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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 
St IVIichael's University School 

3400 Richmond Road. 

Victoria, B.C., 


V8P 4P5 

Table Of Contents 

Chapel Window and New Gym Mural 
Editor's Forward and World Events 
Headmaster and Chairman's Message 


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Junior School 

-Kindergarten to Grade Five 

pg. 12 

Middle School 

-Student Photos (mugshots) 


-Music, Art, Drama & Literature 

-Prizes and Awards 

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Senior School 

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-Grade Nine 

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-Grade Ten 

pg. 121 

-Outdoor Education 

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-Grade Eleven 

pg. 133 

-Hallowe'en. Dances, 

and Valentines Day 

pg. 142 

-Grade Twelve 

pg. 145 

-Grad Picture 

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pg. 190 

-Fine Arts 

pg. 225 

-Literature and Art 

-Guys and Dolls 

-Grade Plays 

-Grad Fashion Show '98 


-Boarding Life 

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pg. 238 
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Chapel lA^indow 

-In Memory of Douglas l/i^llllams 

On May 9 a large congregation 
of alumni and students attended 
the dedication of the Chapel's 
first stained glass window in 
memory of the late Commander 
Douglas J. Williams, to whom 
tribute was paid by Courtney 
Mitchel in the last Yearbook. 

The window, donated by 
family, friends, and students, was 
designed, made, and installed by 
the Victoria artist Mr. Thomas 

Mercer, of Orillia glass. The vivid colours reflect Dad's 
personality commented Doug's daughter. Verity. 

The glass was made in England, France, and Germany and 
contains a small rosette from the war shattered window of St. 
Martin's Cathedral, Ypres. This fragment is over five hundred 
years old and echoes Douglas's love of the French language 
and the deep, moving memories he retained of World War II. 

The following is from the artist's own comment on the design: 

The window is an abstract representation of the divine 
energies that flow through the universe, the world and 
ourselves. These forces are suggested in the circular forms 
and energetic shapes running through them. How we relate 
to these forces to our lives is an individual matter, but Douglas 
Williams embraced these energies more than most. 

The shape of the Cross creates four windows in one frame. 
The vertical represents the communion between heaven and 
earth, spiritual and intellectual forces, while the rectangular 
shapes speake of our earthly lives. The horizontal speaks of 
Christ reaching out. of rational energies, while the circular 
forms represent eternity. 

The colours and forms are symbolic representations of 
man's aspiration to lead a spiritual life on earth, and stained 
glass is a wonderful medium in which to express such concepts. To those who knew Douglas Williams, the window will be a 
reminder of someone who personified such a life, and who continues to be an inspiration to others. The colours also suggest 
more personal facets of his life; yellow being the colour of daffodils, a reminder of his native Wales; blue recalling his love of 
the sea and his navel service; green refers to his time in France; and red, perhaps, speaks of his passion and religious faith. 
Also found in the window is the symbol of the anchor and his personal 'trademark' signature of a seagull. 

The window is dedicated to the memory of a good man. who in his life acted on the Christian principles of Love, 
Guidance, Loyalty, and Faith. 

-Thomas Mercer. 

Chapel V\/indow 

-Created by 6r. 12 Artists 

Over the past 3 months. 6 grade 12 students: Jenny Reed, 
Lauren Ingle. David Lynch, Chantelle Tearoe, Tara Elson and myself. 
Jean Daniel, have designed and painted a simulated stain glass 
window for the school chapel. This project was a great challenge! In 
coming up with the design, I wanted to focus on the theme of unity. I 
wanted to send a simple yet powerful message across that would be 
accepted by the student body as well as the Christian Church. The 
central idea - the cross and the 
white shroud - represent the 
risen Christ. The bright colours 
which are eminating from the 
central cross, represent power 
and all the elements on earth 
up to the heavens. The circular 
rings of light, water, air, land, 
stars, and sky, represent 
everlasting life. 

Having this window 
completed gives me a sense of 
pride and I hope that people 
will admire it for years to come. 

-Jean Daniel 

Fitness Centre Mural 

-Created by 6r. 12 Artists 

Designed by Lance Wei. 

Painted by Art 12 students 

Goldie Chan 

Renee Chung 

Lemuel Edillon 

Peter Kim 

Jason Ng 

David Tseng 

Lance Wei 

Editors Foreward 

After much hard work, effort, and patience, the crew 
of Yearbook '98 has put together one of the best and 
most creative annuals ever produced. Although the job of 
editor was far more difficult and time-consuming than I had 
anticipated. I must admit that with the help of my friends it has 
turned out to be very rewarding and, to some extent, fun. The 
overall layout of the yearbook has changed, as we have now 
accommodated more colour pages, as well as many design 
changes. Thank you to Vanessa Lee. Liz Aitken. and Dave 
Lynch who have helped me instill these changes. 

Unfortunately, only a couple of months into the first term of school, my assistant 
editor. Vanessa Lee. had to leave the school and head back to her home in Hong Kong 
for medical treatments. Although no longer at the school, she still kept her position in 
the yearbook as the HK correspondent. Grace Fu. a student at that time new to the 
school, filled in her position as assistant editor. 

Throughout the year we have learned much in the way of everything. At the 
beginning knowing only how to cut and paste, the crew has learned everything about 
colour and placement when designing their pages, which often take about 2 to 3 hours 
per page. 

Many thanks to those dedicated few who have spent many hours working over- 
time on the yearbook. Special mentions go to Jen Franklin and Greg Fowler for their 
help throughout the year. Megan Cassidy. for all her work raising advertising funds with 
the help of a little spiel she is well known for in the labs. Evan Crawford, our versatile 
photographer, without whom many of the pictures in the this book would not be possible, 
and to Craig Kirk, for his intense commitment to the yearbook, spending weeks upon 
weeks into the summer helping me with the annual. Thanks also go to my parents, who 
gave me all the support 1 needed and more. 

1 would also like to pass on my gratitude to the staff of the school who were 
instrumental in getting this yearbook off the ground: Mrs. Moore, our wonderful recep- 
tionist, who has helped us with messages, mail, and faxes. Mrs. Card. Mr. Hyde-Lay. 
Mrs.Friesen. Mrs. Balmer. Mrs. Snarr. Mr. Ross. Mr. Przybersky. Mrs. Nason and Mrs. 
Richards, who respectively did the Junior and Middle school sections. 

Good luck to Greg Fowler and Grace Fu. who will be coeditors of next year's 
annual, and thank you to everyone for their efforts in putting out such a great yearbook. 

Steven Wong 


Yearbook '98 

B.R.: Faustina Funke. 

Serlene Chan, Hilo Yen. 

Evan Crawford. Greg 

Fowler. Craig Kirk. 

F.R.: Jacqueline 

Goldstein. Megan 

Cassidy. Lila Cheimak, 

Steven Wong. 

Yearbook *98 Staff 


Steven M. Wong 
Assistant Editors 

Grace Fu 
Vanessa Lee 

Middle School Editor 

Mrs. Penny Richards 
Junior School Editor 

Mrs. Diana Nason 
Paae Lauout and Design 

Steven Wong 
Craig Kirk 
Jen Franklin 
Gregory Fowler 
Jaqueline Goldstein 
Elizabeth Aitken 
David Lynch 
Sarah Limbu 


Evan Crawford 
Steven Wong 
Lisa Davies 
Hilo Yen 
Elizabeth Aitken 
Amy Simard 
Lila Cheimak 

Storv Writing 

Vanessa Lee 
Gregory Fowler 
Murray McCulloch 
Lisa Davies 

loDuing and Tvoin 

Serlene Chan 
Samantha Lee 
Faustina Funke 
Karimah Ajania 
Khatidja Ajania 
Wency Ip 


Megan Cassidy 
Steven Wong 

Front and Back Cover b\;: 
Lawerence Lee 
David Tseng 
Lance Wei 
Simon Wong 
Peter Kim 
Steven Hsu 

World Events: 1997 - 1998 

August 30, 1997 brought devastating news to the world but especially to the English because the "Queen of People's Heart'." 
Princess Diana passed away when her car crashed while fleeing from the French paparazzi. Their car, which was traveling at 90 mph, 
suddenly veered out of control and collided head-on into a support column and then rolled over and smashed into a wall. 20 doctors and 
nurses struggled to save her but had to pronounce her dead at 3:45am. Her death has brought many funds raised in her honor for the 
disabled, or for the less fortunate. It has also brought the signing of the treaty for the ban of land mines. 

On September 5, 1997. our "Saint on Earth". Mother Teresa, passed away from cardiac arrest in her religious order's head- 
quarters. She spent her life taking care of those she called " the poorest of the poor" because she says she saw the faces of Christ in the 
poor, the outcast, the maimed and the dying. "Do not allow yourselves to be disheartened by any failure as long as you've done your 
best." -Mother Teresa- 

On November 19, 1997. Bobbi McCaughey, assisted by a 40 member medical team, delivered septuplets by Caesarian section. 
There are 4 boys and 3 girls, each ranging in weight between 21bs 5oz to 31bs 4oz. Doctors were amazed by the weight of the babies 
because they were as large as quadmplets. The babies are healthy and well. They went home as soon as they were in stable condition 
and could breathe on their own. This "miracle" produced gifts such as a life-time supply of diapers, a new house and free college educa- 

On December 30, 1997. being threatened by more deaths from the mysterious avian, or bird flu. Hong Kong decided to 
slaughter all of its one million live chicken. The chickens were herded into large garbage bags and suffocated with C02. Towards the end 
of this demolition, the C02 became scarce and slaughterers had to slit the throats of the remaining poultry. The total number of people 
who were verified with the H5N1 vims was 13, 4 of which died. 

February 7, 1998 featured the opening ceremonies to the Winter Olympics which were held at Nagano. Japan. This 2 week 
sporting competition in an icy cold climate featured alpine, cross-country and freestyle skiing, figure, speed and short track speed skating, 
the biathlon, bobsleighing, curling, ice hockey, luge. Nordic combined, ski jumping and snow boarding. The results were Germany for 
first (29), Norway for second (25) and Russia for third (18). But, Canada wasn't far behind with fifth place and 15 medals! 

February 16, 1998 marked one of the world's worst-seen airplane crashes. This mis-fortune happened in Taipei. Taiwan with a 
flight coming in from Bali. Indonesia. The aircraft crashed into a residential area, hitting, first, a civilian building and then destroying at 
least three other residential buildings near the airport. It fell short of the mnway when it was making it's second landing attempt. The 
crash occurred under conditions of darkness and rain and reduced visibility due to fog. All 182 passengers were killed along with the 15 
crew members, also killing at least 7 on the ground. 

April 9, 1998 marked one in a series of tornadoes bound to hit Alabama. The 1998 tornado death-rate now measures 112. 
these tornadoes being rated F5 with winds in excess of 260 mph. The track measured 20 miles in length and the widest point being half 
a mile wide. If the tornado stayed on the ground for 2 more miles, it would've hit downtown Birmington, causing the end to more lives. 
Another 4 miles and the Birmingham airport would've seen it's last. This has been one of the worst years for tornadoes in the United 
States, lots of lives have been taken and many homes have been destroyed. 

May 6, 1998 was the start to many riots in Jakarta. Indonesia has been plagued by social and economic problems, leading to 
these student-led protests, which have destroyed cities and lives. Mobs roam the streets looking for Chinese-owned stores, attacking 
police and torching cars. Many people have died from being shot by police and the cities where riots have taken place are thoroughly 
overturned. Suharto, 76 years of age, and in rule for 32 years, has been held accountable for the soaring prices 
and joblessness in Indonesia. Protesters made him give up his position and Suharto stepped down as leader, but 
gave the position to vice-president, Habibie. It has been said, though, that because Habibie has been groomed by 
Suharto for decades, he is too corrupt to give Indonesians the type of government they want. 

On June 20, 1998. 139 members of the grade 12 class of St. Michaels University School were presented 
their graduation certificates at an extravagant ceremony at the UVIC auditorium. This class of graduates was the 
largest group to have ever graduated from SMU. and represented a wide diversity of people from throughout the 
world. They now join the proud ranks of hundreds of St. Mike's alumni, and will take on the world with great 
enthusiasm. Good luck to all! 




Headmasters Message 

Although every year resembles the previous one to a great extent, every year also has its particular 
character, shaped by the students who lead it. who make up the teams, who act in the plays, and who fill 
all the daily details the make our school a rich place. Faculty also serve their role in creating the personal- 
ity of a year, with some additions and departures every year that alter the flavour slightly and make the 
school a living place. 

This year, some important work was done on the subject of student leadership, work that to many will 
have been difficult to discem. since it took place in discussion or was implemented in such a way that 
change was begun but not completed. In fact, the change will likely never be completed, since an issue as 
important as student leadership has to evolve with the evolving nature of the school. Next year, however, 
students in the Senior School in particular will begin to see greater changes in the leadership roles students 
play, and the means by which these students are both elected and selected. 

In the Junior School, the students continued to produce work and play of high quality, as evinced in 
sports, the arts and. most importantly, in academics. Many parents got a closer insight into the activities of their children in the student- 
led conferences, an experience which allows the student to develop a sense of his or her own growth and to share it with parents. 

The Middle School had a full and busy year, highlighted as always by a few notable academic achievements, notably on the Math- 
ematics front, but also with the Girls' Under 15 Soccer team, and the mounting of Willpower under the direction of Mr. Manson-Blair. 
Orchestra and choir performances at Christmas and in May are a serious indication of the quality and effort of both students and teachers. 

Progress continued on the Richmond Road Facilities Plan, a project that will be finalised in the autumn of 1998, and on the 
school's Mission, an undertaking that is the culmination of several years of work, and which will result in a clear and focused sense of who 
and what we are - again, a consistent evolution from where the school has come from, with an eye to where it will go in the future. 

This book is the best testament in print to the life of the school. Read its pages; look at its pictures. It tells more stories than I 
could possibly touch on here, and with a vividness that will give a reader a sense of richness that defies words. Vivat! 

Board of Governors 

This year marks a special graduation time for me; it is the year my third and last child will graduat- 
ing from this great school, and it is the end of my final - and 15"' year - as a parent of a child at SMUS! I 
remember well the thoroughness with which my wife Gillian and I examined the school, and checked out 
its credentials. The most important factor for us in feeling SMUS was the right school for our children was 
the assessment by current (then) and recently graduated students - they loved the school, and raved about 
it to us without any prompting by anyone, I trust that each of you in the class of 1998 will be taking with 
you many fond memories of your time at the school, and that when others ask you about SMUS, that you 
will feel moved to sing its praises. 

Most of all, I hope that you will experience your learning here as a very solid and helpful founda- 
tion for whatever further studies and work you choose to pursue. It is almost impossible for schools to 
prepare students for particular jobs, as the nature of most jobs is changing on an ongoing basis and many 
jobs that will interest you do not yet exist! As some writers put it, even the nature of change is changing. 
Therefore, what is important about education today is not the specific knowledge and skills you have 

acquired, but what visions you are carrying, and the potentials you have discovered within yourself that will allow you to grow, change and 

develop over the years to come. 

On behalf of the Board of Govemors. 1 want to express to each member of the graduating class our sincere good wishes for the 
years ahead, and our belief that as a graduate of SMUS. you can be confident that you can achieve your dreams and truly make a differ- 
ence in whatever field beckons you. 

We hope that you will stay in touch with many of your classmates, and that you will return to the school from time to time as your 
travels allow. Godspeed, and much happiness and success to each of you. .. . ,. 


Board of Governors 

Junior School 

Junior School Director's Foreword 

Celebrations abounded this year in the Junior School. Our building echoed to the strains of 
the school hymn during a wonderful rededication in October when we formally recognized 
our beautiful, renovated facilities. Most moving was the presence of several St. Michael's 
School Alumni who entered into our festivities with shared memories and joyfulness. Events 
such as this make important connections for us to our history and give all students, parents 
and faculty a sense of continuity within a shared community. 

We were overwhelmed at Christmas by the enormous generosity of our school families when 
everyone met to create Christmas baskets for charity. It was a wonderful event with school 
and Christmas spirit fully evident! 

Again in May we gathered as a school to watch the Grade Five class excel in their perfor- 
mance of "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat". The extreme precision of the dance 
and the difficulty of some of the singing provided quite a challenge for our students but they 
rose, as always, to do their best. We were treated to an extraordinarily good production 
which left both students and faculty full of the pride of accomplishment . 

These are but three events in a school year full of many wonderful achievements. They indicate for me three areas where I 
believe our school's commitment is strong: our traditions and history, our work within the community, and our commitment 
to doing our personal best. There are many other values modelled in our school; respect, responsibility, honesty and 
compassion are some: however, for me the frame of this year will always include the pictures from these events. 

It has been a good year! Farewell Grade 5's and may your dreams be of fat cows and full sheaves of corn! You are a 
fabulous class and. like Joseph, you'll be a wise and compassionate group as you pass through the halls of the Middle 
School. Good Luck! 

Sally P. Blyth 

Director, St, Michaels University Junior School 

Back Row L to R Goidun Chan, Diand Nason. Sunny Pollard. Susan Moore. John Harris. Kathleen Cook. Eiko Larsen. 

Gary Barber. 

Front Row L to R Claire Armitstead. Heidi Davis. Mary Humphreys. Heather Sandquist, Anna Forbes, Sally Blyth, 

Wendy Wilson. Kelly Lindsay. Mary Smith. 

Missing from photo: Glen Whitfield 

Rededication of 

Junior School 

October 16, 1997 






^k ipB 







^BfL^^^Hftik.'^ ' 



^BsM^-^Kr " J^H 

^ ' ' f— ■!>>;-— ^ 


-• <V^^bj^jbW 





^U^ r" 

^HH^^ ^^ 

\ ^^^K ~'^^^»s. M^K^ 

3.: M^^ 


IK^ mA^* * *« MK '^^^^B 

^^^^^^^^^k g 

K^ ^^^^^l^L! 

l^mNllBf .^l^^k A^^^^l 



^^ A 


~ ' y JMl 


> .^^^^^^^H^^^^l 



Back Row L-R Travis Denley. Liana Brook. Tycho Mommsen Smith, Jocelyn Chew, Julia Denley. Jamie Yorath, James Sharp, Ben 
Hayes, Ms. Kelly Lindsay 

Front Row L-R Nathaniel Rae, Laura Dale, Alexandra Pansegrau, Lauren Gerber, Mina Phaisaltantiwongs, Portia Bckes, Max 
Considine, Genna Purcell, Claire Jackson 

Grade One 

Back Row L to R Mrs. Kathleen Cook, Mackenzie Stone, Monica Rossa, Charles Leitz, Calum Matthews, Douglas Grimmer, 
Francis Quinlan 

Middle Row L to R Joel Nason, Tom Bridger, Janelle Hill, Katherine Peiffer, Madeline Parrott, Colin Beban, Olev Anniko 
Front Row L to R KimberleyAnn McLean, Rachel Davel, Elliott Wheeler, Jake Kislock, Jennifer Bassyouni, Elizabeth Fenje, 
Samuel Simons, Heather Timms 


'*3mS^* / / 




Grade Two 

Back Row L to R Terra Barnes, Manny Pasquale. Jeremy Chew, Andrew Crow, Michael Vander Westhuizen, Nicole Cook, 

Qristina Bachand. 

Middle Row L to R Adam Kennes, Curtis Smith, Evan Rankin, Clayton Thornber, Owen Duckett, Jack Wooder, Darren 

Broome. Miss Susan Moore. 

Front Row L to R Annelies Bekes. Terry Kho, Hannah Wilson, Peter Currie, Carlie Hutchison. Louis Hayes. Gillian Harper, 

Jennifer Jackson. 


Snow is white 

Snow is cold 

On the ground 

like mold 










opps'f/ m^rrmr^'rjij im 









"jnp-p^/— xfopp'V 

Grade Three 

Back Row L to R Taisuke Nakano Scott, Stephanie Pollard. Callie Waters. Aaron Brook. Ria Mavrikos. Joshua Wilson, Anne 

P(? n n c r 

Middle Row L to R Mrs. Sunny Pollard. Christopher McCrodan. Duncan Mclntyre. Kevin ORiordan. Danielle Denley. Stephen 

Dong. Justin Ko. Ellis Gray. 

Front Row L to R Cheymus McNulty. Shane Keepence. Molly Cameron. Jennifer Smith. McKyla Mclntyre. Nicholas Burnett, 

Daniel Dale. Kelly Sharp (missing from picture: Jane Wooder) 

Merry, Merry Fibruary 

My mom was in her bed 

With a glass of berry punch. 

Her bed fell through the ceiling 

And landed on my lunch. 

Danielle Denley 

Merry, Merry Fibruary 

In the month of Fibruary, 

IVhat you might see, 

Are the apes that like 

stale popcorn 

And the beavers that drink 


McKyla Mclntyre 

Merry, Merry Fibruary 

In the month of Fibruary 
The fairest month in all the year, 

All houses turn bright pink 
And trees bloom iivith root beer. 

Raindrops are made of mints, 

And clowns wear donut hats. 

Their earrings look like lolipops, 

And the clowns of course, have 


Anne Penner 


I simply can't stop snoring. 

do it all day long. 

It's getting quite upsetting. 

Wake me with a gong. 

Stephanie Pollard 

Grade 4D 

Back Row L to R Anl'Mi] uiui.^, Limihik' Ixuh^ Iv -•- V'ukui, Imiu I' ii^.'i l. '. .li_1!,' ^'.ull. r.rj'.'i M. Kin 

Middle Row L to R Scott Stone. Emily Denley. Bianka Saravana-Bawan. Matthew Gow, Daniel Christensen. Mrs. Diana 


Front Row L to R Laura Faryna, Sabrina Lueck, Stephanie Klak. Alastair Crow. David Pullen. Allie Lee. Christina 



The cheetah is a predator, 

He spots his prey and stalks it. 

Then when he's got as close as he can he 


His camouflage blends him into the tall grass. 

Suddenly he starts to run. 

All his legs seem to spring and become flexible. 

He is swift and he pulls his prey down. 

This loner drags his prey up a tree for safety. 

He seems to know he is the fastest land animal. 

He is the cheetah. 

Laura Faryna 


Black, neat. 
Flying, fast, scary 
They fly up high. 
Cool, bony, flappy 
Biting, big 

Ross Vivian 

Polar Bears 

Places to themselves 

Odd bears 

Love the water 

Although threatened, still lots left 

Roar loudly 

Biggest bear of all 
Eating machines 
Adopting others 
Rodents beware! 
Swimming all the time. 

Scott Stone 

Diving Dolphins 

Diving dolphins 

In the blue sea. 

Various different kinds 

In captivity they're friends of you and me. 

Never in a lake 

Gliding in the water. 

Diving in the sea 

Or out in the kelp beds with an otter. 

Leaping in the air 

Playing hide and seek. 

Holding on to... 

Its very big beak. 

Never judge a dolphin. 

So if you are in the neighbourhood, 

just drop in. 

Stephanie Klak 

Wild Horses 

With flowing tails and flying manes. 
Wide nostrils never stretched by pain. 
Mouth bloodless to the the bit or rein. 
And feet that iron never shod. 
And flanks unseated by spur or rod, 

A thousand horses-the-wild-the free. 
Like waves that follow over the sea. 

Came quickly, thickly thundering on. 

Emily Denley 


Grade Four F 


Back Row L to R Scott Pommerville. Kaitlin Richardson. Fraser Gow. Claire Lewis, Benz Phaisaltantiwongs, 

Gabrielie Quinlan. Mrs, Anna Forbes. 

Middle Row L to R Rice Honeywell. Amber Hill. Hayley Hudson. Christopher Snider. Emma Bjornert. 

Front Row L to R Jessica Tara. James Bridger. Baylie McKnight, Evan Finlay. Jeremy Evans, Jasmine Luchuck, 

Felicia Chapheau. 

Like A Skeleton 

Tree rustling, 

Cold place, 

Looks like nightfall, 

Lonely island. 

Breezy night. 

Branches waving. 

Like a skeleton 

with skin falling off 

Gabrielie Quinlan and 

Kaitlin Richardson 

The Suddden Flash of Lightning. 

The sudden flash of lightning like a 


beaming down, 

like a light going on and off 

like a candle flickering 

like a thousand little stars in the 


Baylie McKnight 


Snow is light and fluffy. 
It floats down from the sky 
And it looks like a million stars 
Falling from the sky. 
Almost everyone likes it. 
Snow is light and fluffy, 
But when it rains 
The snow turns to slush 
Then nobody can play in it. 

Jeremy Evans 

Midnight in the City 

It's midnight in the city. 

Somewhere, a housecat lies down on the couch purring softly. 

Its fur shimmers in the moonlight. 

He closes his eyes and rests, for he is almost asleep. 

All around, the tired world of living things is almost asleep. 

It is midnight in the city. 

Somewhere, two wild rabbits dream of tomorrow, a day of 

green meadows 

and crunchy carrots in their soft burrow down underneath. 

In my house, my mom and dad turn off the lights. 

In the streets below, they can hear cars rushing through the 



Outside, there is someone still dancing. 

It is midnight in the city 

and the gray world is almost asleep. 

It is midnight in the city. 

Somewhere in the distance, a truck drives down a highway 

To pick up a parcel. 

It is midnight in the city. 

The clock strikes twelve. 

1 get out of bed and look out the window. 

Only the nocturnal creatures are awake. 

"Goodnight" I say to the midnight. 

Somewhere in the city. 
Worms are squirming around. 
And the world is almost asleep. 
Benz Phaisaltantiwongs 

The First Gift of Christmas 

If 1 was chosen to have the first gift of Christmas by Santa Claus, I 
would choose a magic toy bag like Santa's magic toy bag because then 
I could send toys to children in Korea and Bosnia. I could give toys 
to charities like The Salvation Army and I wouldn't have to buy toys 
that were costing $40 and up. 

If I couldn't get a magic toy bag 1 would want a baby reindeer with 
horns as white as snow and fur soft as silk because all my other 
pets have died and it gets boring after you play on the computer for 
a long time. 

Rice Honeywell 

Grade 5 J 

Back Row L to R Mr John Harris, Diana Izard. Andrew Sharp. Navraj Chima. Isiah Pasquale. Leigh Quinlan. Anik 


Middle Row L to R Robert Orr. Julie Ehrmantraut. John Vernon. Jocelyn Smith. Kara Lyie, Eve Honeywell. 

Front Row L to R Christopher Burnett. Quinn Cope. Jeannine Bartz. Janel Willms. Michael Loomer. Liam Flannigan, Louis 


The Spider 

Hop, skip, jump does the spider on the wall. 
Hop, skip, jump he's sure not to fall! 
Hop, skip, jump does the bird just the same. 
Hop, skip, jump they think it's just a game. 
The spider fell, the bird tripped, 
Oh what a shame! 

Graeme McCrodan 


The Fern 

The fern is outside 

Ail alone in the darl<ness 

Weeping, peacefully 

Navraj Chima 


Cackling, hissing. 
Growing larger. 
Engulfing anything 
and everything 
that lies in its path, 

Dwindling, dying, 

Now nothing but a 


Slowly going out. 

With one last sigh 

as it dies. 

Diana Izard 

The Storm 

Splish, swish, splash 

Great waves thunder 

Roar, roar, roar 

Lightning flashes, thunder roars 

Animals run 

Humans hide 

The storm goes on 

Splish, swish, splash 

Roar, roar, roar 

The storm goes on ! ! 

Anik Mommsen-Smith 

The Perfect Soup 

The soup was a thick broth, 

made with only beef and 


The girl's mouth was a flood, 

watering like a rainstorm. 

She picked up a shiny, silver 


scooped up the delicious 


and sighed with pleasure as 

the broth made its way to 

her stomach. 

Kara Lyie 

Grade 5P 

Back Row L to R Andrew Horton. Kurt Penner, Justin Gill, Tomi Cherniawsky. Sydney Flavins, Katie Quinlan. 

Middle Row L to R Ms. Heather Sandquist. Megan Lyie, Ellie Shortt, Oonagh Butterfield, Evan Hesketh, Nicholas Csomany, Marisa 

Brook. Tisah Tucknott. 

Front Row L to R Taryn Bodrug. Melissa Ko, Brendan Inglis, Sid McLaughlin, Daniel Mcllvaney. Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Evan Morgan. 

The Months 

January makes the snow, 
February makes wind blow, 
March is boring, long and slow, 

April is in charge of all the showers, 
May goes out and plants the flowers, 
June just ticks away the hours, 

July is nice, sunny and bright, 
August is when I fix the light, 
September's when the planes are in full flight, 

October is scary Hallowe'en. 
November is very cold and lean, 
December with snow cannot be seen. 

And that's the end of this poem, I mean. 

Marisa Brook 

Their Own World 

I am quite sure 

That all those little animals 

Have their very own world 

In the woods and underground 

That's where their world unfurled 

They have a little town 

They call "Chimchimcheri" 

And they really do love it as you can see 

The sparrows are the gossips 

The chipmunks are the funny ones 

And the bunnies bake hot-crossed buns 

The turtle is their preacher 

For their church is their main feature 

All in the small town of "Chimchimcheri" 

Sydney Flavins 

Winter Wonder-Land 

The winter painted the glass with its frost. 

The snowflakes looked as though they were lost. 

Everything was still, nothing in sight. 

The starts twinkled in the clear night, 

1 look around, all 1 do is just stand. 

It's just like a dream, this winter wonder-land. 

Ellie Shortt 

Battery Magic 

This is a poem of magical batteries. 

They grow arms and legs and even arteries. 

They come alive from their eternal slumber. 

There's one named Little John, he's quite a hummer. 

They take over the house they all want to stay. 

All they do is play, play, play! 

They swing from the lampshades but soon they must go. 

And that's all I know about Battery Magic. 

Nicholas Csomany 

Cross Country 


Track and Field 

-W- < ■ d.^ '-Smr^i!»w 

''Jut!^^ ■^f..*;*^^^*^ --^aiM^/^cwil 





k s m & ii 


* F m 

i^^ 4'-:^ 







*« r 










Ensembles in the string programme have had an active year of study 
and performance. The grade 4 class worked to prepare a debut concert 
in the fall and a Music Festival performance in April. As in the 
past, grade 5 string ensembles took part in seasonal celebrations and 
special occasions, on campus and in the community. String groups 
from Middle School and the full orchestra from the Senior School 
played at 2 morning assemblies in the second and third terms. These 
visits provided a chance for older students to show the younger 
musicians an example of what is possible to achieve, through 
perseverance and practice. In June, the Lafayette String Quartet 
performed for all the string students (grade 4-8) in a 
concert/workshop format. The progress made by the young string 
students at SMUS, through the course of the year, was outstanding! 
Mrs. Mary Smith 



The Crow, The Eagle and The Nest 

A crow hops along the forest floor, 

wondering about the commotion. 

in a tree, an eagle attacks the nest of a 


The babies whine in pain. 

The mother does not respond, 

Instead she lies on the forest floor. 


Sid McLaughlin, 5P 

Christina Moser, 4D 


I am a poppy, 

that grows in Flanders Field, 

with many other poppies, 

around the graves of soldiers who died, 

I see the families, 
who come to the graves, 
and put flowers on them, 

or whisper a prayer, 

they honour the people, 

who risked their lives and died for us, 

I am glad to be a poppy, 

so that I too can honour them. 

Eve Honeywell, 5J 

Allie Lee. 4D 

My Queendom 

My name is Queen of the Willows. I have no whipping boys. My motto 
would be "Sweeter after Difficulties". 1 chose that motto because 
whenever I do something difficult, after 1 do it once, it seems easy. 
My flag would have a white background and a red rose. The other 
side of the flag would have a red background and a gold lion holding 
a flaming torch. My rules would be no stealing, no killing and no 
whipping. My country is a small island with a high wall around the 
outside. My island is called Morgan Swamp. I have a lot of weeping 
willows and haunted gardens. I have a fountain in the middle of the 
garden that makes jewels that you can't see in the water and there is 
an endless supply of these jewels in the fountain. 1 go there every 
day to collect jewels and I sell them in the market. Then 1 have 
money to buy things. That's how I get money. My main food is steak 
with vegetables on the side, and my main drink is lemonade with lots 
of sugar from the sugar plant that grows in the centre of Morgan 
Swamp. I have a stream that is made of lemon juice and the rocks 
around the stream are mother of pearl rocks. In my country, girls 
are allowed to do anything boys can do. Girls can do more things 
than boys too. The island on the left of Morgan Swamp is named 
Stream Island. It is called that because there arc so many streams 
on Stream Island. I will live on Morgan Swamp forever. 
Jessica Terra, 4F 


Excerpt from Animalia 

Pleased plentiful pretty 
ponies playing placidly on 
the plains. 

Emily Denley, 4D 

Kaitlin Richardson, 4F 


Sailing In The Wind 

From a far distance I can see. 

Some flowers, spraying bright colours at me. 

The flowers are from a far away place, 

And they twinkle in the bright sun. 

In a wide open space. 

The grass that the flowers are on. is a shining carpet of 


And the creatures on land never think of fight. 
A flower to me is a bright colour of life. 

Oonagh Butterfield. 5P 

« f 




Smooth rides on the water 

Any boat is good 

In other colours 

Lazers are the nicest 

International races all over the world 

No boat the same 

Going with the tide 

Individual sailors 
No days alike 

Tacking back on course 
Hiking out over the water 
Every day is fun 

Waves lap up on rocks 

In a storm sailing is bad 

Nagging your coach 

Down wind across the finish line. 

Matthew Gow. 4D 


As 1 fell asleep. 

I thought of jets flying overhead. 
Making a roaring sound like a tiger. 
The smoke billowing from their engines, 
Was like oil in the sky. 

Jeremy Hanson-Finger. 5P 

Julie Ehrmantraut, 5J 

Jamie The Vet 

(to the tune of Joseph's Coat) 

Jamie, he was England's favourite vet. 

Of all of England. Jamie was the teacher's pet. 

He helped some sheep and earned a keep, and fell in love 

Jaimie's buds would hang around the Fox and Hounds. 

i Where they would 

Eat by Gallons, drink by pounds. 

He got woke up. to find a pup. 
Her owner thinks she's dying. 

But it was a false alarm and in the end there was no harm. 
Just a mother trying to have some litters. 
Soon to be a lovely bunch of critters. 

Then, he married Helen and had a son named Jim!!! 

Robert Orr. 5J 


Weather Dreams 

Your mind is an ocean. 

And a dream is the gentle waves, 

A nightmare is a hurricane. 

And a daydream a summer 


Brendan Ingiis. 5P 

Tomi Chemiawskv. 5P 




Aliens aliens 
Short and tall 
Aliens aliens 
Big and small 
Aliens aliens 
1 like aliens 
Help! There's an 

Qristina Bachand. Grade 2 

The Alien Travis Denley, Kindergarten 

One day on Halloween my mom and dad left me alone. I was in 

charge of the candy. Several kids arrived at our house for some 

candy. After 100 kids came, I went inside. I made myself a hot 

cocoa . I sat down thinking about things while sipping my cocoa. 

When I finished my hot cocoa. I heard a knock at the door. I 

quietly opened the door. It was someone in an alien costume. 

This alien was a friend of mine. I told him to take off his alien 

mask. He didn't even move. I was shocked. My friend always 

listened to me. 1 tried to take off his mask. I thought it was 

rather interesting. It was slimy and gooey and it seemed real. So 

that night when I went to bed I said good-bye to my rather 

unusual alien friend. So I went to bed but I didn't realize that my 

alien didn't leave. Then I woke up. 1 went down stairs and 

caught the alien. I was full of happiness. That night I had a good 


Ria Mavrikos, Grade 3 


A is for apple. 
P is for pool. 
R is for robin. 
I is for island. 
L is for land. 

Carlie Hutchison. 
Grade 2 


Snow is cool 
It makes puddles 
I like snow. 

Peter Currie, 
Grade 2 

Jane Wooder. Grade 3 


Spring is bright 

With flowers popping 

Children running 

Playing their games 

Hopscotch and 


Gillian Harper. 
Grade 2 

Portia Bekes, Kindergarten 


I simply can't stop growing. 

I do it all day long. 

If this goes on much longer, 

1 think I'll be King Kong. 

I wonder when I'll stop. 
I hope it isn't long. 
'Cause I am going bonkers 
And everything is going wrong. 

Stephen Dong. Grade 3 


I simply can't stop fainting 

I do it all day long 

I fall down on my elbows 

And my body goes all 


Stephanie Pollard, Grade 3 

Rachel Davel. Grade 1 

Circle Story 

One hot day, (very early in fact), there was a grave- 
yard, and in that graveyard there was a skeleton that 
came alive. Next to the graveyard was a farm, and in 
that farm there were some pigs. And the pigs, when 
they saw that skeleton rising in the graveyard, they 
ran to the manure before you could say have a nice 
day. And when those pigs hit that manure, most of it 
went flying over to the barn, those pigs were in such 
a hurry. Some of it also hit the horse and the horse 
went flying into town as fast as a humming bird. The 
horse was going so fast he ran straight into the 
policeman. The policeman fell into his car and drove 
to the graveyard. The policeman was driving slowly 
when he hit a tombstone. Which is why... 

Kevin O'Riordan, Grade 3 

Elizabeth Fenje, Grade 1 

Shane Keepence, Grade 3 

Adam Kennes, Grade 2 

Academic Awards 

Grade hi 

Mckyla Mclntyre 
Taisuke Nakano Scott 
Stephen Dong 


Alastair Crow 
Brin Porter 
Colette Swift 
Daniel Christensen 

Emily Denley 

Stephanie Klak 

Bianca Saravana-Bawan 

Laura Faryna 

Equal 2nd in Form 
Equal 2nd in Form 
1st in Form 

Distinction in Art 
Distinction in Choral 
Distinction in Choral 
Honour Roll 

Distinction in Math 
Honour Roll 

Outstanding Effort in Strings 
Honour Roll 

1st in Japanese - 4-2 

Distinction in French 
Honour Roll 

Distinction in Computers 

1st in Science 

1st in Math 

2nd in Form 
Honour Roll 

1st in Computers 

Distinction in Art 

1st in French 

1st in Social Studies 

1st in English 

1st in Form 


Christopher Burnett 
Eve Honeywell 
Anik Mommsen-Smith 
Isiah Pasquale 
Jocelyn Smith 
John Vernon 
Janel Willms 
Michael Loomer 

Kara Lyle 

Graeme McCrodan 

Robert Orr 

Andrew Sharp 

Navraj Chima 

Quinn Cope 

Diana Izard 

Julie Ehrmantraut 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Outstanding Effort in Strings 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Distinction in Choral 
Honour Roll 

1st in Math 
Honour Roll 

1st in Form 
Honour Roll 

Distinction in Choral 
Honour Roll 

Equal 1st in Japanese - 5-2 
Honour Roll 

1st in Science 

2nd in Form 
Honour Roll 

Distinction in Choral 

Equal 1st in Social Studies 
Honour Roll 

1st in French 

1st in English 
Honour Roll 

Distinction in Art 

1st in Computers 

Equal 1st in Social Studies 



Emma Bjornert 

Distinction in Strings 

Jeremy Evans 

Honour Roll 

Nicholas Csomany 

Honour Roll 

Rice Honeywell 

Honour Roll 

Brendan Inglis 

Honour Roll 

1st in Social Studies 

Evan Morgan 

Honour Roll 

Jessica Tara 

Honour Roll 

Equal 1st in English 

Taryn Bodrug 

Honour Roll 

Equal 1st in Japanese - 

Benz Phaisaltantiwongs 

Honour Roll 

Distinction in Choral 

Megan Lyle 

Honour Roll 

Distinction in Math 

1st in French 

Sydney Plavins 

Honour Roll 

Gabrielle Quinlan 

Honour Roll 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Art 

Elisheva Shortt 

Honour Roll 

Equal 1st in English 

Distinction in Choral 

Amber Hill 

Honour Roll 

1st in Japanese - 4-1 
1st in Math 

Marisa Brook 

Honour Roll 

1st in Science 
Equal 2nd in Form 

Equal 1st in 


Melissa Ko 

Honour Roll 

Jasmine Luchuck 

Honour Roll 

Distinction in Art 

1st in Computers 

Distinction in French 

1st in Science 

Tisah Tucknott 

Honour Roll 

Equal 1st in 


Jeremy Hanson-Finger 
Evan Hesketh 

Distinction in Art 
Distinction in Strings 
1st in Japanese - 5-1 

Honour Roll 

Distinction in Japanese 
1st in Computers 
1st in Math 
Equal 2nd in Form 

Honour Roll 

1st in French 
1st in Social Studies 
1st in English 
1st in Form 



Special Awards 







TOLSON (Diana Izard/Jeremy Hanson Finger) 





SPECIAL AWARD - Parents' Auxiliary Awards for students who were 1st 
overall in their grade 

Grade 4 - Laura Faryna 



Grade 5 - Evan Hesketh 






















Daniela Smolov 


by Grade 8 Middle 
School students 

Caitlin Bailey 

Meara Crawford 

Middle School 

Middle School Director's Foreword 

(from the speech delivered at Prize Night. 19th June. 1998) 

Another high energy year has passed - the eleventh in the history of the Middle School. 
The true measure of a school is the quality of the people it produces and I am confident that we 
have a student body which will live up to our expectations and one of which everyone can be 
proud. There is a strong academic focus in the school, but it is all of the other activities which 

F^^tt^ul^ '^^HH go on here that help students acquire the skills and build the character which mold the well 
^^t ^^ rounded person as emphasised in the school philosophy. 

There is immense talent within the student body and I would like to share with you some 
of the exceptional events which have been part of this school year. The amazing show 
"Willpower" involved over half ot the students and faculty, as well as some wonderful parent help. 
It was a production of brilliance. All aspects of theatre were incredibly well organised and as a 
spectacle and learning experience it was second to none. Throughout the year the musicians have performed superbly, in mini- 
concerts as well as excelling in the Greater Victoria Music Festival. The culmination of the musical year was a concert of amazing 
calibre in this very auditorium. 

Works of great artistic merit have flowed out of the art room and several exhibitions attest to the brilliance of this 
programme. Our technology is excellent and the computer room remains one of the most popular venues in the school. Public 
speaking and debating were introduced, and besides our internal competitions a few of our students competed successfully in 
external competition. A grade 8 student won the provincial National Geographic competition against thousands of entrants from 
over 200 schools. A grade 7 student won a Vancouver Island regional public speaking competition. 

Our mathematicians experienced great success in national competitions in all three grade levels. The school finished in 
the provincial top three in two contests and teamed with the grade 9 students, placing 3rd in two Canadian competitions. The 
grade 8 team won the Gauss competition against 30 local schools. Mr. Jeremy Goodwin has experienced an enormous amount 
of competitive success over his career at the Middle School and it is with great sadness that we say farewell to him after a 23 
years at St. Michaels University School . He has been a dedicated and loyal member of the faculty and his contribution to boarding, 
athletics and in particular to mathematics, has been greatly appreciated. 

In the athletics arena our girls' under 15 soccer team went to Montreal with the daunting task of defending a national 
championship for the second consecutive year. In the highly competitive tournament, they came away with a third title in as 
many years. Already the new team is preparing for the next year's championship in Toronto. Is a fourth straight championship 
possible? Staytuned! The boys' under 13 team had a building year in 1997. but this coming year they will be returning to Ontario 
with a veteran squad. And just like the girls' team, the boys will be preparing throughout the summer. 

There was an unprecedented turn out for basketball this year with enough interested players to put at least ten teams on 
the court. The grade 8 boys' team had great success in league play, but made an early exit from the play-offs. The grade 6 boys 
had two teams of equal strength and both acquitted themselves well. The future of school basketball in in good hands. Both 
the swimming and badminton teams performed admirably and achieved some success. The track and field teams showed signs 
of improvement and an earlier practice start next year will produce even better results. 

Much work has been done to improve our community awareness and funds were raised for many worthy causes. There 
is, of course, so much to do and so little time in which to do it, but we will continue to throw strong support behind the many 
worthwhile suggestions from our entire SMUS family. 

The students, parents and faculty share a great sense of pride in the school's achievements this past year. All of these 
experiences at the Middle School will be with the students for a lifetime. 

Apart from Jeremy Goodwin's retirement, we have two leaves of absence in the next school year. Mrs. Penny Richards 
and her husband Bob are going to be globetrotting, and Ms. Jennifer Walinga will be spending a pre-kindergarten year at home 
with her daughter, Allie. We have two experienced replacements to guide and nurture their students. A special thanks is due 
to Mr. Jim Williams who has been the Assistant Director of the Middle School for the past four years. His major subject of study 
was mathematics and on the announced retirement of Jeremy Goodwin, he decided to move back into a full time teaching role 
in September. His commitment to the school has been quite extraordinary and 1 am sure that he will face his new role with the 
same vigour and humour he has shown in administration. His replacement in the Assistant's office will be Mr. Jim de Goede, 
a popular choice for all, and I look forward very much to working with him. 

Thank you to all members of the SMUS community for your excellent support this year. Good luck to everyone in our 
grade eight class in the next stage of your careers and be assured that we will be watching your progress with great interest. 

Cliff Yorath 
Director, S.M.U. Middle School 

Student Council 

BR: Mr. Williams, J.Wynn. E. Gregson. A. Thompson. G. Lawrence. N. Harper, K. Jones. M.R: A. Richardson. B. Gregson. L. Bartels, 
K. Williams. A. Lea. N. Grant. E. Willms. A. Pooni, R. Plasterer. F.R; D. U, C. Noble, L. Meloche, D. Aujla. B. BiUsborough. 

Grade 6 

Bianca Bartz 

Brianne Bentzon 

Brooke Billsborough 

Jennifer Blumberg 

Bradley Booth 

Ian Broome 

Lucas Cameron 

Laura Christensen 

Brett Cooper 

Jennifer Couvelier 

Brittany Crow 

Sydney Cunliffe 

Reay Foster 

Micfielle Gow 

Mitcfiell Gudgeon 

Nicfiolas Hargrove 

Alexander Harper 

Mattfiew Hill 

John Huddart 
Adam Jennings 
Dianna Kim 

Shannon Ko 
Victoria Lai 
Jaimie Lee 

Meredith Lewis 
Derek Li 
Jessica Mabee 

Jory MacKay 
John Mcintosh 
Huf Mclntyre 

Vm^^^^V Adam McLean 
Vr^T^^' i Farrah Merali 

M Michael Millerchip 

Jeffrey Mitchelmore 
Jessica Moll 
Christina Moseley 

Aron Nimani 

Cameron Noble 

Stephen Paulson 

Robyn Plasterer 

Justin Pommerville 

Nikolas Purcell 

Nadia Salmaniw 

Samantha Saravana-Bawan 

Laura Saunders 

Alexander Scott 
Deanna Singh 
Nikolas Sopow 

Andrew Van der 


Ariane Vincent 

Shannon Waters 

Kathleen Williams 
Bria Wilson 
Mark Zakus 

Grade 7 

Lindsay Bartels 
Nathan Beswick 
Alexander Bodman 

Jessica Bodrug 
Jaimie Boyd 
Kevin Burkett 

Janet Chan 
Tali Chemiawsky 
Stephen Csomany 


Gareth Davies 
Nicholas Faryna 
Tristan Gething 
Nicola Grant 
Brian Gregson 

Erin Hinz 
Hailey Holberg 
Clementine Hudson 

Elsa Hume 
Sasha Izard 
Thomas Killins 

Michelle Lai 

Erin Langwith 

Fraser Lee 

William Lee 

Amy Lobb 

Henry Mabee 

Duncan MacRae 
Malina Margolus 
Tosh Matsumura 

Andrew McCrodan 

Cassidy McLean 

Laura Meloche 

Alandra Miller 

Erin Mitchell-Katz 

Emma Naismith 

Alexander Nicholls 

Jimmy Pai 

Maureen Palmer 
Diana Parton 
Eric Penner 

Aman Pooni 
Bronwenn Powell 
Miranda Pratt 

Hilary' Punnett 
Amanda Quan 
Mark Quinlan 

Justin Ross 
Elizabeth Saunders 
Zachary Smith 

Ringo So 
Sun Hye Sohn 
Kerry Spearing 
Chelsea Tirling 
Erin Tombu 

Chad Travis 
Liberty Williams 
Euan Willms 

Andrew Wilson 
Malcolm Wollach 
Randy Wong-Mui 

Grade 8 

Christopher Adair 

Javier Alfaro 

Yong Seok An 

Dev Aujla 

Yeon-Joo Bae 

Jinwoo Baek 

Andrew Bailey 

Caitlin Bailey 

Sean Bell 

Justin Binab 

Pelle Bjornert 

Nicholas Black 

Florencia Bonet 

Michael Brownlee 

Brendan Bull 

David Burnett 

John Campbell 

Christopher Chapheau 

John Chien 

Thelesa Cheung 

Peter Churcher 

Christopher Couvelier 


Meara Crawford 
Gerardo De La Garza 
Christian Dewar 

Ryan Emperingham 
Steven Fellenz 
Elspeth Finlay 

Mark Fisher 
Keldi Forbes 
Dylan Fraser 
Jane Frisby 
Hilary Gibson-Wood 

Emily Gregson 
Nicola Harper 
Sonoko Hayashi 
Brent Hemsworth 
Andrea Hession 

Elliot Holtham 
Kasim Husain 
Bradley Jawl 

David Jawl 
Paul Jenkins 
Kathleen Jones 


Stuart Jones 

Daniel Kim 

Kyung-Min Kim 

Reed Kipp 
Jason Ko 
Angel Lai 

Lawrance Law 

Gavin Lawrence 

Alexandra Lea 

Fiona Lee 

Kenrick Li 

Alice Liu 

Rach Liu 

Geoffrey Martin 

Graham Mclntyre 

Avalon McLean 

Susanna Moseley 

Elizabeth Munroe 

Andrew Murgatroyd 

Ryan O' Byrne 

Karlie OConnor 

Andrew Orr 


Mako Otsuji 
Travis Pew 
Adam Pez 

Anne-Marie Pohorecky 
John Pullen 
Michael Pyke 

Louise Reid 
Ashlin Richardson 
Katherine Schaan 
Conal Shepherd 
Jason Smith 

Danieia Smolov 
Tristan Spearing 
Robert Steuuiak 
Tristan Swift 
Andrea Thompson 

Sean Tucknott 
Kristie Tyrrell 
Kristen Vernon 

Matthew Woodland 
Joanna Wynn 
Konstantin Zhbanov 



*1 ^j_^^^i 

O. PhrtDTv 

Under 15 Girls' Soccer 


B.R: Mrs. Richards. F. Bonet. C. McKenzie. Mr. de Goede. 3R: N. Quin. C. Smith. F. McBride. C. Richardson. 
2R: M. Crawford. H. Ellis-Thicke. C. Mick, D. Hughes. F.R: M. Lai. E. Hume. K. Tyrrell. E. Munroe, A. Thompson. 

Wednesday. September 28th found the Girls' Under- 15 Soccer tean 
in Halifax, Nova Scotia for a day of acclimatizing, touring, shoppini 
and relaxation prior to the big tournament. Thursday saw them arrive 
at Dalhousie University playing fields to test their skills on artificial tur 
for the first time. Playing only fairly, the girls defeated Pickerin; 
College and Miss Edgar & Miss Cramp's School by identical 2 - ( 
scores and move into the championship round the next day. 
On Thursday, two tie games meant the girls were in danger of beinc 
eliminated from the championship final. They still had to play St 
Mildred's Lightbourn School who were, as yet, undefeated. Only i 
win in this game would allow the SMUS girls to qualify for th( 
championship semi-final the next day. This game was played at i 
very high calibre and was decided by a long range clearance. Mearc 
Crawford was forced to play a ball under pressure and struck it firmly 
From center field the ball rose in the air and struck the ground agair 
about the St. Mildred's penalty spot but bounced so high that ii 
cleared the keeper's reach, and the girls were absolutely elated to fine 
themselves through into the next round with a 1 - win. 
The confidence that win gave them allowed them to handle Country 
Day School with ease in a 3 - win, thereby giving them a chance 
to repeat as three-time national champions. Their opponent woulc 
be St. Mildred's Lightbourn, a scenario almost identical to the yeai 
before. Luck and tenacity favoured the team and by the half the score 
was 3-0. Two more goals in the second half completed an exciting 
and well deserved victory. Congratulations to the SMUS Girls' 
Under-15 Soccer Team: 3-time National Champions! 

J. de Goede (Coach) 

Touring dav at Peggy's Cove: 
E. Hume. A. Thompson. K. T\irreU. K. O'Connor. F. Bonet. E. Munroe. 

Under 13 Boys' Soccer 

BR: I. Broome, J. Huddart, C. Chapheau, R. Emperingham, F. Lee. M. Quinlan, A. Jennings. M. Hill. 
F.R: Mr. Pollock. S. Jones, B. Booth. J. Mitchelmore. T. Swift, N. Purcell. H. Mclntyre. Mr. Yorath. 

In October 1997. Mr. Yorath and Mr. Pollock along with fifteen eager Under 13 soccer players, 
travelled to Royal St. George's College in Toronto for the CIS Boys U-13 Championship. Before the 
tournament began, there were many adventures to the CN Tower, Ontario Science Center, McMichael 
Art Gallery, Niagara Falls, and the Hockey Hall of Fame (to name a few). 

As the youngest squad in the tournament, the St. Michaels boys, led by three-time veteran Chris 
Chapheau and returnees Mark Quinlan and Fraser Lee, played admirably in somewhat adverse 
conditions and, with so many young players, turned many heads with their determined play and 
outstanding skills. This was a delightful end to a most successful season that, once again, saw the St. 
Michaels team capture the VISAA Championship. Many thanks go to all our parents and supporters. 

D. Pollock. 













"Keeping warm! 

Coaches: Mr. \'oiuth and Mr. Pollock 


Grade 7 Girls 

BR: N. Grant. T. Cherniawsky, L. Williams, E. Hinz. C. Hudson. Mrs. Morican, Mr. Altord. 
F.R: M. Palmer. A. Lobb. M. Margolus. J. Boyd. K. Spearing. D. Parlon. 

Grade 6 Girls 


B.R: R. Foster. F. Merali. J. Mabee. M. Gow, B. Wilson. D. Singh. A. Vincent. Mrs. Morican. Mr. Alford. 
F.R; C. Moseley, S. Waters, J. Moll. B. Crow. S. Saravana-Bawan. M. Lewis, L. Christensen, J. Couvelier. 

Grade 6/7 Boys 

BR: A. Harper. J. Mcintosh. T. Killins. M. Zakus. Mr. Goodwin. R. Wong-mui. A. van der Westhuizen. B. Gregson. 
MR: A. Scott, B. Cooper, S. Paulson. J. Mackay. A. Pooni, Z. Smith. R. So. F.R: C. Noble. T. Matsumura. 

This was a very enthusiastic group that showed great potential for the future. We practised every 
Wednesday and played in the league with some success. The team drew against P.C.S. and G.N.S. 
but lost to a very good St. Patrick's team. In the tournament at Windsor Park we won our first game, 
drew the second and lost in the final. Mark Zakus and Brett Cooper scored the goals. The team 
should do very well next season. 

J. J. Goodwin. 


Several boys in grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 tried out and practised regularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
There is much promise and the team played against the Victoria Junior Glenlyon-Norfolk and 
St. Georges with some success. 

The team: G. Homer, S. Masterton, A. Wilson, J.Campbell, S. Jones, M. Quinlan, B. Cooper, B. Booth, 
J. MacKay, T. Swift, I. Broome, F. Lee. 

J. J. Goodwin. 



Grade 8 Boys 

B.K: L. Law. C. Adair, D. Fraser. M. Woodland, M. Pyke. Y. An. P. Churcher, J. Smith, D. Aujla. 
F.R: Mr. Jones, J. Binab, R. O'Byrne. R. Kipp. S. Bell. D. Jawl. T. Swift. C. Couvelier. 

Grade 7 Boys 


B.R: J. Pai. W. Lee. Z. Smith, T. Matsumara, R. Wong-Mui. N. Beswick. F. Lee. 
F.R: Mr. Jones, H. Mabee. T. Killins. M. Quinlan, A. Pooni, B. Gregson. R. So. 

Grade 8 Girls 

BR: K. Jones, A. Thompson. E. Gregson, M. Crawford, J. Wynn, A. Liu, F. Lee, T. Cheung. 
F.R: A. Bae, N. Harper, K. O'Connor. A. Hession, A. Lai. 

Grade 7 Girls 

B.R: H. Punnett. J. Bodrug. T. Cherniawsky, E. Naismith. L. Williams. A. Quan. 

M.R: K. Spearing. C. Tirling. E. Mitchell-Katz, E. Hinz. J. Boyd. M. Margolus. E. Hume. 

F.R: M. Palmer. A. Lobb. L. Bartels. E. Saunders. D. Parton. 

Grade 6 Boys 

B.R: B. Booth, J. Hudddil, C. Noble. A. van der Westhuizen. N.Hdtgiuve. S. Paulson, Mr. de Goede. M.R.: M. Hill. I.. Broome. M. Zakus, 
M. Gudgeon, L. Cameron. N, Sopow. F.R. A. Harper. J. MacKay. J. Macintosh. N. Purcell, A. Jennings. J. Mitchelmore. H. Maclntyre, B. Cooper. 

The boys were so keen to play basketball that out of necessity we decided to create two teams instead of one so that everyone could play. The boys played in mam 
exciting games but perhaps the highlight of the year was hosting and winning the Independent Schools Basketball Tournament by hanging on to a narrow lead to ous 
St. George's of Vanouver. This was a fun season with an emphasis on participation and team work that we hope will pay off in the years to come. J. de Goede 

Grade 6 Girls 

B.R: J. Couvelier. J.Moll. B.Wilson. R. Plasterer, N. Salmaniw. J. Mabee. M.R: S. Waters, F. Merali. B. Crow. B. Bentzon. R. Foster. M. 
Gow. F.R: B. Bartz. L. Christensen, L. Saunders. A. Vincent. S. Saravana-Bawan. M. Lewis. V. Lai. B. Billsborough. S. Cunliffe. 
The girls played an exciting season and showed excellent improvement in all areas of play. We began the season with a bang, defeating St. Margarets 
soundly on home court. We were then brought back to reality by the speed and confidence of St. Patrick's and P.C.S. The S.M.U.S. girls were not 
easily daunted, however. They focused upon developing aggression and shooting. Our second meeting with St. Patrick's resulted in a closer margin 
though we again had to settle for a loss. By the final tournament at P.C.S. we were a force to be reckoned with. Though the girls fought hard, we had 
to settle for a loss 12-10 and third place overall. The team voted their most valuable players as: Bria Wilson. Brittany Crow. Jenny Couvelier, Brianne 
Bentzon and Farrah Merali. 1 would like to thank the whole team for their commitment. 
J. Walinga. 

Swim Team 

B.R: Ms. Mollcnhauer, B. Hemsworth. A. Orr, E. Holtham, T. Swift, E. Penner. B. Gregson. E. Willms. 

3 R: E. Hume, L. Reid, M. Crawford. A. Thompson. E. Gregson. A. Hession. S. Ko, B. Crow. M. Gow, Mr. Jones. 

2 R: R. Plasterer. A. van der Westhuizen. C. Noble. B. Cooper. S. Saravana-Bawan. S. Waters. A. Jennings, M. Lewis, K. Williams. 

F.R: N. Salmaniw. J. Boyd. K. Spearing. L. Bartels. J. Mabee. B. Bentzon. 

Our swim team enjoyed yet another successful season in the pool. We had a large contingent of swimmers out from all grades 
and they performed very well at both the VISAA and ISA meets. The highlight of the season would have to be our tremendous 
showing at the 71st annual Victoria elementary schools meet which is run over two nights with finalists qualifying for the 
Championship meet in February. Once again our swimmers produced some excellent results enabling us to win the novice section 
and place 2nd in the Championship meet out of 30 local schools. Our Grade 6 4 x 100 free relay team claimed top prize in 
that event with their next closest competitor a full 9.5 seconds behind! Congratulations on a fine season to all those swimmers 
who participated this season. 

Worn out at the Track Meet! 


Grade 6/7 

BR: Mr. de Goede, C. McLean. A. Jennings. A. van der Westhuizen. M. Gudgeon. M. Quinlan. Mr. Rees. 

MR: B, Cooper. M. Zakus, J. Huddart. S. Paulson. A. Scott. J. Mitchelmore. A. McLean, N. PurcelL S. Izard. 

F.R: N. Sopow. J. Mcintosh. N. Hargrove. C. Noble. M. Hill. M. Millerchip. 

The mini-rugby season was a very brief one. designed to give the boys an introduction to the game. After a few practices 
we began to play "friendly" games with our local opposition. GNS. Although the games were close we lost more than 
we won. What we did get was a great deal of invaluable experience that we took with us to St. George's for their big 
annual tournament. Despite the heat, allergies and being rather novices to the game, the boys played very well. There 
will be lots of talented grade sevens to choose from next year and some good eights to begin their first year of fifteen- 
aside rugby. Many thanks to Mr. Rees for returning to SMUS to show us the finer points of the game. 

J. de Goede. 

Track & Field 

Field Hockey 

Grade 7 

BR: L. Williams. E. Naismith. C. Hudson. 

M.R: E. Hinz. R. So. A. Pooni. B. Gregson. E. Willms. E. Mitchell-Katz. J. Bodrug, N. Grant. Mrs. Mollenhauer. 

F.R: E. Hume. D. Parton. M. Margoius. A. Lobb. J. Boyd. K. Spearing. E. Saunders. L. Bartels, H. Punnett. 

Grade 6 


B.R: I. Broome. F. Merali. B. Wilson. B. Crow. B. Bentzon. J. Mabee. M. Gow. Mrs. Mollenhauer. 
F.R; R. Plasterer. L. Saunders. J. Moll. N. Salmaniw. J. Blumberg. B. Billsborough. L. Christensen, J. Couvelier. 

This year we ran both a grade 6 and grade 7 field hockey team in the Elementary School League. At press time, the grade 6s wen 
enjoying a record of 1 loss and 1 tie, while the grade 7 team remained undefeated. The season runs through until mid-May and wrap 
up with a final play day at Lansdowne School. Many of our players are also participating in the community run Spring League whicl 
IS certainly beneficial for the school programme. Thanks to all those players who have come out and participated. 

Grade 8 


B.R: H. Gibson-Wood, E. Finlay, S. Moseley. M. Crawford B. Jawl. T. Swift, Mr. Pollock.. 
M.R: R. Stevulak. K.Tyrrell, E. Munroe, S. Bell, C, Couvelier. F.R: D, Burnett. J. Chien, S, Jones. 

This year over 40 Grade 8 students participated in our badminton season, which ran over a course of four weeks during March and April, 
Many students without prior experience learned the game and it became a passion with them. Once again the team representing 
S.M,U,S, captured the City Grade Vlll Badminton Championship and finished second overall in the Junior High School division. 
Individual champions were: Kristie Tyrrell in the Girls' Singles and the Florencia Bonet/Brad Jawl combination in the Mixed Doubles. 
Mr, Gardiner, coach of the Senior School team, can look forward to some enthusiastic players trying to 'crack his squad' next year, Chris 
Couvelier. David Burnett. Stuart Jones. Elliot Holtham and Rob Stevulak all have great potential should they desire to stay with this 
lightning-fast sport, D. Pollock. 

Grade 6/7 

B.R: Mr. Royd, S. Saravana-Bawan, J. Lee, 
H. Mclntyre. J. MacKay. T. Gething, W. Lee. 

M. Lewis. M. l^i. A. Miller, A. Vincent, 
H, Mabee, F,R: A. Harper, D. Singh. B. 

C. Moseley. M.R: N. Grant. B. Booth, 
Bartz. D. Kim. S. Ko, V. Ui. K. Barkett. 



Grade 7/8 

B.R: G. Lawrence, A. Bailey. G. De la Garza. J. Alfaro. F. Bonet. C. Dewar. K. Zhbanov. Ms. Mollenhauer. 
F.R: J. Boyd. A. Orr. E. Munroe. E. Holtham, A. Lea. K. Spearing. 

The x-country teams enjoyed one of their mildest seasons yet, which helped to bring out a greater number of runners 
than we have had in the past. The season consisted of 7 races in the Victoria/Western Communities area, with the 
Island Championships taking place up in Campbell River on the day school let out for the Spring Break. Congratulations 
to all those runners who took part in the races and who showed improvement over the course of the season, especially 
Andrew Orr and Florencia Bonet who enjoyed top 10 finishes in all the races they took part in. 

N. Mollenhauer. 

Grade 6/7 


B.R: E, Hume. A. van der Westhuizen. H. Mabee. B. Bentzon. A. Vincent. B. Wilson. J. Mabee. 
F.R: C. Noble. B. Cooper, J. Boyd. K. Spearing. J. Blumberg, M. Gow, N. Salmaniw. 

Grade 8 


The team had another solid year, playing 32 
league games between early October and mid- 
November. With such a short season, we 
started off a bit slowly but gradually gained 
momentum as our skill development and en- 
joyment of the game improved, in the end. we 
had provided serious competition to some of 
the strongest volleyball teams in the city. Con- 
gratulations on a solid year! 

J. Williams. 

B.R: F. Bonet. F. Lee. M. Crawford. J. Wynn. 

S. Moseley, J. Frisby. Mr. Williams 

F.R: A. Hession. M. Otsuji, N. Harper. K. O'Connor. 

L. Reid, A. Lai (absent: H. Gibson-Wood. 

E. Finlay). 

Grade 7 

BR: N. Grant. E. Mitchell-Katz. L. Williams, J. Bodrug. 
H. Punnett. 

F.R: D, Parton. L. Bartels. E. Saunders. E. Naismith. 
M. Margolus. 

Grade 6 

We had a wonderful turn out for the Girls' 
Grade 6 and 7 Volleyball Team! Congratula- 
tions girls for your enthusiasm and the effort 
you put into skill development! Many thanks 
to parents for your support during league play ! 

L. Thierry & L. Van Alstine. 

B.R: J. Moll. Ms Van Alstine. V. Lai. M.R: S. Waters, 

R. Foster. D. Kim. A. Vincent. B. Crow. B. Bentzon. 

R. Plasterer. F. Merali. J. Mabee, 

F.R: B. Bartz. B. Billsborough. N. Salmaniw. 

L. Saunders. S. Saravana-Bawan. M. Lewis. C. Moseley. 

J. Lee, L. Christensen, J. Couuelier. 

1 |n|png0^vvr«i«ii.jH|<'jMir« 

Coaches' corner 



,?^-^<a S:hoQ\ I^H^sOlE XHOOL ^AeS^^ Z 

°°H^^ ^-r^dvw )^f ^wl^"' Y'^i^'^'^"^ 



James Bond 

He is the greatest master spy, 

He's known as double O-seven. 

He wears his Bentley next his chest 

To finish off his mission. 

He drives an Aston Martin car, 

He's suave and a sexy guy. 

He's got a chick in every land 

For tomorrow never dies. 

The Russians try to get him killed 

But he will always live on. 

He is the perfect Englishman 

The name is Bond, James Bond. 

John Campbell 

Maureen Palmer 

The Stage Performer 

The darkness 

And hushed whispers of preparation. 

Gentle words of encouragement all 


Lights, bright lights. 

Flashy scenery. 

Eyes, eyes all looking at 


Emily Gregson 

Miranda Pratt 



The sun sets below 

the distant horizon, last blazing 

rays of color pulsing brilliantly over the 

world, piercing the darkness of twilight, proudly 

stirring the songbirds to their final melodies, shooting 

majestically over the farmer's fields, the businessman's 

cities, spreading one final burst of enchantment through the earth. 

sinking below the horizon into night. 

Gavin Lawrence 

The Witches 

crackle and cackle 

of a deathly-breathed 


stomp and shuffle 

all over the muck squish 


slosh and swish 

the cauldron bubbles 


Jane Frisby 

What is Blue? 
Blue is water 
and all its depths 
the sky 

on the nicest day 
Blue is the ink 
that flows from the pen 
Blue is a feeling 
you get when you are low 
Blue is the rain before the snow 
Some boxes are blue 
And some things that are new 
Blue is the bluebird 
singing on high 
Blue is the feeling 
when you say bye. 

Dev Aujla 

Robyn Plasterer 

The River of Life 

Life is flowing, like a river 

we have no control of its flow 

we must keep moving down stream 

there are times in the river of life 

that are difficult 

these are the rapids 

there are times you feel life has stopped 

these are the times when something blocks 

the river 

the river grows with us, 

flows with us 

at the end you reach the ocean 

and after all the years you are free. 

Dev Aujla 


The Sea 

The sea is an army waiting to strike, 
Always trying to claw its way onto the land. 
But always falling back in defeat. 
And a patch of wet sand is all that will show, 
Of the sea army's toils and troubles. 

But beware for the sea can be easily enraged, 

A bout with the wind can cause a big fight. 

When neither side ever wins. 

The sea starts to froth and wind starts to wfiine and shout. 

Over the breaking waves. 

But when they are friends the sea falls asleep, 
by the wind's gentle lullaby over the sea, 
making a stiD glass sheen. 
Only broken by the razor of a boat, 
cutting and slashing that old sea. 

Eliot HolLham. 


My big brother taught me lots of school 


Like that words that sound the same but are 

different are cinnamons. 

And when you're on a mat of pizza the word 

sounds like the sound it makes, 

And an ox or moron doesn't make cents. 

But a pair of docks is an ox or moron that 

does make cents, 

And if you've ever met a 4 you've compared 

something to something else. 

Only you didn't use like or as because that's 

Simon Lee. 

See, Aren't 1 smart? 

Nicola Harper 

"Portrait of Louise Reid" by Daniela Smolov 

1 '9 

Brent Hemsworth 

Brent Hemsworth 


i am a river 

continually flowing 

impatient and unreliable 

when placed in routines 

and repetition. 

Some times are tough 

surging rapids pulling under 

other days my surface is peaceful 

and calm. 

like a river. i"m always there, 

through thick and thin. 

Kristen Vernon 

Mako Otsuji 

Meara Craa'ford 

Conal Shepherd 

The Tornado 

The tornado spins round and round, sucking 

like a vacuum. Cows and small animals 

fly by heading for their death. A path 

of destruction is left behind like a 

warning to be more careful. Cries 

from families rise up as they 

watch their houses being 

torn apart. There is only 

one name for a 

huge tornado. 


Liz Munroe 

Theresa Chung 


Mark Fisher 

Alice Liu 


The River of Life 

My life is a river, 

Vigorous and strong. 

Fast currents rushing headlong downstream 

But sometimes resting, forming eddies behind a rock, 

Before joining the rush. 

Suddenly the river changes its course 

And takes a different turn. 

A fallen tree obstructs its 'vay - 

But the river gathers up its energy 

And forges ahead 

As strong as before. 

Beyond the tree is a pool. 

Still and silent 

And in the depths 

Is hidden life, 

Slowly swaying plants 

And darting fish in comers. 

Finally, the river murmurs and sparkles. 

As it reaches out to the endless ocean. 

John Campbell 

Sonoko Hayashi 

Conai Shepherd 



The board 

cuts through 

the powder 

in the morning 


like a pen drawing 

on a fresh piece of paper 

John Pullen 

Jennifer Blumberg 

Kenrick Li 


Jane Frisby 

Kerry Spearing 

Hilary Punnett 

East Sooke Park 

East Sooke Park is a rainforest 
Lush with green and life 
But tiny, icky, licorice slugs 
Were sure to cause some strife. 

Eeek! Cries Brooke, a cheery girl 
An ugly, slimy slug - 
He's slimy and black plus super cool; 
Let's plop him in a jug! 

Of course not. beastly child! 
Boomed the guide, quite mad 
Put it down and leave it alone 
If you take it home that's bad. 

Then Reay. hardly listening 
Suddenly shot ahead 
But accidentally was pushed aside 
And she landed on her head. 

Camouflage was well enjoyed 

A hiding place was often sought 

You squat in the bushes and try to be small 

And hope you don't get caught. 

East Sooke Park was tons of fun 
But 1 was quite happy to be back in town 
For perhaps, the best part of having a trip 
Is sharing the story, by writing it down. 

Michelle Cow 

Dianna Kim 





•ilony & Cleopatra" . Louise Reid. Andrew Orr. Miranda Pratt. 

'Xmg Lear" : Chris Couvelier, Susanna Moseley, Jo Wynn. 
Andrea Hession, Florencia Bonet. 

'Romeo and Juliet' : Andrea Thompson. Jason Smith. 

'T.V. Studio' : Andrew Murgatroyd. Ryan Emperingham. Emily Gregson 

'Henry V Konstantin Zhbanov, Kasim Husain, Javier Alfaro. 

'Richard III" Reed Kipp; "Joan of Are" Hilary Gibson-Wood 



Wild almost free 

One day people will see 

What a wonderful place a forest can be 

When people clear-cut 

That's when we notice where humanity 

messed up 

When you visit Merv 

You'll see why he preserves 

His land for the living things it deserves 

Here slowly the trees grow 

And the grass that you don't have to mow 

Oh when will we know 

That trees are friends and not foe 

Wild almost free 

Even you will see 

What a wonderful place a forest can be 

Christina Moseley 

Karlie O'Connor 


Pelle Bjornert 

The Horse 

What a beautiful creature 
A galloping horse is! 
With the wind in its mane 
And the tail 
Like a flag behind. 

The graceful, arched neck 
When its body is still 
Is as handsome as the night 
With a full moon 
Shining, a golden disk. 

When you're riding a horse, 

At a trot, 

At a canter. 

You're drifting on a cloud, 

Racing across the sky. 

Ariane Vincent 

Stage Band 

Honour Band 

"Midsummer^fgffF^Dreaw " 
B.R: Nicola Grant. John Pullen, Caitlin Bailey, Michelle Gow. 
^F.R; Graham Mclntyre. Laura Saunders. Hailey Holberg. Sydney Cunliffe 


'Merrv Wives of Windsor": Katie Schaan. David Jawl, Jane Frisby, Cameron Nob i 




"The Tempest" : Chris Adair, Andrew Orr, Pelle Bjornert, David Burnett. Tristan Swift, Andrew Bailey 

"Hamlet: Death Scene" -. 
Chris Adair, David Burnett, Florencia Bonet, Katie Jones. Chris Couvelier, Meara Crawford. Gavin Lawrence. Tristan Swift. 


Middle School Choir 

Honour Band Students 

String Ensembles at Middle School 

The string ensemble students had an active year of study in music making. The grade 7s launched the performing season in the first 
term by playing at a Junior School assembly. The grade 6 ensemble played at the Parents' Auxiliary Bazaar. The grade 8 class divided 
forces in order to accommodate requests for music at the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Ocean Pointe Resort. A cross-grade chamber 
group accompanied the choir at the Carol Service. In the new year, students in grade 6 and 7 presented serenades to accompany the 
chapel services. In term 2, a string quartet played an accompaniment to "Green Sleeves" in the Middle Schools production of Wiilpower. 
In February, the grade 8 string class had two working sessions on current repertoire with Ms. Donna Williams, string orchestra teacher 
in the Senior School. During third term, the cross-grade string orchestra is involved in preparation for the end of year ceremonies. In 
addition, it participated in the Performing Arts Festival. The annual concert was held in May at the University of Victoria Auditorium, 
and in the same week, a group of string players assisted in the opening festivities of the Art Show. On yet another evening, they provided 
an encapsulated look at Middle School music opportunities for the grade 5 students and their parents. In early June, the Lafayette String 
Quartet performed for string players at SMUS, in an animated presentation, at the Junior School. There are many happy memories 
of 1997/8 to recall in the growth of the string orchestra programme at Middle School. 

Mary F. Smith 


Meara Crawford and Ms. Van Alstinc with some of the Christmas hampers 

^ Community Service 

A priority at St. Michaels University Middle School is encouraging 
our students to become more aware of the "sense of community' 
within our school and on a broader scale, the needs of the 
"Victoria Community". 

In September, we supported the "Cops for Cancer" event and 
raised $638.99. Police officers explained the purpose for their 
involvement and a few students participated in the "head shaving" 
of Constable Mike Lawless at the Eaton's Centre. 
The Christmas Season raises awareness of less fortunate families 
in our community. Each of the 15 Home Forms organized a 
"Hamper ' that was delivered to families through the Santas 
Anonymous Society. 

In January, we supported the Mustard Seed Food Bank by 
providing a food item appreciated by children in their lunches - 
"The Peanut Butter Blitz" . Each student and staff brought one jar 
of peanut butter to contribute to this organisation. 
Our fourth project will involve the "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" 
of Victoria. This organization provides a wonderful service to 
children and teenagers who live primarily in a "one-parent ' home 
and where they desperately need a 'role model". They match a 
child with an adult who becomes involved as a friend and support 
person to help them experience a more positive side of life. 
On March 17, the Ocean Pointe Resort hosts the "St. Patrick's 
Day Fun Run" to support the "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" 
organization. Some of our students will be participating by 
walking, jogging or running along the scenic waterfront. 
Many thanks to students and parents for their enthusiasm, 
commitment and charitable spirit given to our "Community 
Service" . 

L. Van Alstine 

Crayola Art Contest Winners 

Ms.Biden, M. Palmer, J. Lee, B. Crow, M. Gow, C. Tirling, R. Foster, M. Pratt, K. Spearing, M. Palmer, Mrs. Forbes, A. Miller 

Middle School Orchestra 

Math Contests 

All Grades have had success this year and the grade 8s in particular have show some great scores: 

CNML: 6th in B.C. and 16th in Canada 

PASCAL: (grade 8/9 team) 3rd in Canada 

ATPAC (grade 8/9 team) 3rd in Canada 

GAUSS 1st in area 
Team: Nicola Harper. Andrea Thompson. Yong Seok-An. Andrew Orr. Chris Couvelier. Elliot Holtham, Ashlin Richardson, 

Mako Otsuji. Liz Munroe. 
In grade 7: CNML 5th in B.C.; 13th in Canada 

GAUSS 4th in Victoria 
Team: Andrew McCrodan. Jaimie Boyd. Thomas Killins. Chelsea Tiding. Elsa Hume. Brian Gregson. Evan Willms, Ringo So. Amy 

In grade 6: CNML: 3rd in B.C and 16th in Canada 

Team: Jennifer Blumberg. Victoria Lai. Jory MacKay, Jeff Mitchelmore, Dianna Kim, Aron Nimani, Mitchell Gudgeon. Jessica Moll. 


Congratulations everyone! 

(J (3 


It's finally my turn, 

I have to go, 

1 have no choice. 

I've done this a million times before, 

But this time, 

This time I know I'll screw up. 

My cue is coming. 

And then its there, 

I take a quick moment, 

Breathless in the wings, 

And then I walk on. 

The lights come up. 

I am vulnerable, 

Yet the whole moment is in my power. 

All eyes are on me. 

The audience seems vast, 

A sea of expectations. 

Waiting for me. 

This character I play. 

It is now me. 

In their awaiting eyes, 

I am the only thing that matters right now, 

And I feel it. 

So I must perform. 

The audience fuels me, 

1 go through my lines almost in a daze, 

The spotlight glares, 

I do not notice. 

The costume is itchy, 

I do not flinch. 

And then. 

Before I realize it, 

I am once more in the dark. 

And the applause releasesmy breath, 

That was held in suspense. 

I have done it, 

Just like the night before, 

I will do it again, 

Just like tonight. 

So once again. 

My senses return, 

And I am filled with satisfaction. 

Hilary Gibson-Wood 






1^^^^P^'%! mn 






Grade VI 

Mark Zakus 
Brittany Crow 
Alexander Harper 
Aron Nimani 
Shannon Ko 
Michelle Gow 
Jory MacKay 
Sydney Cunliffe 
Deanna Singh 
Meredith Lewis 
Justin Pommeruille 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 
Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 
Outstanding Effort: Music Band 

Outstanding Effort: Japanese 
Outstanding Effort: French 
Outstanding Effort: French 
Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 
Outstanding Effort: English 
Outstanding Effort: Art. Music Strings 
Outstanding Effort: English, Choir 
Outstanding Effort: Social Studies. 
Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics, Japanese 
Distinction: Art 

Distinction: Physical Education 
Distinction: Physical Education 
Distinction: Music Band 
Distinction: Japanese 
Distinction: Social Studies 
Distinction: Choir, Outstanding Effort: Science 
Samantha Saravana Distinction:Social Studies. Outstanding Effort: Art 

Distinction: Mathematics, 

Outstanding Effort: French 

Distinction: Music Strings, 

Outstanding Effort: Science. Computers 

Distinction: Art, Music Band. Japanese 

Distinction: English. French, Science, 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Outstanding Effort: English, Mathematics. Social 

Studies. Art. Science 

Second Overall: Grade 6 

Distinction: English. Mathematics, French, 

Science, Computers, Outstanding Effort: Music 

Band, Japanese 

First Overall: Grade 6 

Huf Mclntrye 
Brianne Bentzon 
Bria Wilson 
Adam Jennings 
Jeffrey Mitchelmore 
Alexander Scott 
Shannon Waters 
Nadia Salmaniw 

Victoria Lai 

Andrew van der 

Dianna Kim 
Ariane Vincent 

Robyn Plasterer 

Jennifer Blumberg 

Grade Vfl 

Justin Ross 
Erin Tombu 
Fraser Lee 
Cassidy McLean 
Gareth Davies 
Tali Chemiawsky 
Erin Langwith 
Kerry Spearing 
Amy Lobb 
Hilary Punnett 
Andrew Wilson 
Jimmy Pai 

Elsa Hume 
Nicholas Faryna 
Malcolm Wollach 
Brian Gregson 
William Lee 
Sun Hye Sohn 
Chad Travis 

Chelsea Tirling 
Amanda Quan 

Outstanding Effort: Choir 

Outstanding Effort: Art 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: French 

Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Outstanding Effort: English 

Outstanding Effort: Art, Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education, Japanese 

Outstanding Effort: Music Band, Japanese 

Outstanding Effort: Social Studies, Computers 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics, 

Communication Skills 

Distinction: Physical Education 

Distinction: Physical Education 

Distinction: Music Band 

Distinction: Music Strings 

Distinction: Japanese 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics, Science, French 

Distinction: Music Band, Outstanding Effort: 

Communication Skills, English 

Distinction: English, Choir 

Distinction: Science, French 

Evan Willms Distinction: Communication Skills, Computers, 

Outstanding Effort: Science, Social Studies, Music 

Diana Parton Distinction: Social Studies, Art, Outstanding Effort: 

Science. French. Music Band 

Maureen Palmer Distinction: Mathematics. Social Studies. Outstand- 
ing Effort: English, Art 
Second Overall: Grade 7 

Jaimie Boyd Distinction: English, Mathematics, Science, French, 

First Overall: Grade 7 

Grade VIH 

Chris Adair 
Avalon McLean 
Thelesa Chung 
Caitlin Bailey 
Andrew Orr 
Sean Bell 
Graham Mclntyre 
Stuart Jones 
Kathleen Jones 
Jason Smith 
Elizabeth Munroe 
Michael Pyke 
Fiona Lee 
Jinwoo Baek 
Karlie O'Connor 
Chris Couvelier 
Yong Seok An 
Andrew Murgatroyd 
Katherine Schaan 
Travis Pew 
Ryan O' Byrne 
Reed Kipp 
Kristie Tyrrell 
Tristan Swift 
Sean Tucknott 
Yeonjoo Bae 
Gavin Lawrence 
David Burnett 

Rorencia Bonet 

Nicola Harper 

Meara Crawford 

Hilary Gibson-Wood 

Mako Otsuji 

Andrea Thompson 

Elliot Holtham 

Nurrachman Liu 

Daniela Smolov 


Outstanding Effort: Drama 

Outstanding Effort: Choir 

Outstanding Effort: Art 

Outstanding Effort: Art 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort: Music Band 

Outstanding Effort: Music Band 

Outstanding Effort: Music Strings 

Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 

Outstanding Effort: Science 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Outstanding Effort: English as a Second Language 

Outstanding Effort: English 

Outstanding Effort: French, Communication Skills 

Outstanding Effort: French, Mathematics 

Distinction: Drama 
Distinction: Choir 
Distinction: Computers 
Distinction: Physical Education 
Distinction: Physical Education 
Distinction: Physical Education 
Distinction: Music Band 
Distinction: Japanese 
Distinction: English as a Second Language 
Distinction: English 

Outstanding Effort: Science, Social Studies. 
Communication Skills 

Distinction: French, Outstanding Effort: Physical 

Distinction: Social Studies, Outstanding Effort: 

Distinction: Art, Outstanding Effort: Physical 
Education, Japanese 

Distinction: Art, Outstanding Effort: English, 
Communication Skills 

Distinction: Social Studies, Music Band, Outstanding 
Effort: Art 

Distinction: English, Science, Outstanding Effort: 
French, Mathematics 

Distinction: Mathematics, Science, French. 
Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 
Distinction: Mathematics. Music Strings, Outstand- 
ing Effort: English, Computers, 
Second Overall: Grade 8 
Distinction: Communication Skills, Outstanding 
Effort: English, Science, Social Studies, French. Art, 
Music Band 
First Overall: Grade 8 


DR. ALISTAIR BAIRD CUP ( top citizen - grade 8 ) 
Gavin Lawrence 

PARENTS' AUXILIARY PLAQUE ( top citizen - grade 7 ) 
Evan Wiiims 

MR. IAN JESSIMAN CUP ( top citizen - grade 6 ) 
Mitchell Gudgeon 


( most deserving student that has not been recognized ) 

David Burnett 

IAN JESSIMAN TROPHY ( "soldiering on " ) 
Nicola Harper 

LEWIS FAMILY PLAQUE ( top male and female athletes ) 
Karlie O'Connor and Michael Pyke 

ROBERT MURPHY CUP ( most improved student ) 
Javier Alfaro 

NORMAN TOOKE CUP ( most improved student ) 
Sun Hye Sohn 


( top student in fine arts ) 
Hilary Gibson-Wood 


( all-around ability - Grade Vi ) 

Jeffrey Mitchelmore 

MERIT BOWL ( all-round ability - Grade VII ) 
Jaimie Boyd 

TWENTY CLUB CUP ( alll-round ability - Grade VIII ) 
Andrea Thompson 


David Jawl 


Meara Crawford 


( best overall contribution to Middle School ) 
Meara Crawford 


Grade VIII 
David Burnett 
Meara Crawford 
Hilary Gibson-Wood 
Emily Gregson 
Nicola Harper 
Stuart Jones 
Andrew Orr 
Ashlin Richardson 
Andrea Thompson 

Grade VII 

Amy Lobb 
Andrew McCrodan 
Diana Parton 
Hilary Punnett 
Chad Travis 
Evan Willms 

Grade VI 

Jennifer Blumberg 
Dianna Kim 
Christina Moseley 
Robyn Plasterer 
Samantha Saravana-Bawan 
Ariane Vincent 


Grade VIII 
Daniela Smolov 
Nurrachman Liu 
Elliot Holtham 
Mako Otsuji 
Christopher Couvelier 


Grade VII 
Jaimie Boyd 
Maureen Palmer 
Chelsea Tirling 
Brian Gregson 
Amanda Quan 


Director's Comment 


|« , The year really began in early August at the planning retreat where the main topic 

^^^IHl^' discussed was student leadership and how the school could provide more opportuni- 

^^^^^»^^ ties for the students to demonstrate leadership and be fully involved in the decisions 
^^^^ (i^^., impacting them at the school. We were fortunate to have an exceptional group of 

leaders in this year's prefect group and as a result much headway was made in setting I 
up a new structure for the future. Jenny Reed, winner of the Ker Cup, led the way with great insight and { 

common sense and she was strongly supported by the multi-talented Chris Stolarski, whose performance along 
with Rachel Magnusson's in The Lovers' was exceptional. 

Megan Volk and Brian Dyer Award winner Kim Emsley-Leik worked tirelessly in the boarding community 
and on the different Grad committees to ensure that the year was successful and Robert Sin thoroughly de- 
served his Darlene McCue award for bringing together diverse groups of students from different cultural back- 
grounds. An outstanding representative of the Fine Arts in the prefect body, Cara Yeates. was a worthy 
recipient of the John Nation Bowl for Citizenship. Great work was also done in the academic area by 
Rebecca Anglin who worked hard to ensure that the students had a voice in the important decisions affecting 
their education. The fine students heading the grade twelve class this year have made a great start in ensuring 
a strong student centred approach in the future. 

Much success was enjoyed in other areas of school life. Music in the school, in all its various guises, 
continues to impress and the final spring concert of the year was stunning. Guys and Dolls' provided an 
opportunity for the musicians and actors to strut their stuff in a most entertaining production. 

Although there was no Provincial Championships won on the sporting front, much success was gained in 
a wide variety of areas. Michael Danskin and Adam Dowhy represented Canada at the U 19 World Rugby 
Championships in Toulouse, France, helping the team to a creditable fourth place finish. At the same time 
the remainder of the 1st XV squad enjoyed a highly successful Celtic tour of the U.K. and then completed the 
season with an impressive third place finish at the B.C. Championships. Other strong performances came 
from the senior girls' basketball team who also had some tremendous wins finishing with a fourth place at the 
Provincial Championships and the senior girls' field hockey team which hosted an outstanding tournament at 
the University of Victoria and represented the school wonderfully in finishing third. 

Other strong performances were put forward in a wide variety of sporting areas and appropriately in the 
inaugural year of the school's climbing wall being installed, Laura Willihnganz represented Canada at the 
World Climbing Championships. 

Academic success is certain for a large number of graduating students, some of whom have earned 
wonderful opportunities at the university level and are destined for honours in the future. 

It has been a most enjoyable and successful year. 

Peter K. Tongue 

Director of Senior School 


Valedictorian's Address 

Jack Chiu 
-Captain Scholar 

Rebecca Anglin 
-Captain Scholar 

Christopher btolarski 
-Head Bov 

Jenny Reed 
-Head Girl 

When I think of the 
twelve years that I have spent 
vi.ith Members of the class you 
see Behind me. I cannot help 
but be in awe of their individual 

accomplishments, talents, and personalities. I find it humbling to be speaking on behalf of such a talented class. The graduating 
class of 1998 is perhaps as diverse a class that has ever graduated from the school. My classmates hail from countries as far away 
as Thailand and our talents range from movie direction to singing Celine Dion to rock climbing. 

With this great diversity has grown tremendous strength. The class of 1998 has been afraid to take on nothing, be it security 
guards in the middle of the night or the idea that "schools and churches are the slowest institutions to change." The class's determi- 
nation and passion are to be greatly admired. The graduating class of 1998 is not ready to sit back and observe but rather is willing 
to rise to any challenge, and I assure you the school has provided us with many challenges! As a class we have painted a new 
window in the Chapel in what it seemed was the space of a couple of weeks, created a new mural in the fitness center, put on a 
brilliant performance of the musical "Guys and Dolls", and served on more committees and sub-committees than we would care to 
count. And this is only a fraction of the accomplishments of this class. We have been a credit to the school on all fronts. 

How has such a diverse group of 17 and 18 year olds been able to accomplish so much? I believe the answer lies partly in a 
group of individuals that have cared for us and taught us so much over the years. The staff of SMU are an eclectic bunch and the 
dedication and enthusiasm that so many of our teachers display is unparalleled. How many English classes can you leave with the 
teacher sweating buckets merely from being engrossed in Paradise Lost? How many Physics teachers have to retire because they 
are exhausted from waking up at Sam on a regular basis worrying about a student? So many members of the staff genuinely care 
about the student as a person, and have taken the extra time to make a real impact on who we are today. The other reason this 
class has been able to achieve so much success is because the students have learned to work together. Whether it was in boarding, 
a 7:30 am music class, or on a Squeaky run, we were learning to respect and admire the potential of others, as well as having some 
fun. The connections and friendships we have made will last a lifetime. I would like to share a quote from 'Ulysses' by Alfred. Lord 
Tennyson, in which he urges us to experience all that we can in our lives: 

"I am a part of all that I have met: 

Yet all experience in an arch where through 

Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades 

Forever and forever when I move. 

Little remains: but every hour is saved 

And this gay spirit yearning in desire 

To follow knowledge like a sinking star. 

Beyond the utmost bound of human thought." 

Lying around on the common room couches in the quad, making a slurpee run rather than being exactly on time for math - 
those were the times when we were becoming a part of each other. We were forming memories that will always be a part of us. 
The majority of us will leave the school, city, and even country next year to "follow knowledge like a sinking star" but we will 
remain connected to each other forever, and I believe many of us will remain connected to the school forever. Next year we will 
move on to a different world - one where Mr. Cordle isn't there to hang out when things are tough, and one where Dr. Matthews 
won't be there to provide an optimistic solution regardless of the situation - but. with the strength of character and spirit we have 
gained from our time here, we will be ready to take on whatever the world has to offer. It is time for us to move on, and explore 
the world and ourselves. Some of us feel excited about moving onto a different phase in our lives, and some of us may feel very 
fearful about the transitions that are about to take place. Regardless of what we feel about the future. I think we all agree that one 
thing we feel about our past years is thankful. To all that have made our time here so enjoyable - Thank you. 

-Rebecca Anglin. School Captain Scholar 


Faculty and Staff 

Teaching Staff 1 997-98 

B.R.: Mr. Bruce Kuklinski, Mr. Allen McCracken. Mr, Peter Leggatt. Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay, Ms. Juliet Simon, Mr. Rob Cameron, Mrs. Kirsten 

Davel, Mr. Gary Laidlaw. 

S"" R.: Ms. Simone Hart, Mr. Ron Dyson, Mr. John Mclntyre, Mr. Ken Smith. Mrs. Marilyn Levitt, Mr. Fraser Hannah, Mrs. Kathy Rae. 

4"" R.: Mr. Chuck Shergold, Ms. Judy Tobacco, Mrs. Jean Ives, Mr. Peter Gardiner, Mr. David Stoll, Mr. George Belliveau, Mr. Peter 

McLeod, Mr. Michael Jackson. 

3"* R.: Mr. Bill Greenwell, Mr. Tony Keble, Mr. David Fisher, Rev. Lynford Smith, Mr. Richard Johnson, Mr. Alan Jones, Mr. Bill 

Buckingham, Mr. Keith Murdoch. 

2"'' R.: Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell, Mr. Sa'ad Kayal, Mrs. Donna Williams, Mrs. Hedda Thatcher, Mrs. Dorothy Hawes, Mrs. Mary Humphreys, 

Mrs. Joan Tweedie, Mrs. Margaret Skinner. 

F.R.: Ms. Kathy Roth, Mrs. Toshie Thumm, Mr. Melville Jones, Mr. Bob Snowden, Mr. Peter 

Tongue, Mr. Tom Matthews, Mr. Kevin Cook. 

Missing: Ms. Wendy Ding, Mrs. Anna Forbes, Ms. Laura Keziere, Mr. Don MacKay, Mrs. 

Colleen McLeish, Ms. Elizabeth McLenehan, Mrs. Peggy Murphy, Ms. Kimberly Poland, Mr. Bob 

Richards, Mr. Colin Skinner, Mr. Rob Wilson. HIBi^^H ^ 


..and this is where daddy comes to play, er... work all day.' 

Just call me Leipold. 

Support Staff 1 997-98 

5"^ R.: Mr. Jim Ross, Mr. Larry Borgerson, 

Mrs. Jenus Friesen. Mr. John Edgar, Mr. 

Gethen Jones, Mr. Doug Park. 

4"' R.: Mr. Dave Hill. Mrs. Connie Gatto, 

Mrs. Sandra Moore. Mrs. Christine 

Crawford. Mrs. Gisele Di lorio. 

S"* R.: Mr. Doug Trumble. Mr. Rob 

Przybylski, Mrs. Louise Winter, Ms. Yvonne 

Havas. Ms. Judy Martin. 

2-"^ R.: Mr. Brian Hallgarth. Mrs. Stacey 

Johnson, Ms. Brenda Waksel, Ms. Vivien 

Weston, Mrs. Leslie Snarr, Mrs. Evelyn 


1^ R.: Mr. Eraser Loney. Ms. Tammy 

Fowler, Mrs. Heather Card, Mrs. Pauline 


Missing: Mr. James Booth. Mr. Glenn 

Clark. Mr. Tony Cordle. Mr. Serge Dube, 

Mr. Paul Dupius, Dr. Danica Gleave. Mrs. 

Sylvia Hamilton, Mr. Rick Humphreys, 

Miss. Leah Hunter, Ms. Barbara Leonard, 

Ms. Lorna MacKinnon. Miss. Lynn 

Simpson, Mrs. Ingrid Slatta, Ms. Jane 

Smith, Mr. Chris Spicer, Mr. Vern 


No, Frankly, I don't know what '5+2" is 

■-"•'"' i'.'«!9 





■Ib^ \ ""^^'jfW..^--.- 



f V 

Is that Mr streaking across the field??? 

Igor, go fetch me another test tube. 



Staff Candids 


On Guard for Thee. 

Ma'am, Sir, ??? 

1 . Mr. Chuck Shergold 

2. Mr. Bruce Kuklinski 

3. Mr. Ken Smith 

4. Mr. Sa'ad Kayal 

5. Mrs. Kirsten Davel 

6. Mrs. Donna Williams 

7. Mr. Peter Tongue and Mr. Kevin Cook " 

8. Mr. Don MacKay 

9. Mr. Bill Greenwell and Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell 

10. Mrs. Donna Williams and Mr. Colin Skinner 

11. Mrs. Sandra Moore 

12. Mrs. Toshie Thumm 

Sorry, this is SMU. GNS is in the Yul<on, 








n e s 

A Journey Just Begun 

Some little tidbits about 
this year's 9's: 

1) There were 103 of them to start 
the 1997/98 school year. 

2) In a recent poll, favorite bands 
included the Spice Girls and Rage 
Against the Machine. 

3) There favorite spots of hangout 
were the tuck shop and Chiristine 
Duke Theatre. 

4) Favorite and worst things about 
the school was Brown Hall. 

5) First things done after exams 
were sleeping and partying. 

Grade Nine Trip on the Pacific Swift 

2. Richard Cohen 

3. Nitya Nundy, Matt Lemay, Keegan 
Macintosh, Lin Chen, and Heather Ellis- 

4. Caitlan Mclenzie, Phil Joergensen, Daisy 
Klaibert, Jayne Bidgood. Frances McBride. 
and Chester Cotter 

5. Paul Zakus 

6. Greg Smith 

7. Corrina Mick, 

8. Susan Green, 

Caitlin Smith, and Carla 

Kristin McHale, Keely Bays, 

and Oona McClure 

9, Michael Spicer and Phil Joergensen 

10. Andrew Brownlee 

Grade nines don't have it easy at the Senior school. Almost all of them were at the top of the heap last year; now, they find 
themselves the new kids, the youngest and the least powerful in a new environment. The grade nines have to prove themselves 
worthy of the school they worked hard to get into. They are faced with new teachers that know nothing about them, and new 
standards of excellence. Of twenty-one grade nines surveyed, the vast majority felt that the workload was greater then it was 
in past years. All but two people surveyed thought that the senior school offered more freedom to it's students, as compared to 
the school they last attended. Simply put, the senior school is like a double edged sword; it gives greater freedom at the cost 
of harder work. Also, of the grade nines surveyed, most felt that the teachers were of a better quality then the teachers they had 
last year. Not only are the teachers thought to be better, but more then half of the surveyed feel the senior school is a better 
school in general than the one they last attended. It seems that the senior school is doing it's job; it is enriching and teaching 
the minds of young adults, and molding them into what will become successful, productive adults, and it is doing so in a way that 
the students accept and understand. And the senior school starts the process with the grade nines; of course, they complain about 
how hard the work is and how much they hate their classes, but, as the school knows, hard work is good for them. Grade nines 
at the senior school will continue to complain about the work until the end of time, but one thing is certain; no matter how hard 
the work is, it will only do them good. Good luck to all of them as they finish their stay at the senior school. 

Breeanne Baker 

Keely Bays 

Jayne Bidgood 

Michael Blumberg 

Maximilian Boehnlein 

Patrick Bourtie 

Sascha Braunig 

Bradley Broder 

Andrew Brownlee 

Brian Catinus 

Mattliew Celuszatc 

Amar Chadha 

Lin Chen 

Kenneth Cheng 

Zevi Cherniawsky 

Katherine Cheung 

Richard Cohen 

Rory Connolly 

Eddy Cooper 
Chester Cotter 

Taylor Crawford 
Graham Day 
Noah Dowhy 

Geoffrey Dunlop 

Heather Ellis-Thicke 

Amelia Fellenz 

Stephen Fincham 

Hilary Flaanagan 

Eli Gibson 

Susan Green 


Sang-Hoon Ham 
Taylor Harrison 
Nicholas Hincks 
Geoffrey Homer 

Wilson Hong 
Vicki Hsieh 
Diana Hughes 
Philip Joergensen 

Paul Karchut 
Christina Kim 
Malcolm King 
Daisy Klaibert 

Tina Korki 
Marie Lafreniere 
Andrew Lampard 
Jennifer Langwith 
Wayne Lau 
Cameron Lee 

Sharon Lee 
Stephen Lee 
Yun-Ji Lee 
Matthew Lemay 
Keegan Macintosh 
Kiyoko Marten 

Stuart Masterton 
Frances Mcbride 
Scott Mcbride 
Jesse Mccallum 
Thomas Mccarten 
Oona Mcclure 

Murry Mcculloch 
Kristin Mchale 
Caitlin Mckenzie 
Nicholas Melling 
Farrhad Merali 
Corrina Mick 



.^r 1 . Corrina Mick ^ 

2. Scott Mitchell, Rory Connolly, 

Michael Spicer, Amar Chadha, and 

Andrew Brownlee 
3. Lin Chen, Sebastian Ritter, and 

Oona McClure 

4. Peter Williamson. Chris Wong 

and Stephan Fincham 

5. Lin Chen and Kate Paulson 

6. Group shot 

7. Jayne Bidgood and Noelle Quin 

Amy Yeh, Katherine Cheung, 

and Doris Yip 

9. Out-trip 

10. Kerry Morin, Caitlin Smith, 

and Oona McClure 

11. Amy Fellenz, Haley Hankins, 

and Heather Sortland 

12. Amy Fellenz and Haley ^ 


The l^ew Kids 
on the Block 

Alexander Miller 

Scott Mitchell 

Steven Mitchelmore 

Ryan Mogensen 

Andrew Moll 

Kerry Morin 

Christopher Naismith 

Nitya Nundy 

Kate Paulson 

John Payne 

Conor Pommerville 

Noelle Quin 

Chelsea Richardson 

Sebastian Ritter 

Glen Roberts 

Drew Robson 

Paul Saunders 

Mark Shortt 

Caitlin Smith 

Gregory Smith 

Cameron Soderberg 

Heather Sortland 

Michael Spicer 

Tony Su 

Ka Yiu Tao 

Kendra Tombu 

Nikolaus Wegner 

Peter Williamson 

Adam Wilson 

Carla Wollach 

Christopher Wong 

Richard Wulie 

Victor Yang 

Amy Yeh 

Doris Yip 

Daisuke Yukawa 

Paul Zakus 




(Not yet all there) 

1. David Beswick 

2. Katheiine Johnson. Angela Marshall, 
Marcia Wilson 

3. Taran Chadha. Sameer Aliadina. Kaunteya 

4. Leah Todd 

3. Michael Passmore 

6. Grade lOP.E. 

7. Tony Kim 

8. Julia Inkster 

9. Eric Goldstein 

Grade Ten. . .the year blessed (or cursed, depending on one's viewpoint) with graduating (hopefully) in the year 
2000. "Grad 00." This could make a cool sweatshirt design. However, there is much more to these not-quite- 
Grade-Elevens, but absolutely-not-Grade-Nines than the potential for nifty grad sweatshirts. The Grade Tens 
now know how the Senior School works, after ayear of being stuck with the ignominious label, "The ( supposedly 
immature, loud and obnoxious) Grade Nines." iu They know who the teachers are, they know their 
way around, and most impor- ^^^^^^^^^^J^^V ^^^^''^^''^^^ tantly, they know not to sit on the 
top bench in assembly (some- ^^^^--^ - '^^^T thing too frequently learned the 

hard way). Most students in "^^ lnY"^^/H (ill ^^^ the grade are looking foward to, 
or are already enjoying driv- " ^"^ V-J 1 CIv^ \J \J ^,^^^ ing lessons (Dad, why can't I go 
120 in a 90 zone.. .you do it all ^^^J^^^^ a ^sAvW'N^^^^^ *^ time?). The grade blossoms 
with various notable personalities ^"^^^"^X^^^^ ^ (whosenamesarenotmentioneddueto 
the potential for slander suits filed against the yearbook editor). There is a wide range in academic ability 
throughout the grade, from potential Einsteins to those who. . . always show an abundance of effort (right...?). No 
names mentioned here either. Their abilities on the sports field are abundant (most of the time). At any rate, we 
shall soon how many of these jokers will get to wear the cool sweatshirts in two years. Good luck. 

Benjamin Acton 

Clea Adair 

Samir Alladina 

Matt Avery 

Samuel Bae 

Katherine Barry 

Bronwen Bell 

Dauid Beswick 

Philip Beverley 

leva Bluke 

Dominic Borzoni 

Scott Brown 

Lauchlin Burnett 

Erick Calder 

Pip Carrie 

Taran Chadha 

Kenneth Chan 

Lila Cheimak 

Johnny Chen 

Vivian Chen 

Ross Chian 
Lorien Chilton 

Can,' Chou 

Jin- Hyuk Chung 

livan Crawford 
Robert Danard 
Karen Dawson 
Joanna Fairhurst 
Andrew Fairman 
Eric Findlay 

Gregory Fowler 
Supreet Gill 
Mary- Ellen Glover 
Eric Goldstein 
Jacqueline Goldstein 
Jonathan Gordon 

Kentaro Guthrie 
Clare Hall- Patch 
Itsuki Hayashi 
Jordan Helm 
Jack Ho 
Merlin Ho 

Sarah Hudson 
Nicholas Hume 
John Hung 
David Ingle 
Julia Inkster 
Wency Ip 

Elizabeth Jawl 
Robert Jawl 
Jessalyn Jennings 
Katherine Johnson 
Tyson Johnson 
Claire Jones 

Grade 10 Stats: 

• There were 124 beginning the 

• Favorite bands include NOFX, 
Everclear, and Wallflowers. 

• Top talk shows are Open Mike 
with Mike Bollard and Jerri; 

• Future job prospects (when 
younger) included being an under- 
cover cop. a dog, and a firetruck 

• Most popular friends are dogs, 
rabbits, turtles, and wildcats. 


1 . Mary-Ellen Glover and Jennifer 

2. Two Peeping-Toms 

3. Robert Danard 

4. Courtney Phipps and Pip Carrie 

5. Michael Passmore 

6. Jennifer Lawton, Joshua Lam. 
Robyn Parton. and Robert Danard 

7. Jacqueline Goldstein 

8. Vania Gamache (11) and Jelena 

9. Shao Yee Yao 

10. Jason Reeve 

1 1 . Emily Mascall 

12. Claire Jones 

Rajiv Khaneja 

Anthony Kim 

Christine Kim 

Eun- Young Kim 

Tadanori Kokubun 

Tiam Korki 

Joshua Lam 

Robert Lampard 

Antonio Law 

Jennifer Lawton 
Angle Lee 
Olivia Lee 

Patrick Lee 

Rhys Lewis 

Sarah Limbu 

Michael Lin 

Chad Linger 

Natalie Lisinski 

Brian MacKay 

Yung Mak 

Michael Maloney 

Angela Marshall 

Andrew Martin 

Emily Mascall 

Scott McCarten 

Nathan McCartney 

William McGregor 

Shawna Mcree 

Jessica Miller 

Jelena Mrdjenovich 

Meredith Murgatroyd 

Lisa Murray 

Grahame Nicholls 

Kaunteya Nundy 

Colin Palmer 

Bryce Parsons 


Robyn Parton 
Michael Passmore 
Courtney Phipps 
Rodney Phipps 
Jonathan Randle 
Jason Reeve 

Bianca Roberts 
Dana Rohde 
Kevin Saimon 
Parish Sawyer 
Lauren Scott 
Carley Somerset 

Paul Speed 
Chihiro Takahashi 
Raymond Tang 
Calvin Teo 
Jennifer Thompson 
Leah Todd 

Sarah Turner 
Andrea Van Tine 

David Weir 
Eric Weng 

Ashley Wey 
Marcia Wilson 
Michael Wilson 
Sung- Hyun Won 
Gerald Wong 
Leland Wong 

Elizabeth Woodward 
Ian Woolliams 
Kelin Wu 
Marianna Yang 
Shao Yee Yao 
Jennifer Yoo 











7 0^; 

The Grade Trips: 

Grades 6, 7, 8, 9. 
and 11 had their 
grade trips in 
September and 
grade 10 had their 
trip in late May. A 

Outdoor Education: The Year in Review 

This has been a busy and exciting year for the outdoor education programme at St. Michaels. Among 
the highlights of this year were: 

wide range of options including rock climbing, mountaineering, sea 
kayaking, Whitewater kayaking, sailing, canoeing, backpacking, diving 
and fly fishing were offered. As always the enthusiasm of the students 
combuned with the expertise of the guides to provide a wonderful 
experience for all. 

Sunday Club Profframme / Saturday Ski Club 

This year we introduced a club format to our extra-cun'icular programme. Climbing, fly fishing, 
mountain biking, Whitewater kayaking and horseback riding were among the programmes offered 
throughout the year. This year we also developed a Saturday ski club that ran trips to Mt. Washing- 
ton on four Saturdays of the winter term. 

Outdoor Leadership Programme 

Last year represented the first 
year we employed grade 12 
students to act in a counselling 
role on grade 9 trips. The initial 
success of this venture has led to 
the development 


^r^^ ^w- 

of a Grade 12 outdoor leadership credit course. This year 
twenty-seven grade 1 1 students participated in a wilderness 
first aid course, a five day winter experience and a five day 
spring experience in preparation for helping to supervise 
grade trips next year. 

Climbing Wall 

A bouldering facility was installed in the New Gym. The spring term saw limited use of the wall, but we hope to expand its use and offer more 
regulated hours next year. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award programme has a 
long tradition at SMUS in providing a wonderful 
opportunity for students to be recognized for their 
efforts in community service, athletics, skills, and 
the outdoors. This year we had a large number of 
award winners in the bronze and silver categories. 
This year's bronze winners were Jessalyn Jennings, 

Ryan Jennings, Cameron Clarke, Eric 
Findlay, Greg Fowler, Heather Orr, 
andParrich Sawyer. Among this year's 
silver award winners were Jacqueline 
Goldstein, Claire Jones, Elizabeth 
Aitken, Jean Daniel, Vincent Lau, 
Chris Tse, Alfred Wong, Gordan 
Cheung, Heather Orr & Courtenay 
Congratulations to all! 

In closing, thank you to all for making this year's outdoor programmes such a success. Your enthusi- 
asm and effort is much appreciated! 

- Peter McLeod 


So Close... Yet So Far 

E levens 

Glasses Anyone? 

Woman with a mission. 

Names and Numbers: 

1) Ben Naismith. John Kwari, Nicholas Stipp, Olivia Ibell. 
and Charlotte Re;d 

2) Vanessa Lee 

3) Ravina Dhilon and Sabrina Loiacono 

4) Maya Ikezawa. Donna Chung, and Rebecca Taylor 

5) Maude Henri-Bhargava 

6) Ryan Dacre 

7) Rebekah Stackhouse 

8) Joywin Cummings and Susan Hayes 

9) Vanessa Murty, Rebecca Taylor, and Riimy Grewal 

10) Sarah Wilson 

11) Maximilian Ritter. Nigel Brown, Kevin Morin, 
Stephan Chapheau, and Reid Chambers 

12) Graham Snowden 

13) Taylor Rankin 

Cllass of 1999! If there was a prize for "Tolerance", the grade 11 's should definitely be the ones tc 
get it. Late nights and early mornings., shut-eye at recess and lunch., what could sum it up 
better? We're going to be roughing it out the whole journey through, so enjoy the vacations! But., 
whoever said we wouldn't make it? The grade 1 1 outdoor challenge already proved that we were an energetic 
bunch. But no one told us that after the out trip, we would have to work, work, work! First, we had to adjust 
to the massive amounts of homework and to the fact that things seemed to happen all on the same day. But., 
we all took it well and managed to organize our schedules. . just in time for exams! After we beat the stress ol 
exams, we were in for more "homeowork strain." But, like the old saying tells us, "No pain, no gain!" So., 
we made it., feeling a little bit over-worked, but now, we're moving on! Very soon, we'll be known as "The 
Grad Class"., now, how about that??!! Good job everyone., that's another stage.. 





Michael Adam 

Karimah Ajania 

Khatidja Ajania 

John Andrachuk 

Ashley Arnett 

David Barbour 

Daniel Boticki 

Matthieu Boyd 

Nigel Brown 

Shawn Byun 

Christopher Callendar 

Reid Chambers 

Serlene Chan 

Stephan Chapheau 

Yiffen Chen 

Eddie Cheng 

Lillian Chian 

Daye Chun 

Donna Chung 

Cameron Clark 

Brienne Coleman 

Janine Copeland 

Ben Corns 

Joywin Cummings 


Ryan Dacre 
Taylor Davis 
Ravina Dhillon 
Megan Dove 
Chris Eun 
Morgan Evans 

Christopher Finch 
Kelsy Fowler 
Grace Fu 
Faustina Funke 
Jonathan Gainor 
Vania Gamache 

Eric Grant 
Richard Greenwood 
Rimmy Grewal 
Jacob Griffin 
Simon Guy 
Joelle Hatton 

Susan Hayes 

Maude Henri-Bhargava 

Suzanne Henwood-Greer 

Elliot Herrera 
Andrew Hildred 
Kathervn Hill 

Jenny Ho 

Christopher Holenderiski 

Adam Hutchison 

Olivia Ibell 
Maya Ikezawa 
Nicholas Isaac 
Dan Ishihara 
Christopher James 
Ryan Jennings 

Picture People 

1) Judy Tseng. Maya Ikezawa. Joelle Hatton, Elizabeth Novak, 
Khatidja Ajania. and Karimah Ajania 

2) Jan Salcedo. Vania Gamache. and Nicholas Stipp 

3) Karimah Ajania and Kathyrn Leong 

4) Brian Moss. Elizabeth Woodward (10). Christopher James, 
Meredith Murgatroyd (10), and Colin Palmer (10) 

5) Ashley Arnett. Sabrina Loiacono. and Morgan Evans 

6) Janine Copeland and Faustina Funke 

If you want to know more... 

* There were 121 grade lis throughout the year 
(plus or minus a few). 

* Favorite movies included Titanic and the James 
Bond Movie Tomorrow Never Dies. 

* Upon moving on to grade 12, many grade lis 
look forward to ruling the school. 

* The tube watchers favoured Seinfeld over many 
other T.V. shows. 

* Although we aren't sure about exact numbers, 
we know that more than a couple of them have 
had to do their driver's exam more than once. 

7) Elliott Herrera, Christopher Holenderski, Laurence 
Lee. Morgan Evans. Dan Ishihara. Maya Ikezawa and 
Vasin Phetsiri 

8) Dysfunktional 

9) Jonathan Preston. John McGillivray. and Jonathan 

10) Simon Wong 

Craig Kilshaw 

Dixie Klaibert 

Alfred Ko 

John Kwari 

Aya Larsen 

Erik Larsen 

Samantha Lawrence 
Lawrence Lee 

Samantha Lee 
Vanessa Lee 

Katheryn Leong 
Eric Lin 

Sabrina Loiacono 

Darren Mason 

John McGillivray 

Ciara McLean 

Christophers Mills 

Nicole Mogensen 

Kevin Morin 

Brian Moss 

Milan Mrdjenovich 

Vanessa Murty 

Ben Naismith 

Kimberly Norland 

Elizabeth Novak 

Krystal O'Byrne 

Heather Orr 

Jason Owen 

Alexander Payne 

Vasin Phetsiri 



¥\ ^^ (Pi ^p^ 

Jonathan Preston 
Lucas Rankin 
Taylor Rankin 
Charlotte Reid 
Maximilian Ritter 
Jan Salcedo 

James Saunders 
Rebecca Sheng 
Ari Short! 
Caitlin Smith 
Kimberly Smith 
Graham Snowden 

Rebekah Stackhouse 
Nicholas Stipp 
Timothy Street 
Alyssa Sunderani 
Rebecca Tayor 
Judy Tseng 

Natalie Turner 
Takaya Ueda 
Roland Von Schellwitz 
Tom Wang 
Kathryn Watson 
Jennifer Weenk 

Alice Weng 
Michael Wighton 
Christine Wilson 

Sarah Wilson 
Carol Wong 
Karen Wong 

Simon Wong 
Jennifer Woodland 
Yvette Yang 
Hilo Yen 
Chris Yoo 
Tina Yu 








' SSI 






Halloween this year fell on a sunny day in an otherwise rainy 
week. So, as usual, the annual costume parade and contest was 
held outside in the Christine Duke Theater. The winners this 
year: Kathy Dawson, Maude Henri-Bhargava, Shawna McKee, 
and Jenni iVeenk for their cave girls ensemble, Chelsea 
Richardson for her wizard costume. Some other notable 
costumes were Ms. Roth's homemade dinosaur costume 

Z^ and Mr. Leggatt managed to top his pencil costume from 

' lastyearwithan innovative'man-in -the-shower' costume. 

There were noticeably more people in costume this year than 

last, probably due to the fact that if you decided not to come 

^ in costume, you had to wear your uniform, so wearing a 

^ costume was as close to a grub day as you could get! 



'Just smile... it's going to end soon." 

Orad '98 

- The Year of the Monkey 

Elizabeth Aitken 

1993 - 1998 

Liz comes from a small navy municipality and can often hear echoing sounds of cannons going off at odd times. With a 
narrow escape from St. Margaret's she became part of the SMU community in grade 8. Throughout her 5 years here she 
played volleyball and jr. Basketball and enjoyed productions of Oliver, Cuckoo's Nest, the Musical Review Imatchmaker, Kier 
at Alex's, Blair jumping off the balcony]. Taming of the Shrew (going to 7-11 in full costume!], and Guys & Dolls (never to be 
seen in choral 2). Joffre (waist deep in snow) (watching the helicopter], Thunderbird (dripping black wet fleece], L&R's b- 
ball weekend (no words can describe 44 or R's carl], and Winter Olympic obsessions (go hard or go home], are things she'll 
never forget. Love to Mom, Dad, close family and friends, and all that have made my SMU experience great! 
"Sweets to the sweet: farewell!" 

Omar Alasaly 

1996 - 1998 

My 2 years at SMU have been great. Highlights include: Room 216 parties, pick-up ball, soccer, rugby. The 

Sapporo(Insurance? What?), Siam, Dowhyfest, Helmut changing color. The RL with NC. RY, MM, JF, JM, back of the bus 

stop, the Play "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", Air band with the crew (GN, GW,HL), Driving Jack's car, "FU maybe". 

Pizza party at Mutine's, Lying Day, Atcha!, Running from the dog. Singing to Hillside, "Horny, do we have Math? ", French 

movie with CP, AD, GN and NM, "Nice mobes/Sweet ", Breakin out dance moves with SR and RS at Jayne's party, with 

Mutine in Vancouver, Party at Rom's after exams. History mark. Psycho D, Snowball fight (Dumbass), waking up Polo, 

Breaking the picture. Atmospheric Pressure, Monopoly and Poker nights, Dominos at 2am, outdoor trip, "That's enough for 

me". Gustavo (Dustabul/Mustafa), Grant (Style), and Helmut (Toon Toon/Camatitos) thanx for all the memories. Thanx to 

my buddies Rasheed, Nate, Roms, Ryota, Lem, Adam, State, Yosephine, Joe, Fraser, Dewar, Vas, Colin, JNash, Kanoux, 

Mariko, Roxanne, and the Barnacle boys. Jay, "Wei, Wei Mommy. HoldonHoldonHoldon", you've been a cool roommate. 

Thanks to everyone who has made my time at SMU enjoyable. Goodbye and good luck to the Grad Class of 98. 

Carmen Ambery 

1997 - 1998 

This year marked the end of the beginning, with lots cif mcmcinos (now faces, car rally, park, bus stop, skiing) The endless ROY 
loving park posse. J.C. Next year keep your distance from wound boy. A.S. (my little red eyed traveler) 1 hope you find another 
rauz. L.T. Carlos, oui senorita a Spanish Italian. 

Little Miss E.T. Good luck with the Meister, Im glad someone made use of my window. N.A. I'll miss all those smoke sessions 
at O. And of course to L.K. (Miss yaddy yaddy yadda - rah rah rah) It was a long year, but we made it. I'll always remember our 
midnight escapades with Grunt howling in the background. Thanks for being there for me J.T. To everyone else thank you and 
good luck. 

Rebecca Anglin 

1986 - 1998 

Rebecca came to SMU in grade one to continue the Anglin tradition at the school. The junior school saw the forming of the 

4 shades and failing (Well what 1 consider failing- 52%) Math 5. The Middle school brought a reinstatement into top set 

math and at the senior school I managed to continue in that trend with the position of school captain scholar (before 1 leave, 

1 swear I'll find out what I'm meant to be doing, and It's not my job to run the Virgin's club!). This year has been full of 

committees and meetings but never fear, 1 will get all those Lunatics (Megan would you stop kicking me?!?). My Linnie- 1 will 

always admire you're radiant spirit - promise me ten years from now we'll run for hours in the rain. Iggy • 1 promise no 

more leaving messages for you on your machine, thanks for all the "deep talks" - I'll miss them. Rach Mag - no matter what 

you think, you are crazy and 1 love ya ... Tokka Tokka Tokka ... and one final tip - If you're going to drink, don't drink 

carrots. A word from the wise that 1 still haven't mastered "Kiss Slowly and Forgive Quickly". And of course after twelve 

years at the school all I really learnt is that "Shtuff does shtuff to other shtuff. " 

Jennifer Angus 

1994 - 1998 

I came to BC from the plains and it was (inc df the best moves I've ever made, besides the dancing moves of course' 1 would 
like to thank my teachers, my friends, and most of all my parents for their support and encouragement throughout the years. 
Allright, its pretty difficult to sum up my life at SMUS in 220 measley words, but 111 give it a try. Listen up..." I'm kinda 
scared to go to bed tonight 'cause I'm not so sure I'll wake up in the morning - could you give me a call?" ROY, ROY, and 
more ROY!!! toot toot whistle whistle - Shut up. car ralliesf poodle gang, misfits. Red Lion, and the 5 double 0). Me and my 
benzy keepin' it nice and easy. SPUMANTE, THUNDER, and EXPORTS, summer of '97. Hillside dressup days with Chi 
Chi and AT. red onions, lobster, steak, actually any kind of food would be just fine! stuck in the 80's. Tribe. Sugarhill. 
Jamiroquai. " 1 love the black d - - k! " Shout out to CP. CN, LW, AT, BH, JM, DA,TS, QB, AM, CL and everyone else I've 
shared all my good times with. "" " Cause you can rock and a roll with a so much soul you can rock 'till you're a hundred and 
one years old" - Sugarhill I'm outta here for good and things are only getting better. Keep smiling, cause 1 sure will. 

Nicole L. Arnctt 

1992 - 1998 

Well, if this is in the yearbook, it means I've graduated! Wow. Thanks to all of you who I adore. You know who you are. My two 

girls; O'Donalds. M.B's, and back alley coke fiends! "I can't move my arms and 1 think they followed us!" To Super J.B and my 

greek god CM- 1 think you two are the best. Thank you for all the good times. Big Red, keep break dancin' the chicks love it! 

To my blond scrabble buddy, mornings with cookies & Scooby Doo- Don't ever change! To the absentees. Knockers & Jax, 

Anything you want, I owe you. To my Bear, you've been awesome. See you in Frogland and thanks for it all! To BIG 

NASTY.... You and Dante are always welcome over and No! 1 don't want to see your butt! Thanks for putting up with me! 

Tiaras, bottom set. What's the best vodka? Smir-noff, Egypy digs. U2-Ferries, raves, rallies, dances, the Robbie!. F's and 

strawberry sundaes! AWAKE' Tolmie. ya know? & the changeroom bench! -Top that!- Leave your mark kids. To D.B next to 

me-you SO sexy! Good Luck to the ones who need it! N 

Yvonne Au 

1995 - 1998 

Yvonne is known for being the organiser of all activities participated (New Year dinner, Chinese night, bday parties. ..u name 
it!) by the cantonese gang. Arriving in Grade 10, she was recognised as a thoughtful, caring, talented pianist and a demand- 
ing girl which nothing can stand in her way. Grade 11 was her best year as most of her good friends were 97' grads...not to 
mention that she was found constantly with E.H but they're "just" good friends and she doesn't like him (yeah right!). She 
had a lot of fun in Gr.lO with her roomate Ssuen, taking pictures at midnight and the night time chat. Also, she learned to 
be a better cook as she is influenced by her roomate (Gkoo). That's why you never see her in Brown Hall in Grade 12! 
Yvonne decides to have a fresh new start in grade 12 by moving to Symons as a prefect. She'll always remember chilling 
with the Symons prefects: RChung. MLee. MVolk. KWong, and especially her roomate, VLee. She'll miss her 
buddies:Ymak.Csze,Mhau,Dyip,Schan,Slee, Ahuang, Achen, Ehung, Ang. Gchan. Awong. Ssin. Gcheung, Vlaw, Vlau, 
Jlee,Ctse. R&Jchung, DIee, Elai. Dtang, Clau...and many others. Special memories: Snowman making, nights on 
Mt.Tolmie(wonder what's she's doing up there??). Starbucks, Tubthumper for Airband. pigging out at Tomoe. cooking for 
boarders, and many more. 

Gavin Barry 

1986 - 1998 

Gav is a lifer, a maximum sentence, for a guy who had to wear the same clothes everyday for 12 years, at least he hasn't joined 

a cult, yet. Gr. 1 through gr. 5. were a happy time even though it's still a big blur except for "cows eat grass "?!?! Gr. 6-8 Gav 

saw that the world needed laughter so he became an exhibitionist to the joy of the teachers, also pre-pubescent strip shows and 

BANG!. Gr.9 brought the introduction to ROY. with AJ. AW and RK. Stupid stuff followed but it seemed so funny at the time. 

Romeo & Juliet "SHE'S FLAT MAN! ". Gr. 10 was "Skip for Swim" days and loss of cain brells. Gr. 11 brought a brave new 

world with home brew, the duct tape rings? $300 trips to the LQ. English bastard CS, Cadboro Bay, kids in cages, crazy NA, 

Dowhyfest 97: Thanx Dix, keep it tight. Gr. 12 is Kegs, X-mas at Whistler, hot tubs, January (parties through) Exams and the 

best is to come! Regrets not knowing Gr. 9's as well as he would like(wink wink). Memorable occasions: Provincial gold, 

Howard Russel and the parties that followed. The legacy ends with a few quotes: "like a complete unknown, just like a rolling 

stone " "Beware the cunning runt" VC stand up dammit. AW pipe down! ST, JM, AJ. CL, AS, The B-Timers and eveyone else 

here's some parting advice: 
"Take a step back once and a while, endulge your pleasure and go nuts." - Gav 

Lindsay Basarab 

1996 - 1998 

To everyone who has loved and encouraged me, and made me laugh, smile and momen- 
tarily forget — knowingly or not — thank-you. I won't ever forget you or the two years here 
whose experiences have made me who 1 am. 

There comes a time when one must risk something or sit forever with 
one's dreams. — Trever Preston 

Pamela Bedeski 

1991 - 1998 

Pamela (not Pam- it's a cooking oil!) first showed up at SMU back in grade 5 when she moved to Victoria from Nepean. 

Ontario. After two years, she hopped on a plane to Tokyo. Japan to spend one year learning the Japanese culture (Hello 

Kitty, Keroppi and shopping are the most memorable) and Japanese language at the local elementary school. She came 

back for grade 8 and 9 then took a year off again, this time at Claremont High School. She ended up coming back to SML 

for grade 12 and this was her most memorable year at school. While still unsure about where to attend University, she just 

got accepted to Michigan-Ann Arbor. Wisconsin-Madison and Western (with a full scholarship). Pamela had an excellent 

year and would like to thank her teachers, parents and her friends (AM, RS, DS, SW and everyone at lunch- you know who 

you are!). Looking forward to happy flashbacks- I'll miss all of you 

Mathcw Berg 

1995 - 1998 

Grade 12:' What the hell':'''' And now university'r'-' But I'm Swedish':''':' Somewhere back there, I must've entered the Twilujht 
Zone. Well, this last year has been the best(l say that every year to make the new people 1 meet each year happy). From car- 
rallies to days on end of TF. its been one hell of a what am I saying?? This couldn't be more cheesy, OK. lets move on 

to the initials of freaks and strange people Ive come to meet. To: JS, TF, TF. CS, CS, MB. JZ, AD.YW, EL, LI, JW. RC, 
JC. JH, Ml. I hope I haven't forgotten any people there. If I did. I'm sorry, I'll remember the foyer, non-existent privileges as 
a prefect(well some) and ABSOLUTly everything else. And by the way: That collection of bottles in my room: I admit: They 
were ALL mine(next time: count bottle-collections each month). I hope that we'll keep in touch(back to the cheese) but 
something tells me it won't happen, I know this is a horrible write-up but it took two minutes to write. Lots of love people 
from the Monopoly Champion/Basket-Ball Superstar of Sweden, 

Roxanne Black 

1993 - 1998 

Girls we're done! (Kelly don't cry!)Red Guy then Staff. Jo- can I buy you an ice cream even though I got a bad back and 

you're only fourteen! JOBE, Jen- BJ which wine looks the cheapest ?Ashland, Russian pen — , ER!ER! Guess what,,, like 
Thelma and Louise but on chrome! You both have stinky feet. Kelly- gagging and and crying, stress and spaz. Highchairs, 

garden gnomes and the beef. A tribute to Eugene and 90210 nights. Girls- raspberry mousse, BOOTY COPS, dykes on 
bikes, toot toot whistle whistle shutup! Boys- Jord one of the best friends I've ever had, CK-you are a fairy with a good drink, 
one seldom falls asleep during a movie, pick up the bread and the McDonald's blue gum, QB- isn't fruit in chocolate a special 

treat? CP- stop making fun of me in your head!TS(Shane) water and obscene gestures in art H, Tye- the candystriper in 
Jord's pyjamas, The guys AD. MD, AD. ST. JG. RL I'll miss you guys. Gus. I like your watch. It's time to cut your Chinese hair. 
You and your atmospheric pressure. 3 postcards. I'll be your best friend! You're so cute! I love you. To my family you are the 

best. I love you, thank you. Nick you are an inspiration never give up. Hi see ya. hold tight! 

Matthew Boulton 

1993 - 1998 

I ve made it through five long arduous ^.'ears yup I II miss every minute.,, well maybe small bits and pieces; Lord of the Hies 
(except in Kayaks), the never ending movie nights, the Militant Bastards crushed inside the Tank, waiting in line for Star 
Wars with shifty Pete "Duct tape is like the Force, It has light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together,", 
"Whatever 1 say, no matter what,,, don't go left! ", the nightly jaunts to 7-1 1, and of course almost skiing, I hope I've 
improved with age and years of abuse from, and towards my friends, and I know its a cliche but I've only made it through due 
to you guys (you know who you are,,, I think). You've kept my sanity in check, by driving me crazy in a controlled environ- 
ment, and I just want to say thanks for putting up with me for so long, "All hail commando Bob! " Mwahaha,,, Indeed. 
Stay Frosty, 

Jayne Bradbury 

1986 - 1998 

From Carebears in the junior school, middle school math classes (wh)teout anvi me ') t. ■ car rallies in the seim .i si li, « ,1 i< ,li 

god, he's naked), SMU lias made me love life. Thank you to all my friends who have made it memorable: JD-my dancing 

queen; KS-my sweetheart. May you life be filled with chocolate balls (ps-remember to keep those sweatpants out of the 

bushes); AK-it started with waterwings and potbellies, tot-style, and has left us both with some stogies, duct-tape and an 

Aussie's phone*, Luv ya!: Leah-some passion fruit cheesecake in the land of hula skirts and a strange girl named fishfroth 

GW-quit complaining about your armpits; GB-Monique, too many goddamn boxes and some exlax at cafemex to make it all 

go down a little easier; RM-my goddess. You are a woman of the world, but watch out for those carrots!!; Kim L-call mt 

when you need to procrastinate!; Iggie-my hug. Then comes the final three: LW-my sunshine: lemon girl, "so now you're 

gonna bite me?", "no knives please ". pork, ben wha?. us,,,,need I say more?, those boots, shark programs and some pesky 

bungy chords. Be strong, and please, get those peanuts fixed! SR-my hero, my soul. Thank you for everything: "love is like 

wildflowers: you always find them in the most unexpected places". And then my best friend. JR- you're filled my heart with 

memories and love. Thank you for being my sister and a part of me. You are beautiful and the world is yours. Take it. 

John Breasail 

1991 -1998 

As the tjreai pliilusO|iliei- ^'cilji Berra once said When you come tu a fork in the road, take it". John was thrown into SMU 
in grade six back in the fall of 1991. a new school... a private school... and... uniforms'' Then came senior school. FUN 
STUFF. John fell out of the athletic scene and discovered a new love of wasting his time. And then... basketball. Unfortu- 
nately, that dream was killed. Then came the phase of "hey. whaddaya gonna do? ". Oh and one more thing "when life 
throws you lemons, throw them back, only harder.'" Nighty-night. 

Quentin Bregg 

1993 - 1998 

Memories: France with Hornless, Prouinials. Barbs. Car Rally-snake in the grass! Redlion with the boys, the Dew, talking to 

headlights, "Just show me them please". the poss(RL,TS), midnight confessions-TS, Trimming(CK 1 know you want to do it). 

Sleeping in weird places, Dowhy Fests. Mom's homemade brew. Coffee talks, "She bit my tongue", armpit rashes-CP, hot 

tubs and sleep overs- JM, "MD.the rugby Boys, ant eaters. Gang Bang, "1 need Batteries! "-CP, "Easy, steady!", "Just ten 

more minutes, "-MD, All the girls in my life: Char, AS, JW, JN, RB, JA, BM, CL, LN. and ofcourse my mom- 1 loue you and 

always will. My one and only Juel, I love you always, thanks for making my life bearable, God knows I needed you. Mr, K, 

thanks for looking after me at the dance, I needed it. To all those who helped, thanks. 1 wouldnt have made it without you. 

In conclusion. I would like to say thanks to Sue, Shumes. Dallas, and Paul. I love you all. thanks for you Guidence support 

and unconditional love. Goodbye and goodnight. 

Kimberly Bruce 1996 -1998 

Freedom for all! Fly away singing belt, who were you dancing with? BH what can say but insanity is infectious. Nice talking 
to you A.T.. see you in Van (party, party). C.A. don't get caught. E.T. crazy, fast times with you in the room. Discuss, 
analyze we figured out around the world and back E.H. J.W. my life support in Bio. 1 miss ya panama. C.L. waking up late 
in the afternoon half alive. A.S. the tumbling tumble weed, giggle, giggle C.P. See ya around D.L. Be brave J.W. J9. and 
how long is it S.M.? Everybody else, what can 1 say but it was interesting? all in all, your just another brick in the wall. 

Genevieve Burdett 

1991 - 1998 

Well here goes... after 6 years of being a SMU-er.'*West Coast Trail was amazing with the phosphorescence. Cara's 

pancakes. Rico, and Monique."f-tanging out with the squatters. Moonshine Jeff, and River-mouth Mike on the Juan de Fuca 

trail. "Of course, everything to do with Galapagos was amazing (even my muddy tevas). starring at the stars (Leah- do you see 

the shopping cart), and Jen- never forget our Ecuadorian cows."U2"Camping on Jimmy Chicken. Lisa- my fellow night 

pixie, and almost getting kidnapped by strange men." Midnight swimming with Christine. "How come I always seem to end 

up at Denny's around 3 AM?"A & C is gnarley! "Field hockey and mooning GNS on the highway"My cow car and country 

music will rock forever." Skim- 1 love ya. sweetie. "Hairy legs"Jayne- Shawnigan and giris nights. New Years 96/97/ 

98. "Crashing toga parties. "Emily- Shut up. fridge!"Laura- we had so many good times: for the last time he is a BARNEY 

and Volvo's kick suck. THUMP dead cow!"R & G LOVE YOU ALL" Rach- my beautiful talented West Coast woman and 

water spirit. Belly dancing on medians and sleeping on Gonzales. Girly. keep up those hard skills. What the? Who touch my 

bum? What can I say? Camp T-bird forever' 
Thank you to everyone who shared laughter and memories with me. Suck it up. buttercup. 1 love you all! 

Megan Cassidy 

1986 - 1998 

1 would like to thank everyone who has made me laugh, listened to me rant, helped me cry. and above all amused me. I 
would especially like to thank Chris "I'm a Musician " Smith. Matty Boulton and the great historian/cynic/story-teller Dave 
Lynch. Your support has been amazing and I will forever "appreciate " your friendships. To the rest of the Bottom-floor 
Challoner dudes and everyone else: thanks for all the fun. it's been a blast. Fieldtrips in Wolfgang have been very entertaining 
(len. you are still the best shotgun/slurpee holder!), movie nights have been highly amusing and squishing into a Buick is quite 
the adventure. My biggest thanks goes to my bestest friend in the WHOLE world: the one and the only Ms. Jenali Franklini. 
We've been through it all babe and I couldn't have made it without you. After all, you are the wind beneath my wings (sorry, 
couldn't resist!). You are the only person with whom 1 can listen to sappy songs (see above), watch female bonding movies 
(and cry - you taught me well oh Great One), giggle in class (stop poking me), talk in strange voices (pow-er), go on road trips 
(woohoo) and philosophize (de-angsting anyone?)! Wow, twelve years (and a little bit) - 1 love ye babe. Thank you SMU and 
Grad 98 for all the memories and don't forget to smile - It makes life better... 

Goldie Chan 

1996 - 1998 

Goldie (aka Gum Gum) came to SMU in Gr. IL We will always remember her loving, outgoing and caring personality. In her 

first year, she had a lot of night time talks with Ang. Mwong. Jchung. She became a prefect in Timmis House in Gr.l2. She 

had also played in the Badminton team for 2 years. Congrats! In her own free time, she absolutely love singing and is well 

known for her outstanding ability and broad knowledge of pop songs. Of course, we will not 4-get that 3 mysterious guys: 

"Central ". "Tree Watch" and ""???" (Hint: the longest road in HK). Her obssession with shoes — from gold velvet platforms 

to funky boots made her style unique. (But you REALLY shouldn't wear high heels...!) We won't be surprised if she becomes 

a fashion designer someday, and of course there will be a line of shimmering gold makeup and shocking pink clothes — her 

favourite! Her loving memories include buddies: Ang.J&Rchung. Mwong. Yau.Ssin.Gkoo.Gcheung.Elai.Ahuang.Awong.Dlee. 

Mvolk.Astaseson and the fun times like:doing last minute sketches for art, mid-night crammings for chemistry tests, 

depression cooking at night (lovable chicken leg), late night drinking parties and bottles everywhere (exposed to the 
houseparents), mt. tolmie night, talent show... Lastly, you will always stay in our hearts and will be always be appreciated by 

everyone. We all wish you a happy life wherever you are!!! 

Jim Chantratip 

1997 - 1998 

Jim come to SMUS in grade 12. Living in the school resident, he shared a room with David Tseng. Althougth this had been 
there for only 1 year, he spend more time in his room than David ever did in 3 years. For him, it was actually a lot of fun 
and so many things to do there. "People just always some into my room to play on my computer." said Jim. "My was was 
technically a game arcate. It was a great year for him and next year he will be going to University of Minnesota for engineer- 
ing, but he will never forget such a wonderful time in SMUS 

Alan Chen 

1995 - 1998 

"Oh. nice vocal solo... but where's the singer?" 

Although Alan Chen is not "obvious" & does not "stand out" among others, he is always the cutest, funniest, and most optimistic 

fellow. He possesses the power that one cannot believe: he could stay up whole night (actuall) three nights in a row ) cramming for 

tests; he could sing a note the highest and longest; he could finish the expert minesweeper in 99 sec (although his math is not thai 

good). However, don't he fooled by his innocent and conservative look, because you'll never want to know what's in his mind 

Seeking for pretty girls in kindergarten, singing songs to woo them, and then harassing them in every way. Alan, however, does 

possess some passionate love - especially toward animals. He takes care of a Donkey in Barnacle, visits the hedgehogs regularly to 

make sure that it is well fed. never forgets to bring bananas to Harvey Monkey, and plays around with David T.'s bird once in a while. 

"Time is growing short" - so is his height. Good luck to him in the future. Watch out guys, girls and animals, he will come back for 


Gordon Cheung 

1995 - 1998 

Gordon, Gor"DON", the cheung miceter, cheungster, remembers his innocent self back in gr. 10! The "clown" with the long(er) hair, 
runs around and entertains people. His disastrous attempt to go for Someone''!? Wrestling with the sand eating Beefy Chuck 
roommate. Being the shortest kid in grade 10. he radically turns his head into a hedgehog in gr. 1 1. With the new "style", he got a 
Relationship with someone «hiCh ended on the next day. He remembers Tolmie nights with the guys (and gals). To "god sister" 
S.S. and C.S.: good luck in university. His real life actually begins in gr. 12 in which he shaved his head and finally got a real 
GirlFriend. They are \ery CLOSE, when they are together, even in common room, you can only see "ONE" creature. Personality 
changed too. Not to mention how calm he was at Danskin's house after car rally or what is constantly there "behind his table", 
"underneath his bed" and "up on the shelves"!! People wonder how does his eight Citron build up.... He enjoys talking back to 
Mr. Fisher, wondering In and out the classroom while Mr. Stoll is so-called "teaching" and photocopying Mr. McCracken's 
worksheets at nisht. Rooming with Leni. he sets the sen... .sen... sensa.... that's a hard word to sav!! thanx to: 

Brandon Chiu 

1993 - 1998 

Brandon came to SMU in Gr.8 and became a member of Barnacle House. He quickly adapted to the environment and met 

a lot of friends. The next year, he quitted boarding and decided to live with his parents realizing that his parents are more 

attractive than house parents. When people go to hillside, they would always remember Brandon and his white house. He 

has been an active student in school academically, and yet a lazy fellow physically. Fortunately, he still manages to minimize 

his 2400m from 25 min to 15 min. Also, he starts a new business outside his house by selling parking spaces to others 

ranging from Toyota to BMW to Cherokee owners. To the Taiwanese, good luck in the future. One day our paths shall 

cross again. Without Brandon, we wouldn't have made it. 



Jack Chiu 

1993 - 1998 

1 slept, I played, I laughed and cried, I drank and drove.! did car rally, read 5 novels in one night, played Quake, Warcraft 

until 5am. wasted 35 bucks in Jonny Zees., dressed as a Monkey scholar in Halloween, told Calculus jokes over the phone. 
I've had 5 roommates, each of whom came from 5 different parts of the world; 1 enjoyed their musics. I've improvised jazz 
music in Ontario and Cuba with my trumpet. I have had no banana for 1 week, no instant noodles for 3 months, no movies 
for 6 months. I've blocked Eric Kim numerous times in basketball court, and afterward fallen asleep (too tired) while studying 
on my desk, on my chair, in the washroom, on Vince Lau's bed. in Alan Lin's couch. I've skipped half of the physics classes 
but then attended the French class I've already dropped just for fun. 1 tried but failed to make the record of taking the 
greatest number of AP courses in school, including "AP Alcoholism ". 1 was always totally lost in biology: kidney hysiology 
flowed into my ear. but did not synapse with my neuron. ...still 1 managed keep my school captain post. How could 1 have 
achieved so much? Because I've had you all. my friends. Thank you so much. 

Nicholas Chng 

1996 - 1998 

Nick was admitted into the hallowed halls of SMUS in the fall of 96. due to one of many errors in adminstration. Moving 

here from Jakarta, Indonesia, he was immediately impressed by the school's excellence, the most apparent example being 

that they let him in even after missing the first 2 pages of his entrance exam. Transition was easy, in no small part due to 

the efforts of his roommate Yos to give the room that real third world feel. In Grade 12. Nick could often be spotted 

shivering from the cold as he walked from class to class, martyred for the sake of school standards, but in his spare time, he 

taught his untermenchen roommate Nate (the Feuhrer) the fine art of sniping, and in exchange his roommate agreed not to 

tear up any more of Nick's university applications the night before they were due (grrrr...) He II definitely miss late night 

email-fests and plagarizing Dr. Seuss. Good luck to all of you, the Bolton Buds, and my friends in other houses., but it s T.F. 

I'll really miss... ah Team Fortress, we had but a short time together.. Isniff I To all the grads: Take care and have fun in 

Harvard/UVic/Local College/McDonalds. To the younger inmates, enjoy the motion-sensor floodlights and electronic 

keypads, and I'll see you guys on the other side of the wall =P 

iRiiMir ■ 

Victor Chu 

1993 - 1998 

Victor entered SMU in grade 8 (one year he'd really like to forget). Victor's experience in Senior School, was quite unforget- 
table, especially being in the same French class for 3 years. Year 1: a non-productive but enjoyable year with G.P.. E.M.. 
V D. R.M. Year 2; G.P.. E.M. - getting ripped off by D.M. "If its too good to be true, it probably is. " Year 3: S.P., G.P. - 
E M 's cheats for vocab. The spring of grade 11 began the daily routine of the stress relieving car rides during recess and 
lunch, with G.B., V.D., E.M., R.M., with G.P. joining in grade 12. To the peeps: A.D. - One of the better influences on me. 
E M. (Closet East Coaster) - You've gotta tell your c's what time it is. G.P.s: "OK so how do we get home?" G.P. - Lay off 
the breakfast bars. Nice gloves! R.M. - Sorry about the carpet. Remember not to stumble around aimlessly around 
downtown and get busted again. V.D. - Save your money, don't waste it on N64, oh yea, you've got to stop the constant 
nagging to borrow money, and BT's. G.B. - Thanks for your feeble attempt to actually catch me. E.M.. G.P,. V.D., 
remember this? "So where you kids from?", "Uhhhhh, Squamish ", P.S. nothing happened (well, that I can remember) at 
B,S.'s or the res so let's keep it at that. Lastly, Victor would like to thank his parents for sending him to SMU. 

Jamie Chung 

1995 - 1998 

How many Saturday nights have there been in three years of boarding? I don't know, too many to remember, yet enough 

memory for a life time. J.W. You've always been there for me, at worst times and good, sometimes I really wonder how can 

we ever made it till now, R.C. the most amazing sis, too bad we're not Siamese twin... maybe not. K.R. I miss you. D.L. how 

can 1 ever forget you, thanks for corrupting me, especially the night before the regatta. L.I. thanks for the tea, taking care of 

me of the night you know what, saving me from the tree... G.C.. the unforgettable and unforgivable times we procrastinated 

together. M.W.'s inspiration to be studious became all in vain. D.S. miss having you living downstairs. K.E-L sorry about that 

eagle of yours, truly am. S.S. what can I say, those nights with you were fun I must say, S,S, 1 love your cooking. C.W. I will 

always have an apple for you. M.B. and M.B. who is who? one Y.A. likes to mock me about , the other "burn'. S.W. thanks 

for trying to kill the monkey in my computer. A.H. always love you. Thanks to all in Timmis. and all the one I missed, I love 

you all. To all the grade 8s, keep on growing. 

Renee Chung 

1995 - 1998 

Three years of boarding,,, being constantly mistaken for Jamie! (1 wonder why) So many roommates... and Chris, you re 
the best one! (Except when you call me "pabo"...) Y.A. always watching over me... where were you on Tolmie? D.L. 
thanx for corrupting me! Inside story: Remember your quote in Gr. 10? That must be quote of the century! S.L. you were 
always a great chess opponent. I.T., your fish are doing great! And I'm learning to love them gray and dull. Sugi. you re a 
great cook. 1 will miss it always. AH, you eat so much, yet so skinny. I'm envious. GC, we had neat conversations in art 
class huh? JC. you're the best twin, I'm happy for you. (U know why) SW, the anti cold method really works! And alas. 
Jackie, thanx for everything, (i.e. convincing me to go on the Whistler & Washington trip. That must be one of the 
highlights in our gr 12 year) Ask for the people who were on the trips, you people are Great & funny. Thanx for going on 
the trip What else oh yes paintball, ouch! What fun! Thanx to Janine. & M. Berg "burn"... We won't tell MB what "you 


in Physics... he he. Both Kas. you rock! And GF, here you go! (this is what you want) All of you keep in touch. 

Ashley Cornwell 

1989 - 1998 

Ashley came to SMUS from GNS in grade 4 and never looked back. She remembers her years here best by all the little 

things no one else would have, like ,.. well, nevermind. The best year was the last one — we could never have too many 

spares in the grad room, and it was just the best. She is not impatient to get on with the rest of her life but hopes to 

gradually work her way up the corporate ladder without becoming too conspicuous and later on move to someplace nice and 

warm and never come back. To DB, KL and JN, keep playing B-ball, you guys rock the court, TS: take Mr. Jones advice. 

You should too QB and all I can say is you'll never know. JT; keep the love alive. I hope I'll see you one day in that SL. To 

everyone who doubts me. remember you can never be sure. An extraspecial thank you to NW for helping me believe in 

myself and for being my best friend.Everyone keep the peace, and remember: "through whatever you see, through all the 

rain and the pain you've got to keep your sense of humor. You've got to be able to smile through all of this. Remember 

that." — from "Smile 


2 grade 12's. and throw in a chem. teacher doing a lab on gasses 

The People in the Pictures 

1) Jason Ng. David Lynch. Craig Kirk, and Chris Smith. 

2) Genevieve Burdett, Rachel Magnusson, Elizabeth 
Aitken. and Adrian Dawson. 

3) Grant Woolliams 

4) Kathryn Dawson 

5) Chemistry 12 AP Class 

6) Lauren Ingle 

7) Pamela Bedeski 
S) Steven Wong 

9) Jean Daniel 

10) Adrain Dawson 

1 1) Jacqueline Wong and Jamie Chung. 

12) Kimberly Bruce 

CHAD -98 

Cosmo girl. 


Kelly Cox 

1996 - 1998 

We re finally good to go, Roxy don t faint! 1 wouldn t fiave made it witfiout 90210. even if Donna has a hole in her chest. 
M.1..L.N.- Watch out for DVs. M.V.- Sports tape is magical! Iggs-porn in chapel? Did we do it?? My adopted spouse!. 
A.L, K.L. Anata Wa Kirei Des!!!-love your 3rd sister. Vania Memories of a great year! J.M. and Deelee-Beware:-the pelvic 
lock! Dee your my snuggler. see you next Valentines. Jelenas-Surfing the reef(ue)! Were so good! CraigyCraig-One 
seldome sleeps during a movie. O.I. and J.W.-Do you have benchers butt? Liwy-Thanks for the play by play. Krys:-lt is 
only charades-you are my spice girt. Lobbster. Fatty and the b-ball gals. I love you-Snuggles in Vancouver! CC-call me!- 
Thanx for the laughs. M.M.-I laaa you! R.B.-Pass the soup CAREFULLY! Stealing highchairs! Candy Gram all nighters! 
Mrs. Stress and Mrs. Spaz! Ali and Syl:-You made the trip wonderful. Woody Cox will live on forever. J.W.-Thanx for 
always consoling my many tears. Trouble makers in Vancouver! I love EUGfiNE!! J. HT could beat you up! Don't do 
anything 1 wouldn't do! J.N. -Foreskin toe!! I'm staying at your house all weekend! Whatever-U Nana! Mom and Dad- 
Thanks. I love you. Don't worrie I know that I am your favorite daughter. When do we tell Mag she was adopted??? Mags- 
My twin-I love you! S.T..J.G,,A.D. and everyone else have fun.. HiCYa Holdtight! 

Jean Daniel 

1993 - 1998 

Where do I begin! I came to SMU in grade 8 where I met many new friends and became used to calling teachers "sir" and 

"maam". Probably my scariest memory of middle school was the Mt. Baker ski trip where B.H.. who had never skied before. 

slid down an ice shoot and fell off a cliff. Next obsticle: Senior School! Field hockey, more new friends and of course. 

ABBA! Being a teeny hopper', the phone became another new friend. Next hurdle boys? Many a late night conversation 

with J.B.. K.S.. A.K. over that subject! Other than school, outdoor trips were a blast, especially Leadership with "Leopold' 

Somehow my nick-name changed from "Betsy " to ""Elaine " on that trip. GET OUT! 1 won't say too much about parties 

because it seems that K.S., J.B.L.D.and K.L. have already clung to my strange yet funny late night party lines and unex 

plainable "puffs " eating habits! Ask them! Speaking of parties, or b-day parties, my favorite movie is still "16 Candles" ( 

yup...uh..huh..) Anyway, 1 don't know where I'd be today if my friends and teachers hadn't shown me the support or the 1 

can-do-it remedy. I know this support will help me in my future job. kindergarten teacher (and that's not so 1 can be at the 

same level as the kids, just in case anyone was wondering!)> 

Michael Danskin 

1986 - 1998 

Mike (aka. Bonor Neck c/o Grad 96) came to SMU in Gr. 1 to receive a higher education along with fellow lifer GB. He has 
many memories, which include: Dowhy fests, "Haaarsh Maaan!". combos. CP's socks. T's foodstamps, stickball. "Its Dinner 
Time! ZZZHHTl ", Rugby Tours UK and Germany. The snow cack. EF- Fathurst/Le FATTY!!, Feroso vs. Tank, Dewar vs. 
Cook. Baby Blue "Gia Mudda Truckas! ". AD's calves. 1st XV- BC Champs 97. Nights at the Lion. Cheers to the Strikers, 
Car Rallies- SR eating sandy beef and giraffes hanging from power lines. A&W Highchairs, el Civique. "Your brutal refl", LC, 
This isn't a flop house RL, DP's Draft, EF mackin ehe oldies, Freestuff, MAH!!, Kelowna road trip with TS, Tequila 
injeceions. Dinner at TC's, ""Get this naked boy outta my bed!", CK and snowballs. Summers at Prospect. Just ten more 
minutes QB, workin' it in the Aerostar, MoFreaky, 14% fastness, Sodafest, Crafty Bedeski, "Where's your bag AJ?", Big 
dumb props (ADx2) tutoring silky smooth backs, TS wearing nighties. Free beef. Profco, making berry drinks at JT's, Dew 
Tang Clan, and 360's. I will never forget my time spent at SMU and all the lovely ladies Pve met along the way. 1 would like 
to thank my parents and sister Suzy for all their support. ""Under no circumstances must you fail your Dashing White 
Sergeant!" IHL. 

Lisa Davies 

1987 - 1998 

SWF. blond, bermudian, approx. 4 ft. high but growing! Entered S.M.U. in grade 2. Loves acting. Production credits 

include: Oliver- no comment. Watch- L.W.'s famous line:"Dr.Dork. Ima Dork"(it was funny at the time, right C.L.?). Moliere- 

(F.H.). Might as well be walkin' on the sun (sorry J.C. and S.H.!). Taming of the Shrew- a memorable cast party(R.D.'s 

note!). Irma Vep- Balderdash and Archies: Guys and Dolls- Polo Sport; T.R. I can't wait to be your top banana! Singing on 

the Juan De Fuca with L.W.; biking with fugitives with R.M.; hiking-little incident on Joffre involving a helicopter evacuation 

(C'mon A.D.. just one more!): rowing. ..okay COXING- harder on starboard D.l.!. WARNING: Do NOT mess with UVIC s 

oars!; watching Austin Powers-Lingle and S.W.2 you're shagadellic!; spending hours on the phone with J.F.(my reluctant 

counsellor and confidante), A.D, and R.S. (see you in A. A.!); excursion to Point No Point with A.S.. K.B.. K.D. and N.A , 

Shawnigan with J.B.. J.D.-'Tm not a model!": perfecting my English accent with L.l. (my fellow coal miner): permashottying 

with V.G.;travelling -met Noel with A.S. in London: going to concerts-U2. Oasis and Moist: and finally: obsessing about 

practically everything (mainly Oasis and H.G.!) That about sums me up." Good Luck and lots of love to my fellow grads*' 

"I'm short and I'm in charge!"- Lauren Ingle 

Adrian Dawson 

1987 - 1998 

After 11 years at SMU all that is left for me to say is thank you. To all my teachers for putting up with me from jr. to sr. 
school, to my friends for always being there and for the best times , and to my family for the great opportunity. "My rule, in 
which 1 have always found satisfaction, is, never to turn aside in public affairs through views of private interest: but to go 
straight forward in doing what appears to me right at the time, leaving the consequences with Providence. " To all of you 1 
will never forget you. so please remember me. 1 wish you all the best, GOOD LUCK! 

Kathryn Dawson 

1996 - 1998 

This is the End. beautiful friend 

This is the End. my only friend 

Of our elaborate plans, the End 

Of everything that stands, the End 

No safety or surprise, the End 

111 never look into your eyes again. 

Jim Morrison 

Farewell to my nearest and dearest. As we step into the unknown 1 carry our memories with me forever. Love Belt. 


Andrew Dewar 

1993 - 1998 

Five years at SMUS and they've ended on a high note! I came to SMUS in Gr. 8 and quickly took to the Rugby Field. Grade 
8 was over before 1 knew it and was led to bigger and better things in the Senior School — especially Rugby. Rugby has been 
a major part of my life at SMUS with extraordinary teammates (EF. MD, AD. AJ, GB) impeccable Coaching and a Provincial 
Championship! And after you win you gotta celebrate — leaving me with fond memories of Rugby Parties at EF s & GB s( 
Howard Russell's and all), bedspins and dented car roofs at Sodafests and the unforgettable Dowhyfests! RK and whipped 
cream at JT's. Card games at JB's and Bond at TS's. All this with some great Rugby players and friends. French class 3 
years in a row with CP and JZ. Driving QB home after the Beef Eating Contests (Sand and all) and troublesome A&W chairs 
at the car rally. The boarding guys, OA, NC, GN, NM. SR, GW & co. I've also worked hard in school ("Hi Sir! " & The 
Human Calculator ) and spent a lot of time in the bookstore (Thanks TC!) All of this started with early morning car rides with 
VC and ended returning with EM. Its been hard work, but that's why 1 was here and that's why I'm leaving — moving off to 
bigger things (not better.) I'll miss you all, from the big guy — The Dew. 

Sheryl Dodd 

1994 - 1998 

Four years is a long time to spend in one place. Sheryl would like to thank all her friends for the good times and 

good memories. 

Adam Dowhy 

1994 - 1998 

Adam came to SMUS armed with Mettalica shirts, long hair, and some brand new rugby cleats. In Gr.9 Adam remembers 
his first Dowhyfest and his first rugby game. Gr.lO was Adams first good year of rugby 

and likes to remember the England tour with MD, EF, GS, JV, JL. CD, SL (OB), and DS (sorry about jobbers, I should have 
been there!). Gr.lO summer brought more rugby and beers with boner and fatty. ^n -re n/ir-> 

Gr 1 1 rocked; Canada U-17 England tour will not be forgotten. Dowhyfest 97' was bumpin' with the boys (JT, CP, TS. MD, 
QB RL, ST. GB, NM, GW, OA. GN, TS, CK, AJ, AD, EF. JG, JV, GG, SR, MM, JP, EL, BS, JO, and all those I forgot- 
hope you had a blast), the gals ( AS, KH, CL, JA, CP), and not forgetting my baby KR, you rock. BC CHAMPIONS is all I 
have to say. Gr.ll summer was awesome. The BC U-19 team cuckoo nuts and nights spent arguing with KR was worth it. 
Gr. 12 has hopefully been a repeat. I'd like to thank my parents, brothers, friends roomates (JF, HL, LE, TR, the Harvey 
boys (take care of Mrs.J ), teachers, and last but not least "The Commander (RIP) " for helping me see my potential. 

Megan Doyle 

1990 - 1998 

My wings are set free as if to start a new life. High school is over and L'nueisitv apin. i.k in^ rapidly. 7 great years have 

passed at S.M.U. highlights including: playing on U-16 soccer team, maypole dancing at the Spring fair, giggling in Spanish, 

and my outdoor education trips. My family and teachers were such a big influence on me. and I wish to thank everyone who 

helped me through some of the most difficult years of my life. So many people have come and gone in our class, and 1 am 

so proud of everyone who persevered to graduation. 1 will miss you all, and 1 wish the best for years to come. 

Victor Drohomirecki 1993 - 1998 

Wassup!!!!! I jus like to start off by saying word up to the man upstairs and word up to my brothaaaaassss. Secondly it sucks 
that 1 have half of my best year at school to go which can't be on the write up but whatever. Grade 12 so far is hard and I 
figure it's because of 3 years of listening to rap in art, not that smooth Japanese tobacco. I came to SMUS in grade 8 and 

met A.S. and J.R., 1 never laughed so much while playing football. (A.S., J.R., J.T., R.K.. D.G..B.H ) Gr. 8 also 

introduced me to the computer nerd. (What a bunch of hardcores) G.P..V.C..E.M., busted by the chaperone. Gr 10 came 
and I was off to the school plays. A.W., pss pss pss psssss, oh yeah, thats the stuff. I can't remember much from that year 
because I got KOed from rugby ant that really choked my ckicken. Off to gr. 1 1/12, C.P., don't let me catch you strokin 
anymore aight. EM. and N.N, its kinked and 1 can't get it in! Da B-timers. fresh air may cause fetis dammage. T.S. 
ramming A.S.'s car in F.H.'s backyard. Now for all you wannabe grads that think you will be as kickin' as grad 98, goodluck. 
Well, lean't think of anything else so to all my brothers I missed. Peace! To all the memories I missed, they'll go up in smoke 
this summer with my braincells. A great man once said: "Women, you can't live with em, you can't kill em." Al Bundy 

Lemuel Edition 

1995 - 1998 

Three years ago I arrived at school excited but in reality having no idea what to expect. I will always remember roomin' 
with Dowhy, B-Ball with Dyots. trips to Camosun with Pat and Risa, Whistler with the FLY (July 6), the weekend at Chu's. 
Takin' Yos Bos to School, Tennis with Holenderski, Chillin at Lance's, Rap Music and Mahat, Espanol with Ese Neri, 
Drinkin' with Ray, Joe G and the Station, Borrowin Cash from Vas, My business partner Ese Campos (July 6), The last two 
years livin off Gor "Don", the ladies at Monty's, Muts turning Red, the first day with Big Woolly Styles, Starbucks with Carol, 
Cruisin in the Weimobile, STate, Crackin jokes about Yukhwa's age. Phone calls to Kelin, Monday night at Lem and 
Gordon's (caught on tape!), "Allen... Im comin over", Q-Tae and 2-Pac, "Sink or Pull?" "No I'm Filipino", my Brown 
Brother Bui, Pat and his "Books", "Hey Vas, do you have any food?". Chemistry and Kanoux, "Elliott, how's your girl- 
friend? ", Saito doesn't think... he knows!!, "Oh yeah Lance, do you got these!!". Five years with Shih, "YOS!! THINK!!! ". 
Tell me more Eun-Yung!, "Lance, Dyots, what do you think of my hair today? " (SAME!!), Woo, MillarNate's flowers, and 
much much more. Finally to Mom, Dad, and Neal, your love and support is what has taken me this far. See y^! 

Tara Elson 

1994 - 1998 

So sweet, bittersweet. 

Kimberley Emslcy-Leik 1996 - 1998 

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is your Captain speaking, I would like to welcome you aboard the flight of 

your life. Megan-I will always remember our spirited relationship: you taught me my edge, and I love you for it! Karen- (the 

Cute One)-you know you are my angel with the halo, golden robes, and Pegasus wings. Jayne-1 can't believe you still trust 

me after that E-Brake stunt I pulled! Lindsay, with your thoughtfulness. Jenny, with your quiet strength, and Rachael, with 

your effervescent personality-you were the fuel of my flight. I couldn't have landed without you! Laura- Yahtzee, barking and 

screeching at pedestrians-l could have gotten fired flying with you! Jamie-STOP playing with my eagle! Anna-we are the 

best idiots! Courtenay-you were the sweetest, most understanding roommate. Iggy- you are soooo inept! Timmis Room 

206-watch your back! Khatidja-you have got a lot of potential. Fly for the heavens, and don't forget about our friendly 

rivalry! TIMMIS RULES-thanks, girls, for the smoothest flight ever. Finally, before I land this bird, I want to thank Mom, 

Dad, and Jackie for always giving me the best! I love you. This is your Captain speaking. We are about to begin oui 

descent. In preparation for landing, please ensure that your seatbelts are securely fastened. GRAD '98, HERE I COME 


Jenny Franklin 

1986 - 1998 

Hello all, I've spent my time being designated siurpee holder in Wolfgang (shotgun!), babbling about Superman and 
Mounties, being a phone psychiatrist, slacking off, and lurking in my hermit shell. Do I look like a tree? There's too much 
blood in my caffeine system. It's not a shrine! Shut up Drake! To all my bottom floor Challoner buds - you rock my world, 
thanks for putting up with me and making me smile... no matter how much 1 glare at you. When in trouble, call the Wong- 
Team! Adventures at Shelbourne Plaza and movie nights, "I'm a Musician! ", 8 people in a Buick is surprisingly comfortable. 
Lisa, is 'wet nose' a euphemism for something? Oh, and guess what!! Uh.. nevermind. Megan, my bestest friend, you are 
the wind beneath my wings: I couldn't have survived any of this without you. Love you babe. Chick movie (sob)/de-angsting 
nights and philosophizing during PE, pow-er, are you talking into the phone? Road trip! To everybody at SMU who has 
affected my life, positively or negatively over the years, thank you kindly. : ) 

Jonathan Fraser 

1997 - 1998 

Only in SMU 1 year, Jon was in Edmonton before. Gr.lO: green weekends, partying with b-ball posse and my homepiece 

D.J. Boy and J.G. Fav. Quote: I'm not racist I have a coloured t.u. Gr.ll: money, rithces and b'thcs, buds with L.D.. j-bukin 

w/M.K. props to the real boys, cabin parties, drinking to near death, saying NO to drugs, trusty Carolla in many crashes. 

250+ party w/Officer Goss & K9 unit Gr.l2: chillin' with the buds. K.H.,E.L. aka D.P.S.. J.M.. J. P.. J.O..T.S..G.B..S.T.. 

J.G.&A.D.. zoomin in f'ct places. Kings for 1 week, f-ball injuries, parties with a real O.G.. J.T. and another E-towners T.S., 

J.A.& A.T.Pembyfest, Sodeyfest and much anticipated Dowhyfest(great roommate)Grad parties w/regulars, a special thanx 

to B.D. Brian & Zeffer and the houseparents that didn't catch me when I was totally rocked!! 


Trevor Freeman 

1994 - 1998 

"I came, I saw, and I graduated And all 1 have to say is, finally it s over Yes, school is over, and we are free. Free to enter 
a University with a one way ticket to more years of school (does it ever end?). As for my years at SMUS (3 of them, grades 
9,10, and 12) they were actually pretty good. Grade 12 was a blast. I actually got to have spares, and I didn't have to skip 
to get them. Of course. I never skipped (except for french in grade 10, but does french really count?), never had the guts to 
do it. But that's besides the point. School's over so what does it matter. As for everyone I know, I hope you do well, I'll 
always remember skipping french and playing bomberman with Chris Stolarski, while eating Peter Kims food... As for the 
rest of the time, it went by in a blur of playing too much quake, and staying up too late. I don't think that 1 once woke up for 
breakfast. Anyhow, good luck to all of you: C,S.. C.S, *2. M,B, N,C. N,M,, S,W.. J.W.. L.I.. R.C. J.C. O.A.. G,W.. and 
T.F. (Team Fortress that is). Oh, Omar and Grant, did I ever tell you guys that your both huge? Later.., Its been sweet. " 

Joseph Gardener 1996-1998 

My life at Smu began in grade 11 with new people, my second life away from home; a new beginning! Day by day past, new 
friends . new places, all were a blur. Grade 1 1 was good but grade 12 got even better, I want to say hi to my friends in E- 
town especially D.J ( Thanks for the hoots of fun on the weekends in grade 10). My Grade 11 shout-outs go to my room- 
mate State and my English Bloke Chris Stephens. To GB, JM, CN, CS, SP and the Big Duke of Sooke A,D thanks for 
making my first year exciting. Grade 12 -f the other Shout-outs go first to my main J-buck Jon Fraser. To the rest (in no 
particularly order) Big Turk ( 1 had a handicap), old school friend JA- RB (1 owned the chair )- KC ( Why don't vou cry)- 
VD(fix the hair)- The big Dew-MD-Lknnnack-TE- Knott Raw-Ack-EM-JN-SR-NM- Gneirdal-GP-Another E-town H'omeboy 
TS-BS-Astro Ali-JT-AW-RY. To my grade 1 1 peeps EL-JP-JM-JO- Keep The buds burning TS-KH-CC-MM-BC. To my 
Harvey boys- Lem ( Old school rules) RS ( Slow down), VP-Yoss Boss-LW- Gdon-HL-CH-You guys rule!. I'd like to also thank 
my family and my quote for life " I got myself a 40. I got myself a Shorty and I'm going to Stick it " (Method Man). 

See ya-G-Yeah -I'm out- Thanks! 

Timothy Gerbrandt 1997 - 1998 

Change is great, and jumping from one high school to another. I learned to adapt from American NJROTC customs, like 
military parades and inspections, to SMU customs, like going to Chapel. Out of the different regional accents I've been 
forced to endure, including Caymanian. and Southern United States, the Canadia eh' has been a good accent to return to 
for my senior year. 1 hope that I will continue to enjoy my quest to answer the giant question mark (my life!) as much as I 
have at St. Michaels. In the great words of Pink Floyd, "For long you live and high you fly, and smiles you'll give and tears 
you'll cry, and all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be."T,J 

Simmi Gill 

1996 - 1998 

I'd like to thank all my friends, you know who you are for the memorable two years. Twelve years of school have finally 
ending and it's just beginning. Good Luck! Once again. I want to thank anyone and everyone who made me happy over the 

past two years. See ya! 

Bailey Harang 

1993 - 1998 

Bailey came to SMU in grade S to live in the giant metropolis of Victoria. She made many new friends and together they 
perfected the art of bowling. Bailey remembers some of the fun times she's had- they include: Roofiie nights DT with EY, 
the dub machine, glue withdralls. many different hair colors, sauce mansion. Silverstar. Tolmie parties. The Parti. Ernest, 
Spuzzum. ROY. The Misfits. Rockclimbing trips. fToochie Mamas. Spumante. Mike's hard. My Big Baby, Freddy the 
Freeloaders, Statacona Park, B's and J's in the B-room, Rids, the Pipelayers, and a bunch of inappropriate subject matter. 
Thanks to AT for always being there and for all the fun times! Thanks to AJ for being the best friend a girl could want! (I 
love you always and forever!) 

Daniel Hong 

1993 - 1998 

Congratulations, Grad 98 

Steven Hsu 

1993 - 1998 

Steven, the first-ever-female student in Barnacle House, surprisingly retains her virginity through the 5 years in SMU. 

However, this could be explained by looking at pg.230 in 1995 - 1997 yearbook. His (or her. it's all relative to others) 

attempts to attract the opposite sexes are part of hisAier normal life. Some of his more intimate friends are all in his 

computer programming class such as Alfred Wong & Gordon Cheung. It's been happy and sad at times and it's been good 

and bad. His only hobby - screwing up the school network - has earned him respect from his fellow peers. 

To Grad 98': it has been great years and thanks for all the support. 

To Taiwanese: See u in New York!!(hehehe) 

To Korean & Cantonese: b(v)o ya 1 go!! I've mastered your languages. 

" To be or not to be, that is the question." 

Anna Huang 

1993 - 1998 

Anna has lived in SMU for 5 years {can you believe it?). However, she was able to enjoy every minute of it. Starting from 

Gr.8; being active and enthusiatic grows up to be a person who rarely touches her flat bball. Sweet memories like dancing 

floor, water fights. Gr. 9 out-door trip (canoeing. 5 days without dry clothes), major contribution of 3 gigantic turtles to the 

bio lab and encourage others to do the same, crazy nights on Mt. Tolmie, and all the procrastination and pathetic excuses 

for not doing work in her final year. Personal thanks to Jamie, Renee and Daidee for putting up with all the crap; Carol W 

for sharing secrets with everyone (X.C and X.C), Simon W for doing all the stupidest things, yet. everyone loves. Susan S 

and Dan I for all the laughs. Kim E-L for making us "look " so special. Thanks to all other true friends. Y.A. D.T. T.W. C.S. 

C.Y. L.C. to other friends who shared good moments, and ICQ buddies. Thanks to all the roommates (S.Y. T.C. A.T. A.W, 

C.W. J.C) and to all the sister in Timmis : ) 

Charles Huang 

1993 - 1998 

"Oh, the school has a Chinese house parent!" "Sir. can you tell me where the washroom is?" 

(the usual responses from every visiting parent and new student seeing Charles). 

You can probably guess one's age by his appearance, but this never applies to Charles. 

Don't underestimate his power though. 265 points in bowling. 5 girl friends in 3 years, average of $300 / month long 

distance calls despite the savings from Sprint Canada, having a Korean roommate for 5 years - these remarkable records 

somehow make him the leader of the Taiwanese as well as the ambassador between Taiwan and Korea. 

Charles, contrasting the usual view, is rather humorous. One can often see him outside Symons and Barnacle telling jokes. 

While his muscles (once so attractive to girls) have deteriorated, his people skills (especially to girls) have improved. Charles is 

also well known for the extraordinarily long period of time he stays in his room every day with his roommate, but never on 

weekends. To his dearest friend Jack Chiu. he felt sorry tor giving him the nick name Monkey. His experience in SMUS can 

be summed up in a Chinese slang: "Gan nin lau shi le. Song la " 

Emily Huddart 

1993 - 1998 

Emily will most likely be remembered by her friends for her scintillating mind and her snarky comments. Her 5 years at 

SM.U.S. will be fondly forgot as she can't wait to get out and travel. Some experiences she enjoyed were the trips to 

Penticton. the West Coast Trail. Juan de Fuca. Galapagos, the Himalayas and the parking lot of the Limit. She was an 

active participant in the S.M.U.S. community, being a member of the Communist Outdoor Club, the devious Chapel Club. 

the Heater Club and the A-P Movement Club that met once on Day 1 . She also enjoys experiments with relish and has had 

enough of Hamlet to last the rest of her life. Comrade Huddart has big plans for the future; any who attempt to impede 

them will be threatened with forks. Finally, she'd like to thank Uncle Herman-Donald for his great support. We'll never 

forget you. Emily. From Leah. 

Ji-Ho Hwang 

1995 - 1998 

Good luck everyone 

Lauren Ingle 

1995 - 1998 

Agent OOSpice (aka. Lingle) arrived at SMU fall '95 fresh off the boat from the Hawaii of Canada. Lessons were learnt by 

all. especially in the wee hours of the morning; out the window (Peanut and Mak). at 7-11 from 11-7. in the bathroom 

(James), climbing trees in the park (RC). grad prank '96 with Vic. Cheesy and Denise, the stairwell with Fridge, but. never 

ever sleeping (that's what class is for!). Where does Lauren go after prep? All those walks with Mitz "1 want to be 7'2 " like 

Shaquille O'Neil!". then Dunk "Rondez-vous de s'assoir de bebe pour un unibrow? " and finally Camosun with Mike and Mak. 

The grade 11 crew BFG. Peanuts, Flaunter and Penguino thanks for soothing the burn. CM. and John's place. "I'm not 

pouring apple cider down my pants. Jack-Off!" C.W. the swinger, stranded in Sooke. one day a cheesy man will grace your 

walls. (P.S. 007 kicked Bob's arse!). Life is good when you eat Jello. right Berg'' Tm short and I'm in CHARGE!" (Davies 

and Daniel) you know where the power is! Yaks Maks. it's nice to know the window's always open (to fall out of!). Handi- 

swim with Dunk and the amputee. Avez-vous les pieds marins Mr. Simmons? Batman you rock cookies, you bad-a$$ed 

badminton player! Hey. CI. how's the janitorial work going? Ola BFG. flush and run baby! To all those of you who made 

SMU memorable. Eskimo Joe and the rest of the warriors, diolch! See ya in Margaritaville! 

Alec Johnston 

1991 - 1998 

With graduation comes the end of the Wonder Years... Although life at SMU was often boring and stupid, there were a lot of 
good times; Skip and dips at GB's, Silverstar...late night nature channel, "no anal, is my Nannal", BH. Halloween, keeping 
warm at the golf course with TS. RK. AW. GB and SP. Weekend ski trips with SP and AW, chairlift games, camo boy and 
Spin silly. Of course 1 can't forget rugby. King fkk, scooby snacks, sunset riders, the Howie and Prov. Champs, rugby 
parties " somebodies tryin to steal my shoes maannn!" Dowhy fest. Soda fest; the champion of tent comfyness. High times 
include; hourly advice and lessons from Karate master. Hooch the driving bear, falling stars, climbing trees, falling in the 
creek and cone me. Life at Smu has been great; it brought me together with BH, I love you. Also I made many good friends 
AW. RK. TS, AT, MD, GB, SP,,.,,Thanx to my mom for forcing me to go here. And in the words of the immortal RK; 

" If the cops show up just tell them we're 
doing community service" 

Amy Karchut 

1986 - 1998 

To everyone that counts, best wishes for the future but never forget the good times in the past: dungeons & dragons @ the 

empress, paul's kareoke & the doks. hallucinogenic pudding, it must have been the fairies. 007 & the cheeto clique, tip *1; 

never mix w\ beef, ramona & annie. gawd what awful shoes, can we come over my friend has to...u know. guys, i think i 

broke my nose, take off & prospect, watch the suicidal marmots, lettuce juice... lettuce juice is water?! tip#2; never stash free 

booze in magnolias, jeopardy, strange, sleazy men met on long walks around oak bay... minus footwear, awake @ o'donalds. 

do u want a piggyback? A&W scam artists. tip#3; remember, always close the door, accusations of being the notorious 

underwear bandit, barforamma. the great adventures of seedlake . excuse me sir, we're from london. cra-z nites @ 

henderson. i'm dr. anus, honey won't u steal a flag w\ me. I didn't know she could do that! tip »4; they're air filaments, the 

famous pituitary stalk, don't i remind u of brad pitt? ozwald & his Caribbean fetish, private wake up calls in penticton. tip#5; 

never disturb drunk, french bushmen. It has been a long 12 years. Time to say goodbye. Take care guys, wherever you shall 

roam. UR the best. 

"I just hate school. " 

"If a train leaves Station A at N52°W, then..." 

Pflends Forever 

Eric Kim 

1995 - 1998 

In Grade 10, Eric first appeared at SMUS as a boarder in Bolton House. However, leaving behind the rumor about affair 
with his roommate LW, he left Bolton and became a part of DAY community in Grade 11. Many people still recognize him 
as a boarder because most of his friends are boarders. Eric seems to be growing taller and taller even though he insists that 
he is only 6' tall. Eric can be often seen in the gym playing basketball in the air(using the advantage of his height). In Grade 
1 1, he was a Maskman for a week after breaking his nose in a rugby game. However, the world changes when he plays the 
cello. Those moments when he performed with Victoria Symphony and when he was playing a trick on one string in the 
chapel are still vivid. He says that he really loves SMUS orchestra except the fact that Violin II encroached upon the Cello's 
traditional place. Eric's worst memory at SMUS is playing in a PIT orcfiestra for 'Oklahoma' and 'Guys and Dolls'. He 
described himself PITiful there. Eric will miss SMUS and perhaps Canada if he becomes a part of IVY institution. Also, he 
will miss all of his dearest friends: ML. JC, AW, VL, JL, DC. EK.... 

Nancy Kim 

1995 - 1998 

Nancy (Nayoung) came to SMUS in Gr,10 with sunjin looking appearance She joined the Winslow and for the last two 

years, she lived with the lovely roommate who loves apples and pink pigs sooooooooo much.... well, u could say all the pigs. 

Nancy had several nick names such as sambalee, sleeping beauty, hinja. pink princess, and pochacco. The most gracious 

ML bestowed the last two after the Christmas of 1996. Her favourite times were when she drank SOOL with her friends, 

and did SAETAL. and ate MUN. She also remembers when she was in Gr. 10. Nayoung just loved gossiping on the phone. 

She still does but.u know.... Although she had some tough experiences such as eating MUN. and 7AM's to overcome at 

SMUS, but the years at SMUS have been great. Few words from Nayoungee: As ML mentioned above, my years at SMUS 

have been great. Well, not all the time but... I'll never forget walking to Starbucks after prep with SS, GS....AII these nights 

with ML, EK, AL, SW, JY, CY.... talks, laughs, and tears. ..Ill miss ya all to CK.YY. MY, DC, YL, SL, DH. HB, PK, JH, DH, 

RS....and all the rest of Koreans.... Keep in touch, and don't ever ever ever forget the times u spent with me....U'll be sorry if 

u do.SA RANG HAE and wish u all the best of luck in the future!!!! 

Peter Kim 

1994 - 1998 

Peter(Pdi: — the nicest Korean, came to SMUS in Grade 9 and became one of Harvey House wall bangers. First 

week at SMUS was very exciting for him. Within a week in the boarding House, he had to change the roommate after the 
bloody fight(I am sorry BL). He also had to run 2400m with full witer clothes in September as a punishment from his mighty 
Korean Hyungs for embarrasing the Korean society. Peter won't forget the great time with DH, RS,JH, 
CE,SB,YT.DT.SH,CH,CY,AC,GC,SR.... He will miss you all and "Yul SSimHi Sal A La" to every one! This is the list of 
things that Peter won't forget. 
IjWeekend routine(Tatami+movie) 2)Lin Heung after school and Domino's Buffalo wings at night 

3)Doom II and Warcraft(especially Doomll with SC) 4)Taking over the Symmon's House Sofa ML 

5)The worst smell in the world Romanchuck's fart. 6)3 a,m. Chinese delivery(There is only one restaurant that is opened at 
3 a.m.) 7)After prep work out 

Craig Kirk 

1991 - 1998 

MAPLE LEAFS FOREVER!!!! Whew, now that I got that out of the v\.u. 1 can talk about me. I came to the school in grade 
six and I remember thinking only seven years to go until I'm outta here. Boy, it' been a long time!!! I've improved slightly 
from grade six, eg. my 2400m runs have been cut from twenty minutes to ten; my weight hasn't changed much {fortunately 
my height has). At the beginning of grade twelve things started up at a hectic pace; grad committees, university preparation, 
the car rally in which I shaved my eyebrow, and the time I dressed up as a women for a grad raffle. Outside of school, I went 
to the 1998 NHL All Star game in Vancouver and had a great time. Some people might tell you I am a hockey fanatic but I 
only know everything about hockey from about 1890 onwards; so, in the great scheme of things that's not too much. Plans 
for after school ideally would be something in (you guessed it) a hockey franchise. I don't want to name initials because I 
might forget someone; but the people I've spent my time with at SMUS, you know who you are and thanks for the memo- 
ries. Many thanks to my parents for the opportunity to learn and graduate at this SMUS. LONG LIVE THE 160 SITUPS 


Lindsay Knaak 

1997 - 1998 

Coming to SMU mv grad year - not an easy task, though a promising start. All the new faces, help from Roxy.settling into 
the Timmis tribe, the best roomie, making our bonds, cruising in the pimp-mobile with Daddy himself, the cube-meister and 
all our plans, the park posse and packs at a time, the hours of assisting the ill , the undisclosed tales of ladies night at the 
Black house, not to mention all the other sleepless nights and the Pac-obsessed perv., making good use of little miss C's first 
floor suite, the midnight strolls and the b.s.-er...yadda, yadda, yadda.And a special thank you to chico migrana who was 
always there for me. My first year and my last. An experience. 

Grace Koo 


It seems just yesterday when I first arrived at SMU in September, 1996 from Hong Kong. I still remember how 
uneasy and nervous 1 was when 1 went through the registration in the hall and how my stomach churned when my parents 
bid me goodbye. Coming to SMU for my last two years of high school was not only my first significant decision I was allowed 
to make for myself but it also marked a major benchmark in my life. It was recognition of personal integrity, independence 
trust and lice on the part of my parents. 1 really have to thank them and my dear sisters for their encouragement and 
support SMU opens my eyes to the real world in a co-educational environment Now. 1 am conforming to the norm of co- 
existence of both genders. Laughter, sweat and tears sum up my last two years at SMU, 1 could never forget the good time 1 
had, cooking the big meals in Brown Hall for the Chinese Night, It was so much fun and hard work; of course, 1 enjoyed it so 
much Here 1 am, ready to move on, 1 am proud to say 1 am more confident and mature to take on further challenges in the 
next stage of my life. Thank vou to all the staff of SMU for giving me a good education and thank you to my fellow students 

for giving me so many happy memories. 

Elaine Lai 


Elaine Lai: aka "Sleeping Beauty" 

All my love to my family and friends. Congratulations and the best of luck to the grad class of '98. 

Selma Lai 


Even though Selma, also know as Sui Mai. came to SMU in her last vlmi , slu still get a chaiu. t. . cni> .y ih..' Iuim-iiilss . A 

boarding life. She soon got adapted to the typical boarding life: sleep at 1:00 in the morning, sleep during spares, sleep 

during lunch and sleep afterschool.... Obviously, sleeping that much will affect her weight a bit. Therefore, she usually go play 

basketball everyday after prep. Later, she gets to know Yiffen. who becomes her lao po eventually. She will never forget the 

niqht life they have spent together. She really have a fun time at SMUS and she will never forget it. She will miss everyone in 

here and best of luck to you all !! 

Don't worry. Be Happy '^ '^ 

Ryan Large 

1994 - 1998 

Ryan came to St Michael's in grade nine. In his four years here he has had many great memories with various people. The 
poss TS QB CP JT MD CK TSat Parties at Giro. Slammin 40's. Rollin in the Blazer with CP. Climbin towers with QB 
and CP Sm_kin with Murph and the other boys. Hangin with the soccer crew LL. AL, BH. AH. MJ, KM. UVIC brawls with 
TS Parties at the lake, talking to headlight QB. Mickey's at the dock with JF. Latenight adventures with JF. Rollin in the 5,0 
with JT National fiasco with AL. LL. Skippin at JF's house. Foggin up the GTl with whoever had five on it. Off road 
adventures with SM TS. JB in the sirrocco. Lying on the road with QB. Chillin at Corryn s with SM and JK. Gang bangin at 
the park with QB. CP. TSat. JF chuckin in class. Trouble with PKT with RK, AW. TSat. JF. New baby bro thanks to PJN 
and BL. Fiasco with Beatty, spraying at the lake. Finally the best part about highschool JK. Thanks for being there when I 
needed you and I will always remember you. Thanks to my family and friends for getting me through these years without to 
much trouble and I'll see you all later. 

Kanoux Larson 

1991 - 1998 

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. -Pooh'' he whispered Yes. Pujlrt ' Nothing.' said Piglet, taking Pooh s paw. " 

just wanted to he sure of you." To my piglet. Aya. I love you and will hold all the memories of us together forever. Special 

thanks to- my parents-l love vou. MW. RG. KL. RA, JE. JZ and Mr. Laidlaw. The good days: Shawnigan Days-spots. Lillith 

Fair, Viva Puffs with JD, KS and Bob Marlev. Kim-You're so inept. Laura-Dec. 2"\ JR-summer '97, Martin, Tears, Rodrigo, 

all our Yoshis and thanks for always being my luckv star, RY-1 love you and arigato, RM-peeing, our many men and dancing 

with pool noodles. Don't cry Krystal, it's just charades. Dike on Bike, DL -i- VD, Hiya Moose, Pacs-one day we II roll down a 

hill LW-stick it in your tights, GW-my Robert Redford, chemistry with LE and the coolest hair in the school, I wish Helmut 

would drop his pencil and OA-i- Celine Dion, JB-thank you and 1 love you, V-Ball:KE, MV, VG, LA, Bug-if it's too hot to 

handle, get off the court. To my All-Stars: JW, KC. KW. JM. DL. KL, KO. 01. VG. AL and IHL- Everything is a shambolic 

mess and 1 love you guys. To my MVP: Joann-I love you and thank you. To everybody at SMU. I am going to miss you very 

much and thank you. 




Vince Lau 

1995 - 1998 

An'.'thei day; another night, Ancither colorful day; another cramming night Another lying-on-the-hed itanng-at-the 
computer listening-to-the-roommate's rap-songs 12;00 midnight. Another "Absolut"; Another love story (though not my 
own); Another school day ever since Gr.lO; - yet my life is not at all uneventfuhl battled between BC Calculus & AP 
Alcoholism - with a TI-83 in my left hand and a glass in my right - the latter always won. I looked at people from head to toe 
(up, down, up and down). I had laughters in my SAT struggle- I learn deeper meaning in vocab. like Short Eggplant. 

Dogmatic. Cheater. Superman. Happy Together. Car Rally. Mt. Tolmie I loved my Buddies, my B-ball. my Quake and 

my Khalua - they are my usual companions. I sang in various styles, from Requiem to modern rap; I listened to more types 
of songs than I sang. I conducted unusual chemistry experiment on winery and succeeded, and I had have tasted food from 
every restaurant in town. I ran a theatre in my room, showing movies from Lion King to Vivian Hsu. I had gone through a 
typical SMU boarder's life, yet with a much more colorful process and experience. ... that's my life in SMU. and I enjoyed it. 
To the friends I will miss; as you read this, you know who you are. 

Donna Lee 

1995 - 1998 

Donnabanger entered the boarding prison of SMU and was sentenced to 3 yrs. of hell. Roomed with EL. (the AB-master) 

and SS(the collector of 'toys') Her daily punishments included band, orchestra, basketball and badminton. When she wa^ 

caught having an affair with EL., she was sentenced to further punishment of being a boarding prefect 

Donna's last words; SS-thanks for getting me fat. RC 'the one you love is giving you advice ". JC- "I'm stud". EL-rest your 

thumb till I see you next. KC-keep on working on that pelvis lock. J. H. -stay cool in your igloo. Liz and BC the elder 

forever, but be careful, he's always getting fat. JW- "DAIKHU "-never ditched you. Kanoux-no man's good enough for you. 

Kim Corns. Kim Millar. Kim Dowhv-take your pick. To rest of the winslow gids LC, KD. JT, LM, FS, YM. Ll-Good luck tc 

you all. "Doing nothing and back massages. 

Helmut Lee 

1996 - 1998 

Let me see my whole two years at SMU&hellip;; Mutine, Mutoon, Titoes, TounToun, Teets, Mutlee, Muts, Helms. Muuts, 
Camotitos and last but not least&hellip;. Helmut. Foursome; Omar (Ohms. Allasay. Hennessy. Big Turk. Omaroon, 
Omario;sweet honey). Gustavo (Goose. Gusley. GusGus. Mustafa. Dustabul, Kus. GooseyGoose and the 4/5&rsquo;s. Tav). 
Grant (EEestyle. Woollie. Woollica. Granto. Grant). SWEET memories: Joyride w/JC (Monkey) and CYeh. 2on2&rsquo;s. 
Moobs. Singing to Hillside, chillin&rsquo;. skippin&rsquo; 216 with the RayShih (Shihmen. MasterbayShih. Rasheed, 
ShihDOGG. Shih DO. double G). lam pizza party w/ Walshy. ball with the "all star oriental crew" 911. 'How do you want 
if^"" (2Pac). Absolute with Grapefruit. Monopoly/Poker nights. HeartBreak dance (Gardenieh). changing colors. Air Band, 
Party S' Romeo&rsquo;S. snowball fight w/dumbass. paintball. Rugby, lastly the Saporo&hellip;with the &rsquo;86 engine!! 
Quotes; "That &lsquo;s the dumbest I neber heard! "G. ■■Don&rsquo;t make me break out my dance moves! "ray. One last 
tfiing&hellip;thank you Mr.+Mrs. Jones, and all the rest of the house parents, for everything, you made the years that much 

Jason Lee 

1995 - 1998 

Jason came to SMU, under "short winter-melon" 's roof, in Grade 10 where he immediately enrolled in the "Hung-Hing 

Association" with AW. GC. CT and VL. These Cantonese Crews begin with cooking noodles, then fighting together with 

the D.E.I.V. in the court and finally drinking "orange-juice " at night talks about the "monsters". This is tough; but Jason is 

able to survive because he always races to the Bball court(where CT kindly donates his first kiss to "fai hai"!) to play with his 

buddies from all over the world. In addition. Jason enjoys his night talks with the Barnacle guys where noises often disturb 

the GSS. Of course, he always listens to the lecture" by Jack the "Scorer" and gives out advises on DNKY's attempted take 

over of CK. Jason also like to thank SL for making him better friends with AW(discussing plans and theories) : SC for 

giving him an interest in economics: GF. the student who still owe him $, for introducing MH(Good Job!) to him; and his 

beloved friends on the net(who know who they are) for making long night talks with Jas. Special thanks to A-LA-SAA-LI. 

the tank, who acts with him in the movie produced by the "art man" from UVIC and generates the "expensive-phone-call-to- 

parents theory", for his support and advises both on life and school-work. Thanks everyone! 

Joanna Lee 

1995 - 1998 

Joanna was born and raised in Victoria and entered SMUS in grade 10. For the most part, she has enjoyed her three years 
at the school. One of her favourite memories is going on field trips to Japanese restaurants for lunch. She is very relieved 
knowing that she will never have to endure another fitness test or 2400m run. Outside of school. Joanna spends her time 
tap dancing, cooking and horseback riding. Next year she plans to study science at the University of Victoria and eventually 
hopes to pursue a career in optometry or nutritional science. 

Michelle Lee 


.Michelle U.J. Lee. the princess of all Koreans arrived at SMUS with "AA" in grade 10. When she joined Winslow with the 

look of "Gold Boong uh". she loved those "cho mini chima". She remembers when she "ate moon" with NK for letting their 

friend to "VISIT them at night". by Pochacco - Uijin has been "Wong P-Soon ee" to everyone, especially to me. Every 

morning, no one could emulate her sleeping beauty; she was an infamous "Jam soon ee" who was the most frequent 

customer to SMUS Infirmary:) I will miss her disguised voice which echoed like a baby's squealing voice and lots more! 

by Chulee - (Nugoori)Here are Yeppuni Konjunim's last words: Lots of love to all mv friends who made my life a fantastic 

one: -Hankuk Chinkoo dul -RS.PK.EK.NK.JH.DH.CY.DCCE.SB.YY.DHC.SB.HL. 

SW.JY.CK.MY.EYK.SH.VY.SL.YL.MK.TC.AB.JB.KK.KL.JR.GB.JB-You made my life at SMU special. -Global Society 

Members (Good luck, AL!) -Saucy Symons Girls and Prefects, you RULE! (Forever M&M) Lastly, thank-you SMU for all the 

wonderful memories. Wish you the BEST of LUCK! Dae Han Min Kuk Man-Se!!! 

Carol Lewis 

1995 - 1998 

Carol has spent three years at SMU and managed to stay mostly uncorrupted. AT-I'll leave the backdoor open. No clat 
before bedtime. JA-bendown and tie your own damb shoes mufuka.B-times and much more in the benzy.CP-Oh heavenly 
days. Roy and us watching people swim.CY-I'll meet you at the brickyard, pitchers on me. Sab-talks at gonzo.Thanx for 
listening, BH - Keep the packed, crazy nights. RC - You're not greek. Watch the turns, you wouldn't want me to hit my 
head.JN-didyouknowthathamismahbackwards?Lookmommy,.,KL see you at the turf,EH-Stop it.GB- Sorry about the short 
skirt. JM-Thanx for having me over and watching out for me.TN-Save me a room in Edmonton. Rolling in the pathy.Row- 
Thanx for keeping me sane, I luv ya,BV- Who'd of thought? I'll get your crazy metaphors someday. Chi-Chi- nothing beats 
the real thing(in moderation of course). Summer 97 the best.SuperNadolski's and Dave and Raf's.To my girls MS,LS,JS,AC- 
Stay close, I love ya. Thanks to Nancy M.for being an awesome coach and pushing me just the right amount. Ill see you on 
the turf. Thanks to Mr. Gardiner for knowing I could do it and making me want to. Thanks mostly to my family for loving 
me and putting up with me. To everyone I forgot, good times and peace. 

Alan Lin 

1995 - 1998 

Alan was here to meet his relations; his daughter. Anna H, son Alan (Sucks, Treeman), younger sisters, Tina Y and Yiffen 

C. she called me big sister ??. his granddaughter Judy T, his niece Alice W, his father Ken Y "call me dragon " and an 

unknown mother. Alan plans to travel in the US David T (Jian), Charles H (Big Papa). Steven H (lady). Cosmos Y (donkey). 

and his son Treeman. Alan and Yank, Airplane, Geeky, and Gordo can be found 2:00 AM in Downtown without ID. His 

athletic prowess was quite evident as he beat his roommate in basketball almost every night. He also enjoyed cross-country, 

badminton and ragby. Alan would often spontaniously go for a run for not particular reason, his roommates often thought 

he'd gone mad. He also enjoyed staying up all hours of the night playing games against his roommate, which he set a new 

win-loss record of 1-62. Known as uncle to many of the boarding students. Alan was destined to be a prefect. Along with his 

fellow countryman Lance W (father). Alfred W (geeky), and American import Dave they controlled third floor of Bolton 

house with an Iron Fist. Before the Bolton days. Alan was a member of Symons house (girls on top), where we would always 

be up late waiting for the houseparents to leave the campus. He would spend countless hours in the foyer with his true love, 

Lillian. He will miss all of his friends after his graduation. Especially Lillian, who he will never forget !! 


Kimberley Lobb 

1986 - 1998 

Long ago Kim entered a land called SMU filled with care bears. After the 5 years of junior school and the 3 years of middle 
school Kim entered senior school ready to leave her mark. Kim spent most of her time on the hardwood, hockey pitch and 
with her friends. To all my friends, thank you for making SMU such a wonderful adventure. To the basketball and field 
hockey girls, thanks for the memories, I love you. To my teachers, thank you for caring. TC thanks for the fun and the 
anthems. Nancy- thanks for making hockey so much fun and for all the support. Mr. Gardiner- you have taught me more 
that you will ever know. Thank you for being a friend. IHL- thank you for making my senior season so special and for 
believing in me maybe more than I believed in myself. To Krystal- half way around the world together and you still make me 
laugh. Stay cute, Ciao Bella! Jayne- one word PROCRASTINATION! Thanks for the use of your ear and smile, Kanoux- 
what would 1 do with out you? Thanks for all the hugs, I love you! Amy- Always be yourself cause you rock, Steve- thanks 
for beating on me and making me strong. Mom and Dad thank you will never be enough. 1 love you both. 
Good Luck to everyone. Don't Dream it. Be it! 

David Lynch 

1986 - 1998 

I've spent the last six years at SMU dreaming about graduating, but now that this chapter in my life is suddenly 

coming to a close, I'm getting all nostalgic. I came to SMU in Grade 6. a small, shy and quiet guy from public school. The 

competitiveness was unbelievable remember RA's 99%? - but 1 ended fitting in pretty well. The Mid. School was great 

DMB's class- X&Y - Spare me Man! - U- 13 was awesome Aids & Zacks. HyperCard kings, eh Capt? On to the Senior 

School and growing up... The Pres, Bad Trumpeters, Fr. Tutors, and Leadership (Gooo Baack Leopold!). Grade 12 has been 

the best year ever - Buicks. Movie Nights & Car Rallies, Rugby was fun, roaring "Deeeewwwar", though I never could catch 

- I got AL once though! Sr. Soccer with PL & Mr Nash was awesome - CP Jokes & Mavrikos' resurrection?!. Thanks to all 

the teachers, especially KR. AMcK. AJ. KM, BK, PM. DrM and DMB - your inspiration and energy is the heart of the school. 

To my close friends. JR.AD.JZ.MC.Jenny F.Mr Smith. Wonger, and of course the future hockey star/announcer Cap't Kirk - 

thanks for all the memories and for generally putting up with me and my historical anecdotes, bad jokes and cynical 

judgements. To those of you who know where you're headed, good luck! - 1 hope you get there- and to the rest of us, cheer 

up! - isn't all the fun going to be in the finding out, anyway? 

Rachel Magnusson 1996 - 1998 

OiiLC or IwiLt' upon a tinif, in the days ol thick torests ol leg haii . there were tivu nutty wateispints belly (Jancint) on a traffic 
median. They believed that A & C was "Gnarly" and they slept on a stinky beach where they were mistaken for human 
caterpillars. What the ... Ohmigaad! 1 had "a moment" with the baby-blue-checkered-shirt-twin, the one without shiny ear 
lobes. Excusa me? Who touched my bum? Chiseled 44. or was it that Empress teddy bear while I was getting my 10 cents 
haircut with garden sheers. Tocatocatoca, as much an apple doth an oyster! Just remember, Shtuff does Shtuff to other 
Shtuff. partying it up outside the Tuck Shop, peeing, and dancing with pool noodles. Girly, keep up those hardskills. Never 
lick cheeks, not even of pre-teen vampires. TREE. Here's to my supergenlus twin! Pro-rowdy, with green fingers and 
warts. Sis, you're the best. Who is older you or me?. Kindred Spirits. I will always love Rufus, Garfield, and Odee. Suck it 
up buttercup! "I tell it wet" for nightswimming, biking with fugitives, shadow dancers, hefalumps, and poetry. Podgy! All 
footling aside. I love you and I'll miss you. 

Jonathan McLean 

1997 - 1998 

I would first like to thank God for where I am today. Thanks Mom and Dad for wiping the applesauce off of my chin to 

giving me the opportunity to excel in life. To all of my brothers; Joel for being a Monk, Josh for being a Buddhist, Jordan for 

doing that annoying whistle thing, and Jake & Jonah for doing the bubumba and the sexy... oh I can't write that. To Chris, 

hey man you'll graduate some day, don't worry, be happy. Roger, you are and always will be, the hopscotch master. Baker 

keep on baking kid! Ta ma bredrins Peeks, Dinan, Ebanks and Haroo ya na hafa worry yo boy'll be eatin red snappa soon 

zeen! Ta Lee, Justin, and Roberts Jamaica will be crisp still. Ta all da sessions and skets still ta cum. I would like to thank all 

the little people who made this event possible. Ta rna bredrins the Appleton family. Mr. Daniels, good ole Don, Mr. So-co. 

Senior Corona, Mr. B&H. and that guy off the Mento's commercial. But above all 1 would like to thank me. Cuz without me. 

none of would of happened. With one steepin stone down still plenty to go. One small step for mankind, one giant leap... 1 

have a Dream. Brace yo self fool cue' this boy's gonna blow this popsicle stand 

Emir Mehinagic 

1993 - 1998 

Fust of all I would like to thank my parents for sending me to this country. 1 would also like to thank my cousins for 
having me here and supporting me through all these years. My gratitude goes out to all of the teachers who helped me 
along the way. Shout outs to all the doggs, fiends and the B-Timers (you know who are). See y'all later and just maybe 
one day you'll see me rollin' in a drop top Z-28, 

Nathan Millar 

1995 - 1998 

Upon crossing the Straight of Georgia and entering the confines of SMU, Nate saw an opportunity to push himself all the 

lime and make the world a better place. Unfortunately, he wasn't completely successful. During his three years of boarding 

bliss he lived in both Symons (girls on top') and Bolton, where he became co-head-of-house with his roommate Sher 

Khan. While blessing all those who knew him with his charm and great sense of humour, he amazed others with his incredible 

athletic prowess. Hordes came from miles around to watch him procrastinate. Besides being a top scholar, his peers regarded 

him as a leader (something he was never cut out to be) and demi-god.You may askYou see, this was only his outward 

appearance — in reality he was capable of violent outbreaks from the smallest amounts of aggravation, as he terrorized room 

218 at will. He had multiple personalities including Gavrilo Princip, and could be found up at all hours of the morning 

practising the line art of sniping. His true loves of sleeping (although he never got enough) and the outdoors surpass all 

others. While frequently being called Nature Nate, and Nature Boy (much to his dismay), he endured such taunts silently, 

holding in his witty retorts, Nate plans to pursue a career in engineering at Queens university after participating in an 

exchange to Ecuador : ) 

Mariko Miller 

1986 - 1998 

1 i^oii 1 overflow my space describing the endless memories 1 have had here, but through all the good times and all the had 
times, I've met some pretty amazing people. To all my dear friends- thank you. lor putting up with me. My memories here 
will last forever... Cara, Sheryl- there's always another mission. Bum- you're right about that sunset Danny H- thanx for 
always listenin' and Martine and Amanda- 1 love you guys so much! To everyone who has made me smile through the 
toughest times, thank you, a smile is worth a thousand words. I'll miss you all... bye. 

Anup Misra 


I joined the school in grade 4 and have enjoyed my eight years at SMU. I have survived the Junior School, 2 Middle Schools 

and the Senior School. 1 want to thank all the people that made my time here the best that it could be. Especially. 1 must 

thank my parents for putting up with me. Some messages to a few people, CK do you have a license yet? RS Would you 

like a beverage with your orange peel? PB Colouring in calc class, yodeling in the concert AD NM 102 picoFarads, just 

don't hit the roof . Against all odds. 

Courtenay Mitchell 1994-1998 

Wow. Looking back on my four years at SMUS. 1 can t believe that I'm finally graduating! Ive accomplished more than I 
ever planned to here, but looking back on it now, it seems that some of my most valuable times came when 1 least expected 
them to. So. to all of my friends who helped me "waste " my time in high school, 1 wish you the absolute best. Some 
moments that 1 definitely want to remember: Galapagos!!!(3a.m. wake up call, swimming with the sea lions and the shark, 
touching the sting ray...), ski trips, rock climbing, sinking the quad, blockbuster boy,U2,Joffre Range, make-up at the 
musicals, never-ending rehearsals for the plays, slurpees and subways, "meet you at the garbage can", lunchtime escapes 
from school, Timmis hysteria, building the snowman, Chixdiggit from the parking lot. finding "love" at John's Place (ha!), 
and all those other times that hopefully I'll remember later. I've had some amazing times and made some great friends, but I 
think we're all ready for something new now. Or at least I am. And if so much can happen in a small place like SMUS, it's 
crazy to think of what lies ahead. So, my only real plan for now is to let curiosity lead me anywhere where there's sun, blue 
sky and lots of laughs. Hopefully, I'll meet you there. 

Ryan Munroe 


It has been 5 long years but now 1 am off to bigger and better things, I don't think I could of made it without the many high 

times with my good buds Emir. Bryce, both Vic's, George and Adam. During my time as a S.M.U. dog there are certain 

memories I don't think I'll ever forget: my first time on the rugby field, E.M. dancing to "smack my Bruce up," and the 

hundreds of trips to the park with V.D., A H., and N.V. A little of advice to V.C., you gotta stay on your feet it can get you 

in trouble and V.D. try to learn to keep it hung in those situations. B.S. never forget our times with Dave, Larry and 

especially the lung. Oh, and you know 1 will always be able to beat you. A.H. I still can't stop thinking about that trip to 

Subway, and V.D. that drive to sodafest was crazy but I wanna do it again. The B.C.'s for soccer were dope but ILL., J. P., 

and J.F. lets try not to drink on a reserve again. Car rallies and all the parties were awesome. Thanx for all the memories, 

my time spent here went by too god damn fast and I wish I could have got to know more of you. A special thank you to my 

Mom and Dad for helping me get through the impossible such as passing that Biology course. Everyone, have lots of fun in 

your new life and try to make the best out of what you got. See ya later GRAD CLASS of 98! 

Joann Nash 


Congratulations, Grad 98 

Gustavo Neri-Delgado 1995-1998 

In my 3 years at SMU there are many things to be remembered: Trip to Sooke. Douhy s party, room 21b parties, crazy 

pick-up ball, soccer. The Sapporo (with the '86 engine), Siam, Vic Demone, Helmut changing colour. Lala, The RL, Cobys, 

"Nice mobes/sweet", back of the bus stop, Lem's party, Harlem, movies at Ro.xy's, Air band with the crew (OA, GW, HL), 

skiing with Woolica, Driving Jack's car, "FU maybe". Pray, to who? ', Pizza party at Mutine's, Lying day!, Atcha!, Running 

from the dog. Singing to Hillside, "Horny, do we have Math?", French movie with CP, AD, OA and NM, Party at Rom's, 

Paintball with GW and HL, History mark, 911, Wrestling at 110, 11-9 with British Bull-dog, 2 on 2's, Snowball fights, 

waking up Polo, Breaking the picture, '"Run away". Atmosphere Preasure, Monopoly and Poker nights, Omar's grade 11 

picture"Mark Holenderski", That's enough for me. You wanna study with me baby?. 

Gustavo "Gus, Dustabul, Tav, Mustafa, 4/5, Gus lee" Neri, will like to thank: 

The crew (OA, GW, HL), My family, RShih, Lance, Nate, Ryota, Lem, Vas, Rom's, Adam, State. Yosephino, Preston, Tim, 

Danny, Cam, Mike, Jason, Colin, JNash, Knack, The Mexicans (Luis, Rodrigo and Gerardo). Mr. and Mrs. Cameron (Los 

amo y gracias por todo), and the Most Beauhful girl I've ever seen ROXANNE BLACK (I LOVE YOU!) 

Model students 

..and the others. 


Jason Ng 

1994 - 1998 

Only person he knew was his cousin P.Chau thought to be an evil clone of him (no resemblance). But Jason Ng did indeed 
get to know some others. He would sit around quietly and be completely unassuming, but wants to destroy the world, hears 
voices in his head, and watches his back suspicously. He falls asleep in class often too. 

He spends most of his breaks hanging out with D. Lynch, M.Cassidy, J.Franklin, M.Boulton, C.Smith, P,Bedeski, C.Kirk, 
S.Wong, R. Sultan, A.Mishra, and J.Lee, who really don't have much to do with him anyways. 

In his grade 12 year Jason took. Computer Programming (does anyone do anything at all?). Art (everyone is anorexic), 
Calc AB (one of the only ones left). Physics (Clyde does not do the work), Japanese (remember Chi Sai-san from last year) 
and English. Well if he doesn't destroy the world he'll probably take up computer programing when he goes to university. 

Remember the Ng is evil, he leads the legions of hell, someone has too much blood in their caffeine system, David Lynch 
didn't do Twin Peaks, Hail General Wong, They're all against you, everywhere, behind you. Everyone will be rated and 

Christopher Noel 1992 - 1998 

Chris joined the schm il back in grade 7 as a fat red haired kid where he sat back in bottom set. He has made many friends 

over his years at the school. Thanks to all the b-ball and soccer boys for some great road trips. To the rugby boys you 

helped me achieve my goal of a B.C. championship. To R.k. thanks for all the crazy rides home. To G.b skippin by the 

pool. To A.w. stay off the dallas road cliffs. To C.y. just remember "barnacle". To S.t. when your lost just find your way to 

the rock and it will be all right. To M.m stop smiling. To E.h thanks for always been around. To J.m thanks for all of the 

memories. To S.p. its been a long hall and we've stuck together just keep questing and sing along "cause a fished just 

jumped" and it was wearing a suit screaming 'hey franky ". To my parents thanks for all the love and support. And finally to 

Cm. you have helped me complete my years here. Remember if you have a dream stick with it and it just might come true, I 

love you and 1 thank you for all of the wonderful times. To everyone else see ya. 

Colin Parrott 

1993 - 1998 

First off, Fd like to thank ail of my friends, teachers, coaches, and staff members who've helped me through school; without them 
Fd be nowhere. I've met many great friends here and look forward to seeing them all again at the Alumni Days years from now. 
Some things Fd like to remember are: hangin' out at Prospect, water tower climbs with QB;"AHHH, why do I bother!"AlA with 
Spice-Prentice, beer wolf, and the mezzanine; Shuymay's flophouse and automatic trunk; outtrips- "Shut up Alfrcd"(TS);Whistler 
with QB(the bear and paintball); the 1^' XV rugby boyz-BC champs '97!; DOWHYFESTS;Sodafest and QB's skinny dip with AS; 
rollin in baby blue with Spice and Mike "JEAH muthatruckazz! "; Chillin' in TC's bookstore watching J. Springer Videos; OVNFs 
avec Mr. Peach; french videos with Alazhay, Gus, and Dew; Profco; Dew's drink from the Howard Russell Cup; LK's leg peeT 
know you like it; SanFran with Spice and air subways; "It's dinner time"; 360's;combos;free stuff; car rallies and spankin' in the 
Aerostar; whip creaming QB;VD ain't #1; T's Path and bedtime stories; Thomers's allnighters with Hennessy; "Why maaaaan?"; 
New Years '97 and Mikey's make-up; barfing at dances with QB and 'ovin' with TS. To all you grad '99'ers-keep on thuggin'. 
Not to forget my mom, grandma, and the oF wise man in Japan-thanks for everything, I Luv Ya. Fve had unforgettable moments 
here at SMUS and would like to go out by saying this- "I'd rather die like a man than live like a coward." 

Charlotte Paul 

1993 - 1998 

Five years and Fm still standing (kinda). Grade eight favorites: "Jill Bill", uplands posse. Farewell dinner dance. Grade nine: 1 

met who was to be (and still is) my saucy partner in crime, JA. Who can forget cuffs, bootie cops ( JN, RB, JVG, LVG, JA). 
senior vs. junior sauce (I think that it's evident who came out ontop). Silver Star with CG, meeting our new budd\^ roy. 
Dyerfest 94 ( Jen where are you?). Grade ten; The three hoochies (GS and JA) Toot toot whistle whistle shut up. Silver Star 
and the hot tubs. Grade 11; the Dadd\^ club. Super fun sleepovers with RC. Tuck shop scenery with EF, AJ, JV, GG, CM, & 
DD. Shawnagin (CN, DH, CY,) "shut up wah wah". Cruising in Easy G with JA, CN. KK, and Roy. Car rally *1 with MD. 
JA, QB, TS, RL, CP, and AD. "" Give me the key to the cuffs before Ryan pukes on me ". Dowhey fest 97. Grade 12. Grad 
party (Sodefest). Entertainment from AS and QB, flics in the pathfinder (TS), CP&CP production company. Rooster call at 
6:30am from JA " 1 want McDonalds!". Partying at TS's in Colwood. Cruising in the Benzy with JA and Buddy. Parking it 
with BH and AT. Fun times with CY. There's so much that 1 have to leave out because 1 don't have the space, so to anyone 
not mentioned, sorry. Thanks and love to my Poppy; I know you're smiling. It's been fun but 1 think this is only the begin- 

Sam Paulos 

1986 - 1998 

1 bt'un in a daze. Almost 12 vears G S. had us doing some weird #'y'!% when we were kids Missed grade sev or was it eight? 
Confusing story that 1 have to recount way to often to way too stupid people. Good times though. For all you kids out there, don't 
worry it only gets better. The legendary third term of grade 9 changed us for good. Summer with N.D.,C.N.,R,K, was cool. Things 
running in the water, holograms, weird raps, burnt hair, Kareem and the five stages before you die. Then later we started attracting 
some really weird people everywhere we went. The new moon guy, the alcove guy, the beached whale, santa in a bottle to name 
just a few. What's up with that. 1 don't think we'll ever figure it out A.W. but you once hypothesized that it had to do with B.L. 
and that's the best explanation to date. I know I'll be going to Whistler without A.J. and probably R.K. so here's to great times 
and great friends. See you on the slopes. I'm sorry that only a couple of us can live the dream. Hopefully our paths will cross again. 
The future is very uncertain. Crack boy and Young B!-i-ch, good luck, he'll give you a war and I know you want one. Peace to 
my boys. We will get by, we will survive, and we will do much, much more. Thanks, Sam. 

George Pemberton 1993 - 1998 

This IS how I spent my five years at SMU; 

Festivals at A.D.'s and B. S.'s, - J.T. when are we going to have that competition? Baxter the dogg could beat you. 

Thursday nights after rugby with E.M.. What the hell was happening at Windsor that night V.C.? SMU dances, cops playing 

mind games, V.D. on Oak Bay Ave. what about my door? G.B. no more than you already are; let's go. You and the stool 

not J.T.. R.M. and B. S. causing havoc with neighbors. At least I don't go to white trash Belmont! T. S. and late trips to 

Petro. It wasn't a spit! Sure. E.M. and B.B.B. while R.M. is going for the posts. E.M. going to celebrate? C. P. and V.D, 

with their competitions. But V.D. is still *1. T.S., R.K. and I rally driving in the wood. Is that another 4-Runner? Duke 

with A.W., Karl sucks, A,W, your hat was on sideways. Sick of Whitespot after winning the provincials. V.C. with the 

looney tunes blackout. That's twice now. when's the third? The touchdown finished me. No neck Joe. and Southpark, 

during Spike and Mike's. R.L. you wasted that shaving cream but the morning made up for it. To evervone that wasn't 

mentioned picture me rollin in my 86 Vette and R.K.: keep going hard. 

Jenny Reed 

1986 - 1998 

The past 12 years created too many memories to confine them to a short paragraph and having made so many friends from 
whom I've learned so much, 1 must thank them all. To all of my teachers through the years, 1 also give thanks. For all of my 
memories, 1 tell them wet. from grade one's Carebears to grade four's "guts for garters. " the 4 shades. Shawnigan birthdays, 
Hawaii, Japan, Galapagos, the car rally, comet watching, the sleepover, p,e. class creativity. U2, , . . I can't begin to 
recapture the year's experiences, but know I had a great time along the way. To the girls, thanks for always being there: 
Kanoux. my lucky star; Laura, my smile; Rebecca, my inspiration; Rachel, my soul mate; Kim, my comforter; Megan, my 
angel; Genny, our J boys; Lindsay, stay true and sweet; and KS, LI, LW, JD, LD, CW. KE-L. and the rest of the gang. To 
my other friends, remain true to yourselves and always love life. And finally to Jayne. my best friend and sister, we've done 
it' I know I couldn't have survived without you. Thanks for teaching me that "in each of us there burns a flame of indepen- 
dence that must never be allowed to go out. That as long as it exists within us we cannot be destroyed" - Bryce Courtenay. 
Ciao Bella! 

Steven Romanchuk 1995 - 1998 

Steve (Romeo, Romey, Romansuckie, ghetto 'ss., beefy. Romanwruk) came to SMUS m Grade 10 He has many fond 

memories of his three years and will never forget his friends and the fun they had. He will specially remember: Style. Ohm's 

Law. Mut Lee. Goose. Nate. State. Dowhy. Shih. Holenderski. Lisa, Dewars, Kanoux, Rachael, Laura, and Jayne. Grade 10 

memories: Outdoor trip with Kittstein, Star Wars at Brads, late nights in Uplands and Cedar Hill, Friday nights on Mt. 

Tolmie. Grade 11 memories: Late nights in Bolton, Outdoor trip, Hallowe'en, Willows Beach(JB, LW and KL), Dowhy 

Fest(2 kegs), poker nights. Cuckoo's Nest with Ohms and the dances. In Grade 12, Steve came into his own becoming Head 

of Harvey(with his own room) and had a ton of fun. He will never forget the Sapporo with the '86 engine, the car rally(style 

wearing only his necklace and winning the beet/sand eating contest), birthday, dance and after exam parties in Room 102, 

the prefect sleepover, grad pranks, Jayne's party, Starbucks and countless nights at Brads. He has fond memories of the 1st 

XV (his brothers): road trips to Vancouver, ferry rides, winning the provincials and of course the tour. Thanks to his 

roommates Gor "DON" and Peter who were always interested in his stories (especially Gor""DON""). Special thanks go out to 

the Jones' and all of Steve's teachers for their patience. To everyone: Good Luck, see ya in a couple of years! 

Tcrrence Satdeo 

1994 - 1998 

I began my SMU life in grad nine. I have made it through the last four years with the help of many great friends 
and many great teachers. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me. especially my parents. 

Good times have come and gone (mostly good). France with Bregg. festivals. Rollin' in the cutlass, civic, stang, 
benz, acura, and best of all the PATHY. Bad times have also come and gone, (not to be mentioned here). To all my boyz I'll 
be in Edmonton. Peace! To all the tricks next time you want to see me just close your eyez and picture me rollin' in my 94 
NISSAN. Now I'm just staring at SMU through my rear view. 

Daniel Saunders 

1992 - 1998 

Finally, a chance to say everything I've been keeping pent up over my entire school career, without fear of embarrassment or 

reprisals! um ah oh well. It's been six long years since I escaped from my fourth-rate Elementary School, 

and during my time at this school I've experienced more joy, pain, fear and loathing, excitement and satisfaction than in a 

lifetime of summer vacations. Thanks to all my friends, and. well, everybody. I'll remember you long after I've forgotten 

everything else. I guess all that's left is to offer some inspirational quotations. Philip K. Dick, gonzo sci-fi writer; "Reality is 

that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away." Robyn Hitchcock, my musical hero; "Underneath our civilized 

glazing, we are all peculiar and we are all alone," and "Heaven and Hell are life, the rest is silence." To Grad '98. whip it up! 

Katherine Saunders 1993 - 1998 

I'he last five years were the best of my life Amy: Midnigtit swings at Prospect, the monster in Prior lake, hitty chitty Bangbang, 
flying in Busby, "Butas. flexing, sessions, skittais, Oswald, and Lawrence", the suicidal marmot, standard lessons, "Are you sure 
she's old enough to have her license", egging J. Ms car, fries w/ McChicken sauce, napkin balls, "Amy has to, you know, can 
we come over?', flags, the lost hubcap. "I'll give you a piggyback". Sarah McLachlan. PHAT. Magali: the tuckshop man. guys 
with guns, laying pool, peeing at Windsor, rubbery days, "I think 1 broke my nose ", M.T. and I.B's shoes, the taxi cabfwhich I can 
never apologize enougbi for). Jean: juicy red, A.M.. Doctor Anus, office, "Lactose Intolerance ". Jayne: "I don't eat meef"". tragic 
bonfire. O.A. and Celine Dion, bagel in the pool, procrastinating. Laura: poinsettia delivering, people that dont exist, shotty. 
Kanoux: viva puffs and Bob Marlev. Kings Street, mapreading. AND: imaginative P.E. classes. Jeans toilet, ginseng, 
Shawnigan.Gonzales Hill, To all the people 1 love: A.K. J.B. MB. J.D. J.M. R.W. L.B. K.L. K.L. R.M, J.R. S.R. M.V. L.W. L.W. 
G.W, l.B, M.T, D.H, the memories will stay with me forever. To all my friends, thanks so much for being the most wonderful and 
special people, whom I will never forget. Love ya always and forever -Kate 

Raymond Shih 

1997 - 1998 

Ray Shih remembers: the car rally, the first weekend gating, the Sooke long weekend. Lem s arcade, the room 21b parties. 

the photo stickers on the ferry, the only month of bio. the play, the 3-week bottle collection, the Busta Rhymes CD. the 

Stewards dance, the cast party, the crazy pick-up ball, the Sapporo (with the "86 engine), the Thai restaurant. Vic de Mone. 

the orange hair, the new coffee macfiine. the sleepy roommate. Helmut with Ryota and Lance under the influence, the 

Wedds days, instant noodle cravings, the lala, the ladies at Montys. the Macniven residence, the Harlem World LP. the 

Cobys. "Nice Moves (Gus)"'. Jaynes party, the back of the bus stop, the huge chits and travel money, the party at Lem and 

Dons on videotape, the Kahlua, the 1560. "uh ... no (me)"", the grad sweatpants, chilling and cruising around in Saudi, etc. 

Ray Shih would like to thank: The Bolton family: Yos. Gus. Grant. Lance. Nate. My Harvey people: Vas. Romanchuk. 

Helmut. Holenderski. Adam. S.Tate. Joeseph. GorDON. The Barnacle duo: Ryota. Omar . The rest of SMU: Lisa. 

Kanoux. Jenny. Jayne. Megan. Christine. Rachel. My Ontario people: Andrew, Cam, Laura. Sasha, Scott, Ravi, Sean. My 

Saudi circle: Allen, Lem. My actual family: You know who you are. 

Amy Simard 

1997 - 1998 

Well. 11 uus .1 king hard last year of high school Some said that it couldn't be done but, I did it! I graduated and lived at SMU. 
Im thankful for my room mate and all my good friends. We all stuck together through those long cold crazy nights at the park. 
Im going to miss my little buddies, be strong, you can do it! So. Td like to end off with a quote... "For those whom have never 
experienced it there are no words to describe it. For those who have, no words are necessary." Peace Amy 

Robert Sin 

1995 - 1998 

Robert, tin.' lic-.t KLirLvm. loiiic t. i SML ^ in giddt' 10 iii Ixiarding lilc in Bornacle house. With interesting aiiJ uiluiibk' 

experience, he has found himself as an important part of it( Head of House). During the three years in SMUS, he was 

involved in many activities such as choir, band, musical (stage crew), and sports, etc... Because of the band rehearsal, he had 

to get up & 7:00 am everyday ( Thank you Mr. MacKay!!!). He wont forget the Ontario band trip (It was a great tour). The 

sweet memories (everyday (f 2:00 am) with his friends. CH, DH, JH, SH and his roommate R"Y. ( the oldest) will last 

forever. He likes all the Korean People and wishes them good luck. In the future, he will study engineering in university and 

keep singing like a bird ^_'^. Thanks to Mr. And Mrs. G. 

CY: Sorry about my English pronunciation. Please don't be mean to me. LD: Left Side rules!!! RY: You had a great 

roommate whoever he is. DC & YY: X forever!!! MV: Best wishes!! SP, CN, & AC: It was a great experience to sing with 

you guys on Valentine"s Day. Mrs. H: Thank you for everything!! Robert will miss everyone and the school. And he will visit 

SMUS some time in the future. Lastly, "Just Barnacle!" 

Susan Sin 

1995 - 1998 

Susan (also known as BoBo. Small. Anatd, Kid and BaPo) came to SMU in Gr. 10. Her few distinct characteristics are; her habit 
of skipping classes to sleep; her small size, her honey-like sweetness; her bright smile and her "occassional"' shotting. Apart from 
studying. Susan is always in the mood for fun. She spent her first year making loads of friends and gossiping. In Gr. 1 1 . she absorbed 
herself in chatlines and the cyberworld. In the Grad year, she became a prefect of Winslow and had increased her determination 
t'.i get good grades (Really???!!) Nevertheless, her love life was very fulfilling: The artist and dancer Lwei in Gr. 10; The fast fling 

HIee in Gr. 11 (1 hope 1 will get another fever!) and The "curry chicken"" sucker Esam in Gr. 12 (Oh mi gosh !!). Apart from 

all her b.f.s. she also had a lot of special times and relationships with S&S Hirao and Wong: D&D Ishihara and Tseng. She will 
not 4-get all her buddies; Y&Ymak. Csze. Asam. Jpoon, Mhau, Clau. Gchan. Yau. Ahuang. Ssugimoto. Jwong. Elai, R&Jchung, 
Lingle. Chuang. Shsu, Awong. Gcheung... and of course all her roomies; Gtseng. Dleeand Gkoo. Her loving memories will include 
snowball fights; Mt. Tolmie night; No Doubt dance; sipping bailey and having girltalk with her bros; breaking chopsticks in Lin 
Heung... Lastly, we wish Susan all the best no matter when and where in the future. Luv you always ! 
Sweet Ultramicrospic Sozzled Affectionate JVaive 

Christopher Smith 1987 - 1998 

One regret: wish I was a lifer. Here's to General Wong! (salute the floor) Sexiest man alive! To Bryce in Music Comp Stt 

ya' at Point no Point! To C.l. in Cuckoo's (he hee he he HEE) and the Shrew. A lesson in Italian pronunciation, how bout 

it Chris (tch'ris). To Zacks in WATCH. To Emily in orchestra. To the back row in Chem 12 and Herbal Essence! Here's 

to ... HI CRAIG!! To your hapless Leafs. Oh God... (your line). To Adrian: Pioneer of the name Shmitty.' "Is that a rock 

stuck in the road" Always been a pleasure, ever since our entrance exam. Keep grinnin'. Here's to all the Guys & Dolls. 

especially Nick: Benny "100% eyes": Ali: Miss Adelaide. I'll always remember you; see you in the movies. A pleasure 

working with you both. To Taylor: so much to say. so little space. 'Shagadellic baby!" To Boulton: forever entertaining. 

To Lynchmob: locker buds; the tank: presidential impersonations; appreciation. Here's to 2 young ladies who have 

brightened my life. Man you cut that close; slurpees; subway guy: movie nights; Wolfgang; L&C; bottom floor of Challoner: 

I'm a MUSICIAN. Thank you Jen & Megan for being the best friends ever, for putting up with me and Hamlet (a very 

palpable... ) my singing and conducting, and for bringing my ego down. Love always. To the Grads. to the future, to Life: 


Bryce Soderberg 1994 - 1998 

1 came to SMU as a minor niner. from beyond the far wastelands of the Sooke hills. Not knowing anything about rugby, boarding, 
or education. 1 spent my first month hanging out with Dowhy. listening to random Anthrax and Pantara tapes. Yes. 1 was a jovie. 
I was finally was brought to the attention of RM.GP. TS.EM.VC.VD-which was cool, because they taught me how to make fun 
of AS. sing about splishey cream, and sing about diets. Grade 9 also brought me to the first Dowhyfest: Starwars! 1 also met RB. 
(Good party). Grade 9 & 10 also had my park buddies. 1 got my Diesel. which drives better on the course than on the road. (And 
the 50 dollar airplane) Grade 1 1 consisted of CN.Thanx for blaying ball. GB. Pipe down. Pipe down. State, mug down, mug down. 
Also JG and CS.(easy on the slurpees). Also one of the best girls of my life. MM. See Ya. Have fun in Call. I also will miss SL. 
Who reminds me not to thank the car rally committee. What am I doing right now? Who knows. I'm probably on tour with AH, 

If we're not already dead. Dyfunktional kicks 1 wanna thank the boys. Knott, AJ.SP.AW.QB. RL.JB.Dewar! The hell with 

It. there's 2 many. Oh. EL and JF; I don't want to make fun of you anymore, 1 just want to make people think you're gay. Thanx 
to the B-ball team, and thanx to my parents and anyone I forgot. Remember, Praise the funk. It's been a slice... 

Christopher Sortland 1997 - 1998 

The journey's been strenuous and full of great new experiences. Everyone chipped in some way or another this year or 

previously to cheer me up when I was down and share the joy when my fortunes reign. Make like a duck... look cool on the 

surface, and paddle like crazy underneath. Words of wisdom from a kind and loving mother. Thanks dad for the long and 

torturing speeches about thinking long-term goals and keeping all those "doors " open. I guess you really were right after all. 

Then there were all of the fun times apart from school. Summers of partying, enjoying Dan's "A Wink and a Smile " side 

show or Rob and Dan's Shambala dance. Winters of pollution in Santiago, but it was all worth it guys! Eddy, you sure do 

know how to get down and boogie. Peter: Paddla din fjord bar det ar varmt. din lilla skit. The Yergen in the Bjergen Fjord. 

ja? And how can 1 forget the wonderful place where butts fill the ground, stumps are plentiful, and people get jiggy wid it. 1 

guess you'll only get that one if you've been there. Watch out for the Frat!! Thanks for all of the great laughs guys: Jon-Jon 

(what a batchi 
boy) Cream Puff (have fun next year!), Roger (Roga Woo where are you?). Amen. One year attendance at SMUS. I'm a 

Toys R Us Kid. 

Tye Spicer 

1994 - 1998 

Tye came to SMU in grade 9 in an effort to rekindle his floundering academic prowess. Much of time was spent with the 
boys, as well as with J-Dub. Some of hiss fondest memories include: San Fran Marshall Boomay with CP. the Flophouse RL, 360's. 
combo's, Sodafesf. Dowhyfest '97 '98, Kelowna summer '97 with MD. "Your Brutal Ref". Car Rallies: (A&W chairs and spankin' 
in tha Aerostar), Ballin' last year with EF.GG & McWAN & this year with DB.CC.JG.BC & Igor. Spending many a lonely lunch 
hour chillin' in da LC with MD. SR "The Ghetto". CK making mnocent giris bleed (Snowballs). CP's socks. Fighting at the Racquet 
Club with RL, Tequila Injections. Chilllin' wit Bri. B-Ball Trips (AlaskaA-as Vegas). Talking to headlights QB. Double "D" calves. 
Homeless "Harry Dat " TS, getting dirty posters from the RL, Automatic Trunks B. Shooms, Free Stuff in DP's Draft PROFCO. 
Fatness. Baby Blue "Geeya Mudda Truckas! ", Its Dinner Time ZZZHHTT, To my boy DB keepin' it Croat, Nighties at JT's, 
Saskatchewan IDs, the AlA mezzanine with Prentice and CP, Domes Hennessey, Jovin' at the dance with CP. scoobies from 
Fathurst.Ponderosa with ST. shout outtoall the boyzMD,QB.CP,RL,CK.JT,AD,AD,TS, to the Gr,irs(DB.CK.CC,EL,MM,JB,BC) 
the schools all yours. I would like to thank J-Dub as well as my family without whom I wouldn't have made it. "Long after the 
Spice is forgotten the quality remains. "-1HL 

Alexandra Staseson 1993 - 1998 

It has been incredible, horrible, laughable all at the same time. The rest of our lives are approaching with tin-due haste and 

all I can say is... Tara: walking to the cupboard, our first commune, okeeeee. fin good times, assy-massy-apassy. Goldie. 

mellow down ok? Terrence baby! Quiero comer. Jamie and your impressions of JL! happy preeap! nutha ducka. NOMOFRO 

FO OMOFO. dammn grrrl. you got it goin on grrrl!-loserdra. Goodby Timmis babes State, if we were squirrels?... To all the 

guys and dolls, thank you. Auntie Panty loves sooty fruity. Don't rock my boat. Jen&Char: CLAIRES rocked the house! 

Thanks Hywel for listening to all of "IT"-Homeo. Head for the hills. Senor K's coming. Thanks for the Dunnie's Fabes. your 

a potty animal! Feifel. Doncaster PaloAlto . Dana, or is it Aura?...Kat: 1 love you so much. Wasp till you can't wasp nomo. 

Paushy waushy. those are mini those. 1 lutes you. '66Stang-baby blue. QB. it's all about the CK's in your life. "Oh my God! 1 

met the man of my dreams! " I'll find you one day Mr. Hillside. Car rally, cosway... let's get naaaask-ed! Sodafest in that 

cold. cold water QB. jelly vibe. Youcannot be serious. Adam, you're a trickery. Em-Dee-Lem. Gav :A&W is in my heart. All 

Y'all, I love you and thank you. Yall know who you are. I'm off to capture the world on film- no TS, not as Sarah Bellevue-. 

and as Jimmy two- times would say, .."I'm gonna go get the papers. .get the papers. "-Goodfellas Ciao Bella! 

Ashley Stobbart 

1995 - 1998 

Null Ldii alu'ai_s tell ti rOcil tricnd i^huii yrju vc iiidcle a ti h:iI (it 
yourself he doesn t feel you've done a permanent job. -Laurence J. Peter 

Christopher Stolarski 1993 - 1998 

Grade 8. Canucks. Rangers. Zacks. Butter. Film. Film. Sleep. Film. Film. Film. Eat. Film. Film. Film. MOVIES! Film. Film. 
Grade 9. Senior Scfiool. P.E. Donuts vs. Private Eyes. Film. Film. Biology. CI. Dewar. Hart. "Leave!". Ahhhh. Film. Film 

Film. Film. Eat. Film. Film. Film. Film, Sleep. Read. Film. Film. Grade 10 uh Film?? ufi Film. Film. Star 

Wars. French. Peach. Colin. Film. Film. Film. Film. Chemistry. Hart. (Again). (Different). Ahhhh. Film. Film. Film. Film 
IMOVIES!! Eat. Sleep. Film. Film. Film. Sleep. Sleep. Film. Grade 11. Film. Film. Film. Eat. Sleep. Sleep 

Featherstone agh Film. Drama. One Flew Over. Megan. Ratched. Zacks. 4Runner. Uplands. Who Needs Brakes. Yes. 

Yes. Yes!! Fisher. Film. Film. MOVIES!!! Grade 12. Film. Film. Film. Head Boy. (Crap). Film. Film. Film. Film. Sleep 

Committee. Booo. Committee. Hisss. Film. Film. Freeman. Team Fortress. Berg. Quake. Everyone. Team Fortress. Quake 

Dan. (Finally someone who understands my obsession!). Film. Lem, Film. Film. Grad. Film. Film. Sleep. Pranks. Damn 

Security. Film. Film. Will S. Taming Of Cara. Ouch! Zacks. Breasil. Sev 500. In Costume. Film. Film. Sleep. Cast Party 

Film. Film. Trevor. Roommate. Friends. Film. Film. Film. Film. Grad '98 
Film Film Film 

Sayuri Sugimoto 

1995 - 1998 



I- ^\irs „, 

III T!-hlr,.,l( 

lilt Ih.'i thiit , 
(yum yum) 


: Her delicious cooking on the weekend witli Iriends. 

: Her addiction to Caffeine (i.e. Starbucks) 

: Her weekly routine: hanging around DT with GT and NK. dinner at TATAMl, a quick movie and go to Ques and talk talk talk 
till it's time to go back to jail... 

Well, she's finally free after 3 long years, and now she would like to thank some people: "1 wanna thank to all of my precious 
friends who have been with me through the good times and bad. J.H. DT, Y.T. 1 enjoyed bringing eggs down every night, J.H!! 
I appreciated the Math & Calculus help. N.K. G,T, I enjoyed every single thing we did over the years at SMUS, S.S (wow same 
initial as mine...) G.K, E.L, R,C, J.C, J.W, thanx you guys for helping me in many ways. Especially J. W, thank you for being such 
a psycho (SP??) 1 enjoyed talking to ya very much... To G.K. thanx a bunch for helping Calculus every night. To R.C. thanx for 
the notes... Though 1 haven't spend much time with JW. RC & JC, I won't forget those spare moments we had guys. 
1 LOVE YOU all and keep in touch everyone. " 

Rizwan Sultan 

1994 - 1998 

I came to SMU 4 short years ago from Winterpeg and I can honestly say that life hasn't been the same since. I have been 

challenged in innumerable ways and have also met some pretty terrific people. I am certain that the solid education base thai 

I acquired at SMU will help me to achieve my goals. I wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors, but would like 

to say a few parting words to Dave, Anup, and Craig:-David, que fais-tu?-Anup. Craig is looking for his football.... do YOU 

know where it is????-Craig, your dream of becoming a truck driver cannot materialize until you get your license, but your 

desire to be AREA's next "Dancing Queen" is a DEFINITE possibility!!!! 

David Summers 

1996 - 1998 

"HtF 'Wf 

Dave(Virginia boy,yank) came to SMU in grade 1 1 from the cold arctic weather of Ottawa. He found this new environment very 
weird at firstfCheck in. Lights out, Roommate??), but eventually settled in. The first couple of weeks with his new roommate were 
spent in silence eventually became friends with Ji-Ho. They later enjoyed eating pizza, chicken wings, homemade cookies and 
playing loud music, much to the dismay of the rest of the campus. This eventually lead to loss of sleep (which he really needed). 
In fiis second year he became a prefect in Bolton House. HThey were always up late playing games, not studying!!!. He enjoyed 
beating his roommate, Alan (big Hickie. Little Piggy), in basketball on a regular basis. Also in his second year he played soccer 
and enjoyed watching the team play from the sideline. Dave had turned into Mr. Rental as boarders would come to borrow CD's 
and movies, (but not returning them) and sometimes his TV and VCR. Dave at 2am could also be found downtown with his friends 
without ID. going to 7-1 1 without shoes and not realizing it, and looking for the snow in June . Dave also found many things about 
boarding difficult, especially the nightly 2 hours of prep (which he never did) and waking up. Tutorial became a difficult concept 
Dave would like to thank all of his friends and especially his roommates for 2 good years... bye-bye 

Yos Tanoyo 

1996 - 1998 

Yos knows. Yos knows Indonesia. Yos knows sleep. Yos knows ugly basketball moves. Yos knows skipping class. Yos knows 

"Jancuk!". Yos knows Indomie. Yos knows Final Fantasy. Yos knows Monty's. Yos knows stupid questions. Yos knows 

Oriental chicks. Yos knows Panagopolous' barbecue chicken pizza. Yos knows the Hard Rock sweater. Yos knows Carol 

Wong. Yos knows room 216. Yos knows grad '98. Until next time . 

To my peeps: Lemuel. Ray Shih. Lance. Vince, Ryota, Vasin, Helmut. Ji Ho. Daniel. Peter. Kelin. Nick. Grant. Gus (Nerdul), 

Joe G. State. gorDON. Selma. Daisuke. Chris H. Kev Saim. Charles. Omar, S. Hsu. 
Roger. Shawn. C. Eun. E-Y K. Elliot, the Chipmunks. Christine K. Sayuri. the Camerons. the Siam waitress. & Carol Wong 

(because you re hot). 




Stephen Tate 

1995 - 1998 

Steve came to SMUS in gr 10, from a little place called Peachland. Gr. 10 fun with CN, TS and AD who introduced him to 
Dowhyfest's, which is and was heaven. Gr 1 1 was an experience, 'duct tape rings", beerspikes and Hawaiian shirts with GB "To 
be on your own. with no direction at all. and complete unknown, just like a rolling stone" (Bob Dylan), cruising in suits on leather 
with CN, Johnboys place, "tape em up and head to the beach " in January. Wrestling with JG and CS. Saturday was nonactivity 
day couches and movies. $300 limit surpassed, will never to be broken. Cheers to NM for putting up with my disorganization. 
96-97 the year of "THE ROCK". Gr 12 good times (in no particular order) with OA, JA, RB, KC, MD, AJ, KNOTT RAW, EM, 
GP, VC, VD, BS(thanks). DEWAR. CN. CP. JN. CL(you'll loose). TS(Spicerosa). AS(the tongue, 28 is the back up), JT, GN, TS 
and CY. Gr 12 bro's GB. AD, JM, JG. and JF, at least we can say we all tapped it several times a week, for a few months. Gr 
12 car rallies in GB's box. Harvey parties with LE, SR. RS, HL,GC. VP, Yos boss. Bottoms up to TC, MM, BC. and to those 
whom I forgot. Thanks to my mom and dad for giving me and letting me keep the opportunity of going to smus. 

Chantelle Tearoe 

1989 - 1998 

Well guys, we finally made it to our last year. How do ya like it so far? Just think, when 1 came to this school in Grade 4. 

1 probably didn't even know Grade 12 existed. However, 1 grew up and reality set in. Did it ever! Memories range from the 

sporting events: Toronto soccer trips. Field Hockey - rookying - " scuse me but do you got any shampoo " and 

"mush mush...", to Out-trips: Garibaldi - just me and the guys, Juan de Fuca - " Ohhh sh@*&"t ", "clank, clank, clank'', 

"up, down , over, up " And finally to the social end of it: " she's huuuuuuge", cast parties, truth or dare, "toblerone", 

russian speaking/mumbling Lisa, Grad pranks that never worked and much much more. Good luck to you guys in whatever 

you do. See ya around. 

Anna Thomas 


1994 - 1998 

Jordan Thome 

1991 - 1998 

I began in GR. 6 and have had alot of good memories. Iwould like to thank my parents, family, teachers , and friends for 

their support. Are you still down [Remeber Me]. Now to recall the years. " Change sh.. I guess change is good for any of 

us. Whatever it takes to graduate. 1 ain't mad at cha." R.K. remeber rollin' in the cutlass with ten or so peeps. Shout out 

to all the boys officer dome gives much luv. I'd like to thank all the lovely ladies. Been around the city, SMU, Lambrick, Mt. 

Doug, Oak Bay, and Reynolds. 1 hope you enjoyed the 12's. Must give props to the tests' from SMU A.D., B.S.. R.L.. 

C.P., O.K.. G.P.2, T.S.. and of course myself. Now, for the outsiders: J.M., A.S.. D.F.. and of course. New Year's at T.L.'s. 

Shoutout to the R.K.'s '96 Civ. T.S.'s '94 Path. C.K.'s Jack n Ac. And T.L.'s Geet's 1 will be staring at cha through my 

rearview in my '91 Stang. What's up to my boy in Toronto stay real. Rebel's crew and the unforgettable parties we 

attended alwavs remeber Tommy, not the handi. but the G. Str8 ballin'. Next time u all wanna cme close your eyes close 

your eyes and picture me rollin' in the MOB ride. West is the BEST! To my SMU bro's O.K.. Q.B., A.D.. and the crew 

much luv. To my Rebel's crew. High till we die. turn the lights out. I'm out and I'm leavin 5 on it. P.S. 1 know T.L.. and 

A.S., can match. 

Emily Thompson 

We are movina on, Grad yS 

1997 - 1998 

Chris Tse 

1995 - 1998 

Chris, who insists to be called "Christopher", started his life at SMU in Gr.lO. His greatest accomplishments in Gr.lO art- 

probably writing romantic stories and inventing "sky story" with his fellows. He can never forget how he earned the name 

"Superman!" (yet was challenged by AW in Gr. 12)! Gr.ll is a hard-working year. Soon after school has started, he adopted 

a pet and trained it (which results in a great success). SAT came to his mind, books overflowed his shelf, and vocabularies 

poured from his mouth. Gr.l2 is the COOLEST!! His badminton destiny finally ended with an A team position (which GC 

really jealous). His applications would yet be a success. Chris' life is filled with music - from school choir to Alumni to Prima 

to BC level; his magnificent voice displayed through the duet with AW in the spring concert. Rooming with Cozi for 2 years, 

Chris has frequent "conferences" with him about CK and RL. Since he missed the Tolmie night in Gr.ll, he decides to 

activate his "sneak-out" mode in G.12. Also, you can always find him in the "BCL" with VL and JL! For all these sweel 

memories, he would like to thank all who have contributed to his happiness in life in SMU 

David Tseng 

1995 - 1998 

ART, ART, ART - ARTitecture (who cares about the spelling), ARTfuIness, ARTificial organ (you know what it means), - 
these three fundamentals together characterizes the great artist- David Tseng (pronounces "David - JIAN") 
This unfortunate born-in-Taiwan Japanese proved to be very artistic. Since Gr.lO, from the Barnacle Caricatures to "The 
English Patient" to "Fifth Element" to "Titanic", he has contributed to the school fine art in every way. (The products have 
become more and more commercialized). He also likes to change his hairstyle every day, but whenever someone tries to 
compliment him, they get a cold reply "I know." 

He is more than just an artist is though. He uses his artistic talent in badminton court and on his guitar - his two 
other talents often eclipsed by his art achievements. 

Moreover, he is often the catalyst of other people's love affair - as he always calls himself (with unbending pride) 
the love generator. (Remember, catalyst does not react by itself...) 
Finally, please stop looking at his pants... but not his paints. 

Grace Tseng 

1995 -1998 

Grace came to SMUS when she was in grade 10. She enjoyed the life and people in SMUS, but she still complained about 

"Victoria" is too boring. However, she will not forget all her friends from SMUS, Sugi, Nancy, Eun-Yung, Ji-Ho, Daniel. 

Charles, Steven, David, Alan (big and small), Jenny, Judy, and Eddie. She is happy \that she finally graduated 

Megan Volk 

1996 - 1998 

"How do they put the ocean into a seashell?" to all the girls I love you. JF,RE,AC,AH,RG you may be gone but the memo- 
ries remain. C'Y lets go fly a kite. MM subway in our little beach hut and sunsets from mountain peaks, keep smiling kid. KC 
wasn't that dress short before? JR,LB,RA you are children of the universe, strive to be happy. RM are you sure you can ride 
in that car with your parents'? CN i miss you, ST weren't we supposed to quit? LW thanks for the late night girl talks and 
refrigerator poetry. JB what happened to your back? NM DQ awaits us, RS snowball fights in the night. CS "McMurphy" 
the stage is yours. GS remember confusing is good. GW life goes on KW hey bud thanks for giving me a place to sleep and 
for the stringthings. M&M runaways with couches, thanks for being there. GC boys and bottles of booze, it was great 1 love 

you. KEL what do you mean you don't fart in your bed? NO I will not with you. Thanks for the laughs. Sr. Girls 

Volleyball we know that we were the best, keep the tunes rolling. Mom and Dad away from home thanks lor understanding. 
Mom and Dad thanks for all the support and encouragement. Marte and CHris thanks for the laughs. To all those who 1 
missied 1 love you and wish you the best. Remember "with all its shame, drudgery and broken dreams, it's still a beautiful 
world. " 

Lance Wei 

1995 - 1998 

Three years have passed since I first came to SIVIU and I'd like to thank a few people who have made my stay so fun. To 
Ryots, (sugebe hage) let's see who gets bald first! You are my OLDEST friend at school, and I've known you for the longest 
time. Thus, you should be proud! To Lem. 'Sink or Pull? ". "No I'm from Taiwan! " To Bro. See you in Van!! "Proud to be a 
Taiwanese!! " To Vas. (nice shot) Be prepared! I'll visit Thailand soon! To Ray. you're a Genius!! To Alf. (Dearest room- 
mate who never gets off the phone). I finally got rid of you! To Gor "Don ". [Don't ever return to your monk styles, be 
"Happy "! To David T, (Partner) the dragon was awesome! To Yos Bos. Stop Yosing (you know what I mean) keep in 
touch! To Steve Hsu, Im always asking for your help! Thank you so much! To Sis. Don't worry! I'll be in Vancouver. Trust 
me. you'll do fine!! To Eun-Young . I'm so glad that I've met you in my final year! You are the sweetest! 2 more yrs to go. 
be strong, be happy and have lots of fun! SA LON AE. Eun-Young AH!! To Susan. Chop Chop Scallop is so good! Thanx 
for the advice!! To Kanoux. Thanx for everything! Gr. 11 was fun!! To Dave Hsu. Even though you're not here, you are still 
my biggest support!! To Daddy and Ma ma', with out your love and support I wouldn't be able to go on! Finally to all the 

Taiwanese. We are the best. Don't bring the reputation down! SEE YA ALL!! Peace! 

Christine Wenman 1986 - 1998 

Twelve years of SMUS: Despite a curious tendency to walk into hard objects, trip over small obstacles, and lose anything 
and everything I touch. I've actually made it!! Luckily, I've had L.W. and E.H. who understand my troubles through their own 
experiences. Life at SMUS has been packed with memories beginning with carebears and hopscotch. Senior school brought 
endless Slurpees, movie nights, tea at Mt. Tolmie, garden shears, hose nozzles, midnight swimming, Denny's, crashing toga 
parties, live soaps, swings, paper airplanes. Fieldhockey: winning BCs, Halloween, dollar store costumes, (K.L. what 
happened to the candy?), dancing on Robson. rookying - football butts, mush, mush etc. Penticton: dead animals, magic 
water bottles. W.C.T.: "Too many '*"! boxes. Lion King, Rico! Juan De Fuca: Moonshine Jeff, River Mouth Mike (Ahh the 
smell!) Galapagos!!: Paradise! E.H, -111 get lost with you any day. L.W.- memories of the last night, our cabin (yikes), 1 lika the 
lichen, I lova the lava, my devoted cells, broken records, Confucious the mule. Joffre: stuck in snow, Fisherwoman, 
helicopter. Now that "I've got my cap'n gown'n everything, " its time to say goodbye. Despite 12 great years full of 
memories at SMUS, I'm very exited about the future and its endless possibilities. My love and thanks to all my teachers, 
family and friends who made it possible! "The heart has its reasons that the mind cannot know." - Blaise Pascal 

Andrew Williamson 

1990 - 1998 

St. Michaels University School. Ahhhh!!!! What a wonderful, wonderful school. The most important lessons to be learned at 

this fine academic institution are not taught by the teachers but are learned upon school trips or in grad events. As one of 

my refined associates demonstrated to me: if you are in trouble with the law you simply have to say "It wasn't me it was that 

tall guy who looked like the devil" or "Don't worry about it, I'm doing community service " and power lines and coffee tables 

through windows will be 

all forgotten about. 

Bring on the BREATHaLIZERZZ !!!!!!! 

Dubb Se-er fulear Ni-ar !!@#$%6!! 

Laura Willihnganz 1986 -1998 

hey crazies! so it goes.... 12 years... to my beautiful friends, do I start? it's been cosmic! jelly fish & cheerios'oh 
yeah, aldo's called -your boots are just about ready'so you gonna bite me now"^ a hickey WHERE'' ah, those crazy boys... but 
what would we do without boy hugs? the pylon wars'willows'fur! yes! bottle runs (pick up trucks)*US'always remember and 
smile- blowing bubbles at pedestrians'sunday (&so much more) talks & belly laughs on your floor'you're beautiful chica- love 
ya buckets and remember- always follow your heartl-turtle. lynzy-YAAF! katie- poinsettias'climbing on the boat*you're the 
bomb. baby, graham- hope you find that yellow blanket someday. sl8r! jen- car rallies'prefect sleep-over'a million memories, 
rachel- my beautiful, supergenious twin'damn cats! steve-thanks for the jelly beans, boy hugs & being there, gen- volvo's kick 
ass! leah-torpius'my name's overhead projector, what's yours? iggi- dec. 2 19?? chris- remember, always keep your shoelaces 
tied & wait for the next wave, kim- my pro-golf-star'yahtzee! lindsey- kiss slowly, forgive quickly! meg- late night girl 
talks'carnation lunches'the sextets, ta- i have no legs'chica the eggplant'pookey'BOYS SUCK'denny's & Sam. neon babies- 
we WILL ride again!! anyhow, thanks for all the memories and good times. I love all of you, keep smiling and don't 
drown!*throw a handful of blue stars up into the sky! 

Leah Winters 

1993 - 1998 

She hath pith and she came to SMU in grade 8. Leah, known to few as Liesl, enjoyed being a part of the SMU community 
for 5 scintillating years and is looking forward to the 10 year reunion. Being an insrtumental young lady, Leah's social life 
was often impeded by her commitment to the viola. However, she did manage to get out once in a while. For example: the 
Penticton trip, the Joffre Range trip, the Juan de Fuca trip, the Elk Lake trip, the Mt. Washington trip and most importantly, 
the GALAPAGOS TRlP!!!Leah found solace in communing with the tortoises, great creatures who. similarly to herself, 
choose to hide beneath their hoods in awkward situations. Leah's aspirations range from travelling to obsure parts of the 
world to having a husband who plays dead. Although some may notice a spacy-ness to her. this is only a thin veneer 
covering an intelligent, adventurous and thoughtful person. 1 feel priveledged to have known Leah-she is an extraordinary 
person and a good friend. Thank you for bush-whacking in the Himalayas, being shadowy at the Food Forum and advertis- 
ing yourself downtown with me Liesl. You simultaneously provoke the child and the philosopher in me. Friends Forever. 

Love Emily, 

Alfred Wong 

1995 - 1998 

Well finally, Alfred is graduating. Looking back to the 3 years, he will always remember the first day playing bball with the 
five, sky story with the crew and rooming with "stinky" Huang in Gr.lO (although he got a prefect room). In Gr,ll, the 
main highligfit is the defeat and rip-off by the infamous Mak Kun Ting, He also remembers Tolmie nights and his perfect 
English accents by then. In his Grad year, he is conquered again, by himself and had gone through a happy yet painful "2 
weeks" trial. Besides all the studying,,, Alfred spent most of his time walking around while talking-on-the-pfione; procrastinat- 
ing cheers party at night; starting his singing career in his bathroom, working his way up to duet performances, Prima and 
BC Honor choir; and also loving all the "S"(Not to mention the SS,SS,CS,SL or SATs, Stanford...). Lastly, we wish him all 
the best in future. His last words; thanx to LW who put up with him for two years with all his phone calls at night; GC for 
sharing his secrets; VL for being the food provider; CT for singing the duet; JL for all the "moves"; JC for all the "work"- YA 
for the intensive care and SS, GC, KC, SL, EK. AC. DT, AL. CY, SH, NC and of course. SLee for everything!! 

Jacqueline Wong 

1995 - 1998 

Panda bear''' I think not! From the rolling dunes of Saudi Arabia comes Jackie Wong, Three years of boarding more than 

anyone could askfor, yet somehow not enough. R and J. I love you both and you guys are the best friends anyone could ask 

for. JH you're a real sweetie butskinny dipping? DLee my corrupter to the end. .how's the chair? Remember spike?. .. Let ^ 

not forget those Saturday nights either with SS! Sugi. you never can stop laughing can you? Everything you make is great 

LC, KD, KC remember the late night cramming and pepper spray(gee I wonder what it smells like!)? BH hang in there 

Marisa, my aspiring astronaut, thanx for all the advice (in EVERYTHING!!). EN andMI... great support. ..surprised your room 

didn't collapse when I started spazzing. MB. TF. CI, we'll just see who gets the last laugh, MV, KE-L.need any ice' 

007, wow, from those days of the Bermuda triangle to the Hawaiian hide away? What were we thinking? And last but 

certainlynot least, ,,Bro, I give you my best hopes and wishes any sister could ever give. "Omnia vincit amor; est nos cedamus 

amori. " 

Steven Wong 

1993 - 1998 

Attention! General on Deck' After S years of schooling at St. Patrick's I moved over to SMU for my high school years... and 
what a fun time it was! Ive had plenty of activities to keep me busy, foremost being the yearbook which has given me a 
small reputation among this small community. Throughout grade 12 I have learned many a detail, varying from enzyme 
facilitated processes to the Stresa Front to learning how to set deadlines for grads. After grade 12 I will most likely head out 
to Eastern Canada for university, to the land in which winter actually means something. Well, it's hard leaving here but a big 
world is ahead to conquer. But before 1 go. I'd like to thank my family, teachers, and friends for all their support through all 
the years. Good luck to you all and may your future be bright. DISMISSED! 

Roger Woo 

1997 - 1998 

Through all the good and bad times, all the troubles and sacrifices, everyone gets their glory; this is my glorv. For all u 

people out there still tryin to play da game, you got nuthin to prove to anyone but yourself, as long as you can say you tried, 

das all you need to know. I'd like to thank my parents and family for bein there for me, cause i could neva have dun this 

without you. All my boyz bak home for alwayz bein there for me. To Martin, Jon, Lai, Howard, Will, Hui, Hung, Marcus, 

Scott, all my respect and best of luck. For all da boyz who could make it. Richie. Ray, ya man. To all the people that I met 

this year, good luck in tha future. My roommate Jon, bumboclot zeen vibratin rasta rasta. Chris, your day will come, and 1 

be there for your grad. 

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear 

the result of a hundred battles." 

-Sun Tzu 

Grant Wooliams 

1995 - 1998 

Three years at SMUS. and now it s time to move on. I'd like to thank Allasay(Oi'nar) . Dustabul aka Mustata(Gustasvo). 
Mutine aka Toun Toun(Helmut) for being great friends. I also want to mention Romansuckie. Tall Guy(NM), the all star 
oriental crew (Rasheed, Lemu, Yukawa. Wei. Yoss-Boss, Vas), MV. LN, NC, MM, AD, JF, JG, the Dew, LW, JB. and to the 
Bolton Buds especially my bro, Ian Woolliams(we'll always be the Woollie duo), my roomate for three consecutive years, 
Vince Lau (sheater aka Chief Ewons).."wei, WEI MommyaaA ".."holdonholdonholdon".. and the Camerons, who have 
treated me with the utmost respect even during difficult times. Just a few SWEET memories: grade 1 1 outdoor trip- "where 
are all of my clothes?", 2 on 2. the screen saver, singing to Hillside(GOHW). skiing with Tav, Mark Holenderski.."he's a great 
kid!", Dowhyfest. the COBY's, snowball fights. paintball(HL.GN,lW), talking economics and religion with HL and OA, 
monopoly and poker nights, and "the funniest thing 1 neber seen". "ATCHALL!" Good luck to all you remaining here next 
year, and thank you again to the Camerons and the Bolton House staff. 

Cara Ycates 

1993 - 1998 

Never forget playing Barbie in the secret clubhouse uiih Snitzy and Butfc 

Toodle-loo to my fav teacher Mrs. 

Putting gum in Anastasia s Princess Leah buns. 

Muffin, my goldfish Fluffy, and my bestest friend 

Kitty. Kiss. Kiss P.S. Icky Boy Germs 


to all the rest 

Cosmos Yeh 

1994 - 1998 

... finally he did it. Cosmos - also known as the "donkey" (because they share similar personality) - is popular around the 
boarding community for his unashamed love of singing. With confidence and pride, he sings while sleeping, taking a shower. 

driving a car. running x-country race, doing calculus, writing chemistry test, taking TOEFl any time, any where in Canada. 

If you ever approach him and praise his voice, you would simply get a reply: "don't you know that donkeys can sing 
beautifully?" His singing has also helped pave his way of success: boarding prefect. Prima choir, college essay, attracting girls 
(CK) - these are some of his more important achievements. His glorious moments came on March 11 when he, with 
extraordinarily strong emotion and passion, performed a tremendous duet, "1 Still Believe". After graduation. Cosmos will 
sure believe in "True Love Never Runs Smooth." 

Ryota Yukawa 

1995 - 1998 

What do you think when you hear Ryota Yukawa? 

An immigrant from Japan (Gifuncse) with really funny English speaking 

skills, a crossover with five head fakes and a super-fast double pump 

lay-up through about ten defenders, a guy who burns everybody on 

every test in every subject, a really big head, a senior citizen, a 

Japanese cartoon character who can't stay serious for over three 

seconds at a time. Winslow's fuzzy little animal, a mean set of 

sideburns, a collection of special magazines, typical super Japanese 

technology, clogged toilets with Robert Sin, his favorite "Chinese" 

beer Asahi, a really big a" a genius (?) 

Jonathon Zacks 1991-1998 

Over my last 7 years at SMU, I have learned that school is about 
friendships and memories. Thanks to everyone for the great ones. 

"Wot in hell have we done to deserve all these kittens?" 

(Don Marquis) 




Prima Choir Members 


Stop looking at me! 

Courtenay and her cult. 

Sportsdesk... Year in Review 

Mr. I. Hvde-Lav 

Mrs, J. Tobacco 

Mr. B. Kuklmski 

It was always going to be next to impossible to repeat 
the three BC titles of a year ago, and so it proved. The line 
between champion and challenger was indeed thin, and 
unfortunately, several teams just missed out on the ultimate 

Nonetheless, there were many positives to remember, starting 
with the fact that hundreds represented the school in over 15 
sports. The Girls Field Hockey and Basketball squads both 
reached the provincial semifinals, the latter group after an 
improbable late season run. Likewise, the 1st XV just missed 
out on defending as BC AAA champions, but did have the 
satisfaction of capturing the BC Premier Series title. 

With both the New and Old Gyms operating efficiently, 
and with the surface of the playing fields (under the sharp eye 
of Mr. Fraser Loney) continuing to improve, scheduling for 
both PE and Athletics was again much simpler than in past 

Many kudos must go to a talented group of coaches, 
who once more went well beyond the call of duty to produce 
quality players and teams. Likewise, thanks to all the support 
staff personnel who toiled so unselfishly behind the scenes. 

To the graduates, thank you and best of luck in the 
future. To those returning, aim to continue the high traditions 
set by those who have gone before you. 

Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 
SMUS Athletic Director 

Mrs. K. Poland 


Autographs (in case these athletes become famous.) 



Badminton at SMUS continues to thrive and grow - almost to the point where 
we struggle to find sufficient court space to accommodate all those students wanting to 
play at either a recreational or competitive level. 

This year we once again played two full teams 
in the Lower Vancouver Island league. The A team 
was composed of the core of last year's girls and a 
virtually new boys' team. We proved to be a very 
strong team and in most cases easily overwhelmed our 
opponents. As undefeated league champions we then 
went on to the Lower Vancouver Island Playoffs to 
earn a place in the Provincial Tournament. We 
qualified comfortably, beating Spectrum in the first 
round 10-1 and then Mount Douglas in the final. As 
usual. Spring Break interrupted our season and three 
weeks later we returned to school only to leave 
immediately for the tournament in Vancouver. Our 
first round match was against Maple Ridge, who went 
on to win the provincials - a beginning and an end for 
us. Fighting the psychological battle of defeat by Maple 
Ridge we battled our way back to an eleventh place 
finish. Not as good a result as we had expected but 
such are the vagaries of tournament play. 

The B team, composed of a mix of senior and junior players competed in the 
league, playing the same teams as the A team. Needless to say they were not a very 
strong team and yet managed to snatch a couple of victories. The experience for these 
younger players is, however, invaluable and forms a key part of the development 

In addition, the school competed in the Inde- 
pendent Schools Championships in Vancouver. The 
turnout for boys' competition was very disappointing 
with only St. Georges and SMUS competing. St. 
George's narrowly defeated our somewhat depleted 
representative team. In the girls' competition there 
was a good turnout of schools and in the final, SMUS 
defeated a strong Crofton House team to retain the 
trophy. This tournament was played in the true spirit 
of the game - strong competition and yet a very 
pleasant sportsmanlike and friendly atmosphere. 

On the community front SMUS has been a 
strong leader, in conjunction with CCSD and Badmin- 
ton BC in acting as a venue for major competitions 
and in an ongoing program for the development of 
young players. Many young players in the community 
have benefited from this joint venture. 

Many thanks to our team captains this year, Mariko Miller and Nicholas Chng 
for their leadership in all aspects of the game and to Jim Hill who has spent many 
hours coaching both A and B team squads. 

Peter Gardiner 

A Team 

W^'-' '\ 

B.R.: Victor Drohomirecki. Robert Jawl, 

David Tseng, Nick Chng. Eric Goldstein, Mr. 

Peter Gardiner 

F.R.: Carol Wong, Goldie Chan, Donna 

Lee, Mariko Miller, Claire Jones, Jacqueline 


B Team 

B.R.: Gordon Cheung. Victor Drohomirecki. 

Evan Crawford. Ka Liu Tao, Chris 


F.R.: Joelle Hatton. Emily Mascall. Yung Sau 


Junior Basketball 

B.R.: Mr. Ted Anderson, Andrew Brownlee, Patrick Bourkc. Hub Danard, Ben 
Acton, Kevin Salmon 

F.R.: Mr. Mike Shaw, Mike Spicer, Steven Mitchelmore, David Weir, Scott Brown, 
Josh Lam, Jason Reeve, Rory Connolly, Ricliard Wylie 


With the majority of the 1997 BC Junior 
championship team having graduated to the senior 
ranks, it appeared initially as if this year's squad might 
struggle to remain competitive. That this did not occui 
(far from it) was a tribute to the tenacity of the players 

Returnees Josh Lam and Jason Reeve, allied 
with newcomer Rob Danard proved a useful trio, with 
Reeve in particular going on to score a large number 
of points. Dave Weir and Scott Brown became 
effective off guards, while, at forward, Kevin Simon 
and Mike Spicer improved enormously. Off the 
bench. Grade 9s Steve Mitchelmore and Rob Connolly 
displayed numerous neat touches, while the other 
reserves, Ben Acton, Pat Bourke, Andrew Brownlee 
and Richard Wylie also worked hard throughout. 

One of many highlights was successfully 
defending the Police Tournament title (for the seventh 
time in eight years), and battling back from an opening 
round loss in the City tournament to reach the Islands. 
Once in the Islands, fatigue became a factor as some 
late game defensive lapses resulted in a tough three 
point loss to Stelly's in the double elimination game. 

Hopefully, the Grade lOs will find it worth- 
while to compete at the Senior level in the next two 
years, while those returning, in conjunction with some 
talented newcomers, should enjoy a successful 1998-99 

A sincere thanks to all for the players' hard work and 

tremendous support during the tough 


Mr. Ted Anderson 


With only three returnees, the 
team looked set for a long and difficult 
season in the ultra competitive City 
league. The fact that the two top 
teams, Colquitz and Arbutus, went on 
to reach the provincial Final Four, 
spoke volumes for the level of local 

Nonetheless, an influx of tal- 
ented newcomers made light of any 
perceived shortcomings, and the team 
managed to qualify for the City Tourna- 
ment, before bowling out to an athletic 
Claremont squat. Point guard Corrina 
Mick proved to be one of the outstand- 
ing players in Victoria, and fully 
justified her post season move to the 
senior ranks. Also in the backcourt, 
Bree Baker, Carly Somerset and Caitlin 
McKenzie were tenacious defenders, 
while up front. Sarah Turner. Karen 
Dawson. Jen Thompson and Jo 
Fairhust all contributed well, Clea 
Adair. Heather Sortland and Kristen 
McKenzie provided further support, 
while unfortunately. Parish Sawyer was 
badly handicapped by shin splints 
almost the entire year. 

Special thanks to Ms. Roxanne 
Boult. for all her coaching expertise 
and all round support, and to Ms. 
Cathy Mick, who was always available 
to assist as required. 

Good luck to all next 

Ms. Kim Poland 

B.R.: Heather Sortland. Sarah 
Turner. Joanna Fairhurst. Clea 
Adair, Jen Thompson, Noelle Quin, 
Carley Somerset, 
Ms. Rachel Boult 
F.R.: Ms. Kim Poland, Kirsten 
McHale, Karen Dawson. Catlin 
Mackenzie, Breeanne Baker, 
Corrina Mick, Parish Sawyer 


Senior Basketball 

f» <^ © 

B.R.: Bi'vce Soderberg. Ben Corns. Richard 
Greenwood. Jon Gainer. Steven Romanchuk, 
Stephen Tate. Danny Boticki 
F.R.: Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay. Mike Wighton. Milan 
Mrdjenovich. Tye Spiccr, Christopher Noel. 
Cam Clark. Mr. B. Greenwell 

Though coming off one of the worst campaigns in school history, the return of six 
seniors allied to the bulk of the 1997 BC Junior champion squad gave cause for much 
pre-season hype and expectation. In the end. the team had fulfilled some of its promise, 
though a number of games which could have been won were allowed to slip away. 

Early on. the combination of a tough schedule 
and an indifferent work ethic resulted in a series of a 
close losses. However, a superb 71-70 OT win over 
West HS of Anchorage at Christmas time in Alaska 
was the springboard for better play in the New Year, 
and indeed, in one period, the squad won twenty of 
twenty two games. Best of all. a disappointing 58-52 
league loss to Oak Bay was avenged in the Island 
tournament, while a 76-73 win over a touring Austra- 
lian team in the Port Alberni Tournament was also 

In the Island Championships, eight days of solid 
practice were invaluable in producing the team's best 
performances. Alberni were dispatched with surprising 
ease in the quarterfinals, while a superb team effort 
resulted in a hugely impressive 83-63 victory over 

fancied Cowichan. A 64-58 win over Oak Bay then netted the school a fifth island AAA 

title since 1991. 

Unfortunately, in the EC's, an uninspiring opening round victory over Maple 
Ridge was followed by a twenty point clobbering by provincial #1 and eventual tourna- 
ment champion Richmond. 

Though many combinations were tried, the eventual starting five featured Danny 
Boticki and Mike Wighton at guard, with Steve Tate. Tye Spicer and Jon Gainor up 
front. Off the bench. Cam Clark and Richard Greenwood played many valuable minutes, ^ 
while Nate Millar, Ben Corns. Bryce Soderberg. Chris Noel. Milan Mrdjenovich and 
Steve Romanchuk all contributed significantly at times. 

The 1998-99 team will be much fancied, with many talented players set to 
return. However, improved defence, rebounding, and general toughness will be needed 
for the group to achieve its goals. Press clippings count for nothing once the actual 
game begins!! 

A huge vote of thanks is due Mr. Bill Greenwell, for all his invaluable contribu- 
tions. Further gratitude must be extended to a dedicated group of scorekeepers and 
support staff, not to mention the fans!! 

Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 

I' f 


A beginning rush, followed by a mid season swoon, followed by a late 
season burst!! The season was a real rollercoaster ride, as the team, with only two 
returning starters and little experience on the bench, ended up surprising many by 
reaching the BC AAA final Four. 

Point Guard Jo Nash and forward Kim Lobb were the nucleus of a group 
which began the season with thirteen straight wins before losing (for the first of four 
times) to Mt. Douglas just before Christmas break. The successful run was built on hard 
work and unselfish play, qualities which, alas, went missing, much of the immediate 
New Year. As a result, following several decidedly underwhelming performances, the 
team, first at the City Tournament, and then in the Islands, faced numerous "final 
elimination" games. Happily, these were all negotiated successfully, but left the team 
seeded #12 entering the provincials finals. 

At the BC's. the team exploded. Led by Kim Lobb. who was absouletly 
superb in all games en route to 1" Team All Star status, upset wins over Maple Ridge 
and JN Burnett were recorded. This produced a semifinal matchup with #1 ranked 
Salmon Arm, led by the outstanding Erin Gibbons. Playing better than anyone could 
have expected, the team, before some 3.000 spectators at Capilano College, played 
the highly flavored Jewels to an absolute standstill for over three quarters before 

Behind the excellent Lobb and Nash, senior forward Iggy Larsen produced 
many of the "blue collar" performances necessary for 
success. At forward, Grade Us Krystal O'Bryne and 
Kathryn Watson were most often effective, particularly 
the former whose consistent toughness, rebounding 
and defence were crucial. Off the bench, guards 
Donna Lee and Jelena Mrdjenovich were effective 
scrappers and Vania Gamache a very valuable and 
capable swingman. Finally, Kelly Cox, Olivia Ibell, Jen 
Woodland all supported superbly despite receiving 
limited minutes. 

A huge thank you to Aya Larsen. the 
most efficient, capable and good humored manager 
imaginable, and Mr. Scott Carr. who guided the team 
to many wins before work took him away to China in 
early February. 

Always beware of "Assassinettes ". And 
never forget the Spice Girls!!! 

Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 

B.R.: Mr. Scott Carr. Aya Larsen. Joann 

Nash, Vania Gamche, Kathyrn Watson, Mr. 

Ian Hyde-Lay 

F.R.: Olivia Ibell. Jennifer Woodland, Donna 

Lee, Kimberly Lobb, Kanoux larsen, Kelly 






Cricket continued its resurgence in popularity at the school, as some 65 students took part in a condensed, six week 
schedule. Matches involving a Girls XI. Junior XI. Senior XI and various "Mid Week League" sides were played. 

A number of fine individual performances were turned in by captain Victor Drohomirecki, Nick Chng, Glen Roberts and 
praham Snowden. However, most pleasing was the improvement shown by the vast majority of players new to the game. 

in the main games of the season, the 1st XI defeated convincingly an Alumni XI. before also taking the scalp of a useful 
staff outfit. Though Snowden Sr was dismissed early by son Graham, the Staff managed 114 runs from 21 overs, and through 
solid bowling tied down the school team through the opening overs. However, a quick 25 from Jacob Griffin, and two towering 
jixes from Nate Millar clinched the game for the students with eleven balls remaining. 

\ special thanks to Mr. Michael Walsh for all his fine coaching and support. 

Best of luck to all next spring. 

Mr. David Fisher 

B.R.: Eddie Cheng, Chris James, Greg Fowler, Byrce Parson, Laughlin Burnett, 

Dave Beswick, Andrew Hildred, Robert Jawl, Ryan Dacre, Graham Snowden, 

Jocob Griffin, Tyson Johnson, Mike Wilson, Simon Guy 

2"'' R.: Sameer Alladina, Nick Chng, Tony Kim, Omar Alasaly, David Weir, Eric 

Findlay, Grace Koo, Chad Linger, Elizabeth Aitken, Megan Volk, Kim Emsley- 

Leik, Karimah Ajania, Pip Carrie , Lila Cheimak, Courtenay Phipps, Kevin 

Morin, Danny Boticki, Mr. David Fisher, Adam Wilson 

F.R.: Serlene Chen, Simon Wong, Erick Calder, Leland Wong, Jon Gordon, 

Geoff Homer, Kaunteya Nundy, Evan Crawford, Victor Drohomirecki, Reid 

Chambers, Nitya Nundy, Hilo Yen 


Cross Country 


Consistency, persistence and determination were three words wiiich nicely 
described this year's Cross Country competitors. Training and racing in rain, sleet, 
and occasional gale force winds made for hardy individuals and some interesting, but 
sometimes less than fashionable clothing selections. 

The school's top results this year were produced by a very hard working 
Junior Girls team, consisting of Lorien Chilton. Clare Hall-Patch. Mary Ellen Glover, 
Emily Mascall. and Lisa Murray. Over three months, they produced a strong score 
to place third in the City standings. 

The last meet of the season, the Island Final, was unfortunately held on the 
first day of the Spring Break. Although the timing of the race reduced the number 
of students able to participate, individual athletes performed exceedingly well. Clare 
Hall-Patch. Mary Ellen Glover. Mike Passmore and Eric Findlay completed the long 
and difficult course, all finishing in the top 15 of a very competitive field. Although i1 
was a long and busy day for the athletes it was an enjoyable trip and a fine finish to 
an excellent term. 

Lots of fun, wet sneakers and empty Oreo boxes were produced over the 
season, and the group's enthusiasm and personal improvement point towards many 
exciting future accomplishments in next year's programs. 

Ms. Judy Tobacco 

B.R.: Cldre Hall-Pdtch. Chiistuijiiei vVuiig. 

Eric Findlay. Mike Passmore. Ms. Judy 


F.R.: Diana Hughes. Lorien Chilton, Lisa 

Murray. Mary Ellen Glover. Emily Mascall 


.- •"*^ • \uy. 

- Senior 

This year's team enjoyed a strong season. A 
wide variety of students took part, ranging from 
serious runners to those looking to enhance general 
fitness levels. Many athletes had their first taste of 
taking part on a school team while others had the 
opportunity to seriously race against some of the best 
long distance runners in the province. 

The 1997 City League races were held on a 
wide variety of sites, most of which offered both 
demanding terrain and difficult weather. Strong 
individual performances and team depth resulted in a 
respectable fourth place finish for the girls and boys 
squads. This preparation produced a very competitive 
seventh place finish in the Island Championships, a 
fine accomplishment as the zone is the most competi- 
tive within the province. 

The group showed that hard work and perseverance are two important corner 
stones to improvement and success. Congratulation to all runners and thank-you to all 
volunteers who helped support the team. Good luck to the graduating athletes. To the 
retumees, best wishes on what should be a successful Fall 1998 season. 

Ms. Judy Tobacco 

B.R.: Michael Adam, Chris Wong, Takaya 
Ueda, Michael Wighton, Steven Hsu, Grace 
Fu, Vince Lau, Ms. Judy Tobacco 
F.R.: Cosmos Yeh, Jack Chiu, Brian Moss. 
Jamie Saunders, Alfred Wong, Alan Lin 


Field Hockey 


Despite an inauspicious start, due mainly to a small initial turnout and inexperi- 
ence, the team jelled superbly to enjoy a fine season. A third place league finish, 
behind Oak Bay and Central, was then topped by a first place tie in the City Playoff 
competition (with Central). En route, the ISA title was again defended successfully. 

In the gruelling double knockout Island Tournament, a 3-0 defeat to powerful 
Cowichan necessitated a slow slog through the backdoor part of the event. Though 
this was negotiated successfully, fatigue became a factor as again the team met 
Cowichan in the semifinal. A heroic effort fell just short, as Cowichan advanced on 
penalty flicks to the final. 

All the players may take a bow for a series of gritty, determined performances. 
In particular, captains Liz Jawl and Carly Somerset proved inspirational leaders. 

Good luck to those moving to the Senior ranks, and to those who will repre- 
sent the school in Bermuda next spring. 

Ms. Kim Poland 


L-R.: Ms, Kim Poland, Angela Marshall, Clare Hall- 
Patch, Corrina Mick, Kate Barn,', Lorien Chilton, 
Caitlin McKenzie, Julia Inkster, Mary Ellen Glover, 
Jessa Jennings, Breeane Baker, Susan Green, 
Carley Somerset, Diana Hughes, Elizabeth Jawl 
FRONT: Lisa Murray 


- Senior 

The team enjoyed yet another excellent year. Although less experienced than 
squads of the past, the 19 players displayed tremendous commitment and growth over 
the course of the season. 

Locally, against AA and AAA competition, the team again finished on top. with 
rivals Lambrick Park providing the toughest opposition. Indeed, in the Islands. 
Lambrick. by virtue of a 1-0 win. captured a title which had been SMUS" sole preserve 
for the previous eleven years. 

In the BC AA semifinals, held at UVIC. the team fell 1-0 to KLO in "the game 
of the tournament", before rebounding to capture the bronze medal. This was a terrific 
result, and full credit to all involved for their tenacity and desire. 

Thanks to all involved, and best wishes to those continuing their careers after 

B.R.: Genny Burdett. Dixie Klaibert. Kim Lobb. 
Christine Wenman, Heather Orr 
Z""" R.: Cara Yeates. Carol Lewis. Olivia Ibell. 
Emily Huddart. Jayne Bradbury, Joann Nash. 
Jennifer Woodland. Kim Nordlund. Jean Daniel 
F.R.: Mrs. Nancy Mollenhauer (coach). Kelly 
Cox. Charlotte Reid. Kim Smith. Chantelle 
Tearoe. Sabrina Loiacano 

Mrs. Nancy Mollenhauer 



B.R.: Mr. Bill Buckingham, Greg Smith, Nathan Millar. Paul Zakus, Evan Crawford. 
Clare Hall-Patch. Adrian Dawson, Scott McBride. Mr. Larry Borgeren, Genny Burdett 
Missing: Mr. Alan Jones 

This year's team was a spirited group who put in some fine performances in 
the Lower Island Cycling League. The Junior team finished fourth out of 18 schools, 
and the Seniors seventh out of 14 schools. 

Genny Burdett and Clare Hall-Patch stood out amongst the girls with Genny 
finishing in second place as a Senior and fifth overall, while Clare finished third in the 
Junior Girls and fourth in the combined Girl's category. 

First year rider Greg Smith, finished a brilliant sixth place overall out of 95 
riders in the very competitive Junior Boys category. This was quite an achievement, as 
some of these Junior Boys were the strongest in Canada. Evan Crawford. Scott 
McBride, and Paul Zakus are up and coming riders to watch out for next season. 
Thanks to Adrian Dawson and Nathan Millar for rounding out the Senior team. 

Once again, while Mr. Jones and Mr. Buckingham were busy running the 
events, Mr. Larry Borgerson did a superb job as team manager at the races. 

Mr. Alan Jones 



The team, faced with the 
realisation that Rugby would take away 
four of its five likely starters, was always 
going to face a difficult situation. So it 
proved, as despite reasonably sound 
performances from a group of younger 
players, the team missed out on Island 
qualification and only managed a 4th 
place ISA finish. 

The highlight of the seasou was 
unquestionably the always competitive 
match vs the Staff. Despite very solid 77s 
from Messrs Edgar and Leggatt, the 
school persevered 5 matches to 3. 

Thanks to all for their efforts. 

Mr. John Mclntyre 

L to R: Mr. John Mclntyre. Tyson Johnson. Scott McCarten. Stephen Romanchuk. 
David Weir. Graham Snowden. Chris Holenderski, Jon Gordon 



B.R.: Ms. Leah Hunter, Maude Henri- 
Bhargava. Eric Goldstein, Matthieu Boyd, 
Evan Crawford. Greg Fowler, Kathryn 
Watson, Tim Street. Simon Wong, Krystal 
O'Byrne, Mr. Mike Ison 
F.R.: Aya Larsen. Alan Chen, Andrew 
Bailey. Elliot Holtham, Dan Ishihara, Kat Hill. 
Lisa Davies. Ms. Jennifer Walinga 

Someone once labeled rowing as doing the same thing, over and over, over and 
over, and backwards, and furthermore enjoying blistered hands and a lung screaming 
shortage of oxygen. It is also a sport which promotes determination, commitment, 
humility, sportsmanship, focus and teamwork. 

The team, in only its second year, continued to produce good results. With many 
of group racing twelve 2,000 metre events over the course of weekend regattas, develop- 
ment, augmented also by mainland training, was rapid. 

The season was based around three competitions, 
the "Crabfest" (so named for those novices who pull 
"crabs" and then end up "eating" their oars), the aptly 
named "2"'' Reagatta '. and the City Championships. 
All seventeen rowers performed well throughout, and 
with the vast majority returning to school next year, 
the outlook for the future is even brighter. 

Thanks to all who took part for their dedication 
and commitment. 

Ms. Jennifer Walinga 





-Gr. 9 


F.R.: Richard Wylie, Farhad Merali, Glen Roberts. Thomas 

McCarten, Noah Dowhy, Matt Lemay, Geoffrey Homer, Nitya 


M.R.: Mr. Chris Spicer. Jesse McCallum, Rory Connolly, Mark 

Shortt. Andrew Moll, Greg Smith. Amar Chadha. Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay, 

Mr. Michael Walsh. 

F.R.: Eddy Cooper, Taylor Crawford. Seb Ritter. Scott Mitchell, 

Taylor Harrison. Kenneth Cheng, Ka Liu Tao, Daisuke Yukawa 

The group proved to be one of the most impressive ever at school, 
sweeping all opposition with relative ease, and playing some fine open rugby in the 
process. In only the opening match vs St. Georges, played in uncharacteristically poor 
weather in late September, and in a game vs Oak Bay a month later was the A XV 
really tested. 

A powerful and athletic pack laid the foundation for success, with props Matt 
LeMay and Malcolm King well supported by hookers Stu Masterton and. when not on 
back row duty. Andrew Moll. Pat Bourke and Andrew Brownlee dominated lineout 
possession, while Mark Shortt, Geoff Homer and Greg Smith were a solid back row. 

Behind the scrum, captain Jesse McCallum and Steve Mitchelmore were most 
competent halfbacks, with rangy Philip Jorgensen and the powerful Glen Roberts a 
handful in the midfield. Ka Tao and Mike Spicer were elusive wingers, and Rory 
Connolly a talented, heady fullback. 

In the B XV. captain and scrum half Eddy Cooper improved with every match, 
while Noah Dowhy, Richard Wylie. and Scott Mitchell all showed they could contend 
for regular A places in the Colts next year. 

Thanks to Messrs Ian Hyde-Lay and Chris Spicer for their assistance and good 
humour. Further thanks to all who turned out for making the season so enjoyable. 
Good luck in the fall. 

Mr, Michael Walsh 


- 6r. 10 

The 1997 Colts Rugby season was a challenging one for all concerned. Although lacking a little in committed numbers 
;ompared to other years, no fewer than thirty- seven Grade 10 players took the field, as well as an important handful of Grade 9's. 
n all. fifteen games were played by the "A" squad, a further eight by the "B" team, plus an additional game involving a combined 
rade 10 and 11 team against the touring Wade Deacon High School from England. 

The "B" team began the pre-season with a promising early exhibition win over the Grade 9B side. Unfortunately, they found 
he going a little tougher in their hard fought Independent School matched both home and away against St. Georges. Shawnigan 
^ke. and Brentwood College. However, the majority of the side playing in the "A" team victories over local Victoria schools 
spencer and Cedar seemed to renew confidence levels. 

The "A" team began their season with a Greater Victoria league victory over Lansdowne before their first Independent 
khool fixture against St.. Georges. In a close match . the team were unable to turn pressure into points going down 5-12. Follow- 
ng a week of solid practice, the "A" side deserved their well- earned victory over Shawnigan Lake, and continued to show further 
)romise with wins over Claremont and away at Brentwood college. 

The next week saw several Colts players along with some grade ll's in a combined side hosting and playing the visiting Wade 
beacon High School. England. The hosting of such visiting schools is only possible with the help and support of parents, and 1 
hank those involved for making this visit a most pleasant and enjoyable experience for all. The game itself was a most physical and 
dose run affair with SMUS defence and forward play in particular slightly gaining the upper-hand in the muddy conditions. 
The "A" side rounded out their ISA games with a 19-5 win over Brentwood. The Victoria playoffs were next, and despite some 
arly tries, the team struggled against opponents Parkland. Against Oak Bay in the city final. The team could not capitalize on their 
:hances to score, and Oak Bay stretched their lead, with the final score being 10-15. 

The team headed to the Island Tournament, with Brentwood College as the quarter-final opponent, and in a lack-lustre game 
or both sides. Brentwood did enough to come out on top. In the two consolation matches, the Colts soundly defeated both 
arkland and Qualicum to end the season on a positive note. 

Throughout the season much emphasis was placed in team commitment and dedication, as well as fun, skill improvement, 
ncreased fitness levels, and a greater understanding of the game of rugby. In the forwards prop and captain Jon Gordon was a 
ower of strength, whilst the play of hooker Kentaro Guthrie, lock Dave Ingle, transplanted flanker Jack Ho. and number eight 
<^evin Salmon was noteworthy. In the backs, centre Scott McCarten was perhaps the team's most valuable player, whilst mercurial 
ullback Itsuki Hayashi. scrumhalf Dave Weir, and centre/wing Mike Passmore also had their moments. 

Thanks to coaches Mr. Peter Tongue and Mr. Chuck Shergold for their commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge. A special 
hanks to "B" team coach Mr. Nathan Campfield from Australia whose willingness to lend a hand and more than ably guide his 
eam was most appreciated. Thanks also to parents for tremendous support and encouragement. Finally to all players, thank you 

for your efforts. 

Mr. Bruce Kuklinski (Coach) 

B.R.: Mr. Nathan Campfield. Lauchlin Burnett. 

Scott McCarten. John Gordon, David Ingle, Kevin 


M.R.: Mr. Bruce Kuklinski, Kaunteya Nundy, Mike 

Wilson, Eric Weng, Mr. Chuck Shergold. 

F.R.: Sam Bae, Scott Brown. Calvin Teo. Leland 

Wong, Merlin Ho, Jin Chung, David Weir. 


Senior Rugby 

The 1998 Senior Rugby season actually began late November '97 in early preparation to defend the provincial title. Intersquad trials soon took place, 
with the teams beginning to take shape, prior to the season finally getting underway in earnest in late February. 

The 2nd XV began their season very strongly, turning in promising displays and resounding victories over Lambrick Park and Esquimalt. The team 
continued its pleasing progress after spring break with further wins over Spectrum. Stelly's and Belmont. However, after a feisty first half effort away at Carson 
Graham, the team could not hold on and suffered a heavy first loss. Next up was Shawnigan Lake, but again, the team struggled to play for the full seventy 
minutes. The 2nd's squad bounced back to round out their season with a convincing victory over Mt. Douglas. Importantly, many opportunities were provided foi 
all players, either in providing much needed practice for 1st XV squad members or in the development of rugby skill and knowledge. Top performers amongst the 
pack were hooker Stephan Chapheau. props Jon Gordon and George Pemberton. locks Matthieu Boyd and Steve Tate, and backrowers Joe Gardener and Omar 
Alasaly. In the backs, midfielders Sam Paulos, Cam Clark. Andrew Williamson, and Scott McCarten. and scrumhalf Jason Owen were consistent performers, with 
flyhalf Jon Preston being top scorer with a total of 63 points. 

The 1st XV squad began their season by venturing up Island to record a solid win over Ladysmith and a closer result against G. P. Vanier. The team 
then met arch-rival Oak Bay for the annual "Boot Game ". with the game ending in a 22-22 draw. Twenty-three players then departed on a 16 day Celtic rugby 
tour, playing in Cardiff. Dublin, Belfast, and Glasgow. Coming home with a promising 2 and 2 record, the team then recorded 25-15 and 25-6 home wins over 
the touring High School of Glasgow (Scotland) and Chichester High School (England). 

Playing again in the BC Premier Series, against Carson Graham, the 1st XV got out to a good start and lead, but fell to a 22-20 defeat. Then, a fifteen 
minute purple-patch in the first half ensured a half-time lead against Shawnigan. However, no second half points and some serious defensive blunders had the 
team hanging on to finish with a 28-27 win. Against Semiahmoo the team started sluggishly, but after a halftime wake-up scored five tries to win comfortably. 

The 1st XV then gave what was undoubtedly the best all-round performance of the season against Lord Byng. From the opening whistle all seemed to 
click into place, with a total of eleven tries being scored for a most resounding victory. Then the league game against Oak Bay (in front of over 1000 spectators 
on SMUS Alumni Day), produced a slightly flattering 32-13 victory. Only five days later, the two sides met again in the City Final. With Oak Bay ahead 13-10 
SMUS mounted its final attack, only to be thwarted on the goalline. 

In the final regular season game, the 1st XV defeated Abbotsford to deservedly win the 1998 BC Premier League title. However, this was something of 
an anticlimax, as everyone looked forward to the defence of the BC Provincial Title. 

Brookswood were the first opponents, with the team having trouble with the wet conditions, though playing steadily throughout to record a 31 -0 win. 
In the quarters vs Abbotsford, the XV scored a 34-12 win and claimed a spot against Shawnigan Lake in the semi-final. 

In this match, the 1 st XV began the second half strongly to tie the game at 15-15, but eventually lost 27-15. Wishing to end the season on a top note, 
the side showed much spirit to come back the next day to defeat Carson Graham and claim the AAA bronze medal. 

Front row men John Andrachuk, Ari Shortt, Andrew Dewar. and co-captain Adam Dowhy. along with locks Steve Romanchuk (selected to the BC AAA 
Schools Commissioner's XV) and Gavin Bari^y. and backrowers Emir Mehinagic. Milan Mrdjenovich. team award recipient Alec Johnston, and BC Premier and 1 
St XV top try scorer Erik Larsen, all had their moments and laid a strong foundation for the team. In the backs, scrumhalf Quentin Bregg. flyhalf. co-captain and 
BC Premier top points scorer Mike Danskin. along uith utility back Chris Noel, centre Tye Spicer, wings Tim Street (the teams top points scorer) and Reid 
Chambers, and fullback Danny Boticki similarly played with much heart and desire. 

In closing, I thank all the players for a most 
enjoyable season where much was learnt about character 
courage, and the game of rugby. To all graduates. I 
thank you for your efforts and commitment to SMUS 
rugby, and wish you the very best in your careers. May 
you also keep involved with the "greatest game in the 
world". To the returnees, take with you into next season 
all that you have learned, along with a fierce resolve to 
meet all challenges head on. To parents, I thank you for 
all your continued support and encouragement through- 
out the season. I also thank fellow coaches Mr. Peter 
Tongue, Mr. Chuck Shergold, and Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay for 
their expert tutelage, assistance, advice, and good 
humour throughout the year. 
Mr. Bruce Kuklinski 


F.R.: Reid Chambers. Milan Mrdjenovich J. istpli ( J.. uli . Stephen Tate. GavinBarry. Andrew 

Williamson. Emir Mehinagic, George Pemberton, Andrew Dewar, Cam Clark, ,-\ri Shortt 

2"'' R.: Ryan Jennings. Siephan Cfiaphe.iu. Scott McCarten, Omar Alasaly, Daniel Boticki. Tye Spicer. 

Alec Johnston, Tim Street. Quentin Bregg. Jonathan Preston. Mr. P. Tongue 

F.R.: Jason Owen. Erik Larsen, John .Andrachuk, Michael Danskin, Adam Dowhy. Steven Romanchuk, 

Christopher Noel. Colin Panoit. Merlin Ho 

- Tour 

Three staff coaching members and twenty- three rugby playing teenagers toured the Celtic countries of Wales. Ireland, Northern Ireland, and 
Scotland over spring break' The flight to London Heathrow went smoothly, and following a coach ride, the group arrived a little tired but in good spirits 
late Monday afternoon at the hotel situated across from Hyde park. A lose- the- jetlag run around the park was followed by a very spirited touch rugby 

A keen early morning practice session got Tuesday off to a good start. We then bused to our first host school, Glantaf. in Cardiff to be wannly 
greeted by and whisked off with our billets. Many of the tour party spent the evening watching the European University Students Cup Final with Toulouse 
University. France defeating the UWIC at the Cardiff Rugby Club ground (next to the site of the 1999 World Cup Final). 

The Wednesday morning was filled with a light team practice session in final preparation for our first tour match later that afternoon. After a trip 
into Cardiff for a little shopping, the tour party returned to Glantaf for the game. The team began perhaps a little gun-shy, allowing the opposition several 
easy tries and a comfortable victory. Nonetheless, there were encouraging signs to some of the play. Special credit on the day was given to lock Steve 
Romanchuk. flyhalf Danny Boticki, and hooker John Andrachuk. 

The squad then met up on the Thursday morning for a light practice taken by former Welsh Youth coach Mr. John Hall- Moore with the 
emphasis on ball skills, communication and focus. The afternoon was spent with a sightseeing tour of the Cardiff area and an escorted tour through Cardiff 
Castle. The resulting trivia quiz for chocolate bars was keenly contested. 

Friday was a long travel day north by bus through the Brecon Beacons into North Wales and on to Holyhead. With pleasing views, a little sleep. 
"Living with the Lions" video, auction items galore, plus Special K's kangaroo court session, the hours passed quickly. A sharp practice was held near the 
ferry terminal before crossing the Irish Sea to Dunlaoghaire and busing into our second hosts at St. Michaels College. Dublin. 

Saturday was Five nations International Rugby day in Dublin with the Irish taking on Wales at Lansdowne Road in the afternoon. The squad had 
its own little battle to fight in the morning against St. Michaels College. Perhaps a little fatigued from the previous day's travel, the team again got off to a 
slowish start before putting some good passages of play together. However, some costly errors resulted in a three try half time deficit. The second half was 
a much more evenly contested affair, with the XV finishing strong before going down 38-19. In many ways the late game efforts was a turning point for the 
tour . Full credit on the day to lock Gavin Barry, wing/flyhalf Tim Street, and number eight Erik Larsen. 

The team met up again mid-morning on the Sunday for a sightseeing tour of the Dublin area Doctor KK was to the rescue with doses of 
Vitamin C and numerous other concoctions to ward off any ills. The afternoon was spent back at Lansdowne Road watching the Leinster Senior High 
School final between eventual winners Clongowes and Terenure College in front of a rousing 15,000 spectators. 

Monday morning's fun practice had the forwards gaining the upper-hand over the backs especially at Gaelic Football. The team then departed 
St. Michaels College late morning for Northern Ireland. With the Dublin trivia quiz, another rugby video, more auction items, a second kangaroo court 
session, and a stop lor lunch en route the trip passed quickly. All players were immediately at ease with the third hosts at Sullivan Upper School. 
Holywood, on the outskirts of Belfast. Northern Ireland. 

Wednesday morning began with a very informative bus tour of the Belfast area, including a trip down the Shankill and Falls Road, the sight of 
much of "The Troubles ". A little shopping was enjoyed by all before heading back for the game under lights against our Sullivan Upper hosts at the 
Holywood Rugby Club. The selected XV played well in the first half into the rain and a strong breeze, managing to hold 'Sullivan to only 3-5 at the half and 
3-8 soon after. Then the squad really hit form, with the forwards in particular going about their business the right way. In the end the team ran out 
comfortable winners 24-8 in a far better performance. Number eight Erik Larsen. scrumhalf Quentin Bregg, and flyhalf Tim Street, along with the whole 
forward pack deserve special mention. A dinner at the clubhouse followed with the SMUS Riverdance rendition being well received. 

On the Friday evening came a wee bit of Scottish Ceilidh Dancing. With an inflax of Glasgow High field hockey girls providing much incentive for 
the boys to get on the floor, the night became a tour highlight. What a sight seeing Coach Spesh and many of the boys in kilts with Alec Johnson being 
awarded the top Dashing White Sergeant of the evening. 

There was plenty of pre-match tension in the air Saturday morning with the teams being piped onto the field. Though down 6-19 at the half, a 
mouth-foaming team talk produced much more intensity and urgency, and a 21-19 scoreline with twenty minutes to go. All players then defended well and 
continued to apply enough pressure to score again late and hold on to win a very entertaining game 30-26 for a good sized crowd that included many past 
players from previous SMUS vs Glasgow matches. Special mention to tour captain and flanker Alec Johnson, fullback Danny Boticki, lock Steve 
Romanchuk. and wing Andrew Williamson. 

In good spirits Sunday morning the party caught the train from Glasgow to London, passing the time sleeping, playing cards, and enjoying the 
sights of the countryside. Monday was spent with many enjoying the tour of London including Picadilly Circus, Big Ben, Whitehall, Downing Street, Horse 
Guards Parade, Trafalgar Square, The Mall, The Houses of Parliament, and finally Buckingham Palace, where we met up with SMUS Canada Under 19 
players Adam Dowhy and Mike Danskin (en route to the World Junior World Cup in France). Of course, there was also time for shopping on Regent and 
Oxford Streets. A final tour dinner gave everyone the opportunity to look back on a memorable past sixteen days. 

Thank you to fellow coaches Peter Tongue and Chuck Shergold for superb coaching, assistance, and many social graces. Also thanks to all 
sponsors for tremendously appreciated financial support. A special thank you to the parents for huge fund-raising efforts and continued encouragement and 
sacrifice. Finally, thank you each and every player for determined play, and for showing so much character both on and off the field, 

Bruce Kuklinski 

Junior Soccer 

Despite fielding a large number of Grade 9 players, the 
team began the season with considerable optimism. Returnees 
Josh Lam. Itsuki Hayashi. Rhys Lewis and Mike Passmore all 
demonstrated considerable athleticism, and indeed, the group 
often dominated matches for large periods of time. 

However, the team's achilles heel was an inability to put 
opponents away, and ever worse, to concede untimely 
goals(often in bunches). As a result, almost unbelievably, this 
resulted in a fifth place Division finish, and no place in the City 

Nonetheless, there were positives from the season. 
Much good soccer was played, and an excellent foundation is 
in place for 1999. 

Best wishes to those moving up to the Senior ranks. 

Thanks to all for their efforts. 

Mr. Peter Leggatt 
Mr. Tony Cordle 

B.R.: David Ingle. Mike Spicer. Tiam 

Korki, Matt Lemay, Brian Catinus. 

Andrew Fairman. 

2"'' R.: Mr. Tony Cordle. Taylor 

Harrison, Mike Passmore. Itsuki Hayashi. 

John Handle, Paul Zakus, Mr. Peter 


F.R.: Graham Day. Eddy Cooper. Amar 

Chadha. Kentaro Guthrie, Josh Lam, 

Rory Connolly, Rhys Lewis. 

The 1998 season was an exciting one for the Junior 
Girls: although the season ended in anticlimax with a 
fourth-place finish in the Island tournament. SMUS histor\ 
was made during the year as the team captured the City 
championship for the first time ever. Coaches Mrs. 
Belli\eau and Mr. Hannah, with the help of manager Mr. 
Belli\ eau and Team Baby Madeleine, were successful in 
molding the diversely talented players together into a 
successful team o\ er the season. 

Utterly irreplaceable through the year was Diana 
Hughes in goal, whose calm assurance and lightning 
reflexes supported the team both psychologically and 
physically. Surely nobody will forget Diana's saving three 
penalty shots in a tiebreaker against Lambrick Park, and 
then stepping forward to score the w inning penalty herself. 

\ < » 





Ranged immediately in front of Diana was the 
careful wall of defenders, who played superbly throughout the season to little 
acknowledgement. Liz Jawl demonstrated a solid presence on defense, never allowing 
herself to be pushed off the ball. Kate Barry, too. showed physical strength, and became a 
reliable stalwart at outside defender. Karen Dawson and Heather Sortland were also ready to 
step into the breach at any time, and both demonstrated strong tackling and careful watching 
of the ball. Standout on defense b) end of season was Corinna Mick, who began the year 
almost ignorant of the game but de\ eloped through the season into an intelligent, tactical 
defender, whose excellent athleticism and fitness combined with her game reading to make a 
very useful defender. Jen Thompson began the season on defense also, but missed several 
games with injuries, then reappeared b\ the end of the year as a very dangerous striker. 

Midfield is the essential powerhouse of any soccer team, and the Junior Girls were 
lucky to have strong midfielders for this season. Caitlin Smith showed a very good grasp of 
the flow of play, and de\ eloped her skills admirably through the season, particularly shining 
in the Island tournament. Mary-Ellen Glover, so polite and gentle off the field, was another 
person altogether in midfield. where she was consistent in tackling and chasing her oppo- 
nents — frequently to her own injury I Captain Carley Somerset had a particularly outstand- 
ing season, not only demonstrating excellent skills in midfield. but also pro\ iding the team 
with consistently mature leadership, and re\ealing unheard-of skills at winning coin-tosses. 

The team did not suffer from lack of energy in its strikers: Caitlin McKenzie 
in particular was remarkable for her resemblance to a perpetual motion machine.. 
The versatile Jessa Jennings was always a hard-working, strong striker, and played 
her turn in defense as well on occasion. Striker Bree Baker demonstrated superb 
ball-handling skills and a cunning ability to find the net. Chelsea Richardson was 
also very strong up front, particularly showing good speed on breakaways and a 
dogged persistence in attacking. Most notable on the right wing was Sarah Turner, 
whose last-minute goal to win the City finals was representative of her play all 
season: strong skills to win the ball, excellent speed to pass her opponents, and a 
deadly shot to put it past the goalie and into the net. 

The team can be very proud of its accomplishments this year; the City Champion- 
ship, never before won by SMUS. will remain in the hallwa\ s until next year's team 
has their chance to defend it. 

B.R.: Chelsea Richardson. Heather Sortland. 

Caitlin Smith. Caitlin McKenzie. 

2"* R.: Mr. George Belliveau. Diana Hughes. 

Carley Somerset. Elizabeth Jawl. Jen Thompson. 

Corrina Mick, Mr. Fraser Hannah. 

F.R.: Kate Barry, Jessa Jennings. Karen Dawson, 

Mary Ellen Glover. Sarah Turner. Mrs. Sue 


I : 

Senior Soccer 

The team, with numerous 
returnees available, exhibited consider- 
able early season promise, and, 
through a combination of skill and 
hard work, moved down all AA 
opposition en route to a 7-0 first half 
league record. Unfortunately, on 
moving up tot he AAA ranks, a degree 
of overconfidence and an indifferent 
attitude resulted in a 1-4-2 record. This 
poor finish necessitated a rather 
fortunate challenge match against 
Highland of Comox for a final position 
tot he BC AA Tournament, an event 
for which qualification would have 
seemed, a month earlier, to be a 
formality. Happily, on a perfect 
November afternoon, the side came 
together well to record a 2-1 win. 

In the AA Provincials, held in 
Nanaimo, the team was seeded 15*, 
and placed in the "Group of Death" 
with Lambrick Park, Westsyde and Pitt 
Meadows. A 2-1 win over archrival 
Lambrick was followed by a 2-2 draw 
with Westsyde. This meant that a win 
against Pitt 
would vault the 
team into the 
Final Four. A 
effort against 
produced a 
goalless draw, 
before the 
team suc- 
cumbed 5-4 in the dreaded penalty 
shootout. Results in the final games 
yielded a 7* place overall finish, a 
respectable placing given the madden- 
ingly inconsistent form of the middle of 
the season. 

B.R.: Gustavo Neri, Omar Alasaly. Craig Kilshaw, Nathan Millar, Michael Danskin, 

Chris Noel 

2"'' R.: Graham Snowden. Brian Moss, Chris Callender. Danny Boticki. Colin Parrott. 

Chris Stolarski, Mr. Peter Leggatt 

F.R.: David Summers. Jon Preston. Ryan Munroe, Jamie Saunders. Tye Spicer. David 


Missing: Mr. John Nash. Ryan Large 

Thanks to all who took part 

Mr. John Nash 
Mr. Peter Leggatt 

B.R.: Kim Emsley-Leik. Sarah Wilson. Olivia Ibell, Kim Lobb, Kanoux Larsen. Kelly 

Cox, Aya Larsen, Carol Lewis 

2"'' R.: Kelsy Fowler, Chantelle Tearoe, Lisa Davies, Diana Hughes, Sarah Turner, 

Carley Somerset, Megan Dove 

F.R.: Kim Smith, Heather Orr, Sabrina Loiacono, Jen Woodland, Brienne Coleman, 

Charlotte Reid, Jenny Weenk 

Missing: Joann Nash, Mr. John Nash. 

A very successful and impressive 
local season, in which the team finished 
4th in the combined City league, and 
easily captured the City AA champion- 
ship, ended strangely at the BCs, as a 
combination of freak plays and poor 
finishing resulted in a most unsatisfactory 

Nevertheless, a lot of good 
soccer was played, and the players 
maintained a 

wonderful attitude and work ethic despite 
the final disappointment. 

Of note were the performances of 
captain and sweeper Kelly Cox. 
midfielder Carol Lewis and striker Joann 
Nash. A special thanks to managers 
Megan Dove and Kelsy Fowler for all 
their hard work and sound organisation. 

Best wishes to all the graduates, 
and good luck to the returnees who 
should form the nucleus of a most 
competitive team. 

Mr. John Nash 

— «f 


The team, though featuring a number of returnees, never really fired at any 
time during the season. A combination of erratic play, indifferent attitude and 
improved opposition resulted in a 4* place City finish and then 6='" at the Islands. 

The Girls squad won the majority of matches played, with Mariko Miller and 
Amy Karchut well to the fore. On the Boys side. Grant Woolliams performed 
steadily, with the others all having their moments. 

Thanks to all who made the daily treks to Kings Rd for practice and matches. 

Best of luck next year to all those returning. 

Mr. Dwain Textor 
Mr. Chris Martin 

B.R.: Chris Holenderski. Chris 

Callender, Jamie Saunders, Lemuel 

Edillon, Mr. Dwain Textor 

F.R.: Grace Koo, Dan Ishihara, Grant 

Woolliams. Kaunteya Nundy. Emily 


Track & Field 

The 1998 Track and Field season was a tremendous success. Commitment 
in practice and races combined with strong team depth resulted in splendid individual 
and team results. Practices also provided the opportunity for athletes to learn new 
skills and improve their fitness levels while the competitive season promoted further 
refinement and development. 

Immediately following the April holidays the Oak Bay Invitational and the 
Spring Track Series provided some excellent preseason competition. Athletes were 
also able to try new events, gain of valuable experience, and attended several clinics, 
(pole vaulting being very popular with both the boys 
and the girls). 

May featured a multitude of both junior and 
senior competitions. Numerous racing opportunities 
resulted in tremendous improvements as the season 
progressed. Highlights included the individual and 
relay performances of the grade 9 boys team and the 
grade 10 girls squad. 

A number of excellent performances at the 
Senior Island Finals resulted in six runners and jumpers 
qualifying for the prestigious B.C. Championship 
Meet. Those earning Provincial berths included 
Rebecca Sheng (triple jump), Natalie Lisinski (high 
jump), Clare Hall-Patch (1500 steeplechase), and Mary 
Ellen Glover, Natalie Lisinski, Emily Mascall and Sarah 
Turner (4x100). Valuable experience was gained, and 
strong performances given by all those athletes able to 
take part in the meet. 

Congratulations to the participants on this year's team. All should be 
commended for their progress and performances throughout the season. 

Ms. Judy Tobacco 

B.R.: Simon Guy, Takaya Ueda, Matt LeMay, 
Andrew Moll, Matt Celuszak, Rob Dabard, Rhys 
Lewis. Jason Reeve, Michael Adam, Kanoux 
Larsen. Aya Larsen 

2"'' R.: Eric Findlay, Selma Lai, Susan Hayes. 
Brian Moss. Jaqueline Goldstein, Diana Hughes, 
Sarah Turner, Jennifer Woodland. Ms. Judy 

F.R.: Genny Burdett, Clare Hall-Patch, Grace 
Fu, Natalie Lisinski. Jamie Saunders. Mary-Ellen 
Glover. Emily Mascall. Charlotte Reid, Rebecca 
Sheng, Lorien Chilton 



B.R.: Scott Carr. Natalie Lisinski, Emily Mascall, Shawna McKee 

F.R.: Caitlin Smith, Parish Sawyer, Karen Dawson. Jelena Mrdjenovich, Kiyoko Marton 

Led by a strong core of Grade lO's, the group combined depth and experi- 
ence, and solid skills to compete favorably with the strongest teams in the City. 

Early season successes included a quarterfinal appearance in the prestigious 
Police Tourney, and finishing top of Pool A in the first portion of league play. The 
team then gained a solid 3"^ place finish in a highly competitive ISA tournament. 

City league play from mid October through to the end of November was highly 
charged, with every game having a dramatic impact on finishing position. An 
eventual challenge game victory over Esquimalt, in which the team played its best 
volleyball of the year, was the springboard for a final, and best ever 4'^ place finish 
in Victoria- one heartbreaking place shy of the Island Tournament, 

All the girls may be very proud 
of their efforts throughout the year. 
Best wishes to those moving up to 
the Senior ranks. 

Mr. Scott Carr 

- Senior 

Led by an outstanding group of seniors, the team enjoyed an excellent regular 
season, before ending on a disappointing note in the City tournament. There were 
numerous highlights during the year, including a fine 3"* place ISA finish, and first 
ever league successes over Lambrick Park and Mt. Douglas. The squad also reached 
the final of the Lake Cowichan Tournament, and. having finished the local AA 
schedule in second place, appeared set for a good playoff run. 

Unfortunately, an unexpected first round defeat in the City Tournament 
seemed to produce a loss of confidence, and the team was unable to reach the Island 

Individually, all players showed steady improvement. Captain Megan Volk 
proved to be one of the top players in Victoria, and was well supported by Kathryn 
Dawson, Liz Aitken. Kanoux Larsen. Kim Emsley-Leik and Vania Gamache. Joelle 
Hatton, Ravina Dhillon and Kim Bruce all displayed a tremendous attitude in a 
reserve role, while manager Megan Dove's work behind the scenes was invaluable. 

Thanks to all who are graduating. Best wishes to all returnees. 

Mr. John Edgar 
Ms. Christine Smith 

B.R.: Mr. John Edgar, Kim Emsley-Leik. 

Vania Gamache. Kanoux Larsen. Megan 

Dove. Ms. Christine Smitli 

F.R.: Ravina Dhillon. Kathryn Dawson 

Joelle Hatton. Megan Volk. Kim Bruce. 

Elizabeth Aitken 

More Candids... 

^iB f i ' "'I I " W TM'^'" w i 4lt*»'Hil« l 

Taken during the filmng 
of "Ups and Downs." 

'\sry OP POPUL^ 

This page dedicated to those teachers who have spent their life bettering our education. 












Les Yeux Fermes 

- By Eric Goldstein 

Les yeux fermes 

Je ne peux rien voir 

tout est penible 

ma vie est une souffrance 

les yeux fermes 

quand je me sens triste 

ils ferment tout 

et je reve des cfioses sympathiques 

les yeux fermes 

tout est evident 

pourquoi vivons-nous 

en ce monde de misere 

les yeux fermes 

nous sommes tous jaloux 

la monnaie nous gouverne 

mais nous sommes pauvres 

les yeux fermes 


il u 


- Jen Thompson 

Long thin legs are stapled to swaying hips that support a starving 
tummy. Her small breasts are plastered to bony ribs. Hollow 
cheekbones, red stained lips and heroin eyes look past envious 
giris with a vacant expression. With a determined swing she 
glides across the runway. Hovering for a moment, she stops at 
the end. She squints her eyes to see through the blinding lights 
but finds no reassurance. Turning around she walks back, less 
persuasively now and shoulders a little slumped. Her moment of 
fame is over and another model takes her place. 

- By Liz Jawl 

The wind on the water. 

And the clouds that cross the sky, 


And transform the reflection of the 


A summer breeze warms a secluded 


Barren except for a small fire and its 


She sits absently gazing at the sky. 

The soft lapping of waves 

And the serenity of her surroundings 

embraces her. 

Draws her away from the turmoil. 

Leaving her alone with her thoughts, 

And her feelings about the significance 

of it all. 

A chill in the air makes her aware 

Of the brilliant moon. 

And shimmering stars 

In this spot. 

Her own piece of heaven. 

Art on this page by: 

1 . Craig Kirk 

2. Chris Stolarski 

3. Goldie Chan 

The Symphony Killers 

- By Matthieu Boyd 

Out of the public school system 

came a whole band of addicts 

high on beauty, high on 

oil and the fumes of gasoline. You say. 

Children love music and 

I guess they do 

"cept these didn't. 

thought Handel was a Nazi like 

Schumann was a racist like Beethoven 

was a German like the soldiers were... 

Maybe they weren't children - 

it's not in the birthday cake, it's 

in the eyes (the age 1 mean): 

skyblue or bloodshot, dusty light of an old soul, 

dead dream 

no sex or way too much 

never sing in public 


These kids never knew symphony. 

Damn good thing; 

violins and cellos are just 

fragility and wood 

even in the hands of Menuhin - 

Someone would tell the jocks 

and the muffins 

that music breaks with a crowbar or a fist 

and hell yeah they'd break the symphonies 

like glass 

Out of the private school system 

came the men with the mission 

and girls with the good thoughts 

the future Harvard grads and. Christjesus. 

the orphans of love. You say, 

// music he the food of love and 

maybe it is 

'cept these days 

love wants a wonderdrug, 

not the bread of the earth or 

the green eggs nnn ham... 

These are the kids you take to the symphony. 

Once they came with chains, now 

with social circles 

and either way, music is tied down 


Not safe in the hands of the teenage-angst poet 

Not safe in the mouth of the beautiful singer 

Popular Culture's moving 
somewhere else than here 
somewhere beyond the Philharmonic: 
sad, really. 

- By C.J. 

They tell me I should start planning my future 

Where I want to go. 

What 1 want to do. 

So I look up into the night sky 

Where the stars are sparkling through the 


Each one chanting to me a new and exciting 


Drawing me in with wonder and fascination. 

I want to take them all. 

Peel them from the sky 

And swallow them all up. 

So I will radiate a beautiful light 

Never seen before. 

But I know, i know, 

I can't have every star all at once, 

A lifetime isn't nearly long enough 

To grasp all I've ever wanted 

And I have to start somewhere first. 

Take one shimmering star at a time 

Knowing that getting each one will be hard 


And I must not forget to enjoy reaching for my 


So that I might shine the great happiness 

Of the stars I have reached 

A thousand times over 

Before my death 

Because a lifetime is too short to have every 


So each one. 

Must feel as good as a million. 

Art on this page by: 

1 . David Tseng 

2. Tony Kim 


Art on this page by: 

1. Alan Jones 

2. Lance Wei 

3. Vasin Phetsiri 

4. Kevin Morin 

5. Yvette Yang 

Art on next page by: 

1 . Sarah Limbu 

2. David Tseng 

3. Peter Kim 

4. David Lynch 

5. Richard Greenwood 

6. David Lynch 

7. Marianna Yang 



Art on this page by; 

1 . David Tseng 

2. Lemuel Edillon 

3. Leah Todd 


A Prayer in the Night 
- Sarah Hudson 


I just have to tell you this so you don't give up on 


'Cuz I know sometimes it looks like I'm pushing you 

but those are the times when I need you the most. 
Those are the times when I'm searching for you in 

and wishing that I had tried harder to get to know 


so that I'd have you to comfort me in times of loss, 

desperation and anguish. 

But I'm gonna fight to hang on to you, 

because I find an inner peace and fullfillment 

just believing that you have everything figured out 

and that you're doing what's meant to be done. 

I believe that you love me. 

And I believe that my strength and courage comes 

from the faith that you instill in me. 

so that I may eventually be able to put all of my 

faith in you. 

I'm sorry that I can't do that right now. 

This sounds selfish and immature. 

but you've allowed things to hurt me. and people 

close to me. 

and you've taken some very precious people out of 

my reach. 

And why are you letting this world suffer? 

I wish I understood what you were doing. 

I wish we all could figure out what you're trying to 

teach us. 
I hope that one day you'll give me the chance to be 

reunited with those, 
who in my opinion, you stole away from my life too 


I also hope that I get a chance to meet you and talk 

to you. 

And I believe that that will happen 

if I let you walk with me through life and pick me up 

when I fall. 
instead of fighting you off because I'm too proud to 

accept your guiding hand. 
So, just know that I'm trying and doing my best in 

And I hope you understand why I'm hesitant and 

afraid to commit to you. 
It's just that sometimes I get frustrated and angry 

and confused, 

because this is the most complicated relationship 

I've ever been in. 

The Lazy Bear That Was Ostracized By His Peers 
- By Nathan McCartny 

Once upon a time there was a lazy bear, in fact, 
the other animals of the forest often referred to him as 
"Lazy the Welfare Bear". His real name was Malcolm 
Quince Bear IIL but the other animals just called him a 
bum. Wherever he went he was shunned and ostracized 
for his lifestyle. All he wanted was to be accepted by the 
other animals. However, in the cold, dark, prestigious 
French forest of the '90s, caring charitable personality 
and humility didn't count for anything, and the only way 
to be accepted was through social prowess and good 

He tried everything to boost his appearance and 
social status: the rolled up sock, long hair, body piercing, 
but it didn't work. He was just lazy, he couldn't help it or 
anything, it was just who he was. One night after 
popping a Prozac he realized that perhaps if he could 
prove to the other animals he was worth something and 
could contribute to society, he would be on easy street. 
And not just the Street of Easy Girls, but the rest of his 
life would be an enjoyable experience. 

One morning the other animals of the forest 
decided to go out to the "Iron Ribbons" and smoke. 
Malcolm stayed home not because he was resisting peer 
pressure but he was just too lazy. So he stayed in bed 
and slept. 

The other animals walked down and sat on the 
iron ribbons. Cosmopolitan Chipmunk passed the cancer 
sticks around and they all puffed away like chimneys. 

"What's that sound?" asked Simone the Snake. 

They all heard a low rumbling in the distance, but 
Margot Marmont insisted that everybody stay where they 
are. The noise got louder but they all assumed every- 
thing was all right. 


The animals all laid in pieces on the "Iron Rib- 
bons", Struck down by the 11:15 TGV out of Paris at 
300km/h. The only survivor was Malcolm, and he would 
be dead today if he wasn't so Lazy. Malcolm now rules 
the French Forest, and the moral of the story is, "Those 
who are lazy live happily ever after, those who work hard 
are hit by High Speed Trains at 300km/h. 

Art on this page by: 

1 . Lance Wei 

2. Jenny Reed 

3. Rebekah Stackhouse 

The distinctive flavour of the 1940s was predominant in this year's musical, 
"Guys and Dolls." Under the helm of the director. Mr. Colin Skinner, this witty, 
romantic, and nostalgic show became a roaring success. Taylor Rankin played 
Nathan Detroit, a delinquent yet classy crap game operator, with a soft spot 
for his fiancee. Miss Adelaide (Ali Staseson). 
The musical's romantic leads. Sky 
Masterson (Sam Paulos) and 
Sarah Brown (Cara Yates) 
played, respectively, a slick- 
talking gambler and a strident 
missionary who fall for each 
other in very different ways. 
Other members of the cast 
included: Nick Stipp and Chris 
Smith as two of Nathan's underlings, 
Alex Payne and Liz Aitken as members of 
the mission, and Omar Alasaly as Lieutenant Brannigan 

(now universally famous for his "twitch"). The Chorus included: Jen Angus, John 

Breasail, Tim Gerbrandt, Charlotte Paul, Ashley Amett, Matthieu Boyd, Ryan 

Dacre. Morgan Evans, Vania Gamache. Simon Guy, Susan Hayes, Dixie 

Klaibert,Charlotte Reid, Alyssa Sunderani, Rebecca Taylor, David Beswick, Erick 

Calder. Merlin Ho, David Ingle, Claire Jones, Tiam Korki, Natalie Lisinski, 



Marshall, Emily Mascall, Lisa Murray, Kaunteya Nundy. Bianca Roberts, Marcia 
Wilson, Leland Wong, Kristin McHale, Andrew Moll. Kerry Morin, and Mr. Fraser 
Hannah. The choreography, under the direction of Ms. Kim Breiland, combined 

wonderfully with the music from music conductor Mrs. Donna Will- 
^_^_^^^^^ iams' student-comprised orchestra, successfully 

making rugby and basketball players appear 
as graceful as ballerinas. (The full 
impact of this transformation on the 
various sports teams has not yet 
been fully determined.) 
Behind the scenes, stage 
manager Megan Volk. her 
assistant Janine Copeland and the 
hard-working 12-member stage crew 
capably organized everything from the 
placement of sewer pipes on stage to making 
sure the microphones were where they were supposed to 
be. Finally, the cast would not be complete without make-up and costume ladies, who 
created costumes and managed to complete the many repairs necessary to keep these 
costumes intact for all three performances. In the words of Taylor Rankin. "If it 
weren't for them, we would be up here |on stage] without any clothes on!" 
Taylor, we hate to think... 

I Dolls 


.kCV- - ii 

Taming »* the Shrew 

This year's Graduating acting students decided to tackle Shakespeare early on in the year, and over a three night run. the old gym 
was transformed into 16"' Century Italy. 


Christopher Sly 

Bryce Soderberg 


Tara Elson 

A Lord 

Chris Smith 

Bartholomew, a page 

John Breasail 


Christine Wenman. Chantelle Tearoe, A 

Jason Owen, Taylor Rankin. Ryan Dacre 

The Tamina of the Shrew: 

Baptista Minola 

Chris Smith 

Bianca. his daughter 

Rachel Magnusson 

Kate, his daughter 

Cara Yates 

Petruchio. suitor to Kate 

Chris Stolarski 

Lucentio (Cambio) suitors 

Steve Tate 

Gremio, an old man to 

Jon Zacks 

Hortensio (Litio) Bianca 

Eric Grant 

Vincentio, Lucentio's father 

Bryce Soderberg 

A Pedant (impersonating Vincentio) 

Ryan Dacre 

Tranio. Lucentio's seivant 

Ray Shih 

Biondella. Lucentio's seivant 

Leah Winters 

A Widow [later marries Hortensio] 

Liz Aitken 

A Tailor 

Nick Stipp 

A Haberdasher 

Taylor Rankin 


John Breasail 


Alex Payne 

Servants to Petruchio 

Ryan Dacre, Taylor Rankin, Simon Guy, 

Erik Larsen. Jason Owen 


Megan Volk 


Jen Angus, Charlotte Paul. Ali Staseson 


Stage Manager 

Lisa Davies 

Assistant Stage Manager 

Vania Gamache 


Mr. Colin Skinner 

Acknowledgments : Costumes, Sound. Lighting. Painting. Make-up. Set Construction, Box Office, and many others. 

This years graduating acting students would like thank Mr. Colin Skinner for all of his efforts this 

year, and to say that Acting Rocks ! 




The 1997/1998 school year for the senior music department was exciting, challenging, busy and fun filled under the direction of Mr. Don 
MacKay. Ms. Donna William s and Mrs. Mary Humphreys. The classes included: grade 9. 10. 11 and 12 bands, choirs and strings and music 
composition in grades 10. 11. and 12, Also, again this year, cross grade concert band, jazz band and orchestra were held at 7:30 am. We 
thank those parents who diligently got their children to school on time for those rehearsals. 

The choir started off the year performing beautifully under the direction of Mrs. Humphreys at the Thanksgiving Harvest Service. This was 
followed shortly by auditions for the Prima choir, a university group made up of 16 to 25 year olds, 17 students from SMUS and the Alumni 
Singers were selected. 

In November there was the Remembrance Day Service at which the orchestra performed Barbers "Adagio for Strings" featuring the concert 
master Taylor Rankin under the direction of Ms, Williams. We were also again privileged to have Mr. Buckingham play the pipes along with JacI 
Chiu playing "The Last Post" and "Reveille". The choir rounded out the service with a rendition of the Hebrew song. '" Al Shlosha D'Varim" 
featuring soloist Robert Sin. 

This year the senior concert band was invited to perform at an invitational band festival called " 
Playhouse. They had the opportunity to perform with several other fine bands from Victoria. 

Bandorama" held at the McPhersoni 



Our fall concert this year was held at the University Centre Auditorium and featured the bands, orchestras and choirs. Highlights of 
the concert included: a small choir group performing a heartwarming rendition of "Peace I Leave With You" with soloists: Samanthe 
Lee. Angle Lee. Charlotte Paul. Alan Chen. Alfred Ko. Clara McLean. Sam Paulos. Cara Yeates and Robert Sin, This was followed 
by "Sleep Little King" featuring Eun-Young Kim on the flute. Other highlights included a combination string/choir version of 
"Traditions of Christmas" and the jazz band burning on "Milestones". 

The concert was followed by the choirs along with the senior brass ensemble performing at the Carol Service in our Chapel and Mrs 
Humphreys taking her groups out for various performances around Victoria including: the grade 12s singing with the grade 5's at 
the Monterey Centre Chrismas tea. the grade 9-12 choirs performing at various senior's centres, the Parent's Auxillarv Christmas 
bazaar and at the Christmas dinners. 

The grade 1 1 strings class was invited to perform at the Junior School Christmas Bazaar where they played a few selections and 
enjoyed seeing some of their former teachers. Once again the strings accompanied noon hour carol singing outside the senior 
school library during the last few days of school before winter break. These sing-a-longs have become something of a tradition. 

In February, the senior school jazz band under the direction of Mr. Don Mackay and with the assistance of Mary Humphreys was 
invited to participate in the Havana jazz Festival held in Havana. Cuba. A wonderful time was had by everyone. 

Also in February, several of our string, band and choir students were chosen by audition from all over B.C. to participate in the 
Provincial Honour Orchestra, band and Choir which performed splendidly at the British Columbia Music Educator's Conference heic 
in Vancouver, The participants this year were: Choir: Robert Sin. Angie Lee. Alan Chen. Alfred Ko. Alfred Wong, and Christo- 
pher Tse. Concert Band: Steven Wong, and Orchestra: Robyn Parton. Heather Orr. Samantha Lawrence. Kimberly Nordlund. 
Matthieu Boyd. Sarah Wilson. Kendra Tombu. and Brian Moss. These excellent young instrumentalists and choir members are to bs 
congratulated for their fine performances. 

This year's musical. " Guy's and Dolls" opened at the MacPherson playhouse at the end of February and ran for 4 nights. The 
cast, orchestra and crew all worked together to produce a very entertaining show. Of special note was the direction of Mr. Colin 
Skinner, the choreography of Ms. Kim Breiland and the music direction of Ms. Donna Williams. The principal leads were Ali 
Staeseson. Taylor Rankin. Cara Yeates. and Sam Paulos. They, along with the rest of the cast and orchestra are to be commended 
for their fine performance. 

In March. Nancy Telfer. the world renowned choral clinician from Toronto gave two workshops. One for the grade 5"s on some of 
her own compositions and one for the grade 12's on World Music. Also in March the choirs were joined by the grade 3, 4. 5 classes from the 
junior school to perform the annual choral and solos concert in the old gym. 

One of the orchestral highlights of the year was a visit to the Junior School to put on a concert that involved all 108 members of the orchestra. 
It was the first time in over 7 years that the Junior School had the opportunity to hear the Senior School Orchestra in a concert that was 
specifically for them. The orchestra selected a wide range of repertoire from Bach's 6* Brandenburg Concerto (Christopher Smith and Emily 
Thompson were the viola soloists) to selections from Walt Disney's "Aladdin". As always the Junior School was most welcoming and they were c 
wonderfully responsive audience. 

May brought the Alumni Weekend with the alumni and members of the senior choir singing, and the grades 11 and 12 string ensemble playing ir 
chapel for dedication of a stained glass window in memory of Commander Douglas Williams who was a very strong supporter of the arts. Also 
the jazz band performed for the dinner/dance and the strings performed at the Headmasters house for the alumni grads. 

This year our final concert was held at the University Centre Auditorium on May 21" and was a great success with all the students taking music ir 
the school participating. The concert opened with the string orchestra who offered a moving performance of Vaughann Williams "Fantasia on a 
Theme by Thomas Tallis". This was followed by a strong performance by the full orchestra, both under the direction of Ms. Williams. Mrs. 
Humphrey's choirs were again brilliant: the concert bands presented a big sound and the jazz band was exceptional with solos by Ben Naismsith 
on tenor sax. Jack Chiu on trumpet and Samantha Lawrence on trombone. The combo played a burning rendition of Anthropology " in which 
Richard Greenwood on acoustic bass. Jordan Helm on drums and Ashley Wey on piano all played great solos. On May 26"' we had our first evet 
original music string concert and on June 4* our fifth annual "Composers Concert " featuring the works of Mr, MacKay's music composition 
classes. Many of the works were played by computer, however, we also had a jazz quintet and a string quartet along with solos by Taylor Rankir 
and Eric Kim. The efforts of the students were well received and we hope this opportunity continues to present itself every year. 

Many of our students were also involved in music outside of the school programme and demonstrated excellence in many areas with most notably 
Eric Kim who was the winner of the senior strings section for cello at the B.C. Provincial Music Festival in Prince George. 

The final performance of the year was Prize Day in which the premiere performance of Christopher Smith's piece "It's My Stringth" was 
performed by the string orchestra. Chris was also the winner this year of the Blencoe Cup for best all round musician. The Prize Day ceremony 
was wrapped up with a full orchestra rendition of songs from the movie "Titanic". 

Our thanks and best wishes go out to all those grads who have given so unselfishly to our music programme over the years. 

It was yet another busy year for out musicians and we look forward to next year being just as full. 

That's All Folks! 




B.R.: Jordan Helm, Brv'ce Soderberg, Richard Greenwood. Adam Hutchison 

3"* R.: Taran Chadha. Colin Palmer. John Andrachuck. Kaunteya Nundy. Gregory 

Fowler. Jack Chiu 

2"'' R.: Brian MacKay, Samantha Lawrence. Leland Wong. Nick Chng. Patrick Lee, 

Ben Naismith 

F.R.: Elizabeth Woodward. Ashley Wey. Joshua Lam. Don MacKay, Ryan Jennings, 

Robert Sin 

Cuba Tour February 1998 

The Senior School Jazz Band under the direction of Mr. Don MacKay and with the assistance of 
Mary Humphreys was recently invited to participate in the Havana Jazz Festival held in Havana. 
Cuba, in February of this year. The band worked very hard and put together an energetic set of big 
band music which went over extremely well with the Cubans, They were joined by the jazz band 
from Brentwood College and in a spirit of cooperation the two groups played concerts in six days, 
including performances at two provincial art schools where they met some of the most talented 
young musicians in Cuba as well as jazz festival performances at the House of 
Culture and the Press Club in Havana. They were extremely well received and 
were even interviewed for the "Jazz Corner" program on Havana radio. As 
well as experiencing much of the wonderful music of Cuba along with a bit of 
fun in the sun the group received a constant education from our tour guide/ 
translators, of which one had been the translator for Fidel Castro and Che 

This tour was an exceptional musical and educational experience for the 
students and was a experience they will remember for a lifetime. The mem- 
bers of the band were: on alto sax: Ashley Wey and Ryan Jennings: on tenor 
sax: Ben Naismith. Taran Chadha and Peter Kim; on Baritone sax: Elizabeth 
Woodward: on trombone: Samantha Lawrence. Brian MacKay, Nick Chng 
and Patrick Lee; on trumpet: Jack Chiu, John Andrachuck and Nick Stipp: on 
guitar: Adam Hutchison; on Bass: Bryce Soderberg; on piano Colin Palmer 
and on the drums: Jordan Helm. 







B.R.: M. LaFreniere. G, Wong, G. Fowler, G. Homer, K. Nundy. R, Mogensen, Mr. Shortt. C, 

Lee, A. Chadha, C, Soderberg, M, Spicer, J. Helm, C. Palmer, N. Nundy, G, Nichoils, M. 

Lemay, E. Woodward, Mr. D. MacKay 

4'>' R.: B, Mackay. P. Lee, L. Wong, K. Tao, P. Karchut. P. Bourke, A, Lee, T, Kokubun. J. 

McCallum, L. Murray, C. Naismith. G. Roberts. S. Masterton, A. Van Tine, T. Chadha 

3"' R.: N. Wenger, T. McCarten, G. Dunlop, S. Ritter. W. Hong, B. Broder, K. McHale, D. 

Hughes, B. Catinus, J. Lam, D. Beswick. E. Findlay, G. Nichoils, A. Law, B. Tomaselli, C. 

McKenzie, F. Sawyer, C. Somerset 

2"-' R.: J. Chung, J. Langwith, A. Marshall, J. Goldstein, L. Scott, T. Korki, M. Yang, V. Hsieh, 

C. Kim, C. Kim, K. Morin, C. Mick, E. Kim. M. McCulluch, E. Cooper, W. Lau, D. Bonar, Y, 

Lee, G. Day, M. Celuszak, F. Merali, A. Wilson. T. Crawford. E. Goldstein. A. Moll 

F.R.: D. Borzoni. E. Weng. R. Parton, C, Cotter. F. McBride. K. Macintosh. N, Melling. D. 

Robson, P. Saunders, S. Green. C. Wong. S. Lee, K. Bayes 

B.R.: J. Chiu. H. Lee, C. McLean, N. Stipp, J. Andrachuk, K. Nundy, G. Fowler, N. Chng, P. 

Lee, L. Wong, B. MacKay, S. Lawrence, A. Hutchison, T. Kokubun, Y. Yang, C. Mills 

S'" R.: B, Baker, R, Sin, P. Kim, T. Chadha, B. Naismith, H. Orr, F. Sawyer, M. Dove. J. Lam, 

R. Jennings, D. Chun, A. Simard, S. Wong, A. Lin, E. Woodward 

2"-' R.: C. Kim, V. Hsieh. Y. Lee. K. Morin, C. Mick, J. Thompson, C. Smith, M, Celuszak, J. 

Ng, K. Larsen, S. Wong, J. Goldstein. N. Turner, E. Goldstein, A. Moll, C. Palmer, G. Nichoils, 

C. Lee 

F.R.: M. Lee, K. Norlund. Y. Au. A. Huang. E. Kim. K. OBryne. A. Marshall. J. Franklin. K. 

Leong. C. Yoo. M. Yang, D. Chung, D. Lee. R. Parton. A. Payne. D. Borzoni 

B.R.: Yvette Yang. Rebecca Sheng, Andrea Van Tine. Daye Chun. Tandanori Kokubun, 

Antonio Law. Paul Speed. Bryce Soderberg 

2"' R.: Chris Smith, Richard Greenwood. Adam Hutchison. Chris Mills. Samantha Lawrence, 

Jordan Helm. Greg Fowler 

F.R.: Ben Naismith, Jack Chiu. Mr. Mackay, Dixie Klaibert, Ashley Wei. Angela Marshall, Rhys 

Lewis. Brian MacKay 

Missing: Shaoyee Yao, Chris James 



Music Composition 









N to 





B.R.: Scott McBride. Paul Zakus. Steven Mitchelmoie, Micliael Blumberg, Daisy Klaibert. 

Stephen Fincham. Eli Gibson, Hilary Flanagan 

2"'' R.: Caria Wollach, Jayne Bigwood. Kendra Tombu, Sharon Lee, Sascha Braunig. Noelle 

Quin, Peter Williamson. Caitlin Smith, Mrs. D. Williams 

F.R.: Zevi Cherniawsky. Chelsea Richardson. Miximilian Boehnlein, Andrew Brownlee, Conor 

Pommerville, Gregory Smith, Philip Joergensen 

B.R.: Rodney Phipps, Paul Speed. Anthony Kim. Mrs. D. Williams, Rhys Lewis, Claire Jones, 

Erick Calder 

2"'' R.: Robert Jawl, Michael Lin, Tyson Johnson. Kentaro Guthrie, Marcia Wilson. Jessica 

Miller. Bianca Roberts. Lauchlin Burnett 

F.R.: Evan Crawford, Benjamin Acton, Scott Brown. Sarah Turner. Julia Inkster. Joanna 

Fairhurst. Katherine Barry. Jennifer Yoo 


B.R.: NicoW Moytinsen. Aya Laiseii, Mis. D. VVillidiiib, Lila Cheimak, Sarah Wilson, Chris 
James. Jamie Saunders, John Kwari, Eric Grant, Matthieu Boyd, Richard Greenwood 
F.R.: Nick Isaac, Taylor Rankin, Charlotte Reid, Rebecca Sheng, Grace Fu, Ashley Arnett 

B.R.: Adram IXnvson, Ari Shr.itt, Mrs 1) Willuinis 

2"'' R.: Emily Thompson, Jayne Bradbury, Genevieve Burdett, Bryce Soderberg. Jenny Reed. 

Megan cassidy, Michelle Lee 

F.R.: Eric Kim, Leah Winters, Christopher Smith. Laura Willihnganz, Rebecca Anglin 



12 N 








B.R.: N. Dowhy. R. Connolly. S. Mitchell, M. King, T. 1 i.nii.._u,. R, Cohen, A. Camaprd, R. Wylie, A 

Lampard, R. Wylie. S. Ham 

2"-> R.: H. Hankins, H. Sortland, A Fellenz, O. McClure, M. Koo, K. Cheng, D. Yukawa, A. Yeh, Mrs. M. 


F.R.: H. EUis-Thicke, K. Paulson, L. Chen, K. Morton, B. Baker, J. Payne. A. Miller, D. Yip. K. Cheung 


B.R.: R. Danard. J. Gordan. C- Linger. S. .McCartcn. B. Parsons. B. Acton 

4'*' R.: G. Chou. 1. Hayashi, S. Alladina, M. Wilson. J. Huang. J. Ho. R. Chian, J. Chen. R. Tang. L. Todd, 

N. Lisinski 

3"" R.: Mrs. M. Humphreys, J. Bluke, S. Gill, S. Won, C Kim. E. Kim. A. Lee. S. McKee. J. Jennings. K. 

Guthrie. M. Passmore, M, Maloney 

2""* R.: J. Lawton, P. Carrie, O. Lee. Y. Mak. V. Chen, S. Limbu, C. Hall-Patch, S. Hudson. E. Jawl. K. 

Johnson, j. Randle 

F.R.: C. Phipps. W. Ip. A.Wey. B. Bell. C. Takahashi. M. Ho. K. Teo. J. Chung, R. Khaneja 


B.R.: G. Snowden, J. Preston, T. Street, (_ KiKhavv, J Gdinoi. A. Mildred, S. Byun 

4"' R.: A.ko, T. Ueda, J. Salcedo, M. Adam, V. Phetsiri, E. Cheng, H. Yen, E Herrera 

3"* R.: J. Tseng, L. Chian, A. Sunderani, J. Woodland, J. Cummings, K. Fowler, S. 

Henwood-Greer, J. Weenk, R. Taylor, V. Gamache 

2-"' R.: Mrs. M Humphreys, C. Wilson, M. Evans, K. Hill, P. Bedeski, S. Chan, Y. Young, S. Lee, L. 

Knaak, C. Wong 

F.R.: T. Yu, Y. Chen, G. Poon, F. Funke, S. Loiacono, K. Wong, D. Chung, M. Ikezawa, A. Weng 



Tft. ^^ vv \ l^^f^^^sKtiSf VibHbIBQ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^IH 

E. ' ^ A V m>- ' lA ' --■ • ' ^€ '■ ■ . f^*?s^ 

1 " 

1 1. 1 f r if 


^mtm^M^M^ . f^ 

B.R.: C. Yeates, C. McLean, C. Paul, A. Staseson, S. Sugimoto, T. Elson, G. Tseng, A. Huang, B. Harang 

Z"-" R.: S, Hsu, E. Thompson, G, Cheung, A. Cornwell, G, Koo. S. Lai, A. Lin, V. Lau, A. Chen, Mrs. M. 


F.R.: S. Paulos. C. Noel. R. Sin, A. Wong, J. Chantratrip. C. Yeh 







School Buddies 

paste photo here 


This page dedicated to the people who helped to make this yearbook possible. 

The Student Council has met on a regular 
basis throughout the school year and has tackled a 
wide variety of topics and concerns. Some of 
these have been controversial and have prompted 
forthright discussions and opinions. In the realm 
of academics the range has been widespread, with 
many aspects of the curriculum and its content 
coming under scrutiny. The sex education 
programme, work experience and the school's 
policies on drugs and alcohol were other impor- 
tant topics that were reviewed. 

1 wish to thank the Council members for 
their conscientious approach to their responsibili- 
ties and 1 should like to think that the students as a 
whole will benefit greatly as a result of the 
Council's work. 

K.A Murdoch 

B.R.: Kathryn Leong, Kanou.v Larsen. Paul Karchut. Greg Fowler. Nicholas Chng. Claire 

Jones. Carla Wollach. 

F.R.: Christopher Stolarski. Rebecca Anglin, Mr. P. Tongue. Mr. K. Murdoch, Jenny Reed. 

Jack Chiu. 

Missing.: Aya L-arsen. Richard Greenwood. 

Student Council 





B.R.: Christopher Noel, Michael Danskin, Andrew 

Dewar, Steven Romanchuk, Peter Kim. Nathan 

Millar. Nicholas Chng. 

2"'' R.: Kimberley Lobb. Jenny Reed. Rebecca 

Anglin. Kimberley Emsley-Leik. Megan Volk. Rachel 

Magnusson, Jayne Bradbury, Jacqueline Wong. 

Christopher Stolarski. 

F.R.: Kelly Cox. Kanoax Lxirsen, Lindsay Basarab, 

Laura Willihnganz, Cara Yeates, Michelle Lee, 

Robert Sin, Jack Chiu. 

L to R: Ml K. A. Murdoch, David Lynch, Nitv 
Mariana Yang, Matthieu Boyd, Mrs, K. Davel, 

heth Novak, Kim Emsley-Leik, 

The week of February 14"' and 15*, 
SMUS hosted the South Vancouver Island 
Commonwealth Student Conference at which 
students from various schools represented fifteen 
Commonwealth countries. They were called on 
to debate come topical and contentious interna- 
tional matters such as the banning of land mines, 
equal rights for women, deforestation and the 
United States led initiative for the proposed 
attack on Iraq. 

Elizabeth Novak and Matthieu Boyd 
represented India and Kim Emsley-Leik and 
David Lynch represented Pakistan. With the 
widely varied values and opinions of fifteen 
diverse countries, the debates were often vigor- 
ous and never less than interesting. 

The end results, apart from a hugely 
enjoyable experience for all, was the face that 
Matthieu received third prize of $50.00 and 
David won first prize of a trip to Ottawa in May 
to attend the National Conference. Our con- 
gratulations to both and our best wishes to David 
for his great adventure in Ottawa. 

Royal Commonwealth Student Conference 

Booklovers Club 

There is no doubt that Thomas Jefferson s maxim 
"I cannot live without books" has been the common thread 
which has drawn the Booklovers in the school together this 
year. Thank you to all members who contributed towards our 
iunchtime meetings and to those students and teachers who 
support the Club but are unable to attend. We know you are 

Our goals this year were to: read a book and see the 
movie; organize a bookbinding workshop; read around a 
theme; share Internet bookmarks; compile a grand list of 
"What we are Reading"; buy books at Bolens; share favourite 

The Booklovers read approximately 150 books this 
year between them. The "What we are Reading" list reflects 
an impressive, interesting and varied taste in reading. Some of 
us read books by pre- 1900 female authors and then had a 
lively discussion on what it would have been like to be a 
woman writer in those days. In November we had a most 
successful afternoon buying books at Bolens. Each of us 
combed a section, selected books and had time to relax at 
Starbucks afterwards. In February we bid farewell to Ms. Greer 
before she set sail for Australia. We have missed her enthusi- 
asm, creative ideas and energy. 

The t-shirts designed by the Boolovers this year are 
once again in popular demand. Thanks to Mrs. Waksel for 
organizing this for the students. 

We have enjoyed a variety of snacks at our 
Iunchtime meetings, culminating in a pre- Xmas dinner at 
Earl's. We say farewell to our Grade 12 Booklovers: Ashley 
Cornwell, Jenny Reed, Megan Cassidy, Jen Franklin and 
Lindsay Basarab. We wish you many happy hours of reading 
in the future and hope that you will continue to 
nurture your passion for books. 

L to R: Mrs. J. Tweedie, Angela Marshall. Marcia Wilson, Lila Cheimak, Mrs, B. Waksel, 
Lindsay Basarab. Phillip Beverley, Jenny Reed, Jen Franklin. 
Missing: Katherine Johnson, Megan Cassidy, Ashley Cornwall. 

Joan Tweedie, Librarian. 

B.R.: Megan Volk, Dixie Klaibert, Ashley Arnett. 

3"" R.: Alex Miller. Khatidja Ajania, Judy Tseng. Elaine Lai. Karimah Ajania. Mathieu Boyd 

2"'' R.: Nitya Nundy. Matthew Celuszak. Marcia Wilson, Angela Marshall. Anne-Marie 

Pohorecky. Mr. Fraser Hannah. 

F.R.: Courtney Phipps, Pip Carrie, Susanna Moseley, 

This year saw the amalgamation of the 
school's Debate team with the very successful 
Public Speaking program. Ms. Roth and Mr. 
Hannah were nearly overwhelmed by the flow of 
interested students, and many successes ensued 
over the year due to the innate talents of the 
superb speakers who trained with them, 

Megan Volk and Matthieu Boyd proved 
themselves triumphantly skilled at debating, and 
were both very successful as individual Public 
Speakers also. Dixie Klaibert and Ashley Arnett 
were always close behind, never letting Megan and 
Matthieu become too complacent for fear of being 
overtaken. Among the Junior contingent. Alex 
Miller enjoyed modest success in his first year of 
competitive debating, and was supported by a 
variety of talented team-mates, including some 
surprising talent from the Middle School. In Public 
Speaking, newcomers Sarah Hudson and 
Bronwen Bell also enjoyed success. 

Public Speaking 


The debating wing of the Club would not 
have been successful at all without the dedication 
of many individual students, who came regulady to 
practice, to after-school debates, and to small 
tournaments, and honed their skills without the 
recognition and rewards given to their more 
competitive compatriots. Next year will see a 
further development of the Club as these and 
other students put their hard-won experience to 
good use in the many competitions and tourna- 
ments facing them. 

L to R: Bronwen Bell, Dixie Klaibert, Matthieu Boyd. Cara Yeates. Megan Volk. Sarah 
Hudson. Ms. K Roth. 

Members: Rebecca Anglin, Lindsay Basarab, Roxanne Black, Evan 
Crawford, Elaine Lai, Aya Larsen, Eric Lin, Kim Lobb, Sabrina 
Loiacono, Rachel Magnusson, Jenny Reed, Charlotte Reid, Graham 
Snowden, Christine Wenman, Carol Wong, Cara Yeates 

One of our many topics of discussion this year was a team 
photograph: for the yearbook, and so other students would know 
who the peer counselors are. The cartoon at the top of the page 
tells you how the discussion ended! Other topics that had more 
productive results were in the helping skills of listening, questioning, 
ways we think, personal values, and other elements of awareness. 

We had a short season this year, not getting underway until 
mid-winter and, with busy people, had the usual conflicts of athletics 
and dramatics. In spite of all that the group pulled together because 
of genuine interest in helping others resolve their crises in relation- 
ships, academics, families, feelings of worth, sexuality, substance abuse, and all the other things that add to the roller coaster of life. 

For the first time, the organization of the group was initiated by students, reflecting the school's interest in providing 
opportunities for student leadership. Our thanks go to Rebecca for taking on the task. A priority for the fall of 1998 is to review 
the organization, mandate, and visibility of peer counseling at SMUS. 

Several students used peer counseling hours to fulfill their work experience requirement for CAPP. and others used the 
hours for credit toward their Duke of Edinburgh certificate. 

Graduating peer counselors are: Cara Yeates, Christine Wenman, Jenny Reed, Rachel Magnusson, Kim Lobb, Elaine Lai, 
Roxanne Black, Lindsay Basarab, and Rebecca Anglin. Thank you for your interest, time, and joy of life. 

Peer CounsellorJ 

Congratulations to the following students whose 
work has been selected to be part of the school's 

Genny Burdett 

Art 12 silkscreen print 

Tara Elson 

Art 12 acrylic on canvas 

Ali Staseson 

Art 12 gouache painting 

Lance Wei 

Art 12 acrylic painting 

Lawrence Lee 

Art 1 1 acrylic painting 

Danny Boticki 

Art 1 1 ink drawing 

Rebekah Stackhouse 

Art 1 1 ink drawing 

David Tseng 

Art 12 sketchbook drawing 

*A*>**** 'V 


Boarding Parents and Prefects 


Symons House 

L. to R.: Mrs, Anna Forbes, Karen Wong. Megan Volk, Yvonne Au, 
Renee Chung, Michelle Lee, Mr. Iain Forbes. 

Timmis House 

L. to R.: Anna Huang, Goldie Chan, Kim Emsley-Leik, Jamie 
Chung, Alexandra Staseson, Courtenay Mitchell, Mrs. Lisa Hyde-Lay. 


Winslow House 

L. to R.: Mr. Peter Tongue. Mrs. Marian Tongue, 
^^■^^^ Jacqueline Wong, Lauren Ingle, Donna Lee, Susan Sin , 
^BSSu^^ Grace Koo, Kelly Cox, Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton, Paige 
^^^^^^^r Hamilton. 

Harvey House 
B.R.: Stephen Tate, Steven Romanchuk, Adam Dowhy, Peter Kim. 
F.R.: Mrs. Joan Jones, Gordon Cheung, Lemuel Edillon, Helmut Lee, Mi 
Mel Jones. 

Bolton House 

B.R.: Mr. Rob Cameron, Vince Lau, Nick Chng. Gustavo Neri Delgado. 
F.R.: Nate Millar. Lance Wei, Alan Lin, Alfred Wong, David Summers, 
Mrs. Eva Cameron. 

Barnacle House 

B.R.: Robert Sin, Jason Lee, Omar Alasaly, Ryota Yukawa, Steven 

Hsu, Daniel Hong. 

F.R.: Mr. Bill Greenwell, Cosmos Yeh, Christopher Stolarski, Matt 

Berg. David Tseng, Chris Tse, Alan Chen, Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell. 



B.R.: Ms. Jen Michelson, Kimberly Bruce. Megan Volk, Jennifer Weenk. Anna Thomas. Leah 

Todd. Kathryn Dawson. Khatidja Ajania . Natalie Lisinski, Mr. Iain Forbes. 

S'"* R.: Mrs. Anna Forbes, Shawna McKee. Chris Yoo. Heather Sortland. Amelia Fellenz, Avazeh 

Parissay. Vivian Chen. Sharon Lee. Michelle Lee. 

2""* R.: Ms. Josephine Nurse. Morgan Evans. Kathryn Hill. Amy Yeh. Olivia Lee, Fiona Lee. 

Alexandra Lea. Yeon-Joo Bae. 

F.R.: Thelesa Chung. Emily Thompson. Haley Hankins. Bailey Harang. Yvonne Au. Renee Chung. 

Karen Wong, Madeline Beliiveau, Mrs. Sue Belliveau. Mr. George Belliveau. 


the last 
vestiges of 
which may have 
been lingering in the 
hallways, our girls 
tumbled into Symons 
House last September - a 
varied group, some moving 
willingly, some reluctantly, but all 
determines to come together and 
establish some Girl Power. With Miss 
Jean Brodie at the helm, and a set of 
brand new houseparents, the task of 
putting old heads on the 36 sets of 
young shoulders in our care had begun! 

The bus ride around Victoria on the 
first night revealed a kaleidoscope of 
fascinating personalities. Who would 
forget Leah's astrological analyses 
"OOO Dr. Forbes, you have the sun in 
Libra and Scorpio is ascendant! Awe- 
ome! " or the stumbling efforts to correct our Latvian pronunciation before leva's patience ran out: "JUST CALL ME 
EVE !!" Closing the doors to out sister house occasionally allowed us to develop a microcosm of identity, and as the 
weeks went by. we heard the dreaded words, "In Timmis we used to..." less and less. 

Saucy Symons girls excelled at Airband but were less stellar in athletic pursuits, and we wont even mention our 
owly position in the House games competition. The House, perhaps not surprisingly, adopted rather an arty flavour 
and the Halloween Hallway decoration was so effective that some grade 8s were afraid to come out of their rooms. 

Just as we were getting on top of things, we were dealt a stunning blow with the news of Vanessa's illness and her 
subsequent departure for Hong Kong. Ironically, our sadness brought the House together even more and the tears we 
shed for her washed away any remaining differences. We were finally a cohesive unit. The five remaining prefects 
shouldered the extra load, rallied together admirably and life went on. 

Always creative, the Symons gids developed an interesting array of excuses for not being on time for prep, espe- 
cially Aimi, whose ever-changing hair colour was a source of great interest to us all and consumed large portions of her 
prep time while she achieved just the right hue! The beautiful music from Emily's room afforded a sharp contrast to 
the unloveliness of the view within - (did you sleep in the hammock when you couldn't find your bed?) The revolving 
room changes happened so often for a while that even the houseparents couldn't remember who lived where. Alex 
found love from the Goodwill box, as the outfit she put together there had the desired effect on the man of her dreams! 
And who will forget the Korean birthday parties, especially the last one which brought us another much needed fire drill. 
You are a wonderful, zany mixture of personalities - it has been an infinitely rewarding experience caring for you all and 
1 have relished the pangs of mothering every Thursday as you ate the banana bread so lustily. You truly are the creme 
e la creme! 

To our prefects. Renee. Karen. Yvonne and our wonderful co-Heads of House Megan and Michelle - thank you 
for weathering the minor tempests so well and helping us set the House in motion. Good luck and good wishes to all 
ithe graduates, our first grade 12s, who will never have to sign in again! To those houseparents who are leaving us. Sue 
iBelliveau (and of course our favourite Symons girl, baby Madeleine), and Jenn Mickelson. we will miss you very much, 
put you are looking forward to exciting new futures. Thanks. Josephine for all your energy - rest up in the summer as 
the second year of life in Symons House is fast approaching. 

Anna Forbes, 

Senior Houseparent 



B.R.: Matt Avery, William iMcLiregor. bteptien late. Jonattian traser. bteven Komanchuk, Adam 

Dowhy. Joseph Gardiner. Peter Kim. Chris Holenderski, Vasin Phetsiri, Dan Ishihara. 

3"* R.: Gordan Cheung. Helmut Lee, Ryan Dacre, Jack Ho, Lawrence Lee, John Hung. Elliott 

Herrera. Chris Eun. Mr, Rick Johnson. Mr. Mike Walsh. 

2"'' R.: Lemuel Edillon. Eddy Cooper, Nitya Nundy. Kauteya Nundy, Scott McCarten. Itsuki Hyashi. 

Eric Weng. Noah Dowhy. Mr. Mike Ison. 

F.R.: Mrs. Joan Jones. Merlin Ho, Steven Fellenz. Sameer Alladina, Tony Kim. Ka-Yiu Tao. Kyung- 

Min Kim, Jack Chiu, Mr. Mel Jones. 

and giveth way 
to new! So it is 
every year in resi- 
dence. In September 
we were led into a new 
order by Messrs. Steve R. 
Gordon, Adam, Lemuel, Peter, 
Helmut, Steve T (a prefect in his 
Harvey House rookie year). For 
their efforts and commitment we 
thank them most sincerely. At this 
time, we also welcomed Mr. Chris 
Martin to the house staff. 

When the year is viewed in 
retrospect it invariably appears like an 
amorphous, relatively uneventful 
period of time, (Distance lends 
enchantment!) However, closer 
scrutiny (thanks to the staff log books) 
reveals all those "forgotten' moments 
which added more than just a dash of spice to our lives: 

"First day back, new boy (Matt Avery), broke his arm falling off a skate board," 

"Adam guarantees a 100% commitment from the house for the Terry Fox Run... and comes through... he's 
very persuasive!" 

September IS'*" - Peter Kim was late for school," ,,, Only 41 to go! 
"Jack Chui needs a new biological clock." 

"Itsuki went at 10:15 p.m, to a birthday party; he returned at 10:45 covered in cream ... he says it's an old 
Japanese custom." 

"Gordon has eventually passed his driving test." 
"John Hung sleeps with his telephone!" 
"Ryan Dacre's fish, over spring break, went to fish heaven." 
"Kaunteya is performing some community service on Mr. Tongue's car." 
"Ka and Joe win the foosball tournament. Ka was very patient." 

"Romanchuk is at his girl friend's house making fairy cakes. It's 10:59 p.m... where is he?... Ah! Here he is 
now!!!" with seconds to spare. 

"Talent night: Jack, Men, Kyung Min, Dan/Chris and Kaunteya were all magnificent." 
Nitya won $23.00 at the Volleyball Scramble... he was very excited." 
"Where's Eric? He's in the computer lab!" 
"Gordon did very well on an equilibrium test following grad!" 
It's now four days since grad: I think Helmut is leaving today!" 
Mr. Rick Johnson, one of the founding fathers of the new Harvey House in 1991 is leaving us. On behalf of all 
Wallbangers past and present, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish him every success in his year in Oregon and 
thank him most sincerely for his commitment and sagacity as "EI Segundo ". 

To the omnipotent Michael Walsh, the rookie assistant, Chris Martin, and our Grade 8 assistant, Mike Ison.... we 
couldn't have done it without you. 

To Mrs. Jones, who proved once again that the way to a man's heart is indeed through his stomach., diolch yn 

^^■^^ Wallbangers, what are you? 
^^^S Mel Jones. 



After living beside (and two years "on top") the Symons Sassenachs for 
six years, we were reluctant to see our brothers replaced by the Saucy Symons 
sisters. Those six years had shown that testosterone and estrogen in equal 
amounts neutralized each other. Both sexes were more civil, enjoyed each other's 
company, and learned to appreciate each other's differences. Thus, the thought of 
having approximately 80 teenage girls living in one building was rather daunting and we 
weren't sure we would survive the year. However, the house was to have only 37 girls instead 
of 50, and only one new housemum. Ms. Liz Mansfield. Still, reflecting back upon the year, it 
wasn't what we had anticipated; relative tranquillity replaced by nightly crying sessions: one melo- 
drama after another, and never ending exhaustion. Yet really, it wasn't too bad! We did miss the 
company and good humour of the Symons' boys and staff, but we did enjoy our new sisters, access to all 
laundry machines, and the freedom to roam both sides of the building. 

It truly was a great year in Timmis House. The sisterhood that developed though caring, commitment to 
the house and each other, positive attitudes, respect for one another, and pride in our achievements, was the 
best in years. The girls did struggle though their differences from time to time (laundry, phones, and noises late at 
night), but was this was generally a forgiving and tolerant group. The head of house, Kim Emsley-Leik, was greatly 
responsible for this cooperative ambiance. Of course, she was supported by five other wonderful prefects: Courtenay 
Mitchell, Goldie Chan, Ali Staseson, Jamie Chung, and Anna Huang, each of whom brought their own special talents 
and qualities to the job. 

Some highlights of the year included the open double decker bus tour of the city (featuring the ostentatious and 
gaudy characters riding in the back seats!); snowball fights in December: the "Chick ski trip" to Mt. Washington: body 
painting to East Indian music while inhaling incense: a very chilly Easter picnic: rock-n-bowling in wacky clothing to 
great music: waterfights in May and June, and especially our raid on Harvey and Bolton houses that went quite awry. 
Also there were Korean midnight 
moon birthday celebrations, especially 
the one that set off the fire alarm at 
12:40 am!!: 'Yvette's amazing ability 
to play anything on the piano just by 
listening to a song once; puzzle mania 
in the office after prep: Grace's 
encounter with the Challoner wall 
while speeding down the walkway on 
roller blades; numerous occasions on 
which pizza, chicken wings, ice cream 
cakes, frozen yogurt, and scones were 
devoured within minutes; waterslides 
and go-carts: Tally Ho horse and 
carriage tour downtown and an 
evening on the causeway. Naturally 
the best highlights were no doubt the 
many individual and personal mo- 
ments shared with friends that the 
houseparents are completely unaware 

I wish everyone leaving, stu- 
dents and staff, much happiness and 
fulfillment in their lives away from 
SMUS, and look forward to another 
fabulous year in Timmis house with 
those returning. 

B.R.: Mrs. Jennifer Walinga. Kathryn Watson. Goldie Chan. Daye Chun. Christine Kim. Samantha 

Lee. Yvette Yang, Selma Lai. Tina Yu . Kailin Wu. Ali Staseson, Anna Huang, Kim Emsley-Leik. 

S"* R.: Ms. Gail Miller. Yun-Ji Lee, Min Hee Koo, Sarah Limbu. Wency Ip. Marianna Yang, Lindsay 

Knaak, Lilian Chan, Carol Wong, Courtenay Mitchell. 

2"'' R.: Katherine Cheung, Doris Yip, Kiyoko Marton. Amy Simard, Janine Copeland. Dana Rohde, 

Alice Weng. Jenny Ho. Ms. Liz Mansfield. 

F.R.: Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay, Derek Hyde-Lay, Faustina Funke. Chihiro Takahashi, Courtney Phipps, 

Gloria Poon, Karimah Ajania, Grace Fu, Jamie Chung. Mrs. Lisa Hyde-Lay. Graeme Hyde-Lay. 

Mrs. Lisa Hyde-Lay 


A year in a male residence can be compared to many things, but the analogv, 

that comes to mind late in the final term is an ancient one: the homeward journe\, 

of Odysseus following the destruction of Troy. Far from their families, young men are 

expected to resist the temptations of the Lotus Eaters and the seductive allure of sundn, 

sirens and lonely nymphs; they must summon all the warlike attributes of their forebears tc j- 

do battle on the sports field and yet avoid behaving like swine off it: and. above all. they musi 

avoid offending the gods. 

Of course, not many of them have a wife waiting for them at the end of their journey, nor are theit 

lives often threatened by cannibals; but the risk of foundering is ever present and the Cyclops waits ready 

to shut them up in his cave for the weekend at the mere mention of grape juice. So it is with a collective 

sigh of relief that they reach the end of this year's journey and scramble ashore, a little bedraggled and mightily 

weary, but comforted by the knowledge that they dallied with the Lotus Eaters and. for the most part, rejected 

their blandishments; flirted with the sirens and managed to escape, in some cases intact; wallowed in a manner that 

would have impressed the most discerning swine but. however grudgingly, emerged more or less unsullied. 

Unlike Odysseus's crew, most of them 





B.R.: Simon Guy. Chris Callendar. Vince Lau, Nicholas Chng. Lance Wei. Graham Snowden. 

Nathan Millar. Jonathan Preston. Johnny Chen. Raymond Tang. Mr. Hywel Jones. 

3"' R.: Kevin Saimon, Shawn Byun. Eddie Cheng. Gustavo Neri, Raymond Shih. Yos Tanoyo. 

Grant Woolliams. Alan Lin, Alfred Wong, David Summers. Mr. Mike Ison. Mr. Rob Cameron. 

2"'' R.: Mr. Charles Burnett. Lily, Nathan McCartney, Jin-Hyuk Chung, Taran Chadha. David Ingle 

Jesse McCallum, Scott Mitchell. Randy Khalil, Ian Woolliams. Mrs. Eva Cameron. 

F.R.: Gerald Wong. Jinwoo Baek. Lavvrence Daisuke Yukawa, Amar Chadha, Kenneth 

Cheng. Antonio Law. Konstatin Zhbanov. Gerardo deLa Garza. 

have made it. There were times, how- 
ever, when it was touch and go: ask 

Lance. Alfred. Alan and Dave, who lived 
in the stygian world of the grade eights 
or anybody who had to descend into 
Hades every morning in search of Yos; 
see if you can get a coherent lyric out of 
Cam Culham, who has worn more hats 
this year than Hydra during Wimbledon 
fortnight and was responsible for intro 
ducing an unsuspecting world to the de 
parted spirits of the Bolton House Cho 
rale. And if you happen to spot Messrs 
Burnett and Jones feigning insouciance 
behind an olive tree, don't mention the 

Sad to relate, six crew members 
were swept overboard or succumbed to 
the allure of far off lands. Gerardo 
travels south to join the myrmidons of 
Montezuma, while Shawn crosses the 
strait to pacify the tribes of the lower 
mainland with kimchee and cellular 
phones; Eddie and Johnny go forth to 
be immortalized in song; and Jesse and 
Scott leave for Circe's verdant pas- 
tures. We shall miss them on next 
year's voyage, and wish them all a fair 
Nick. Nate. Grant. Gustavo. Vince. Lance. Dave. 
One of the strongest, most community-spirited 

wind and smooth water. Similarly, the departure of our grade 12's 
Alan. Alfred. Ray and Yos - will leave a gaping hole in our complement 
groups that we have had as leaders, they have trimmed the sails judiciously and steered, in the main, a straight course. 
In keeping with the epic tradition of the house, more than half of them intend to further their skills in advanced sail 
making and astral navigation at Queen's, while others will study the ancient rites of Bacchus and Aphrodite at centres 
such as Waterloo and Brown's. They leave with our thanks and fondest wishes for their happiness and success in the 
future, and our hope that they will never again find themselves beset by the evil spirits they cast out so resoundingly at 
the end of the voyage. Finally, to my fellow cyclopses, Messrs Charles Burnett, Cam Culham and Hywel Jones (who 
sets out to perform heroic deeds in the Elysian fields) - thank you for keeping an eye on the flock, and enjoy a well- 
earned break; it's the balmy shores of Lethe for me. 


This has been an outstanding year in Winslow House. With the transi- 
tion to three male and three female residences taking place, it meant that the 
numbers were small - only twenty-seven girls in the House - but everyone made a 
significant contribution to the success of the year. The introduction of the new House 
T-shirt and the 'Winslow Warriors' slogan perhaps summed up well the energy and 
enthusiasm that the girls brought to all situations. A lively group of talented grade ten 
students certainly brought a vibrancy to the place, while a small group of grade elevens dem- 
onstrated well balanced academic, athletic and artistic ability and commitment. The grade 
twelves dedicated to their university entrance did well and managed to find time to have some fun 
along the way. The prefects led by Jackie Wong and Kelly Cox made sure that the House ran 
smoothly and that there was an excellent rapport established by them with everyone. Perhaps the 
highlight of the year was the House dinner, arranged by the prefects, which brought a great deal of excite- 
ment and enjoyment. At the appointed hour, three stretch limousines appeared at the front of the House to 
take the girls dressed in their finery on a magical mystery tour around the coast to an as yet unknown destination 
The cars finally pulled up outside the 
Empress where an evening buffet was 
sumptuously enjoyed. Photographs and 
a stroll along the harbour causeway 
were followed by a hearty sing song on 
the school bus home. This was fol- 
lowed by a sparkling apple juice toast 
and then charades rounded out a 
wonderful evening of adventure and 

The end of the school year was 
met with some sadness as all three of 
the Assistant Houseparents moved on 
to new and exciting opportunities. Ms. 
Jane Goodbrand begins her teaching 
career in West Vancouver while Ms. Ali 
Hunter does her teaching practicum in 
the Okanagan. A stalwart and popular 
main assistant, Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton, 
has moved to Las Vegas with husband 
Craig's job and their lovely daughter 
Paige. All three fitted in to the House 
perfectly and will be sorely missed. Our 
best wishes go with them. 

Congratulations to all members of the 
House who made this such an enjoy- 
able and productive experience. 

Peter K. Tongue 

Director, Senior School and 
Houseparent, Winslow 

B.R.: Angle Lee. Sung Hyun Won, Nancy Kim, Lauren Ingle, Jackie Wong, Elaine Lai. Donna Lee, 

Susan Sin, Grace Koo. Vania Gamache, Mr. Peter Tongue. 

2"'' R.: Eun-Young Kim. Serlene Chan, Sayuri Sugimoto, Grace Tseng, Judy Tseng, Joelle Hatton, 

Karen Dawson. Yung Mak, Liz Novak. Kelly Cox. 

F.R.: Mrs. Marian Tongue, Parish Sawyer, Jennifer Yoo, Jelena Mrdjenovich, Lorien Chilton, Maya 

Ikezawa, Lisa Murray, Yiffen Chen, Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton, Paige Hamilton. 




Well here we are again at the end of another run of the Barnacle Express 
and as the train pulls into the siding with an extra coach added last September, 
we can look back on some slight delays and some interesting whistle stops, but 
fortunately no derailments. 
At the end of July 1997 there were only twelve passengers left on board, but we 
were soon joined by eleven seasoned Symons trippers, as well as seventeen newcomers. 
Our passengers were indeed multi-national and multi-cultural hailing from Alaska. Alberta, 
Hong Kong. Taiwan, Japan, Thailand. Korea, Grand Cayman, Chile, Indonesia. Saudi and B.C. 
Some of the whistle stops included dinner at The Keg. movie nights, Barnacle Basketball 
nights. Ten Pin Bowling, barbecues on the Us patio and great pizza nights with Winslow girls. Should 
we even mention the stops and starts experienced on the journey? There was some inter-house rivalry, 
which generated "the chicken feet raid": frisbee on the field, in the dark - could you see anything?- night; 
the water -gunning of !!! by ?? at a firedrill- a question of who's that on the roof? etcetera. There were the 
usual houseparent questions: but why didn't you ... ? where did you say you were? ... the American consul had to 
see you? You did what to someone's car? ... and you missed the ferry again? But overall these were minor derail- 
ments and everyone-oops! almost everyone, stayed on the train until June. 

Hot off the press is the final triumph of the Barnacle Express. Yes, you guessed it! We won! We won! We Won! 
Won what? The Inter-house Competition for the first time since 1965. Wasn't it all that influx of Symons passengers, 
you ask? We don't care, we shout. We won! We won! We won! 

A final touch to the year was the Prefect Dinner at The Marina, concluding with a fabulous walk along the breakwa- 
ter where everyone was showered with spray ; a fitting end to a great year. 

As the train begins to slow, our goodbyes and thanks must be accorded to our Grade 12 leadership: Robert Sin, 
Head conductor, ably assisted by Omar Alasaly and the team of Chris Stolarski, Steven Hsu, David Tseng, Jason Lee, 
Chris Tse. Daniel Hong. Cosmos Yeh. Matt Berg. Ryota Yukawa and Alan Chen were effective keeping the express 
running. These were indeed a multi-talented group of guys: actors, computer whizzes, singersi seven prima choir 
members I artists, and mathematicians, not to mention late- night cooks. We congratulate all our other graduating 
passengers: Charles Huang, Ji-Ho Huang, Trevor Freeman, Jim Chantratrip, Chris Sortland, Jon McLean and Roger 
Woo. We say goodbye also to our assistant engineer, Bruce Kuklinski, who had to wait until we won the house games 
to leave and get married. Many thanks. Bruce for helping to keep the train on the track. Also goodbye to Kelly G. whc 
has decided he'd like to jump off the train and spend a little time with his wife. Gail, who has been helping out in 
Timmis House. We may also lose Aaron Clarke at the final stop, to U.B.C. where he will pursue a degree in Physi- 
otherapy. Thanks to Kelly and Aaron and to Dwain who climbed aboard to replace Mr Hannah. 

Well, guys, the train has slowed and is entering Grad station. We wish you all safe journeys on the railroads of life. 
May your trains all reach your planned destinations. As for the rest of you, fellow Barnaclers, we'll see you in Septem- 

Barnacle House, June 1998. 
Sylvia and Bill Greenwell 

B.R.: Ji Ho Hwang. Robert Sin. Daniel Hong. 

Cosmos Yeh. Jim Chantratrip, Ryota Yukawa. 

Jonathan McLean. Chris Sortland. Roger Woo. 

Steven Hsu. Mr. Kelly Greenwell, Mr. Aaron 


4"" R.: Charles Huang. Jason Lee. Erik Larsen. 

Omar Alasaly. Christopher Stolarski, Trevor 

Freeman. Mathew Berg. David Tseng. Mr. Dwain 


S'"" R.: Ben Corns, Milan Mrdjenovich. Alfred 

Ko. Malcom King. Ross Chian. Tommy Wang. 

Samuel Bae. Hilo Yen. David Bonar. 

2"'' R.: Simon Wong. Richard Wylie. Victor 

Yang. Richard Cohen. Paul Speed. Andrew 

Fairman. John McGillivray, Mr. Bruce Kuklinski. 

F.R.: Mr. Bill Greenwell. Gary Chou. Calvin. 

Teo. Tadanori Kokubun. Alan Chen, Chris Tse. 

Rodney Phipps. Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell. 


BQ i*.N3 C\dPs 

a 1 

Bits 'bout Boarding 

• The initial number of students calling 
SMUS 'home' are broken down as 

Grade 9 - 24 

Grade 10 - 54 

Grade 11 -49 

Grade 12 - 69 

• Even with all the spirit and diverse 
culture of the multitudes of borders, 
most of them still found Victoria pretty 
much boring. 

• Originality was always abundant during 
prep time. 








Grade Nine Awards 

Keely Bays 
Michael Blumberg 
Brian Catinus 
Lin Chen 
Noah Dowhy 
Hilary Flanagan 
Geoffrey Homer 
Philip Joergensen 
Matthew Lemay 
Caitlin McKenzie 
Scott Mitchell 
Andrew Moll 
Kerry Morin 
Kate Paulson 
Richard Wylie 
Sascha Braunig 
Eddie Cooper 
Alexander Miller 
Carla Wollach 
Kenneth Cheng 
Rory Connolly 
Vicki Hsieh 
Diana Hughes 
Daisy Klaibert 
Keegan Macintosh 
Glen Roberts 
Gregory Smith 
Kendra Tombu 
Peter Williamson 
Nicholas Melling 
Yun-Ji Lee 
Steven Mitchelmore 
Christina Kim 
Wayne Lau 
Susan Green 
Corrina Mick 
Paul Zakus 
Graham Day 
Drew Robson 
Scott McBride 

Eli Gibson 

Caitlin Smith 

Distinction in English 
Outstanding Effort in History 
Distinction in P.E. 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in Geography 
Outstanding Effort in French 
Outstanding Effort in Strings 
Distinction in Band 
Distinction in P.E. 
Outstanding Effort in Choir 
Distinction in Geography 
Outstanding Effort in History 
Distinction in Choir 
Outstanding Effort in Choir 
First Equal in English 
First in French 
First in Choir 
First in Japanese 

Distinction in Choir; Outstanding Effort in Geography 
First in P.E.; Distinction in Choir 
Outstanding Efforts in Beg. Japanese, Band 
Distinction in Science; Outstanding Effort in History 
Outstanding Efforts in English. Math 
Distinctions in Science. Band 
Distinction in P.E.; Outstanding Effort in German 
Distinctions in P.E., Strings 
Distinctions in Science, Strings 
Distinctions in French Honours, Science 
Distinctions in English, Science; Outstanding Effort in Math 
First in Beg. Japanese; Distinction in Math; Outstanding Effort in Science 
First Equal in Spanish; Distinctions in Math, Geography; Pascal B.C. Honour Roll 
First in Band; Distinction in Beg. Japanese; Outstanding Effort in French 
Distinctions in History. P.E.; Outstanding Effort in English 
Distinctions in Math, Spansih, Science; Outstanding Effort in P.E. 
Distinctions in Geography, History, Science, P.E.; Outstanding Effort in Spanish 
Distinctions in Math, Geography, German, Science; Outstanding Effort in Strings 
First Equal in German; Distinctions in Math, Geography, Science; Outstanding Effort in P.E. 
First Equal in History; Distinctions in Math, Geography, Science, Band, P.E. 
First Equal in German, First in Geography; Distinctions in Math. French Honours, History, 
Science, Strings; Pascal Canadian Honour Roll 

First Equal in History, Spanish, First in Math. French Honours; Distinctions in English, Science, 
Geography; Pascal Canadian Honour Roll 

First Equal in English, First in Science, Strings; Distinctions in French Honours, Math, Geogra- 
phy, History, Spanish, P.E.; Pascal B.C. Honour Roll 


Grade Ten Awards 

Ben Acton 
Pip Carrie 
Vivian Chen 
Taran Chadha 
Karen Dawson 
Andrew Fairman 
Eric Findlay 
Mary Ellen Glover 
Jonathan Gordon 
Kentaro Guthrie 
Jordan Helm 
Merlin Ho 
David Ingle 
Robert Jawl 
Anthony Kim 
Eun-Young Kim 
Robert Lampard 
Jennifer Lawton 
Patrick Lee 
Chad Linger 
Brain MacKay 
Jelena Mrdjenovich 
Lisa Murray 
Micheal Passmore 
Jason Reeve 
Parish Sawyer 
Leah Todd 
Jennifer Thompson 
Sarah Turner 
Michael Wilson 
Sung-Hyun Won 
Jennifer Yoo 
Angle Lee 
Sameer Alladina 
Katherine Barry 
Lila Cheimak 
Jacqueline Goldstein 
Clare Hall-Patch 
Wency Ip 

Katherine Johnson 
Emily Mascall 
Colin Palmer 
Raymond Tang 
Andrea Van Tine 
leva Bluke 
Lorien Chilton 
Supreet Gill 
Courtney Phipps 
Elizabeth Woodward 
Elizabeth Jawl 
Rhys Lewis 
Erick Calder 
Carley Somerset 
Marianna Yang 
Bronwen Bell 
Sarah Hudson 
Angela Marshall 
Scott McCarten 
Shao Yee Yao 
Tadanori Kokubun 
Marcia Wilson 
Claire Jones 
Lauren Scott 
Gregory Fowler 

Evan Crawford 

Distinction in Strings 

Outstanding Effort in P.E. 

Outstanding Effort in Computer Applications 

Distinction in Band 

Distincion in P.E. 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Beg. Spanish 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Japanese Honours 

Distinction in Music Compostion 1 1 

Outstanding Effon in Drama 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Computer .Applications 

Distinction in Math 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Band 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Art 

Outstanding Effon in Physics 

Outstanding Effort In Math 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Geography 

Outstanding Effort in Choir 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinction in Choir 

Outstanding Effort in Japanese 

Outstanding Effort in Japanese 

First in Choir 

Distinctions in Choir, P.E. 

Outstanding Efforts in Spanish. Strings 

Outstanding Efforts in History. German 

Distinction in Spanish: Outstanding Effort in Geography 

Distinctions in History. Choir 

Outstanding Effons in Chemistry, Computer Applications 

Distinction in English; Outstanding Effort in Math 

Distinctions in Beg. Spanish. P.E. 

Distinctions in Physics. German 

Distinction in Math; Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 

Outstanding Effort in Music Composition 1 1, Band 

First in ESL; Outstanding Effort in Computer .Applications 

First in Beg. Spanish; Distinction in P.E. 

First in French; Distinction in Spanish 

First in Physics: Distinction in Biology 

First Equal in History. English 

Distinctions in Geography, History, Choir 

Distinctions in Biology. History, Strings 

First in Japanese Honours: Distinction in Drama. Strings 

First in P.E.: Distinctions in Geography. German 

First in .Art. Band; Distinction in Japanese 

First Equal in Spanish; Outstanding Effort in French. Math. Choir 

Distinctions in History. Geography. French Honours. English. Biology 

First in Math. German; Distinctions in Geography. Physics; Outstanding Efforts in English. Math 

First in Biology; Distinctions in Geography. Physics; Outstanding Effors in English. Math 

Distinctions in Geography. Math. Chemistry. Biology. French, Physics 

First in Geography; Distinctions in Biology. Math. Physics. Computer Applications; Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 

Distinctions in English. Math. Chemistry. Biology. Computer Applications; Outstanding Efforts in history. Physics 

Distinctions in Math, French Honours, Biology, Chemistry. Physics. Coinputer Applications. Strings. Drama 

First in Japanese. Distinctions in History. Biology. Chemistry. Geography. French. Physics; Outstanding Effort in Math 

First Equal in History. English. Spanish. First in French Honours. Computer Applications; Distmction in Geography : Outstanding 

Efforts In Physics and P.E. 

First in Chemistry. Strings; Distinctions in English. Geography. History. Biology. Math. Physics. Computer Applications. Art. 


Grade Eleven Awards 

Shawn Byun 
Reid Chambers 
Donna Chung 
Cameron Clark 
Morgan Evans 
Vania Gamache 
Eric Grant 

Maude Henri-Bhargava 
Andrew Hildred 
Katherine Hill 
Sabrina Loiacono 
Ciara McLean 
Kevin Morin 
Ben Naismith 
Alexander Payne 
Vasin Phestsiri 
Gloria Poon 
Max Ritter 
Graham Snowden 
Rebecca Taylor 
Danny Boticki 
Samantha Lee 
Daye Chun 
Dixie Klaibert 
John Kwari 
Lawrence Lee 
Heather Orr 
Taylor Rankin 
Charlotte Reid 
James Saunders 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinction Biology 

Distinction in Choir 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Drama 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Outstanding Effort in Choir 

Distinction in Spanish 

Outstanding Effort in Biology 

Distinction in Choir 1 2 

Distinction in Information Technology 

Distinction in Band 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in Choir 

Outstanding Effort in Biology 

Distinction in P.E. 

Outstanding Effort in Biology 

First in P.E. 

First Equal in Choir 

Distinctions in Chemistry, Math; Euclid BC Honour Roll 

Distinctions in Biology. History 

Distinctions in Geography. Strings 

Distinctions in Physics. Art 

Distinctions in Geography, Band 

Distinctions in Strings. Drama 

Distinctions in Biology, History 

Outstanding Efforts in Physics, Biology 


Kim Smith 
Michael Wighton 
Brienne Coleman 
Susan Hayes 
Alfred Ko 

Samantha Lawrence 
Michael Adam 
Karimah Ajania 
Christopher James 
Krystal O" Byrne 
Rebekah Stackhouse 
Nicholas Stipp 
Hilo Yen 

Richard Greenwood 
Brian Moss 
Grace Fu 

Faustine Funke 

Takaya Ueda 

Aya Larsen 
Elizabeth Novak 
Carol Wong 

Christopher Callendar 

Rebecca Sheng 

Matthieu Boyd 

Distinctions in French Honours. P.E. 
Distinctions in French. Math 
First in French Honours: Distinction in Japanese 
First in German: Outstanding Effort in Physics 
First Equal in Choir: Distinction in Math 
First in Band; Distinction in Music Composition 12 
Distinction in P.E.; Outstanding Efforts in Geography. History 
Distinctions in French. Geography; Outstanding Effort in Biology 
Distinctions in Japanese. English, Music Composition 12 
Distinctions in History. Information Technology. P.E. 
Distinctions in English. Art: Outstanding Effort in Math 
Distinctions in English. Drama: Outstanding Effort in History 
Distinction in Math: Outstanding Efforts in Biology, Physics 
First in Art. Strings; Distinctions in English, Music Composition 
Distinctions in English. Geography. History, Computer Programming. P.E. 
First in French: Distinction in Physics; Outstanding Efforts in English, Geography, 

First in Information Technology; Distinction in History, Choir, Outstanding Efforts 
in Math, English 

First in Chemistry, Computer Programming; Distinctions in Math, Physics; Out- 
standing Effort in Choir 

Distinctions in Chemistry, French Honours. English. Physics. Biology. Strings 
Distinctions in Chemistry. Physics. Math. Geography, Biology, French Honours 
First in Beg. Japanese, Distinctions in Chemistry, Math, Geography, Physics, 
Outstanding Effort in English 

First in Earth Science. Spanish. Distinctions in Math, Physics, Computer Pro- 
gramming. P.E., Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 

First in Math, Physics, Music Composition; Distinctions in French Honours, 
Chemistry, Biology: Outstanding Effort in Strings 

First in Japanese. English. History. Geography, Biology; Distinctions in Math, 
Chemistry. Art. Drama. Outstanding Effort in Strings 

Grade Twelve Awards 

Elizabeth Aitken 
Omar Alasaly 
Rebecca Anglin 

Yvonne Au 
Lidsay Basarab 

Pamela Bedeski 
Roxanne Black 
Jayne Bradbury 
Genevieve Burdett 
Megan Cassidy 
Goldie Chan 
Alan Chen 
Brandon Chui 
Jack Chui 
Nicholas Chng 
Victor Chu 
Kelly Cox 
Lisa Davies 
Andrew Dewar 
Sheryl Dodd 
Tara Elson 
Kim Emsley-Leik 
Jonathon Eraser 
Trevor Freeman 
Simmi Gill 
Anna Huang 
Emily Huddart 
Alec Johnston 
Eric Kim 
Peter Kim 
Grace Koo 
Elaine Lai 
Selma Lai 
Vince Lau 
Jason Lee 
Joanna Lee 
Alan Lin 

Distinction in P.E. 

Distinctions in English, Math 

First in Biology: Distinctions in English, English Literature, Chemistry, Strings; 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Outstanding Effort in Economics 

First in AP European History, French, English, English Literature; Distinction in 


Distinction in Choir 1 1 

Distinctions in English. Geography 

Distinction in Biology 

First in Geology: Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in AP European History, Strings; Outstanding Effort in History 

Outstanding Effort in English Literature 

First Equal in Choir 

Outstanding Efforts in Chemistry, Calculus AP, Physics 

First in Band 

First in History 

Distinction in Math 

Distinction in French: Outstanding Efforts in Biology, Physics, Calculus, English 

Distinctions in Geography. Geology; Outstanding Efforts in French, P.E. 

Distinction in English; Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 

Distinction in Calculus: Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinctions in Geography, P.E. 

Distinction in Geography 

First in Computer Programming; Distinction in Math 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinction in Choir 

First in Spanish 

Distinction in History 

First in Strings: Distinctions in Chemistry. Spanish 

Distinction in Survey Math 

First in Chemistry; Distinctions in Physics, Biology, Calculus; Euclid BC Honour 


Distinction in English Literature, English. Geography 

Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 

Distinction in Calculus AP; Euclid BC Honour Roll 

First Equal in Survey Math, Economics 

First in Japanese 

Outstanding Effort in Survey Math 

Kim Lobb 
David Lynch 

Rachel Magnusson 
Nathan Millar 
Mariko Miller 
Anup Misra 
Joann Nash 
Gustavo Neri Delgado 
Jason Ng 
Chariotte Paul 
Sam Paulos 
Jenny Reed 
Steven Romanchuk 
Daniel Saunders 
Raymond Shih 
Robert Sin 
Susan Sin 
Christopher Smith 
Tye Spicer 
Ali Staseson 
Chris Stolarski 
Christopher Tse 
David Tseng 
Megan Volk 
Lance Wei 
Christine Wenman 
Laura Willihnganz 
Leah Winters 
Alfred Wong 

Steven Wong 
Grant Wooliams 
Cara Yeates 
Cosmos Yeh 
Ryota Yukawa 
Jonathon Zacks 

Distinction in P.E. 

First in Geography: Distinction in AP European History. French. English. English 

Literature. P.E. 

Distinction in AP European History. English Literature. Drama 

Distinction in Physics 

Distinction in Calculus 

First in Physics 

Distinction in P.E. 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Efforts in Calculus AP and Computer Programming 

Distinction in Choir. History 

Distinction in Choir 

Distinction in AP European History 

Distinction in Chemistry 

Distinction in AP European History. English 

First in Calculus 

First Equal in Choir: Distinction in Band and Calculus AP; Euclid BC Honour Roll 

Distinction in Economics 

First in Music Composition: Distinction in Drama, Strings 

Distinction in Geography 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinctions in AP European History, P.E., Drama 

First Equal in Economics, Distinctions in Chemistry, Calculus AP, Physics 

Distinction in Survey Math 

Distinction in AP European History, Drama; Outstanding Effort in English 

First in Art 

Distinction in AP European History 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Strings 

First in Calculus AP, Distinctions in Chemistry, Physics, Choir, Euclid Canadian 

Honour Roll 

Distinctions in History, Band 

Distinctions in Calculus, Math 

First in Drama, Distinction in Choir 

First Equal in Survey Math. Outstanding Effort in Choir 

First in Math, Distinction in Chemisrty, Calculus. Physics 

Outstanding Effort in P.E. 

special Awards 

Parent's Auxiliary Scholarship Recipients: 

Michael Blumberg 
Graham Day 
Susan Green 
Diana Hughes 
Christina Kim 
Corrina Mick 
Steven Mitchelmore 
Kendra Tombu 
Bronwen Bell 
Jacquline Goldstein 
Sarah Hudson 
Claire Jones 
Angela Marshall 

Scott McCarten 
Colin Palmer 
Carley Somerset 
Marcia Wilson 
Christopher Callender 
Grace Fu 

Christopher James 
Dixie Klaibert 
John Kwari 
Rebekah Stackhouse 
Nicholas Stipp 
Takaya Ueda 
Hilo Yen 

Rebecca Anglin 
Lindsay Basarab 
Pamela Bedeski 
Jayne Bradbury 
Jack Chui 
Eric Kim 
Jason Lee 
Rachel Magnusson 
Daniel Saunders 
Chris Tse 
Alfred Wong 
Grant Wooliams 

Headmaster's Honour Roll Recipients: 

Eli Gibson 
Scott McBride 
Drew Robson 
Caitlin Smith 
Paul Zakus 

Evan Crawford 
Gregory Fowler 
Tadanori Kokubun 
Lauren Scott 
Shao Yee Yao 

Matthieu Boyd 
Aya Larsen 
Elizabeth Novak 
Rebecca Sheng 
Carol Wong 

Grade Twelve School Colours: 

Rebecca Anglin 
Gavin Barry 
Jayne Bradbury 
Quentin Bregg 
Genevieve Burdett 
Megan Cassidy 
Goldie Chan 
Alan Chen 
Jack Chiu 
Nicholas Chng 
Kelly Cox 
Jean Daniel 
Michael Danskin 
Andrew Dewar 
Adam Sowhy 
Lemuel Edillon 
Tara Elson 

Kimberly Emsley-Leik 
Anna Huang 

Emily Huddart 
Eric Kim 
Peter Kim 
Alec Johnson 
Ryan Large 
Kanoux Larsen 
Donna Lee 
Sichelle Lee 
Carol Lewis 
Kimberly Lobb 
David Lynch 
Emir Mehinagic 
Nathan Millar 
Mariko Miller 
Joann Nash 
Christopher Noel 
Colin Parrott 
Charlotte Paul 
Sam Paulos 

Jenny Reed 
Steven Romanchuk 
Robert Sin 
Christopher Smith 
Bryce Soderberg 
Tye Spicer 
Ali Staseson 
Christopher Stolarski 
Stephen Tate 
David Tseng 
Megan Volk 
Lance Wei 
Christine Wenman 
Andrew Williamson 
Leah Winters 
Alfred Wong 
Steven Wong 
Cara Yeates 

Parent's Auxiliary Drama Awards: 

Vania Gamache and Taylor Rankin 

Alumni Association Scholarships for Merit: 

Grade 10: Claire Jones 
Grade 1 1 : Aya Larsen 

Junior Debating Cup: 

Alexander Miller 

Senior Debating Cup: 

Megan Volk 

Overall Recitation lA/inner: 
Cara Yeates 

The Chapman Cup 

Corrina Mick 

Best All-Rounder in Grade 9: 

Considine Cup - Most Improved in Grade 10: 

Jelena Mrdjenovich and Lisa Murray 

Student Council Award - Outstanding Attitude and Effort in Grade 10: 

Scott McCarten 

The Lifer Award - Best All-Rounder in Grade 11: 

Richard Greenwood 

Grade Twelve Special Awards: 

Alumni Award - Student Vl/ith The Highest Average In Science: 

Rebecca Anglin 

FISA and B.C. Science Council Award for Outstanding Science Scholarship: 

Nicholas Chng 

Yearbook Trophy: 

Steven Wong 

Nesta Bowen Home Plaque for Art: 

Lance Wei 

Blencoe Cup for Music: 

Christopher Smith 

Llewelyn Bullocl(-V\/ebster Cup for Drama: 

Cara Yeates 

Brian Dyer Award for Community Service within the School: 

Kim Emsley-Leik 

Darlene McCue Award for Building Bridges between Diverse Groups in the Community: 

Robert Sin 

Gross Salver for Outside Community Service: 

David Lynch 

Nation Bowl for Citizenship (student you might like as your next door neighbour): 

Cara Yeates 

Governor General's Medal (97.25% over top four academic subjects including English): 

Lindsay Basarab 

Ker Cup - Premier Award for Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Outstanding All Round Involvement: 

Jenny Reed 


Headmaster's Awards: 

Elizabeth Aitken 
Megan Cassidy 
Christopher Smith 
Nicholas Chng 
Andrew Dewar 
Jayne Bradbury 
Lindsay Basarab 
Rebecca Anglin 
Megan Volk 
Christopher Stolarski 

Outstanding All Round Contribution. Quiet Leadership in Athletics and Art 

Excellent Musician and Scholar, Special Presence around the School 

Great Musician, Actor, and Scholar 

Head of House, Chapel Warden; Tremendous Influence in the School 

Most Improved Academically, Prefect, Rugby Star. Gentle Giant 

Outstanding Scholar, Prefect, Extensive Volunteer Work 

Top scholar, Peer Counsellor, Prefect, School Citizen 

School Captain Scholar, Prefect, Musician, Peer Counsellor 

Head of House, Chapel Warden, Prefect, Public Speaking, Athletic 

Headboy, Good Actor and Academic 



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