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Full text of "Washington Irving's The legend of Sleepy Hollow and other stories (The sketch-book of Geoffrey Crayon, gent.)"

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mm'i ronuDEt >nd AdveDlun^ aad hm* ttji?f piB? their pATtB. nDlcb. uiEtbldk^ bn 
dlvnvdy prcHDiad udio no, u rntm k commuD Ihnin or tKnix."-^BiiKma^ 




37 AiiD ag West 53D Sthket 



; ••• •': '•• ": ; .: .'■ " 

Tte Arnioa'i Juoaenan or Baaai^ Vt 

Tii» y<fltMit- .* n 

to»«. m 

TiK WWK - 3» 

JUp Vas WcrtLt- 50 If 

B»OU0n Wxmu «a Avue^ , ,..,. 77 

tUiiuL LuriE u B:niK.unx ± 10 

Tim Rtt^iTEf HatftT ..,, 101 

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v/Tnummi Kn. 213 

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,'Tni( Cnnitmui Diana .,......*..^.... 101 ^| 

Itfftiwa AxTivvv. «■•• 4 880 

*4jittl« Britaijt, ,„ ,. ,,,,, 33) | 

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Tmit* or lirmin CnAm^irm 3S8 

r^iuror Toiuxaur. «» 

Joffx Buuh < I I .■>•>*. 43t 

vTni PkJTkt or tnir Tnuiat 4^"^ 

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«^u LdMncD oir Alkbt noLunr. 471 «^ 

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'.- J^ 

Pkefaoe to the Revwed Kwtjow. 

HE follovititc pspMD^ villi b«D oioftjrfioBtf, irartt 

i^^-»»^J •eritttt. for vhid' i L^fl MJAd*' iwUw 
jokI iBettOflMdaB&' Ufiluf^ I cook! lua^urv m filwi^ i>iiii- 
wvr, tmammbmam cam|iai W J qm* iu Mud lUirjv |ju>i»* 
>■«] to tliB Tj&iud Httttas, vriwfw t|u*y vviv i^iiMiMLttd 

^ tin «ftv^] h jfir^"*^^' j>f^/<ja4u M^ 4^ 

BjrtiK- Ubi^ tiir_ uuuiwciU of Umi Amt mjIbiuw Itfd j^ 
|i<«>«l is tbu ^-T^**^>— I niinir-^i Uw5 L>mE»u k^ fimj 
»y AttOM ti>r AtUuU^. J**^ ^ ^ UMurUid. with 
fcj ^ ^jtrtMtitufc * jt liK^ Ljkjoduii LtU^r*^! 'i^^^»iti«_ 





fore» lo l>riijJif.^li(Mn forward myaolf, that thoy mifi^Iit at 
Inoett liar^^.pii? benefit of my diipiM'iatoiidenc:^ &di1 rovi- 
wi»n,'',l jwrcordiugly tcioJc tlie prinUid uurnWra wlildi I 
li&d'-repfriveil from tLe United Statei;, to 9Ir. Jolin Muiw 
ru^C'the emiDcnt pnbli5lter» from ^liom I liod t^ronJj 
-,,nftiived frieiiilly ^U^iiticins, Biid Ipft tbera witli luni for 
;'>.^ *^exiimiiiAtioii. informing Mm thnt sbonld he be iccHncd to 
bring thorn before tbo public, I hod luateriolfi caoogh on 
buid for a seooud volomo. Beven^ daya baTitig eUpsed 
vithoul any coTELmumc&ticoi from fttr. Murray, I addlresaeil 
a &ota to binit m nliidi 1 cuuetruod Lis ailotkoe iutc & 
tacit nrjc«tinn of my work, and ho^r^d that the &ninli<tm 
I ha*! left with Um might b© returued to me. The fol- 
lofriiig wad Uia reply : 

Mr tnuH ^SiR, — 

I eoin'fti ><>i] lo MjVvi* fjjst T fwl Indy ohligwl bj tour kind InUn- 
tkvu l«irifcM> m^ Hill thml I cntprtaiu lh« mnflt unfrij:x»ftil rr*|>*ct fur 
jmr nuhil lutitrqj l^EirotJi, My houn ts c«iapl?lclj filled vilb a^ork poo- 
pla At Uild tirn-s ililfI t bftT« onlr ui <^dW td tiwuLct bunn'4'^ In : nixl 
fMbordifcr I ■iwi'M'Hy wJCupW-orlaboddbitt done mjwlf Um lilt**- 
on^ of vccinjc you. 

If it vmld not tqjt ed« 1a 0Dft*R« Id Ihft publloAtlOiD of j^nir ranwat 
wcffiL It i* only bn^iut I At> not utf Uink vdfiA tn tho noturv oT It vhjdi 
would ct»lJc mp h> n»kc t Jim" Mf.ihfiu^r/try lu-c^nirtji !viivmn ua. without 
whidi t rMUy f»1 no 9«tuir*rtion In i^i^pic^nf— l«l I wiU do aU i r^fti) to 
ftsoot« thou <np?aUtiDD, ui^^UukltbamortrMidjtoMtAadtaMij futtuv 

VIU) omdi trgari, 1 rcmniii. dmr sir, 

YOIU C»itlLflli1 fCTTOOt. 


Thta VAs diBbeoii^niiig, juiil itil^lit liAm lUUrrail iiid 
frKtitt HTiy farther proAo«utlon of thft tiiAllbr, l»Ji<l U*ii 
quiMtioo of r^publicaiioii In (jiMAt UriUiu n»aU(l oiitlnily 
vilh me; bat I /k[)]irohi*iidri(l lh» Ji|r|riiiiriiiiii(i iif » ti\ni^ 
rioua eilition. T itow thuii^it nf Mr AKlrJ^I'l 'I'^jmUUv 

pitaiifi' (Itimg ft riut lo JMiol'Vitfli ; li«t A/*l J ikUr 
to MAnit m^ work VfHir WaJW HI^jkm Nr^ tk'/it, 

to ^0 KO b> U^ iH/fljAj #lM>r|rfif^|^ f Jl4t4 

&<09 Ilia at Ailv^UbW » ftvir yunu \^K' 
moil^. and liT tLt iMtxaUe 'ifjUuM W iittd m^m^fU 

aan 1 ind lidl A» ]J«Mi»v ^ |iitf««Utt|f U ii^ U*^^ 

<MLL CuM»U* , JUT 

4Mjt |*j*ifr iif 


[orwiinl your views — I oasure yon nothing will ^V9 me 

The bint, however, about a rererae oi forttine had 
strucic tlie qoick apprehension of So^tt, and, nith tliAt 
prftctit^ikl iwd e^cieut good will vhi<^h belonged to bia 
natoTG, he hiwl alrondy doviaod a way of aiding mo. 

A weekly poriodicaL, he went on to inform m^i wad 
abont to ^m set up ia Ediulmrgh, mipported Iry tlie most 
tespootable talouUf and amply funiJHh&d with all tlio 
noceasarj' information. The appointment of th^ editor, 
lor wbinii ttiiijilB /unil« wfira imnidL'd, would b« ilv*? biiii* 
drcfd ]>ou»dd tit^rliu^ a year, with the reasouablo prod* 
pect of further advantages. ThU siiuatiorj, being ap- 
pai'eutly nt bia diap^.ifial, he frankly offered to me. The 
irotk, however, he intimated, was to have acTDewhat of a 
political boarini;, and he exprusaed an ap|jrebonaion that 
tlie tofiu it w^u« de^rt^d tn ndopL might not »iiit me. "Yi^t 
I risk UiG qudstioti,'* jL<ldfld ha, "Iwcaafici I know no man 
60 well qnaliiicd for this important task, arid perhaj^s be- 
canae it will u^cpeAsarily brijig you to Edinburgh* If mj 
posal does not suit, yon need only keep the matte? 
I, and there is no harm done, '^Vnd for my love I 
pray yoa wiong me not' If. on tho contrary, yon think it 
<}ould 1^ madfl to suit you, lut m^ know its euon as posai- 
bk, jiddn^ssing Caatlfi-stn'ot, Ldinburjjh," 

In ft postecnpi, written from Edinburgh, he odds, "I 
am JQ»t onmp Tinn% nnd linve ghvnrnd nv^r tlifi Rketirh* 
Book. It ia poaitiioly beautiful, and increaeoa my doair« 


to crimj} job, if it be po&^bk<. Some diiliciililmt liero 

Alwnyti are in mnna^irtf^ such a matter, eapecially nt tlic 

^omtaet; but we vill obviate tLsm as muoh as wo i)o«&ibIy 
_ fi 

Thfl following ia from an iuijierfi>«t draught of my ro* 
plj, vMeli uudorweut aomo modificationw in tbo copy 


"I camitit expre«ii liow much T iinj gratlfiitjl liy your 
lottcir. I had begna to feel its if I hail talcon an unwar- 

itabld liberty; but, somehow or other. thcr<^ ii* n gcniiU 
line fhboct joii that ^Tarm)) every creepiug tLiii^; iiilo 

»art fttid coulideDCd. Your lit^raiy proposal lioth Bur* 
^priftea and llatt«rs me, as U ^viricca a luuoli Liglicr opin* 
imi of my ialet^ifi thau I h^VG myself.'* 

I then went on to erpliuu that I found myself pecu- 
liarly unfitted for the uitnatiou offered to me, not merely 
by my political opinious, but by the very constitution 
aiwl faftbits of my mind. *' ?kfy wliole course (^ life," I 
obaorved, " tiua been desultory^ and I am untittMl for any 
periodically recurring toek, or any stipulated labor of 
body or mind, I have no command of my bilt^mtm, Huch 
*MA they ar^, and have to watch the varying of my mind 
oti I would those of a woatber-^ook. Practice and train- 
iiiff may bnnj< m^ mort- into rule ; but at pre.Hi'iil I mu ^a 
omIcmi for r^jpuliir aenice oa one of my own country 
Indiana or a Don (Jow^uck. 

"I muat, bbcEcfcro, keep on pretty much aa I have 
b«gim; vritiDg when I can, not when I wotild. I shall 






occvsionAlly sliift my red^ence oucl vritc vhAterer is 
Kii^^Mt.r»d hy olijfictM Wfor'* mn, or ivhntft^vr ris&4 in tuy 
inuiginfl-tion ; And hope to irrit« bdtt«r and ii>orft copi- 
ously bj ftDd b}'. 

" T itin pUying tli© egotist, l>ut T l:nr»w no b«ttoT wnj ot 
flji9w«vriijg yonr proposal than by allowing ^rbat a v^rj 
good-for-iiothui|{ kind of bomj; I am. IShoaid Air- Con- 
fltable feel iuclined te niu^ktr a bargAOU for the varea I 
have on hand, be wit) ^ncoUTHge me to further f^ntcr- 
prise; and it will bo soaig thing like Iraduig nitli a gip^ 
for th« frmto of his pTovlInga, who mnj at one time L&tq 
uothiii^ buL Ah wrooden bowl to nficr, and at uiotlier 
time a eU-rer titnknid-" 

In rj'plj-, S«x>tt oipresftod regret, but not Hurptiac, at 
mj di?clining what might have proved a Lronblettome 
dn^- He then r^carred to the ori^al ent^ect of our 
oorrcapondetice ; entered into a detail of the varionft 
tenuH irjjiiii wlin.b ]irnui|<»'iueiitH wt-rt» made between an- 
thon and bookMdl<-rK. tbat I rai){ht take my choice; ex- 
prcsaing tHo moat encouraging confidence of tho suoeesa 
of my work, and cf proTinnii vrorkn whinb I Laid produced 
ill AmerSeiL "T did no more," mldtul h**, '* than oj^^n llio 
tfxfnohcu vitli Convtnblo ; but I jun >iurc if yon will tako 
the troublo to nito to him, yon will find liim lUsj^osed to 
trvnt yonr tJTorttiiv^ iritb fvery degree of atti^udon. Or, 
if you tljink it of cone^nenoo in tko first pUcir to ^oe m^ 
1 eball be in London in iho courso of a roonth, nnd nhjtt- 
6T«r my experiepcc c&u oommaDd is most hearlily at your 



(ujiiiutaBtL Bitt I cau tM IHtle to what I have aaid 
«l>oro, «x(»pt mj earnefll reeoiumeudaUoa to Constable 
to ODtcr into tlu^ ucgotuLtioii.'' ** 

Before tbt^ ixrrrijit »f Uii& most obliging ]L*Ut^r, Luw- 
evGT, I had det4?rmi>ied to look to no Leadiug bookkiftlliv 
for a lauuch, but to tlirov my worlc boforo tiio piib)i<> 
at my own risk, and let it sink or smm aocording to its 
morits* I VToto to that e^ct to Scottj und Boon received 

"I observe with pleasure tlt^t you f^re goiiif; to come 
fnrtl) in Bntuin. It Ik <^AfrtH.Ln1y nut tlih vnry lic^Ht v.-iiy ki 
publish on onc'e own account; for tho bookseller* eot 
Ibcir face against the circuLitiou of such works aa do act 
pHy an ama/iiig toll to thein^vee. But thoy liava lost 
the art of aJtoji^tier daoiinnf; up the road ia aiieh caaoe 
bfttween the author and the public^ which tbey were onoo 
abh} to du a?i tdF«ii?tLiall^ a?i Dialiolu4 in JoLu Buny^itt'ii 

* 1 oHDDot bTotd BubjolniDg In a note a racooAdin^ pancrmpb of Scott^s 

Icttar. which. UMWst jt doea not relate to tho mam subii'Li of out corro* 
sprtndfUrf . viu tixi rhikracIcrlALc ro bn amlEIcil. 5onik^ iluif fiimriimlj I 
had nnl llloi ^opbm Scott umUl du«Uudm» American wlitiont r>f h^r 
fjftthor*! i>urriiii |iuUi>linl in f^Jjnburcli m ijLiurUr n^Iiiirii^ ; hltiiwiiii: Ihc 
''liJ^rviriiriiiry "t^F lli^ AfiiiTLcrtn ]in'«i» hy wliirh ikijiiurl of v jiil^ Udriri- 
Jnrnd into a pint ^>, fk}<M.1 r>TitP*rvnc ; "In m^ hiirry, I h«vv not 
tbiliJc«d fDU in Si>r>ltJH*a i^nmc for ibi; kind aDrntinn vbiiti furnwbisil her 
vUL LUd AiMurkiiii iuIuiuL-E(. 1 am u^l ciuilv sure I i:a.ti odd my uwn. 
■fapfl ymi hnv" miijlr* hrr noj-jimmtrd with miirh mow "f ]»j[ni''< fnlly l*ian 
Bb<i woiilil ever ot1iorwi»o havo IcarnoJ [ f>^r 1 hod taktn gpocliil carv the/ 
flhoiild ntTcr SM any of those Ihinfi^ ulurinc thnr mrlier ji^vrn. I think I 
tUdjmi LhutWnHprMfMivptiiff thfrtrmacntnt wllh a fOiT.hcir ItJtc n may- 
polo» anil IndaQling tbo piviunont vilh a cK-jrA hlca a Vfthfr— Ifi other 
word*, h« haA bccoioc a irblalu^fvd huanr fo the ISth dragoaoj." 



Batf War cbaod up ti>e inadovB of mj Lord Gndar- 
■tai£D^s ■fc***^^* I mm sore of oda tbuig» Uui ^on 
li«n» «alf tO' b^ kwnm tn tU» BritiKli pahli<? to bfr ad- 
«nf»d bj t&em, aad 2 voold oot eaj fio onleas I really 
vai «)l thai opiaiob 

" 1/ yaa mcr n» a arittj bat rather local pnbUraUan 
caDod BWkaood'fl Edinhcrgb Ma^axiae, Toa viU 6ikd 
aookfi aotiofr of }Y>tir vorka m ibt Udit aomber: tbo 
author b a frtrud uf miiir*, tu wbuti) 1 h^w iotrndiuMl 
yon ia Tour litararj cipjieitr. Hin nam* u Loekhart, a 
70*04; jUMMi of TC17 ooaftKlombto taloot, and wbo aiU aooa 
b« inlimatelj cona^cted with mj family. Mj EaitMul 
friead Knkk«rbock«r id to b« Doxt examined and Hlaa- 
bated CoDMlabJc waa cxtrcmclT mlli;^ to enter iato 
coomdetadon of a treaty for yoof voik^ but 1 ioRifteo 
will br »tUl man ^o wbAo 

Afid tliat irill aooa bo tlkr <«««. I tmat to be ia 

London abcmt Ibr tniddia of At inantb, and promts mj* 
aelf great plAunre in onee igain thaking tdd bj tba 

The Grat volume of the SlM^lcb-Book wan p«it to press 
in London «a 1 bad renolvnl, at tny own rUk, b}' a Ivk^- 
BcUet nnknovn to fame, and withoql nay of tbo un^al 
arte by wMch a work ta tmmfH>l4>d into noUce. Still 
aom* atinuliup bad bean aatkd lu it b) tW eitmotaw 




lud pTOTionaly &p|>«>ftr«d in the Lit«r&ry Oozetta, im^ hy 
tho kind wonl spokca by tbe editor of that perioiiicai, 
aad it was totting into fair circulfltiou, ^vlieii m^^ wnrlli^ 
)ks«U&r t&iled befoie tLe first month ^^aa over, and tlia 
ftil« wiK iDtempted. 

Al this jnucture Scott airiTed ut London. I caUtd. to 
him for help, aii I wna Atieldng in tli^ miT^, aiid, hiotni 
propitious than HGircntoe^ he pat liU own ahouldor to ILo 
Yhe«l Tliroufib hia jjbvorable rapTDaeutatloua, Munaj 
wah quickly' iiidut^ bo under take tli» futun? pubtirjitiiiii 
of the woik which be bsA prerioualv duelinod, A further 
edition of the firnt ToJnmo wm struck oS and thd second 
^nmo wa» put tu press, nnd froni that timo ?IIorrAy be- 
came my pnblieh^rj conducting himself in all his deal- 
ings with tliat fair, open, and liberal Bpirit which bad ob- 
tfiin^d fur buu th^ nell-uieriUid appedlatitJU of tbe Princo 
c( Bookaellero. 

Thus, nudcr tbo kind and cordial auEpic^K of Sir Wal- 
ter Scnit, I bt^fj^kn my Hterarj cAreer in Europe; and I 
letd that I an) but dUf^bargiii^, iii a triHing degree, my 
dabt of gratitudu t<> the niemorj of that ^oltlen-beurtod 
nan in acknowkd^ng m^ obbgvvtiona to IiinL — But ttLo 
ot htf* liUrrary cor temporaries **vei applictl to bim for aid 
or coonawl that did not exp4?rieuc9 tbe taoet prompt* geu- 

erons. and cffoctool oesiatonce I 


The Sketch-Book. 


'*! tiD of thia mlod irLlb ITotoer, that as it^ annWo ttioL <:r£pr. out o1 her 
•liH] !«■ tf lfll^r^ <ftar>an< iniii i t-wrt, iin<t Iherelij wm forrml i<i rriplic « tionto 
to lit oi; ; *o the tr»*ullcr llMt iHinifilcdL from lib «viit- ctnjuUj i« U 4 ibifrt 
Unu lruufonD«d loio aa ruvaslraa* a iliftiWr ^^^ ^^ I* folii* lo «Hor lii« 
Duavloi] wltli hU QUkiiacn* ud lo llva ^Lctq be cau. uct wl)i?n: lie wuliL '^ 

LrLt*t Ku'ima. 

WA& alvava fond of Tlaifciiig n^vr iM30iio«t uid 
ohB^imng strange charactem Htid in/uinMrs. 
Even whan a mero obild I heg^n loy triLrols, 
and madd many tours of diacoTory into fc^rcign p<krto Jind 
nnkitnwt] regions of luy iiativE« citj, Ui (Iib fro<{(ient nianu 
of my pAr«Dt3, aod the emolument of tlid town-crier. As 
I grow into boyhood, 1 ^xtend^d the rojige of my ob&or- 
Yfttionfl. My holid&j afternoons were silent in ramblea 
nbout th^ Hiirroonditig coimtry. I made myself fanuUar 
^th all its pIaco6 famous in liidtory or fiiblo. I Unovr 
every spot iriiero a rnurdor or robbery hud been com* 
mitted, or a ghost tu-vn. T viKU^d the ni^ighbi^rtng vtl* 
lagcs, and added greatly to my etock of knowl^d^^, by 




nodn^ their linbits Mid (rashoms, antl oonTersing with 
Uirir Slices aud ^reut men. I even jntiruej^erl cino Inng 
ftutnmor'); iljky to tbe sumioit of tlio moi^ dintant hUl^ 
wJionco I stretched my oyo over tauDy & mUo of terrai 
iii<H>giiita, nud wofi ttstooished to tind hrjw vast a globe I 

Thia ramblmg propenaity etrcn^rtlioned witJi niy yefirs. 
Sooks of ^-ovHf^eH nnil tniVE^la becaxne tiij paBsion, tuid in 
devouring tLeir c*outeuU> I negkcU^d the regular AXdr^* 
oiflcfl of the BchonL Howw^istfully wotild I wnndt-r nbout 
iko pior-hoEidA in fine ^xatlier, And watch tho parting 
aliipfi, boimd to di&taut climes — with whux lending eyes 
ironld 1 1*020 aft«r their leaseuiug soiUn aud waft mytieLf 
ib iiiiag|{iiiaLit>:i io tlie ouiIa i>f blie earth ! 

Farthf^r riMwlbig mid tliiiikiiifj;, though they l>r(wght 
tluA TAgiio incUnAtion into more reesonable boundAi ouiy 
served to make it more decided. I visited Taiions parts 
of my own ooimtry ; and had I bettn merely a lovar of 
flne flcenerv, I iiln>uld have fait Httlo doairo to aock else- 
where ita gnilification, frir nn no country hare th« charma 
of nature biwn more |inidigrtUy JariJibed. Hor ml^tity 
Ukoo, liko ooeanii of liqnid «;ilrcr; hor mouritoitia, with 
their bright norial tint«; kf^r taUots, tccmiTi^ with wild 
fertility; her tren]4>Ddoua cataracts, 1hxir]d*»nr»j^ in thf>ir 
fiolitodes; bcr boundlcaft plaiuM, wa^'UlK with apcntaneoua 
wrdui« ; h«r broad deep Hver*, rolling in solemn Bilenc^ 
Io llie iionaji ; her trackless forests, wh(*re Tt^^^intimj puts 
forth all its mafflificgpce ; her slde^ kindling with thd 

197 MttmiTWT tiF TBK AUTBOS. 


mpp of fimomcx clo«id» tmH f-lork)Q« mnuihim : — oob 
KrtBt UMfd n AiDorioftA t^vnk WT^iod hui own (Ottutry 
Ipt &» ««blnnA and h^^nTifn] <if natiiT«1 wvnM^. 

B«l Evro^ bald Eortfa the dianQe ol stonM axtA po«li- 
«il naeinciiiaon. !Eben iwr« to Im- B«<vn Uio mikAbr^rWA 
■rf uty dio ratBenente of higklwnlliTatml not^i^ty. Iho 
qoaut pocoliantaML of MMMmt uk>t looiU canh^m. Mv ti^ 
tire country vn^ foil of joathhil proiutnf^ : E«ro|w vnM 
tirk in tli«r ftivmsnalntMl trvj«iinn« of Ap^. Hot ><»n' niLhH 
i|6l(l (h« biatory of UmM |^im> br, and cv^rr tunoKliitrinii 
[■tono vaa ft chtttiucslo. J lot^^d lo «mn<U*r oT^r (ho 
[Beenes of renownfid Ac^liiovoEiM^iit— to tn?A4l, m U \rer^ 
tbft footsteptt of uitii^uity— to loiU'r nbout Ulo rumMl 
tik — to meditato oa tbo fiUUng tover U> oiu«iio, in 
illiort, fnjiii tlii^ rniiitiiouplnc^ tobIIUcw oftln^ iimmiitv aiul 
mirftcU uQOug tLo vluulowy grriti<1nut« iif the \\htkt 
I biul, bceit^c aU tbte» Ati ount«Bt rtriim to itr^n thn 
groftt iQ«ii of tlic coiiL. Wl^ hnve, it m tni^ our t^r^ttl 
Birn in AmTicft : rmt i; ritj Iml lin»* iin nmy\i> ■hun- of 
tfaom. T Imw tnin^Lod ainoni^ tliem iu my tini«, ukI liorn 
oliiKAt vrilber«d by tbe flbAil« into wbicli ibny laaI me; 
br ih^Tfi lit tiolbiii^ NO bftUfnt to % ttioall t»iiii im Ihft 
of A (H^-at ono, putleQliirly tb« ffront mftti of ji ofty. 
Bot I WA« ftnxionJi to »eff Ib^i great tnt-M of Enro|]A ; Un 1 
nnul Id IIia wnrhn iif viirioitH pHilnN(i|ihnn^ lliAt iill 
doQOiMnitfKl in Xrncrrics, uid idkh Am^iAig ll>» 
tber. A jernal man ol £QiopG. (booght I, ronitt U»Af«- 
bc ui snppTwr U> a ggwt am of ^"T*^*^ ** » jmok 



i>( tlifl Aip ta % Iii#{hbid ^ i\\G Hudson ; ftnd in thifl idea 
I itiM couflnnecl. bj oi>MTrvitii4 tJio cumparutift; im|>or* 
tiLhoo Ami AvtfUiitg mAf^uituiid uf uxAuy EiiglirOi UnviTlkrA 
air>i>nrf lut, who, t wba Ajuured, wero vorry llttk |)eopk in 
tlL4iir »wu rvuiitry, 1 vriil vinit tbw lonji of wonders, 
ilioiiV^t T, nud HOu tho glgniitic twm iri\m wliich I oni 

It 1104 Ijoea oiUi^r luj good or eril lot to tiavo my tov- 
iiifl piuMioii iftatifkd. I hnvo wandered tlii^iugli lUITereul 
oonutri^H, and irltn«ftik^J maxiy of the aliUting iKN>iie» of 
lift, I CAfjtiot Kuj that I have studied tlteui ivilk tho ojq 
of ft philaAogdi^r ; but rntlior with thtft HAaiitrnng goxo 
vith which hniuKlit Iutofh of tho pi(-tnre»i]uo stroll from 
Ibovindow of odo print-vhop to anothor; congLt somft- 
tiniAA hy tito dcUucaUoDA of boaotj. eoiuctimea by tho 
lliatortinns of cnTiontuns and Mometimt^a bj the hiveliu^aa 

huidai'ape. Aa it i^ tbo faehiou for aiod^^nk toumts to 
tmnd poucil iu haiul, aii<l brinic Iiuhiq th«ir port-blioa 
flllwl vith KkidrhiiH, I uui diujxKwd b> gob up a ft^w for 
IImi <tnt«rUiuiiii'tit M my fn<>ui,U. Wboa, boir«r«r, I look 
ov«ir th«> hinttt and mi^morandcima 1 h*To tak«D dnwit for 
Iba piir|Kwi\ R)T h<«art abmial fails ino at finding hoir 
lay iilli> haiuor kM bxl ma o^do froot the gre^t objects 
atudiV'd by oTorr rogxiliti travi^llrr who vould nudte % 
book. 1 kar I Ahall pvvi ^ual (liiiAp|Ktititin4<tit whh ;ui 
miliiclcy latkdaoaiw paintot, who had trav^lM no tho cou- 
tiuaiit, but, MIovinit Iba beol of bia ragruit Lnriuiatioa, 
aki^k^Md in nooka* aad ouni«rs. and by-plac^ji. Ilia 



aketcli-book waa accorduigly crowded with cottages, and 
landscapes, and obscure roma ; but he bad neglected to 
paint St. Peter's, or the Coliseam ; the cascade of Tenti, 
or the bay of Naples ; and had not a single glacier or 
Tolcano in hia whole collection. 


Miipi, ihl[>*. 1 Mill dMprta jott 

AiukUl IhcniafriH 
1 liHI u^mtf fend Uj you, 

OOt iOM ibiMd fvroivrtlikmiUir iinJ tndlTi||, 
AdoUik ■[«>■ l» hn'p lllh riiiinlry frciiD limfllnr. 
A thIrJ kcomlniC linmc vjib rich aud itt^kllhy lutlfig, 
llilkiof tnj lMJit*l«. uhllber trill Uiolt ro' 

|0 Hii Am^ric^n vwtitig Eiirf>pc, the lonjif voyage 
h^ haa to make ia an exoeUeut |)roparative. 
Ttic tf^iufKifftry abd«ttc« of warldl/ ac«nea and 
eiu|>lii^'iiit^nUt jirtKluLt^H u Htittit uf mind jMciilStulj' fittMl 
to rooftin) buvr uid vivid in>pr»*Lidong.y Tlie raat epaco 
of vat^M lliat ftdfATAt^H the brmiApheres is Ukc a bbuik 
jMgD m cixuttt'UfiO. Tlirn^ in no gradual tranaitiun^ hj 
vhWli, ui in Fnrop^, thti f^uttir^x and f^pulatlou of ont 
twatisy hU^nd almost iiDporecptibly vitL tboBo of an- 
otlier. From Ibe EOomeAt voa looc sight of the lAud yon 
have kft alt ia varaacr nntil yon xti^p (in ttL«< opgnwlt^i 
•IkorOi and on laoDch^d at otic« inio the bustle and elot- 
dlm of another world. 






I mtf m Wt doft, il k Im*, "* l 
a^m^Bftn : vr qui liBA» it Uttsk link L^- i^ 

tbsi t^ 1ml tUlll gl»j>pki« BB U> Lofib'- "i« 

«eni adriti UficMi » duaUiil vurliL it uj.«-r^>^^ » 
'^gdl, i mt .wtfWiiT inimiii iiy, Wi waiL Laiwtiopjui ^ :*q Jot 


1«a£ ltl:.i hi>' ' ' 14IT JMftiffl llkwi ImU B1I«< 

' ia«l«H if I Jwd ck«^- 
Ijte T'Ttrl aarl jia ib^mitiii, aaij imd lu^' 

i.^ailBifc i*» ^i*' ixAitu 



for By>d!tat)on ; but then tlicy ato tJ>o »onder« of tfao 
doep. *m! (if tbe lur, &ikl rotiier tend to abetn^ct tbo miad 
fmcn vorlJIy Lhrnii«. I ileliglitiMl Uilollnvnr tbe qaa^ 
ter^ttilbag, or climb to the Eaaic-top, of a calm d^y, and 
tiiiifl« ior liQoa together on tbe tranquil bosom o( a swk- 
iner*B i«a ; ic> gaza apou the jiilfs i)f ^hl^^n clond^jiLst 
peerin;; above the horizon, fancj them some fairj realms, 
and people tli&m vrith a ereftlioa of mj o«m ; — to waiob 
Uw gKJitlii uadulaliTtg biUiowH, nilUug their sUrer Toluina^ 
aa If to did 4w*v tai those happy fihorea. 

Th«re vaa a duliciuns Bensation of mingh^d security 
and aw« vitb vhtch I loolced down from my gi^hlj height, 
Ui« moniitflfn; of thn d^top At their nnconth g^mlxil^ 
^hfialit of porpoifK« tomblinf* about the bow of tlio ship ; 
tbo grampus slowly heading Ms huge fjna abore the 
^ur[&f«; OF the raveuoua shark, d^rtiiig, IJKe a speeLre, 
thron^h the bloc watem. My imftginotion wonlti c>>njiiTO 
op all that 1 ha d h«Nard or read of the watery worid bo* 
nimth FQii; of tbH ntiny h^rd^ that rosm ib* fstlinmlflsw 
TaQojs; of th« shapeless monsters that Inrk sTDong the 
T017 foaodadoaA of the earth ; and of those wild pbon- 
tfwiRH tliat iiwoU the tales of fishenu^n mid sAilors. 

Snmetimea a distant sail, F^^ding along the edj^e of the 
ooGan, would be another th^jmo of icllo ap«culA£ion, 
How iutvmiUt]^ thin fragitjntit of » world, haalemni; to 
rejoin tlie gre«t maM of erlntence! What a glortoua 
monument of human inTcntion; which had in 4k nuumor 
triumphocl OT«r wind and wave \ has brought the eoda 



ol the vorid into eoiKiotuuicii ; liaa GBtabltnlicd ui iuter- 
obftuge of blesaiii^ |)i>uriii|; iiiUr th<4 nkrilti m^iuiLS uf 
tli« north ft]l the luinriea of Uie soutb ; lias dilFua^ tli« 
ljf;Ut of knowled^^ and tho clmriticti of oidtiratod life ; 
aud ht^ tLun butmJ logclher tbu»i> HCAUf^rod puitLOus of 
Ui«i huinuu riui^, Ijcrttvdiui wLich uutnrd Auenurd to liava 
tliTOWU An mftaimotmtabjc biurii^r. 

Wc op o liij donaied some ehfl-pele sa oT:ject d nfting %t_ 
n disttuuaB. ^t K4M^ cvcrrr tJtia^ (lint br^^/ik^ tLe motiiit^my 
of tbo nuTonndiDg oipA&H« attr&<?t>i j^ttention. It pri>voH~ 
to IxT tbo most of a ship tiiat must bibTO been coniplot«lj 
wrecked ; for tbera were tbe remniim of h&ndkercbie&ir 
by vbicli eomo of tba crew bad fa&tcued tbemselvoa to 
tixid &|>ftr, to prove&t llic^ir being viuliod off by tlio «aTC:& 
There inu do tinoe by wbicb tLc n&nio of Uw nbip crocld 
be as^wrtftlnod. Tbe wreck bad orldoutly drifts about 
lor mAny mabtba ; cltisU^rt) of sboU-6ftb bad Eu»t«7iod 
about it, nnd long eeft-wecnU flaunted at its sides. But 
wberr, ibougbt I, iH Ibd enpir ? TLrir struggle lifts bing 
[;loOii OTor— thoy bave good down lunidAt tbe toot of tiie 
tempest — tbeir bonei Ik wbitettiug nmoDg the cAremi^ of 
ibo ibiop. RiI«noe, obtivioD. like the wavett, linre do«ed 
^OT«r them, and no cue can tell Che story of tb(?ir eii<b 
What flighs bfti*6 beeu wafted after that ship I what 

irajcrs oJTer^ up at the deoeried fireaido of bomc! 

fo« often baa the m!scre««, tba wife, the motlipr. ]i-in>d 
o^r the daily ikth's, to oat«h flonio carnal intoUigenoti of 
this rorer of Hut dc^p \ How haa aipectalioa dailu:iod 


TiiK HUttTCii-BOOX. 

bto attiUttf'&nvioL/ Into iln>iul— and iItaiu! fnto 
Mltairt AJttttt uiil fiw mnmciultj may oTor rctaro (or lovo 
W dtvriali. AU tJiul luuy cvur Ik) Itiiowii, Sh, timt aJte 

TJni Mijjlit <if tliU ttn»olii u UHuril, f(avo riA« to maity 
(lifluml aucoilokTH. TkU wfw i^aHunUilj' tlio com iu Ui« 
evtiiiiiitT, ttltHiL ilm HiTuihur. ^vhirli ]iui1 htlliorto Iwcn fur, 
lie^ftii lo look A^Ui &nil lUK*<»leuih^-, ami Rare iiidieattoBB 
of tuiti ik( U^uifl autldou AtofmA vUidi ^rlll aooetiauit 
lil^Ak ill ii}Hiii Uit» HtnMiitjr iif tt itnmiuor vuiiAgi^ Aa wn 

tho ^loctm uiom ^)uu4lir, ^vrry onj« Imd lii« bJo of «lii^ 
wrmA ami «lt«ul^r. 1 wu partioolArl^ siruok with « 

"* Aa I vM cMe «iUU»i4i'' ^A he, " ib a find stoal flhipj 
AtoTuAai i\>*^ 1«ukH of NovfovimUADd, oiw> of thoao hMLty^' 
iDgamlk^lt i:*r('TAi1 in thow p«rts mwler«<l it imposaiUtt 
fpt hm Iu >ivu ba ttlMttJ c^<eu in tli« d^vtinM ; but at uiieIiI 
lh<» v«^ther wMk au thick tW yti» cooU iK>t iLxatiii^uitk' 
»i\v ubjv4:4 at iwu^ ibv Ipugtb ol tk» klii|K I kp|)t li^htv 
U tW v*ttt-h«ihl, ami A >.s>u«lftat vtktcli forwd to looJC' 
wtl Iwr KkJuh^ auukck^ vlu^-h «k »cca»too«d bD U» ikj 
nAokijf \w kbie fe*akab TW viwl wm htowumr a snknckjnf. 

WmWK Wkl V* «>«• goiift ftt ft gfMl WttthffNIgk 

Wktfti^ ttaJUbaty tb» ««ttik 9«r9 Um lium of *• 
aktfttdr— ib «a» ftcwvvt^ -^tttfrvU betonn we ven <ftpo*] 
b»v* Sfc» was a ssuU «cho<Kiwr» ul niuebor, w^A Wr 
WtMM^ikto towards iiah Ibo «ff«w ir«t9 4E asfe^p, anU badi 

nM cATTAnf'a 49mgr. 

M^Mtod lo hoUt h light W« vUiick Wr j«iM aitiM- 
[kfcV** Tluk fon^i Ui« ftisOk fcbo weight of our veumtt} \mm^ 
Aawn below Uie w&vM ; w pAMmd QTor k<<ir aiid n^n 
tiomexl on onr ooano. A0 lh« dwhing irnok ir«« link- 
ing bcbofttb 110, I bo^l A |i(Ump«ie of tmor Dmx* IcOf^- 
nftked wnU^ea ninliiiiit rrom bor iwT>iii ; ilio; jiuit iduHiHl 
fnim Uioir tNuU to Im nwHll.ivnl nlinnkiu}! bjr lUn wutiic 
1 hiMLrd tlieir drcwniiig cry minAhiix niUi tliA wind. 'V\as 
UmI tliat 1x>rr it U> our rjtm nvrcpt UH out of nil fJuiliM 
IiWiring^ T H^inll nnvitr fnr|;iiL tlinl or^ 1 It niw lOtin 
tam9 bcforo wo could put thi* nlup about, nlm wiui nu^W 
each boAdwftj. W« rotumed, u n«>JLrl/ aa wo could 
gaeMi, to the plaoe wbt^ro Lho tuDftck hiul nnrboriid. Wo 
cmkied «1x>vt for aovoral boarn in tbo dnruui fntt- Wn 
fir^ iiigitftl ^UM, ojtd liitom^d If Wn mi|[bi li^r UlO 
IiaIIoo of nay tmrviTtm: \nii idl tvim i^lUut — wu iitintr 
asw or hoiud AHftLing of ttinm tnnti^" 

1 eoofew thcM fLtonc«> for o tiinr*, pal nn orut to oil mj 
flaa bocieo. Tbc Ntornk lucntntfH-d with tbo nincbi TIhi 
MS w»* Iwhnd into trnrnrrml'mii t^^nmUm. 'Dwrn wu 
a IbaHoL sulkn sonivl of rwiliiaK wnf#M, aiuJ Iffik^m 
I>e«p adlfid nnlo doop. At tiro'm lbr> blM^k tvij- 
o( dooda oTerbmd ■Aonuyl ronl Mirjij^Ur )fy UmIimi 
^^****ff whieb qiUTOT«d olocf; lb<« fn«fniii(( MU'rw*, 
ttada tbe ouGODeding dArkjDMW d'Titfdj WfrbWi. Tho 
frllcmml 'm<r lb« vikt wmbt <>f wjUcfft. MkI 
Mbo*d ajid pTrdoof{ed V^j ibA m'fVioUln «ftt««. A« 
i«wv tb* nhip ottggenng Bad pliuif(ftnff Am/iiVf( UtM* fM^ 



iug oavoni^ it seomod curnculouti tlat elio ro^ainod her 
kiblauce, or ]>r606rvcj Lei bnoyiuicj^> Hct }'ari]n would 
dip into tlici wM.L«r : Ler Ikiw w»a >bl most buried betientL 
tliQ Wftvon. SumctitucM on Impotulin^ surge appi»/irGd 
Ttftdy to D^t'ivlieiiu boTr iind nothing but a dexterous 
mtJViMiitiiLt of tL«T litOni jtrrwrvrd hti fmm Ui^ sLoi^k. 

Wbon I nitiritd tn my c»biii^ tlift A^ful tic't^ro ntill fal- 
LoTFcd mr-, TlkO wJjietling of the winJ tJiroiagii tho rig- 
ging souuded liiG funen^al wfuliriga. TLe creakiDg of the 
ino^ts, the etraiuini; and groutdng of liolk-head?, u tbe 
ship l&bor^d m tlo vclterini^ soa, w^rc frightful. Afi I 
h^;LTd the wav«TH rushing aluii^ iXw. ^^IH^<kf tlie ubip, and 
roaring in niT very tr^ir. it fl<^Qmerl lui if DiiaUi w«re raging 
roimd tbU dontiiLg pnsoD, smoking for liie pKty; tUo mcro 
at&rtiikg of a deuI, tlie jjhwiiiiig of a fteani» might givo him 

A fine day, howovor^ with ft txanquil sea and favoring 
bM6Se, ttoou put all tliefie dismal rcflfsctiona to flight. It 
is ii]ip(iH»(ibtt4 Ui resist the glnddmitug iuHueu^e of fine 
treatUcr and fair wind ikt sea. ^VLcn tlio aUp is decl:f>d 
out in all hor caiiTaa, every emi nwi-Ued, oud c;trueriug 
gaylj over tho curling wavps, how Inftj^ how galliuit she 
nppoarif — how i;hi> stains Xa Inrd it over tlie deep I 

I mij-ht flit a volnnir witli the r^veiiM of a »ca voy- 
Jig^, for with mo it is almost a continoAl rereric — bnt it 
iH tim« t(t gpt to abore. 

It WM a ^e sunny monung when the thrilling crj of 
"land!" waa girvn ^nt iho mAsi-hGAd. None bat thooie 



who tuve eipemiuwd it can lonn an kle* of th« dsliciou 
Uirou^ tA oondj^ioitf whioli nmh into lu Ataeric4u*a 
"boeioiii, «lioa be first oonkM in itighl of £urop^ Thei6 i* 
ft vulouu- <ti AfUUJcdAlioOi with the rurv umxu^. It >■ tba 
land dC proaim, tooaaing with ovory thitig of which liu 
childhood hu heard, or o& which his atadious ^'c«rn h^vo 

Ft^>m th^ tLme nntil the moment of uTivsd, it was all 
ieveriah eicitemeot The ships ol war, tJtai prowled lifco 
gtiurdiaa i^uuiIm alou^ the ououl; tJ*s headUuds of Ir«- 
jjand, stntchii^ out Into ths ehaiuwl; th« Welob ii>oni»- 
ioms, towering into the cdoods; all were obj«)cU of uit^use 
Ibtsrest, As wa sailfHl up tfav llnnwj-, I mooiitioitTrid tho 
flbores with a t«1ose<^M. Uj«jrtt dwoU witli d«ligbt on 
neat ooUagee, with their triin thrabbftrias and groso 

raaa |do4a. I saw LIm inoukieriikg rnin of od dibrjr 
ovemn wjtb ivy, sod the tspar spire of s inlJ«gn rtinrdi 
fitting frncn iho brow of a naighbomig lull — all w«re 
ohttraclcristic of En^&iuL 

Tha tid4» mnd nriitd wfiro ftu fsrrjnibk? th&t tlie ship was 
aoubliod to eomo iit (iiic» to th« purr. It wu& throof^ad 
'with people; eou^. idle lr>ok«rs-4>D, othcnf^ c^gt^r cxptcl- 
aoLi of frieiulH or reLALiTe& I otwJd distugvuh Uw ucc- 
ohant to whom tho ship was ooasigiwi 1 kiww him by 
Itis oaJoulntitig brow &n<l rr«tU-ss air, Uia luiads were 
Ihraid intn hix po(?k<'tM; ho vmk wbUiling ihuuf^htfuU^, 
and walkiDf; to and fro, a snudl spsw h*viiig b««u &4y 
oorded ium by the cn)wd, is d«lereuoo to his tuJaponrf 



importn<nco. Thct€ were repeated ctLeeringe am\ salutft- 
tioDfi intert-liatiged between ihG sliore and tLe »Li|i, &d 
frienrlfi Jiappene<l to recognize esicli other. 1 pArticularlj 
iiutic«<l ono young womoji of humbJe dress, but kQtordst- 
ing <l^uii>M]or. Rbe vsh Ii^juiiu}; forwAnl from ftrui^ug lh« 
crowds ber oya hurried over tlio ahip&a it oei^red tba 
Bliorp, to catch somo wiahed-for f^oiintoiiauc<5. Slio Booto* 
ei! dis^Apjuimted ajid )^j;itatrtd ; wlieu I heiird -t fftiui vaic« 
cull ber nnvae. It wjis from & poor sailor who had been 
ill nil tbe voyage, and Lad exoited tlie sympdtliy of ovcrj 
one on board- When the ^-entber was fine, bia mrrnnmates 
bftd fipr«a<l a lUftttr^as for bim on deck in tbe shade, Ittit 
of lato Lis illnc&s bad eo increased, that bo bad taken to 
biu bauimock, and onlj breathed a wiab that be migbt 
see hiH wife before be died. He bad been helped on deck 
Qfl wc oame up the rKer, and was now leaning agaiu^l the 
bhroudA. with a coTuitenauc-e bo vuHU^d, ao pale, so ghast- 
ly, t)i>tt it wutS ni wotuler even the leye of Afiet^Lion did not 
tt^coguiz^ bini. But nt the sound of bia "voic^, h^r eye 
darted on his Wturcjt^ it rv^ad, nt oncfi, r» whole volume 
of Borrow ; nhe cln^pt^d ber bauds, utteri^d a faint shriek, 
and stood wringing them in silent n^ny. 

All now wae hurry nud bustle. The meotinga of ftc- 
i]uaijif>j).rf<v>s — ttie greetings uf frieuda — Lbe JMjnfiulttttintiJi 
of men of bugine^S' I iiioruy was Hilary and idl& I had 
&o frieu<l to nieot, no obcieriu^ to receive. I stepped 
Upon the laLd of my foretatbera — but Celt thai 1 wus & 
stranger la the Und* 


<k«t ;C^ 







tbete, vet hia eyd still bcamod with tlie fir^ of a poetic 
aoul. Ther« waa sotfleUiiiij^ in h'm whole appearance that 
imlit:ated a beiug of a dlOureut order froua the bustliog 
racQ aroUDcl bim. 

1 inquired hia name, and was ioformed that ii was 
B0BC0& I drew back vith au iiiTolmitary feeliut^ of ven- 
erntioii. Tin's, than, was au atitliur uf oeleLritr ; lliia was 
one of tlioe^ men, v^lio^o vqIuob liavo gGno f(>rtb to the 
tmdB of the e&rtli ; with whose minds I h&rti ocjniifiuned 
F>vi»n in the solilndea nF .^erira. Ac/Tuatoiuecl^ jla wh itro 
in our conntry, to know Euro^wan writers onlv by tLi>Lr 
vrorks, ve canoot conceirs of them* as of oth^r men, en- 
groHsed hy trivial or ai^rdid purauit8, and jnalliug with 
the crowd of common minds iu the dnaty patha of Ufo. 
They paaa Leforo our ima^iiialions liko auporior bcinf^R, 
ra<lmnt nilh tU<^ iMnamitionn i)f ttirtr ^t^uiuK, and mii^ 
rotaided by a balo o^ literary ^lory^ 

To&id, therefore, the elegant biatorian of t}ie Medioi, 
mingling among the bn^y Bon» of trafSc, at fln^t sbockod 
my ^xHsticjtl i<]i*iui ; bnl it is from tho very <iirenm?itjin(."<*ti 
anil ftituation in which ho hjt^ boAn plaot^d, that lUr. Kos- 
000 deriToa iLi:^ highcat claims to admiratioa It la inter* 
PHiin^ to notice liow some miml» seem altnont to ort^ate 
thomsolree, aprlnprin^ np nnder evory d lead vantage-, and 
working tht^ir solitary but iirenitttiblo way through n 
thunnand olmtadfs. Natun? m^^uih tii ilrllght in dinnp* 
pointing the aflAlduitiea of art, with whidi it would raor 
legitlinnte dulneab to iuatiirity ; and to glory in tho vigor 

MH. R08CQS. 


tsA luxnnnnco of Xmr cbanco productioBs. Blie scattora 
tlt» m<oiIh of gntiiiiH tn tUn windu, Ami though some m&T 
fx^hsh amon^ ih^ i?toiiy plftc^s of tlie world, anil eomo 
bo cLokccL by the thcmfl and br&mblea oi earl^ udvei^ 
■■)?> 7^^ othera will now and then strike root f^\'en in tbo 
clefto of tbe rock, struf^k bravely up into p^iTv ^ bi n fe, and 
epT«a4 over tlioir Btorilo birthplaco oil the bc^uutioe of 

Such hafl baon the cast^ witli Mr. BcKCde. Born in n 
place opparoutly unf^cnutl to the grotrth of literary tal- 
ent ; ill the very markc^t-pljwifl of t^nd(^ ; ifrilliout fort«no, 
jEamiLy ('onnecti^ns, or ]iatrfnaiign ; *>lf-prnrnpted, solf-sna- 
tnukod, and ahaoet eclf-tati^ht, he has coDqucrcd ovcrj 
ob0t^i!i« oclueTed hia way to omiu^ucei md, baviu^ be- 
come one of the Draa^m^nte nf tbe nation, has tiini«d tho 
vhold force of liia tfi-lcntn and uiUqodco to ^vanoo and 
ftnbelliah hbi uaiivo lowtt, 

lude^ud, it m thtH last trait iti biM nhnrntTtcT whi^h Idm 
given him t]u» grctutobi internet in my cyou, iind induced 
IDC puticttiuly to point him out in my coniitrymciL 
EiaiDoot QH nto hia^ litornry nicriU, )ui ln lint one among 
Ibe many ilutingui^hod niithors of tbia intelWttial iia- 
tioo, ThoVf however, in gonoral^ livo but for their own 
fADi^t or th<^ir own plffasuies. Their private hiat<>i'y pre- 
MffDtH nn le^goik to the world, or> perhaps, a hnmilJAling 
ODft of hanian frailty and mcouHititcccy^ At bo^t, tUej 
are prone to aUii awfiy from Ihe bu^tln and commouplaco 
of busy eusteuce - lo Indul^ in tltt? aeliUbneaa of lettered 



; HuJ to rnvel iu sceiies of menbil, but exclutiht^ ^n* 

Mr- KoBcoB, on Uie oontrary, has clauned boiio of tLd 
aocoHed pririlf'^es of titl^nt. He biis shut himself up in 
no garden of Ui ought., cor elyaiam of fniniy; but has gone 
forUi into tLe highways und thoron^hfftrca of life; he haa 
planbGd bowora \>y the waj'-aide, lor the refreehicent of 
the pilgrini nnd the Bnjoiinier, (tnJ bn* ojwned pnrn fonn- 
tnicfi, wh&re tho laboring mati muy turn aBule from th^ 
cloat and ht^ait oE tho daji £bnd drink of the living atri^ama 
ofknowled^^. There is a ''dnilir beauty in Lis life," ou 
vhich mankind may meditate And grow bett^i-. It ex- 
hibits no lofty and almost useless^ because ininiitAble, 
GUkmple of Bxcelleijjc^ ; but pie&ents a ]>ic(iiTe of nctit^^ 
jet Kiniple antl imitHbli^ virtn^^s, nrlac^b jtre within evftiy 
miu'e rencbr but whii^h, anfoHnnntely, aro not oxorcifiOd 
bj m&nj, or this world would he a paradise- 

Ttntbiu privnte life ir pt^ctiliJLrly wuHlir thn nttontion 
of the citizens of our yoimf? and buBj country, wbercj Ut- 
etatitre and the «]eg&iit arta inuai k^ow up sidi^ by aida 
vith the coarser plantii of daily necesHity; aud must de- 
pend for their cnlture, not on th^ ^idaeivd devotion oC 
time and uealth. not the qnickcaiug raya ol titled pat- 
runa^, but on liours aud seasons snatched fjoiu Uja 
pursuit of worldly iutereats, by intellii^ent and public- 
iipintod indiridual^ 

He hA« shown how much may be done for a placo in 
luiurv nf Iribure by ime master apirit, and bow (^omplet^Ty 

it can ^v« ita on iwprMft to tarrvmnilinii nl^twtA. I4ko 
his ow^ JjQvesio D«' MiHliaii, tm wbum bb n»«m« U> liftva 
fiiDil IiIb «Te M OQ « jiuTr nitkU'l of Anlii|kiU>, Im Iim in*- 
tttnrotBii tLe hakirj ut bin liiii «itli U>a tiUt>*rj of UU 
DAlm Unrn, sftd liM ua^^ Um fuuinUtiatM of tUi Uuk^ 
tfa* wnaniMitp <d ki» Yirta«4. M'h*r«ir»r x<>ti go » lir- 
erpooL 7<i« paroMT* tivom at bis I n otoU't* >>i «ll litAl i# 
6tog>Blju>d Ufaenii B« IcmaJ Um biUi/if »»«lii lU»ui|r 
tfat^ is flM diaoDeb of lf«&rk; Jm U^ disv>irU4 fr^>w 
ii ittviputidlB^ nlLk k> Rfr^ttlj tit» |^vdt« ol liUiMiux^^ 
21^ hit ovD fiiAi»fil« uud «jiiA4ttUt vj^Ha*>ai» 1m bw U- 
jMlid Ibtf nakai «{ ffngaawiw aad Iha iatoUooliidif fUX* 
«v ^uqnnrihr i rt i im mw K iifliJ in otM <^ W MmM 
Attd lia* pnk«fUc4iLijr firovo4 bow b'ljhuUfiUlj' 
tj bt brofifCltf to JkorttKUUK-. wid to biiiutlU «ifttil* 
Tbr-BoUe iurtihutioue iuf littirtkr^t iii«il MJuutilW 
I, «fhbob -fwftevTt snob or^lii uu Lubi|K>.il. aimI axv 
jpriDi; iitt«b Ml iaj|taitte 1(j tb*- }»iiblk uiii^cl, ln^vv Uttmi\j 
b*mi qripliafccd. Aod b»«r all WtU nfiwtivitljr iMuAoiibid- 
hj Hi lUwrui*: bimI wW^ «r ouMiiW tb^ ftt|iiilljr Mi* 
OfiOblilor immI Bu^piibwbi o! t!.L- Wlliillt 

#m«li>, ii wil) br pifroMVMl tbai lu fc^jUwiiuu^f uji Msbi* 

[i i^ ICRMf. beotfl b> Uf- c;*U». of liiJtxL.j ^U'-l«JhHllk 
IuAawew Mf kswm Ml. iUvQuu mt^^aatuu ^ rt ttf ff 

lb- «|MM «< ib» U»m^ iMtMliWK 




In Llrnrpool Iit^ la spoken of ne the banlceT; and I was 
told of his Imving bef n unfortunate in business. I coiiJd 
iLot pity bim» nn I Ijcai'^ some lich men do. 1 considered 
bim fiir ubfjvis khn nyoAx nt j*itv- Those who ilvt* only for 
thd wotM, and in tho world, mny be cast down by th& 
frowns of a4Ter8j^ ; but a man liko Roscoe ifl not to be 
oven?<ime by tlie n^verttea of fiu'tune- TLey do but dnva 
him in npon tlio reeouTcee of hiB own mind ; to tbo supe- 
rior society of bis own tliongbts; wliich the best of moa 
am npt t^timBtimes to neglect, and Uk ronm Abrojul in 
d^ftfch of It>e9 vortby nssux^lnt^s. He iii indopondsnt of 
the world around Mpl He litca with antiquity and poe- 
tArity ; with nnliquily, id the sweet nommiiniou of ntudi- 
ona ristlromont ; and with pomtarity. in the gonerouft o^pii^ 
ing;^ aftOT future ivuowni The ftoUtudo of Huah a mind i^ 
its n^jif/T of liiglioBf ('tijnymnnt, Tt i* thru vUihvl by ibnso 
elovat^id m(»(1 itnttoiiti whieb are the proper aliment of 
noble Bonis, and are, liko manna, sent from he4ivon, in tho 
wildt^ruefifl of Lbia world. 

While my feolin^ were yot nlire on the subj*?ct, it was 
my fortune lo light on further trnoea of Mr, Roscoe. 1 
•voA riding ont irith a gentleman, to view the enrironFi of 
Liverpool, when he tunied off, through a j^ato, inln %ovatt 
ornamented ^r<^undfl. Aftor riduif:; a fihorL dintftnoo, wo 
come to « epftcioua laanHioji of frctrstonr, built in tho Oro* 
rinn «tyl^ It waa not in tln^ ptir<T?(t Jnxtc*, ynt it bod an 
air of c^l^gfLUCO, amJ tho sltualion was di^lightftd. A 6no 
lawn Hlopod tLWcy from it, ittuddcd with olumpa of h>>e€^ 


SO di*posocl M to brMk & eofi fertile vonutr^ iuUi <k tt^ 

brood qni^t nh^oi: of wut^^r tlmuii^b nti u]i|>au4n at hTmiH 
mcJidow-land ; irhile tLu Woltdi uionDUiiiH, likndod wllk 
cIoiuTh, ami melliiif^ iiili) diHtiiLe«i. liorduivtl iho IkiUkiiiu 

TliiavM HoBCoe's favorite noHidci&eo during tlio dnjH 
of liu proBperity. It bad 1>con tie H<wt of «lotc*iit liiw|ii- 
talitr hjmI lit^rar^' n^tiniKimiiU TJl<? kuuM wan imw ailuut 
wkI deeerted. I tuw tbo wbidfiwA of tb« alililjr, vbjuli 
looked oat apoii iht «oft Moeiujry 1 bftve menUoiwd. Tltf 
vindowB were ck.>»cd — tb« Ubriiry wha gotie. Two or 
Uutte iU-EBvoivd brings w«rii loitj<-riiJ^ mlwuL Uia |)lacVf 
wboBD my Uocy ptebired into r>*Uuutn« ol Uio Uir, It 
v«a lik« mttuif soim daaric f&ODUui, tbal h^d oik«a 
welled tt* pBfn vAtrf^nt in » sAcrtid •Jiadv« but fliidian ii 
df^ umI doMj, vitU Um lueard aud tke to«d broudiug oT«r 
the dh rttoft id niariiliA. 

I iMittind after the IaI* of Mr. llo«ooa'« libntrj-, irbidli 
l»d ttifWMtwd uf iM?an» and funii£D UwLi, frv«a nub/ irf 
wliicU Im) h»d tlrurn tL« caiateruLU fur hbi lialiiui buio- 
ZMA. It Iwd pMim< iiftd«r tL« h""*™" <^ UkL- aturtuuMkr, 
■Dd «rM flbaprttxed about 1^ oottnbj' Xb« good poopk 
of tb«> victai^ tiirougvd like wmckflm W ff«t im«ui9 port 
«( Ibe itfifcila «iMwd tlftftt b*d bMA driven on obofv. DM 
•«cb s moem* mdmii oE iadiorunM tMudatiou, we tui^kl 

tix mpOQi of iaonui^ Pijcniiai nmniMgiai; Ibtt aifsu>ry 



which thejT coxild not witlcL We might pictare to onr- 
K^lves i4f>mn krkntof iipec<ti1ator», ilebitUng with CAlcirhit* 
inj^ brow over the quaint bmding and iUuiniaaled mai^in 
of au i>baolete author; of tho air of intcuao. but bti^od 
sA^Aciiy, with which some successful porch&Mer atteiijpted 
to dire into the black-letter bargain he had securecL 

It id u bcuutilul iitdiicDt in the atory of Mr. Boscoe'a 
miKfoTtunee, aud one whiah rjiiiiiot fail to interesi tha 
stQilioufi mind, that the piirtiitg with his bocka aeema to 
have toached upon hie tend^rcbt foelinga^ aiiU to havo 
bccD the only cjrcumstance that ooulJ provoke the notico 
of hLa muae^ The scholar only knows L^iw dear theae 
Bilont, yot eloquent, oomponions of pure thoughts and in- 
nocent hours become iu the eeasuns of adveraity. When 
all that is w<irldlj (umH to dross arouml na, these onlj re- 
tain their steady value. When Itieuds grow cohl, and the 
oonverse of intimates langtiisli^s into vapid civility iind 
comiDonpW'e, ih^se <udy coufilniiH thn nnalttired cntinte- 
nanc-e of happier days, »nd cheernswith that trae friend- 
ship which nevor deceived hope, nor dftserted aorrow. 

I dn not viw.h to oeiisiire ; but, surely^ if the (leopla of 
LiveTpool bad been properly sensible of what waa due to 
Mr lioflooe and themselvoa, his IJhrary would never have 
been Hohh fli»od noildly FeuAoim may, doubtless, be 
glvon for the eircumiitauoc, wluL^h it would be difficult to 
combat with ottict^ that might ee<^m merely fancifol ; bnl 
it ccrtunly appears to mo such an opportunity aa sdldom 
oconrs, of cheering « noble raiitd «txugg1iag under mis- 



fortoccm, bj one of the Tco&t dolicnto, but mo«t <fxpioB- 
luvD tokens of piiMio ejmp&thj. It is difficult, howeTeri 
til ifstimiitv a mna uf ^iiiilh propnrly irhn U i\ni\y before 
OCT eyes. Ho bocomoB niitiglod anci c-iDfoaudod witb 
oiber men. Hia gi^e&t qualities lu^ tlicir uovisUj, wo 
beeonie too famiHar with iJie eonimuii tueiUtUIk ivbich 
form the basis eveu of the lofttevt charadcT. Soinu of 
Mr. Roaco^'a townsmr^n may regftTtl him merrily >vi ft mAQ 
of btiaattc»pi; tfthers nt^ a pulitiL*ijiii ; h)I titid liirn orjguged 
Uk9 themsehea in ordinary occnpationar rut<l flurpasBsd, 
porhape, by tb^rimaoives on eomc points of worldly wis- 
dom. Eveu tlmt animblo and imoHteutatioiiA simplicity 
of charaoter, which giv«a the namelcaa ^^b^jq to real oi- 
ooUeuec, may cuubo him to be underrolued by aomo 
Goanw mindA, whcj do not know ihaX ttun worth 'in iJwayv 
void of glarn and preteusiou. But tlio man of l«ttcra, 
who speaks of Lircrporrl, »poaka of it a« the rodidenco of 
Boecoc — Tbo int«Ui(>cnt travcllor who visits it inquires 
vher« RospoG is to b*? fleen. — Ho is tlm Htnrarj- Inndmark 
of the pUce, Indicating its oiifit«noe to the distant 
adiolar. — He h, Uk^i roiujKiy'A column at Alciandria. 
towuring alone in cla««i(T di^iity. 

The Colh^winf; sonnet, addroFtaed by Hr. Roscoo to hia 
books on pai'ting vritb them, is idluded to in the prec(>cl- 
ing [uli(;lv. If anything c»t» uM i-flei^L lu the puie feeling 
wd c^Ievated Ihonght hi?n> displayed, it U the conviction, 
that tlie whole is no effusion cf fancy, but & faitbfal tran- 
script from the writer's heart. 



TO WY nooKS. 

AJflmvbt^ ilotin&l from liis frl«Tul^ In part, 
ItcgVoU hb loa^i but hupTH oipitii i-n-wltUo 
To slkAJc thtir uraTcmc anil tuyty their Hidl^ 

And tompora ■« lia niay ivfflletLati'a durt; 

Thiu, LoYci] aBioi>:iatf^ chicN of rldorArt, 

Tottc'hprt of v(biloii», wh<» floiilil onw tw-guila 
My fodioiii hount onci liffMfti f'Vi.Ty Mil, 

1 Duw rosijEUjiuu; iir>r villi fauUJne herkrt; 

i\ir pun a Ibw short jritnt iff daye. or houre, 
Atitt lutppier iCIkSDni Duiy tlit^r iluva udIuIiI 
Anil ell jonrtacnd fdlovBliip rcotoro: 
Whan, fnH*i5 from *u1ht unJimitpd its powcriy 
Mlntl Hb*n wtrh miji^l ilirr^'t iH>miT;rmion i>old» 
AiiU kiiulml sjurito w»t U» pott uu mmo. 



fIAV£ often bitd oocmioq to remark tlie forti- 
tode with vhicli wocoec; suBUiti tbe moot OT«r- 

wiucit bt«4k down Uw spent of »AaAp«ftd pr«wtt»£«kiiB 

in the daA Mem to call forth all the aoflfgiea of tbe 
ttoibrT m\^ aad fprv muck tatrrpidit^r aai el^TsUuii tu 
U»ir eh«r>cter» Uiat at tiiaofl it approodua to mbUmttj. 
Jfotfaaoj^ flui be non tovolaii^ tliA4) to behold a toft aad 
t«ndif latl•ll^ vlio liaci b««n all weakacH and dvp^n- 
daaoo, aod mlim to rn^ trivial mu^m^m^ whUB tz««d- 
oig tbo proaportnu potks of life, ffoddeoly riaiiie m 
mental force to be tlie oonilorter aod avjipo-rt of Iker tina- 
hand luder mififortmw^, uv! abi<licig, vith n«fl>>T4«Mqg 
fiiniuiwi, &0 bittenci blasta of adveroitjr. 

Aa the tiik, vldcb has lone triced tta uracefol foliage 
dxvat the oak* and hoen Ufled bj it iuto anaahiitf, will. 



when tii« hutly plant is -nhfA hy the t)iiini1eT>v>tl, cling 
xooad it viUi its oareeding t*>Ddnlfi, ftud 1>i£tcl up ita shjtt- 
tesed boughs; m> ia il bcdhuUfullj onlered hy Providcnco, 
th&i VOEII4JU, wliu lA tha mere ilepentleiit uhI oniajDOAiii of 
man in bia happier buur^, Ehoold be his etay utd aolace 
when tunitttfii with sudJon c«ijuaitj; viixling herwlf 
iiUo Um) tu^ignJ reoo8si(<d of \m utui^, tenderly itntijtori- 
Ing th» droopiBg ho%d, ftod bindifig up thti broken heart 
I wm« onoo eoogntuUting a frknd, who had oroiuid 
hiiD n bloomiiig fauaily, kuii together in tho stmn^wl «C- 
fection. **T rnn wish yon no better lot," s^ be, wHh 
CBtkinum, "ihaa U> hav« a wife and ddldreiL If jon 
a» |>ro6p«it)aa, thoro tlwy are to itharc your proep«nty; 
if otherw^, thiitw th^y ar« to comfort yon." And, li^ 
dMd, I bav9 obft>rxM that a named naa Idling iato 
■uafnrtmM is bare apt to Tt^tiieT^ kia utnatna ift tLa 
vovid tbaa a niif^le ta» ; p*Hly b«>mue he is ukov stito* 
tilat^d to f x«rtkdi by tb« necemtiM of tbe hclplaet ind 
bolow^ U^inpi who 4i>p<'nd vpoo Ub far ■oknateftce; 
hoA ckiaAy Ukaius hia i^irita an aontfind and leUnvd 
\/f i u ^wHa ta^MurtMnti, aaj bk sdMwpacI bpt aUra 
by findifl^ tk*l tboQ^ aU abroad n darknaai waA haaul- 
iaticn, yM tb«m ia alin a Utti? «vU of loiv aA 'ham^ «f 
vbieb b« b Ifav wwaick. moivM ft ci^k vm ii «p( 
tumntoWM^ ««d MlftttgAKA; lo Eavry Um^IT kariy 
kkI aband^oMd^ ^mi bu btfttri to bU tei rwa Hbe ao«o 
inirtwj WMKi>>». lor v«ni of ui faikabJiaM 


c«U to mia<l * ^W^ 


TUB issLim 41 

of which I was once a vitn^as. Mj intimato frieinJ, Les- 
lie, t&d marned a beautiful and accompUshed girl, who 
Imd ht^n brought up in the miilst of fiisLiuniitilB lifo^ 
&h« had, it is tme, no fortoiie, bnt that of inj friond wae 
ampler; and hi? delighted in tho anticipation of indulging 
hr.T m every elegnnti puiauit, and urilmiiuHteriug to thoHd 
d^lii^nte tastea and fondeB that spread a kind of vitoherf 
about the scjx, — "Her life," said he, "ahali bo like a fairy 

Tl)0 very ilifTArFmcs in their charact^rB produced an 
harmoniooe corohiiLatioii : be vroB of a romantic and eomo- 
what aerioufl caat ; ahd waa all life and glaihiess. I have 
often notid'^d the ninti} raptnre with which he nonld j^azd 
npou her in company, of \phich Ler spriphtlj powers 
made her the delight ; and haw, in the midst of app]nnse» 
bftr viji\ wmihl Ktill fciini to him, as if tbi^re alone abe 
nought favor anc) nccfiptane^ Wbi^n leaning on hie finn, 
ber Blender form contrasted finely with Lis tall mnoly 
panoii. The fond conljdln^ air with which ^he looked np 
to him aeemed to call forth a flnah of triumphant pride 
and ob^riahiog IcndemoHA, aa if he doted ou hia lovely 
bardcD for lis \Tiy hidpTeBsuesB, Never did a t^uuple net 
fonrard on the flowery path of early and well-jiuitml mar- 
ru^ with a fairer proapeot of felicity- 

It was Iho misfortiane of my trieml, however, to hrivo 
ernhnrked lii*^ pro|>eHy in lurge speculations; and hr- hail 
not been marrie<L iDAny loonlhe, when, by a sn^'cnHidnn of 
Buddau disaaterB, it was ewiept from hun, and ho found 



hiniHtilf ntJuoBil lUmoitt Ui iH^uDry. For a Ume he liept 
ItU nituBtiun lo lifm««lf, and vn^ni about mtli & haggarl 
oauptciniLna^, und n bronkinjf heart His life wa^ but u pro- 
tribctfMl a^xty, and what rninlrtrml it more iiiatippnrLLljle 
wiut tb^ n^o^Wiity »f k<^i'pLiig up a smile in tlie pres^Dce 
of bia wife; for bo could not brtng liimself to overwhelm 
bor with tho nown, Sbo saw, hovercr, with the quiok 
Byf^H of AfTprtioii, that nil wau riiit well vltb Lim. She 
nuirlcod bifl iLltored lookd and ntitled sighs, nnd wns not to 
bo dftceiTod bj bia ai<TkIy and yapi^] att<^nlpt3 at cbeerful- 
nOHtt 3ha t&AlLiaJ all her sprightly powers and tender 
blamliabmouU to win him ba,ok to happiueaa; bat ahd 
only droTA tlio arrow thic^jti^r into Iiib aouL Tht^ ini>r« be 
naw muftft to loro bor, tlm moru tctrturiug wax ths iLhoiigbt 
that hfl wriH MiHtii to mak*) bur wriitcheil. A little while, 
thought ho, ar<l ttio frniilo will vanish &oia that chcM^k — 
the Bou^ \Till di« awav from those lips — the lustre of 
tb<)BP eyps will l>e qneEcheil with sorrow; and the happ^ 
heart, whiob now beata Uf^hllj in that boaom, will 1>9 
weighed down like miae. by the oaras aud mianries of tho 

At leugth he came to lae ono diij, ami related hia 
whole situation iii a tone of the deepest despair. When 
I h&anl bim tbiuugh I iaijuin»d. "Does jour wife know 
all this?" — ^At the qumtion ho burst into an agony of 
t^^are. " For (hxt's «jiko I " criod be. '^ if you baTc nnj 
pity on B^. don't me&tion my wile ^ il u tbo thoo^t of 
bar tliat drivec nw aliaoet to madneBB I " 


"Aad why not?" eaid L "St« m^tkDowifc Aoo&er 
or later ; yon i^minot kerp U long from lier, und Lli« Jul^l- 
U^DC« mAy lireak apou hsr m a more fttortlin^ SDumtfT, 
tliau if unp^rted bv ycurBelf; For th« oci^nts of tKoso 
we love aofteii the Lunlest tidings. Besides, yuu nri) da- 
priviug yoiirseli of the comforts of her symjiflthy; nnd 
not meroly thnt, biit ali^o ondjuigermg tho only bond that 
caa k«eip Leiirts together — lui aoreserved commuuilj of 
thought ajtcl fBeling^ 8h« will 4noD ]>f^n!pive that somd- 
thing ifl eeeretly preying upon yoor mincl ; and true lore 
vili not brook rcserr© ; it feels undervalued and oat- 
ngiKl, wbea even the sorrows of those it loves &r@ «oq* 
<«aUd from it " 

"Ob, but, my Friend! to tliink what a blow I am to give 
to all her future prospectfl — liow I am to strike her very 
flonl to the eartli, by telling hDr that her husband is a 
bei^ifarl that ah« is to forego all the elegancies of life — 
all Uie |i!tiaaurc& of ftoti**tj — to shrink with me i[it[> iudi- 
geitee aod obscurity ! To tell hi>T that I h^ive dra^^fTcd 
hrr down frovn the Bjihero in which she might have con- 
tjiined tf> move in i?imHtnnt hrightuPHJ^ — the light of evi.>ry 
©y^ — the admimtioii of eviiry hfinrt ! — Hnw can sh^ liflar 
poverty? she has been brought up in all tho refinemo&ta 
of opulence, How can she bear neglect? she has been 
til© idol of society. Oh ! it will break h«r heart — it will 
break her heart! " 

I aaw hia fcrw^f wan eloqueut, and 1 l»t it have its flow ; 
fat aoTfow relievaa Itawlf by ^orda When Id^ paroxyem 


rffJT sKBTcnnooR. 

bad subsided, and te Iiail rfjlap«ft(3 into raoodj eilence, I 
rQBtunj>d bhe antjoct gontlj, £jid urged him tn hrcAk hi0 
Httuatiou At once to bis wife. He ehook lits head mourn- 
full}', biTt positively. 

"But how are you to koep it from ber? It U neooB- 
MKCj she should know it, that you may take the at«p9 
proper to the idterAtioit of your circuuiatanccs. You 

muafc change your a^le of living nay," obBen-ing a 

paiig to pasB across hiB couutenacce, "<lou*t let that af- 
flict you. I am sure you have iiever plai'^d yoxxt hap- 
pinees in outward show — jou have j^t frlendi, worm 
friondst who will not think the worse of tou for hewing 
Icitus splendidly lodged : aud surely it dues not ret^uiro 
a palnce to be happy with Mary " 

"I could bo happy with her," cried he, coUTulsively, 
" in ft hoTcl!— I could go dowD with ht-r into poverty und 
the dust ! — I could — I eould— God bless her ! — God blesd 
horl*' ciied he, borstiiig into a trauaport of grief and 

" And lieliere me, ray friend/* said T, stepping up, and 
grasping him warmly by tlic* hand, " l>elievn me she ean 
bo thp sanxi with you. Ay, mom ; it will bo a i*our£ift ol 
pride and triumph t£> her — it will mil ftirtli all th<? latont 
en^rgids iind feirent symp&thiQS of hor nature; for nlia 
will rejoicQ to prove that aho loves yon for yonraolfp 
There ia in every true woinau^a heart a sjrarV of heavenly 
fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosper- 
ity ; but which kindles np, and beams and biases in the 



dark boor of advemlv- No xn&a kuowa what the wifo of 
hifl bo^oEQ is — no maQ knoiTB what a ministering angol 
aLfl is — tuiti] be lias goud witli her tfaroti^^h the fiery 
tri^s of tLU world-" 

Then* wan soiii«ltuuy ill tb« eann-htiK^fli* of tj>^ lUHUiiEfr, 
and the ti|^rjitivti stylo of my buigUA^o, thub LiaugLt tLo 
exdted iiODiginiLtioii of Li^jilic. I knew tlici liudUor 1 hwL 
bi iliml with ; And foilt>witig iiji Iho imim-Hnioii I liwl 
Dkodo, I finished by p^rsuadiiig him to go lioniir luid un- 
InirdGn bis sod heart to his vrifo. 

I most oonfeaa, uotwitliHtaiuluii^ aU I bad said. I Mt 
Bome little ftolicitudo for tint rcAuit, Who oau ciJoulato 
on the EortitnilQ of one wh(>i4(; lifo hiia htx^ti ^i round of 
|}1ojkAiire!4? Her gAy HpiritA might rcvijlt ut tlio ibirk 
dovnwitrd path of low humility saddenly pointed oat 
beforo hor, and mif^iit qHuk to tUu »uiiuy reKiotm in which 
tUey had hitliertiJ revelled- nfiniileti, ruip iii Outhiuititltld 
]^ is accomiiauied by fio many galling mortifl'^atiouB, to 
vhioh in other ronkn it is a Btrangor. — In »hort, I oonld 
Qol meet Lealin the uext moming withotit trf^pid^biioii* 
Hd bad made the diM^Iouiir^. 

" And how did flbc bear it ? " 

** Like an oii;^} ! It aeemed ntlier to be a relief to her 
miod, for sh^ threw h&r arm loiiiid niy n^Gk, snd asked 
U this was all that had lately made me unhappy.— Bub 
poor srirl" added he, "ahe caiwot realise the oUan^t* we 
Kno&t underf^rx 8ht* ban no idi-a of jjorerty but iii the 
'***atrftet; ahe hu only read of it in poetry, where It is 

TBw aurraajMmL 

•IIM to lof«. 8h« C^Lfi M }vt no pnr^tioQ; ftbe cs^ 

Im« ba hMi o( ««c«ftl4>ahed con 

Wkvn w^oAOB^ ptMlio4l^ lotocpuieaee te«oidid«ara% 

iu pftluj mntah ila pc^tj fcnntilttltiiM thiiii wiQ be Ao 

*-B«U" «»>d I, ^'wyn that yoQ Uto ^ orer Uw 
■ mwot iMik; tluti ci( bwaLivg it bt bcr, lie HoncNir jun 
Wt tW votU tato tbft w«rtt tli^ be-tter. Hm ajsaogcm 
■Mij b« nortifyiDg ; but tfaen it ia A sjagto caiaoTy, askI 

tMm, «i^«rj boor in Ibft dikjv It is tko4 porem m> modi 
feft pfttaMMK tkiit WruMc« ft iiwai via— Ibe ifimg^ 
brtwMB ft famod tsind ftod fto Mnphr pMnm ■ rtift bwpqg 
qp ft bolUir nbov tltftt mQHt (knooi oocim' tn tm ittUL HftVft 
tb«< cv>iirii^ to ftppoftv pM>r ADd yon digmnD poTin^ ctf its 
l^ufiMit litutft," ^^A ^^^ |K>ujt ] 1>cum] Iji^e fierifictlj 
fVl|iftt<r<L Bfi bftd no 1&1«^ pnde Kimsell kdJ aa 1c bis 
«ifc,iibo wft* <at; ftuanBtt to enaform tc i^iair iltered 

Sntnr <ltv« ftiM-WBtdt bo mlM npnn tn^* ni the rwiii* 
iOft. Br luiil <ltfqv-wcNl «l bift dvoUiag boiiiH% uhI Ukcoi 
li »»ftll tv^tlftt^p ih tbe «n«litt>-, ft lr« ibiW Ircuc bwa. 
B** bud b»«4i iMpMiod ftB «U^- in i«tidii^ oat b*rwitttrtv 
TUo w i^itftblvbinopt T«sintr«>4 Gov ftrtictoft, ftad tfaom 
Af tbt uJMIilnH bnd. AH tiw qpbmbid fttraittm- of hi& 
lftl«> fisittne* bftd bnftb eold. *^**^4^ bis vrilt'^ Lazp. 
Tkwv, bo >ftft4» ««ft inn 4doH^v fttfwKTMSsd vhb die iiWft nf 
ImwU; a b«k«f7<ML tMbfr tiltlriuai7 oi tbeir lovcft ; Inr 

nU LMBUMS. ft 

Oome of U»e svt^test mooMsiits of tbeir courtship were 
Uhxk vben he h^A Uaned nrer thut iTtstmtDe&l, and tifit- 
£Ded to tfa* melting t^ies of b«r Toioo. I could not b«t 
bbbUb At t^ mstMioe of romAAtic galUotty in a doting 

He v«s now going out to tLe ccttsge, There his vifo 
bod boon fti3 d^y BapcriuteBding its arTmogemont Mj 
looUnp bad become Htruti^^Ij^ interested in the progress 
of tbis fuiily Btory, and, ss it wjis a &k eremisg, I of- 
fered to ftoc«MBp«oj him. 

He was wearied vith tbe [fttigues of the dsj, stuL ae be 
Talked oat, tell into a 6t of glooniT mnfting^ 

** Poor Mar}^! " at length brok<j, ^th a hcary sigfat from 
bis lips. 

"And vhat of her?" aaked I; "has an; thii^ hap- 
peaedto her?" 

''Wbal," aaid be. darting an impatient ^ance. "is it 
Dolhuig to 1m nHlEti!ail U) ihia ^udtrj bltuatiou — to be 
Cflged in a miserable oottage— to be oblif^ to toit 
almost in the mcniikJ concema of hex vrn^tched habita- 

^HaaaUe tbi'n rvjiincd at the change?" 

"Bepiacd! she baa beon nothing bat sweetDesa and 
good humor. Indeed, she ecoina in better spiHte than 1 
hara eTfir kiMwn Wr; fihe has been to me all love, and 
tendemesst and comforti ^ 

"Admirable girl!" exclaimed L "Yo» eall joDrseU 
poor, my friend ; joa never vere ao rich — yoa Dever 





kn&w tlie 1)oui]fUpse trftafiureB of excelleuoe you posaeea 
in that woman-" 

'* Oil I but, my friend, if this fiiBt meeting at the cottAf^ 
wer3 over, I think I could then be comfortiible. But this 
13 bet first djiy of tgaI esperifiiiw ; «!»« Iium \»een Intro* 
daced into a humble dwelling— aho Iias boon omployed 
ttll dity in arranging iU miserable equipinente — uhe baa, 
fnr the first tiniej known tlie fatigueK <»f diniiwfttii' t^tnploy- 
mi^iit — she bos, for Uig first time, looked round Ler coi a 
homo destitute of ereiry tiling elegant, — almost of eveiy 
tiling i^uvenieut ; and iiuty now l^e sitting down. e!c- 
hau^ted and Bpiritles^ brooding over a prospect of future 

There was a degree of probability in thiti picture Hftl 
I could not geine&y, so we walked on in silence. 

Aftoi' tnnuiig from the main road up a narrow laac, ao 
thickly shaded with forest tret^A as to give it a comjjlete 
air of 8«elusion, we c^me in sight of the cottage. It wa« 
humble enongb in its appooranee for the most pai»torEU 
poet; and yet it bft*l e pleasing rural look. A wild Tine 
hvA ov«irniu one end A^itL a profusion of foliogti ; n few 
trees throw their branches graoefully over it ; and 1 ob- 
serred several pote of flowers tastefully disposed aboat 
the door, and ou the ^^iss-plot in front. A small u icket 
gate opened upon a footpath that wound through some 
elintbbeTy lo the door. Just as we approached, we heard 
tbn xound ttf mufiic? — Leslie ^-juiped uiy arm; we pauNi^d 
and listened. It waa Mary's voiee singing. In a style of 


tliA moflt touchmg sluiplicity. a little air of urUicli her 

I felt Leslie's band ireojble on ntj ftrro. He Ht<t|^pocl 
ionmrd to lt<?ar more distinctly, Hia step nifttlo n noi^o 
on the gm^cl walL A bright beautiful fuc^ ghtUL*rd out 
ftt the window aiul vaniahetl — a liglit footstep wab tioArcl 
<— and Mftiy cnmo trippir^ forth to moot ue: aho w&b in 
II prr^t^ roTfil dicsa of irhito; ft fev wi]d flov^era vvera 
twisbprl in her fiin* hair; n fresli bloom was nn l»er ebeelc ; 
lidr whola oouutoiianoo beamed with emiled— I had nerer 
MeD her look do lov^lj, 

"My dear George/' cried she, '*I am so glad joxi Hje 
TOmo ! I havo lie<?D wat^hio^ ond wat^jhiog for you ; ftnd 
rmuiitig down tbe luco, and looking; oat for yon. Fvo Bet 
out A (able under a l^eantlfal tree behiml the cottage; 
aud Fve been pathenu^ fioioe of the moet delicious 
•trairberrted, ft>r 1 kcow you are fond of them — and wo 
h%\t- Hiiidj nxiipUiiiit cream — and everythiu^ U Kti nweet 
and ittill hero— Oh!" said &hti, puttiBjir her ana within 
bits nn<l looking up brightly in his fucc, " 0)i, we shiiU be 
00 bnppy ! " 

Foor Ij^sli^ was overc*ome. Ho mnght hor tt> I1U 
1>OB0tn — ho folded his arma roond her— ho ki»^d hor 
ftgaii) aud again — he (lould not speak, bat the tciLT^ 
gtiahed into his eyes ', and he haa often &aaiir«d )ne, tbftt 
thout;h tbe world ha^ aince fioae proepetoaaiy with him, 
^And hiti life haa. in<lt!Oc!. l>eon a happy tme, yet never baa 
fixparieiteiid a monv.^nt of mnrti «iquiflitti felicity. 




By Wod^n, tlftd of 8iifins 

From vbDUCD cotnt?! Wori>da./H ibut !■ Wo*loLuda^, 

Tnitb U tk UUnp \U%1 c^et T will fc#pp 
Unlo Uif Iki' fljiy la vblcb t crcvp [nto 
My •tjmlPtoro — - 

[Hie follovinE Ta\*! wna founJ amoue Ibfl pnpcn cf the late Di«dilok 
KiiirkpriKH^k'T, nn njil f^cntlfimrtTi nt Ti^w Yj^rk, whn «iu vory cnrlouA lit 
tliD J>utc]i liT<|fir>- ft itio |>n<t]ni^. and EhA muiiiton of tho dtfcenrjanti 
frgm kUi Tirimirivo a^Uk-n. Ill* hiitor^cal ruvarcliov hownTrri i\\A nob 
Udu nmfih mnnn^ hfuika w punon^ rn^n : for lhi> fominrnT'fl InriH'tifflhly 
•CftQly on hyt- EiEVorUo T'>pia ; vht'To^d h* fntJTtfi tlm nM litirj^hrtr*. oi^'I 
»tiU tHom tlii'ir wFrft^ ncli in llufct Icip'U'ljirr lotr, nn mTuhinbre to Irufl 
liutlury. WLuiPVur. chvtuff^ris liv ]LJip|»vtJi<d uiiuD a t,-i^ituini? DuU:li fiiiii- 
lly. <cii^ljr »[iiil uj> in ili low-n>ilM lAHDhoiivp. undvr a vprv^jidirtju vtiVft- 
morc. lu Jo^ktd iiprm It v a llttio otwfpcd volume of bitode-lctlctp uitd 
tftudkifj it with lbi^ n«l nr « l)a>k'^vurm. 

Tto ft«iU of aU ihf» r™i»rv:hftii wm ft hWtory M ihi* prodnf* during 
the niga of Ujc DiLldi j^vQmon, vhU'ti b^ publtihod »(no t^wi* nnof', 
'n^rpf hnvi; liAvn vwir>tifl cifiiiuoiui on lo tfae Ulriury chitnulcr of bb work, 
Anil, fi>b^l tliii LruLli. It bi ii»l A vblt t^i^tUr IIjaii 1l ftli^iLikl Im^ iTHfTiior 
mvtiX U lU tonjinil »iu ni'^'iiTwrv, whi^h Imlonl wm ■ littW ipiulluniul on 
It0 flrH A|ipnAninci:, but Tuutiinoo bnn oomplciNr MUbticb'cl ; nn<\ \% 10 
iK>u adiulLLni iutu alJ binLoriuAl cutlixiLloilK im » buuk ul uugiHsstiuuablv 

Tho M ^t^tlcRiftQ died nhortly tJtar the publltintit-n of hin work, imd 
now UkBt he b<k(iJ *ii>l t^xatt;^ K uiiimrl iIli mui-li bkriii (u bin iiiriuoiy to 
Uf Uukt liM bnuT mlgbt hnva bf«En miicb liottor DiuplAvrtl In wtglitltr b* 



bant* Hvt bowrarp m apt tn Mo 1i b hobby hU fnm vnj ; ftnil tliau^^ 
It di^ noffl tocl lh«n JdcJc up th« duAl u UtlKi iix thv uyi4 of his m^yliUirp, 
ftod f rlcT« thfi Bpirii id tt^iao tiKtul^, for whfUTi ho f'li iW irucvt <l(ifo^ 
UHj« vjj ■iTtt^tJiJJj : }'tC liLa onvisuid tvhlv^ luv rvrj^nlHiml " muru t» 
lonow th&n in »npjT," i^orl it t»rf(jjk« to l« »iUipt<'U*d, Ui«t liv DirrrT in- 
Uodod ca LajuK or oflond. Hut hovnror hu mcrinor^ m*j tw «|TprccUl«d 
bjr untiiA it XA sUIt bdd dear by uuiur folko. wbgac |,-uo(] ^fouiuii b 
»elj worth limifinff : piutlrLilArly by ocilAln blKuiL-bnken, who have gOTw 
Mfar V lolmprinL tiia lik'n«e»cn LlMir ncV'fB&r eiJcd^ *iiJ li«w IIjui 
CiT<9t biRi • rtjJtDOc tot LuiuiarlAlitj, almctti Oqunl t<J tlir ItiCij aUm^^Td 

[0£VER has toiwlo a Toyogo ap tho Hudflou 
must reBi«rmb«r tbe EaaUkiU uiouutniiiit. Tht^.y 
ft» ft dkmttmtMnd bimDch of tlio great Appnta- 
chi^u familj', Aa*l Ar« mcd 4w»y to ^he voat of tho iivej» 
sweUing up to ft noble bfiighU and lording it otof the 
9tiiYOiiiidiDK coaotry. Evfiry ohaof^ of He&HOii, every 
€liugO <d wtittiker, indeed, erery bofir of the daj, pio- 
JnceH BOme dunge lu Ui« iiia4^tca) liue(4 &iiJ ahapea of 
these sQouit^iiA, and thej are r^^iLided by &11 tLe i^ood 
wivcB, far and nettr, ft» perfect bftrootctcnf. When ih^ 
wemXiitST iM £air timi itvtUvN], tJkiy bre cloiKod in bloc iukI 
parp1«, and pttnl their bold onUinM on thn df<ar nvi-niftg 
jS^ ; btit, ftoawtuDOA, vben the net of tb<i laoditGftpo U 
they wiU gatlier ft hood of gny mpors ftboofe 
thnir Kainmiu, whii^h, in the Iftst mjB of the Mtting Ban, 
wUl glnw ftad lif;ht op like ft cxovn of ^oty. 

At the iooi of thene fairy mouiiUuiflit the nrjn^r tuMf 
1mv« dmoried the light ainoke cnriiiig sp from a rUUge^ 


wlioio uliinglp-rcofii f^leam among tbo treoa^ ja«t wbftro th4> 
bluo tints of tbo uplADcl melt away into tLc frrah green 
of tiho &«a]'or laiidMcape. It ia h littlis vilbigi^ of great 
antiquity, haviin^ lieeu founded by dome of tlie Dutch 
oolonidta, in the early timua of tbo proviucc, jiuit About 
IliO begiimiug uf tbu gtiTernment of tlie gocxl Peter Stiiy- 
veAikLit, (miiy liii rvnt lu peace !t and there wero eom^ of 
tho tiousos of tho original ecltlera abanding withiu a ffiv 
jtarrt. built of auiall yellow brkka brauK^it fnwn Plidtand, 
biLviug Utticed windows and gable frouU, Aurmuuut^^d 
with woathor-cocks^ 

In tbat Hame villa^, and in one of these verj Iioubm 
(vhlcb, to tnll tlio f>Ti>ciiw truth, w^ati sadly time-ironi and 
wcftthcr-bcati*n), llicrc lived many ycara ainccv while tli6 
country wn^ yi'^t a piYwition tif Ormt Britain, n nlinplo 
j^ood-natnred fellow of the tianie of Rip Von WiukU- Ho 
was a df?ficcDdant of thi> Van Winkles who figarod 00 gal- 
lauUy ill thi> <:liivalrouH ^.layft of Peter Stayieaaat, and 
Aooompanied liini to tLe siege of Fort Cliristinft, Ue in- 
b«rited, however, bnt little of the nnaHi^ choraotcr of lua 
anwtttors. I haTO observed that he ^aa a simple good* 
natunnl man; btt vhh. moreover, it kind neighbor, and an 
obedi&nt heo^pfidced huaband, Indtfcd, tj^ the laU^-r eir- 
ctuutimoo might t>« owing that mc^^bie«ft of Apiht which 
^un«fd him norh unin-ntnl |]<tpular]ty ; fur thnKH own aie 
mont Apt to h^ oh«uv|nioiifi and con {filiating Abmnd, who 
arc andor the discipline of shrews at home. Thoir U;m- 
pBT«> dovtbtldBflt am tendeTMl pli^ot and malUabla in the 


tare B vorth aU t^ aen&oci£ tn tbc vorU for tctteking 




IdkBAbk UaMi«; uid if so, l£ip Vaa Winkle ««0 thxioo 

Otrtua it is, tiut b« «as a gnat £ftVont« uoo^ all U>0 
0ood wirw of the vilUgd, vho, aa aeiul, witk th« amiabfe 
MIX, tooii ilia pvt iu »li Caoil; Bqiubl>i6a; ttiul n^nr 
Aokd, ■k«tiei«r tbej Ulkrd Uiin- mitUm <iirr ia Uwir 
tTemng gossipinf^ to Iat mil Um blun« ob ]>abi« Vau 
WifiUeL Tlic ehiJ(]iv<n cf tbr riU*^ ti>i\ votild slioul 
vitb faj «h«tiiever Lf* A}>|iTnic}ied. Hm AsaiM^il aJ itieir 
sporty mado tfa^ir pUvtfaiDgs, tenglit Uieit] to flr kit«a 
ftad Blioot marbli&s. atul totd them long 8t<ih«d of gfaoetai 
witcbee, aim! lutUau^. Wbeufiv^r te ««iit do(l)i;uig aboui 
tike Tillfl(;e, he was suTToojided bj a troop of them, baii^ 
ii:^! oa bis akijlst clamborii^ o» faia bcu^k, «ticl pb^ing a 
Ibonaaiid tricks oa bun witb impuuitv : aud not a dof 
voold baric at bun lim>tif^li()iit ttio nri^liliuiliood. 

Tbo ^niftt error in Bi|/>t (y>in]>0Aition vi^it an uisup^n^ 
bio ftTttntioa to all ktnd« of protitablo labor. It «ouU not 
bfi from tbe want of wuiiiliiity or jirnw^Tmucc ; fur bo 
would Kit on a ir«t nwk, vrith a rod ma long aud beoxj u 
a Tortar'n Lonoo, ukI twh aII day vithotit a munaur, ax^u 
tboagh be abotild not bo encourAgfrd hj n singlf* nibbliL 
He wonld rony a fowling-pi«c« nn hin KhnuMitr for btKini 
togetbor, trudgiDg tUroo^b woods and swainpa, aud np 



hill anJ down dole, to ttboot * few Bqiiirnrle or wild pig*- 
wiiirt. Hi* wokKI nwrer nnfiiw* to ArtniKt n nfiighlior even 
in tlio roQ^^Uv^t t^il, uid wiw a foremost innu iit all ooim- 
try frolioi for buakuig intUau oom, or building stono- 
feikCflu; Ui« wtimen of the Tilla^^, too, naed to enipJo; 
Ikini to riui their «rrftnv1s and &:» do such little odd joba 
A* tiii^ir Itwtt itbLixuiK hudl)aiuid would not do for th<!ui. 
In A wtml 1U|» VBK muily tt> attt^^nd lo nn^-bod^A bQainewt 
l>4l Lin own; bat iw to doing bzuily daty, uid keeping 
his Cuiii in imlor, ho funnd it iupoc»ili)ix 

III ftwtv he doclaroil it v«s of no us« fco work on hi^ 
f^rin ; \\ wa» the UKwt jMStilont little piooe of groond ia 
iW wbuW oounUT ; overr tkiu^ nboul it w«ttt vrn^ nod 
vmikl p> wru^;, in ftpit« of him. HU fieikoe* w^rc ooo- 
ItuBnlljr UUnf* lo pkeoM ; bitt «dw wuold cithi*r go nstnir, 
or g»l uftOBR tho enbfanf^w; weedt wen irar« to grow 
qaiek»r in hk Md> Ih&a auTwh^re vlw ; tin min nlw^js 
mdff npquUol mVmg m ^mktt^hm had •o«d» ovt-door 
voritiD ik«: K> tbnl Ikoa^ ktt 





ukt |H>t»lo«k ^t ii wi» tk» vtoett 

BBtch uf Tffe^w 

ki0 own hkMiM»t p^>aw»l. fc^JakniUfc^ hnto*fc with Ifca 

Ub« n «u)l &■ bk uu<h«r'libM^«^uypfdiv.apnrglbi» 

fatlier's cH4l:*o(r gftiligii^klurt, wlilch tit' hiul ninnU H4t> bo 
hold u;> with odo Uaod, d& & fine ladj does her train in 
bud wt^dtUor, 

Rip Van Winkle, however, was one iif ILost^ ha2)pj" mor* 
tftbt, of fboliali, well-nil()d dia^ioaitmiis, who tiika Llie world 
4kMy, eat vliite breiid or browu, wliichovcr cuu Ife gt>t 
witb Ic&at thcmglit or troubJe, ftinl would ratlier ^tanx on 
a ]v*titiy tbiui work for a pound.. If Inft to himself, bn 
voold bAvd whistled life away in perfect eoutentme&tj 
bob Ixifi wile kept continuallj dJmiing in hia ears about 
hU iilleiiess. hk carelesMness, and tlie ruin he ww bring- 
ing on his faisily. Monung, noon, iLnd night, hor ton^e 
was ince^Aantly going, sod eTorything he said or did waa 
sure to proiluce a torrent of houHehi:>]d eloqnence- Ilip 
lud bat on^ waj of replying to all l^cturea of th<* kind, 
anil that, by freqaont use, had ^rown into a babiL He 
fihro^^'ed bia abouiders, ahtjok liis head, auii up hia ejos, 
but oaid nothing. TbJs, however, always provoked a fireah 
v<dley from hU wife ; no that lio was faiu to draw off hia 
foroea, and tnka to tie rniUidi? of the Itouse — th« only 
side whicb^ iu tniih, Ij^hingii to a lien-pecked hitMhumh 

lUp'H Kolc domoutic odhcront was hii) dog Wolf, who 
w»s M mnch h^n-^pcckod n« hie master ; for Dame Van 
Wlnlclf^ rp^iu^Jf^d th^m am coinj^Ltiionji in idlnni^A^. arid 
OT^n lookod upon Wolf with an evil eye, aa the ciittAo of 
lua maater's ^ing ao oftcm aatray. IVuc it ia, in M 
pointa of apirit l»-iiUiaj< an hfiuorabbi du^, ha waa oa 
ooura^ona an animal aa ever aooured the wooda — bet 



•mhaX eour&gd can witbfitaud tiie ot^^r-durin^ ai:<1 itU-H^ 
uottitig tcnora of a woman't^ tou^u? Thu wommt Wolf 
entered tlie touae liis creet fell^ Lis tail liitjopyd lo Ih© 
grnniiilr <)r viirlctl liehween liia legs, lie sii<»&kiMl About 
vith n ^Jlovs Air, cnstii^ tnjuij a aidolong i^Ijuico at 
I>aiDG Vau Wiitkle, nnJ at the least tiortrieh of a broom- 
stick OT ladle, he would fl^ tui the door with yelping pra- 

Tiuies grew worae and worae vtth Rip Van Winkle &b 
jiiitra i\i mntriiBfiiiv nilltrd on ; a tai't tt?(iippr iitiver rael- 
Iowa with tge, aud a sharp Um^\^f- \& the oulj edged tool 
thut groAvs keener with oonatuut use. For a h>Qg whil<t 
be UBsd to coD^tle himself, wh<?]i drivBri from home, bj 
£rer|nent>ng a kind of porp^hiid chih of tbo sjigee, philod- 
oph^n, and othor idl<^ porsonagcs of tho villa^^o; whick 
teld ita seaaioiis ou a bench bcfr^re a biq&U iim, de^- 
natfid by a rabicimd portrait of His Majesty Georgo th« 
Third. Here tboy uaod to ait in the shado throuK)^ ^ l(>i^ 
1^ dummer^fl day, talking liallc«hly over vill^if;^ g<>a- 
rap, or bflllDif eiidli'HK »i]tH*py HUirii*M about uotliiii^* Hut 
it Koold havB been worth any stateBmane money to Iiava 
heard the profound diKruaaiona thai aometituca took ]>I«0C| 
vIieQ by chruK^e au old ti^w^paper fell intu th<?ir h^uida 
froDi niJitut piHhiing tra^ellt^r- K<jw solemnly th*iy wcnild 
listen to tho oontontti, as drawlud ont by Derrick Van 
Bummel* tho Bcbooloiadttf^r, a dAppcr lonniffd little man, 
who Kun not tn 1>p djiiint^td liy tbr xwavX giganUr wotfl in 
tho diotionafj; fisd how fio^^y thoy would d^Ubemte 




cpoQ pabLic ereots Aome laontbs aitei ihe^ had taken 

The opinions of this junto ir«r« oonip!Qtoly c^ODlroUad 
by NicboI&8 Tedder, ii pobriArch of tho village, uid bud* 
Ion] of Ui»- kiJii, ?tt (Le (]i»r of which lie l^joL liis »TAt from 
mormuft til! ii%lit, jtist movia^ aufficiently to avoid the 
flon uud k<;ep in the .-i]ia4le of jx lar^ treo ; fto tliat thfl 
DGiKlil'm^ C4>iild tftll till? iiimr bj' Jilh iiiovemetitH as a(M-'u- 
ntalj- as by n sua-diaL It in true lie was zarely lieaid to 
«po^ but emoked \%vb pipe inoi:KKa»tly. HiH odbonoEi^ 
honx^ror (for erery great man has hi;* ftdhorenU), pcrfeci^ 
QJkd&tvtood him, and knew bow to gatlier hi^ opinions. 
Wli^n any thla^ that v-aa i^^ or TdLfrtod dlisple&eod Iiiia, 
he w^ ulmervenl tu amoke bia pipe vehemently, £jid to 
dBDd forth attort, fr^qui^iti uul aii^Ty puf& ; bat wIibk 
pleased, ho would inhalo the otaoko fllowly aud tranquilly, 
tibd emit it in liglit aud placid climdti : aad aotafttuntifit 
laidiig U>a jii{x* from Mk nmnUi, «tul litljng tlu? fragmtit 
vapor earl atiout hi» uo^n, iftould grav^rly nod hii lieod in 
tok«ii of perfect Appiobatioo. 

Fr^MQ CTT?i) Uiis strTJnghold the iiiilu<7ky Hip waa ai 
length rout^ by LJa termaf^aut wiie^vho would audddoly 
bi«ak in upon tbd tranquillity of the MsembUee and eeU 
the memberB all to uauKht : uur waa Quat auj^ust pt^rfttuj- 
^ge, Xicholaa Vedder himseH aa«n^ froia tbe daring 
tOD^e of tliia t4;niblc virat^'o, who obar;:cd him outrixht 
frith encooraging her huvhaud In liabita of idlcn^wt. 

Poor Hip mis at Uat rwlnoed almuHt to dcapair ; and 





hijf oiil^ »lwmativ^ to escape irom the I&bor of the iojcm 
iLiiil (tbuuor iif }iM wifi*. wjm Ut Uk(« (^uu lu bntul mwl kItoII 
Aw»v intf> Uio woodNL Htfm 1]« would «omet>muK HMt 
bimMlf oi tbc foot of a trf^t luid nlinro tJic cntitcotB of his 
vaU«tttith Wolf, wUIj w}ioni hi]i fij'zji(»4bi/.(i() wns fellow- 
nflbrer in porv^cation. *' Foor Wolf," lio would n&j, "tlij 
miBtreas leads Uii)e a dog's lifo of it; but no\^r mmd, mj 
Wl^ whiUt 1 live thou a^&U iiorer want a fneml Uj ftlnud 
bj^ theo T '* WoH would weg Lis ta^il, look wiBtfully Ui lua 
nauAtcr'fl £ft4», aod ii do^ can feel pity I verily boliot-v lio 
ieoiproo»(ed Ui« seutimftut wiUi uU Lia hoftit. 

In A lon^ rnmlilii nf th« kind ou fi l^tin ilfty, 
Jtip bad uaoniii(ir;o]|i4ly scrAtnhlod to one of tiio hi^hdat 
pai'U of tho Kiutskill ijionutiuus. llo vaa after Uia f&vor- 
ita flport cif squirrel 8licx>ttn^, and the Htill nolitnd&H bud 
e^Q«rd and re-echoed with the reports of hm ^nn. Pont- 
ic biid falii^ued, h« tlirevr hiitmelf, lat« in the ftftorDoon, 
nn « gri^nt knoll, nivr.n^d with iui>iiiitjuii linrhngi^, tli^t 
crowndd the Iitot of a pracipic«, FroiD ftn opening be- 
tween tlie trocB bo could overlook aU the lower coautij 
for uiADj A niile of rir-h woodUii<L He «aw eit a dintaiiee 
the lordly Htidaou, far, i^ below him, moving on its si- 
kat bnt inujortttio oonree, with tbo roflaction of a purple 
elond, or thr Midi uf b lu|f|^ijifi: ljtuk« here ami Uii^n^ idifn^i- 
ing ou Itft ghuL»y bosom, and at laftt loidng it«oU in the 
bluo hitfhkadi^ 

On the other aide be looked dowu into a deep mowi- 
tain gleiij wildj louoly, ood shagged, the bottom iSllvd 


aip r^y wixkib. 


with fragments from tbe iinponding cUf&, mid ftcarc^lj 
lighted by tlie rotieeted luya of tho ecttiiig Eun* For 
eoiDc timo Dip Iny lonsmg on this scene; evening was 
gnbduaJJy adratidDg ; Uid mounuitifi beg&D to llirow tbeir 
long bluo eh&doW6 over tbc vilIIcjs ; he eaw that it would 
l>6 dark long before h^ could icftcb the Tillage, aud be 
heavBil A Leavy aigli wlien he thoitgLl of eocoonteriiig the 
terrors of Dome Van Wmkle, 

Af^ Le was about to d^^octid, he heard a roicc from a 
iliiUiuioe, liallooiug, ''Eip Yiuj'Wui)(b^! RipVitn Wiitklivr' 
Ho looked round, but could mo uodil&g but a crow wing^ 
iDg itfl solitary flight anro5»i tiie mountain, Ud thon^^ht 
bis iftBcy miut have deceived htm, and turned afi^in to 
deaiQend, when he heard th& eame cry rinf^ through the 
atill evemng air; "Jtip Van tinkle! Rip Vau Wiuklal" 
— at the aauie lime Wolf bristled up hia ba^rk. aud ^i^hig 
a low grovl, ftkulk^ to his maater'a side, looking fear- 
fully down into the glen. Bip bow felt a vague appre- 
beiMion stealing <mT lum ; ha looked anxioitaly in tho 
taunts din^tion, vul pereelrad a stniiga ^iir« alowly UtAI' 
ing up the rooka, and buidiag under the weight of «onu)' 
thing he curied om hia back. Be waa aarpriscd to aee 
any human being in this lonely aud tiufn^quented place, 
hot Buppoaiug it to be some one of tbe ueigbborhood ID 
need of liifi aaaietAiico, Le ha^tcDed down to yield it 

Ou ucartfr appruach he vraa titUl more aurprked at the 
iiligalari^ ol tbe straoger a appearaikoe. He waa a abort 
aijuarc-buiH old fellon-, with thick buahy hair* aiul a grix* 




dtd Ixwrd. His ilro^ i;viut of tho nnti^jnii DatcK fiusluoa 
— ft olotb j«rkiii stmppcd rooail the t^rii.-it- ^ovcrjU imir 
of breftohei, tLo oatcr ouc oi aniplo vcilunio, dccorAted 
With mwx rit liuLtoEuf donm t1i9 mi1(?>i, aiuI buuoh^n lU th9 
]uioo«. Uo lioro oD hb shouidcr a etout kog, tUut wxroiod 
ftill of liqaor, and niikdd signs for Uip to approach And 
aMtinl iiim wilh (iie \<taA. Ttioii^h rather tih^ noil di^- 
trustful of thia cow acifTiaiDtAiioe, Kip complied with hid 
osu&t idacritj ; and mutually rellovin^; ono uiothen they 
cUmbared up a imrn»w j^ullj, apparently tht ilry bed of a 
moimt^ii loiTMit Afl they aao^nded. Bip evoty novr aiid 
thon he^ard lon^ rolling ))ca]d, Hke di?itjuit Umn^k-r, that 
ft<^;.^iucf<I to i?fftuci c»at of fi d(^p tJiviu?, «r rathi^r clcft^ bo- 
twvtfiii Ififty TiifJ:*, toward which th^ir mggod path cod* 
ducted. He pau»od for an in&tant, bnt aiippoaiug it to be 
tho AatteriDg of ODO of tho^e traoAtdtit IhxLuder-^liowera 
which ofl^n take plaf^ in nioitnt^ beij*hts, he pro- 
oooded. Paaftiu>4 thron^b tho rarino, they catuo to a 
hollow, liko a tticall amphithcAtro, eiarrottnJcd bj per- 
p<«ti<1]f!aljir pn<cipioi'3(, ouir tlie liriukx t^f which impc^nd- 
ing trc'M ehot thoir bnocbos, so Utat yoa only caa^t 
glimp9G9of the araro sky and Iho bri^l^i evftuing doad. 
During the whole time Rip and his t^oinpanioo had la* 
bored on in ailem^e; lor though the ionacr inart'dled 
i;reaUy what rould be the objeot of coTTyhig a kog of 
lM|ni>r Bp thin wild iut>untalii, y<?t ihrre wns »i)Tiic?ihing 
atnngo amd incompEvheaaibto about the unlinown, that 
inapircd awo aikl cbc<k«J Camiliarity. 



On enteriDg the iLniphithentro, iww olgorbi of woDiUr 
preflenteil themaolvnft. On a lavol H|m>1 iu IL* oftiitr* WM 
ft compaay of odci-lookuij^ peraoiuK^ p^y'oit '^ biiur- 
pins. TJjejr woiv ilren^inl i[i Jh i|ua[iiL ouUaiidiiili fu*U- 
ion; fiom^ nore BLort doubloU, f^lb^rt Jorfdiit, vilb 
lon^ kiuveji Id tli«ti bolU, jukI moftt uf IboDa hftd ttDor* 
muaji bn:e€lii*n, of HJiuiliir »ljrln with tliftl of llin f{iii(lai*ii 
Tlfeoir vfiHOf^fl; too, w<ira p«cii]iut : onn lui'l a l&r^ If^ftnl, 
broftd Ejiioo, Bud snuU pipfijiJj ejci«: Uiv (m^ ol ^aoUmt 
ammimI to conflict culirv-ly oi nomr, and vim jmnamUfW 
«d bjr ft whit^ Btt^r-loaf hftt Mt off with n lUtli r<Ml 
eoek'a latL Tbej all b*cl b«Anl«, of rahonft ftJiApo« 
ftad GokmL ^wre *ah ona who ikr«iiKtil tfi 1^ Um 
eo atttiamlr r. He wwi ft tttrioi r>lrl (jr^U^mftii, with a 
v«stliier*bMttoB oooatenaiMe^ Ju wore ft Iftoed cloublHv 
broftj belt aiid haftg^. higL^croWBod Lfti uhJ kftUMr* 
i«d rtorkiDi^ md lij^'hoftlecl sbocftt with trmtm in 
ffa«m. The wbnie Rrovp MftriftAbd Bip of tJio Af^m 
Id ftn old Fl^mtth prnttuiit in Um ptaXrrr of Dvfiniftift 
Van Sikftid^ Qi* vlthiffe pAnon, Mid whiirh hftrl b«i« 
braof^t over ^ona BolLkftJ st tli4 tiai of Um Mttl^ 

ViftI neBftJ pftfftkskrif rMUthi^ wm, that tl^miiik 
tfc«M Cnlkj wotw mdnilf ftmi ing IfciMwIrau, 7»i IW7 
Une e^^^ b«ft. Ibn »fMl myvtmoiH n^ 
■Dd mere, witlnt llw mmI ftnl— ihnly pftrtj^ «( 
fa bid wr iriBm i VmtUmti tete un yWl 
ol ibe ftons b^ te ftoin o# tb« UXI^ 


'vbioh, whenever iJiej were rolled, echoed along the 
BiouulfiuiM likii ruiulvUiit; j>ealH of IhimdBr, 

As lUi^ and Uia (^oinpaniou upproaclit^d 11,1*111^ tliev «iad- 
denly d^sititod from iheir pljiy* and etored at liim with 
nuch fixed stdtiie-like ga!:6» And such Btrange* uncouUi, 
l}Lok*luatre coimtoiianceii, that Lis lie&rt tnrned within 
bin], find his knoos amoto togothor HI9 eompnuiori now 
emptied tLe ccoiteulft of the k^% iuto lax^e fla^ood, aud 
ci&da algns to him to wait upon tlie oampauj. He 
obeyed with tear find trembling; thoy quaffod iLo Ut^uor 
in profound silence. And then rdtiimed to their game. 

By degrees Bip's riwi; aud uppTDhi?uaion suljsi<lud^ Ha 
«vi»u ventured, wLon tio eye waa fixed upon kim^ to taste 
the bevera^, which he Coand tad much of the flavor ol 
«ice|1eut Holluudti. H« wan naturally a thirsty Hmil, and 
was soon tempted to repeat thy diautslit. One taeto pro- 
voiced another; and ho reiterated Lis visits to the flugon 
M) often that at length Liu senses wore nverpnwt^red, his 
9TM swam in litx ben<l. hia head gradually doclintrd, and 
ho £d11 into a deep sleep. 

On wnkingr ho found hii&Mlf on iLo groec knoll whence 
bo fand fintt HAon the« old niiin of tLa glon- Ho rnl^bed his 
oyo« — )t WM a bright sunny morning. Tho hirda wero 
hopping and twittering SLmong tho bashes, and the ea^lf^ 
was wheeling aloft, aiul breasting the pure luotiutun 
broMOi *' Surely/' thought Eip^ ''I havo not alupt Lore 
aU nigbi" Uo recalled the oooarrenoea befiom be fell 
iaieep. The Atranife mta\ wiUi a kc?g of li^uur — the 



motiAtaia T%Tin&— th^ wild r^tnuht umong th«» ror*Va — the 
woG-lv^goue purij at oin^-pLn;^— Uto 6»goD^**Ob] tlmt 
fliH^ou ! that wicked flo^D I " thought Hip—" what oicoM 
BbaU I m&lce to Dome V&n Winkle f " 

Hg lookcad roond Cor hia gun, but in place of the €lQ«a 
woU'oilrd fovlin^-pii^oc-, ho (ouitd au old tir^lock lying bj 
him, tlio l)iUTul iu(*ruHtifd with rui«t, Ihe lock falliit^ off, 
and tho fltock voraiHUkt^iu. ^ now ftiispoctod that the 
grave rojstcm of the monnbuo hod p<it u triok u]>ou him^ 
ftod, liaviiig doeed Ijim with liquor, hwl mblw^d hiiu uf 
hidf^un. Wolt too, had disappeared, but he might Imve 
otrayedftwaj afltr&BquIrrol or portrid^i Ha vihi&iUid 
mtUir him ami Hhimtiid hbt lu^uu, bul all m vaiu; iho 
echoM rcpoatod hin wliUtlo aud aho^t, but no dog was to 
be seen. 

He determiiwd to mT]«lt thrt i^ooiic at ihr butt i^vi^nlng'a 
gambol, and if he m^t with Any of Uio partj, to dLMnatul 
his dog aod goiL As bo roee to walk, he found himrudf 
stiff ill ttiu juiutSt and wautiug iii hi^ usual nctiritj'. 
"These mountain beiU (io not agr^e with me,*' thnnght 
Blpi ** and if tliia frolic ahould lay me up with a Jit of the 
rbeumadaiDp I shall haY« a bk^e^ed time mHi Oajue Van 
WioVW WiUi Homa diJBoiiltj hn got down itii*y the 
ffl^n : ho found the ((ully up wbiuh ho aud hli coiupaidon 
bad aaocndcd Uic prcccilii^ eTeDiQg ; but ici hitt aeitouifih- 
xmtni a tnimatAiti wua now fffiuiiiiig dnwn il, Irap- 
iag from rock to rock, nnd filling the gleti witli bubbling 
munaoTS. Be, bowovcrr maio fliiift to acramblu up ita 



bitttit, aanufms. 
up or ciiit«4i^U<i 
€Oila ur Muirila ftv^ in* lo Xi^^^al aprtaJ a kmd of 

JkftiA^Cllh bit roMiwdba «b«ttt tiM iwtiM* 1ml <»pao«d 

b«fc BD 



Tka E^jdot 


ftttbMluIbftttlbttCr bu^wJ e'cU into A brvttd tiMp 
bbtofc famn ihm itbaJmpAtfl tbu trturmtmUiy fmcal Heo^ 
Uivo, puur mp wiM^bcaiii^io4«tauhl. fib a(pi& e»Ikil 
sail nburtlud ^fWr bi« Uog ; ba wa» ooif Anawnd b; Ibe 
caving ul a dtxik ul idU 4M«ra, fi^rtia^ bigh in oir abool 
« tUv IriHB tbal ovurbuig m nuujr |>i«cipm ; lal vbo^ 4e- 
ciuv m lb»ir eJ»T«tiMK, wvttttil «u Umk do«& «od acoff ftl 
lb« |Niur iwiii*H |wr|)Wx]bB«w Wlut ««* tu bv Jijim! tbo 
BMBKteg WM lulling ftitajr- ■■^ ^ '^ bmiAad te 
want of bi* bEWkLiiyib Un gnowd to ij*tvu up bia tl<>f; vul 
gma ; b^ ibvaiW bi &mmI bia wiW . but it «uaU aot Uo to 
ikmv asMiBg tb» mottatiiiMi Um tboolt b» b<>ad, «lioiit 
dtfttl ibo nurty fii«li>cfc. ood, witb a bflui Idll oC truabk 
Oftil Oilin^jr, tanned bia ateps boBWVMd 

An ba Ap[iroacbod tine villog* h* aefe « nninbtr of pw^ 
plt^ bit Bono vbon faa knew, wbkifc acnwvbat turpriaed 
hifD, lor be hjul tbongbt boBiWfU acqiuu&tod vritb 6T«tj 
mv In tbfi cuantrj mtUML Tbm drim, hm\ «a» uf a 
tUflbroni lidiioii from IW to vbi«fa b« vas aeoostomed* 



Thoj all ntnrod at Jiim vriih eq^aX tnnrka of durprivOt and 
whenever thoj cast tbeir ejea upon bim, iiivariably 
BtmkeH tlirlr rliinrt. Thf» nonstant incurrence of this 
gCdtoTo induced Kip, mvoiuDtoriJy. to do xha eamo, when, 
to bid aHtonJ;»limeDt. b^d found iua beaid bad gioHii tt foot 

He bud now entered the eldrte ct tie ^-iUu^. A troop 
of sitmngQ cliildren tom at Lia heels, lioctini^ aft«r Inm, 
and |ii3intiu{; at bis gray byard. Tbii dogs, Uh>> md [irtw 
of irLicli he recognized for An old aO(]i^niiitiin(:e, bjirkod at 
bim na ho possc^L The very village was aliened; it noa 
lai^r &ikd iiioi^ jjoj>ulr>ua, Tliere w&>v& ruwa of houaeB 
which be bod nevor e«eu before, and tboee wbiob bad 
txMn biA familuir haunta bad dijtPipptSfu-txl. Btruuf^ 
Dunnn wijm over the dcior» — strongo fuucM nt the windtiwi* 
^^Ttiy tiling v(w atrrutge. Hig mtnd now mlngave hint ; 
bo bogan lo donbt whether both ho and tlte world aronnd 
bim were not bewitched. Burely this itas his nntiro vil- 
lage, uhtch he had left bnt the day heWe. Tlinm Htood 
the Kaatshill in ounlattu)— there run the eilvor Hudson at 
a diHtaiK-'e— there wae e^-ery hill and dale precisely as it 
liiul hUays bt-tn — Rip wiLM anr^ly j>4:ry>leTted — ** ITiat 
flagon Ifutnighl," Uion^^bt be, "biui addled my poor head 

Tt wiw with ^omi' diffit"i]lty thitf hi? rcmiid He wny fo Lia 
own bouse, wbicih he approEtc^hnd with ailont nvm, expeot* 
inj! every moment to ]ic>ar (ho ebrill voice of Panic Tan 
Winkle. He found the bouse gone to decjLy— thu roof 





fall^u iri, ibft wiiitlnwH nluiUhmd, Anil LLe i]i)oni o? tlta 
hln^eik A baJf-«ttLrvdil dug that look^l like Woli was 
ukuUving About it. Kip cjLtlcd liim by nfl,mn, but tbo nor 
8rmrlL>d, "bow*-*! biw k'wtb, Ii7»il p/isaetl nu, Tbis w&a an 
QTikind cnt indeed — "My verj dog,'' eighed poor Rip, 
" hofi f->r(;ott<!ii m© ! " 

He entered tbi? Louse, wbicb, to tell the tmtli. Dame 
Van Winkle bad aln-uvx kept in neat ordur. It nna 
empty, forloiru, and Apparently cb^mdoned. TIue dcso- 
latiruees overcame &11 his coiumbiQl fears — be 4:atl$d 
loudly for bis wifp» nii<l childmn — tbe Innely rdiambem 
rang for a moment with bis voioe, and then all a^ain ^vas 
nil once. 

He now Imrried forth, an^l basteiied to bia old reaort, 
the vilb^^ inn — but it too was gone. A liirf^e riokety 
wooden building stood iu iU place, witk great gaping 
windiiws, hi>uiQ of tbcin 1>rnlii«n anil tnendM] witb obi buta 
and petticoata^ and over the door waa painted, ''the 
Union Hotel, by Jcnatban Doolittle/' insteai of the 
great tree tbat nsed to shelter ibe quteL little Duteb inn 
of yore, there no^ was reared a tall naked pole, witli 
Bomothing on tho top that looked like a ri'd nighi-otp, 
and from it iras Buttering a flag, on wbioh waa a mngiilnr 
aaa^mbla^ of «tnr« nnii strij>ea — all ibid wn£ Btrruigfi and 
incomprbbensiblo. Ho r*3cogniBe;l on thn aign, however, 
the ruby face of King George, under which be had 
amitV^il ao many a [peaceful pipe : bat even this was ain- 
^larly metamorphoaed. The rod coat woa changed lor 

BIP*8 JtStTVniT. 


coo of idtus and boff^ a sword wo* imkl In iti« Imnil iw 
Bteod o( tt nceptre, Um hood vum iIoonrAl^-J witli « p<>i^k«>il 
h^ Aficl aii'lenK'ALh wft» paintcid in Inrffn «h«n4Ttori, 


Tlier» was. aft ttiraiU, a m>wd of folk alMMtt Iba d'ior, 
lm£ acme that Itip n*cfiTli^rt#?KL The verjr characrUBr "f Ui4i 
paople B«emed ehaaiied. Than waa a btwf, baiiUijiK, 
dkfvotetiona toae aboai it, inalaad nf lb* a«oailrj4WMl 
dn^vaT traoqaiUiiy. Ba loolued la raia inr 
^fldioUa VMld«r, wtU, Ula Inwl liwM, d^iaMr 
and fair loag pip«, aU*nnf( cW^vla of Ui^mt^^ 
U aUa i^MMbaa; or Vmm Bwaial 11m 
dflfi^ iDfftk tU amaaAaof m 
b vfaaa «f tfaM, a hM, biUo«Mfi-vkl^ 


titcft^ "Wliclhcr he was Federal cm Demoorat?" Rip 
Vfu«<fi]iml1j- Jit a liK^s lo rout prc'lif* till II11* rpUKluiii^ wIiimiil 
knowing, Ht If- important ol<l gGiitlemiiD, in a sharp cocked 
liAt, tna<ic bia way through tho crowd, puttiDg them to 
the right Jbiid left ivith his ell>ow»« oa be jjaHMid, aud 
planting him^U before Van WiDkle, ^ith ono arm akim- 
bo, the Gtlicr resting ou liia cane, Lia k€«)n eyes aud aharp 
hsX pcuetratiug, £ia it werv, uibii Iuh very eoul, ihtuj-auiltd 
in ail anstfre toiie, "vbat brouglit him tci thrf elcrotion 
vitli a guii on hid shoulder, aud u mc3t> at hU Loela, and 
whether he tnnant to breed ft riot io thf' villflgc?"— 
"AJiwT ^Jiilt'int^n/' iTi**i! Bip^ somnwhut clJKnuiyr^l, "I 
am n poor cgctct man, a native oi th^ plnr«, ntid n loyal 
inbjocb of the kiii;^ God ble^ him!" 

Here a jft-nernl about l>urqt frniri the liy-Btanders — "A 
tory! al^ziryl a npy! atefug^el hustle him! away with 
biml" ltwa« with gr^ivt *iiffiouUy thnt the self important 
mat] in tbf^ rr>r^1if>d hat rnslonul order; riiid, having aa- 
BUtnei] a tenfold aii«t<?rity of Ittow, domundAd afr-un of tb« 
ankcown culprits what be cam& there for, and whoni ho 
waa aeekiiiKV The |nxjr man humbiy afiaured him that ha 
meant &o harm, bnt merely came ther^ in search of some 
of hxiA neiKhbcra, tvho uocd to kcf^p about the tavern. 

"Wp!1 — who ajfi th<*y? — name th^*m-" 

Hip liethoiight himself » moment, and iiuinirwl, *■ Wln>re*ii 

There 'a^'as a silence tor a little while, when an old idou 
r^pli^l, in n thin pipirg (nice, ^^NichnlaM Vnddtir! why. 



he is dead An<) gouo tbesd eighteoti jearat Tber^ waa a 
w<xii!en toinljston^ in ttte c(rurirEi-_va-r>1 tti&t luifJ t-D t6U 
^1 aboDt him, bat thv/s rotten &nd ^one too." 

"Where'fl Urom Oitcher?" 

"Oh, he «<^iit off to the anujF m the lief^imuta^ o( the 
var: som« aaj he vas luU^d at tLo stormiiig of Stony 
Point — others aay he voa droirntMl in a tiquAll at tli« Toot 
of Aut^my'a Ncae. I don't know — he uover cojue back 

« Whorc'« Vao Bummol, tho sOboolmBfttor?" 

*' Ho went off to the viu« too, wm ft fp:Q&t mtlitia ^n- 
ernl, and i* no* to comi^rcsw*/' 

Bip'Q heart died ftvay at h^arib^ of thesis «a<1 clumgts 
in hiB homa and friends, and fiudicf^ himsoif thus alone 
in the voHd Ev^^rr answer [juzded lijni Ion, hy treat- 
ing of each eftormocis Upaea of time, aad of niattera 
vvhich he ooult] noi undorfttAiul : war— ocnj^raaa— Stucj 
P<Mnt^ — hi) hail lui (■iiiiraf;i' U\ nnk iJtcr nit^v mur» triE-tiihip 
but cried out in diutpair, " Do<ti; nobody hnrc kuov Rip 

"Oh. Rip Van Winkle t " enTUiiD^d two or three, '^ Oh, 
to be enrel that's Rip Van Winkle yonder, loaning 
a^-mnal tho tree." 

Kip looked, and beheld a preciae counterpart of him- 
self, aa he went up tho mouutalu : appari^utly aa Luy, 
oivl ocrt&inly aa ra(j^o<L Tho pour t^llctw waci now ooni> 
plotoly cqh/ouihImL He floubtcd hia own iiicntity, and 
wbetbvr ho wan himself or anot-b^^r jnAn, In tho uiidttt 

T^B 8KSTVn.B00K. 

cA bis bewUtlermeutr Uie diah tu tli^ cocked liat demaud^ 
who he wae, and wliat vus his iiam« ? 

"Gtxi knows," exolaimed li<>, at his wit'a ornl; ^Tm 
1M)1 myeelf — I'ta somebodj elee — Uiut^s me yonder — no — 
thnt^B aonKrbcMlj else got into my &hoes — I wtu* nivaolf 
Iftflt oigbt, but I fell usloop on tbe mouiitaiDf aud thoy'vio 
ebonged my gun, ibnd e^erj thingS changed, jxnd I'm 
chaugM, and I can't t?LI wluit's my nnme, or who I 


The by-&tiuidoT8 bo^au now to look at oach other, nod* 
wink aigiiiljcaiitlj. mul lap tht-ir iingera o^ainaL their 
forohc-ads. There vae a whisper, alao, about aeourinft tbo 
gun, and keopix^g the old FoUow from doing mi3olu{?f, at 
tbr verj Huggeatioji of whiolt the self-imporiant niau in 
tlut cocked hnt retired with scmie precipitation. At tliis 
<3riticnl momont a trefh oamely wonati pressed thrr»ugb 
tltc throng to grt a peep at thf? graj-'boardtid man. Hhe 
hwl aclnibhy rbild in hp<r armn, which, frightened at his 
lookfi, began to ory, " Huah, Rip/' oried she* *' hush, jou 
little fool ; the old uiau won't hurt yoiu" The namd of 
the (^Lild, the air of the imither. the tone of her voic«, 
all awakened a train of recoltectiona in hie mlxuL "What 
IB jour name, tay \^o^ woman ? '* asked ho. 

"Judith Oardt-ider;* 

" And your fathar*t mune ? " 

" Ah, poor miLu, Rip Van Winkle wa« his name;, but iVa 
twenty jf^ars ^ince he went nwnj from home with hia 
gun, and nuver hue bvon hieard of ftin«a— bifi dof^ cuao 



home without bim ; but whetlier ho ahot humtf^lf, or wax 
carried away by the iDdians, nobody can tell I wu 
tbca but a Uttlo j^L" 

Itip lind bnt inin <|QeKiioii moro to aHk ; but bo put it 
with lb fAltnring voicn : 

•■ WboroV ytnir raolhor? " 

''Oh.sbo too hfvd died bat a short time iiiaco: nho 
biukit II bhxid-v^r4He1 in a fit of pam«ifin at n Ntvv-Ktiglftml 

There woe a drop of comforti at leaflt^ in tliw iiit<illi- 
genee. The houueit man (x>ii]d L^untoiji hiuwelf un Uw^ar, 
HJB ought UiH <laiight«r and h«r obJId in hut nriiiH. "I 
am your faLberl*' orierd he — " Vouiik Kip Viui Winklo 
OD«e — old lUp VaD Wiiddo now 1 — Doea ivjbudjr know 
poor Rip Van Winkltt? "' 

All stood amaaed, ontil an obt woman, totlx^riiifc ool 
Erom amoog Ibe croK-d, put \u:t huA to her Invtw, aiu] 
pnvTiog tuvlpr it m hlx JAfn frjt a lainni^nt, nrUitUi-d, 
*-acm etkOQ^E it U Kip Van Winkla— it U hinMlfl 
VclcMati boEKie again, old neighbor — Why, wh«re bar« 
JFOO faoan thne twenty Iod^ yt-iLra f ** 

ttp'a Hory was ioon told, lor thf» wbola twMv^ yean 
bftd bean to (dm bvt aa oaa ni|^l. Tbe Mi|^tK»ri wur*i 
whea tLej beatd it ; aoaw vera aaea to wink ai aadb 
otlnir,ai>l p«t tbMr Inagaiw In th^ir rbwlcn : ami tlw; aeU* 
to|wwt ai ii Baa m flia «Mi»d lut. who, wh«o Uia aJana 
WW onc^ fcad i^lvwd to the fiatd. aoww-d dr/wa tlw 
asaaMk erf hia »a«tk aul abo<A hia baad — apua wbacb 


thore woA u f^Rrol sliakiii^ of tbo heacl tKrougboat tho 

It WAS 4ie«t^miiTiecl, Lowever, to take llio apiEiion of oM 
Polor Vaiidordonk, wlio was sesn sltiwly advunoing ap 
the road. Ue was a doac^ndant of the bistonnn of that 
name, wlio wrote one of the earliest twc<»TJDt* of tli& pro- 
viooe. Peter nas tho mott uicrient iulisihitAtit of th^ vil- 
Uf^. and well rerserd in all ti^e vondorfiil events and 
tnuliUoiM of tlie uei^lilmrliooii He iecuUeul«d Biji ftt 
ODOO, Acd corroboFAtod liU utorv in the moat aatiftfactoF^ 
manrtor. Ho aitAurcd tbc oi:}nij>4iuy tbat it wad a fact, 
bHndi:4d dikwti from lii^ iinc^stcir tlie kislumu. thaLt* the 
Ka^itftkiLl ro oil n tains liail alti^^avs be«iL haunted bystnvnge 
boini:^. That it was affirmed thnt tho ^^at Hendriuk 
HucUoii, tbc first discoverer of the river aud couutrf. ke|)t 
A kind of Tijpl tliere everv twenty jeara, with Lis or»w of 
it»Q Half moon ; beinf- permut4?d in tbia way to revisit the 
iCftuea of liLi eDt^rpria^, and k«f^p a guardian «je npoo 
Hut txwTt and tin* i;mat city ndlfxt l>y liix namc^ Tlial 
hSa fatbdr had onoo ao^a thom is thoar old Dntcb dn>«se<> 
playinj^ at aiae^fum in a hollow of Iho momttaia ; aad 
timt h«^ hinnu'lf Kad IkhihI^ oim» aommf^r afU^niooi^ tiie 
sound nf tlii^ir heillft, tiki* dtHtanI ]>oalfi nf thander- 

To make a toi^c i^t4>ry sboci, tbe oompanj broka ap^ aod 
rotoro^d to tli« moro iiui^rtanl ooaconui of tLa ale«tioiu 
Rjp'« danftht^r took Itim tioin^ t«i tiw with hor; abe had 
a anai;;. wv>n-fnraifdi<fd h<>iuai an<l a Htoul <^Mrr Eanocr 
for a hualnuid, wln^ai Itip raonUo^bad for ooa of tbe 



nrcliUM tliot usf^^ to climb np^n hin back. Aa to Ri]/ii 
«on unil !ie:r, who wa** tbw ditto of liimjw»lf, hgoe Lr'ALiufi 
agftindt the tree, be was ^mplojc<l to work ou Uiu fjirni ; 
bufc emo«d ttu hereditary diApo&iiioQ to attoud to tMny 
UitBg e]»>e Lut liiFi 1iuaiite8H. 

Bip now resumed his old walks and liAbiU ; lii> ioon 
fecund many of Ui-t fj^rmor orotit«A« thoui^li ^U r^thrrr tho 
wi^fMt- fur tUr* wr^iir uid Utjir »f tuui? : nuJ j>rt?fi?rrH(J nmk- 
ing frwndM unctig the timii^ geutratioii, wUb wlwiu li« 
•ooa grew uto groat favor. 

HATiDg nothifig to do at home, oimj b«utg arrived «i 
ha{^)j af^ when a man con be t^Ue witli lispBuil/, ba 
took his |>Uoa once more od th^ beacb at the iiu d(»r, 
and waa reTar«oc«d oa ouie of the patriardM of Ike riUi^pi, 
and a L-hromdo of tHo fild tlm^H " iMfforo tbn vftr." li 
waa aoiDo tima bciorc ho eonld gat into tba nj^oUr %i%A 
of goanp. or oould be mode to oompr^ljfMwI the Mrawi 
finnta that hod Ul:(»n pUcP dnnng hin torpor ll^rtr thai 
thfrn hod b^a a revolntiotary war — that the oouiAf^ Laid 
thrown off th« joka of old Kiifiland — ood that, imiraii ^d 
iMing a oubieci of Lin Ua/?Mtj- (\*-ot^ tha Tlitjd, \m- «aa 
,Dov a Crea dtinn of thu Tnitfid States. Bif^ 
polituiaa ; tha choo^^ of «tat^ and an] 
bat little KP|gMfcinn on biin ; but thm^ 
dc^»otk&i nndiv whicU h« hod kn^ 
pacbeoat gowanaMuat Hiypii^lbafc 
ha hod 0DtUi neck onlof Aajolia -* - 
acniJd go tn ood oni wHeoeTer b^ tiIm^ tfiin lui 



ing thf» HronnT nf Dvime Vjui Winklf\ WherteTier Iter 
ii4i»d vaa moDtiooett^ ]iov-e\'err lie ahook hm hejul, 
BLmjjig^il hiB shoulders, and ciist tip iiia evea; whi^h 
might pnsa ftithrr for ah rxpre^sum cf resignotiooi to 
liis fat&r or joy nt Lis <lel]Yerutr«. 

Ho tiecd to tell bis stf*ry to overy fltrftiif^r tliat armed 
£bt Mr. Doolittle's hotel- Uq was olMerred, &t tirat* to 
TAiy on some poiiiU erer^ time lie told it, wiiicli wfu^ 
dottbtlees, ovin^ to his banof^ so rec^DtJy &wakt>(L It at 
loet settled down prociael}' to tlie tal« I b^ve i«Ute4, and 
not a DQ2J1, vom&n, or child iu the ueighborhuod, but 
kuew it by he&rt Sonae always pretended to doabt the 
rcA'tity of it, tknd insjs1<^d thut Hip hod been out of liis 
head» uid thmt Uu« voa one poiat on which Lo alnoys 
r^EDiiin^id lliglity. The old I>utch inhnbitfLnts, however, 
almost uoiversfdiy g&TO it fuU credit Even to thie day 
tb«y ne^er hear a thunderstorm of a sumaier aftemoou 
about the Eaataldll, but tbey say Heudrick Hadaoa aiiid 
hia crev are at th«ir (;ame of moe-pias ; and it is a eom- 
Taon witih of all h^n-^ve^cked hoabande in the nci-^hbor- 
hood, wbrn llfi^ hiicfpi ht^av^' ud their hatida, ^hat they 
mifcbt IxttYo a quieting draught out of Rip Tau Winkle's 


Thr fCrfffOtoff TVk^ oiM iraold nufWt had ^mq imiqiMM lo Mr. 
KtiickfHK^kfir bj II 1UU« G<*nn«n ffipanlHka bImvI the EnipfT\>r Pn^J- 
uflck drr JfvfA/jtif/. uiil (^ K^pifFisdzfrr ninuiiUiii : (he 5DSjriDi?>d D>.H«h 
hf'iWTrr, vktiKti hi« )iiif1 «p|i*nH<Kl l*^ ihv Ul«h vhovn Ibftt it i« ui abaolms 
lBCt« lumioil villi ku uMul a4»lit J t 



"Tbc nery of Rip Vui Wmki* may nnn inorcdll^ii to nuij, but 
n4'V«ribrto» I give it m^ fui^ bclLcf, for 1 Itnow the vicinity of uur (>li 
lA4vh h-CtJcoiriito to bftfc Ivcn r<:r> i^uLjci^l Ui lUArvoUoua ctcdIh «ii«1 
ii|tpfArafi<««. IndiHiU I ^inv^ ht^unl inauy nniii^T aIa^iii ihim iliii. in 
Ihv TiJ]«|;<n Blcdij^ lliu iluJifi-'ii : \xH \il ulndi wt-nt |'h> writ nuthi^iilliiiLbl 

vho. whrji IuaI I nv hiiii. m&«a vrry ^((ivmhLr »liJ iiitiii> niirl h' jwihitiy 
ntionU uid oonciitrfit on imry oilier point, (hat 1 thmk up rrmwinn* 
tiiMH peraem ooaid rcfUK to IaJic thjii into l^<; ttAT^nm; luj^, I bbvc wvii « 
CKtiOme on the Aubjct-L ijikrii tH'turi^ n ivuiiLijf juvliur «iul itfpiviJ wlUi A 
COM, ID lli» jitflic«'» awn luu)d«nUii£. Ibc dory, UwrvtoTB, it bajood 

D. «." 


Th* frJicnHng an enwvMinf acAM trtttu a BvionBdBl»*bMk nf Hr. 

7W Kutaboi^ or CUriull monntaiM, Iutv olwaj* bna t nfkv fait 
of C>Ul HwIimUw* conriacnd ikrm thr alwdt nf ifMte. vlu tullo- 
«nc<d tW vMtkvr. qinttding nwirfdD* or dottd» om 1^ Ur>il«»j>v. and 
wmftag ffood or bad bamtn^ ■.MOiifc Ihrf ««rt ndal by ah ^U wtuv 
^m. ^d lA be iKiir autluv. ^Ehe dHb att tte Ugfa«4 fiaah «f iba 
C«utuibi, widhadcter^dC tJM 4oon ctf ^ j ^ UgU b>cfMi «»l tlMt 
tLoa ■■ tW prf\^ k«tf, Gbt bux>c >^ ^tw mv iami* U IW iUm, aal 
m ^ik^ <^ bloii«& hi IJBS «l dmwIiL If tn^lKVp^ 
lia«4,g^B«aU^II(U nnvarrckv^oatatf eebwtv mJ mMh^ 
\ht mkwmdi^nMrn\mlk\ ii»l iif lli ■laaura hti iflir ■■ti. 
U« Aik» if 4vM cdCMl to ioat b llw ■!* ; wtO. dfanhod far lb* 
b«t tf I^Mi.tlaTViHMU teftoifca— B^FiJif iWgwip 
ripn.Md l^MAtopOTM hdiM ItfK IT 

^ Om 1te« hool^MBM ifUFr la Ite a^M af Ma viAi ; wd 
va«» tt» <*M^ b>otai, M» taOfc CW «tfb|a t 

«f ««1baad«ntfi«* 


leSbt lM;f^hB^Mt ondMbfUittr^fcectl^inc^kftBriiW-' 

difl «i lis I w mIW put of Ibc m o M tolna. uici Iram Uw Omchiqc Tina 
vkktKteibn«bviii a, «flj IW wiU fln«v which afcoiuMl b iu n^gb' 
het1haa^*tkivnbp1l>»aiMof Ui* <HrdM lUvk. K4«r lb* «o«l oi it 
It % ■uOI Uec. Um hMut «d thft nlitaffT faitUnv «ith ttidflr«Mkiei 
taf Id Uk nn on ll» bfttn cd Ibe pooi-lt!ia vhvli ]i« <m Ite 
TM plan w hHd in gml a«r bf ih« Induiu. Innmiich Uut Uw 1k4|. 
«fl hoBltfr vookl ttdt |rur*iv hia fBio« tftUiiii iU praciaciiL Oaev upoo * 
tha*. howmtr, a hvnUr vhiv had loiC hb i>«j-, prMtntril t» lb> ffifdn 
mrfc. vhn^hr brVhl ■ nHsAvrcffOvrdi F^vrd fo Ibg oroEcfc ft of crvak 
Om of ttiEM he annd ud mid» off wllb il» bat in tb* banr of hii t^ 
tRst be let it fmU uaoajcthr n<U «hcp > grttf rtUB— ffrfna fadfc. 

vUiii wMhpJ Um avnr ■od rtqit him down pndpka^ afape In wh 
ikdMd to f^tam, vad liw lUftin ts*dB It* «agr to ths Httdpoo. wd gob> 
Ubm* to fovtotlw fffMorf dii;; bebif |he UGfitiat itnftM knovKhj 
lb« uuift of iLc Kitttcft-kilL 


■•I Nr ■• M OffU, aniitr W iiitcfai|- ;a«1^ 4bd ktedStaf her tiaJttl td 


TT H witli fecJiogB of d^p ragn<t UiAt I ob»arv« 

Ea^aad mad America Orettl conocitij hM b*«o 
«il lite vitli n«pMt to Uw United 8Ut«^ nd 
teemed vitb TohmM oC trsT- 
Ihe BepttUk; boi tbfrr aeaM iPteaJiJ to 
ifaaa k au wtodgp; aad «o 
Alt, uutBH^t^Ji^ lb* 
ihc Dfttioui, then k bo ptOfiM 
dv cnfli ■«• of the Bntvb p«lblk hsfe 


TBK ^fCTTff-JWOff 


tioQ of ihtix own cooctry com«B in ooUiftion with thsl of 
MBotiaer, tlirr gii to the oppaeiit« eitneiue, and Ingol 
tbwr lUTud probitT asd cimdor, in ih^ indnlgevoQ of^ 
^lenetio lemArk, oad as illiberal spirit of hdleule. 

Hence, their tmrela ftre mor^ honest atvl acKrarate, ih^\ 
iikore remote tfa« oocmtrr de«cnbed. I iroold plaM tat* 
pUcit oou&dence in an EugiiAhiiiftii s descriptions of the 
n^iom W>uuil ihti catattdft d the Nile; of unknoTQ 
blm&dtf in the Yellow Se^; of th» interior of India ; or 
of any other tra^ wltich ot2i«r txareUere mi|-ht be apt 
lo picto^^ «mt with the iUoniou^ of llteir faiKie^ i hut I 
voqUI cactioiiiOT i^oeir^ his afciiunl of hi* iniciUHlijUd 
oi»ighbor«T mid of iho^ n&tioos with vhicli ho ts in hab- 
tta of naont frequent interooarse. However I might be dis- 
posed bo tnifll his pnibitj, I dare not tnuU his pTejudii»& 

Xt b^A aIbo boon the p^cnJi&r lot ol onr eoontry U> b6 
Tiaitod bj tli« worst kind of £ai«^i»h tmvcUcrs- WliLle 
taan uf |>hUtMiapJiit3d i&|iirit nml cmltiTatMl minds hare 
bMQ fl«iil from England to nuu»dE the potes, to peiift- 
trate tht? dcaftrtft, and to ivtiidjr tbo BUUUMVa tad cQ&tom4 
of WrbsroOB tifttioiia, with which she oftB ^ve oo per- 
mwut interonurMu of pm6t or pl«>a«nre ; it haa bees left 
to th« brokettMlown tnulc^mau, the echoimi^ Adrenturer^^H 
Ibe waDdehng mechanic, the Maiich«Al^r and Binning- ^^ 
hmm npnnt, to be* her oru^lft^ r^npeotin^ AfiwHocu From 
snch aonrcofl nho is oont^At to reoeiro fa«r infomiatioD 
i^epccting a ooiuitrj in a ai&mdju- stat«* of moral aud 
phjaioal deralopDent; a ooniiir^ in whieh ono of the 



gvsalrjtt pulttiruil «x|ier]ruetiU ttt Utn liUtory of tbo worlJ 
It now pjHurmLr^ ; mid vrhiiAx prtweota the &i<Mt pru* 
fotand ftod momcDtoiu Atodica to the atatoamui aimI tbo 

Thftt otjch !□«& should ^re pTejndicial ftoooanU of 
Afli«nc* is act a matter of eurpriw. Tiie UiotniM it qU 
le» for oobieoiplatioo ue loo Tui and elov^led fur timir 
^fl^»citiea The natioEkal oIum«ter is j«t In « ntat* of 
fem an tobop ; it maj 1iavi> it# frotiiinc** wkI iH)diiwtii4> 
but ita mgndJc&tB uv ttoo&d wl vhoJcftoiDo ; it lus ftl* 
feadj gmn proiifs of poverfal juid (^D^nviu q&mlitiim ; 
aikd tbe wbol« pronueee lo eetlle down iaio aom^tlii^ 
nfcalantiftDj- excdkat. Boll^ caaia* vbidi &m opnr- 
irtbig lu gtranglliin sad iiig4»U it* snd tla Jftilj i»dic»- 
tkas of •rfwii»H> f«op«iti««i w* oil Jo«3t ^>ott tliM9 
psrUiad ofceernm ^ vlio are onlj ■^>^'**^ bjr Um UtfU 
to Ha [<t<t 1 ii'lMlki^ Tbtj m^ 
<d jadfm oalj of tlw i«Im» oI Ifcfaip; of 
vUcfc eoae n eontoe* willi llwivptitvto 

«d|MllBllffliilTliai TWj S^MMOftlM 

■J |M«7 coBlorti vfaM btloae lo M 



IioIjulcwI unoDg hjb b; gfeat adcI geoerflllT diffiiAed 

TJioy mAy, p^rhapa, liave be^n diBtAppointod in soma 
nnr«iuu)iialil« ti!tp»ututiuu of auddeu ipuu. They may 
buve piolurud AmoHca to theiu^lTt'ft au £1 Dorado^ 
wlinni ^<>id ikDi] nUvuT abounded, iiLud tli<: natives tv-erd 
Uokiii^ ill nH^t'ity ; mid whrn? tht^j wt^ru tpo become 
utruk^ly nml HuUdonly nob, in flome ntifure^i^n, but easy 
injuiuor. The luktuti weiktuices of mind trhnt indulges ab^ 
Biurd oipdclntloLLB proJuct^s potolanoe in dis&ppoiDtmont. 
0aoJi pcinorui 1iecom« eckbittered ftgniuBt the roiuitry nn 
flndibi; tliAt there, ud c^'^ryvrhere eliie, a twui must bow 
bafdW IftO nm rnA|i; must win wottitii by iuilustry tmd 
tftlvut: amd luusit contoud with tb«i common difficaltiea 
ol tutv«i wid i1m> aliMvduois* of ui intoUigviut uid od- 
Itftrprudng peopK | 

r«irbAp9, tbronifh misUk^n. or fll-dtrected hos)>itfllitT, | 
or iron Uko ptvupt diitpoaition to okkCver and ooontenftZMd 
Um atnttgv. prttvikoi Ainoiig nj «M>iuitrytD«n, ther may 
twT* b*Mi trvAtod with ODwuQtod i««pvel in Amrriea ; aad^^ 
havuiit bMtt MQQSlcwwd «U llMir livu to comudvLf tbtift^^^ 
■ihfui bvlow Ibf nuriac* of ^pod nocielT, wid brooghl op 
i& ft ntfTil* bcdia^ of lAlmDrity, Uwy beconw anqgani 
Ctti tk« «(MWW9« boo« ol cmli^ : tlkor aitnbnt* to tet^^j 
liTwKiitrm «l ottuci tkair wra #WT«tktt ; and mMftcnmte v^^ 
•ooMlf wImt* thMv mn ao artUcial dirtiactucw, and 
vktfww by any AmaWh <»c^ ittdkrahwk w 



Onfi woulil HLipinJMP, however, that iiJorroA^nn coming 
from ttuoh ttoureoft, on a subject where the truth is no ile- 
OTfthle. would be received iyiUi cuutioa b^ tho ootiaom at 
tiui preHH -t tltfit the mutivrx ul iliM^if men, Llicir I'^^nu'ilj, 
thflir opportnnhiea nf imjuirj itml iitrMirrntlon, ikTiil thrir 
oapocatjos for jutl^i^iiig cnri^^tlv, would be ri^rouid^ noni* 
tizilE»d before their eridenco wiw iwlmittefl. ifi nacb 4w«op- 
ing extent, against a kiDdreil nation. Thr vnrv ivt^irH^, 
bovetvr, b the co^ futJ it furiUBheH ft strikiug iiuiUooo 
ol lutmftii tniooiiniatocicj. NoUiin^ cno sorpaaa ilie viifi- 
Iftiuw viUi vhirtt KnglUh critiaA will tfuiDtii^e thu ltisI^ 
bililj' of the tTAvoll^r wbo pablishon ad a^fyitint '/f k^iow 
duU&t, hmI oomp&niiT«l7 uuBpottftai coOBtry. Ilnw 
wmrOj viQ Uiej compare tlie tt cmiiWl l M l fa i of a pyranjul^ 
or tbtt ilMcriptHAs of a nun ; and bow atond^ wilt tli^j 
OQAftBTo aoT inaccoTftCT in th««ia cvAtrib^tioiM of nti^mlj 
sniiiaB ksDvladgft: wbiln Uvv will r«c«h«^ wttli ftigw 
DBflB arf Mfcirihirtng faith. lh« gross «itr>pim>dt»tfai>t 
of oomft lad otwc wre writon, coacg iBin g « cc mlr f viib 
wikidk Ibair own i» pbcMi in ibe noal iraportaiii sad 
JalifWfti wlsrinss Ks^, tb«T will erea make tb^^r^ apoo- 
ijulisl Tolns* tai-boofca, od wldcfc W caUiffa viU» ft 
Ksl sMd M ^Oilj wortbj of 

I dkall K< bowwm; dw^ oft tliJs farkftOB* ad IndE- 

I bftv« adrftrtod to It. bst Cr^r 





tDOfih rfifiMiqiUft)r« to UiMtc BtUcik«. Thej oAaoot do us 
Uijr ■hiih»iiUa1 ittlnTj. Th« tiiwuu of mi:4rcfrc««-t]lnUo>iA 
Hll^rfnpUiil U> \m WOV4-1I nmml uk nm likr orilivtitiK woven 
nHiiiil ihn \im\m oi mi iu^nt jj^i^aU Our ooiuttry contia- 
iijOljr uiitifTowtt tb#iii. Oii«> fAlMihood after another liilla 
ntf ikf ttw'lf. Wii ImTe but to live on. And e^vry day we 
Ur4« 1 uUoU> t'olcTtno of roftitation. 

All ilw nrilcm of Cui^Utid unitod, if we could for a mo- 
nwiil iiii|i|*rittn tlmir gnut iuii»(l» HitMipjiig to wu unwcirtliv 
K <V)ni1kiuAlioQ, nmld not rouoool our mpJdlT-grotriug 
^ llii|iorUiMT, Afid nBAU^hlt^iw pnw)writT. They <>ouJd not 
floiional IhAl tli«4i* aro ovjug, not luer^lj to ptiTsiml and 
h*vm\, bill id»n to uond <mutt««— to IIm politioaJ libeftj, 
UM' ItvMnd i1iffu>io« of k&owlc^jse. the prenUeoc* of 
■nmud n^^rtA ami n^ligfevB |iriiKd(ile(s vhicb giti; brca 
•») «iA»toiiWil «>Miicr ^ *^ rlimrtvruf Ap»o[»l«; mad 
vktioli, tM bd kftT9 tx«a th« ackaowM^ aad 
M >tu|t}>iv4»ni ut Umr ovn wboBAl povcr Aad gkc;* 

l^ni «bjr wv iB^ to «i<|ui«MT aliv* to ib» 

V ^ toMfttaB^ir ^» hm ■■JiaiiJiii to «Mi «pM Bsf 
t% W «M« bill* vfbiiu« vm^kiMl skM* Am kwv lEn^ 

«»! iv|MiMMii W» iki Wai0. fte «vtU al bq^ » Ite 



i% Il6rlu{)&, uf far nioro unportouo* t<> b^iMOlf- HJio iji ia- 
tttilUng U11J|C(^^ And T^ft^ntmcDt into the bosom of a jroutU- 
faJ lutiou. to grow nitli its growtli Aud htn'ri^Uuiu willi 
itK stTQtigUi. If in Am«n(<a, va soma of her wriU>r» am 
laboring to coDvicoo her, she u hereftffcer to flail on in- 
ndiooA riraU mid a i^i^^Autic foo, «lto uisy Uuwk t1i(jM» 
revy wHterii for h^viu^ provok^^d rivaJitbiii iLmI iirilottfil 
hotttilitT* £Yer>' <mo knows Uic oll-jMnTulin^ iulluomse 
of literature at tk« preaeot <luj', oikI how mMv\\ tL^ Qpin- 
H>ii» jiDil piifwininK nf mankmil Hre umler tin i^Dtiioi The 
iiMra oontftets of Ibe «ttonl are temporary ; IhAU* wouada 
an bol in tfae fleali. and it ie llie |frid« of llie K<>i>orMUi lo 
ior^VB ajid lov^ tbem ; hat U)«* alaodcn of thie pen 
pi e c e lo Um heart; tliej nnkla locgcat Ib tlia Dobkat 
apinia ; tbej dwell orcr pnacot in tiM> miikd, and renJer 
il uoiindlT ttrfbdiirff io tlm mijvt triiUoif twUiakiii. ll U 
bat aaUoiB that aa^ ofUft <i>voti act prodoOMi hoatlitliaa 
be4w«ea t«o babom; tbtro eiivta, rno^t aoatAuuly. a 
PRTIMH }?ak(i»7 vmI ill-VilJ \ m prndi^adtiofi lo late 
Timee thaai to dwir ca«a«i, and kov ofi«D wQI 
^ iaomd lo cngBftl* b tte Mediiavoaa Mmfm t of 
nslen: vbo^neue in Ibatr ctoata,aad Cor 
Iwiaii. tjotm^tei and orcalata iK« v«aMai tLai 
iaioiifciaathajiriiiiM ai^thabt«P&. 
Iaaat»*lnwio#mchabMa«|K«lliiapgiiii£ foii 


ami Itow tnlj ia it bv tatf, to 

j|ryf]\ tA 

it to mien td 

te oC bvt liia» MMMflt to ter; tail Oa 
of that«>afaTdOBo&ftdi&il<]f » dosU; 
fFPer tlnBB of Ecigiftttd U>eT« Ifrwcr aaBe nkadovii tj 
m mdMij. Sboald, thn, a d^jr ol f^oam 
hmo iwnSM ovcfteks bcT« fron vUcb Uw 
pins bsve twi Imnb ta— ipl> sbv nsj Irxk bftck «rtUi n- 
fpvt st kv nbcmtkn, is npnl^vg froa her side « n*- 
lioa riw Mgkl k«i« gnffpM lo Wv bosom* «Dd thm 

&ft bosadsvias of h«r ovn duaJrioat- 

OwTft ii A KMtfxil kmiVMnoB in £c4clii&d, thhi \ht poc^ 
pib of t3kA Cnted Sutcs mp *"""^™* to tlie pumit covtr- 
trj* it b CB» td Um «mii» wlik^ Inre hoem ■^*Hgt■^^y 



«A An tUibftrmliiy of Ui>' J^ii«L pt*-* . '^} 

-olr^^ Xb^ Lmtii uAiiMi of I'riijfliriimt'^ vv«ft ^ i '-'' 

10V Mid iMMjiftUiiL; uf ovv// tAaBiJ>i aim! if^; 

Tlmmgliiiii Utv «' . ''' «^ b'tii^ft- 

'^ uu ytt-arbal koflUin. Ail- ' 

.^ all ttftia to W ttl aii^vd? i« 


■ad iMTUMd 1^ gvowi^ of 

fodch B«t it » hvd to gm 1^ Ite 
Im! and tbsrv sre fieelup ilcanx diAD labemt 
to 1^ hfltft llua nriitif that will stiU aute V8 
oUbselt aloofcol iigni, •• v« tumW fvttercad far- 
ther boa tike ptttonAl roo^ 4ad UmaaS Ike n^wwdac^ 
ol tb* (H/rai thai ftooU fvpel Ike aOectlaH of tke dUU. 
ShcTi i^iKil «d bjaaiciow 

latum Oft o«r pari wooUW vtjyallj Hl-jadisied. I 
■■t of a proHpt aad ifiriiad viaiuilida ol omt ec^,, 
tba Wnw^ rm/A^Hkm of her slMdereiv— boi I at 
fcoadkfwini In latiliali in Uad; to tatei 
■,iJMyia yiajiiTiia;»kjA Mo^tolw 
widfefy amnnt oar vriton. I^ ns guard paHicalarij 
aacli a tfpnr, lor it voald doi^k tkt cnl [»- 
<4 iwinMB^ tba VTOO^ Nolkiag k aa aasy aad 
iwilia^t M tha rHert «l abaaa aadaarats; bol il ia a 
pdby ani ao a ap ra gta bla Mtttoet II « tha aUeraatm 
maaA^ &«tted iato p***^**". tailw tkaa 
If Ei^la^ k viUi^ ta p«r- 
«rf tiacKc* lh» AMQioa 
of [Mibtkafr la cUprnTv Iko iattipnty of Wr 

tfia faamhaia of paUie op tm un^ )rt aa bevara 
ofhwaaaiipfe^ 8ha My^at^iiWrlatimHadiitoa 

»; va haaa aa ftym al tta kkd la aara^ 



Kftither hmve we anj spirit of uatioual jealouair to i^atify, 
for AS yt^tt in nil our rivaUliipH wiUi Hft^Uiid, wn nra tlia 
rifiiDg and tli^ guininj? party. Tlierd cud Ixt no ond to 
Aaaver, Ihorcforc, but the grulificntinn of rc^'ntncut— u< 
raerti spirit of rfrtaliatiou ; juiil even that ia impott^nt. 
Oar retorU aro ixevdr ropnblish^d iu Ei^lAnd ; tli«y fa]l 
abort* therefore, of tboir aim ; bat tbey fostor a quomloiu 
Ubl fHH<v!s!i b<-m[>er amotig otir wiitera; tliej aour tho 
sweet flow of our early literature, and eow tliorCB and 
brombloa ajdod;; iU hiaoQoma. ^liAt is atill worae, tb^y 
<itrenlAiio throt^gh onrt own oonntrj, and* as Eoj' ah ihtj 
hare offset, ercite rimltjitt iiatimuJ |)r<«jti(lioetL TliU laiit 
i« Iho ovil most edpccially to b« ilt^procftt^ Gov^aruod, 
110 va are, entirely by public c^^biion, tho titiDo«t card 
ahould be taken to preserve the parity of the pablic 
caind KnovUdf^ ia pow^r, a&cl tralb is ktiovt«d|^; 
whoGTcr, t^r^foT6, lawwinglr propogat«« a prejudice, 
vilfally aapa Ibo loudAlioa of bia comttry'a aireuglb. 

Tb« nembera <d % rcpablic, above all other nen, 
aboutd be tandid and diapa^ioQatc Tbcy are, iodiTid- 
wtlljr. poctioDa of tbe aor&rui^i rniad and aovereipi wiB, 
ftnd aboold be eaabl^] in t^ome to all qnefltioin ol war- 
Honal oonoeni with ealn and anbuAod JQdgm«DtiL Kom 
the peeoliftr natam of oar relations with Eot;liDJ, wa 
ttllfll hste mvre fm|oent qaf^tdwina uf a dtlSi-'uH and liel* 
ioito tliatw^tjir with her tiiaa with any othar natioo; 
qoartiofl* that aflbct tho most aent« aod ^gflitoble faol* 
1091; and aa, i> tfa ajfaattug oJ t l icse.ottr nationai m e a^ 


niwA mn^t ulthnfttely lie <l&teTmiii6d by popalar Biantt- 
nwnt, VTO caimot bo too finuoudly altentive to purily it 
(roiD all latent pa8aiou or ^ rejiumfeAHitJiL 

Opeuinf^, too, aa we do, an oisyltim lor atranger« from 
OTcry jiortion of llio earth, wo ulinuld ro*.'tive all with im- 
part;nlity- II hLouIU be our jiriJ^ to exhibit an exiim|>le 
of unA lEation, aX lenat, destitute of national anti{>athie8, 
uid «>iorc'isitig uot morcly tho orort acts of ho^pitnlity, 
1>iat tho^o more rare and Doblo courteaics which spniig 
frojii liberality of opinion. 

What have we to do with national pi^jndic^oa? Thoy 
ore Ui« iiLYi^terate diaea^eit of old coutitrka, euniracted in 
rude aud i^uoratit a^i^n, whi'u natioiiM kuuA but littl« 
of eaoh oth4>r, and looked beyond their own bouiidai'i«4 
with (listrunt Jind hnatility. We, on the contrary* hnvc 
spnuig into mUifinal eiiatptice in ad aidightenf^d and 
philonopliic Ag», when the different parts of tha hAhitAble 
vorld, and lh<t raricua branches of the human farnily, 
b&re IjeGD indefaUf^ably studied and made known to each 
oth«r ; and we for^KO the advantagea of our birth, if «« 
do not sliake off tho nationaJ prejudiooe, aa we would tha 
local stopfT^titioDS of tb^ old world. 

But aljuvu all Irt aa nut bn iufiutracvd by any angry 
fpcilings, «o tar aa to ahut our eyna to tho p«>rc«»ptioii of 
what ifl Ktally oxoGllf nl and amiabhi in tba ^^gfeh cliai^ 
acler. We are a yoong pnopk* »acMsarity an imitjitivit 
one, and mast Ukr our nxiuujtlra and modot^. in a ^r^at 
dogroe^lroaa ik« axiating naliona of Enrope. There U im> 




otmntrjr raorB wortby of our stntljf iha,n EngUnii The 
spirit o£ her cotifititution ia moat noalo^ns to o^ire. Tho 
manuera of her people — thoir intoUectual activity — their 
fre^om at opliiiiiu — ILeir h^Llritn oi thlukioj; on tlinina 
sa1>JMt« which cotkcem the deaient mtereeta iiud naoHt 
0Q«re<l oharitiea of private hi&. &re all djugcmol to tbo 
American uh&raotcr; and. in fact, aro all Iutri(t»iujiJ]y 
exeelleut ; for it la in tho ruoraJ feeling of tbe people that 
thodetp fonndatioud of British pruspcritr ar'3 laid; and 
bowevcr the superstructure ma-y bo time-worn, or over- 
ntD hy nhnmn, tlier^ must h« HcMtti^tfaing HnUd in the 
baais, admirable io the matcriale, and stable in the strao- 
tura of ou edifice, that so long lias towered imshakeu 
Hniid^t thfi teinpL'sU of tlie wnrlil 

Lot it be the pride of oar writers, therefore, discarding 
aU feeling of irritutioUi and disdaijiing to retaliate tha 
illihenihty of BrltiKli aiithoni, to Kpeiik of thc^i En^hah 
cation without prejudicie, and i^itL determined cjiuckr. 
While they robuko tho indiamminating bigotiy with 
which Bome ol our countrjineu admire nnd imitiLte every 
tbing Engligh, merely hecjioae it la Eit<^lUh, kt them 
&:aukly point cnl what is really wortliy of approbation. 
"We may Ihuti plais^ Eughuid liefom nn aa a perpetual toI- 
onaa of reforeuw, vhercon are recorded sound dednctionfl 
from age* of cxpcrienco ; and while wo avoid tho errora and 
4beQrcliti<T« which may have crept into the page, we m»^ 
draw l)Ei-m'i- gnU^pn maxims nf pnii^ilcnl wiFtdoiu, wlicvm- 
with to atrangthon and to embellish our national ch^aet<»r 


rrtMd^ to Ikaa^ U , to HrttM. nd (« pwM, 

DobMIe lUv to rani iilnMna iM« t 

stnagor who voald fom * c«neol <^niiiQa 
tf Uw EfiglutJi tJtAnctor tntut tiot «oiiAb9 h» 
ob»orTmtioti« to Um mdtropolia. He must fco 
fafftli tnU> IW eoviktrj; be vut eojooiu in vilUgea and 

tafle«;be tanst T»ad»r throogb puis Aod gsrdttfts; 4kn^ 

kddfce* AAd greea UMe; ho most toiler ^Urat comatr^ 

ebnrclim ; ftUmd vakce ft>d fiuis. a£m1 oU»vr niral Wt^ 

▼kU ; and oope with the pe<q)lo ui ftll Uwii «ondit£ani^ 

ABd All tkeir habito ukI li«si<tffr 

b voiBft oouilnea tti* Ui^ dtiea «baovb tbe ««tUh 

and bftlikim erf lh« natioA ; tli^y kra Um obI/ fisoid ibrriifia 

ol limBrt ftad intoU^oat fiwietr, aad the ooQutrr U ii^* 

kafaitod »1aoaI MitinlT b^ booiish peAsubj. la £i^ 

luid, OB thv conlmj, Uw Metatoyoln in « nen^ ^Oberi^ 

pUoo, or g*Mnl randBCnjvfl^ of tba p^Jitv dai^oA, wtwn 

Umj devoti « umU pottiM o< the jrwu lo a fcwry of 







'g«yrt}' anil dEssipntJon, and, hnving imltilg^d tbiskiml of 
cAniivAl, TOtam agiuii to tb« ft|>pftjntit)j moro conj^pnial 
Jiobito of rimkl lift^. The varions orders of fioci^t^ Are 
tb^refoni iJifTuHe'l nv**r \\\^ wholfl sTirfao? of the kingilom, 
%vA the moet retir^ neighborlKtods afford epcdrnttis of 
th« different razUca 

The Kn^lisb. iti fact, are stroui^l^ gifl^d with tlie nmd 
Thej" possess a 4Qi*?k sensitiiiilv to tbe bi'to- 
of nature, and a keen relish for the plerieures and 
emplajineiitfi of the conntrr. This pnssiou seems inher- 
ent in thorn. Even the in]ial>itant« f»f rttJA^ 1>om and 
brought np amoug brkk waUs and bustling sin«ts, enter 
wilh facility into rnrjd halnl«, and evince a lact for nwid 
^^ urcEipj^tioii. Thi^ iDiTc'liniit h.w lib* snog retn>«t te the 
^^Rrioinitj of the metrt)poliA, wbcro ho often disptuy^ as 
^BidhcIi pride antl zeal in th-^ cuUiration of his flower-gnr* 
^Hd»^n, anJ the ntutnring of his fruits^ t^ he (Boes in the con- 
^"duct of hU l>asineafi, nnil the gnewBB of a commercinl 
- «nterpnft(*. Even those leas fortunate individuala, who 
^^nra doomed to pjuts their liveH in the miclHt of Jin and 
^^ traffio, contrive to have BometUinj: that shall remind them 
^^■of tbc greon ciapcct of nature. Iii tlio nicest dark aitd din-- 
^^^jr qiiarl«iii of thi* city, the ilrAvring-ruum vrindow rr-^nni" 
" bl*s fr^qnentlj a hank of flowora^ etery spot onpable of 
TCgetotion hftd ita gross-plot and flower-hod; aui) cvciy 
Bqilote its mimic park, laid out with picturesque tastOi 
^and gleaming with refre^ihinp vpnlnre, 

Thoso who Bco the EiigUabman only in town aro »pt to 



form wM vnfsTorftfak opiuioa of hit soeU cttararittr. B« 
mflidMr»bMtb«dmbwM«i»ordi8tntfM b^tUtlKm- 
■fld taie^MMkto tUl diMipa» tuWi.lboi^LflBdiMl- 
bi^ ia Uuh bngtt arttrrtpolsL Ho Itu. tlMi«lofi«b boo wm 
»a«>y 4 look of bmj aad 
1m4>p«m tobcwk* b oa the poiat U goi^ 

«»lft|miW QiWr iw» iftnttwJ m tW »««■«, la 


BUH.U urs: jy bsqlakd. 


cagc^ment, aail l^avf^n ^^ty oiu? to jiArtalM AOoonltDg to 
lu8 iaclitttttwn 

Tlic tasie of tLe Ent^lUh in Uic caHivntJofi of lui'l, nnd 
in what ift CAlled Uo(Jj4cap» giutlctDii^ u uoriruUvd. 
TfaeT kare Atudied nature iutentJj, aud duoovfir au •(- 
qttiaate actnb^ of li«r beaatiinJ fonoA and banoiottioiu cam- 
fcJBBfimt Tboae cbannB, which In otber rvuittriua nJu 
iMi^M » -wild aoJitadea, ar« ker« aaAi.-nJ>kd ruuod Um 
lk«nla cd dooMHitu! life. Tbej amid to Lav«r otu^bt iitr 
flDj and furtmi gracm, and ajm^ llurui, \ikM wikdicry, 
about tbatr raral abodai- 

W Mm ispod^ Oh dw 
<tf Ih^HA fiadt aoanaty. Tvt Uwna tint wImI 4b 
<4 ^md jcraetv viilk k«F« aad tli^ffe dtuofa of 
hnafang op ndi pUea «f kilai^a; 11m 
4rf grtma and vuudlaiid gMra. »ith IIm 
in olknl baida airoai th«a; Aa ^g%, 
ho *a ttmrt; cr ibe ph^aiiBt Middaaljr 



miiMln life. Th& ruUcnt Ji agitation, tbc most nnpromid- 
ing juid nc-anty portion of Ixad, in tbc haniU of au Kti^- 
lishtnitn of tiwtf*, li^r.iMprw » little parwU&e. IVitli a, njoely 
dificriiijiiiating oyo, Lo Bcis^s at ouce apou its oapabili' 
iie», and pictures iu \xl% ul:)d tb« lutare Laj)de<:a|}6. TLe 
flterile Hpot grov^ into iD^'oIinaofl under hia Liuul ; aud ^'ct 
the operations of art vbioh produce the 4?£&^ot arc i^ciqtcoIj 
to be porueivv^d. TJie clteri&liiiig and trAitung of some 
trees; tlie uautious pruning' of otherH; tUe nice distribu- 
tiou of dowera &ud plunts of t<>nd^t and graoefnl foUa;^^ ; 
the iittrodiictioii ci u grcfiii slope of vftlvet turf ; tbe par- 
^aJ o|jeiiiug to a jieep of blue diAtalm'f^ or Ailvi^r gUam of 
v&l4Tr : uil tUoao lto maiiiif^L^d witli u d<^lii!Ab^ tnct, & por- 
vfbdmg yet quiet jutMiduitji Hkc tltc mo^ic toDchings with 
vbidi A paiul^r liiii»li*"!* up a favnrit" picture. 

The roftidence of people of foitune and TCflnement ia 
tlie country biui di^iuned a decree of t^t^ and ele^^auct^ ia 
ruml «iu>nr)in^, that de^^nd^ to tlie lowest clusn. Tlt^ 
\^Ty laborer, witb bid thatched cottaj^e and narrow idijtof 
ground, atU?Eubt to tbeii: embclJishaiont. The trim hcdgOt 
the ^jUMpldt bj?f.>rrt Iht* do(jr, the little dow*?r*l>ed Inn-- 
dored vnih enti^st box, tlie woodbine trained up agaiost 
the vall. and hanging ita blosBoma about the laUi<>c> the 
pot tjf flowers in t)»c window^ thu hidly, pmvidi^uiljf 
plantdd about th<i houa^, to cbeat wmtcrr of iti druarinou, 
and to throw in a semlilaDco of grocn eamincr to choor 
tl»e fireside : all these bespeak tbe itiflnence of tatto, dow- 
ingdown from high sooroee, and pervading the lonreat 

smui UFS m bkola^d. 



lev«lfi of th« public mind. If erot Lots, a* po( to lun^ 
ddli^iiU to Tiflit a ^olta^o, it nitiitt 1>q the <!otta£0 of on 

Tlit^ fomliiLMH for rural \\i^ aciang tlu* higher c]nMte« of 
the Englibli bafi bad % j^rtuit and Halutary ciSTcct upon tho 
natiomd ^^b&mctcr. 1 do nut know a tincr raco of men 
Uuui tlie Etigliali grntl^uieu. Iiifili'M] {>f Ih^ KnftiifWA and 
•JEaminftcj which chArii^^teHe^ th« muti c^f rank in moiit 
eountriea, they exhibit a union of elc^titv> jiod atr«n^, 
A lobufltn^sfl of frame and fresbuees of compleiioD, whioh 
I Am iDrlined to atirihate \t> tliEir living eo tnacJi la the 
open air, and poreuini^ so oa^'orlj tho inTiKOTatiu^ rcprt* 
aliontf cif Lbe otjuntrjr, Thr^tu^ hardj cii^rc-inRii prtKlaott 
ahio a h^thfnl tosM of miad and Kpirita, and a maoIiaMM 
and aimpLcitj of mannor», which QTon th« foltica nnd dia- 
of lh« town cannot easUj pervert, aad can 
fmtmtljr dfmtmv. Irt thrt roaiitrj, ton^ tb« diflbreat 
oidfira of aoci^tf (^««itn to approach aiora £r»<4y, to be 
a>or« diapoaed to blend and opcratr far<»ral>]7 a|>oo each 
oUi^r. The diatinctinna betv««u them do nut appear to 
ba io Boarked and iapaaaable a« in the citiea. The 
in which prop«;rtj haa been diatriboted iatoamaU 
anil tuiaa hna v<it«LludM-<l a rv^.^olar gnHUlioii 
froB the Qoblaman, tbroqgh the daaaoa of fptArjt vmiUI 
lailH pcopnetcciv aad aabataatiaJ famiafft, icnm to Iha 
labod^ peaaatttry ; an] while it haa thaa baadad tha «^ 
tnnea of aoeiatj together, haa iBfaaed into each iater- 
Mi^iate rank a opml of ndMeadesae. Xhiav it noat b« 


eo n l p o o d. Is not so uBireTsalty the case at pTf<wiit aa li 
was formeHj \ the Iarp>r eatAtes haTiDj>. in JAte y^ara of 
dUtrM», ftUfttivbed th« Noaikr, and. m aofoe pftrt» of the 
OQuntrr, alniiiwt luitiiliitiibHl tko frtoiUjr rsor lA naaH 
&mar». Tli«aislu>v^T«r, lbeliat«i,«»1ntt«i«ttAib>«ik* 
ia the g«t)cnil sjAtem 1 haTO racntioDcd. 

lu ru.rtX omt|ia£ion tbeiv is botluag m«c uitl lUttts- 
iag. It Idftdi a nun lovlh ftuoog o cw w of Batonl grao- 
deor ttui beaalT ; it Ioatcb lua lo llie woduiq^a of Itii 
ovn isintt, Dperslnl itjjun bjr lfi« piu^at aud muil ^rat- 
iag of «ctamal mflnattoaa. Soi^li a uaa mav be Bimpla 
ifed twigk, l>at hr- cAonot be TiU^r. Ue Boan of mil mi 
OMOl IkarefDnr, &iub mtUag nvoltiig la an Ju J eiff Bi ua a 
wilk tW Iram ofdM* la rai«l UK w W aoaa «b«i ba 
oatfttallr miagi«« vitb Iha lovw ocdan of atia^ Bo tayi 
to JMtafcBi Mlteeerr^avdM^adtovam tte 
oC fial^ aad tu ^nter iato Ika hoMttI, Iwrt 
ofcQMAwlik toiead tfca ^'ea? aaMt 
of tite aooto? Mi« mk BK» aad Mm Ic^rthar; 
■d <if boQMl ai^ bon U»I aD 
1 babm Iks tooM SMttaMOA vh7 

ovdMa ik ^^laad Aaa tb^ «i« taaagr 
aMd vb; Ite 

^» b* MMAatiMt Iba nni 




Britiflii lilermttim ; tbn fri*<|ui^at uhq nf LIliuitTftUonA fram 
TOTaI life ; thoK<» iticiim|uml>lo di-HcripticiUH of nAtnro thfti 
ftbrnuid in tLe IJnti«L po«vt«, tliat Uavo coatiauc<l down 
fmni '*U*e FLowor uitl tbo Leaf" of Obanocr, &qiJ Iiavq 
bnkci|{bt Jato our dosete M the frea^lin^ss aid fni^rance 
of tliA dovry landaGape. Tba pastoral writers of otheij 
cooblmH appear aa if thej Lad ji^d iiatun; an oocaAiou&l 
TtNtt* adU Iv^como ooquiuuiiTd with hi^r giiufraLl L-limrutij 
but Ibo JJhtleh pootd b&vo livotl iukI r^vi^lkd wlUi Iigj 
— iJkej have wooed ii«r id her moet secret hAimtfl — ibeji 
have watcheJ her minutest cftpric^e. A spray could net 
tremble In tiiu bi&e^ — a leaf could not ruatlo t^ the 
ground— n diamcMul drop ooald nob patter in the ntmum 
— A frn^nuKNt csould not ^xLale from X\w huniblo vlolot, 
nor A daisy unfold it& crimfion tints to tho morning, but 
it iiM boon noticed \>y theae impassioned and delicate 
obaenrerv, &nd wrought np iiitci %inie beautiful moi^itj. 

Tho «ffccl of thia dovotiou of ek';<ant miudfl to nar&l 
occtipatioud baa bv«n w^indt^rful on tho face of tho coun- 
trr. A gn?at pftrt ftf tlir ikIh-tilI \% ruthi^r li^vi<l, and 
would bo mnnotonouA, woro it nnt for thu cLarin» of cul* 
tnro : but it is staddcd and gcmiucd, u it wc^rc, with 
castles and palaces* and ornbroidered with parks and ^ai^ 
dona. It docft nn| aliouml in grnnd and sii1>1imri proa^ 
pocta> but rather in littto home accuce of rnral Ttposc 
and skeltered qniot* Sverr autitjue {axm-houso and 
moa»-grcnro eo(tnf^ is a picture : and aa tbe road« oru 
Aontinnjilly winding, and the viow la ehnt in by grwaa 

ftwl W]|:m» tb« 0T9 U iU^lightcd bjr a ooatiDoal 

Th* gti>ai charai, ho««t«r> of Ea^^U^ sc^ikerr i» 
hh^joI £v<-Lui^ thikt netiika to perrftJA iL It u 
iu lL« luiiid itilli JAwa of ordn. o( qnirl, of aobar wvlt 
«»li^ii4Wl prtneiplwtt, of hiomry om^ ft»d ittTvcvod cos- 
to«. EvQfy IbiAg BMia* to b9 tk« growth oC agea o€ 
nifiilBr ttttd peacviid <ii>topce> tbm aid ch\ijtch of ce- 
iH>to agohitectoffi, vilh te kw ■»««■ part»i ; ic» gritbic 
tovot ; kto wimk>V3 rich with tT«c9i7 aod pu&ied i^aae, 
ib smpolMW pr«4«rvabcm: ito atalielT imnuimenta <i£ 
wrunH zkinl wurtibitfit ot tbw olilvn timv. wmi^irtf i n i of 
tht prottftiit Icirvfai v£ thi» «ol1; il» tooibtttoBHt mcaniiaf( 
woooiuivo goiKmtMJMs <fE atunlv TeQOiAarr, wJiom pro^ 
^wijr ivtill plifogh ihm muo fiirlfbt, naJ kanvl «t tb« huso 
ftltar — the ^tntumgp^ 9 q^muat imgiUnr pil9, partly ftnti* 
qwitc4l, bQt repaired and nltoiYMl in th« butoa of vuioiifl 
^^Tt vm£ i?cou|iiuitii— ilttt ad]6 and flDotp&th Uittdjiig frota 
tho churdivwd, acrow plMaant AaIiIi^ .iml itloog ^auty 
butl^fr-tuWBt 4ccvrJia»{ to «u itiuueinottBL m;ht of wny— 
iIm DMgbbmJift vilUicft, with ila reaerabia oottagei^ ita 
pcihUo gTMn ^dk^tttn^l by triMs^ under which tlw fot^- 
bkUiarv u( thu priHivnl nM» luw jppuHwt— th» sotiqna 
f&iailj auDMoiki aUmliuB dpait in iwBic Uttlo numl do- 
1BK4A, hut knikitig ilown witli a pnitt^ding lur uu tbo Mir- 
n>ui>diii(( M«&9: ttU tLww t'oiiju^iii tetutva of Eot^liAb 
1a&48cii|>d cviuca tk oala ood sattlid iwcvity. and h>£cvdi- 
"f^j tntittMUUakw td hoiaehnd rirtnioii ihad lotial aUadi- 




mente, that &peak docply iind toachui^lj for tk« moral 
cJiaioctcr of tbe aatioit. 

It 19 a pleasing eight of a Sunday mnroiug, when lhe» 
Ifcll IB eODding ite eobor melody acroed the quiot iiclcU, 
to behold ih« pe&a&iitry m their best finerj. with rud* 
dj facoa and ukoilest cheerful ue^a, throDgiii|j tn^fiquiUy 
alOfl^ the f^reen lanies to church ; bat it U 8tUI mord 
pleasiQg to i?ee them in th« eveiiiags, gathering ahoat 
Iheir cottafre dcors, an<L appearing to exult iii tLn hum- 
ble oomfortfl and ^loh^lli^meots which their own lumds 
have epread arouDd th«iiL 

It la this §ve«t home-feeling, thU aettled repoaa of 
aftctioo ia the domectio Aoece, that in, afE«r all, the 
partnt of the steadiest TiTtii<!9 aod purrift rnjoYmcuttt; 
and I ouuuit cltMfae thpse d^'sult'^ry nrmorkft Wtti^r, than 
by quoting the words of n mo(li>m KnglUh poet, who haa 
depicted it with remarkable fcilici^ : 

BM«bi«f bom toodcst moAn^ avmbcdM*, 
la tova w hamirt, ■bi^t'^tag mlUb Uf p, 
IkvwB to Iki cotUfBd ibI^ abJ ilimv*ffooC4 Aid ; 
nib votoB lar L«lb kac t«ra bntd fte «^ 

<B«aar «id MiiHft M&«fa«K hMflaf fnifd,) 

Can Main- lo ■ liuk ^nkl a<«l 

JUl Oat dM* ««^ flf lar ilno^ th« HElh s 

1. Itll Tllllll llatiM 111 liMlf 


^ite^iMk ^ ite 

lytte B^vok 


t a>Tft liAAfd 
Of uiy inie tfI(<yoii, bnl \w$» n^fit 
WiiJi cirp. Uiuf, I1I10 thv iMrvrpilliir, nuia 

IB a cctcmoD practici^ mih Uioc^o who h&T€ 
outlived l])» >iuKi?4*|itilrUity csf «tMr]y fpHing, or 
h&T« been 1>rouj-hi q|i in tha guy h«arUe«fiiicia8 
ofdbdp&led IJfOf to laiiK'j <^t uJJ lf>vD ^todoft. tind to tn>iit 
Uivt tftleH »J nMojibtKi pu«Ativn w iuck^ fif^titmn uf novelists 
mud juimta^. Mj obuarwtionH on htiniftn tiAturo hflve ii> 
daood mo to tJiiiik f>tl]or*riHc- They ha\n oacvincod mo, 
Ib^ howorer tbc jftirfACo of bbc cLaivurlcr qiav Iw cLil]od 
asd ffTKmii hy the CAre? of the world, or cuJtivAted Into 
meiro siailM by tbe otIb ci society, fltill there are dorui&Lt 
firea lurkiikg in tbe depths of tlio coId«fKt Ixinom, wliiclii 
vb«n once eukiDilIni), bi^comu iui]>i*tii<iuM, AJid luv wjuia- 
timtm dcgoLktiug id tb«ir vfiTrctt^ Indeed, I ain » tnic 
belierer in tbe blind dcjtj, cuid go to tbe hiH ^itont of 
bm doctrimw. fihidl T (^onff^^w itV — T heli&ve in broken 
b^ftrtA, And tb& powibility of dyin^ of disappointed love, 
do not, however, coi:iBider it n malady oft«n £atal to my 




own «ez ; bctfXfinalj b«iiere tkat it vUImiv ^to 
m W*!/ vtijpjM Into uk «^j gnve. 

Xaa ^-^e uiilmj oi luterBal 4&1I AnbitioiL His 

««^>f^mklNittb0rmbeU>»kMni««U* wdf lifa» 
^;^0OBg ptp«d in A* intemls of tW adt Be seete lor 
fiM,te iortn^kff «|MM tt tfat »vU« tko^^nd 
'^amiaiom over hift fitUov-BMib, Bvt m vcNM«a'A vboln life 
'fa a fcfa>Oir <rf Ifce ilwitiii^ neknstkktr voiU:it 
nbtlkB flteif» ior wp» : a a» tb«* bar 

ofafccbMsMd if ak^p«i«c^^ b>r ewe » 
il ■■liiatinilij iiflhi himl 

p>>V Bto tW liit «t 

Mil — >h»»»y Wlfc> ■ilrim.^-gyte 

k MM» Ik* wnyMH* ui hw MB 

^hA ■ Mr _T 

to W mm4 ««a «Mt ml < 


loi'C, hat heart m Uko donifl fortrcda tbai hne U«n g^>- 
tur^, anJ ha<^M, and aLaudoueil, 841(1 lefL tlt>HcIal4^ 

How muij /bright ©vea grow dim — how moLj aoft 
eb«oka grow p&lo— Uov mau; lor^lv forms bde a^raj ii^to 
Um tomb, atid uqilc cjtu tell the c^usa bji^t Lliglit<?il their 
luT«-lit)i?ss ! As the tluvo will <<hi^i it^ win^ to ifa itklo, 
mui cover and conceid tho rirrow thu.t is proving on Itft 
TitilH, SI) is it the UAitnrc of ffooijui to liide from Uio 
wiirhl the jiuiigg of vnnikrlrd nffodion, T]»i lorn of n 
delicate fomal^ is always shy and silent Ev^n vb««D for^ 
tmate. she scarcely broathe« it to bcrs^lf; but vlien 
otbe^^\iF«^, h)i» liuiio* ii lu th« rftt-iKsoK of hor bovtom, 
and there latvi it cf^wor fuid hrnofl am»ii^ tho ruinw of hor 
poaoe- With bcr tbo dejdro of tho hoart has fAiicd. TLo 
gruat ch^om of existeDce is at an end. Slio ]iogli>cU all 
tho cho^Hal «ixorcis^ which glnddtJiL the epirits, <iiiick«n 
tJio palsc^ and sci^d tho tido of IH^^ in Loalthfol o<]rr<;nt« 
throtigh tlfe veins. Her re^t U btoVeii — the swoot n>* 
fr^nhm^Tit of a1«»«p is poisoned hy melancholy dr^am^^ 
" diy sorrow dhukfl her Mood," tuitil hor oniecbled hamo 
siiilu iuid«r ih« ali^ht4-«t cth^niJiJ iiijuryn Look for hor. 
after m littJe vhile, and yon Bud frinmUhip weeping over 
her vDtimoly gravo, atd wocdorin^ that ou<>, who hot 
latoly glowod with all the Tfidiaiice of health and ln^auty. 
ahoQld 1UI sp«-^f1i1y He hrotrpht down U^ "dariin"<« nnd 
' tlie wono." You will h*^ told of eomo wintry chill, aooio 
^isftBuaJ indiapoeiUoai. that laid hor low ;— but v/> ono 
^^knowfl ol the mental ckalady which prcriounly upped 


THS sKKirsnooK 

bor vtnngtl), usd laado h<rr #o «mt » picj to UiA 

Rbft n till* frmiA t^nrUiT ti^^ tli« {«i^ sad ti^acitr of 
lL« pT'OT^ ; ^;ra«»fiil ia ils £on&, bright a its Ibtisf^ Inat 
vttli lbs trovM pnjiihg st its bMrt Wc %mA it snlcici^ 
vttana^ vImb It sbcmU bs anel fnJk moA tv^oiuAL 
Ws ««• it <boopiag its brsifccbm lo tt« •srtfa, uid shM}< 
di^k^bf kat ma ««eM wd psnabed smr, U Uk 
«««« iBOie stilTiwmof tb« fcff«at; Hrfsftwv >ism orvr 
As bsurtifol rain, v^ vtriiv n v^s to tvc«I1m4 tbf> Uwst 
or ibM J wbc it tbsi cDold bs«« swtlBft it «llb dNsv, 

iftd Mif Mphfl vhA dinppMhriBp f-ndttsIWr bvisD tbft 
if tb«5 bsd W*s vxtuJed to b^swA ; sad 
faaiiM^sl t CMid iTMv Ibe^deslk 

Is^w, ■■isacboly. ulO X tiaAii tU ftisi 
rf iBwryrifitil W lMMMl»c*«f tbs 

kM5 toU 40 »»: A» iliiMKi^ vM «v41 

^» ■(■■■hjmb-»1htybH|nsi|.«ttH AJI 
la dM WM>« tai «bMi <b«5 vw 

tbs ■ '^^ ^ Vhai \% -^m 




voodoct nndor trift], toes ^u ^o lofty and intropifi The 

ihoble indigiution vitfa which Jie repeiltd tljt^ cbargD of 

tnWMB «^UJiflt hit? country — ihe (.'kxjLiejit vutdRtiticn 

ot bis tiaaa*— cad his pathetic &pp«a] to pofit^rity, in 

I Um hop«leaa hoar of condomnatiou — all thcdc cnLered 

^■|df^|ilv inUi «v^rj ^Buerous buniuui, and meji liU f-t1rmt4^t 

^BiamiTnt^ Uio fttem pclioy tbat dictated bia i^xotiutioa. 

^^ Bui there WM one hc^rt, whi^Ao angitiBb it would be 

impiwBiiblo t<> (Itri^cribo. In Imppter dujs nu<l fair&r for- 

tuDoe, h» htd wo4i thp /Lff^rtions of a b^utifd and inter- 

Mbag girU tho daughter of a lato celebratc^d Imh bar- 

mter. 8hfl IuvmI hitii ivilli Uie duHtntt-rt^itb'r] frrvorof a 

voaun'a fint uid <iarly lovo- Whnu iivt^iy worldly maxim 

arrayed itNcU agatufft him ; whou hla«led in fortauc, &ud 

diHgnKv and diutgrr diirkandl Jiroiiiid ]i]\ naniD, stie lovf^ 

him the nnoTQ nr^U-ntly far hbi very sniT^rriiig^H If, tlieD, 

hid fato ooaldAwak^Q tho aympatbyevonof hi»foofi,what 

tausi hare b^en the b^ouj of her. wlkose whole fioul wihs 

^BcK^npiod by his imaf^ T I^et those t^ll who have had tho 

^^^sortals of the tomb suddonly closed hotwoeri them and 

the brfiu^ they moet Jo\ed uu earth — who h^hVK nat ni ito 

llireahold, as one Hbut out in a e4>ld nxid hitti^ly world, 

whence all llutt wm nioat hivoly acid lovinjc hod df>pnrl«d. 

Btit Uicu the horrors of j»tich a gravo ! eo frinjhtful, bo 

duib(iii<m-d ! UN*rfT wmh nothing for uij^mnry to dwnll on 

that could aootb* the pang of A^parntiot^nond of thoee 

'Sdcr though mol^acholy droum^tancca, which endear 

le parting Moe&o— nothing to melt Borrow into those 

mr uxna»wot£ 

M» »««ii^ 4tt»i «fe«sr iM4 % ■■ isMb<tf 

^M*: feir «l 

-^ « 






loiielj ftad jojlcM. vrhere all ur^nukd iei gaj— to ece it 
drOMOd out in ili» trupptiigx uf mirUi, mtd liHjkirig xo 
wan aud v'oe-bfigotiOr U4 if it kiul triitd in viiin io ohcrit t!io 
|)Oor lieart into a Djomoniurj fcJi'^'ctluinoBft of eorrov. 
After atroUing Uirough tlie s[)1ei}did ruoiua aud giddj 
crowd with ao air of utter abBtraction, slo aat Ii$rfldll 
dciwiL ou the ttt{>pe of un oreheAtrjL, and, Ir>okijig uLout Tor 
WJOir time witb a v;imiii air, Mint nhi^wml Iii^r mN»Mxiliil- 
to Uicj guriah sc*(Fiuf, ulio btigiin, yr'i.'ih tlio oapricioiift- 
of a siejdv LoiLTt, t<i warhlo ft littlo plaintivo ait, 
on eiquisito yojc^ ; bat on tlijs occmIod it waA 
iple, fio toochingj it breathed forth eueh a son] of 
\FT6t«hedtiea8, that she dr^v a crowd muto and ailent 
aroQud Lt^r, and rut^ltt^d overj oua uiU> U^ant» 

Tko «U)i7 of 4)ii«^ HO tni<T aud («iu1t<r c^mld n^'t but ox* 
c£t« grvat iatereiit in a countrj remarkable for cnttin- 
siaoB. It completely tb-Dii the hc»rt of a bn^rc officer, 
vim paid hix ailiErKftu^ to hnr, aiul thoagUt tlint <mn no 
tme to th» (ImuI cottJd tiot but provo iLffo^^tioitaUr to tho 
liriik^ 6b<t dccliDcd hie att^ntiou'S [or her tbottglitn 
were imPTocablj eiigroft*<'d bj tbc memory of bcr lonnor 
lover. Be, hov^ver, perstJ^d hi bis sQit Ho soUctted 
Dot her tei>don>06ap bat her eatoecL Hi? waa aaeiaU>d by 
ha ooDTictioii of hia TorLh, aud her aeoM of hei own 
deatitate and df^nrl^ni sitaa^oit« for a)>e wvs eiutitig on 
Ibe Mtwit*** of £ruiid& In a word, bo at leiifrth nw- 
oeoded in c**"*g 1*^ baad^ tboagh with the aokm 
Aamnnoe, that her b«Art was UHltenbl^ unoiher'a. 


raff AEfirffAMtfi 

ol MMOtt aig^t VMT o«t tkfl wwmamkaaa* of aarir 
6b» ««0 an vaiahle aad ^ibmhIm t vtb, and 

•ikm ud dftvoang MAknAolv tiuc had entered vto 

&idta0» And ai tuigtk sunk mk^fh^^vm, ibt ral»<if » 

U w on ber Iftal lC<»fe, Ae ifiringnted Iciali pa«t. 
oomptMBd the fbQuwimDc Uaa»; 


And tov^ Monnd iMr «ffa ■kfjWv - 

a*v Um bMrt <4 Um aiMCni a faaqriEn* e 

Stt Ita] that fieir Iti* Wv<-A« !ib rx<«tfr7 ^ tiM. 

IStapH i^UB oW tar ri»fh [fte » 


" If th$.i Mtan a^aa or SytibiihiA bo tmt-^ ll t« « STHl«r oltntm lo itotl 
detd uicu'^ Uboi, tiuui UhtU clllllEc^' wimLnliiill twcoma iff moiil wrlumt" 

fiuATOJi^ AhaVi^my op 3iln.A»GnOLT. 

HAVE often wondered at the oitreme focuDdlty 
of the press, and hov it coTnes to pans tij&t ho 
mauy Lcjuls, on Vp-hioh niiinrn Sf>cii:<.'(i to hare 
inl^ictt'tl tlte corsA of barretioeMA, fthotild tRf^m nitli toIu* 
mmoQS prodactiotis^ As & mjui tmv^bi on, howoTor^ In 
tiie jouiwf of Ufo, his objodie of vender doily dimininb, 
and 1i9 is eontinnallT finding oot aome verj' ainapTo cause 
for Home gi^nt tiiHttfiT of marreL Thus Hatv^ 1 rhjinecid, 
in my perd|«hiiA£ionfi about tliis f^^t n]etiY>]>olJ£, to 
blandi^T upon o ac«ofi vHich nn^^died to bm Bom« of Um 
mjnterirut of lli« liociL^uiftkiii^ craft, aud nt oiuw put tm 
ond to my wtoowhiDftDt 

I was ODA smamcr'a daj loitering through the ict^at ha^ 
looMB of ibe British Maspaio, wiib that listUwoMwi will 
vbidk tmm is &pt to mtnt^r About * noiMinB io vsrm 
loUinf? OTer the ^ms cum of niiH 
tltf hkroglTiihkA on u EgTi^ 
tisa mttBBf. BMd •on^tiiBM trrin^ vxth fitftmrlj «<qiilJ 
to eoanprebend ifa« aUegociiml pairthigi on Um 



luftj cvTilingx. Wliilst I was gating alxiut in tliih ii 
wiijr, my ntt^ution wns attracted to » distant door, at 
ond of a eiiito oi apartmonts. 11 waa oloaoci, Lut o\*i 
now ond tleu it wonld opeu. aud hoiuh HtiuuK"'^^^^'^ 
Ijeicg, ^'enerall;' clothed in black, would Mteal forth, andfl 
(•Ude throu^b iLe rooiufl, without notiom^ unj" of tlie aur- 
roundiug object*. There wa* au air of mj»teo" about 
thiA thfit pifju4>d iiiy la^tt^uid minobUy, aiirl I dcrt4>rmnied 
to attempt th« pofida^ of that strait, and to oxplcre tliA^J 
aukuown rogioas be^vond- Tho <loor jicldo<i to my hmid* 
witi] tliat fitcUHy with wbicli the jKirtuls f>f eucbunt^fd 
cofitlea }'iold to tbd adreuturouB kni^bt-oirant I foand 
myself in a fipacioue chamber, fiurrouaded with great 
cases of veaerable booka. Above the coAea, and juat 
unddr thd cornice, wero orrjin^d a pn^eu^ number of 
black-looking pftitrciitn of ancient &nthoTM. About tlio 
njoir w^re plawsd loDg tnbW, with *(ttnd» f("r rofiding 
und wf itin^. at which sat maoy pain, studiouM por^ooaf^B, 
poring- intently over dusty toIiudoh, mmmagiDg among 
mouldy iimnitHL'riptM, and taliln^ copious Dutes of their 
eontiTut^L A huuhud wtillnQM rei^^ned through thia mj&- 
tcrious apartment, excepting that you mi^ht hesi: 
nuruig of jx^ns over Abeet^ of pa|)ej', or occasiouttlly. 
d«cp lUgli of oni^ of thosn guf^es, xma ho ahift(?d h]« p<»dtioiT 
turn over tbc p^gc of uo old fcilio; doubtJcr»» arising 
>m that hoUowue&ft aud Satuleucy incidont to ioomod 

Jfow and then one of tbodo porsonogoe would 




aomething on n AiztAll sUp of ptipcr, nnd ring a M], 
whereupon a f«miUitr wotikl A|>poar, Ukn ibo |>A[>i'r iu 
ptofouDd sU(?nc«i, glide ont of tbo room, and return siiort^ 
ly kwleil wiUi pcniiei'ouA (ome&, upon which the oik&r 
vould fftll tooth luid Dail irith famished voTaoit^. I had 
DO longer a doubt that I had happooed upon a body 
of outgiv devplj i)DgagT?d in the Htudj of oct:u]t HciouceA. 
Tho K«DO mmindftd bia of on 'ihl Arnl>i>tu tiUa, of a 
pbiloooph^r shut up In an ouobontcd Uhrair, in tho 
boeom of a mouutAUw which oi>6ued only once a year; 
vheie he made tlio ftpirits of tho pla4*« luing him l>rv>k*i 
of all Icloda of dark ki^owlcdgn, mo that ixt the i>nd of the 
jeaLTt whon the magic portal once rnon? swung open ou 
its hing»is A^ iMU^ r^rth so versed in ffirhiddiMi lutv, lut 
br> be ablo to soar abovo the hoodfl ol tho multitod^i and 
lo coDtroi tlio powers of nature* 

My curioiuLy Jxiing now fully arooH^id. I whispered to 
ODO of t^ (uoiliarat as ho woa about to leavo the mom, 
and begged an iaturpretatioa of the strange aot^iie bofora 
mm. A fnw wonitt wi»no sitffiL-iimt for thiT piu'pJM*, I 
foaud tliat th«so tojstorious pcrreoDJif^os, whom I bad 
ttiaiakan &»r ma^ were pnucipallj authors, and in the 
vary act of inanufaoturing book^. I was, in fact^ in the 
Kadi&f;-room of the ^rcat British Library— an immeuae 
oolWbiou of volum^M <>( all u^^cm luid languagaa, ina&y of 
whicli am uuw fur|fuLt«:i, and luont iiF wlilab am aeldom 
read: ooo of theae siequtiatiared pools of obttolete litera- 
tvo, to whioli modom authorji ropair, and dravr bnchats 






full of l^lAAgio lore, or *'pQr« Eoj^lish. tindefiled," w 
vith to ew^ll tbeir owu scanty rilla of tliouf^ht* 

Beuig lujw in posfipssiou cjf ttie seoret, I sat down iit 
corw&t, and watched tbe ])roae9s of tJiU book niMDufa^' 
tOTj. I notioed one Iruii, blliouj^'LookiDg ^v^lit, who 
IHiught iLuiie bill llii^ tuost wnrm-i^nteu nibiuieK, jiriittetl 
in black'letl^r. He W!ta evirlauttj coustruclitig jjome 
work of profotmd <imclition, that wonld bo purohii^od 
byererj moti who wisliud to be tLou^Lt le&rnedt ptaood 
upon a cnnspkmmiB slielf of bis library, or IriM o{ien 
upon Ilia tablo ; bnt Ddver read. I observed him, now 
and then, draw a lar^ fr%'meut of biaouit out of hid 
pui^ket, and gnaw ; whetlier it wjw hU dinner, or wlmtLwr 
he wafi enderivoring to keep off that pihauetuin of tlio 
rtomftch prodnoed by much poodoring over dry worlur 
I Jpraie to liardt'i stiulffnts thau inj*elf to determine^ 

Thore vaa one dapper little gentleman in 1>ri|;bt-ool-i 
ored clothea. tvith a cbir^ing, gosaipiug expretwion of 
cc}mitaiLjki){<t4. who Wl all tlie upp£*araji(^ of an aitihor no 
^ood t^rniM ^'ilh hk boolcK^Uer, Afti^r i2ons;dimng him 
attciitirrlj, 1 rcoo^;iiiz4id in him a diligent gottor-up of 
Diiv((!<<-1!Anroi» works, winch 1>ii9«tled ofT well with the 
tnulf. I w:iJ4 ('urions to sue how h<^ manii factored hifl 
waroB. Uc rondo noro stir and show ol buBincsa than 
uy of tho othera ; dipping into various books* fluLti-rlujj 
ovpr tlin l(»Hvogof mnniucrripta, taking a morsel out of one, 
a morsel out of another, "line upon lino, prooopt upon 
pieoept. here a little and thore a HttlA." Tbe contents of 



Mh boolc aefltnwl to Imt ah ttiiU^njgnmpnnfl aja tliose of t^ 
witcbcA' ealttron id Uftolxith. It wn« horo a fiitgor nud 
thcTC li tliumb, tiw of frog ftnd bliuJ-wonn's ating, witb 
hiK (kvrn giiHJup piumil in Liko '' hnbocin'n blood," to make 
tibo m9<no7 "sUb acti good'* 

I After oU, Uiotight J, mAv uot thin f^ilT'^rint; dJApomtioD 
fti0 impUnted in AUlliora for wise imqirhM'ii: tuny it not 
be ihd way ia which Providenee has takou ear^ tliat tho 
eeoda of Imowled^ and wiadom thftll be prftH^rrod from 
^Bg« to n^, in ii|Ht« of tlin inrrjlnltln di-cn.^ of ti^ts nurlut 
Id wfakli tlrcy vr^rn fintt prcdncecl ? Wit i^oo thnt iiA.tiiro 
fc^s wiacly, though whimaicflity, prmidod for the convoy- 
&ucfi iA a&edd frum diuivi i(i eliinn, in tlit- mnwH r>f cHrLoio 
'biids; BO that animalftr uhicb, in thomftdWea, are little 
, better Uiiuj CAirion, uitd iLppn-rontly the luwlcjtH plunder- 
ers of tllo on^bnrd and tlio (-.nrnfiold, Arr^ in fntt« nature's 
carriers to disperse sjid pprp^tnint^? her t'l^ssingft. In 
[liko manner, the beaatiea and fino thoughts of imcieRt 
laud obM}h«(e autlmrtt ar« c-auK^^t u|^ by ihes^ flights oj 
predatory writers, and ^aat forth again to tl»iiri»ih nnd 
bear £ruit in a remote and diHtanl trtitl of liicG, Many ol 
[tltrir worlui, aljio, uudergiT a kliul of uir'teiupsjclioaU. and 
[vpring nji iimW n*w formtt Wlint was formerly a pon- 
U<Tro4ifi history roviviM; in tlio Khapc of a roninnctv— an old 
[legond chnngcs into n modem play — and a sober philo- 
^ophtc^dl trf*nti«n fnriJiHh^H tho bnily fur it whok* &(trii'»( of 
bouncing u>d tiparlUing^gftftys. Tims it is in th<« dfior- 

ring of oar American voodlauda ; where vo bum down a 




tirnst uf sUteW pioHd, & pnif^jiy of dwuf oaka sUrt Q] 
tn tkftir pUoe : And ire n^ver see tfa^ prostrate tnmk of a 
IroA tDOuldcHiag into ^il, but it gives bbth to a wholo 
tribfT olfongL 

IjiI Hit Dot, thuk, Imunt owir lti« decay ami oblirion 
into wbich a&ci«&t wiiton d#«eand; Ui«y do bot anbnit 
k> tbe great lav of natare, which d*«Ur»s that all mbhi- 
Etuy shapea of matter shall tte Hnuti»<l in th^ir dai-BtUn^ 
bttt wlileh deoeea, ako, thai their clemeitu &h&ll km< 
pariak Qcxierfttioit after ^n^ratioo. both io amnal 
■ad ^ag|Ptalilii lili^ ymmam Avmv, bat the vital priacipla 
ia tmsaittted to poatari^, and tba apacMs continiia to 
Soomh. Ttioa^ olao, do anthon be^ Mrtbon, aod 
Itavio^ prod«<?ed ■ nnaiarotM pn^nj. in & good rU aga 
tfaaf ^aep «tth tkw bthon^ that ia to nr, witk Oa 
asthua vbo pvaaadad ttaa and froai vboaa tLe;^ had 

'VUlM I «sa JndTilghig hi thcaa raiahtrng fiueita. I 
bad feaaed nj beai *g*"*** a pila of rev«»&d SofioObj 
Vh«tb*r it raaovti^ t» t^ soponAc 
I hw a worfca; orlotha pnlooDd qml of th« room; or to 
Iha bantoda tnsiBe frotti wich w^^len&c; or to aa vn- 
Ittckjr habit o( ttiCT*»< ■* wptoper tiiars aad ptacvs, 
vilk which I SB gntvooat^ aKeard, so it vw^ th^ I Uk 
ialo a doaa. 9tSL ba««««r» mv J^agMttWrn oMtmawi 
ba»T> aod indeed tho aaaM aoetta iwaiMd bcfan a^ 
»bd'a«t».oiiljalitda rTiii^i I is sm af tki ^tauk, 
Idnaaki Aal thaahaakr waa ttiU 

jrr DRSAM. 


lortmtd of flncitiit ftutbon, bat IhM th« nuaalxtr hvm Ik* 
lAoetL The long iftblos lintl i1i«a|»|H»mHl, mi\d, iu \A*i*m 
if t)ia sii^e mttgi, I IhiIii^M u ni^*gnil, tlir<t(ulhim tlih>iL||, 
ich fts may 1ic seen plying nboui tlit^ ^r*\ni rit|Mi(iki(if y nf 
l-off clotLes, Moxuaoutb-atroitl. Wl]i*nrrf*i iUi^y miwil 
a book, by one of tlioao iiLiroji^fntitifiit cw^iJiTiioii In 
^auA, methouglit it tan>04t inU* a Kurm^hi of f'lnftitii 
or uitiqae fukioii, uritli vbich Ibojr progsodstl I'l c»|iii|f 
tbituMiUn. I notiiiiul, iKiintvor, ihnlnaaim pnilf»ii<lfifl Ui 
dodw HiiomII from ftoy putunUflr ncut, l/Qt UmIi a utmtfm 
from ooe. a c^pe frooi Axurihtr, & Mkiri from a UtM, IIhm 
decking hi— If o^ piAwanwil, wkiU «oinA»f iiU "ri|(}|uij 
ngs voqU pMp o«t IroM mmm^ Ma bf^rr/VM^ ftjui^ry, 

There wwm^pot^j, rotft m tU - hA yvmm^ wUrm I »Am 
aarml o^Mg anml wmUt FI j^ J m I nilm tU'>«i^ 
Be Mtt Mtfrfmd li> «|i Mi tfM fr'^Mi^ 

: bm Alt mMpttA tMmmio^lmtm *4 U* 

«|M flMB4 4iP«» ««4f Mtr 




to xpaafc it ooB ipnunik in (bab 
to *• d«M« hM>te 4if rtiBRM* MIL uU A« 

[fur miMl niwi^ my nlinliiT «iw» 

tad pafcift dbovad U« «^ ih im^ lft» 
iTiiTi^ irith ■> '-if -* -*— *r "" 'Htntw. wd 

■ ^F 

jrr j>sKAM. 



head, ood snxpt majcsticiinj away id » 
frL^«l wig. 

In the height of this libirvj iDikM]acrftdo» a cry sud- 
denly reeoimdedi from ^roiy oido, of " TbicTce \ thieves ! " 
I liKiked, and loT the poTtrarte ftbout tlie m'all l>e<tftme 
animated ! The old autLors thrast out, flrst a bead, Uieu 
ft shoulder, froiD tho cauvaa, looked down ouriously, for 
ao inbtaut, upon thd motlt^j' Ihxuiig, and tJjen dt^nciemled 
irith fury in their ejea, to <ilftim their riflod propertv- 
Tho flceDO of scuinpering and htihbub tlmt ensued boJBo-t 
all d(^acnptioIl. The uohappy i^nlprila erdoavored mi r*uD 
to Mcapr^ with th^ir plunder. On ooe ftide mi^bt bo seen 
kalf ft doxoB old PQonkd, strippiu;- a modeni profeeaor ; on 
ftnofher, there was nad derablutlcjti catrit^d iuLa the ranks 
of modem dram^tiu ^ntem. BL-auu»Hit Hud Fletc^b^r, 
side l^ aida, raf^ rotmd tlie field like Castor and Pollux, 
and Btordj BeD Jonaon enacted mon! woudera tboA vhea 
a Tolttnleer with lhi» Aniiy in Flaiideni. Ah U> the dap- 
|>er little compikr of farro^^oa, meotlODed oom^ time 
eiiioe, he bjkd arrayod hitnaelf in a» uuuiy patches and 
colors aa Harle<|tuii, nod ihere tos w iieree a contentioa 
of L-lainuuitft ftboat him, aa aboot the (Wd bodj of Patru^ 
cliUL. I wfts gricTftd to mo many nu)n, to whom I hml 
been acciutocaed to look vp inth awe ftod rerercnoe, fftia 
In «tvial nff with vnrce a n^ to can't their nak«liMaft» 
Joat tbm nj crre vaa Gau;:-ht bj tho pragmaticftl old ^i^ 
llaahfto ifi the Greek ^n^^^J^d wi^ who wm vmnbli^ 
ia aa«« dbig^t with half a acoitt of aotbija m 





of tbu 

h etuf 1 


orj ftK<tr liitui Thcj wc» dcioe upon hb baiinolie&: la a 
tvrUWIui^ iill' went liU4 wi^ ; at evcrrv turu Home strip of 
mlmtttil ^ON pooled ftwv^; ontil m u I^vf loomeitts, from 
bu tlondnMriiig pomp^ bo tUintiik int^) a littJc, purejr, 
*' eJio}»pvJ UiKI bLoI,'' aikI iDndc hU ciit with only ft Co^ 
Impi a&fl ragH Auttoritig At hi» \yxck. 

Th«^Ti> waa anEoetbwg ao 1u<Uctoi19 in the 
ol tbk Iwintcd Tb«<bttii, Uiat I UiRit iuto an iinmi 

ll tind Iho Mvfilo v^ra ftt ui end The chunbcr 
its usual ftp{ieamKw. Th« oU aatlion ahiutik 
bttok tnkt th«tr pktaf^&mw^ aivl hong m duidovj 
•cJtoai^y fth^4ig tfa9 w&lb. Ib fthovt, I foond mT^elf 
wul» awttkt» ill Bi5 ooRwr. vith fche vhole aasnnbla^ of 
booh^wum* gjtfiag al sw viA mftmiiliiiifit ^^^'^**■^g 
oltib^ ixwm kwtb«*B vmI b«t nr %mi <if ^^^tai; a 
kkiaJ ai;n»c bvk>ro htfftctl xa that ^t^tq ■»nr*nitfTf> oad 
110 aMhumMib h> lh«» ihm of wtvdpn* •• to sbHrtn^r tbn 

'Cbd UbrariAiL now stepped mp to ine, aiul JBiiiiiBded 
whebbor 1 had a uo^ >jf admibeaoa, Afi Sial E dH ddA 
compKlldiMi bun, but I 40OQ found tbal lb» Ubnrjvni 
a ku>d <jC litottuT- '' proaerfis'* dabjwl to (tiittiu-lav^t. aod 
Ibot no on» amsft pnumma to bunl thttra mtlhrat ^pitdiil 
tifiMwe and pdrauiiUuik In a w«iV*L, t ttkKid Doavicttd of 
bvii^t ua armdt poiwhetv and ^ratt ^hul to tujcft % prociiii-^ 
Mo i»te«tttk iMt I ahuold have i» wholtt p«ttk of aniiiani 


T^oofb poor bcj4T b« r tniA t / ^, 
Aftil uM Unr i piUL«#r baaa^ 

lUi&fT f fttHc nor ^liaMt Mik n 
Look ««t MMy, tWn, Wd Ok 


A Aoft ffiiDDj moniui^ t& th« f;e&ial month of 
Mar, I Dudo aa cx^oraan to ^'iiMlnor CuU^ 
It Li a pUos [iill of AUiricd &iul poetical «m>- 
cUtionjE. Tlio TCTj extomol asp««t of the proad old 
pilo i« 4tjk0^gh to tcspin? li%l> tliouglii It rc>mr9 its 
tnoguUr walk uul masniTe towera, like a morA] crown, 
loiuid the hmw of a lofty ridj^p, tvAii^H iU mijrid bnnnor 
in the 4)]oo(Ift, ftnd looks down, vitb a lordlj ait. upon 
tbe ffOTTouiidiDg world- 

On tbifi irioming Ibe veatbtir vr&a of that Tolnptuouit 
T«nuJ kiud, vhldi c^lb fortb all tb^ latent romancti of a 
Boaa'i tempfirameDt, filling hid mind with music, and div 
ponng him tci (|atil« poetrj' anil dr^am of heatjtj. In 
vmsdoHng tlirongh the nia^nidoetxt galoous and long 
Aahoing galJeriee of the c^istle, I ]m6Bed with intli^r- 
b/ whole rowa of portraita of varriois and atatea- 


iMrf* to 4* ntleiwir, 
rariMWfl wim 

<CT1 III! po<*B»d 

it alxnc 
md K gTMt Aigfat tif stops 
la the mocT, a Oothic LaJJ, 
«l variovs kiads mm! igee. I 
Ikuufii^ Hfftiiut th» wall, 

vKibh htA OQce beidnged to Jamc*. Hftnoe I wma oob- 



dacte<l ap * BtaiicfUie to a eoito of apartments of faded 
Riagnifiiv^nw, hiitig with Htorioil tappHtry, which formed 
hw prifiou, arid the BoeQ6 of that paseiouate and fajiol- 
ful Muanr, which has woreu into the web of hia Btor; 
the magjca] liuen Lif ^K;etT^ mid fl<;tii:tD. 

Th« whole Uifitory of thia amiable but unfortunate 
prinee is highly TomaatioH At the teudor age of eleven 
Lh wjta sent from home hj his fjither, Kobert HI-, iiud 
deatined fur the Fn^ucli courts to be rehired imdor the 
tje of the French monarch, ne(^are from the treachery 
Afid dinger thftt sarrouuded the royal !touse of Scot- 
laod. It was his mishap in the course of his voyafi^ 
to fall into the hnnda of the English* and he wan de* 
tauied pnj»oner by Henrj IV., aotwitli standing that tt 
lru«i existed l>etweea tJie two iMiintri**s. 

The intelUgenee of his cAptun^, coming in the tnun of 
J sorrows and difla§ter#. proved fatal to his onhftppj 
bther. "The news,"' wp ire told, "was brought U^ him 
vfaile fit eupper, and did ao overwhelm him with grk-f, 
that he waa almost ready to ^ve np the ghost into the 
haudsi i>f tbi^ M<rT:uit that attended him. But beirg car- 
ried to hia bod-chaisber, he abstained from all food« and 
in threw days died of hnnflcr and grief at Bothesay/' * 

Jamma WM delAintHl in cw^ftivity above Ri|^htM!T) jeam; 
but though deprived of pf^monal liberty, lie wa^ treated 
tlta re^MOt doe to hi» rank. Care waa taken to in- 

* Bvcbanao* 

K Tl 

m .flc jnrsjKKUL 


MnM kirn IM M tk* IwiwIim «< laliil kMmkdgo eolti- 
imlMkt m tli«i« [wvtnil. ana «o i^iv* Hm tlMwe neaUl «Dd 

l^f.%^ M H wm M ^i hm m ^fif^^r kiw—K the man ooto- 
Iff -^ ^>y«Mkm, 4fan ^ ft 

ittT^ ^^^ T^W^^^'^^^ ^^ ^*fli^T 



iBftt^tive, uuder tlte Ws nf personal lilierty; olUnrs ginw 
ttOrUd and irriUble ; but it b Uie nuturG of tli« poet to 
booomo teniler finil uai^i&atiTO in the ionolinoGa of oon- 
fiuemtuiti lie banquets u}mtu tlie boiirj' erf Ittfi uwu 
ihoiif^bbs jtnJ, like the cnpttve bird, pours forth bis sotil 
i& molody. 

Havb jou not BHH thE» DjgbtfngBla* 

A pilgrim tymp*tl in^-^ » rxupi. 
Hotr dotb •hrtcliiiUlf hftr wotitml ttlii 
In LbAt luvr lun^l; It^rmJiAgn ! 

That &U Uer boughs are trtu* hift cHKe ■ irraifo,* 

lodeed, it is th« divino ftttribnto of the ima^EiDatian, 
thftt b is irrepresHible, micoDfinable; tliiLt when the re»] 
vorld IB abut out> it oan create a world for itael^ and 
with B De<;romAntic power, cam conjure wp (tli^t^^oiis ah&pea 
ftlid iuruiM, Hml brlllijuil Ti^ions, tii make HoUtude pop- 
ttloQB, and irrndiat^ the gloom of the duiigeoa 8uoh 
Wtta the world of pomp lincl pti^oartt that livod rouzid 
Tmao in hia diamuJ aeJI ;it Fnrmm, when he uoiioeived 
thc) Hplendtd scenes of hiaJernsftUm ; nnd we niiiy cni:- 
•u!or iha-^'Kin^^a Qimir," oompOBed by Jamo^ daring hin 
captivitr at Windsor, as imothcr of those beatitiful bro/di- 
iiigiuforth of tltB Sf>u1 from th^ re^^tnuiit and gloom of i\\^ 
prison honso. 

Tho subject of the poem ia bis love for tho Lodj Jiioc 

•Bc«9f L'EBtnngi*. 

«4 Ik* &rl of Scnanel, na » 
WHHWiimihww^iW«of M» ^iptm*? What ^«w li 

^W ^ff ^^^ ^^»(^^(l* ^* 






mm] are given with H<if*h ctmmisljuitinl troth, 
to make the reader pr&s«nt with tho oiptm i& hU 
i^ifioik, uul the oDDapuiioD of his modilitioais. 

3u<:h is Lhe Account vliich l»e girM of his wcmibmi 
f fi|unt^ iind uf tlie iiiciJe&t «bich firat snggMftsd tha 
idoft (^1 vriti&g the po^oL It was tho still nuUwfitch 
of a cle&T roooulight mgbl; the stats. h« eaja, vers 
tmakling as fire in the high vanlt of heareii : and " Cjn- 
thia tiasipg faor goMoD locks in Aquariva." Ho laj in 
bed wakeful and reistless, and took a hook to bcgnilo 
Urn tedious hiinra. Tko l>ook lie i.-Ii(B«i- «wk BcmtjiiM' 
Coiusolntioiis of Philodophy, a work popolar amon^ tho 
Tmt<-Tfl of that davp and viiich had heen trauaUtod hy 
\iw- great protot^-j^e Cljaucer. Prom the hi^^h euloj-inm 
in which he indnlgcre, it is oTideut tliis was one of hia 
faTorite volumes while im prison : and indeed it 10 an 
adiuirahle t^<x(-lK>ok fur mtrditation uuilet advi^ruty. It 
ia the kgacy of a noble and endnrin^ apirit, pnrifled 
hy sorrow and BnBcrini;, bcqncathiuf; to Ita ST]cc««0or8 
diLunitj the maxima of swieet morality, and the 
IrvinM of eUM|iTent l>ul Himple nraictming, hy wlilch it 
irua t^aablnd to b«ar up ngainat the varions illfi of lifo. 
\ ia a lalinnan, which tho unfortunate tnnv trca«itro 
p in hi% hiMDDi, or, likL' She ^^ooci KiD-;; JniDPtt, \ny ujuin 
lb rightlr pillow. 

Aftor ctoatng tho Tolome, ho ttims i%& contenta over 
in hia miikd* and gradually hlls into a fit of maautg on 
tba ficklMwss o( fbitune, the vici^itQ^loa of hia own 





TITjr tfXBTCB MOM. ^^^M 

Uf¥f «tot Um »tlU Hint hwl orertdcen him «Ten in bi« 



NnitJenlj- ha b«An th« bell ni^fifr tfl^| 
1 MKiikJ, ("Ijitiiini! in with hiA meloaeh^l^ 


lull iU 



to liiai lika a ti^o« exporting him to 

»thi> Mn itt>r^ In Uw* spirit of pottio «iraiiij7 h« 


nM» V«t 

ftm« UhHi |>M tn IiukL vftkM vitk it « sign of the 

rt 4. 

4ri)i^fV« * Iwliitiiiw. Bsd mHmim fiovlii luto tbs 


1 "T 

fwwvtvy, t%0if w fMiothiBg «xtnm«ty 


In kU II^K mmI H w laleffflaK^g aa ^'■^■*'«"g 

ft ■■ ■ 

hv<AMltfn1 iMituirw «if Ifan Miaqple maniMr 

(m -m. 

n wtrnb IrMint of pAKioJ thrwig^ wo mom* 

1 11 1 


r • 

1 Ktr .aoP^Mwdto kM)7 
: up fpnm thr Jiwvlo^ smI 





«hn« is fedlUM ^ 
Mb^MlK^ . thrt Vrftr -vttli k uMM 


i4«% ^ Hm^ «M«b «Mitag, 




And vtntisg their bittemesa opoa && tutoffendin^ world. 
Jftnii.^ 9p«Akfl o{ his poivationB vith ftctit^ seiutibttity. Iml 
hHvmg tuetititj&eil tbpiD pBiraeca im, as if Itis nijuily tuhiil 
disdaiuod to broo.! orttr uitaToi<lalde oftlooiitice. Whoa 
SQcli a spirit brcaka fjitb iDto ooflfiplfiint, bovever biicC, 
»e ftre awaie how grvtai niii&t 1m the sufferiiig that ex* 
torta tho mormnr Vi^ sympathize with Jaoi^s, a rooan- 
tic, active, and accomplUhcd prince, cot ofiT in the Insti- 
ho<xl i^CyuulU ixMUx ail the eutt^rprtJt^, the uolile luies aud 
rigorous d^Iigbld of life: &« ve do vith Hilton, allrd to 
oil the beaatieu of nature and glories of ftrt^ when ho 
breathes ftirth brief, but deep-toned lamentatioi^A OTer. 
hii perpetual bUadDesa. 

Bnd aot JaiDCK cTinccd n defici^DCr of poetic ftrti£ee, 
w« cii^it nliuoflt have aii&|>ert^d thnt UinWf biwf^ringii 
of gtooDDj refiectJOD were infant nc pr^iutrntiT? to tho 
bn^te«l scene of hid storr; aud in (uintraiit with that 
refolgecce of li^ht aud loveliuess, that cibilnrnting ao* 
COiDpflRiment of bird and song, e-nd fnlingi* uid fl»w4ir, 
and all tho revel of the year, with wliieh he dehors in the 
Ud; of hi« boaz4* It is this eoeue. m particuUr, whicb 
.ilirowfl aO tJiA magic of romance alKiul Ibi.^ old CaAtle 
Keep. He had rtaeu, he flAVo, at daybreak, aooording to 
eoslom, to c«cape from the dreary taeditations of a sleep- 
Iphh pilhiw, "FU*Kailii^ in hm dianHicr thus aloue," de- 
apairing of all joy and remedy, " fortired of tboo^l and 
vobogooo/' be ha^i vuiider^ to the wiudovr, to iodolj^c 
t]>e captiTe'a miserable aolaod of jjpkciiif^ niatfuJly upou 


Urn ««4M t^«l nWh bo » vnteaed. TU window 
UiL<h1 KdU «|Hik « aiiuU 9vd» wli^i^ U; at tU foot oF 

T* iNK nlhiKfc 



Uoom; aod b^ interpi^ts the sovg o( tlt^ ni^tiikgale into 
Uio 1atif;iLa^»3 oE bis esamored fbcUofi : 

Per ol row fate 
And doff TUh aic tTB^. «tntct, ftvaf. 

OoiDCt nianicc, cobk. tkc wad laa^ca Aod 

Aa lie gases en the sceae, ftu] li»triiA to Ui« iio4«« of 
the birdfi, lie grodtiallr reUpaes into ooo of Uwso Unlar 
iuiid mulefinable rcrerieB, irLich fill tbo yoathfal bosom 
ic this deliciorte seoeoa He venders That this lore amj 
h&t uf which hA lui6 ho nften reft<l, uul vhirh thns 6««naft 
broatbod Ibrth in ih& guickeBJng breath of May. and 
meHang all uatoit iuto t^cstaaj and aong. If it trjdly be 
ao gnat a felicitj-f and if it be a bcxm thm geaerAllj- <lift- 
pHiaed to the moet ioai^ificont beings, whj is bo aioDO 
cut off from its eD^o^rmeDta ? 

Oft woiiUl I Ifcink. O tAtxL vhat mity ihU 1i^ 
Tbat L>rp ti of rhJi itMt ui;£hi uud kjnd«? 

U it of ham, m we in book* do flail : 
U»f Imi octo h«rtci wtUB * MNt Q&bjad i 

B«tb liH H|vin mir luTliv «Ul-}i maJstrja T 

Or b all tliia btjt fvjint tAni*9>v ? 

¥cr gitt ha he of §o ptto t^tV'lhin'^*, 

ThfttboofevprTvigbt huth gkk iin'lrhftii^e, 

That 1 %m UiriU*d, jihJ boUin £<> ut krgo I 


f Gtfr.«h0tinjiir7haf«ldMM.ito. 


mx iriC^TK'M^SOOE, 

h iim ffit'M '4 hU Mjuin((, Mt bi< nwto hh ey^ 
•Wfl, U Uli'*l*U "Iks bini»t uU tho ff^&hest tooiia 
|l#Wrx fhti H^t^t h«» IiimI itc«ik It i« tbo lorolj Ladj 
't^Hji. tiHllilHit Ih llin iCMxUn t<i cnjoj tlie beiutj' of tUal 
! 1^ Uny tMiM'htira,*' Dixiftkiog thoa saddezUy tipoa 
Kitt fttvltf, IH ih* mtitiK^ftl of loMlineM tod «xcil«d sos- 
ItollllV^ fhW At i^iiw c<i|tlaTftt«s the bucj of the ro- 
^11- f...M"- 4tul iMtv^Mfw UiP oVjoct of lib* TanSerm^ 

h^^^V ISlnMiin %^ Awi^ Mi «« Vw «rith EnUu, vbom 

»l hot tn lb* inodeid vludi h» 
.\ k%vr iiwldt*^ limfir ta 4mll 

^lA «i)kM^ ttMUMir of Iwk 

%*. Sfr dwdk, "nA til* 

■ - -*r ^ffpmdir «liaiDe 







with Bore frocdom. She wm ftdcotnpftiikd by two foEuftle 
atierdftalfi, and atMut ii^r sported & lilUe HmumI decor- 
ated with b«lU ; probablj tli« vjaiQ Italian lioiiBd of «x- 
quidite a^miDetn-, wliicii waH a jiarlur laTorilo aad put 
lunong ILe fasliionalUrf daoiva of ancicot iiaiif?fi. Ja&wa 
duM^s Ills iWcription hy n Lvmi at general onlogiAn : 

lo h« «u Tvnth. bcMitjr, villt bamhla pxt, 

God bettrr Imov* Una wj paa on nv**** 

Wislom. kf ij-iMu * oUUvtaadcyanlAfl wjib 

la ctorr pi^at a> i^uOa) hft raoimr^ 

la voni. in l»d, in ik*pe. t& ominCCfUA«^ 
Tbat a«tar« ralgto no man Wr ehUd «dT«nca, 

departure of ihe Imdy Jane from tbo garden ptiti a 
end to this trjiasient riot of the hoait. With h«r dcparta 
i}ie umnmita ilinsinD th^t luul ithed a U*inporRr^ cJiafin 
ov«r the ivc^ne of big captlritr, and Iki rolapaoa into Ion*- 
Unes^ nov rendered tc&fold more iatoloiabk hy this 
poaaiof; beam of imiiitunable b^antr, TbroiUgh the loDg 
and TTCary day he repines at Lis titibappj lot, Mud when 
ov€iiiii^ appvoaehcsi and Phccbiia, aa ho beautifally ex- 
l^imMH il^ had *' bade far^w^U to ^rerf leaf and flover,^ 
bfl hUU liuf^^m at Ih^ window, and, layiu^ hia bead Bpon 
tho eold etOBO, ^Tca y&ni to a luiiif;!^ flow of love and 
acoTow, UQliL icradu^ly iuUed hj the mote melaucLolj of 
twili^t liouir iia laptiea, " ijalf akepinj^ half ewooti," 

XovpoAM; bonntr' t fWoie' di^QJtj. t (^niMiv. ^JMrtioo. 



\\^\%\ 4 v1»44tH, «li((«1i iHVii|>i«>ft tfa» tvfmmAiatti tike 

Mt«t fh ^Uti^li U »U(^krk*U5 ahftlovvd out iBo history o(' 

1l^^^V \A\^'^%^ Mv>V |^m4i«u^ Ilw U4fl»««l, fall of ^xmjj 

Un\^ \\iAi iiliai ^ji^M^ ^^\ ^w> V^ t 


* B^TAZ POMT. 135 

tunntnig tiut tke pionua* ucttT ^y wl at thm vium uul 
bf tin Aower is ^Mlled, bj Lu bdag naboreci to lU^ 


Such ta Um poeiicai sccovbS ^«en by Jinei df bii 
1oT« adTentmM m Windnr CmOb. Bov meh e< ift it 
Abftolcto &»ct, And bow anob tb« MAdfiAaaat of ttttfy, 
ii b fr&i&flft to oanqectnre: let a» no^ bowi nc, i^kI 
BYrfrr rumralifl tnenbsnt am umnnpBftiblA vitli fvftl IHIki 
but M Oft ■omarimwi taktt a pn«( mg bk word- I bs«» 
Dotic cd moft^lj tboaa ptfti ol tba potat iaiMsditttelf 
oonaected vitb Ihs tower, 4i»i bav« paMeJ over % ha^ 
partt writt^a io Ut« alk^onal ma, m> naeb rwlliTBiiil 
at thai tlof. Tbe Inagsaga, of eowit* ia qaaiat lol 
aotiqaated. m> Uut tb* beaolj of nuy of ite ^oUaa 
pkn««« will ■encftly ba pareeived at tba p i t aa iit dmj ; 
bnt tt ia iiapoanble Iic4 to bo cbaraed witb iba 0t»- 
niue se»tuaeal« Ilia deli^^btfnl vlleaacaa and aibaaitj, 
whi^b pretsil fhsoof^trnt it. TUa ileanipririni oi natera 
loo, wUb which it m c»balliabed« an siTea witb a tratb, 
a diaeriiniiiAtiuii^ and a frcahneM, aortby rd tba most cal- 
tlralad porioda of tb* ut- 

Aa ui aaiatoTj poatn, tt ia •diijmg m tfaaaa da^a of 
eoatwr Ibinkiiig, to notice tbe aattire, tafhwaeaC and 
axqaisite detiauj whi^ perrftda it; baaMbiag erer^ 
groea tboofibt tjt iiamodaat axpnaboftt 4t)>d pwaaaliafe 
femak loreliaeaa* dolbcd io all Ite diivalroaa attribtttoa 
oCalBVMt aapitBaCanl pnritjr aad paoa. 



Attl Oowcff, and «a6 ev^eaAlT- w ttdaunv And ttadte 





Tonul Rtoilj), mftj h% curious to Wm eomoUtinf; of tbo 
BUbsequeDt hielorr of O&me^. oud the fcrtunes of bid 
loTfr. His pasfiioD for tlid Lq^I^ J&ue, a^ it naa tho 
soUoe of Liti CAptiFity, so it facilitated hU relea&ep it 
'being imiginod by Ulo court tJiat a coiuiccttoa vitli 
ibd blood rojal of Englaod vroolJ atiftch liim to ilfl 
own inl^reata. He waa Hltiiualelj r^iitorttJ to Uin lib- 
vTij and crown, Ixavitig previoufily oftpouued the Xjidj 
Juie, who ttcoompeukied Lim to Scotbuhl, cuid oumIo lum 
ft moat ttiudtrr nitd devoted 'wife. 

He found Ium kingdom in great confosion, Uio feudal 
eLi«ftaiiu hAviog t&kou advauta^'e of tiie troublBd and 
BiVBgiiUntK^tf of a long iuterre^um to strengthen them- 
selra* in tli^ir poBsesaiona, and pla<>a tbemflelr«a abova 
the power of tho lawa- Jamca eou^^t to found lh<i baeis 
of Lis power in tUe aOCectiutm of hln pt-i>jjle. Ht* aiLuAivd 
tlin Inwor orilere to bim by the reformation of abneeap dia 
tomp«r«te and equate administratiou of justice, the eti- 
ooaragoment of the art« of peace, a^d the [)romotioD of 
evei^ thiag that <:oLld diiTiiae oumfort, competency, and 
innooent enjoyment lUrougU tha humblest r^ike of floci* 
e^. Ho Qun4*le<l oo<uwouedly among thci common p<M>plo 
diagolae ; viiit«d tlirir Gnrnidnn ; ruUMtsl into tbetr 
oaroa, their piirsnita, aiid their amuaeoienta; inform^ 
himeoUoi tho mecliamoal art^, and hour they could beet 
be potromiod aud uiLpruviMl ; &ud vmi tliuA an all-p«rvikd- 
iDg npirit, walchiu|{ with a IjRUovoh^nt eye orer tho meuD» 
Mi of bift flubjoeta. Haviuij in tlus geuemnii niao&^r 

iMdA hiiTKotf itim^t ta the beartooC tboooauBOD 
hb tBiBfid luiBMlf Ic car1> tbe powei of th« fiitCtKHia 
BoHliij ; ff> >lHp Utem tif Ukmv dAngernqs immndtlos 
wtiicb tbej b^ osnrped ; to ponisfa socb &s IumI b«c& 
gailtj of SigTA&t oflenoee ; ftod to bffing ti>e wbok into 
proper obedienm to the erown. For aome time tliev fiore 
tfaifl with oQtvard sobmiwiOii, but «ith secret impfttiettod 
ftnd blooding reaeotoMiit A eouspuacy ir&ii at leii^:th 
fuTiood ik4j3Uiittt lii« liter *^ tbe Ufuul uf vbicib was his own 
uncle, Boberl Stewart^ Bar) of Athol, who, boing too old 
IubimU fat th4» perjxicrfttion of Ui<e dood ol blood, iasti- 
gfttftd bin gnndtton Sir Robert Steirori, togfitJier with Qtr 
]U>bort Gr«hjUB, niul otli<-n& of less not^ to oomiDit tbi^^| 
doocl Th4)v broko into hia b^chAmtx*r fit the I>omi]U- 
caa Coaront near Perth, wbero he wae residing, ftiul Ixir* 
bflrotuly tDiird<?re4.1 biai l>y ofUrepealecl woumla. Hia 
faithful quodu, rushicg to throw her ti*udcT body bAt«««dH 
htm and the sword, wm Iwioe vrotmded in tlie inrfffrctxul 
fttli'inpL t(» h1u4>M biiu from the A>v<<jiissm; imd it njw unt 
until iJii> had bflon forcibly torn from bis person, th^t thd 
murder vtiA aucomplb^hod. 

It vnfi tin: iccoUection of Uiia mmanlio tale of fonnar 
tituiw, and iA tbfl |;i>ldfMi Httiv poi>m wltich bfid ita birth- 
place in thtA Tower, that miulo mo viait tho old pile vitb 
uictrv tbjiii cominoB inlere&t. TLe suit of armcr h^Lugin^ 
up io the hiLlI, richJj gitt and nmlielliAhed, aa if to figure 
Ia tbe tonmaj, brought the imft^ of the gaJlont Atid ro- 
tnantic prince vividly bofore my imaginatioD. I paoed 



dflflortcd cbjuabera where he hod compoecd hid pocim; 
1 Wonod upon the wiodov, and endeavored to perauade 
Gijvelf it waB Uw vptj one vhere h« LuJ t>L-«ti vi»* 
itod hy Im vision ; I looked out upon tho Mpot wboro ho 
h&d fimt K;en th« Lodj J&iie. It wua tLo aune gonial 
luul lUTiiuM mtisith ; Iht^ binlx wi\m ugaln vfing with «H(.^rh 
ot1i<}r in vtroiiiB oE liquid molody ; evory thiu^^ wae buret- 
log into Tegctation, and bedding forth the t«i]d«r piom- 
IsB of the year. Time, wLirh (leli}^Lt>i to ubliterat« the 
Btemer m^moriaU of hnmaa pride, Beems to Lave passed 
li^ktlj orer thin Uttl« hcc ne of poetry And lore, and to 
hiLnT vritldmld im AtiAtAiitrng linnd. 8i^vi^rn1 i^iMiti^rit^H 
Ikftve goao by, jrot tli© gar<)»ii Rtill flmirisbf^B at the fool of 
ibo Toircr. It occupies what was once the moat of tlio 
Keep; and though nojiie parts Lave been sFparated by 
dividing valle, jet others have etill their arbors and 
shAcIed wolka, as in the dajn of Jani«s, aad tho vholo 
in nlii-Itt-rBtl, bUKimiii;^ ajul rwlinHl, Tlierft in a elmrm 
about a spot tliat luisi been printed bj- the footsteps of 
dApATt«d boantj-, acid co&Hccratod by the inspirutioua of 
tlic pnrrt, vhicli in hejght«iied» mtli^r thjin impoinnlr by 
Urn UpMP of iigen. It io^ indwd, the gift of ptxitry to hal- 

tr ermy placo in vhioh it moves ; to brontho around 
tnra &B odor morft exquisite than the perfume of the 
»e, and to sSed over it a tint more magtcral than tlie 

Uq^ of moimn^t 

Others may dwell on the illastrioaa deedrt of Jamca as 
rAnior and legiiiliktor; but I luive delighted Ut view him 

«l fc»a mad iinan] fc^Oi^ om^ &» SnottiA 
xkd vitk i4«t cav|^ wnA hmpp^ tamor 3m 

gWiri^r W> iaiy f m » ftiii mIIiwmI vittsir ; and trmoBMci Im 

witalitiiff Kire. fftill ptp^ ■A'iNF tl^ *^ iMnaii'MiT 
wm^ I ™ of ^trntlnitd Hf has thtt« ivmwintpd lt» 

toHil^ w,ui ^-hAtotvr tH mo«t pimotttt «Md gadaa rttt g ta 
■|»ttf«»} dmrnDM-; h^ Imui an1«lMhBd biB i g an oT? tp 
- »tid Antupd liiK nan» lo «ltnr apw ht tbe rioih 
«f SflcMth iMJMy> ^^ noulUoCuni of tbooe 



things was kindling at mj heart aa I paced the silent 
ficene of his impriBonment I have visited VaacloBe with 
as mnch enthnsiasm as a pilgrim would visit the shrine 
at XiOTetto ; but I have never felt more poetical devotion 
than when contemplating the old Tower and the little 
garden at Windsor, and musing over the romantic loves 
of the Ladj Jane and Uie Boyal Poet of Scotland, 


Of IbU of Tdvei • which !■% poubd, <ir j»pi), 
Toa vend yoai irentry t>5 f 

HERE are few placeH more farornW© to thft 
study of character than an English country 
ohnrciL 1 wae onoo paaaing a fow weeks at 
tlie seat of a frifiiiiJ, who reaiUed in the vicinity of on©, 
tliu iippettr:ini'e of wLil-L particularly fitrttt-k tvy fauej. 
It wuti one of tlioeij ric^b morsels t^f quaint Ckutiiiuity 
wbich give snch a peculiar chana to Engliali IjintUca^^e* 
Tt Ht^otl in the midutp cf a contihj iillctl with iim^ti-nt 
fnicilii^t^f nnd oonlainoili within ite co!<l iind aiknt nifties, 
the congregated dust of many generationA, Tho 
inl<*rioi walls were incruated with monnnif^nts of every 
age and ntyU. The light atrcamod through vindowv 
dimmed vitU armorml t>raniijfH. richly emblazoned in 
btnined i^ln^a. In viirictim |iHrbi nf tliii uJjurclj were 
tomW ot knighti?, mid In^h^bfirn dam^Si of gOTgeowi 
vorl^miLn^ip, with their effigies in colored m&rblo. On 
CTDry iddo the ciye was etruck with some instanco ot 




aspiring mortalitr; 9om^ hxtigbty tn^moml vhJck hu- 
BiftB pride hmd er^rtpd oT«r itx kin^lrpcl iliut, in thi* 
temple of the EQo«t hoiaM^ of M r^li^ouA, 

The congregfttioD wjia compcMied of Uitt ocighborin^ 

people of iadL^ «lio sat in pewA, HumptQouftl^ Uonl 

and GGshioDed, fumi&hod vitb Hdilj-giH^id pmjo^- 

llookB, anil deoorAtfrd witiiUieir ikntin ii|>t^u Uii5 pcvr 

; of the villjtgers liQil iwAfUintrVk who tilW Uia 

tic Mftte, &nd n fitnfttL giUlorr iH^nido tlui orgiiu ; And 

tl^e poor of tbe pariah, vho vctq ro&god ou benches 

in thi* aisles. 

The Bervioo vas perfonaed hj a antiiHing ^'oll-fed 
Ticar, v'ho had a miug dwelling nvtiT tlK^ cliunih. Ho 
a priYiIr7^d ^uast at aJl tlin t^iblnn i^f Itm ut^i^li- 
irbood, am) had lieen the kertunitt fcm-ttnnUir in tlio 
ooontry; until a^ and good living had dmriblr^d him 
from doin^ Any tlilog more tUan rldty to nr\c- tho hounUa 
iliniw uiF, anil m^ike nnn Jih ihn hnnlin^ ilinror. 

Cadar thtf ministry of );tich a pofit^jr, I found it impoA- 
Biblc to get into the train of thought suitnblo to tho Lima 
and phiee : 80, having*, 1ik« rij&ny other feeble ChriitlHijiiia, 
oomprotnised with toy conAcienoe, hj tayin^^ the hiii of 
my own doliii<|uon(5y at another poTeou'H thrcshohl, 1 oo* 
oapi«d ta>self hy lunktiij^ ohimtjniittaH ou my ueiglibora. 
I was as yet a fttraugoT in England, and 4!urioiifl to no- 
tidO tho maniu^ra of lU^ innliumMa elatuv^H. I f-jund, aa 
I oaual, thnt titore vnJi the Icnsft prdt^tiition wht^ro U;«Ta 
I vaa tha mciKl ftcknowlo(Igi>d titln to r««p<^ct. 1 wom par- 




ilonWljr Bimok, for iimtaDcok, n-ttli llie faiDiljir of & iiob)#> 
Ittaii ot li^H^ riuik. o^^utUti&g of «^ronkl araoft 4nd d^n^b- 

llihir ^>ik«iami«>. Thoj goafiiftllj cune to ohnix^ ta Ui4 
pUint^al <M|iii|i«|t«^ Mhl o&^a on loot. TIm jrmiiig Udie« 
trnitM Klop ukI «QBtw«« ia Iho kio^MA a4nn*r with tbo 
)K4MLEiln, «u«M ttt«* etiiliiKQ, ft&tl Uflt«ti to Uio stotiea 

ftmt U *«itifult5 tidr, villi «b flxpraagioa oC U|^ miflnt- 
iwmt ImU tt Ik* ittaM tw** ft fawak Gbe«Hial»Mab And 
Ml ttMg[«i|tui|{ aAMUi^. Hmu- hrotfaflfn warn tall, *iul 
«(i«iliU]r ^lamA Tb^ v<m« aM««a InUottOU;, bat 
tliup);ri «iUi itrM — '^ tw m a^ |«^^priHT. b«t withoni 
wyv i«*nfic^riii«i or fayfijwtawii Tbair vhofa t bi^a ao r 
««* Mn^v KwA Mlwid. vitk UmI kfky gnrnt, «kd aoUi 

Kmi ehMbwl te thm irwl^ I»t UH^i of iftlr-Honljr, 

HmM te ft WftMiM kwUBM ft^o« IMl 4^BitF. UmI 

n^\i«t «tiv«»ta 4>^«it«t4 mJI w—waas «tt ctttwb bow- 
t^m kftMika«>. ll 4» mI,t «tWNM yafc lb& a BoriiU 

nVVi ^WVNVW^^ V^^H WtWIBB ^^V^^B ^p^^^W^ V^^^^P^k t ^BflB 

VMw «^lK IW f^ftwiatiTi ftWaA &f«« fvnl 

■-■>-■* ^^fcL^^^L^^^— £^ ^ fc - -fc- a^^b ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^j 

^^ Aft «ft* |*M!l Mr wniUl; oa 


TBK couNTRy cnuHca 



1a contract to fclieee was tli© £amUj of a ivealtliy <dti- 
I»D, vlio liad auAAiied » viLat ftirtuue ; mid, 1ia\iiig pur*- 
cfa»«ed the p^tnte and manBion of a ruiu^d noMemau in 
tbo QcigLborliood, wa£ eudeaToriag to assuue &11 the 
Btj^le aod digmt/ uf on IiernilitArjr lotd ol tlie soil. TLe 
family alvaj'fl cainB to cLarcJi fn prina. Thej were 
roU(>J luaJB^tioaUy aloug in i^ carriiiigo oiabltueoned with 
aniii»v The creai gHt(«red in silver i&dlancc from every 
part of the LunmBs vtliarp h <Trest ronid pcB^ibly l>e 
p]AC«d. A tst coachman, in a tUree-cornerod hat, richly 
loccd, and a tlaxcn wig. curhi^g close round hia loay ffice, 
waa ft«-:Lted on tho Ih)!, with il sleek DanUh dug limiiilo 
bim. Two fc]Otni<>i], in ^r^eouti livom'3, with hu(;o bou^ 
^GcU, e.ud gold-hcnded cad^s, lolled behiod. The cainAge 
rtjHo nod 8imk on Its long frprint'> with peculiar Ktbte^ 
linofls of modoQ. The very horses cliamped their \>i%n, 
ATCbed their necke, and ^luucod their eyes moro proadly 
tiian comuioa huintrfi ; i^itlitir l:«t.-iiU8e they had caught a 
little of tlie family feelijig, or vere reined up more tightly 
than ordinftrr. 

I could not hat Admire the atyle witli which tbia splen- 
did puf{«ant wiut brought m\> to tin' gutrt of th» irhnrt^b- 
ywid, Thoro wa« a vaet effect produootJ jit the turning 
of an angle of the wall ; — ft great amacking of the whip, 
HtTaining nnd Hcrfimlkling of hnrses^ ^lintnning nf hiiriiess, 
uid flashing' of Vr'ht^ehi tliToa^h ^TareL This woj) tlie mci- 
DHMit of triumph and rainglory to the coactman. Tho 
boorsBH vare ut)^ aud cht«ck.ed until they were fretted 


TBS C0C2fmr CUVBCff. UB 

Mnitlsl the simpliri^ of n emititry cLarcli. Tlmy il*^ 
soeoided loftiJj from th^ c&rriagOL, and moT«d up tho line 
of pMoantcj ivitli ft etep fabafc seemed doiuty of tLo 9oil it 
trod OIL Th^y citAl an eieuniive ^IniLce aroiiitLl, lliat 
pMttd cotdly ovor tb« biuly faces of th** peasantry, nntil 
thcT met the oycn of the coblemau's faiuilj, whon th<t;j 
ouuatcnances iiDtuedi&tely brighteiied ioto Biniles, ojtd 
tbcy made the most profouoJ and elegant conrtosiw*, 
vlii(*ii wrr^ roturn^^d in ti manner tliat showed tbcy weio 
bit eligLt ncquaintances. 

1 muKt not forget ilie two f^ona of this aspiriiig iiitij«iTii, 
mho camo to uUut-cL in a dushing cumolc, with outridore. 
Tbey were armyijd in tbe esti^mity of the mode, with all 
that |H>f1ai]trj of dress whicb murks the man of qnt^stiojt* 
aMo protflnsicng to st}!*?. Tboy kept ontiroly by tbem- 
s«Lt«b, eyeing every one askance tbat c/LUift uear lbtipi» na 
if meaAiiring his claims to respectability: yet tbey were 
witbout couver^ation, except the exchange of an ooea- 
HioDftl caut pbribHe. Tbey even moved iirtiriciall v ; for 
tbeir bodies, m <fompliftnce with tbe capric* of tbf* ibty^ 
had be^^a dUotpImed into tho abfioaco of all case and 
freedom. Art bad done every thing to nccorapliflh them 
afl mmn of fanliion, but Duture bad denied thf?m tbe name- 
Imh gnu». Tb^y were vulgarly ehaped, lit© in^n formed 
for ilic common purjiosfta of life, nitd hod that oir of 
Baperctliotifl 2h»umptiou nbicb is nr^vcr seen m tbe triM 

I faAT6 be«D rather ndnate in draviug tbo pichuoB of 

4nlEbf buBiUaCu^; il» 


Saft diaC tluv 





eic«Upnt jMirt uf tlung, llial ought to be ODiuitenAficKil 
ftnd kept np." 

Wbeii lio joiDed »a Imidtj in thd ncrricc, it ae^EDcd 
more bj wa^ of exAmpIe to the lower ordera, to alionr 
them thai, thotxfi^h w> great frnd vp^ltby, li^ iras not 
above b^i&i; rcligiovu; as I hflvo seen a larUi^'fed ald^r- 
moa ffVAllow pnbliclj a Kamn of ohftrttj soup, «ouftdc- 
ing hi« lipa at eveiy mouthful, and proooiindiig it "«x< 
cellcnt food fc>r the poot.^' 

When the »crrt«« wa» at as end, I was corioiu to 
witnawt tli« asTen] ^tita of toj groups. The joimg 
DobkmOD aiMl tboir sUtera, aa the day vaa fine, pro- 
iened strolUag home acroaa the fietda, chattiis^f with 
tbfi oomntiT people aa they went Ttie othew di^pnrted 
w they came, in gruid parade Affaiii v«r« tli« equi- 
pages wheeled up to the gate. Thcr« was again the 
niiUic-kui;^ of whips, tlie clattering »f hnofit, luid thi? jf^Ut^ 
iennj; ol hamc««. The hordes atarlc^d off almost at a 
bound; the villagers ngaia hurried to right and left; 
the wheels threw up a cloud of duAt; and tho uapiring 
family waa rapt out of aight iu a whirtwizuL 




M mA ttam 1 ham vfabM lnv^»d ite 

4]rto <tWBt ttd aM tbe 
frwk ffTt<4-ii tinto iMHibf: itoki Vlan fav** ^Qc?^ &e 


« ^tA' qI tviM. The M> l«fraip ■mkatk 



lifpon of the acml ffenlly eprinfring up witliin uft. For 
my part, there are ft^eliogs that riait lnl^^ in n cottiitry 
<:lnucK Aiuiil tin* beautifal serenity uf ]uiLurr*T wlu*'H I 
<>xp(!neiiee uovlier« eUe; and if nnt a moro rcH^oue, I 
Uiink I ujn a betbcr m&n on tiunJaj tboiL on any otlier 
dtty of tbe seTea. 

During mj recent refiidencG in th© ronTitry, I ii%eA 
frequently to atto&d at the old ^ilJage church, its shod- 
oiry luslos; its moolcleriDg monaineuU ; its d&rL o^ea 
pBi]f>11iD^, all rpTererd will] the glooto of departed years, 
8^dme^ to fit it for the haant of aolema meditatiou; bnt 
bciug m a wealthy aristocratic iieighborhoud, Ujr i^litter 
of faahitiR pt^iietrflled rver into the samrtnaiy; and I Mi 
royKsLf continually thrown hack upon the world by thct 
frigidity- lud pomp of the poor worms arouud mo. The 
only bping in the wbtile congrt>f!Hlioii who appf^Mi-d 
thoroughly to f^&l the huinble and proetritlo pioty of « 
trae Cbriatiau was & poor decrepit old womani bending 
Wilder the weight of years and iu£rmitiea> Sho bore the 
traces of domething better than abject poverty, Tlie lin- 
fC^rinf^ of decent prid^ were Tiaible in Lor appenra&cd. 
Her dreit.i, though humble in the extreme, was scrupu- 
loiudy ch^an. Some triviul refl|ieet, loo, Inul lieen awarded 
bcT, for ehi> did not take her seat aiooui^ the village poofi 
"Sttxi sat alone on the steps of the altar. She ec^med to 
luive Hiirnviil nil hive, all fripudsliip, all stjcielj' ; and lo 
hflV4 nothing loft h«r but the hopes of heaTen. When 
I SUV hor focbly rising and bending her i^d form in 



Ttm awrTCB-Boam 


IttlttPtl lutml ami iMliof; rrt^ vovld ooi pt-nuii her U> 

iiii4t.l4>il o,M Utf> iatoirii«TQiM«l ihtti poor vocDu arooe 
lt« kM\i>« Im M«in tfe ra^wMM ol the deik. UMffwell 
trf llw «^tVMV, t« iW rkttMi^g «^ tfa» thou; 

Mo« i««.» *L% 4fWh«MKT Btm^^iK Ikat il froqABuUr «t- 
imtMA Mk h Av*l «ft a kwJL Mai «lacli & «mjdl 
Itmtm WiA* 4 »t«WlMJ hmt^ —J thi» iwa— i its wmj 

4kiM HIV mAmwi «|li 

wnki. I Mft «M tt-iA ^ 

H ^ ^ , , _ 

TBE wiMvr AXD nsR Foy. 


bftfijre witli an air of tif>lil iiuIifTi^reiice. TL«Te wara no 
ttiodk monmeiB in Utie truppingR of niTi^ctml wo^; bat 
there van ono real mourner ^Jio fccblj tottorod after 
iln5 cx»qwe. It wjie tlie iige<l nn>tli<ir of t3it5 i.1©i.w?W(h1 — 
ilio poor old woiQAn whom I had seen B<?ateJ od thd 
of tho aJtar. blie was aupporUHl by a bumbU 
iriQud- who waa eudeaToring; to cumfort her. A few of 
the neighboriug \H)Ot had joined the train, and sooie 
childrou oi the villugo wer<» rauiiiug liaiul ui liand, nov 
•houting vitb mithiiiJdiig mirth, and now ptLiuiii^ to 
^im\ with ctitldish curioHit^, on the grief of the luuiirner. 

As thf> fiinoral triun approorhod the gravo, tho parsoD 
iaeacid Irom the chorL^ii porch, arrayed in the snrplic^^ 
with prayer-book in h&nd, tuid attended by the clerk* 
serri^^e, however, wfta a mero act of charity. Tho 
d had bc*Tii dt>fttihitt^, and the BorTivor wa*t ytn- 
It was 8hufl!*^d through, tJierefore. in foruj, but 
eoldly and tmfeelirjgly. The wel]*fed prieat mor^d but 
* fow fiteps irom ihe ohnrob door; hiB roiae could 
•mrt^ly hp. heard nt th^ gm.vp ; aiu! never c^i^l I hear 
iho ftinernl service, thrtt eiiblinie mil tonohin^ ceremony, 
lanjAil iiil*> etich a frigid mumtnery of words. 

I approached the grave The coffiu waa placod on tho 
grmiiid. On it were inacribed the name and h^q of the 
deceaeed— " GeoTpo Somera, aged 26 yeare." The poor 
mother \uA beeD aftfliBtod to kneel down at ihn head of 
!t- Ht^r withctrRil liamls were oljisipt^d, lui if in prayer* 
but I <M>u1d porocivo by a feeble rooldng of the body. 

Willi pr 
B The sei 






^1:* WWW*tillHi Mlliwi ftf'fc*r IJTW- Hit 

14- ': hr VMM lirtirtm Si»' 



wumm ot Bstenttl ftugvuk I wftodered to aootber ptri 
a< Ibe e^orchjanl, where 1 remaiDed n&til the fa^nJ 
taaui hftd dkpened. 

mken I WW tlw moilk^ slowlj and palofdl^ quiltii^ 
the iT^Tt^ iMTifeg behUkd b^ the moAii^ of ail ihak w^ 
to her on evth, ftod reUiming to vDmoe aod daal^ 
mj hmtt ftdted for ber, Wliat, Uinnfht 1, uo 
of tke tick ! tLc; b&TO fricDiU to sooUio— 
to begoito ■ world to divert And dinapMe 
Wbst ai« tb^ snrrowi; of the ^onng T Their 
giowiag miadfl sooci close ftbore the wound — their elutie 
iforiti motm lUft beaeolL the prfaaure — tli^lr gn<eti and 
doetilft lAdtiocui «ooai twim- rtJQiul dew ohjei-ts. But the 
■oiTOwv of tL* poor, who hare no outward Appliances to 
flootike— the sonows ol the aged, with whom liie at beet 
is bot a vititrr diiy, and who can look itjr on nfl^r-^rnwtfa 
ol lof— the sorrows of a willow, e^l, eobtajy, doBtitutoi 
■fl^ra ii g orer an ooty 9od, the bet aoJace of her joais; 
time are utdeed eorrowa which uiake ua fe«l the impo- 
teoey of eonaoUtioiL 

It was some timo before I left tho chorch-Tard. On 
Bjr waj homeward I m«t with the wuuijui who had acted 
aa ooHifoarter ' alie wa^ jtiiit rotiirtjin^ from aeeocnpaaj^fng 
the laother to her looclj habitation, and I ilrow froiu her 
■ome |>artiQiiiara conneded with the affectuig aoene I had 

The porenta of the dccoaAisd hud resided in the Tillage 
from ohildhood. The^ hud inhabited one of the x>catc«t 


ip^md ti^ ft pnm tfinfr ftsd eurwd otf to m^ Bis 
panai* »««md tifiiv «C Ml ttmn, b«l be^vM^ tkik 
01*7 ^iqH Iran MlUiie' Ti vm tlw low of Ifaotr 

!•» aod OMUadMl^, cad cniik itibo his enve. Tbo 
widov. IvJl ]owtiy m bftr aj^ uid fabUncja, oo«U no 
loft^ffr ffQppfjrt ht^rvAi, Aod cbidb opoo tiM jmMiah, StOl 
UWf» VM ft iciml t««UB|c tomd her tlno^hoirt l^vil* 
li«re, ft&fl ft otrUui mvpMi «• being one of tb« oldftit in* 
WriUnta. Aft no cfw ftppli^ for 1ti« fottagp, in v1ii«li 
ibft luul pftiivd fto BftDj luf p7 dftjSt flhd va« peimiMA 


h> remain i.D it, where slie lived solitary &iii3 almot^t liolp- 
IdBS. Tbo ft*w wiLDttt of Q»turd w^re chio^y supplied 
from tLo scanty prodnotioiis of her little gfirdcu. wliicli 
tht ueigliliors wouM now anil tLtiu yiiltiv.iti?i for Lgf. It 
was bttt a fev tUya before tJie timo At which these oiiv 
cuDafitaEcos wero told me, that eJie was gatlieruig Bome 
wgotalilas for her repast, when the Jieard Uie oottaft^ i3oor 
vbidi fao^d the garden sndjlenly opened. A atraugor 
c&m€ out, ami seemed to h<^ looking <it%^i\y aud ivihlij 
Qfound. H« wa» dressed in Beauioii^s clotheit, was emuioi" 
jiti-d And gliawUv pale, and liore Ihft itirof one broki?ti hj 
Dickn^fld and hurdshipK. Ho r^iw h<^r, und hostnncd to- 
wanla her, but his stc^pa wt^re faint iind faltering; he 
aank on hia ku^tes 1>prore her, ami Hob1>ed like a child. 
The poor woman g&:%d upon him witt a vacant and wan- 
dormg tyj<i — "Ob, my dear, dear mother! don't you 
know joar fioa? your poor boy, George ? " It waa iudt^t^d 
tho wwok of her one© noble lad, wlio, Kbatt^red by 
voQiidB, by sickneee and forei^ imprisonment, had^ at 
length, dragged hia woated limbs homeward, to repoae 
among the acenen of his rhildlnioil, 
1 will Dot attempt to detail the particuiara of auch a 
where joy and sorrow were ao completely 
iirnrJed: still he wiis alive! he waa come Jiome! ho 
might yet live to eomfort and cherish b^r old a^e! Na- 
tnrCt howerer. wi^ exhanati'^d in liim \ and if any thing 
Lad been wanting to finish (be work of fate, the desola- 
tion of Ilia native cottage would hftve beun aufficient. He 


^ fli iiHiwiiiainiiii^niTi'iiiiii iiiifa 

A»- MEW « > &cr 9nflt V)mCiinii»^ : wA iff -tt^TM^ «aMh 
Tipan 1lt» qH^-4te itQ «U]1 Inm- aB oMh^ Sn fa 


run wmow axd bbr son. 157 

■pite of Ills diflgrace ; end il all the world beoide ^mi 1dm 
cO, sh« vill bo &J1 the world t^) biuL 

P<x>T George Somera had known what U wiw to W in 
•Eclciievs, and noiw to sootbe^lonely and in pri«»ii, imd 
iK>ne to Tifiit LuEu He could not t^mlure liia ciiot)i<ir from 
bia Bi^ht ; if she move<l awn^, his eje would folloir her. 
8ho would «it for Iiolifh by lii^ bi*i1, wntchiDg him &a he 
sl^pt BotDetimee lti> would start from a f^v^njili dream, 
a&d look onxionsEy np until bo siiw bor bentling over 
kina ; wbeu he would take ber hand, lay it ou bid Loaoru, 
and fall aaWp, with the tranqnlUity of a chUd. In thu 
way he died. 

llj firs^ impiilae ou henring this hiiinhle ta)<^ of affiio- 
tion WAS to vjait the cottuge of tlie raonmcr, and adniin- 
i»t<*r poouniary oaaistaiiGC, imtl, if possiblo, comfort I 
found, howcrer, on inquiry, that the good feelings ot the 
villagers )iad promjjij^tl tlipio to do ptat}- thing lh:tt tli« 
case admitted : and ae the poor know best how to coneole 
each other's sorrows. 1 did not venture to intruder 

Tl^e ne^t Suuday T wa.4 at the vil1a|*e ohiirt-h ; when, to 
tay eorpn^, I saw thd poor old womau tottering down 
tl]« aisle bo hor nprcuatomcd seat on the etops 41F tlio altar. 

Bht? hiul iiindfi nn efTtirt to put on somethiDg like 
mourning for 'her son ; and nothing could \iG more touch- 
ing than this etni^glo between pious alToi^tion and ntt«r 
poTfjrty; A bWk libbon or bo — a fewled black handker* 
ctiief, and one or two more such hnml^le attempts to «- 
press (ly outward eigne that gri^ which poBBon nhow. 



vMttJj luitdunvnl*, tlu oold moH^lo pomp, wiih trhich 
gnadeor laonniMl mognificAntly o^cr deputed phdo, umI 
tamed to Uiw poor widov, how^^d down bj^ «g» loid sor- 
Tow, at did AlCur i:>f her God, uid ofiering up di« pnt^ecB 
ftod prAiaoa of & pJMia, tboo^ ih broken heart. 1 tcLt tiiAt 
iUU livio^; DKiBometii of r«al g^riel watt wartli tl;fim ftIL 

I nfU£«d bttr ttUrtY to »oiiM of dw waolthj iu«mbc-ra of 
Iko ooDfCKftntioo, ood tli^ ven BOfod bj it Tfaej es- 
•rUd th'*m«lTflA to reader Iwr sitantirin more comfort- 
Able^ And In lighfatn hpr aiSiirtinniL Tl wwt, biiwi!xi>rt 
bat snootiitBg ft few etopA to th« gntre. In th« counc of 
* SuwIaj or two After. aW waa mUaed from li«r OAiial 
Ami ftt cfaurcli, And beiore I left iho neigfaborfaood, I 
li«ard, wJtb a feelioft of aAtiafaction, tbAt ilM hod qoiotl/ 
brdAtb^d bcr last. And bAd gone to ti^in tboee aIuj lored, 
Ia IfaAt world where Borrow is nev^r Lsuwot aiuI fnendA 
ATo DiBTer pATted. 




y a pi^eeditig paper I hava spoken of au Eng- 
lish SuiwiiLy in iliQ country, and iU tratiquUliz- 
^ lug effect upon tlt<; Jaudscfipt? ; but wliero Is itfl 
e&cred iiifluenoe more strikingly apps-rent tUau in tliG 
T»iy fa«art of thut gn?ut Babet, Luudun? On tliis a&- 
ciod day, tbo ;^i^j;nntic mooetor is charmed into topodo. 
TLi> lutoleiaMe diu ftud stiuggle of tlie week ars at au 
euiL The liUfipA im* shut, T}ie firtis uf for^^ mid iiiau- 
iiWt4>ri«s are «xtiu^uis1ted ; and the snu, no longer ob- 
Bcnn^d l>y murky clouds of smoke, pours down a fiober* 
y*illow radiiLUce into the qui'^^t HtreeU, T)ih few pndiw- 
triJkDs we meet, inaUad of horryinp forward vnih anxious 
connteniuioes, move loisurely alou;^; their browa ar6 
HOtoothed from the wrinkloK of bu»ine«A and care ; they 
have put on their Sunday looks, aud Sunday tnauncn, 
with their Huiidaj clothos, and era okauscd in miud on 
well as iu person. 

And now the melodious clangor of bella from churcli 
towers summons their several flocks to the foJd^ Forth 
iMaes from his mansion the family of the decent tradea- 

* Pftrt of a tkiitah oiailWi iu tbc pn^cdiog cditiond; 




mM, tb^ fflftftQ c^iUiw im. Ikfr iifiMii 

»; ttttttbo dtiBMi 

afthl ku txamefy «|o«n^ MImvA hj Ifai 

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a Bod And finale 

lhM» k«t jr>Mm MMtaMU^ <i «^ai 

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i^« hmUw ^s^ Ife iai^» ^ 

Ml a^iMln oT 

Ibf k^T, furtWwimni Ml aUMMift 

or a abcnff; Aod 

m^v tk» ip^tWr ol aMAv $ir«4 Mftomei 

m « fTooiariw of 

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«sA 4t |V^v«^^Kv^i imA* Ww& 

TW liV^SlNE ^"^ ^"^ Ift ai BB ««d 

Mn <«lhmi^ kft» tMHVii ; tW yiiira^ 

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«M«lftfJ «^ ili Iglwi Ml BDM1 

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f4iy^ i>hM« Mm <^hm bittAft km^ n»L Hk^ the 

llk*)th^^l^ 4.^ rtmU iW >hmhat< «< tte ttttctouy. 

INw «i I^Mo rx^ lUnf: v» fc^flhil; Wl aooA is bcitd 

IImi l<-<k^ i<f>r«Wl^ MnJ «if Ab a 

tuHw tittof! and 

t«i ^f^>«^th tW f'WjBi; Imm nd uu<m; U)d the 

ft«w4 «4«fb«^tlM ^ tirr^ <Vi^ v*la^[ ti 

b«i«Mnd villi 

VKr>l*xl,y itml |i««i«w N«<v«>Y Vftvr I \m 

w wmModbb 

1^ till «Mi^i^-«n£ <«ft^(t (<rf 4tere)i i 

rasM, ik»B vUii 

1 kf^w W^ftvU n ikm Tv«r«4 ImA. &t ib hvir «l joj. 

ip«ftl netropoltt^ 

ftW^'Ktint &K M fl wwQ^ fron %D Ui* sovdU iiiiJiiliiiM 





of the week; ojiii Iwiuing the poor world-worn aoul on 
a titU of triumpliant liatauony to hcavea. 

The luoruiiig service in at nii pml. Tho alii>«tfl aro 
again alivo with tiio con^e^^tions rGtmning to theii 
homes, but soon o^uin relapse into eilttuce. Now comen 
on the Sundiby dinner, wliicih, to the diy tradesmitn, i« 
a meal of somd importance. Tliare is more loigurci Ict 
Bodtd onjojmeut at tbe bon.rd. Members of the f&inily 
cttn now ;^rtt!irr toj^elher, wLo ore scp»r»tod hy the hi- 
boTioafl ocLiipaticmfi of tlid W99k. A scliool-boy m&y he 
permitted on that drty to come to the patornal homo; 
an oUl fi-iead r>f tlio fkiiiily tiilc^s hia ut't-nntomeil Siin- 
day eeat at the board, tells ovor his woU-Jciiowi] stories, 
and rejoices voiuig und old with his well-kno^rn jolcoa. 

Oa Siuid.ty iifbi^rtinon the int/ poura fcirth its Icgionit 
to bri}uth3 the fresli hit und otijoy thd sunshine of th(k 
parka and nirdl onvirona. Hntirieta may s^ny what Ihoy 
please about the rural snjoymeiita of a London ^'itUoii 
on Sondaj', 1int to m^ there la something dftliglitfii! in 
beholdinf; the jpoor prUouer of the erowdod and dnaty 
citj enabled thuh to comn UtHh one© a w&?k and throw 
lilaiiMlf apaii the gryen bosom of imhire. He in like a 
eliild reitton^d to th« n]other*s breast; and tb^y ^ho 
firii Hpr^ad out theee noble parks and magniiloeDt 
p]r^&Kiiri^n>tindA wliich sHironiid tliis hnge mtitnjpo- 
liH, bxiVG douA at l&ast as niiioli for its heidth and 
nnralify, tui if thoy had expended tbo amoiut of oost 
ill IioepitAl«> prisonj^ir and penitentiarioa* 



hove IkatiS mjr [nMt'NnJidfiitlidr U<1K Uva bin £r«tt-|^nuL('^riimlf]ilhm-*bijali] 
My, Hut tt wv« in cMlI prnvirb v^hvn hU frdAL-graTjiirutlwr wt« i, i-UilA, that 
'IL rtv u j(uvi1 wiuJ iLial. UJl'lv iwau LoL^u wUjv.'" 

Udtavk BoMum, 

T IB a pious custom, in aooe Cfttiiolii? oountrios, 
to Ijuniir tile miitirciiy of yamta Ijy votivri ligliU 
bnrDt licfoi'o tUoir pictiiras. Tho popiUiLrity of 
a hikitit, titerefoie, maj be koowa by tLo nuiDbor of those 
offdTUi^M, 0]ie« perhaps, ia left to munlder in the dark- 
ness of hia Utile chApi>l; another may have a solitarj 
lamp to thiow its blinking thys athwart hU^iEg^; while 
thn whole bhixe of AcloratiiJii is hbvisheJ at tlin Khritin of 
Bome bojLtitieil father of renown. TbG wealt}ij dovx>toe 
brings hia huge Luniinarj of wax; the eager !SC«blot his 
HevoTk-hnkn(^lieiI L^andlcr^Uck. and evfM) the ntendicnDt pil- 
grim IS by &o me^jia satisHed that suffir*i$tit light is 
thrown npon the dec^nsed, nul^ss he hangs up hia tittle 
lam|r of suiokiiLg oil The cooaoquence is, that in tbi 
eafjerneas to enlighten, tht^y are iift"*n apt to nhscnre ; 
and 1 have ooooaionally seen an mJucky saint almost 



smoked out of coanteuatice by tlie ofllciuuHUiOha o[ lus 

In Uko nafinnftT lias it fiuNi^d vitli the immnrtAl Shok- 
»peAre. Every writer coiisid*?rs it his boumlr^i A^xiy lo 
liglit lip srirae portion of his i-liuructor fir work*, nirl to 
rfTMCue Eome nu^rit from oblivion. Tko i}oium«iita.torr 
opTtLeot in words, produces vut tomc-« of dissertations; 
tVip cnmraom herd of ©ditors spnd np miiil.H of tiliwiinty 
from tLelr notee at the bottom of ench po^e ; and «iV6ry 
ca^ioal scribbler briu^a ^^ f&rtMiig mslibf^ht of etUogy 
ur n-6enr<;1i, to swell tlin trluud uf iucnuHe itud uf nmukft. 

As i honor aU oi;tiiblifiLod nsuj^^it of my bn^th^rli of tJio 
quill, 1 thought it but propor to contribute mj mite of 
homage to tbe memoty of the illuHtriuu^ bard- I was for 
some time, however, Borelj puzzled iu what way I should 
diwjhar^ this duly. 1 found myself auticiportfid in ©very 
ntUuii[)l ftt a new ri^HiHi;j^; niiery doubtful liii* bjj4 been 
explained a doi^a diffo<rcul wu/a. aud ]>t'rpl&i*-d bevond 
tbo roaoh of elucidatiou; und lui to £iio paiusi^fi^ thoj 
b*d aU bi^cu umjdy pmiiu^d by jtri^Tiuus ndmirem; nay, 
90 completely had thi* btird, of late, been overhLrdixl vith 
pa&ogyno by a K^eat German critic, that it was diAmilt 
DOW lo fisd even a bolt that had not been nrgaed iBto a 

Iji this peiplcxitT* I was ono mominf: tominf; orer hie 

/p^getft whea I caHtally ope^ned ttpf>u the <:omic H<vtn«s of 

iBnTy IT., ami vuk, ju n iiiuidi*-u1> umiiili^Udy Irnd iti tltn 

^^»f^^ifx m**!^ uf the Boar's H^iad Tarem So vividly 


HAW \4tfii ivfrM''M^ ^"4 v^ ^ii l?»J 

OTJrti'li » jut lA 




we if tb« old Boar'* Hftmd XttT*ni oifll «zirtB. W^o 
knowB but 1 tnaj lif^t iipcni conv lopjOMdary taaes oC 
Uanm Quickly and bo gaeato . at uij rate, iIm:!^ vill be 
A kindred ptoigmg, in trp-sdliig ih« Jbiib cMm vottl vitii 
afiirBlrtk,1o ttat tbo top«r «ajo7» ia «BeUiK«to tlia 
Ainplf caok oooe filM vilh cenejoiw vine*" 

Tlii^ roaoilptioti w«a no kxmmt forvnd ihan pal in buk 
eotioiL 1 f(irb«ar to ls«*t ol the rsiiovw adrantest tad 
wond«nt I eudooniisred Ia 05 ItAtds; ol Ike bamiM 
Tt^^axm of Geek Iaw ; of Uw iadtsd ^ade« dL Little ilnt- 
ain, md th« part* adifteesil ; vhal perOa I ran la Qatea m ^ 
street aad old J^irry ; of \h^ mioviked OaildliaU and its 
topatonlcd idai t«,tbe|ndpaftd w(iiid«r«f U>pca^, aal 
ftba fiarror nf aU oaladcy nrrtiuig ; and bo« 2 vinted Lob- 
doB StoDo, aad stroci a; «taff npoa it, ia iautataon of 
that arch ivbeL Jack Cadis. 

T^t it m£cv< tn sav. that I at length wnmA ia liMffjr 
£a«tehei^ that aociaot refpou of wit and ■ rniMil. vlaefe 
the yetj aaaaa <A the ataeele rcluhed of ^^lod dMer, aa 
Podiiug Id&e hean teBlimiMir «?vea at the pieatait day. 
For Easteheap, aaja old Sc<nr«. " waa alwajg famous Cur 
tta oottviri^ doit^i. ^le fioohca «siad hot nbbca of beef 
roatflodt picA nrll hahedtand other vicfcoala: therit was 
riaHeHiig of pewter pota. harpe, P^p^ *tid aawtrie." 
fthiT' horw ndly is the boodg ehaagod aia^ie the roaring 
dajaof FablaffaikdaMBtove! The ntadc^ lo^nef ha^ 
gmtn plafla to thn |ili>diling tvadfluaaa ; the dattdring nF 
pote and thfiaonad of ''hijpe and aawtrie,'^ w the din of 






cwts aiid tli& a<?cuTfied dinging of the duetm&n'fl bell ; 
no Bon^ ie L«ard, aare, haply, the fttroiii of ttom^ nirea &oni 
BUliof^'sgjite, cliantiug the caloj;^ of de^wased m&ckonL 

I Rcu^lit, ID vain, for th<a ujicncDt abcMlo of Diuna^_ 
Quickly. The only relic of it is a, boax's head, gsitt^iI ni^| 
nrlief iu stotie, wkicb fnruierly iserved ax tLe sign, but lit 
pr«Hent ift built into the pitrtin<{ line of two }ious<^ wliich 
Rtoitd on the fiitc nf tlio renowned old tavr^n. 

For tlw histonr of tbia liUle nbnde of good &i11oVTAhip^ 
I WM reffliTod to m taUow-cbftndJer's wi(low^ oppoeite^ 
Trbo hhd beeu bora and broitgbt up on the Bpot> aii4 waft 
hxiked \i]i to us th« indispiitjtbU rlimnicVr <>f tbe ueigb- 
borhuuiL I found lier ifeati>d in a litthf l>LU-k parlor^ tho 
window of whirh lookc^d out upon n ynrd about oigbt Eect 
AqiiAm, laid out iw a flower-garden ; vhil^ a glass door 
opposite nfforded a distftnt peep of tbe street, throu^li ft 
viflta of soap and tallow oondlea : the two viewa, whidi 
CLmi[inflf«d. in all probability, her prosperls in lif*', luid 
the little world in wbicli she bad lired, and moTed, and 
bad her bf^in^* h^r tb« bettor f>art of a centurr. 

To Iw \4!r!*rd iu ibe bwtory of E»u>(cheap, great and' 
littln, from Ifondon Stnne even nnto the MoDTinient, waA 
doubtle^H, in bt^r opinion, to be acquainted with tbe hm* 
tory of tbe mdverae. Yet* with all this, a!xe posaeRHftl' 
tbp aimpliHty of true viadotn. and that liberal coEa[Qiial<i 
cative <H;?po^itlon, which I have geiierallj ronuirked in 
inbelli^nt old buiiee, knoiring in tbe oonoenis of tbelr 
neighborhood. I 




Tier inform&HoD, however, did noi oitend Jar back itilo 
ftBtiqni^. Sh(v conld tbrow do Li^bt upon tho hiBlorr of 
Ui<^ Buor'd U«ul, frcm tho time that Dam^ Quicklv 6ft- 
|MiUJi^d ih& vAlinut Piato), until the great ilre of Loindou. 
wlwn it was anfortnnatolf burnt down. It was bood re- 
bmlt, and contiBii^ to Qonriab under tho old uamo and 
ftign, until u dj^ioK t^uidlord, atviick with rrmor^ie for disa- 
ble KOon^K, \tiu\ m«taAur^!i4, ujid otht-r ii]U|iii titbit, vhiiTli are 
iiKsid^nt to tlio ftinful moo of puMicoiui, t^njIi^QTorfrd to 
makci bia pe^aoi^ vritb ht^aron, hy tx-qiicAtbittg tJio t^iTTn 
tci St. Mu'bnid'K Chiin-}i, CrcKikc'd [^nne, tnnHTiU tbn mjp- 
portinf; of u chtploia For some time the veelty meeting 
m^m m;ukH>- Li^ld tliere ; but it woa obtuTrvt-d that tho 
old Boar »ev^r held up hia head undi-r diurc^b f^nrern* 

tut. Ho ^odtialj; ElooUcod, and Himlly ^'avo liia hiAt 
About thirty jcara nincc. The iavrm v/ta then 
iBd into HbojM ; but nlio iafornir'd mr that a pii-iure 
of it WAS HtiU pr«tS9rvQd in St lUJichaol'fi Chiircb, ^thicb 
stood just in the rf>iu. To get a sight oi this picture was 
iiw my dieter HI Liirilicii ; ao^ Laving iulurnied myaelf of tha 
^l>od« of tbe aottou, I took my loave of tbe renerablo 
^chronicler of E&ntcbc^up, my mit bavins doubtloae roiaod 
greatly brr opimnn of b«r Iffgendar^' lure, and furnu-ibfsl 
an important innidcnt in tbn hiKtury uf li^-r lifv*. 

itooet mo aomo tiifilcnlty, and ninoh curionu iu(|Uiry, 
U> ferret ont ib« bumble bAiigcr-on to the cbnrcb. I had 
to esplon* C7nu>knd Tiimr, Ati<1 divr>rKi» littln jdl»?yH, aud 
filbovs, and dark passo^s, vrith vblcii tbia old oitj is 

T»r sxtrrcBsooJc 

|Mivfn«>tU>il, Uk# Ml MK^at chMs^ Off • wocm^ttleii cheat 
%\t kli«i««MiL Al Ivo^Ah I trttmd kin fa> a ctiruer uC 

Vha «»\ton «w a «Mk, aofMnag 4ittla maa, of 
U(^ iH>(s V%>ftli h«^i : v«4 ba fcad a plMOiftl twmkliag u 
btH v\A ahI ttM«A>ar^ML «oaM aw aod Ikea faasard a 
avriftit ^^vwAi««»^T ; WMk aa a aaa iif kafr lorn a«lai« mi^til 
Halaw Ivi uMiiv tt Hw ^*s|kaft« ol b^ AaiA w a gdcna, 
iiViA «^M<H «i%Hv Ma x4 tW «artk I &mAUb m co&h- 
yiiV>»#>»a*y<» i^iai^ ■■nil^MCa»Matwa 

«-<^l a^HhNl lh> a*M* al 
V ^^ 





OD conkunpUtiiig Ibe tomb of Virgil, or «ol jien Uio 
■Donuinent of a Msrllmroiigli or Tiimii&«^ 

I catrmot but turn nside^ nhiU thnfi BjMaking of Qluft- 
iooa luen, to obfierre that tit Hidftera, CnwkiHi Lmmm, 
contains alho tijo aalies uf lb:il (l4jii|;htj^ dianipint], WJl- 
liajji ^'aLworth, Icni^ht, wko so maufuU/ oLoto doiru tlie 
Bturdy vight, Wat Tyler, Ln Hmithfiold ; <b hero worthy 
i)f Itoiiorable bUscni, tm nituost Uid niily Tjiiril Mnyor 
on record fiLmous for deecU of arms: — tbe sover^ii^nfi 
of Cockney being gcoaraUj rODOWued aa Hxt moat podfio 
of &U E)otfiuUte«.* 

Thp followinjc Tu tbc badont ioacrifitUm cm Ihr rnotiuTiicnt of tbU 
VOlthj; vhkli. uiiTiAT'pUri i**a ilAtruTcd in Uie gnat «oiiflas°>LJ<^- 

Urt^QTub^r iTlh n imui r>f PiTUt?. 

Anft tvf» I^>n1 MjiiiK, wi in lwrk« Appnn ; 
W^ vith «ouf*ff* ittoul wJ iTianlir vfgH 
Sir* JacI; Stn« in Kvaz tticlur^l'* eii^L 
For vblili AM dvi«. Bad uw cnCMit 
tb« Kj^ (Md« kttn Imft^ InnwUMnti 
And C&Tv ]it» ftniMi M kfiv foa ao^ 
To dfokrr bb llftfl tad dtlnldil^ 
Bt Irft U^ >Tfl tlw jttn «if «ur 0*1 
TUrtMD bmdfvl bwmn a^ IfaM oM, 

Ad «v«r tD Um Itnradiv iuKsipUon b^Wn (MTvcttd IftlH 
aUefltov^ TTfciim.'Milli 1i^ -'H l«tfc bwo Ur ^>n^ >bvd b^ 
vnlpr vpttta. tbtf «* nM Mitt-o do«a » MiMIr br Hr WDUm 
WalwwilLtliellMVtftb.rljaHllBbir. vm ■■■H Jtdt tk*»», —4 Ml 
Wat TjW, I ttevffat jtotd ui niecMik Cb* nA mtuHTud ^urfri bf Mdi 
tetlnvf M I flMl a BiwiMtf Mil fMd raoofik TW iHiMrtf*! iMubnL ar 
af fhe Da«ttca, t^n VatT}te.M c^ tj^Rw: UH«Hinl 
^ or lack, 8ua«." <tc. tte. 



tarbed spiriU; a&d erery o»6 must har^ heard ol tLe 
CQ«k Lone ghoet, and the ap]>anttoa that k^^b^b tiw 
ngAlia in the Townr, which Ijam fri|;bt«?)ied ao mauy 
bold v^ntiTielg almost otit of their witiL 

Bft all this as it raay, this U<)hort Froaton t>c«ma to 
hftTO beea & vortlij fliiciwsnur io tht? uluiUle-tori^uisd 
T^Dcia, who atteiided upon the rewilM «f Pri«(*« Hal; to 
hav^ been oqiiftlly prompt with lam "unou, ;uif>u^ air;'* 
and t<] fiare b-An^ceuded hia preilocoffsir in honortty; for 
Falntjt^, bhe verainty of wbo^n LiLuta ttii iittui will v^Tiitiira 
to impeach, flatty aocu^es Frimcia of puttlut^ lim« lu bb 
sack; vhcrcM hooeat Prostoa'a dpitatph Utttie him for the 
**obrirty tjf hi* roiidntt, the BouEdoiWK of hi* winr, ivu\ 
111*' fainines of his ni^aeiire.* Th« worthy ^Hgntlflries of 
tbo ehnrch, howorer, did not appear mticb captivated b^ 
the 9ob<Tr tiitiicfl of the tapator; the doputy oiganiat^ 
who hail a moint look out of thd eyp, mtdlr f;nm<* xhrpwd 
■yJ ""*^^ ou tho Abattemiouaneee of a man brought up 

^^^ * JU thii Inscripiioik i> nfe with «ace11imt moraJitj, I tntmri^ li fov 
Ul« admonition nf il«Umtiinit U|i>c#riL 1i bv nn iloubt, tiiv iirodi^-UDn ol 

^**'***_ to cliu tbc loiiinif irorM burprtviv 
Prodiuvd ASF lubot ton. ami lu^r* h? IIhv 
Tb««cl> r«Ar'd ^TDont* fall hotrv^Ada, h» dofj^ 

O mulnr, tf Ur Ju^in Uuiu'rt inclined, 
KhP bondol J'ratoo diLtlj In th; mini!. 
B* diea c-rtU wifto, took ottf« I* llU fcin fcb, 
EidHiblrv >iflucaliMt4Jirui>edbi*Uua«. 
Vcm Unt <v B«fpliiw lia'o li" li^ tlupMidBaa^ 
Pwf M97 BA Iff Di^wj* mill aitiiaaaaDa. 





!■ mte* eorroboTB te J 

wiak. aad ■ dataooB ahaka 


tibtj- tfcnv niu^ light 

of mj^nm^ih^ 

iiiri Willi il -ulnrT-ADd 
■gmiiMifc!" &>1 



^ ^-4b 



puijtinar^ into bQi««, esHi ccmtunifif; a tmhlr* K|vn^ 
wJlh a cle^a while doUkt rao^ for din»»r. Thiw »hove<l 
tliAt thoi gi»eta vera o( the f:ood okl wtamv*, abd tlivitlMl 
Uirir clsT equAliy, for it wns Iwit jttid om* oVWk, Al the 
lower ^nd of tho room Viut a oIo^lt coul 6n>, Iwlcin* vrbi(>h 
n breast of lamb vm roMting. A tow of bright bTiiwi 
candlesticks and {irwtpr tnn^ gtiHtnneil alnn^ tho idiih- 
t«1pieco, aud &n old-faahionod H^i*k ti(?kod in ouo i^orner 
There wits samctiiiii^ priiuiUvQ iu this modLoy of Ititvhvit, 
parlor, and LaD, tliat carric-d lue Imck to oarlior timi^i, 
fliid pIpHsed me. The place, in(1f?«i1, vvm huruhln, bnl 
ovorj thing Jiad that look of ord«r otid iw»tn6«a, which 
bespeakfl iho fiajiermkndMi^M,' of a iKilahli* HiiKli^h hfiiij»«- 
vUel a group of iu]]|>hn>ioti>i*1rM»kiiJK Ifl'iirK^, vtluf mi^'hl 
bo either 6«henn«ii or iailon, %'vrG ri^^jiliuK tbeidHelfeii 
in one of the boscM. Aft 1 wb« a Yialtor of rather hii^luir 
pretanoioMi, I waa Bfthetud luto a little iniawbapcp bscL- 
mom, hamig at leaat njike cnnwn. It wak ligbUd \ty m 
vkyhf^if Eortu^tued with antiquated leatlAom cliMtit, and 
onmneBtod with tlie portrait of a fat i^tK- ^i ^^ ^^^ 
d^ntly apfvoprialied to puiicoJar ruHtoioi^ni, and J foillid 
ft shabby f^eoUeiDas. in b md xvjiwi and rjil-<*loth hat, 
0B8bed in oDe ooc»er« medi tat i r^ on a hali-«u[Ay pot cf 

The o]r] a^rton liad lakiMi the landtadjk ueid*^, abd with 
■b air of |ito4otUkd Jiojx>rtauc« in^pjirU.^I f^ bi<r ujjr i>r- 
isbd Daiae Hoiw^y^xdl wftfi & Lik<>ly, plninp, baatUii^ 
littie wQiuuL aod no bad auUstitutc lor that poruffoa uf 



JU oj>portiimty to iiblign ; nml Imrrfing up stuire to the 
AnshiTCtt of hei Looae, wkere the preoioue veBBela of Lbo 
paruh dob wen depoBJtedi flh« relumed, amiling Kod 
[HAHyinf^ with ibeiu iu Ler bantU. 

Tlio firtt iho prM«ikt«d me wa^ a jap&imud Iron tobso- 
^flC>4>ox, of gigratio kuo, <jut uf which, I woo told, the 
re aUy hwl iiniok«cl at thvir ntAteil m^lukgn, itinnp time 
inuQcmorial; And wbicb wa« never siatfered to be pro- 
fuiod bj vnlg&r hajids, or iiflo<l on contmou occaeiooa* I 
rehired H with beoomiug ^eYereuoe; bu4 what srm» vaf 
doUght, At baholdiDg OD its covar the ideutic&J ptiuting 
of which J VJM in qooiRt! There wzui dUplnjed tho oat- 
etde of the Boar's H«ii<l Tvvom, uid before the door waa 
to be floeu the whole ronviviAl Cfronp, at table, in full 
revel; pictured with that wondorfid fidelity and force, 
with vhich the portraits of reuuwund ^eui^ndH and iMiin- 
modoMta ore illustrated on tobacco-botea, for the boiu^Ht 
of posterity. Ijcirt, bowovor, there should be any mb- 
Uke, tbe cunning limner had warilj tnftcrilfpd the nAmea 
of Prinoe HaI nnd Falgtaflf on Uie botbome of thetr chairs. 

On the ineido of the oorer ^aa an inaoriptiou, nearty 
obliterated, reoordinj; tba^t tliia box y;it» the };Ui of Sir 
nichAril Onre^ fir th« um> of the vestry meeting at the 
Doar'e Hi-acl Tavem, antt tlial it wan " n^painxl and bean- 
^fied hj hiA auc<iewtoT. 3k[r. John Packard, 1707/' 5ueh 
]M a faithful d^'Acriplicni of tliU uu^ist and vt'.nerjihln 
relio; and 1 ^u«atio& whether the learned Bcriblorioa 





^tttomplateJ bjs Komun eliicJ>:l, or Uio Kniglite of tho 
Bound TabJo ttio loDg-dougbt sau-gre^ witli moia e^ul- 

While 1 wae meditating on it vitU ciiruptnr*?d k*^^* 
X>ame Honejball, wlio was liighl^ gratilldd hy the iuU^r- 
QBt it eicitpd, put ill triy baiitlH & driiUdDg vnp or ^obldt, 
which also helooged to tbe Testry, and Viis dosceiided 
from the old Boar^A HeaiL It hore the inacriptioD of 
baviu^ been the gift of Fra.ncitf Wjt.liprw^ knight, and wjis 
bftld, she told mo, in eic^dio^ great voluri, being coEisid- 
ored very '*autykc." This hist opmioD was 3tIVQgthctlf^d 
hj the flbabby ^entlpniftu in iln^ rv^d n'>i4f> ami oil-obitli 
kAl, and vliom I fitrongty snspoci^d of boing n line^ de- 
ftoejidaDt From the valinint BAfdoIph. H<^ eti<)donly ronaed 
fr<un bis m^ditotjon on tbe pot of porter, and, cwtiDg a 
Icboiriiig look &t the fiobl^t, exclaimed, " Ay, ay ! the head 
don't (u:he now that made that there arti<^k ! '' 

The grvut iiit[H>rliince ttU:L<^hed to bluA memento of 
ftncient revelry hy modem oburohwanlenfl at first poaalf^d 
me; but there ia nothing ebarpeua the apprehonAion so 
much aa autii|uar{nn research : for 1 imiutdiately per- 
eeived that this w^uld bo nn oDier than thu iil«iitieal 
*'panM]-plt goblet" on whieh Falstaff inude his Icvini;, 
bnt faithless vow to Dame Quickly ; and which woald, of 
cMiirnP, \wi tTea.snred np with cirn rthoiih: the r^uliri of 
her domaindr aa a testimony of that solemn contract." 

■ Thou dlditvipturt^mft upon t. patteil'i/iU cvtttt, aittine in ^7 ^^1- 
|ildn«huabtr, at Uta round uiblo. by » ma-gooI Are. an Wolm^Uy, jn 

1 |ildn«l 



HiM hoeteea, indeed, ^ve n»e m loafi hietay bov 
^blet luui been hADded down £ram |f«&enlioti to geniw-' 
ftUon. Sbe slwi evlertahjed ma villi nuuij particulars 
ooneendi]^ ihe vcrthy ve«tr7TDeii who have Re»t«d them- 
selves tht» quietly u& tlie stools of tke uici^nt roT^t^n of 
£sstclkesp, &&d, like so laaajr cnnunrtiUUini, aUf^r clouds 
of scof^e in hoDor of Sfaskspesre, Tbt>se I farbtrnr to 
rolsto, UiHt my rosdsre shotild not bo as corioiu in Umwo 
tostters as my»li Suffioo h to eat, the neighbors* com) 
and all, abcmt Eastch^ap, b^lipv^ that Falstaff and his 
moTf omv aotnaUy lived oDd r^r^lled ther«. Nay, tbero 
an Bftvenl kge&daiy anecdotes ooocermng him still 6x- 
Uot among th« oldest freqnent^Ts of the Hasoo'a Arm% 
which thej giro as trariEmittc<l down from their lo 
Eatbeni ; and Air. M'Kash, an Irish hair^jreascr, whoi« 
shop stands on the site of the old Bt^ar's Hcod, has 
aevoral dry jokes of Fat Jock's, not lud down in the 
books, with which ha makea his customers ready to die 
of laaghlfrr. 

I now Inmod to my faiiUkd the sexton to make some 
(urLli<T iiuioirics, bol 1 fotind him sunk in pensive mod- 
itatioR. His hctad liad iloc]ui«?d a little im one side; a 
ditrp Ki^h TiiTAToil &nm Ujo Xf^ry liottom of his ktomsi-'lt; 
and, thoii^ 1 could not see a tear trembling in biA eye, 

Wli I II I «i< k, vlimt tW[viiif« Lm>k(T Uijr hiitti for Itk^nuii^ lii* tnlhtr iao 
^u.-UK-: iiuu il WiiiiiHit: Ihnn rifil*! 4WMr In m^ ihi!ti, hs I %»* uiahUi^ 
Uij vutm<L t4 ni«nT m*, »nd awkc mv mj My, ihj wlf^ Ufciut Ukki 
den; it t— /;«firv /K, Pari a. 



jtsi n moistiarrs vros ^vidoDtly stcnUng from a corner of kifl 
tnontb- I foHott^^l thc^ rliri?rii'>n nf h'w nye through tlm 
door which stood op«n, &nd fonnd it ^«d wistfuUjr od 
tilt* ^vorr bi-ea^l of lomtr, roofliiog in dtippLog ridiaeBfl 

I now oallod to mind tliat^ in the oagemos^ of mj re- 
<x]ndit« invi^Hti^^ion. I wu» kocpiu^ the p<]or man bam 

putting in bix Kojid \\ Hm&U tokfiD of tny gTAtitndn liud 
goodDCflBi I dcpartcdt with a hcartv honotliction on iiica, 

■ Damo IIooo^bolL and tbe Pariah Club of Crooked Lano ; 
—not for^tting my shabby^ but ftentenlioufl ftiond. ia tlio 
I oil-doth hjkt and copper uooo. 
Tbiia bav« I given tt"t4£(IiouH bruff " lusiyiunb of thin 
ictcireistiu^ rescariTh, fcsr ivbi^Hi, if ft jirovft too aliort aud 
WiSfLti^frurtorT, I can only plciid mv inoxpcricnori in tbJa 
bnuLcb of litciatiirc, so dc^crrcdlT popular ^% the prcaottt 
i9l^- Iftin awnm ibM n mitrt* fikiifnl iJli]i4trfttor of tb«; 
immortal bard would havB ew^ll^d tha tnuteriala I hav« 
touched upon, to a good merchaDtablo bulk ; compriJiing 
^_ tbe biograpbiBH of Williaia W;i1wortb, Jack Straw, aod 
^H Bobert Predion ; aomt> notice of the eminent fifihmon^n 
^Kof StMiobaol'a; thri biator^- of EristchoAp, great aoid 
litibi; jirivftLn ntii^cTilnUrH at T>Jime HoiLPjfball, and har 
prett}* daughter, whom I haTO uot oven lUCDtionoJ ; to 
%Ay cotbins *jf ft detm*i;l tending tbo brcAst of lamb, *and 
wboiD, by tbo w^y» I remarked to bo a comclj h/m^ with 

A atwt foot luid iukkie;J — the whold enlivenod by tho 





tioitk of Wat Tjler, aud [iluminAted by the grefti ^re 

All this I lenrc, ofi a rioh mine^ to be worki^d bj fot 
n>iumettljit<)ni ; nor <In I di^^pjur Lif kiuju^ tlui to^Muvo- 
box, And th<i '*purccl-^lt i^t^bli^t/' wliic^h I have thuA 
bronglit to light, tho eubjocts of future engravings, and 
ftlmortt as frnUfal of Toluminons di^eertatioDA and dii*- 
putea &fl the shield of Achilles, or the for^fajned F 



1 knov that all Iwnealh the moon dflcnyii. 
And wbAt bj moilalB Lb thie world fa brought. 
In Ume'ft great period slmll rttam to nougliL 

I know that all the mu&e^B heavenly layo, 
WLlh ton of Bprlte wblcb are ao dearly bought, 
Aa Idle aonndB, of few or none ore Bought^ 

That there Is nothing lighter than mere praise. 

DBumiOHD or JlAwrnoRKiiEV. 

jHEBE are certain half-dreaming moods of mmd, 
in which we naturally Bteal away from noise 
and glare^ and seek some quiet haunt, where we 
may indulge our reveries and build our air castles undis- 
turbed. In such a mood I wad loitering about the old 
gray cloisters of Westminster Abbey, enjoying that lux- 
ury of wandering thought which one is apt to dignify 
with the name of reflection ; when suddenly an inter- 
ruption of madcap boys from Westminster School, play- 
ing at foot-biill, broke in upon the monastic stillness of 
the place, making tlie vaulted passages and mouldering 
tombs echo with their merriment, I sought to take re- 
fuge from their noise by penetrating still deeper into the 




flolitndas of the pUe, &ud AppUad to one of tli« reigcni 
for wlmiiwioD to the lilit^r^'. He coucliictecl me tbrongb 
% portal ricli witb the cnuDl>Ui:i^ Beulpiorc of fonoer 
•I^A, wtiidi opened upon a gloomj pa^MLgc Icadiog to 
Ihfi i!li4|iti?r-h(JtiM! &rid Tlti; cJuuiilier iii wliu:li dcMuniuluj 
book i» d«j70iut6<l Jmit witHc tltd pftsaago is & moiLll 
door on tbc loft To thiA tlic verger applied » key; ii 
wu doulilu IcH^fti], and opoD^rtl wiLh vttwe dtffiraltj-, as if 
aeldom ti«ed. Wo no«r AAc^ndml a dark haitow sUircas^, 
uid, peflqing throagL <b eoooncl door, cotcrod iho libmrj. 
t fotuid ui^htrlf in » lofty antique ti^ tUe roof fiup- 
ported bj uauuuve joistd of old English oak. It Vtt 
flotx^rly Itf-htad hj a row of GotUiL* nindowa M a otm- 
aidf^rahli? iirl^lit fniiu tLo flxxjr, and vrhtch npparentljr 
op«iiiH] upon tlio rotifa of tlie doist^ra. An nof^ient 
pSfltwo of aomo rovor«Dd digiuUry of tlie chnrck in bis 
robea Lnug over tLe fireplace- Around tlie bail And 
in A aaiAU gal]i-*ry were tlie boctVa, orruuged io ^^arr^ 
oftken eoM*. TJicy coiuiaU^d priucipzdly oi old pol4'm- 
btti writenir and vere miich Diore- worn by time tbui 
iindl Id Ui« mmtn* of ilin library wim a anlitnry tidile 
witli two or thrM booka on it, an inkxtand wttboiit 
ink, Aikd u. fow ponit parobc<l by long dij^uAc* The ptaoe 
mhtitumI fllti^d for quiet atndy ami profound meditAticift. 
It wiu bari<^d df»op Acnorg tb« massive walls of the 
abWy, aitil ahut up from the tomalt of Iho world. I 
oould ouly Lear now and tban Ibe sbouU of the school-* 
boja faintly awetling from the dobters, and tike aoond of 



a bell toUiDg for pr&yera, ocboing sobetlj thlong tht? roofs 
of the abbey. By de^^rees the ^honte of mprriment grew 
faiiitor aud faiuWr, aiitl at loogth died away ; tho bell 
crjiAci) io to1]« jtud a profuuud aiieuce reifpied tUxou^h 
tba dnaky luUI. 

I liail tivken down a little tlilok quarto, ouriously 
txtnitd in parohinentpT witlt liiu^a claepB, ruid seated mj- 
HcLf at tbe tiible ill a veiieruble elhow-chiur. Iiifiteod 
ol roEiding, hi^wevor, I was begmled by the aolemn 
monastic air, and lifeless qiiiet of the plat-'a, into a 
train of musing. Ka I looked aiound upon the old 
volumes in their mouldering oovora, thus rj^ng&d on tbd 
«heWea. and appatentlj npver dialurbt^d in their repose, 
I ooold not 1)ut ooiisider the library a kind of Ittfrrary 
Ctttm^onib, where iLTithora, like mumToies, are piouwly 
€nt<jmbed, and left to blacken and mouider i3 dm^ty 

How mnflh, thnnght I, ha^ e&fdi of th»fi(^ rolnmi^^r 
now thrust Mid« with fiueh indti1F(ti'enc9, co*;! nomo ach- 
ing head I hew many we&ry day^ ! how mnny filecpJcaa 
nightie I How havi> their authors buried themHr?LveH in 
th« aolitm3e of cells anfl cloisters; ahnt themselvea up 
from the face of man, imd tho ^till more blessed £ace of 
natorc; and devoted (hemaelvea to puiuful rt*i4Barch and 
intense reflection I And all for what? to occupy an ineh 
of dusty shelf— to bavo the titlo of tJieir wotka road 
now and then in a future a^e, by dome droway ohurcU- 
luan or caHual atra^ler like myself; tmd in auother a^ 


th&n two oeutnriea. That tho dean odj IooIcimI now And 
Ikeu into the Ubrarj, fliimetimMs l<Jok down a yoIuuuq or 
two, tri£e<I uuth them for a foitv moment^ and tbou ro* 
turned tJieiu to their filiclvi;ii. '* Whut a plngito do thcj 
mc-Oiiu** said tUe little iiiiarto, uliicli I begnii Ui [icrtKrivo 
wiw flomewLiit «;li[i1»4rir, " wlint a. plague dn tLej mmui by 
kcoping %r\orai thouBnad volumcn of ue abut up hazor 
And watched bj a set of old rergeis, like so many beau- 
ties in a harpRit merely to lie liiokf»d ^it imw und Lh^ji by 
the dcau? Books were written to (^ive pleasure and to 
bo ^njojed ; and I would Lave a ride pasBod that the dean 
ftbonld* pnj L'ai^h of nn a viHit nt lea^t imi^e ayi^iU'; ot if 
ho La not equal to the task, tet tkem ouce iu a wbik turn 
kKHM the wki>Lc school nf WcBiminster nmong ue> thai at 
any rate wo jDAy now itxiA tlieo liave an nirii^'* 

"Softly, my worthy friend,'* replied I, "you are not 
aware how tnucb better you are off than moat books of 
your generation. Cy bein^ stored away iu this ancient 
library, yon are like the treasured remainaof tliose saints 
atid monarohs, whicb lie enshrined in the adjoluint:^ cliap- 
eN; wLiltr the rtiiuuuM of ytuir i^tmleicporajv moitidH, Inft 
(o Ute ordinary conr^ of nature, hnve lung siiiL^e returned 

''Sir/' eaid th^ Itttle tome, ruffling his leaves and look- 
ing bigr *'T was written for all the workl, nnt for the Imok- 
wornis of an abbev. I was intended to circulate £roni 
hand to baud, hko other great contemporary works; bnt 
bera have T been clasped \i^ for lucre tlian two centuries, 



m ^xm:MSoa£- 


j Ini piMferity nnwir ir^jnirRn uftpr his labors- What of 
I Henry of HitbtiiigdoiL, who, besides a learned liiator; of 
^^kfiagUcd, vrote a treatiao ou the coutem^^t of thi) world, 
^^H vrMi^i L}ie world Laa T«vf^ii|^L'4l hy furgcttiiig hiiu? Wlmt 
^V Is quoted of Joseph of Exeter^ «itjled the miritcio of Lu 
' Age in oioBSicul cozapoftition? Of his three grejit heroic 
jxmnis uno is luat forever, eicepthig n moro frngiooiit ; tlio 
. others are known onlj to & fow of thc» ourioim in lil4?rn- 
] tare; nnd as to his love verses and cfigrnras, thcj have 
entirel/ disappeared. What is in uurrenl use of John 
I W&llis, the Francisoan, who acqalred tha n.aine of the 
^^ft tree of life? Of William of M.almsburj' ;^ — of BimeoD of 
^^^ I^arbttin ; — i*f Beurdirt cf Poterborough \ — of Johii Han- 
Till of 8t Albans ;— of " 

"Pritheis frietkd," criod the qniirto, in a testy tone, 
" how old do juu tliiiik me ? Ton are talking of authors 
that lived lonfj before my time, anil wrot^ either in IjatiQ 
or FrGiich, so that they m a maanor expatriated tiiom- 
•elvits, and deserved to be forgotten;* but I, air, woa 
itfth^md into tlie world from thfl preaa of tice reuowned 
"U'ynkj-n d*i Worde- I was VfTiltcn in my own nativo 
toDguo, nt n dmo when the Un^ago hod bccomo lixcd ; 
ukI indeed I was cou^iclontd fk mcxltrl of paro and cleguul 

' In l^lin «jilI Prefi<:h hath many Houtminc wlHtt^ftd ffn«t i1tlyt« to 

nnlitt^ Hud bav4» uiuiv ui<L]ir lljjii^ra fulllUlt^ bul vi'ftw tkrni In-ii m>iuu 

thiU i^4ihi<n thvir p6&iv*ri' in Fr\H|>|ih, of vlilth H[iiiAhft r.TiP FrrTirhr)i>n TiAvn 

,-W jci>^) >^ fnnUvfvr at vi- liAvr id h<VLr}'in|{ cit rruDobiiHUlV £agLl«^tO.^ 



TBS JsiacTcn^BOQS, 





(I bIioqIiI oliserve that tlieee ramarks were ooiicbed in 
«uoh iiitolerabljr tintiqunted tentift, th^tt 1 1mv6 had inCiiite 
difficulty m rcttdcribg thorn into modori] phni«oolog)'.j 

**I <:tj your merry/* eaid I» '^ for mistaking your «gc; 
but it matters Little : almost M th^ writers of your tima 
ha,vQ Ukewiso pasaod into forgeifulQeBB ; slid Dd Wotdo's 
puhli cations itre mere Uterarj ranLie« among book-col- 
Iflt-fcjrs. The purity tint} st^ibilily of buigiiaife, Un), ua 
wbit^ you fcnind jour claims to porpotnlfy, hftvo boen 
the fallacious dep«udeiice of authors of every ftgo. crea d 
biw»k to tho tira^s of the worthy ltol:ert of Glouoealer, 
who wrote his history in rhynaeft of moo^ol ^axon-* 
Even now many iUlt of Bpeuser'a 'well of pure Engliith 
und^^filed,' us If the language ^v^r );prnng from a vo]1 or ■ 
fountain- head r and was not rathor a moro oonfluonod of 
TOTioua tongues, perpetually subject to chansoa &ad in* 
tcnuLKtuiPH- Tt \fi tliift which has mad^ EujrIiHh litera- 
ture 8o ettremoly mutable, and the roputation built upon 
it so ileetiitg. Unless thought can be oomiuitted to eoine- 
thin^ more pemmtierjt and uuchmigeablo than eiuL^h a 
medium, evon thought must sharo tho fate of eTOry tbing 
else, aud ^U into decay. This should aorve as a check 

• Hulinnlirtl, in lita Ohmniolft nlKftrrr*. *■ aflwTranl*, n\fn, hy drllj^Dt 
Invflli at fiittiry Chauv^r and cf John Gown») in Uip bmc of RichanJ tli* 
BbeonJ. unci ifttr th^m of John Sctf^rtin uid Julin Lydji;^!^. tnonlra ot Bc^ 
riv. tmr hluI tfioii^ wuie hmii^hi lo pn excnllrnt pnon. tictHlthitiinilhic 
IhHt ii nvnsT cjimo unti> ito typo of pofMrtlorr unui ibo Utd* <if ijuciBi 
Blixabtth, wherein Johi; Jiiwoll, Blslitjp uf Sunifu, Jihti Pni, &nil *undrifl 
tvumil and i^XiiJJivtL wrtU<TT. hni'e fuUy anxmipluilirtil iliv (inwLLinf uf tba 
muatt Ut thcdr jmut ptui^ ani! immofUi oonurLffidaUan/* 



rnn mutability of literatuhb. ist 

upon tho vnnitj and «xaltiition oi tho most popular 
wht«T, Ho finds the L^ngUfige in vUicJi Jio has embarked 
his famo grmlualty alLHeriikg> and subject tu the dUapiJ^ 
tions^ of tiire und the caprice of fsLBhiou. He Looks back 
and beholds tho earlj aathora of hia country, onee the 
favoritae of their day, supplanted bj modern wiiters, A 
faw short flrgwe havfi eovf^i'ed tlem wilh olmcnritj, and 
tht^ir merits c^jiu only be relished by the qnaiut totite of 
thfi Wokworm. And aucL, he anticipates, wiU be the 
f»U> of his ni^u w^n-k^ whiiJi, Lowevoi- it, may he fblmired 
in its day, ftnd held np aa 'i model of purity, will in the 
cooree of j*>ars grow antiquated and obsolete; uutU it 
Hh^]] tx^crkitke iilmost t\A unintsliigiblo in itA n.itive ]jLm1 iis 
an E<^'ptiau obelisk, or one of thogo Kunio iuscrlptions 
said to exist in the deserts of Thrtarr- 1 ileolare/* added 
If with HamB ^mntion, ''when I c;out,ewpULte a tiiodem 
library, filled with new works, in all tho bravgry of rich 
gilding and bindin^^. 1 feci disposed to sit down c^ud 
vr«*4!p ; likr^ tlji< good Xerxes, when he surveyed tiis arTDy, 
pranked out in all the splendor of miUtiiry Army, and r^ 
fleeted that in on4 hundred yoars not one of therm would 
be in rxistruce I *' 

*' Ah/' said the little quarto, with a heavy Bi^^h, '' I sea 
how it is; these modem soribtilers have Bupereeded all 
ihd good old rtttthors. I auppoge nothing is read uow-a- 
dayK but Sir Philip Sydiiey'i* Arcadici. SiUikville-'-H ^tatoly 
plays, and Mirror for Ma^slriLtes, or the fine-spaii en- 
phuiftms of tho ' unparalleled John Lyly/ " 





"Thtrtjcm ato ttgjon miaUkes," said I; "IIk) writcn 
irbuui vcm Hiip|i(wfi in rogoe, twrvone Ui^j luipppnml 
to bv fto wkftii y<Mi w^t^ last in circul^tioik, hMve long 
ftboe bA<t Umjit dsy. tiir TJulip Sjdjiey'a Atc^du^ the 
imiavttalitj iA which wui so fondlj predictMl b^ hi§ ul* 
mijvra,* and vbidit in truUi, is full of oobl^ tboogbla, 
delicate tnuf^oHr ftod graceful turaa of Laai^iuH;^ is dot 
acATCfilj ever mentioueiL fwck^tllt; baa ^Irulted into 
obac-aritj ; and even Lyly, though Uu writiiigB v«r« 
once the (h^l]^l of & court, and appareiitlj |>erpetiialed 
by a piOTorb, ia uow Bcoii^ly knovD etea by name, 
A vhold crowd of authors who wrote and VTAn^led 
at the tio^e, have likowieo gone down, with eil thodr 
wnLitigH and tlivir coDtroversips, Ware after wave of 
■uct'j^t^Uiiijj; litffmtnTie lias rollei) ovbf them, until tliey 
are bnri['d mo ilc<^p, tlutt it is only now and then that 
HOflje iiiduAtrioQfi diver after fri^au^Qts of antiqtitty 
brii)^ np n upocrimeTi for th9 gmiifieutiun of the curious. 

"For my port," I continued,*'! consiLler this muta- 
bility of lanpiage a wiae precaution of PriiiTiil^Dce for 
blie Iwueftt of the worlJ at lAv^e. aiid of jiiithois in 
particular. To reason from analogy, wo daily behold 

lP>lilnL-|ii]lu uf TilH n'>tjlD twjmpi: uhI vvvt nutify uiiEu llii? vorM tb«t 
Ihf writer ««■ (hf tH'tefiirj' of elwjUrt^Cf*, ihn lirwlli <^ Cli- friiitMi, l^n 
Ivmnj'lwT of Uio dolntjcftt duiron o1 witt nod mi*. Ihr filh of imnnilu 
ftnd lniaU«otiiA] Tlrlmv^ tlia lu-uii^ cif llrllnna in tKc ^cM. tbr 1'>a£« «l 
liomUIn Ui» rliBiiibvr, the uptlUtnl I'mritln In f»c, wid Uk« |»ni|EUUid 




ttli nriad and be&atLfiU tribes of Teg&lablcR epritk^iug 
np, tioorUbiiig, adormni^ tlie fields for a. eliort time, 
and tlidn fading into dust, h> make way for their sue* 
oes&on, Were not thir; tlie c!ls(>, the f^cTuidity of nft- 
toTo would t>c Ji gric^voiico itistc&d of & bloaeiuj;;. TiiO 
enrtli woulil gromi witli rank and eicesMTe vegetALioa, 
md its enrrace become it tiiDf^lt^d wildHmeaa. lu Uko 
TDaniLer thrr works of genius mid loamicg dooliiic», and 
moke WAj for siibsoqucct productions. Language grod* 
ually varies, and with it faile away the writinB>4 of 
snthoTfe who have douri^hcd tli^ir allotted time: other- 
wise, the creative [towers of geuius would overstock 
til** woriilj and the mind would be completeh' bewil- 
dered in the endless Eiiozea of litcraturo. Formerly 
there werd Bi>me reatraintB en tbis eiceaaiTo iQultipli- 
cation. Works hjwl in be trwuscribed by hard, whicb 
irtfi a alotv and laborious operation^ they were written 
either on parchment, which »vaa expensive, so that one 
wi>rli was ofleu ^rasu^d to make wht for jmothwr: or 
OD pftpyraa, which wab triple and e:ttremely purifth- 
ftblcu Authoi^hip wiu» a limited and unprofitable or&lt> 
pareiied idti'fTfly by nionkn in tl^e h.^intjn? and solitude 
of tlieSr floiHtdru. The accumulafcinn of mHnnscripts waa 
«low end coetly, und contini^d almost ontiroly to mou- 
aeteries. To these ciicumstoncett it may, in sotne mtrnd- 
nre. be owing that we have not l^een imindnt^d by the 
intellect of antiquity ; that the foontfuos of thought 
h&re not beeD broken up, «aid modern geniua drowaed 




in Uie dclago. Dot tbo iuTentions of papor ftnd tbo 
pK&0 have put au emi to all tlieAd r^Htr/unU. TWjr 
liave maile every noe iv tvnter, ami i-iiaUttil et-ory miod 
to pour iteelf into print, and diffuse ittfcU orcr tb^ 
wliok intelleotiial vrorld, Tlie coii8e<LuetLceft aic ^lAim- 
iu^ TUf* ntreara iif litpmtnr*^ lins swollen into u i«r- 
rdut — uugmeuted into a river^expjuided iiLto a »«*. A 
low coDturicH nince, ti%-e or aix hnndro<l niAQueciipts 
conHtituU^d » great Hbrarj ; bat what would jou bbj 
to libraries such ns urtiiallj exist, containing tlired or 
four liundrcd thousand votoniDfl; iegiou8 of autbora at 
Oie waiin' Liiiie btisy ; ami the pnifls ^"lug un with fijar- 
fully JnoreBGing activity, to donble nud qitAdnapIe th« 
nutuljci? Uuleds some unforeseen mortaUtj- shoidd bn^ak 
out among tlif^ proj^euy of the muf^', now tLal she Las 
become so prob'flo, I tremble for posterity. I fear th6 
mero tlaotuation of language wiU not be eujficicnt Cn- 
ticmiti ma/ ili: niucli. It increiiBea vritb Lbe inttn^niw of 
Utorntum, und rc^eemblefi one ijf tbose salutiuy obeoks 
on population epokc'ti of by ecoooioista. All possible 
enoourn^t^mr^nt, therefore, should be giviin to the growlb 
of criticft, good or b»d. Bat I fear all will be in ¥Ud; 
let criticism do wiiat it may, wxitere will write, print- 
era will jfrinl, and the world will inevitably b© oTur- 
atocked with good books. It will soon be the emploj* 
ment of a lifotirao mcrtdy to lc*Am th&ir munea. Uany 
a man of paanablo information, at th«t i^cnrnt day, rcttda 
ioaroaly anytliing but niviowii; and bofuru lon^ a man of 



fmtditson will lie little Wttor timn ft mere wftlbing caU- 

"Mv TCTy good sir" muJ the bttio qoarto, jAimisg 

mart (Irwirily in my fjun?^ "eictisft my tnt^rmptirj; yoo* 

It 1 peroeire yon cr^ rather ^\^i to prose. I wdii]<1 

'ofik tl^} fat« of an AntLor who n-a^ making »om6 ooin^ 

JEiAt^Aft I left tiie worliL Hm repmatiou, buwi^ver, wiw 

considered qnit« t^inpormy. Thd learnnd »liook tliotr 

beads ai liUBr for lie vaa a poor ]iiklf-«ducat«d vArlctt 

tb&t kiM^w littlt* nf Lat.iii, nud nothing nf Orrcik. mtA 

^Jwl bcon obliged to nm tba country for docr-ttt^BiUlng- 

Hy think his oaiDo was SbAkBpeanx I prc«aino he «oon 

^BDuk into olilivioo." 

^L ^ Ob tlje coEtiary," Baid I, " it U owtur to tfcat Tery 
^^an tLit the literutmo of hia pomd Ima exiterif-cced 
a duration lieyoud thft unlinar^ icixu of EnglinL litor- 
ataiR- There ruio aiitlifirs now itnc) then^ wbn h^m^jd 
proof ik^auut Ui« mutubilify of langiiii|COi bccuiuiti tiicy 
haro rooted themselTes in the tinch&ngiiig prlncipLt^d 
of hnman Datore. Thoy am Ukr gign-ritin trt*m thnt 
ve aotn6tiine« see on th^ banks of a Ktiofim; wliioh, 
by their vaat aud deep Toots, peDcliating throagh the 
mere surfnce, and laying hrrld tiu the vrr}^ fouriilatioits 
of the earth, preserve the soil around xhem frnm be- 
u^ swept Away by the ever-flowiog evirrent, umi hold 
up ujiuiy a iitiiifhIioriTig pl&itt^ and, perhaps, worthk-^as 
waod, to parpetm^. Sneh is the C8«e «itb ShnkMpt^itrtv 
rbom wo behold defying tho encToaohmeiits of time. 


rotAining in mod«ni u»o the l&n^-tiAf^A nnd liUfmbiT« 
ol hi* <lfty» luul g^ivuig <iuraiion io mooy im iudiffcrent 
author, iiit»rpLjr from bitriiig &iurifibi?d in IiLa ficinitj'. 
But OTOD h^ I grittvo to B&y, Is graduallv a^wdmtug 
Uie Unt of age, ftjad his wbolo form lb ovornm hy a 
proiimion of ct^iuuieiitatorA, vho, UVo claiubfrring vmoa 
oud cT04>pAr», klmoftt bmj Uio noblo ploiit tUui upiioldA 

Hem tl^e littlfi fjniiri{> l>i^»u U) heave Im &id€a ftiid 
chTicrkle, until at ieu^j Ite tirulut out Id a ploihcirio dt of 
lEttighter thai h&d well liigh choked bim, by roaaou of Iub 
exoe«*a oorpiiloiiey. " Mighty well ! " cried Lv, ra soon 
A# be could recover breath, " migbty VpoUI and 8o you 
would pCTJ^uado mc that tho Htcrntnre of an age in to bft 
perjwtnat^^d by a Togubnnd deer^tealer \ by a maD with* 
out li^aniinf^i by a poot, foreootb— a poet I" -And b«r8 
he wheezt><i forth another fit of luutcUtcr, 

I ooitfRHK Lb^l I foU iHimtfwluii iit*Lt1«d al Uiin rud«iiBBHt 
vhidi, howoi^r, I pArdc>n<id on acoouiit of liis baTUig 
floitrinhcd in a Ioah polished o^. I detcrmiEed, u^ver- 
tholbwi, iu>l tc) gur lip luy point 

■^Te«," nMnimod T, po9itJve»iy, "a poet; for of all vm\r- 
o» )io lia« tb<T b(tst clianoe for imiuortalitT- Others may 
■rrito from tlie head, Imt be writi^ fr<im tht^ beitrt, uiid 
till! h^nrt will always uoderstMid him. He ta the fjiiUifuJ 
porti'ay^r of nature, wboac fcaturotf aro alwavH \kw nam^, 
and alwaya interesting. Proso vriters are volumiDoua 
and niiwiuldy ; tb*Ttr pu^r'-H am ornw(b»d with common- 

\^ vntf Ikiag llMii %tt^ 
maAm. Hft«wMi«« iKair 
bj pactoree ot hnaaa liS^ oMk i* it t» |Wmm^ ti^K^n 
him. His vritnkf:^ tli«rcf\i»s cvnUixi lb* «|uril, IIhi 
lu^nm, If I iBBv tisp th»i phnx^^ of th4t «pi« in «UkOi Ua 
roA. Utey Ar« caskets whieU iiK^Uvtft wilhm k miiivII 
ipMB Ui« T«A]th of Ik^ liuiguMfCi^ — ibi fiuiiiljr >mi«<iI«( 
wludi HTti tliu-H tnuismiUpil in a |T(irlnli1i> Uwm Uy jHi«1nr^ 
iij. Thd notting niAj occiifiiotially bo Anti(|Ui»LT>(l, uiil ro- 
qvire now And then to bo ronewoiU lui in Um fvwn iif 
ChMUwr; bnt tho brillinnc*}' aiul lutrinmio valiio of ilin 
gens continue nnaLt^re-l CoaI a look l>ark ovr<r tlio lnii|| 
nftch of literary hiatorj. Whitt vnut Tiilkj'ii of flnln^nN, 
filLtd wjUi inoiikihli Ii^^uiIh aimI mWifmitnl jvniltni^itr- 
iiail vknt bogK of thf'ologioal cpnmilutioiuiT vrliiit ilttuir^ 
of mclAphyAicff t Horo nnJ thirft only do «*» li^ 
tbe Iwftven-illQininatBil hunK «l«*vitto(l lllu hmmnwk 
vid«}j-««p«rst« bdij^tB, to truwioit tk« p<in 
o(po«ti«il tntaUif^Eoe fron Aflo to «({•,"* 

TW p«i b« iUl 4<Ml FHB f 


mS 8KE7CB.»06r^ 

jui About to Utucb foftb into ealogiains upon 
tlui |io6U uf tbe da^, wliea tfao madden opetiiiig of tba 

door tf«tm«d mt to tnra m7 bead. It was tbe 



CUM to ioiuna mo that U vas tii»6 lo claa« tbc library. 
I aon^t to bftTo ft jjiutiug wonl vitb the quarto, but tbe 
wortbj littb) tonie «->« sileut ; ibe do^ps were dosed: 
ftfid it looked porfectlj unoonsdoaa of all tbat bad 
puied. I baro b«cD to the librarjr two or tbrc<» timea 
flinee, and have endeavored to drn it into fnrtb^r ron- 
vonation, but in T&in; and wbeth«r all tJbifl rambliDi; 
ooUoqnj Aotnally took plaoft, or vbetlwr it wa« aaotb^T 
of tboMn odd ibiy-Kireaoia to vbicb 1 am sabj^H, I bara 
jkovor to tbia momeot b«cn able to discorer. 

Aj arv the tCDUea Idtts 
That drop froa poet's hc«<i \ 

Whkvb driLli fumoitnl our oomain& Ulka 
Aa ftiTtt M Ajom <L)th iMd. 


Tmi wero ■■ AauMm now wltUwr'a ; ereu no 
ThcM bcrltlEU thuH, wLjIch w« upon you etrnv. 

ItfONG tlia 1>AautlFa1 anJ simpte-li©arted *QB? 
toiUA <^f rural life wUkh still linger in eome 
pnrts of England, are ttoae o£ strewing fiowers 
beforo Uie fiiitentis, mid |i1mLting tbem H,t tLe graves of 
deptirted friends, Thaee, it ib guid, are tho romaiDS of 
some of tLe rites <}t the primitive cLurch ; bub thej are 
of fltiD hig)ji>r Anttijuity, liaving betrn o^^erved among ibe 
Qr^eks and Eom&ns, find freqtiently mentioned by their 
writers, and wcro, no doubt, tlie spontan&on* tribntea 
ol nnlottcrcd Section* originating loug before art bad 
tasked itself to modulate sorrow into Bong, or atorj tt on 
the monumont. Ther arei now only to be met with in tbo 
most distant and retirod places vif tbe kiiigdom, whem 
faabi<Ml aud innovation have not been able to throng in, 
and trample out all tho curious and interesting tracou o£ 
tbo oldoQ time. 




TffS ^K£TCS.SOGg, 

In Gla]&orf;a&Ahir«, >r« an told, thfi bed wbenoii Uto 
Goq»fi liaa U eoT«n*d with fUiwerv, a custom «]litd«<l lo 
ID one of the wild and plaintiTe ditti«<a of Ophelia : 

Lvdtd ill with uraei flowcf* ; 
WMch br-vcpt tc the jcnrc did gn^ 

There ia also a most d^H^te emd b^utifiU rito ob- 
snred in eoirid of the lemote Tilla^a of th« Booth, at the 
friDPrnl uf a female who Has died young and utuuarrJHL 
A cliaplot of whit'^ flowent is borne before the corpse hy 
a jouD^ ^fI tt^arest in age, 8i£e, and resemblance, and ia^ 
aftvruurdA hung up in the church over tho ac^nistomed' 
uat of the deceaae^l The>40 chapIeU are fiometimee 
in&dc of white paper, in imitation of flowerB, and iQdide 
oF them is generally a pair of white gloves. They are in- 
tended as emblema of the purity of the deceased, and the 
^ orowQ of gloTy whioh she has reoeivcd irr heaven- 

^^H In BfiRie parts of the country, also, tha dead nra carried 

^^^ to tlie grft\'e with th© singing of psalms and hynmft: a 
I kind of triumph, *■ to show," aaja Bourne, ''that thoy 

I have finished their eouni« with joy. and me beconje con- 

I qaerors." This, I am informed, is observed in lom^ of 

I the northern ec>unticfl, particularly in Northnmberland^ 

I and it htiA a ploasinj:;, though melancholy effect, to hear, 

I of a still eveninf;, in some lonely country scene, tho 

^^^ moiimful melody o£ a funoral dirge Bwelling from a die- 



tanoe^ and to soe the trikin slowly moving Eiloog th& land- 

Thua, thru, arvd Ihlis, Va coinpua roun^ 

And u vo sltig th/ dirgp, we will 

Tbr JoIIodia 
And other £oiro» Inj upun 
IliA iJUr of our loir<!i. thy itone. 

There is &Ibo a solemn respect paid bj tLe traveUer to 
tbt; jmK}«i]ig fuuer&l m Lbof^e Ke(^ueHf«re<l places 1 for HUch 
gpeetacka, oc<;urnng among tlie quiet abodcE of uaturo, 
sink deep ioto tho douL Aa tbd moomiug train ap- 
proacltf'H, be pHUBes, uuctiverfd, to let it go bv; lie then 
foUowB ailently in th« rear; eometuites quite to the 
grate, at other tivnoB for a izyr hundred jarda, and, hav^ 
lug paid tliiH tributti of respect to the ctBceased, turua njid 
yMnmeft bin journey. 

Tho rieh vein of melancholy which runs throngh the 
English character, and gives it some of its most toacUiug 
and ennobling (;T¥iced, is finely evidenced in tb^se pa- 
th(>tio custonifi, aud in the solicitude shown by th& com- 
mon people for ftn honored and a peaceful grave. The 
hutnblest pptutuiit, whH.t(tver ntny be IiIh htwly lot whil^ 
living, ia anxioua that eome little roapoot may bo pjud to 
bia remains. Sir Thrrmns Overbury, deecxibiiLg the 
"faire and Liippy milkniftid/' olB*ervfs, " thus lives she, 
and all b^r care i^i that ehe may die In the spring-Umo, 
io have atore of ilowers stucke n2x>i] her windingshetit'* 



Tlift poeU, too, who alwars brentiie the feeling ol a n^ 
tJon, continually atlvert to this fuud aolicituJe about tha 
grave. In "The Maid's Trftgedy" by Beaumont and 
Fletcher, there is & be&ntifiii uiatance of the kmd, tie- 
scribukg the cApricioua mBlanohuly of a hrokQu-heart^ 

When nhe w<8 a honk 
Stnf^k fill of flowers shp, with u li^n nlU telL 
Qcr icrv&nLB, wti*t a pretty pbcv It vera 
To burp laYDTd ilk i oriii luAkv bi^r laolds 
Pluok 'am, and stnw hvr over like a coiro. 

The cufttotfi of dpDomtiQg gravex wi^ onoe tmlveraallj 
prevftteikt: o^rs were e&r&fully bent over them to Iceep 
the turf Dmcjurod, and ubnut them ver« phint«d ever- 
gieenfl and flowera. " We adorn their gravea " Baj§ 
Evelyn, in his Sylvft, "with flnwera and redolent plants; 
joat emblems of the life of man, which haa been copx- 
pdred in Holj^ Bcriptur^s to those fading beautlc^8, whose 
n>ot8 being buried in dishonor, Hae again in glory.** 
Thia usage haa sow beoome extremely mro in England; 
but it mft]? atJll be met wiUi in the cburoh-yards of retired 
villngi^iv, among the W^Uh mountaina ; and I recollect an 
inatunoe af it at the small town of Bathen. which liea at 
the head of the beautiful vale of Clewyd, I have been 
told also by a (liend. who yaxa pn-swut at the funeral of a 
yoTing girl in Glamorganshire, that the female attendaula 
had their aprona full of Howors, whioh^ aa ^oon m iha 
body waa interred, they titu^sk about the ^ave. 


susAL rujfSRAzs. 199 

Ha noticed several graves wUieli had hamn decoiatad 
in the eame mitimer. Ab tlie fiowers Iiad been merely 
etuok in tho ground, aod not planted, tLey hod booh 
witliered, and might be ge^u In various atates of 
decay ; some drooping^ otliers cjiiite perislieil. Thej 
VGTG aftor^vords to he supplanted bj liotlj, rosematy, 
and other evergreena; which on some graves had grown 
ill great Inxtiriunce, and ovprijhadtkwed tho tamb- 

There was formerlj a melanclioly ^nrifulnesa id tho 
arrangement ot theaf» fobUc: oO'erkgB, that had nomethiug 
in it truly poetical. The rose was sometimefi blended 
vith the lily, to f:jrm a general emblem of frail mortulity. 
"Thia sweet flowerj" said Evjilyu, "borne no a brancli 
fifit with thorns, and acoompanied with the lily, are nat> 
QFLil hieroglypbicB of our fugitive, umbmtilo, anxious, and 
tribDsitory liie, which, making mo fair a ^how fcir a time, is 
not yet withont its thorns an^l cFoeseg/' The nainre and 
color of the flowers, and of the ribbons with whioh th«y 
were tied, had of(«n a particular reference to the qualities 
or story (if the deoeajtei], or were eipr^iHfiive of the feel- 
iujj;a of the mourner In an oM poom, entitled "Goty- 
don's Doleful Kuolli" a lover spocides the deoorationa h& 
iutonds to use : 

A garland Bholl bi? fnuDcd 

Bj ikrt And iiitturr'ii itkill, 
Of iun<lry-OL)it)r*d llciwviv, 

la tcikcai Af g;oo(1-irlli. 




tefcM of htr ^OllM BMM 

t3>bott« ««te iiiiiMiag,li 1 lo fcegpaak lb» gnc^ of tt* 
«imiioi& TW nd row «•* 

b«t rovM m ytwl vete ayyvi w M icd to tW gimTvs of 
bvKa. Enljv tab a» Uul tL« cat^om m sot 
0*lkv mtiart a kk titt*, w ko dw«Bi^ ife Oft 


SQ. thai Ok diafvfc-T«rd l» 

MtTBAz ruystiALs. 


Thomas Stanley, Eaq. (publlftbed in 1661), U tlie follow- 
ing t^UinzA : 

Yh stmr 

Sutb <;rffcijii|i;i iw you U^v^, 

yoraUEon oyprc*M and ud vpwo j 
Phr kinder f owcni otn tnkr no birth 
Or growUi from eiicti unJiapfY cArth. 

In "The Maid's Tragedy," a pfltlfetio little &ir is intro- 
ducftd, illuetratiTe of this mode of decorating the funerals 
of ftimaleH wLo IjiuI bean dJs appointed m love : 

Lay a ^rlaod on mx h^hoa. 

Of tiifl dism&ll y««, 
UaiiLons. WLfloA bninttHi wm, 

Sa> 1 di^ trut.\ 

Uy Lom; vaa (hEm, but I wu firm, 

ITrom my hour of btrtliH 
UpQQ my burlpd tnnly Ha 
UgliUy, geiiLio cAjtb. 

The natural edcct of sorrow over the dead is to r&fin^ 
ftnd filevibte the mind ; and we have n proof of it in the 
pxirity of sentimf^til n,ii*l tltft iinoSet^ted plegHtir^ of 
thought which (yerraded tho wLoU of tties^ ftiQ^rnl ob- 
Borruiooe. Tbiis, it was an c8pocial precaution tliat nono 
but Bwoet-sc^nted evergreens and flowers should he em- 
ployed. The intention fleeius tii) have be@n to a&ftou tho 
horrors of the tomb, to beguU<i the mind from brooding 
over the disgraces of periJifhing inortfl.lit3\ and to asso- 
ciate the memor}' of tlie defeased with the mofit delicate 



ftnri W&ntifnl objocU in DAture. Tb#m k a dinmiil pro- 
oeoa going on in tlia grav^^?, ^re dust can return to its kin- 
drod doet, which the iinagumtion einkA from coiiletni>hi.t^ 
ing ; auil vrn mn^k ^till to tliiitV erf the form we liair^ 
lovod, ftith thoBd reGued n^odations whioh it awakenod 
^h^u blooming before us in p:>ntlL und beauty. "Lay 
her i' the earth," ha^fi LiLeHes. of Lis Tirgiii auter^ 

And tram her fair And uajjoltuu^ flcah 

Hemcrk, &lso, in hU "Dir^ of Tepbtba," ponra forth a 
fragrajit fiow of poetjcat thought and image, which in a 
manrer BmLaluis the dead in the reeotlectiona of tha 

Sloppin thj peace, Ihj- b«I at epico, 

And uiMka this \t\wnt m\\ Pn»dLa« ; 

May sw^i£ gmv bvre [ and smokA fn^na benc« 

Fut fnkukiiKvuw. 
Let fcolnw And coasia Mud Ib^Lr KOat 
From otjt tliy laaultir motjumtiit. 

May jiD vMo mn-ldit il iro»li>il lioun 

Come foitli (orirvir thj tombc wUh llD4tBPi1 

Hny virpji*, when tbcjcom^ To rnoimi, 

Mall* irif>*nn bcirn 
TTpnn tJiIno ilUr I thrn rHiini 
And \v3i\v Uwudwpmt: tu UiLn« unL 

I might crowd tnj pagrs with (^Ktmctfl from the older 
Briti?4h poets who wrote wht^n th(»Ko rit^a vem mora 
prov&lent, fLud deliglitsd frequontij to idlado tc tht^m; 



but I lutve already <|uoted moro than is iteceasary. I 
cannot hott'^Ter refrain from giving ii jjassuge from 81iak- 
apear^. evea though it should Appear trito ; which iUns- 
trates tiko cinblciriAtical meaning often coavejed in these 
ik/tiil tributes ; uud uL the same time poariesh^H th£,t ijiagi<] 
of hinguage and apposit^neas of imager; for wMoh he 
atands pro-eminant. 

With fair«t flawcrs. 
WMhC coamoT luU. and I Uve t\crv>, Ffd^ 
ni vwrcteu thf and gnxt ; thmi ihidt not tadc 
The flower tbAl'B Uko thy focr, [ule i^rliiiiose ; nor 
Th« uuriMt hj^rcbell, like ihj veius ; no, nut 
Tlie leaf of «glikHtlrie ; vihom not to AlimdQr, 

Tliere is t^ertEiioly something more aflenting in these 
prompt and spontaneous offerings of nature, than in the 
costly monuments of art ; th<^ hand sfrewri the Sower 

ii!e the heart is warm, an<i tJie teiir falls oa the grave 
Hit iv^^action is binding the osier Totind the sod; hot 
pathos expires under the slow labor of the chisel, and is 
ohitled Am^ing the cold coiioeit» of sculptured luarhle. 

It is gTG&fly to he regretted, that a custom so truly 
ohij^ant and tonching boa disappeared from general nse^ 
and exiats only in tbe most remote and insigni^cant vil- 
lains. But it seems nx if poeti^uJ custom itl>vars »huna 
the waits of eoltivated society. In proportion ae people 
(frow polil* they ceaee to be pooticai- Thoy tallt of ]to&- 
try, but they have iearut to check ita free impnlaea, to 




(lintnLSt ita saUjiDg emotioos, and to supply ite most 
tt£f«cling AOid pictun^aqtia us&^a, by studied form aud 
pompons eoTdEaoniaL Few pftge&Dta can be more atatelr 
and frigid tbiui au Eof^lUli fuucroJ in towa It lb cwde 
up of show aud gloomy parade ; inooriiiEig o&mage^ 
inonnuug liaraiis, m«>unuiig pluiuf^^ aud hiwlmg Tiunirn-* 
«irs, wht^ miiko u mock^rj' of gri«<L " Xliere is a gr^vo 
di^od,'* fcaya Joiomj Taylor, "nnd ft eolenm moamin^ 
and a grenil talk in the neighborhcxMl, hihI irhen the daUs 
aio fijuabed, tlidy ahaU b^^. ami they ahall W remembered 
]K> moT«." The aeeociate in the gay and crowded city ia 
noon foi^i>tteii ; ilia hurrying anivieftdoQ of new iotimAtea 
ud DOW pli^aaurea vffiiooa him from oar minda, a&d Iho 
y^ry sotiM^ atid circle* in which he m<iTod arc ioccAWUitly 
flncloatiii^. But fanrmb iu ibc» oountry an> 0ol«miLly 
impreaaiva. Thv Ktrokii of d^ath roakesi a vidar spaoa in 
the Tillagvt cireki, and i« an awful crtrnt in tho tnaqnil 
anifoniKity of rural life. The pAsung bell toUa ita knell 
met«r]r«ar; it steals with its penrvdin^ melancholy over 
kill and nle, and aadde&d all Ite laadaoapo. 

The ftx^ aftd ^jKlianpng Iw rta rea «f th« oooAUy also 
perpBtnaia the memory of the Criimd with whom va ociea 
aftjoyed them; vhowaa the oompa«ion of o«r moat r»- 
tirtd valka. and i^ve iniMalaeM lo «Tc«y httfiy aocnci- 
Hia idfA la aaaiKUltfd wHk «n«;y Bhw of bbUuv; w« 
haar hia rt^n in ite wtevUA te vc« MSglrtad «> 
awakmi; kia apirit ha w li Ikia grora «hkk ha «bc« fn- 
■jaanlod ; vra think ol km in tW wikl 


amidtt the pensT^ twaoty d tlM xm^y. I& the freeh- 
tiMs of |(>joii5 Dkoraing, w« reinember hid bettmiBg saik* 

with its gft&#nBg abAdows & Gabdainf? quiet, m call 
k» joiad mitiy m twiliglU boor of geuUe tolk Acid avort* 
BoqJed neUacboJj. 

Eftoh IcM^ |J*«e >b>U hm toBiorch 

IWdt^ ml Itb cm dnoi DO noiv ; 

1^ BB«i-4 tai pitrv Mir be 4«^ 

Aiio4k6r caoM tliAl |>«rpdliiftt«« tlj« m^marr of |be dft- 
oowJ Id IL4? country in tbM tliB grav^ ia mom inam^ 
difttdf ia iigbl of the BorriTova Tboj pass it oa thoir 
vay to projvr, it lUHfta their «ye8 irhea tboir heftvis «o 
luifti^Di^d \iy thai t-x«r(ii3H*H of di-Totioii; thrv lingictr nhntit 
it on till) Sabbatlir vht>& tho miiKl is (LUau||A|;ed from 
worldly cores, and iDoet disposed to tarn asido from 
preeeut pleasuiea and pieseul loves, md to ait down 
aittong tha aolemn mementos of the past In XorUi 
Wales thft peariautiy Itm^l ani prUY ovL^r th<: ^^vs-a of 
Unir dMcosed frJeu^Ls, for several Suud&ra ufU-r tlir iit" 
tonoeDt; and whem ihn temUr rite of BtntvHng luid pluBt- 
ing flcven ia atiU praotisotl, it is idvrays rcnowod cm 
Easto, VliitsOEtide, ami obber festivals, whcit the s«mou 
brings the comp&nion of former fefltivity more vividly to 
min^ It ia also invariably jierformod bj the iioimsl 
roUtires and friends l no menials uot bireliu^ are em- 



ploj&d; and il a neighbor ji^^ldji assistance, it would bo 
dMiD^d nn UrHiiLt tn offer c(>ni[M>n8ati(itL 

I have dwelt npon thifi l>eHiitiftil rQr»l cuetoapLf iMcttlMf 
Ad it ia oii« of thi) lost* so u it one of tLe hoUeflt offlOM of 
iQif& Tli« RiA^o u the orde&l of true ji^vcUoil It ij 
tL«re that tW divine paaaioo of the doul oianifeste ils 
superiority to the im^tinctivio impulec of mfTe animal nt- 
tnrhmeiit. The Utter luiist be contiuoallj' refreshed juul 
kejit &live by tlie preft«cic« of itt object ; but the lore tlut 
18 »eateil in the soul can live on long r^ntembrtotee. Tho 
mere ififtin^trmff of souse languieh and di^cline with tho 
chAroaa wUoh excated them, acid torn with shnddifinng 
diaput from tbe di±tm&l pv««4ti<TiA of the tomb ; but it la 
thcnco that truly eptrito&l aA.'ctioQ risea, putified Erocn 
ereiy aenaual demre, and reluma, like a huly fljuue, to 
illtuiu&« umI aa&etilj the heart of the Borvivor. 

The iiorrow lor the de^ b the Ottly aorrov from which 
we refam to \m dmtreecL Gverr uthi*f woiuvl we seek to 
haai every other afBietion to fbrpel ; hot this womi3 wa 
ooander it a d«tT to keep open— thi^ affliction we dieriah 
brood orer in ftoUtade. VThriti is tha mother who 
would wiUingly lorgot tb«t in^t that parisbad like % 
blcwom £rom her «naa» though eveiy recoUectioD ia * 
pADg? Where ia the child thftt wo«kt wiUingty Jot|[et 
tile tnovt tender of parents thnngb to nmeaber be bat 
to Lament ? Who* et^n in the bcnv of Hlf^^ wovild for- 
get the friend oTet whoM he mo«n»f V»l»Ot eren whca 
the tomb H doai&g upoii the twmaina of her ba noet 



loved ; wbeu hQ fi^la liis li^art^ lie it were, crusliod in tho 
doBiug of its portal; wooild accept of coiiaclatioii that 
mttst be feugljt bj fnr^ptfubieRS? — No, Ute bivd wlitcb 
surrirda the tomb ia one of tbe noblest uttributoK of tlio 
BOuL if it haa ita woes, it h&s likewise ita delighte ; and 
wbBD tli6 overwbpbniiig burst of grwf is (jabaed into tbe 
(l^ntle te&r of recoUe<tt JCD ; whi^n the suf^den an|^iisb aLd 
the oouvulaivo B^Dy over the prc63Qt ruioB of all tliat v6 
munt UivMi1| is faofteued uwaj into pejihire iut<(]itiLUuu ua 
all thAl it was m tlie days of ita loveliueea — who would 
root out buob a aonrow from tlio licart? Tlioiit:li it mivf 
Bometidf^s tlirow a. jmsHiBji rliPUil ov^r f}je bri^tit liour 
of gayety, or Epi^a^ il il6ep*>r tjadnesH ov^r th« hour of 
gloom, yet wbo would oschan^^ it oven foi' Uio aou^ of 
pkaanre. or th<> burst of revelry? No, tk^re is a Yoioe 
from the torob sweeter than aonj^n Tliere is a remem- 
branoe of the d^^ad to whicb we turn evan from tbo 
cbarma of tlie liriuh'- Uli. tho grave t^tbo ^avo I — It 
bm-i^a dTOry error^K^neni every defect — eitin^^uinbeiii 
«very raaentioent! From Me pea(?efal boaom flprin^ nouo 
bat fond ro^^tQ and tender r^^ooUcctioiia. Who cati look 
dovru upon tlie grar^ avetL of jui enemy, and not fcrel ft 
ooicpuii^tioua tbrob, thit ht^ almuLd e™r Iuivh warrod 
vith the poor baudfiil of oarth that lice mouLderiug bo* 
Eore Itim- 

Btit tbfl (:r%vt» of Uiuse we loTed — wbat a plnew for 
meditation! There it ia that we call up in long rdviuw 
the wLolo hiatory of virtue and geutleneett, and the thou- 



sand ende&rm^Qt? larinbe^i upon ns almoBt iinLo6de>d in 
tho daily intercourse of intimac^j— tliefo it is tlxat wo 
dwoU upon tUe leuderncaa. tiio soUmu, awful tender- 
seas <A the p&rbiug m^iie. The IteJ of deaUi, wiLli idl 
itfl stiflod griefs — it« noidel^sa attendaQce— ^its mute, 
w&tcbful nAgi<lnilii:p. Tbe Iftst tOBtimoiiies of expiring 
lovo! Thp fwblB, fluttering, thrilling — <»h! how thrill- 
mg! — prosftura oi the hand! The faint, faltonog tw- 
ceuta, atra^iog in death to ^ve one more aasur&nce 
of aiTeatiou! The Wt fond look of Ui« glann}^ ojre, 
turned upon iu eT«n from Uio tlireftlkold of existence ] 

At, go to the grare of bttried lore, and meditate 1 
Th«*ro Npttlit tho accfitinL with thjr txinscienoa for erery 

tt howifit anrwquiled — 4>vDnr pAst endeAnnpiit unra- 
of that dopartad boin^, vho can norar— never 
— "oarer return to be aoothed bj thj cofibrition ! 

It thoa art a child, and baat ewr add^ a aorrov 
to the aonlf or a furrow to the ailTered blow ol an 
a fl ac tt otato paraaft— if Ukon art a husband, and ha^i 
ever c&utt*d the lood boaom thai nuitnrad itn wIhiIa 
hj4)]ubMv in thj arms to dhmbt one »o«MDt of thj 
fcia dnww or thy troth-^ tbov art a frit^nd. and hast 
•Tvr wroagvd, in thovght^ or wxinU or dcmL the apirit 
Oal ganeiMa^ awJiid in tlw» i f tto« art n tovor, 
and \m^ «Tiv c>^r<aa «aa nunaHtod paift to ttel Ine 
b««rt whidk Mw tin coU and aliU beneath thy isat; 
ba ma tfud erarr nnkuid loofc. ei ai y 
wo«d, erei^ na^artto ttvMp^ viU 

BCmAL rrymEAU. 


hmA opoQ thj mo m orj , wad kaockii^ doM«Ut U Ih^ 
aomX — tbts b« son Uttt dkoa wilt lie ^wu sorroviu]^ 
mad np«ataai nn tfaA grvr^ uid titter the nnheuti groA«, 
wad po«r tt* attaT«iliiig toftr ; more deeiH moro b«ttar» 
becaoBe mbcard md nuviiling. 

Tkeo wcATfl tlij duplet of flov^fH, anJ Htreir tJi« 
hertticn of nmtnre aboQt tLo pm^o ; couftolo tkj broken 
spirit, if tKoQ caosi. wilL thoM t«-odcr, Tct fntilo trUnitwi 
nf rt^T^t ; Irat biko wiuming br tbn ltitt<«nipr>w nf thin Uijr 
contrite ftffllcdon orer tbe de«d, u)d hotic^forth l>c> mora 
fftitbfiij and ftSectioDAte in the (ii£cKai]go of %hy dutiM to 
the liiii^ 

In writing the preceding Artlclft, it wns ncti irto&ilcid 
to give A full ddtail of ttu fun&nU cuKtoma oi tho KiT^li'l^ 
peMftutiT, but moroly to fuminh a fctw hiutH mid i)iii>U- 
Hotrn illnstratiTo cf purticoljir rites, to ho Jipptndotl, bj 
way of tiotA, to nntitli^Tr pnpBr, whirlt )tM li^eii wit.hlLhUL 
The artiole swelled insc^eiblr into itd prceo&t Cnnii, and 
ihlt* U mentioned ae an npolo^ for eo briof nnd roMtioI 
a notice of these DHS|>es. after tijey have heeu aniplj and 
I learnedly inveatip^ted in other worlcfl, 

I I roust obeeiTo, aUo, tbat I am well awaro thai this 

I crUHtom of aduniirif^ ^rJivtb with f1uW4?itt [jri'vailn In oth«r 

I ootuiLneB heutd^rfl £ii^laiid. lncleod« in MtUM it U murh 

I man Roooral, and U obac^rved evea by tbe rieb awl liiah- 

I lODabla ; bat it in th«D apt to lose itn simplicityr and to 




da^jcenerate into fiffbotEition. Bn^kt, iu hia tiAvelft in 
Lowi^r Hungiry, 1*»IU of monumenU of inarlil©, iin<l re* 
Coe«ca formed for retirement, with Mats pUi«ed azaong 
bowers of gredEiLoufi^ plftuts ; and tJiat the gnves geDer* 
4iUy are oorereJ with tlie pajetit flowent of Ui« B^ftsnn. 
Ho gircis a oaaaal picttire uf tiUal pit^tr, vUicli I cMux>t 
but tnuiacribe ; for I trust i* is « oaeM aa it ia deltglit- 
lal, to illiutratfl tlid araiable virtues of tke sex. " Wbfrn 
1 inw at Berlin," SAja be, " I followea tL« eelebrat<id I£f- 
land to tbd gravd. Mingled with acme pomp, yoa migbt 
trTux mucb real feeling. In tbe inidAt of tlie oeieDionT. 
nj Attention w&a attra«t«d bj & jonng voman, who stood 
on a mound of earth, newlj corer^J with turf, vbich tho 
aaKionsl^' prote<7tAJ frcun tlie feet of the pA,<tsmg crovd. 
It wms tbe tomb of her pan^nt : and tl»e 6gure of thin uf* 
factitmate daughter pr««ontcd a momuuent mor^ etnkiDg 
tLan the moat costly vork of art"* 

I will baivtly ndd Jui instAnop of o^polcbral c1e<Y>ration 
that I OQoe mdt with amoni^ tbe laonntaina of Svitzei^ 
land it waaat iho Tillage of Geraav, vbk-b aCanda on 
the bordon of the L^ke of Lnoene, at tbe loot of Mount 
Bigi. It waa onea the capital of a auniatvtt rppablic, 
abut np between tbe AIpe a»d tbe Lake, and aooeaoiUe 
on tbe land aide only I7 Ibol-fiatba, Tbe wbcda torn of 
tbe rvpal4io did not eic«ed ah bwadred fi^btti^^ men ; 
mad a fow tailee of eoMUiteeMK ••eafed o«t w it were 
from tbe boeoea of tbe mmlri^ « ^ ptMa d ita tern* 



rest of the world, and retftuiej tie i;oMf^u fiiuipUcity of a 
puier flge. It had a amall church, with & burjing-gronncJ 
adjoining. At tho h&ada of Ujg graves viar^ pUood 
oroaaes of noud or Iroti. On aome were &£jced miiii&- 
tardSi rudely eieouted, but evidently uttempta at Jilte- 
DOfisea of tho docoosod. On the vroefiea w«ro hang 
chiiplets of fioweia, some withering, othors fresh, as if 
occusionaUy reneuted^ I paused with iuterent at tbiB 
BCODe ; I felt tliat 1 was nt tlis souroo *.>i pot>tioal dusorip- 
tion« foi these were the beautiful but unofTectod offerings 
of the heart which poets are fain to record. In a gayer 
and more populous plac^, 1 should have suspected them 
t*> have been siiggf^hted by fn-ctitious sontimeut, derived 
from books; but the good penpl© of Gsrsan knew little 
of books ; thero wan not a novel nor a love poem in the 
▼illage ; and I qnestion whether any peasant of the place 
()r<>iLmt, while he waa twiiLiug a fresh rhaplet for th<k 
grave of hie mistrese, tltat he vras fulfilling oiie of tbo 
tnoBt faneiful ritca of pooticol devotion, and that ho was 
practically a poet. 


flh«]| [ not UkeniDe vim in miatt (iml 


jyURTNG a joiiropy that I onoe made tiitoogh 
the Nethcriandfl, I nrrived one erciuiig at tbo 
Piitmnc d'Or, tli* principal imi of a «tD&ll Fl<Mai- 
i>*ii riUjige- Tt wiw iifti^r tlio Ittmr of tbe foUf iCMc, bO 
that I woA obliged to mak^ fi solitmy supper from the 
kIica of Ha ampler board. The veatber waa ubilly , I 
WAM Beated Along in one <*iid of a gieat glounij dictng- 
ronin, and, my repast being ovnr, I bad tbc proifpoct 
before mo of a long dall evemi^ vitboat ildt rinible 
m^MUift of enlireniug it 1 summoned mine boi^t, mid re* 
quested eometbiu;; to r^ad^ be brought me ilte wbold 
literary stock of bis bousebold. a Dutch fomily Uible, an 
ulmaiiiu! lu tbe kame Inngan^e, and a number nf oM Paris 
trawspaper^. Ab I eat doling ovi>r one of the latter, f«ftd- 
ing old and stole critioiams, my ear waa now and then 
idruck witih burHts of lan^ht^r which seemtd to proet^od 
from the kitdiGD. Evt^ir one that hw tnivolled ou tbft 
oontineQt must know bow favorite a resort the kitobcn of 
m country iaa in to Ibi? niidiUt* aud inferior order of trar- 
eUora; partloularly in that equivocal kind of weatlidr, 

TBB my siTcnsN. 


when a fir^ heroines agreeable toward ©veninff, 1 threw 
aside thd newspaper, and explored my way to the kitch^Bi 
to take a poep at the group that appeared to be so merry. 
It WHH compoHed partly of travellers who Liul arrived 
eome hoore before in n dUi^^enoe^ aivd partly of the ubiuU 
attecdauta and honger^-oii oi inna. They were seated 
roimd & great buruiBbed store* that might have bec^iL 
miataken for an altar, at which they were worahippiag. 
It was covered with varioii3 kitolien vet^aels of reeploud- 
eni brightness -, amoi^ which steamed imd hisaed n huge 
copper tea-kettle- A )ar^ lamp threw a utroa^ ulusa of 
linht upon the gTou|>, bringing out many odd foaluree in 
atrong reliet Its yellow rays partially illumined tlie apBr 
douB kitfUpn, dying diinkUy Mway into remote corners; 
Oioept where they settled in mellow radiance on the 
broad side of a fiitoh of bacon, or were reflected back 
from well-aconred utecsils, lliat gleamml from the midiit 
of obscurity- A strappiug Flemish loss, with Lcoig golden 
pendants in her ears, and a noekloco with a golden be&rt 
suspended to it, wns the presiding prieHtess of the temple. 
Many of the aompftny were furnished with pipes, and 
most of them i^itb some kind of evening potation. I 
fbund their mirth was occasioned by aueodotes, uhich a 
little swarthy Frenchman, with a dry weazen face and 
large whiskers, was giving of his love odventuroa ; at the 
end of each of which therft woe one of those bnreiw tif hon- 
est uuceremonioua laughter, iu whirJi m man indulges in 
thfrt temple of true liberty, an inn. 




Ab 1 had DO better mode of getting through a tediont 
blust4^ring cv^aiitg, I took my st^ut Ddor Uie stove, Acd 
listened to a variety- of tiUivellor^a tales, some Terj extra- 
vagant, and mout very dulL All of them, boirevor, liAre 
Toded Erom my trenchorouj meinoTj except one, which I 
will endeavor to relate. I hm; tiowevei, it deriTed its 
chief yj&Hi from th& manner in which it wae told, and the 
pQOTiUar air fmd appcarfi^CQ of tbo iiarrator. He w&a a 
corpulent old SwUs, who Lad the look of a veteian Lrai-- 
eller- Ha wa** dresaad iu a tJirniblied green travt^Uing* 
jacket, mth u broad belt round hiu wai^t, and Ji pTiir of 
oTeroils, with buttouB from the hiptt to the aoklcB. He 
was of a full, mbicund <y)iinte nance, wi^ a double ehio, 
nqniline nose, und n plctwiitt, twiiikling cj^. Hid 
was lif^htt i\i\^ ciirle'l frooi nn^Vr n^n old grpen vetvei 
trftV6llin|7-<?ap stuck on one ade of his b^ad. He was 
InteRizpted u^ore than onoo bj the arrival of (^ee1a» <a 
the Temarka of his Auditois ; ami }fttiiRed now atid then 
roplenifib his pipe ; nb which times he had ge&«rallr 
rogttisb leer, and a aly joke for the buxom kitohon-maid. 

T wi8b my rpadera conid ima^ne the old fellow lolling 
in a hiige arm-cbair, one ann akimbo, the other holding 
a Qcrionsly twisted tobacco pipe» formed of f^ntiine ictimc 
de Jtf-r, decorated with silver chain a&d ailken tasael — hU 
head cocked on one aide, and the wbimalcal cut of the eye 
occaaionally, aa he related the foUoving story. 





Be thkt aappDr for 1b dl^t. 
HBl)n>ii full COM, I irow, rhtaTifglStI 
Tftitr»fl to diuiibcr 1 blm IcJt 
TblBDlifUEGniyMrrH bi» made limbed. 

flu GoKiip 6in GhAUAUMt 4HP Sin QfiJkT<8fSKU 

[N tb^ sniQinit of one of the heighta of the OdeD- 
waki, It wUd and roiuautio trii<;l of Upper Ger- 
maiif, lliat li«a not far fram llie vniii1ueuc<e of 
tilt Mftin and tUn RLine, Uier^ stood, miuijr, muny ye&rs 
Qince, the OastJc of the Boron Vou L/mtlsbort. It is now 
quite falldu to decav, and akao&t biiiied &mong beocsh 
trees and dark firs ; above which, howevf^r, itfi old wntch- 
tower m&jr still be seen, Htrug^ling. Ukd the former pos- 
■esitor I have meDtinced. to caarry a high head, and look 
down upon the neighboring country^ 

The barob waa a dry bninch of the ^&at bmily of 
Kat^encllcnbot.'etut and uiheritcd the relics of the prop- 

• Thf PTuditf midpr, vtU v«n«i in pwd-foMifit-hlog Inpn, irlU pnN 
wrfrtbat the Above Tale murt hav^- bs o nupgertod to the uUI Swiwby* 
UttleFNIlch aQUi^luUv n nirutJuirtAUL^ Mut W bare Uliei) pliHv h1 PaH*, 

f I. ■., CxYf'Ki-Jifiw, Tiie name of it family of Ihour pnrTa vi«rv |mw- 
Mfnl in formdr Umf*. Thu nripdlitlion, we >Lr« lold. wm gii^n in compU- 
'SMttloApMrln^dMuvoItlie twiiilr, tx-ivbivUil t*n iwr lino arm. 




sion in tlieir countenances, ilmb iboy looked like 00 
mnnv htihU in piirgntitTj. Hli» cvinld rRiul without great 
difficulty, »nil lifti:! ^pollod Ijor witj thrcjugh At^vorul 
cbnrch legends, and almost nil the cbiT&Ino wonders of 
tlie HE*M<?Dhucli, She hful ev^n mado considerable pro- 
flciffDcj in vriting ; could flif^ her own name trithoat 
auHfting a Icitlcr, and so Icgildr, tL^it kor iiTuita could read 
itvitliimt J(|ific[jv^lrs. 8Lii vxc^Ilrd in niiilu]i|j; liKln idti-* 
^Xki gcod-for-notiiici(^ lodj-Iikf^ nickna<^ks of nil kiudn ; 
'VM Tcrsod in the most abstruse dancing ot (he day; 
pUycd a number of airs on tbe barp aud ^itar ; and 
knew a]] die tend^^ ballodB of the Miunelieders by 

Hei aunta, too, hibving beeu grtj/it iHrfcs aud coqueltea 
in thoir yomig^r (3aT5, were ndmirEtbly ealnnlated lo bo 
rigiliknt piiLTdiaiifi and Btrict consols of tbe conduct oi 
Uw;ir nmco ; for tbcro is no ducuD^L ko ritn-idly pmdcnt, 
Biid iurinrnbly di'Cfirnti*, ag n stipprimmiittrd rnrjiintl*- 
She wttji ruroly fliiffprcd ont of their Hipht; i»?vpr w^nt 
bejood Wm domaiiia of iho cf&etlc, unless well attended, 
or lathflr Wi?ll wnt1:^lleKl; bad continual lectiiroH read to 
her about strict d^coram and implicit obedience ; and> aq 
to tho men— pall I — »he waa taught to hold thorn at such 
a difitanoA, arkd in audi abaulut** diatni»t, that, uulesa 
prr>p*>rly anthorized, she would Tiot have cast a f^lancd 
apou Uie baQdaoTn<>at <uiva]ier in the world— no, not if ho 
"were even dyin^; at her fcf^t 

Tbe good eOtieta €>f this system were wDnderfuUj- itjv 


fc*«b Bad Idt^j Wf^MBkoad ^idar li« prcdretieB 

Ber ante loehU ^«^ 

llil fill ifTili ■iiniiliitfi 

kvA «TMTpOMlil# oo c ag km to 

lineD 1^ F^Uau AH IubO j ieatmk ««r« 

ftij wvw iObd villi good rlM«r, ihmj vovld dwlu* 
aotkiag on miik bo d»ligJhtfal a» Umm 
tk«w laHleee of tW bewi 
tW bv/rm, UioofA > ftaull Diaa, had a bvgo >o4 »>A 
II iTflki wiih Mti^Hinn ■! tba oottMiMMatt oC 
tiMsteafaMMMiDlbftfitf««alialMili>& H» 
to I0II loDg BlariK obool lb* dark old nmon 1 
prvlvuc^ lookad grialy dowv £ros tLfl «mlk aronadt B&d 


1i6 found DO liatoiiera ^tulI to tlioae tliAt fed at bia ex* 
pease. He waa muob given to the mi^rvellous, and u lirin 
iM-lit-ver iu oil tLoee siipernatuial (^les with which oTcrj 
uocuxtain and valley in Germany abounds. Tb© fnith ot 
his gueata exoeode J gvcu liia own : thoy Ufltonod to ijvery 
Uilo of wonder with open ej'oa ajul mouth, and never 
fftiWd lo be nstonislLet], even tliougb repeated for thft 
hundrc<Uh time. Thus li\c<E Uic Baro^i Von Lojiduhort, 
the oracle of his Iftble, the ftbaolute monarch of his little 
UiTtiUyry^ »Tid liHppy, above uU thiiigs, hi tho jierfinuHlnn 
thftt bo waa the wisdBl man of the a^e. 

At the time of which mj atoiy treats, Uiere was a great 
familj gathering at the ca^tJej on itn affair of the ntinost 
importunt'e : it waa to receive the deetioed bride^Toom of 
ibo baron's daughter. A negotiation had been carried on 
iHitween the fuiher and nn old noblRman at Bavarin, to 
nnite the dimity of their houses by the marriago of thoir 
children- The pTt^Uminariea had been conducted with 
proper puuctiliu. Tlie young people were bdlroib^d 
without Bseing each other; aud the lime was appointed 
for the marriage coremonj. The young Count Von Al- 
tenburg had been recjtlled from the army for the pur* 
poae, and waa iK^tnallj on his way to tbe baron's to re 
ceive his bride. Mlattivoa had even been reooivod from 
him, frnia Wnrtxhnrg, where he was accidentally do* 
Irunml, muutiuning th& day snd hour when he might he 
ezpeeted to arrive 

The coetle was in a tumult of preparation to ^dve him 



A «itiul>l0 welcome. Tbe fair bnd^ hid been decked oat 
witb oaoomcDon cftf«. T1>e tvo aiuU« bad 0Bpeniitoiided 
luer tuikt, msA quarrelltid Ibtf «bole inonuQi; ibuul «ver]r 
srtiel^ iA hbt liivH^ The yono^ Udy bid t«k«a «dm^ 
tage or tb«ir cootest to follow fcbe boAt d b«i own taste ; 
aod fortnnal^lj it w«ft n good ooa^ Sh« look«d 48 lovely 
M jotttbfitl btidcf-room coold dMm ; Aod the flatter of 
Apc«tetioH bei^bl^nAd the litfltre of htr thatts^ 

Thm mfluunM ib^t nftaUnl Iter fmv and hacIe, tb* 
gntlft b*ariiig o( tbt boson, tb« ov« now M^d tKon lost 
in rvtrorie, all Urtniyfid the noft tiuault that was going on 
1ft ber titlte 1>pArt. Tb«» aanfo wf>r» contiziiully lioTering 
nronnd bef ; for inaid^n aoDtd are apt to takd great inte^ 
eat to alTain of tlib natorei. Thi^y were giring ber n 
world oF >tUU(l cotuMel bow to disport benrlt wluit to wf^ 
snd fn what numner U> reoeiro the expected lorer. 

TI>o baron wa« do 1c«8 bnsie^l in preparations* He 
bad, in trntli^ noibing exactly to do ; but he was natoraUy 
n famiiifr bmtJii^ little man, and <v>tiM not remain paft- 
siTe wlieti all tb« world was in a batry. He wocried 
from top to bottom of tlie caatle witb on air of infinite 
nnxioty ; La oontiimallT called tbe Ai^rrants froia tlMrSt 
irork to etbort tbem to ba dUif^nt ; and biiued about 
erery ball and chambor, iu« idly rentlf nn and importojinto 
Ibi a bbtis-biitllr fTy oti a urarm utimmfiKH day. 

In tho foi^an time tbe fatted oalf fiad bcon killed; the 
for«Hta bad run^ witb tho clamor of iho hnntftmcn; tho 
Uteben wae ornwded with good cheer; the oallara bad 



jield&d up whole oi%itus of /fAcin-TiWr* ktiiI Frn\f>-tmii ; 
Mud even the greut H'^ideUmrg tun had Wen laid undar 
09atrilmtio&. Every thing woa rcad^ to rec^trc the dia* 
tiijgiiip^heil gii<*st with tS*rn/j4 fi^^f/ liitiUfi in thtt tnx^ Kpint 
of (jermaji hospitality— but the guo»t doJnyci to mnko 
his a)i|)curu>iioo, Huur roUod uftcr hour. Tho sun, that 
hoid pcmred his dowiit^aj-d rnjn upou tlift rich fctr^^l of 
thd Otleawfthl, now just j^kain^d ftlong the summits of 
tho mouataiEu^ Tho barou mouutcii the Jiighrat tower, 
ttiid atruiued hU ayes in hope tti cfitcbiug ^ di^iLuut aighl 
of the eoDut and hia uttendauU. Oace he thought he 
beheld them ; the soiuid of horns came tio^Uiiig from the 
Yalley, pnJoTigefl by the moimUiiii prhoen. A uuiulM^r 
of hora^^men werd Beaa far below, alowly advsiDoing along 
the road ; but whc*u th^y Lu»d nearly reached the foot of 
Lhe UKHiiitttiii, Ihuy middiuily Klruuk u^ Id a differeat 
directiotL Tho lagt ray of finuahine rloparted — the hnfe 
boK^i to flit by in Uie twilight— tho roiul grew dimmer 
and diuimor to the tigw; attd nothinf; i^ppear^d stirring 
iu at but now find then a poaBaut lagging homeward frcm 

While the old ca^Ue of Londahort was in thia etnt^i of 
perpli<iity. n very iitttrreftLlij^ soeim waa traiAat^tiug in A 
difTerent paii of tho Odouwold. 

The y^uu^ Couut Vou AlteDburtc ^aa triwqiiilly po> 
ftoiui^ hict mulv ill thai Hidj»r jog-truL way. in »hi<:h a Euan 
travoU toward mutiimouy wh^n hia frieuda havo taken 
ftU the troublo and uncertainty of ouurtuhip ofi* hia haudst 

I» Ik* <ranB-baaned wommmot 
aa Ibeir p«l mi 

of vfaoM eksms Ih hadnemmAAa 

JU tkr» ItMte of tte ftjnfc ^ 
A>r ^m4 to p«ta»tt» Ml «C 
^ tkl lbB7 ^^ & il Aa MdB 

Rdkw far Us nttMie to faUow ud vrerteke him. 

C|M fn hi 1 Hfth tidicnM, mw imj dim. 

I« tiiDft ny thej tel 41imdBBi^ I 

rtii""1iiiiill ml 11 III hBina^iiai iif ifc 


bj robbers aa iU cnstlea by Bpectree; aud. at tbid time, 
the fonner 'were pftrticularly numerous, from tha liordea 
d( difibautleii aoldiera waiiderUig alrtjut tliH toTuitrj, It 
will not aj>poar ^itrELonlmar}-, tli&rolore, that th** cava- 
lif^rs were utt4iclccJ by ft gang of tLoso stragglers, lu the 
miilHt of the foreei Tlie^ defeiitled tlieiuaelvrn wJtli 
IjTivery, but vare nearly ovprpowcreil, wlien tli© ofnint'n 
r^tiait^ arrived to tboir asaiat^bDco. At eigLt of tlicm 
tba robberH fled, but nut until Llie oouut had reeeiv^ 
a mortal wound He w&a slowly axid carefully coiiTeyed 
1}aek to the city of Wurtzburg, aud a friar fiummooed 
from & aeigbboriuij; cutiveut, who was famous fur liia 
alcill in sdraluistering to both sool and body; but Lalf 
of bie ekil] was eupdrduoiie ; tho tnomciite of the unfor- 
tunate count were numbered. 

With his dying breath h& entreated his Mend to 
repair instantly to the eaatlo of Landshort, and esplaizi 
tbi? fatal cAuae of his not keeping Iila appointiudut with 
liiff l>ride. Tliongh not the luost ardent of lovurn, hn 
wna one of tho moet punctilious of men, and apjxtiinvd 
canestly solicitous that his raieaion should be speedily 
aikI ciiurteonBly executed p "TTnlesn this ix done/' said 
he. "I ehall not sl&ep qnietly in my p'avo!" He r^ 
plated theae Last words with peculiar stolcmiiity. A 
nnjiieBt, at a luonirut so iiupressivi^ nrlmtitfMl no himU 
taiioa Starkenfanst endeavor^ to soothe him to oalm- 
ncss; promised faitlifnUy to execute his wish, and gavo 
him his Land in i*oleuiii plud^e^ The dying Loan presaod 




it Id a^knovled^^onent, bat soou Lapsed into deliriVDi- 
mved about LiH Wiile — lupi viigi»^euit^uta— hU |)]igbt«d 
word ; or<l&ro<l his IioraE.% tliat be n;%bt ride tu Ibe oas- 
tlc of LfuuUburt ; uud expired iu tba f&acieU act ol viiuit- 
iog into the Buddie. 

Starkenfanst bestowed a sigh and a fioMier'a tear on 
tho untimely frito of bis coiDrodo ; imct tLon ]>oDdorod 
OD tlie awkward miflsioD he hsd mid^viakaiu Jllh heart 
WAA heHTj. nnd bis liead peipleied ; for he was to pr«- 
«ent biiuBclf an imbiddL^u Kucut uiaouK Loatilc peoplo, 
aud U> dump tli^ir firtttiYitj with tiiLingei ititnl to their 
hi»p*>ii, Sdll Jliere wero c^rtAin T^^bi^p.^riiigSi of euriosi- 
Hy in hid bosom to soo this f&T-famt^d bc&uty of Knl^ 
enellenbogei:. oo cauLioueilj^ abut up from Ui6 world; 
for he was a passionate aihiilrer of the sex, and thej« 
waf4 a d^ah of occeutncity (uid (rnkri^riec in hio obaj^twter 
that m>i<l<; him fond of all singubir julmituro. 

Pniviotts to bis departure hn intuitu hU diiA MTan)jo« 
m^nta with tb« holr CraUrDity of the conront for tb« 
funeral Mtlrmiulii^ft of his friend, i*ho waa to l>o buried 
in iJirt cttthi^dral of Wfirtxburg, near some of bis illus- 
triLiua rf'latirOA: and tlio Tnounung rdlinua oC tbe coimt 
took rharg:o of liis n!ni&jn& 

Tt iH tiow high time that we ehonlrt niluni t<> tlio 
aaciaut ^milj of Eatzonalknbof^n, who n^<?rc» Impatiant 
for their ^«at, a&d alill more for their dinnor; and 
Ui th« w-nrtby litUt* bt&rua, whom we left Airing tiiic»eU 
an tho u-atch-tower 

Nin^lit €l«ied in. bat still do guest atriv^ii TUa baron 
d*ie«od«d from the tover in desp&ii- Th^ buu^uett 
vbicfa bod bj^oo dt?taj«d from hour to boor, oouUl do 
longor tm pcimtg^uiitHL TLu< uie^la wer« 4lro«djr OT«r* 
dona; the otiok Ui an a^uj; aoJ tl>a wboLa baujM- 
liold bod the look of ft garriaon Uiat bad been reduced 
hj famine. TUf) burou vinn tjbli^d tvluctuuLly U> k^^^ 
ortlfpm for tlje fe^int vitlLintt tbu jm^Hnmui »( Lliii giti<HL 
All werd fl^atetl at tabl^, nud jtiMt od tbo [loiut of 
commencing, wbw the eoood of a Loru from vitlicub 
tJ»? ^tt? ^ure uoLice of the approfich of a Btmngviir. 
Anotlior Iodr blaet filled tli^ old oourta of tbo eaatl^ 
with itj» ftoh<»^t1 and nus answered hy tht) ^vibrclor from 
tlie wfJb. The liaroii ha^ioii^ad to rv»^ho h'm futuro 

Tbe drawlrndgo bod been let down, and \}ie fttruiglir 
Tia before tbo gato. ITo 'was a t^iU, gallant cavmUora 
monnt«>d on k Miurk Kt(»wl. H>« roiiiit'nniLii(u> wiu< pnlt^, 
bnt he }ia<l a beamings romajitic ^ye, and an air of fltftt(<lj 
melaoclioly* Tbe bo^ron naa a littlo mortifiod tbat bo 
Bfaottld have oome in i\t\A slmjile, Holltarj^ Htvle. 111a (li|f- 
nify far ft moment vaii rufflt^d, and he felt dispoiiad to 
oonflidar it a want of propot roapoct for the iraportant 
oocaiftion, and tbi? irnporiard tianlly Hitb wtiir-b hn wan tn 
bo eonncctoL Hn pacifieid hlouMlf, howovetr, vritb tlto 
ooncJnitoti, that it lunixt hiivc been joutbfol iiapati^rnoo 
which bftd indacod bim iLaa to spiu on sooner thaa hU 



" I ikm wnrj," mhie? ilie stnuiger, " Ui hn-Ak. In upon yan 
tbii» nnsocisoniibl}- " 

Hero tho baroD mtcrrnpt^d ^iwi with a irnTltl of com- 
plim«iitA And grootittgs; for. to t^U tlip truth, he pridf*d 
himg^lf upOQ hiM courtesy and ^Icqnetice. The atranger 
attompl<?d, onca or tftnoo. (o atom tbo torrj>tit of wordg, 
but iu vain, ao he bowed his head and aufTercd it to iLow 
on. B}' tliL- time Uie baruu Lad come to h pauee, Lh^j 
had ri^aohod tUo inner court of the oafitld ; and the straa- 
gtT "won agiUD about to speak, whou he woa once moro 
intr'rruptiMl hy thu a]i|Wi«r;iuu** ai Uih E^uijUo piirt uf thft 
family, hvidiii^ fortlk tho .-ihrinking aiid bluehiuff bride. 
Ho gfui^d on her for a moment e» one entranced ; it 
8BeniP<l as if liis whole sout Ije&mcd forth in tho gnxr, luid 
r^et^d npon tliftt lovely fortn. One of the loftid^n auntji 
wluflpercd eomethiug in her eor; she made an effort to 
tipeak ; her moist blue e^e ^vaa timidly r:iUed ; gave a abj 
glance of inquiry on tlie atriuiger ; and wu oMt again to 
tlio grt^umL Tho wordft died nw&y; but thetw inui n 
sv^tti f^milr plATing aliout her lipos Aud a soft dimpling of 
the ch««k that HhowAil li^r glance had not b^en nnsotcfr- 
factory. It was inpossible for a ^t\ of the Fond a^ of 
eighteen, highly predisposed for loTe and luatntuoDT, not 
to he plenwil with tio gftllaut a cavAlior. 

The late hour at which th^ Rueel had arnvixl left no 
tiin« for parley. Th« baron vat per«inptcwy, and dohr- 
rod all |«iftitTuhir cuawnMitiiin until the tnurnuig, and U*d 
tb« vaj to tbe unta^tod biaiu|u«L 




li whA served up in tlte pvAt luJl of th« cabUo^ 
Aroniid Hid w^tUa biuig Lht- li^nl-faTortfil iHirtnula uf UiA 
Loro«« of the house of K&UeDoUenhogen, lUid Uii> tro* 
phie9 which tlw^v luui gained m ibi> tieM &Dd in (he 
chaae> Hacked corslfitfi, splintered joj&tini^ iipivLns luid 
ioUdred baimprw* were mingled iriUj tlie spnilg of iifyKaa 
varfftn^; th<t jawa of the wolf, luid tJio tn^ke of iho boar, 
griimed horribly anioiig croas-bowa Skiid batile-aae^ luul 
A huge puir of antlere branohed immediately over the 
b«Ad of the joathful bridcgrooDi. 

The carftlif^r took but little ootioe of i\it* companj or 
the ent^rtAiDment He scnrc^ely toAt^J tKi^ bAnrjiitvt, bnt 
eeei&c<l Absorbent in ftdmimtioD of his brido. He con- 
\erMd in & low tone that could not be overheard — for the 
IxtigTUige of love lb never louil ; but where in the femaU 
ear eo dtdl that it cannot catch the softest whisper of the 
lover? There waa a mingled teudenieaa and ^avity id 
hia manaf^r^ that appeared to have a puwt^rfid effect apou 
the young lady. Her color came am:! vrent as ahe lis- 
tened -with deep attention. Now imd thi^ii abe made 
Bome blushing reply. And tv-bv^n liifi eye vas turned away, 
idie wonid Kt#al a ai<lelong glaitt^e at (jin romaiatjc onuntn- 
Ittt&oo, ukI hoavo a gt^ntla sij^li of tender bappine«K, It 
was cvide&t that the young conple were completely enam- 
onul. The Annts, who were devply yirrHrril in ilw. myidj-r^ 
ie« of thd hdfljt, declared that thoy lind falliui in lore 
with each other at first sight 

Tlifl CbaaI went on merrily, or a.t leavt nautily, for the 



fjfS^tA Tr«tra nil liW^etl with tiLonf' Vvami h\\\y^i\l&^ tliat 
attend upOM light purM^s uul mouuttiiti Ttir^ Tlii< baron 
told hifl bci^t oiiil J(>ng(V3t irk>rkit, cinti novor h;kd ho iold 
theiu so well, or with sach great effort. If tliere was ahj 
thing iD&rvelloua, hU auditors w^r« lo&t in lutomsbment; 
and if any thing fa^jctiouB, they were suro to l&u^h exactly 
Id tlitt right pUor. The baion, it ui true, lJki> idui»I ^^r^nfa 
nwii, WM too dignified to utt^r iiny jolcn hut u duU uDe ; 
it wa9 alvrajM i^iiforc^od, however, hy & Lviinf>Ci of etoel* 
loot HoclchHtncr; and cvrti a dull joke, 4kt od«'« oim 
tJihld, Ki^rv^ul u|) with jully oh] w!ms \a irrf^KiKtihh'. Miutj 
gocl thiQ^M w(>rc BAid br poorer aD<3 keener wit«t thmt 
voold Dot beu- r«peatiajj, except 4>u tdmilar occasicAs; 
many tily speeches whlnpoin^l !» Indiefi' eara, that almost 
«onTulacd tU^^in with Buppr^»aed laughter ; and a 8o&g or 
two roared out hy a |>oor, but merrj and faroad-fooed 
a>ibtici 4)f tlitt banin, that abiujlutuljr nuida the matJAii 
annta hdd np their faruk 

Amidtft ail thm revelrj, the atran^er gneai maiglainad 
a laoiit lujigiihu' aiut uQAl^aao1Uibk gravitr. Ilis cotmt** 
nanop lusiniDud a i]4M«[)ur oaott of d^faotion u Um OTiuiiDg 
adranofrd; antl, strange a« it inay appoar, ortm the baron'a 
jok«a aoooiod otilj to rond^r him tli« ttore meU&eholy. 
At timoa ha was lu«t in tfaonght, and at tiiii«a there iras 
a p^Ttorbed anil T««U«0ft vandMiag <^ tlM «to that bo- 
spoke a duehI bat ill at eaoB. Bia eoiaT««»atioQa witK 
the briie becaata mon and noca eameat aad mvKlrn- 
O0& Loveiiag ak»dabapBtoalBatomrtlkalair 

Tmm spmrnui stunsGaooM, 

Ujr o( h«r btow, kmI traaors to ran tintn^ bet tefidor 

Ail tbU coild Dot eec^to the aotic» of Um eompukj. 
^1^^ 0<^J^^ ^"^v cimi«d by Um luucoovnteble gloom of 
the bnil«igfoou; tbeir spirita were iAWted; wbupen 
and i;^a&e«< were intarohaBgcd, AOooiiip«bai«<l by &bnigs 
oni! dubiom <Jmkc« of ibo head. The Mog Aod tbo laugh 
^!W ]vjM uiil Uiai rraqiMnt ; th^re v«t« tlrMiTT pstiiviK in 
tho coBTersKtioti, which vere at length 9acc«»tlod by wild 
bU«0 and 8apero&liiral le^nda. One disaud atoij pxo~ 
dneed onotber btlll mora diKmal. &iul ihe bArun nearly 
frif^teoed iom« of tho ladioi; into hi-storicK witli tio hia- 
ton' of the goblut boraoman tliAt corriod away tho fair 
LnoiioT^; a drNuirul sU>ry, tthich ha8 aiiice beon pnt ioto 
oi«»Uont \«r%^, and ie read aod boliered by all tba vorld. 

The bride^jooio lieteu^d to Uua tale with (Trofound 
attention. Hd kept Lb* fy<*a sttswliJjf 0iud uu tli« luiruiir 
and, as tho atory drew to a olosd, be^^an t^radaaJly to riad 
from hia ecf^t, growing tallt^r aud talt«r, niatil. In tbc 
barao^a DDtrnncflrl eye, li« &i?i^med uliii<mb to l<3wi>r luto a 
giant. Tim morti^mt tlie tali^ wlim fminfufO, ha )umrad a 
d*ep aigli, and took a M>knjn (jirf^wnll of tlio compiuiy. 
Thoy wore all amaxomont, Tho boroa wm perfectly 

"WbatI goinf5 to Utivc* th* eiwtlA at midaigbt? why, 
OTOry thing wae prcparci<) for hia roooption; a choiaber 
waa ready for him if he vrij^hod to retire." 

Tho stranger shook hi» liKod inonniftilly and niytt^rU 



oubIjt ; '^ I must l&y my bead iu a different chamber to- 
night I ■• 

There was eomothin^ in tliis reply, and the tond Id 
wliicli it was uttered, that mfiUe the barou's hearl mis- 
give him ; but he rnJIuM! hia forces, and repealed Ida hoe- 
pituble eatreutic^s. 

The Btrnnger ebook hid head eileotly, but positively, at 
•Tvory o3*?r; and, waving his farewell to the compojtj, 
etfllked alowlj out of the halt Tlic^ maiden aunts w^re 
abaolutelj j)ctrified — the briJe hung her head, and a toar 
alo1« to her eye. 

Tho brirou followed the BtrAiif^or to tho great eoiirt ol 
the castle, where the bkck chargci stood pawing tho 
e&rtb, and snorting with impatience. — When tbej had 
readied the portal, whosa deep archway was dimly 
lighted by Et cwiftHOt, tlie fttraugtr ]>ai:&*il, and addresaed 
thi9 liTLroti io A bellow loue of voioe, whiuU the Taulted 
roof rendered stiU more sepulchral. 

"Now that wo are &I0D6," said he, "I will impart to 
ynn the ren^on of my goiug. I hBv« a Bolemn, an Lndis- 
punsahle engagement — '' 

" Why," eaid the baron^ " cannot jou aond domo on<» in 
jour pla<« ? " 

" Tt admits of no trabatitnte — T must Attend it in person 
— I must away to Wiirtzburg oalh^dral— '* 

"Ay," wud the bninn, plucking np apiril* '*but ttcA 
miUl to-mormw — t(j<muTTow you »h^l taktt ^our bnd«» 

TSE »m7rsK JUtWSMmOf 



tf, ** n^ ODgigenieiil u miUx oo htidt^ — Ik^ wonnH ^ fclw 
wonaa expc«t me ! I «ib a dett4 uaft— I l»n- ^»eu tkaan 
hj robbers— EUT bod> ItcB at WnrlebuiB — at midjii|;bl I 
am to be burieil — tbi> gnvu ht niitni; lot- aa o 1 m&it 
Inwp mr appotaftaMBt!" 

Be flpraog on iu^ bUck charger, liMlwd orer Ibt <lzai«ri^ 
bridge, ami the cialtetiiig of Iuh buno'jt boub vmk Ien^ in 
ti» whifiUiaf; of tiie aiflibt blast 

Hifc borcD retentdd lo Um: bAlI iii tb« aluioflt consior- 
mUjtiti. wjd raLuwl mhmL hml pmrnrd. Tvo buUfw loiuW 
OQtrif;liL otlifltv fti«k«iwd at ihr- id^a oT bavio^ baui|iwtud 
Titk a vpectitL It wa* tbc opinion of aoiuis tdiat Uiia 
raigbt be tb^; wild bmilBmaD, famoaa to OHnaati iegttd* 
Some talk«d of monnain vpritas, of froodHiewow, aod of 
otfaor sapcmataiai bela^, witb wbicb ibt ^ood peopla «tf 
Qtttiiati_) buvt? b«OD M> griniutaaly linnMinnjT auiOA tima 
immemOTial Oa& of tbe poor nbfttknm ruittir»d to m^ 
^et tliat it auf^t b«f toaiD apctftm eraMoo of the 50ira|c 
caTalier. aad tbat tbr xntj gludmiwMK nf tbr oi^rioe 
wealed to ttAGprd vitb ao mvloDcboW a ptirwma^. This, 
bottottr, dj«w oa bim 4be iadiputioa of tb« vho1« ecm- 
paajr, and cepociaUj of the bwoa, wbo lookMl apon bin 
tut litlW Ivtter tfaaa an infidel ; bo that b^ van hixt to ab- 
Jaro hi« beresr aa Bpe4>dily aa poeaible, aad 00034 into tba 
Eftitb of the true belicrwra. 

Sot wbator?!r rua^v \mw heseax LIia doubta eiiterinili^ 
they V6T« coraplettit}' put to an ebd br tbe arrival, next 




cliLir, of regular tningiT^i^r confirming tL^ intoUtf^Dcc^ of 
tlio joufig coimts murilci, nod Iub intcnDcot ia Wortis- 

Th*» lUginay at tJie Cfistle may well be, imagined, Th© 
baron »hut btiuAolf up iu liia oliaiubor. TUo ^uoatd, %cbo 
had coiue to rejoiL^e with him, could not thiuk of aban- 
doning liim in his distresa. Tliey wiuid^rffd a1>out tbo 
GOurta, or collected ua (groups in thd hidJ, frlaklii^ tlioir 
heads iind ahmggiiig their ahoialdeis, at tlie troiiblcft of 
HO good a luau ; uad TUit louder tliau ever at tablr, and fifn 
a&d drank mord a:t>utJy tliiui ever, by way f>f keN>ping up 
tboir apirite. But the aiination of the widowed bnd« 
WW die imJHt pitiable. To hava loAt » huabatul befonj 
flbo hail ovoii tvmlvraotrd him^ond ntjch a hOMbaml I if tl^o 
Tery apectrc coul<L bo so grodoiu and nobJc, what must 
hava been the living niiui. She filled the house with 

On the night of the aecond day of her widowhood, aha 
liRcl retirt^cl to hi^r <ib;uidH^r, 4iH!(>nLpaiaad bv oiwi at l;»r 
Atiiite, who iii^!»tcd uq »W|jSq({ with her Tho atmt, vho 
va.-4 ono of tb«f beat tcU(>ra of i;hoat atoriea in all Qttv- 
many, had 'yi&\ biMtn rrt-oiintiag one of her longr-»t, nod 
liad fjdltn uahwp in the very midftt of it. Tbi> cliambar 
^m ronoto, and overlooked a fimiill garden, Tho niooo 
lay penairety gaziog at tho beama of the liaiog moou, aa 
they tremblwl on the leavpn of an iwpfln-tpeo before tha 
lattice. Tike c4wtl«-<^lock bad joat tolled midoif-ht, whoa 
ft aoft Ntrain of ninaio stole up ^m the gardoa. She roM 


liAMtily fnitn lirir IniI, fuifl )alji{ip[»i1 lightly tn che vrJndov. 
A tuU ligurc stood iimting the HJitt^Iov^ of the trocs. As 
it rjhisod its iiond. a l>cam of moonlight fell dpon the 
001111 tezinni^^ Hesveii aud 4?ar(hf she beheld tbe S[)e>airo 
BridAgTDolu f A lon^l shrink at that momeEit binBt upon 
ber ear, imd hor fioDt, who Lad beco &w&k6Ded hj tho 
music. aoJ had foUuved her ailftDllj to Uie vipdow, frll 
into ber armo. When ahe looked again* tlio apc<*t» hiul 

Of tli£ tiro fenulcA, the annt dow require the moat 
HtHitliing, lift i(hn KHH pifrfr<i^tlj larHiiln hunu^If wilh b^tror. 
As U> tho yoan^ Imly, thero wm aomfithing, ctjjq in the 
^etn; of htt lovci. that aeamed eadaariiitj. There waa 
Btill Ui« atfiublAoee of manly bsAQty : aud tlioogh tbe 
ihadovr of a DDan ia but littlo calculated to ftatl«fy tbe 
affecti<»zij» of a loT^-aiok K^rh y«l, vh^re the aubataaca ia 
util Li bn bail, i-ti?u Uuit in couiuiling. TIm! tuiut dni^Bral 
sIm wotilil ncTcr alcMfp in that ehamber again ; the slaee, 
for once, waa rofractoryt and dccJan^ aa otronf^ly tiiat 
abe would sWp in do otU«rr in tbn caJiUte: tbe oooao* 
qaei>ce wasr Out aha had tn nWp in it aIoo*: but aha 
draw a pconuae from her aont not to »lata tba atory of 
Ibe Bpcctrc, \tmi aba abonld be d«nicd tbo ^jr meJan- 
eboly pUaaara lafl ber on 9&rtfa — tlu^t nf inhKbittog tha 
chamber over wbicL the ^oardi&n sbada of Ya-T loT9r kapt 
ila lughtlj Tigila. 

Hu« loc^ tha gwml uld Lidj would bavo obBcnred tbia 
p ffo^ ia fi w ukcertaiDt fof aha daarlj lorad to t&lk of the 



aiftrveUoua, oud there is ft triamph in being the ^t to 
tell ft frightfnl storjr; it \% however, hlUl <jinit«i) in the 
uoif^liborhood, as & memorable instance of femftle fleoMGy^ 
tlmt tib« kept it to iierself for a ^vhole week; when aha 
wjui Hiidcli'iily ftUiolvrtd from all fnrllier retilraittt, hy in- 
tclLigotioo brought to the broalcfaHl tiibkt ono morning 
tliftt the joung Iwly was nf>t to Ixi found. Her room wiia 
emptj" — the Wtl Itad not been slept ui — tli« uindon' wa^ 
open, and the \>m\ had Sown I 

The aatouiahmenl and concern with which the intelli- 
jj^iEue wfta received, can only be imagini>d by those who 
hnve witnessed tlie a(;itatiou which tlio mi^iapa of ft 
^roat mnn cnnae nmong hia friemis- Even the poor rolflr- 
tiouspaUKPiI for nmompat frntnlho indefatigable laborsof 
the trencher ; when the ntint, who had at fin^t been stmcJc 
speechless* wmug her hands, nnd shrieked out, "Thfi 
^obliu ! the goblin ! ahe*s carried awa^ bv the gobliii," 

In a few words she related the feorfal acene of tho 
gftnlcn, and coucladcd that the 8p«etT« most havo car- 
rird off hirt bridu, Tvo of tlie domestics tHirroboratud 
tho opinion, for tUey had h^ard the c'lattering of a 
boreo'fi hooh^ down th« moontiutt about midnight, ajid 
had no doubt that it w&a iho apcctn on hia bUck 
(rba^^r, lir-Hriiig hi]tr awibv Ui i\\n tomK All present 
vere struck with the dir^ifu) probobUiqr* for events of 
the kind are eitremely common in Qciaiftlijr, fttt nui^j 
well authenticah*d hkstorieoi bear TitneaL 

What a Iftmeuublo aituatiOA woft that cf tho poor 


ms aPBC7nff DnmsQuooM. 

boron t Wlifit a beart-rcn^iifv dilemnui for a fond 
bthor, and a momber of tlio ^r«ul family of Kat^a- 
«l)ciil>ogeii I His only ^augbtar li/ul ettlier been rapt 
awaj to the grjiTp, or lie was to haye some «\xxl-da* 
mon for a eon-iD-law, artl, perolianco, a troop of gobJia 
graodohildren. Ad nsual, he wn£ completi!!^ bevUdered. 
and all tlis lui^tls Ld an upronr. The men were ordered 
to take hon^e, and sconr evfiry raiid and path and f^l^n 
of the Odeowftld- Tiio baroo himsi^U bad jost drawn 
on bia jack-bouta, girded on hia aword, aud wiut abi>aL 
to moont hi» sU^ed to saUj forth on the doubtful quo«tp 
wh«n he vras brought to \ paoae by a n«w apparition. K 
lady woa w^n aj.ipro/u:'hiug the castle, mounted on a pal- 
frey, attended by a cavalier on horaebaclL 6ho galloped 
up to the ^ato, eprang from bor korao, and falling at tho 
bartju'ci feet^ emhracALl his kneea. It w}^ hu lunt daugh- 
ter, and hftr <>ompanion — tliG Spectre Bride(;room! The 
bai'on vaM oHtoutided Ho looked ut hia daughter, thon 
ai th« Bpcctrc, and almoet donbti^d the evidence of hia 
sons^H. Tli^ latti^r^ too. tva^ Wf^nd^rfidly improv«»d in hia 
appeamnce Binoo hia Tisit to the worJd of spirits Hie 
dieas was spl^odld. and eet oET a noble %-ure of maidy 
symmetry. Ha «aa no loQ^r pala and inf^TaDclioly. Hia 
fino oountcnunoQ waa 6aahed with th« glow of youth, and 
joy rioto4 in his large dark v^ye. 

Till! tnysli^rr *a« «mh>ij clrartid iip» Tlie tavalifir (for, 
in truth, aa you munt have knovn all th« whib, h^ waa 
fto goblin) onnoanocd Limaclf aa Sir HermAU Von Stark- 



•nfjLUttt Ho rolatad hte adv^et^um with tho young eoa&t 
He t<ikl liow liu bftd h/isb^iLe/1 U> thi^ oju^Uo to doJivcr IhQ 
UDircicome tidinj^^ hut UiAt the clo^uc-iice of the Uurou 
luLd interrupted lum hi nvi^ry attempt to toll bis tale. 
How tliQ Eight of tho l>rido hod compieteJj oaptivatod 
bim. aud thnt to poaa a few 1ioui& utar lier, he h&d 
teciily suffered tlie mistftVe to ut^ntiimt?. Huw h^ h*id 
Iwnu donily perplexed hv whiit way to mtiko a dciwut 
letrcnt, until tho baron^n gtihlin stories had sa^gostod 
lli» Mtiurittrin fixit How, foJUiM^^ the fetid&l LnHtilit^ of 
tho ftiinily. b^ had r«fjottl*id hU vititfl hy Btcaltb— bad 
baunkd tho f^aidcn beneath the young lady's window — 
had woopd — h&d woo — hatl borue away in triumplt — and, 
bx a woni, had wedded the fait, 

Under auy otbur cii-cumdtaii<«a tho baron vonlcl liava 
Iwfiu inilpxihln, fur he wjut InrnMiouH of pntcrnnl .^lltht)^* 
ity, and devoutly ohtitiiiatn iu all faiijily fcud>^; bat ha 
loTcd his daui;htor; ho hn<i laoKTUtcd hor aa lo«t; ha 
t^oicad tu Hud ber alii) alhe ; and, though her husband 
vaa of a hofltil«) hoiiae, yot, thunk Hcaveu, he wa? oot a 
gobltfi. TJi4:r(] waa »otik6thiiif;, it muitfc bo aclciio^'loi^^d, 
Uiai did uot nart^v actHinl with hiii iiolioua of »triot 
t«nu7itir't in the joko tho knipht liiul paswitd itiMm him 
of hie U^ii^ a deiid man ; but novoral ohl fricad^t pr«*onti 
who had served in tho waia, asfiitrcd hiiu that oreij 
Btrataf^m wiia excusable in law, and that thn mralirir 
waa eatitled to oapooial pnvil«ge, haTing lately aerred 
05 a trooper. 




XTittteri, therefore, ^rere Kappily ttrraiigf!*!, Thft bar&n 
puxloned tlie yonn^ ooiiplc on the spot. The rcvclfii at 
tbe caatle were restiincd. Tlii^ ponr illations <iTxir whelmed 
tbift new mtimher of tUn f^tnil^ with loving kindnd*;^ ; ho 
woe BO f^Uaut, so gonorouA— nnd eo rich. The aimt3» ib 
it true, were fiomowhafc ftcasdolizeii that Uieir nystem of 
strict aechision, an<! paa^ivB oli^riiencc^ HhoiiM be w\ badly 
exemplifioit, but attributed it all to tlioir not^lippuoe in 
not kaviiig Ibe windows grfttpd. Ono of them vrjw partio- 
nlarly mortifietl at huvitig her mnrvellnntf Htory nuurni], 
ftnil th^Lt th^ only spectre &bo had ever st^en shoiihl turn 
out Acounii^rfoit; but the nifloe seemed pi^rfectlj lijtppy 
at having fi:>iiud bim aubatatitial Qenh and blijud — acd bo 
the fttory ends. 


SaBdgl3*oaipQr*«rth*F 1nMMiiiMi> 
rtnihiiBniijnMi irnijifin« 

Tta^ all ite *«M VMM Ma tt^ 

■tt. B. ttm. 

aob of thoM Bobrr ood mtber UMlAadiolj^ 
dars, tti ih« Utbnr |wn of AuUunn, wb^n Ui» 
T^hoiiows of uonuiig and ^Toning ftlmoAt aiiiigl* 
bJgeUi«r. tatd thxow a gloom oTer the decliae of th« 7«ftr, 
I puHed aevenl bcHin m nnbting abovl WeatenalBr 
Abb«r. There wv eomethJng ooniteiiial lo tJw smsdb, 
ui tl]« oioiLmftil Qia«pu£osncQ of the old pile ; oad, 00 I 
piuuM'd Its tliTVHholdt M^mad tike stepping buck itita lb» 
ngioBsoffiatiqtii^, and loaogvjVttU unoog Um ttkadM 
of fort&ftr 


T entered frow Out ian^ owrtof Wt'.stmmHti^r Scboolr 
tbroogh % }oD& low, TA&ltAd puuttgo, ih^i haA. an iliBttit 
nibtoRaBC«D look. hm% dtnly Mghtcd ni odo pftii b^ 
eiimlar pftrforatloBS in Um raanm nllft. Thmogh thia 
<Ujrk AVMiite I h^d a distant view of tbe doUMn, witb 
the fij^oTQ of an old verier, ro bu blade rowb, moruig 
along Uieir ahadovy raulta, and aaeminff lik^ a ap^ctra 
fmirL one of tbA tbeigbboriog torabe. The flpproaoJi lo tlia 
abbey tbroogb tli«ai& gloonj ounaabo reioaica prvparaa 
tbe mind [or its dolcmn contemplaiioa. The douli^n 
ttlill ret«un sntncthing nf tbp qnint nml fwrlonion iif fur- 
mortlays. Tho graj vaUd arc diaooloTcd by damps, a^d 
cmmbluijj vitb age ; a coat of boor^ luooa lta& gJiLbrzed 
over tba inamptioni (if Uie mural motmnwtibi, and ob« 
fi^Bi^d ibe doutb'a beads, and oUior fos^rcal emblc-miL 
Tbe sharp touches ol tbe chisel ai« goi>c from ttic rich 
tnuwrr of Uie ariilirK ; Uin rnHen wbicb Ailnni'^il Uir kpj- 
atonea have lost tbdir l9afy bean^ ; nv^iy tbing boara 
marks of the gradual dilapidations of tituc, vbich jct 
bav vomethiD}; t<iUL-hiiig and pleasing In ite ver^ decajr. 

The enn waa jKPuring down a yellow antnmiial ray into 
the eqnare of the doidt^ra; beaming upon a scanty plot 
ol graaa in iho crntre, and ligEitin^ up an an^ld of the 
Tanlt^d pMBage with a kind of dnskj splendor From 
b6twc«n the ucadeo, the eje gLuced np to a bit of blue 
eky or a paoeing cloud ; and beheld the Ban*gilt i^innaclea 
of tlH! abboj tfiwring into tbe azure bcaven. 

Aa X paood tfa« cloi&tejrs, sometiPQas contemplating Uiia 



mi&gl^d pictnrd of glor^ and decay, and Aom^timM 
doaToriag to dociphor Uia inacriptione ua the tonibatocoi^ j 
irhioh fnrmrd the pttv^meni Wneath mj fe<*l, mj tj^ 
una nltrAc'tCTil to three tignn^H, ruJi^Ij carred in reliel, but 
nonrly n'om A^^riy 1iy tlie footeteps of muir ^Dor&tiona. 
They vcrc tho ^ffigtee of three of the earlj abbots i tliO^H 
epiljiphs were entirely effttc^d ; tlie nani^a ^owv n^ ^^ 
main^d, havin;; no doabt been reodWdd in Ja»r Hit]o«, 
(VilalU Abbaa- 1082, and Oielebertaa Cmpmua. Abhaa. 
1114, »ml I^urtMitiTifl, Abbas. I17fl) I reuiaiacHi .«ji 
Dttlo nliile, rouaiog ovi^r dies^ caaual relics of antiqui 
thna Ich like ^Tnrlifi upon thi« ilistrmt ehoro of time, tclU 
jDg iio tule but fLjit «(u<-l] Wing]^ had 1)ei^D» and liftd |HTr- 
iahml ; teaching no ittoral but the futility of that prido 
vhich liop^^s 8till to oxnct homa^o in ita aah^, and to 
live in ait inst^riptioo. A litlio longer, and eveji these 
faint records will 1>e oblilnratpd, ^nd the monmnent will 
^oane Lo be a memon'aL Whiiat 1 waa yet lookicf* down 
npoQ tlieac ^rave-stonea, I wm rouaed by the aouad of 
the abbey eloi-k, reverlieratini:^ from bultrefts to buttraaa^ 
and echoing asionjj; the eloiat«rB» It is lUmoet aUrUing 
to he^r this warniug of departed time sounding among 
the (ombit, aud tt^Uiu^ tlie lapaif of the hour, which, like 
a bjllov, has rolled aa on«ar<l lovarda the grar*. I pnr^ 
affeod my walk to an archil duor upontng to tho interior 
of tlie ahlmy. On ^^nt^nng 1j<^tv>, tho maj^tiide of the 
buililiiig bn^akn folly ti|KU) tltir mind, ccintrajft^ with the 
vaulta of tho oloifit6i& The ejee gazo with wonder at 




doalercHl oolnmrut of f^iffantio dimcuAiorut, with ur^boa 
fipifUiguig EroiD Uictn U^ t^wclx aj\ iitnuxing bci^ht; and mJUJ 
vaDderiug ftbont Uwtr 1>iidi^ idii-tiiLk into iasigriificaiioe 
in compiiriM>ii vitli his owu liiiiKlinork. TJiq npacioae- 
noas imd gEoom of this vm^t editic^e pro^luco & profound 
aud mjsterioiia awe. ^e step caatioii&ly at)d fioftly 
&botilf 8« if foArfol of disturbing the b&llowed ailenco of 
Uio tomb; while i>vory footfall wti&por^ alotig the walk, 
lad chattprs jvinoii^ ILr nepidchres, making ua mum wan" 

lo of lii*^ (|tiit»t w<' biive irjti.^rnipted. 

It sccDift DK if the nwfnl natare of tho place prcBece 
dowD upon the aoul, &ud hushes the beholder into 
uoiMrlees rererenoe. We feel that w6 are Borrounded 
bj the oo&gregctcd botien of tho groat men of |)AAt 
limcH, who have fiUed liiatorj with their deeilK, and tho 
«artb with their renown. 

Ajid j«t it nlniofit prorokos a Brails at th^ vnnitr of 
bufiiau fupbition, to see how they are crowded to^^ethcr 
aod jostled in the duet; what paraimony is nbservi?id 
in doling: o;it a eavutf nook, a j-loomy corner, a little 
portion of cartJi, to tbo»e, vrhoEO. whMi a]hr«, kin^oma 
could not ttattafy ; atul how many shapt'H, aud foria*, 
and artific<^fi. An\ drviti<d to cati*}] tho ctwual notion of 
the po«*cngcr, and save from fnrgrtfuln^sa, for n few 
abort yvATK, a rnni^ which nnoA nfipinul tn oi^^iipy ogM 
of tho woHd'a tJioa^ht and admiration, 

«fiod aomo time in Poet's Comer, which o(M:npi«s 
1 of one of tha traiiaepta or cruna aifilee of the 


242 r^re 3SSTVIIB0QE. 

abboy. Tlua monuments are generally ^mple; for the 
lircfi of Litcmry men aAurd no etriking tL^^m^s for the 
sculptor. Bb/ilispeare wntl Adclison Ljive skitucA erected 
to their mc^moricfi ; bat the greater pnrt have biuU, 
iDdcJoILions, and eomotimeB mero mscFiptJona. Notvritk- 
fc»fcaudiiig the eimplidty of these meuiorl&l^ i hai« &L- 
Vfrtyw ol>fter\v*l Uiii-t tlit? TiBitora Ui tlie abliey r^iuainovl 
Lon<;c»t kbout th>-^raH A kinder ojid fonder Eei^UuK tak«» 
plflco of that oohl curiosity or vagiie mlmimtion with 
which tlii^j gR7.« on the splenilid monumeiitM f>f tJie 
pteat And the heroic* They linger about these as abont 
thr tombs of fripinds and coni|>anioij& ; for indeed tber6 
1« something of compncioosLip betwiwn tbe autljor and 
tho roodor Otber men are known to poftterity only 
through the mcdiom of history, which is continnalJy 
growing faint und obscore : hut the ictereonrHo be- 
tveeu the author and hia fellow-men ia ever n^w, ac- 
tive, and inimedi&te. He haa lived for them more than 
lor lilmseU; he hftH aai:ri£ued aorroundin^ etjjojmeuta, 
and shut himdelf np from the delights of social life, 
tiiat lie might the more intimately commuQc with dia- 
lAiil niinda and distant ages. Well may the vorld cher- 
bh hia lannw-n ; Cor it baa heeu pnn^hadad, nut by d^eda 
of n61end6 and blood, but by tJie diligent dispenBation of 
l^easBre. Well may po^rity be grnt^fiil to his memorr; 
for h» liaa lidl il un tttheritnoce, mit of empty tiKmea and 
Konuding actionSf but whole treaAuir* of wisdom, bright 
goma of thought, uid ^Ldon roina of langoage. 




From PoeVfi Comfir I contijia^ m^ AtroU towards that 

of the abbej vldch ooulaJnA tbo Hi^j^ulcbT^n of ibo 

kiD^ I irftudered amouff wlmt once were rlinjK;]^, Imt 

ich aro now occupied by the tombtt and mooTim^tifac of 
fkd grctat At cvory torn I met wtUi bodii> illtistnoiis 
QAxue ; or tbe cogniz&noe of nomc poirerful Loose le- 
aownod in history. As tbp «i}re darts into these dusky 
bora of death, it catohea gliinpBca of quaint «fli- 
gio«; some kneeling in oii^bes, as if i» devotiou; otbcM« 
utrr^tcfied upon thn tcimbs, with hnnds piously ppnuiwd 
together: warriors in armor, na if re^odin^ nftfir batUo; 
prelat«8 with crosiers and mitres; ond nobles in robes 
and coronets, lying as it were in gtate. In glancing over 
thta soone, so stranf^^oly populous^ yi>t wLcir*) every form 
is HO fttill aud uUettt, it seems altuoat as if we were Lruad* 
ing M mmnaiiHi of thftt faldnd dty, where every being had 
bMDsnddanly traunmuted into stone. 
1 panjwd to ocintompljite a tomb on which Iat the efHgy 

tk knight in tH^mplete &rmor. A largu bulkier wiia on 
one arm ; tho hitnd)« were presgnd together in sup]ili<-A* 
tion apon tho brcnst: the faco was almost covered by bho 
morion; the legs were crossed, in token of thf^ wnrrior's 
having be^n engaged in tbe ]\o]y w»r. It was the tomb 
of ft crusader; of one of those oiLitary enthusiasts, who 

Hfcrui|pely mingled religiuu &iid romanoe, jujd whose 
exploits form the connectlug Unit between fact and flo- 
tinn; bi-twocn the history and the fairy tab. There is 
thing extremely picturesque in the tombs of thefie 



adventnFOB, elpcnrntf^il iw thpy nre with mde armnrml 
Ijoftriugs Ami Ootbic Hculpturo. Thcj comport vnth the 
antiquated chnpeb in whic^h they nro ^norolly foiiad ; 
ftnd in coiLsid^ring theos, tbc^ imnginatmn is apt to kiuclle 
Tffjth tb« legeBtlor}- swsotrintions, th*- romantic fiction, tho 
cbivnlrous pomp and pa^oautrT. wliich pof^try liae sproad 
over tbe wara for tU-i sepulclire of Obri&t They arc the 
»lkH of time^ utterly ^ou^ by ; of beiu^ po^ed frota 
rocolleotion ; of oufitoins and nioimors with whioh oora 
have no nffinity. They are Hlce objects from sonio etnmge 
and di^itunt latid, of whit^Ji we h»v6 uo i*ertnifi lL]]Owled^;et 
and about whioh all our coucic^ptioiiii are va^nc and vision- 
ary. There ia something extremely solemn and a^fnl 
in thfi8d efSgies on Gotliic boTobs extendad aa if in the 
aloop of death, or in the aupplication of the dyinp hottr. 
TJioy have an e^L^ct in£nitoly more imprebaiY^ on my 
fiiitlinga than tlie fAmnfal attitiui&«, Utfi orar'wnm^hl 
conceits, and all«(^i(!al groups, which abound on modern 
monnmente. I have been etntoki also, with tho anperi- 
ority tA many of the old sepolchral inftfTiptiotia. There 
waa a noble way, in former times, of saving things sim- 
ply, and yot eayinj; thorn proudly ; and I do not know aji 
ei^tapk UiAt br6ath«6 a loftier conaciooan^^u of family 
worth and honorable linea^, than one which ailinuH, of 
a noblo houae, that "all the barotben wei^ brave, and all 
tfao M4t«ra rirtaouik" 

In thflt o|i|KBciE4i traiMPpI Ui PiM^tV C«K7M»r atauda a 
monument which is anKmg th«^ most re&own«>d aehioTe- 

wmTifmsTS^R Annsr. 


laente of ni(xlcm ivrt : but vhich to me appo&rs borriblo 
rather tliAu BubLimo. It b the tomb oi Mis. Nightingale, 
bj Ronbilliir. Tlie brfttnm nf thft mriniini^nt U repre- 
Bcnted OS throwinp^ open its marble doore, and a sboGfed 
ekeleton is stftrtiug forth. The shrond ia falluig Irom ita 
fleshlesa fran^e aA he laiinehea his dart at hia vietim. 
She is fiiciiing into h&r affrighted huabfmd's arms, who 
etrivea, with vain ami frantic effort, lo avert the blow- 
Tbe whole ia eieiiuteil with terrible tmtli and spiiit; we 
ftlmost fanoj we hear the gibbering yell of triumph burst- 
ing from the dietauded jawa of the spectre, — But why 
shouM we thiiK week ('" t^lotlie death with nnnecef^Hary 
terrors, and to spread horrors roand the tomb of those 
wo love? The grave should be Burroimded by every 
tiiiDg that might uiapire tenderaeas and veaeratiou for 
the dead; or that might win the living to virtue. It !■ 
tiio plaot>, not of dis^st and diBmay, but of sfrrrow Mid 

Whiltt wandering about these gloomy vaidts and silent 
ftijiles, atudyiii^ the records of the dead, the sound of 
\msj eiietence from without occaaiooaUy reaches the 
ear \ — the nimbltng of the pa^siir^ eqiiipiig«f ; the innrmur 
of the multitude; or perhaps the light langh of pleas- 
ure- The contrast ia striking with the deathlike repoa© 
ajxmnd: and it las a htran^ eJIeii upon Un? fueluiga, 
thus to hear thi^ surges of active life hurrying along, and 
bcatijjg o^ainet the vc^rj walld of the aepulchro. 

I oontiuued in this way to move from tomb to tcmbb 



and from chapol to chapel. Tbo d^j vm ^fldn&Uj irear* 
111^ AH'ftjr ; the (lisi&nt tread of loilerera about Lli^ abbny 
^[rew Ie88 And I^b8 freqaent; th^ sweet^ton^ed b^U was 
eummoniEij* to cTCiiiD^ prayera ; and X fiaw ftt a distauoo 
tha ehoriatent, in their vhite 6urpUc«Sr croesiiig the aislo 
and enteriDt^ (he choir. I atood heforo the entnoioe to 
Henry th€ Sev&nth'e ehapol» A flight of steps load up to 
it, through a <leep nod gloomy, but mogniliooDt ftrch. 
driBut gjites of bi&sd, rit^hly uiil deticutely wrongbt, Uim 
heavily upon their hinges, &3 if proudly reluctant to Ad- 
mit the foot of common mortals into this most gorgeous 
of HepulchreB. 

On entering, the oye ifi aatooiBhed by the pomp of bp- 
cldtc^turd, and the cbboratc beitutj of eculptnu&d de- 
taiL Tho Yeiy walls are wrought into iinivi^rsnl omft- 
ment, inomsted with traiv^ry, aud gcooped inb^ idchoe, 
crowded with tho statues of stvintB and mortyra. Stone 
seeEQA, bj the cunning labor of the chisel, to have be«n 
robb^ of itH weight nnd density, nnf^pondod aloft, oa if 
by ma^c, And the frotted roof achieved vnth the vooddr- 
fill nunatcneaa and airy security of a cobweb. 
* Along the aides of the chapel are the iofty filalla of tlift 
Knighta of tho Bath, richly earred of oal, though «riUi 
the groteeque decor&tioua of Qotbic arehitectun^ On 
the piunaclua uf the nUlU HVt! aiSii^J the hetitjeta otid 
ereats of the knights, nJth their a^arfa and ^vrordst; and 
above theu ar« euaponded their bonaer^ embl&zooed 
with uiiuorial bearing and contrustiug the splnndor of 




gold and pirple and (rrimsoti, with the pold gr^y fn»twork 
of the root In Uid midst of thU grftod maasoleom 
fitauJii tlte aepolchre of ita founder, — ^hia e£ig^. vilh Uia| 
of his queen, etteudeJ uu a nitniptiiuiifl lomh, luu} tJi^ 
whole surrouuddd by a suporbly- wrought bnuteu nutiii^ ■ 

Therd is a eod ilrotmnoss in this mu^iificonoe ; this 
Btnu^ mixture of tojnbs and trophies; these emliletoi 
of livmg &dJ aspiring ambition, close besidti m^mentof 
wbich show tho dust and oblivion in whicli &11 muat 
sooner or later terminate. Kothiug itupresH^a the luind 
with a deeper feeling of loneliness, than to tread tho 
silent and deserted scene of former tJircng oiul puguonti 
On Luuking round on the y&canl stalla of the kui^jliLs and 
their BsqniresT und on the rows of dusty but gorgeooa 
baouicrs that were onoe L>omo before tlicm, 017 imA^inft* 
tign conjured up the soane when tliia hzJl was bright 
vith the valor nod beauty uf the laud ; glit.terui^ witli tliA 
eplcndor of jowoUed rank fuid miUtnrj' nrray ; «In-e with 
the tread of many feet and tlte hum of an admiring muli 
tifcude. All hod ]>assed away ; the silenoe of death ha^ 
settled Sf^ain upon the place^ intermpted only by th4 
coanol ehirping of birds, which hud found their way into 
the chftjM?], aud built tlieir iumIs amun^ iL« frie^utH auA 
pendantii — suro signs of sohtortness aud desertion. J 

"Whou I road the namos inaoribed on the banners, thry^ 
were thoae of men ern-tt^^red far nnd wide about thn 
world, somo toesin^^ upon di^tjiut h^oh ; Bomd under 
in distant Uods; some mingling in the busy iatriguce 



titu-don in this mfmsion oi ebudony honors : Uio molon- 
dioljr r^w^u-d uf a luouunaoDt 

Two Bmall aisles on eac^-li side of this cliapel present a 
toQolung instance of tho equality of the grave; wkioh 
briuga down the oppreB&or to a level with tlje oppresaed, 
and mingles tbe ilusl of tlif- bitterest enemieH togetber- 
In one is tho depnlohre of the ba,uglitir Kliznbetb ; in tbo 
otber U tbat of Ler victim, the lovely find nDfoitiiDAte 
Hftry. Not an boor in Hi*^ diiy but Knme i^jnculAtion of 
pify id QtiMod ovor Ulg fata of th« latter, luinj^kd vtth 
indigaatioD at hei oppressor. The vaiia of Elizabeth's 
afipulcbtfl coiilinniLlly ertbo with the sighs of ^ympathj 
L«avod at Ibo k^^^ ^ ^^^ rivrd. 

A pct^tiar inctancholv n^i^ns over the aisle wbcra 
Mary Iiak bunr^d^ Tlitf^ '^ght Btraggles dimly tliroagh 
wiadoTS dArk«>niid by dust Tb« greater port of tha 
place is in deep shadow, and the walls ore stained and 
tinted by time and weather. A marble figure of Maiy la 
atretched upon tbe tomb, round which is an iron railing, 
laiieb corrode, bearing her national omblena — the tliia- 
tla. I w»a weary with wanderinf;. nxA sat down to real 
lajself by tbe monumMtl, remlrhig in my mind Iba cibaq- 
Dfired and disastoovu ttory of poor Mary. 

The aDvnd ot catnal tooMvpa had o c a—3 from tlko 
abbey. X eniald only h«>ar, now and Unu, dm dntant 
voiee of the piieet Iteming Ihe rrvMing aerrioa* and tbe 
EMiiittapons««of tbe cboir; Umee pnvted lar attae,and 


all was hoAbpiL Tim KtUlnieg^ thn il<*)wrli(m &iul nlwu* 
rity tiiat ver« gradtuklly prorailing arocndr gftv«i a U<t»per 
and more solemn int«rodt to tho placo; 

Flar ID ltd lUvnl c»T« Qo coaTtcmikn^ 
KojO^I trtAfl nr frlMUlE* nii ro^ra of Icwn^ 

FVir cutliine u. bul uU ubLv^, 

BnildeolT the aot&4 of the deep-laboring organ btiril 
upon the ear^ faJlm^ inth dooUed aod redoubled in* 
toaaity, and roUing. as it vrero, hugd btllowa ol EtouiuL 
Kov well ihi their volume juul grandeur ac^Mird with 
thin migbti,- building! With Vkhnt pomp do tLt^y fiW«iU 
throGRb ite vast vaults, and brcatho their awfTd harmony 
through these caves of de&th, imd moke the siioat eepnl- 
obfp VduJ f — Aud cow tbny ri)4ti in tfiuuipli Hnd iicclamn- 
tiou, benvin^ higher and hi|;b«T their nccorduuit notoa^ 
and piling sound on aouud-— And now ihoj pause, and 
the soft voices of the ohoir break out into aweet i^aahen 
of melody ; they soar aloft, and warble alon+i tlio roof, 
and seem to play about thoso ^ofty vnultn li]c« Uic puro 
aira of heaveiL A^a^iii the jte-aling org^iit hrnvrn iU thrill- 
ing thnnderft, ^ompreaaing air into mngid, and roliiuff it 
forth upon tho acmj. What loDfj-drawii cadences 1 What 
solemn Hw^'pin^f oononrds! It crowi* moro ejiiI moi^e 
deiu^r- Ajid (Hiw^rftj] — it filhi tbc* vjwt pili*, mid fs<»f*Tnfi to 
jav tho viiry walhfr— tho cnr is stuanod— the source aro 




avcrw^f^lmctL AnU txQvt it la winding up in lull jnbU 
it iH ribing from ttie ^ftrtli to heikven— tlie very sricil s^eroM 
ra[jt uwfij unci floated i]}ivaj(If) oil this i^welliog tido '^.^^ 
horincn}- 1 ^H 

I eat for j^oiiiq time loBt in that kind of reverio whicJi a 
Btrain of mii&i? is apt sometinies to ifimpire : tbe sbn^ovrs 
of ovcning w^ro gradually thickouiug round me; tb6 
nioiiimjeijte begau to cast dc^eper aud deeper gloom ; aod 
Ui© Jislaut olook again gave token of the slowly waning 

I Toae and prepjirnd to leave the abbej. Aa I 
srrpmlcd iLii Aiglit of »k*pH wiiiijL lemJ mUy \\xn IjihIj 
the biiililtng, my eye w^e cjLught by ths ahrinu of Exl 
tbe ConfcBsor, nnd I Ascended the smikll staircase tbal 
conducttH tn ft^ to take from thence a general murrey of 
this wilderness of tombs. The ahrine is elevated upon 
A kind of platform, and oloao around it are the aepulchvoa 
of variiuiB kiu|^ and i^neens. From tliis i^inJiieiioD thn 
^ye looks down between piUars aiul funund tropLfict to 
the cliapeJs and ohambeiB beltiw, erowde<L with tombi; 
where warrioro, prelates, courtiers and statesmen, lie 
mouldering in theiz *'bedfl of darkness." Closa by me 
stood the fjreat chair of coronation, rudely oarved of oak, 
in the barbarous ta^te of a remote and OutLic aite. The 
scene seemed abnoat as if contrived, with theatrical arti- 
fice, to produce an effect uT>on the beholder. Hem wai 
& type of t[i4f beginning and the cud of bnman pomp and 
tfower; here ib vojt litciridly but u ctep from the throne 





'to Ae Be[>nlcliro. "Would not one thuok tbat tlieoc uioon* 
grnoiia m^^meotoB hod been ^tliered kigt^Uier uh a 1»m>j9 
to LiTUig (^reatoees? — to (diow it, ev^n in tlie momttiit ot 
ite protiil^Bt exalcatiou, the ne^kct and disJiotior to which 
it maat soon arri^^ : huw ao<;Q tliiit crown whioL cocir- 
uliw \i» Irruw iinml |>4uui uujty, Jiui] it iim&t lie duwn iir tho 
dii«t imd diiAgi'UC^i of the tomb, iLiid ba tr&DQpIod npon 
by tho £i>ot of the mcAncrtt of the mmltitudo. ^^or, striui^ 
to tell, QveD ttie gniTe is hvsve no loEigcir a nauctufuy. 
TKdF« is a shocking kvily m aomQ iuLtar^i4, which leads 
them to Bport vilh jLTrfal and h&Uowcd ihiug^ ; aoid there 
are bftdd umuU, which delight to levanf^e on the illuA' 
trionfl de^d the abj^cft homage and ^ovelling udrvilit; 
whioh thtsy |)oj" to the Ii^'iIlg. Tho oofliii ol Kdwnrd the 
CiJiifcHtfur hu4 hebii broken opeti, ajid Lta r^mnina d^ 
sjHiilod of thi^ir fmieroiil omiunt^iiU ; the s^^ptre hafl been 
stolon CroiD tbi^ himd of the imperioiia Elizabi^tb, juid ths 
cffigT of Bciirf the Fifth lies hciLdlcns. Not a rojal 
monutneot but beftTH snm^ proof how fnlw nnd fugitive 
is Iba bomaffO of m&nkind- Sodi^ ar& plundered \ eome 
mntilAted; nome corered with ribaldry and insulfr-^all 
m<n« or Imh outrogdd ai^d diitb<»iiored I 

The lut beams of (hiy wore now faintly streaming 
iLrougfa the piklntod windowi^ in tlie iiigh vjhultn &bovo 
me; the low^r parts of the nbh^iy were nJready wnipjiiMl 
in tho obaeuiity of twilight Th9 ehapoLa And nijilefl 
grew darker and darker TUe effi^ica of the king^ fndod 

,lu nhiwloivd; the uiarblct %me& of the monamonte aa« 



Ttumecl utTAi^ AliApeA in i1t« uDcertnin ligbt ; Uio crcisxDg 
bnittxu (tnrpt tHlinitifrh thi^ mn^K^s libi thti mU\ Umnth nf 

orflirig tho Poot'a Comer, hod somi^Uung Btr&ngo and 
dre&ry in its Hnnncl. T atowly nitr»eeil my moming'A 
w&Lk, and &a I passed out at the porUl of the cloistevBt 
the door, clueiuK ^itli a jairiuK uoiao boMnd m&, filled 
the whole buildiug with eclioevL 

I ondoarorod to form »oz&d arruig«m«ut iu my mind of 
the objoots I bod bfroD contf^mplibtiiig, but foand Uicj 
WdFd ftlro&dy fallen into indiAti&ctitcss and confosioo. 
NftOia^ inscripdoQs, tiopLd^, had all b««ome ooiifounded 
in my nMoUoctiob, tboof^b I had acarcotj takon niv foot 
froui off the threaliold. What> thought I, b Ihk Ttti 
iMtmbfaiga of HAputolircH hut a tte^Mur^ of hunulifttion ; 
ft IkHllllft pUo of miteraUfd boiuilii>« on the omptinew «f 
nmowu. Mid the ccTtointy of Qblivioa 1 li iat« iiKlccd^ the 
empire of deAlH ; \\i^ }3T&At ehiulowy palxofi, vhi^re h^ «ita 
ia st»te, DQookiDj- at th« rolioa of honm 0oij, ftiid 
q***^'*^ doBt Jknd foF^etfoloeas on the iiiOBWii«oto of 
piince>. How idle a huaat) mSUa all, ta thtt iminortali^ 
of ft name 1 Time bevwcUeatlr tnnung orer hia p<^e«; 
we Are loo mach r&i;ro«wd bj the 0IO17 of the presonk te 
think uf 4be bharart^iryi and MMoAotea that gam iMteroti 
lotliep«ct; Mkd each af?^ m a vohaw ttomm mde Id be 
ipeodiW Fon^^fttcAi. The idol of to-daj fMudK^ the hero 
of jf^tmrdav riatt of <iaT TWfvlWtMui; and will, in tvra, 
be nppluited bj bk SMceeMr of t04Mn^^v, '-Qar 



bUhers" sajTs Sir Tbomfts Brown, "flml th«ir grsv^ in 
oar dliort mfimoriee, and sadly tell ua how we may be bur- 
ied m our sumvow." Hiatorj fadea into fable ; [aot be- 
oom«>B c1um1t-d with cloabl and contloverev ; tli« iiiHtTi|w 
tiOD mouldi^rft froia the tablet ; tlio Matuo falU from ilio 
pcdcfftoi. C(^liim&M, AicliOA, p^TfuaicL-^ wbat arc tLcy but 
heaps of fiauJ ; and ihek opilaphs, but cLaraclunt wnttoii 
in tlie duttt ? What is tlm 34K^ur% of a tckinb, or tbo ^t* 
pctnity of an embalinment? The remiun^i of Alcxiuidor 
the Great bare been sc^iieied to the wi»d, mid hia empty 
sarcophagus ih ugw th^ mere rnrWity of a miiH^iun. 
^*The Egyptian niummioB, whioh Cauiby^cB or time hnth 
spared, aviirit^ uow eouauiueth ; Mi&ralui uiiron wijiuidis 
aad Pharaoh is sold for bahiaiQa.''* 

What thuu is to inaure thia pile wMoh now toppers 
above me from fihariu^ tLie ffttr at mightier muuMoleuma? 
The time must oonic^ whni iU gihled vaultK, nhieh now 
spring flo loftily, iiLat) ]in in rubbii;U bom^^th the leot ; 
when, inetead of the aoond of melody find praise, tlie 
wind shall whintle through the broken archen, mid the 
owl hoot from the shattered tower — when the ^airit^h Hiin- 
beam ehall break into theae gbiomy m&UHiona of death, 
acid the ivy twine round the column : and the fox- 
glove bang itit bloa^oma about th(» niuseltfaa urn, aa if in 
noekeTy of tbc doiuL Thus man passes away: l)iM nam^ 
parishes from record and recollection ; his hiator^ i« u ft 
U\\tt that is told, and his very monon^pnt lieo<*mw» a ruiiL+ 

* Sir T. ifrc^rn. f For noM on Wfvtmliutw Abbe;, *aD AppcmJlx, 




being gra^imlly worn awfty hj tima, but BtUl mom oblit* 
erated by modcra fashion. Thoy re^mble thoso pio- 
tare»i[iid morsetfi of Gothic architecture, which we see 
ommbiing in v&rioua parte of the country, partly dilap- 
idated by the waste ol 04500. and partly lost in tho oddi- 
tioua djid alteradotiB of latex day& Poetry. howeTer, 
clings with elieriaEiii]^ futidueMi about the rural game 
and holiday revol, from which it ha§ d&rived so many of 
its themes — as the ivy winds its rich foliiige about the 
Ootliic nrch and niculderiug tower, gratefiilty repaying 
their support, by elaapiDg together their tottering re- 
maiiia, and, as it were, embalmiug tht^m in vordurc. 

Of all the old fe^tivah^^ howevi^r, that of Christmaa 
awokena the strongest and tnoBt heartfelt a^^ociationB* 
There id a tono of aol^mn and socrod feeling that blonds 
with tmr (Mniviviality, and UftH the hpiril to a state of 
haUcjW4>d and eli^vntod eujoyment. The sc-rvicea of the 
ohnroh about this fiooson are oxtremcLy tender and iu- 
apiring. They dwell on the beautiful etory of th© ongin 
of our fiulh, Jind tlie pastoral acenes tlmt ac^ooi^^iQtied it^ 
amionuceiuent- They i^atlnally increase in forvcr and 
patJios during the aoason of Adrcnt, until they break 
forth in full jubilee on the morning tJiat brought peace 
and j;ood-will to men. I do not know a grander effect of 
muaic on tho moral feeliuga, than to he&r the Ml choir 
Mid the peallag oi>^ pBvformia^ a ClriAtmae aathem 
in a CAtiiedral, and filling every part of the vast pile 
with triumphant harmony. 



It in a bHAuUrtil ^raujjKUiuuW also, clemcd from da;s 
of yore, thiit iliw feativul, wbioli commemorates th^ im- 
noUDLVcaont of the religion of peiM!^^ and love, hs& l>eeD 
matin tiiv fu-asiin tor ^fitliermg to^^eilier of fMnilj* couiieo- 
tionti, xnxd drHwing otoser ngikiii tJiose IuukIk tjl kiiidn^d 
Jicujt», which th^ cojos and plon^tiTvttj ntid sorrovM oC tliA 
world fti^ continoAUy oper&tiiig to cjkst loose ; of otklliug 
back the cliildreu of a family, wlif> bave luaucrhed furlli 
in lifo, anil wandered mdelv asnnderr ontx mora to aa- 
deinble ab->ut the patenml lu^artli. tbat rallyiug place of 
tlw idFu(?UuiiM, UjnTO tu jgp-iv ycjQug luid lofiog ^g&ui 
unoug tbo obd<^ng ntfrmontoM of ehildhood. 

Th«n> L» soBWtbing in tbc nry sctftsoo of th^ j^ar thfti 
girea » charm to the festivity of Christmaa At oUmt 
tim*A ire d^rire a Ri«at pcntkn of oor plea^area from tbo 
ineiv Wauti«« of tiAture. Our fe^Uniis aalty fortli antl 
disBujuitt^ il)(^ii3M^hfvt orer tlw ftoiuiy iaiid>rMjwi, and vm 
- Ihv abroikl aiKl ovdyn W rtt." At tto^g ol tfaa bnd. Oie 
nonuvrof the ett«ifla,Uw hwatfcine twgrwm of <grittfc 
tbe aA -nibiptaiUMmrm ol slimmer, the t^cddea pomp M 
antUMi; Aarth wit& ita oMulk of ivfraoJuiM* i^^d* and 
baann vith Ha dw^p d«ltoma U«e aad Ha cloody mag- 
ajficeo-:^ all SU tia wilK n«ft» Wl es4«iakle Ac^i^t, «od 
va vQtvl itt tba Ivnty of vara mam/Ao^ Bat La th^ 
dafth of wiaAar* vIm« Batttf* liaa daapoilad of avor^ 
chanw vmI viappad u bar afcioad «! ah wied odov, w« 
temlGVOBrftratiftaiiiaftabancn] aovoMi TW drean- 
Mia i«d dvootattoa gf tka kadbei^ tba afaovt fl^ooAj 



daTB and d^'lcaom© nigfata. while they cirpumacribe o<ir 
VAivleriiigB, Bhat in our foeUogn also from romljUog 
abroad, and moke 09 more keenly dUpoAAd for tlic plcoA- 
tirie (jf tLe Ei<><.'i:il einle. Our tliuii]^hta un^ mnn* ivmciTn- 
trated; our friendly sympatluea edcttc- &rociwt(I Wo f«cl 
more aeiuibly thi; cliurm of eAcb otbcr's socdoty, luid Are 
broBght mun^ clowely tr>getlier by cle[>eiiilence od each 
other for enjoyment. Heart calleth tmto beftrt ; and w« 
dimw onr pleasures from the deep wells of lorin^ldnd- 
no<w, wliii-'h lie in the qoiet recstuteit of our Linumit ; juul 

whieh, when reported to, fonuHh &>Ttb the pom element 


[ of domestic folici^. 

Hie itttchj gVxtfn wHhoat msles Qw h^tivri diUt« ca 
flntaii^ Ihe room filled with the glow tnd warmth of tl» 
erenitig fire. The rvddr bUjW diffnsoa am artificial bub- 
mn- luid Bonshme Uiroo^ the room, aod lights up each 
«otU)t»i»BC9 in a kSndUt-r wel«orae. Where cloe^ th« hoB- 
O0t face of hospJtAlitj expand into a broader and more 
oordlAl emile — where is the thy glnnoe of loTe more 
sweetly eloquent — thsn I7 the winter flremde? and aa 
the hoDow blaet of wintry wind rtubca through tl>6 
halX dape the ditftest door, wbwtkft about the oaae- 
menu aod rumUe* down the chimDey, what can be 
more i^ratefol than that feeling of w^t and nbelteiod 
sec^intT. witli whidi we look round upon tbc eoinfoTlar 
ble ckambef ftndlkaaoeoeofdooMatielulmtjf 

The Enidiah, from ik» g r p^t pranleam nf rwrwl babii 
tLioughoal every eia«a of aocae^, hnro afways boon fond 


rns ssBTCff'BOOs. 

of ttoao festiv&lfi aucl holidftye vhich ckgre^ablj intotropt 
ihc stiUne^d of coiuitiy lifo : and they wore, in fonser 
cUy*, jjftrticularly obaervaDt of the reli^Ufl and aodftl 
rites of CliriBtmAs. Ii is inspiring to r(«ad even the dl]r 
dotailfi whicL some antiquaiiee bave f^ven of tho quaint 
btUQora. the bnrloHque pAf^anto, the oomplete ftbai 
doniFient bo Tnirtb aiid ^od-fellownLip^ with which 
fGstivaJ waB ^^elebrated . It adonied to throw opau otoi 
doort and unlock every hcihrt. li brought tho p04keajil 
and' the peer together, nnd blrinVd nil riUikn in one 
wnnu f^^nerous flow of joy and IdnduoRM. Th« old halia 
of oaatiea and manor-honsos rosounded with the hup 
ftiul U^o ChriblmEhH carol, and their ample boardii ^njaund 
under the weight of hospitality. Even the pooroiit oob^H 
ta^ welooinod the festive eoason vibh green dc«oratioDt 
of hay and holly — the cheerful £re gUuced iIk nys 
through th^ hhttii^a, invititrg the pariKangunt t^) raiiM tbo 
latdi, and join th<) gossip knot huddled round Uio heaxtb« 
boguiliog the long evening with legeuduy jokes and 
tf>1d Chfisimus titles. 

One of the leatit pleading effeot« of modem rcfinejoenl^ 
J0 tlio hftvoc it hw mndo among the hearty old ht^d^y 
ouMtoma. It haH (xjinpletely taken oflT the ah^trp toucib- 
ingH antl spirited reliefs of these erobolliAhmontA of lifo^^H 
And Um worn down society into a more smooth and pol-^^ 
ifthed, but certaiidy a leHK islmrjurtiirititio itnrtu^. Many 
nf Ihn f^tnes and cereiDoniala of ChriHtmas hftve e^tii^y 
digappoared, and, like tho ahorrid eack of old FaUtdi^ 



jm bdoome matters of specnlibtion and dispute among 
commoDtatoTS. They flottriflhod in times fall of spitit 
aud lustUiooi], wlitiu lUeD eujojEHl life roaghly, bat liaait- 
Oj lULcl vigorously ; timeB wild and pictnreaqu^r wkicli 
bttve fumislied poetry vfiili ltd rioJieat tuatctrials, fxn^ 
t]]9 dmiiiai witli its tuusi ftttr&ctiTe viu'iety of cLziract^rs 
and tnamiera. The world bafl hecome more wnrldly. 
There ia more of dissipation, nnd less of enioyracnt 
PlesAure has ei^iaiided iato a broG.der, but & abaUow^r 
Btreaiu; and has foraak^ik inany of tboRe deep ami quiet 
AbonDclB whero it flowed ewoetly through the calm bosom 
of domestic! life. Society baa acqiured a more eiulight- 
ened and elGgant tone ; but it b&s lost many of its strong 
local poculiaritiofl, its homebred feeling, its honest fire- 
Bide delights. The traditionary customs of golden- 
heitrted antiqnity, its feudal hospitalities, and lordly 
wassailinga, have paasod away with tba baronial t«ia- 
tlea and stately manor-houses xa which they were oele- 
bntted. They iiom])orled with the shmlowy hiLll, the 
fj^roat oaken gallery, and the tapestriGd parlor, but are 
unfitted to the light ehowy saloons and gay drawings 
rooms of the mrKlerii villa. 

Sbom, however, a* it is, of its anoient and festive hon- 
ors, ObristtQOfl is atill a pohod of delightful excitement in 
England. It is ^Tatifying to see that home feeltag com- 
plutflly arnnsfiil which linlds so powerful a place in every 
English bosom. The preparations malting oii every aido 
for the social board that i& again to uulio friends and 



ing, dioae tokens of legnril. &□<! qniokeuers of kind feel- 
ings ; tba evsr^^dita di»tributei3 about liouj^efl and 
oborch&a, «mbleum of pea(;4> aud glibdoees ; ;ill Uici.te Xiuxq 
tlie mo8t pleasing dflect in pHHlnciug fond a^erximtioiiH, 
aud kindlinjj benovolout sjmpatluea. Even the eound of 
i\iii Wiiitti, rude as may bo Uicir minatrelaj, breaks npoa 
tJui mtd-wntdies of n winter aighl uitli the bilTetTt r>f i)«r- 
foct Lanuouj'. As I buve buen aw]bke&(^<l by tliem in tfa&t 
Btill nnd solemn hoar, "wlien deep sleep fallctb upon 
man,*^ I Lave liak-ncd with n huslied deligbt, atid. coo- 
necting th^in with the Bficred and joyous oi>t.^ai»iou, hav^ 
almodt faucied Ibom ittto another ccloatiaL eiioir, un- 
nnniitiiug pe;u» and good-will to uionkiuiL 

How delighthiUy die ima^aatinnf when wrought upon 
bj these moral infhifincH^Br turnn ovorj thing to mnlodj 
and beauty ! TIic Tcry CTowing of the cock, heotd some- 
times in the profound tx-pnsd ot the* coiintiy, '^telUog tli© 
night watoh^R to hifl feathery dames " was thonf;ht by thft 
cotumun j>tfoplo to annoojioe Ib^ approach of this sacr«d 

And Um^, IbitT tmt, nc spiril ilnrw Htir ftbcMd ; 

Kq folo takT& DO irlu:h both pnvTir t? dwna, 
00 hjdliyw'tl mhI a» craoknu ia lh« timf*' 

Anikihit the gunerml coll to happinMs, the buKtle of the 


ftpuitflv Mad Etir of tLe afl«<<iioiu. wKicIl preT^ »l Ihia 
period* vLat bneom cui Tem&in inft^cKihU* ? It is, in-ioAd, 

of rcf^ed^nted fe^linf^— tbe o^aaoh lot kiniK 
lEng. not msrelr tbe fir« of hoepitaUtj u> the faftlL bat iIm 
gmul fbuBB of diATiM LD Ui« )ie«rt 

TIm Boettft of eu-lj lore ftpun nsdft f^reon to nMUorf 
Iwjond the sterile vasbc: of jears ; and UbC i<ie* ol ho««^ 
hwight with the fnignuioe of boioiMlvrrllitig jin^. roAni* 
mate* the dtoopitu^ spirit ; as th« ArftMftu t»TMvxA vUl 
eoflMttniM vaft the freshness of the distant fields to the 
wearr pilgriiD of the desert 

Strangsr and sojourner a^ I nni in tlie liind— thongh 
for me no social heartJi may hl^ze. no hoApibtMr tVKit 
throw open its doors, uor the w^rtu gnk^p <if fru^LitUhip 
^^Doipe lae at tUfl tliresliolJ — yoi T fi^<>l tlu» liilltKmty) of 
the ftsaooD beaming into my acnil frons tlii^ hnppv lookn of 
fhoae arotmd me. 8urelj tiappin^vw m rrflntrttTO, lik** 
tlio liglit n( h4*jtven; iiml £>v<-rr rniiTiii*iiruici\ hri^lit with 
smiles, snd glowii^ with innocent ^njoytnentt in a mirror 
tmOflDutting to others the Tay§ of a supreme ami evoi^ 
shining WiiPToleTiiTe^ He who ca,ri turn ohurliKhly tkvttiy 
^m oontemplntiu^ t]j« felicity of hiu fclli^w-hoiTi^ft, mid 
can sit down ilnrkling and ropiuing in hiu hmrjlini>ni 
when all iirnind ik joyful, mnj h&ve 1ii« tiirjint'titH iif 
strong exdtemsnt and a&lfi^h grntificAtioii, liut li<i wAntt 
^e Rcaiol an<l social sympatluos wlitoh ooiMtituto lh« 
charm of a merry Chrutmafl. 


Abtqat mort 
LJbn* dDpcDcmH, 

< the preoedibf; paper I have made aome gen- 
orftl obo^rrattoua on tlLO Chmtinas festiTitioa 
ot Eu>{LauJ, &ud am tempUrd to tlluairaie theoi 
by ft^Miid auccdot^n of a Chhstoua piesed in the ooontrj; 
io pcrasjng vhicb I voaM most coorteotislT inrito 1117 
reacter to l»j mAb tho niist^rit^ of wUdom, aul to poi 
on that g^nntne boHdaj «puit which U tol«nmt of iDlIy. 
oad aniioiu only L>r una^nn^nt 

In the ooona ot m DeoemWi tour in YorkAhiro. I rode 
for A long distaiMM in one of th<» piiblio coaches, on the 
daj preo«diBg Chnstnia& The coach was <irowd^ both 
inside and oat, vith paaaengers^ who, bjr their talk, 
seesAd principalljr boacal to thn manuooa of ralaUona 
or MeDda; to eat the Chhstmaa ^&i>ar. It vaa loaded 
alao with hampers of gaiue, a&d baaketa and boxes of do* 
lioadt-di; and harM htoig dangling tbeir long aan abooi 


tito cojLcbman'fl box, preae&ts from distant frionda for tlie 
uiipending imu^t. I \\aA three fimi rf^y-clie^ked boya for 
my feUow-p&fis^ug^rs mside, fall of thd biuom health 
ftnd manlj spirit wliioii I bave obaorred iu the cliililrcit 
of this coimtry. They wore returning home for tlie holi- 
days in high glee, and proroising theioBolvee a world of 
enjoyment It wa.^ d^ligbtfnl to bear Ibe gigantio plana 
of Lb« little roguea, and tlie impracttcvLljlfi featn iliey were 
to perform daring tbeir six weeks' emancipation from tli© 
abhorrod tliraldom of book, birch, and peJagogite- TJiey 
vcre full of antloipationa t>f the moetiiig iFritli the family 
And bonsehold, down to tha viery cat and dog; and of thd 
joy Uiey wero to givo tbeir little aistora by the preeenta 
with which their pockrts were crammt*d ; but the meet- 
ing to wbit^h they spemed to look fcirward with thw gruat- 
e«t impatienee was with Bar^t^tm, which I lonnd to bo ft 
poi^, and, oGoonling to Aeir talk, postM^ssed of moie tit- 
titi-s than any Hbend ttinot* the djiyg of Bud^phalua. How 
Lq could trot ! how ho conlil mn ! and then sncb lonpa aa 
he woold tftke — there was not a hedge in the whole conn- 
tiy that be eonld not clear- 

Th^y were under the partionlar piardlan^hip of th^ 
coaohinan, to whom, whenever on opportniuLy presented. 
Uiey addreissed a bo«t i>f cpnmlloiifi. niid pronuuaced Mm 
one of the bunt felloii-H ia the world. Indeed, I ronld not 
bntnotico the more Umn ordinary air of bafitlf> and im- 
portance of the eof^hman, who wore hitt hat a littlf? on 
ona eid«j and hud a la^e bnnch of ChristmaH ^^reena 




stuck in tJie button-holo of his coat. He is iJtqjs a 
jxirainia^G full of migbty care and busiaeH8, but lie is 
parLioularly so (Inrtng tbii^ season, having so many oom- 
miauioua to execute in oonaeqvienoo of the great inter- 
<ibnu;^ of presGitU, And Lore, perhaps, it may nut be 
unttOiwptnble to my imtravelleil readers, to have « skeb^h 
that may sorvo ae a gonora] roproeentation of tliis very 
nmnerous and importAnt olaM of fanctionnries, who liare 
a drees, a manner, ft lan^a^. fvn itir, petulmr U^ them- 
holvea, and prevalent tliroufthoTit the fraternity; so that, 
whereter an Kugliab stage coachman may be seen, ba 
oonnot he iiiii«Uiketi for one of any other craft or mystery. 

He hiitt coiQQionty a broad, ftiH fiioe, corinusly mottled 
witJi red, ua if tbo bJotxl b«d been forced by bard feeding 
into everj Teswl of tfie nkin ; he is swelled into jolly di- 
m^QAiODfl by frequent potationa of malt liifuore, aud hia 
bulk is still further increased by & mnltiplidly of coata, 
iu wUicb he \s, buried likr" a L-nnUi1i»wer. tbr^ tijijier ona 
reaebin^ U> his lieels. He weiuv % broul - briiniaad, 
low-crowned bat: a Utt^ roll of colorp>d handkcrcliief 
a1x)ut Ilia neck, knowingly knpttp<] and tacked in at 
tbe 1>isom; and fawi In snmmar tinae a lai^ botujoiet 
of flowers iu his batloiHbol^; the preaent* moat prob- 
ably, of oome eaaoionMl country lass^ ffis vaifttajal in 
i^mimonly iiT vioinp bright oolor, striped, and bis small 
o]oth«fl 0xtdnd &r below tbe kiie«e, to nteet a |Mur of 
jockey boote whkb reacb aboal kalt way ap his \t^ 

All UuB GustnuM is Miintaland witb hivkIi praefttioii: 



h« hskR a pride in lutving kiH clothdA of oxGcUi^iit m*- 
toriaU; out), Dotwitbi^tiUidinK tho Bcommfp groaancne of 
bifl AppcAraDi^, tliorc ia tftill dimieriiiblcr thut noatnc^aa 
anil proprii'ty nf pornori, which U ulinf>Bt iuh«r€Ut in un 
£aglisbujnn. Ho oujoys groat coDaoqut^ure aiut eonftjd- 
etatiou oXoi^ tlio ro^ \ haa frequ&iit cooforeuoM wiUi 
tiie villaf^ liouHewivi^, who luok ujiou him ha & nion 
oE ji^Qat troflt and dopcadeuoi^; and ho aeema to have 
a ^od uiidf^i-fltandiug with i^rtirj briKht-tryed country 
IrtMN. T}iii UKimiMit hn umvim wh^^n? thn htrrhfiH um 
to bo chkitj^ Lo throivH down i\\b r^iuA witli UkOitit^ 
thing of on ur, And abondonA tbo cattle to tho euro of 
tlie hoHtl(ir; bia duty 1>ei]i^ mi-rt^ly tji drivi^ frnui one 
stage to another. When off tha bcji, bia houdH are 
tiurtiat lAto tbe pocketd of Juj* Ki'dftt oorit, &iul lie roLk 
about the Ina /ftnl wiLb an air of Uim rmiat nlwirbjtii 
lordlincM. Her« he Im gencr&lly «urroQnded \rf an ad* 
miriaK throng of hoatlcna, uliibU^bf^yit, iilioebhiokis aod 
those Dam^IcAs haDgeTa^Q^ tluit infect iimn itnd tiivema. 
aDd ran dirands. and do aJI kmd of iwid job*, for th« 
pvinkf^ of batteniuff on the drippin^Es of the kitchen 
and tli« leaL^ uf tlie tap-ro&ia TUeAe all look ttp 
tfj him as to as oradi- ; t^vHkun- up Liu <*uit plinueii ; 
60J10 hia opimoiia frbont honiM and other topioa of 
jockey Ion ; and. above all, end^aror to imitate hia 
ab Mid cai7U49?. I^f^ry m^punnflin Ibat hax a txiat Ui 
Ua bttdu Umtsta hie baiHls in tLa pocketa, toUa in Itia 
gait, talka alau|^ and ia an ebbrjo Coaobej. 



Ferbiips St might "be owing to tUe plejisin^ surmiiity 
thjLt n^igned in my omi mindf tliat I fanciod I sftv 
c)ieerfulne«s in every oountecjinoe Uironghout th4> joar- 
upy. A ^fjt^<^ {'(Hbrhf linWAVPtr ottrries aniuiulioD aJwajra. 
witb it, anil puts the world iit motion aa it n-htrU ftloD^ 
Tlio horn, sounded at tho «>Etmni^j> of a rillo^, pTodae«»< 
a t^eneral buaUe. Some ha^teb forth to meet friends; 
some with bmuHes and 1>aDdboxeB to securt^ plftcp^ 
Hjid in tb<f hum- of tho mom^Dt can hdirdlj t&ko leavo 
of the gm»p tb&t accompanies them. In the luean 
time, thn otMr.hiiuin has a wurld of amall commiKidoDft 
to execute. SotnetimM ho doLivers a hare or pheasant ; 
aometUuefl jarka a aoiAU parcel or newspaper to tJio 
dnrif of ft public koaae; arid aoiD«tiinea, with knowing 
leer and vords of a)j import, lianda to aome haU-blmlH' 
ing, )udf>lwighiD^ hoiuemaid an oib]-ahap«d billet-dovx 
frckin Honw ruHtio ndmlrer. Aa thn oiach ndUt*?( tlimogli 
th« rillflf*e, TTtftry one riuifi to tho trindow, aad jon 1iaT# 
glaacefl on ercr^ aide of fraab «oa&tiT faces and bloom- 
ing gigging ^1a- At tba ooraera ar« assembled jonUn 
of Tilla^ idJ«rs and wise meo. who tak« their etetioaBi 
tb^r^ for tho important pnrpo«e of aeeiof; oonpanj pttaa; 
but the aftgeM knot ia genenllv at the bUci^inith a, to 
^KMB tho paMnng of the roaeh ia an event fr^ifal of 
mvefa «ppcaUtiotL The naith, with the hotse'a keal 
in his lap, fttueea aa the vehicle wkirla bj ; the cjdoptt, 
rovtnd the anril saapeud their rin^jiiig haacDrr%. and 
the iron to grow cool ; aad tbe cootj apectr«v u> 

7SB STAQE 00103. 





bnrim papor nip, Inboring nt thn l>ennwft. lAftos on Um 
bjuullo for A Qioaiv<ut. iiml p«rmit» Ibn AetLniul^c oii^o 
to hcATp j\ long-drikwn »igU, whiJo b<i gUrort tlirough iho 
ttiuHij Ninokp nnil Kul[iliiirin)iiH i^lmiriit nf l)]r> ftiiiitljy. 

PdrhAp« tb^ itDp^nding hoHdiLv might hnvo giv^n ft 
more thftn usuaL jkuimatioD to the country, for it scorned 
to me SA il evervlKidj' was in good lookri and good spiril& 
Gftod, pouIOHf', and otL«T Inxoriea of the tabid, were in 
bruk ciroalatioD In Ifae villjif^ea; tbe grooet^', butchere', 
uftd fruitcron^' >^ljoim wom tlirntigfit] yi'tih cut^iotat'-m. Tho 
bowwiriTog vi^rfi Ktirriug briskly :kbout, i^utting Uiolr 
dvreUings id ordcrr; (ind tho gloeej brruiclios of hoU/, 
^klvilb tli^ir bright-red berries. be>;aii to api^aar ai i\w 
Btrindon. The s(^ne brought to mmd ojx old ^Tit<sr')i 
•ooount of Cbrifltiaafl proparalionA:— "Kow capons nnd 
beiM, bevidu tiirkrys, g^ii-?**'. n.ud diickm with bf»of arwl 
antton — muitt all du< — for in tiralTA diijrH a lonltittid^ of 

IpoopLo will not bo (md with a littJo. Now plums and 
Bpice, sugar and houoy, square it amoug plett aiid brutb, 
Kovr or n^ver must music be in tune, for the youth mu>t 
danoo fmd eing to got th^m a heat, whilo the agf^d &it bj 
the fire- Tho country toald leavea liaU Iior markrt, and 
muAt ba sent again, if she forgetu a pai^k ttl t^nnU on 
ObmtinAa ^y^ Graat la the oout^ntlon of holly and ivy, 
whether moaterordjuue weam thd br^Arboti- Dice and 

tlUJtbt 1)riip{tt iliti biitlnr; And if th'i isimk dn nni birk vit, 
btt will sweetly Vmk his fiiig^rsv" 
1 was ronaed from this lit of lujanoua meditation, 1^ 




a ^lioat from xny little travelliui^ ooiapamons, TLev bi»d 
been loolcin^ out of the <y>aok windows tor the last i&vi 
milofi, riH<oi;niziii^ ev^ry tree and vott»g« &b Xixey a^ 
proiictiril IiiiiUL*, niul ttow thi^re wjts » grruerftl XtxittX of 
j»y — "Thi»rft» Jolm! luid tlier^'s uldCwlof and tUere*a 
BftiiliuD ! " oriod tli€ liappy iittlu n>gu<tt), clapping thoir 

At tbo ^n^l rif n 1ftti« thfi]^ waa mi oM noWr-lootcing 
Mirr&Qt in Utofj, waiting for them ; he waa aooompamed 
bj n Anpcrannuatod [KtinUrr, aud bj- the redoubtahtc Ban- 
tum, a liltli) nil] rat of m ptmv, with a «bAg^ moiie luid 
louf? ntely tail, irho atood doEuig quietly bv the road- 
mde, little dreaauu^ of tho bofiUing Umes that awaited 

I WW pl<taftod to 0^ tho fbiulEies^ with vbich tho tittlQ 
fellows leaped nbocit the stoadr old footmAU, and hofogod 
the poml^r ; who wtij^ple*! his whnlf* body frir jny. Rot 
Bantam vos the fjrc^ object of itil«r««t; all waatod to 
movmt at oiioe, and it waa with some difllciUty that Joba 
unUkged thai they fthonid ride by tuma, ami th« eUeifc 
nhould ride fint 

Off tht?y aet at laitl ; om^ on th» poay, with the deg 
boumling and barking bfifon-^ hiio, nod tb<» otbant hoMiBg 
JobB*t kisda; both talking at otue*, a&d oTarpoweiiiig 
him with qac«tkow abottt home, moA with aehool abo«- 
dote. I lookedaAer tbMawiAftfcoluB^inwlkMliIdo 
not kaow whalhor pleasmn or tlaiiAnly ptwinairailpd ; 
br 1 WM ftsoiAdfd of tha«i daji whrA. lft« Uhb. X had 



noithor known can nor florrov, and a holiJ&y wad Ibe 
summit of cAillilj ftlicat/. We stopped & ft^w momieulA 
ah^rwarclfl h> water Ui*^ Loraes, ancl od raRuiuiiif; our 
route, a torn of tlio ro^d brought oa in sl|*bt of a co&t 
country ef^t. 1 couiU just dbtmgoiiiL the formic of » 
\iy\y anil twci ^'inifig girls m ibe jictrtiimi* ntn) 1 hj^w my 
Itttlo coiiuiidifN, wUli BuntEim^ OpuIo, ahiI old John, troop* 
tng along the carTiag<i rood* I t<iaiied out of tho coach 
wiudow, ill hopen of witDeasing the bappj meeting, but a 
grove of treeb shut it from my Bi^ht 

In the ereimtg we reached u viilat^e where I had deter- 
iniiked Lo pHMH thn iii^Ut- Ah we drciTe ilitcj Iha i^reat 
gateway of thg inn, I kaw on onn fiicli> tho light of & n^nt- 
ing kitchen firo boaming through n window* ] entered, 
and &diuired, for the hondreclth time, thrtt picture of con- 
vanifiDce, n^alnt^aa, and broad honeat eE^'oymentt the 
kitcbon of an EugUab inn. It wae of apacious din^n- 
HiiiDH, hung ruptid ^rtUi uop[>er and tin v^nHeln liigldv piil- 
Uhad, and dooorat<»d horo and there with a GUrUtmaa 
green. Uams, tongiit^, and tiitchca of bauon, wortt au»- 
penddd from Lhe ceiling' ; a 8mokr-*jni:k ma<le its c«ft«4Tln«« 
olanking hc«rde the fir^plnco, and a clock tio^d in ona 
corner. A wclbsct^urod deal table dxtondod along one 
aidd of the kitchen, with a cold round of beef, and other 
hear^ viands npc.n it, over which two foaming tankarda 
of ale aeemod mounting guard, Travollen of inferior 
\t ware prvparii^ to uttuck this stout repnst, while 

■era Hat Hmiikiiig m^d gt^iisipiiig over their alo nn twO 



hig1i-1iiuTlcf*fl f>ftk('u M*ltleH b&sidc tbo fira IVim house- 
BkakU w*>n> IiUTr^-ing backwardu f\\\i\ ftw-wjinlM luuler llie 
directioiiA of a IwbL, boatlioj^ landlwly; but gtiU &eidiig 
ao Qccnnonol m^mt-^til to excUactge a fiippacit word, amd 
hjivu n nvUyiug Uii}^1i, with tbe i^op roniHi Ihe fine. 
Ilio soono <xkmplotely rt>idie6<l Poor Robin's bumble idea 
of tlio cojoloils of nud-nintor: 

K<w tms Ukctr iMf} iMb do lu» 

To fmnutt WMei's «ttTie* luir t 
A hwid»inc hortaw, nmry beat. 

Aio 1liins> tliii BcttHu dotk requn.* 

I luid not b^D long At tb« iiia wh«a a poet-chabe 
droTfi vp to tbe door. A yonof^ f^entleEuan (ite|>t oat, 
and by th<> li»:bt of the l&mpe I can^Lt a «:timpae of a 
coontc&aiKv vbicb I tho^^f-bt I kt»w. I mu^^ lonvaid 
to gat A wmxts ivfv, w1i«d bis Are fauigbt nuoe, I was 
mi mift&k«n; it trma Frank Braoibridfsa, & ^n^htlj 
good-hamovad joong fi^Uo1r, vitb «-bntu J bad cao 

valbd «■ tba ooa ti aent Onr coortiiig *■« P itw aly «o«w 
dial, for Aa oourtMumoa of an old felkw-travaUer alva^ 

•m^ tba TaooDaetKin of a tfaoaaaad plaMaat 
odd adTtfD|iire& aud eiceD^nt jokna* To 
IB a tnoMMit intpm^w mx aa iaa na siqoMHa; aad 
tadbg tbatlvM aot y^imml ior laB^ aftd «aa aanly 



mfcHt^g a ionr of obsenratioii, he insisted that I ahoiild 
give him a day or two at his father's conntrj seat, to 
irhioh he was going to pass the holidays, and which lay 
at a few miles distance* " It is better than eating a soli- 
tary Christmas dinner at an inn,*' said he, ''and I can 
asfiore joa of a hearty welcome in aomething of the old- 
fashioned sfyle.'* His reasoning was cc^nt, and I must 
oonfess the preparation I had seen f^ nniver&al festlTity 
and Booial enjoyment had made me feel a little impatient 
of my loneliness. I dosed, therefore, at once, with his 
invitation : the chaise drove up to the door, and in a few 
moments I was on my way to the family mansion of the 


Traa lb* oiffti-nun akil Ui^ ff^^H 
ttnl la h^l 0M>d Mlw TbbtD ; 
Km^ It fmn t«l «iVtt t§tmti 
rUdtft, iiccfd>»ri4i, aikdioTcU; 

r WM a bnltiaot moonhglit QichU bol f'Stn'mtplj 

cx>Ul; nor ehus? vbiried rmpkltjr owr the Fn>- 
PAn fjfTotiiMl; Uw postboy uoMbed Lk vhip 
inee^anlly* u»1 * part a! the tuse bk bocoM Ten oo m 
gftUop. " He kviowfi vhnrv b» ia goia^** Mud mx t orn 
pttnka, Uuffbisg, "aad is Mg^r to wriT* ia tin* for 
ovtiXKi of tbe memmeut mad ^ood cb««r <]! tb« g ewil B' 

tlw old tvlKwl, Mkd pai Jo fcniflf mjpim lmig|<iii; «p 
gotctTirnj: of o1<t £nf:li>b bci^pibfit;^. H« 19 a tcUenhle 
vpmaMin d m\ad \tm vHl rftpptr mfrt wilb atmsdajVL n 
its pun^, tb» old Englah covatrj gitt tlM i m : lor ear 
■Mft«f fattMft fiaJ go M A of tbtir ti»*i& imr^ ■■! 





BtroDg rioli peoiiliimti«i4 of aiiGl«rit niral lif^ ath almaat 
poliahed away, ^y thihar, howov^r, from «arlj /cam, 
took hoDGSt i^CAcbftm* for hw tcxt'liook, iudt^^ of 
CUeeterflslil ; li« ilvbinxiiiitfll in lim eiwii uiiud, Uuii tlinm 
waa no oottdUioa mor^ traly houoriifiln aitd onviablo 
than iLat of a country gcntlomon oa Jlis paternal laadflB 
tmd ihntvktrv pAAw<A tli^ whoU of hin time on hifl estate. 
Ho ift a ittr«nuouft advocate for the revival of the old 
rnroJ gamc« ftnd liohiLajr tjt>anrvaiLi>*^a, and in deopl^ read 
in Uk writers, nuoii^it and modrrn, who Uji\<i tnmt(rd on 
th6 eubject Indeod lil^ favorite raugtf tit rtiapdiug ia 
among tUe antboni who flouriahcid nt loost two oentoncA 
aliiUi! ; «U4», hd iuHthUp vrnilu aiid thriuglit mnre UIcd trua 
Si^lialiBiGn thau any of tboir linccessors- Ha ercin re* 
grote aorofitimcrt that he hwl not been bcTni r% few ccntn- 
ri<M narlior, whnii Kiigliiiid wnf} itsetf, and liad ito peculiar 
niaitiwxv Aiicl ouiftoma. Aa ha Uvea at Bome dUtance firom 
tbo main road, in ratU^r a lonel> part of tlie country, 
vttboul aay rival KtMitrj near luiii, lit? Juui thai mont (in- 
viablfi of all bTes^inf^ to an EngUHlimati, an opportunjfy 
of indulging; t}ia bont of hb own humor Vj^itliout moli^tfta- 
iioti. Being reprfra^^ntatSvi? uf ilin cddt^^l fjuiit)}- in tbe 
naigbl>orboud, aTid fi grpjLt purt of thit poiigfirtry 1)(*{ng hiH 
lenanta, brt lm uiui?li looked up tr>, and, in i^cnoral, ie 
knovn !!Limply by the appeUation of 'Tlie Sqnir« ;' a tdile 
whioli baa Ufan acM^nled to the hemi n( the family 8iu(% 

*Fe«cluai*»CoaiticlcGcaLkiiuij, 1023. 


tiroft tmiHAmonAU I think it best to give jon tbc*c ]iiitt« 
Jhlxiut mr wnriLy old futlier, to jiiv»|iiurr Ton for n\tj ao* 
mntnciti^B that miglit otherwise appear abennl" 

We Lind pa^is^d for »>mo timo aJong the ir&li of a piurk, 
and at kngili tlje c1i£U8e stopjie^ at the gnte. Il was ia 
a hoavy mAgnific^nt old etjle^ of iron bars, fancdfoUv 
vrongbt &l top into donrishcs and flowei^ Tbe toge 
iKjnare cnlumns tliJtt su|iporte:] tlie gftt« were snrii;ouijtod 
bj the fftmilv cie«t. Close adjoioing was the porter's 
lodge, sheltered tmder dark tip-tnees, aiwI almost bune4 
ID fihrubb^rj-- 

The podtlxiy rang ft Urge portar'fi bell, wbi^h rd- 
Bounded throi]t:;h tbe atill froety air, and waa ai^wered 
by the distant barkirtg of dogs, with wluoli the uanalon- 
liouiie tt^otned ^rrisoood. An 4>ld woman immediately 
appeared at thi? gat«> As tlie moonlight fell slroQf^ 
Upon hci, I had n full ricw of a little primitive dame^ 
dressed very mach in the antique taste, with a neat keis 
cluef and atomacher, and har ailrer hair peeping from 
nndei a cap of aoovy whit«itea& Sh« came oourtesying 
fbrlii« with many axpmwnons of aimple joy al aeeii^ her 
yoong master. Her hnsband. it sectoed, waa cp at tho 
luwac ho^pin^ Cliristfaas ore in the scrrauts' hall ; thoy 
ouuld not do witltDiil htra, aa lir was the limit hand at a 
aong and story in thd boasoholi]. 

My friond proposed that we ahonld alight aitd walk 
through the park to the haU. ahkJt itaa at bo gt«at ilii*' 
taniv, vhilA tha duuBD shonld follow oa Our r^md 





Tooiid thrcm^h a noblft ftveuue of treea, uaoog tb« nake^ 
briuiolidH o/ villi?]) tbfe luoriti glittered, as slie rolle^l 
UiTDUgli the deep vault of a oluudl^tts ekv. Thu Laviu be- 
jond ira« sheeted with a aligijt coreriug oi snow, whicli 
hi^nt Anil Qivre s|Tnr]c]r>it lut Uir? MiuoabpuniK [>uiig!it :h 
bc«ty crvftUl; aud nt n dti;t!ince might be eeeii n tMn 
tranapiireiit rnpor. Btcali&g up from th« low grouuda and 
tbrwUfluing gradually to shroud the lAtiilHca|>e. 

iiy compouioii looked &roimd l»im with tmnft|iort:— 
^'How oftfiBf*' said lie, *'LaY«s I ecamfwred U[i ih'm avenue, 
on n-lurDiii|j )iijm» ori suliool vacnilanttl How often liare 
I pliijod under iiieUG trc<is when it bojl I fciel a degrod 
of tilial reverence for them» ae w© look up to thoae who 
liave clieriiditid uh in i'IjIUUhhhI- Mjt Irtther was alw^j^ 
ecrapulouft in oxootijig our lioUdaj^ uud having us 
around bin) oa lamil)- fostivjilft. Ho used to direct and 
SOperiatetid our gamea with lh<* strictuesa that Home par- 
ante do th9 studies of their childrnu. He ^tiui vory par* 
ticalar that we ahoold play the old English games no 
oording to their uri^iiuJ form ; and coDsaited old books 
to preo&deut and authority for every *inerrie dinpori;' M 
yti I usnnrD you thorc nnvttt waa pedantry so doliphtfnl. 
It wa4 the ]?olicy of the guod old gentleman to make hbi 
oliihlreii fn<i1 thjxt barne was the hnppiest plof^^ in the 
vorld; oud I value this delicious home-feoling as ono of 
the choicest gifts a parent could bestow/' 

We ware intemipted bv thi» rliinior <>f n troop of dn^ 
of all dorts and sizes, "mongrel, pQppyi whelp aiid 




honiicl, and cum of Imr degree*" th»i, dubnbod hy the 
ring of tlio porter^s bell and the rattltttg »f tho cLMse, 
OBiDC bouDtlixi^ opcu-iDoatbeil, a€K>s0 the \mwil 

** ^TtkaHtUadcfBiWdAlX 

Tnj, BUnnh, Ukd ;«wvc4hcwt «% Ihfj twt tfim T 

mod Dntc«bridgo, lAngbui^ At Lhc eouiid of faia voioOi 
Uw hAfk was ci»ii0Ml into a jclp of ddigiit, and in * 
moment be w^a fitmoanded mad almcHt overpovef«d bj 
tli« car«B86A of th« bithfnl atiimftls. 

Wn }iAd luiw come iu full vitrv of the old faoulj Kiait- 
«fio&r portly tbrovD ta daep ftbadov, and partly lit ap bj 
Um cold taoonahmob It vos im iircgnlar boildmg^ of 
wamm WMgfdiadm^ and aocnx^l to bn of thf> mrdolBcteio of 
diflhrant pariods. One viog wsh evidently xewj aaoMDt, 
with heafy stonfr-AhaA^d bow windows jntti&g o«t and 
onrm wilb ivy, from ajDMing the IqIir^ of which the 
mall diaiaottd-abapad paEN^a ol glass ^ittarad wftib dM 
Aoonboama. Um raat of the hooae was m tba FnmA 
taale of Charloa tbe Beocad's tuM^ baTiag been K f M iad 
and altAT^d, aa my Maiad told m^ by oo« of hia anoeft- 
ton, who ratvnad with tb^t aooaKh at the Bestontkn. 
Thm gro BD ib abotit the hcttoe wen kkl out n tba «U 
InMudMiMnnrof artttcaal Aowei^^iadA, c^I^vd abnibbaf^ 
Sao, niafd Hgi a t i u a» ud heavy akne baloMndea* on»- 
■ecled with onta, a leaden atatea cr tvo^ ft&d » jat of 
wadRr. Ibn tAA ganttawiiy I whi te4(L was tf^Ttrvinf^ly 
cnRfal to fa<aaarw» tUa «faaol»la teary maUito onpnal 





mugnifiooDi:^, woj^ ootirtly and noblo, tmd botitting 
good old Eftmily bItIc Tho boostod inutatioa of itature 
ID raodero g&nlenitig hwl fiprnng np with modem repub* 
lioao nodasB, but did not suit a moiuuoliioftj govem- 
raent; \% amAoked of Uie lti>elliu^- ttyaUm — I oould uob 
li«lp smiling at Uiia iiitiuduction of polJLlt^ JuUi ganlAU* 
ti^, tliongh I oxpresded flome approbenaioQ that I slionld 
find tho okl grntkmmi mtlicr tiitolornEt in his creed. — 
Fruik assured me, bowoTer, that it wa^ aJmoHt tTie only 
instanoe in wMch be bad fivor b<>ard bU fathc^r medi^Ua 
VLth politicif; and ho bclJcrcd that he had ^ot this Dr>- 
tion from a member of parliament who onoe passed a few 
vcck« »'ith bin. The squire ww glnd of nny af>nimoat 
to deffTid his rJipp'vl yew^trf^ei* nud formal lemwyiw, 
which bad been oocasicaiaUy attached by modem land- 

^B Aa we appma^i«»d tho boniu^, wri bnnni t)i« Ktmnd i\l 
nnsio, and now and then a burst of Uu^bt^r, fi-om oai^ 
end of the buildi£{^. This, Brac^abridgt^ said, must pro 
ceed from the Hervnnta' liall, where a ^^nfc deal of tetv- 

^Bbljwaa pennitted, ajid ^ven oncoiira^^Ad by Uid «quiro, 
throuj^hout the twelve days of Chnsimas, proWd^d trt^ry 
thing waa done oonfarm&bly Ic uuuieut iisagr. Hens 
wet6 kept up the old games of hocdman blind, ^on tlio 
wild mare, hot cockloB, ateai the white loaf, bob npplri, 
■Dd snap drftgoo: tlir^ Tiilc clog and Ghiiatmaa caudk 
were rugularly burnt, aiul the mistletoe, with itfi whit*^ 




I«irie8, liUQg Qp, to the iramioeni pen] of all the pv«tly 

So iuteut wore Uiu aervfints upon their eporte UiAt wo 
hud to ring r«peate<ll^ before we coold make ovit«elvc,s< 
lie&nL On oqt arrivtO being aniiotuic«d, tlie squire came 
out to recciTe ns, Accompaniod bv liis two otbcr sodb ; 
one a youDg offioer in tJie araiT, home ou leave of ab- 
seuce; tlie otliar fta Otoiiiau, ju»t from tlie uniTeraiU^. 
Thd squire was a Idne, booltJif-Lookin^ old gentleman, 
with silver hair corliug lightly round on open £ond ooun*^ 
leuotice; in A-bidi the phyMognr^miat, with th<i mlnm* 
Uge, liie mjE^lf, of a previous Uiut ci two, might dia- 
coTer a singaliLr tmsLture of nhim &nd benci^leiioe. 

The ftuiiily lueetiRg was warm and adectitinate : ne the 
^vcnini; was far advani^eJ, tho ^oiro wptU^l not permit 
OB to chfinge our traveUing dreaacs, but ushered oa at 
onc« to the compaoy, wliicb wra nssembled in a large old- 
bshtoncd liall. It wa« oocnpoged of difCeront btam*h«a 
of A iiumen>\ifl fatuilr ^miectiou, wher« there were ihft 
nmtnl proportion of old ondes nod nuiih*. oomfuiLubW 
luarri^ dam&d, Baperaima&t«d 8piust<»rH, bloomii^ oooa* 
ixj ooiuiBa, h&U-dedf^d fttripliAgs, and brigbt-«yied 
boftidiii^t-Achool ho^'deca. Tbej were vartoiulj occopied ; 
some at a rouDd t^amo of oaida; othfita ooanrecsuig aioiukd 

; nul tb» rnaiw ncn hft*« tW prtTlli^ of kkvtng Chi» fftrfaa nadir 
itlilutUdtTiMa ikMabMfTffov tlH»bq«a. VThm tU btrrteflnaU 

o^u^MAS urs. 


the fin^plooo ; at one end of U;« ball waa & group of the 
ycmug foUtfl, ec^me be^ly ^nrowii up« others of a more ton* 
ricrr and butlduij* a^&, full^ eji^ro8»ei.l by a merrj game ; 
and Ik profoaiou of woodea horada, pounj trumpetfi, and 
tattfti^l dolls. About tbe floor, nhowod tiac«B of a troop 
ol ItttU tairy Imiii^ whu, (rnvtrg fralickeil Lhnni^li Jt 
bappj daj, had boon oaniud o£[ to iduiuber tbfougL a 
peaceful ni^i 

While tli9 mutnnl grrotlng^i wptp gt^ing on bptmecn 
yooDg Itntc^hridgo nnJ hia rnlflttrfti;, 1 hud titnQ to 8caii 
tbe apartmont. I bavo collod it a ball, for ao it hiid oer- 
lam!> been m old Uilloa, aud the flquire Uad evideutl/ eu- 
to r«Btore it to somethiug of iU primitive Etuti>. 
fr til© heavy projdoticf* fipojibn'O w«a BnspeiLdt^d a pic- 
tuic of a WEurior bi armur* Htttudiu^ bj' a nliile liotBc, 
on tho op|MiHite» wiill huiig a heltix^t, biK^kler, and 
At ono ocid an ottormctus pair of autlcrs were 10- 
spftod in tho wnll, tbi* branches s^rrijig r^ hooka od 
vrhich to BTiftpetJil htttn, whi[>4, an J i^purs; and in the ooi^ 
B^rs of the aparttDt^nt w^r<^ fowLing-piGceg, tight aj^-roda, 
and other sporting implomonta. The faroituie waa of 
tiiie dUDbroiia vorknmusiiip of former iluy^, though some 
artlclaa ol modeni conr^nience had be^n added, and tbe 
oak«D floor bad been carp^^tod ; bo that tUt^ whole prfr* 
lM>nl<9(I on (Hid tuixlLirtr tjf (laHor and hall. 

Tho grata had been rcmuvod from the wide overwhelm- 
'tog fireplace, to tuakt! way for a ^m of woud, in tho midut 
cf wbicb VM an tmormous log glowing tmd bhkxiag, a&d 



sendJog fortli ft vast Tolume of light and beiU: ihts I 
imdeietood vra« Uue Tiila cloft wbieb the squill vas par- 
tkulor in liATiug biou^l iu and UlamiDed OD a Chxist- 
mwi f*\p, Hrrfirdiog to uicieut oaHi<tm^* 

It wttfi roaUy delighUol to ^ee tbi^ old tqcm oeAtod Ib 
lua beredituy «lbow diAir, \>j tiio lfeO«pit«]>le fineido of 
his aiiiOf^atoni, &114I lookiug around liim like the siixi of a 
ejeteiD, beaming wumtJi Qbd gladnees to erery beait 
Even the venr dog that kj stietcJied »t his l^t, a* Le 
)a»Lr Nhif;«*d his poailiDn and van-ned, woold tfxilc foodlj 
vp to his iaASt«r'a £ac«, wag hid tail against thd floor, 
and stretch bimselt again to skep, confidenl of kimfafon 

>Tti« fUf «£i^ U ft gnVC losuCttOod, »tt«Ciiki« lW rooc of ft Cl«^ 
bno^ ktt& Ih* koq» «i!h fiwl t>wi»i«r, oa CSuMbm •««, Iwd ia 
thi l jT |*iC i i, M-i 1«^UU vidi Uv bnud of Ust rou^ ckit Whib it 
iMbrd, thvTV ■» icnat 4riniliv, ^ti^n^. mtid (cUn^ of taka. Soaia> 

«oljr %fat -H fnw tW nadf IOajt tl Ikr icvnt rod ftnw The Tub 
Ckig «M La bcuv ftll Qlgfci ; if U want <«t. It VM O M Ml dEf l B si^ of 
flioick buUmu it la cvb «f kb v^c> ?— 

Com. brlQB «Uk a wrii^ 

^^ MMnSt MMtw DOfV^ 

VUb »r food 4iaek As 
Aai 4raik to fc^tf hflact* dedd^. 


TWTib«liC^>OU bom to iMftr 
toad, frttoriirir fc tha awtk anJ tken w vvwat 
uccinl wickbMnaclte pnvatiy, IE a sjviadiv p«iM ens to tiw 
htmm vUb ti H teranf^ f« • fvnc« Iwilcutai^ « n runaArTil aa lU 
TW hi«ai i T ^Mii iy bM Um Tab ck( b awrfaBffi awa; 
tv%fct Oa ana fa«^ Ckka^ Ci^ 



and protection. Th^ro in an omftniitioii from tho beart 
in goQtuDc hospitoJitj which oumol bo doscnbod, bub 
Ia LEUiuedJAtely felt. And puto tLe atroti^^r at iinon at 
hie «<AAd- I hihl not 1>e«D Beated mour minnlev bj Uui 
ccmfortflMe bcisjth of tho wortUj olil e4LmUor. ^wfnro X 
fooud mj'HeK a<i luuoh at Loiuo oh if I Uml boen ouo of 
the family. 

Suppler wm axmoxmctti shortly aft^r our BJrivaL It 
VA« scrrcd up in & spacioUA onkeii chamlioT, thd jiaucls 
of whirb slionp wilh WftT, mid urminil wliiyli were ■fiVi5ra1 
family portraits deoorated with bcUy and ivy. B«fliflan 
Ihe accuBtcmed li^htoi, two gruat wax tapE-ra, cidlod 
Ghrifitmaa tandl^, wn-rtthnd with grnnnN, worn pliicvd 
on ft }iighiy' polished bcaufct amonj^ tho family platd. 
The table wae abimdantly apixtad with aabotaxitial Jam! 
tmt tho Bcjoire loade bis auppcr of fnituonty, a diafa 
made of wh«at oake^ boiled in milkt with riob flpioag^ 
b«i&g a Btauding diah to uld tiwea for Chmtmatt ore. 

I wae hftppy to fiikd my old fnvad, uiiuocd piv*, io Um 
reiintio of the ffttttt; oud tUidlng him to be p«rJeAtJy 
orthodox, «&d that I nood not be twhaiocd of my pre- 
dilsctum. I grrated him with aJJ Iha waimtJi whvniwitli 
v» iMoally f^;r^b% an old and T«iy i^taal adqaainliuKtt. 

The tairth of th« company waa greatly procautod by 

Ibtf lunnurM of an uovPDtrJr penonage whom Ur. I3rac*- 

Mdga alvaya addneaa^d with tb« qnatut appvUation of 

Binon. He wa» & tif^t briak little mao. with 

«tr of mo anra&t old bachelor. Hie aoee wee ah^Md 



likft tiifi bill of a p&rrot; liis Eace slightlr pitted ^th Ui^ 
BBiAll-pox, with A dry perpetnal bloom nn it, liko h frcMt- 
bittoti loaf in Aiitumit. Hi» liad an *tyQ of great qniokn^es 
aad virftoiLj-, witii u drollery aud Itukiug woggerj ul tx- 
prveisiim thiit uun invauttiljle^ He was erideDtly tlie wit 
ol tbo family, ''t^'^'^g for^ muob in ftly jok^ aud InniwB* 
docA with tii^) Udic4« aod oialdng itifiiute isemtii^nt bj 
harping u|ioei oM Uic^iDiui ^ wliich, unfortduatel^^^ mjr i^ 
uoraaoA ol tlM fucailj diroiucLui dkl not penoit mti to ui- 
j^. It Memcd to bo Uifl grcM delight during sapper to 
ke«p » youDf^ girl ueit him io a oootinaal agon/ of atiAed 
Uaghtftr, in i{ato ol hu ave of tha r^)roTing looks of bv 
uolbor, »bo Ml opposilo. Indeed, be wm the idol of tte 
joonginr part of tb« oomjiaiijr, who InogliMd at fiT^rr thing 
bo said or did, aod at awry torn of hia ooattekattoo; I 
€0«Uaol«ooderalit,Cor ha aart bat« bna « mlimole of 
>oof— pliflfaaaato in tbeor ^j«& Ho ootid lanlals Pncb 
Md Jttdy: Bulca mold woMaaolbkbaad. with tba «•* 
oaalftBea ol a burnt oa>^ and poAol^iaaiftiarobirf; aad Oftt 
m otwi^ into etcch a Indicmcia carwatan, tkii tbo jovg 
Uka wvpa r«adT to di«i with UogUsg, 

1 waft lal bn^j into hi« b««tary br FraAk Bn«a- 
bridca^ Ho wm aa old baefcalog, <M m 
imemmK wbic*^ Kv (wr<pfn1 

Ba t«Tx)|p«d tbioi^ 




and fim&U fortaiuse in En^l&ud Ho had a ehiriibK 
buoyaEit dinpoaition. alwa^A enjr>yin|( thfl i^rifMnnt iikv- 
m&ut ; &iid bbi (retju&iil ehaiif^K of m^ui\ uiul amijiiiTiy 
prevented his acquirinif tliOAo ruMty uiiacoominnrljitiii^ 
habits, vith wiiiuh ol<l boahclon iiri; m^ andinriLdily 
cb&rgnd. Hr i^'ua u c(»irLplotn faiui]}' vlin^jiJHtr, b'diif^ 
t^tmmI in tJie gi?aeidfigy, liiutory, nivl }pl4inQamat{iM ol 
the whole house of Bmovbridgrr, which maiiA liiin • 
great brorito with th« old folIc« \ ha wm li huAU <tj all 
the eMer 1»di^s nail HnppriuiQa«teiJ npioMt^rM, ajciofig 
whom h« WBs hftbatnallj couaid^red ratlwr a X'^'^'^B 
fellow, aad Le wiw uuMtrrr of tltn ntrnU ftiucrtig th* 
diiklren; so that Ih^re wan i>ot b tnori> pr^nlv bttng 
b Hm «i^Mff« is vluch h« moved than ilr. tiiaott Bima»- 
luidge. Of late jun, he had EMtdad almoal aatfnIjF 
with the w]m7e, to whom b« Lm4 b^cnoM! a lactotvin, 
tad whoat be particularly dr?li^i^ hy jsaapufc witii 
hia hoaioT id r««pf>ct b> oU tuM»r aad hf ha^MH a 
mtrwi^ €ji aa nld amg tr> a«H «v«fj nnt—ina Wa had 
NnwD of Ilia 1^ iaartinw< telMl, fo 
aippcff rc«M>««d, and apiead wia«a aad 
to Ik 
m lor afaodoU 
B« ' ft H^l fcianrrf^ f laonaat, and 
aparifc of llw «7B, and a ram that wai b^ no 
it ran cmwutiaUr into a Ut- 
d a apbt r««d, he qaavafad lofth a 



How Chrbitmui In eomc. 

Lot UB bent up thi> 4]ruiD« 
A:id call rtU cur ndghlmni tngpthar. 

And when thry apijoir. 

Let tin makr Uiom auch chrcr. 
Ai will k«vp oul ibv u-ind acd ttav vrfiath^r, otc. 

Tho ffappoT haci disposed ovcry ono to f^ayoty* and an 
old harper was flummoELed £rom the fiervaaU* haU» where 
he hud been sbramnimg &11 the evening, and to all a|>- 
pearauca «oiaforting himself with Bome of the eqoire'a 
home-hrewed. He was a kind of baii^er-on, 1 was told, 
of the entahlirdiuLont^ »»d, tlitmgh o^teutjilrly a rt^nii-lt'tit 
of tho village, was nftonor to ho found in the eqaire'a 
kitchen fchan his own home, the old gentleman being fond 
of the Koiiud of '* harp in halL" 

Tho daiiOG, like most danoos after BTippcr, was a merry 
one; some of the older folks jointed iu it, nnd the squire 
himself figured down several couple with a partner, with 
whom ho affirmed h& liad danced at everv Christmas for 
nearly half ft century. Mitster tiimor, who seemed to be 
a kiiid uf r-ountcting link betw^^eii th*^ 4>l*l times nnd the 
new, and to 1^ witbJil a little aiaitinat^d in X\\e\ ta^te of 
hid acooraplishments, evtdontly piqned himself on hie 
dancing, and was endeavoring; to gain credit by tlie heel 
and toe. ri^adoon, and other ^aees of the ancient school ; 
but he had unlnekily aeaort^d hiinaeU with a tittle rom|>- 
ing ffirl from Ltoanliag^Qchool, who, by hor wild vir^bcitj, 
kppt biTu tiontintmlly on the stretch, Jind defeated all 


bis sober attompte at o)ej;anoo ;— Ba<^Ii ar^ the ill-aa- 
SOrted inntches to wUoli antiq^ue gentlGmea £iT6 unfor- 
ttuiHtely prone! 

Tile young OxoniftD, on tliQ eontr&iy, had led oiit cno 
of his maiileu aunts, on trhom thr; n^gue pUje(] a tliou-* 
soud little kuHvi?rie» with iiu^nn^lty : lie uas full uf prao- 
ticiil joked, Ant] his delif^ht wins to t^ai^e his aunts and 
OOoaiDfl ; yot. like all madcap youngstors, ho was h imi- 
Tfitaal favorite aiuoii^ the womeu. TIii:) moHb iiittireHtiu^ 
couple ill the dano^ vaa the yc^uo^ officer and a ward of 
tho squire's, a beautiful bluslun}; girl of Boveuteen. From 
several ahy ^limces which I had noticed iii the colifnc tjf 
the evening, I suspected there was n little kindn^ hk grow- 
ing up holwGon them ; nnd, iodej^d, the young soldier vaa 
just the hero to captiyEit& a. romantic girL He vas tftll, 
Blender, iind handsome, ATid, tike most jonng British 
offioers of Ifitd years, had picked up various small acecm- 
pUshmenta on the continent — he could taJk French end 
IlHlian — dia^v laudscapes. sing ^erj tiJrtrahlj — daiii>3 di- 
Tinoly ; but» above all, he had been wounded at Watei^ 
loo: — what girl of aoventeen, well rojul in poetry oiul 
rookJUioe, oould reust aooL a mirror of chivalry and jmr- 
leclian ! 

Tbo momeiLt the dance wa^ over, he caught up a gui- 
tar, And. lolling: ogAinat the old mnrblo fireplace, in an 
Atlitndu which I firn LhH ijiclitiftd to suspect was stndied« 
bntpUL thn little French sir of the Troubadour. The 
aquire, hovrdTer* exclaimed against Ixaviug any thing on 



Christmoa oro but good old Ecglish; upon which tho 
joaitg mittfttrv], ciattTii^ up hi& eje for a moment, ne if in 
All fiffbrt of memcin-, MJr.t^k into another str^n, iuhI, with 
A cbormiag uir of gaJUnttj, g&re Henioks " Night-Pi»oo 

And Ult c|r« ftlnx 
, Like the ifuli* rrf ilrp, bvfrifod thm. 

Ko WIB o* Ub Wijip mkktsbt tlif« : 
KoT >aijcc nor alrrv-Tonu bit« xhce ; 
Bat oOf on tJiy v^f, 

Bon gboM lEif n b none to mi&i^ 

TIl^ lit not the duk tb» rombir ; 

VhK Ihna^ t>ic mo«vi doo «liiiabFr. 
TU? auj3 of t ht niifbL 
WtU kikd lh» thnr li|!ht. 

lik* tapDTv cIvttT v^tbool QituilNr« 

Hien. JnlU, If I n« vfio tb«a^ 
Ttitti^ thu to foniA onto B^ 
Ami vlwfi t ahftH nnC 

Hj *»! Ill pour Into tbM. 

Tfa« Aoug mi^ht or rai^hl not baT« been intend^ in 
compliment to the fair Julia, foF 00 I Eoocd his partner 
wu called ; >bOt hoverer, waa certainlv udcoiucioub of 
dhj ttuch npplicJttion, fiur sJi« Obver ]ixiki;:d a! the sioger, 


bflt kept lier eras cHat upon the ffoor. Her iace wnn nnf- 
foBod, it is true, uitb a beautiful blush, and ther« vae a 
gentle heaving of tbe bosom, bat nlJ that was doubtleBs 
caused by tLe eiercise of tLe diuii7« ; imleed^ ho gr^^t wus 
her indi^er&nce^ tLftt ebe amttsed herself with pluckiiig 
to pieces ft choico bonqnot of hot-honso flowers, and by 
the time the song was concluded the nosegaj Uj Iii miiiB 
ott the floor. 

The part^ now broke up for the night i^th the kind' 
hearted old cuelom of eh^kiiig liAiida. As I pomed 
throogh th« halJ, on my wnj to my chamber, the dying 
ombcrs of the Yule olog still aont forth a dnsky glow, and 
hftd it not been the s^iiaon when '' no spirit darca stir 
Abroad," I shonld have lief^n half teinptdd to steal from 
my room at midmght, and peep whether the fairiefi might 
not be at tbeix reTeU abont the heartk 

My cfcamWr was in tlie old part ^jT thfi niAnRioji, Ihe 
ponderous furuitnre of vhtelt might have been fabricated 
in the days of the ipants. The room was pau<.'Uijd with 
oomiopfi of heavy curved work, in which flowers and gro 
tf^ue fae«ia weri> atrnngely intermingled; and a row of 
blaok-lookin^ portraits atared moumfullr at mo from the 
wallfl. The bed waa of ritb, Ihough faded dania«k, with 
a lofty tester, and stood in a niehe opposite a bow win- 
dow. I had ftcaroclj got into bod when a strain of miisie 
seemed to brc^ forth in tlie air just below the window. 
T liHt^tied, aiul fniitid it prot^eded fnnu » bai^d, which I 
condnded to be the waits from eome neij^bbonng village. 




They went roond tlie house, playing under tlie windows. 
1 drew aaide tbo curtaiua lo hear Ibc^m more diatinotly. 
TJi^ moonbeams fell through tiie upper part of ihtt case* 
ineutf pnrtiuUy Uffhtttig up Uie antiijuated apurluurut. 
The eoundsi as tht^j reoeiletl, became more eolt and 
aerial, and seetned to accord with the quiet and moon- 
light. T listened aud listened — they became mora and 
more teniler and remote, and, as th^y ^^dually died 
away, my head sunk upon the pUlow, and X fell aeloopb 



Dark ud dull Di^iit. nu: htu*^ ■vif, 

^d Vk^vt tb« liohor to (hl« dny 
Tliai fifi-i DctdDibct luiii'd to Mnj. 

way Ooot Unf rlillllne wlnter*i mom* 
&uiJJeltkaAae]db»ct wUbcortif 
Qr »ra«l! Liha liQ a muclr luW'Clusms, 
Tti(jj« (TTi Lbc aii<Uli:ri ^— C^Jur uilI rnK 
The vn\aa wbjr llil]i(^ thiia fn^fTftitt bA 

Hlt^ I voke tl]£ next moniing, it ne^med as if 
all the evenlB of Uie pracoding CTcniog bad 
be^n a drcun, uid ccthmg but the jdeutity 
of the anri^nt cbaintTer ennvmoefl mii of tbeir reality, 
'ffliile I lay miuin^ qq my pillow, I he^ the eouod oi 
little faet palt<-fiuK ouUide of tLe door, luul a wUiH|HTring 
GTjnftultatiurL Pr&M^tly n chmr of waaXl voichw eliiint*<l 
lortb tn old Climtmu ourol, the bardctt of wliich wm — 

Udjolc*. our SftTfoar h* wa« bora 
On ChrMmw lUr In ih* rvimln^ 

L I rose floftly, wUpl on my clotfces, opciicd the door nod- 

^^rdaoij, ftikd beheld one of the mo^t bcantifiil VttiU'- fairy 
^^Bbkni|» that a puiibir oould iaukgiiui. It eoosutiid of a 





hoy anti t'ro jprU, the eM^t not nore than dx. &nd love- 
ly ma seraphs. They vere going the rounda of the li<»i»e, 
and nsgiDg at erery eh&ubor dooi- ; but my sudden ap- 
peamnoe frlgbt^ued them into mute 1>a^fulix«!«a. Th^y 
remftinod foi a monneiit plftyiog on tlieir bps with thoir 
fing^rm and now And then Bleating a aljy gla&(» &t)iQ 
under the'vr ejebmirs, autil, as if by one unpulse, ihey 
6oiunper«d Awav, and m they turoed an angle of the ^- 
lery, 1 beard them laugjmg in triumph at Iheir escape. 

Erery tiling rons|kired to pmdnce kiJid and happy ft^rW 
iag^ in this strou|;-hold of ald-bshiotted hospitality. 
The viodoir of my chamber lookout ooi upon what ia 
aomm^r vnulJ hare lieeu a lieaatifol hmdflc^ie. TheiB 
vae a filcping Laom, a fiike stream vinding at Uid foot of 
itt find a iiti^k of park beyood, with noble elumpe of 
tieea, and heida of deer> At a diaiance was a neat blllH 
let, with the smoke from the cntiage r-himneys hasgtog 
over it ; and a oburoh with ite dark spiro in stToog relief 
agaiaat the dear, oold ^j. The booee waa anrroandiMl 
with I'Tur^-^na. aoi^urdins; to the En^^lish cuAlom, which 
would liato giren almost an appeaianee of aununer ; but 
the morning was extremely frosty ; Ibe Ufiht mpor i>f tho 
preceding evtrning had been precipitated by the cub], and 
eotend all the trees and every blade of graa« with its 
fiDe Q79taltinlioci& The rays of a bvight mominjE ann 
had a dairiing effect among the s^Ueriag foliage- A 
roljin, ptTchifd npon thn tap of a momilain a»h that hung 
itfi oluifrterA of md berriea jiut boloie my wiodoWt ^'^A 



bosklcig himself in Uie aunslifne. and piping a. few queru- 
loiirt uoten ; ttod a peaeot-k whb illsplikjing all tha gUirii^ 
of bis tram, and Btiutting witli llie prido aud ^avitj of 
a Spanifiti grandee, on the terrace walk below. 

I had scarcely dreased myself, wlieu a fiervnri ap* 
jK'arfd to invite me to faTJiily prBvern, Hib ahowrd m© 
the way to a small ohapol in tho oJd wing of the house, 
where 1 found thd princ^ipal part of the family already 
BflHumbted in a kind of gnllery, fHrnialipd with cimhicins, 
hassocks, and larf^e prayer-books; the s^rvnntJi wore 
seated on benches below. The old gentleman read pray- 
ers from A deak In front of the gallery, and Maaler Himoti 
acted as clerh, and made U:e reBpouacK; and I iDUHt do 
him tho jnstice to aay that he acquitted himMif with 
gn^it gruTity and d^rnmiiL 

The servt<^ was followad by a Cbriatmaa carol, vhloh 
Hr- Bracebridge himaclf had conatructed from a poem ot 
hia farorite author, llerrick ; and it Lud Ijeen adapted to 
an old ehnrch melody by Ma^l^r Simon. A« Un^rn vvere 
fteveial good voiccia amoof; the hf>UMebotd, tho offoot va4 
extremely pleaiunfl; hut I waa particularly gratified by 
the enaltation of heart, and audd^n aally of gntteful feel- 
inj-, ^th whieh tho wfirthy iU|uire delivored oiw? aUnja; 
hia eye glistening, and hia roioe runbUag oat of all the 
boiuidn of tiiDA and tuna : 

•*11f tkon llMt MVMvn'ft mf £Utt«fiiiC beavtb 



fip1w4ti> Hi'' brink : 
Lord, *tis thy pJeat^-ciTcppJag tuJld 

TKnf, mitM m^ land : 
And ifii 'fiL me Tir iny ImsLell nvofii 

TwicvUo for une.' 


T afterwards iimlerstoTKl Umt rarly mnrning service wa« 
le&d on GV^ry Sunfliiy Mid Htunts' day tbrougboat tbe 
jear. oitber by Mr< Broccbridgo or by somo member ot 
the family. It w&a oiic« fdmorit uniTeiaally tbe case at 
the aeata of the nobility and ^ntTy of EnglaDd, and it i« 
mudi to be regtctkd that tlie ccialom is fullkug mto cc-g- 
IcfCL; fpr the ilullest obsetA^r uiufit L*e sensible of tlte 
order nnd SL^renity prevalent in those bouselioble, where 
tiio occn^ioiiAl oxcivise of a beautiful form of worship in 
tliQ motidug gives, a^ it were, tlio key*uobc to ereiy tem* 
|»r for the d^iy, and attune every spirit to harmony. 

Oar breakfast oonaist^d of what the aqiure denomi- 
DAted true old Kni^linh fare He indul;-ed in aome bitter 
lameikbitiaua over modern breakfaitta of tea lunl t^as^ 
vfaieb he ceiiflan>d w anion;* ih« catiseK of luodorn effem- 
iiiAcy luid vi^ak norvot^ and th^ deoline of old Kngliali 
keATtiQirm ; nud tboagb bo admitt^l them to lii» table to 
Mdt tb» paUt«« of bi« guMta, j«t th«ro was m br&To dis- 
pUy oC cold naeale; wine, and a)e» oo tlM ■kUbosrd. 

Alter bnAklaal t vaUed about ihn gromjA viih Frank 
BmrvlindfF^ and Master Sinon, or, Mr. Simon, aa he waa 
Oftil^ by evvsry body but the aquira. We ««n «60ortod 

omusTMJis i>Ar, 295 

bj a number of gentlemftiilikc dof^, tliat Beemetl louiif^m 
about the establishment^ from t1i» friaking t^p^ciel to t)if> 
eteady old etag-bouuci; the lael of wliicli vaA ol a raoo 
that bad been ia tbe family time oat of loiiitl ; tliny wcro 
all obedient to a dtig-wliiwtltt wliirli Imnj^ Iti Miirtt^r 8)- 
mou'a bnttoD-hole, and la tliit luidMt of tbi<ir f^rtmbols 
ironld glaucc an eye occasionally upon a emalJ rEvitcb he 
4Uirri«il ill Ilia baud. 

The old tmuLsion had a still mora TeDerablfi look Ln the 
yellow sunabiiio than by pale moonlight ; atid I could uot 
but feel tb^ force of tbe miuirt^'^i idt<n, that the frjrmal 
terraces, heavily moulded bataetradt^n, and clipped y^w- ) 

tree*, carried with tbrm an uir of proud aristocriKj, ' 

Thirrc A{i|)rAred lo lir on unusn/il nuiiil^f^r of |)ea<v>ckR / 

about tbe place, and I wag making aomo r^tnarka i:poc; t 

what 1 tensed a 6o^k of them, ti^at ncro iMekiAg uudor ^ 

a ammy wall, nheo 1 was gently corrected in my phnute^ 
ologj by Kaaifir Simon, who told me that. actnrdiD*? to 
the tDoat ancient and approred treatia« on huntii^ 1 
Bosl 6»y a mwtffr of peacocka. ^ In the eamc -way/' 
■dd«d ha, vtth a alight air of podantry, " we bslv a Eli^c 
ol dotM or arallowi^ a bcTj of qnailM, a herd of daer, of 
wrens, or crane*, a Bkulk of foxc«, or a buiidiuK of tooiEA''' 
Rfi wpnt on to inforrn mc* tlial, An*ardu^ tu Bt: Anthony 
FHslMriart, w« ou|^t to aJM^rib(> U> thw bin) **linLl; uja* 
derrtaadiiig and glory ; for, l^cinif proiDcd. 1:*- "' ' ■ -^^a- 
entli faFt up hb tail chi«flv a^»uiBt the mui. l ^ - ui 

you mav the better behold thi^ hmm j tlMKof IHiL ai 



tbe fnJl of Uie leaf, wheo liis fcjuL faUeth, he will moom 
Hiid Iiidu biuis^li in oumerij til) Uia tAfl came ngain aa it 

1 could not holp amiJina; nt this (tUpI^y of eniAll erndi* 
tioD on BO whimsical a Bul>jpct ; Ijut I fonuil thut tlie pe»* 
cocks were bir^la of somfi conaequence at the hall; for 
Frank Bracobrid^o mformod me that they wert> f^al 
iaTonles with hia father, who was extremely careful to 
keop up tlia br^ed ; partly beoauae tltey b^lotiged to cluv" 
£dry, and wero in groat requo^t at tho stately banq^ieta 
of the olden time; and partly because they had a pomp 
and iDagmfi(;eii^» About tJienj, highly beL<oiaiiig aa old 
Ennuly maniuoii. Kotliing, he was aecostomed to say, 
had aa air of greater stute and diguit}' thaa a peacock ^i 
perched upon an uttltpie atuue balustrade. ^^| 

Ma^t^r Simon had now to hurry off, baring an appoiDt- " 
ment at the parish church with thc^ riiU^ cboristera* 
who were to perform eoiue mnaic of his aelaction. Thero 
wa^ Bomethia}- extremely agreeable in Um eheerfol fflov 
of a&imal spirita of tbe Uttlo man ; az^ I confeas I bad 
bem somewhat sorpriaod at hia apt qaotatknui fntm an- 
thoTB who oertalidy were not iu the ran^ of erery-^lay 
raading. I mentioned thifl laat circnmntanoo to Frank 
Bracvbrklge, who b^ mt with a amile that Master 
flinum'si whole Htivck of cirudiUoa b^ua i^mifined to some 
half a dcMB old aothora, which the aqnir^ had pot into 
Lw hands, and which he r»il orer and oyer, wheoaver he 
had a stndioas fit ; as ho aoaetinMa had on a rainy day. 

cnmsTMAS DA r 

or ft long wmter evenin;,'. Sir Anthony FitzhorLort'e 
Book ol Husbajidry ; MarkJiam's Countrj Guiiicntment^ ; 
tba Tretyse tj( Hunting, hy Sit Tljonnis Cockajiie, 
Knight; Izaac Waltoa'a An^^lor, imd two or three more 
such miciout worthies of th^ }>o]l, wfiro liis stritidfi.nI 
authontiee ; unci, like all men who know but ^i few hookH, 
lie loiiked up lii Uj«m witli a, kind of idoUttr^, nnd qnoteil 
thorn ou uU oco^ons, A3 to his souf^s, thej wore cliiofly 
flicked out of old books in the eqnire^e Uhi'/iryt and 
jidupl^d ic' times that were populiLr among i\in dioicd 
ftpLrite of tlie Lust oeatnry- His practicid Application of 
Kcrape of liteiature, however* Lad caused him to 1>q 
looked upon ah a prodigy of bj>ijk knowWl^^e bv all tha 
grooTos, buutameu, &ud small aporlfiiuen of the uclghbor- 

While wft wpfft bilkiDg we heanl tln^ diHthLTif ioUiug of 
tlm vtlli^e bell* and I w&s lold tlifi-t the s<juire w.ui a. lit- 
tle porticalor in hiLYiiig his household at chiuch oTi a 
Ohristmoa morning ', conaiderin^ it a day of poiiriog out 
of thanks and rejoicing; for, as old Tusser obaerved^ 

*' At Cfariitmu ba merry, and thankfvl mthal, 
And fcHKt ihy p*x>r nd^hlwre. fhr ^nat villi tbn nnAlL" 

*'If yon are disposed to go to church," saai Fratih 
BmcehridK^, "I can promise you a epraimen of ray 
cooftin Simon*fl inuflieal achiev^mt-nt^. Aj3 Ihft tihtirch 
is destitute of an or^an, he has formod a band from 
the villftge juujtbeurs, and eetahliahod a munical club 




tor their iniprnvement ; lie hiis also sorted a choir, as 
he i»>rU>i my icih*>r'9 pacY af 1ionn<]9, ncooixting to the 
LlirectioDB uf JervuiMT MjirkLuui, in his Coiiatrj (ViiitiTiit- 
lu^tiU; for the 1>nss lie hua sf>itght out jJl Uie 'doop, hoI* 
oiQti mouths/ and for the teuor the *lou4-ringing mouths/ 
among tlie oouittrj luuiipkiiis ; heiI foi'^sw<>i>t months/ 
he hns culled with cnirioua tast« timong the prettiest 
UsBQB in the uoii^hborhood ; though thcso losti he af- 
finoa, are tht^ moMt iliflicult tu keep in tune ; >uur |>retty 
lemtle sluf^r hein^ eiceedlug)^ wftj^vard mid oapricion^ 
and T017 liable to acoident** 

As the monuiifc, Uiougli frottt^. w&h remarkably fino 
ami dear, the muMt of thn Enmily walkonl lo thn chnrrh, 
whicli wa* u WTT old buiKliug of gray etone, and ntood 
near a Tillage, about lialf a juilc Erom tha park gata* 
Adjoiaiog it waa a low SDttg parw>aag«, vhicli iw«Tii«d 
eoeTal with the ohurfh. Tim fra»l of it wnM porfcctly 
matted vith a ycv<tn><\ that had been trainod againflt 
il^ whBh, ILruikgh the dense foliage of which, ap^rticreo 
hsd be«Q formed to admit light into th^ small antiijnd 
lattioea. As we paaaad tliia eheltered ii<-st, the p&reosi 
ksaad fbrtii and preoedad as. 

I bad tfipeHfid to sea a sleek vell-eoiMlitio9i«d pastorj 
snob sa b often found in a sbti|; li^iiif^ in the Tidnitf of a 
rich pjUnM^'ft tabl«, hot I vas disappninlcd. The pai^on 
was a Itttli^ maatevvw bUck-dookiag nan. vilh a gnaxlail 
vtg that wM loo wide, and stood off trou eaeb oar ; so 
that his koad aeamcd to bavo ahxuak away vitlun tt, Uko 



H dri«il fill)Qrt in its sbell. He wora a rusty L"oii,fp, with 
gutfLt Hldrtg, an<I pockets tliat would hiiv^ h^Ul tho 
church Bible and pra}*cr-book : and his small legs 
seemed still Bmulior from beiit^ planted in large aLoe:^ 
decorated wiiU enonor-aa buckles. 

1 was iijforined by I'rEuik Brac^brid^, lliat fcho paraon 
hail bfteii a clium o[ liia father's at Oxford, wid bad na* 
oeived this living tliortly after Ibe latl4>r Liul cotD6 to 
his estdto. Hi; wa» a oompii^tc blacb-lottor hunter, and 
trotild scarcely read a work printed iii tlic Itomaa char- 
acter The editiona of Caxtoc and Wyakin de Words 
were Im ^^^Hght; and he was indefatigabb in Lis re- 
aearcheA after such old Eu^lUIi writers us have fulleu 
into oblivitin from llieir worthltJS'iriefia- In defereoce^ 
pcrhapti, to the notiona of Mr. Bracobridgc, he had 
ra^idi^ diligi^nt ittvestigations into tLo festive ribcs and 
h<rlu]ay cuHfcuniH of former timps; nnd had het^tt iw u^al- 
ousi in the [nqiiiry as if he had been a boon companioi: ; 
but it wafl merely ^'ith that plodding spirit witb wbicl; 
ineii of adust temperatneut follow u|i an)' track of ntudy, 
merely because it is deaouiuated learning ; indifferf-nt to 
its intrinsic naturt.', wht^thcr it be tho iUuBtration of tho 
viadooi, OT of tbrt ribaldry Jti\d obsoanity oC fintitiuity. 
Ho had porod ovor th<*»a old roluiuea so intpuBely, that 
tliey twcmedto bare bsen rebooted in his counteuauc* ; 
irbiclu if the face be indeed an index of tbe mind, rni^^bt 
he compared to a titk-pngf? of 1>Lu-]c*1etter. 

On fftftfthtng the ohurch porch, wo found the paraoti 





rebokiBg thf* ^ay-hcodod ecxton for having nscd inia- 
UtH^KT amou^ tlie greeuH with which the church wae deoo- 
rated. It WAS, he observ&d, an imholy plant, prtifnnftd hj 
UjiviuK boon uaod by tlio Druidfi la tJieir my«tio <*wmo- 
iijvs ; &u(l tiioLigb it might t)^ iuiir>centlj employed iu tho 
f«5»tivia onuLmt^utiiirt (jI ImlU a^iid kiUheus, T<^t It had l>eeu 
ddfimod by the Fathor* of tho Chareh as tmhalh'w^d, luid 
l«)taUy unfit for moctc^I purposes. So te&ncioas vj» be on 
thiK piiiut, that thu poor siMluti wits obliged to strip down 
A gr^At pnrt of Lh^ humblo trophies of ]it« lflaU>, bcfort 
iho par6oQ irould oousetit to eAt«r upon tho aenioe of 

Th« interior of th« chnrcli ns veQ^rtble but simple; 

Ob tlie valU werQ several mural monuiuenu o£ the Uraoe*- 
bridj{«a, lUid jti&t beside lie oltAT «aa a tomb of ancient 
WQvkBuitMhip, on whioh Ur Ike effigy of a vmirior tn ar- 
mor* vith bia legs ctoescd, a sign of his hariiig be^n a 
enuader. I wa» told it mm cia» i^i tW taaid\ vho 
rignaliawi MaiaeU in the Bolr Itf^ and tbe same v] 
pie(oi« hniift OT«r tbe finpUoe in IW ball 

Darinc A^rTic«, M«aler SiMOB sluod np in ibe pi^v* aad 

ipaatod Um 

iwrasdAIr; ay ia ^ g tkal 

dnotkia pwietnnllT 


of tba cU aeb^oU and a MA of «U iMflr 

I oborrrrd lOD tkat W taiwd 
Sob^ pfa]n»>r-bo(ifc vitk ao^iA i i^ <af a 
toahowof aa 


9Ml>>ruK v\m^ lahihij vtm 

«4m^ tei tht U4 oI a 



lie WW eTid«iit1y most aoHcitous about tLe iikufli(?a1 p&rt 
of iht B«nici>, ke«piii|; Mb eye Sxed ioteiitly on the choir, 
^aod b«atujg tluie with much p:e^ticulatioii uiii emphu4ii«. 

Tlit^ orcheairA ajLx in a niimU j-LiIU<ry, aoi] pn-wmtiM] u 
whimsical groupiug of LcaJii, piled onf> abov« the 
r, n&ioiig whi4<h 1 particuliirlj noticed that of the 
Yillage tAiloFt fi. jialo fallow with a ivtreAting foreLead 
and chin, who played on th« clarioD^t, acd s<?eiDed to 
liaTo blown his face to a point; and thore was auother, 
& abort puray mt,u, stoopiDi^ and Uboriug at a basa-vioL 
so a« to ahow Dothixtg but tho top of a round bald head, 
like tho «|q; of an oairioh. Tlicro woro two or tlireo 
pn?ttjr faoofi among the f^imale singers, to which the 
ke<>n air of n frosty mnruing h^il gtviiti a liright mffg 
tict^ bat thG i^otttloinoQ ohonetors bad criddntly boon 
cboaeD, like old Cromona tiddlos. more for tone than 
looks; and a^ several Iiad to King from the same booV, 
elustcrinf^B of odd phy^oi^nomies, iiot uulike 
^joups of cherubs wo sometimcid Atid on country 

Thct msual services of tho choir won> maua^d tolerably 
wvU, the yocaI parte gen^^rally lagging a littlo behind tho 
iustrtirai*nlAl, and some (ottering now nnd then 
xoAkiog np for lost time by traTc^ltlng ov<*r n piuwa^ 
with prodigious cdority, and cJcaring more bare than 
tlie keenest fox-hniit«ir to be iu at the death. But tho 
great trial was an anthem that had been prepared and 
juranged by UaAt^^r Simou, and uu which he bad fonnd^d 




gpont ftxpootatioB, Uulackilj ther^ was a. Himd^r at the 
Tory otttect; tlic musicteina l>ccftme tinrrtcd; Master Si- 
mon was in a fever; ovctt tbing went on lam^l^ And 
irregularly until tWj c»mn to » clmrus 1>ogjnnijig ''Nov 
lot ue sing with one accord,'* n'hicb aeomi^d to bo a signal 
lor pArttug company : all became discurd imA aiiifaaion; 
eotrh aliifted for liuiflelf, and got to the end aa well, or, 
TAtker, as siToa as he could, exceptiog ond old cliorister 
in ft pair of liora spe<:Uclc3, bestriding and pinchiog » 
long sDiioroua nose, who happened to stand a lilU^ ap&H, 
ftnd, belDg wrapped up in Itta own melody, kept on a 
qaaT«ring coiu^c, vmggltng hiB head> ogling hi5 1>ook, 
ftnd winding all np by a naeal solo of at lea8t three barH, 

Tho parson gave ns a moat oradite aennon on the ritos 
and crrcinuniea tif CUristtmaa^ and thr iiiijpi'iety ol ob> 
oorving it not mArvdy na a day of thankiegiving, but o( 
rejoicing; sapporting the correctness of liia opinions by 
tlte (^aIlie«t naagea of the church, aod enforcing them by 
thd authoriti^^ of Theophllua of C^KarPo, St Cyprian, St 
Chrydoetom, St Augastino, and a clond Dior« of awita 
and others, from vhom ho made copioos qnotationa. I 
was a little at a k«s to perceive the aeofra^y ol meb a 
mighty array of fbroea to maintain a point vliich no ona 
preaent aeeowd lacliDed to diap^at^; but I aoon fband 
tti;«t tbp |?xm1 man bad a li^g^uiu of itVal advrrsarirjt to 
oont^Dd vith ; having in the eour«e of hU rf^af^arv^hM on 
tbo «ubjoct of Cluiataaasi^t compktcly cmbroiieditt tliO 




mieft of the BcrolntioQ, wln>n the Pari- 

1 a fii^rr^r AKKniill upon Ihn cf ri^nionii^B of 

tho church, iinil poor olcl Ohntttmius n%^ft (lrivi:-n out of tlift 

by proclamatioD of pArlioiacnt.* TJi<> worthy par- 

80II lived but with times past, and knew bat Ultle of the 

Shot ?ip amouf; vorm-e&tcn tomeaiji tJifi rotiromeut of 
Ln luiLiquatird little »tudv, the pa^ea of old timea w^ro 
him HJc tJift ^mc^tt^^ ot the ilay ; whil& the era of t>j4» 
volution wiu tat^re Eaodem history. Ht^ for^t tluit 
Arly two ccntnric!* hfld clnpsrd sinco the fiery prrsccu- 
n of poor rnino^iie tlLri>ug)i(tiit thii Inm^ ; whp»ii pltim 
rid^ ^m d&noanced as "ni«T« pop@r3',** &nd roast- 
Mtti-cljxidtian ; and that Chri^tmaa had been 
tmngfife in a^aiu IriuiuphaDtly with th<* uierry i^durt iil 
King CliAjlui At dio Rj>ftturatiuD. Ha kind)c^(I into 
Vjurmth with tho nrdor of hia contest nncl the host of 
imat^inary fopg with whom ti© hnfl tf> (^ombjit; he hud & 
stnbbom ooofitct willi old Prynne and two or three other 

* Fmm tho "Flying Eaglp,** <^ sriuil] CtiuvLUS) pub|lBhi*i] Dwauther 
9t(fi. I'-)^— "Tho ilouM «p«Tit mir^h Hmo Itiiv rJd;r tbnut lh« bituncwof 
yany, fijr Kttlin^ Iho oOaut nt sc*. nnd boforo they roac ^erc pre- 
III] oLih u UriiUt nuauunlmni^e iii^uijifit C'Lrbtwu dj^j*. |^uLiil<--<l 
ViEi itWino hon[>tiLivi(. 3 Cor. r. lU ; I Cor. IT. t4. 17 : anrl in hoE^arcC 

cxTuL *4 ; Lpt> xtiii* Ti II ; AU^k kv. ^ ; I'attm Ixixiv* 10, iij 
Chri«'inu \n rAtlfi! Antl^hrl^i'H rMii*4ii, Ant\ ihnb> Mittfrirnmif^im 

(It «or!a* tiinf in c*»)"ulUtir4i rilKiat tlio obfljtion of C'hHrliiitkii ^liiv, 
il ord<<ri to ihnt rfffct. mul nmilvnl tu slL au tJie luU^nfiutf ilaji, 


forgotten champioEia of the Iloaiid H^alK »u Lhe Bnbject 
of ClitistmA:^ fosLivity ; and concluded by urgiag his 
liGarors, in tho morit eoloma and ii£[ecting majmeT, to 
fii&n<l to tlie trrulitioual ciiatoma of tbcir fAtberSr and 
fojiftt and moke merry itn thU j'^yfnl tumivaraary of tbe 

1 have seldom known a aenuon attended apparently 
iriU] more immediate efiects; for on leaving tLe churi;|i 
tbe congregation seemed one and all poeseBsed with the 
gayety of apirlt so earucratlj enjoined l>y tlieir ])antor. 
Tlie elder folks gathered in knots in tlie clitirch»yard, 
greeting and eliakuif^ handi« ; and tbe children run about 
crying Ulc! do! nnd repeating some uncouth rhymes,* 
whrcb tbf> [wirNon, Mrbo had join-^d ns. informed me Itad 
been handed down from daye of yore. The viUaf^ers 
defied their haU to tbe aquire ae be poseed* giving him 
tltr? goui] u'inhi<M of the season with erery appearanca ol 
hdartfrtlt ftincerltVt and were inWted by him to the hall, 
to tAkc something to kc<Tp out tho cold of tlic weather; 
and I beard bleaainga altered by 8c\'eral of tbe poor, 
vbich convinced me that, in the midst of his enjoymentti, 
tho worthy old cavalior bftd not forgotten tbe tmo Cbriei- 
maa Tiituo of charity. 

On our way bomewaid bis be&rt aeemed overflowed 
with generonfi and happy leelinga. As Wd passed over a 

T)lew putliUngi In * pul* ; 

CTmJI QUtS D&d Off uU t" 



gri^mid which commanded sometLLng of a proft* 
peei, the ooundpi of nwtic merriiiienl atiw niitl then 
roAched our e^ie : tb^ Htjuire pftosed for & few m'^monte^ 
And looked around wiUi ou air of itioiprceeible bcui^ty. 
TJin bi^jiuljf' of tbe d/iy was of itself sufKcieut Uj iu^pjm 
philnuUirrjpy, Not^itUstandiDp die froatine&fl of tho 
momtDg, tb^ sun in hm cJoudlerfiH jnurnc^y hail acquired 
sufficjBDt ]K>wor to melt nwuy U:it tliiii oowiruig of enow 
from eTgiy eonthem dci'Uvity, nnd to bring out tlie Ih-ing 
grooD which ftdoms aD Englkh l&ndscapo ovom in mid- 
iriut^r. Lar|^ tracts of Hmiliu(< \erdiiie coutrasted with 

dazzling whtt4^Ddas of the shaded filopea aud tiollowit. 
Tory «lioltcrod hfink, on which the brond myi* rc»t<id. 

d©d its ffilvrr rill of cold nnd limpid water, glittering 
thfough the dripping gra^s; ftnd sent up alif^ht exhalsi- 
tioua to oontribute to tho tliia haze that hiui^ juat abovo 
ti>G BUTla>oe of the earth. There vroa Komethiug trul/ 
cheering id thia triumph of warmth and verdure over tlie 
frosty thraldom of wuitni". it w^ts, aa the ftcttilm obuoryod, 
AH einblcu of Chrintmivn hospitality, l)r:^al(ilkg tbroogh 
ilu? cbtllH of ecriMuiiTiy atid Hi^ltiuluiots^ ntid thjiwiiig evury 
b^art into % flow, Hn poiiitoil with plooKiifA to tlifi indi- 
catioDn of good obocr rooking from tbo chimncjs of tho 
QOEuCurbible formhousuit, nml low tliatched cottages. "T 
lovQ,'* wid he, "to Bd9 tliU dfty well kapt by rich and 
poor; it 19 a great thing to hare ono daj in the year, at 
Idutv when you are suie of l^eiu^ welouiue wherever jrou 
gt>> and of huviug, cm !t wen^, the wffld thrown all open to 


304 ^ff^ s>rETcn.Boor. 

yo^ ; and I ua almoet disposed lo join vith Poor Robin, 
III hw nmlMk'tiim on every i^oHiiiU i-u^iuy Ui tUL-i luiueat 

And wculd UAn hanoB diipaitoh Lim, 
Mb/ Ifcoy Tlth H*!d Duto ]1um[>hf7 dinr. 
Or tl4B nimj 8i]uifv Kl'UJi i:aUii 'vu.'' 

TLe squire went cui to laroent tlie d^plonible decttjtjf 
the t^aieft and ikmuB^nients wbi^h vot« once i^revalent At 
tbia season omocig tho lover orders^ lUid oiittntctuv&o^d bj 
tize Ligbei i nbeo tbe oH b&Us of Ike rjkstles and nuLitor- 
boQMtt were thrown open ^t darlight; when tbo t^bl^a 
wero eovered with bmrni^ and boef, and hmnmijig ale; 
ythtn thd b&r^i sutd the (zarol resonnded all day luu^ a&d 
vbou ridi lind |>our werv alike weloome to enter aud 
loako merry,* " Oar old gamfl* and looal cnatoma,** said 
he, *' bad a groat c9eot in making th« jieaAant CoDd of hia 
bnniff, and the promuttoti at tbem by Ibn gentry mada 
him fond of bU loni Tb^y mndo tbe tim«« merrier, and 
krader, aad bettor, and I can trulj say, with ono of our 
old poets: 

• -An KnglMi iprtOUaam, aX Iha opMkiaf 61 th« jewmI d«y, i C «a 
CM*i»i« duT w ttt ^gniiina Ud ell kii Ucvnto kftd na$i^har9 cater 
U» heU Lit dkibnak. The vtjung bvrr «*> bueehai aad the UkIl> 
Jvk« «vM plniliilatly ilioul vrib tceM,. togar kiid aatoiqt umk gjooi 
Chidmtt M tm% TWQ4«km(tlM^nflt«Bn9»jiavttM h*a«d bj4ir> 
tiTih fr cba tvo yomK mca unui takv ll» aelirn {L Ck tlie«ook) 1^ 
tlto Amuv uid ran her cuaad ih« naitvt-ffaoa tfU the b vkamtA of lur 
kilCMei."— JEvMirf a*9«i Mr £^e^«eJ >lir«. 

VBSUSlJiAS SiAT. » 306 

< 1 lileo Uiam wall— tho <iiu-ii>ii» [inpOianaB 

And AU-ptvr«ridu] gnivliy «f thoai 

TItat H-v'k to UuiUli ht'N^i] thvev Imrmlwe spartan 

DiLFii UiTU^r uA'jiy uiUL'L ji-iii:l<;[jL }ii>ni.v<lHy/ 

"TliP uatiou," Goiiimufsil Ln, '' ib jvlt*<rflf! : we have ol-* 
most lost i»ar simple true-lHJU'ted pf^as^rilrj-. They J*ovo 
trokCD asunder from tlie highor claesofi. and 8ec}m to 
thiidt their interest* are aeparate. Thej have beixime 
too bnowui^, ^\\A be^n to read iiewflpapers, listen to ale- 
LouBO politioiaus, aiul talk of relurm* 1 thiuk oui> niod«) 
to keep tlieci in good hiuuor in these hnrd times wt^uhl 
bft for the nobility ikud ^cnliy to pswe more timft on their 
estfttos, niinglo mere amou^ the country people, JUid aet 
the merry okl En^-Ush gaities goiug a;;aiij," 

Such wjis the gocKl M[iiife*s projei^l fur mili^nting pidi- 
li<5 difioonteui : and, indood, ho had onoo att^^uipt^td lo j>ut 
Lib doctrine in prlic-tic1^. nnd a few jeant before I]a<1 kept 
opim house during tb*' btilidiiva in tlni tild stvl*^ Tli" 
country poopl^ how<iv^r, did nut nndi^r>;tund Imw ttj plfty 
tbeir parts in the eceus of hospitality ; many uncoutli cir^ 
citmsiftDt^es occurred ; the manor was overrun by alT the 
v&f^rants of the country, and more bef^^rs ilrawn into t)io 
ncijibbothood in one week than the pariah officers could 
get rid uf ui a ^e^r. Since then, he had contented him- 
self with inviting the de^^ant part of tho neighborfnf; 
{Masantry to call at tht* hall on Christmas day, and vilh 
diatributiitg bo^f, and br».'^ and aJe, among tho pooTi 
tliat tJiey might make marry in their uwu dwolUngH. 



W« liftd not b«on long Lome when the a^vimd of mnjilo 
was hcAnl from ii diHtait<w. A bund oi oounLry lads, 
witbciut coAts, their aliirt sleeves faacifnllj tied with lib- 
bODs, their hnti% clttGoru^teJ witli greetis, utid eluba iii tLi-ir 
liiwds* wiifl Boen advancing;; up tlio avcnuo, folloftixl by a 
lurye namber of villagers and peoaantrj. Ttey stopped 
before tlif< bftll <l(K>r, wLere the music fitruek up a pecu- 
liar oir, and the Uds performed a curioiis and iotnoale 
dance, advancing, retreating, and strikinj* their claba to* 
getber, keeping **x!u:t tiiuf to the niu^ic; nbilft one, 
wLimsicuIIf crowued with a fot'a akin, the tail of wMdi 
ll;hunted down his back, kept capering ronnd the gkirte of 
tild danc9, and rattling a Clirisbmas box with many antic 

The aqnire eyed thia EaAcUnl eihibitioQ with great in- 
tercat and deli(;htv and gave me a full account of its ori- 
^n, which he traced to the times when the Bomons held 
poeaefifiion of the Ulautl \ plainly proviag that tLit» wad ft 
lineal des(;i*mlant oi the swr>rd danoe of the ancicnba. 
"It was now/^ be saii], "neurly extinct, bnt be hjul acci- 
dentally met with trnces of it in the n^ighborbood, and 
had enoouraeed its reTinvl ; though, to tell the tmUu it 
waa too apt to l>e fi>)li>w«d up by tfar rough cudgE^l play, 
and broki-u hi^Jubi in Uie evening." 

After tho donoe was conclndod, the whole party woa 

eatertaiDod with brawn and bc«f. and alout bame-toewed. 

Tlw Mjntn* hinuwlf minglr^ nninng the itisfic^ and vaa 

1 wiUi awkward detnonatrations of doEftrenco and 


ngiid. It >8 trae I perceived two or thne of the 
joan^-T pcArtADla, aa tUeijr were raiaiD^,' thcrir taukanU to 
tbf»ir tnouUift, wh&n tlie S([iiire'ii b^'k was turned, makiiig 
•onMjthiiig of & giimoeff, aud giving ooab other the wiuk ; 
bat tho moment tbcy ahTight my t*ye ttey pulled grave 
fjir^M, flinil woix* <m^eiUiigly ilemure. With Mat^r Si- 
jnoD, howovor, thry nil 8p<?med morp at thoir eaaw. Hia 
TSried oocapations and amosemeEts had m^l^ liiiu well 
kuown throughout the Dei^l]ljorhE:}od He wiis n I'isit- 
or at every farmhouse and cuttags ; gris&ipcd with the 
Iftrmerd and tht-ir wives; romped with thf^ir daughleis; 
aud, Hkn Uiul t^|>e of h ^ugrunl h»u-helcr, tho humtlebed, 
tolled the sweete from ail the rosy lips of the oou&tty 

The b^ishfulueaa of i\\& gue^t^ aood ^ys wnj lii^fnrc 
good chfior OJjd uffubUity. Thon is Bomething goniiiuo 
and afff^ctionalo in the guyo^ of the lower orders, vrhon 
it is excited by tTi© bounty iind fniniliiLrity of thoso ahnve 
thorn ; tho wiirm glow of Kratitudo onter« i]jtt> their iiiirth» 
and a hind wonl or a «m'ill j^lriiaaiilTy frankly uttei-^d by 
» paUon, ghuhlens ttic* h?»rt of the depetuleiit [tioru Uiiu 
oil and wiiux Whon tbo si^uirc had rotirod, thi> morri*' 
TiK^nt inr-rorn0ed, nnd there was much joking aud laughter^ 
parti cfiilarly b^tw^-aTt Manl^^r Simon and u. hale, tuddy^ 
£B««>d, white-headed farmi^r, who ap^x^arijd to he the wit 
of the viU&ge ; k>r 1 ohaerred all liiei companiouH to wait 
with open mimths for hia retorts^ itud buT^f. icio n gra- 
tuitoOH laugh before they eoold well underatiuul them. 




The vbok 1innii« in<W<1 sot^med nhniuloneid to inurn- 
ment: dfl I pfi££«4 to my room to clr^sa for dinner^ I 
liGard th6 soiiBd oi music in a amalL conrt, and looking 
throDgh a vriiidow that coiDmarjilod it, I perceived a Laud 
of waoderiti^ muaiciana. with painleaii pipes and lAifi- 
bourmo; a pretty L-oi^uotliah hi>UBe»aid was doiscuii; ft 
jig vrith a siuart ccmniry Iftd, ivhik* acveral uf tbt iither 
KArvuntfi vere looking on. In tli« niid^t of her epurt the 
girl caught a glimpse of my face at the window^ and, eot- 
omg up, rac off witb an air oF roguish Affected coufusiOB. 




ho. now Is cciat our JiSrfBl'Bt f<!>*^ T 
Lft ncry idad bo Jolt}'. 

Anil pvopy pi>»l wilb hoJIy. 
Nun iiH mjr iidh^bCiouit' l|][liiiiv]uidioIW| 

AndCltrifftiTiibi Nciuki nrti luiraliig; 
ThrJr o\rtiw iliey wiTli b*k'f niciLt* (liiikw 

Audull Ihc^r apltfl arn turning. 

AliJ if. foi' nilil. It hip i» Ji(. 
Woc'li^ ^uJy ^t til u ChrlBtmu pyp. 
And weiiuorc be oierry. 

HAD finished my toilet, and wn** loitcrinf? with 
Frank BrjLtvl'rklj^e iu tij*? Hbrftty, when wo 
b^ard a disUDt thw&cking sonml, wlncii Ij« 
ititonnctt me was a aigiiaJ for tho servuip: up of tho 
diuiier. The Aquino kept up old eudtotna in kitcheu aa 
well AS LaU ; aud the rolluig-pin, slruck upon the dresser 
hy tho cook, isumitionod the ser\-&nU to oanj m th« 


JuiL in i}ii« TiI(<V thp mnb kiirx'k'd ihrioe, 
Ami aU rill- w]iiti>r» \n h trIo« 
Hb MUiiiupidi did ob«r ; 


310 rnj^ f^KElVHBQOK. 

ElMh >«rvin|[ man, with dish in hand, 
Mftr<i^M bnlrtly ii|i» JilifiMir inttn VatuI, 
Pre*cnUii. wid ■t*»3'«* 

The dinner waa aarvcd op in the pp[«at hall, wher^ tlic 
■qi3irn jilwajH bcM iua ClirifitaiaM bacqaet A l>1»^g 
crnckl'ttij^ Ilm of l>^h had iM^en hf-d'jie^il cm Ui warm thd 
npjLuioiiM iipattinout^ aud Uie tl:Lme went apurkling ortd 
xnronthiiig up tho widu^moiithrd chinmay, Tho great 
pictuni of th» ttruKiMVr nnil Ins uliite hurtle lini] been 
pTofuH^Ly d^ci^rnlrd with gmoua fur thd oc^nfiloii ; ft&d 
hoUv iind ivy hod liltoniso been vrontlied round tho hel- 
met aiid wpapoM on the opposite wall, which I iinder- 
tood weT« the axma of the aaiaa irurior, I most ovn, bj 
tho by, 1 hotl ntroiig doubts ftbout thA aQthcntioitj of thd 
painting find nrniiir ib» hjiTing helonged to tbo cruMdrr, 
th«y oorUinly baring the stamp of mot? roc«nt dat-n; but 
I wu told that tho painting had been so considered tisM 
out of uind ; aud Uiat, a» t<> Uw anuor, it had lie^n EqqmI 
in a lumber- ixvou), and oloiatttd to its preA^nt sitoatioM 
bj the aqoiMs who at oaco dotsreiijkcd it to b^ the armor 
of tho ^tuiljr Lent ; and jm Ywi van abMilntc aothoritj oh 
aQ atuch !<iibjviTtH in biai own tittmu^bold, ii» malt«r had 
pa»aied inio cunvnt a«?ii»ptJittoa A aitloboard vv» «at 
out jit^t tiiidpT thia chivob^G trophy, on whidi v^w a di^ 
plaj of |]lat>> thai might hjivp ripd (at Ipsd in vmrvtr) 
vtth B<>Uhazxar'6 p«nd9 of Um vavaala of th# tai^»W: 

tnS CrTEBTMAS m^iKER. 311 

'^ flfl^nfi, cnna, cnpe, If^akerg, ^cbleta, boRine, and 
ewers r' th(? gorgeoua utcusUs of good comptiLuionsbip 
that had ^raAliiJillj^ iu;crLiriiiilBt4^d tliron^li ni^ny genera- 
tiODS oi jovial house k«ep(iF9^ Befori^ tbeee fitood the two 
Yule oautilos, l-eamiug like two ntftra of the first mft^^i- 
tndc ; other lights weie distributed in LmuchcH, jliiJ thci 
vholo array flittered lite m firmameut of tiilven 

We wore ushered into this biuiqueting scene with tho 
eoand of minstrelsy, the old harper beicg seated on & 
Btool beside the firpplm^, siud tiWMngirg hw lustnimeDt 
with a vAst dcfti mote poVp-er than melody. Never did 
Christmaa board diBpU;y^ a tuore goodlj' nnd ^Acioua 
aiiftemblage of eounteiiJiiices ; th(i»e who werts not hiind- 
■omo were, nt least, happj; nud bapj>ijieAM is n rure iiu- 
proTcr of your hard'hivorod viHJi^p. I alwftjs cotiAjder 
nil iild English Tumily ils well worth ^tcidylng us a c^ol' 
loction of Holbein 't« portraits or Albert Dnrer's prints. 
There is much antiquarian lore to he awfiiiri^d; much 
knowledge of the pJiysio-^noEiies rii frirmer times. Per- 
haps it may bo from baring rontinnnlly liefore tbeir eyes 
thoao rows of old family portriuta, with wliich tho maii- 
eions of bfaia country &re stocked ; certain it it^, that tho 
cjn!*irit fealTUvs of antitjuily are often most faithfully per- 
petuated in these ancrient linee ; and I havd traced nn old 
ffttally nose through a wholi* picture gallery, legitimately 
hu.udi<d down Irom generation to geueratiou, alii:LOst; from 
the time of the Cotii|ne&t Something of the kind wAii to 
bo obs^rred in the worthy compt^ny oiouud me. 31afiy 



of their fioes La^ evidently originatod Id a Qotbio ago, 
aad been mcrelr copied by 6uoccc<ling gcncratiDiiii ; and 
there was one little girl in pQiticulai, of BtotJ cleoieanoTt 
■with A bigb liotniin n™***. nnd an antifjne vinogar sjipL^t, 
vbo woe A groat ^voriU? of tho equire'e, bdiog, ad bo aaid^ 
a Bractibridge all over, and the rery counterpart of one 
of his aticetttoni who flgurecl in tlie court of Henry YUL 

The patsoa said grace, ^hich vas not a eliort fanuLiikr 
one^ suoh as is commonly adilrrs&ed to the Deity in thaso 
uni^BiVTDiitiLtius djiyt^ - but a ^""H. oiiirtlr, well-nrorded 
one of the ancient schooL TUere waa now a pan;««r as if 
Bomothing ^as expectoii; whon aoddeoly the bntler en- 
ter^ th« hall with some degree of bustle: be waa at- 
tondad by a sdrvant on Mkch side vith a lar^e vax-ti^b^ 
and bore a ailver diah, on which «&* an cnormona pig's 
beAd, dcfoimtrd with mi^mary, witli n lemon in it« 
month, which wa« plAC<»i) with great forauiity at the 
head of tho table. The moment Uue p^eaal aiade its 
»ppeamic«, the harper sLnici up a flonriah ; wX the eoi»* 
elDsion of irhirb the young Oionian, oa receiving a hint 
from the aqnire, gsva, with an air of the moat comic fcrmv* 
ity, an old cifoL the finl Toiae of which waa as £oLlowti : 


Wltb fufavl* oT vid iKiiawj, 
I ^f you aB ijaff* narrt^ 

TBi: CnWiTMAS J>nfy£B. 


TboQgh proparod to vitnoAv quuj of th<i0o littld occeD- 
tricitic«, from biding ftpprij^sd ot tlic peculiar hobby of 
miuo bost; yot, I c>Dfo«s, tlio pfiriulo witb wLicL ad odd 
ft dUb vttfi introdnc^d eomowhat perpleied me, until I 
gatUercd from Uie ooDveis&tion of tUe &quii« and the -ptir- 
Auii. lliat it WAS iuuaiit to r^preoMut l^e briit^iii^ in nf Uiti 
batLi-'n b«&d; a difth fcrmurly Borvf^J up with much ccro- 
KioujT luid the »oaitd of miuKtrcUy &nd »ong, j^t gnM 
tablsB, Ob Obri»lntjtf ilny, " I like the o\<l custom," twd 
thfi Aqnine, " not m^r^Lj b^nuee it is stately &nd pleaain^ 
in itself, but becfluae it waa obaerved at the coUeK<i at 
Otfiird nt nliii'-b I Kna t^ilLtutUiii Wbtin T ]i<-»r Uii^ 
old BODg cbutt^d. it brings to tnind the tioie vhdn 
Kl iTOA S^oang aii<l gameaome — aud tho Qoblo old college 
^ball — and mj fellon-HtudffDts loitering ftl>oct iu tlieir 
'b]A«k gowB8 ; m&tiy of whom, poor UdA, are now m their 

I Tb9 parnnn, 1inw»vcr, irlLo&e mind wus not hunntnd by 

suc-h asflocintioris, and who was nlwayj* more taktrn up 

with ihe text thou tbc acDtimeDt, objected to the Ux- 

oniAn'ri version of tlie eHrol ; which be affirmed w&a ilif- 

ierent from that aung at college. He wo&t on, with tbo 

Bdr^ pt^rMeix^ranoc of a conmiGiilutor, to f^vi^ tJii> collogo 

^bftaduiK, n<H<cimpnniR<1 by fiumlry ruimibitimiK ; athlri-AM- 

^Kfng himaolf ut lirAt to thf^ comptuij' ut IjLrgo ; but Biidiug 

tboir attention gnultiatly diverted to otber tnlk and otb^r 

olqVte, ho lowered his toue as hi^ nnmWr of anditon 

diznioiflhed, until be (concluded his mtujirkH iu ajt uudvr 



TokCt to A £&i*lwadMl old ^;«nU«mfto ii^xi kita, vbo 
»loirily engaged in the difi^aauoD of % hogn plfttofil of' 

Til* iM« WW lit^rallj loadtd villi good c^mt. wd 
prvacatifid an opttumf of ocM&sbj ftbfiadBBni, in tUa ■«»• 
■on of oTtfAowing lud«n. A distu^ttifthed post wvs 
ftilotted lo ""uGieiit wiaaC m bido koat teawd it; 
UiA&aBbeadd<>il,*'4be atMlaid of cU E^Kih 
tili^, nd ft joint ol Roodlj prcieBifl^ ftfed Ml off 
Mmo.** Tb«n v«n setvni diahas qpaiiitf] 
and vliieli had iiTaiiillj ■■■■nlhi^^ b^itiaMl in Uieir 


emlielllAhmentB ; bnt aUiul wliiuh, aH I did not likd to 
app«tar over-curious, I usked nu questiomk 

1 could Dot, however, but notice a, pie, mngoifieontly 
deoorated wltli [i^jtcocVs ff^nlliera, tu iiuitiituiji of ilia tail 
of that bird, wliich overehiidowed a consideru-Ue tra^t of 
tho tabl^ Thifi, the BquLre confoB^cd, witb nomo little 
hosilatioii, was a p]iea«aQt pie. tliough a peacock pie 
wa^ c^rtoiidy the most autb&Dtiml ; 1>at thrirp hiul 1)i?en 
aaoh a icortalitj amoug tbo peacockB thiB aea^ou, tliat bo 
could not prevuil upou bimaelf to have one killed,*^ 

It would be tedious, perhaps, to mj wiser nuid^m, wbo 
may not Lave that foolUh foUfluoBS for odd Jind r>b«o)eto 
Uiitiga to vhic^h I aoi a little given, vera I to montion the 
oUier make-t^liiftH of this worthy otd Iiumorial, hy vbich 
be Vtt «iid6avonDf{ to foUow up, though at humb)« dia- 
tence, the quaint custoiiia of antiqoity. I vaa pleased, 
hi>w<irer, to sea the rt-?ip(!6t altown Ui him wIiiium bj bis 

* Tbe pftatwic ra uuitfuilir m gputt (temuMl for MaMv ft4ti«rUdn> 
idvdI^ Bagatinw* it vm mod*' uii^* • fiif, At on? rtid »r vhirb thp Httd 
appMnd aborr ili>' rni*i rn all itj |ilumAj[*, «ii)) Ui^ Tjrdc rlchlj jrUt ; ■! 
Itat atbar «ad liw ibU m« (bfej-lkj^. ^ucb ptot wn Btn^ up at t^ 
oolcDUi baQq«eU<irf duraJf^r, vhm tni|.^fi i mnl plod^tlicmMlwto 
imteUkie ttBj pcdkrui cntcfpcte. vh^ix came tLt aadml oUhn wed 

Th» pMBPth W aba id iDportanl d^tt lor lh« (%nMau# CoMt : Mkd 
Mliilniir, Ib hm CUj HslImDp sirs MiinF ides vf ihe eitnricaiiiw wUb 
virfth thla, M mil m Othm dkihm, wa* jitviiwl for tlt# pTrgnNu nT«b 
fif 111* r4il«d tliM« 1— 

¥fii wjlaft f^riiiMlrjniiMtawi 
Tbflir UUrl J pcwd Mlci^ «(PL tbdr fis of avp* tungMi : 
Tbdr rhMMili ikwob^ with uito^rte i lAe evaiMf 0/ laiv* ftd 
m dk tn \ i- m m i fif0fmf fa <i>ah ■—at /w p <»i^ ^Bnow L 



ohildrec aucI reUtivea : wlio, ijode^d, entered readily into 
tbo full &i>int of U]4.'m, and B^^eme^d all veil vers^ la 
thoir piLrt«; liAYiag doubtless been present at manj a 
relioanud. 1 whm noiuseil, too, at the air of prtvEound 
gravity with vliicb the butlor and other serrautA «txfr* 
cut«d tli« datied aasigaed thenu hoH^rer ecocDtric Tbej 
had au oVV'fashum^d look ; LaTing, for the iao«t part, 
been brouf^ht up in tlte Loa&ehold, and grovn into k^v^ 
in;; vitli the autiqoated mauaion. and tbe humors of its 
lord; and inoat jiriibabl^ looked uj>ou all lua wbjjuaJCEal 
ivgulationi ag the ejitabli^ed lawe of h<»ioral^ bouse* 

IVlwu the cloth was remoml, th« butler bmcglit m 
a huge ail%-er reesel of rare and cnrioufi workmaoehip, 
vrhich he placed bofore XL^ squire Its appoarance ^taa 
hailed with acdfimatiou ; bein^ the Wassail Bovl, so re- 
nowned in Chnetmas festivily. The contenta had been 
pnpored by the squire hiauelX ; for it waa a berera^ in 
the »kilful mnttire of which he particulaHj prided tiita- 
aulf : atlpegiu|^ that it waa luu ab^rase uul onuifiliii for 
the compr^aniion ol an ordiaan.- eoniiat. It wua a po- 
tation, irdced, that mi;;ht wtUJ make the heart of a to)>er 
leap within him ; being ixMDpcwrd of the riehest and 
rachat wiaas, U^j apmd and Bw«etaiwd« with roaitod 
ayplee bobbing about tbe Borfiwe.* 


m^ itailcd cnb« ; ta tab nv i^ 
H MM* oU fnillk^ ud muni Itae 



The old gentlemau's whole couLteoADCG be&metl with 
a serene loot nf indwelling delight, as he stirred this 
mighty bowl. Having raised it to hia Upe, with a hoarty 
wish of a merry Chrifitmafi to all preaeut, be aeut it brim- 
inltig round tlie iMmrd, for erary one to follow Lim ex- 
ample, aceordiug to the priicitive style ; proiioui;cinK it 
"the ancient fonctuin of good feeling, where aU hearts 
met together-" * 

Ther^ was tnitch Uughin^ and TAlIying aa the honest 
emblem oi Chnetmne joviality ciroolEited, and was kieeed 
rather coyly hy tlie ladies. When it reached Master Si- 
mon, he ndaed it in both hands, and with the air of a 
boon companion stTHok up aa old Wa^aail chanson, 

Tli;i browH ImiwIp, 
The laprrj trij'p*ii bowh, 
Aa il goes r^ubil ubout-«t 


healths of TiubsUntifll htnncf? it Chrlstmaa. Tt b nls) called LomVi 
Wool. Ud Is MlBbf»f«| by llnrrick in his Twelfth Wight : 

Noxt cTijwnfl tbe bcwk full 
WUb fpcrxUe Ijutih's Wool : 
Add mgar, nutnii-g, itnd gtngsr 
Witli florr of ake too ; 
Ami (hi» yc rniitl tjop 

'The cnrtom of dHnkitig <mt f>f the Mfn^ rup (WTr jih^* to «k* 
hftTtn; hUc'iip, Whrn ihe sttmknl n-unu.- to tliL' Juuri' ajUj \\w Wuvcl, 
h> «■• to trf tbtiM times. H'rHH', H'DMf/, Wtvrttl. %wl lli«fi tlm chaf^ctl 
(chapldn) wu to 40«wtf vith a ccDg."— AimuotMU. 


. ._ 1 


lNllh*>wH^«tattt«« ^H 


Aiy*UfMrllrfl«*» ^H 


lWd.V<MM ^1 


n* MUT Jtgpe— ^ ^^H 


jutb.Mtairvi«^ ^1 




n« ■ 


BtMXttfM.l^ ^H 


-"- '"-'^- ^ 


Hm^ oI tl» nmmimkkm tei^ di^ famd «pa«J 


&bQ7 ta|^ lo «U«h I »^* Hiiigii TW* w^^ 


hypOT^f, ApvAtd^ of nUriB^ of MwtarSMoB «bo«b 

aottft si^ vidov, vilk wbooi be via irmwil otf barii^ 

b«t i iirliMilftfn^tmH *» ^bb Tij H^l M- 

TO^ MiUnLjal a kIm bii«^;U^ «« ^ Oqm 

li^ liMkil JQt»^ wh<s thtt^ ntfcvdtf at ctet- 

i^ ^w. OTwMM te Awlihito a h^tfie ft 

&i«& Ai ^vrj •^tmm m A* ^wwd •mwo^*^, fe 

■^■■■1 k» buam^ a pctMy att^ i^ i^w ta^ ; 

ji ' T"lii^ it 11 T -j^'-*- '^ lilt _^^L_ 


>»^I^>>>. »^ 



waa tk prodigiotaly fins woman, aaid drow her own cur- 

The dizm^r-timd paaadd ftway in thia flow of iimocout 
hilttritT, &iid, thotigb the old liall may li&vo r«»oiuidod 
in iU tinie witb mauj h sceui^ i^f broivltir niut &ui] mviO, 
jot I doobt whether U ever witut^MAiK] mora hoiutittftud 
gf^nnino ciijovment How eusy it b for one ben^Toloai 
l>eiiig t(> ilifTiino [ilrrn^uro nronud lilm ; iiud Ldw trnlj ifl 
ft kind h^art a fonntam of gU^lneHA, muldng every thinf; 
in ito viciiuty to besheu into smilefil the joyoua diM|>o4i- 
tum of Ui« vTijrtby Huoin* was perfectly onutagioiiit ; ho 
waa bAp]iy lurmifilf oni di)t^>43tic^<l to makQ all the world 
happy \ 4Lnd tljo little cc<!cratri cities of hia humor did but 
aaawm, in & TD&nner, the sweetneaa of hia ploUtiihropy, 

Vli«n tho htdiea had retired, th^ converaatioD, aa 
umiiil, becjuno elill moro animatod ; niany i^od things 
were broached wbiob Lad been thought of duriit^ diunftr^ 
bnt which wnnld not exactly do for a bulya oar; and 
though I oannot poaitively affirm that thi^ro waa rnuoli 
wit nUored, yet 1 have certainly beard mmiy oontetttn of 
rare wit produce [niich loan Inn^hbr. Wit, iiiiisv lOI, U a 
mit^hty tartf pungent ingredient, and tntioli too aoid for 
BOiDG tftomiicha ; but boneitt good bntnor is the oil and 
wiiifi of a merry mir^titig, Jiud tb^re ip tin jnriiil ootDpan- 
ionahlp e4Ual to that wh<ire the jok«e are rather Bmall, 

,^,And Uie hkughtcr abundant 

^P The aqnirc told several lou^ aiiirie^ of early college 
pranks and iLdreninres, in eome of which thib i^ft»T%v:icv VaA. 


been a ahar^r : thongh in looking at the Intter, it r^c^nircd 
BOta^ efTort of iinA^caUon tc figure stit^b » littlt^ ilnrk 
snatomj* of a mail into tho perpetratf>r of a maJoftj) gA^n- 
boL iDck^d, Utfj two ooUe^ge <iliniiiB presented pictures 
of whut men m&j Xte nuult^ 1>y tlirir diiff^rBiit lots in life- 
Tlie ai^atre biul left llie imiversitj to live lu&tilj on hU 
pA.t«mat domA.iKi8, in tbo vigoroui^ onjoymont of prospuv 
it^ luid fiunsliine, oitd hod ilouri&hed on to a hearty and 
florid old age; vhilst the poor pArfion, on th^ contmry, 
L^ dri^ aud vitberod away, ojnoug duatj tomes^ in tho 
ffileace and tihudi>vni of hi^ iitudj< BtUl there seemed to 
be u spark of almoi^t uxtini^nii^b^d ftr^, f^^bly j^Uninieniig 
in tb<] bottom of bia son) ; and as tbe i^qtirs hinted at a 
fXy fttoiy of tho pftr3t>n and a pretty milkmaid, whom 
thej oDce met on the banks of the T^ia, thi^ q)i1 geirtle- 
tnau made an ''alphabet of faces/' nhich, fu^ far as I 
ODuld dedpbor his phjaioynomy, 1 verily beUevo waa ia- 
dicaiive o! Inngbter ;- — indeed, T have r&rety met with an 
old gentleman that took abcwlnte oiTenee at the imputed 
gaLLantrics oE bia youtb- 

I foiiud the tide of triad and vra&aail fast gaiuing on 
diQ ilry land of sober jndttini'ut. Tht* uoiupauy grow 
nenicr and loader an their jokea ^w duller. Mju^tor 
Bimoa wa« in «« chirping a humor aa a graashoppnr JUkd 
with dt^w ; bm old suingH gr«w of a wiuim.<r coniph^xion, 
and hn bc^gan to talk maadlin about tbe widow. Hi^ even 
gave a long song about the wooing of a widow, which bo 
informed me be bad gathered from an excwllenb black- 

iett«r work, entitled "Oupid'B Solicdtor for Love*** oon- 
buuing store of good mlrice tor bEhc.lielors, and wlilob he 
promised to lend me : the first verse was to this effact: 

&e tlui nilJ TOO H widi>w must nol liLlly, 
El' iTiiiat iiijtke \\A^ while l^u Hiiu ilrrth ^ktne ; 

He aiMsi Jiot slAhU wiLh \\t:t. fiholi I, sZuiLI 1, 
But boldly HA^ Widow, thou Tnust bv mine, 

Thia song iiwpirflil the faUht^ajled old gentleman, wlio 
made several attempts to l«ll a r:ttln?r broad story out of 
Joe Miller, that was pj^t to the purpose ; but ho alwivys 
tttut'k in ibi^ middle, every bodj recollecting the latter 
part esceptinR bimaeU. The parsou, too, began to show 
the effet^ts of good cheer, having graUuallj settled down 
ititi) a, dn£ti, And liirt WL^ slLLing most susjiltriously on one 
aide. Ju&t ut this jnni-ture we were summoned to the 
totwing-roam, and, I sm^peot, At the pnrate- tnstigatioD 
of mine host, whose joviality seemed always tempered 
witJi n proper luv«i cif dftra^riim- 

After the dinner table wae removed, the ball vraa givm 
ap to the younger members of the familj, who, prompted 

I to all kLii<1 of noisy mirth by the Oxonian and MastBT 

Simon, made its old wulU ring with tli^ir merriment, as 
they played at romping games. I deliglit in wiineasing 
the gambols of children, and pHHrtii^ulnrly nt this Imppy 
hcliiljiy season, and eould nol help stealing oat of the 
drawing-room oo hearing one of their peals of Iau^ht4ir. 
I found them at the gamp of bKi idmaaVbuff. Maf^icr 

^^ Simon, who was the leader of Lh«ir revels, and seemvd 


cm all occasioDfl bo fulfil the offico of Ui&t aucieiii po- 
teiiUte, the Lord of Mienilo/ was bliuded ui Uie uuilitl 
of tbe hall. Thp little Wing« wi^re Bfi busy about h'"> as 
tlio mock fairioe nhout Paletofl'; plncUing him, p!u<?king ^t 
thd flkirto of bis coat, and tickling him with straws* Ono 
fiiie blue^jed girl of about bfiirteeo, with h^t flpixi^u hidr 
all in beautiful coafnaion, her froUo fao« lit a "low, her 
{rock half t<)ni off her shoulders, a complete picture of ft 
fomp, waa lliE obief toriiii^ntor ; and, From the sl^fiPAg 
with which Master Simon avoided the stoaUer game, 
and bemused thii; wild liUIe D^iuph in comers, and 
obligod her to jump shrieking over chairs, I BUHj»ect«^d 
the Togue of beiBg not a whit more blinded than was 

Wlien I returned to the drawing-room, I fonnd tlio 
company aeated round the fire, Itateuinf; to the parson, 
who waa depifly ensconced in a high-backed oaken chatr, 
the work of some Gnuning lirtilicer of ^rore, whi«^h had 
b^c^n brou^lit from the library for his particular aocom* 
modatioa From this r^-nembk pipcfi of fnraitiirc, with 
wbiph hiR fthiulnwy %nte imd ibirk wvasrii fric* no ad- 
mirahly ncoordnd, he wiu ilciJiTig owt atrangi? accmuitu of 
thf) poptilnr supemtitionf! ntid logonde of the enrronmling 
coiuiliry, ^nth which ho had become acquainted in the 

* At Chrifltnaueo liwre vw to the King*"* hcu«\ whciMwrrr h« ww 

ja In lliri hiiimfi ut niror; nr^»!flirutn ni hciiKjr, or ^iWid worsWjijn*, won* ho 
ApiriluuJ] or itfupurall.— StoWB. 

mB cumsTUAs d/nnkr. 323 

0011TB6 of hid oiktiqtiikriaji reaearchodp I am half inelin^i 
to think tliat the old goutlauac w5b hiiueelf aomewliat 
tiucliared wiUi eu£>erotitlnji, ah men Jtre very iipt to ba 
who Uvo jk reclame aiid studious lUe iu a sequeal^Kd 
pftrt of the coualrj, and pore over blaok-letter tracts, 
HO often filled with the marrelloua aud auperuaturAL 
Ha gave ua aeverol anaodutas of tlie fancies of ths 
Beigbboriitg poaeantry^ conconmig the effigy of the cm- 
B&der, which la^' ou the tomb hj tJie chaioh altar. Aa 
it waa the only mooument of the khid iit that part uf 
the Gonotry, it had always \)&bti reqard^d with feelinf^ 
of superstition by the good wivee of the TiUage. It was 
aaid to g^t up from IL^ iumb ami uuTIc tlic? roands of 
thd church-yard iu stormy lut^hts, partiaularly wheu it 
thundered; and one old woman, whose cottage bonlered 
DU the church-yitrd, had seen it through thn windows of 
the ebnrch, wh^D the mo^m ghone, slowly pacixtf; up and 
down the atslea^ It waa the beli(>f that aomc wrong biKl 
bueu left unredreHtied by the deceased, or some treaeure 
hidden, which kept the spirit in a alat© of trouble and 
Teftlleesiiefta. Some talked of gold and jewt^la burie4 in 
thr tomb, over which the spectre kept watch i and tliere 
wa« a story fnrrent of a seston in old tiiaes, who endeav- 
OTod to break Ins way to the coffin at uigbt, but, jUBt aa 
he reached it, received a violent blow from the marble 
hand of the i*ffigyi wLErh stretehed him senael^si^ ou the 
pavement These tales were often lauglied at by some of 
khe sturdier amoug the mstxcs, yet. whou uight came on. 





tLoro weTO many of tlh« fltoutost nubelievers tli;it wera 
tthj" of venturing alone io tho footpath that lod across tli9 

Fiom tliese and other anecdotes that followerl, the cm- 
ewulor appeared to be the tavorite hero of i^host stories 
tliruu^hout the viciiiitj, Hin picture, which huag up iu 
the liall, wii** thoLigbt by tijti servaiita Li> have floiuetliiiiif 
mpcriuitunil nbout £t; for they retoorked that, ld irhat- 
erer pcbit of th« b»U you went, the eyes of the warrior 
vere still filed <vi\ yon. The old purler'^ \i'\l^, too, at the 
lodj^, who had been bom ftud hroiight up in the family, 
and waa a great goaaip among the moid aorranta, aflirmed, 
tltat io b«r yoou^ ilaya she had often heard ^y, that oa 
MuIaumToeT ere, whdu it was well known all kiuiU of 
ghosts, gohlins, and fairiea heoome vUiblc and walk 
abroad, the cro^^adcr used Lo mouut hie horse, oorao 
down from hiA picture, ride ubout the hoo^e, down thd 
ftTeooe, and so to the oburcli to viait the tomb ; on which 
occaAion the chnroh door most civilly &wung op*iii uf iU 
aelf ; not that he needed it ; for he rod*? through d<Hwt 
gat^a and oven etcno walls, arid had been seen bj odd ol 
Iha dairy maida to pana ht?lwt?«a two b&r» uf the great 
paric f{at^, ruiikiik^ himtieU rt^ thm iuk a shent cif piL|K?r. 

All these auperetitiood I found hiul l>6eii Tory lao^b 
ttMmtenanccd by the squire, who. though not supei-ati- 
tioitti himjkdf, waM v^ry fnnd of aneiiig (ithvrg hi». Ho IJfi-* 
t«ned to «very goblin talc of th^ neighboring goaaipa 
with irifinito grr^vity, and hold the por(er*a wife iu higli 



filvor on aocount of lier Uluut ftir tlie lu&rvelluuH. He 
wuft liims^lf a great reader of oM kgv^udfi Em4 romaDcOflf 
find ofteu loiuGQted that he could not t^eliore iu tltem; 
lor a ^uperfitiLiuua persun, lie thoiigbt, muHt live in a 
kind of fairy Isuid. 

Wliilatwc wore all atto&tiou to the parsou's atorica, oar 
e&rv were eaddeuly aaaailod hj a burat of heterogenic oua 
AOimile from the hall, in winch vei'e taiu^led aouietlting 
like tlio olanj^ of rude wiostrelej, witli th^s upruar of 
iQjUjj small voicea and girlidti laugliteir* The door eud- 
dtfidy Bev open, &m\ a train isame troopiug iutu th(^ room, 
ihaX mi^ht almoet have boeu nustokcn for the breaking 
up of the court of Fairj, Thut lodefutlgable nplrii, Mjui- 
U^T Simon, in thu Uithfiil diii<^har>;f* of Lt» dntiL^a iis lord 
ol misrule, h ltd coiiceiyei thd idea of a Chmtmatj mum- 
mcr; or mofskiitg ; and b&ring f^nlled in to his nnsistAnce 
the Osomiiti and the young officer, wlio wem eqiiJiHy rip^ 
for any thing that ehoiild occasion romping an<l mcrri- 
menU they had carried it into instant effect Tho old 
hauHtikiieper hjid bo^n consulted; the antique dolho^- 
prcMsea and wanlrobes Tummiiged. and made to yji^ld up 
the rclicfi of finery that had not seen the light for HOvrrnU 
geuemtions; the yoniiger pnrt of the twrnpany hml Iwen 
privately convened from the parlor and ball, nnd tho 
whole had been bedizened out, into a burleaqno imita- 
tion of ail ^ititpje lEiatdh, * 

tlm«i ; and tbu wudn^tn's i^l hallv ntui niuuvr-huusvi wltc oft-u latil 


MMttr Simon M tho T«a, as ''Andeitt Oinetmaat" 
qoaintlj appAnUcd io a mff, a abort ckxAk. vliioh hud 
vary loiicfa ike aspect of one of lite oM buii»f1br«peT*H 
peiticoaU, utd a h&t that might bave MMred lor a tillage 
•te^plo, &ai] icuuit ioidabitably hare figoruil in the 1I&73 of 
tbo CoTifimnterH. From luiilcr this his none carved bold- 
Ij forUi, ^uHbi>4.1 with a fnwt'ltitten lilofim, tluit Eieeiued 
tbo very Lrof^hy oi a DocombAr blot^t He wa« acccnn- 
pa&i^ bj tho blae-Gjed romp, dialled up as "Dame 
Minc0 l^ie," in thc^ T?ii«*rAli](r magnifici^Drp of n fnHeil bro- 
cade, long stomacher, peaked hat, and hif^b-h^el^ shoea- 
Tlte youDff officer appealed as Bobm Hood, id a spor^ 
lug drt'HM of Ketidal gi^*^'D, aiul a foraging i^ajf witli a gold 

Thu coatiuno, to be tmrCt did not bear toetimotinr to 
deep rrw-Jir«h, and thnnT wiu* rtti rv!dojjt eje to the pio- 
tnrewjnis natarnj to a jouug galhuit in the preaenoo of 
hia mifitreee. The fair Jaba hung on hie arm iii a pretty 
roalio lU^ati, aa " Maid MariaJL" The rest uf tJit? traiu 
had boon n)«taiaorphoaed la various ways; the girltv 
tmwKul up in tli« flnory of the aucicnt belka of the 
Brn<Nil>ri<lg« Unci, aiul th^ Minplingn bevrhiakrrod with 
burnt ooric, and grrtv<*ly clad In Im^ftd Jikirtji, hajigiiig 
skcVfTB, and f jlUbottomQd wig^, lo r<'pro«Cfiit tlie chunic- 
ter of Ikjoat De«^ Plmu Pudding, and other worthier 

fltvn^Ly Mitfifti Msit^f E*imcti to luvc Ukvii ib« idvA of bi> frum B«a 


Celebrated in ancient moskiiiga. The vhole was under 
tliB c^oLtrcl of the Ononijui, m Llie approprifttft character 
of Mismle; and I obfiQrved tUat he exeroieed rather a. 
inischievouB dway with Lis wand over the emallcr per- 
sonugeft of the jiii^e&id. 

The irruptian of this uiotley erewj with beat of drum, 
iiccordiug to ondent cnstom, was the f^otisuiutDation of 
laproar Aud merriment. Mni^ter SitDon covered himself 
with ghiiy bj the statelinpgs with which, rm AnctBot 
Chrietmtifi, ]>e walked a minuet with the peerbas, though 
giving, Dame Miuce Pie. It waa follovfed by a d&nod 
of all the fihuraoterfi, nhHr}i from itR medley of coMtuiireM, 
seemed oe thooj^h the old fitutUy portTJiite had skipped 
dnwTj from tlieir framea to join in the Bporfc. Diflerent 
ceutiirii^t^ were ij^iiriiig i\t cio^s bauds aud right and left; 
tho dark Hgofl wer« enhini; pircju^ttes and ri^ndoons ; and 
the days of (Jneen ISeaa'jtgging merrily down the middJe^ 
ihruu^Ii a line of eucceedin^ generations. 

The worthy equire contemplated the»e fantastic sports, 
and Uiib reaurroction of his old wardj'obot with t)io aim- 
pie relish of childiah delight. He atood chuckling; and 
rubbing hia ImmU, and B«?iircely hearing a word the pnr- 
aou aaid, notwithiktandin^ that the latter was diBCouratnp; 
moat anthenlically ou the ancient and stalely dance at 
thft Piutn, or pfmrnirk, fn^m whfcb he eouceived th» min* 
lukt to be d^riv^d,* For my part, I was in a couUnuol 


" Sir John Dankius. ainviiklDi; of thv daiitr i:a.\\ts\ (he l^wun, tnvni 



oxc)tcin<rnt from the Tftried H<»^iiea of whim and innoi 
gujrc^ty |jiii«*r»g lir/ort' iiti-. IL whh inHpinng to see wiJil-', 
djod frulie »tid wrirm'be&Ttird hosjiitulitj^ brtMikliig out 
from among the cbitls Jitid gJooms of wuiter^ and old o^ 
tfamw JUg oH }iii« fL|>Ailj^-, ATiil catdiing once more tli9 
fniBhnPHH f^f yiiutlifii) oojc^io^Dt. I felt aUo an intfrr^st 
in tbo fioone. from tho coDBiderstJoD that thoso tlooting 
cuatoma were jwsting fast into oblivioiu and tbat this woa, 
perhaps, the only fnmily in Knglancl in which the whold 
of them wa« still puoctilionaly ohsoned. Tliepo vrm 
A qunititii^M^t, too, miiiKlod with all this revelij, that gnra 
it » fn'CuliHT su-nt: it wun nmtt^d Lo Uit^ time lutd pluw; 
and A» ilic old mjinor-lioUttA jUmoet reeled witli tnirth iiii<l 
woMoil, it seemed echoing back the joriality of long do* 

But enough of Christmas sind Us gambole ; it is time 
iot me to pause iu iJus garrulity* Metbinks I bear thd 
qiietitiumi u^kt-d by my graver reatb-rti, "To tvlmt pur- 
pose !■ all this— bow is tba world to be made wtBer by 

dbodiiff U (tnchinlly irA» by gonlti^mAn <trMu<l wtlh capi oml ivordi, by 
thuic of tlw It^nn lobd In thn^r g'i>i^N hy llir ic^m in thftit intfiUr*. anj 
tj tbi- hilled in ^)wn» vtah Ictitg trriJii«. llif iimilun ^vh4'lViJf, tik lUnt-Inf* 
iwiTiblirrf Mm: irfji |»H|i.'™^k." — Wiirfw;^ 0/ Mukic. 

■ At 1h^' tini*^ c)] Ihr But publication «l fhi» ibpcTh Mja piftur* pf t)t 
oLJ-fiiakiuijini Clirittuiu 111 llip cuuEilry van |iri>iiuuai-«l ty wiiii- tut uut tit 
dfttit Tlii- ntJtimr liml 4ltrr»iird» on oppoffuntty of wllnwainu M\mt»X tU 
thv pURfttiiiH jilinvt i^HcHbrd. ciMin^ in irncipcotc4 vij-or in tho ikirit of 
I>Fili7«hJrr 4nd YoikBhir?. f*tj|-r^ 1iv thl'ac^ llrr CiLrialmu htJiddTs- The 
nador Hill Dni kudc luHiro of ihtm m Uiu auUv>r'e Bfvnunt ol Jm tc^Joum 
■I NewtflrJiil Abbt J. 



this iiilk?" Alttii! is there ii»t wisilom enough evbiiii 
for the instruetion oi the world? ,\jid if not, are there 
not thcuBODds of abler pens Inboring fur its imprcve- 
ment? — lb l& so mucli fjleosauter to please than to iii- 
stmct — to play the compjiTtion rather than the jiret^ptor, 
What, aftor silf is the mit^ of wisdom tLiit I could 
throw into the masa of knowledge ; or how am I ^tue 
that my sagest d^ilnctions may be siife guides for the 
opinions of others? Bat in writinfj; to amnsd, if I fad, 
thr only evil is in my own diBAppointintiii If, however, 
I vjm by any lucky irhance, in these days i>f cyiI, mb out 
one wrinklo from tho brow of oar*>, or bcguilo the heavy 
beart of one moment of Borrow ; if I can now and then 
penetrate throi]>;h the f^atherin^ fltm of misimthropy, 
prompt a benevolent view of human nature, And make 
my reader more in good liiimor with iua follow beings 
and hlmaelf, surely, aiirely, 1 fihall uot then bavo written 
entirely in vaiiL 


AM ftonMirhAt o( an ftotii^mtj 1iimt«r, anil am 
fitifl <ff ftzplnring I^nulna in qEirtit of ihc rrlioi 
of fil<1 tinuw. Thmw w pnncipKllj U> bo ftmoil 
In \ht* floptlii of tho nl>, Hwftlli>w<Ml up iu)d alioofit loet 
In A wililf^iiittHH of brick tuai morUr; but deriTing poeti- 
ftftl nti^l roinftntio int'iruftt fmoi th« ciiiinmoti|>Iiici> jiroiwic 
Wf^rlrl HTouiid thouL I iriw struck with ati imetiuioo of 
tlio itSitd ill iUn c<t\u%a oi a recent aatnmcrr ramble into 
tlin I'itt ; r>r i\m <*ity Is iiuly to ht^ ifKjiltJrt^d lo lulvunUwo 
In Htiiumnr tUuu, w1i«)ii fmo from t1i« Bicnkn nnd fog, and 
ruin mid inii<l of w£[it«r, I had boen buffeting for some 
llini^ agiiitiMl tbo inirrviiit (if popiil&tion setting throtigh 
lfl»«FtMitr»*nL Th** wann wunth^r bad nnstruni^ mvnerveB, 
aod mjulo mo notiAittTQ bi owr)^ jar aud jastl>^ and dia- 
ttinlajit aonod. l^ie Uctdi waa vf^arr. the spirit fauit. 
amt 1 ««« |t»ttliiK out of liunior widi the bnfltlirig basy 
Ihfniiir tll^)Hrth which t hod to atrui^lo, wh«& in a fit ol 


Loyootf AyriqvxH. 


I topo iny v»y throaffli flio crow^, r>lTtn|(6<i 
into a by Wte, acd ftftor p&aaii^ Uiroutjli ftcvofol uliocun 
nooks aad anglw, «iDci:g»d inio » 4ttJLi»t acvJ <|niot amti 
whli A graoiplot io tbe cestro, overhung by oIjd^ sad 
kept perpetuall}' freah &tid K^^eu bjr a fouuUixi witli tia 
BpnrLlui^ jet of M&Ufr A Mladuut »itL b'j'jk iii LiUid ««« 
«eflited ou a elocte beueb, partly reihdin^ partly lueditAt- 
tag on tbe moremeul* of two or iLre« triio uumery mAi<W 

I WM Eke an Aivfa^ ir]u> kad •ndd^al^ oome upon ab 
OMft unid the paotiog eteriiitj of Ibc dt^tt-^rt 15/ d&- 
giw tbe qoiei and eoolii««i of tb? pUoo Mootbnd mjr 
mms and t^freched my ^irit J potvued ay valk, uod 
catao, bard by, to a very a&cneut tiliapel, vith u low- 
lirowed BftxoD portal of niAHaive and riofa arcbit^ctuxe. 
T\i^ interior wfts carcntar and loftr, Aod lighted froia 
abo¥e- Aj^iuid wer» naoiiuuiieiitaJ toiub« of ao^ieut data, 
<«D vhiidi veie exkiudbd tbe taarbk i^Agiea oC varrioa 
Sa armoT. fiume bad tbe baiidb tlevuuUy ercMwed upou 
Ibe breavt ; cAbera ^raapvd tbe pounbel of tbe HWord, 
iBonaeing boatility trfvax id Ibe tombl-^wbilc tbo oroaa^d 
loeB cJ aererul iudicalrd noldiirra of tbe Faitb vbo bad 
lieev on cruandeti 1o tbv Holv I^imL 

I waa, in fact, b tb« t;bapcl of tbe KniKbU Ti^ajplaja, 
olnaeoiT attooled ia tbe ymj ecntn of aordid ttaffic ; 
ajid I do not kuov « wutp iiujmsMivr Immmju fur tb«* laao 

tba wodd tbao tlioB Moddeolr to tarn aaidc &om tba 
\J of bn^y Dkoaey-ttcduiif; liic, and ait down aoioi^ 




"V*; *"'*•. m rst mad 

-- ' --*~i^ Twr-liiiu ■ '» ■ ■jmii— 1 1 
t* -•- --^ ■- - - ■■ . ihi f 

I «^*d Bndf 



tints froiu panes of coltir^d f^laMa; wliila ftii op^n c,t\M^ 
meat let m the ecft summer air. Here, leaning my head 
on my hand, and my arm on an old oikkeo table, i in- 
dulged iu a sort of Teverie about what lui^bt \ui\e boea 
the ancient n^i^s nf tlnti ei]iilt«. It hml evidently >jeen of 
narinastic ori|;iii; perliaprt oue of tUofte ooUegiate oatoV 
lishmoDte bailt of yore for the promotion of learrLiug, 
There thE> pntiprit monk, in the Aia|)le solitude of Uie 
oloiater, adde<l pa^ to pa^^e and volume to volume, emu- 
lating in tiio productions of hie brain the tDii.gmtLKie of 
the pile he inhabited 

Am I Wfts sctated in this mnsin^ idooi), il smaJl panelled 
door in an arch at the apper eud of the hall woa opened, 
and ft number of gru-y-hemlRd old men, Mml in long bU^k 
cloabti, came forth one by one; proceeding in that man- 
ner through the hall, without uttering a word, each turn- 
inj^ a pale face ou me as he pftHBed. and dUa^jpcaria^ 
through a door at the lower end. 

I was singuhu'ly Btrnch with th<^ir appearance; their 
l^ack rloakj^ and antiquated uir coiDport^d with the style 
of thi?) most venerable and mysterions pile. It wan na if 
the ^(hosta of tlie departed years, about which I hjul b<toD 
ma'iing, were passing in reyiew before mc, Plcafling ray- 
self with auch fnuri^a, I aet out, in the spirit of rom»nca, 
to explore wliat I pictured to tnyeelf a realm of abadowa, 
63tiating in the very centre of anbetautial realities. 
I My raiidile l4*d imh thr'Hi^li a hdivrintb of interior 

^^flouxbi, and corridora, and dilapidated oloiatert, lor th© 

C . i 


re£ smarMoos£. 

MUD ^difim had mv>7 addilkMi ttd depCAdflBMi^ boIB 

ft aoiuber uf Ii0ji» wbo uvidienUj Lelnti^ni U> tlvf ««iab- 
UthneBl, w«i« u tL«ir sports; boteittyvlMn I obiervod 
UuMa ayMmoQs old gr^y xat^a in black auntlaa, fton^* 
timfn sftUDterinfc ftki&fr, aoiDCtisMs oaarcmBg in ipx m pg; 
tiiej api^vAred to be Uift perr«diDg g^ui of Uie placni I 
iiov colled to mind vL^t I biwi read of c«rtain ooUoges im 
old tiiDc«, wh«r» jndici*! aAtrologj. gtoMOMoey^ noenrnKm^ 
^t and otlwr forbiddMi and tsagbcft] «c»eiiiOP« vera tanght. 
Wm tbifl iA ostabUtbiDOOt of tbo kiihd, «Dd vere tbM» 
bUdc*cloftkM] old cadD reoUjr profosftof^ of tho bUck art ? 

Thfloe rarmis^a vere padsing tbron^h mjr mind us my 
•je gUocod tDto a cliambcrr, butkf; ronod vitb oil kinda at 
ittnuign and tiDConth objects ; imploiDcata of savige wir- 
(luxi ; AtniDge idoln And etnfled alligfttorv; bottled niv 
p«gto ud monsteTS decmated the mantelpiece; vbile 
on the biich tenter of an otd-^bioD«4 bodstefvd gruuwd 
a buiDJUi hLuI!, JluikKd ou eiicb nhh^ hy » dried eat^ 

I iL|>prcfAclii^d ti) nj^ard more narrowlj tiiia EOj'slle 
cbauifM^Tt which Hocmod a fittmg liblK^rutorj for a nt-oro- 
niAiLofir. vhvu T Wiw iitartlcd a-t IxiilinMiiig a iiuman mun- 
toiuuioo Hljirir^ at mo from a ilnnky (»riL^r. It was that 
of a amalK HhnvoU<>d old ninn, with thin cbooks briglit 
ejoa, anJ giajr wiry prnjnctuig ejebrowA I at first 
donbtod whether it wore uot m mnmmj curioaaly px^ 
nerved, tint it TnovfMl, and Tiiaw that it was alive. It 
irwi uuotlier of thoj^n bbbck-doaki^l oLl men, and, ad I 

TOganlod hut qoalDt phyBlognomy, hifi obsoleto p^arb, 
and iiie hideous aad suuster objtfota bj whic^h ho voa 
sTirronnded, I bet^&u to pensim^le ptysfilf tliat T \\w\ 
«oaie upoti tho arch mago, wJio ruled ovor tbU ni/:tgicnl 

Seeing me puuBtiig before tb« door, be roae nud invited 
me tn enter. I obeyed, witb «Uigula.r bnnlihood, for how 
did I know whether a wave of his wand might not motar^ 
morphose me into some strange monster, or conjure me 
uit-o on© of the bottles <m hiK mantelpietTe ? He proved., 
however, to be an^ thin^ but a conjurer, and his simplo 
garruULy soon dispelled all the magic and mystery with 
which T bjul enveloped this antiquated pile and itH no 
loE>s antiquuted inhabitantB, 

It appeared tliat 1 bad made my way into the ooDtro of 
an ancieut asyliun Fur superannuated tradesmen nnd di^> 
cayed housebohleri;, with whiob waa connecbsd a uchoot 
lor a liBoitod number of boys, ll was foundc^l iipwnrds 
of two centuries einc^ on an old monastic establLsbiuont, 
and retained somewhat of the conventual atr aud charac- 
ter. The Bhadowy line of old men in black mantles who 
had passed befure me in tLe hall, and whom I lind nh-- 
vated intri icagi, turned out to be the peniiionerb mturn- 
ing from morning sorriue in the ohapeL 

John Hallum, the little collector of curiosities, whom I 
had mwle the arch mugliriHi], ba<] boi*n for ¥\\ yi*nrx a 
resident of the place, and had decorated thi« final ncJtt* 
place of faia old age witb relied and ruritios picked up 

tg cOd 

-Vkufal hftwfliw bc^tdUa tiH vwaer m «dW w 

fau adad tfi ICU, on thm luaui^ of w mmmmI w m van t , 

iii» tt«l OS foot br itwimdBflJ ■mmJiiMii ■ uid 
op vflii 1^ qMolMw ud igaa lig - of nnnt 

n— tti|d^7 liriAaii dnwii bmo, ^w k* w ssmi 
>nv ptnriUMl, is Uwir nlil s^. with fond, ol 
&u4- «nd fc T^^v^T aUowi^ far initute w|»iniiWB 



dlnif together as. did IIib moiilcs of old, in tlio ball wliloH 
hftd b«CD Uio r^fi^etory of Uio urlf^ma] c-<^tivcni Attauliod 
to the cstnbli^thoient in ti sdiool for forty-four boya^ 

8t<>W| wboH^ work I hare catisxihvd on the siilgpct, 
gp^akiog of the obligations of the gniy-headed pODsion- 
ors. says, *'Thej aw not to int«rmoddie with any buiiU 
iif«H touchiiL^; th«t ftfTairH i>f the liuHpitjbl, but to att<^ml 
only to the a^rvicc of God, and take thankfully what ia 
proTidcd for theut, without mutteh&g, munnariug, or 
^udgmg. Nona to wear weapon, long hairr cuhirud 
bf?ot>), flf)ur« or colorad eho^s, feathers in their hats, or 
any mflxan-lika or unaoemly apparel, but such aa be- 
t'-ouies hi^HpiUd nu^ii tu weur," *^A.jid iii truth/' wldx 
Stow, " happy ard thuy that are bo taken from tho cnrca 
and tiomiwa of the workl, and tixed in so g;ood a place as 
tLefip old tnt'ii ftni i hiiving nothing to wire for, bjtt tha 
good o( their uoula, to Serve God and to live in brotherly 


Tor th* aiDTiaem&nt of suoh ae bav© Iwpti iT(f.pri*fltod l)y 
the pr<!cediug sketch, lakoE down from my own obBerva- 
tioj), Aud who luay wl^h to know a little more about tho 
mjoterieg of London, T anbjom a modicum of locid hift» 
tory. put into my hands by an odd-looking old ^ntlnnnin 
in n small brown wi}> and a siiuff*colored coat, with whom 
I became acquainted shortly aft^r ray vinit lo the Charter 
fiouso. I <}onfeaa I was a littld dubions at first, whathfrr 
it was not one of these apocryphal tolea often pasaod off 


Wlut I vHU li aort tnw ■ « « « I b»e « vt)ol« bdoUo M oiWi lying bj 
Bo«t>atl>*onLJ tnftntarcturllj wlUiWir. 

N Uio centre of the ^^^t city of Loodon Uch » 
rtmoll neiKliborhood. consifiting of a cluster cE 
iirtJTOW streoU aud courls, of Yciy vi^ueruMtt 
and debilitated bonnes, uliicli gooa by tbu name of Lnv 
UK Bbitadc. OhriAt Church tSuliool and 8t BarUioIo- 
mew'tt HimpiUd Ix^uiid it ou tlie wedt; BmitKfi^ild Mid 
Long Lnue on the north ; Aldorsgate S1re<3t, like an nnn 
v( Uio soft, dividoe it from U\g L>ii^^ni piLrt of the o^ity; 
wbUflt tLo }'QwidLg gulf of Bnli-aDd -Mouth -Street scpft- 
roteB it fmm Bittrlior L&ne, and tti« refponK of Newgate 
Over thit; IttUe territoTTr thus bounded and doai^atod, 
the great dome of tit l^ani's. awetlini^ above tlie iutorven- 
iog liouFWA uf Patfimoster Itow, Ameir Coniei', aud Avr» Mft* 
ria L&n^, looks down villi an air of uaotherty protootiotL 
This quarter derives itfi appellatioti from LayIuk IxfOu, 
hx aucient tim^n, the residence of tlie DiiKt^ii of BrUbuiy^ 
As London increased, however, x&uk and fai^liion rol]i>d 
off to the west, and trado oreeptn^ ou at tl:eir hoels, took 
posseraoa of their deserted abodi?s. For some time Lit' 






'!!:■ t-f Lj^jv "'j***^ . ^-^f 4^ 




In ilim mo^t r<3iirriili]n and Hl{«lt«r<^jl liUle no^t have 
X pa«Aoil Mn'i^rjhl [jtiiot ir<*iirA of «ii»t«ac^ comfort&bljr 
Iwiged in the Mcond tioor of ono of tho &m&ileet but old- 
e&t edifices. Mj fiifcting-rocim ia an old w^imuok-d diaiu- 
lj«r. with smatl panels, And set off with a luiBceUaneoofi 
ftrtaj of foraitore. I havo a partictUiu- roBp&ot for three 
or £oiir hif^h-Wked clan-footed diairb, c<>v<?rcd vhttli btr^ 
nit^ad bronuie, whicU War dit» niHrLs of having itcon l^^tt- 
tor dajM) and huvo dou1>tLo«it fif^ur^d in Eome of tho old 
palaoaB of Little BritaiD. They ii(>6m to me to keep to- 
th^r, to look ilitwii with sovereign eontempt upon 

ir leatbom-bottomGd nQighbors; as I have tiQt?ii de- 
gontiy CATTT a high head tunong U^o plol>eian »o- 
cietj with which thej were redn(<ed to usociat^^ The 
wfaol« &oDt of mj ciltin^-room is taken up with a bow 
window ; on fh(^ panels of which are rocordod the njunes 
of |>revioua occnpauta for mAJij' g^ikErattoiiH, mingled 
with acmpe of very indifferent pentlemau-Likd poetiy, 
vntten in characters which 1 cau ftcarcely decipher, and 
whirh t^xUA ilu! charriiH uf niHiiv ji bnauty i>f LiHIh flril* 
aiu, who haH long, lon;^ amc<T bluoiued. fad^-d, and puHHud 
irwaj. Ah I am an idle pf^i^onage, witli n<) npj^iircnt o<!cii* 

ion, Hud pay my hill mgnlnrly every wrck, I am I'.Hjked 
'%pon OM the only ind<»petident f^Titl**iimn of thr> ni.'ighli(iT- 
lood; and, hoinf^ curious to Learn thr ititt^nial state of a 
conkmunity so apparently shut up within itiwlf* I havo 
itiann^td Ut work my way into all tlie eonuema and se^ 
orot« of tho plaoa. 



irtM'MW nwffr Jriifw. «fed port «>l ■fcaii^ 
lp«Md« M Ik* /Alf im E^fttifc wttM; 
tog *>B*fa u i< *ib rtnl ii h fciiii - J M i 

liMl* Britain kM ito lo^ iHiligii U d^ 
wfcMfc to UMi il i ii im d rf e r tU ii^liii ol th> worid; 

Inoff viMfl ii UA\» I tiM l^oowi tkAt fltrilcA ths boon M 
Hi thmtUft* i*loflc: ih* MobmbmI; Ibe ham m tfae 
T'/VMrf 1 mhI lli<> w'XKliv fffauri* to OiiUhilL Thty itiD 
iMlUrn In ilmmmM mttd foftunft-toIUoK. ukd an oU in>aMa 
Ihfti llvM to nfill-uul-Uniitb Biraat Bakn ft to1«rshlf» 
«iilj«UUriM b^ (Int^'iinff MU'Un Koodii, tfid promistog tba 
ItlrU If'"*! liii*li(ir>'liiH Tboy ftr« Apt to bo rendered nn- 
ontnfirri^Uiit liy tviMwiim Mid vrlJpiMtt; uul if Ji dng liowls 
^ttMMy (it lllHll^ i^ ^ li>ok*<l opoD m a sara f&gn of & 
dnilb \n tiNi |jlu«. Tlioff) Are oTon mmnj gbost atonea 
<raiTnf}1, iMfliflutovly rxnuwniiujf Uieold inainwii<bo«sda; 

itrns BRtTAm, 


bi MVAnl of vHi^b it im taxid ntmngo sights ure Bom^ 
tunos ioon- Lordift adJ Laclice, tho fonnor in full-bov- 
Imnvd "wigBi haDging sloevce, and ewoTcUi the latter iia 
lappeta, atHTS, liDopn, an*\ hrocjule, have he^n seen wallc- 
inf; up and down tho )^at wasto chambdra» on moonlight 
nights : ftad are suppoaed to be tli6 akadeft of the ajicietit 
propnetrira in their lotirUrlrosKeSv 

LitUe Bntai^i has Uk^^u-iaa its eAf;&e and ^Qoi moiL 
Oni> of th<» moftt important of tho former is a tail, dry old 
genth^man, of thn name of Skijmo, who keeps a i«mn.ll 
ip04lLftGur^''a »hop. He has a oadaveioiis eouat4»muco, 
foil of «avi^j| And projocttoiu^ ; vith a hrown circle 
round each 4ij^, like a pair of horn fipectacletu Ha is 
much tbooght of by the oUl women, who coasidor him aa 
ft kiftd of conjurer, bocauae he hae t^vo or three stuffed 
idU^tom baitgia^ up iii hi» ahojt, and Rcveral simkcs In 
botth>M^ Ht- ia a great reiuli*r ut nlmftuuus and newa- 
pnpors, and ht much ^iv&n to y>ore over atarciuii^ ao- 
ooQ&ta of plot^ couspiTAcicK. fires, enrtliqnakea* and toI- 
caalc vmptioTiN ; wMch hwt pheoniDtitiB he t^mv^ide-T9 ns 
8i|*lk9 of the times. Ho has alwajs somo dismal tals o£ 
the kind to deal out to his cuatomera, with their dtwfts ; 
anil thiifl at Uic same time put^ both anul ami body b)to 
an Dproar. He ia a f^eat believer in omens and predlc* 
tionn: aijd haa the prophecies uf Bobert Nixon and 
Mother Shiptiia 1>7 hnarl. Nu mun run mflke so inunh 
ont of sm «ollpH<», or even an unusually dark clay ; and h« 
ahook tho tail of the loist comet over the heada of hia 

««» ibH taU lltfiir Uidt ta0Hfc«v «t»- 
dtrfttl ffcsli hfld alntttdv oeeoned. Tbt ^ood old kio^ 
iiii<iilhlliBilw||, iliii h0 kad lii«a ri^frf-t«ojMfs,k^ 

thmthtomimnrfti^wkm ted dud 
FnacSr b«d b««a nuudesed; then kad baeit ndical 
MMtiBfpi is all p«fto of Um ^^■fl'**'— ; the btoodr floeoe* 
•t M4iwl)««l«i'; Um great plot in C«lu StrMt ;--«»' 
abcra ^ Uia Qiia«a had ntnrDed bo fingland! A«a 


Iliev^ sinister events are r^oimted by Mr Skiym^, irith 
a mjffterioua look, Jiud a <lisiual abako of tUo hetA \ and 
Ixiiag taken witli bis drugs, rwd asaociated in tlie mindA of 
biK auditors with etufl'dd a»a-monbter«, tnttlfid aerpeota, 
and his own visage, wbiok ifl a titl^-page of tribulatioD, 
thej hare spr^ttd git-M gloom tbrongh tLe isinda cf tho 
beetle of Little DritaiiL Tbey sli&ke iLeir liefuLt wlivrn- 
erer tbej go bj- Bow Churi^b, &&d obeerv^i, that di^j 
s^TCT expected any good to como of taking down Utol 
at«Mijda, wbtcli in oli] tlntea told noUilng but glad tid- 
ings, aa the histoij of ^HuUiiigton and Ida Cat b«An 

The rival otacle of Little Britain la a sobfltantia] 
choiao moiBQir, wLo liv«s in a fragment of one of tbe old 
iaaOy naasiODs, and is aa ma^idfioently lodged aa » 
tomd-liellied mite in the midat of oue cd Ida o«u Cboab* 
irea. Indeed he is a man of no little etanding and im- 
portanoa ; and tiia rv^nova extenda thron;^ Hnf^^ Lane, 
and I^d Idoe, and ewn nnto Aldenaanboij. Hia opin- 
ion is TL'iT much tak^n in affaira of atata, bating nttd tlia 
SoBdaj papvtra for the Uat balf Mntorr, togctbvr wttb 
fte Geaitleinan'a Magazine, Ea^'a Hutory of Rttgtaifcd. 
and fbv Kavvl Cbrooicle, Hia baad ia stored with iuTml- 
vabla BUOCtBia whiah fcave bone tbe te«t of time and use 
tor centmiea. Itiahia fizm optnka tint ''It is a moral 
tmpMtbfe,*' ao lonft aa Krtj;1arMi ia true to bei^eU. tlial 
ntf tUag eaa Aalw ber : ani3 he Laa mneb to aaycn the 
aotijofll ol ttkS "*^'^*' debt ; vbicK aomoiww or otbo. 


fampw io IbLt fak^ikMHiro nd mm A 
ill luu^na 

OoCM Md Cnlrnia, Bt FjaTs CfcvA-Tvl HiiCMdfy 

b>ff » Imi Trrr af|yMi lor lilm to ttoikr &a gti—Jitian lo 

IbnfAt*, bol li« baa g»sl doobt* cif tl>o«» 

tfa9 0Ummbo§tm,miimimtA thaki Uwrff loo 

fa Ufa to —JftiU w« m}%^m 

liltfe IMUjh kas occ— ioialljr tte fartioaft i»d diri- 
MAOA, ftod partj Binrit n& very lii^ at 090 
•at^flttBoe oC Iwo rival " Boruj Bocjeti^^a** Wing ael ^ i% j 
Hm pfaaa. Otii» b^kl ila mwtiii^ at tha Swan and Hotao 
Bkot, aad vaa ^iUnmixod hy tha ctimaMniigir: tW 
ottiar at Iba Cock aod Crown, ubdcr t&a aoapioca of tba 
apnthacsij : it Sa nonHiOM tn aaf that the latt«r va« th«] 
nuMil iotniAUtf^ I havo paaaed ao «Teiuae or two 
Mfibf aud haTA aioqaifvtd mach taluatde inlomattoo;. aa^ 
(o the Iwal nMHla ijf iM^inj^ baHa?d, Uu* Guui|)v%tive uerila 
of choreh-jajJa, togatber vtth diven hinta oa the aiib- 

LITTLE BmvAm. $47 

jeot of pnt^nt-irou oo£&aB. I liitv(^ board tto qucrttioa 
discussed m all its bearings oa to tlie legality of prolub* 
itlug tlie ktf4^r (la &0(!ouut of tLeir durability. Thii fencla 
occaBJDiKid hy those Booieties Ikito buppUy diod of lato; 
but tbej nerd for a long time prevailing themes of coq- 
troversy, the people of Little Britain being eitremQiy 
soUcitcus of fuDereol honors and of lying comfortably iik 
thftir graves. 

Besides iheed two funeral sticietieA there te a third tA 
quite a dlfferout caet, which tends to throw th& auuahiue 
of good- hum or over the whole neighborhood. It meets 
once a w^r?k at a little r^M-fa^iioiied house, Vept by a 
jolly publican of the name of Wagatafi^ and bearing for 
iuaifpua a roapIeDdent half-moon, with a most Bcductivo 
buuah of gra]ioB, The old edifice La coTered with insciip- 
ti^ins to ciiteh the eye of the thirsty wayfarer; eucli as 
**Truraaa, Hujibury, and Co.'s EatJro," "Wine, Rum, luid 
Brandy Vaults," ''Old Tom. Bwm and Compounds, etc" 
Tltifl indeed ba« lieen a temple of Bnct^hus and Momas 
from time immemoriJil- It hae always Iwcn in the family 
of the Wa^AtafTs ao tliat its history is tolerably pro- 
served by tlip present lunJlord- It wan iini«h frequented 
by the giiUantd and ouvolieroB of the rei^ of Elixabctli, 
and voe looked into now and then by tlie wits of Gbarlc« 
the 5eixind*»t day> Bui wbttt WagutniT print^ipidly pnde*« 
himself apoD ifi, that Henry the Eighth, in one of h\n 
noclumai ramblea, broke the he&d of one of liia ancoetcrs 
viUi bid fauioua walking-ataH This boweTar la oonaKl- 


S46 ^^' 6KKTCH-B0OS. 

ercd AA »t1ior & dabioas uwl Toioglonoiu bo^at of Ibd 

Tbo club vhich nov holdii its w^eklj aMsioBS h«re 
KMS bjr tlif> Q&oio of "Tbc iUKU-mg Lads ol liUlo Biil- 
bbi.'* Tbej abonnil in old cjit^rben, gWfl, and climco 
iUiiieUt that are traditional in thB pla^-@, and Dot to b« 
net with in aoj othci part of iho mi^tropoliB. Thcro ia 
A mnil-cap undertaker ivho ia mimitable at a merrj aoug; 
but thn lifo of tlie clnlj, and inde^ the prime mt of Lit* 
tii3 lintoiik, U bulky Wof^taff bim&i^lL Hia aneeaton 
Wttro all vAg;a brforo him, aud h« ban inbi^rit^d with tho 
inn a Urge i^XncV of wnngit nnil joki^A, wbich go with it 
from gouoration to ^nerfttion as b^^ir-looms. Uo ta ft 
dappor littlo fellow, wiUi bandy legs and pot beliy, a red 
faot-, witli A nkoint merry pye, and a liltle alioclc of f^nij 
luur bcilijnd At the opemni^ of every clqb uif^bt bo ia 
ctUlftd in to niiig bin " Oritjf^anion of Faitb/* which ia tho 
fiimouit oM drinkitt^ trtml from Onnminr OuHrim'a Nt»e- 
dle. Ho Aing't it, to b<) ttur<i, with many vjirintions, as hd 
raoaiTed it from bin fithcr'ji tipe ; for it baa I>oi^q a stand- 
ing fATorit4ii At tbe IlAlf-Aloon and Btuicli of Orapea aver 
ainofl it woa written ; na^, be afOrma that bis pr^decea- 
Rora bavo often bad the honor of Hingtus it befoiti the 
nobility atid i^mitry ui ChrlMtnijut muiotuarieap ^beu Lit- 
ilo Bntiiin vafl in nil ibt glorj.* 

* Aj* tiilno hAVt nf lJi« n4i1f')i<xm'« Oonfonlpn of Fallh mnr not 1m 
fiunUukr to Iho luftjcritj ltF nwlvtx viJ u« it » rt vjwuiirEi uf the uamnt 
iOCgi<'f Littln BrttaLA, 1 aarrjoiii it in lt«orifflh«l ortbt^-iupliy, I touU 



It woulil do one's heart good to hear, on a club night* 

the ahouta of merriment, the snatches of song, and now 
fknd th^D thu chorul bnr»;ts of hn\t n. do£en discordjuii 

(tlHTirrp. rhnl the ttLule i-tuli idwH]^ juTn in Ihn ottonis svtLli ft rairfu] 

I Annnot Qfttd but lytUi mnoU, 
Mi^ Bt-pinncki3 ia tint. B^Xril, 

Btit surf I tlutikii timr I (^LTi flrinka 

Wilh him Lljitl wciirus il hood. 
Though J fjo bore, Ultp je no coTo, 

1 iKTttlJEl^ Um IL LTlldl<. 

I ituS inv «J()ii Fo fiiEl within. 
Of p\j fifiod iilf ami nWc, 

But bully, Owl flDnrl lh«> g<>od nlu ynoufibo 
WlHiblmr lI ba iiiiw or oido* 

1 ha7o no nst, but & nut bmviu to«t<s 

And ■ vith tnii] in iJi*^ ivrc ; 
A llttlA bnuKlA bhall iln uia stmulfl. 

Much bTAAdii J not (iviynt. 

Can biirlv iuri\ if I whiIeIl-. 
1 itn •" vmj't Hid thiviwly 
Of joly pjcd nlc und aldr. 
Chorita. Baeko and tjdt gii Ukiv. go bare, etc 

And Tyb 1117 wiic. thntn 04 hor lj£o, 
Lov'Wh wull eojHl Hlif Ijjw'i'kn, 

The l«nn^ nm ilrj^rim lirt {'h«]hi:. 

Thru litJth »ho Iroxvli? Ia> uk^ ihn UivIb, 

F'Vhh lU H rmitilr-worniP i^lir^liljt, 
And fl^iyth, bwpHp Iiarto, I tooltp "ly pnrta 
Of this jdj u<-^^ ilIl' Aiid ulilr?. 
CAon^l Bodca bud a^ do go bart, go btiro, vtc. 


voices, which iasuie from this jovial masaion. At aadi 
iimeH tlie »tre«t i« liix^l iriLb Ut«teiL«rK who enjuy » de* 
liglit eqttiU to tlijit of giuhig iiito a cosfeotioiier's win- 
dow, or ftituffibg up tLe 6t4^ams of a cook-shop. 

TL^ro are two annual events wliici: prodacct gr^nt stir 
and seDfi&tion in Little Britain ', tliese are SL Bnitholo- 
mow'8 fair, and tlio I^nl Uayor'g day. I>urmff tho tiino 
of the fair, which is held in the itdjoining legioua of 
Bmithfleld, there is nolbin^ g^^Tig oQ ^^'^ goasiping and 
padding ahont The late quiet eti^eta of Little Britais 
Are oTorrnn with an iriiipttou of atrangc figures and faooa; 
vw.Tj tnvjtm \A tt iu*(^ne of roiU jmd T^\i^\. Tli^ fiddlft ftod 
the )U>Eig arc; heard froca the tap-room, morning, noon, 
and night ; and ivt each window may be seen some group 
of Vioon com|>aiiii>n4, with half -shut eyes, hats on one aule> 
pipe in luooth, and tankard in hand, fondling, and pros- 
iijg, and eiDging maudlin aopga over th«ir liqnor. Even 
tho enlier decorum of pnv^ibt &imili«A, which I mnet sajr 
IB rigidly kept np at other tini^d among my neif^hboia^ is 
no proof a^aiiifat thia t^attuiiatin. There is no snob thing 
aa keeping maidniervauUi within tloora. Their braioe are 

Now t«t Ihtrti itrrnli'. ly!l tJic>y nod uid vlnko. 

They ihaU not mr^c to hATr tlo bLbar, 

Qumt aiL< (lutli tiririK mm lo : 
Anil all poTiRi muW Thai tiuYr^ kovpr) itowlMt 

Or hflvo thorn lutlilr irrJde- 
Gcd ?(aT( ihii lyvi'ji <>f Uicm 4111I titcir viToSb 

WhplJirrlhvy I* yrnige of ftMe. 
CAtfrvi. Bocko And Ayilo (o bars, go burv^ oto. 


abwolately set madding with Punc!li and the Puppet Show; 
tho Jfl3'ing Horses ; Si^iuor Polito ; the Ftre-Enteri the 
cekbratoLil Mr- Panp; OBtl the Iriali Gianfc- The childreE 
too iavish nil their holiday money in toys ii.rul gilt gin- 
f^rbroad, and ELI tbo Itouso with t)io LoUiputian din of 
diuma, trumpets , itiid penny whiatles. 

But llie Luril Ma/Lir'n day is tlie gr&at anitiverAOLfy. 
Tbo Lord Mayor ia looked up to by th^ iuhabitnnts of 
Little Britain aa the greutent potentate upon e^h ; hU 
^ilt t! with six horaes as the eiimmit of hutuHD 
fiplendoi ; and Iiia procession, with all tb<^ SheriiFit and 
Aldermen in liis tiain, as the gTaudcat of earthly pt^- 
t^aDtji. How they eiuU iu thp iileA, that i\\^ l^ing hiiu- 
eelf dare not enter the city, without first knookinfi; at 
tb«f gate of Texuple Bar, atid asking pormisaion of the 
Lon] Mayor: for if h© dlil, heayan arul earth ! there is no 
Icnowinj^ what mi^cht bo the co use quince. The man in 
nrmor who rldee before the Lord Mayor, and is tlJC oitj 
cLampton, has orders to cut down every botly that ofiends 
f^iLinst the dignity of the elty ; and th^n thert* is the lit- 
tle mda\ with a velvet porringer on his bead, who sits at 
the window of the state coach, and holds the city sword, 
ivh long a^ a pike'StafT — Odd's blood! If he once draws 
that Bword, Majesty itself is not safe ! 

Under tho protection of this mighty potentate, there- 
fore, the K^^od people of Little Dritain sleep in peace. 
Temple Bjlt is an eflHetual barrier against all interior 
foes ; and cia to foreigu ijivaaion> the Lord Mayor bfui bat 

hnm nMf with fpnrU^Q, pmwi «iih » 

Adl 'wl vfiMpt «ki <nai4iaM* had » pvni old Eo^ 

ftfrr^i rtrm* aay i««n'« hiisrt flrwvf to ot« tlw JTMn^HMf 
tVM l^rfA pl*f>A 1i«r<f «• ir« lMMi|a«lid ott the pau aadttr 

UTTIS BRlTAm. 853 

tlid trees. How we made the wodg linff with borate of 
lau^t&i &t the eongB of little Wog6tfl.ff aud the coerry un- 
dertaker I After diijner, too^ the ^rouug folka would pUy 
ftt blind -mfin's-biiff a.nd hide-Atid-Beek ; and it va& amue- 
iuf!: to 800 tht^m tao^Iod amoQ^ tho bricra, and to hear a 
fine Touipin^ girl dow and thcu acjueak from among Uie 
buahes- The elder folka would ^atli^r round llie vlieeae-^ 
moiigur fuid the apotbeeary, to hear diem talk politics; 
for they general!}' brought out a newspaper in iiieir pock- 
iiU, Ui pass awny tiuie iu the cuuntry. They would nnw 
and then, to Iw sure, get a little warm in argunieiil i hut 
their diepntea were alwa^^a adjusted by referencio to a 
worthy old umbrella maker in a double cliiu, who, never 
eiaotly cam pie head in |{ the subject. maniLged fiomehow or 
otJior to deuicio in favtfr of both purtiea* 

All empires, howevtrr, HayB tK>m« phil^JBophet or hiftlo- 
rian, are doomed to changes and revolutiona. Luxury 
iind innovation creep in; faotion^ ariBo; and families 
non And then sprinj; up, nhof^e ambition and intrigues 
throw the whole sygt^nn into confusion. ThuR ui Ijitter 
days has tho trnnquiliity of Little Britain been griev- 
on^ly distoxbed, and its golden simplicity of manners 
threfLtiPHf^d ifith total siihTeraioo, by the aspiring family 
of a retired butcher. 

The family of the Lambs had long been among Iho 
most thriving and popular in the neighborhood: ihd 
Wiey Lambe were th^ belle§ of Little Britain, and every- 
body was pleaeed when Old Lamb Lad Diad« monoy 



flMMgb to AM op ifeopv Md pM bv vamm <m %. 
ptele OB hi* floor. la «o fvTiJ hoar, bo«»t«r* tma ot iha 
Ififli I^nb* had ths boaor of beiag & Lui^ ia aitaodaBca 

oo tli9 f^5 tfayorei, «t her gisvl anamL ball, <m 
whieh occasion she iroffv thrai» tow«nB|r oatnob ffiithffra 
on hf^ l}«ad. The Eaicil^ nam gM orar It; Ubvr wma 
baaifulijaelj flniitan with a paaainn for hi^ Uft»^ wt «p 
a dna-hem (<arHaf^, pat a bit of ^M Uaa eoand th» 
firrand \tftj't^ Iiat. and bata been the talk and ilrtciiHtinp 
of tha wIwiIa Dari^blM>rlii>o(l ifn^r .^tae^ Tliay conUI na 
k»|pr ba ilMla«Nd to pUj at P<»pa-Jnan nr bliitd-inaa'fr- 
iKdT; thej oottld oadtiro no flaoraa but <piailhitoa. wliich 
Bohndy b«i 0Vi?r be»d of in LitUa Britain; &ad thay 
took 1a raadiof^ nv>t«la. taild&ff bail Freoch. oad plajiai^ 
flprm ihff piaiK^ THoir brotber, t4>o, wbo had baan 
articlnl to ma aUofTMj, Mt ap for a dand^ aad a antics 
dnnctr'ni bitborto tmlroown in tfcaia parta : uxi hu eon- 
tonntif^A th«« worthy fnlka nxcMsdianly hy tillriny abovt 
K'^ao. llk^ op^rm Jind the Rdiabarith Baview, 

What WM( ntUI wnna, tb» Lamba f^m a jnand ball, to 
wbt^h U]«7 sof^aotad tf> mvita aay of their old iiietf;!b- 
bom; bnt Ihoy had a cer«atd«al of f^aiiet&l compaaj from 
ThaofiaM'a Road. Red-lion flqnare, and other parte tc^ 
wardu Iba «<wt There wera^Qvoiml bea«xof thairbrotl»> 
It's aer)nAiotan«>A frfm% Qrmy'Mi Inn Lano and Haitoa 
fMnlffO ; and n^it I^vm Uian ihmA Aldannen']* ladim with 
th*tr dnnjthtf^To. TKi« wu not to be forgotten or for* 
gitftiL All l^lUo Britain was in an aproar with thi» 


Amacklag of whips, Ihe lafiltlu^ of miM'ralvlH liorAea, aad 
the rattling and tho jin^^Ung of hneknoy ooaclieft. Tlid 
goaftipa of tlic noi^hborhoDcl might l>e aoen popping their 
nighUcajis [Hit at every virLi]t>Wf wittiihm^ the crnxy volii- 
cles mmlile by; nod there was u knot of virulout f>lil 
cronida, that k^pt a look-oiit from a boneo jnfit oppocito 
the rotiTcd butcih^^T's, and scfttmed and cnitidMKi OT017 
one that knnckprl nt th** door. 

This danco was a cause of almost op^n war, and thd 
whole n'^i^hborhood declared they would haTO Qothing 
more to oay Ui tliia LajubA, It is trno tliaL MrvL La.rub, 
when fthfi luul no ^ngaf^Qmeuts with her qui^^ ocquAUit- 
ttnon, would giv«t Uttle htimdram ten junketings to Korae of 
Lor old cir4inir«, "qultn," as gha wqiild s^y, '*in a friAndly 
way;" aod it m oqiinJIy tmo that ht>r mrilationH wore 
filwaye otic^ptdd, in spite of all prerious vows to tbo con- 
trary. Kay, the good ladies would sit and be delisted 
with the mnsdo of the Misa I^kmbs, who would oondf»- 
eoend to strum an Irinh indody for them <m thi> piano; 
and they would \\%Un with wond<>rfiil intoniMt to Mn. 
Ijamb'it aiitfiednti't^ r,f \ Icl^ruian Plunlcot'e family, of PorU 
0okonwardr ancl the ^li^s Timberlakes, the rich heiiovMO* 
of Cm tcfa<id -Friars ; but (heti tht?y reliered th(^ir coa* 
■eSurntK, itnd nrerted the reproached of th^ir ainfi'drr» 
%Ut%^ by CAATaeein^v at th& next f^oHsiping ccmvocailon 
OTCTy thin£; that \\7A paAs^d, and puUing tho Lamb« and 
their rout all tu jnnt^t^H. 

Th4 only one of tho family that cooltl not be mnda 



£ik«hioTiabl^ voa the rotirod butcher himself. Uooesl 
Lamb, in spite of the me^kiidaa oi bis dbjoa. was % roui;!^ 
hearty olil fellow, with the voice of a lion, & Lead of 
blAok hair like a ehoe bmsh, aud a brood face tcotUed 
like bid own beef. It wa>s in raia that the dfiu^hK^rv 
alwajrs spoke of hitii as " tlia old (^eutlrriuui/* ttddnwHf^^l 
him aa "papa/* to tones of iu^itg softneBB, uid oDdcar- 
ort^d to coax him mto a dressing-gown o&d alippcrs Aod 

other ^i^utlemaulj^ liabit^. Dti what they ruight» tbefe 

was no keeping down the butcher Hi9 utunly tuitnr^^H 
-would broak through all thoir gk>£ingB< He had a hoartf 
Tul^^ar f^otfll-humor that wtw trrt-|in?naibl«. Ui» very 
joki?s made his seuaitive daugbt^m shudder; and he pi>r- 
Qiated in wearing Lin blue cotton coat of a moruing, din 
in^' at two o*clook, and huving a "bit of nauDUge with 

He was doomed, how^vor, to share the nDpopnlftritj 
bifi fatijily. He foand liU old comrades gradually grow* 
ing cold and civil to him; no longer latigbiDg at 
johcu; aud now and tbc-u throwing out a filing at "soma 
peo|do/' Aiid a hJtd akiut " qiutllLy l>iuding»" Tids both 
)j«tt!ed and |»erplenpn3 the honewt bntcher; and hift wifo 
snd dnnghters, with the consummato poli^ij of the 
iflircwder ee^, taking advantage of the cirDumfttanoc* tA 
lun^'tli pri'Vitiled upfin him to givn up }iifl fLfteruivm^H pipV 
and tnnkurd at Wiig«t:k0*H ; to sit after (dinner by hims^l 
uid toko Uis pint of port — a liquor ho dotc«tod — snd to: 
^od in his cbnir in solitary and dismal gentility. I 




Miss Lumlia mi^Tit now bo Been flAunting along 
IBm ■tosels in French boQtii?tB, with utilkDowti benux ; aiuI 
t^trnig and laagLing «o loud that it disti^esecl tho Dcrvca 
of every goo'l lotly nitliio Imuring, They ovuu Wi^iit 
BO Iftc a& to attempt pjitroaa;^^, and actanJlr induced & 
FrQDch diuioing-niaftter tu set up m ibo Doj^borhood ; 
but tliii wortlty fuller of Little Britatu took Eire a.t it* jltkI 
did i^o persecute the poor Qaul, tliiit be n-aa fain to pack 
mp iiddte oni) cLmoitLg-piimps, and decamp with Buch 
pTt^ipibkticii, that ho ubfuihiLoly furgtit to i^j for bta 

1 bad flattered mjaelf, at firat, vritb tbe idf^a that all 
this fi«ry iiidi^iatiiiu oij tbn part of tlie [wjiiimunity waa 
merely tbe overflowing cf tbelr seal for good old English 
mivimors* UJid tJioir horror of imiovation ; itnd I applauddd 
tiia itiLej^t contempt tbny w«m so vo::ifefoiifl in cspreas- 
in^, ffir u])Kbirl pridf^ Frt^ucL fughioos, n&d the IbfiMii 
Lambe. lint i griovd to »ay that X soon perceived tho 
lafoctioii bail taken bold; aud that my uBi^hbors* after 
(Wiideinnirg, were hegiuning to follow tbeir p^umple. I 
overboard my landbidj importuning her husband to let 
their daagbtora have oiae quarter at Frencb aud muaic, 
ftnd tbat the^y might takti a few lesfioDft in quadrille, I 
OTOD ftiiw, in the cornea of a few Suudays, no Xc^m tlian 
fivo French bonnets. precUoly like tliose o( the Mift* 
TjARih*t, panulitig abonl Little Britiiin. 
ip I 8tU] bftd my bopoa thAt nil this folly would jj^^dually 
die away ; that the Livmbs might idoto out of the nri^h- 



kvn : ft&3 «li»m tiMtv an no fiwkiamlife CmtUM of re- 
lirwl tiiilwimiii Tlus foobd* I viJl. lik« » v^termii n^ 
biMtea V9^y b«&>» I have «ii old house «boat mjr •ub;, 
bid ft lou^ Ihoiigh A BOTTowfiit ■diea fco ny pteneaj 
sbodUK moJ 1mit» tho riv&l Eaodotu of tha L^Mibtt uid 
ihm Irotten to divide iJie ducnu^ted ompira oi Limx 


Forhnll'Th'tl ihtMurf li wh^i-hialJoir'aaitluiAd- 

Q 11 homebftH mail, who hu do spot on tbU wldu 
world vrliich be can trulv oall Uiii oirn, tbere i» 
n momejitary WlIiLg of ttoiueibiiJK like ifidir* 
]''^£iJ^uce and territ<jriiLl — >.t«>.| ■>■>-.— — hriT, aflffr i TTiafj 
day'9 travel, he kicks off liw iKtoto, Uirusto Iim fwrl uilo 
^ppon^ and stretches himself bcforo ad uin firt- . IjeI Uir 
vorld wiihoot (^ ha it ma^ : l«t iLiufCt^wa nn- <>r {all. iv^ 
loAff as bo bw the wherovrithikl to inay hilt bill i> l' i-'^ 
Ihe Limi} Ivcio;^ the rery muiiArch olall he ma-' 
aroa-chftir U bin lliraa«> th» polwr hi» nooptn:, mnU JIw 
Iktio pttHor, ftomo twclvo fe«t tqi 
pm. It in ft TQor^cl of oert&mfcf , 
of llw QOc»rt«]nt>efi of lif** ; it w- s 
big oil tJDdlr on a i^odj d»v : «cid 
Vft/ on the jii%iiin^n of 

flcnr r. 

«WrYniil and imMT t^. :<-.-., u«Ui telv 

■*>n-tfeB^ h««r lDMit;-«l«ii^; far it 





cf geniufli ^Kiah eeems to delight in hntohmg ite ofl- 
fiprlu^ iu by-cornerr^H The walls of its squalid cliambcTS 
are coTGted with n&TneA an*1 inscriptions id every lan- 
guagOt by pilgrimB of all nations, ranks, and conditiooB, 
from the princ4^ to the pooaant; ftud present fv simplo, 
1>ut striking inst^noe of the s^xiut&neoiiii And universal 
homaf^v of laankiud to the great poet of nature. 

The houao is »hown by el garrulous old Lady, in a frosty 
red face, lighted up by ft cold bhie itnsious ejo, and j^ar- 
nifihed with artili<.'ial locks of flaxen hiLir, curltrtg from 
Tinder an eicoe*tingly dirty cap. She was peotaluirly aa- 
siduons in exhibiting the relicH with which this, like oil 
Other celebrated shiines, abounds. There was the shat- 
tered stock of tiie very match-look with wliioh Shak- 
speare shot the deer, on his ^oaiihing exploits, Tliere, 
too, was his tobacco-lxjx ; wluoh proves that he was 
a rivnl smokt^r of Sir Walter Ualeigh : the Bwonl alno 
with which he played Hamlet ; nnd the lilentical lan- 
tern with whi<^h Fviar I^Jtnr'^nce (lis<x>Vftreil Bnicno iind 
Juliet at thd tomb ] There was an ample supply also 
of Bliakspeare's mulljeiry-tiee, which seems to have aa 
eitraon^liuary |>owem of Helf-fnu]ti|ihejition as tin' wihuI 
of the trae croas ; of ^rLich there is enough axtaut to 
build a ship of the lin& 

The uuBt f&Torite object of eurinsity, howevr*r, is 
Bbakspeare's obair. It stands in the ehimney nook of a 
Bmall gloomy dmmbtjr, jast behind what wne his fatbci'^ 
liiop. Here he may many a time have sat when u boy. 


T/fiS MTBTr/r-MOOM, 

W IHVbl^ t "f ••( H» *ifniilii|(, lUti^ning to the ooniea 

rlH ri( ntffilftitil^ iWUi^ (mtb chnreb-jurd l4l«^» atid 
i^tlM of Mil* IroiiblcBoiDe Uiikea of £b^ 
IntT'^ 4<f VTH iJiHir II U tUi» rruiLtom of enirj one Uiai 
HMtn tUik ^i^tHiA t*f Mil «li<a)fi'r thU Iv doM witii ih^ 
hH4¥ uf tH^UlM^v fbwjr M iht^ iiMi^irOioti of th^ htad I mm 

^v>0^' ^ VM. Um4. tlKMi«h bum of solid 




lucldlj, for mj fuitli, nhu |jul inii* my IihujU u (jIuj k/ titff 
own oompc/ftitiub, wliioli miI »Ji iikliui U* hvi Mj»i*4«t||*Mit- 

Wm^eht BM lu Ilk ifT^vn. lb IW Ufiu4 lu HtM i4tmmi 
9i the paritfb obmb, * Wif* Md Mumkb |rfi», mtfiltor 

catioodk irtMlMnd. ■b' a» U* iwn* i' -' --* *:«4| 

tool' 49> » twiaMtiMl AvUtif •« 


Tss ssmvn-BooK, 

borhood ; mif^ht die, or might ruo ilwaj with Attom^yfi* 
&l>priMitdc©fl ; and thnt qui«t and simpiicitj miglifc bd 
Kgniu Tt^ftlt^red tti tbe cotJiinuiiitj^. But uniutkily a riTa! 
power arofid. An opulent oihn&n died, and \.Hi a \ridov 
witb Si krgo jiuuturc and a family cf buxom daugbtem. 
Tlte jruung ladlea Lad l»iig been repining in aecret at the 
parsimony of n prudent father, wlueh kept down nil their 
elegant ȣpirin^ Tbf^ ambition, being now no l^n^r 
restrained, bix}ke out into a bloze^ aitd tbej opoxJj^ took 
the field against the family of the batoher. It is tnie 
tliat lUo Laaiba, having Iiad tbe first start, Lad naturally 
nu udvaiilugd of tbeni iu the fushiouable ourrpr. They 
could apoak a little bad Frenc^h, play tbi^ piano, danca 
quadrilles, and had formed lii^h acquaintances; bat tbd 
Trotters were not to be distanced- Wiien the Lambs 
appeared with two feathers in their hats, the Miss Trot- 
ters mounted four, and o[ trtio<i aa fin© colors. li tho 
Lambs ^avd a dance, tbe Trotters were sure not to bd 
biibiiidbmid : and thnugh tliey might not boast of as good 
cooipuny, yet they had double the number, fuid were twioe 
a^ morrr- 

Tho whole ccmmimity has at It^iigiL divided itself into 
faKhioDahle factions^ under the banners of these two 
families. The old games of Pope-Joan ajid Truu-eome- 
tickle-me are entirely discarded ', there is no such thing 
as getting up an honest ountry dance ; aod fin my nl- 
temptin^ to kiss a young lady under the mistletoe last 
Christmas, I waa ludignauUjh' repulsed; the MIsa Lamba 



having pronotmoi^d it *' sliocLing vulgar." Bitter rivaby 
bos ft]rK> broken out A3 to the moflt foshioD&bl^ part of 
Little Eritniu ; the Laicbs ataLiidiiig up fur the Jiguit^ uf 
Cros5-Ke\'3 Square, fln<l tie Trottera tor the vieiaitj of 
8L Bartliolomew's. 

Tlins is this Lttle territory torti bj £i.ctioiis &ud inter- 
ijfkl ilisftenEions* like tlte greut empire wlio^te itaniA it 
bears ; actl ivbat will be tlie reaolt would puzzle the 
opothccATj liimjMli, with all bifi talent at progric&tice, to 
delermiue ; though I apprehend Ihrtt it will ieriDiuute in 
the total downiall of genuine Joha Bullism. 

The immediate eltects are estremely unpleafiaut to ma. 
Being a niugle man, and. oh I observed before, rather an 
idle good-for-nothing peraonage, I hare been considered 
the only ^ntloiaon by proftssiou iu the phMc* I atond 
therefore in high faTor witli both parties, and Lave to 
tear all their cabinet cocncils and mutual back1)iting9. 
As I am too oivil not to agree with the ladies on all oo- 
caeions, I hare committed myself mt^t horribly with both 
partiea, by nhusing their opjjonaotit I might niatia^e to 
reooncile this tij my cDnseienee, whioh ia a truly accom* 
modatiiig one, but I cannot to my apprehension — if the 
IjAmbs and Trotters «Tver come to a reconcIliaticFn, and 
compare notes, I ain ruin^I 

1 have dotennincd, therefore, to beat a retreat in time, 
and am actually looking out for Bome other nest in this 
(pviflt city, wh^re nld English manners are atill kept up; 
where FreDch ia neither eaten, drunks danced, nor epo- 




wLicU he Itad a moruel In IiU jirjck^t far sale ; no dcabt a 
sovereign qui*?kener of literary coinwptioa. 

I was ^ievod to hoar tlicso two worthy wiffUta speak 
Ynr/ (lubious]^ of the eloquent tlame ivLu shuwa tLe 
Slink^peare licjTise. Jolin Ange shook his heaul when I 
mcntiou^J her raluable coUoctiou nf I'Dlics^ particuljirlv 
her ri?maiiLs of the miilbenrj ti'oe ; and tbe old w^xtOQ 
©Ten Eipr^ssed a donht as to Shakripeare havhig Iw^n 
bora in her house. I fioou discovered that he looked 
ii|>on her manftioQ with an evil 6je« ad a rival to the 
piH-t'»t tomli; Ihn latlfix having isortiporativelj hut fiw 
Tiftitors. Tbna it is that historians difier at tlio v<ipr 
outset, and mere pehbka mnkg the stream of truth di* 
verge into dilTereiit channola pven nt the foiintntii b^Ml. 

We appro.^hed the chnrth through the ave&ue of 
limes, and entorod by a Gothic porcb, hi^^hly orita- 
meated, nvith carved doon* of utaaaiva oaL Th« iiileriiir 
ia fipaoiona» and the arc'hiceotiire and embe)liihioeitt« 
superior to thosn of moet ooontry chorchoa. Thare oro 
Mcveral ancient moiiuineutB of nuhilU^ aud n^rMitry, avtjr 
tu^TDP of vliiwh hang fnnera! esrutdirons, and hunnnnt 
dropping piecemeal from the walls. The totuh ol Slii^k- 
speare is in the rhaac^iL The place is aolenm and ncpuL* 
chnd. Tall elma wave Wfore the pointerl wiudnwH. aTid 
the Avon, ^?hioh mna at a ehort distanoo from the wnlld, 
kecpa up a low perpetual murmur- A flat atone mai-ks 
the Hpot where the hanl U hurieit Thftre are four lines 
iDBcribed on it, aaid to have been written by liUu^lf, and 

vbjcb bftTO in ib<jm fiomotliing cxtromQly avrfnX If they 
are mdec^cl liin own, ihey abow that nuUcituiln dbout tlie 
quidt of the ^av^^ wkich seems nuturnl U> Jiiie neuaibLU* 
ties and thoughtful eninds. 

OnOfI frii<Tii], tar Ji^stia' vith' forbttrs 
To thg Lli^ (luDl '^nvliQccI Iiitl', 
B](!«M'd Iff- It; LhjKt ff^^m tlitec al^i^ea. 
Aad <juiat Iw Ult that muvuii id; buoos. 

Juat oTor tlie gravo, in a rdob^ of the wall, ia a linnt 
of H1mV»[reare» put up shortly aftor his deaths aud coii* 
ijd«r4d E» a refiemblaDce. The aspect is pleaaajit anc] 
Mrciw, with a £iiaLy-JirelL<}d forehead; atid I Utouglit 
I oould reiul in it i^Lrrar indications of that cLoerful, my 
oifiJ diflpnsition, hy which he wk^ as much f^hAritcterized 
ftinon;; hia oontemporarioe aa hy tho vustut^es of lii« f^a- 
iun. Thd iuacriptiou lueotioDs his ngo at the timo of 
liii dc^aao— fifty-three years; an i:Dtinifi]y death for the 
world : for what fruit mifi^ht not haTO bodu ospected 
from the |-oldoii autumn of ^uch a mind, ahalt^^rf-d oa it 
waa from the Htt>rmy vir;iHH!tui1eH of life, and JltmriHlaiig 
jn tlk4> aimBhino of popular and royal faror. 

Tkft iuticription f^n tho toinbsto&d has not beon vithoub 
iti «IGnci It han prevented the removal of Ids reinaiLs 
from tho hoimiu of his nativa phice to Weatminator AV 
boyi which waa at one time contomphttod, A few yeara 
aince also, as somo laborers were dit;giDg to make an 
adjcHniDg VAult, Uie earth caved in, eo as to leavie & v^ 



cast Apncc fthnost likt> an rirch, through wticli one miglit 
liAv^ rt-a(;het] iuto hh* ^i^ave. No one* )iowovor« presuiued 
io meddle with his r^mainH so awfully gnanleil y>f a 
xnrLlrdiction ; Aiid lest any of the idle or tlio curiooB, or 
HDy colleator of relics, sliuiild be teiapted to comiuit 
dopredatioQs, the old seiton kept wnkli over the pliice 
for two dayB> until the vault wds iiuislied and tljo tipdr- 
tnTfi closed agaiiL H« told me tliat lie had modo bold to 
look in at the hole, but could see neither coffin nor bonea; 
nothing but duet It was somethings I thought, to have 
ft^oa the dost of Bhakspeare. 

Noxt to this gniv« are tho^ of Hm wife^ Ins fuvnrittf 
dauj^htor, Mtu Hcdl, aad othcra of hia family. On a 
tomb close by, ilJao, is a fiill-l^ngth efiigy of his old 
fripnd J<^lin Oondw of uHiirioart memory; on whom h© 
is BEkid to hiiTe ^mtt^n a ludicroua epitaph- ThQr<^ aro 
cthfrr mounnifM^tA around, but th« mind r^fnsca to dw«U 
on luiy thing trhut te not coniiecbeil witli Blinkspeare. Hia 
id^A p^tTu<lea the pla(^e ; the whole pile seems but as 
hia manaoleuui. The feelings, no longer checked and 
tliwarteil by doubt, here indnlge In perfect confidence : 
other traces of him may be false or dubianfi, but here is 
palpable ertdenoe and nbsolnf^ certainty. Aa I trod the 
nntindiDg pavement, Mir^rn w^u^ sometliin^ inteuse &nd 
thrilling in the idea, that, in very tnith, the remaina of 
Sbakapeare were mouldering beneath my feet- It was n 
long time befoE^ I L-ould jirevail upon myfielt to l«aT« 
the pla<«; ani] as I passed throngb th^ chuxobyaid, I 

«nu rmjw O.V-J nx. 


plowed a brftDcli from od? of tfe» jvr ttwrft^ Uit only 
relic UiAt I bare bnou^-kt from 6tnlic«<d. 

1 b^ Dov liftatcMl Um dsqaI olifeeti of » ptlgriiD's Ae'vo- 
tjoi^ bat I had A dttdn to 1W6 lb* old Etmilj s^at of the 
Lu^ At CliAriMot, Aod to nabLe throogh Um pfttk 
vhttfe Sbftkfipeue, in ooapuij with done ol tbe rojsk^ 
dt fltrfttfoTd, committed his yoHthfol cSfttko^ of iSamv 
rtftalmg- In thifi har^br&Uked exploit ve a» toM th*t 
ht w&s tAk«a prisoDer, tatd ouri^ to the kc<*peT'ft lodgis 
vliere be reDi&ineJ all night in ilulrinl captivity. Whea 
farot^hl into the pre^ooe of Sir ThomM Lmcr, hta ti<«>&t- 
nent mnsl bftt^ b«60 paJlini; atu] hiamilifttiBg ; lor H 80 
vrrou^'lii npoB his Apirit a^ to pniduv« ft roo^h pMqill* 
ittd«. which was affixed to the park gat^ at Chari<^cot* 

Thia Hafptiottd atta<!k upon the d^n^i^ of the knight 90 
iiuvuwM] him, th^t hn Applinl Ui a Um-Ti^r itt Wnrwiok tr» 
put tko Mrrority of the lavA in fore« a^i:iiiii9Et the rhyming 
door-«talker, Hbakspcar^ did not wait to bmre tho 
united poisfaaiioe of a knight of the shire and a connltj 
attomoy. He forthirith abandoiMd th4> pWf»Jit btuaks of 

* TW folbaiajt B Ui« vttl; eiauM oiuni oi t^ kapoon : — 

A itttoiniiit OMrabvt, k jniCiM of p«Ma, 
Al koae « poor seuetfo*. at Lcatdcv kq «m\ 
U Innk to rjicr, ■* «n voUcB ndnUe U» 
TfaM LW7 to lo«i^ irttAtorar iMlill ib 

BoOJafa hiinjatcnati 

W^ illov hr liU «w but with usm trt nut*. 
If Lao* to lnirii«k M toau tuLko mBsJlo It, 
^jcD ski- loviio Ixicir vlulcYvr b«MI tt. 




ilir Avon BrTiJ Lis pnU^mal trwle ; ujuider^d &wnjr to TjnTi* 
don; l>ct(*ji.ra9 n Uan^;er-on to tlie theatri^H ; tlioo ad nctor; 

ard, tiiifiJIy, wrote for the stago; and (hiis, through tho 
pomocntioD of Sir Tliom^ta Liicj, Htratford lost un milif* 
ff»ront wool-coml>sr, itnil the world gniimd liii im!T»jrt:it 
poot He rotainod, hnwov<ir, for u lon^ timo^ a soneo of 
the harsli treatoieiit of tii9 liord of Oharlecot, aad r©- 
vengud liiinei?lf in Ilia writings; Imt in the aportivo waj 
of a good-natured mind. Sir TbomiLa ia said to bo Uio 
oripDnl Ju9tif3d Shallow* Mid t1i(^ entire U sljlj dxed 
upnii hnij by tlia jugti(?e's artuori^i] liearii^'i^r whidi, likn 
tbo*e of tho knigbt, Iiad wliite luu^s" in the ciunrt^r- 

Vftrioiis attemplfl havpi lK*e»n inadi> Ijv his bic^aphera 
to softea and explain awaj Uiia earlj trausf^^regaion of 
the poet; but I look upon it as ono of tLoa^; thougli^ 
luFU (ii|dintK iiatunil tu liiit rtitUHtiuu ttiul turn of mmiL 
ShakHpoare, when yomig, had doubtless bII the wildnoKs 
and irregularity of ua ardojit, undiat^ip lined, and mrdi- 
rected genius. Tho pootio temperament ha« natural]/ 
iiomething in it r>f th<^ ragiLbnnd- When left to ite^lf it 
runs loosely find wihlly« and d^lighta in f^verf thin^ e^ 
cflntrio and licentiona. It is often a tnm-up of n di(^, in 
the i^aiiiblin^ frfiu-lta of fate, whether a natiiritl gpnins 
shall turn out n fer'^at rocpio or a groat poet; and had 
not BiialcMjx^aro'if mind fortnnatelj- taken a literary bias. 

* Tbo koo j« % iJLkc or jock, ukd aboiuuU ^ tho Avua Ab«ut Chflrtcoot, 




Ed might liav^ 6a Aa,nn^\y trannc^tiiled a\\ ^riTilj as lio ba« 
all dramatlo laws. 

I liave little doubt tlmt, in early life, wiien mnuiiiK, 
liki? itn unltroken l-oU, nhaut th** ut^ij^liLoi-Loml uf Strut- 
lord, he waa to he found m tho company af all kiucU 
of Oflil anomnloiie churnctcra ; tliat be Liesocuitcd with 
ftll the wjiilrjtps of tbe place, and was one uF tUiJNo 
unlucky ufclitna. at metidou of whom old men kIiuIco 
tLoir heads, and predict tbat tbcy will ono day como 
to the gallowB. To him the poaching in Sir Thomaa 
Lucy's park wa« donhtless like a foray to a Scottiali 
knif^ht, and strut-'k hia i?agcf, and, aa yet untamed, im- 
aipUAtioii, AS guiuetkiii^ di;lighifiilly adveiitoroiiB.* 

* A pPXkf of SliakBT^eaFv^s niudorii hiLhtU and uecviHU« in bit voutbfiil 
duye mny he fi^TUi^l In a IrdJltionarj axK!c4olc. p^l^^ vp at Stratfonl hf 
liiBcMiTlfclaiMl. aiiJ liiuiiUoncJ Jri hio " Pklurpaqiio Views cm Ujp Avrai." 
Abmil »v?D mills Ir:i[TL ^^tntford ila Ihc Uunty Ijliio morLcat town of 
Bt^fordn ramc>i]) for lit n\c. Two Mridina ottha xiilnt^ ]r«im&nE7 ascJ lo 
iQi-i'U utnliT thit ii|]{>rlliLUtMi Tif Ui^ BijuUunl Urpctit. imd Lo (ihnll^gR Lha 
Ii>vor* of gmrf iLlf< iii till* npiGrhhonfic nllngTB l» a contest of drtnklnff. 
JLinnng olhrr^ Ihi> propls of SLratfonl von colla) out t> fin^vp tbu 
atmjKth of Uiflir hnd^L nnJ in Uie iiumW of tb? cliampiniL^ ifOM SEmtc- 
■pputV vho, In tipit^ of tho provorb that " thffv vho iMnk fiwr wi][ ihlnlr 
l*»r/* W&9 as taw- to hie aJg aa FoUtufl t-* hin «iok. Tim cljivuJiy cl Strut- 
ford W riogi^rFd ftt the nrnt onni'tH Anil futiiitlttl a p-ti^rit wliJlu tl^iiy luut 
)i3t logviocarry tlitmi (>|T (Tii> t\At\. TI117 I^h/I Mi*JLrivl;r iniLnhi.'il u mllv 
wh*n- thdrlffgt fjiillfiit Ihttdi, thi*y TPt'tT fflrrMsrI lo li* tlitvin iind'^ft ciiit>- 
trti?, whrrc tl«?ir |i(b««rtl thv nif^t. Uia ktUl Htvi^nj;, uicljfnti by Um 
imiuo uif moLhi^wv'B U>?(-. 

tn Ihn niomiTkjEtitt tvimpitninriM ftnilcH th« fcnrd. bud propowd r^nni> 
ing to B«dEonl, but ho dccliooiL Basins he hod bad oQoogh, bano^ dfimk 

Piping; PobworLliH Dnncin^ MnmUini 
Huuutod Jiilbn>', Huttj^Tj QtvSltiU, 

t - - - -_---- 



Th& old nanflion of Cbarl^cot Aud its snrronnding 
park etill remain in tb« posseeftioii of the Likt\' family, 
and are peculiarly interealing, from bemg connected 
wilb lliis wLiuiskal but eventful cimnmstimce in tho 
»aauty tuBtoiy of the bard. As the bonso stood l>nt 
iittle more than three miles' distance from Stratford, 
T rp»f>lvpd t^ pny it It prdestriai) Tiait, \\v\t I nii|>bt 
BtroU ki«nre]y through some of thoae $c^n(»« from 
vhicb tihakflpG&re must have dorivcd hia oarliest idcoA 
ol rural imaftecy. 

The country was yet caked and l^ail^e ; bnt Ettgliah 
acencTY ts always \crdant, Oiud tbi.*^ snddeit chaoge in the 
t&uiperibture of the "weather was fitirpriaing in its cjiuuken- 
ing ejects upon the land^^rape^ It was inspiriitg aod ani- 
mating to witnoaa this first awnkooing of spriJip; to feol 
its v^arni bmaLh stealing over the senses; to se^^ ibe 
moist mellow pnrth beginning io put ffirfcJi Uie green 
aprout Olid the tender blade ; and tbe trees and ahraba, 
in their reviving tinte and burating buda, ^ving the 
promise of ri*tcming foliage and flower. Tli© eold 
enow-drop, that Uttlo borderer on tlio skirts of winter, 
was to be eern witb its obasto wliite blnasoms in the 
sm^itl gardens l>ef(jre tbe ccittages. The bleating of the 

I>adgYn^ EiTimU, Papltit Wi?k«fnrd, 
Bq:gaily Bct'omH oixd Pnjnlien Bedford* 

■'The tUln^ bare AlluJnl tc/' w^ IrvUiitt, '^vLUl bur ibi< «|iiUiet« 
thiiB g:tr«n tliomt tbo p«)p(« of I'cbworth arv >til1 fici'vl fnr Tbrir »kiU on 
tiici pi|H] oad irilior; DillxTouffh U now mllcd HAiintod UUl»ra<ushi vod 
Grarioi^ b Tuiiujua fur Uio ynwrlj of lU ooil. " 


STRA TS'VJili-OJfA VOlf. 375 


nciw-droptr lamlis wad fiuntly lieanl from tlie 6etds. 
Tbd epiLrrow twittered about tlie tlmtohed euves and 
budding' bodgog ; tbo robin tbrew a livelier note into 
Lia Iftte qiieniluuft wintry Ht™Ti ; and tiie \i\x)/i. njjruiy- 
ing up from the reeking bosona of tbo meadow, tow- 
ered avray into the bright fl^^ecy cloud, pouring forth 
torronta of meWy, As I watched tlio little songster, 
mounting up higher luid higher, until liift body wag 
n more speck on the wbitR bosom of tbo cloud, while 
thei ear was still filled wUh his mosjc, it colled to iniud 
fihakBpe&re's eiquisite Utile song in Oymbellue : 

And PhcEbua 'pnd iiHsCf 
Uid Htxieds To wiitur jtt Lbose sj>riiig^ 
On rlinUu«d iLiivtini MiaL Ika. 

JUid winJcihg nULry-bud? beg^ 

To o|ie Ihcir gcildpti p)'p3 : 
With cTprr thiog tlint pn-Uy bui| 

Mf Ickdy EVo«t &riM I 

Indeed the wlioltt conntrj Jiljout here is poatie gronnd : 
every thin^ ie aeeociatad with the idea of Sliaktipeare. 
Every old oottuge th»t I saw, I fancied into eome r^^ort 
of his lirjyhood. where he bad at^ijuiied hla iidini^Kto 
knowledge of rustic life and miuiuerK, and heard those 
legcnd&r,? t&lcs and wild sopcrstitiond which ho hod 
voreu like witcha'aXt tubo bi^ dramas For in biti time, 
we are told, it was a popular amusement in winter oven- 
tnga ''to ait roaud thi^ tire, liud tcU mvnj- iiklcti of or- 



laiit kiiiglib. quells, lovcra, lords, bdics, gianto. dwufau 
ihibvt^H, cLtidtei-H, witcbes fairiefi, (-obliii*, aud fiiaw."* 

My Toate for a part of the way lay iq sight of thd 
j^Ton, which mudi> a vatioty of the raost fancy duubliu^ 
aD<l Windings througli n wide &iid fertile valley ; somo^ 
timed glittering from among willows, wMch fiiog^d ita 
borders ; aorootimoa fliEfippoarijig among groves, or be- 
&6ftbb green bmks ; Aud ftumtitixnes rambling out into full 
vi<!W, and making an azure ftwo^p round a slope of me^ 
dow land This bcaatifiil bosom of country is called tha 
Vale of tbe Pit'd Ilorse. A dihUnt Hue of undulating 
bluf» hillii Bcems to be itu boundary, TvUilat all the Noft 
iutvrTciiiug Undecapo Ilea in a manner encbaincd in tlie 
nilvEM' links of tlie Avon. 

Aft«r pursniTig tliL* road fiir about three miles, I turned 
off itito u fofjtpath, w4jich Ird nloug the borders of jioldsj 
And nndi^r hedgerows to a private gate of the pn.rk ; therd 
was n Btilfl, linwov(*r, for the benefit of the pedostrian; 
the»ro being a pnblic ri^ht of way tlirouph the pr^nada. 
I delight in lljeae hospitable eatatea, in which every one 
liaa j\ kind of property— nt least as fiir aa tlie fontjinth is 
couconi^d. It in aome mi>fifai;iro r^eoincilci} a poor man to 

ftn^uk tmuifA, " Mtt\ tht^y havii m fmid as frith ball -bccEim, spijil^ 
vlUld^a, un.']iiHp, Ayva. hwiT*. fairlra. sain»- pnnn. fniinw. 5>wa*v kit 
viUi Lhr I'Jtn tiTjrk«. Inti^ni. Mntaun. dtrarTu. gimuitn, unpi. i?ik1f>ar«. Con> 
JurofB, aymphn, cbdnfr^luiiCK, liwubu*, Robin ^r^'^'lltiw. Uic tpoumc, 
the [iiATo. tliu mim hi 11j>-(?1il\ iLir hrll-wuijif. Iltv Hi-r-il rnhp. fl^- i^utklc. 
Tom Thnmbe, liiihgotifja*. Turn Tinrilii*'r, Ihinetma, lUid hiith olJn^r bujj^ 
that vo vorv almj of vur uvu uLvUura.^ 



hiB lot, aj^d, what id mord> to the bettor lot of Im nm^h- 
bor, thu« to haro parks and pleaaure-gTouudi* tlirown 
open ifiT Jn* rvcreAtioii- Ho bivftl]n-t» llit* pint* air tui 
^Mly, aiKl lolls as luinriouaiy under tlio ^Uodc, fui tko 
lord of tiie aoil ; aiid if he liua not the privilege of colling 
uM tlinL ha )wr?K Iim trt/xi, lin Iium not, ut tbt? same Lim^, tlie 
trouble of paying for it, and koopin^* it iii order. 

I now found myveU amou^ uobLe aveuoea of oaks aud 
olniA, wh<i*« vitJit yi'rit< lu'wpoke tbt^ growth of {wntorir'iit. 
The wind Houndi^d Aolonmly ainoug tli^ir bTaiioh«&, at^d 
the rooks cavred from their hereditary nests in the tree 
tops- Th© ey© rang^J thmngli a long le^senin^ nsta* 
vitb iiotfain^ to iiitormpt the view but a dietact statue ; 
and a Togrant deer stalking like a ahadaw acrotta the 

Tlicru is sometbiu^ abcut these stately old aTena«fl 
that has the titaei of Ootliie arcliitoeturc, not tnerclj 
from Ihr jjret^tnled Hiniihirity cif form^ \nit from th^ir 
bearing ths avidcnee of long duratioD, and of hAving had 
their origin in a period of time with which we associate 
idens of romantic gramloiin TIipv lietokcn also tlie long- 
settled dipnity^ and prcndly-eoncentrat^d indepemlpnc© 
of an ancient family; and 1 hove heard a worthy but 
aristocratic <jU1 fn<*iid o1>H(^rve, when B|>eftkii}g of the 
gumptuoiiH palaee* of moJeru gontry, that " money eould 
do cnueh with ntnuo nuJ niortur, but, thattlc Heaven, there 
was no auoh tluug aa suddenly buildiiig tip an aveaue of 



It wan from wandorlng in early life among tbU rich 
Kc^rjiur}, ajid aljuiit tlie romjuitic solitudes of tLo luljoui-* 
ing fwirk of Fullbroke, wLicli then foimed a part of tlto 
Lucr estate, tLat some of ShflJ&Apearea oommciitators 
have guppusod lid derived his nolile fctreat niedtLalioiia 
of Jacjuea, tind tlie enohunting woodlauil piotureb in *' Aa 
you liko it." It is in lonely wftLdoritifia thron^h SQch 
flCeuaa, tkab the mind diinlEB deep but quiot drau^htd of 
inflpiration, ^nd liecomea intondBly aeneible of the beauty 
find majesty of nGthire. The imagination kindkia into 
tevurie and rapture; vague but exquisite imagrj« tmJ 
ideas kfte|i breaking upuu it; and we revtd in a mtito and 
^Imost iueommuniuabld luxury of thought, it wae ia 
10 atich mood, and prrbapa under ono of those very 
trees before me. wbicli threw Uieir broail shades over the 
^aesy banks and quivering waters of the Avon, that tUo 
poet'ti faucv uiaj have sallied forth iuto that littlo aoug 
whirh brmiLhtiii the very aonl of a rural voluptoarjr* 

Unilco^ U]0 green vood Lrve^ 
Who loTos to tic wilh roc^ 
JUvd tutLCj \i\3 iaat7f thfoftt 
Unto the ivpfl hiri's nnt^, 
Coiuo hlthur. I'outo ftitticr. comn hither. 
Hen flhoU he a» 

But wiDter ul4 roagh vcathcr. 

I had noTT come id sight of the house. It u a largo 
building of liriok, with stone t^uoius, and Is in tho Gotlito 



style of QnftGC Elizaltetli'H day. having beon Imilt in tlie 
first year of !i«r reign. The exterior remains jtary iioarly 
in ite origicaJ etnto, and may bo conoidcfod a fair H|Mci- 
men of the reskdmioFT nf a wcnlitij cfiuutry K^ntUiinaii of 
those d^iVB^ A j^at gatt^waj cj|>auh fruiu tbe |Mirb into a 
ktod of coortynrd in Irout of tko boaiio, onuuaeat4>4l witJi 
a grase-plot, shruUs luid fl<vwQfbed& The gateir^y ia in 
imiUtirii] of the ancient liarbtcan \ being a kiivl of Otft- 
poAt, aod dauked by towers ; thoogli eridotitljr for tocn 
onttACot, inaiea^ of dftleace. TL« iront of the bovw ii 
oompletc^ly in Uin ft1<l Ktjb!; with atuiiie-iJiafti*^! cawie- 
noBti, ft gf^at bow-wiodow of beaTy iitoi>^worki abd ft 
portel with aroBOiial bearing orot it^ carred La atone. 
At each Gonwr of tha boiUiiig U an octagon lower, aitT' 
BOOoaU^ bj a gik ball and w«athor'4>ock* 

Tlia AvocL, wbicli wiada throoj^ the park, uakea a 
bcttd ^il at the Irat of a paOiy^^opai^ hank, which 
avMpa dora frm tta naroClha kooaa. I^iga hcr^ 
cd da«r vera faedipif or repoaiofc vpoa it» bordcra ; 
awana were aaaling ma j e wtieal ly npoo jta bonoai. Aa I 
cctttattirfatad tha faaanbb old naMioa, I cattad to nbid 
PalataTa ninimiM m JbUm flhaBow'a aboda; aad tha 
■d nal YMhr o( Aa lattor : 

fc»i« haMiha }ofidl^ <r Ifca «ld 



in the davH of SUakspeara. it liad »ow an air of AtilliiexH 
und soUlu*!'^. The great irim gateway Umt t>|Mjiin<! into 
tlio fjourtyord trua luckod ; tiacio wa^ an bIiovt of aorvants 
bustling ubout the place : tlie deer ga^eJ quietly at me 00 
X |MusGeil, l^eing na louj^er ItarrieJ by the moHS-troopQra 
of StratfonL The only siga of donaestic life tliat I mot 
with waa a wLito cat, etcaliug with wary look ami 
Kti^altliy ph4>e towanls tlie atalile^, m if on some naCarl* 
ouH expedttioo. I mu&t not omit to iDcution tlis carcoAa 
of a scoundrel crow which I saw sti&pendetl against tho 
bam vn,1l, iiH it xhowh that tlie Lucys titill inhe^rit tbat 
lordly flbhorroocQ of poa^ih^ra, and mamtain tbat rigor- 
ous exercise of tdiriboital po^er which vaa 80 atrenu- 
oUTily iiiaiiLf^8tt''d in the t-aMd of the bard. 

After pTOwUu^ about for some tiiue, I at leugtli fonnd 
my way to a lateral portal, wliicL vaa the cvery-day en* 
trance to fclie munsjun. I was oourteoosly ret^ivi^d by a 
worthy old hoU80keop*»r, who, with ih^ cii,-ility and com- 
mumcativctieas of her order, showed mo tho interior of 
the hciuftH, The gTtialer pEiit has undergone alLeratioQS, 
aud been adapted to modem tastes and mod^s of li\iD|^ ; 
there is a iLue old oaken staircase; and the great hall, 
that noble featore tii an auciaut manor-boTise, still re* 
tains Liuoli of Lhtf aj)^Tf<»ranoH it taiiHt h^ve hiul in the 
daya of Bhaksfioaro. The ceiling ie arched and lof^; 
and at ott& end is a gallery in ^t'hloh stands iin or);aii. 
The weapons and trophies uf the chase, whioh fc*riu«r1y 
adorned the hall of a country gentleman, have made way 

enA TTftsi^4>x^ vos. 

jhni, ^MladMtad tor ui usplft oM faihfaned »ood in^ 
fiffpn"*j tbe nUTing-plftoe of winter SDCIivitir. On die 
oppoftite Hidr uf the LaII is tts hm^ OoUuc bo«-wiBdo«r, 
vitli fib3B6 abaJ^v^ic^ loob oni c^mxi tfao o ugrtj aiA 
Ban s» qa blaw wd a mlKuiri ^m tt» sjvmcuI b««r* 
nga of tiie La<7 faaoii j for vim^ geaoatioost aaskft bebg 
dst»d ID 15«^ 1 WB ddigiiwvl to oh«prT« in iht* qumf^ 
Ite Aim tfU» iMi; bf rtkh tb« cbaneter of 8tr 
B iCT> iiliMliriiil^ittiUiH <rfJqgfee6h4lioT. 
Tbti arv fciftfithfuaJ lb ife finii •eens of tlip Uerrr WiwA 
of Wiodsor^ where the Jostioe U to » nf^ vith Fftblaff 
Iv hmng ^ hcAtea h^ mtm, kiUod Ln d«er» and broken 
uId bin kklg^" Tlkf* pwi b*d do dovU tbv ofcnonoC 
Innw^lf and hu cocorad^tft tm micid «t tlM tine, wad «« 
m^ > iippoae tbe familj pcide mad Tiadutire tlwoftto of 
lb» ptdflOAiil Shallow to be a oaiicature of the 
isdiaaliott of Sir 

Sir Ua^ ju i^a Jt v> M(: I «fll mik • QHv^^htmJbK 
>t It ; iffa* tm iw^ Mtt PiKafc kt riall set abw Sir 
ftototttalliiv, &i^ 

At Thir T flr mil ht-i <mi tj 11iw Hni Tliiii TimIiiiiI 

hm bat* dMvX aad a U» 




■actttofg that coiao tfJter him amy ; the? oat jeitc tliv dmm tthiU /him* 
toUtfif coot**'"* 

ShalSnio. Thn council ibtll tmr It : ff ti ■ riot. 

Si-aiu. It b not tanl i]i«< cuiiuli] hnr of & Hot ; then b no fair of 
Ool in > not ; ibo councH^ bfsr jcru, th&ll dteiir lo Iimj ihe ftar of G9% 
Bad not to hwr ■ rioi j lihkv jvur vitain^ntA io 1h«I. 

^hitJhiD. Hml o' my lilv, if 1 van foUDg if «lo, tfao nronl ■hould «&d 

Near the window thuB emblazoned hang a portrait hy 
Sir Pe6?r I^ly, of urie of tlie Lui^y familj, a great 1)eatity 
of the time of Charles the Second : the old housekeeper 
ithook her head aa she pointed to the pioturo, and in- 
fornLcd jn<* that thi8 \iu\y had heien 8A<]ly othlicted to 
cardfi, and had gambled anav a great portion of the fam- 
ily estato. amon^ which v/a& that part of the park wheto 
Shakapeare oucl his comrades had killed the deer. The 
lands thus loat had not beon entirely regained hj the 
family c^'on at thi:^ pruBcnt day. It ib bnt jnatit^ to this 
rocreanl damta to confenn thjit she had a surpaaaiDgljr fina 
Intnd and arm. 

The picture which most attracted my attention was a 
great paintiu;^ orer tho firephice, containing Ukencseea 
i^t Bir Tliomaa Lucy and lils fi inuly, wbti iubabited the 
hall 111 thf> latter part of Shaksp^are^tt lifetime. I at first 
tliunght that it woe the rindictin^ knight himself, but tlio 
housekeeper assured me that it waa hia »^n; Uie only 
likenesB exUot of the former being an effifsy upon hia 
tomb m the cLurdi of the neighboring Lamlot uf Charle- 




cot* The piotare ^vce a Uvoly idea of the ooatume and 
iLfluaers of the time. Sir Thomns is dressed in niff oiid 
doublet; whiti) shoes with reuses \i\ (hem; Jtiid \\yi& a 
peakod yoUow, or, as Mostor Slotder would say, ''n cane- 
oolored beard," Hia lady 13 sealed od the opposite aida 
of the picture, in wido ruflf and loug ^imuiachcr, aiul tha 
children }iav^ a most venerable stiffnB^ and formality o£ 
dresa. Hounde and HpanioU are mintjied iu tUe family 
group ^ a UuwIl i» seated on his peruh la the furej^round* 
and one of tlia children holds a how ; — ^all intimating tha 
koighVa fikilJ iii huutiu]^, hawking, and Oi-chory-HO iiidia- 
peii^hle to iin fl^comp}i9hed gentleman in those dAja.t 

•Thiseflflgy IB in uhlto marble, luid ref jnwn 15 the KnlsMiniwrniJoto 
Armor. Ncnr Jiim lirn Ihc offl^yof hl-i vifo. and on hc>r lomb in Ihn fnt- 
Jovpirig iTJH-Tifinon ; which, if iiiaLlf eom|.ofiiMl Lv hor Imaband, phco* tilia 
qullc fll*jvi! lilt lnldlo!t-unI luvcl tif Mft^tcr ShftlldW : 

Hflrc* lyoth 11ib Ijuly -iojcfi Uicywlfi* of Sir Thomn* T.HCf nf ntisrlpnc* 
In ytf tounty of Warwjfk, K!UgUt» Uniighler anJ f»utr i>f TliotntB Aclon 
oi J^iiUim hi jc oounly iif Wujcrsttr Esi^uire wliti rUj^iirinl cut of ttii> 
frmU'iii'J worM \*i Iht litntvijiil^ kiu^tbim yn lOiInjr i^ fi'LrtJiirjr in yii /Nira 
f>f fiiir [ifinl (lOil tAiin jLnJ of li4?r fi^ 110 Aiid thrttt. All Tbfi limn ■>/ htir 
lytci u 1ri4« and fuytfiFnl K-rvart itT her giX"! GohI. nrtti<r ihit^iW C'f a.t\y 
crymr ur ^irf*. In irliiiiiii ^wntX H"Utnic» 111 Imt t<i l»Pf liii,*iliniK! imn-t 
fnylhrnl muJ Tri»<». In friendftfup must '■nuKUJil.; ti> ivfinl In truM whh 
ccmmiitiifl iiiiio hiT miwt w^n^t. In wisdom picdliog^ \t\ piv«m(n(r of 
K«r hotiK, trineinE up of youib fa yo fear of flod Ihot dii eonreiso with 
hiT mcaU ntJv und iLu^Uf. A grvat niaEntiiynvr nf Qnvtly 
uLHTaodof hor bclton: inJallkaJ of nonii unku of Ihc onvyoiu. Wlien 
all U ipahon that caii b^ MJ(k a woEncm u i^nmUhtd with virtue u not (a 
Ir tM^cn-rvd jinU tiuiilly (,(i \n- ui|iinlUil tfV ah>. Aa ulirr ILvul ci^tft lirtu* 
niinly sn ihH died mo*t CimJiy. Sft iiownn by him yt liMt riW knnwo 
wh«t liflth byn wriltim lo I* Tma. "rhoHiiw Lticyo, 

t Buibci|] Ktkrl:, i4|H'<kbJfkK of ihc ii^mitry jc^ntlomAn df hin tLmc, ob- 
SOrvM^ ^'hLi hi>UHilu<H|>iiL|f b uoii luudi lii lh« {liffiyirnl fAitiilim of do^ 



I TYTgTett«<l to find that tbe anci^ikt furniture i^ tiio 
hull hiul diatt|i|>fiiirfld ; fnr I \\s^\ hopefl to ine^t iriih tbe 
atatdly elijow-cbttir of carvc^d oak, in which the country 
aqoire of form^^r day^ woe woDt to Btva^ ihc Bceptrc of 
Bmpire over his rurj^ doniRins ; itiMt id which it ini^t be 
prcsDmed th& redoubted Sir Thomsfi ^at enthroned ia 
uwFal state n^hoii the T^creont Shakapc&re was brought 
tM^fore him. A« I UV(^ to d^ck out [lictarea far loj own 
ontoTtftinmout, I pleosod mysf^lf with the idea that this 
very hjill hjid houn the scene of the uulnoky bard'a exank- 
inatioD on tbr morning after hiH captivity in the lodge, 
Z fancied to niTHHlf th^ rural putr^ntal^, Hurrotimled hj 
Jas body-guard of butler, prvfi^og, tmd bhic-coatod sorving- 
meu. with their badges; >vhiie the luckleaa culprit was 
brought in, ft^Honi and chopfallen, in the ciiMtody of 
pEmek Gapers, hnntBmen, and whipp^rB-in, and followed 
bj A mbblfi tout of country cJowne. I ^cied bright 
fiiiCPS uf euriouB huuseui'iiJe peeping ttoia tlie Imlf-opejii^ 
doors; while fn>w tb<? gallery the fair daughters of the 
luuglit Ic&ned gracefully forward, eyeing the youthful 

rhmntt Uth^ckfith ol hi J iJiv'niit-iR. A hnirk he »CrNMnii Ihi^ Enif* hurdfrt 
Of nabihty, and !■ oirei>€lirji:iy lyablUoai to poom dellgbtftJ ?ri(h the iporl^ 
and hmr hU (bi gLovti] wiUi hiA jcur*." Ami CJilptii, in biji tlvKriiilian 
of A Mt. tlfiKUnt^ rnitmrkH, " bi> ki^pt All ■nrt> at Iif>nni1> ihnt mn bitr>k. 
loTt. Tiarc. olUr, Mtd 1>hi1j^ : aat! hod hnvkii tif nit kinilh tolli \onfi imA 
short winj^t!. Hi* jrr™t hwH *»« commodlT st.wwrd wiih dArrov-bonav 
■nd full af luvk fwrelLUi hoiujilsn vt^uurlB. uad ItrriviTL On a brDnd 
b»rili, (lATed witii brfek, lay •otiiv oi the rhoi:v«t Lprrtfm bouiid^ and 


prisoner with tliJi-t \nty '*ihni dtrf]U in wnmHnfK^nd."— 
Who would hftVd thought tLat ihiti pcK^r vurltrt, tliiu 
tremblini^ befoie the brief authority oF m omintry miuiio, 
and the spurt of nistio boorb, vrtM hoou Us h&otymtt Llia 
d«lif;bt of prmoftA, th«! thorns of aU t^juj^i-M aud 0^0% tUo 
dict&tor to the liumun mirnJ, and wim to confer uoiaor- 
trnMiy on his D|>prasBor {ty a ourittttturr and a liUiipooQ I 

I wfts now innted by tbo butli^r to vrnik into tli4 ^(tf- 
dcn, and 1 felt iDclirucd to visit tbo ordtard sad arbor 
where the joaticd treated Sir John Falstaff aud UounJu 
Sileace " to a U&t joar'a pjppiu of hia owu ^rafuu^ with 
a diah of oaraway*;" \m% I had nhaady vpent ao much 
of ihm day in my lanbliRga that I vaa obliged trj g^tm np 
any fnrthpr inr^Btifpttioaa Wh«D ahoot to talta aiy laafa 
J ira8 gratified bj thfl dril entr»atua cS tha hooaotoapig 
and baUior, thai I woold takje aoma refrealuueiil : an iu* 
ataiioe of good old boaphaltty which, I f^riei^a to aay, «a 
aaatle-hnotafa aeldom mei=<t with in mod^ra day*. Z 
laake no doubl it ia a fiiioe which the preaecl repr^ 
aeoUtJTa of Uu Locya mherilii horn Ua at;«y>aiura; tot 
SttJkapmnty ares in hia eaiuatvi*, makaa Jiutiae Shal- 
low iiapoTtaiute is thia reapa^ aa witDcw hia proaaiuf; 
iitttatmw to FaUtaA 


BfTCQct aadi^e.^. T«aiWlada*vt«'4iiht **■ f vfll a«t 

m jiwi jvm^tL Mt U 4ac«<d : «aaw« ^dl aat br sd^tM 1 

baooc^ rt^lwnfe: foq AaJI art Ucftrvavd * ■ ■- Snas 

BkTj : » iuf4D if 4wrt4^pd hn : a )(aal «f mnttfs ; aad 



I DOW bode n rclactatit farcwoU to thfj old faalL BIy 
minit hml Imiv^mii 8o i<r>rnp1i^t'*ly luKsiuwed hy tbe im- 
ftgiuaiy soancs and chAjaclerg connoct^ij with it, that I 
fte&nied to be actuaUy living among them- Every tliiiif; 
brought tliem na it were 1>efijre oiy ejen; and aii tlie 
door of the dininfiE-rooDQ opened, I almost expected to 
hear the fochle voice of Mfletcr S^eaoo quAvciing fbrtb 
hin fuvoritn diltjr: 

** Tb uMTTf Id IulUh wbvn beanlf wug idj. 

On rf^tnming ki my inn, I cutihl not but reflect rm tho 
Bin^lOT gilt of tho poot; to be able thus to spread the 
uaatd^ of ^^ nitud ovei' the rery face of nature ; to give bo 
thmgfi am] piai^^ a eharui Hiid character not their oun, 
ftnd to turn thi« " worldnf^-day vorld*' Into a perfect fairy 
land. Ho is indeed the true euchanter, whoeie HpcU ojict- 
Ates. not upon ih^ sennets, \\\\i npon the imn^uatiou ainl 
the heart Under the wizard inflneuce of Shaki}[>4aare I 
had been walking all day in a complete delusioxL 1 had 
Bur¥eyed the lanili^t^jipe through the piiaia of poetry, 
which tinf^ed evwy object with the hnee of the rainbow, 
I hftd been surromided with fancied beinf^; with mere 
airy uutliin^, conjuttd up by poetic power; yet irhich, 
to me, had all the chftrm of reality- I had heard Jaqoes 
voLih^quiue benoiith bia oak: had beheld the fair Boen- 
Und luid hci companion adviMiturlDg through thf^ wood- 
IttUdB; DJUdt ■bovQ all, had btwn once more prefient m 

8TRA TFnnn.oi^^A VON. 3W 

spirit with fat Jack Fnl^boff and liia conteTQpnrAriod, from 
ibe fto^iiflt Jufitice Hhallow, down to the geutlo Slafiter 
Slender an<1 the eweet Anna P^-ge. T**n t]ini]»»rnl botiore 
and bleaaingB on the bard who hoe thue ^dod tho duU 
realities of life with uutocent iilusions; who liaa spread 
exqnisito anJ tinbouglit pldaaures in my chequered poUi ; 
and bo^nultid my spirit in many a lonely hoar, with all the 
cordial and cbeerfnl sympattuee of social life f 

Aa I ^ntased the bridge over tbe Avon ou my retuni, 1 
p&aaed to eont^mpUte the distant choi^h in which the 
poet Uaa boriod, and could not hxit exnlt in tho malcdio- 
tton, which bofi kept \\\a oshea nndiatiiHiecl iu ita quiet 
and hallowed vaults. Wliat honor coiild Lis name Lave 
domed from being mingled in dusty campamoLship with 
Uie fipitajthfi ajid esautclt^ons and Tcual eulogiuma of a 
titlod multitude? What would a crowded corner in 
WcBtmiiiflloT Abbey hi^vo been, ooraparod w'ilh thia rev- 
erend pile, which aeems to &t*ind m beautiful lonelinesfl 
ii« his sole mausoleum! The sotieittide about the grave 
may bo but the o^pring of an over-wronj^iit sensibility ; 
but human nfttore is mode np of fnibles and prejadices ; 
and its l>eHt uid teuderest nfieotinns are mingled witli 
th«piA fActitions Eeelings. He wJio has sought renown 
about the worUl, and has reaped a full harvest of worldly 
favor, will find> after all. that there is no love, no aduura- 
tion, no apphiiiHe, no Hweiit (o th*? bouI ns that which 
aprings np id bis native plaoa. It is there that he aeoks 
to be gathered in peace and honor among hLs kiiidral 

hmi^^t^ •!> 



to nk ti> ila»pm tb« 

<rf A« 

ol As 

UmI, keCore »»ftj JBM*, be ihaoU 

IfMwnro : sad Ih^l iu t^mma^ sfim, oo vhtefa hifl ^jm 
fiWM aivd Ifi iMfW co«teBpMi«,flho«ld«M dftrba- 

lo gold* Um Utom; pilf^ia of •veiy uftUoatoluflUuub} 

tttf evnOe Uodacftpc 


■' 1 apppiJ to any nbka (niui if irrot h« irrNml IjOt^n^t t^Mn haniTTy, and 
lirinivo Um JiQb to OLl ; If otcf lie ouiifl rolawir) niikPd^ tmi hr cJnihod blm 

HERE is finmeflimg in tho cbr^rrictfir and hflbitfl 
of the Nurtb Auterirjiii sav»t;e, taken m ("oiiuec- 
tinn with (ha ficeoery ov^r which ho i& awus- 
tomocl to miigo. it^ rn&t laJtoa. bouadloBB foreste, majestic 
rivers, &Mn\ trocklees pUins, that i«, to cay miiifl, womler- 
fully striking anil eublinLe- He U formed for the wilder- 
neee, aa tlie Arab is for tlie doserl His iiu-ture is &t(?rji, 
simple, and eDdming; fitted to grapple with difficulties, 
And to GUjiporh privnLiaoB. There seems bat HttJe soil in 
his heart for the support of the kindly virttiee ; aud y^t, 
if we would but take tho trouble to penetrate through 
Ibat proud BtoiciHoi and habitual ta<TitiimIty, which lock 
up hifl chAract«r frora c^tsual obe^irvation, we should ^J 
him liiikc-<l to his fcllow-raan of civiiiiied life by mor^ of 
tliosQ aympathice and a&ctions thau are usuidly oHcribed 
to him. 

It hsA be^D t^ lot of the unfortunate aborigiiMM of 
AiDCTicA. in iho early periods of colonizatit^ii, to be douUy 



w ronged by tho w!ail« men. Tliey Iiava been digpos- 

I MA40c) of ihoir hc^roilitury |>i>saGSQioii^ by merooiury tuid 

I Eroqnontly wn^ntoa wnrfnrf^: An4 tlioir choniGtcrs bav*^ 

I bonrt trndii4!nil by bi^otod and interost^d writers. Thd 

I colonist often trcAtod tbcm tiko boosta of the forost; 

^KJ and tho author haa endeavored to justify tiim in hi^ 

^^1 outrci^ert. TLe former found it ensier to eiterfuinatrt 

Ithaa to civilize ; tho latter to vilify than to disoriminntc 

TL« appellaiiona of aUTugo and pjigau w«re deemed safB% 

oii^nt tn SMictiuLi (lie iLustilitles of IhHU; ami thiis the 

pot^T wandor<?rfi of the forest wc^rc |>Gr^cnte(l anil dd- 

fnmcd, not becaueo thoy wore guilty, bat bocauw tLey 

CWGre ignorant. 
The ri^ikts of the savaf:^ hare g^ldom been properly 
apprcoiati-'d or roapcotcd by the whit^ man, Iji peace ho 
lia« tiHJ oftiin Iwc^n tbrt dup« of artftd trafBr; In war brt 
has betin regarded as & ferocloim animal^ whoso life or 
death was n qnestion of mere precaution and oonTon- 
ienec, Man is craelly wasteful of life when bid own 
saf4>ty ia eutbingered, and lie m shi^tteri^d by tmpumty; 
and litllo moroy i« to bo expected from him, wben he foela 
the sting of tbe reptdle and ia conaoioua of the power to 

The samd prejudices, which wer6 indul^-ed thua Dorlr, 
exist in common circulation at tho prca^ut lUy. Certain 
learned aocieties b»vcT it la true, with lumlnblo dillgoTioe, 
endeavored to investigate ami record %\u\ real (^ba^acter^ 
and mEumora of the Indian trihea ; tho .\jucncan goreni* 


ment, too, li&s wisely tind ]uimane1y exerted itself to Jb- 
colcato a Eriendly aittl £c>rbouriiLg spirit towards the m, auJ 
to protect tliem from frutid and injustice.* The current 
ojjuiiou of the Tndutn cJiJiracter, howeyer, ia too apt to Ije 
formed from the mifierable Lordes which infest the iron- 
tierai An<l hong on the skirts of the settlements. These 
ttri? tt>o eiimiiKinly coniposed of degeiierate IjemgH, cx>r- 
nipted and onfeebled by tli« vices of eooielj, without 
bcijig bouefitod by ita civilization. That proud iudi^pcn- 
deiice, wLida farmed the tooiu tfillar u[ ravage virtutr, has 
been shaken doxni, and the whole moral fabric lies in 
ruins. Their spirits are hniailiatcd and debased hy n 
seiifie of iniieriitrity, aud their native court^e oowed nod 
dannted by the saporicr knowledge and power of their 
CidighteQed neighbors. Society has advanr?ed upon them 
lik^ one of those witherin*; airs that will sometimes breed 
desolation over n whole region of fertility. It haa ener- 
Tated their etrengthp mnldpliod their diseases, and super- 
induced upon their original barbarity the low vices of 
artlHt'tid lift^ It h^LS |j;iveri thttm a thonsaiid superAnouR 
wantM, whilst it has dimtvikUed tlietr mr?ana of mere ei- 
iattDce. It Lad dri^'eu before it the ommals of the choso. 

■M«lSOTfeU Um Kjldntioti oflhu Indian^ nnd \js iiitnhJuce ftmong thuiii thw 
of OtTflisHlbn, aiv\ oi*iJ injti r^li^'nis UmtiwIcIp*, To pR>tivt tlinii 
im Qu- fiauds nt tJit uliito Lndpts, no jpuivbjiM* vf Luui] from \.\wiu li; 

ilUoi u a f>rTwDtt vittoul tho cKpf^ioB suudJon ol i^rov^nuuoDt. ThWW 




w!io flj TrOTD the fioimii of Uie aie ancl the amolie of ihe 
BAltlemeDt, and seek refago in the d^ptLfi of rt-^taot^r fbr^ 
n«t6 nnd yet uutrotiden wilile- Tims do we loo often tiod 
ilie Inrliaua on our frontiers to he the mere wniokK iiad 
r^^mnants nf once powerfal trilws, who Lave tingorfd in 
tho ricmity of the eettlomeuts^ nnd ennk into prec^urtoi 
and YBtgabond eidstoncc Porerty, ropiiiiiig and hopelcM^ 
poverty, ft cADlcnr of the mind nnhnowii in saragQ life, 
corrodes their Hpirite, and blighta every free &Qd noble 
quality of their natures. Tbej* become drunken, iudo- 
lt*nt, fi^nhlii. iliitiTifili^ ami pnHillttuinumPt Th^y loid^r 
liko Tagra&tH ft1>out the settlfMaeutg, among i^pai;ioiis 
dwellings repl©t« vith clnbornte comforts, which onlj 
render them fionsible of the comparative wrBichednesa^ 
of th^ir own condition. Luxnry fipn>uds ite ampio bouxl 
before their eyes; but they ard excludod from th© boti- 
quet. Plenty n?vel& over the fieMa ; hut they are etarT- 
ing in the midst of it^ abundance r the whole wilderneBft 
hue blossomed into a garden; but they fo«l aa reptiles 
thut infeHt itp. 

How different was their state while yet tha undixpnti^d 
lords of the soil! Their wantB were few, and tho moADS 
of gi-atitication wittiin their reach* They saw t^vcvy one 
around tliern sbaHng the mime lot, enduring the smdq 
hai'dflhips, feeding on the same allmer^ts, Ajrayed in tha 
na,iiH: rude ^^menta. No roof then roee. bnt was open 
bi the hoiuelfiSH vlruu^r ; uo aatoke carlud among the 
tr^a, but hh woa welcome to ajt down by Ita fo^, and 



Jotn tlie tiunter in biti repaHL "For/' sa^ an old Li»- 
toriftn of Ndv England, " their life is so roid of cat^r, and 
tlicy are 90 lormg also, thftt they make nae of tbo«o 
tliiDgH Ibfiy eDJoy aa common gi)od&, and aifl tlierviiii 
BO cx^TopRi&^ioQate, ths^t rath^^r tluut one nhould i^tnrvd 
tiirough want, tlioy would starry all; thue tbey paae 
tli«Jr titue merrUf , noi regardiDf,' cor pomp, but an bet- 
ter foiitent witli their ovrn. wTiich same men esteem ao 
msanly ot" Snob wero the ludiaua, whilst in the pridi> 
and einergy of thcb primitive natitretc bbey resembled 
tlioftd wild plants, wbicb thrive l»?st io the 8hiw1es4>f tha 
foreBt, but fihrink iroin tbo hand of cultivntion, and periEh 
benedtb tbe in^oeTicc '>f thc^ aun. 

In difl€U6eiitL< the wtvage <rhanicter, writem have been 
too prone to indolge in vol^r preiadioe arid pufiaionut^} 
exaf^Thiion. itieteod of the caudid teiujier uf trtie phU- 
oaoplijr. They h*ve not sufliL'li-utly tionsitlrfrfHl thti p»- 
€Qliat drotuiwta&eea in whieh the ludiana have Ixwn 
plivced, and tho pe^oliar prmciplofi under vhioh thoj 
have been edticaleiL No bein^ act^ tn^rc rigiilty From 
role than the Indian- His ^Lole <?ondi:ct is reflated 
a4)0ording to eomo g^nerel maximB eai'ly implanted in hia 
mind. Tlie nioral l.ivra that ^^'vrn him are, to b« aure, 
bnt few; but then he conforma to them all: — the whEt« 
man aboondu in laws of relii^ion, morala, and ninnikunt* 
but how many doea he violate ? 

A fre4u«iit ^ti>uud uf ani^iiwalum aj^un^l tin* TiidiuEm ia 
thoir diBrogard of treaties, and the trcaaluM^- and wim- 



bmnesg ijHtli which, m time nf uppftrcnt po&cc, thcT will 
mtdtlmlj flv to hosliiiticg. Tbe int^rcourec of the white 
j\\M\ \rit,h the luctiuiLL), hnw^ver, ik ttio npt tn tiA nijil. <1ig- 
trustful, oppn^Bsivo, And infloltiti^. Thoy soldom l>«&l 
tliem with thab confidence and franineaa which are in- 
dinpeiLsuhle to real fmudahip; nor ia sufficient luution 
observed not to ofjfend against those feglinffl of pride or 
HUperstition, which often prompts the Indian to hostiJit^ 
qnicker than mere considemlSonH of inleresL The soU* 
tary savage feel^ eileutty, bnt acntely. Hi& fii^DEibilitJes 
arc not diJfased over B(> wide a giirfaee as those of the 
white m»n; Init they nin in tteiulipr arul iWiier oban- 
nc-la. Hia prid^, his affections, hie enpefstitions, are all 
dirocied towards X^v^^r objoeta ; but the woonda indictcMl 
on them are proijortiouably fldrere, jmiTTftimisli inoti^Ttt . 
of hoHtilitj which we ciLnnut suffioiently approoi atg. \ 
Where a cKimmunity is nlso Hutted in number, and 
forms OQC' great patriarchal fj^mily, ad in an Indian tribe, 
the injury of an individual va the injury of ttie vhole; 
and th& sentiment of von^oanoe 19 almost instantaneoTtal^ 
ised. One council fire is au^cie^nt for the dt&cn^ioD 

1(1 arrangement of a plan of bostiltties. Ht^n* all tho 
fit^htin}; men and sa^es aeeenihle. Ehiquenoe and supor- 
dtition combine to in^ame the minds of the 'rrarriora. 
The orator AWjtleuH thvir ninrtin] ard^r, And tber at9 
WTOTight up to o kind of n^lif^otis d^peration, bj tbd 
viaion^ of (hf; prophet and the dreamer, 

Ad instance of one of thnae sudden eiaA|>e rations, sria- 



iBg bom ft xrtotlTO p<>oiiltar to the indioji chamct^r, is ex- 
tant ui an old record of (he e&rly settleiBeut of INfnttniicliii* 
sette. The plAFilpri; nf PlyiiiniitH hail defiw^ed tlie mouu- 
monts of the dond at pABaona^eeit. luid liad pluiitlor^d 
the grave of the Sachem's mother of nome nkintt with 
whicli it had beeu decorated. The ItidbuM nn^ ^^(TmrU- 
able for the reverence which thej entertain for tho iopuK 
chree of their kin<lred- IVihew tliat Jiavi> panHcd goner- 
atiourt entiled from the abixles at tlii'ir /uu'oMlunt, wlu-u )ty 
oha^ce they havg been travelling in tho vi«iitity, bavo 
been known lo t«m aside from the highway, and. ^^nidod 
by wonilerfuUj ium^ufjUo tradition, have crosAocI the conn- 
try for miles to some tumulus, buried perhaps in wood^, 
Avhcre the bonea of their tribe were anciently depoaiUfd ; 
auil there have paaH»d houraln ailnnt meditation, lu- 
fluenei^d by thia ftnbUme and holy feeling, the Hoohont, 
whose mother's tomb ]]ad been violated, gathered bin 
iron together, and n<ldrensnd tlicm ui tlie following; bean- 
tiftilly lirinple und pathotie huiangun ; ji (iiirioiiH Hpi^iHintfn 
of Indian eloquGnoe, and an aGTcctlDg iuittanoo of filial 
paly in a savage. 

** W]ien laal the gloriona li^bt of all the »Vy wui nndrr- 
]Matli tlufl Rlobe, and birds grow silent, I began to M>lt]<s 
aa my cnstom is, to take repose. Before mine eyes vera 
fanl eknnd, nit-lh<jUKht I saw a TisioEj, at vhicb my spirit 
was macU tronbled; and trembling at thai dolefnl sight, 
a spirit cn^ aloud, ' B«bold, my son, whom I have eher- 
Hb«d, ai:« the breaKta U^at gave tbee auck, the bands tltat 



Iftppeil tbee wftrm, and fed tlteo oft Canst thou fovip^ 
to tikke rerenge of Uioei^ wild ptsopie wlio havo dof&c<)d 
m^ montinipnt in a despiteful maurirrr dirtdttinliLg our aii- 
tiqnities and bononible t^ti^toms? Se^, uuw, the Sacb^m'fl 
grave lies like the oonunon jjeople, cieift<»d bj an ignoble 
rac& Tby matLer doth i^itDplniui juid iinplorefi iliy ttid 
against thifi thievisli people, who L^va newl}^ iatnided on 
oar land. If this be snfforod, 1 shall not roet quiot in my 
everbistiitg liabitatioiu.' Tim said, (bo spirit TanL^hed, 
aud I, all in a sweaty not able ecAroe b> speak, lie^^an to 
get eoniQ Btrongth, and rceoUeot my epirita that voro 
Add, and deierminfid to demand ^our counsel and onaiat- 

I I hftTO addncod this anecdote at dome length, ae it 
tonda to sbow bow thofio andd^n acts of boatilitj. wbicb 
baTo been nttribnted to cB]>rioe and perfidj, ma^y ofteo 
arise from deep and generous motives, wbich our inatten^ 
tion to Indian character and cuatoma prevents our prop- 
erly appreciating 

~ Another ground of violent outcry a^^nst Ibe Indiniw ia 
ih&ir barbari^ to the ranquiahed, Tliia bod ita origin 
parti/ in p<dicy and partly in unpen^titJon^ The tribea, 
ilionglt auuietitaes trailed rtntionSj were never so formi- 
dable iu tli4!ir unmberu, but tliat the Loss of eevoral wor- 
rioTA waa ocnaibly felt; tbifi was particidarly the caaa 
wbcn tbcij- bud fraqui^ntly lie^iii «ngHged iu wajf^e; and 
many an icutancd ooours in Indian hiatory, wLi^ro a tnl>c, 
that had long boun formidable to ita ndghbi>RS Itart Won 


tirnkm up iinii (IHvfd aw«y, hj tliH tmptnrf Atid inii«B&cv« 
of ite prinoipal fightiiij; meii. llioi^ «-iie & etnmg temp- 
ttttion. Ibentfore, io ^e nctor to be menildaB ; iiui ao 
miicli to gT«^ ft]^ ome] revenge, as to prondtf fur 
future Bficaiilpy. ISie Ladinaa lad also tke ntpcni&itiDiu 
Inaluif, froquont tuucmc Ijorbjhrti'u^ outioEuu oitfl pr4*Talo]ib 
aLvi iLiuoug tlie mndinntK, tbnl tlir niMtinx iif tlx^ii fnmtfllt 
vliD liAd faLou ill biUde vuni uootbwi bj £Lu» blood of 
th€ co|)tm«. Tiie pTwaMvo, boircivier. ^o oje not tbuE 
OMrifioed, ATe adoputd into their I&milieA in biie plftoo o( 
tlie Blaiii, ant) arr^ tmiitwl with t^ onnStlenre and ttfleo- 
tiuu of Telativi^p £md frleude : uay, ho boHpit&Hi.' aud t^m- 
dnr ij( iiicir eitleriaoioieut, tkat wlio£ the nhenuiiivn ik 
ollfimid tlHuu, ikk^j iriU nfifin prvtCer t(i remiuD iritb t3t«ir 
iidupb*d brotbron, mtiior tbon ratami to Ibe boi&e lud 
His^je&diL of th«iT Toiitl^ 

YW cmrlty of tb^ TiuHmik iownrdn their priwm^n bas 
been beiffbte&ed ftiikoe the colotuaiticm of the wbites. 
ITiukt vaa lonnecrlj a comptiaoc«* vith polioj and aupor- 
Btitu>u. liaH linen exuipeiBi««d into & pratificutMiEi of tbh- 
pwuiDa Th«*T donuot but be aousiblb Uiat tbe vlihe Taen 
ana tLfi UKtupoTK of tiioir anoicnt domioiniL, tbu cuitMi' of 
ttieb dugxndatinii, and tbo gradoa] do a tri i yui m of their 
Xioe. Xfae^ go fortti to battK amartiiis vith uijtmS~r 
4wl iikdjf^idtioB vhioh thei hftV6 imtrridnallv aidfered, 
and flii^y are driven to ibadneaa and di*vi|Hur bj Ibe 
widfr^ipfieodiii^ deiolatkm, and the overvbeboiiig roiti 
of £iinipuaa wariorc:. Tlur vhiiea havi^ too fraqnenUy 



fi«t tht^m ftn ^siimple of violonco, hy baminfr tl>«ir Til- 
lage, Aud Ujiug waste their sliMid^r meajia of atibemt- 
enue: iLtirl yet tliey wnrirler that savn^s iIq not eltow 

CiDirderatioD and ina^tiamnuty towards those wlio li&v« 
loft thorn notLing but mer& existerico anrl vrrett^hetlnese. 

We atigmiklizn the ludiauH^ alsn, ila <^QwnrcI]j' atifl 
treacherous, b&oaiifle they use stratagem ia warfare, in 
profontnoe t<> open forco ; but in tbia fchov aro folly jus- 
tified by their rude code of honor. Thej ore early 
taught thiit atrat^^m is praisewortliy ; the braveat var- 
rior thiukfi it no diagraoo to lark in ailoace, and tako 
every advautage of his foe : he triumpha iu the a^perior 
crnft and suf^ctt}' by wltich bo has been enabl&d Uy «ar* 
prifiE^ and destroy an enemy. Indood, man ia Datnrally 
more prono to subtilty than op«n valor, owing to bia 
phyaiivil weiikne^^ in cnmpariHon with other animahL 
They are endowed with natural weapons of dafeDce: 
with horna* with toakfi, witJi hoofs, and talons; but man 
has to depend on bin Hupflihir «a^aoity. In lUI hi* en- 
oounters with these, hia proper enemies, he reaorta to 
stratagem ; and when ha perroreely tunie hia hostility 
agamat lila fellow-man, he at £rat continues the same 
snlitle iHoile of warfare. 
, The naturat prinoiplo of war ia to do the moat harm to 
our enemy with the leaat harm to oaraelves: and Lhia of 
course is to be effected by stratagem. That ehivalroua 
coorogo which induces ns t^> dosptae Uie But^gnatioiu* ol 
prudence, and to roj^h in the f^ee of certain tlanger, ia th^ 

nuuTfi OF jsnxdjf auuAcnB. 


obpriag of «oGiMy, uid {vodsetd br odowdoiv. Itk 
boQocabk, boous'^ it iff in Isei tlM> miimph of iofr^ nc- 
tantAt ot«r mi instiacttTn nrpoguutor to paitt, ami ot«t 
tixtt^ jBTTinipft oftor pnnuuul «mu« and aocimcy, «hiob 
Hoeiotyhfls ocmdomiwil a^ itmobl^. It i*" k«*pt aliw by 
pddo «ad tike foar of ahamo ; aaii thn» tho dnjkd of nal 
«^l w oT^mnae by th« rapBiior drswl of 4m ptiI wbitth 
ecdabi bat in tiie twaffitttimii It lias been abmfthecl and 
stimaiaieJ alao bj ^ttrioaa maoofi. libwi bean tbe Ihoue 
of tfipidt-HCima^' atm^ aad chtTolram aton^ Tbe poet 
■ad minstKl Iwta dftUfilicad %ct sImkI rouod it tbo gploD- 
don of £otkm : ihkI »TaD tbo hurtdna:i b^A foifrotten ih« 
•ob^ ^:r«vjty nf najTMioii. trnd brokm: fnrUi into anttw- 
■bvn aod tliapeody iu itn pnuAP. Triumphs and |ror- 
gaoas paooaaia bare boon its roward r vonnnu^iMs, oo 
wltk^ art hari exbaaat^d iIh nkiU. and ofiiilaiw» il» treaa- 
mv^ have been f>r«eied to p^rpetaati^ a aatioQ'^ ptatitade 
flsd admiratioaH Tboa miAotaUT «xaied, emmcco baa 
naen to an «xtraonlinArT aad lacCitioaH dARi«<T cif bam- 
ian -. and arraTad in all tbn gUtHniift "^pcnop and cdmm< 
itMMe of war," tbia turbulent qaalitr bau pj^m bevn ablo 
t^ edipee many of thoer qnieU bnt hmdaablo viTtaaa^ 
wlucb ailrut^v aonrftblr iho litaDtui ciianu4«ir, ami awall 
tbe tide of bmnaa happuxnuL 

But U oomafTc latruMioUIr co a wi g ta in tht* dofiaBce ol 
daikK^r aod paii>« ibo IHn of tbo lodiaa ia a ooDtmoal «i- 
Libiliou cif it- Ho liwM ui a atato ol parpatxad b^mtUhr 
aakdEisL foiil and aAraftOm ara oo«g«M lo kia n*- 



rns sKSTuffsooz. 

tuTO : or rather ne&m n&ceflSAry to ftronse his facnlH^ sati 
to Rivc an iiitoroat to hh oxifitenoQ. Sarrouudod by lio^ 
tile tribes, w1job« modd of warfare is hy tuubuah and sar^ 
prisal, lie is aIwhjh prepnred htr figlit, nnd lireft witJi liia 
wQiiYioiiS in hU Uauda. Xb the ship careers lu feorfol sin- 
gki^as through tlie doliindi s of oceAn :— u?i tbe Urd mui- 
glefl among doiidji itni] Htonad, and wiiig^ iLn Vfu.}\ a mcra 
Bpeok, Acro8« tbo patbloAs fields of air-, — eo tbe lutli&n 
bolda bU conrso, silont, solitary, but tindauni^d, tliroiigb 
tb« btiuml1r<H» bofiom of the wildentess. His ^ipeditioDfl 
muy vIg in distance and do-n^'er with tbe pilgriiDage of 
tho d«T0tcc, or the oruaade of the knight-^rant Ho 
travoraeK vimi forcjits, ei|iosed to the hftzards of lonely 
^rkTic»HH, (if lurkiitg (.Temiea, mid pining frt-tiiino, Sturniy 
lakos, thoHo grocit inLind seas, are no obstacles to bia 
vauderiii;^i4 : ib hia ligbt caaae cf baik be nporta, like & 
fotitb^^r, on their waves, and darta, with tbe awiftueBS of 
tai arrow, down tbe Tooriopr rapids of the rivers. Hia 
T«iry aubfliet^nce la anatcbed from the midst of toil Aiid 
pi^rib He f^aiua bis food by the bnrdahipa imd ilangi^rH 
of tbe chatto : he wraps bim^lf m tbe aputls of the b&ar, 
the piwUior, luid the bnJfolo, and a]c<'p9 amoi:g UtO tbun- 
jlng^ of tbo oatamoi. 

No hero of juici^nt or modem day* c«i 8tjrp»w tlw In- 
dioa in Ms lofty contempt of death, and tbe forHtndo 
with which bo sustaias ita oToeUest infliction^ Indeed m 
L^re behold him HaiDg gnpc^rioT in the white man. in 
conaoqueuoe of his peculiar education- 'Xiui latter ruabea 


to p;1orioiJd death at tho aaimon'a month ; the former 
calmly contemplates ita approach, and txiumphaatly en- 
dures it, amidst th« vitrieil tunueiit* of rtiuit'n ruling foes 
ft&d the protracted agonies of tre. He evou tak^s a 
pridd IQ taontin^ hifi porsooutors, acd provoking their in- 
geuoify of torture; and as the devonrui^ ilaiurs Jirej on 
hia veiy vitalH^ anij the flesh slirinkH from the sinews, hs 
raiBOS his lust song of triumpL, breathing the detianco cl 
an nncontgut^red h^art, umX inrokiDg the spirite of hia 
Mther^ ta witness thiit he dies witfaunt a groan. 

Notwitbstandiof^ the obloquy with which the early his- 
lorinus have oTCrsbAdowed the L'huractera of the unfor- 
tunate nntivee, some brij^ht gle^Lms oft-asiunjillj hrvak 
tlirough^ which tlirow a de^^e of muhmcholy lustre on 
their mcmorieii. Fiiets ore occaaionallr to ho loot with in" 
thfi rmtti Auuah^ uf the eastern provinces, which, thoagk 
recorded with the coloring of prejiulice and >)igntrj-, yet 
speak for tbemsclros ; and will be dwelt on with applaiiBO 
and sympathy, when prejudice shall have passed away. 

In one of the bomelj narrativee of the Indian wars ta 
New iilnt;]and, there i& a lonohiitp account of Uic dea- 
oh*liou carried into the tribe of the Feqnod Indiaiis. 
HuTiiauity ^hrink^ from th^ eold-blooded detail of indiA* 
criminate butoheTy. In one plaoc we rood of tho aur- 
prisal of an Indian fort in tha night, when tlie wiewam.>< 
wrri) WTRp]>ed iu flament^ itud tlie iai?4i!rahle inhalntaittn 
shot down and «lain in att4>iupting to eacape, "all being 
despatched and onded in ihc ooarno of rui Jiour." Aftor 


TBB asswnnoos. 

A flodea of sinailfir traasnoUotis, " our A^ldion," as tho 
hiatoriau pioualj oLm^rvea, *'beuj^ rcnolvod by God's 
asaistauce to make jx don.1 destniction of thcic," tbo 
unliuppy MiVttgiafi Lieiiig liuitted from their lioriiw^ hikI 
£ortro&B6s, and.pursuod iTJth fire and ewotxl, a i^carl;, 
but gaUaut baud, tlie ead i^mnaiit of the Pequod woi- 
rioriiL, witk tliBir wives and cliildren, took reftj^ m a 

BuntiiLg with indigcAtiou, aivd r&ndered auUeti bj 
despair; with hearts bui'sl-iijg witli K^ifif at the destruo- 
tiou of their tribe, imd spirits gidiisd niid &ore at tbo 
fancTidd igDomiD}' of their <lefeat, they refuaod to udc 
their liveH at the liauda of an iiuiultiii^ foe, ajid pi^ 
f&rred death to eubiai^idou. 

Aa thfi uigbt di'ew oa thcj were Batroauded id their 
diauiaL retreflrt, ao oa to render escape impmcticablv. 
Thus situated, their enimiy "plied them with Hhnt jdl 
tho time, by which tocaus many wcirc kiUod rmd buried 
in ihn mire." lu the darkness and fo^ that piec«ded the 
dnwD (il duj' Home few broke throTi^h the InisiegeTB and 
oflcflpcd into the wooda: ** the reat were loft to the eon- 
queroiTBt of Thich many were killed in tho swamp, tiko 
flnllen dn^H who wocdd raUmr, in their sfdf-willednft«a 
and madneaa, ait atill and be shot through, or cnt to 
pieces." than implore for mercy. When the day bioke 
upon thiH hnndftiL of fnrlnni 1int danntliiKH w]iirit«, thd 
soldiers, we are told, entering the i;w&mp, *' saw severBl 
heaps of them sitting otoeo tog;othor, npon whom thej 


disellttgecl tHeiT pieces. lAdeu with ten or twelre pidtol 
bullets Art & tifU3, puttiug the muzzles of tfie pieises iiiiilfir 
the booghSf vrithin a few yariU of tliem; ao as, bi^^ides 
thoae that were fonod deful, many more were killed autl 
Biiiik Luto thd mirej oud DBviar w«re miiuleil iut)i'k> bjr 
friend or foo/' ^ 

Can any oilo read this plum unvamiEbt^d tfUc, without { 
wliniriu^ tlio steru reHolntion, the unbending piidf^^ tha I 
loftinEss of spirit, that aoemecl to nerve tltd hearts of I 
these self-trxught herwss, and to raiso thorn abovo tha I 
iustinctire feelings of liuman nature? Wheu the GauIS 
laid waste the city of Borne, they found the lienators 
clothed ill their robo3, and seated with slera tranquillity 
iu their curule chairs; in this manner they sufTered 
d(>at]L without resistance or even mipplieation. Such 
eoindact was, in them, applauded as noble and ma^aui- 
moiie; in the hapless Indian it was rcrilcd a« ol>stinato 
and Hullen \ Hnw truly ar© wo th^ dcipt^H nf show 
and circnmatance ! How different ia Tirtne, elothed 
in purple and enthroned in state, from virlno. naked 
and dastitnte, and periflhlng (ibacnrely in a wilder- 

But I forbear to dwell on tbcae gloomy pieturoa The 
eafitem tribe** have long since disappeared; the forests 
that sheltered them have been laid low, and scarra* iiuy 
traoea remain of tiiem iu the thiokly-aetth?d stated o( 
New England, excepting here and then? the Indian namo 
of a village or a stream. And auoh nmat, Boou<?r or later, 




be tike ffttd of thoad other tribes which aldrt ihe frobttevfl, 
And li&vG ocoasioDAlly be^D invdigkd from th@ir foroatd 
to miitgle ill this wara of white miMi, lii a little wliile, 
ftDtl Ihey will j^o the wit^ that tlieir brethren hare ^ii« 
bofore. Tli€ few bord&a which ^till luig@r ribout the 
shores of Huron and Superior, and tho tributary streama 
of the Mississippi, will idiare the fufe of thn^e trib«^ l-b»t 
onod spread over AlaaauchusQtte and Comi<>cti?ut» cmd 
lorded it along the proud banks of the Hudson; of thai 
gjgautic race sa^id to h&rG existed on the borders of Lh« 
SnsqnGhaTUiH ; anil of thr>s» vhHquh Rations that flour* 
ifihed alxjut the Potomac and the Bn.ppahruinock. aud 
that pecpled the foregtA of the Wii valley of Sh^UADdoaL 
Th^j will raniah Ufca a vapor from the face of th9 ^rtli; 
thoir veiy'histoiy will be lost in foi^elfnlnees ; and ''the 
pl^oea that now know theni will know them no more for 
67^-" Or if, perchance, some dubious memorial of them 
ahouttl £urnvo, it may b« in the romiintic dt-eama of th^ 
poet, to people in imaf^natiou hia f^hulea and grorea, like 
the fiiirue and satyrs and sylvnn deitif^i* of antiipjity. But 
ahould he venture npon the dark story of thoir wrbti|^ 
uid wrctchcdin>38 ; ehouhl he tell how thoy wnrc invaded, 
ooimi|itvd, d<t«p[>iled, diiven from their nntivie abodes and 
tb« sopulehri^K of their fath^TS, hunted like wild benflts 
ftbotit tho earth, and eent down with riolenco and butch- 
ery to the grave, poaterity will either turn with horror 
cjiil inrreilnlity from the tale, or blush with tnd^ation 
&t tho inhonianity of tliwr forefathore.— " Wc arc driven 



baok," eaid an old warrior, "until wd can retreat no far- 
ther — onr hatchets are broken, onr bowB are snapped, 
onr fires are nearly estingmBbed : — a little longer, and 
the white man will ceafie to peraeoute ns — for we shall 



A Mitl llMt pit; UmebM but m^vtr Khor>k ■ 
Tr*JjiM tfim bis UiM-^nJct'O cr»Jlo l« IJ* M*r, 
Tfau flrrcu «jtlni]ii4 Lif go^ and lU li> broolc 

A Atolc lit iko woihIji— a m»a vUliOQt a tvor. 

IB If* bo rogr©tted tliitt thosft early writora, 
who trrcated of tho di&corory axtd settlement of 
AfnericA. hftve nr^t givr-n us more particular abd 
candid accoaute of the remarkable oharftctera that floor- 
iahod iu savage Ufa. The ecanty a&ecdctea which baro 
reached \ih are full of |)eciuliariLy ^d tiitert<Hi; ihvy fur* 
nieh ua ^vitb nearer j^liropaes of humau ujitura, and shov 
what man ia iu a comparAtivelj primitive sUt«, ftnd what 
he nwes t*i civil izatiojt. There U something of the ohamt 
at discovery iu li^'htiug npon Ihe^ wild and unexplored 
tracts of hamuli nMiiri^; in witneasinj^, aa it were, Ihe 
mdivc growth of moral sentimeut, aud perceiving thi 
gtiiLuriJUN ami roiiuuitiu (jiuditiea which ha^e bet 






fictflUj cnldvat^d bj aocietj, vo^eUtmg in apcntaneoiu 
hardihood and mde caagnilloeiioe* 

111 civilized life, wLete the hftppuifiA^ aud mdred al- 
most the eiiatence, of mati d^p^nds so much iipnn the 
opinion of hiA fcUo^-iacu, he m ooD^tAiitly ucting a stud- 
ied part. Tlie l>oLd aud pecuU&r tmits of native char- 
acter are refinf'il iiway^, i>r Hoftened dnwn by the levelling 
ioflaence of what is termed good- broe ding ; and ho prac- 
ttaea ao manj petty deceptions, and afificts so many gen- 
emiM BeDfiitnentsj for the purposes of popiilaritji that it 
U difficult to distinguish hie real from his arlifloial chax- 
ncter. The Indian, on the oontrnrj-, free from the r&- 
Mtnuiit^ mid nifLm^iiieQU of polished liTe, Hud, iit it grejtt 
dcgroo, a solitary and independent 1>cing» obeys the im- 
pulses of his inclination or the dictates of his judgmeDt; 
and thus the attrihtite^ of Iiib nature, Iwing freely jq- 
dulped, grow ein^^y great and striking. Society is like a 
l&wn, where every roughneas ia amoothed, eveiy brambld 
ftrndicatcd, huiI whore the eye is daUglited by the Ftmiliug 
verdure of a velvet surface ; he^ however, who would 
study nature in it« wildneaa and varietyj must plunge 
into thf.^ forest, rniint mplore the ^leii, must ntom the 
torrent, and dare the precipice. 

These reflectiona arose on eiisiialty tooking throTtgh a 
vuluiiiti iif fiLi'lj cohiuid htsli:iry, wherein are recor<led, 
trith iJ^eai bltteniesB, the oiitrnges rf the Indians, ard 
their wara with the settlers of New England. It is paiu- 
fnl tu jieroeive eveij from these partial narratives, h<nr 






the lootftt^pft of dTOIzaUon mAy be trooa^ in tho bloo^ of 
the iLlK^f igines ; bow caiuly tUo coIoiuaU woro movxxl to 
bofitility \yy tho last of couqueat; bow mercile^^ Aod «k- 
tdtmiiiHting W}iM tlteiT warfare. The inngiiifttioii Mljruik» 
at tLo idea, hovr mjiii}' LDtri^UeotiuU beiti^ wero biictod 
From the earth, how raa&j brave aiuj Dobia hearU, of n^ 
tore's Ht4?i]iiig couuige, were brukeu dowu Hud trampled 
iotbeduatl * 

Hooh iTM the bto of Pitilit of Pokako&ict, an Xndioa 
warrior. wLose uame was oac« a terrLrr thruLt^-liuut Mah- 
BaclLoaetU and CtiimectiaiiL Ho vas the most dtatui* 
guiHliod of a numbar oi ooutdiuporary S^bdiem» who 
rugnod over tJie Pequoils. Ihft NiuTagiinsetrt, tlie Warn- 
panoags, and the other easLerD tribes^ &t tUe time of tbo 

\i settlement of Xew England ; a baud of native nn* 
taught heroea, who made the luodt geiieroua struggle of 
whioh human nature ia capable ; Sighting to the la^ ^^P 
in the cause of tbeir oonutry, without a hope of victoij 
a thought of r&uowu. WtirtJij of an age of potitiyp 
mid fit BiibjectH for local »tor}' aad rnntantie fictitm, tboj 
have left ficarcaly any aatheutid tmotis on tho pof^ of 
histc^, but BtaLk, like gigantic ahudows, in the dim twi* 
light iif tTadiiiiiUH*' 

Wiii?n th« jiitgrims, as the Plymouth aettlers ftre called 
try thoir ilosccndonte. fir&t took rofogo on tbo ahctea of 

* While coTTDcUojf Qie lucof ihorta uf Uiii^ aiikOo, tbij auLlior £a ii> 

on tbo atory oJ PltUij/ of PaJanokaU 


the New Worlil. from the neligioua pGreQOati<?CB of the 
OIlI, their situation Wi^ tn tlie \sjsi dogroo gloomy ftod 
dmh^arteuing. Few in imuilter, mid tlirit DiiinlKtr rapitllj 
pcrisljutg away throuf^h sickness imcl hard^hipe; eur- 
rotiuied by a howling wildarnesa and savage tribae ; ex- 
poaerl to tli^ rigoFH of an aliQOBt arctic winter, and tb6 
noiBflitudea of au cver-alxiituig cUroato ; tUoir niuida were 
fiJled with dok-fiil forebodings, and ttothing pr^oerved 
tliem from siukin^ iuto despoiiileuoy but tJi^ strong bi> 
oitoment of religions entbuftiJiBm. lu thia forlorn situo- 
tion thoy vrore riaitcd by MMsasoit, chief Uugnmore of 
the WanipiiitoagH, a powerful L'.hief, who reigiied over a 
great ext«iil of couDtry. Instead of taldo^ advantago of 
the Beauty uumbor of t)io stran^era. and o&pelUnj^ them 
£pom hifi territoriea, into wliich theiy had iulrudifd, hn 
seemed at once to conceive for them a i^aeToiia friend- 
Bhip, and oxtonddd towards Uiem the rites of primitiro 
hoflpitttlity. He cnnn* e/irlj in the spring to their settle- 
tiicut of New Plyincuxth, attended by a mere biuiLlfnl of 
followers, entered into a solnma lea^^ue of poju^e and 
amity; sold them a portion of the tioil, and promincd to 
secure for them the gooil-will of \m savage alli^w. W}mt- 
ovGT may be said nf Indian perfidy, it is t^ertain that tbe 
integrity and good Eaith of Moasasoit bavo never boon im- 
peoehod. Ho continued a Urnt and magnaiLimous friepd 
of the whitn mnn ; sneering them to extend their posaea- 
eionM, and to ^treni^then IhemAelvee iu the land; and be- 
traying no jealousy of their increflajji^ pow&r and pro*- 




penty- Sliortly before hia death ho eamo onoo mow to 
Now Plymouth, with UIs aud Alexandei, for the purpo«« 
of i^iifrujng the ooveaajit nf peace, Aod of securing it to 
Mh potit«<rity> 

At this conferenco he 43ndoaTorod to protect tho reli- 
gion of his fore£at!tera from tlifi encro^Lelung sptkl of the 
miaaioDnries ; Jiod stipulateil that no further iittempt 
ehould lie mft<lfi tr> Ji-nw off his people from their anciont 
faith; but, finding the En9[l]flh ob&tiiiat^ly opposed to 
any ancb r/^ndition, he mililly relinqaislied tha demund. 
Almost the last a^t of hifi life was to brin^ bia two aoiia, 
Aleiauder AJid FhUip (aa Uiey had been named by ihn 
SnglislOi **" t^^ rwtiiienoft of a prioeipal settler, reerim- 
Taending mutual klnduess and oonfidenc^e; and ontrOAting 
that thfi sjvrae love and amity which had esidtod between 
thih whita meu nud himself might bi> coutiiiued jifterwiLrda 
With his cbildr^iL Th« gr>o<l old Sachem died in peoco, 
and waa happily gatlicrod to liis fathers before sovrow 
cauie nporj hiH tribe ; his chOdren remained beLind to 
experience the inRratitnde of white men. 

Hift eldest son. Alo^andor, sncceeded bim- He was of 
A quick and impetuous temper, and proudly tenacioiis of 
his hereditary rights and dignity. The intnisivB policy 
anil dictatorial <}onduct of the straug^rd eieited hie in- 
digoation ; aud he beheld with uDensineas their Gzl<*r- 
niiuating wars vith th«> lu^ighborii^ tribes. He waa 
doomed soon to inoor th^ir hostility, heiug accused of 
plotting vritb tUo Narrai^aiiaeto to rise against the Eng- 

pniLip OP poKAyosET. 4u 

Ush and drird them from th« land. It is impoeaiLlo to 
fljiy whetJiel this ftccuaatioii woa warranted by fcwtrt or 
w)w groumled on mure au&picioa It la ©videul* Uuw«vHrp 
1)7 the viol-jot aud overbearing TD^aBtirae of tho A6tUo», 
tliAt th^y had by this tuDC baguu to feci aonucioua of the 
rfipid increAMe oi ihelr powor> and to t^^ow kandi EUid 
Inconijirl^rAte in their trejitrueiit of the nRtives. They 
doapatclied an armed force to aeiaj npon Aloxandor, and 
t'j briit^ him l>fif(>n* tht<ir oourta Hb wua traced to bis 
woodland hauuta, and aurprisod at a hunting house, 
wk«TC ba w&B r«]x)siiig with n b^iod oC bie follourara. un- 
Smed, nftcr the IoiTh of tbn chrLHa Tlie HnddeuneAH of 
Tiift arrest, atid the otitra^e offered to hie noverei^n dig- 
nity, ao projcd upon tbo iraaoibJo foelin^ of this proad 
Bavago, as to throw liini into a raj^iif; faver- He was 
permitted to retnra homa, on oonditioti of eetiding his 
eon aa a piddge for Ids roappearanoo ; bat the blow ho 
bad received was fatal, and bflforo bo h^id t^ached hia 
batite be fell a victiirj to the agomufi of n wmindi^d 8|)inL 

The fiuocoaaor of Alexander wim Metacomot, or King 
Pliilip. as he was called by ihe fletders, on account of hla 
lofty spirit ami amliitioijw teni}wr, Thea**, together with 
bis well-known ener^ and enterprise, bad rendered hjiri 
40 object of great jealousy and ftppreheDaion, and be was 
accused of baviu[^ alwaya c-herinhed a Hecriit aud iiui:^ 
cable hostility towards the wbitea^ Such may very prob- 
ably, and very naturally, have heau the ease. He ood- 
aiderod tltem aa originally but mera intruders into dtO 




Gonntry, irho Irnrl preaiimeil upoD indnlgeiio^, anJ vera 
ctxtuitcltiig UQ iiii]ueu(« iHineful tu luLVogc 1jf(\ He* 8AW 
the whold ra^;^ of bis countrjinen m^ltin^ before thom 
from the fjK« of the dorth ; fctieir teirttorics elipping from 
tlifiii' liandH, ami tbeir trihes heci>Ti]ing feeble, scaltt^red 
<M]dent It m&j be said that the soil v&s origi- 
njtU}- purt-'liaaeil by tlio BetUeiB ; but vlio does not kiioir 
tlm lULLiire of laJmn purchasef*, m the ejirljr jiuritjds i>f 
oolobizfttion? Tlio Europeiuis always niAcle thrUtj bjir* 
gains through their eapexi^^r lulroitnese in tmltic; And 
tliR^ gniijed votst acceasionH of territory bj easily pro* 
Yoked hostilities. An QncultiT&t&d sAvAf^e id nevor ft niod 
iiMjniror into tltft refinCMuenta of Inw, by which an injuij 
Qlfiy 1>e grjvliirLlly ami legnlly iu£irtecl. Leailing fm^tft Aro 
nJl by vbich he juilges ; and it wa« eoongh for Philip to 
know that bofore Ihft iutrnpiion of the Europeans hift 
coautrymca vorc lords of the soil, aud that now ibey 
wgr^ bernming vjigabonds in the land of their fjttfaers. 

But whateTeT may have been his feelio^ of f![CBeraI 
hostility, and his particular indiKnatiou at the (re^vbmeui 
of hiu hrotht^r, he hU]>pr6aseil them for the prt^Ar^iit, ro* 
Hewed the oontfaot vith tlie sottlen^, aud resided pr^oo^o- 
Wj for many years at Fokanoket, or, as it woa called by 
the Eiiglihli, Mount Hope^* the ancient seat of dominina 
of bia tribe. Su^picvLim, hftwovur, which weri> nt first 
but raguo aud utdetinite, begao to acquiro form and sub- 

> Now BrUlol, Bhod« :*lukd. 



ataaco ; and ho w&s at length clmrgtKl with atiemptiug to 
instigate the Tariooa Eafitem tribes to riee at omt*, and, 
by a simultaneciuB effort, to throw off the yoke ol th^rir 
opprcBHorg* It ia dl^cuU £.t this distant period ia umign 
the propter L;r&dU dao to thes^ enrly fLecuKatioust A4^airtst 
the ladiaiiHv There wus a proueneNs tr> BUApiciou, and 
,t& uptiKJsa to aota of violeuce, on tho part of tho wJjitoB, 
that gave weight juid importance to every idle tale. In- 
fiwraem nbf.iunded ivtw»re tjtleljearinK met with counte- 
n&ncs and reward ; and the Bword tv&b readily unahoathed 
when ita aiicceBs wae certain, and it oar\'od out empire. 

Tlie only positive eviilenoe on record a^ftiuat Philip in 
tlie accusation of one BiLuaaman, it rotiogado Itidinn, 
whoeo natnral ctuming hod beeo qoickeaed by & paitial 
edncntion which he had received luooitg the Hi:4tktrv. 
He chfliif^d his iaith and Ijia ]LUe|;^atic« two or threo 
times, with a facility tljat evinw^d the looBcaosa of his 
[ijitmiplns. Eft- had acted for Homc time oa rhilip's con- 
fidc>ntial secretary and ooTinsellor, and had enjoyed his 
bounty ftnd protcctiou. Finding, however, that tho clonda 
of jidtpr*iity were gatlieihig rouiiJ hift pattou. he aban- 
doned hw Horvico and went over to the whitt'H ; and. In 
order to Rain their favor^ eharRed hia form&r benefactor 
with plotting against their safety- A rigorous invsatigo^ 
tion tank jttFuv^ Philip aud several of his subjects suIk 
mitted to be examingd, but nothing wa»t proved "j^^ujf^ — i 
them, The settlersi however, ha^l now gone too far to I 
retract ; they had prevtonKly determiuefd that Philip was [ 



« doDgeronB tieighbor ; thej had publicly evinced thetr 
distrust; iind luid done poongh Id iiiHurH liin ho^Ulitpj^ ; 
aocoidiDif, th^r«ifore, to the usual modd of reaaomng in 
th606 OEbaeSi liis destruotioii liod beoom« ueoe^sary to 
thair Beonrity. BaiiinainrLii, the b^acherous iufurmer, wna 
ttliortly afterwnrda foimd dead, in a pond. Laving fnlleD ft 
victim tu tbc vtugoauoo of bia tnbo. Throe lodiaiia, ona 
of wLom wjiB a friend and otmosellor of FMlip, w«rft ap- 
pr*jh6iidud wnd trie<l, fcnd, on tU© testimony of one reiy 
qucstionibble witneBa, wera ooodemnoj £md oxeoatcd a« 

Tills treutment of bia siibjtivta, and tgnomiiiiouH pun- 
iehmeut of lus friend, outraged tlio prid^ zind oicoflperated 
the passions of Philip* Tlio bolt which had fallen thus at 
his very fee<t aw^diened Liio to tbe i^atberii^}^ storm, and 
he determined to trust bimseU no loii^r in tbe power 
of the wJut*3 is«n. The Cate of lus insulted and brokeo- 
hearted brotlier sUH raakled in hia miiid; imd 1ik faiul ft 
further vamiug in th^i truncal Ht4>ry of Mij;ntoiiim<\ n 
great Saobem or the ^rragunsets, who, aftor moofully 
fnriiig his Hccuttem Wfore a tnhitnal of tbe colouista, 
eicidpating himself from a charge of oonspirftoy, and re- 
oeiviag aeaurnnces of amity, had been perfidiously do*- 
gpat^ed at their instigation. FmEp. thare/ore, R:atber»Q 
hfH iighttni; men about bim ; persuaded ail dtran^rs that 
hd could, to join his eanee ; sent the women aud cbildrea 
to the Narragauaetd for safety ; aud wherever ha ap- 
p»]iarE<d, was conUniially eiirroumled by arumd warnon^ 

tBUJP or rOKASOXET. 41& 

WbMi tbtt two partkfi w«re tbw Is % fltale of diBtrort 
sod britetioii, tbe Idttfit &park wm g-^**ifBt td oet tbotf 

grew mificJuercofi, and coBmitted wions pf^ttj dcjindi^ 
tioDS. In one of their mtfntliigB > warrior -vas fired on 
uid killed b J « settJer. Ikis vm the sig&ftl f or opeo hov- 
tifities; flte TimIH— pff o awd to wrw iay* ihe deatb of Hieir 
oomndo, ftiid Uie iJarm of var fceonuded tUxoaf;ii the 
FljtQonUi coloBT. 

In Hmr. rftrlj cbrucidts ul tlirnn d&rk akd meLuialMdj 
tiaDSvemMtvitik Eoaaj itiditiiOiuiw uf tb« diMMod slilt 
of tbe pvbbc mioiL Hm ^ooo of reiigiotts Absbactioiu 
Uid t)i» vUdnefiB of Uieir sitaftdaiit anoag tfackfefls %a^ 
Mte uid Hcti^ tiibest had di^toeed tbe r^otaa/Ok to 
ai^onrtalioiu laDCiMi and bad ftDed tk«ir Imitliiritftt 
villi ti>e Irii^itul diuDera* uf wUcbcnft «iid mwciroto^. 
Tbcj T«re PQucli fpwn &3s(i to a belief in otiMiiA- Hie 
trooblM vilb Philip utd Lib IndiAu^ were preoedftdf va 
we told, hj tt T&nrtj of tHoae a-iri ol wamii^ v^nc^ fum- 
nm fTwat and public <!ttX»mitifiiL Tli« peaiinci Idtib nf uit 
Indian bow appoan^ id tb* air at Now Pljaumfli, wliii^ 
waa lo(^^ nikcm br the inLalotutB as a '^ prodigioaa ap- 
pMJtinw^" Ai Badlej, Northaaijilott, uid otber towua in 
tiiBflr neii^iboAood. "waa I w d flw report <tf « i;f«ii 
tttacv of ordaatiM, with a fttt<Jrt*i|g fif th^ earth aod a oon- 
ludmtlde nchu-**' Oti>fcr« wtn? ulitnaisd un a idHl, atto- 

• n» B9«- Ixcnw Mubir*- HMwT- 




ubiDj monaing. by the didch&rgt^ of ^Efl and moflkcta; 

flrumrj Nii>;ouiided in the air^ Beemin^ to pasa jiway to the 
wrrBtwanl; otliora faticiod that tlioy hoard tTie gallaping 
of honwH over iheir heud^ ; aud certain monfitruud birtliflp 
which tor>k plaoe about tlie tiiite, Ellcd tht^ attpuratiticiLa 
in fioine tov^kS with ilcituful forebodiuge. Many ^t Uioso 
porttintoua aighta and aoimdfi tnaj be oscribod to natnral 
pluf numeiUL : to tlie northern lights ^)ikh occnr Tividly 
in t1ioe;n lutittidoa ; tbo mctoors vhich ^xplodd in thd air ; 
tho c&Aiud n»«hing of a blaat throa^'b the top braudiMi of 
tli« forest; thv cra«h of fcdhm tn-i-n or di>injpted rocks; 
and to thoee other nncontb iK>un(lH nnd oohooa which will 
flometimes strike the ear so atrangelj aniid&t thft pn>- 
touml stillneHEH of woodland biolilui.h<Hv Theno niay huTo 
fftattlod aomo mehmoholy imaginations, may have brm 
exaggerated by thft Iot« of the m&rvellonFi, and ]ist«Dcd 
tci with that avii]it^ with which we devour vbnfpvnr ts 
fcuirfti] atul mystoriotis. TtiQ uoivgrmd (nirreney of ^OM 
eruporstjtioua fn.ncie9, and tbc grave rooord made of them 
\iy one of the Iftiirtied nion of the dsy, are strongly cltar- 
act^ristic of the times. 

The naturi^ of the contest tfiat onaued waa Hucfc as (o<» 
often dintiiti^iahea tha warfare hrtwtfi^u oivili?«d mm 
and savagefk On the part of th& whites it wai condceted 
with anporior akill and auocoBS; but with a wnAk-ftt]n«H« 
of the bloo^l. and a diaTttgnrtl of tlte tiaturjd rights of 
th«ir unlaf^nisis : uu tlu- piirt of th« Iiidlaufl it was 



waged with tiie <IeflpoiAtion of mMj fr^arlcn^ t>f de^ttti. nnd 
wbo Iitid notliiiLg in expecL from peaiio, but liumilUiUiiu, 
dependeiice, aud decay. 

Tlio cronts o! tb<3 war arc tr^uiamittty] io hh hy a 
uurtby cle.rg^nuiit of the tinit^ ; w Jiu dwells wiili Itorror 
and mdignatioD on every hostile acrt of the Indiantt, hoxr- 
07i>r jtiatifinblo, irhilst bd montiou^ with npplanfto th« 
most s&Qgulaaj-y atrocities of the whites. Philip is rd- 
lilptl as !i murd&rer and a traitor; witbint PiinBiilering 
Xha.% he woa el true boru prince^ gallantly ti^btin^ at tho 
head of hift aubjecta to avenf^e the wrongs of hia family ; 
to rfttrieve the tottering power of his linti ; and to di^liver 
liiM native land from the oppression of ugurpiu^ gtrAn)j;orH. 

Tl[« project of a iride and simultaneous revolt, if such 
lijul rejJly heeti formeil, was wortliy of a ca[>acions mind, 
ntid, liad it not been prematurely discovered, mi^^ht have 
bcnn overwhelming in its consequences. Tho war that 
actually broke out woa but a war of d^ptatl, a inerB auo- 
c^ssjon "»f oasiinl Piploit»i and iinc/jnnecleil enterprises. 
Still it eets fortb the military j^^nius and darin;; prow- 
ess of Philip ; and wherever, in the prejudiced and pan- 
Hionate MJtrriitiontt that have be^u irlvrTi of it, wo v^\i\ 
arrive at ainipk kcts, ^vo dud Uiia diapluyiiig a viRCiruua 
Eaiud. a fertility of ^ipt^dicnts, a contempt of auflbnag 
uud h&rdHbip, tuid an unn.>n<|uerable rpsolntion, Ih^it 
command our eyropnthy oud applause. 

Driven from his pateriuU domains at Mount Bopc, ho 
threw himself into the depLhs of tliuKe Mo^i u,uxl trurkkwi 





pen-ions to anjthing bnt a wild bi^wst, ci un InOimi. 
Kt^re he gntbtrrei] f^getber h\% furos^^ Like tHci vitirni 
ucciimnUtmg its atoras of misdnef in tbo boaom of the 
tbuuder cloud, ond would suddenly emerge at a ticnQ and 
pbice least etpeotcid, carrying bnvotr and dismay into the 
villflges, Tbdre were tiow and then indications of these 
impfindin^ r^\agc9, that tilled the mindd of tbe ctdorndts 
will] awn and apprdbeuflion. Tbe report of a distant gun 
would perbu^pa be be^rd from the solitary woixllaud^ 
wkero tiicre wjia known to ha uo wLite tzinu; tbo cattle 
wliicb bjul been ironderiug in tbe woodA would Aom«* 
times return home wounded \ or an Indian or two would 
be Bocn lurkini^ about tho skirts of the forests, and sud- 
denly disappeanii^; a* tbe lightning will aomQtimea be 
seen pUyhig &ilt<nt1y abunt tliii ed^ of tbfi doud tbat x% 
brewing up tbe tcinpeet 

Though sometduiea pursued and eYen surrotindod bj 
the vettlerH^ yet Philip an cifl^n eseapt^d almnmt minuru- 
loiisly £rom tiieir toils, and, pinning Into the wthl«ni«8S, 
would be lost to &I1 sefijcb or iuquiiy, until ho again 
emerged at some far distant quarter, laying tbe connb'y 
desolate. Amonjt his strongholda. were the ^*refit Hwampe 
or morassos, wbicb extend iu aomo parta of New Eng- 
land; cumpoiied of Ioi««e bugH of deep block mud; i>er- 
plexod witb tbickcta, brambloft, rank woods, thd almttored 
and mouldcritif; trunks of fallen Iro^s, orersbadpowcd by 
lugubrious liemlLjcks. The uncertAin footing nod the tan- 



gled nuu»B of Llieee sliag^ wilJs, mnJeretl Lheni aliiiiuit 
impracticable to tl>e vrhit« mau, though iIlo ludian could 
thrid their labyrinths with the ability of m door- Into 
one of these, the great swamp of Pociu(»f>t N«clc, waa 
Philip oni'e ilriveo with a band of hiii followers. Hm 
Eii^liiih did not dare to purine him, f«iariDg to vontoro 
into theso dork aud frightful reo^Aaes, where thoy might 
piiriuh ill feus aiiil mirj' pibi, or Iw shot dowD by lurking 
f<Kis. Th^y therefore mvetited the eotiaxLCd to the N^ek, 
aod began to build a fort, with thd thou^'ht of atarvint; 
out the loe; but Philip aud his vramom wafb«d them- 
selves on a raft over oii hxm of th« Aoa, Ln tho dead of tho 
ni^ht, leaving the? vomcti mid olultlu^n l)chind ; and ea- 
tvip*»d Hwny to the westwnrd, kindling the 1)hiu(>m of wnr 
atnong the tribes of Mii^ncliusetts and tlio Nipmuch 
oountry, and tbTcateoing the colony of Connecticut. 

In this way Philip bccaute a thi^ine of uniriM'sat appr^ 
hensioTiH The mystery in whicli he was enveloped ewig- 
f^rated hifl t^vX terrors. Ha was an dvil that valked in 
darkuees \ whose coiuiu^ none could foresee, aud Ett^iuat 
whii^h noue knew wheji to Ije on the ah^ii. The whole 
Gountry abounded with rumorB nnd alarms. Philip 
sQeiued aloioet poHa^acd of ubiquity ; for, in whatever 
pnrt of tlie widelyt^x bonded fruutier au irruptlou from 
the foTfrgt took place, PbUip waa said to be its lead&r. 
Many uaperatitioufi uotioua alao wer<T oirciilatod couoem- 
iute hiin. He waa sdtd to <l^nl iu necrnntaiicy, and to be 
ath^udod by mi old Icdua witch i>r pr^jpliet^jw, whom hfl 



<)0Q3ii1te^, nn^l vho iu;iaif4tju1 him hy lit^r rhHrnin mA in- 
cantatiooB. Thu ind^efl ^a4 triHiuQDtly thii c*«9 vith 
InJiAD duaCa; either througb their own orodolily, or to 
upon tUat uf tliciT {(illowors : an J the iufla&uco of Uid 
propliet and tlio dreamer oT^r iDitJan superstitioD haa 
boon fuUy cvidonct^l m reoont instiuiced oi 8&va^ vor- 

At the titna tJiat Fbilip «iff8ctfid hia escajie from Po- 
cftnaotf bis fortunes were in a dc^purab^ condition. Uta 
forces bnd been tbioned by rep<int«d figbto, and he hiul 
Initl Hlmrmt' tbe wbnlt) of liitt reaoiirciefi. In this iitne of 
ftdverFit}' he found a faitbful frii^ttd in Cauoncbet, cbicf 
Soctem o[ all tbfi Najrra^aoaets. He voh tba son and 
liAir of Miaiitouimo. tbe ^-re;iL Baclieni, wbn, aa alraady 
mentionod, after aji liociorabte acquittal of tlis charge of 
oonspiro^rr^ hod been priratoly put tci death at tiio ]K!r- 
fidiiiuii inatJ^^atiouA of tlie settlem. "Hn wan tbn htur,** 
HAya tho old chronldar. " of all bis father's pndr* mul io- 
HolDniM, aH well aa of hiit maiioti towards tbe Kn^li^h;" — 
ho oor6ain1y «a.H thi> heir of hi« insults and injnnea, and 
tba lagitinkati) avfmgtir vd bin mnrder. Though he ha<l 
fcrbonw fc> tjibo an aotiv^ part in tbie hopelosa war, yot 
he rvtocivtid Philip and hia broken forces with open arm^; 
and guve them the moHt ^iierous troarjUtnaurtH aud hiif>- 
port This at o&oo dr^w upon him the hostility of tho 
English ; and it wfis determiiit^d to ntrikf: a xigriAl b)ov 
that ^hoTill iiivoUn biitb l.hii HiK-hitznn iti oait eommon 
miju A great foroa was, thorofort^, (^thored together 



from Vasnurhn^tt^ Pljmutiih, and Ooiiiiiorti(?Ttlt and 
was ae&t into tbe NAJraf^annot coimby iq tlid d«|>th of 
winter, vrhc-n the ewamps, being ^20D and leafless, (y>atd 
l)e trav^rti^d with compaTative fiLt'ilitj, uml vtuuKl no 
longer afford dark ami impontDtrablQ lafitnesse« to t^ 

Ajipffilienftivft of f^ttack, CwioncliPt liftd onnv^j^d tli© 
gtcftl«r pftrt of his stores, tog^tli^r with %\i^ old, th& in- 
fina, the wcacuen and children of his tribe, to & strong 
fortress ; trhere he and Philij> had lik^wtrte drawn up the 
flower of their forc«a. This fortress, de^mod b^ thd Id- 
diacF} impref^nable, waa aituat^^d a|iou u risiiig mound or 
kind of ial&Dil, of fi>e or six acres, in thu miiUt nf u 
mrAinp ; it wits onnatrai^ted with a degree of jndgiuont and 
«kiil vastly 8Dponor to vbat is nfiually displnyxnl in In* 
dion fortiBiJition, ind indicotiTe of the mnrtiol genius of 
tiiese two chief toiuM. 

Guided br a r^nogado Imlian, tho E:^Ui4h ponptrated, 
ibroDgh I>ocombcr snovs. to this stronghold, n-xaX camo 
apon the ^arrieon Ijy mirprise- TIia liglit wims ficree and 
tniaultiiouBv The aasailants were repnlaed id th&ir first 
attack, and several of their bravoel offif?er3 wj?re abot 
down in the act of ftt<»rmii:g the fortress sword in hand. 
Th^ ai^nvlt was renewed witli greotor eu^^i^esn A lodg- 
rocTit wan effected. The luJians wero driT^n ivom ouc 
post to another. Tlirj disputed their gronnd indi 1^ 
inch, fighting with the fury of despair. Most viX thuir 
voti'TiLns were out to pieces ; and aft*ir a long and bloody 



battle, Philip and CaQoncbet, with a hftudfttl of surviving 
warriui-s, ruireateil from Llie furt, htiiI Uiok refn^ in the 
thicketo of the nurroumliiig format. 

Tli9 Tiotora sot iiro to tUo wigwatQs and Uie fori; the 
irhole wai8 800U id a IiUl^w ; iii^uiy <jf tlit^ oltl vxtm, the 
V01U6U aud the children perisbed in the llruacs. This 
lofit outra^ ovorcoiDC oveu the atoidsm of tbo Bavage- 
The ji9i{;hboriiig w(xxls reaoutidetl with the yelk of ra^ 
and doHpiiir, uttered by the fugitive warriors, aa Ibej be- 
hold tho deatracbiOD of thoir dwcllini^, and heanl the 
a^ouizLUg cries of their wives and offsi^riuK- " The biiru- 
Inj^ of the wigwams/' says a oontemporai-y writer^ " thtt 
Hhricks and oriea of the women and children^ and the 
y(*,lliu^ of the warricts, exbibiU'd a must hgrriblr and af- 
fficting sot^niB, %o that it greatly moved some of the soi- 
diorS'" The eamd writer cautiouely adds, "thoy were 
ill ffiiich (hmbt UieUj and aiterwards seriously iuijuir^d, 
whether biiru-in^ their enemies alive could be oonaist- 
ent with hutnauityr and thd benevolent priaoipks of tho 

The fAte of the brave and geoerons Canonehet la wor* 
thy of particQiar montion : the lut 9i?ene of Lia life in 
one of tho noblest mtauces on record of iDdiau uugaik- 

Broke*]! down in hia power and rcsoaroes by this aif^ual 
defeat, yet faithful to hia ally, and to the Implesa ci^xuui 

•MS.olt^I£or. W. Guggloi. 

pmtir OF POSANOKET. 423 

whioh ho had espouded, be rojeotod all ov^rtnroe of 
pe&ca, o^red on coodiUon of Iretrajiiig Pkilip imd hia 

fuUowtsns aud declared tliat *' be wi>iilJ fight U out to the 
last luaji, rather than bsoome a. aerv&iit to the EuglUb." 
Ui^ home baing dastrojcd ; Iub country Lu<rzL3Bed atid waste bv the mourbloiiB of th& i:oiiqiterora ; hs was 
obliged to wnnder awajr to the banks of tlie CumiActicnt ; 
where he formed a milling poltit to tEie whole tvody of 
western IndiiEiflr oxid Ijud w&ste several of the XjDgUeh 


Eailj in the spriuf; be departed ou a hazardous expd^ 
ditioii, with only thirty cboseu men, to pertetrato to SnO' 
conok, ia tlie vicinity of Mouut Hope, and to prociiirw 
Becd com to pJunt for tbn snetouancc of hie troops^ This 
little band of advaDturer^ had passed safely througli tb^ 
Poipiod [!i)tintty^ anc^ wcirc in the centre of tli? NAfrH^u- 
Bet, resting at ^om^ wi^^wams near Pawtucket KivsTi 
when on olumi wa« givco of an approaching enemy. — 
Harijig but eevon men by Lim at the time, Cauoiteliel 
despatched two of them to the top of a nei|;bboi-m|^ hill, 
to bring intelligence of the foe. 

Panlc-etruck by the appearance of a troop of English 
and IrididJis rjipidly ailviLnGir^f. tbev fltd iu lufathlesa 
t^uTor paat thoir obieftula, without stopping to inform 
hiua of the danger. Oauonchi^t sent auoUier scout, wlio 
did the same, Hh thwii siiiit two more, oiift of whom, 
hurrying baok iii confusion and ofTrigbt, t<jld him Uiat 
the wholu Sribish army was at baud. CanoncLi^t itaw 




Ilj«re WAX n<i Himce Imt iiiiiD<;fIIa.t8 iltgbi. Htt uttf 
to MCiip« rouni) tite liill^ but wils pi^n-'olved du^ U0U7 
pursuod bj" the boetild Iiidinns find tt few of Uio HocU^et 
of Llie BugUfllt. Findiiig tbo swiftest pnraner close upon 
Lid lieols, Ii« thr^w off*, fh^t his blanket, then liis silver- 
locod coat and belt of poa^, by which hU enomies knew 
Lim to be Cftuouchel. tuid redoubled the e^crnea a ot 

At leiif^j in doshinj^ throng the river, liis foot ali^S^^ 
upon A atoue^ unci h<^ fell no d&e{> lui 1<^ vreb hU fpi>^ '1*^ 
Ar(^i(l4>ut HO stnit^k liim with desjmir, tbut, lui hn nfi^-r- 
wATftg coDfesstid, "IiiH hfiurt And Ijis bowels ttirnod with^^| 
in him, and he became tike a rotteu slick* Yoid of 

To auch a degree waa be nmterred, that* "being eeiiecI^H 
by a Pequod Indian witliiu a eliort distauoo of ike mtx, 
lie made no renistaiit^, Lhoui^ii Jk rnjui <if ^vit vigftr nl 
body and boldness of heart But ou Ulng nijule 
onor tht> whok; prkle of his Bpirit arodc within him; 
from that raomrnt, we find, in the anecdotes giyeu bj hi 
enernieft, nothing but repented flai^hes) of elevateil 
prince-like heroism. Bering qaeetioned by oue of tbtt' 
English ^vho first came up with him, and who had noh] 
atliFiined hi8 twpntj-seeond year, the proud-hearted wai 
nor, looking mth lofty contocapt upon hia youtliful 001 
tenaJice, replied, " You are a cliild — j-ou cannot under-] 
Htiuid nutters cjf war— let your brother or ruar olui 
come— him irill I luiawer." 



Thongli rep<?Btcd offent irc^ra nuule to him of hia life, on 
ooiiditiou of eubiulttiuf; with hie nation to tlie Eu^bh, 
yet he rejflcted tbeci with LliwUiD* aud lefused to mhhiI 
any proposibis iA tlt<i ktml t^ th^ gr^at bocly of his «iil>- 
jeoU; sajiitg, tJint hi) know none of tliem would comply. 
Being reprojiched with bin brooch of faitb tjiwuzdH tJm 
wliitrn; hiA })rijMt that Ji«i wunld not d**livi>r up a Wmn- 
pauoftg nor th« pairing of a Wampacoa^'d nml ; and hu 
UiTcttt that ho wotild bum th*i EngUsb Mire in Ihoir 
hoasos; he dindfiiu&d Lo jiiHlify Limself, hanf^btily iin- 
Bwering that otheri were aa forward for the war sa Ulm- 
Bolf, and " h<? dcwrcil to hciw no more thereof-" 

Rn noMt^ Huil iirHhaki't) j* spirit, so trur n fidolitj to his 
eauHe ftnd h\% friend, might have touched the fooling of- 
the ^noroo^ and the brave; but CanonchetwoB &d In- 
dian; ti, \mn^ lowardfi whom war bad no court^^^y, 
bmuaruty uo Law, religion do oampassiou — he waa 
oondemucd to di&. Tho last words of faim tb&t oro 
rdOordt^, &ro worthy tho greatuesA of bia eoiiL When 
teutenoft of dpnth was passeil upon bim. htt obN«rT»d 
"that ho liked it w<>n, for he should ibif before hi« 
heart was soft, or ho had spoken (my Ihin^ nnworthy of 
bimaelf.*' Hifl eDemie^ ^'avo him the death of n Holdirr, 
ioT he wae shot at Stomc^haiio, by three young Siicb»na 
of hifi own riink 

The defeat at tlie Narrat^anset lortrOM. and tho death 
of Cflnoncb^t, were fatal blowg to the fortntif*M of King 
Philip. He made an ineffectual attempt to raieo a head 




of WAT, by fltirriii^ up tb^ MoUawkfl (o take araut; but 
tboagL poAe^saei of tlie native t&l^nts of a Atat^ftnajLU, 
his artd wore ooQitU:ract4>d bj* the supi^rior urU ol hu oa- 
Ught^ned en&nueSr 'uiil the ierrur of their warliko skill 
m to acibduQ Uie re«o1utioE) of the neighboring tribofl. 

LO unfortatkftto obiefbua baw himeelf daily gtrippod of 
power, Mid hiu rankd rapidly thuxniag around hiiu. Homo 
were BuboruBd by thti whiter; others fell victiina to hiai* 
gGi and fatigui>, and to tho Er^aent atta<tk9 bj which 
thej were har^sod. HJa fitorus w^ro all captured; hi« 
uhoscn frieada warvr tiwopl aua/ from bufon? hl^ nyi-^; 
hU uncle nriM «hot down bj' lu« flido ; bi« sist'^r woe car- 
ried into captiTily ; and in one of his narrow eacapea h« 
mw oompellctl to l«avB his belovet! wifa arid only bcu to 
the mt>rcy of thn en^my. " Hig ruLO,*' saya tb<3 historian, 
"being thus gradually carriod on, hu miacry w&s not 
preTcnted, but aii^uiented thendiy; liiTiiig himself inad« 
acquainted with the s^uae and <^p«ri mental feeling of tho 
oaptivity of bis children, louii of friends, abughter of hia 
aubjecta. bereavement of all family reUtiona, ajid buiog 
stripped of all outwanl c()mfort«r before lua own liJo 
abould be take^n away-'* 

To fill np the mojiAuro of his misforttmea, hiaown fol- 
]ow«ra be^n Ui plut a^ztiust his life, that bv aaerificing 
him they might purcbat^e diahonorablii aaf<3ty. Through 
troaehery a number of big faitbful adherentrt. tho subjects 
of WetamQc, au Indian priuoeas of Pooasact, a n^^ar kina- 
wumari aud (xjnftjdoratd of Philip, were betrayed into tike 



iaikIn of tlifi ODetoy- WetAmoe wttH among tli^m at 
tiniA, and Attempted to mftk^ Ler t?6capQ hy ctoAftiag 
aoiglibori]]^ rirar: oUUor exhaosted bj swimniing, 
starved bj i^old ^ud hungei; slke was funtid dbu^l luid 
naked near the wAt^r side. But perae^nition oansed not 
aX tho grave. Even death, the refu^ of tbo wrotchotl, 
wherf: the tvieked coiumt.tuljr C4?ia3f* fn>iu troublin^^ was no 
proU^L-tion til tlikoRtrJifit ferkate, whose great crime va6 
offoctionato ddelity to hor kukstnan aud hor fricui^L Hc£ 
corpse waa the object of miuiAid^ oiid doAlanlly v^n- 
gf>anr9 ; the beaij was severed tc^m thd bodjf and aot 
upon a pole, and wae tliuti oxpoKod at Taunton, to tlig 
Tiow of her captive Bnbjects. They immediately recctjf'i 
uized the featares of their unlortunato queen, and wow 
so affected at this barberoua MpeolaoIt\ lUftt w*> ai-o told 
they bntke furth into tho '' muab Lgrriblo Mid ilLil>oUcal 
lament ationa," 

Hovcvor Philip bud boms up agaiost the complioal 
mjpwricn and miafortniiea thnt siirrQUuded Lim, Uie 
trnnrhciTy of hm fulhiwnrH Hoemud tu wring heart and 
r«duco him to dospondcnoy. It is snid that " he nr^vcr 
rejoiced aftervarda, nor liad succeaa in any of iiia do- 
fti^na." The apnuj^ of hope wsh broken — the ardor oF 
enterprise was ystingnished— he looked around, and all 
wmt danger und darkn^^ss ; tber« wa^ uo t>y<t to pity, uor 
any arm that coubl bring dtdWerauu^- With a bcau^ 
baud of follovetti, who tttill remained true to his deaper- 
ato forbunefl, the unhappy Philip woudorod back to tlie 




viciEUtf of Mount Hopo, tho ftocie&t dvrellin|i; of bia i^ 
tlLerft. H^^re be luikc^d about, liko a spectre, amurt^c Uw 
sc^ue?* of former power anil prosperity, dow Wrefl uf 
homo, of family and friend. Thert? oeedB no bettor pi^ 
turn of \m deHtitute and piteous aituAtitm, tlian Utat for- 
itiHlirid by Uin liuiuti)^ |mii of iUn (^Hroiiu'l-tr, whn is on* 
vjuily cinliritbif^ i\x\y fi^cliiigA of tUo roiwli^r in favor of the 
Iiaplcas wnrrior whom he rorilea, "l*Uilip/' he BajTS^ 
"like n suvngo wild bem^t, Luiniif; l>e«u Luut^ by Uie 
Eof^lidh forces tbrou^b the wood«, nbove a bimdi^d milCB 
backward and forward, at last waa driven to hU own den 
tt|i[iiL Mount IIi»^«, wherfl lift retired, with a few of bm 
b^at frieuds, into a swamp, which pro^^ad but a pri«oii tD 
l»cp him fact till the xn«ifa«Dgen of d«atli oomo by 
diTitie permlft&ioi] to rxrcutA Yi?u^eatu<«' tjjmti lunj-" 

Even in thia Iflst refuge of desperation and despair, a 
sullen grandanr gatbcie toand hia mttnoTf. Wo picture 
him to ouraelvaH seated amuu)^ biA cai-e-worn foUuwam, 
dinj; in silence over bis b1ai1«d fortnnes, and aoqaij^ 
•i^ a i;iiva^ niiblimity from tht^ vildnoaa and draarin«d» 
of hii luikittg-plnri^. Drfnfiirdj \nii not diainaydd*— 
<^rashed to thi^ itiirtb, but luit hiimiliuted — he iu?i.-iii»d to 
grow moro haughty lionoatli disjwtor, tknd to axp«Hoiin) 
a fierce satisfocH-^n in draining the laet ^i^^ of bitt^tr* 
ness, Littlt^ tnintU arp tniiipd and Hub^lnrd by m\v>U\t* 
tune; but ^qreat minds ri^ above it. Tbe very Id^ of 
submisaion awakened the fiiry of Philip, and ho saiote Co 
death oue of hia followers, who proposed an expedient of 




p6a<i%. The brotlier of the Tictim uiode hia escape, and 
in revHTigp biitriijetl tbt> retft*at of \i\n ohi^ftaiii- A body 
of whJto moQ nud luJuum were immt^di^ktelj' despatched 
to tbo swump whiMXf Philip Vay crouched^ Khuriu^ ^th 
fnty and d^.^^^pjiir. Before he wan awitrn of their ap- 
proach, they li^l bei^tm to surrouud hin:. lu a Utile 
while he aaw tivo of Lis tnistii?at foUowon* laid de^wl at 
hiM feat; all reHiAtaiioc wa8 vain; he ruHheil forth fnini 
his covert, and mode a headlong attempt to escape, but 
WB6 &hot through the heart by a rooegado Iiidiau of his 
oim Q&tion. 

Such 13 th« aojLDtj gtory of the br&vo, but unfortunate 
King Phiiip; perBuontod whiLo living* elnnddriKl and dis- 
honored whea dead. If, however, we otuisider even the 
pnjndic^d fLitncdot*?^ FnmisUod ns by his enemies, we 
iDflj porcoivo m tlinm traces of amiablo and iitfty charac- 
ter HUfficient to awakeD sympathy for hia fate, aud reapect 
for hig memory. We And that, amidst all the harassiug 
cares and ferocious pafisions of conatant warfare, he vae 
alive to tho softer feelioHs of conrmbial iov& and paternal 
teaderneBS, and to the i^enc^roTUi ttetiLiment of frieudHhip^ 
The captivity of his "beloved wife aad only son" nro 
mentioaod with eioltatiou as causing him yioignnjit nii»- 
«ry : the deatli of aay ti«ar friend is trtiUDphfLnily re- 
corded as a n^w blow on hm sen&ibilitieg ; but the 
treachery and dceortion of many of bia followers, iu 
whose aflections he had oonfided, is said to have tleno- 
lated his heart, and to have bereaved hlzn of all farther 



oomfort. He was a p&triot iittftiTh&d to Lis naUve aoil-* 
a priQCG true to Iti^ subjeota, and indii^ant of Qieir 
wrongs — a soldier, dariii^' in battlt>« firm iii e4vereily, 
patient of fatigue, uf Luiig<-r, o( every ^&rii«ty of budilv 
Buff^riug, and ready to p:riah in tbe caua^ be bad o^ 
poitscd. Proud of hc^irt^ imd Trith an nntamnbLo lore oC 
DHtund liWrtj, be preferrtMl to t^DJny it nmoitg tbe beiuts 
of tlid foregts or iu thd dismal and famieh^d recea^e of 
rapfl ATid inoraaees, rather timti bow Ma Imu^bty apirit 
t» HabinifiBloiir and live dependent ainl despised in llio 
ARM and luxury of tlie 3r>ttltime]ita, With lierofc quail*- 
ties and bold achicTemonta tliat would baYC griiccd & 
civiliKert warrior, and have r&ndered bim Ib^ tbeme of 
tiie poet and the biBtoriao ; ho lived a wanderer and a 
fut^itive in hia mfcti%>^ laud, and went dowxi, like a lonelj 
bark fauDd^ring ainid darknnH?* and tempest-'ivitboiiL a 
pitying eye to weep bia fall, or a friendly Laud to reoord 
hiu otruggie- 



An oMxfiHr maifc t)> ;iti x^fix „u\ \«Att^ 

Of H old vonbJpful ffctUomati yriut hnd ahtmE a«tat«| 

Hutkopt ■limvtulil hrHH^Ht a ^onilful Tmt«| 

Vrith on oia iUiity UlJ'd IiiU nt l-vrnixl otd hoofci. 

Wlih Au oM Miru^rj iNkb worn iiuita off tliA haoka, 
And AD old kltchoLi tLub uuIjjUIihhI luiT-B-dauti old cook»> 
Llfc* ID old vonrUVr dL«> 

OUi StttO, 

Ff£RE in ao iqiocio« of haiDor in vhicb tiio Eng- 
lish more cxool, than tbnt which consinto in 
wiricattiriiig and giving ludlcrcus np^ielUtinnu, 
or niekiL&mea. Id tliis vay thoy ImTO wbtmaicjUK tle^ig- 
nateti, not merely mdividualH, bat nations; and. in their 
IbuilDBau for puptlanif a jr^ke. tliej' have not lij^ared even 
thdm^tvee. One would think that, in peraotiifyJDg itself, 
a nation would be upt to piotnTc somothiQ^ tT^and, heroic, 
And imjioxiiig ; bnt it in chnrnol«ristto of tht? piTCuliar hu- 
mor of tlio En^lj«b, uid of their love for ^hat ia blimt, 
comic, and familiar, that tbey have cmbodiAd their na- 
tional oddities in tho figaro of a stnrdjr, corpulent old fel- 
low, with a throe-oomored bat, red waiHttvJuf* tt*atber 


THK SfTRlVir^BOOgr. 

broechoH, and tditxii oaken cudgel Thus tit^y b&T« iAien 
n. singuW tlrli^Ut in exlubitiug Uicir moHt private foitleB 
in A Inaghibblj^ |iou:l ol view ; and have been so sncc^ssfnl 
in their delinejttiuns, ttint there is aijureely a 1>ciu;; in 
ibctiml ffiistjfinoe mure itlistvliLLely presant to Uiu publio 
mind than thu-t eccentric persoiiagt^ -Tolin Bull. 

Ptvrhftpa the (?ontinnal coatoiopUtioii of the diamolor 
ihub drawn of tUem liatt coulribiitod to Hx it upon Ib4 
natir:)D ; and thns to (^ve realitv to wfaut nt Br«t mnj Tiav« 
been paintod in a groat moasnre from th@ ima^&tioa 
Mpii lij*^ a-i^t tf> iwqnirc peculiarities* that aiL^ contianaUj 
ftj4irril«d l<> lliem. TIi^ «omnum ortl^int of Kn^lUh seem 
wouderfully captivated witli tbo ffan id*\al vhioh tlioj 
haro lormod a! John Bull, nnd endeavor to act up to the 
liroad cnncuttire thai ih p^rpeti^^lly before tlietr ejes. 
Unluckily, they aometimes make their boasted BaU-Lem 
nil upolngj for their prejudice or (jroaaness; aiid thia 1 
have especially noticed ajuon^ thoae truly bomebred and 
gennino aonii of the soil who bays never migrated beyond 
the sound of Dow-boUe. If ouo of theae abo^d l>& A 
little uncoctth in speech, find apt ti> ntt^rr impertinent 
trntha, he confesaert that lie ir n r«al John Bull, wul d- 
waya epeaks his mind. If he now and thrMi flion into an 
unreaaonable burst of passion Al>niit trilies, he obserrefli 
that Joh:j Bull U a choleric old hbuhs hut then biK pns* 
sion ia over in a mcnnent, and hn h«sra no m&lic^^ If he 
btTtrnya a ctmracnowi* of tn^tc, and an inaeuaibilihr to for- 
(?ign refine [UL-ntn, bn thnnka heaven for his ignoruiOfr^hie 


mm^fUmU^lMk^^ hM bo nUdi lor frippery ^ttd 
■^-fc^**' H^xfTf proi— aw WUgJed by 

aai to pi; cxmsa^od^ lav itevffditiML b 


res ssETCjf HOOK. 

li;;Iil pleaaanlry. He in a boon compaiuoii, if j*oo 

him to bfiv^ Ilia Inimor, and to tallc abont liiiaself ; ard 

be viil Btand by a friend lu a qnarrdl, wilb lif^ imd puisei ^j 

hovevar aouniJly h^ iua,y ha cudgelled. ^^M 

Id tbis laHt respec-tt to tell the trutb, be hds a propen- 
sity to bo somewliat too re&dy. Hd is a bufty-miudcd 
p^rsoQiigc, wLo tUiuka iiut mi^rcly for hiicHelf i\nd ffuuily, 
but for all the country rodiul, nnd is most generniisly din* 
poied to be everybody'^ cbiunpion. He is eoxitinnuUy 
volunteering Im services to settle his ncighboTfi' offfkirs, 
and takes it in ipre^t dudgeon if they eugo^^e in auy lual- 
ter of consequence without afikinK his advioo ; cbou;i(L hd 
fieldom «B^agQ3 ip auy frtcntily office of the kmd wi^out 
fiuisbiiig by getLiag into h stjo».bble vitli all pjirtics, and 
then rniling bitterly at tboir in^atltudc. Ho unluckily 
took lfi83r>iie in bis youth in tho uobU ecionco of defence, 
and baring occompliaLed himself in the ii^e of his bniba 
and bin weapons, and become a perfect muster at boxing 
and cudp;el-play« ha baa had a tronblesomEf life of it evor 
since. He cauuot heai of a quarrel between the monb 
distant of bis neigbbor^i, but lie begins incontinently to 
fumble with the bea<l of his cudgel, and coosider v-hetLer 
hi& interest ot honor does not require that lio aliouJ^l 
meddle in the brail Indeed he has eilentled hin nibi* 
tions of pride and policy so completely over tlie wliole 
country, that no event c:ui take place, without iofriggipg 
eome of his finely-sptin rights and dignitiea. Couched iu 
Ills little domain, vith thoMe ^laments atretohuig forth in 

^nS BULL, 


every dlreotjan, he u tike Bome choteriOr bottl«-boUied 
old ftpidcT, who lias novee his web over a, vrhold chaoi- 
Iwr, no Umf b ty <;Armot bit/.z, nnr a lirfiej» blnw^ without 
RtiLrtlini* Im repose, und cauBlng liiia to aailj forth 
wratbfulLy from liis ti&tL 

ThoQgli really a. goorl-bearteii, gornl- tempered old h\- 
tow ftt bottom, joi h« is singularly fond of beiog in the 
midat of oontentiDn. It i& one of his pecamritiee, liow- 
ever, thut lie only relishes tlie begluuiuf; of tin ^iHiuy : ha 
always go<ia iutu a fight with alacrity^ but cornea out of It 
^uiubltu^ oven when %'ioborioD3 ; and tj^ough qo cmo 
fights with more obfltinacy to cajry a contested puuil, 
ypt, wln?n the battle m over, and he comes to the roc*ni- 
oilitition, bo is bo much Udwn up with th<T mere Ahaking 
of haud^, thai he ie^ apt to let hiit Aotngoriist pookn^L all 
t]iat tlit-'v have, tx^ert rjuamOliiig nbont It is aot« tlii>ro<- 
foro. fighting tliat he ou^lit bo much io be on his i^iinrd 
against, as making frionds. It is dilHcuU Ut irul^l hicn 
out c>f a farthing ; but pnt him in a good humor, and you 
may bargain him oat of all the money in his [iockct- Ko 
i« liko a atout ship, which will wrathi^^r thi? Toughei^t 
storm ODiirjured, but rotl ita maats ontrbojird in tho suc- 
ceeding ealm. 

He is a little fond of playing the m^ikgnifico abroad ; of 
pnlling out a hni^ purse; flinging bift money bravely 
about at boiing matohes, horao nicw, oock fights, ami 
carryinf; a hi^^L head among " pentlcmen of the fancy : '* 
but immediately after ouo of these fita of eitravofjAuoit^ 



be will he Men with violeDt qnnlma of eoonomy ; Ktop 
Bhort At tb6 mo8t trivial expenditure ; t&lk deeporab^ly o[ 
being ruiuod aud brought apou the parUli ; txiil, m such 
Iui>0(]h4, will luit imy tlie tuiialle^b tradesiiifui*s bill, with* 
cut violent alterc&tioiL He is In fact the moet puncttiiil 
and difioouteut^d paymaster in the voild ; dmwing iuA 
coiiL out of hia breeches pocket with Iiiiinite ralurtance; 
pAying to the Qtteru)ost EartLing^ but fi^jcompa&jin^ ereiy 
frninest with n growL 

Ti^ith all hi6 tulk of economy^ however, he ia a buunti- 
ful pn>vidi?r, and m. ho^pit^dile housekeeper. Hia ecooo- 
my IB <>f a whimsical kind, its chbf objcot being to derive 
how he m/iy alTottl lo bo extravagjLnt ; for be will be- 
grudge himself a bee^teak and pint of port one day, that 
he may ronst *^D oi whol«, broach a bogahead of ale, and 
trniit itll his nt^igbboTd on tbe neit 

Hie domestia egtahliahment is enormously expenshre: 
not ao much from any great outward parade, aa from the 
grt^itt ooiihumittion of soHd hei^f aud pudding; the vaaL 
nambar of frillowere he feede and ulothefl ; aiid his siqga^ 
lar dirtpositicm to pay hngelj for small Aerviees. fie ia a 
mopt kind and indulgent m^LHter* cmd, proWdi^d \\\% vrr* 
vnnts hutnor his p?cuUjiritiei4, flatter his vanity a little 
now rmd then, and do not pcc^iUte groeely on him before 
hia face, they may manage him to perfection. Ereij 
thing that lives on hira seeire to tlirive and f^mw fat- 
Hirt house-senp-ants are well paid, and pampered, and 
bavo Little to dou Hia horaea aig sliiek and lazy, and 



pranoe slowly Word hw ntntd csrrisf^; uid his houBa- 
dogs sloftp qaiotly about tho door, and will liarxllj^ bark 
at a houaa-breaker. 

Hifl fntnily maoeion la an old f^aataUated iDaitor-bcuji&, 
gray with af^d, and of a moat vi^uorjiblo, tboUKb woather- 
be&teii appearaut^. It Itaa been built upon tio n^galur 
plan, bat )» a vast a<.'(^iuiil»tlnij of partA, ^mctAil in varU 
ouH tiMtoa and i^os, TLe centre bonn^ cvidt^nt tmocn of 
Saion arohiteohire, ncd is d£ solid as pondoiOQs stono 
and old Englisb oak can make it Lik« all tli9 reliiM of 
tLat 0tyt«, it Ib fiill of obscure pasaapes. intricate masoB, 
and da»ky chambers; and thuu^h these have been par- 
tiallj lighted up in modem daya, jut then^ ai« many 
places whoTO you. ninsrt still ^'^p^ in tho dark. Addl- 
tiona hare hc^n made to the origi&ol edidce from time to 
timOj and gri^at alt^rntiona Lave tskeu place; townrx and 
battlements have lieen «ini(?t(?d during vrnr* aiid tunrnlU ; 
irings built in time of peace ; and ont-hoiiELCM, lodf^ee, and 
dBcaa, run ap aocording to Ihe whim or convcDienc^ of 
difCsTont f^C'Tationa, nntil it has beromn tmu of tln^ muiit 
apaaioiu, rambling t^nementa imagin&blo. An oniiro 
tring IS taken up wUli the family chapel, a reverend pik, 
that mnst have been «x*5ii£?diu(itly samptuoua. and, indpwl, 
in spito of havia^ boJin attend and simplified at various 
periods, Iios still a look of holemn Feliictous pomp. lU 
vss.\]» within are tifiimd with the muuuiueula of Johns 
acoestors; and it is Rsugly £itti>d up with soft cnsluocui 
and well'linod chatm, where such of his family aa aro 



Inclined to church fl9rTi<\eg, may Joeo oomfortftblj m Aa 
diaciiar^e of their duties. 

To keep up this cliapel had coat John much money; 
but ha is stanch in his mligiuu, aud piqued in bia seal, 
from the eiicnmatdnce that many diBBentiug chapeU 
have been erected m his \-iuinity, and several uf his 
neighbors, with whom he \m& hod ijuarxeK ^"^ «tix>ug 

To do the duties of the chapcL he maiotaiiiB, at a Itirgo 
eipeuse, a piiiiia and portly family ehaplain. He ia a 
moat learned and deeoroiis pi^rsona^, and a tmlj well- 
bred Christian, who always backa the old f^entU'maD in 
his DpiniouB, winka discrreetly at hla little ptfccaililluea, 
rohukes the children when refractory, and is of great use 
in exhorting the tenants to read their Biblea, say thoir 
prayers, and, above all, to pay their rents piinctoally^ 
and without grumbling. 

The family apartments are in a very antiquated toato, 
somewhat heavy, and often inconvenient, bnt full of tJw 
ftolcmn nia^iificunee of former times \ fitted up with rich, 
though faded tapestry* unwieldy furuiture, and loads of 
moasy goT^ous old plate- The vast lireplaces, ample 
kitchens, esteusire c^llare, and Hiimptuoiis ban^jueting 
halls, all speak of thd roaring hospitality of da^'S of 
yore, of which the modem feativity at the manoi^houAe 

ibut a shadow. Tljere are, however, complete suites orf 
rooms apparently deserted and time-worn; and towers 
and turrets that are tottering to deoay; so that in high 

viimIs there is danger of tbdi' tombtii^ Aboat tlw oars of 

6co UtoroRghlj ovcrkiAali^i ; otul to h*vo aoflne of Lbc uae- 
losa poitd pulled dovn. ^nd Um others airetk^beDed with 
tbeir mai^ri^ 1 but the old geotlemui alvajs gmw< 
testj^ cm UiiA subject He fiir^&re tb6 house ia an cxool- 
l^at houae — that it U tight And w^aUiei- pirouf* n&d not (0 
be sliakeii by teuipe^t^ — Uuit it Ium litood for MiTmnU 
hundred ye%T&, tuid, therdfoce, la not likoljr l^t tumblG 
do^^ uov— that us to itA being iaooiiT<tikioDt> hia bmily 
ift BiCv^CTitomed to th« iDcouvenieuc^H, and would not be 
ootafortable without them — that &a to its unwieldy bixie 
aod invgulfij construction, t^ieac r^ult frcica ita being 
thr gfowth of oenioiipfi, and bein^^ iniproTed by the wi»* 
dom of er^ry generation — thut an old fiunilj, Uko hia, 
rcxguires a Large house to dwell in ; new, upstart huniboa 
may lire in icoderc cottages and snug hoxt^ ; but an oU 
£ng1is1i ^unily Kbnn)<t inlutbtt aa oid Kngltsli maiii>^ 
house. If you point out any part of the bnUdine as 
»u))erdaouA, he inaiata that it ia material to the strength 
or dceoratiim of thrr re^t. And the of ihe whole ; 
ajh! vwoam thnt the parts are eo built into each other, 
that if yon pull down one, yon run the riak of liATing ihe 
wholn afiont vrnir para. 

The oecnt of tha matter in, thnt John baa a great div- 
poeittou to protect and patronm. Ue Uunks it indis- 
psoaable to the digm^ ol on anciBUt aud bojiotablc fam- 


Ujr. bo b^ boTmtf^oaa in its appomtmcDts, kdJ to 1m eaten 
np bv d^pflnilpnt* \ aucI «f>, j^/irtly from priilp, and partlj 
from Lmd-Iieartedn^se, he makee it a rul« aLwav^ to 
^V6 Bfaelter aud maiuteiuuico to ids BnpemuDU&tod 86r- 

The t^onfldqneikoe ia, that, likd tnajoy otLf^r vent^riUd 
EftTcily ctfttjtblUhiDeiiEtfit tiift nmuor U cuouiul)«rcd hy dd 
rctaujitrM whom be c&nnot turn oJT, mid nn old xljin 
vhich Lo eoDUot Uy doviL His niauaiou is liko a groAl 
hospital of LuniklidSr oiuIt with all its mtignilud^ irt iwt 
a whit too l&rgc for its inhabtlAutfi. Not a nook or cor- 
ner bat is of t)6o La hottftiuj^ mimo i^9el<^t»H poreonog*. 
Otoap6 d vetenui beef-oat^^rfi, ffouty pc&sionerB, ojid T6- 
iired heroes of the butter/ and the Larder, ar© 8e«n loll- 
ID^ about it8 walls, ciHwIiug over its lawnn, dozing under 
its trees, or EnuDiu^ tliems^Kea upon the boiichc'tt at ita 
dooTB. Every oQI:^& atid out-honAe 10 gATTirtoued by tiieae 
HEipiiriHinirrarifrH atid their fapiitW; for they am nnifti^ 
ingly prolific, and when the<y die ofT^ are sotq to Umvv 
John a Ic^iocy of himgry months to be proTidod fon A 
mattnc-k cajinot be stntek against ib« most mniildt^riiig 
tumblft-down tov^r, bqt oiit pope, from Bom^ cranny or 
loop-hol«, Ui« ij^ray pat« of Bomo suporannnat^d han^r- 
on. who haa lived at Joho^a ^.-xpeuae all liia Life, and 
makea the moat grievoua outory et their pullioi; down 
tho roof frr^m over tha head oi a vrom-out ^erraDt of the 
family. Thia is an appc^ thnt Johirit hootHt heart never 
oati witlistaud ; so that n tnati, y*\xu hue fsutltfuUy eaten 

xunr BULL. 


vitL ft pipe and tanlnrd tB his olddtjn^ 

Mar pan aemoee,«kd bo<tfl,«nttb 

fcfa^wn, ln m .»faa4y ymwmm^tkm fa 

tenil^ MjgH, aud iunilT uiBiuriNftPuat. 4q « ffkunaoil 

tmwM M*«HBtff Am te 4w 4bne9 icA faeoMse ^ip 
liwe inlnirtnfl A» ^c^ Ixise vnt '<f aund. n>d Ibooi 

5i? Will f L tinuil uOrt bnujuti ki be lujijind tttuti 

Ibtf- ifittiu TtTHtt tii«£ fltmoitDCl -tbc- iKrDMf, luMi it NbouM 
■iiiiliiii <il» flkuMi ««i i»fi> hind 4bmB far MntaMi* 
<fciai !h»B iafcap Fn i - il i i w ^4fa> flwwwk i; Clart A^ 
nrti inndhiiTj fnriv, and -mvuit imK be diMorbed. S«nl- 
irm» birrr uaotlr cboksd up «v«ty ^isitt&T with tiMir 
Bsato; Bwrttiia hmUmmmgtiaam and «ofiu«fi : «ffaa» 
'flnttar abnat ibr linaa ai . and ^MV«b on cvetr ««albaik 
co«fc; aad old {nW'baatM sate way be aaeii i& avwj 
ipiartflT of Ibfi bmnc* _iwaui^ iu and oat of tbeif bolsa 



unilaimtedly id liroad ilnjlightH In ftbort, Jolm hmi mich 
A reverence for everj' tbitig thftt Ufts beon long in tho 
family, that hfi will not hcAT even of nbaaes boing to- 
formed, becAviae the^ aro good olil fftiiiiLy nbnses. 

All tlintie whims and babita have coaciirrod wofnUy to 
drain tho old g^Dtlcnian's porfic ; aud od bo pridi^e him- 
self on punctuality in moce/ Qjatkrn, tmd ^^iahea to 
m^utitin Lia ereii-t m tlie n^tgUburbood, the^ have 
eauBcd Hm groat porpkiity in lu&etiiig hia en^-ag^ 
meats. This, tno, has beea mcn^jiaed by iho alterci^ 
fcious wid heart-burniuga ^ItioL iire (;ouiiTHi;illy tnhing 
placo in his f&mOy. His children havo boc& brougbt 
Vp to diO'ereut <:^iuga, and are of different ways of 
tbiiiLing; and ba they haye always been allowed to 
ept^ak th^ir mmds ireelj, they do not fail to exorciso 
the privilogc moat clamotonsly in the preaent postnre 
t)f hill oiTturs. Soma stuuil up for thi? honor of tho 
FftCG, and are clear that the okl odtablishmont fihonld 
be kept up in all its atato, whatever may be thd co«t; 
others, who are more prndeitt and (>onsiJeratr, uiLtrunt 
the old gentleman to r^tr^neh bis exponeee, ord to put 
his wholo systom of bousehef^ping on a more modcnla 
footing He ban, indeed, at times, eepn^od inclined to 
listen to their opinions, but their wholesome advice haa 
been completely defeated by the obstrcperona condnct 
of one of bis aous. This ia a noi»y, rattle-pated fel- 
low, of rather low habits, who neglects his bnainesA to 
froqaeat ale-Uonsi^a—is the orator of village ckba, ftDd 

ft oomploto OTftdo among the poonri of bis iMlMff'ft 
teiiftnls. Ko sooner does he kear au^ of hm lmjiL«a» 
neutkm relom or mtrendmi^Dt, thui op b« juBps, 
tftkes tlie v-ords ont of tb«ir tDOuUis, vid rou^ out 
ior ftii OT«rtem* Wtusti Iub ipogue u uiwa gniig uoUi- 
iug cau alo|i it H« »&U aiM>at Um? room ; hectors tfae 
^d nua aboat Lis spendtlihlt prsolMes; ridicoles kis 
lAfite^ Aod poreaita ; instMs tLsl he ah«U tun ib bU 
ifinaiiriB out a[ douni; gire the Wafaa^^dom fcnuta to 
the boudB; seod th» fat e hsfJsia psflfcii^ «Ad take & 
ficld-prosd>er in hie pisoe ttsy, ihst the whoLo EubOj 
slisll Im I^tcUmI witii the groood, iind a pkln 
ot fahd: sad novist biiib in tta plsM. Bv mis 
at #W7 »oGul cstcrtatDAcnt sad fanUj fastiti^j^ mad 
rinlkA svftj- grovLiag to the ale-houes whan^vx an 
«qwpsgs dhT«s ap \o the docv- Thoof^ oooslsallj 
oomplaiaiag of the omptiiieBB of his pme. j^% be 
pies ttot to spend ftU bis pucket^Mwej In theae 
**** **— ^***, flhd «vefi raas vp sooms fnr the fiqnor 
vhic^ be ptenAa s abont hia isther s gxoavnesaeah 

It aiaj niadilj U? bna^^iiipd how little sacb thwarting 
a y vith the old earstisr'a fiaiy tai^MCSiaeait Hr? Las 
fa eoM O so ijntabU> £ioib ropaitoJ crosdafg^ that ths 
■Dene nkealioD of retieachinezit or raSom ii a ci^aal for a 
hml faFtv^ea hiai and the ta«ivii anKir. Aa ihn latlnr 
is too stofdj a»d safrastos? lor patacaa] <tisryHt, hwu 
ine giom ovt «f sO fav «f fta «ii49bl. th<7 have frsfant 
aosftiSgtaia^y waAi^whiAsifiiaiM faaaohi^fliat 



John ifl fain to oftU in th« aid of his eon Tom, on officer 
irLo baa flirted abroad, but is at proaont liviDg aI bom-Ct 
<>[i bRlf-pty, Tbit* lifcrtt is eure to staud bj llid olJ ^iitle- 
niiLZi, right or wrong; Ukee nothing ao lauoU w & racket- 
ing, rovstcring liie ; ftud U readj- at a viuk or nod, to oat 
aa1)re» and Soarisli it over tLu orator's ]ae&<l, if he (Luim 
to arrity himAidf iL^inst pnt^^rajd aiithoritj. 

Those family diasensious, as utiuul, have got abroad, 
and are fare food for scani^al in John's ncighboihood. 
Feopln bofpn to look wib^ ivrid ahak^ their hfiadg, irhdn- 
ev^r hia aff^re aT« montion^. Th^j all "hope that 
matters are not so bad with him a& repreaeuted , but 
when a man's own ehildr^u b^u^in to rail at Ills ettravi^ 
i;anoo, thioga must be biully mau^^d Thej uadcrKtaad 
hd is mortgaged over hoftd and ears, and is continnally 
dahliUng uith ihotil^^ landers. Ke im t'ertAJuly an opeo- 
handed f^ld gtrntlein&n, but they fear he has lived too 
fnet; indeed, thoy n^ver knevr any good come of this 
fondness for liutitiug, ramug, revelling und prisn-fightiDg. 
In idinrt, Mr, BalTa estate is a very fine one, and baa 
boon in tbo faruiiy a lung time; but, for aJl that, they 
have knovrn many finer eBtnt^H eome to the liammerr." 

What ia worst of all, is the effect which thesd peoQ^ 
niaiy embarrass monta and domeetic feudfl bar* had on 
the poor laau himsf^lf. Inatead of that jolly nutiid e^ir- 
poratioD. ami mnug rosy faco, which he nsed to proaont^ 
he haa of late btioome as ahrivelled and abmnlc u» a 
froet-bitton applo. His acarkt gold-laoed viuittcosi. 

jorrx Bvu.. 


ffilA bolliod oat HO brnvclj in tboao proaj)erQU!* day* 
wlien he *mI«J liefi^ro f)i© winl, it<»w liiyi{»s IficiH^ly jihoiit 
him Ulce a m^naail in a cftlio. Hii^ Ifiiithitr f>ivt>ctioH nra 
all in folds and whnkloe, and apparently bavo tnnoli udo 
to hoitt np the faoota Uiut j-Awn on both ftidds of hia on«o 
sturdy legs. 

Instood of fttmtting about ah formerly, with tifi throe- 
comf^EVifl liat DO i>ue side; floiiriahing bis cudgtd, and 
briiLgmg it down every moment with u bettrty thump 
upon th<f gronnd ; looking every one sturdily in tho Eaoe, 
and tfolliiig oat st fttftve of m catoh or a drinking son^ ; he 
DOW goee about vhrniliog though tfiiUy to himself, tritfa 
hifi hoad drooping down, hia oudget tuoiwd under hifl 
Ann, and Lta hands thruHl to Ui« bottom of liis brociche* 
poi.^k(*ts, ^'liEi4i ftre (svid<*utly pinpty. 

Suoh is the p%bt of hon^Kt John Bull at preacint ; yot 
for nil this th« olcl [ellow'5 ttpirit i« im (aU and a« gallMit 
afi ©ver. If yon drop the lejwt eipreswion of Kvmputbr or 
eonoem, bo talics fire in ao inatont ; eweara that ho U tho 
ricrheat and atoiitest fellow in the country ; talka of Inyin^ 
out large ^nms to adorn his hoiiBe nr buy Jinntlipr inttnt*; 
find with a valiant awa^ger and granping of liia cud;*©!, 
loD^a exc&edinKly to hare anothnr houl at <fnartAr*ntail!. 

Tlioof.'h there may be something rsith^^r vhimsieal in 
all thirt, yet 1 eonfeas I cannot look ijpon Jobir» sitnation 
vithaut stioHE ffti^lingB of interest. With nil hie odd 
humarH and oT»t]iiatn pr^jadi^i^H, h« vi a atprling-ii^arted 
old blndo. Ha may not be ao wonderfully flne a tolLow aa 



be thinks lumseU bnt he is at loaet t^<« as good da hui 
noighhors represeot him. Hih virtuea are all hia own^ 
oil pbLin, 1joiU4?hr<>(], lutd n&nffacteti- His very fauUa 
Bmack of the raciness of his good qualitiofi. His extr&- 
TA^aoce savora of hia generosity; lis quairelsomeuess of 
liiB ouiJi-Age ; hbi creilulit^ of hi» open f^iitli ; hi;; %^iiiiitj 
of hie pride ; and lus blautueas of his sincerity. Thoj 
arc nil the redimdaiicieB of n. rich and bberal character 
H(^ is lilie hifi own ouk, rougb without, Imt sonnd and 
Bolid vrithin ; whose bark aboTiudfl witli es^cxesoeQCoe in 
I>roportion to the grovth tuxd graudecr of the timber; 
Hud whose i>rJLJiii]ies niake a fearful gro&iiiiig and it:ar> 
muriiig in tho lejist Btorm> from tboir Tdry niik^itndo 
and IttittriAnce. Thor^ is eomething, too. in tho appear- 
at]c« of hi» f>l(l family' mauflii>D tli&t is extremely poeti- 
cal and pictureaqoe; and* aa lonf* as it oan be rendered 
oojofortablj habitable, I ehuuld almost tremble to see it 
medilled with, during the present coudic't of lostfji and 
opi&iooa- Some of hi^^advis^rs Ate no doubt good firchi* 
tecta, tha.i might be of fierrice ; but many, I fear, are meio 
levellers, who, when they had onoe got ti.i work with th«ir 
mftttockfl on this vencr&ble cdi£oe, would never atop 
until they Lad brought it to t3ie ground, and p<irhapft 
buried thc'RiiielveM lunoitg the ruins. M\ that I v'lsU 19, 
that Johu'a prcecnt troubles may ktach him more pni- 
dence in future* That he may eease to distress hifi mind 
uboitt other people's H^Ttiira; that he m^y grve up the 
fmitless attempt to promote the good of \ii» neighbor*, 



wmA Ui« p«4oe BAd hafiplneH of tlift world, hj rllat nf th« 

0ii htft botuw ioto rcpur^ cullifatA hw ridi cslbtc o^ 
ctcrrdlag to his bacy ; hoAhMul Ui tiooiw If hft llitefc* 
praptr; bog hto nmwwXj glriJdi— JMo igd<p— » Uaui; 
utmm dw lovU ic m — of ■a d» t | n my iri<y ; wm] long 


A vini^rtmni thy PL'tmU'lirr I 
Nu bojfltfrrm* wind* ur itopiiie««OTjiQ liitii(rr> 
To ttftm* or viiihtt 

Lo\i! kept 11 cTtr ^DUti4hliic, 

[N tLi^ ooutHC of &T1 exclusion tliri^iii^li nire of tbd 

rijiuotG counties of England, I had stnick into 

one of tboH6 croaa-roacU that l&od tlirou^c^ 

iLe more secluded pucU uf Ui^ coujitrj', ruid ritopifed ono 

Aftvnioon lit u viUogo, tli© situation of wbioh v-'as beatiti^ 

fully rural and rotireth There vim tux air of primitivo 

eijnjiUcitv about iU uihabitnnts* not to bo foand in tho 

TiUigfis which lid on thd great coach-roads. I ddt9r- 

mined to pase the night there, and, having taken on early 

dinner, utroUed out to eiijoj- the neighboring sceuerj. 

My raiaLle, as is usually the ease with travellers, soon 

led ma to tho church, wliioh stood nt n little distanoe 

from the village. Indeed, it was an object of some curi" 

DMity, its oJd tower >Ming trompleUily nvpTfiin with ivy, so 

that oBly herd and ther^ a jutting buttress, tux angle cf 




gE^r TraJl, OF ft fantofiticallf corvM omjunoiit, |>ODrod 
tlirough tlif? venlant covoritig. It vm n loroly ovcniii^ 
Tlii-i oarlv part of tli<* Any hm] Iw^ftii ihirk ami Klintrnry^ 
biit in tbj> nfU^moou it b&il c1«&ref1 up; and though eoi- 
Icn dondn atill Long ovcrlii^ad. yet there w&a a broad 
tniiit of (^>lii«ii nlty iii tliH weat, frtiiii which thp tttittiv){ 
Siin glcnrned through the dripping t<>av9s, and lit ap oU 
nature with & xarlincholj Binili\ It ec«med like Ui^ 
parting liQur <if u giH>d ClirlnttiLtu siuiliiig ou the sjiut juid 
sorrows of the world, iLnd giving^ in the t»erei;it}' of hiji 
doclmo, aD aasur^nco th&t ho will rieo i^n-m in glorj. 

I IjilJ ^H:it'(^il luytielf oti a liulf^auulLHii tomlifitoDe. ajid 
was muam^ aa ouo is apt to dr^ al thi^ eober-thoughted 
hour, on paat Acenes and Qoxiy Iriends— on thoa^ who 
were iliHtAnt and thuse who were dead — aud utdulging iu 
iliiit kind of mtrhLtidtolj fuiirjinj^'. vvIiutIl hnn iii It home* 
thiuj^ Bweeter oveii thau pleasure. Ev^ry «ow and thou, 
tlio fltroke of a hell from the neighboring tower fril on 
mjear; itn toirn^ w«ryi Iji unison with ths Bri^ne, iinil, in* 
fltoad of jarring, chimed in wHh my to^Mn^; am? it was 
aoEoe time before I recollected that it must be toHing tho 
Vriel] r>f soiue new tenant of the tomb. 

Presently I aaw a funeral train moving &erosa th^ vil- 
lage© grocn; il woimci slowly along a lane; was lost, and 
roapjieared tlirough thf* brpiikrt of Ujp !i«*i]^e&, ujitJl il 
paflsed the plaoe where I was sitting. The pall was sup- 
portod bj yoanf; girla^ dressed in whits ; und another, 
al^iiut tho agu of Hoventeeu, walk^i) bnicjre, beaciu^ ^ 



e^»pl«i of wliib^ flnv«n ; »tokm Hntt l>i« ^^fvnmc! nAn a 
ycuD^ ftud uniuarmd femiil^ The corp«« W4ie followed 
bj the pfhTcnta. Tlioy were a vonorablo coaplo of Ihe 
belter onl^r of pea«aiiLr/. The Coiher seeme^l to repceM 
Ma feoluDf^; but iiia 6x^ dye, Gootraoted brov, and 
d«e|>]y-fiUTc>ved fiboo, sboM-od tlifi stru^Ie tbo.t vaa p4Ba- 
ing witliiiL His wi/u Long uii Iiis iirtu, And wept itload 
wiUi tUe couTitUive bursts of ft motber's ^ofruw^ 

1 foUoTTf^d tlic^ fu&eral into tJie cburch. The hitt Vfta 
placed in tLe cootre Ule, and the ch^plet of w^liito flow* 
ers, with a of white gloves, wer^ hnitg ijver tbn Mk«i 
wbich tho doceosed kad oconpiod 

£verj ona knows tlie SDuI-subduiag pathos of tL« fu- 
neml Bcrviw; for who w so fortunato a* never to hare 
followed some cue be has loved to tho tomb? but wbon 
performed over the remains of initooeace and beauty, 
tbnit Uid low ill the bloom of oi.ifiteuoe — what cvui Iw 
more affecting? At that simple, but most solemn ooni^^igib- 
roont of the body to tho grave — "Earth to earth — aabe4 
to aj*hes — (last to dost \ *' — the teare of the yointhful com- 
patiioTLs at the deceased flowed nnrestrained. The father 
stilt seemed to stm^e with his (eolinf::8, and to oomfort 
himself with the aaaurauce, that the de^id ar& hlei«<Hl 
which dia in the Lord; hut tho mutht^r oidy thought of 
her child as a flower of (3ie Geld eut dowa and withered 
in the midat of its sweotnees; ahe was Like Rachel. 
"mouniJii^ arer her chihlren, and wonlJ not be com- 

nzxMv m 

Hcff ifttber liad «noe hot^ am oy^tort iM»fl^ 
lot MB fodaeed a OM^HiAvniL TUa Mm aa di^ 

rfranlBk. a» k>i 1mm A* ri;d ^ *• «a«k i» 

i»<^rifw vitifa fd^MvJ ovyr; ft wmi 

mliKiMilDttMWr«kM«iL TWtwilir 

e< '^*-^*"' Ib&t aca«d>id vilk &• 

of tfaft f^inlea, Ueeaatf *ociA m tfclly 4aaidi 
tL« bv&r Mttw ollte Mdl. 

7%B ^apentwi-^ w psr uiAiMtf vw iBit nu —A""*** 
■ligii hf hn comfmamm^ b«t viUko«t catj; lor it 
br tbo uusMiAUttf 
cl Wr BMnwrrt It augbt bo tnl; md ol her 



IbflTilljtgG ma ooB of ttcwe stqoMtond 




Rtill rr^tmn ftomc T«attf70s of old English ou&toma It hod 
its rur^il f<»HtiTjbiit and liolidtty pastimf^ and 8(111 kept up 
Wiine fniiit oliservittiije of l.lni inn^o po[iidur rltj.'s of May- 
These, iuJeed* hod beeo promoted by ite piv^ct^t pnstor, 
who woB n lover of old mistouia, imd one of those simpto 
Chmtiaua tliat tliink Liit^tr iitisQiou fuliilled by pinnioting 
\oj (in earth Jtnd gootl-wiU among miLiikijid- Uuder bia 
aui»pieo0 the I^Iuy-pob stood fiom yc^i to yoor m the 
06litrd of tlte villf^e green; on May-day it waadacorated 
with garlniKU an^l sttOAiners ; and a rjn^en or lady of the 
May viBA 6i>poiDted, as in former tiiQt>a, to prceide at tbo 
fiiporto, and di»lribute tL« prizes and ittwunla. The pio 
tuTGS<^ue situHtiun of tlie villiige, and tlie faupi fulness of 
ittf rufttio fetes, would often attract the uottaa of coKual 
Tiiiitors. Among these* on one Miiy-dny> wft3 ji young 
officer, whoso regiment liitd been receutlv i^urirt^fd in 
tho neighborhood. He wna chiirm^d with thti natiTA 
taste that pcrrftdftd this %ilJage pngcant; bnl, iibovo nil. 
with the dawiiing loveliness of tho qnecn of Mfty. It wtiA 
the Tilla;;e favorite, who wan crowDed with flowers, aad 
bliijdiin;^: u^d dtnilin^ ia all tho boQutiful confusion of 
^Itsb difHd^uce aud delif-hi The artlefianesa of.rond 
habits enubWl him readily to malce her atqauiiitaiico £ 
ho grjxduidly wou hia way Into her intimooy \ and p*id 
hin cotirt to her tu that unthlukiu); way in which young 
<>IHeerH are too apt Lt> trifle with niHtic itimplii^ir* 

There was nothftig In hk Adv&DCCfl to atartk or tdantL 
J3e never «t6D tidltcd of loro : but thoro uxe mod^H of 



makiiig H mor^ «1oqiiPiit ibmn Inngnn^, und whSoli cvm- 
vej tt enbtilely and irr^aUtiblj U» Xh«» \iwkJX, Th* boftu 
of the eye, tlie tone of toic^, tho thonaaiul teodomoMW 
which emanate fmm every wonl, &Dd look, uid nGtJoa<^ 
thfia« form tho true ^loquenca of lov«, «£k1 can always b« 
felt AtxiX Tindi^wlood, but r>*?T«r dtdoribftA Uftu wa WM- 
dvr that tbty niiDiild rciuliljr win & lw<»rt, joutif^ gttiW*- 
laiM, A&d toRCttptiblftT Afl to bttr, lUm lorwl fdnrai vui- 
ooDAeioasly ; ftbo scdiroclj^ taqoiro^l vh«t w«« tb^ F?r<'*^i4 
pftMioa that vu absorbing everj' thongbt and faol iUB . of 
what ir«re to be Ha coTiA^qneDc^. Sb*, IwImJ, lonk«l 
wrt (o the lttt«r«. Wh<m pn-»(^nt, Liit look* a»d wrrrcb* 
occupied her whole aU4*-iittr>n ; wh«a %Nffrirt, ^b^ th^^^W** 
b«t of wbat bad pawtMl at tb^^ir xttctadt i 
woold wnaAtt with him tbrongb Iba g>a«> 
ittial seeDM of Iba tiomity. Ba hii^i hrr b> **^ 
beaaiim in oainm; hit talk^ m tfw laa^fW^^ ^ 
and cnltiraUd ]i£*, and bi-piatbad nlo Imt <Af >^* 
tmm of romaoce aad poetry. 

P^fb^a tb«ie ooohi iki>4 baa« MMb ft 
tbaaaiaa, mom para than tkH t^M«M»«M^ 
laat figoro oi b«ryoalUnl w^vb^^hI 
hiA siilitarf attire auelLi st 
bat it wwt Dot 
attach mflot had 
up to hxm mm k^ 
hia aodatn-dvT 



Hon of the beautiful and grand. Of the sordid diatinc- 
UurtH of rank ^nd furtuniii tth& thiiugUi jcolbiiig : it wan 
tb« difTerence of iolellect, of demeanor, of mannora, from 
thosrt of the rustic aocioty to vrbich ah^ hod been acxiia- 
touiP-d, Lhat eleTated liiui in her opinio o. Blie would li«* 
ten to him vitli L-liarmed e&r and downoLst look of mute 
d^li^lit, and Lor clicok tronld mantle witb onthiiskAem; 
or if ovf.v she veiitnred a tJiy t?lf^^ tif limid admiration. 
It waa aa quickly withdrawn, and she would digb oud 
bluah at tho idaa of Iwr oomparatire unworthincss. 

Her lo%'prwa[» equally iin|in!SJ!Eioneil ; bat fajs passion 
was mingled with feelings of a coarser natnt^ He had 
bo^n the oonueclion in bvity; for ho bad often beard 
hifl brother officers boaet of their village conquests, and 
thought some triiintph of the kind necessary to his repu- 
tation ae a man of apiriL But he was ton full of yoathfal 
fcrvTT. His heart had not yet be&n rendered sufficiently 
ciild and daliish by a wandf^ring and a diwdpat^id Uf? : it 
rnu^ht fire from tho very Same it sought to kindle ; and 
before he was a^are of the nature of bia dtuation, he bd- 
came really in love. 

What was he to do? There were the old obEtncloa 
which BO incessantly occur in these hecdleae attach- 
m«iitR. Hjs rank in life — the pr^jmlioes of tilled con- 
nections — his dependence upon a proud and unyielding 
father— all forbade him to think of matrimouy : — bub 
when ho looked down upon thia innoceut beicR. w« 
tender and confiding;, there was a purity in her nun- 



Bors, n b1ftm«1e«fl&tsA in bcr liff>, aod » b<M»c<liuif( mod* 
«6tT ID her looks ttiat awed don STerr licvniiooa IHJitifl^ 
In rj^u did h« tr^ lo fontifr himBdlf bj a thoiwukd li«ftf^ 
kee eiai3pl«« of me* of fashion ; aad to filiUl Uia rIoit of 
generoiiA aeDtiiDent with that cold df^rwm IatiIj willi 
vMdi he h»d heard tliem talk of ffimalo nrtnv^: vbon- 
erer he cftme into bcr proaoDioOt she wa«) Btill sqmitiiidad 
by Uuit fnjfltcnnos btii in paw ivc cbiurn of tii^h |»iin^ 
in wluvtr hoUnvpit «]kh«n> no guilty thntif^bl mn LIt«* 

The ftadd«*D nniTftl ol order* for tJio T«^)^iMfut iit refxair 
U> tli« coultnenlcuupktedtba ooufainanuf hia mituL Ila 
remai&Dil for a Hhort tlm^f in a «tat« of tba bmsI pamfol 
bnaolntion ; ba baaitaiad to aommnnicat^t th« t^^ta^fh 
until tli« daj for raarrbEng wm at haod; «b«a bfl gara 
b^r ih? iatetlif^pnrf* in th« cfmnu* of lui 0T»aAa|; taaifalo. 

Tha ides of parting bad aorer brion ooonnad lo jMf; 
II brc^ in at oimo Qpoa b^ draaaa of iBlicttf : aba 
bried Qpuo it aa a BttdUfu adJ imunno^inlaltle rvil, aftd 
«tf]|>t vritb tha piilalaaa iiBpli«tHr of a absJd K.* drw 
bcr to bia V>oaoiB» aad klaaad tba iBaaa tra^ iier «afl 
cbf^k ; twff did ba naat vitb a r«p«lac lor Uaso ore bd- 
nMKta of mto^laa acwow and ttann^Mi^ viuiii ^mviv 
tba omawa of aAwtioBp B<^vsa ■>!«»«»▼»?««»«»; 
— dth>ai|^o<ha>M<y,apfllryiaMiM»jpa«na. 
irf Ua ^0mr «f»r hM-. md ib* di^ itf 
lor arvar, aU compivad tn iM«i«babn ioa 

tand fto fWi^Daa Aaa aba 


TffB SKSTta^BOOg, 

Hri wam quite & noTioe in sedtictioQ, antl blobbed ftucl 
iOiltoTied at hiB otrn bASen«*Hn: htU fto iTinoo^.^nt af mmrl 
woa hla intended viGtim, that sho was at first at a loaa to 
C(>mpn?litftid kia mf-aiun^ : and wlij she should Icare her 
native rilbkgd, and th^ huinhle mof of lier pBrenta- WLeo 
at IttHt ibo nature of Lifl proposal fin&hdd npon her pure 
mind, tlio i-.ffnct wtu* wUhL^nuKi SUe did not w«cp— fth© 
did ni>t brr^ik fortli lutu n*pniLW?li — she sivid not a word — 
but i&h(i ulirunk bauk ftglia«t oh from a viper ; gave him a 
look of anguish tlint pierced to liis y^rj auul ; and, dasp- 
iug Lor Laudfl iii agoDj, fled, as if for refagc, to her 
ffttli&r'a cotta^a. 

Tlio (ifS(?or rclirod, coafaundod, buiniliatod, and ropeul- 
aat» It Im uncertain vrliAt uii^bt h&re b^n tb« result of 
the rtmtlict of Itirt feeliii^p Lad not bia tljoughta been 
diviM-ti>d by tlio bustle of dDpartare. Now doon^ft, new 
ploarturi>», aticl ixf^yf cunipjuiiond* Boon disjiiputed liui jwlf- 
TOproiLrh, nuil ittillinl luat trtndcTnufss; yet, ainidaL tlxi kIit 
otcainp«, Ulo nvAlrieA of gnrHsH^na, IIla array of arm^fi* 
and ovon tbo din of battlom hi» thoughta would aoue- 
tiioes ati'al back to tlio fic^nes of raral qniel and vilUgo 
simplid^— th« vhita cotta^^o— the footpath along tha 
fiilrer brook and up the h&vtbont hcdcvs and the littlo 
villa^ Miaid loit^nn^ along it, Ironing on )im ana, and 
Ibtotdng to Uim with oyoa beamii^ vith unoonaciom 

The shock wUicli tho poor ^1 hod received* in tba 
f all har idbol vrorld, had indeed been cruoL 


FtintingR tud hjiterks h^d %i fint A**^t*i Iwr tood^r 
fnuuc^ Aii^t iTGTo succeeded bj & »cttlod uid pining neUft* 
cImIj. &b« had Whrld hx>ni her window th« mmrcli of 
thedepftrtiagtroopA. Sh^ hsd bmd b*r fiiithlo« lorer 
bome ofl; naif in tnnmpb, uidst Uk« eouhd of drum ud 
Innnpet, uid tbe pomp of irana She Bti»in«d ft Ust 
acLia^ ^xe kfler him, as tbe morning sun glitlend ftbont 
hie fifnue. «nd hk pliusd w»r^ in the breete ; hb pftoned 
&v&y like ft brigkt Tiftk>ft fron ber algbU azmI kfl her aU 
in dftrkne^ft. 

U would be trite to dwell on tbe pftrtienWv of h«r 
ifttr stovT. It wft«, like otbcr Ulc« ol love, aclftncbotj* 
8ba ftToided socifttj, ft&d wnndierod ont ftlone in the Kvlka 
Bh« hftd Qoct Inqoemt^d witli h«r lover Sh% Booi^bl, 
liko Uie athdten daer. to wc>cp in Eile&oe mad lopftlineia, 
ftcd brood orer the btttbed eoitow tbat ruikW in her 
sonL 8onwtiiii«« shfl wnald l« eeen Ut« of mn cirrnlag 
Bitting in the porc^h of tte TiUngo ofanrcb ; and tb« mllk- 
mudff, reliuiUDg troa the flelde. woold now und then 
oT^rlwtdu- her lunging ■owe pUinlive ditlv in th^ luwtfaum 
wmlk. Sho booftae fervent la her devotione nt ehvcfa ; 
and ftd tbe old poopl« sew h^r eppfoech, eo wnetod awajr, 
T(«i with e bectio falooio, end Lhftt hjJlnwtd eir whiMi rwI- 
ftochol^ ilifiieiii roond the form. th«j wotild tnftki: we; 
for b«r, MA for eomothin* epmteei, and* trtnfc-ifc|f Alter her. 
vuohl hbeke their heede to ghxmjr forebodinfv 

Slifr fish » coDTictiow that ahe was haetenin^; to th« 
tomb, bat booked lorwaid to Ueepleoe of veeL !Ok6 sil- 



vor eav<\ that h&d bonnJ her to eiUt^m^ was loosad, 
thcro weomiid to bo ao more pU-ftsuni uinier ths boil If 
OTer lt«r gentle bosom h>ul entert&in^d reaentiuent ogoinat 
liffr lover, it was e^itingiiishtfJ. Bbc; wa» itiiUtpiiliU of an- 
^^ poa^ucjitft; and iit n momeut of ttaddoncd tondomcee, 
ehe penned Lini a fn.rcwcl] letter It woa coach^ in tli6 
simplpst l^ugUfLgi^, Imt louHiiitg from Lt« very Hiniplictty- 
She told biiii that sb<^ uas dyiiig, and did not conooal 
ftom him tbnt his cooduct was tho oaoso* Hb« even de- 
picted tbe fiiUreiiogft 'bluish ab^ had E!jijJtirieuL%id ; biii 
COiifTladed with sayisj^, thnt she could not die Iq peace, 
antit alie Uml 8cnt him Ijer forgivi^nt^ds and her blo^sttrng. 

Dj degreos her streugtlt doolined, tbst filie could no 
It^ngdr leitTe the aottoge. She could only tottor to the 
window, where, propped up in hex cbftir, it was bor on- 
jojniont to sit fill day and look out upon the laudfiCApe. 
Still >)he ntterei^ no complaint, nor imparted to any ond 
the maladj that woa pTojiiig oit Uor heart. She Dover 
OTcii mc]itionf?il Ler lover's naiac^ : but would Wj Ler 
li«^ml cm hiTr fHfjtlier's l>oi*am imd woi^p iti siih'inT<*. Hnr 
poor ji^imit* hung, in mtito anxioty, orc»r thin fouling 
bloflsom of their hopc«, etill iktioring thomsohTS tliat it 
m^ht AgiUD reviTo to frenhnpHs, and tliat the Ivriglit nit- 
eftrtlUj bloom which eometinaeB fluEhed her cheek might 
bo the promise of retiiminK health- 

In thia way she w«a atatcd b* twiieii th&iu ouu Kuudjij 
sift(*mnon ; her hands were clasped in theirs, thft tuttioo 
was tbrown open, and the Hoft air that titoJc in brought 



with it tlie fragrance of tbe cluataniif^ honejstickle Vibicll 
her own hands hml tmue<i round ilia winilovr. 

Her father hud just hoen raflding & chapter in the 
Bible ; it spoke of the vanitj of worldly thinKs, and of 
the joja of heaven : it saeraed to b*ive diffnsHtl comf(»ri 
and eerdnity through her boBoua. Her eye waa &c«d 0B< 
the difitaat village charch i the bell had tolled for the 
«fveiiiu^ Aei'vic^ ; th& last vilht^er wa« la^ln^ into the 
porch; JLud &very thiof^ had siinic into that hdllowdd 
atiUneee peculinr to the day of reat Her pareutA werO' 
gtizing on her with jr«arniti^ h»arht> Bit^km^HH nud i«ot^' 
row, which piu^^ fi*> roughly over koico fAcna, had givtia 
to hers tho oiprosBioii of a uraph^ti* A tear trciablodr 
in Iter soft blue eye. — Was aIi^ tlunkiDg of h^r faith- 
]oG« loT^r?— or were her thoTighls wandenng to that dis* 
tant church-yard, iixto whoso boson) bIio mi^fat soon b^| 
gathered ? 

Suddenly the <»lang of hoofs was beard— a horHoraaa 
fiollopod to the eottaf^c — he di&moaiitod Ix^foro the win- ^ 
dov— the poor girl gave a foinl cxoUmitiop, and snuk 
haek io her ohair : it was her repentant lorerl Hftj 
rushed into the house, tind flew to clasp her to hil 
bosom ; bat her wasted (otm— h&r deathlike couni 
iiani-e — ao vao^ yet so lovely ia ita denolattou, — huk 
him to the eon], and ho tlirew himself id Hffony at ht 
feet. Bhe was too faint to rise — abe att*^mptoil to t^X' 
tend her tremhliu^^ hand — her \i\tn moved an if «hn spoUi?,' 
bat no word wae artioutated— fthe looked djj'«\i.^i,'<^iiV\ 



with a smSla of auuttorable tdudoni£fla» — and c1ofi6d ber 
©yes for &x*iT\ 

Such ar3 tlio partionlaTfl whicJi X j^atlicrod of tbia Til- 
lage ntory. Tliej' are but &cauly, atij 1 am couACioua 
hara lilllo wove.lty t« recommeud tbem. In the prAmet 
rftge nUo for ntrunj^ fnoidont lUid high-fieasnned uurrfr- 
tivCs th<^y mn}" ni)p*>;ir trit« and insignificunt^ Imt Uiay 
inlntiroated me r^troiigly ni thn Lime; aud, taki^u in (*on- 
EKiction with Uie aifocting Mromony wMch I haJ juet 
witn^flflocl, loft a doopor impression on my mind thui 
maiij eiicumftlauce^ of a more striking nature. I hxm 
paae^ throu;^h the placo fflLoe, mid vUited the chorch 
B^iun, from a b(>tter motive than mere ciirioAit^'. Itirim 
a wintry evening; the trees were stripped rif Iheir foli- 
age; the ohiirch-yard lonked cak^d ami monmful, anci 
the n-ind rnetlod coldly through the dry gras& Ev€r- 
^reeiift. however, had Ijteu pUul^^d aliimt the j^rave of the 
village favorite, and ottieri wcru bont over it to keep tho 
turf utitnjiirciL 

Thii chiirrh door wnp open< and 1 Ktepp^d in, Thfira 
hung the chaplet of flowers and the gloves, aa on tiie day 
of tho funeral: the flowera wero withere<l, it is true, but 
care aeemed to have beeii takirn tliuL no dust slionld noU 
their whit^oeas. I have seen many mouumnntM, where 
art hoa exhauated ita powers t^> awaken the sympathy of 
the Hpcotator, but I harie met with none that spoko more 
tondiiTigly to my faftaii, than thii4 »iinple bnt delicate 
mumQuto of departed Innocenoe. 



FwaJi julDt <liil dtr 111' rmliisriiiu Ttnw 
Tbi JitalijUA Itvul Ituil Ivfl 414 U»i 
TbHv *toi>4 07 rrlmd, wun fAUmt iVlll, 

dim H- WOfffOOL 

,T 19 eoid that majny an UDlucky orclua la m- 
doc^ to ruD away from his family, uid IraUke 
him^f to ft f»»afftriiif^ Vita, From miuling tJ]«i hin- 
K>ry of Eobins^ii Cnisxx*; jiwl I guspRct tliat, in like 
laaiiDcr, pmn/ of Llioao wortliy gcntJomeii who arc i^t'en 
to fjauiii the Aules of patiitora) Htreams with aiif^le rods in 
hand, may tracQ the origUL ot their pASflion to the seduo' 
tire paf^a of hoae^t Lsjuik Walton. 1 recollect »tvilring 
bja"Ctrtai>lp|e ,\iif^l«r" (ifrTeral yeant »iu», in mndimny 
with a knot of bd^^uda in Amerloa, ani3 moreover Ihut Vk-<t 
w«Te all cumpkbjly batten with the jutgliit}; mania. It 
na eariy in the yeur; but m aoon as thn weatlurr vm 
aus|>icioiiM, iunl tU^it tlio spring l«ga(i to mult into thn 
rergQ of iummer, we took rod in hand and eallicd into 




tite ootintiy, fis &tftrk mwl ab vm ever Don Quixote from 
reiMliiif^ books of chivalry. 

Quo of our party had equalled the Don id tbe fulae^ 
of Itb equipuienta: being attired cap-a-pie for the enter- 
priee. He wore a broad-skirtod fustian coat, perpkied 
with half a Liuitlr^d pockets; a ptiir of etont sbood, and 
leathern gaiters; a baaket along on one aide for fifih; a 
patent rod, n landing not, and a score of other inconve- 
nionoea, only to ho found in tho truo anglor's armory. 
Thus harnesaed for the Qeld, he tras a6 great & matter of 
htjire and wonderment anioog the ccuTitry folk, who had 
naver ^een a reji^ular angler^ Jis waa the ateel-clad hero of 
La Mancha lunong the goatherds of the Bix^rra Mo1t^na* 

Our first pfifljij was itloiig a nioiiiitain bniok, iiiiiorig ifa<i 
highlanda of the Hudson; a cooet nnfortnnate p]sc« for 
the exGcation of thoaa piscatory tactica which had been 
invented along the velvet marglus of quiet Eugliali vvnt- 
leta. It was one of those wild streams tJiat lavish, among 
OTU* romantio BoUtLides, unheeded beautiea, enough to fill 
the sketch-book of a hunter of tlie picturesqtic- 8oino- 
times it would leap down rocky shelves, making itnsall 
oaseadeBf over whiolj the trees throw their broad baJaa- 
cing sprars, and long naraelesa weeds huug id fringM 
fnim the im|>endiiig hanks, dripping with dianiund drops. 
Sometimes it would brawJ and (ret along a ravine in the 
matted shade of a forest. iUUng it with murmurs; and* 
after tlus termagant career, woold steal furtli xz\U* opfia 
day with the moat plo^dd demuM face unaginahle ; m Z 


Katd seen sorae pettllent shrev of a hdosewife, nfti^r fill- 
ing her hnme vnih aproihrjutd ill-hiimor, come iliiitpting 
ont of doors, swimming and i?oiut<^a^i&^ gad smiling 
upon ilU the vorl<L 

How emootbly would this Tftj^nst bTOok glide, at snch 
times, ihroogli aomo bosom of green meadow-lAod among 
the moontains: where tiie <[UJet vaa only iitterniptei] by 
the oocafiioual tinkling of a bell firom the la^f oflttle 
Among the cloTer, or the eoood of a woodcutter'a ax6 
fruin Llie neigbboriug foivaL 

For mj piiTt, I waft always a boogler at aJl kiiuU of 
fiport that re^juired either patience or adix^itneao, and had 
not angled above half an liour before I had eompletelj 
**mths&ed the ^ntinient," and coarinccd mritclf of tho 
Inth of luiak Walton's opinion, that ■wgt'ftg is aotnie- 
thing lika poMry — a man must W bom to it T hooked 
mvMlf In at ead of the GA ; tacf^ed my line in every trae ; 
Jest m J bait ; broke my rod ; nntil 1 garo np tlie fttteapi 
in despaii, and paA^ed ILe day under the trees, reodiitj; 
o3d Leaak; aatiafied that it waa hia faadnating Tela of 
boneat simplicity and mral feeling that bad bewitd^ad 
me. and not the |jaasion for angtii^ Mr cumpaniofia, 
Low«T«r, WK mure peraerering in th«ir dAlnaion. I 
haTO tikcm at this moment before my eyes, stealing oioog 
the border of the brook, where it lay open to th« day» or 
wnti merely frm^^d by ahralH and btishHS. laaa the bit- 
tern ritting with bollr>w acr«am as they break in upon his 
mrcly-inradcd haunt; tbc kingfisber watdiiag ibem 



]nciously from Uis drj Iree that oTcrhangg the clopp 
hlmiV mill-|ii>inl, in tie p;crge of the liillfi ; tbe fHfirloiiHi 
lottbig liimavtf nlip aiJ^wuys from off tlic >^n9 or log on 
wJiioh ho is minniac^ hiuiEieU ; Aud tbc punic-fltnick frog 
phitnjilug ill hemlloug uh they jipproftcl], wnd eprear]]ijg 
an ulnriQ thronghrtut. tlie wntery worM around, 

1 rocoLlcet also, that, after toitiiiK twd wfttchinf* and 
craping about for tUe K^^ftter pwj-t of a tlaj. wilh 
scarcelj any ftTiccees, in spite of all ovtr admiraWe appt^ 
ratufi, a lubberly country urchin ciuno Jown from tJie 
hilin with jv nnl riiulc froni a branch of a tree, a fow 
ynnlH iif iivjti(>, iiml, lU Hcnv(:-n »]ij«l] lirlp mc I I ht^lievd, 
a crooked pin for & hook, baited with a vilo oarthwonn — 
and in halt au hour caught VDore fiah tliau w€ had Ltibbles 
tbroti;'hi<rjt the lav I 

Bui, abovn all, I rticolkct, the "j^ood, lioncitt, whol»- 
ttOmCff hungry" rcpnat, vhieli wo mode under & becoh* 
tnui, jost by a ftpriii^ df'pure swret water tlmt sttjbt out 
of tlio side of a hill; kucI how, when it waa over, ono ot 
the party read old Izaak WaLtou's eceno witJi the m'tik* 
maid, whiln T lay on the grass and built c^lrn in ft 
bripht pile of clouds, until I fell asleep. All this mny Ap- 
pear like mer6 e|*otiem ; yet 1 eannot refraui ^m ulter- 
int; these reeoUeclions, which are paHsiriK like a strain of 
mufiic over my mind, and have been called up by &ii 
offTeeable soeue which I witoeesed not lon^ since. 

In a moruint^'a stroll along Uio baiilts of the Alan, a 
heAaiilu] little ^irbain which flows duwu from tliu IVeUih 

rns AlfOLER, 


Mils and tliTOwg iteeU into tlio I>^, my ftttontion waa aU 
tracted to a group fi<\&ted on the margin. On approaoh- 
iu^, I fouod ii to couflUt of a Tctcran anglir And two 
mstio disdpl^a. Tlit* former vbw an old ftpHow n-itb a 
wooden \e^» with cloChee very mucli bat very oarofiiUy 
patctied, betokettiiig povertj'p houtiftll^ cume bj", and de- 
cently maiufcjiiried. Hb* tftoa bora tlie marks of lormftr 
atorms, but prGscnt lair weather; its furrows Ijud boon 
worn into an habituftl Bmile; Lla iron^giMy lot:Ua hitng 
ulioiit hta catK.^ find hti hnd nllogetlmr ttie goud-linmorrid 
nir of a oouetUntional philosopher who was tlispoiw<l to 
take the world as it wtut. One of Iiia oompoiuoaB waa 
s ragged wi^ht, with tlie akulkin^ litok of an arrant 
poAch«ir, and I'll warrant could find Ins Wity to Any gen- 
tloraMi'9 fidh'pond in the neif^hborbood in tLo divrkest 
lugbt Thu oilier wa» a tall, awkitard countrj IbA. with a, 
lounging gftit, and apparently Bom^what of n nistic twao. 
The old m&a was buay in sxaminin^ the maw of a trout 
whidi be had ju«t killed, to discover by ita contenta what 
ItukActH wer^ AeartoiialJe for liait; and waa leclnriug on 
tk« fiubj^ot to hi& companions, who appeared to listen 
with uLdmte dc-f(^r«!uc& I bavd a kind fi^eltng tovuda all 
"Itruthera of iho angle/' erer sincu I read li^iuik Widton. 
Th^y ara men, ha aflirma, of a "mild, sweot, and paaoa*- 
able apirit ; " and my esteem for tbem hafi been iaorcflMfd 
Aince I met with aa old " Tretyan of fishing wiib the An- 
gle/' in whioU 4re nd forth iiuitiy nf thn nuuinis of tlii^Er 
lOofEen^Ta fraternity. " Take gc^od W\x»V ^^^^'^ *^^^;^^^ 



honoat little tretyae. *" tb&t in goin^^ about your dUapdrtea 
JO open net man'& gates but that yo filict tliom u^ain, 
AJao je bIiaII nut use this forsayd cr&fU Lli8]K>rt for tio 
ccrotoiiduess to tlie enuTeiising an^l ^ipuring of j*>iU" rijouty 
ojilj, but principally for your tioluce, and to catuto tlia 
holtl^ of yoMT body Jind specyiilly of yoar aoulc-"* 

T tboLight that I could ji(Trc«ivi.^ in the vetcnui nrtgW 
before mQ au exomplifi cation of what I had r&sui; and 
tbei% vaa a cbeeHnl coutoatedaosa in iiia looks tbat quito 
drew ma towards blia I t;uuld not but remark the (jal- 
hLTit manner in which he stomped from one part of fhti 
brook to aiiothcir; iraving Lis rod m the atr, to keep 
UiA Huft from dr^i^ing ou the ground, or calrching &mong 
the bQ«he&; and the adroitneBs with whicdi he vould 
throw his £v to tmy parti<3iilEir place ; sometimes skim- 
ming it Lightly along n little iJipid; sometimRS casting it 
inbi oue of thu^ie d^irk holes mjuln by n. twi);t[ul motor 
ovprhiinging b^iuk, in which the larj^ trout are apt to 
lurk. Iq the meauwliilfr h& was giving iuatmctions to bia 

FO disciples; showing ihpni the iikAiiiier in which they 
lid handle their rods, fix their flioft, and play th<*m 
along tho sorfaoe of the atrcam. Thcs lAocnCi brought to 

* From thts vunt. troAtiHv it wouk] apppu Ihot ait^IlD); h a niurv lu- 
c!n«rfom[ ntirf ttrvoiit emplftympirat. i,h«i ti i*pfnTT*lly i?OTn[if>TT<3.— " Far 
whttti J* purpMu to go <m your <liii|Kjrl« in flihyngw yo wiU not dc^/jre 
Ipvnilvr tnuiiv [li^rfloiin wiU ymt, uljich ideeEjI tct jou otjoar j£ftiiic. Afid 
Uwl JM amy fm-rvv G^id di-voiit].v in aj-in^ rfTfTfuallr fonr miitnmiU:iI« 
pnjvn Anil ihiiK .InjiuR. r^ *inill etcha* and alv ovoyJi" iiiiiiiv view, 
a> fdclQvBi ^rhicb ts pnncLpoU Cause to induco niuc to muiy othnr vtcn, 
•i /£ ij rjgbt veil kuuwn.** 


my mind the instructif^R of tlio sn^ PiBcntor to liis 
Bcbolar. Tlio country roontl waa of tLat pastor&t kind 
wMcb W&ltua ifi ft>Dd of describiug. It wa^ a \>i\ri uf this 
great plaiB of Cheakire, dose by tiie beaatifal vaJd of 
Qeasford, aud just wUoro the inferior WeUh lulls begin to 
Hwcll Up (turn>ug Iru&L*su]i;lling luendows^ The dfiy, 
too, like that reeordod iu liia work, W4i« mild and eun- 
ehiny, with now and then a soft-dropping ahowor, that 
auwjid the vrLule tiarth with dianiuuda. 

I soon fell into convcrfiation with the old angler, and 
wud so mnoh entertained that, lutdur pretext of roccLving 
iiutructions in his art, I kept company with liim ulntost 
the whole day; wandering along the banks of the stream, 
and lietonin^ to his talk. Ho waB vory oommunicativo, 
having all the e^ay garrulity of cheorful old age ; and I 
fancy wjjs a little flattered liy having an opportunity of 
displaying his piscatory lord ; for who does not like now 
and then to play tho sageV 

He hail been luuch of a rauihler in hiu day, and had 
passed some years of his youth in America, particnlarly 
iu Savannah* where Ire had entered into trade, and had 
been ruined by the indiscretion of a partner- He had 
afterwards experienced many up* and downs hi lif^, until 
he got into the nary, where hia leg was uarriod away by 
a cannon ball, at the battle of Camperdown. Thie wag 
the only stroke nf real gnnd ffirtuni; he Lad evt»r ecpe- 
rienood, for it got him a ponsion, which^ to;;etljer with 
Bome ainall paternal property, brought h\Tfi\c^^-vy--^«^x«^!»to 



of ttsulr forty poQDda. Ontkis b« »tind to bis utm 
^-ffla^, when be Imd qnieUf sad iadtpwlaiiHy; and 
ilBtt4ad t^ ranaijkde* of Ua life to Ike "DvUe Art ol 

I found UvAt b« httd tMd iBuk Walloft ■tfafttifaly, and 

Iw Afiirmt^ Id lia\T uabibrd all Us «^)1« 

tkat Iko vorld,ia 

bM about th« worlds b« vaa 
ilaeK was good aad boantifa]- Tboagh b« kad baoa aa 


ro^^lj naad m diSmai aM a U iw as ■ poor 
hjmwvTf ka4et and tkMtot. jM W 
vilk CMdor a^ IdftdMM; ipf^tii , 

CMilrc* ll» ffood mUb of tkingar aad. akua ^faavaa 

alttofi ikm mlj nan 1 kad vw avt vitk vbo kad 

as ^rfortanafa adtaalarer in ABkcoca. and kad 

and laainHfriwiitT anrawk Id latv iIm faaH to kM 

door, asd ao4 to rnma tlw «oatij. Aa lad Aat vaa 

WMinaft has ranfanftiomi, I ksantvaa tkeamaad kedr 

apparent of a fii otl vridoir vIm kcfil ik^TSaee 

of oowae a yoaak of aoaa aapaolalMft, at aoack 

Ij III iilii t'irtiiiii"Mii liiiiii^ii If Ihi 

lakiafc km vader tiia car^, tkert^imw tb^ «U «■& kad 


As tlio English are n^lho^ioft], «TeD in their reore&tio&a, 
and tiTA tho uiost dcieutitic L>f Bportoxncu. tb h&a been re- 
dueeil hiuung tlieiD to perfect rul« jhhI ujittoru. IndetHl 
it b an amuuemeut peculiarly adapted to tbo mild and 
liiglily-cultivatctl scooory o£ Kiiglauil, wh<iro <^vcry rougb- 
lit^ss hji:^ b&eii bofteite'i uwaj^ fri»m ihu lundncMjUT. It is 
dtiligLtfu.] to skiuutor almig ihv^^ limpid str^ain^ wliieli 
wuideri like veiua of ^tlvor, thi-ou^^h tbo bosora of tUia 
beaatiiul ajuatrjr; leadiug uuq thruugli & divertiitjr <if 
stnall home scenery; fiometiipes wiudin^ through oma^ 
mf-i:ted gr»'>tmd!*; t*onietimc8 Ijiimmiug along through 
rich pastUTage, nliere the fresh f^reen u mlDglod with 
gweet-smelling dov^ers; Bometiiu^-s veDturinif in dglit of 
viUagos luid haiuUta, and then niiinitig oapridou&ly ttwa; 
into sliady 7^tireii:4¥ut& The sw««*tn«ift and ftcreidfy of 
tmtur^, find tho quiot]fuliioits of the ^port, gradttally 
bring on plofiii&iit Gt« of musing: which are now and then 
agreeably intf^rmpted by tlie eon^ of a birrl^ the difitont 
whiHtI<» of the peasant, or pprhapa the vajrary of 110019 
fiBh, leaping out cf the atill water, and skimming trub- 
siently about its ^rlaasy aurface. "When I would beget 
onntenV' fiaya Iza^k Walt<in, "and increaae confidenee m 
the ptiwor and windom aud ]>rovidonca of AJmicfhty God. 
1 will walk the TD^adow^ by jiomfi gUdiiij; atreauu aud 
tlit-re ronlamplatf? llm lilii^H Uial Utk^ im c&v^, aud thoaa 
very many othttr little living ereatur&s that are not ondy 
crnatt^d, but fed (man hnows not howf by the gooduosa of 
the Ood of nature, iind thertrfore trust in liim/' 



I eiwnot fori}6ar lo giro anothor quoUUotk From one of 
thf)w Hitia^ut di&nipioiis of Angling* vhicfa breathes the 
ftSLiQO inuucoiit and happy spirit : 

Let me lire b«nnL*aiIir. linil n«r k^n brink 

Of Tl»Hlftr A'flT) li*¥r> a 41w<■lltl1|r-pI«Ol^ 
WTmiv 1 nmLf «n imxi|I1'^' '>'' ''"rk. ikwn K^riK 

With c^[*r bitv cf pike, tT i>J«ak, or iUbu \ 
AthI on tlu «orM «iitl 1115 Crrfttor tiilAk : 

Whtlit BDEDa nwnttrlvu Ul-sOtUngOtttafeiDbtM*: 
Anrt cittii'n ipuml Lhf'lT ifrnfl In tiut eiTMi 

Of wlfio^ cr wonc bi wmr, ur v>atoruiMSL 

LetUwra that Wfl!. tbcsp |HuitimBstLIT punruo, 
AiLd on cuch i>|aaaln>r fiutdr^ fiti] ihclr tUl; 

Bd 1 Uifi flddB oiul mmiluvri ^^thd nu^y fieVi 
And itafJir \yf fr»b nfrn vritlk At vilL, 

Ainruiu 1'i<^ r1)ijii3i>f< nril \hv v^iAvU bLuOi 
IttiJ bjActnLli mtd ^bw dAffudiJ.* 

On partiD|{ with the old angler I mqcircd aft-^r hk 
plac« of abode, and hap)>oiui]£ io be in the neighborhood 
of tbf \iUii^ jv fpw tTVf'iiiugrt ftftt-rwttnJR. T Imd Uiit cnri* 
osity to ftA4*k him out I found blm living in a siuaII cot- 
bl^i (^ontiitninjc oul)" ouo room, btit a perfect curiosity in 
its method and arrangeiDeaL It waH on the flktrts <rf 
th« village on a green bank, a little back from thd road, 
witb n small ^Enrd^iD in fTx>nt, stocked with kitirh^n lierb^ 
and adorned with a (ew UoinrtiTH. Tin* wholr fnmt tit tb<i 

itoge vaa overrun with a honeyanckla. On the top wag 

•J. [iBTm. 



a ship lor a woftt!i«r-<5ook. The interior woe fittfrd up in 
u truly Dftutical ?fyls. his k1(^&9 of comfort and couve- 
iiifMice liftviuy liC!Rti aof|<ure<I on tlie Ijerth-tleirk of a. innti- 
oi'Vrar. A bammock was slung froru llitj eeiliii^, wtitcb, 
in tlia da7tiiiic> was losJieil up so as to ttikc Imt Uttio 
room. From tLe centre of the <rhanil)er Lung a luodrl of 
& ship, of his oWD workmanship. Two or tbroo cliairs. a 
table, and & large sca-cbeat. fonnod the principal mov- 
ables. Abciiit the wfJl were tituck up uaval ballodsj such 
ai Admiral Hosier's Gbo^t, AU in the Dowda. anri Tom 
Bowtiue, intoncingled with piotoroB of Boa.-BghtBL, aiuonf; 
which Ibfi hattle of Cmnporilowii held a dlstiuguishcd 
pliLCd- ThQ maiitol-piec<^ wji)! decorated tvith sea-shella; 
over which hun^ a quadrant, Jlankod by two wood-cute of 
most bitter-lookiaig uaval comiaauderH. His implements 
for luigling were carefully rlinpoaed on nails and hooka 
about tlie Toomt On a shelf was arranged hia library, 
coutaiiUDg a work on augUug. much worn, a Bibla 
covered with i^auvas, ati odd viilumti or two of Toysfjeo^ 
a nauticFd almanac, and a hook of son^. 

His fumily consisted of a large black cat with one oyfl,. 
and a jiarrct which he hail cau^^ht and tamed, and edi^ 
cated himself, in the course of on© of bisTnyages; und 
which uttorcd a varioty of sea jibnmoB with tho hoaraa 
brattling tone of a veteran hoatriwaiUH The establish' 
mont reminded me of thjLt nf the renowned Uiiliinson 
Oniaoe ; it was k«pt in neat order, cvory thing bciiig 
" atowed away " with the regulfthiy of a ahip of war ; 



Atitl hn <\iitorm<fd mo ilistt kn "Bccured the dook OTiny 
mmminff. an<l Awrpt it bctwocn mealA.'\ 

1 fiiiiijil liiin Mi^Lrul oil m Wncli bern^e ilie iliM^r, Kuok- 
In^^ hU |ilpo ill tho Aori fivening sunsbiue. Hit cut vas 
piirtukic nolwirly oti Uio lUrcbhulJ, uud Uia parrot <to«crib- 
iii^ •OHIO ntrui^ i>Ti>liiUoim in ou iron riuic Uuit nwotig ia 
tli0 Etiiitrit (»f Ilk oagH. H« liul been uDf^Uug oil dtij, taiA 
IpbVo m» n biiriotj ot lu« apon vilk m mudi minat^&raa 
W A goiMnd vmild uJk ovnr « ouupugs ; boi&g putku* 
l«r1,T uiimfttMl in n^Utinit tlio maunior in wludi l>e had 
Uk«u a Laipu tirt>ut, vhi«b bad compktolj' tasked all hii 
akin aiMl wariaoM* aad whiob ha bad aaal aa a tvt^y to 
miao bmlmw of tha tniL 

How mitif^viitift il ia to ««« a ebaorfnl aad eont^tiled 
oM agitt ; aiti) Ic b<^bi^1d a poor fcUow, tik« thia, after ba- 
ittg Irtmpaahhwt iIuyw^ Uli\ a«fAJ^ nwocwd ta a astng 
andi^vtMkiriMcia tbaaTemifeof bwdami Hjab^f^ 
^itmK V j ^ww ^ <i^piro>g from wMoa laancft aad ir»a iaia* 
ppai fcufi l olaxtNmal niwrndaDraa : inrba bad Ibid tBez* 

Ifi^ftd ma l w a, vbM ia tba 


aimUMbi^itaiglftft afl wrifca li lalii I wm d 

nnvftba, flM4 wan^Mig via 
■nil liU 


Tim AJUQLsa, 


much noticed too tiy (^'entlemen 3port«m«ii of th« t)eigh<- 
faorhood; bud tuuglit soverul of tliom t)ip' art of angliiig; 
Mid WHS a privileged visitor to tlipir kitclieus* TLo wlxole 
U'tt^T of liiB life WI18 <jiiiet and iDfstfonttive, b^inp priDci- 
piiUy pissed about tlie neighborinK strcftma, when tlio 
Trcother and reason were f:ivorable ; aud at othei timeA he 
employed hiinsal! at liomf*, preparing Lis finbiu^ tackle 
for th© next cumpaipn, or niADiif&<'turiQg roda, nota, tmd 
flics, for bis pntrfirDs and pupils amoug the geutiy. 

He was rv regular attt^udfiut tit clmvAi an H\ij\il»>yH, 
thongb he gener&lly fell aaleep darinj^ llie aprmon. He 
hjul mofle it his pnrticnUr request that when lie diod he 
sluHild \if lutricd in n f^reen Hpt>fc, wliicb Iw could Heo 
froEQ his se!it ui charch* And whiHi he had marked oat 
erer bIqoo he vus & boy, and hod thought of when far 
irotu liome ou the ra^pii^ sea, in dan^^er o( being food lor 
the fishes— it was the epot where hi£ father and mothetr 
hod beoii buri&d 

I Jmve done, for 1 fear that my reader ia i^owlng 
wGfiTy ; but T (vittld not refrain from diiLwiiig Die picture 
of thin worthy " trothar of tho a£i|cle ; " who bfts made me 
more than ever in love with thn tJieory, thouf^h I fear I 
shall never Iw? tulroit m Uu» pnu^tice of his art : and I will 
conclude this rambling Mkotuh in the words of honest 
JUaak Walton, by craving tho blending of Hi Fotc^r^s mas- 
let upoL ta\ reader, "nnd upon nil that are true lovers of 
virtue; and -lare trust iu bia provideuno; and b© quiet; 
and go A imgUng." 





For 4VO teAft«c mnd a Mam* ak^. 

THE LEfiKyn of slkept hollow 


anii nutbentio. Net far from tLis villiige, f)erbnps iiboat 
iwo miles, tbere is a LUtle %'alle^, or ratber Up of laud» 
&mntig Ligli hiJle, ^^liicU is oue af tlie quieteut plftucMin 
the ^'liole world, A small brook ^lulifs througli iti wUli 
just murmur enougli to lull one to repose ; ftud Uie occar 
sioniil wliirttle of a ^uiljI, or t/t])piiig of ^ woiKljwcker, is 
almost tbd only aotind that ever breaks la upon the nni- 
form tranquillity. 

I lecullect that, when a atripliug, my fiist exploit iu 
aqiiirr&l-sbooting was id a gror^ €f tall wahiitt^lrt<ea that 
ghado0 one eido of the valley. I bod wanderod into ii at 
noon time, vrhen ull nature is peculiarly ijuipt, unil WOM 
startled by tbe roar of my own gun, aa it broke tbo Sab* 
bath stiUnr^es around, and waa prolonged and rovcrber- 
fttcd by the angry echoes. If ever I ehould wiah lor a 
re»tri»jLt^ whither 1 might Bl*^aJ from the world and its 
difitraotions* and dream quietly nway tie renmaut of a 
troubled life, 1 know o£ none more promisiu^ than tbia 
little laJlpy. 

Ftdu the listlesi repofto of tlie place, and the pocuUar 
choncter of it^ iahabitaute^, who nr<! Jci^eentluntft from 
the origiuni Dtitcli w^tUers, tbln soqiiestered glen biw 
long been known by the name of Slekpv Hollow, &nd 
its ru9tie Uda are called the Sleepy Hollow Boys 
throuKhi^ut oil tlie ueigliboring country. A drowey, 
dreamy Influen^^e seems to hauj^ over the land, and to 
pervade the \ery atmosphere. Some say that the place 
watt bewibebed by a high Oemum doctor, daring the 





MAriy tlAjrn i»f LljL- Mitditniffiit ; otlit-ni, tlmt ui fi]i] Tiiiliiui 
oliiiff, tht pro|>|]ot «>r vi/jtrtl of LiK trilKS, hold hL» pow* 
wow Ui^N* b^r^txi tlj<> cotiiitry wiw 4ii«covorc(L by Uastor 
Hftnilrick ilmlnoii. Oortmn ii ia, Oio place stUl coniuiiiieft 
iinijar tlio swAy of notiio witt^liiiig pi^wer, tLtit bokb s 
■pfOI ovQr tbo EELlinlii of tbo gooJ jjcopk, caosini^ them to 
wjllk'in h ccuUnual nvim^ They are t^iveu to all kinds 
of iiiJirvMloiiA It^litiffi; Rre atibjeirt to tmiic^s auI vbtioDH; 
ullI froquoDtly aec stnkngo aigbta, ftnd b«ar oa&iio Aikd 
voicwi iu tlto «ir . Thi^ v^holo u^i^Uborfaood abotinda 
with locitl ttttt^!«» }i«uutml ji{k^, nm! tn-ili^l ttugMfnUi* 
tk>n>: AUra «lit>ot and meleorA gluv often^r mctot^ tbo 
Tiklkr ttmn m iitiy otlti^r pnrl of tlift couttttr, mk) the 
iiighUi)]in\ witli h«*r wfanlri ninf> fohl, rortm to miikft it 
ihp faroritrt ro^im of hnr gusUtbL 

Tho (li^nainjuit spirit, bov«T«r» that bamta tlufi en- 
obfUlMl ragioik. Miil flc«m» to be toBiaaadftHxtol d 
all tho povront of the air. is tlM apparitioB of m <gm « 
kiWMb*(^ witliotit a ti««<L It is ttud by eowe to W tbo 
gbort of A Bi'ftiAUin troofwr, vbaae b«»d bad htt% carn^ 
avrar hv a o&TinoD-lvill, ui avima mumIbm batik daria^ 
tba roTc^Qtiiwarr v&r; and «bo b av^ir aad ittdA aecft ¥f 
Iba fnonatTy K>li» bnrr^in^ alosf; a tbe f^ocn fif ^i^tt^M 
if oa tbr^ viQgfi of \ht<- wind. H» b^wiasi «>r not c ua tnad 
t» tbii tibllAT, Hat «ctMfed at timaft to tb* a^patnt iwadi, 
asd aapccially to tba w»a^ <d a abtab M ao gwH dia- 
taea. bdftid.«rtaoi<Jtib»Bimi«iiaBiiaHiirm<< 
tbon parte, vbo bava baea «aa«M i> «rdlecftag sad an^ 



I.iHti^ HoAting isirtn tv^nc^iming this speotre. all«>gB 
that tb«i body of the trooper^ haviu;* been buriod in tlid 
cliiircli-vard. tlie gboat ridcfi fortli to tlie ao^ue oi batr 
tie in uij^hl.Iy qn^t cf hiH bead; aufl that tbe rusUing 
fipodd witb which be gometimeft passes alon^ the Hollow, 
likn rir mldnigbt blast, is owing to bin bom^ b^bitoi, 
mill in Ti burrj to Qst bade to tlv3 uburch-yurd Lcforo 

Hack is tbe general purport of thui lof^endory Bapcreti- 
tif>n, wliicU hos famialied m^iteriala for inimy 'i wild ptory 
in tbat region of nhadows ; und tbe sipectre h Icimiwti, at 
all tbo country firosidos, by the namo of tbo Ht^ndloAft 
Hordcmau of Sleepy Hollow, 

It \& remarkable that tbe Tisionaiy proppnsity I have 
d^Dtioned ia not coufiued to th^ native inhsbitaate of the 
Talloy, bui ia uiicouficioufliy imbibed *by every one wbo 
resides tber** for a time. However wide awalie tliey loay 
have beeo before they entered that sleepy region, tbey 
are sure, in a Uttlo lime, to inbale the witoUiji^ iiiHiicn<!« 
of tUt) air, and Imgin to grow imogmative^to driiaul 
dreams, and see apparitions- 

I loentioD this poaoefol spot witli all poaaibiA laud; 
for it is in anch little retired Diitiib ViLllejs, fuuud here 
and tbnrn eraboaomed in the great Stale of New^York^ 
tJiat population, maanera, and cuatomBf roiuaii] fix«d; 
while the p:reat torreot of migration and itnproreriMDt, 
which ia making aiiuIi inc^egaant cbauf^m m other parts 
ci this leatlMtt oountry, ev^dcps by thom unobfi^rved. 


hU S tfiii g aod Satttodag «bnilfc 


ouft mi^lit liATd mistaken ttim lot tbe geuiuH ttl Cejulna 
doac^ndis^ upon the earUi, or Bome scarecrow i^topud 
from a cornfield. \ 

His &chool-iionse was a low building of opn Ijug^ rooD3| 
rudely eonstrtu^tflHl of logs; the windows parlly ginned, 
raid partly pibtoh(>d with leaver of old ^topj^booke. it 
w&;§ mgat iiigeniou»lj aecuxed at Tacaiit Lours, by a. Mitha 
twisted ill the huudle of the Aran, and Btak«s set 8f;a,iiia1 
the window slintt^rs; so that, though a. tUiof mij^ht gdf 
ill with perfect eaao. he would find some ciulmrraBemeni 
m f^i^tting out; liu id^a uoKt probably iM^rrowtid bj t* 
jirchitect, Yost Van Hout^u, from the mystery of 
eel'pot. Tho soLool-htmse stnod in a, rather lonely bul 
plp}LH:LDt liitriutinti, ju^t at the fwit i>f n wixtdy hill, vrilli 
a brook rTiDninf- close by, and a foirmhUble birch tiG« 
groniug at ou« end of it From hr>nce tho low murmtid 
of his pupils' vou?«B, conning over their lessons, might bej 
hoard in a drowsy summer's day, like the hum of a be«^j 
hive ; iDtorTapt''d now and th^o \sy the aatUoritativoo 
voice of the ma^^ter, in \,\m trine of meitiLCti or cotnuiandl 
or, peradventure, by the ftppnlling sound of the birch, aa^ 
h© urged ftome tardy loiterer along the fiowcry path ofj 
knowh^dge. Truth ti> nay, he was a conAciontioUfl man, 
and ever bore in miud the j^olden maiirn, " nSparc the rntj^ 
and spoil tUo ohild,"— Ichabod Crane's scholars oertftin^ 
were not spuilrtL 

T would not havi^ it iiuai^ned. Imvever^ Lliat he 
one of tho^ cruvL potoatatoa of tha Bch^l, who joy 


rftn ni^T^n^m^M. 


MilMif IK* (ftirfljAii 'rff lilt I*mIiji 'jf Um wMk, and laf»e 
It fi^i \\\im»\ ttf i\m mirrtt*$^ Unui m^fn fUUj 

lit «llli li|iliil||HHttH I In! lliif itliftliBJi of Joatioe wen 

Niul l<i iMlMlnit It <l4MiM» |HvHbm ini mmm UttK ioo^ 

ffi ' i ^ . ] «kkri>sl DtitiJi iirv-hin, vbo sulked 

Utrh All m* U<> i-*lUI ^i|.HV Us 4rtj br ««r 
tstm W \t the tiYnffMft 4kf Iw la«l «» Vvk" 



mtinflfl nf tlie npighbnrhoofl, wilb all his worUUy e£e<?U 
iiod np in a cottOD handkerchief. 

Thai ttU thia mi^ht not be boo oneroua ou Ihft pUTftds of 
Ilia ruHtit; patroiis, who are a^pt to considar tha ooata of 
BchooloBt; a grievouft burden, and soUoolcaafiUfrfl Ei& mew 
dronerfl, ho had t&r]on» Wfty8 oF rendimoR himKoU bodi 
Qflpful *nd agTei>ft1>l«i Hft ftaMiHtod iht* fAmuTn fHiniMion- 
all^y ill the lighter khom of th«tr farmit ; helped to nuiko 
hay; mended the feticfiH ; took tlio horizon to vrittcr; dn>To 
the cows from pfiatatc; and cut wood for th« winter fire, 
Bo Uid n^ide, too, uLL th() dommaat dignity and nbaoluto 
sway with which he lorded it in hifl littlo empire, the 
Adhool, and became wonderfully gentle and iu^atiatiis^ 
He found favor in tlio ey«K of the iiiotherH, by petting the 
children, particidarly the yottuj;^t; aud like iha Hod 
bold, which whilom eo magnanimouf^y tho Lo-inb did hold, 
he would 8it with acliild no one Ituee, and n>ck a crrulls 
ii'itli htB foot for wlicle hours together 

In odditiou to his other vocatitoifi, ho was the ainging' 
master ol the neighborhood, and picked up cuiny bright 
iihilliitgA liy in^tnictiiig the young folkA in pKalmody. It 
wAJt n matl4ir of no 1ittli> vamty to him^ »n t^undayit, to 
take liiA station in front ol the cbnrch gnlli^ry, vh-itb a 
bnnd nf rhoi;nn mngnrri ; wlinrd, in \\'vn own mind, hn iHim- 
ph^t^ly oarriod awsy th* palm from tho piLri;on. Oorliiiu 
it 10, hi% voioo rebounded far ahovo all th^ rest of tho 
oon^rngaHnn ; iind thnro are pcrnliar cju^ivpra still to In* 
htard in that cliunih, and which uiay itveu be heard half 


'482 '^^^ eKBTCB^SMS. 

& mile* off, qnite to the n|>po&ite side of the niill-pciid, od 
&istil] SuQilay momiixg* which are naid to Iw LegitimAt<^ljr 
dlMftut'uiied [rom the nose of IchnbtK] CrnuK. TfiiJji, l>jr 
diront Httl^A niAko-Ahift^ in that iu^niotu way whioh U 
OommoiLly docommated "by hook and hy crook," tbo 
■worthy pedHgogiio got on toI«r&bly eDnagU, K\A waa 
tliotightj by all who understooit nothing of the Inbor of 
headvotk, to L&ve a womlGrfully oiisy lifo of it 

Th« sohoolmAater ia geoerally a man oF some impor- 
tance in thd femalfi circle of h nifttl neigblwrhood ; being 
oouaidored a kind of idle j^nllem&nlike personof^ of 
vaatty superior it^it aud accompUAhmcnta to the rough 
<x>Liiitry Hwaliiis "uid, ludHdJ, lufnrtur iu Icarniug only to 
tho parson. Hid appejiranoe, theroforo, i« apt to occuion 
flooKt little stir at the tcA-to1>I« of » formhouM, and the 
wMition of a snperniii^erafy dish of c^k^ia or sweet- 
meats, or, per&dventure, the parade of a fiil^er lea-pot. 
Our man of letters thcrefiHe, waa pecoiiarly happy in 
the smilBfi of &U the country dawaela. How he «t)nld fig< 
ore amoD^ them in tho ehnroh-yard, between Bor¥id6tt on 
Sundays ! Kt^thGring gntpee fur them from the wild vino* 
Ihab overrun tho sorrtniDdin^ troos; reciting for thuir 
UDoteokeut all the epiUpha an tha tomh«toiMiit ; or saun- 
torin;^ with a whoh> t>e^ of th^tm, a^ong tho banka <d 
the ndjaci^ni mill-pond; while the more bashfal coontry 
biiRipkiiw hung tthn«>[uKhly 1)«cJl, envytng hia JWperior 
e1«gaaoe and addrena. 

tVouk hid half itinorant lile. alao, bo was a kin:! of trav- 


alUng p&zette, caTrying the whole bndget of local ^oesip 
from llou»e to Uouso ; bo that Kis appearouc* \vaa alwajs 
greeted with aatisfaction. He waa, moreover, e^iteflnidd 
Ly the woTtit^n aH a iiijlu uf ^eat aniditioii, for he had 
read eevei-a] hooka quite throuj^h, an(l waa a perfect maa- 
ter of Cotton Mather's history of New En^laud WitcL- 
croft, in which, by the way, he moat dimly and potently 

He was, iti fact, an odd mixture of small shrewdness 
and simple credality. His appetite for the moirellous, 
and hht powera of dlg^Hting it, were *«i|UAl1y «Ktraonli* 
nary; and both had betm iacrcoaed by hia roaidenoa in 
thia apellboond region. No tale was too gross or mon- 
stroas for hia i-apairitniB swaUnw. It wh.s oft^n his ile- 
li^htf after his echool was diamieiied in the afternoon, to 
atretoh himacH on the rich bed of cloTerj bordering tha 
littlra lirorik that whimpered by his ^ichool-hoiise, iind 
there con ov*>r old Mather's direfnl talerif until the gath-* 
oring dusk of the evening made the printed pa^ a mer& 
mist before hia eyes- Tlien, aa he wended hia way, by 
swamp and fitrcam and awful woodland, to the farmhonBd 
where he happened to be quartered, every soimd of na- 
ture, at that witching hour, flattered hia excited imaginar 
tion : the moan of the wliip-poor-wiU " from the hill-side ; 
the boding ury of the trea-toad, that tuu'bingcr of atorm; 
tho dreary hootang of the screecli-owl, or the sutldea ni»* 

•Tho whip-pooMPill 13 a bird whk'h is oiiif hcnpi »t iii#Tht, It ro- 
«cdve« LtA luuDe from Ua note. ^Moh is thouglil Lo ruioubk ihuAO vorda. 





tUng in Uie thicket of birdfi Frigbtonod from Uioir roodt 
Tba fireflies, too, wliicli sparkled most Tindlj in Uia 
dArkeat pUioeB, now imd th^n st&rtled him, aa cue of ud- 
oommou brightjidad would stroitm ncrosB his path ; and if, 
b/ cUiLJice, a huge blockhead of a beetle cnwr; winging bi^t 
blitniteTtiig flight jif^AtiiHt hiiu, the poor varlet wais ready 
to giTO up the gboAt, ttitli the idoj^ that h4) «ad etrack 
with a witcb'i^ tokvn^ UU nnlr nvVoarcc od mcb occji- 
Hinti)!, rithrir ti^ ilrimn tliouglit, or drivit nwn^ t^\\\ iipiribt, 
wan to fting p«aliQ tuiu»» ; — iwil the good p«oplf> of Sleepy 
Hollow, &« they ervt by their doora of an cTcnitig, vrere 
often filled with awe, at Leariog his nasal melody, '*iu 
linked Bweetnefts long dravn out," floating from Ifce dii- 
tout bill, cr tvlon;; the dxuky ti^apd- 

Ajiotber of Iiik wturce^ <ff fc&rful pleasure wan, to pMK 
long winter evcniDgg with tbfl old Datcli wives, an tb«y 
mt epianing by the fint, with a row of apples roJWtuig 
and splattering aloi^ tho bcaitfa, oikI listen to tbojr miut- 
Tellnns tales of gho«d« aimI gob1in«, and haunted fleldi, 
and haunted brooks, and batinted bndgdfi^ and haouted 
houflfifl, and particularly of the headless boraeouui. or 
galloping Hessian of the H<illow, as they sometunMi 
called lam. He would delight tbem equally by hia uMfr 
dolee of witchcraft, and of the direful omooa and portea- 
ttJUH xi^-htfl aiul bi^utidii in thn air, whinh pn-T^l^d in Iha 
earlier limes of CduMCtkot ; and would frightan tbam 
wofully with Bpe«wlatioQ« npon coowts Aad aboottn^ 
atan; aad with Um alarming bci that the world did 


a.h»o\ntc\j ttirii roond, and ih^t tb^y iron hnU tb* tiiD» 

But if tliens vaa & ple&sarc m oil tliia, while sntigly 
cndiUiug in tlie cliinuiey corner of a cbnmber tlirit WiM all 
of a ruddy ^low from th^ emckliu^ ^ood Bro, and wUore, 
of course, uo spectre dared ta ahow his face, H vaa d&atly 
purclinMed bj the bcrtora of liin ■%»lMe(jii<iTit wallc borne* 
wards- Wh^t fearful shapes and «ha<lowd beset JtU path 
amiddt the dim and ghastly giaro of a euowy ii^-ht!— * 
With whiit wifttful look did he ejo every tmmljliiig ray of 
light atreamiikg aciosa the waste Aeldri from aomo dJHtaut 
window! — How often was he aj^pallcd by sowo shrab 
covered ivHli anow, which, likn a fiheoted sjieutre, beuefc 
Ilia very p&th f — How often did he shrink with onrd^Dg 
awo at tho aonntl of hia own 0t«pa ou the frosty crufit 
beneath Lis feet; and dread to look or^r hia shoulder, 
lest he sfaoidd behold some nnrnnfh being tramping close 
behind him I— and bow oft^n WAa be thrown into aomplete 
dismay by some raahiiig bloat, howliiif; amon^ the tre«d, 
in thi^ idfa i}ia,t ib was the QaUuping Hadaiau on oua of 
hia nightly scoiu-iojird I 

All these, however, wore mere terrore of the night, 
pbnntoins of the miiid tlint wnlk in d/LrknusiS; and tbnitgh 
ho had se^D mjiny Bpeotreu to his tiuie, atid Iterin iiic>to 
thou onco beset by tintou id divert sliapen, in his lonely 
ponicibnlationB, yet daylight put aa end to all tbeso 
uvIIk; and hr Wf^iild Imve pn^aed a pletumut Itf^ cif iL la 
of the devil and all bis works, ii bia path bad bot 

^^ doapito 

rns BSETcn-BOOK, 

been croflnAd lij il l>eiiig that eaosed more perpltixitj to 
mortal mAii lluvn (^iioeta, gobiins, and tho whole rooo of 
witches put together, mul tlist was — a ifcouum. 

Among the ma^L^iLl disciples who assemh1e<], tmt* ovpq- 
iuj* in flftoh WQok, to rooeive his infltruotiotiB in p^akaody, 
woH KatriuA Van Toasel, the tluugbt^r aud only chilj of 
a ALibatantial Dutch farmer- She was a bh>oE]iiiig lass of 
frofth dighte^n; plump a« a pnrtrldge; ripe and m^ltii^ 
aud Tosy cheokod as ono of hor fa.tboi'9 {>cnchea, and nu- 
veraally lamed, uot merelj for her heautf, hut her vaal 
espectalions, She waa withal a little of a eoqueUe, ta 
mi^ht be peiooiTt^d even in hur dreeB, which wa« a mix* 
turn of ancient JUid modc^ru faKhioik)<> a:^ tuo^t suited lo set 
off her charm^^ She were the omanidnt^ of pure vellow 
gold, which her great-great-^andmothcr had brought 
over from f^aard^m ; the tempting atomacher of the oldeo 
time i and witlinJ a pri>v [."kingly short pettiooal, to die- 
play the prettiest foot aod ankle in the eonntry round. 

Ichabod Crane had a soft and fooUah he&rt fcowarda 
the MK I aod it is uot lo be woadered »l, thai m tempting 
a morsel soon found favor in his eyes: more espeelally 
after ho had visited her in htr pat^^xi;*! niauaicm. Old 
B^tns Van Taaaei was a perfect plclore of a thriving, 
oontented. lil)eral-hearted farmer. He eehloin. It is tnio^ 
Bont either his eyea or htg thcmghts buyond the bonn- 
dariea of Ina oirn farm ; but within tboeo evory thing wda 
auu^ hajipy, and wetl-^^nditinnetL Ho wjm luttixfipd with 
bia woaltb, but iiot proud of it ; and pi<|u«d liimMlf npon 



the liOATty iibTiudaiK^e, rutlier tban tlio utylo in wliich be 
lived- Hi^ BtroDghotd was fiitufitod on tbo biuikii of tho 
Hndeon, in one of tliosd greeu, sheltered, fertile? nook*, ia 
which the Dntch fiutnam are fio fond of ti^gtliog. A 
groat slm-troo spread its broad btanobes over it ; nt tbo 
foot of which bubbled up a spring of the softoat &ud 
AWPotoKt water, iu a little well, forioed of a barrel ; and 
thou BtolG sparkling aw&j through the gniaa, to a nsigh- 
boring brook, that bubbti^d aletLj^ amoug aJdertt und 
dwarf willowH. Hard bj tlin rrtniiboniie was a iffist Uirn, 
that might have aervdd for a church ; <>very window juid 
crevice of which seemed buretiag forth wifcb tbo troas- 
urei^ of tbft fiLrnJ ; the fl/ul wjus huivlly n^Moiinditig witlilTl 
it from monuDg to night ; swallowg ntid miLrtiti^ flkimm^d 
twittering about the eares; and rows of pi(*ooii0» aome 
with one eye turnTrd up, nA if watckin^ the wi^ather. fl':vDi8 
with their beada ondGr their wingq, or burii^rl in their 
boQoma, aad othcTH Bwi^Uing, and cooing, and bowing 
ftbout their dameH. w«ri^ eujo^'Uig the simahine oti Uid 
roof, Steek unwieldy |H.^rkerH were gruntiug in tha rd- 
poae and nbuudaucc of thuir pi>tm ; whence BalUed fc^rth, 
now and then, troops of sucking pig9^ lis If lo enufl* thd 
air. A stately M^uadron of suowy gceae were riding in 
an adjoining pond, conToying wliolc fl^ta of ducka ^ rcgi< 
monta of turkej^ were gr>b}>ling through tbc farakyard, 
and ginnea fowl^ fretting a1>oiit it, like ill-tamiicrcd 
hdusewives, aith their |iiwvtsh JiKConUiDtnil cry. Bi'f^ro 
tho bum door strutted the gaihint mck^ that pattern of a 



buflband, a warrioTr wul a fiiM g^ntleauw, dapping hU 
bamuheil wingH, iidiI tttxtwin^^ in th» pritlu aEid ^mbiKiM 
of hJA h^ATt — anmcitLm^A toaritk|; tip Uur mtrth ^ith kin 
fooU and Uicn go&oruiLBlj coUinf; lii^ rvor-hiiitgrf fanui/ 
of wtTfis luul cKildntn to <fiijojr tbo rich morsel which ha 
bad discavored 

The pedagosne'a month irotoired, m ho took^ upon 
fJiu eniophioias prcanisd of Iqxnrioas winter iajn^ In 
hm devonnn^ niinir« ejB^ be pictnittd U> himeeU evorj 
lOAfitiDg-pig nmniii^ about with a paddib|; in his bellj, 
and an a|)ple m faia mautli; the pigeona were snogly pnt 
b> \)tid in a cotiif<irliibl» piis, and tuuk^d iu with a coT«ih»t 
of cnott; tho geo^o wur« awinmb); in thxtlr uwu grarj; 
and the duckrt pniriog oo»iljr in dislioA, liko snog Bwiiiod 
odujiIrm, wiUt ft di^oiuit compotMicj of onion s»iic& Iti 
tbiT purknrK Un hhw ourvf^d ont the fntnnA nl^ck side of 
ba^on, and jnioj relishing ham ; not a turkey but ho bo- 
b^ild daintilj tmaaed op, with ita gizzard nuder its win^ 
and, pttfTutmntiir^, a nG<'kla<^ of saTorv sanaagra; and 
arm bright cbanticlQ&r hiiaa&lf lay aprawliDf;; on bis 
back, in a «jd«-diab, witli nplififrd cl&w», oa if firnTing 
Chat quarter whieJi hia chivalrous tipirit diAdain^d to astk 
while livii^ 

Aa tbo enraptnred Ichabod ^eied all this^ Dnd as be 
rolled hia ^n>jLt ^renn nyon ovnr ttr fnt nwaflnw-luTcW^ 
the riob fields of wheat, of r^^, ai bvfkwhcmt, aiid Indian 
oom, Olid the orobanlH burthdmkl with niddy tndi, wbioh 
anrronulod tli>e warm tvnemout of Van Tiwaol, bia heart 


THE LEOKyn or sleepy hollow. 4M 

yftarned after tl:o damsol who was to inlierit thaw do- 
mauLa, lUid his imji^tiation cxpoudod •»iik tUo idea, hoir 
ikt^y mi^lit be rewiilj tunied into oiwh, mid tlio money 
i&vested in unmanse tnicts of wild hmd, luvl itliingld 
p£Llaoo9 in tho wiJd^moBB. Nny, his baey fnncry otr^ftdy 
realiised his hopeo. and preaentetl to him the bJoomiiig 
Katrina, with a wLol^ family nf 4;hildrf>ii, moTiDtod itn tho 
top of a wa^on loaded with hoiudhold truiap^rv, vrlth 
I>ot9 and kettles tlaogliog heit«ath ; aud ho beheld him- 
aelf 1)f!stndiiig Ht paidng mat^, with a uult at her heela» 
Kcttiag out tt>r Keutacky, T^uii'^aMd, or tho Lord knows 

When lie entered the hou^e t]ie Goiic[UeBt of hia heart 
VM oomplete. It was one of thosd apacious farmhonaaSj 
vith high-ridRed, but lowly-elopini; roofa, built in tho 
fit^'le Lauded dowu from the first Dutch settlera ; the low 
pmjecting eaves forming a piazza alon^ the fronts capable 
of b^ing doaed up in bad weather. Under thia wcro 
hrmg iiaila. harness, various ut^uaila of hnftbandry, and 
net?* for ^ahtu^ in the iiei^^hhoriii^ riven Beudioa wara 
built along tho sidee for auicmnr \im} ; unil a. greet itpia* 
ning^whool at one end. and a churn at tho otticr, showed 
the variouH iisea to which thia important porch might 1w 
devotdd. From thia piazza the woudorin;^ Ichabod CQ- 
tor^d the hall, which fonrn^d th^ ct^ntre of the iiianaioa 
aiid the (flate of unani rtfsiidHiitiR. H«rH, iijww of itTHploa- 
deut pevt^r, ranj^ on a long dr6«aar. dazdad hia ayoa. 
In oho corner EitAH>d a 1iujj:o ba(* of wool ready to bo 

Bpun; in another A quantitv of lineoy-woolflej jnrt from 
tplii^ lofvm ; f&TM oi ludi&u €omt and atrings of dried ap* 
plt'B and peaolies, \\m^ in rhj fc>it(»onH siUmg the wsIIb* 
luiu^led wilii the gaud of r@d p^pp^ic; mid & floor Left 
ttjar gare him a peep into tho boat parlor, where the 
daw-footed diaire, and dark nuilio^uj' taljlea, ahoiie like 
mirrors; antJ iroofi, with their acf^mpaiiyin^ shovel and 
tongs, glistened frum their covort of oeparagun tcpa; 
motik-oraogeA and godcImkIigIU decorated th« m<uitel> 
piece; atrmgs of various colored birda" eggs; wure sus- 
pended abovo it : a groat oatrich e^g was hung from tbo 
ceutre of Uie toitm, and a t'orner capbuanl, kiniwiiigly 
loft open, displayed iuLDaeaad treaeurea of old ailr^r and 
TTcLl-mendod chinik 

From Uie mrjmetrt Jcliabod laid bis pyes upon thoiw ra- 
gioufl of deli^htt the p^ace of bis ntmd wim n,t an oml, and 
bia only study i^aa how to gain tbe aflVrctions of the poor* 
I*TM lUojjliter nf Van Tasaftl. lu thia enterprise, how* 
ever, he had more i\ral diiHculties than generally fell to 
the lot of a koigLl-erraut of yoro, who s&ldom had any 
ibing but gijiut»ft onobnat^rs, fiery dragons, and »u<^ lilco 
eiaaily*onnc|uered adrersariefi, to ooittend with ; and had 
to m&ko bill way morcly through t^ab^e of iron and brasa, 
and walls of adamant, to the caatle keep. wber« Uto lady 
of biH hi^nrt vnm frhiifined ; ^11 which be acbieiW as easUj 
aa a man wouhl <uvrve bis way to the centre of a Chriab* 
mas pie ; and tbcb the lady garc him ber hand m a nta^ 
ter of conrae. Ichabod, on tbi* ountrary, bad to witi bia 



way to tlic tcFirt of a country coquette, besel with a, lal>y- 
rintli of whims mid akprlcea, whicli were for eier prtriuiut- 
iug new (UMculticB imd impedimGnts ; and ha had to ch^ 
Goimter Sk host of fearful n<lver9firies of real tioeh nnil 
blood, the uumerDUfi mstic admirBra, who betwt overjr 
portal to hdr heart; beeping a watchful luidl Aiigiy ejo 
npcu each other, but ready to fiy out in the Gommofi 
oaime agB.iii3t ajiy new uiJiupetitor. 

AmoDg these the moat formidabU wan a burly, roanugr 
royateriu^ blade, of the aumc of Abraham, or, a(3Corduig 
to the Diitcli abbrevifttioa, Brom Vim Brunt, the hrro of 
the country ronnd, which rang with his foats of ntrsngth 
and hardihood- He was broad- ah ouldered and doublo- 
joiuted, with short curly btack hair, aud a hlufl^ but not 
unpleaeaDt countemuice, having a miiif^l^l air of fun and 
arro^^nce- From his Herculean framd and ^cat powora 
of Umb, he had received the tiickaarau uf UhOK Bokf^ by 
vbi«h be was uuiversally buown. Ha was fam^d for 
great knowled^ and skill in horse mansbip, being £ii dex* 
terona on horseback as a Tjirtar. He was foroniottt ii.i all 
races aud couk-Hj^hts; and, with the si^ceudeikcy which 
bodily strength ae^uirt-a lu rustic life, was the umpire in 
all disputes, setting hie hat on one dde, aud giving bia 
decdsioDS with au air and tone Aitlmittiug of no gatn&ny 
or appoaL He was rdways reail^ (ar either a fi^ht or a 
Etolio ; but bad more mischief than ill-vvill in bis compo- 
sition ; uud, with all his overbearing roughncas, tb^ro was 
n strong dfuih of wiiggish good humor ut bottom. He had 

rnv SKjrrcffnooK, 

ihne or four boon cnnipKnlonst, who mg&nlml him «• 
thoir model, and at tha b^ul of vrbocn h» «eotnwl Um 
countiY, atio&iliQg crery ftooco of food or monrimctit Cor 
wilitH rotuul III ctrM weutlier he was duiingucahed b^ ft 
for <m]>f fturmcuDted witb a flauatjiig fox's tail ; a&d whec 
tho fi^JcK at a ofxuitry f-atbcnng dcemod this voH-kuown 
cru^t »t a di.-tluiJtM^ wIiiHldn^ about amottg 4 dquad of 
liJird ridi^ra^ tiny jUwjljv Htorxl by fur a H([ua11 StiluA* 
ti]DC« hi» crow vcrakl l)o hoonl daaLinf^ nlocic potft tbo 
birintioiiAoa at midni^it. with wlioop and halloo, liko a 
troop of I>onCafiS]Lcks; and tlm old damn^, litartled out 
of thoir sleep, would listt^n for a moment till the faurr^- 
Acurrj hA<l clatt^^n^d hy, iiiid tbwi lut-'liiiu, "Ay, thnre 
l^wM Dniia Bi>Di^>c Jind bU gang! " Th» noighbont lookddl 
Dpon liiin wiUi a laiiture of awe, admiration, aad gooi 
will ; aud when any madcap prajjk, or matic brawl, oo- 
riimxl in the vidotty, aluAva sbnok tbffir heads, anJ 
warranted Brom Bouos waa at tbd bottom ol It. 

This ranlipole hdro hnd for some time ainglod out tho 
blimmjiig Eatriioi f^r tbn object «if hU uDtvjijtli gaUan- 
irks, aiut though bis amoroua Ic^lngi wcrro noincrthing 
likft t^ ^t-iitl(? iHirt^^iH^a atid pad6iu-m«Bt» of a Ifoar, yot it 
wa« wLmpuTtid Ib^it nbc did 3u>t altngctlivir ducntiragn hn 
bopAK- CurUtin it ia^ bl^ lulvuiioaa won flignaht for rival 
oaudidat^ui to r^^tiro, who ft.dt no tncLinatioQ to <aoaa a 
Ikm in hb amonrs; i&8oniucb, that vb«D his horse vhh 
m«n timl to Van TajTCel'i; )>4lmg, on a Sunday nlgbl, a 
«uro sign Uiat hiK nukst^r waa eoarting, or, oa it ia tonnfidt 


">ip9LrkiDg>" wkliiii, all uiLer saitf>ri( piutBed hj in d(»9|jAir, 
ami dirriod iLft wnr into otb**r qnihrt^re. 

Iijaoli wti« the formidablo rival ^th whom Ichabod 
Crane b»j to contend, Biitl, coiwi<lBriiig all tliiiigH, a 
BtoTit^r man tlmo he wonld hfivi^ ishnink &oo tho oom-> 
potition, aQ<l a wiser iciui would have dcapaued. Ho 
bad, howAV&r, a happy mixture of iiliftbilitj and p6ra»- 
Terniire in hi* n/itore; be waa in form and spirii Uke a 
sQpple-jtuA ^- yioldinff. but toD^U; though he bent, bo 
never broke ; and tbough he bowftd Wnr-Atb Uir nliglitoit 
preBsnvi^, yi^i, the rnouieut it wiu nwny — ji;rk \ he wilh w 
ttroot) and oam^^d bin bond iw lii^b aft oTer- 

To have takan the field op&nly a<^a,iiiflt his rival would 
have be^u modneAa; for lie wa^ not a mnn to bo tliwrLrt^d 
in bi» mnooTfi, any more than that atormy Lover, Achillea. 
Icbalxxl, tbeT^ffare, roadd bis advances In a quiet and 
geotl^-iuMinuniing manDer. UnJt-r CKivat of hU iibarat?- 
t4»r of uiuglug-miieter, he miule fr^vqueiit vlalttt at i)\t\ 
larmhoa:^o; not that he had luij tliiiiK to a;>preband 
bvm tbo ineddhsr^nie iiiti^rferencr of inwimtM, which ia 
BO oft«n a fltumblinff-block in the p^Ltli of Iowik Bait 
V&n Taaa&l woa an eaay indal^^eutr soul; be loved bis 
dau^htr^r ln*tti*r even tbau his pipfl, and, like a reason- 
able man and an exoeUent father, let her have her waj in 
avery tbinp;. Hia notable little wife, too» liad enough to 
do to attotid to her hc^uaekeeping and maQaf;;e ber ponl- 
trv ; fur, t^s sho sa^ly cibiMrved, daeka and ^e^o are 
iciuliiih thiu^ and miut be lookidd aft«r, hut f^irla can 



iaki-i cAte of UiemAelTes. Thas while the htmj dAmo 
liuHtlncl aljout tbe LaLi^e. or plied hor fipiaatng- wheel at 
ono end of thd piasrsft, honest Halt tt^onld fiit smoking his 
evening pip^ at the otJior, vatdiing the aobldremenU of 
tt littlts wooilou warrior, who, armed with a aword in each 
Itaml, wiui moHi valiaLiiLly fi^litlii^ the wind on the puma- 
oLo of ihtt bartu In tU*^ moan time, Icliabod would cany 
cm liiM huit with the <Laughti^ by t^« aidt> of tho Bpring 
iimli't tli» gni»t tiliri, cir Ha[iiit«riii){ »Ji.»ig iu iUe twiltglilt 
that Luur Mf) favoralflj? to tho lover's eloquouoiv 

I pn>lo»(i not tj> knr»w how womoD'a hearta aro woood 
mvl wou. To mo th«iy havo always Ijeeo matters of nd* 
die and admlratjou- Some soom to have bnt ods ml- 
iwrablo poiDt, oar door of acrase; while othors faarc a 
thooMUid RToaiLOSi and may be capt^md iu a tboaaaud 
differt^nt ways. It is a great triamph of akil] to gain tbo 
formor, but a still pp^at^r proof of ^neralabip to main- 
tain poBaoaBiv>n of the latter, fcjr the mAU must buttle for 
hiH fortnsffl at etf^rv dtnir and wimlnw. H« vho wiiin a 
tlioiisand common bearta la ihervfore entitled to aom^ 
renown; bat h^ who koeptc undisputed away orer tho 
heart of a co(|U6tte, U iad«MHl a lu^ro. Certain it h-, this 
was not the ca^e with tht^ rt'doQ\rtjib]i> Bnmi Bfuniia; and 
from the mcmc&t lehabod Craai! humIo hta odmnooa, tba 
intereate of thie rorrDor eridcntly dii^cli^^ed ; bi< horse was 
tto h)!!^^ ite<in tind at t}ifi |i».1ing» i>ii Sntidaiy nightH, and 
E d^^jidly Coad gradu^lty aroso bat«^«<a hiia o&d tho pre- 
ocptor of Sleepy HoUow, 


Brt>ra, wlo ha4 a J«gree of rou^b duTalry in IiIh u^ 
taw, would iain have oarri&d matters to open warlarfi, 
anit huve settled tloir protoriBious to ttio, ivooording 
t<> the mode of those most cottciso Had eimplo rejutuuet^i, 
tJio kiiighls-errant of yore — by ftiugle aoinbiit ; but IcLa- 
b»d 17DS too i'onscLOQfi of the &ap4triar might of hiB od- 
vonory to etit^r the Yi^bi against him ; ho hod overheard 
u. Ixiiuit of BuiieH, thnt he wciild ^* dntilile tfiEt flohoolmaa- 
t«r up, and Uy him on a shell of hi« own achool-ho^ise;" 
and he waa too w/uy to give him aa opportanity. There 
waH Bomething extremely piovokiug in this ohstiuati^ly 
pacifie system; it left Brom no alternative but tcKlmw 
upon the funds of ruHho woggory in bis disposition, and 
to piny uff boorish practical jokes upou his rival. lelio- 
bod became the object of nhiinsical per^eoutioii iit BonoHj 
Mid hifi gan^ of rongh riders. Thry harried hia hitherto 
peaceful domains; smoked out his singing school, by 
stopping np thf* chiinii^; broke into the school-bouse 
at ni;;bt, in spite of its formidable fa8tenin;«s of withe and 
window stakes, and turned every thin^ top*y-turvy; so 
that the poor scboolraamter began to think all the witches 
in the eountiy held their meetings there. But what waa 
still more annoying, Brom took all opportunities of turu^ 
iiig him into ridicule in presence of his mistress, and )iai! 
a itooundrel ^og whom hi^ taught to whine in th^ moHt 
ludicrous manner, and introduced Oti a rival of Icbubod'» 
to instract ber in pssbnody. 

In this way matters went on for some time, without 



prrxlnring Any maUmal effect on ttft relative aUoation of 
tLo 0(^t«a(]iii>; iiowon. On a fine Aututnuol &ft«nioc»i, 
Icluiboil. iu jwnjvivi? diockU lut enthrouotl on the lofty flCool 
wImiucw 1i» i:»iii:^]r wjiItJiihI »1I lite tHiuivrtiH <if Iim lit4Ui 
lil4)rAr>' r^olm. In lilt luuwl ho iVftyud a foralo, Uut 
M*plroaF doHpotio i>o«er; the bireh of justice roposwl 
on tUnw Uftilis iHtliiml tho Uitoiht, n comUnt t«Tmr to 
«vi] doen; while on tho clo*%k txifnre him might bo m*b 
flUDiirr contnbAiid luiicka luiti prohibited wcA|>ottSi do* 
teclMl upon tL« persona of idle utcIueib; audi aa h&U- 
■iu&cJimI Apples, popguns, vhirligiga, flj-ca^^eo, umI vhole 
hi|t:iona ol rampant littlo paper i:niiM-ooCik& Appar- 
eatlj tlMfn had bMtn Momi) appalling ad of jvdMa t^ 
eantly inflfoledr Imr hi* »chohuK wro «U bajtQ|j^ uttvot 
apou their books, or idjty vhiiB^ring bekiad tbom vith 
OBO «jo kept npoa the maater; and a kijid o[ buang 
ftillirHOT raigned ihtonghoiat tha Bohool-nomi. It was 
mddeiily iiMaiinptod ))j tiw appaaoAoe d a i»grcH>& 
tov^-doth jaoket aod tr o ws eia ^ a rognA-cgo'wnpd fc a paant 
of a hat, lilca Uia oap of Mivvvit, aad toomied «■ Ifao 
back of a n^g<f^ vild, halKWokaa csolti vtdA h« b^ 
af>c^ uith a rop« br vaj ol halfeor. He osaia daUBiBft 
«p in tha Mdiool df>ar vitb an invitatiaD to Idtabod to 
aitAnd a nMirris-mai'Jag cv ''qiuUl^ frbliA,*' to he bhld 
ttat ev«nlajt ^ Mjnheor Tan TnMnTa ; and haiviiifE d^ 
livemd hta mntm^ with thai air oF in>) < >rtaao ah tmM. 
«ftirt ai fin* langnagn, wliii^ a nagro at a|il In diaply 
onpeC^ambtHfltenf thh kiDd,lBu daahadcnvr tbb brook. 


asi3 waa so&d soumperlnf* avRj np the hollow, foil of tbo 
Lxnpurtauce and liniry of Lis mission- 

All wAH uutt bitatle and hiil>1>u1> in tlie lato i|iiitit 
gcliool-room- The eoholaia were burried through tholr 
leBsouA, vitlicjut fitoppin4{ at triflo8 ; thoat> who woro nim- 
ble Bki]i|iud uvr^r b&lf with iutpujiit}', mid Lhow) wlit) wrro 
turdy, hml a smart applic^lioii uuw aud thea ia tba r^ar, 
to quicken their speed, or help them over a tail vroxd. 
Books were flung aside without being put away od tho 
8helv»», mkntundA w^m nvfTtnmf^il, l^f^ncbes thrown 
down, and the whole school was turned loo^ an hoar 
before tha usual time, buratiuK forth like a legion a£ 
youn|5 iiajifl. yelping and ra^rieting ubout the groen, in 
joj at their ^arly emuticipjitiou. 

The galla&t Icliahod nr>w spent At least an extra half 
hour at hiM Unlvb, linisliiu^ aud furbittbiug up hig b««t> 
and indeed o\Ay enlt of ruaty black, and amLn^n;^ his . 
looks by u bib of biokcn looking-glass, that hunj; up in 
tho school -hnoM. That ho miglil iiiak^ h!a nppearanca 
before his mifltress in !he true stylo of a cavalier, he bor- 
rowed a horse from the farmer with whom ho waa domioil- 
iat«d. a oholeric old Dulehiuau, of thii tianje trf HaiUa V&n 
Ri[jper, an*.l, thus (^alliuitJy niouutt-d, iKbiuod fi>rth, like a 
kni>{ht-H>rrtiiit iu quuat of advotiturett. But it iH meet I 
abould, in the tnir !5i>irit of romantic* «tory, giro some ac- 
ocnitit »f thii Ieh^Ich ruul iv^uipiiK-ntft nf my \wtu ami hia 
at^iftd. Tli<a anim^ hi^ t]>d<i wfui a broken 'd»uii 
plough* honio, thut had onthvcJ almost ovory thing but 


Tns sKSTcir book. 

iilft vldouflDBaa. He waa gaunt snA ahnggivl, vrUi ft ^w^ 
nook and & lioftd liko a bammer; hia raetj muw awl Uil 
verc Iai^c^^c] ftuci knitted with borra; one eje hftd Loot 
lU fmjiiU JLU^I w.'v* ^Wiu^ ALttl apecljal ; but the otiier Uad 
Ui4i ^1(vjim ul a i^enome devil in it Still be muflt baro 
h4ul Hro oud iDcttli.> in liia day. if wc may judgo fiom Uia 
aooif* bn bom of Ounpowdor. He bad, in fact, be«D a ^ 
ToritA KUytd »f htn niaMt^r'K, tbfl ebolaticTan Ripper, vho 
wtw a fitnouM rider, and had iciftisod, tctj probablj, flOBe 
of bia oru spint into tho ammal; for, old ai»d bpo b >> 
down an Im looked, tb«re was more of the hirktng deiril ia 
lum than Ui anj yootij^ filly in the countrr- 

lobabod WM a auitable figvue fisr aai^ a Mtr«id. ^ 
roda vhh abort stimipa, which btongfat biu knnai naart5 
op to tbo poDunal of the saddle ; hie aharp albovs etock 
«mt like gr«ftftbopper«' ; he carried bia wh^ p acpandio^ 
-Urlv in bift baM. like a iFiO^itrv, aad» aa Ua hoiBe fni^ged 
on, the notion of bta ar«8 via nc4 imEke Aa iina^ «f 
a pair ofvi]^& A eraali irool bal rct>»d«tt&a tepef 
hia maa. In ao bia icaanly fdnp nf lurcju«d lu^A k 
oalled ; and the akirta of his \AhA ooal fcnn 
alMoet *e the hone'a taA 8acft vm ^ appUttanBe <rf 
lebabod and hia ilMd. aa Ihrj dunUad <i«il nf te flite 
ol Hitts Yaa Ripper, and it was Jtogtfflwg audi a 
ntaoD aa ia aeldcan tfi Iw mrd vith m bmad d^yli^iL 

ll waNaal hate aaad. a fae satsBmal day. theal^vaa 
dleai and aa^ asii , a»d nabme wws tii^ zwb and prdden 
livQi; avUdi ^w ahh-a^ aaaooste witi ^e idna of abm>- 


dftQcep The foreAts bad put on thetr aober browu and 
yellow, while Uftnie trees of the tonfl^rer kind had been 
tupped by the fraate into brilliant rlyeg of orange^ parplo* 
and scarlet Streamin;' files of wild dncka beKan to make 
tlieir appe&raDce hi^L iu the air ; the l>ai-k uf Uie flqiuiTel 
might be heard from th^ t^ves of beeeh aud hiokory 
nuts, and the pcnaivo whiatio of thd quail at intervals 
froHJ tlm iitJiyhLoriiig Htubljle-fit^hi 

The aEiall birds were taklug their farewell banquets* 
In the Mneaa of thoir revclrj, thuy Mattered, chirping 
and frolickiug, from bualj to bQaL^ and tree to trc<s capri* 
ciona from the very |>rofiisioii and variety around them. 
Thiiro was tbo honest cook-robin, the favorite pame of 
etripUug aportamen, with iba loud querulooa note; and 
the twittering blackbinla flying in aable clouda; and the 
golden-winged woodjKcker, with his crimaon cTdst, hia 
broad black Korget* and splendid plumage ; and the oedar 
binl, with iU i^d-tipt wih^b auJ y«Uuw-tipt Uul» and ita 
little montciro «ap of feathera; and the blue-jay. that 
uoiay coxooail>, in hia gay light-bluo coat and white ud- 
der-clothe^ ; t^oreamiu||( anii chattering, ncddini^ and bob- 
bing and bowing, and pretendiTi^ tu ha on goud termg^ 
with every aongater of the gTovo. ^| 

Aa Ichabod jogged alowly on Lia way, htn eye, eTer 
op^n to <?vpry aymptoEu of caliimry Jihuiidniice, raugeil 
with delight ov^r the treusuroa of jt>tly autumn. On qU 
aides he beheld vast store of appbs; some huu^ng in 
opitreaaiTe opulence ou thv trees; some gathered into 




boakdts iui<l bflm^Ld for t]i& market ; others heaped Tip in 
rich piloB for Uic ciiicr-prdss. Forthor ou h« bulicUl KTCOt 
tteldii of Indian fx>ru, with its goldca cam pooping ftou 
their leafy c^rn~F«rtK, iliuI holding <iijt> thn []ninii>tf) nf mluA 
and hafity pudding; and tbe vollow pnmpLicg iji&g bo* 
uebtli Uieiu, turmn^ up titeir f&ir rciaiid belliea to ibd 
sun, and (^vin^ ample proHpeots of the moEt tiixarioiiH of 
pies; and anon ke passed the fragrani buck'n^heat fietda» 
br^^athinK the odor of the bee-luT**, and as he beheld 
Uitiui, t4>ft aiuLii^ipntionn stole nvur bin miud uf d^itilj 
alapjacka, well 1>att«r&dr and ^arnlahed with hon«y or 
treacle, bj the doLcato Littlti dimplvd baud of Katiina 

Thti9 fe^'din^ hta adnd with many 0veet thooj^tft sod 
''sugared suppoeidona,'* ho jouroejcd along the aidea of 
a r&nt;e of hilk whidi look <iut upon aome of the good* 
Lieat soones of the mighty Hndaon. The aun gr&dually 
wheeled hia broiid disk down InCo tb<i woat Xfao wide 
boBom of die Tappati Zee Lay motionleaA and ghuwy, ex- 
i«pt]]ig thnt bare and there a giintltt tuidul^&ttoii wmvod 
and prolougod the blue fihjulow of tlia <liritaut uonntain. 
A few amber clouds floated in the aky, without a brooth 
nf air Ui mijvr tliein. The horiTSoa wwi of a Gn« golden 
tint, clionging graduaJly into a pura applo green, and 
hoDi that into tJic deep Uqo of the nud-beaTon. A alaab- 
iog ray linj.'erfd on the woolly creala of tb« pr«cip)c«a 
Umt overhang some parts of the rive^r, ffinn^ {greater 
d«pth to the davk-gray and purple of tb^ rocky aides. 


A filoop w&a loitering in the disloncn« dr(ip]tiiiK nluirlj 
down with tlio Itcle. 1t»r sail h.ui^ing nrteWnly nf^Aliiftl tli«t 
m&at ; and && tho i«flocUoD oi tie sky fjl^^iut^d lU^tnK Ujo 
aiiU water, it aeem«d as if the vcmo) wiih KUMjHTiulod in 
OiA air. 

It wa0 toward ^vooing tliat Icbabud arrivod at tlio oai^ 
tie of tbd Hefrr Vad TfltfM], whidi liD foUDcl tJjroji^td 
with tliK |indii iimI fluwf-r 4rf tlir- juljiuv^nt <viij>itnr. Old 
farro^nt, t Hpare katlMfni-Cik4N>d ruca, Id horn'Mpaii oottU 
and bre^oht;*, blno atockingii, bngii nboOH, And rn«Kxiii- 
oent pevter bat^kLes. Tkeir brifik wilbartKl little dviMMi, 
in close crimpdd oapa, lon^f-wainted jihort'iioini*, boai»- 
spun petticoata^ with sckaom aod piacmdiJoiiA, iviul gaj 
Cftlico iKx^keta ban^n^ qd tbe oatMidn* Buiffm la»w% 
nlmoHt a» aotiqiutad xm Ib^r iBotb«r«, dXMptin^ wImm 
a Btr«v \^ a i&e ribbon, or poritapa a wbiio frock. jicMi 
aymptoms of citv iuDoratioit. Tli« aona, in ^Mrt M|Dar»- 
aktrted ooata with rcwa of BtnpendoiM hnm Imllc, sd 
ttabr Ikair t^neraJlj qoeo^ in Ae Ittfaio* of t^ lamm 
cspeciallj if ibej could procvn lA aal difa &« ftt pi^ 
poa^ il being oAfteiaed, ibrrNif^MMl fi 

k poce&t Boorialwr and AtKDfftbttvr <d Aa 

r JJIOAi SoBSflft bovenr'* 

I tag tmm to Iha ^Alwriaf 

^^ d«TO, a oealm^ Hhft 

^B > ■ ■ ■ T T^ ^^ 3B^ 

503 Tas atiBTcn-BooK. 

hi^ iieok« Tor he held a tractftble vdll-broken borod fta 
uiiwortby uf a Ud of >piril. 

Fain would 1 imi]*e tij dwall upon tlie world of ohArma 
tbat burst upon tb^ enraptured gu^ of mjr boro, AJi ho 
oateicd the state p&rlur of Vau Ta^ael's aiaaeioiL Not 
tboso of tho bt?^'^'^ of buxom bL^spg, with tbeir lilxiirifiUH 
display of red uud whito ; but thL! iimple chiirms of a goa" 
uiuc Dutch country tca-ta.blo> in tlio i^uinptnons time of 
antntruL Such b(?npiMl-Hp plaf.t*<rH nf ciikes of vHnotift 
and almost ind^scribubld kinds, known only to dipe- 
rienced Dutch booaefriTeal There was th& doo^ljr 
doQgli-uut, the tenderer oly koek, Aud the criap adiI 
onuBbliu^ cruller; sweet cakes and abort oakes, ffUii:;^? 
dikes and honey cikkcs, and the whole fiunlly of C^Q9. 
And then there vrere upjile pic's uuJ pf^^tcb pies anil pump* 
kin pies; besidps slices of hAin and smoked Iwef; and 
moreover dclecbible ^lifihee of pre^rved plum*, and 
pe^cbes, and pears, and quinces ; not to mention broiled 
shad and roaat^d chickens ; tog^tb^r vith ViwU of milk 
and cream, all miiifcled hi(*Klody-pip;Kledy, pretty ranch as 
I have enumerated them, with the motherly tea-pot aond- 
LUg up its clouda of Ta|»r from the midst — Heaven bless 
the markl I want breath and Ume to discusa this ban^ 
quet aa it dtaervea, and iim too eager to get on with my 
story. Happily^ Icbalhul Cunvi wus tiot in so gmit a 
hurry zw bis historian, but did ample justi<» to every 

He waa a kind and thankful creabire, whoee beari 



dHated in pmportiou ae lua ekin ^f^^ filled with good 
cheor; aud whoee spirits roBo with eating oa some meD*s 
do with ilriiik^ He (.-oidd not )iA\\ ioi», n^lliri^ IiIh \^t^ 
i^tt rOTiud him da tie ate^ and cliQokUDg witb the poeei- 
bilitj thftt be might one daj 1m li^d of all tlib ^eene 
(if almost ufiimjtgitmlitn luxury and npl«udur. Thnu, hti 
thoofi^Lt, how Boon hu'd Curu hia back upon the old 
BcL ooL- house ; ntiAp hiet UtigerA iu the face of llsa\A Van 
Bippnr, nitd every ntlior lUfCgardljr iiatn^n, and kick ftDjr 
itinerant pednf^ogue ont of donnt that should dure to call 
hiED oomrodo ! 

Old DalioA Van TasAQl moved about amou^ hw ^u^^ia 
with a faoe dilated with ooDtcDt and good humor, round 
and jolly OH the harvest moon, Hlh hortpitiihlc Mtcntiond 
wen^ IjTipf, hut rxpressive^ beiiiK cnnliiiivl to a shako of 
thu hand, a sdap on the Mhouldc^r, a loud Iftngh, and a 
proMinjc invitation to "ftill to, and h«lp themeelvea." 

And now the flotind of the masic from tha <Hfmjuoii 
room, or hall, ^Tinnn^n^d to the danc^. The mnaician 
vaa an old ^ayhttA^led nef;^, who had been the itincsrant 
orchestra of the neigbborhood for more than half a t^ti- 
tury. Hia iu4trai:afint was aa old and butti^rRd ax htmMiilt 
The greater part of the time he Aoraped on two or thr^o 
strings, ac^compan3rin^ evcr>" moromonl of the bow with a 
mutian uf the head ; ImwiiLg abmiHt bi thf> f^rfMind, and 
■tamping with his foot wht^uRvcr a fretdi couple were to 

Ichahod prided himself upon his danoing as much as 



Upon liut Tooal povora. I4ot a lunb, uot a fibre abool bin 
VM iillfl ; Atic) t<J batv seeu iiis looAeljr bu0f{ fnunu in fnH 
inoti<>ii, und eUtlering about the room, yon wooM luiT« 
tlioaglit ^liut Vitmt htcuteU, that bk<aHc<l patron of IIm 
daDGo, was figuring l»fore jou m penua He ini4 tli« ad* 
miration of all tbo w^grot^K ; whci, hj^Ting guthend. of all 
ag6B and ma»^ from tlm forra n&d tho AoigUborboof^ 
stood forming a pTiamid of ahioiog black taoee at tfmtj 
dooraud wludow, gazing with delight at tfae scene, roU* 
lag thoir wluto oyo-bolK and aboving grinning ron of 
iTorj from cm' to car Boir coidd tbe fioggcr of tnchins 
b^ othEirwii»f> than ntiimatj^fl and JoyoiiK? tb<* Ivlr nf bin 
heart vaa bia partner in the dAOoc, and amiling gra- 
oioiud^ in reply to all bi^ anaoroua ogUngH ; wbOn Broia 
BoQOa, Koroly Hmitten with lovo and jiratuoaj, «a£ brood* 
in^ bv bimseU \xi onct corner. 

Wbcu tliG d&nc^ was at od «n(I, Ichnbod vm nttnctod 
to a knot of the a^iger folkfi, vb<\ with old Van Tnnpi], 
Bat BiDoking At one end of the piaz|^ possiping ovor for- 
mer tim&rt, and drawing ont iong stories aboot the war, 

TbiH Utftgbburluiioil, At Ui» lime of which I am ftpeak- 
ing, waa 0D& of tbo&a highly- favored placid whl^^h aboond 
with ohroniclc &nd great men. 1%e Bntijsh aud Ameri- 
can lino had rrin near tl daring tbo war; it had, tlinro* 
foru, bu«ri the aoonct of maraadingj and infeoetiHl with 
refugee6f oow-bojB, and all kinda of bordor obivftlrj- 
Jtt^t sufficient tiimc had elapsed to enaUe each atorj*- 
iellnr to dn^w« np his tale with a lit£l«i becoming fiction. 



adlI, in IliQ iii<1ist)Dctne83 of his ncvjUecttan, to make 
Itimsolf the hero {)f nvery exploit. 

There vros th^ stnry of Doffito MartliQg, a ]ar^ blu»- 
b^aiided Dntc^fimjui, wfin hiul niiiLrly uikpn a HritisL frig- 
ate witli iLQ old iron nine-poander from a imid biN^fiat- 
wotIu orIj that kia ^uu bm^t at tho nixtli di«chArgc. 
Aiiil then* vriui ^in iiM ^oLttduiibu w)u> kIiuU lin nAmul^TK*, 
boing too rich n mvnhror to bo lightly lucntinDcd, ^tho, io 
tho baiilc of White-plainfl, being an excctlont moAtcr of 
ddf^nc^r pftiTind n numkot bftU witli n Hmttll sword, infio- 
niuch thnt ho absolutflly f^lt it whw round Ih© bla'.iu, and 
plauce off at the hilt : in proof of wbidi. ho iraa ready 
at wiy tituH lo pIiuw th« sw<>rd, with th« Irilt m lilthi bont, 
Th«rG wfiro several mora tlint lift<l bii«n ^(lunllj gn^at in 
tht* field, uot ohi; of whom hut wan ponvcadod tJ;at ho bitd 
a rountdi^rahlc band iu briiiguii; tlic wur to m bnpp^ tor^ 

Itat nil tliQBO woro nothing to the tali^s of glioBtsi and 
apparitions tliat Miirocedcd. Tho neigbhorhond is rich 
in l^^nilij.rv tn^nMiirnn of fch<« kiiid. Lnudl hdnn and aii- 
pCTfltitioua thrive boat in thcao abell^irod lougHottled 
rrLrnata; but are trampled uudcr font bj this nhlltiu^ 
tlirciug thdt ffirms thfl population of nuistt of our uuuntry 
T>hices, Boeide^i* tb>^rd is no onootu-^^inent iot ^hosta 
in mo^t of onr villagef^, for thfty have tKure^ly tiad limo 
to BiiiKb (heir ^ra( nap, iiud turn thiim>utlviw in ihmr 
graves, boforo thoir Kurriving frioiids have travifdhd away 
from tho neighborhood; so that vhcn tbcy tarn out at 


Eiif-lit to vaUc lh«ir rotiiuU, they liAve no AoqafiinUnoo 
lefi to call apon. HiU is pcrbftpa the rcMOD vhr wn h<> 
addoon bnr ^ gboetn •toppt in onr bng-eolablbhed 
JMA ttHBnnitiM- 

Tbe inooediAte eanae, bowever, of Ibo preralenoo of 
lop^ntatuial AU>ri«s in tliese parts* was douLUe^ot (»wiiig 
10 tka vkuttjr of Sleepy HoIIot. Tb^i^ vas a cooti^on 
t& the terj ur thai blew ^m th&t baimted rct^oo; it 
bn«lhMl fcwlh &u AUDOttphere of dreams and faucicR id- 
iMtog all Iba land. Sareral of tht^ SleBpj HoUovr p^o- 
pb wre pn«o]it at Vaa Taasel'^ and, at wiial, woro 
dotug o«t Ibeir wild aod wond^rfd Icgonda. UaDjr dis*- 
nal talM me toUl almtt fuivinij tnuiw, aiul moanuiig 
orwB and vailia^ beard aod M«a about tho great tree 
vbare the onfoTiiiDalo Major Ai>dr£ inw taken, and whiob 
Blood ID the neighborhood- 8oai« mention was inade 
abo of the vtuaim U vhttp, that hamted the dark gleit 
at Baren Rock, and waa often Itcard to shriek od aintar 
ni^hU bnfure a atorm. haTiitg perisbed there in the wuiw. 
The ehief part of the atotdesr boveTer, tximed Qpoti tbe 
tavorile spectre of Sleepy Hollow, tbo bcadleae horee- 
awii. who bad boen beard MTeral iiin«« of late* patrol- 
ling tbe eooDtrj; and, it wax snid, tethered his horse 
nigbtlj anong the gtaTei^ in the church^yord. 

He aeiioesiered Bitaatioo of this ehnrch aeenui alwaja 
to have mtu\%> it n ^r<>nt« bnaDt of troubled aplrlta. It 
stands on a knolt, acrrouDd^ by locnat-tresfl and lofty 
Mn among vhich ita decent wbitevaab^ waits 


shiro mocleslly forth, lika Chrifttinn [>*irilj bt-amjiig 
tliiongiL t.}te Klioiles of retirenKint. A gtintli) tiIop(» ilo* 
srenda frcitn it to a silver sheet of watt^r, boT(l(>rod bj 
bigh trees, liatweea wlitcli, jieeps mnj' be oaiigUb at tlio 
blue liilla of the Hu<1boii. To look upon its grfu^A-growii 
yard, ^^-hcro tho eunlieama e^em to sleep so qai<?tly, odo 
would tbink that thoro at kcist the dead might rcr^t in 
pdftCd. On one Bide of the c-biircb exteiuli* a wid© wontly 
d«iU, along wbicli rnr^a a lar^ brook &monff broken 
rocka antl trunks of Jallen trees. Over a deep blaok part 
of the Htr«am, Dot far from the church, wu^ foruibrl^ 
UiTo^ni a ifoodeu brtd^ ; the road tliat kd to U, and 
tho bridge itself, wore thickly shaded by overbangitig 
trot.*, whirh cast a gloom itlKnit ti^ evtin in the du>ytime ; 
but oof^asioned a (carfiLl durknosa at nights Tbis was 
one of tho favorite haunts of the headier horoMDdw; 
the place where he was most fro^ucntly 
Tlie taTe w/w tnld of old Broower, a tDost 
believer iu ^o&ta, how be mut the bfirinwti 
from bis foray ick> Sleepy HoDov, xud wm niiiv^B te 
get ap bfildiid bim ; bow thftT gnBiipMl rwar Imili «A 
brftkd, ovtir hill antl «iwuiip, nntil tbr^ t— ibir 41b 
bridge ; when the hcTiv^aiui inuldif««lr Mtni^t 'Nim ■ wkw] 
^'UiTiJ threw old Bmirwnr tntri thi' l^maL, *aaj! 
away over the tr4>^-4crp; vitl^ a Hiit> ^'f thwMtor. 

Tbia slory «w^ ijuatvidiatct " ' ■ 
veUouaadfmiuTc of HroTft Itoi- -*.. 4. 





ttiftt, OD returning on« dglit fn^m tl:<t noi^boriDg 
loigt? of Sing Sing, ho bod been overtaken br tbin laid* 
night trooper; tW lie hiu^l o&ied to race with him for 
a bowl of pitnr}i, \\x\i\ Khrmld haTe von it too, for U&r«- 
d«vil boat th« gc^blin h^jtm^ nil hollow, but, jodt as the/ 
CAmo to tbe church bridge, the Hcoslui bolted, »nd van- 
isbed in \ i1^] of Grc. 

All tb^sd tfil^e, tcld in that drowsy ondettone vith 
which men talk in the dark, the connt«uanc«ia of tli« 
liAtPiieni oii\y uow and tbeu rBceiviog a L-OMuid j^Iinub 
from thft gtaro of a pip^. snnb deep in the mi&d of L 
nbod. H^; repaid thf m in kind with \xe^ extncts ^i 
bill iuvnhiJibln ^utlior, Cnttcn Muther, ikiA added tnw 
mnrr^llofiK ATonta t]irxt ha<l taken plaoo in bis nstiT« 
State of Coimoctictit, juid fenrfnl si^U wbicb be had 
aeeu in bift ni^Jitly walks abont Sleepv Hollow. 

The r^rel now graduallj- broke up. The old farmem 
gfttborod tugoibor (boir famiUeB in their va^^nit, aawl , 
wrc board for some i\m^ ralUing aloog the boUo'^^H 
roAde, And ov^r tJio distant bUl*- Somo of tbn daimvtU 
tDouDtod on pilliona bohind tboir EaTtirit* ivwaicus and 
Ibeir lij-hl^hf^arU4l laoghb^r. mingliiif; with Uie clatler of 
booC^H ei^}ioed idong the silejit woodha^ soaudtng fairkt' 
or and hunl^ir until tbej gradual Ij died away— a&d tb^i 
Into ^cy-wiv^ of noijw nijd frolic was all ailcat and de«erte£' 
Itdiabtnl iinlj' lingcrf^d IwhiiKl, nnsordttig In tlifh <>iiitt4.iu ol 
eonntry lovere, to bare a ttUe-4*tet« with th4» h^in'Bfi, follv 
oonrinocd that be was nov on the high road to attcoeoa 



WljAt p&saed at thle intorviovr I will not prot^^nd to tmj, 
f-T in fact I do iiol kttov, S^omothing, Lowovon I fo«r 
me, must luive ^oaes vrrou^, for he certaiulv ftullied ioiih, 
iiter no very gre«t i&Urrval, i^ith an air quite dosol&te aud 
ohop-fADsn.— Oil tlierto wom<iiil tlidsc women! Could tbat 
gill have been pU^iog off nnj of Iier oociucttieih tiicka ?— 
'Was b^r en^'ritintgemont cif thti |xHjr j>Rdttgiigu» ull » tunre 
aham to socuro hor ennquont of hui rmd?— Hvai-ou only 
knowB, not LI — Let it sufQco to nay* Icbabod nMa fi^rth 
vitb llie air of one who liud been sacking s ]j<!n-r<iostj 
lath^r than a fair Udy'a heart "Without looking to the 
righfc or loft to notice tho eoeno o( rural woalth, on whioh 
ht^ Utul HO uftro gloiitcfd, hn wHut hlr>kj}{1it to Uii? hLu1i1«, 
mad yriih aovor^ Loarty I'^iffi; aiid ktokfl, rooitcd liia Bt««d 
jxuwt nnooartooasly from tJio comfortnhlo quiLrt<:^rA in 
whicli lio «fM soundly EJeepingr dreamiiLg iit nu>uaUiii9 
of com And o&t«, and vliolo Tulloys of ttiuoiLjr akd 

It waft the T0T7 witobing time o( night that Ichabod, 
b^flVT-hBAited anrl rT^jit^fnllnit, jmritui^l hw trvivifl hitmii^ 
^rnrds, along the sid^n of tho lofty hilbi trbiob rino ftbo^ 
Tarry Town, and which he had trnrcrarid no cheerily in 
th(^ afternoon. TIib hour van as disuuil a.9 liiinHnlf.. Far 
bolow Mm, the Tappan Zee apr^a^ its dusky and indift- 
tuict wante of i>rat«nt, with here and ih^TG tbc tall mast of 
a aloop, rldjiii;^ 4]iiiRLly at aricbar under tbi^ land In the 
d<?nd huab of mi^lnig^t^ bo eould even bear the burkinff of 
(lie wfttoh dog irotn the opposite ahoro of tlie HadBoa; 



Irafc it ^Tos eo Taf>U9 eldcI faint aa ddIj to j^ito eui idea c<^ 
hift ilinUnc«^ fnvm thin faitliful comiiajiiori of m&iL Noir 
nnil Uiou, too, the tongnlrjin^a crawltig of a cuck. aciriden-' 
tftlly iiwHiktu-xl, would ^oiind far, far off, from some farm- 
boui^e awfiy jbmong tbc liiU^— but it vaa like & tlrettmin^ 
)K>UU(1 in liift eni'. Tfc sitpis of llie oociirriHl ii<r;kr liim, tint 
ocoafiinnally ttw melauclioly trliirp of n erioket, or porhnpg 
tbo t^tturcil twang of n bitil-Erog, from a ndghboria^! 
marsh, o^ if gleepiug luicouifortablj, and turning sucl- 
(louly iu hm IuhI- 

All tlie fltori^a of ghosts and gi^blins that li$ hiid b^Aij 
in tlio aflernoou, noTf came crowding upon lib reooUa^' 
tioii. Tli«- ui^lit gri^vr cla.rket and dnrk^r: the aturfl 
neemfid to sink deeper in tho sky, nnd driving cloadu otv 
caatoTiallj hid thorn from bia sight. He hnd ocTer fcH no 
lonely aud dUniJiJ. He wfia, morrorvr, npproarbiiig the 
Yory pla(H> wh€ir<> mtmy of the scptios of tbf» f;kost fltoriot 
hod bccu Uid» In the ccntro of the rond stood Ein onor- 
moua tulip-tnre, vliich lowered like t\. ^iaut abovo &U iLo 
otb&r trees of the netghhorhood, and fonned a ibid nf. 
landmark. Its Umba wero fjiuirlcd, otid fautoslio, largd 
enough to form triuJca for ordmary treea, twiatiui; doirn 
&lino?4t to the earlJi, aitd ri»4itJ|^ 8|^mii into lli^f air li 
was oonntMfted u-Hli the tra^^icai! nlory of the wifottiuiate 
Aiidrc* who had Ijocn taken prisoner hnid by; and Wii 
iimviTrmdIy ktiown by thn nn.mrt nf Major Andre's tree- 
This c-oniinon ^ir^opl^ regarded it with a niiititre of n>- 
opoct and bupcretitaon, partly out ol tiympt^thy fur Ibo, 



tato of its iU-atarred DAin^8ake, and partlj from the tBles 
of 6trai^;<) siglitB and doloful lamentations told connorn- 
iiig it. 

Aft loliabod approMhed tltift foftrfal tret^i, ha hegn.u tu 
whifltle: he tlioufTbt bia whifitid was answcred^it won 
but a blast swooping sharply through tJie diy branches. 
Aw lip HpprcmrUed i\ little Hearpr, !w tlioiiglit be saw 
something white, hanfjing in the midst of the tree — Iig 
paroaed and oeasod whistling; but on looking more nar- 
itjwl^. perceived that it was a place where the Iree had 
been soathed by lightnings and the white wood laid bare. 
Suddenly ho hoard a groan — his touth chattert^d and his 
kni?e:<« Hmot*^ fi^uitist the saddlt; : it was but lb? rubbiDg 
of one hu^s bongh upon another, as they were swayed 
about by the hroosFx*. He posBod tho tree* in safety, bat 
new perils lay before him. 

About two hundriid yjirtU fmm the triw a small brtiolc 
crossed the road, and ran into a marsby and thicltly- 
voodod gl*^n, known by the name of Wiley's swamp. A 
few rough lugs, laid side by side, serred For a bridp^^ over 
this atroam. On that Aid<> of the road where the brook 
entered the wood, a ^oup of oaks aud ohestnuts, matted 
thick with wild grn]>&vitie&, threw a oavi!nit>Tni j^loom ti^tr 
it. To panM this brid^ was the sevfrrofft trial It was at 
this id onti evil Ftpot that tho unfortunnto Andn^woa cap- 
tured, and undrr the covert of those ohestnats and Tint^ 
were tha stnrdy yeompn conoealed wlm surprise him, 
Thid has e\^T sinoe baen conaiderod a Laontod stroam, 


rn^ st^Rfvn^Booic. 

and fearful are tlio feeUoj^a of the sclioolbpj who haa to 
pAftft it alone attfr dark. 

Am he apj>n»iflii^Ll Hie stream liifl h^Art Iwgm 
thump; be Kuiumouod np, however, ftU his rofloltitiofi, 
gave bin hor»o balf i nouro of kicka in tho rib«, and at- 
tempted to iiitih bririkljr aitro^ta the hrldge ; but ui&lCAd of 
atarfciug forwunl, thi^ purvi^rMri oM j^iiimal maJo a lateral 
moveni<tnt, and ran biriiiUxido hf^ixiuttX. tho foaco* Ich^ 
bod, whose fear^ iDcrooAcd with the dcJAj, jorkcd tho 
reius oil the other 41(1^, nj)d kU^bnd luMlily vitli Uio i<o:b- 
traiy foot : it waa all in viiin ; his at^^^l etnjted, it ifl truc>» 
bttt it waa only to plunge to the opfioaite aide of tho TotA 
iiitn a thicket of liramlile.'t ami uliler btutbdfL Tho Bchool*- 
maeter now bestowed both whip and he^rl upon tho 
Btcirvoling riba of old Qunpowdt;!, who daahed forw&rd, 
HDiiiQjiig ojif) &[]ortaL]<;, but irarm* Ui a xtniid jiiat by the 
bridgi*, with a ttudflermosw that Jiail ntyirly w^tti h'vs rid^r 
Bprawliim ovorT hjfi hcaiL Jii^t at tliis xnomcot a ploaJij 
tianip by tho aide of tho bridgo caiight th« sciwitiv^ om' 
of Ichabod, In ihp da-rk sliwlow of thn grore, on tlio 
margin of tho biook, ho bchcki aomotiilDf; bti^> niia* 
shi^peD, black and towedng- It etirred not. hut Bccmod 
g&thered up ia the gloom, like some gigantic monster 
ready to aprii^ upon tlie trareLer 

The hair of the aOrjghtod peia^o^^e rose upon 
liftad Mith U<rn»r. Wlint wan In !■? dimh? Tii turn ami 
fly waM no^' too luia ; and b^ttidoM, what clianiw w&:3 thero 
of eflC6puig ghoat or fsobiin, if aoch it wa«, which could 




TSf: lkoknh of hlkkpy hollow. 


rifl<* upon the wings of tho wind? Sammoning np. thore* 
foir, lb show of CourBKt?, hc! ilpiomidf^il in nf.nEnmiinng 
accents — ** Wbo ure yon?" Re roortivrtil no roplv. He 
icpcntctt his <lemAnd in a still more ogitritccl toicg. Btill 
there ^vna no ftuswer. Oac« moie he cuilgeLled Ibe Hidea 
of thft iiidi?x.ihle Oiinjxiwder, ami, shutting his eyos, 
brokd forth with invoiuntnTy forror into a peoJm tuDC 
Just then the ah^owy object of alarm put itttelf in 
motion, and. with a scramble and a board, stcrod at odi» 
in thd middle of the road* Thouj^h the rdfidit wad dark 
and di^TnfiK y'^t tlii? form of thfi njikiioirrn mi^ht now in 
ttonut drfprrr Im n,!^(-f*rtjrjue(L Er^ njipriin-d tfi Ijn a hoPM- 
mnji of large dimonAions, ^x\<\ mounted on a black horse 
of powerful frame* He made no offer of mokatation or 
Bociability, hut kept aloof on one aide of Like rf>ad, jop};iu^ 
aloD^ on the blind aide of old Gunpowder, who had now 
got over hifl frit^ht and wa.vwardneaa. 

Icbabod. who hjid no relish for tliw httaiiKe iniduigljt 
companion, and botliought hlmaiU of tho adranturo of 
Bmm Bon<>a with tiki Oallopinti; Hcfi?^mn, now qaickonod 
hii4 HtiTi^d, ill ho]H^^ i>f Imvitig lum bchiiul. Thi? stnui^rr, 
howevw, quif-ki^rn^^d liis borse to an equal jjam. lohiibod 
pulled up, and fell into a walk, thiukini; to lag behind — 
the other did Iho name. His heart bei^au to sink vithiu 
him : he endeavored to resume bis psalm tnne. but hxn 
paroJied t/ingue elofe to the roof of bts mouth, and he 
could not utter & slave. Tbcrt? waa aonwbhing in the 
xuuody and dogg^^J silenuu of thiM ijeitiitaeioua compan- 




ion, \h$iX i^ftA myaterioQ^ a,nd AppaUin^ tt was sotni 
feoi'fitlly aoooiinted for. Oii mounting a riatog ground, 
whid: broiighl the figure of hid fellow- txaveller in relief 
af^mjiat ih^ skj, ^igaitlic in hei^hl, luiJ mufflol iu a 
doak. ichftbod was horror-B truck, ou perceiving thftt h/b 
Vft3 h6adl(^Ba!— but Lis horror waa still more incxeiased, 
ou obaoriiug Uiat the heiul, wlitoh nhould liate reated on 
Lis aboiUtlers, waa ojirritfitl b^for^ hjou nu tlia |)OTnmul of 
the fiftddJo : hia terror rose to desperation ; Lv nuDod ^ 
^bo^'<;T of Ittokn And blows upon Gunpowdefi LopitLg, \>j 
n Hudclt'ii niiivnin&rtt, to glre liis c-oiniuiuiun tlin }dip — Imt 
tlw fip^ftr© nUrUd full jump with hinL Away tU^n they 
daahed. through tbick and thin ; stoneB dyinj^. and sparka 
ItM^bing at everv bc^und, IchalMxl's QiuiHy F^anneiitfl flut- 
tered in the air, aa he stretched hia lon^ lauk body away 
over hia hordo'tt head, in tho eofcornoaa of bin fli^L 

Th»-y lind imw rrjwTbhtl tU<? mad wlitcrli lurriH off lu 
Bli't^-py Hollow ; but Qunpowdctr, who fte*m«d poaaoswd 
with a diMnoii, in;9tT>wl of keeping np it, made ao oppoAit^ 
turn, and plitngi^d ho^long down hill to tho Ic^ This 
road httulx thrctugli n nimdy hollow, i«1iadi.ul by tnw« Ebr 
about a qiukft«r of a tnilo, whero it crossed tb<i bri4go 
famous Id goblin atory, an<l jnet beyond avcdta tho grooa 
knoll vai wtiich Htanibt the wbitewaHhvtl cbarch, 

Aa y^t the panid of tho steed bad giren hid unskilful 
rider an Ap^mreut a<[van1jigr in the cbaw); but jaat as he 
hail got half ytay Ihmu^'h thu bolluir, ibe ^■'l''^ ^ ^^ 
Boddle gave way, and bo fait it aUpping from under him. 


He B^xiod it liy tb« pommel, and eadeaTorod tn hold it 
firm, hitt ilk Tiun ; uid liiul just tiute to saw Uimxrlf bj 
claapiDl^ oJd Gunpowder round the neclE, when tho SAd^llo 
fell to the earlf], and ha Iteanl it trampled uiidcr foot by 
bjft pumurtr- For jl iituoient tlin terror of Haua Van Rip- 
per'aj*rat!i pa«u»od u^ro^^ hia mind— for it waa hie Sui^ 
daj Hoddlc; but tltb was no iim<r for }>ettj fcjun; Uw 
gijblitj Wiij« bftTfl oD liis IiAUUcbdv; ftud (unitkilful rii-W 
iJLut h« wftglf Ik had much ailo to mAintajn b!x Hmit; 
somotimM eiippiuf; om one ^ide, eomotimes on ano4fai>r, 
■ud Bometimes |alted on the high ridgo of his borfto'n 
bttck-bone, irith a violence tliat te verily fearf^d would 
deavo him o&u&dct. 

An openiiit; in hhn ti^rA now oh'rnrrfd liim with Ihe 
hc]>e4 that tho ohnrch briilgn wtw at hanth Tb<i wavier- 
ing rciflobtion of a silver star in Ihd bogom of thii brook 
told him thj^ he wm not mi^tAkon. Ho nnw tlio wiilU of 
l]u> 4?hnrch dimly glarhig under ihcf tnuw iHiy^tniL Htt 
rofiollM^t^d thn plaoo whore Brom BoneA'w ghontly com* 
petitor hod di^ppcarod "HI con but rcjwb that 
bridge/' thonght Ichabod, ^^I am sare.^* Jnat then be 
heard the blaok st^ed panting and blowing close behind 
him ; he OTCn Cancitid that he felt bis hot broatli» An- 
other ooDYubiTe kick in the riba. and old Gtinpovdear 
sprang npoB the bridge ; ho tlimulored over tlte r««oiiQd< 
ing planlca ; he ^liiuEKl the oppoftito m^ ; aad now loh^ 
bod CABt a look behind to t\fAi if hirt purauer nliotUd ran- 
itih, according Ur rulo, in a Biwh cif 6ni and britnittijiuf. 



•d at httvla^ fail Lnd 
Ui nain vlA 



bDOMuad <tndri tdlj aboot Ite l«Bks ctf tW Inok; 
bttt ao ■ilimii ■MlMi Hau Vu Bipptr w be^a to 
fiMl«o«e«DeMiaM*«bo«tlke Cite of fimi Irhiliirf ill 
Usmldia A* iwTvry n> «rt « l«< wl ^br dffi. 
Ipat iangti^iliini tfwj tm^ npon ku tnoe^ Is mm 
ptti of Cbe road IwUng to ibm divrcfa «v« tomai Am 
mOdlm tnapM ia Am dirt ; tW tmfa of 
d»«pl 7 daaM in a» ffoaa. Old witadr at 
w«re tT>««d b> Ui0 bridfce, faeicokd vhkh, oo tbe Ivvk of 
ft tm»d pvt of ll>0 brtK^ vfiefv tlw v«ler nn d««p &sJ 
IjIuIi. WM fand Cfc« kai of tlH afarfsMB IcUbod, sad 
^OM beoiae il 4 ohattmd pvBpki& 

Tbfl bnmL vm «ivrfa«J, Imt fb» bodr of ihr. mAotA- 
muter in» aot to bt dia«OTVi»(t Han Van Ripper, aa 
executor of luo oalab^ oiawttBd Am Inadk wticb eott- 
tUDMl all his vorlAjr r> itii Ibj coaabted of two 



shirb nntl a half ; Iwo stocks for tlic neck ; n |>ttir or two 
of worste*! stockings; an olil piiir tif (vinhjruy khijiII- 
clothea ; a ni&ty razor ; a book of pnalm tuiM»4;, full ol 
dogs' eari%; anil n, broken pitcbpipo* As to tiio books 
and funiitiire i"f llie flchoo!-lmnHi?H they Iwlonj^wtl to ihs 
00011111111117, ^^c^pting Cotton Mathers Hiatorv of Witcln 
croftf a Now Englond Aluauac, tbnd a book of liretuna ait<I 
iortiuit^UilUiig ; iu wliii:Ji liutt wru a. sheet nf &jalM!ttp 
mnch scribbled and blottej in several frititl^as at1«<mptA 
to mitko a oopy of vorai-is ui Jiotior of tlie hoii^ss of Vaa 
ToneeL These m&gic bof>kfi nntl tlir> poetil^ s<Tawl wont 
fortliwitb oonsignncl to th& flames by Hans Van Bippor; 
who from (hat timo forward d(>tcrmiQod to Bond bifi diil- 
dr&n no more to scJiool ; obaervin;;, that he neTei knew 
9^y gomi eonie of tlAn Hanie reading and writing;;. ^Eflkflt^ 
evor monoy tho solloolniasU<r poasoasied, and he bad i<e- 
oeired his qti&rt«r'A puy btit tk djty or two before, he aimt 
liave bivl abnuL bm i^frniuri at the tiiae of hia tliaappfiar- 

ThA myAttrioiut OTcnt auubrrd Toiteh ap^^fmUtionAttiKi 
dmrdi on tho {ollowisg Sandfly. Knob* of fnuerm am! 
goanipK w<*irn ooltact^d in tbn cltnnfbyiu-d, uf tiin Ixridxr, 
and at thu 8pot wbfirt tho bat md povipfeiii ^ad bM>i 
fbuodp The atones ol fiTotrfrcf* of Boagi, «xi 9 
1indg«>t fif ndwm, w«i« <mll>d ti> wn^T^v^v^^n-^Mi^ 
bad diti<-entlj ooosidaBed -ibsm -alL^nid wnam i n d 
with the Brvrpilatiut af tliii |wiiil iwi 1 ur^ ttouk-AMir 
beads, aud oaiihs to UkA^ivilBnaftafeubLJEiiiiAiMKi^ksd boon 



«Ainod off by thd pjsiloping Hosaian, Aj he ww a l«ek* 
elor, nad in nobod/'a d^bt^ aobody Iroubled )ua h«&d anj 
luuni ^{Hmt tiUa The ficdoo] vaa remoiroJ tu 3 dti&ii^ 
4mt qiiart4>r of Uiq hoUov, and another pediLgogue r^igoed 
in hM Hte^icL 

It iH Iruu, UD old former, wliu lia^I beeu down to New 
Tork on • rwil «iTi(?r*l jri»ar?» after, and from wLom iktM 
noconnt of tho ghostly adv^atuni wus received, brought 
homo tko intollig«nco th^t Icb*bod Cro&o was still aUvo > 
timt lie )im1 l(!irt' thn nnigliliDrliOfid, partly Diroitgit fnjir of 
the goblin &ad IJftng Van Itipp^r, and partly in mortilica- 
tioD at hariiDg boon aaddoniy dismiaecd by tho heircefi; 
th&t ItA had €haitg<fd hia (|uarterA to a distant iiarl of the 
OOUfitry ; had k&pt school and etndii^d law at ihd same 
time, hftd boen adiait&^d to tho Imr, toriitid politiciau, 
elet^tionoered, writtou for ike utiw^pnperH, and finally had 
bocn iDade a joitice of the Ten Pound Court Brom 
BoncB too, who altotUy aftor hia nvol'a difiappoarancc 
ot>ndaclc(l the blooming Katrine in trimnph to the ftltar, 
11.1a ubm-^ned to luuk exuttdditi^ly knowing wktinnntr tli<« 
Qtory of Icbabod wm rcdat^d, luid idwajt btmt into a 
boartj lauf^h at the tncntion of the pumpkin; which h>d 
some to Huapt^ct that li« know luoro iLbout tho m&tt^r 
Lliftii he i*hoMfi Ui tidl. 

The old oounUy wives, howovor, who arc the best 
judgoft of tfai^so m»tt«rs, maintain to this day that Icto- 
bod wo* itpiritni] away by >ii)pprnAtiira[ Tneans ; and it is 
ft favonte atoiy ofton told about tlid neigbborhood round 



tLe winter evomng fii'e- The brid^ bocanio moro tJiau 
«reT An object o! eu^ierstiiious ave« n.n<l tli^t utjiy Ik* tho 
mimoti wlij 1.)ie rojul Lus beEiii Jilb^red of Inte jcAra* isn ria 
to approiLeh the ohuroh by the bordur of the mUl-pouJ. 
The BohooJ-hou^o boing <leaL-rtetl, soon fell to decay, and 
was rpport^il {^ W bitiiuteil by the ghiwt nf tho riDfortu- 
nnrtd pddagopid; and the plough bay^ l^itj^n&g homeward 
of a Btill suiDiDer oveain^, Jius often fancied his voice Jvt a 
distaace, cbantiog d molancholy paohii tuud among th« 
tranrjiii] soUtiideB of Slaepy Hollow. 


Miwi w nn lUdvnnBitw <r VL 

Imia |i itkiUrit III « l^cvponiUou uHMiu; of ita* >iiirtMi wttj tf 

Iw. Ill |H|fjjir«iu)-«Ji iikitJkMr vlUi a ai!}f bumaicw Uen. and (UN 
wlwiii J ttPM^j nwfiiifMf «rf bdns iiuor^i^* aada Mob ^Avta t* tm 
PttLiataiBin^ Wlna lib itory tn« t^adttd^ tfcnu » dbcIi '■nf*'** 
Aiid «)>pr<ABUuA. iiarl^uJrirlj Itlmu xmv ot difw Atpvlf iM won , i^ 
bad Ucft mIm|i « p««kr |vt *< Uw Umo. Tboft vu, 
(all, df7'lt*Ati4f old sttCloiara. wild iMctUog tJj iih>0P B , 
» gTmii Mill inUiw BHn ten ttma^umi: mrr uni thiti foliUur ha 
feiuia. luulliuikf li|» btHl, aod luuhiiic duwft tipon llu floor, m iX laniflg 
a d'l'Hit >>**« in titv nund. Ba vw ihm ttf )«ur wsi; mm, «lu> vw 
buyl, Wl uj.aHi||ija| fiviuudt— «h^ Ibni hnnnvMin aadtlwlBa on UiiCr 
«ldiL Whrvi IImp minli uf UiB fust nl Uie tvmpiuir imJ BUlBtdnL tiiid 
■IbviHV WM fwbuwl. be iBOad vnir tam on t|w alfcuv (4 hi* dia^. (LDd, 
■It 'bt<^ ihr lUiiif 4bi«iU\ dmMd^. with n tl^lit but tiKVtLi^plj h^ 
ii.<it;..u irf 4»« bwL ami «oiitiMlliNi «f Uio Una. wttfi m ifaa oioaI of 
Ite Oiirr, HWl wlal n waul Ui |«Q«wt 

Tht aturi-uAfi. villi irw |ihI |wCUiiV a BJU» uf wb« 1c lib Ipa, as * 
nrfmdUHaHl aflM Ua \vi^ fiwaJ Cor a wumiU lMft»d al hii »qiufBr 
vlib Ml «lr of IkfliiHfr iMMtm*. Mkl. Lmttttf Uw gtaaa akwl; ta rha 
iditiuL Ihtu Ilk' lua-f «■> intvnkd smm locknltj tt |nwv»— 
'UmiI tbtf« l# ua tiiualioa in lib tart haa Ua 




*' That, therefore, ha tliat rnoH races with gbblin troopera is likely to 
bftve rou^h riding of ft. 

" Ergo, for a country sohoolmoster to be refused the hand of a Datcb 
beJKSSi is a certain step to high preferment in the state." 

Tbe cautious old gentleman knit hts brows tenfold clooer aft«r this ox- 
planation, being sorely puzzled by the ratiocination of the syllogism; 
while, methought, the one in pepper-and-salt eyed Mm with something of 
a triumphant leer. At leogth, he observed, that all this was very wellt 
but still he thought tbe story a little on the extraragant — there were one 
or two points on which be bad bis doubl*. 

"Paitht sir," repUed the atory-teller, "ns to that matter, I don't b^ 
Ilevo one-half of it mysell*' 


tfllJ V^4 

y41«« * mvnA 
^.i3« 'i< tt^ fiirfg|||TarT vitk 

htf |«M Mii4 Ui 1^ « MlJU|<iitttrJy |je«jiU« and fc^>o«l-ottlB»d 
ruw! Il U (^lA UiJiL laiMili hjM b tan obf^tM to^ome 
ufiA iir iwii juUnlwt, ftJiil Umt (b«w liwlfvidnal eicoptions 
Miwti l» UiH iHU{r«H»ld, iFoul^l UDOont Almost U> a total 
0Oi»4iiiitiiAlit>ii uf kU wotli ; Irnt iban lio Laa l>«6n coq- 
uAmA I'jr uluMftvihU. tlint whttt oiui Ijun partiruUrl}' eeii- 
8liri»tt, AiKflliur )iAu Jto jmrtiuiilKrly priuw>ii \ ikiul thtui^ tho 
ftiuwiiuiuuut lwini« ii0l nir tti:«ituU tli« olijoctioBS, he 6n(b 

Ma wtark, ii| tlin wliotu. mmueiukd Iat twynnd ibt 


* OI-«llMt lilt 



fpLUt liomn- of ft Tna«hMl pig ; Another holds « curry or a 
dovil in Pttcr nho&tinAtioD ; a third cannoi tj>lcriktc tlio 
KQcieDt HfbTor of Tcniscm ftiid wildfowl ; and a. foartb, of 
truly mnHcuLine ^itnn^^h, Idolcn u-ith Kovcn*igii contempt 
on thoe« knick-kDacke, here luitl tUtviyt dished up £or tho 
lad>e& Tba3 each article is condomued in iU turn; and 
jTKt, uoidAl thifi v&ri^ty of iippetiti^A. sehloDi Joes & difih 
go ftwAf from tho uble withoat being taeted aud relished 
by some ooe or otJier of the gaesta. 

With thrstif (^(maidemtiims he veti(uTi.*« ta Hervn ttp thiji 
iwcond volamo iu tlio sumo holrrogoneous vt^y with hin 
first ; simply requefiting the reatler, if he should find here 
and there eomethiD^ to [ilease bim, to rast assured that 
it voe vntt«n eEpre^ly for intelU^i^eiit re&ders like him- 
self; but eutriiatuiK luni» abould ho find any tlim;' to dia- 
likt-, (u t<demt(3 it, jikH oiicf of iIk^hc avtioka wbich thtt 
author has bedD obliged to vrit« for roadera of a 1«i« 
rofiacd Ui£t«. 

To b<; DcriouB. — The author iit coiuciotiK of tho DQiiior- 
oujt fimltn laid imjterff'otiotis i>f \txn work ; aivd wi^U aunro 
hon' little tie ifi dieclpliD^d and acoompli«bcd in tbe arid 
of author^Lip. Hi& doiicicncies aro alao moroaacd by a 
diHidejico urising froDi his peculiar sjtnation. He ^ds 
himNolf writing to ii struiga land, and appeariti^ before a 
public which he has been accustomed, from childhood, to 
re^jard with the highest f«elin|[a of jiwe mid n^vt^rvuc^* 
He U full of 9oUeitudc to deMn^e their approbation, yet 
tlndsi that xiry ^licitudu oontinuolly cmbarriLssmg his 




pcweni, anil depriviug him of tliat ease aod coLficlmice 
which are Dctceaaary to snt'rPBftfiil eiertion. Still tliO 
Idnduc^s witli wbieli tit iw troaU^d oiiconraftofl him to go 
on, hoping that lo time he may acijuire a ntdudier foot- 
ing; anil thus he proo&ed^, hjiJf VL^ntfrriiig, \\\\\i ^hmxWw^, 
■orpritieJ at his own good fortune, and wcudering nt hij4 
own temerity. 



snrrra cd«:ibxj»i wmnDttru isitr. 

017 Um Gnctt^ iUttdL rlUi Uh) t— ty of •«» AacIo-li«iau fuvlLa 
tap9md br h1« b tb« mtktt'fim^ at Umb*. #eftc«l»J « Lmej iar \h* 
nm^ Mtd dMvnnliiail 10 vn4 abtfaouioi to prMch Uv ^iMpil uunig 

iMnitf tte EUwIUrt Unv of Kod, >ad U» auai p^Amtt "I il^n Aiifla- 

«JtbckkBf of Plu1iiaDdtb4lilt« wAi aIWvoJ bjMi^iUUcnUw rutJ««^ 
«Kfae<irbirRU|eW&, V 

n« Bhn«d Pontid la«ir tiie lolUtnot of lit* mk hi PuUtvi of (tJff- 
kwCalii, Hd fuHlivtth itv^tthad AngvitilU* « HrjijvPi im^/ii, «tth 
Uittj ■Jarjr*tblf«, 1a IW cuurt Af ElWBMt At CHLlrtlitry, ii> nIf'Jil Uii 
ooBvwrioii of the M«f uiil lo ifbUiu tbniuiEh bim a fdutiivld In Uut 

ICLbolbcrt ric«li^ l^iu mmtilft aftnJ haM tt aaalcnaM Jn Um <i|Mn ^| 
biliig AMmMfOi of toal^ foiiNljjnift, Nbd foArfUl of Bpi'LU ciuJ nmtfli^ 
ThaynlHnurijty mcmadMt in nwklng titro Mgiwd aCbHatkit u U* wtCvj 
Uic convcniMi of ititf Idnj; <^ ojunc ^ludmuad IIm ei>ni«;ki'^rj trl lii* lujraj 
fubjcoLj. T>iO Aeftl AOJ «iu4fflH uf AugOitilU Vvf* fwm^Art\ liy Jiuf l<*4Eif 1 
Ruulc JLri]1ihiiB[ACi|> «i Oftfilcrburf, uut tMdn^ ciaito»«(l tflCh uulltfirLl^ ^*4f j 
mIJ tlie Briluti rliunLnk 

O110 uTUie nuMt praiuiiuHii(Xini'ii» h4« f1ipli«rl nif UmH* hipf of I|m 
fiubttMDoubaofpbiwof SfJuibvrt. U« M4n«< a London, of vlikb,, 







lUvlUtiu, ona of Uw llomikn monks who had oomo orwr wtth At 

SvU^it, iu tKlil. ill hin n-Ufiloiu kaI, fuuiiiluil a i^onuutcrr b^ the 
Kitlc to Lhc TTf^t of thn cit>, on tfia ndo* of a Lomplt ol ApoLb. bcini^, Jn 
Codl, tlw ori^th or tho proBDiit (»Uo of Waiuunstar Abbej. GfvAt pnp*- 
tudouvMc mEkilo for tha oonAcnLllon of tlu} chiiTvli. wli}r<h Wk> Uk b« 
ikHtltalod to St. [Mcr, Ou ibfi monibf of tlic niiiuiuittl Jay. SftllituB, 
tbo bishop. prxKcvdnl with f^rvat ]>?iiip •ml BcbmnLi^r 1« pirfomi tho 
^nnDonjr- Oil ufipn^u^liint: thi> pdiQcv hr mu iDot br a fkli^rntiLd, nho 
luflTTaKl birn iTirtt. i1- vhh Tifvilli<4i In prtM^nyl, mt lTif?< rprvntfiny tvju aspt. 
Tbe Lijihu|i Hlarvd uil^i tmrpriw. wbcti l^ur JlBhcttdAJi ttuul 1.1) iu tvlsttr. 
IhAt tho iiifbt bcfun.% lu hu wu in liu bo«t gn Uiu Xbotu^^iT t>U P<tcr 
Hf^WUViL t4> It&in. iiciJ tf Jd liiin Uul hu iuUiiilixl to ooOMOXHta ttia ohoroh 
biaiM?Ll. UiHt viry niirhT, T^* nj-Hxtli) wwordin^iltf wpol inin Ihnnhiifffi, 
«h1ob vuLUmiI; Immiup ntnTiiiiihlAl, Tliv Lvmiuony vnit pcrfomied in 
Houiplticu* >tyl<^ accomii&Lkit^l bjr Btr&iiu of hnrpuly miuuc kitd ckudA of 
frmirnrit in<.yiiiwu. Atit^f tbi»i Uio apiTattu com^ mi« tbf? 1k>aI And {>nJi<rHi 
Ihp finb^nuAii lo mai liiA nH. Ilv <i^d no, and liofl « laimculniu drAiijfJit 
nf flkliM; itntt fvf ulilob hfl va«i mmmnruWI tn jinHtnt 10 tbv tiihtir^p, and 
Cu w^wMy \n biiu lluL Ibir A|KiHtli^ Lad ivlJuirwl luin frum llii» urKMMeit} jf 
ccnW^mliniT Uio cburch. 

bbflliluA wiui a wary mjm, nJuvr of bcikf. aiii.1 rvqiur?d connrcutiiKi at 
Lb* CflhorTimii't ln\e. il» ojmiwvj tbv i<1jiiroh i\imt^ arte] b»iiM3i3 vnki c<iui- 
dlc?^ iTfiHiHU^ b(d/ ^filirr ; nil ¥\>r\\\Wvi\ In vnHiitiH jiWin and Vftrlotu 
othrr tJncai of a ktiukI ntrinonuil. If b<i bod ntiil aht Imjc^riii^ ilnid>ta. 
Uioj vom foiuplotdy nmovnJ un ibo fljihvrmi&rL> pmiurinjr Ihi^ idn^ntiful 
Ruh whifb lu* bad l*fTi ordcjwl by tho ftpri4tl*> t-i pf*»wni ti» him. To v^ 
plflt riilfl woidil hnvi^ linon rri ri><kT, rhMiW d^m^nii^nitinn, Thi> itomI 
Ldihligp mt^vnliuirly v&9 turninciDd tbat ibi? cbumb luuJ adijiilljr \K^m 
oonpecratfld by Si. Polcf in porton; go he rercrcnUy iU»UuKd fioro p»- 

Thii f'tn^ipiiijF (racUtion t> Mid to bo Lh« rcAMn why Kinj{ Kriward 
lh» OjofflHor aboM IbiK plnoe u the ilto of • nl1gJoi;B hnciw ^hMi b* 



B» puUctl clowu Uio old chiunh luiil boIU anothcir In 
la ihie hie rciBaiiia were duposUAd m a loa^lloiiat 

meoat to oadov. 
tUfdUtf in lOA 

Thfl fAcrvd 0dtflr« Again imit'^rvrTit modillpftiUinn. If not n renaiutrmv 
ilDa, hy Hear; IIIh, in 1230, tuiJ bc^nu to il»uiiiu ^ta prntat b|ipcantrjoi^ 

tumiog Ihc moiUcs ftway, and »tud4ig upon thA tvroitda. 


feeludo^■ lurrillTia vu printed in tU86. bj- ono cf Qic! ohorigiter* <>f tlio' 
inl, who Af^Hsn to hart- his^ tho I'ftuE J^ «f Iho wercd odifico, 
g&Tlng ui aoconnt of lii< TummngiTig nxnnTifc th* bnnni oT Gdvftrd th« 

ICEmffinor, ftflo' they hml quietly irpwc4 In thi^lr cDpnlf^hm upwards a1 
«U buDilnd jvan, *ad of bin Jr4wiiij£ fitfUi Uid crocifLi and gaUcn ululii 
<tf Ui«dccoa«cU iniinoirJi. DurlnjcdAhUicnToanUntho hod ollldalod In 
tb« «hoir, It h&d boon n coEnmon trulltion. ha ta^jt, among his brother 
chorlKtcTV ind tho |<tny-hi<jiil«l frnmnij <if th« nbbr-y, Thnt thr bcdjn^f 
Rlnis EdviuT^ vas d^xaiitt^ in n kind uf rh»t <jr coflbi. whltli wiu indift* 
iloctlT DccEi in the upper p&rt of th? ohrino rrcotcd to hu mciaorr. Xoiio 
of tb« abbr>y ^onupB* bowAvi^r, hud ToDhimi upon n noorcf bupoclloiiH 
unUl thfi WdTthif n*nntnr. fc flmTlfy hu mrkMily, rafnirfctwl talbc eoflto 
bj Uii* aid of a bidder, and found It lo bo nmdc ol noal, nppnmntjj vnry 
ftnmff and inn. being Kvorcd bjr baadji of Irwu 

BubocqavnU^. b 1060, on taking down tht n^kffolding uwd fnthttion^ 
lUtiOD of JuiLOf tt., IIiocoIUti vnJ fmind Tu b* bmluHT a holtt *p|i«ar!af 
fai thfi lid. pinbBhly injtiti\ tbmiigh Ac^dani. h^ Uip trarlnnarL No on* 
VwnluntU howovi-r, Ut nu-ililln vjlb Ihi* vt^Tifd <Tt*po«llorj of rO)»l dait, 
until, ■cFCfol Hivhfi Ukrtv^rwnnlB, Lbr <*iit:iituiria»» uuuv to Uie kllOwJAltfft 
of ihOAforrooid cljoHnt^r, lU f<TtLvrith npvrod to llw abb«y In ooni- 
Vlth tVT> friaijd»« of 4ruug«ninl tntitca, vho w«ie doilroiu nf lntpc<<t- 
''tha tomb*. PrvorTng a lail^iT. r^u Again iDonnted lo the coAti, vid 
bund, w bod been rvpreflCJiEol, a Lola ia Um Ud about all Liicbca ktm^uiA. 


TUE aHE^vn-noOK. 

four tnr^hni hmul. jnat la fruui of the IcfL Imvtal. Thnuitfnjf Jn his luind. 
Mid ffioping uut>[is iLt lxinL<4. h^ Hnv frojia aniioreoaih the ehcniUcr 4 
oruciflJt, rii'hly n-lonnicl iiriii Miiuii^lKi, jiflliiil to 4 ^Id cliuin twonly-fom 
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