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— ^^ 

tD om 

5- ■ -^ / 





3400 Richmond Road 

Victoria, British Columbia 

V8P 4P5 

Headmaster - Mr. Robert Snowden 

1995 - 1996 

TTiis yearSooH^is dedicated to tfie teacfiers of St. MicfiaeCs University Scfioof, 
on 5e fiaff of tlie graduating c[ass of 1996. TTianiyou for your sefless dedication, 
entfmsmsm and constant support. You have fieCped bring out the best in each of us. 


As I write this report at the end of April, there are still significant events to take place in 
the school year. At the same time much has already taken place that is worthy of recording 
and that has given this year its rich and lively flavour. Having to compose some thoughts at 
this point, however, does force the realization that a school year can only be summed up su- 
perficially in its achievements. True, the various prizes, firsts, theatrical performances, speeches 
and victories prove a useful factual record. But these details miss the essence of a good school, 
which is a healthy relationship between lively, curious students and dedicated, inspiring teach- 
ers. It is this relationship that has impressed me most this year. 

This will be remembered as a year of some important transitions. The Junior School wishes 
a very fond • indeed, tearful ■ farewell to Mrs. Gaye Stone, who has led that school effectively 
purposefully for the last 6 years. While the wonderfully positive and energetic flavour of the 
Junior School • its colourful classrooms, its choirs and orchestras, its performance of The Temp- 
est its athletic successes • all could not have taken place without serious commitment from teacn- 
ers. students and a good number of parents, it is fair to say that the overall direction by Mrs. 
Stone has been the vital element. As she leaves with our best wishes, we welcome just as positively Ms. Sally BIyth who succeeds 
her. from Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School in Montreal. 

Likewise, the Middle School has experienced some change this year, although it has taken a less radical form in that Mr. Cliff 
Yorath has been confirmed as Director of Middle School after an extensive search. Mr. Yorath's sound grasp of the needs of 
students at the Middle School age and his clear commitment to them has been positive and rewarding this year. Everyone else 
has contributed, of course: among many other achievements the performance of the choir at the Frank Mills Concert, the Girls' 
Soccer national championship, the Wizard of Oz. have been highlights. 

The senior School, a teeming and complex body of 500 boarders and day students, has also had a very successful year, led 
by an involved and committed graduating class. Mr. Peter Tongue deserves much credit for directing the students and faculty 
in a numerous achievements: \2 students selected to the 60 member Provincial Honour Orchestra, provincial championships 
by both Badminton and Field Hockey teams, a first for one of our grade I 2 students on the Grade 1 1 French exam. On a more 
subtle level, this year saw students participating in Heads of Department meetings. House Parent meetings, and on committees 
such as the Teacher Evaluation committee and the Colours committee. 

I have said more than once, to both students and parents, that one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is to talk about 
the school on public occasions, at gatherings of prospective families, at alumni meetings and even in the press. I always do so 
with pride that I am able to serve the school in this way. Since the arrival of my family at the school, we have detected beneath 
the energetic surface of these achievements a warm and dedicated community of students, faculty, parents. Board and alumni 
who give the school its heart and soul. When students, faculty or parents visit Reynolds House on one occasion or another we 
are repeatedly impressed at the warmth and richness of these people who are happy to sit for awhile and talk about life at the 
school. This is a very good school, that achieves excellence and still has many promising possibilities. It has been an exciting 
place this year, and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. 

Robert T. Snowden 


For those of us with a daughter or son graduating from SMUS. this will indeed be a year to remember To see our 
children arrive at this passage is a source of great pride and pleasure I consider it a privilege to have personally known 
so many members of this graduating class and I wish them fulfilled lives pursuing their dreams. The achievements of 
these graduates are an inspiration, particularly to all other Senior School Students. 

As for the youths who fill the halls of Middle School ■ their high voltage energy is an incomparable tonic for people 
of all ages Already their academic achievements, fine and performing arts, and games, are being celebrated by many 
members of the school community. 

At Junior School we see the essential "first ingredients" in the nix of which comprises our future student body. These 
young boys and girls will continue to delight us with their accomplishments as they progress through the School. 

On behalf of the Board of Governors. I congratulate all students on the successful completion of School Year 1 995/96. 
As Chair of the Board, it has been an honour to serve you. 

Mrs. Darlene McCue 
Board of Governors 



Junior 5chool 


MicicHe 5chpoV \\\[ 


5 enior 5c Hop I 




Grade Nine 


Grade Ten 


Grade Eleven 






Fine Arts 




Boarding Life 







Late nights, long nights, Friday nights, deadlines, learning layouts, redoing layouts, scrap- 
ing layouts, chasing people, teamwork, friendship, citrus jujubes, misplacing keys, agree- 
ing, agreeing to disagree, solo conversations, interruptions and lots ot fun! This year 
has been a fantastic and productive year for the yearbook staff. 

Our sincere thanks to Michelle Hau. Steven Wong. Jenny Reed, Abraham Chan, Con- 
nie Sze, Alice Hsi, Joy Liu, Olivia Limbu, Yvonne Au and Jayne Bradbury for all their 
efforts. This yearbook could not have run as smoothly as it did without their dedicated 
help. We thank them for their enthusiasm, motivation to learn and regularly showing 
up for the Monday afternoon meetings. 

Thanks to the staff for their support; especially Mr. Smith, Ms. Roth, Mr. Hyde-Lay 
and Mrs Card. This yearbook could not have been produced without them. Special men- 
tion also to the Accounting Office. Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton, the 
Development Office, Mrs. Nason and especially Mrs. Richards for all her help. 
To Commander Williams, who could be heard tapping down the hall every day, thank you for always popping in to ask "How's the Press?" 
and for giving us advice on life. Also a big thank you to Mrs. Sandra Moore for always supplying the smile and the seemingly endless stock 
of ju|ubes, especially the citrus jujubes! 

Thanks also to Kyle Kirkham for, amid his busy life, still finding time to do advertising and to Mrs McLeish for her constant encouragement 
and support To James Townley and Curran Crawford, our artistic, creative and usually reliable photographers, with whom we played many 
games of hide-and-seek and who always seemed to skillfully evade us in halls around deadlines, thank you for all your wonderful photos. 

Similarly, although this yearbook represents a superb group effort, it could not have been produced without the tremendous efforts of Steph- 
anie Bouris, who as co-editor showed exemplary character and leadership Her commitment, enthusiasm and work ethics were simply inspiring. 
The yearbook room will be quiet without her constant laughter. 

Thank you is not enough to show my appreciation to Caroline Rueckert who taught me pretty much all I know about yearbook editing. 
She was a great mentor, co-editor, and friend I'm going to miss you 

Finally to everyone who contributed in any way to the production of this yearbook we thank you This yearbook represents a lot of dedicated 
work on the part of a lot of very special individuals It has been a pleasure for us to be part ot such a wonderful team. Good luck to everyone 
next year, especially Michelle Hau who will be taking over as editor we hope you enjoy this yearbook as much as we enjoyed producing it for you. 

- Stephanie Bouris 

• Caroline Rueckert 

Co-editors, 1996 

One last question: "Steph . . . Where are my keys?' 


B.R: Kyle Kirkham (Head 
of Advertising), Caroline 
Rueckert (Co-Editor), 
Stephanie Bouris (Co- 
Editor), Yvonne Au, Jenny 
Reed. Michelle Hau, Joy 

F.R: Stephen Wong, Con- 
nie Sze, Alice Hsi. Abra- 
ham Chan, Olivia Limbu 
MISSING: Curran Craw- 
ford (Photographer), 
James Townley (Photog- 
rapher), Ms. Kathy Roth 
(Teacher Advisor), Mr. 
Kenneth Smith (S.M.U.S. 
Yearbook Advisor). 




St. Michaels University School, the Junior School in particular, has had a major impact 
on my family's life in many more ways than one. We chose this school for our three 
children as it espoused academic excellence with results to back up its claim. When we 
visited it from Calgary, standards of dress and behaviour were very much in evidence. 

This school facilitates academic exellence but the family must provide the emotional 
stability. It is a partnership. The latter paves the way for the former. The school can 
assist in the nurturing of the emotional domain but when the child continues the journey 
in the world beyond school, emotional security and determination complement academic 
credentials, without them the road can become tortuous. 

At this juncture, I feel that I am graduating as I too am about to start another leg 
of my journey and as a result of this choice, this school is on the verge of change. A 
change in leadership. Change is healthy for a school. If there are no changes, then it is in danger of inertia, which results in regression. 

Seven years ago, whilst teaching Grade One. I was presented with the opportunity to become the first female Director. As 
I look back over the years that I have been associated with the school, I think I have learned as much, if not more than many 
of its students. I have tried my personal best to carry on the traditions of the school, establish some new ones but most important 
of all, I have tried to promote the values on which I believe this school was founded and to which I hold fast. 

Again, we pass on to the Middle School another group of talented individuals as shown by their outstanding performances 
in "Wheels". What characterizes this grade is their facility for hard work. As they pass another milestone in their journey, I 
hope that they will remember, that desire and determination will take them far along their road! 

This school year has been a fruitful one, largely due to the combination of the fine calibre of our student body, the mettle 
of the staff and the invaluable support of the parents. "Thank you" is barely adequate to show how much I have appreciated 
the energy, support, good humour, and the experience of working with the staff as a colleague and as their leader. 

To Emma Burge, Diane Mackay, and Dean Read, we say "Farewell" and wish each one of you a fruitful and successful future. 

This term, we say "au revoir" to Cindy Miles as she is retiring after a twenty-two year association with the Junior School. 
Cindy was one of the first female teachers on staff and together with Sue Moore, pioneered the primary programme. Cindy will 
be well and truly missed but from the bottom of our hearts, we wish Cindy and her husband Ted, a long and active retirement. 

In closing. I would like to say "Cheerio" to the students whom I shall miss seeing run into school, watching at work and playing 
games, their string ensembles, their singing, their fabulous art work, the tuck in your shirt pull up your sock routine, all the 
little stories that you share with me, and most of all, I shall miss watching you grow up and graduate. 

God bless you all! 

H. Gaye Stone, B.Ed. 


SMU Junior School 


Junior School 


BACK ROW L-R: >oko oulhne, Eiko Larson. Anna Forbes. Gary Barber. Bill 
Foster. Emma Burge, John Hams, Diane McKay. Tern Jemson, 
FRONT ROW LR: Kelly Lindsay. Dean Read. Heidi Davis, Wendy Wilson. Oayc 
Stone, Cindy Miles, Sunny Pollard, Diana Nason, Susan Moore, 
MISSING FROM PHOTOGRAPH: Mary Humphreys, Mary Smith. 


Junior School 


BACK ROW L R: Qnstina Bachand, Curtis Smith. Jeremy Chew. Terra Barnes. Louis Hayes, Carlie Hutchison 

MIDDLE ROW LR: Clayton Thornber. Simon Barwin. Andrew Crow. Michael Vander Westhuizen. Nicole Cook. 

FRONT ROW LR: Jack Wooder. Lily Krantz. Annelies Bekes. Evan Rankin. Peter Currie. Gillian Harper. Jennifer Jackson. 


Junior School 

I Ute art 1 Lit, 

^ ■■•Les 

X LIU Mij W^'BlLy ooaii 

Ttrra Qorncs 

*■ fiends 
I Like Le 


Junior School 


BACK ROW LR: Ms K Lindsay, Cheymus McNulty. tllis Gray, Stephen Pong, Kevin Kiordan, Samuel Barwin, Mckyla Mclntyre. Duncan Mclntyre. 

Christopher McCrodan, Miss E Burge 

MIDDLE ROW LR: Taisuke Nakano-Scott, Anne Penner, Aaron Brook, Ria Mavrikos, Danielle Denley, Stephanie Pollard 

FRONT ROW: Daniel Dale. Nicholas Burnett. Molly Cameron. Christopher Rolonen. Shane Keepence. Justin Ko. Jennifer Smith. 

ri\ ■^irli <M mtd to {'h f^H i»ll' 
WhTc ik pri'nce mH ."hcoie J 'ink 
W<'ni yoir bcit clofhf!;. 
]imc. (O.'Oo'?!"- 2-30. Jfl\ 
riacp.- fhr' royal palace 
We Will.i\nu:ao pbv nitLic Plui jl il 
crJ the pnnce .IS aitj eariw wiH ^V.^v n 


Junior School 



d' r— < ^^J — - — ^ 


wcrf W nno ], hoir . 7m . /.Vfi 5/? . qiSi ^ <\ 


"H T/- 



Trr^7^\TTp--';pnr--7-Trrr)-- nm-p='.r^:-- 

r^-y-"-^7Vc:^.-n— ---A^rm-- 


xrT :'a:' 


hA7''^Mn\ Hj\r-n'Y^K^-k\ ^^Tpyi^r" 



1^ iiy ^j.jir If , I /i.'i. 



Hui'+hF/--'[pf^^r^nrT--i hTj77hAr/f-^' 

Junior School 



BACK ROW L-R: Jasmine Bains. Taylor McKinnon. Matthew Gow, Ben: Phaisaltantiwongs. Fraser oow. Scott Brown. Christopher Snider. 
MIDDLE ROW LR: Amber Hill. Anton Laipneiks. Alexandra Lee. Alastair Crow. Hilary Ambrose. Evan Finlay. Miss S. Moore. 
FRONT ROW LR: Laura Faryna. Daniel Christensen. Baylie McKnight. Joshua Wilson. James Bridger. Emma Bjomert, Christina Moser. Felicia Chapheau, 
Charlene Copeland. 


Jr School 



V ^r ' ^h'^^^^^as^} 




Space is a dark thing 

You can hardly see anything, 

It's darker than a black cat! 

it's even blacker than that. 

The only thing that's in Space is 

Planets and stars. 

[ saw Mars, 

! saw Saturn's rings- 

rhey're very pretty things. 

Grey Ruler 

By Laura Faryna 

Grey as the mist 
His head at a twist. 
Ruler of the night 
But not of the light. 
The great grey owl. 
Great one he is. 

ppW^ are \uicn 

T:imm g Dj r^r nTr V. 



BACK ROW LR: Tisah Tucknott. Navrai Chima, Oianna Fuller. Kurt Penner, Jocelyn >mith. Robert Orr. 

MIDDLE ROW LR: Mr Barber, Nicholas Csomany. Melissa Ko. Marisa Brook. Sydney Plavins. TomI Chernlawsky, Graeme McCrodan. Mrs. Pollard. 

FRONT ROW LR: Evan Morgan. Jeannine Bartz. Daniel Mcllvaney. Natasha Chao. Ouinn Cope. Sean Smith. Chris Burnett. Michael Loomer. Janel Willms. 

^\jj trwUilr 'Wia. I uict Lcmj^ huj. 

10. nu. oimi on UM Jilji/M. L Uh^ hfjjnoi 
oicms- anlMi. itJi t>capi ud^m ikai hatud 
ifiidt Aoiil oLum^ iloJdd m onA 
cuAchid a/id pomi mi.. Lhji 'y.ccrzpi/io 
ojcdMiA ■ At (jjuJt I ikmi^ht. hi biM tuW 
lUlA. giJ^k. I f)ncuill lu>n wWt ail 
tk [oaa. UA^. Uwfl Icr m>- aoACtLol all, 
kl madi fflL a ^Ima.. I um a ^^Ihml . /ay 
m/imj L^iAM ■ Jhi) (ijfuxllMi ^cMpir/) bit 

io tap ii off!ijfti«(^^ODf p 


Junior School 

I'm Florence Clay, and my family moved to James Bay from Moose Jaw. Saskatchewan In 1894. We live at 506 
Birdcage Walk. All my sisters, brothers and I go to South Park School. In the winter we go skating on Goodacre 
Lake, and we like canoeing, too. Emily Carr once played a trick on my father. Our neighbour. Dr. Helmcken. is 
a famous man. He traveled to Ottawa to help Vancouver's Island and British Columbia to become part of Canada. 
At Christmas the Helmckens have a big feast, and for dessert we have Indian icecream. In the parlour we put up 
a kissing ball, and when we make mincemeat we put wishes in it. Now I have to go to do my chores! 

By Quinn Cope 

) William Sfo.t^scca'S ^^f^M \ 

TEi r«uf son ro U^TEW.'" 

|^CT\WilS:S) Your SOri i^ WOTidtrfa) at- mottmwtiC) 

^e is Vvit ^c// '<! Moihtroiici. * 
!)m^ \JillUfv iho'^J 5^^ 5frciigf(«:^ ,'ri Jram. 

. u^ bcs\^^ ^^'^'^ f^^°'^ '" ^^^"^ '"''^^-^• 

^gctor) WilliftfA fmAi.efK to wortefh on klu^ imiifh 
j ,/fen,^<7.0V•^^'"^*i'l^''- he i5 a c^oO'^Sii^deA' r 6^k '^^^ 

TlU tU» UtM « v*^ ^a^ifutt fivute^ tilt iXM.^ mmm/k 

^o* itt»» i»im -uuu, j^c tateUt 1 *t«U7 IVtU ft>c ^ot 200 
iatUt* itLtt /« ^auTff^ w*tJ i*v€ Utm. * »{<t »* 4Mt *» (a.x'iVla/ ait 
^M. doim^ MM- t<^i ii^/uuai?1(fL art iM m^ ri a u f iu '^Ct/e "7 «*« 
at oU ea»fi*-i( -teaj A*d am ju^ aiatU Ca 4ttaZ jamt m»v <^aU 
4%om ^aufi ^mfuc*.'}am. Cu,i*^ ta ^t to O* ta^ a^ Uc molJ. a»d 
UU ta S*^UMMi,m4, i4>mc.P.S.')Uv€ aCiU U^t C^ *tcie^ t» m^ 
itu/^f^it^ tv^ . 

^<M(i (tuti^ jevuutt. 

^ 7ij4U 


Junior School 


Grade 4F 

BACK ROW L to R: Meredith Lewis, Bradley Booth. Mark Zakus, Jessica Moll. Brittany Crow 

MIDDLE ROW L to R: Ian Broome. Nicholas Hargrove. Jory MacKay. Gillian Kirkham. Shannon Waters Mrs. Forbes. 

FRONT ROW L to R: Matthew Hill, Jeffrey Mitchelmore, Huf Mclntyre. Shannon Ko. Samantha SarawanaBawan. Jennifer Blumberg. Bianca Bartz. 

MISSING; Ariane Vincent. 

Grade 4D 

BACK ROW L to R: Bria Wilson. Robyn Plasterer. Farrah Merali. Andrew Vanderwesthuizen. Mathis Rogner. Laura Christensen. 

MIDDLE ROW L to R: David Iwai. Jaimie Lee. Nikolas Sopow. Adam Jennings. Justin Pommerville. 

FRONT ROW L to R: Laura Saunders. Michael Millerchip. Stephen Paulsen. Alec Harper. Michelle Gow. Nikolas Purcell. Deanna Singh. 

MISSING: Mr Read. 


Junior School 

Be witched 

RobvD Plasterer Oct. 24. '95 
Ever, one says witches do not exist but that is all junk. 
There is still a land far away nowhere near earth, it is a 
vicious land covered in murderous creatures, ghosts and 
goblins and other unloved creatures. But not ail of them 
are vain and wicked. .AJong a weary road just across from 
Bitter .■Avenue lived a kind and trusrworthy little witch. 
This little witch's name is Winnie. Winnie lived m a 
cottage with her black cat Age. "Oh no " Winnie screamed 
to Age This is my favourite dress and a hole already. Ok I 
I know I have been wearing this same dress for 100 years. 
But money does not grow on trees." A thought of 
unhappiness filled the air. "Well, we bener get to bed, we 
have a big day ahead of us." Winnie said with a big sigh. 

The next day ai breakfast Winnie flipped through the 
Witches' Colonist. You could tell she was not happy a: the 
thought of her dress. An eerie smell came from the 
magazine. "Presto look Age it is not a design it is a 
designer. She can help me design my very own dress." 
The thought vanished and a thought of happmess replaced 

In one second Winnie and Age (who was amused at 
the whole affair) were up m the air . "Meow,.V1eow" "Oh 
Age we arc almost there." The cat was pretty sour and 
ruthless but he had to do. A witch can not go around with 
out a black cat "We are here" yelled Winnie. The crippled 
cat got up and the two of them were off to rmg the door 

"Hello peoples cornea ina. I havea very many styles. 
Oh I am Mrs. Cotty. My favounte style is this one herea. 
First I used a mucky base. Then I covered it with some 
worts and other revoltinga thmgs like slug slime. ' "Ok I 
will take it," said Winnie and ihey were off. 

.■\ Duke was banished 
Prospero he vanished 
His d,iughier. .Miranda.was only two 
She wa* banished with him too 
They were set ailoat in a leaky boat 
.\nd given suppbes 
By a mend with bad e>'es 
His name ts Gonzaio 
If he might go to the gallows. 

The two Ooaied for quite a while 

Then ihey landed on .m enchanted i^lt 

They met a spini trapped in a tree 

He was very obliged uhen Prospero set him free 

They saw a monsier.Caliban was he 

His mother trapped .^ei in the tree 

Prospero raised a huge storm 

Thai lell many people to mom 

The wsves rose high 

A ship wrecked 

Grey was the sky 

The sailors almost broke then necks 

A young man was washed ashoir 

He could not see his lather no more 

Alonso and his foUowers came in with the nde 

But they were washed up on the islands other side 

Ferdinand was the young mans name 

Later he aill meets a lovely dame 

He walks and walks till he comes to a camp 

There is composed a lovely romance 

Miranda is sitting bnishmg her hair 

^Tien they met,Prospero behaves like a bear 

.Another group of roy^ blood 
.Are a-ashed up on shore after the ship tloods 
Their names are .Antoraojiew Duke of .Milan, 
Gonzaio. a coumer and .Adnan, a nobleman. 
Sebastian the kings son is comforting his brother. 
.\lonso,ihe king is mourning for his son 

Thev all hear strunge voices that make them want to run 

Later m the forest Anel puts everyone to sleqj 

No one makes a peep 

Th^ .Antonio and Sebastian plot to kill the king 

How could they compose such a wicked thingr' 

.\neLthe one who put everyone to sleep 

Opens up the kings eye before the two can leap 

Shannon Waters 4f 





BACK ROW LR; Owen Parrott. Michelle Lai. Tosh Matsumura, Chad Travis, Brian Gregson. Thomas Killins. 

MIDDLE ROW LR: Graham Kirkham. James Fleming, Eraser Lee. Mark Oumlan, Erin Langwith, Kerry Spearing, Chelsea Tirling. Mrs. Mackay. 

FRONT ROW LR: Amanda Quan. Jessica Bodrug. Andrew Wilson. Zachary Smith. Sasha Izard. Elsa Hume. Hailey Holberg 


BACK ROW LR: Mr Harris. Maureen Palmer. Tali Cherniawsky. Nicholas Faryna. Eric Penner. Evan Willms. Randy WongMui. 

MIDDLE ROW LR: Jaimie Boyd. Duncan MacRae. Alandra Miller. Aman Pooni. Amy Lobb. 

FRONT ROW LR: Justin Ross. Malcolm Wollach. Alex Nicholls. Andrew McCrodan. Gareth Davies. Erin Tombu. Elizabeth Saunders. Stephen Csomany. 


Junior School 


^'\4ra . 

'Ih La^, ,TiA/rum^ >ShL 


■ ^^ a^j^ii. iu. ju^ 


H-ij\ Xra^^ 


F LctMlA' .oyr^ .fLnXt.^. 

(U e,. J X <ax. JU^ x^ej- JU Z 

'^y y^ '"/^ 

•ihyn^^eJy -«»-t. -^ .iLgf^ 


M^nj,. .,a<m.i^- 

Manr O.^.w.^. V^xnA^f- 



'S Atn>-A Oti^M-H-j :.T .rr.'.:, :ll .- tr-.^i -JA 

OM ii.^t ,/^.> nU tf:.^, f~J 


bkC lai.-Ti,J- fnrf 'r-j~fz^. 



hj!yy, ■.1/^ 

^^-^ — 

(/TT///^ -iJllii /< .l^^J yj.r^^^. 

/,r-_-> -.rf-r^-- ha.KrJ> ^. 


/.y XMaAu ')■. 

Sofi^.li^ie (xpillouj, 

junset making tnem Oranc^ej 
i|oalioq,drinin<1 1)U. 



Junior School 

><■ Olilc ^ icforu I \vmari Players 


ihr IfiEpe'i 

li ilighilf alittui (crwoat 

/Ti^ '. 


4 J!!^ /A 



Junior School 


Junior School 

Strings programme at the Junior School 

Ensembles in the strings programme have taken part in activities throughout the 
year both inside and outside the school. First year students in grade 4 pulled together 
their basic skills by the end of November in a concert for parents and peers. There 
was great excitement! 

The Carol Service congregation and Monterey Centre Seniors hailed the Christmas 
season with the grade 5 orchestra in early December. The large ensemble of grade 
5 students from both form classes (39 in all) played confidently and happily for as- 
sembly programs during the year, and a string orchestra of 22 students performed 
for the Speech Day celebrations at the end of June. We owe Mrs. Humphreys and 
Mrs. Miles a large thankyou for the support each of them have provided for us. on 
the keyboard, on many occasions. 

Mary Smith 

Grades 1-3 Music and Grades 4-5 Choral. 

The primary grades took part in the Christmas Bazaar and Carol Service. Grades 
2 and 3 were invited to sing at Chateau Victoria and the grade 5 and Grade 1 2 
choirs plus the Junior School Orchestra entertained the seniors at Monterey Centre 
for their Christmas Tea. 

The highlight of the year were the rehearsals for the Grade 5 musical "Wheels" 
and for the final song which was sung by staff and students for Mrs, Miles and Mrs. 
Stone - "I'll remember you". 

Mary Humphreys 



'tmrn/i* i~ f>.- •r*.'^^ ^XSlrrn^k »THimci| 


Junior School 


Junior School 


In June, 1996, after 2 years as the grade I teacher 
and 7 years as the Director. Gaye Stone decided to leave 
St. Michaels Junior School and return to Calgary on a 
full time basis to be with her husband. Jim, and to explore 
the next adventure in her life. The following is an excerpt 
from a speech given by Anna Forbes, her colleague and 
friend, at a retirement dinner held in her honour. 

How do we gauge the success of the director? The wait- 
ing lists for places at the Junior School speak for them- 
selves. The attrition rate among students is less than I 
percent and the staff has remained more or less static since 
Gaye took over the reins - I mean of course, static in the 
best possible sense of the word, for Gaye always encouraged professional development and evaluation processes amongst her 
staff. She has high standards from which she does not waiver and she has refined the admissions procedure so that we have 
students of the finest calibre with whom to work. With these processes in place, the school can practically run itself, as we showed 
her when she abandoned us for three weeks in favour of the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. 

The Junior School is often remarked upon because of the camaraderie and sense of family that exists among those who work 
there; Gaye had no small part to play in the establishment of such an atmosphere. Of course what Gaye hasn't realised is that 
every Thursday morning when she went off to the management team meetings, we actually gave the students a long recess and 
stayed chatting in the staffroom to foster the warm, fuzzy feeling. But where else. I wonder, could the director be seen knuckling 
down to do the dishes after the Parents' evening or helping to sweep up the gym floor after performances? 

And what do the children think of Mrs. Sone? Firstly, they now have an extended vocabulary with such new terms as "Wel- 
lingtons", "plimsolls " Machintoshes, lorries, etc. They have learned excellent manners and respect for property. Kelly Lindsay 
gave her grade one students the opportunity to write about the director recently. Here are some of the responses. "Mrs. Sone 
likes it when we line our boots up by the wall." "Mrs. Sone likes us to pull up our socks and tie our shoes." "Mrs. Sone likes 
us to talk back to her. Period. But not rudely." A pattern is emerging here! However, the most telling response was the most 
often repeated. "We like Mrs. Stone because she likes us." Gaye has infinite respect and affection for each and every one of her students. 

So a chapter of life is closing for Gaye as she goes back to Calgary and life in the tennis circuit. She always tells us that we 
wouldn't recognise her if we saw her as her "other persona", a somewhat intriguing observation, but one which may soon be 
tested by those who will undoubtedly visit her in the years to come. Gaye, we've had some laughter and some tears . . . good 
luck, good health to you and your family and goodbye from all of us who have had the pleasure of working with you, 

Anna Forbes 



In June of 1 996. we said farewell to Cindy Miles after teach- 
ing kindergarten and grade one for 21 years at St. Michaels 
Junior School. The following are excerpts from speeches made 
by Sunny Pollard and Sue Moore who have taught with Mrs. 
Miles through much of her career. 

I once cut out a newspaper clipping . . . (which read): "For a student, it is not so important what a teacher does as what 
a teacher is." I've often thought about what the writer might have meant, and I believe that it is referring to a special breed 
of teachers, the few we've all experienced in school, the ones we. as teachers, consciously or unconsciously, try to emulate, teachers 
like you. Cindy. When the grade I I students visited the Junior School to honour your retirement, they reminisced about their 
early years at school, and most particularly Grade One. They talked about your influence on them. They all remembered their 
terror of the unknown that first day and how you calmed their fears and helped them to see that you would be there for them, 
be their bulwark, their protector. They talked about the Care Bears, recognizing that you used them to teach children about 
the importance of respect for others . . . Those students today are happy, confident, thoughtful students who started off their 
early school days guided by you toward a love of learning and a strong vision of "care and share". 

Sunny Pollard 

She used her blue smock to introduce the magic of reading to 22 years of Kindergarten and Grade One pupils and her im- 
aginative approach to teaching has given hundreds of children a solid beginning to their schooling. She taught them to care 
for others and to give of their best, for which she is an ideal model. 

Cindy has been invaluable to the Music and Drama programme at the Junior School. She accompanies our hymn singing at 
assemblies and we are familiar with her Monday morning query about Lynford's choice of song: "Have the kids practised that 
one yet?" Her commitment to our Christmas programmes has been relentless, as well as her participation in other Junior School 
musicals. I still have visions of her ironing costumes for "Joseph" in the front hall! 

Cindy has been a true friend and colleague for 23 years, and I find it very hard to imagine our school without her cheerful 
smile. Her contribution and dedication to the life of S.M.U.S. will be remembered fondly by parents, staff and, most of all, the 
students, to whom she gave so much. All the best. Cindy. You deserve it. 

Sue Moore 











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Middle School Director's Message 

The success of the school is dependent upon each of its three main components: the students, faculty 
and the parents. We are fortunate to be able to benefit from each other: the students from the outstanding 
faculty, programmes and the fine facilities; the teachers from the high calibre of student and the support of the 
parents; and the parents in the knowledge that their children are in a unique and productive environment. We 
hope that respect is the ingredient which ties together each component to the others. 

It is essential that we retain the best traditions of St. Michaels University School but that we always strive 
to be a dynamic institution rather than a static one. We must always consider what is in the best interests of 
the children. Our aim as educators should be to convert the students minds into living fountains and not just 
reservoirs. In the future it will be the critical thinkers and those who are able to present themselves well in 
business and personal settings who will make the most impact in their chosen field. 

Extra-curricular activities are the heart and soul of any successful school; this is where the balance 
between the various programmes is maintained. We offer a large number of activities and the students respond 
to them with great enthusiasm and I am proud of the fact that the student participation rate is 100% in at least 
one activity. Some students would participate in all of them if there was time. 

The school year has indeed been dynamic and many diverse talents have revealed themselves. 
IVIusically, Mr. Reid, Mrs. Smith and their students have once again excelled. The concert in early December 
at the University of Victoria Centre was memorable. From the beginner bands, to the choir, to the full sixty-five 
piece orchestra it was a feast for eyes and ears. In addition, the choir performed bnlliantly with Frank Mills at the Royal Theatre in front an audience of almost 
one thousand. Carol performances were also held at Ocean Pointe Resort and outdoors at the Chateau Victona. Even more musical performances occured 
on several chapel mornings. Once again we attended the Victona Music Festival with both stnng orchestra and honour band and both groups were 
adjudicated splendidly. 

But the efforts of the music teachers did not end with our own performances, many theatre visits were offered and once again the diversity of offerings 
were impressive. The Victoria Symphony played for the whole school at the University Centre, always one of the highlights of the year for me. A group saw 
the Symphony, combined with the Victoria Youth Orchestra, in a stunning performance of the "Planets". Other groups attended performances by Pacific 
Opera and the Victona Operatic Society, The culmination of the musical year was a tnp for 120 students, parents and staff to the award winning "Showboaf 
at the new Ford Theatre in Vancouver, Little could have been more inspirational. 

The Middle School production of "The Wizard of Oz" was performed at the Kaleidoscope Theatre to three sold out houses. The show was spectacularly 
successful and all who witnessed it were treated to two hours of theatrical magic. 

The production team of Douglas Manson-Blair (director), Jane Rees (assistant director), Mary Smith (musical director), John Reid (rehearsal pianist) and 
Penny Richards (producer) worked incredibly long hours to put together an extremely complex musical. In addition. Mr. Manson-Blair modified the script in 
his own inimitable style. Many people were surprised that Dorothy was actually from Duncan and his reference to the Munchkins being a distinct and separate 
society 'brought the house down". 

Wonderful support was given to the show by fourteen other teachers and over thirty parents. The cast, crew and orchestra comprised over one hundred 
eager and talented students. The overall effect was truly amazing; many of the audience noted that it was hard to believe that students so young could achieve 
something so brilliant. Congratulations to everyone involved in the show and many thanks for giving all who saw it such fond memories of the school year. 
The athletic arena was exceptionally busy, the Middle School fielded twenty-two teams in nine different sports and there was the usual mix of 
disappointments and successes, but through it all the participants came up smiling. Sportsmanship is a high prionty of ours and the athletes did not let us 

The Girls' Junior Soccer Team gave the year an exciting start by winning the Canadian Independent Schools' Soccer Tournament. The event was 
superbly hosted jointly by our school and Glenlyon-Norfolk School and played on our fields. Twelve schools came to Victona from across the country and 
the generous SMUS billeting was appreciated by all of our visitors. The only selfishness shown was when we took the trophy in such a fine fashion. Steve 
Alford. Mary Morican and evan Jones, supported by numerous other teachers and parents, worked long and hard to make the tournament the spectacular 
success it was. 

The grade eight rugby team got off to a slow start and failed to win a game through the first part of the season, but by the sphng they were good enough 
to reach the city final. 

Once again the grade eight girls made a strong showing to reach the city play-offs in volleyball for the first time and their basketball team lost narrowly 
in the championship game - another first. The boys' basketball team, like their rugby counterparts, made a slow start, but ended up in the city play-offs. 
Meanwhile the grades sixes and sevens were heavily involved in their sports, achieving once again a vanety of results, but more importantly making 
excellent progress. The under 1 3 boys' soccer team, with their coach Don Pollock and manager Evan Jones went to their national championship in Montreal 
and won the consolation trophy, thus exceeding expectations. This Fall they go to Ottawa with an even more formidable squad. 

Various other awards were won: girls' under 13 soccer, swimming and badminton. I was delighted to see a strong resurgence in track and field this year, 
something that I hope that we will continue to build for the future. 

There were many other notable areas of endeavour: The grade seven mathematics team finished first in B.C. and second in Canada in the National 
Mathematics League, with three students placing in the top twenty. Six hundred and fifteen schools entered the contest, congratulations to Mr, Goodwin and 
the students. In addition, the grade eight math team won the city championship in the Gauss contest. Our artists under the expert guidance of Susanne Biden 
once again excelled. Six student artists were recipients of North America wide Crayola Awards and nine others were chosen to have their work exhibited 
at the Ministry of Education. The threee hundred or so people who attended the opening of the ISA Art Show, hosted by the Middle School, could not have 
failed to be impressed by the quality of the exhibition, Mrs. Smith's string ensemble or the refreshments. This year saw the inaugural recitation contest. All 
students participated and the finalists treated us to a most entertaining hour in the chapel. Thank you to Jennifer Walinga for initiating the event; I anticipate 
that It will become an annual one. Professor Beach, formerly of the University of Victoria, once again offered his public speaking course and out of it was 
produced a local champion and a runner-up. The computer lab was once again a popular venue after school and George Floyd was always on hand to offer 
suggestions and advice. The library is growing at an astonishing rate; we are deeply indebted to Lindsay Ross's dedication to its improvement. The Parents' 
Auxiliary made a major contribution of $1 0,000 toward books this year. Thank you so much, because as we move closer to integrating our studies the library 
will become more and more important to us. 

Thank you to all members of the SMUS community for your excellent support this year, but a final word to our graduating grade eight class. Always 
remember that success is best measured by how far you have come with the talents you have been given and that even failure is success if 

you learn from it. Good luck at the next stage of your careers and be assured that we will be watching your progress with great interest. 

Cliff Yorath 


S.M.U. Middle School 

Middle School 

Middle School Staff 

BR: J. Williams. B. Niesson. L. Smith. J. Reid. D. Manson-Blair. E. Jones. M. Walsh. G.Floyd. 
MR: S. Alford. J. Goodwin. M. Levitt. M. Moncan. H. Thatcher. J. Wallnga. L. Ross. N. Allan. D. Pollock 
F.R: J. Rees. L. Hyde-Lay, A. Strauss. C. Yorath (Director). P. Richards. Y. Guthrie. S. Biden. (Missing: M. Smith, 
J. Walinga. T. Thumm) 

Student Council 

B.R: S. Cowland. J. Bidgood. D. Burnett. J. Alfaro. G. Lawrence. J. Frisby. C. McKenzie, Mr. Williams. 
M.R: C. Jones. R. Parton. J. Goldstein. C. Wright. E. Calder, W. Hong, P. Zakus, A. Chadha, J. Miller. 
F.R: M. Pyke. C. Cooper. P. Karchut. K. Barry. M. Wilson, J. Inkster, M. Crawford. 

Middle School 


Grade 6 (Alford) 

Sean Bell 

Michael Brownlee 

David Burnett 

Christopher Chapheau 

Meara Crawtord 

Keldi Forbes 

Hilary Gibson-Wood 

Emily Gregson 

Brad Jawl 

Kathleen Jones 

Stuart Jones 
Gavin Lawrence 

Geoffrey Martin 
Andrew Murgatroyd 

Karlie O'Connor 
Andrew Orr 

Ashlin Richardson 

Katherine Schaan 

Conal Shepherd 

Tristan Spearing 

Kristen Vernon 


Middle School 

Grades (Pollock) 

Javier Alfaro 
Pelle Bjornert 
Florencia Bonet 

Brendan Bull 
John Campbell 
Elspeth Finlay 

Jane Frisby 
Nicola Harper 
Ehot Holtham 
Paul Jenkins 
Jason Ko 

Narrachman Liu 
Erin Maclver 
Graham Mclntyre 
Max Nevlll 
Michael Pyke 

Louise Reid 
Mycroft Schwartz 
Jason Smith 

Sean Tucknott 
Kristie Tyrrell 
Joanna Wynn 

Middle School 


Grade 7 (Floyd/Ross) 

Michael Blumberg 

Patrick Bourke 

Sascha Braunig 

Amar Chadha 
Chester Cotter 
Susan Danskin 

Graham Day 

Eli Gibson-Green 

Wilson Hong 

Diana Hughes 
Paul Karchut 
Stephen Lee 

Katherine Louman- 


Steven Mitchelmore 

Chris Naismith 

Kate Paulson 

Sebastian Ritter 

Caitlin Smith 

Gregory Smith 

Adam Wilson 



Middle School 

Grade 7 (Richards) 

Maximilian Boehnlein 
Katherine Charlton 
Zevi Chemlawsky 
Callie Cooper 
Llanne English 

Alain Haddad 
Nicholas Hincks 
Justin Hume 
Marie LaFrenlere 
Wayne Lau 

Scott McBrlde 
Thomas McCarten 

Caitlin McKenzie 
Corrina Mick 

Conor Pommerville 
Noelle Quin 

Paul Saunders 
Cameron Soderberg 
Kendra Tombu 
NIkolaus Wegner 
Paul Zakus 

liddle School 


Grade 7 (Strauss) 

Jayne Bidgood 

Andrew Brownlee 

Stephanie Cowland 

Geoffrey Dunlop 

Geoffrey Homer 

Philip Joergensen 

Jennifer Langwith 

Cameron Lee 

Matthew Lemay 

Farhad Merali 

Ryan Mogensen 

Andrew Moll 

Lindsay Morrison 

Chelsea Richardson 

Glen Roberts 

Drew Robson 

Mark Shortt 

Heather Ellis-Thicke 

Peter Williamson 

Caria Wollach 



liddle School 

Grade 8 (Goodwin) 


Kathenne Barry 
David Beswick 
Erick Calder 
Jin Chung 
Gregory Fowler 

Supreet Gill 
Kentaro Guthrie 

Sarah Holberg 
Nicholas Hume 

Tyson Johnson 
Claire Jones 

Natalie Lisinski 
Joey LoBianco 
Andrew Martin 
Nathan McCartney 
Melvin Ong 

Sarah Richardson 
Kevin Simon 
Sarah Turner 
Andrea Van Tine 
Christina Wright 

Middle School 


Grade 8 (Manson-Blair) 

Dominic Borzoni 
Taran Chadha 
Evan Crawford 

Ryan Fellenz 

Earson Gibson 

Jacqueline Goldstein 

Itsuki Hayashi 

David Ingle 

Julia Inkster 

Antonio Law 

Jennifer Lawton 

Pimottny Louman-Gardiner 

Angela Marshall 

Bianca Roberts 

Rajiv Singh 

Ashley Wey 

Leiand Wong 

Kai-Lin Wu 

Tommy Wu 

Shao Yee Yao 


Middle School 

Grade 8 (Morican) 

Keely-Rain Alford 
Bronwen Bell 
Lauchlin Burnett 

Joanna Fairhurst 
Eric Goldstein 
Amanda Hancock 

Jack Ho 
Robert Jawl 
Jessalyn Jennings 
Tiam Korki 
Sarah Limbu 

Michael Lin 
Michael Maloney 
Colin Palmer 
Robyn Parton 
Jonathan Randle 

Jennifer Thompson 
Eric Weng 
Michael Wilson 

Elizabeth Woodward 

Middle School 


Grade 8 (Niessen) 

Benjamin Acton 

Clea Adair 

Scott Brown 

Kenneth Chan 

Jennifer Eitutis 

Geoffrey Gledhill 

Clare Hall-Patch 

Jordan Helm 

Elizabeth Jaw! 

Teresa Lee 

Rhys Lewis 
Brian MacKay 

Jessica Miller 

Michael Passmore 

Carley Somerse' 

David Weir 

Marcia Wilson 

Daniel Wood 
Marianna Yang 


Middle School 

Middle School 



Grade 6/7 Boys 

BR; Mr. Goodwin. C. Soderberg, E. Holtham, G. Smith, J. Ko, B. Jawl, C. Lee. G. Dunlop. 
F.R:J. Smith, P. Bjornert. A. Martin. P, Zakus, T. Spearing. S. Jones, D, Burnett. 

A combined 6/7 team played in the local league and the grade 6 XI played two tournaments: the VISAA and 
the ISA. Results were very pleasing as the team played very constructive soccer. The 6/7 team in the local 
league had several tough games but acquitted themselves very well. 

Grade 6/7 Girls 

B.R: K. O'Conn^i, ;»', oia.viuid. K. Jones. N. Quin, C. Smith. D. Hughes, C. Richardson, K. Tombu. Mr. N. Allen. 
PR: C. Cooper. C- McKenzle. J. Wynn. E. Mclver. K. Tyrrell. K. Schaan. P. Bonet. 


Middle School 

Under-13 Boys 

B.R: Mr. Pollock. G. Homer. M. Lemay. G. Roberts. A. Haddad. S. Mitchelmore. M. Shortt, A. Moll. Mr. Jones. M. Pyke. 
MR: A. Chadha. R. Mogensen, G. Martin, S. Bell. 0. Ghapheau, A. Orr. S. McBnde. 

Under 13 Soccer- 1995 

The S.M.U.S. Boys' Under-1 3 SoccerTeam completed a most successful season: first 
by winning the VISAA Championships and, then, by capturing the Ridley Cup at the 
Canadian Independent Schools U-13 tournament hosted by Lower Canada College 
and Selwyn House School in Montreal. Although the victory was an all-round team 
effort, there were some notable individual efforts. Mike Pyke's goal-scoring prowess, 
Steven Mitchelmore's leadership, Mark Shortt's steadfast determination, Andrew Orr's 
courage and Alain Haddad's superb goalkeeping all contributed especially to the 
team's success. 

While on tour in Ottawa the boys were treated to a Parliamentary tour and a memorable 
visit to Question Period in the House of Commons where Prime Minister Chretien and 
Lucien Bouchard engaged in a lively pre-referendum debate. After a relaxing train- 
trip to Montreal the team toured the Old City and visited the Montreal Forum, one of the 
hallowed shrines of Canadian hockey - home of the Montreal Canadians. 

Our season was a lot of fun with some delightful soccer mixed in. The team's final 
record was 8 wins and 2 losses. Special thanks must be given to our team Moms and 
to Dr. David Bell, Mr. Stephen Martin and Mr. Jacques Lemay, who travelled with us 
to Ottawa and Montreal, for all their help and support. D. Pollock. 

Middle School 


Junior Girls Soccer Team 


Coaches: Mr. Alford. Ms. Roth. Team members: C. McKenzie, H. Orr, S. Turner, S. Loiacono. J. Fairhurst, C. Smith. C. Reld, K. Alford, 

S. Lawrence, K. Smith, N. Ouin, K. Barry, K. Larsen, J. Cummings, S. Wilson. 

Training throughout the summer with rare determination and dedication to the sport, in late September our Junior girls 
soccer team entered The Canadian Association of Independent Schools' Tournament undefeated after four exhibition 
games. In the first day of the three day tournament, the S.M.U.S. team won all three games of round-robin divisional 
play. Pitted against the winners of the other two divisions S.M.U.S. won both games on the second day qualifying for 
the championship contest on Saturday - the last day of the tournament. Undefeated and having yielded only two goals 
throughout the competition, the team soared to a 3 - triumph over Hillfield-Strathallan College to win the national title. 
Congratulations to Steve Alford, Kathy Roth and the team. We are proud of you! 

But the tournament was more than trophies and medals. We had a second team in the tournament which acquitted 
itself very well, winning three and losing three games. Other teams who arrived without the full complement of players 
were able to use a further twelve of our girls. Even more were used as line judges, bringing the participation level in 
the tournament up to 52 students. 

Sportsmanship was of the highest possible standard and we have rarely witnessed such enthusiasm for a sporting 
event at the school. The tournament was organised by Steve Alford of S.M.U.S. and Rick Ciccine of Glenlyon Norfolk 
School. They were more than ably assisted by Mary Morican who organized the refreshments and lunches for the 
players. She was also the billeting coordinator with Lindy Shortt. Evan Jones worked long hours behind the scenes 
to ensure the smooth running of the tournament and Kathy Roth was an able assistant to Steve Alford as well as 
presenting an entertaining slide show at the Awards Banquet. Connie Booth was unflappable and dealt with the extra 
paperwork in an admirable fashion. Other parents who helped so wonderfully well at the barbecue and refreshment 
table were: Pam Alford, Barb Hughes, Delphine Cummings, Linda Tyrrell, Jane Fairhurst, Barb Parton, Mary Orr, 
Eileen Hughes, Sandy Cooper, Carolyn Jones, Rosa Loiacono, Barbara Lawrence and Jenny Turner. 

One of the most important features of an event like this is the cultural exchange and the friendships made as a result. 
Thank you to all parents who so graciously invited our visitors into your homes, I am sure they found it an enjoyable 
and rewarding experience. 


Steve Alford. 


Middle School 


Grade 6/7 Girls 

BR: K. O'Connor, K. Jones, N, Harper, E. Mclver, J. Wynn, C. Richardson. 

M.R: K. Forbes, K. Schaan, K, Tombu, K, Louman-Gardiner, F. Bonet, Mrs. Hyde-Lay. 

F,R: C. Mick, N. Quin, C. Cooper, C. McKenzie, C. Smith, D. Hughes. 

Grade 6/7 Girls' Basketball : Short and sweet is the best way to describe the girls' season. With only 5 scheduled 
league games against local private schools, and a squad of 21 super keen athletes, it quickly became apparent 
that more games were required to satisfy the girls' competitive spirit and love for the game. We were able to arrange 
4 extra non-league games which proved to be fun, and valuable in terms of skill development. The girls were 
victorious in all league and non-league games except for our first against a very tough Pacific Christian team. 
The girls' teamwork and individual skills improved greatly over the two month season, and by the end of February, 
all girls had a good sense of court positioning during offensive play, and became very gritty defensive players. The 
team's overall development resulted in a clean sweep of two tournaments (Grade 6 and Grade 7) in Vancouver, 
and 2nd place in the Victoria tournament, (losing only to Pacific Christian 8 - 4 once again!!). 
And what a battle this final game was. Because of superb defence by both teams, scoring was very difficult. With 
3 minutes left in the game the score was tied 4 - 4. And then unexpected events followed one after the other. First, 
the point-guard left the floor with a nose bleed, followed closely by the other guard with a potentially broken nose. 
At the same time the others were faltering from fatigue and emotion. Though they tried their best to salvage the 
remaining minutes, the players could not recover. It was a very emotional finish! Congratulations to all the girls 
for a fine effort all season. 

Coaches: Mrs. Hyde-Lay and Ms. Roth 

Grade 8 Girls' Basketball: The girls enjoyed a successful season, displaying talent and sportsmanship through 
league play and playoffs. This group finished the league with a 1 0-0 undefeated record and high spirits going into 
the playoffs. The team dominated in both their quarter-final and semi-final matches against Lansdowne and 
Esquimalt respectively. Following these games the Grade 8 girls team met with Royal Oak for the first time in the 
season; a squad which was also undefeated in 12 games. A hard fought battle played with a lot of heart ended in 
a marginal loss for S.M.U.S. but the effort and team spirit displayed by the girls was matched by no other team at 
the Middle School this year. Congratulations on a tremendous season! The Senior School will be lucky to have all 
of you next year. 


Coach: Ms. Rees 

Middle School 

Grade 8 Girls 

B.R: S. Gill, J. Tnompson, J, Fairhurst. J. Jennings. K. Barry. Ms. Rees. 
F.R; C. Somerset, A. Hancock, C. Mick, S. Turner, N. Quin, K. Alford. 

Grade 6 Boys 

B.R: P. B|ornert, M. Pyke. B. Jawl, J. Smith, C. Chapheau. Mr. Yorath. 
F.R: G. Martin, R. Liu. T. Spearing, E. Holtham, S. Bell, A. Orr. 

Grade 6 Boys' Basketball: The team finished the season with a 6 win 8 loss record. A great deal was learned; in particular the defensive skills 
showed vast improvement by season's end. Michael Pyke. showing fine all round ability, was the leading scorer and Sean Bell proved to be 
a reliable point guard who was able to get the best out of his team mates. Bradley Jawl rebounded effectively in every game and Jason Smith 
and Geoffrey Martin Improved a great deal. 

Coach: Mr. Yorath 

liddle School 


Grade 7 Boys 


G. Homer, S. Mitchelmore. P, Bourke, A. Haddad, A. Brownlee, P. Joergensen, G, Roberts, Mr. Jones. 
G. Smith, P. Zakus, W, Lau. S. McBrlde. F. Merall, M. Shortt, 

The team had an outstanding season, improving a great deal in individual skills and team play. The team 
went undefeated in league play and won the VISAA championship tournament. The team went over and 
played in the very competitive St. Georges 16-team tournament. The team had some very close and 
exciting games, eventually placing 6th. Congratulations to all players on a superb season. E. Jones 

Grade 8 Boys 

B.R: T. Johnson, M. Wilson. 

F.R: D. Weir, K. Simon, R. Jawl, S. Brown, B. Acton. 

The team improved a great deal from start to finish. The boys placed third in their division; which was good 
enough to qualify for the city playoffs. They won their first game against St. Andrews and then went down 
in defeat to N. Saanich. I would like to thank Mr. Dan McMillian for putting in his time and expertise towards 
making this team much better. 

E. Jones 


Middle School 

Track & Field 

Although lacking the sunny skies that usually accompany the track and field season, we were not lacking in numbers 
and enthusiasm. With the help and support of many staff members, Wednesday afternoons were solely devoted 
to track and field. This enabled students to try many new events as well as polish skills already possessed. 
The Grade 6/7 team started the season off well, winning the overall title for the ISA meet. fVlany then went on to 
compete in the All Schools Relays: a meet involving over 2000 students from around the city. Leading the way for 
the team were finalists Corrina Mick, Andrew Brownlee, Kate Louman-Gardiner, Wayne Lau, Kristie Tyrrell, Meara 
Crawford and Justin Hume. The 4 x 100 m. team of Paul Zakus, Mark Shortt, Andrew Brownlee. Wayne Lau and 
Andrew Moll finished first in Victoria. 

A talented and gifted group of grade 8s made up the midget athletes and proved to be a force to be reckoned with. 
Of note was Natalie Lisinski's performance in the Senior High School high jump competition where she placed 
second in the city. Congratulations to all the athletes for their commitment and participation this season. 

Ms. Rees. 


Grade 6 

■ i .■■21-*fle".«)UBBSCuKe . 

B.R: Mr. Allen E h •- ;■• P Jenkins, A. Richardson B Jav.l J Ku Se.ti: Tucknott, P Bjomei 
F.R: A. Orr. J. Smith, C. Chapheau, T. Speahng, S. Bell, G. Martin, M, Pyke. 

Grade 7 

B.R: Z. Cherniawsky, G. Homer. T. McCarten. P. Bourke. A. Browniee. M. Shortt. P. Zakus, A. Moll, A. Wilson, Ms. Rees 
F.R: R. Mogensen. A. Chadha, F, Merall, P. Joergensen, G. Smith, S. Mitchelmore, C. Soderberg. 


Grade 6/7 Boys' Rugby: After a late start following Spnng Break, this group of 35 boys was committed to practising hard and 
learning the game of rugby. The highlight of the season was the trip to Vancouyer for the ISA rugby festival where both teams 
battled the rain and their opponents to finish second in their respective divisions. 

Special thanks to Neil Allen for his help and to Alan Rees for his valued contribution to the rugby program at Middle School. Of 
course the boys will not forget their exciting training session with SMU's Alumnus Gareth Rees, who is currently Captain of the 
Canadian National Men's Rugby Team. 

Ms. Rees 

Middle School 

Grade 8 

B.R: Mr. Jones, M, Wilson, G. Gledhill, K. Guthne. E. Gibson, M, Passmore. M. Shortt, M. Ong, D. Weir, Mr. Manson- 


F.R: R. Fellenz, J. LoBianco, M. Maloney, T. Johnson, D. Ingle, I. Hayashi, J. Chung, 

9 A-side Rugby : In a very competitive 9-aside city rugby competition, all twelve teams had a chance 
to play each other during league play. Ourteam improved greatly throughout the season. The wrap- 
up tournament took place on our campus and our team won its division by beating North Saanich 20- 
5 and squeaking by Colquitz 15-10. This catapulted the team into the semi-finals against the highly 
favored Lansdowne Flyers, Ourteam rose to the occasion by winning the game 20-5. The final pitted 
us against the topseeded Oak Bay Bays. The boys played very well but went down in defeat 20-5. 
I would like to congratulate all involved on a superb season. Mr. Jones 

BR. M. Wilson, G. Gledhill. D, Ingle, L. Burnett, D. Weir, Mr. Manson-Blair. 

M.R; S. Brown, Mr. Jones. J. Randle. K, Guthrie. E. Gibson. A. Haddad, M. Passmore. M. Shortt, 

J. Chung, I. Hayashi. 
F.R: R. Fellenz, J. LoBianco, M. Maloney, M. Ong, T. Johnson. D. Borzoni, K. Simon. 

Middle School 


Grade 6/7 rugby match 


With the advent of the New Practice Nets by the Wenman Pavilion, cricket has been revived 
throughout the School. In April, some twenty grade 6, 7 and 8 students signed up and despite some 
cool weather, practices were held at lunch-hour and after school on Thursdays. 

The Under Fifteen Xi (from grades 6 to 9) played St. Georges in May and plans to play against 
Glenlyon-Norfolk. Cricket will continue in September. 

Middle School team members: G. Roberts, J. Randle, K. Guthrie, T. Johnson, B. Acton, J. Langwith, 
K. Alford, S. Brown, D. Weir, J. Campbell, P. Zakus, M. Wilson, D. Borzoni. Coach: J. Goodwin. 

Field Hockey 

Grade 6/7 

B.R: Ms. Rees, H. Gibson-Wood, 0. Smith, A. Chadha, K. Charlton. N. Quin, A. Moll. C. Richardson, J. Campbell. 
M.R: C. Mick, S. Cowland, E. Holtham, S. Jones, C, McKenzie. T. Spearing. F.R: A. Orr. D. Hughes. 

This group of athletes joined together for a busy field hockey schedule involving 8 elementary teams 
from around the city. After an undefeated season, the team participated in the final tournament, 
meeting Margaret Jenkins in the final. This spirited match ended in Margaret Jenkins favor, but, the 
entire team played very well and should be pround of a great season! 

Coach: J. Rees. 


Middle School 


B.R: Mr. Jones, M. Lin, J. Inkster, K. Barry, C. Richardson, L. Reid, C. Crawford, E. Goldstein. 

3.R; Ms. Rees, K. Jones, K. Charlton, R. Parton, J. Thompson. C. Adair, J. Jennings, A. Wey, S. Holberg. T. Louman-Gardiner. 

2.R: S. Tucknott, K. Forbes, G. Martin, E. Holtham, T. Spearing, D. Hughes, J. Langwith, A. Orr. 

F.R; M. Crawford, E. Gregson, K. Louman-Gardiner, K. Tyrrell, K. O'Connor. 

This year's swim season provided a wonderful opportunity for those experienced and inexperienced 
swimmers to join together and share their enthusiasm and expertise. Veteran swimmers such as Ashley 
Wey, Kate Barry, Elliot Holtham and Conor Pommerville led the way for the newcomers to the pool. 
Much success was enjoyed by all participants in our four meets which comprised the season. Againthe 
swim team should be proud of their accomplishment at the Victoria Elementary Novice and Champion- 
ship Swim Meet, placing first overall in Victoria. 

Congratulations to all the swimmers and special thanks and congratulations to our parent coaches: 
Chris Tyrrell, Richard Wey and Sharon White! 

J. Rees. 

Grade 6/7 


B.R: Ms. Rees, K. Vernon, D. Hughes, G. Smith, P. Zakus. M. Crawford, C. Richardson, P. Bjornert, J. Smith, C. Hall-Patch. 

F.R; J. Alfaro, T. Spearing, A. Orr, E. Holtham, G. Martin, F. Bonet, K. Louman-Gardiner. 

Kneeling: C. McKenzie. I Middle School 



Grade 6/7 


K. O'Connor, K. Jones, N. Ouin, M. Crawford. E. Gregson, MR: C. Richardson, D. Hughes, L. English, C. Smith, 
K. Charlton, Ms. Rees. F.R: N. Harper, C. McKenzie, C. Cooper. C. Wollach. C. Mick. 

Grade 8 


B.R: Mr. Williams, J. Thompson. J. Fairhurst, N. Lisinski, Mrs. Hyde-Lay. 
F.R: J. Inkster, K. Barry. J. Jessings. S. Turner. K. Alford. (absent: E. Jaw!) 

Grade 6/7: The team enjoyed a fine season displaying much improvement throughout the first term. The highlight of the season 
surely was the trip to Vancouver for the ISA festivals held at Crofton House and York House. Congratulations to all the girls 
for their determined effort and spirited play. Coach: J. Rees. 

Grade 8: Congratulations to the team on completing an outstanding season! The team finished in 4th place in their division 
at the end of the round-robin regular season, and were challenged by Pacific Christian School for a playoff berth. Our girls 
played very well and defeated PCS in straight games: 15-8 and 17-16, taking us to our first volleyball playoffs. In the city 
championships our play was a bit inconsistent, but we still managed 6 wins and 8 losses, resulting in 6th place out of a total 

of 20 teams. 

Coach: J. Williams. 

Middle School 

Grade 6/7 


BR: Mr. Pollock, A. Haddad. A. Murgatroyd. D. Burnett, R. Liu, K. Louman-Gardiner. 

M.R: M, Pyke, N, Harper, K. O'Connor, K. Jones, E. Gregson, E. Finlay, E. Mclver, M. Boehnlein. 

F.R: B, Jawl, K. Tyrrell, F. Bonet, C. Mick, J. Wynn, E. Holtham. S, Jones, 

Grade VI - VII Badminton: Without a doubt, the 1996 Badminton season was highlighted by the incredible participation and enthusiasm of our grade 
VI-VII students. After inter-school matches against P.C.S. and St. Pat's, the Grade VI-VII team was chosen and played in the VISAA tournament, which 
was hosted by S.M.U.S. and organised by Mr. Evan Jones. There were many outstanding performances as our Middle School team once again captured 
the title. Kate Louman-Gardiner, Brad Jawl. Florencia Bonet, Karlie O'Connor, Corrina Mick, Caitlin McKenzie, Elliot Holtham and Kristie Tyrrell all 
captured individual awards while Mike Pyke, a grade VI student defeated the best grade VII players in winning the Boys' Singles Championship. 
Grade VIII Badminton: Although our competitive season was short this year, it certainly proved to be successful as the S,M.U.S. grade VIII Badminton 
team once again captured the Victoria Midget Championship. Over twenty-five students came out on a regular basis to play recreational badminton 
and many of those undoubtedly will form the nucleus of Mr. Gardiner's senior school team in the future. (Six former Middle School badminton players 
were on the team that, this year, won the Provincial High School Championship.) Of particular note was the inspired play of Carley Somerset and Liz 
Jawl who won the Girls' Doubles title; the sportsmanship and courage of Scott Brown, the skill of Rob Jawl, and the promise shown by Eric Goldstein. 

Grade 8 

D. Pollock (coach) 

B.R: G. Fowler, E. Goldstein, D, Weir. D, Beswick, C, Jones, J. Fairhurst, C, Somerset, 

L. Burnett, T. Johnson. J. Goldstein. Mr. Pollock. 
F.R: S. Turner. S. Limbu, S. Brown, M. Wilson, R. Jawl, C. Wright, A, Van Tine, 

Middle School 


Angela Chalmers with some of the Track & Field athletes 

Tug-of-war on Colours Day 

A fine rugby tackle by Kenneth Chan and Tyson Johnson! 

LiidOe o r lugby players work out with Gareth Rees 

Grade 8s canoeing and kayaking at Strathcona Camp 

Grade 7s canoeing at Thunderbird Camp 


Middle School 

Ruqbv action:Seb Ritter and Andrew Brownlee 

Rock climbing at Thunderbird Camp 

^5c*-i<j. ^'^^H^A.a 

Middle School 



Birds fly, majestically, 

Through the air mysteriously. 

Some fly in a V, 

Working together so proudly, 

They sing a sweet song, 

Of things that have both come 

and gone. 

Jessica Miller 

R E 














F 1 
F F 1 
F F mil I 
F I ; R E 

t>waQi' g 



The power of rugby is amazingly great,. 

Scrumming, rucking, bounce your way through a crowd 

The feeling of a try is like thunder in your heart, 

lightning your arms 'round the wing, 

Pulling with might, 

As if it were a string, 

Taking him down and punching his guts. 

Feels like you have the strength of ten men. 

While you shove your way through the scrum. 

As you throw the ball down the line. 

Touch, pass, touch, pass. 

As you near the line, you grab the ball. 

Running away from the man behind. 

He grips on your foot, you struggle away. 

He won't let you go, you shove a cleat in his face, 

Running off alone again, 

You get to the line, as fast as a dart,. 

Let the ball down, and the thunder is back in your heart. 

Melvin Ong 

itlJ— I Middle School 

Jessa Jennings 

Black and White Grid Design: Carley Somerset 


We've faced problems 

big and small, 


We've stood up to 

one and all, 


We've held on and 

seen another day, 


We've said all that 

there is to say. 


I want us to be friends 

for eternity, 


Don't you see there is so 

much more we could be, 


Natalie Lisinski 

The Spider's Web 

Tiny pearls grasp a woven web, 

Each time the spider moves. 

Dew drops shed. 

Shining, glistening in the morning sun, 

Hanging there gracefully, 

A prize to be won. 

Sun rays glow so very bright. 

The pearls start to disappear. 

Like fireflies at night. 

Hanging there, looking queer 

In the morning light. 

Kristen Vernon 

Black and White Grid Design: Melvin Ong 


The cello sings. 

With its throbbing voice, 

A cricket song of long summer nights. 

Vibrating wings pulsate. 

As the melody soars and falls, 

Until the stirring vibrato fades away. 

John Campbell 

Erin Mclver 

Middle SchooTl-iSj"! 

A Sad Goodbye 

"I don't know how to say this," I said 

"Please don't end our happy bliss," he pled 

"To end it now is breaking my heart," said I 

"My soul can't handle us to part" was his reply. 

Then I said 


Ever since our paths parted 

My mind has been a haze of painful rue, 

But all I can do now is whisper "I Love You" 

And hope that someday we'll take off where we 


The first time I saw you 

My heart you did steal. 

If you were right here with me 

I'd tell you how I feel. 

But instead one solitary word shall haunt me 
As I lie in bed and cry 

A word that shall always be spoken with a sigh 

Jen Thompson. 

"A Meaningful Symbol" by Marlanna Yang. 

The Dawn of a New Life 

As you see the sun rise, 

A new day begins. 

Maybe we'll forget all our lies, 

And make up for all our sins. 

As the bodies are buried. 

We sing our silent prayer. 

Maybe it will lead 

To the peace that we can share. 

As the flames begin to die, 

A fresh and new life starts. 

It can't be seen by the naked eye. 

But it's visible in our hearts. 

As our trust begins to grow, 

Ever so slowly 

Our love begins to show, 

For we can all live in peace and harmony. 

Andy Van Tine 

d 66 I Middle School 

Slat) container glazed with Raku: by Evan Crawford 

Illustration of the word "Jump": by Keldi Forbes 

Bas-relief creatures done in collage : by Grade 7 

Lizard by: Elizabeth Woodward 

Middle School I 67 t] 


Hail strikes me, 

As I run, 

Run with the gale, 

A gale so strong, 

Like a hurricane, 

A hurricane that slaps, 

Hard and unforgiving, 

Fast and loud, 

Slowing down. 

Slowly dying, 

Like I was never there, 

Just a memory. 

Katie Jones 

Sarah LImbu 



771:^5 n- » 

Observation Drawing: of a Bitten Apple: Karlie O'Connor 

-fiWed skies, >4' • 

!idlKC.m6 happvAto btcDJve.i 


VK, BnoWneii irAVilsmt scftechifsr jou! 
Pitdi orJtiqe> Vtllouo, qtceo in^'&oei ^ 
Indic^o 4o<!? vro\CJtl ^ 


Indiao aodr vrolcJtl 

68J Middle School 


Observation Drawing of a Horse Cfiestnut. Caltlin Smith 

Rhys Lewis 

Radial Design:: Kate Louman-Gardiner 


Do not attack him 

For you are one and the same 

Only, he is hurt. 

Paul Saunders 

Metamorphosis: Paul Zakus 


Sometimes it's hard to be a teen: 
Too many thoughts of prototypes. 
There are problems yet unseen 
When adults whine about our gripes. 
I hate going into a store. 
They hide everything they think I'll steal. 
They give me looks, and what's more 
They don't give us as good of a deal. 
A group of teens! Uh oh! Watch out! 
An adult will say and cross the street. 
He thinks that we'll just fight and shout 
When really many of us are sweet. 
I know I've kind of exaggerated. 

Angela Marshall 

Middle School 


Marianna Yang 

An Altered Face: Jacqueline Goldstein 


Hail strikes me 

As I run, 

Run with the gale, 

A gale so strong 

Like a hurricane. 

A hurricane that slaps, 

Hard and unforgiving, 

Fast and loud 

Slowing down 

Like I was never there. 

Just a memory. 

K. Jones 

Kristen Vernon 

d 70 I Middle School 

Abstract Painting: Javier Alfaro 

Abstract Painting: Stuart Jones 


mean, rude 

fighting, yelling, pinching 

anger, contention, upset, regret 

forgiving, smiling, caring 

kind, considerate 


L. Morrison 


self-conscious rumbunctious 

daring discovering dating 

hair make-up nails guys 

finding perfecting settling 

responsible protective 


L. English 

Andrew Orr 

Middle School I 71 I] 

Middle School Orchestra 

Middle School Programme 

Choir : The Christmas season was packed with activity for our 85-member extra-curricular Concert Choir. On December 

5th, the choir performed with pianist Frank IVIills at the Royal Theatre in Victoria. The following evening the choir again was 

in full voice participating in our annual Christmas Concert at theUniversity of Victoria. The choir also received two further 

invitations to perform at the Chateau Victoria and at Ocean Pointe Resort. During the second term, many of our students 

were involved in the "Wizard of Oz " performed at the Kaleidoscope Theatre. To round off the year in the third term, 87 

students enrolled to sing in the "Prize Day" Concert Choir, which was held at the Royal Theatre. Congratulations to the choir 

and to the many soloists on a splendid year of music. 

Band: 110 students were registered in the band programme at Middle School this year. All students performed at the 

Christmas Concert at the University of Victoria on December 6th. All acquitted themselves admirably. 

Honour Band: Dunng second term a group of 50 cross-grade students was selected to represent Middle School at the 

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. The students scored a "superior" rating for their performance and subsequent 

clinic of "Winchester Chronicles" and "Tall Cedars Concert March". In May the Honour Band played once again for the 

parents of band students, parents of new students and the students entering Grade 6 in September. 

Stage Band: From "Kiss the Girl" to "Twist and Shout" the Stage Band had the audience toe tapping as it performed at the 

Christmas Concert at the University of Victoria. The Band rounded off the year with a chapel performance in May with three 

pieces "Breezin"', "Spinning Wheel" and "At the Hop". 

Theatre : Our trips to the theatre, not only to see productions by Pacific Opera Victoria and the Victoria Operatic Society, 

culminated in over 100 students travelling to Vancouver to see "Showboat" in June! 

John S. Reid (Band & Choir Director) 

Strings: T his year the students' learning in the string programme came from a variety of performance and research projects. 
In November, the Grade 6 string class played afull concert programme at the Cubbon Adult Centre. The study of a selection 
of Baroque, Classical and Romantic composers was also accomplished. A group of Grade 7 string students braved the 
cold of early December at Chateau Victoria and played seasonal music alongside the choir, bedecked in toques and 
scarves, in order to ward off the chill. Grade 8 string students played a portion of time at the Christmas Bazaar, and to 
culminate 1st term work, all classes presented musical selections on stage to a large audience at the U.Vic Centre. In 2nd 
term the Grade 8 class studied Hoist's The Planets and attended a landmark performance of the work at the Royal Theatre 
(Youth Orchestra and Victoria Symphony combined). All Middle School string ensembles played in the Performing Arts 
Festival in early May, and a cross-grade ensemble serenaded visitors during the opening of the I.S.A. art show, in the very 
live accoustic of the front foyer. Full orchestra rehearsals completed the ensembles studies in the third term. Speech Day 
celebrations were held with musical accompaniment as in past years, on stage, but at the Royal Theatre. 

Mary F. Smith (Stnng Programme Director) 


Middle School 




Ozians: Diana Hughes, Emily Gregson 

Ozmas: Jen Thompson 

"In wonder with sensitive minds we walk and see dead earth 
and water and heat and marvel at how these produce life." 

So too with Oz. Students combined with silent pages of musical scribble and a brick building and created for one moment 
in time, magic. 

What is so special about this moment that will make it last forever? One hundred and twenty souls rehearsed with all 
their hearts putting egos on the line and faith in each other. They laughed and sweated and tried and failed and tried harder. 
All to tell a story in 1 hour and 50 minutes to an audience of over 750 individuals. 

They put expertise alongside imagination, determination next to inexperience and tried hard to create something. It was 
captivating and as rehearsals sang, danced and scnpted, so too did fingers busy themselves building, sewing, painting each 
little element and part of a butterfly wing's mosaic. 

•As equally fragile did three performance nights exist a zenith, a melange of trust and hard work presented in a theatre. 
Then it was gone. No camera, no dialogue will ever capture it, for it is magic. It is over, yet will last for eternity. And what 
lovely stories it will make when we are grandparents. Oz touched so many for it involved so many. Dreams were made 
into reality, that lasted as all true beauty does in such a fleeting perfection that it becomes dreamlike. 

Congratulations to all, 
for it is with us for forever. 

Douglas Manson-Blair, 
Director of Oz. 

Ozian: Katie Jones: Munchklns: Graham Day, Chris 
Chapheau, Peter Williamson; Crow: Paul Karchut 

Witch: Corrina Mick; 
Lioness: Jo Fairhurst; 
Ozian: Noelle Quin 

Middle School 


The Wizard of Oz 

Farmhand: Andrew Brownlee; Munchkins: Jason Smith; Gavin Lawrence; Chris Chapheau; 

Crow: Geoff Martin 

[tJiJ Middle School 

Tinman: Lauchlln Burnett 

Munchkin Mayor: 


Wicked Witch of the West: Bronwen Bell; Good Fairy of the North: Bianca Roberts; Little Witch: Nicole Cook 

Middle School I 75 t] 

Prize Day Choir 

Music Candids 


Middle School 

Honour Band 

B.R: G. Homer, D. Wood, E. Gibson, G. Fowler, C. McKenzie, L. Wong, M. Wilson, J. Randle, P,Karchut. G. Gledhill. A. Moll, E. Goldstein. 

3.R: A. van Tine, B, Acton, J. Helm, D. Beswick, J. Jennings, A. Wey, T. Ctiadha, D. Ingle, M. Lemay, E. Woodward, D. Hughes, 

A. Wilson, A. Chadtia, C. Adair. 2.R: Mr. Reid, C. Hall-Patcti. J. Eitutis, I. Hayastii. D. Borzoni, M. Yang, R. Parton, A. Hancock, 

J. Goldstein, J. Thompson, S. Cowland, K. Charlton, W. Lau, G. Day, A. Martin. F.R: P. Saunders. H. Ellis-Thicke, K. Louman-Gardiner, 

N. Hume, N. Lisinski, C. Wright, D. Robson. A. Marshall, W. Hong. 

Stage Band 

fl^Hwy»aBaHg'i^»-?.','?a«i.' m OTiW L!i s:aBea^ 

BR: M, Lafreniere, M. Maloney, R. Mogensen, G. Homer, D. Wood, G. Fowler, L. Wong,. M. Wilson, 

B. McKay, E. Gibson, Mr. Reid. 
M.R: M. Crawtord. K. Jones. J. Goldstein, T. Chadha, D. Beswick, E. Woodward, M. Lemay, A. Wey, 

J. Jennings. G. Dunlop, B. Acton. F.R: 0. Palmer, J. Helm, A. Chadha, C. Lee. 

Middle School 



-I8J Middle School 


^ ^ ^ 

^Hpi^^^^B^jj^^^ < 

W^ nki V« 


y^B ' %^W m 




liddle School ~1 79 H 


Math Teams 

B.R: C. Jones. J. Randle. M. Lin, E. Calder. K. Guthne. T. Lee, E. Crawford. M.R: Mr. Alford, S. Holberg. M. Wilson, A. Marshall, P. Zakus, 

M. Shortt. S. Mitchelmore. Z. Cherniawsky. C. Smith. Mr. Goodwin. F.R: J. Goldstein, T. Louman-Gardiner, R. Liu. A, Murgatroyd. J. Smith, K. 

Louman-Gardiner, G. Lawrence. D. Burnett. S, McBride. D. Robson. (absent:: E. Gibson. E. Holtham) 

CNML: We had some great results, and all contestants are to be congratulated: 

Grade 7: 2nd in Canada, 1st in B.C, (650 schools) 

Grade 8: 5th in B,C., 1st in Victoria, (680 schools) 

Grade 6: 6th in B,C,, 1st in Victoria. (642 schools) 
ATP AC: The Grade 8/9 team finished 4th in the country, while in the PASCAL we had ten students that achieved the 
"Distinction" standard. A very creditable performance! 

GAUSS: The grade 8 team excelled by winning very comfortably. (Michael Lin had a perfect paper.) Our second 
team was =5th in the city. A great result. Congratulations to everyone who participated (some 40 grade 8 students). 
The grade 7 team came second in Canada, just eight points behind the winners! (Eli Gibson had a perfect paper.) 

Commonwealth Essay Winners 


liddle School 

B.R: E. Woodward. E K. Alford. S. Brown. J. Thompson. N. Lisinski, C. Jones, 

J. Goldstein, E. Crawford. M.R: Mr. Pollock. M. Shortt. S, Lee. K. Tombu, C. Wollach. 

S. Braunig. C. Mick. J. Langwith. M. Crawford. Mrs. Morican. Ms. Wallinga. 

F.R: A, Richardson, J. Frisby.J. Smith. E. Holtham. K. Louman-Gardiner. R. Liu, K. Vernon, E. Finlay. 

Newspaper Club 


BR: Mr. Floyd, N. Hincks, T. McCarten, N. Hume, 
D. Hughes, K. Louman-Gardiner. F.R: C. Wollach, 
M. Schwartz, M. Lin, E. Crawford, P. Saunders, 
R, Liu. 

Computer Club 

B.R: Mr. Floyd, A. Richardson. M. Schwartz. 
E. Crawford, E. Goldstein, M. Lin, C. Palmer, 
B. McKay. F.R: G. Mclntyre, J. Alfaro, 
P. Saunders. A. Martin, R. Liu, M. Maloney, 
N. Hume. D. Borzoni. 

Student Council Report 

This year the S.M.U.S. Middle School Student Council was a big success. We sponsored three dances, one 

each term, and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

In the first term we held a Hallowe'en bake sale. There was everything from cupcakes with lots of icing to edible 

witch's fingers! On Hallowe'en, there was a grub day. Students were encouraged to come in their costumes, but 

could come in their grubs if they wanted. Just before lunch, everybody in costume paraded by judges. Nicola 

Harper, who had dressed up as "The Weather", won first prize. To finish off the first term we had a grub day. All 

the money made from this grub day was donated to Santa's Anonymous. 

We had a bake sale on Valentine's day with, you guessed it, a Valentine's theme. We also had a grub day for the 

students on February 8th. 

Term three saw the last dance of the year on May 3. On May 24, Student Council helped organize a Jeans Day, 

collecting $3 to buy a button. This is an event done annually to raise money for B.C.'s Children's Hospital. 

Through various events held during the year we were able to donate money to a few different charities. 

Secretary: Meara Crawford. 

Middle School 


School Activities 

Crayola Competition Winners; BR. N. Quin, P. Karchut, M. Boehnlein. 

F.R: S. Braunig. G. Smith, E. Mclver. Kneeling: Ms. Biden. 

Birdwatching: Grade 6 

A. Brownlee: Farmer in Wizard ot Oz 

Mardi Gras Celebrations 

82J Middle School 

Grade 8 make "French crepes" 



Grade VI 

Ashlin Richardson 

Outstanding Effort: Computers 

Outstanding Effort: Art 

Outstanding Effort: French 

Outstanding Effort: Choir 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Music Strings 

Outstanding Effort: Art 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Distinction: Choir 

Distinction: Physical Education 

Distinction: Art 

Distinction: Japanese 

Distinction: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Computers, Social 

Studies, Japanese 

Distinction: Social Studies Outstanding 

Effort: Science 

Distinction: Music Strings Outstanding Effort: 


Distinction: Art Outstanding Effort: Math 

Distinction: Science, English 

Distinction: Science, French, Computers 

Distinction: Math, French Outstanding Effort: 

English, Social Studies. Japanese 

Distinction: Math, Computers 

Science, Music Winds, 

2nd Overall in Grade VI 

Kristen Vernon Distinction: English, Music Winds. Social 

Studies. Japanese Outstanding Effort: Math, 
French, 1st Overall in Grade VI 

Conal Shepherd 
Florencia Bonet 
Javier Alfaro 
Keldi Forbes 
Katherine Schaan 
David Burnett 
Max Nevill 
Andrew Murgatroyd 
Andrew Orr 
Meara Crawford 
Sean Tucknott 
Kristle Tyrrell 
Nurrachman Liu 

John Campbell 

Louise Reid 

Hilary Gibson-Wood 
Emily Gregson 
Nicola Harper 
Erin Maclver 

Elliot Holtham 

Grade VII 

Amar Chadha Outstanding Effort 

Caitlin McKenzie Outstanding Effort 
Cameron Soderberg Outstanding Effort 
Chelsea Richardson Outstanding Effort 
Christopher Naismith Outstanding Effort 

Jennifer Langwith 
Justin Hume 
Lindsay Morrison 
Mark Shortt 
Paul Karchut 
Steven Mitchelmore 

Outstanding Effort 
Outstanding Effort 
Outstanding Effort 
Outstanding Effort 
Outstanding Effort 
Outstanding Effort 


Physical Education 


Physical Education 

Social Studies 







Drew RobsonDisiinction:lntermediate Winds 

Marie LaFreniere 
Paul Saunders 
Gregory Smith 
Lianne English 
Peter Williamson 

Sascha Braunig 
Kendra Tombu 

Graham Day 

Cornna Mick 



Outstanding Effort: Math, Social Studies 

Outstanding Effort: English, Beginner Winds 

Outstanding Effort: Music Strings, French 

Kate Louman-Gardiner Outstanding Effort: Art, Computers. 
Intermediate Winds 

Distinction: Art Outstanding Effort: Latin 
Distinction: Music Strings Outstanding Effort: 
Science. Computers 

Distinction: Computers. German Outstanding 
Effort: French Math 

Distinction: Beginner Winds Outstanding 
Effort: Science, English, Social Studies, 
Computers, Physical Education. Math 

Eli Gibson Distinction: Math, French, Latin 

Paul Zakus 

Scott McBride 
Caitlin Smith 

Grade VIII 

Andrew Martin 
Elizabeth Jawl 
Jennifer Lawton 
Jin Hyuk Chung 
Joey Lo Bianco 
Jordan Helm 
Julia Inkster 
Lauchlin Burnett 
Earson Gibson 
Natalie Lisinski 
Nathan McCArtney 
Rhys Lewis 
Eric Weng 
Clea Adair 
Erick Calder 
Tim Louman-Gardinei 
Teresa Lee 
Jennifer Thompson 
Amanda Hancock 
Andrea Van Tine 
Brian MacKay 
Kevin Simon 
Mananna Yang 
Tiam Korki 
Bianca Roberts 
Supreet Gill 

Michael Lin 
Eric Goldstein 

Angela Marshall 

Carley Somerset 
Marcia Wilson 

Evan Crawford 

Jacqueline Goldstein 
Greg Fowler 
Colin Palmer 
Sarah Holberg 

Claire Jones 

Distinction: English. Physical Education 
Outstanding Effort: Art. Equal 2nd Overall 
in Grade VII 

Distinction: Math Science. Social Studies. 
Equal 2nd Overall in Grade VII 
Distinction: Art, English, French, Science, 
Social Studies, Japanese, Physical 
Education, 1st Overall in Grade VII 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Math 

Outstanding Effort: Art 

Outstanding Effort: ESL 

Outstanding Effort: Science 

Outstanding Effort: Advanced Winds 

Outstanding Effort: French 

Outstanding Effort: Drama 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: English 

Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 

Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Art, English 

Outstanding Effort: Social Studies, Choir 

r Outstanding Effort: English French 

Outstanding Effort: Math, Japanese 

Outstanding Effort: Social Studies, English 

Distinction: German 

Distinction: Beginner Winds 

Distinction: Computers 

Distinction: Physical Education 

Distinction: Art 

Distinction: ESL Outstanding Effort: Math 

Distinction: Choir Outstanding Effort:Spanish 

Distinction: Spanish, Outstanding 

Effort: Science 

Distinction: Math Outstanding Effort: Computers 

Distinction: Social Studies Outstanding 

Effort: Computers 

Distinction: Math Outstanding Effort; French, 


Distinction: Physical Education 

Distinction: Social Studies, Drama 

Outstanding Effort: Beginner Winds, Math 

Distinction: Art. Music Strings 

Outstanding Effort: Computers 

Distinction: French, Latin 

Outstanding Effort: Advanced Winds 

Distinction: Advanced Winds Outstanding 

Effort' French 

Distinction: Science, English, Computers 

Outstanding Effort: Art, Science, Latin 

Distinction: Science. French, Japanese 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education, 

2nd Overall in Grade VIII 

Distinction: English, Music Strings 

Outstanding Effort: Art, Science, 

1st Overall in Grade VIII 


Middle School 


DR. ALISTAIR BAIRD CUP (top citizen) 
Robyn Parton 

MR. IAN JESSIMAN CUP (top citizen) 
David Burnett 

(most deserving student who has not been recognized) 
Joey LoBianco 

IAN JESSIMAN TROPHY ("soldiering on") 
Leiand Wong 

LEWIS FAMILY PLAQUE (top male & female athletes) 

Sarah Turner, Jennifer Thompson 

Michael Passmore 

ROBERT MURPHY CUP (most improved student) 
Michael Passmore 

NORMAN TOOKE CUP (most improved student) 
Ryan Mogensen 


(top student in Fine Arts) 

Jennifer Lawton 


(all-round ability - Grade VI) 

Meara Crawford 

MERIT BOWL (all-round ability - Grade VII) 
Caitlin Smith 

TWENTY CLUB CUP (all-round ability - Grade VIII) 

Jennifer Thompson 

Corrina Mick 

Claire Jones 


(best overall contribution to Middle School) 

Claire Jones 


1st in Victoria Grade VIII - Erick Calder, Robert Jawl, Jonathan Randle, Marcia Wilson, Michael Lin 

2nd in Victoria Grade VII - Eli Gibson, Scott McBride, Drew Robson, Steven Mitchelmore, 

Wayne Lau, Caitlin Smith. Peter Williamson, Chris Naismith 



Grade VIII 
Greg Fowler 
Jacqueline Goldstein 
Sarah Holberg 
Claire Jones 
Marcia Wilson 

Grade VII 
Eli Gibson 
Scott McBride 
Caitlin Smith 
Kendra Tombu 
Paul Zakus 

Grade VIII 
Enck Calder 
Evan Crawford 
Eric Goldstein 
Teresa Lee 
Michael Lin 
Tim Louman-Gardiner 
Colin Palmer 
Carley Somerset 

Grade VII 

Graham Day 

Lianne English 

Kate Louman-Gardiner 

Corrina Mick 

Drew Robson 

Gregory Smith 

Grade VI 
David Burnett 
Emily Gregson 
Nicola Harper 
Elliot Holtham 
Erin Maclver 
Kristen Vernon 

Middle School 


_86j Middle School 


It was with some fear and trepidation that the parents, faculty and students arrived at the Royal Thea- 
tre on the morning of Saturday. June 22, 1996, for the senior school Prize Pay and Graduation 
ceremonies Combining what had previously been two separate celebrations had some pundits calling 
for a four-hour marathon. What a relief! No Director's speech and everyone emerged unscathed only 
two hours and fifteen minutes later. Rather than losing his marbles, the Headmaster gained 133 of 
them, as the graduates played their last prank, each one presenting him with a marble during the 
farewell handshake. The Director thought that he had got away without having to make a speech. 
Alas, no such luck. A tap on the shoulder from the scrupulously efficient Yearbook Editor, Caroline 
Rueckert, to remind me that, as no speech had been given on prize day. a separate write-up would 
have to be done It is normally students who hide around corners having failed to do assignments, 
but this term it has been the staff cowering in the corner of the lounge lest Caroline should set eye 
on them and demand the missing yearbook report. As Caroline rightly said to one unfortunate teacher 
who got caught. "You expect us to have our work in on time ■ come on now, have it ready for to- 
morrow! " Caroline has given the school tremendous service over the last two years, not only in being 
Yearbook Editor, but as the leading light in the volunteer services offered both in and outside the school, and Caroline thoroughly deserved 
her major award of the Groos Salver on Prize Day. These circumstances provide me with the unique opportunity to discuss Prize Day award 
winners. The most prestigious award, the Ker Cup, went to a worthy winner, John Thomson. Memories of John that immediately spring to 
mind epitomize his selfless contribution to the school. Having just played a significant role in the 1st Rugby XV victory in the Howard Russell 
Cup Final on Alumni Day. John didn't even have time to change out of his mud-stained number eight lersey before he had to take his place 
in the back row of the orchestra playing in the Christine Duke Theatre; a thick lip gained during the game did not help his trumpet playing. 
Within twenty minutes of the orchestra's completing their impressive concert. John could be seen, now dressed in # Is but with telltale signs 
of sticky bandage still in his hair, accompanying hymns and playing a solo on a trumpet. A scholar to boot, this is the stuff that Ker Cup 
winners are made of. The John Nation Bowl went to the delightful Meggan Hunt One of the first crop of girl lifers who have all been at the 
school since grade one. Meggan continues to show enthusiasm, commitment and a love for the school Also a good academic student, Meggan 
led the senior girls' field hockey team to a convincing provincial championship victory and looks destined to become an international player 
of some note. Always with a cheery smile. Meggan is one of our best. Our other tremendous contributor to community service, particularly 
inside the school, was the winner of the Brian Dyer Award, our head boy, Kyle Kirkham. Always prepared to organized events, Kyle was ex- 
emplary in his efforts. A polished and moving speech by school captain scholar Alex Henri-Bhargava reminded us why it is so important to 
include leading academics in leadership roles and. not to be outdone, our other school captain, another lifer, Bethany Smith, pulled off the 
Governor General's medal with an astounding 97.75'-\i average on her academic subjects. 

One of the reasons for bringing the Prize Days together was so that the younger students could see the qualities upheld by the school in 
their student leaders and also tor them to find out where these graduates will be going next year; they saw incentive, motivation and role 
modelling par excellence. If our grade I I s can emulate this grade I 2 class then we have much to look forward to. In School Captain Scholars 
Rohanna Green and Patrick Gill and head Girl and Boy Kathryn Wynn and Robert Bateman I know that we have four young people who 
will do their very best to lead the class to a memorable year I wish them well. 

Other highlights of the year must include the spring concert, including over half of the senior school students in bands, choirs, orchestras, 
jazz combo and stage band. I cannot remember a concert so full of high quality music; no surprise that 12 members of the orchestra played 
in the B.C. Honour Orchestra and that the stage band and jazz combo qualified for national competitions. Another energetic and well produced 
musical was Oblohoma. with students receiving more and more emporwerment in running the show. The grade I 2 play Reimers of Eldrflcd 
was followed in the spring by the same actors directing a lestival of grade 10 and I I productions which brought out many hidden talents 
in directors and performers alike. On the sporting front we can take pride in a second provincial championship, this time for the badminton 
team; a thoroughly deserved victory for players and long-serving expert coach Peter Gardiner. The much awaiter reemergence of cricket, a 
highly successful year, was led by effervescent coach David Fisher who did a fine job. Other provincial championship appearances included 
a highest place ever finish in senior girls basketball (third or fourth), senior girls and boys soccer, track and field and rugby. Once again the 
grade 12 Art class has left its mark. Not by painting a mural, but by creating a mural of the tuck shop walls. It is really a clever piece of 
artwork created by Mark Tiu for the benefits of the students that remain at the school. 

Only one long-standing member of staff leaves us this year, a gentleman who has been a stalwart of the school for over thirty years. Ted 
Piete had decided to retire at the end of this school year, but unfortunately ill health prevented him from being with us during the last month. 
Ted has put his heart and soul into the school and has been responsible for the development of the outdoor programme into what it is today. 
He has also encouraged students to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh programme and it is to his credit that over eighty students are presently 
enrolled. Ted was always prepared to take on any challenge and would meet any difficulty with his most famous and endearing line "No Prob- 
lem! ". Ted will be missed and our best wishes go with him and Marg for a happy and healthy retirement. 

Perhaps the most emotional moment of the year says It all about this grad class and. in particular, one of its members. Simon Ibell, the 
most courageous young man I know, was given a standing ovation, led by his peers, when he received his Headmaster's Award for "Courage 
in Adversity." Compassion, love, sincerity and camaraderie - what more can we ask for amongst friends in a school. 

- Mr. Peter Tongue 




Mr Snowden. Honoured Guests. Members of Staff. Parents. Friends. Students, and the Graduating Class of 1996: 

Wow! Ue made it Today is a dav we\e been anticipating with hope, and sometimes with tear lor the last 
twelw years of our liyes My dad lokingly asked me "What's so special about high school graduation, anyway?" 
To him and to the others who haye asked the same question. I havt this to otter: Today we hay« arriy«d at the 
paAerbial crossroads ot our liyes It is a unique occasion when we can take a close look at who we are: where 
we'\« come from, where we are nciw. and where were going. 

So where haw we come Irom^ St Michaels Uniyersity School; Boy. this school has kept us busy. We're only 17 
or 18 years old. and we'ye already had a staggering record of accomplishments. This year alone we managed to 
capture tyvo proyincial sports titles, haye our bands perform at the top ot their class in music testiyals. ha\e de- 
baters compete nationally, put on a wonderful musical brilliantly directed by our rookie Drama teacher and still 
manage to attend a teyv classes in between Looking at the yibrant community that is school • 1 iO am band 
rehearsals, hours ot dedication in the gym and en the field, countless works of sculptures and fine arts from the 
third floor of schoolhouse an abundance of terrific dramatic performances, and heaps ol poetry, dioramas, science 
proiects. and essays ■■ it's easy to see that we'ye come from a good place We're a group ol strong indaiduals 
who while we were all busy doing our own thing, managed to come together to achieve so much. For this, we 
first haye our parents to thank: for providing us with the basic skills of lite lor giying us the opportunity to go 
to this school, and lor helping us along the way with their love and support. We also own an enormous debt to our teachers, who viewed themsely« not as 
our instructors, but as our educators. Teachers who were willing to put in extra time to help us. like the time Mr Gardiner came in with a cold straight from 
the airport on a weekend after a long inp. to gi\e us a yital review session for our biology exam Teachers who were our fnends. like Mr ConJIe who was wil- 
ling to put up with our whining when we hung out with him in his bookstore Teachers who put all their efforts into making sure we didn't let our talent go to 
waste like Mr MacKay who was always willing to open the lab to let music composition students work after hours. Teachers who challenged us and made us 
look hard at the world we live in. like Mr Featherstone and his million-word vocabulary lectures. We owe enormous gratitude 10 all of the teachers. It is because 
of those people you see sealed to my left that we are what we are today 

So where are we today, where are we nowl" We're at the stage ol our liy« where we stop being children, and start being adults. That can be hard to accept. 
I don't think I'm |ust going to wake up lomoraAv and ihink "Boy I feel so much more grown up after going to prize day!" Having gone to SMU. however will 
make the transition easier We havt all garnered a solid foundation upon which we'll build the rest ol our liy«s. but for a while we'll all feel as if we're in some 
sort of nebulous limbo. Part of us is alraid ol the huge uncertainty ol what lies ahead: Our class is splitting up Many of us have friends whom we might nev«r 
see again, and none of us is going to be able to reliye this experience There's not going lo be any more hanging out in Mrs, lyes' room and then wondering 
how she knows so much that she shouldn't know. There aren't going to be any more wild car rallies or craiy sleep-overs at the school. There isn't going to be 
anymore lying in the sun in the middle ol the quad when you really should have gone to class instead. There aren't going to be anymore hiking out-trips tel- 
ling lokes til three in the morning. It's ever guys; welcome to the real worid. 

So what lies ahead, in this real worid? Where exactly are we headed? For some of us. just a short change of scenery up the hill at UVic - but some of us 
who are boarders are going back home and may never see V'iaona. or even Canada again Some of us who do call Victoria home are also moving far away: 
to the United States, lo Toronto, to Kingston, and even (to Mr McCracken's horror), to Montreal As scary as it might be for some ol us. we are the future of 
this worid. We're going to become the teachers, accountants, doctors, scientists, lawyers, and police officers. We might get married and raise families and some 
day be back here lor our own kid's graduation. In the meantime we have to start our adult lives. Doing that means realizing that we'll never be fully grown up. 
For the rest ol our lives we're going to be discovering who we are and are going lo be relying on our skills, our wits, and the help of our friends and family. 
But looking at where we are. and where we've come from. I'm confident we can all do it. and do it well' 

I have two more small wonJs to say: "Thank Vou " Thank you again to our parents and teachers, who we wouldn't be here without , , and thank you to 
everybody else who has touched our lives at SMU: .\\\ of Ihe staff who not only kept the school clean and running lor us. but who also belnended many of us. 
The parents auxiliary and other groups who supported us in our endeavors Mr Snowden. Mr Tongue and the rest ot the SMU administration who did their 
best to ensure that we worked in a productive environment Our peers who volunteered for the school selflessly giving countless hours to make it a better place 
for us. Our friends who comlorted us when nothing else seemed lo go right. Anybody who went out ol their way to make sure we were doing the best that 
we could while at this school Thank you to all ot you. you have helped us be here today and become the young adults we have become 

Tradition says that I should end this speech with a memorable quotation to summarize all that has been the graduating class of 1996. and to give wonjs of 
inspiration to my fellow graduates. However I don't think that anything that has ever been said can sum up all the unique talents and qualities ot this class. 
Maybe I can say this: Ihe writer Ambrose Bierce satirically defined the future as. "That penod in time in which our affairs pnjsper our fnends are true and our 
happiness is assured " But if these 13^ people sitting in front of me truly are the future he was actually nght; and the future looks pretty good! 

- Alexandre Henri-Bhargava 

Zareen Charania. Head Giri 

Kyle Kirkham. Head Boy 

Bethany Smith. Captain Scho- 


Mr David Stoll. Mr David Peach. Mr Sa'ad Kayal. Mr Ted Piete. Mr Peter Hunter. Mr Tony Keble. Mr. Robert Cameron. Mr Bob Richards, Mr. Allan Jones. 
Mr Brian Faulkner. Mr Rick Johnson. Mr. Douglas Williams. Rev Lynford Smith. Mr Allen McCracken. Mr Bill Buckingham. Mr. Don MacKay. Mr. John 
Mclntyre. Mr Melville Jones. Mrs. Jean Ives. Mr Orenlell Featherstone. Mr. Bill Greenwell. Mr Michael Jackson. Mr Fraser Hannah. Mrs. Kirsten Davel. Mrs. 
Colleen McLeish. Mr. George Belliveau. Mr David Fisher. Ms Kim Poland. Mr. Garry Laidlaw. Mr Ian Hyde-Lay. Ms Kathy Roth. Mrs. Catherine D'Agostino. 
Mrs. Hedda Thatcher. Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell. Mrs. Jennifer Walinga. Mr. Peter Gardiner, Mrs Dorothy Hawes, Mr. Peter Tongue. Mr. Robert Snowden, Mr. 
Kevin Cook, Ms. Simone Hart, Mr. Robert Wilson 

1 Mr Kevin Cook 

2 • Mrs. Colleen McLeish 

3 • Mr. Allen McCracken 


Staff Candids 

I see ... So were out of doughnuts . ? 

Tm retiring after this year! I'm retiring after this year! 

Yes! They're all passing C.A.P.S. 


Radio Canada was always a dream of mine! 

Fraaaser . . . Bathtime!!! 

Teachers' Night Out 

I can't handle another Grade nine 


I • Mr. Grenfell Featherstone 2 ■ Mr Peter 
Tongue 3 • Mrs. Jean Ives 4 • Mr. David 
Peach 5 • Mr Fraser Hannah 6 ■ Mr Allan 
McCracken. Mr. Fraser Hannah. It, Mr. Mel- 
ville Jones. Mr Allan Jones. Mr John Mac- 
Intyre 7 - Mr Peter Hunter 

Staff Candids 


I can do math in my head! . . . Kinda Test papers are marked . . . Time for the road!!! 

I'm too sexy for my shirt!!! 

The square root of 2916 is 54! 

Food like substance only for show. 

j The paper is burning my retinas! 

I ■ Mr Bill Buckingham 
J . Mr Bill Gneenwetl 

3 - Mr, Tony Cordle 

4 Mr David Fisher 

5 - Rft. Lynfond Smith, Mr deorge Bel- 

liveau. Mr Douglas MansonBlair. 
Mr Allen Jones 

6 - Mr Allen Jones 


I he announcement that the National Association of Biology Teachers had given Peter Gar- 

I diner their award as the Outstanding Biology Teacher lor Canada, surprised few people 
at SMUS After all. he has done most jobs around the campus, from Deputy Headmaster to plant- 
ing endless optimistic beds of flowers 

Peter Gardiner came to University School in 1 968 from St Pauls College. Cheltenham and two 
years leaching in England Realising that something was missing, he went back a year later to 
marry his wife and inspiration. Jane For several years the Gardiners ran Old Harvey House res- 
idence, a period memorable to senior prefects of the time for the formal dinners and. reputedly, 
line oenoiogical research 

As well as teaching Biology for a while. Chemistry, he coached rugby, tennis and badminton 
at the school- He is also skilled at fencing to a national level of competition He has escorted 
many School trips through Europe and Asia, and together with the University of Victoria and 
Oak Bay High, developed the "Future Partners" project of technological and personal commun- 
ication between students and schools in Victoria. Thailand and Japan 

In the city, his familiar baritone bass is heard in the Christ Church Cathedral choir, and he is 
a founding member of a second well known Victoria choir, the Linden Singers He Is also the 
owner of a legendary to the point of mythical TR4A sports car which is described and refined 
though rarely seen 

His involvement as a Reader of Advanced placement Examinations for the American College 
Board takes him to all parts of the continent. Toronto. Winnipeg. Calgary. Vancouver. Nebraska. 
Baltimore. South Carolina and Princeton. New Jersey- 
it has been 28 years since he first came to the University School, only meaning to stay a short time. Biology thrives at SMUS with a fine record of provincial and scholarship achievement 
Getting back in touch with PGG is standard on Alumni weekends. 


Staff Candids 

On behalf of the 1996 GRAD CLASS, this page is dedicated to the SENIOR SCHOOL STAFF Thatik you. 

Mug Shots ■ Candids • Clubs • Grub Days • Halloween 
Concerts • Plays • Classes • Dances • Outdoor Trips 

Michael Adam 
John Andrachuk 

Ashley Arnett 
Greg Bae 

David Barhour 

Pamela Bedeski 

James Bigwood 

Ryan Bodrug 

Daniel Boticki 

Matthieu Boyd 

Nigel Brown 

Michelle Cale 

Christopher Callendar 

Stephan Chapheau 

Ted Chen 

Cameron Clark 

Brienne Coleman 

Michael Cowland 

Jovwin Cummings 

Taylor Davis 

Eugene Der 

Ravina Dhillon 

Rodrigo Diaz 

Justine Evans 


Grade 9 

Morgan Evans 
Christopher Finch 
Jacob Fitz 
Jonathan Gainor 
Eric Grant 

Richard Greenwood 
Raminder Grewal 
Susan Hayes 
Maude Henri-Bhargava 
Elliott Herrera 

Andrew Hildred 
Kathryn Hill 
Jenny Ho 
David Hsu 
Adam Hutchison 

Olivia (bell 
Nicholas Isaac 
Christopher James 
Ryan Jennings 
Dixie Klaihert 

John Kwari 

Aya Larsen 
Erik Larsen 


Grade 9 

Samantha Lawrence 
Vanessa Lee 

Kathryn Leong 
Sabrlna Loiacono 

Christopher Mills 

Nicole Mogensen 

Kevin Morin 

Brian Moss 

Vanessa Murty 

Ben Naismith 

Kimberly Nordiund 

Krystal O'Byrne 

Heather Orr 

Jason Owen 

Vasin Phetsiri 

Lucas Rankin 

Taylor Rankin 

Charlotte Reid 

Louise Ritson 

Maximilian Ritter 

Jan Salcedo 

Heather Schaan 

Rebecca Sheng 

Ari Shortt 


Grade 9 

Caitlin Smith 
Kimherly Smith 
Graham Snowden 
Rehekah Stackhouse 
Robertson Stewart 

Timothy Street 
Chun-Ming Su 
Alyssa Sunderani 
Rebecca Taylor 
Julia Tugwell 

Natalie Turner 
Andrew Valeri 
Aaleem Virani 
Roland Von Schellwitz 
Kathryn Watson 

Jenifer Weenk 
Walker Weitzel 
Alice Weng 
Christine Wilson 
Sarah Wilson 

Carol Wong 
Karen Wong 
Jennifer Woodland 

Chris Wu 
Vvelte Yang 
Tina Yu 


Grade 9 



Grade 9 

Michael Cowlani), Ashley Arnetl, Dixie Klai- 


Morgan Evans. Sabrina Loiacono 

Nicole Mogensen, Kim Nordlund 


Grade 9 



i,j^BHP "'iite^M_ 



«fe ..__^ 




Stellar Boy 

I'm a flamer! 

1. John Andrachuk. Adam Hutchinson. Arl Shortt 

2. Eric Grant 

3. Rebecca Taylor. Sabrlna Loiacono 
4 kathr\n Leong. Alyssa Sunderani 

5. karen Uong 

6. Pamela Bedeski. Steven Wong 

Put the camera away 

As if! 


Grade 9 

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Elizabeth Aitken 
Rebecca Anglm 

Jennifer Angus 
Nicole Arnett 

Yvonne Au 

Magali Bailey 

Gavin Barry 

Roxanne Black 

Matthew Boulton 

Courtnae Bowman 

Jayne Bradbury 

John Breasail 

Quentin Bregg 

Genny Burdett 

Tara Campbell 

Megan Cassidy 

Alan Chen 

Gordon Cheung 

Brandon Chiu 

Jack Chiu 

Victor Chu 

Jamie Chung 

Renee Chung 

Ashley Cornwell 


Grade 10 

Jean Daniel 
Michael Panskin 
Lisa Davles 
Adrian Dawson 
Andrew Dewar 

Sheryl Dodd 
Adam Dowhy 
Meghan Doyle 
Victor Drohomirecki 
Lemuel Edillon 

Tara Elson 
Susan Fellenz 
Jenny Franklin 
Trevor Freeman 
Brigid Halladay 

Bailey Harang 
Daniel Hong 
Anna Huang 
Charles Huang 
Jason Huang 

Emily Huddart 
Lauren Ingle 
Alec Johnston 

Amy Karchut 
Eric Kim 
KyuTae Kim 




Grade 10 

Nancy Kim 

Peter Kim 

Craig Kirk 

Lisa Kittstein 

Ryan Knott 

Ryan Large 

Kanoux Larsen 

Vince Lau 

Donna Lee 

Erin Lee 

Jason Lee 

Joanna Lee 

Michelle Lee 

Lindsay Leggett 

Carol Lewis 

Brian Lim 

Alan Lin 

Jennifer Lo Bianco 

Kimberley Lobh 

David Lynch 

Angela Markoulis 

Emir Mehmagic 

Nathan Millar 

Mariko Miller 

Anup Misra 

Courtenay Mitchell 


Grade 10 

Da\ id Moore 
Milan Mrdjenovich 

Ryan Munroe 
Joann Nash 

Jason Ng 
Christopher Noel 
Colin Parrott 
Charlotte Paul 
Sam Paulos 

George Pemberton 
Matthew Pettinger 
Jenny Reed 
Kelly Regen 
Steven Romanchuk 

Terrence Satdeo 
Daniel Saunders 
Katharine Saunders 
Robert Sin 
Susan Sin 

Christopher Smith 
Br\ce Soderberg 
Tye Spicer 
Alexandra Staseson 
•\shley Stobbart 

Grade 10 


Christopher Stolarski 

Sayurl Sugimoto 

Rlzwan Sultan 

Aly Sunderani 

Stephen Tate 


Chantelle Tearoe 
Anna Thomas 
Jordan Thome 

Christopher Tse 
David Tseng 
Grace Tseng 

Lance Wei 

Christine Wenman 

Jeremia Williams 

Andrew Williamson 

Laura Willihnganz 

Leah Winters 
Alfred Wong 

Jacqueline Wong 
Steven Wong 

Grant Woolliams 

Cara Yeates 

Cosmos Yeh 

Stephan Yoon 

Ryota Yukawa 

Jonathon Zacks 


Grade 10 

Pets S Bets 

Let me tell you about the day I've had 

Vampires of The School 

I Matt Boulton, Emir Mehinagic. 

Craig Kirk, Bailey Harang. Jordan 

Thome. Susan Fellenz. Bryce 

2- Rebecca Anglin. Laura Willihn- 

3 Matt Pettinger. Jean Daniel 

4. Magali Bailey 

5. Liz Aitken. Angela Markoulis. 
Carol Lewis 

6. Erin Lee 

7. Jamie Chung. Renee Chung 

8. Liz Aitken. Olivia Ibell, Donna Lee 

Aren t I sexy?!? 

We are family 

Grade 10 



Grade 10 

Tina Yu. Anna Huang. Alan Chan. Alan Lin. 

David Tseng 

Milan Mrdjenovich 

Jenny Franklin. Ashley Comwell. Jordan 

Thome. Joann Nash 

4. Ashley Stobban. Tara Campbell. Sheryl Dodd. 
Angela Markoulis 

5. Brock Leong. Nicole Ametl 

6. Roxanne Black. Joann Nash. Jordan Thome 

7. Brandon Chiu. Alan Chen 

8. Kim Lobb. Krystal OByrne 
9- Charlotte Paul 

10. Jill Dorazio. Jenn Woodland. Joan Nash, Rox- 

anne Black. Amy Boulton 
I I Mariko Miller. Emily Huddart 
12 Brigid Halladay. Sheryl Podd. Susan Fellenz 

It was this big! 

Grade 10 


Look Out!! 

I'm too sexy for this shirt' 

1 . Grant Wooliams, Lemuel Edil- 

2. Jamie Chung 

3. Bryce Soderberg 

4. Amy Karchut, Leah Winters 

5. Jenny Reid, Jean Daniel 

6. Lauren Wilkinson. Ria Mav- 
rikos, Charlotte Paul, Jenn 

So happy together 


Grade 10 

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Blanca Besenyo 

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Klmberly Bourne 

Michelle Butler 

Edward Callendar 

Sean Carrie 

Katherine Chan 

Tina Chiu 

Elizabeth Clough 

Emily Clough 

Jennifer Coelho 

Alisa Cooper 


Grade 1 1 

Patrick Davis 
Whitney Davis 
Jennifer De Haan 
Mitsuru Dellsle 
Sendjaja Desember 

Darek Dzlewanski 
Rae-Anne Ebl 
David Evans 
Edward Falrhurst 
Robin Featherstone 

Graham Fedorak 
Jennifer Ford 
Patrick Frisby 
Rachel Gardiner 
Glen Gibbons 

Havley Gibson 
Patrick Gill 

^ Chris Gledhlll 
Rohanna Green 

Devon Hahn 
Amber Hall 
Michelle Hau 
Shingo HIrao 
Anita Holtham 

Grade I 


Andrea Horsman 

Alice Hsi 

Sleven Hsu 

Jacqueline Hudson 

Eric Hung 

Marisa Ishihara 

Jaclyn Ivany 

Robyn Ivany 

Allison Johnson 

Benjamin Johnson 

Mahat Johnson 

Carys Jones 

Martin Jung 

Nicholas Jupe 

Kristina Kerr 

Jae Hoon Kim 

JaeWon Kim 

Sunny Kim 

Kelly Knight 

Michael Kwan 

Maria Kwari 

Christopher Lau 

Cori Lau 

Simon Lau 

Vincent Law 

Lucas Lee 

▲ l^^ 


Grade I I 

YounKeun Lee 
Kate Levering 
Olivia LImbu 
Cassle Lin 
Joy Liu 

Van Mak 
Alex Martin 
Christopher Mavrikos 
Ria Mavrikos 
Janika McFeely 

Andrew McVie 
Russell Morton 
Cameron Murdoch 
Christina Nadolski 
Risa Naito 

Yoshifumi NakanlshI 
Blair Nelson 
Aries Ng 
Nancy Norris 
Sina Noureddin 

Chantal Nowak 
Sharon Cm 
Serena Peng 
Virginia Peterson 
Keith Phillips 

Michelle Phipps 
James Pollock 
Michael Preston 
Colleen Saffrey 
Daniel Sander 

A# ^l^^w^ 

Grade I I 


Amy Slegg 

Yusuf SoegioHarsono 

Nicholas Stanger 

Sylvia Suen 

Connie Sze 

Danny Tang 

Irvin Teo 

Sarah Thomson 

Gary Tongue 

Borden Tseng 

Matthew Turner 

Nicholas Vagvolgyi 

Pal Vephula 

Jeffrey Vertes «^--t-t4s*sif. 
Ivan Wan 
Lorelei Wey 

Jessica White 

Lauren Wilkmson 

Keir Wilmul 

Amanda Wilson 

David Wilson 

Melissa Wong 
Kathryn Wynn 

Vanessa Vang 
Andy Yeh 
Erin Yehia 




Grade I I 


Boys make me faint! 

Nick Jupe 

2. Ed Callendar, Jeff Vertes. Glen Gibbons, Garry 
Tongue. Nancy Norris, Jackie Hudson 

3. Russell Morton. Nicholas Stanger. Lorelei Wey 

4. Vanessa Yang 

5. Amy Slegg. Chrissy Nadolski 

Post cast party syndrome 


Grade 1 1 


Grade 1 1 

1 Andrea Horsman 

2 Alisa Cooper. Jen Ford 

3 Melissa Wong. Ivan Wan 

4 Ed Fairhurst. All Johnson 

5 Pat Frisby 

6 Kathryn Wynn. Rikkl Boult. 
Michelle Butler. Cassey Austin. 
Mitsuri Delisle 

7 Ben While. Kathryn Wynn 

8 Pee Age. Paula Sanglap 

9 Rae Anne Ebl 
10 Groupy 

I I Alex Martin 

I 2 Kristina Kerr. Kathryn Wynn. 

Deanna Age. Vanessa Yang. Rikki 

Boult. Steph Bouris 

Girls ... All I really want is girls . . . 

Grade I i 


Only two years to go!! 

We re off to see the wizard 

I Robyn Ivany. Keir Wilmut 

2. Grace Tseng. Serena Peng. Joy Liu 
3- Rikki Boult. Jen Ford. Mits Dellsle Wit 

4. Kate Lewnng. Jenn de Hann 

5. Jaclyn Ivany. .Andrew MA'ie Nicholas 
Blumberg. Patnck Fnsby 


Grade II 

As I was saying, the political progress of the liberals 

Grad Photos • Grad Candids • Car Rallies • Skip Days • Fashion Shows 
Plays • Pranks • GRAD • Dinner Dance • Atter Grad • Marbles 

Toilet Paper 

Tessa Anglin 

Tessa burst into SMU through doors never before darkened by lemaie students, ciaa in a homemade cordoroy skirt, 
knee socks and ponytails. With tunics and girl's bathrooms just a little behind schedule, a tradition of girls at The Junior 
School was born. Gr. I will he remembered lor Carebears. Carebears. and. well more Carebears. Gr. 2 was whiled away 
eating rainbow lunches to the tune of Peter. Paul and .Mary, while grade 3 grought-Super Pickle. Gr, 4 "GONE FISHING" 
Gr. 5 consisted of mystery shots, hopscotch to the death and the infamous visit from Mrs. Shilladay. The Middle School 
saw the arrival of glasses, braces and her first kissing cooler • (Watermelon flavour, purchased at Hillside with H.L.) • 
Need we say more? By Gr, 9. Tessa's left brain officially took over, with parts in H.MS, Pinafore. Oklahoma. Playing 
for Time and Rimers, As Tzeilel in Fiddler on the Roof and Gianelta in The Gondoliers. Tessa was lucky bride to Jong- 
Taek two years in a row! Jusl Remember ■ if life ever becomes too much to bear, put head on desk' and have a little 

Alexander Austin 

89-96 Much too long to slay in one place. Stuff I liked: the boys'. Rugby and Pyerlest Stuff I didn't like; the rest. 

Peter Beatty 

Peter came to SMU in grade six. and after three years in the middle school he entered the senior school where he found 
his love for basketball as well tor the ladies, much to the dismay of their fathers. The summer before grade eleven was 
filled with ROV. film making, and of course lovely ladies In grade eleven he was a member of the senior boys basketball 
team This is where MONKEY was born Hanging on all types of rims MONKEY was a force mishaps!!! LG, trying to a 
wake the sleeping Adonis on the bathroom floor C L !!' Monkey spent many nights at the sauce mansion J,L, Nights of 
unforgettable , well SAUCE He became world renowned for his sauce (Junior and Senior), In his final year Peter a, k, a, 
"MONKEY" stood out in the crowd as a smiling happy guy. Well to the ladies R,B.. A, J,. PS,. MH, a found farewell, 
to the gents (Plumbers) J L,. C,L,. D,S,. CD,. H,T I have only two words 'Lay Pipe,' To everybody else? Take heed to 
these words 'Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once and a while you might miss it, ' ■ Ferris Bueller's 
day off. 

Philip Bodley Scott 

My I 2 years at SMU have passed fairly smoothly, I remember Mrs. Miles' care hears and learning how to handwrite with 
Mrs, Poland, Then carrying on through the .Vliddle School with DMB's social classes, During my slay at the Middle School 
I developed a number of. small shall we say. nicknames. Some of which followed me into the Senior School, In Grade 10. 
I had the priviledge of going on the rugby tour. Through Grades 9 to 12 1 made many friends all over the woi Id. I will 
miss these friends, but I plan on visiting BulenI and Luis and I am sure to see Kaz. as I am planning to travel to Japan 
often in the near future. 

Sebastian Bonet 

A few things to remember about the senior school: Hacking with TO,. C,S, and suicide bike trips with M,W, By the way 
HT. what's 5,95 divided by two? Finally, a few words to the wise the best is yet to come' Argentina will win the world 
cup. Chow! 

Tanya Boteju 

Basketball. 'Playing for Time' (literally). Europe '93 ('plavlul' men; on the Autobahn; Sandi's brother; Irish Castle Pub). 
I 3 years of PMS and still going strong. 'Rimers' (Palsy . . . you can HAVE Walter), Certain h'hall player I love ... to 
watch play basketball. Short skirts (don't LOOK if you don't like it). Italia '96 (good things. I'm sure). 'Never Swim Alone' 
(you might see me in a bathing suit). In no specific order . . HT ■ Light My Fire; PV1S • maybe you'll boom someday 
like me; JN ■ my infinate hug-person'; AB - turn the lights OFF. CE ■ keep those elbows caged; DL - no matter what, you'll 
always be my Sleel Magnolia; ZC ■ as student leader, that skirt .; MH • fieldhockey sucks ,1 always get the final 
word; KW ■ 4 words ... you rock my world; CL - you Italian stallion you; JH • in the b'hall game of life, you're the sweet 
dish; RB ■ eres una chica labulosa; CJ ■ you KNOW I'd always kick your butt; HL ■ rock on: Everyone • love me. miss 
me •T 

Roxanne Boult 

Its not raining in here. It all started in grade S at Thunderbird Tve fallen and I cant get up." Aurora then introduced 
me to Hallcourt Holdsworth. Irom then on nothing was the same The next year brought the Europe Tour: strange men 
trying to blow our whistles; ALL the sights of Pan> and solitary confinement in Germany, (not to mention toes) 
Badgoodball was the next era. fun times running Nipper. Thug and Santa Monica. Desolation with Jo featuring fishing 
expeditions, gathering wood and Danny. The BUB club soon lollowed. then the big leagues: Shawnigan. the man who 
said he never would and the DADDY. Not forgetting of course, the weekend at Whistler, outings with Amy and 
caminando por los arboles. Basketball B.C.'s • those great rookies • coffeepot. Remember whenever you feel down, do 
the SPERRY. By the way. Mr. AAA. you'll never win. 

Amy Boulton 

Amy arrived in gr. 1 and she hasn't stopped smiling yet (or bumming rides) She made friends for lile when she moved 
here from Toronto, home o( her Maple Leals. We'll always remember Shawnigan '9 3. Waynes World nightc. Hey Babee.. 
I'm |ust sleeping guys, shyah right. Forrest GUmp S LBC, Summer '9? (the best summer . PW) Come o\er I'll do 
anything. Saucy Tarts. Biker Bh Bamy: look out for the shotgun Yum. this is sooo good. Anybody up lor a mullin? She'll 
always remember friends LG. JD. AD. VF. SP. JL. JU. IS. EF. TO. AJ. RR Amy's going to bea pilot, but 'i dont understand 
physics." Rohbi. the Question. Snax. Hey. How is the weather:" Big Feet OR Big Shoes. Sitting in the car with JD and 
tiie Concessions. Under a bridge. Pizza Hut and after with Sperry. Amy will be remembered bv everybody and the man 
who helped himself. We love you Bamy. Love LG £ JD PS. I love you Larry. 

Devlin Bradford 

Devlin IS someone who's window is always open to a friend I expect that this is the result of her upbringing in the small 
town (lar cold north) of Dease Lake. Much of her past still remains frozen in mystery ... but Dev lin is someone who never. 
EVER gets lost . . . except maybe in the dark depths of a Mt Tolmie night, gr. 9 that was. when she entered SV1U and 
became a member of the boarding "communily" and Skinner's class ct'9i- In Gr. 1 she encountered A J. S.S. a broken 
window, a menacing message from PKT (JD) and "the next movie" which helped uncover this girl's true spirit. In grade 
I I Pev escaped to the "apartment " where she got mixed up with badass MD crowds and found more opportunities for 
fishing, skiing and lots ol road trips • probably Dev's better times in the past four years. Turning math class fairy tales 
into summer realities. "Is there a stranger in these hills?" "Dev was discovered in her element. Or did that happen on 
OB grad '9(5 night . . . "comes a time" (NY) 

Elizabeth Breasail 

"For what It's Worth". Encino Man. My Cadillac, sharing with friends. (Mrs H S Tinula). the Llltimate Note, class in 
the van. loving O.S, S EF. Senior School introduced us to .Macdaddy. Godfather and Bald Eagle. An animal on his chin 
Taxi's here. Saints. "Been together like school children. " Reggaelest and Coolapalooza '94 , W balers Village. North Road 
CJS 's. Gnarly. Shaw Cable. Creap. yeah, I'm SO sorry. Rora Bora and Banana Ranas. Something with going on vacation. 
Bonfires S Camplires. Our Three Stars S Shooting Stars. Coincidences S fate. The Drive In £ The Beach "Everything 
Happens (or a Reason" J H . T.K,. N R. 

Caroline Brown 

To all who made SMU memorable: Vicki Quessnel PARTY ON! Olivia and HOT WATER ON FREEZING SCUBA DAYS, 
all to Naloos with whom everything at SMU was made more interesting. You will never leave me because you have become 
a part ol me. I love you all. Thanks for the memories. To tear love is to fear life and those who fear life are already three 
parts dead • Bertrand Russell. 

Krista Brown 

Krista first appeared in my life armed with a bucket of water and a bottle of shampoo. Grade brought a new flavour of 
icing for our cake and a very legendary homework diary. Tweedledum, cute as a button, was a great twin and soon 
mastered the art of flushers. Pender brought many memories: mosquitoes, deer, spin the stick. ANTS!, killerstarfisheating 
dog. kneeboarding Olympics Starfish Island, blackberries, beach, there's that log again!. I am the mastermind. Trinidad 
is not in B.C.. but why was Natasha behind you? Great hiking moments include: glissading, smurfs. flatulalion s'il vous 
plait, log . , .. ladders. MUD. cream of wheat and hot cherry. 5 mm. mysteries. Leo, tree people. PB (lite) and J. Bakers 
chocolate, no stress, HARD CORE!, boney ankles the ostrich, weird popcorn, snow and subway. Love you always my 
little sardine, you'll make a great Dopey, I hope you graduate life with honours. 

Emil Burdett 


Luis Campos 

Luis, the one and only Chicano that stayed at SMU in boarding for four years and graduated. People thought of him as 
a serious ESE that doesn't say more than he has to. you're made of IOO°o Buena Caca: cheers tor being such a great 
friend . . . Enjoy Mexico and the mamacitasdown there and take care of your little bro. your compas: Blue Bird. Al the 
sleeper. Tarn. Buz2 (Buzi it's just a game; no attitude Oahight!!!). I know what problamatic means alright! Cheers and 
thanks for your friendship: B.S.. K.N.. Y.S., W.C. T.R.. D.L,. PH. and D. Rod te cuidas (BRO). Mr. and Mrs. Cameron 
nunca olvidare todo el alecto que me brindaron. LOS AMO!!!. Su hijo por siempre. 

Rina Chadha 

Rina came to SMU in grade 9. She has shown her amazing athletic abilities in track 'n' field, volleyball (the I armed 
supporter ), basketball (with M.S.. C.F. EC. L.C. get your BUTT off the court.) 

Abraham Chan 

'Twas the year 1993. when a small kid from Hong Kong stumbled into SMUS- At first, everyone, especially in the 
boarding community, was quite bewildered by him. Then, as time went by. people started to suspect hmi for his bizarre 
new wave ot music and fashion. He persuaded, (some say hypnotised), people into following his secret underground cull. 
He tried to hide his identity by creating alternative names: "B'abe". "Bra". "Chun Ming Han", and recently "DeeCup". 
This would not be complete without his elite group, coded as "Abes Babes " and his famous sidekick named "Funky". 
The purpose of this cult was to pursue the perfect flavour of a good beef lerky. A lot of people went under his influence 
when he secretly spilled magic spells through Canto' pop music. After abusing this power lor quite a while, he turned 
to directing low-budget movies. Although this may look like his reputation is going down, he has big plans for the future. 
For now. architecture is what he hopes for. and witchcraft is just something to fall back on ■ Funky 

Tharin Charania 

Twelve years of school over! First things first peace to my crew who uncontrollably left things never change. Garabaldi 
'94' with Sach and Flip and that stupid bear song will be remembered. KN you are good at pool. Jake's keg parties 
completed each year will a little buz. Sameer your still dead! I wish my grad class happiness and success in all of their 
goals. Buds are good! 
Not guilty. 

Zareen Charania 

1 came to SMU in grade 3 after my debut as a mouseCF. Well. I continued my days at school • kicking treesMS. keeping 
deep dark secrets • SMILES and JOLT KB our "group" S nevets club with HI. 1 barely lound anytime to actually work 
after my hourly chats with JH and movies with SB. 1 later learned the true use of stickers S B. MBing in chemistry. SL. 
As the years passed. 1 surprisingly found mysell best buds with my |unior school enemy MM • white spot (a fork??!!). My 
Girl, Col., uvic parties. Was that a stop sign??! CL. My badminton bud CR. never forget that we rock the court!! Then 
along came my BR!! remember always ■ HAJI. ultralilt. London Drugs. BUICK S BLUEY. Oh CounlryG, • TREV ... hey 
Timone. watch out for those canuers • YUP! YUP! Stu • Wow. an unlorgettable 1 3 years! a Ray. # 1 . #2 , . . JT ■ my 
gork. NEVER forget our tramp nights. KK ■ thanx lor putting up with me this year - 1 know it was not easy. God. I'll miss 
you guys! Thank-you Mrs. Card lor keeping me on track, and most ol all thank-you to my mom who spent a lot ol extra 
time being my first in command. 

Philip Chau 

Phil came to SMUS in grade S alter manv dull years in the public school system. Grade 9 was particularly interesting 
with the lunchtime card games with BY. AA. CC. and IW. During grade 1 Phil met up with LO and became fast friends 
and started quickly developing plans lor world domination. He also played Colts Rugby on the B and C squad which 
was almost as lun as world domination. Grade 10 was also the start ol gaming nights playing SWars. SRun and ASA 
with BH. LO. KW. DA. and PD. Grade I I was probably Phil's most entertaining year. Phil passed the year with more 
SWars. SRun and ASA Grade 1 I most memorable limes were up in the art room with CP. CC. LO and BW. Long debates 
about improbability, work domination, chivalry and cheesy novels proved to pass the time. With Grade 1 3 coming soon 
to a close. Phil hopes that LO will conquer the world soon so he will leave Phil with a small country in which he will become 
the dictator. II not Phil plans to go to UVic and persue a degree in Engineering or Computer Science. 
"One does not acknowledge the mistakes of ones youth" - MS Gundam 

Thomas Chen 

I came to SMUS in Gr. 8 as an International student from Taiwan, From missing the school bus on the lirst day to the 
middle school, to being a prefect of Harvey House. I have earned many valuable experiences Irom boarding lite, I've maoe 
many good friends in these few years, especially T,T. Pachila. J.T. D. Lin. D. Lee. CC. and one of the best friends that 
1 met this year. A.L. SMU means so much to me. I will never forget about the things I did in these five years, (cooking 
noodles. Chinese food, and the smoking popcorn that caused the fire alarm to ring!) Viva SMU! ViVa Big - 2 league! Viva 
Vivian Chow! 

Conrad Cheng 

!N«»* S^^^^^i^ 

See you!! 

Michelle Cheng 

McHeng, dimple queen olSMU. crammer ol the century. A tres chic character, she and many boarder buds sailed through 
grade I 2 by procrastinating excessively during the day but studying the night away until 5 am. Recent studies have 
proved that Michelle has managed to stay alive by her never-ending supply of TungI noodles and Hi C drinks, not to 
mention provocative entertainment from Ah Man. When she was bored, she would look out her window I 5 degrees down 
from the horizontal at the Symons House window of AChan and DMillar. After she and B'Abe have finished off everyone 
on their hillist of potential offenders, among whom Ribbit is the most notorious. May Cheng will go on to achieve her 
many dreams: to attend university in Palo Alto. California, and to say "Oil son! les toilettes?" with confidence and ease. 

Eric Chiu 

Enc loined this community as a boarder in grade 1 and very soon found out that he had made a smart decision, since he liked 
the school very much and he also fell that he could learn a lot Learning how to take care of himself and doing laundry every 
two days (Enc could not bear the disgusting feeling of having his laundry piled up for a week) As a young fellow coming to 
Canada from Taiwan for merely a year and a half, at the moment. Eric demonstrated his ability of being able to be a part of 
the school without any difficulties Eric also made tons of new fnends and progressed steadily in his academic career. The reason 
why Eric came to this school, according to his own explanation, was that public schools did not do a good job. After having 
lived in Symons House for a year. Enc became a day student in grade I I ever since his parents moved to Victoria. One thing 
needed to be mentioned was that Erie was the first and probably the last student whose house was that close to the school! (Three 
houses away from the school) It would take him walking to school leisurely nc more than 5 minutes If Eric was in a hurry, a 
minute was enough for him rushing to his tutorial. As known by his close fnends. Eric was a guy who looked tough outwardly. 
However. Eric possessed a gentle and polite attitude towards everyone (except those whom he really hated) Eric wishes to 
continue his study at either UBC or UVic. His eventual goal is to study in law school and become a barnster in the future. 

Samuel Choi 

Sam came to SMUS in grade 10 Although he had many tough times adjusting his life style into strict boarding life, he 
has found himself as an important part of the family It was just a matter of time for him to en|oy his life at SMU boarding 
and eventually was awarded with prefectship inGr \1 Sam really made his presence on Rugby fields as Right Wing and 
on the Basketball court Late night activities with MJ and especially, everynight basketball with KTK. SK. DL. IW. PH. 
WC. SH was Sams favorite times You just couldn't miss him in the Gym Sam was also fortunate to have, what he calls 
"Best Roommate" DT PT and Sam always acted as one. always helping each other. Noodle with KIMCHEE was also a 
big part in SMU. His brothers and sisters. LW. DL. PH. KW. AW was Sam's good friends as well. Sam never really had 
an interest in girls at SMUS. but managed to get along with most of 'em. Sam is going to miss activities with AC. NH. 
AM, PH. TK. SL. MT. VL. JW. Thanks to the staffs. SG, RC. MJ. KM. Jl. BK. TM who helped Sam through many tough 
times. Good luck in whatever you wish to do Sam. you will be missed! 

Wilson Chu 

From the land of the fighting Irish. Wilson arrived for a three year stay at SMUS. He played both basketball (I'm sure 
you know all about that), and rugby. Above all. he was most proud of being a boarding prefect for Symons House. 
Boarding was swell, he had tunes, moves, and the buds. Most recognizable was the one and only SAITOMAN. the Bolton 
Buds(ESE - Tranquilo. . .. Bluebird. Kaz S Vince), and of course Pi-Pi (Que Pasa?)S Patty. A shout goes out to the Funk 
and the Symons crew (Spike. MO. Shing. Yosh) along with RY. He will never forget the early years: from the guidance 
of JTB S WC to the good times with Peano. Matsui S Aito To KR I won't forget u. To THE CREW • It was fun. To 
MYK ■ TY To my parents ■ I love you. To Win & Pen ■ Thanks 4 everything. Its been good for me but my time is over, 
God bless YUUHHH!!! 

Kristina Coleman 

Kristina Coleman came to S.M.U. from Vancouver in Gr. 7. On a bus bound (or TBIrd became good, good buds with 
HD + CR, K- would be in many ensembles and concerts slow to start at first , , . many a hellish outtnp was dutifully endured 
(never again will I eat a power bar.) Things started to pick up in Sr School- Long blurry limes on the field. (Do we have 
to run Ms. Tabacco??!?) Many orchestra endevours . . put it down right now!!! Banana split on a birthday. Awesome 
rides in • art with RC. MT + HP. Math classes that went on forever. The muffins. The muffins, the muffins are coming. 
If this comp lab were to catch on fire we would all be sitting ducks! ! ! About pencil SHARPENERS Theres lots a cemola 
in Manitoba. Everything you can imagine is real. ■ picasso 

Robert Connolly 

Little Business' came to S.M.U. in grade S along with several other Si Pat s alumnus He quickly became known as a 
soft spoken and tentitive ladies' man . Bobby followed in Emmet 's footsteps and was a member of the schools major sports 
teams. Known as "a very good shooter." his other talents include "cheeky dummies" and the ability to consume beverages 
at an alarming rate. His fondest memories include Bhall at J.T.'s. eating at Dyer's, assorted events on Saltspring. and 
of course the boys. May the luck of the Irish follow you wherever you decide to go. • Robert Connolly 

Curran Crawford 

Curran came to S M II in grade i and wishes he was still there He has shown his artistic abilities as a sculpter and 

wood carv er. He is also an active biker and manager of the school bike team. In addition he is a magnificent photographer 
who contributes greatly to the yearbook, as well as being an active peer counselor. He'll never forget 24 hr pool lime 
with C.P. 5 R.C.. cra:y house parties, and RC. trying to run him over. He'll also miss the long chats with C.P.. B.W.. 
PC. & 1.0. in art I I . Curran plans to pursue a career in aerospace engineering. His warm character will be missed by 
all. "I get by with a little help from my friends." • John Lennon 

Danni Crawford 

Panni came to SMUS from Jasper Alberta in 1994 for grade I I . Some memories of this blond, busty, blue eyed. German 
come back to us. Miss know it all in English. Girlfriend of Butt and Monkey and G.J. (lest we forget!) Haircuts Haircuts 
. . Haircuts .... Darting in the Protege. Parting in the MG. Parting in the Cherokee. Parting in the Jeep. Parting in 
the Renault. Parting in the Cadi. Darting in the Subaru and many others. There were many songs sung, many a pool 
games won al Peacocked Billiards, Cover ups in Nazi Plays. Going Loony m Eldrich. Musical nights in the drunk tank. 
Meeting Fun Guy at the car rally. Nights al Grandma's House. Nights in a Deep Cove. Blazing with N.H.. E.Y.. J. P.. and 
many more! Friends al one time or another Monkey. Broccoli. Upton. Doogen. Peacock. Sperry. Yehia. Nelly. Wee. 
Stooowart. Shnided. Kyle Kyle Kirken. Kat. Katie. Duncan. Anal. Dowhy. Oak Bay Groupies, and some forgotten. 
2400's and all the other extra cirricular activities at John's Place. Graveyard shifts with Michelle. World War three with 
Sperry. Late night excursions. Hollubin' everywhere and anywhere. And thank you kindly to CD. J.P. P.B.. A.A . B L.. 
G.J. . K.J . J U and a few others who helped make SMU a little more bearable in more ways than one. So long and thanks 
for all the fish. Crawfish. (A.K.A. shorty, little one. and a few others J.U. has come up with) 

Christopher Dickson 

I arriu'd here at the start of gr. 10 with sexy blond hair and two bums from WV. That year was fun I will remember 
partying with the grads after hours on the mountain. Grade I I will be remembered for my transfer to the best part of 
the school. BOLTON, where I partied with my prefects continuously. They introduced me to my buddies TOSCANO and 
151. That year I had hoots and hoots of fun with the BUDS preferts as well as JZJHx2 (I'm sorry I missed the Hose.) There 
were some other Excellent ("SMITHERS") adventures with JUx2 (thanks lor the room) D|0-071S and AW. Gr. 1 2 will 
be remembered for the genitalia on OB . UVIC. and other events. I would like to thank John .. John and Sam 
... as well as the . . . (CG) So in closing "What a long strange Trip it's been" We came some of us partied and a few 
of us conquered (Vou know who you are Plumbers "lay pipe"). PONATO THATS HOCKEY . . . JOHN WHY HAVE AN 

Allyn Dolsen 

Lynny came to SMU in grade 10. We thought she was this sweet, quiet little girl, but we corrupted her. Maybe it was 
when the man who helped himself to more than he was welcome to. or those special nights with MN or JL. (Through the 
nose!) Grad Pranks £ 50/50 Draws! Lynny won the snax contest at SM '95. Hey want to return some pop cans or let's 
Imd Subway on Saltspring. We will wake you up for FG £ LBC. Only remaining member of NBWJUCLUB. CM R Best 
place on earth. Funnel! Saucy Tarts killed! Maui. Malaysia. Mexico trips ruled. But the brown couch was the best trip 
£ she'll never look back. Rocky Horror-Morning, after Muggers. Pill Sator. Polti. Shawnigan £ the Axe Man. Love ya 
KL, My Terrible Twin. JD. LG. AB. BB. AJ. WG. CI. How could we lorget Lynster? The sun will come out tomorrow JD 
£ LG 

Andrew Dooner 

Its hard to remember, and write down everything that has happened to me at the Senior School, but. as tar as I can 
remember, its been nothing but high times. Some of the more memorables include; - The Boys; Some of the best buds 
I've ever had. and probably the best influence I've had in a long time. • Then there was Dyers; The first and last party 
the General, and a couple hundred of his closest friends will ever have, but it was great. • Then there were the weekends 
at Johnny's with the Boys, where we had some of our better, and more embarassing moments. ■ Finally just some personal 
thank yous to CR. TO. AA. JD. RC. GS. CD. BL. JP. NH. DS. and JU for teaching me. that it's ok to cut loose once in 
a while, and that what someone doesn't know can't hurt them, most of the time. 

Jillian Dorazio 

Jilly Bean came in grade 1 from G.N.S. Thank God! She's always a big factor on the hockey lield Jill threw some wicked 
parties. {OOC) Yummy Grilled Cheese! Shawnigan '95 rocked. Snax! Singing! "Where's Roy? Oh. the bathroom down 
the hall" I'm so sorry! Chug! More. Okay! JH and rookie room; Rough nights with Jose and painting LG cottage. We 
all make mistakes; some ol us more. Sara ■ "It was a case! " Best nite; FG and LBC! My best bud only cause of our common 
love lor rescue 911. Subway and D.D. Fishbowl AD. Great days; sitting in the car with AB. wmning Provincials. S.S. 
and G.P. Fartiek with M.H. Great Trips to Maui. Mexico, whistler and S.S. "Anyone tor an English Muffin?" Good Times 
With AD. LG. AB. SP . . . Jill was the first kicked out of the NBWJ club. No worries many unfortunately followed in her 
lootsteps. The Question. The Confession. Number 4. 1 know the S. Tarts won! Jill's future involves the Olympics, so look 
for her. I love you Jilsy! Love LG 

Jacob Dowhy 

Jake came to SMU as a Sooke Jovi. with tight jeans, slayer tapes, and Satan. Over the four years we've seen a lot of Jake 
maybe too much (car rally) and we've managed to turn him into a Victoria Jovi. with baggier jeans. He's become a 
prominent member of the boys', hitting all the big events; Dyerfest. cast parties. Victoria Golfcourse nights, and New 
Years '95. A smooth talkin' boarder during the week, and a hard core drifter on the weekends. He enjoyed his food, 
though not much of it got in his mouth, and he en|oyed his drink, even i( it meant scouring Dyer's backyard for "empties". 
There was the Trans-Am. the Sooke cylinder parties, weekends at John's, the boarding breakouts. Roy £ Felipe, and 
various jST's. .laked like to thank AA. CR. RC. TO. BWx2. OJ. JU. CDxJ. JHxi. ES. AG. SC. DC. FY, TC, YS. his Bro. 
the Harvey boys. Mrs. Jones and everyone else lor making his life groovy. Thanx . . . 

Jennine Downie 

Crawling through her window at T. Bird; the entrance was made . . . team Aurora. SB. and C. A. Entering the big school 
J naively fell into a World of flick stares and aliases (P.S) as well as a secret boy. contrary to many opposing opinions. 
Her "learnings" flourished in Mrs. Skinner's math class, top floor school house andy2 up Mt. Tolmie. I. S.D.S were thankful 
lor her shiny legs and the soccer teams lor "fang". J is thankful for Squamish '93 (TO). She spotted L in gr. 10 and 
accidently told the wrong person. Needing a place to recover Irom her embarassment J often broke into DB's crazy 
sanctuary. She found the underground range of Broken Arrows, bells and little story notes which passed classes quicker. 
Tales of the North and strawberry tea had her hooked. JD escaped SMU for gr. I I and was converted to a Mt. Douger 
although most of her time was spent at "the appartment". The sands of Gyro. To. the winds of Cedar Hill, and a finale 
at P.S. house brought her back to SMU for gr. \2. If the Harvest Moon still rises and orange vehicles drive the windy 
roads forever J will probably play soccer and take adventurous pictures too . . . 

Holly Dummer 

Holly came to SMUS in grade seven quickly aquirmg the nickname "Molly Mcbutter." She will remember countless 
English classes with Bart and Mucus, history lessons Irom P M in math class, and hallway discussions with KC ■ Bus 
trips take forever. She then immersed herself (to the point of drowning) in the music program at the Senior School 
playing for numerous shows and ensembles. Welcome to Chateau a la Pit! There is no such thing as sleep for An- 
niemaniacs and yes. it is a hard-knocked life! She will probably be best remembered tor her love for animals and ability 
for great setups for hacks (J.T.. L H.) Shed like to thank all her friends (you know who you are) lor their ability 
to share couches and their support and love throughout life at SMUS Holly hopes to succeed in a career in veterinary 
medicine and eventually lollow in the footsteps of James Herriot' Good luck Holly • bag ladies forever! ■ Trumpet 
Man still rules! 

Olivia Dupuis 

a.k.a. Liv Ransom will always be remembered for her perchance for Volvos, punk rock and snowboarding. the infamous 
slew of cyber-boys she kept online and the time she dropped her books out of the fourth floor washroom window 
in school house into the bushes below. OP. likes everyone she has met here (lotsa cool punks), especially Tash. EasyE. 
AllthewayK and all the otha' Timmis fly honeys. Yuri. Tom. Bui. Luis and Abe and Marky ■ "Word Up'" Now as 
she IS off to pursue her lifelong ambition to become an underwater weapons operator she would like to leave us with this: 
"I wish to be remembered for my obliquity and my veracity; the scintillity but could, at times, prove to be quite rub- 
efacient Overall. I think my experience at SMU was generally homopterous. one that I have laudiforaliy enjoyed • 
Gee. do I ever sound intelligent. I think I'm ready lor university . . . Caicha' on the flipside!" 

Colin Dyer 

The General' entered the school in 1984. he along with several of his lifer' schoolmates commenced the golden 
era' of St. Mike's. Dyer quickly asserted himself as a dominant force athleticallv as he perfected his |ump hooks and 
Gary Eoins as a wee |unior schooler On the social front he was also working on his world-famous moves' the lady- 
killing 'guns' and the trademarked 'Dyer-Strut ' The middle school was a brief blurr lor the Dvermaker. however, as 
his in|ury-prone body kicked in and sidelined him from his many sporting endeavours The Senior school proved to 
be a lynchpin for the General's happiness, however, as he used his moves' to perfection He played four senior sports, 
had the oopponunity to hold the so-called Dyer-fest' and still managed to scrounge top marks, with the aid of an 
army of tutors. Dyer's best memories came from the rugby field, the B-ball court, playing Raging H . JT'S. grad'95. 
'Dyerbair. that night at Ibell's. team BC. the 'Smashing Dunkers'. parties (eg new years), tour 94 + 96. assorted bev- 
erages and of course 'the BOYS' Colin hopes to trot about after a very successful school career The loss to the school 
will be great but perhaps an even greater loss will be the employment of his many tutors. 

Marc Elbers 

Marc emerged from the depths of the public school system and |Oined the SMU ranks in grade 10. After a season 
of Colts Rugby he thought to himself "Hmm. maybe I'll stick to musicals " And so he did. being the long and lanky 
chorus standout for "Fiddler. " "Gondoliers " Mental Notes. To ARM - the Pav will live in us forever, thanks. To R C. 
- Word Up homie. don't forget where you came Irom And to the rest of the Greenwell Room inhabitants - Thanx 
for the memories (and I'm not materialistic'). Marc is off to study hotel Management at U-Vic. See ya'll in the future! 
Bonne Chance May the yuppie flame burn eternally 

Claire Ezzeddin 

Claire came to SMU in grade I I as a disillusioned public school kid from North Delta seeking adventure Once at 
SMU Claire distinguished herself by playing trumpet in every possible musical ensemble and thus depriving herself 
of much valuable sleep. She en|oyed an illustrious senior Bball career being known as "Bruiser " Her most valuable 
and memorable experiences at SMU were courtesy of life in boarding. As Head of Timmis House she was lucky to 
live in the best house on campus, and will never forget her Timmis sisters Also never to be forgotten are: her voracious 
appetite and her continuing for a goodnight's sleep, being known as lazy. Gruff. Stix and CrI. Life with K W and 
the boarding boys (AM KK AC AM), all nighters. Kox-anna. key collecting, lamming with OD. deep chats with NS. 
tips from T and JT. attending all classes with Michelle. LOUD music. I am not from Surrey, grade I I D-R-AM-A. 
meeting a celeb with the irrepressible DL. perogies. Bball road trips. LIVE, endless procrastination. 3 16 the place to 
be. double life. |inx. chocolate milk and Poritos. long walks and nights on the town. Thank you's are in order to 
her family. SMU friends and Delta buddies. Next year Claire will be found at either McGill or Queen's, beginning 
what is likely to be a lengthy post-secondary career These years have been special. Good luck to all, "May you live 
all the days of your lite" 
■ Jonathan Swift. 

Nafisa Fera 

Ycu + me + me + you dadada - . . TOGETHER FOREVER! I'd like to thank my buds that made moments so special. 
00.. C.B.. J.W.. J.F., ABE THE BABE! FUNKY BUNCH. SEXY SAITO, + roomi J.D. + STUIV1PS! Thanx lor memories 
, . . Quesnel na na na! hot tub in snow. Chad, Vicky's to be CONT'd. Dan the man NOT TO BE CONT'D! The Mafia's 
back! You mess with us and we mess with you! J.D.. Funky + BABE never lose your originality! Sexy SAITO. one day 
I will flip the switch! Don't forget your flower on top of the mountain! A BIO THANKS TO J. weee! the most giving person 
I know! J.F. NANA'S ALL THE WAYL thanx for putting up and keeping us together. O.G. Brown Hall WHO WAS THAT? 
never stop laughing, my laughing bud! Carolina! GOTCHA! ANOTHER GOOD POINT! Roomi It I you take a special 
place in my heart. STUNPY! Thanks for being there, + never making it dull. Thanx IVlommy's lor the support + Nhobbs 
for making it all possible. (The laugh goes on . . .) 

Vicky Fera 

To Nafisa. my sister, who through all the bad days never once asked "Why ME!", Carolina, where's the moon?, Chad 
- nanana and the huligans (perhaps it will never be understood - 1 love you) and to the rest • I was bidding in this bubble 
with O.G. ID. and Aurs. . . nowlet meout (I'm Pigglet) ■ Winnie the Pooh ■ In the end you only have yourself! Dimitra 

Jessica Fitz 

"What the heats gives away is never gone ... It is kept in the hearts of others." After only 1 short years at SMU. I have made 
some lifelong friends and memories. Eldritch may be a ghost town, but it will always be remembered. Thanks for giving me some 
wonderful opportunities Mr. B, and I wish you and Sue all the happiness. To my friends at Crofton, you've always been in my 
thoughts. T.W. » OB. - Pictures in the park and walking in the ocean. Servabo Fidem! Megan ■ Jessy will always love the best 
little sister in the world. Dad £ Su ■ Thanks for always keeping the door to my second home open. Doc 5 Ace • Take care of 
the babies and don't forget to turn off your stereos. Luv ya lots! Dad • Tell all the guys that New York was a blast and thanks 
for being there for me. C.L. - French videos and shopping for grads (both of them). Thanks tor helping me keep my sanity. M.R. 
• Keep on scraping those risers. Turtle Don't forget to save my seat! M.H. Excuse me Mr. Buffer. . . maybe not. K.B. -Thanks 
for keeping my secret . . . Oh! and the tenant was there. K.K. - When's our next morning at MacDonalds? T.R. ■ We managed 
tosurviverehearsals. Keep in touch. C.B.- Look out Spain, here we come! N.F. Nana's will always be waiting. Poomba- Cancers 
beware, "Oh Trevor!" Thanks for everything bud! And mom, you have tmly succeeded as both a parent and a friend: I'll love 
you forever. I wish everyone the best of luck in the years ahead. I will always remember you all. Hakuna Matata! 

Caroline Fric 

datsun. crazy. POP' haagen da:s. sailing. FREAK camping. SWITCH! cookies, dave? "l"-words. bush who? strange 
brew, "two on two . . . heh heh". all my favorite hits from the sixties and seventies! BEEP! mr. periodical, all FIVE ways, 
schorb shot, calgary chicks, body parts, hemorrhoids, taekwondo. lambchop is the girl, pounding the bait can be 
hazardous to your health, wholesome? buzzbomb. PBLTH! rubber chickens, "ah, a snout", dirty shirt . . . hmm . . . tooke? 
green? lenn mitchell? fuzzy boys, who was that sailor guy? ■ you'll never know, flin flon. DO. FT. hips, follow marcus 
h's wisdom: it is the secret of life, remember: when in doubt, use all five fingers or just smile and nod. "reanze you're 
dehumanized you criticise your existence it's your demize when no sun arise when you're paralized by your lack of 
resistance." • rancid 

Olivia Gamache 

To everyone whom this is applicable to: I love you. To the rest of you: BAM! The power of one is above all things, the 
power to believe in yourself, often well behind any latent ability you may have previously demonstrated. The mind is 
the athlete: the body is simply the means it uses to run faster or longer, jump higher, shoot straighter, kick better, swim 
harder, hit further or box better. "First with the head and then with the heart" is more than simply mixing brains with 
guts. It means thinking well beyond the powers of normal concentration and then daring your courage to follow your 
thoughts. • The Power of One. 

Wenii 6an 

Gwen came to SMU in grade 1 from Malaysia. She used to be a polite good girl but. like Aliyn; we corrupted her. Wen 
is the brownbelt AP Queen. Good times well always remember: the trunk of the pulsator. JLs house. B6 I . Dandy. Club 
Med: the Best place on earth. The Game (PL) Pemmican! the tart (AP). IVs. kkk. fight lire with fire, frozen rolling rats, 
the three Bs. SMU predance tradition. KW ■ Go buy your own clothes. AD - Miclol at Safeway. "Jake finds out" (DL + 

Olivier GervaisHarreman 

OJ immigrated from French Canada in pink and yellow way back in the middle of grade 4 . After a year and a half became 
frightened and confused and fled back to some small private school in Eastern Canada. He returned in grade 7 for good 
and spent his tmie playing drums and rugby. Oh yeah, he also spent 11!/^ months in total doing pushups. I hope you 
have enough space to stretch out in University Oli (to do push-ups of course) and keep beating your skins 
So much to say but I'll only say this: keep those junior and senior school memories alive, and remember that you're a 
I 7 yr. old EXCALIBUR. Thanx for the speedways and the good times. 

Kent Glowinski 

Kent arrived at SMU. S. in grade twelve from Prince Rupert and has made quite a name for himself, during his brief stay, 
here at St. Mikes! Apart from taking on the school over a ccrtnin matter. Kent found time to wrap himself in a Canadian 
flag and recite poetry in support of a unified Canada, during the Quebec referendum He also volunteered at the 
Vancouver Aids Foundations and was actively invoked with the Victoria branch of the United Nations, throughout the 
year, herein Victoria. The year 1 995- 1 996. also saw the beginning of Kent's political career, where his decision to run 
for MLA. despite age restrictions, stirred up quite a controversy, Kent, will best be remembered by all who knew him. 
for his unrelenting determination to stand up for what he believes in and for his love of coffee, of course! Vive le 

Lindsay Gordon 

Lindsay (AKA Lihby. Flash) came to SMU m gr 9 where she loined some clubs: NBWJ. KEN. BWB. volleyball and 
badminton. She'll always he remembered as "the girl who speaks her mind," She's always ready for good times, and 
definitely had some unforgetable nights: AW party. SL '95, FG J- LBC, Wayne's World nights and summer '95, Yummy 
grilled cheese and popcorn JD Painting the cottage! Panorama palace AB £ PL! Has anyone seen Roy? No, his name 
IS Ralph. Saltspring with JD S AD in search of Subway , . . sal eh? AJ • Remember when you borrowed my bathing suit 
in Maui? The 3 Bs and #4! Four words to remember: SMU predance tradition. Paralyzed on SS with Sperry! She'll always 
rememlier all her buds, especially JD. AD, AB, SP, AJ, WG! ST 's Rock! Grad prank 50/50! Stay away from the man 
who helps himself. When your down just remember to SNAX! Luv JD 

Meredith Grey 

As a founding member of the S,M,U,A,W.L,S,E,C,, Speak No Evil spent many hours as a worm at ease with her 
companions. See No Evil and Hear No Evil, Looking back at her academic career, she realizes, "Where was I?", She is 
now off to contemplate the future and give advice to her close friends (and complete strangers), such as "Don't eat yellow 
snow", and, "Don't eat soup with a knife! " In the tuture, Megadeath will be found partying with Noni and Ness and trying 
to stay off of Noni's front lawn, Pablo and Jaun will always hold a special place in her heart (her left ventricle) and let's 
hope Cafe Mexico is still standing in the year I!000 (or she will starve to death tor lack of male drooling opportunities). 
Hidden OUAC forms have yet to be found. Stuffed animals will tremble in fear of See, Speak and Hear No Evil. Asking 
Meredith about Goofy is guaranteed to get a laugh. She has learned to beware ot gray Chevys with pink racing stripes, 
and those that arrive in them. Meredith should remember that sauteeing water is difficult, that terminal illness is not 
getting sick at the airport, and that a seizure is not a Roman emperor. Meredith, remember that Howie Mandel is always 
the right answer, stay away from the pizza from hell, and Hakuna Matata, Thank God I'm a country boy , , girl , , , 
whatever, PS. The goose and Funis will be ours! 

Bradley Hanson 

FinaK grade I 2" Compared to grade 7 when I first came to SMU (middle school) as a boarder (rem Papua New Guinea 
(where\er that is), it is a BIG improvement- I guess now that I'm here, I'll make the best ol it For the future, UVic 
I hope, after that, something in the sciences-lorestrv. I'm not quite sure vet. Since coming to SMU. I have collected 
manv happv memories (house mo\ie night, yearly midnight skate, rugby games, friends and many others), and now 
I think of SMU as mv second home. I would like to thank all of the teachers that have taught me over the years, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jones for being so friendly and helplul. and their children lor reminding me what is was like to be young again. 

Liam Hassett 

"Ah. hello It's so nice to see you all here' As the more perceptive of you have probably realised by now. this is hell 
and I am the devil . Good evening " Such has been the life if Liam (Leeam. Lie-um) at SMU a passive, though 
not always silent, observer Liam picked up the French horn when he loined SMU in Gr 8, but yet to play it Nev- 
ertheless, he can often be heard swearing quietly to himself behind a music stand when not asking Mr Mackay lor 
a downbeat On the athletic Iront, Lame has never quite been able to live down the label libel ot "Tourist " from 
the Gr 10 rugby tour Mail kept to himself lor the better part ot his stay at SMU. but came out ol social hibernation 
long enough to be Tobv in Gr II Recitations. Notorious lor his withering hacks. Lame surprised his AP Bio I 2 class 
(and himselfl by showing that he actually knew something, leaping lemmmg-like as he answered questions and gave 
comments FHe would sometimes make a three point landing while other times crashed and burned ( " I think I'll 
shut up now. " Thanks to J. T.. B.C.S.. B.Y., FH.P.C.C. K.C.. and Peach lor all the great times. Remember: BEE E E-E vourself 

Alexandre Henri-Bhargava 

Ale\ arrived at S.MU in grade S and was immediately label as "Peach " lor the peach fu;;y on his head. He grew 
and developed with the help ol his nuturmg Iriends .After beginning his SMU lite in the nerd clan, he soon gained 
some social status as people realized that this peach was a cool, caring individual He had much success in SMU espe- 
cially academicallv where he earned the honour of school captain scholar He always tried to put his best foot forward, 
unfortunatelv much ol the time it ended up tripping on his other loot or in his mouth Peach's growing process has 
been as a result ol manv varied experiences (most ol which are too illegal to mention here') Seriously, he is a caring 
individual who gives of himsell lully. sometimes too much lor his own good. He is a great person to talk to whenever 
something troubles anyone and he should probably consider a career in psychiatry as he has become the "Shrink" 
lor many ol his friends. He is a true genious m all lacets ot lile and one day when more people realize this he will 
get the recognition he deserves Peach is a great friend to all and will be greatly missed by all at the school. He is 
sure to find success wherever lile may take him. 

Nelson Hill 

• Thanks lor the memories. 

- Nelson 

Jessica Holdstock 

"I would hope that when I die Td have done something to be remembered by "' • Jim Morrisson I came to SMU in 
gr. 8 rescued Irom the depths ol SMS. and ended up on the out-trip Irom hell canoeing at Thunderbird. As I grew, 
so did mv hair, unlortunately Never torget the many plays and cast parties. Despite a considerable lack ol belivers. 
I guarantee vou will all see me at the Oscars' Always loud and complaining, but always smiling. I came and went, 
picking up numerous bottles ot Uet n' Wild, pairs ol shoes, and sunglasses along the way. I will always remember 
Vlebbv and the ducks crossing incident, gossip and soap updates in choir and at lunch. Dancing Queen, couches. 
Quiet Da\. James Bond. Ski Trip. Dance Committee. WWF. pencils and the many better memories ol out trips-MUD! 
To all the smart people: "■He"s Winnie-the Pooh. Dont you know what ther' means' ". To BM: "Friends are born, 
not made " Thanks lor an incredible 5 years, everyone, keep smiling. "Don't look back, someone might be catching 
up " Anything is possible. 

Joanna Holdsworth 

I arrived at the Junior School in grade lour, where it all began .1 H and KB, vs. M,H. and JR.. the Sacred Club 
and the Spy Club. As the years compiled, people arrived, including R B . H.T.. T.B.. R.C.. PS. • (W.T. Machine, Grass 
, ,). Aurora basketball and other GOOD things, BadGOODball with R B, and Desolation (Who can |ump the furthest?) 
Europe '93 ■ Funny men in trench parks, the autobahn, bad navigation, toes . , , B-Ball 94 93, best trips, best mem- 
ories, best laughs. (C.J, strapped to the elevator and The Box!) 1995 Hockey Champs with Chinese food and the 
Rookie Bed, Spermicidal Jellybeans shouldve won - "I get around" "these sounds" To all my buddies • Thank you 
Meggs - lor understanding what no one else can. Zeb • the talks Doctors?'. Jill - my secret ear. Hayden ■ the 

gate will open into the Everlasting Fields of Joy. Kim you're the greatest, thanks for your support and inspiration. 
Finally to Ro\ - from Aurora, onward and upward we go. 

Patrick Huang 

Patrick, aka Paia. found that five years of life at SMU turned out a number of memorable moments; The outdoor 
trip to Garibaldi with Abe. Conrad. Dean. Tommy. Thomas. David H. and Maggie, Nights out with buddies in Tatami 
eating Kimchee and sucking on Asahi Super Dry, The school musicals "Fiddler on the Roof". "The Gondoliers" and 
"Oklahoma" "FuizyDuck'ing 28 packs with Saito. Bulent. Kaz. Tom. and Chuy, The allnight Big-Two competition. 
Cruising in his brand new BMW The night out with Abe. Adam. Alex, and Kyle "Taking charge of the asylum". 
Thanks to PBS,. LC. TC, S C. WC. D H,. G,F^,. K,K,. D,L,. K,N,. Y,S,. and B,S, for all the fun times, and good 
luck to ya-all! 

Meggan Hunt 

I survived my twelve years quite sucessfully. thanks to my great family and my wonderful friends. After I was kicked 
out of Mr B's class I got my act together and had a great time ■ thanks to a great friend of mine (Z,C ) who'll listen 
any time. Thanks also to G, Szamosi. Buzz. Miss Nonce. Laura F and Jilly D for all their patience and inspiration. 
Some day I'll be wearing a REAL Canadian lacket. thanks to them I can't write em all. but I know my close friends 
will remember all the good times II you're ever down go running, camping, hiking, saunamg. hot tubbing, or tram- 
polining - it's a 'lor-sure cure', II you can't do that, get a hug from J T or P G, ■ it's even better' Thanks very much 
to my live labulous brothers and my many Iriends: it was a blast! 
PS. Eight Rochs. 

Simon Ibell 

Simon was recruited Irom Toronto in the third term ol grade 6, He came to the school with the motto that "height 
doesn't mean anything " This was really shown in his many years ol service to the basketball program as manager 
ol the team, right through the disappointing Ipt Provincial lost to McNair in the year ol OS, and A.W. , As well, 
he managed the rugby team, which led him to go on tour in grade ten. and earned, his nickname. "Stats ", In the 
lirst lew years at the school, he prelerred studying to partying, although some might have called him a slacker lor 
going on the Robbie three times! However. Stats started partying in grade then, and was seen in many a cheesy Haw- 
aiian shirt By his eighteenth birthday he still hadn't got his license 'cause he could always depend on his friends for 
a ride But can always be seen driving the "Gravy Tram"", Anyhow, after the entertainment of his I 8th birthday party, 
and the car rally before that. Stats fell man enough to take on anything, anyway, Simons fondest memories at the 
school are of his friends: A HB,. 0, G-H. PS. B.W,. S.L, (cheese). CD,. C,R,. RC, C.L.. B.J.. G.S,. M.H.. H,T,. S,W,, 
TO. J L . J.D.. J W . A. A., K R.. and company, and ol course, hangin" out in T.C.'s office. In his future, he hopes 
to head south o' the border, maybe go hang out with his hero of sorts, Steve Nash, down in Santa Clara. 

Alexandra Janse 

Lovely Folks ■ Bald Eagle. Tinula, Roy. Twix. Saints. Ripples. Lamb. Gumbaroom. Frosty. Elvis. Godfather, Dobsem. 
Alvin. Moot, Ducky, Macdaddy. Bettina. Heart and Mind, \'m Too Sexy , , I arrived in Grade 6 and spent some 
quality time at the Middle School where we tear no tornado warnings, loved OS, and E,F,, wondered: "Do you have 
a kiss , , ,?"", discovered tht Oreo, created Speedo man, and ligured "the Senior School might be better,"" I saw my 
first shooting star on the way, a sign of things to come. When I got the big leagues I loined some extracurricular 
clubs: BWB. KEN, and got kicked out ol NBWJ, I will never forget the words to No Woman No Cry, and the smell 
ol incense Long live snax, happy hours, B6I, three-man, skinny dipping, caminar en los arboles, and the amn who 
helped himself. Thank you for the opportunity of knowing you all. 


Grade 12 

Judy Jee 

w mmm wmiiuwii 

"GEE " it's Judy Jee. (AKA JULLE). Quite often people mistake calling her name to Julie- Judy came to SMU In grade 10, 
and her days at SMU back then were not too great. But when Julie arrived at SMU. thev became best friends and her 
life filled with excitements, as this Calitornian girl "Julie" taught Jud\ e\er\thing about fashion and guys. Now being 
Julie's roommate, they have more fun than ever Judy's social life has much improved over the years, and she stands 
quite well in school. Next year she wishes to continue her studies at UBC. 'Last thing to remember; if you're looking 
lor Judy. |ust look for Julie. 

Chelsea Jones 

That's great it starts with - fuzz - assassination point - the concert three (tour?) ■ x tiles ■ this is what I call intricate artwork 
-cycling trip = rain, powerhars. hills, hide the lood the rats are coming why can't I drive- orchestra Wed. 7:20 -bridge 

- "the" room: AM MT KC JL JS HP BS RC BV CP CR MG JT (redhead') LH CC ME - Highlander ■ warm fuzzies - skating 

- the truth is out there - yes and I know the truth about you . . . shika - strange e-mail • French movies - midnight Star 
Wars - horse riding camp = trailer, losing points lor cobwebs, horses, his heart it was beating (slam) ■ psychotic grin 

- rem - strange and beautiful are the stars tonight ■ calculator games ■ U2 - Long Beach walk in starless dark - lifter ■ muffin 
a day ■ or didn't vou realize this is it this is the end. 

Manami Kikuchi 

Manami (Manam) arrived in SMU in grade '' and adjusted quite easily to the life at middle school. But as soon as she 
reached senior school in grade 9. she became a wild teen. After the lirst two weeks at senior school, she had learned the 
art ol skipping chapel by having her foot set in a cast. (The drastic measures that one will take to avoid chapel.) Vet soon, 
her foot healed and this excuse was history. Then she came up with the ingenious idea to join the concert band and 
orchestra in the mornings. But soon she discovered that the violin wasn't played in band. Also Manam is known for her 
wild parties and the variety ol guests she invites, .Manami plans to go back to Japan for her post secondary studies, and 
she plans to be an artist. And so. in the future, if we see a well known artist in Japan who has chapel-phobia, we will know 
who she Is. Best of luck in your future and in all that you do. JL 

Ji-Sun Kim 

Ji-Sun. sister of the notorious Jl-Hoon, arrived in grade ten from Korea and began by learning English in E.S.L. in Room 

I and eating chocolate muffins everyday with Kaz and Mrs. Greenwell. Ji-Sun has haunted the art room and wrestled 
French verbs with Commander \X illiams and has discov ered that she hates rocks. She thought St , Michael's teachers have 
strange names. Where else would vou come across a Cook, a tongue and a feather stone, and one who lishes and Michael 
Jackson, It's been tough each \ear but finallv she'll graduate from SMU.S, ■ she'll miss Mrs, Greenwell and ,Mrs. Hawes 
so much and Nancv. Michelle. Sharon. Now she's off to Art school and a new life Good luck. Ji-Sun! 

Marcus Kirk 

I drive reallv slow in the ultra-last lane while people behind me are going insane: I park in handicap spaces. SB. - 1 034 
bodvchecks. 240 crowd level: one of a lew people who like good music: run till we puke. M.W. ■ it took i locks. 2 sets 
of wet P.E. clothes and an entire locker before a truce in the locker war, J.W. - are you still in the store? H. L. - the object 
of the great eraser wars - lotsa' fun. Spent more time drawing on the T.I. - 85 than doing math, poor CD. S.W. - yes, 
your car is great: remember, you can fight city hall. ,\1. R. ■ remember losing N.S. and B. Y. in Camp Thunderbird; hey, 
where is my rugby shirt? C.F. £ M.H. • should our bumpers be touching? P.M. - for 20 in sports action: remember that 
huge Robbie fro. "Tit n neht the girl latuo den rut" - J.L. 

Kyle Kirkham 

Stumbling out ot the back country of Squamish and into SMU provided a number ot shocks and a lew recognitions are 
in order lor the people who helped along the way. First ot all. my deepest gratitude to Ian Schneider, my roomale for 
all the times you listened, thanks to Adam Molineux for more of the same and lor some good advice, to Karen Webster 
simply for being yourself, to Claire Ezzeddin. Michelle Cheng. Alex Miller and Pat Huang tor uncountable late nights, 
tons of help and the odd adventure, my appreciation and respect to Zareen Charania for all your work and support and 
to everyone else thanks for your friendship and for always being willing to lend a hand 

Fabian Konigbauer 

I came here in Grade 9 after a year of hell at a certain other private school. It took sometime to get acquainted with the 
school. Since then, the school has been lair to me. I don't know what memories I will always keep from this school. All 
I knew IS that SMUS in all its aspects will always have a special place in my heart. The best memories I have are: the UK- 
Ireland Tour in Grade 10 (Kangaroo Court, etc.). burning garbage cans in Mr. Fisher's chem. Mrs. P'Agostino's fixation 
on a certain topic. Physics, and of course the wonderful world ol SMUS equipment. I will leave SMUS tor U Vic (who would 
have ever thought?) where I'll spent a max. ol 4 years doing some sort ot Bachelor in Science. Then. I hope to study to 
be dentist or doctor . . 

Helen Lamala 

I came to SMU in the heyday of the 1 984. where I was introduced to the joys of recess and lunch activities (Machete- 
Eddie. Tackle Jamie. Kissy-Catchy. etc.) The years since then have not paled in comparison ... SW - red underwear . 
. . beef jerky . . . school spirit. MK ■ the only person I know to have mastered the zen and art of driving, delivering pizzas, 
starting eraser wars, and consuming copious quantities of pizza. TB - tangy booty . . . soft-rock . . . birthday buddy. TA 
• being there always ... too many memories. KB £ ZC - how many clubs did we have? MH ■ Haagen-Pazs champion 
. . . I'homme etrange in the Paris. CF - you are the epitome of style (nice shoes). I love you all . . Have a nice life, "Ya' 
gotta love this place. Every day's like Halloween " 
"The truth is out there" 

Carol Lee 

Straight from Taipei. Taiwan. Carol Lee came to SMU In grade nine. She came here carrying her badminton and tennis 
racket and. she lound a chance to show her skills when she made the school's badminton and tennis teams, for four years 
in a row. Aside from being the only Taiwanese girl in her grade. Carol made lots ol Iriends. Just to name a lew. Annie 
v.. Amy T.. Betty P.. Ivy L,. Mandy L.. Joy L.. Serena P.. Grace T ... She will never forget the good times she had at 
SMUS. especially when it comes to around 2:00am,. when she began her peer bonding. Studying business in the United 
States IS what she intends to do next, but we all know that wherever she goes. SMUS will have a place in her heart of 

David Lee 

David Lee first ventured into SMU in Gr, 7 (don't you get bored?) The first thing that he was introduced to was basketball. 
He learned how to play the game by playing with "little boys and girls" so his skill never improved much. In the beginning 
David never seemed to do much, except play his computer games all day. however, things have changed. In his Gr. I 2 
year. David became the captain of FYMA basketball team and a member ot the PCL basketball team. Not only that, even 
his hair started to change. He became the famous "spike" because of his sharp, pointy hair. What is the cause of it. you 
might ask? well, as tar as we know, he was "dumped" by a girl in Gr. I I which caused him to go nuts! Well, he then 
got another girlfriend but was "dumped" again and this time "spike " went totally wild, with the "gold tidal wave" that 
shocked everyone. His style changed even more throughout the year and even when he won back his first girlfriend's 
love. Girls have changed him n lot. (if you don't believe me. just look at his old pictures and compare them to the new 
and improved ones), well I guess the power ol love is amazing!! 


Grade 12 


Grade 12 

Janice Lee 

Janice's life wasn't too eventful in grades 6 6 7. but when she met CR £ AN in grade 8. this all changed In the summer 
of '92 . as she and CR hiked 300 kms (divided by 1 00) to their volunteer work, they overcame many obstacles like: "Let's 
see how much fudge we can really cram mto these sundaes!" or "O'Ryans again?". And durmg the outrip of Garibaldi, 
her inquisitive side was discovered by those who camped with her; "Vou mean we could be maulled by bears?" or "Who's 
got the flashlight?" But the vicious side of Janice was yet to be discovered. The mean streak in her never surfaced until 
she met Breezy. As Janice desperately tried to tell her horse who was the boss, the instructor and her friends found that 
she had great potential to become a rodeo rider. (And she'll continue to have nightmares of falling off a horse! - thanks 
to MT) Janice is very glad to have friends like JS. RC. CJ. AM. MT. HD. KC. £ CR who shared some of the funniest and 
happiest moments of her life. Janice isn't sure about her future or what she'll do. but she wants to travel around the world 
to learn more about life, and herself. 

Brock Leong 

"Smooch" came to SMU in grade one. He spent a few years at the junior school until he was hijacked to hicksville 
(Campbell River) after grade three. He came back in grade nme a longhaired hardcore hockey player. He then quickly 
developed an amazing sense of style and has since become the most fashionable guy around, chicks |ust lovin' his fresh 
clothes and long hair. Brock remember afternoon rides while enjoying the theatre, car rally '95. huma in Mexico, high 
quality beverages. B$i3 with A.S. and K.H. at the semi-formal and many wasted days and nights at the Pool Hall. Brock 
Is definitely looking forward to his future full of fast, expensive cars, expensive clothes, lots of money and his really 
amazing looking wife. • J. P. "It's not how last ya go. but how good ya look while goin" - J. P. 1995 

Denise Leung 

I cameloS M U S . I lived S M.U S . I graduated fromS.M U S ?lt gave me the opportunity to learn from the great ones. 

Mr. + Mrs. Hamilton generous and unconditional. Mr. + Mrs. Cameron siempreen mi coiazon. Mr. + Mrs. Jones. You're 
wonderful and loved. Mr. Johnson thank you for giving me a boost so I could stand on the desk, off to the barka! Gethin 
Jones inamorato. Cameron Loveless I can't believe in anyone who doesn't believe m me. I believe in you. I've always 
believed in you. Chris Robb like the way you dig sunsets. Pony that's gold, keep that way it's a good way to be Jennine 
Downie vou're alive if you want I can fly for you and for any dear to you I would do anything. Devlin Bradford the sun 
can kiss. Lorelei, they may go for spring break, but where are they going? Carys Jones always keep the cheap mask on, 
will we ever complete our goal of ... 9. 10. bombs away! K.W. believe. Olivia Gamache living proof of the power of 
one Border Bechez biggest lesson of all that through strength comes beauty. NEVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS OR 
k C . LI F 

Mandy Li 

Ever since she made her first appearance at SMU two years ago. Ah Man has performed brutal "aerial" attacks on virtually 
every female boarder alive (in some cases it went much further than that). As a Singer Yellow Male. Mandy likes to be 
exceptionally close to the ground, and her frequent PK shows are characterized by beautifully coordinated landings. She 
studies best in laundry baskets, which is an obsession that goes as far as folding Michelle's dirty laundry over and over 
again. Like every Brown Hall regular. Fung Yi appreciates fine food like McDonald's and Tung I noodles, but one peculiar 
taste that has never been completely understood is soiled pads. As much as she enjoys roaming the corridors of Winslow 
House after curlew, she will never walk around barefoot again m tear of arbitrarily misplaced thumbtacks. Well folks, 
as Archie herself once said. "That's all! Thai's all" 

Jonathan Leong 

In 'S4 Jono's career with S.M.U.S began at the (unior school. Soon alter came W.WF. with upper remove and the 
ROAPRATS. Then in 'S9 they built the middle school where Jono became quite an unruly chap. Alter many long hard 
years '9 I brought the senior school. The summers were lilled with B.W.B. & L.S.D.T. When school came Sauce Mansion 
was erected and destruction and mayhem broke out. On Jono's prolound journey at S.M.U. the last lour were the best 
with the never boring adventures like the battle of senior and junior sauce, robbie.silverstar I -4. gradgrafiti. the eventful 
car rally. R.S.. C.L.. P.B. • the menage crew. Long Live Sauce! Rezuchi S Hubert comrades in sauce. Jono's involvement 
with the grads ol '94 £ '95 were strange and enjoyable. Mr. Squigley S Roy helped in his venture lor the ultimate prize, 
the spice. Spicy! To the guys variety is the spice oi lite. His parting words are I LOVE these people! You know who you 
are! Until next time . . . 

David Lin 

David Lin (PiDI) came Irom a private school in Switzerland "Le Rosey"- He arrived at SMUS in Gr. I I and became a 
member ol Barnacle house. He "enjoved" the seven o'clock, gating, and The Big Jwo League. , . . etc. in the first year. 
DiDi was one ol the youngest guys in the grade because he skipped Gr. 10 with his special talent ie: luck. During his 
spare time, you can find DiPi hanging around with his pals. Chu-man. Stud. Ese. Pachila and Darkman partying 
everywhere. He also hangs around with the "Taiwanese Gang " (J.H.. C.H.. D.H.. S.H.. L.W.. K.W.. T.C.) in Victoria, 
Vancouver or even Taiwan. Whenever there is a dance, you will definitely see DiDi with his buddies (Q.T.K.. S.Y.. D.H.. 
W.C.) rocking the house. DiDi will never forget the life in SMUS. SPECIAL THANKS TO: The people who talk to me 
on the phone after curfew. 

Sampson Lin 

Sampson came to SMU in grade 1 after studying in Vancouver for a year. The boarding life in Harvey House changed 
his shy personality, and gave him a totally different new world. The most unforgettable thing to Sampson must he when 
he met Cassie in his second year at SMU. You won't see them doing anything (!?) without the other after they have met 
each other. You can also find him downtown or on the B-ball court with C.W. (The King Kong), M.S. (Chow-Mein). E.C.. 
(The Fish), and which forms the "Kennedy Gang". Sampson will stay in B.C. for further education, and finish his doctor 
degree. We wish him good luck in the future. 

Steven Lobb 

Being one of the grad class' illustrious lifers. Steve began his SMU career in the Reagan era and finished it in the Regen 
era. His life at SMU gained its special flavour because ol his many friends, especially: ZC. RC, CD, OGH. MH. SI. PM. 
TO. PS. KK. HT. JH. JT. GS. JW. BW. and especially his personal "shrink " AHB. Steve will always be remembered as 
the cheesiest guy in this class (remember the dance. Steve. Oh yeah the car rally - you were what colour?) As well. Steve 
was an exceptional athlete who played on the soccer, basketball and rugby team, as well as ran track All the while he 
managed to keep his hair chiseled into perfect shape with an entire tube of gel. Steve was known to make many a pretty 
girl cry. especially in a time when he dabbled in the STOCK market. But at long last, in his final year he was able to find 
his true love. KR. 

Catherine Loiancono 


Of all the things I remember my friends the most! Whatever happened to 6:00. blunders. Fairy. Devilman or Gr 8 Grad 
in the bathroom . . . conversations that were overheard . . . Reggaefest . . . Bob? all our cheesy boys . . . Monday 
Morning alters ... and all our cheesy songs • My one and only true B.B.. Thanks for all the chats! •• A penny for your 
thoughts . . . Power to All •■ Hey Googly eyes! What's wrong with your eyes? Can you Fetch me F.F. — To our long 
chats to the K.G.B.. Roy and Lemonwater ••■ French class?!! - It all happened with that Physics experiment - PC's 
Shawnigan Trips . . . Friendly Sharing and Learning -■ Did you still want her *f I will always remember that night looking 
at the moon! ■■ I haven't forgotten your linguini N.H. ■• Can I rub your elbow? Ooohhh ■•• Vaf NAN you're the best! 
Can you believe we made it --- Socials homework m the bathroom --- 2 week anniversary on tape •• Frosty • the Ultimate 
note ■• To you all Thanks for the memories 

Cameron Loveless 

I have made many good friends and acquaintances at this school. There are my old friends that I remember very well 
in my grade nine days when I truly experienced the power of the senior. I can remember as a day student sneaking around 
the boarding houses and being trapped by .1. Goodier and company at which time they force fed me a dirty plunger 
(acquired the title Plunger-Boy). I will also remember the grad class of '95; I made many good friends from: Jeremy. Ali. 
Sacha. Mischa. Ole. Jamie. Scotty. and Jassie. And then there is this year. I have many awesome friends: Jono. Peter. 
Hayden. Drew. Dickson. Eds and Gled's. Stats, my little China Girl, the BBall dudes, the Rugby warriors, loaners. rebels, 
and finally all the nice girls that I've met along the way. Farewell people. I'll se ya' in the N.B.A.. 


Aw . . . How sweet 


Grads 1996 

Here's looking at you 



H^Hl ^^^B -^^T^iMS 



lenise Leung. Karen Webster 
Tanya Boteju 
3 • Denise Leung, Devlin Bradford 
Cam Loveless 
' 5 • Abe Chan. Amy Tsui 

6 • Claire Payne 

7 • Caroline Rueckert 

8 • Marcus Kirk 

9 ■ James Townley 

■ John Thomson. Jenn de Hann 
'f I - Nelson Hill. John Upton 

12 ■ Groupie 

1 3 • Danni Crawford 

1 4 • Zareena Charania. Catherine Loiacono. Meg 
Hunt. Alex Henri-Bhargava 

Grad 1996 


Patricia Mazuch 

Entering SMU in gr 3 Pat is still wondering "Are there really alligators in your cupboard Mrs. P.?" She started eating 
carrots in gr 4 math class and can now he found devouring her lunch in most classes. JG I still miss you. Middle school 
passed by in a blur only faintly remembered by playing musical chairs with HD in gr S math class " Its my turn to sit next 
to him today!" Memories of Out trips include Robbie. WCT (up the ladder . . . down the ladder . . . up . . .) and Albert 
Edward withNS. MS and KB. Driving to CF's for lunch intheDatsun "What's the air freshner special for today?" Driving 
to school in the Banana-mobile. CF - Spat. AM |ust how did we end up in Goldstream Park anyway? Out of school Pat 
can be found on her skis teaching at Mt. Washington or in warmer weather on her bike trying to win races and dreaming 
of snow. 

Amyrose McCue 

. . . There was a lot of canola in Manitoba • The M word (which everyone thought was the word) - Tell me your 30.000 
things to do with broccoli (KC) . . . From cocktail sausages to bratwurst - Chili - 72 hours?!?! Do you forego sleep? (CR) 
. . . Rain falling on soft grass • Doesn't it give you warm fuzzies? (HD) . . . How about Pavarotti? (ME) . . . The movement 
from an anthro to a deocentric world ■ I am not! ■ I know the world and I believe in God (GF) . . . We were. uh. talking 
(CC) . . . Look at the trees! ■ The mice are coming, the mice are coming! (MT) . . . Hello, my little pumpkins - Sure we 
like orange juice! (CJ) , . . Wait until we do BioChem ■ No cheesecake until after the provincial - Its enzyme facilitated 
(PG) . . . Shall we do yet ANOTHER duet? ■ (TA) ... A kiwi bird! (RC) , , , It all began in Grade 6 (JL) . . . Turn off the 
lights in the lab (LH) . . . Why does she have to sing like that right next to me? (CP) . . . We're having a test (JM) 
. . . The spray chess pilgrimage (BY) . . . Give me a hug . . . 

Alexander Millar 

"You can call me Al' , , " That's how friendly Millar can get if you get to know him well, an idealistic scholar, with 
outrageous athletic abilities, and the perfect teeth (sigh!!!) ... So was Millar a man of all seasons? Well, you could ask 
him to sing "Like a Prayer", ask him to spit out his food in Brown Hall, or ask him his opinion on the third world countries, 
and that would just probably change your attitude towards him. But even though Al is not perfect, he is also talented 
in many areas and skills, namely: a fine rock-paper-scissors player, an artistic fella' when it comes to "Uncle" games, Millar 
has also accomplished many things ever since he entered S.M.U. in grade eleven, and he plans to go to the big U. of T, 
when he graduates. Bonne Chance Alex, and remember that I'll crash into you with some Tar TAR, 

Philip Miller 

Philip Miller is characterized by his ever-present, excessively polite hospitality (Hey, I'm halt-Japanese!), his non-existent 
ego and his continually expanding fro. He was a terror on the tennis court which may have something to do with his close 
proximitv to Cedar Hill Rec. An advantageous soccer hooligan, he enjoyed many seasons of play (except for one which 
what cut short due to an unfortunate collar bone incident) His bitterness was eased with thoughts of powdering down 
a ski run sparked by his many photos of snow and ski hills. Yoji san 

Adam Molineux 

During the friendly silence of the soundless moon I crept into Harvey House where I learnt the whereabouts of "God's 
country " and became the Head of house. Thank you to all those pulchritudinous ladies who helped maintain my lack 
of cash. Thanks to John tor being the benevolent giant in my life. Thanks to Kelly tor being inimitable. Yes. Vanessa. 
I'll be fine! C.J.. you're always right! Ben you saved my life. Karen, you will always be my inamorata . . . Steve, I hope 
I added some Goat cheese to your collection. Thanks to Kyle who taught me "no man is an island". Thanks to all the 
lunatics who helped take charge of the asylum. "Kyle, isn't she looking awfully isoteric today?" Thank you Jake for 
teaching me the right way to fall from a window. Thanks to O.J. who will soon grace the cover of "Rolling Stone ". Thanks 
AH B who will awake to find himself famous. ■ What will I do next? I will run toward my destiny for I am the running 
man , . . 

Julie Myong 

Miss Calilomia is also known as Keroppi girl! She landed here at SMU in gr. II . Her best hudd\ Judy Gee ■•• «ho is also 
her room mate made her SMU life a "little" enjoyable She loves shopping rather than studying and (eating?) But too 
bad! What can she expect in Victoria to shop around. She will be going back to Calilornia to en|oy the sunshine and 
shopping. Last thing to remember: it you are looking lor Julie - Just find Judy . . . 

Miho Nakagawa 

Miho. originally from Japan came to Smu for her final year of high school She is delighted to be here at SMU. having 
weathered :! long years in Southern Ontario. Port Hope's climate, learning English. She has enjoyed improving her tennis 
game at Oak Bay Rec. Centre, and enioys her fellow class and dorm males. She hopes to go to a Canadian or American 
university, working towards a degree in Business Administration. Alter that she'll return to Japan, to the foot of Mt. Fuji. 
to her home cily ot Shizuoka. 

Kazumasa Naritsuka 

KAZNARITSUKA came to SMU in 1 993 from Japan with no English skills, hut he improved a lot because he is a dam 
cool guy! He is also a prefect in Bolton House and loves soccer, so of course, he made the first eleven soccer team Do 
you g'^jys still remember how cold Williams Lake was in BC AA Tournament? Good friendship T.R. M.T. AC. and T.C. 

See vouSMUS!! 

Teng Lee Ong 

There is so much to sav ' So much has happened over the three year period, since I arrived at SMUS in grade 10. School. 
boarding. Iriends. etc. "Boarding", now that is something I will always remember with very tond memories. Every year 
I've been here. I've boarded in "Barnacle House" and I have enioyed the surroundings I have lived in extremely I made 
new Iriends whom I en|oved spending my time with very much: CS. BH. BS. BJ. TF. We always kept each other company 
and enioved common lields ol interests and humor. The SWRPO which I ran as OM kept the group ol us entertained 
on the weekends. I would like to thank everyone in school for making my experience at St. Michaels a good and 
memorable one. Certain people I'd like to recognize who have made boarding in SMUS lor me much more enjoyable and 
memorable are: Mr. and Mrs. Greenwell. mv kind and friendly teachers. PC. SR. CM. KK. IS. DM. and MB. Thanks SMUS! 

Taylor Owen 

I came to the school in gr.9 and after a few days of aimelessly wandering. I lound the closest group ot friends I hav e ever 
had. The gr.9 Rock Climbing trip was where my love ol Iriendships with JO. and P.S. began. Gr. 1 brought on antoher 
instrumental trip that continues to be relived on a regular basis. Tour: the pubs, downtown London, the Kayley and oh 
yeah, the Rugby . Out ol this adventure emerged the boys. A wild pack ol animals that have proved to be as ruthless on 
unsuspecting'passersby as they are on each other alter a weekend ol events Out o( those guvs there is no one that I have 
gotten into more trouble with than A. A. (which is mcidently who many of the people in this class end up with.) Together 
Al and I have survived souly on his increadibly effective smile. Sunday afternoons at J.T.'s and Dyer's were always fun 
as well as the time spent with jolly trumpeter himself. With my time at SMU running out. I will always have many fond 
memories (the talk on the porch) and many things to look lorward to. Thanks to everyone 

You are my sunshine 

The Boys 

Make bunnies, not war 

A whole new World 


M at « , 

»iMiirilBMi-..-«r» ■■ or 

Is It Friday yet? 

Jono in Paradise 

Grad 1996 

Naz comes out 

Hurry up an' take the flippin' picture! 

Don't judge a book by its cover. 

MSM's melt in your heart 

p- 1 Thomas Chen 
pO Groupy 
p-S Natasha Schorb 
p-4 Alex Millar 
p-5 James Peacock 
p-6 groupie 

p-7 Amy Tsui, Kaz Naritsuka, Mandy 
Li, Maggie Pang 
\ p-8 Alex Janse, Roxanne Boult 
p-9 Ben White. Danni Crawford 
p-ll Michelle Cheng, Mandy Li 

Grads 1996 I ^*^ 

Maggie Pang 

Maggie entered S.MU, in grade 9. and after experiencing it "all" in E.S.L. camps and karaoke bars in Vancouver, she 
decided to take on a more subtle side with her inner sell. Maggie started to paint pictures for the school, she volunteered 
to help out in a hospital, and she even kindly offered X'mas cards with sweet messages inside them for everyone in 
boarding. Ah . . . sweet Maggie . . . (Um . . . apparently not . . .) If you get to know the real Maggie you will find a girl 
who will force boys to wear feminine hair clips in their hair, and a person who will slaughter ANYONE when it comes 
to video games (Lion King - you name it!). She has also tried to he tres risque when it when it comes to doing death defying 
moves on the stair wells, this however was something she could not do. and she had to break her two ankles for that. 
Next year Maggie plans to go to UBC. to study Business Admin. Good Luck Maggie in the future years to come, and 
keep in touch!! 

Claire Payne 

Claire (or Payne as she is known to the I I art group), came to SMUS in grade 10 from the cold recesses of Edmonton. 
Adjusting to hoarding life was a real challenge for this ex-Oilers tan. especially trying to get to top floor of Schoolhouse 
for French lessons in a 3 5 lb hip cast. Claire found out the hard way that Olympic style skiing is only for Olympic skiers. 
Both good and bad memories of grades 10 and II : a certain tipsy. Iiplocking AC and future boarder RM at SNs 
"borrowed" beach house, electric jell-o with Erin H.. long talks at Overtime. 7- 1 I slushes. Zanzibar. Nakiska. riddles. 
II Tera;o with Snics, political talks with hick AN Best memories so far of Gr. [2: playing poll 'til 3:30a.m. with CC and 
RC, an overexposure of "Saturday Night" HD. "Do it lor England James!". Lit. £ AP Hist This romance novel reader 
has Indiana Jones lever (History rules!) and it has been recommended by many that she write novels. Claire hopes to dig- 
up the world for relics and is one of the only graduates who won't go on to get her degree in business. 

James Peacock 

James |omed SMU in grade 1 as a long haired veggie, but none of us really got to know him at first because of prior 
social engagements and other things on his mind; MO! But that soon changed and James's warped sense ol humour 
and left-field wisecracks pulled us through the many boring classes; "C.Mc. - didn't you have enough fibre?" James 
remembers times at the Pool Hall, the night before the out trip • A. P.. afternoon rides at the play, big hair. K.H. and 
the plan, constantly living on the other side ol the line and rides with B.L.. James's lile does and always will revolve around 
his bikes- It's a good thing to as he doesn't seem to do so well with cars. "Stay on the other side; it suits you." ■ BL "Put 
me back on my bike " ■ Tommy Simpson Last words belore his death in the 1 967 Tour de France. 

Sara B. Perry 

Sara came to SMU in gr. 1 Irom Salmon Arm Thank God she lelt her cowboy boots at home. During her time she met 
some great Iriends and will never forget: the lime spent SH exploring. Going to Lolla with MB.. Getting Cam to watch 
the door. Going to the beach, burning in the shower. Partying with Em's when the famous quote was born "Don't let 
me do anyone tonight I won't wanna do again in the morning." Being paralyzed at S.S.. Living at Jillys. Hawaii • Surlin 
with Steph. The Binge' with H. Boarding with Bazzard. Pizza hut with Amy. the ST's kicked _ss. Jill, it was a case!!! 
Roy? . . . Where? Walters . . where R U? Well now she's done the time and has sure enjoyed the trip and can't wait to 
explore what's to come. Cheers to many more luicfced times. She leaves us saying 'Cowboys are my weakness' • LUV YA 

Milos Repicky 

"Five years have passed; Five summers, with the Length of Five Long Winters!" In those five years Mllos has enjoyed 

the pleasures and endured the toils ol his career at SMUS. He presented himself as a player of all sorts: on the sports 
pitch, at the theatre, and on the music stage. His charm and diplomatic disposition attained him many Iriends (and few 
enemies), who always enjoyed rides in that line example ol French engineering. His llirtations habits led to lew. il any. 
meaninglul relationships, but it was lun anyway! Detinite'ly a man of the arts. Milos took to the stage addictively. His 
theatrical pursuits attained him credits in"Fiddler on the Rool". "The Gondoliers". "Oklahoma" and many more, and 
sparked perhaps a lite-long passion. He also took refuge at the piano, most notably with perlormance ol the Greig Piano 
Concerto with the Senior Orchestra. Academics always lound some way to get intermingled into Milos's life which 
shaped him scholarly appearance, but maybe it's just good acting. Milos gives his gratitude to all those influential, 
friendly and supportive and to the rest • "Remember the applause!" 

Christopher Robb 

Chris Robb graced us with his presence in gr.9 and some are still in shock- Bra\ ing massi\e head in|ur\ m his own basement 
and the likes ol Commando Man on the street his sur\ival seemed improbable. Not only did Chris sur\ue. but prospered: 
defeating tierce Barbarians in a single gulp and claiming lame and booty at home (Vic Goll Course Pla\lair| and abroad 
(What goes on Tour . . .) In gr. I I Chris excelled in many areas including public speaking "Find me a window!', 
comparative car shopping (New Years), dream analysis "Keep her in your dreams Bern. " and ot course fishing (lor bosses). 
Since then there's been Marcaibo STOOB's and big black snakes at Johnnie's multiple house in\ asions (ONS chicks S their 
jovies). devil at dances and innumerable v isits to Subway. Undoubtedly there's more goods in store tor Chris and his Boys 
in '96 and beyond. "Good . , bad . I'm the guy with the Gun" ■ Ash 

Tom Roberts 

Tom came to SMU from the midlands of England to become the official informant on Canada's youngest politician: Mr. 
Starbucks himself. Although this preacher judge ol Eldritch couldn't keep Walter in "order" his affair with the pious 
Nellie managed to keep him sane. Gossiping, writing for Kaleidascoop and running x-country occupied Tom for a bit 
but proved only distractions created to keep his mind from his true love . . . Li2 Hurley. This James Bond freak will always 
remember waiting in line for the opening of "Goldeneye" and the dinner at Milos' with Bui. Lui. Kaz (alkie). Yuri. Pat. 
Kyle. Ian. Li\ and Tash as the only time he managed to catch all his best friends together in one room (the best I 9th 
birthdav present of all!) Tom never forgot beachcoming in the sunset. "Body Parts" in Seattle, the Bolton Buds in 2 I 8. 
marriage discussions in chapel and "cheers!" 

Caroline Rueckert 

"Only when we have been in the depths can we truly appreciate the heights. Without risks you will suffer no defeats but 
you will also win no \ ictories. " - Richard Nixon. I arrived at SMU m grade seven from Australia and after a certain seventy - 
two hours of music practice (ves. I am insane!) my life was never the same. My fondest memories of the past six years 
include: Middle School band class - Mr. Reid are you sure it's the floor boards!?! The Senior Badminton team • BC Champs! ! 
Columneetza - Try to stay calm, people. Zareen . . . Why did you shove me on the court!?! Basketball Scorekeeping - 
Hey. I'm not tense! Pit band - Miracle. Annie . . . Welcome to Chateau a la Pit. Calculus class • Why am I the only one 
asking questions? Chem Class - What's the hurrv Ben'"! Yearbook ■ Steph. where are my keys and why are the teachers 
hiding Irom me? To all mv friends • Thank you for the wonderful memories, and to my teachers • Thank you for taking 
the time to care. To my family - Thank you for your constant love and support Finallv to mv fellow grads ■ Take care 
out there and always remember, amidst your busy lives, to enjoy the simple miracles ot life around you. Smile. "Lord, 
make us not great but busy " WEB Dubois. 

Yuri Saito 

This "Japanese Bad Boy" from Kanagawa. Japan lomed Harvev House in Gr 10 Onceshv and scared, he transformed 
to the most egotistical and conceited man in school. Besides looking at himself in his little hand mirror to plan his future 
hairstyle change. Saitoman could he once again lound looking at himself in the mirror up in the fitness centre. Don't 
let his appearance or cologne fool you into complementing him because all you'll get is a mere "I know!". Yuri, also 
known to himself as STUD, escapes the stalking and harassment of all his female fans by seeking refuge with his longtime 
mentor and idol CHUMAN. and his sidekicks LEE. . Bluebird. QUE PASA S Patty. He will not forget his attractive male 
partners TC S VY as well as RM for his huge calf muscle. He would also like to acknowledge his one and only babe. "The 
Giant Tree" lor her everlasting and everpowertui laugh. Finally, he would like to sign off from his illustrious SMUS career 
by once again stating. "I'M STUD!!!" 

Paula Sanglap 

Paula (aka BR. Brooke. Haji. PMS and Ping) came to SMU in gr.S. The year of B.W. and other notorious figures. Europe 
basketball tour followed soon bringing with it Jo's fixation strange looking men in Paris and communal showers. The 
highlight ot Poopsie's sporting career would probably be winning the provincial field hockey championship this year- 
Get in the game no. 10! Take out those goalie's! (SL.) Anyone need cheese or wine? A loaf of bread with dill? A guardian 
angel? (T.O.) Burping gutters and smiling cars? STARE THEM DOWN!!! (J.D) THE PARTY! Petunia got more than she 
bargained for (lago). Need I say more'' Thanx to M.H.. O.G.H.. S.I., A.H.B. for that fateful night . . . Though P's lite was 
always a constant soap opera she will never forget the infamous Chekamus deal. Thanx especially goes out to T.B.. C.L.. 
M.H.. I.e.. S.W.. (trust) and B.W. for always being true. A.H.B. to put up with a constant whine and husband. O.G.H. 
for the good times. PUMP IT BLUEE . Paula will travel east to Ottawa in persuit of a criminology or psychology degree. 

This page is dedicated to Claire Muriel and my dear friends at Ml. 
Tolmie Hospital- Thank you. 

Most likely to be 


Grade 12 

Somebody call the fire department 

This page is dedicated to THE GRADUATES OF 1 996. We thank all of you (or tnakine our year with you a 
wonderful beginning at S.M.U.S. Our very best wishes are with you. See you on Alumni weekends. 

• The Snowdens 


\ ^ " 


Mk m 

^p* •-' 'r B 

i J 



, §^ 


(only Jess + Krista) ■ Shoes! 

Deep thoughts? 

Chris Robb. Bob Connolly. 
Bemie White 
Simon Ibdl Stats' 
John Thomson 
Luis Campos. Yuri Saito. 
Bulent Sohail 
Paula Sanglap. Olivier 
6. James Townley 

7 Brad Stevenson 

8 Alex Millar, Gautum Srivas- 

9. Abraham Chan 

10. J. Fit2. M.Hunt. K.Brown. 
J. Holdstock 

1 1 . Claire Payne 

Grade 12 


Ian Schneider 

Ian Is Amazing. Chew lime hah Boy? I 50 Rolls ol toilet paper. Kalhy, Kathy and Kathy. Late night scrabble. Fiddling 
on the roof. Hallway tennis. Still waiting for you to snap. The silver trademark. The collection. I have a bass? A special 
thanx to Kyle and Harry, as well as all of the other people that made my lile at SMU bearable. 

Natasha Schorb 

Mustard (pblth) loined us in grade 8 and soon displayed that although Pictlonary and math were not among her many 
talents, golf was delmitely her torte as she Introduced the Schorb Swing to the world. Renowned for lour years of running 
through the mud, shooting hoops and sacrificing her body in goal, her most agonising athletic endeavour was the 3000m 
in graded Tash displayed her talent lor picking up cheesy men In gr 10 with Mr. Periodical t- the birthday gift (banana, 
mint and blueberry?) before attracting a truly sincere guy • "I'm not hitting on you, I just don't care anymore!" In gr. 
I I rooming with K.W. and the pink tiamingo roved eventful as they lived through P.B. and many late night chats with 
C.E. Although "Gondoliers " led to an inhospitable cast party, under Liv's influence, "Oklahoma" will be different! Happy 
Insanity and never forget where the sidewalks ends. Love you to pieces, Meg. 

Jasmine Singh 

A kaelidoscope ot images rises in my memory when I think back on (our years of being al St Mikes - here's to some unique experiences: 
Hearing the clock song at James. Ts party with an amp (• BY., it altered my perception ol you torever): summer barbecues at R.C.'s 
place and exploring' on the beach alterward; watching M.E's a O shaking solo on larewell night at U.B C: cross examining 'Babette' 
at Ravenshurt while CR. accused her ot being in La-La land ■ sitting in a moving vehicle straining up the Rocky Mountains on a bumpy 
road with one hand ma carton ot tresh blueberries and the other scribbling a Socials I I essay, with CJ : seeing Mr, Greenwell turn red/ 
purple with supressed emotion at a championship Bball game; silently, cheering SMU behind the scorekeeping table; biking into a 
highway siding alter not turning tully and having C J and two others land on top ol me. unlh their bikes, while going trom Victoria to 
Hope KC's surprise birthday party at CaleMexicoandMT.'s strangely impaired state during it. hiking up Panorama Ridge and thinking 
that time had trozen alter we were told every halt hour that the summit was live minutes away; J.L 's late night rescue on yet another 
outtrip trom Baja. who had chewed her way through a steel chain, and seeing H D cut C J s hair in the bathroom at recess . - 
To all ot us' in Mr. G's room and hangers-on ■ I love you guys (!) and remember: "It you never want to be known lor doing anything, 
never do it " - Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Vinita Singia 

Dear SMU 1996 Grad Class. 

Let Us Dream of Tomorrow, where our 

Children are Nurtured. 

and Protected and Nourished. 

Let Us Dream ot peace and Harmony 

and Laughter. 

Let Us Dream ot Joy and Ecstasy. 

Let Us Dream ol Dancing the 

Cosmic Dance. 

Let Us Renew Again, 

Those Dreams ot Promise we Once 

Made betore. 

Bethany Smith 

Where We can Hold our Heads High 

And Stretch Our Arms Toward Perlection 

Let us Dream ol a Tomorrow. 

Where We can truly Love trom the Soiil. 

and Know love as the Ultimate Truth At 

the Heart ol All Creation 

(These words were written by 

Michael Jackson) 


Vinita Siugia 



I 2 years - . . care bears, hot dogs c ice cream, beg - i mean, meth. dirty dancing with MH £ KB. on the bus with S;) 
nicknames. FUBAR. socials pro|ects tor DM-B with AJ $ KB. speedo man, mad-hbs. the robbie. soccer with mr. h {move 
cm out!), gen \. ochestra £ e-mail with CN. lunch on the landing with everyone bridge- the x-tiles. head nerd in grade 
I : • what do you mean marks aren't everything?! - to CF, MS. MH. TA. CN. CJ. KB. ZC. LC. KC, JT. CC. HD. JH. AJ. 
HL. PM. AM. JT. BY, ST. *air ot the teachers, and everyone else ■ thanks tor the memories - it's been fun. "So long and 
ihanks (or all the fish";) - it"s the end ot the world as we know it - and i feel fine ... - R.E.M. 

Megan Smith 

Meg (eggo. the mastermind) joined us from Monterey in Gr. 6: Middle school years were great, the FUF and chasing after 
SP! Never forget: the Kool-aid. yummy popcorn, poppy field sprints, the ostrich. SNOW. Bony ankles, (what does that 
mean anyway'^, sevual peak, ghssading. Major adrenaline rush, feelings. BIG tuna - little sardines, waves, sleeping 
naked. (I didn't want to see that). Hugs, hardcore, no stress, giant squids, tress (they were people, really!). Being discreet, 
log . . -. and ol course, waiting lor the •• bus!! Not much farther my little smurts! Always collect rocks. Leo's the best; 
there's no snow in June, man! Trips to Pender (killer dog. Starfish Island. Blackberries) with KB- go Tercel, go! Remember 
• granola and gaiters forever!! You're a Taekwon-do star! Don't ever forget your old friends, and I'll see you at the top 
of Mt. Everest!! 

Drew Soderberg 

I came in grade 9. learned the wavs ol R0\ with J.L. Tripped on the peace walk with IS. Night times were long with 
AH Grade 10 brought CD-. AW. andSP to my life. S.P. showed me some tun times in almost every room of the school 
(sorry lor the mess). A.W- and CD- Helped take loads of everything off my mind as we loaded ourselves. 300 empty 
tins ol chew! 90 rolls of toilet paper. Vt'hv? Grade I I . snowboard. Whistler with CD.. I.S.. A.W. and DB- 4x4ing on 
the golf course AW. losing to ID. The Lion with CD. £ J.Z. (pass, "no") And me 007. Dualyson A.J. withD.F.. Puking 
at John's, the night of A.N. and "WAYNE" we'll never forget you. Grade \2. Finally the end. Got loaded, crashed and 
burned the bowl with dick during glycerine, got with T.B. Cheers!! "Lay Pipe" 

Bulent Sohail 

Syed Bulent Sohail. but friends call him Bui: he came to SMU in grade ten with great determination. However around 
January he was found at Tolmie with \1ick\ at the side. What an experience, right Bull?"'!' He fully redeemed himself 
and became the Head of house (What a come back")- He is the one and only tabasco master who has the ability to vanish 
at night- His friends will always remember him tor his loving and caring character- Keep Blue Bird up Ta\is are good 
business in Victoria. I ain't no FA'^ATIC ar Right' and I ain't dig on no swine either- I'll ne\er forget my budds LUI and 
Kazumamasa: and also TOM. SAITO. WILLS. PACHILA and PBS for an incredible friendship. Camerons. thank you for 
your love and affection and taking care of me for 3 years. Lastly, to Ammi. Baba and bro LOVE YOU ALI and than\ 
for everything. 

Gautam Srivastava 

It has been a long ride! "Given what I gotta give, doin' what I gotta do . - " So many memories . . . maccin' at Dyerfest 

the "Black Snake" all o\er the place . , , tarts and tonic at Jono's . - . Rugby Tour '94 and '96 . . . cruisin' with 

the homies in the 5.0 . . . Garry Eoins at U I 7 and a Gold Medal to match . . . louring with the SELECTS with nothing 

to show but cheap brass medals . . , the chronic the green I - with S.S. and D.C MVP at Bball Provincials '94 CD.. 

J,D.. CR.. all my friends that remain at the farm school (GUNS), not forgetting J.L.. N.H., A,D and to all my buddies 

here and in Vancouver that are always watching my back -to all you Hootchie Mama's, you know who you are. Thanks 
to all mv teachers lorshowing me the right way throughout my life. Thanks to my mom. dad. and sister for always being 
there lor me whenever I needed them Finally, thanks to GOD for helping me get this far . . . 

Bradley Stevenson 

Aftermovmg to Brentwood Bay from Hamilton. Ontario in the summer of 1992, Brad, a k a. "The Minister ' (ot Defense), 
wasted one year as a Stinger before coming to his senses and becoming a Blue Devil With his strong New Zealand 
heritage. Brad naturally picked up rugby at SMU. loining the Colts in Grade 10- Unfortunately, a career-ending injury 
to his mouth sidelined him one week before the Colts 1st XV tour to the U-K- Brad decided to go on tour anyway, and 
ensured that SI. (Stats) didn t tall off the Gravy Tram- In Grade I I . Brad was busy running cross-country (which he 
continued in Grade 12) and honing his one-on-one skills against Slats. When asked about his losing streak. Stats 
remarked that the biggest weakness in his game was his inability to dunk. As a member ot the Senior Boys' Basketball 
program. Brad was noted as saying that the lunniest thing about playing basketball is watching Dyer (The General) 
skipping from baseline to baseline in warm-up before practice. Brad hopes to study Computer Science at U VIC in 1 996. 

Hayden Thompson 

One scarlet morning I entered the holy global and proceeded to simmer mward. As the years compiled I strived to the 
top but was wondermg where it comes from. As many doors and gates opened I struggled to comprehend the adventures 
inward but due to my Greatness and legendary status I was ready to hop and skip. Respect came alter and abundantly 
through many nvers and Lakes. I decided my drive to secure the tulips ol the early spring. The odds of me succeeding 
are that of toto and cash The locker room bid either on or off the field or court a true champion. Even stalked and 
pursued by many, the big man had only eyes tor one. 

John Thomson 

I.e.. M.H. and S.L., long nights on the trampoline. T.O. my closest pal. Carp Lake and Grace's Wrench and of course 
the boys. The icing on the cake and little M. And now some advice. Always remember to brush teeth before contact (JP/ 
Trumpet). Remember that trumpet players are always pockered and ready to play. Under 90'-\i? Oh no! "You're the 
perfect example T.B.'B.B. (still training) "JT should have been HB". "Fort Nelson, so what?!" JD ■ "You are so . . ." "It 
is my priviledge to profit by the experience of others but I must live my own life, face the trials and gain the victory alone " 
- Anon. John Thomson. 

Mark Tiu 

Funky Bunch arrived to S.M.U. in grade 1 to become a victim of many hardships with an insane room mate, and after 

searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, he found out that he was in hell again, because B'abe was standing at 
the end with his big mouth open. Aw man!! Fortunately. Funky managed to rejuvenate his inner child at lii.M.U. when 
he finally managed to get a hold of things; he had his eighties' music by his side, and a polystyrene howl of Americanised 
sweet and sour pork from the local Golden Bamboo. Well did Funky lead a productive life then' (Huh . . Huh . . . What 
is this 17 joke?) Partying on the dance floor in room 217. Olympic gymnastics with Snapple bottles to Enya. 
choreographed M.T.V. music videos to classic canto-pop. midnight Domino's (sic . .). and rebellious acts of playing 
computerized fortune telling games with Rosemary. Funks Funks vou are the best. Remember to take care of the green 
peas in your drawers, and good luck in U. (buhf szee waah lunoh!!) ■ B'abe. 

James Townley 

James Townley came to St. Michael's University in grade 10. not knowing anyone but knowing that he knew a lot. Now 
leaving the school 3 years later James has befriended many a person and now knows that he knows nothing. James has 
picked up a fair number of good memories namely; Throwing a younger student m a garbage can. Correcting teachers. 
Jumping around madly wielding a camara. Shivering in 30'C temperatures due to nervousness. Never forget def'n of 
Confusion-'. Galliant Valliantry.electro-vaccu-penny-bagpipes(c;o BY). Math Class Philosophy, the god shoes, walking 
on vertical beaches, skating (or WWF Wrestling - "THUNK . . . YAAAY!"). Frictionless surfaces. THE JEANS. "Do you 
have cards?" (Ben! I'm in a class). AP physics (the left side of the binder, that is . . .). Thanks to all and to all a good life. 

Johnny Tseng 

Johnny came to SMU during Gr. I I as a boarder in Harvey House. I did not know him well until this Gr. I 2 year. When 
I first saw him. Johnny gave me a feeling that he is one of those smart students who always gets good marks. Well, how 
right I was (maybe not as good as me but pretty good anyway). Johnny has been a good friend to me and often help 
me out when I needed it. (Although it was often picking up work sheets and notes for me while I'm sleeping out of classes 
every now and then) It has been great knowing him and I'll miss him when we graduate; especially the great time we 
had chatting during Physics and Survey Math class. Oh. before I finish this. I always had a question to ask you; Why 
are you a border if you live in Victoria? . . . Wait, don't tell me, I know; you'll miss me if you become a day student. 
See. I'm right again. "Spike" Lee 

Amy Tsui 

Amy will always be our little miss -big eyes! little hards girl. During her 2 years @ SMU she has graced her petite 
(igure by lotting every howling ball in Mayfair Lanes, by dancing baby steps to loud techno music, and by drowning 
herself with various signature lotions She is easy to please and anyone could betnend her with a tolerance bar. Kimichi! 
kimichi' Kimichi' and a game of Tetris on Maggie's computer. If you were to like aerobics, and karate • that would 
he a definite bonus Good luck Amy. take care in the future and may the "Ho Lok" Ghost be with you. 


Tony Tung 

Tony came to SMU in 1993 His abnormal personality and loyalty to friends soon was recognized by people. We 
will always remember how he picked his nose with midfinger and often took top positions in the courses. Fortunately, 
his personality changed a lot (' ■ ) during the years, and soon became one of the most famous 'brothers" of the Chinese 
girls- (AH. AW . . - etc. you would want to be a girl if you see how he treats them') Tony is also involved m the 
school activities besides academic, such as a member of Math Club, whole bunch of good friends in SMU. (TL. JT. 
DL. CC) We wish him good luck on the way to success. 

Melanie Turner 

Life experience: The Bike Trip. "Look at the Trees." "the rats are coming, the rats are coming." Riding camp. J.L. 
the rodeo rider, "sable."" Hanging out in Mr, G"s room, petunia, "neep." Hiding in the change room with CJ. gimp, 
popping candy. "Melderhide." Bus buddy kCs house, Simpsons twice a day. sXe forever, pez dispencers. I really 
love McDonald"s. "Late night swimming and mortal kombat at RCs house, midnight Star Wars, ""she likes it." "I 
have too!" Xfiles and bridge. Thanks to my friends: CJ. KC. JL. BC. HD. AM. CR. BS. BY. ME. CC. CP. JS. MG. 
PM, JT. CL. and MK, Remember people are always more important than things, "and remember: the force wil 
with you always,"' 


John Upton 

SMUS Memories 

1 The Boys' Vancouver + Dickson included 

2 The Weekends ■ Vancouver. Whistler. Gradlite. Pregrads 
i The car 1977 • MGB 

4 The SportsRugbyTour + Provincials 

=^ The St's NH. BH. JW. SF. SM. JB. MS. SC. MA, MM. AH. AT. JD. AJ. AJ. AB, LG, MP. MA. TG. AB. SB. JA. 

CP. JP. NO. TR, TU. CN. SO. SO. IS. JH. ER. MA. VB. VC. JF, CH. MB. CF. SD. EW. ST. DM, KS, AC. Future Prospects: 


6 The Rest ■ Dunhills. Ice House, the Blues Brothers. Ford Fairlane. Dances, Car Rallies, Spy vs. Spy • Fore!! 

Karen Webster 

Karen valiantly escaped from Hope S.S in gr I I to find herself a member of the Timmis Tribe at SMU and im- 
mediately being labelled "li'l Web" Little did she know that boarding could provide so many memorable experiences 
and friendships. She will never forget hairyman on 747. mudhoney. Dirty Dancing, sleeping w sausages traditional 
pre-dance habits, pink flamingo, tomahawk chop all nighters. the walls have ears, chocolate milk and Doritos. 1- B. 
cast party, hospital waiting rm. Gladiola. 203. brown eyed girl. REM. we want work not welfare. Gondoliers, hemor- 
RHOIDS. Lotte et Helen, late night chats w NS. 3 ring circus in 316. LIVE 

Po'D. candyman, LOUD music, |inx, dancealhons in 107. duck xing. boys in the closet, the Headmasters choc 
sundaes. Fraser Fletcher Special thanks go out to my family, my SMU friends and Hopeites (TT OC). DL tor showing 
me the delicacy of John's Pic, wout boys, KK for dinner and everything attached, POOH, my Timmis Trixters, OD. 
NS, AM (or enlightenment. CE for everything. WG (or experience and memories. BW (or teaching me. May either 
UBC or Queen's be graced w my presence next year Good-luck to all. it's been a not To my boys (AM KK Ac 
AM) huh hye, i love you. 

James Wee 

James came to SMU in '89 as a short, skinny asian boy and left pretty much the same way - some things in lite will never 

change. James started his SMU career in the grey "Hunka" middle school in grade six looking lor good times and great 

women. Instead he found Subway, McDonalds, graveyards at Elphenstone. same hday as JW. one crazy J.P + F.F?!?, 

Things should get better because it can't gel any worse! - Turtle 

Remember "it's not how well you play pool, but how good you look while playing" - J.P 

Even on the highest throne in the world we are still on our ass - M. Montaigne 

Matthew Wenman 

Matt began his first days at S.M.US in grade three. Quickly becoming a smash hit with the girls. Matt became known 
as file tenacious stud-muffin. With Matt's sexual prowess peaking at an early age however, he became quiet and very 
sell-reserved. Many newcomers in later grades knew him only as the Silent One. Life passed by lor Matt with little mishap 
until one day his love for rugby brought him to Britain during the Tour of '94. There he made the MISTAKE and learned 
the meaning of shower. Other small adventures earned him the much hated designation as Home Brew Wenman which 
will no doubt follow him into university. Matt wishes his grad class a successful life and hopes to see them all m the near 

Ben White 

I'm not going to list events and people's initials here because what I write may all be for which I am accountable for the 
rest of our lives Please feel free to use the extra space, here tor your own personal Ben White' memories (or just draw 
a picture representation). Thanks to all those who contributed to my happiness. 

Bernard White 

Bernie came to SMU in grade 10 from the tropical country of Trinidad where certain liquids run like water. Bernie's 
midnight rambling, from homes to parties to home to Seven Eleven to Subway often proved fruitful. An avid Medieval 
enthusiast. Bernie was obviously born in the wrong century. A loyal companion, (do you want me to kick his ass!?) and 
thrifty shopper. An artist and a chess player he always used his skills to the best of his abilities. Dec '95 brought on a 
long awaited relationship with a certain someone, and she will be missed. A big "How's it going?" to the boys and goodbye 
to everyone else, "Which ever road you walk, never walk in fear." 

Stuart Wollach 

First and foremost I'd like to thank TB at the 407 7th. My favourite teachers: TT(arigalo). BF. My friends: PM, RY, MK 
(75 pieces!). BL. JP (sugoi WORD), OJ-H, MR(ye tosser), CL(Jay.). HL(Udder). KB(my 10:30), MH, JH, PS("it"). TC: lor 
letting me whine at you. and not hilling back! JL: who introduced me to MotorSports and my favourite automobile. To 
BMW: THANK YOU!! To PCS: thanks tor having faith. Pach: Who taught me that money isn't everything (or at least 
tried to!) Zareen: Oh god. where do I begin?? I owe you my |ob (among other things), thank you for always being there. 
In the immortal words ol Denis Leary: "This is your captain speaking . . . smoke 'em it you got 'em . ." My car: Achtung 
Baby: wow. My parents: Thanks guys, its been an inteesling I 7 years. 

This Page Is Sponsored by THE RITTERS 

Ian Wong 

Ian came to SMU in Grade 7 from St. Andrew's as a young, short Asian kid. As a senior, he's a little older, but not much 
else has changed. Entering the halls of the Middle School was a bit of a shock. "No. I'm NOT JWs brother!" "You guys 
actually EAT the Cafeteria stuff?" "Say. what's a 2400? " Senior School came as a great relief. Ian tried a number of school 
teams, mcluding rugby, soccer before leaving for a much higher profile sport; Badminton. He also managed to stay in 
band until the end; although his playing never actually improved, the excuses sure did. Thanks to JW (you call this music, 
what?). MH (we survived through Bio!). MS (Calculus too!). 0) and all the others for making this year so great. Ian will 
probably be staying at UVIC next year, to eventually study medicine. 

Jack Wong 


Turtle, or Bill. Bob. Bud. or MacVCong (he is Scottish . . , well, the good looks are deceiving), came to SMU in 'S9 with 
a story and no end of slide tackles. Open up shop. O.J! This yo bud. chunk, holy hunka thing, get outta town, gonzo, 
far-out, (Oh. hi MH!) cool, hring-it-on, vertically challenged prefect quickly became the 5th trumpet - part - playing 
sidekick to fellow citizen Soprano Stan (J.T). Yes, Turtle made the BBall and X-Country teams, but decided that playing 
rugby without glasses ("No think ■ forward push " - A.H.B.) would bring about world peace. And despite an unbelievable 
dressing down in Math I 2 and CO in the Spaghetti Crisis, this Turtle will always be the king of the pond. 
This story's not finished yet but close up shop for now, O.J. and to all of you ■ Thanks tor everything • the good, the 
notso-good, and the downright heinous, it's been a slice. Cheers! 

Vincent Yang 

Two years in SMU. I will remember all I have done forever. No matter if they were good memories or bad memories, I 
would like to say: Bye Bye!! 

Ben Young 

■loung Ben came to SMU in grade S. He has made a lot of friends, whose initials he will not list. He also won't forget 
(call him elephant) Mr. G's room, speed, twos, THE JAO (or what's left of it (lay off - J.T.)). rain. XC. philosophy, late- 
night theraputic discussions, parties. Miracle (Here's love!). Annie ('THUMP' It's a hard knock life . . . ) barometric 
knees, art. the battery - powered pencil </$ '©#$ (torquer), the Doodle Desk. Chem (What's the hurry?), I am therefore 
I am. What', "get her a bouquet of onions". "Ma'am would you believe in discussing existentialism and the role of modern 
art in today's society?", etc . . . He wants to thank his parents for paying for it all (No, it's not a loan, guys), his teachers 
for teaching, and his friends for. well, friending. Ground view, scan steering wheels. And hey ■ let's be careful out there. 

Robert Young 

Well, it looks like I did graduate, my picture being here and all. I came to St. Michaels in I9S5. and have enjoyed eleven 
great years. To everyone. I wish the best of luck in all your future adventures. As for me. I plan to take some type of 
engineering at either UVIC. UBC. SFU. McMaster. Western, or U of T; basically, whoever will take me . . . I'm going to 

I. Z Charania. K Kirkham 2. M. Pang, 
M Tiu. A Tsui. A. Chan 3. L Campos 
4. P Chau 5. K Webster. J Holdstock 
6. B Sohail 7. M Hunt. T Anglln. O 
Gervais-Harreman. C Rueckert 8. B. 
Young 9. N, Fera- 


Grade 12 

Badminton • Basket Ball • Cross Country • Cricket • Cycling 
Field Hockey • Rugby Soccer • Track & rield • Volleyball • (Solf 


P ^^^^^^kr ^S Oh sweet revenge. After a 1994-95 season of playoff disappointments and frustrations, the 

f .^MI^^HH^ « many athletic teams at SMUS in 1995-96 enjoyed a banner year, attending eight provincial 

tournaments, and, in Field Hockey and Badminton, capturing BC titles. Indeed, these two 
championships, along with a Final Four appearance by the Senior Girls Basketball team and a 
gritty performance by the Rugby squad, who went down 15-14 in the last minute of the BC 
jA ; quarterfinals to eventual winner Carson Graham, ensure that the 1996-95 sporting season will 

^^^^ , remain one of the most memorable ever at the school. 

^^^^■|^ „u-> i There were numerous other successes as well. More athletes than ever before represented the 

^^F" '' '"■ M school in some I 5 sports. A feisty Junior Girls Basketball team made its first ever BC appearance, 

^^n "^"'^WW theSeniorGirlsSoccerteamwonaCitycrown,and,underthedirectionofMr. Dave Fisher, there 

M g^ _ was a very real rebirth of cricket. The I st XV recorded four straight absolutely thrilling wins over 

i MvHS^** '"''■^ '^'^^' '^^^ ^^y^ '"'^'^'^'"0 3 heart-stopping 2 S-2 2 triumph in the Howard Russell final before 

g ^. ^ n «^^^ ' ^'^'^ '^"* "^^ Alumni weekend. 

With the New Gym operating efficiently, and with the surface of the playing fields continuing 
to improve, scheduling for both PE and Athletics was again much simpler than in past years. 
Many kudos must go to a talented group of coaches, who once more went well beyond the call of duty to produce quality players 
and teams. Likewise, thanks to all the support staff personnel toiled so unselfishly behind the scenes. 

To the graduates, thank you and best of luck in the future. To those returning, look to continue the high traditions set by those 
who have gone before you. Work, work, work, and leave nothing to chance!! 

- Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 
SMUS Athletic Director 

Ms. Kim Poland 

Ms. Judy Tabaceo 
Head of P.E. 




Mr, Peter Gardiner (Coach), Philip Miller. Ian Wong (Captain), Ian Schneider, Ryan Knott, Irvin Teo 
F,R: Caroline Rueckert, Carol Lee, Mariko Miller. Linsay Gordon (Captain). Zareen Charania. Maggie Pang 
Missing: Bordon Tseng 

adminton at SMU is alive and well! In 

fact the demand for court space far 

exceeds our ability to supply court time in 

spite of having what is regarded as one of the 

best badminton facilities in B.C. 

The initial call for players and those want- 
ing to learn the sport produced an initial turn- 
out of over 80 students. This posed logistical 
problems but once these were overcome the 
players were able to get a mix of club play 
and technical training. 

Team training began in earnest in late Nov- 
ember The girls' team was set early as most of 
the players were seasoned veterans'. The boys' 
team was decimated as most of last years team 
were Grade 12 students. The boys, however, were 
committed and determined to gain the skills in 
order to support our already stncing giris'. 

The Victona High Schools league play began 
with 10 teams competing which included an A 
and a B team for SMU. The teams fell into two 
categories with SMU, Stellys. Mt Douglas and 
Spectrum starting as strcmg contenders. SMU A 
team won the league undefeated having lost only 
6 games in approximately 200 played. Our clos- 
est score was 8-3 against a strong team from Stelly's School. The SMU B team played some excellent matches and allowed players who could not 
make the A team to compete in the same league and gain valuable expenence 

The Lower Vancouver Island Tournament is played by the top four teams finishing in league play. In the first round SMU defeated Vic. High 
I I and went on to beat Stelly's 9-2 in the final This qualified SMU and Stelly's to compete for Lower Vancouver Island at the High Schools 
Provincial Tournament, held this year in Vancouver 

The first round of the Provincials found us in a strong pool for round robin play. SMU completed this round undefeated defeating Crawford 
Bay 8-3, Columneetza I I 0, and Winston Churchill 9-2 In the Quarter finals SMU defeated Vancouver Tech. 9-2. The semi final round proved 
to be a very c'ose competition and some outstanding badminton was played by both teams, however SMU prevailed 6-5. The final round was 
played against a strong team from Port Alberni. This proved to be a heart stopper' The round began with the first four matches being split 
and a winner take all' third game being played These games split again to place us 2-2 with Alberni The next matches also split leaving 
us 4-4 It was in the final few matches that SMU showed its true metal. All the players were by this time mentally and physically tired but 
we had the greater momentum and determination and went on to win the next three matches to finish with a 7-4 win. This is our first win 
at Provincial level after placing third last year and anywhere between fourth and fifteenth in previous years. The real strength this year was 
that we were a strong team - both on and off the court - and went into the tournament with only one goal. The support of the players for 
each other, win or lose, was outstanding. 

Independent Schools played in February saw us narrowly lose to a strong St. George's team in the boys' competition and retain the title 
in a strong match against Crofton House for the girls' competition 

Many thanks are due to all those who contributed to the success of the badminton program To Mr. Peter Hunter who came in with no 
experience to run the B team. Lindsay Gordon and Ian Wong who captained the A team and to all the team players who made the commitment 
to train and gain the skills necessary to represent SMU in such an outstanding manner. 

Mr. Peter Gardiner 




B.R: Mr. Laidlaw. C Lewis. K. Watson. K. OByme. k, Lobb. A. Markoulis. K. Larsen 
F.R: R- Stackhouse. 0, Ibell. P. Lee. J. Nash. E. Aitken. S. Lawrence. 

In a word, the season was terrific. Having never even qualified for the Island Tournament, the team went one better, not only 
qualifying out of a highly competitve City league, but then going on to win 3 of 4 games to finish 6th in BC. 

A key preseason decision was not to move top Junior players up to the Senior ranks, and this proved highly successful, as 
the two players concerned. Joann Nash and Kim Lobb. went on to enjoy excellent years playing with their own age group. 

With a solid league record and a runnerup placing in the Police Tournament, the team was confident of qualifying for the 
Islands, and duly did so by reaching the City playoff final against a powerful Arbutus squad (eventual BC champions). Then, 
in the Islands, after an opening round win. the team, hampered by a badly broken nose suffered by Nash, lost to Dover Bay 
in semifinal play. Needing two wins the next day to capture the #3 Island berth, the team responded with two gutsy wins, over 
Ladysmith and Alberni. to qualify for the BCs. Nash, the main ballhandler and team leader, showed great courage to play despite 
her broken nose, while all the others more than did their parts. 

At the BCs. powerful Maple Ridge proved too strong in opening round play, but the team bounced back to win three straight 
and so take the consolation title. Along with Nash and Lobb. Grade 9 forwards Krystal O'Byrne and Kathryn Watson, and Grade 
10 forwards Iggy Larsen and Donna Lee played many terrific minutes, while the rest of the team showed equally commendable spirit. 

My thanks to Mr. Gary Laidlaw. whose superb organization and refreshed enthusiasm played a big part in making the year 
so enjoyable. 

Ms. Tara Galloway 




B.R: Mr Shaw. J Oainor, N. Millar. S. Tate. R. Greenwood. S. Romanchuk. M Pettinger. Mr. Anderson 
F.R: T Spicer. M Mrdjenovlch. M. Danskin, D. Boticki. C Parrott. C Clark. C Noel 

"It was the best of times: it was the worst of times", as the team began the season slowly, recovered to play splendidly in 
January, and then dogged by injury and some nonavailability, but more by a lack of urgency, crashed in the City Tournament. 

Certainly, with a number of useful Grade 10 players, and some very physically talented Grade 9s, all signs pointed to a very 
successful year. A slowish start, including a heavy loss to eventual provincial runner-up Vancouver College, was no cause for 
undue concern, and indeed, by the time of the Island-Mainland Tournament in early January (a close loss to St. Thomas Aquinas 
in the final) and then a comprehensive victory a week later in the Police Tournament, all seemed right for a successful pjayoff run. 

Yet, it was not to be!! A season ending ankle injury to top scoring forward Steve Tate, and the loss of Richard Greenwood 
to music commitments thinned out the front line and effectively limited scoring. However, far and away more damaging was 
a general malaise which set in after winning the Police Tournament, with too many players of the mind set that supposedly superior 
talent would guarantee wins. Despite repeated warnings that a lack of blue collar play would prove fatal, the message did not 
sink in, and two desperately disappointing one point losses, one to Colquitz and then to Esquimalt, ended the year. 

On a brighter note, there can be no denying that the team did play some terrific basketball during the season, and have any 
number who can and no doubt will develop into top notch players. Tate and Greenwood were joined in the front court by Steve 
Romanchuk, Jon Gainor, Nate Millar, Tye Spicer and Chris Noel, while Danny Boticki, Cam Clark, Mike Danskin, Colin Parrott 
and Milan Mrjdenovich played at guard spots. Work willing, this group should ensure that SMUS moves back into the provincial 

AAA picture in the upcoming years. 

Mr. Ted Anderson 
Mr. Mike Shaw 

Sports ''' 


B.R: Ms. Kim Poland. Claire Ezzeddin. Emily Clough. Ro\anne Boult. knstina kerr. Mrs. Jean Ives 

F.R: Michelle Butler (manager). Kalhryn Wynn. Deanna Age Tanya Bote|u. Joanna Holdsworth. Jessica White Carys Jones. Helen Lamala (manager). 

A season full of hope and pit>mlse was eventually scuttled somewfiat by injut^. particulariy a mid Januai^ knee ailment which cost the team the 
services of star point guard Tanya Boteju. Nonetheless, the squad preser\ed and remained positive and finished second in both the league and Island 
competitions to arch rival Lambnck Park. 

At the BG, an opening win over Westsyde was followed by the performance of the season, as ferocious defense and solid rebounding led to a 
62-45 win over host Pitt Meadows. This win ensured a first ever provincial semifinal appearance (again against Lambrick Park), though unfortunately 
stone cold shooting prwed fatal. This disappointment was perhaps reflected in a second loss to Lord Byng the next day. though a fourth finish was 
the team's best ever Particular congratulations to Joanna Holdsworth and Deanna Age who were named to the tournament All-Star team. 

The team, as was evidenced by a successful post season tour of Italy, was a close knit group which, despite on occasion, being only able to field 
six healthy players, improved steadily thrciughout the year Thanks to all the graduates (Tanya Boteju. Jo Holdsworth. Roxanne Boult. and Claire Ezzeddin) 
and to managers Helen Lamala and Michelle Butler A talented group of returnees, allied to several top flight Grade lOs, should see the 1996-97 
team again in BC contention 

A final word of appreciation to Ms. Jean Ives for all her wisdom and support. 

Ms. Kim Poland 


Where to begin. It was amazing. It was outstanding. It was the trip of a lifetime Those are words to describe the SMUS Giri's Basketball 
Team's 3 week long, long-pr^pat^ for. long awaited tour to Italy! 

During Spring break, 12 beautiful gals and 3 not-quite-as-beautiful-but-close chaperone counterparts travelled to Italy to play some 
ball and see some sights. Playing only 3 games, (within the first 4 days), the group had loads of time to trek to Rome Venice Florence 
Assisi, Milan, Piza and several other glorious cities + towns. There were zillions of highlights, so here are some (stream-of-consciousness- 
style); Toilet paper Carys? Monacco + the 4-Star Hotel. Picnic Lunches. The Rock. The Pussy willow. Jimbo defending the Pussy willow. 
Stonz. are you okay? Crash. Cobra, Batman. Italian boyfriends, Carys, keep your rear-end caged. Bruuutal! Ciao bella! Kath, it was 
so beautiful! Tissues Stonz? Kinder Buenos anyone? Secret -Tourist Day. I love you guys. Ambience Shania Twain vs Tori Amos. Krystal 
"Kinder Surprise" O'Byme What's for breakfast today gals? Hey Lobb, wanna hold my gun? The Windshield. Its all racial! Gimps 
everywhere! Dee's family. Cathy, what's on your neck (the Monster)? Drinks on fire Peeerfect! 

Thanks to all the parents, teachers and coaches who made this trip such a success, especially KP, Jim and Jean. Here's to the SMUS 
Giri's Italy Tour 1996 • Ciao! 




B.R: Mr Hyde-Lay. S, Ibell. S Lobb. B. White. P, Beatty. B, Stevenson. D, Fairhurst. Mr. Greenwell 
F.R: P. Sander. I. Wan. H Thompson. C. Loveless. R. Connolly. S. Hirao. G. Gibbons. G. Fedorak 

With very few players returning with any experience, it was always going to be a tough year, even though the Island AAA ranks were not 
exactly chock a block with powerful teams. Pre season predictions that the team would struggle to make a sixth straight AAA BC unfortunately 
proved true. 

The team did however finish with a winning record (1715. 9-4 in league) and achieved one notable upset in the SMUS Invitational by defeating 
then provincial til Wellington of Nanaimo 65-62 in semifinal play. Yet. this victory, rather than being a springboard to greater honours, provecf 
to be the pinnacle of the season, as the team faded down the stretch in losing five of its last seven games. The final two took place in Alberni 
at the Island Tournament, as the team was knocked out 80-66 to Welllington and then 65-59 to Ladysmith. 

Scoring was always a problem against good teams, with 3 point efficiency particularly lacking. Indeed, in 64 halves of play, the team scored 
less than 20 points 17 times, and. against Ladysmith in the season finale, against the softest of 2-3 zone defences, combined to shoot 5 of 
36 from beyond the arc. 

Otherwise, despite possessing reasonable overall quickness, especially in the backcourt with Hayden Thompson and Cam Loveless, the two 
who had played significant minutes the year before, the team never quite showed the traditional SMUS grit on defence, ensuring no margin 
for error in gaining a favorable result 

Still, in retrospect, the main fault lay with a head coaching decision to abandon some of the tried and successful staples of SMUS basketball 
in search of, after a 4-8 start to the season, a few confidence boosting victories As always, this strategy was successful only in the short term, 
and by catering to some individual whims and playing too much zone defence, effectively sealed the team's fate in the last weeks of the year. 

Thompson and Loveless provided the bulk of the scoring, with 6' 5" Peter Beatty and 6' 3" Ben White also capable of playing effectively. 
Versatile Rob Connolly rounded out the starting unit, but never shot the ball as consistently as the team needed. Reserves Ed Fairhurst, Glen 
Gibbons, Steve Lobb, Colin Dyer, Shingo Hirao, Ivan Wan. Dan Sander and Brad Stevenson all pitched in with some good play and improved 
significantly, but neither individually nor collectively had the experience to compete consistently against top flight teams. 

Thanks to Simon Ibell for his superb managing, and of course, to Mr. Bill Greenwell, for all his enthusiasm, support, experience and sound teaching. 

Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 

^K m 

'' ^^1^"'"'*^"^ 

f^^SS^S^^s^v .^ 

'^ - ■*|A'^^^^ 1 

„LV ■£ 






B.R: B. Moss. G Burdett. E Grant. Ms Tabacco 
F.R: K Norlund. H Orr. R. Sheng. C Reid. S. Wilson 

Consistent, persistent and determined were three words which nicely described this year's Junior Cross Country competitors. 
Training and racing in rain, sleet, snow and occasional gale force winds made for hardy individuals and some interesting, but 
sometimes less than fashionable clothing selections. 

Individually, Junior Girls Genny Burdett and Lisa Kittstein ran steadily, as did Bantam Boys Brian Moss and Eric Grant. Yet, 
the top results were achieved by a very well balanced Bantam Girls team, comprised of Heather Orr, Rebecca Sheng, Kim Nord- 
lund. Charlotte Reid and Sarah Wilson, who won the City and Island titles by narrow margins over rivals Oak Bay. 

The enthusiasm and personal improvement of all team members point towards many exciting future accomplishments in both 
Track and Field and upcoming fall and winter Cross Country programs. 

Ms. Judy Tobacco 





^ f% 




t^ '"in 

^^ ^' ^M , ^[t 

B.R: S. Hirao. J. Wee. D Wilson. B. Stevenson. B. Young. T Roberts. Y. Nakanishi 
F.R: J. Burdett. L. Kittstein. A. Holtham. L. Wei. M. Miller. Ms. Tobacco 

A typical wet. cold Fall accompanied this year's Cross Country training and competitive season. The 1 995 team was a diverse 
mixture of junior and senior athletes, some of whom raced competitively and others whose main goals were to increase physical 
fitness and make personal improvement. Commitment to the team required early morning workouts and training in inclement 
weather, resulting in strong league standings for both the Boys and Girls teams. Top scorers included Lorelei Wey, Anita Holtham, 
Genny Burdett and Mariko Miller, as well as Brad Stevenson. James Wee. Dave Wilson and Matt Turner. Although none of 
this group qualified for the BCs at the Island meet, their performances should be commended. Power-house opposition in the 
form of Stelly's. Oak Bay, Alberni. and GP Vanier made Cross Country one of the most difficult sports in which to secure a 
provincial berth. 

Throughout the season team members were full of support and encouragement, helped push each other during strenuous hill 
workouts, and provided many moments of fun and good humour. All are to be congratulated, especially Ben Young, whose 
quiet determination and tremendous effort resulted in a quite amazing development over the course of the season. 

Hopefully all of the above and others plan to take part in the local club race series and remain fit for the 1 996 Track and Field season. 

- Ms. Judy Tobacco 




L I ■ 



B.R: Ms. Jane Hannan. Amanda Wilson. Jessica Fitz. Caroline Fric. Keir Wilmut. Andrew McVie, Patrrck Fnsby. Alisa Cooper. Helen Lamala. Jacqui Hudson. 
Zareen Charania. Andrea Horsman 

M.R: Emily Clough. Matthew Turner, Chris James. Sean Carrie. Alex Millar. Peter Beatty. Bryce Soderberg. Marcus Kirk. Ian Wong. Sina Noureddin. Jen Coelho 
F.R; Rohanna Green. David Moore. Thomas Roberts. Mahat Johnson. Colin Dyer. Luis Campus. Bulent Sohail. Matthew Wenman. Jack Wong. Mr. David Fisher. 

This year has seen a great step lorward m the revival of Cricket at SMU The building ot the "Nets" and the exhibition fixtures in the VDCA "Evening League" have meant the 
Cricket IS now very much alive and well at the school 

Nearly 40 students have actively taken part in competitive games this year, and several others have been involved in practices This, coupled with the fact that Cricket is now part 
ol the PE curriculum, show the boost m the level of involvement. 

This year the players were split up into 3 squads a 1st XI (for the more experienced players), a 2nd XI (for the "new-comers ' to the game) and a Ladies' XI -Yes we have started 
playing Women's Cricket at SMU I sjncerelv hope that this is the start of a great tradition here. 

C^n top ol this we were able to form "hybrid" teams to play in Evening League, where. I believe, some expertise from such players as Bulent Sohail. Matt Wenman and others 
could "rub off" onto our newer players 

Despite the poor weather we have received this spring we have managed to play most of the 10 scheduled games this term In the evening league we managed to win almost half 
of the games, even though the competition was nearly all adult players. At the school level we have won all our games against St Georges. Stelly's and GNS The Alumni and SMU 
staff were also defeated by the 1st XI 

The Ladies XI have played 3 games, the first we had to play m the Gym due to the weather, the second we played outside and the third with the female staff was also outside 
Some promising batting was shown by Rohanna Green, Helen Lamala. Jacqui Hudson. Amanda Wison, Meggan Hunt and Elisa Cooper The bowling, afer a shaky start, gradually 
improved with Jen Coehio and Zareen Charania taking several wickets This combined with good wicket keeping by Jaclyn and Robyn Ivany had launched the Ladies Cricket well 
In all three games. I believe, a good time was had by all' 

In the Evening league a batsman is retired it 23 runs are scored The following people attained this limit at least once Matt Wenman. Bulent Sohail. Peter Beatty. Pat Frisby. Glen 
Roberts, Philips Bodley Scott, Matt Turner and Seb Bonet As can be seen the depth of batting is now becoming significant 

The two regular games against St Georges (one in September and the other m June) showed the now customary friendly rivalry In both of these games SMU triumphed quite easily 

The closest game all season was that played against the Alumni in the now, annual game on Alumni weekend In this game some excellent bowling by Mahat Johnson and Bulent 
Sohail kept the Alumni to I 46 tor 9 in j9 overs. T" ' 
to attain 147 for 7 dunng the 25th over. 

. Thanks to solid innings of 3 I by Matt Wenman and 30 by Philip Bodley Scott and a typically flamboyant 33 by Bulent we managed 

The Staff game saw a comfortable win by the 1st XI The students batted to I 27 for 5 off of 20 overs. The staff then collapsed to 70 all out This was mainly due to the excellent 
bowling of Liam Hassett and Ian Wong 

In all games this year the level of fielding has been excellent, and has been a huge factor in the results we have obtained. This combined with Bulent Sohail's Captaincy, Glen Roberts' 
ability behind the stumps and encouragement from Malt Wenman and others has resulted in a very memorable season 

I wish to thank Mike Walsh. JJ Goodwin. Tony Cordle. Jane Hanna and Simone Hart for all the help they have given to the program this year. 

- Mr Fisher 






Mr Bill Buckingham. Taylor Davis. Walker Weitzel, Patricia Mazuch. Curran Crawford. Sam Paulos. Alec Johnston. Emil Burdett. Mr 
James Peacock. Russell Morton- 

Alan Jones 

The 1996 Cycling season saw a large increase in the number of cyclists competing in the Lower Island League (200+ from 
over I 5 schools), and as a result a much fiercer level of competition. Thus, it was pleasing to see Patricia Mazuch maintain her 
from of a year ago. and both on and off road, finish second overall in the Girls series. The Junior Boys had a real learning ex- 
perience against some of the best young riders in the province, quickly finding out the level of dedication required to be successful. 

At the Senior level, the team finished fourth in the league, led by Grade I I Russell Morton (6th individually). Brock Leong 
(I I th) and Emil Burdett ( I 2th). Brock and Emil both were hindered by a constant stream of mechanical breakdowns, as otherwise 
they would have almost certainly finished very close to the top standings. 

Best of luck to the graduating cyclists, most of whom first rode for the team four years ago. See you on the trails. 

- Mr. Alan Jones 
- Mr. Bill Buckingham 




B.R: Ms Poland. J Bradbury. R. Anglin. K OByrne. K Lobb. C Yeates. C Lewis. J Reed. Ibell 
F.R: L. Winters, L Davies. C. Tearoe. H Schaan. C. Wenman. E Huddart. N Mogensen. P Klaibert. K Smith 

Though hampered by a slow start, the Junior Girls Field Hockey Team, through hard work and positive attitude, improved in leaps and 
bounds to record one of the school's most successful Junior Girls seasons ever Winning the ISA and City tournaments against tough opposition 
set the stage for a highly competitive Islands, held in Port Alberni. where, unfortunately, despite wins over Courtenay, Brentwood, Mt. Prevost 
and Oak Bay, a pair of heartbreaking I defeats to rival Lambrick Park ensured a 4th place finish. 

Carol Lewis and Kim Lobb provided outstanding leadership and skill throughout the season, with Emily Huddard and Jayne Bradbury pillars 
on defence. The speed of Cara Yeates and Chantelle Tearoe, the consistency of Rebecca Anglin and Christine Wenman. and the solid goalkeeping 
of Kim Smith and Leah Winters were also crucial. Certainly, the Grade 9 players who will return for another year will do well to match tnese 

Special thanks to 'S6 alumnus Ms. Liz McLeish, whose coaching expertise was much appreciated, and to Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell for her quiet 
contributions behind the scenes. 

To all the players, my congratulations on a fine year. 

■ Ms. Kim Poland 




BR: Mr Hunt. C Jones. K Kerr. R Mavrlkos. C. Loiacono. C Fric. R Gardiner. W Davis. J. Pownie. Mrs. Mollenhauer 
F.R: J While. P Bradford. R Chadha. J Dorazio. M Hunt. D. Age. 2. Charania. P. Sanglap. J. Holdswonh 

From beginning to end it was a dream year! Eighteen of the school's finest female athletes came together for an intense ten 
week season, which saw them play 40 games (36-2-2 record) and score I 7 I goals (only 10 against). Along the way. the team 
placed second in the 2-4 team UBC Early Bird Tournament (losing I to Penticton). and second in the prestigious Bridgman 
Cup at UVIC (losing a i-2 heartbreaker in a shoot-out vs AAA champions Cowichan). Otherwise, the team was unbeaten, winning 
the Tully Cup as City Champions, a 1 0th straight Island AA title, and of course the Holy Grail, namely the BC AA crown. 

Of particular note was the team's tenacious defence, which, along with sterling play from netminders Caroline Fric and Catherine 
Loiacono. did not concede a single goal in ten playoff games. Co-captains Meggan Hunt and Jill Dorazio displayed the skills 
one would expect from provincially rated players, but showed equally fine leadership and commitment. Every other member of 
the team, day in and day out. did all the things necessary for success, not once resting on laurels, but always striving to improve. 

Thanks again to everyone involved for the most marvellous of seasons. Enjoy and cherish the successes, and look to stay involved 
in what is a great sport. 

- Mrs. Nancy Mollenhauer (and Arden) 
■ Mr. Jeff Hunt 




B.R: A. Valeri, R. Jennings. T. Street. C. Wu. A. Hildred. M. Boyd. D Hsu. E. Larsen 

M.R: Mr Walsh. J Andrachuk. B. Moss. A. Shortt. G Bae. E Der. E. Grant. M Adam. Mr Hyde-Lay 

F.R: Mr. Splcer. C. Clark. D Bolicki. S. Chapheau. J Owen. J. Fitz. N. Isaac. G Snowden. M. Ritter. M Su 

The Grade 9 Rugby teams enjoyed very successful seasons from a win-loss perspective, with the "A" squad particularly dominant in winning 
I I matches without defeat. Some excellent rugby was played, and some absolutely superb ties were scored in the process. 

For the "A" team, the season highlight was unquestionably the two-time defeat of St. Georges, with both games played in Vancouver. In 
the first, a dozy start saw the players concede two soft tries in the first five minutes before recovering to win 29- 10. In the return, the team 
was in control from the opening whistle to gain a 24-12 result. Otherwise. Brentwood and GNS were physically no match, while the games 
with Shawnigan were never played due to a dispute over headgear. To replace these lost fixtures, the team met several of the local schools, 
and also had two excellent encounters with the lOB squad, winning the second one in dramatic fashion 3 1-24. 

The team was solid from top to bottom. Ari Shortt. John Andrachuk and Andrew Valeri formed a strong and mobile front row. with Andrew 
Hildred and Chris Wu two powerful locks. In the back row Erik Larson was a force on the blindside. and was ably assisted by talented Cam 
Clark at No 8 and Eugene Der on the openside. Though dogged by injury Jacob Fitz made several appearances as well, often on the flank 
with Larson moving into the second row 

Behind the scrum, captain Jason Owen was a fearless scrumhalf. while newcomer Danny Boticki displayed a vast array of skills in the #10 
shirt. Outside him. Dave Barbour (when available) and particularly Da\/e Hsu were very strong in attack, while wings Mark Su and Brian Moss 
took the many running chances offered with great relish. At the back. Tim Street was a commanding presence, and displayed a very effective 
left boot. Chris Mills, unlucky to be excluded on a regular basis, was nonetheless deputized effectively in several positions when required. 

The "B" team had a less successful record, but was bolstered by the unflagging effort of several players. In the pack Matthieu Boyd played 
his heart out in the second row. while in the back Chris Mills. Michael Adam, and especially captain Graham Snowden played courageously, 
often in the face of gigantic opposition. 

Indeed, the future is potentially very bright, as the school has not seen this much raw talent in quite some time. However, all involved must 
see the neeessit/ to train consistently and hard Only then can there be true success and enjoyment. 

Best of luck to all in what could be a most impressive Colts campaign in 1 996. 

- Mr. Michael Walsh 




BR: M Berg, E Kim. P Kim. Pemberton. N. Millar. S Romanchuk. A Dowhy, S. Tate. G Barry. A Williams. R Diaz. J Thome. E. Mehinagic. C Kirk. D Moore 
3RDR; Mr Kuklinski. S, Yoon. C. Huang. J Breasail. R Sin. C, Noel. T Spicer. A Johnston. M Danskin, O Bregg. R Knott. C Stolarski. C, Tse, Mr Tongue 
2NDR; D Lynch. A. Chen. C. Yeh. V. Chu. M Mrdienovich. J Chiu, R Munroe. C Parrott. S Paulos. A Lin. D Tseng. T, Satdeo. B. Soderberg 
F.R: C. Smith, J Huang. Cheung. R. Yukawa. L Wei. G Wolliams. J Lee. D Hong. T Freeman 

The Colts Rugby season was a great success for the 50 players involved as each player gave tremendous spirit. 

The "C" team started with a one point opening loss at Brentwood college, and snot into a late lead with Robert Sin's two tries taking them to victory at 
St, Georges, To end their season the "C" team battled bravely to record a solid draw at St, Georges, 

The "8" team opened with a wm at Brentwood as centre Ryota Yukawa's two tries and »8 Nate Millar's goal-kicking lead to a tremendous victory. With 
little rest, the "B " squad played against Reynold's top side, at home to Brentwood college, and then against Esquimalt To end their season, the team moved 
up to assist the "A" side at the Junior Island Tournament, The game against St Georges at the Jr, Island Tournament was very exciting with several ties scored 
by both sides resulting in a high-scoring 29-all draw. Not wanting to take any credit away from the team effort, flyhalf Sam Paulos. centre Ryota Yukawa, 
and #8 Nate Millar do deserve mention. 

Earlier wins over parkland and GNS found the "A ' team in a dire battle during their opening ISA match at Brentwood College and despite great spirit they 
were unable to defeat Brentwood, Two City League wins, however, were soon obtained over Lansdowne and Stelly's. Also Adam Dowhy. in his new #8 helped 
the team to an impressive 4 1-19 victory at St, Georges, 

In their rematch against Brentwood, the "A " team won and three days later they faced Oak Bay in City League action. In this match both sides traded tries 
and matched noinl-tor-point with the Colts behind 1 8-22 at the hall As Oak Bay faltered in the second half, however, the Colts poured it on to win and after 
another snatching victory two days later against Claremont the Colts advanced to. the Victoria semi-finals! 

Helped by some gr, 9's the team hosted the visiting team from Wrekin College. England, SMUS then achieved its fourth straight win in |ust 8_days, Introducing 
some new gr, 9's during the City Tournament saw the Colts record a spectacular 13-12 victory over Oak Bay and become Victoria City Champions, 

The finallSA match clashed with the Jr Island Tournament so the "A " team couldn't defend its earlier victory At the Islands^ however, the Colts were victorious 
in their opening match against host Port Alberni. plavmg on a pitch more suitable for aquatic lite The Colts then played Shawnigan. but it was not to be as 
Shawnigan gained control early and went on to win. advancing to the finals, 

The Colts finished a respectable third on the Island with a subsequent victory over GNS. 

Without focusing on individuals, some do need special mention the whole "A" team forward pack, the foraging play of gr. 9 hooker Rodrigo Diaz, prop 
Jordi Thome, lock Adam Barry, flanker Adam Johnston. US Adam Dowhy. and the play of Quentin Bregg and fly half-inside centre Mike Danskin was notable. 

Special thanks to the coaches Peter Tongue. Marshall Ross and Jeremy Cordle for their collective commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge. Thanks also to 
the parents for your support, and encouragement. To all the players; I wish you the very best in life and rugby. 




BR: J Thomson. L Hassett. A Dowhy. A Millar. P Beatty. C Dyer. J Dowhy. W Chiu. K Philips 

3RD R: Mr Kuklmski. Mr Walsh. J Wong. Ger\ais Harreman. Mr Hyde-Lay. D Tang. M Preston. J. Upton. C. Murdoch. N. Hill. N. Stanger, E. Fairhurst. 

P. Soderberg. I, Wan 

2ND R; Eric Hung, G. Srivastava. Y. Saito. R. Connolly. B. While. C, Dickson. T. Owen. S Choi. M Danskin. S. Ibell 

F-R: A. HenrlBhargava. M. Jung. P. BodleyScott. J. Liang. S, Lobb. M. Wenman. M. Kirk. A Dewar. J, Vertes. 

The 1 996 Senior Rugby season began in early January with the usual cold weather practices, coupled with many runs (including the (avorite Mt Tolmie sessions) and weight workouts 
for over fifty enthusiastic players Inter-squad trials soon look place and the teams began to take shape, prior to the season finally getting underway in earnest in late February 

The 3nd XV turned in many resilient displays, especially early season, wiih resounding victories over Vic High, Lambrick Park. Esquimalt. Claremont, and West Vancouver, as well 
as recording a tough 1313 draw away to the 2nd XV from North Vancouver's Carson Graham. Unfortunately, the team also suffered three defeats, two at the hands of a strong 
Shawnigan Lake School side, and one in a brave effort aginst the 1st XV Top performers included prop Jack Wong, lock Jake Powhy. flanker Ivan Wan, number eight Liam Hassett, 
center Chris Robb, fullback Mike Preston, winger Danny Tang, and utility back Cam Loveless who scored a total of 96 points over the course of his games. 

The 1st XV squad began the season promisingly, recording solid wins over visiting schools Terry Fox, G P Vanier, and Dover Bay, as well as local schools Esquimalt, Lambnck 
Park and Belmont Immediately after spnngbreak, the team met arch-nval Oak Bay for the annual "Boot Games" Typical of recent Oak Bay encounters, there was the usual heart 
stopping action from start to finish, with SMUS hanging on to win 37 37 Perhaps a little complacency set in for the away game against Carson Graham as the team never got into 
full gear, going down 20-3-J An indifferent performance 22-2 I victory was then achieved over visiting Cwntaw Comprehensive School from Wales, followed by thirty-six unanswered 
second half points in a league win over Claremonl, and a confidence building fifteen minute purple-patch to stretch out to a -13-13 win over Stellys. Unfortunately extremely wet 
weather caused the cancellation of the much anticipated clash with « 1 ranked Semiahmoo 

Amidst the heavy schedule came the B C High School Sevens Tournament held in North Vancouver Despite just a (ew days preparation the squad was confident of a good showing 
and did win all three pool games with reasonable ease Against St Georges m the semifinals, although ahead by two tries at the half, possession was unfortunately turned over at 
crucial limes, with Ihe team going down 14 19 Shrugging off injunes and fatigue, the VII dug deep in Ihe final game to deleal Glenlyon Norfolk School I 5- 1 to finish a very credible 
third Top players on the day with lour tries apiece were Sleven Lobb, John Thomson, and Ben While 

It was all-hands-on-deck for Ihe league game al Oak Bay, though the squad went down 0-3 1 after fifteen muinules of play To the players credit, they did not panic but sought 
to play more disciplined rugby, bringing the score back to 19-31 five minutes into Ihe second half. It was end-lo-cnd action there on in. and on the last play of the game, some 
quick thinking and strong running led to a match winning 31 38 lr\ tor SMUS 

Stellys was no match m the City semi-final, setting up a repeat engagement with Oak Bay at home on Alumni weekend in from of over I COO spectators This time Ihe team jumped 
to a quick I 5-0 lead only to be down 15 17 early in the second hall Again it was heart-in-the mouth action right till the final whistle lor the 1st XV to hold on lor a 38-33 victory 
and reclaim Ihe Howard Russell Cup An uninspiring pre B Cs heavy deleal was then sullered at Shawnigan, but this lorced everyone to regroup and locus as a unit, 

G P Vanier were the lirsl opponents al the EC's. Withstanding an early onslaught, the team produced some slick handling to secure a 39-19 victory The team then played mag- 
nilicenlly in the quarterfinal against Carson Graham but were unable to convert tremendous early pressure to points Up Ml 3 with just a few minutes remaining, a late Carson 
penally goal put paid to the best all-round perlcrmance ol the year versus the eventual BC champions As late would have it Oak Bay was the next opponent and resulted in the 
fourth straight wide open, high scoring game played in IronI of hundreds ol delighted lans Again the 1st XV hung on to win 36-36 over Oak Bay A battle weary side took the 
Held in the linal match versus Lord Byng. going down quite heavily, but with the solace ol playing nil the end and scoring at the linal whistle 

Whilst not wishing to lake anything away from ihe team ellort. some players deserve special mention Up front. Grade 10 prop Adam Dowhy and team award recipient Alex Austin 
were leisly customers, and teamed well with motivational captain Colin li^yer. omnipresent flanker Drew Soderberg. and back-rower John Thomson, who was named to the BC Schools 
Commissioners XV In Ihe backs, scrumhall and top points scorer Ed Fairhurst was a key player, while winger John Upton was the team's top try scorer with 17. Strong running 
centre Ben White, fullback Steven Lobb. and staunch midlielder Chris Dickson also enjoyed solid seasons 

In closing, thank you to all the players for a most enjoyable season during much was learned about character, and the game ol rugby To all graduates, the very best in your 
career and keep involved with the sport To the returnees, a fierce resolve will be required to take on next season's challenges To parents, thanks also lor the support and encouragement. 
Finally thanks lo lellow coaches Mr Peter Tongue. Mr Mike Walsh, and Mr Ian Hyde-Lay lor their expert tutelage, and enthusiasm and assistance throughout the year. 

- Mr Bruce Kuklinski 
1st XV Coach 



Two staff coaching members and twenty-one rugby playing teenagers set off to tour England and Scotland over Spring Break! Tfie team 
boarded the plane at Vancouver Airport with much anxiety yet excitement too. for sixteen days of rugby and culture. The flight to London 
went very well, and following a coach ride, we arrived at the Hospitality Inn. in good spirits, late Wednesday afternoon. The tour party then 
set off for a losethejetlag run around Hyde Park, followed by a very spirited rugby session. Then it was an early night for some, while the 
culture of London filled the evening for others. 

Thursday began with a keen early morning practice session and then we coached to our first host. Coopers' Company and Corborn School, 
in Upminster. Essex. Our hosts greeted us warmly and we were then whisked off to our billets for the evening. 

Friday morning was filled with a team practice session and final preparations for our first tour match the next day. The afternoon included 
a trip by train and bus through the recently bombed London Dockyards area to Greenwich, which is of course best known for Greenwich Mean time. 

We began Saturday morning against Coopers' Coborn perhaps a little gun-shy. allowing the opposition three easy tries. Nonetheless the 
team came back in the second half and were only down eight points with five minutes left to play. Unfortunately time ran out. however, but 
the final 33-34 result was still very pleasing and encouraging for the players. Special credit goes to #8 Sam Langridge. Colin Dyer and Chris 
Dickson for their efforts. 

Following a brief lunch, speeches, and the exchange of customary gifts, the tour party set out on a one and a half hour train ride to the 
home of English rugby. Twickenham rugby stadium. 

On Sunday morning, we moved on to Chichester. Sussex, briefly stopping at Leeds Castle and Guilford Cathedral en route. Upon arrival 
we had another spirited practice before being sorted out by our hosts at Chichester High School for the evening. 

Our Monday morning practice allowed us to correct some errors from the previous game and we spent the afternoon in Portsmouth, where 
we visited Lord Nelson's ship the HMS Victory and the HMS Mary Rose, as well as the Royal British Naval Museum Our return train trip 
was filled with an intense trivia quiz for chocolate bars. 

After a much needed extended sleep. Tuesday morning, the team faced Chichester High School in the afternoon who cruised to a comfortable 
win. Full credit, however, must be given to Ed Fairhurst. Adam Dowhy and Olivier Gervais-Harreman who fought bravely against a clearly 
outmatched team. Our hosts treated us to a superb sit down dinner and a most enjoyable evening. 

Our Wednesday began relatively early, as the team travelled north. The long hours through the Scottish Border passed quickly, however, 
with the help of a little sleep, videos of the Super I 2 rugby and Mike Tyson, auction items galore, and Special K's kangaroo court session. 
The English Scottish border stop for passports fooled many and began the passing of the Scottish Jock hat to the unfortunate victim of some 
crime from the previous day. After arriving at our destination. Galashiels Academy, our hosts, soon sent us off with our billets for the evening. 

The next day began with an early morning practice session which saw Doctor Kuklinski try and rescue the health ol some players with doses 
of Vitamin C and numerous other concoctions A pleasant afternoon was spent visiting Sir Walter Scott's castle, LochCarron Linen Mill, and 
the home of Sevens Rugby at the Melrose Greenyards. 

A short practice got the ball rolling Friday morning, before the party headed to Edinburgh for the afternoon. The afternoon included a visit 
to Edinburgh Castle, lunch on Princes Street and a trip to Murrayfield. the home of Scottish rugby, where the boys gave a stirring rendition 
of Canada. A stop at the Forth road and rail bridges rounded out the day and we headed back to Galashiels for the evening. 

Saturday morning's game saw a much Improved performance against our Galashiels Academy hosts, although we went down in the end 
28- 1 9. as unfortunately some 50-50 decisions went against us late In the game. Nick Stanger. Ben White and Jack Wong all played particularly well. 

After presentations and a quick shower the team were on the coach for Glasgow and we arrived on time to watch the local rugby club. 
Glasgow Accies defeat Galasshiels in Scottish first division club play, before being whisked away by our hosts. 

A relaxed Sunday morning, followed, to watch the world's top sevena-stride teams, including Canada compete in Hong Kong. Our final 
tour practice was held that afternoon in preparation for our seventh game in ten years against the High School of Glasgow for the Mike Walsh Trophy. 

There was plenty of tension in the air Monday afternoon with the Glasgow team singing Flower of Scotland in the dressing rooms. We started 
well, but could only come away with a penalty which. Glasgow soon cancelled with three tries of their own. after we failed to take possession 
and missed crucial tackles. Unfortunately this pattern continued till the end of the game, although to their credit the team never stopped trying. 
All-in-all it was a very entertaining game for the crowd, which included many past players from SMUS. Special mention to Wilson Chiu. Matt 
Wenman. Alex Henri-Bhargava and Mike Danskin for their efforts 

With the rugby now completed the evening included a wee bit of Scottish Dancing and an influx of Glasgow High field hockey girls provided 
much incentive for our boys to get out on the dance floor. 

After a memorable evening the night before, the team, in good spirits, caught the train from Glasgow to London passing the time with sleep, 
cards and the sight of the countryside. We arrived at the Park Court Hotel again across from Hyde Park ready for some sightseeing, shopping 
and culture. 

Wednesday was spent visiting Wimbledon. Buckingham Palace. Downing Street. Whitehall, the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben and Piccadilly 
Circus. The team also saw the opera Miss Saigon and went shopping on Regent and Oxford Streets. A final tour dinner followed the team's 
busy day. which gave everyone an opportunity to look back on the past sixteen days. 

Thank you to fellow coach Peter Tongue for his superb coaching, assistance, and many social graces. Also thanks to all our sponsors for 
your tremendous financial support and a special thank you to the parents for their continued encouragement and sacrifices. Finally thank you 
to each and every one of the players for their determined play, and for showing much character both on and off the field, which helped make 
this trip so enjoyable. 

- Mr. Bruce Kuklinski 
1st XV Coach 





BR: K Larsen. K Lobb. C. 
Lewis. E Huddart 
M.R: Mr. Hannah. M. Doyle. H. 
Schaan. A. Larsen. K. Smith 
F.R: S. Lawrence. C. Reid, S. Wil- 
son. S- Loiacono. C. Tearoe. A. 

It happens to the best 
teams!! They enjoy a con- 
tinued string of successes, 
then suffer one momen- 
tary relaxation and ig- 
nominious defeat. It hap- 
pened to Italy in the 1 994 
World Cup Finals - ousted 
on penalty shots - and it 
happened to this year's 
Junior Girls squad as well. 
Indeed, after a league 
full of promise, a whole 
series ol^problems ranging 
from injury, fatigue, or 
nonavailability, asw the 
team crash 3-2 to Spencer 
in quarterfinal play. What 
should have been a rela- 
tively straightforward win, 
and subsequent qualifica- 
tion for the City Final Four and the Islands just did not happen. 

Nonetheless, the season was not without its bright spots. Generally, the defence, led by Kim Smith was sound, while Sabrina 
Loiacono anchored the midfield. Up front. Joann Nash scored many goals, and was badly missed in the playoff upset. Kudos 

also to self appointed con- 
venor Carol Lewis (also a 
talented player) and to the 
goalies Sam Lawrence and 
Angela Markoulis 

The team was an ex- 
tremely strong group 
which deserved more suc- 
cess than it achieved. 
Thanks to everyone for 
the effort, with special 
congratulations going to 
the "Killer Bees" squads 
for their persistent labour 
and huge improvement. 

- Mr. Fraser Hannah 


BR: L Davies. J Bradbury. A 
Karchut. K. O'Bryne. C. Wen- 
man. P Bedeski 
M.R: L. Willinganz. J. Reed. L. 
Ritson. J Burdett. D. Klaibert. 
O. Ibell. Mr, Cameron 
F.R: K. Nordlund. A. Arnett. K. 
Hill, J Woodland. J Williamson. 
R. Grewal. G Wilson. S Hayes 




BR: Jacob Fitz. Nathan Millar. Christopher Noel. Tyler Spicer 

M.R; Mr. Tony Cordle. Grant Woolliams. CJuentin Bregg. Ryan Large. David Lynch. Mr, Peter Leggett 

F.R: Colin Parrott. Chritopher Stolarski. Daniel Boticki. Ryan Munroe. Brian Moss 

Competition was again fierce for place in the team, with the only assurance that once selected, the team would face equally 
difficult problems in the City league. 

As it turned out. six league games out of ten were won. which resulted in a fourth place divisional finish leading up to the 
playoffs. Several crucial points were squandered en route, most notably in one goal defeats to both Reynolds and St. Andrews. 
Thus, the team ended up playing Arbutus in the playoffs, who had easily won their division and so were the comprehensive 
favourites to advance. 

Happily, the team played its most inspired match of the season, carrying much of the play at times, and forcing the game 
into extra time. Unfortunately, after nearly scoring, a late goal was conceded, which allowed Arbutus to advance 2- 1 . 

The team could play quite skillfully at times, but generally lacked physique. Winning 50-50 balls was a problem through the 
season, and one which hopefully can be rectified as the players move into the senior ranks. 

Without singling out too many individuals, Danny Boticki played well in goal, while Mike Danskin was invariable solid. 

Thanks to all the players, and best of luck in the Senior program. 

■ Mr. Tony Cordle 
• Mr. Peter Leggatt 




B.R: Jacqui Hudson. Andrea Horsman, Emily Clough. Kristina Kerr. Alisa Cooper. Holly Dummer 

M.R: Mr Cameron. Devlin Bradford. Jess While, bara Perry. Collie Atchley. Whitney Davis. Beth Smith. Tania Boteju 

F.R: Natasha Schorb. Jill Dorazio. Tina Barrett. Ria Mavrikos. Amanda Wilson. Beth Breasail. Meg Hunt. Paula Sanglap 

In one respect the team enjoyed its most successful season ever, mowing through the local AA competition in undefeated fashion, 
in fact not conceding a goal until a 6- 1 win over Edward Milne in the City final. However, a pre BC tournament 30 exhibition 
defeat to eventual AAA runnerup Mt. Douglas, suggested that perhaps the build-up to the BCs had been too easy. 

The BCs were held in Kamloops in late May, and a bus malfunction, which necessitated a four hour delay atop the Coquihalla 
Highway enroute to the championship, seemed to be an omen that all would not go well. 

So it proved. High winds on Day I meant that skilful soccer was very difficult, and the team lost both matches, deservedly 
2-0 to eventual runner-up Windsor, but then 2-1 in a lottery against WL Seaton. Dejected, the team sagged somewhat before 
rebounding to win its fifth and last match 3-0 Vs Pitt Meadows. In every game, the physical nature of play, and the amount 
of time and space allowed by the opposition were in marked contrast to the previous league qualification matches. 

In the team Caroline Brown was a tower of strength throughout, with Jennine Downie a skilled frontrunner. Meggan Hunt 
and Jill Dorazio in midfield, though playing for the first time, were always composed and competitive, while Joann Nash, who 
moved up after the completion of the Junior Season, was a most dangerous goalscorer. 

Best of luck to all the graduating players - keep involved in this wonderful sport. The seven returnees, allied to a talented 
group of juniors, should ensure that the program continues to build in the future. 

- Mr. John Nash 

- Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton 



iMyim J B K w^.:' . . ''JBtte- ^Bi ' f^^^rfll^^ 




B.R: S. Lobb, M. Kirk. E. Callendar. N. Stanger 

M.R: Mr. T, Cordle. K. Naritsuka. H, Thompson, E- Fairhurst. T. Owen 

F.R: B. Nelson. P. Sander. C- Mavrikos. G. Fedorak. S. Bonet. C. Robb 

Following last years pleasant 4th place finish at the BCs. the pressure was on for a repeat performance this time round. With qualifying 
through the City league again difficult, it was therefore satisfying to again reach the provincial tournament (for the fourth straight year). Once 
there, unfortunately, the team did not play up to par. eventually finishing I 5th. Lady luck, which smiled upon the group so favourably twelve 
months ago. was not much in evidence this time round 

A main factor in the late slump was a debilitating run ot season ending injuries, which claimed goalkeeper Steven Lobb, and defenders Adam 
Molineux and John Thomson A lack of depth meant that these players were extremely difficult to replace, especially the latter, whose calm 
presence was invaluable. 

Otherwise. Marcus Kirk and Blair Nelson handled the goalkeeping scores, while sweeper Hayden Thompson enjoyed an excellent season. 
Also at the back, tough tackling Chris Robb inevitably drew the task of marking the opponent's danger man. and also supplied endless enthusiasm. 

Mid field creativity was supplied by Seb Bonet and Ed Fairhurst. with the hustle and bustle the responsibility of Taylor Owen and Phil Miller. 
Rob Connolly. Chris Mavrikos and Nick Stanger also showed much versatility 

Up front, speedsters Cam Loveless. Dan Sanders and Graham Fedorak supplied endless running and some timely goals, while Ed Callender 
also demonstrated that he should be a real threat in his senior season. 

Thanks to all the players, and especially Kaz Naritsuka. who filled in admirable when the injury toll mounted. 

Best of luck next year. 

- Mr. Tony Cordle 
■ Mr. John Nash 




B.R: Ms Tabacco. P Boticki. M Turner, J. Fitz. K. Brvne, D. Age. P- Hahn, k. Larsen, C. Reid 
M.R: P. Tseng. M Hau. A Ng. J. Angus. V. Yang. M, Henn-Bhargava. R, Cheng. K. Monn 
F.R: C, Tse. M. Mrdienovich. J Williamson. A. Larsen. K, Nordlund, B. Moss, A. Wong 

The 1996 Track and Field team featured a wide variety of talents, from those that had never previously competed on a school 
team to others whose main athletic focus since Christmas had been the meets in May and June, All involved advanced their 
skills and produced some excellent performances, the inevitable product of enthusiasm and hard work. 

The early season AllComers meets gave all an opportunity to experiment and sharpen up for the main competitions of the 
season. By year's end. over 70 athletes had taken part in the nearly twenty events in four different age groups. 

Several factors contributed to the enjoyment of the season. First, new uniforms for both Senior and Middle School teams sharp- 
ened the SMUS presence at the meets, while Ms, Jane Hannan. on exchange for the Australian College of PE added a great deal 
of encouragement and sound instruction to the throwers. Finally, a new jumping pit on the school grounds was instrumental 
in vastly improving performances of both the long and triple jumpers. 

Highlights of the season included several strong individual finishes at the Richmond Colt Meet in Vancouver, a 3rd place overall 
finish for the Junior team at the Islands, and the Senior Girls 4 100 relay team (Jo Nash, Carol Lewis, Iggy Larsen and Devon 
Hahn) qualifying for the ultracompetitive BC Championship meet. 

Given the youth of the team, and its skill level and enthusiasm, the future looks bright. Also, special thanks to the graduating 
athletes for a job well done!!! 

- Ms. Judy Tobacco 

.... -,.^ 

WSk . 




>:' ^ 





B.R: Eric Hung, Oram Woolliams. Ian Schneider. Miho Nakagawa. Ms Jane Hannan 
F.R: Carol Wong, Alisa Cooper. Olivia Limbu, Vanessa Lee. Melissa Wong 

In the end, the Tennis season proved to be something of a disappointment, in that what appeared to be a solid team, with many 
returnees, failed to qualify for the BC championships. The many and varied, but entered around the decision of a few key performers 
not to play, a late start to Spring Break, and the routinely appalling weather which disrupted the schedule. 

As it was, all four league games were won, but then a crucial 6-5 playoff defeat by Oak Bay (who admittedly we had beat by 
only 6-5 in league) put the team in a difficult position in the Island qualifying event. So it proved, with a further two defeats to Shaw- 
nigan and Brentwood putting the team into 5th position. 

In the short six weeks, many players did perform well, including doubles specialist Philip Miller and Bulent Sohail. and "A" singles 
player Ian Schneider. Mariko Miller led the girls team, while Miho Nakagawa and Carol Lee also played consistently. 

The future of tennis at SMUS is perhaps in jeopardy, despite the fine efforts of those mentioned above and some others. Certainly, 
easier and more regular access to courts and a longer, more flexible league season are crucial. 

Best of luck to all involved in the future. 

- Ms. Jane Hannan 






^^m XZ w,-*' ' 





^^C "^ ""■i_^_ 

J 1 







The Junior Girls "A" Volley- 
ball team had an interesting 
year, full of extremes. Though 
the team narrowly missed the 
"A" Division playoffs, the girls 
steadily improved focus, skills, 
and confidence to make several 
tenacious late season come- 
backs. The games were filled 
with great passes, dives, tips, sets 
or spikes and each team mem- 
ber will be remembered for her 
personal best performance. 
Thanks to all the girls who par- 
ticipated for their efforts. 

- Ms. Jennifer Walinga 

B.R: Ms Walinga. M. Henri-Bhargava. 

A Markoulis. E Aitken. K, Larsen. M. 


F.R: N, Arnett. B. Harang. R. Dhillon. 

N Turner. T Campbell. J. Williamson 


The Junior Girls "B" Volley- 
ball team, formed after a place 
in the regular league became 
open, improved dramatically, 
even if wins were hard to come 
by. Most importantly, all the 
players had a lot of fun and 
displayed fine sportsmanship. 
Louise Ritson and captain Erin 
Lee played key roles in keeping 
the team together, and were well 
supported by Brigid Halliday, 
Courtenay Mitchell and Aya Lar- 
sen. Closer to the net, Sheryl 
Dodd, Alyssa Sunderani and Ju- 
lia Tugwell always worked hard, 
while Rebecca Sheng was a power- 
ful hitter. Thanks to all involved 
for their efforts. 

- Ms. Simone Hart 

B.R; Ms. Hart. S, Dodd, L- Ritson. E, Lee. 
A Larsen 

F.R: C- Mitchell. B- Halladay. A, Sun- 
derani, R. Sheng. J. Tugwell 




B.R: Mr Peter Hunter. Andrea Horsman. Jennifer De Haan. Emily Clough. Ms Sylvia Hamilton 
F.R: Olivia uamache. Tanya Bote|u. Lindsav Gordon, Coille Alchley. Michelle Butler 
MISSING: Kathryn Wynn. Amy Slegg 

The season started all too rapidly as the first games were held only a week after the team had been selected, and positions 
were not worked out until the end of September. However, by this time, the rotation of Andrea Horsman. Linsay Gordon and 
Emily Clough hitting, Olivia Gamache. Tanya Boteju. Kathryn Wynn and Amy Slegg setting, and Jen de Haan. Coille Atchley 
and Michelle Butler blocking, solidified, and in the ISA Tournament at Crofton House, the team showed promise. 

Later on. at Lake Cowichan. the team won its pool to move into the championship side of the draw. Wins in this section were 
more difficult to attain, but everyone had fun and played well. 

The team also played thirteen league games up to November, and made a resolute effort against some top flight opposition. 
The setting, serving, and hitting improved dramatically, while good sportsmanship was always in evidence. 

Thank you to everyone who took part, and best of luck in any future volleyball endeavours. 

- Mr. Peter Hunter 
■ Ms. Sylvia Hamilton 




B.R: Matthew Pettinger. Stephen Tate. Peter Beatty. Steven Romanchuk. Blair Nelson, Mr. Mclntyre 
F.R; Ouentin Bregg. Michelle Hau. Olivia Limbu. Eric Hung. Simon Ibell 

The 1996 season saw several firsts for Golf at SMUS. the most encouraging of which was the inclusion of two girls, Michelle 
Hau and Olivia Limbu. in the team for the first time. Michelle distinguished herself by being one of only three players to win 
a match in the annual Staff Vs Students competition, and both, along with the majority of boys will return for next season. 

Another less notable first was the disastrous City Tournament, played in late April at Cordova Bay. Monsoon like rain, high 
winds, and biting cold made any type of true golf impossible, and indeed, the event, if one could call it that, was curtailed after 
only nine holes. Not all players could complete the course, and Peter Beatty had the "distinction" of not only losing a ball, 
but rather a club, when his 3 wood slipped from his hand on the eighth tee and disappeared over the trees into a neighbouring 

The highlights of the season were Blair Nelson's Bronze Medal finish at the Police Tournament at Gorge Vale, and the always 
spirited Staff Vs Students match at Uplands. While this year, the staff won 7 matches to 3. Blair. Michelle Hau, and Peter Beatty 
id manage to uphold the honour of the usually victorious students. 

Many thanks to all the players, and the best of luck in the future to the graduates. 

• Mr. John Mclntyre 





I. Joanna Holdsworth. Megan Smith. Cathy Loiac- 
one. Rachel Gardiner • Senior Girls Field Hockey 2. 
Olivia Depuis. Karen Webster. Andrea Horsman 
■ Spectators i. Matthew Berg • Grade Jen Rugby 
4. Cameron Loveless. Daniel Sander • Senior Boys 
Soccer 5. Mr Bruce Kukllnski • Coach 6. Colin Par- 
rot! • Junior Boys Basketball 7. Matthew Turner 
■Senior Cross Country 8. Milan Mrdienovich, Andrew 
Dewar. Adam Powhy. Colin Parrott • Grade Ten 



1. Senior Cross Country • Pavid Wilson, Matthew Turner 

2. Senior Girls Soccer Mr. Nash, Jill Dorazio, Jennine 
Downie, Kristina Kerr, Witney Davis, Natasha Schorb, 
Catherine Loiacono 3. Cricket • Bulent Sohail 4. Senior 
Rugby Andrew Dewar 5. Junior Boys Basketball - Na- 
than Millar, Colin Parrot, Tye Spicer 6. Senior Girls Soc- 
cer - Jill Dorazio 7. Senior Boys Soccer • Christopher 
Robh 8. Grade Ten Rugby - Andrew Williamson. Quen- 
tin Bregg, Milan Mrdienovich 



Musical • Grade Eleven Play • New York Trip • Light & Sound 
Art • Band • Strings • Choir • Orchestra 


Fine Arts 

Fine Arts 


Tara Campbell. Gr. 10 
The death of New Orleans 

It was the day that the stone angles crumbled 

and were sold as black coffee in the French Quarter. 

The time when the moon replaced the sun 

and the sky never clouded. 

And the lounges turned to dust 

while the angels drifted by. 

There was no religion 

but the churches burst into orange flames 

and the gods in the ocean died, 

their bloodied spears surfaced 

and the skyline of the Orleans 

melted by the hour. 

The women clenched their children 

the children clenched their stories 

and hell absorbed the men with ail its bloody fury. 

The silence and the blood ran across souls 

like judgment's axe 

and left wrists torn to pieces, 

hearts left with gaps. 

The alcohol turned poison, 

the angel's cocaine fried. 

New Orleans was dying 

and the world began to cry. 

The street cars parked for one last time 

to watch the sun's last set 

and the lonely street people 

looked sadly to their metal crucifixes. 

Smells of spice and loving 

no longer filled the streets. 

but the scents of blood, the smell of tears, 

the city went insane. 

This is the end, 

said the sidewalks 

and the trees began to wilt. 

New Orleans was dying, 

this was what vengeful saints called justice. 

The poetry ceased forever 

and the jazz band broke the strings 

on oak and marble cellos which whined at heaven. 

And like the angel told the world 

and as the gods had written. 

New Orleans had died. 

Kent Daniel Glowinski, Gr. 12 


Happiness is. 

A red Silly Biliy dipped in purple frosting 

In an orange cone-shaped box 

Tucked away in the back of a pickup truck 

In the rain. 

Mmm! The sour cream has been mixed with honey 

And the onions are too busy smiling to make you cry. 

A little fuzzy duck waddles from side to side 

And the big fat cuddly rat just sits there, bouncing. 

Back in the rain, the fishies are flip-flopping by the 

Sidewalk with twinkling shooting stars in their eyes 

While the worms squiggle-wiggle their way through 

the thick oozing mud and the fresh flowers. 

A cornucopia of bright perfumes and technicolour flashes 

Blind all the senses of the people and the billy goats and the 


A rainbow disappears into the golden sea where the sun is 

Setting, and the baby watching it keeps sucking on its 


It smiles so much its cheeks hurt! 

Alexandre Henri-Bhargava, Gr. 1 2 




A plough that sows 


A black hole 

which inhales deeply of 

like a vacuum cleaner 

sucks in 

like the hand of Satan 


like an eraser 

wipes out 

and erases as one destructive blast of a enormous blizzard 
freezes with ice splinters 

David Tseng, Gr. 10, E.S.L. 


Fine Arts 

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Three tears of life 
waiting by the phone 
living by herself 
far away from home. 

Three years of life 
sighing ail alone 
staying for her sons 
hoping they'll be home. 

Reports have arrived 
Now the time has come 
Her passport is ready 
and she can go home. 

Landing at the airport 
knowing he has come 
flies into his arms 
finally she's home. 

David Hsu, Gr. 9, E.S.L. 

The Blame Game 

Maggie Pang. Gr. 12 

The crowd stood in frenzied anticipation. All eyes were turned to me. I hadn't 
seen them, though; my concentration blocked out all but the basket. I let the 
ball go and followed it as it fell in a perfect arc. The crowd watched. No one 
dared to make a sound. A pin would have been a canon shot in the silence, 
instead all that could be heard was the dull thud of the ball rebounding off 
the rim. To me it was the sound of a judge's gavel slamming home the verdict: 
Guilty! I reeled as I watched the ball slowly fall to the floor and the buzzer 
grimly signaled the end of the match. MacNeil Secondary 81, us 79. 

I knelt on the cold floor, not daring to move for what seemed an eternity. 
My teammates came by, lightly touching me on the shoulder to console me. 
"Don't worry. It wasn't your fault.' "Hard luck, man." They wanted to make 
me feel better, but I saw the looks in their eyes and I heard their dirty words 
behind my back. Even the coach could say no more than "Well, Dave, you 
win some . . . and then you lose some." 

Why was it my fault? Nobody even asked why Mike bricked his free-throws 
or Doug missed his lay-up in the last forty seconds. No one ever considered 
my hours of practice every day for three years. Did anyone even see that I 
was being double-teamed and had to take the short falling backwards? No, 
of course not. All they saw was the shot off the rim and the final score. And 
then they looked at me. 

Thinking back on it now, what stands out most in my memory was the coach's 
talk with nine seconds left. "Chris, I want you to in-bound it to whoever's open. 
Then for God's sake get the ball to Dave. I know I can count on him to make 
the shot." As we left to finish the game, he caught me by the elbow and, look- 
ing me straight in the eye, told me "No pressure, now. You make this shot 
and you become a hero. You don't make this shot . . . well . . . you just make 
the shot, okay?" Sure, no pressure. It seems to me now that I was never going 
to make that shot. Everyone was just waiting to pin the blame on me. The ass. 

Don't Forget Your Dream 

You've gotten used to living here 

so your smile is natural. 

You've been living here in loneliness 

and you've lost the passage of time. 

But you've been living with believing 

that someday you'll suffer sadness 

you're used to feeling empty, 

but don't forget your dream. 

Release that sadness of the heart 

that you can't forget tonight. 

If you cannot find the answers 

That you've been searching for, 

remember that each new day 

is like a special gift, 
and don't forget your dream; 
one day it might come true. 

Sayuri Sugimoto, Gr. 10, E.S.L. 

Jj-Sun Kim. Or. I I 



Cause you're the moon 
in which my night sleeps 
I'll be coming soon 
to kiss those tender lips 
but wait for the dark that dies 
where morning lies. 

Gustavo Neri, Gr. , E.S.L. 

Liam Hassett, Gr. 1 2 


Fine Arts 

(Jackie Hudson. Gr. 1 1 

Fine Arts 




Kneading the dough 

with arthritic hands, 

she pushes it into a perfect, rounded lump 

and roils it into a flat disk. 

she makes smaller circles 

with a crystal wineglass 

and fills them with 

cheese and potatoes, sauerkraut, 

and the watery plumps resurrected from 

our freezer. 

She tells me to pinch the edges of the circles 

to make a perfect crescent, 

completely sealing the skin, 

enclosing the filling. 

She says she is getting to old for this: 

She has no feeling in her fingers. 

I can feel the dough yet my 

crippled half-moons 

pale in comparison with her 

perfect crescents. 

As we gently place our perogies into the 

boiling water, 

they churn in the bubbles, fighting for air 

my failures spliting at their seams 

spilling their juices until 

we fry them in butter and onions, searing their skins, 

and eat them with relish. 

"I am too old for this." 

She says again as her glasses fog 

"this is the last time " 

She dries her eyes with 

the used kleenex from her sleeve as 

1 tell her that we will do this again. 

this is not the last time. 

but she knows what she is saying, 

there are no more crescents on our table. 

only crippled half-moons 

fighting for air in boiling water. 

Kyu-Tae Kim. Gr. 10 

The Arches of Sunset Boulevard 

We are haunted by the trees which lay visions on mom sidewalks: 
they are recalling lunar shadows from the closets of our cerebrum. 
And as the cars pass under the veil of winter elms 
the haunted trees paint visions on the windshields of passing cars: 
reflections of moon statues, high in the specter above. 
Enchanted forests possessed by sidewalks and highways. 

We are haunted by the phantom tolling in the distance 

of bells filled with children, scraping and crying to breath. 

And the resonance of bells, like our reonating footsteps, 

light the candles in our deaf ears as we pace along a wooden hallway; 

a hallway of wood fingers, hanging to slowly brush 

through our early morning stupor. 

We are haunted by the staring forest and its elm eyes; 
but the elms are just oracles of cities and the temple of highways ,. 
as they line the boulevard as scrapers line the main street. \ 

Weeping in empty streets of forest cities: streets which go on forever * 
under the ceiling of wooden clouds. 

We are haunted by dead poetry in dead parks, 

consumed by crosses on a hillside on a scraper-bound horizon. 

Only strolls through elm hallways in the greatest house of creation 

can obscure the paths of trees: reaching arms creating gothic 

in the image of a city, 

lost in photographs. 

Kent Daniel Glowinski, Gr. I 2 

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Tonight. I come back late. 

Just like before, mom leaves a small light for me. 

I open the door carefully and close it. 

When I am walking back to my room 

I see a big shadow that covers me. 

I look back to the shadow 

And there is my father 

Sitting on the sofa 

Holding his head in his hands 

With eyes closed . . . Sleeping. 

I walk to my father and watch him. 

I never have a chance to look at him so closely. 

I remember when I was small 

He held me with two strong arms 

And pretended I was an airplane. 

He tossed me up to the sky and told me: 

"My little darling. I want you to be like a bird. 

Fly to the sky with no worries." 

As I grew older 

I became what he wished me to be. 

A happy bird flying in the sky 

That leaves its family behind. 

I don't know when it happened 

But I notice my father's arms are not that strong. 

I look at his face; 

Age has left its mark there. 

I look at his hair; 

It used to be black and animate 

But now it is full of gray and thinning. 

Father, what has happened to you? 

At this moment 

I find my father just like a little, weak old man 

who sits on the sofa all night 

Waiting for his little girl to come home - 

And his girl never knew. 

Something drops on his face. 

It is a tear from me. 

He wakes up 

And sees me standing in front of him. 

He notices my tear-stained face. 

"Are you okay? Has anyone bullied you? Tell papa." 

He said with an amiable tone. 

I cannot hold it in anymore. 

I run to my father's warm embrace 

And cry out, 

"I love you, Papa. 

I promise I will not worry you again." 

And my father said: 

"I love you too." 

And touched my head with 

His big warm hand. 

- I want to dedicate this poem to my Papa • 

Joy Liu, Gr. I I 


A bald business man runs through the door, hits his cat and curses. He throws 
down his brief case and takes off his jacket. He ferociously loosens his tie and 
grabs his glass of shenw . . . downs it. Makes himself a martini - slams it right 
into the back of his tfllDat. Ah. The scorching pain in his trachea feels better 
than the trials and tribulations of the cab ride home. The phone rings. He throws 
his glass at it. Kid walks in. Sees Daddy . . . goes to sit on his lap Daddy picks 
him up and gives him a hug. Mmmm. What a good boy. He plays soccer, he 
reads every night before he goes to bed. He eats all his vegetables and sings in 
the church choir. Dad sits there, stroking his soft hair, feeling the side of his smooth 
face. The boy hands his father a book and begins to read to his father . . . same 
story about Clifford, the infamous dog. Father drops the book. The child picks 
It up. turns around to hand the book back, but the father is dead. 

Doctor pulls the blanket up over the pillow with apologetic words to the wife. 
She sat there, tears in her eyes as her hair lay stretched out along the table. Her 
niece pulled the brush along the desolate desert of gray. She pulled out the scis- 
sors and cut away, bit by bit. When it was all cut they hung it on the wall 
together, weeping. It was almost tour feet long on that wall. But they couldn't 
look at it any longer. It was time for surgery. 

On the way to the O.R the old woman looked out from her stretcher passed 
all the faces of people near the Emergency room. A crying little boy. looking 
for something. A man running after a teenage girl with bruises on her face forcing 
apologies onto her. again and again. 

They shaved off all her remaining hair, removed her tumour, and threw it in 
the garbage next to the child's book and the broken glass. 

Meggan Hunt, Gr. 1 2 

Curran Crawford. Gr. 


Fine Arts 

Rodgcrsand Hammcrstcin's 


presented by 
St. Michaels University- School 
Fcbruarj' 29. March 1 & 2. 1996. 
Mc Pherson Playhouse 

Ticket-s 38(>6121 

The wild west acted as this year's inspiration for the SMUS annual 
musical. The result was four extremely successful performances of Rodg- 
ers and Hammerstein's highly spirited OKLAHOMA. Taking the reins 
as director this year was SMUS' newest red head. George Belliveau. 
Mr. Belliveau's vision, energy, patience and perserverance were the 
driving force behind Oklahoma's success. Helping to bring together 
the different aspects of the musical were Mary Humphreys and Kim 
Breiiand. Mrs. Humphreys led a student orchestra of 26 to bring "Sur- 
rey With A Fringe on Top" to new musical heights. And Kim Breiiand, 
once again, took the formidable task of turning SMUS rugby players 
into twinkle toes. Behind the scenes were Natasha Schorb and Andrea 
Horsman. Natasha played the role of stage manager and through hours 
and hours of hard work managed to pull the technical aspects of Ok- 
lahoma together with seamless ease. Working with Natasha was An- 
drea Horsman who's set design was the difference between the 
MacPherson's dirty stage and the wheat fields of Oklahoma. Both stu- 
dents worked together with a 2 I student crew who organized props, 
orchestrated the lights and quietly accomplished a million tasks. 

The cast and crew would especially like to thank Meryl McCracken, 
Jan Stanger, Jill Taylor and Carol Urchenko who created over 40 
authentic-looking costumes. These ladies were often found scampering 
back-stage searching for skin-tight jeans and ironing hair ribbons. 

Everyone who worked towards Oklahoma felt privileged to be in- 
cluded in such an exciting production with many wonderful people. 

The cast included: Nick Stanger, Devon Hahn. Ben White, Amyrose 
McCue, Patrick Gill, Amy Slegg, Milos Repicky, Bemie White, Tessa 
Anglin, Russell Morton and Misturu Delisie. The farmers and cowboys 
were Rob Bateman, Jake Dowhy. Nelson Hill, Simon Ibell, Martin Jung, 
Patrick Huang, Chris Mavrikos, Sam Paulos, Chris Robb and Tom Ro- 
berts. The L'il ladies were Jen Angus, Casey Austin, Courtnae Bow- 
man, Danni Crawford, Jess Fitz, Rachel Gardiner, Jess Holdstock, Lisa 
Kittstein. Kelly Knight, Denise Leung, Joy Liu, Van Mak, Chrissy Na- 
dolski, Charlotte Paul, Michelle Phipps, Ali Staiseson, Becky Taylor, 
Ami Tsui, Vanessa Yang and Cara Yeates. 


Fine Arts 

I. Amvrose McCue and the cowboys 2. Courtnae Bow- 
man and Bernard White 3. Amyrose McCue and De- 
von Hahn 4. Bernard White and the cowboys 5. 
Nicholas Stanger and Ben White 6. Patrick Gill, Milos 
Repicky. Bernard White, Amy Slegg 7. Tessa Anglin. 


Fine Arts 

The grade twelve drama class performed the play "The Rimers of Eldritch, " written by Lanford Wil- 
son. The play takes place in Eldritch, a small, nearly-abandoned town with a population of about 
seventy. The "Rimers," to which the title eludes, are the seventeen characters in the play. The characters all 
become caught-up in a scandal that isnt fully revealed until the end of the play. With much outside help, 
the Drama Room was transformed into a courthouse church, a front porch. 2 houses, a Cafe and a forest. 
The play consisted of several sequences within these settings, making timing and lighting important factors! 

All of the actors and actresses were enthusiastic about their roles and truly worked hard to make 
them as real as possible. Ben White and Nafisa Fera created the intense duo of the tormented Robert 
Conklin and the native Eva Jackson. Tessa Anglin and Jessica Fitz were 'perfect' as the gossipy old hens 
Martha and William. Jess Holdstock was also cast well as Patsy, "the prettiest girl at Centerville High, 
while Lena, Patsy's best friend, was played superbly by Krista Brown. The judge/preacher was played 
"to-a-tee" by Tom Roberts and the easily cast part of Josh well played by John Upton. Danni Crawford 
had a tough role as Mary Windrod, a senile old woman, but she pulled it off wonderfully. Natasha Schorb 
played Nelly Windrod with confidence and strength, while Vinita Singia was passionate as Evelyn Jack- 
son. Tanya Boteju and Kent Glowinski were inseparable as Cora and Walter, the inhabitants of the "Hill- 
top Cafe." The intense, demanding role of skelly Mannor, the town hermit, was played excellently by 
Milos Repicky. A few 'extras' were brought in to help out the grade twelves: Cam Culham made a great 
tucker: Jen Ford was a very motherly Mavis: and Richard Johnson played an inspired Peck Johnson. 

Thanks must of course go to our musician Ian Wong, our expert lighting crew Brad Hanson, James 
Townley and our brilliant stage manager, Andrea Horsman. Lastly, but not leastly, George Belliveau 
must be commended for his direction, expertise, patience and enthusiasm - it was catching. "Praise the 
Lord! Amen!" 


Kim Bourne 
Jill Taylor 
Carol Urchenko 

Michelle Phipps 
Merle McCracken 


James Townley 
Brad Hanson 

Geoff Adams 
Ian Wong 


George Belliveau 


Andrea Horsman 


Fine Arts 

B.R: T. Anglin, N. Fera. T. Roberts, 
V. Singla. T. Boteju, N. Schorb. J. 
Holdstock, J. Upton, Mr. Johnson, 
C. Clark. M. Repicky 
F.R: B. White, J. Fitz, D. Crawford, 
K. Brown, J. Ford, K. Glowinski 

I. Cam Clark, Tom Roberts, Mr. Johnson, J. Upton 2. Tessa Anglin, Danni Crawford, Natasha Shorb. 
Krista Brown, Vinita Singla, Milos Repicky, Nafisa Fera, Jessica Holdstock, Ben White 3. Tessa Anglin 
4. Jessica Holdstock, Jennifer Ford, Mr. Johnson, John Upton 


Fine Arts 


While some people were off devouring pizza 
in haly during spring break, a group ofgrade 
I I and 1 2 students decided to take a bite 
out of the Big Apple. Organized by George 
Belliveau and Sue Mack, the trip to New York 
was a wonderful experience for everyone in- 
volved. We managed to see numerous mus- 
icals, ranging from Miss Saigon to How to 
Succeed in Business. The Off-Broadway pro- 
ductions we attended were also an enormous 
success. We got the chance to stand in the 
exact same place as Tom Hanks and Meg 
Ryan on top of the Empire States Building. 
The view at night was definitely a sight to 
behold. Unfortunately the elevator to reach 
the top of the Statue of Liberty was not work- 
ing, so only 5 people braved the wait to walk 
up. And what a wait it was! Soho and 
Greenwhich were the most popular regions 
among the group, although lunch in China 
Town and pastries in Little Italy were also 
enjoyed. The bus boys at our hotel were most 
friendly and some found themselves spending 
extra time in the lobby. The All-Star Cafe 
proved to have tasty milkshakes and gorge- 
ous MTV waiters. (Did anyone keep his ID 
card?) All-round New York was everything 
we could have asked for and more. Thanks 
again to George and Sue; we really apprec- 
iated it. See you all at the TKTS bootkf 

B.R: Mitsuru Delisle, Robyn Ivany, Michelle Phip. 

Jacky Ivany. Caroline Brown, Vicki Fera. Amy Slegg, Mr. George Belliveau, Milos 


F.R: Bianca Besenyo. Kim Bourne. Mahat Johnson, Jess Fitz, Nafisa Fera, Ange 



Fine Arts 


3. Mahat Johnson 

4. Jacky Ivany, Robyn Ivany, 
Mitsuri Detstle. Jett FiU. 

mb*r Hall 

Fine Arts 



B.R: Geoffrey Adams. Roland Von Schcllwitz. James Townlcy. Chris finch, Mr. Don MacKay 
F.R: All Stascson. Lucas Rankin 

This year's Video Club started with a completely new crew, with the exception of Geoff Adams, Camera Man Extraordinaire, 
and Mr. Don MacKay, the man behind it all. After a small amount of recruiting, however, the crew grew quickly to include 
Chris Finch, Lucas Rankin, Roland Von Schellwitz and Ali Staseson. After a month of training the crew was well prepared to 
battle the likes of Fall Concerts, Oklahoma, The Wizard of Oz and other school functions. 

New cameras and endless amounts of tape enabled the Video Crew to capture numerous unforgettable moments which included 
Mr. Tongue's impression of Mr. Bean among other things. The year most importantly saw the crew develop as a group, and 
it was this unity that helped the crew produce videos both quickly and efficiently. 

We would like to thank the endless amount of people who helped make our jobs throughout the year so much easier. This 
group included Doug Park, the people at the McPherson Theater, the UVIC head ushers and technicians, and most of all we 
would like to thank Mr. MacKay whose guidance and endless amount of knowledge proved to be invaluable. 

Until next year . . . 

■ James Townley 
Head of Video Club 


Fine Arts 


I he l995/96school year for thesenior music department was exciting, challenging, busy and fun filled. The classes included: grade9. 10. I I and 12 bands, choirs and strings, music composition 
in grades I I and 1 2 and music history in grade I 2 Also, again this year, cross grade concert band, jazz band and orchestra were held at 7:30A.M, We thank those parents who diligently got 
their children to school on time tor those rehearsals 

The first performance ot the year was at Thanksgiving Harvest Service where the choir performed beautitully under the direction of Mrs- Humphryes. 

In October several grade I I students were selected by audition tor the Prima Choir, a University choir made up ot 1 6 to 25 year olds. The students were: Van Mak, Devon Hahn. Christina 
Nadolski. James Townley. Patrick Gill and Aries Ng, Also Amyrose McCue was selected to be a member ot the Pacific Opera Chorus. 

Auditions were also held in October for the Bnstish Columbia Music Educators Association Honour Orchestra with 1 2 strings players and 2 wind players from SMU being selected. They were: 
John Thomson: trumpet, Liam Hassett: French horn, Pamela Bedesky. Taylor Rankin. Dixie klaibert. and (chosen concert master) Chantal Nowak: violins; Christopher Smith, and Megan Cassidy: 
violas; Eric Kim, D3\e Wilson, and Aya Larsen: cellos and Richard Greenwood: bass The URC Honour Band, a group ot selected musicians from all over the province also accepted: Alex Henri- 
Bhargava. Olivier GervaisHarreman and Ben Young 

In November there was the Remembrance Day Ser\ ice at which the orchestra performed under the direction of Ms Williams and Mr. MacKay. Soloists with the orchestra were: Milos Repicky 
on "Forest Gump" and Ian Wong on "Pavane". We were again privileged to have Mr. Buckingham play the pipes and John Thomson along with Claire Ezzeddin played very expressive versions 
of "The Last Post" and "Reveille". The choir rounded out the service with a rendition of a Hebrew song which was significant was Yizak Rabin had just been assassinated. 

Our fall concert this year was held at the University Center Auditorium featuring bands orchestras, choirs, alumni Choir and Combos. The audience was definitely more comfortable than they 
have been m the past m the old gvm. It was an excellent concert with the highlights including |azz solos by Alex Henri Bhargava. Olivier GeaaisHarreman, Ben White. Taylor Owen. Patrick Gill. 
Adam Moiineux and Claire Ezzeddin. The brass ensemble also played the premiere performance ot Patrick Gill's "What do you want for Christmas?" 

The concert was followed by the choir performing at the Carol Service m our Chapel. The Senior Brass Ensemble played a modem arrangement of Hayden's "Joy to the World" as well as 
accompanying the carols The choirs all perlormed to make this a very moving service 

Also during the Christmas season several members of the orchestra were selected to perform in the pit for the twelve performances of Stage's production of "Annie". 

Other Christmas performances included: the grade 1 2's singing with the grade >s at the Monteray Center Christmas tea and along with the brass ensemble performing at the new parents auxiliary 
bazaar; the grade I I choir singing at the Broadmead senior citizens home; the brass ensemble playing at the Bay for the Downtown Association Christmas event: the grade 9- 1 2 choir singing 
at the Christmas dinners and the strings accompanying noon hour carol singing outside the library during the last few days of school before winter break. 

In January we took a trip to Vancouver to see "Show Boat" which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

January was also musical time again with this year's selection being "Oklahoma". Mrs. Humphreys was musical director and along with the help of Don MacKav rehearsing the orchestra tuned 
the show into a very line production. Our \,ideo arts club put together a very commendable video of the show. Special thanks to James Townley and the rest of the video crew for their technical 
assistance. A good time was had by all. 

March was the choir and soloists concert in the chapel. Amyrose McCue. Tessa Anglin. Milos Repicky and Chantal Nowak performing for the board of governor's first annual reunion dinner 
at the union club and the orchestra presenting its first concerto concert. Featured soloists with the orchestra were: Paula Sanglap and Milos Repicky. 

In May. members of the grade 1 2 choir and Chantal Nowak performed at the Oak Bay beach hotel for the Kraft foods international executive dinner. Did they have Kraft Dinners? No. it was 
a six course meal. 

Also during May the alumni weekend featured the orchestra in the Christine Duke theater, the choir in chapel and Tessa Anglin and the jazz Band perlorming prior to the dinner. 

This year our final concert was held at the University center auditorium on May 30th and was a great success with all the students taking music in the school participating. Mrs. Humphrey's 
choirs were again brilliant Ms. Williams' orchestra played a memorable rendition of selections from Jurassic Park as well as Dvoraks "New World Symphony" and Mr MacKay's bands were in 
fine form with the highlight of the concert band performance being the addition of Van Mak on a vocal.concert band arrangement of "But Not For Me." The lazz band soloists, were very impressive 
as they performed contemporary and traditional pieces 

This was followed a week later by our "Composer's Concert" featuring the works of Mr. MacKay's music composilion students Many ot the works were played by computer, however, we also 
had a string quartet, brass quintet and two combos We hope this opportunity continues to present itself every year. 

To round out our performances for the year the Jazz band played tor the grade I 2 tashion show, the lass combo played tor the recitation competition and the full orchestra along with the brass 
ensemble played at prize day at the Royal Theater Our Original music for prize day was "Sunrise over Victoria" by Ben Young performed by the lull orchestra with Ben conducting, and fugal 
Gourmet by Liam Hassett. this year's Blencoe Cup Winner. 

It was yet another busy year for our musicians and we look forward to the next year being |ust as full. 

The video club has been very busy taping all of all the fine arts events including: Oklahoma. The Wizard of Oz. Wheels, and many other arts events during the year as well as prize day graduation. 
Copies of any ot these \ideos may be ordered through the bookstore with all profit going towards the purchase and maintenance ot the \ideo equipment. 

That's All Folks! 

Mr. Don MacKay 
Ms Donna Williams 
■ Mrs. Mary Humphreys 

Mr Don MacKay 

Ms. Donna Williams 

Mrs. Mary Humphreys 

201 " 

Fine Arts 



■jJ nrf#lhff l >,. i| H ^^. ^ yM.-»....>..js^^^^^y.^.i.^|-^l '- I } I ji I ii ^^ i II I S) I i j^ ;i > s )(t "'—" l "■'■ I ^ ^ l uu^ iunyM. .^im i j ii i ^ n i |— 

A— ~— — 4JJ 



B.R: H, Orr, A. Hutchison. C. Mills, C- Finch, C. Callendar, A. Valeri. M, Cale, N. Turner, P. Barbour, M, Cowland, K. Morin, M. Ritter 
M.R: Mr. Mackay, B. Naismith. N. Brown. J. Gainor. J, Owen. T. Chen. R. Jennings. M. Henri-Bhargava. R, Bodrug. J. Andrachuk. R. Von Schellwitz 
F.R: J. FItz. A Weng. S. Hayes. S. Lolacono. O. Ibell, C. Smith. K. Leong, K. Nordlund, K. O'Byrne, R. Stackhouse, J. Tugwell. J. Evans 
MISSING: S Lawrence. R. Diaz. K. Watson. 



H ^" 

B.R: J. Breasail. D. Saunders. V. Chiu. A. Sunderani. S. Tate. C. Kirk. E. Mehinagic. B. Soderberg, L. Edillor 
M.R: J. Wong. R Sultan. J Lo Bianco. D Hong. K Larsen. S. Wong. J. Ng. A. Lin. S, Yoon. J. Chiu 
F.R: Mr Mackay. E Kim. P. Kim. R. Sin. C. Huang. D. Lee. Michelle Lee. Jenny Franklin. Anna Huang 
MISSING: S. Sugimoto. S. Fellenz. Y. Au. 


on o 

, I iiTo' jtt"^ ^ ii llA,,- I . .^KT II - I ^ .,.:-^ 

^> 8 JP =^ 

I I ■ , I I I F 



B.R: 0. GervaisHarreman. A, McVie. S- Noureddm. k Philips. A Molineux. J. Thomson. L. Hassell. B. White. B. Voung. N, Turner. M. Cheng 
4TH R: S. Tate. A. Wilson. M. Cale. S. Hirao. J Wong. K Kirkham. C, Ezzedin. A. Holtham. M Grey. S, Thomson. V Law. D. Hong. Mr. McKay '. 

■ 3RD R: E Clough. M Kwan. C Lau. E Hung, k Bourne. L Wilkinson. D Delisle. M Hau. S Lau. T Owen. A Henri-Bhargaia. G Tongue, R Sin. k Larsen. J McFeely ■ 
2ND R: M. Nakagawa. C Smith. S. Voon. J Ng. S. Wong. D Evans. V Soegio. P kim. N Blumberg. V Nakanishi. M. Jung. P Fnshv. J kim. H Dummer. k Coleman. 
F.R: S. Carrie. S. Anderson. A. Martin. J. Lee. D. Lee. J Fanklin. k, Nordlund. M. Lee. A. Huang. T Chiu. D. Arnold. J Coelho. C Murdoch 
MISSING: S. Amiss, Y. Au. J. Evans. P. Gill. A. Hutchinson. S. Lawrence, K. Leong. Y. Mak, B. Naismith. K. O'Byrne, C. Rueckert. I. Wan. S. Wilson. I. Wone. 

I — I n ■ l~-l/^,-^v 



poc^ .^ 







a s 

i„ I II- 


BR: Meredith Grey. John Thomson. Claire Ezzeddin. Anita Holtham. Kyle Kirkham 

MR: Ben White. Patrick Gill, Adam Molineux. Adam Hutchison. Sarah Thomson, Shmgo Hirao, Olivier Gervais-Harreman, Mr Don MacKay 

F.R: Robert Sin. Ben Naismith. Maude HenriBhargava. Alex HenriBhargava, Taylor Owen. Michael Kwan ^,„|[ 

»*?-f'»08.3 /O 




B,R: Patrick Gill. Adam Molineux, Ben Smith, Mr. Don MacKay 

F,R: Paula Sanglap, Michael Kwan, Taylor Owen, Alexandre HenriBhargava, Olivier Gervais-Harreman 

Fine Arts 

5 pp 
20 2 


Pfla. ri/ 




JL i *L B^ w> iri> y ijp,^ 


B.R: J Williamson, C Paul, L Kilson. A- Sunderani. G- Nen. K. Large, O Bregg, J, Thome. R Knott, C Noel, S Paulos, A Oewar, A, Dowhy, D. Hsu, V.^ 
Phetslrl, J. Bidgood, i Angus, J. Nash, R Grewal. V, Lee *»; 

3RD R: M. Evans. J Daniel, T Elson, E Huddart, B Harang, B Chiu, C Yeh, D Tseng, J Huang, G Snowden, T Davis, W. Weitzel. C Veates, A. Staseson;* 
A Thomas, K. Wong j^ 

2ND R; R, Taylor, C. Wilson. C. Wong, V. Vang. J. Ho. E. Cheng. E. Herrera. M. Su, E. Larsen. T. Street, C. Clark, D. Boticki, K. Hill. J. Woodland, R. Dillon, J, Weenk "*' 
F.R; T. Yu, A. Huang, G, Tseng, A. Lin, R, Sin, A Wong, C. Tse, G Cheung, J Lee. v. Lau, J. Salcedo, M Adam. R Yukawa. J. Chiu, A Chen, A. Comwell, 
SiM^Suginoto, H. Schaan, N. Mogensen, Mrs. Humphreys (Choir Director). M Repicky (Accompanist) ; — 







»'»f k*'' 



• * J 





» fill 





■ ' 




*• t H 


— " 

— - 






■CO tfiti 

B.R: J. Myong, T Anglin, A McCue. D. Lin. T Chen. S, Kim. J, Townley. B, White. P. Bodley-Scott. P Huang. C. Lee. A. Dolsen. .1. Holdstock, D. Crawlord, M. Repicky ' ^ 

3RD R: C. Jones, V Yang, R. Kany. A. Slegg, Y, Mak. E, Hung. S. Lin, C, Lau, V. Law. D Tang. M. Wong, T, Chiu. K. Barnes I n 

2ND R: B Young. A Hall, M Phipps. D Hahn, C Nadolski, K. Kerr, P. Andrachuk. S. Hirao. Y. Lee. J. Kim, P. Vephula, K. Levering, W Davis, J Ford, J, Thomson '-F— 
F,R: A. Ng, A. Hsi, J Liu. C. Lin. S. Peng, O. Limbu. C. Mavrikos. M. Johnson. I. Wan, M. Jung. S. Hsu. A. Yeh, M, Ishihara, R. Naito, C. Sze, S, Suen, Mrs. 

Humphreys (Choir Director) 




o rU 





f ^ ^4: 





Fine Arts 




o , 

TTrsiai— r— » — a? 




Pooo pit 

2 ; 


^ Adagic 

BR Richard Greenwood, Aya Larser, Nicholas Isaac, Lucas Rankin, John Kwan, Malthieu Boyd. Stephan Chapeau. Cnsiopher James. Bnan Moss 
F R Mrs Ponna Williams. Rebecca Sheng. Enc Grant. Ashley Ametl. Dixie klaibert. Gailltn Smith. Taylor Ranl^in. An Shortt, Pamela Bedeski 
MISSING: Bnenne Coleman, Charlotte Reid. Sarah Wilson 



' I i-^tt'\j ^ r^' 

r H r t il l r irr e i«^ * ■- \\^" u • i - 




Fine Arts 

B R Jennv Reed. Mrs, Donna Williams. Jayne Bradbury. Genny Burdett 

F.R: Christopher Smith. Laura Willihnganz. Eric Kim. Adrian Dawson, Rebecca Angiin. Michelle Lee, Megan Cassidy 

MISSING: Courtnae Bowman, Anup Misra, Michael Dansk 

^r-T- pi I uip-r-wir I jij I J 'J « J 'J " 



5 vp 




I ^ r^ T 


I f ,.__ nitulil. ^1 , ^K- 

1 ^ 8 >H ■ 

II In '^^I » I III 


,^ ^^emp 


P -^ T p= 

B.R: Mrs. Donna Williams. Jessica White. Nicholas Stanger, Kathryn Wynn, Nicholas Vagvolgyl. Lucas Lee. Hayley Gibson ' iOS.O 
F.R: Matthew Turner. Maria Kwari. Robin Featherstone. Pavid Wilson, Colleen Saffrey. Rohanna Green. Nicholas Jupe 


'\ J' \J Jl t^ 





} i\ y ii^zi 

II 1 

uffT g \^U9\ I I iiii r I r II r »ii i f irr f iw«i i^ \u ' n 



B.R: Melaine Turner. Mrs Ponna Williams. Paula Sanglap 
F.R: Chelsea Jones. Helen Lamala 
MISSING: Zareen Charania 


11 ri rii rnniV j '''rirT-]?r i±^Mdbf:i^ 


Fine Arts ! ^°^ 



^ftALJa_A^_L | , ,,?,u_ 8. I . P | 

I I I - I 


WJUJiiD 1 rr r <» »g»Wi ^ 1 i "r rrrft » a» i i i i— u t ir ^ 

poco pn 


Fine Arts 

I Patrick Gill 1- Liam Hassett S. 8en 

Young wtth the Senior Orchestra 4. 
Alex Henrj-Bhargava. Ben White 5. 
Patrick Gill. Ben Young 6. Senior 
Orchestra 7 Senior Jazz Band 8. 
John Thomson, Claire Ezzeddin 





< g y 

''^ II I I 


Bernie White 

Student Council • Prefects • Debating • Geography • Recitations 
Commonwealth Conference • Peer Counseling • Barker Library • Math 


BR: Joanna Holdsworth. kathryn Wynn. Nathan Millar. Richard Greenwood. John Thomson. Kim Lobh. Andy Veh. Aya Larsen 
F.R: Alexander HenriBhargava, Bethany Smith. Mr. Peter Tongue. Mr. Keith Murdoch (Chairman). Zareen Charania. Kyle Kirkham 

The council has met regularly throughout the year to discuss concerns from the students' perspectives. All in all, it would 
seem that the student body feels comfortable with the way things are just now and no radical recommendations have been voiced. 
An attempt was made early in the year to establish some extracurricular activities such as pottery and self-defense. On the campus 
we have been instrumental in arranging for water fountains to be installed in the new gym and, with help from the Parents' 
Auxiliary, for some attractive park benches to be put up around the grounds. Another interesting project is the hope that an 
environmental program to recycle waste plastics will soon be introduced to the school. 

Week by week we have handled countless matters and, without grabbing any headlines. I like to think that the school has 
been well served by this group of student representatives. 

- K.A. Murdoch 

Alexander HenriBhargava 

The student council meet regularly to deal with the students' problems such as the ever present • too much homework for 
grade nines ■ to which the grade twelves were quick to add grade nine is just the beginning! 

Richard Greenwood 
I really enjoyed being on Student Council this year and knowing that I could handle the responsibilities and the pressures 
gave me a sense of confidence. 

Aya Larsen 
I enjoyed Student Council very much this year. It felt like a good way to start senior school and meet new people. Many 
people that I hadn't talked to before, or that were new to the school, came to me with a request. I hope I was able to help 
my grade. 

What day is it? Day I. That's funny. 1:04. Day I ! Day I! Day! Ahhh. 
would you second the minutes from last week', 'yes'. Any problems? . . 
ing along smoothly. See you next Day I'. Looking forward to it. 

Kathryn Wynn 
Run to Mr. Murdoch's room. 'Hello latecomer, 
.' 'Okay'. 1:28. 'Well, looks like things are tick- 




BR: Jack Wong. Kyle Kirkham (Head Boy), Bulent Sohail. John Thomson. Adam Molineux. Ben White. Liam Hassett. Steven Lobb. Alev HenriBhargava. Mark Tiu 
F.R: Tanya Boteju. Zareen Charania (Head Girl), Joanna Holdsworth, Meggan Hunt. Amyrose McCue. Claire Ez;edln. Tessa Anglin. Jessica FItz. Caroline Rueckert. 
Beth Smith 

This year's prefect body brought together a group of responsible individuals to take on a leadership role for the S M U S community Having 
acted as a liaison between faculty and students, we assisted in many aspects of school life Although seen most often in Brown Hall, our position 
extended into a much more diverse role Participating in Heads of Department meetmgs and assisting to create a Teacher Evaluation Plan gave 
us the opportunity to provide student representation in the running of the school. 

Pioneering student involvement in the presentation of the school to prospective families gave us a defined role in the admissions process. 
Not only were prefects beneficial within the school but also contributed greatly to the outside community. Our commitment to volunteer 
organizations helped to further our image and reputation as reliable members of our school. 

On behalf of the prefects, we would like to congratulate the grad class of '96' and wish them all the best of luck In the future. 

■ Zareen Charania, Head Girl 
• Kyle Kirkham. Head Boy 


:iubs 211 


LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Elbers. Caroline Rueckert, Michelle Butler. Patrick Gilt. Mr Murdoch 

Marc Elbers 

Living in a global market, it is imperative that we. the marketers, have suf- 
ficient knowledge ol our fellow nations and their customs, laws, and policies. 
The conference functions successtully m providing students with this 

Patrick Gill 
The conference proved to be more fun than I had anticipated It was hosted b\ real 
people, not "wannabe" politicians with huge egos. 

Michelle Butler 

Being part of the Commonwealth group this year was a great experience My partner. 
Patrick and I had a lot of fun during the two days and we had some great debates as 


r K A Muf.loch. 

Coclctcncc Coiivoicir, 

SL MlchiEb Unlvertliy Sehoo 

I oin commsntlcil by The Queen lo (bink ynu trnj ill pvtlclpimii tn ihe rpjjlonnl 
Siudeni commonuvtilili L'unlncnu ti St Mlchaeti Unlv^iy School for yotu kind 

mHIS|i ofloyal gi«ilJn|B. 

Met M&lesiy. as Qveat of C«oadl ind Head orilie Coimnonwcallh. wu wy 

plfiMrcf lo rereive Ihit inctiKge, ind hu ttktil mc lo coiivcj' he/ heil wlilifi Tor an 
•t\Io)'eblD and auccourut CuiilbnnM. Tlia Quwn It lu/v thai t]i« aKpvlaoM will b« • 
valuablo one lo all ihoac Ukln| p«n 


l7[hPcbniai7. 1996. 

Ka^ Cp' 

•-; uMi~ 

Caroline Rueckerl 
Taking part m the Commonwealth Conference was. once again, a tremendous learning 
experience tor me It helped me appreciate not only how lucky I am to live In Canada 
but it also made me realize that there are no limits to what we can achieve in this 
world providing we are all willing lo work together 

Keith Murdoch. Conference Sponsor 
This year our school hosted the annual conference which was attended by thirty 
student delegates from South Vancouver Island It was very satisfying to see alumni 
such as Adrian Behennah and Chris Dyson organizing the role playing games and 
chairing the debates. For giving their valuable time, our thanks go out to them and 
their colleagues from UVIC 


The Geography Club meets weekly to explore geographical concepts that 
are often not covered in the various curricula. This year we have had 
armchair tours of Africa and South Korea, and explored GIS and GPS as 
well as various web sites of interest. The Geography Club maintained an inter- 
active display in the library dur- 
ing Geography Awareness Week 
in November, and various mem- 
bers have been involved in work 
experience projects for Mr. Cook 
and Mrs. Ives. Special thanks to 
Mr. Keith Murdoch and Mr. Stu- 
art Dunlop for all their help and 
of course a big thank you must 
go out to Mrs. Kirsten Davel. 
who created the club and has 
been the driving force behind its 

B.R: Patrick Frisby. Sina Noureddin, Keir 
Wilmut. Amanda Wilson F.R: Colleen 
Saffrey. Mrs. Pavel. Rohanna Green MIS- 
SING: Sean Carne. Devin Arnold. Nicho- 
las Blumberg. Janice Lee. Caroline 
Rueckert. David Lynch 




The Debating Team really had a 
wonderful year. We were very for- 
tunate to have Junior and Senior 
pairs who were unbeatable. In the 
Junior Divisions Matthieu Boyd and 
Rebecca Anglin won the Ravens- 
hurst Debates, the Regional Cham- 
pionships and finished second in 
the Provincials by 2 points! In the 
Senior Division Keir Wilmut and 
Robin Featherstone won the Ravens- 
hurst and the Regionals as well and 
Keir finished 3rd in the Provincials. 
The other members of the team 
gave spirited performances in all the 
competitions and Ashley Arnett, 
Dixie Klaibert, Aya Larsen. Krystal 
OByrn. Louise Ritson, Patrick 
Frisby. Alex Martin, Andrew McVie. 
Jaclyn Ivany, Robyn Ivany. Jasmine 
all to be commended for their efforts. ^'"g^ ^"'^ Christine Wenman are 

Matthieu Boyd and Keir Wilmut were both selected to represent B.C. at the National Debating Championships and although 
Kier was unable to attend, Matthieu went to Ontario and was 5th in CAnada at the Junior Nationals, not bad for a very promising 
Grade Nine! Well done. 

The Team of Keir Wilmut, Robin Featherstone and Tanya Boteju journeyed to Boston for the International Independent Schools 
Public Speaking Championships and competing against some forty schools from Canada, the United States, Britain, Cyprus, Ber- 
muda and Argentina finished in a very fine I 2th place. Keir Wilmut then went to the National Public Speaking Championships 
in Winnipeg where he qualified to represent Canada at the World's Championships in England at Reading Bluecoat's School. 
Keir follows a very strong tradition at SMU, being the 1 0th SMU student to represent Canada at the Worlds in the last eleven 
years! Keir finished in I 3th place and was a finalist in the Persuasive Speaking event. He represented the school with real dignity! 
All of our Debaters are returning next year which bodes well and they should all be very proud of their performances! 

B.R: Mr. Featherstone. Slna Noureddln. Robin Ivany, Robin Featherstone. Krystal O'Byrne. Matthieu Boyd, Alex 
Martin, Andrew McVle. Jasmine Singh, Ben Young F.R; Kim Nordlund. Rebecca Anglin, Ashley Arnett. Dixie Klai- 
bert, Kim Smith, Samantha Lawrence, Brian Moss, Patrick Frisby (SITTING) 


On June 5th the seventeen finalists competing in Recitation, Dramatic Interpretation and Cultural events performed in the Chapel. As all senior 
school students must participate in the preliminary rounds, this competition has proved very interesting In uncovering hidden talents. The finals 
were judged by Mr. Snowden, Mr. Hannah, Mr. Johnson and Ms Roth, Ms. Hawes and Ms. D'Agostlno. 

In the senior Dramatic event Milos Repicky's Marquis de Sade was intense and provided high contrast with Adam Molineux's treatise drunkeness 
and Pat Davis' rendition of Bill Cosby's Chicken Heart. Dan Sander's Ten Second Relationship and Stephanie Bourls Cocktails at Sam's were 
also in the running. The highlight of the senior Dramatic event, however, was a disarmingly genuine Anne of Green Gables performed by Tina 
Chiu. Tina won the event for Top Senior Dramatic Interpretation and Top Senior Overall. I am only sorry that more people did not attend 
to witness these performances! 

The urbane humour of Liam Hassett, quirky imaginative Rohanna Green and the mock literary criticism of Amy Slegg provided sharp contrast 
for Robin Featherstone's intelligent recitation of a West African poem dealing with a clash between cultures. Robin won the Senior Recitation. 

The Junior Recitation competition was hotly contested among a posturing Jabberwok by Chris James, a Roald Dahl adventure with Dixie 
Klaibert and a thoughtful and enquiring Tell me the Truth About Love delivered by Matthieu Boyd. Matthleu's Auden poem won the Junior 
Dramatic Recitation and Lisa Davles' piece from A Street Car Named Desire won the Junior Dramatic Interpretation Award. Matthieu was 
Top Overall Junior 

The Cultural Award goes to the top foreign student who does a piece from their native culture, in their native language and accomplished 
with an English translation. Aries Ng and Brandon Chlu both gave wonderful performances and Brandon won the Top Cultural Performance 
Award. The Jazz Combo also gave their farewell performance during the competition and thanks are due to Mr. MacKay for the video and 
to Olivier Gervais-Harreman, Alex Henn-Bhargava, Adam Mollneux, Taylor Owen, Ben White and Paula Sanglap for their fine performances. 
It Is worth noting that Alex and Adam stepped out of the band to compete. It was a wonderful evening! 

Mr. G. Featherstone 

This Page Is Dedicated to "LIBBY BEANS" 





The math department was extremely busy this year with math- 
ematic contests. The results were absolutely fantastic. Over 
285 S.M.U. students participated. Of the grade 9's writing 
the Pascal contest. Jason Owen, Sam Lawrence, and Eric Grant 
were the school's top 3 students. Eric Kim. Cosmo Yeh. and 
Alfred Wong were our top grade I O's who wrote the Caley 
contest. In the grade I I Fermat contest Patrick, Emily Clough, 
and Rohanna Green placed top 3 for S.M.U. There were two 
grade 1 1 contests: the Euclid (Michelle Cheng, Ben Young, 
and Ben White placed top 3) and the A.H.S.M.E. (Ben Young, 
Sina Noureddin, and Emily Burdett place top 3. See photo. 
In the challenging CNML S ATAPC our top 5 were Ben Young, 
Michelle Cheng, Sina Noureddin, Chelsea Jones, and Beth 
The outstanding achievements of team events cannot go un- 
B.C. and fourth in Canada for the Euclid contest, and third 

mentioned. SMU placed first in B.C. in the A.H.S.M.E., second 
in B.C. fifth in Canada in the CNML. 

Of the I SO students across Canada, invited to participate to write the Canadian Olympiad exam Ben Young, Michelle Cheng, 
Sina Noureddin, and Emily Burdett were invited. Pat Gill finished top third in the Canadian Math Challenge to which 90 students 
were invited. Michelle Cheng, Ben Young, Ben White, and Emily Budett achieved Canadian Honour Roll standing on the Euclid exam. 

A very prestigious math scholarship from the University of Victoria was handed out to Ben Young, Chelsea Jones, Beth Smith, 
Ben White, Sina Noureddin, Robert Sin, and Pat Gill. Congratulations to all those who participated and we're eagerly awaiting 
an even better year next year!!! 


The 1 996/97 school year will be remembered as an exciting 
and challenging year in which the Internet transformed the 
research process for students in the Library, providing instant 
information and the challenge to process enormous sources 
at their disposal. The library has been a hive of activity with 
students using the computers for research and for finding 
recreational reading materials. The technology support pro- 
vided by Mr. Shawn Wright and assistant, Les Olberg. 
and the ever helpful Mr. Mike Jackson has enabled the 
Library to be in the forefront of information technology. 

Chris Lau and Vincent Law are to be congratulated on 
their excellent design of the Library Homepage which reflects 
the varied activities and extensive resources in the Barker 
Library. Thank you to Jayne Bradbury for assisting with the 
first draft of the Library Bookmarks. 

Many students come to the Library to study or read. A 

record number of books have been signed out this year and 

the 24 big, colourful cushions made by Mrs. Kixie Creek have been a great attraction for students. Thanks to Mrs. Christine Crawford, 

Mrs. Creek and Mrs. D'Agostino for helping to redecorate the library display windows, to Mrs. Waksel for the wonderful work she 

does, for the after hours supervision by Andrew Cameron and Hywel Jones and parent volunteer since 1989. Mrs. Kathy Hodgin. 

The creative writing workshop by Julie Lawson in September, for which the library sponsored Mariko Miller and Ali Staceson. 

the visit by author and illustrator Jan Thornhili and the Last Draft Writing Competition, organized by Mrs. D'Agostino and 

Mrs. Hawes. have inspired our students in the writing process. Students have made full use of the new Writing Centre in the library. 

Finally, to all the Grade I 2's who have made the library their "home" for the past two years during spares and after school. 

we wish you the best of luck! We will miss you. Special thanks to Caroline Rueckert for her enthusiastic assistance in many 

areas in the Library over the years. 

• Mrs. Joan Tweedie 



This Page Is Dedicated to MRS. SHANTI BHARGAVA (Alex and Maude's Grandmother) 




B.R: Jono Liang. \m\ Boulton. Sara Perr\. Ben Young. Matthew Turner. Abraham Chan. Marc Elbers 

F.R: Rebecca Anglln. Tessa Anglin. Claire E;;edin. kim Lobb. Joanna Holdsworth. Mrs J Kes. Rina Chadha. Curran Crawford 

MISSING: Tan\a Boteiu. OJMa Dupuis. Jessica Fitz. Cath\ Loiacono. Natasha Schorb. Jack Wong. Andrea Horsman. James Townles . Becky Ba;zard 

This year's Peer Counselling group was the usual mix of veterans and rookies, which always makes for interesting dynamics. 
What was unusual in this group was that of twentv-three PC's, eighteen were in grade twelve, leaving only five students to repre- 
sent the rest of the grades. Four ot those grade twelve students, .lack Wong, Meggan Hunt. Cathie Loiacono. and Jo Holdsworth, ^ 
had their first experience with peer helping when they were in grade eight, the first year that SMUS had a program. ^ 

One of the difficult things about being a peer helper is the time element. Many school activities and commitments have a life 
span of two or three months, while peer helping is every Tuesday night for the rest of your life! It seems to be busy people 
who are interested in a wide range of activities. We ran into scheduling difficulties this year with about half the group involved 
in Oklahoma, and another four tied up with theheaw basketball season It was a challenge to get a full gathering during second term. 

Peer Counsellors found they were dealing with the usual range ot concerns: relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, health 
issues, grief, the full gamut of problems. There is a strong interest in changing the focus of the group from an informal helping 
model to a more visible project oriented one. The new school Health Committee and the CAPP classes provide a forum for Peer 
Counsellors to do more outreach activities. 

Graduating Peer Counsellors, with their years of service: Tessa Anglin (I). Tanya Boteju (3). Amy Boulton (2). Rina Chadha 
(3). Abraham Chan (I). Curran Crawford (2). Olivia Dupuis (I). Marc Elbers (I). Claire Ezzeddin (I). Jessica Fitz (I). Jo Holds- 
worth (4). Meggan Hunt (4), Jona Liang {1). Cathy Loiacono (4). Sara Perry (2). Natasha Schorb ( I ). Jack Wong (4). Ben Young ( I ). 
J Returning Peer Counsellors: Rebecca Anglin. Beckv Bazzard. Andrea Horsman. Kim Lobb. and Matt Turner. 
Many thanks to everyone for their involvement in the program, their interest in helping other people, and the relationships 
we en,oyed.j;:- , 'ih^ |- >" i ^ t^ 1 j^ ^^ St? U .rtV Is 


I. Vinita SIngla. Tina Chiu 2. Nelson Hill. Chris Dick- 
son. John Upton 3. Jill Dorazio 4. Liam Hassett. 
Olivier Gervais Harreman 5. Kathryn Wynn, Michelle 
Butler 6. Ben Young 




II iiinninniis 


A ^^A \l~A ll'A 

V ai lb CD CD 


Boarding Prefects • House Games • Symons House • Winslow House 
Harvey House • Bolton House • Barnacle House • Timmis House 


BR: Adam Molineux. Bulent Sohail. Claire Ezzeddln. Abraham Chan. Natasha Schorb. Kazumasa Naritsuka. David Lin. Maggie Pang. Robert Bateman. Carol 
Lee. Michelle Cheng 

M.R: Caroline Brown. Amy Tsui. Mark Tiu. \ uri Saito. Luis Campos. Patrick Huang. Sampson Lin. Shmgo Hirao. Johnny Tseng. Alexander Millar. Send|a|a Desember 
F.R: Nafisa Fera. Thomas Roberts. Karen Webster. Mahat Johnson. Olivia Oamache. Vicki Fera. Sara Perry. Danni Crawford. Ian Schneider. Kyle Kirkham. Thomas Chen. 


This year marks the third year of the new Boarding House Games Competition. Just about every other weekend, large numbers 
of boarders gather in the Old Gym or on the Main Field for inter-house games of Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey and Volleyball. 
In the first two years of competition, Bolton House were the hands down winners for overall points accumulated. This year, how- 
ever, the Bolton Buds had to contend with some serious competition from the Symons Sassenachs. This head to head competition 
progressed throughout the year until around Spring Break when Symons House consolidated their lead and proceeded to put 
a substantial margin between themselves and 2nd place Bolton. In spite of this, if there were an award for the most spirited house, 
Bolton would win. Additionally, the comeback award would have to go to Barnacle House, who at the end of the first term 
were in last overall place. During the remainder of the year the Barnacle Basilisks worked miracles, finishing in 3rd place only 
slightly behind Bolton in overall points. The biggest congratulations, however, go to all the students who participated in any 
of the over fifty inter-house games this year. With such enthusiasm and energy, next year's House Games will surely be the best ever! 







1 166 








This Page Is Dedicated to IL SUN LEE 


B.R: J Huang. R Bateman. W Chu, S Tate. A. Millar. N. Millar. P. Lee. A. Chan. Mr G. Belliveau 

M.R: Mr F. Hannah. M Tui. C. Lau. A. Veh, M. Mrdienovich. Y. Harsono. C. Huang. M, Johnson. Mr. E, Jones 

F.R: D. Hong. A Lin, J Wong. S. Hirao. A. Chen. Y. Nakanishi. S. Hsu. R. Jones. D. Jones 

In the annals of Sassenach history there has never been a year quite like this one. Some astounding and wonderful things have 
happened. For once • and in stark contrast to last year • there are no students younger than grade 10 in the house. There are 
more prefects in the house than there are grade I 2's. Shingo manages to get out of bed before brunch merely every weekend. 
Most wondrous of all. this was the year with the girls on top. 

Marky Mark, head of house and leader of the renowned "Funky Bunch", at first envied Mr. Hannah's apartment up on the 
girls' floor, but soon changed his mind. He and his lanky roommate, Wilson Chu Junior (never forget the Junior) were kept 
awake most nights by the scurrying of female feet, the giggling of female voices, and the yelling of female lunatics directly above 
their heads. In despair, they turned to renowned womanizer Alex Millar, who managed by force of his personality and charm 
to cause most Timmis girls to doze off early, simply chatting with them. This came as a great relief to all the Sassenachs. and 
soon Alex was much in demand, and rushed around the house talking to girl after girl. At least, that's the official reason for 
why he does it. 

Up on the second floor, where the rarefied air and constant stair-climbing produced such highly-buffed specimens as Shingo 
"The Man" Hirao and Mr. "Marathon " Belliveau, Rob Bateman spent most of his time quietly' plotting his opportunity to take 
over the house and run it according to his own plans. Cryptic faxes from his brother Chris, once despot of Bolton House, served 
as his guidebook as he gradually captured the hearts and minds of the Sassenach boarders with his quiet assurance and good- 
cop/bad-cop disciplinary style. Many was the late-night comic-book-reader who found himself the bemused target of Rob's silent, 
almost telepathic, supervision. 

Contrasting techniques were used throughout the year by Hong Kong fashion god Abraham Chan and shy. diffident Mahat 
Johnson. Both managed the Sassenachs under their control with extreme discipline; Abraham would reduce his victims to tears 
by pointing out flaws with their wardrobe, and Mahat often threatened to shave his head unless he was obeyed every time. As 
we all noted, later in the year this didn't always work . . . 

A quiet house, though, and a happy one, surrounded by girls reigning as undisputed House Games champions. We wish our 
Grads the best of luck, and hope they return to visit the rest of us. 




RR: Ms C Payne D Crawfcud, C S;e Y Au. J Kim. J De Hann. C lee C- Alchley. > Vtong. E. Ire K Uienng. A, Mariuxjlis. S. Sugimoto 
3RD R: Mr P Tongue S Sin. R Baziani. S Perry, S Om. M Li. M Ishihara. P lee limbu, V Mak. G Tseng, Mrs. S Hamilton. Mr C Hamilton 
2ND R: Mrs- Tongue S Peng. E Andereon. V Fera. D Leung, R Chung, J liu, T Bamni, A Hsi, M lee 
F.R: N Kim, S Suen. M Cheng. L fcittstein. B Halladay, L Ingle M Nakagawa 

September welcomed many new girls to Winslow House, who combined with the house "vets", created an atmosphere which 
was warm, friendly, and always exciting. Before long, the girls settled into their new rooms and the year took off. 

The house and the girls were always a buzz with energy and enthusiasm. House activities throughout the year included; movie 
nights, dinner at Earl's, bowling, pizza nights, cheesy 80's videos, house games, home baked snacks, late night visiting, water 
fights . . . etc. 

Communication is "the key" when you are dealing with 42 teenage girls. They loved to chat and loved to be heard. The 
longer the girls live together, the more they begin to sound the same. Important phrases for every house parent to know include; 

'No. no. no . . . you don't understand 
'you arc so stealth . . ." 
'the key is . . ." 
'bu bye now" 

(oh. but of course) 

A huge thank you and farewell to our prefects: Olivia Gamache (Head of House). Vicki Fera. Carol Lee. Sara Perry. Danni 
Crawford and Michelle Cheng who performed an outstanding service and have set the prefect standard for years to come. Further 
best wishes to our other departing grads; Judy Jee. Ji-Sun Kim. Denise Leung. Mandy Li. and Miho Nakagawa. 

We also bid farewell to two outstanding house parents. Jennifer Baess and Catherine Payne who are leaving us after several 
years of service. They will be sadly missed by the girls and remaining house parents Mr. S Mrs. PKT and Mrs. H. S Pooks. 

Beyond the academics, the uniform and the rules of the school, exists the wonderful life of boarding, and a home called Winslow 
House which holds memories and friendships to last a lifetime. No. no. no . . . you don't understand, it's true, really! 
Winslow Rocks! 

■ Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton 




B.R: T Chen. P. Kim. D. Sanders. I Wan. C. Jones. A. Molineux. J. Dowhy. A. Dowhy. S Romanchuk. J. Kim, S. Lau. Mr. M. Walsh 
MR: T Rahardja. S. Lin. R. Fellenz. P Vephula. Y. Saito. V. Phetsiri. L. Edillon. 0. Cheng. T Freeman. J. Ho. M. Delisle. Mr. N. Allan 
F.R: Mr. M. Jones. Mrs. J. Jones, C. Cheng. M Jung. S. Yoon. I Hayashi. M Ong. K. Chan. E Weng. J. Tseng. E. Herrera. Mr. C. Burnett 

Where did this year go? It seems like only yesterday we were experiencing all that nervous excitement of the first day of a school year. 
Obtaining answers to questions such as "which room am I in?", "What floor is it on?", "Who is my room-mate?", "What are the prefects 
going to be like?" seemed so important at that time In retrospect they appear irrational, but only in retrospect. Such is the nature of boaixiing life 

1995-96 proved to be yet another fruitful and interesting year for the "Wallbangers". The consolidation of the Grade 8's under the firm 
and fair guidance of Mr Neal (I love Thunder Bay) Allan proved to be a great success. The occupants of the top floor: Jack (give me a 
break) Ho. Mel (walking tall) Ong. Ryan (Big Mac) Fellenz, Kenneth (W-i-L) Chan, Eric (I want noodles) Weng, and Itsuki (Windows 96) 
Hayashi established their own community within our community. 

Inter and intra house games again sparked a great deal of interest and effort. Yuri set a hot pace in the 10 pin bowling taking the crown 
with a score of 146!! Tharin and Vasin teamed up to win the Christmas Fooseball tournament after a thrilling "best of three" final against 
Pat and Jae Hoon. However "the most improved" fooseballer has to be Tirta. (It's not true that Tirta's choice of University was predicated 
on which institution had the greatest number of fooseball tables!!) All prizes for these competitions could be eaten! 

It is also not true that by year's end Stephan's phone had to be surgically removed from his ear or that Sampson is coming back next year 

Thomas continued his love affair with ' real food". Adam M with his tea-pot, Adam D with his muscles, Steve with his golf-clubs. Simon 
with eariy morning Beethoven and Trevor with Fantasy General, Dan with his toaster Ivan just continued his love affair! Did Peter and Gordon 
ever make their beds in the morning? Where's Mitsuru? To Martin: You did a grand job keeping our bathroom floors dry. 
To the Prefects: many thanks for your commitment, cooperation and patience 

To the Graduates: Aaam, Johnny. Thomas, Sampson, Yuri. Jacob, Conrad and Tirta, Good luck in all your future endeavors and always re- 
member that there's a warm welcome for you in Harvey House at any time Please keep in touch. 
To Mr Johnson and Mr Walsh: Many thanks for your continued support. 

To Mr Allan and Mr Burnett who will be leaving us this year: Bon voyage you will be sorely missed. We really appi«:iate the way you 
looked after the "little things" around the house 
From Mrs. Jones: Wallbangers, What are you? 
And now for next year . . . 

- Mr Mel Jones 




BR: E. Kim. G Tongue. L Campus. B Sohail. P Tang, T, Roberts. I, Teo. C. Dixon, k, Phillips. D Hsu. L. Wei. J. Huang. K Simon. E Callendar. Mr J. Goodwin 
M.R: Mr N. Allan. C. Callendar. E. Cheng. S, Choi. V. Law. V. Yang. G. Neri. C, Su. K, Glowinski. Y. Lee. G. Woolliams. K Narilsuka. Mr, C. Culham 
F.R: Mrs. E Cameron. V. Lau. A. Law. G. Snowden, J. Chung. N. McCartney. E. Hung. D. Ingle. G. Gledhill. M, Preston. A- Wong. Mr. R. Cameron 
ABSENT: Mr T Milford 

Offering to write the house report during a casual conversation sometime back in November seemed like a good idea at the 
time; but sitting here in early June, I now question my sanity. Not that I do not want to write this overview, however this pressure 
to produce something of both value and immortality is not anything I remember reading in my job description. But enough about 
me and on to the real reason I now sit at this keyboard. 

I feel fortunate to be both a member of this house as well as an objective observer of its daily happenings. These observations, 
although highly unscientific, have led me to a few less than startling conclusions that I would like to share over the next few paragraphs. 

One of the main reasons that I enjoy being part of this house is that there is a real sense of community that exists inside the 
walls. There is no straight forward recipe that can be followed at the beginning of each year to achieve this end, but instead 
this sense of community evolves from an atmosphere that is created by those who exist in it. Allow me to make an analogy 
for a moment between Bolton House and a human being (make this human a male for simplicity, for as you will soon see I would 
have some trouble assigning the position of mammaries to any particular student without getting in some trouble!). 

Individuals or groups are able to take on roles and it is through the interrelations of these roles which creates a viable organism. 
Just as the pancreas does not do very well on its own and needs all the other parts of the body to make a human, each of 
these roles is crucial to the smooth running of our boarding community and none has a greater value on its own. Our grade 
8's. and in these I will include Neal Allan, provided an energy that was welcome during the long cold wet days of June (even 
though they spent too much time in their own common room). The grade 9's and lO's provided our skeletal system - quietly 
going about their business and trying to find there places in all the activity. The grade I I 's provide the muscle, as they realize 
that suddenly they are in the upper grades and can now flex for all to see. Grade I2's . . the pinnacle of the lot: Kaz • our 
feminine side, Vincent - fashion sense, Bulent ■ our reasonable leader, Luis • our style, Tom - foreign blood, Kent - libido, Sam 
- passion, Chris • sense of humour. Finally, to the house staff that provide the finishing touches. Jerremy, who is our routine. 
Cam who is our artistic side, Sasha is testosterone, Andrew is caring, Eva is the heart, Rob is the head (figuratively of course) 
and I just am. 

For all those who are leaving, especially the grade I2's, good-luck folks and thanks again for the memories. 

- Todd 





B.R: S. Kim. D. Lin. S Desember, L Ong. K. Kirkham. I. Schneider. M. Berg. B. Soderberg. Mr J Lin. Mr M Biello 

M.R: B. Johnson. P Huang. D Tseng. R Yukawa. C Yeh. B Tseng. R. Diaz. E. Laresen. J Kim. J Vertes. Mr B. Kukiinski 

F.R: Mrs. S Oreenwell. Mr. B. Greenwell. L Lee. C. Tse. J. Lee. R. Sin. T Chen. K Kim. J Bigwood. C Slolarski 

After five years some changes were inevitable and this year we say farewell to Jim Chestnut and Mario Biello. two popular house assistants 
who will be greatly missed by all of us Jim. with a master's degree already under his belt, will attend the School of Chiropractic Medicine 
in Ontario, while Mario who completed his degree last year, will continue working for the government and "get a life " outside S.M.U.S. They 
have promised to visit. The rest of us will cherish the memories of their enthusiasm and good-natured bantering in the hallways of Barnacle. 

We have been lucky to have Kyle Kirkham as Head of House this year, ably assisted by Ian Schneider. Lee Ong. Pat Huang. David Lin 
and Sendjaya Desember. Under their quiet and controlled leadership the boys have slipped into routine and developed both academically and 
socially, while growing in stature (the result of the excellent food in Brown Hall, no doubt) and improving in domestic ability (cleaning showers 
and toilets). 

By a system of gradual evolution. T C. lask. Mex. Biggy and Weitz. all became real', while Sneezy and Sleepy finally got over the jetlag. 
Chris and Jas learned not to work all night, some nameless' people finally tidied up their rooms, and the purple dinosaur' roamed the halls 
to prevent late night excursions to Denny's, etceteras. Visits from Winslow resulted in a lot of wall scrubbing but toilet floods were fewer this 
year. Mr. G. attempted to ride over stationary cars on his bicycle and also tried some spectacular handlebar flips outside the bank. It has 
been suggested that he be banned from these dangerous activities! Meanwhile. Mr. Kukiinski became a world traveler, journeying to the UK 
with the rugby team and impressing the experts in Japan with his first class rugby refereeing skills. There were the usual rumors about the 
same people, some debate over the relationship of Rugby and Chemistry and interesting new hair styles sported by I.S. and C.G. (presumably 
to impress members of the opposite sex). 

Other activities added variety. Our first Bowling - Pizza night was a great success, with Borden having the top score. Dinner at Earls was 
fun and made a pleasant change from the gastronomic delights of Brown Hall. Many pop cans were collected by Sunny and cashedin by Mrs. 
Tongue for extra pizza nights, while the weather always seemed to cooperate for boarding barbecues at Mount Doug. Park and Willows beach. 
Eventually we roused ourselves from the deepest trench in the war of house games to launch a belated attack on the enemy position, and 
even though we have not. at this point, won the battle, we have certainly not retreated and may yet fly the Barnacle Baselisk from the height 
of boarding. 

Sadly we must say goodbye to Rodrigo (Mexico - 3 years). Chris (Edmonton - 5 years) and Walker (Bainbridge Island • I year); we will 
miss them. Farewell to our Grads: Kyle. Ian. Pat. David and Lee. We hope they will not only keep in touch, but also return for many reunions. 
Most of all we wish them great success as they begin their journeys to the next station on the railroad of life. As for the rest of our Barnaclers, 
we wish them a wonderful vacation and look forward to seeing them in September. 

■ Bill and Sylvia Greenwell 




B.R: V. Yang. A. Cooper. A. Hall. K. Regen, C. Ezzedin, A. Horsman. N. Schorb, K Watson. N. Lisinski. A. Huang. B. Harang, C. Broun. M. Yang, K. Wu. S. Limbu 
3RD R: N Fera. R Ebl. K Hill. A Staseson. A Thomas. M. Evans. J Weenk. M Grey. V Singla. M Wong. M Pang. C. Mitchell. J. Ho 
2ND R: Mr. Cook. A. Weng. W. Gan. T. Chiu. M Hau. i Chung. C. Lm. C. Wong. A. Tsui. A, Ng. S, Fellenz. Mrs, Cook. S. Cook 
F.R: Mrs. Hyde-Lay. J. Ford. L, Wilkinson. K Wong. V Lee. T Yu. R Nailo. Y. Yang. Ms. Rees. N. Cook. D Hyde-Lay 
MISSING: K Webster. O Depuis. M Phipps 

I am reminded that I have a deadline to meet. I must submit, in five hundred words or less, my thoughts on the year in Timmis 
House and the people who have shaped the year. Such a task this is! How does one put into words an experience as such? The 
intensity, the laughter, the exhaustion and the joy are difficult to describe. It is even more difficult this year as I write this page 
with mixed emotions. After five years, the Cook family will graduate with others in this wonderful house and we will take with 
us many memories of an experience that has been quite unforgettable. 

This year, like all others, has been challenging, interesting and happy. The girls of Timmis House have made it so. We have 
enjoyed bowling nights, skating parties, egg hunts, movie nights, gingerbread house building, mask making and more. The girls 
have joined in with enthusiasm and so it has been a pleasure for all of us. As an added bonus, I have not injured myself once 
this year despite the many activities! 

With fifty girls, in the house this year, it has been extremely important to have strong student leadership. With such a large 
house, lights out check alone has been a daunting task! The prefects have provided excellent leadership as they are a fine group 
of people who have been immersed in the life of the school. Their contribution to the younger girls in the house has been helpful 
as they have provided listening ears and sound advice. To Claire Ezzedin, our fine Head of House, to Nafisa Fera, Caroline Brown, 
Karen Webster, Maggie Pang. Natasha Schorb and Amy Tsui, go our thanks, and best wishes. 

To Jane Rees and Leanne Hart, our wonderful assistants who leave us this year to continue their teaching careers, I thank 
you most sincerely for your sense of humour, your good hearts, your patience and your dedication. Your contribution has been 
great here and you will be missed. To Lisa Hyde-Lay, my assistant of five years and my dear friend, I thank you for all of the 
support throughout the many experiences we have shared. My best wishes to you next year. 

To all the girls who will return to the house in the fall - be kind to one another and please be proud of this house. It is a 
good house, made better by good people. I hope that the years ahead are wonderful ones for the girls who live here and that 
some of the traditions we have begun will continue long after we leave here. 

I suspect that when one leaves residence, be it a staff member or a student, there must be a sense of calm and order in one's 
life. I also suspect that one must miss in an odd sort of way the water fights, the hallway screeching, the movie nights and the 
icecream cakes. To leave the friendships, the support and the happy times in this community is difficult for us all. How lucky 
we have been to have had this experience. Thank you to this wonderful boarding community for being so good to our family 
and especially to our little girls. We are grateful for every hug you have given them, for every hour you have spent in the play- 
house with Nicole and for every telephone and key session you have endured with Stephanie. Our little girls love you all dearly. 
The young ladies of Timmis House and the many others who live on this campus have made our lives richer indeed. You have 
taught us much - we hope we have taught you a little as well. 

• Mrs. Kathleen Cook 



Carys Jones. Denise Leung 

2 Becky Bazzard. Alisa Cooper, Tina Barren. 
Jen Pe Hann. Erin Lee 

3 Mandy Li. Michelle Cheng 

4 Sunny Kim 
Rodrigo Diaz. Erik Larsen 
Wilson Chu. Yuri Sailo. Luis Campos 
Alex Millar. Jen Ford. Vanessa Yang 
Vickl Fera 



a ^t 



^■■pp-— ^»TI ■ Big 

^1 n^^B^^^^MPj^*^^^ 



^^ iJ^H 

H^^^^^^^^^^^^*^ ^BB^^^^r 



^^^IHH^H^^^HI^^^^i^'-- . 


■ II 2 







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r :J 













f V 






I - Andrea Horeman. 2 -Abe Chan. Mark Tiu 
J ■ Rodrigo Diaz 4 ■ Reader's Night 5 • Mag- 
gie Pang, Mandy Li. Michelle Cheng 6 • Grou- 
pie 7 - Ben Johnson 8 - Lucas Lee 9 - Patrick 
Huang 10 • Rae-Ann Ebl fl -Gnoupy 12 - Chris 
Gledhill 13 - Lauren Wilkinson. Kat Hill 



I. Gethin Jones. Denise Leung 1. Sharon Om. Michelle Lee 3. Karen 
Webster 4. Maggie's Dinner Party 5. Bailey Harang. Kelly Regen 
6. Donna Lee 7. David Lin 8. Jamie Chung. Michelle Hau. Yvonne 
Au 9. Borden Tseng. David Tseng. Ted Chen. Sendjaia Desember 
10. Lauren Ingle. Susan Sin. Olivia Limbu. Alice Hsi. Van Mak II. 
Peter Kim. Stephan Yoo. KyuTae Kim. Mitsuru Delisle. Robert Sin. 
JaeWon Kim 







!* . ' • r , 

Grade Nine Awards • Grade Ten Awards • Grade Eleven Awards 
Graduate Awards • Honour Roll • Special Awards • School Colours 


Michelle Cale 
Stephen Chapeau 
Erik Larsen 
Sabrina Loiacono 
Chris Mills 
Caitlen Smith 
Chun-Ming Su 
Jennifer Weenk 
Michael Adam 
Rodrigo Diaz 
Morgan Evans 
Jonathan Gainor 
Maude Henri-Bhargava 
Andrew Mildred 
David Hsu 
Chris James 
Ryan Jennings 
Vanessa Lee 
Ben Naismith 
Krystal O'Byrne 
Jason Owen 
Lucas Rankin 
Taylor Rankin 
Graham Snowden 
Walker Weitzel 
Christine Wilson 
Susan Hayes 
Sam Lawrence 
Heather Schaan 
Kimberly Smith 
Rebecca Taylor 
Roland Von Schellwitz 
John Kwari 
Yvette Yang 
John Andrachuk 
Brienne Coleman 
Richard Greenwood 
Pamela Bedeski 
Heather Orr 
Rebekah Starkhouse 
Brian Moss 
Rebecca Sheng 
Carol Wong 

Dixie Klaibert 
Aya Larsen 

Matthieu Boyd 

Outstanding effort in Band 

Outstanding effort in Chemistry 

Outstanding effort in Geography 

Outstanding effort in P.E. 

Outstanding effort in Band 

Outstanding effort in Band 

Outstanding effort in Choral 

Outstanding effort in Math 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Physics 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Strings 

Distinction in Beginner Japanese 

Distinction in Spanish 

Distinction in Band 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Math; Gold Medal winner ■ top score Pascal, Gr. 9 

Distinction in Computers 

Distinction in Strings 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Physics 

Distinction in Choral 

First in German 

First in Band 

Equal first in Choral 

First in Spanish 

Equal in first in Choral 

First in Computers 

Distinction in History; Outstanding effort in Strings 

Distinction in Choral; Outstanding effort in ESL 

Distinction in P.E., Band 

Distinction in English, French Hons. 

First in Strings; Outstanding effort in History 

Distinction in French Hons.. Japanese, Strings 

Distinction in German, Math, Physics 

Distinction in English, History, Beg. Japanese 

First in P.E., Chemistry; Distinction in Geography, Environmental Science 

First in Math; Distinction in Biology, Chemistry, French Hons., Physics, Spanish; Dist. Pascal 

First in Beg. Japanese; Distinction in Chemistry, Geography, Math; Outstanding effort in 

History. Biology 

Distinction in Chemistry. English, Env. Science, Geography, Math, Spanish, Strings 

First in Env. Science, Japanese; Distinction in Biology, English. French Hons.. Geography, 

History, Math, P.E.. Strings 

First in Biology, English, French Hons., Geography, History, Physics; Distinction in Chemistry, 

Env. Science, Math; Outstanding effort in Strings 




Nicole Arnett 
Courtnae Bowman 
Jamie Chung 
Adam Dowhy 
Emily Huddart 
Kelly Regen 
Byrce Soderberg 
Grant Woolliams 
Matthew Berg 
Matt Boulton 
Jenny Burdett 
Megan Cassidy 
Alan Chen 
Michael Danskin 
Lisa Davis 
Sheryi Dodd 
Jason Lee 
Jennifer Lo Bianco 
Courtenay Mitchell 
Joann Nash 
Chris Noel 
George Pemberton 
Matt Pettinger 
Steven Romanchuk 
Daniel Saunders 
David Tseng 
Jeremia Williamson 
Jacqeline Wong 
Alec Johnson 
Kate Saunders 
Ryota Yukawa 
Ji-Ho Hwang 
Sayuri Sugimoto 
Gordon Cheung 
Peter Kim 
Lisa Kittstein 
Vince Lau 
Michelle Lee 
Kim Lobb 
David Lynch 
Anup Misra 
AN Staseson 
Cara Yeates 
Kanoux Larsen 
Nathan Millar 
Cosmos Yeh 
Sam Paulos 
Chris Stolarski 
Christine Wenman 
Jenny Reed 
MariKo Miller 
Robert Sin 
Laura Willinganz 
Alfred Wong 
Jack Chiu 
Jayne Bradbury 
Brandon Chiu 
Steven Wong 
Christopher Tse 
Christopher Smith 
Eric Kim 

Joanna Lee 
Rebecca Anglin 

Outstanding effort in Math 

Outstanding effort in Strings 

Outstanding effort in Math 

Outstanding effort in Math 

Outstanding effort in Biology 

Outstanding effort in Geography 

Outstanding effort in Band 

Outstanding effort in French 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Strings 

Distinction in Chemistry 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in French Hons. 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in French 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Physics 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Spanish 

Distinction in Biology 

First in Drama 

First in Art 

First in ESL Socials 

Outstanding effort in Beg. Japanese. Computer 

Outstanding effort in Math, ESL English 

Distinction in Choral. Biology; Honour Roll 6 Medal Winner AHSME 

Distinction in Art; Outstanding effort in Physics 

Distinction in French Hons . Spanish 

Distinction in Choral, Computer 

Distinction in Beg. Spanish, Band 

Distinction in Geography, Computers 

Distinction in Geography, Art 

Distinction in Beg. Spanish, Physics 

Distinction in Choral, Drama 

Distinction in Choral; Outstanding effort in Biology 

Equal first in Japanese 

First in P.E., Distinction in French Hons. 

First in ESL Socials: Distinction in Math; Dist Caley 6 Euclid 

Distinction in Drama. Choral; Outstanding effort in Biology 

Distinction in Drama. P.E., Outstanding effort in Physics 

Distinction in History, English: Distinction in Computers 

Distinction in Geography, English, History 

First in Japanese, French hons.. Distinction in Biology 

First in Choral; Distinction in Physics. Math; BC Hon. Roll Euclid S 2nd Cayley 

First in Biology: Distinction in Geography; Outstanding effort in Physics 

First in Math; Distinction in Choral: Outstanding effort in English; [distinction Euclid S Cayley 

First in Band. French: Distinction in Math, Choral 

Distinction in History, Computers, English, Biology; Outstanding effort in Physics 

Distinction in Choral. Physics, Math, French, Chemistry 

First in Geography: Distinction in Band, Physics. Computers; Outstanding effort in History 

First in Physics; Distinction in Choral, Computers, Beg. Japanese, Chemistry 

First in Spanish, Distinction in Strings, Biology, Physics; Outstanding effort in P.E., English 

First in Lhemistry, Beg. Spanish. Strings: Distinction in Math, Biology, Computers; Outstanding effort in 

Band, English 

First in Beg. Japanese. History; Distinction in Geography. English. Biology. French Hons. 

First in English. Computers; Distinction in History. French Hons.. Geography. Math. Physics. Chemistry, 

Strings; Outstanding effort in Japanese 




Tina Chiu 
RaeAnn Ebl 
Jennifer Ford 
Eric Hung 
Russell Morton 
Keith Philips 
Amy Slegg 
Danny Tang 
Ivan Wan 
Lorelei Wei 
Kimberley Barnes 
Michelle Butler 
Mitsuru Delishe 
Rachel Gardiner 
Robyn Ivany 
Michael Kwan 
Simon Lau 
Yan Mak 
Janika McFeely 
Christina Nadolski 
Aries Ng 
Nancy Norris 
Connie Sze 
Sarah Thomson 
David Wilson 
Melissa Wong 
Andy Yeh 
Rachel Boult 
Jaqueline Hudson 
Stephanie Bouris 
Amanda Wilson 
Maria Kwari 
Dan Sander 
Devin Arnold 
Andrea Horsman 
Vincent Law 

Outstanding effort in Computer Programming 

Outstanding effort in AP Biology 

Outstanding effort in Drama 

Outstanding effort in Choral 

Outstanding effort in Drama 

Outstanding effort in History 

Outstanding effort in Biology 

Outstanding effort in Computer Programming 

Outstanding effort in Computer Application 

Outstanding effort in AP Biology 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in AP Biology 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Music Composition 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in History 

Distinction in Math; Distinction Fermat § Euclid 

Distinction in Band 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Physics 

Distinction in Computer Programming; Distinction Fermat S Euclid 

First in Earth Science 

First in Art 

Oustanding effort in English, AP Biology 

Outstanding effort in AP Biology. Physics 

Distinction in English; Outstanding effort in Japanese 

Distinction in PE.; Outstanding effort in French 

Distinction in French Hons., AP Biology 

Distinction in Art, Drama 

Distinction in Physics, Computer Application; Distinction Fermat S Euclid 



Alex Martin 
Michelle Phipps 
Kathryn Wynn 
Robin Feathersone 
Devon Hahn 
Christopher Lau 
Nicholas Stanger 
Michelle Hau 
Joy Liu 
Lucas Lee 
Nicholas Jupe 
Sharon Om 

Sina Noureddin 

Emily Clough 

Keir Wilmut 
Jennifer Coelho 
Colleen Saffney 

Anita Holtham 

Patrick Gill 

Rohanna Green 

Distinction in English, Computer Programming 

Distinction in Choral, Drama 

Distinction in Japanese English 

First in Drama: Distinction in English 

First in Choral; Distinction in Drama 

First in Computer Application; Distinction in Geography 

First in Strings, Drama 

Distinction in Geograpy. English; Outstanding effort in French Hons. 

Distinction in Physics, English, Choral 

First in Japanese; Distinction in Physics, Math; Distinction Fermat S Euclid 

Outstanding effort in Strings, Biology. Geography. Physics 

First in Computer Programming; Distinction in Spanish, Math; Outstanding effort in Physics; 

Distinction Fermat S Euclid 

First in Math; Distinction in French Hons., Physics, Chemistry; 

Honour Roll AHSME & 0/S Euclid 

Distinction in English, Math, History, Physics, Computer Application; 

Distinction Fermat & Euclid 

Distinciton in Geography. Physics. History, Chemistry, Math; Distinction Fermat § Euclid 

Distinction in English. French Hons., AP Biology; Outstanding effort in Physics, Math, PE. 

First in Japanese; Distinction in Strings, Geography, Math. English, French Hons.. History, 

AP Biology 

First in AP Biology; Distinction in Geography. English. Math. Chemistry. French Hons., 

Band; Distinction Euclid g CNML 

Equal First in Physics, Band; Distinction in Chemistry. Biology. Math, Spanish, 

Music Composition; Canadian Honour Roll Fermat 

First in History, Spanish, Geography. Chemistry. English. Equal First in Physics, 

French Honours; Distinction in Strings, Math; Honour Roll AHSME & Distinction Euclid 




Tanya Boteju 
Roxanne Boult 
Caroline Brown 
Krista Brown 
Emil Burdett 
Abraham Chan 
Philip Chau 
Conrad Cheng 
Michelle Cheng 
Robert Connolly 
Curran Crawford 

DannI Crawford 

Jilliam Dorazio 

Holly Dummer 

Marc Elbers 

Claire Ezzeddin 

Nafisa Fera 

Jessica Fitz 

Caroline Fric 

Olivia Gamache 

Wenii Gan 

Olivier Gervais-Harreman 

Liam Hassett 

Alexandre Henri-Bhargava 

Patrick Huang 
Simon Ibell 
Alexandre Janse 
Judy Lee 
Marcus Kirk 
Kyle Kirkham 
Fabian Konigbauer 
Carol Lee 
David Lee 
Janice Lee 
Brock Leong 
Catherine Loiacono 
Amyrose McCue 

Distinction in English Lit, English, Drama 
Distinction in Spanish 
First in Spanish 
Distinction in English 

Distinction in Calculus; AHSME Honour Roll, Can. Honour Roll Euclid 
Outstanding effort in French 
Distinction in Computer Programming 
Distinction in Survey Math 

First in Chemistry; Distinction in Calculus, French; Hon. Roll Euclid 
Distinction in P.E. 

First in Math, Art; Distinction in Physics, Calculus, Chemistry; Outstanding effort 
in English 

Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in P.E. 
Distinction in English, Biology 

First in Japanese; Distinction in English; Outstanding effort in History, French 
Equal first in French; Distinction in Band; Outstanding effort in P.E. 
Distinction in Drama; Outstanding effort in Chemistry, Math 
Equal first in Drama 
Honour Roll AHSME 
Outstanding effort in Chemistry 
Distinction in Survey Math 
Distinction in Math, French, Band, Calculus 
Distinction in P.E.. Music Composition; Distinction Euclid S CNML 
Equal first in French; Distinction in Chemistry, English, Biology, English Lit, Eng- 
lish, Calculus, Band 
Distinction in Choir 
Outstanding effort in Math. English 
Distinction in Biology 
Outstanding effort in Physics 

Outstanding effort in English Lit; Honour Roll AHSME & Distinction Euclid 
First in Biology 
Outstanding effort in English 
Outstanding effort in Survey Math 
Distinction in Survey Math 
Distinction in English, Geography 
Distinction in Calculus; Outstanding effort in English Lit. 
Outstanding effort in Physics 
First in AP History. English Lit, Choir; Distinction in English, Biology, Music History 



Alexander Millar 
Adam Molineux 
Claire Payne 
Sara Perry 
Milos Repicky 
Christopher Robb 
Thomas Roberts 
Caroline Rueckert 
Paula Sanglap 
Natasha Schorb 
Megan Smith 
Bradley Stevenson 
John Thomson 
James Towniey 
Johnny Tseng 
Amy Tsui 
Tony Tung 
Matthew Wenman 
Ben White 

Bernard White 
Ian Wong 
Jack Wong 
Ben Young 

Robert Young 
Tessa Anglin 
Philip Bodley-Scott 
Meggan Hunt 
Chelsea Jones 

Helen Lamala 
Philip Miller 
Bethany Smith 

Stuart Wollach 

Distinction in Math; Distinction on Euclid S CNML 
Distinction in Geography, History, AP History, Band 
Distinction in Choral 
Distinction in Math 
First in Drama 
Distinction in Geology 

First in English, History; Distinction in AP History 
Distinction in History; Outstanding effort in Calculus, Geography 
First in Strings 

Distinction in Drama, Biology 
Distinction in Biology; Distinction Euclid S CNML 
Distinction in English 
First in Band; Distinction in P.E. 
Distinction in Choral 
Equal first in Survey Math 
Equal first in Survey Math 

Distinction in Physics, Calculus, Chemistry; Honour Roll AHSME 6 Distin. Euclid 
First in Geography 

Distinction in Chemistry, Physics, Drama, P.E.; Can. Honour Roll Euclid S Dis- 
tinction CNML 
Distinction in Art, Choral 
Distinction in Band; Distinction Euclid § CNML 
Distinction in Geography 

First in Calculus; Distinction in English Lit.. English, Music Composition, Band; 
I St g Medal Winner AHSME 
Outstanding effort in Computer Programming 
First in Choral; Distinction in English Lit, English. Music History 
Distinction in Choral 

First in P.E.; Distinction in English Literature 

First in Computer Programming; Distinction in English Lit, English, Calculus; Out- 
standing effort in Strings, Fermat § Euclid; Distinction Decartes 
Distinction in Economics 
Distinction Euclid 6 CNML 

First in Physics, Geology; Distinction Chemistry, English Lit, English, Calculus; 
Fermat 6 Euclid 
First in Economics 





Brienne Coleman 
Richard Greenwood 
Susan Hayes 
Ryan Jennings 
Jayne Bradbury 
Megan Cassidy 
Brandon Chiu 
Sheryl Dodd 
Devin Arnold 
Emily Clough 
Jennifer Coelho 
Sharon Om 
Kathryn Wynn 


John Kwari 
Heather Orr 
Kimberly Smith 
Carol Wong 
Eric Kim 
Mariko Miller 
Steven Wong 
Cosmos Yeh 
Maria Kwari 
Lucas Lee 
Joy Liu 
Michelle Hau 
Tessa Anglin 


Pamela Bedeski 
Aya Larsen 
Jack Chiu 
Alfred Wong 
Anita Holtham 

Mattieu Boyd 
Rebecca Sheng 
Joanna Lee 
Patrick Gill 
Sina Noureddin 


Tessa Anglin 
Sebastian Bonet 
Devlin Bradford 
Abraham Chan 
Curran Crawford 
Jennine Downie 
Claire Ezzeddin 
0. Gervais-Harreman 
Liam Hassett 
Meggan Hunt 
Steven Lobb 
Patricia Mazuch 
Adam Molinuex 
Caroline Rueckert 
Natasha Schorb 
Bulent Sohail 
James Townley 
Ben White 
Deanna Age 
Chantal Nowak 

Alex Austin 
Tanya Boteju 
Caroline Brown 
Zareen Charania 
Chris Dickson 
Holly Dummer 
Jessica Fitz 
Lindsay Gordon 
A. HenriBhargava 
Carol Lee 

Catherine Loiacono 
Amyrose McCue 
Maggie Pang 
Paula Sanglap 
Megan Smith 
Hayden Thomson 
Jonh Upton 
Bernie White 
Patrick Gill 
Nicholas Stanger 

Kyle Kirkham 
Michelle Cheng 
Curran Crawford 
Holly Dummer 
Alex HenriBhargava 
Chelsea Jones 
Brock Leong 
Amyrose McCue 
Bethany Smith 
Ben White 
Ben Young 

Dixie Klaibert 
Rebecca Anglin 
Jenny Reed 
Rohanna Green 
Colleen Saffrey 

Peter Beatty 
Roxanne Boult 
Emil Burdett 
Rob Connolly 
Jill Dorazio 
Colin Dyer 
Caroline Fric 
Meredith Grey 
Joanna Holdsworth 
Brock Leong 
Cam Loveless 
Philip Miller 
Milos Repicky 
Ian Schneider 
Drew Soderberg 
John Thomson 
Matthew Wenman 
Ben Young 
Andrea Horsman 
Matthew Turner 



LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Sin. Patrick Gill. Richand Greenwood. Christopher Stolarski 


Best Actress in Grade 11 - Robin Feathenstone 
Best Actor in Grade II • Nicholas Stanger 


Kathryn Wynn 


Matthieu Boyd 


Keir Wilmut 

Tina Chiu 


Richard Greenwood 


Robert Sin 


Christopher Stolarski 

Patrick Gill 




Bethany Smith 


Alex Henri-Bhargava 


Alex Henri-Bhargava 


Caroline Rueckert, Stephanie Bouris 


Curran Crawford 


Milos Repicky 


Liam Hassett 


Jack Wong 

Tessa Anglin, Amyrose McCue 

Claire Ezzeddin, Adam Molineux 

James Townley 

Milos Repicky 

Simon Ibell 

Ben White 

Alex Henri-Bhargava 

Zareen Charania 

Citizenship. Prefect 

Scholar, Prefect, Fine Arts 

Boarding Head 

Audio Visual, Backstage Setup 

Outstanding Contribution to Fine Arts 

Courage in Adversity 

All Round Contribution 

School Captain Scholar, Academic Leadership 

Head Girl. Lead the Grad Class with Polish 
and Good Grace 



LEFT TO RIGHT: Bethany Smith. Liam Hassett. Caroline Rueckert, Meggan Hunt. John Thomson. Kyle Kirkham 

Liam Hassett 

GOVERNOR GENERALS MEDAL ■ (97.7% over top four academic subjects including English) 
Bethany Smith 

Kyle Kirkham 


Caroline Rueckert ' 


Meggan Hunt 


John Thomson 







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