightwoodj D. C. 
Norman Underwood, Chemist Bureau of Eng. and Printing, Washmgton, 
D. C. 


Frank Haworth Hiatt, Govt. Clerk Dept. of Agric, Washington, D. C. 

Rolland Bryant Moore, Reporter, 233 Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

ArOey Beeber Parson (Aff. with I '03). 

Paul Sperry, Clergyman, 25 Fuller St., Brockton, Mass. 

Douglas Bouvard Sterrett, Geologist U. S. Geol. Survey, Washington, D. C. 

Corridon Heath Trickey, Mgr., 1036 54th St., Oakland, Cal. 


Mahlon Ashford, Capt. and Surgeon Med. Corps U. S. A., Washington, 

D. C. 
Zenus Francis Bamum, Investments, 1005 Wertland St., Charlottesville, 

Halsey Dtmwoody, 1st Lt. Coast Artillery, U. S. A. Washington, D. C. 
Rastus Ransom Norris, M. D., 211 S. Somerset Ave., Crisfield, Md. 



Ernest Barbour, Arch., Monadnock Blk., Chicago, HI. 

John Homer Deis, Clergyman, 110 B St., 8. £., Washington, D. C. 

Royal Wilbur France (AF. from ^ '05), Lawyer, 2 Rector St., New York 

David Albert Hardester, Machinist Navy Yard, Congress Heights, D. C. 
James Ewin Lamb, Teacher McKinley Man. Tr. S., Washington, D. C. 
Josiah Julian Obear, Druggist, Winnsboro, S. C. 
Donald Parson (AS. with I '05). 

Van Albert Potter, Real Estate, 67 Jackson Ave., Long Island Ci^, N. Y. 
Llewellyn Powell, M. D., 201 N. Washington St., Alexandria, Ya. 
WiUtam Samud lUnoUmi (AS. with B '07). 
Charles LeRoy Swindell, M. D., Black Creek, N. C. 


Frederick Wilhelm Albert, Mech. Eng., District Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

Ed. Shield XXV-XXVII. 
Enoch Aquila Chase, Lawyer, Bond Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
CuUom Holmes Ferrell, Agt. Automobile Co., 1328 14th St., Washington, 

D. C. 
Norman Percy Foster (AS. with M^ '06). 

Charles Nichols Gregory,. E. E., Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Frank RoberU Haoenner (AS. with A^ '07 and H^ '07). 
Lorin Charles Pomrs (AS. with K '05). 

Delos Hamilton Smith, Arch., 1905 F St., Washington, D. C. 
SheiMrd Strong, Real Estate, Williamson Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Walter Howell Lee, Shorthand Rep,, 1415 G St., Washington, D. C. 
Freeland Chew Lyman, C. E., District Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
James Patrick Mewshaw, Mfrs. Rep.. Evans Bldg., Waslungton, D. C. 
Charles Hook Tompkins (Aff. from N ^06), C. E., 149 Rhode Island Ave., 

Washington, D. C. 
Andrew Parker Warner (AS. with ^ '08). 
William Kemper West, Lawyer, Washington, D. C. Q April 17, 1911. 


Curtis Beall Backus, C. E., Jefature, Havana, Cuba. 

Woolman Gibson Emory, 2nd Lt. Ist Brig. U. S. Marine Corps, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Walter Merwin Gilbert, Asst. Sec. Carnegie Inst., Washington, D. C. 
Sec. 39th G.L. Shield XXIII 4. 

Edwin Hauptman King, C. E. Steel Products Co., Frick Bldg., Pittsburgh, 

Bruce Magruder, 2nd Lieut, 18th Inf. U. S. A., Washington, D. C. 

Lucius Randolph Mason, Lawyer, Colorado Bldg., Washu^on, D. C. 

Thomas Richard Senior, Jr. (Aff. from N^ '07), C. E. Disfrict Bldg., 
Washington, D. C. 

John Adlum Sterrett, E. E., Spring! md, Pierce Mill Rd., Washington,D. C. 

278 XA 


George Tinney Bean, Patent Atty.. PeoiUL SI. 

'^niliam Barnard Cmtis, Chemist, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Krancis Raymond French, Salesman Abbott Motor Co., Detroit, Mich. 

John Stealey Hursey, Lumber, Para^n Bldg., Asheville. N. C. 

Marshall Magruder, 2nd lieut. 6th Field Artmery, U. S. A., Washington, 

Robert Blaine Purgeix, Lovettsville, Va. O June 24, 1906. 
Hans Frederick Arthur Schoenfeld, Dept. of State. Washington, D. C. 
Arha Nelson Tmdall, Real Estate, Leary Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
William James Turkenton» C. £., 1513 33rd St., Washington, D. C. 
Stewart van Vliet. Ranchman, Ranch 66, Santa Fe, N. M. 
RoBEBT David Weaver, Jr., Washington, D. C. O April 23, 1906. 
Frank Hvbbd WeH (AS. with F^ '09). 


WiUiam Alden Badtus (AS. with B '10). 

James Everett Bacon, Real Estate, Steamboat Springs, Col. 

William Horatio Bamum, Sec. U. S. C. C. of Appeals, San Francisco, Cal. 

Ralph Brodie, Designer, 2336 S. Dakota Ave., Washington, D. C. 

James Dtmhar Dodson, Lawyer, 1714 F St., Washington, D. C. 

WiUlam Erse Lamb, 1322 I St., Washington, D. C. 

Ralph Finley McElfresh (Aff. from N^ '11), C. £., 309 M St., Washington, 

D. C. Treas. 40th G. L. Shield XXIV 90. 
Roy Lyman Joseph Newhouser, Real Estate, Bond Bldg., Washington, D.C. 
James Thomas Sherier, Jr., Lawyer, 1429 New York Ave., Washington, 



Charles Chester Caywood, Lawyer, 1231 New York Ave., Washington, D.C. 
Clyde Davis Garrett, Lawyer, 1231 New Yoric Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Treas. 40th and 41st G. L. Shield XXV 111. 
Albert Julian Hendley (Afif. with and from 2^ '11). Reclamation Service, 

Boise, Idaho. 
Claude Henry McCray (Aff. from S '07), Lawyer, Fredonia, N. Y. 
Henry Bernard Myers, Draftsman, 729 15th St., Washington, D. C. 
Charles Henry Nidiols, Reporter, San Frandsoo, Cal. 
FraneU Eugene IKorrm (Aff. with K^ '11). 

Julian Wytiie Whiting, Lawyer, District Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
Donald '^^Ihelm, 426 Holgate Ave., Defiance, Ohio. 


Albert "^^niliam Bryan, Dept. of State, Washington, D. C. 

MatUiew Singleton Farmer, Lawyer, 154 A St., N. £., Washington, D. C. 

George Vernon Graham, Ih^tsman, Martinsburg, West Va. 

Robert Garland Irby, Music Pub., New Orleans, La. 

John Haworth Johnson Lower, C. E., N. Y. C. A H. R. R. R., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Kenneth Puller Mazcy, 1118 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, D. C. 

John Dashiell Myers, Patent Atty., Camden, N. J. 

John Palmer Wilbur, Conmi. Merchant, 165 Duane St., New York City. 



Eugene Wel>8ter Bond, Lawyer, 902 F St., Washington, D. C. 

Lewis Franklin Bond, Clerk Dist. Nat. Bank, WaeSington, D. C. 

Myron Seaton Curtis, Chew Chase, Md. 

Roswell Dague, Reporter, 509 Tdegraph Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Harold Keats, 1806 8 St., Washington, D. C. 

Arthur Pierce Middleton, Asst. Paymaster, U. S. N., Washington, D. C. 

William David Ryan, Jr., Lawyer, Conmierce Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 


Orland Campbell, 1343 Harvard St., Washington, D. C. 
Howard Willdnson Hodgkins, 1830 T St., Washington, D. C. 
Ralph Hospital, 3500 Fifteenth St., Brookland, D. C. 
John Naylor Swartzell, 2117 Bancroft Fl., Washington, D. C. 


Reamer Welker Argo, Hyattsville, Md. 

Alvin McCreary Brown, Kenilworth, D. C. 

Harry Guy Chase, 320 Maryland Ave., N. E.^ Washington, D. C. 

Hope Haines Falconer, 9 S St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Charles Carr McCubbin, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Allison Naylor Miller, Highland Ave., Cleveland Pk., D. C. 

Norman Ticknor Raymond, 1486 Chapen St., Washington, D. C. 



Established Mabch 13, 18^ 

Mbmobial History 156 


John L. Bachman Robert L. Bachman 

Byron A. Benedict Eugene G. Cheeseman 

Jereboah M. Chrysler Kirk P. Grand all 

Aaa Bowles Clark Dickinson George £. Draper 

James H. Ecob Ashbd Norton FUek 

Erwin Colton Hull Thomas Darlington Jester 

Charles F. Janes William J. Jones 

John McLachlan Edwin A. MgMath 

Albert B. Robinson Charles A. Wetmore 

Martin VanBurbn Ward, Oil, Duke Center, Pa. 

John H. Cunningham, Collector of Customs, 546 W. 157th St., New York 


Wallace B. Lucas, Clergyman, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Hannibal Smith, Lawyer, Watertown, N. Y. 

Frederick E. Barnard, Lawyer, 229 Broadway, New York City. 
Rufus S. Green, Real Estate, Westfield. N. J. Shield IX 189. 
John Wilford Jacks, Clergyman, 48 Elmwood Ave., Geneva, N. Y. 
John T. Knox, Lawyer, Perm Yann, N. Y. 


Charles F. Janes, Clergyman, Onandaga Valley, N. Y. O Dec. 4, 1909. 

WilHam J. Jones, D. D., Evangelist, Ambler, Pa. 

Albert B. Robinson, Clergyman, Steinway Hall, New York City. 


Eugene G. Cheeseman, Clergyman, Skaneateles, N. Y. 
Jeremiah M. Chrysler, Clernrman, Bradford, Mass. 
KiBX P. Crandall, Ithaca, N. Y. Q Apr. 5, 1910. 


282 ^r 

George E. Draper, Lawyer, Sidney, la. 

Tames H. Ecob, ClerKyman, Gilbertsville, N. Y. Convention Poet 1870. 

Erwin Colton Htilly Cl^rffyman, Jasper, N. Y. 

Charles A. Wetmore, Leicester, N. Y. CI July 6, 1874. 


John L. Bachman, Clergyman, Sweetwater, Tenn. 

Thomas Darlington Jester, Clergyman, Pleasant Plains, N. Y. 

John McLachlan, Clergyman, Binghamton, N. Y. Shield XIX 317, 

Q July 17, 1903. 
Edwin A. McMath, Webster, N. Y. Shield XIV 356. Q Aug. 20, 1898. 


Robert L. Bachman, D. D., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Bybon a. Benedict, Cortland, N. Y. Q March 16, 1908. 

Albert Bushnell, Lumber, 903 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo. 

Elbert W. Cummins, Printer, Barre, Vt. 

Asa Bowles Clark Diekinson {AS. with B 71). 

Ashhd Norton FUch (Aff. with B 71). 


Nathan LaFatette Bachman, Journalist, Fresno, Cal. Cal. Assembly 
1894-05. 10th P. G. L., 15th G. L., 1882. Unanimously re-elected 
Preadent of the 16th G. L. in 1883, but could not accept. Shield 
VII 257, XIV 267, XIX 167. Q April 14. 1903. 

Asa Gardner Benedict, Ins., 420 W. 121st St., New York City. 16th 
P. G. L., 25th and 26th G. L., 1892. Shield VHI 451. 

John W. Chubch, Norwich, N. Y. Treas. 3rd G. L. Q Jan. 7, 1901. 

Henry French, Lawyer, Kansas City, Mo. 

James Richards Robinson, Clergyman, Brookton, N. Y. 


Rodolphus Charles Briggs, Canning, Rome, N. Y. Treas. 6th G. L. 
Charles T. Burnley, Cler^onan, Hudson. Wis. 
David W. Homing, M. D., Pillsbury Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
EUjah M. Rewey, Ed. Oflf. N. Y. Sun, 382 Ninth St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


John W. Babylon, Baltimore, Md. 

Adelbert S. Coates, D. D., Berkeley, Cal. 

Mabc E. Cook, Utica, N. Y. Shield IV 71. Q Oct. 4, 1882. 

Francis H. Robinson, Presb. Missionary, 140 State St., Reno, Nev. 


William Wallace Dawley, D. D., Pastor Central Baptist, 512 Wahiut 

Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Shield VIII 157* 
C. H. Gaston, Clergyman, Evan's Mills, N. Y. D Feb. 24, 1881. 
Milton W. George, Lawyer, Petoskey, Mich. Shield II 233, XI 233. 

Q Aug. 8, 1895. 
W. J. McKinney Phipps, Rotherwood, Tenn. 
Emmett H. Sharon, lawyer, Davenport, Ia« Mayor of Laporte, City 

Atty. of Davenport. 



Clarence Lindsley Barber, Afet. Corp. Counsel, 500 W. 144th St., New 

York aty. 
Newton W. Cadwell, Pastor Olivet Presbyterian, Atlantic City, N. J. 
Sidney W. Petrie, Lawyer, Federal Bldg., Buffisdo, N. Y. 
William Percy Ludan Stafford, Lawyer, Bullard Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Charles L. Adams, Lawyer, Watertown, N. Y. Surrogate 1896-09. 

Shield XXV 319. Q Oct. 15, 1909. 
John G. Blue, Pastor Pasadena Presbyterian, 629 Catalina Ave., Pasadena, 

Cal. Sec. 9th G. L. 
Harlow E. Bundy, Time Clocks, Endicott, N. Y. 
William C. McAdam, Lawyer, Utica, N. Y. Q April, 1908. 


Seward D. Allen, Lawyer, 576 High St., Eugene, Ore. Sec. 10th G. L. 

Shield Vni 165. 
Frank H. Hall, Real Estate, 1020 Third St., San Diego, Cal. 
James McLadUan, Lawyer, Pasadena, Cal. M. C. 54th, 57th-62nd. 


Lawrence W. Baxter, Lawyer, Crozar Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Herbert H. Getman, Lawyer, Commerce Bldg., Kansas Qty, Mo. 

James P. Olney, Ft. Stanwix Cannins Co., Rome, N. Y. 

Clarence Steuben Palmer, Lawyer, N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Lotus N. Southwortli, Lawyer, Martin Bldg., Utica, N. Y. 

James S. Spbncer, Lawyer, Franklin, N. J. Q Oct., 1888. 


Frank R. Bradt, Skaneateles, N. Y. 

Albert D. Getman, M. D., Richfield Springs, N. Y. Q May 16, 1907. 

William B. Morrow, M. D., Walton, N. Y. 

Chables M. Pabkhxtbst, Duluth, Minn. Q May 22, 1894. 

Edward S. Petrie, Druggist, 239 Lexington Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Charies A. Borst, Mining, Clinton, N. Y. 

LCorwin Jacks, Fruit, Batavia, N. Y. 
ward Lyons, Lawver, Redfield, N. Y. 
A. C. McLachlan, Ph.D., Prin. State N. S^ Jamaica, Jj. I. 
Joseph W. Nichols, Broker, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Samuel Fred Nixon, Lawyer, Westfield, N. Y. Speaker Assembly 
1899-01. Treas. 12th G. L. Shield XV 25, XXI 402. Q Oct. 10, 1905. 
Frank D. Westcott, Laundry, 84 Charlotte St., Utica, N. Y. 


Calvin N. Kendall, Comm. of Education of N. J., Trenton, N. J. Shield 

XVI 306, XX 273. 
N. Archibald Shaw, Prin. Hamilton Inst., 45 W. 8l8t St., New York City. 
Bradford W. Sherwood, M. D., 1117 S. SaUna St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

284 V 


Cmoa L. Bates, GktsymaD, Lake Gty, Minn. 

Thomas HamiltiMi Lae, Lawyer, Haventeaw, N. Y. Dist. Atty. 


Charies W. Allen. Teacher, CooperBtown, N. Y. 

Johi D. Cvy (A£F. with I '85). 

Irriiig Nelson Gere, Qothing, 535 Oak St., Qyiacuee, N. Y. 

Arthur R. Getman, Teacher, Ridifiekl SpringB, N. Y. 

James B. Hastmcs, Teacher, Ekbedge, N. J. 

RAin>oii>H B. &T1IOUB, Prin. BuBmeBB Coll., l^inngBeki, 01. O 1906. 


Geoife P. Lawyer, Lawyer, 79 Chapel St., Albany, N. Y. Treas. 16th 

G. L., Sec. 17th G. L. 
Emoty Wood Rnmles, M. D., 348 Univeraity Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Fredebick Josl Swift, Lawyer, New York Qty. O Oct. 22, 1907. 


Edwin Hart Jenks, D. D., Omaha, Ndi>. 

James Beveridge Lee, D. D., Pastor St. Paul's Presbyterian, 15 Elliott 

Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
John Chester Mason, lAwyer, 55 £. Main St., Johnstown, N. Y. N. Y. 


William G. Mnlligan, Lawyer, 727 Tremont Ave., New York Qty. 
Mtbon Elfobd Powbbs, Oxford, N. Y. O Nov. 15, 1906. 
Lunan L. '^Hlcox, Qeigyman, 138 Ehn St., Worcester, MasB. 


SHEiOfAN W. Bbown, QerKyman, Spencer, Mass. O March, 1901. 

R. Irving Davis, Ins., littie Falls, N. Y. O Oct. 22, 1906. 

John B. Hnber, M. D., 56th St. and Park Ave., New York Qty. Shield 

XXVI 48. 
Frederick G. Ferine, Advertising, 8 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 
Frederick P. Pierce,^Eng. N. Y. C, 277 Broadway, New York Qty. 
Benjamm G. Robhins/Dept. of Custom8.U08 S. Elliott PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Joel J. Sqnier, Lawyer, Hall of Recoros, New York Qty. 
Clark Holmes Timarman (Aff. with B '87). 


John H. Avers, Police Lieut., 853 E. 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Frank J. Lemon, Westmoreland, N. Y. Shield VII 41, 173. O Nov. 
27, 1890. 


Charles W. E. Chapin, aergyman, Clinton, N. Y. Shield XVIII 270. 

Q May 1, 1902. 
John Herbert Psrdee, Electric R. R., 43 Exchange PL, New York Q^. 
James Deimison Rogers, Ph.D., Dean James Mill&en Univ., Decatur^ III. 
Leroy B. WaUanis, Lawyer, Syr. Sav. Bank Bldg., Syracuse, N. ¥ . 



Robert Benedict Ferine, Pastor Emmanuel, 545 Chenango St., Bingham- 

ton, N. Y. 
Edwin H. Willard, Foreman Herald Dispatch, 234 Grove PL, Utica, N. Y. 


Charles Madison Dodge, Pastor Bethany, 179 Elizabeth St., Utica, N. Y. 
Duncan Campbell Lee, Villa Vorghese, Rome, Italy. Sec. 23rd G. L. 

Comm. 3rd Cat. Ed. Shield XXII. Shield IX 5, X 209, XII 368, 

XX 192. 
Henry W. Maier, Pastor First Congregational, New Britain, Conn. 
Barton W. Perry, Chaplain 3rd Field Artmery, U. S. A., Fort Sam Houston, 



Merlin C. Findlay, Prof. Park ColL. Parkville, Mo. 

John B. Hooker, Jr., Printer, Fly Qreek, N. Y. 

Charles T. Ives, Lawyer, 11 Bedford Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Horatio Z. Jenkins, The Press, 1 Spring St., Utica, N. Y. 

Herbert E. Wilford, Teacher DeWitt CUnton H. S., 107 3rd St., Ehnhurst, 

L. I. 
Nathaniel Pliny Willis, Lawyer, Cooperstown, N. Y. Surrogate. 


John Gailey Campbell, M. D., 7413 Princeton Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Atubrew Boifd mfiUon (AS, with I^ '93). 
George C. Hayes, Ins., Booneville, N. Y. 


Edward Snow Foster, Packer, 2620 Shields Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William H. Freeman, Southport, N. Y. 
John A. Hill, M. D., 369 W. 118th St., New York aty. 
Edwin L. Rice, Shrewsbury, Mass. 


Clarence S. Bums, Grocer, Delhi, N. Y. 

James Henry Foster, Teacher, 940 Fox St., New York City. 

Joseph I. France, 15 Mt. Vernon PL, Baltimore, Md. 

John Harvey Lee, Clergyman, 6135 Green St., Germantown, Pa. 

Oscar Adelbert Knox (Aflf. from '96), Colorado Springs, Col. 

David Givilim George, Lawyer, 31 Nassau Street, New York City. 

286 y 


James R. Bachman, Sweetwater, Tenn. 

James Ellory Bristol, Carriaffes, 502 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Carl German Cunnfagham, Journalist, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Harry Earle, Clinton, N. Y. 

Clemens James France, Lawyer, Alaska Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 


Thomas Clyde Cheney, Asst. Prin. Hamilton Inst., 45 W. 81st St., New 

York City. 
Frederick Haines Cimningham, Lawyer, 114 E. 28th St., New York City. 
Warner E. Danford, Hardware, Sodus, N. Y. 
Joseph Eckman, Iron Mining, Pulaski, Va. 
Edward Judson Humeston, Asst. Pastor Calvary Presbyterian, 2204 

Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
William J. Maier, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 


Clifton H. BuskneU (Aff. with T^ *00). 

Frank Morey Weston, Pastor Brighton Presb3rterian, 663 East Ave., 
Rochester, N. Y. 


Warren John McLaughlin, Lawyer, Holland Blk., lima, Ohio. 


Daniel Randies Campbell, Teacher, Utica, N. Y. 
Charles William Lewis, Supt. of Schools, Canton, N. Y. 
Irving Samuel Wood, Lawyer, White Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Stuart Banyer Blakely, M. D., Roosevelt Hospital, New York City. 
Paul Tompkins Harper, M. D., 4 Chestnut St.. Albany, N. Y. 
Thomas I>urelle McLaughlin, Lawyer, Central Bldg., Lima, Ohio. 
Frank Lee Putnam, Johnstown, N. Y. Q 1906. 


Cameron Handel Bristol, Elec. Supplies, 1024 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Chester C. Campbell, Westchester, Pa. 

Seward E. Edgerton, Denver Dry Goods Co., Denver, Col. 

Louis John Ehret, 1197 Park Ave., New York City. 

Charles Gibson McGaffin, M. D., Insane Hospital, Taunton, Mass. 

George Ellas Wisewell, Teacher, Phelps, N. Y. 


John Clark Dean, Missionary, Am. Church Mission, Wuhu, China. 
Raymond Davis Eysaman, Teacher, Stone School, Comwall-on-Hudson, 

N. Y. 
Rcyyal WiUmr France (Aff. with X^ '04). 

Edward Campbell Maclntyre, Glove Mfr., Johnstown, N. Y. 
William Dajrton Rogers, Surveyor Lucky Tiger Min. Co., Sonora, Mex. 



Howard Wright Benedict, Telei>hone, Lockport. N. Y. 

Jedediah Howard Edgerton, Prin. Springdale H. S., Springdale, Pa. 

James WUford Kellogg, Bacteriologist State Laboratory of Hygiene, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Selden Talcott Kinnqr, M. D., Easton, Pa. 
Merwyn Humiihrey ifellis, Lawyer, 13 N. Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. Sec. 

37th G.L. Shield XXI 79. 


Frank Charles Brown, Larkin Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Norman W. Getman, M. D., 3311 Windsor Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Donald H. T, MiUer (Aff. with P^ W). 

Wilson Rood, Lawyer, Westfield, N. Y. 

Charles Evelyn Rynd, M. D., Westfield, N. Y. 


QUbert W, Benedict (Aff. with M^ '08). 

James H. Goodier, Lawyer, 22 Jewett PL, Utica, N. Y. 

Robert Bouton Hull, Surveyor Ray Consol. Copper Co., Kelvin, Ariz. 

Wintiirop Huntington Kellogx, Batavia, N. Y. 

Walker McMartin, Teacher, Fonce, Porto Rico. 

Charles G. Watson, Westfield, N. Y. 

Leonard Albert Watson, Westfield, N. Y. 


Homer Charles Evans, Richfield Springs, N. Y. 
Fred Emng Gooding (Aff. with T^ '10). 

Alexander Humphreys Woollcott, N. Y. Times, 34 W. 12th St., New 
York aty. 


Benn Barber, 500 W. 144th St., New York Qty. 

Howard Spencer Brasted, 9 Church St., Homell, N. Y. 

Pliny Baxter Fiske, Byron, N. Y. 

Horace Griffith Getman, 3311 Windsor Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Edward Weekes Robinson, Brookton, N. Y. 

Henry Harper Swift, Mohawk, N. Y. 


James Wallace Flagler (Aff. with and from S^ '11), Westfield, N. Y. 

Albert Alton Getman, Oneonta, N. Y. 

William Carlton Westcott, 25 Grant St., Utica, N. Y. 


Paul Russel Baird,' Johnstown, N. Y. 
. James Douglas Erskine, 36 Valentine St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
James Ralston Grant, Tremont PL, Orange, N. J. 
Fentmore Bennett Ljinch, Oneonta, N. Y. 
George Redfidd Nixon (Aff. with B '12). 

288 T 


Clarence Undaiw Barber, Jr., 600 W. 144ih St., New York City. 

ThomaB Arthur Dalrymiile, 316 W. 94th St., New York Qty. 

Henry Herbert Jesami, 62 £. 77th St., New York Qty. 

Earl Ruaaell Lewis, Canton, N. Y. 

Shbbman Pratt Pabsgns, Detroit. Mich. Q 1911. 

Willett B. Sherwood, Prospect Pk., Ridgewood, N. J. 


Hamilton Schaeffer Frazine, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Thomas Hamilton Lee, Jr., Stony Point, N. Y. 
Archibald Kent McGowen, Ilion, N. Y. 
David Avery Woodcock, Passaic, N. J. 



Abbe, Arthur J K '06 

Abercrombie,. James S, '72 

Ackley, OUver S A '59 

Adae, Howard M 8 78 

Adams, Charles L ^ 77 

Adams, Orange H O^ '81 

Adams, Theodore, Jr ^ '80 

Adams, Walter F A '95 

Aguayo, Manuel F A '84 

Alen, Henry O O^ '87 

Akin, William G A '49 

Alder, Samuel R N^ '01 

Aldrich, Samuel N Z '59 

Aldridge, Willis D S '69 

Alexander, William R N '73 

Allen, Charl^ W K '74 

Allmond, Marcus B N '74 

Altschu, John H X^ '99 

Anderson, Lawrence M M '60 

Anderson, William P, A '60 

Andrews, Alexander L '64 

Andrews, Charles S H '76 

Andrews, Matthew P '55 

Archer, James H ^ '80 

Armstrong, Hubbard S T ^ '81 

Ashford, Horace F X^ '00 

Atwater, Edward D T '53 


Babylon, John W ^ '74 

Bachman, Nathan L. F ^ '72 

Bachman, Thurman H. S '94 

Baehr, Albert H O^ '90 

Bailey, George A K '88 

Baird, William J N^ '92 

Baker, Erwin A '54 

Baker, Jacob M K '65 

Baldwin, Charles H 4» '70 

Baldwin, Frederick H V '53 

Baldwin, Howard J.. .... . .M^ '02 

Baldwin, William L S '64 

Ball,EUelS O^ '74 

Ball, Mattrom D E '54 

Ballard. William J. H E '58 

Baltzell, Thomas K A '54 

Banker, Timothy A '50 

Barclay, John Y. E '58 

Barden, Edward E K '67 

Barney, Albert C Z '69 

Barney, Edward E Z '72 

Barr, James G P 71 

Barstow, Henry B A '51 

Bartlett, Arthur L A '84 

Barton, Edward D A '55 

Barton, Frank S P^ '88 

Batchelder, Frederick P. . . . O^ '86 

Bate, Clarence S A '58 

Bateman, Charles E K '88 

Bausum, George F X '72 

Baylis, Abram B T '66 

Beach, Abel A '49 

Beane, Albert A O^ '80 

Beatty, R. D n '67 

Beckwith, WiUiam T^ '80 

Beede, Frank T O^ '72 

Belcher, Wade S I '02 

Bellieni, Joas F P^ '87 

Benedict, Byron A ^T '71 

Benedict, George S 8 '60 

Biddle, Charles P S '66 

Bigelow, Louis H I '98 

Biggs, Charles G S '70 

Binffham, Henry L K *66 

Bird, Francis W Z '72 

Bixby, John H O^ '83 

Blair, Bruce B H '59 

Blair, T. Jefferson H '66 

Blaisdell, Anthony H A '70 

Bloxham, William D E '55 

Bodge, Charles T Of '00 

BodweU, William L O '60 

Bogert, Charles W H^ '93 

Bogert, William H H^ '91 

Borden, John Jr B '78 

Bottum, Frank M X '71 

Boultenhouse, Bliss P A '97 

Bowman, Harry L N^ '86 

Bowen, Amos M Z '63 

Boyd, Archibald C O^ '89 

Boynton, George E Z '71 

Bradley, Springer H A '92 

Brady, Omar P. A '94 




Braehm. Frederich A A '57 

Brags, Herman K 73 

Bra^lee, William J O '61 

Brandreth, Ralph H Z '82 

Brigham, Charles O O '62 

Brigham, Limious W O^ '93 

Brittain, Alexander A P^ '05 

Brockmeyer, Henry C Z '57 

Brockway, Fred J A '82 

Brooks, Horace £ Z '56 

Brougham. John A Gr. 

Brown, Edward S A '92 

Brown, Joseph A. C M '58 

Brown, Sherman W ^ '87 

Brown, Theodore B A '49 

Browne, Herbert H O^ '72 

Brownell, Seth H Z '71 

Brownell. Stephen F Z '71 

Bruce, Charles S M '60 

Bullock, Israel M Z '65 

Burdge, Franklin Z '56 

Burgess, William N A '69 

Burgesser, Corwin W T '70 

Burks, Paschal B N '76 

Bumham, Samuel J O^ '74 

Bums, Charles C S '65 

Butler, William R H '85 

Buttles, Levi 8 '47 


Cady, Charles D Z '61 

Calloway, Abner S M '59 

Cameron, Harry DeH 11^ '89 

Camp, John. Jr A '56 

Canfield, Echnund T '64 

Canfield, Horace I '96 

Canfield, Horace J 8 '57 

Capen, Ehner H K '60 

Caraway, William W A '50 

Cannalt, Charles C I '87 

Carman, A. F A '51 

Carman, Elbert S Z '58 

Carpenter, John B A '59 

Carr, George W Z '57 

Carr, Jose^ W I '93 

Carraway, Samuel B A '49 

Carter, Chauncey G I '96 

Carter, HiU, Jr E '55 

Case, Edmund L 8 '86 

Cassady, Charles B .N^ '90 

CaaseU. Charles E S 70 

Caswell, Asa A A 77 

Cavert, George W A '56 

Chace, Henry C S '86 

Chace, William H E '84 

Chadwick, Ward H '57 

Chamberlain, Phineas O^ '76 

Chandler, De La^ M P '73 

Chapin, Charles W. E V '89 

Chaplin, MarshaU D H '60 

Chapman, Hobart M X '74 

Chapman, William H K '90 

Chase, Andrew L A '87 

Chase, Ehner E H '85 

Chase, James W K '72 

Cheeseman, Eugene G ^^ '69 

Chichester, Daniel McC E '53 

Christian, Edmund C. E. . . .P '74 

Church, John W ^'72 

Clapp, Levi W Z '70 

Clark, Edwin C A '96 

Qark, Henry F Z '57 

Clark, John P K '00 

Clarke, Adam L * '74 

Clarkson, Thomas C A '70 

Cline, Thomas B U '60 

Cobb, Henry M A '52 

Cockey, Charles E E '63 

Coffin, Edward R I '93 

Coffin, R. Lawrence M '61 

Coit, James C A '58 

Colby, Hiram K H '66 

Cole, Edward P '.E '71 

Colesworthy, William G. . . .A '77 

Collier, John W A '77 

Comstock, Adam 2^ '94 

Conant, Saxton B A '77 

Condell, Qement H I '07 

Condit, Edward A T '76 

Cone, Hobart B S '69 

Connard, Frank L B '93 

Conway, John R., Jr P^ '83 

Conway, William J X '72 

Cook, Marc E ^ '74 

Cornell, Richard R S '69 

Cornell, S. Douglas S '60 

Comwell, George M^ '88 

Corson, Mandeville F H '82 

Cossett, Frederick B S '71 

Cothren, William H H '84 

Covell, Milton W .X '80 



Cox, B. F Y '68 

Coyle, Harry F A '93 

Crafts, Roland K Z '05 

Craige, Kerr M '62 

CrandaU. Kirk P ^ '69 

Crawford, Alexander L B '89 

Crilly, OUver D I '00 

Critchfield, John M 6 '73 

Crittenden, Churchill A '63 

Crocheron, John J T '67 

Cromwell, J^mes A '61 

Cross, Wellington R H '61 

Crowell, John, Jr 8 '62 

Cutler, Benjamin C, Jr 6 '56 


DaboU, William S Z '74 

Dale, W. James S '73 

Damarin, Charles C 6 '76 

Dana, Lucius C M^ '91 

Darling, Charles P K '95 

Darling, Scott E O^ '76 

Dauchy, Charles H A '66 

Davidson, B^ijamin R .2 '68 

Davie, Ambrose B M '58 

Davis, Frank W H '85 

Davis, Franklin C H '66 

Davis, R. Irving ^ '87 

Davis, Wilbur?. T '52 

Davis, William A 2 '87 

Day, Charles L O^ '98 

Deane, Charles P Z '67 

Deans, Charles H N^ '89 

Deering, Enoch M H '64 

de Lacerda, Augusto F A '55 

Delafield, Bertram A '66 

Deleplain, Lewis L IT '70 

Dennett, Charles S O^ '81 

Dennison, William N 6 '61 

Denny, St. Clair A '69 

Deuefl. Edward V A '61 

DeWolfe, Benjamin I^ '92 

Dickeson,AuxenicusM.P.V.H.T '64 

Dickinson, Aaron C K '79 

Dickmson, Asa B. C B '71 

Dickson, James P ^ '71 

Dillenback, Robert G P^ '93 

DiUon, Arthur J A '64 

DiUon, Edward F O^ '89 

Dixon, Nathan F Z '69 

Dockray, Frederick A Z '66 

Dockray, James R Z '59 

Dodge, Robert L A '50 

Dodson, John M B '95 

Donovan, John B E '53 

Dorr, Dalton A '67 

Dorr, Frank H 8 '91 

Doty, Charles B H '71 

Douglas, George L P^ '92 

Douglas, Robert W Z '59 

Dox, Ernest B S '68 

Drake, William E X '03 

Draper, Francis C A '56 

Dresser, Alvin C H '88 

Du Bois, Louis C E^ '89 

Dudley, Benjamin W 6 '59 

Dulon, Rudolf R 11^ '03 

Durkee, James H B '74 

Dutcher, George T 11^ '90 


Eastman, Clinton D S '68 

Eastman, Frank D B '73 

Eastman, Henry E O '58 

Eastman, Richard R O^ '87 

Eastwood, James K '60 

Eaton, Warren E K '64 

Eaton, William W H '61 

Edgerton. Francis D O '61 

Edsall, Thomas H Z '61 

Edwards, Ayres M H '80 

Eldridge, Frank P I '88 

Ellicott, James P I '00 

Elliott, Alexander, Jr * '78 

Ely, Lester H N^ '90 

Emerson, James O O^ '77 

Emmerich, C. F Y '67 

Ewell, JirahB B '73 


Fairchild, George B Z '63 

Fargason, Edward N^ '92 

Fay, George H '59 

Featherstone, Herbert C. . .Z^ '01 

Fellows, John A. C H '66 

Felton, WiUiam C K '89 

Ferguson, William M 6 '73 

Finney, Argyle Y '70 

Fish, AbnerC K '64 


Fisher, Clark A '68 

Fisher, Otis A '62 

Fitz, Arthur G O^ 72 

Fitz, Benjamin J H '97 

Fitzpatrick, Frank S B '06 

Fitzpatrick, James C A '59 

Fitzpatrick, Phihp B B '02 

Fobes, Charles S K '61 

Fogg, Alfred H H '84 

Fogg, Walter W H '96 

Fomn, Ormond W A '59 

Fonda, Jesse D A '50 

Fonda, Theodore J A '50 

Foster, Henry R O^ '82 

Fowler, Charles H E '08 

Fox, John H O^ '78 

Franklin, Spencer 8 '60 

French, Augustus F H '81 

French, Charles W O^ '75 

French, George M A '80 

French, John M O^ '99 

French, John R A '49 

French, Nathaniel S A '81 

French, Willis W H '78 

French, Wmsor B K '59 

Frisbie, Oscar T '56 

Frost, James Q K '76 

Frost, Lewis P I '86 

Furst, Albert S n '64 


Gadcomb, William W. T '54 

Gale, Adelbert H O^ '75 

Gale, AKred DeF A '66 

Gardiner, Charles W H '60 

Gardiner, Clarence T Z '64 

Gardner, George E S '80 

Gaston, A. H ^ '75 

Gatewood, William K E '56 

George, Harry F H^ '09 

George, Milton W T '75 

Getman, Albert D ^ '80 

Gibbens, Alvaro F H '60 

Gibbs, William E K '59 

Gibson, William B A '59 

Gibson, William J., Jr U '61 

Gilbert, Edward G A '68 

Gilbert, Mahlon N S '70 

Gilbert, Porteus C S '62 

Gilbert, Selden K '63 

Gilliam, Joseph G E '54 

Gilpin, John A '59 

Ginter, William M T '71 

Givin, D. Gibson .'. . . .2 '63 

Givin, James S '64 

Goforth, John Z '54 

Goldthwait, Merrick Z '58 

Goode, Monroe Z '63 

Goodrich, Ralph L S '58 

Goodrich, WUUam H K '94 

Goodwin, D. J A '50 

Goodwin, George H O '62 

Gordon, Robert H '63 

Graham, Joseph M '57 

Grandy, Charles R E '54 

Grandy, Cyrus W. E '55 

Granger, James N Z '67 

Grant, Charles H 6 '89 

Grant, George A A '06 

Grant, John A 4> '86 

Grant, Thomas W 4> '85 

Grass, George N H^ '85 

Graves, Charles M S '63 

Graves, Edward O E '64 

Graves, George R S '62 

Gray, Albion D H '81 

Green, John A A '66 

Green, John W E '56 

Greene, Freeman A X '69 

Grinnell, Richard W Z '67 

Gris wold, Joseph E E '57 

Grover, Edwin M I '94 

Guilbert, Albert B K '72 

Gwynn, Henry E '55 


Hadley, Floyd J B '78 

Haines, Claudius R E '55 

Haldeman, John A P '75 

Hale, David H '60 

Hall, Ernest L H '98 

Hall, George W. M H '59 

Hall, OrranR H '63 

Hall, Samuel W A '60 

Hammond, Edward H A '65 

Hammond, Roland K '68 

Hanna, Howard M A '59 

Harding, John P A '55 

Harkness, Frank Z '72 

Harleston, Edward A '58 



Harley, Henry A '58 

Harrington, Salphronius H. . . A '53 

Harris, Benjamin F ^ '80 

Harris, Henry I * 73 

Harris, WiUiam L O^ '96 

Harrison, C. Shirley E '61 

Hart, Gemp H E '54 

Harts, John M I^ '05 

Hartwell, Samuel N A '51 

Hastings, Edgar E 2 '65 

Hastings, Jerome F K '75 

Hastings, Marshall A '63 

Hatch, Arthur G B '82 

Hatch, Fred M O^ '86 

Hawkins, WiUiam B B '78 

Hay, John Z '58 

Hayden, Francis E A '80 

Hayes, Daniel E .H '59 

Hayward, Charles J O^ '73 

Healey, Joseph W T '52 

Heath, Charles P I '04 

Heizmann, Theodore I A '59 

Henderson, Leonard A M '62 

Henderson, WiUiam A M^ '91 

Henna, WUUam A P^ '86 

Henry, Joseph J. A '59 

Henry, Samuel R T '54 

Herrick, CUfton B A '05 

Herrick, George L Z '65 

Herrick, MarshaU B '74 

Hickok, Wmiam H T '55 

Hicks, Gordon M H '61 

Higgins, Ehner F Z '90 

HiuTFYederick L O^ '01 

HUlyer, WUUam S A '49 

Hilton, Charles E H '59 

Hinckley, OrvUle K '60 

Hinds, Benjamin H K '60 

Hobbs, Ernest S S^ '05 

HoUday, Homer A '50 

HoUey , Alexander L Z '53 

HoUingsworth, George I '57 

HoUoway, John J A '63 

Holt. Robert A E '04 

Hoof, Edward L E '53 

Hooper, Arthur K K '96 

Hopkins, John L A '93 

Hopton, Lemuel R E^ '96 

Home, E. Pearce A '57 

Home, John R H '91 

Houston, James T. P H '63 

Howe, James M H '63 

Howes, James T B '88 

Huffcut, Emest W B '84 

Hummel, John B 4» '86 

Hummel, Valentine 4» '82 

Humphrey, Charles J M^ '89 

Hungerford, Thomas X '70 

Hunt, George B A '54 

Hunter, Frederick C. S E '55 

Hunter, Thomas T E '63 

Huntington, Samuel, Jr A '61 

Hussey, Thomas W. H H '63 

Huston, Harris D 6 '89 

Hutchins, Frank D O^ '72 

Hyndman, Mark L * '82 

Hyslop, WUUam A '49 


IngaUs, H. Reeves A '67 

Ingham, George T A '60 

Irdand, WUliam C K '65 

Lish, Frank L O^ '79 

Irving, Alfred F * '74 

Irwin, George H T '67 

Isham, Henry M A '61 


Jackson, Aaron E A^ '03 

Jackson, George W A '53 

Jackson, Osceola H '58 

Jacobs, Jessie E 6 '58 

Jamieson, Edward A I '11 

Janes, Charles F ^ '68 

Jenkins, Clarence T A '60 

Jenkins, WUlard M H '62 

Johnson, Albert T 6 '77 

Johnson, Horatio H K '64 

Johnson, James P M '61 

Johnson, John A S '62 

Johnson, Otis H K '63 

Johnson, WiUiam M H '56 

Jones, Charles D O '61 

Jones, James K '58 

Jones, Thomas D. W I '59 

Jones, WUUam L Z '60 

Jones, WUUam O Z '69 

Jordan, Alonzo C H '62 

Jordan, Nathaniel W A '81 

Julbe, Julio J. J I '95 

Juvenal, Theodore C * '71 



Kaaey, McLeod E 71 

Kebler, John L P^ '00 

Kedney, Louis A E '78 

Keeler, Aaron B I '94 

Keder, George W S '84 

Keene, George R A '86 

Kellogg, George D T '53 

KeUogg, Henry M O^ '73 

Kellogg, William P A '56 

KendS,D. G 2 '75 

Kennan, Jairus W E^ '92 

Kerr, Robert A IT '67 

Kidder, Frederick P I '93 

Kilboume, Byron H 6 '62 

Kilgore, Cassius M B '96 

Kimball, Arthur H O^ 73 

Kimball, Clarence E O^ '81 

Kimball, Henry H '63 

Kimball, WiUiam S A '58 

King, Charles F O '56 

King, Rudolph A E '62 

Kingman, Charles G X '67 

Kinney, John D 6 '60 

Kirby, Joseph D Z '67 

Kline, Herbert M A '04 

Knap, Thomas L A '66 

Knight, Carl E O^ '73 

Knowlton, Franklin W K '72 

Knowlton, Hoeea M K '67 

Knowlton, John W K '97 

Kridler, WiUiam B B '73 


Lamb, Richard S E^ '99 

Lamb, Robert W E '57 

Lamb, WiUiam E '54 

Lane, George A K *66 

Lapham, John B O '60 

Lauve, Numa O I '59 

Lawrence, Daniel L O^ '88 

Lawrence, EJdward N Z '64 

Lawrence, WUliam, Jr '71 

Lawrence, William B E '08 

Lawshe, Robert A T '69 

Leach, WUliam W. K '80 

Ledwith, WUliam M Z '60 

Lee, Benjamin F E '59 

Lee, Walter W H^ '93 

Lee, WiUiam H O '60 

Leech, Daniel A '61 

Leeds, S. Stratton T 73 

LeflBingweU, Lucius D A '65 

Lemon, Frank J V '88 

Leonard, Charles G K '81 

Lent, Frederick T X '98 

Lewis, Benedict S A '64 

L'Hommedieu, Stephen 8. . . '60 

Libby, John F H '85 

Lightner, Paul A '55 

LiUey, James C P '73 

Lindsay, Andrew D M '59 

Lindsay, Jeduthan L., Jr. . . .A '62 

Lindsay, MelvUle W X^ '00 

LitUe, John W A '60 

Lockwood, Daniel N A '65 

Logan, James W., Jr N '73 

Logie, WUliam K A '57 

Look, Henry F A *00 

Loomis, Edward U S '71 

Loomis, Orlando M '61 

Loomis, Raymond C 2 '71 

Luce^ Robert T A '58 

Lufkm, Augustus N H '61 

Lyford, Amos C O^ '85 

Lyon, Charles A B '04 


Macaughtry, Thomas H. . . .0 '57 

Mackay, Donald W A '97 

Macreading, Charles 8 '60 

McAdam, WUliam C V '77 

McAfee, A. A M '62 

McAfee, Leroy M M '58 

McCandUsh, Thomas P E '56 

McCarter, wmiam J * '81 

McCarthy, Eugene T H '82 

McClymonds, E. D H '63 

McConneU, Charles B U '70 

McCuUou^, CUnton T '64 

McCune, Walter S H '60 

McCurley, James B S '72 

McHenry, David M A '69 

Mcllvaine, Charles E '59 

Mclntyre, Horatio K '60 

McJunkin, WUUam H '61 

McKUUp, John K H '68 

McKimmon, Arthur N M '60 

McKinney, Merritt G Z '73 

McKnew, WUberforce R S '62 



McKnight, William P S 77 

McLachlan, John V 70 

McMath, Edwin A ^ 70 

McRae, Duncan A E '09 

Madeira, William R '66 

Magee, Leroy W S '86 

Manson, Albert G H '62 

Marble, Walter H. O^ '83 

Marion, Otis H O^ '73 

Marrenner, Donald G 11^ '96 

Marsh, James A M '68 

Marshall, Frederick W S '84 

MarshaU, Peter T O^ 76 

Martin, Benjamin F K '66 

Martin, Thomas E '64 

Martindale, Francis E A '60 

Mason, George A A '66 

Mason, George E Z '61 

Mason, Joseph H O^ '89 

Mason, Orhn J X '74 

Mathers, Louis E T '64 

Mathews, Charles A '60 

Matlack, George 8 T '70 

Matteson, Daiad J B '83 

Maxwell, Abram H '61 

May, Charles A Gr 

May, James, Jr I '68 

Means, Augustus C S '67 

Means, Robert L 6 '96 

Mears, Harris D I^ '03 

Mendenhall, Josiah B ^ '73 

Mercur, Frederic A '67 

Meredith, Irving S O^ '88 

Merian, Henry W A '68 

Merriam, Henry G Z '68 

Merriam, William H A '52 

MerriU, Charles J O^ '89 

MerriU, Herbert H '89 

Meserve, Henry C K '81 

Messinger, Herbert S K '69 

Metcalf, Edward C H '77 

Michaels, Marcus X '73 

Miles, John C T '66 

Millar, Robert Z '68 

Miller, Augustus S Z '71 

MiUer, John M H '61 

Miller, Truman W S '61 

MiUer, WilUam M A '91 

MillCT, William W A '59 

Miner, Justin P I '85 

Mitchell, Lueco M '68 

Moerlin, William O '88 

Monroe, Frank P K '79 

Montague, Edgar B E '66 

Montgomery, Daniel T A^ '06 

Moore, David C K '68 

Moore, John H 0*59 

Moore, Willis B O^ '89 

Morehead, Joseph M M '61 

Morris, Edgar R Z '69 

Morris, Samuel D A '50 

Morris, Samuel D., Jr P^ '91 

Morrison, Cincinnatus M. ..0'66 

Morrison, WiUiam F A '80 

Moss, Lewis Z '68 

Motter, Georce T S '62 

Mullin, Joseph A '69 

Munger, Warren, Jr '68 

Munroe, Lewis E K '60 

Munson, George T B '80 

Murdock, Isaac M Z '63 

Mumey, Edmund H A '67 

Murphy, John N E '66 

Murphy, William M '68 


Neel, Austin A E '63 

Neele, William P P^ '88 

Neff, James M. W Z '67 

Nesmith, Edward M O^ '80 

Neuman, Samuel H E '63 

Newbegin, Edward H H '91 

Newman, Allen M Z '01 

Nicholls, John C E '53 

Nichols, Charles L H '67 

Nichols, Francis A K '66 

Nicholson, William S B '96 

Nicoll, Waiiam L A '67 

Nixon, Samuel F ^^ '81 

Ko^e, E. Qarence T '73 

Norris, WiUiam E Z '67 

Norton, Luman P A '68 

NowKn, Abner W. C E '65 

Noyes, McWalter B Z '68 


Oatley, Eugene L B '83 

O'Brien, Fitz J A Gr 

O'ConneU, Patrick A I '57 

OgUby, WUUam M S '62 



Olcott, Egbert Z '59 

Oppie, Theodore H A '64 

Orwen, Charles G X '99 

Osborne, Eugene A '57 


Packwood, Samuel, Jr A '52 

Paine, Charles A Z '74 

Paine, Harold C I '01 

Paine, Jotham M K '68 

Paine, Lemuel C A '60 

Painter, August E. W A '63 

Palmer, Charles W N^ '90 

Pahner, Harry R Z '79 

Pardee, Daniel A '52 

Parker, George C O^ '87 

Parker, William B S '64 

Parker, William H * '73 

Parkhurst, Charles M ^ '80 

Parsons, Sherman P ^ '13 

Patterson, Rubens P 4> '80 

Payne, Alexander D E '56 

Payne, Robert A '67 

Peace, Caleb J S '67 

Peck, ElleryE K '75 

Peltier, Eugene L K '78 

Penney, Theodore A M ^ '95 

Perrin, John T E '56 

Petrie, WUUam E O^ '74 

Peyton, WiUiam Y E '52 

Pickles, John D A '77 

Pierce, Charles W A '95 

Pierce, George H A '58 

Pierce, George H S '90 

Pike, Fredenck W. A H '63 

PiUsbury, John P A '93 

Pitcher, Charles D B '92 

Playter, Edward A X^ '96 

Plunkett, Edward L * '81 

Polhamus. E. de S. J. M A '60 

Pollock, James H P^ '92 

Pomeroy, George A A '57 

Pond, Daniel B Z '57 

Poor, James W H '63 

Poor, Walton W H '91 

Pope, Charles G K '61 

Porter, Elam K '60 

Potter, Charles Z '72 

Potter, Charles H H '00 

Potts, Benjamin C A '63 

Powell, Irwin A P^ '01 

Power, Joseph T H '59 

Powers, Edmund W K '81 

Powers, Myron E V '86 

Pratt, Charles R E^ '94 

Preston, Edward L B '78 

Prince, William A '66 

Pringle, George P S '69 

Prioleau, James McB A '57 

Proseus, Israel A '51 

Purcell, Robert B X^ '08 

Putnam, Daniel E O^ '95 

Putnam, Frank L ^ '03 

Putnam, James W O^ '74 


Randolf, T. Innes S '59 

Randolph, Richard K Z '78 

Ransford, Hascall Z '69 

Rathbone^ J. Lawrence A '64 

Ray, Benjamin L Z '66 

Raymond, Charles O '60 

Raynolds, James W 6^ '95 

Reed, J, B H '71 

Reed, Sampson A O^ '74 

Reily, Thomas A 2 '64 

ReUy, William F S '73 

Reitmeyer, J. Wilson T '73 

Reynolds, James Z '63 

Reynolds, Marion F H^ '04 

Rexford, WiUe M A '60 

Rice, Frank S ^ '70 

Rich, Harvie M O^ '79 

Richards, Eugene H K '61 

Richmond, RoUm M T '67 

Riley. Charles E H '91 

Roadhouse, James E A^ '04 

Robertson, Angus A O^ '77 

Robertson, William A A '69 

Robertson, William M U '62 

Rodman, William R I '6o 

Rogers, Charles J A '51 

Rogers, Thomas E S '66 

Rooke, W. Morris T '70 

Rorke, Albert T '72 

Roy, Chester E '68 

Rowe, Edwin, Jr E^ '90 

Rush, William J H '69 

Russ, Benjamin K K '60 

Ruston, William A A '99 




Sage, Russell, 2nd A '59 

Sanborn, John A O^ 72 

Sanborn, Moses L O^ '82 

Sanders, Sidney B K '60 

Sargeant, Samuel M 6 '54 

Saunders, Nathaniel Z '63 

Savery, WiUiam E K '65 

Sawyer, Oscar G K '60 

Saylor, Francis H A '67 

Scarborough, Robert G N '76 

Schaefer, Edward F n^ '00 

Schenck, Edward A '69 

Schreiber, Julius C A '87 

Schultz, Isaac S O^ '77 

Schuyler, Louis S S '71 

Schwartz, Jacob S '75 

Scott, Albert A O '56 

Scott, Frederick Z '74 

Scott, Livingston Z '63 

Scranton, William H A '62 

Scribner. Edwin A H '77 

Sears, Charles P n^ '87 

Sears, Fred B Z '63 

Sewall, Frederick F B '91 

Seymour, Randolph B V '84 

Shackford, Charles B H '63 

Shankhn, John G 9 '62 

Shapleigh, Fred R O^ '88 

Shapleigh, Samuel B H '58 

Shea, Edwin G P '07 

Shead, Edward W Z '97 

Sheble, FrankUn B '88 

Shepard, Ralph H I '92 

Sherman, Newton B A '50 

Sherwood, John B 9 '73 

Shippen, Francis A '73 

Shippen, Henry B '81 

Shirley, Barron O^ '92 

Shirley, Preston O^ '96 

Shorkley, Charles C N^ '08 

Short, Chester F Z '59 

ShurtlefF, Nathaniel B I '69 

Silliman, William A '65 

Simons, Thomas Z '65 

Skinner, Benjamin S I '60 

Sloane, John A M '59 

Slosson, Henry L S '63 

SmaU, Walter H O^ '78 

Smith, Albert H B '85 

Smith, CJiarles E H '74 

Smith, Edwin H '61 

Smith, George E H '75 

Smith, Hannibal ^ '66 

Smith, Job R Z '65 

Smith, Leonidas W E '53 

Smith, Maik A Gr. 

Smith, Moses Z '60 

Smith, P. Bell E '56 

Smith, SethP O^ '82 

Snodgrass, William J H '63 

Snyder, Walter L. . . . .' S '96 

Spahn, Jacob X '70 

Spaun, Jacob S A *67 

Spencer, James S ^ '79 

Spencer, John W A '90 

Spooner, Frank A K '77 

Sproat, James^G Z '67 

Starkweather, Robert P I '97 

Start, AlaricB K '97 

Start, William A K '62 

Steams, Arthw T H '66 

Stem, Willis N * '68 

Stephens, James P 9 '59 

Stephenson, Walter D P '72 

Sterling, James T 9 '65 

Sterrett, James MacB., Jr. . .X '96 

Stetson, Charles A A '58 

Stiles, Herbert. K M^ '91 

Stockbridge, Wales R A '88 

Stone, Cyrus H '57 

Stone, George W E '57 

Stone, William L Z '58 

Storer, William D I '59 

Story, Peter F A '55 

Stout, John K 4> '70 

Strader, Benjamin F 9 '59 

Strader, John N A '61 

Stratton, Deane I .U^ '99 

Strawbridge, William C A '70 

Sununer, Charles W K '69 

Sutherland, William H B '77 

Swan, Joseph R 9 '62 

Swift, Frederick J V '85 


Taliaferro, Van E '54 

Tallmadge, William H B '71 

Tarleton, Elisha W 9 '61 

Tayloe, Bladen T E '54 

Tayloe, William E '60 



Taylor, Herbert E K '86 

Taylor, Vernon O K '68 

Tefft, William H Z '56 

Thayer, Tullius A 77 

Thomas, Hem-y G H '58 

Thompson, Charles S. » Z '62 

Thompson, George W. G. . . .S '68 

Thompson, John C A '65 

Thompson, Thomas C M '61 

Thompson, JValter M. S '72 

Thurston, Robert B A '56 

Tilghman, Tench F A '55 

Tilton, Charles N A '94 

Todd, Edward J S '71 

Todd, Stanley M I '86 

Tompkins. Jackson B 11 '64 

Towne, Charles F. C O^ '93 

Townsend, Cyrus 11 '59 

Trask, John P M^ '95 

Tremain, Frederick L S '64 

Trout, Harry G. . . .• S '85 

Tucker, A. Dudley Z '92 

Tucker, Beverly St. G E '58 

Tucker, Charles R., Jr Z '64 

Tucker, Samuel K '68 

Tucker, Thomas S. B E '61 

Tufts, George J K '74 

Turner, Clarence B U '71 

Turner, John A '53 

Turner, Levi, Jr H '86 

Turner, Obed C K '59 

Twitty, William L M '58 

Tytus, John B Z '69 


Underbill, Charles A '66 

Upham, Frederick N A '83 


Vanderpool, Eugene A '66 

Van Dusen, Chaxles A '75 

Van Dyke. Frank E S '71 

Van Huyck, Albert L E^ '93 

Van Reed, George R * '74 

Vansant. Charles H N^ '95 

Van Valkenburgh, Thomas N. A '63 

Vinson, Andrew P Z '62 

Voigt, Gustave K 4» '94 


Wadsworth, F I '60 

Waite, Irving G E^ '96 

Walke, Richard E '57 

Walke, WiUiam T E '56 

Walker, WiUiamE M^ '98 

Wallace, James, Jr 2 '70 

Waller, James 6 P '73 

Wahnsl^, William E X '76 

Wahuth, Abram A '50 

Ward, Martin Van B ^ '65 

Wardwell, Charles H H '85 

Warfield, Edward R 6 '61 

Warren, Henry H '62 

Waterman, John C B '77 

Waters, Paul A MA'02 

Watson, Frank H S^ '99 

Watson, John P H '56 

Wead, Oiester H O^ '72 

Weaver, John R n '70 

Weaver, Robert D., Jr X^ '08 

Webb, Bainbridge H 6 '64 

Webb, J. Watson, 2nd A '55 

Webb, Walter W., Jr A '55 

Webber, George C O '60 

Weu*, Walter E E '59 

Weiss, John H H '63 

Weld, Francis M I '60 

Wegt, WiUiam K X^ '06 

Wetherill, W. H S '63 

Wetmore, Charles A V '69 

Wheelwright, WilUam A '65 

Whitaker, Robert A '50 

White, Edwin B K '64 

White, J. Francis 8^ '91 

White, John DeH S '71 

White, Moses J E '54 

White, WiUiam A H '64 

Whitndge, John C Z '60 

Whittemore, Charles A H '76 

Whittemore, St. Clair K '79 

Whittemore, Thomas K '68 

WUe, Isaac G X '70 

WUe, Samuel F A '49 

Wiley, Philenthius C H '61 

Wilkins, E. G. P A Gr. 

WUkinson, Charles E '53 

WiUard, Robert I '60 

WiUiams, Frank N^ '87 

WUliams, J. Philip T '67 

Wmiams, Luther H.^ U '62 


WiUiams, Robert E S '63 

WiUiamson, John G I^ '11 

WiUiamson, John M S '67 

Williamson, John W M '58 

Wilson, Alexander A '54 

Wilson, Daniel L P '71 

Wilson, Hairy H P^ '96 

Wilson, Jesse B IT '67 

Wilson, Percy F X '01 

Wilson, Wilham DeF T '57 

Windus, Cyrus A A '55 

Wing, Frank E 6 '71 

Wing, Marcus T. C O '84 

Wingfield, John H. D E '53 

Winslow, Henry C 6 '60 

Winsor, Samuel A. O '60 

Wise, Samuel A n '68 

Wiswell, James A A '53 

Wood, Georce H A '57 

Wood, Rea(fing Z '59 

Woodbury, Charles S H '83 

Woodbury, Webster H '64 

Woodward, Henry D A '01 

Worcester, Joseph H Z '55 

Wright, Gavin H I^ '94 


Yawger, Philip O S '59 

Yost, George L S '61 

Yoimg, George B I '60 

YuengUng, William J. G. . . .* '82 
Yznaga, Carlos A '92 

Geographical Distribution 


Birmingham Sh«ffi«lcl 

Graves, WiUiam H E *56 Hatch, WUliam S M^ '01 

Maben. John C, Jr P^ '96 


Bromberg, FredericG I '58 . 

Thayer, Ajthur O K '92 


Douglas Praacott 

Shoemaker, Charles C, Jr. . H^ '12 Hutchins, Roy J A^ '04 

Kent. William A B '82 

FIor»iM» McCleave, William Jr A^ '05 

Brockway, George M M^ '89 i^ 

GUndala Ruggles, Guy H e^ '06 

McCord, William P E^ '00 Sw»ton 

Maiden, Augustus E O^ '84 


Wayne,How«dT A-04 wilde, Arthur S!"" A '87 

KalWn Winkalman 

Hull, Robert B m- '08 Henderson, George M 6^ '06 


Grand Lain LItUa Rock 

Warfidd, Cameal '64 Cole, Sidney L 6^ '05 

Hot Springs Lonoka 

Steams, Frank A H '97 Fitch, Arthur H X '73 






Browning, George N A^ '12 

DuFour, Clarence J 2^ '02 


Rucker, W. C T^ '97 

Alia Vista 

Wing, Harry C 

e '89 


BaUey, Charles G A^ '03 

Barber, Edward L A^ '09 

Coats, Adelbert S V '74 

Cope, Erie L A^ '06 

De Leon, Walter R A^ '06 

GiUespy, John A '66 

Haight, George W X '74 

Haight, Samuel C A^ '06 

HodS^in, Wilfred R. H A^ '01 

Hunter, OUver W A^ '03 

Lord, Clifford W A^ '11 

Merrell, Ralph H A^ '03 

Pierce, Richard C A^ '10 

Porter, Harry D A^ '03 

Roadhouse, Chester L B '06 

Robinson, Francis H V '74 

Ryd6r, Woodworth A A^ '07 

Stitt, James W A^ '14 

Thornton, Harry A A^ '09 

Wood, DaUas E H^ '08 


Chase, Herbert H 


Ca«a Vardufo 

Gesell, Arnold L S^ '03 


Crockett, Albert W M^ '90 


Stranahan, William L B '90 


Reed, Howard S H^ '13 


Sternberg, Horace E 4> '01 


Dechman, Arthur A '96 

Downay • 

Henshaw, Marshall B H^ '12 


Brown, Comer P H^ '14 

Brown, Roger H H^ '10 

El Cantro 

Brooks, David W S '60 


Young, William T H^ '07 


Roberts, Charles H^ '09 

Fort Jonas 

Young, Frank H. . . , H^ '12 


Barnwell, David M. A^ '01 


Wiegel, Louis H H^ '06 

Grass Vallay 

Clinch, Charles R A^ '09 

CUnch, Watt W A^ '11 

Parsions, Raymond W A^ '10 


Sweet, William C S '11 


Wales, Henry F O^ '72 


Egleston, Oliver J T^ '00 


Jones, Thomas J P^ '90 


Enderlein, Max W. •. A^ '04 

Markham, Spencer S. . * -X '78 


Gammon, Dell D H^ '10 




Los Angeles 

Barman, Waldemar J. . . . . .H^ '14 

Borchart, Ernst 2^ '05 

Byron, Frank M H 79 

Crane, Talmage B A^ '04 

Edwards, John P S^ '06 

Ferguson, Roy N H^ '06 

Frost, Kendal P A^ '13 

Higgins, Edwin, Jr N^ '02 

Joyce, John H Z '06 

Jutten, Llewellyn W Z '04 

Kingsland. George R A^ '10 

Laux, Carl O '62 

Lawrence, Charles L I '94 

Lewis, Howard A H^ '12 

Luckenbach, Charles A N^ '86 

Mclntyre, James E E^ '99 

McLane, AUen F K '11 

Mansfield, Benjamin F E^ '96 

Millspaugh, WiUard P I^ '95 

Mitchell, Alvin M^ '13 

Moses. Fred C X '10 

Myrick, Nathaniel W Z '00 

Nicholson, James E V^ '06 

Noble, William B n '63 

Otis, Burdett A A^ '12 

Oxman, T. J., Jr P^ '09 

Paulson, Archie M H^ '14 

Preston, Archibald E H^ '04 

Robertson, John A H^ '09 

Ruthven. James W E^ '90 

Ryder. Charles D O^ '07 

Shankland. James H Z '69 

Simonds, Seward A B '79 

Stafford, WiQiam P. L ^ '76 

Thompson, Cromwell C I^ '09 

Wallace, Earle S K '10 

Wayne, Qaude A A^ '07 

Wellborn, Olin, Jr A^ '04 

Wheat, FVank I A '87 

Lower Lake 

Van Fleet, Harvey L A^ 'U 


Bates, John W O^ '10 


Newman, Carl E H^ '11 


Wood, Barton D T^ '13 

MUl Valley 

Bostwick, Stewart A H^ '12 

Mokelumne HUl 

Gary, Guy L O^ '98 


Bryant, Ober W. : A^ '06 

Moors Station 

Hayes, John H H '57 

Nevada City 

Barker, Edgar E A^ '06 


Clarke, Walter B. . 

X '01 


Braley, George H K '86 

Countryman, Ralph A^ '11 

Dague, Roflwell X^ '12 

Goodspeed, Frank L A '87 

Gove, Leon M A^ '10 

Havenner, Frank R H^ '07 

Kern. Claude C A^ '07 

Marshall, Lawrence K A^ '11 

Risley, Thomas E A^ '05 

Scott, Joseph J A^ '03 

Smith, aayton K 4» '73 

Southard, William F K '69 

Trickey, Corridon H X^ '02 

Webster, William M H '62 

White, Lucien J A^ '03 

Palo Alto 

Allen, Clifford G A '00 

Carson, Merwin B H^ '10 

Coyle, Charles W A '94 

Hart, Lowell J H^ '09- 

Holman, Sidney S B '85 

Knapp, James E H^ '03 

Marx, Charles D B '78 

Marx, Roland G H^ '11 

Jloberts, Perry B B '87 



CALIFORNIA— Continued 

Adams, JuUan A^ '05 

Blue, John G ^77 

Brown, HoweU C H^ '04 

Carr, WiUiam J 2^ '01 

Dotten, John K H^ '07 

Gaylord, Augustine S V^ '96 

Glass, WUliam W H^ '14 

Hibbard, Charles H E '76 

Longfellow, Charles H M^ '85 

McLachlan, James ^ '78 

Nash, Fred C T^ '01 

Ogier, Edward H H^ '11 

Shields, Albert B A '86 

Smith, Chauncey H^ '11 

Van Sickle, Ganott F H^ '07 

Ward, Richard P I^ '95 


Belcher, Frank B H^ '13 

Davis, Alexander W H^ 44 

Davis, Harry B H^ '13 

Red Bluff 

Weast, Westley H H^ '12 


Canterbury, Ellison R H^ '12 

Ferguson, (jarl A H^ '06 


Boughn, Sidney C H^ '13 

Gundrum, Fred F H^ '03 

Lunt, Howard L H '86 

Moulton, Ernest F A^ '13 

Moulton, Robert H A^ '11 

Nye, Frank C H^ '09 

Reynolds, Charles L A^ '13 


Heilbron, Henry A A^ '13 

.Scott, Irving A^ '13 

Thompson, Harold W H^ '10 

San Diaffo 

Daney, Eugene, Jr A^ '13 

Hall, I^-ank H V 78 

. San Farnando 

Allen, Kenneth W Z^ '08 

San Francisco 

Ballentine, William D M^ '01 

Barnum, WiUiam H X^ '09 

BidweU, Ralph J T^ '02 

Brace, Emory C T^ '00 

Brown, Harold S M^ '07 

Buck, Frank H., Jr A^ '07 

Buck, Leonard W A^ '13 

Burrage, John O K '00 

Clark, John R H '89 

Draper, Warren F M^ '06 

Elliott, William G S '71 

Graham, Douglas J A^ '06 

Graydon, McCullough A^ '02 

Hartley, Roland E H^ '14 

Hill. Joseph E A^ '0^ 

Hudson, Charles L H^ '10 

Hudson, Robert A H^ '06 

Keane, Augustin C A^ '05 

Kindt, Albert F 2^ '02 

Lilienthal, Philip N M^ '11 

Macdonald, Robert B A^ '02 

McAndrew, David C O^ '98 

McCormick, St. John E. . . . A^ '00 

McKay, David L A^ '09 

McKee, Paul B H^ '14 

McKesson, R. F T^ '01 

McNulty, Frederick W. . . .H^ '09 

Merrill, George Wj H '5^ 

Morton, FraiSc O^ '80 

Olsen, Allen G F^ '07 

Nichols, Charles H X^ '10 

Pillsbury, Earl D T^ '00 

Richards, Charles B A '56 

Robbins, Milton H E^ '91 

Roberts, Charles L H^ '09 

Sprague, Leon A 0^ '07 

Stockwell, Eugene L H^ '08 

Stoddard, Alexander C A^ '10 

Stoddard, George H A^ '08 

Walker, Shirley C A^ '02 

Wark, WilUam O I^ '92 

Wentworth, Franklin W. . .0^ '03 
White, George C A^ '10 


Overholt, Fenton C n '69 




Bacon, Sanford L H^ '03 

Hudson, Elmer F H^ '14 

Tower, Arthur R T^ '01 

San LuU Obispo 

Gragg, Alden O .H^ '12 

Hayes, WiUiam W 6 '68 

Wyman, WiUiam McK H^ '11 

Fugitt, Donald C N^ '99 

Santa Ana 

Breeden, V. Ellis A^ '14 

Santa Barbara 

Goodridge, Benjamin A A '81 

Hyde, Robert W T^ '97 

Santa Maria 

Snow, Harry E H '81 

Tucker, Clay H H^ '05 


Morgan, David N A^ '09 

OiT,MelvinH H '84 

Sabin, Nathaniel T S '09 

Williamson, Paul T B '10 


Danielson, Joseph B A^ 


Grossman, Walter A H^ 


Clarke, Joseph B O^ 


Adams, Carl D A^ 


Caughy, James W A^ 


Alvord, David E A^ 


Persons, Richard S B 


Brinck, Henry R A^ 

Brinck, WiUiam A A^ 


Carter, Archie B S^ 

Ogier, Walter T H^ 

Yuba City 

Roberts, Roger M B '01 











Shriver, Charles E U '69 


Denison, Lucius H K '81 

Ramaley, Francis T^ '95 

Whitman, Ross W T^ '94 

Colorado Springs 

Curtis, John M S '65 

Johnson, Frederick A B '96 

Knox, Oscar A V '96 

Crippla Craaic 

Lewis, Griffith R 4» '89 


Appleman, Uoyd P * '73 

Bradford, Herbert A S '06 

Clifford, William H A '89 

Connelly, John M O^ '98 

Edgerton, 8. E V '04 

Goetzman, Frederick G X '74 

Hamlin, Solyman G M^ '02 

KeUey, Carlton A M^ '95 

Lewis, Frank H Z '97 

Look, Bonne C I '14 

Mortmaer, Caldwell B '06 

Rich, Edward W K '99 

Taylor, James S I '89 

Townsend, Thomas B I '10 

Wolff, Frank C M^ '96 




StoamboAt Springs 

Longren, Charles W H '84 Bacon, James E X^ '09 

Manitou T«llurid« 

Mumper, George B S '84 Bancroft, Irving R K '99 


Spaulding, Phineas H. i F^ '06 



Fay, Edward R I '01 

Macbeth, Henry S '81 


Coleman, WiUiam E * '82 

Dillingham, Paul K '13 

Leete, Percy R Z '05 

Senior, Samuel P N^ '97 

Webster, William R., Jr B '90 

Central ViUage 

Benedict, George A '87 


Woodworth, James W M^ '96 


Soudant, Earl W I^ '09 


Adams, Charles C O '59 


Dav, Arthur M I '92 

Fotoom, Harry C K '95 

Perkins, John R O^ '89 

Deep River 

Dyer, Nathan T O^ '73 



Wanning, Francis D E^ '94 

East Hampton 

Brown, Henry B O '59 

Wheeler, Davis S A '99 

Eaet Windaor 

English, William F O^ '82 

Great Barrington 

Meade, Frank S I '12 


Chapman, David B. R U^ '87 


Bajptlett, WiUiam N M^ '90 


Babbitt, Frank C I '89 

Baker, George W 8^ '92 

Beckwith, OUver R B '98 

Bradley, Mark S E^ '89 

Bumap, Irving M^ '88 

Capron, William C 0^ '92 

Ensworth, Horace H 6^ '91 

Hall, Joseph B E^ '90 

Lincoln, Ra3nnond G K '10 

McCook, John J H '62 

Pitblado, Cloin S A '91 

Sterrett, Harry L '86 

Warner, Frederick M., Jr I^ '10 

Whitney, Clarence E 0^ '91 

Wilson, Albion B O^ '95 


Hooker, Henry E^ '96 


Haxton, Kenneth G B '10 


Ricketts, Charles L K '95 





Church. Robert G E^ '99 

Kelly, WiUiam P O^ '86 

McClure, B. Carl N^ '06 

Nickerson. Nehemiah O '55 

Powers, Clarence S K '14 

Skidgell, Floyd M N^ '10 

Middle Haddam 

Palmer, Frank G E^ '97 

Whicher, George F M^ '10 


Barton, Horace A 

Vinal, Charles G. R. . . 


Pitcher, Albert L 

...H '14 
...O '61 

A '93 

New Britain 

DeWolf, Willis H B '96 

Jump, Herbert A M^ '96 

Maier,H. W ^ '91 

Rowland, William S B 'OY 

New Canaan 

Turner, Harry C K '01 

New Hartford 

Terrell, Frederick N E^ '96 

New Haven 

Brewer, William H E^ '89 

Clapp, Raymond G A '00 

Clark, Herman D., Jr E^ '93 

Clock, Ralph O E^ '01 

Fogarty, Thomas A E^ '02 

Harriman, Charles H H '89 

Robinson, Charles M E^ '91 

Roe, Ralph B B '07 

Smith, Royall D B '04 

New London 

Lawrence, Eugene B K '89 

Morgan, Henry H I '96 


Green, Harold M I^ '09 

Gregory, Ward S E^ '99 

Harstrom, Carl A E '86 

Waugh, Robert B S '02 


Huntington, John P I^ '94 

Northrop, Addison H I^ '14 


Smith, Ernest H M^ '85 


Fitzgerald, James, Jr O^ '90 

Marsh, Harry B M^ '99 

Mason, M. Clinton I^ '03 

Roeliy Hill 

Chandler, George B H '90 


Wakeman, Austin 

S '96 

Sound Beach 

Foster, Mortimer B. U^ '98 


Gray, Walter V M^ '89 


Lacey, Milton S M^ '93 


Eckert, Whitney T P^ '05 

Gunn, Charles N E^ '90 

Hurlbutt, Ralph B M^ '11 

Smith, Leslie F M^ '12 

Willard, Everett C O^ '83 


Woodward, George W O^ '84 


Finch, George T S '75 





Biggins, Henry W I^ '11 

Hale, PVary. Jr M^ '05 

WUder, Parker H 9^ '93 


Cable. Robert C, Jr N^ '97 

Day, Ralph E N^ '08 

Deming, Dudley B E^ '97 

Ditmars, Royal F E^ '01 

West Hartford 

Hodgdon, Thomas M O^ '84 


Alpaugh, Walter G K '07 

Dean, Curtis M^ '86 

Little, William P K '11 

Potter, Arthur N Z '06 


Campbell, Alfred H. 

QA '77 


Snow, Everard W O^ '98 

Strong, Frederick C E^ '90 



2 '88 Aspril, Leonard V 2 '71 

Dovar Saaford 

Beers, Henry I S '89 Rawlins, Thomas N 2 '82 


Pitcaim, Hugh H. . . 



Burnite, Wilber H 2 '66 Jones, Daniel B 2 '86 

Lattomus, Thomas .2 '86 


Lloyd, Horatio G A ^66 


Carroll, WiUiam A. . , 


Adair, Craig B '06 

Ridings, Oscar D 2 '86 

2 '83 TindaS, Roscoe C B '09 


Coursey, Ralph T 2 '86 



Robinson, Nathaniel E X^ '01 


Hospital, Ralph X^ '13 

Claraland Park 

MUler, Allison N X^ '14 

Congrass Haights 

Hardester, David A X^ '04 


Brown, Alvin McC X^ '14 


Abert, John D A '58 

Albert, Frederick W X^ '05 

Ashford, Mahlon X^ '03 

Ballenger, John E N^ '08 

Barnes, Joseph F X^ '99 

Barrett, Stanton E X '96 

Bartlett, Ernest S H '88 

Blythe, Stewart O O^ '12 

Bond, Eugene W X^ '12 

Bond, Lewis F X^ '12 

Brodie, Ralph X^ '09 

Brooke, Thomas B 9 '67 




Washincton — Continued 

Bryan, Albert W X^ '11 

Bym, Edward W S 70 

CampbeU, Orland X^ '13 

Caywood, Charles C X^ '10 

Chase, Enoch A X^ '06 

Chase, Harry G X^ '14 

Clark, Edward T M^ '00 

Coleman, William M M '58 

Cook, Howard H - . .1 '93 

Coville, Frederick V B '87 

Cox, Leonard M A '92 

Curtis, Frank S 9 '89 

Davis, George R X^ '96 

Deis, John H X^ '04 

Dent, Elliot J X^ '99 

Dexter, William H X '78 

Dodson, James D X^ '09 

Domer, Harry T X^ '00 

Drake, Percy G O^ '99 

Draper, WUfeam A N^ '07 

Dunwoody, Halsey X^ '03 

Emory, Woohnan G X^ '07 

Everman, Toxaway B B '02 

Falconer, Hope H X^ '14 

Farmer, Matthew S X^ '11 

Ferrell, Cullom H X^ '05 

Finckel, Joseph X^ '97 

Foster, Norman P M^ '06 

Galliher, Joseph H N^ '07 

Garrett, Clyde D X^ '10 

Gass, Stuart J N^ '98 

GUbert, Walter M X^ '07 

Glanw, Albert R N^ '03 

Guy, Walter B * '06 

Hamilton, John E 9 '66 

Hastings, Charles H H '91 

Hepburn, Arthur J S '96 

Hiatt, Frank H X^ '02 

Hickman, Richard W., Jr. .T^ '11 

Hird, John D M^ '86 

Hodgkins, Howard W X^ '13 

Jeffrey, Earl M S^ '14 

Keats, Harold X^ '12 

Kendall, William C H '85 

Lamb, James E X^ '04 

Lamb, William E X^ '09 

Lamberton, Benjamin P. . . .2 '62 
Lee, Walter H X^ '06 

Lewis, George M N^ '03 

LiDdbiBrg, Iiring A. I K^ '10 

Lyman, Freeland C X^ '06 

McCandlish, Howard S E '58 

McElfresh, Ralph F X^ '09 

McKenney, Henry J X^ '00 

McOmber, George E A '56 

Magruder, Bruce X^ '07 

Magruder, Marshall X^ '08 

Mason, Lucius X^ '07 

Mason, William M K '99 

Maxcy, Kenneth F X^ '11 

Metcalf, Frank J A '86 

Mewshaw, James P X^ '06 

Middleton, Arthur P X^ '12 

Miller, Hugh R S '97 

MonroejGustavus L., Jr. . .X^ '00 

Myers, Henry B X^ '10 

Newman, Harry S 4> '98 

NewhousCT. Roy L. J X^ '09 

Osborne, Charles F I^ '01 

Osgood, Alan I '11 

Parson, Eric I '08 

Payne, Harry M ^ '81 

Peelle, Stanton C X^ '99 

Powers, Ivan X '72 

Powers, Le Grand K '72 

Raymond, Norman T X^ '14 

Scherer. Carl A T^ '03 

Schoenfeld, Hans F. A X^ '08 

Senior, Thomas R., Jr X^ '07 

Sheldon, James, Jr. S '78 

Sherier, James T., Jr X^ '09 

Simonton, Edward H '61 

Simpson, Joseph O O^ '97 

Slater, Milton T T '69 

Smith, Delos H X^ '05 

Smith, Franklin G A '59 

Smith, George W E '57 

Smith, William T '54 

Southgate. William W T '56 

Sterrett, Douglas B X^ '02 

Sterrett, Henry H. D I '99 

Sterrett, James M X '67 

Sterrett, John A X^ '07 

Sterrett, Robert 4» '99 

Sterrett, William D I '01 

Stokes, Charles F P^ '84 

Stratton, Milton G B '91 




Chle«co — Ckntmued 

CriUey, William M M^ 14 

Davis, Ozora S O^ '89 

Dean, R^ S T^ '04 

DePuy, (Jlarence E. T^ '91 

Derby, Harold J K^ '14 

Douglass, William A * '72 

Duntley, Crawford A B '14 

Espy, Ralph E S '05 

Farley, Carl H O^ '03 

Farley, Edward P S^ '09 

Farmer, Frank C T^ '00 

Forsyth. Robert A '69 

Foster. E. S ^ '94 

FrankUn, Henry B E '07 

French, Charles W O^ '79 

Gaither, Robert H H^ '06 

Gardner, Stephen S^ '02 

Gillette, Halbert P P^ '92 

Goll, Walter S B '96 

GoodeU, Robert E K '01 

Gordon, George W X^ '99 

Graver, Alexander M V^ '05 

Graver, Herbert S V^ '04 

Harding, Edwin R H '85 

Hathaway, C. Henry O^ '07 

Haviland, Henry F P^ '02 

Hay, Arthur O^ '76 

Hill, Edward J T '53 

Hobson, Albion W A '89 

Holden, Sanford S B '06 

Hosmer, Robert C B '02 

Houston, James P O^ '84 

Hunt, A. Frazier K^ '08 

Hunt, Jasper N., Jr K^ '07 

Ingham, Himiphrey D K^ '11 

Jewett, Edmund H P^ '93 

Johnson. SamuelP 9 '88 

Jones, George H S^ '97 

Jones, Harold C B '02 

Jones, Ira O B '06 

KeUy, GUbert W X^ '00 

Kelly, Thomas F S^ '06 

KimbaU, Elmer A O^ '85 

Kuhn, Arthur H T^ '13 

Kuhn, George H T^ '07 

Lalor, William M N^ '04 

Lamson, Warren A B '04 

Lane, Francis W O^ '81 

Lawrence, William M K '73 

Lewis, Henry F I '85 

Lindberg, Edward F. J. . . .K^ '09 

Lively, Truman G K^ '12 

Louer, Lewis S. . ^ B '94 

McCall. Sumner T I '03 

McClellan. Edward J I '89 

McConnell. Edward D B '94 

McLeUan, Ralph M I^ '07 

McWhorter, Gfardner A S '13 

McWhorter, Hurfi M S '10 

Manierre, John T B '91 

Mariett. Harold M A '08 

Marshall, James H I^ '00 

Marston, Glenn H E '03 

Mayer, Elias O^ '00 

Miller, Walter F B '03 

Montgomery, Burt H T^ '05 

Montgomery, Walter B T^ '11 

Moore, Herbert J K^ '14 

Mosher, Loren A O^ '97 

Nellis, Franklyn E., Jr B '04 

Newton, Peter A B '94 

Newton, Ralph H B '05 

Northw^, William R A '53 

Parker, Henry B K^ '14 

Perry, Andrew J F '55 

Peterson, Isaac S^ '96 

Pfisterer, George E K^ '08 

Pirrung, George F V^ '04 

Porter, Harry A S^ '07 

Prussing, Rudolph B '04 

Pulver, George M I^ '10 

Rector, Mark D B '09 

Resor, WiUiam S 9^ '93 

Rice, Ralph W M^ '10 

Ritter, Henry A T^ '81 

Roberts, Cassius C H '71 

Roberts, Edgar G P^ '94 

Roche, John P P^ '11 

Rogers, Clarence A H '06 

RoUo, Thomas R B '10 

Rosholt, John N S^ '08 

Rowe, William J S^ '03 

Sackett, Frank V F^ '99 

Savage, Frank N P^ '98 

Sayce, Archibald H B '05 

Schniglau, Charles 2^ '03 

Sedgwick, George B E^ '93 



ILLINOIS— Continued 

Chicago — Concluded 

Seller, George S^ '06 

Sheldon, Henry I T '64 

Smith, Edward P E^ '94 

Smith, Howard F * 72 

Southgate, Richard S O^ '07 

Sowers, Isaac M 9 '57 

Spahn. Louis X '79 

Spengler, John H N^ '86 

Sprague, Ralph W E^ '92 

Springer, Ernest J S^ '09 

Starr, Western B '80 

Stavrum, Ernest A S^ '97 

Stearns, Malcobn O^ '08 

Strefif, Albert P K^ '09 

Talcott, William W T^ '01 

Thomas, Charles E N^ '85 

Thomason, Samuel E T^ '04 

Thumau, Frederick W T^ '02 

Thurston, Henry W O^ '86 

Tobey, Waldo F B '95 

Towne, Walter J A '95 

Tuthill, Clarence C S '82 

Upton, George P Z '54 

WaU, Richard J K^ '07 

Walter, Philip M B '98 

Ware, Willis C K^ '11 

Waring, Champion J O^ '83 

Waterman, Arthur A I '85 

Waters, William O S '84 

Wertheimer, Benjamin J O^ '76 

Whitcomb, Arthur W O^ '85 

White, Clarence J S^ '01 

White, Frank C I '98 

Woodward, Warren C. . , . .K^ '12 

Chicaco Heiffhts 

Cummings, Charles A S 76 


Yates, George A K^ '13 


EngUsh, Benjamin C I^ '07 

McDowell, Guy M S '89 


Murphy, Charles R B '89 

Rogers, James D ^ '8i> 


Hager, Earl N K^ '09 


Sleight, Geoige N. . 

I^ '93 


Foley, Louis B A '98 

Wilder, Edward T B '06 

WUder, Erskine P B '05 

Wilder, Paul B 'l2 


Waters, Enos U^ '13 


Barker, John C B '12 

Dawson, Edwin S B '14 

Dawson, Horace L B '07 

Dean, Walter M T^ '98 

Eyman, Ehner V S^ '07 

Hooker, Alexander C I^ '11 

McNab, Joseph L S^ '96 

McNeU, Malcohn R B '11 

Pierce, Guy C K '96 

Webster, Ronald F I^ '12 


CoUman, John S B '81 

Hanke, Hany A K^ '10 

Hettinger, Mathias B '84 

Musser, Clive N S^ '08 


Davis, James J 

S '87 


Hunt, E. T A '50 

Mitchell, James K H '71 

Wright, Philip G K '85 


Newhall, John B '06 

Glen Ellyn 

Gray,PbiUpF K^ '13 





Wright, Joseph T T '69 

Bourne, Ralph H B '04 

Lawrence, Worman S B '04 


Quigley, Henry C N^ '96 


McMnrtry, James C A '52 

Highland Park 

New, Carl W S '96 


Eastbum, David L K^ '11 

Langan, John J K^ '10 

Smith, Ira W K^ '10 

Wilkinson, Stanley E K^ '08 


Pierce, Edwin D M^ '92 


Noyes, Arthur H A '87 

La Grange 

Cole, Edwin R T^ '93 

Lake Forest 

Richards, Albert G E '96 


Meserve, Frank C A '77 

Seward, James L A '64 


Hill, John D.G I^ '07 


Sihler, George A Z^ '10 


Merrill, George F. , B '01 


Farabaugh, Lewis E N^ '04 

KendaU, James H K^ '14 

Seifried, John F K^ '12 

Morgan Park 

Manbert, Ray B K '02 

Mt. CarroU 

Jack, Julian R H^ '13 

Oak Park 

Bills, George D B '75 

Bunnell, Fred O * '99 

Cole, HemyE * '12 

Douglas, William A * '72 

Gundaker, Guy H M^ '14 

Klooster, Clarence A K^ '12 

Luccock, Samuel B ^ '11 

Luccock, Tracy D * '05 

Ulhnann, James W B '09 

Ulhnann, Ralph W B '08 

Westcott, Ralph W M^ '13 


Cutter, Watts C 

K^ '10 


Ballance, Nevius D. B S^ '12 

Ballance, William H., Jr. ... B '07 

Bean, George T X^ '08 

Day, Clifford W. L K^ '13 

Day, Warren W K^ '10 

HaU, Lisle G K^ '14 

Hunter, James A K^ '13 

ScuUy, John C T^ '02 

Sprague, Embert H O^ '00 


Wheat, Almeron, Jr. . 


Bryant, Robert C 

A '66 

^ '91 

Bowen, Sherman B N^ '10 


Bullard, Clark W K^ '09 

Butler, Henry W Z '61 

Hatch, Frank L E^ '92 

Hay, Arthur P^ '92 

Lamphier, Robert C E^ '97 


MUler, RoyC K^ '11 





Willis, Ben C. , K^ 11 


Bartow, Edward I^ '92 

Ford, Guy S 2^ '95 

Frailey, Lester E K^ '13 

Gustafson, Charles L K^ '12 

Maguire, William C K^ '10 


Bayne, Robert R S^ '06 


Risser, RoyE K^ '14 


Goodnow, Albert C B^ '12 

Smith, Ashford V S^ '01 

Willow Craak 

Welch, Charles A A '66 


Bishop, Thomas N B '12 

Schwann, Henry . . .• O^ '97 



McCuUough, Neal M T^ '08 

Forrey, George C, Jr I^ '03 


Daugherty, James T K^ '12 


Cochran, Joseph E N^ '91 


Law, Edward E e '62 

Storms, North I '06 

Fort Wajma 

Hamilton, Walter K^ '11 

Larwill, John S Z '60 


Belford, John A 

r^ '03 


Crumpacker, Frederick C. . . F^ '03 
Crumpacker, Owen L F^ '03 


Buchanan, Albert F I^ '06 

Buchanan, Paul H S^ '10 

Campbell, Leonard L I^ '06 

Campbell, S. Neil I^ '08 

Durbin, Fletcher M I^ '04 

Edgerton, Arthur H K^ '12 

Fulton, Robert N A '00 

George, George B I^ '08 

Hawley, George B 9^ '92 

Herman, Alvin T^ '07 

Kelly, Walter F O^ '97 

Kingsbury, John D B '91 

Mirick, George A M^ '87 

Moore, Joseph R. H A '99 

Otis, William H Z '56 

Simon, Milton N P^ '02 


Dixon, L-aA K^ '13 

Simons, Charles L K^ '12 


Coleman, Harry F Y^ '83 

Tomlinson, Joseph T Y^ '83 


Cravens, Joseph M Y^ '82 


Boucher, Chauncey S. F^ '09 

Michigan City 

Crumpacker, Harry L F^ '03 


Bearss, Albert C 9 '61 


Thayer, George H., Jr B '83 


Colburn, Clarence P Y^ '80 

Francisco, Lewis J S^ '08 



INDIANA— Concluded 

R«Mhvlll« ValpMMlao 

Sexton, Gatee T^ '82 Crumpaoker, Maurice E T^ '09 

Twrrs Haute 

Crawford. Francis C 9 '62 Stratton, Lemon T^ '82 

McCrea, George H A '05 Whiting 

Muaaer, James M S^ '04 Sweet, Goodrich H T^ '01 


Archibald, Albert R. . 


A '83 McCabe, Edward F T^ '80 



Nicoulin, Claud X T^ '00 

Goldthwaite, Stephen G Z '90 

Campbell, Scott C K '78 

CharlM Citjr 

Gregg, John P S^ '99 

McCleery, Ben H K^ '12 


Sisco, Frank T K^ '12 

Council Bluffs 

Houghton, Albert B M^ '09 


Clark, Gray R O^ '76 

Sharon, Emmett H V '76 

Das Molnas 

Branyen. William T^ '12 

Marshall, Randolph G H^ '09 


Boothby, James M H '73 

Langworthy, James D S '61 

Oaks, John F X '70 


Marston, Harold P H '11 

Marston, Perdval F H '88 

Sutherland, William L O^ '77 

Iowa City 

Fairall, Herman H H '61 

Rod Oak 

Payne, Archer E S^ '13 


Fuller, Lynn G S^ '13 


Draper, G. E T '69 

Simpson, Benjamin F X '77 


Thome, CliffordlJ A '96 




James, Paul B A '06 


KingBbuiy, Burton L A '57 

Cottoaivood Falls 

McWiUiams, John W n '60 

Russel, Joseph S Z '86 


Taylor, Edward G N^ '04 

KanMM Citsr 

Bowman, Charles A. V^ '11 

Bowman, Winfield S T^ '08 

Cubbison, Paul K T^ '14 

Stubbs, Arthur R T^ '11 

Tuell, Gilbert W H '06 

Gray, Charles H V^ '96 

Sherwood, Alson I A '63 

Sharp, Richard W. 2 '86 

TOcr, TOlliam B X '77 


Reed, Barry E H^ '10 


FrankUn, Amherst 8 '63 

Colton, William N S '97 

Crawford, James R 9 '83 


Chamberlaine, Philander C. . S '75 


Johnson, Frederick La F. . . . H '81 

Kimball, Elwood D O^ '81 

Sargent. Clarence S O^ '76 

Ware, Edward Y B '92 



Norton, Frederick I. 

n '72 

Gihnan, John A O^ '98 


McReynolds, Thomas J B '90 


Harrison. Fabius A 9 '83 

Hurt, WUliam T A '63 

Marshall, Alfred W P '71 

NeiU, William L N^ '88 

Tuttle, Franklin E M^ 89 

Warfidd, Cameal A 9 '64 


Barnwell, Carleton E '13 

Booth, Percy N I '96 

Brohm, WilUiun C A '95 

Clark. William H N '11 

Davidson, Morris W B '14 

Eastin, Geor8» B 9* '61 

Macfarlane, Graluun A "72 

McKnMit. Henry P E^ '90 

OttCTTWilliam H. I '00 

Richardson, Charles K^ '14 

Wulkop, Frederick F I '08 


Lamping, Thomas E 11 '71 


Overholt, Isaac F T '68 

St. Mathaws 

Ten Broeck, Richard E^ '01 


Amsden, John L 

S '63 



Blinker, James A. 


Bowie, AUen T. 


.B '04 BiiBh, James B Z '00 

Irby. Robert G X^ '11 

Kircho£F, Frederick W P 73 

Meklen, Charles M A '80 

M '61 Rowbothan, George W K '97 



Abbott, Charles C H 

Abbott, Edward F H 

Adams, Charles F H 

Chase. Thomas £ H 

Greenle^ Ehner D Z 

Penley, Harry M Z 



Farr,Lorin H '61 

lippincott, Leon S H '10 

lippincott, Wihnot C H '13 

little, Fremont C. J H '89 

Barker, Lewis A Z '99 

Brooks, John E Z^ '03 

Bryant, Bert L H '96 

Collier. Christopher W I^ '92 

Gallagher, Joseph F Z^ '13 

Harding, Albra H H '80 

HUand, CarlA Z '05 

Larrabee, George H H '88 

Mead, Frank H H '95 

Moulton, Warren J M^ '88 

Sanger, Eugene B E^ 

Thompson, Frederick E Z 

Toole, Christopher H 


Bar Harbor 

Emery, James N H '06 

Newman, William P H '10 

Rodick, Andrew S H '02 

Whitmore, Harold P H '11 

Wood, Philips H '13 


Barker, Bvron F H '93 

Brown, Walter H '14 

Carter, Edward E H '02 

Cobb, Henry W H '00 

Cole, Alan R H '14 

Cole, Herbert E H '83 

Cole, Philip P H '12 

Hall, William T., Jr H '88 

Hill, Roland F S '03 

Hogan, William E O^ '72 

Stetson, Arthm- H H '96 


Curtis, William C A '81 

Edwards, Smnner H '10 

Hastings, Henry H H '90 

Knight, Prankhn P H '84 

MerriD, Fred B H '00 

Blua Hill 

Bean, Ebeneser H '57 

Femstrom, Karl D 9^ '10 


Richardson, Horace K. 

K '02 


Davis, Arthur O. H '05 

Hamblen, Maurice W H '14 

Hebb, Angus G H '96 

Hill, Ahnon F., Jr H '02 

Plmnmer, Carl T H '05 

Shorey, Henry A .H '00 


Johnson, George W H '79 

Mitchell, Wilmot B H '90 

Woodruff, John H H '08 


Bragdon, Fred E H '91 

Richardson, James T S '90 

Snow, Horace E H '83 



MAINE— Continued 


WUey, Arthur G H '95 


Dudley, John H H '96 


Lothrop, Thomas W K '82 


Walker, Fred S.... K '94 


Perkins, Walter P H '80 

Rounds, Stephen K '90 

CumiMrland Mills 

Craigie, George W H '07 

Dunariseotta Mills 

Linscott, Roswell H '83 


Davis, Samuel G H '65 


Sturtevant, James M H '09 

East Brownfield 

Giles, ErwinG H '02 

East Hiram 

Hoyt, Henry H K '94 

Mabry, Irving E H '02 


Femald, WUliam L O^ '84 


Hersey, WillO H '92 

Farming ton 

Abbott, Samuel B H '92 

Nichols, John W H '81 


Merrill, George A H '94 


Brown, Charles M H '96 

Fogg, NeUA H '13 

McMillan, Donald B H '97 

Tuttle, Earle B H '13 

Tuttle, Neal H '14 


Kane, Maurice J M^ '06 

Kane, T.Leo M^ '11 


Leavitt, John S., Jr. 


Smith, Ernest T. . . . 

H '76 

H '01 


Beane, Fred E 

K '75 


Dudley, Fred W 

H '91 


Sargent, William E. . 

H '78 


Newbegin, Parker C. 

H '91 

IsUnd Falls 

Noyes, Herbert H H '91 


Meserve, Albert W H '88 


Drew, Franklin M H '58 

McGillicudy, Daniel J H '81 

Montgomery, William E. . . .H '12 

Temple, Charles H K '05 

Williamson, Cassius C H '98 

Wing, Henry A H '80 

Usbon Falls 

Wyndham, Charles A H '04 





MaxweU, John H H '88 

Stone, George W H 72 


Schenck, Garret, Jr I^ '09 


Howe, George W H '11 

New Gloucester 

Spring, Wadsworth H '93 

New Sharon 

Copeland, Justin M H '57 

North Anson 

Porter, Gould A H '91 

North Bridffton 

Knapp, Jesse W H '83 

Moody, John F., Jr O^ '00 

Northeast Harbor 

Graves, Rae D K '08 

North Newry 

Kilgore, Wallace W H '86 

North Waterford 

Kimball, George L H '96 


Howe, George R K '82 

Kimball, Frank H '79 

Kimball, Merton L H '87 

Roberts, John A H '77 

Smith, Fred E H '06 

Stone, Carl E H '09 

Old Orchard 

Nichols, James A H '94 

Weaver, Andrew J K '69 

Old Town 

Cousins, Edgar M H '77 

Draper, James B H '10 


Fernald, Merritt C H '61 

Rogers, Allan E H '76 


Haien, George O^ '73 

Hall, Mandeville K '81 

Poland Sprlncs 

Ricker, George A K '14 

Haley, Orison P H '11 


Albion, James F K 

Ayer, PerleyF K 

Barton, Llewellyn H 

Bodge, Eugene L H 

Booth, Charles D I 

Buell. Ralph L H 

Bumnam, Percy B., Jr H 

Calderwood, Mellen G K 

Chapman, Arthur H 

Coolidge, Merritt B K 

Cressy, George F H 

Dole, Stanley F H 

Donahue, Louis A H 

Donahue, Paul E H 

Donham, Albert G I 

Files, James H K 

Fletcher, Edward J O^ 

Fobes, Harold B K 

Foss, Clifton M I 

Frank, Melvin P K 

Gould, Theodore H 

Gould, William H K 

Hawkes, Howard C A 

KendaU, Ralph T K 

Lappin, James G. B H 

Leienton, Charles M H 

Libby, Lucian P H 

McPherson, David M H 

Merrill, Dana K H 

Moody. Edward F H 

Mountiort, Sumner S K 

Nevins, Wilson H 

Perry, Charles W Z 

Perry, Stephen C, Jr O^ 

Pettennll, Arthur G H 

Rand, Edward M H 





Portland— Concluded 

Redlon, Nathan C O^ '06 

Reed, Joseph B H '83 

RusseU, Clifford L H '14 

Thomas, William W H '60 

Turner, Harlan B K '07 

Virgin, Harry R K '79 

Wjker, Leon V H '03 

Welch, Arthur D H '12 

Welch, Francis J H '03 

Wentworth, John A H '09 

Wilson, Edward H H '92 

Woodman, Paul . . , I '08 

Prvaque Isle 

Parkhurst, Albert E H '13 


Stephens, James M O^ '72 

Woodwell, George M O^ '84 


Alexander, Homer E H '90 


Abbott, WiUiam J H '00 

Lawry, George A Z '02 

Norton, Francis C 8^ '93 

RuRiford Falls 

Steams, Aretas £ H '90 

Jordan, Reshworth P I '10 

Woodbury, Ernest R H '95 

HiU, PredW H '94 

South Berwick 

Downs, Walter H O^ '75 

Goodwin, William A. H. . . .0^ '75 

Hodgdon, John F H '92 

PauU, Austin R A '92 

South Paris 

Howard, Charles H H '93 

Wheeler, Henry M I '06 

South Portland 

Brown, Frank I H '85 

Soule, George C H '06 

Watson, Horace H H '11 


Thompson, WUliam S O^ '79 


Mills, Sumner P 

A '01 


Knight, James M. . . . 

H '64 


Oliver, Albert I 

A '99 


Ridlon, Bertrand D. 

H '91 

Van Buren 

Scates, Karl D 

H '09 


Richards, Thomas L. . 

H '06 


Webb, Henry W. ... 

H '90 


Barrows, Nathaniel H O^ '00 

Crowell, Robert W M^ '89 

Merrill, Waldo T H '99 

Mower, Malcolm B Z '05 

Thompson, Fred L M^ '04 


Boothby, Alfred R H '06 

Dana, Luther H '03 

Dana, PhiUp H '96 

Davis, Joseph A H '08 

Hawes, Henry Q H '10 

Lane, Robert R O^ '07 

Poole, William W., Jr O^ '12 

Stevens, Harold M H '03 




WMt Paris 

Lane, Leland B H '81 


Clark, Linwood E H '11 


Jones, Levi R M^ '12 


Dickinson, Roy W K '11 


Bodkin, Arthur H^ Jr H '06 

Hamblet, George C H '02 

Perry, Oscar H K '83 

Smith, Leon H H '10 



Baldwin, OUver P N '73 

Bell, A. Taylor E '65 

Bradley, George R P^ '06 

Clapp, Harvey R Z '98 

Fobs, John H S '87 

France. J. I ^ '95 

Gosnell, Frank, Jr I^ '07 

Greenfield, William H 9^ '95 

Heuer, George J. S^ '03 

Hewes, Warner 2 '65 

Hughes, James M I '04 

Ingham, LesUe H O^. '89 

Inglis, L. Charles A '59 

Johnston, Edward E N^ '06 

Mason, Charles A M^ '12 

Shoch, N. F S '71 

Smith, Winifred H H '99 

Vanderhoof , Bertrand G. ... E '08 
Wisewell, Karl H S '01 

B«l Air 

Scott, James W., Jr H '66 

Stiffler, J. Royston S '86 


Fletcher, Frederick H. 

S '92 


Sanborn, Herbert C. . 

A '96 

Chary Chi 

Curtis, Myron S X^ '12 

Curtis, William B X^ '08 

McCubbin, Charles C X^ '14 


Atkinson, Gordon T 23 '68 

Gardner, Frederick E K '88 

Norris, Rastus R X^ '03 


McRae, Merton A H '04 


Robertson, James B S^ '08 


Hitchins, Arthur S '91 

Hitchins, Emery G S '95 


Howard, Oliver Z 

N^ '96 


Argo, Reamer W X^ '14 


Keys, Edward A. . . . 

N^ '99 

Poeontoke City 

Hall, G. Courtney N^ '09 

Walton, Ernest B N^ '07 

Port Deposit 

Mowbray, A. S S '85 

y 1.^ 




Roland Park Tanesrtown 

Hanna, Benjamin S N^ '99 Bimie, Clotworthy 

N^ '12 


Rich, Alexander M S '85 



Howe, Frank H K '82 

McDevitt, Harry S O^ '07 


Cobb, Charles W M^ '97 

HaskeU, Nelson C M^ '87 

Henry, John P M^ '10 

Hopkins, Arthur J M^ '85 

Kidder, Harry W M^ '97 

Kimball, Arthur L M^ '08 

KimbaU, William S M^ '08 

Phillips, Paul C M^ '88 


Carr, Wentworth C I^ '11 

Dana, Edward I '08 

Dole. Henry H K '06 

Kimball, Ernest R I '05 

Sanger, Guy E A '01 


Lane, Frederic D O^ '78 


Brock, Roland H M^ '12 

Brooks, Ralph O A '01 


Marble, CecU H 

A '97 


French, Andro A H '97 

White, Vernon O A '06 


Cooley, Arthur S M^ '91 

Eaton, Frederick C O^ '11 

Hackett, Leon A I '04 

Hutchinson, Chessman P. ... A 

Newell, Duncan H M^ 

Robbins, Raymond A A 


Allen, Herbert J K 

Bliss, Edward H M^ 

Worcester, Charles F O^ 


Boutelle, Arthur M K 

Putnam, John H O^ 


Bowman, Mortimer H A 


Dearborn, Henry H O^ 


Torrey, Lincoln C I 


Bliss, Raymond W K 

Locke, William H O^ 

Stone, Mason H I 


Goold, PhUipA A 


Cate, Harland E O^ 

Prichard, Charles R 9^ 


Start, Edwin A ...K 


HambUn, Frank S O^ 













Adams, Forrest N A '91 

Alexander, James S O^ '05 

Alexander, Robert M A '07 

Allen, Frederick C O^ '94 

Anthon, Archibald 11^ '90 

Anthon3r, Andrew W I '09 

Archer, Gleason L A '06 

Archer, Hiram J A '05 

Arnold, Fred A Z '97 

Artz, Abraham L O^ '88 

Avery, Herbert S A '04 

Badger, Erastus B., 2nd O^ '08 

Baker, Henry S H '93 

Baker, WilUam B M^ '01 

Baldwin, Foye S A '88 

Baldwin, Leon E A '96 

Bamum, Edward H M^ '98 

Bartlett, David B A '07 

Bartlett, Ralph S O^ '89 

Bartlett, Ralph W M^ '88 

Bartlett, Rolla W O^ '94 

Beale, Henry W I '97 

Bean, Robert V O^ '14 

Beede, Everett J A '05 

Benner, Hervey D H '09 

Bennett, Joseph H '64 

Benton, Jay B O^ '90 

Berry, Charles F., Jr K '04 

Berry, John G I '01 

Berry, Joseph F K '01 

Bigelow, William R A '89 

Boothby, Walter M I '02 

Boss, John G K '09 

Bosworth, Eugene M A '95 

Boutwell, Horace K I '00 

Boutwell, Roswell K S^ '13 

Boyd. John M O^ '97 

Breed, George H I '99 

Bridgman, George H O^ '76 

Bridgewater, John. Jr I^ '04 

Briggs, Herbert W. O^ '02 

Brodbeck, Paul E A '03 

Brown, Francis H I '57 

Buckman, Charles C H '93 

Bullock, Ernest N V^ '94 

Bullock, Herbert D Z '65 

Burgess, R. NeU X '98 

Burroughs, Harry E O^ '09 

Card, Horatio S H '88 

Carter, William W I '99 

Cattanack, Fred W Z^ '07 

Chamberlain, Willard C I '08 

Chamberlain, WiUiam E. . .0^ '05 

Chandler, James M H '08 

Chandler, Webster A A '02 

Chase, Edward N I^ '04 

Chishohn, Fred S I '98 

Clapp, William E M^ '00 

Clark, Charles A O^ '92 

Coolidge, Arthur W K '03 

Coolidge, Richard B K '02 

Corthell, William I I^ '93 

Chenery, William E A '87 

aark, Robert R I '09 

Cooper, Albert W I '01 

Crawford, Everett W A '01 

Creden, Thomas H O^ '92 

Crosby, George L M^ '96 

Currier, Robert T I^ '08 

Curtis, WiUiam W H '82 

Dallinger, Frederick W I '93 

Davenport, Charles M I^ '01 

Davis, Edward E K '80 

Davis, Horace A K '97 

Davis, Theodore L A '99 

Dean, Paul D I '01 

Dearborn, George V O^ '90 

Delano, Arthur H A '04 

Denison, Adna T K '61 

Dudley, Howland I '95 

Dunbar, PhiUp R I^ '00 

Dunbar, Ralph W I^ '98 

Dunham, Tom D K '05 

Durgin, Frank H '92 

Eames, Albert C H '98 

Eddy, Frederick W K '74 

Edmunds, Goldman I '95 

Edwards, Martin R A '07 

Ernst, Frederick W O^ '76 

Evans, Bryce|E M^ '11 

Eynon. Stuart J O^ '12 

Fairfield, Harry S O^ '00 

Fisher, Horace C I '94 

Fisher, Horace N I '57 

Fitzgerald, Ezekial K '64 

Fletcher, Hewitt W M^ '97 

Floyd, Charles W O^ '85 




Boston — Continued 

Folsom, Lucius B H *85 

Folsome. Arthur A K '89 

ForristaU, PhUip M O^ '10 

Fosdick, Fredenck W I '01 

Fox, Irving P A '83 

Frank, Henry P K '95 

French, Arthur P K '76 

French, WUUam B K '70 

Gallagher, Oscar C I '96 

Garcelon, William F I '95 

George, Nathan R., Jr I '90 

Gibbs, Edwin F I^ '04 

Gibbs, Russell C I^ '00 

GUmore, Charles H Z '01 

Goreley, Charles P I '57 

Grant, G. Richard O^ '08 

Greenan, James O A '08 

Gregory, Warren F O^ '88 

Griffin, Frank A O^ '94 

Groce, Joseph B K '93 

Hardy, Harvey W A '91 

Harmon, Benjamin F K '72 

Harrington, Frank B K '77 

Harrington, Frank P S '73 

Haskell, Henry H I '90 

Hayes, John E. R O^ '95 

Higginson, Stephen, Jr I '00 

ffiU; Lewis D I '94 

Hitchcock, William H M^ '98 

Hopkins, Morton G A '03 

Hopkins, Stephen A Z '93 

Howes, Clarence G O^ '03 

Ingalls, George A H '88 

Lrving, Arthur P O^ '99 

Jewett, Lrving F O^ '10 

Johnson, Elliot W I^ '10 

Johnson, Melvin M K '92 

Jones, Charles D A '86 

Jones, George R A '83 

Jones, Hazen W O^ '10 

Jones, Philip U O^ '03 

Jordan, J. Harry O^ '07 

Joslin, Ralph E K '86 

Jouett, Mark R., Jr I '03 

Jourdan, Frederick M E^ '99 

Joyce, Harold W O^ '08 

Kennedy, Albert J X '01 

Kent, Ira R K '99 

Kimball, Frank W A '94 

King, Delcevare I '95 

King, Edward S A '99 

Lampee, Charles I O^ '04 

Lane, Edward B A '81 

Le Clear, Gifford I '95 

Leonard, Amos H K '66 

Leonard, Wallace M M^ '88 

Libby, JohnG H '76 

Linscott, Frank K H '88 

Litchman, John L A '04 

Little, Charles J H '57 

Locke, Isaac B O^ '08 

Locke, Richard B O^ '09 

Look, Percy J A '08 

Lord, Richard J O^ '09 

Low, Harry C I '93 

Luce, John W A '92 

Lund, Harry G M^ '04 

MacArthur, Donald M P^ '10 

McDonald, Herbert J K '69 

McGraU, William P O^ '06 

McMilUn, Ralph E I^ '05 

Mann, Alexander S '81 

Mansfield, Frederick J. H. . .A '98 

Marvin, Winthrop L K '89 

Mason, Harold W I '00 

Mason, William H O^ '13 

Maynard, James T O^ '04 

Mendum, Samuel W K '85 

Merritt, George N A '05 

Metcalf, Edward R K '87 

Miller, Stanley R I '03 

Mitchell, Clarence L H '89 

Moore, Charles H A '05 

Moses, Kirkel O^ '07 

Murphy, Gardner I '10 

NeilC Mather H M^ '05 

Nesbitt, Harold E I^ '05 

Newell, Frank A O^ '79 

Newman, Andrew P 6^ '92 

Newton, Harry H A '83 

Nichols, John R I '94 

NUes. Harold L O^ '07 

North, Frank A K '92 

Nutter, WiUiam H I^ '97 

Pahner, George T X '07 

Palmer, Harold V O^ '03 

Pahner, Walter W M^ '05 




Boston — Conduded 

Parker, Lee H B '89 

Parkis, Ernest A Z '99 

Parsons, Ernest M I '03 

Partridge, Olcott O I^ '94 

Paul, Luther G M^ '93 

Peck, John H I^ '95 

Perkins, Allan M O^ '08 

Perry, Carleton A K '97 

Perry, Henry J K '92 

Pishon, Sturgis O^ '10 

Pope, Charles H H '62 

Pratt, Chester M M^ '00 

Pressey, C. Park I^ '93 

Proctor, George U., Jr O^ '05 

Proctor, James S O^ '08 

Reed, Charles L K '89 

Rice, Alexander H A '01 

Ring, Heniy C I '98 

Robinson, Dwight W Z '07 

Robinson, Sumner K '88 

Rogers, Charles W O^ '00 

Rogers, WiUiam F A '94 

Roimds, George H X '04 

Russell, Arthur J I '95 

Russell, Wilbur H I^ '07 

Ryan, Joseph F O^ '97 

Schmitt, PhiUp 8^ '13 

Sheldon, Eugene L I '06 

Sheldon, Herbert P A '99 

Simpson, Frank L A '98 

Sipprelle. Nathaniel P A '04 

Southard, Charles B K '70 

Spear, Arthur P X^ '00 

Spear, Edwin E., Jr H '98 

Spencer. George H A '90 

Starbuck, Calvin W S '90 

Stebbins, John L I '12 

Stevenson, John C. H B '77 

Stockbridge, William D H '99 

Stockwell, James A A '88 

Stone, Arthur P I '93 

Sweetser. George A A '94 

Taylor, Lucien E Z '95 

Tent, George E O^ '97 

Thompson, Frederick E Z '95 

Thompson, Walter S O^ '92 

Thurston, Charles O. / O^ '84 

Tohnan, Henry, Jr I '03 

Tousey, Coleman K '98 

Tower, Samuel F O^ '84 

Tuttle, Raymond A H '10 

Twiss, Jesse B O^ '80 

Wadsworth, O. F I '60 

Wakefield, Leonard F H '09 

Wales, Nathaniel B I '05 

Walling, Charles H Z '95 

Webster, Nathaniel R H '81 

Weed, Frank J H '07 

Weston, Frank I O^ '92 

Weston, Sydney A A '00 

Weston, Thomas, Jr I '95 

Whitmore, Charles E., Jr I '93 

Whitmore, Howard I '95 

Wiggin, Joseph I '93 

Wiflett, George F A '91 

Witter, WUUam E X '80 

Woodbury, William R K '85 

Woodruff, Robert T H '06 

Woodvine, Liverus H A '94 

Woodward, Luther B A '95 

Wrightj Charles S H '91 

Wrightington, Sydney R I '97 

Young, Herbert W A '80 


Chrysler, Jeremiah M V '69 

King, Samuel R I '89 


Gallager, William W I '04 

Harrison. Walter T I '05 

Wiggin, Ralph L H '98 


Hewat, Frederick A I^ '12 


Hood, Joseph W A '03 

Packard, George H '08 


Kenney, George F A '90 


Daly, John J O^ '11 

Hohnes, WiUiam T T^ '96 




Brockton — Concluded 

Low, Charles W Z '99 

Low, Herbert C Z '01 

Snell, Walter H Z '13 

Speny, Paul X^ '02 

Staff, Arthur E Z '11 

Thatcher, Henry B Z '10 

Whittemore, Dwight S A '86 


Butler, Harry G 

A '91 


Blanchard, Gordon O^ '08 

Brewer, Francis A I '10 

Bulfinch, George G., Jr A '07 

Carr, Moses F I '13 

Grant, Benjamin S H '61 

Gregg, Robert E I '94 

Hayes, Frederick L O^ '92 

Hitchcock, George P M^ '92 

Porter, Charles L I '02 

Sexton, Frank J Z '93 

Somers, Lawrence P I '03 

Sprague, Henry B I '11 

Taylor, Fredenck B I '99 

Torrey, Ralph M 6^ '10 

Waite, Horace S I '09 

White, Henry P I '99 

Whitney, Stanley N M^ '05 


Bailey, Solon I A '81 

Becker, Edward I '08 

Boothby. Albion M I '03 

Boyd, William I '12 

Bullock. Charles J A '89 

Caprom, Leo F O^ '11 

Carrick, Frederick A I '06 

Carter, Fred L., Jr I '03 

Chase, John H M^ '96 

Colby, William J I^ '05 

Cole, Frederick P Z '96 

Crane, Russel D I '00 

Davis, Charles S A '81 

Day, Edmund E O^ '05 

Drew, Lionel E I '11 

EUiSj Artemus R I '07 

Estabrook, Angus D I '04 

Flint, Herbert L I 

Flint, Roger. ... .^. I 

Roger. . 

Geroiild, Charl^ „ * 

Clifford F A 



Hall, Henry B M^ 

Huntington, Edward V I 

Mclntire, Herbert B O^ 

Marsh, John B I 

Montgomery, David H Z 

Munroe, Arthur J I 

Nash, Harry F I 

Nuttmg, Philip A I 

Osbon, John F I 

Osborne, Maurice M I 

Rind^e, Wellington K 

Rivinius, George A I 

Simmons, George B I 

Taft, George L A 

Tenney, Charles D O^ 

Woodman. Cyrus I 

Wyman, Bruce I 

Young, Charles L K 



Hammond, John W E '61 

Whittemore, Benjamin A I '92 


Cobb, Frederick W A '90 

McLeod, Stewart B Z '01 


Draper, Paul A I '07 


Osgood, Abner M A '78 

Tyrrell, James F A '04 

Charlton Dopot 

Gould, Herbert F Z '92 


Harding, Heman A A '95 


Jackson, Delbert L O^ '04 

Knowlton, Frank W K '07 

Lawrence, Abbott W K '85 




Bryant, Walter T M^ '02 

Parker, Francis F K '66 

Smith, James G A '55 

Stratton, Porter R A '78 

ChlcopM FaUs 

Gage, James M A '00 


Brown, Ernest C A '00 


Stone, George H H '05 

Tobey, Harold G H '06 


MacCormack, John W A '09 

Concord Junction 

Shephard, Harold B A '12 

Cottago City 

Mayhew, Osgood N I '01 


Johnson, John H O^ '89 


Sanders, Nathaniel S. H. 

I '92 


Chase, Julian D I '02 

Morse, Frank E A '84 


Sears, Joseph E 

A '77 


Batchelder, Charles S O^ '14 

Campbell, Frederic W A '13 

Campbell, WiUiam H A '12 

Colton, Hubert P A '12 

Grant, John S 6^ '12 

Hickey, Louis W P^ '13 

Hunter, Lester B K '08 

Keohan, Thomas C H '97 

Knight, Daniel R M^ '91 

Lord, Paul B e^ '09 

Lowell, George F K '76 

Perkins, Sprague H K '94 

Pratt, George F H '76 

Putnam, Guy O O^ 'H 

Putnam, Lrvmg H QA '12 

Sutherland, Harry A A '13 

East Braintraa 

Jordan, Charles G K '96 

Eaat Bridfawator 

Meservey, Jefiferson B H '58 

East Cambridga 

Murphy, Frederick A O^ '94 


Prichard, Fred E O^ '91 

East Milton 

Farrell, Walter J .A '04 


Thompson, Frederick P I '95 

East Papparall 

Robbins, Rogers S K '14 

East Saufus 

Higgins, James W A '77 


Herrick, Charles R K '90 

Tower, Carl W A '14 


Marsh, Frank M A '98 

Marston, J. H. C Z '08 

Fall Rivar 

Ahny, Thomas I '05 

Barker, Richard J., Jr Z '98 

Bassett, Thomas B I '05 

Bogle, Irving W Z '09 

Borden, Sidney H I '97 

Brown, Harry P I '03 

Chace, Fenner A I '97 




Fall Riv«r — Concluded 

Cooky Benjamin Z '68 

Dean, Robert A I '03 

French, Stephen L I^ 44 

Greene, Foster R I '00 

Haley, Harry T O^ W 

Henry, Robert O '55 

Marvin, Charles P K '99 

Reeves, D. Wallace Z '98 

Smith, Charles E I '95 


Smythe, Henry H. . . . 

e '78 


Brown, Harry L H '07 

Dennet, PhilUp I '13 

Fisher, Austin W K '12 

Jamieson, Joseph B M^ '09 

Lowe, Ernest P M^ '03 

Lowe, Joseph A M^ '04 

Miller, Ernest P., Jr I'll 

MiUer. Richard H I '05 

Rice, Robert A M^ '98 

Thompson, Frederick H I '98 


Hill, Frederick B I '95 


Marvin, Reginald K K '96 

Patterson, Charles H K '87 

Peirce, Arthur W K '82 


Burrill, Carl F A '14 

Carney, Joseph P. O^ '98 

Howe, Ephraim D K '67 


Alexander, Frank W H '85 

Low, Warren F A '95 


Bennett, Warren A O^ '83 

Brown, Campbell L A '14 

Stalker, Frank J A '08 


Williams, Herbert P. . . 

I '92 

Great Harrington 

Alger, Nathan C A '77 

AlBson, J. Francis O^ '91 

Lynes, Joseph R ^ '01 

Taylor, George L I^ '03 


Humes, Wesley G K '01 

Jones, Rajrmond W. D Z '08 

Kaulbach, George C H '11 

Lyman, Henry W M^ '99 


Mausur, Frederick W I '97 

Priest, Herbert B I '97 

Stebbins, Edward C E '11 


Wood, WiUard E A '06 


Neal, Ralph W O^ '03 


Chase, Sidney M I '99 

Ela, William E O^ '97 

Goodwin, Harold M I '08 

Lahey, Frank H I '04 

McFee, WiUiam D O^ '97 

Nichols, Melville T I '01 

Pingree, Ransom C I '06 

Raymond, F. O I '89 

Russ, Harley W E^ '00 


Carter, Roscoe A I '05 


Gushing, George H X '07 

Kimball, James H O^ '01 

Whelan, Charles O^ '01 


Hopkins, Eleazer O M^ '88 


Spring, George E K '02 





Avery, Nathan P M^ *91 

Davis, William H I '93 

Draper, Jaston T A '84 

FitzsimmoDs, Harold A B '13 

FitzsimmoDS, R. J M^ '13 

HaUet, Harry R M^ '03 

Hull, Morton O^ '08 

Merrick, Charles I. I '94 

Turner, George F A '03 


Stone, Moses C H '65 

Wyman, Edward C A '95 


Lacount, JohnE A '00 


Baker, Henry H M^ '93 

Hrde Park 

Bamum, Francis G M^ '01 

Briggs, Merton L A '01 

Ha^urger, James F H '10 

Wyman, Walter F K '01 

Indian Orchard 

Wight, Ralph W M^ '99 


Gifford, Allston B A '98 

Waters, George F I '08 

Jamaica Plain 

Clark, Frank W. K '08 

Fitzpatrick, Walter T O^ '13 

Hayward, I)aniel B K '96 

Nason, Robert E K '03 

Richardson, George T A '87 

Shearman, Sumner U Z '61 

Williams, Frankhn B K '97 


Gleason, Ernest M O^ 98 


Cragin, Samuel A A '05 

Cregg, Edward F O^ '02 

Fletcher, George E E '08 

liakeman. Harry D O^ '96 

MeiTill, John D K '87 

O'Brien, Michael S O^ '06 

Wadsworth, Henry L I^ '04 

Wainwright, Roger 8 M^ '14 

Wood, Henry K '82 


Bascom, Harrv C K '89 

Estabrook, Adelbert A A '92 

Gould, Eben C Z '01 

Hull, John C H '92 


Scott, Augustus E K '58 

Taylor, Edward W I '05 


Harwood, Herbert E I '10 

Harwood, Richard G I '09 


Barnes, Arthur B O^ '08 

Barnes, Hammond O^ '14 

Butler, Josiah K '01 

Donahue, Joseph P O^ '13 

Fletcher, Richmond K I '08 

Gross, Ralph S I '12 

Hook, Hiram W A '02 

Leighton, Walter F K '90 

Lovejoy, Arthur W K '05 

Manchester, Leander C Z '58 

Mather, John 8^ '07 

Pindar, Ralph W K '96 

Putnam, George W O^ '79 

Tuttle, Clinton P A '04 

Vamum, Harold A M^ '03 

Walsh, Francis P O^ '12 


Andrews, John H A '98 

Babcock, Lester F K '14 

Balcolm, John A A '92 

Barney, Charles N K '95 

Chadwell, Otis R Z '10 

Clark, Charles A O^ '92 

Dennen, Ernest J T^ '93 

Drake, Francis E 8^ '05 




Lynn— Concluded 

Drown, Harlan F I '10 

Drown, Richard W I '02 

Green, Walter R K '08 

Hayes, George A O^ '13 

Home, Irving W H '87 

Hunt, Dennison G A '81 

Hutchinson, William H A '82 

Keene, Frank W K '96 

Keene, Paul M I '99 

Mace. Shirley A 6^ '09 

Marshall, Edward L K '14 

Munroe, Harrington B Z^ '03 

Perkins, Frederick W K '91 

Perkins, WiUiam A H '83 

Poland, OrvUle C A '87 

Porter, WiUiam F I '00 

Sawin, George A I '01 

Underwood, Edward S A '99 

Welch, Thomas A Z '05 


Bumham, Edwin L I '07 

Edwards, Frederick S '89 

Fall, George H A '83 

Jones, Dana W O^ '12 

Jones, Lombard C I '87 

Morey, David B O^ '13 

Noyes, Oscar A A '98 

Plummer, Frank W O^ '91 

RoweU, John M O^ '93 


CouiUard, Edward J O^ '04 


Purington, Harry W .H '08 


Fitts, Harold M^ '12 


Hiller, Adelbert D. . . 

e^ '14 


Brigham, WiUiam M A '87 

Howe, Robert 6^ '06 

Smith, Irving A '88 


TuthUl, Charles J.. A '90 


Harriman, Frank H M^ '87 


Bradbury, James H K '79 

Bursley, Francis I A '10 

Dennis, Alonzo G H '11 

Eaton, Clarence L K '95 

Hodges, GUbert, Jr K '00 

Sise, Lincoln F I '97 

Medford Hillside 

WUson, Harry P K '05 


Beebe, Lawrence I '05 

Femald, Frederick G I '06 

Homer, Halsey B 6^ '13 

Sawyer^eniy B I '06 

Sharp, Harold H A '09 

Stratton, Ralph R A '98 

Thomas, Walter T O^ '12 

Winship, KendaU O^ '13 


Judkins, John B 

I '13 


Breck, Charles A M^ '88 

Houston, Clarence P K '14 

Johnson, Edward D K '98 

Johnson, PhUip W K '13 

Locke, WUUam B A '90 


Armes, Arza H O^ '85 

Crossley, WiUiam H. B K '10 


Albro, Bertram A A '00 

BUUngs, George W I '00 

Bowker. Heber D H '79 

Hartwell, AUen A A '99 


Archer, Harold D H '13 

HUl, WUliamC Z '94 

Hunt, Albert W M^ '01 





Ricketts, William L. . 

K '90 


Farwell, John B 8^ 43 

Fleming, Paul R e^ '10 

Wilson ,John E O^ '01 

Starkweather, Oscar H 8^ '07 

N«w BMiford 

Bentley, Samuel E A '10 

Childs, Frank H Z '05 

Devoll, WiUiam O., Jr Z '07 

Gardner, George A K '80 

Geoghegan, William B A '89 

Hersey, Charles F H '89 

Lowe, Stephen A Z '05 

Milliken, AUen W Z '04 

Perry, William B M^ '92 

Serpa, Charles N A '07 

Winslow, Geoffrey K '06 


Austin, Elijah H Z '62 

Knapp, Joseph W I^ '09 

Rollins, Malcohn G O^ '11 

Rowell, Edward H O^ '78 

Simpson, Thomas C H '08 

N«w Dorchester 

Bennett, James D Z '95 


Brackett, William G I '14 

Bryant, Chauncey D 6^ '14 

Burton, Fletcher P O^ '10 

Ferguson, Luther M I '10 

Field, William E I '97 

Griffin, James E 6^ '06 

Hopkins, Ralph S I '11 

Jamieson, Edward A I '11 

Jamieson, Joseph B M^ '09 

Jamieson, Phihp S M^ '08 

Meserve, Charles D A '87 

Moore, Edward M I '92 

Noble, Edwin LaF A '93 

Person, H. Grant I^ '91 

Pishon, Emmett O^ '13 

Tower, Harry L K '10 

Tucker, Herman L I^ '06 

Waterman, William H B '85 

Newton Centre 

Beckett, William L I '14 

Lane, Herbert T M^ '97 

McLellan, E. Carlton I^ '11 

Morrison, George C I '12 

Orrell, Ephraim E M^ '05 

Shorey, Albert C H '88 

Newton Highlands 

Draper, Warren F M^ '06 

Stewart, George S M^ '91 

Wood, John B B '13 


Carter, Richard B I '98 

Fulton, A. Oram N^ '08 

Knight, Paul R I^ '01 

Leavens, Kenneth 0^ '10 

Pierce. Earle H O^ '10 

Spauldmg, Frank E M^ '89 

WiUiams, Herbert L 6^ '06 

North Abin^ton 

Burbeck, Burton K O^ '11 

Bumham, William P Z '07 

Cooke, Howard E A '79 

Orcutt, Dehnar B Z '12 

North Adams 

Chase, George B B '09 

Goodrich, Cfinton B I^ '97 

Reed, William J Z '13 


Butler, Willis H H^ '93 

Grant, Elihu A '98 

Walker, Charles E M^ '99 

North Attleboro 

Totten, Harold H .Z '98 

Ward, Edward S M^ '98 

North Billerica 

Davison, Russell L K '14 




North Brookfi«ld 

Bartlett, Warren T M^ '94 

North Dana 

Grover, Louis C O^ '05 


Ennis, William E. . . 

A '01 


Atwood, Roy L M^ '06 

Hill, Frank H H '89 

Jenks, Charles F H '06 


Dooris,. William C S '03 

Tudbury, John L A '07 


Adams, Harold S I^ '11 

Byram, Charles A H '86 

Canfield, John G Z '08 

Clough, Arthur J A '78 

Colton, David B K '85 

Hibbard, Charles L I^ '92 

Kellogg, Walter C I^ '99 

Russefl, Clarence J I^ '96 

Russell, Henry R M^ '96 

TUden, AKred M. B '11 

Tilden, Henry A B '14 


Burnett, Edward A. O^ '87 

Chandler, Clyfton O^ '14 

Cole, HadleyH O^ '14 

Davis, Harry B O^ '00 


Gardner, WiU E Z '95 

Lahey, John J Z^ '06 


Chapin, Frederick E O^ '84 

Hamlin, Christopher R A '93 


Burrage, Alvah L K '06 

Pahner, Harold V O^ '03 

Parker, Harold F O^ '02 

Parker, Robert E O^ '10 

Poor, Howard W H '92 

Winship, Arthur G O^ '11 

Winship, Harold C O^ '06 


Proctor, Albert O^ '11 


Raymond, Wendell P Z '09 


Haley, Walter J O^ '13 

McLean, John H Z '07 


Baker, Karl G A '06 

Edson, P. O'M ^.T '57 

Everett, Edward S '03 

Ferguson, John A O^ '10 

Glasier, Arthur P O^ '10 

Gregory, George P I^ '13 

Groce, Byron K '67 

Hersey, Isaac B K '94 

Joy, John H H '12 

Lyon, Frederick D K '92 

Needham, Royal T K '91 

Newton, John W T '57 

Pritchard, Myron T A '78 

Smalley, Bertrand A O^ '94 

Waterman, Joseph S H '06 


Archer, Charles A I '97 

Bacon, Alvin C I^ '04 

Brown. Daniel R K '77 

Donaloson, James F K '98 

Gifford, Arthur P I '97 

Puffer, Charles H K '83 

Putnam, Ralph B M^ '94 

Quinby, Samuel F Z '61 

Russell, Henry L H '10 

Symonds, Bertrand R O^ '14 

Whitaker, Hobart K M^ '90 


Pettengill, John Q. A A '80 


Deming, Wilbur S Z '12 

Perry, Charles A H '76 





Butterworth, Charles F., 2nd, Z '09 


Bateman. Frank E K '87 

Brehm, Edward P K '09 

Corliss, John A H '01 

Dean, George B A '95 

Duval, Walter D 8^ '06 

Harmer, Torr W I '03 

Jennings, Bert L A '00 

Joslin, Charles L A '00 

Reynolds, Bergen 6^ '10 

Reynolds, Frank L. S K '07 

WaUace, James H O^ '01 

Wentworth, Lewis R O^ '81 

Wilkins, Frank H A '98 

Wyman, Oliver A I '08 

South Attl«boro 

Hood, J. Laurence Z '00 

South BraintTM 

Brett, Roy C 8^ '14 

Lothrop, Carl P A '10 


Davis, Harold W H '10 

Dresser, Frank G P^ '98 

South Byfield 

Home, Perley L I '92 

South Lawr«nc« 

Mason, John A '96 

South Walpole 

Leech, Henry A A '07 

South W«snnouth 

Nash, Kenneth L Z '12 

Nash, Reginald Z '14 


Dunton, Lewis W I '92 

Murdock, Edward A O^ '77 


Baker, Asa G M^ '88 

Bassett, Arthur F I^ '02 

Bassette, Frederick A B '96 

Beckwith, Charles H I '94 

BeU, Clinton E M^ '95 

Brooks, Joshua L A '90 

Bunker, William L O^ '90 

Burke, George W Z^ '06 

Candlin, Albert A '87 

Chapin, Maurice S 8^ '10 

Chapman, Henry P H '06 

Cushman, H. Norton O^ '10 

Dale, John L Z '68 

Dorr, Percy P O^ '02 

Drake, J. Frank O^ '02 

Hale, Clarence W e^ '14 

HaU, Newton M O^ '88 

Hopkins, Ralph S I '11 

Howard, Ernest O^ '84 

Hurlburt, Cornelius S M^ '94 

Shepherd, Lewis A Z '11 

Taylor, Henry C I^ '99 

Underbill, Arthur W 8^ '11 

Williams, Fay W 6^ '14 

WUliams, Howard D.* O^ '11 

Williams, Roy P 6^ '11 

State Farm 

Blackstone, Alfred V Z '03 


Veysey, Arthur H .V^ '93 


Austin, Carroll M , .H '87 

Faxon, Nathaniel W I '02 

Welch, George C I '07 


Moulton, Joseph S O^ '73 


Chase, Loring B M^ '97 

Moline, Charles I '01 

Wilder, Henry J I '97 


Sargent, WiUiam D I '05 


Church, Morton Le B I '02 

Field, Malcohn Z '10 

GUbert, George H A '01 

Goss, Arthur V O^ '82 

McGaffin, C. G V '04 





Craig, Wheelock T M^ '94 


Uniac, Thomas V O^ '04 

Tufts Coll««« 

Anthomr, Charles P K ^02 

Bray, CJompton D K '04 

Coombs, Harry K '12 

Dillingham, Alexander K '07 

Dolbc^Eur, Benjamin L K '10 

Fay, Charles E K '68 

Fay, Harold K '04 

Hamilton, Frederick W K '80 

Hamilton, Guy K '10 

Hooper, Allen G K '12 

Hooper, WiUiam L K '77 

Knight, Robert M. K '10 

Knight, Thomas S K '03 

Savage, Howard J K '07 

Whittemore, Thomas K '94 

Vineyard Hav«n 

Roth, Edward I '06 


Isola,VicoC K '12 


Harrington, Joseph E X '09 

Legro, Frank O., Jr M^ '03 

Mffler, Henry F:. 2nd 6^ '10 

Montague, Charles E I^ '91 

Rice, Austin M^ '94 

Ruth, Conant W K '08 

Wait, C. R I '03 


Brigham, Paul F M^ '14 

Cunmiings, Washington I. . .A '13 

Lane, Emory W A '82 

Smith, Kilby P K '97 

Taylor, Fred A K '86 

Whitney, Charles H A '82 


Basset, Lindoff A I^ '06 

Chase, Arthur O^ '89 

Davis, Arthur L M^ 11 

Hitchcock, John B T^ '00 


Crosby, Stanley W M^ '13 


Brooks, Frederick M A '88 

Camp, Edward C M^ '89 

Critchett, James H 6^ '09 

Henry, Richard I^ '10 

Noble, Archibald E A '00 

Rand, WUliam McN I '09 

Whitney, Frank W A '79 


Cassidy, Francis E X '10 


Ryan, John T A '96 

WeUealay Hills 

Bird, Francis H S^ '10 

Brown, Waldo M I '13 

Reed, Harold F I^ '08 


Walker, John J M^ '89 


Ballou, Frederick A M^ '90 

Brooks, Henry D I^ '01 

Cole, Dennis M H '88 

Robinson, Lucius W A '10 

Sanford, Leigh I^ '03 

West Lynn 

Green, MiloC A '12 

West Medford 

Godfrey, William H K '95 

Lawrence, Samuel C I '10 

West Medway 

Himt, Harrison F M^ '96 




WMk N«wton 

AdamSi Schuyler I '14 

Carter, Herbert L I '98 

Carter, PhiUp W I '10 

Chase, Josiah B K '97 

GiU, Fletcher L I^ '13 

Hatch, Charles W M^ '09 

Hatch, Ralph E M^ '99 

Knowlton, Edward A K '06 

Knowlton, Frank W K '99 

Marvin, ThomaB O K '88 

Pushee, Royal E M^ '11 

Tilton. Homer F M^ '07 

Whittlesey, John E O^ '12 

Wise, William M K '05 

W«st Roxbury 

Baker, Herbert F I '12 

Balch, Gardner P O^ '81 

Moir, JohnA I '08 

Simpson, J. Clifford O^ '87 

Swift, Alien I '09 

Tewksbury, Charles B A '92 

WMt SonMnrilU 

Chapin, Charles M K '06 

Field, Herbert V K '12 

Green, Hany M K '04 

Hunnewell, William K '13 

Merrill, Frank W K '12 

Moody, Harry L 8^ '07 

Ward, Arthur N O^ '72 


Melcher, Samuel A H '77 


De Camp, John A I^ '00 

Ferry, Frederick C I^ '91 

Mears, Brainerd I^ '03 

Mears, Frederic W I^ '12 

Mears, Leverett B I^ '06 

Shepard, Elmer I I^ '00 

Watson, Harry T I^ '05 

Watson, Lester F I^ '14 


Davis, Frederick F E^ '98 

Whitney, Marcus M O^ '13 


Barr, Robert C I '13 

Barta, Louis W I '08 

Blackett, Charles W A '88 

Converse, Atherton D I '00 

Crowell, Donald G 8^ '14 

Femald, Robert W I '07 

Foster, Winthrop M I '14 

Fultz, Clarence A I '06 

Goff, William L M^ '13 

Himt, Franklin L. Jr I '11 

Hunt, Richard M I '09 

Hurd, William M I '04 

Knight, Frank H H '94 

Parker, A. Merrick I^ '02 

Russell, Frank M H '89 

Shaw, StiUman K '93 

Thompson, Roland C 8^ '13 

Wadsworth, Louis L., Jr I '03 

Webber, Harold T I '11 

Webber, PhiUp R I '07 

Witmer, David J I '10 


Foster, Newton H I '11 

Norton, Walter H O^ '10 


Carter, John R K '72 

Stanton, Andrew A K '78 


Bailey, George W I '07 

Estabrooks. Louis B K '05 

Morgan, Clyde B A '12 

Sanders, Eugene A '10 

Thompson, Alfred P K '93 

Wiggin, Wesley A '90 


Adams, Charles J M^ '96 

Blair, Carl M M^ '99 

Blanchard, Henry F M^ '07 

Bliss, George R., Jr M^ '96 

Burley, Benjamin T I '97 

Buxton, Walter A I '00 

Capen, Samuel P K '98 

Cook, Henry W K '76 

Cook, OUver R H '85 




Worcester — Concluded 

Crane, James L I^ '11 

Crawford, Harry C M ^ '06 

Everett, Lewis W M^ '07 

Famham, John M. W M^ '91 

Garland, Edmund A M^ '98 

Greene, Joseph K H '77 

Greene, Winthrop S H '13 

HaU, RusseUB P^ '12 

Hardy, William S O^ W 

Hill, DwightB I '08 

Hogg, WffliamJ ^ '71 

HuISnan, Paul J I^ '11 

McAuliffe, Florence J O^ '08 

Porter, Chester T M^ '96 

Potter, Elmer C O^ '92 

Rice, John E A '03 

Sartelle, Edward J I '86 

Scott, John B A '83 

Sibley, Charles H M^ '91 

Stevens, John H M^ '03 

Stone, Arthur C M^ '11 

Tylee, Clinton W M^ '09 

WUcox, I. L. V86 

Wilder, Charles W., Jr A '99 

Woodward, Edward M M^ '85 

Woodward, Harold E M^ '10 


McGregor, George R. D Z '91 



Butler, Augustus S T^ '91 

Ann Arbor 

Butler, Wolcott H T^ '91 

Comwell, Harvey F T^ '12 

McClure. Harry W. V^ '04 

Martin, Mellen C T^ '10 

Thumau. Harry C V^ '02 

Bay City 

Gillett, Hezekiah M B '74 

Jewell, Ernest W S '88 

Warren, Frederic 1 8^ '93 

Big Rapids 

Streeter, Douglas A '78 


Lamb, Granville S T^ '14 

McPeek, Ruasel R r^ '00 

Potter. Harry O T^ '07 

Potter, John C T^ '14 


Evans, Cecil R T^ '11 


Arnold. Charles L E '75 

Beckwith, William B '08 

Bentley, Everett L T^ '14 

Briscoe, Frank T^ '95 

Collamore, Ralph T^ '97 

Crawford, H. Welles T^ '11 

Eggeman, Benjamin R F^ '09 

Field, Henry G. V^ '93 

Fleshheim, Robert S F^ '04 

French, Francis R X^ '08 

Green, Andrew H A '49 

Hackett, Norman H F^ '98 

Heames, Richard M F^ '98 

Howard, Earl C S^ '05 

Hulett, Max F^ '09 

Hyde, Charles E X '99 

Keller, George M B '09 

Kinnucan, ^red J F^ '02 

Kreis, John A F^ '96 

Lawrence. William H Z^ '13 

Mayne, Edward F F^ '08 

Miller, James J F^ '10 

Patterson, George C F^ '14 

Restrick, WiUiam C F^ '12 

Robertson, Andrew S^ '07 

Roloefson, Frederick F '55 

Sayres, WilUam S O^ '76 

Van Tuyl, Frank F F^ '95 

Van Tuyl, Horace H F^ '96 

WiUiamson, Harold B F^ '13 



Vedder, Hennan K B *87 


aement, Carl H T^ W 

Newton, William A '50 

Petrie, Jo8t W V^ '10 

Walker, WilUam J., Jr T^ '04 


Smith, Rudolph O T^ '14 

Dudley, Hemy A M^ '08 

Lewis, Ralph R K^ '12 

Grand Rapids 

Bishop, Edwin W I^ '92 

Huggett, Martin C T^ '99 

Mills, John B O^ '72 

Osgood, Sidney E B '04 

Parks, Burritt A T^ '08 

Sweet, Frank H B '73 

Winegar, George M X '98 


Barlow, Nathan P X '66 


Leach, Harry C T^ '08 

Iron Mountain 

Crowell, Joseph A., Jr S^ '14 

Smith. Jesse D M^ '07 

Trumbull, Lyman B T^ '91 

Yocum, Harold V T^ '12 


Farrdl, Austin ^ '80 

McNeel, James H E^ »oo 


Mason, Stephen C T^ '03 

Mt. PUasant 

Gorham, Marshall T^ '12 


Frost, Joseph M S '84 

Torrent, Lewis P^ '10 


Wood, Floyd J V^ '02 

Wood, Joseph W T^ '00 

Schell, Erwin H 8^ '12 

Gale, Robert I T^ '06 


Lounsbury, Robert J O^ '76 


Dunphy, Percy T^ '09 


Dickinson, WilUam L X '78 

St. Joseph 

McConnell. Benjamin F B '81 

South Havan 

Wood, Ralph S M^ '10 



Apple ton 

Brown, Arthur C T^ '11 McElligott, T. J T^ '93 

Leach, Hugh E T^ '05 

McEwen, John J T^ '14 Austin 

Sheldon, WUliam J T^ ;08 French, Lafayette, Jr T^ '10 

Ward, George W T^ '04 ' -^ ' 


Woodis, Clerk N 


T^ '13 Partridge, George B T^ '10 




Bray. Charles W 

MINNESOTA— Continued 


TA '95 Pringle, WUliam D.. . . 

S '62 

Blu« Earth HIbblns 

Noonan, Harry C S^ 43 Thomafl, Philip R. .. 

r^ '98 

ChUholm L«k« City 

Davenport, Llewellyn D. . .0^ '07 Bates, Carroll L V '83 

Todd, George S T^ '96 

Adams, Cuyler C B '05 


Adams, Francis S B '07 

Adams, Robert M B '12 

Boyle, Michael H r^ '14 

Bradley, Leonard G ^ '04 

aarkson, Paul G T^ '03 

Frazee, A. M T^ '94 

Fredin, Conrad T^ '10 

Himiphreys, George E S^ '05 

Patterson, Lincoln B O '88 

Skuse, John C O '03 

Spehnan, Frederick B Z '76 

Stewart, Milton I T^ '00 

Tibbetts, Chester H T^ '06 

Viele, Augustus H E '64 

Whyte, Elmer N T^ '96 

Elk River 

Tyler, George H T^ '06 


Piflfner, Harold W 2^ '14 


Poole, Charles A S '72 

Tanner, George C Z '67 

Fort Stiallins 

Harris. Herbert I X '98 


Pickering, Earle T T^ '11 


Simonton, W. A T^ '94 

Grand Rapids 

Harrison, F. R T^ '08 

La Roy 

Porter, Lynn A 

T^ '10 


Farmer, J. C. 

.T^ '96 


Archibald, Alexander R. . . . O^ '74 
Armatage, Wellesley D. . . .T^ '13 

BardweU, W. W T^ '92 

Barrows, Earl M T^ '03 

Bayless, Harry C T^ '99 

Bodge, Lincohi J H '89 

Brown, Edward J O^ '74 

Carpenter, Deane H T^ '14 

Caii)enter, Glenn W T^ '12 

Chamberlain, Ray T^ '09 

Clifford, Ehner L T^ '96 

Cobb, Frederick T^ '96 

Coon, Chauncey C T^ '10 

Crawford, Mathew D T^ '14 

Crooker, Edward H B '83 

Dahl, John F T^ '91 

Davies, James A '00 

Deering, William A H '76 

Deering, William C T^ '04 

Edgar, Randolph I '08 

Egleston, Marvin J T^ '02 

Edmonds, Frank E T^ '04 

Felton, R. P T^ '94 

Fontaine, Kern B T^ '07 

Gedney, Edward L T^ '94 

GotshaU, Robert W V^ '06 

Gray, W.I T^ '92 

Greenley, Harold M T^ '12 

Greenley, William L T^ '07 

•Harrison, Merton E T^ '00 

Hertig, Wendell T^ '96 



MINNESOTA— Continued 


Hjggins, James L H 78 

Hilton, George F O^ '97 

Homing, D. W V 73 

Hunter, Asa J T^ '12 

Jordan, Robert J K^ '11 

Kimball, Qaude D T^ '03 

Kline, Frank J H '68 

Ladd, AlbeeL Z '99 

Lane, Frank C T^ '02 

Lawrence, Percy J T^ '00 

Lay, Frank H B '73 

Layboume, Charles G., Jr.-T^ '11 

Leeds, Stanton B I^ '08 

Lehman, Max A T^ '98 

Leach, Harris E T^ '94 

Leach, Helon E T^ '06 

Leonard, Claude B K '76 

Luce, Earl D T^ '06 

McEwan, Samuel W T^ '08 

Manuel, M. H T^ '94 

Martin, Thomas R T^ '07 

Moffett, C. T T^ '92 

Moflfett, J. Henry C P^ '09 

Moflfett, James B T^ '96 

Morse, Frank S T^ '08 

Morse, John H H '97 

Partridge, Thomas M S '87 

Pike, Jay N T^ '00 

Post, Herbert L S^ '08 

Pratt, George A T^ '98 

Rees. Soren P T^ '95 

Salisbury, Kenneth T^ '13 

Salisbury, Maurice E T^ '08 

Salisbury, WiUis R T^ '10 

Schofield, E. H T^ '94 

Snoad, George R T^ '97 

Stevens, James T^ '95 

Swenson, Harry S T^ '98 

Tillotson, Earl C 2^ '97 

Vaughan, James A O^ '05 

Webber, B.F T^ '00 

Webster, George B T^ '02 

Webster. Paul D T^ '13 

Wells, Homer D T^ '04 

Whittaker, Harold A S^ '06 

Wiggin, WilUam H I '92 

Williams, Fred T T^ '04 

Woodward, Lawrence B P '13 


Reigart, John R N '03 

N«w Ulm 

Pfaendcr, Albert T^ '97 


Leach, Harland E T^ '91 

Pine City 

Hodge, Webster T^ '14 


Dale, Manley T^ '13 


Stevenson, David F T^ '08 

St. Paul 

Banister, Percival R T^ '14 

Billings, Charles L T^ '12 

Block. Arthur B T^ '12 

Brandtjen, Henry A T^ '14 

Burnley, John P S^ 'og 

Butler, John E T^ '13 

Cool, George H. T^ '02 

Cory, Henry W K '67 

Creswell, James B O^ '03 

De Coster. Cyrus C, Jr I '02 

Everts, William P I '00 

Ferriss, Benjamin C T^ '12 

French, Charles E N '12 

Hastings. M. O T^ '13 

Henry, Gilbert T^ '01 

Jacobs, Townsend H B '83 

Kueffner, Otto B '78 

Leuthold, Walter M T^ '09 

McCloud, Norman C T^ '01 

McDermott, Thomas I T^ '96 

Metcalf, George P I '98 

Nelson, Robert M I '13 

Ghage, Justus, Jr T^ '09 

Quinlan, Howard T^ '13 

Stamm, Gustave T^ '13 

Stevens, Frederick C H '81 

Weeks, C. Louis T^ '94 

Wentworth, R. W T^ '94 

Wilson, Edmund C N^ '13 



M INNESOTA— Concluded 

Sauk Canter Walker 

Kells, Laurel S T^ '05 Block, Robert T^ 40 

Spring Valley Waseca 

Hale, Everet H T^ '13 Prail, Frederick W T^ '98 

Staples Wlllmar 

Gardner, R. N T^ '08 Branton, Berton J T^ '06 

Stillwater Winona 

Merrill, Fred B T^ '10 McGaughey, Hugh F P^ '96 

Palmer, Francis L M^ '85 Shepard, Ernest E I^ '03 

Rice, EVederick A K '81 


Sedgwick, A. K E^ '93 


Ess Point Skipworth'e Landing 

JeweU, John D H '60 Gage, John R X '77 

JeweU, William A H '66 


Natches Marshall, Horace M N '77 

Shields, Henry W P '72 


Samuels, Thomas L M '61 



Hill, Henry C 

H '88 


Meyer, John F K^ '07 

Ruef, Harry H ^ '06 

Ruef, John W ^ '01 


Belding, Arthur F 0^ '05 

Gregory, Newman B 0^ '09 

Thumau, Arthur F F^ '06 

Kansas City 

Barnes, Weldon F A^ '05 

Bridge, Bertrand 2^ '01 

Bushnell, A. W V '71 

Bushnell, Clifton H F^ '00 

French, Henry V '72 

Getman, H. G V JIO 

Gretman, H. H *t 79 

Getman, N.W ^ '07 

Hutchings, Paul A K^ '12 

Jacobs, WiUiam W X '77 

Kidder, Edwin W M^ '08 

MaxweU, WiUiam K F^ '98 

Morrill, Frank N I '97 

Moss. Benton C E^ '01 

Northrup, E. H V '91 

Oglebay, Frank M 11 '72 

Pahner, Clarence S ^ '79 

Pinkerton, Hurfi M F^ '11 

Pinkerton, Wiffiam P F^ '11 

Rebasz, Ciharles P X '07 

Ryan, William D., Jr X^ '12 

Swazey, Edward L H '81 



MISSOURI— 0>iicluded 

Gardner, Charles C O^ '87 


Potter, Leslie F S '93 


Dickey, Nathaniel E IT '61 


Pettengill, Newland M H '75 


Findlay, Merlin C V '92 


Dennie, Frank E Z '09 

Ladd, George E I '87 

St. Joseph 

. Hughes, Andrew L A '65 

Wheeler, W. W., Jr H^ '10 

Burbank. Ralph L K 

Chase, George G X^ 

Colnon, Redmond S B 

Dean, William B., Jr E^ 

Ewing, Arthur E O^ 

Finney, Joseph E .Z 

Fritch, Giles M T^ 

Grant, WilUam C K^ 

HaU, Edward T M^ 

Leighton, WiUiam E H 

Marquis. John B M^ 

Powe, Thomas E I 

Ralston, Thomas E A 

Rathbun, John H S 

Smithers, Melville M^ 

Stewart, George M A 

Thoinpson, Warren D I 

Von Schrader, Fred W I 

Ward, Clayton I X 

Watts, Millard F B 

Wertheimer, Jacob J O^ 

White, Otis K 


St. LouU Sesrmour 

Allen, Edward E 0^ '08 Blanchard, Edward K O^ 76 



Edwards, Herbert F K '83 


Morrison, James C I '11 


Billingsley, Paul P^ '08 

Crowley, Esmond R O^ '13 


Kuhr, Max T^ '13 

Fair View 

Varco, Lynn G 

T^ '08 


Salisbury, GUver M S^ '95 


Egleston, Willis J T^ '96 

Porter, James M O^ '10 


Kinney, Roy L H '08 


Harkness, Harrie K '94 


McGee, George T T^ '92 

Fort Mieaoula Laurel 

Wilson, David B H '60 Sponsel, Christopher T K^ '10 



MONTANA— Concluded 

Lswiston Mondak 

Kirkland, Ira B S^ '98 Newcomb, Albert S T^ '06 

Wright, Frank A T^ '13 

Beinecke, Ber^'^^Jr E^ '98 Wingard, Gunnar r^ '06 

Miles City Slieridan 

Varco, Albert R T^ '06 Weeks, George F A '80 



Graves, Frederick D S '00 

Bis Springs 

Chadwick, Howard W S^ '06 


Morgan, William E O '60 


Sawyer, Charles H O^ '72 


Clapp, Raymond G E^ '99 


Eastman, Osgood T. '. M^ '86 

Guiou, Arthur P S '90 

Jacobs, Charles B S '84 

Jenks, Edwin H W '86 

Loff, George O^ '06 

McCall, Frank H N^ '91 

Mahon, Edward I '98 

Montgomenr, Robert B '77 

Pritchett, George E S '62 

Pritchett, George H I '05 

Redick, John W. I^ '07 


Shelden, Herbert P B '79 

Woodruff, William B X '98 


Dillon, Sidney E^ '99 


Gold Creek Lovelock 

Morse, John H O^ '94 Crehore, Lawrence W S^ '04 

Goldfield Reno 

Hatch, H. E T^ '95 Robinson, F. H V '74 

Kimberley Tonapah 

Lamont, Clarence R 0^ '08 Oddie, Clarence M B '99 





Carr, James P I '11 


Dunham, Herman W H '86 


Piper, Ernest K O^ '94 


FarweU, John T O^ '10 

Steams, Irving H '82 


Cummings, William H O^ '79 


Duncan, Charles O^ '98 

HaskeU, Pearl T E^ '91 

Kimball, Emerson A A '88 

Cornish Contro 

Deming, Clyde L H '10 


Colby, Herbert E O^ '91 


Gilliss, WiUiam W X^ '00 

Purinton, Jacob W K '09 

Vogt, Dayton G K '08 

Young, Stephen O^ '79 

East Jaffroy 

Humiston, Frank G O^ '82 

East Rodiostar 

Caswell, Asa A A '77 

Nixon, WiUiam J H '13 


Clark, Charles H H '76 

Wardwell, Robert B., Jr. . .0^ '06 

Wentworth, George I '89 

Young, WiUiam A O^ '04 


Howes, Albert W M^ '94 


Cutting, Henry P r '57 


Cook, Arthur M I '06 


libby, Jesse F H '82 


O'Brien, Charles C K '70 


Moulton, Andrew M O^ '72 


Bradstreet, David N H '66 


Adams, Charles D O^ 77 

Adams, David E O^ '13 

Bowler, Edmund W O^ '14 

Foster, Herbert D O^ '85 

Poor, John M O^ '97 

Wicker, George R B '90 


lincobi, Frederic H A '99 


ChUds, Johns I '12 

HilUboro Bridca 

Johnson, Frank C 0^*97 

Kelso, Walter S O^ '95 


Davis, Charles H I^ '98 


Togus, Leopold T A '03 


TarbeU, WaUace H O^ '95 


Conrad, Wmiam O M^ '87 

Lane, Henry W M^ '95 

Newman, George W O^ '02 

Vaughan, Frank T O^ '86 





Kemp, Zachariah W H '84 


Cook, Arthur M I '06 


Carpenter, Frederick D O^ '01 

ShurtlefiF, Merrill O^ '92 

WiUiams, Jared I Z '54 


Lewis, Guy C O^ '12 

Lewis, Percy J O^ '14 

Lewis, Roy E O^ '12 


Emery, Samuel O '59 

Page, Norman J O^ '96 


Bacon, WiUiam A O^ '90 

Edson, Harold A A '04 


Heard, Arthur M M^ '88 

Newell, Harry W O^ '95 

Ober, Charles F O^ '73 

O'Connor, John C O^ '02 

Watson, George M O^ '91 

Watson, Harry L .0^ '05 

Watson, Maurice O^ '97 


Moors, Charles E K '02 

Smith, George O A '94 


Hayward, Fred D M^ '94 


Odell,Wim8P A '80 


Dearborn, Jesse J O^ '99 


Corson. Frederick H A '81 

Fogg, Albra O^ '72 


Dearborn, Samuel S I '94 

Hicks, Thomas R A '09 

Lakeman, Frank W O^ '92 

Meloon, Joseph L K '80 

SuUivan, John T O^ '91 

New London 

Nichols, Harry H O^ '04 


RolUns, D. Sidney O^ '04 

North Haverhill 

Miller, Clarence R A '09 


Conant, William R. , 

O^ '83 


Newhall, George M. . 

A '89 


Adams, George H., Jr O^ '11 

Chase, Richard V O^ '11 

Howard, WiUiam H O^ '02 

Peppard, John T O^ '14 


Bartlett, John H O^ '94 

Farmer, George W A '94 

Freeman, George F H '90 

Hobbs, Joseph W O^ '99 

Rowe, Robert G O^ '99 


MorriU, Jedediah A A '96 

Snow, Conrad E O^ '12 

Snow, LesUeP O^ '86 

Snow, L^sUe W O^ '12 

WaUace, Albert O^ '77 

Wallace, Smnner O^ '77 


Parker, Asa M I^ '02 

Ross, Winifred S O^ '87 

Stevens, Sidney F O^ '00 

Warren, Henry E M^ '05 

South Lee 

Lang, Benjamin O^ '09 


Moses, John M O^ '78 



NEW JERSEY— Conduded 

Conant, Edward R 4» 76 

DuBoifl, Paul T B '96 

Smith, William L A '64 

Wettlaufer, Frederick C N^ '91 

Woodcock, David A V '14 


Ayres, ClifiFord H I^ '12 

Dumont, Wayne O '92 

Femier, Clarence N P^ '92 

Griggs, John L 4» '98 

Grig»3, John W ^ '68 

Hagen, Orville R I^ '01 

Kmflfin, John W N^ '10 


Drake, Frank J O '94 


Schoonmaker, G. B 11 *70 


Morey, Charles R T^ '99 

Thayer, Harvey W H '95 

Tulane, Louis DeW Z '67 



AshtoiL Millard H P^ '09 

Stone, Lucien B Z '61 


Sharp, Alexander H A '55 

Sinmdcson, Clement H A '55 

South Onutg* 

Brainerd, Arthur L M^ '92 

Douglass, Robert D O '65 

Durand. Frederick F A '61 

Hoyt. Giles M I '00 

Mimiick, Perry H A '03 


Sergeant, Henry DeF P^ '04 

Townsend, Winfield A M^ '05 


Kendall, Calvin N ^ '82 

Vroom, Peter D A '62 

Weisley, Albert J ^ '91 

Wood, Isaac L S '84 


SherwoodjW. B V '13 Buckley, Edison A N^ '11 

Stratton, William H B '88 Green, Rufus S ^ '67 


AUmoffordo HodffM 

Leonard, William H O^ 72 Drake, Frederick W X '05 


Bohn, George J T^ '12 

Santa Po 

Van Vliet, Stewart X^ '08 

East Las Vegas 

Springer, Lew W 2^ '12 Silvar City 

Tipton, Leo M 2^ '10 Wilson, Percy r^ '94 




Norton, Burt B 


Abbott, Clarence M I^ '99 

Dater, PhiUp H I^ '96 

a)nsalus, John E A '90 

Downing, George S P^ '12 

Flint, Clarence B H '01 

Harper, Paul T V '03 

Keeler, Rufus P E '08 

Lawyer, George P W '85 

Nellis, Myrwyn H V '06 

Pearson, Edmund L I '02 

Porcheron, Preston H Z '01 

Sampson, John A I^ '95 

Sanford, Roland B K '97 

Slocum, Frank D H '12 

Slocum, Harold W H '10 

Slocum, John A H '13 

Stettenbenz, Miles D Z '09 

Vail, Enmianuel H S '83 

Van Slyke, George W E^ '95 

Wadhams, Frederick E B '73 


Blake, Francis H N^ '10 

Burrows, Charles M P^ '88 

Hakes, Milford L X '99 

McNUI, Freeman E X '98 

Ramsdale, William C X '79 


Hopkins, George F S '83 


Atwood, Charles C B '01 


Casey, Nicholas L A '57 

Ruxton, Douglas D O^ '08 

Wyckoff, James N B '84 

AverUl Park 

Averill, Horatio D P^ '92 

GUbert, Harold B X '07 



E '99 Scott, Robert C S '70 

BalUton Spa 

Bumham, James A K '08 

ShaeflFer, Edward J Z '10 


Hayden, Wallace H H '09 

Jacks, J. Corwin V '81 

Kellogg, Winthrop H ^ '08 


Schaff , Anselm E P^ '98 


Bennett, Irving C S '11 

McCaU, Frederick W N^ '90 

MiUer, Donald H. T P^ '07 

Ferine, Robert B V '90 

Bolton Landing 

Parce, Dwight A S '93 


Buckley, Frederick M X '09 

Hayes, George C W '93 

Briarcliffe Manor 

Law, William W., Jr E^ '91 


Blossom, Peter A X '95 

Furney, Oakley F^ '12 

Patten, Kenneth S M^ '13 


Kebler, Leonard P^ '04 

Lund, Francis N P^ '07 


Armitage, Harry A P^ '99 

Armstrong, Lyman P I^ '93 

Atwood, Harrison H '09 

Ayers, John H V '88 

Bates, CUfton W O^ '85 

Beal, Arthur W P^ '00 

Beveridge, James B A '57 

Cooke, Sidney E A '64 

Cole, Anson B U^ '92 

Coon, Spencer H B '76 



NEW YORK— Continued 

Brookljm— Concluded 

Crampton, Stewart H P^ 

Cruikshank, James A 

Dagpett, Walter C 0^ 

Darnels, Ernest D M^ 

Davis, George H Z 

DeGray, Frederick W P^ 

Dickie, William H H^ 

Dorchester, Paul A 

Dresser, Kenneth H H 

Drewsen, Pierre M^ 

Dudley, Frank C M^ 

Eastmond, Charles P P^ 

Edgell, Frank D M^ 

Eiswald, George H Z 

Emery, Stephen A 

Everett, Harry L I^ 

Fairley, Edwin M^ 

Flaherty, Thomas G M^ 

Gibson, Gordon M Z^ 

Gildersleeve, Donald M. . .M^ 

Gregg, David 11 

Hadley, Charles H O^ 

Holbrook, Charles P A 

Humpston, Harold D B 

Huttlinger, Carl F P^ 

Janes, Arthur L A 

King, Samuel T O^ 

Lawson, William T 11^ 

Lewis, Lester M M 

Little, Dwight R I^ 

Luqueer, Frederick L P^ 

McAllister, Alex K 

McArdle, WiUiam H P^ 

McDermott, Arthur V P^ 

Mangold, WiUiam G P^ 

Moran, Harry P IT^ 

Murtha, James A., Jr P^ 

Palmer, Cyrus C E 

Parker, Herbert A O^ 

Patten, Stephen Z 

Proctor, Albert W. S O^ 

Raphael, Joseph O^ 

Reynolds, Willard G M^ 

Ridgway, Whitson D U^ 

Robbins, Benjamin G V 

Roller, Henry C P^ 

Ross, Walter H M^ 

Savage, Linneaus T^ 



Shorey, Archibald T H '05 

Snow, Charles T A '91 

Spear, Clarence A M^ '06 

Squire, Roger N M^ '05 

Stacey, Sidney G H '89 

Steams, Seymour P 0^ '09 

Steinbruck, Walter P^ '13 

Stevens, Shepherd P^ '03 

Stroud, George M A '79 

Studley, Edward F H '98 

Taft, Orray Z '66 

Tucker, Charles F 11^ '02 

Van Saun, Frank P 4> '85 

Walkley, Webster R '60 

Warbasse, Herbert N ^ '00 

Waterbury, Ezra K 11^ '89 

Watson, WilUam S S '98 

Wood, Josiah A O^ '78 


Robinson, Edward W ^ '10 

Robinson, James R V '72 


Andrews, Charles W ^ '13 

Austin, George A B '02 

Ayer, E. Irving X '72 

Barrett, Nelson T X '92 

Beecher, James C E '73 

Bennett, Matthew W E '02 

Bessom, Earl A jA '09 

Brady, Charles P B '04 

Brady, George E. D B '03 

Burrows, Lorenzo, Jr P^ '89 

Chittenden, Lorenz P I^ '06 

Clark, T. BaUard S^ '07 

Cook, Charles B B '79 

Cooley, Frederick B I '97 

Diehl, A. Rudolph S^ '12 

Estabrook, Volney J S '04 

Frazine, Hamilton S V '14 

Frost, Henry C .^ '73 

Gaylord, Harvey R T^ '96 

Gilfillan, Andrew B I^ '93 

Gosnell, James A X '02 

Graves, John C. A '62 

Griffith, Frederick B.. Jr S '01 

Grove, Benjamin M B '77 

Grove, Clement T S '10 

Grove, Raymond E E '11 



NEW YORK— Continued 

Buffalo — Concluded 

HamUton, Brace H B '99 

Heiissler, Arthur F S '04 

Heussler, Walter G S '09 

Hoyt, WiUiam B B '81 

Huntley, WiUiam R B '01 

Hutchinson. Warner J O^ '84 

Jackson, Allen W M^ '02 

Jackson, Oliver P E '12 

Kempton, George R K '00 

Kendall, Leroy A B '96 

Larkin, Charles H ^ '99 

Larkin, Harry H ^ '03 

Larkin, John D., Jr ^ '00 

McDonough, Charles J A '97 

Parcell, J. H A '50 

Pease, Peter L S^ '04 

Peter, Herbert C, Jr I^ '10 

Petrie, Edward S V '80 

Petrie, Sidney W V '76 

Pierce, Valentine M I '88 

Platner, Bamabus B K '77 

Ransom, Frank H A '57 

Robinson, Burr A 0^ '09 

Sheehan, Paul P '09 

Smith, Herbert L B '09 

Smith, Thomas G A '61 

StanUand, Alfred S '10 

Stettenbenz, Albert, Jr E '00 

Stevens, Charles A B '00 

Tatum, Clifford R T^ '96 

Timerman, Clark H B '87 

Twinn, Clark J X^ '99 

Twitmyer, Joseph C ^ '03 

Wagner, Frank H P^ '12 

Whitehead, James H B '06 

Whitehead, Van Loan, Jr. . . B '08 

Whitney, John B S '04 

Wood, Irving S V '02 

Wright, Ralph G E^ '96 


Fiske, Pliny B ^ '10 


Perry, Calbraith B Z '67 


Durand, Marvin H S '08 

Wyckoff, Edwin M B '79 


Hazleton, John F A '62 


Lewis, Charles W V '02 

Lewis, Earl R V '13 


Pierson, Louis A I^ '91 


IngersoU, Edwin D A '55 

Central Isiip 

Waterman, Chester Z^ '04 


Copp, EariM X '07 

Fleming, James P X '92 

Lewis, Fred R X '07 

Clifton Springs 

Woodbury, Malcolm S H '03 


Borst, Charles A V '81 

Earle, Harry V '98 

Nichols, Thomas F H '92 


Bartow, F.S P^ '88 


Mitchell, James H., Jr I^ '09 

Mitchell, Roscoe R I^ '04 


Allen, Charles W V '84 

Perry, Edward A K '67 

Willis, Nathaniel P V '92 


Williams, Charles W .M^ '14 


Eysaman, Raymond D ^ '05 


Hamilton, J. T S '90 




Bums, Clarence S. . 

NEW YORK— Continued 

Porast HilU 

^ '96 Sullivan, Arthur W O '08 


Welch, James H E^ '96 


Haggett, Earl C B '92 

Shelton, Arthur M B '14 

East Aurora 

Heckman^ames C ^ '99 

Johnson, Harry S N^ '97 

Persons, James W B '03 

Richardson, Harry E K '04 

East Hampton 

Stokes, John W ^ '00 


Wilford, Herbert E. . 

M** '92 


Clinton, Leonard R M^ '09 

Fisher, John C, Jr B '09 

Gardner, Herschel L Z '92 

Hardy, Edward D X '01 

Hohnes, Clayton W * '69 

Holmes, Robert A M^ '98 

Manley, EUery D * '09 

Neagle, Alexander H I^ '12 

Reynolds, George G B '98 

Sawtelle, William L I '94 

Thompson, Jerome T B '11 

Woodside, William S M^ '11 


Bundy, Harlow E V '77 


Palmer, Andrew W B '74 


Leslie, Elwyn E P^ 'H 

Fly Creak 

Hooker, John B V '92 


Yost, Daniel A '61 


Berry, William J 

B '76 

Fort Ontario 

Rich, Edwin W I '97 


McCray, Claude H X^ '10 


Hopkins, William B Z '97 


Andrews, George C * '06 

Benedict, Gilbert W M^ '08 

Benedict, Thomas A M^ '10 


Burns, Craig T I^ '06 


Bachman, William S S 

Cook, Edward J E 

Covert, Jay B S 

Dennison, Murray G S 

Farwell, John E M^ 

Gladwm, Fred E X 

HaU,WimamE ^ 

Henry, Paul M^ 

Herendeen, Francis A S 

Howard, Walter B 

Hubbard, Theodore G B 

Jacks, John W V 

Renter, Henry S 

Skinner. Wilham H S 

Whitwell, Frederic D S 

Williams, EHjah R M^ 

Yeames, Herbert H A 

Glan Cove 

Coles, Franklin A. . . . 

B '84 

Glens Falls 

Dix. Charles B B '88 

Hodgkinson, Raymond C I^ '08 

King, Charles F O^ '81 

Stewart, Hollis W O^ '03 



NEW YORK— Continued 

Goffstown C«ntr« 

Dennison, Ansel T K '89 

GrMt N«ck 

Dickereon, Harold P^ '02 


Schenck, Martin A '69 


Blandy, Isaac C A '87 


Hunt, Everett H S '10 


Chamberlain, James L M^ '89 


Whitmore, Harold F Z '11 


Short, John L X '11 

Honeoye Fulls 

Martin, James R X '00 

Hooeick Falls 

Hyatt, John S B '88 


Brasted, Howard S V '10 

Hollands, Herbert R E '06 

Hollands, Stephen C B '08 


Demarest, James A '52 


McGowen, Archibald K ^ '14 

Ringwood, James D A '93 

Ringwood, Thomas D A '94 


Coville, Luzerne P^ '89 

Fischer, Nemo M B '10 

Fisher, WiUard J M^ '92 

Jenks, Benjamin L B '12 

Kent, Georffe Ervin B '10 

Memam, Henry E B '92 

Morrison, William H B '90 

Smith, Albert W B '78 


Hopkins, Francis E A '87 

McLachlan, A. C V81 

Schmid, Ernest E U^ '99 


Crosby, Erastus K '65 

Fenton, Martin L A '62 

Groves, Herbert M B '98 

Morris, Josiah W M^ '85 


HuU, Erwin C V '69 


Baird, Paul R V '12 

Mason, John C V '86 

Maclntyre, Edward C W '05 

McMartin, Walker ^ '08 

Murray, Michael D A '67 


Dana, Russel R H^ '87 

Fessenden, William N E '84 

Michael, Herbert L K '06 

Michael, Mjrron J K '75 

Morgan, Joseph M ^ '04 

Van Slyke, William H E^ '95 


Hyatt, Louis E B '86 


Cushing, Percy M P^ '08 

von Witzleben, Benno W. . .1^ '09 
von Witzleben, Robert F. C. I^ '11 

Le Roy 

Cushing, Pierre 

E '81 

Lisbon Centre 

McFarland, William H '68 

Little Falls 

Clark, John C Z '11 

Pratt, Charles W A '57 

Zoller, JohnI I^ '95 




Eldridge, Roswell M. 

NEW YORK— Continued 


X '10 Swift, Henry H 

V '10 


Benedict, Howard W. ....... 'F '06 

Evana, Spalding E 76 

Richmond, James B '02 

Richmond. PhiUp A B '13 

Shaeffer, Frank H S '09 

Shaeffer, George N ^ '08 

ShaeflFer, WiUiam E., Jr S '05 

Webber, R. Stanley S '11 

Lone Island City 

Potter, Van A X^ '04 

Loon Laka 

Stephens, Charles P K '84 


Harris, WiUiam A X '93 


Kinney, Worthy H X '80 


Kimball, Leigle W O^ '03 

Perrine, George G S '61 

Staples, Zenas C A '05 


Beers, William H P^ '03 


Elliott, Lewis H 

S '95 


Hand. Carl N S '13 

Newell, George A S '14 


Fish, Harold H P '14 

Rodgers, Stanley T I^ '14 


Ellsworth, Charles C M^ '03 

Jester, Thomas D V '70 

Montour Falls 

Jones, Frank A X '09 

Mount KIsco 

Dunham, Clarence W I^ '96 

Mount Morris 

Heylmun, Daniel G * '74 

Mount Varnon 

Erskine, James D ^ '12 

Nichols. Joseph W W '81 

Smith, Mortimer A H^ '93 

Wright, Alfred A H^ '96 

Wright, WiUiam B H^ '97 


Hanks, Caleb S X '73 

Weeks, George A S '06 

Naw Brighton 

Stephens, Richmond P^ '11 

Stephens, Stephen D., Jr.. . .P^ '11 


Dimmick. Samuel E T '64 

Meyer, Edward B P^ »io 

Tiffany, Gihnan P P^ '05 

WUson, Jonathan D., Jr P^ '98 


Robison, Harold H. . . 

S '11 

New York City 

Adams, Francis 11^ '97 

Adams, WiUiam A., Jr A '72 

Addoms, Mortimer C E '62 

Albertson, Wilbur N P^ '07 

AUen, Frank W: M^ '91 

Alsdorf, Edward G 11^ '89 

Anderson, Charles W M^ '02 

Anderson, James W I^ '93 

Anderton, Stephen P 11^ '96 

Arnold, Lawrence B '06 

Ajrres, Malcom B S '12 

Ayres, Nelson M E^ '98 



NEW YORK—Continued 

New York City — Continued 

Baker, William B B '01 

Baldwin, Lorenzo W H '08 

Baragwanath, John G P^ '09 

Barber, Benn W '10 

Barber, Clarence L V '76 

Barber, Clarence L., Jr V '13 

Barnard, Frederick E V '67 

Barry, Griffin R H^ '09 

Barton, A. Ra3rmond E^ '96 

Batten, Loring W I '85 

Bedford, Frederick W M^ '99 

Bell, ParkE * '77 

Belmont, Harry G 11^ '11 

Benedict, Asa G V '72 

Benjamin, Herbert I P^ '04 

Bickford) Herbert J A '91 

Billmeyer, Franklin P ^ '73 

Birch, Charles E A '92 

Bissell, Frank H ^ '03 

Blakely, Stuart B ^ '03 

Blodgett, Francis B S '99 

Bogart, Harvey B 11^ '11 

Boyd. James W I^ '00 

Bradbury, Samuel J Z '76 

Bradlee. George L A '02 

Brady, WilUam G P^ '08 

Breck, Walter W M^ »95 

Bridge, WiUiam D O '61 

Briges, Marsenus H X '71 

Brookins, Homer D X '80 

Brown, Alexander M P^ '97 

Brown, Charles H M^ '04 

Brown, Cyrus P., Jr I^ '14 

Brown, Harold A ^ '05 

Brown, Harold S M^ '07 

Brown, Joseph H., Jr 0^ '05 

Browne, Kenneth C P^ '09 

Browne, William P I'll 

Browne, William R N^ '14 

Bryant, Carlton E 11^ '98 

Bullock, Harry A M^ '99 

Bungerz, Karl 11^ '13 

Burgen, Frederick F K '79 

Bumie, Arthur N O^ '06 

Bums, Grant P^ '06 

Burr, George L I '10 

Burt, L. MUlens Z '00 

Calhoun, Thomas H 11^ '99 

Camp, A. Roy P^ '04 

Campbell, Gilbert N Z '71 

CarroU, Joseph W P^ '13 

Carter, Frederic E^ '90 

Chaffin, Lucien G Z '67 

Chamberlin, Edwin C ^ '93 

Champney, Edward F I '96 

Chapin, Warren H P^ '13 

Chapman, Isaac A H^ '14 

Chase, Julian C Z '99 

Chatfield, Harvey S A '56 

Cheney, Thomas C ^ '99 

Cherouny, Arthur E P^ '02 

Childs, Walter C A '66 

Chrystie, John A * '69 

Clark, Austin G U^ '03 

Clark, Charles D K '95 

Cleaves, Royal S H '99 

Clyne, Herbert H P^ '12 

Coan, Robert A A '03 

Cobb, Duane P E^ '90 

Coffin, WiUiam G ^ '78 

Cole, Frederick W M^ '93 

Cole, Lawrence T T^ '92 

Coleman, Frank J., Jr 11^ '06 

Collins, Charles S. C H^ '94 

CoUins, William J U^ '91 

Conant, Arthur F 6^ '08 

Conklin, Joseph H K '76 

Conway, Edward S P^ '87 

Cook, Joseph W B '02 

Cook, WiUiam H O^ '00 

Corbett, WilHam H E^ '95 

Costigan, George P I '92 

Crampton, Henry E 11^ '93 

Crandall. Edwin J K '89 

Crawford, Frederick S M^ '97 

Crawford, James B U^ '11 

Cummings, George K 11^ '87 

Cummines, Henry K 11^ '94 

Cunningham, Frederick H.. . V '99 

Cunningham, John H V '66 

Currier, George B A '99 

Dabymple, T. A V '13 

Damon, William C I '92 

Davison, Charles A '66 

de Aguero, Miguel E., Jr. . .P^ '12 

de Cardenas, Daniel 11^ '87 

de Cardenas, Miguel H^ '87. 



NEW YORK— Continued 

N«w York Citjr— Continued 

Delano, William R S 77 

DeVcau, Louifl B M^ '14 

Deven, Thomas C A '66 

Dewell, James D., Jr E^ '92 

DeYoung, Arthur B P^ '98 

Dickereon, Frank 8 P^ '99 

Dickie, William H n^ 43 

Dilworth, Read G P^ '91 

Diabecker, Harry P E^ '94 

Dixon, G. Gale 11^ '07 

Dodd, Frank N P^ '91 

Donahue, Charles A P^ '92 

DooUttle, WiUard F I^ '00 

Dougherty, Daniel 8 11^ '82 

Douglass, Benjamin, Jr ^ '71 

Dreier, Walter C B '94 

Dressier, Frita L N '13 

Driggs, Spenser B P^ '11 

Duncan, Frederick 8 1 '90 

Dunn, Charles C A Gr. 

Dusinbarre, Ralph £ E^ '94 

Dwyer, Joseph A 11^ '96 

Eddy, Robert H A Gr. 

Edgerly, Josiah W O^ '96 

Egan, Joseph L P^ '07 

Ehlers, Edward C P^ '92 

Ehret, George. Jr P^ '99 

Ehret, Louis J. V '04 

Eickwort, Louis E P^ '97 

Engle, Gustav P U^ '07 

Erf, J. William T^ '93 

Farquhar. WiUiam J I '91 

Feltner, Clarence G H^ '14 

Fessenden, Edward E K '10 

Fielder, George L B '89 

Fischer, George W n^ '12 

Fisher, Frederick 8 H^ '00 

Fisher, Harry A U^ '02 

Flower, Altus D A '95 

Flower, Jewell A '95 

Foster, James H V '95 

Foster, Kingsbury K '01 

Foster, Walcott C P^ '90 

France, Royal W X^ '04 

Freeman, Frank W I '08 

Fuentes, Ventura U^ '89 

Fulton, Thomas J X '08 

Gannon, John W E^ '99 

Gannon, Thomas A P^ '10 

Garvey, Richard, Jr P^ '10 

Gautier, Charles E P^ '12 

Geoghegan, Joseph G H^ '96 

George, David G. 4^ '97 

Gibson, Harvey D H '02 

Gibson. Jasper M O^ '00 

Gildersleeve, John A M^ '08 

Gill, Joseph B H^ '84 

Gihnour, Andrew J E^ '95 

Goebel, George C 11^ '91 

Goebel, Lewis 8 11^ '98 

Goodell, Charles L A '77 

Goodier, Chester J B '07 

Goodman, Frank V P^ '03 

Goodwin, Frederic V. B. . . .H^ '82 

Covin, Felix St. A P^ '87 

Grass. Louis A., Jr 11^ '89 

Grassl, Otto J. A H^ '00 

Grassi, Waldemar H. H P^ '11 

Greir, John C B '04 

Greul, Wihner H K '99 

Griffing, Edward S I '89 

Groesbeck, George 8 A '89 

Grotecloss, John H B '84 

Gude, Fred G P^ '08 

Guilbert, John M P^ '13 

Haight, Samuel C H^ '92 

Hall, Edward L A '50 

Halsey, Charles B P^ '02 

HamiU, James, Jr n^ '97 

Hamilton, James A X '98 

Hammond, Noel I '06 

Hammond, Paul I '06 

Hanley, Thomas B S '91 

Hannon, Martin E O^ '10 

Hansen, Harlan F H '10 

Harrington, James T I '99 

Harrington, Wentworth L. . .1 '98 

Harris, Thomas J O^ '86 

Harvey, Edwin L H '05 

Hastings, Harold W P^ '06 

Hastings, WiUiam H., Jr. . .P^ '11 

Hatch, Thomas D O^ '05 

Hatfield, Samuel P. O '62 

Haviland, Merritt E B '77 

Hawkins, Walter S Z '93 

Hayes, George L X '98 

Hayter, Richard I '96 



NEW YORK— Continued 

N«w York City->Continued 

Hazen, Raymond D. . . . O^ '96 

Hepburn, Samuel B 4> '74 

Hershfield, Heniy G P^ '98 

Hertzler, Frank H S '98 

Hess, James E^ '98 

Hibson, Charles U^ '92 

Hildreth, Loring T I '96 

Hill, Frank H E '03 

HiU, H. Faulkner Z '95 

Hills, William E S '91 

Hinds. Benjamin H K '60 

Hite,EarleP P '04 

Hoff, Charles C E '90 

Hollister, Samuel T P^ '06 

Hollister, WiUiam H E '65 

Holton, Herbert M U^ '99 

Hookey, Ralph A 11^ '14 

Hovey, Albert F 4> '95 

Howe, Adelbert J X '69 

Howe, Arthur L H^ '00 

Howe, Clarence LeC H^ '89 

Howes, Alfred P., Jr B '07 

Hoyt, Henry S I /ll 

Hoyt, Orson C B '99 

Huber.JohnB ^ '87 

Hull, Charles A Z '99 

Hull, Robert L H '97 

Hunter, George W I^ '95 

Hupfel, Adolph G., Jr E^ '96 

Hyde, James C O^ '88 

Intemann. William H. H. . . .X '04 

Ireland, Gordon I '01 

Irvine, WiUiam H H^ '04 

JacJkson, Henry H H^ '87 

Jackson, Hohnes C E^ '96 

Janes, Robert F I '02 

Jaques, Washington L., Jr. .H^ '93 

Jessup, Henry H V 13 

Johns, WilUam F M^ '12 

Johnson, Norman R H^ '14 

Johnston, Herman W H^ '13 

Jones, Frank L H^ '88 

Juvenal, Jacques B 4> '71 

Kaestner, A. C P^ '10 

Kane, John F M^ '04 

Keigwin, Albert E 4> '91 

KendaU, Waldo S I '99 

Kimball, Charles W O^ '01 

Kipp, Charles G K '93 

Kirby, John N P^ '02 

Knights, Frederick M Z '94 

Knox, James A H^ '11 

Kosmak, Georee W P^ '94 

Ladd, Frederick P Z '93 

Lange, WilUam H H^ '12 

LaRoche, PhiUp B., Jr P^ '02 

Landes, L. Leo P^ '89 

Lawson, WUUam W P^ '02 

Leddy, John M O^ '12 

Leonard, Zenas L B '80 

Lindenmeyr, George P^ '88 

Lindenmeyr, Ludwig P^ '00 

Linington, Stephen W P^ '89 

Litchfield, Roy S Z '03 

Little, Carlton B U^ '89 

Little, John T., Jr U^ '90 

Livermore, Arthur L O^ '88 

Logan, Walter P^ '13 

Loubnel, "Manuel M P^ '87 

Lyman, WaUs I '95 

Macdonald. Charles A '57 

MacDonald, George S E^ '02 

MacNair, James D A '05 

McCabe, Lewis B S '94 

McCann, Harrison K H '02 

McCrossin, E. J .P^ '89 

McGrath, Owen A O^ '05 

Mclntyre, WiUiam H H^ '89 

McKinney, James P X '69 

McKinney, Max B '91 

McKinney, Raymond H X '10 

McLaughUn, Frederick C. . . .1 '93 

McMahon, Charles E K '04 

Maas, Louis O K '05 

Magee, FrankUn R A '88 

Mahler, Charles H P^ '13 

Mahlstedt, J. WaUace O^ '12 

Mahon, Robert J P^ '83 

Mahon, Robert V P^ '10 

Maloney. Robert W U^ '03 

Mapes, Charles V I '57 

Marcy, Frank L P^ '08 

Marden, Orison S A '77 

Martin, Howard P '73 

Marvin, Charles D 4> '78 

Mason, Victor L X^ '97 

Mather, Alfred W Z^ '10 



NEW YORK— Continued 

N«w York Citjr— Continued 

MathewBon, Frank M Z 73 

Mattison, Joseph I '07 

Maurer, George L P^ '12 

Mead, Nelson P n^ '99 

Meehan, Joseph A A '98 

Merritt, Walter H A '03 

Merrow, John W O^ '97 

Miller, Charles R O^ '72 

Millspaugh, Josiah S '79 

Moffett, J. Henry C P^ '12 

Mooney, H. Clark P^ '09 

Moore, George G., Jr P^ '06 

Mora, Mariano L P^ '91 

MorriU, Albert H P^ '13 

MorriU, OtisC I^ '07 

Morris, Francis A M^ '00 

Morrison, Charles E P^ '01 

Morrison, Maurice B '97 

Morrogh, Charles A E^ '96 

Morse, Edward B Z '96 

Mosher, Edwin R P^ '10 

Mullen, Frank E H^ '10 

Mullen, George J H^ '13 

MuUigan, W. G V '86 

Murphy, Arthur G U^ '03 

Murray, Vance B P^ '10 

Nagle, Harold E U^ '04 

Nash, Alexander S M^ '05 

Neiman, Howard S N^ '88 

Nelson, Clare U^ '96 

Nelson, Deane 11^ '90 

Nelson, Henry C U^ '91 

Nelson, Isaac 11^ '97 

O'Keeffe, Francis C, Jr E '07 

Okeson, Walter R N^ '96 

Onderdonk, Fred A U^ '98 

Ottman, William S. ....... P^ '98 

Paine, Wilis S X '68 

Palmer, Harry L H '04 

Pardee, John H V89 

Parker, Frank P., Jr I '02 

Parker, Marco S 11^ '92 

Parsons, Floyd W N^ '02 

Patterson, Frederick H P^ '90 

Peabody, James E I^ '92 

Peachy, Henry H 9 '89 

Pearson, Edward P E '85 

Perkins, Isaac C P^ '04 

Perry, James H A '61 

Peterson, Arthur E K '92 

Pevear, Selwyn R I^ '07 

Pierce, Fenlon A Z '64 

Pierce, Frederick P V '87 

Piercy, Albert I P^ '94 

Preston, William G A '88 

Putney, Edmonds I^ '96 

Putney, William B., Jr I^ '00 

Pyne, Henry R X^ '93 

Rawson, Jonathan A M^ '95 

Reaney, George H P^ '07 

Redmond, Henry A A '55 

Reed, Lynn P X '13 

Reid, Eugene J P^ '04 

Remer, John P^ '90 

Remer, John W H^ '94 

Repko, George A Z '12 

Repko, John S., Jr Z '12 

Reutter, Charles E P^ '12 

Reutter, Robert H P^ '13 

Rewey, EUjah M V '73 

Rice, WaUam M. J B '74 

Richards, Frank P H '11 

Richardson, George B H^ '93 

Rionda, Jose B P^ '01 

Rionda, Leandro J P^ '02 

Rionda, Manuel E P^ '00 

Rionda, Salvador C P^ '12 

Roberts, Richard B., Jr P^ '14 

Robinson, George H H^ '85 

Robinson, Joseph J 4> '93 

Robinson, Millard L A '05 

Robison, William W S '00 

Rogers, Robert B P^ '05 

Row. Arthur W K '01 

Rowland. Harry H I^ '99 

Royall. John R I^ '03 

Rundel, Thomas J E '60 

Rundlett, Ernest A H^ '94 

Sabin, Alvah H H '76 

Sand, Henry A. L I '95 

Sarver, Charles P. K X '92 

Savage. Cornelius B H^ '12 

Schanck, WiUiam H P^ '99 

Schmid, Alfred R P^ '09 

Schmid, Charles P., Jr H^ '97 

Schmid, Robert M B '07 

Schmid, Walter A U^ '14 



NEW YORK— Continued 

N«w York City— Continued 

Schoonmaker, F. W 11 70 

Schultze, Louis F n^ '04 

Schulz, George M. S n^ '92 

Schultz-de Brun, H. C.W. J-.n^ '12 

Schur. Carl, Jr n^ '02 

Scofield, George A P^ *93 

Scott, Allan n^ '98 

Selden, Charles A Z '93 

Selden, George C O^ '93 

Seligman, Eustace J M^ '10 

Shattuck, Leslie C U^ '98 

Shattuck, Maxwell C M^ '08 

Shaw, N. Archibald ^ '82 

Shaw, A. Robert N^ '10 

Shorrer, Frank L 4> '07 

Shinn, Francis A A '99 

Shorey, Philip R H '07 

Sigerson, Edmund B. V P^ '07 

Simonds, Robert G A '88 

Simpson, Charles A X '06 

Simpson, Percy W B '98 

Skinner, Harold B B '01 

Slichter, Walter I P^ '96 

Slifer. EU, Jr Y 73 

Small, Raymond B E '09 

Smith, Arthur C E '09 

Smith, Charles R P^ '93 

Smith, J. Boyce, Jr P^ '01 

Smith, Rodney T '54 

Sondem, Frederick E P^ '89 

Soule, Robert E H '96 

Spencer, Joseph W P^ '02 

Spoor, Seward G E '08 

Squier, Joel J ^ '87 

St. Clair, Henry H P^ '00 

St. John, Thomas M P^ '90 

Starr. Jeremiah A 11^ '09 

Stead, Charles M Z '61 

Steams, Emory W B '02 

Steele, George W H^ '00 

Steeves, Fr^erick M n^ '00 

Steeves, Guy C O^ '11 

Steeves, Harrison R P^ '03 

Steeves, John F., Jr P^ '11 

Stephens, WiUiam V. V P^ '05 

Stewart, Charles A P^ '06 

Stockbndge, WiUiam M B '88 

Stone, Clarence N M^ '05 

Stone, William L P^ '87 

Streeter, Philip C P^ '06 

Strobel, Walter E U^ '96 

Sullivan, Francis W * '08 

SuUivan, Vincent F P^ '10 

Sullivan, Walter S O^ '89 

SymmeSjLawrence M O^ '08 

Taylor, Herbert W X '99 

Thayer, Henry O H '62 

Thomas, Winthrop G 9^ '14 

Thorp, John S P^ '07 

Tiemann, Hugh P P^ '00 

Tieman, Martin F X '06 

Tifft, Robert H B '09 

Tilden, George A B '09 

Timme, Waldemar F 11^ '99 

Tobey, Harry R B '97 

Tombo, Carl P^ '02 

Tombo, Rudolf, Jr P^ '99 

Tompkins, Lloyd L H^ '05 

Trafiford. Forest R U^ '91 

Trask, Thomas C M^ '93 

Trubenbach, Conrad L P^ '05 

Turner, Reeve U^ '96 

Tuska, Gustave R P^ '91 

Upham, Richard D O^ '90 

Uterhart, Henry A P^ '94 

Vail, LeroyB O^ '04 

Van Auken, Edwin E X '75 

Van der Burgh, Edmund E. ... I '96 

Van Iderstine, Robert P^ '94 

Van Tine, Jefferson B P^ '93 

VanWinkle, Edward P^ '00 

Warner, Oscar U^ '96 

Wallace, Herbert M H^ '06 

Wallower, Charles W 9^ '10 

Warner, Homer H A '64 

Washington, Henry J. L. . .P^ '10 

Waterhouse, Everett M I '98 

Watson, J. M. H '70 

Webster, Hosea B '80 

Webster, Robert E I^ '05 

Wenzel, Charles A U^ '90 

Werner, Charles H B '92 

West. Frank H .T^ '09 

Wettlaufer, Louis 11^ '88 

Wettlaufer, WiUiam H H^ '90 

Wheeler, Ernest E I '00 

Whitaker, Samuel E A '90 


NEW YORK— Continiied 

Nm York city— CobcIikM 

White, ChariM S I *00 

White, Robert R M* '89 

Whitehome, Frederick N. . .n* '92 

Whitmore, Holmes 1 '95 

Whitney, TraviB H I '00 

Wilbur, John P X» '11 

Wilken, Charles F R' '95 

Williamfl, WiUard W X '96 

Wihnurt, Clifford O' '93 

Winana, John H T' '92 

Wolffe, William B I '95 

Wood, Wilson G n» '99 

Woods, Charles R., Jr I '00 

Woodworth, Robert S M* '91 

Woollcott, A. H Y '09 

Wupperman, A. Edward . . .11^ '91 

Wyman, Joseph G A '93 

Zitz, Frank H P* '88 

HUfmwm Fall* 

Carr, William E E '90 

Hageman, John C X ll 

Huested, Alfred P K '01 

Sei^eaat, EUiot M P^ '96 

Trott, John W A '69 

Whitney, Drake A '64 

North Landnv 

Holden, Fox B '72 


Leach, Willie B B '72 


Stelling, Frank P M'' '13 

Baldwin, William J Z« '08 

Knap, James G A '63 


Bailey, Richard 1'^ '10 

McKim, Williftm R. e '94 

Ruby, Walter M e» '12 

WaiT, James S N^ '03 

Dickinoon, William G M* '13 

Getman, Albert A T '11 

Lynch, Fenimore B V '12 

Ontairfo Cmtro 

Brandt, Arthur W K '12 

Brandt, Eldred S X '07 

Brandt, John S X '77 

Fairley, Samuel C M* '92 

Griffin, Hiram A '82 

Bennett, Ross V P-* '11 

Rappleye, Walter G B '82 

Sheldon, Charles 3 B '80 

Cooper, Le Brun B '05 

Barehain, Lucian C X '14 

Converse, Frederick J X '14 

Converse, Walter R X '12 

Guthrie, Oliver P X '14 

Henneuiey, James J X '13 

Jackman, Charles P X '05 

Macpheraon, Donald J X 'II 

Taylor, Earl B X '12 

Walton, Clifford J X '13 


Losce, Joseph T * ' 


Jaques, Thomas LeC H* ' 

Rink, John C A ' 

Roper, Gordon A I^ ' 

Wardner, Drew M I ' 

Paon Y.D 

Knox, John T V ' 

Tuthill, Henry S E ' 



NEW YORK— Continued 


Connolly, John E S '09 

Haslett, James H E '85 

Howe, WiUiam A E '85 

Partridge, Edward B E '99 

Partridge, Leonard S E '06 

Partridge, Samuel S., Jr E '02 

Robison. Harold H E '11 

Rockefeller, Roy F B '03 

Warner, Earle S S '02 

Warner, Theodore H E '12 

Wisewell, George E ^ '04 


Bacon. Howard R M^ '12 

Gomph, George F X '00 


Barber, Silas D M^ '02 

Chouinard, Horace A T^ '98 


Honness, George G 4> '93 

Wilcox, Ernest N I^ '93 

Port Byron 

Morehouse, Albert W X '69 


Rodriquez, Salvador 0^ '12 

Port Dickinson 

Merriam, John O^ '77 

Port Henry 

Bachman, Frank E. . . . 

4» '80 

Port Joliorson 

Overton, Myron E E^ '02 

Smith, EUner P M^ '92 

Quoons Borough 

Bunn, Albert C E '67 

Gearhart, Charles W N^ '93 


Lyons, Edward W 

y '81 

Richfioid Sprints 

Cary, John X. D I '85 

Evans, Homer C ^ '09 

Getman, Arthur R ^ '84 


Tooker, Ernest W M^ '92 


Adams, Samuel D X '12 

Anderson, Arthur R X '97 

Armbruster, Frederick C. . . .X '11 

Barber, Charles R X '79 

Barker, Ernest F X '08 

Barnes, George J X '11 

Blossom, Thomas E X '71 

Connor, Thomas A :X '10 

Croston, WUliam F X '04 

Curtis, Charles W B '87 

Damon, Harry M .X '12 

Dana, Frank S X '10 

Dennison, Francis R E '00 

De Puy, Frederic C X '02 

Dunn, John R X '05 

Erbe, Frederick G X '05 

Everest, Charles M X '75 

Finch, Martin A E^ '02 

Foley, John M T^ '12 

Foote, Orlando K X '79 

Fryer, John A S^ '11 

Fulton, Thomas J X '08 

GaUigan, James F X '94 

Gannett, WiUiam C I '60 

Gibbons, Arthur J X '73 

Gibbons, De Witt C X '71 

Gladwin, Fred E X '04 

Glass, Walter M X '96 

Groce, Arthur W K '91 

Harris, Irving E X '92 

Hastings, Wmiam M X '04 

Hauck, Harvey J X '12 

Hedges, Clarence M X '11 

Hilton, John L X '14 

Hincher, Charles L X '03 

Hogan, Joseph P X '04 

Hooper, George M S '08 

Hoyt, WiUiam E Z '68 

Irvine, WUUam H X '10 

Keeler, James F X '00 

Keiber, Edward J X '10 



NEW YORK--Gontmue4 

RoelMttMr — Concluded 

KeUer, Alexander W B '14 

Little, Adelbert P X 72 

Love, William F X '03 

Lsrman, Moeee Z '58 

May, Harry A X '09 

May, SeldenE X '11 

Meyer, David G X '94 

Moore, Edward M., Jr X '71 

Morrison, Arthur W X '10 

O'Connor, Joeeph L X '08 

Pammenter, Arthur T X '08 

Paul, Carl X '05 

Patchin, Frank G B '84 

Raines, WiUiam G S '70 

Richter, William J X '04 

Rippey, Harlan W X '98 

Rogers, Irving H X '80 

Roeser, Eugene C X '01 

Ruggles, Emery W ^ '85 

Salmon, William H X '02 

Sahnon, Wibner W S '86 

Sattler, Raymond L X '06 

Savage, Edward T^ '96 

Sawyer, Harold X '13 

Schimiacher, Hiram S X '03 

Sibley, Edward R I^ '00 

Sinmielink, Harry J X '06 

Skuse, William F. X '10 

Smith, James H X '06 

Stem, Leon B '89 

Stewart, Harold O X '07 

Stone, James D X '13 

Straucher, Edward C X '13 

Swinburne, Thomas T X '92 

Tighe, James J X '08 

V^ James S X '02 

Watkeys, Charles W X '01 

Watson, Simeon A E '85 

Webster, Joseph R X '94 

Weston, Frank M ^ '00 

Whitbeck, Arthur S B '03 

Winter, Frank E X '04 

Woodworth, Warren E I^ '03 

Rockville Centr* 

Bassett, Earl J P^ '08 

Field, Randall M M^ '10 

Thorp, Thomas J P^ '05 

Briggs, Rodolphus C ^ '73 

Dyett, Herbert T B '97 

Olney, James P ^ '79 


Tarbox, Roscoe D A '05 


Saltonstall, Satterlee S '92 

Sac Harlyor 

Greene, William C H '77 

Krause, AUen K Z '01 


Bray. Dallas G Z^ '07 


Adams, Fred W A '92 

Bishop, Storrs M * '97 

Clark, Warren S K '97 

Doherty, Robert E K^ '09 

Furman, Henry A A '61 

Gilman, George W O^ '97 

Gregory, Charles N X^ '05 

Hawkins, Lawrence A I^ '97 

Hibbard, Charlton B I '06 

Holcombe, William E N^ '94 

HoUister, John M K '92 

Ives, Charles T ^ '92 

Johnson, Lester G M^ '03 

Lewis, Aubrey C O^ '94 

McClintock, Paul K '10 

Schoonmaker, Frederic R. . . A '97 

Smith, Henry L Z '96 

Stewart, Morton C Z '94 

Towne, Herbert L I^ '94 

Van Vranken, Peter A '61 

Walker, Henry P I '95 

Yates, Austin A A '54 

S«n«ca Falls 

Maier, WiUiam J V '99 


Bradt, Frank R ^ '80 



NEW YORK— Continued 

Stnithtown Thompson 

TurreU, Guy H P^ '94 Dix, John A 

B '83 

Sodus TiToli 

Danford, Wamer E V '99 Pope, Richard D .P^ '92 

South New Borlin 

Gibson, Edwin O A '62 


Freeman, William H W '94 


Holbrook, Fred S X '03 

Stony Point 

Lee, Thomas H ^r '83 

Lee, Thomas H., Jr ^ '14 


Mansfield, Romaine S. 

S '67 


Beebe, George H A '96 

Benson, Harvey S 0^ '12 

Bristol, James E V '98 

Brown, Garrett H B '94 

Brown, Henry W B '11 

Ck)wles, George D A '50 

Dawley, WilUam W ^ '75 

Downs, Arthur C A '91 

Evans, William M 4> '09 

Gere, Edwin C 0^ '13 

Gere, Irving N ^r '84 

Gere, Ward N 0^ '12 

Kaiser, Frank H N^ '09 

Lay, Merwin W X '99 

Mason, Thomas A O^ '01 

Norton, Frederick E B '13 

Place, Perley O O^ '93 

Sherwood, Bradford W ^ '82 

White, WilUam K Z '07 

WiUiams, Leroy B V '89 

Zoller. Abram I^ '04 


Andrews, George C, Jr B '12 

Bogues, Frank E M^ '00 

Wunderlich, Paul U^ '03 


Ck)wee, Harvey D E^ '95 

Gleason, Robert I A '96 

Green, Edward M A '66 

Kellogg, Warren T A '61 

Marden, WilUam E O^ '86 


Beattie, WiUiam H I^ '99 

CampbeU, Daniel R ^ '02 

Dodge, Charles M V '91 

Edwards, Ernest A E^ '97 

GibUn, LeoF B '11 

Goodier, James H ^ '08 

Jenkins, Horatio Z W '92 

Southworth, Lotus N ^ '79 

Westcott, Frank D V '81 

Westcott, WiUiam C ^ '11 

Wicks, Harvey H B '97 

WiUard, Edwin H ^ '90 

Vernon Centre 

SuUivan, WilUam A A '87 


Covin, Warren M E '04 

Stiles, Loren X '79 


Morrow, WilUam B 4^ '80' 

Peake, James M I^ '97 

Wappin^ers Falls 

Bogle, Ronald F I^ '13 


Cunningham, Charles B. . . .O^ '81 

Washington ville 

Tuthill, Morris C A '64 



NEW YORK— Gonduded 


Beach, Allen C A '49 

Hubbard^ugustus A '62 

Massey, Walter G B '01 

Thomas, Thomas S A '93 

WiUiams, Frank M I^ '97 


Baker, Edwm V S '03 

Lembeck, Henry F S '06 

Wait, Robert D S '06 


Peet, James C X '76 


Brown, Frank C ^ '07 

Flagler, James W ^ '11 

Nixon, George R B '12 

Nixon, Samuel F B '11 

Rood, Wilson V '07 

Rynd, Charles E ^ '07 

Watson, Charles G ^ '08 

Watson, Leonard A ^ '08 

W«rt Point 

Bowley, Freeman W A^ '09 

Leary, Edmund M H '91 

Wast SaiMca 

Foote, William H 

r^ '05 

White PUins 

Hite, George E., 2nd I^ '08 

Smith, Merritt H I^ '13 

Young, Harry O Z^ '12 


Adams, Ralph A P^ '06 

McWilliams, Albert F E^ '03 


Russel, Henry R N^ '96 


Cunnindiam, Carl C V '98 

Davis, Edward P H^ '97 

Fulton, Chester A P^ '06 

Lower, John H. J X^ '11 

NicolL Augustus W A '59 

Otis, Sidney P^ '03 

Rudolf, Chester D S^ '14 

Stark, WiUiam E I '95 



Dunlap, James M N '75 


Grinnan, Robert T N '74 

Hursey, John S X^ '08 

Black CrMk 

Swindell, Charles L. R X^ '04 


Estes, Benjamin G X '95 


Anderson, John N^ '10 

Himiphrey, Lotte W S '96 


Pierce, James W 9^ '91 


Kellogg, James W V '06 


McConnaughey, George C. . . M '59 

Snow HiU 

Edwards, Theophilus A '59 


Pettigrew, Charles W N^ '14 


Bullock, Richard A M '60 


BeUamy, John D N '74 


Campbell, Courtney M^ '10 


Rice, Robert H 4> '01 





Hartman, W. D T^ '96 

Devils Lake 

Whipple, Howard G I^ '04 


Ballou, WiUiam M .K '84 

Hartmann, William D T^ '96 

Mann, Cameron S '70 

Wilder, Frederic H K '86 

Grand Forks 

Bacheller, Melville C T^ '03 

House, Horace L B '74 

Hult, Gottfried E T^ '91 

Templeton, Charles F O^ '78 

Thomas, George S N '79 

Wilder, Frank W K '80 


Kneeland, Fred G. 

H '97 


Duvall, Bruce R B '12 

Valley City 

McFarland, Eugene H K^ '12 


Johnston, George H T^ '97 





Hayes, Leo D X '09 

Walker, Albert M M^ '99 


HaskeU, Fitch H I '05 


Harbaugh, Albert J S 


Frease, William A B 

Harter, Charles S I^ 

Harter, William H., Jr I^ '09 

Landor, Harry K^ '11 

Landor, Walter A K^ '11 

Leggett, Raymond G K^ '12 

Marchand, Charles M I^ '14 


Bennett, Henry H 9 '86 

Hindman, Charles A * '13 

Hindman, William B 4» '10 


Brown, Alexander McD. . . . P^ '01 

Clough, Anderson R O^ '94 

Dana, George F O^ '93 

Farley, Leon B O^ '09 

Foster, Amos P .0^ '04 

Galway, WilUam H O '81 

Harkness, A. Stuart © '93 

Hayward, Albert W © '84 

Kreis, Bradford S T^ '10 

Kreis, L. Alvin T^ '98 

Kreis, Stanley A T^ '12 

Landy, Edwin F E^ '89 

L'Hommedieu, Louis © '75 

Lovejoy, George M K '82 

Mauss, Harry M T^ J09 

Marx, Henry B 79 

Pearce, Carlos T 3^90 

Robert, James A Z '58 

Schreiber, Albert C 4» '13 

Scott, Nicholas I ^76 

Shoemaker, Michael M B 74 

Stephenson, Frank H K |91 

Stewart, Alexander © '89 

Stewart, Horace G ©^^14 

Thompson, Newcomb B. ... © '84 


Abom, William G O^ '93 

Baehr, EmilA O^ '93 

Barker, James F B '93 

Becker. William D B '13 

Carr, Charles C N^ '04 

Dahl, Gerhard M 2^ '96 




Clevaland — Conoluded 

Dittrick, Clarence H K '10 

DuBroy, Arthur L K '10 

Farnsworth, George B H '03 

Gould, George B H '00 

Handerson, Henry E S '58 

Harris, James A., Jr B '09 

Hawley, Frank M O '97 

Hawley, Lee C H^ '03 

Jackson, Wilbur S '10 

Kelley, Charles W B '83 

Krause, Carl R P^ '85 

Lawrence, Albert '77 

Lawrence, Francis K S '12 

Lawrence, James '71 

Mann, Warren H O '00 

Oglebay, Earl W U '69 

Perry, Drake T I '97 

Perdue, Robert H E^ '96 

Raynolds, William M O '73 

Richards, C. Nelson S '10 

Selover, DeForest L E^ '93 

Seyler, James H 11 '65 

Starkweather, Samuel Z '56 

Strong, Shepard X^ '05 

Twitmeyer, George E 4» '03 

Van Dom, Thomas B B '92 

Wav, Clarence R B '14 

Wheeler, Willard W I '03 

WilUams, WilUam W I '05 

Withington, PhiUp H 0^ '95 


Bartlit, Samuel O '86 

Freeman, Luther A '88 

Fullerton, Angus L * '74 

Kendall, Fraiilin M B '78 

Kendall, Robert M T^ '12 

Long, Frederick W O^ '11 

Long, George S O^ 79 

Montgomery, Carey R '77 

Sanborn, Frank E K '95 

Sharp, Harry J 9 '98 

Simpson, Harold C B '85 

Spofford, Henry H^ '93 

Sterrett, Henry H. D I '99 


Nicholas, Samuel H 9 79 

Robinson, Edward L '86 


Babst, Carl M 9 


Gunckel, Lewis W E^ 

Kincaid, Herbert T O^ 

Litchfield, Harry L K 

Matthews, Edwin P 

Miller, Frank W O^ 

Spiehler, Clarence H X 

Stoddard, John W., Jr B 

Worrell, Rufus I B 


Kingsbury, Benjamin B H 

Newbegin, Henry H 

Newbegin, Robert H 

Sutphen, Richard H T^ 

Wilhelm, Donald X^ 

East Walnut Hills 

Anderson, Richard C 0^ 


Worthington, George C E^ 


Bates, Frederick S N^ 

Smith, John F 9 


Wallis, Harry T B 


Lawton, Ellis E -. . . .X 


Durr, Louis E 

I ronton 

Lee, Lewis E I^ 


Woodbury, Walter W T^ 


Du Bois, Charles A A 











Gooding, Fred E F^ '10 

Greenslade, James M '76 

Knisley, Virgil M T^ '11 



OHIO— Continued 

Lima — Concluded 

McLaughlin, Thomas D V '03 

McLaughlin, Warren J ^r '01 

Timmerman, Lynn B B '14 

Wamer, Ralph C B '87 


Bartlett, Emery W H '80 


Shaffer, John J '94 


Milinauski, A. S I '04 


Fessenden, Fred L H '95 


Schell, Charles E * '85 

Wilson, Earle R O '96 


Armstrong, Elmer W '95 


Boone, Lloyd L T^ '08 


Donovan, James F^ '13 

Maerker, Karl R O^ '09 

Mt. Vomon 

Grant, William E O '86 

Roberts, Charles McG P^ '09 


Crasser, George D '83 


Lawrence, Everton J I^ '02 

Perkins, Sidney N ^ '74 


Lowe, Guy R M^ '06 


Darr, W '83 


Crofoot, Benjamin F '84 


Hanson, Norman L F^ '04 


Armstrong, Harry F I^ '13 

Port Clinton 

Brodhead, John E. E '93 


Williams, Guy V F^ '96 


Woodruff, James G A '99 


Walker, Charles F P^ '92 

Wilcox, Merritt S B '95 


Redhead, Edwin B '96 


Arbuckle, Frank J F^ '99 

Brice, J. H '77 

Collamore, Kenehn W F^ '13 

Gessner, Gustavus A., Jr. . .N^ '93 

Greene, Carl M F^ '99 

Koch, Alfred B F^ '07 

McCoU, Thomas D F^ '96 

Morrison, Archibald B., Jr. . .B '01 

North, WiUiam B F^ '05 

Peterson, Joseph H F^ '11 

Tompkins, Charles H N^ '06 

Tompkins, WUUam I X '99 


Knoop, John K. O^ '14 

Kyle, Thomas B O^ '80 

Kyle, Walter T O^ '12 

Van Wert 

Patterson, James B. . . 

Z '58 


Andrew, Edwin B S '02 

Andrews, Albert C S '08 

Baker, Charles R S '13 

Izant, James R S '13 

Thomas, Harold F S '14 

Wilkins, Charles M N^ '88 



OHIO— Concluded 



Vandergrift, Theodore J E^ '95 Coey, Stewart C 0^ '06 

Gaus, Wickloff C n 72 

Woostor Hubbard. Tunis T B '96 

Black, John B 9 74 S"^^' ^^{^4 ^;I 1^ 

' Powers, Paul W N^ '95 


Halsey/Lewis S '68 

Neilson, Walter 

._ ^ McFarland, Robert H 9 74 

r^ '09 Stanbery, Henry R 9 77 




Stanwood, Lewis A H 77 Gehring, Norman J. . .'. H '01 


Oklahoma City 

Kneisley, Charles C Z '73 Prussing, Harry F B '09 

Kneisley, George W A^ '07 

Kneisley, Nathaniel McK. .K^ '14 



Choate, William G E '87 

Skawnos - 

Hinton, William B T^ '13 Farmer, Fred t'a '92 



Marsden, Henry H E '08 

Baker City 

Rand, John L O^ '83 


Arnold, Ernest W A^ '00 

Bartlett, Leslie C O^ '10 


Allen, Seward D V 78 

Bangs, Abraham F A^ '09 

Bean, Frank L .2^ '98 


Dale, William H 2^ '02 


Edwards, Roy V K^ '11 

GriflSs, Stanton B '10 

Huntley, Earl W T^ '07 

Kremer, George E T^ '06 

Myrtle Creek 

Lawrie, Harold N. P^ '05 

Oregon City 

Ganong, Carl F H^ '10 


Adams, Edward G M^ '86 

Bean, Daniel O O^ '85 

Chapman, Roland E T^ '13 

Conant, Rexford H H^ '08 

Dolph, Marion F I^ '01 

Gordon, William B Z^ '13 



OREGON— Concluded 

Portland — Ck>ncluded 

Green, Horatio J I '89 

Heckbert, Edwin E A '93 

Kribs, Frederick D B '14 

McCk)mb, Arthur J A^ '06 

Macrum, Garfield H H^ '09 

Merserau, WUliam B B '73 

Robinson, Ralph D A^ 

Shaw, Norman W A^ '08 

Sheldon, E.P T^ '94 

Smith, WilUam K I '87 

Webster, Albert M T^ '91 

West, Edward A K '09 

Young, John Q H^ '02 


Baker, C. Wilson 

>Qg Bullwmkle, Benjamin B. 

..e '96 
.K^ '11 


Fuller, John H A '93 



Gregg, David 11 '66 

McCain, Samuel N 0^ '09 


Beckwith, Henry T H^ '07 


Craine, John R. T T^ '14 

Ely, Theodore N A '66 

Mmor, Henry C E^ '02 

Stump, Ehner R E '12 


Jones, WiUiam J ^ '69 


Spauldmg, Fred C K '86 


Ahbe, Frederick R 4» '96 


Neubaker, Edward J N^ '98 

Vandermark, W. E 2 '95 


Banfield, Harlow F N^ '06 


Ritchie, Norman E B '09 


Bliss, George W Y '69 


Loux, Edward A 4» '92 


Bamhurst, William H H^ '98 

Drake, Benjamin I N^ '95 

Grace, Eugene G N^ '99 

Grace, John W N^ '99 

Johnston, Archibald N^ '89 

Lehman, John G N^ '96 

Lilley, John K N^ '03 

Luckenbach, Horace A N^ '86 

Luckenbach, Paul J N^ '04 

Morris, Harry T N^ '91 

Myers, Frank J N^ '98 

Pettinos, Charles E S '92 

Ulhnann, Harry M N^ '95 


Adams, William P H '66 


Weaver, Clarence E N^ '96 

Bryn Mawr 

Lee, James B V '86 


Burlingame, Robert A N^ '08 

Parr, John B A '96 


AM, John H S '75 

AM, Thomas W S '67 

Beetem, Frank H S '98 




CarlUI*— Conoluded 

Boder, James K S '97 

Conlyn, Robert H S 72 

Miller, A. George S 71 

Miller, John R n 'ft3 

Rice, IQepper E S '87 

Weaver, Robert B S 74 


Emanuel, David L 4> '87 

Emanuel, Paul W 4> '12 

Peckitt, Leonard C 4> 43 

Cadar Springs 

Furst, Luther C V '64 


BUger, George M S '83 

Paterson, Alexander S '86 

Chestnut HUl 

Rex, Carleton P B '13 


Gallaway, Robert T 11 '69 


Bugbee, Arthur G O^ '95 

Cross Craak 

McFarland, George M 11 '65 


Curtifl, Virgil G K '66 


Knox, Rathbone A S '06 


Price, Edward F N^ '13 

East Stroudsburs 

Dixon, Edward E S '86 


Andrews, Clarence D 4> '11 

Horn, John A 4» '13 

Jones, William A 4» '92 

Kinney, Harry D * '07 

Kmney, Selden T V '06 

Lesher, Robert A 0^ '13 

Mallory, Walter S * '14 

Michler, Henry D * '76 

MixseU, David * 71 

Nightingale, Fred O * '94 

Sherrerd, John M * '78 

Stewart, Frank W * '69 

Stewart, Frank W., Jr * '06 

Stradling, James G ^ '00 


Van Kirk, Edward P N^ '87 


Davenport, Charles W * '81 

Gunnison, Benjamin M^ '97 

Van Keuren. Floyd B S '04 

Wicker, Carleton S O^ '14 

Wright, Paul D T^ '96 

Wright, Ross P E^ '96 


Fretz, Thomas R 

4» '90 

Forty Fort 

Ricketts, WiUiam R E^ '92 


CrawfordjJohn K e '83 

Gregory, Heathe U^ '01 

Hurfies, Henry M B '12 

Sibl5^, Edwin H B '80 

Sibley, Joseph C, Jr B '10 

Smith, Edwin D B '78 

Glan Moora 

Yocum, A. H 

S '88 


Adamson, Charles B 4> '77 

Adamson, Prescott * '83 

Hanson, Howell R E^ '96 

Lee, John H V '95 

Mechlin, Benjamin ^., Jr. . .B '05 
Watt, Craig M B '04 


Davison, William R. . . 

4> '98 



PENNSYLVAN I A— Continued 


Brown, WiDiam U '60 

Marsh, Rabe F ^ '97 

Smith, Prank K n '64 


Shirk, George S 

I '09 


Amsden, Prank F N^ '87 

BiU, George E K '79 

Brandt, Daniel B S '87 

Brandt, John A S '92 

Dull, Casper ^ '77 

Greenwood, Ernest H B '04 

Herr, Daniel C O '79 

Hiester, WilUam S N^ '97 

Kunkle, George K S '63 

Lebo, Arthur E O '99 

Neal, Robert C A '70 

Pratt, Mason D N^ '87 

Webbert, Charles W S 


Shook, James P 


A '00 


Anderson, Charles R ^ '07 

Casselbury, Harry B ^ '85 

Crellin, John R N^ '12 

Crellin, WilUam T N^ '04 

Day, Alfred ^ '08 

Day, Frank N ^ '74 

Day, George R. K O '12 

Day. Samuel K ^ '10 

Engle, J. W. Rhoads O '08 

Jones, Thomas R ^ '98 

Lubrecht, Frank S N^ '12 

Markle, Alvin O '82 

Markle, George B ^ '78 

Markle, George B., Jr ^ '12 

Pardee, Frank ^ '79 

Pardee, Israel P ^ '74 

Pardee, James L ^ '13 

Pardee, Schuyler $ '14 

Smith, Frederick L S '86 

Smith, Joseph W ^ '04 


HeiUg, Johns N^ '91 

Stone, Elias C O^ '76 


Hower, David L ^ '92 

Schermerhom, Burr A '59 


Markle, John ^ '80 


Barker, Olin G. A ^ '95 

George, Arthur L K '95 


Griffith, William T N^ '02 

Heim, Clarence S B '12 

Heim, WilUam L N^ '02 


Roehrig, Gilbert H M^ '03 

Scott, George A S^ '01 


Krause, George F Z '06 

Krause, Maxwell Z '10 


Hauk, Raymond J N^ '12 


Bower, Frederick E T '69 

Mauch Chunk 

Heberling, JuUus R 2 '91 

HeberUng, Robert A N^ '88 

Thomas, WiUiam G 2 '97 


Harvey, Isaac A 11 '72 

Pardee, Barton ^ '77 


Caruthers, Samuel E 11 '69 


Kayser, Carl T S^ '10 

Southworth, Frank C I '87 


Underwood, J. A 

2 '94 




M«lroM Park 

Oberrender, Harold S B '11 


Osier, Edwin J K '11 


Marks, Joseph L T '69 


Bushfield; L. C n '69 

Mt. PUasant 

Overholt, Christian P n '69 

Rumbaugh, Charles F $ '02 


Rogers, George H T '70 


Hays, Abram P * '10 


Wilson, Johns U '65 

New CastU 

Anderson, Joseph G N^ '11 

Cook,EberW N^ '12 

Pearson, Joseph K A '66 


Hallman, Elwood L O^ '80 

OU City 

Roess, Henry C B '88 

Roess, Louis J B '92 


Price, David X '12 


Adamson, William B 4> '70 

Ayer, Charles F N^ '08 

Baker, Horace P B '08 

Baker, James H B '07 

Baxter, Lawrence W V '79 

Blair, Burton D E^ '91 

Bosbyshell, William L N^ '95 

Bristol, Cameron H V '04 

Bryant, Myrton A H '04 

Callen, Arthur S N^ '13 

Campbell, John W ^ '82 

Correll, Paul R ^ '06 

Craig, Wilfred J. C X '99 

Crawford, Joseph W T '69 

Dounton, WilUam T '72 

Ecob, James H V '69 

Fairbanks, Warren H A '09 

Freeman, William N B '84 

Freund, Joseph B N^ '01 

Garber, J. L. A Z '70 

Garver, Slater C 4» '97 

Gillis, Harry A N^ '89 

Graves, Otho M K '06 

Gray, WilUam S K '92 

Hansell, WilUam W. T '71 

Hare, William H 2 '67 

Harris, Lee S N^ '93 

Hearne, WiUiam W 6 '83 

Hepburn, Charles J 2 '92 

Hetherington, Albert G T '69 

Hicks, Edwin F P^ '93 

Humeston, Edward J 'F '99 

Keogh, JamesJ M^ '12 

Knight. John G 2 '76 

McCook, Henry C H '69 

McPherson, John B T '66 

Maris, Herbert L T^ '02 

Marsh, Edward N^ '94 

Merrill, Percy B H '02 

MillhoUand, Henry * '78 

Murphy, Edward T N^ '01 

NaUe, Ernest M T '72 

Pardee, Calvin A '60 

Pendleton, Frank E B '00 

Powers, Lorin C K '05 

Pyle, Walter L 2 '93 

Reeves, David Le R ^ '96 

Rettew, J. Barton 2 '91 

Sanderson, William L ^ '91 

Schimpf, Harry H N^ '09 

Scott, Charles H A '70 

Sinnickson, John W A '72 

Skillman, David B ^ '13 

Smith, FrankUn S O '05 

Smith, Harry A ^ '72 

Sprenkel, Ward F 2 '93 

Steinmetz, Edward G N^ '95 




Philadelphia — Concluded 

Stoddart, Harry T E^ '92 

Stow, Frederick E E^ '93 

String, Charles J 2 '66 

Tarr, Horace G. H 4> '63 

Tanner, James A 2 '95 

Twitmyer, Edwin B 4> '96 

Wattson, Thomas J T '70 

Young, John H * '99 

Young, Richard L * '00 

Young, William W T^ '95 


Eastment, Frederick T S '83 


Deans, John S N^ '99 

Hertzog, George M ^ '90 

Shaffer, Vosburg N S '66 


Barker. Mandeville J., Jr S, '13 

Bonsall, Adoniram J T '71 

Case, Isaac P F '57 

Chambers, William G O '94 

Chapman, Arthur W S '03 

Collins, Sidney 2^ '05 

Darsie, James A 4> '06 

Darsie, WilUam W 4> '09 

Dorchester. Daniel C A '00 

Evans, Cadwalader 11 '66 

Everson, Frank M ^ '14 

Everson. T. Bissell X '71 

Ferris, David L S '88 

Fulton, PhilUps U '66 

Griswold, Laurence W O^ '08 

Hallock, John K B '96 

Hallock,W. E H '71 

Hill, J. M 2 '88 

Hoeveler, James H ^ '13 

Jarvis, WilUam R O^ '93 

Jordan, William A 2 '97 

King, Edwin H X^ '07 

Kirk, Albert E B '01 

Linn, John T T '69 

Lloyd, Alexander U * '13 

Lloyd, Henry, Jr * '03 

Lobingier, Chauncey 4> '96 

Long, Albert M 4> '76 

Longwell, Henry E B '83 

MacGahan, Paul P^ '96 

McAdoo, Joseph J 6 '96 

McDvame, John H P^ '05 

Mclntire, David B 4> '04 

Mellon, James R 11 '65 

Mellon, Thomas, Jr I '05 

Montooth, Edward E H '68 

Ostermaier, William E N^ '05 

Owens, William H '61 

Parker, Joseph 4> '10 

Paulson, Frank G 11 '70 

Pickard, Frederic W H '94 

Rice, C. Victor A '93 

Richardson, George L. C. ... A '94 

Roberts, Thomas P 2 '63 

Robertson, Herbert H 4> '05 

Robinson, John G E '91 

Rush, WilUam H ^ '03 

Schoepf , Theodore H A '98 

Shaffer, Charles B 6 '83 

Skmner, Harry H I '02 

Smith. Frank W H '62 

SprouU, Theophilus X '72 

Thorp, Charles M B '84 

Thorp, George B B '14 

Tim, John F 4> '01 

Town, Frederick E K '98 

Warner, Edward D T^ '91 

Wightman, WilUam K. * '04 

WiUiams, RusseU T O^ 40 


CaUen, Alfred C N^ '09 

CampbeU, Robert N^ '13 

Focht, Harry M N^ '10 

Kulp, Daniel H Z '13 


Carter, GeoMe T $ '83 

Harris, JonaUian M 4> '70 

Lawson, Chester B N^ '10 

Meiswinkel, E. Clayton ...Na'13 

Powers, James F K '61 

ReiUy, Frederic A $ '14 

Sheafer, Paul E^ '89 

Wagner, Charles W 4> '94 



Winslow, William W. 



... .1 '85 Carson, John R O^ '09* 


Eckert, Hunter * '83 

Eckert, Isaac * 79 

Eckert, WiUiam K B '02 

Heim, S. M S '95 

Hoff, Howard L 4> '87 

Nolan. James B B '00 

Rhoads, Glenson C T '72 

Sassaman, L. A.' 2 '91 

Van Reed, Samuel J S '68 

Yorder, William S '96 

RidUr Park 

Pomeroy, John H N^ '00 

Stull, Charles R B '07 

StuU, George R N^ '03 

Clymer, John R 4> '14 

Clymer, Lee S * '85 


Highter, George M. . . 

Y '72 


Miller, Eugene K 4> '13 

Smith, Clifford M * '13 

Smith, Vincent R * '14 



Balentine, Clarence S 

Beaumont, John M N^ '92 

Dorchester, Liverus H A '86 

Doud, Erastus R 4> '07 

Fisher, George H M^ '93 

McLaren, Malcolm N B '91 

Shepard, Harry H E^ '91 

Sherrerd, Alexander H * '70 

Thomas, Griffith T Z '07 

Van Storch, Theodore C I '87 

Walsh, Thomas F N^ '09 

Williams, WiUiam C N^ '95 


Baker, Leroy F. . . . 

Glick, Reuben J * '95 

B '73 

McCutcheon, Frederick C. . .4> '10 


Stewart, John K 4> '98 

South BttthUhem 

Bowman, Donald N^ '12 

Farabaugh, Andrew J N^ '04 

Maguire, Walter J N^ '12 

Pahner, PhiKp M H '00 

Scober, WilUam B N^ '92 


Edgerton, Jedediah H ^ '06 


Earle, Thomas A '87 

Reynders, John Van W., Jr.. A '86 

Taggart, Edgar C X '07 

WiMer, Henry L X '07 


Dutot,S. Qmt N^ '13 

Hunt, A. Ellis N^ '11 


Richey, C. D H '66 


Barrett, Arthur D N^ '03 


Cooper, J. S H '64 


Baldwin, A. L 2 '91 


Kerr, Horace D. N^ '11 

MandeU, Arthur N^ '09 





Hale, Rodger B W 

RusseU, Leon J X '09 

Union City 

Clark, Edwin H B '14 

Lay, Wmiam R B '86 


Gaboon, George W K '10 

Hatfield, William S H '66 

Huston, Frank U '69 


Gilbert, Pahner A 6 '68 

Talbot, William A S '74 


Shaw, Charles S. O '99 


Strickler, Abraham H T '63 


Blatchley, Henry S '95 


Hickman, Henry H T '72 

Wast Finlay 

Reed, J. L H '70 


Qementfl, Dillon F U^ '08 

Qements, Warner W U^ '10 

HaskelLPhiUpC H '99 

Jones, Evan C ^ '98 

Loomis, Bruce E ^ '02 

Meyers, Elmer L 4> '92 

Post, George S N^ '95 

Williams, WilUam J * '02 


Hawley, William C A '86 

Stinemetz, William R N^ '93 


Wilson, Dale T '69 


Hutchins, WilHam T N^ '96 

Schooley, Arthur B ^ '10 


Arnolds MIUs 

Annas, John W A '01 


Hull, WilUam H Z '01 

little, Leonard S Z '07 

Potter, Everett C Z '02 


Fales, J. Richmond . . . 

Z '10 

Central Falls 

Freeman, Edward L I^ '13 


Granger, Edward V Z '70 


Spencer, William S A '93 

T^ler, Marshall H M^ '97 


Sherman, Sidney A M^ '86 


Fish, Waldo H Z '03 

Robertson, Charles N., Jr. . .Z '13 
Robertson, William H., 2nd. Z '12 

East Proridenca 

Moore, James S Z '94 


Vose, Walter I B '92 



RHODE ISLANiy— Continued 


Roberts, Arthur S O^ '00 

Webber, Fred P A '02 


Briden, Chester H Z '03 

BuUock, Walter R Z '02 

Chase, Robert D Z '11 

Curtis, Myron S Z '07 

Curtis, PhiKp C Z '11 

Draper, George B., Jr Z '07 

Fish, Myron C Z '02 

Gaylord, WiUiam A Z '96 

Hood, J. Lawrence Z '00 

Hood, Raymond M Z '02 

Jillson. Frederic A Z '93 

Newell, Lucius H Z '94 

Parker, Edward 8 Z '96 


Himes, Lucian W. . . 

Z '08 


Baker, Ernest C Z '02 

Ballou, Warren J Z '98 

Bearce, Clarence P K '03 

Blanding, WiUiam O Z '74 

Brackett, Arthur C Z '07 

Briggs, George Z '74 

Brown, Arthur L Z '76 

Buffinton, John A P^ '99 

Burlingame, Edwin A B '96 

Calder, Chester T Z '11 

Clark, Leon F Z '10 

Cook, Austin N Z '14 

Darsie, George 4> '09 

Davis, Jeffrey Z '70 

Deacon, Charles F Z '96 

Dean, James D Z '09 

Dubois, Henry D. C Z '98 

Eddy, Richard H K '80 

Emerson, Robert S Z '97 

French, John S .H '95 

Greenlaw, Ralph M H '99 

Hamlin, Edward B Z '72 

Hammond, Roland, Jr K '98 

Harrington, Charles N K '70 

Hidden, Wilkins U Z '65 

Hilton, Prescott W A '08 

Holbrook, John S P^ '00 

Hollingworth, Arthur Z '97 

Hovle, WiUiam H H^ '06 

Kellogg, Burr S A Gr. 

Kelton, Edward G Z '63 

Kern, Martin W Z '92 

KimbaU, Walter H Z '94 

King, Lrving Z '14 

Lake, Alfred H Z '08 

Lisle, Frank D Z '91 

Lynn, WUUam H ".Z '10 

Lyons, Robert K Z '99 

Macomber, Edward S Z '04 

Marble, Ernest G K '99 

Marsh, Edward L M^ '88 

Martin, WUUam D Z '62 

Mason, Charles F Z '61 

Meiklejohn, Alexander Z '93 

Miner, George L Z '97 

Monroe, Henry A Z '94 

Newick, IraA O^ '05 

Osborn, Charles F I^ '01 

Palmer, JuUus Z '77 

Parson, Artley B I '03 

Pitman, Harold M Z '09 

Pitman, Stephen M K '69 

Potter, WUUam K., Jr Z '98 

Rand, Simmer G M^ '06 

RAndaU, Arthur G K '92 

Rhodes, Frederick M Z '90 

Shires, Percy Z '06 

Sims, Carleton F Z '13 

Spooner, Henry J Z '60 

Spooner, Henry J^ Jr Z '91 

Stmess, Edward C. Z '90 

Stiness, Walter R Z '77 

Stone, Arthur C Z '97 

Strickler, Guy F Z '09 

Swan, Frank H H '98 

Sweetland, ComeUus S Z '66 

Tower, Clifford S Z '90 

Tower, James H Z '67 

Traver, Asa W. A Z '92 

Warren, J. Arnold Z '05 

Watson, Arthur H Z '70 

Webb, George H Z '90 

Wray, Herbert E Z '12 



RHODE ISLAND— Concluded 

Scholze, Ernest A Z '13 

Scholze, WiUiam F., Jr Z '12 


Cottrell, James T O^ '12 


Woodwaxd, William D A '83 


Merchant, Marcins H Z '97 


Tudbury, Chester W. 

A '03 


Brown, J. Howard Z '97 

Tetlow, Herbert O^ '93 


Clark, Robert B O^ '02 

Greene, James J I^ '13 

Reed, Robert G O^ '74 

Senior, Frank W. Z '97 


Charleston Darlington 

McPherson, J. J A '58 Wilds, John L O^ '11 

Prioleau, James McB A '57 Winnsboro 

Rowand, C. Elliott A '56 Obear, Josiah J X^ '04 


Elk Point 

Rapid City 

Stickney, Charles Z '92 Fulton, Charles H P^ '97 

HiU City 


McDufPee, Frank C A '94 Morris, Henry S T^ '91 

Horse Creek Rickert, Paul M SA »12 

EUiott, Howard's. T. 2^ '03 


Farmer, John N T^ '14 

Metcalf, Frank E T^ '12 

Pine City 

Hodge, Webster G T^ '14 


Bartran, Harry J T^ '06 


Chilson, Ahnond E T^ '04 



Adams, George B A '94 

Llewellyn, Frank P V^ '00 

Lucas, Wallace B ^ '66 

Richmond, Chester D N^ '96 

Severance, E. Paul E '11 

Warner, Willard O^ '80 


Epperson, Robert B N '78 


Woodworth, Arthur V M^ '93 


Bachman, Robert L ^ '71 

Gibson, Henry R E '62 

La Follette 

ShoUy, Frank P. H N^ '04 



TENNESSEE— Gonduded 


Boyd, Alston P 70 

Lamb, Joseph A K '03 

Mann, Donald P 3 '83 


Beach, John P A '56 

Carter, John J P '70 

Gould, Harry M A '96 

Lewis, John S P '72 

Phipps, W. J. McKinney . ... V '76 

W '70 

y '98 

Bachman, John L. . 
Bachman, James R. 


Ellis, Amasa D A 

Wilkmson, Henry E T^ 


West, Frank H T^ 

Corpus ChristI 

Ford, Frank L S^ 

French, Asa M O^ 


Griffiths^ Leonard L 11^ 

Lancaslure, Forest H F^ 

Moore, Harry T E 

Thatcher, James S O 

El Paso 

Vilas, Majmard O^ 

Fort Sam Houston 

Perry, Barton W ^ 

Fort Worth 

Tatterson, John M O^ 



'06 Baker, Joshua A A '02 

'98 Cleaver, Charles A B '94 


'09 Hufsmith, Clifford L O^ '11 

San Angolo 

'01 Carter, Perry J S^ '03 


San Antonio 

Callaghan, Bryan N '76 

'97 Swaaey, Edward S P^ '12 

'01 Swift. Henry T '69 

'99 Ward, Patnck H N '73 


San Saha 

Hohnan, George T N '76 



Garrison, James G N '78 

'91 Moore, Francis A O^ '11 

Valloy Mills 

'08 McNeil, Joseph L. G N '13 



Arnold, Frank R H '93 Moore, John E A '04 

Ofden Salt Laka City 

Scudder, John L H^ '07 Memll, Ralph H. A^ |^ 

' Wickenden, Thomas L E^ '03 





Deming, Sylveeter C I^ '96 


Buchanan, Perley J K '07 

Cummings, Elbert W V71 

Ford, Harry L O^ '98 

I^rnde, Prank M K '95 

Whedock, Charles S K '89 

Whitaker, Henry C O^ '96 

Barton Landing 

Ranney, Eugene O O '60 

Bellows Falls 

Belknap, Willis C O^ '92 

O'Brien, William A O^ '86 


Mills, George S O^ '90 


Gushing, Garl D K '92 


Eastwood, James S K '94 


Heroe, George E M^ '09 

Smith, Horatio E M^ '08 


Kimball, Frederick E K '92 

Woodhouse, Charles D I^ '10 


Garfield, Frank L M^ '88 


Comstock, John M. O^ 77 


Rose, Samuel O^ '86 

Dorbj Line 

Foster, Hiram E K '03 


Allen, Harry C O^ '92 


Clark, Frederic L O^ '74 


George, Bert D K '95 

Island Pond 

Blake, Herbert W O^ '98 


Rice, Ruez H O^ 78 


Corry, William F M^ '11 

Doty, Vernon A O^ '92 

Flint. Homer A O^ '95 

Laird. Fred L O^ '84 

Washburn, Walter C O^ '94 


RusseU, Fred C H '89 


Davis, Carroll A O^ '95 

Scott, Clinton L K '13 

Watson, Edward S O^ '95 

Wilder, George P A '02 

Young, John '60 

North Brattleboro 

Spaulding, Frederick H H '88 


Woodbury, Carl V H '99 


Piatt, Frederick S O^ '74 


Fletcher, Allen M., Jr I^ '08 


Gifford, John P O^ '94 

Tewksbury, Edward W O^ '91 

Randolph Centre 

Morrill, Charles H O^ '88 


Flagg, Ford T K '03 


Pierce, Chester E K '04 

Pierce, Leslie D K '01 



VERMONT— Oonduded 


Morse, Edmund R B 79 

Webber, Marville C A '89 

Hill, Clarence B A '06 

St. Johnsbury 

Hastings, Stephen J O^ 73 


Marsh, Harold P H '10 

South Woodbury 

Banks, Edgar J M^ '90 


Fisher, Warren E A '90 

Smith, William O^ '81 


Moses, John M O^ '78 


Fletcher, Carl C O^ '93 


Slade, William o^ '84 


Brush, George R s '92 


Kellogg, Fred B a '93 

Wast Dovor 

Alexander, N. Dwight ... .M^ '92 


Simons, W. B p f^ 

Whita Rhrar Junction 

Cox, Albert G 0^ '77 


Smith, Samuel J qa igg 


Pember, Karl A 0^ *02 



Powell, Llewellyn X^ '04 

Standing, Robert H E '08 


Freeman, John C E '09 


Hodges, William T .E '02 

Badford City 

Wharton, Charles W E '72 


Jones, Benjamin D. M I '58 


Baptist, Edward L E '57 


Boyden, Peter M E '72 


Carter, Cassius g ^55 


Balz, Albert G. A n '12 

Bamum, Zenus F X^ *03 


Hodges, Q. Wilson E '08 

Ellison, John G N '13 

"In '10 
N '10 

Haden, Chesley A N '10 

Haden, Russell L. 


Aiken, Archibald M., Jr N '10 


Vaden, Herbert W E '13 





BoUe, Thomas A N '13 


Maddox, W. Arthur E '04 


Lawrence, Thomas N E '05 

Glen Wilton 

Claypoole, Curtis 6 '87 


Rowe, Thomas J., Jr E '14 


Rawls, SolW E '13 


Carter, Harry G E '08 


Brockenbrough, Francis H. . . P '71 
Pollard, John W. H O^ '96 


Turner, Henry A E '13 


Graves, Cecil C E '15 

Graves, Prank E E '10 


Lewis, A. Warner E '09 


Machen, Emmett L. H E '13 

Newport News 

Perkins, Richard .E '14 


Burroughs, William H E '54 

Joynes, Herbert S E '10 

Land, George W E '10 

Randolph, Alfred M E '55 

Richards, Karl W O^ '07 

Shumadine, Russell V E '10 

Tobin, John T 6^ '08 

North Garden 

Hart, Andrew D,, DeJ N '81 


Carter, Roy W E '08 


Wright, William E 2 '72 


Harwood, WilUam E E '71 


Pettus, William H E '08 

Port Norfolk 

Abbitt, John W E '07 

Pt. Pleasant 

Redmond, Benjamin J XI '60 


Faison, Emmett B E '07 

Martin, Alexander W E '11 

Parker, Vincent L N '12 


Eckman, Joseph V '99 


Harwood, T. M A '50 


Cowardin, Harry A N '14 

Davis, Jackson E '02 

Mackreth, Arthur R. W E '04 

Poindexter, Charles E '61 

Staton, Lewis B E '13 

Taylor, Charles A., Jr E '09 

Taylor, Gervas S N '14 

Taylor, Henry P N '13 

Vanderhoof, Douglas O^ '01 

Warner, Selden R E '09 

Wilson, Thornton S N '76 

Wright, Arthur D E '04 

Wright, John H E '13 


Hutchinson, J. Frank 2 '89 

Watson, O. Bruce E '08 

Rocky Mount 

Chitwood, Joseph H E '02 



VIRGINIA— Concluded 


Mount, Joseph E S '04 


Graves, John S E '14 

McClure, Matthew T N '10 


Nelson, Keating S N '78 

Robertson, Alexander F N '73 

Healy, John H E '14 

Healy, Joseph E E '10 


Shipley, George W. . 

S '93 

Carter, Josiah T E '11 


Tumbull, Needham S., Jr. . .N '08 


Smith, Thomas E '56 

Wicomico Chuich 

Snow, Charles C E '12 


Koonts. Amos R £ '10 

O'Keeffe, Alexis W E '13 

Young. Roscoe C E '10 


Macalester, Charles 4> '77 


Castla RocIk 


Rumbaugh, John H * '11 Graves, Edward B B '97 



Felch, Daniel H H '78 Fiske, Samuel S K '02 



Pahner, Frank E H^ '14 Tilden, Elmer A K^ '08 

Ktmmt^^ Roslyn 

^., . . r}""* . ,^, Ash, Simon H N^ '14 

Kilgore, Annis M A '83 Bianco, Fred N^ '14 




Wilder, Harold B '08 Albertson, Charles * '93 

Barney, Charles R 2^ '94 

Barrett, Stanton E X '96 

Whitman, Julian C A^ '07 Beecher, Henry W A^ '06 

Bradford, James E T^ '92 

Lynden Chinn, Earl B B '97 

Hilton, Stephen H '57 Crane. EUiot S A^ '07 

Daniels, Frank T^ '12 

Naspalam Dyer, George H S^ »o4 

Steams, Roswel A '09 Emmons, lUlph C A^ '12 

France, Clemens J ^ '98 

North Yakima Greene, Inslee B E^ '02 

Rebec, George D T^ '91 Hanford, Frank W 4> '13 




SMittle— Concluded 

Hanford, Lauron N I '12 

Hannan, Geowje F 2^ '06 

Hayes, SamuelE T^ '04 

Kennedy, Albert S S^ '04 

Maxfield, Cyrus E K '79 

Maxson, Louis H A '06 

Moulton, Arthur F A^ '09 

Nichols, Raymond E 2^ '02 

Perry, Wallace M K '79 

Place, Alfred G 6^ '08 

Preston, Harold B '79 

Price, Hickman P^ '09 

Redman, Arthur P O^ '01 

Stevens, Herman C T^ '01 

Tindall, Arba N X^ '08 

Wilson, Frank B K '86 


Bliss, WilUam H S '97 

Buchecker, Albert 1 2^ '07 

Gray, George A T^ '95 

House. Edwin L A '86 

Irsfield, James B T^ '05 

Macartney, Morton 2^ '09 

Sherman, Robinson M K '80 

Wakefield, William J. C. . . .0^ '85 

Weeks, William C T^ '94 

Whitcomb, Rubert H O^ '01 

Wilson, Harry L Y^ 79 


Brokaw, Warren E H^ '13 

Bullard, Edwin E K^ '06 

Eldridge, Guy S P^ '06 

Fawcett, Percy D H^ '12 

Fitch, Asabel N B '71 

Kauffman, Percival C * '79 

Stuart, Walter S A '07 

Walla WalU 

Cole, Nelson F M^ '05 


HaskeU, Harris B M^ '94 


Baeid«3r Martinsburg 

Harris, George W N^ '89 Graham, George V X^ '11 


Knight, Edward W O^ '87 

Knight, Harold W O^ '89 


Homer, Roy R N^ '99 

Jackson, Thomas M P '73 

Maxwell, Edwin 2 '97 


Day, Franklin K 4> '03 

Harpors Feny 

Child, George H O^ 77 

Daniels, W.C H '72 

Quiet Doll 

Pickens, Carl D 

2 '95 


Caldwell, Perry M E^ '89 

Heame, David G N^ '90 

Heame, Julian G N^ '90 

Heame, William L B '02 

Hildreth, Eugene A N^ '03 

Peterson, Benjamin W 11 '72 

Whitaker, Harry C N^ '95 




Adams, James R 2^ 42 

Bailey, Dana C K '02 

Clark, Orlando E X 76 


Cate, Walter S S^ '99 

lindsey, Roy F S^ '13 

Wilson, John F 2^ '96 


Ashcraft, Alan E B '03 

Biddle, E. L A '56 


Blynd, George T 2^ '97 

Black RiTar Fails 

Post, Frank F 2^ '08 


Jones, Donald L 2^ '13 


Johnson, James A 2^ '09 


Bolton, Ernest L 2^ '00 

Chlppawa Falls 

Hoflfman, WilUam S T^ '97 


Farrand, Roy F 2^ '00 

Eau Clalra 

Andrews, Fred E T^ '00 

Carter, Harry N 2^ '99 

Thomas, Fred W 2^ '95 


Ferris, George M 2^ '00 

Grand Rapids 

Brazeau, Theodore W 2^ '97 

Hambrecht, George P 2^ '96 

Hill, Earl M 2^ '12 

Horton, Lacy 2^ '07 

Mead, George W 2^ '94 

WiUiams, Glenn H 2^ '97 

Witter, Isaac P 2^ '96 


Burnley, Charles T. . 

y '73 


McKinney, John S '84 

McKinney, Maurice D 2^ '13 

McKinney, Perry 2^ '11 


Willott, Reuben C 2^ '06 

La Crossa 

Baldwin, Charles -.2^ '94 

Borreson, Borge H 2^ '04 

Bryant, William F H '63 

Dunham, Charles N X^ '01 

Hulberg, Oscar H 2^ '03 

Lees, Andrew 2^ '95 

Seiler. Charles 2^ '00 

Winter, Frank H '80 

Winter, Walter C H '83 

Laka MiUs 

Greenwood, Charles S 2^ '97 

Carthew, Harry E 2^ '02 


Babcock, Stephen M K '66 

Beveridge, Henry E H '04 

Branyen, Leon P T^ '11 

Farley, Thomas F 2^ '13 

Kessenich, Harry E 2^ '09 

Kessenich, J. Frank 2^ '06 

Roby, Harrison G O^ '04 

Swenson, Victor G 2^ '07 

Thickens, John J 2^ '08 

Menonkonae Falls 

Pratt, John A 2^ '94 


Adams, WiUiam F 2^ '00 

Boyd, Johns E '96 

Brodesser, Roman C 2^ '13 

Burdick, WilUam C 2^ '01 

Collins, George W B '95 

Culver, WiUiam W 2^ '05 



WISCONSIN— Concluded 

Milwaukee — Concluded 

Davis, Price M S *94 

Drake, William E., Jr 2^ '04 

Edwards, Frederick T H '13 

Everts, LesUe S S^ '01 

Hannan, William F S^ '08 

Kadish, Victor H S^ '06 

Kayser, Christian R 2^ '06 

Lieber, George J 2^ '06 

Otjen, Hennr H S^ '08 

Rossbach, Clement A S^ '11 

Ryan, Herbert H 2^ '98 

Thompson, Charles S I '87 

Thwaits, Frederic C .1 '93 

Watson, Harry C 2^ '02 

Wihnanns, Arthur J 2^ '11 


Karlen, Herman 2^ '12 


Keith, John A. H I '99 

Youker, Henry S 2^ '94 


Falconer, Ernest H Z^ '10 


Nevius, Richard C 2^ '13 


Moulton, E. C A '50 

Stevens Point 

Nelson, George B 2^ '98 


Conklin, George H T^ '88 


Barrows, Frederic S 2^ '98 

Graham, John G 2^ '97 

Naylor, WilUam B 2^ '94 


Stapleton, Leonard E 2^ '12 


Johnson, Myron R. ...... .2^ '03 


Geerlings, John H 2^ '03 

West AUie 

Heermans, Thomas M B '10 


Halverson, Kenneth B 2^ '11 

Trippe, Haxry M 2^ '96 


Bridger Evaneton 

Carter, WiUiam A B '84 Chapman, Elvin F A^ '14 

Fort Russell 

* '73 Sterrett, Robert * '99 


Lott, John H. 

Cheyenne Laramie 

Lacey, Walter M I^ '08 Tebbitt, Robert L T^ '02 




CuMbra P«dro Miqu*l 

Goethak, Thomas R I '12 Smith, Jesse T K^ '10 



Pitts. Charles T M^ '04 Smith, Walter G B '83 

Smith, Frank B N^ '97 Spencer, Harold G I '03 


Dagupttn Manila 

Sawyer, Leroy R O^ '00 Pitcaim, Hugh H A '90 

Williams, Stanley H '05 


Hemenway, Francis E A '01 


Mayaguaa San Juan 

Woods, James G * '89 Swift, Eben 2 '74 


McMartin, Walker V '08 

Oppenheimer, W. P A '56 



Strathcona Calvary 

Broadus, Edmund K X^ '97 McKinnon, John A Z^ '07 


Grand Forks Sjdnay 

Dickson, WiUiam H Z^ '03 Cummings, William G Z^ '03 

__ , II Vancouvar 

Edwards, wiiiiLn w.* H-05 M.^,^*!:^.^: ; ; ; ; ; :^ :«fl| 

Naw Wastminstar Victoria 

Briggs, John A Z^ '05 Carey, Alfred B 2^ '07 



GraM Riv*r 

WhitehouBe, Samuel Y. 



X '08 Fortin, Claude E. F Z^ '03 

Ryan, Edwin C B '94 

Sanders, Harold L A '08 

Schafer, Howard W A '04 

MacLean, Calvin S. 


St. John 

. ..Z^ '10 Porter, Cecil G. 

Z^ '10 


Chambers, Hugh D Z^ '13 

Chambers, Robert A Z^ '04 

Mackay, George W Z^ '06 

Sidney Min*s 

Cantley, Charles L Z^ '07 

Graham, WendeU S Z^ '04 

Mackay, Ernest G. Z^ '07 

Mackay, Robert M Z^ '08 


Black, Maurice 


Coit, Wilbur A 

Z^ '09 
.A '00 


Conlan, N. W A '81 



Hill, George P. B A '56 


Clayes, Frank E S '88 


Blakeman, Frederick W. . . .Z^ 04 


Graham, William F Z^ '03 


Todd, Martin M Z^ '14 


Higgins, Benjamin H Z^ '06 

Merrick, Frank A N^ '91 

Webber, Lyle K 0^ '13 


Greenwood, William T Z^ '04 

Powell, William D A '56 


Andrews. Thomas A V '56 

Fraser, Robert J Z^ '10 

Gorman, Thomas C Z^ '11 

Nagle, Sarsfield M Z^ '04 

Scott, Allen N Z^ '11 

Scott, George O Z^ '10 

Scott, W. Clifford Z^ '13 

Stitt, Ormond M Z^ '08 


Fraser, Wilbert G Z^ '10 


Voorhees, James A H '07 




ONTARIO— Continued 

St. CatkeriiMs 

Greenwood, Fred C Z^ '12 

St. Mar7s 

Maxwell, Lawrence G Z^ '07 

Richardson, Charles E. . . Z^ '09 

Smith's Falls 

Whitcomb, Olin F Z^ '07 


Fullington, Moses A Z^ '05 

Jackson, C. S S '06 

Jarvis, WilUam D A '56 


Clendenan, Daniel W FI '71 



Jenks, John N O^ '72 


Fraser, Simon B Z^ '07 


Cotton, Thomas F Z^ '09 


Stockwell, Ralph F Z^ '08 


Fay, Leonard W Z^ '12 


Armstrong, Ives H Z^ '11 

Bonin, Raoul P Z^ '04 

Bovey, Francis W. H Z^ '03 

Cowans, Reginald P Z^ '06 

Duncan. James W Z^ '01 

Griffin, PVederick R M^ '98 

Kerry, John Z^ '11 

Mathewson, James A Z^ '12 

Mathewson, Samuel J Z^ '13 

Merrill, Walter A Z^ '12 

Mohan, Richard T Z^ '08 

Morgan, Henry W Z^ '13 

Parians, Edgar R Z^ '07 

Parkins, Frank A Z^ '14 

Penny, Arthur G Z^ '08 

Peterson, William G Z^ '06 

Skelton, PhiUp H Z^ '10 

Skelton, Ralph Z^ '12 

Smith, Briton O Z^ '12 

Sutherland, Charles H Z^ '05 

Timmins, Jules R Z^ '13 


Briggs, Frederick A B '98 


Gale, Francis G O^ '76 

Gale, Royce L Z^ '14 

West Mount 

Atkinson, Marshall B Z^ '04 


BeU, John B. 


Swift Current 

. . . A '06 Kimball, Eugene D. . . . 

rpA »07 




Buenos Aires 

Brouwer, WiUiam H n^ '99 


Bahia Sao Paulo 

de Lacerda, Antonio F A '55 Alvarenga, Francisco B K '07 

Bueno, Francisco C K '84 

Rio Janeiro Ribicro, Amaro A K '84 

Penteado, Jose B. L P^ '84 Silva, Octavio P K '80 

Vergueiro, Alberto P^ '83 


San Salvador 

Escobar, Pedro J H^ '14 


Pekin Wubu 

Shorey, Arthur C H '04 Dean, John C ^ '06 

Shanghai Yang Chow 

Ferguson, John C A '86 Sinclair, T. Lowry, Jr E *04 



Ordonez, Hennojones O '89 Posada, Alejandro A '91 


San Jose 

Echeverria, Emilio P^ '88 Echeverria, Ricardo J A '86 

Echeverria, Gerardo y A P^ '87 Herrera, Ruben K '10 

Echeverria, Juan F A '86 


Fejardo, A. E. Mateo P^ '87 



Ci«nfu«cos Harrah, Julius I '08 

Goytisolo, Agustin A N^ »08 Julbe, Vincent M.. Jr P^ '86 

Valdea, Felidano I., Jr n^ '86 


Sherrerd, Samuel H * '08 S«nt« CUr« 

de Cardenas, Ambrose 11^ '86 


Agramonte, Iffnado E P^ '93 SanUafo 

Backus, Curtis B X^ W Schumann, Enrique N^ '94 

Cortes, Thomas T N^ '89 


Ambato Guayaquil 

Chiriboga, Miguel A N^ '11 Franco, Ernesto N^ '01 


Palacios, Jose B A '93 


BIfkanhaad London 

Thomas, Harold A K '05 Pike, Roy M T^ '04 

Quinan, Henry B E^ '97 

Eahor Sunray Sejrmour, Charles O M^ '94 

Clift, Arthur S N^ '95 


Berlin Munich 

Bacon, George P O^ '87 Arnold, Ernest W A^ '00 

de Quesada. Gonzalo 11^ '88 

McElwee, K. Samuel P^ '07 



Nolthenius, Paul L P^ '07 


Nyaunghla, Uppar Burma Saharanpur 

Jacobs, Myrl L N^ '10 Kelso, Alexander P n '65 



Long, James V * '70 



Posillipo Venice 

Frost, Edwin C Z '90 Brown, Walter F Z 73 


Kobe Nugata 

Atkinson, Charles W M^ '99 Cobb, Edward S M^ '00 


Hepburn, Samuel D T '66 


Aguaacalientes Mexico City 

Baker, Clair L K '02 Adams, John A K '10 

Hooper, William E K '09 

CoahuUa Povntz, Francis W 11^ '01 

Kilvert, Maxwell A I '89 Wflson, Harry L T^ '79 

Colima Monteirey 

Sweetser, Sidney P K '06 !>»▼»«». J«»»iro F* '02 

... Sonora-Esperansa 

„ ^ ^, Guadalajara Harrold, Nathaniel G A^ '12 

Hughes, Thomas M T^ '96 Porter, Clarence L A^ '09 

Guanyuato Sonora 

Ferris, WiUiam S S^ '98 Rogers, WiUiam D V '05 


Bocae del Toro Panama 

Drier, Carl D B '96 Arango, Ricardo M A '87 

Arosemena, Carlos C A '92 



Spruce, Charles B E^ '90 


Conatantinople Sivas 

Huntington, George H I^ '00 Holbrook, Charles H A '02 


Abbitt, John W E 

Abbott, Charles C H 

Abbott, Clarence M I^ 

Abbott, Edward F H 

Abbott, Samuel B H 

Abbott, William J H 

Abbott, WilHam T O^ 

Abert, John D A 

Abom, Willard G O^ 

Adair, Craig B 




CaflD A^ 

Charles C O 

Charles D O^ 

Charles F H 

Charles J M^ 

CuylerC B 

David E O^ 

Edward G M^ 

Forrest N A 

Francis 11^ 

Francis S B 

FredW A 

George B A 

George H., Jr O^ 

Harolds P 

James R S^ 

John A K 

Julian A^ 

Ralph A P^ 

Robert M B 

Samuel D X 

Schuyler I 

William A., Jr A 

WiUiamF S^ 

WiUiam P H 


Adamson, Charles B ^ 

Adamson, Prescott 4> 

Adamson, William B 4> 

Addoms, Mortimer C S 

Agramonte, Ignacio E P^ 

Ahbe, FredR * 

Ahl, JohnH S 75 

'07 Ahl, Thomas W S '67 

'12 Aiken, Archibald M N '10 

'99 Albert, Frederick W X^ '05 

'03 Albertson, Charles O '93 

'92 Albertson, Wilbur N P^ '07 

'00 Albion, James F K '87 

'90 Albro, Bertram A A '00 

'58 Alexander, N. Dwight M ^ '92 

'93 Alexander, Frank W H '85 

'06 Alexander, Homer E H '90 

'13 Alexander, James S O^ '05 

'59 Alexander, Robert M A '07 

'77 Alger, Nathan C A '77 

'12 Allen, Charles W V '84 

'96 Allen, CMord G A '00 

'05 Allen, Edward E B^ '08 

'13 Allen, Frank W M^ '91 

'86 Allen, Frederick C O^ '94 

'91 Allen, Harry C O^ '92 

'97 Allen, Herbert J K '13 

'07 Allen, Kenneth W Z^ '08 

'92 Allen, Seward A ^ '78 

'94 Allison, James F O^ '91 

'11 Ahny, Thomas I '05 

'11 Alpaugh, Walter G K '07 

'12 Alsdorf, Edward G H^ '89 

'10 Alvarenga, Francisco B K '07 

'05 Alvord, David E A^ '13 

'06 Amsden, Frank F N^ '87 

'12 Amsden, John L S '63 

'12 Anderson, Arthur R X '97 

'14 Anderson, Charles R * '07 

'72 Anderson, Charles W M^ '02 

'00 Anderson, Henry B * '11 

'66 Anderson, James W I^ '93 

'77 Anderson, John N^ '10 

'83 Anderson, Joseph G N^ '11 

'70 Anderson, Richard C O '94 

'62 Anderton, Stephen P H^ '96 

'93 Andrews, Albert C E '08 

'96 Andrews, Clarence D O 'U 




Andrews, Charles W 4> '13 

Andrews, Edwin B S '02 

Andrews, Fred E T^ '00 

Andrews, George C 4> '06 

Andrews, Georae C., Jr B '12 

Andrews, John H A '98 

Andrews^ Thomas A F '56 

Annas, John W A '01 

Anthon, Archibald n^ '90 

Anthony, Andrew W I '09 

Anthony, Charles P K '02 

Appleman, lioyd P O '73 

Ansley, William A B '98 

Arango, Bicardo M A '87 

Arbuckle, Frank J T^ '99 

Archer, Charles A I '97 

Archer, Gleason L A '06 

Archer, Harold D H '13 

Archer, Hiram J A '05 

Archibald, Albert R A '83 

Archibald, Alexander R. . . .0^ '74 

Argo, Reamer W X^ '14 

Armatage, Wellesley D. . . .T^ '13 
ArmbruBter, Frederick C. . . .X '11 

Armes, Arza H O^ '85 

Armitage, Harry A P^ '99 

Armstrong, Elmer W S '96 

Armstrong, Harry F I^ '13 

Armstrong, Ives H Z^ '10 

Armstrong, Lynn P I^ '93 

Arnold, Charles L S '75 

Arnold, Ernest W A^ '00 

Arnold, Frank R H '93 

Arnold, Fred A Z '97 

Arnold, Lawrence B '06 

Arosemena, Carlos C A '92 

Ash, Simon H N^ '14 

Ashcraft, Alan E B '03 

Ashford, Mahlon X^ '03 

Ashton, Millard H P^ '09 

Aspril, Leonard V S '71 

Atkinson, Charles W M^ '99 

Atkinson, Gordon T S '68 

Atkinson, Marshall B Z^ '04 

Atwood, Bartlett R I '94 

Atwood, Charles C B '01 

Atwood, Harrison H '09 

Atwood, Roy L M^ '06 

Austin, Carrol M H '87 

Austin, EUjah H Z '62 

Austin, George A B '02 

Averill, Horatio D P^ '92 

Avery, Herbert S A '04 

Avery, Nathan P M^ '91 

Ayer, Charles F N^ '08 

Ayer, E. Irving X '72 

Ayer, Perley F K '14 

Ayers, John H V '88 

Ayres, Clifford H I^ '12 

Ayres, Malcohn B S '12 

Ayres, Nelson M E^ '98 


Babbage, Laurence W M^ '11 

Babbitt, Frank C I '90 

Babcock, Lester F K '14 

Babcock, Stephen M K '66 

Babst, Carl M B '97 

Bacheller, MelviUe C T^ '03 

Bachman, Frank E * '80 

Bachman, James R ^ '98 

Bachman, John L V '70 

Bachman, Nathan L. F 'F '72 

Bachman, Robert L V '71 

Bachman, William L S '00 

Backus, Curtis B X^ '07 

Backus, Willliam A B '10 

Bacon, Alvin C I^ '04 

Bacon, George P O^ '87 

Bacon, Howard R M^ '12 

Bacon, James E X^ '09 

Bacon, Sanford L H^ '03 

Bacon, William A O^ '90 

Badger, Erastus B., 2nd O^ '08 

Baehr, Emil A O^ '93 

BaUey, Charles G A^ '03 

Bailey, Dana C K '02 

Bailey, George W I '07 

Bailey, Richard O I^ '10 

Bailey, Solon I A '81 

Baird, Paul R V '12 

Baker, Asa G M^ '88 

Baker, Charles R S '13 

Baker, Charles W e '96 

Baker, Clair L K '02 

Baker, Edwin V S '03 

Baker, Ernest C Z '02 

Baker, George W B^ '92 

Baker, Henry H M^ '93 

Baker, Henry S H '93 

Baker, Herbert F. I '12 

Baker, Horace P B '08 



Baker, James H B '07 

Baker, Joshua A A '02 

Baker, Karl G A '06 

Baker, Leroy F B 73 

Baker, William B M^ '01 

Baker, WilUam H B '01 

Balch, Gardner P O^ '81 

Balcom, John A A '92 

Baldwin, A. L S '91 

Baldwin, Charles L S^ '94 

Baldwin, Foye S A '88 

Baldwin, Leon E A '96 

Baldwin, Lorenzo W H '08 

Baldwm, Martin T M^ '93 

Baldwin, OUver P N '73 

Baldwm, William J Z^ '08 

Balentine, Clarence 2 '93 

Ball, Flamen B '58 

Ballance, Nevins D. B S^ '12 

Ballance, William H., Jr. . . .B '07 

Ballenger, John E N^ '08 

BaUentine, William D M^ '01 

Ballou, Frederick A M^ '90 

Ballou, Warren J Z '98 

BaUou. William M K '84 

Balz, Adam G. A N '12 

Bancroft, Lrving R K '97 

Banfield, Harlow F N^ '06 

Bangs, Abraham F A^ '09 

Banister, Percival T^ '14 

Banks, Edgar J M^ '90 

Baptist, Edward L E '67 

Baragwanath, John G P^ '09 

Barber, Benn W '10 

Barber, Charles R X '79 

Barber, Clarence L ^ '76 

Barber, Clarence L., Jr. ... ^ '13 

Barber, Edward L A^ W 

Barber, Silas D M^ '02 

Barbour, Ernest X^ '04 

Bardin, James C N '08 

Bardwell, W. W T^ '92 

Bareham, Lucian C X '14 

Barker, Byron F H '93 

Barker, Edgar E A^ '06 

Barker, Ernest F X '08 

Barker, James F B '93 

Barker, John C B '12 

Barker, Lewis A Z '99 

Barker, Olin G. A 4> '95 

Barker, Mandeville J., Jr. . .S '13 

Barker, Richard J., Jr Z '98 

Barlow, Nathan P X '66 

Barman, Waldemar J H^ '14 

Barnard, Frederick E ^ '67 

Barnes, Arthur B Q^ '08 

Barnes, George J X '11 

Barnes, Hammond O^ '14 

Barnes, Weldon F A^ '05 

Barnes, Joseph F X^ '99 

Barney, Charles N K '95 

Barney, Charles R S^ '94 

Bamhurst, William H 11^ '98 

Bamum, Edward H M^ '98 

Bamum, Francis G M^ '01 

Bamum, William H X^ '09 

Barnum, Zenus F X^ '03 

Barnwell, Carleton E '13 

Barnwell, David M A^ '01 

Barr, Robert C I '13 

Barrett, Arthur D N^ '03 

Barrett, Nelson T X '92 

Barrett, Stanton E X '96 

Barrows, Earl M T^ '03 

Barrows, Frederic S., Jr. . . .2^ '98 

Barrows, Nathaniel H O^ '00 

Barry, Griffin R H^ '09 

Barta, Louis W I '08 

Barton, A. Raymond E^ '96 

Bartlett, David B A '07 

Bartlett, Emery W H '80 

Bartlett, Ernest S H '88 

Bartlett, John H O^ '94 

Bartlett, Leshe P O^ '10 

Bartlett, Ralph S O^ '89 

Bartlett, Ralph W M^ '88 

Bartlett, Rolla W O^ '94 

Bartlett, Warren T M^ '94 

Bartlett, WiUiam N M^ '90 

Bartlit, Samuel O '86 

Barton, Horace A H '14 

Barton, Llewellyn H '84 

Bartow, Edward I^ '92 

Bartram, Harry J T^ '06 

Bascom, Harry C K '89 

Bassett, Arthur F I^ '02 

Bassett, Earl J P^ '08 

Bassett, Lmdofif A I^ '06 

Bassett, Thomas B I '05 

Bassette, Frederick A B '96 

Batchelder, Charles S O^ '14 

Bateman, Frank E K '87 



Bates, CarroU L V '83 

Bates, Clifton W O^ '86 

Bates, Frederick 8 N^ '88 

Bates, John W O^ '10 

Batten, Loring W I '86 

Bausum, George F X '72 

Baxter, Lawrence W V '79 

Bayiess, Harry C T^ '99 

Bayne, Robert R S^ '06 

Beach, Allen C A '49 

Beach, John P A '56 

Beal, Arthur W P^ '00 

Beale, Henry W I '97 

Bean, Daniel O O^ '86 

Bean, Ebenezer H '57 

Bean, Frank L S^ '99 

Bean, George T X^ '08 

Bean, Robert V O^ '14 

Beane, Fred E K '75 

Bearce, Clarence P K '03 

Bearss, Albert C e '61 

Beattie, WiUiam H I^ '99 

Beaumont, John M N^ '92 

Beinecke, Bemhard, Jr E^ '98 

Becker, Edward I '08 

Becker, William D B '13 

Beckett, James B E^ '93 

Beckett, William L I '14 

Beckwith, Charles H I '94 

Beckwith, Henry T H^ '07 

Beckwith, Oliver R B '98 

Beckwith, William B '08 

Bedford, Frederick T., Jr. . .M^'99 

Beebe, George H A '96 

Beebe, Lawrence I '05 

Beecher, Frederic L I '98 

Beecher, Henry W A^ '06 

Beecher, James C E '73 

Beede, Everett J A '05 

Beers, Henry I S '89 

Beers, WiUiam H P^ '03 

Beetem, Frank H S '98 

Bohn, George J T^ '12 

Beidler, Herbert A B '85 

Belcher, Frank B H^ '13 

Belding, Arthur O^ '05 

Belfordf, John A V^ * 

Belknap, Willis C O^ '92 

Bell, A.Taylor E '55 

Bell, Clinton E M^ '95 

Bell, Parke E O '77 

BeU, JohnB A '06 

Bellamy, John D N '74 

Belmont, Harry G H^ '11 ' 

Benedict, Asa G 'F '72 

Benedict, George A '87 

Benedict, Gilbert W M^ '08 

Benedict, Howard W V '06 

Benedict, Thomas A M^ '10 

Benjamin, Herbert I P^ '04 

Benner, Hervey D H '09 

Bennett, Henry H e '86 

Bennett, Irving C S '11 

Bennett, James D Z '95 

Bennett, Joseph H '64 

Bennett, Matthew W S '02 

Bennett, Ross V P^ '11 

Bennett, Warren A O^ '83 

Benson, Harvey S e^ '12 

Bentley, Everett L P^ '14 

Bentley, Samuel E A '10 

Benton, Jay B O^ '90 

Berry, Charles F., Jr K '04 

Berry, John G I '01 

Berry, Joseph F K '01 

Berry, WiUiam J B '76 

Bernard, Ransom D S^ '04 

Bessom, Earl A A '09 

Beverage, Henry E H '04 

Beveridge, James B A '56 

Beverstock, Oscar A M^ '96 

Bianco, Fred N^ '14 

Bickford, Herbert J A '91 

Biddle. E. L A '56 

Bidwell, Ralph F^ '02 

Bigelow, WiUiam R A '89 

Biggins, Henry W I^ '11 

Bilger, George M S '83 

BUI, George E K '77 

Bill, Jose P N^ '07 

BiUings, Charles L T^ '12 

BUUngs, George W I '00 

BUUngsley, Paul P^ '08 

BUlmeyer, Franklin P 4> '73 

BUls, George D B '75 

Birch, Charles E A '92 

Bird. Francis H S^ '12 

Bimie, Clotworthy, Jr N^ '12 

Bishop, Edwin W I^ '92 

Bishop, Storrs M 4> '97 

Bishop, Thomas N B '12 

Bissel, Frank H * '03 



Black, John G O 74 

Black, Maurice Z^ '09 

Blackett, Charles W A '88 

Blackstone, Alfred V Z '03 

Blair, Burton D E^ '91 

Blair, Carl M M^ '99 

Blair, Edward J B '05 

Blake, Francis H N^ '10 

Blake, Herbert W O^ '98 

Blakely, Stuart B V '03 

Blakeman, Frederick W. . . .Z^ '03 

Blanc, Samuel P S^ '94 

Blanchard, Edward K O^ '76 

Blanchard, Gordon O^ '08 

Blanchard, Henry F M^ '07 

Blanding, WiUiam O Z '74 

Blandy, Isaac C A '87 

Blatchley, Harnr S '95 

Bliss, Edward H M^ '96 

Bliss, George R., Jr M^ '96 

Bliss, George W T '69 

Bliss, Raymond W K '09 

Bliss. William H E '97 

Block, Arthur B T^ '12 

Block, Robert T^ '10 

Blodgett, Francis B S '99 

Blossom, Peter A X '95 

Blossom, Thomas E X '71 

Blue, John G V '77 

Blynd, George T S^ '97 

Blythe, Stewart O. : O^ '12 

Boardman, Richard M O^ '97 

Bodge, C. T QA '00 

Bodge, Eugene L H '97 

Bodge, Lincobi J H '89 

Bodkin, Arthur H H '06 

Bodman, Harold C I '09 

Bogardus, William H M^ '08 

Bogart, Harvey B U^ '11 

Bogle, Irving W Z '09 

Bogle, Ronald F I^ '13 

Bogues, Frank E M^ '00 

Bolle, Thomas A N '13 

Bolton, Ernest L S^ '00 

Bolton, Herbert E S^ '95 

Bond, Eugene W X^ '12 

Bond, Lewis F X^ '12 

Bonin. Raoul P Z^ '04 

Bonsall, Adoniram J T '71 

Boone, Uoyd L T^ '08 

Booth, Charles D I '96 

Booth, Percy N I '96 

Boothby, Albion M I '03 

Boothby, Alfred R H '06 

Boothby, James McL H '73 

Boothby, Walter M I '02 

Borchert, Ernest S^ '05 

Borden, Sidney H I '97 

Borst, Charles A ^ '81 

Bosbyshell, William L N^ '95 

Borreson, Borge H S^ '04 

Bosler, James K S '97 

Boss, John G K '09 

Bostwick, Stewart A H^ '12 

Bosworth, Eugene M A '95 

Bottum, Frank M X '71 

Boucher, Chauncey I T^ '09 

Boughn, Sidney L H^ '13 

Bourne, Ralph H B '04 

Boutelle, Arthur M K '01 

Boutwell, Horace K I '00 

Boutwell, Roswell K S^ '13 

Bovey, Francis W. H Z^ '03 

Bowen, Sherman B N^ '10 

Bower, Frederick E Y '69 

Bowie, Allen T., Jr M '61 

Bowker, Heber D H '79 

Bowler, Edmund W O^ '14 

Bowley, Freeman W A^ '09 

Bowman, Charles A T^ '11 

Bowman, Donald N^ '12 

Bowman, Mortimer H A '81 

Bowman, Winfield S T^ '08 

Boyd, Alston P '70 

Boyd, George C O^ '97 

Boyd, James W I^ '00 

Boyd, John M O^ '97 

Boyd, Johns S '95 

Boyd, WilUam I '12 

Boyden, Peter M E '72 

Boyle, Michael H F^ '14 

Brace, Emory C T^ '00 

Brackett, Arthur C Z '07 

Brackett, William G I '14 

Bradbury, James H K '79 

Bradbury, Samuel J Z '76 

Bradford, Herbert A S '06 

Bradford, James E T^ '92 

Bradlee, George L A '02 

Bradley, George R P^ '05 

Bradley, Leonard G 4> '04 

Bradley, Mark S E^ '89 



Bradatreet, David N H '66 

Bradt, Frank R V '80 

Brady, Charles P B '04 

Brady, George E. D B '03 

Brady, WiUiam G P^ '08 

Bragdon, Fred E H '91 

BrMnerd, Arthur L M^ '92 

Brandt, Arthur W K '12 

Brandt, Daniel B S '87 

Brandt, Eldred S X '07 

Brandt, John A 2 '92 

Brandt. John S X '77 

Branton, Berton J T^ '06 

Brandtjen, Henry T^ '14 

Branyen, Leon P T^ '11 

Branyen, William T^ '12 

Brasted, Howard S ^ '10 

Bray, Charles W T^ '95 

Bray, Compton D K '04 

Bray, DaUas G Z^ '07 

Brayley, George H K '86 

Brazeau, Theodore W S^ '97 

Breck, Charles A M^ '88 

Breck, Walter W M^ '95 

Breed, George H I '99 

Breeden, V. Ellis A^ '14 

Brehm, Edward P K '09 

Brett, Roy C O^ '14 

Brewer, PVancis A I '10 

Brewer, WUUam H E^ '89 

Brewster, James B K '63 

Brice, J. H e '77 

Briden, Chester H Z '03 

Bridge, Burton H S^ '01 

Bridge, William D O '61 

Bridgman, George H O^ '76 

Bridgewater, John, Jr I^ '04 

Briggs, Frederick A B '98 

Briggs, George Z '74 

Briggs, Herbert W O^ '02 

Briggs, John A Z^ '03 

Briggs, Marsenus H X '71 

Briggs, Merton L A '01 

Briggs, Rudolphus C 'F 73 

Brigham, George S E^ '01 

Brigham, Paul F M^ '14 

Brigham, WiUiam M A '87 

Brinck, Henry R A^ '03 

Brinck, William A A^ '03 

Brinker, James A B '04 

Briscoe, Frank V^ '95 

Bristol, Cameron H V 

Bristol, James E T 

Broadus, Edmund K X^ 

Brock, Roland H M^ 

Brockenbrough, Francis H. . . P 

Brockway, George M M^ 

Brodbeck, Paul E A 

Brodesser, Roman C 2^ 

Brodhead, John E S 

Brodie, Ralph X^ 

Brohm, William C A 

Brokaw, Warren E H^ 

Bromberg. Frederic G I 

Brooke, Thomas B O 

Brookins, Homer D X 

Brookins, Homer T Z 

Brooks, David S 

Brooks, Frederick M A 

Brooks, Henry D I^ 

Brooks, John E Z^ 

Brooks, Joshua L A 

Brooks, Ralph O , . . A 

Brouwer, WilHtun H 11^ 



Alexander M P^ 

Alexander McD. . . . P^ 

AlvinMcC X^ 

Arthur L Z 

Arthur V T^ 

Campbell L A 

Charles H M^ 

Charles M H 

Comer P H^ 

Cyrus P., Jr I^ 

Daniel R K 

Edward J. O^ 

Ernest C A 

Francis H I 

Frank C W 

Frank I H 

Garrett H B 

Harold A 4> 

Harolds M^ 

Harry L H 

Harry P I 

Henry B O 

Henry W B 

Howell C H^ 

JohnH Z 

Joseph P e^ 

Roger H H^ 

W^doM I 




Brown, Walter F Z 73 

Brown, Walter H '14 

Brown, William 11 '60 

Browne, Kenneth C P^ '09 

Browne, William P I '11 

Browne, WiUiam R N^ '14 

Browning, George N A^ '12 

Brush, George R S '92 

Bryan, Albert W X^ '11 

Bryant, Benjamin F H '63 

Bryant, Bert L H '95 

Bryant, Merton A H '04 

Bryant, Carlton E n^ '98 

Bryant, Chauncey D e^ '14 

Bryant, OberW A^ '06 

Bryant, Robert C * '91 

Bryant, Walter T M^ '02 

Bryant, WiUiam F H '63 

Buchanan, Albert F I^ '06 

Buchanan, Charles H O '73 

Buchanan, Paul H S^ '10 

Buchanan, Perley J K '07 

Buchecker, Albert I S^ '07 

Buck, Frank H., Jr A^ '07 

Buck. Leonard W A^ '13 

Buckley, Edison A N^ '11 

Buckley, Fred M X '09 

Bucknam, Charles C H '93 

BueU, Ralph L H '14 

Bueno, Francisco C K '84 

Buffinton, John A P^ '99 

Bugbee, Arthur G O^ '96 

Bumnch, George G., Jr A '07 

BuUard, Clark W K^ '09 

BuUard, Edwm E K^ '06 

Bullock, Charles J A '89 

Bullock, Ernest N T^ '94 

Bullock, Harry A M^ '99 

Bullock, Herbert D Z '65 

Bullock, Richard A M '60 

Bullock. Walter R Z '02 

Bullwinkle, Benjamin B. . .K^ '11 

Bundy, Harlow E ^ '77 

Bungerz, Karl 11^ '12 

Bunker. William L O^ '90 

Bunn, Albert C S '67 

Bunnell, Fred O * '99 

Burbank, Ralph L K '95 

Burbeck, Burton K O^ '11 

Burdick, William C S^ '01 

Burgess, Roy M X '98 

Burgin, Frederick F K '79 

Burke, George H Z^ '06 

Burke, Warren J M^ '02 

Burley, Benjamin T I '97 

Burlingame, Edwin A B '96 

BurUngame, Robert A N^ '08 

Bumap, Irving A M^ '88 

Burnett, Edward A O^ '87 

Bumham, Edwin L I '07 

Bumham, James A K '08 

Bumham, Perez B., Jr H '94 

Bumham, William P Z '07 

Bumie, Arthur N O^ '06 

Burnite, WUber H S '66 

Burnley, Charles T V '73 

Burnley, John P S^ »oe 

Bums, Clarence S 'F '95 

Bums, Craig T I^ '06 

Bums, Grant P^ '06 

Burr, George L I '10 

Burrage, Alvah L K '06 

Burrage, John O K '00 

Burrill, Carl F A '14 

Burroughs, Harry E O^ '09 

Burroughs, William H E '54 

Burrows, Charles M P^ '88 

Burrows, Lorenzo Jr P^ '89 

Bursley, Francis I A '10 

Burt, L. Millens Z '00 

Burton, Fletcher P O^ '10 

Bush, James B Z '00 

Bushfield, L. C .H '69 

BushneU, Albert W V '71 

BushnelL Clifton H T^ '00 

Busiek, Kurt G A '14 

Butler, Augustine S V^ '91 

Butler, Harry G A '91 

Butler, Henry W Z '61 

Butler, John E T^ '13 

Butler, Willis H O^ '93 

Butler, Wolcott H T^ '91 

Butterworth. Charles F., 2nd. Z '09 

Buxton, Walter A I '00 

Byram, Charles A H '86 

Byron, Frank M H '79 

Bym, Edward W S '70 


Cable, Robert B., Jr N^ '97 

Cadwell, Newton W ^ '76 

Cahoon, George W K '10 



Calder, Chester T Z '11 

Calderwood, Mellen G K '06 

Caldwell, Perry M E^ '89 

Calhoun, Thomas H n^ '99 

Callaghan, Bryan N '76 

CaUen, Alfred C N^ '09 

Callen, Arthur S N^ '13 

Camp, Albert R P^ '04 

Camp, Edward C M^ '89 

Campbell, Alfred H O^ '77 

Campbell, Courtney M^ '10 

Campbell, Daniel R H^ '02 

Campbell, Frederic W A '13 

Campbell, Gilbert N Z '71 

Campbell, John W O '82 

Campbell, John G ^ '93 

Campbell, Leonard L I^ '06 

CampbeU, Orland X^ '13 

Campbell, Robert N^ '13 

Campbell, Samuel N I^ '08 

CampbeU, Scott C K '78 

CampbeU, WiUiam H A '12 

Candlin. Albert A '87 

Canfield, John G Z '08 

Canterbury, EUison R H^ '12 

Cantine, Irancis C A Gr. 

Cantley, Charles L Z^ '07 

Capen, Samuel P K '98 

Capron, William C 8^ '92 

Caprom, Leo F O^ '11 

Card, Horatio S H '88 

Carey, Alfred B S^ '07 

Carey, C. Irving E '05 

Carleton, Ralph H O^ '02 

Carney, Joseph P O^ '98 

Carpenter, Deane H T^ '14 

Carpenter, Frederick D O^ '01 

Carpenter, Glenn W T^ '12 

Carr, Charles C N^ '04 

Carr, James P I '11 

Carr, Moses F I '13 

Carr, Wentworth C I^ '11 

Carr, WilUam E S '90 

Carr, WilUam J S^ '01 

Camck, Frederick A I '06 

CaiToU, Joseph W P^ '13 

CarroU, WUham A S '83 

Carson, John R 8^ '09 

Carson, Merwin B H^ '10 

Carter, Archie B S^ '04 

Carter, Cassius E '55 

Carter, Edward E H '02 

Carter, Frederic E^ '90 

Carter, Fred L., Jr I '03 

Carter, George T * '84 

Carter, Harry G E '08 

Carter, Harry R S^ '99 

Carter, Herbert L I '98 

Carter, John J P '70 

Carter, John R K '72 

Carter, Josiah T E '11 

Carter, Perry J S^ '03 

Carter, Phihp W I '10 

Carter, Richard B I '98 

Carter, Roscoe A I '05 

Carter, Roy W E '08 

Carter, WiUiam A B '84 

Carter, WUHam W I '99 

Carthew, Harry E S^ '02 

Cartledge, George W I^ '97 

Caruthers, Samuel £ 11 '69 

Gary, John D I '85 

Case, AUiene B '74 

Case, Isaac P T '57 

Case, Ralph E K '08 

Casey, Nicholas L A '57 

Caskey, Robert R S^ '04 

Casselbu^, Harry B O '85 

Cassidy, Francis E X '10 

Gate, Edgar R O^ '00 

Gate, Harland E O^ '01 

Gate, Walter S S^ '99 

Cattanach, Fred W. C Z^ '07 

Caughy, James W A^ '09 

Caywood, Charles C X^ '10 

Chace, Fenner A I '97 

Chace, John O E '88 

ChadweU, Otis R Z '10 

Chadwick, Howard W H^ '06 

Chaffin, Lucien G Z '67 

Chambers, Hugh D Z^ '13 

Chambers, Robert A Z^ '04 

Chambers, William G O *94 

Chamberlain, James L M^ '89 

Chamberlain, Philander C. . .S '75 

Chamberlain, Ray T^ '09 

Chamberlain, WilUam E. . .0^ '05 

ChamberUn, Edwin C O '93 

ChamberUn, WiUard C I '08 

Champney, Edward F I '96 

Chandler, Clyfton O^ '14 

Chandler, George B H '90 



Chandler, George V I^ »01 

Chandler, James M H '08 

Chandler, Ralph S I^ '99 

Chandler, Walter T P 71 

Chandler, Webster A A '02 

Chapin, Charles M K '06 

Chapin, Frederic E O^ '84 

Chapin, George K^ '06 

Chapin, Maurice S S^ '10 

Chapin, Warren B P^ '13 

Chapman, Arthur H '94 

Chapman, Arthur W S '03 

Chapman, David B. R n^ '87 

Chapman, Elvin F A^ '14 

Chapman, Henry P H '06 

Chapman, Hobart M X '74 

Chapman, Isaac A FI^ '14 

Chapman, Roland E T^ '13 

Chase, Arthur O^ '89 

Chase, Edward N I^ '04 

Chase, Enoch A X^ '06 

Chase, George B B '09 

Chase, George G X^ '00 

Chase, Harry G X^ '14 

Chase, Herbert H H '82 

Chase, John H M^ '96 

Chase, Josiah B K '97 

Chase, Julian C Z '99 

Chase, Julian D I '02 

Chase, Loring B M^ '97 

Chase, Richard V O^ '11 

Chase, Robert D Z '11 

Chase, Sidney M I '99 

Chase, Thomas E H '04 

Chatfield, Harvey S A '56 

Cheney, Thomas C V '99 

Chenery, William E. A '87 

Cherouny, Arthur E P^ '02 

Child, George H O^ '77 

Childs, Frank H Z '06 

Childs, Johns I '12 

Childs, Walter C A '66 

Chilson, Ahnond E T^ '04 

Chinn, EarlB B '97 

Chiriboga, Miguel A N^ '11 

Chisholm, Fred S I '98 

Chittenden, Lorenz P I^ '06 

Chitwood, Joseph H E '02 

Choate, William G E '88 

Chouinard, Horace A T^ '98 

Christian, Edmund C. E. . . . P 74 

Chrysler, Jeremiah M W '69 

Chrystie, John A ^ '69 

Church, Morton Le B I '02 

Church, Robert G E^ '99 

Clapp, Harvey R Z '98 

Clapp, Raymond G E^ '99 

Clapp, Raymond G A '00 

Clapp, William E M^ '00 

Clark, Austin G U^ '03 

Clark, Charles A O^ '92 

Clark, Charles D K '96 

Clark, Charles H H '76 

Clark, Edward T M^ '00 

Clark, Edwin H B '14 

Clark, Frank W K '08 

Clark, Frederic L O^ '74 

Clark, Gray R O^ '76 

Clark, Herman D., Jr E^ '93 

Clark, Henry G E '86 

Clark, John C Z '11 

Clark, John M A '66 

Clark, John R H '89 

aark, LeonF Z '10 

Clark, linwood E H '11 

Clark, Orlando E X '76 

Clark, Robert B O^ '02 

Clark, Robert R I '09 

Qark, T. Ballard S^ '07 

Clark, Warren S K '97 

Clark, William H N '11 

Clarke, Joseph B O^ '73 

aarke, Walter B X '01 

Clarkson, Paul G T^ '03 

Clayes, Frank E E '88 

Qaypoole, Curtis O '87 

Cleaver, Charles A B '94 

Cleaves, Lincoln L H '99 

Cleaves, Royal S H '99 

Clement, Carl H T^ '07 

Clements, Dillon F TL^ '08 

Clements, Warner W U^ '14 

Clendenan, Daniel W H '71 

Cliflford, Elmer L T^ '96' 

Cliflford, William H A '89 

Clift, Arthur S N^ '96 

Clinch, C. Ra^nond A^ '09 

Clinch, Watt W A^ '11 

Clinton, Leonard R M^ '09 

Clock, Ralph O E^ '01 

aough, Arthur J A '78 

Clymer, John R <> '14 



Clymer, Lee 8 * '86 

Qyne, Herbert H P^ '12 

Coan, Robert A A '03 

Coats, Addbert S V '74 

Cobb, Charles W M^ '97 

Cobb, Duane P E^ '90 

Cobb, Edward 8 M^ '00 

Cobb, Frederick T^ '96 

Cobb, Frederick W A '90 

Cobb, Henry W H '00 

Cockran, Joseph E N^ '91 

Coey, Stewart C 8^ '06 

CoflSiiLWilliam G * '78 

Coit, Wilbur A A '00 

Colburn, Clarence P T^ '80 

Colby, Herbert E O^ '91 

Colby, William J I^ '06 

Cole, Alan R H '14 

Cole, Anson B H^ '92 

Cole, Dennis M H '88 

Cole, Ernest R T^ '93 

Cole, Frederick P Z '96 

Cole, Frederick W M^ '93 

Cole, Hadley H O^ '14 

Cole, Henry Eldredgje * '12 

Cole, Herbert E H '83 

Cole, Lawrence T T^ '92 

Cole, Nelson F M^ '06 

Cole, Philip P H '12 

Cole, Sidney L O^ '06 

Coleman, FVank J., Jr H^ '06 

Coleman, Harry F Y^ '83 

Coleman, William E * '82 

Coleman, William M M '58 

Coles, Franklin A B '84 

Collamore, Kenelm W T^ '13 

Collamore, Ralph V^ '97 

CoUier, Christopher W I^ '92 

Collins, Alan J B '11 

Collins, Charles S. C U^ '94 

ColUns, George W B '96 

Collins, Sidney W 2^ '06 

Collins, William J H^ '91 

Collman, John S B '81 

Colnon, Redmond S B '87 

Colton, David B K '86 

Colton, Hubert P A '12 

Colton, William N S '97 

Colvin, JayA K^ '13 

Compton, Frank E S^ 'gg 

Compton, John M S^ '06 

Comstock, John M O^ '77 

Conant, Arthur F O^ '09 

Conant, Fdward R * '76 

Conant, Rexford H H^ '08 

Conant, William R O^ '83 

CondeU, Qement H I '07 

Conklin, George H T^ '88 

Conklin, Joseph H K '76 

Conlan, N. W. A '81 

Conlyn. Robert H 2 '72 

Connolly, John E S '09 

Connolly, John M O^ '98 

Connor, Thomas A X '10 

Conrad, William O M^ '87 

Consalus, John, Jr A '90 

Converse, Atherton D I '00 

Converse, Frederick J X '14 

Converse, Walter R X '12 

Conway, Edward S P^ '87 

Conway, WiUiam J X '72 

Cook, Arthur M I '06 

Cook, Austin N Z '14 

Cook, Benjamin Z '68 

Cook, Charles B B '97 

Cook, Eber W N^ '12 

Cook, Edward J S '96 

Cook, Henry W K '76 

Cook, Howard H I '93 

Cook, Joseph W B '02 

Cook, OUver R H '86 

Cook, William H O^ '00 

Cooke, Howard E A '79 

Cooke, Sidney E A '64 

Cool, George H T^ '02 

Cooley. Arthur S M^ '91 

Cooley, Frederick B I '97 

Coolidge, Arthur W K '03 

Coolidge, Merritt B K '61 

Coolidge, Richard B K '02 

Coombs, Harry K '12 

Coon, Chauncey C T^ '10 

Coon, Spencer H B '76 

Cooper, Albert W I '01 

Cooper, J. S TL '64 

Cooper, LeBrun B '05 

Cooper, Thomas W <> '97 

Cooper, William F 4» '07 

Cope. Erie L A^ '06 

Copeland, Justin M H '57 

Copp, EarlM X '07 

Corbett, WilUam H E^ '95 



Corbin, aement K B '03 

Corbin, William H B 73 

Corliss, John A H '01 

ComwelL Harvey F T^ 12 

Correll, Paul R <> '06 

Corry, William F M^ '11 

Corson, Frederick H A '81 

Cortes, Thomas T N^ '89 

CortheU, William I I^ '93 

Corwin, Carl H O^ W 

Cory, Hennr W K '67 

Costigan, deorgje P I '92 

Cotton, Thomas F Z^ '05 

Cottrell, James T O^ '12 

CouiUard, Edward J O^ '04 

Countryman, Ralph A^ '11 

Coursey, Ralph T. S '86 

Cousms, Edgar M H '77 

CoveU, MUton W X '80 

Covert, Jay B E '98 

Covin, Warren M E '04 

Coville, Frederick V B '87 

Coville, Luzerne P^ '89 

Cowans, Reginald P Z^ '06 

Cowardin, Harry A N '14 

Cowee, Harvey D E^ '96 

Cowles, George D A '50 

Cox, Alberta O^ '77 

Cox, Eldonne F 2^ '08 

Cox, Granville M , . .T^ '98 

Cox, Howard M T^ '95 

Cox, Leonard M A '92 

Coyle, Charles W A '94 

Craig, Wilfred J. C X '99 

Craig, Wheelock T M^ '94 

Craig. Willis P Qa '02 

Craighead, James R I^ '95 

Craigie, George W H '07 

Craine, John R. T T^ '14 

Cragin, Samuel A A '05 

Cram, Tim B A '93 

Crampton, Henry E 11^ '93 

Crampton, Stewart H P^ '97 

CrandalL Edwin J K '89 

Crane, Elliot S A^ '07 

Crane, James L I^ '11 

Crane, Russell D I '00 

Crane, T. Bert A^ '05 

Cravens, Joseph M T^ '82 

Crawford, Everett W A '01 

Crawford, Francis C O '62 

Crawford, Frederick S M^ '97 

Crawford, Harry C M^ '06 

Crawford, H. Welles T^ '11 

Crawford, James B U^ '11 

Crawford, James R '83 

Crawford, John K '83 

Crawford, Joseph W T '69 

Crawford, Mathew D T^ '14 

Creden, Thomas H 0^ '92 

(>egg, Edward F O^ '02 

Crehore, Lawrence W S^ '04 

Crellin, John R N^ '12 

Crellin, William T N^ '04 

Cressey, George F H '12 

Creswell, James B O^ '03 

CriUy, William M M^ '14 

Critchett, James H 0^ '09 

Crockett, Albert W M ^ '90 

Crofoot, Benjamin F '84 

Crooker, Edward H B '83 

Crosby, Erastus K '65 

Crosby, George L M^ '96 

Crosby, Stanley W M^ '13 

Crossley, William H. B K '10 

Grossman, Walter A H^ '04 

Croston, William F X '04 

Crowell, Daniel G 0^ '14 

Crowell, Joseph A S^ '14 

Crowell, Robert W M^ '89 

Crowley, Esmond R O^ '13 

Cruikshank, James A '51 

Crumpacker, Frederick C. . . T^ '03 

Crumpacker, Harry L T^ '03 

Crmnpacker, Maurice E. . . . P^ '09 

Crumpacker, Owen S V^ '03 

Cubbison, Paul K V^ '14 

Culver, William W 2^ '05 

Gumming, William G Z^ '03 

Ciunmings, Charles A E '76 

Cummings, Elbert W V '71 

Cummings, George K 11^ '87 

Cummings, Henry K 11^ '94 

Cummings, WasMngton I. . . . A '13 

Cummings, William H O^ '79 

Cunningham, Carl G ^ '98 

Cunningham, Charles B. . . .0^ '81 
Cunningham, Frederick H. . . ^ '99 

Cunningham, John H ^ '66 

Cuntz, Johannes H A '86 

Currier, George B A '99 

Currier, Robert T I^ '08 



Curtis, Charles W B '87 

Curtis, Frank S S '89 

Curtis, James I *09 

Curtis, John M S '66 

Curtis, Myron S Z '07 

Curtis, Myron S X^ '12 

Curtis, PhiUp C Z '11 

Curtis, Virol G K '66 

Curtis, Wiffiam C A '81 

Curtis, William B X^ '08 

Curtis, William W H '82 

Cushing, Carl D K '92 

Cushing, George H X '07 

Cushing, Percy M P^ '08 

Cushing, Pierre S '81 

Cushman, H. Norton O^ '10 

Cutter, Watts C K^ '10 

Cutting, Henry P T '67 


Daggett, Walter C 0^ '94 

Dague, Roswell X^ '12 

Dahl, Gerhard M S^ '96 

Dahl, JohnF T^ '91 

Dale, John L Z '68 

Dale, Manley T^ '13 

Dale, WiUiam H 2^ '02 

Dallinger, Frederick W I '93 

Dalrymple, Thomas A V '13 

Daly, John J O^ '11 

Damon, Harry M X '12 

Damon, WilUam C I '92 

Dana, Edward I '08 

Dana, Frank S X '10 

Dana, George F 0^ '93 

Dana, Luther H '03 

Dana, Philip H '96 

Dana, Russell R H^ '87 

Daney, Eugene, Jr A^ '13 

Danford, Warner E V '99 

Daniels, Ernest D M^ '90 

Daniels, Frank V^ '12 

Daniels, W.C H '72 

Danielson, Joseph B A^ '10 

Darr, W '83 

Darrow, Walter N. P 11^ '83 

Darsie, George 4> '09 

Darsie, James A O '06 

Darsie, William W <> '09 

Dater, Philip H I^ '96 

Daugherty, James T K^ '12 

Davenport, Charles M I^ '01 

Davenport, Charles W ^ '81 

Davenport, George B I^ '06 

Davenport, LleweUyn D. . . O^ '07 

Davidson, Morris W B '14 

Davie, Harold W H '10 

Davies, James A '00 

Davila, Jenero V^ '02 

Davis, Albert O H '05 

Davis, Alexander W H^ '14 

Davis, Arthur L M^ '11 

Davis, CarroU A O^ '96 

Davis, Charles H I^ '98 

Davis, Charles S A '81 

Davis, Edward P H^ '97 

Davis, Edwm E K '80 

Davis, Edwin R O^ '96 

Davis, Frederick F E^ '98 

Davis, George H Z '99 

Davis, George R X^ '95 

Davis, Harry B H^ '13 

Davis, Harry B O^ '00 

Davis, Horace A K '97 

Davis, Jackson E '02 

Davis, James J S '87 

Davis, Joseph A H '08 

Davis, Jeffrey Z '70 

Davis, Ozora S O^ '89 

Davis, Price M S '94 

Davis, Samuel G H '66 

Davis, Theodore L A '99 

Davis, William H I '93 

Davison, Charles A '66 

Davison, Russell L K '14 

Davison, WiUiam R <> '98 

Davol, Walter D 0^ '07 

Dawley, WiUiam W ^ '76 

Dawson, Clarence W K^ '12 

Dawson, Edwin S B '14 

Dawson, Horace I B '07 

Dawson, Rav P^ '00 

Day, Alfred' ^ '08 

Day, Arthur M I '92 

Day, Clifford W. L K^ '13 

Day, Edmund E O^ '05 

Day, Frank N 4> '74 

Day, Franklin K 4> '03 

Day, George R. K 4> '12 

Day, Ralph E N^ '08 

Day, Samuel K <l> '10 

Day, Warren W K^ '10 



Deacon, Charles F Z '96 

de Aguero, Miguel E., Jr.. .P^ '12 

Dean, Curtis M^ '85 

Dean, George B A '95 

Dean, James D Z '09 

Dean, John C V '05 

Dean, Paul D I '01 

Dean, Ray S T^ '04 

Dean, Robert A I '03 

Dean, Walter M T^ '98 

Dean, WiUiam B., Jr E^ '96 

Deans, John S N^ '99 

Dearborn, George V O^ '90 

Dearborn, Henry H O^ '99 

Dearborn, Jessie J O^ '99 

Dearborn, Samuel S I '94 

DeCamp, John A I^ '00 

deCardenas, Ambrose 11^ '86 

deCardenas, Daniel 11^ '87 

deCardenas. Miguel 11^ '87 

Dechman, Arthur A '95 

DeCoster, Cyrus C, Jr I '02 

D^derick, William M P^ '12 

Deering, WiUiam A H '75 

Deering, WilUain C T^ '04 

DeGray, Frederick W P^ '92 

Deis, John H X^ '04 

de Lacerda, Antonio F A '55 

Delano, Arthur H A '04 

Delano, William R S '77 

deLaval, Rudolf P B '13 

De Leon, Walter R A^ '06 

de Lima, Elias A B '86 

Demarest, James A '52 

Deming, Clyde L H '10 

Deming, Dudley B E^ '97 

Deming, Sylvester C I^ '96 

Deming, Wilbur S Z '12 

Denison, Adna T -. .K '61 

Denison, Lucius H K '81 

Dennen, Ernest J T^ '93 

Dennet, Phillip I '13 

Dennie, Frank E Z '09 

Dennis, Alonzo G H '11 

Dennison, Ansel T K '89 

Dennison, Francis R S '00 

Dennison, Murray G S '12 

Dent, Elliott J X^ '99 

De Puy, Clarence E F^ '91 

De Puy, Frederic C X '02 

de Quesada, Gonzalo n^ '88 

Derby, Harold J K^ '14 

De Veau, Louis B M^ '14 

Deven, Thomas C A '56 

DevoU, William O., Jr Z '07 

Dewell, James D E^ '92 

DeWolf, Willis H B '96 

Dexter, William H X '78 

De Young, Arthur B P^ '98 

Dickerson, Frank S P^ '99 

Dickerson, Harold P^ '02 

Dickey, Nathaniel E 11 '61 

Dickie, William H U^ '13 

Dickinson, Asa B. C 'F '71 

Dickinson, Roy W. K '11 

Dickmson, WilUam G M^ '13 

Dickinson, William L X '78 

Dickson, William H .Z^ '03 

Diehl, A. Rudolph S^ '12 

Diehl, Leonard G M^ '05 

Dillingham, Alexander K '07 

Dillingham, Paul K '13 

DiUon, Sidney E^ '99 

Dilworth, Read G P^ '91 

Dimmick, Samuel E T '64 

Disbecker, Harry P E^ '94 

Ditmars, Royal F E^ '01 

Dittrick, Clarence H K '10 

Dix, Charles B B '88 

Dix, John A B '83 

Dixon, Edward E 2 '86 

Dixon, G. Gale U^ '07 

Dixon, Ira A K^ '13 

Dodd, Frank N P^ '91 

Dodge, Charles M ^ '91 

Dodson, James D X^ '09 

Doherty, Robert E K^ '09 

Dolbear, Benjamin L K '10 

Dole, Henry H K '06 

Dole, Stanley F H '13 

Dolph, Marion F I^ '01 

Domer, Harry T X^ '00 

Donahue, Charles A P^ '92 

Donahue, Joseph P O^ '13 

Donahue, Louis A H '14 

Donahue, Paul E H '14 

Donaldson. James F K '98 

Donham, Albert G I '00 

Donovan, James, Jr F^ '13 

Doolittle, Willard F I^ '00 

Dooris, William C S '03 

Dorchester, Daniel C A '00 



Dorchester, liverus H A '86 

Dorchester, Paul A '04 

Dorr, Percy O O^ '02 

Dotter. John K H^ '07 

Doty, Vernon A O^ '92 

Doud. Erastus R * '07 

Dougherty, Daniel S n^ '82 

Douglass, Benjamin 4» '71 

Douglass, Robert D * '66 

Douglass, William A 4> '72 

Dounton, William T '72 

Downing, George 8 P^ '12 

Downs, Arthur C A '91 

Downs, Walter H O^ '76 

Drake, Benjamin I N^ '95 

Drake, Francis E 0^ '05 

Drake, Frank J * '94 

Drake, Frederick W X '05 

Drake, James F O^ '02 

Drake, Percy G O^ '99 

Drake, William E., Jr 2^ '04 

Draper, George B Z '07 

Draper, George E V '69 

Draper, James B H '10 

Draper, Jason T A '84 

Draper, Paul A I '01 

Draper, Warren F M^ '06 

Draper, WUliam A N^ '07 

Dresser, Frank G P^ '98 

Dresser, Henry C 8^ '92 

Dresser, Kenneth H H '09 

Dressier, Fritz L N '13 

Drew, Franklin M H '58 

Drew, Lionel E I '11 

Drewsen, Pierre M^ '10 

Drier, Cari D B '96 

Drier, Walter C B '94 

Driggs, Spencer B P^ '11 

Drown, Harlan F I '10 

Drown, Richard W I '02 

Dubois, Charles A A '62 

Dubois, Henry D. C Z '98 

DuBois, Paul T B '95 

Du Broy, Arthur L K '10 

Dudley, Frank C M^ '00 

Dudley, Fred W H '91 

Dudley, Henry A M^ '08 

Dudley, Herbert J H '95 

Dudley, Howland I '95 

DuFour, Clarence J S^ '02 

Dufour, Frank O N^ '96 

Dull, Casper * '77 

Dumont, Wayne * '92 

Dunbar, Phihp R Ja 'qq 

Dunbar, Ralph W I^ '98 

Duncan, Charles O^ '98 

Duncan, Fred S I '90 

Duncan, James W Z^ '01 

Dunham, Charles N X^ '01 

Dunham, Clarence W I^ '96 

Dunham, Herman N H '85 

Dunham, Tom D K '05 

Dunlap, James M N '75 

Dunn, Charles C A Gr. 

Dunn. John R X '05 

Dunphy, John E H '13 

Dunphy, Percy F T^ '09 

Duntley, Crawford A B '14 

Dunton, Lewis W I '92 

Dunwoody, Halsey X^ '03 

Durand, Frederick F A '61 

Durand, Marvin H S '08 

Durbin, Fletcher M I^ '04 

Durgin, Frank H '92 

Durr, Louis E '92 

Dusinbarre, Ralph E E^ '94 

Dutcher, Bert E T^ '05 

Du Tot, S. Clair N^ '13 

Duvall, Bruce R B '12 

Dwyer, Joseph A H^ '96 

Dyer, George H S^ '04 

Dyer, Nathan T O^ '73 

Dyett, Herbert T B '97 


Eames, Albert C H '98 

Earle, Harry HT '98 

Earle, Thomas A '87 

Eastbum, David L K^ '11 

Eastin, George B 8 '61 

Eastman, Osgood T M^ '86 

Eastment. Frederick T S '83 

Eastmond, Charles P^ '01 

Eastwood, James S K '94 

Eaton, Clarence L K '96 

Eaton, Frederick C O^ '11 

Echeverria, Emilio P^ '88 

Echeverria, Gerardo y A P^ '87 

Echeverria, Juan F A '84 

Echeverria, Ricardo J A '86 

Eckert, Hunter 4> '82 

Eckert, Isaac 4> '79 



Eckert, Whitney T P^ '05 

Eckert, WUUam K B '02 

Eckman, Joseph W '99 

Ecob, James H ^ '69 

Eddy, Frederick W K '74 

Eddy, Henderson H K '76 

Eddy, Richard H K *80 

Eddy, Robert H A Gr. 

Edgar, Randolph I '08 

EdgeU, Frank D M^ '93 

Edgerly, Josiah W O^ '96 

Edgerton, Arthur H K^ '12 

Edgerton, J. Howard V '06 

Edgerton, Seward E V '04 

Edmonds, Frank T^ '04' 

Edmunds, Goldman I '95 

Edson, Harold A A '04 

Edson, P. O'M T '67 

Edwards, Ernest A E^ '97 

Edwards, Frederick S '89 

Edwards, Frederick T H '13 

Edwards, Herbert F K '83 

Edwards, John P 2^ '06 

Edwards, Martin R A '07 

Edwards, Roy V K^ '11 

Edwards, Sumner H '10 

Edwards, William W H^ '05 

Edwards, Theophilus A '59 

Egan, Joseph L P^ '07 

Egleston, Marvin J T^ '02 

Egleston, OUver J T^ '00 

Egleston, WiUis J T^ '96 

Eggman. Benjamin R F^ '09 

Ehlers, Edward C P^ '92 

Ehret, George, Jr P^ '99 

Ehret, Louis J ^ '04 

Eickwort, Loiiis E., Jr P^ '97 

Eiswald, Geoige H Z '95 

Ela, William E O^ '97 

Eldridge, Guy S P^ '06 

Eldridge, Roswell M X '10 

EUiott, Howard S 2^ '03 

EUiott, Lewis H S '95 

Elliott. William G 2 '71 

Ellis, Amasa D A '06 

Ellis, Artemas R I '07 

Ellison, John G N '13 

Ellsworth, Charles C M^ '03 

Ely, Theodore N A '66 

Emanuel, David L O '87 

Emanuel, P. W ^ '12 

Emerson, Robert S Z '97 

Emery, James N H '05 

Emery, Samuel O '59 

Emery, Stephen A '90 

Emory, Woohnan G X^ '07 

Emmons, Ralph C A^ '12 

Enderlein, Max W A^ '04 

Engle, Gustav P H^ '07 

Engle, James W. R 4^ '08 

English, Benjamin C I^ '07 

English, William F O^ '82 

Ennis, William E A '01 

Ensworth, Horace H O^ '91 

Epperson, Robert B N '78 

Erbe, Frederick G X '05 

Erf, John W T^ '93 

Ernst, Frederick W O^ '76 

Erskine, James D ^ '12 

Escobar, Pedro J H^ '14 

Espy, Ralph E S '05 

Estabrook, Adelbert A A. '92 

Estabrook, Angus D I '04 

Estabrook,. Volney J E '04 

Estabrooks, Louis B K '05 

Estes, Benjamin G X '95 

Evans, Bryce S M^ '11 

Evans, Cadwalader TL '66. 

Evans, Cecil R T^ '11 

Evans, Spalding E '76 

Evans, Walter F * '07 

Evans, William M 4» '09 

Everest, Charles M X '75 

Everett, Edward E '03 

Everett, Lewis W M^ '07 

Everett, Louis W I '07 

Everitt, Harry L I^ '05 

Everman, Toxaway B B '02 

Everson, Frank M. 4> '14 

Everson, T. Bissell X '71 

Everte, LesUe S 2^ '01 

Everts, William P I '00 

Ewing, Arthur E O^ '78 

Eyman, Ehner V 2^ '07 

Eynon, Stuart J 8^ '12 

Eysaman, Raymond D ^'* '05 


Fairall, Herman H H '61 

Fairbanks, Warren H A '09 

Fairfield, Harry S O^ '00 

Fairley, Edwin M^ '86 



Fairley, Samuel C M^ '92 

Fairan, Emmett B E '07 

Falconer, Ernest H Z^ '10 

Falconer, Hope H X^ '14 

Fales, J. Richmond Z '10 

Fall, George H A '83 

Farabaugh, Andrew J N^ '04 

Farabaueh, Lewis E N^ '04 

Farley, Carl H O^ '02 

Farley, Edward P S^ '09 

Farley, Leon B O^ '09 

Farley, Thomas F S^ »i3 

Farmer, Frank C T^ '00 

Farmer, George W A '94 

Farmer, J. C T^ '95 

Farmer, John H T^ '14 

Farmer, Matthew S X^ '11 

Farnham, John M. W M^ '91 

Famsworth, George B H '03 

Farquhar, WiUiam J I '91 

Farr^ Lonn H '61 

Farrand, Roy F S^ '00 

Farrell, Austin * '80 

FarreU, Walter J A '04 

Farwell, John B O^ '13 

Farwell, John E M^ '13 

Farwell, John T O^ '10 

Fawcett, Percy D H^ '12 

Faxon, Nathaniel W I '02 

Fay, Charles E K '68 

Fay, Edward R I '01 

Fay, Harold K '04 

Fay, Leonard W Z^ '12 

Feiganspan, William C B '98 

Fejardo, A. E. Mateo P^ '87 

Felch, Daniel H H '78 

Feltner, Clarence G H^ '14 

Felton, R. P T^ '94 

Fenner, Clarence N P^ '92 

Fenton, Martin L A '62 

Fenton, Warden H P^ '03 

Ferguson, Carl A H^ '06 

Ferguson, George P H^ '99 

Ferguson, John A O^ '10 

Ferguson, John C A '86 

Ferguson, Luther M I '10 

Ferguson, Roy N H^ '06 

Fernald, Frederick G I '06 

Fernald, Merritt C H '61 

Fernald, Robert W I '07 

Fernald, William L O^ '84 

Femstrom, Karl D 0^ '10 

FerreU, Cullom H X^ '05 

Ferris, David L E '88 

Ferris, George H S^ '00 

Ferris, WUUam S S^ '98 

Ferrisa, Benjamin C T^ '12 

Ferry, Frederick C I^ '91 

Fessenden, Edward E K '10 

Fessenden, Fred L H '95 

Fessenden, William N S '84 

Field, Henry G P^ '93 

Field, Herbert V K '12 

Field, Malcohn Z '10 

Field, RandaU M M^ '10 

Field, WilUam E I '97 

Fielder. George L." B '89 

Files. James H K '12 

Finch, George T S '75 

Finch, Martm A E^ '02 

Finckel, Joseph X^ '97 

Findlay, MerUn C ^ '92 

Finney, Joseph E Z '60 

Fischer, George W 11^ '12 

Fischer, John C, Jr B '09 

Fischer, Nemo M B '10 

Fish, Harold H I^ '14 

Fish, Myron C Z '02 

Fish, Waldo H Z '03 

Fisher, Austin W K '12 

Fisher, Frederick S H^ '00 

Fisher, George H M^ '93 

Fisher, Harry A U^ '02 

Fisher, Horace C I '94 

Fisher, Horace N I '57 

Fisher, John C, Jr P^ '08 

Fisher, John F Y '69 

Fisher, Lewis C Y '70 

Fisher, Warren E A '90 

Fisher, Willard J M^ '92 

Fiske, Pliny B V '10 

Fiske, Samuel S K '02 

Pitch, Arthur H X '73 

Fitch, Asabel N B '71 

Fitts, Charles T M^ '04 

Fitts, Harold M^ '12 

Fitzgerald, Ezekiel K '64 

Fitzgerald, James, Jr O^ '90 

Fitzpatrick, Walter T O^ '13 

Fitzsimmons, Harold A B '13 

Fitzsimmons, Raymond J. .M^ '13 
Flagler, James W. V '11 



Flaherty, Thomas G M^ '99 

Fleming, James P X *92 

Fleming, Paul R 0^ '10 

Flesheim, Robert M V^ '04 

Fletcher, Allen M I^ '08 

Fletcher, Carl C O^ '93 

Fletcher, Edward J O^ '02 

Fletcher, Frederick H S '92 

Fletcher, George E E '08 

Fletcher, Hewitt G M^ '97 

Fletcher, Richmond K I '08 

Floyd, Charles W O^ '85 

Flint, Clarence B H '01 

Flmt, Herbert L I '93 

Flint, Homer A O^ '95 

Flint, Roger I '01 

Flower, Altus D A '95 

Flower, Jewell A '95 

Fobes, Harold B K '95 

Focht, Harry M N^ '10 

Fogarty, Thomas A E^ '02 

Fogg, Albra O^ '72 

Fogg, Neil A H '13 

Flagg, FordJ K '03 

Foley, John M T^ '12 

Foley, Louis B A '98 

Folsom, Arthur A K '89 

Folsom, Hanry C K '95 

Folsom, Lucius B H '85 

Fontaine, Kern B T^ '07 

Foote, Orlando K X '79 

Foote, Wallace P B '02 

Foote, William H T^ '05 

Forbes, William D X '77 

Ford, Frank L S^ '01 

Ford, Guy S 2^ '95 

Ford, Harry L O^ '98 

Forrey, George C, Jr I^ '03 

Forristall, PWlip M O^ '10 

Forsyth, Robert A '69 

Fortin, Claude E. F Z^ '03 

Fosdick. Frederick W I '01 

Foss, Clifton M I '07 

Foss, John H S '88 

Foster, Amos P O^ '04 

Foster, Edward S ^ '94 

Foster, Herbert D O^ '85 

Foster, Hiram E K '03 

Foster, James H ^ '95 

Foster, Kingsbury K '01 

Foster, Mortimer B H^ '98 

Foster, Newton H I '11 

Foster, Norman P M^ '06 

Foster, Thomas G K^ '12 

Foster, Walcott C P^ '90 

Foster, Winthrop M I '14 

Fox, Irving P A '83 

Frailey, Lester E K^ '13 

Framer, Fred T^ '92 

France, Clemens J ^^ '98 

France, Royal W X^ '04 

Francisco, Louis J S^ '08 

Franco, Ernesto N^ '01 

Frank, Henry P K '95 

Frank, Melvin P., K '65 

Franklin, Amherst 8 '63 

Franklin, Henry B S '07 

Fraser, Robert J Z^ '10 

Fraser, Simon B Z^ '07 

Fraser, Wilbert G Z^ '10 

Frazee, A. N T^ '94 

Frazine, Hamilton S T '14 

Frease, William A B '13 

Fredin, Conrad T^ '10 

Freeman, Edward L I^ '13 

Freeman, Frank W I '08 

Freeman, George F H '90 

Freeman, John C E '09 

Freeman, Luther A '88 

Freeman, William H V '94 

Freeman, WilUam N B '84 

French, Andro A H '97 

French, Arthur P K '76 

French, Asa M O^ '72 

French, Charles E N '12 

French, Charles W O^ '79 

French, Ernest E O^ '98 

French, Francis R X^ '08 

French, Henry ^ '72 

French, John S. H '95 

French, Lafayette, Jr T^ '10 

French, Samuel P O^ '93 

French, Stephen L I^ '14 

French, WiUiam B K '70 

Fretz, Thomas R <> '90 

Freund, Joseph B N^ '01 

Fritch, Giles M T^ '09 

Frost, Edwin C Z '90 

Frost, Henry C 4> '73 

Frost, Joseph M S '84 

Frost, Kendal P A^ '13 

Frost, R. L 0^ '96 



Fryer, John A S^ 'n 

Fuentes, Ventura 11^ '89 

Fugitt, Donald C N^ '99 

FuUer, JohnH A '93 

FuUer, Lynn G 2^*13 

Fullerton, Angus L * 74 

Fullington, Moses A Z^ '05 

Fulton, A. Oram N^ 08 

Fulton, Charles H P^ '97 

Fulton, Chester A P^ '06 

Fulton, Robert N A '00 

Fulton, Thomas J X '08 

Fultz, Clarence A I '06 

Furman, Henry A A '61 

Furney, Oakley T^ '12 

Furst, Luther C n '64 


Gage, James M A '00 

Gage, John R X '77 

Gaither, Robert H H^ '06 

Galameau, Dennis C. A K '04 

Gale, Francis G O^ '76 

Gale, Robert J F^ '06 

Gale, RoyceL Z^ '14 

Gallagher, Joseph F Z^ '13 

Gallagher, Oscar C I '96 

Gallagher, WiUiam W I '04 

Gallaway, Robert T 11 '69 

Galligan, James F X '94 

Galliher, Joseph H N^ '07 

Galway, WilUam H 8 '81 

Gammon, Dell D H^ '10 

Gannett, William C I '60 

Gannon, John W E^ '99 

Gannon, Thomas A P^ '10 

Ganong, Carl F .H^ '10 

Garber, J. L. A Z '70 

Garcelon, William F I '95 

Gardner, Charles C O^ '87 

Gardner, Frederick E K '88 

Gardner, George A K '80 

Gardner, Herschel L Z '92 

Gardner, R. N T^ '08 

Gardner, Stephen S^ '02 

Gardner, Will E Z '95 

Garfield, Frank L M^ '88 

Garland, Edmund A M^ '98 

Garrett, Clyde D X^ '10 

Garrison, James G N '78 

Garver, Slater C <> '97 

Garvey, Richard, Jr P^ '10 

Gary, Guy L O^ '98 

Gass, Stuart J N^ '98 

Gaus, WicklofiF C n '72 

Gautier. Charles E P^ '12 

Gaylord, Augustine S T^ '95 

Gaylord, Harvey R T^ '96 

Gaylord, William A Z '96 

Gearhart, Charles W N^ '93 

Gedney, Edward L V^ '94 

Geerlings, John H S^ '03 

Gehring, Norman J H '01 

Geoghegan, Joseph G 11^ '96 

Geoghegan, WiUiam B A '89 

George, Arthur L K '95 

George, Bert D K '95 

George, David G V '97 

George, George B I^ '08 

George, Nathan R., Jr I '90 

Gere, Edwin C O^ '13 

Gere, Irving N ^^ '84 

Gere, Ward N O^ '12 

Gerould, Charles W I '83 

GeseU, Arnold L S^ >03 

Gessner, Gustavus A., Jr. . . N^ '93 

Getman, Albert A ^^ '11 

Getman, Arthur R »F '84 

Getman, Herbert H 'F '79 

Getman, Horace G V '10 

Getman, Norman W »F '07 

Gibbons, Arthur J X '73 

Gibbons, Cromwell E^ '89 

Gibbons, DeWitt C X '71 

Gibbs, Edwin F I^ '04 

Gibbs, Russell C I^ '00 

Giblin, LeoF B '11 

Gibson, Edwin O A '62 

Gibson, Gordon M Z^ '04 

Gibson, Harvey D H '02 

Gibson, Henry R S '62 

Gibson, Jasper M O^ '00 

Gifford, Allston B A '98 

Gifford, Arthur P I '97 

Gifford, John P O^ '94 

Gilbert, George H A '01 

Gilbert, Harold B X '07 

Gilbert, Pakner A. 4» '68 

Gilbert Walter M X^ '07 

Gildersleeve, Donald M. . .M^ '10 

Gildersleeve, John A M^ '08 

Giles, Erwin G H '02 



Gilfillan, A. Boyd 'F '93 

Gilfillan, Andrew B I^ '93 

Gill, Fletcher L I^ '13 

Gill, Joseph B H^ '84 

Gillespy, John A '66 

Gillett, Hezekiah M B '74 

GiUette, Halbert P P^ '92 

Gillis, Harry A N^ '89 

Gilliss, WilUam W X^ '00 

Gihnan, George W O^ '97 

Gilman, John A O^ '98 

GUman, Wilbert F A '92 

Gihnore, Charles H Z '01 

Gilmour, Andrew J E^ '95 

Gladwin, Fred E X '04 

Glancey, Albert R N^ '03 

Glasier. Arthur F O^ '10 

Glass, Walter M X '96 

Glass, WilUam W H^ '14 

Gleason, Ernest M O^ '98 

Gleason, Robert I A '96 

Glick, Reuben J 4> '95 

Godfrey, WilUam H K '95 

Goebel, George C n^ '91 

Goebd, Lewis S H^ '98 

Goethals, Thomas R I '12 

Goetzman, Frederick G X '74 

Gofif. WiUiam L M^ '13 

Goldthwaite, Stephen G Z '90 

GoU, Walters B '96 

Gomph, George F X '00 

GoodeU, Charles L A '77 

GoodeU, Robert E K '01 

Goodier, Chester J B '07 

Goodier, James H ^ '08 

Gooding, Fred E .T^ '10 

Goodman, Frank V P^ '03 

Goodnow, Albert C O^ '12 

Goodrich, CUnton B I^ '97 

Goodrich, Paul M I^ '94 

Goodridge, Benjamin A A '81 

Goodspeed, Frank L A '87 

Goodwin, Frederic V. B. . . .n^ '82 

Goodwin, Harold M I '08 

Goodwin, William A. H. . . .0^ '75 

Goold, Philip A A '08 

Gordon, George W X^ '99 

Gordon, WiUiam B Z^ '13 

Gorely, Charles P I '57 

Gorham, MarshaU K T^ '12 

Gorman, Thomas C Z^ '11 

GosneU, Frank, Jr I^ W 

GosneU, James A X '02 

Goss. Arthur V O^ '82 

GotshaU, Robert W V^ '06 

Gould, Eben C Z '01 

Gould, George B H '00 

Gould, Harry M A '95 

Gould, Herbert F Z '92 

Gould, Theodore H '98 

Gould, WUUam H K '85 

Gove, Leon M A^ '10 

Covin, FeUx St. A P^ '87 

Goytisolo, Augustin A N^ '08 

Grace, Eugene G N^ '99 

Grace, John W N^ '99 

Grace, LeRoy T N^ '07 

Gragg, Alden O H^ '12 

Graham, Douglas J A^ '06 

Graham, George V X^ '11 

Graham, John G S^ '97 

Graham, WendeU S S^ '04 

Graham, WUUam F Z^ '03 

Granger, Edwin V Z '70 

Grant, Benjamin S H '61 

Grant, EUhu A '98 

Grant, G. Richard O^ '08 

Grant, J. Ralston, Jr T '12 

Grant, John S 0^ '12 

Grant, WUUam C K^ '10 

Grant, WUUam E '86 

Grass, Louis A., Jr 11^ '89 

Crasser, George D 8 '83 

Grassi, Otto J. A n^ '00 

Grassi, Waldemar H. H. . . .P^ '11 
Graver, Alexander M. ...... P^ '05 

Graver, Herbert S V^ '04 

Graves, CecU C E '15 

Graves, Edward B B '97 

Graves, Frank E E '10 

Graves, Frederick D S '00 

Graves, John C A '62 

Graves, John S E '14 

Graves, Otho M K '06 

Graves, Rae D, K '08 

Graves, WUUam H E '56 

Gray, Charles H T^ '95 

Gray, George A T^ '95 

Gray, PhUipF K^ '13 

Gray, W. I T^ '92 

Gray, Walter V M^ '89 

Gray, WUUam S K '92 



Gray, William W P 71 

Graydon, McCullough A^ '02 

Green, Andrew H A '49 

Green, Carl M F^ '99 

Green, Edward M A '66 

Green, Harold M I^ '09 

Green, Harry M K '04 

Green, Horatio J I '89 

Green, James J I^ '13 

Green, Milo C A '12 

Green, Rufus S V '67 

Green, Walter R K '08 

Greenan, James O A '08 

Greene, Foster R I '00 

Greene, Freeman A X '69 

Greene, Harold F M^ '03 

Greene, Inslee B E^ '02 

Greene, Joseph M H '77 

Greene, Wilbam C H '77 

Greene, Winthrop S H '13 

Greenfield, WiUiam H 0^ '96 

Greenlaw, Ralph M H '99 

Greenleaf, Ehner D Z '04 

Greenley, Harold M T^ '12 

Greenley, WilUam L T^ '07 

Greenslade, James M '76 

Greenwood, Charles S S^ '97 

Greenwood, Ernest H B '04 

Greenwood, Fred C Z^ '12 

Greenwood, William T Z^ '04 

Gregg, Clifford F A '95 

Gregg, David U '65 

Gregg, John P S^ '99 

Gregg, Robert E I '94 

Gregory, Charles N X^ '05 

Gregory, George P I^ '13 

Gregory, Heathe U^ '01 

Gregory, Newman B 0^ '09 

Gregory, Ward S E^ '99 

Gregory, Warren F O^ '88 

Greir, JohnC B '04 

Greul, Wilmer H K '99 

Griffin, Frank A O^ '94 

Griffin, Frederick R M^ '98 

Griffin, Hu-am A '82 

Griffin, James E 0^ '06 

Griffing, Edward S I '89 

Griffis, Stanton B '10 

Griffith, Frederick B., Jr S '01 

Griffith, William T N^ '02 

Griffiths, Leonard L 11^ '97 

Griggs, John L <> '98 

Griggs, John W ^ '68 

Grimshaw, Frederick G B '00 

Grinnan, Robert T N '74 

Griswold, Laurence W O^ '08 

Groce, Byron K '67 

Groce. Joseph B K '93 

Groesoeck, George S A '89 

Gross, Ralphs I '12 

Grotecloss, John H B '84 

Grove, Benjamin H B '77 

Grove, Qement T S '10 

Grove, Raymond E S '11 

Grover, Louis C O^ '05 

Groves, Herbert M B '98 

Gude, FredG P^ '08 

Guilbert, John M P^ '13 

Guiou, Arthur P S '90 

Gunckel, Lewis W E^ '91 

Gundaker, Guy H M^ '14 

Gundrum, Fred F H^ '03 

Gunn, Charles N E^ '90 

Gunnison, Benjamin M^ '97 

Gustafson, Charles L K^ '12 

Guthrie, GUver P X '14 

Guy, Walter B. <> '05 


Hackett, Leon A I '04 

Hackett, Norman H T^ '98 

Haden, Chesley A N '10 

Haden, Russell L N '10 

Hadley, Charles H O^ '79 

Hadley, Floyd B K^ '14 

Hageman, J. Carl X '11 

Hagen, Orville R I^ '01 

Hager, Earl N K^ '09 

Haggett, Eari C B '92 

Haight, George W X '74 

Haight, S. Carleton U^ '92 

Haight, Samuel C A^ '05 

Hakes, Milton L X '99 

Hale, Clarence W 0^ '14 

Hale, Everet H T^ '13 

Hale, Prary, Jr M^ '05 

Hale, Henry, Jr B '09 

Hale, Rodger B '07 

Haley, Harry T O^ '07 

Haley, Orison P H '11 

Haley, Walter J O^ '13 

HaU, Edward L A '50 



Hall, Edward T M^ W 

Hall, Frank H 'F 78 

HaU, G. Courtney N^ '09 

Hall, George R. C Z '94 

HaU, Henry B M^ '10 

HaU, Joseph B E^ '90 

HaU, Lisle G K^ '14 

Hall, Mandeville K '81 

HaU, Newton M O^ '88 

Hall, RusseUB P^ '12 

Hall, William E 4> '83 

Hall, WUliam T., Jr H '88 

Hallett, Harry R M^ '03 

HaUman, Elwood L O^ '80 

Hallock, James C A '91 

HaUock, John K B '96 

Hallock, W.E H '71 

Halsey, Charles B P^ '02 

Halsey, Lewis S '68 

Haltman, Paul J I^ '11 

Halverson, Kenneth B 2^ '11 

Hamblen, Maurice W H '14 

Hamblet, George C H '02 

HambUn, Frank S O^ '04 

Hambrecht, George P 2^ '96 

Hamburger, James F H '10 

Hamill, James, Jr H^ '97 

Hamilton, Brace H B '99 

Hamilton, James A X '98 

HamUton, Frederick W K '80 

HamUton, Guy K '10 

Hamilton, J. T S '90 

Hamilton, John E '56 

Hamilton, Walter K^ '11 

Hamlin, Christopher R A '93 

HamUn, Edward B Z '72 

Hamlin, Solyman G M^ '02 

Hammond, John W K '61 

Hammond, Noel T I '06 

Hammond, Paul F I '06 

Hammond. Roland, Jr K '98 

Hand, Carl N S '13 

Handerson, Hennr E S '58 

Hanford, Frank W <> '13 

Hanford, Lauron N I '12 

Hanke, Harry A K^ '10 

Hankins, H. C O '75 

Hanks, Caleb S X '73 

Hanley, Thomas B 2 '91 

^Hanna, Benjamin S N^ '99 

Hannan, George F S^ '06 

Hannan, WUliam F 2^ '08 

Hannon, Martin E O^ '10 

HanseU, WiUiam W Y '71 

Hansen, Harlan F H '10 

Hanson, HoweU R E^ '96 

Hanson, Norman L F^ '04 

Harbaugh, Albert J 2 '84 

Hardester, David A X^ '04 

Harding, Albra H H '80 

Harding, Edwin R H '85 

Harding, Heman A A '95 

Hardy, Edgar D M^ '03 

Hardy, Edward D X '01 

Hardy, Harvey W A '91 

Hare, WUUam H 2 '67 

Harkness, Alan S 8 '93 

Harkness, Harrie K '94 

Harmer, Torr W I '03 

Harmon, Benjamin F K '72 

Harper, Paul T ^ '03 

Harrah, Julius T I '08 

Harriman, Charles H. ' H '89 

Harriman, Frank H M^ '87 

Harrington, Arthur M B '05 

Harrington, Charles N K '70 

Harrington, Frank B K '77 

Harrington, Frank P S '73 

Harrington, James T I '99 

Harrington, Joseph E X '09 

Harrington, Went worth L. ... I '98 

Harris, George W N^ '89 

Harris, Herbert I X '98 

Harris, Irving E X '92 

Harris, James A., Jr B '09 

Harris, Jonathan M 4> '70 

Harris, Judson W X '67 

Harris, Lee S N^ '93 

Harris, Thomas J O^ '86 

Harris, WiUiam A X '93 

Harrison, Fabius A '83 

Harrison, F. R T^ '08 

Harrison, Merton E T^ '00 

Harrison, Walter T I '05 

Harrold, N. Gould A^ '12 

Harstrom, Carl A S '86 

Hart, Andrew D. DeJ N '81 

Hart, LoweU J H^ '09 

Hart, Ray H X '02 

Harter, Charles S I^ '13 

Harter, Henry W^ Jr I^ '09 

Hartley, Roland E., Jr H^ '14 



Hartmann, William D T^ '96 

HartweU, Allen A A '99 

Hartwell, William G 2:^ '95 

Harvey, Edwin LaF H '05 

Harvey, Isaac A H '72 

Harwood, Herbert E I '10 

Harwood, Richard G I '09 

Harwood, T. M A '50 

Harwood, WUliam E E '71 

Haskell, Fitch H I '05 

Haskell, Harris B M^ '94 

Haskell, Henry H I '90 

HaskeU, Nelson C M^ '87 

Haakell, Pearl T E^ '91 

Haskell, Philip C H '99 

Haslett, James H S '86 

Hastings, Charles H H '91 

Hastings, Harold W P^ '06 

Hastings, Henry H H '90 

Hastings, James B W '84 

Hastings, Morris O O^ '14 

Hastings, Stephien J O^ '73 

Hastings, William H., Jr. . .P^ '11 

Hastings, WUliam M X '04 

Hatch, Charles U M^ '09 

Hatch, Frank L E^ '92 

Hatch, H. E T^ '95 

Hatch, Ralph E M^ '99 

Hatch, Thomas O O^ '05 

Hatch, William S M^ '01 

Hatfield, Samuel P O '62 

Hatfield, WiUiam S H '66 

Hathaway, Charles H O^ '07 

Hauck, Harvey J X '12 

Hauk, RayJ N^ '12 

Havenner, Frank R H^ '07 

Haviland, Henry F P^ '02 

Haviland, Merntt E B '77 

Hawes, Henry Q H '10 

Hawkes, Howard C A '05 

Hawkins, Lawrence A 1^*97 

Hawkins, Walter S Z '93 

Hawley, Frank M O '97 

Hawley, George B 0^ '92 

Hawley, Lee C H^ '03 

Hawley, WiUiam C A '86 

Haxton, Kenneth G B '10 

Hay, Arthm- P^ '92 

Hay, Arthur O^ '76 

Hayden, Francis E A '80 

Hayden, WaUace H H '09 

Hayee, Frederick L O^ '92 

Hayes, George C 'F '93 

Hayes, George L X '98 

Hayes, George O^ '13 

Hayes, John E. R O^ '95 

Hayes, John H H '57 

Hayes, Leo D X '09 

Hayes, Samuel E T^ '04 

Hayes, William W '58 

Hays, Abram P * '10 

Hayter, Richard I '96 

Hayward, Albert W '84 

Hayward, Daniel B K '96 

Hayward, Frederick D. . . .M^ '94 

Hazen, George O^ '73 

Hazen, Raymond D O^ '96 

Hazleton, John F A '62 

Healy, JohnH E '14 

HeaJy, Joseph E E '10 

Heames, Richard M T^ '98 

Heard, Arthur M M^ '88 

Heame, David G N^ '90 

Hearne, Julian G N^ '90 

Heame, WiUiam L B '02 

Heame, WUUam W '83 

Hebb, Angus G H '96 

HeberUng, Julius R S '91 

Heberling, Robert A N^ '88 

Heckbert, Edwin E A '93 

Heckman. James C O '99 

Hedges, C. Monroe X '11 

Heermans, Thomas M B '10 

Heikes, Irving A N^ '85 

HeUbron, Henry A A ^ '13 

Heilig, Johns N^ '91 

Heim, Clarence S B '12 

Heim, S. M S '95 

Heun, William L. N^ '02 

Heister, WUUam S. N^ '97 

Hemenway, Francis E A '01 

Henderson, George M 0^ '06 

Hendley, Albert J X^ '10 

Hendrickson, G. Ralph ^ '07 

Hener, George J S^ '03 

Hennessy, James J X '13 

Henry, GUbert T^ '01 

Henry, John P M^ '10 

Henry, Paul M^ '08 

Henry, Richard I^ '10 

Henry, Robert O '55 

Henshaw, MarshaU B H^ '12 



Hepburn, Arthur J S '96 

Hepburn, Charles J 2 '92 

Hepburn, Samuel B * '74 

Hepburn, Samuel D T '66 

Herbert, Wihnyn K '08 

Herendeen, Francis A E '86 

Herman, Alvin T T^ '07 

Herr, Daniel C 4> '79 

Herrera, Ruben K '10 

Herrick, Charles R K '90 

Hersey, Charles F H '89 

Hersey, Isaac B K '94 

Hersey, Will O H '92 

Hershfield, Henry G P^ '98 

Hertie, Wendell T^ '95 

Hertzler, Frank H S '98 

Hertzog, George M 4> '90 

Hess, James E^ '98 

Hetherington, Albert G T '69 

Hettinger, Mathias B '84 

Heussler, Arthur F S '04 

Heussler, Walter G S '09 

Hewat, Frederick A I^ '12 

Hewes, Warner S '65 

Heylmun, Daniel G 4> '74 

Hiatt, Frank H X^ '02 

Hibbard, Charles H S '76 

Hibbard, Charles L I^ '92 

Hibbard, Charlton B I '06 

Hibson, Charles U^ '92 

Hickey, Louis W P^ '13 

Hicks, Edwin F P^ '93 

Hicks, Joseph L A '56 

Hicks, Thomas R A '09 

Hickman, Henry H T '72 

Hickman. Richard W., Jr. .T^ '11 

Hidden, Wilkins U Z '65 

Higgins, Benjamin H Z^ '05 

Higgins, Edwin, Jr. N^ '02 

Higgins, James L H '78 

Higgins, James W A '77 

Higginson, Stephen, Jr I '00 

HilSd, Carl A Z '05 

Hildreth, Eugene A N^ '03 

Hildreth, Loring T I '96 

Hill, Almon F., Jr H '02 

Hill, Clarence B A '06 

HiU, DwightB I '08 

Hill, Earl M S^ '12 

HiU, Edward J T '53 

HiU, H. Faulkner Z '95 

HiU, Frank H H '89 

HUl, Frank H S '03 

ffiU, Frederic B I '95 

Hill, Fred W H '94 

HiU, George P. B A '56 

HUl, Henry C H '88 

HUl, J. M S '88 

HiU, John A ^ '94 

HUl, John D. G I^ '07 

HUl, Joseph E A^ '09 

Hill, Lewis D I '94 

HUl, Roland F S '03 

HUl, WUUamC Z '94 

HUler, Adelbert D 0^ '14 

HUUard, Edmund B I '00 

HUls, WmiamE E '91 

Hilton, George F O^ '97 

HUton, JohnL X '14 

Hilton, Prescott W A '08 

HUton, Stephen H '57 

Himes, Lucian W Z '08 

Hincher, Charles L X '03 

Hindman, Charles A * '13 

Hindman, WUliam B 4> '10 

Hird, JohnD M^ '86 

Hitchcock, George P M^ '92 

Hitchcock, John B F^ '00 

Hitchcock, WUliam H. . . . .M^ '98 

Hitchins, Arthur S '91 

Hitchins, Emery G S '95 

Hite, EarleP I^ '04 

Hite. George E., 2nd I^ '08 

Hobbs, Ernest S H '74 

Hobbs, Joseph W O^ '99 

Hobson, Albion W A '89 

Hodgden, Thomas M O^ '84 

Hodgdon, John F H '92 

Hodge, Webster T^ '14 

Hodges, GUbert, Jr K '00 

Hodges, Q. WUson E '08 

Hodges, William T E '02 

Hodgkin, Wilfred R. H. ... A^ '01 

Hodgkins, Howard W X^ '13 

Hodgkinson, Raymond C. . . I^ '08 

Hoeveler, James H O '13 

Hofif, Charles C S '90 

Hoff, Howard L 4> '87 

Hoffman, WUUam S T^ '97 

Hogan, Joseph P X '04 

Hogan, WUUam E O^ '72 

Hogg, WUUam B ^ '71 



Holbrook, Charles P A '02 

Holbrook, Fred S X '03 

Holbrook, John S P^ '00 

Holcombe, WiUiam E N^ '94 

Holden, Fox B '72 

Holden. Sanford S B '06 

Hollands, Herbert R S '05 

Hollands, Stephen C B '08 

Hollingworth, Arthur Z '97 

Hollister, John M K '92 

HoUister, Samuel T P^ '06 

Hollister, William H S '65 

Holman, George T N '76 

Holman, Sidney S B '85 

Holmes, Qayton W * '69 

Holmes, Robert A M^ '98 

Holmes, William F T^ '96 

Holton, Herbert M IT^ '99 

Honness, George G 4> '93 

Hood, Joseph W A '03 

Hood, J. Laurence Z '00 

Hood, Raymond M Z '02 

Hook, Hiram W A '02 

Hooker, Alexander C I^ '11 

Hooker, Henry E^ '96 

Hooker, John B 4^ '92 

Hookey, Ralph A H^ '14 

Hooper, Allen G K '12 

Hooper, George M S '08 

Hooper, William E K '09 

Hooper, William L K '77 

Hopkins, Arthur J M^ '85 

Hopkins, Eleazer O M^ '88 

Hopkins, Francis E A '87 

Hopkins, George F S '83 

Hopkins, Herbert S O^ '91 

Hopkins, Morton G A '03 

Hopkins, Ralph S I'll 

Hopkins, Stephen A Z '93 

Hopkins, WUliam B Z '97 

Home, Irving W H '86 

Home, Parley L I '92 

Homer, Halsey B 0^ '13 

Homer, Roy R N^ '99 

Homing, David W ^ '73 

Horr, Clarence W ^ '10 

Horr, George E ^ '12 

Horton, Lacy 2^ '07 

Hosmer, Robert C B '02 

Hospital, Ralph X^ '13 

Houghton, Albert B M^ '09 

House, Edwin L A '86 

House, Horace L B '74 

Houston, Clarence P K '14 

Houston. James P O^ '84 

Hovey, Albert F * '95 

Howard, Charles H H '93 

Howard, Earl C 2^ '06 

Howard, Ernest O^ '84 

Howard, OUver Z N^ '96 

Howard, Walter B '96 

Howard, WiUiam H O^ '02 

Howe, Adelbert J X '69 

Howe, Arthur L H^ '00 

Howe, Clarence LeC H^ '89 

Howe, Ephraim D K '67 

Howe, Frank H K '82 

Howe, George R K '82 

Howe, George W H 'II 

Howe, Robert 0^ '06 

Howe, William A E '85 

Hower, David L * '92 

Howes, Albert W M^ '94 

Howes, Alfred P., Jr B '07 

Howes, Clarence G O^ '03 

Howland, Horace I '60 

Hoyle, WiUiam H H^ '06 

Hoyt, Giles M I '00 

Hoyt, Henry S I 'II 

Hoyt, Hervey H K '94 

Hoyt, Orson C B '99 

Hoyt, WiUiam B B '81 

Hovt, WUliam E Z '68 

Hubbard, Augustus A '62 

Hubbard, Theodore G B '97 

Hubbard, Tunis T B '95 

Hubbard, WiUiam W B '97 

Huber, John B ^ '87 

Hudson, Charles L H^ '10 

Hudson, Ehner F H^ '14 

Hudson. Robert A H^ '06 

Huested, Alfred P K '01 

Huf smith, CUfford L 0^ 'II 

Huggett, Martin C V^ '99 

Hughes, Andrew L A '65 

Hughes, Henry M B '12 

Hughes, James M I '04 

Hughes, Thomas M T^ '96 

Huiton, William B F^ '13 

Hulbert, Jay M O^ '85 

Hulberg, Oscar H S^ '03 

Hulett, Max F^ '09 



HuU, Charles A Z '99 

Hull, Erwin C ^ '69 

Hull, John C. H '92 

Hull, Morton O^ '08 

HuU, Robert B ^ '08 

HuU, Robert L H '97 

Hull, Wmiam H '.Z '01 

Hult, Gottfried E T^ '91 

Humes, Wesley G K '01 

Humeston. Edward J ^ '99 

Humiston, FrankUn G O^ '82 

Humphrey, Lotte W E '96 

Humphreys, George L S^ '06 

Humpstone, Harold D B '08 

Hungerford, Thomas X '70 

HunneweU, WUUam K '13 

Hunt, A. EUis N^ '11 

Hunt, A. Frazier K^ '09 

Hunt, Albert W M^ '01 

Hunt, Dennison G A '81 

Hunt, Everett H S '10 

Hunt, E. T A '50 

Hunt, FrankUn L., Jr I '11 

Hunt, Harrison F M^ '96 

Hunt, Jasper N., Jr K^ '07 

Hunt, Richard M I '09 

Hunter, Asa J T^ '12 

Hunter, Clyde H K^ '13 

Hunter, George W., Jr I^ '96 

Hunter, James A K^ '13 

Hunter, Lester B K '08 

Hunter, Oliver W A^ '03 

Hunter, Pleasant, Jr A '80 

Huntington, Edward V I '96 

Huntington, George H I^ '00 

Huntington, John P I^ '94 

Huntley, Earl W .T^ '07 

Huntley, WUUam R B '01 

Huntress, Frank E K '88 

Hupfel, Adolph G., Jr E^ '96 

Hurd, wmiam M I '04 

Hurlburt, ComeUus S M ^ '94 

Hurlbutt. Ralph B M^ '11 

Hursey, John S X^ '08 

Hurt, wmiam T A '63 

Huston, Frank H '69 

Hutchings, Paul A K^ '12 

Hutchins, Roy J A^ '04 

Hutchins, WiUiam T N^ '96 

Hutchinson, Chessman P A '87 

Hutchinson, J. Frank S '89 

Hutchinson, WUUam H A '82 

Hutchinson, Warner J O^ '84 

HuttUnger, Carl F P^ '10 

Hyatt, John S B '88 

Hyatt, Louis E B '86 

Hyde, Charles E X '99 

Hyde, James C O^ '88 

Hyde, Robert W T^ '97 


IngaUs, George A H '88 

IngersoU, Edwin D A '56 

Ingham, Humphrey D K^ '11 

Ingham, LesUe H O^ '89 

Inglis, L. Charles A '69 

Inman, Henry B E^ '97 

Intemann, WUUam H. H. . . .X '04 

Irby, Robert G X^ '11 

Ireland, Gordon I '01 

Irsfield, James B 2^ '06 

Irvine, WilUam H H^ '04 

Irvine, WUUam H X '10 

Irving, Arthur P O^ '99 

^sola, VicoC K '12 

^ves, Charles T ^ '92 

Izant, James R S '13 


Jack, JuUan R H^ '13 

Jacks, J. Corwin ^ '81 

Jacks, J. WUford ^ '67 

Jackman, Charles P X '05 

Jackson, AUen W M^ '02 

Jackson, Delbert L O^ '04 

Jackson, Henry H H^ '87 

Jackson, Holmes C E^ '96 

Jackson, Oliver P E '12 

Jackson, Thomas M P '73 

Jackson, WUbur E '10 

Jacobs, Charles B E '84 

Jacobs, Myrl L N^ '10 

Jacobs, Townsend H. . . . B '83 

Jacobs, WUUam W X '77 

Jacques, Thomas Le C U^ '88 

James, Paul B A '06 

Jamieson, Edward A I '11 

Jamieson, Joseph B., Jr. . . .M^ '09 

Jamieson, PhUip S M^ '08 

Janes, Arthur L A '89 

Janes, Robert F I '02 



Jaques, Thomas LeC n^ '88 

Jaques, Washinffton L, Jr.. .11^ '93 

Jarvis, WiUiam D A '56 

Jarvis, WilUam R O^ '93 

Jeffrey, Earl M 2^ '14 

Jenkins, Horatio Z ^ '92 

Jenks, Benjamin L B '12 

Jenks, Charles F H '06 

Jenks, Edwin H ^ '86 

Jenks, John N O^ '72 

Jennings, Bert L A '00 

Jessup, H. Herbert V '13 

Jester, Thomas D V '70 

Jewell, Ernest W S '88 

Jewell, John D U '60 

Jewell, WilHam A U '66 

Jewett, Edmimd H P^ '93 

Jewett, Prank E O^ '83 

Jewett, Freeborn G A '65 

Jewett, George H M^ '96 

Jewett, Irving F O^ '10 

Jillson, Frederic A Z '93 

Johns, William F M^ '12 

Johnson, Edward D K '98^ 

Johnson, Elliott W I^ *im 

Johnson, Frankhn C O^ '97 

Johnson, Frederick A B '96 

Johnson, Frederick LaF H '81 

Johnson, George W H '79 

Johnson, Henry S N^ '97 

Johnson, James A S^ '09 

Johnson, John H O^ '89 

Johnson, Lester G M^ '03 

Johnson, Melvin M K '92 

Johnson, Myron R 2^ '03 

Johnson, Norman H^ '14 

Johnson, Philip W K '13 

Johnson, Samuel P '88 

Johnston, Archibald N^ '89 

Johnston, Edwai-d E N^ '06 

Johnston, George H T^ '97 

Johnston, Herman W U^ '12 

Jones, Benjamin D. M I '58 

Jones, Charles D A '86 

Jones, Dana W O^ '12 

Jones, Daniel B 2 '85 

Jones, Donald L 2^ '13 

Jones, Evan C * '98 

Jones, Frank A X '09 

Jones, Frank I. H^ '88 

Jones, George H 2^ '97 

Jones, George R \ ''<^ 

Jones, Harold C B '02 

Jones, Hazen W O^ '10 

Jones, IraO B '06 

Jones, I^vi R M^ '12 

Jones, Lombard C I '87 

Jones, Philip N O^ '03 

Jones, Raymond W. D Z '08 

Jones, Thomas J P^ '90 

Jones, Thomas R * '98 

Jones, William A., Jr 4> '92 

Jones, WiUiam J ^^ '68 

Joralemon, Jesse C E '80 

Jordan, Charles G K '96 

Jordan, J. Harold O^ '07 

Jordan, Richworth P I '10 

Jordan, Robert J K^ '11 

Jordan, William A 2 '97 

Joslin, Charles L A '00 

JosUn, Ralph E. . / K '86 

Jouett, Mark R., Jr I '03 

Jourdan, Frederick M E^ '99 

Joy, John H H '12 

Joyce, Harold W O^ '08 

Joyce, John H Z '06 

Joynes, Herbert S E '10 

Judkins, John B I '13 

Julbe, Vincent M P^ '86 

Jump, Herbert A M^ '96 

Jutten, Llewellyn W Z '04 

Juvenal, Jacques B 4> '71 


Kadish, Victor H 2^ '06 

Kaestner, Albert C P^ '10 

Kaiser, Frank H N^ '09 

Kane, John F M^ '04 

Kane, Maurice J M^ '06 

Kane, Thomas L M^ '11 

Kauffman, Percival C O '79 

Kaulbach, George C H '11 

Kayser, CarlT 2^ '10 

Kayser, Christian R 2^ '06 

Kasten, Herman 2^ '12 

Keane, Augustine C A^ '05 

Keats, Harold X^ '12 

Kebler, Leonard P^ '04 

Keeler, James F X '00 

Keeler, Rufus P E '08 

Keene, Frank W K '96 

Keene, Paul M I '99 



Keiber, Edward J X 40 

Keigwin, Albert E ^ '91 

Keith, John A. H I '99 

Keller, Alexander W B '14 

Keller, George M B '09 

KeUey, Carlton A M^ '95 

KeUner, Harold E O^ '03 

Kellogg, Burr S A Gr. 

Kellogg, Fred B A '93 

Kellogg, J. Wilford y06 

KeUogg, Walter C I^ '99 

Kellogg, Warren T A '61 

Kellogg, Wmthrop H ^ '08 

Kells, Laurel L T^ '05 

Kelly, Charles W B '83 

KeUy, Gilbert W X^ '00 

KeUy, Thomas F 2^ '06 

Kelly, Walter F. O^ '97 

KeUy, WiUiam P O^ '86 

Kelso, Alexander P 11 '65 

Kelso, Walter L O^ '95 

Kelton, Edward G Z '63 

Kemp, Zachariah W H '84 

Kempton, George R K '00 

Kendall, Calvin N ^ '82 

Kendall, Franklin M B '78 

Kendall, James H K^ '14 

Kendall, Leroy A B '96 

Kendall, Ralph T K '00 

Kendall, Robert M T^ '12 

Kendall, Waldo S I '99 

Kendall, WiUiam C H '85 

Kennedy, Albert J X '01 

Kennedy, Albert S S^ '04 

Kenney. George F. A '90 

Kent, Gfeorge E B '10 

Kent, IraR K '99 

Kent, WiUiam A B '82 

Keogh, James J M^ '12 

Keohan, Thomas C H '97 

Kern, Claud C A^ '07 

Kern, Martin W Z '92 

Kerr, Horace D N^ '11 

Kessenich, Harry E S^ '09 

Kessenich, J. Frank 2^ '06 

Keuffner, Otto B '78 

Keys, Edward A N^ '99 

Kidder, Edwin W M^ '08 

Kidder, Harry W M^ '97 

Kiepper, E. Rice 2 '87 

Kilgore, Annis M A '83 

KUgore, WaUace W H '86 

Kilvert, MaxweU A I '89 

Kimball, Arthur I M^ '08 

KimbaU, Charles W., Jr. . . .0^ '01 

Kimball, Claude D T^ '03 

KimbaU, Ehner A O^ '85 

KimbaU, Elwood D O^ '81 

Kimball, Emerson A A '88 

Kimball, Ernest R I '05 

Kimball, Eugene D T^ '07 

Kimball, Frank H '79 

KimbaU, Frank W A '94 

KimbaU, Frederick E K '92 

KimbaU, George L H '95 

Kimball, Merton L H '87 

Kimball, James H O^ '01 

KimbaU, Leigh W O^ '03 

Kimball, Walter H Z '94 

KimbaU, WiUiam S M^ '08 

Kincaid, Herbert T O^ '83 

Kindt, Albert F 2^ '02 

King, Charles F O^ '81 

King, Delcevare I '95 

King, Edward S A '99 

King, Edwin H X^ '07 

King, Irving Z '14 

King, Samuel R I '89 

King, Samuel T O^ '80 

Kingman, Charles G X '67 

Kingsbury, Benjamin B H '57 

Kingsbury, Burton L A '57 

Kingsbury, John D B '91 

Kingsland, G. Raymond . . . A^ '10 

Kinney, Harry D <I> '07 

Kinney, Roy L H '08 

Kinney, Selden T ^ '06 

Kinney, Worthy H X '80 

Kinnucan, Alfred J T^ '02 

Kipp, Charles G K '93 

Kirby, JohnN P^ '02 

Kirchoff, Frederick W P '73 

Kirk, Albert E B '01 

Kirkland, Ira B 2^ '98 

Kline, Frank J H '68 

Kline, Robert E T^ '97 

Klooster, Clarence A K^ '12 

Knap, James G A '63 

Knapp, James E H^ '03 

Knapp, Jesse W H '83 

Knapp, Joseph W I^ '09 

Kneeland, Fred G H '97 




Kneirtley , Charles C Z 73 

Kneisley, George W A^ '07 

Kneiflley, Nathaniel McK. .K^ '14 

Kniffin, John W N^ '10 

Knight, Daniel R M^ '91 

Edward W O^ '87 

Frank H H '94 

Franklin P H '84 

Harold W O^ '89 

James M H '64 

JohnG 2 '76 

PaulR P '01 

Robert M K '10 

Thomas S K '03 

Knights, Frederick M Z '94 

Knisley, Virgil M T^ '11 

Knoop, John K O^ '14 

Knowlton, Edward A K '06 

Knowlton, Frank W K '99 

Knowlton, Frank W K '07 

Knox, James H 11^ '11 

Knox, John T V '67 

Knox, Oscar A ^ '96 

Knox, Rathbone A S '06 

Koch, Alfred B T^ '07 

Koontz, Amos R E '10 

Kosmak, George W P^ '94 

Krause, Allen K Z '01 

Krause, Carl R P^ '85 

Krause, George F Z '06 

Krause, Maxwell Z '10 

Kreis, Bradford S T^ '10 

Kreis, JohnA V^ '96 

Kreis, Louis A T^ '98 

Kreis, Stanley A T^ '12 

Krementz, Richard E^ '98 

Kremer, George E T^ '06 

Kribs, Frederick D B '14 

Kuhn, Arthur H V^ '13 

Kuhn, George H F^ '07 

Kuhr, Max V^ '13 

Kulp, Daniel H Z '13 

Kunkle, George K S '63 

Kyle, Thomas B O^ '80 

Kyle, Walter T O^ '12 

Lacey, Milton S M^ '93 

Lacey, Walter M I^ '08 

Lacount. John E A '00 

Ladd, AlbeeL Z '99 

Ladd, Frederick P Z '93 

Ladd, George E I '87 

Lahey, Frank H I '04 

Lahey, John J Z^ '06 

Laird, Fred L O^ '84 

Lake, Alfred H Z '08 

Lakeman, Frank W O^ '92 

Lakeman, Harry D O^ '96 

Lalor, WilUam M N^ '04 

Lamb, GranviUe S P^ '14 

Lamb, James E X^ '04 

Lamb, Joseph A K '03 

Lamb, Wilham E X^ '09 

Jjamberton. Benjamin P H '62 

Lamont, Clarence R 0^ '09 

La Monte, Wellington 4> '93 

Lampee, Charles f. O^ '04 

Lamping, Thomas E. . . , U '71 

Lamson, Warren A B '04 

Lancashire, Forest H F^ '01 

Land, George W E '10 

Landes, L. Leo P^ '89 

Landfear, Harry W M^ '90 

Landor, Henry K^ '11 

Landor, Walter A K^ '11 

Landy, Edwin F E^ '89 

Lane, C. F T^ '02 

Lane, Edward B A '81 

Lane, Emory L A '82 

Lane, Francis W O^ '81 

Lane, Frederic D O^ '78 

Lane, Henry W M^ '95 

Lane, Herbert T M^ '97 

Lane, Leland B H '81 

Lane, Robert R O^ '07 

Lang, Benjamin O^ '09 

Langan, John J K^ '10 

Lange, William H^ '12 

Langworthy, James D S '61 

Lanphier, Robert C E^ '97 

Lappin, James G. B H '14 

Larkin, Charies H 4> '99 

Larkin, Harry H * '03 

Larkin, John D., Jr * '00 

La Roche, PhiUp B., Jr P^ '02 

Larrabee, George H H '88 

Larwill, John S Z '60 

Lattomus, Thomas 2 '86 

Laux, Carl O '62 

Law, Edward E '62 

Law, William W., Jr E'^ '91 



Lawless, John L., Jr E '10 

Lawrence, Abbott W K '85 

Lawrence, Albert '77 

Lawrence, Charles L I '94 

Lawrence, Eugene B K '89 

Lawrence, Everton J I^ '02 

Lawrence, Francis K E '12 

Lawrence, James '71 

Lawrence, Norman S B '04 

Lawrence, Percy J T^ '00 

Lawrence, Samuel C, 2nd . . .1 '10 

Lawrence, Thomas N E '05 

Lawrence, William H Z^ '13 

Lawrence, William M K '73 

Lawrie, Harold N P^ '05 

Lawrie, Roland H P^ '06 

Lawry, George A Z '02 

Lawson, Chester B N^ '10 

Lawson, WiUiam T U^ '93 

Lawson, WiUiam W P^ '02 

Lawton, EUis E X '02 

Lawyer, George V '85 

Lay, Frank H B '73 

Lay, Merwin W X '99 

Lay. WiUiam R B '85 

Laybourne, Charles G., Jr. .T^ '11 

Leach, Harlan E T^ '91 

Leach, Harris E T^ '94 

Leach, Harry C T^ '08 

Leach, Helon E T^ '06 

Leach, Hugh E T^ '05 

Leach, WUUeB B '72 

Learning, Richard S N^ '05 

Leary, Edmund M H '91 

Leavens, Kenneth O^ '10 

Leavitt. John S., Jr H '76 

Lebo, Arthur E ^ '99 

Le Clear, Gifford I '96 

Leddy, John M O^ '12 

Lee, James B V '86 

Lee, John H V '96 

Lee, Lewis E I^ '94 

Lee, Thomas H V '83 

Lee, Thomas H., Jr V '14 

Lee, Walter H X^ '06 

Leech, Henry A A '07 

Leeds, Stanton B I^ '08 

Lees, Andrew 2^ '95 

Leete, Percy R Z '06 

Leggett, Raymond G K^ '12 

Legro, Frank O M^ '03 

Lehman, John G N^ '96 

Lehman, Max A T^ '98 

Leighton, Charles M H '94 

Leighton, Walter F K '90 

Leighton, Wniiam E H '95 

Leland, George A I '07 

Lembeck, Henry F E '06 

Lent, Frederick T X '98 

Leonard, Amos M K '66 

Leonard, Claude B K '76 

Leonard, WaUace M M^ '88 

Leonard, WiUiam H O^ '72 

Leonard, Zenas L B '80 

Lesher, Robert A O^ '13 

LesUe, Elwyn E P^ '11 

Leuthold, Walter M B '09 

Lewis, Aubrey C O^ '94. 

Lewis, A. Warner E '09 

Lewis, Charles W ^ '02 

Lewis, Earl R V '13 

Lewis, Frank H Z '97 

Lewis, Fred R X '07 

Lewis, George M N^ '03 

Lewis, Griffith R * '89 

Lewis, Guy C O^ '12 

Lewis, Henry F I '85 

Lewis, Howard A H^ '12 

Lewis, John S P '72 

Lewis, Lester McL M^ '08 

Lewis, Percy J O^ '14 

Lewis, Ralph R K^ '12 

Lewis, Roy E O^ '12 

L'Hommedieu, Louis '75 

Libby, Jesse F H '82 

Libby, JohnG H '76 

Libby, Lucian P H '99 

Lieber, George J S^ '06 

LUienthal. PhUip N M^ '11 

LUley. John K N^ '03 

Lincoln, Frederic H A '99 

Lincoln, Raymond G K '10 

Lindberg, Edward F. J. . . .K^ '09 

Lindberg, Irving A. I K^ '10 

Lindenmeyr, G^rge H P^ '88 

Lindenmeyr, Ludwig P^ '00 

Lindsey, Roy F S^ '13 

Linington, Stephen W P^ '89 

Linn, John T T '69 

Linscott, Frank K H '88 

linscott, RosweU H '83 

Lippincott, Leon S H '10 



lippincott, Wilmot C H '13 

lirie, Frank D Z '91 

Litchman, John L A '04 

Litchfield, Harry L K '99 

Litchfield, Roy S Z '03 

Little, Adelbert P X '72 

Little, Carlton B 11^ '89 

Little, Charles J H '67 

Little, Dwight R I^ '00 

Little, Fremont J. C H '89 

Little, John T.. Jr 11^ '90 

Little, Leonard 8 Z '07 

Little, WUUam P K '11 

Lively, Truman G K^ '12 

Livermore, Arthur L O^ '88 

Llewellyn, Frank P T^ *00 

Lloyd, Alexander V * '13 

Lloyd, Henry, Jr * '03 

Lloyd, Horatio Q A '66 

Lobingier, Chauncey * '96 

Locke, Isaac B O^ '08 

Locke, Richard B O^ '09 

Locke, William B A '90 

Locke, WiUiam H.. O^ '12 

Loff, George O^ '06 

Logan, Walter P^ '13 

Long, Albert M * '76 

Long, Frederick W O^ '11 

Long, George S O^ '79 

Long, James V * '70 

Longfellow, Charles H M^ '86 

Longren, Charles W H '84 

Longwell, Henry E B '83 

Look, Bonne C I '14 

Look, Percy J A '08 

Loomis, Bruce E 4» '02 

Lord, Clifford W A^ '11 

Lord, Paul B 0^ '09 

Lord, Richard J O^ '09 

Losee, Joseph T * '94 

Lothrop, Carl P A '10 

Lothrop, Thomas W K '82 

Lott, John H * '73 

Loubriel, Manuel M P^ '87 

Louer, Lewis S B '94 

Lounsbury, Robert J O^ '76 

Loux, Edward A * '92 

Love, WiUiam F X '03 

Lovejoy, Arthur W K '06 

Lovejoy, George M K '82 

Low, Charles W Z '99 

Low, Harry C I '93 

Low, Herbert C Z '01 

Low, Warren F A '95 

Lowe, Ernest P M^ '03 

Lowe, Guy R M^ '06 

Lowe, Joseph A M^ '04 

Lowe. Stephen A Z '06 

Lowell, George F K '76 

Lower, John H. J X^ '11 

Lubrecht, Frank 8 N^ '12 

Lucas, Wallace B ^ '66 

Luccock, 8amuel B ^ '11 

Luccock, Tracy D * '05 

Luce, Earl D T^ '06 

Luce, John W A '92 

Luckenbach, Charles A N^ '86 

Luckenbach, Horace A N^ '86 

Luckenbach, Paul J N^ '04 

Lund, Francis N P^ '07 

Limd, Harry G M^ '04 

Limt, Howard L H '85 

Luqueer, Frederick L P^ '89 

Lyman, Freeland C X^ '06 

Lyman, Henry W M^ '99 

Lyman, Moses Z '68 

Lyman, Willis I '95 

Lynch, Fenimore B V '12 

Lynde, Frank M K '95 

L3mes, Joseph R 4> '01 

Lynn, WiUiam H Z '10 

Lyon, Frederick D K '92 

Lyons, Edward P ^ '81 

Lyons, Robert K Z '99 


Macalester, Charles, Jr ^ '77 

Macartney, Morton 2^ '09 

MacArthur, Donald M P^ '10 

Macbeth, Heniy E '81 

MacCormack, John W A '99 

MacDonald, Charles A '57 

MacDonald, George 8 E^ '02 

MacDonald, Robert B A^ '02 

MacFarlane, Graham A '72 

MacGahan, Paul P^ '96 

Maclntyre, Edward C V '06 

Mackay, Itoest G Z^ '07 

Mackay, George W Z^ '06 

Mackay, Robert M Z^ '08 

Mackreth, Arthur R. W E '04 

Maclean, Calvin 8 Z^ '10 



MacNair, James D A '05 

Macomber, Edward S Z '04 

MacPherson, Donald J X '11 

McAdoo, Joseph J O '96 

McAllister, Alexander G K '72 

McAndrew, David C O^ '98 

McAuliffe, Florence J O^ '08 

McArdle, WiUiam H P^ '12 

McCabe, Edward F T^ '80 

McCabe, Lewis B S '94 

McCain, Samuel N O^ '09 

McCaU, Frank H N^ '91 

McCaU, Frederick W N^ '90 

McCall, Simmer T I '03 

McCandlish, Howard S E '68 

McCann, Harrison K H '02 

McQeave, William, Jr A^ '06 

McCleery, Ben H K^ '12 

McQellan, Edward J I '89 

McClintock, Paul K '10 

McCloud, Norman C T^ '01 

McClure, B. Carl N^ '06 

McClure, Harry T^ '04 

McClure, Matthew T N '10 

McCoUough, Neal M T^ '08 

McCoU, Thomas D T^ '96 

McComb, Arthur J A^ '05 

McConnaughey, George C. . M '69 

McConnell, Benjamin F B '81 

McConnell, Edward D B '94 

McCook, Henry C H '69 

McCook, John J U '62 

McCord, William P E^ '00 

McCormick, St. John E. . . . A^ '00 

McCray, Claud H X^ '10 

McCrea, George H A '06 

McCrossin, Edward P^ '89 

McCubbin, Charles C X^ '14 

McCutcheon, Frederick C. . .* '10 

McDermott, Arthur V P^ '10 

McDermott, Thomas I T^ '96 

McDevitt, Harry S •. .0^ '07 

McDonald, Herbert J K '69 

McDonald, James, Jr A '60 

McDonough, Charles J A '97 

McDowell, Guy M E '89 

McDuffee, Frank C A '94 

McElfresh, Ralph F X^ '09 

McEUigott, T. J T^ '93 

McElwee, Roy S P^ '07 

McEwan, John J T^ '14 

McEwan, Samuel W T^ '08 

McFarland, Eugene H K^ '12 

McFaxland, George M U '66 

McFaxland, Robert H O '74 

McFarland, William T '68 

McFee, William D O^ '97 

McGaffin, Charles G V '04 

McGaughey, Hugh F P^ '96 

McGee, George T. T^ '92 

McGiU, Benjamin J I^ '12 

McGillicuddy, Daniel J H '81 

McGowen, Archibald K. ... ^ '14 

McGrail, WiUiam P O^ '06 

McGrath, Owen A O^ '06 

McGregor, George R. D Z '91 

McEvMne, John H P^ '06 

Mclntire, David B ^ '04 

Mclntire, Herbert B O^ '81 

Mclntyre, James E E^ '99 

Mclntyre, William H H^ '89 

McK^p, John K H '68 

McKay, D. Leith A^ '09 

McKee, Paul B H^ '14 

McKenney, Henry J X^ '00 

McKesson, R. F T^ '01 

McKim, William R O '94 

McKinney, Maurice D S^ '13 

McKinney, Max B '91 

McKinney, Percy 2^ '11 

McKinney, James P X '69 

McKinney, John E '84 

McKinney, Raymond H X '10 

McKinnon, John A Z^ '07 

McKnight, Hennr P E^ '90 

McLachlan, A. C. V '81 

McLachlan, James V '78 

McLane, Allen F K '11 

McLaren, Malcolm N B '91 

McLaughlin, Frederick C. . . .1 '93 

McLaughlin, Thomas D V '03 

McLaughlin, Warren J W '01 

McLean, Amzi C S^ '04 

McLean, John H Z '07 

McLeUan, Edward C I^ 'U 

McLeUan, Ralph M I^ '07 

McLeod, Stewart B Z '01 

McMahon, Charles E K '04 

McMartin, Walker ^ '08 

MacMillin, Donald B H '97 

McMilUn, Ralph E I^ '06 

McMurtry, James C A '62 



McNed, James H S^ '00 

McNab, Joeeph L S^ '96 

McNaU, Freeman £ X '99 

McNeil, Joeeph L. G N '13 

McNeU, Malcolm R B '11 

McNulty, Frederick W. . . .H^ '09 

McOmber, Georae £ A '56 

McPeek, Russel R T^ '00 

McPheraon, David M H '76 

McPheraon, John B T '66 

McPheraon, J. J A '58 

McRea, Merton A H '04 

McReynolds, Thomas J B '90 

McWhorter, Gardner A S '13 

McWhorter, Hugh M S '10 

McWilliams, Albert F E^ '03 

McWilliams, John W H '61 

Maas, Louis O K '05 

Maben, John C P^ '96 

Mabry, Irving E H '02 

Mace, Shirley A O^ '09 

Machen, Emmett L. H E '13 

Maddox, W. Arthur E '04 

Maerker, Karl R O^ '09 

Maerum, Garfield H H^ '69 

Magee, Franklin R A '88 

Maguire, Walter J N^ '12 

Maguire, William C K^ '10 

Magruder, Bruce X^ '07 

Magruder, Marshall X^ '08 

M^er, Charles H P^ '13 

Mahlstedt, John W O^ '12 

Mahon, Edward I '98 

Mahon, Robert J P^ '83 

Mahon, Robert V P^ '10 

Maier, Henry W ^ '91 

Maier, William J ^ '99 

MaUory, Walter S * '14 

Maloney, Robert W 11^ '03 

Manbert, Ray B K '02 

Manchester, Leander C Z '58 

Mandell, Arthur, Jr N^ '09 

Mangold, William G P^ '87 

Man&re, John T B '91 

Manley, Ellery <> '09 

Mann, Alexander S, '81 

Mann, Cameron S '70 

Mann, Donald P S '83 

Mann, Isaac C K '74 

Mann, Warren H O '00 

Manning, William S X^ '99 

Mansfield, Benjamin F E^ '96 

Mansfield, Frederick J. H. . . A '98 

Mansfield, Romaine S S '67 

Mansur, Frederick W I '97 

Manuel, M. H T^ '94 

Mapes, Charles V I '57 

Marble, Cedl H A '97 

Marble, Ernest G K '99 

Marchand, Charles M I^ '14 

Marcy, Frank L P^ '08 

Marden, Augustus E O^ '84 

Marden, Orison 8 A '77 

Marden, William E O^ '86 

Mariett, Harold M A '08 

Maris. Herbert L T^ '02 

Markham, Spencer S X '78 

Markle, Alvin * '82 

Markle, George B., Sr ^ '78 

Markle, George B., Jr ^ '12 

Markle, John * '80 

Marks, Joseph L T '69 

Marquis, John B M^ '13 

Marsden, Henry H E '08 

Marsh, Edward. N^ '94 

Marsh, Fdward L M^ '88 

Marsh, Frank M A '98 

Marsh, Harold P H '10 

Marsh, Harry B M^ '99 

Marsh, John B I '08 

Marsh, Rabe F * '97 

MarshaU, Alfred W P '71 

MarshaU, Edward L K '14 

Marshall, Horace M N '77 

Marshall, James H I^ '00 

Marshall, Lawrence K A^ '11 

Marshall, Randolph G 2^ '09 

Marston, Glenn S '03 

Marston, Harold P H '11 

Marston, James H. C Z '08 

Marston, Percival F H '88 

Martin, Alexander W E '11 

Martin, Howard P 73 

Martin, James R X '00 

Martin, W T^ '10 

Martin, Thomas R T^ '07 

Martin, William D Z '62 

Marvin, Charles D * '78 

Marvin, Charles R K '99 

Marvin, Reginald K K '96 

Marvin, Thomas O K '88 

Marvin, Winthrop L K '89 



Marx, Charles D B 78 

Marx, Henry B 79 

Marx, Roland G H^ '11 

Mason, Charles A M^ '12 

Mason, Charles F Z '61 

Mason, Harold W I '00 

Mason, John A '96 

Mason, John C V '86 

Mason, Lucius R X^ '07 

Mason, M. Clinton I^ '04 

Mason, Orlin J X '74 

Mason, Samuel C T^ '03 

Mason, Thomas A O^ '01 

Mason, Victor L X^ '97 

Mason, William H O^ '13 

Mason, William M K '99 

Massey, Walter G B '01 

Mather, Alfred W Z^ '10 

Mather, John 0^ '07 

Mathewson, James A Z^ '12 

Mathewson, Frank M Z '73 

Mathewson, Samuel J Z^ '13 

Matthews, Edwin P O '79 

Mattison, Joseph I '07 

Maurer, George L P^ '12 

Maurer, Thomas O S '66 

Mauss, Harry M T^ '09 

Maxcy. Kenneth F X^ '11 

Maxfield, Cyrus E K '79 

Maxson, Louis H A '06 

Maxwell, Edwin 2 '97 

Maxwell, John H H '88 

Maxwell, Lawrence G Z^ '07 

Maxwell, William K T^ '98 

May, Clarence R B '14 

May, Harry A X '09 

May, Selden E X '11 

Mayer, EUas C O^ '00 

Mayhew, Osgood N I '01 

Maynard. James T O^ '04 

Mayne, Edward F T^ '08 

Mead, Frank H H '96 

Mead, George W 2^ '94 

Mead, Nelson P H^ '99 

Meade, Frank S .-I '12 

Mears, Brainerd I^ '03 

Mears, Frederic W I^ '12 

Mears, Leverett B I^ '06 

Mechlin, Benjamin F., Jr. . .B '05 

Meehan, Joseph A A '98 

Meiklejohn, Alexander Z '93 

Meiswinkel, E. Clayton ... .N^ '13 

Mdcher, Samuel A H '77 

Melden, Charles M A '80 

Mellon, James R IT '65 

MeUon, Thomas, Jr I '03 

Meloon, Joseph L K '80 

Mendum, Samuel W. K '85 

Merchant, Marcius H Z '97 

Meredith, Albert B A '96 

Merriam, Arthur H M^ '97 

Merriam, C. F. O T^ '98 

Merriam, Henry E B '92 

Merriam, Jolm O^ '77 

Merrick, Charles I I '94 

Merrick, Frank A N^ '91 

MerriU, Dana K H '14 

MerriU, Frank W K '12 

Merrill, Fred B T^ '10 

Merrill, Fred B H '00 

Merrill, George A H '94 

MerriU, George F B '01 

Merrill, George W H '59 

MerriU, John D K '87 

MerriU, Perez B H '02 

Merrill, Ralph H A^ '03 

MerriU, Waldo T H '99 

MerriU, Walter A Z^ '12 

Merritt, George N A '05 

Merritt, Walter H A '03 

Merrow, John W O^ '97 

Merserau, WiUiam B B '73 

Meserve, Albert W H '88 

Meserve, Charles D A '87 

Meserve, Frank C A '77 

Meservey, Jefferson B H '58 

Metcalf, Edward R K '87 

MetcaJf, Frank E T^ '13 

Metcalf, Frank J A '86 

Metcalf, George P I '98 

Mewshaw, James P X^ '06 

Meyer, David G X '94 

Meyer, Edward B P^ '10 

Meyer, John F K^ '07 

Michael, Herbert L K '06 

Michael, Myron J K '75 

Michael, WUham U K '08 

Michaels, Marcus X '73 

Michler, Henry D ^ '76 

Middleton, Arthur P X^ '12 

MUinowski, A. S I '04 

Miller, A. George S '71 



Miller, AUiaon N X^ '14 

MiUer, Charles R O^ 72 

Miller, Clarence R A '09 

MiUer, Donald H. T P^ '07 

Miller, Ernest R. Jr I'll 

Miller, Eugene K. /. ^'13 

Miller, Frank W O^ '93 

Miller, Fred A ^ '11 

Miller, Henry F., 2nd B^ '10 

Miller, Herbert 8 0^ '92 

Miller, Hugh R S '97 

Miller, James J T^ '10 

Miller, John R ^. H '63 

Miller, Richard H I '05 

Miller, Roy C K^ '11 

Miller, Stanley R I '03 

Miller, Walter F B '03 

Millholland, Henry * '78 

Milliken, Allen W Z '04 

Mills, George S O^ '90 

Mills, John B O^ '72 

Mills, Sumner P A '01 

Millspaugh, Josiah S '79 

Millspaugh, WiUard P I^ '96 

Miner, George L Z '97 

Minor, Henry C E^ '02 

Mirick, George A M^ '87 

MitcheU, AMn M^ '13 

Mitchell, Clarence L H '89 

Mitchell, James H., Jr I^ '09 

Mitchell, James K H '71 

MitcheU, Roscoe R 1^*04 

MitcheU, WUmot B H '90 

MixseU, David ^ '71 

Mohan, Richard T Z^ '08 

Moir, JohnA I '08 

MoUne, Charles I '01 

Moffett, C. T T^ '92 

Moffett, James B T^ '95 

Moffett, J. Henry C P^ '12 

Monroe, Gustavus L., Jr. . .X^ '00 

Monroe, Henry A Z '94 

Montague, Charles E I^ '91 

Montgomery, Burt H V^ '05 

Montgomery, Carey R O '77 

Montgomery, David H Z '61 

Montgomery, Robert B O '77 

Montgomery, Walter B. . . .T^ '11 
Montgomery, WUUam E. . . .H '13 

Montooth, Edward E U '68 

Moody, Edward F H '03 

Moody, Harry L 0^ '07 

Mooney^Herman C P^ '09 

Moore, Charles H A '05 

Moore, Edward M., Jr X '71 

Moore, Edward M I '92 

Moore, Francis A 0^ '12 

Moore, George G., Jr P^ '06 

Moore, Harry T S '99 

Moore, Herbert J K^ '14 

Moore, James S Z '94 

Moore, John E A '04 

Moore, Joseph R. H A '99 

Moore, RoUand B X^ '02 

Moors, Charles E K '02 

Mora, Mariano L P^ '91 

Moran, Harry P H^ '01 

Moran, WUliam E R^ '98 

Morehouse, Albert W X '69 

Morey, Charles R T^ '99 

Morey, David B O^ '13 

Morgan, Qyde B A '12 

Morgan, David N A^ '09 

Morgan, Henry H I '96 

Morgan, Henry W Z^ '13 

Morgan, Joseph M ^ '04 

Morgan, WUliam E O '60 

MorriU, Albert H P^ '13 

MorriU, Charles H O^ '88 

MorriU, Frank N I '97 

MorriU, Jedediah A A '96 

MorrUl, Otis C I^ »07 

Morris, Francis A M^ '00 

Morris, Harry T N^ '91 

Morris, Henry S T^ '91 

Morris, Josiah W M^ '85 

Morrison, Archibald B B '01 

Morrison, Arthur W X '10 

Morrison, Charles E P^ '01 

Morrison, George C I '12 

Morrison, James C I '11 

Morrison, Maurice B '97 

Morrison, WUHam H B '90 

Morrogh, Charles A E^ '95 

Morrow, WUUam B V '89 

Mors^, Edmimd R B '79 

Morse, Edward B Z '96 

Morse, Frank E A '84 

Morse, Frank L T^ '08 

Morse, John H O^ '94 

Morse, John H H '97 

Mortimer, CaldweU B '06 



Morton, Frank O^ '80 

Moses, Fred C X '10 

Moses, John M O^ 78 

Moses, Kirke L O^ W 

Mosher, Edward R P^ '10 

Mosher, Loren A O^ *97 

Moss, Benton C E^ '01 

Moulton, Andrew M O^ 72 

Moulton, Arthur F A^ '09 

Moulton, E. C A '50 

Moulton, E. Francis A^ '13 

Moulton, Joseph S O^ '73 

Moulton, Robert H A^ '11 

Moulton, Warren J M^ '88 

Mount, Joseph E S '04 

Mountfort, Sumner L K '13 

Mowbray, A. S S '86 

Mower, Malcolm B Z '05 

Muir, William E : . . .Z '11 

MuUen, Frank E H^ '10 

Mullen, George J 11^ '13 

MuUigan, WiHiam G V86 

Mumper, George B S '84 

Munroe, Arthur J I '03 

Munroe, Harrington B Z^ '03 

Murdick, Perry H A '03 

Murdock, Edward A O^ '77 

Murphy, Arthur G H^ '03 

Murphy, Charles R B '89 

Murphy, Edward T N^ '01 

Murphy, Frederick A O^ '94 

Murphy, Gardner I '10 

Murray, Michael D A '67 

Murray, Vance B P^ '10 

Murtha, James A., Jr P^ '91 

Musser, Clive N S^ '08 

Musser, James M S^ '04 

Myers, Elmer L * '92 

Myers, Frank J N^ '98 

Myers, Henry B .X^ '10 

Myers, John D X^ '11 

Myrick, Nathaniel W Z '00 


Nagel, Sarsfield M Z^ '04 

Nagle, Harold E H^ '04 

NaUe, Ernest M T '72 

Nash, Alexander S M^ '05 

Nash, Fred C T^ '01 

Nash, Harry F I '09 

Nash, Kenneth L Z '12 

Nash, Reginald Z '14 

Nason, Robert E K '03 

Naylor, WilUam B 2^ '94 

Neagle, Alexander H I^ '12 

Neai; Ralph W O^ '03 

Neal. Robert C^ A '70 

Needham, Royal T K '91 

Neidlinger, Charles R H^ '99 

Neidlinger, Samuel C H^ '99 

NeiU, Mather H M^ '05 

NeiU, William L N^ '88 

Neilson, Walter T^ '09 

Neiman, Howard 8 N^ '88 

Nellis, Franklyn E., Jr B '04 

Nellis, Merwyn H ^ '06 

Nelson, Clare H^ '96 

Nelson, Deane H^ '90 

Nelson, George B S^ '98 

Nelson, Henry C H^ '91 

Nelson, Isaac H^ '97 

Nelson, Keating S N '78 

Nelson, Robert M I '13 

Nesbitt, Harold E I^ '05 

Neubaker, Edward J N^ '98 

Nevins, Wilson H '75 

New. Carl W S '95 

Newbegin, Henry H '57 

Newbegin, Parker C H '91 

Newbegin, Robert H '96 

Newcomb, Albert S T^ '06 

Newell, Duncan H M^ '07 

NeweU, Prank A O^ '79 

Newell, George A S '14 

Newell, Harry W 0^*95 

Newell, Lucius H Z '94 

Newhall, George M A '89 

NewhaU, John B '06 

Newhouser, Roy L. J X^ '09 

Newick, Ira A O^ '05 

Newman, Carl E H^ '11 

Newman, Andrew P S^ '92 

Newman, George W O^ '02 

Newman, Harry S ^ '98 

Newman, William P H '10 

Newton, Harry H A '83 

Newton, John W T '57 

Newton, Peter A B '94 

Newton, Ralph H B '05 

Newton, William A '50 

Nicholas, Samuel H O '79 

Nichols, Charles H X^ '10 




Nichols, Harry H O^ '04 

Nichols, James A H '94 

Nichols, John R I '94 

Nichols, John W H '81 

Nichols, Joseph V '81 

Nichols, Melville T I '01 

Nichols, Raymond E S^ '02 

Nichols, Thomas F H '92 

Nicholson, J. Edward T^ '06 

Nickerson, Nehemiah O '55 

Nicoll, Augustus W A '59 

Nicouiin, Claude X T^ '00 

Nightingale, Fred O ^ '94 

NileB, Harold L O^ '07 

Nixon, George R B '12 

Nixon, Samuel F B '11 

Nixon, William J H '13 

Noble, Archibald E A '00 

Noble, Edwin LaF A '93 

Noble, William B H '63 

Nolan, James B B '00 

Nolthenius, Paul L P^ '07 

Noolley, James E P^ '06 

Noonan, Harry C S^ '13 

Noonan, Harry C S '14 

Norris, Rastus R X^ '03 

North, Frank A K '92 

North, WUliam B T^ '06 

Northrop, Addison H I^ '14 

Northway, William R A '63 

Norton, Burt B S '99 

Norton, Francis C 04 '92 

Norton, Frederick E B '13 

Norton, Frederick I IT '72 

Norton, Walter H O^ '10 

Noyes, Arthur H A '87 

Noyes, Henry H H '91 

Noyes, Oscar A A '98 

Noyes, William J O^ '75 

Nutter, William H I^ '97 

Nutting, Philip A I '02 

Nye, Frank C H^ '09 


Oaks, John F X '70 

Obear. Josiah J X^ '04 

Ober, Charles F O^ '73 

Oberrender, Harold S B '11 

Okeson, Walter R N^ '96 

O'Brien, Charles C K '70 

O'Brien, Michael S O^ '06 

O'Brien, William A O^ '86 

O'Connor, John C O^ '02 

O'Connor, Joseph L X '08 

Oddie, Clarenoe M B '99 

Odell, Willis P A '80 

Ogier, Edward H H^ '11 

Oper, Walter T H^ '06 

Oglebay, Earl W H '69 

OSebay, Frank M H '72 

Ohage, Justus, Jr T^ '09 

O'Kecffe, Alexis W E '13 

O'Eeeffe, Francis C, Jr E '07 

Oliver, Albert I A '99 

Ohnsted, John C N '76 

Ohiey, James P V '79 

Olsen, Allen G F^ '07 

Onderdonk, Fred A U^ '98 

O'Neill, Eugene O^ '78 

Oppenheimer, W. P A '55 

Orcutt, Dehnar B Z '12 

Ordonez. Hennojones 4» '89 

Orr, Melvin H H '84 

Orrell, Ephraim E M^ '05 

Orwen, Charles G X '99 

Osbon, John F I '96 

Osbom, Charles F I^ '01 

Osborne, Eugene A O '57 

Osborne, Maurice M I '08 

Osgood, Abner M A '78 

Osgood, Alan I '11 

Osgood, Sidney E B '04 

Osier, Edwin J.. 2nd K '11 

Ostermaier, William E N^ '05 

Otis, Burdett A ^^ '12 

Otis, Sidney P^ '03 

Otis, William H Z '56 

Otjen, Henry H 2^ '03 

Otter, William M I '02 

Ottman, William S P^ '98 

Overholt, Christian F U '69 

Overholt, Fenton C H '69 

Overholt, Isaac F T '68 

Overton, Myron E E^ '02 

Owens, William U '61 

Oxman, Thomas H P^ '09 


Packard, George H '08 

Page, Norman J O^ '95 

P^e, Willis S X '68 

Palacios, Jose B A '93 



Palmer, Andrew W B 74 

Palmer, Clarence S V 79 

Palmer, Cyrus C S '91 

Palmer, Francis L M^ '85 

Palmer, Frank E H^ '14 

Palmer, Frank G E^ '97 

Palmer, George T X '07 

Palmer, Harold W O^ '03 

Palmer, Harry L H '04 

Palmer, Julius Z '77 

Palmer, PhiUp M H '00 

Palmer, Walter W M^ '05 

Panmienter, Arthur T X '08 

Pantaenius, Harry A Z '11 

Parce, Dw^t A S '93 

Parcell, J.a: A '50 

Pardee, Barton ^ '77 

Pardee, Calvin A '60 

Pardee, Frank * '79 

Pardee, Israel P * '74 

Pardee, James H V '89 

Pardee, James L ^ '13 

Pardee, Schuyler ^ '14 

Parker, A. Merrick I^ '02 

Parker, Andrew H S '71 

Parker, Edward S Z '96 

Parker, Francis F K '65 

Parker, Frank P., Jr I '02 

Parker, Fred E H '91 

Parker, Harold F O^ '02 

Parker, Henry B K^ '14 

Parker, Herbert G O^ '02 

Parker, Joseph O ^ '10 

Parker, Lee H B '89 

Parker, Marco S U^ '92 

Parker, Robert E O^ '10 

Parker, Vincent L N '12 

Parkhurst. Albert E H '13 

Parkins, Edgar R Z^ '07 

Parkins, Frank A Z^ '14 

Parkis, Ernest A Z '99 

Parks, Burritt A T^ '08 

Parr, John B A '96 

Parson, Artley B I '03 

Parson, Donald I '05 

Parson, Eric I '08 

Parsons, Ernst M I '03 

Parsons, Floyd W N^ '02 

Parsons, Raymond W A^ '10 

Partridge, Edward B S '99 

Partri<^ George B T^ '10 

Partridge, Leonard S S '06 

Partridge, Olcott O I^ '94 

Partridge, Samuel S., Jr S '02 

Partridge, Thomas M S '87 

Patchin, Frank G B '84 

Paterson, Alexander S '86 

Patten, John C T^ '14 

Patten, Kenneth S M^ '13 

Patten, Stephen Z '14 

Patterson, Charles H K '87 

Patterson, Frederick H P^ '90 

Patterson, George C V^ '14 

Patterson, James B Z '58 

Patterson, Lincoln B 4> '88 

Paul, Carl X '05 

Paul. Luther G M^ '93 

Paull, Austin R A '92 

Paulson, Archie M H^ '14 

Paulson, Frank G H '70 

Payne, Archer E 2^ '13 

Payne, Harry M * '81 

Peabody, James E I^ '92 

Peachy, Henry H O '89 

Peake, James McL I^ '97 

Pearce, Carlos T ^. . .S '90 

Pearce, Harley N K '80 

Pearson, Edmund L I '02 

Pearson, Edward P E '85 

Pearson, Joseph K A '66 

Pease, Peter L S^ '04 

Peck, John H P '95 

Peckitt, L. Carlton ^ '13 

Pedro, James E H^ '14 

PeeUe, Stanton C X^ '99 

Peet, James C X '76 

Peirce, Arthur W K '82 

Pehsson, Joseph H T^ '11 

Pember, Karl A O^ '02 

Pendleton, Frank E B '00 

Penley, Henry M Z '04 

Penny, Arthur G Z^ '08 

Penteado, Jose B. L P^ '84 

Peppard, John T O^ '14 

Perdue, Robert H E^ '96 

Ferine, Frederick G ^ '87 

Ferine, Robert B V '90 

Perkins, Allan M O^ '08 

Perkins, Frederick W K '91 

Perkins, Isaac C P^ '04 

Perkins, John R. O^ '89 

Perkins, Richard E '14 



Perkins, Sidney N * 74 

Perkins, Sprag^e H K '94 

Perkins, Walter P H '80 

Perkins, WiUiam A H '83 

Perrine, George G S '61 

Perry, Andrew J F '55 

Perry, Barton W ^ '90 

Perry, Calbraith B Z '67 

Perry, Carleton A K '97 

Perry, Charles A H '76 

Perry, Charles W Z '08 

Perry, Drake T I '97 

Perry, Edward A K '67 

Perry, Henry J K '92 

Perry, James H A '61 

Perry, Oscar H K '83 

Perry, Stephen C, Jr O^ '13 

Perry, Wallace M K '79 

Perry, William B M^ '92 

Person, H. Grant I^ '91 

Persons, James W B '03 

Persons, Richard S B '00 

Peter, Herbert C, Jr I^ '10 

Peterson, Arthur E K '92 

Peterson, Benjamin W U '72 

Peterson, Isaac S^ '96 

Peterson, William G Z^ '06 

Petrie, Jost W T^ '10 

Petrie, Edward S V '80 

Petrie, Sidney W V '76 

Pettengill, Arthur G H '81 

Pettengill, John Q. A A '80 

PettengiU, Newland M H '75 

Pettigrew, Charles W N^ '14 

Pettinos, Charles E S '92 

Pettus, WUUam H E '08 

Pevear, Selwyn R I^ '07 

Pfaender, Albert T^ '97 

Pfisterer, George E K^ '08 

PhilUps, Fulton H '66 

Phillips, Paul C M^ '88 

Phipps, W. J. McKinney ... ^ '75 

Pickard, Frederick W H '94 

Pickens, Carl D 2 '95 

Pickering, Earle T T^ '11 

Pierce, Charles E B '80 

Pierce, Chester E K '04 

Pierce, Guy C K '96 

Pierce, Earle H O^ '10 

Pierce, Edwin D M^ '92 

Pierce, Fenelon A Z '64 

Pierce, Frederick P V '87 

Pierce, George E M^ '09 

Pierce, James W O^ '91 

Pierce, LesUe D K '01 

Pierce, lUchard C A^ '10 

Pierce, Valentine M I '88 

Piercy, Albert I P^ '94 

Pierpont, Lawrence I '96 

Pierson, Louis A I^ '91 

Pififner, Harold W S^ '14 

Pike, Jay N T^ '00 

Pike. Roy M T^ '04 

Pillsbury, Earl D T^ '00 

Pindar, Ralph W K '96 

Pingree, Raiisom C I '06 

HSerton, Hugh M. ' T^ '11 

Pinkerton, Wiffiam P V^ '11 

Piper, Ernest K O^ '94 

Piming, George F T^ '04 

Pishon, Emmett O^ '13 

Pishon, Sturgis O^ '10 

Pitblado, CoUn S A '91 

Pitcaim, Hugh H A '90 

Pitcher, Albert L A '93 

Pitman, Harold M Z '09 

Pitman, Stephen M K '69 

Place, Alfred G 0^ '08 

Place, Perley O O^ '93 

Platner, Bamabus B K '77 

Piatt, Frederick S O^ '74 

Plummer, Frank W O^ '91 

Poindexter, Charles E '61 

Poland, Orville C A '87 

Pollard, John W. H O^ '95 

Pomeroy, John H N^ '00 

Poole, Charles A E '72 

Poole, WiUiam W., Jr O^ '12 

Poor, John M O^ '97 

Poore, Howard W H '92 

Pope, Charles H H '62 

Pope. Richard D P^ '92 

Porcheron, Preston H Z '01 

Porter, Charles I I '02 

Porter, Cecil G Z^ '09 

Porter, Chester T M^ '96 

Porter, Clarence L A^ '09 

Porter, Gould A H '91 

Porter, Harry A 2^ '07 

Porter, Harry D A^ '03 

Porter, James M O^ '10 

Porter, Lynn A T^ '10 



Porter, WiUiam F I '00 

Posada, Alejandro E A '91 

Post, liVank L S^ '08 

Post, George S N^ '96 

Post, Herbert L S^ '08 

Potter, Arthur N Z '02 

Potter, Elmer C O^ '92 

Potter, Everett C Z '02 

Potter, Harry O T^ '07 

Potter, John C T^ '14 

Potter, Leslie F S '93 

Potter, Van A .X^ '04 

Potter, William K., Jr Z '98 

Powe, Thomas I I '95 

PoweU, Llewellyn X^ '04 

PoweU, William D A '56 

Powers, Clarence S K '14 

Powers, Ivan X '72 

Powers, James F K '61 

Powers, LeGrand K '72 

Powers, Lorin C K '05 

Powers, Paul W N^ '95 

Poyntz, Francis W H^ '01 

Prail, Frederick W T^ '98 

Pratt, Charles W A '57 

Pratt, Chester M M^ '00 

Pratt, George A T^ '98 

Pratt, George F H '76 

Pratt, John A S^ '94 

Pratt, Mason D N^ '87 

Pressey, Charles P I^ '93 

Preston, Archibald E H^ '04 

Preston, Harold B '79 

Preston, William G A '88 

Price, David X '12 

Price, Edward F N^ '13 

Price, Hickman P^ '09 

Prichard, Charles R 6^ '05 

Prichard, Fred E O^ '91 

Priest, Herbert B I '97 

Pringle, WUliam D S '62 

Prioleau, James McB A '57 

Pritchard, Myron T A '78 

Pritchett, George E E '62 

Pritchett, George H I '05 

Proctor, Albert J e^ '11 

Proctor, Albert W. S 0^*74 

Proctor, George N., Jr O^ '05 

Proctor, James S O^ '08 

Phissing, Harry F B '09 

Prussing, Rudolph E B '04 

Puffer, Charles G K '09 

Puffer, Charles H K '83 

Pulver, George M I^ '10 

Purinton, Jacob W K '09 

Purington, Hairy W H '08 

Pushee, Royal E. M^ '11 

Putnam, Frank L V '03 

Putnam, George W O^ '79 

Putnam, Guy O O^ '11 

Putnam, L^ngH O^ '12 

Putnam, John H O^ '00 

Putnam, Ralph B M^ '94 

Putney, Edmonds I^ '96 

Putney, William B., Jr I^ '00 

Pyle, Walter L S '93 

Pyne, Henry R X^ '93 


Quigley, Henry C N^ '95 

Quinby, Samuel F Z '61 

Quinlan, Howard T^ '13 


Raines, William G S '70 

Rainey, Edward C K^ '09 

Ralston, Thomas E A '64 

Ramaley, Francis T^ '95 

Ramsdale, WiUliam C X '79 

Rand, Edward M H '59 

Rand, John L O^ '83 

Rand, Sumner G M^ '06 

Rand, William M I '09 

Randall, Arthur G K '92 

Randolph, Alfred M E '55 

Ranney, Eu^ne O O '60 

Ransom, Frank H A '67 

Raphael, Joseph O^ '01 

Rappleye, Walker G B '82 

Rathbun, John H S '11 

Rawlins, Thomas N S '82 

Rawls, Joel C E '06 

Rawls, SolW E '13 

Rawson, Jonathan A M^ '95 

Raymond, F. O I '89 

Raymond, Norman T X^ '14 

Raymond, Wendell P Z '09 

Raynolds, William M 6 '73 

Read, Clifford K * '90 

Reaney, George H P^ '07 



Rebaaa, Charles P X W 

Rebec, George D T^ '91 

Rector, Mark D B '09 

Redhead. Edward B 6 '96 

Redick, John W I^ '07 

Redlon, Nathan C O^ '06 

Redman, Arthur P O^ '01 

Redmond, Benjamin J 11 '60 

Redmond, Henry A A '55 

Reed, Charles L K '89 

Reed, Harold F I^ '08 

Reed, Harry E H^ '10 

Reed, Howard S H^ '13 

Reed, Joseph B H '83 

Reed, J. L H '70 

Reed, Lynn P X '13 

Reed, Robert G O^ '74 

Reed, William J Z '13 

Rees, Soren P T^ '95 

Reeves, David LeR 4» '96 

Reeves, D. Wallace Z '98 

Reid, Eugene J P^ '04 

Reigart, John R N^ '03 

ReiBy, Frederic A ^ '14 

Remer, John P^ '90 

Remer, John W U^ '94 

Repko, George Z '12 

Repko, John S Z '12 

Resor, William S 6^ '93 

Restnch, William C T^ '12 

Rettew, J. Barton S '91 

Renter, Henry E '03 

Reutter, Charles E P^ '12 

Reutter, Robert H P^ '13 

Rewey, EUjah M Y '73 

Rex, Carleton P B '13 

Reynalds, Charles L A^ '13 

Reynders, John Van W A '86 

Reynolds, Bergen 0^ '10 

Reynolds, Frank L. S K '07 

Reynolds, George G B '98 

Reynolds, Marion F H^ '04 

Reynolds, Willard G M^ '90 

Rhoads, Glenson C T '72 

Rhodes, Frederick M Z '90 

Ribiero, Amaso A K '84 

Rice, Alexander H A '01 

Rice, Austin M^ '94 

Rice, C. Victor A '93 

Rice, Frederick A K '81 

Rice, John E A '03 

Rice, Ralph W M^ '10 

Rice, Robert A M^ '98 

Rice, Robert H * '01 

Rice, RueaH O^ '78 

Rice, William M. J B '74 

Rich, Alexander M E '85 

Rich, Edward W K '99 

Rich, Edwin W I '97 

Richards, Albert G S '96 

Richards, Charles B A '56 

Richards, C. Nelson S '10 

Richards, Frank P H '11 

Richards, Karl W 6^ '07 

Richardson, Charles K^ '14 

Richardson, Charles E Z^ '08 

Richardson, George B U^ '93 

Richardson, George L. C. . . . A '94 

Richardson, George T A '87 

Richardson, Harry E K '04 

Richardson, Horace K., Jr. .K '02 

Richardson, James T 2 '90 

Richey, CD H '66 

Richmond, Chester D N^ '96 

Richmond, James B '02 

Richmond, PhiHp A B '13 

Richter, William J X '04 

Ricker, Greorge A K '14 

Rickert, Paul M S^ '12 

Ricketts, Charles L K '95 

Ricketts, William L K '90 

Ricketts, William R. ...... .E^ '92 

Rideout, Henry M I '98 

Ridgway, Whitson D U^ '13 

Ridmgs, Oscar D S '86 

Ridlon, Bertrand D H '91 

Riggs, James G M^ '88 

Righter, George M T '72 

Rindge, WeUington K '13 

Ring, Henry C I '98 

Ringwood, James D A '93 

Rii^ood, Thomas D A '94 

Rink, John C A '03 

Rionda, JoseB P^ '01 

Rionda, Leandro J P^ '02 

Rionda, Manuel E P^ '00 

Rionda, Salvador C P^ '12 

Rippey, Harlan W X '98 

Risley, Thomas E A^ '05 

Risser, Roy E K^ '14 

Ritchie, Norman E B '09 

Ritter, Henry A T^ '81 



RiyiniuSy George A I *07 

Roadhouse, Chester L B '06 

Robbins, Benjamin C Y '87 

Robbins, Milton H., Jr E^ '91 

Robbins, Ra3rmond A A '96 

Robbins, Roger S K '14 

Robert, James A Z '68 

Roberts, Arthur S O^ '00 

Roberts, Cassius C 11 '71 

Roberts, Charles McG P^ '09 

Roberts, Edgar G P^ '94 

Roberts, Edward S Z '96 

Roberts, John A H '77 

Roberts, Perry B B '87 

Roberts, Richard B., Jr P^ '14 

Roberts, Roger M B '01 

Roberts, Thomas P S '63 

Robertson, Alexander F N '73 

Robertson, Andrew S^ '07 

Robertson, Charles N., Jr. . .Z '13 

Robertson, Herbert H 4> '05 

Robertson, James B S^ '08 

Robertson, John A H^ '09 

Robertson, Samuel G. H ^ '06 

Robertson, William H., 2nd. .Z '12 

Robinson, Albert B V '68 

Robinson, Burr A 6^ '09 

Robinson, Charles M E^ '91 

Robinson, D. A A '60 

Robinson, Dwight W Z '07 

Robinson, Edward L 6 '86 

Robinson, Edward W Y '10 

Robinson, Francis H Y '74 

Robinson, George H 11^ '86 

Robinson, James R V '72 

Robinson, John G E '91 

Robinson, Joseph J 4> '93 

Robinson, Lucius W A '10 

Robinson, Millard L A '06 

Robinson, Nathaniel E X^ '01 

Robinson, Ralph D A^ '08 

Robinson, Sumner K '88 

Robison, Harold H E '11 

Robison, William W S '00 

Roby, Harrison G O^ '04 

Roche, John P P^ '11 

Rockefeller, Roy P B '03 

Rodgers, Stanley T I^ '14 

Rodick, Andrew S H '02 

Rodriguez. Salvador 0^ '12 

Roe, Ralph R B '07 

Roehrig, Gilbert H M^ '03 

Roeser, Eugene C X '01 

Roess, Henry C B '88 

Roess, Louis J B '92 

Rogers, Allan E H '76 

Rogers, Charles W O^ '00 

Rogers, Clarence A H '06 

Rogers, George H T '70 

Rogers, Irving H X '80 

Rogers, James D Y '89 

Rogers, Robert B P^ '06 

Rogers, Robert W A '66 

Rogers, William D Y '06 

Rogers, William F. A '94 

RoUer, Henry C P^ '99 

RoUins, DiUwyn S O^ '04 

Rollins, Malcohn G O^ '11 

Rollo, Thomas R B '10 

Roloefson, Frederick F '66 

Rood, Wilson Y '07 

Roper, Gordon A I^ '11 

Rose, Samuel O^ '86 

Rosentreter, Herman A '87 

Rosholt. John N S^ '08 

Ross, Walter H M^ '93 

Ross. Winfred S O^ '87 

Rossoach, Clement A S^ '11 

Roth, Edward, Jr I '06 

Roimds, George H X '04 

Roimds, Stephen K '90 

Row, Arthur W K '01 

Rowand, C. Elliott A '66 

Rowbotham, George W K '97 

Rowe, Robert G O^ '99 

Rowe, Thomas J., Jr E '14 

Rowe, William J S^ '03 

Rowell, Edward H O^ '78 

Rowell, John M O^ '93 

Rowland, Harry H I^ '99 

Rowland, William S B '07 

Royall, John R I^ '03 

Ruby, Walter M 6^ '12 

Rucker, W. Colby T^ '97 

Rudolf, Chester D S^ '14 

Ruef, Harry H ^ '06 

Ruef, JohnW * '01 

Ruggles, Emonr W ^ '86 

Rugdes, Guy H .6^ '06 

Rumbaugh, Charles F ^ '02 

Rumbaugh, John H ^ '11 

Rimdel, Thomas J E '60 



Hundlett. Ernest A 11^ 

Rush, William H « 

Russ, Harley W E^ 

RusseL Jos^h S Z 

Russell, Arthur J I 

Russell, Clarenoe J I^ 

Russell, Clifford L H 

Russell, Frank M H 

Russell, Fred C H 

Russell, Henry F N^ 

Russell, Henry L H 

Russell, Henry R M^ 

Russell, Leon J X 

RusseU, WUbur H I^ 

Ruth, Conant W K 

Ruthven^ames W E^ 

Ruxton, bouglas D O^ 

Ryan, Edwin C B 

Ryan, Herbert H S^ 

Ryan, John T A 

Ryan, Joseph F O^ 

Ryan, William D., Jr X^ 

Ryder, Charles D O^ 

Ryder, Woodworth A A^ 

Rynd, Charles E V 


Sabin, AlvahH H 

Sabin, Nathaniel T E 

Sackett, Frank V T^ 

Salisbury, Kenneth T^ 

Salisbury, Maurice E T^ 

Salisbury, Oliver M S^ 

Salisbury, Willis R T^ 

Salmon, William H X 

Sahnon, Wihner W S 

Saltonstall, Satterlee E 

Sampson, John A I^ 

Samuels, Thomas L M 

Sanborn, Frank E K 

Sanborn, Herbert C A 

Sand, Henry A. L I 

Sanders, Eugene A 

Sanders, Harold L A 

Sanders, Nathaniel S. H I 

Sanderson, William L ^ 

Sanford, Leigh I^ 

Sanford, Roffin B K 

Sanger, Eugene B E^ 

Sanger, Guy E A 



Sargent, Qaienoe S O^ '76 

Sargent, William D I '05 

Sargent, William E H '78 

Sartdle, Edward J I '86 

Sarver, Charles P. K X '92 

Sassaman, L. A S '91 

Sattler, Raymond L X '06 

Savage, Cornelius B U^ '12 

Savage, Edward T^ '96 

Savage, Frank N T^ '98 

Savage, Howard J K '07 

Savage, Linneaus T^ '97 

Sawin, George A I '01 

Sawtelle, WMam L I^ '94 

Sawyer, Charles H O^ '72 

Sawyer, Harold X '13 

Sawyer, Henry B I '06 

Sawyer, Leroy R O^ '00 

Sayce, Archibald H B '05 

Sayres, William S O^ '76 

Scales, George L O^ '04 

Scates, Karl D H '09 

Schafer, Howard W A '04 

Schaff, Ansekn E P^ '98 

Schanck, William H P^ '99 

ScheU, Charles E * '85 

ScheU, Erwin H 6^ '12 

Schenck, Garret, Jr I^ '09 

Schenck, Martin A '69 

Scherer, Carl A T^ '03 

Schermerhom, Burr A '59 

Schimpf, Harry H N^ '09 

Schmid, Alfred R P^ '09 

Schmid, Charles P., Jr H^ '97 

Schmid, Ernest E ^ .H^ '99 

Schmid, Robert M B '07 

Schmid, Walter A H^ '14 

Schmitt, Philip 6^ '13 

Schnig^au. Charles H S^ '03 

Schober, William B N^ '92 

Schoenfeld, Arthur X^ '08 

Schoepf, Theodore H A '98 

Schofield, E. H T^ '94 

Scholze, Ernest A Z '13 

Scholze, William F., Jr Z '12 

Schooley, Arthur B ^ '10 

Sehoonmaker, Frederic R. . . A '97 

Schoonmaker, F. W H '70 

Sehoonmaker, G. B TL '70 

Schreiber, Albert C * '13 

Schulte, Walter A. G H^ '03 



Schultze, Louis F n^ '04 

Schulz, George M. S 11^ '92 

Schultz-deBnin, H. C. W. J. 11^ '12 

Schumacher^ Huram S X '03 

Schumacher. James M K '66 

Schumaim, Eiuique A N^ '94 

Schur, CarL Jr n^ '02 

Schwann, Henry O^ '97 

Scofield, George A P^ '93 

Scott, Allan H^ '98 

Scott, Allen N Z^ '11 

Scott, Augustus E K '58 

Scott, Charles H A '70 

Scott, Ointon L K '13 

Scott, George A 11^*01 

Scott, George O Z^ '09 

Scott, Irving A^ '13 

Scott, James W., Jr 11 '66 

Scott, John B A '83 

Scott, Joseph J AA '03 

Scott, Nicholas 1 4» '76 

Scott, Robert C E '70 

Scott, W. Caifford Z^ '13 

Scott, Xenophon C 11 '65 

Scudder, Jofci L H^ '07 

ScuUy, John C r^ '02 

Sears, Joseph E A '77 

Sedgwick, Alexander K. . . .E^ '93 

Sedgwick, George B E^ '93 

Seelye, Seth H 8^ '12 

Seiler, Charles E S^ '00 

Seller, George A S^ '06 

Seifried, John F K^ '12 

Selden, Charles A Z '93 

Selden, George C O^ '93 

Seligman, Ei^aoe J M^ '10 

Sdover, DeForest L E^ '93 

Senior, Frank W Z '97 

Senior, Samuel P N^ '97 

Senior, Thomas R., Jr X^ '07 

Sergeant, Elliot M P^ '96 

Sergeant, Henry DeF P^ '04 

Serpa, Charles N A '07 

Seufert, William M U^ '92 

Severance, E. Paul E '11 

Seward, James L A '64 

Sexton, Gates T^ '82 

Sexton, Frank J Z '93 

Seyler, James H H '65 

Seymour, Charles O M^ '94 

Seymour, Hugh B * '96 

Shaeffer, Edward J Z '10 

Shaeffer, Frank H S '09 

Shaeflfer, George N ^ '08 

Shaeffer, William E., Jr S '05 

Shaffer, Charles B 6 '83 

Shaffer, John J 6 '94 

Shaffer, Vosburgh N S '66 

Shankland, James H Z '69 

Sharon, Emmett H ^ '75 

Sharp, Alexander H A '55 

Sharp, Harold H A '09 

Sharp, Harry J 6 '98 

Sharp, Richard W S '86 

Shattuck, Leslie C U^ '98 

Shattuck, Maxwell C M^ '08 

Shaw, A. Robert N^ '10 

Shaw, Charles S 6 '99 

Shaw, HiUman K '93 

Shaw, N, Archibald y 82 

Shaw, Norman W A^ '08 

Sheafer, Paul E^ '89 

Shearman, Sumner U Z '61 

Sheehan, Paul P^ '09 

Sheldon, Charles S B '80 

Sheldon, E.P T^ '94 

Sheldon, Eugene L I '06 

Sheldon, Henry I T '64 

Sheldon, Herbert P A '99 

Sheldon, Herbert P B '79 

Sheldon, James, Jr S '78 

Sheldon, WilHam J T^ '08 

Shelton. Arthur M B '14 

Shepard, Ehner I I^ '00 

Shepard, Ernest E I^ '03 

Shepard, Harold B A '12 

Shepard, Harry H E^ '91 

Shepherd, Lewis A Z '11 

Sherier, James T., Jr X^ '09 

Sherman, Robinson M K '80 

Sherman, Sidney A M^ '85 

Sherrer, Frank L ^ '07 

Sherrerd, Alexander H * '70 

Sherrerd, John M * '78 

Sherrerd, Morris R A '86 

Sherrerd, Samuel H * '08 

Sherwood, Alson I A '63 

Sherwood, Bradford W ^ '82 

Sherwood, Willett B V '13 

Shields, Albert B A '86 

Shields, Wihner H P '72 

Shinn, Francis A A '99 



Shipley, George W S '93 

Shires, Percy Z '06 

Shirk, George S I '09 

Shoch, N. F. S 71 

Shoemaker, Charles C, Jr. .H^ '12 

Shoemaker, Michael M B '74 

ShoUy, Frank P. H N^ '04 

Shook, James P A '00 

Shorey, Albert C H '88 

Shorey, Archie T H '05 

Shorey, Arthur C H '04 

Shorey, Hemy A H '00 

Shorey, PhiUp R H '07 

Short, John L X '11 

Shriver, Charles E n '69 

Shumadine, Russell V E '10 

Shurtleflf, MerriU O^ '92 

Sibley, Charles H M^ '91 

Sibley, Edward R I^ '00 

Sibley, Edwin H B '80 

Sibley, Joseph C, Jr B '10 

Sigerson, Edmund B. V P^ '07 

Sihler, George A., Jr Z^ '10 

Silva, Octavio P K '80 

Simmelink, Harry J X '06 

Simmons, George B I '07 

Simon, Milton N T^ '02 

Simonds, Robert G A '88 

Simonds, Seward A B '79 

Simons, Charles L K^ '12 

Simons, W.B T '56 

Simonton, Edward H '61 

Simonton, W. A T^ '94 

Simpson, Benjamin F X '77 

Simpson, Charles A X '06 

Simpson, Frank L A '98 

Simpson, Harold C B '85 

Simpson, James C O^ '87 

Simpson, Joseph O O^ '97 

Simpson, Percy W B '98 

Simpson, Thomas C, Jr. . . . H '08 

Sims, Carleton F Z '13 

Sinclair, T. Lowry, Jr E '04 

Sinnickson, Clement H A '55 

Sinnickson, John W A '72 

Sipprelle, Nathaniel F A '04 

Sisce, Frank T K^ '12 

Sise, Lincoln F I '97 

Skelton, Philip H Z^ '10 

Skelton. Ralph Z^ '12 

Skidgell, Floyd M N^ '10 

SkiUman, David B <P 

Skinner, Harold B B 

Skinner, Harry H I 

Skinner, William H S 

Skuse, John C ^ 

Skuse, William F X 

Slade, William O^ 

Slater, Milton T T 

Sleight, George N I^ 

Shchter, Walter I P^ 

Slifer, EU. Jr T 

Slocum, Frank D H 

Slocum, Harold W H 

Slocum, John A H 

SUocum, John H 4» 

Small, Ra3rmond B E 

Smalley, Bertrand A O^ 


Albert W B 

Arthur C E 

AshfordV S^ 

Briton O Z^ 

Charles E I 

Charles R P^ 

Chaimcey H^ 

Clayton K * 

CUffordM * 

Delos H X^ 

Edmunds B 

Edward P E^ 

Edwin D B 

Elmer P M^ 

Ernest H M^ 

Ernest T H 

Frank B N^ 

Frank K H 

Frank W H 

Franklin G A 

Frankhn S ^ 

FredE H 

Frederick L S 

George O A 

George W S 

Gordon C M^ 

Henry A * 

Henry L Z 

Herbert L B 

Howard F * 

Horatio E M^ 

IraW K^ 

Irving A 

J. Boyce, Jr P^ 




Smith, James G A '55 

Smith, James H X W 

Smith, Jesse D M^ W 

Smith, Jesse T K^ 40 

Smith, John F 6 '85 

Smith, Joseph W * '04 

Smith, Kilby P K '97 

Smith, Leon H H '10 

Smith, LesUe F M^ '12 

Smith, Merritt H I^ '13 

Smith, Mortimer A n^ '93 

Smith, Rodney T '54 

Smith, Royall D B '04 

Smith, Rudolph O T^ '14 

Smith, Samuel J O^ '99 

Smith, Thomas E '56 

Smith, Thomas G A '61 

Smith, Walter G B '83 

Smith, William T '54 

Smith, William O^ '81 

Smith, William K I '87 

Smith, WiUiam L A '64 

Smith, Winford H H '99 

Smith, Vincent R ^ '14 

Smithers, Melville M^ '12 

Smythe, Heniy H '78 

Snell, Walter H Z '13 

Snoad, George R T^ '97 

Snow, Charles C E '12 

Snow, Charles T A '91 

Snow, Everard W O^ '98 

Snow, Harry E H '81 

Snow, Horace E H '83 

Snow, Leslie P O^ '86 

Somers, Lawrence D I '03 

Sondem, Frederick E P^ '89 

Soudant, Earl W I^ '09 

Soule, George C N '06 

Soule, Robert E H '96 

Southard, Charles B K '70 

Southard, WiUiam F K '69 

Southgate, Richard S O^ '07 

Southgate, William W T '56 

Southworth, Frank C I '87 

Southworth, Lotus N ^ '79 

Sowers, Isaac M '57 

Spahn, Louis X '79 

Spaulding, Frank E M^ '89 

Spaulding, Frederick C K '86 

Spaulding, Frederick H H '88 

Spaulding, Phineas H T^ '06 

Spear, Arthur P X^ '00 

Spear, Clarence A M^ '06 

Spear, Edwin E H '98 

Spehnan, Frederick B Z '76 

Spencer, George H A '90 

Spencer, Harold G I '03 

Spencer, Joseph W P^ '02 

Spencer, William S A '93 

Spengler, John N N^ '86 

Sperry, Paul X^ '02 

Spiehler. Clarence H X '05 

Spoflford, Henry H^ '93 

Sponsel, Christopher T K^ '10 

Spooner, Henry J Z '60 

Spooner. Henry J., Jr Z '91 

Spoor, Seward G S '08 

Sprague, Embert H O^ '00 

Sprague, Henry B I'll 

Sprague, Leon A O^ '07 

Sprague. Ralph W E^ '92 

Sprenkel, Ward F S '93 

Spring, George E K '02 

Spring, Wadsworth H '93 

Springer, Ernest J S^ '09 

Springer, Lew W S^ '12 

Sproull, Theophilus X '72 

Spruce, Charles B E^ '90 

Squier, Joel J ^ '87 

Squibb, Edward R., 2nd I '11 

Squire, Roger N M^ '05 

Stacey, Sidney G H '89 

Staff, Arthur E Z '11 

Staflford, WilUam P. L ^ '76 

Stalker, Frank J A '08 

Stamm, Gustave T^ '13 

Stanbery, Henry R 6 '77 

Standing, Robert H E '08 

Staniland, Alfred E '10 

Stanton, Andrew A K '78 

Stanwood, Lewis A H '77 

Staples, Zenas C A '05 

Stapleton, Leonard E S^ '12 

Starbuck, Calvin W S '90 

Stark, William E I '95 

Starkweather, Oscar H 0^ '07 

Starkweather, Samuel Z '56 

Starr, Jeremiah A H^ '09 

Starr, Western B '80 

Start, Edwin A K '94 

Staton, Lewis B E '13 

Stavrum, Ernest A S^ '97 




St. Clair, Henry H P^ »00 

Stead, CWles E Z '61 

Stearns, Aretas H '90 

Steama, Emory W B '02 

Steama, Prank A H '97 

Steams, Irving H '82 

Steams, Malcolm O^ '08 

Steams, Roswel A '09 

Steams, Seymour P 0^*09 

Stebbins, Edward C, Jr E '11 

Stebbins, John L I '12 

Steele, George W n^ '00 

Steeves, Frederick M 11^ '00 

Steeves, Guy C O^ '11 

Steeves, Harrison R P^ '03 

Steeves, John F., Jr P^ '11 

Steinbruck, Walter P^ '13 

Steinmetz, Edward G N^ '95 

SteUing, Frank P M^ '13 

Stephens, Charles P K '84 

Stephens, James M O^ '72 

Stephens, Richmond P^ '11 

Stephens, Stephen D., Jr. . .P^ '11 
Stephens, WUUam Van V. . . .P^ '05 

Stephenson, Frank H K '91 

Stem. Leon B '89 

Stemberg, Horace E * '01 

Sterrett, Douglas B X^ '02 

Sterrett, Harry L '86 

Sterrett, Henry H. D I '99 

Sterrett, James Mac B X '67 

Sterrett, John A X^ '07 

Sterrett, Robert ^ '99 

Sterrett, William D I '01 

Stetson. Arthur H H '96 

Stettenbenz, Albert, Jr S '00 

Stettenbenz, Miles D 3 '09 

Stevens, Charles A B '00 

Stevens, Frederick C H '81 

Stevens, Harold M H '03 

Stevens, Herman C T^ '01 

Stevens, James T T^ '96 

Stevens, John H M^ '03 

Stevens, PUny F H '94 

Stevens, Shepherd P^ '03 

Stevens, Sydney F O^ '00 

Stevenson, David F T^ '08 

Stevenson, John C. H B '77 

Stewart, Alexander B '89 

Stewart, Charles A P^ '06 

Stewart, Frank W * '69 

Stewart, Prank W^ Jr * '05 

Stewart, George M:. A '64 

Stewart, George S M^ '91 

Stewart, Harold O X '07 

Stewart, Hollis W O^ '03 

Stewart, Horace G 6^ '14 

Stewart, John K * '98 

Stewart, Lewis M M^ '13 

Stewart, Milton I T^ '00 

Stewart, Morton C Z '94 

Stickney, Charles Z '92 

Stiffler, J. Royston S '86 

Stiles, Loren .X '79 

Stinemetz, William R N^ '93 

Stiness, Edward C Z '90 

Stiness, Walter R Z '77 

Stitt, James W., Jr A^ '14 

Stitt, Ormond M Z^ '08 

St. John, Thomas M P^ '90 

Stockbridge, William D H '99 

Stockbridge, William M B '88 

Stockwell, Eugene L H^ '08 

Stockwell, James A A '88 

StockweU, Ralph F Z^ '08 

Stoddard, Alexander C A^ '10 

Stoddard, George H A^ '08 

Stoddard, John W., Jr B '12 

Stoddart, Harry T E^ '92 

Stokes, Charles F P^ '84 

Stokes, John W * '00 

Stone, Arthur C Z '97 

Stone, Arthur C M^ '11 

Stone, Arthur P I '93 

Stone, Carl E H '09 

Stone, Charles T H '96 

Stone, Clarence N M^ '06 

Stone, EliasC O^ '76 

Stone, George H H '05 

Stone, George W H '72 

Stone, James D X '13 

Stone, Lucien B Z '61 

Stone, Mason H I '07 

Stone, Moses C H '65 

Stone, WiUiam L., Jr P^ '87 

Storms, North I '06 

Stow, Frederick E E^ '93 

Stradling, James G * '00 

Stranahan, William L B '90 

Stratton, Lemon T^ '82 

Stratton, Milton C B '91 

Stratton, Porter R A '78 



Stratton, Ralph R A '98 

Stratton, William H B '88 

Strauchen, Edward C X '13 

Strayer, James S '97 

Streff, Albert P .K^ '09 

Streeter, Douglas A '73 

Streeter, Philip C P^ '06 

Strickler, Abraham H T '63 

Strickler, Guy F Z '09 

String, Charles J S '66 

Strobel, Walter E n^ '96 

Strong, Frederick C E^ '90 

Strong, Shepard X^ '05 

Stroud, George M A '79 

Stuart, Charles H B '91 

Stuart, Walter S A '07 

Stubbs, Arthur R. . .•. T^ '11 

Studley, Edward F H '98 

Stull, Charles R B '07 

Stull, George R N^ '03 

Stults, Henry A E^ '93 

Stump, Elmer R E '12 

Sturtevant, James M H '09 

SuUivan, Arthur W ^ '08 

Sullivan, Francis W * '08 

SuUivan, John T O^ '91 

Sullivan, Vincent F P^ '10 

SuUivan, Walter S O^ '89 

SuUivan, WiUiam A A '87 

Sutherland, Charles H Z^ '05 

Sutherland, Harry A A '13 

Sutherland, WiUiam L O^ '77 

Sutphen, Richard H T^ '97 

Swan, Frank H H '98 

SwartzeU, John N X^ '13 

Swazey, Edward L H '81 

Swazey, Edward S P^ '12 

Sweet, Frank H B '73 

Sweet, H.G T^ '01 

Sweet, WiUiam C E '11 

Sweetser, George A A '94 

Sweetser, Sidney P K '05 

Swenson, Harry S T^ '98 

Swenson, Victor G S^ '07 

Swift, AUen I '09 

Swift, Eben S '74 

Swift, H. Harper V '10 

Swift, Henry T '69 

Swinburne, Thomas T X '92 

SwindeU, Charles LeR X^ '04 

Sylvester, Malcohn C H '00 

Sylvester, Thomas H., Jr.. . .A '92 

Synunes, Laurence M O^ '08 

Symonds, Bertrand R O^ '14 


Taft, George L A '84 

Taft, Orr^ Z '66 

Taggart, Edgar C X '07 

T^t, Wmiam A S '74 

Talcott, Wniiam W T^ '01 

Tanner, George C Z '57 

Tanner, James A. 2 '95 

TarbeU, WaUace H O^ '95 

Tarbox, Roscoe D A '05 

Tarr, Horace G. H ^ '63 

Tatterson, John M O^ '08 

Tatum, Clifford R T^ '96 

Taylor, Charles A., Jr E '09 

Taylor, Earl B X '12 

Taylor, Edward G N^ '04 

Taylor, Edward W I '05 

Taylor, Frederick A K '86 

Taylor, Frederick B I '99 

Taylor, George L I^ '03 

Taylor, Gervas S N '14 

Taylor, Henry C I^ '99 

Taylor, Henry P N '13 

Taylor, Herbert W X '99 

Taylor, James S I '89 

Taylor, Lucien E Z '95 

Tebbitt, Robert L T^ '02 

Temple, Charles H K '05 

Tenipleton, Charles F O^ '78 

TenBroeck, Richard E^ '01 

Tenney, Charles D O^ '78 

Tent, George E O^ '97 

TerreU, Frederick M E^ '96 

Tetlow, Herbert O^ '93 

Tewksbury, Charles B A '92 

Tewksbury, Edward W. . . .0^ '91 

Thacher, Cornelius S B '78 

Thatcher, Henry B Z '10 

Thatcher, James S 6 '71 

Thayer, Albert O K '92 

Thayer, George H B '83 

Thayer, Harvey W H '95 

Thayer, Henry O H '62 

Thickens, John T S^ '08 

Thomas, Charles E N^ '85 

Thomas, Fred W 23^ '96 

Thomas, George S N '79 



Thomas, Griffith E Z W 

Thomas, Harold A K '05 

Thomas, Harold F S '14 

Thomas, Philip R T^ '98 

Thomas, Thomas S A '93 

Thomas, Walter F O^ '12 

Thomas, William G S '97 

Thomaa, William W H '60 

Thomas, Winthrop G 0^ '14 

Thomason, Samuel E T^ '04 

Thompson, Alfred P K '93 

Thompson, Charles S I '87 

Thompson, Cromwell C I^ 'Q9 

Thompson, Ebeneser Z '68 

Thompson, Fred L M^ '04 

Thompson, Frederick E Z '96 

Thompson, Frederick H I '98 

Thompson, Harold W H^ '10 

Thompson, Jerome T B '11 

Thompson, Lemuel H Z '13 

Thompson, Newcomb B. ... '84 

Thompson, Roland C 6^ '13 

Thompson, Walter S O^ '92 

Thompson, Warren D I '07 

Thompson, William S O^ '79 

Thomson, Frederick W B '87 

Thomson, John F B '87 

Thome, Clifford J A '96 

Thornton, Harry A : A^ '09 

Thorp, Charles M B '84 

Thorp, George B B '14 

Thorp, Johns P^ '07 

Thorp, Thomas J P^ '05 

Thorpe, Isaac J T^ '06 

Thumau, Arthur F T^ '06 

Thumau, Harry C T^ '02 

Thumau, Frederick W T^ '02 

Thurston, Charles O O^ '84 

Thurston, Henry W O^ '86 

Thwaits, Frederick C I '93 

Tibbetts, Chester H T^ '06 

Tiemann, Hugh P P^ '00 

Tieman, Martin F X '06 

Tiffany, GiUman P P^ '05 

Tifft, Robert H B '09 

Tighe, James J X '08 

Tilden, AKred M B '11 

Tilden, Ehner A K^ '08 

Tilden, George A B '09 

Tilden, Henry A B '14 

TiUotson, EarJ C S^ '97 

Tillson, Benjamin F P^ '07 

Tilton, Homer F M^ '07 

Tim, John F * '01 

Timerman, dark H B '87 

Timme, Waldemar F H^ '99 

Timmerman, Lynn B B '14 

Timmins, Jules R Z^ '13 

Tindal, Roscoe C B '09 

Tindall, Arba N X^ '08 

Tipton, Leo M S^ '10 

Tobey, Harold G H '06 

Tobey, Waldo F B '95 

Tobin, John T 0^ '08 

Todd, George S T^ '95 

Todd, Martm M Z^ '14 

Togus, Leopold T A '03 

Tobnan, Henjy, Jr I '03 

Tombo, Carl P^ '02 

Tombo, Rudolf, Jr P^ '99 

Tomkins, William I X '99 

Tomlinson, Joseph T T^ '83 

Tompkins, Charles H X^ '06 

Tompkins, Lloyd L U^ '05 

Tooker, Emest W M^ '92 

Toole, Christopher, Jr H '08 

Torrent, Lewis P^ '10 

Torrey, Lincoln C I '12 

Torrey, Ralph M 6^ '10 

Totten, Harold H Z '98 

Tousey, Coleman K '98 

Tower, Arthur R T^ '01 

Tower, Carl W A '14 

Tower, Clifford S Z '90 

Tower, Harry L K '10 

Tower, James H Z '67 

Tower, Samuel F O^ '84 

Town, Arthur R T^ '03 

Town, Frederick E K '98 

Towne, Herbert L I^ '94 

Towne, Walter J A '95 

Townsend, Thomaa B I '10 

Townsend, Winfield A M^ '05 

Trafford. Forest R H^ '91 

Trask, Thomas C M^ '93 

Traver, Asa W. A Z '92 

Trickey, Corridon H X^ '02 

Trippe, Harry M S^ '96 

Trott, John W A '69 

Tmbenbach, Conrad L P^ '05 

Tme, Edward B K '72 

Trumbull, Lyman B V^ '91 



Tuck, Edward A M^ '85 

Tucker, Charles F n^ '02 

Tucker, Clay H H^ '05 

Tucker, Herman L I,^ '06 

Tudbury, Chester W A '03 

Tudbury, John L A '07 

Tuell, Gilbert W H '06 

Tulane, Louis DeW Z '57 

Turkenton, William J X^ '08 

TumbuU, Needham S., Jr. . .N '08 

Turner, George F A '03 

Turner, Harlan B K '07 

Turner, Harry C K '01 

Turner, Henry A E '13 

Turner, Reeve 11^ '96 

TurreU, Guy H P^ '94 

Tuska, Gustave R P^ '91 

Tuthill, Charles J A '90 

Tuthill, Morris C A '64 

Tutthill, Clarence C S '82 

Tutthill, Henry S S '78 

Tuttle, Clinton P A '04 

Tuttle, Earl B H '13 

Tuttle, Franklin E M^ '89 

Tuttle, Neal H '14 

Tuttle, Raymond A H '10 

Twinn, Clark J X^ '99 

Twiss, Jesse B O^ '80 

Twitmeyer, Edwin B * '96 

Twitmeyer, George E * '03 

Twitm^er, Joseph C 4> '03 

Tylep, Clinton W M^ '09 

Tyler, George H T^ '06 

Tyler, MarshaU H M^ '97 

Tyrrell, James F A '04 


UhUg, William C P^ '96 

UUman, Ralph W B '08 

Ullmann, Harry M N^ '95 

Ullmann, James W B '09 

Underhill, Arthur W 9^ '11 

Underbill, Harold N I^ '11 

Underwood, Edward S A '99 

Underwocki, Ethan R I '01 

Underwood, J. A S '94 

Underwood, Jesse W N^ '04 

Underwood, Norman X^ '01 

Uniac, Thomas V O^ '04 

Upham, Richard D O^ '90 

Upson, Stephen A Gr. 

Upton, George P Z '54 

Urquhart, Frank J O^ '87 

Uterhart, Henry A P^ '94 


Vaden, Herbert W E '13 

Vail, Emmanuel H S '83 

VaU, James S X '02 

Vail, LeRoyB O^ '04 

Valdes, Felicano I., Jr H^ '86 

Van Auken, Edwin E X '75 

Van der Bur^, Edmund E. . I '96 

Vandergrift, Theodore J E^ '95 

Vanderhoof , Bertrand G. ... S '08 

VanderHoof, Douglas O^ '01 

Vandermark, W. E S '95 

Van Dorn, Thomas B B '92 

Van Fleet, Harvey L A^ '11 

Van Iderstine, Robert P^ '94 

Van Keuren, Floyd B S '04 

Van Kirk, Edward P N^ '87 

Van Reed, Samuel J S '68 

Van Saun, Frank P * '84 

Van Sickle, Ganott F H^ '07 

Van Slyke, George W E^ '95 

Van Slyke, William H E^ '95 

Van Storch, Theodore C I '87 

Van Tine, Jefferson B P^ '93 

Van Tuyl, Frank F T^ '96 

Van Tuyl, Horace H F^ '96 

Van VUet, Stewart X^ '08 

Van Vranken, Peter A '61 

Van Winkle, Edward P^ '00 

Varco, Albert R T^ '06 

Varco, Lynn G T^ '08 

Vammn, Harold A M^ '03 

Vaughan, Frank T. O^ '86 

Vauffhan, James A. O^ '05 

Vedder. Herman K B '87 

Vergueiro, Alberto P^ '83 

Veysey, Arthur H F^ '93 

Viele, Augustus H S '64 

Vilas. Maynard O^ '05 

Vinal, Charles G. R O '61 

Virgin, Harry R K '79 

Vogt, Dayton G K '08 

Von Schrader, Frederic W. . . I '06 
von Witzleben, Benno W. . .1^ '09 
von Witzleben, Robert F.C.I^ '11 

Voorhees, James A H '07 

Vose, Walter I B '92 

Vroom. Peter D A '62 




Wachenfeld, Stephen C. . . .S^ '07 

Wadhams, Frederick E B 73 

Wadsworth, Henry L I^ '04 

Wadsworth, Lewis L., Jr I '03 

Wagner, Charles W * '94 

Wagner, Frank H P^ '12 

Wagner, Oscar 11^ '96 

Wamwright, Roger S M^ '14 

Wait, C. R I '03 

Wait, Robert D 3 '06 

Waite. Horace S I '09 

Wakefield, Leonard F H '09 

Wakefield, William J. C. . . .0^ '85 

Wakeman, Austin S '97 

Wales, Henry F O^ '72 

Wales, Nathaniel B I '05 

Walker, Albert M M^ '99 

Walker, Charles E M^ '99 

Walker, Charles F P^ '92 

Walker, Fred S K '94 

Walker, Henry P I '95 

Walker, John J M^ '89 

Walker, Leon V H '03 

Walker, Shirley C A^ '02 

Walker, WiUiam T., Jr T^ '04 

Walkley, Webster R O '60 

Wall, Richard J K^ '07 

Wallace, Albert O^ '77 

Wallace, Earle S K '10 

Wallace, Herbert M H^ '06 

Wallace, James H O^ '01 

Wallace, Samuel S 2 '90 

Wallace, Sumner O^ '77 

Walling, Charles H Z '95 

Wallis, Harry T B '13 

Wallower, Charles W 8^ '10 

Walmsley, WiUiam E X '76 

Walsh, Francis P O^ '12 

Walsh, Thomas F N^ '09 

Walter, PhiUp M B '98 

Walton, CUfford J X '13 

Walton, Ernest B N^ '07 

Wanning, Francis D E^ '94 

Warbasse, Herbert N ^ '00 

Ward, Arthur N O^ '72 

Ward, Clayton I X '08 

Ward, Edward S M^ '98 

Ward, George W. . . : T^ '04 

Ward, Patrick H N '73 

Ward, Richard P I^ '92 

Wardner. Drew M I '05 

Wardwell, Robert B., Jr. . .0^ '06 

Ware, Edward Y B '95 

Ware, Willis C K^ '11 

Warfield, Cameal A B '64 

Waring, Champion J O^ '83 

WarkTwilliam O I^ '92 

Warner, Andrew P * '08 

Warner, Earle S E '02 

Warner, Edward D T^ '91 

Warner, Frederick M., Jr. . .1^ '10 

Warner, Homer H A '64 

Warner, Ralph C B '87 

Warner, Selden R E '09 

Warner, Theodore W. S '12 

Warner, Willard O^ '80 

Warr, James S N^ '03 

Warren, Francis E K^ '11 

Warren, Frederic 1 6^ '93 

Warren, Henry E M^ '05 

Warren, Joseph A Z '05 

• Washburn, Walter C O^ '94 

Washington, Henry J. L. . . .P^ '10 

Waterbury, Eara K H^ '89 

Waterhouse, Everett M I '98 

Waterman, Arthur A. • I '85 

Waterman, Chester Z^ '04 

Waterman, Joseph S H '06 

Waterman, William H B '85 

Waters, Enos H^ '13 

Waters, George F I '08 

Waters, William O S '84 

Watkeys, Charles W X '01 

Watson, Arthur H Z '70 

Watson, Charles G V '08 

Watson, Edward S O^ '95 

Watson, George M O^ '91 

Watson, Harry C S^ '02 

Watson, Harry L O^ '05 

Watson, Harry T I^ '05 

Watson, Horace H H '11 

Watson, J. M U '70 

Watson, Leonard A V '08 

Watson, Lester F I^ '14 

Watson, Maurice ! . .0^ '97 

Watson, O. Bruce E '08 

Watson, Simeon A S '85 

Watson, William S E '98 

Watt, Craig M B '04 

Watts, Millard F B '76 



Wattson, Thomas J T 70 

Waugh, Robert B S '02 

Wayne, Claude A A^ '07 

Wayne, Howard T A^ '04 

Weast, Westley H H^ '12 

Weaver, Andrew J K '59 

Weaver, Clarence E N^ '96 

Weaver, Robert B S '74 

Weisley. Albert J * '91 

Webb, George H Z '90 

Webb, Hennr W H '90 

Webber, B.F T^ '00 

Webber, Fred P A '02 

Webber, Harold T I '11 

Webber, Lyle K 8^ '13 

Webber, Marville C A '89 

Webb^, PhiUp R I '07 

Webber, R. Stanley S '11 

Webbert, Charles W S '90 

Webster, Albert A T^ '91 

Webster, George B T^ '02 

Webster, Hosea B '80 

Webster, Joseph R X '94 

Webster, Nathaniel R H '81 

Webster, Paul D T^ '13 

Webster, Robert E I^ '06 

Webster, Ronald F I^ '12 

Webster, William M H '62 

Webster, William R., Jr B '90 

Weed, Prank J H '07 

Weeks, C. Louis T^ '94 

Weeks, George F A '80 

Weeks, George R S '06 

Weeks, Miles W I '09 

w eeKs, w • v^ -I. 474 

Welch, Arthur D H '12 

Welch, Charles A A '66 

Welch, Francis J H '03 

Welch, George C I '07 

Welch, James H E^ '96 

Welch, Thomas A Z '06 

Weld, Louis D. H H '06 

Wellborn, OUn, Jr A^ '04 

WeUs, Homer D S^ '04 

Wentworth, Franklin W. . .0^ '03 

Wentworth, George I '89 

Wentworth, John A H '09 

Wentworth, Lewis R O^ '81 

Wentworth, R. W T^ '94 

Wenzel, Charles A H^ '90 

Werner, Charles H B '92 

Wertheimer, Benjamin J O^ '76 

Wertheimer, Jacob J .0^ '75 

West, Edward A K '09 

West, Frank H T^ '09 

Westcott, Frank D ^ '81 

Westcott, Ralph W M^ '13 

Westcott, WilUam C Y '11 

Weston, Frank I O^ '92 

Weston, Frank M ^ '00 

Weston, Sydney A A '00 

Weston, Tliomas, Jr I '95 

Wettlaufer, Frederick C. . . .N^ '97 

Wettlaufer, Louis H^ '88 

Wettlaufer, William H H^ '90 

Wharton, Charles W E '72 

Wharton, Edward L I^ '03 

Wheat, Almeron, Jr A '66 

Wheat, Frank I A '87 

Whelan, Charles O^ '01 

Wheeler, David S A '99 

Wheeler, Ernest E I '00 

Wheeler, Harry M I '06 

Wheeler, WiUard W I^ '03 

Wheeler, WiUiam W., Jr.. . .H^ '10 

Wheelock, Charles 8 K '89 

Whicher, George F M^ '10 

Whipple, Howard G I^ '03 

Whitaker, Harry C N^ '95 

Whitaker, Henry C O^ '96 

Whitaker, Hobart K M^ '90 

Whitaker, Samuel E A '90 

Whitbeck, Arthur S B '03 

Whitcomb, Arthur W O^ '85 

Whitcomb, Frank O Z^ '07 

Whitcomb, Robert H O^ '01 

White, Charles S I '00 

White, Clarence J S^ '01 

White, Frank C I '98 

White, George C A^ '10 

White, Henry P I '99 

White, Lucien J A^ '03 

White, Otis K 6 '81 

White, Robert R M^ '89 

White, Vernon O A '06 

White. William K. Z '07 

Whitehead, James H B '06 

Whitehead, VanLoan, Jr B '08 

Whitehome, Frederick N. . .H^ '92 

Whitehouse. Samuel Y X '08 

Whiting, Edward E I '97 

Whitmg, JuUan W X^ '10 



Whitman, Julian C A^ W 

Whitman, Ross W T^ '94 

Whitmore, Charles E., Jr I '93 

Whitmore, Harold F Z '11 

Whitmore, Harold P H '11 

Whitmore, Holmes I '95 

Whitney, Charles H A '82 

Whitney, aarence E 0^ '91 

Whitney, Drake A '64 

Whitney, Frank W A '79 

Whitney, John B S '04 

Whitney, Marcus M O^ '13 

Whitney, Stanley N M^ '06 

Whitney, Travis H I '00 

Whittaker, Harold A S^ '06 

Whittemore, Benjamin A I '92 

Whittemore, Dwight S A '86 

Whittemore, Thomas K '94 

Whittlesey, John E 6^ '12 

WhitweU, Frederic D E '98 

Whyte, Ehner N T^ '05 

Wickenden, Thomas L E^ '03 

Wicker, George R B '90 

Wicker, Carleton S O^ '14 

Wicks, Harvey H B '97 

Wiegei, Louis H H^ '06 

Wier, William B X '77 

Wiggin, Joseph I '93 

Wiggin, Ralph L H '98 

Wiggin, Wesley A '90 

Wiggin, William H., Jr I '92 

Wight, Ralph W M^ '99 

Wightman, James W H '60 

Wightman, William K ^ '04 

WUbur, John P X^ '11 

Wilcox, Ernest N I^ '93 

Wilcox, Inman L V '86 

Wilcox, Merritt S B '95 

Wilde, Arthur H A '87 

WUder, Charles W., Jr A '99 

Wilder, Edward T B '06 

Wilder, Erskine P B '05 

Wilder, Frank W K '80 

WUder, Frederic H K '86 

Wilder, George P A '02 

Wilder, Harold B '08 

WUder, Henry J I '97 

WUder, Henry L X '07 

WUder, Parker H 9^ '93 

WUder, Paul B '12 

WUds, JohnL 8^ '11 

WUe, Isaac G X 

WUey, Arthur G H 

WUford, Herbert E ^ 

WilhelBtt, Donald X^ 

WUken, Charles F H^ 

WUkins, Charles M N^ 

Wilkins, Edward M A 

Wilkins, Frank H A 

WUkinson, Henry E. T^ 

WUkinson, Stanley E K^ 

WUlard, Edwin H ^r 

Waiard, Everett C O^ 

WUlett, George F A 




Charles W M^ 

Elijah R M^ 

Fay W e^ 

Frank M I^ 

FrankhnB K 

FredT T^ 

Glenn H S^ 

Guy V r^ 

Herbert L 9^ 

Herbert P I 

Howard D 6^ 

Jaredl Z 

LeroyB W 

Ralphs M^ 

Roy P e^ 

RusseUT O^ 

Stanley H 

Thomas H E^ 

WUlard W X 

WUliamC N^ 

WUliamJ ^ 

WUliamW I 


Williamson, Cassius C H 

WUliamson, Harold B T^ 

WUliamson, Paul T B 

WUlis, BenC K^ 

WUlis, Nathaniel P W 

WUlott, Reuben C S^ 

WUloughby, WUliam F B 

WUmanns, Arthur J S^ 

WUmurt, Clifford U^ 

WUson, Albion B O^ 

WUson, Dale T 

WUson, David B U 

WUson, Earle R 6 

WUson, Edwin C N^ 

WUson, Edward H H 

WUson, Edwin O X 




Wilson, Emory M B '93 

Wilsdn, Frank B K '86 

Wilson, Harry L Y^ 79 

Wilson, Jesse H., Jr B '00 

Wilson, Jonathan D., Jr. . . .P^ '98 

Wilson, John E O^ '01 

Wilson, John F S^ '96 

Wilson, John S H '65 

Wilson, Percy P^ '94 

Wilson, Percy F X '01 

Wilson, Thornton S N '76 

Wmans, John H P^ '92 

Winans, WilUam P^ '97 

Winchester. Burt H P^ '01 

Winegar, George M X '98 

Wing, Harry C. 9 '89 

Wing. Henry A H '80 

Winsfiip, Arthur G O^ '11 

Winship, Harold C O^ '06 

Winship, Kendall O^ '13 

Winslow, Geoffrey K '06 

Winslow, WiUiam W I '85 

Winter, Frank H '80 

Winter, Frank E X '07 

Winter, Walter C H '83 

Wise, RusseU P K '11 

Wise, WiUiam M K '05 

Wisewell, George E W '04 

WiseweU, Karl H E '01 

Witham, Ernest C K '04 

Withmgton, PhiUp H 6^ '95 

Witmer, D. J I '10 

Witter, Kkac P S^ '96 

Witter, William E X '80 

Wolff, Frank C M^ '96 

Wolffe, William B I '95 

Wollcott, Alexander H V '09 

Wood, Barton D P^ '13 

Wood, Dallas E H^ '08 

Wood, Floyd J P^ '02 

Wood, Wilson G H^ '99 

Wood, Henry K '82 

Wood, Irving S Y '02 

Wood, Isaac L S '84 

Wood, John B B '13 

Wood, Joseph W P^ '00 

Wood, Josiah A O^ '78 

Wood, PhiUpS H '13 

Wood, Ralph S M^ '10 

Wood, Willard E A '06 

Woodbury, Carl V H '99 

Woodbury, Ernest R H '95 

Woodbury, Malcohn S H '03 

Woodbury, Walter W P^ '95 

Woodbury, William R K '85 

Woodcock, David A ^ '14 

Woodhouse, Charles D I^ '10 

Woodis, Clark N T^ '13 

Woodman, Cyrus I '07 

Woodman, Paul I '08 

Woodruff, James G A '99 

Woodruff, John H H '08 

Woodruff, Leslie B S^ '03 

Woodruff, Robert T H '06 

Woodruff, WiUiam B X '98 

Woods, Charles R., Jr I '00 

Woods, James G * '89 

Woodside, WUUam S M^ '11 

Woodvine, Liverus H A '94 

Woodward, Edward M M^ '85 

Woodward, George W O^ '84 

Woodward, Harold E M^ '10 

Woodward, Lawrence B I^ '13 

Woodward, Luther B A '95 

Woodward, Warren C K^ '12 

Woodward, WiUiam D A '83 

WoodweU, George M O^ '84 

Woodworth, Arthur V M^ '93 

Woodworth, James W M^ '96 

Woodworth, Robert S M^ '91 

Woodworth, Warren E I^ '03 

Worcester, Charles F O^ '83 

Worrell, Rufus I B '11 

Worthington, George C E^ '90 

Wray, Herbert E Z '12 

Wright, AKred A H^ '96 

Wright, Arthur D E '04 

Wright, Charles R S '69 

Wright, Charles S H '91 

Wright, Frank A T^ '13 

Wright, John H E '13 

Wright, Joseph T T '69 

Wright, Paul D P^ '96 

Wright, PhiUp G K '85 

Wright, Ralph G E^ '96 

Wright, Ross P E^ '96 

Wright, WilUam B H^ '97 

Wright, William E S '72 

Wright. WUUam H * '75 

Wrightington, Sidney R I '97 

WuftopTFrederic F I '08 

Wunderlich, Paul H^ '03 



Wupperman. A. Edward ... 11^ '01 

Wyckoff, Edwin M B 79 

WyckoflF, James N B '84 

Wyman, Bruce I '97 

Wyman, Edward C A '95 

Wyman, Joseph G A '93 

Wyman, Oliver A I '08 

Wyman, Walter F K '01 

Wyman, WiUiam M H^ '11 

Wyndham, Charles A H '04 


Yates, Austin A A '54 

Yates, George A K^ '13 

Yeames, Herbert H A '95 

Yocum, A. H S '88 

Yonker, Henry S S^ '94 

Yorder, WiUiam S '96 

Yost, Daniel A '61 

Young, Charles L K '88 

Young, Frank H H^ '12 

Young, Harry O Z^ '12 

Young, Herbert W A '80 

Young, James S M^ '86 

Young, John O '60 

Young, John H. * '99 

Young, John Q H^ '02 

Young, Richard L ^ '00 

Young, Roscoe C E '10 

Young, Stephen O^ '79 

Young, Wimam A O^ '04 

Young, William T H^ '07 

Young, William W T^ '95 


Ziti, Frank H P^ '88 

Zoller, Abram I^ '04 

ZoUer, John I I^ '95 

Pinit Coronal Ojnu