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Mrs, Harry Langhorne 



Social Register, 

fsjew Y^rk' 1= 
1897. ¥- 

Vol. XI, No. 1. 

November, 1896. 




— " : 3UUt5« 

Should any Subscriber desire his winter address 
changed prior to Feb'y issue, the Association will for- 
ward the information upon gummed addenda to all its 
subscribers. The charge for this will be $6.00. 


M Manhattan . 

Mb Meadow Brook. 

Mc Merchants. 

Mg Morris Ooun^ Golf. 

Mo ,. Morristown. 

Mt Metropolitan. 

Mtw Metropolitan of WaahlnKton. i 

N : New York. 

N' . . . .University of New York Graduate. 

Na N. Y. Athletic. 

Nv N.Y. Yacht. 

P\ Princeton Graduate. 

PI : Players. 

Pn* Uniyersity of Pa. Graduate. 

Pu Psi Upsilon . 

R Racquet. 

Rf Reform. 

Rk Riding. 

Rh. Rockway Hunt. 

Rp Republican. 

Rv Sons of Revolution. 

S Seawanhaka Cor. Yacht. 

Sa 8t. Antbony. 

Sg : . . . .Shinnecock Golf Club. 

Sn St. Nicholas. 

Snc St. Nicholas Society. 

So Southern Society. 

Sp Sigma Phi. 

Ss South Side. 

Sv Seventh Veteran. 

T Tuxedo. 

Ty' Trinity Graduate. 

IT Union College Graduate. 

Un Union. 

Ul Union League. 

Us United Service. 

U 8 A or U 8 N, 

An Officer in the U. S. Army or Navy. 

Uv University. 

Uva University Athletic Club. 

W Whist. 

Wk Westminster Kennel. 

Wms* wniiams Graduate. 

Wt Society War 1812. 

Y' Yale Graduate. 

Zp ZetaPsi. 

The first club following a name indicates where letters 
may be sent. 

Club abbreviations, not included in the above list, 
refer to Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston or Baltimore 
Clubs, to distinguish which is added respectively the 
letters^, cA, b or bl. 

The date indicates the graduating year. 

Copyright 1896 by the Sociai< Register Association. 

A Authors. 

Ad Alpha Delta Phi. 

Ax St. Andrews Golf Club. 

Ant' Amherst Graduate. 

Al Aldioe. 

Ay American Yacht. 

Bd Barnard . 

Bf;. Baltusrol Golf Club. 

Br* Brown Uniyersity Graduate. 

Bk Brooklyn. 

C Century; 

Cal Calumet. 

Oc Cincinnati Society. 

Cd Colonial Dames. 

Ch ..Church. 

Cr Columbia Graduate. 

Cn Corinthian Yacht. 

Col Colonial 

Cr Cornell Graduate. 

Ot City. 

Cth ... CathoUc. 

Cw Society of Colonial Wars. 

Cy Country. 

Dar Daughters American Revolution. 

Dke Delta Kappa Epsilon. 

Dm Democratic. 

Dp Delta Phi. 

Dt Down Town. 

Dth Dartmouth Graduate. 

Du Delta Upsilon. 

Dv Deutcher verein. 

E Essex of Newark. 

Ec Essex Co. Country. 

Eg Engineers. 

Fn Fencers. 

G GroUer. 

H' Harvard Graduate. 

Ha Hamilton of Brooklyn. 

HI Holland ^o^et*. 

Jkl JekylMaad (MA. 

L Lawyers. 

La Ladles. 

Lc '. Larchmont Yacht. 

LI Loyal Legion. 

Lt Lotus. 

The Social Register is issued in November, Feb- 
ruary, May and August. It records the names and 
addresses of the several members of prominent families 
grouped together, with their club membership. Mar- 
riages, deaths and European arrivals and departures are 
mentioned as they occur. 

The November issue is the Winter number. Those 
of February and May are for additional names, 
changes, etc., that have happened during the previous 
three months. The August number gives the country 
and summer residences of the New York, Philadel- 
phia, Chicago, Boston and Baltimore families embraced 
in the one issue. 

The subscription for either the New York, Philadel- 
phia, Chicago, Boston or Baltimore Social Register, 
issued quarterly, is $5.00 per annum. 

A subscription of $10*00 will include allthe issues 
for New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and 

There will be found at the end of this volume under 
the title ''Married Maidens," an alphabetical list of 
the maiden names of married women, for convenient 

There is also an alphabetical index of the marriages 
and deaths of the i)ast year. 

. On the last pages will be found the names, titles and 
addresses of the Diplomatic Corps at Washington. 

Social Register. 

New York. 



Abbe Dill" Robt (Palmer-Catliarihe Amory) C. Rg. 

M"— Mary S & Eva C Palmer. J"Bd. 

IP Conrtiandt Palmer ab'd & D'Arthur L Fisk. 
Abbot Mill" Edw A (Mary E Thompson) I 18 W 

MiM" Abbot Tread Weil (Ellen M Abbot) I 64 

Abbot M' Everett Verges-Rf. Rv. H'86 187 Mad Ar 

Abbot MiM" Harry Stephens (Alice Rebecca Loney) 

Cal.Rv.Cyb.H'86. .2 Goidon Pi New Brighton S I 

Abbott M" Austin (Anna Rowe) jk) Ifl E 64 

Abbott M' George Birch-Uv.Ha.Wm«r».iJniv«r8ityClub 

Abbott M' Walter-Cal.Uv.Smb.Atb.H'88 19 W 81 

Abeel M' John H-Sn.Sv.Na.Snc 7 W 44 

Abendroth M' A Howard-Ul.Sv Union League Club 

Abendroth M' John-Ul. Rp I 84 W 

Abendroth M"" Irving-Sn. <fc Edward. 
Abercrombie MiM" Chas S (Osgood) Mt. 

26 Madison 

M"- Elizabeth A Osgood ' , I Sq N 

Aberneihy M" Charles (Sarah McLean) , 39 

M" Chas McLean Peck (Lucy H i;»ton) W 

W Harmon McLean Peck ; 66 

Abney M' John Rutledge M.Rv.Dm.Sg.So.Ch. .33 W 62 

Acton MiM" Thomas C-Ul 4 E 43 

Adair M" (Ritchie-Wadsworth) ab'd 

Adam M' John Folger 

Un.Dt.S Rf.R. .av'd Tent Sep 30. .130 E 35 

Adam M" J Henry (Sarah Sampson) ) 13 E 

Adam M*- Fanny S | 40 

Adams MiM" Allen W (Sarah E Roberts). . j Hotel 

Adams M*" Susan WlUson [Ul.Col. | Netherland 

Adams MiM" Ciias H (Judith C Coleman) Mt.Sn.Rv. 18 
M"" Eugenia Coleman . . [Sv.Snc. .av'dUmbAuglS B 

M*" May Marriot 67 

Adams MiM" Ch Kendall (Barnes-Mary Mathews). abaept 
Adams DiM"Calvin Thayer(RetaLudlam)N . .TheWaldWf 

New York. 

Adams MiM" Ed D (Fannie A Gatterson) 455 

Ul.T.Ct.L.PI.G.Mt.Rg.Chch. Madison 

Adams W Ernest Kempton-Mt. Rg Av 

Adams MiM" Fred'k Thompson (Witherbee) 


Adams M' Geo Bethune-Ul 39W36 

Adams MiM" Geo Huntington (Augusta Holmes) 


Adams M' Henry-K.C.Mtw 1603 H Washington D 

Adams M' Hy C-Cal.Na 74 W 51 

Adams MiM" JohnHo ward (Josephine Kalbflei8ch)Dt. 

Mo.Mg.P'92.KaMenaParkMorrist6wnN J 
Adams MiM" Oliver (Augustine Tardos) 

Un.Lc.Dt..Larchmont N Y 

Adams MiM" Robert-Un. Col 168 W 72 

•Adams D' Robert Staunton-Na.P'88 24 W 25 

Adams MiM" Thatcher M (Prances Robbins) 

Un.Mt.Dt.Rg.Sa.W.Chch..l5 W 17 
Adams MiM" Walter Wood (Harriet Augusta Hillhouse) 

Dobbs Perry-on-Hudson 

Adams M" Wm Sr (Helen Coolidg^) 

Adams M*" Margaret 

Adams M" Thatcher M-Y'95 & John B 

M"E Brown 

Adams MiM" Wra (Alice C Greenleaf) Sa.Uva. .301 
Addoms MiM" Mortimer C (Mary A Baldwin) Ul. | 

Addoms M"" Marion L . . [Rp.Snc 

Adee M" (^eo Townsend Senior (Ellen LHenry) 
Adee M' Frederic W-Un.K.Uv.Mt.Dt.Cy.Y'73 
Adee M' Philip Henry-Uv. Mt. L. Cy. Lc. 


Adee M' Ernest R (late Geo T) Married at N" Y 

Fitzgerald M"- Geraldine (Louis) Nov 24 

Adee MiM" Ernest R (Geraldine Fitzgerald) 

Un.Cal.Cy.L. ¥' . . 263 Lex Av 
Adee MiM" Geo A (Adelaide Palmer Stanton) Bar- 

Adee M- Ellen Louise. . . .[Uv.Cy.Uva.Y'67. . . tow-on- 
Adee M" GeoTownsend-Uva. Y'95 &ChasS-Y'97 [ Sound 
Adler MiM" Felix-A.Rf . .M' av'd K Wm Oct 11 . .123 E 60 
Adler MiM^tionis-L av'd Lac Sep 16. .57 E 66 

23 W 



73 E 



Adrain M" 

Social Beoisteb, 






Oct 8 



Fanny Beekman 

care M" E A Thooron 26 W 11. .ab'd 

Adriance M" John (Lacy Sabin) 

Adriance M' John Sabin-ULRv.Wm8'82. 

Adriance D' Vanderpoel-Uva. Wms'90 

Adriance M' Henr3rBenson-Uva.H1.8nc.Wms'87. 
Agar M*!" John Giraud (Agnes Louise Macdonoagh) 

lJu.Uv.Mt.L.Cy.Rf-Ct.Pl.R.S.Ny.So.Mtw.'76.9 W 48 
Agnew Hiir Andrew G (Mary H Bliss) Ul.Ct.Rg.S. 

Agnew M*" Catherine S 

Agnew H' George B-Ul.Ct.Uva,S.P'91. . . : 

Agnew M' Cornelius El-Ul.Uva.S.Ll.Rv.P'91 

Agnew M" Cornelius R (Mary Nash) Sr "Hill Crest' 

Agnew M*"* Palisades N Y 

Agnew M"- Ellena 3 W 47. 

Agnew H' John T-C la ttt iq 

Agnew M— Elizabeth & Mary . ' id w ly 

Agostini MiM" Jos (Macy) Un. 
Agostini M"— Gertrude&Edith 

Agostini M' Louis-R 

Aitken MiM" John W (Helen F Powers) Mt.Ul.Uv. 

Uva.Rg.G.Ct.P'69. .50 W 54 
Aitken M" Wm B Sr (Catharine Beekman) 

Aitken M*" 

Aitken M' Wm B-Dke.Cw!Rv.Na!cr88. '. '. 
MiM" Ch H Bull (Elizabeth H Aitken).. 

Akin MiM" Wm H (Miller) 9 E 48 

Albertini MiM" Diaz-Mtw 25 Av Bois Boulogne Paris 

Alden MiM" Adelbert H (Mabel C Thayer) 

R.Rh.Rg.Dt.Ny.Cy.Cyb. .Lawrence L I 
Alden M" Bradford R (Anne Caroline Coleman) 

Died at 3 E 40 Sep 7 

Alden M' Henry Newell-Lt.Ny 36 W 20 

Alden M' Paul-Ny .37 W 33 

Alden MiM" Robt Percy (Warren) Uv.C.Mt.Pl.Y'70.3 E 38 
Aldrich MiM" Jas Herman (May Edson) Ch,Cr63.160 W 59 
Aldrich MiM" Spencer (Harriette H Dall) 

Ul.Dp.Sa.Ch.L.Cl'74. .271 W 72 
Alers-Hanker MiM" Lionel (Lock wood-Carrie Baker) 

316 W 77 

702 Madison 

New York. 7 

Alexander M" Archibald (Caroline Bayard Stevens) La* 

Castle Pt Hoboken 
Alexander M&M" Chas B (Harriet Crocker) Uv.Un.Rg. 

Alexander ColifeM" Chas T (Julia Barrett) 

Alexander M^&M^ Edmonia [USA 

Alexander Rev D' Geo-C.U'66 25 


Alexander M*^ Mabel W & Annie D 

Alexander M' Eug Davenport- Y' 96 

Alexander MiM" Hy M-Uv.Uu.L.F40 

Alexander Rev Maitland. .at Long Branch 

Alexander M' Archibald-C. Uv.F75 

Alexander D' Samuel-Uv. P'79 5 W 58 

Alexander Mill" Hy Addison (Grace Green) L.P'88 

24 Blvd Capucines Paris 
Alexander Mill" James W (Elizabeth B 

Williamson) C.Uv.L.Mt.Uva.P'60 
Alexander HiM" Hy Martyn Jr (Helen Manice) 

Cal.Uv.L.Uva.Sa.F90. .4 W 40 
Alexander MiM" John White (Elizabeth Alexander) 

C. Un . . 31 Boulevard Berthier Paris 
Alexander M" Junius B Sr (Effie S Emmons) .. Clifton S I 
Alexander MiM" Lawrence D (St John) Uv.Rv.'64 
Alexander M*^' Orline & Liiey 


University PI 






130 W 90 

Alexander MiM" St John (Eugenie L Leonard) 

Alexander M' Junius B-H'93 

Alexander MiM" Robt C (Annie Clare) 

Uv.L.Ad.Rp.U'80. .243 W 99 

Alexander M' Walter-H'87.Rf.Dm.Bg 46 W 25 

Alexander MiM" Wm (Frances Gordon Paddock) 

Alexandre MiM" John E (Helen L Webb) 

Un.Mt.T.Ny.Rg..26 W 38 
Alexandre MiM" J Henry (Elizabeth B Lawrence) 

Rg.R.Cy.Mt.Ny.T.Na. .10 W 32 

Alexandre M" J Joseph (Nathalie Edsall) 2 W 16 

Alker MiM" Alphonse H (Florence A Ward) 

L.LC..338 Madison Av 
Allan M' H Montague-K. R IE? 


Social Keoister, 

Allen Mil" Alvoni R (Kate E Woods) 1 w^«t«ff w t 

Allen M- Eliza [Ul.Col'pi. 1^^°^^^ ^ ^ 

Allen DiM" Chas W (Grace L Boardman) H.'78. .126 E 60 

Scotland Rd 
S Orange N J 
Ct.Zp.46 W 52 

Allen O" Edwin Stevens (Jnlia Hawks 

M- Emily A Oakley. .[Oakley) P'8() 
Allen MiM" Ethan (Eliza Brice Clagett) U 
Allen M*- Carolyn (Elisha H) Married atll6 W 82 

Dwicht r Edmund Jr Oct 28 

Allen M' Francis B-Uv.H'81 

Allen rWmB 

H" S L M Post (Mary L Allen) 
Allen MiM" Pred'k H (Addle L Stevens)K.Uv.Un.Dt.Cy 

Dm.Na.Cw.H'80. . "The Priory" Pelham N Y 
Allen MiM" Geo Marshall (Grace Pan8hawe)Mg.Na. Japan 

Allen M' George C-K. Ss. T. Dt. Ny " 

Allen M" Harry (Annie Odell) 

Allen M"" 

Allen Mill" Henry (TrumbuilVN.'pi.Lt.'.V 

Allen MiM" John (Mary A Phelps) 

Allen M"" Grace Electa 

Allen M' WmHall-Cal.Sv.H'78..atl5W86 
Allen M' Louis J-Un.Rv 

202 Glenwood Av 

Yonkers N Y 

107 W84 


'•The Maples" 



100 W74 

Allen M" Marshall J (L Garnryck). . ^^ tj,..^t, a „ 

M-P WGamryck ^^ HifthAv 

Allen M' Philip-K.Un.T Knickerbocker Club 

Allen DiM" Timothy Field (Jnlia Bissell) Dke.W 

Allen M' Timothy Field Jr-ffQS 

Allen DiM" Paul 

Allen D' Thomas Herbert-Un .52 W 45 

Allen MiM" Wm (Mary Houstoun Anderson) Rf. 
M" R H Anderson (Sallie Glitz).. . .[S.So.'75 
Allien M" Henry V Senior 
Allien 11*" Lanra . 



. . Brown Shipley London 

Allien MiM" Hy V (Eliza R Campbell)... Glen Ridge N J 
Allien MiM" Laurent H (Hortsmann) Pl.Rf. 

Allien MiM" Frederick (Mabel Estelle Curtis) R. . . .1 E 53 
Ailing MiM" Asa Ailing (Louise Floyd Smith) 

Mt.Dm..l01 W81 
\lmy MiM" Frederick-Un.McRh Union Club 

New York. 9 

Almy M" Harvey S (Mary L Sisson) 31 E 62 

Alvarado M' John C-M Manhattan Club 

Amidon MiM" John R-Sv 29 W 58 

Ammidown M' Albert Holmes 206 Broadway 

Ammidown M' Hy Philip-Un St Augustine Fla 

Amory W Arthur Jr-Un. Mc. H'90 Union Club 

Amory M*" E J. . . . . , .care M" Thoraas Garner 17 Mad Av 

Amory MiM" John M-Ui.Lc.Pl. Us 

Amory MiM" Howard C (Allston) 

Amsinck M' Gustave-Un. Dv. Dt. Bg Summit N J 

Amy M' Henry F-L 

Amy MiM" Alfred V (PanlineERogers)Na. 
Amy Mill" Louis H (Anna Engs Snyder). . 

Amy MiM" Hy Jr (Annie F Wild) Cth .446-8 B'kn 

Anable Mill" Eliphalet Noit (Annie Schenck) 

Uv. Na. U'78. . Westminster Hotel 
Andariese MiM" Jas (Edith McVickar) Un. . .Union Club 

Anderson MiM" A A (Elizabeth Milbank) Bd 6 E 38 

■ - -' 11 



133 E 21 

18 W27 

112 W 58 


Anderson MiM" E Ellery (Augusta Cliauncey) Uv.Rf. 

Anderson M' Hy Jas rW. Mt. Dm. La. H'52 

Anderson MiM" P Chauncey (May Yale Ogden) Rf. . 
Anderson MiM" Ed C (Estelle Piatt) Ul. Sv 

Anderson M*" Lillie 

Anderson M' Edward C Jr 

Anderson M" Ed H (Josephine Allen) La. 
Anderson M*" (Morgan Harjes Paris) & M^ Harriet A 

Anderson M' Ellery O 

Anderson MiM" Hy B (Marie W Larocque) Uv. Ny. 

Ct. Y'85..24 Gramercy P'k 
Anderson M' Henry Hill (late Rev D' Rufus) 

Died at York Harbor Me Sep 17 
Anderson M" Henry H (Sarah Bnrrall) Uv. 
C. Mt. L. Dt. Ny. Lc. Wms'48 

Anderson M' Chandler P-Uv. Ct. Y'87 

Anderson MiM" Wm Burrall (Helen Tremain) 

Uva. Uv. Ct. L. Y'86 

Anderson D' Jas H-Snc 62 University PI 

Anderson M' Larz-Un. Uv. Rv. Mtw. H'88 

Sec U S Embassy Rome 
Anderson M^ Stella. . care M" W Pell 1 Av Montaigne Paris 





SooiAL Begistkr, 

Anderson M' Walden Pell-Cl'TO. . . absent 

Anderson Mil" Wm P (JnliaWorthington) Jekyl Island 

Anderson H"" Catharine L [M. Jkl. Club 

Anderton DiM" William B (Palmer) Mt 34 W 47 

Andreae MiM" Otto Jr(KateHenning)T.R..TuxedoP'kNY 
Andrews MiM" Avery D (Mary C Schofield) C. Rf. 

Ch. U S A.'86..231W138 
Andrews MiM" Clarence (Pithian-Myra Townsend) 

Cal.R.Ul.Pl.Snc.Zp.Bg..M"av'd AUer Jun 22..301W57 
Andrews MiM" Chas Lee (Edythe Walden) Cal. Al. So. 

288a Vanderbilt Av B'klyn 
Andrews MiM"ConstantA(BlancheLVance)Rf.L .fi8W57 

Andrews M' Gwynne M-Uv. H'84 32 E 26 

Andrews Judge&M" Geo P (VanAiiken-Catharine 

Garrison) Ul. M. Mt. Ny. Y' . .Hotel Netherland 
Andrews MiM"HenryC-Uv.Ul. W.Rh.Rp.Na.H'70. 10«)E17 

Andrews M' James B-C Reform Clnb London 

Andrews M" Irene (Filtsch) Nice Prance 

Andrews M'JSherlock-Sa.Cal. Dv.Rv.' 68. St Anthony Club 

Andrews M' Walter Scott-Un. Uv. H'77 Union Club 

Andrews KM" William Loring (Jane E Crane) C. Ul. 

G. PI. Ch. Snc..l6E38 
Andrews MiM"WmS-M.Rf.Pl.Ll.Dm.Uv.Ch.H'80.12lE70 
Anthon MiM" Edward (Helen L Post) Uv.Ty'61 .... 29 
Anthon M*— Madeliene(av'd CampSep 26)& Emilia C W 

MiM" Charles Coster (Helen L Anthon) 33 

Anthon M"Regi Heber 25 W 17 

Anthon M" William H (Sarah Meert) . . 

M"" M Theresa Meert 

Anthon M*" Maria Theresa (late Wm H). . Married Jun 29 

Callender M' Wm Stanhope at Transfiguration 

Anthony M' A VS-C 70 W 11 

.135 E 36 

Anthony M" Edward . 
Anthonv MiM" Kich'd Amerman (Van Volkenburgh) 

Uv. Rv. L HI. CrSi 


Anthony MiM" Hy B (Laura B C Roe) Uv. Br'79. .81 W 10 
Anthony MiM" Nicholas Walter (Ella Louise Brooks) 

M" Clarence Brooks [N. 

Anthony M' Rowland C-Ul 

Anthony M*- N ella G 


I E39 

Nbw Tohk. 



28 E 36 

Appleton liir Benj W Lawrence L I 

Appletop r Chas Adams-Uv.Sa. Mt.Al.Rg.Cy. Na. 

Appleton M*- Marion [Lc. Ty'82 

Appleton M" John A (Serena P Dale) 

Appleton W Daniel-Un.C.Ny.Rg.Al.Na.Lc. , 

M*" £leanor Margaret Buokwell 

Appleton VkW Ed Dale (Charlotte Lamson) Uv.Sn.Uva. 

Sa.Ny.G.C.Lc. Al.Ty'80. .216 W 79 
Appleton HiM" Daniel P (Susan Cowles) Ul. Mt. 

C. G. Al. Wt 
Appleton M' Ja8Waldingfield-K.Uv.Al.R.H'88 

M' Fuller Appleton Sraith-K 

Appleton MIM" Daniel Sidney (Jessica C Branham) 

Un. 0. Sa. Lc. Al. Y'80. .40 W 38 
Appleton M»M" Francis R (Lanier) Uv. K. R. Mb. 

Dt. Al. Ct. H'75..26E37 
Appleton M"- Malvina (Sidney-Marshall). ....... .26 E 30 

Appleton MiM" Robt (Juliet Bull Edmond) Uv. Na. 

Bd. Y'86..306 W71 

Appleton W Walter S-Un Union Club 

AppletonM'WmH-Un. C. Cy.Pl. Al. Na. 

Appleton M"" Mary 

Appleton M' Henry C-Un. Al. PI 

Appleton IT William H-Na. LI '. 113 W 40 

Appleton MiH" Wm Worthen (Anna Sargent) 

Un. K. C. Rg. Al. G. .17 E 24 
Aramon Ct&Ctss J d' (Mary Fisher) 111 University Paris 

Archbold ll""" Anne M & Prances D 

Archbold If John F-abd 

ArdenM'.Thos B (late Ricb'd D) Died at Ardenia 

Garrison's N Y Aug 13 

Arkell ff Bartlett-Uv. Al. Y'86 32 E 26 

Arkell H' W m J-Na. Rp . L. Lc. Ny . . . . N Y A t hletic CI ub 
ArmonrMlM''Herman 0(JenniePLivingston)Ul. Rp. 

866 Fifth Av 
Armstrong HiM" CoUin, .Uv. M. Uva. Col. Adn. Aht' 77 

140 W 75 

176 Madison A V 



Social Rboistsr, 


Armstrong MiM" Maitland (Helen Neilson) C. Ty '68 

Armstrong M*" A W Helen Maitland 

Armstrong M' Edward Maitland 

Armstrong M' H Gloster-Cal. Lt Calnmet Olnb 

Armstrong MIM" James- L 84 E 63 

Arnold Col &M" A K (Sarah Benjamin) USA Fort Riley 
AmoldLt<&M''SBenjamin(Lucille R Clements) Kansas 

Arnold M*" Charlotte Bruce Hottinguer & Co Paris 

Arnold M' Chas Henry-K. On. Mt. T. Dt. Rv. 

Knickerbocker Club 
Arnold MiM" Prank (Augusta Baldwin) Un. Ec. Rv. Bg. 

South Orange N J 
Arnold Mill" Francis B (Augusta Foote) Un.Uv.Dt. 

Arnold M- Frances [Bd. H'66 

Arnold M" Benjamin Foote-R. Sv. & Hy Newton.. 

Arnold M*" Grace 

Arnold MiM" Francis R-Uv. C. Rf. Ct. H'56. . . .27 W 78 
Arnold Dili" Glover C (Emily Speir) Sa. Col .... 115 E HO 
Arnold MiM" Jno H V (Josephine A Ormsby) M. L. 

Arnold M"- Estelle E [Rf. PI. Lt. Na. 

Arnold M' Reginald-Dm.Na 

Arnold M"Mortimer P & Stanfield N 

Arnold M" Wm (Annie Stuart Cameron).. .1020 Fifth Av 

Arnot M' Matthias H-Mt. Un. M 

AmotM' Matthias C-Cal. M. 8. Ad. Y'91. . . 
Arnoux Hon&M" Wm H(Pauline A Browne) 
Arnoux M- Hel^iie [Rp. G. Ch. 



EJImira N T 

Madison Av 

The San Remo 

Arosemena M" dk^ (Louise Livingston) 

Arosemena M' de Joseph Z-Lc . 

Arrowsmith M*" Anne, .care L G Woodhouse. . .34 W 53 

Arthur M' Chester Alan-Dn. R Union Club, .ab'd 

Arthur M' Robt-C 49 W 32 

Asch Mill" JosephJ(CarrieEFrost)Un.Nv.Ll.Mtw..44E76 

Asch D' Morris J-Un. C. Uv. Ny. LI. Pn'52 5 W 30 

Ashley Mill" Clarence D (Isabella Hey ward Ripley) 

Uv. Dke. Ct. Y'73..82E56 

isWe l^l^i^'Z ^^^"'^^^^^^ 1 1^2 Waverly PI 

Asbmore M" Annie (Townsend) 344 Lexington Av 

Ashmore MiM" Sidney G (Fanny H Vail) Cr72..Troy NY 

Nbw York. 


..367 Fifth Av 

116 E 25 

Ashmore MiM" Henry B (Ashmore)..M'av'd Camp July la 

ab'd P Aug 5. .Esher Surrey" Eng 

Asbinun MiM" George 36 Abington Av Newark N J 

Aspinwall M' J Lawrence-Mt. Cal. Sno. 

Aspinwall M'"&M'- Eliza M 

Aspinwall M" Lloyd (Nina G Sutton) 

M- Ethel Whitney 

Aspinwall M' Wm H "The MoonC " Bristol R I 

Asten M" Thos B (Eliza) I oro w k-t 

AstenM' Henry G-Ny.. | 262 W 57 

Astoin M" C61e8tin (Helen Ransom) 5W9 

Astor M" Wm Waldorf-K.Un.UI.Mt.T.Cy.L.Snc. 

18 Carlton House Terrace London 
Astor. M" Wm (Caroline W Schermerhom) 

av'd Camp July 10. .842 Fifth Av 
Astor MiM" John Jacob (Ava L Willing) Mt.K.Un T. 

Ny.Ct.C.Rg.R.Dp.Dt,Cy.Ng.Cw.Ll. 840 Fifth Av 

Atha MiM" Benjamlu-B. Ec 766 High Newark N J 

Atterbury MiM* Albert H (Emma Baker) 

Uv. Y'82. .214 E 9 Plainfield N J 
Atterbury Rev&M" Anson P (Catharine G Van 

Rensselaer) C.Ct.Rf.Col.Y'75. .146 W 86 

Atterbury M' B Bakewell 

Atterbury M"" Melissa D "•' 

Atterbury MiM" Charles L-C.Uv.Ct.Dt.Pl.G.Sg. Y'64 
Atterbury M' Grosvenor-Uv. Uva. Y'91 
Atterbury MiM" John Turner (Strother-Jones) 

Mt.R.Rg.Pl.G.Na.Ct.Ch.Rv. .13 W 49 
Atterbury MiM" Lewis B (Annie T Lawrence) 

Atterbury M*"* Sallie & Josephine 

Atterbury M' Lawrence-Cl' 94 

Atterbury M' R Rennie-Cal .Ca umet Club 

Atterbury Rev D' W Walla ce-Uv.C.Rv.Y' 43. . .27 W 38 
Anchincioss M" Edgar S (Maria LaGrange Sloan) 

Auchincloss M*" B Ellen Jr 

Auchincloss M" Sam Sloan & Edgar S Jr 

Auchincloss MiM" Hugh D (Emma B Jennings) 

C.Uv.Ul.Mt.Dt.Nv.Cv.Ag.Y'79. .17 W 49 
Auchincloss M" John (Elizabeth Buck) . 
Anchincioss M" E Ellen 

.1 W72 


141 W 86 





Baring firos & Co London-ti 
Aaerbach KM" Jos S(KatharineHoneWn.Uv.R.Rh. 
S8.L.Dp.Fn.Din. La.Rg.N'75.M'abdTeut Oct? 

14 Social Register, 

Auchincloss Mill" John W (Joanna N Rnssell) 

C.Mt.Uv.Ul.Ny.Y'73. .26 E 48 
Auchmnty M" Rich T (Ellen Schermerhorn).10lUni'vyPl 
Audenried Mill" Geo Albert (Mary Gray) Mtw 

- ' - - ' ' -198 


!«-•* A.lice r. .• . 9 

Auferman M' William-C. .......... .V. . .'. ..V/. 20 Broad 

' Auffm'Ordt M' Clement-Dv absent 

Auffm'Ordt MiM" Wm (Harbeck).lO Rue Marignan Paris 
Aulick M' Richmond 0-K.Mt.L.P.'89.Mtw.H.'93 

Knickerbocker Club 

Austen M' David E-Un. Dm I corSouth«rnBlv 

Austen MiM" Geo CVall6) Un. '^ The Hill " Mt Morris N Y 

Austin Capt Eugene K-Sv, Na '. .751 Fifth Av 

Austin MiM^ Francis B (Weston) La. 12017-0 

Rev D' Daniel C Weston . ...... | Washington D 

Austin M' William-M. Un. Jkl Manhattan Club 

AveryMiM"Sam'lP(MayOgden)Ul.C.Pl.G.Ct.T.Rv. I 4 
Avery M' Samuel PJr-Ul.G.Na.N.Ct.Rv I E 38 

181 W 76 

Aycrigg M'^ Jeanie G&Kate . 

Aycrigg M' B Arthur-Na . 

Ayer M' Frederick F-Mt.Ul.N.Mc.Rg.Dt.H'73 I ^^ w n^ 

AyerW Henry S |^ ^ ^^ 

Ayer D' James C-Ny.Lc.H'86.Pb Bellevue Hospital 

Ayer M" J C (^Josephine Southwick) 

19 Rue Constantine Paris 
Ayers DiM" Ed Augustus (Joy Lindsley) Na 8 E 34 

East Orange 
N J 

Aymar M' Herbert . 

Aymar M"" Benjamin-Sa. & Edmund B-Ec 

Aymar M*" Elizabeth, care Bradish Johnson 102 Fifth Av 

Aymar M' Jose-Un.M.R.S.Sa Union Club 

Aymar MiM" Wm H (Maud P Christian). ..E Orange N J 

Ayres M' Horace F-Mo Morrisf own N T 

Ayres M' Theodore Jr-Rp.P'79 ' .Morristown iM J 

Babcock M" Beni (Susan A Manwaring). I 10 tx; ^a 

BabcockM'-CL | 1^ W 50 

Babcock MiM" Harry S (Denison) Rv. . . . . .Flushing L I 

New York. 


Babcock MIM" Hy D (Anna M Woodward) Uv.Mt. 

Ul. Dt. Rg. Rv.Rh. La. Ny. Cl.'68 21 

Babcock M"- Alice W 49 

Babcock IT S D Jr & Woodward 

Babcock l&M" L HoUingsworth (M Kennard) 

R. Uv. Dt. H'73..63 W 37 

Fifth Av 

Babcock W Samuel D-Un.M.C.Mt.Ny.Cy. . . 
Babcock M*- & M*— Minnie & Kate S [Dt.Ch. . . 

Babcock M' Wna Married at New London 

Bech M" Geo A (Julia May) July 20 '95 

Babcock M*M" Wm f Bech- Julia May) Un.San Francisco 

Babcock M' Wm Evelyn-Cal Calumet Club 

Bache MiM" Jules S (Florence R Scheftel) N 13 E 64 

Backman M' Charles-Un Union Club 

Backus Mill" J Bayard(Price) ab'dTeutOctB Brown Ship- 
Backus M"" [Uva; Cw. U'74. . . ley&CoLondon M'atl07W48 
Bacon Mill" C Graham (Clara Alsop Casey). . o« -cir qo 

Bacon M' Marshal Chandler .^o w d» 

Bacon MiM" C Graham Jr (E Blanche Payne) ... .2 W 36 
Bacon MiM" Daniel (Charlotte Macy Van- """ 
tine)rUl. Cy. La. Na. Lc. Rg. Rv. . 

Bacon M"" Lucille V 

Bacon M' Daniel-Cal 

Bacon r Edward R-Un. M. Mt. T. L. R, Dt. PI. 

ab'd Teut Jly 15 av'd St P Oct 27.247 Fifth Av 
Bacon MiM" Francis McNeil (Storrow) C. Un.Ul.T.Pl. 22 

Bacon M"- Margaret Gray [Mc. G. Rv. Ch. W 

Bacon M" James F-K. Sa. Bg. Cr87 & Rogers H-Bg. 10 
Bacon MiM" Francis McN Jr (Pauline Post) 

K. Cal. Ch. Bg. H'84. .135 E 39 
Bacon DiM" Gorham (B Simpkins) Mt. C. Uv. 

S. Rg Rv. Civ. H'75. .63 W 54 

f I'y av'd Bret 

Oct 25 

151 W 57 

Calumet Club 

Bacon MiM" Henry (Helen Brandreth) M. Uv. 

Bacon M"- Florence [L. U'65 

Bacon MiM" Lathrop R (Alice A Davies) Ul. ] 
Bacon Mir Robt (Cowdin) Uv. Mt. Un. R. 
Bacon MiM" Selden (Sally Blair Fairchild) 

Bacon M* Charles Fairchild 

Bacon MiM"Waltw R^thbone-Un,Ul,ab'd LucJly4,lW 21 

128 W 59 

....IE 39 

175 Second Av 


Social Rboisteb, 

Bacot YUr John Y (Elizabeth C Carter) Ea 

Llewellyn Park Orange N J 

Bagby r Albert Morris Hotel Waldorf 

Baggallay r Herbert Lacy.av'd TeutSep30 MarriedOct 14 
Lowrey IT" Juliet Tryon(lateG P) at East Lyme Ct 
Baiiev CM" Jas H (Caroline Von Elmendorf) i 392 West 

Bailey r Cbas Dunning [Eg. U. i End A v 

Bailey lGJrEdmundS(MaryBeeknianMcKnight)Snc. 118 
Baiiev M^~ Florence Beekman&Mary de Pey ster [U. W 

Bailey r Theodorus-Ll. P'95 74 

Bailey ItlT J Mublenberg(Lynrh)Ct.Us.Snc.U1.77MadAv 
Bailey M" Nathaniel P (Eliza M Lorillard).. . . 181 Mad Av 

Bailey V Pearce-Ct. Uv. Uva. P'86 60W50 

Bailey W Wm H-Ul. Dt. Eg. Nv 913 Seventh Av 

Baker r Alfred S (Rev Alfred B)Died at Princeton Oct 13 
Baker M" Francis (Esther Goldthwaite Barrett) " Pine- 

Baker r Wendell-Uva. H'86 18 

Baker irPrederickAmes-N'52 Cortlandt 

MiM" E Pied'k Post (Baker) 

Baker W Prank Leslie-Cw 

Baker M*" Amy 

Baker Mil" Frederic-MtUv.C.Dt.Jkl.Pu 

M^ Frances E Lake [Sg.N'52 



L I 

.138 E40 

Jekyl Island 

Baker M" George E (E Stevens) 19 E 38 

Baker MIM" Geo P (Florence T Baker) Ul. Cy. Mt. 258 
Baker M^ Florence B . . [Rg.Pl.L.T.Na.Ny.Bd. Alb. Mad 

Baker W George P Jr-Lc Av 

Baker MiM"Geo Liv(MargaretA Appleton) Richmond 
Baker M~ EditbA & CarolineF [Ry. VVt. TerWest New 

Baker M' Geo Livingston Jr-Wt. Rv Brighton S I 

Baker Rev&M" George S (Margaret Coats) Rv. . StLuke' s 
Baker M*^ Fannie D, Harrietts Ws&Marg' t R . Hospital 

Baker II" Henry M (Susan V Barnes) 

Baker M*— Charlotte S, Christine V& Emilie H . . .8 W 57 
Baker M" James Barnes-C. Rf. & Henry B. . 

Baker M" Peter Carpenter (Malvena) 39 E 38 

Baker MiM" James A(Elizabeth R Williams)N.Col. 314W 

Baker M' Lloyd CI' 88 

Baker M' John Blake . ...Married at St George's London 
Kip M" Wm B (Sarah Annie Spies) July 14 

New York. 17 

Baker lliM" John B (Kip-Sarah A Spies) 

av'd Teut Sep 30. .20 B 48 
Baker MiM" Stephen (Mary Dabney Payson) 

Ul. S. Dt..ll9 W55 
Baker M' Wm Osborn-P' 98. Trinity Rectory Princeton N J 

Bakewell M' Allan C-Eg. G. Ul 479 Fifth Av 

Baldwin M' Alfred F-Ul. Dke. CI' 8 E 41 

Baldwin M' Austin P-Ul. Dt. Snc 

Baldwin M"- Alice Maude 8 VV 32 

Baldwin M" Standish B-Na.Dp.&AustinR-Y'86 

Baldwin M' CarroU-Un 32 W 26 

BaldwinM' Chas A (late Chas H).MaiTied at St Matthews 
Hobart M'-El laVirginia(late Beni)SanMate()Cal July7 
Baldwin MiM" Charles A (Ella V Hobart) 

Un. K. Col. Uv. Na. H'82. .Santa Clara Cal 
Baldwin IT Charles H (Morgan) 

av'd Teut Jun 30 " Snug Harbor" Newport R I 
Baldwin DiM" Ch Sears (Agnes Irvin) Bd 41 W 49 


Baldwin M' Christopher C-Un.M.K.Mt.R.Dm.S3.Cy. 

Baldwin If- Louise Romon [Dr. So. Mb. H'91 

Baldwin M^J Dixon R-K.R.Mb.ff 91&ColC-K.H'93 

Baldwin H' Edwin-Uv. Rf. L. Pu. Uva 23 W 30 

Baldwin MiH" Elbert F (Mary C Washburn) 

Uv.Al.Wm8'84. .666 W End Av 
Baldwin M' Fred Harrison Un. Uv. Mt. Cy. 

Fn. Ct. Y'72..1W21 
Baldwin M' Geo V N-Un. Uv. C. Mt. Dp. Snc. 

Rf 56.ab'd Maj Aug 26 av'd St L Oct 18. ..Union Club 
Bald winMiM'*HyDeForest( Jessie Pinney) Rf . Rv. 

M" Edward S Pinney [Y' 85 

Baldwin DiM''Jared G-Ul. N*53 

Baldwin H' Jared G Jr-Ul. Rp. Dke. CI' 

Baldwin M' Alfred F 

M" Sarah A Taylor 

Baldwin MiM" Jos Clarke (Fanny Taylor) Cw. Rp. 

Mamaroneek N Y 
Baldwin MiM" Nathan A (Crane-Suydam-Caroline 

Whitney) Un.Mt.Ay.Cw. ."Ivy Nook" New Haven 
Baldwin r»M" Dunham (Young) M 33 W «« 

330 E 17 


Social Reoistbr, 

822 Lexington Av 
M'ab'dWerra Jun27 
av'd Lahn Sep 23 

l)yn.Snc.. ^102 W 93 

.7 W 26 

Baldwin Mill" Simeon (Mary 8 

Marven) Ul.Rv.Ch.Ad. 

Baldwin M*- Blanche D 

Baldwin M"ChasM-G.Rv.&RogerS 
Baldwin Mill" Theo E (Lily Bushnel 
Baldwin M""" Lily D & Florence Theodora. . 
Baldwin MiM" T Burnet (Dillon) Un.Mt.Ny. 

"Gable Hall" Edgewater Park N J 
Baldwin M" WD (HelenRSallivan).."HiUcrest" Yonkers 

Baldwin M' Wm H-K.M.E 

Baldwin M' C Columbus Jr-Un 

Baldwin MiM" Wm Woodward (Kathmne 
Willard) K.M.Uvbl.H'86 

M"- Mary Willard 

Ball DiM" A Brayton (Stone) Uv.C.Bd. Y'eJO 
BallMiM"Prank P( VirginiaLowery)Na. Y'90 
Ball MiM" Jas T(Mary Jenkinson) E. N.Na. 

BallM-M Isabel [Ec. 

Ball M' Frederick W 

Ballantine M" John H Senior-Mg 

Ballantine M*- Alice J-Mg 

BallantineM""RobtD-E.Mg.P'92 & Percy. . 
Ballantine MiM" John H (Lois Wilgns) Ec. E.L. 

18 Washington PI Newark N J 

Ballantine M" Peter H-Mg 3 W Park 

Ballantine M"- Isabel A- Mg Newark N J 

Ballantine MiM" Robt F (Anne G Brown) 
Ballard M" Frank W (Anna Judson Marten). 
Ballard M" Sumner-Ul.L.N.&Ed Lathrop-L 
Ballard M" Frank Halstead (Alice Griffing Cairter) 

Llewellyn Park Orange N J 
Ballou MiM" Geo Wm-Ul . N . I Hotel Bndicott 

M- Hoyt I 81 & Columbus Av 

Ballou M' Maturin-Ny.N.Ay New York Yacht Club 

Baltazzi M" Xenophon (Emma E Warner) 

BaltazziM"- X6 E 40 

Baltazjii M' S A Warner 


....42 W36 

9 Lincoln 

Newark N J 




37 Wash'n 


..61 W83 

Nkw York. 


"Rockford " 
near Wil- 
mington Del 

Bancroft MiM" Samuel Jr (Mary Richard- 
son) N . G.Rf. PI Ulp.Ap. 

Bancroft M" Elizabeth R 

Bangs MiM" Charles W (Jessie Ball Candler) 

UI.T.Ha. .97 Col Hgts Brooklyn 

Bangs MiM" Fletcher H-Un.C.G.Pl .'170 W 69 

Bangs M" Francis N care G E Batcheller 44 Fifth Av 

Bangs MiM" Francis Sedgwick (Helen C Whitney) 161 
M" E L Nassau . . . .[Ul.Dt.C.Uv.Mt.Pu.Cr78 W 73 
Bangs MiM" John Kendrick-C. PI. Lc.Ag. ..Yonkers N Y 
Bangs DiM" Lemuel Bolton (Isabel Hoyt) 

Banks M'David-Un.N.M.Ny.Ct.Rv. Cw.Snc. 

Banks M'-Lucette P 

Banks M* David Jr-CaLDp.Cw.Rv.Snc.Cl'. . . 

Banks M' CharIes-Un.Ss.Snc 

Banks M""" Zo6 E-La. &L Annie 

Banks MiM" Hy Lenox (Mariquita H Jonson) 

Sunset Av Montclair N J 

Banks M' Henry W-Dt | Englewood 

Banks M' Hy W Jr-Uv. Dt. Uva. Wms'SS N J 

.10 W 40 


Banks M" James Lenox Sr (Isabella 

Banks M' Lenox [Mozier) 

Banks MiM" J Fisher S (Alida Oddie;. 

"The Cedars' 

Hamburgh NY 

Banks MiM" Jas Lenox (Barnard) Un.Snc.Cl'82. .30 W 66 

Banks Gen&M" Robt Lenox-Mt.P'48 322 State 

Banks M"" Mary deCamp Albany 

Banks Major Robt Lenox Jr.. , . . . NY 

Banks MiM* Wm B (Marion Lewis). .West Superior Wis 

Bannard MiM" Henry C-Uv.Y'69 University Club 

Bannard M' OttoT-Mt.Uv.C.[Iva.Dt.Ag.Y'76..1b5MadAv 
Banning MiM^ Wm C (Helen Mellen) Ul.Na. .576 FifthAv 
BanuelosCt&Ctss de (Thorndyke).19bisConstantineParis 

Banyer M' Goldsborough 

The M"- White & W&W A W Stuyvesant. 
Barber MiM" Amzi Lorenzo (Julia Louise 

Barber M""* Lorena L & Bertha L 

Barber M' LeDroict Langdon-Ny 


The Belmont 


D C 


Social Beoister, 



Barber IM" Chas G (Oeorgiana Williams)Un. 
BarberM'— Elsie & Helen Louise . [ab'dTeutAngl2 
BarberM'Donn-Un.Y'93..133 Blv Raspail Paris 

Barber M' Henry B-H'87 108 W 43 

Barber liM" Thos H (Harriet Bayard Townsend) 

Un.Uv.C.K.R.Mt.Ny.SfrU S A'67 ... 32 W 34 
Barbey MiM" Henry I (Mary Lorillard) Un.N.Ny.Ot. 

Barbey M— Eva & Margharita [T.Mt.Rg.W. 

Barbey IT Hy G . .at Glasgow Scotland 

Barbour MiM* Norman (Laura B Corning) Ul. , . .272 W 94 

Barbour MiM" Wm-UI.Rp 145 W 68 

Barbour M' Wm D-Ul.AI 236 Madison Av 

Barclay MLM" Geo (Beatrix Chapman) 

H' ab'd Btru Sep 1 . .Rome Italy 
Barclay MiM" Hy A (Clara O Wright) Dn.Mt. 

Barclay M*- 

Barclay M" Hy A Jr& Wright. 

Barclay MiM" J Ed -Fn 

Barclay M- Grizel 

Barclay MiM" James L (Sloan-Priscilla Dixon) 

Un.Mt.T.Sn.Wk..av'dLucOct 16.14E48 
Barclay MiM" J Searle (Lillie Oldfield) Sn. PI. 
Barclay M' J Searle Jr-Na . . . [N y . Na . Rv. C w. 
Barclay MiM" Sackett Moore (Cornelia Barclay) Un. 

Barclay M*— Beatrice W & Ethel N [M. Sn . Na . 

Barclay M*" Harold-H' & Robt C-H' 

Bard M' Albert Sprague-H'92. Aht'88 187 Mad Av 

Barger MiM" Samuel F-M. Un. Mt. K. T. 
Barger M"- Ed na . . . [Ny. Snc. Rg. R. Smb. 

Barger M' Milton S 

Baring MiM" Alex (King) Jkl. 
Baring M' Cecil-R. Ny. 

..... Av 
65 W33 
family absent 




192 Madison A V 

.16 Wall 

Barker M' Benjamin Jr-Uv. Ad. Ct. Br'81 19 W 31 

Barker M"Fordy ce(Eliza' thLDwiglit) . av'dMajOctl 36 

Barker M" Fordyce D (Emily F Babcock) W 51 

Barker M' Louis H-Eg. E. . . .Penn R R Jersey City N J 

Barklie W Hugh McCalmont I 31 SaybrookPl 

Barklie M' Archibald I | Newark N J 

Barklie MiM" Francis A (Mary A Dodd) 

27 Saybrook Pi Newark N J 

Nbw York. 

Barlow M" Francis C(EllenShaw) „„,/n«-^^n«#oi 

Barlow M- Ixjnisa Shaw a^ dNorOct24 

Barlow M" Robt Shaw-K. H'91 & Charles L-K. 
Barlow MiM" Peter Town8ena(Matthew8)Un. Dv.Mt. 
M" Ed ward&M-Matthews. . [R. T. PI. T)t. N y . H'79 




26 E 


Barnard M"" Alice-care M' Raymond L Ward 14 E 32 

Barnard M*M" Horace (Louise A Zerega) Ul. M. Rv. 

Barnard M"- Louise Harriet [ Y'49 

Barnard M^Horace Jr-Cl'89&J Augustu8-Rv.Cl'92 

Barnard M" John G (Anne E Hall) 

Barnard M*- Jane B po Sheffield 

Barnard M' A Porter Mass 

M" Porter 

BamardMiH"WmHoward(LilianHCohn)Pl.Dt.Mc.38 E 68 

Barnes Gen & M" Alfred C (Josephine Rich' 
ardson) Ha.Al.T.Rv. Wt.Cw. 
Barnes M' Alfred Victor-Sa. Ha. Al 

Barnes M'^-Bd care W H Bliss 121 Madison Av 





5 E44 

Barnes M" Henry W (Mary C Young) 

Barnes M' Ohas Wheeler-Uv. L Ct. Ag. Bg. Y'77. 

Barnes M' Davis-Cal. Ul. Na Calumet Club 

Barnes MiM" Hy Burr (H Elizabeth Dixon) Mt. 

Uv. Dt. Rg. Rv. Al. Sg. Y'66. 
Barnes M— Elizb'h W, Priscilla D & Sallie P. . . 

Barnes M' Hy Burr Jr-Mt. Rg. Uva. Y'93 

Barnes IT H Seymour-Uv. Y'75 41 W 61 

Barnes M' Howell H-N. Sv New York Clnb 

Barnes M' James-Cal. Cy Bg. P'9l Calumet Club 

Barnes MiM" John S (Susan B Hayes) K. Un. Mt. 
Ul. Uv. Dt. Wk: Rg. U S N'61. 
Barnes M— Edith S, Charlotte A & Cornelia R. . 
Barnes M" Ja8-Mt.Pl.Uva.P'91.&J S Jr-Mt. Y'91 
Barnes MiM" Oliver Weldon(Blizabeth I " Weldonhnrst" 
Barnes M"- Louise W[D Harding) Ul. | Fishkill N Y 

Barnes M' Pearce-Uv. V'74 32 E 26 

Barnes MiM" Richard S (Hattie Barbour) Mt.Dt.Ha.Al. 

av'd Etru Aug 30. . .316 W 75 



Barnes MiM" Theodore M (Josephine Bulkley) 

Barnes M"" Katharine Moore [Ul. Rv. 

Barnes M"Jo8B-Uva. Y'92&TheoMooreJr-Y' 97 


22 Social Rxoister, 

Bames MiM" Thurlow Weed (Isabel Morris) 

Mt. Cy. Smb. Alb. Cyb. H'76. .7 W 26 
Barnes MiM" WmD(Mabel F Harding)Dke.Lt.Rv . .86 B 66 
Barnewall M" Morri8(HaU) . . [ VanR& WmG. 6 ChasField 
Barnewall M" Morris Rutgers (at8W29) «fc A ^t Prov R I 

' ' " " Union 



Barney MiM" AlbertCliflford-Un.Cal.Uv.Mtw.Br'69 

Barney M""" Alice & Nathalie. 

Barney MiM" Arthur L (Helen Avery) M. 

Barney MiM" Ohas Tracy (Lilly Whitney) Un.Mt.C. 

Barney M" Ashbel H.& James W. 

Barney M"" Helen T-Sg 1 Park Av 

Barney MiM" Newcomb C (Elizabeth Sturgis) ' 

[Ul. Dt. 

Barney M' Danford N S-Na. Y'81 

Barney M' J Ste.wart-Un. So.av'd Tent Sep 2 

Barns M' Chas-Un Union Club 

Barnum MiM" Wm M (Anne T Phelps) Uv. C. L. 

Uva. Y'77..Mamaroneck N Y 

Barnwell M' Arthur- Un. Mtw Union Club 

Barnwell M* Geo G-K Knickerbocker Club 

Barnwell MiM" Morgan G (Elizabeth Marie) 

M" S S Ma,ri6 [T. La. Cl'80 

Barr MiM" Wm R (Rosalie G Ford) Rf. Bd. 


..136 W 37 


N Y 
....13 W56 

Barreda M" &f abroad 


205 W 57 

Barret M" Alexander (Lilly Chinnock) 

Barret M- & M'.Cecil (ab'd Teut Sep 9) 

Barrett Judge Geo Carter-Mt. M. C. Bd T 
Barrett MiM" John D (Nellie Redington Adams) 

C. Dt. Ny. S..24 W71 
Barretto MiM" Gerard Morris (Daisy Brevoort) 

Cal. Lc. .Larchmont N Y 
Barricklo M' Wm R-Na. P'78. .73 Grand Jersey City N J 
Barron DiM" Jno C (HarrietWilliams)Un. 

Barron M- [Ul.Ny.Dt.S.Jk. 

Barron M' Thomas -Sv. S. H'91 

Barrow M' Charles E-Uv. H'87. 

Barrow MiM" Jas T (Virginia Stagg) Rv. . . 
Barrow l^*" M Ad^le 

..35 Broadway 

80 Wash Sq E 

New York. 


128 W69 

.8 W36 

21 W 16 

Barrow M" John Wylie (Harriet B Wood ward) 
Barrow M*"* Margaret DoBois&AnnaEvertsoii 

Barrow M' Archibald Campbell 

M" Wm AWoodward(PrancesM Evertson) 
Barrows DIM" Chas Clifford (Hettie Curtis) 

C. Rv. So. Dm. 
Barrows Mill" H F (Henrietta T Richards) Rv. 

Barrows M*"" Fanny, Louise& Harriet 

Barrows M' Ira-Uv. Rv. Ha. Br'83 230 W 

Barrows ff Wm Eliot-Uv. Y'82 32 E 26 

Barry M' Horace M 91k W w 

Barry M' Ellsworth M-Cl'86 . . . ^lo w 07 

Barry M' Herberfc-Uv. Ct. Rv.Va'88 

Barry M' Robert Peabody Jr 

Barry M' Samuel F-Cal Middle Granville N Y 

Barry M' Thomas Glover-Uv. S. LI.' 68 47 Clinton PI 

Barry M* W Gerard 939 Eighth Av 

Barstow IT Donald McLean-Pu. Rv. Y'89 6 E 9 

Bartholomew MiM" GeoWaid(ZelinaRipley) 

Bartholomew M"- Zelina [Cal. Cy. 


Bartholomew M' John 0-Un. Mt 34 W 21 

Bartlett M' C A Hereshofl-Uv. Un. Cr74 32 E 26 

Bartlett M" Chas T (Sarah J Brown) 43 E 67 

Bartlett M" Clifford A H (Mary Post) 31 W9 

Bartlett M' David L-Ul . , J Union League Club 

Bartlett Tm^ .^'.■.■.'.■.■.■.■.V. .".V '.V. | ^^ Presidents' klyn 
Bartlett MiM" Ed L-ll'l. Ny. M .'.V. . .Union League Club 
Bartlett Justice&M" Ed T (Annie RPlatt)Ul.Rp.. 125 W44 

Bartlett M' Hy P-Cal. S. Ch Calumet Club 

Bartlett MiM" Franklin (Bertha Post) Un.K. 

Bartlett M"- Bertha King 

Bartlett M' John R-Ny. Cw ; ,7 E 48 ab'd 

Bartlett MiM" Philip Golden (Beatrice Sturgis) 

C. Uv. Pi. Y'81..110E25 

Bartlett M' Willard-Uv.Ha.Cw.Rv.Cl'69..UniversityClub 

Bartlett DiM" W Allen (Alice Hunt) Na. . 

M' Seth Bliss Hunt 



at Wash DC 

7 W 49 


Social Reoistfb, 

Bartlett IT Charles Samner-Cal.Pb.H'79. .Calumet Clab 
Barton H' Fredk Otis-Uv.Mt.H'81..ab'dLuc Jly4..32E26 
Barton M»H" Geo DeP (Anna Dudley Ward) 

Barton M"- Pannie [Ul. L. Sv. Us. Rv. LI. 

BartonM'Oli verGrant-Ul. Uv. Sv. Rv. Ch. Wms' 66 

Barton r William 

Barton DiM" Joshua L (Maria Willets Collins) CI' 

Barton M" Samuel .The Dakota 1 W 72 

Bartow MiM" Edward W (Maria L Knower) I o.> \sr o^ 

Bartow M— Marie K&IdaS \^^w 61 

Bass MiM" Edgar W (Adele Smith) Ul. C.LI. US A 

" Bass Cottage " West Point N Y 



17 Clinton Av 
Newark N J 
Mad Av 


D C 

Bassett M' Carroll Phillips-E. Ec. Bg. 
Bassett M" A L . . 

Bastianelli MiM" Adrian (Kate A Johnston) . 
Bastianelli M*" Kathleen Arline ... 
Batchelder MIM" Richard N-Ul. Mtw. 

Batchelder M*- 

Batcheller M"* Geo E,Henry, Adams&PrankliuA 

M" Prancis N Bangs 

Bates Mai&M" Alfred E (Carrie McCorkle) 

Bates M"— Henrietta & Eliza M 

Bates M' C Prancis. 

M" May Saxton (Bates). , 
Bates M" Alfred W (C§phise C To war) 

Bates M" T Towar & Putnam A 

Bates MIM" James H-G. Ul. Ha 64 Remsen Bklyn 

Bates M' John C-Ul. Us avd St Paul Sep 5. . 1 E 39 

Bates M' Wm G-Ul.Sv.Pa.Na.Rv.Cl'80 

Bates M"- Mary 

Bates M' George B-Dke. Cl'87 

Baucus M' Joseph D-M. Uva.P'86 446 W 23 

Baumauu Rev&M" Harry (Estelle Adams).. 71 MadisonAv 
Baxter MiM" Geo S (Emmelin C Weeks) 
Uv. Sa. Wms' 65. CI' 68 

Baxter M" Wyllys P & Geo S Jr 

Baxter M' Hugh H-Ul.T.Rv.Mt.Na.Lc 

M""* Susan L & Mary E Roberts . . . 

M' Harvey R Kingsley . . 

'The Dakota" 1 W 72 

.113 W72 

.247 Waverly PI 

121 Chestnut 

688 PifthAv 

H'68..7 W47 
209 W 56 

119 E 40 

Nbw York. 25 

Bayard MiM" Loais Pintard (MildredLea) 

Bayard M-- Eleanor [Un.S.Bg. Short HillsNJ 

Bayard M' Lonis P Jr 

Bay les M' James C-C 1 Union Sq 

Baylies M" N E (Nathalie Ray) . t? ^i 

M-SHnguenin "^^^^ 

Baylies MiM" Edm'dL(VanRensselaer)K.Uv.Dt.Ct.Cc. 

H'79. .M' ab'd Maj Jly 1 . .av'd Aug 17. . .20 W 36 
Baylis MiM" Wm (Adelaide E Brooks) Un. Uv. Mt 

. R. Rg. PI. 

Bayne M' Bushrod Rust-Cal 

Bayne M' George Middleton 

Bayne M' Win 

Bayne M' Daniel K-Un. M 

Bayne M""" Maria K, Virginia L & Charlotte M 

Bayne M"LP,CE-Cal. Na., E N & W L 

Bayne M' George H-Un. M Union Club 

Bayne M' S G-M. Na Manhattan Club 

Beach M" Alfred E (Harriet E Holbrook). . .Paris Prance 
Beach Mil" Chas Pisk Jr (Annie J Smiley) M. 

Hotel Cecil London 
Beach M" C Nichols (Hettie Hart Jarvis) 

"Armsmear " Hartford Ct 
Beach M*- Elizabeth H J (late C Nich's).. Married Jun 30 

Robinson M' Charles L F at Hartford Ct 

Beach M" Edward P-ab'd 

Beach M' Frederick 0-K. R. Mt. Mb. . 

Beach M"- Helen care M" Casey 226 Second Av 

Beach Judge Miles-Un. M Hoffman House 

Beach MiM" John Kimberley (Mary Roland Sandford) 

Uv. Cw. Y'79. .450 Temple New Haven Conn 
Beach Capt&M" Warren C (Norrie) 

Un. Cy. Mt. Us. Mtw. USA 585 Fifth Av 

Beach MiM" Wm Nichola8(MarieAddleBonner)Dp..lW81 
Beadel MiM" Ed (Jane M Minton) R Lc. 

care M" Chas Minton 635 Park Av 

Beadel MiM" Hy (Sarah M Jones) 124 Front 

Beadleston M' Alfred N-M. Ul. R. Ny. Sv. Rg. Cy. 

Na. Lc. N . .av'd Maj Jun 26..36 W 85 


36 SooiAL Register, 

Beadleston M" Wm H (Annie Colwell). 
Beadleston M"" Edith 

26 W 


.109 W55 

.HE 44 

. 1700 Broadway 

Beadleston M' Hy Colwell-R. Rg. Na. Y'93. 
Beadleston H' Wm Langdon-Rj?. Uva. Y'95 

BealeH' JohnE-Un Union Club 

Beale If Wm G-Un Union Club 

Beales M"" Mary Dolores (late J A G) Married Oct 1 

Steers M' J Rich (Hy) at Scarsdale N Y 

Beales M" James A Gt (Eugenia Kelly) q« w 

Beales M" Eugene J & James AG ^9 

MiM" James RichSteers (MaryDoloresBeales) '*'* 

Beales M' Joshua Gardner-Uv. H'68 32 E 26 

Beall MiM" Joseph Bond (M Lilly Grubb) 

Beall M— M Lilly & Ethel Grubb 

Beaman MiM" Chas C (Hettie Sherman Evarts) 
Un. Uv. Ul. C. Mt. Dt. PI. Rp. H'61 
Beaman M""" Mary Stacy & Helen Wardner . . 
Bean M" Aaron H (Gara L Reamer) . . 

Bean M""* Fannie & Cara 

Bean M' Henry Willard-H'87 12 W 18 

Bean MiM" Howard Dudley (Louise B Chapman) 

Un. R..ab'dNov24 
Beard MiM" Daniel C (Beatrice A Jackson) Al. 110 

Beard M" James H Fifth 

Beard M""" Lina & Adelia B Av 

Beard MiM" Francis D (Maud Howard) M. 

care J Howard Jr. .7 W 21 

Beard W Samuel S-Ul. Dt 1 E 39 

Beard MiM" Wm H (Caroline Le Cl§ar) CI ki w in 

Beard M' Wolcott Le CI6ar-H'82 | • ' -"^ ^ ^" 

Beardslee MiM" Rufns G (Gertrude Robison Martin) 


Beatty MiM" John C (Hetty Bull) 

Beatty M' W Gednev-Cw. Rv 3E9 

Beatty M" Robt C-Cw.Rv.Zp.Cl'94&A Chester. 
Beaumont MiM" Hy Cecil (Jessie Fellows) 

42 Bryanston Sq Londou 

Beavor-Webb MiM" J (Alice May) Ny 31 Park Av 

Bech M" Edward (Hossack). . *' Rosenlund " 

Poughkeepsie N Y 

Nbw York. 


Bech M" Geo A (Jalia May) Married at New London 

Baboock W Wrn July 20/95 

Bechet M" C Claudius 77 St Lazare Paris 

Beck M" John B (Annie Sands Tucker) lyov Ka 

Beck M' Fanning C T. . ." ... .7» J!- 5b 

Beck MiM" Paul (Frances de N Tracy) 

care M" Johnson 50 W 55 
Beckett MIM" Chas Hy (Estelle J Newman) 

Uv. Dke.'81..306 W88 

Beckwith M' Chas Barnes-Mg. Mo Morristown N J 

" 367 Howard 



Beckwith V Leonard Forbes 

(Margaretta Pierrepont) 
Beckwith M"" Mary Pierrepont. .... 
Beckwith MIM" Carroll (Bvrtha Hall) C. Ct. Pn. .58 W67 

Beckwith M""" Cornelia & Nannie 139 Madison Av 

Beddall MiM" Edward F (Furrell) Dt. Lc 138 E 37 

BeddallMiM"EKirkpatrick(Anna M 

Prouty) Lc. Dt. 

MiM" P Prouty & M" W A Cobleigh .... 

Bedford M' Gunning S 

Beebe M' Albert 0-Ul. Rp 450 Fifth Av 

Beebe MiM" Chas W(Josephine Sutton) Dt. 

Beebe M*- Ethel J 

Beebe M" Howard W & Robert Arthur 

Beebe DiM" Clarence E (Maria Louisa White) 

M" John Morris White fSy Pn. Y' 71 1 W 38 

Beecher W Hy W-Uv. R.Ag. Y'88 Yonkers N Y 

Beecher M" Hy Ward (EuniceWBulIard)40OrangeBklyn 

Beeckman M' Gilbert L 

Beeckman M" Henry (Madeleine Townsend).. 

Beeckman M" Gilbert L (Margaret Foster) 

Beeckman M"" 

315 W 78 




.139 W 49 


Beeckman M'R Livingston-K.R.Cy.Knickerbocker 
Beekman MiM" WmBedlow(KatherineParker) "—*' 

B^ekman M*" Catharine A 

Beekman M' Chas Keller-Sa. II v. Bg. CI' 89. . 
Beekman MiM" John N (Anne L Dawson) 

Uv. Snc. Cl'64 

boy N J 
.105 E 18 

Beekman Judge&M" Henry Rutgers (Isabella Law- 
rence) Uv.Un.C.M.Rf.Hl.Dm.Ct.Cl' 65 


28 Social REaisTEE, 

Beekman H*"* Josephine L & Mary Elizabeth 

Beekman M" Wm Fenwick & Hy R Jr W 17 

Beekman MiM" James Hude (Florence Delaplaine) 

Un.Mt.C.Pl.Cy.Snc. .25 E 47 

Beekman M' Herman-Un. Sn.Ny. The Beverwick 

Beekman M" James Wm Sr (MilledoUer) 

Beekman M"" C A 

Beekman M' J Wm-Un.Uy.k.Mt.i)t.'Cw. 

Beekman M' Gerard-Uv. C. S. Dt, Hl.Snc.Ct.Cl'64 
Beers MilTLucius H(Florence White)L,Rv.Cr31 

Beers M" Henry N (Martha A Hart) 

Belden M" Josiah (Sara) 

Belden MiM" Charles A 



7 W51 

Belden M' Wm-Ul . Rv Union League Club 

Belding M' Milo Merrick-Col. Rv 10 

Belding MiM" Milo M Jr (Kirk) Col. Na. Rv W 72 

Belknap M' Henry-Un. Ny. Uv . Mt. H'45 . . Union Club 
Belknap M"RobertLenox(Mary Phoenix "Lands End" 

Remseri) Huntington 
Belknap M*"* Mary Remsen &Elizabeth L I 

Belknap M' Waldron Phcenix-Pu.Rv.Cw.Cc 46 W 9 

Belknap M"- Jennet M (late Robt L) Married Sep 30 

Lloyd ^Robert McA. .at"LandsEnd"HuntingtonLl 
Belknap M" Thomas (Catherine H WyckoflE) . . Rome Italy 
Belknap M" Henry W-Pl.Ch.Ny.Pb&Francis W 

20 Union Sq 

Bell MiM" Alexander Graham ( Vail) Wash 

Bell M'— Elise May & Marion R DC 

Bell M' A S-Cal Calumet Club 

Bell MiM" Clark (Taylor) Ul 271 

Bell M- Kate W 84 

Bell MiM" Chas J (Grace B Hubbard) Mtw. 

1327 Conn Av Washington 
Bell DiM" Christopher M (Mary Norris) Mt. 820 Fiftii Av 
Bell MiM" E Hamilton (Cora Glenn) PI. S. Ct. 

ab'd 30 Brompton Crescent London S W 
Bell MiM" Edward (Helen A Wilmerding^ 

Un. M. Dt. Mt. Dm. Sg 25 J Lex Av 

Nbw York. 29 

Bell MLM" Edward R (Soutter) Un. PI 50 

Bell M" Gordon Knox-Uv.H'93&Bertrand P W21 

Bell MiM" Isaac (Adelaide Mott) Un 247 Fifth Av 

Bell M" Isaac Jr (Jeanette Bennett) ab'd 

Bell M' Louis V-Un. M. Mb. S 1 W 21 ab'd 

Bell M' Marshall-Uv. Cr66 University Club 

Bell W Park E-Cal. T. Ag. 80 Wash Sq B 

Bell M' Wm Haywood-Uv. H'77 115 Madison Av 

Bell MLM" Frederick P-Bd.Ha.L..50 Garden PI Bklyn NT 
Bellinger Capt & M" John B (Marie C Coudert) 

Uv. U S A'84. .West Point N Y 
Belloni MiM" Louis J Jr (KateB Bavemeyer) Cy. . 14 E 66 

Belloni M' Robert-Sn Glen Ridge N J 

Bellows Rev&M" Johnson McClure 23Townsend 

(Katherine Hammond) Av Clifton 
M"WmTHancock(Be}low8-Mary McClure) S I 

Bellows Rev Russell N-C. Rf. H'64 247 Fifth Av 

Bellows M"- Anna L Walpole N H 

Beslmont H' Perry-Un.K.Uv.R.Mt.Ss.Cv. 

Rv.Rg.Fn.Dm.Ny.BL'72 865 Fifth Av 
Belmont MiM" Oliver H P (AlvaE Smith) Mtw.K. 

M*" Wm K Jr & Harold S Vanderbilt 

Belmont MiM" Aug (Bessie H Morgan)M.Un.K.Cy 
Rv. S.Rh.Cn.Ny.Mb.R.Dt.Dm.Lc.L.Na.Alb. 

Eyb.Mtw.H'75. .Hempstead L I 
Bement M' Edward-Uv.Un.C.Ss.G.Ny. Y'70. 

University Club 


Bend IfclT Geo H (Townsend) Un. Ul. R. Mt. Ny. 

Bend M"— Amy & Beatrice [Rg. PI. Ct, 

Benedict Judge & M" C L (Cromwell-Sarah 

M' Geo Cromwell [Seaman) C. Ha, 

Benedict Mir E Cornelius (Sarah Hart) Ct.M. S.' 

E 34 
Fifth Av 





Benedict M"- Helen Ripley PI. Ay. Dm. Rf, 

"Rftnpdipt M*** Ijoois© 

Benedict Mill" Fred H (Virginie Coudert) Un.M.Cal! 

Ny.Cy.Ct.Lc.Pl.R.S.T.Na.Rg..6 W 53 

Benedict M' Howard Robinson (J H). . . .Married July 21 

Lloyd M"- Marguerite (Col HP) at 751 Fifth Av 


Social Register, 

Benedict IT Howard Robinson (Jas H) 

Died at 751 Fifth Av July 21 
Benedict M" Howard R (Marguerite Lloyd). 751 Fifth Av 

Benedict MiM" LeGrand L-Un.R.Rh.Cy Union Club 

Benedict MiM" Jaraes-Ul «o t,.„i«o. p>i 

Benedict M— Alice & Edith H ^^ "^^^^ ^* 

Benedict MiM" James A (S Emma Turner) 

M" Daniel H Turner. .[Dt.Rg.Rv.Cw. 
Benedict MiM" James H (Isabel P Robinson) 
Benedict M* Eliot S-H '96 [M. N. Ct. 

rEWBliss.... 14E70 

Benedict M' James H Jr-Lc. R. Na NY Club 

Benjamin MiM" Arthur Bedell (Jessamine L Stagg) 

Cal. Ny. Rv. Wt. La.. Stratford Conn 

Benjamin M' George Powell-Ul. Mt. Lt. Rv 76 E 55 

Benjamin MiM" Geo Hillard (Jane M Seymour) 

Benjamin M"- Frances Ford [M. L. U'72 

Benjamin MiM" John (Hannah S Parkinson) 

Un. K. Mt. Ss. La. Wt. Rv. Co. Mtw. .434 Fifth Av 

325 Fifth Av 

av'd Lahn 
July 29 

E 74 

ton D C 
270 W 73 

Benjamin DiM" Marcus (Carolyn Gilbert) 

M" J Loring Gilbert. . [A.Sne.Rv.Cw.Cl.'78 
Benjamin MiM" Park (Eugenie Crane) Col 
Benjamin M" Samuel N (Julia Fish) 

Benjamin M' Wm Massena 

Benjamin MiM" S G W (FannvNicho 

Benjamin M"- Edith. . .[Cn.AlWms.'59 New Brighton S I 

Benjamin MiM" Walter Romeyn (Caroline A Reed) 

Lt. Al. Rv, U'74..11E73 
BenjaminMiM" WmEvarts(AnnieRogers)Ny. Al . . 113 W 57 

" lenia " 
Garrison- on-Hudson 
s) 69 St Marks PI 

"Furlough Cottage" 


Benjamin M" Wm Messena (Sarah J 
Benjamin M'-Edythe May.. [Turk) 
M"- Ethel Rene Winchester. . . 
Benjamin RevDiM" Wm H (Isabel Rogers) 
Benjamin M*" Isabel Kearny. . .[Uv.Ty'57 
Benkard MiM"Jas (Fanny G Horton) Un.Us.SsDp 

Benkard M' J Philip-Dp. Cr94 [ LI. Cr62 

Benkard M" J Gerald & Harry H 

Benner MiM" Clias (Gertrude Whittemore) 

Uv. Y'76. . 129 Franklin Astoria L 1 
Ben nettM'ChasG ibson-Uv. Mt. Cy . Rg. ' 72. . University Club 

E 24 

New York. 




214 Col Hgts 

Bennett MiM" Henry S (Maria C Jaudon) 

Bennett M*- Mary Emily [M. Ad. Y'73 

Bennett M" Henry M & Bainbridge Jaudon. 
Bennett IT James Gordon-Un.Mt.R.Cy.Ny.Mb 

Na.Ey. .Champ Elvsees Paris 
BennettM*M"JohnR(CarolineGrove) M.P'74. .Hotel Savoy 

Benson W Ed N-K. Un Knickerbocker Club 

Benson M" Arthnr W (Jane A Marks) . . . 

Benson H"*. 

Benson M' Prank Sherman-Uv. G. Ny. Ha. 

LI. Rv. Y'76 

Bentinck MiM" Geo Cavendish (Livingston) .. London Eng 
Benton MiM" Samuel H (Kate A Bradley) P'82. .222 W 23 
Beresford M'John Geo-Un.Mt.Mb.Ny. .Union Club, .ab'd 
Beresford Ld&Lady Wm (MarlboroughHamersley- 

Lilly W Price). .3 Carleton House Ter London 
Berg MiM" Chas I (Ada Van Beil) G. Ay . . 34 

M" Van Beil Gramercv Pk 

Berg M" Hilma (Peterson-Hilma Lindholro) Bd . . . 60 W 
DiM"PdkPeter8on(AntoinetteRotan)C. Rf . Na. Bd. 50 

Berg M- Lillie P. 123 W 3& 

Bergen M*M"Ja8C (JeannieAMcCue) Un.Ny.S.Bk. .7W16 
Bergh M" Edwin (Harriet E Lockwood). 

Bergh M- Emily H 

Bergh M' W Cfiristian-Na 

Bergh MiM" Henry (Lulu Dewsnap) Na. 

Berlin MiM" Henry C (Sarah C Weeks) Mt.- 31 W 51 

Berlin MiM" H W (Sarah Hatch) Col 328 W 88 

Berlin MiM" WalterGardiner (LouiseOakley) 131. N. 

Berry MiM" Arthur (Mary Jenkins Seaman) Dm.Mg. 

Madison N J 

Berry r CarroU-M. CI' 8 4 Manhattan Club 

Berryman H" Charles H (Harriette Whitney) inr>v ^^y 

Berryman M' Henry W-Un . .107 ti 17 

Bertron MiM" Sam Reading (Caroline Harding) 

Uv. Uva. Uvb. Y'86. .146 Central Park W 
Bertschmann MiM" J (Emilie Becker) M. Dm, Dv. 306 
Bertschmann MiM" Louis (Maude Marie Smith) ... W 73 

429 Fifth Av 

..130 W 87 




32 Social Beoisteb, 

Berwind MiM" Edward J (Herminie) Un. Uv. Rg. Mt. 

Ny. T. Php. Unb. Ay. U S N'69..2 E 64 

Berwind M' John E-Un. Cal. Ny ; . .102 E 39 

Best Col&irClermont L(MaryTooker) LI.U8.USA.65 E 67 

Best M' Willis J-N New York Club 

Bet tens M' Edward D-Uv. L. H'73 

Bettens M' Thomas S-H'74 

Bettini Lieut&Mme Gianni (Daisy Abbott) 

Fn. P1..63 Clinton PI 
Bettler4M''Samuel (Helen Biddle Griscona)Un. 

Rp. Cyp. Mep..7 W 26 

Bettner M" Annie Cooper (Camochan) 27 W 26 

Betts HiMTredf ricHy(Loai8e Holbrook) Mt.Uv. C 


Betts M' Louis F Holbrook-Uv. Rv. Ct. Cw. Y' 91 

Betts M' Wyllys Rossiter 

Betts MiM" Geo P (Porter) C. Uv.Ll. Wms'44. . . 
Betts M' Samuel R-Un.Uv.C.Pl.R.L.Cy.RvCw. 

Uva.Y'75.ab'dMaj Jlyl.av'dLahn Aug 26 

Beveridge MiM" Alvan 

Beveridge M" Wallace&Harold 

Beylard MiM" E Duplessis (Julia Poett Howard) K 

. Chateau de Rabodanges Putanges Orne France 

Bibb M" Wilson Cary \in xxr ao 

Bibb M' Wm Garrett-Mt. Rg. L. Ch. So | ^" '^ *** 

BibbyM'Andre w A-Cal. S. 8v. Dp. C w. Snc. Bg. CI' 

267 Fifth Av 
Bibby M' Henry W-Un. K. Mt. Cy. Snc. Ct. .72 Mad Av 

gbb>M;^WmH ..: ..129 W 63 

Bibby M" Julia L 

BickertonDiM"Thos W(Eva N Garretson) S56 West 

M' Hiram Garretson [CoLCl'Sl End Av 

Bickmore Prof&M"Albert S(Charlotte A Bruce)C. . 12B41 

Bicknell M' Evelyn Montague 35 W 14 

Biddle MiM" Ed R (Harriet W Wilmerding) Mc. Ct. 14 

Biddle M"— Harriet Louise&Christine [Ch. W 

Biddle M' H Wilmerding 11 

Bierstadt MiM" Albert (Stewart-Mary E Hicks) 

U1.C.G. .av'd Maj Oct 14.322 Fifth Av 

Mad Av 

155 W 48 

New York. 


Bierstadt IT Edward H-G Grolier Club 

BiKelowM''Chas D (Eunice AHowe).121 Col HghtsBklyn 
Bigelow MIM" Chas E (Dean-Isabella Lyall) 

Uv.S.Ha.Rp.Eg.Alb, Y'73. .32 E 26 
Bieelo wM»M"Erne8t A(Helen Talma 1 1 ) Un. Mo. H' 90 . 1 8 W40 

'The Squirrels" 
Palls N Y 

6 W 58 

Bigelow M' John- C. PI 

Bigelow M*" Grace 

M"BntlerKHai ding(AnnieBigelow) 
Bigelow Capt&M" John Jr(Mar.y Bray tonDallara) USA 

Babcock St Brookline Mass 
Bigelow MiM" Ponltney (Edith Jaflfray) C.Pl.A. Y'7& 

Bigelow IT Samuel C-Dl Union League Club 

Bigelow r Wm B-Uv.PI.'76..av'd Umb Sep 12. .32 E 26 
Bigelow MiM" Walter Pierpont (Julie H61ene Georger) 

Eg. Y'87. .40 E 25 

Biggs M" Melissa P 


[ab'd Maj Jly 1 . . av'd Sep 1 6 

BiglowMiM"L Horatio-Col. Al. Ul 242 W End Av 

Billings M' David L-Uv. Rv. Y91 32 E 26 

Billings M' H Mortimer-Cal.Na.Lc. Ny 28 W 50 

Billings MiM" Franklin S (Bessie H Vail) 

Uv.Dt.Rv.H'85. .179 W End Av 
Billings M" Frederick (Julia Parmly) 
Billings M'~'Laiira,MaryM&EIizabeth 
Billings M'Frederick-Rg. Ul. Uva. Rp, 

Billings M' Harry-H'84 .40 W 

BillingsDiM^John H (Louise Clark) 249 Madison Av 


BillingsM'-Margaret J. . .rC.USA.Ritp.Miami'58 

Billings If John Sedgwick 

BillingsM"01iver P C (CharlotteLane) 

Billings M' Oliver C-Y'93 

Billings M' Charles M-Na.Y'96... .... 

Billings M' Wm E-Ul. Uva.Y'91 

279 Mad 


ab'd Bret Jun 24 
av'd AUer Sep 13 

9 Park Av 
55 W 33 


Bininger M" Andrew G (Margaret B Dash) . . 

Bininger M' Charles Louis-Sv 

Bininger M"- E D | 62 Lexington 

Bininger M' William B-K | Av 


34 Social Register, 

Binney H" Amos (Talbot) 

Bioney H*" Martha Gray 

Binney HiH"Harold(GertradeAMiles)Cal.Bp.Ity .$91 WS? 
Binney MiM" Horace(Sorchau) Ny . . 28AvTrocadeTO Paris 
Binney MiM"Wm (Josephine Angier) Rf. 

72 Prospect Providence R I 

Binsse M" Louis B (Delia Carpenter). 
Binsse M" Henry B-E.Uv.'75&Chas W. . 

Binsse M' Lonis E-Uv.Cr66 

Binsse M*^ Emily &Helen 

Bird M" George (Cannon) Senior 

BirdMiM"Geo(Metcalf-Ruth Mooreheadj., 

Bird M' Harrison Kerr-Ul.Na.Pu Union 

V 17 
Short Hills 


BirdMillVohnH (Sidney Cantield) Pl.Ny.Sv. . . .:. Absent 

Bird M- Westbary L I 

Bird M' J Warren-Uva.P'90 61 W 68 

Birney M" Wm (Churchill- Josephine "Woodless" 
M'WmChurchill-Cal.R.. [Young) ^Mr Sing-oil- 

M' Richard Churchill-R Ha'dson 

Birnie Rev&ll''Dougla8 Putnam(LuciaLasellMei|B;a]|^ Y"7S 

Honolulu Hawaiian Is 
Bischoffsheim M'*M" Fred (Payne). ,140 Ch Elysfes Paris 


Bishop MiM" David Wolfe (Florence Y C Field) 


Bishop M' D Wolfe Jr-Mt 

Bishop M"- Editl) (Heber R). . . .Married at Newport S I 

Taylor M' Moses (Hy A C) Aos 19 

Bishop MiM" Frank C-R. Na. Al . . .^ B 68 

Bishop M*M" Heber R (Mary Cunningham) Ua. 

Bishop M- M C [Mt.Rg.Ul.C.(^.S8Ny.Ct. 

Bishop M' Francis C 

Bishop M' Henry A-Ny.Rf. Y'84 ... BnA, 

Bishop MiM" James L-Ad.Ul.L.Aht'65 

Bishop MiM" Joseph B-Uv.lJd.Br'70 IStl W H 

Bishop V Louis Paugdres-Dp.Rv I a^ -or «m 

Bishop r James ...j*' .** "" 


New Tobk. 36 

254 Wash Av 
Bridgeport Ct 

17 W88 

BishoplBM" WmD( JuliaATomlmson)!! V . . 
Bishop M'WmDJr-Uv.Ny. Y'80. . .[Y'49. 
Bishop MiM" Wm Hy (Mary D Jackson) 

Y'67. .68 High New Haven Ct 
Bispham Rev&M" Clarence W (Elizabeth G Casey) 

Washington D C 

Bispham llilT" Wm-C.G.L.Ch.Pl.Ct 12 W 18 

Bissell DiM" Arthur (Anna E Browne) 

MiM" O S Teall (Bissell) 

Bissell DilT Joseph B (Josephine Hauck) 

Uv.M.Dm.Na.Y'79..15 W 58 
Bissell MiM" Pelham St G (Helen Alsop French) 

Bissell lliM" RensselaerH(FredrikaBelden) . R.Fn. 

Bissell M'- Katherine Van R 

BisseU r S B S-Y'94 

Bixby M' Robert Forsyth-Un.Uv.Cal.Ul.S.Ct. 

Rv.Ad.Na.Dt.Ty'70. .439 Fifth Av 
Blabk M" Chas Newbold (Mary K Lawrence) 

Black If* Edith liawrence 

Black M' JamesjDrake-Uva. P'93 

Black MllT Hy "yan Deventer (Jennie M Prince) 

Black M' John V-Uv.Ul.Na.Lc.Sv'76. . .121 Madison Av 
Black MiM" R C (Mary Grace Witherbee) 

Dl.Cy.Na. .228 Madison Av 
Blackinton M'-&M'- M A. .careHGBFisher898Madison Av 
Blackwell M" CAugusta.. J Munroe & Co Rue Scribe Paris 

Blackwell M' Josiah-Uv.Snc.Ty'66 32 E 26 

Blackwell ff Robert W-M.Ul.L.P'79. . .Manhattan Club 
Blackwell M' Wm Bayard-Uv.Uva.Ct.P'91 . . . .118 E 17 
Blackwood Lord&Lady Terence T (Flora Davis) 

ab'd po 24 Wash Sq 
Blacque MiM"ValentineA(KateRead)Un.K.Uv.Cr71 .ab'd 
Blagden MiM" Geo (Frances M Dexter) 

C.Ul.Uv.Dt.Rg.Ll.Sg.Snc.H'56 .« ™ ..« 

Blagden M' Geo Jr-Uv. H'90 wUidb 

Blagden M" Dexter-H'93 & Linzee 

Blagden MiM" Sam P (Julia G Clark) Un.K.Dv.Ny. 

S.R.Dt.Smb. Wms'62. .18 Gramercy Pk 



36 Social Reoistkb, 

Blagden IT Sam P Jr-K. R 247 Fifth Av 

Bla^den M" Tliomas (Sarah Sampson) 210 W 45 

Blaine M" James Ot Augnsta Me 

BlaiiMiM"Cha8H(EmmaCornell)Ul.Cor'72 62lPifthAv 

Blair Mill" C Led yard (Florence Osborne Jennings) 

Mt.Uv.Uva.Cy.Rv.P'90. .15 E 60 
Blair MiM" Dewitt Clinton (M A Kimball) P'66. . « t? «, 

M- SB Stephens ^^^^ 

Blair MiM" Montgomery (Edith Draper) Mtw. .Wash D C 
Blaif MiM" Watson F (Alice R Keep) 

Dn.Mt.PI.Nv. .Drexel Harjes Paris 
Blair M' Woodbary-Uv.Mtw.H'74 , 

ab'd St P Jly 23. .Washington D C 
Blake M' Arthur M-R.Pl. . . . av'd Brit Sep 9. .221 W 42 

Blake M" Chas F (Elizabeth Dix). 

Blake M—KM&EM.... ab'd 

Blake M' Morgan D 

Blake Lt&M" Ednnund M (Eleanor B Farlev) 

USA. Fort Adams Newport R I 
Blake DiM" Joseph A(KatharineKetcham)D7. Y'85. . 1 E33 

Blake M"- Kate W I i ia wra 

Blake M'Henry-Ul.Na j '^^^ ^ ^^ 

Blake M" John Ellis (Elizabeth S Gray) 160 W 59 

Blake MiM" John Reginald (Emily A Jorn) Da . .114 W 47 

Blakemann M" Birdseye (Anna Tomlinson) 9 E 44 

Blakemann MiM" Lonis H-Ul.Al.Ec.Na.Bg. .Orange N J 

Blakiston M' Kennetli M-Sa St Anthony Club 

Blanc M' Edward H-H-91 1W69 

Blanchard MiM" Geo Roberts (Delia A Thompson) 

Ul. Chch. .M' ab'd St P Jly 22. .1 Wash Sq N 
Blanchard MiM" James A (SallieMedbery) Ul.Rp. U p. «~ 

Blanchard M' Medbery [Ha'71 1 ^ ^ ^^ 

Blaney W Chas P-H'90 187 Madison Av 

Blashfield MiM" Ed'n H(EvangelineWilbar)C.Bd.58W57 
Blatchford M" Samael (Caroline Frances Appleton) 

Washington D C 
Blatchford MiM" Sam Appleton (Wilhelraina Con- 1 ,o_ 

M"" Helen DePeyster Conger..av'd HavSep 30 j ^^ ^ 

Mew Yobk. 



Madison Av 


198 Madi- 
son Av 

387 Fifth Av 

Bjatohford 16M" Sam M (Swan-Henrietta Tilden) 

Ul.Sn.L.Na.Cl.'54. .37 Riverside Drive 
Bleecker MiM" Tlieophvlact Bacbe (Caroline L 
Bleecker M" Ch M-Cl'l90 & T B Jr-Hl. .[Moore) 

M-FM Moore 

Bleecker HilT Wm Hill (Emma White Fish) 

"Hillside" Soarsdale N Y 
Bleything M"- Edith 

M" Jacob R Halsted (Bleything) 

Blight MiM" Atherton (Nina Grenouj<h) Pbp.H'64 

Blight M"— Alice & Edith 

Bliss MiM" Cornelius N (Plumer) Un.Ul. C. L. 

Bliss M- [Rg.Mc.PLMt.Rp.Jkl.Mtw. 

Bliss M' Cornelius N Jr 

Bliss M" George 

Bliss M'-aM'- Augusta 

Bliss r Walter P-Rg. R. Uv. L. Y'92 

Bliss M' Ernest C-Un.N.Dt.Cy.S.Ny.Ec.Ag. . . .149 W67 

Bliss MiM" George (Anais C Casey) Dl. Cth. H'81 D't. 

64 W39 
Bliss MiM" Geo T (Dwight)Un.Dv.R.Dt.Rg.Ct.Mt. 


Bliss M' Justin A-Ul. Rg 301 Madison Av 

Bliss MiM" Wm-Un. Mt. R. PI. Mtw Union Club 

Bliss MiM" Wm H (Barnes-Anna Blaksley) 

M- Cora F Barnes [Pl.Rf.Bd.Rp.Mtw. 

Bliss M' Robt P-Bg 

Bliss M"" Anita 

Bliss M" Wm (Anna Dallett) 

Blodget M' Wm-Uv. Rv. Cc. Br'71. . 

Blodgett M" Daniel C 166 Madison Av 

Blodgett MiM" Tilden (Grace Pedley) 

ul.L.Ny.Rg.Sv. . "Gracedale" Irvington-on-Hadson 

Blodgett M" Wm Tilden 

Blodgett M"- 

Blodgett M' Wm Tilden-Dv. H'80. . 
Blois M"Eug S(LilianLaBau). . "CloveHill" WBrightonSl 
Blood MiM" Samuel S-N. Na. .M'av'd Maj Aug 17. .2 E 15 
Blood MiM" Sylvester L (Squires) Ny. .1253 Pacific Bklyn 

121 Mad Av 

Short Hills N J 
12 W18 

24 W 12 


Social Register, 

Bloodgood M" Edward F-Cal Calumet Club 

Bloodgood Mir Hildreth K (Julia C Casey) 

Un. R. HI.. 126 E 34 
Bloodgood ir Horace S-M. Ny. Cc. R. 

Died at Narrag Pier R I Jly 31 
Bloodgood M" John Sr (Emily F Lottimer) I po. 3 N Wash 
Bloodgood M' H Lotdmer-Sa. Y' 93 ...... | Sq • 

Bloodgood II' John Died at Marlboro Mass Aug Ifi 

Bloodgood MiM" John (Havemeyer-Clara Stephens) 


Bloodgood MiM" John H 6 W 40 

Bloodgood MiM" Robt Fanshawe (Eloise Pirsson) 

C. Na. Ry..56W37 
Bloodgood Mir Wilber A (Rosalie Gunther) 

Sn.Ul.Cy.Snc.Bg. .49 E 34 
Bloodgood O" Wm (Mary E Van Boskerck) R.Ul. 

Rg. Ec. Bg. .Llewellyn Park Orange N J 

BloorM'AJ-C 38 E 57 

Bloss M' James 0-Mt. Ul 21 E 47 

~893 Union 


town LI 

Blunt M" Edmund (Eugenia V Bunting) 

Blunt M"~ Alice&Euphemia 

Blydenburgh M' Benj B-Uv.Rf.Dt.Hl.Uva.P'81 
Blydenburgh MiM" Jesse S (Josephine M Vail) 

Blydenburgh M*" Helen 

Blydenburgh M' Vail 

Blydenburgh MiM" M B (Lucy M Slade) Rf . . . 

Blydenburgh M' John B-R. Rf . HI 

Blydenburgh M' Harry D-Rf 45 South 

Buardman MiM" Albert B (Gertrnde Bonner) 

Boardman M"- Cecil [l31.Dt.Bg. 5 E 48 

Boardman M' Sewall 

Boardman W Edward C-Uv.Pl.H'71 222 W 23 

Boardman M' Elijah George-Uv.Dva. Y'91,.80 Wash Sq E 

Boardman MiM" Geo Hy (Walker) 8 E 30 

Boardman M"- 330 E 17 

Boardman MiM" Lansdale (Levantia White Cox) 
Boardman M"- Rosina Cox. . .[C.Mt.Rv.Na.Cw.Cd 
Boardman MiM" Wm H (Henrietta Frances Hall) 

Boardman M"" [C.La. 

Boardman M' Francis 



N J 

New York. 


Boas MiM" Emil L (Harriet S Stemfeld) Na.Rf. Ag. 

M' av'd Nor Oct 24.128 W 74 
Bodnuan M»M"EdU(IdaMBerdan)Dl. Na Bd.835Madison A V 
BodsteinM'"Fr'd'kW(J nliaN orthall)Diedatl21 W43Jan28 

Bodslein M"- Clara & Emily P 121 W 43 

Bogart MiM" Eugene T (Vanderpoel) 100 E 17 

27 S Hawk 


.... 39 W 32 

Flushing L I 

I 259 B'way 
I Flushing L I 

I ..57 W 62 

Flushing L I 

Bogart MiM" John (Emma Clara Jefferis) 
C. Snc. Uv. Eg. Dp.Hl. E. Ec. 

Bogart M' John Henry 

Bogert M' Beverley-Na 

Bogert MiM" Hy A (MaryBowneLawrence) 

M' Lawrence Bogert Elliman.[Rf. HI. 
M" Annie E Hoogland . . [land)Dp.Cr90. 
Bogert MiM" Stephen G (Caroline Jessup). 

Bogert M"-" Isabel & Anna [Dt. HI 

Bogert M' WalterLawrence-Dp.Hl.Cr88. 

Bogert M' Theodore Lawrence [Snc. 

Boissevain MiM" A A H-Mt.L. .Metropolitan Club 
Boissevain M' Daniel A-Cal. 

8 Wilton PI Belgrave Sq London 

Boissevain M' Dan G-Cal.Bg.L 267 Fifth Av 

Boissevain MiM" G Louis (Arabella Helen Magee) Cal.Mt. 

Calumet Club 
Boiler MiM" Alfred P (Kalherine N Newbold) ?5Prospect 

Boiler M- Mary Newbold rC.Pn'59 E Orange 

Boiler M" A P Jr-Eg. & Richard Emlen. . . N J 

Bolton M' Howard C-Uva. Y'86 21 W 30 

Bolton If P R-Uv. Uva. Y'86 18 W 19 

Bond MiM" Alfred H (Louisa Van B Davis) 

Bond M-- Kate-Bd 

M" Wm B Skidmore (Bond) 

M" M L Dickinson & M"- H B Littig. . 
Bond M' Frank Stuart-Un. Ul. C. Mt. LI 
BondM' Wm 

MiM" Jas H Carll (Mary A Bond) 
Bond M' Wm Edward-C. Ch 

Bond MiM" Thomas 

BondM"- Annie W,, 

,..21 W14 

230 W 69 

...38 W61 
..62 W 92 

..36 Mt Morris PkW 


Social Register, 


Bard Av West 
New Brighton 

Booner M' David 

Bonner M' Paul R-P'91 

Bonner MIM" Ed H (Sarah H Sproulls) La. 
Bonner M*"* Amy & Beatrice.. a v'd Havel 
Bonner M' Reginald Edward-Pn. .[Aug 6 
Bonner MilT Fred (Marie L Cliflford) 

Ul. Uy. Cy. Zp. P'78. .307 W 83 
Bonner MiM" George T (Isabel Sewell) f " Stadacona " 
Bonner ir-MabelAl8abel.[Dn.Rg.La. New Brigli ton S I 

Bonner MiM" Q Sewell (Agnes M B Foord) 45 Wall 

Bonner MiM" Robt Edwin (Kale Helena Griffith) 

Uv.Mt.Uva.Lt.P'76.M'abd Maj Aug26.663 MadisonAv 
Bonney MiM" Geo B (Caroline H) Uv.Ch.Y'61.120 W 132 
Boocock MiM" S W-Rh. T. L. ' " 

Boocock M" W 8 & Howard. 
Boocock MiM" Murray (Ada Mfriam Dike) 

po 194 Col Hgts Brooklyn N Y 
Bookstaver Hon & M" H W (Mary Bailey Young) | 14 
Bookstaver M*" May Aletta . . . , [M. Sn. Zp. Snc. | E 67 
Booraem M" H Toler (Antoinette Van Voi-st) 

Booraem M"- A V V & Alice 

Booraem M' H Toler-Bg 


Booraem M" .7 Francis & Alfred W [Ha. PI Bklyn 

Booraem MiM" Louis V (Abigail H Van Nostrand) 

L. Ec. HI. P'73. .577 W End Av 
Booraem M' Robert Elmer-Cal.Rv.Cw. 

Snc. Ay. Cl'78. 
Booraem M"- FD-Cd.Bd.abd TeutAugl2 
Booth MiM"Chas Jr (Grace Bryson Well8)NewBruns'kNJ 
Booth W Edgar Hetfleld-R.Bg. Ag.Cr82. Englewood N J 
Booth Rev DiM" Robert Russell (Lathrop) 

Ul. C...177We8tEnd Av 
Borcheriing MiM" Chas (Mary L Ruxton) E 36 Park PI 

Borcheriing M' Frederick A-P'93 Newark N J 

Borden MiM" Math C D (Harriet M) Ul.Dt.Mc. 

Rg. S. Ss. Pl.Mt.Rp. Ny.Na.Lc.Jkl.Y'64 25 W 56 

Borden M" Math S, Howard S & Owen J 

Borden MiM" Bertram H(Mary L Owen) Ul.Ny.Sv.27W56 
^'>ring Mir Wm A (Florence Kimball) C.Cl'89. .148 B 36 

, . 87 Joralemon 


16 Fulton 

avd Maj Nov 11 
2 E 15 

New Yobk. 


Borland M" John (Constance Rives) " The Lea " 

New Hamburgh N Y 
Borland ICiM" J Nelson (Alice Haven) Un.Dt. i-tav fvr 

IT J W Haven-Mt. K. Dt ..iiOEid/ 

Borland MiM" Wm Gibson (Lucy Sturgis Codinan) 


Borne M' John E-Un. Ha. Dt. Mt Union CI nb 

Borrowe H" Samuel (Enphemia Camp- absent care N L 
BorroweM'-EffieBeekman. rbelI)La. McCready4E76 
Boiiowe ff Hallett Alsop-L.Dp.Cy.Na.Cl'.Lawyer8Club 

Boirowe M' Beekman Kip 51 W 13 

Boston IT Charles A-M Montrose S 

Boston MiM" J Gnyton (Mary Ethel Mudge) Orange N J 
Bostwick MiM" Arthur E (Lucy Sawyer) 182 Mtn Av 

M"^ Jessie & ElU Sawyer. . . J"A.Y'81 Montclair N J 
Bostwick M" Jabez A (Helen C Ford). . . . 
Bostwick M' Albert C. .ab'd Camp Jly 18 

M" Francis Lee Morrell (Bostwick). . . 
Bosworth DiM" Francke H (Mary H Putnam) 

Bosworth M' Francke H Jr. . Yale University 
Bosworth M' Wm Q-I)ke.Rv.Wms'89. . . .192 
Bosworth MiM" Wm Welles (Elizabeth Lewis Newton) 

G.Rf. .Morgan Harjes & Co Paris year 

Botassi M' I) N-N NY Club 

Bottome Rev&M" Geo H (Anna G Tyng) Y'83. . . .417 E 13 

Boudinot M"" Morristown N J 

Boulton M" W G (Maty E Bowen) 30 Fifth Av 

Boulton Mir Wm B (Louisa K Kellv)Un.Dt.Ch . . 13 B 34 
Bound MiM" ChasFi8k(HelenMJ ohnsonJUn . Mt. Dt. . 1 W21 

800 Fifth Av 

Oct 16 

av'd Bret 

Sep 27 

26 W46 


1 W 

Bourne MiM" Fk G (Emma Keeler) R. L. Rg.Ny.S. 

Bourne M' Arthur Keeler [Na. Lc. 

Bourne MiM" George T-Ul 63 W 54 

Bouvier MiM" John Vernon (Caroline Ewing) 48 E 26 

Bouvier MiM" John Vernon Jr (Maude F Sergeant) 

Un. Uv. Cl'86. . " Woodcroft" Nutley N J 

Bouvier M' Michel C-M. R. Cy '. I iA\xrAa 

Bouvier M^ Zenaide S, Alexine E & Mary H. . | '* *^ ^'^ 
Bovaird If David-P'89 1696 Broadway 


Social Register, 

Bowditch MIM" Ed (Rathbone) Albany N Y 

~ "'" ■ " ~" "" M'av'dMaj 

Aug 17 
39 Park Av 

Bowdoin M»M" Geo S(JuiialrvingGrinnell) 

Bowdoin W Edith Grinuell ". . . . 

Bowdoin MiM" Temple (Helen Parish Kingsford) 

Uv.Mt.R.Cl'85. .ab'd Maj Aug 26. . 139 E 37 
Bo wen MiM" Clarence Winthrop (Roxana Wentwortli) 

Dt.Ul.Mt.Rg.Ha.Rv.Cw.Y'73. .3 E 10 
Bowen MiM" Herbert W (Augusta Floyd) Rv. 

U S Consulate Barcelona Spain 

Bowers M' Arthur P-Uv.Ad.Br'71 University Club 

Bowers W Edw A-Mtw.Uv.Rf.Y'79 .1520 H Wash D C 

Bowers M" Hy (Louise Gt Willard) mi iw -^o 

Bowers M— Eleanor S & Sybil L lUl w 7^ 

Bowers M" Henry C (Estelle Durant).' 102 E 29 

Bowers M' Henry C Died at Cooperstown N Y Sep 12 

Bowers MiM" Henry E-Un.Dt.Col.Bd.L Union Club 

Bowers MiM" John M (Susan Dandridge) Un. M. 

Bowers M"- Mary S [Mt.Rg.Dt.Rv. W.Cw, 

Bowers M" Spotswood D&HM 

Bowers MiM" Wm C (Jennie Poster) Un . . . . 1333 Lex Av 

Bowie M' Augustus J Jr-Un Union Club 

Bowler M" Geo Pendleton (May Williamson) 
Bowler M' Robt Pendleton- Cn.K.Mtw.H' 93 

av'd Etru Oct 24. 
Bowtie M' Robert S (late Walter) 

Died at East Hampton L I Sep 20 
Bowne M" Robert Soutbgate (Jessie Draper) I Flushing 

MiM" J P Crosby Jr (Marion S Bowne). . L I 

Bowne MiM" Sam'l W (Nettie Youngs) Ul. Na. Rp. 

ab'd Luc Jly 4.. 155 W 58 
Bowne MiM" Walter (Katherine Guild) R. Ny. 

care F A Guild Flushing L I 
Bowring MiM" Thos B (Anne K How) Ha. La. 

7 Palace Gate Kensington W London 
Boyd M' Charles S-Cal Calutnet CI ub 

7 W21 

.36 W46 

Boyd MiM" Francis O (Mary I Bonner) . 

Boyd M- May B 

Boyd M" Francis Trevor & Carlile. . . . . 

Brighton S I 

New Yobk; 


•22 Tompkins At 

New Brighton 


...28 W38 

Boyd IT James R-Snc 

Boyd M"- Emily, May & Lida B. . . 

Boyd M' John J-Eg 

Boyd MiM" John Scott (Sara A Root) \J\ . . 

Boyd M' John Scott Jr. . , 

Boyd MiM" Robert L (Harriet Delafleld). ..... .101 W Mr* 

Boyd MiM" Wm A (Adeline T Speaight) Lc.Snc.Ch. 84 

Boyd M— Ad eline V & Beatrice S [CI' 61 E 

Boyd M' Gansevoort Mellville 78 

Boyer DiM" Arthur A (Kate F Celle) Uv. Ec. '83 

12 Halsted PI East Orange N J 
Boyesen M" Hjalmar H (Elizabeth M Keene) no vyr 
Boyesen M" H H, Algernon K & Bayard H.. • • -^^ ^^ 77 
Boyle MiM" Wm Lewis (Norman) Un. Dt. Cy. 

M' ab'd Camp Jly 18. .28 W 20 
Boynton MiM" Chester Clark 

■ (Marie de Tours Lentilhon) New Brighton S I 
Boynton M" John H (Theodosia Clark). . . 

Boynton M"" & M*" Elinor Vernon 

Boynton M' Theodore Vemon-Sa 

Boynton IT Frederick Chester-Cal 

Boynton M' Charles Edw-Cal 

Boynton MLM" Nathaniel A (Champlin) . , , 

Boynton M"" 

Brace MiM"ChasL(LouiseWamer)C.Ct. 

Brace M- Emma, .ab'd 

Bracken M' Wm-N. Fn. Na. . .av'd St 

Clinton Av 

Brighton SI 

.3 E62 


Dobbs Perry NY 

P Jly 16..36W36 

Brackenridge M' George W-Un.Mt.N.Mtw. ..Union Club 
Bradford Mkl" Ed Anthony (Susan Coit ( 175 Col 
Bradford M"- Charlotte Lois. . . .[Packer) Y' | Hgts Bkln 
Bradford MiM" Nath G Jr (Alice M Jackson) Bd. 

" Webotuck Farm " Sharon Ct 
Bradford IT John H-Un.M.K.Mt.Bd,Smb.Atb.Cyb. 

173 Fifth At & also at Roslindale Mass 

Bradford M' Sidney-Uv. Cy. Ty'84 32 E 26 

Bradford M" William H Sr (Anna A Dexter) LenoxMass 
Bradford HIM" Wm H (Mary K Jones) Lenox Mass 

Bradhurst M*M" Ch C (Rodwell-Catherine 

Bradhurst M"- Elizabeth [Ten Broeck) 

Bradhurst MklT HyMaunsell(JeanEBonham 


Lincoln Pk 



riO-Ei Ittu^KiDfr AMtmrf^, 

1 f" Er:::i •>rris»*t_ ." 3iftii?i! 

^••■■*-ii tf" CliKwe* Wiatkiw Sonti ^, 

r S Owivlaiie- BunhM Spain 

Bcrw«5 r Ankor F-rr.Ad-BrTl JSmmmtJ CInl' 

Bo«««¥ r Bi» A-Miw-rT.Rf,I-T» .UMH Wash 1» 

B'.wersrHT^Lousee Waiud) I ,oi w 

Bomm f- £!«;•■« S A SThB L | 

Bowen r Oearv C (&telie IHinatX' 

Boweis r Henij C DMLatOBOnmlown N 

Bovefs KT Hearr K-rB.Dt.Gbl.]M.L 

Boven UT J<Aa If (Sosu Dudiid^^ I 

Boims r- MuT S [Mt.l^]>tRv 

Boweis r Spotsvood D * H M 

Bowers 1L*' 
Bowie r A I . 
Bowl«- 1^ 
Bowler I' 

Bowner P 

Bowne r 1 
Bowne MLM 

T Ji-Ub 

•^tonvMay \\ 
•"tOD-Un K 

ate Wah.- 

Died I 
Jr (Mr 

Bowne HM 
Bowring Ma 

Boyd MiM" F. 
Boyd M- Fi: 







^ice Coudert) 
judert Tuxedo N Y 
ab'd..po. 10 Worth 

.43 W 49 







.'I I'.ievoort PI Brookly?! 

Union Club 

YonkersN Y 

Lfiiihton Brown) 

Uv. Lc. H'85..68 W46 

'*o«-s)Ul. ab'd Paris 

Ang5 av'd 

St P Oct 17 


, .fit New Haven 

S. Rf. If 79 

39 Wash Sq W 

»)iillen flieoigip ,\ Williams) 
v.Ct, Y'5;!. ,:ivM Ems Sep 25 .. 24 E 64 

1 H'da 41E49 

irT(J{iiiM FPt'ii.ili'ion) 

M t w , . 1 7 ) I M Washington Tf C 
y.^T Ciilviii 8 (Oliviii Meily) 693 

ALL. Mtw. "R,u,-. Ihii. like. Jkl. 

it.'lwn O ^ M Kiite 

levvart Meily -K.K. ^'a.■Mt^^■.H'93 


Mill" James Howard (Frances Stuart) A. 

Lavinia E Stuart 

ge MiM" Wm F (Lane) C. Ct 3()9 Lexington Av 

.dges M' Robert-Uv. Al. Uva. P'79 19 W 31 

idgham MiM" Samuel W (Schermerhorn)K.T.Mt. 

Sv. Rv. era?. . care W C Schermerhorn 49 W 23 
gham M' Wm Haliburton-Un. K, Mt. R. 

Ul. L. Rv. .24 Waverley PI 
av'd Werra 

Sep 16 
18 W ir 

Fifth Av & 

Wash D C 

1 W72 

?man RevDlM" Chas De W (Edwyna 
rnoan M'"AnnidTo wnsend . [Benedict)Ul. 
Tuan 1* Theodore Humphrey 

802 Fifth Av 

44 Social Register, 

Bradish M" Georee (E Johnston) The Grange Bay Side LT 
Bradish KM" G Johnston (Helen M Hinton) Rv. Na. 

340 W 6ft 
Bradley M^M" Charles (Jnlie E Ballantme) 

Uv. E. Ec. Mg.'76- 18 James Newark N J 
Bradley MiM" Edson (Julia W Williams) 
Bradley M- Jnlia Pay. . .M. Rg. T. Rf.Na. 
Bradley M" William (Cameron). . 1014 Broad Newark NJ 
Bradley M" Jos P (Mary Hornblower) 

Died at Paterson N J Oct 16 

Bradley M'- Mary W (late Jno N) Married Sep 30 

Hoffman M' Burrall(lateM array) at Hoi 

Bradley M' W Wainwright 

Bradley M- Helen W 

Brady M'- Adeline.. av'd TeutOct 28..2086 De LancevPhila 

Brady M" John R (Katharine Lydig) Flushing L I 

Braem MiM" Henri (Emily Bridge) C. Ul. Cy. Dt. 15 

Braem M'- Pauline E 36 

Braine Mill" Theodore (Mills) Un. Mt. Rg 120 E 34 

Brainerd MiM" Cephas (Eveline Hutchinson) UL G. 34 

Brainerd M'- Eveline W [C. L. Rp. Cw. E 53 

Brainerd M' Jud«on B-Sa St Anthony Club 

Braker MLM" Hy J-Col. Na. W 146 W 72 

41 W 33 

Hawthornden " 
Bway Flushing L I 

Bramwell MIM" Joseph (Mary Calder) 
Bramwell M'^ Marie & Constance. 

Bramwell M' J Arthur-Cal . ^Calumet Club 

Bramwell M' E Percy-Cal. L Calumet Club 

Bramwell MiM" George W (Cora Moffat) Un. T. Eg.6 E 48 

Brand M' O James-R 7 E 46 

Brannan DiM" JnoWinters(EuniceDana)Uv.H'74.ll W 12 
Brathwaite DiM" Pred'k G (Marguerite Force) Snc. 

Amer Consul Montevideo Uruguay 

Breese M" J Salisbury (Augusta E Lawrence) 35 E 22 

Breese M*" Eloise Lawrence-T. Ny. S. 

* ' N undao ' ' Tuxedo Pk 
Breese MiM" Jas Lawrence (Frances Tileston Potter) 

Un. T. R. PL .127 E 30, .Studio 5 W 16 
Breintnall M' J H H-E. Ec 19 Breintnall PI Newark 

New Yoek. 


Brennig Mill" B Frederic (Semple-Aim§e Coudert) 

care C Coudert Tuxedo N Y 
Breteuil Mqi&Mchss de (Lita Garner) ab'd. . po. 10 Worth 
Brett M"" Cornelia G 

M" James W Embury (Brett) 43 W 49 

M"** Emma C & Susan A Embury 

Brevoort M" Hy L (G P Lefiferts) 26 Brevoort PI Brooklyn 

Brevoort M' Henry W-Un. Ny Union Club 

Brevoort M' James R^^C. HI. Yonkers N Y 

Brewer KkM" Geo Emerson (Effie Leighton Brown) 

Uv. Lc. H'85..68W46 

ab'd Paris 
Aug 5 av'd 
St P Oct 17 


Brewster M*M" Benj^ElminaDows) Ul. 
BrewsterM'-MaryDows . [Mt . Rg. Y' 82 

Brewster M' Robt S-Y'95 

Brewster M' George S-Mt.Rg.Ul.Uv.TJva.Y'91. 

Brewster M' Fred'k Foster at New Haven 

Brewster M' Charles 0-Uv. S. Rf. H'79 

Brewster M"" Sophia L 

Brewster M' Walter S-Ha 

Brewster Mill" Wm Cullen (Georgie A Williams) 

Rg. Uv. Mt. Cy. Ct. Y'53. .av'd Eras Sep 26. .24 E 64 

Brewster M' Wm T-H'92 41 E 49 

Brice MiM" Arthur T (Jane F Pendleton) 

Mtw. .1711 M Washington T) C 

39 Wash Sq W 

Fifth Av & 

Wash D C 

1 W72 

Brice Senator&M" Calvin S (Olivia Meily) 
M. L. Mtw. Rg. Dm. Dke. Jkl. 

Brice M*- Helen O & M Kate 

Brice M' Stewart Meily-K.R. Na.Mtw.H'93 


Bridge MiM" James Howard (Frances Stuart) A. 

M" Lavinia E Stuart. 

Bridge MilT Wm F (Lane) C. Ct 3()9 Lexington Av 

Bridges M' Robert-Uv. Al. Uva. P'79 19 W 31 

Bridgham MiM" Samuel W (Schermerhorn)K.T.Mt. 

Sv. Rv. Cr67. . care W C Schermerhorn 49 W 23 
Bridgham M' Wm Haliburton-Un. K. Mt. R. 

Ul. L. Rv. .24 Waverley PI 

Bridgman RevDir Chas De W (Edwyna 
Bridgman M'"AnnidTownsend . [Benedict)Ul. 
Bridgman M' Theodore Humphrey 

av'd Werra 

Sep 16 
18 W 122 

46 SooiAL Beoisteb, 

Bridgman HiM" Hv H (AUce Bradford Eldridge) 

Ul. Al. 6. .Brown Shipley & Co London 
Bridgman IftM" Oliver B (Jeannie Kirk) Rv. , . .217 W 46 
Briggs MiM" J H (Lucy E Bennett) Uv, Wms'SS I 112 W 

Briggs M""* Sophie J & Caroline de M | 48 

Brigham M' Wra S-Uv. ¥'87 University Club 

Bright M' Edward-C 38 Park Row 

Bright M' Osborn Wyckoff-Cal. Bg 267 Fifth Av 

Bright Mill" Louis Victor (Bertha Ralston) 

Un. Uv. Rv. Cw. H'86. .30 W 59 
Bright M" Osborn E (Wyckoff) I Brown Shipley & Co 

Bright M*" | London 

Brightman Mill" Horace-Ul .3 E 63 

Brinckerhof! MiM" Matthew V B (Margaret A Embury) 

eras. .11 Clarendon PI Orange N J 

Brinsmade D' Wm Barrett-Uv. Rv. Y'88 32 E 26 

Brisbane M' Arthur-M. R. Na Manhattan Club 

Bristed M" Astor (Grace Sedgwick) 

"Villa Pelseck" Innsbrnch 
Bristed MiM" Chas Astor (Mary Rosa Donnelly) 

K.Cth.Ty' 93.. Livingston S I 

Bristol MiM" John B-C 

Bristol M"" May Cecile 

Bristow M' Benj H Died at 27 W 50 Jun 22 

Bristo w M" Benj H (Briscoe) I o-r \»r k.. 

Bristow M' Wm B-Un.Mt.Uv.R. L. Y'84 | .-^7 W 50 

Britton MiM" Charles Price (Caroline Berry) 

Sv,BdCw.Rv..265 W 75 
Brockway DiM" Fred J (Marion L Turner) Na. Y'82 

183 W 73 
Biolemann MiM" Aaguste(Ellie Stewart).6 Av d'lenaParis 
Bromley MiM" Isaac H-Ul.Ll. Y'53. .ab'd Tour Jun 13 

125 W 58 

Bromley M" Myles S (Margaret Kissam) 9 W 53 

Bronson M" Arthur (itatharine DeKay) Venice 

Bronson D' Edward B-C.M.Uv. Y'65 ; .... 123 W 34 

Bronson MiM" Frederic (Sarah Gracie 

King)K. Un. R.Cy.Mt.Ny.Dt.Rg. 
Bronson M"- [Dp. Ct.0r7i 

.52 E23 

av'd Etru Oct 24 
174 Mad Av 

New Yobk. 


Brown Shipley & Co 

49 Beekman 

..107 E 25 

ab'd Teut Jly 15 
av'dMaj Sep 16 
516 Madison Av 



.IE 45 

Bronson M" Isaac (Alice Whetten) 

Bronson M*" 

Bionson IT Robert D-Un 

Bronson M" Theo B (Maria T Wainwright) 
Bronson M' Mayhew W-Sn. Ny.Cy.Na.Lc. 

Bronson M' Thomas Ash-Ny.S.Sn '. 7 W 44 

Bronson M' Willett-Un.Ch Union Club 

Brookes M" E C (Esther E Cannon) 257 W 72 

Brookes H' Horace J-Cal.Sv Calumet Club 

Brookfield MiM" Wm (Kate Morgan) 

Brookfield M" Frank & Morgan 

Brooktield If Henry M-Ad.Rv.Cw. 

Cl'93..av'dTeut Sep30 

Brookman M''Hy D, 

Brookman M' Henry P-Ha 

Brooks MiM" Fred'k (Lucy S Holley) 

Uv.Pl.Cva.Y'80. .104 E 39 
Brooks Mill" Hy Mortimer (Josephine Higgins) 

Brooks M"" [Mt.R.Ag. 

Brooks M' Reginald-K.R 

Brooks M" Hy Sands (LouiseBrooks) . 

Brooks M' John 

BrooksMlM-HyS (MargaretAGibson) A. 

Brodks M*" Lilian 

BrooksM' HenryStanford-Uv. Uva. Y' 86 

Brooks M' John E Married at London Eng 

Mercer M" Jessica (Emerson) Sep 22 

Brooks MiM" John E (Mercer-Jessica Emerson) 


27 Park Lane London 
Brooks MiM" J Wilton (Florence Miller) 

Un. K. Dar. Y' 75 . . 201 W 80 

Brooks r Noah-C. A.Ec.E. 10 E 28 

Brooks M' Thomas 6 Rue de Solferino Paris 

Brooks MiM" Walter (Louise S Squire)Uv.Ag.Y'77 

ay'd Camp Jly 10 . . 135 E 36 

Broeine M' Geo Cochran-Mtw Binghamton N Y 

Bi-onn MiM" Campbell C(May Jenkina)N.Dt. 1 853 Carroll 
Broun M'"&M"" May H & Madeleine , , | B'klyn 

.1 W72 

.121 W48 

48 Social Registbb, 

Brower M' Wm Leverich-Rf.Ct.Siic.Hl 28 W 22 

Brown Rev&M" Abbott (Dawson)Rf.Rg.C.Cr56.10 W43 

Brown M' Aug C-Uv.L.Rg.Ll. Wms'61 32 E 26 

Brown Judge&M" Addison (Helen Carpenter 37 

M" Hannah C Gaskin .... [Gaskin) C. Mt.Rv. W 89 

Brown M' Albert H-Ul 1 E 39 

Brown M" Arthur Page (Lucy A Pry or) 3 W 69 

Brown M*- Arnndel-Bd 715 Fifth Av 

Brown MIM" Chas S (Lucy Nevins Barnes) 

Un.Uv.Dt.Sg.Ag.'70. .247 Lexington Av 

Brown M' Davison W New Brighton 

Brown H"" Davison Jr & H Cleaver. . . 81 

Brown M' Dillon-Sh.H'85 40 E 57 




36 E 69 



Brown M" E Beigh (Agnes Pollock) 

Brown M*^ Agnes May & Florence Bergh 

Brown M*" Bergh 

Brown MIM" Egerton (Caroline Coulter) Cal.Mg! 

Morris Av Morris town N 
Brown MiM" Edward F (Eleanor Bonney)Ul. Rv. 

Brown M' Benj W B-Na.Y'91 fY'63 

Brown H"" Lawrence E-Rv. Y'93&Arthur F-Y'95 
Brown IIIM" Ed Marsh (May her) Un. Ul. Ny. R. 

Brown H*" Emily Louise [Lc.:?I.Ch. 

Brown M' Clarence Eu^ene-R. Ny. Na 

Brown MkM" Ed Willard (Leonora C Lathrop) 

Ul. Rg. S..10Efi8 

Brown M' Elon R-Uv.Rv.Bi'77 32 E 26 

Brown Mill" Fred'c C (AnnaWIrwinMarrin). .carel43 W72 
Brown MiM" Francis Gordon (Julia N Tracy) 

Un.LiuCr67. .Brook.sidH Park Tarry town N Y 
Brown M" Frank Gould (^Georgie Ray) I lo t^^ oo 

Brown H'- Elsie Woodhui y | 1« Jli 32 

Brown MiM" Frederic Alden (Marie V D Charlier) 

Ul. Rg. Na. Mg. Mo. Cr72. .40 Wall 
Brown DIM" Fred'k Turut-r (Emmons) Ul. Rg. Ny. 673 

Brown M"* Mad 

Brown H' Philip Turner-li H'93 At 

3rown DiM" Fied'k Tilden (Mary C Renwick) Uv Rh 

H'77. . ''Windward" Cedarhurst LID' also 32 E 56 

ab'd Teat Oct 7 
....... 32 E 36 

Nbw Yoek. 49 

Brown MiM" Geo Alex (Mary Isabel P Whitmore) 

Cal. Sa,.28E9 
Brown MiM" G Hunter Jr (Cornelia E Moss) 

"Fairlawn" Fishkillon-Hudson 
Brown MiM" Harold (Georgette Wetmore Sherman) 

Mt. K. Ul. G. Ag. Cw. .B I Av Newport R I 
Brown M' Herbert PadeJford-Ul.Uv.Na.CI'77 

1425 B'way 

Brown M' Hubert S-Uv. ¥^61 University Olub 

Brown MiM" Jas(AdeleQuartly)Un.N.Sa.Dt.Cr83..126E27 

Brown M" James M (Post) 31 E 36 

Brown M" John Carter 

Brown M' John Nicholas ... 

Brown M"" Julia Post 

Brown M' James M. i . . . . 

Brown MiM" John Appleton (Agnes A Bartlet) 

C. PI. Tvb..363 W42 

Brown M' John Clifford-Cal.R.Sv Calumet Club 

Brown M' Jesse-Un.Mtw Union Club 

Brown M" John 

Brown MiM" John Crosby (Mary E Adams) Vv. C. 

Brown M*" & M"- Amy B 

Brown M' James Crosby-Uva. Ec. Y'94 

Brown M' Thatcher M-Y'97 

Brown M' John Nioholas-Mt.Ul.Ny. Co. G.Cw. 

357 Benefit Providence 
Brown Rev&M" John Wesley (Gambrill) C.Ct.So..l W63 

Brown M" Jos H (Ellen D Brookes) 37 

Brown M"- Martha Brookes & M"- Elsie W 

BrowhirjDouglas-Dp Uv. Y'91atBelIevae&M'Herb' tP 47 
Brown MiM" Lyman-Na.N...av'd Teat Sep 30. .169 W 57 

Brown M" Lewis M-Un Union Club 

Brown M'McEver8Bayard-Un.K.T.Ss.Bg. Jkl.. iWai.ab'd 
Brown M*" Mary A Stewart.. Prospect Av NewBrightonSI 

Brown Rev&M" Philip A H (Carter) 120 W 72 

Brown MiM" Melville (Gertrude 1 James) Cr63..316 W 87 

Brown MiM" Richard (Emma West) Rp I 42 

Brown H' Sam'l Coughlin ., | E57 

36 E 


Social Registee, 


Brown MiM" Stewart (SiisanT Tompkins)?' 87. .NntleyNJ 
Brown Mill" Stephen B (Grace Villette Quartley) 

Cn. Ul. .St Mark's PI New Brighton S, I 

Brown Mill" Thos B-Ul. PI. R 1 E 39 

Brown W Thomas E (Clinton) 

Brown M""" .•. 

Brown Mill" Thos Ellis (Florence Bleecker) Un. S. Eg. 


Brown Rev&M" Thos McKee-Sa 142 W 47 

Brown MiM" Vernon H (Willard)Cn. Ny.Ct I 20 

Brown M"" Vernon W 

Brown M' Gardner W | 33 

Brown MiM" Vernon C (Brundige) Cal I « i? ro 

M- Elizabeth Banks Bwmdige I o Ji- o» 

Brown MiM" Willard (Stella Drake) M. Rf L. Cy.R. 

Ag. H'75..401'W 148 
Blown MiM" Willard S (Gertrude Williams) Cal. L. 

Lenox PI New Brighton S I 
Brown MiM" Wm Adams (HelenGNoyes)Uv. Y'86..44E70 

Brown M' Wm Harold-Mg. Col 

Brown M^ Sallie M 

Brown M' Edward 

.127 W 43 




Brown MiM" Waldron P (Isabella M Wright) Rg. Dt. 

Brown M" Isabella O 

Brown M' James M 

Brown MiM" Walston Hill (Eva R Ingersoll) Ul.Dt.Rg. 

Cl'64. 220 Madison Av 
Brown MiM" W Harman (Lucretia Titus) Ct.Rf.Col. see 
Brown M"" Harman 67 ad- 
Brown M""- Edith a, Lucretia M H&Lydia R H. W den- 
Brown M' W Harman J r-P' 93 38 da 

Brown MiM" Wm Reynolds(Neme WBabcock) 103 E 39 

Ul.Uv.L.Uva.Aht'69 M"ab'dCol 
Brown M*" Warren D-Aht'94 & Donald W at. Jay 2 av'd 

Amherst StLAug28 
Browne MiM" Geo Morgan Jr (Bertha Vanderbilt La Ban) 

Un. H'87..75E64 

BrowneMiM" LouisL' Eoluse(NortelleWhaley)Mt. 
i -MY-FaanyM Whaley . » .[LBd. 


New Yobk. 51 

Brownell NaM" Silas B (Sarah S Sheffield) 322 

C.Uv.Dt.Rf.Ct.Bd.U'52 W 
Brownell M*— Louise S-Bd. & Matilda A..av'dJun21 66 
Brownell MiM" TFrank(EvaPalmer)Dv. C. Bd.H'65. . 131E16 
Brownell MiM'*WmCrary(Swinburne)C.Na.Al.Bd.206W56 

Browning M" F (Fannie Coddington) 540 E 13 

Browning MiM" Hy K (Dai8ySimnions)Ul.Na..768Mad Av 
Browning MiM" WmC(AdelaideScott)Ul.Mc. .552FiftliAv 
Browning MiM" Wm Hnll (Therdse Fletcher Dimick) 

n. Mc. Na. Cr87. .59 W 46 

Bruce M"- Catherine W & Matilda W 810 Fifth Av 

Bruce-Brown M" Geo (Ruth A Loney) 763 Fifth Av 

Bruen M' Alex Jay-Mt.Ct.Mtw.Y'78. .Metropolitan Club 

Brnen M' Herman-K. H'94 Knickerbocker Club 

Bruen M"- Emily H F 2 W 36 

Bruggerhof MiM" Ed Everett (Lucy F Otis) M. . Noroton 

M*" Mary E Bradford Conn 

Brugidre MiM" Jules E (Sara Van Buren) Un.Dt. 

J Munroe & Co Paris 

Brugidre M" Wm (Mary Morgan) 

Brugidr« M' Thomas Morgan 

Bruguidre MiM" Emile A-Un.M'av'dAllerSepl3. 

Brulatour Mir E J (Farrish-M Grier) ; . .Paris 


Bruner M" Edward E (Elizabeth Elkins) 48 W 59 

Brunner MiM" Wm (Isabelle Solomon) 24 W 

Brunner M' Arnold W-Pl.Rf.Ct 46 

Brunnow Prof&M" Rudolph E (Marguerite Beckwith) 

" Chalet- Beauval " Vevey Switzerland 
Brush MiM" H W (ElizabethJarvisFlagg)NewBrightonSI 

326 W 22 

Brush MiM" James E (Kate L Willard) 
Brush M' Graham 


Brush M' Louis S-R.N.Ny .1425 B'way 

Brush MiM" W Franklin-Ct.Rg.H'88 16 E 37 

Bryan MiM" Chas S (Annie A MacWhorter) 

Uv.M.Col.P'87...226 W 79 

E 26 

Bryan M' James A-Uv.M.So.P'60. 
Bryan M' Joseph-Uv 


Bryant DiM" Joseph D-M I 84 W 

Bryant M"- Florence A | 36 

Bryant MiM" G B-H'86 16 E 70 

Bryce IP Carroll-R.M Racquet Club 

Bryce Maj J Smith-K.M Knickerbocker Club 

Bryce Gen&M" Uoyd Stevens (Edith Cooper) 

Mt.Un.M.C.K.T.Mb.A. .12 \Vaahington Sq N 

Bryce M" William (Tileston) ' ' 

Bryce M*- Edith & Mary T 40 W 64 

Bryce M' William Jr-Na 

Brysou IT (Louise Fiske) Bd 34 Oramercy 

Bryson M" Lorraine Marguerite Pk 

Bryson IT Peter M (Eliza) Bd 26 E 38 

Buchanan I" Rosa P (lateJas A) — Married at RyeNY 

Lentilhon M' Eugene (late Jos) Nov 18 

Buchanan M' Chas P-Dt.Dm.Ny 113 E 57 

Buchanan M" James A Port PI New Brighton S I 

Buchanan MiM" Wm (Josephine Pise) Ul.Ny.T.Dt. lUE 

M'"Lpavitt [Na.Rp. | 69 

Buchanan Mil" William C-Ul 1 E 39 

Buck DiM" Albert H (Laura Abbot) C. Y'64 I 14 

Buck M"- Winifred E 

Buck M' Harold Winthrop-Y'94. .Schenectady N Y | 45 

Buck M" Elisha A (Elizabeth Pries) 

Buck M' Henry A-Uv.H'87. .at 32 E 26 180 W 82 

Buck MiM" John Fowler(BellaLouiseCooke) 

Buck DkM" Francis D (Anna Tillou) I 158 W 

Buck M' Francis T-Al | 48 

Buck M" Gurdon (Henrietta E Wolfif) 1 120 W 

Buck M"- Susan M | 93 

Buck M' Leflfert Leflferts-C 46 E 21 

Buck M' Gurdon S-C 55 Liberty 

Buckholz Mill" Carl W (Ellen M NicoUs) 

Buckholz M- [C.Php. Eg. 263 W 88 

Buckholz M' John Nicolls 

Buckingham M' B H-U8.Ny.Uv.Mtw.USN'69. . WashDC 
Buckingham M' Chas L 

Uv.Mtw. .av'd Fst Bk Oct8. .104 E 81 
Buckingham M'01iverW-Ul.Lt.Lc.Mc.UnionLeagueClub 

New Yobk. 

Backley M" Katharine L (KatharineLeeYoung) 
Buckley M' Julian Gerard-Un.Uv.L,Cy.H'87. 

Buckley M"" Mary T 

Buckley.r William F-Ul .^.... 

Buckley lliM"WmT(FrederlckaRFowler) *"*"' '^ 

Buckley M' T Town8end-Na.P'98 


N Y 
49 W 


Teut Sep 2 

Sandbolme Far 

Rockaway L I 

337 Lexington 


Bocklin M*" Margery L 

MiM" U Sartell Prentice 

Bucknall MiM" Henry W J (Glara Legg) R.Ny.Lc.Dt. 
ab'd Camp Nov 7. .Hy Bucknall & Sons Lt'd London 

Budd M" William A (Hardenbergh) 53 W S7 

Bndd Mill" Wm H (Julia M Harriman) Sn. . . . . .112 E 29 

Buel MiM" Clarence Clough (Mary Alice Snow) 

Buel DiM" John L (Elizabeth Cynthia Barney) 

Uv.Y'85.Cr 91. .Litchfield Ct 
Buell M'GeoC Jr-Uv.R.H'82. .37ExchangeRoche8terNY 

Buell MiM" Henry T (Bulkley) 17 Fifth Av 

Buffum MiM" Charles T-Uv.H'74. . . .21 PierrepontB'klyn 

Bulkeley MiM" Chas Johnson-Sn. Na Barrett House 

Bulkley M' Edward H-K Un.Cy.Mt.R.Ny. Wk. . .1 E 32 
Bulkley DiH" L Duncan (Kate La Rue Mellick) 

Bulkley M— Elizabeth & Yula [Ul. Y'66 . . 4 E 37 

Bulkley M' L Constant 

Bulkley MiM"! Jonathan (Sarah L Tod) Uv.Dt.Ha.Y'79 

48 Remsen B'klyn 

787 Mad 

BulkleyMiM"JustusL(Laura E Caldwell) Rg.Mt. 

Bulkley M"" Josephine 

Bulkley M' Joseph E-Y'99 

Bull M' Chas C-Cal.Dp.Bg 34 Gramercy Pk 

Bull DiM" Chas Stedman (Mary Kingsbury) 

C.Uv.Rv.Cl'64..47 W36 
Bull MiM" J Edgar (Sarah Adams Williams) 

Cal Dp.Rp. Bg. .34 Gramercy Park 
Bull MiM" Robt Maclay (Alice Brevoort Potts) 

Un.C.Cal.Cy.Lc.M.Mt.Sa.Sno.Cr80. .40 E 40 
Bull DiM" VVm Tillinghast (Blaine-Mary Nevins) 



Social Beoistbb, 

Bull MiM" Wm Lanman (Worthington) C.Uv.Un. 

Bull MiM" Frederic (Helen Robinson) Rg.Eg 

Bull M" Hy Worthington-K. & W Lanman Jr 
BuUard MiM" John L-H'61 
BuUard M"" Lacy-Bg 

31 W 

Bullard M" Laura Curtis 
BuUardM'HaroldCurtis-Ul. U va. U v. Na 84 


Short Hills 

N J 

.24 E49 

.10 W30 

Bullard DiM"WmE(France8AHiggin8) Lc.CT74. .113 E 40 
Bullock MiM" Geo (Janet Eckstein) Cal. G. S. Cn. Lc. 

M' av'd Pst Bk Oct 8. .The Folly Oyster Bay L I 

Bunker M" Wm E (Elizabeth M Coit) 

Bunker M"" Caroline 

Bunker M- Elizabeth Coit 

Banker MIM" Geo Talman 

Bunker MiM" Wm (MargaretReaAgnew) Rf.Rv. 

Bnrch D' T Hamilton-Na'80 41 W 34 

Burchard DiM"T Herring (Olive Wilmot) Ul. Dke. I 53 W 
Burchaid M' Roswell B-Dke.Na..M' Wm J Leeds. \ 52 
Burchell MiM" Thos Henry (Cornelia G Ford) Na.Mg. 

Morristown N J 

Burckhardt MiM" Ed 12 Av de 1' Alma Paris 

Burden MiM" Henry (Julia R Hart) Uv.Ny.Un.Eg.Rf. 

Wms'87. Cr92..166 W58 
Burden MiM" I Townsend (EvelynByrdMoale) 

Burden M"- Evelyn B [Un. 

Burden M" Wm A M & I Townsend Jr 

Burden MiM"Jame8 Abercrombie (Mary Irvin" 


■ Burden M' William P 

Burden MiM" Jas A Jr (Florence Adele Sloane) 

K.Rv. H' 93.. abroad 
Borden MiM" Jos Warren (Harriette Griswold i 

Uv.Uv.R.Wms'72. .10 E 54 
Burden MiM" Wm F (Daisy McCoy) Un.R.Mt.Uv. 

Nv.Evb. Wms' 79. .Plaza Hotel till Jan 16 
Burdett MiM" Daniel Hegeman Jr (Ann Potter Holder) 

Flushing L I 

av' Maj 
Jun 24 

av'd Maj 
Aug 17 & 
Teut Sep 

30.. 908 
Fifth Av 

Buidick M"" Anna Van Eps 

115 & River- 
side Drive 

New York. 


Burger MiM" Clarence Livingston (Edith P Carter) 

Uva. Lc. Ha. P'86 . . Pelham Manor N Y 
Burge88 Prof AM". John W (Ruth P Jewett) Ct.Ch.Bd. 

3-23 W 57 

Burgess M' Tlios-Uv. W.H'60 Pau Prance 

Burke MiM" Ch Clinton (Elizabeth S Cass) Ul. 

Burke M*- Elsie . . 17 E 55 

Burke M"" Russell Ely & Chas C Jr 

Burke MiM" Chas R (Maria C Benson) N. 

The Albany 224 W 52 
BurleighMiM"GeoWm(Isi8YPotterStockton) P'92.42 W 9 

Biirlingame MiM" Ed L (Badger) C. Al 

Burlingame M"- A M*" Constance . .22 E 78 

Burlingame M' Prederic Anson-H'97 

Burlingham MiM" Chas C (Louisa W Lawrence' i 

Burn Capt&M"Chas Rosden (Ethel Porbes Leith). ;.ab'd 

Burnet M' James R-Ct 39 W 62 

N J 


Burnett MiM" Edward (Mabel Lowell) Ov. 

M' James Lowell-Bg 

Burnett MiM" Hy Lawrence (Agnes Suflern Tailer) 

Un. C. Mt. L. T. Rp. LI. .7 E 12 

Burnett M"- 148 E 18 

Burnett M"" Jane E Married at Cleveland 

Lunger M' John B . ^_. . .^ ... Jun 15 

61 Park 

.66 E 78 


Burnham M" Douglas W (Elizabeth Blodgett) 

Burnham M" Gordon W^Na. Cal 

Burnham MiM" Pred' k A (Catharine MKnebel) 
Burnham M" Pred'kK&Geo Jr.[M.Dm.Lt.Ay. 
Burnham MiM" Pred'c G (Catharine L Hil- 

Bnrniiam M*" Anna VV-Mg [liar-l) Mg. 

Burnham M' Thos Browiieli-Un. Mt. R. Mtw. L. 

M. Ny. T. Wk. Rg.. Union Club 

Burns M' Charles C-Uv. Cy.'66 56 W 33 

Burns M' Walter Hayes-Un Union Club 

Burr M' Calvin-Un Union Club 

Burr Rev Ch Henry Jr-Uv. Sa Wm8'68 .32 E 26 

Bnrr MiM" Winthrop (Frances Page) Uv.Rh. R. 

. Smb. ^. H*84. .Lawrene6'L I 
Burr_M' Nelson Beardsley-Un. Sa.Uva.Y'93. Union Club 

66 Social Reoistbb, 

Barr MiM" William H-C 161 W 74 

Buirall DiM" Pred'k A (Mary Lee) Rv. 

Borrall M' Fred'k A Jr 48 W 17 

M"" Sarah J Lee. .living ab'd 

Burrill Mill" ChDrayton(SophiaMorris)Un. I PelhamRoad 

Burrill M"- NewRochelle 

Burrill H' Percy Morris-Un. Cr95 | NY 

Burrill MiM" Drayton (Elizabeth Steward) 

Un. Cr82. . 10 Gra mercy Pk 
Burrill MiM" Ed Livingston (Hortense Bartlett) 

Un. Rh. S. Rv. Cl'85. Union Club 

Burrill M" John E (Vennilye) 19 W 61 

Burrill MiM" Middleton S (Neilson) Un. K. Rh. Dt. 

Rv. H'79. .Cederhurst L I 
Burrill MiM" Wm Vermilye (Helena C Bailey) 

M. .Manhattan Club 
Bnrrowes MiM" Wm A (Virginia R Pricket) N.222 W 78 
Burrovrs M' O Hoffman-Ul 1 E 39 

New Rochelle 


Burrows M' Percy F-H'93 
M" J E Sanborn 

Burt M' Addison M 135 W 41 

Burt D' Stephen Stuith-Rv 21 W 32 

Burtis MiM" Arthur (Ida Thomas) Un.Sn.LLUs.Hl. 

Ny. Snc. Php. USN..Tne Gerard 123 W 44 
Burton MiM" Frank V (Katharine Sayre Van Duzer) 

Mt. Ul. R..323 W76 
Burton M' John Howes-R, Ul.Rh.Ct.Mc.H'90.. . .2 W 39 
BurtonMiM"Rob'tL(TSSouthwick)Ul.Mc. Rh . LawrenceLI 
Bury MiM" Lindsay (Georgiana Davis) 

Wilcot Manor Wiltshire Eng 

Bush M' D Fairfax-Na. Dt 19 E 38 

Bush M' E Renshaw-Ul. C1'81 Union League Club 

Bush M' Frederic D-Un Union Club 

Bush M' J Adriance-Ul. C. Mt. N y .L. Rp. Snc. Alb . 16 

Bush M"- Anna. R W36 

Bush M' Robt Wilder-Cyb. Atb.H'89 .4StiongPlBrooklyn' 
Bushe M' Eugene L-M. Lc.Ny.Col.Dm.279We8t End Av 
BushnellM'Jos-Ul.Un.Ny.Mo.PlDt.Mg. I Madison At 
Bushnell M*" Alice-Mg | MorristowuN J 

New York. 


9 Franklin 


'* Indian Spring " 
Newport R I 


.78 Park Av 

Bushnell M" Robert G (Ella J Stewart)Mg. 

Biishnell M"" Eleanor G-Mg 

Buslinell M' Douglas Stewart-Mg. . 
Bashnfll M"" Anna G-Mg. . [Mo.Mg. 
Busk ItH" Pred'k T (Margaret K Shope) 

Davis Av New Brighton S I 
Busk r Jos R (Mary H Laird). . 

Busk M*- Margaret H 

Busk M' J Laird 

Busk M' Jos R.Died at "IndianSpring" Newp'tRI Sep 2 
Butler M" Benjamin Franklin Sr (Ellen Grenville 
Butler r Willard Parker-Uv.C.Cr78. .[Parker) 
Butler M' H G : 

M" Mary H Fitts (Mary H Butler) 

Butler W Charles-C. Ul. Rv 

Butler M"- Emily O 

Butler M' Charles B-C. Ul 

Butler 1- & W^ Helen C & Virginia 

Bntler MiM" Clias H (Marcia Flagg) L. N. Siic. Yonkers 

Butler M— &M— Flagg [Ct. F81 NY 

Butler Rev&M" Edwin E(Anna H Fnller)Mg. Madison 

Butler M' Dudley N J 

Butler M' FrankUn Gro»by-Cal 24 E 42 

Butler M' George B-C. Fn. Rv. LI Century Club 

Butler DLM" vte<y H (Henrietta L Lawrence) 

Ul. Rv. LI.. 964 Fifth Av 
Butler Mil" Geo P (Ellen Mudge) C. Na. Ny. N. 

Lo. P'84. .183 Palisade Av Yonkers N Y 

Bntler M' Hy Varnnm-Un Union Club 

ButlerlTHowardCrosby-P'Qa. Guernsey HallPrincetonNJ 

Butler M- Louisa 40W9 

Butler MiM" Howard Russell (Virginia Hays) 

C. P'76..ia5W47 
Butler Mil" Nicholas Murray (Susanna Edwards 

Schuyler) C. A. PI. Cl'82, .119 E 30 
Butler H5.M" PrescottHall(Cornelia Stewart Smith) 


Butler M*" Susan L 

Butler M" Lawrence Smith&C Stewart, at Harvard 




Sqoial Reoisteb, 

8 W 43 





. ..123 W44 

.38 E 35 

Butler MiH" Robert Gordon (Mary Leland Thorp) 

H'83.56 Davis Av West New Brighton S I 
Butler M' Richard-C. Ul. G. PI. T. R. S. . 

Butler M"" L Pearl 

Butler Mill" Wm Allen (Marshall) C. L. Ul.G 

Butler M*"" Mary Marshall & Harriet A 

Butler M' Arthur W-Pl. P'92 

ButlerMiM"WAJ r (Louise Collins) 

Uv. L. Ag. P'76 

Butler MklTWmH-N.Lc.Ny.Na 

Butt MiH" McCoskry (Minnie Havemeyer Elder) 

Un. Cal. Cy. Ny. Rg. Na. .8 W 52 

Bntterfield Gen&M''Dan Sr(James-JuliaLorillardSafiPord) 

USA.Un.Sp.Rv.Ch.Li.Mtw.U'49. . . .616 Fifth Av 

Bntterfield M" Fred (Caroline Falconer) 17 E 48 

Butterfield MiM" F W Louis (Ridgeway) 

M. Fn. Ct. .824-18 N W Wash D C 
Bntterworth M" Henry H (Helen Smith) 

Butterworth M"- Helen A 

Bntterworth M' William H-Uv. C. Dt.Cl'64 
Butterworth MiM"Geo Forrest(AJiceCrawford) 

M' Edgar M Crawford [C. Dt. Cr74 

Byers M*M" Wm (Susan AKunhardt)Newton CentreMass 

Byrd MiM" Geo H 

Byrd M*"" Anne & Lucy C 

Byrd M' Alfred H-Uv. Uva. So 

Byrne M*M" Jas (Helen MacGregor) 

Uv. Rf L. Uva.Dm. H'77 170 W 59 

Byrne MiM" John-Dt. M 145 W 68 

Byron M" Geo Gordon (Anna dwell) .... " Braebank ' ' 

Byron M"- Claira 

Byron M"L 01well,ChB,APercy&Gordon 

Byron M"" Nina (late Geo G) Married Jun 25 

Sloane M' Charles Wm at South Orange N J 

Cabell MiM" James Alston(Ethel Hoyt Scott) 

Rv. Co. Cw. Richmond Va 
Cable M' Benj T-Uv. M. G. Mtw. PI. Chch. 

1705 Conn Av Wash D C 
Cabot DiM" FollenJr(Edith TuftonBlake) H'92. .264W 52 
Cabot MiM" Francis H (Maud Bonner).. New Brighton S I 

104 E 30 

Park Av 

S Orange 


New York. 59 

91 Av Champs 



Cachard M" Ed (Caroline Chazoiirnes) 

Cachard M' Henry 

Cachard IT Edward B 

Cadwalader M' John Lambert-Un.K. Uv. Ul. C. Mt 
Ny.Dt Rg.KRv.Dp.Ct .Cc. P'56 .ab'dUmbJly25 

av'd Oct 10.13 E 35 
Cady H" Chauncey M ^Harriet M Havens) . . . 

Cady M^ Harriette ../. 

Cady M^ Alice Howard The Albany 


Cady M^ AliceC&Julia B 

Cady M' Cleveland & M*" Emma S Barnes 

28 W 35 

52 & Bway 


Caesar MiM" Henry A (Iiaura F Unger) Dv. New Brighton 
Caesar M^ Carrie A ■ SI 

Caldwell Mil" Edward S (RutterVNy .* .' .'.'n YYacht Club 

Caldwell M' James H-Uv. Dp. 32 E 26 

Caldwell MiM" Edward S (Rntter) Ny . . N Y \acht Club 
Caldwell M'"MaryG (lateWmShakespere) . MarriedatPa ris 

Merinville Marquis des Monsterier Oct 19 

Caldwell M' Wm Emery-Uv. G. Zp. Br'73 32 E 26 

Calef MiM" Amos H-Ul. N. Rv 10 W 43 

Calhoun M' Henry W-Uv.C.Dt.R.Ha.Uva.Y'83 

247 Fifth Av 
Calhoun MiM"John C (Linnie Adams) 

M.L.Rf.Dm.So...517W End Av 

Callender M*- May R. .av'd Luc Oct 16 7 E 72 

CallenderMiM''WmStanhope(TheresaAnthon)R.Na . 1 W81 
Callender W Wm Stanhope. ..Married at Transfiguration 

Anthon M"" Maria Theresa (late Wm H) Jun 29 

Callisen D' Adolph W-C S 132 W 71 

Camblos M' Henry S-Un 152 W 67 

Cameron Rev&M" Lewis (Helen Rhinelander) 

South Orange N J 

Cameron Sir Roderick-K.Mt. Ny.Dt 

Cameron M"^ Margaret & Catherine 185 

Cameron M'D'c'nEwen-K.ab'd Camp Oct 10 Madison Av 
Cameron M' Rod'k McLeod-Un.K.R.absent 
Cammack MiM" Addison (Mary Hildreth) 

L.T.Na.Mtw. .av'd Umb Sep 12. .23 E 67 


Social Risoisteb, 

Cammann M" G'A (Catherine Lorillard) 

Gammann M"— Anna M & K L 19 E 33 

Cammann D' Donald M-Uv.Snc.Ch'76. . 
Cammann MiM" Geo P (Jean B Gallatin) 


Cammann Mill" Chas L (Cornelia B de Lancey) 



Cammann MiM" Chas L Jr (Estelle Wright) Cal.234 W 74 
Cammann MiM" Hermann H (Crary) Dt.lnc.Ch.Ct. 43 

Cammann M' Edward C-Cw W38 

Cammann M' Henry Lorillard-Un . U v . Cal . Rg . Mc. 109 

Cammann M"- I M-Fn [Na.Cw.H'86 W 71 

Cammann M' Robert F (Herman H) 

Died at Merrick L I Ang fi 
CampM" Hugh N (Elizabeth D McKesson) "Fairlawn" 

Camp M" Hugh N-Sv. & Fred E-Pl Morris 

Camp MiM" John McK (Marjorie C Nott) Ch. Heights 

Campbell M" Alex. 4 W Park 

Campbell M- Mary F & M' Ward Newark N J 

Campbell DiM" Clarence Gordon(Helen Pahnestock)34E49 
Campbell MiM" Gordon (Gertrude Kemble) 

130 Glenwood Av Jersey City 
Campbell M""" Harriet M & Maria S 
Campbell M'Dougla8-Ll.H'U'94 . 
Campbell M" Fred'k H (Emily Barber) 

Campbell M' Fred' k B-Pn. H'94 

Campbell M" Oliver S-R.Uv.Pu.Cr91 & Chas M 
Campbell M" Geo W (Watson) La 

Campbell M*" Jane 

Campbell M' Allen W-Cal.Rh. . . . 
Campbell MiM" Geo W (Anna Grier) Un.Bg 

Campbell M*" Elsie Schuyler 

Campbell M' Grier-Bg 

Campbell MiM" Sam (PanuieMott) Bg.. . 
Campbell M'^ Lillie Day & Frances I.. . 

Campbell M' Geo W 2d 

Campbell M" Moses Taylor (de Ruyter) Westchester N Y 

.29 Wash Sq W 


.at Rome 

N J 

South Orange 
N J 

Campbell M"" Harriet Kip 

MiM" Geo C Palmer (Helen Campbell) 

'The Valley" 
Milburn N J 

Campbell M' Henry G-Un Union Club 

,New York. 


.48 W 59 

21 E21 

....111 W 57 

Hartes & Co 


Campbell M- Martha H. 4 E 16 

Campbell MilT John-Un.Na 18 E 62 

Campbell M' Malcolm- E. Na.P 82 Newark N J 

Campbell MiM" Wm A (Marian H Danbar) 

Un.Uva.Cw.Ll.Y'88,H'90..29 Wash Sq W 
Campbell DiM" Wm C(Rebecca L Town8end)Uv. P'77 42 
Campbell MiM" Malcolm (Sarah H Booth) L. C'60. . W49 
Canda-MiM" Chas J (Catherine E Abeel) M 

Canda M"- fL.Rf.Dm 


Canda M' Ferdinand E-M.L.Rf .Eg. . 

Canda M' F Mora 

Candee M" H C (Hungerford) 

M" M C Hungerford 

Candler MiM" Flamen Ball(M Lillian Welch) 


Candler M"- Edith Alden 

Candler M' Duncan W-Ha.Rv.Cl'86 

Candler MiM" Robt Welch (EthelBHosmer) 

11 Monroe PI Bklyn 
Canfield MiM" A Cass (Josephine Houghteling) K.Uv. 

Ny.S.R.Eyb.Fn.Ag.Cr77.P'74. .40 Park Av 
Canfield M' John J>-Vv . Mo . Mg . Wms'66 

. 139 Madison Av Morristown N J 
Cannon MiM" Hy White (Jenny Olive Curtis) Dl. 288 
M"GoIdTCurtis..(C.Pl.Mt.UI.L.T.Rv.Al.Rp. Mad Av 

Cannon Col Le Grand B-Ct.LI 19 W 47 

Cannon M^HLe Grand(ElizabethMThompson)..60Fif thAv 

CardozoM' Michael H-M.L.Rf. Dm 46 E 65 

Carey MiM" Fred' k Foster ( AMadeleine Lewis) R . . 10 W43 
Carey MiM" Samuel (Laura Silliman Taylor) Kg. ..10W43 

Carey M' Robt Edward-TJv. '78 I 305 

Carey M' William-Uv. A.G.'87 : | W 65 

Carey M"* Samuel Thomas (Mary de Peyster) 

Carey M' Henry T-Mt.Ul.Ss.T.Snc 

CarhartMiM"Geo B 

Carhart MiM"AmorySibley(Marion Brookman) 
Carle MiM" John J-Rg.Na.Col 66 E 64 

low 43 

126 Col' m 
Hts Bkln 


Social Register, 

Carleton MiM" Geo W (Elizabeth H Baldwin) 

Carleton M^ Ida B A Louise [Ul . Lt . Rv . 

Carleron M" Helen Sinclair (Hubbard) 

..27 W 37 
.262 W 86 

Tuxedo Park 

Carley MiM" F D (Grace Chess) Ul 

Carley M' Prank 


Carlisle M'- Estelle Victoria 

Carll MiM" Jas H (Mary A Bond), .care Wm Bond 52 W92 

Carlton M' Schuyler C-Uv.Uva. Y'87 9 W 30 

Carmalt W C Churchill-Ct. H'87 40 E 68 


W 67 

Carmalt DiM" Wm H (Laura W Johnson) 87 Elm 

CarmaltM'-^Ethel&GeraldinerC.Dv.La.Crei New Haven 

Carman M' N G Jr-Uv.Ha.Y^69 32 E 26 


Carmichael M" John Richard (Adelaide Forbes) . .67 W 10 
Carnegie MiM" And'w (Whitfield) Ul.A.Al.Eg. 

av'dStLOctl8..6 W61 
Carnegie M" Thos M (Lucy Coleman). 

Carnegie M*" Florence 

Carnegie M" Frank C & T Morrison 

Carnes M*^ 4 Av Carnot Paris 

Carnes M' Mason-Un. PI 4 Rue Piccini Paris 

Carnochan MiM" Gouv Morris (Matilda G Goodridge) 

Cal.Dp.Cy.Cw.Sv.Na. CI. .260 Fifth Av 
Carnochan M" John M (Estelle Morris). . 
MiM"Livingston Crosby&M'JLAspinwall 
Cainrick Mil" Edgar Mortimer (Grace Crossman) 

Kingman Road S Orange N J 




New Brunswick 

N J 

Caipender MiM" John N(AnnaNKemp) 
CarpenderM'^CatharineN .[Uv.Dp.Rv 

Carpender M' J Neilson Jr 

Carpender M' William-Ul. Snc. Rv . . . : 39 W 33 

Carpenter MiM" Charles W (Caroline Bowne Smith) 

G.RV...428 WEnd Av 

Carpenter Prof Geo R-Pl.H'86 41 E 49 

Carpenter M'- Harriet N 108 E 37 

Carpenter MiM" Herbert S (Alice M A Hunter) 

Dke. Na. Col. . .53 Liberty Av New Rochelle NY 

New York. 


Carpenter M" Miles B (James) 54 

Carpenter M*- E 57 

Carpenter M" Jacob B (Sarah E Thorn) avd KVVmOctl2 

Carpenter M'- Marv Thorn 374 Fifth Av 

Carpenter MiM™ Ptfilip (Fanny Hallock Rouse) 

Ul.Col.Rp. . .165 W End Av 
Carpenter Mil" Robt Bayard (Nellie L Cornell) 

Col.M.L.Lc..l35 W 72 
Carpenter Prof&M" Wm H (Anna Morgan Douglass) 

A.. 54 E 49 
Carr DiM"Walter Lester (Grace Elmendorf) N.Hl 68 

M' John A Elmendorf-Hl .. W 51 

Carrillo de Albornoz MiM" I (Dolores de Aldama) 46 

Carrillo de Alpornoz Capt Mario & M' Rene E 57 

Carroll M'" Anna M 41 Union Sq 

Carroll MiM" Bradish Johnson (Marion Bowers) 

Un. PU..202W 74 
CarrollMiM"Chas(SuzanneBancrof t)K.Mb. N y. 

Hempstead LI 

Carroll M' J Frank-M.R Manhattan Club 

Carroll M" Lucy A (Johnson) Bay Shore L I 

Carroll Gen&M" Howard (Caroline Starin) 

N.M.Ny.Lc.Lt.Pl. . .9 W 38 

Ny.Lc.Mb.G:8.Eyb.H'85..ab'dUnibJuly25 1W21 

Carryl M' Charles E-G.C.Pl.Ch 

Carryl M*" Constance . . 

Carryl M' Guy Wetmore 

Carson M' Joseph-Sa .St Anthony Club 

Carson MiM"WmMoore(JeanMaclayWilliam8)Cal I 149 

M" Blair S <& Linsley R Williams | E 37 

CarsonMiM'-JHenry (HelenWillets)Cal.Pl.Eg.Bg. .12W10 
CarstairsCapt&M" Albert J (Frances E Bostwick) 

Welford Pk Newbury Berks Eng 
Carter HiM" Aaron (Samh Swift Trow)L .... 
CarterMiM"Ernest Ti*ow (Laura Hoe)Uv.P'88. 
Carter DiH" Curtis B (Elizabeth S Miller) N .... 105 W 71 
Carter M' Ernest--Uv.Un.Cy.R.Dl.Chch.y'79. . ..32 E 26 
Carter IT Fidelio S-USN.Un.Mt.Cy Union Club 

33 W 9 

N J 


Madison Av 

64 Social Register, 

Carter H*" Myra 

M"Mary Dickinson 

OarterM' George R-Sa St Anthony Clab 

Carter Rev&M" John F (Alice S Henry) 

Uv.Y'88. .213 High Fall River Mass 

Carter M' John A-M. Sn.Ct.Fn 843 W 67 

Carter M' James C-Mt.C.Dl.Uv.Dt.Ad.Ct.N.H'50 

277 Lexington Av 
Carter MiM" John Ridgely (Morgan) Mtw.Bl. 

Scott Circle Wash D C 

Carttr M' Oberlin M-Un. Dv.USA'80 Union Club 

Carter VkT Oliver 8 (Isis Potter) 

Ul.Dt.Ec.Bg. "MtSide" Orange N J 
CaryMiirClar'nce(Eliz'b'thMPotter)Uii. Mt.Uv.Cy.T. Dt. 
CtSo. U'8l.abdColJuly2Mr avdFstBkSepJ1.54ParkAv 

Cary M' Edward-C. A. Bd Century Club 

Cary M" W F (Lena Laight) 

Cary W Kate 

Cary M' Hamilton Wilkes-K.Un.Mt.Cy 

M"- Ann H Laight-La 

Cary MiM" Melbert B (Julia Metcalf) 

Mt.Uv.M.Rf.L.Rg.Bd.La.P'72. .33 VV 51 

Cary M' Roscoe G-Rf.Cy. Na. Reform Club 

Cary M' Walter-Uv. H'79 32 B 26 

Case M" T P Champs Elys^es Paris 

Case W GeoB-Y'94. ab'd N Y Jun 17. .11 E 46 

Case M' H<mard E-Cal. Ul Calumet Club 

Case M" Hy Phelps-Un. Ul. Rh. Rg. Rf. Cr83 471 

Case M' Watson E-Ul [av'd Etru Oct 24 Fifth Av 

Casement M' Dan D-Uv. P'90. 32 E 26 

Casey M' EdwardPearce-C.Uv.Pn.Sv.Rv.Cr86. .55 W 33 
Casey Capt Thomas Lincoln-Uv.Us.C.U S A'79. .32 E 26 
Casey CaptSilas- V. LI. Us. Ny . USN' 56. . WashinglonDC 
Casey M" Gen Silas (Florida Gordon). . . .Windsor Hotel 

Park Av 

Casey MIM" Wm Chandler (Flora MacD 

Woodcock) Un. R. Sv. 
M'"Mathilda A Woodcock. USEmbassy Berlin 



Casey M" (Margaret de Koven) 10 W 30 

New York. 65 

Cass M»M" Charles Wyllys (Katharine Dunbar) Un. 

M.L.Ch.Rf.Na.Rv.La.Cw.Col.Cc.P'74. .84 W 48 
Cass M" Geo W Senior 

Cassard MilT Wm J (Aurelia P Piatt) Col.Sv.Na. . 139 

Cassard M" A W 

Cassard M' Wm J Jr 70 

Cassilly H" Charles P (Mary Rensselaer Lee) . ... 11 E 47 
Castle DiM" Fred A (Felicia Van Norman) G. Uv. 


Caswell M"- Ethel (Ed A) Died at 103 E 40 July 24 

Caswell M' Ed A-C. Y'66 .114 E 31 

Caswell M' John-Un Union Club 

Caswell lliM" John H-C.G.Cy.Ch.Cr66 11 W 48 

Caswell Dili" Wm Halstead-Uv.Cy.Cl'Cl 201 W 65 

Caswell M' Wm Watson-Un.Cy.Ny 51 E 34 

-Cater Mill" Arthur Aymar (Louise Bowers) ... .235 W 76 

Cathcart M"- Jane. 11 E 54 

Catherwood IP" Jennie S (late Judge H). .Married Oct 5 

Grinnell D' Morton at San Francisco 

Catherwood M" (Clara Hastings) Married 

Darling Major John A at San Pmncisco 

Catherwood D' Clinton H-Cy . . French Hospital 322 W 34 
Catlin M" Chas M (Kate Montague) 54 Hill 

M" Katharine Montague Morristown N J 

Catlin M" Julias (Frances W Hnnt) Mg. " Fairholme " 
Catlin M'— May H-Mg. & Edith R-Mg. Morristown N J 
Catlin M»M" Wm H (Wainwright-MargaretLStuyvesant) 
Ay. .M' av'd Etru Oct 24. .The Lenox 2 W 36 
Catlin M' NichWmStnyvesant-Un.C.Snc. . 6LivingstonPl 

Cauldwell W Thos G 
Cauldwell M' John B-C. Mt. Ul.Wt. Uv. 

Sg. Cl'77 




Cauldwell MiM" Thomas W-Mg.Mo.L. . .Morristown N J 

Cauldwell IT Wm 12 

Cauldwell M""* Nettie J <fc Janet Mt Morris 

Canldwell H' I<eslie Giflfen-Fc. Bd Pk W 

Cauniont M" L C de (Morgan-Laura Malard) qk 

M*" Malard . . 

M' Wm H Morgan-Un.Cal.M.'R.S.Cy!c'w.Na. ^ ^^ 

449 Park Av 

66 Social Rbgisteb, 

Cehallos Mill" Juan M (Washington) Uu. Dt. Na. 

Dm. N..28E62 
Center MiM" H Livingston (Susan W Iiines) Cal. 

care Innes & Center 21 E 20 

Center M' Robert Allen-Rv I ri„-,j-_ p:,„ t t 

Center M— Agnes &Hattie Mansfleld I ^a™en i.iry u i 

Chace M- Helen F . : po 128 Fifth Av 

Chii d bourne D' Ed win R- Ul 

Chadboiirne M"- Addie M 31 W 26 

M' Wm H VVolcott 

Chadwick Com'der&M" F E (Cornelia J Miller) U S N 

C.Uv.Nv.Miw.Ll. .929 Farragnt Sq Wash D C 

Chadwick D' John R-Dt ab'd Trave Jlv 21 

Chaflfee M*- Mary Elizabeth 32 W 40 

Chalmers B' Matthew-Ul. LI 24 W 16 

C!)almer8 M- Julia H 12 W 17 

Chamberlain M' Daniel H-Rf. H'61. Y'62 40 Wall 

Chamberliiine H" R H 

Chamberlaiiie M" M B 

Chamberlaine M' Chas F Married at Salem Mass 

Cogswell M"- Emma S (late Gen Wm) July 27 

Chamberlaine MiM"ChasF(Emma S Cogswell) Cal.Rg. 

ab'd Spree Jlv 28.. av'd WerraSep 15. .po 449 Park Av 
Chamberlin Mili" J Fred (Graves) Mt. Rf . . .Summit N J 

Chamberlin MiM" Theodore-H'91 27 W 44 

Chambers M" C B 

Chambers M' Walter Baughton-C. Y'87 1425 B' wy 

Chambers M' William P-C. & M' Robt W-C. A. 
Chambers MiM"HilaryR (MariaSJameson)Rf.Sg. .177W95 
Chambers DiM" P Flewellen (AliceEly) C.Rg.Sg. .47 W 57 
Champlin MiM"J Denison (Franka E Colvocoresses) 201 
Champlin M' John Denison Jr . . . . [C. A. Bd. Y'56 W 78 
Champney MiM"J Wells(Elizabeth Williams) ab'd Bret 

Champney M"- Maria Mitchell [C. PI. Jnn 27 

Champney M' E Frdre-H'96 96 Fifth Av 

Chance M' Wade Carnegie Hall Studios 

Chandler M' Barrett L-Rf. Mo. Mg Morristown N J 

Chandler Prof Chas F-C.Uv.Mt.UI.G.T.fSg.'56 

av'd BretSep27..6lE64 

New York. 67 

Chandler M^ Cornelia (late Rear Adm). .Marrierl Jnn 25 

Greene M- Samuel Dana at Batavia N Y 

Chandler M' James E-M. Dke 46 W 21 

Chandler M' Porter Ralph Married at Geneseo N Y 

Wadsworth M^ Mary Wharton (Chas P) . . July 29 
Chandler Mil" Porter Ralph (Mary W Wadsworth) 

Geneseo N Y 
Chandon de Briailles Brn&Brnss G (Garrison) 

18 Rue Can martin Paris 
Chanler Mill" Lewis Stnyvesant (Alice Chamberlain) 

K. M. R. Ny. Mt. Dt. Rh. Kf. L. Snc. .16 Ex PI 
Chanler M' John Armstrong-Mt. K. C. M. Un. R. Cal. 

PI. Sa. Uv. Mrw. Uva. Dm. Cr83. .Everett. House 
Chanler MiM" Robt Winthrop (Julia R. Chamherhdn) 

125 Ciiami)S Elysees Paris 
Chanler M^ Alida B (late J Winthrop). . .Married Oft 27 

Emmet M' C Temple ( Wm) at Red Qook 

" "" "Rokeby" 


Chanler M' Wm Astor-Un. K. R. Mt. Mb. 

Chanler M'—EW&Margaret [Ny.Pl. 

Chanler M' Wnlter J 

Chanler MiM" Winthrop (Marcjaret Terry) K. XJn. R. T. 

PI. Ct. Mtw. .M"ab'd Norm Sep8. .tuxedo Park N Y 
Chapin MiM" Alfred C (Grace Stebbius) 

Mt. T. Un. L. Ad. Wms'69. .24 E 66 

Chapin M" Abel D see Boston 

Chai)in MiM" Charles Merrill (Esther Maria Lewis) 

Un. R. Mg. Wk. .Thomasville Ga 
Chapin MiM"ChesterW-Nv.S.Cn.Rg. M"ab'd Tour Jly 11 

Chapin M'- [Mt'Na.Lc.Cy. | 34 W 57 

Chapin D' Amory-R. Na. Mtw Racquet Club 

Chapin M' Edwin S-Ul Ny. Mt. R. Ay 80 W c3 

Chapin D' Henry Dwight-C. Rv. Cw. P'77 

ab'dNor Aug6..51 W 51 
Chapin Rev DiM" Hy Barton (Harriet A Smith) 44 E 

Cliapin M"" Robt S & Louis W [Co. Rv. Y'47 79 

Chapin MiM"Josiah L (Augusta Cock)lJl. La . 175SecoudAv 
Chapin M" Lindley Hoffman (Cornelia G Van Aukenj 

Bg...5 W 37 
Chapin M^ Maria Bowen 12 E 45 

68 Social Registee, 

Chapin Mil" Robt W (Addle Le Bourgeois) Uv. ab'd 

l- L S & M' Le Bourgeois [Y'78 32 E 26 

Chapin M' Sam' I Austin-Uv. Aht'80 12 W 18 

Chapin H" Walter Sanford (Nina Ransom) 142 E 40 

Chapin MiM" Wm Viall (Mary W White) 

K. Mtw. Ty'78..5E66 

Chapman M' Carlton T-Pl. Na 58 W 67 

Chapman MiM" Elverton R (Amabel J Crook) 132 

Chapman M'- Cornelia C [N. Ul. Na. W 

Chapman M' Melville D-N 57 

Chapman M' GeorKe-H'92 27 W 44 

Chapman M" Henry G (Eleanor Jay) Tuxedo Park 

M" Chas L Perkins NY 

Chapman M*M" Hy Grafton (Prances Perkins) 

Uv. Dt. T. H'83. .Tuxedo Park N Y 
ChapmanlliM''PranklinA(Dafer)Mo.Uv.Mg. .550 Park Av 
Chapman M*M''J Gilbert (Emma Bridge) UI.Ny. St Lonis 

Chapman M*" Mo 

Chapman ll*M" John M-Mg Morristown N J 

Chapman M' John J-C. TvT). Ct 326 W 82 

Chapman M" John Jay (Minna Timmins) 

at Rome. .J S Morgan & Co London 

Chapman MiM" Nelson C (Mary Bridge) Ul 1 E 39 

Chapman MiM" S Hartwell (M Louise Eustis) 

Uv. Uvb. Adp. Y'66. .193 Church New Haven Ct 

Chappell DiM" W F (Marie Graves) 7 E 65 

Charlier Prof Elie Died at Geneva Switz'd Sep 21 

Chartrand M" L J (Louisa G Macomb) 

care M" W M Little Newport & ab'd 

ChaseM'EdwardE-M.Ny.T.Lc.W.Ll.Byb 38 Union Sq 

Cha8eMiM"George (Hawley)-Uv.Y'70 309 W 74 

Chase MiM" Lucien B (Emma Benrimo)M. 149 W End av 

Chase MiM" Wm M-Pl Players Club 

Chatlield-Taylor MiM" H C (Rose Farwell) 

Un.Mt.Ny.Chch.etc. . .83 Irving PI 
Chauncey MiM" Daniel (Caroline Raymond) 

Ha. Ss. Rh. Ag. .129 Joralemon Bklyn 
Chauncey MiM" Elihu (Mary J Potter) 

Uv. C. G. Ch. Cw. H'61. .22 E 22 

New Yobk. 


50 W 9 

329 W 77 

Channcey IT Fred (Esther W Cryder) 

Chauncey M"- Emily H 

Channcey M" Fred, Duncan C&E F 

Chauncey Mill" Henry(EmilyHowland)C.H'44 

Chauncey M*" Lacy 

Channcey M'"HenryJr-Cal.Un.Fn. Wt.Ct.Cw. 

[Rv. Snc. 

ChaunceyMiM''SamSloan(AliceCarr)Cw. W t. Snc .96 B' way 
Chee8manDiM"Tiniothy M (Clara Livingston) 

Un. Dp.Rv.Snc.Cc.Cl'74. .46 E 29 

Cheesman IT T Matlack "The Florence" 105 E 18 

Cheever Mill" Jno H (Anna Dow) Un.C. I " Wave Crest " 

Cheever M"" Lizzie S [Far Rockaway LI 

Cheever M' Charles A-Ny. S 17 W 27 

Cheever MiM" H Durant (Maud Russell Barnard) 

Un.R.Smb.H'88. .311 W 78 
Cheever MiM" John D (Gertrude W Youngs) 

Dn.R.Rh.Fn. 53E30 
Cheney MiM" Geo L (Harriet Games) Ul.H'78. . . 131 E 57 

Cheney M' Harry G-M.Pl Care 

Cheney M' Robert-Un. PI Robt Cheney 

Cheney M'~' Louise & Ann W J Union Club 

Cheney M' Knight Dexter Married at New Canaan Ct 

Lambert M"- Ruth (D' Edw) Oct 13 

Cheney MiM" Knight Dexter (Ruth Lambert) 

New Canaan Ct 

Chesebrough M' Robert A-Ul. Rg. Rp 

Chesebrough M"" Marion M 


Chesebrough M' Fred Woodhull-Na. Cl'91[Rh.Dt. 

Chew M' Beverly-C. PI. G. Sp. Ch.. , 

Chew M' Alex Duer-Sn. PI. Sp. Ch. , 

Chichester r Charles F-G.Pl.Al.ab'd Luc Sep 26.33 E 17 

Chickering M" Chas F (G) 5 Fifth Av 

Child MiM" Frank W-Dt ... 332 Lincoln Av Orange N J 
'Child MiM" Lewis P (Auchincloss) 

" Wsigaunonta" New Canaan Ct 
Childs MiM" ChasA(JenniePClark)Un.Mt.Ny.L. .130 E 37 

Childs M"- Augusta D 640 Madison Av 

Childs MiM" Daniel B (Kathyrn Cass) L.Uv.Y'63. .7 E 77 


.1425 Broadway 


Social Eegister, 

Childs IP Harris C-Ul. Mc 

Childs H— Emily R, Caroline A&May H 92 Clinton PI 

Childs M' Harris Robbins 

Chisholm M' E de C 125 E 21 

Chisholm M" Walter Scott Windsor Hotel 

Chisolm M' Alex Robt-Un.Mo.Sa.Dm.Sg.Mg. . . 
Chisolm M' Richard Schieffelin 12 E 48 

M'~ Helen M-Fn&Julia Irving Graham 

Chisolm HiM" B Ogden (Bessie Rhoades) Ct.Na. 

Sv.Ec .av'd Etrn Sep 27.436 Madison Av 
ChisolmMiirGeoE(EdithLawrence)Cal Ny.S.Sy .;. j. „;; 

If F A M Schieffelin . ... ^^ ^^ ^^ 

ChisolmM-Wm Edings (Rogers) College Point L I 

479 Fifth Av 

80 E 55 

1 W30 



ChittendenMiM"Horace H(Bertha B Peters) 
ChittendenM' George P. . .[Uv.Rp.Rv.Y'72 

Chittenden M' Lucius E-Rp 

Chittenden M"" Bessie B 

Chittenden M' Jared-CoLNa 

Chittenden H" L B (Lucy Brace).. . . 

Chittenden D' J Brace-H'89 Rf. Rv. 

Chittenden M' SimeonB-Uv.Ul.Dt. Ha. Y' 65.212 Col Bklyn 

Choate M"" Josephine S (Jos H) 

Died at Stockbridge Mass Jly 20 
Choate Mill" Joseph H (Caroline D Sterling) 


Choate M"- Mabel 

Choate M' Joseph H Jr. Harvard College CambridgeMass 
Choate MiM" Wm G(Mary Lyman At water) Uv.L. 

M- Helen C Pitman rDt.C.Bd.H'62 

Choiseul Mq&Mchss de (Claire Coudert) 

12 Pierre Charon Paris 
Christian MiM" Chas Alfred (Louise Aymar) CI' 85 

"The Solitaire " 30 Prospect E Orange N J 
Chrystie M"- Mary K (Wm Few) Married Oct 7 

Cochrane M' Arthur De W (J W). . . .at Dobbs Perry 
Chrystie MiM" Wm Few (Emily H Thomas) Un. 

Chrystie M' Wm-K 

Chrystie M' Frank Pew-K.Ny 

Chubb MiM" Percy (Helen Low) 

Mt.Dt.Cy.Ny.Lc.S.Rg.R.Ag.l60 W 69 

W 59 


Nbw YOBfe. 



Chubb ir Sidney Coldecott-Dt.Ny.S "41 W 27 

Church Miff" Benj S (Mary VanWyck)C.Ul.La. 

Church M"" Angelica Schuyler 

Church ff Frederick E-C Hudson N Y 

Church MkM" Francis P (Wickham)C. Rv.Cr69 ... .46 E 30 
Church Prof&M" John A (Jessica Angelica Peel) 

C. CV 67 . . Portchester N Y 

at Union Club 

Church ff Richard-Un.Rf.Rv.Cw 

Church M"" Angelica 

Church MiM''_Wm Conant (Mary E Metcalf) 

E 23 

51 Irving PI 

..44 W51 

Sing Sing 

..170- W'59 

ff Willard.rC.Pl.A.Bd.LI.Ct.Wt. 

M"" Maria H Metcalf. JMunroe&CoParis 

Churchill M" A P (Churchill) J Munroe & Co Paris 

Churchill M' Lawrence W-Uv.Y'86 32 E 26 

Churcliill MiJr Geo A Heyl (Mary F King). . . .256 W 57 
Churchill MiM" Jolin A (Harriet S Heyl) 
Churchill M- Marie A 

M"- Matilda L Heyl 

Churchill ff Wm Hunter-Cal.R.N 

Churchill ff Richard-R 

Cilley ff John K-Ul.Ll. Rp.Sn.Mc.U8.Lt. . 

Cilley M" Alice Longfellow 

Cilley D' Arthur HTitchins-Na.Ll.Pu.P'OS. 
Claflin MiM" Joiin (Elizabeth Stewart)Mt. 

M"- 'rimberlake [Jkl. 

Claiborne D' John Herbert-Uv.Fn.So.'83. 39 W 36 

Clapp MiM" Charles A (A RNeally) UI.Col.Bd. .237W70 

Clapp ff J McM-Cal Calumet Club 

Clapp M" N Devereux (Addle B Wolfe) | av'd Luc Jun 26 

Clapp Ml- Bevereux... | 104 Fifth Av 

Clapp MiM"Parmly S (Sallie HRennell)Sa.Cl'93.22lW57 
Clark MiM" Appleton Lesure (Grace W Roosevelt) 

Snc. Cr 86 . RoseneathCot Franklin A vNewBrightonSI 

Clark M" Alfred Coming-Bd 

Clark ff Ed Severin 

.23 E69 

.7 W22 

Clark MiM" Bainbridge S (Snyder) | "Crestlawn 

Clark ff B Percy-Cal.Cl'82 ChateauTeton 
Clark ff Walter S-Cal .... Co Montana I 
Clark MiM" Bernard S(Montro3e C Elliott) Ul. 
Clark M"" Grace Adele 


NY . 

.33 W 52 


SooiAL Beoisteb, 

Clark Mil" Chas P-Ul.Mg.Mt.Ch.G S^ Madison Av 

Clark MiM" Chas P-Uv.Dt 444 Orange New Haven Ct 

Clark IT Chas Waterbury-Uv.R. Y'76 218 W 78 

Clark MiM" Cyrus (Julia Reqna) Ul.Col.Rp. J Mimroe & 

Clark M"- Alice R [Rv. Co Paris 

Clark r C Stacy 28 E 28 

Clark MiM" David Crawford (Zelina Keyser) K.Uv. 

R.Dt.T.Ny.H'86. .24 W39 
Clark M' Edmund Sanford-Un. Uv. Ty'65. . . .Union Club 

Clark M' Emmons-Sv 

Clark M' Emmons Jr-Na 

Clark MiM" Farley (Mary King Upham). . 

Clark M-- Anita 

Clark MiM" George C (Harriet Seymour Averell) 

Clark M*— Julia S & Edith G 

Clark M' Geo H Jr-Uv.Na. Ec. Y'80. .68 Park PI Newark 
Clark MiM" Hy SchieflFelin (Mary Douglass) Ct.Cw.Snc. 

"Woody Crest" Jerome Av & 167 

Clark MiM" Howard P (Rosalie Gould) 230 W 69 

Clark M"- Kate Elizabeth-La. Bd.l45Mad Av EllzabethNJ 
Clark MiM" James W (Sibyl Fay)G. Bd.Mc.Cy. 
Clark M"" Catherine M 
Clark MiM" John P A (EstelleP' Stuart) Mt.'Cal.Cyb 

Metropolitan Club 

.59 E 67 


7 W37 

46 E53 

Gramercy Pk 

Clark M" Luther C (Julia Crawford) . 

MiM" Sam P Blagden 

Clark r James T-Bg . . .121 Fifth Av 

Clark MiM" Jefferson (Cynthia H Bennett) 

Uv.Ul.Ad.Aht'67..36 W 38 

Clark M' J Mitchell-Un.Mt.T.L.R.Dt 247 Fifth Av 

Clark MiM" J W (Margaretta B Cameron) 

Cn.G.E.Ec.Ct. .Newark N J 
Clark MiM" Louis Vaughan (Edith L Draper) 

Ny.R.Cy.M.Lc. .The Cambridge 

New Brighton 

Clark MiM" Lester W (Ir^ne de MaCarty) 

Clark M' Lester M [C.Ct.Rf. 

Clark MiM" Louis Crawford (Marian de P Cannon) 

Un.Uv.R.Dt.Ny.Rg.H'74..21 W 47 
Clark M" S Bradhurst (Eliza Ripley Tracy) 50 W 65 

New York. 


Clark DiM" Wm Brewster (Fanny H Cox) Uv. Ct. 50 

M' Edw Vermilye Cox [Ad.Bd.Aht'76 E 31 

Clark Mill" W Campbel](Mai Kinney) Ea Lt. 1010 Broad 

Clark M- Estelle Campbell *. . . .[E.Ny. NewarkNJ 

Clark MiM" Walter D (Alice M We8tervelt)H'89.31 W 10 

Clark Milt" Walter H (Estelle Bolmer) 751 Fifth Av 

Clark MiM" W living (M" Isabel R Campbell) 

. . C.Cr53..10 W30 

Clark W W Irving Jr. ... 19 University PI Princeton N J 

Clark M' Wm Andrevfs-M.Dt.Ll 

Clark M"- Kalherine S. ... 

Clark M" Chas W & W A Jr 

DiM" Everett M Culver (Clark) R. . 
Clark MiM" WmE-EcLc.Ny. 01. Ay.Snc 

Clark M' John S fl-E.Ec 

Clark M' Robt K-E.Ec 

Clark MiM" Wm Newton (H Matilda 

Anderson) Snc.Cw.Ct. 

Clark M"- Maud Schuyler 

Clarke M' Bayard (late Bayard) 

Clarke M- Aletta L-La 

Clarke W^ Catherine M-La. & Florence 

Clarke M"" Anna M 121 Madison Av 

Clarke M' Courtlandt C-Uv.P'78 University Club 

Clarke MiM" Eben B (Margaret ab' d Aug Vic Oct 8 . 

Fiedler) Dt.Cyb. BaringBiosLondon 

Clarke M'" Edith Frothingham M'at BrooklineMass 

Clarke DiM" Edwd H (Fanny Marcy) Mo.G.Mg. 

Miller Road Morristown N J 
Clarke M" Edith Wigham. .care M" T M Wigham 142E 40 

Clarke MiM" Geo Hyde (Carter) K. R Cooperstown 

Clarke M"" Anne Otsego Co 

M"" Grrace Carter NY 

Clarke M- Louise Watson-Bd ."cd". * ".".*.".'.'.. 22 W 16 

Clarke MiM" Samuel B (Sarah E Rogers) Uv.Uva. 

L.Ct.H'74..1 W 81 

.175 W 58 

364 Mt Prospect 
Av Newark 

N J 
Woody Crest 
Jerome Av 
..Died at 6 E 10 Sep 23 


Clarke MiM" Thomas B (Fanny E Morris) Mt. C. M. 

Clarke M"- Grace [Ul.Ny.Bk.Na. 

Clarke M' Thomas B Jr 





SooiAL Beoistkb, 

Clarke MiM" Thos Curtis (Susan H Smifhe) C.La. 347 

Clarke M- [Jkl.H'48 Fifth 

Clarke M'Thomaa Curtis Jj-Sa Av 

Clarke M' William F-A.Rf. PI. Al 176 W 58 

Clarke MiM" Thomas Shields-Pl.P'82 

Hotel Marie Antoinette 

Clarkson MiM" Ashton C (Ida Evelyn Provost) Sn. 

W Hattie A Provost [Ny.Rv.Mo.N. 

Clarkson M"" 

Clarkson M" David^Ch. & Augustus L. . . 
Clarkson M" Fred-Rv.Cw.Ch.Snc. & Wm. 

Clarkson Rev A Vallette 

Clarkson M' Edward L Tivo 

Clarkson H" Floyd (H Van Boskerck) 
Clarkson M*"" Grace & Bessie. av'd Spree Sep 16. 
Clarkson M' John Van Boskerck-Sn.Rv.Ll.Cw, 
Clarkson MiM" Howard (Alice Delafleld) CI' 60 
Clarkson M""* Adelaide L, Alice D, Julia F 

L & Cornelia 

Clarkson M" Levinus (Mary Livingston) .14 W 19 

Clarkson MiM" Matthew (Jay) Co 

Clarkson M' Banyer-Rv.Cw.Snc 

Clarkson M'~ Fanny, M & Adelaide L. . . 
Clarkson M"* Eugene L & Montgomery H 
Clarkson M' Walter L-C1'60 Oyster Bay L I 


.112 E23 


48 E66 

..68 W 37 

.16 W 45 
.4 W33 

Clarkson MiM" RobtGoodhue(EmilyH Wright) 
Clarkson M' Wm Bayard, .av'd UmbSep 12. 
Clarkson M' Richmond-" Clermont" . .Tivoli on Hudson 
Clarkson MiM" Robert R L (Mary Otis) 

"Midwood" Tivoli-on-Hudson 
Clarkson MiM" Thos Streatfield (Whitemarsh). . . . 
Clarkson M"-" Margaret L Edith E & Helena V K. 

Clarkson M' Clermont L-Cal. Cw 

Clarkson M' David Aug-Cal. Sa. Cw. Na. Cl'Sl. . 

Clason M' Augustus-Un Union Club 

Clav M' Thomas Savage 28 W 22 

Cleland M" J W 


Cleland M* Jas W S-R.Ct.Fn.Cl' 

Cleland M" Chas H. Horace M &Frank B-Y'97. 




New ifoRK. 76 

Clement M*M" Pefcival W (Maria Hinman Goodwin) 


Clement M' Waldo P-Uv.Ul.Dt.Dv.'76. .University Club 

Clendenin MiM" Jas W (Howland) K.Un 12 W 18 

Clendenin Rev DiM" Frank M (Gabrielle Greeley) 

Cy.A.P'79. .T!ie Rectory Westchester N Y 

_. _ ^^ 



Cleveland DiM" Clement (A W Davenport) Uv.C 

Cleveland M- Elsie M [Bd.Ch. H'67 

Cleveland M" Harry D & Clement Jr 

Cleveland President Ali^Grover (Prances Folsom) 

M.C.Rf.Pl.Cc . . Executive Mansion Wash D C 
Cleveland MiM" J Wray (Edith R Marshall) Sv 

M" Emma C Marshall 

Cleveland MiM" Treadwell (Evelyn M Mcintosh) 

Cleveland M" ChasD-Uva.Wms' & Treadwell Jr. 
Clews MiM" Henry (Worthington) Un.Ul. 

Clews M- 

Clews M' Henry Jr 

Clews M" John (Sabina Dayman) 

Clews M' James Blanchard-Ul 

Clews MiM" John Hy (Jessie Bradley) 3()3 W 103 

Clif t M"- Elizabeth Smith po 13 W 29 abd 

ClinchM' ChasJ , , 

Clinch M' Stewart aotoaa 

Clinedinst M' Benj W-C 88 Wash'n PI 

Clinton MiM^Chas W (EmilydeSGorsnch)C. T. Ny. S V.23E79 

Clinton MiM" H»^nry L (Clinton) M.Ch 58 Park Av 

Clover Re v&M" George Pred'k (Laura Brand) 

C.Ka Hb'89.113 near Momingside Av 
Clover Com&M" Richardson (Dora Miller) 

Uv.Mtw.USN'67. .1535N Hamp Av Washington 

ClydeMiM"WmP-Ul.]Ny.Dt.R.Sa.Rg.Ay 1 

Clyde M' MarshallH-Ul.Uv.Uva.Rg.Rf.Sv.Dt.H'88 W 

Clyde M'Thomas-Uv.Rg.Dt.H'88 60 

Clymer D' Meredith-L'v,Pn'37 65 W 38 

Cly mer M" Meredith (Snelling) abroad 

Coan DiM" Titus Munson (L6onie P Morel) 

C.A.Ll.Q'60. .67E64 & 70 Fifth Av 
Coates M' Howard W-Nv.Lc.Ct NY Yacht Cluh 

19 W36 


9 W34 



SooiAi. Reoisteb, 

Coats W^r Alfred M (Elizabeth Barnewall) 

K.Mt.Dv.Y'91 Providence 

Coats M' James M-Mt . . at Dresden R I 

Coats MiM" James-Mt 

Coats MiM" Stuart A (Jane Muir Greenlees) 

K-Mt-Mcff avd Lnc Oct 16.15 E 36 
Cobden Rev&M" Richard (Isabel Morrison) 

Uv.Cl'86..49 W 47 

Cochran MiM" David fl (Harriett S Rawson) 

Cochran M"" Rose J [C.Ha. 

Cocliran M' Thomas & M' David H J r 

Cochran M"** 

Cochran D' George D-Dl.Rp.S.Rv.Na 

171 Scher- 




...48 W57 

Cochran MiM" Wm P (Eva Smith) Ul.Rg.L.Ag. 

Cochi-an M* Elinor De Witt 5E46 

Cochran M" Alex S & Wm P Jr . 

. MarriedOct 7 
Cochrane MiM" Arthur DeW (Mary B. Clirystie) 

Dobbs Perry N Y 

Cochran M'ArthurDeW(J W)avdEtruAug2. Married 
Chrystie M"- Mary K(Wm Pew).K. .at Dobbs 

.1 W30 

Cochrane M' A W S-Cal.S.R.Cy.Ny.Sv.Na.Ag. 

Cochrane M' John W-Ul.Mc.Sa.R.Cy 

Cochrane MiM" John-Cc. Rv 7 E 62 

Cockran M' W Boixrke-M. Lc. Mlw 763 Pifth Av 

Coddington liM" Ch E (Lily A G Brown) M.Lc. . I30W47 
Coddington M' Gilbert Smith-Sn.Mt.Rf 24 E 75 

ab'd Maj Jly 1 
24 W 68 

Coddington M" Jefferson (J) 
Coddington M* 

Coddington M"- Marie P 17 E 9 

Codman M' Ogdnn Jr-K. Pb. Alb 5 W 16 

Coe M' Charles A-Cal. Rv. Snc 15 E 46 

Coe M' E H-Ul. Sv 668 Pifth Av 

Coe MiM" EdPrime(MargaretSDuryee)Uv.Dt.Wms'72 

" Edgeclifl " Englewood Cliffs N J 

Coe Rev&M" Edward B-C. Dt. Snc. Rv 42 W 52 

Coe DiM" Henry Clark (SaraLWerdenj Rv. Cw. 

Coe M" Mary E [Y'78H'81. 

Coe MiM" HyE(EvaJohn8ton)Uv.Un.Dt.S.Ag. 

Rv. Snc. Y'78..5E10 

27 E 04 

New York. 



..101 Park A V 

.102 E 57 

.140 E37 


CoflSn MilT Edmund (Euphemia Sloane)Mt.Rj?. 
Coffin r Hy Sloane-Y'97. . . .[Uv.L.Ct.Sg.Y'66 

Coffin M' William A-Ct. PI. Y'74 .58 W S7 

Coffin M" Julian R (Alice Church). ... I qq,^ , „ 

Coffin M- Marian Cruger SSWashSq 

Coggeshall r Edwin W-C. L. Gt. Mo. Rf. 

Coggeshall M"- , 

Coggeshall D' Henry-ffSS 

Coggeshall H" Louise R 

Coggill r Pred'k W (Julia Mitchell). 

Coggill M"- Julia 

Coggill M' George-Uv. Uva. Y'89 

Coghill MiM" Howard (Edith Dunbar) 

Mo. Cw. Mg. L. Cr 80. . 23 PranklinPl MorristownN J 

Coghill MiM- J Henry (Mulford) 

Coghill M-S A 

Cogswell MiM" CuUen Van Rensselaer (A Eugenie 

Nickerson) Un. Sv. Ct. Rv. Cw. .45 Fifth Av 

Cohu MiM" Hy M ( Annabell Turck) 22 E 61 

Colby r*M" Bainbridge (Nathalie Sedgwick) 

Mt. Uva. L. Wms'QO. .128 E 24 
Colby MiM" ChasL (AunaSKnowlton) Ul.L.Uv.Mt. 
Colby M" HowardA&Everett. .rDt.Ad.S.Rv.Br'58 

Colby M' Robert 

Colby The M"— 

Colby M' William Colgate 


Colby M' Gardner-Uv. Dt. Ad. Br' 87 Orange N J 

Colby MiM" Joseph L-Ul. 1 E 89 ab'd 

Oolcord MiM" Samuel (Alice Blinn) Col. Ill'70 . . .3 W 81 

Cole D' Carter S 

Cole M"- Fannie M 

Cole M"- Elisa C Thompson 

Cole MiM" Hugh Laing(HelenEllis)Un.Uv.Rg. 

Cole M- Sarah H [Dt. Dm. Sg.So. P'69 

Cole MiM" John H (Josephine Mcllvaine Hewson) 

Uv. Ny. Ch. ^70. .care J H Hewson 43 W 17 
Cole MiM" Chas D' Urban M (Emma Stearns) 

Mg. Mo, Uv, H'87. .14 Franklin Mpfrtstowa N J 


22 E23 

101 W74 



Social Beoisteb, 

Coleman M' James S-M. Rf. 0th. Dm. 

Coleman M"- Annie B 38 E 69 

Coleman rSF 

Coleman M' John C-Rf. Y' 81 167 W 73 

Coleman MiM" Robert H (Edith E Johnstone) 

Uv. Uvp. 8. r 77.. Jacksonville Fla 

Coles MIM" Edward O (Helen B Brown). . 

Coles M"-* Lillian & Gertrude S 

Coles M" Edwin S (Sarah Townsend) 

Coles M-aM"- Julia W 

Coles M' Walter H-S 

Coles MiM" Hy R Remsen (Margaret M Davidson) 

Un. S. Rv. CW...40 W 9 
Coles M' T H Remsen-S . . .care R L Belknap 6 Gram Pk 

....73 W66 

Oyster Bay 
L I 

Coley DiM" WmB (AliceLancaster)Uv.H'88Y'84 

M"" Lancaster 

Colfax MiM" Albert 

Colfax M*-" Edith & Natalie 

Colford MiM" Sidney Joiies(LauriiPChartrand) 

Coirord M- Edith fUn. Ny. 


Fifth Av 

Colgate MiM" AbnerW(Garr) C.Mg.Y'58.Morri8town N J 

Colgate M- 

Colgate M' Wiiliiim 13 E 69 

M" Thomas H Maghee (Elizabeth Colgate^. 
Colgate MiM"Gilbert(FlorenceB[all)Uv.Dt Y'83..224 W 70 

Colgate MiM" James B (Colby) Dt. 


Colgate MiM" James Colby (Hope H Conkling) 

TJv. L. Dke. Uva.'84. .6 W 17 
Colgate MiM" Richard M (Margarnt C Auchincloss) 

Dt. Ec. .Llewellyn Pk Orange N J 

Colgate MiM" Robt (Craig) K. Dt 

Colgate M'-" Helen W & Alice Riggs. . 

ColKiite M' Craig 

Colgate MiM" Romulns R (Prince) K. T. Na 38 E 31 

Colgate H" Sal lie 17 Av Victor Hugo Paiis 

Colgate M" Samuel J (Cora E Smith) 4 W 16.ab'd 

Colgate MiM" Sidney M (Caroline Bavard Dod) 

Ec. Y'86. .363 Centre Orange N J 

care Robt Colby 
22 Madison Sq S 

Bowne Av 
Flushing L I 

New York. 


Colles DIM" Cliristopher J (Emilie K ElmendorO 

Cal. Rv. \Vt. Hd*82. .30 W 33 
Collier M*M* Maurice Dwighl (Clarissa Townsend Adee) 

Un. Uv. N. Cy. G. L. Rj£. Y'66. .8 E 48 

Collier Mill" P F(Dennie)Mt. Cy. Mb. Al. Rg. 

Collier M' R J 

Collier MiM" Price (Robbins-Katharine R Delano) 

T. H' 82.. Tuxedo NY 

Collins M*" Mary 

Collins M' Charles-C. Bd 
Collins IT Benjamin-Dl . 
Collins Mill" ClarenceLyinan(Rosal haBeecher) 

Collins M"" Edith .Lyman TMc. Ct. Cw 

M" Teresa de Francisco (Beecher) 

Collins DiM" Howard D (Helen Gawtry) Uv. Rv. Y'90 I 1 19 

Collins D' Chas Farnham-Uv. Uva. Rv. Y'83 E 35 

Collins MiM" Richard S (Sarah Willets) 

Collins M*"" Hannah & Sarah 

Collins M" Stephen W-Ct. Fri. Hvd'83& Richard -Du. 
Collins M""MintarnPost-Hvd'92&Chas-Hvd'94. .[Cr91 

Collins M' Wm Newton-Ul 21 E 48 

CollisGen«&M"ChasHT(SeptimaMLevy) Us. Ul. 


Collis M' Lloyd-Ll 

Collonna de Galatro Pcss (Eva Mackay) 

.36 E 63 

..133 E 36 

po 21W31 


Fifth Av 

, London 

Collyer Rev Robt-C. Bd. '.'.. 1674 Broadway 

~ " " ~ ~ 1197 


N J 
.32 E26 

Colt MiM" E Boudiiiot (Jane Borrowe) P'43 
Colt M— Elsie Pintard& Ethel Van Cortlandt. 

Colt M' Boudinot 

Colt M' Stockton Beekman-Sa. Cr88 

Colt M' C Craig-Uv. Un. Lc.Wk T. P'83. . 

Colt M" Harris (Catherine Doiiscomb) 

Colt KtM" Francis Seon (Marie L Foster) Ch 

M" John A Foster (Elliott) 

Colt MiM" Harris Dunsoomb (Elizabeth H Bowne) 

Uv. Dt. Y'«4..129E26 
Colt M*"" Sarah B & Jane Borrowe. . , 
Colt M" Lyman R-Sa. Sg. & Morgan 
Colt MiM" Richard Collins (Mary Adelaide Sloan) 

Uv.Dt. Y-85..117E39 


90 Clinton PI 

80 Social Begisteb, 

Colt M' Roswell Lyman-N. Snc New York Club 

Colt M" Samuel (Elizabeth Hart Jarvis) I " Armsmeer" 

M' Richard M H Jarvis | Hartford Ct 

Colton MiH" Chas W (Maud A Adams) 

Ul. Col. Lc. .449 W End Av 
Comstock M" Clarence A (Harriet Gross) 

Comstock M"- Caroline Gross 100 E 17 

Comstock M' C Arthur 

Comstock M" Caroline (Johnson) 18 E 46 

Comstock Gen Cyrus B-U S A. Un. C. LI 34 W 26 

Comstock MiM" Fred'k H (Emily Cole) L 119 W 86 

Comstock MiM" Geo C (Eliza M Edgar) L. Na. Lawyers 

Comstock M' Beni S-P'80 [P'79 Club 

Comstock MiM" Wm J-Uv. Y'79 32 E 26 

Conant M' Ernest Lee-Cw. H'84 256 W 100 

Conant D' Geo Sevmour-M. Rv 148 E 18 

Conant M' Osmyn P-Uv. Ad 80 Wash Sq E 

Cond6 MiM" Swits (Tucker) Ul. Rg. Rp 6 W 56 

Condit MiM" John W (Dodge) L. Col 763 Fifth Av 

Condon MiM" Thomas .Gerald (Emily B Beach) 

Un. T. R. Ny..50 W52 
Conger MiM" Clarence Rapelje-Rl. Sv. Uva. Ch. Ct. 

Dt. Cr71. 19 W20 

Conger M"- Helen de P care M' Blatchf ord 165 W 68 

Conklin M" Julia L ,_. ■yjrr ,,„ 

Conklin M' Roland R-M. L. Col. Chch ... • • • • '74 w /xS 

Conkling M* Laura R 2 E 16 

Conkling MiM" Alfred R (Ethel E Johnson) 

Mt.Cal.T.Ct.Rp.Y'70. .66W55&JMunroe&CoPari8 

Conkling M' Howard-Un. Cal 1 W 21 

Conner D' Lewis A-Uv. Y'87 18 W 19 

Connor MiM" Washington E (Louise 

Hy nard) Ul. Lt. N. Ay . Rp. Na. Lc. L. 

M""* Eleanore & Louise Simmons & 
M' Cheston Simmons 
Conover Rev&M" James Potter (Mary B Coit) 

St Paul's School Concord N H 
Constable MiM" Casimir (Jennie Constable) Mt. G. ) 30 

■ Constable M" John (Pierrepont) [H'66 W 17 

Constable MiM" Fred'k A-Ny. Lc. Ay. Rg 9 E 83 

Ronnoc Grove 

New Smyrna 


New Tobk. 81 

....22E 16 

Constable M"" Anna 

Constable M' Howard-Cal 

Constable M' Stevenson-N 

Constable M' Jaraes M-Rf 240 Madison Av 

Constable MIM" Wm (Fannie M Barcla.y) Un. Mt. Sn. 

Brown Shipley & Co London 

Converse Mill" E C-Mt. Ay. S. Rp. L, Col. Cw 8 E 67 

Converse MiM" Jas (L Grovene Vail) R. Rp. Unb. 

Cyb. Clich..Lakewood N J 
Conway MiM" Moncnre Dan (Ellen D Dana) A. 

Rassell Mansions Sontliampton Row London 

Conway M' Eastace-Cl. So 300 W 70 

Conyngham MStM" John Nesbitt (Bertha N Robinson) 

Mt.Sa. .r ab'd St L Jly 16. .Wilkes Barre Pa 

Cook MiM" Cbas T (M" Ed O Bird-Sarah E Hinman) 

M' E Dimon Bird [Ul. N. M. C. PI. G, 

Cook MiM" Ferdinand H (Mary W Aldrich) 61 



...IE 78 
Point N J 

Cook MiM^ Henry H (McCay) Ul. Mt. Rg 

MiM" Carlos M de Heredia (Cook) 

Cook M' Howard M-Sa. Ny. Bg Bergen 

Cook MiM" Walter (Louise Sprague) 

C. Uv. Bd. H'6a..l35E37 
Cooksey M' George B-Uv. Dt. Ty'72 32 E 26 


N Y 
Harvard Club 

Cooley MiM" JasC(,Agne8Medlicott)Un. 
Cooley M'^'Agnes&MargF. .[Cy.Mc.Ll, 
Cooley M' Alford Warriner-Cy. H'95. 

Coolidge M' Palmer-H'83 

Coombs MiM" Jerome Wahlratb (Sarah V Hall) 

H'91. .24 Court Brooklyn 
Coombs MiM" Chas Adams (Gertrude WPrince). 117 W 68 

Coombs M' Wm H-Cal. G. Ag. Cn 267 Fifth Av 

Cooper MiM" Chas W (MaryRhoadsWalter)Un.Ct.ll6E21 
Cooper M' Ed-Un.Uv.K.C.Dt.Mt.Ct.Eg.Snc.Cl'46. 

12 Wash Sq N 

.129 W 63 

Cooper M" Ferguson L Sr (Emma M Bibby) 

Cooper M' Ferguson Livingston 

Cooper M"- Julia .' . . .113 E 21 

Cooper MiM" Harry Dodge (Rosalie Martindale Purdy) 



av'd Etra"Au'g20 

4(3 Fifth Ay 
er).. ^gg 

Fifth Av 

82 Social Registeb, 

Cooper MLM" Henry Woodward (Emily Erving) Cal. 

" Woodward Lodge" Rye N Y 
Cooper Com&M" Philip H (Saltt^rs-Katharine J Foote) 
Uv, U S N'63. .Naval Academy Annapolis 

Cooper M' Theorlore-C. Rf. LI 97 Fifth Av 

Cooper H' Theodore Polhetnus-Mt. Cy. Mc. 

Metropolitan Club 
Copp MiM" Wm Araasa(EmilyMaltbv)Rg.Cv. Y'69 
Copp M' Wm Maltby-Rg. Sv. Y'95.' .' 

Capt&M^ W Herbert Nicol (Ethel Copp) 

Coppell M' Geo-Mt. Rf. Ct. Dt. Ch . . . ab'd Camp Jlyl8 

Coppell H""* Helen G & Mary 

Coppell M" Arthur & Heibert-H'96. . . 
Corbin M" Anstin Sr (Hannah M Whee 

Corbin M"" Annie 

Corbin M' Austin-Na . . 

Corbin MiM" Richard W (Rhoades).. . .7 Av K16ber Paris 
Corlies MiM" Benjamin F (Susan Meigs) Rf. La. Bd. 

Pelham Manor N Y 

Cornell MiM" Alonzo B (Esther E Covert) Ul 1 E 39 

Cornell MiM" John Milton (Sarah Keen) 29 E 37 

Cornell MiM" Robt Clifford (Malvina H Lamson) 

Uv. R. Sa. S. Wk. Uva. Lc. Cl'74..33 Irving PI 

Cornell W Peter G-Sa St Anthony Club 

Cornell MiM" Wm T (L V Rushmore) Ul . .205 Boulevard 

Corning MiM" Erastus (Mary Parker) I . \uar^^ at v 

Corning M' Parker. | ' -^'^any JN l 

Corning M"" Harriet Weld (Erastus) Married Oct 28 

Peckham M' RufusWheeler Jr. .at AUSaint'sAlbany 

Corning M' Hy W-K Knickerbocker Club 

Corning M' Warren H-Mt Metropolitan Club 

Corse M' Fred'k A (late Fred'k A) 

Died at Flashing L I Jun 22 
Cornwell LtCom&M"ChC (SCerda deVillane- Oxford 
CornwellM"-RositaCdeV[stan)Uv.Us.DSN'68 Copper Co 

Coruwell M"* Herbert & Carlos C de V 37 Wall 

Corrigan Rt Rev Archbishop Michael A;452MadisonAv 

Corse M" Israel (CathK)... 18 W 19.. ab'd 

Corwine M' Quinton-Dke New Rochelle N Y 

Corwine M' Richard M-Uv. P'79 32 E 26 

New York. 


.27 W 11 

Corwine Paymaster&M" John (Ella Harris Smith) 

U SN. Ny. /'Hunt Cottage" Newport R I 
Coster HiM" Ch (Ellen L Anthon) Un. Na. ...... .29 W 33 

Coster M" Chas R (Marie Janaes) . 

Coster.M"- Elsie 

Coster M' William B-Un.Na 

Coster Mill" Ch Henry (Emily Pell) Mt.Sn.CtR.Rf.T 

27 W 19 
Coster MiM" Ed Liv (Prance8LurraanStewart)R.T.6 W 47 
Coster MiM" Henry A (Coles) Cy . . . . 

Coster M"" Martha Ellery 

Coster M' Oliver De Lancy 

Coster M*- Julia de L 

Coster M" John Hy (Emily G Olliffe) 

• M"- Lillie Graham 

Cottenet M" Edward L (Mary Lowndes) 


Cottenet M' Rawlins Lowndes-K. Mb. . 

Cotterell M' George W-U1.L.N 

Cotting M' Chas W-Ul 1 E 39 

Cutting M' Jan)eson-Mt. K. care J E Schermeihorn 26E79 

Cottman M' J Hongh-Un. R .-.Union Club 

Cotton Capt Gilbert P-U S A.Lt . . Dayids Is N Y Harbor 

Cotton M" Le8lie(MarrietteBenedict) 97 Fifth Av 

Cottrell MiM" Edwin (Kate Madeline Harrison) 

M.Pl.Rf.W.R..168 W73 

"St Adresse" 
Westchester NY 

.66 E 56 

.Westbury L I 
32 Nassau 

Coudert MiM" 

Chas (Marirt Guion) 
Coudert M'~'Grace, Marguerite* JeanneC 

Coudert M' Charles du Pont 

Coudert MiM" Fred'c R (Elizabeth McCredy) 

Coudert M'- Renee M 

Coudert M' Fred'c R Jr-Uv.Fn.Rf.R.L.Cr90 

Coulter M^-Mg 

Coulter M"" Annie C-Mg 

Coursen M' Robt I^Na 

Coarsen M"- Charlotte H 

Coutan M" Susanne M (Thompson) . 
CoataA M' Ohayies Albert-Na 

fl'y ab'd 
Camp Jly 18 
av'd Nor Sep 6 
63 W 48 
ab'd Luc 
Brg Oct 4 
47 Franklin 
Morristown NJ 
672 Lex 

Park Av 


SooiAL Beoisteb, 

Coward M" ES po. 13 E 32 

Coward MiM" Ed Pales (Mabel Ridgway)Pa.Cl'83.55WlO 
Cowdin M" Elliott C (Katherine Waldron) 

ab'd Lao Aug 1 . .av'd Sep 16. . 14 W 21 
Cowdin M' Elliott Channing-R.Un.H'96 

" Maplehurst Farms" New Castle Mt Kisco 
Cowdin MiM" John E (Gertrude Cheever) 

Un.H.R.Rh.Uv.Pl.H'79. .13 Gramercy Park 
Cowdin MiM''Winthrop(LenaTPotter)Un.Uv.H'85. .28E9 

Cowen IP" Mary Ellen 

Cowen M' Thos Bigelow-Wms'QO 

Cowing Jadge&M" Rafas B (Hester AnnaTugnot) 

Cowing M"- Carlotta rUI.Mc, 

Cowing M" Edw K, Rafas Jr-Ad.Cr9;i & Percy P 
Cowles Mill" Alfred A (Frances A Bailey) Ul 

Cowles M" Russell A & Fredk H 

Cowles M' Charles P-Ul Rye N Y 

Cowles M' Justus A B-Ul.Pu.Cz'83 Rye N Y 

Cowles LtCom&M" W S (Anna Roosevelt) 

Uv.U8A'67. po32E26 
Cox M' Edward Vermilye care W B Clark. .60 E 31 

Hotel Savoy 

249 W 



54 E 


449 Park 

Cox M" Abr'm B (Levantia W Livingston) 

Cox M' A Beekman-C [Senior 

CoxM- JnliaT E 

Cox M' Abraham B 

Cox MiM" Charles Finney (Helen Middlebrook) Mt. 

IT Rnth A Congdon [Ul.C.G. 

Cox M" Harriet Le Roy (Ladlow) . 

Cox M"" Mary C Lndlow 

Cox MiM" Kenyon (Louise King) PI 75 W 65 

Cox M' Irving S-Eg.Lo . .Engineers Club 

Cox MiM" James Farley (Maria Mcintosh) 


Cox M' Douglas Farley-Sa.Mo.Mg.Na 

Cox M' Francis Milnor-Na 

Cox MiM" Townsend (Annie H Townsend) 

Cox M' Wilmot T-S.Ch.H'79. 

Cox MiM" Townsend Jr (Miarcia V Duryea) S. 

liocust Valley N Y 


Fourth Av 

Mill Neck" 
Oyster Bay 

New Yobk, 86 

Coxe Judge&M" Alfred Conkling (Mariette A Doolittle) 

Uv.W.Ad. .60 Chancellor Sq Utica N Y 
Coxe RtRev Arthur Cleveland 

Died at Clifton Spgs N Y Jly 20 
Coxe MLM" Hy B (Brown)Pl. Dm. Un. M t w. Lc. [a v' dTeut 
Coxe MiM" Charles E (LouiseTWhite).[R.Dp.L. Oct 28 

M-CM Mulson | 3 W 30 

Coxe Mill" Maograne (Lena Townsend Crawford) 

C.Uv.Dt.T.Dm.So.Y'79. .Southfield Orange Co N Y 
Coxe MiM" Reginald C (Hermine T Kitching) 

C.Ct. Hotel Germania Guatemala City 

Coykendall M' Samuel D-Mt U1.L 280 Broadway 

Cozzens M' Ed Carey Croton Palls N Y 

Cragin DiM" Edwin B (Mary R WiUard). , 62 W 60 

Craig MiM" Samuel D (Ellen McD Baylis) K.Mt. 

"Pen Craig" Quogue L I 

Craigie M' A Walpole-Pl.Ny 42 W 39 

Cram MiM"ThosCT-Ch.M." 106 E 73 

Cram M"HenryA(C)ab'd Luc Auglav'dCamp Oct2 

Cram M— H K, Ethel & Charlotte A 5E38 

Ci-am M'John Sergeant-K.Mt.H'72.av'dEtruOct24 

Cram MiM" Jacob (Martha T Wiman) St George S I 

Crane M' Albert-Un.Rv , Union Club 

Ci ane MiM" Geo P (Katharine Pynchon Oliver) 

U1.L.T..16 W12 

Crane M' Isaac B-Ul 36 W 47 

Crane M' John A 55 W 49 

Mad Av 

Crane MiM" Jonathan H (Elizabeth A Durkee) 

Crane M' Clinton H [Ul.Rp. 

Crane DiM" Joseph S (Harriet Draper). . . 

Crane M*" Amelia Brewster 

Crane M" Chas Sidney & Charlton Wells 

M" Jonatlian Ellis (Draper) 

Crane MiM" Wm Halsted (Julia D Gibson) 
Crane M' Walter Beverley 

L I 


..58 W 72 

Crane MiM" William M-Ul.Rg 16 E 37 

Cravath MiM" Paul Drennan (Agnes Huntington) 107 

M" P E Huntington [Uv.Ul.W.L.Rp. E 39 

Craven Earl&Ctss (Cornelia Martin) ab'd 

Craven M" T Augustus (Mary). . .care F Learned 38 W 9 


Social Register, 


,17 E 57 

40 E 68 

Crawford IT F Marion-Ny .PI. ..NY Yacht Club, .ab'd 

Crawford MiM" George-Rg.Dt 264 W 73 

Crawford MiM" John J (Fanny Lyles) «« iir *o 

M^ Mamie Lyles . . ..67 W 73 

Crawford MIM" John W R (Mabel Nast)..Morristown N J 
Crawford M"— Audrey T & Elizabeth H 

care M Coxa Southfield N Y 
Crawford MiM" Robert L (Julia Lake) N.Ny.So. 

Crawford M' Harden Lake-N 

Ci-awford M" M E 

Crichton M" Wm (Janet Malcolm) 

Crichton M'~ Jessie M & Blanche McK . . . 
Crilly Col Francis J-USA.Un.Ny.Ll.Php.. 

Crilly M- Cecelia E 

Crimmins M' John D Jr-R 

M- Lalor 

Crittenden M' Walter H-Uv.L. Ad. Aht'81.. 80 Wiash Sq E 

Crocker r Francis B-Uv.R.cr82 IIOW 39 

Crocker M' Henry H-Uv.Un.R.H'74 . . .University Club 
Crocker MiM" Geo A (Leah Reese) Mt.Ul.C.Dt. Eg. 6 

M'Wm A Reese-Dt W 49 

Crocker MiM" Wm H (Ethel Willard Sperry) 

Un.Uv.T. .1150 California San Francisco Cal 

Crocker M' Chas F-Un.R.Mt Union Club 

Crocker r David-Un. Dt.R.Sv. Us. Wk.Rv. .Union Club 

Crocker M" Eben B I aa ^ m 

Crocker M""" Mary, Alicia D & Caroline | • • w Ji- o<i 

Crocker MiM" Geo(Rutherfurd-Enima Hanchett) The 

M'- Alice H Rutherfurd [Mt.N.L.Cy . Waldorf 

Croes M' J James R-C.Ul 206 N B'way 

Croes M"— Marv R & Helen R Yonkers N Y 

Cromwell MiM" Frederic (Esther W Hasted) Mt.C. 6 

Cromwell M'--Mg [Uv . Dt.T . Ha . Mg . H' 63 W 

CromwellM'SeymourLeGrand-Mt.Uv. Rg.Mg.R.H'92 66 
Cromwell M' Geo-Uv.Ul.Uva.Dt.Ha.C. Y'83 

care C L Benedict 504 Filth Av 

Cromwell MiM" Lincoln (Mabel W Smith) 3 E 84 

Cromwell MiM" Oliver Eaton (Lucretia Bishop Roberts) j 


New York. 


Cromwell MIM" William Nelson-Ul.N.L.La.. . .12 W 49 
Crooke Mill" Robt Livingston (Elizabeth A Kissam) 19 

Crooke W^ Cornelia L <fe Hannah K [Eg. E 60 

Crooks M' R Fleming-Cal.G.Dt.Cy 1426 B'way 

Cropsey MiM" Jasper Prancisf Maria Cooley) ir^ffiL^L 
M" M Cortelyon Dunne [C.Lt.L. HuSfon 

Crosby M" Ed N (Elizabeth M Van Sclioonhoven) 165 

Crosby M'- Mary R ; MadAv 

Crosby M' Fred'c V S.av'dTent Jly T.MarriedatHoly Com 

Delafield W^ Julia Floyd (Francis) Nov 11 

Crosby Mill" Frederic V S (Julia Floyd Delafield) 

K . Mt . . Colorado Spgs Col 
Crosby MiM" Ernest Howard (Fanny Schieffelin) 

Snc.Rv..665Fifth Av 

Crosby MiM" Frederic (Eliza A Pliaro) 128 W 66 

Crosby MiM" Henry A (May Leavitt) L.Rv. 

Family ab'd. . .Lawyers Club 

Crosby M" Howard(Margaret Givan) 
Crosby M*** Edith Rutgers&Grace A 

Brown Shipley & Co 

Crosby M' John-Uv. Y'90 32 E 26 

Crosby MiM" Livingston (Lilian Carnochan) 







at Union Clb 

M" J M Carnochan [Rv 

M' J Lawrence Aspinwall-Cal.Mt.Snc. 
Crosby Col&M"JohnSchuy I er(Harriet Van 

Rensselaer) Un.Ny.Rv.Mt.Ll.Sc. 
Crosby M*" Angelica Schuyler. .[Mtw.Snc. 

Crosby M*" Margaret. 

Crosby M' Henry Ashton 

Crosby M" Robt Ralston (JaneMurrayLivingstbn)Sr 

Crosby M*" Cornelia L 

Crosby M"" Robt R & Ed Nicoll-Ct.Rv Cw.Cl'ST. . . 
Crosby MiM" Stephen Van R (Henrietta M Grew) N. 

24 Chestnut Boston 
CrosbyMiM"WalterFloyd(LouiseGSutton)Un. Colorado 

Crosby M™ Nina F & Gwladys S Springs Col 

Crosman MiM" J Heron (Ellen Williams Hall). Tarry- 

Crosman M*" May town-on- 

Crosman M' Louis Hall . . , , Hudson 

Cross M" Elizabeth W (Elizabeth Weaver) 117 W 68 

.57 W 10 




Social Register, 

6 Wash 


.29 E 65 

Cross M' Geo Dillwyn-Bf.So 34 Gramercy Pk 

Cross MiM" B Franklin(Marguerite Cross). .Livingston S I 
Cross MiM" C Vanderbilt (Emma M Eldred) Lc. .24 W 66 

Cross MiM" Horatio R Odo (Florence Griswold) ab'd 

Cross M' Norman P-R.Al.Snc Racquet Club 

CrossMlM"Philip(VirginiaEsteUeHill) N.L.Cy. Rv . 36 E 60 
Cross MiM" R James (Annie Redmond) C.R. 

Cross M^ Mary R [Ct.Ec. 

Cross M' W Redmond-R 

Crossman M"" Florence 

M** Marion Bacbe 

MiM" E M Camrick 

Crossman MiM" Geo W-Dt.Na 6 E 80 

Croswell MiM" JamesG (Leta Brace) Bd.Ct.H' 73. 

M"CL Brace 

Crowell MiM" James Hedges(SaraBeers) Rv, Ad, 

Crowell M' Wm Beers- Ad 

Crowninsliield MiM" Fred'c (Helen Suzette 

Fairbanks) Uv.C.H'66 
Crowninshield M" Ed Ang-K & Francis W-!^l. 
CrozierCaptWm-Uv.Rf.Ny.USA'76.. Governor's Isl'd 

Cruger M" Eugene G (Bell-Meta Kane) 

Cruger MiM" S Van Rensselaer (Storrow) Un.K.Cy. 

Ny.Ul.T.Mt.S.Rp.Ll.Mb.Snc.Mtw..ll2 E 35 
Cryder MiM" Duncan (Ogden) Un.K Biarritz Prance 

120 B 34 

Fifth Av 

1 W83 

1 W21 

89 S 9 

Cryder MiM" W Wetmore (Chauncey) Un.Rf. 

Cryder M- Beatrice & M' W W Jr-H'91 

Culbert DiM" Wm L (Katharine P Merrill) Uv. 
M" M L Merrill & M' Geo C Flint . . . . [ Y'85 

Cullen M' Edgar M-Uv,Ha.Ll.Cl'60 .32 E 26 

Culver DiM" Everett Mallory (Mary J C Clark) 

R.N. .care Wm A Clark 176 W 68 
Culver MiM" Frederic F (Isabel Clark) Uv.P'80..418 W 20 

Cuming MiM" James R-M.L.Dt 204 W 43 

Cuming M"— 28 W 12 

Cumming MiM" Allan Percy (Laura Livingston) 

ab'd Umb Jun 27 av'd Sep 12. .66 Broadway 

Cumming MiM" Robt (Elizabeth Aitken 

Millar) E.Ec. 
CummingM^JasMillar-L. Bg.<& John Clark 


Av Newark 

N J 

New Yokk. 


Gumming MiM" Robt Wm (Mary C Ballantine) 

E.Mg.Mo. .21 James Newark N J 

Camming M' Wallace-Sa St Anthony Club 

Cumnock MiM" Arthur J (Mary P Cutting) H'91..RyeNY 

Cunat-d Sir Bache & Lady (Maud Alice Burke) ab'd 

Cunningham MiM" James W (de Lancey) I qqo wt vr 

Cunningham M'- | ddi W 77 

Cunningham MiM" W de Lancey (M Evelyn Cammann) 

Cal. H'82..449Park Av 

Cunningham M" Sarah M .' 

Cunningham M""" E G & M M 


Curley 1' Edmund J-Un Union Club 

Currier DiM" Charles Gt (Caroline Sterling) Uv. 

Carrier M- I A [Rv.Bd.H'77 

Curtis M"" Anne A 

Curtis D' B Farquhar-C. Na 

Curtis M' Benj L-Un.Cl'55 16 Waverly PI 

Curtis M" Benj R (Malleville) 12 Lexington Av 

Curtis MiM" Charles B (Isabel Douglass) Ul. 
Curtis M" Ellicott Douglas^ & Chas B Jr. . . 
Curtis DiM" Ed (Augusta Lawler Stao6y)C.L.L* 

Rv. Cd. Dar. H'59 

Curtis M*"* Constance, Natalie & Marion 

Curtis M' Geo De Cly ver-H'98 

Curtis M' Bridgham 

Curtis MiM" F Kingsbury (Marian Scott Hare) Un.Uv. 

Curtis M" Geo Ticknor (Louisa A Nystrom) . . 441 Park Av 

Curtis M" Gold T care M' H W Cannon 18 E 45 

Curtis MiM" Geo N (Eliza A Meacham) Mt. Ul. . . 16 
Curtis MiM" G Warrington (Minnie L Jenkins)R. W 53 

Curtis MiM" Atherton (Louise C Burleigh) Paris 

Curtis M' Chas G-Uv.S.Lc.Cl'81 441 Park Av 

Curtis M" Geo William (Anna Shaw) I Bard Av West 

Curtis M*- Elizabeth Burrill ] New Brighton S I 

Curtis DiM" H Holbrook (Josephine Allen) Un.Uv. 

Cal.Rg.Pl.Sg.Ag.Y'77. .118 Mad Av 
Curtis MiM" Leonard E-Uv.Rp.L. Y''72. . .Englewood N J 
Curtis D'JnoG-C.Bd.Ct,H'66, .av'dTeut Sep30. .327 Wfif' 

109 E 36 

W 102 


..9 E 54 


. PI 


SooiAi^ Reoister, 

Conn Av 

.1 E53 

.9 W56 

Curtis M' John W-Uv.Uva. T79 UniversityClub 

Curtis M" 

Curtis M'-&M- Elizabeth 

Curtis M' Wm Edmond-Un.C.Uv.Ul. Mtw. T. 

Curtis MiM" Wm J-Uv. Dt. L. '76 45 Wall 

Curtis M' Jeremiah W-Ul.N.Mt.Na 

Curtis M" Carletofi, Gerald & P Grenville . 
M*M" John C Schooley (Eliza Isliam). . . 
Curtiss Mill" Julian W (Mary L Case) Uv.Uya.Y'79 

Belle Haven Greenwich Ct 
Curtiss MiM" Henry W (Addie Beers) Ul. 

Curtiss M"" Maude H 

Curtiss W Alfred Loomis-Y'96 

Curtiss M' John W-Uv.Y'79 32 E 26 

Cuahing M' Samuel Tileston-Un.Ny.Us Union Club 

Cushing M' Thomas P-K.Mt.Smb.Cyb. . . 

Cushing M"- Edith 

dishing M' Thomas J-H'94 31 W 26 

Cushing MiM" Wm Lee (Mary L Strong) I Dobbs Ferry 
Cushing M' Chas E-Dke.Y'85..[Uv.C.Y'72 | N Y 

Cushman M' Howard-Ul.Eg. Na 337 W 22 

Cushman MiM" Jos Wood (Frances J Rathborne) 

Ad. Cr 84.. 432 W 23 

Cushman M' Victor N-Rf 59 W 36 

Cutler MiM" Arthur H (Elizabeth Jones) Uv.Mt.C. 

Cutler DiM"CondictW(CoraCarpenter)Col.Na. .135 W 76 
Cutler MiM" Charles F (Ella S Poole) L. Mo. Mg. 

av'd Tour Jly ll..Morristown N J 
Cutler DiM" Colman Ward (Lohmann) Uv. Y'85. .50E53 
Cutting M' Francis B (late Brockholst) 

Died at Newport R I Sep i 2 

.4 E35 

Cutting M" Brockholst (Marion Ramsay) 
Cutting M' Wm Jr-Un.K. R. Mt.Cy. Ny. 

Mb. PI. Sv'. 
Cutting M" Heyward (Lydia Mason) 
Cutting M" Henri M (Angela Mills). . 
Cutting M' James D' W-Un.K.R. Y' . 

av'd Luc 

Jly 24 
99 Mad Av 



New Tokk. 91 

26 E 


Cutting HiM" Robt Fulton (HelenSuvdam)O.Rg.Ss; 
Cutting M'R Baya!d....[T.Dp.Cl.Ct.Ag.Ch.Cl'71 

Cutting M" Rob' r L (Moale) 

Cutting MiM" Walter (M C Pomeroy) Un. Mt. Ss.Dp. 

Cutting M"** Juliana & Madeline [Smb.Sv.Cr62 

Cutting M' Walter Livingston-H'99 

Cutting Gen Wm-Un.K. . .av'd Maj Aug 17 Union C 
Cutting HiM" W Bayard (Murray) Un.C.Ss.T.Uv.Mt. 

Cuyler M' Cornelius C-Un.Uv.Dt.R.Uva.L.Hl. I 214 Mad 

Cuyler M- [C.Ct.P'79 | Av 

Cnyler M" James Wayne careCoudert Prdres 

SirPI)ilip&Lady Egerton(Cuyler) 7 Scribe Paris 
D'Abzac Vic&Ctss Paul. .Consul Gen to N Y. .35 Stone 
Dade D' Chas Townsliend-Cl'9l 364 W 68 

Dahlfrl; r-V.V.V.V.: :::;::: 1 • • -1325 Mass Av wash 
Dahlgren MiM" Eric B (Lucy Drexel) Uv.Ll.Mtw. 

H'89..H36 Fifth Av 
Dahlgren MiM" John Vinton (Elizabeth Drexel) 

Na.Cd..'20 W56 

Dahlgren M" Paul (Annie Rutherford 

Dahlgren M"" Romola [Morgan) 

Dale MiM" Henry(Elizabeth R Le Roy)A]. 

Morgan Harjes 

<fc Co Paris 

Dale M" John G (Eug6nie E Lentilhon) La. 34 Gramercy 
Dale M" Eugdne L, Herman F & John G. . Pk 

Dale MiM" Orton Godwin (Amy Slade) Trenton N J 

Dall MiM" C Austin (Mary Bt*an) 138 W 87 

Dalley MiM" Hy Jr (Evelyn M AllenJ Ul.Mt.Rg.Rp. 


Daly Hon Clias P-Un.C.Dt.Pl.Ct 84 Clinton PI 

Daly Hon&M" Jos F (Mary L Smith) Dm.M.Cth.Pl. ' ' 

Daly M" Elizabeth T [So. 

Daly M' Edward Hamilton 


S*™*'" Jli^ (^"^*^ ^^^^^ .11 Park Av 

Damon M*" Teresa 

Dampierre Vctss de fCorbin) 4 Rue Galilee Paris 

DamroRch MiM" Walter (Margaret Blaine) C. PI. 

av'd Lahn Jly 1. .384 Fifth Av 

Damrosch M" Leopold (Heleii) 323 Amsterdam Av 

92 Social Register, 

Damrosch MiM" Frank (Hetty Mosenthal) 183 W 76 

Dana MiM" A Carroll (Elizabeth Jarvis Wyeth) nj^TXTRa 

Dana M- Carolyn A [Mt. Un. i^o^^« 

Dana M' Benjamin-Un Union Club 

Dana MiM" Chas (Parkin) Un..av'd Camp Oct 2. .56 W 61 
Dana MIM" Chas A (E Macdaniel) .av'dLahnJly29..25E60 
Dana MiM" Paul (Mary Butler Duncan) Uv.R. Wk.H'74 

la Fifth Av 

Dana W Chas Loomi8-Uv.C.Rv.Na.Dt.'72 50 W46 

Dana M"- E E-La, Mg 

Dana M*" Mary A 

Dana M" Richard P (Juliette Starr) 338 W 88 

163 South St 

Morristown N J 

1031 Fifth Av 

Dana MiM" RichStarr(PlorineTurner)Un. 
Dana M^Rich'dT&DavidT rRv.Cw.Cl'67 

Dana M' Wm B-Uv. Rf. Y'51 .University Club 

Danforth DiM" Loomis L (Emma A Hamlin) Ul. . .36 W 51 
D'Anglemont Vic'tsse Christian (Thomas) 

1 1 Rue Lincoln Paris 

Danne D' Frederic-N. Ul. Sn. Dv 44 W 50 

Darcy MiM" Hy M(H«len M Barklie)..56JamesNewarkNJ 
Darling Maj Married 

Catherwood M" Clara L (Hastings) at San Francisco 
Darling Maj&M" John A (Catherwood-ClaraL Hastings) 

Fort Wadsworrh S I 

Darrach W James M Aertsen-Cr96 16 E 28 

Darrell MiM" EdwardPairbairn(SaraStoneMcEckron) 38 

M'AJBloor [Cal.Ny. E67 

D'Arschot Countess Gaston (Detmold) 27 W 10 

Dash M"" Agnes D(lateBowie)..MarriedatKingsbridgeNY 

Meikelham M' Thos M Oct 7 

Dash M" Bowie (Louisa Scott) . . . 

Dash M*" Angonella Burke 

Dash M' J Bowie 

M' S M Randolph Meikleham 

Da Silva M" Olea (da Silva) 71 E 64 

Davenport MiM" Ira (Katharine Lawrence Sharpe) 

Mt. Ul. C. T..31E39 

Van Cortlandt 

Davenport M" J Alfred(MaryFairfaxMorris) 
Davenport M"*" Beatrix Cary & Hetty Gouv. 


New Yobk. 


212 E 16 

M" av'd Tent Oct 1 
174 Wash Pk 


100 E 17 

. ..Absent 

Davenport M" J Radcliffe (M W Newell) 

Davenport M"" 

Davenport, MiM" Wm B (Charlotte C 
Shepherd) Bk.Ha.M.Uv.Y'67 

M' Shepherd Stevens 

Davidge M" Wm H Sr (Virginia Mason) 

Davidge M"" Joanna 

Davidge MiM" Mason C (Clara S Potter) 


Davidge MiM" Wm H (Fanny Duer Robinson) 

av'd Maj Aug 17. .108 E 26 

Davidson M' Geo T-M 110 W 43 

Davies MiM" Francis H (Cornelia S Rokenbaugh) 

8n. Ny. S..15E29 
Davies M" Henry E Sr (Julia Rich). . "Fairlawn"Fishkill 

Davies MiM" Hy Eugene(LouisaP Knevals) Sv 50 W 9 

Davies Col&M" J Mansfield ^Martha M Brookes) 

Davies MiM" Julien T (Alice Martin) Uv. Ul. Mt. L. 
Ny. Rp. PI. Ct. Ch. Cw. Snc. CI' 66 

Davies M*"* Ethel & Cornelia S. 

Davies M' Fred'k Martin-Ny 

Davies MiM" Jnlien Town6end(MarieRose deGarmendia) 

Mt. Cw. Rv. C1'91..38W11 
Davies MiM" Wm Gilbert (Lucie C Rice) 


Davies M"" Augusta McKim 

Davis M' Benj P-Ul. Dt. C 280 Madison Av 

Davis MiM" Chas (Ida P Williams) Un.Rv.Dke.Rg.Uv. 

20 W 52 


.22 E 46 

"Ridge House" 
Tuxedo ParkNY 

Davis MiM" Chester H (Florence Endi- 

M'- M C Endicott [cott) T. 

Davis M' Chandler-Uv. H'88 30 E 39 

Davis MiM" Pellowes (Marie Antoinette Baker) 

Davis M*" Marie Antoinette [Un, Rv.Cw. 

Davis M' Fellowes Jr-H'95 & M* Pierpont Davis 

Davis M' Dudley [H'99 

Davis MiM" Gherardi (Alice King) Uv. Ct. Ss. Dt.'79 

ab'd Trtut Jly 16 av'd Sep 2. . 128 E 34 
Davis MiM" Herbert J(SarahStranahan)Col.Lt.Dt.266W71 



Social Register, 

Davis MiM" Horace A (Anna N HalIoweinH'91 . .170W77 
Davis Mill" Rowland (Anna Shippen)C.Dt.Pl.Rg. 

194 Madison Av 

Davis M** H Anna-La Morristown N J 

Davis MiM" James M (Mary D Hazard) 

Davis M"- Edythe ... [Mt. N y. 

Davis M' Morgan & M'" Davis ' , 

Davis JiidgeAM" John (Prelinghnysen) 

Davis M"- [Mtw.Mt, 

Davis M' Biincroft Jr 

Davis MiM" J C Bancroft 

(Prederica Gore King) 

M'E Richards 

Davis W Joseph P-C.Dvb.Sbb.'56 

ICA W Trimble 

Davis M' John H-Un.Ml.Ny.Na.T.Ul.Rg..24 Wash Sq N 

Grymes Hill S I 

1211 ConnAv 
Wash D C 

ab'dTent Jlyl6 

av'd Sep 30 
1621 H Washington D C 

.215 W 51 

The Gerard 

123 W 43 



Davis M" Jeflferson (Varina'Howell) . . 

Davis M"- V A Jefferson 

Davis MiM" Joshua Williams (Fannie L Barton) 

Davis M'- Elouise . . . - [Un.Mt.Ss. 

Davis M' J Edward-Mt.Rg.R.Na 

Davis M" Jno W (Marv Louise Van Buren) Mg. , 
Davis M' John W A-Cal. Un. Cy. Mo. Snc. Mg. . 
Davis W Michael V B-Un.Cal.Mo.Cy.Snc.Mg. . .. 
Davis MiM" Lewis Johnson (Margaret Jane Keller) 

Mtw. Snc. .1411 Mass Av Wash D C 

Davis JudgeAli" Noah-Ul 46 W 56 

Davis M' Richd Harding-Pl.Rv.av'd St L Aug 28. 10 E28 

Davis M' C Belmont US Consul Florence Italv 

Davis MiM" Thos J (Mary A Oaklev) Ul. Mc. . . . 

Davis M"- Minnie, Lilla & Floy Van H 

Davis M" Theo Monroe-Uv. Ul. (Jl'TS&Lynley S 

Davis M' Thomas E-Un. M. Ny Union Club 

Davis MiM" Wm L(Mattie Thompson)T. M.. Tuxedo Club 
Davison MiM" Ch A (Mary A Vermilye) C. Rf. 

Davison M*" Alice M-Bd ., •. 

Davison MiM" Clarence B (Helen Bayne) Cal. Sa. Rg. 

Na. Y'90. .529 Centre Orange N J 

Davison M' E Mora-C. R. Rf. H'74 Century Club 

Davison M' Ch Stewart-Uv. C. Cn.Dt. H'75 68 W 21 

16 E45 

.8 W48 

New York. 96 

Davison f" Mabel Brown Shipley & Co London 

Davison M" Henry J Sr (Marit-tta W Bayiie) ok i? on 
Davison M— Evelyn B, Carrie T & Ella H. . . • • -^o ^ »u 
Davison ItM" Henry J (Maria Weed Alden) 

M. L. Rf . N a. Snc. . ' 'Otrado' ' Millbrook N Y 
Davison M' G Howard-Cal. Sa. N. 

" Altamont Stock Farm " Millbrook N Y 

Day IT Arthur H-Uv. Y'89 32 E 26 

_ _. _ .. gg^ 

Day MlM"ClarenceS(LaviniaStockwpll)Mt.Ul.L.Rg. 420 
Day M" Clarence S Jr-Y'96 & Geo Parmly-Y'97. . Mad 

M*" Julia Howe Stockwell Av 

Day M' Edw AnK-Uv.E.Mo.Mg.Wms'73.UnJversityClab 
Day M"" Elizabeth Amory Carnegie Hall 

Day Mill"* Belden Seymour (Florence Osgood) 

r Alfred Townsend Osgood [Uv. Ch'81 


Day MiM" Henry (Adelaide Scofield) Rf . 
Day M'- Ella Louise. 

Day Miir HenryMills(SarahVallette)Un .Uv.U 
~ ■■ " V L%Mt-La.Sg.U 


Day M"- Laura V I Rg.Mt.La . Sg. Uva . 

Day M" Hy V-R. Y'95 & Sherraan-Y' 

Day M' Geo Lord (late Hy) Married at Jersey Eng 

Mittant M"- Adele July 9 

Day MiM" Geo Lord (Adele Mittant) Un. R. M. Na. 

Ub.Mb.Ny.Dt.P'82. J Munroe & Co Paris 
Day M' Melville C-N.Uv.Dt.M.Rg.Ay.T.Y'62.N Y Club 
Day M' Nicholas Wyckoflf-Rp. LI I to v a 

MiM" Percy W Sl.edd (Josephine N Day*). | • ^^ ^ » 

Day M" Thos (Eva W McMullen) iv*„,-.„„-„ tt^+^i 

Da? M- Constance / • ' ^«J««»<' ^otel 

Day M"- Susan deForest-Ny, S. 

ab'd po N Y Yacht Club 67 Mad Av 
Day M" Lydia 32 W 40 

Day M" Walter deForrest (Wheeler). . . . 
Day M"- ElizabethA&M'SamlSherwoodDay 
Day MiM" Wm Horatio(Elizabeth S J Bookstaver) 

Day MiM" Horatio L 

M" Elizabeth E Bookstaver 

Dayton W Chas W-M . Dt.Lc . Rv . PI Gen Post Office 

Dayton MiM" Isaac-Un. M. Ss 344 W 23 

108 High New 
Haven Ct 

W 93 

96 Social EEaiSTER, 

Dayton M" William H (Emily Byrne) ao m ak 

Dayton M"- Mary Alicia ..4wWOO 

Dayton MiM" Wm L (Harriet M Stockton) 

ab'd St L Jly 22 & av'd. .163 State Trenton N J 
d' AzevedoCt&Ctss de Silva(O8trom).105Hou88mannPari8 

Deacon M' Ed Parker absent 

deAguero MiM" Joaquin W (Isabel E Well8)Na. .17 E 38 
Dean MiM" Arthur-Mo.Wk.Sv.Mg.Bg. .Morristown N J 

Dean MiM" J A (Louise G Latlirop) | 166 

M" Nich LatrobeRoosevelt&lP-LD Roosevelt. | W 68 

Dean M'Rich'd C-Ul.Uv.Mtw.USN.Y'53. 1 E 39 

Dearborn MiM" Geo S (Bessie Douglas) Pl.Ct. Ay. 

165 West End Av 
Dearth MiM" Hy G (Caroline Van R Vail) 

Morton Rose & Co London 

DeBarios M"— Madrid 

DeBary M' Prederic-Dv 

DeBary MiM" Adolphe (Augusta Rawson Cecil) 

DeBary W&W Anita 

DeBarril M" John J (Manuela de La Vererie) . . . 

DeBarril M*" Maria 

DeBarril M" Victor (Marie Guion) 438 Lexington Av 

DeBarril M' J J 123 E 44 

DeBillier M' Frederic Jr-Uv.H'78 32 E 26 

DeBloia M" J Amory (Anderson) 

DeBlois M' N James-Ny 

De Brailles Brn&Brnss Chandon (Garrison) 

81 Av Marceau Paris 
DeCasa-Argudin Mqs&Mqss (Maria C DelValle) 

Mqss av'd K Wm Jly 19. .Madrid 
de Castellane Ci&Ctss Boniface (Anna Gould) 

Ch Elysdes Paris 
DeCastro MiM" Alfred (Annie Bryant Godwin) Wash DC 
DeCastro MiM" Hector (Grace Aldrich) Ul.Mtw. 230 W 42 

Decazes Dk&Dchss (Singer) 12 Rue de Lubeck Paris 

Decker MiM" Joseph S(Anna L Simonson) 

Ul. M. Cy. Rg. Ny . .22 W 67 
deCoppet MiM" Henry (Laura Pawcett) Un. Mt. K. | 22 
deCoppet M' Theakston-Dp [R. Ss. W.Rf.Ct. | W 17 

16 W52 


Newport R I 

New York. 


deCoppet Mill" E J-RtCt 17 W 60 ab'd 

deCoppet M*M'"Prederic (JaneAHowell)Rf.Na. 44 Broad 

deCoppet M' L Casimir-Cal.Na MiM" ab'd 

deCoppet M' Ernest Howell-Na Hottinger 

W Elisa D Howell &Co Paris 

deCordov}iMiM'"Alfred(Loweree-H616neLSchroeder) 1 

Ct&Css Fieri [Lt.N.Col.Ay. W72 

deDino Duchess (Stevens-Sampson) ab'd 

Deen MiM" VV m Morris (EmilieAAndrews) " Stone- 

Cw. Rv. So. Bg. holme" 

Deen M""" E Louise & Florence V Short HillsNJ 

Deering M' Chas W-Uv. Un. USN'73 32 E 26 

Deering M' James-Un. Col. M 1 W 21 

deFeraro M' Demdtre Jean-Cal Calumet Club 

deFlorez MiM" Pedro R(KatharineLamson)K.Ny..l48W86 

deFlorez M' Rafael de po 74 W 88 

deForas Ct&Ctss Max (Marie D Meredith Read) 

Cliateau de Marclaz Thonon France 
DeForest MiM" Albert H (.Douglas) 

DeForest M' Howard-P'95 

DeForest M"- Caroline av'd Luc Oct 16 . .7 E 72 

DeForest MiM" Geo B (Anita Hargous) 

K.Un.C.R.Ul.Mt.G.Pl.Cy.Fn.Sv.Ny.l4 E 50 

DeForest M*- Julia B 

DeForest M' Hy W-Un.Uv.R.Mt.T.Dt.S. 

DeForest M' James G-UI. Ny 

DeForest MiM" Stephen H (Leila Dean). . . . 
DeForest MiM" Lock wood (Meta Kemble) C.La. . . .7 E 10 
DeForest MiM" Robt W (Emily Johnston) 

DeForest M"- Ethel 

DeForest M" Johnston- Y' 96 & Hy L-Y'97. 
DeForest MiM" Shepherd K (Josephine L 

Laimbeer) R.Un.Ss. Wk. 
DeForest M'Wm Laimbeer. Claverly Hall Cambridge Mass 
DeForest M' Wm H Died at Summit N J .Hv 16 



.33 W 36 

.7 Wash Sq 

.118 E 36 

DeForest MiM" Wm H (Harriet J Smith) Sa. Ul. 
M" Elizabeth Leiper Martin rCl'78 

N J 

DeForestMiM"Othniel(EinilyEarly)Ul. Bg.Cl' 82SummitN J 



..128 E 24 

.65 E 66 

98 Social Register, 

DeGarmendia M" Carlos G(Corinne Baughman). . 
DeQarmendia H'~'Pepella& Aneta ab'dF'landAugS 

DeGarmendia r B Spaldlng-RPn. Ag 

DeGfarmendia M' Carlos M at Tuscarora Md 

deGersdoiff MiM"" Carl August (Helen Suzetta 
Crowninshield) Uv.H'87 

deGersdorff M' George B-Uv. H'88 

DeGrauw M" Walter N (Morehouse) 

DeGranw M' Howard E 

DeGrove MIM" E Ritzema (Henriette Oardoze) 

U1.L. Y'69..72E55 
deHaas M" Maurits F H (Alice Preble Tucker). . .21 B 21 

Dehon r M H^"""^ " * " ' I av'd Tour Oct 11 . . 310 Fifth Av 

deKay MiM" Chas (Edwlyn Coffee) 

A.Fn.Al.Ct.Y'68. .U S Consulate Berlin 

deKay M'- Julia av'd Luc Oct 16 po 122 W 11 

deKay ,M" Sydney (Minna Craven). 

deKay M*" Janet E Craven 

deKay M' Eckford C-Sp 

DeKermel Ct Olivier care 19 E 64 

DeKoven Mill" Reginald j(Anna Far well) Un.K. 

R.Uvch.Tvb.Chcb. .83 Irving PI 
Delafield MiM" Aug Floyd (Mary Anna Baker) 

Uv.Rf.Dra.Rv.Cr66. .Noroton Conn 
Delafield MiM" Albert (Julia D Floyd) 

Ad. Sv.Rv. LI. .Clarendon Hotel 
Delafield M" Edward (Elizabeth R Schuchardt) . . 360 Lex 
Delafield MiM" Ruf us(ElizabethBreeseMor8e)Rv. Av 
Delafield MiM" F'k Schuchart (Annie O Brooks) 

Cal.Dp.Rv. .Calumet Club 

Delafield M' Edward C Princeton N J 

Delafield M"- Emina H " Felsenhof " Darien Conn 

Delafield DiM" Francis (Katharine Van Rensselaer) 12 
Delafield M"- Elizabeth Ray . .[Mt.C.Rg.Snc.Ct.Y'60 W 

Delafield M'- Cornelia Van R I 82 

Delafield M"" Julia Floyd (Francis).. Married at Holy Com 
Crosby M' Fred'k V S Nov 11 

.60 W9 

New Yoek. 99 

Delafield'lT Lewis Livingston Sr (Emilv Prime) . . ./ 115 

Delafield M- Emily E 

Delafield r Fred'k Prime-Ad. Dp. Rf. Rv. CI. Ct. 57 
Delafield Mill" Lewis L (Charlotte H Wyeth) 

Un. Ct. .The Rockingham 56 & B'way 

Delafield M- 

Delafield MilT Matnrin L(Living8ton)Un.Mt.Cr66.' 

Delafield M- Julia L 

Delafield M' Joseph L-Ct.R7.Cw.Na.Wt 

DelafieldM' JohnRoss- P' 96WinthropHallCa mbridgeMass 
Delafield MiM" Matnrin L Jr (Lettice Lee Sands) 

Un.Dt.Snc.Rv.Cw. Wt. . "Pieldston " Riverdale N Y 
Delafield Mill" Richard (Carey-Clara Poster) 

Delafield MiM" Robt Hare (Nannie S Lloyd) 

2012 Baker San Francisco Cal 
DeLancey M' Edward Floyd-Ad. Cw.Snc.Ch' 43. . .20 E 28 


ab'd Aller Jun 27 

av'd Hav Sep 30 

42 Fifth Av 



Delano O" Engene(Sn8aDMAdam8) 

Dt.Rg.Dv. Wms'ee Rp.Rdp.Gcp. 


Delano M' Wm Adams-Uva. Y'95 .... 

Delano M" Franklin H (Laura Astor). Monte Carlo 

Delano M' Warren 

MiM" F D Hitch (Annie L Delano). . . . 

MiM" W H Forbes 

Delano MiM" Warren Jr (Jennie Walters) 

Uv.Dt.Eg.H'73. .East Orange N J 
Delanoy MiM"Wm C( Annie WCorlies)Ul.G..Plainfield N J 

Delanoy M' Edwin t»-Ul.Lc 1 E 39 

Delaplaine M" Isaac (M) 76 W 46 

de Laugier- Villars Ct&Ctss Henri (Carola Livingston) 

309 Fifth Av 

Delavan D' D Bryson-C.Uv.Sn. Y'72 1 E 33 

Dt*lavan M' T C-Sn. 24 Westervelt Av New Brighton S I 

DeLima M" David A (Sarah Wolff) 

DeLima M"" Lylia 

DeLimaMiM"Cha8Abnon(Gloria de Cespedes)Na 
DeLima MiM" Edward (RnbyGurney)Col. KColonialClnb 
DeLima MiM" Blias S A (DeLima) L. Na 67 New 

1 W72 


Social Registek, 

■ 7 W 43 
.122 W 43 

po40 W 35.... absent 

15 E 32 

37 W17 

New Roclielle 


Dellenbatigh NiM" Pr^*d'k S (Harriet Otis) C 

Df'llinger M"" 

Dellinger M' Charles F-Cal.Sv.Na. 

Del Monte M" Leonardo (Aldama) 

Del Monte M*- 

Del M.)nte M' L6on A 

Del Pino M' EmiIio-Uva.L.Rp.Y'. 

Del Pino M*"* Marie & Rose 

Delprat M*" Pi-ances 

de Luze MiM" Chas H (L H Schnyler) .... 

de Liize H'~' Grace S & Sarah F 

de LnzH M" Lonis Philip-Cl'79 & Philip S 

de Luzf MiM" Frances Ogden (Elizabeth K Boulger) 


Del Valler G A 2 W 36 

de MaCarty M" Armand (Matilda) 

Died at Edgartown Mass Jly 23 

Demarest M" Ch Edgar (Rodwell) 

Demarnst M"" Beatrice 

de Maiiriac MiM" Eng A (Leavitt^Laura White) 

de Mauriac M"" Amelie & M' Norman . . 

df Meli M' Henry A 

de MhII M"" Mary A 

de Meli M' Henrv G 8 W 33 

De Milt MiM" Henry R-Ul.Rp 238 Water 

Deming M' Charles Clerc-Un Uv. R. Mtw. Y'72 

Deming M' Henry C-Uv. Un. L. Y'72 

Deming MiM" Horace E (Caroline Springsteed) 

Rf. Dt. Bd. PI. Ct. H'71 . .7 W 26 

Deming M' Laurent Clerc-Uv.Uiib.Eyb. Y'83. Univ'tyClub 

de Merinville Marquis Married at Dresden 

Caldwell M"- Mary G (late Wm S) Oct 19 

de Merinville Mqs&Mqss (Mary G Caldwell) Paris 

De Mores Mchss (MedoraVonH(>ffman).5 deTilsitt Paris 

de Marias MiM" Ramon Andres (Durant-Adelaide 

Wolfe) Ul. .95 Madison Av 

Dnnch DiM" Edw B (Marie A Hunt) Na. Y'83. ... 17 W 46 
de Neufville MiM" August(Fanke)Dv..I060 LexingtonAv 
de Neufville MiM" J (Maria 7 Parker) Ua.T.S3.20 Fifth Av 


54 Prager 
Dresden Germany 

114 E 27 

Nbw Tobk,. 


Denisoii If D Steward-Uv. M. Us. LI 32 E 26 

Denison M' Egbert C-Sv. Na 751 Fifth Av 

Denman r Herbert-Pl : 68 W 67 

Dennett DiM" Wm S-C Na. Ad 67 W 45 

642 Mad- 
ison Av 

17 W 


Dennis DiM" Frederic S (Fannie Rockwell) PI. 

M' J S R Carhart [Ct. C. Ul. 

Dennis M' John B-Mt. Cal. Cy. Dke ! 1 60 W 69 

Dennis MiM"WarrenE(MaryJame8)Mt.L.Ct.Rg. .„ xxr ri 

M' Frederic T James-Rg. Y'94 4^ w oi 

Dennis MiM" Samuel S (Eliza Thomas) E. 

Highland Av Orange N J 
Denny MiM" John T (Sophie Brown Dunnell) Ul. 

Denny M'" Maude Dunnell 

Denny HIM" Thomas Jr (Louise Jenkins) Ul. 8a. 

Uva. Rv. Sv. Y'92 

Denny M' Thomas-Ul. Dt 19 W 36 

Denton Prof & M" James E-Eg. Bg Madison N J 

Denton D' Myron P-H'84 33 E 33 

Depew M' Chauncey Mitchell-Ul.Uv.Sn.C.L.Lt. 

T. Rp. Mt. PI . HI. Snc. N y. Y' 56 . av' dLuc Jly24 

Depew M' Chauncey M Jr 

M'"<fcM'" Charlotte Niven Hegeman 

dePeyster MiM" Beekman (Campbell) 101 W 81 

dePeyster MiM" Fred J (Augusta Morris) 

C. Uv. Cw. Ct. HI. Snc.'60 
dePeyster M— Helen V C, F G & M A . . . . 

dePeyster M' Frederic Ashton 

dePeyster M' Henry-Snc 

dePeyster M"- Emily M 

dePeyster M" Edgar-Sncfe Wilson-Sn. Snc. . 

M" Clarkson (dePeyster) 

dePeyster M" Nicholas (Marianna Moore) . . 

dePeyster M' Wm Moore Dongan 

dePeyster Gen John Watts-C. LI. Snc. HI. 

Rose Hill near Tivoli N Y 

dePeyster The M"— 112 E 36 

dePeyster MiM" Johnston L (Annie Toler) 

dePeyster M*~ Estelle & Justine 

dePeyster M" J Watts (Estelle Livingston) 

43 W 


137 W 14 


.121 E39 


Social Begisteb, 

dePourtales Ct&Ctss Hermann (Heldne Barbey) ab'd 

Derby MIM" Richard C (Mary Byrd Tucker) 

Uv.Us.L S N'68. .Newport R I 
Derby DiM" Richard H (Sarah Coleman Alden) 

C.Uv.Mt.Rv.Ch.S.Rg.H'64. .ab'd CoIOct24. .3E40 

deRenne M' Wymberley J-Un Savannah Ga 

deRham KM" ('harles (Laura Schmidt) q^ i?iffu \^ 

deRham MiM" ChasJr (Emily HFoster)K. Dt. ^^ * ^"'^ ^^ 
deRham MiM" H Casimir (Georgiana L Berryman) 

K. T. 
De Roda MiM" Jose M (de Barios-Francesca 

M^ de Barios [Aparicio) 

DeRonge M"Loui8(JosephineChazournes) 

DeRonge M'" Josephine 

DeRonge M' Alfred H-Na. Lc. Bg 

DeRonge MiM" Chas (Mary R Onderdon 

deRose M' Edward Livingston-Cr98. . 

uxedo Park 
855 Fifth 
Av ab'd 

Short Hills 
N J 

t)Bg. .87 Beaver 


av'dEtru Sep27 

Union Club 

Derr M"" Andrew F-Uv.G.L.i&ChesterB. . WilkesbarrePa 
deRuy ter MiM" J (Henriette Cromwell) Un 75 Madison 

deRuyter M'- Ella pt. W. Cl'Sl Av 

deRuy ter MiM" J E (Leslie VanNess)Cr83..SanFrancisco 
DeSabla MiM" Theo deJoly (Marguerite Milde- Union 

M" Vashti F Mildeberger .... [berger) Un. Club 

deSauUes MiM"ArthurB(CatherineHeckscher) S Bethle- 

deSaulles M' Chas A Heckscher-Y'98 hem Pa 

Despard MiM" Clement L (Caroline R Bates) 

Mt. Col. Dt. .581 W End Av 

Desprey MiM" Paul (May McClellan) ab'd 

Detmold MiM" Wm Louis (Emma Schnabel) 

Un. Na. Mc. Lc. tip. .60 W 11 

Gen at 726 Cloriel St New Orleans 
DeVallombrosa M' Antoine Manca-K..ab'd..Kn'ker Club 
deVandeul Brn&Brnss H Maupoint (Edith Clift) 

18 Rue Matignon Paris 
DeVeau MiM" Fred'k Clinton (Sarah H Putnam) 

R. Uv.H'87..69E63 

New York. 103 

Devens IT Richard-Sa St Anthony Club 

DeVinne M' Theodore B-G..A1. Col. . . I ,„ t „f«„ll+<^ r>i 
DeVinne M' Theodore L-G. A. Al. C. . | "^^ L.atayette ri 
deViti Mq&Mchs8 de Marco (Etta Lathrop Dunham) 

care J H Dunham . . 37 E 36 . ab'd 
Dew DiM" James Harvie (Bessie Martin) So . . . .252 W-54 
de Wardener Brn&Brnss Rudolph (GabrielleSaportas) 
Rh . . " Rudiesheim " Cedarhnrst L I 

Dewey MiM" Edward W-Mt. Ul 34 W 49 

_. . -_-..-._. _. g^ 

Wash Sq 

Dewing MiM" Thos W (Maria Oakey) PI. 
Dewing M"" Elizabeth. 

DeWitt M' Charles H-M. Na .176 W 76 

DeWitt MiM" Geo Gosman (Ella R Flagg) 

Un.Uv.Ul.Mt.S8.Dt.Snc.Hl.Cl'67..70 E 55 

DeWitt M' Peter-Snc. HI. Dm 41 W 54 

DeWitt MiM" William G (Langley-Maria B Shepard) 

M. Snc. HI. G. S8..10 WSO 

DeWitt M' Wm G Married at Brooklyn N Y 

Langley M" Wm H (Maria B Shepard) Jun 20 

Dexter MiM" Hy (Lucretia Marquand Perry) 


Dexter M' Orrando Perry-Ox ford' 81 Norwalk Conn 

Dexter MiM" H Stanley (Buckler) Cal. . .Napa Valley Cal 
Dexter MiM" Stanley Walker (Gabrielle McAllister) 

Un.'Cv. Dt. S. Rv. Pn. Snc. Y'78. .12 E 12 

Dexter M"- Anne Breese 112 E 17 

Deyo r Robert E-M. P'64 106 W 48 

d'Hauteville MiM" F Grand (Macomb) 
Un. K. Mt. Ny. Smb. 

d'Hauteville M Paul Grand 

d'Hauteville M Fred V Grand-K 246 E 17 

di Brazza Savorgnan Ct<fcCt8sDetalmo(CoraASlocomb) 

101 W 81 
di CesnolaG«n&MmeLoui8P(Mariel8abelReid)C.Ll. 109 

di Cesnola M*"" Gabrielle & Louise Irene E67 

Dick M' Harris B-Ul.Sv.Ch Park Av Hotel 

Dickerman M' George W-Uv.H'82 1426 B'way 

Dickerman MiM" Watson B (Martha E Swift) Ul. Mt. 
Ny.Cy.Ct.Bkn •'HillanddaleParm " MamaroneckNY 

61 Av Mon- 
taigne Paris 


Social Register, 

Dickerson M" Edward N Sr (Nystrom) 64 

Dickersou M' Ed NicoU-M.Sn.T.Lc.Rh.Ny.Rg.L. E 

Cn.f'n.Na.Rv.Snc.Cc.Mtw, 34 
Dickerson Mil" Jolin S (Emma RSpaulding)Ny.Ul. 22 

Dickerson MiM" John S Jr [Na. E 69 

Dickey M'Chas D-Mt.T.Cy.Dt 37E 

DickeyM-MW 37 

• Dickey MiM" Ch D Jr (Dickey-Louiae L Whitney) 

Un.K.Uv.Dt.R.Cy.H'82. .11 E 34 
Dickey M" HughT(PannieRdHKoven)Senior.473FifthAv 
Dickie MiM" Edward P (MayEHutchinK8)..GnilfordConn 

Dickinson M' Prank F Rossland British Columbia 

Dickinson M"- Mary 1002 

M" Franklin H Carter (Adelaide Dickinson) Mad 

M"" Myra Carter Av 

Dickinson MiM" Geo E (Cora Danville Stebbins) 

M.Sv. .466 Lexington Av 

Dickinson MiM" Geo Fox (Parrott) I 228 W 

Dickinson M'" Corinne | 44 

Dickinson MiM" Howard C (Agnes D Wagstafl) 

Un.Dt.Ch.Snc. .av'd Col Oct 16 

Dickinson MiM" Horace E (Nellie Poulet) .86 E 66 

Dickinson M" John (Adelaide C Jones) 29 E 

Dickinson M' Chas-Sa.Lc 61 

Dickson Mir James B (H L Williams) 

Mt.Mv.Dt.Rf.Mg.Ny. .Hotel Savoy 
Dielman MiM" Frederick (Marion Lilla Benhana) 


Dieter ff Frederic Jewett-M. Dm 

Dieterich MiM" Chas F (Sarah Hill) Mt.M 

Dieterich M' Alfred E [Col.L.S 

Digges M" Janifs McC (Emily Scrymser). 
Digges M' Charles Munro 

.362 Fifth Av 

963 Fifth Av 

955 Fifth 

Dike MiM" Camden Crosby (Jeannie D 194 

Scott) Rv. Col Hgts 
Dike ColNormanS-Uv.Uva.Ha.Rv.Br'86 Bklyn 

Dillingham MiM" Frank A (Louise Bulkley) 

Bg.Y' 91.. Summit N J 
Dillingham MiM" Chas T (Frances Coffin I J S Morgan & 
Dillingham M"" Alice [Pease) Sv. ] Co London 

New York. 

Dillingham D' Frederick H-Pa.Bd'77: . . 

Dillingham W Edwin L-Y'82 

Dillingham M" Geo W (Helena W Ayer) 
Dillingham M"*" Lucv & Helena. [La. Bg. 

Dillingham D' Thomas M-Rp 

Dillingham Rev&M" Pitt 

Dillon H' John A-C.Uv.H'64 


^26 W 
" WhiteOaks" 
Summit N J 
8 W 
63 Park Row 

Dillon Miir John Forrest-Ul.Uv.L.La.Bd.Rg.'50 = ', 
av'd Camp Oct 2. .671 Madison A V 
Dillon MiM" John Milton (Lucy Downing) 

Dke.L.Cl'89. . Westminster Hotel 

Dillon M' J St George-N N«w York Club 

Dimock MiM" Henry F-Uv.M.Mt.L.Dt.Dm.Bd. 66 W 

Dimock M- [Y'63. 37 

Dininny M' Ferral C Jr-Col.M.Lc.Na.Ny 133 

Dininny M" Ferral C W 

Dininny M""" Olga «fc Fenalina . . .• 72 

~ ~ M" av'd MaJ Oct 14 

76 Av Marceau 


7E 47 

Dinsmore MiM" Clarence Gray (Rate 
Jerome) T.Mt. 

Dinsmore M' Gray 

Dinsmore MiM" Wm B (Helen F Adams) Ny.R. 

Dinsmore M"" Madeline I [Na. Rg.Ul. 

Dinsmoie MiM" Wm B Jr (Marion de Peyster Carey) 

S.R.Ag.H'93.. Hotel Renaissance 
Ditson HiM" Chas Healy (Alice M Tappin) PI .... 17 E 38 
Divonne Ctss Ludovic de la Forest (Audenreid) . . Paris 

Dix HiM" Alfred P (Emily Carruth) 822 Madison Av 

Dix RevDiM" Morgan (EmilySoutter)G. Trinity Rectory 

M" Agnes G Soutfer [Rv.Cl'48 27 W 25 

Dixon Mill" Court!' d P (M L Polht>mus) Ha. 60 Remsen 

M-- R A Polhemns [Rh. Bkl yn 

Dixon W Ephraim W-Uv.Pl.Mt.Rh.Cy.R.Y'8l 

care T C Sloane 17 W 51 
Dixon M" Geo A (Dunton) Mt. K.C.R.Sg 15 W 

M" Wm C Dunton 49 

Dixon M' Joseph E I .(..^^r. 

Dixon M- I -^"^ ^ ^" 

Dixon MiM''WmP(EveleniiFranklinBabcock)Uv.Mt. 29 

Dixon M"- Daisy [C.L.Dt.Rg.Rh. Y'68 W 

Dixon M' William H.av'd Teut Sept 2 49 


106 Social Beoisteb, 

Doane Bi8hop&M"Wm C-Dv.Bnr'60. .29 Elk Albany N Y 

Doane W J Wesley Jr-Uv.M, Y'91 32 E 26 

-Docharty M»M" Augustus T (Emma Kearney) I ia -i? on 
MIM" Edward Kearney. . ..[M.Na.Ny.'70 | -^^^^ 
Dod Rev&M" S Bayard-AI. A. Ec. P'67 

178 Harrison E Orange 
Dodd Mir Ed Williams (Anna Bowman Blake). 

Dodd M' John [Mt.C.Dt. 

Dodd MiH" Sam C T (Melvina Fuller Smith) M 

Dodd M*- Sarah B 

Dodge M' Arthur M (late WE).DiedatWeatogueCtOctl7 

Dodge M" Arthur M (Jewell) I ook Madison A v 

Dodge M' Marshall J r^ Madison Av 

Dodge Mil" Ch C (Schieflfelin)Un.Uv.Ny.Y'60. .1 W 83 
Dodge MiM" Chas Stuart(FloraBigelow)Ot. Y'85 . . 167 E 37 
Dodge MUT Cleveland H (Grace Parish) Uv. Cal. 

Cy.Dt.C.Ct.Ny.Ag.P'79..90 Park Av 

Dodge M' Frank Phelps- Un Union Club 

Dodge Mil" Geo Egleston (Cossitt) MtG.Cy.Ct.Rg, Y'70. 

av'd Luc Sepl6&Octl6. .27 W 67 
Dodge Miir Geo P (Harriette E)Un.Sn . . .Holland House 
Dodge M' Grenville M-ULUs.Ll.Col. . Union League Club 


Dodge M' Guy Phelps-Cal.S 39 W27 

ab'd Col 

Oct 24 

Dodge M" John C 

Dodge If John H P-Cal.Ecb. Y'96 Col. 

Dodge M" Mary Majjes (Mary E Mapes) Bd 176 VV68 

Dodge H" Wm E (Melissa Phelps) Senior 

Dodge H' Norman W-Ul.Cy.Dt 

Dodge Rev David Stuart 

Dodge M" W Earle (Emmie Hariiman) 107 E 86 

- "'" ' '^'^ M'av'dCamp 

Sep 7 
262 Mad Av 

.226 Mad Av 

Dodge MiU" WmE(SHHoadley)C.Ul.Mt.Dt. 

Dodge M- GraceH [Rg.Rf.Cy.Ct.Mtw. 

Dodge M"" Mary M H. .London for winter. 
Dodge Mill" Waller Phelps (Nelson Cooke) Cal.Rv. 
A.Y'91.0x'89. .M' ab'd Aug Vic Oct 8 

M" St L Oct 21 St Stephens Club London S W 

Dolan M' Henry-Un. Nv. R 6 W 36 

Domett M' Henry W-C 120 W 21 

New Yoek. 


M'ab'd Luc Jly 4 

Argentine Legation 





35E 57 

44 W58 

11 W38 

Dominguez MiH" Vincente de 

(Helen Murphy) 

M'-aH- Isabel Murphy 

Dominick MiM" Bayard (Ella Marion Babcock) 

Dominick M"- Ethel Gardner [Mt.Ul.Rv 

Dominick M' Bayard Jr-Y'94 

Dominick HaM" Hy Blanchard (Mary Sampson) 

Pl.Mt.Rg.Rv.Rf.G.Sv.Snc. .14 W 49 
Dominick MiH" Geo F (Emma L Sparks) Ul. Rv. . . I 37 
Dominick M" Geo F Jr-Y'Cw.& Lamont-Cw.Y'96. IE 67 
Dominick M" Wm Gayer (Anne De Witt Mar- 

Dominick M"- Elsie •. [shall) 

Dominick M' Wm F 

Donahue MiM" John Vincent (Kathleen Kane) Cth. 

Hotel Majestic 
Donnell M" EzekielJ (Moore) 

DonnellM-F T... 

Donner MiM" John Otto (Julia Davidson) Un.R. 

Donner M"- Elizabeth [T. Wk. 

Donner M"" Marie B (J Otto). . .Married at Ramsey's NJ 

Franksen M' Rudolph R Sep 22 

Donnet MiM" James J C (Mary E Whitehouse) ab'd 

Doolittle M' Hiram L-Uv. Wms'69 | «„ ,3, o« 

Doohttle M' Julias T A-Uv. Y'84 | • ■'^'^ ^ ^f> 

Dore M" John (Emeline Whitney) 143 Madison Av 

d'Or^mieulx M" Theophilus (Laura Wolcott Gibbs) 

J Munroe & Co Paris 

d'Or§mieulx ff Leon F-K.Un.S.Ny 109 E 31 

Doremus MiF Ch Avery (Elizabeth Ward) Uv.Dke. I 69 

ab'dAller Jun27.av'dSepl3 W 

M"GteoWWard(JosephineHarris)&M'-HelenWard | 61 

Doremus Prof&M" R.Ogden (Estelle E Skid- 

Doremus M"" Estelle [more) Ul. Snc. 

Doremus M"" Arthur Lispenard-Na. & Thos L. 

DorninMiM" Wm C (Mary Evans) .1 309 

Dornin M" Arthur Evans & Wm C Jr-Pn.Cl'94. | W 103 

Dorr M' Henry C-C 217 W 14 

Dorsett MiM" Robt Clarence (Eliza D Macknet) Ul. I 63 

Dorsett M'- Eline [L. Col. | W 70 

Dorsheimer M" Wm (Isabella Patchin) . . 14 St Nicholas PI 

Mad Av 

106 SooiAL Rboisteb, 

Dortic M' H T 138 Champs Elys6es Paris 

Dortic M*- 9 E 47 

Dos Passes MiM" John R (Mary D Hays) L. Rp 18 

Dos Passos M' Louis Hays [Mtw. Eyb. Ay. E 66 

Doty D' Alvah H-Cal. Pn. Us Rosebank S I 

Donbleday M' S Ward-Ul. Dt. Snc 44 Wall 

Doudge MiM" Jas R-Mt. Mc. Rf. Rp. Rv .33 W 49 

Doughty Diir Francis E (Hannah M Starr) 612 

Doughty M'" Frances E. . . [Ct. Fn. Snc. Na. Madison Av 

Douglas M' Geo-Y'49 ..^g 

Douglas M" Malcolm & Montague tst oo 

M" E Douglas Stedman "^ "-* 

Douglas Rev DiM" Geo W (Cornelia deK Dickey) C. G. T. 

Mtw. Uvbl. Chch. Ty"71. .ab'd Maj Jly 1. .av'd Teut 

Sep 30. .239 Whitney Av New Haven Ct 

Douglas M" M SLeafe (Mary Sheafe) 

Douglas M- Maria S. . . . [Wra-Pu. Cl'94 

Douglas H" I Sheaf e-Pu.Cr 90 & Fred'k 

Douglas MiM" James-Eg 

Douglas M"" Naomi 

Douglas MiM" Wm P (Adelaide L Townsend) 

Un. R. Ny. Wk. Cn. Cy. Snc. Sg. .28 W 67 

Douglas MiM" Wm H-Rp 317 W 76 

Douglass M2M" Andrew E (Cornell) C. Ch. 

care C B Curtis 9 E 64 
Douglass MiM" Robt Dun-M. Mc. Ec. . . . 
Douglass M' Benj Jr-M. Mc. Uv. Ec. L . 

Douglass M' R Graham Dun 

Dow M' Frederic G-C .61 W 17 

Dow Prof Louis Married at New London 

Rumrill M"" Rebecca (Jas A) July 14 

Dow Prof&M"Louis (Rebecca Rumrill). .Springfield Mass 

Dowd MiM" William-UI. Dt. Rp Cor 62 & 

Dowd M"- Park Av 

Dowd M' Wm Babcock-Ul. Ay Union League Club 

Dowling, DiM" John W (Alice Jeanette Bliss) I q tut .ik 
Dowling M- Jane F.. [Ul. cl'°^ I 8 W 46 

B* way & 6rt 

Spuyten Duyvil 

60 High 
Orange N J 

Downing M" Augustus C-Mo. 
Downing M*". 

['84 I 

av'd Tour Oct 10 

860 Fifth Av 

Kew Yokk. 


222 W71 

51 Clinton PI 

137 W 80 

Downing MIM" Thos H (M Ida Rooney) Na Dt. 

61 bt. Marks PI New Bri^^liton S I 

Dow8 M" David Sr (Margaivt E Worct'srer) 1 E 69 

Dows Mill" David (Jane G Strahan) Ul. Mt. Ny* I .^,, t^ ^,, 

M" J H Strahan ,[Col. Ha. "^^^ ^ '^ 

Dows M' Tracy-Mt. Un* R. G. Ny. Dt. H'93 

Metropolitan Club 

Doyle H'- Pauline L 

Dovle M^ Louis F-M. Col. Ct 

Drake M' Alex W-Pl. C. G. Ct. Fn. Al. 

Drake )!'- Hilah T-Fn 

Drake MiM" Benj (Mary E Wilson) . . . 
Drake M^ Mary Hopeton & M' W W-P'97. . . 

Mochas T Stagg....: 

Drake M" Fred'k R S (Katherine Fyfe). 

Drake M'- Mabel. 

Drake M' Bertram De L & M'- Fyfe 

Drake M' Lawreni»e-Sn. Sv. Snc '. 46 W 9 

Drake M' Simeon J-Rg. Snc 

Drake M*- Alice H & Katharine H. . . 

Drake M" Craig & Clifford 

Draper M' Frank E-Ul. Bf .542 Broadway 

Draper H* G A (Gertrude Vandervoort) 

The Homestead Fish kill N Y 

Draper M' George H-Ny 89 Rue Galilee Paris 

Draper M" Henry (Anna Palmer) av'd St P Sep 5 

271 Madison Av 

.147 E38 

540 Madison Av 

Draper M"Simeon(FrancesHaggerty) 

Draper M^ 

Draper DiM" Wm H (Ruth Dana) C. 

^'Ondaora" High- 

land Fa: 

Uv. crsi 

IsN Y 

Draper M*** Martha Lincoln. . [av'd Lahn Oct 80 

Draper D' Wm Kinnicutt-C. Uv. H'85 

Draper MiM" Wm Vandervoort (Helen S Hurry)' 

*' Ondaora" Highland Falls NY 
Drayton M' J Coleman-K.Un, Wk.Fn.Ct.Php. 

P'78. .Knickerbocker Club 
Drayton M"JColeman(Charlotte A Astor)874FiftljAv ab d 
Dresser M*" Susan Le Roy . . . 
Dresser M*" Natalie Bayar(J. . . 
Dresser H*" Edith Stqyvesant. 

Morgan Harjes&Co Paris 


Social Register, 

Dresser N*ir Daniel Le Roy (Emma L Barnham) 

Sa. N y . S. Cr 89 ' 'Centre Island' ' Oy sterBay N Y 
DrewHiM-Wm H (Clara Maria Drew) 

" Drewscliflfe" Brewster N Y 
Drexel Hii" John R (Alice Gordon Troth) 

Un.Mt.K.T.Ny.Mtw.Lc.Cy.Pp.Rp.Ap.... 72 E 34 

M- lilian S Troth 

Drexel M" Joseph (Lucy Wharton) 103 Madison Av 

Driscoll M' Robert Jr-Uva.P'93 66 W 33 

Drisler Prof &M''Henry(Tyson)C. A. Ch. Dke. cr 39 

Drisler M"" Mary 

DrislerMlMTrank (Minnie Louise Childs) 
M" Henry Hudson Childs [C.Dke.Na.Ch. 

Drone M' E S-H'66 Herald OflSce 

Drummond M' I Wyman-Un.C.Lc.aS.Cl'78 . .436 W 22 

W 46 

143 E 38 

1020 Broad 
Newark N J 

10 E 68 


47 • 

Dryden HkM" Jno F (Cynthia J. Fairchild) 

Dryden M"- Susie P [E.Ec. 

Drysdale M' John M-M. Dke.Na.Y'81. . .... .111 B'way 

Duane DiH" Alex (Susan W Gait) Uv.Sp. D'78. . .49 E 30 
Duane MiM" Arthur (Julia R Drake) Cal.Cy. .Sharon Ct 
Duane M" Richard Bache (Margaret Tams) 

Duane M'" Anne Deas 

Duane M' Wm John-Uva.P'87 

Duane M' Wm North-Cw.H'92 

Duane M" A D 

Du Bois MiM" Cornelius (Katharine B Reading) 

Dn Bois M' Floy Reading [Dt.Ht.Snc. 

Du Bois M" E (Anna G Brooks) La. " Brooklawh 
Du Bois M"" Margaret 

Du Bois M' Arthur-at Harvard 

Du Bois M»M" John Elmore(Jane R Webster) So 

Du Bois M" Robt Ogden (Alice Mason^ 28 W 71 

Du Bois M' Wm A-C. Dt '. I 10 

Du Bois M"- Katharine |W 43 

Ducey Rev Thomas J 18 E 29 

Dudley M' Henry-Uv.C.Mt.Ch.Dp.Snc.Cl'ei . 
Dudley M""" Helen S, Laura F & Fannie G . . 

Dudley M' Wm Mayo ^ 

Dudley MiM" John L-Ul. Mc 

Dudley M- 

W N Brighton 

S I 

66 W67 


New Yobk. 


Dudley M' Percy S-Uv. Cl'SO 32 E 26 

Duer MiM" Beverly Chew (Sophia Lawrence Pool) 


691 Whitney Av 
New Haven 

City L I 

446 Mad Av 


143 W 86 

128 E 24 

Duer MiH''Denning(Loui8e Suydam)Sa. 

Duer H"- Caroline Suydain [Cl'Tl 

Duer M" George Rush (Helen Wight) 

Duer IT Edward Rush 

Duer IT John King-Sn 


Duer H"- Caroline King [Wk.Cr6a 

Duer M"" Alice 

Duer MiM" Wm A (Travers) Un.L. Rv.Rg.Cr69 

T)npT M*** TC9.tl19.ri HP 


Duer M" Wm (Lucy Chew) 

Duer M*- Theodora 

Duer M' John-Mfc.K.Dt.Snc.Cr69... 

MiM" C Vincent Smith 

Dn Pais MiM" Ferdinand F (Louise Pierson). '. 


Du Fais M' John-Cal.Uv.Un.Rv.Bg.H'77 

DuflF MiM''.Wm H (Grace Shaw) M.R.Lc.N . .925 Mad Av 
Duffle MiM" Arch'd Bleecker (Antoinette L Roe) 

Cal.Na...25 W63 

Duffle Rev DiM" Cornelius R 263 Lex Av 

Duffield Rev&M" Howard (Katharine N Greenleaf) 

C.P'73..12 W 12 
Duggin MiM" Charles (Emilie Bailey) 

N.ULM.Na. avdMajSepl6 

Dugro MiM" Francis A-Dm.M.Na.N 

Dugro Judge&M" P Henry (Goeller)M.Dm, 
Dahain MiM" Loais (Mary Belrose Faye) . . 
Duhain M""" M Hortense F & Marion C F 

Duhain M' Claude L 

Dulles MiM" WmJr(SopheaRhea)Uv.P'78.EnglewoodNJ 

Dun MiM" Robt G (Bradford) Ul.M.La 261 Mad Av 

Duncan MiM" A I^au^prdMe (Hunt)K. 

Knossjngtott Oakhara Eng 

.310 Mad A V 
.764 Mad Av 

41 E60 


Social Eegister, 





Duncan M&M" John Paterson (Susan Whitewright 
Duncan M*— Susan S&ElizabethW.. [Stuart) Ny.L. 

Duncan M' Stuart-^Ny . Sv 

Duncan M' Louis- Uv.U S A'8() 32 E 26 

Duncan KkM" W Butler (Jane P Sargent)Un.M.R. 
Duncan M' A Butler-Un.R.Pl. 

av'd Gasc Jly 25 av'd Etru Oct 24 
Duncan MiM" VVm B Jr (Blanche Havemever) Un.' 

Lc S.Cn.Cy.Ny.Eyb.U S N'82. Westchester N Y 

Duncan M' StHph^en-Un . K . M Union Club 

Dunham DiM" Ed Kello^ig (Mary Dows) Uv.Cl'Sl 

Irvingron-on Hudson 
Dunham W James H-Ul. etc. .av'd Maj Oct 15 
Dunham If*" Lilian, Helen, Katharine «fc Grace.. 
Dunham MiM" Geo H (Eliza Dyer) Ul Col.Ka. 

Dunham IP" Helen V 

Dunham D' The()dore-Ct.Tvb.H'85. . . 

Dunham M*" Beatri<*e 

H*- Elizabeth N Perkins 

Dunlap MiM" George L-Un . M . PI Union Club 

Dunn Mill" Thus (Hunter) Kay St 

Nev^port RI 


19 W 81 

.126 E 34 

.37 W 38 

M*" Anne Falconer Hunter 

Dunning M*" Alice 

Dunning M' Frank-Uv . P'76 

Dunning MiM" Wm P-Uv.Dt.F77 

Dunning M' William A-C 41 E 49 

Dunscombe Mill" Godfrey (Edwards- Marion Collins) 

Dv.Cy.Dt. .324 Prospect New Haven Conn 
Dupignac MiM" Frank J (Eleanor Van A Gwyer) 

Dupignac M'— Edith S & Eleanor F 

Dupignac M" Du<Uey J B 

duPont M" Henry (Louisa Gerhard)Lc 

duPont MiM" Wm~K.Mt.Dt.Ny 

duPont M*" Evelina 

duPont M' Chas J-K.Mt Knickerbocker Club 

duPont Col&M" HenrvA(Foster)K.Uv. 


duPont M*" Louise Evelina 


Wilmington Del 

Purand MiM" Harvey (Van Emburgh)Ul.M.Pl.Mtw.5W47 


near Montchanin 


New York. 113 

Durand H' Hamilton Hill- Y" 90 62 W 38 

Dnrand MiM" John Stewart (Emma Weber) Pu. YM 26 W79 

Durant IT Chas W-Ul i w qq 

Dnrant MiM" Howard xM-Ul. M.Ny.N . . . ^ ^ **" 

Durant M' W West-MtNy.S.Lc.Cn.Eyb. 

Metropolitan Club 
Durkee MiM" Aug W (Madge W Acton) Mt.Wms'eS 

500 Mad Av 

Durkee M' Eugene W-Ul.Dt.Ha 1 E 39 

Duryea M' PierrepontHalliburlon-R.Ha.Pl.RacquetCkib 
Duryea MiM" Herman B (Weld-Ellen H Winchester) 

Un.Ny.Lc. Ha . . see Boston 

Duryee r Edward H-E.Ec.Rf 30 Wash PI 

Duryee M"" A,my Newark N J 

Dnryee M' Geo Sharpe 

Died at 30 Wash PI Newark N J Oct 28 
Duryee Rev&M" Jos R (Margaret E Sloan)C.Hl. .139 E 36 

Dutton M' Wm Dalliba-Rv 1 W 69 

Duval MiM" Horace Clark (Ida Liv Krost) 

Duval M"- Julia 

M- Julia AN Clark 

Duval MiM" H Reiman(Thomas)Un.Mt.Ss.Rg.Cc. .6 E 48 
Du Villard Mq&Mqss Raymond de la Tour 

(Julia J Cliapin). .2 Cambaceres Paris 
DuVivier MiM" Clias A(Alice V Frith)M.Dt.M.C.L. 

DuVivier M*"* Louisa & Nathalie [Lt.Rf.Ct. 

Duvivier M' Chas Lf-Un.Na av'd Maj Jun 24 

DuVivier M" Edw Prith-Sv & Geo Randolph 

DuVivier M' Ed-Un.Cal.R.Ny.Lc.Mtw. 

av'd Etru Sep 27. .Union Club 

Dvriglit M' Edmund Jr Married at 116 W 82 

Allen M'- Carolyn (Elisha H) Oct. 28 

Dwiglit M' Hy Butler-Sv 146 E 35 

Dwight MiM" Edmund Jr (Carolyn Allen) Un.L. .49 W 83 

Dwiglit MiM" Jonathan oi? qa 

Dwight M" Jonathan Jr-H'80 -* ^ ^'* 

Dwight M' Stanlev-Uv.Cy.Y'76 

ab'd Luc Aug 1 . .University Club 

8 Monroe PI 



Social Register, 

103 W 65 

.Union Club 
154 Power 

.. Park Av Hotel 
B Griffin 21 E 41 

Dwight M" Geo T 

Dwight M*- Minnie T-Bd. & Julia B 

Dwight r Theodore 

Dwight M' James F-C Century Club 

D' Wolf M' Mark A-Un 

D' Wolf H' William B-Un 


Dyer M' H Anthony [Uv'60 | Providence R I 

Dyer MiM" Edward Tiflfany(EdithLaBau)Un.Cy.T.52 E34 
Dyer MIM" Elisha Jr (Swan-Sidney Turner) K. . . .5 W 32 

Dyer M' Geo Rathbone-Cal. Rv Calumet Club 

Dyer MiM" Henry L (Marv Jonea) Ul.Mt.Sv. Rv. av'dTeut 
Dyer M" Lyman 'Kflfany-H'96&GeoJones-H'99 Sep 30 

Dyer M" Henry (Anne) 16 W 50 

Dyer M' Richard N-Un, L. Ec Union Club 

Eames M' Frederick S-Un Union Club 

Earle M" Clara Noble (Clara Noble). . . 
Earle M"- Edythe & M' Curtis Noble .... 

Earle M" John H care F 

Earle M'Jos Pitman-Un.Uv. Ul. Lc. Ny. S. Dt. Br'71 . . 32 E 26 
Eastwick MiM" Geo S (Celeste Stauffer) Uv. .New Orleans 
Eastwood MiM" Jno H-E. M. Ny. Col. Ay. .Belleville N J 

Eaton Rev Arthur Wentworth .38 E 10 

Eaton Rev&M" Ch H (Emily M Stuart) B(l.'74...85 W 48 
Eaton MiM" Dorman B (Annie S Foster) Ul.C.Ct. .2 E 29 
Eaton MiM" D Cady (Young) Un.Uv.L.Dt.Y'60 

218 Prospect New Haven Ct 
Eaton MiM" Hy W (Mima Florence Griffith) 8. Lc. 

224 W End Av 
Eaton M' Sherburne Bhike-Un.Uv.Mt.Pl.Y'62. .44 Broad 
Echeverria M" Pio (Harriet A Dykers) . . . . 500 Mad Av 

Eckert MiM" Thos T-Rg ^.^ „.,,. . „ 

EckertM'ThosTJr.. •• -549 Fifth Av 

Eddy DiM" Geo Milvern (Effie Penniman) S 29 W 46 

~ _..._._ . „ „. ^.^ 

The Lindens" 
Fordham Hgts 
see addenda 

Eddy MiM" Titus E (Mary Louise Seymour) Rg. Ul 
Eddy M"" Marie Seymour & M" David L Seymour. 
Eden DiM" John H (Mary Dnggett 

Eden M"- Maude [Chidsey) Y'74 

M"- Harriet Chidsey 

New Yobk. 116 

Edey JBtM" Albert Rivington (Bosine qn -i? «« 

Edey M— Louise-* Anna R. . . . [Weidenfeld) "^ ^ '° 

Edey M' Chas C Union Club 

Edey M*M" Frederick (Sarah Birdsall Otis) Un. Mt. 

Ul. L. R. Wk. .ab'd Teat Oct 7. .114 W 55 

EdeyM' Wm S-Cal. Un. R. Cy 70 W 49 

Edgar M' Daniel-Ny. Lc New York Yacht Club 

Edgar Mil" Herman LeRoy (Alice B King) Uv. H'87 

ir ab'd Maj Oct 21 . .64 W 11 

Edgar M" Jame$ A Newark N J 

Edgar D' Jas C|ifton-C. Uv.'82 54 E 34 

Edgar M' LeRoy-Ny NY Yacht Club 

Edgar MiM" Newbold (Stracban) Un. Ny. Sg 28 E 39 

Edgar Mil" Newbold LeRoy (Marie J Manice) 


Edgar M" Wm (Elizabeth Rhinelander) oo wt qq 

Edgar M*- Lucile R & Mary N ...6^\^ dS 

Edgell MiM" Geo S (Isabella Corbin) Ul. Al. Dp. 

Dt. Ad..41E38 

Edgerley M' Clinton J-N. Na. H'82 10 W 23 

Edgerton M»M" Wright P (Fannie J Helmuth) 

C.West Point NY 
Edison MiM" T A (Mina M Miller) I "eienmoat" Llewellyn 
Edison W&W Thomas A Jr . . [Ec. P'k Orange 

Edmonds M' Walter D-Uv. Rp. Ct. Sp. Wms'74 

20 Union Sq E 
Edson DiM" Cyrus (H" Mary E Quick) Sa. Lc. 

ab'd Camp Oct 10. .20 W 48 

Edson M' Franklin 

Edson M"- <& Ethel Townsend 

Edson M" Franklin Jr, Robt S & D' Dayid O. 
Edson MiM" Jarvis B-Ny. Col. Eg 

..46 W82 
313 W 74 

Edson DiM" Tracy (Winona Charlier) Sa 

M" Elie Charlier 

Edwards M" Alfred (Mary G) Died at 68 E 10 Nov 2 

Edwards MiM" Alfred L (Arabella S Magee) 

Edwards M"" Helen Gansevoort [Y'67 

Edwards M' Duncan-P'86 

Edwards MiM" Lewis (Helen Gansevoort Magee) 

Un.. Union Club 

143 W 64 
10 Nov 2 

Sharon Ct 


SooiAL Registsk, 

.11 W47 

Edwards H" Frank Elmer-Uv . H'88 Morristown N J 

Edwards M' Gerard Morris-Cal. Lc. Ny. 8 ab'd 

Edwards M* Harriet-Bd 141 E 63 

Edwards M" Joaathan (Mary J Jay). . . 

Edwards" !*■ Laura Jay ; 

Edwards M" Ogden 

Edwards M*- Amy-La 407 Broad Elizabeth N J 

Edwards M' Pierrepont-Cw. 

Edwards M*M" J Pierreporit (Waterbary)Un,Cy. .12 E46 

Edwards M" Walter (Camilla Leonard). . I ^^.q t, ..q 

Edwards M'WmH Leonard | i<^» i^ «» 

Eggleston MiM" Ed (Prances E Goode) C. A. Hotel Majestic 
Eggleston MIM" Geo Gary (Marion Craggs) Hot^l de L' 
Eggleston D' H VVardner. . ..[Rf.A.Sv.So. Ath6nee Paris 
Eggleston MiM" Richard Hy (Emilie PioUet) 

Rg. Na. Lc. RV..69E55 
Eggleston MiM" James (Amelia A Ells) L Dennis PI 

Eggleston M*"* Frances I & Kate E Orange N J 

Egleston MiM" David S (Hawlev)Un.C.Mt.Ny.Dt. .8 E35 
Egleston MiM" Melville (Dunbar) Uv.Sa.Rp.Ll. 

L.Bg.Wm8'70. .707 Broad Elizabeth N J 
Egleston M'Thos-C. G.CrCw.Rv..avdEtru 

M" John McVickar [Sep 27 

M*" M McVickar 
Egleston MiM" Wm C (Ella L Bates) Un.Mt 

Y'61..av'd Spree Oct 14.. 19 W 56 

Eglinger M'Carl-KM.Dt.Dv 152 W 49 

Ehninger M" John W (Katherine S Beach) 

av'd Teut Sep 2. .69 Irving PI 
Eidlitz MiM" Cyrus L W (Jennie L Dudley) Un. 343 W 

Eidlitz M"- Carol Dudley [Lc.R.T.La. Ag. 86 

Eidlitz M' Leopold-C 

Eidlitz M'--Bd.&M'- Julia T 309 W 89 

Eidlitz M' Leopold Jr-Na.R.Eg. . . 

Eidlitz MiM" Ernest Fd'k (Carrie L Seaman) 112 E 73 

Elbert M' Wm N-Sa.Rp 328 W 67 

Elder MiM" Geo W (.Ellen T Cadwill)Un.Sa. . . .12 Lex Av 

Elderkin MiM" J no (Helen L Reed) Ul.Lt 160 W 83 

Eldridge MiM" Fred L (Bettie T Barret)Cal.H'82. .102E26 

36 Wash Sq 

New York. 


care E St George 
Dobbs Perry 
Union Club 

Eldridge IT Channcey 

EldridgeM'- Marion 

Eldridge M' Hnnry F-Un.Cal.Rv .... 

Eldridge M' Wm T-Un.Cal.Tvb. Union Club 

Eldridge M' John S-H'72 Harvard Club 

Eldridge M' Lewis A- Wk.R Hempstead L I 

Eldridge M" Thos P (Julia Ostrom) « w qa 

Eldridge M'~' Louie D & Grace -* w dO 

Eldridge M' Dudley J 8 W 29 

Eldridge MkM" Walter Norman (Anna de L Neill). 

Sa.Cr83..75 E 64 
Elin MiM" Geo H A ( Jacob) . "Leahoe" HertfordHerts Eng 

Eliot D' Ellsworth Jr-Uv. Y'84 48 W 36 

Eliot M' Geo E Jr-Uv. Y'86 32 E 26 

Elkins MiM" Stephen B (Hallie Davis) 

Ul.Mt.Rp. .1437 R 1 Av Wash DC 

Elliman IliM" Franklin-Sn.Na St Nicholas Club 

Elliot M"- 138 E 40 

Elliot MiM" D G (Henderson) C. Rf .Cw. 

Elliot M- Margaret H 

Elliot HiM" Duncan (Sallie J Hargous) Un.Uv.Mt. 

Ny.Cy.K.R.Pl.Wk.Cr84.. Westchester N Y 

Elliot M"- Alice May 

Elliot M*- Sallie Duncan 

Elliott MiM" Frederic B (Susan Scott) Ul. C 

Elliott M" James (Martha L Armstrong) 

Elliott M" Percy D, Norman C & Richard Aston 
Elliott MiM' John Geo (Aline Dick6rson)Col.Mc. 

Elliott M' Samiiel-Mt.Pl Metropolitan Club 

Ellis M' Geo W-Uv.Dke.Na.' 68 173 Fitth Av 

Ellis M" John Stoneacre (JuliaLWaterbury) "EUislea" 
Ellis HiM" A Van Home (Annie M Hunter) Westches- 

Cy.Ny. ter 

Ellis M' Joh n Washington- Dl . Dt 

Ellis M' Ralph N-K.Uv.Ny.S.R.Lc 22W67 


Ellis MiM" Rudolph-Un.Mtw Union Club 

Ellis M" Sam'l Corp (Eliza Van Home) 

"Los Alamillos" Mills College Cal 

.147 W12 

.. .9E10 
Rv..24 W88 
244 W72 

118 Social Register, 

Ellis MiM" Wm D-TJl,Col.Rp.Rv.Na.Lc. 

r ab'd Tour Jly 11 . 48 W 57 

Ellis M' Wm Struthers-Un Union Club 

Ellsworth MIM" Duncan Stewart (Jane A Hutchinson) 

Cal.R.Ny.Jkl.Lc.Y'92..ab'dEmp JapAag24Japan 
EUsworth MiM" James W (Fincke-Julia M Clarke) 

AI.C.G.M.Mt.P1..1820 Mich Av Chicago 

Ellsworth M' John Magee-Cal.Ny.Lc Calumet Club 

Ellsworth MiM" Wm Webster (Helen Yale Smith) 

Pl.ALG.Bd.. The Nevada 
Elmendorf M' DwightLathrop-Rv.Hl.F88. 

Elmendorf M' John Barker-Rv.Hl . . 

Elmendorf Rev DiM" Joacbim (Bull) HI. 35 Mt Morris Av 

Elmendorf M' John A-Hl.Rv .68 W 51 

Lenox Av 

.201 E68 

Elmer M"RobtP-Sp.,Ricli'dA-Na.&ChH-Na 
Elsworth MiM" Edward (Ada Sloane) 

R.M.Sn.Na.Rv.Hl. .32 E 62 
Elwell MiM" F Edwin (Molina M HUdreth) 

Ny.Bd. .7 Rue Scribe Paris 

Elwyn M"* Elizabeth L (Rev Alfred L) Married Sep 2 

Langdon M' Woodbnrv at Portsmouth M H 

Elsworth MiM" Edward-M.' 34 E 62 

Ely DiM" Albert H (Maude L Merchant) Uv. Y'85.47 W56 
Ely MiM" Alfred (Helena Rutherfurd) Uv.S.Ad. 

Ll.Rv.Aht'74.av'd Bret Oct 27.175 Second Av 
Ely M*- Lillie Page, .ab'd Teut Jly 18 av'd Sep 30 

care H A Page South Orange N J 

Ely M" Geo B (Caroline E Boies), 
ElyM'—SarahM, ElizabethL&Mary Boies 

Ely M' Arthur H-Ll. Y'76 

Ely M' Edward F-Uv.Br'79 

Riverside Av 
cor 85 


Ely MiM" Geo W (Frances A Wheeler) 

Ely M- Agnes M [N.L.Bd. W. 

Ely V Leonard W-Na .'.... 

Ely MiM" Henry B (Lilian E Kissam) 

Na.Ch. Ad.Cl'88. .23 W 26 
Ely DiM" John Slade (Grace G Taylor). . . m, wta 

ElyM' JohnC fC.Y'Sl ■••■^^ ^ ^^ 

T51y MiM" James R-Ul.M.Dt.W.S.Na.Uv.Y'82. ..104 E 38 

ab'd Teut Jlv 15 

av'd Maj Oct 14 

32 W88 

New York. 119 

Ely M" Rich S (Caroline Ingersoll)La. . Buckingham 

Ely M'- Maud IngersoU Hotel 

Ely M' Richard Fenwick.av'd Maj Sep 16 

304 Welch Hall New Haven Ct 

Ely M' Smith-C.M.Mc.Rv.Cw 

Ely MiM" Wm H (Josephine Rogers) 

Ely-Goddard M' Ely-Un .Union Club 

.47 W57 

43 W 49 
Mad Av 

Embury M" James W (Brett) 

Embury M"^ Enima C & Susan A 

Emerson DiM" John Haven(Tompkins)C.Cl'60.81 
Emerson MiM" JohnW(MaryRHall)Ny.Rv.Eyb...70 W 46 
EmersonMiM"WKBopd(Maria H Furman)Un. Ay . 47 W19 
Emerson Mill" Nath'l W (Susan Key Bond) 

U1.CC...293 Lenox Av 
Emery M' Chas G-M.Ny. .ab'dLucOct24. Manhattan Club 

Emery MiM" John J (Lela Alexander)L.T.Hf 5 E 68 

Emerv JRM" John R-Mg.E Morristown N J 

Emery MiM"Livingston(PollvC Pratt)Ll. Rv. 

370 Greene Av Bklyn 

.20 Fifth A v 

Emery MiM" William Edgar— Ul.Mc. 

Emery M*" May 

Emilio MiM" Luis F (Mary Elizabeth Belden) 

Ul.Us.Sv.L1..29 W47 

Emmet M' C Temple ( Wm) Married Oct 28 

Chanler M*"Alida(lateJWinthrop) at Barry town 

Emmet MiM" C Temple (Alida Chanler)Sa.Barrytown NY 

Emmet DiM" Bache McE (Monson) C.Rg.Ct 18 E 30 

Em met M' Charles-Mt Metropolitan Club 

Emmet MiM" Devereux (Ella Batavia Smith) 

R.Cr8B. '' Sherrewogue-' St James L I.ab'd 

Emmet M' Edward Fitz Gerald-Ct.Pl.Cv 1 W 30 

Emmet M'"ElizabethLeRoy . WeymanAvNewRochelleN Y 
Emmet MiM" Henry C (Marie Louise Case) Rg.Mt. .4 E 41 
Emmet MiM™ Herman Leroy (Alice W Johnson).. 102 E 36 
Emmet M' Richard St(¥5kton-Ul.Dt. 

Emmet M*" Elizabeth LeRoy 

Emmet M' Grenville T~H'98 

Emmet MiM" Wm Temple (Cornelia B Zabriskie) 

Mt.Ct.DtCr91. ,New Bochelle N Y 



N Y 


Social Register, 

Emmet MiM" Richard Stockton Jr (Mary L Olyphant) 

Pelham Road New Rochelle N Y 
Emmet MiM" Robert Temple (Helena Phelps) 

Uv.Ny.Ag.USA'77. .New Rochelle N Y 
Emmet DiM"Thomas Addis (Kate Duncan) 

Emmet M'- Kathleen 

Emmet D' J Dimcan-Sa.Pl &M' Thos A Jr 

Emmet M' Robt (¥ Thos Addis) Married Nov 26 

Garland M*" Louise (Jas A) at N Y 

Emmet MiM" Robt (Louise Garland)H'93..po 259 Mad Av 

Madison Av 

398 Pelham Av 
New Rochelle NY 

1721 H 
Wash D C 

109 E 18 

Emmet MiM" Wm J (Pierson). 
EmmetM'^Lydia Pield&Jane Erin 

Emmons M' Alfred Page-H'90 '. 15 E 38 

Emmons MiM" Arthur B (JuliaWParish)Uv.Rf.C.114E30 
Emmons MiM" Hamilton (Marian Irving Van Buren) 

Fishkill N Y 
Emmons MiM" J Prank (Cooke) Ul. . . .New Brighton S I 

Emmons M' Sam P-Mtw. C. Uv. H'61. 

M'" Markoe 

Emmons M" Sam'l P (Sophie Markoe) 

Died at Atlantic City N J Jun 19 
Emory Com&M"William H-Un.Ny.Mtw. 

11 Av Malakoflf Paris 
Emott MiM" Charles C (Lelia C Tuckerman) Uv. 
EmottM' James Tuckerman~H'95. .• rCc.H'70 
Endicott M'" M C. .care M' Chester H Davis.. Tuxedo N Y 
Endicott MiM" Robert (Seward) Un.Rv.Cw.Ch. . 110 E 19 

Enell M' Geo A-Na.Eg Hotel Savoy 

Englis M' Charles M-Mt.Dt Metropolitan Club 

English MiM" Geo W (Emily M Crawford) 

Lt.Col.Rp.Na..30 W83 
Eno M' Amos P-C.M.Ul.Dt. 

Eno M' Amos R 

Eno DiM" HyC(NellieLane)Uv.C.G.Lc.S.Ct.Y'60 
Eno MiM" Wm Phelps (Alice Ratlibone) Y'82. . 

Eno M' Henry Lane-Uva. Y'94 

Enos MiM" Alanson Trask (Jeanneite L Taylor) 

Dl.Uv.P'78. .Englewood N J 
Enos M*-** Bessie&Naialie.^Littlefarm" White PlainsNY 
Erben Adm 130 E 44 

Fifth Avenue Hotel 

109 E 21 

New Yobk. 


Rye NY 

Newport R I 

Erdman lliM"AlbertWm(VirginiaC Wilson). ShortHillaNJ 
Erhardt MiM" Joel Benedict (Nora Bell av'd Saale 

Jewett) Ul.Sn.Sp.Ll.Dt.Rp.Snc. Aug 30 

M' Thos Jewett Hallo well 1 25 E 67 

Ernst M' J Engene-Un Union Club 

Erving MiM" John (CorneliaVanRensselaer) 

Erving M"- [Ul.H. 

Erving M' John Langdon-Snc.Rv.Ct 

Erving M" Shirley .24 Kay 

Erving M' Wm Van Rensselaer-S. Cw. 

Port Orange Club Albany 

Erwin M' Robert Gallaudet-Un Union Club 

Esler MiM" Frederic B (Lemist) Mt.Pl.L.Pn'72 

Metropolitan Club, see addenda 

Essex Earl & Countess (Adele Grant) ab'd 

Est6 Major Wm M-H'52.Cc 27 W 44 

Euslis M' Jas B-Mtw 

Eustis M"- 

Eustis MiM" George 
Eustis MiM 

U S Embassy 
24 Av Kl§ber 


ab'd St L 
Sep 2 
Peabody-K. Mtw . . 
Wm Corcoran (Eustis) K.Ny.Mtw 

Washington D C 
Evans MiM" Benjamin Franklin (Harriet Mad Av 

Cassard Bonbright) N. Morristown 

Evans M' Ja8on-Y'93 N J 

Evans M" Cadwalder (Lena B Corse). 

EvansM— LC&EC 

EvansM'CalebG-M.Av.Lc.Ny. .av'dMajAugl?.. . .1W34 

Evans M' Chas B-N NY Club 

Evans M' Fred'k Jr-E.Bg.P'86. .40 Park PI Newark N J 
Evans MiM" Frank G (Alice Maud Chapin) Na. .30 W 63 
Evans MiM" Hv (MaryRolandLopez) M.L.Ha. .20FifthAv 

Evans M' Hartman K.uhn-Un. Uv.'79 Union Club 

Evans M' Joe-Pl.C Players Club 

Evans M' Thomas Grier-Uv.G.Rv.Snc. Y'74 

av'd StLOctl8..32E26 

Evans MiM" Thomas W-M 648 Fifth Av 

Evans MiM" Rob D-Uv.M.L.Rg.Ny.Mtw.USN'63.32 E26 

Evans M' William H-Rf.H'90 233 Fifth Av 

Evarts MiM" Maxwell (Margaret Allen Stetson) 



Social Register, 


Sec Av 

25 W39 

Fifth Av 

Evarts M' Allen W-Un.TJv.C.Dt.Mtvv.Y'69. ..Union Club 
Evarts MiM" Wm M (Wardner) Un.Uv.C.Rp. 
Evarts M"- Mary [Y'37 

M" C D Scudder (Evarts) 

Evarts Mil" Sherman (Alioe fl Cock) Uv.PLDt.G. 

Evarts Rev&M" Preacott (Emily C P Conover) Uv.H'81 
Zion Rectory Wappingei's Falls N Y 

Everett M' A Leo-H'95.Cli'92 7 W 26 

Everett W Ed-K.Un.Cal.Pb.Cyb.Exb.Ecb. . . See Boston 
Everett MkM" Hy W (Ella Waite Truman) Ul.Rv.48 W 39 
Ewart MiM" James M (Kate K Talbot) Ch . . . . ojq w-rft 

M- Gertrude Talbot ^4.-J w 70 

Ewart r»M"Richard H (Talbot) Mt.C.Rg.Mc.La. 

Ewart M' Talbot 

Ewell M" John Newton (Jennie K Stout) . . , 
Ewell D' Douglass-Rg.Pu.Cl'88 

Mill" DeWitt Parshall (Carrie Ewell) . . , 

Ewing MiM" BernardM(Loui8eDixon)Mc Wyckoff N J 

Ewing DiM" William A-Bd.Na 134 W 58 

Eyre r Edward-Dt.Ny 67 Mad Av 

Fabbri M'Ernesto G (lateEmestoG) . . Married at Scarboro' 

Shepard M"- Editii (late Elliott F) Oct 20 

Fabbri MiM" Ernesto (Edith Shepard) care 2 W 52 

Fabbricotti M" Addle A 208 Madison Av 

Fachiri MiM"Pandelli Y (HaricldeRalli)N.Rg. 272 

Fachiri M'" Caterina Madison 

Fachiri M" Antonio & Alexander Av 

Fachiri M' P A-N.M. .av'd Camp Sep 7. . . 

Fachiri M' E A-N 

Fachiri M' Theodore Died at Liverpool Sep 24 

Fahnestock MiM" Gibson (Andrews) fflt. Rg. 

1 1 Via Gaeta Rome Italy 
Fahnestock MiM" Harris C (McKlnlev) Un. Ul. 

Fahnestock M' Wm-Mt.R.Ul.C.Rf.L.Ct. 
Fahnestock MiM" Harris (Mabel Metcalf) Mt.Rg. 

H'92..170 W59 

.N YClub 




New Yobk. 


Faile Mil" Chas V (Sarah Chester Cmne) Ul. 

Faile H'- Jane Rutherford 53 W 49 

Faile IT Malcolm Barrel 

Faile M' Thos H-P'46 45 South 

Fair M* Virginia 1 E 57 

Fairbanks M' Hy P-H'94 .40 W 36 

Fairchild M- 

M"- Bryant 

Fairchild W Benj T-Ul. Lt. Ct. 

.... 39 Rue Galil6e Paris 

Na. Rv. Lc. Fn. 

Ag. .274 Fifth Av 

..103 E 15 



.56 W 65 

Fairchild M' Charles-Uv.C.H'SS. . . 

MiM"Seldon Bacon (Sally B Fairchild) 

Fairchild Mill" Chas S(Lincklaen)Uv.Mtw. 


M' Geo S Ledyard 

Fairchild MiM" Horace J (Maria L Stiles) 
Fairchild M"- Edith H & Christine M. . . 

Fairchild M' Arthur Stiles-Ct 

FaircJiild MiM" Samuel VV (Emily J Tappen) Ul.Sn. 

Na. Rv. Ag.La . . . Sedwick Av Kingsbridge N Y 

Fairfax M' Albert 218 E 17 

Fairfax MiM" Hamilton R (Eleanor C Van Rensselaer) 

Fairfax MiM" Lindsay (Grace Bradford) Un. 

ab'd Fst Bk Oct 15 



Falconer MiM" Wm H (Margaret C McLean) Ul. Snc. 

Falconer M*"* Elizabeth Be H & Sara Louise 

Falconer M' Bruce McLean 

Fales M' Gustavus Jr 

Fales M' Le Roy-Ny 

Fales M' Warren R-Ny 

Fales M" Haliburton Senior (E). . 
Fales M' Halibarton-Un.Uv.Cr72 
Fallows MiM" Edw'd Huntington (Jnlia H Kittredge) 

Ad.Ll.Aht'86..40 W93 
Falls M" D C (Georgiana F Gassner) 
Falls W DeWitt Clinton-Sv. Rv . . . . 

Fancher Judge Enoch L 

MiM" W Ham'n Harris(Grace F NicoU) 

Pawtucket R I 

383 Fifth Av 

...Park Av Hotel 

141 Madison 


Social Registeb, 

Fanning MiM" Wm J (Annie Ashman) M. SinclairHotel 
ir- Anna Cochrane. .[L.Dm.Cth.N'73 Bwav 

Panshawe M'-&M'- Lena 212 W 46 

Panshawe MiM" Hy A (M Louise Davies) Mo. 

Elm St Morristown N J 
Panshawe MiM"HyE(Bryce EUenHopkins) 38 Macculloch 
M'~'EllenL-Mg.<&MarieGBryce.[Mo.L. Av Morris- 

M' James Bryce town N J 

Panshawe MiM" Wm S (Jessie Jerome) Cy. . . 126 

Panshawe M""* Jessie, Mabel & Julia Fifth Av 

Pargis M' Am6d6e C 342 W 67 

Fargo M" James C (Fannie Stuart) 

Died at Raquette Lake N Y Aug 30 

Fargo M' Jas C-Ct.Ch 66 Park Av 

Fargo MiM" James Francis (Jane Lindley King) 

M- M F King [Uv.Sa.Rv.Wm8 79 

- - - (Mi " "■ 

E 37 

.122 E 37 

Fargo MiM" Wm Congdell (May S Preston). 

Fargo M'- Helen [Uv.Na.Rv. Wms'78 

Fargo M' W Preston 

Farlee MiM" G W (Lizzie Opdyke) P'51 ' ... 50 W 46 

Parlee M' Robt D-L.Na.Rv. 
Farlee M' Geo Reading-Na . 
Parley M' Gustavus Jr-U».C.Ny.Dt.Rv. 

1425 Broadway 

Union Club 
Parley MiM" Philip H (Mary V Andrews) PI. 1 51 

Parley M'" Pelina Second Av 

Parnam MiM" Charles H (Alia M Davies) Uv.Uva. 

PI. Y' 68. .The Buckingham 
Parnam MiM" Wm Whitman (Susan P Strong) C.Uv. 

Y'66. . " Windycott" New Haven Conn 

Pamham M' ET Elizabeth N J 

Parnham M" Horace P (Eliza P Gary) 
Parnham M" George H 

..166 W 68 

Farquhar M' Wm Joslyn-H'91 18 W 45 

16 Lexington 

Short Hills N J 

Parr MiM" James M (Dunton) Ec.Dt 

Parr M' James M Jr-P'90 

Parr MiM" Jno (Bartow) Uv. Dt.Bg.P'79 

Parr MiM" T H Powers (Harding) Uv. Ec.Dt. Bg. 

P'81..We8tOrangeN J 

Farragut M' Loyall-Uv. C. LI. U S A'68 113 E 36 

Farrand M' Livingston-Ct. P'88 121 E 30 

New York. 


Farrelly MiM" Stephen-M.Cth.Pnp.Ap 160 W 59 

Farrington M' Harvey P-Ul. Sa. Y'86 Croton on- 

Pamngton MiM"H(LuoyEliot Grigg8)Ul.Y' 86 Hudson 
Fassitt MiM" John Barclay(Scranton-Amelia "761 

H^ Amelia Ely Scran ton .... f A Ely)N . W End Av 

Pawcett M' Edgar-Un. CI' 67 Union Club 

Faxon M' Wm Bailey-C 162 W fi7 

66 W 56 

see Boston 

Fay M*- Amy 

TYay Pierce 

Fay MiM" Hy H (Ida Garland) La 

Fay M' James H-K .L.Ch Knickerbocker Club 

Fay M' J S Jr-K Knickerbocker Club 

Fay MiM" Sigourney W (Delia Fav)Ul.Mc.Pl. . .35 W 50. 
Fa ye MiM" James J (E Henriette Graves) 

Ul.M.Na.Ny.Cn.S.Lc.Cy.Snc. Sands Pt LI 
Fearing M' Chas F-Un.Ss.Pl.Mt.Rv.H'63 

ab'd StL Jly 15. .av'd StP Oct 17. .Union Club 
Fearing MiM" Dan B(H€nrietta I Strong)Un.M.Cal.Mt. 

Ny.G.Pl.Smb.Tvb . H'82 . MorganHarjes&CoParis 
Fearing MiM" Geo R (Travers) Un.K.Mt.Ny. Newport 
Fearing M'GeoR Jr-K . avdGerAug26. [La. CI' 60 R I 
Fearing MiM" Wra H(GertrudeLea)Un.T.Mt, 
Fearing M" Jos Lea-Ad & Wm H Jr-Ad 
Fellowes MiM" Cor's (Griswold-Whitney) 

Fellowes M' Cornelius Jr-Bg [Un.Ss. 

Fellowes M"- Harriet D Hotel Albert 42 E 11 

Fellowes MiM" Birney (Henrietta Lonsdale) Un. . .39 E 10 

...7 E43 

62 Mad Av 

68 Whitney Av 
New Haven Ct 

139 Mad Av 

Fellowes MiM" F Wayland (McConn)C. 
Fellowes M*" Meta Van Rensselaer. [Rf. 

Fellowes M" Wm (Eustace) 

Fellowes M"- Harriet D. 

Fellows MiM" Jas Waite (Coddington-Alma L Morgan) 

M.Ny.Sn Snc..344 W 88 
Fellows M' Rich Christian-Sn.C.N.M.ab'd.BelvidereNJ 
Fellows M" W Gordon-K.Uv.Mt.Ul.T.Cy.Ny.R.A.H'82 
ab'd July l.av'd Maj Sepl6.KniclierbockerClub 

Fellows M" Wm M (Laura Mease) 66 W 67 

Ferdon MiM" Wm (Agnes M Beach) Cal. Mtw. Cl'77 

J S Morgan & Co London 
Ferguson DiM" Farquhar (Juliana Armour) 20 W 3P 



PerKoaon W Hy A-C 215 W 64 

Pergnson D' James P-M.U8.Ll 168 Lex Av 

Perguson IT R H Mnnro-Cal.Ec Calumet Club 

Pergason M' Thomas B-Un.Mdbl.Mtw US 

Pergnson !'■ E G Legation 

Pergnson M"! Dii B.SamW&JnoS InAmerica Stockholm 
Perguson Mill" Walton-UI. Eg. Dt.Ct.Ny. S. Rg. Stamford 

Ferguson M' Walton Jr-Ny Conn 

Ferrer B' Jos6 M-Uv. '76 32 E 26 

Ferriday M' H McKeen-Rf .16 E 32 

Ferris M"- Lillian (late If E H) Married at 38 W 36 

Floyd-Jones M' Wm Nov 17 

Ferris MiM" Floyd (Bertha B Allen) Rg 128 W 69 

Ferris Mill" Morris Patterson (Mary Lanman Douw) L. 
Rv.Dp. fja.Cw. Ag. Wt.488WarburtonAvYonkersNY 

Pessenden M' James D-Mt Metro po itan Club 

Fesser M" Edward Sr (Antonia E Lentilhon) New 

Fesser M'— Emilie L & Edith P Brighton 

Fesser M" Francis & Edward SI 

Festicis de Tolna Ct&Ctss Rodolphe(EllaHaggin). absent 
Pfoulkea MiM"Edw C(GeorgiAnna Alley).. 1426 Broadway 

Picken M' H Edwards-Ny.Na .61 Clinton PI 

Fiedler MiM" Edw C (Eliza Winthrop Carville)Mt. I 60 

Fiedler M*- Constance L | W 39 

Field MiM" Cortlandt de Peyster (Virginia Hamerslev) 

Snc. Cr69..2rE26 

Meld M" Cyrus W (Susan M Andrews) 183 W 76 

Field M" Ed Morse (Clara Lindley) 

Walden Pt Montclair N J 

Field M' Ed G-M. R Manhattan Club 

Field MiM" Franklin Clinton (Elizabeth Fitch) 566 

Field M"- Louise Clinton Park Av 

Field M" M Augustus (Prances P Bradhurst) 

Field M- Mary 14 W 36 

Field M' Augustus B-Dp. Rv. CI' 

Field Justice&M" Stephen J 21 I N W Wash D C 

Field MiM" Th Pearsall (Emma Beadleston)Cy.Rv.l28E34 
Field MiM" Maunsell Bradhurst (Elizabeth E Billinge) 

Rothschild Bros London 

New York. 


Field HiM" Wm Hildreth (Charlotte E Miller) 

Field M" Wm Hazard (Augusta Bradhnrst) | 

Field M-- Mary Pearsall . .8 W 37 

Field M' Wm B Osgood-Rv. Stv'94 | 

Findley M' William L-Ul. L. Rv. Rp 27 E 63 

602 W B'way 
Louisville Ky 

Fifth Av 

Fink IT Albert-Un. C 
Fink M-, 

Finlay M' Geo D-T 18 Broadway 

Finlay MIF Hy P (Josephine Murphy) Dt.Col.Dv. | 251 

Finlay M' Henry J | W75 

Finney M' Newton S-Un. Jk 917 

Finney W^ A F§licite «fc Georgiana Melton Seventh Av 
Firth MiM" John (Emilie SLesher)Ec. ' ' HeatonGrange" 

M" C S Van Norden Montrose 

M' R L Van Norden S Orange N J 

Fischer MiM" Chas P (Margaret Skiddy) 
M' Frederick H Von Stade. .[Un. W. Dv 

Fish M' Frederick P-Uv. Un. L. H'76 

Fish MiM" Hamilton (Emily Mann) Un. Mt. Cl'69 

" Rocklawn" Garrisons N Y 
Fish MiM" Nicholas (01§mence S Bryce) C. Uv. I 53 
Sa. Mt. Dt. L. PI. Uva. Snc. T. CI' 67 Irving 

Fish M' Hamilton Jr-Ul. Snc | PI 

Fish MiM" Stuyvesant (Marion G Anthon) Un. Sa. Mt. 

Cy.Dt.Rg.Pl.Snc.So.Chc.Cr71. .20Gramercy Pk 
Fish M' Latham A-Ny. Us. Dt. LI. Jkl. Eyb. 

123 Joralemon Bkh'n 

Fisher M' Archibald J-Un Union Club 

Fisher MiM" C Warren-Na 47 E 76 

Fisher MiM" H Greene Bronson (Blackinton) I 898 Madi- 
M'-&M'- M ABlackinton. . [R. Rg. Rp. Unb. | son Av 

Fisher M- 

Fisher D' Edward D-Uv. Ul. Al Dke. '76. . . . 
Fisher M' Nathaniel C-Uv. Ul. Alb. Cw. Y'81 

Fisher M' Harris B-Dke. Cw. Sv 

Fisher M*- Mary A 148 St Ann's Av 

Fisher M' Thomas R-Sa.Lc.Rf.Dm.Na.. St Anthony Club 
Fisk D' ArthurLyman-Rf.Tvb.H.Y*83.careRAbbel3W50 


128 SociAE, Register, 

Pisk M" Clinton B Senior (JenetteACrippen) 

Pisk M" Clinton B 176 W f)8 

M- Edgar Park (Pisk) 

Pisk MiM" Pliny-M. Mt. L. Nv. Uva. P'81. 

M' av'd St P Jly 16. .Plainfield N J 
Pisk M" Samuel A (Harriet B Bininger) ... 

M"- Elizabeth R Mellen 144 E 36 

HiM" Prancis U Paris (Nina Perry Pisk) 

Piske M' Amos Kidder-Uv. C. H'66 11 W 22 

Piske Mill" Haley (Marione Cowles Cnshman) 

PI. Dp. La. Col. Ct. G. Ch . .59 W 70 

Piske ir Josiah M (Smith) Bd 884 Pifth Av 

Piske M' Stephen-Lt 10 E 28 

Piske M' Josiah M-Ny. Mo. Mg. Sv 101 W 81 

Pitch Dili" Allen (Adelaide A Brown) M 152 W 34 

Pitch Hon&M" Aslibel P (Elizabeth S Cross) 

Pitch M"- Bessie C . . . . [M. Mt. Dv. Rv. Mtw 18 E 80 

Pitch M' Ashbel P Jr 

Pitts MiM" Wm Baldwin (Mary Howard Butler) 

Cal.Cv.Al.Pn. .143 E 36. .M' care MorganHarjesParis 

Pitzgerald M' Delano S-Un Union Club 

Pitzgerald Gen&M" Louis (Verplanck) Un.Uv.Mt. 263 
Pitzgerald M- Adelaide. . . .[Us.Ll.L.Wk.Cw.P 76 Lex 

Fitzgerald M' Louis Jr-Na Av 

Pitzgerald M'" Geraldine (Louis) Married at N Y 

Adee M' Ernest R (late Geo T) Nov 24 

Plagg M' Elisha 2d-Cal. Uv. H'87 Calumet Club 

Plagg DiM" Jared B (Josephine Bond) Ul. . . . 

Plagg M' Ernest-Ch 

Plagg MiM" John Hy (L Peachy Jones) Dl. . 
Plagg MiM" Thos J (Helen Kennedy) PL 
Plagg M' Mortimer Kennedy 

M'" Emily Kennedy 

Plagg MiM" W AUston (Anna Davis Robins) 

Un. Mo. La. Mg. Bg. .Morristown N J 

Plagg M' Wm J-Uv. Rf. Y'40. . . 80 Madison Av 

Plagler MiM" Henry M-Ul. Lc. Ny. Ay 

Plagler MiM" Hy Harkness (Annie Louise 

Lamont) Lc. 

253 W 42 
114 W 68 

.22 W86 

Pifth Av 

New York. 

Flanagan HLM" James. 
Flanagan M' Clinton. . 
Flanders M"- Emily L. 
Fleischman M"" Amelie . 

.53 W39 

. Nice France 



10 Rue Adelaide Nice France 
Fleitman MiM" Wm M (lida M Heinze) Dt. Na. . .3 W 38 
Fleming Col&M" J E (Isabella Penn Smith) 28 James 
Fleming M"- DilIieLewisSmith.[E.Ec.Lt.Ll. Newark NJ 
Fleming MiJT MattliewC(Angeline Wilson)?' 86. 44lPkAv 

Fleming M' Robt B-L. Rp Y'76 

Fleming iT Wm E 

M' W E F Moore- Y'97 

Fleming MiM" Wm G (Florence Bartlett). 43 E 67 

Flinsch M' Rudolf E F -R. Ct. Dt 33 W 39 

Flint l&ir Austin(ElizabethMcMaster)C.Na.Pl 

Flint M'- Annie 

Flint M' Sherman 

Flint DiM" Austin Jr (Marion Wing) C .' .18 E 46 

Flint MiM" Chas Ranlett (Simmons)^Un.S.Mt.Rg. T. 

R.Ss.Ny.I)t.Lc.L.C.Cy. .4 E 36 

Flint M" Edward E (Cora Buhl Strong) , Am:, on 

Flint M'- Helena 109Jii39 

Flint MIM" Fred W (Alexandre-Lizzie S de Visser) 

N. Ny. R. Lc. S. Na. .42 W 69 

Flint DiM" Wm H (Hay) Uv. Cor' 74 Montecito Cal 

Flower MiM" Anson R (Ida Babcock) 

Mt. M. Rg. Dm. Ch. L..500 Madison Av 
Flower MiM" JohnD(AbbieCB allard)M. L. Lt. Dm 

Flower M" Mary A 

Flower M' N M-Y'96 

Flower MiM" Roswell P (SarahM Woodruff) 

Flower M' Frederic S-M. Cy. R [M. 

Floyd MiM" Aug(EmmaRCooper) Rv.Snc 

Floyd M' Rolf e-H' 95 

Floyd M' John Gelston-C. Snc. Dt. Dp. 

Floyd M-- Rosalie D 

Floyd M' William-P'94 

Floyd MiM" NicoU (Cornelia DuBois) La.. Garden City LI 
Floyd MiM" Nicoll Jr (Margaret Otis Pott) 

Snc. Rv . . Garden City L I 


597 Fifth Av 



.117 E 25 


Social UEOtstEtt, 


..144 "B 3^ 
11 W ^"^ 

Pisk M" Clinton B Senior (JenetteACrippen) 1 
PiskM" Clinton B .HS 

M" Edgar Park (Pisk) 1 

Pisk MiM" Pliny-M. Mt. L. Nv. Uva. P'81. 

M' av'd St P Jly 16. .Plainfield S 
Pisk M" Samuel A (Harriet B Bininger) — 

M- Elizabeth R Mellen 

MiM" Francis U Paris (Nina Perry Pisk) 

Piake M' Amos Kidder-Uv. C. H'66 

Piske MiM" Haley (Marione Cowles Cnshman) 

PI. Dp. La. Col. Ct. G. C»i . . 5a AV ^^ 

Piske M" Josiah M (Smith) Bd 884 Fif -t\i h-%, 

Piske M' Stephen-Lt l-O B "^ 

Piske M' Josiah M-Ny. Mo. Mg. Sv 1 0\ AV 8* 

Pitch DiM" Allen (Adelaide A Brown) M 1 5:3 AV 3* 

Pitch Hon&M" Ashbel P (Elizabeth S Cross) 

Pitch M"- Bessie C . . . . FM. Mt. Dv. Rv. Mtw 0. 8 B 

Pitch M' Ashbel P Jr 

Pitts MiM" Wm Baldwin (Mary Howard Butler) 

Cal.Cv.AI.Pn . . 143 E 86. .M' careMorganHax-jesPar'f 

Pitzgerald M' Delano S-Un UTxlon 01»»^ 

Fitzgerald Gen&M" Louis (Verpla nek) Un.Uv.Mt. \ 35£> 
Fitzgerald M"- Adelaide.. . .[Us. LI. L.Wk.Cw. P T5 \ Le* 
Pitzgerald M' Louis Jr-Na \ ^^V 


Pitzgerald M"" Geraldine (Louis) Ma.i 

Adee M' Ernest R (late Gi!o T) 

Flagg M' Elisha 2d-Cal. Vv. H'H7 

^'lagg DiM" Jared B (Josephine liotid) Ul 

?iagg M' Ernest-Ch 

i'lagg Mir John Hy (L Peach V Jones) I 
i^lagg MiM" Thos J (Helen Kennet^y) ^^ 

'lagg M' Mortimer Kenned v 

M'- Emily Kennedy. . 

lagg MiM" W AUston (Anna" navis R^ 
Un. Mo T M^- B^ 
lagg M' Wm J-Uy. Rf. v.j^a- ^ " . . 
lagJer MiM" Henry M-Ul. rl^ -isrV. ^* 
agierMiM" Hy Harkneaa {Annd ^' 

Nov 2* 
-,;i V? *® 


' New York. 129 

^Ja'^^gan MiM" James kq vsr qq 

I'NganM' Clinton ....63W39 

W^«'8 H- Emily L 26 E 38 

'Lehman M"- A melie . . ab' d Col Oct 24 

S'Iqu 10 Rue Adelaide Nice Franoe 

i;4/' ?'an MiM" Wm M (Lida M Heinze) Dt. Na. . .3 W 38 

iV^^S Col&M" J E (Isabella Penn Smith) 28 James 

i/a^-^^^ M"- DillieLe wisSmith . [E. Ec. Lt. LI. Newark XJ 

. ^ . ewC(AngelineWil8on)P'86.44lPkAT 

fr/w**^ MiM" Mattljo . _, — „„-.. 
^^ttv^'*^ M' Robt B-L. Rp Y'76 

J,, \l»*^i^ M" Wm E 

l-^e/vT-- vV E F Moore- Y' 97 


iv/«#^,- - V E F Moore- Y'97 

ftV'Jso^^ Mill" Wm G (Florence Bartlett) .« 

l/^x^^^*,^' Rndolf E F-R. Ct. Dt 3? 1 

TJ^XV^I^ Au8tin(BUzabethMcMaster)C.N«.Pl 

/^^^xTsI""" '"" ' 

tAWX ^\T Aiistin Jr (Marion Wingl C . ^ .' 

/|/ J\\«Y O" Cbas Ranlett (Simmons i In ^ "^^ 

^^^V'^^ R.Ss.Nv.DrL^ , ^.^ 

fflint M" Edward E (Cora Buhl Srroic , ^ v ,,,.10 

Plint M- Helena ,..N\.ii\u> 

v'Unt HIM" Fred W (Alexandre-In»»js '"•".■ ^ ^„ , 

TTliii f '^' r Wm H (Hay ) Uv. CtorT* ■ ■ ^'^ Vt 

E iv 'r Anson R (Ida BhI^ • v* ^^=^.^' '^"^'^^ J 

^^'^ Mt. M. Rg.!H ..Mornstnwi, N J 

^, TohnD(AbbieTf \Hr\ p's^?' 

Fl' w V'ofi " Mornstowu X J 

f; a«wer CnUnyClub 

F ^.f^"" ;!"!'.;! I ..rm Fifth Av 

y ff7 ul.Nv.Lc./p.R... i 

0.ur.Mt.l'l.Rv.U.MtAv. t)7 Clark 

.011 C-C.Rv. Mtw Brooklyn'77 'iH Union Sq 

TmA(Alice Deiui Smith) Lc. ^.g ^.^j.^^ j^^^ 

ker ' ^^ 

ustin^Ny 38 W 72 


130 Social Register, 

Floyd-Jones IT Arthur 25 W 36 

Floyd -Jones MiM" EdwP ^Margaret Duff) 

Sn. Wk. .218 Carroll B'klyn 
Floyd Jones Rev Elbert Ji-Cr«9 The Rectory Cold 

Floyd- Jones M"" Elizabeth Spring-on- Hudson 

Moyd-Jones M' Edw Henry-Ct.Uva.Y'92..80 Wash Sq E 
Floyd-Jones Col DeLancev-U S A. Un. Mt. Sn. 

T. Ss. Rv. LI Snc. .Union Club 
Floyd-Jones MiM" G Stanton (Anita Owen) 

Wk. Rv. Ch..33 W34 
Floyd- Jones B^. .............. . .South Oyster Bay L I 

Floyd-Jones M' Robert B 1 W 30 

Floyd Jones M'WCIiauncey-Un.Sn.N.R.Wk.Cy.l W 30 

Floyd-Jones M" RoyalP&Frederic Massapequa L I 

Floyd-Jones M' Wm Married at 38 W 36 

Ferris M'- Lillian (late Dr E H) Nov 17 

Floyd- Jones MiM" Wm (Lillian Ferris) po. 38 W 36 

Fobes M' J Warner-Uv 32 E 26 

Follansbee M' JolmG-Cal.Un.M.ab'dBrgJly4CalnmetClb 
Folsom M" Charles J (Sarah C Downing) 

Folsom M'- Isabel E 

Folsom M' Samuel D-Sv . . 

Folsom M" Henry 

Folsom M"- 

Folsom M' Henry T-Ec. Uv. Uva. Y'83 
Folsom MiM" Geo Winthrop (Fuller) 
Uv. C. La. Mtw. Cl'67 

Folsom M'~' Helen & Etheldred 

Folsom MiM" Thos Webster (JessieMu 

M-- Mulligan...... 

Folsom MiM" Wm Hy (Lydia F Swords) Sv. Cw 
Foos MiM" Ferguson W (Rosalie Fellows) Ul. . . .73 W 54 
Foos MiM" Lamar (MaryKlngFellows) Ul.Mt.H' .71 W 64 
Foote MiM" Chas B (Mary de Groot Hastings) 

Foote M- Fanny H . .-. [Ul. Mt. G. PI 

Foot« M' Str-rling T 

Foote M" Edward (Mary Otis Alger Tyler) 

Foote M"" May Dwight 

Foote MiM" Emerson (Allen) Ul. Ny I 

Foote M' Emerson Jr-Cr98 

.45 W 9 

.... Orange N J 

Villa Naliant 
Dinard France 

ligan)Ch . 

127 E 34 

..10 W 46 

.40 E25 
.30 W 11 


New York* 


Poote M" Pred'k W (Sara Randolph de Puy). . 

Poote M'^ Nath'1-Ch. 23 W20 

r H Afirnew (Isabelle de P Poote) . . . . 

Poote Mill" Thomas M-Un 883 St Nicholas Av 

Poote Mill" RobtDnmont(MarieGilmourHopkins)Un. 
Mo. M. W k . fi. Snc. Mg. H' 86 . . 72SouthStMorristown N J 

Porbes MiM" A Holland ( Wetmore) 

Porbes MiM" Prancis (Emma* J Bonner) 

Uv. Ul. L. M. Dke. Snc.'66..8 W 56 
Porbes MiM" Prancis B. .57 Rue Pierre Charron Paris 
Porbes M' H DeCourcey-K. .ab'd St L Sep 2 

av'd Teut Sep 30. .Kniokerbocker Club 
Porbes M" Prank Herbert (Marie H Cox) 

Porbes V Henry H-Rv 

Porbes M' George-Un 35 Wall 

.-.24 W25 

105 Mad Av 
MoMstownlST J 

Porbes MiM" John Murray (Griswold)Ul. 

M^ Julia Tucker [Mo. Mg. 

Porbes M*^ Pauline&Plorence 5:3 Av de TAlma Paris 

Porbes M" Wm Howell (Dora Delano) 

ab'd StL Sep 2 till JSov. '^llgonac'' Newburgh NY 
Porbes M"^ WmH(latePaulS).Died at NewburghN Y JlylO 
Porbes-Leith MiM" A J (January) Ny. Dt. Chch. 


Porce MiM" S C (Emma Silliman Lacey) 25 E 39 

Porce M' Wm H-Rh.Dt Lawrence L I 

Pord M^ Cornelia Morristown N J 

Pord M"" A Howland-Mg.Bg Morristown N J ab'd 

Pord MiM"H Ward (Rosette Suckley) Mg.La.P'89 

Morristown N J 

Pord W James K-C Century Club 

Pord W John R-Ul 

Pord M^ James B-Ny.Lc ..507 Pifth Av 

Pord M' J Howard-Un.ULNy.Lc.Zp.R.. . 
PordMTaulLeieester-C. Rf . Mt. PI . Rv. G. Mt w. 97 Clark 

Pord M' Worthington C-C.Rv.Mtw Brooklyn 

Pord M' William H-Uv.Rv.Ha. Y'77 28 Union Sq 

66 Park Av 

Pordyce DiM" JohnA(Alice Dean Smith) Lc. 

M^ Ruth Baker 

Porget MiM" Augustin-Ny 58 W 72 


Social Register, 

Forney M' Matthias N-C.Ul 501 Fifth Av 

Forster MiM" Fred P (Edith Allen) Uv. H'73. . .270 W 84 
Forsyth Mil" Geo W (Emily V Burrill) 

Un.Ul.T.Dt.P'77..6 W51 
Forsyth MiM" Geo W (Kate L Brook field). . 

Forsyth M*" Marian J-Mg 

Forsyth M' Alfred B. 

N J 

Pomfret Centre Ct 

231 W 45 

Forsyth MiM" Russell (Craig) 

Forsyth M"" Beatrice 

Fort M" Edward (Natalie Peugnet) . 


Forwood MiM" Harold Stanley (Kate.Wynkoop) 

R. D"t. Lc . . Liverpool Eng 

Fosdick M' C B-Dl. Mt. Ct. T 31 W 36 

Foster MiM" Albert E (Chitse) T Tuxedo Park N Y 

Foster MiM" A Lentilhon ( Victor! ne E dn Pont) 

K.Mt.Uv.Dt.Cl'67. . " Virieux " Montchanin Del 
Foster W Ernest Howard-Uva. Eg 65 W 26 

Foster MiM" Frederic de Peyster(Talbot- 
J uliaMarshall)Mt. U v. K. T. Ct. Snc. 

ab'd Col Jlv 2 
av'd Sep 18 
Tuxedo N Y 

Foster MiM" Frank (Frick) Un 107 W 64 


Foster DiM" Frank P(Georgiana Molleson)C.Al. 
Foster M"" Madeline C&M' Reginald Guy Foster. 
Foster M' George F-M. Uv. Al. Dke. Na. Y'79. .79 W 64 
Foster MiM" Giraud (Jean Van Nest) K.Cy.T. S . .39 W 34 

Foster' MiM" Jno Hone (Humbert) T. Cl'74 6 W 63 

Foster MiM" Jas Peers (Haight) Ul.Rp. . . 
Foster M" Geo Herbert & Howard Peers. 
Foster MiM" Reginald (Harriet Story Lawrence) 

Uv. Y'84. .ab'd Umb Aug 22. .48 Fenway Boston 
Foster M' Roger-M.L.Rf.Na.Dm.Mtw.Unb.Y'78.79VV 54 
Foster MiM" Scott (Eraeline Hegeman) Ul. 
Foster M" J Hegeman & Eugene Gray. 

Foulke M"- Amelia R 

Foulke M' Bayard Fish-S.Rv.Cw 

Foulke M' William-Un. S.Snc.Ch 

Fowler MiM" Clias Anthony(M VirginiaNorthrup) I 18 
Fowler M' Northrup [Ul. | E 65 

.210 E15 

.332 W 72 

.120 E 34 

New York. 


Fowler D*M" Ed Payson (Mildred Russell) Ul. 

Fowler M' Ed Munford .38 W 40 

MiM" R M Gignoux & f Martin 

Fowler MIM" Frank (Mary B Odenheimer) C. . .106 W 56 
Fowler DiM" Geo B (Atina Prince) Ul.N.Sv.Dke. 

Fowler M"- Gertrude Isabelle 18 E 58 

Fowler M' Edmund Prince 

Fowler Mill" D Ogden (Edwina Gardiner Thompson) 

Franklin Av New Brighton S I 
Fowler MiM" Robt Ludlow (Julia Groesbeck) 

Mt.Ct.Rv..29 W9 
Fowler MiM" Thos Powell (Isabelle Dunning) 

Fowler M"- Silvie de Grasse. . . .1711 R I Av Wasb'n D C 
Fowler M" Theodosius A (Marv C Russell) 

Died at Flatbush L I Oct 21 

Fowler M' Willis- Uv.Rf.P' 81 7 Nassau 

Fox DiM" Andrew J (Mary Patteson) L 78 E 54 

Fox MiM" Austen G (Alice Hoppin) C.Uv.L.Dt.Pl. 

Fox M' Austen Hoppin [Sue. Ag. H'69 

Fox M" Edward (Lydia Martin) ... 


Fox DiM" Geo Henry (Harriet Gibbs) Uv. '67 

FoxM"- Adaline. 

Fox M"* Geo Howard & Alanson G 

Fox MiM" John (Ellen L Byrne) M.Dm.Cth. 

Fox M' John Jr-Dm. Cth.Sv.Ny 

Foy6 M' Andrew Erne8t-Eg.Col.Rv.Cr90 

W 33 

.3 E 54 

18 E 31 

. . 10 E 50 

.163 W 79 
Mad Av 

Fraley MiM" John U (Laura V Kinzer) Ul.Mc. 

Fraley M"" J Urban at Paris & Wm 8 

Frame MiM" Chas P (Caroline Willet3)Ul.Mt.Dt. .312W76. 
Francis M' Arthur W-Uv. Ad. Ny. Wm8'90 
Francis M'Lh wis Wi therbee. , Uv. Ad. Wms' 88 

Madison Av 

Francis M' Claude de la Roche 1618 Pine Phila 

Francis DiM" V Moit (Anna de la Roche) . . 82 R I Av 
Francis M"" Medora, Louisa C&Marian d'A Newport RI 
FranckeffAlb' rt-Uv. Cal. Uva. Sa. Rh. Y'91 DniversityClub 
Francke MiM" Leopold H (Elise I Huntington) 

Cal.Uv.Uva.Rh. Y'89. . "The Cedars" La wrenceLT 


Social Register, 

Prancke MIM" Pedro P (Caroline K Neilson) 

Cal. Sa. Rh. Y'87 . . Lawrence L I 

Prancke M' Edward 'j-jjv. Uva.Rh . Y' 76 '. '. '. ab' d Camp 
Prancke M' Luis J-Cal.Un.Rh.R.Na.Lc. Oct 10 

ab'd Camp Jly 18. .av'd Maj Aug 17 
Prancke M' Richard Thomas-Uv.Rh.R. Y'87 

University Club 

abM TeiitJlylS 
16 Wash Sq 
ab'd till Dec 

Francklyn Milt" Charles G (SusanSHoy t) 


Prancklyn M' Gilbert-K.R 

Francklyn M*M" Reginald (Agnes Binsse) 

M"- Emily&Helen Binsse. . . .[Dn.Bg. 
Frankenstein Ct&Ctss Henri de (Anne S Brewster) 

Palazzo Zaccari 14 Trinita de Mente Rome Italy 
Franklin MiM" Benj W (Vanderpoel) 

Ad.'71. .54 Harrison St Orange N J 
Franklin Ensign&M''Wm B (Lillius Grace) Mtw. .52 E79 
Franksen M' Rudolph R Married at Ramsey's N J 

Donner M"- Marie E(J O) Se^ 22 

Franksen MiM" Rud R (Marie E Donner) po 11 W 38 

Pranzen M' Angustns-Pl 16 Gramercy Pk 

Fraser M' George S Died at London Eng Oct 11 

Fraser M" Geo S (Anna M Corning) 17()1-20NW 

Fraser MiM" George C( JaneGTutt) Mtw.P93 Wash D C 
Fraser MiM" Gilbert (Josephine A Kellogg) C, 

Fraser M"" Helen Alison 

Fraser MiM" Wm A (Lina, Appleton) ; 

M" E A Manice 

Fraser M'-&M'- S Grace 

Fraser M' Thomas K 20 W 22 

M' WmKevan 

Prazar MiM" Everett (Annie Lindley) Dt. . . 81 High 
Frazar M"" Mabel L&M' Everett W Prazar. . . Orange N J 
FrazerM' Everett Welles Married at Waterford N Y 

Wolcott M- Maude (Thos V) Oct 7 

FrazerMiM"Everei tWelles(Maude Wolcott). WaterfordN Y 
Prazier MiM" Kenneth (Julia Pish Rogers). Garrisons M Y 
Freeborn DiM" George Corn,ell(AdeJaideYatea)C. .216W70 

See Balto 

36 E 64 

New York. 



Freeland MiM" Henry Raiikiii-Ch.F62. . 

Freeland M^ Louise G 

Freeland li"" Arthur G & Edw Ludlow. . 

Freeland M' John-Uva.Lc 55 W 26 

Freeland MiM" Wm (Edith F Hall) H'81 ... 568 Fifth Av 
Freeman M"'Alex(HannahM Low).. Died at E OrangeJly24 
Freeman MiM" Chas D (Eloise W Telfair) N. . . .145 W 58 
Freeman Gen&M" Frank Morgan (Muller) Lc. S. 

Lakewood N J 
Freeman M' Francis P-Dt. .."Edgemere" Lakewood N J 
Freeman M" Francis P (Louise M Dunstan) 

Died at Lakewood Oct 3 
Freeman M" Geo A Senior (Harriet F Kendrick) 
Freeman MiM" Geo Albree (Beatrice Paulding) 
Freeman MiM" Joel Francis (Frances Maria 

Abbey) Ul.Ec. 

Freeman M^^ Gertrude A & Adriana L 

Freeman M' Alden-Rf.Ec.Pu.N'82 

Freeman M" Rowland Godfrey-C ! . . .205 W 57 

Freeman MiM" Samuel (Francis Smith) Ul. Mg. 

/^Ridgewood Hill" Morristown N J 
Freeman MiM" Wiiberforce (Kath M Kirkland) 437 Main 

Freeman M"" Marion Angevine [Ec.P'64 Orange 

Freeman M"" Helen Kirtland N J 

Frelinghuysen M' Fied-E.Un.Mt.Ec.L.Cc.Mtw. 

18 Park PI Newark N J 
Frelinghuysen MiM" Geo G (Ballantine) 

L.E.Ec.Mo.Mt.Ch.Mg. .10 W 48 

Frelinghuysen M' Theo-K. Un.Mt.Mc 

Frelinghuysen M"" Lucy . . .25 W 15 

M"- Davis... * 

French MiM" Amos Tuck (Pauline Le Roy) K.Un. 

French MiM" Daniel Chester (Mary A French) 

C.Sv.Tvb..l25 WU 

126 E 22 

"Elm Gate" 


East Orange 

N J 

French M" Francis Ormond (Ellen 

French M'-. [Tuck) 

French M" (Oakley) 7.2 E 15 

French f A Lesher (Adeje Lesher)Care S RFre^ch 7 E 76 

"Harbour View" 
Newport R I 


186 Social Beoisteb, 

French M" John W (Clara Miller) kq i? on 

French M- Lillie Hamilton oa i^ ok) 

French Dili" John Hemdon (Sadie Cochrane) 

French M- Helah C [Un.M(,.Na.Ag.So. 


Mt.Na.Mtw. .av'd Camp Oct 2. .16 W 51 

Frewen MiM" Morton W (Clara Jerome) M" ab'd 

Fries DiM" Harold H (L C Cahill) Uv. Na 40 W 69 

Frisby M' Wm B-Uv. CI' 76 absent University Club 

Frissell M' A S-C. Ct. Rv. Bd 630 Fifth Av 

Frith MiM" L Edward (Louise Morgan) Un 35 W 37 

Frith M"- Clara M po. 61 E 62 

Frith M' Arthur J-Eg 10 W 29 

Fritsch M" Hugo de (Marie Gibert) .107 E 16 

Fritze M' Armin-Dv. Na. N 112 W 59 

Frost MiM" Albert F (Adelaide Waldron) Ul.Col.Mc.Rv. 

228 W End Av 

Frost MiM" Arthur B-C. Mg. Mo Convent N J 

Frothingham M' Benj T-Dt. Ha. H'63 74 Broad 

Frothingham ProfA L Jr-Uv..GuernseyHallPrincet'nNJ 

Frothingham M" Chas 13 

Frothingham M"" W 

M" Chas Whitehead (Elizabeth Frothingham) ... 46 
Frothingham MiM" C Frederick (Mary M Macdonald) 

Ul.Cal.Rv.H' . .1048 Fifth Av 
Frothingham D' Langdon-Atb. .2 Hillhouse AvN Haven 
Frothingham DiM" Richard (Gwendolyn Davison) 

Frothingham MiM" Saml (Elinor G Meyer) K. Rh. Rv . 

Knickerbocker Club 

97 Col Hgts 

Frothingham M' Theodore L-Ha.L.H'84... 

Frothingham MiM" James H (Vietor) 

Frothingham M' William I-H'94 . . .273 Henry Brooklyn 

Fry M" James B (C Clement) 30 E 63 

Fry M' Reginald-Ul. Wk. Ec 1 E 39 

Ptelley M' Alphonse-C. Eg 14 W 131 

Fuller MiM" Chas D (Anna Pendleton Rogers) Mt. 46 

Fuller M"- Frances P & Sarah [Mo. CI' 69 W9 

Fuller MiM" Horace W (Hone) Ul. W , 59 W 65 

New York. 187 

Fuller DIM" Engene (Mar^retE MacTavish) 

Uv. H'80..'252Lex Av 

Fuller O" Geo (Vincent) C Bergen Pt N J 

Fuller MiM" Paul (L6onie Condert) Dt. Rf. L. Dm. Ct. 

30 Wash Sq W 

Fuller M' Wm-Mt. L 20 E 33 

Fuller IT William H-Ul. C. Uv. P1.Y'61 64 W40 

Fullerton Gen Joseph Scott-Un. Mtw. 1740 M-N W 

Pullerton M"- Madge Wash D C 

Pulton Mill" Elisha M (S C Macfarren) Ay 117 E 21 

Fulton MIM" Elisha M Jr (Mary Butler Green) 

Cal. Ny. S. Ay. R. Dt. Lc. .Rye NY 

Fulton M" Edward M-Ny. P'80 359 Peel Montreal 

Fulton MiM" Louis M (Margaret Young) Uv.Ct.Rf 74 

222 W^ 23 
Punke M' A H-Na. Dv. . . . ab'd N Y Oct 28. 101 Duane 

Furman W John C-K. Mt. Cy. Ny. Mtw I E 32 

Fnrman M" John M (Virginia D Holmes) 

Furman M' J Rockfield-Eg 

Furman M" Reginald-R.Bg.H'94 & Stuart-Bg. 

MiM" W K Bond Emerson (Furman) 

Furman M' Silas Holmes (late J M) , .Married Oct 19 

Shackford M*" Marcia Parepa(Wm)...atA8cen8ionCh 
Fnrman MiM" Silas H (Marcia P Shackford) Cal. Bg. 

Carnegie Bdg W 67 

Furman M'- Virginia D H 17 W 11 

Furnald MiM" Francis P (C A Wood) Ul 21 W 46 

Furnald MiM" Francis P Jr (Ella Merrill) Ul.Rp..l8 W46 

Furniss M"" 

Furniss M*" Clementina-La. .av'd Teut Jly7 

M" John E Zimmerman (Furniss) 

Gaines MiM" Thos Foster(Young-Otea da Silva) po. 71 E64 
Gale MiM" Edward C (Marie Warren Thompson) 

Mt.G..69 First Troy NY 

Galatti M' Paul S-M Manhattan Club 

Gallatin MiM" Albert H (Ewing) CI 25 Gramercy Pk 

~ "~ ~ av'd Maj Oct 14 

670 Fifth Av 


461 FifthAv 

Gallatin MiM" Frederic (Amy G Gerry) 
Gallatin MiM" R Horace (Emily Lorillard Morris) 

Cal.Na.Snc.Cw.Rv.Lc.Rg. .438 Madison Av 


Social Beoisxeb, 

.58 W66 

Gallatin MiM" Prancia D (Oarriet L Bogert) 

Ct.Dp.Cr . . Morgan Harjes Paris 
Gallatin M" James (Elizabeth Dawson). . . 

Gallatin M"" Helen Dawson 

Gallatin IT Albert R-Dp.Cl'Ql 

Gallaodet M' B B-Uv.Ty'80 .102 W 85 

Gallaudet MiM" P Wallace (M E Robinson) 

N.Dt. .The Sherman 155 W 48 
Gallandet RevDiM" Thos (Elizabeth R Budd) Ty. 114 W 
Gallaudet M"- Virginia B, Elizabeth P & Edith. 13 
Gallaway MiM" Robert M (Elizabeth A Williams) ab'dBrit 

Gallaway M- Mary [Mt. Ul. Rg . Dt. Y'58 Jun 24 

Gallaway M" John M & MerriU W-Y'92 68 E 55 

Gallup M' Albert S 47 W 20 

Gallup M' Howard-Un.Cr75 Union Club 

Gallup MiM" Ch Van Eversdyk (Floyd-Clara V 

Couillard) Rv . .28 W 22 

Ganibrili M" Richard (Anna Van Nest) 30 Park Av 

GammellMiM" Robt Ives (E A Hoppin) Mt. 327 Benefit 
Gammell M" Wra Senior. . . .[Uv.Uvb.Br'72 St Provi- 

Gammell MT Harriet Ives dence R I 

Gammell MiM" W m(BGBowen)Uv. Br'78. 170Hope Prov RI 

Ganay Ct&Ctss de (Ridgway) 5 Rue Francois I Paris 

Gandy MiM" Sheppard (Breck) Un.R 

Gandy M"- Katherine 51 W 11 

M' SG Schermerhom-Bg 

Gans M' Frederick A-Ul.Un 25 E 44 

Gardiner MiM" Clias A (Driggs) Mt.Ha'80. .697Madison Av 


Gardiner Hon&M" Asa Bird (Mary Austen) 
U S A.Un.Mt.Dke.Sv.Ch.Rv.Ll.Cc. 
Gardiner H^Asa BirdJr-Dke.Cl'87&Geo A 
Gardiner M" David L (SarahThompson) 

Gardiner M"- Sarah D 

Gardiner M' David-Un.Mt.Cw 

Gardiner M' Robert Alexanden-.Un.Cw. 
Gardiner MiM" Edmund Le Breton (H Louise Sprague) 

Uv.Cor'76. .Ridgewood N J 



45 E 67 

Gardiner MiM" Gep N (Elsie Crane) Rv.Bk.Rh. 
Gardiner M*" Elsie Crane 
Gardiner M' Geo N Jr. . . 




New York. 


Gerhard M*M"PaulP(MaryWZimmermann) 165 Harrison 

Gerhard li"- Bertha Z [Dt East Orange 

Gerhard M' Frederick N J 

Gerrish HIM" Wrn L (Florence Churchill) Ha. 

224 Henry B'klyn 

Gerrish M' John B-Uv. Mc. Ha.H'71 22 W 32 

Gerry MiM" ElbridgeT(Livin^ton) Ny.K.M.Mr. 
Gerry M-. . . .[Rg.Mc.Cy.Pl.Rv.T.Lc.Snc.Cl'57 

Gerry M- Mabel 

Gerry M' Robt Livingston-Ny . .av'd Teut Jly 7. 
Gerster D»M" Arpad G(Anna BWynne) C.Dv'72 

Gibbeiis Mill" Frederick H-C.Ol.Dt.Bd. 

Gibbes M- Emily 0-Bd 

Gibbes M"- Zela-Bd av'd Camp Oct 2 

Gibbons MiM" John F (E Nora Hay ward) 


Gibbons M" L E '. 

Gibbons M"" Mary Constance • " 

Gibbs MiM" Ed CJ (Sarah Barker) Mt.L.PI.Uv.Bd. 
Lt. Aht' 92 . . M' ab' d Jly 8 av' d Mai Sep 16 

Gibbs M"- Geo Barker-Bd 

Gibbs D' John Blair-Dv' 78 28 W 20 

Gibbs DiM" John Wilson (Scott-Ruth E Locke) Hotel St 

M"" Georgia Scott [Lt.M.Na. Andrew 

Gibbs MiM" Theodore Kane (Virginia Barrett) 

C.Mt.G.L.Ch.Rg.Ll.Ct..62 W 21 
Gibbs D' Wolcott-C. Ul.Rf.Cr41 ISSGibbsAv 

M*- Elizabeth L & M' Cornelius G Betton Newport RI 
Gibert M" (Margaret E Reynolds) .av'd Bret Sep 27 44 
Gibert M' Audinet-Cal.Us. .63 Av Niel Paris E 

M"- Mary C Reynolds 26 

Gibert MiM" Frederic E (Alice Reed)K. JMunroe&CoParis 

Gibert M"- Clara 

Gibert M"- Gertrude 107 E 16 

M" Hugo de Pritsch (Gibert) 

Gibney DiM" Virgil P (Julia A Trubee) C.N.Lt.So. 

16 Park Av 

Gibson M' B Stuyvesant-Sa St Anthony Club 

Gibson MiM" Chas Dana (Irene I^nghorne) PI 

flayers' giub..ab'd 


125 W 74 

160 W 69 

167 W 79 
..1 W81 


142 Social Register. 

Gibson D' Chas Langdon-Uv. H'86 46 W 33 

Gibson Mill" Hanson C (Mary B Wharton) Pa. LI. 41 

Gibson M' Fred' k S .......: .:■.•.•. : E 10 

Gibson M' Geo A- Uv.H'72 University Club 

Gibson MiM" Geo Rutledge (Laura J Belden) 

Ul.Rg.G.Pl.T.Rv.Cy.So.Ct.Lt.Pu..31 W 49 
Gibson M" Hervey deBlois (Jeanie Bumbam) Bd . 21 

M"- May Sharswood W 63 

Gibson MiM" Robert Wm (Caroline J Hammond) 


Gibson M' Wm Hamilton Died at Washington Ct 

Gibson M" Wm Hamilton (Emma L Blanchard) 

Bd' . .132 Lincoln PI Brooklyn 
Giddings MLM" Franklin H (Elizabeth P Hawes) 

C.A.Bd. .Columbia University 
Gifford MiM" Chas A (Cunningham) E.6EParkNewarkNJ 
Gifford MiM" Harry H (Elizabeth B Howell) 

10 E Park Newark N J 
Gifford MiM" John A-E 

Giflford M- 

Gignoux MiM' 

.60 Park PI Newark N J 

152 W 57 

Chas C(Emma Morgan Messenger) 

Cal. .Clarens Naud Switzerland 
Gignoux MiM" Robt Miles (Louise M Fowler) 

av'd StL Aiig28..38 W40 





Gihon MiM" John fCryder) .... 


Gihon M"" Leadley & John Harold 
Gihon MiM" Wm (Le Roy-Remsen) 
M' Frederick G Le Roy^Un. Cal 

Gilbert MiM" Bradford L-Rg. Choh 21 W 31 

Gilbert M' Chas Pierrepont H-Ul.Col.Rv. 

Union League Club 

Gilbert M' Clinton-R. 61 E 65 

Gilbert M' David B-M.Un.Lc.Pl Manhattan Club 

Gilbert MiM" H Bramhall (LillaBrokaw)-Ul.Cv.R.Na.Lc. 

8-k Fifth Av 
Gilbert D' James B-Mt;Ul.Lc. , 
Gilbert M' James L 

.23 W 37 

Crilbert M' Wm T-Uv.Ha. Y'78 ... .166 Remsen Brooklyn 

New Yoke. 148 

55 E 76 

117 E 27 
.33 E 17 

Gilchrist M" Robt Sr(Fredericka R Beardaley) 

Gilchrist M"- Charlotte C 

Gilchrist MiM" Robt(EdithKVezin)P'87.La.lGramercyPk 
Gilder MIM" JosephB(QwendolenJack8on)LarchmontNY 

Gilder M"" Jeannette L 

M*" Jeannette Cholmeley- Jones 

Gilder MiM" Ricliard Watson (Helena deKay). 

Gilder M' Rodman deKay-Fn.HarvardCollege 

Gilder MiM" W Howard (StaflFord) Mdbl 

Gildersleeve M"- Virginia C . .[M.Dm.Cy. Na. Wk. 

Gildersleeve r Alger C-Eg. CI' 90 

Gildersleeve M' RaMgh 0-Uv.Rf l6 E 32 

Gilfillan D' W Whitehead-Rf.Cy.Rv.Cw.Na. 

ab'd Bret Jun 24 av'd Maj Sep 16. .37 W 31 

Gilford M' Thos Buchanan I 473 

Gilford M' Thos B Jr-M.Mt.Na.Cr85 Lexington 

GilfordH'Sam'lTpwnsend-Uv.T.Uva.R.Cr86 ) Av 
Gilford MiM" John Parkin (.Emily Louisa Lentilhon) 

Un.Cal.Mt.Sv.Na.Cr88. 131E46 
Gill MiM" W Fearing (Edith Gwynne) 

ab'd Aug Vic Aug 13. .3 E 86 


Gillender MiM" AugustusT(SarahWillardTrot 
GillenderM'-CarolineSchell [ter) Un.Snc. 


122 W 57 

GillespieCoI & M"GeoL(RliobieMcMaster) USA.U1. 49 

Gillespie M' Robert McM-Ct.H-92 [C.Ll. E 

Gillespie M' Lawrence L . 63 

Gillespie M' John Minor-Uv.Uva. Y'87 32 E 26 

Gillespie M' J Waldron-Cal Calumet Club 

Gillespie M' Louis C-Dt 9 E 63 

Gillespy M' Howard-Uv 32 E 26 

Gillet MiM" Elmslie M (Susan V Milnor) . I care M" E 

Gillet M"— Alice & Bertha |Cl'«8 | Milnor 13 E 24 

Gillet MiM" Jos AUston (Josephine W Blodgett) K 

166 Madison Av 

Gillet M"LW 

Gillet M"- Gertrude M 

Gillet M" Lorenzo M-M & SuUy-Ul. Dt. 
The M- ,. 

.32 W 10 

•24 W 40 

144 Social Register, 

Gillette W Daniel G-Pl 32 Nassau 

Gillette Dill" Walter R (Annie T Cartenins). . 

Gillette M" Carteniu8-Y'97&Abram D-Wm8'99 

M"" Cartenins 

Gilley MiM" Franklin Wm-Uv.Ul'59 500 Mad Av 

Gillig M' Harry M-Cal.Ny.M.Lc Calnmet Club 

GilMlan W William H-Cal. Bg Calumet Club 

Gill is MiM" John P (Harriet te Tillinghast) Un . . . . 1 W 21 
Gilman M" Arthur Coit (Bessie Lawrence) . 

311 Palisade 
Av Yonkers 


'. . Lenox Mass 

205 W 56 

Gilman MiM" Theo (Elizabeth Drinker 

Paxson) Ul. Rv. Wms'62 

Gilman M*** Frances P & Helen Ives 

Gilman M' Theo Jr-Rv. Wms'96. 

Gil more M' Clinton G-Cal 

Gilpatric MiM" John Guy (May Putnam Smith) Na. 

Bensonhurst L I 

Gilson M' Walter C-Ul. Mt. Ct. Dt. S 1 E 39 

Gimbeinat M" Jules R (Claia Lambert). 

Gimbernat M' Raymond 

Gladwin MiM" Jas L (Terry) R t?„„„„ * ni„K 

Gladwin H' Harold Sterling. Racquet Club 

Glaenzer MiM" Frank (L§onieCoudert). . .5 Gen Foy Paris 
Glaenzer MiM" Geo A (Alice Cary Butler) PI. Lc. ^ w aa 

Glaenzer M' Richard Butler-at Yale o v> »^ 

Glaenzer MiM" Eng (Louise Cliaper) N 20 W 16 

Gleason MiM" John Blanchard (Annie E White) 

Uv. W. Y'76..34 W88 

Gleason M' Lafayette B-Uv. Uva. Y'85 117 W 58 

Glidden M' Jno M-Un. Php. Cyb. Eyb. Rv. 

'• Gladisfen" New Castle Me 
Glover MiM"HyS (Harriet D Coleman) Cal.Cy . . Fairfield Ct 

Glover MiM" James A (Frances Livingston) 39 E 30 

Glover MiM" John H (Helen LeRoy) C. Ch . . 

Glover M"- 

Glover MiM" John M (Augusta Patten) T. 

Glover M" Samuel (Emily H Brown) . 
Glover M'- Deborah A. 

Glover MiM^Thomas James (Louisa C Th§baud) Mg. 
M'- Marie N [rhebaud 

Madison Av 
Oakland N J 
J S Morgan & Co 


New Yokk. 


Glover M" Wm B (Helen Wardwell) 

"Idlenook" Fairfield Ct 

Glyn IT W E-Un. Cal. R. Lc. L 37 E 21 

Goadby H" Thomas (Amelia A Wood). 

Goadby M' Arthur M-Ct. Cw 

Goadbv M' Clarenoe-Sn. Ct. Fn. S. Rh 
Goadby IT Eagene S-M. S. Na. Rh. . . 
Goadby M' William H-Un. R. Ct. Ss. . 

W 35 

.7 W26 

12 Francis 





Hopeton Hoase 
Providence R I 

Goddard M" Calvin (Caroline Atwater) 
MiM" Rignal D Woodward (Carolyn 

M*- Anita Raborg [Goddard) 

Goddard MiM" Frederic N (Minna Godwin) 

C. Mc. Na. Rg 

Goddard M" J Warren (Geraldine A Winslow) 

Goddard M' Warren N-Mt. Cal. C. Ul.Uv.Rg.Al.H'79 
Goddard M'F Norton-Mt.Cal.Ul.Uv.T.Al.Mc.G.H'82 
Goddard MiM" Robt H I (Rebekah B 
Groesbeck) Un.Mt.G.Mtw.Br' 

Goddard M"" Madeleine Ives 

Goddard M" Thomas P I (Anna E Fearing) 

36 Brown Providence R I 
Goddard Col & M"Wm(MaryEdithJencke8)ab'dFstBkJly 

26. ...av'dNormOct24 38BrownProvidence R I 

Godey M' Harry-Uv. H'71 32 E 26 

Godfrey MilTChasH (Bennett) Mt. Ul. Rg. PI 

Godfrey M"- Ada 

Godfrey M' Henry Fletcher . . at Harvard-Rg. R 
GodkinMiM'"EdwinL(KatherineSand8)C. K. Rf .C 

Godkin M' Lawrence-C. K. Uv. L. H'81 

<Jodwin M' Parke-C. PI. Rf. Ct. A. P'34 ... I 

Godwin M"" Nora | 

Godwin MiM" Harold (Elisabeth L Marquand) 

Uv. Al. S. F79. .814 Madison At 
GoeletMiM"Ogden(Wilson)Un.K.Mt.R.Ny.S.T. I 609 
GoeletM-Mary. . . .rWk.Rg.PI.8s.Eyb.Hl.Jkl. | Fifth Av 
Goelet MiM" Robt (Warren) Un.K.Mt.R.Nv. 

Goelet M"" Beatrice 

Goelet M' Robt 2d-N y 


44 W67 



591 Fifth A V 


Social Register, 


.205 W 67 

Goetchius MiM" J Milton (Sarah Kellogg) Ct. . . 

Goetchius M"" 

Uoetchiua M.' By. K-Sa. Uva. Y'88 

Goetchius M' J Milton Jr-Sa. Y'94 

Goflfe MiM" Chas C (Florence L Wheelwright) 

N. Na. Col. LC..174W76 

GoffeDirj Riddle (Eleanor Taylor) Uv.'73 864 W 67 

Goiconria MkM" Albert V de (Celia Wall) 

Gold MiM" Cornelius B (Margaret Shedd) 

Gold M" Lincoln 8 [Ul.Al.Dt. 

Goldmann M' Anton Frederick 1 Gramercy Pk 

Goldscbmidt MiM" Samuel A (Ellen C Chesebrough) 

m. G. Dt. C1'71..12E68 
Goldthwaite M' G Tarleton-Cal. Na. Rv. H'91. . . .26 E 24 
Goldthwaite M" Hy (Cornelia C.Munson). . .196 Fifth Av 

Goodenow M' John Holmes-Uv. Bd.'62 32 E 26 

Goodhue M" C C (Sarah Parker) I 189 

MiM" Percy RKing(Goijdhue)Cal.Un.Dt.Rf. | MadAv 
Goodnow MiM" Frank J (Elizabeth Lyall) 

C.Ct. Bd. Aht'79..26 W74 

Goodrich M' C F-C. PI. Mt. Ny Pomfret Conn 

Goodricli M' William W-Dl. Dt 1 E 39 

Goodridge MiM" ERead (Katharine E Poullain) 

Cal.. Hotel St Marc 


250 Fifth Av 

Goodiidge M" (Mary. Le. Roy.) 

Goodridge M""" Mary Le Roy & Loaisa Le Roy 
Goodridge MiM"Fred'(CharlotteMGro8venor) 

Goodridge M- Caroline L [C.M.Cy.Bg. 

Goodridge M' Frederic Grosvenor-H' 

M" J S Isaacs 

MiM" Gouv Morris Carnochan-Cal. etc. . 
Goodwin MiM" Almon (Wilder) 

Uv.C.L.Ll.Bd.Dke.Ct.'62. .128 W 69 

Goodwin, MiM" Hy J (Stevens-Satton) 

Goodwin MiM" .Ed C (MatUda E Coddington) N. 247 
Goodwin M"* Clifford C-Sn. N. & Harry Leavitt Fifth Av 
Goodwin Rev&M"Francis(MaryA Jackson) 103 Wood'd 
Goodwin M"- 1&. M-AliceF . [C. Mt. C w. Al. Rv. Hartford Ct 

New York. 


146 W 68 




Good winMirjas J(Lippincott) Un. C. Ct. Rr. Mt. Rv. 46 
Goodwin M' Wall Lippincott-Y'97. . [Cw.Bd.Cli.La. W34 
Goodwin M' Weudell-Un. Uv. Mt. R.T.S. Wk. Mb. Dt. 

Smb. Cyb. Ha. H' 74. .28 E 28 
Gordon M'Geo.Dledat Stoney-WoodNewbarghNYJiin29 
Gordon MiM''GeoOgdeD(AliceBradford)Un.Dt.Na. 112E30 
Gordon MiM"Reginald(IdaRoweWorth)Cl'88.339 Lex Av 
Gordon M""" Theodora & Louise M. . "Stoney-Wood " 

Newburgh N Y 

Gordon M' Robt-C 22 Old Broad London 

Gordon-Camming MiM" (Florence Cfarner) ab'd 

Gorham MiM" Francis G (Emily A Carrington) 

Ul. Dt. H'66..134E36 
Gossler M' Gustav Henry-Un. Dv. Dt. Rg 
Gossler M"— J E Matbilde * Olga Louise 
Gould W Benj A Jr-Ct. Lc. H'9l ........ 1416 Broadwav 

Gould MiM" Chas A (Adelaide Stocking) Eg. Rp. 
Ny. L. Lc. Chcb. Mfgp. Rv. Na. H'91 

Gould M- Celia A. , 

Gould M' Wm S 

Gould MiM" Chas Judson (Annie West- 
brook) Rg. Bd. 
Gould M*— Eleanor Prances & Edith L 
Gould M' Carl Frelinghnysen.4()HastingsCambridgeMass 
Gould M'Chas W-Uv. L. Dt. Ct. PI. T. Y'7() 

6 Washington Sq N 
Gould MiM" Edwin (Sarah C Shrady) 

L. Ay. Ec. Ag. Na. Rv . .8 E 66 
Gould MiM"GeorgeJay(EditliMKiiigdon) 
Ay. L. Lc. Na. N. Rv. Jkl. Cy. 

' Chas D Kingdon 

Gould M"- Helen Miller 

Gould M'. Howard-Dke. Ny. Lc.L.Pl.Rv.Na. 

Gould M' Frank J 

Gould M" Marion (late W m W) . . . . Married at Rye N Y 

Tomlinson M' Dan'l W Jr Jun 30 

Gouley D' John W S-C 

Gouley M*"* Margaret M & Fanny I. 

Gourd MiM" Henry. Eug (Emilie Noel) Rf. N. 

Av'd Bret Sep 27.. 21 WIS 

av'd Havel Oct 
150 W 59 


Furlough Lodge 
Lakewood N J 



on- Hudson 

U E 43 


Social Beoistbr, 


Gourlie M' John H-C.S.Dt.Ny I "Kingcraig" 

Gouilie M*" Greenwich Ct 

Govin M' Rafael R-Un.Ul.Dt 158 W 76 

Gow M*M" Leonard Jr (Mabel Amelia Harper) ~ 

Glasgow Scotland 
Grace MiM" Wm R(Lillius Gilchrest) M.Dt.L.Rf. 
Cy.Mt.Cth. .ab'd Luc Aug 1 av'd Oct 16 

Grace M""" Lillias J & Jjouise N 

Grace M" Joseph P-Ad .Cr94 & W Russell Jr. . . 

M- Gilchrest * M"- Moran 

Grace MiM" M P(Margarita Mason)Ny . Rf . 

Grace IC"" Elisa, Elena & Margarita 

Grade WtW Archibald (Constance Elise Schack) 

Un. 101 Castletou Av W Brighton S I 
Gracie M' Jas K-Un.C.S. . "Gracewood" Oyster Bay L I 
Graef MiM" Harry Campbell (Emily Lewis Caldwell) " 
Graef W Charles-Dv [N.Dt.Dv.Na. 

40 BelgraveSq 


Grafton MiM" Joseph (Elizabeth Remsen) Un.307 Fifth Av 

care H' A R Chisolm 

.66 E 56 


Graham M"" Helen Margaret-Pn . . . 
Graham M"" Julia Irving-Mg, 
Graham M- Lillie 

Capt&M" John H Coster. 
Graham M' Robt D (Malcolm) . . . . Married at Incarnation 

Sands M- Edith (Philip J) Nov 16 

Graham Mill" Malcolm (Whitlock- Wilson) 

Graham M*" Mary Douglas 

Graham Mill" Robert D (Edith Sands) Rg.. . . 
Graham MiM" Malcolm Jr (Maud L Brightman) 

Ny.Uva-Dp.L Ag.P' 90. Harbor Hill New Br' g' ton SI 
Graham M" Robert McCoskry (Ella Ward) 

53 Av Montaigne Paris 
Grandin DiM" Egbert H (Throckmorton) H'76. . . .36 E 68 
Grannis MiM" Horace Green (Anne C Smith). ... 19 W 16 

Granniss M" James EInathan 661 Fifth Av 

Granniss MiM"RobtA(Plorence Peters) 


Granniss M'"-Mg. * M*" Mary W-Mg. 

Granniss M' Robert , 

Grant r David Beftcb (Stewart) ab'd 

Morris Plains N J 

New Yoke. 


Grant MiM" Douglas Stewart (Isabelle Isham Scott) 

J Munroe & Co Paris 
Grant IT Geo dePorest-Un.Mt.R.T. Wk.Cy. 
Ny..ab'dStL Jly 16 

Grant M'RSuydam-Un.Mt.Ny.Dt 

Grant DLM" G (Manice) C.Ll.Wms' . . 

Grant M*" Kathrin Manice 

Grant M' Madison-Cal . Un .Cw . Y'87. 
Grant W DeForest-Cal.Ct.Cw.Y'Ol. 

Grant M' Norman 

Grant M' Joseph D-Qn.R ' Union Club 

Grant M" Gen Ulysses S(Julia Dent)Sr..Mass AvWash DC 


.22 E 49 



Grant Col&M" Fred D(Ida H Honor6)Ul.Cw.Ll.Rv. 

Grant M- Julia [U S A.'71 

Grant MiM" Jesse R (Chapman) 

Grant MiM" Ulysses S (Chaflfee) Ul . H' 1 E 39 

Grant M' Percy Stickney-C . Bd . H'83 7 W 10 

Graves M' Andrew R-Cal Calumet Club 

Graves M' Arthur B-Mt . Wms'SS 

Graves M"" 

Graves M' Rufus R-Adp.Cw.Ct. Wms'91.. , 

Graves MiM" Hy Jr (Florence I Preston)Ec.L.143 Liberty 

Gray MiM" Bryce (Josephine Mount) 

Gray MiM" Bryce Jr (Ada Gwynn) Sn.La 

Gray M' Geo M-Cal.Cr85 

Grav MiM" Horace- U v. H' 45 .23 E 37 

Gray MiM" Gerald Hull(Loui8eWells)Pl . Snc . H'89. 106E1 6 
Gray M" Geo Zabriskie Senior (Kate Forrest) 
Gray M' Arthur Romeyn. . .[ab'd Trave Jun 23 
Grav M" Griswold (Susan Irvin) 

M- Ethel Irvin 

Gray MiM" Hy Winthrop (Matilda Griswold 

Freylinghnysen) Un.K.M.C.Mt. W.Ct 

Gray M"" Maria Griswold 

Gray M' Wm Travers-Un.R.Ag Union Club 

Gray MiM" Jno Fred'k (Frances Evelyn Welsh) 

Un.H 91 .Sg. .care Osgood Welsh 20 W 16 
Gray MiM"JohnAC(Zabiiskie)Ul. I abdJly7av'dEmsSep25 
Gray M"- Frances S J 709 Fifth Av 

554 Fifth 


14 Av de 1' Alma Paris 



Social Register, 

6 Elk 

..91 Park Av 


TenaBy N J 

Gray Jndge&M" John Clinton (Tm-nbuU-Grace 
Gray M*- Pauline M. . .[Townsend) C.M.Ul.Mt. 

Gray M" John Clinton Jr & Henry G 

Gray MiM" John Howard (Caroline W McGourkey).6 E 69 
Gray DiM" Langdon Carter (Marguerite E Finn) 

Un.Dm.So.T..6 E 49 
Gray don M" Clendenen (Fannie Arnold) 

care P B Arnold 101 W 78 
Greacen M' Edward J-M.JTy.Lc.Cn.Na.. .38 Park Row 

Green M' Andrew W-U.n Hoffman House 

Green M' Andrew H ..... ., 

Green M"" Lucy M 

Green H' A$hbel-Rg. Uv. Cw. P'46 
Green M""". Caroline W *. Anabel. . 

Green M' Ashbel Jr-XJv. Uva.Rv. Y'91 .6 E 9 

Green MiM" Ch Ewing (Mary L Potter) Uv. 
Green JJ""" Helen .G -fc Su83,nna L. . .[L.P'eO 

Green W John CJeye-P' 

Green MiM" Hy Woodhull (Helen W Watts) P'91 

326 W State Trenton N J 

Green Hon Edward T .Died at Trenton N J Oct 10 

Green M' Edward H-Un. R Union Club 

Green M' E Holland Robinson-Un Union Club 

Green MiM"EMqrray(BessieHGriswold)Un.Rf. 36 First 

Green M' Griswold Troy NY 

Green W Frajicis Cushing-Sa. '95. ... St Anthony Club 
Green MiM" Geo Walton (HarrietBAtwater) Uv.L.M. 

C.Dt.R.Dm.Uva.Rf.Bd.Cd.H'76. .334 Lexington Av 
Green MiM" Jas 0( AniyBHewitt/Un.K. . . 13 Lexington Av 
Green M' Pinckney F-Uv University Club 

155 W State 
Trenton N J 

N J 

Green M" Rob't Stockton (Mulligan) 

Green M""" Katherine, Isabella W&Caroline S 

Green M'.RoJjt Stockton Jr-Cn. P'86 

Green M' Shipton-N. Dt. Na. . .ab'd Luc Jly 4. . .2 W 36 
Green MiM" Wm Walker (Thayer) 

Uv.L.T.Na.Chch.Y'78..Englewood N J 
Greene M*" Alice-La 600 Madison Av. .ab'd 

Greene Capt&M" B Dwight (Elizabeth 

Greene M"" Elizabeth 

32 E 26 
av'd Luc 
Jly 34 

New York. 


Morrist'n N J 


126 E 34 

Greene Col&ir Francis Vinton (Belle Chevallig) 

. C.Uv,Mt.Ny.U8.L.Mtw.USA'70..33E30 

M" Murray S Day(AnnaMaryGreene) 
Greene M' Geo S Jr-C. LI. Cw. Ch. H'6a 

Greene M'. Carleton-C. H'89 

Greene M" J B 

Greene MiM"CBnrrows(MarinaE16naDelgado)R. 

M" Royal Chapin (Greene) 

Greene MiM" Martin E (Zabriskie) Un.Mt. . I i i? ao 

Greene M^ Alister-Un. Mt. Sv. Ct. Na | ^ ^ ^^ 

Greene Dili" Robt Holmes (Mabel A V Chubb) 

M. Uv. Bdn'87..47 W38 
Greene H" S Dana (Mary A Babbitt) Sr 

Greene M*" Mary Richmond - . . 

Greene M' Geo deBoketon 

Greene M&M" Samuel Dapa (Cornelia Chandler) 

Uv. C. U S N'83 . . Schenectady N Y 
Greene M' Samuel Dana Married at Batavia N Y 

Chandler M*" Cornelia (late Rear Admiral) Jun 25 

Greene MiM" T Tlleston (Elise G Skinner). 
Greene M'- Isabel F & M' Pred'k S-'90. . . . 

49 Wash'n Av 
SchenectadyK Y 

.103 W 58 

Greenfell M" Isabel x^shmore. .The Peabody Waverly PI 

Lenox Mass & 
Ho tti nguer&CoPar 

Greenleaf MiM" R C (AdelineEStone) 

Greenleaf M'- MarionCrUv. Smb. H' 66 

Greenlees MiM"ThosJr(ElizabethCCummings). Newark N J 

iSreenough MiM" Wm (Alice M Patterson) Uv. 

Greenough M- Marion M. .[S.Mc.H'63 32 W 9 

Greenongh M' Wm Jr-H' 

Greenough MiM" John (Carolina H Storey) 

Uv. Dt. T. L. H'65..31 W35 
Greer DiM" David E (Keith) C. Mt. Rg. Ct. 

Greer M'^&M'^Mary Constance . , ,. . . .*. 342 Mad Av 

Greer M"" .Wm Armstrong-Sv.&Lawrence. . 

Greer M' Lawrence Married at Mamaroneck 

Oakes M- Georgina (Thos P), , . , Oct 19 

Greer MiM" Lawrence (.GeorginaOakes). .MamaroneckNY 

Greer M' Louis M- Uv. R. H'9i . ! ! . . ! 47 W 52 

Gregory M' Chas E-Ul 592 Fifth Av 

Gregory M^ EUot-K. Y'80 1122 Broadway cor 26 


Social Registeb, 

Gregory M' Edward E (Edw'd Eug) . .Died at 212 Mad Av 

Gregory H" Ed Cooke (Elsworth) 

Gregory M*"* 

Gregory IT Henry Elsworth-Uv. C. Snc. Cr78. 
Gregory W Jame8G(ElizaMorgan).1304ConnAvWa8hDC 
Gregory MiM" Lewis (Edith M Newton) R. Na. .122 W 12 
Gribble MiM" Henry (Mary DuBois WagstaflF) 

" Tahlulah " West Islip L I 

Grierson M' John-R. Ag 169 W 44 

Griff en MiM" Benj (Wilcox) Uv. Dke.'66 41 W 68 

Griffen M" Chas Francis (ElizabethRoeLockwood) 
Griflen W Francis H-Y'92 

M" Wm M Leeds 

Griffin MiM" Chas Henry (Cecilia Wyman) Ul.Ch.10 E 58 
Griffin HiM" Chas Russell (CharlotteAgpew) 
Griffin M' Percy-Rf. .at 48 Exchange PI. . . 

Griffin M' Russell Agnew 

Griffin MiM"Eugene(AllieHancock)Uv.L.USA'76 Smb. 

Mt w. Ardsley . ab' dLahnOct27MorganHarjes&CoParis 
Griffin MiM"FrancisButler(AnnieMEarle)Ct. Rv.Cw. ' 

M" John H Earle 

Griffin DiM" HenryA (Helen de Forest) Uv.H'86 

W E Layton deForest 

Griffin M" Wm Preston (Christine Kean) 

Mad Av 

40 W 

Orange N J 



208 E 16 

Griffith MiM" Stuart Webster(CecileBristed). 540 WEnd A v 

Griffith MiM" T W Prospect Villa Mt Prospect 

Griffith M-- AvNewarkNJ 

Griffiths MiM" Fred'k C (Josephine Chase) 

Ny. Lc. Na..34 W62 
Griggs MiM" Herbert L (Emily Frances Thompson) 

M.Rf.Rg.Na.I)t..l21 Madison Av 
Griggs Gov&M" JnoW (Laura Elizabeth Price) Paterson 

Griggs M- Helen [Ul.L. N J 

Grinnell MiM" E Morgan (Sarah I Stone) 34 E 63 

Grinnell MiM" Frederick (Page) Ny 

Grinnell M*" Lydia 

Grinnell M' Russell , 

Grinnell D' Geo Bird-Un. Uv. Cw. C. Ct. Y'70 

Grinnell M' William Milne-Uv. Cw.Mtw.Y'81 

M" Wm D Page (Helen Jesup Grinnell)., 

New Bedford Mass 

Park & 
W 167 

New Yobk. 163 

Grinnell MiM" Irving (Josephine Howland) 

Ny.Cb.Cl'59..New Hamburgh N Y.ab'd 

Unnnell D' Morf on Married at San Francisco 

Catherwood M*" Jennie S (late Judge H) Oct 6 

Grinnell Dif" Morton (Jennie S Catherwood.) 

Uv.YJ75..Huttelein Audubon Pk 

Grinnf^ll M' Robert M-Ny Skaneateles N Y 

Grinnell M' Wm P-C. . . .av'd Etru Sep 2? .Century Club 
Grinnell If Wm Morton-Mt. Uv.L.H'80' 

ab'dTeut Augl2..6E65 

Griscom IT Llovd C-Un The Croisic Fifth Av & 26 

Griswold MiM" Alex M-Un.Ny.R.H'92 Union Club 

Griswold MiM" Chester (Grace Cannon) 

Un.Mt.Ny.Dt.R.Rv. .23 W 48 
Griswold MilP Daniel Paine (Annie Robe) R.Ct.Pl. 

H'87 . . ab' d Ger Aug 5 . . Brown Shipley &Co London 

Griswold W George (Lydia Alley) 

Griswold M*" Lonise ^ 

Griswold M' Prank Gray-Un.Ny.Rv.Mb 

M" Schuyler VanRensselaer 

Griswold M' Prank B-Fn 

Griswold M1M''Gho (Emily Post) T.Un.H'SO. 

IT ab'd Camp Oct 10. .Tuxedo Park N Y 
Griswold MiM" J N A (Jane Emmet) Mt.Un. 

Griswold M' George 2d-Un 

Griswold Mil" Wayne (Anna Lonise Dumont) 


Groesbeck Mir Ernest-R . Ul.N.Col 303 W 87 

Gross M" J Louis Jr-Cal.Na 100 E 17 

Grosvenor M*" R A Providence R I 

Grosvenor MiM" James B M (Mina Jeane Ludeling) 

Dn.R.Mc.Jkl.Br'62. .Bridgeport Ct 
Grosvenor MiM" Wm (Rose Dimond Phinney) 

61 Prospect Providence R I 

Grosvenor M' Wm M-Uv.Rp. Wms'85 32 E 26 

Grove M' Hy S-Un Union Club 

Groves M" Geo M (Mary Dominick). . . 

Groves M"" Marian 

Groves M' Morris- y'99 

9 W9 

Union Club 

Newport RI 

.64 W64 

164 Social Register, 

Grnmmon M' Robt S |27E Kinney 

Griimmon M' Chaa A-E.Rv.Ch.Bg. . | Newark N J 

Gruner MiM" Siegfried ( Annie J Dater) av'd Col Oct 16 
GranerM'-Cbarlotte&irHarry.[Dv.N.Na. 27 W 81 

Grymes M' C Alfred-Un.Ny Union Clnb 

Grymes M' J Randolph-Ny .... .New York Yacht Club 
Guernsey MiM" Jos Reynolds (Alice Clark)Sn. Snc . 128 

M"- H R Reynolds [Ad.Cl'Se E 34 

Gnernsey DiM" Egbert-Ul.Rv 160 W 59 

Guernsey DiM" Wm N-Ul.Bd 27 W 52 

Guild M' Chas Humphreys-Rv 114 Bway 

Guild MiM" Pred'k A (Agnes Pearl) 

Ny.Dke.Ha.Df.Rv. Flushing LI 

MiM" WalterBowne 2d(KatherineGnild) 

Guion MiM" John (Cryder) Flushing L I 

GuiterasM' Ramon-Us.Na.Pl.H'82 23 W 53 

Gulliver MiM" WmC (Louisa Green) Un.C.Uv.Rg. 

L. Cy . U va. Ct. Y' 70 . . 646 Madison A v 
Gummere MiM" Ch Ed (Annie Scarborough). Trenf on N J 

Gummere M' S R Trenton N J 

Gunther M' Ernest Rudolph-UI.Cv 262 Madison Av 

Gunther M' Franklin L-Ul.R.Cy.Na.Ny.M 1 E 39 

Gurnee M' Walter S-Un.Ul.Mt.Ss.T.Dt.Na.Jkl. . . 

Gurnee M"- Delia E 

Gurnee M' Augustus Coe-Un.Uv.Mt.T.Pl.H'78. . . 

M""* Grace G & Evelyn Scott 

Gurnee MiM" Walter S Jr (Bell Barney )Un.Mt. Dt.Na 8 

Gurnee M"— Bell B & Lucy B E 

Gurnee M' Walter S 3d-Na 33 

Guthrie MiM" William D (Ella E Fuller) 

Un.Mt.Ul.L.Rg. .28 Park Av 

Guy M' Seymour J-C 61 W 10 

Gwynne Mir Ed Erskine (Helen Steele) 

Cal.Rh. .Calumet Club 
Gwynne MiM" John A (Mary E Gulliver) "Medeham- 

Gwynne M""* Alice & Mabel [Rf . Ay. stede' ' 

Gwynne M" JohnAJr&Arthnr C-Dke.Cr91 Rye N Y 
Habershaw D' John-M. Ny. Na Manhattan Club 




Habirsliaw MiM" Wm M (Marsh) Ul.C.T.L. 
Habirshaw f..{ , , .,.. [Pl.R.Ny. 

315 Mad Av 

. New York. 166 

Hackett M" John Keteltas (Laura J Hall) .... «oT>„,t a 

Hackett M- Minnie L K 7^ rarK Av 

HackstaflP MiM" Alex G(CorneliaT Allen)Un.Snc.Mg.Mo. 

Morristown N J 
Hackstaff M' William G-Dl.B,v.Snc. .Union League Club 
Hadden MiM" Harold Parquhar (Burckhardt) 

Uv.S.Ch.Mc.Ty'77..M'' ab'd Maj Sep 23..204 Mad Av 
Hadden MiM" John A (Mactier) Un. Sv. Mt . . . . ,« w ki 

Hadden M' Alexander M-Cal.Na.Cb.Ot lo w oi 

Hadden MiM" John A Jr (Marie Torrance) Un.Cal.Cy. 

379 Fifth Av 
Hadden MiM" J E Smith (Georgiana Hamilton) 

K. Mb . . Hempstead L I 

Hagen M' Winston H-Uv. Aht'79 University Club 

Haggin M" Ben Ali (Lee Wood) Bd..av'd PstBk Jun26 

37 Fifth Av 
Haggin M' James B-Un. Mt. M. Rg. L . . 

M"" Pearl Voorhies 

Haggin MiM" Louis T (Blanche Butterworth) 

Un. Uv. Mt..28Fifth Av 
Hague MiM" Arnold (Howe-Mary Bruce Robbins) 

Uv. C. Mtw. Y'63. .1724-1 Wash D 
Hague MiM" James D (Mary Ward Foote) Mt. Ul. 108 

Hiigue M""* Marian & Eleanor fC.Dt.La.H' E40 

Haigl)t MiM" Chas Coolidge(Kneeland)Mt.C.Uv.Ny. 
Haight M- Sai(1eeBard..[I>t.T.Mb.Ch.Rg.Snc.Cl'61 

Haight M' C Hidney 

Haight M"B I 

Haight D' David L-Mt. Un. Uv. Rh. Y'60 

Haight M' J Halsey-Dp. Cn. CI 

Haight M"- Clara L 147 E 89 

Haight M' Frederick A-M Manhattan Club 

Haight M' Fred'k E-,Sa.Cw.Rv. Wt.Snc.St Anthony Club 
Haight JliM" Edw(AnnieWat8on)Rg.Cy.Ll.Cr61 

Haight M- Middle J W .' 

Haight M' Louis 

587 Fifth Av 




.326 Lex Av 

Haight M' Ed C 

M' Josiah Hedden 

Haight MiM" H J 

Haight M" Louis. (C) 1370 Mad Av 

186 ' Social Reoisteb, 

Haight MiM" Wm B (Helen B Thurston) Ul. . . .302 W 85 
Haines MiM" Ch D (Mary Sabine) . . careG A Sabine 43 E 68 
Haines MiM" John P (Mary Meiritt) Ny.Snc. .20 Fifth Av 

Haines M" Wm A Senior (Emily S Stage) «i wr rk 

Haines M- Emily Somers. . .... . ^^ ^ ^^ 

Haines MiM" W A-Ny 67 Madison Av 

Haldane M" James (Elizabeth B).. "Villa desPleurs" 

Tampa Fla 

Haldane M*- Mary H-La 28 E 22 

Haldane MiM" Wm Hy (Alice Paulding) Rf.Dke.Dt.Ch. 
La. Cl'72.."Rockneath" Cold-Spring-on- Hudson 


Hall MiM" A Oakey (Lawrence) Lt. Snc. 
Hall M*" Josephine. 

Hall M' H Oakey-Uva. Ad Wms'84 .35 W 33 

Hall MiM" Benj Elihu (MaryH Brown) Rp.Cw.Rv.Dke. 

42 E57 
Hall MiM" Boltrn (SusieHnrlbntScott)Rf. Rv.Ct.P'75 4 

M' William Hoyt Scott-Un. etc E46 

Hall MiM" DeWitt C (Julia N Hilliard) Ul. PI. 

TheAriston B'way & 56 
Hall MiM" Ed S (Marie Antoinette Jarvis) Ul . . . 601 Lex- 
Hall M' Frank de Pey8ter-Cal.Sa.Ny.Ty78. .at ington 
Hall M' E Fermor-Sa.C.Cl'72 .... [267 Fifth Av Av 
Hall MiM" Edward J (Louise Winne) Uv.L.Mg.Mo. 200 
HallM'-EIeauoiWinne&GfertrudeStuart..[Alb.Y'73 W57 

Hall M"" Frances Minturn . 

Hall M' Rowland Minturn-H'56 

Hall M' Frank L-Uv. Dt. Ss. Y'72 16 W 39 

Hall M' George Henry-C 129 W 34 

Hall MiM" Henry (Virginia Houghton) Ul.Rp.Rv.Na. 

Plaza Hotel 

Hall DiM" John (Emily Bolton) 

Hall Prof Robt W-Na. P'73 

Hall MiM" Prescott F (Florence Gardiner) 
Hall M" John H Sr (CorneliaG Ward) .... 
Hall M"" Cornelia Katharine 

.87 Clinton PI 

..712 Fifth Av 


Hall MiM"JtioHudson(MabelVarker)Ny.M. Lc.H'94 

Hall M" John T (Delafield) Ct ,okt? r^ 

Hall M"- & M- Susie T U5Ji57 

Hall M' Lewis Coleman-Rf.Cwt.Rv.Atb.H'92 . ..28 E 88 

New York. 


Hall W Violetta Morgan (Marsh) Tarry town 

Hall M- Marie Louise&M' Fred'k J-Al.Ll.Rv. N Y 
Hall M" Peleg (Sarah M Watson) ...... 42 Waterman 

Mill" Ch M Smith Jr(Harriet M Hall) ProvidenceR I 

Hall M' Sherman R-Sa St Anthony CI ub 

Hall H" Valentine G (Mary L Lndlow) . . . 

Hall M— Edith L & Maude L 11 W 37 

Hall M" Valentine G-R.Snc.T. & Edward L 

Hall M" Wm H 61 W 56 

Hall M' Wm Cornelins-Uv.L.Cn Sa.Un.Lc.Y'75. .52 W9 

Hallowell M' Thos Jewett-Pl. Ct 125 E 57 

Halpin MiM" Francis (P Rosalie Tomes) 

177 Union Montclair N J 
Halsey MiM" Charles D(EffleVanRGrubb) 

Ec.Un.E.Bg.P'86. . . .102 E 35 
Halsey MiM" Frederic R (EmmaGertrndeKeep)Un.Uv. . 

ab'd Spree Jun 30. ...a'vd Tour Sep. .22 W 53 
Halsey M" Geo A 989 Broad Newark N J 

East Orange N J 

34 W40 


Halsey MiM" Jacob L (SarahPRPierson) 
Halsey M'HarveyR-Rv.Snc. .[Dm.Snc. 

Halsey M' N Wetmore-L 15 Wall 

Halsey MiM" Silas C-E.Ec.Bg . .16 Central Av Newark N J 
Halsey MiM" Wm McD (Louise M Woodruff) 

Halsey M' Charles Woodrnff [F'll 

Halsted M" David C Senior (Elizabeth Mayhew 
Halsted M""E Bayard-Cw.&I)avid C-Cw. . [Cooke) 
Halsted MiM" James Maver Jr (Josephine Agnes 

Douglas)... Sn.Ct... 127 W'74 

Halsted M' Richard H-M.R.Na.N 106 W 55 

Hamersley MiM" Andrew S (Amelia M Bronson) 

Hamersley MiM" Ja8Hooker(MargaretWillingChisolm) 

Uv.Ct.Mt.Cw.Snc.Cr65..414 Madison Av 

Hamill M' Sam'l McC-Uv.FSO Cleveland O 

Hamilton D' A Uan McLane-K . Uv . C1'70 44 E 29 

Hamilton M" Allan McLane (Florence R Craig) 

Hamilton M' Louis McLane 

Hamilton RevDiM"Braddin(AugustaRSteven8on).85 E 66 

126 E 34 

158 Social Register, 

Hamilton MJE^Edmond H (Mary W Smith) 

U1..208 Lenox At 

98 Harrison 
East Orange N J 

Hamilton M' Ed P-Dt . Eg . Rv . Bg . . 

Hamilton M"- Elizabeth W 

Hamilton MiM" Frank Hastings (May Thorburn). .46 E 68 

Hamilton M" Geo (Frances S Phillips) ab'd 

Hamilton M' Hamilton-C 58 W 57 

Hamilton IT G Van C (Gertrude V C Wells) La. .65 E 53 
Hamilton M" Jas Augustus (Suffern). 
Hamilton M"" 


.33 E39 

.17 W20 

105 E 21 

Hamilton M' 

Hamilton M' Schiiyler-Ll Savoy Hotel 

Hamilton MiM" Schuyler Jr (Jane B Mercer) 

Hamilton M*M" Wm Gaston (Pierson-Charlotte 
Jeffrey) C.Mt.T. PI. L.Ch.Rv.Ct.Snc. 

Hamilton M"— Helen M & Marie V 

Hamilton M' Laurens-Uva . Y' 

Hamilton MiM" W Pierson (Juliet P Morgan) 

Mt.T.Cal Sa.Rv.Snc. Y' . . 121 Madison Av 
Hamilton MiM" Wm H (Emma A Kittridge) Ul. . 105 W 55 

Hamlin M' Charles S-Uv..Mtw.H'83 32 E 26 

Hammond M' John H-Sa.Y'92 29 E 28 

Hammond OiM" Wm A (Esther D Chapin) M.Mtw. 

" Belcourt" Columbia Heights Wash D C 
Hance MiM" IrwinHo well (Isabel MaryClark) Uv. .132W73 

Hancy MiM" Edw J (Eliza J Ferry) Dt 69 W 52 

Hand M' Augustus Noble-H"90 6 E 32 

Hand MiM" Clifford A (Maria Schott) Uv.Rf.Dm. 


Hand M"" Georgiana (C A) Married at Grace Ch 

Stevens M' Richard Oct 21 

Handy MiM" Parker D (Annie K Warner) 

Uv.Col.Sv.Uva.P'79. .50 W 87 

Hanna MiM" Mark A 

Hanna M' H Melville-Mt.Ny. 

Hapgood M' Asa Gu8tavus-Uv.Lc,H'72 32 E 26 

Harbeck MiM^Chas T (Sophie Child) Ul . Na. " 

Harbeck M' Chas J [Ct. 

..Cleveland Ohio 

306 Lexing- 
ton Av 
Harbeck MiM" John H '.... .260 Fifth Av 

New Yoek. 159 

Hard Mill" Anson W <Brown) G . Mt . Rg . Dt . 

Hard M""" Sara A & Julia Post . , . . [Eh . Ch . 49 Park Av 

Hard IP James M B. .... 

Hard M' George M-M.Us.Na.Ll Manhattan Clnb 

Hardenbergh MiM" John A-Sn . Snc 13 E 12 

Hardenbergh MiM" Hy J (Emilv I Keene) PI. io i? ka 

M- Josephine E Leeds. . . ." [C.Rg.G. -^^ ^ »*> 

Hardenbergh MiM" John P (Prances Eddy) 121 W 73 

Hardenburgh MiM"WmP-E.Mg. .1023 Broad Newark N J 
Harding M" Butler Kenner (Annie Bigelow) 

care John Bigelow . Highland Fulls N Y 
Harding MiM" Geo Ed (Mary M Lincoln) 

' Eg. Cr 67. .New Brighton. S I 

Harding M' Henrv McL-M.Col Manhattan Club 

Hardon MiM" Hy Winthrop (Cora P Buir) 

Uv.H'82..313 W 71 

Hardy M' Arthur Sherburne-C . A . PI Century Club 

Hare MiM"J Montgomery (Mary E Mereditli)Un.C.Dt. 

Hare M"- Elizabeth Emlen [Ct.Ch . 

Hare M^Montgomery-Uv. Uva. Y'93&Meredith-Uva. 

Hare M' Wm Hobart Jr^Y'96 [Y'94 

Hargous W Robt L-Un . Cal . Mt . Mb . R . PI . Pn. Mtw. 

Union Club.. ab'd 

Haries MiM" John H 

Harjes M-aM"?- Nelly 

HarjVsM' John H Jr. .... 



.62 Av Henri Martin Paris 
av'd Luc Sep 16 


Harkness M" S V 

Harkness M* Edward S 

Harkness MiM"Cha8W(Mary Warden) Uv.Ny.Y'83 

Harkness M' Wm L-Uv. Y'81 32 E 26 

Harlan Rev&M" Richard D (Margaret M Prouty) 

Uv..Ll.P'81. .2 Oxford Rochester 

Harland M' Edward-Ul. Uv.C . Y'53 Norwich Ct 

Harnett MiM" Richard V-N.Nv.L.Col 314 W 72 

Harney M' Geo E-Un.C.Dt.Rg. Sg 113 E 36 

Harper M' Pranklin-Sv. Rv Na . . 42 E 49 

Harper MiM" Hy Sleeper (Mary Haxton) 

Dp Pl.Lc.ei'88..21 Madison Av 
Harper MiM" Horatio R-Dt . PI . S . Ny . Na.Lc.Cr80 

i Sands Pt L I 

Soo.iAi< Bboisteb, 


Harper HiM" James-Dt Down Town Club 

Harper II" James. 

Harper M"- 

Harper M*M" James Thorne (Katliarine C Byrne) 


Harper MiH" John (Hoe) Ul. Al. Pl.C.Ch. Ag. 

Harper M"" Fanny 

Harper HiM" J Abner (Saokett) Ul. ...New Windsor N Y 

Harper M*H" John W (Eleanor Emmons Brown) 

Ul.C.Cl'52.. Sands Pt L I 

.4 Gramercy Park 

. ... 119 E 39 

Harper Mill" Jos Henry (Mary Say Hoe) Ul.C.G.Dt 

Harper M"- May [Rg.Rh.R. 

Harper M" Pletcher-Rh. «& March 

Harper M" Jos W (Caroline M Sleeper) 562 Fifth Av 

Harper M' Joseph Wesley (late Jos W) 

Died at 562 Fifth Av Jly 21 

Harper MiM" Orlando M (Kathleen T Ludlow) 
Harper M"- Mary Ludlow.. [UI.Rg.Mc.M.Y'67 
Harper MiM" Wesley (Mary Lee) S.Sn.Dp.C 

The Waldorf 

Harper M' Wm Armitage-Cal.Ul 267 Fifth Av 

Harper MiM" Wm D (Tacie McDonald^ Ul . Dt . Bg, 

Harper M'-&M'~" Clara McD & Violett.' .' 

Harriman M" Charles (Helen Margaretta Anderson) 

Harriman M*™* Katharine S & Helen M 

Harriman M' Wm E-Ry . Cw . Snc 

Harriman M" Edward (Mellon) 56 E 53 

Harriman MiM" E Henry (Mary W Averell) Un.T.Mt. 


Harriman M" Frederick (J Mellon) 

Harriman M' Fred'k C 

MiM" Wm HBudd (Julia Harriman) 

Harriman M' George F-M Manhattan Club 

Harriman MiM" Herbert M (Isabella Hunnewell) R. 

Portchester N Y 
Harriman MiM" J Borden(FlorenceJaflfray Hurst) Un.K. 
Mt.Cy.R.Ny.Mb.P'85. .ab'd in July 

"Elm Ridge Farm" Scarsdale N Y 

..41 W 47 





.112 E 29 

Harriman MiM" James(Sarah A Fotterall) 
Harriman M"" Alice 


New Yoke. 



Harriman IT J Arden-Un.Uv.Mt.R.Cy.S.L.Ny.M. 

P'86..121 W55 
Harriman Hill" J Low (Bishop) M.Mc. 

M" ab'd Aug Vic Sep 15. .winter at Paris 
Harriman MiM" Oliver (Laura Low) Mt.Ul.Ct.Dt. 

Harriman M' James Low 

Harriman M' Jos-R.Cy .P'87 

Harriman MiM" Oliver Jr (Grace CarleyjUv.K.Mt.Cy. 

R.Us.L.Ny. Ct.Ag.P'83.. Purchase WestchesterCoNY 
Harriman IT Wm M-(Jal.T.Mt.Ny.L.R.Mb.Cy.Fn.Snc. 

121 Mad Av 

Harriot M' SamuelJ-Ry 

Harriot M' J Bloomfield-Cr84. . 

Harris MiH"Chas N (Annie Emmet).ab'd PuldaJly4.74E54 

Harris MiM" Dwight M (Ada L Panning) Rp. 

av'd Luo Octl6. . "Beauchamps" Irvington-on-Hud'n 

.Chevy Chase Md 

.113 W 55 
.124 W 91 

Harris M' Edward W-Uv.Ul.Rp.Uva.F84. , 
M' Chas F Deshler&M'-Emilie Deshler. . 
Harris MiM" Francis C (Ethel C Watts) Pn' . 

Harris M' George W-Uv .Cr84 University Club 

Harris M' J Duflas-K. 1 E 32 

Harris MiM" R Duncau (Annie Gibert) Uv.M.Dm. 


Harris M' Sidney-Un . Sa Union Club 

Harris M" Sidney (Rathryn M Brady) Finshine L I 

M"JohnRBrady i^JusningL.1 

Harris MiM" Tracy Hyde (LaurarD Curtis) 

8a.Uv.Uva.P'86. .111 W 56 
Harris M" Sidney S (Mariam D) ti„<.x;„ „„„„ , n^ t>„„,-o 

Harris M- Nathalie Hot*i°g«er & Co Pans 

Harris MiM" Wm Hamilton (Grace P NicoU) Us. 

care E LFancher 141 Mad Av 
Harris M" Wm Hamilton (Emma HazenWitt) 

Harris M" Emma Witt 

M" Stillman Witt. 

Harrison M' Alexander-Un . C Morgan Harjes Paris 

.306 W 75 

Harrison MiM" Burton (Constance Cary) 

Harrison M' Francis Burton- Y'95. .av'd Ems Sep 25 
'"-Vrison MiM" Fairfax (Hetty Cary)Fn.Y'90..Wash D C 



Social Ehgi8ter, 


Park Av 

Harrison Dill" Geo Tucker (Ijelia Bell) Rf .Dm.Ch. 

Harrison M-&M'- Elizabetli M [Dke . So . 

Harrison D' Gessner-Cli.So. & M' Robt L-Uv.Rf. 

Dm.Ch. Uva. So. Va'70 
Harrison MiM" Jared F (Carolyn Parnswortli) 

Harrison M*" Marie Louise 

Harrison M" J F Jr-Na. & Wm Ogden-H'94 

Harrison M" Mary L (Livingston) 244 Lexington Av 

Harrison Mil" Wm Henry (Helen Skidmore) 

Un. Cy. Na ab'd 

Hart M' J Wilson-Uv 32 E 26 

Hart M" Theophilus Phillipse (Jane F Ellis). . 
Hart M"- L Helen & M' H Ellis-Snc 

H" John Wynantz Greene (Addle T Hart) 
Hart M" Joseph M (Georgie Riddell) 

M' Carl N Vigneron 

Hart M' Walter T-Sa. Uv. Y'78. ..... .St Anthony Club 

Hartley D' Prank-Uv. P'77 46 E 34 

Hartley MiM" Marcellus (Fanny Chester White) 

Ul.L.Rg.Rp.Ec. .232 Madison Av 
Hartley M' J Wilfred... 
Hartley M'-&M'- Isabels. 



.34 Gramercy Pk 

Hartshorne M' Benjamin M-N. Ul 168 

Hartshorne M-&M"" [Ny. Y'90 Mad 

Ha rlshorne MiM"Robt(MargarBt Willis)Dke. U va. Av 

Hartshorne M" James M (Sarah L Taylor).. 300MadisonAv 
Hartshorne MiM" Richard B (Josephine I M'&M'-ab'd AngV 
Haitsliorne M'—&M""[ERCammings)Ny. | Oct 8.. .9 W 51 
Hartshorne M*- Ethel (late Jas)... Married at 300 Mad Av 

Wood M' Arthur.! Nov 11 

Harvey M' Alexander-Cal. Un. Uva. Lc. Cr82 

av'd Ger Jly 30. .267 Fifth Av . 
Harvey M' Geo B M-Lt. M. Rf. L 1 W 72 

Harvey H"" Mary & Rebecca 

W Wm H Newsman 

Hasbrouck M' J Chester-Ul. Snc 

Hasell MiM" Lewis Cruger (Mary Masoti Jones) Cal.Cw. 

126 E 71 
Haseltine M' A C-C Paris France 

22 Ell 
..1 E39 

Nkw York. 


Haskell Mill" J Amory (Margaret Moore Riker) 

Mt. Us. Dt. ]Sra..l62 W 86 
Haskell H' Harry G-Sa.Cr..ll06Jeffer8onWiImingtonDel 
Haskins HiM" Chas Waldo (Henrietta Havemeyer) 

M.Rg.Bm.Cy.Mtw.Cw. .317 W 14 

Haslam M' Lewis S-Uv. y'90 62 W 38 

Hassam MiM" Childe (Kathleen MaudDoane)Pl . . 152 W57 
Hastings Maj&M" (Catherwood) . 

Hastings HiM" Frank S (Caroline Fanning) 

Hastings M' Charles F rCt. S. Cr98 

Hastings MiM" Geo Seymour (Harriet M 
Southworth) Uv.Sp.L.La.Mg.'57 

Hastings M"" Emily Belle-Mg 

M' Edward W Soutli worth 

Hastings M' Thomas-C. PI. Fn. S 

Hastings MiM" CourtlandtE-Col.Lc.Ch.L. 

Haswell M' Chas H-Un. Ay 

Haswell M- Sarah H 

Haswell Lieut&M" (iouverneur K (Ball) USlif.S 

..16 W50 

233 South 
Morristown N J 


230 W End Av 
324 W 78 


Haswell M*" C care Chas P Noyes 7 Park Av 

Hatch MiM" Daniel B-Ul. Mo Morristown N J 

Hatch M' Edward S-N. Lc. L. Col. Na. Ny. 

Hatch M"- Lucy Wills 

Hatch MiM" Fred'c H (May Palmer Daly) Un: . . . .36 E 76 

„ 124 Rem- 


..311 W 75 

Hatch M' Arthur Melvin-Un. Dt. Rv. Cw. Ha 

Hatch M' Lorenzo J-C Century Club 

Hatch M" Nath'l W T (Mary R Sanford) 

Hatch MiM" W Denison (Lucy Rigney) K.Cal. 

Hatch M' W Denison Jr [Cy. 

Hatfield M' Henry R-Sa St Anthony Club 

Havemeyer MiM" Chas F (Camilla Moss) K.Un.Mt. 

Cy.Ny.Mb.Sa.R. . " Rockfield" Westchester N Y 
Havemeyer MiM" Henry O (Elder) Rg. G. Ny .Cy . .1 E 66 

Park Av 

Havemeyer MiM" James-Rp . . 

Havemeyer M' J Craig-R 

Havemeyer MiM" Theo A (deLoosey) Ul.Mt.M. 

Havemeyer M' Henry O Jr-Lc. .[Ny.T.Dv.Ag, 

.SOW 37 

Mad Av 


Social Register, 

Havemeyer MiM" Theo A Jr (Katherine Aymar Sands) 

K. Mt. Cy. R. Sa. Mb. .21 W 99 

Havemeyer IT Wm M ab'd 

Havemeyer M' Thoa J-N. R. Cy. Ny. Ss NY Clnb 

Havemeyer M' Wm F-Mt. C. Dt. G. Ny. Ct Iv'^ E 57 

Haven MiM" Geo G(Fat)nyArnot)Mt.K.Un.M. ab'd Lnc 
HavenJC-MariHnA.rUl.T.Dt.W.PlSmb.Cl'ST Augl.av'd 

Haven M' J Woodward-K.Mt. W.Df StP Oct 17 

M' Richard S Palmer 24 E 39 

Haven HiM" Geo G Jr (Elizabeth Shaw IngersoU) 

K.Uv.Dt.Mt.R.Uva.Y'87. .17 E 44 
Haven M*M" Henry Dwight (Emma Louise Best) 


Havilaiid M' Chas T-Uv.U'71 University Club 

Ha Vila nd M' Meriitt E-Rp-Na.Snc 77 W 64 

Hawes M" Granville P (Eaphemia Vose) 63 

Hawes H"J Anderson-Pke.Ct.Ll. Y'94&Emory-Y'96 E 53 
HawkesM'McDongall-Mt.Cal.Cy.Snc.Ew.Cl'85 ,„ i,, „„ 

Hawkes D' R Forb^s-Cal.Snc Y'87 4^ £- -<o 

Hawkesworth M' Hv M-Cal.L.S.Fn 1 Broadway 

Hawkesworth MiM"Robt Wright(Anna M Kirtland) 

m.L.Fn. .East Orange N J 

Hawkins M" Dexter A 

Hawkins M"- Estelle 5W34 

Hawkins M' Eugene D-Ul.Uv.Rp.Rg.Ct.H'81. 
Hawkins Gen&M" Rush C (Ann Mary Brown) 

U1.GP1.RV..21 W20 

^awley H' Edwin-Mt.N '. Metropolitan Club 

Hawley MiM" Hy E(ElizabethLockwood)Uv. I Hotel 
Hawley M- Sadie ... . [Ul.C Rg.Dt. Y'60 | Netherland 
Hawley M' Samuel Brown-Uv.Y'84 Yonkers N Y 

Hawley M*" Sarah L Park Av 

Hawley M' D Edwin-Ul Hotel 

Hawley M' E Jndson-C Century Club, .ab'd 

Hay M' Adelbert S 5 Vanderbilt New Haven Ct 

Hay MiM''John(Clara L Stone)C.Mt. 

Hay M- Helen [K.Ll.Mtw. 

Hay MiM" LquIs Condit (J E Burt)Uv.Rv.Y'81. .353W57 
Hay MiM" Wm A (Anna M Famsworth) see Chicago 

Lafayette Sq, 
Washington D C 

New York. 165 

Hayden M" Horace 

Hayden M- Eliza 

Hayden Hill" Horace J (Harriet Putnam) 

Hayden M* Mary Putnam [C.Uv.Un.H'60 

HavdenM^JohnP&HaroldB-atCambridgeMass . . . 
Hayden MiM" James A (Harriet Whiting) 

Hayden M"- Mary L [Ul.Uv.Ch.Pl. 

Hayden M' Henry Whiting-Ul. S.Rp 

Hayden Dili" James Raynor (Trumbull) 107 

M" Hy Tileston W 55 

Hayden M" Peter (Sarah Leverett) 106 Fifth Av 

W 54 


5E 47 



Hayden MiM" Wm B (Mathilda Langdon) 

Hayden H- Mabel E&H"" C Albree& J H 

Hayes M" Augustus A (Emily Rolker Fuller) 

Hayes H"" Florence Rowan " 

Hayes M" David A (Caroline Davis) 688 High 

Hayes M"" Alice W Newark 

Hayes M' Howard W-E.Rf.Bg NJ 

Hayes MiM" J Noble (Emily G Welling) Ct.Na. .215 E 17 
Hayes MiM" Richard Somers-Un.K.Uv Ul.Mt. 

Haynes M' Wm de Forest-Rg.M 16 E 36 

Hays HiH" B St John-Mt 514 

Hays It" MoUie L Madison Av 

Hay ward D' J Kilbourn Jr Married at 27 W 32 

Martin M"- Phebe P (lat« Jno C) in Oct 

Hay ward M' J KilboHrn-Ul.Dt'59 I The 

Hayward IC*^ Lena Place & Isabel Place Buckingham 
Hay ward DiM" J K Jr (Phebe P Martin) 

Poit-au-Prince Hayti W I 
Hayward M' James Waldemar-Un.Cl.Ny.Dt. .13Wav PI 

Hazard M" Eads (Adelaide Eads) 40 W 53 

Hazard H*M" Wm Ayrault (Laura Abell Pelton) 

M.Tc.Rh.Dt.Hv.S. . "MeadowHalP'OedarhurstLI 
Hazeltine MiH" Ed B (Annie E Neil son) Mo. Mg. 

Morristown N J 

Hazeltine MiM" Mayo W-H'62 44 W 76 

Hazen M' George H-Uv.G.Al.N'81 32 E 26 

Hazen MiM"Jolin Cnnningham(ErailyHall) 
Pazen M"" JJdith CuAniugham 

Pel ham 
Manor.N Y 


SooiAi. Registee, 

760 High Newark N J 

Headley HiM" Albert O (Arnold) 

Headley M— 

Headley M' Albert O Jr-Ec.P'90 

Heald Mill" John Oxenbridge (Elizabeth Manning) 

Uv.Y'78. .182 Park Av Orange N J 
Heard ffAugustine-C.Mtw.H'47. .921 ISWashingtonDC 

Hearst W Wm R-M.Un. CalNy. Ay Manhattan Clnb 

■ 7 Rue de 

Presbourg Paris 


Heath M' Wilson G Hunl^Un 

Heaton M' Charles Albert-M.Rg.Rv. . .. .Hotel Waldorf 

Heaton MiM" W m W (Sarah A Wilson) Dl. Hotel 

Heaton M' Wm Wilson-Y'96 | Rg.Ss. St Andrew 

Hecker M" George V (Josephine M Went- 278 Madison 

Hecker M"" Anna W [worth) Av 

Hecker M" Geo F (Mary Ann McKeon) 44 

M" Hy P Walker (Jeannette S Whittemore). W 37 
Heckscher MiM" August (Anna P Atkins) 

Un.L.T.Ulp.Rp..42W 58 
Heckscher MiM" Charles A (Emelia I Thebaud) 

Un.Ec. Orange N J 
Heckscher MiM"JohnGerard(MaryMTravers). Un. Mt . LI. 

R.Ss.T.Sv. .ab'd Ger Jly S.av'd Brit Oct 9.31 W 75 

Hedden M" Edward L (Elizabeth C Apgar) 38 

Hedden H- Lizzie C W 49 

Hegeman M' Geo Stewart-Sa 1321 

Hegeman M' Adrian Gardner-Sa.Sn.Na B'way 

Heins MiM" Geo Lewis (Aim§e T La Farge)C. Cal. R. 

M*" La Farge [La. 


Heinze M' ArthurP-Ha.Dt.Dv.Cr85..60PierrepontBklyn 
Helmuth DiM" Wm Tod (Fannie I Pritchard) 299 

HelmuthDiM"WmTodJr(l8abelSLockman)[Ul.G. Mad Av 
Hemenover M" Sarah G. . . .care D' Hy F Walker. .8 E 30 
Heminway MiM" Buel H (Maude Willard).Watertown Ct 
Heminway MiM" Truman (Honora Harwood) Un.Uv. 

Fn.H'77. . "TheTowers" New Rochelle N Y 
Henderson M'D G-Un.Dt.Lc.Ny.N.Ag. ..Bowling Green 
Henderson MiM" ChasR(JeanieNorth)Un.Cal.Pl.R. Ill 

Henderson M"" Janet Louise [Rv.Ch.Sg. E 31 

Henderson MiM" Ed Cairns (Helen Iselin) 

Uv,Dt.Ct.'76,,62 W17 

New York. 


Henderson MiM" Harold Gould (Agnes Roudebush) 

C.Sa.Pl.H'8U. .J Munioe & Co Paris 
Henderson W Isaac-A.Ul.Uv.Wm8'72 

22 The Boltons London S W 
Henderson M" MatthewH(AdaScreven)La. 620 West- 
Henderson M" James S & Marion Hy minster Av 

M" H H Foote (Henderson) Elizabeth N J 

Henderson W N orman-Cal . Sa. Mo . R. Dt. Mg. 

Cr 83.. 173 Fifth Av 
Henderson MiM" Richard (Hildegarde Oelrichs) 

Ny.Dt.Cn. Cy. .9 Village Rd Oxton near Liverpool 

Henderson M' Russell-Ny.Lc NY Yacht Club 

Hendricks W Arthur T-M.Al.Rf.Dm.Zp 48 Ex PI 

Hendricks W Cliflford B-N.Ny.Lc. 

Hendricks M" Edgar (Lilian Henry) 512 Fifth Av 

Hendricks M" Joshua (Emma Brandon) 

Hendricks M' Edmund-Un.N.Sv 

Hendricks M"- Madeline Helen, lda& Edith .... 10 E 44 
Hendricks M' H W-N.Sv.&Francis-E.Eg. . 

Hendricks MiM" Hy H-Eg.Lc.Ny 65 W 85 

Hendrie M' Strathearne-Cal.Sa Detroit Micl) 

Hendrix M" I J 

HendrJx MiM" Joseph C (Mary Alice 
Rathbone)Bk . M. Col' 73 

Heneberger D' L G-USN ......' 1705 B'wy 

Hennessey M' Forbes G-M.Na Manhattan Club 

Henning MiM" Jas Williamson (Sue T Meriewether) 

Henop MiM" Louis Philip (Alice Seeley) 

Hen op M*" Grace Seeley [Un.W. 

Henriques MiM" Wm H-M 

Heiiriques DiM" H A (Oakey-Alice D Mulligan) 

Mo.Mg. .Morristown N J 
Henry M' Chas I Married at Savannah Ga 

Minis M"" Lavinia Florence (late Abram) Jun 23 

Henry MiM" Chas I (Lavinia F Minis) Lt.W .... 162 W 79 

Henry M' Chas Setou-Eg 

Htnry M- Gertrude B 105 E 30 

M" Warfield (Henry) 

Henry MiM" Douglas (Annie L Prentiss) Na 108 E 35 

882 Carroll Bklyn 

av'd Brit Nov 5 

Union Club 
1 W^34 

E 10 

Fifth Av 

.136 E38 

168 Social Register, 

Henry W Edward L-C Ill E 26 

Henry Mil" Howard H (Frances B Strong) 134 E 89 

Henry M"" Julia Herrick 

Henry M" J Herrick-Cl'71&AmbroseD-R.Mt.Rg. 

Henry D' Nelson H-Us.Dke.R rSa.Rh.Cl'84 

Henry W Frank Lyon-Uv.Sa.R.Rh.Cr82 

Henry M" Morris H (Mehitable L Maynard) T 

Henry M' Hugh-Harvard College 

Henshaw M" A L 

Henshaw M' J H-Uva.Aht' 

Hepburn M' Alonzo Barton -Mt Metropolitan Club 

Herbert Mill" Arttiur (Helen Louise Gammell) 

av'd Luc Jly 26. .Newport R I 
Herbert MiM" Ch Henry Arthur (Mary Leraist) 

Cal. Calumet Club 

Herbert M' Hy Lloyd-Mb . Rg I 71 u' wn v 

Herbert M' Raymond L | 71 B way 

Herbert HiM" Michael Ry (Lelia Belle Wilson) 

Mt.R.Mtw.. British Embassy Washington D C 
Herrick 0*11'* Everett (Harriet Ford) C. .126 Madison Av 
Herrick M*M" Harold (Annie T Lawrence) L. 

"The Meadows" Lawrence L I 
Herrick MiM" E Hicks (Adelaide I Moore) P'88. . .28 E 74 
Herrick Mir J Hobart(AmeliaMcKes8on)Ul.C. W. 

Herrick H"" Caroline McK & Ethel H 

Herrick M' Henry Hobart 

Herrick M' Richard P-Ul Murray Hill 

W 68 


.473 W 22 


Herrick M" Wm Senior (Frances Price) 

Herrick M"— & M' Williana 

Herrick MiM" Wm P-Rp. P'91 .39 W 54 

Herriman M" John (Susan C Johnstone") Senior 

Herriman M'-&M'- C H 

Herriman M" John-Cal.Sv.Bg.Cl' & Geo F 

Herriman M' Samuel C-Uv.Pu.Cl'87. 

Herriman M" Wm S-Mg Madison Av Morristown 

Herriman M' Wm S (late Stephen H) 

Died at Mad Av Morristown Jly 29 

Herschel M' Clemens-C. H'60 2 Wall 

Herter MiM" Albert (Adele McGinnis) C 

25 Av de Wagram Paris 




New York. 169 

Herter M" Christian (Mary Miles) 841 Madison Av 

Herter DiM" Christian A (Susan Dows) 

C.G.Rg..819Madison Av 
Hess M" McAllister(HenriettaEClarkson).Morrist()wnNJ 

Hess MiM" Nathaniel-Dv 141 W 72 

Hewitt MiM" Abram S (Sarah A Cooper) 


Hewitt M"^" Sarah Cooper & Eleanor G 

Hewitt M' Abram S Jr 

Hewitt M' Erskine-Un.Uv.Fn.Dt. R.P1.P'91 

Hewitt M' Chas R-Ul.R.Dt.Na.N 1 E 39 

Hewitt MIM'^P Cooper (Work) Un.K.Mt Rh.R.Cy. 

T.Mb.Pl.C.Eg.Ct. 11 Lex Av 
Hewitt MiM" Ed Ringwood(Mary Ashley )Un.U v. T. 


Hewlett M" Jas Aug (Mary E Sanderson) 

Hewlett M*^ Mary Agnes & Louise 

Hewlett M"" Geo-Rh, J M-Ad. Cr90 & Arthur 
MkM" A Allen Hand (Hewlett).. [T- Ad. CP 92 

Heyward M'" Hannah W 49 Fifth Av 

HickoxMiH" Ralph* W-Mt.Uv.Ul.T.Na.Chch.H'72 

J S Morgan & Co London 

Hicks M" Chas R 36 

Hicks M*- Minnie & H*" Elizabeth Riverside 

Hicks M' Ratcliflfe-Lt.Col Av 

Hicks MiH" Geo Embree (Louise Firth) ... Great Neck L I 
Hicks O" Osmond (Alice Fairfax Ashmore) 

Esher Surrey Eng 

Hicks M" Tliomas (Angle King) La 62 E 49 

Hidden M" Frances Edwards 571 

Hidden M'"^ Marie Lonise & Sarah Edwards ParkAv 

Higbee Rev&H" Chas (x\ugusta Mitchell) 

Sn.Cy.F60. .New Rochelle N Y 
Higbee M' VVm Howell"Dke.Na.Lt.Rf.Ny.Y'61..36\V35 
Higgens MiH" John E Grote( Julia B Robinson)Cal .40 W 9 

Higgins H' A Foster-C.Dt. Jkl Century Club 


''Stillbrook Farm" Pound Ridge WestchCo N Y 






170 Social Registee, 

Higgins M' Eugene-Un.R.Sa.T.Uv.Rv.Mt.Ny.Mo.Jkl. 

Higgins )l*M"Hy Vincent (Breese-MaryLParsons) . London 
Higginson Capt&M" Francis J (Grace Gr Haldane) 

Uv.Ny.Mtw.La. USN'61. Navy Yard Bklyn 
Higginson MiM" Jas J(MargaretBGjacie) Ul.Uv.Mt. 
C.Rf.Ll.Ct.ii'ST.M'av'd Umb Aug 15 
Higginson M'"' Elizabeth Bethune & Dorotiiy Lee. 

Higley H' Warren-Ad. Rp 68 

Hildreth M' Percy S1;earns-Eg. Ad.Ma'85 '65 W 33 

Hildt M" J McL (Frances Jerome) Married Jnn 30 

Perliins M' Benjamin at Ch Holy Communion 

Hildt M"" Julia Jerome (late J McL) Married Nov 10 

Nott W Clias C Jr at Holv Communion 

Hill HiM" Fred'k T (Mabel Wood)Pl.Uva. Y* 87.29 WSqW 

Hill MiM" Geo (Catherine C King) H'69 114 Mad Av 

Hill M' George H B-Mt.UI.Ny.S.Cn.Eyb 1 E 60 

Hill MiM" John J-Jkl St Paul Minn 

Hill M' Hugh-Un.DtN.Ag Union Club 

Hill M' James K-L.Y'54. Windsor Hotel 

Hill MiM" Robert Sale (Helen Troup Harrison) 

Cy . Astor House Shanghai China 
Hill MiM" T Olney (Bessie Clair Fisher) Mo 

28 Franklin Morrisfown N J 
Hill MiM" Wm C (Martha Dorothy Thompson) 

Uv.Uva.Rp.Mtw.P84. .323 W 87 
Hill MiM" Wm Wallis (Eleanor C Iveson). Rutherford NJ 
Hillhouse MiM" Ch Betts (Georgiana D Remsen) 

Cw.Y'78.. Hotel St Marc 
Hillhouse M' Francis-Cal.Sa.Cw.Bg.Y'79. .267 Fifth Av 
Hillhouse MiM" Jas (Hildegarde Speyers) 

Uv.Ch.Y'75..170 W78 
Hillhouse M" Phineas P (Caroline Van Rensselaer) 

22 St Nicholas PI 151 
Hillhouse Gen & M" Thos (Harriet Prouty) Ul.G. 73 

Hillhouse M"" '. Park 

Hillhouse M'" Adelaide. . .23 Rue Decamps Paris Av 
Hillhouse MiM" Thos Griswold (Julia Ten Eyck) 

25 Locust Hill Av Youkei-s-on- Hudson 

New York. 


Hills^DiM" Alfred K (Ida VCrentzborg) Ul. . . . 

M" Sam'l L Creutzborg Fifth Av 

Hilton M' Heury-N.C 7 

HiltonMiM''AlbB(HattieKing)M . Rg. L. Lc. Ny. A y. Mc. W 
Hilton HiM"Ed B (Dorothy WPhillips) . . [ Wk Dm Na. 34 

Hilton H" Henry Graham (Sanxay) Savoy Hotel 

" " ~ .--.—- -p^j. Rockaway 


Himeley MiM™ Henry A( Julia Neilson) . 
Himeley M'~' Leonor deB&Julia Neilson 

Hinckley W J Arthur-Ul 1 E 39 

Hinckley Mill" Sam Parker (Rosalie Neilson) Vv. 

Dt.Rh.H'71 . . " Snnset Hall" Lawrence L I 

Hinman H" Jane 

Hinman M"" Jane '. 

Hinman M' Matthew-Mt.Ha.Rf.Rv. 
Hinsdale Mill" Elizur B(Lydia R Smith)Ul. 

M*" Katharine Louise Douglass 

Hinton DiM" John H-Ul.Dt.Pl.G.Sn.Snc. . . 

Hinton M"— .• 

Hitch MiM" Frederick Delano (Annie L J)elano) 

Un.Ny. ." Algonao" Newburgh N Y 
Hitch MiM" Henry F (Elizabeth Delano) Rf.Ec. South 

Hitch MiM" AUerton D-Ec Orange 

HitchM'JosCD NJ 

Hitchcock M' Bradford W-Uv. Ad. LI. Rv.Aht'81. 153 W48 

Hitchcock DiM" Charles (Frances Lapsley) 

Hitchcock M"- Ethel [Uv. R.Br' 69 67 W 36 

M"" Lapsley 

Hitchcock MiM" Ripley (Martha Wolcott Hall) 


480 Vanderbilt Av 

32 W 45 

41 W32 

Hitchcock M' George C-Uv. Y'90 

Hitchcock MiM" Thos (Marie Louise Center) C. . .. 

M"av'd Tent Sep 30.. 
Hitchcock M' Center-Un. K. Mt. R. Sa. Cy. Mb. Wk . 

av'd Camp Jly 10 
Hitchcock M' Francis Reynolds 

Hitchcock MiM" ThosJr (MarieLouiseEEostis) 
M*- Celestine Eustis [Un.Mt.R.K.Rh.Mtw. 





Hitchcock MiM" WelcomeG(ClaraFRuszits)Ul. Na. 180 W59 

173 Social Beoisteb, 

jssou) . . . 


Hoadley M" Russell H Sr (Alice H Wesson). 

Hoadley M"- Edith H 

Hoadley M' Chas W 

Hoadley MiM" Russell H Jr (M Eliot Betts) 

Sa.Rh.Uv.Ny.Cl'91. .78 Irving PI 

Hoadly MiM" Geo (Mary Burnet Perry) CM. Mt.L. ' 
Rf.Dm.La.Bd.H'79. . .ab'dAug5&av'dMajOct4 
M" Theo W Scarborough (Laura Hoadly) 

Hoag MiM" Daniel T-Un.La^Ch I ... .51 W 49 

Sep 12 
366 Clinton Av 

Hoagland MiM" Joseph C (Matlack) 

Hoagland M*" Fanny . . , 

Hoagland M' John A-N 

HobartM'"EllaVirginia(lateBenj). Married at StMatthew's 
BaldwinM'ChasA(lateChasH) , July 7 San Mateo Cal 
Hobart Hon&M" Garrett A (E Jeannie Tuttle) Ul.L. 

Dp.Na . . " Carroll Hall " Paterson N J 
Hobart MiM" Hy Lee (Marie E Jefferys) Ul.Ch . .260 W 94 

Hobart M' Wm S San Francisco Cal 

Hobbs r Angler B-Uv.P'84 66 W 38 

Hobbs M' Elon S-So.Dra.'82 21 Fifth Av 

Hodge M' Hy Wilson-Uv.So 56 W 33 

Hodge MiM" J Aspinwall Jr (Genevieve B Karr) 

Uv.Rf.Al.P'83..47 W72 
...129 E31 

6 Gramercy 

Hodges MiM" Arthur A (Janet Pitkethly) 
Hodges MiM" Amorv G (Alice Woodward) 
^ Un. Uv. Rh. R. H'74 

M" Robt T Woodward 

Hodges M" Wra Donnison (Isabelle M Striithers) 

Asheville N C 
Hodgman MiM" Geo Barker (DaisyPurdy)Ul.Sv.. 307 W76 
Hoe M"- Laura 17 E 36 

Hoe MiM" Robert (Olivia P Janies)Ul.C.G. fl'y av'd Luc 
HoeM'-"EllenJames&RuthL[Pl.La.Fn.Eg. Jun 26 11 E36 

Hoe M' Peter S-G 504 Grand 

Hoe MiM" Rich'd M (Annie L Dows) G.Dt.Rg.Ch. .11E71 

Hoes MiM" Wm M (Annie JSicoll) M.Dt.Hl 206 W 67 

Hoey M" John (Josephine Shaw) 

Died at Hollywood N J Jly 21 

New York. 


Hoey M' Frederick-Mb. Wk Hollywood N J 

Hoflfman MiM" Buirall (Mary W Bradley) Uv.Snc. 

Hoffman M" Chas Burrall (Harriet Dennistonn 

Hoffman M*- Emily Burrall. .[Willett) Cross&Co London 

Hoffman M' Burrall (late Murray) Married Sep 30 

Bradley M"" MaryW(late JnoN)..atHolyCommunion 

Hoflmim RevDiM" Ch F (Eleanor L Vail) Jkl.Col .... 31 

Hoffman M' Chas Fred'k Jr-Mt.Sa.Col.Ct.Snc Cl'7a W 

MiM" Wm MacN Rod«wald (Eleanor L Hoffman) 12 

Hoffman Very Rev&M" Eugene A (Mary C 1 

Elmendorf), O.Ss.Rg.Sn.Ct. Jkl.Snc.H'48 Chel- 
Hoffman M*M"SamuelVerp)anck(LoulsaNSmirli) sea 

Dp.Rv.SncJC.Na.G.Cr atJobnsHopkinsUn'y Square 
Hoffman M" Ed S (Gertrude Bronson) Bg. . ShortHills N J 
Hoffman MiM" Francis Burrall (Lucy E Shattuck) 


Hoffman M' John Ellis (late Geo) Married Oct 12 

Sherman H"- Sybil W (Wm W). . . .at Newport R I 

Hoffman M" George (Mary M Ellis) 

Hoffman M"- ......:...... 

Hoffman MiM" J Ellis (Sybil W Sherman) H'96. .37 E 69 

Hoffman M' Martin^Un Union Club 

Hoffman M"" Susan O . . .care Geo Miller 270 Mad Av 

Hoffman M' Lindley Murray-Un . 

Hoffman M"- Eiuily 

Hoffman MiM" Richard (Lamson) . 
Hoffman M'— Helen F & Elizabeth M. 

Hoffman M' Richard Jr 

Hoffman M" Wm B (Mary Gracie Ulshoetfer) 

Hoffman M— DW&MW 

Hoffman MiM" Wm M V (Irene Stoddard) Dl. 

Na.Cr84..240 W76 

Hogg M' T Egenton-Dn.Dt Union Club 

Hoguet M" Hy L (Hortense) ab'd 

Hoguet MiM" Rob't J (Marie Noel) Mc Foot W 141 

Holbrook M' Edmund F-Ul.Un.Ct . .Buckingham Hotel 

Holbrook M' Edwin W-Ul 

Holbrook M"- Grace . . 

Holbrook MiM" Edwin C-Ul. & M' Wellington-UI, 

.110 W 57 

.Union Club 

.116 W 43 


19W 37 


Social Register, 

av'd Luc Jun 26 13 E 79 
310 W 91 

..314 W 78 

.62 W 55 

.128 W 44 

Holden MiH" E R^Mt 


Holden MiM" DanielJudson(Knox)Uv.Dt. Y'64. 

Holden MiM" John Hy (Grace P Smith) Sa. . .347 Lex Av 

Holden D' Ward A-Uv.'84 45 W 39 

Holder M" Chas H (Harriet H) 

Holder II" Lemuel & Fred'k Devoe 

Holder D' Oscar H-Rf.H'88 .24 E 54 

HoUaday M' Walter-Uv.So.'72 University Club 

Hollins MiM" Harry B (Evelina Knapp) Un Mt;8s. 

Wk.L.Ny.R.Rg. . "Meadow Farm" East lalip LI 
Hollins MkM" Frank C (Wissmann) R^.Rp. 

Hollins M*— May & Daisy. 

Hollins M" DeRuyter M & Frank 

Hollins M"-* Louise & Edith . . care M" F Wissmann 1 5 W 47 
Hollins M" (Elizabeth C Morris). 

Hollins M'- 

Hollins MiM" Wm M (Grundy). . 

HoUister MiM"HyH(Annie Stephenson) 


HoUister M"" Louise 

Hollister M' Hy Jr 

M"" Emily W Stephenson , 

Hollister M' William H-Ul.Ny.Cy.L..S.RDt.T.Rg. 

Holly MiM" John I (Emma Carnley)Ul . . . 

Holly M*-" May How & Margaret C 

Holmes MiM" Artemas H (Lillian Stokes) 

in. T. H'70. .463 Madison Av 
Holmes MiM" Edwin T (Marion Fisher) 

Ul.Na.Rp.Rv..l09 W67 

Holmes MiM" E 32 W 52 

Holmes M' Jabi8h-Uv.H'79 University Club 

Holmes MiM" Robert B (Kate K Hale) 

Un . . " Holmedale " Madison N J 
Holt MiM" Cljas (Ellen J Ives) C. Uv. Mt. Rg. Y'65 1 22 

Holt M' Dorsay Ives E 58 

Holt M' Geo C-L. Rv. C. Rp. ^66 34 Pine 

Holt MiM" Geo H (Anne Penrose Newlin) 

Ul. Mt. Cy. Dt. Lc. .24 E 68 

.19 W 49 

Plainfield N J 

New York. 


711 Madi- 
son Av 

Davis Av 
W New Br' ton SI 



253 Pearl 

"Elm Lodge" 
Newport R I 

Holt MiM" Henry(PiorenceTaber)C. Uv.Cv.Rv. 

Holt M"- Winifred & Edith [Ct.Bd.Y'62 

Holt M' Roland-Ct.Rf.Y'90 

Holt M' Robert S-M.L.Ch.Na 287 Lex av 

Hoi yoke MIM" Geo O (Jane W Blake) 

Holyoke M"" Marian 

Homans MiM"* Sheppard (Sallie L Henston) 

Homans M'~ Sanih&Helen H. .rUl,Ny,L.C. 

Homans M' Sheppard Jr-Uva.P' 

Homer M' Ohas F-Rp. Na. Sv. Mc 44 E 49 

Hone MiM" Chas Russell (Josephine Hoey) 

K.Mb. . Weslbury Station L I 
HoneMiM" John(MariaCadwalader)Ny. M. K. Mt. R v 

Hone M' John Jr-Rv. Mt 

Hone M" Philip Sr (Emma Attwood) 
Hone M"— Dela Katharine & Emma. . 

Hone M' Philip 

Hone M' Robert S 

Hone M"" Anna Russell 

Hone M' Robert G-K. Ch. Cn 7. .12 E 33 

Honey MiM" Saml R (Mary J B Edwards) 

Honey M- Mary [M. Rf. Us. iJm. 

Honey Lt Robertson-USA 

Hooper MiM" Alfred.(Nona Newlin Holt) 

Ul.Dt.Ny. .Brown Shipley & Co London 

Hope r George B-Ul. P'69 34 W 61 

Hopkins MiM" Arch'd (Charlotte Everett Wise) 

Mtw. Cw. . .1826 Mass Av Wash D C 

Hopkins M" Dunlap (Ellen Dunlap) 

M" Joseph A Pond & M*- Ellen J Pond. . . 
Hopkins Mil" Eustis Langdon (Elizabeth Stoc 

Ul. Mc..34 W 51 

Hopkins M' Daane-H'79 27 W 44 

Bopkins MiM" Geo B (Zoe CarringtoTi) Ul.M. R.L 25 
Hopkins M- Elizabeth . . . [Rh. Rf. Ny. Bd. Chch. W 48 
Hopkins M*M" Gustavus C (Jessie Robertson) 

Un. N. S8..205 W 57 

Hopkins M' Henry C-Uv. Uva.Rg. Y'84 36 W 36 

Hopkins M" Henry (Ellen Lathrop) I 30 Elm 

Hopkins M""* CaroUne-Mg* Fanny h-Ug \ Madison N J 

The Albion 
Balto Md 

low 30 


Social Beoistek, 

Hopkins O" Richard (PlorenceDTodd)Mo.Bg . ITPifthAr 

Hopkins W Samuel-N . R Racquet Club 

Hopkins MiM" Sheldon-Sn.Na.Snc. 

Av'd AUer Sep 13. .St Nicholas Club 
Hoppin Mill" Fred'k Street (Clara Tracy) 

Hoppin M*- Frances [C. Cc Y'66 

Hoppin M" Tracy & Fred'k S Jr 

Hoppin MiM" Francis L V (Sarah Games Weekes) 

Un. Rv. Ag..l22E22 
Hoppin M" Hamilton (Louisa Howland) . , 

Hoppin M"" Emily Howland 

Hoppin M' Samnel Howland-Un. Cal 

Hoppin MiM" HamiltonLonis(AliceCowdin)Un.Cal.44Wll 

Hoppin MiM" J Mason Jr (Mitchell) Uv 32 E 26 

Hoppin MiM" Wm Warner (Katharine Beekman) . . I 47 
HoppinM—KatberlneB&EstherPrUv.C.Rv.Cd.Br'ei W 

Hoppin M' Gerard Beekman-K.Rv. Y'91 | 63 

Hopping MiM" A Howard (Emma Lonise Tilton) okrwtqq 
M" Mary E Tilton [Ul-Ch. ^^^^"^ 


.32 W21 

care M" S G Mortimer 
151 E 36 

Hoppock M' 
Hoppock M' J Leland 

Hopson M' Francis Johnstone-Rv 1 Gramercy Park 

Horn M'"&M'~' Sallie Lawrence <fc Mary i q t? ro 

Horn M' James Thurston-S ••^'^ ^ ^'^ 

Hornblower MiM" Wm B (Nelson-Emily A Sanford) 

av.Mt.M.C.L.Rf.Dm.Rv.Ct.Sg.P'71.876 Madison Av 
Horton MiM" Burrett Wilson(EthelindaCross)Ul. .38W68 
Horton MiM" Henry L-Ul.L.M.Rg.Na. . 

Horton M*— 

Hoskier MiM" HermanC(HarrietWood)Dt. 

Jly 23. av'd Col Oct 16. "Woodside" S Orange NJ 

Hosking M' Vivian-Un Union Club 

Hosmer M' Edward Sturge8-CaI.Cw.Ll.H'88.2r.7FifthAv 

Hosmer M' Stephen Titus-Rv 448 Madison Av 

ab'd Umb Juu 27. .av'd Luc Aug 29 

65 Hillhouse Av New Haven Ct 
Hotcjikiss MiM" Horace L (Clarence Taylor) 

Mt . Ul . Ny , Rg . Dt , Ay . . Metropolitan CI ub 

.... 144 W 57 

New Yobk. 


Hotchkiss MiM" Horace L Jr (Dora A Toffey) 

Ul.Sv.Lc. .112 Summit Av Jersey City 
Hotchkiss MiM" HyD (AliceCSti'ong)M.Rv.L.Col.315W76 
Hougii Col&M" A L (Merrill) US A. Us. LI. Rv.. 550 

Hough M' Chas M-Ad.Uva Park Av 

Hough M' David Leavitt-Uva.Eg.Dm.Uvp.Y'85. .55E26 
Houghtaling MiM" David H (Laura M McAlister) I . . 

Houghtaling M*- Irene [Ul.Mt.Dt.Ha.T. J^^. 

Houghtaling M' WarrenR-Mt . Ul. Dt . Ha . N . Na. | ^ "^^ 
Houghton M' Clement S Married at Pittstield Mass 

Colt M*- Martha Gilbert Oct 1 

Houghton MiM" Clement S (Martha G Colt) 

Cal . Rf . H'86 . . ab' d K WmN ov21 BaringBrosLondon 

Houghton Rev Edward C-Cr66 -rr . . Ti>r«,-^«f.-« 

Houlhton M- ReginaEmelina -^otel Majestic 

Houghton Rev D'. George H-Pl 1 E 29 

Houghton Rev&li" Geo Clarke (Mary C I Trinity Rectory 
Houghton M*" Mary Gertrude.. [Pirsson) | Hoboken N J 

Houston MiM" John W~So.L.H'80 117 W 58 

Houston MiM" JamesBuchanan-Un . R . W . LI . 

Houston M*- [Mtvr. 

Houston M"" Thomas Truxton&Buchanan 

Hovey MiM" Edw C (Lucy A Cobb) . 

Hovey M*" Mary C 

Hovey M' Heniy S-Un.K.JSy.S. . ..Knickerbocker Club 

How MiM"! Isaac W (Blanche Robbins) I oi i? q-t 

How M"" Beatrice . ,o\ sh 61 

Howard DiM" ClarenceC(Cl"araCampbeio Na.*C'84..57 W51 

Howard M"ES 

Howard M' J Neilson-K 

Howard MiM" Joseph Jr (Anna GreggjLt.. 

MiM" Edw H White (Susan) 

Howard MiM" Thomas H (Rose Post) K.Tvb. . . i 102 E 85 

Howard MiM" Shatter (Mary P Hunter) H'85 4 W 83 

Howe M" Hough wout (Mary Butterfield) 20 E 80 

Howe M' Joseph W-C. 01 . Ad 185 E 38 

Howell MiM" Eugeme N (Mary J Whitehouse) 

) Sn . Rp . . Holland House 

Howell M' Frank B-Ul. Ny.Ss. Wk.Rv ,1 E 39 

y pwell MiM" Henry B-N . Ny 110 W 57 

.24 W 53 


.22 Kay Newport 



Social Register, 

660 Broad 

Harjes&Co Paris 

''Shadow mere" 
Geneva N Y 

40 W9 

Howell MiM" Hy C (Anna B Bennett) Dt.E 

M"- Mary L Martin 

Howell MiM" John White (Prederica B Gilchrist) E 

20 Chestnut Newark N J 
Howell MiM" Samuel C (Ella C Cougar) E, 

21 Washington Newark N J 
Howell M' Thos A (Benj H). .Died at 49 Pifth Av Sep 19 
Howells MiM" W Dean (Elinor G Mead) A. ~" 

Howells M- Mildred 

Howells M' John M-Uv.H'91 . . . .Drexe 
Howes MiM" Pred'c i^euben (H Augusta 

Schieffelin) Cw. 

M' H Hamilton Schieffelin 

Howes Rev DiM" Reuben (Benden) 

Howes M"* Reuben Wing Sd&Townsend 

Howland W^ Bertha&Georgiana 67 E 66 

Howland MiM" HenryElias(AnnaJWLov- 

Howland M'-Pra ncesLouise. [J kl. Sg. Y' 64 

Howland M' Chas P-H'94 

Howland MiM" Alfred C (Clara Ward) C. Cd. 

Howland M"- Alice Ward 

Howland M' Winthrop 

Howland MiM" Gardiner G (Dulany) Un.Mt.R 

Howland M' Dulany-Cal.R [Ny 

Howland M' Meredith Jr-Mt.K.R.Cy 

Howland M' George S-C Morgan Harjes Paris 

Howland M*" Nina-Mg . La . Bg Morristown N J 

Howland MiM" Louis Meredith (Leonora Van Stosch) 

Cal . Rg . G . PI . . US Agency 4 TrafalgarSq London 

Howland MiM" Meredith (Torrence) absent 

Howland M' M Morri8-Dv.S.Pn.Br'71.New Bedford Mass 
Howland MiM" S S (Belmont) Mtw . Mt . Pph . 

1731 1 Washington D C 
Hoyt MiM" AlfredM(RosinaEReese)Mt. 
HoytM"- RosinaSheiman. .[Ul.C.G.Rg. 
Hoyt M' Alfred Wm-C.Cal.Mt.Un.S. 

• R.Uv.H'85 
Hoyt MiM" Ed C-Mt.M.Ry 12 E 67 

ab'd Jun 27 
14 W 9 

.62 E 23 


ab'dSaale Junl3 

av'd Maj Oct 14 

934 Fifth Av 

New York. 


25 Park Av 

Hoyt MIM" Jno Sherman (Ethel Phelps Stokes) 

B.S.Uva.Cl. .229 Madison Av 

Hoyt Mill" Colgate (LidaWSherinan)S. L. 

Hoyt. M"" Annie Sherman 

Hoyt MiM" Frank R (Margaretta A Butcher) Rp. 

ab'd Spree Sep 22. . "Idlewllde" Watkins N Y 

Hoyt Miir P S-Mg Morristown N J 

Hoyt MiM''HyRee8e(Emy Otto)Uv . Un . R . T. Dt . ff 82 . 2E76 

Hoyt M" Henry S (Duer) Senior 

Hoyt Mill" George S-M.Rg.Ny Stamford Ct 

Hoyt MiM" Gerald L (Appleton) 

K.C.R.T.Ny.Rv. Y'72. .9 W 37 

Hoyt M' Goold-Un.K.R.Cy.T. .ab'd Luc Aug 1. 

Hoyt M- 

Hoyt r Winfield S-Un.Mt 

Hoyt r Percy S-Un.Ny.Mb 

Hoyt M' James H-Uv.Mt.S.Ad.Br'74 . . .University Club 

Hoyt MiM" James Otis (Emily Fellows) 

Un.Ul.L.Ny.Rg.Na.H'65. .310 W 75 

Hoyt MiM" Jesse (Cornelia B Waring) Ul 267 W 73 

Hoyt MiM" Jos Blachley (Gertrude Field Riker) 

Un.Mt.G. .ab'd Maj Jly 1. .32 E 69 

Hoyt M" Lydig M (Geraldine Livingston) 

Hoyt M"- Gertrude L 

Hoyt M' Henry S-C.K. R. Y' 

Hoyt MiM" Louis T (Pell-Frances M Jones). 392 Fifth Av 

Hoyt M" Reuben 3 W 56 


20 Wash Sq N 

Wayside " a 
Country Club 

Hoyt MiM" Wm S(Janet Ralston Chase) 

Hoyt M"- Janet Ralston [Cy.Sg. 

Hoyt M^EdwinChase-R.&FrancklynC 

Hoyt MiM" Wm Evans (J uliaGould Jerome) MorristownN J 

Hubbaid MiM" Edmund Gates 1 15 E 

M" A Hunt Gray I 64 

Hubbard M' Elijah K-Un 

Hubbard M- M T-La & M- K F 

Hubbard M' E K Jr . . 

Hubbard Prot Oliver P-Y'28. 

Hubbard M"" Henrietta Whitney 

Hubbard M' Grosv Silliman-L.Uv.Mt.Ny.Rv.'62. 

Middletown Ct 



Social Registee, 


Hotel . 


26 E Kinney 

Newark N J 


Hubbard MiM" Thos H(Pahnestock) Ul.L.Dt.Ct.Rg. 
Hubbard M' John-Rg.Ny.Mtw.H'92. . .[Rp.Ll.Bd. 
HnbbardMiM" Walter C(HelenIngall Valentine) Sn. 
H u bbard M'Ernes t Valen t ine-Na . . [. S. Lc. Ay . Na. S v. 
Hubbell MiM" Chas Bulkley (Emily Allen 
Chandler) Uv.Rf.Rv.Cw. Wms'74 
Hubbell M""* Juliette E & Margaret L. . . 
Hubbell MiM" Geo Wolcott (Cora S Churchill) 
Hubbell M"- Grace Churchill. . .[Ad.Ec.La.E. 

Hubbell M' G Wolcott Jr , 

Hubbell M' John Jackson-Ul.Uv.Rv.P'TS 

Hubbell M- E A 

Huckel MiM" J Fred (^tinnie Harvey) Uv.t 

Wms'85....]03 W 91 
Huddleston DiM" John H (Mabel Parker Clark) 

Sv.Bd.H'86..126 W86 

Hudson M"- A H Paris 

Hudson MiM" Chas I (Sara Kierstead) M.Na 36 W 52 

Hudson M" Susan E Johnson (Johnson) La. .StratfordCt 
Hughes MiM" Chas E (Antoinette Carter) 

L.Col.Rp.Br'81 . .229 West End Av 

Hughes M' Gordon T-M.H'94 Manhattan Club 

Hughes MiM" Geo H (Grace A Plumb) Ul.Mc 23 

Hught-8 M'- Jeannette Yale E47 

Hughes MiM" J ohu M (Cornelia Hil ton) 630 

N.Ul.Col.M.Ny.Cy.Mc.R. Fifth 

Hughes Master Harry Hilton 

Hughes MiM" W H T (Rider) Ul.Rp.Dt.Bk. 

Hughes M"- & M"- Grace [Mtw. 

Hughes M' W HTJr 

Huidekoper MiM" Rush Shippen (Anue P Morris) 

Hull MiM" Geo Huntington (Lucia E Houston) I Tuxedo 

Hull M- Zelda. [T.Ul.L.Rv. | Pk N Y 

Humbert M' Arthur C-Cal.Rh Cape Town 

Humbert M' Pierre. .....; I 6 W 

Humbert M"- Susie & M' J R | 63 

Hume MiM" Fred'c T (Selma Kiihne) 

Hume MiM" Wm H (Elizabeth H Noiiis) Sv.Rp. . 
Hume M*- Elizabeth L & D' WA.... 


181 W 76 


New Yoek. 


Humphreys M&M" Edward Walsh (Mary Buane) 

Un.Dl.C.S.Ny.Dt.Pl.Sg. ,32 E 38 

Humphreys D' George H-Ul.C.LLPa'53 

Humphreys M' May-Uva. Y'90 23 E 47 

Humphreys M"" James Barnes-Sa. & Geo H Jr . . 
Humphreys RevDiM" P Landou (Jean Todd) 01. Mo. 

Rv.Cw.Cc.Mg. Y' . . ''Llwynderry" Morristown N J 
Humphreys DiM" Fred H (Louisa A Parker) 

Mg.Cw.Cl'68..Thomasville Ga 
Hungerford MiM" Wm A (Marian Stuart) Dl.Col. 121 

Hungerford M'- Rita S [Cw.Rv. W 

Hungerford M"* Chas S-Cr96 & Victor W-Cr95 69 

HuntM-EllenD |6W 

M*- Ella Hunt Vanderveer | 49 

Hunt M' Seth B care D' W A Bartlett 7 W 49 

Hunt M' Edward T-Un.Ul. Ad.Ha.Ny'67 Union Club 

Hunt Mill" Leavitt (Katherine Jarvis) 

Hunt M"" Maud Dacre 

Hunt M' Leavitt Jarvis 

M" Francis B Hayes (Nina K Hunt) 

Hunt M" Richard Morris (Catherine 

Hunt M*" Esther Morris 
HuntM' Joseph Howland-l 

'* Elmsholme " 
Wethersfield Vt 

ab'd Spree Jun 30 
178 Madison Av 

C Howland) 

Hunt MiM" Livingston (Catharine Howland Hunt) 

USN.Mtw. .1709 R I Av Washington D C 
Hunt Mill" Richard Howland (Carley) 

C.T.R.Pl. .Garden City L I 

Hunt MiM" Thos (Jewett) Uv.Rp. Y'76 112 E 31 

Hunter Mir ArthurM(Schuohardt) Un.Cy.640MadisonAv 

Hanter M' E Desbrosses-Un. Mt Union Club 

Hunter MiM" Frank K (Katharine W Douglas) Un.Ma. 

'' Annieseyrie" Pelham Road New Rochelle N Y 

Hunter M' Heyward G-Un Union Club 

Hunter MiM" George (Ellen Temple) Bg. Ag. 101 Leaden- 

M*^ Rosina H & Ellen G Emmet hall London 

Hunter M' Henry M-Un. Lc 

Hunter M' John-Un Union Club 

Hunter M' John Jr-Un M 

Hunter M" John (Anne M Middleton) . Pelham Manor N Y 


Social Register, 

R I Av Newport R I 

Hunter M" Thos R ( Wetinore).. . 
Hunter M"^ Bessie & Augusta. . . 

Hunter MiM" Win R (Edith Norman) Newport R I 

Hunti^igton M'^ Charles P-Mt. Ul. Dt. Dp IE 39 

Huntington MiM" Collis P-Ul oi^ P^'y 

HuntingtonMiM"ArcherM(HelenGates)Ny.G.Pl. "^ ^ ^^ 

Huntington M' Daniel- Ad. '36 

Huntington MiM" Chas R (Mary Irving) C.Rv. 

Huntington M*" & M"^ Edith & Mabel 

Huntington D' George S-Uv. Ad.Ty'81 .50 E 73 

Huntington M" May Blackstone 

care L L Seaman 18 W 31 . .ab'd 
Huntington MiM" Robt P (Helen Gray 

Dinsmore) Dke.Uva.Ct.Y'91. 
Huntington M" Robt P (Alice Ford) La.. . . 

Huntington M' Ford-R. Y'91 

Huntington MiM" SE (Low) Ul.Dt.Ha. .36 
Huntington RevD'Wm Reed-Uv.C.H'59. 

Huntington M*" 

Huntington M' Francis C-Uv.Ct.H'87. . . 

M'" Reynolds 

Huntinjgton M*" Mary H (Rev Wm R) Married Sep 5 

Thompson M' Wm G at Northeast Harbor Me 

Hurd M' Richard M-Uva. y'88 7 W 26 

Hurlbut M' Frank M-Mo Morristown N J 

Hurlbut M' Henry A-Un. Ul. L 

Hurlbut M' Hy A Jr-Ul. CI' 63 

Hurlbut MiM"Wm H (Margaret H Crane) Ul.Sv 

Hurlbut M^ Margie Crane [Y'60 

Hurry MiM"EdmundAbdy (Emily ARenwick) 

Uv. Ul. Snc. Ch. Cl.'60 

Hurry M'^ Edith Renwick& Mary Crosby 

Hurry M' Ren wick Clifton-Dp 

Hurry M" James (Emily Bucknor) 

Hurry M' Gilford-Us.Rp.N 

Hurry MiM" Randolph (Condit) R. L. Lc. 

242 Lexington Av 
Hurst M' Francis |W J-Un.Ny.Dt.Rg.Cy.Lc.Eyb. 

Union Club 
Hurst MiM" John F A-C . . 1701 Mass Av Washington D 




Grace Ch 


804 Broadway 

.11 W 20 

Park Av 


1507 Broadway 
Sa. Ins. Cr7D 

New York. 


Hurtt M" S I (Sarahlves) Bd. La. . .^ 150 W 59 

av'd Spree 
Aug 19 


Hurtt MiM" Francis Dnstin (Julia M Ebbing 
honsen) M. Na. Uncn. 

M"" Josie Ehbinghousen , 

Hosted M' Charles S-Mt Metropolitan Club 

Hasted M' Seymour L Jr-M. R. Lc. Ny. Cy. S. 

Cn. Na. Ha. Cal....31E24 

Hutchins M' Augustus S-Uv. M. Alit'79 32 E 26 

Hutchins M*M" Waldo (Agnes J Swan) 

M"" Margaret A Swan 

Hutchinson M' Cary T-Uv.T.Fn.Sh.Rv.So.Blbl. 

University Clnb 
Hutchinson MiM''James L(Vivienne Watt)Nv.l7 Park Av 
Hutchinson MilfMorison T(Lucy B Chase)' U v. Y" 86 

Englewood N J 
Hutton MiM" Frederic R (Grace Lefiferts) 

C. Eg. Cr73. .296 Lexington Av 

Hutton M' Harry A-Un Union Club 

Hutton M' Charles Gordon-M. LI ab'd 

Hutton MiM" Lawrence (Eleanor Varnum Mitchell) 

PI. C. A. Bd. Ct..229 W34 

Hutton M" James (Frances) 209 W 70 

Hutton MiM" Wm Rich (Mary Augusta Clop per) 

Hutton M"— Mary Bessie&Rose [C. Dt. 

Hutton M' Frank C 

Hyde MiM''A Fillmore (Elizabeth Van Steeuberg 

6 W 29 


.21 E 45 

Musgrave) Ul. Ad. Mc. Ag. CI' 83 
M" Brewer Musgrave 

Hyde MiM" Albert G (M Louise Shaw) Ul.Mc. 

Hyde M' Seymour J-Ul. Mc. Col. Lc 

Hyde M'" Helen M (Albert G). . Married at Heavenly Rest 
Valentine M' Chas A (Jos M) Nov 25 

Hyde MiM" Chas-Bg M"&M'-ab'd Aug Vic Jlyl6 av'd 

Hyde M"- Edith Teut Sep 30 . . Plainfield N J 

Hyde MiM" Aug L (Sarah E St John) 

Hyde M'- Elizabeth Mead 

Hyde M' Henry St John-Ch 

Hyde MiM" Chas Livingston (Edith Godfrey) 

Mt. Uv.CaLRg.RUva. Y'86. .117 W 57 

.210 E 18 


Social Register, 

ab'd Luc Augl 

av'd JlylO 
206 Madison Av 

Hyde MiM" Clarence M (Lillia Babbitt) 
Mt. Rv. Ul. Ch. Cw. Cr67 

Hyde M' Herbert M-Ul. Sv. Rv 

Hyde MIM" E Francis (MarieEBrown) C.MtDt.Rv. Rp. 

L.Ct.Ul.Cw.Rg.ab'dAlIerJun27av'dAugg 835 PifthAv 
Hyde D' Fred'k E-Mt. Rv. Cw.Rg.Ch. . 

Hyde M"- Elizabeth A 20 W 53 

Hyde M" Talbot B-Rv.&Fred'k E Jr 

Hyde MiM" Henry Baldwin (Anna Fitch) 

Un. L. Ul. Ss. Wk. Rg. Jkl. .11 E 40 

Hyde M' James Hazen Claverly Hall Cambridge Mass 

Hyde MiM" J E Hindon (Ellen E H Williams) Mt. 48 

M" Godwin G Williams W 11 

Hyde M" J James & M- C Emily 119 Waverly PI 

Hyde MiM" Ralph M (Truslow) Ul 

Hyde M"- Florence E, Alice M& Isabel C 32 E 84 

Hyde M' Arthur PS 

Hvde MiM"Wm H Jr (Mary B Potter) PI. .3 N Wash Sq 
Hyde MiM" Wm Truslow (Isobel B Marks) 

ab'd Tour Jly 11. .550 Fifth Av 
Iddings MiM" Lewis Morris (Louise A Belden) 

C. Uv. Cy.'72 . 683 Madison Av 
Ide MiM" Charles W (Fannie Ogden) Ha.N.Alb.Ul. 

ab'd Jly 1 . .av'd Teut Sep 2. .43 Remsen B' klyn 
Ide r*M" Geo Elmore (Alexandra L Bruen) 

Mt. Sv. Ct. Us. USN..11-28 Mad Av 
Ide MiM" Geo Edw (Carrie W Hester) Ha.Lc.Y'81. 

158 Remsen B'klyn 
Ilsley M' Beekman Finlay. .av'd Etru Jly 4 

68 Park PI Newark N J 
Imbrie MiM" Chas F (Charlotte M Clerk) Uv.Ss.Dt. 32 W 

Imbrie M' Andrew Clerk-Uva. P' [Ct. P'70 17 

Ingalls MiM" Melville E-M. Mt. Dm. Mtw. H'92 

80 Wash Sq E 
IngersoU MiM" Chas I) (K Corse Saunders) Uv. 

L. Dm. Y' 64.. 170 B' way 
IngersoU MiM" Colin Macrae Jr (There-sa McAllister) 

Sa.Cw.Y'80. .Jamaica Plain Mass 
IngersoU MiM" Geo Pratt (Alice Witherspoon) 

Mt. Sa. Rf. Ch. Ty'83. .671 Park Av 

New York. 


.. .57W10 

Madison Av 

IngersoU M" Jared 

Ingersoll M*- Mary, .av'd St P Aug 29. . . 
Ingersoll MiM" Robert G (Eva A Parker). .. 
Ingersoll M*" Maud R 

MiM" Clinton P Parrell&M'- Eva I Parrell 
Ingrahnm M' Arthur-Un.M.Uv. W.Sn.Ny.KCl'TO.lS W9 
Ingraham Judgei&M" Geo L (Lent) ' 13 

M. Mt. Sn. Ny. W. Na. W 
Ingraham M' Phoenix, .ab'd Jly 4. .av'd Luc Sep 16 9 
Ingraham Mill" Geo (Clara R Cromwell) Uv. Dl '71 

33 Sanford Av Flushing L I 

Inman M' John H Died Nov 5 

Inman M" John H (Coffin) 

InmanM'-Lacy 874 Fifth Av 

Inman M' Hugh M-Mt. Sa 

Innes MiM" Wm T (Elizabeth Goodrich Le Moyne) 116 

InnesM*- [Sn.Snc.Ch. E 30 

Innis Mill" Wm Reynolds (Dora L Studebaker) 

Uv. Ag.Y'80. . Yonkers N Y 
Ireland MiM" Fred'kGuion(Carpenter)Uv.Rf.H'68 142E40 
Ireland MiM" John B (Adelia Duane Pell) 

Un. Rv. Sue. Ch. N. ab'd Jun 
Ireland M^** M Louise, Adelia A & Laura D . . 27 

Ireland M" Aug Floyd & J de Courcy-Uv. av'd Bret 
Dke. Rv. Uva. Cc. Snc. Y'90 Sep 27 

M- Helen Campbell 15 E 47 

Ireland MiM" Robt L (Kate B Hanna) Rv. Y'90 
Ireland M" Uzal Ward (Emma Jones) 

ab'd. .care J M Wing 48 W 50 
Irvin M' Effingham Townsend-Un. 

care J M Woodbury 120 Fifth Av 

Irvin M'- Ethel 14 Av d' Alma Paris 

Irvin M'^ Mary & Fannie 19 W 48 

Irvin M" Richard (Mary Morris) : 514 Fifth Av 

Irvin M' Richard-P'90 19 W 48 

Irvin M' Thomas Smith-S Paso Robles Cal 

Irvin Rev&M" Wm (Julia Post Swan) S. care J Munroe 

Irvin M- Clara [P'73 I & Co Paris 

Irving MiM" Alex Duer (Ellen E Dupont)Un.Sn. Grymes 
Irving M' Alex Du^r Jr [Dt. LI. La. Rv. Hill S I 


Social HEGtsTf-R, 

.121 E37 

Irving MiM"Cortlandt(There8a RBeck)Un.Snc.44lParkAv 
Irving MiM" Gugy M (Henderaon) Dt. .New Brighton S I 
Irving M' John Treat-C . A . Snc . Cr29 . . . . 

Irving M*"" Helen C & Frances R 

Irving MiM" Walter (Bessie L Sickles). . . 

Irving NtM" Pendval R (Edith L Keeler). 65 E 76 

Irwin M' Benoni Died at South Coventry Ang 25 

Irwin M" Benoni * 

Irwin D' J A-N. .ab'd Adri Jly 29 14 W 29 

Irwin M" Richard B 145 W 58. .ab'd 

Isaacs M' Monteliore-Un. Mt. R. Ss. T. W 1 W 21 

Isaacs MiM" Wm M (Marion E Fuller) Rp .29 E 69 

Iselin MiM" Adrian (O'Donnell) Un.K.R. ab'd Maj Jly 1 
Ul.C.Ct.Mt.Cy.Ny.T.S.Dt.Rg.Rf. av'dTeutSep2 

Iselin M"— Georgie & Emilie [Na. Lc. 23MadisonSq N 

Iselin MiM" Adrian Jr (Cayliis) Un.K.Mt.Lc.Cy.Ny. 

Iselin MiM" C Oliver (Hope Goddard) 

ab'd FstBk. Jly 23.. "All View" NewRochelleN Y 
Iselin MiM" Columbus O'D (Edith Jones) Un.K.Mt. 

Lc.Cy.S.Ny.Dt.Rg..ll W 52 

Iselin M' Henry S-Un.Ch.Ct.Cal Union Club 

Iselin M' Isaac-Uv.Mt.'74 ,12 E 33 

Iselin M" John H (Mary P Gouverneur) 

Iselin M- Ethel M 

M"" & M"" Margaret Gouv Philipse 

Iselin M' John H 

Iselin MiM" Wm E (Alice Rogers Jones) Un.K. 

Iselin M' Arthur [Eyb.Ct.La.Cth.Cl'69 

Isham MiM" Chas H (Joanna Muller) Ul. 

Isham M" C Bradley & F De Forest 

Ishiim M"" Joanna M 

Isham MiM" Chas (Mary Lincoln) K. C. Rv. Uv. Cw. 

Sn. Cc, Snc.H'76. 
Isham MiM" Wm B (Julia J Burhans) Mt. Rg. 

Isham M'-&M'- Flora [Dt. Rv. 

Isham M' Wm B Jr-Mt. Uv. Dt. P'79 

Isham M' Samuel-Uv. Mt. PI. Fn. C. Rg. Y'75 


Fifth Av 

.123 E 37 

. 15 E 66 

5E 61 

New York. 


Ismay M&M" J Bruce (Florence Schieflelin) Un. Cn. 

10 Water Liverpool Eng 
Ives MiM" Brayton (Eleanor A Bissell) C. Uv. Ul 

Ives M*^ Winfred, Eunice & Frances H 

Ives r^Sheiwood Blssell-Uva. Y'93 

Ives M' Edward Bernard-Uv. Sv. Ap. USA'78. 

Ives M" Cora Semmes 

M" Clara Semmes Fitzgerald 

Ives M' Eogene Semmes-Uv.M.L'78 University Club 

Ives MiM" Ralph Olmsted (May Bussing) Cal . Bg . . 61 W74 
Ives MiM" Theodore M-Ct.Mc 

Ivins MiM" Wm M-G/L.'Pl'.Dt.RgVRfiCy'.Ct. 

Ivison MiM" David B (Crane) Ul . Al 

Tvison M*- SaiaB B 

Ivison MiM" Wm Crane (Cylia Mae Cady) 

Ivison M' Henry-Ul . Sv . Al . Y'87 [Y'92 

Jaccaci MiM" August P-Bd .PI 

Jackson M' Arthur C-Uva.H'88 

Jackson M"" Emily S 556 Madison Av 

Jackson MiM" Chas A (Mary E Bradhurst) 
Jackson M"- Helen F. . [M.Cc.Na.Dm.Cl'59 

Jackson M' Peaasall Bradhnrst 

Jackson MiM" Chus Carroll (Mary Van Nest) 

Jackson M"- Elizabeth [Mt. Uv.H'63 

Jackson M' David Irwin-Un.Cal.Ny.Sa.Lc.CalumetClab 
Jackson DiM" Frank W (Helen S Mitchill) 

Rf.Cy.CLRv.G.L. .12 W 18 

Jackson M" Chas D (Wheeler) 

Jackson MiM" Wm H (Bartow) Cv.Sy.Rv. 

av'd Fst Bk Oct 8 
Jackson MiM" Fred W Jr (Louise Y Arnold) 

P'87. .162 Mercer Jersey City 
Jackson MiM" Fred'kWendell (S LouiseHavemeyer)Ul. 

Jackson MiM" P Wolcott (Nannie J Nve) 

Jackson M'— [Ul.Cc. 

Jackson M" Wm F-E.Uv.P'85 

* Chas H-Uv,Bg.P'90 


139 <& 



..43 W69 
123 W 86 

.12 W48 

230 W 59 
..65 W33 

308 Mad Av 



.6 E35 

666 High 



Social Beoisteb, 


Jackson l&M" Jos C (Katharine P Day) Rv. Y'fi7. 

Jackson M""" Katharine S & Elizabeth H W 

Jackson M' Joseph C Jr-Rv. Y'87 

Jackson W John Day-Rv. Y'89 

Jackson MiM" John Brinckerlioflf(Baird)Ul.Uv.L.S.US 

N'SH.lst SecUSEmbassyBismarck strasse 3N WBerlin 
Jackson M" John P ((Jlara C Gregory) 1304 Conn Av 
Jackson M"— Elsie G & Laura Wolcott Washington D C 
Jackson W Oswald (Ella Willing) Senior. . . 550 

Jackson M' Oswald-Mt.Cw.Rv.Ll.Cr92 Park Av 

Jackson W Percy-Uv.L. Y'85 Belleville N J 

Jackson M*M" Philip Nye (Margaret Arlee) 

P' 81 . . 15 Waverly PI Newark N J 

Jackson Mill" Schuyler-E 646 High Newark N J 

Jackson MiM" Theo F(CorneliaBurr)H.Bk. Ra. Rv . . 10 W43 
Jackson M" Wm Hy (Katharine Robert) . . 556 

Jackson M""* Madison Av 

Jacob MiM" Leonard (Emma Lawrence) 614 

Jacob M"" Martha 

Jacob M"" Bart-S.H'96 & Leonard Jr-Un.S.Rh 
Jacob MiM" Lawrence (Louise Hamilton) 


Jacob MiM" Robert (Harriet Hoppin) Flushing L I 

Jacob MiM" Wm H (Mary Phelps) 

106 Pelham Rd New Rochelle N Y 
Jacobi DiM" A (Mary C Putnam) C.Bd.Ct.'71 . . . .110W34 

Jacoby M' Harold~C 41 E 49 

Jacquelin MiM" John H (Josephine Stagg) Un . W 

Jacquelin M'"&M'" Aline .... 

Jacquelin M' Herbert Ten Broeck-R. Sa 

Jaflray Capt&M" Ed W (Mamie Jaffray) .ab'd 

Jaffray M" Howards (EmmaHarris)Un. 

JaflFray M' Ed Somerville-Un 

Jaffray M"" Kenneth H & Percy M 

Jaflfray MiM" Reginald H (Azuba L Barney) 

Un.."The Lindens" Irvington-on- Hudson 






.7 W46 

Jaffray M' Robert-Cr42.av'd Tent Sep 2. 

Jaflray M"- 

Jaflray MiM" Robert Jr (Lily Butler GrifBn) 

C.G.Rf.Rv.Y'73..58 W46 

New York. 189 

Jaff ray M"! Wm P (Helen Smythe) ; po. 43 W 19 

James M&M" Arthur Curtiss (Harriet Eddy Parsons) 

James MiM" David H (Caroline A Beach) 25 E 57 

James MiM" D Willis (Curtiss) 

C.Mt.Rg.Dt.Ny.Rf.Ad.Mg. 40 E 39 

James M' Frederic T-Rg.Y'94... 42 W 51 

James MiM" Henry A (Laura Brevoort Sedgwick) 

C.Uv.Ag.Y74..20 W 11 

1602-20 NW 
Wash D C 

James M" Julian (Cassie Mason Myers) 

M" Theodo?us Bailey Myers 
James Gen&M" Thos L (Bardeen-Jeanne 
Freeburn) Ul. .ab'd Camp Aug 15 

James M*" Harriet Weed 

M" Henry G Pearson (Ellen MJames) 
James Dill" Walter B (Helen Goodsell Jennings) 

Uv.C.Ag.S.Y'79. .268 Madison Av 

James M" William Died at 10 VV 43 Jly 22 

Janeway DiM" Edward G (Fannie S Rogers) C.Ct 

Jane way M'" Matilda S . . , 

Janeway D' Theodore Cald well-Dp. Y' 

Janeway M' James G-Un.Snc * li5 E 18 

124 W State 
Trenton N J 

Murray Hill 

W 40 

Janeway Mill" JolmHJr (MetaEMcAUister) 

M^ J G McAllister '.[Sa.La.Cr86 

Janeway M"-&M'- Emily L .166 W 55 

Janin MiM" Henry (Mabel Smith) Cy. Fn. Eg. So. 

careN MRothschildLondon . . M' ab' dCamp J]yl8 
Janvrin D' Jos E-Ul. . 191 Madison Av 

Jarves MaM" Deming-Un . 
Jarves M*" Marion 

566 Jef Av 
Detroit Mich 

Jarvie M' James N-Mt. Dt Metropolitan Club 

Jarvis MiM" Nathaniel Jr (Brady) 62 

Jarvis M^ Maud & Josephine «fe M"' N Allen «fe Thos S E55 
Jarvis MiM" Samuel M (Priscilla Wear) I M"&M'-ab'dOct26 
Jarvis M- Elnora & W Hugh S . . [Col.L. | 1 W 72 
Jay MiM" Aug (Kane)Un.K.Uv.H'71. .M"av'dMaj Octl4 

70 Av Marceau Paris 

Jay M'— Cornelia & Alice. 155 W 58 

Jay M" John (Eleanor Field) Hotel Savoy 

190 Social Register, 



Dec 9 




Jay DiM" John Clarkson (Harriette A Vinton) 

Jay M"- Edith Van Cortlandt [C.Ct.Rv. 

Jay M' John Clarkson Jr 

Jay M" Peter Augustus (Julia Post) . . 
Jay M'~'Mary Ruth erf ord&LauraPrime 

Jay M" Pierre-Y'92 & John 

Jay Col&M" Wm (Lucie Oelrichs) K.Mt.C.L.Mb. 

Ch.S8.Rv.Ll.Snc.Ct.Cl'59. .22 E 72 
Jencks Mir Francis M (Elizabeth Piatt) 

Ul. Cy. T. Dt. S. L. .89 Riverside Drive 

nnVCliis"':^^'.''.::;: I •■ •• Everett Ho„ae 
Jenkins MiM" Geo Walker (Helen Hartley) 

Uv.L.Mo.Ng.Y'70. .Morristown N J 
Jenkins M' James Grardiner-Un Union Club 

New Rochelle NY 

Jenkins Mill" Theo Parkes (Charlotte 

D' Howard L Coles [Coles)L. lS". R. 

Jenkins MiM" Wm B Jr (Murray) Na. 

"l!awn Ridge" Orange N J 

JenksM'PaulE-Uv. Y'84 32 E 26 

Jen k sMiM"RobtIrving( MabelRunnells)Uv. Rv. Y' 87 . 59 E66 
Jenner MiM" Wm Allen (Josephine Curtis) C.Dv. 125 
Jenner M'— Florence Curtis & Sadie F. .[Bd.G'65 E 60 
Jennings MiM" Albert G (Susie Beatrix Crimmins) 

IJn.Ha.Uv.T.lTva.Rv.Cw.P'90. .42 Remsen Bklyn 
Jennings MiM" Arthur O (Kate A Bulkeley) 

Ny. .Southport Conn 
Jennings MiM" Fred B (LilaHallPark)C.U«.Mt.R.Uva. 

Dt. Dke.Cv.Ct. Na. Wms'72. .av'dTeutSepl2.86ParkAv 
Jennings M" Oliver Burr (EstherJGood- 1 av'dNY 

Jennings M"" Annie B [sell) Cw. | Sep 15 

Jennings M' O G-Mt. Dv. Ny. Rg. Lc. Uva. Y'87 

at Fairfield Ct 
Jennings MiM" Walter (Jenn Pollock Brown) 

Uv.Mt.Uva.Ny.S.Dt.Ag.Y'80. .11 E 41 

Jennison M' Frank E-Uv. H'83 University Club 

Jerome M' Addison G 171 W 79 




Jerome MiM" Eug Murray (PaulineVonSchnei- Williams- 
JeromeM'"FrancesSheldon[dau)Un.Sp.Cn.Ny. townMass 
Jerome M' Hy A-Un Union Club 

New York. 


1^3 W 19 

Jerome M' John V (late Thos A) Died at N Y Aug 5 

Jerome M" Leonard W (Elizabeth McAllister) 

Died at Morris Park L I Oct 11 

tTerome M' John L-Uv University Club 

Jerome M" Lawrence R (Hall) 

Jerome MiM" Lovell Hall (Anita Pde S Gilbert). 
Jerome Mill" Wm Travers(Lavinia Howe)Un.Ct. 

Jerome M" Thomas A 215 W 51 

Jerome M' ThomasA(Isaac)Died atNewBrightonSIJuly26 
Jerzmanowski Br«feBrnEJ-Dm.Ct.po818MadisonAv ab'd 

Jessup M' Augustus E-K Knickerbocker Club 

Jessup MiM" Charles (Owen) 124 E 36 

Jessup MiM" Morris K (Maria DeWitt) Uv.Mt.C.Ny. 

Dt.Rg.Rf.Jkl.Mtw.Ct.Y'8lWms'81. .197 Mad Av 
Jesup MiM" James R (Lamont) T 

M" Charles A Lamont . . 

M' Lansing Lamont , 

Jevons MiM" Thos E (Isabel Seton) Uv. 

Jevons M** Marguerite [Dt'65 

Jevons M"" Regi, Thos Seton&PerdinandTR 
Jewett M" E H (Sophia Seymour) 

Died at Easthampton LI Oct 19 
Je we ttMiM"ChasHJr( Joseph ineMGray)..NewBrightonSI 

Jewett M' Edward Woolsey-Un.R Union Club 

Jewetr M' George L-C.Ch.Rf 20 Fifth Av 

Jewett MiM" Hugh J-Un.M.Ct. .Glenville Harford Co Md 
Jewett MiM" R Dickinson (Eliza M Schmidt) Us. 

1833 Jefferson PI Wash D C 

Jex M" Josiah (Isabel Willis) 14 

Jex M'- E 54 

Johnes MiM" Edward R (Winifred W Tinker) 

Uv.Col.Y'73..San Remo Hotel 

Johnes M' Henry Pierson-Uv. Y'8X 24 W 50 

Johnes M'Hy WardJr-Ox.Cal.Pu.Ha .OxfordClubB'kln 

Johnson M' Andrew Thorndike-Ny 28 W 25 

Johnson M' Alex B-Uv.Un.Rv.Ul.Sv. Y'82 21 E 69 

.555 Fifth Av 

W&W- avd 
Serv Sep 9 
307 W 71 


M'-Elizabeth Ayniar . . [ W k . Rv. Rg. Snc. Ct. 

Johnson MIM" Davis (Mary W Freeman) Un. 

Fifth Av 
..40 W 11 


SoctAL REOtSTEtt, 


50 W 55 

Johnson MiM" Efllngham L (Amy Rowan Scott) 

Un. .care Brown Shipley London 
JohnsonMiM"Corbus O(PlorenceFarrington) . . Croton NY 
Johnson MiM" Eastman (Buckley)C.Ul.Pl 

MiM" Alfred R Conkling (Ethel Johnson) . 
Johnson M&M" Edward A (Katharine M Tracy) 

Johnson M' Tracy A 

Johnson MIM" Edward H-Ul.N : .36 W 56 

Johnson M' Edwin A-Un Union Club 

Johnson MiM^Prancis Howe(Mary Beach) ''Linwood" 

Johnson M' Reginald M Andover Mass 

Johnson Archdeacon&H"Geo D Rectory Christ Ch 

Johnson M*" Annie r(Robbins) New Brighton S I 

Johnson M' Henry B-Ul. Rg.Rp 499 Pifth Av 

Johnson M' James L-Dt.N.Rv.So 27 

Johnson M'- Ellenor D W 82 

Johnson MiM" Henry Meyer (Olliffe-Sarah K Baldwin) 

Un.Wk. Y'77. .Bay Shore L I 
Johnson M" Hezron A (Caroline E Whitney) . . 416 

Johnson M*"** Josephine W & Panny L Pifth A v 

Johnson M' Lawrence H H-Uv. H'80 32 E 26 

Johnson MiM" J Aug (Matthews) Ul.L-Cfc.Cw . . .105 E 18 

Johnson M" John H'. 130 

Johnson M*-** W 59 

Johnson M' Philip Seymour-H'94 28 E 28 

Johnson M" Oliver (Jane M Abbott) 

Johnson M** Helen Hunt 

M*- Ellen W Abbott 


C.A.CtPl .327Lex Av 
Johnson MiM" Rossiter (HelenKendrick)A.C .... 140 

Johnson M*" Plorence K E16 

JohnsonMiM"SPisher(SarahLSeymour)Mt.Rf.Rg. . 11 

Johnson M*- Edith Seymour E 63 

Johnson M" Sam'l Wm (Mary Ver Planck) .... 

Johnson M*- Edith 137E 37 

' '^nson M"" Chas E-Na. & Edwards-Y'96 

^on M" Templeton (Winthrop). . .New Brighton S I 



New York. 


Johnson M" Wilmot Jr (Helen T Irwin) Un. 

Johnson W F L [Pn.Ct.Rv.Mtw.Cr76 

Johnston M" James Boorman (Humphreys). . . 

Johnston 2 M"^ Boorman 

Johnston M' John Humphreys-C.Rg.Pn. 

59 Vaugirard Paris 
Johnston MiH" J Herbert (Teenie Noel)Uv.Dt. Ag. 

Y'77. .18 Washington Sq N 

Johnston M' Louis Morris 

Johnston M*" Josephine Kearney 

Johnston M'^ Euphemia S & Emily V 

Johnston M' Walter S-Un.Ul.M.Lc.L.Dt.Ll.. ..80 

Johnston MiM" Wm M-Un.Mt 1 W 21 


2 Gram'y Pk till Jan thenBritishL^^gOopenhagen 
JohnstoneM'*Pr8U(MargaretABabcock) 47 Central Av 
JohnstoneM'^'Margaret A&EuphdmeS . 
Johnstone DiM^Henry Cortlandt (Edith Scott) 

10 Central Av New Brighton S I 
Joline M&M" Adrian Hoffman (Mary E Larkin) 

Uv.G.Dp.Dt.Bd.Mo.P'7(). .The Dakota 
Jones M" Arthur Mason CPrances Waldo) T. 

Tuxedo Park N Y 

Jones M" Ed (Prances D Robinson) ab'd 

Jones M*" Caroline Ogden ._. . . ^. . ..... .2i^3 Madison Av 

Sq..see addenda 


14 W 10 

Edgewater S I 


New Brighton 


Jones M*" Mabel Irving [win)Bg. 

Jones M" E Lee (Martha A Moran). Aiken S C 

ab'd care Cie 

Gen Trans Paris 
M' at 1 VV 21 

Jones MiM" Edward K (Wilhelmina P 
Paterson) Un.Mt.M.Dt. 

Jones IC" Charlotte Edwards 

Jones ll'"Prances Ogden .74 Park Av 

Jones H' Prank W-Un Union Club 

Jones M*M" Edward Clarence (Adelaide E Storms) 

M.Col.Rp.Lc.eo W76 

Jones M*" Prances 

M*^ Margaret B & Lila Gould . 

Jones M" Cadwalader (Rawle) 

Jones M*" Beatrix 

.28 E 10 

21 F 


Social Registek, 

Jones HiM" Pred'k W (Lottimer) 

Jones V^ Emilie F & Jessie M 81 W 68 

Jones ir BVed'k W Jr-Uva. Y'91 

Jones M" Geo A (Harriet G Coster) 

Died at Hartford Conn Oct 21 
Jones MiM" GeoW(LillianD Duryea)Ul.Sv.N.Ny.l54W58 

146 ChElys6es 

Jones M" George P 

Jones M' Henry E-K. Un. S. Ny 

Jones MiM" Gilbert Ed (Louise Caldwell) Ul. R. 

M" av' d Gasc Oct 18 . . 222 Mad A v 
Jones M' H Madison-Un.Uv.Pl,T.R.Cr69 

ab'd Jly 18 av'd Maj Oct 14. .8 W 9 


Jones M" H LeRoy (Kingsland). 

Jones M' A Kingsland 

Jones M" John D (Josephine K Ployd-Jones)La. 

"Unqua" Seaford L I 
Jones M" Lewis CoIford(CatherineBerryman).707PifthAv 
Jones MiM" Lewis Quentin (Sarah Post Antnon) 

Un.Cal.Ny.Na.M. . "Bay View" Newport R I 

ab'd Spree Jun30 
3 Bois de Bou- 
logne Paris 


Jones MiM" M Ogden (Suzanne P Earle) 

Jones W Tera deT [S.Ny 

Jones M' A de T 

Jones MiM" Mason Ren8haw(CatharineLO'Conor)..10E58 
Jones MiM" Oliver Livingston(MaryE Jones)Col. S. 

Jones M"" Louise E [Cw.La. 

Jones M' Charles H 

Jones MiM" S Howell (Mary P Hart)Ec. 

Jones M" Benj W (Harriet A Davis) 

Jones M" S T (Martha M Thomas) 

Jones M' Shiplev-Mt. Cw 

Jones DiM" S Beach (Gertrude R Crosby) .28 W 32 

Jones M" Theo P (Meyer) A-i\xrfy 

Jones H- Margaret 41 w 17 

Jones MiM" Townsend (Katharine S Howard) Snc. CI' 76 

241 W 71 
Jones MiM" W Strother (Mary Grace Russell) 

Cal. Rg. Y' . . Red Bank N J 

Jones M' Wm H-t3n.. . .-. Union Club 

Tones M' Willard H-M.Lc.Ny 166 W 65 

les M' Walter R T-Ul.Uv.S.Dt.Snc.CrSO 1 E 39 

12 James 
Newark N J 

22 Pine 

New York. 195 

Sunset Av 
Montclair N J 

fly ab'd Camp Jly 

ISav'dLiicOct 16 

16 W57 

Jonson M" Pred'k (Mary Howard) 

Josephs MIM" Lyman Colt (Alice Wilson) 

Newport R I 
Judge MiM" Hilliard M (Jeannie Taylor) Un . . . .105 E 18 
Judson M" Wra Francis (Isabelle Field). . . 
Judson MiM" CyrusField(AliceConditSraith) Dobbs Ferry 

Cal. Ny. Sa. Cy. R. Bg. Y'88 N Y 
Judson M' William Francis-Cal. Sa. 
Juillard MiM" Aug D (Helen Cossitt) 
Ul. Mt. T. Mc. Ct. Rp. Na. 

Juillard M' Frederic A-Mt. Mc 

Junod M' Louis H-Na '. .794 Lexington Av 

Jurgensen M&M" J (Le Gendre) N. Dv I 9 W 81 

Jurgensen M** Loalou | 

Justh M' Edward Center-Un. Zp 165 W 34 

Kalbfleisch Mill" Ed L (Lucy K Freeman) 

65 S Portland Av Bklyn 
Kalbfleisch HiM"EdLJr(MabelDean)Ha.l4SidneyPlBklyn 

Kammerer D' Fred-CD v 667 Madison Av 

Kane M*^ Louise L & Sybil Kane 

Kane M' Woodburv-K. Mt. R. Mb. Ny. Ct. Cy. 23 

ab'd Etru Jly 11 W 
Kane M' S Nicholson-Un. K. Mt. R. Ny. S. Cy. Ch. 47 

Kane MiM" Delancey A (Eleanora Iselin) K. Mt. 

Un.LcCy.Ny . .H' av'd Teut Sep 30. .7 W 35 
Kane Mill" Greti ville(Margaret Adelaide Wolf e)Un.T.Sn. 

Tuxedo Park N Y 
Kane MiM" John Junes (Annie C Schermerhorn) 

K.TJn.Mt.S. .av'd Maj Oct 14. .49 W 23 

Kane H' W Carson-Un Union Club 

Kane M*M" Hy Brevoort (Florence Hartshorne) Un. T. 

253 W 76 
Kane M" Walter Langdon (Mary Rotch Hunter) 

Newport R I. .then 2 W 36 
Kane M' Walter Langdon (late Delancey) 

Died at Newport R I Sep 19 


Social Register, 

3 E56 

Katzenbach DSM" Wm Henry (Emory) P'67. . . . 

Katzenbach M"- Anne Emery 22 W45 

Katzenbach M' L Emery 

Kay M' J Alfred-Un Union Club 

Kayne MiM" Alfred (A C Smith) Ny. 

av'd Camp Jly 10. .258 W End Av 

Kean M" John Sr (Lncy Halsted) 

Kean M"- Lucy H A Elizabeth d' H 


Kean M' Alex L. Mt. .av'd St L Aug 28 

Kean W John-Uv.Mt.Dt.Ec.Mtw.E. Y'76 

"Ursino" Elizabeth N J 
Kean MiM" Hamilton Pish (Katharine Winthrop) 

Un. K. Mt. Sa. Dt. Na . . 25 E 37 
Kean Capt&M" Jef Randolph (Louise H Young) 

USM.. Key West Fla 

Keane M" (Anna C61este Campion) 

Keane M*- Pauline 113 E 34 

Keane M"" David-Ct.L.Pn. & James Ed 

Kearny MLM" Henry S (Alice de Wolfe) Un.Ul. 

Buckingham Hotel 
Kearny Gen John Watts-Mt. Dn.T.Sa.Us.Ll. Morgan 

Kearny M"" Mary Watts . . Harjes&Co 

Kearny M'Philip-at6E47 Paris 

Kearny MiM" Geo H (Isabel Smedberg) USN USS 

" Marblehead" .care BFSteven84TrafalgarSqLondon 
Keasbey M"™* Prances H-Mg. & Louisa E '* Goodrest " 

Keasbey M' Frederick W-Sa.Mg Morristown 

M* J M Aertsen Darrach N J 

Keasbey MiM" Edward (Eliza Darcy)E.H. Mo. Mg. 

P'69. H'71 " Edgewood" Miller Rd Morristown N J 
Keasbey MiM" George M (Lewis) Uv.E.Y'71 

Stratford PI Newark 
Keasbey MiM" H Miller (Charlotte C Lewis) 

"Nuthurst" Summit N J 
Keasbey MiM" Rowland P (Wright) Sa.E.Cr82 

25 Saybrook PI Newark 
Keech MiM" Frank B (Clara Jay Williams) USA 

Mt. T..14E65 
Keefer Surgeon Maj<&M" Wm (Alice E Wilks). .Toronto 

New Yobk. 197 

Keegan M' D W-Cv.H'62 University Club 

Keene M' Harry-M.Dm. Wms'71 264 Fifth Av 

Keene MiM" James R-Rh Cedarhurst L I 

Keene MiM"Foxhall P (White-Mary Lawrence) Rh.R. 

Melton Mowbray Eng J S Morgan London 
Keener MiM" Wm A (Prances McLeod Smith) 

C.Uv.Ct.Bd.H'77. .86 E 56 
Keith MiM" Boudinot (Dora Wheeler) Pl.Ct. . . .124 E 27 

Keith Rev Ormes B .. of ..„„^„„„+ 

Keith M- : • -^^ Stuyvesant 

Keller M' Louis-Cal.Bg 267 Fifth Av 

Kellev MiM" AnstenPrice (Elizabeth WGillender) . 37 Wall 
Kellock MiM" Hy Grey (Emily C Forwood)Dt. Ag.40 W 75 

Kellogg M' Chafles-lJy '. Athens Pa 

Kellogg M' Fred'k S-Uv.Sa.Y'87 ..32 E 26 

Kellogg MiM" Luther Laflin (Bessie Mcintosh) M. 1 133 

Kellogg M' Macintosh [L. Dm. Dp. PI. Col. W 70 

Kelly Capt&M" A Lindsley (Elise Perkins) 

Haylegrove Spenkford Bath Eng 
Kelly M' Edmond-C.C.Pn.T.Rg.L.Dp.Cl. .107 E 60.ab'd 
Kelly M" Eugene (Margaret Hughes) Senior. . . 763 
Kelly M'Th()masH-Cal.Sa.Pl.R.Pn.Cy.Dm.Sg. Fifth Av 
Kelly MiM" Ed-M.N.Ny.R.L. Wk.Dm.Cn.Mb. . . .17 E 32 
Kelly MiM" Robt J (Dorothy Van Schaick) 

Kalmir Park Huntington L 1 

Kelly MiM" Engene (Milmo) Cal.Mt.M.R.P!. 

M*" Leonor Milmo [Cy.Ny. Sq N 

19 Wash 


440 W57 

Kelly MiM" Horace R (Evelina de la Forest) 

Kelly M- Kathleen Gt [Cal.Ct, 

Kelly M' Robt de la Forest 

Kemble MiM" Gouverneur (Julia Tillou) Sv . . 
Kemble M*"" Maria Tillou, Alice B& Margaret 

Kemble ff Gouv Jr-Dp.Sv 

Kemble M' Francis Tillou 

Kemble M"- Mary W ; . .142E 18 

Kemble M' Peter-C , 37 E 9 

Kemeys M" Edward (Townsend) ab'd 

Kemevs M' Walter Schuyler 7 E 62 

Kemp' MiM" Edward (Clement) M.Dt 722 Fifth Av 

Kemp MiM" Edward Jr (Josephine DeMott)Dt.Rv.57W45 

198 Social Register, 

Kemp H" George | 

KempM-M M ..720 Fifth Av 

Kemp M' Arthur T-Cal.R.Mt ' 

Kemp Mill" Geo Wm (Margaret S Hutton) 

Uv.Dt.Pl.M.H'84. .57 W 46 

Kemp r Wm C B-R.Sv.Cl' Racquet Club 

Kemp M" Wm (Louisa E Jones) 32 E 70 

Kendall M' Daniel R-M.Un.Cn Manhattan Club 

Kendall M' Edward H-C.Mt.G.Cw.Sg 160 Fifth Av 

Kendall lliir W Reals (Kate V Whitney) Cy.Na. 

Ss. "Elm Lawn" New Rochelle 
Kendall BiM" Wm B (H M Fay) Ha.Mk.L.Mc. 

Na.Pl. .68 First Place Brooklyn 
Kendall- li" Wm Burrage Jr (Helen E Stillman) 

95 Joralemon Bklyn 

Kendall M' Wm M-Uv. C. H'76 University Club 

Kendall KM" Wm Sargeant (Margaret W Stickney) .... 

Kennedy O" Gilbert F-H'96 26 W 50 

Kennedy Mill" H Van Rensselaer (Robbins) 

K.Mt.Ny.S.Mb.Rg.Cl'85. .99 Fifth Av 
Kennedy MiM" John Stewart (Emma Baker) C. Ul. 6 W 
M- PhebeABaker . . [Mt.Dt.Ss.Rf.G.Ct.Ny.Rg. 67 

Kennedy MiM" McPherson-Rv . Rh Lawrence L I 

Kennedy M"" Rachel Lenox 41 Fifth A v 

Kent MiM" Andrew W (Nina Platt)L.Dt.Ha.Dm. .17E57 

Kent M" Ed Senior t*^,.^^,. n^i 

Kent MiM" Edward (Edith Chadwick) H'83 ' ^^^"^^^ ^^i 
Kent M' Edwin C-T.Uv.Cl'76 .... Tn^..^^ Po.t 

KentM" James Tnxedo Park 


Kent M' Geo Edward-Uv.USN'82 16 E 32 

Kent MiM" Geo Hy (Adelaide Bulow Hurry) 

Ul.R.Col..697 W EndAv 

Kent M' Thomas B-M. L 814 Fifth Av 

Kent MiM" W Irving (Helen Van Cortlandt Stewart) 

Spuyten Dnyvil-on-Hudson 
Kent MiM" Wm (Emily Lorillard) T.Un.Ny.Dp. 

R.Fn.Eg.Cl'78. .8 Washington Sq 

Kenyon MiM" Robt N-Ul.Rp 321 

Kenyon MiM" Wm Houston-Uv. L. Col. Dke.'76 W 82 

New Yobk. 199 

Keogh MiM" Martin J (Katharine Temple Emmet) 

Cy.Mt.Ny. .Pelham Road New Rochelle N Y 
Kernochan MiM" Jas P (Katharine Lorillard) Un.Mt. 

T..824 Fifth Av 
Kernochan MiM" Jas Lorillard (Eloise Stevenson) 

K.Mt.Mb.Rh.Wk. . "The Meadows" Hempstead L I 
Kernochan M" Prank E (Abba E Learned) 353 State 

Kernochan M' Ed Learned Albany N Y 

Kernochan MiM" J Fred'c (Mary S W hitney)Uv.Ct. 11 

Kernochan M"" Eweretta [Dt.Ag. Y'63 Mad 

Kernochan M' Frederic SqN 

Kernochan M' Josepli H-Cal.Rg.Ny . . . . . .Calumet Club 

Kernochan M' Marshall R. .careM'Wm Pollock 182MadAv 
Kernochan MiM" Wm (Winthrop) CI' 42 

26 Rue Merignan Paris 
Kerr MiM" Chauncey F (Coej Ul.Ny . . "Adelhurst" 

New Windsor Newburgh N Y 
Kerr M" Hamilton R (Emilie W Smith) „„ ^ k» 

Kerr M- Jeannie Hamilton ^^ w oo 

Kerr MiM" Henry S (Olive Grace) Dn.R.Ny 23 E 75 

Kerr MiM" Rob't Bage (Grace Nichols) Uv.Cal.R. 

Ag.Y'85. .Lake wood N J 
Kerr MiM" John E Jr (Edythe M Cater) Dt.Na .260 W78 

Kersey M' H Maitland-Un.R.Lc.Mb.Ag 160 W 59 

Kessler MiM" Alfred (Ada P Smith) Cal.R.Dt.Cy. 

av'd Teut Sep 30. .26 W 39 

Kessler M' Edward-Cal Calumet Club absent 

Ketcham MiM" Arthur C (Margaret B Allen) 

Highland P: " " 
Ketcham MiM" Wm P (Collins) Ul. 

Keicham M** Ethel N 

Ketchum M' Alexander P-Uv.Lc.N 

Yonkers-on- Hudson 
.318 Lexington Av 


32 Mt Morris 

Ketcham M"- [Ll.Ny.N'58 

Ketchum M' Franklin M-Un Union Club 

Ketchum M' Frank D-Uv. Wms'86 32 E 26 

Keteltas M"- Alice 37 St Mark's PI 

Key MiM" John James (Prances Duer Jones) 

Keyes DiM" Edwd L (Loughborough) Mt.C. 
Keyes M"- Eleanor [Rg.Cth. Y'63 

Springs Col 
....1 E74 


Social Register, 


..14 E 36 

Keyes D' Ed L Jr 

Keyset MiM" Sam'l J (Th^rdse Thompson) Ul. 

Keyser M- J Th^r^se fCli. 


Kidd W Georgette [Ny. Lc. 

Kidder Mill" Camillas G (Matilda C Faber) Uv.Dt 

Rf.Cb.IInb.H' 72. .Highland Av Orange N J 
Kilbreth Judge & MVasT (Sophie Agnus) C.Dm. 

Kilbreth M' Jas T Jr-H'94 [Rv.Dt.H'63 

M' Joseph A Ondin 

Kilbreth M' John W-Ul. Sg 1 E 39 

Kiliani DiM"Otto J T (Lilian Bayard Taylor) Bd. 1H3 E 57 
Kilner MiM" Samuel E (Saunders) Ul. Mc. L. . . .335 W 78 

Kimball M' James P-Un. C Union Club 

E 41 

853 Fifth Av 

1 W72 

Kimball DiM" Reuel Baker (Caroline Todd Knox) 

[Uv. Na. 


152 W 34 

Kimball M' Winfield S^Bg. P'90. 
Kindred D' Jno Joseph-So. Va'88 

Kindred M-M Lila 

King MiM" A Gracie (Dner) Un. Dt Union Club 

King MiM" Ch (Hone) Us. Cr76 Tacoma Wash Ter 

King Mir Chas G Jr (Katherine Ross) 

Uv. Mt. Ad. Br'84. .39 W 27 

King M' Clarence-Mt. C. T Met Club 

King M" Cornelius L (Janet de Kay) 

Died at Greenfield Mass Sep 15 

King MiM" C Volney (Mary Allen) Ul 20 Fifth Av 

~~ " ~" ~* 1228 Conn Av 

Wash D C 

King M" David (Ella Rives) 


King MiM" David Bennett (S Antoinette Southack) 

Ul. Uv. L. Dke. A. G'71. .444 Madison Av 
KingM'David HJr-Mt.R.Ul.S.Rg.L.Ny. JkLMtw. .8W43 

King M' David James-N , 

MiM" Fritz Loeh (King).... 
King M" Edward (Nf A LeRoy) 
King M'-Mary LeRoy 

541 Mad Av 

Bowery St Newport R I 
ab'd Luc Sep 26 

King M' E H-K Knickerbocker Club 

King MiM" Edw (Elizabeth Fisher) Uv.C.L.La 
King M-^IsabellaC&Elizabeth G. .[Rg.Snc.H'53 

King M' Rupert Cochran-Sn.Bg.H'94 

King Mir Fred Gore (Jessie Arklay) Un.Dt.La. 

1 Uni- 

32 W 9 


New York. 201 

King Mill" James Gore (Sarah E Erving) 

Uv. Snc. H'89. .29 Waverly Pi 
King MiM"* Geo Gordon (Annie M Coats) 

Mt. Ny. Snc. .Metropolitan Club 

King M' Herbert T-K Knickerbocker Club 

King MiM" J Howard-Un Union Club, .ab'd 

King MiM" J Berre (Louise W Wooster) 

Ny. Dt. Cn. Lc. ,164 W 72 

King MiM" John (Mary F Jackson) So J S Morgan 

King M"" Helen. & Co 

King M' Jackson . .' London 

King M" Jiimes G (Caroline King) 

King MiM" John Alsop (Elizabeth Tompkins) 

King M*- Elizabeth T [Rv. Snc. CI' 67 

King M" LeRoy (Rhinelander) ab'd Luc Sep 26 

King MiM" Percy R (Goodhue) Un. Dt. Rf. Ct. 

care M" Goodhue . . 189 Mad A v 
King MiM" Richard (Margaret H Chater) Un. R. 

Hotel Marie Antoinette 66 <fc Boulv 

King M' Roland-K. Mt Knickerbocker Club, .ab'd 

King M' R T-Uv. Br'78 .32 E 26 

King MiM" Win P (Martha K Danolds) 

R. Col. Mc. M. Ct. Lt. .11 E 61 
Kingsbury MiM" Frederick J (AiatheaRSco- 1 Waterbury 
Kingsbury M"-" ..... . [vill) C. Uv. Cw. Y'46 | Conn 

Kingsbury MiM" Fred'k J Jr (Addle Townsend) 

Sa.. Fairfield Ct 

Kingsbury M' George P 

Kingsbury M"- Helen L 239 

Kingsbui y M' Howard Thayer-Uva. Rv. Y'91 ... W 54 

M"" Hem ietta Patterson 

Kingsford M' Daniel Piuisli-Uv. Ty'80 

ab'd Maj Jly 1 av'd Aug 17. .37 Park Av 
Kingsland M" Ambrose C (Caiberine Aspinwall) 

av'd Teut Sep 2. .135 Fifth Av 

Kingsland M" Geo Lovett (Helen Welles) po 430 

Kingsland M- Ethel Fifth Av 

Kingsland M' Hy P-Ny 102 E 19 

Kingsland MiM" Walter F-Un. K. Mt .ab'd 

202 Social Rboisteb, 

Kingsland MiM" Wm M (Macy) Un. Mt. Ny. Snc. 

' ' Incleuberg ' ' Scarborough on-Hudson 
Kingsley MiM" Harvey S (Annina Fabbricotti) I ano 
R. Ny. Na, Cy. Ha. Bk. ' w/,"^. 

M" Addle Fabbricotti 1^^*^ ^^ 

Kingsley M' Maarice-C New Rochelle N Y 

Kinney MiM" Herbert E (Charlotte E Clements) 

Uv. Y'71..167 W93 
Kinney M" Ernest Lord (Louise Catlin) -.-on v xrr„„u T\n 
Kinney M- & M- Ethel & M"- E W Catlin ^^^" '^ ^^^'^ "^ 
Kinney MiM" Thos T (Estelle Condit) CC.Ec. 1062 Broad 
Kinuev M*-" Margaret C & Estelle B . . . [P'41 Newark 

Kinney M' William B-Bg N J 

Kinnicntt DiM" Francis P (Eleonora Kissel) 42 

C. Uv. G. Ct. H'68 W 
Kinnicntt M"" FrancisH&HermanK . .atCambridge 
Kip M' Charles A-Un. Rf. Snc. Mo. HI. Mg. . 

Kip M' George G-Mt. Mg. Snc 

Kip M' G Goelet-L.Uv.Mo.Hl.Mg.Cl'66 | t^^. . ^^ 

Kip M' Elbert S-Mg.Snc | Momstown N 

Kip MiM" Ira A-N. R. Dt. HI 1044 Madison Av 

Kip MiM" Ira A Jr (Katherine Flower) Sv. Ec. HI. 

" Brightside " Hamilton Rd South Orange N J 
Kip Col & M" Lawrence (Eva Lorillard) 

Un. Mt. T.. 452 Fifth Av 
Kip DiM" Isaac L (Cornelia Brady). 
Kip M' Wm V B-Cw 

town N J 

448 Fifth Av 

Kip M" Wm B (Sarah Annie Spies). Married July 14 

Baker M' John Blake(late Jos r)..atScGeorge's L'd'n 

Kip M' Henry S-Na.Y' 96 av'd TeutSep 30 

Kip M" Garrett Bergh & Wm Ruloflf | 20 E 48 

Kip M' Wm Fargo-Uv.Rf.Hl.H'76 University Club 

Kirkland MiM" Ben B (Anne P Richardson) R.. . .52 E 53 
Kirkland MiM"EugeneThorn(Louisa Stephens) New Lon- 
Kirkland M' Chas Pinckney-Sa.Sv.Cl'87..[Sv. don Ct 
Kirkland MiM" George (Jessie Wall, n) N . 

The Ariston 55 & Broadway 

Kirkland M" John L (K McKesson) Morris H'ts 

Kirkland M" HMcK, APercival, WmR&H N. NY 

New York. 


91 Lincoln Pk 
Newark N J 

Kirkpatrick Judge&M" Andrew (Louise 

Kirkpatrick M" Alice C [Howell) 

Kissam MiM" Coleman Embury (Anne Higbee Green) 

Snc.Ec. . "Cheapside" W Orange N J 

Kissam M" Philip (Parrott) 

KissamM'- 160W59 

M' R D A Parrott-Uv 

Kissam ff Wm Adams-Mt.Uv.Ad.Wms'89. ...9 W 53 

Kissel M" C A (Charlotte A Stimson) Bd 37 W 19 

Kissel Mill" Godfrey (Bradford) absent 

Kissel MiM" Gustav Edward (Caroline Thorn) Un.C.R. 

Mo.Dt.Ct.Mg... 15W16 
Kissel MiM" Rudolph Herman (Caroline Morgan) 

C.Cal.Sa.Mo.Mg.."Inamere Farm" Morristown N J 

Kitchen M' William K-Un.N Union Club 

Kittredge Rev&M"AbbottE( Jennie H Hoge) Ul. 711 
KlttredgeM- MabelH & M'PredT..[Uv.Wms'54 Park Av 

Kittredge M' Benj R-Un.Dt. Wk.H'82 Union Club 

Kittredge MiM" Samuel Dana (Anna Mattison) 

Uv.H'76..40 W46 

Knapp M" Edward S (Lawrence) absent 

Knapp MiM" Hniry Kearsarge (Caroline Burr) 

Un.R.Uv.Wk.Rv.Cr8f)..10 W37 
Knapp MiM" Joseph Palmer (Sylvia Kepner) 

R.N.Lc.Na.Col.Cy.Wk..822 W72 
Knapp MiM" Shepherd (Emma Benedict) Ul.L. 

Knapp M"- Elsie . . . ; fR^-Na. 

Knapp M' Shepherd Jr- Ad. CI' 94 

ab'd Trave Jun 23 av'd K VVm Oct 11 
Knapp MiM" Wallace Percy (Caroline D Miller) 


Knapp M" Wm K (Maria Meserole) 

Knapp M"" 

Knapp M' John M-Un.Cal. Ag 

Knauth MiM" Percival(Whitman)Ct.Rf.Bd. 
Kuauth M" Theodor 

Lex Av 

.2E 16 

302 W 76 

Kneeland M"- Adele 38 W 45 

Kneeland M" John Henry (A) 

Kneeland M" Chas Eustace & Frederick R 

...239 W74 


Social Register, 



441 Park Av 

.147 W 67 
. 69 Greene 

Knevals MiM" Sherman W (Anna De W Hotchkias) 

Knevals M- Augusta H [Dl.Uv. Y'63 

Knevels H"" Mary A Ver Planck care M" Ed L Lynch 

KnevelsM'-EUzabeth.rav'd TravNov4 36 E 31 

Knickerbacker MiM" Henry-Rv . Snc 830 Fifth Av 

Knight MkM" A Lyman (Kate Palen) Ul 

Knight M'-&M'- Grace A 

Knight DiM" Chas H (Lucy E Tolford) 

Knight MiM" Hy E(Alma E Herrick) L.Na. 

Knight M"- Edith & M' Frank 

Knight M' Herbert-L.Na.Mtw . 32 W 32 

Knoedler M' Roland F-Ul.R.Lc.Fn.G. av'd Bret Oct 24 

Knoedler W Charles L 122 W 13 

Knoedler ff Edmond L-N . Us . Na 356 Fi fth Av 

Knower MiM" Benj (Mary C Allen) C.M.Cy.La..48 W 40 

Knowles Rev Canon John Harris 113 W 40 

Knowlton M" Danford Hy ( Johnes) . . . 

Know] ton M'"&M'" Madeliene 

Knowlton M'EdwinFranklin-Ha.T.ab'dNor' die 

Knowlton M"- Charlotte F [Jly 18 

Ct&Ctss Johannes von Francken Sierstorpff 

(Mary Knowlton) 

Knowlton MiM" Eben J (Beers)-Ha 

Knowlton M"^ Ella F & Grace W 

Knowlton M' Eben B 

Knox M' Henry-Sa . Uv . Ul . Wms'71 Windsor Hotel 

Knox M" John Jay Sr (Caroline E Todd). . 



Col Hgts 


87 Remsen 


Knox M'", Elizabeth Irving. 

19 E41 

Knox M' John Jay 

Knox M' Lewis T-Y'91 

Kobb6 MiM" Fr.ederick (Georgiaua L Schlotter) . . 142 E 18 

Kobb§ MiM" Geo Christian (Alice Leavitt) 

Un.S.Sa.Dt.Cw.Rv.Bg.Mg.Cr74. .Short Hills N J 
Kobb6 MiM" Herman(Sanford)N.av'd KWm Sep 7. 14 E 74 
Kobbe MiM" Ph Ferdinand 

.(Marie Elizabeth Hessenberg) 
Kobb6 M"— Helen Juliet, Marie Olga 

& E Dorothea 

.63 W 49 

New Brighton 

S I 

New York. 


Kobbe MiM" Walter (Moore) Un. R. Bg. 

av'd Teut Jly 7. .Union Club 

Kobb§ M"- 52E 25 

Kobb6 Maj & H" Wm A (Isabella Hoflfman) USA. 

Fort Monroe Va 

Kohlsaat M' Chas W-Ny New York Yacht Club 

Kohlsaat Miir John W (Milton) .,-, 

Kohlsaat M— Amy Milton & Edith Milton. ■ ^ 

Koop M' Godfrey Phelps-Sn.?fa. Rv.Cw . StNicholas Club 

Koop M' Eugene-Na. Kv abroad 

Korbay MiM*^ Francis (Ilonka de Ravasz) C 56 W 18 

Kortright MiM" Gouverneur (Therdse White) 

. K.Mt.Ny.R.Lo..7E56 

Kortright MiM" Lawrence Minturn (Etliel C Jones) 

Sn.Ny.Snc. .St Nicholas Club 
Kountze M" Augustus (Catharine Ruth). . . 238 Madison 

MiM" KarlWNeuhofiF(KRiithSnnth)D7. Av 

Kountze M' Chas B-Ul. L Denver Col 

Kountze MiM"Xuther (Ward) Un MtG.Mo.Rg.Mg. 
Kountze M*" Barclay W-Mg.&W DeLancey-Mg. . . 

Kountze H' Augustus F . Mt. L. Rg. Y'91 

Krans Rev DiM" Ed Horatio (Charlotte W 

Krans M"" Horatio & Ed S fSheafe) Mc'65 

Krebs M' Wm-Mt.Un.Ct.Ny.S.Dt 

Krebs M"" Margaret 

M" Henry B-Cal. & Julian B Shope-Cal. 

M' Chas W Shope-H'94. 

Kretschmar M' Horatio C-Un 126 E 19 

Kross M"" Daisy 

KrossM'RC&M-C F Chillas 

Kross MiM" Clement F (Elizabeth FTalman) 

Kuhne M" Fred'k (Josephine Miller) 

Kuhne M"" Irnia 

Kiihne MiM" Fred'k J (Margaret Bloodgood). . .327 W 89 
Kiihne MiM" Percival(LillianMKerr) Mt.Ul.Ct.Rp.22W66 
Kunhardt MiM" Geo E (Martha Eliz Knapp) Na. 

ab'd Maj Oct 21 . .Lawrence Mass 
Kunhardt F Hy Rudolph (Catherine T Bradish) 

av'd Nor' die Sep 25 


33 W12 

19 W32 

7 Livingston 

49 W 57 



Kunhardt MiM" Hy R Jr (Mabel A Parnham) 

Ct.Dv.Dt.L.Rf..l24 W74 
Kunhardt M' Wheaton B-Rf.Dke.L.Cl'SO. . .1 Broadway 

Lacombe M' Chas F-Uv. Cl'85 32 E 26 

Lacombe M" Mary C. . ; .... 737-16 Av Denver Col 

33 W12 

22 E 10 

Lacombe Judge E Hy-Uv. Mt. CI' 63. 
Lacombe M*" E A . .av'd Nordie Aug 28. 
Ladenburg M" Adolf (Emily Stevens) 

ab'd care Ladenburg Thalman & Co 46 Wall 

Ladenburg M' Richard-R. Rh Racquet Club 

Ladew MiH" Edwaid R (Lulu Berry Wall) Ul. Lc. N y 3 E 
M-Chas Wall..... [Ay. 67 

i^dew r hV^^^-. ^.'!.^^:. ^::: : : I ^'^ ^^^^^^ ^^ 

La Farge M"-. .'.*.*.',".*.*.".*.".'.'.'.*.".*.'.*.'.'.".'.'. 5 E 33 

La Farge MiH" John (Margaret Perry )C. PI. G.Lt 

La Farge M'~* Margaret & Frances 

La Farge M' Oliver H P-Sa 

La Farge M' Bancel-Cal.C.Sa.Rv 

La Farge Mill" C Grant (Florence B Lockwood) 

Cal. C..101 E19 
Laflfan M»M" Wm M-Un. R. Chch. . . . . .336 Lexington Av 

La Grange Brn&Brnss Louis de(Carroll)..63 d'AlmaParis 
Lahens MiM" Alfred E (Phebe Pearsall Bradhurst) 

Lahens M"" Mary Augusta 

Lahens M" Louis E-Sv.&Pierre Pearsall- Dp 

Laidlaw MiM" Thos K (Elizabeth B Clark) 

care Clark Thread Works Newark N J 

Laight M- Ann H-La 33 Park Av 

Laimbeer M"Richard Mott (Kate Black) 

av'd Teut Sep 30. .121 Madison Av 
Laimbeer M' William-Cal. Na. R. H'96. . . .Calumet Club 

La Marche MiM" Hy J (Clara J Lynch) Na 61 W 55 

La Marche MiM" Matthew J (Clara Y Pinkney) 

61a S Elliott PI Bklyn 
LaMarche MiM" John Victor (Rose Nelson) Ha. 

Hamilton Club Bklyn 

Lamb MiM" Charles R (Ella Condie) Ch 360 W 22 

Lamb M' Gilbert D-Rf. Dm. Y'79 37 W 32 


New York. 207 

Lambert M"- Ruth (Dr Ed W) Married at New Canaan Ct 

Cheney M' Knight Dexter Oct 13 

Lambert DiM" Ed W (Martin W Waldron) Uv.C. L. 

Lambert M'- [Y'64 2 

Lambert M' Adrian V S-Y'93 E37 

Lambert MiM" Elliot C (Annie M Thompson) 

Uv.Uva.Dke. Y'86 33 Market Manchester N H 
Lambert M" Leslie (Marie de Haas) I ah^kt a 

M-WPde Haas | •• ^^ ^ 

Lambert DiM" Sam W (Elizabeth Willetts) 

C. Uv. R. Y'80..110E35 

Fifth Av 


M' Arthur Hoffman Van Brunt 

Lambert MiM" William-Bd. Sv 638 Madison Av 

Lamberton MiM" Charies L (Anna de Witt) M.Rv.46W22 

Lamont M" Charles A , . . , 

Lament M' Lansing-R. Mt; Ny 

MiM" J R Jesup (Lamont) & M'-A M Pentz 
Lamont MiM" Daniel S (Juliet Kinney) 

Mt, M. Col. Dm. .1607 H Washington D C 

La Montagne M" Auguste A (Davis) 73 Av K16ber 

La Montagne M"" Paris 

La Montagne MiM" Ed (Ernestine G de Blossidres) 44 

La Montagne M*- Marie [M.R.Ny. W. W 54 

La Montagne MiM" Ernest C (Louise Catherwood) 

Un. R. Cy..l26E34 
La Montagne MiM" Ren§ L (Morgan) 

Un. R. Rh. Cn. .Par Rockaway L I 

La Montagne MiM" P (Patterson) Rli absent 

La Montagne MiM" E Jr (Weir)Un.R.Rh. .Lawrence L I 
La Montagne MiM" Maurice (Emily T Frith) R. . .119E35 
Lamson MiM" John L (Anne Allen Ward) Un.H'80 

So. L. Rh . . av' d Havel Aug 5 . . Union Club 
Lamson M" John (Draper) . . care Geo H Draper 

39 Rue Galil^ Paris 

Sa:lf&£°:;::::::| >«^^onA., 

Landon MiM" Edward H (Mary L Grinnell) L. Mt.J}42 
. M'WM Grinnell [Uva.Y'75 1 E66 

S08 Social BKOiaTEs, 

Landon M' Francis G-Cal.Cy.R.Sv.Mt.Uv.Us. 

Uva.Ny.Na.P'81. .24 W 48 
Ijandon MiM" Henry Hntton (Caroline Lesher) 

Ul.Uv.U8.Mt.L.Ct.DSA'72. .24 W52 
Landon MiM" Melville D (Emily Louise Smith) Col. 28 

Landon M"- El helJ E75 

Lane MiM" Edw Van Zandt (Grace M Hustace) L.Rv. 

Dke.Snc. .116 Harrison E Orange N J 

Lane MiM" J Henry-Ul.Rg 131 E 21 

Lane M" Peter Van Zandt (Mary B Ross) ok ait ^ a 

M" I M Williams . . ." ... 25 W 49 

Lane M' Smith E-Un.C.bp.RV.'snc.Cw!N'48.'.'UnionClub 

Lane M' William C-Ul 280 Madison Av 

Lane M' WiUiam H-Uv.Ch'65 14 E 12 

Lane MiM" Wolcott Griswold (Edith Green Perkins) 

Lane M' Wolcott G Married at Lyme Ct 

Perkins M- Edith G (Jos G) Sep 15 

Langdon M' Woodbury Married at Portsmouth N H 

Elwyn M^ Elizabeth Lj[Rev Alfred^L) Sep 2 


Langdon MiM" Woodbury (Elizabeth L Elwyn) Ul. 

Langdon M"" Helen Haven [Mc.L.Ct.Rg.Na. 

Langdon MiM" Woodbury G (Sophia I Montgonaery) 


Lange M' Fred'k E-Uv'66 32 E 26 

Langley M" Wm H (Maria B Shepard) Married at Bklyn 

De Witt M' Wm G June 20 

Langley M' Sam Pierpont-Mtw.Mt.Sbb.C. 

Smithsonian Inst Washt'n D C 

Langley M' Wm H-M.Nv.Na.Sv Manhattan Club 

Langstaff DiM"J Eli()tt(S Josephine Meredith) 19-7th Av 

Langstaflf D' Lewis G Bklyn 

Lanier MiM" Charles (Sarah E Egleston) Un.K.Ul. 

C.Mt.L.Ny.T.Rg.Al. .av'd Maj Jun 24. .30 E 37 
Lanier M" James F D Senior (McClure) 

av'd Luc Sep 16. .16 W 10 
Lanier MiM" James F D (Harriet A Bishop) 

Un.K.Mt.Mb.P'80. .11 W 16 
Lansing MiM" Abraham (Catherine Gansevoort) 

C.Uy.Hl. Wm8'.65 1L5 Wash Av Albany.N Y 

New York. 20d 




Lansing M" Arthur Breese (Janette Suffern). 

Mkff' H G McVickar (Landing) ab'd 

Lapham MiM" John J-Na.Ul 46 E 67 

Lapsley MiyHowardCKatharine A Willard)Un.C 

Lapsley M"" & M"" Katharine Howard 

Lapsley M" John W-R.H'89&aaillard T 

Lapsley ST Samuel W (Jefferies) 

Lipsley M' David-Cal. Cy | 

Larkin MiM" Adrian H(Katherine Bache Satterthwaite) 

R.P'87..NutleyN J 
Larkin MiM" Jno(Ida Ralim)Uv.Uva.P'82. .365WEndAv 
Lamed M*M" Edwin Channing (Lucy M Raymond) 

Uv.Rv.Ny.Br'78. .12 W 9 
Larocque MiM" Joseph (Annie S Whittemore) Mt. 
Larocqne M' Louis E-Bg 

M" Warren Saxton (Julia L Larocque) 

Larocque MiM" Joseph Jr (Eleanor T Duer) K.Sa. 

Pn. B^ . . 134 Lexington Av 
Larremore MiM" Wilbur (Susan Arniitage) Uv. Rl L. 

Larremore M" Rich L (CaiolineE Livermore) 

Larremore M^&M"" Mabel 

Latham MiM" John C-M.So 160 W 59 

Latham MiM" John Howard (Adelaide M Ives) Mt.C. 


Latham M' Milton-Uv.H'86. . - 32 E 26 

Lathrop MiM" Levi C(Fannie R trraves)Mo 

Lathrop M'~" Florence G & Marian G 

Lathrop M" Frank-Mg 

Lathrop M*" Louise G^Mg 

Lathrop M"FM 

Lathrop M' Francis-Pl.C.T.Fn.Rv.Unb. . 
Lathrop MiM" George Parsons (Rose Hawthorne) 

PI. A.Rf.Rv. .Federal St New London Conn 

Lathrop M' Stephen A-Sn .Ry 7 W 44 

Lathrop MiM" Wm G-Dt.Uv.C.Al.Cl'62 . . Boonton N J 

Lathrop M' Wm G Jr Died at Boonton N J Aug 3 

Latting MiM" Chas Percy (Isabella W Carter) 

Uv.S.Rv.Y'73..45 W38 





N J 



Social Register, 

Latting M" John J (Harriet A Emerson) 

Latting M" Walter S-Rv. & Arthur D 

M" Clarence R van Benthuvsen (Latting) 
Lattraan l&M" J A (Fanny Schluter)Mt.Na.Dt.l70 W 59 
Lanterbach M&M" Edw (Amanda Friedman) L.Rp 

Lauterbach M*^ Edith & Florence 

Lauterbach H' Alf-Fn.Cr90 & H'Arnold Friedman 

Law HiM" Walter W-C.Ul.Pl.G 

Law- H' Walter W Jr-Pl 

Law H' William H-Un.Uv.M. Y'78 383 

Lawrance HiM" Francis C (Garner) K.Un. Wk. 

32 GrosveQor Sq London 
Lawrance M' Francis C Jr-Un.Mt.S.Ny.Ss. . .Union Club 
Lawrence H&M" Augustine N (Margaret G Neil) JN. 

Bard Av Livingston S I 

180 W 74 



Fifth Av 

Lex Av 

81 Park Av 

Lawrence Judge&H" Abraham Riker (Miner) 

Lawrence M*- Ruth rUn.M.C.Mt.Cw.Snc. 

Lawrence HiM" Emlen N-Ul .45 E 21 

Lawrence M&M" B Bowden (Alice Jerome) 

Cal.Uv.Cr78. .1953 Logan Av Denver Col 
Lawrence MiH" Cyrus J (Emily A Hoe)Ul.G 

Lawrence M**** Emily Hoe & Mary S 

Lawrence M' Richard Hoe-G.Rf .Pl.Ct 

Lawrence M' Edward S-Sn St Nicholas Club 

Lawrence M*" Emma Mc A-La Mastic L I 

Lawrence M*" Elizabeth M-La Mastic L I 

Lawrence M' Frank Mauran-CahSa Calumet Club 

Lawrence H' F N-Un.Na 

Lawrence M*" L A 

Lawrence M" Henry E (Underhill) 

Lawrence H*-^ Margaret&MaryT ^ . . . 

Lawrence M' Joseph-Sa.Un.Uv.Uva.Mc.Cr86. . 
Lawrence MiH" H M(Annie R Beardsley).ShoitHills N J 
Lawrence MiH" Isaac (Lee Gwynn)M.Sn.Lt:Snc. . J5 E 90 
Lawrence M' Jame8-K.Uv.M.H'74M.KnickerbockerClub 
Lawrence M" J G K (Catharine Augusta LeRoy) .p. ^^e- 

Lawrence H'- Esther Gracie ^o rj^o 

Lawrence liiH"J L(AliceWWork)Cal.Rh.S Lawrence 

Lawrence M*" Hannah Newbold QueensCoLI 

Lawrence H' John Smith-Sa St Anthony Club 

Bayside L I 


New York. 


Lawrence M' John Died at Southampton Sep 6 

Lawrence M" John (Emily LaFarge). . 

Lawrence H'- 33 W 17 

Lawrence M*^ Marearetta & Aim6e T. 

Lawrence M&M" Jas Kicketts(SelinaRichards) 

Lawrence MiM" Geo Francklyn Ricketts . . .216 E 18 

(Anna Cornelia White) Rf .Ch. 
Lawrence HiM" \Vm V (Sarah E Bates) Ul. 

Lawrence M^ Louise A & Anna B 969 Fifth Av 

Lawrence M' Arthur W 

Lawrence H"" Caroline T-Cd 1 4fi E 

H'" M H Trotter 29 

Lawrence MiM" Newbold T '(Isabel Giilettj 

Ijawrence MiM" Preseott (Katharine Bulkley)K.Un.Mt. 

M.R.Cy.Ny. Wk.Eyb.H'82. . BellevueAvNewportRI 

Lawrence M' Richard-Pa.Cr95 13 E 22 

Lawrence MiM" Walter Bowne (Annie Town- The 
Lawrence M"- Anita [send) K.Uv. W.Cl'ei Cam- 
Lawrence M' Townsend-K bridge 

Lawrence M*"" S St G & Rita . . . J S Morgan «& Co London 
Lawrence MiM" Samuel B (Elizabeth H Jackson) I 31 W 

MiM" Wm E Gould (Gertrude J Lawrence). . , | 10 
Lawrence M' William W-Uv.P'78: av'd St L Oct 18 

Water St Pittsburgh Pa 
Lawson M" John D (Helen Peyton). Died at 2 E 15 Jly 13 
Lawson MiM" Leonidas M (Theodosius Thornton) 

Un.Uv.Ul.Us.Ny.Dt.Rf.'53 15 E 

Lawson M' Leonidas M Jr-Na 67 


Lawson M'Wm S-Ul.Ay Manhattan Club 

Lawton MiM" Francis (Elizabeth A Evans) 

Uv.Rf.Br'69..2 W95 
Lawton M" James Marsland(EbaAnderson)La.87FifthAv 

Lawton MiM" Newbury D-N. Ad.Ny 62 E 69 

Lay M' George C-C . . 20 Nassau 

Lay ng MiM" James D (Agnes Means) Rg.Ul.Mt... 931 

Layng M- I ab'd Paris Fifth 

Layng M' James D Jr-Uva. Y'96 | June 13 Av 


Social Register, 

Lazarus Mill" Prank (Alice Furman) Un I 43 W 

Lazarus H*" Virginia C | 9 

Lazarus H"" Sarah ..,.,..., living ab'd H8 W 

LazarusM*^ Josephine & Annie | 10 

Lazarus M" Jacob H (Amelia B Tobias) 30 E Q 

Lea MiM" I Cryder (Madeline Pistor) Un Orange N J 

Leake D' Henry S-Uv. Wms'S? 32 E 26 

Learned MiM" Billings P (Draper-Victorine U Wetmere) 

Un . . New London Ct 
Learned MiM" Frauk (ElUn Craven) I 38 

M" T Augustus Craven | W 9 

Learned. JliM™ Jaroes E (Frances R Pinkerton) C. I 56 E 

Learned H- Ellen E & M' John A [Ch. | 54 

Learned MiM" Walter(AliceFlaggBeckwith) New London 

Learned W Mary Carlton L-^'^-^^f-Cw. Conn 

Leary H'- I 90 Fifth 

Leary H'Charles C I Av 

Leavitt MiM™ Edward (Anabel Bean) 

Un . . '' Meadowspring Farm " Stamford Conn 

Leavitt MiM" Henry S (Young) Un Short 

Leavitt M' Heyward a-Ul.Bg.H'82 Hills 

Leavitt MiM" Hy Y (Gandy) N J 

Leavitt MiM" John Brooks (Keith) Ct.Uv.L.Ch. 44 

Rev Ormes B Keith & M'- Keith.,.. rRf.' 68 Stuy'vt 

Leavitt M" Jas T (Foster) .247 Fifth Av 

Leavitt M"G Howland (Amelia Willetts) Senior IBayside 

Leavitt M' G Howlan^-Un.Ny ^. . ^. . ^. . . | LI 



Leavitt M' Sheldon Jr 

M^ Mary Virginia Tucker. 
Leaycraft MiM" Chas Russell (M Leontine Roosevelt) 

Un.Dt. . '' Birkendene " Caldwell N J 
Le Baron MiM" James F (Alice Mali). . .93 Willow Bklyn 

LeBoutillier F Wm G-Uv.Ul.Ch.Cr80 49 W 50 

Lecompte M' Francis D-Ul.Mc.R Union League Club 

Ledlie M' Geprge H-Uv,Rf.Ch.H'84. . . .University Club 
Ledoux MiM" Albert R (Annie Van Vorst Powers) 

Ct.D.tCr74..39 ViTSQ 

Ledy^d M" Heniy Cass 

Ledyard M" Maud Spencer. 

. .care Barings London 

New York. 


Ledyard M' Hy B-K.Cc.USA'65 

Mich Central R R Detroit Mich 
Ledyard M*M" Lewis Ca88(CTertrudePrince)C.Un.Uv. 

K.Mt.H.S.Dt.T.Ny.Ct.H'72 271 Lex Av 

Lee MiM" Albert L-Ul. LI 1 E 39 

Lee M"" Alleine-La 9 Gramercy Pk 

Lee MiM" Beni Franklin (Mary Ray Kin^) 3 

Un.C.Uv.K.S.Dt.Rv.Snc.Wms'68 Gram- 
Lee M"" Caroline King » ercy 

LeerjasGoreKing-Uva. Y'94&FLawrenceUva. Y' Pk 

Lee M" Chas Carroll (Parish) .....; Tuxedo 

Lee M"" . . . . Park 

Lee D' Thos sinn"-H''9i & M'* JasParish-Na.' H'9l! N Y 
Lee MiM" Chas H (Lucie Cushing Whitney) 

C.Rf.Sg.Ag.Bg. .6 Gramercy Pk 

Lee D' Charles Martin 18 E 32 

Lee MiM" Chas Northam (Harriet Welles Lee) Sv. 114 

Lee T"^ Carolyn C & Grace S W 78 

Lee M' David Bradley-Un. CI' 56 Union Club 

Lee M" Edward io-y ip oi 

Lee M""- Annie & Edwina ..1^7 £i ^i 

Lee MiM" Fred'cHoward-R.N.Mc.Lc.Cl'82. .MtHoUy NJ 

Lee M' Frederic S-C q^., -.xt- q. 

Lee M"" Gertrude 

Lee MiM" J Bowers (HoytjUn.K.Mt.uY. ' " "Holme Lea" 

Lee M"" Marion [Sg. Ag. Southampton LI 

Lee M"" Alice Bowers (J Bowers) Married Sep 30 

Miller M' Ralph G at Southampton 

Lee MiM" Homer (Charlotte B Riddle) Col.453 W EndAv 
Lee M' James P (late D' Chas C) Married at 55 W 37 

Lincoln M*" Clara L (Lowell) Sep 22 

Lee MiM" James P (Clara L Lincoln) 65 W 37 

Lee M" John Lawrence (Margaret Livingston).. 

Lee M"- Margaret L 21 W 17 

Lee MiM" Hy Livingston 

Lee M' Joseph Jenkins-CaL Rv .267 Fifth Av 

Lee MiM" Wm H L (Katharine M McLane) 

U v. Dt. Rv. Uva. Y' 60 . 32 W 36 

Lee M" Wm Hy (Louise Marie Northam) 
Lee M*" Louisa 

138 WaahSt 


Social Keoisteb, 

W 37 

Lee D" Thomas Q 138 WashSt 

Lee M' Kob't Lincoln-R HartfordConn 

Leeds MiM"TheoE (MinmeEBronson)Dl.Pl.L.20 Fifth Av 
Lefferts Mil" Frederic R(ElizabethMorris Waring) 

LeflFerts V^ May W & Elizabeth 

Leflferts IT F Raymond 

Lefiferts DiM" GeoMorewood(AnnieCuylerVanVechten) 


L-fferts M*M" Lduis Eng (Helena Gillet) Cal 42 E 41 

Lefferts MiM" Robt-Uv.'Sl . .ab'd Bret Jun 27 32 E 26 

Lefferts MiM" Marshall C (Caroline E Baker) 

Lefferts M' Franklin Baker [Cl.G.Sn.Snc 

Lefferts MiM" Wm H (Edith Crane) Ul. . . 

Lefferts M"- Elsie Schnyler 

LeGendre M' William C-Cal.Ch.Rf.Bg. . . .Ca 
Legg MiM" George (Clara Straus) M.Na.Col.. 

Legg M" Geo Albert-Na. & H Bertram 

Leggett MiM" FrancisH(Sturges-BesseMacLeod)Mt. 

M"- Josephine MacLeod .... [Ul. Mc.R.Rg.G.T. 

M"- Alberta & M' HoUister Sturges 

LeGhait MiM" Raymond (Jeannette Payson) 

ab'd Teut Oct*30 po. . Wash D C 

Lehman M' Arthur-H'94 6 E 62 

Lehman MiM" Sigismund M-M. Dke 16 E 46 

Lehmann M' Fred'k L. .Died at Green's Farms Ct Jly 23 
Lehmann M" Frederick L (Frances A Lamson).150 W 86 

Leigh Hon&M" Dudley (Helen Beckwith) ab'd 

Leigh M' Chapman J I 299 

Leigh M"- Lizzie C&M' B Watkins-R | Lexington Av 

Leighton MiM" George B (Charlotte Kayser) 

Un. Smb.H'88. .St Louis Mo 

Leighton M' George E-Un.Ul.L Union Clnb 

Leland MiM" Amory (Emily M Whitney) 
LelandM-CM [Ul.Mc. 692 Park Av 

M-SH Whitney 

Leland MiM" Clias H (Maud Frothingham) 


Leland M'~ Maud Aguilar & Lnisita A 

Leland M' Charles Frothingham-S.H'91 . . 


308 Lex Av 

nmet Club 



Madison Av 

New York. 


Mt Kisco N Y 

Leiand M' Francis L-Ul.S, Wk.Ny.Sv.Ll. 

Leland H'- E 1 W 37 

M" Charles Howl and Wesson(EmmaLeland) 

Lemoine H' Ashton-Uv.S.Ny.F75 32 E 26 

Lentilhon M' Eugene (late Jos) Married at Rye N Y 

Buchanan H*" Rose P (late Jas A) Nov 18 

Lentilhon M'" Leonie 

LentilhonM'JdeTours-Ny. Y'94.[Dp.Ry.Y'90 . .36 W 11 

Lentilhon M' Edward S-Ct. 223 W 44 

Lentilhon Mill" Eugene L (Ida M Ward) Ct. 

*'Virieux sur Mer" Far Rockaway L I 
Lentilhon MiH"WmA(JuliaERodewald) Fourth St 

M" C J & H*- A L6ontine Rodewald 
Leonard Col&M" Robt W (Mary Barnes) 
Leonard M*^Martha&Evelyn.[Un.Ll.Sv. 
Leoser H" Chas McK Sr (Julia Repplier).University Club 

Leoser M' Chas McK-Uv.Lo.Pu Larchmont N Y 

Le Roy MiH" Edw'd A (Clementina B Pell) 

Le Roy H' Archibald-Cal.H'79 58 E 49 

Le Roy H' Otis-Rv.Snc 

Le Roy MiM" Edward A Jr (Katharine M Minturn) 

T..10 W 9 
Le Roy M' Frederick G-Up.Na. 

care Wm Gihon Tarry town N Y 
Le Roy MiM" Herman Steward (Morgan) 

Un.Uva.Dt.H'91. .28 Seventh Av 

Le Roy M*" Ella absent 

Le Roy M*" Nellie Dupont abM 

Le Roy M' Henry Wycoff-Un.Uv.S.Rv.Mtw.Snc. 

^ Wms'67.. Union Club 

Le Roy MiM" Newbold (Ada H Bates) 128 E 34 

Le Roy M' Robert Coleman-Un.S. Dp. H' 88 33 W 21 

Le Roy M™ Robert (Lewis) 12 Clemant- 

Le Roy M' J Ruts;er8-Un.Rv.Ll Marot Paris 

Le Roy MiM" Stuyvesant (Pauline W Bridge) Un.Cc. 

Everett House 
Le Roy MiM" Stuyvesant Jr (Marion McKay) 

Unch.Sa.Cr87 . .290 Ohio Chicago 111 


Social Register, 

The Cambridge 
334 Fifth Av 

Le Roy M" Wni Edgar (Mary B North) 

H' Bertram North Stumpf 

Lesher lliH" Arthur Lawrence (Marion Alice Isaacs) 

Lesher M" Stephen R . . 

H" Adele Lesher French , 

Lesher M' Chas Stebbins 

Lesher MiM" Raymond (Mattie Bradford N'iles) R. Na. 

.330 Mad A V 

245 W 76 
Bon Respiro " 
Lakewood N J 

Leslie !!•" Emma. 

Leslie M*" Gertrude 

Leverich M" Chas P (Matilda D Gustine) 

Leverich M' S Duncan-Na.Dt...> 

M" Theo D Bradford & H^ M G & C R Bradford 
Leverich H" Edward (Annfe F Schuchardt) 
Leverich M*^ Catharine S & Margaret D . 
Levy HonJeffersonM-M.Rv.Dm.Ny.Sh. 

M"CarlYonMavhoff(AmeliaLevy).[So. ^. 

Lewis Dill" Daniel (Vaughan^Ul.Rp.'69. .252MadisonAv 

Lewis HiM^Charies E (Jane Perry Hone) Un ^a t^ ^a 

Lewis M^ Jane H\ 14 L 53 

Lewis M' Charlton M-Y'86 New Haven Ct 

Lewis D'Chas H-Uv.Na.Y'82 28 W 61 



.30 E 60 


Lewis MiM" Charlton T (Margaret 

Sherrard) C.A.L.Dke.Bd.Mg. 

Lewis W^ Elizabeth D & Mary S 

Lewis M" Ed Parke Custis (Garnet t-Mary P 
LewisM'^Julia Stevens&Eleana PC. [Stevens) 

Lewis W Edwin A S-Uva.F91. Ul 

M*" M B P Garnett&M' Jas Mercer Garnett 
Lewis ProftfeM" Edwin S (Jessie S Norris) 

Nassau Hotel Princeton N J 
Lewis M' Eugene H-Dv.M.Rh.L.Pl.Bg.Mtw. Y'73.102E26 
Lewis MiM" Fred'c E (Mary A Russell) No 22 W 38 

Farragut PI 

N J 




N J 

Lewis M" George (Mary Taylor) 411 

M' Lester B Churchill Fifth Av 

Lewis Mill" John V B (Marianna Blakeman) La. ..13E43 
Lewis MiH" Hy Ashmead (Sarah P Rollins) 

Rf . Ritp . . The Judson 

New York. 


Lewis MiM" Percy Pyne (Graves) 

M"" Emma H Graves 

Lewis M' Robert Chas . . Married at 636 Fifth Av 

Penniman M"- Pauline E (Geo H) Oot 13 

Lewis MiM" Robt Clias (PanlineE Peiiniman).536 PifthAv 
Lewis MiM" Teackle Wallis (Motley) Un.Ct.Na. . .33 E 28 


Lewis MiM" Walter Herron (Arabella B Dash) Un. T, 

Lewis M"- Mabel A & M' Walter H Jr 

Leyba MiM" Ed P W (Zabi iskie-Elizabeth Driver) 

90 R I Av Newport R I . . ab'd 

Leyton D' A H-Na.H'84 266 W 57 

Libbey M" Wm (Elizabeth Marsh) . . . Port Wash Ridge 
Libbey M' Jonas M-Ul : A.Lc. P'77. . . Rd Wash Hgts 

Libby MiM" James L-UI.L. 307 

Libby M' Win H-Ul Amsterdam Av 

Lightfoot MiM" Alfred Ross (Marie Zo6 VaI16) R.Dm. 

Richmond Terrace. .New Brighton S I 

Lincoln M' Arthar-Uv.Br'70 5 E 17 

Lincoln MiM" Frederic W Jr (Philena Prentice) 

Cal.Ct.Rv.Eyb.. 28 W 10 
Lincoln M"- Clara L (Lowell) Married at 55 W 37 

Lee M' James P (late D' Chas C) Sep 22 

Lincoln MiM" Lowell (Clara A Lothrop) Ul.Ct 

Lincoln M' Lowell Jr-Uv.Uva.H'86 [Mc. 

Lincoln M' Ezra-Bg.H'92 

Lincoln DiM" Rufus P (Caroline Tyler) Uv. 
Lincoln M- Helen [LI. Aht'62 

M*" AnnaHTyler 

Linderman MiM" Robt P (Ruth May Sayre) Uv.L.Dt 

Sp.Mfp. Ap.Mtw. .South Bethlehem Pa 

Lindley D' Charles L-Un.Cal.C Lakewood N J 

Lindley M' D Alleri Dobbs Ferry 

Lindley MiM" J Bryant. (Leavitt) S. 

Claremont Cape Colony S Africa 

Lindley MiM" John (Louisa L Crosby) 43 E 30 

Linn M' Wm A-Uv. Y'68 University Club 

Lippincott M' Jay B-Sa St Anthony Club 

Lippitt MiM" Chas Wairen-Ny. Na 

Lippitt M' Hy P-Uv-Mt.Lc.Ny.Br'78. . 
Lippitt M' R Lincoln-Nv 

..55 W 8? 


.Providence R I 


Social Registee, 

W 45 

Lister-Kaye Lady (Yaaaga) ab'd 

Litchfield MiM" Edw'd (Marion Young)L.N. Ay . .Rve NY 
Litehfield MiM" Ed H (Madeleine M Sands) ab'dLucJly4 
Ha.Bk.Mk.Mt.Dt.Cw.Ny.T. 2 Montague 

Litchfield M"- & M"- Marion Ter 

Litchfield M" E Hubert & Bayard Sands . . Bklyn 

Littauer M' William-Lc.Na.H'86 578 Madison Av 

Littell M" Emlen T (Elizabeth Duval Jackson). . . 

Littell M"- Elizabeth Dnval 44W9 

Littell M" Wm Jackson-USN.& Emlen Trenchard 

Little MiM" Robt Forsyth (Whiton) P'67 

Little M"- 116W76 

Little M' Robt Forsyth Jr 

Little MiM" Joseph J (Josephine Robinson) Pl.M. 

Little M"- & M"- Estelle [Al.Rv. , 

Little M' Arthur W-AI.Rv.Sv 

Little M' Robbins-K. Mt. Dl. C Knickerbocker Club 

Little MiM" Stei)hen H-L. Mo. Mg. P'68. .Morristown N J 
Little MiM" Willard Parker (Minnie Porter) CI' . .47 E 57 
Little Lt&M" W McCarty (Anita Maria fly at Biar- 

Chartrand) Uv.rn.USN.'66 ritz France 
M" L J Chartrand (Louise G Macomb). 32 E 26 

Littlejohn Bishop&M" AN Trenton N J 

Livermore M' John R 145 Madison Av 

Livingston M' Cambridge-K.R.Ny.H'90 

Knickerbocker Club 

Livingston M' Edward-Un. T.Mt 

Livingston M*" Cfarisse Hazeltine 

Livingston M' Edward Jr-Un. Mt. R. H'93 . 

Livingston M"- Charlotte L-Cd. & Mary K ..... .64 E 21 

Livingston MiM" Edward McEvers (Pollock) 

Pau France. .J Munroe <fc Co Paris 
Livingston MiM" Hy B (Frances Redmond) Un.K. 18 

Livingston M*" Angelica [M'av'd Teut Sep 30 W 10 

Livingston MiM" Herman T (Susan Bard Rogers) 20 

Livingston M'~' Anna Pendleton & Sarah Wash 

Livingston M' Archibald Rogers 

Livingston M" Hy W (Mary S McRa) 

Livingston M"" Jacqueline de C 



_ J 

New York. 219 

Livingston M" Duncan McRa-Rv. & Robt L 67 E 62 

Livingston Mill" James Duane (Mabel Channing 

Wright) Dp. Rv. CI' 80. .Lexington Ky 

Livingston M*" Julia 202 Boulevard cor 69 

Livingston M' John Hy-Php. Snc. Rv. Sv. 2216 

Livingston H*- Katharine L. . . .j;Cw.Cr69 Walnut Phila 

Livingston M' Johnston-Un.K.Snc 309 FifthAv 

Livingston MiM" John C (Louise Bowler) K.Mtw.. .1 E 32 

Livingston M' John Griswold Lexington Ky 

Livingston MiM" Louis-K 116 E 92 

Livingston M" Maturin (Baylies) 4 E 69 

Livingston M" Peter W (Anna Hake dePeyster) 

Died at Morristown N J Aug 7 

Livingston M' Johnston Jr 56 E 49 

Livingston M— mw^Q 

Livingston M' Louis M 04 w dy 

Livingston M" Livingston (Mary C).Died at N Y Jun 24 
Livingston M" Murray (Virginia T Purdy) . .20 Fifth Av 
Livingston MIM" Philip (Juliet B Morris) Mt.Dp.Rv. 

Gw.Snc.Mg.H'84. .708 Madison Av 
Livingston M" Robert Cambridge (Maria Whitney) Islip 

Livingston M^ Maud LI 

Livingston MiM" Oscar F (Leta Nichols) 108 E 30 

Livingston M" Robt E (8usan de Peyster) 

Livingston H'- C G 271 Fifth 

Livingston M' Ed dePeyster-Cal. Sa.Cw. Snc. Av 

Uva. Cr82 
Livingston MiM" Goodhue (Louise Robb) Cal.Sa.Cl'88 

116 E 39 

Livingston Mill" Robt R (Mary Tailer) Cal. Sv 9 E 9 

Livingston MiH" S Otis-Ul. T 25 E 64 

Livingston Mill" Van Brugh (Ada Mary Jaudon). 60 

Livingston M'- Elizabeth Kilsyth W 63 

Livingston M' Walter E-Cal Calumet Club 

Livingston MiM" Wm Arlington (Louise Ten Eyck 

Vedder). .First St New Brighton S I 
Livingston M" Wm S Sr (Black well-Emily AGreen) 113 

M' Wm Bayard Blackwell ; E 17 

Livingston M' Wm S 670 Lex Av 

Livingston M" Wm S (Mary Wigham) La 116 E 38 


Social Register, 

Livor Dili" Jolin . . ^^ i? qi 

Livor M- Felicia [,.44 n, di 

Lloyd M"- Marguerite (Col H P).. Married at 751 Fifth Av 

Benedict M' Howard R July 21 

Lloyd M' Robert McAllister. .Married at Huntington L I 

Belknap M"- Jennet Maitland (Robt L) Sept 30 

Lloyd MiM" Robert McA (Jennet M Belknap). .. .60 W 9 

Lloyd M" T Wilson & Nelson McAllister aawt q 

Lloyd M' W Henry. .44 w y 

Lloyd DiM" Samuel (Addle Feriier) P'82 24 W 50 

Locke Mill" Jesse Albert (Caroline THecker) Rv. .2 E 15 

Lockman MiM" J K-Mt 50 W 39 

Lockman MIM" Jno T (Hall) Mt.Ct.Ll.Rp. 

Lock wood MIM" Benoni (Florence Bayard) R. 56 Irving 
Lockwood M' Benoni Jr-Ct. . .[Dt.Ct.Ll.Cal. PI 

Lock wood D*M" George Roe (Dennett) C.Uv. . . .44 W 49 

Lockwood D' Charles E-Uv. Y'65 34 W 38 


7 W43 

Lockwood MiM" JohnL(JulietRHubbard)Mc.Col 

Lockwood M' John L Jr 

Lockwood W Jos B (Caroline M Putnam) 
Lockwood M"** Cornelia Putnam&Marie Louise 
Lockwood M" LeGrand (Katherine H Bissell) 
Lockwood M'~"Kafh B, Louise B&Hilda LeG. 
Lockwood M*M" Williston B (Janet Isabel Dominick 
Lock w oodM'^'Bert haDay &IsabelDominick. f Ul. Rv. 

Lockwood M' W B E Jr-Cal Calumet 

Loew MiM" Edward V (Julia F Goadby) M.Rg. 
LoewM' Edward Victor Jr-Rg.Cy ...[Ct.Cy. 

Loew M' Wm Goadby 

Logan MiM" Walter S(Eliza Preston Kenyon) 
M.L.Col.Na.Rf.Lt.Dm.Ny.Ha. Y'7a 

Logan M"" Janette 

Logan M' HoUister 

Lombard MiM" Wm A (Laura Ayer) L.Na.Col. .'. . 


Loney MiM" Wm A (Alice Louise Allen) . . 
Loney M^-Hy Edward &Pred'k Roosevelt 

60 W 

49 W57 

Willow St 





25 W 57 

206 W72 

Park A7 

New York. 


Loney MiM" AllenD (Catherine W Brown) . ab'd | 550 

M' Geo McKesson Brown [St P Jly 22. | Park Av 

Long M' ThoniMs J-C .38 W 35 absent 

Longfellow M' Frederick W-Ct.H'91 635 Park Av 

Longstreet DiM" Christopher S (Buchanan) Bd.lOl W85 
Look Mill" David Millard (Mariana Townsend Reed) 

Ul.Uva.Mc.P'84. .29 Washington Sq 
Loomis M" Alfred L (Prince-Anne Morris) av'd 19 

M"- Mary Prince [Maj Aug 17 W 34 

Loomis W Frank-Uv.M.Rg.Sp.U'60 154 E 63 

Loomis Dill" Hy P (Julia J Stimson) Uv.T.P'80. ..58E34 
Loper Mill" G Weaver (Fannie Gordon) 

Loper M' G Gordon-Ny 

Lord M" Chas (Susie B' Furroan) 

Lord M*™" Susie & Zaidee 

Lord M' Nathan Holcombe-R.Cw.Cr92. . . 

Lord MiM" Chester (Katherine M Bates) Ul.Uv.Lt.Sp. 

110 S Elliott PI B'klyn 
Lord M" Hicks (Annette W Wilkens) 

Died at 32 Wash Sq W Aug 5 

Lord M" Daniel D (Elisabeth S Riley) 155 W 58 

Lord MiM" Daniel (Silvie Bolton) Un.Mt.Uv.Ul « ,. „ 

Lord M- [L.S.Na.Rv. Dt.Rh.Cr66 ^ ^ ^ 

Lord M' F Howard-Uv.Rv.Ll.Cw.P'79 28 W 39 

Lord MiM" Franklin B (Josephine Gillet) 

Uv.Rh.Dt.L.Rv.C.Cr70. .Lawrence L I 

Lord M" Geo de Forest (Frances T Shelton) 3 W 35 

Lord MiM" James Brown (May Townsend NicoU) 


.36 W58 

61 W 73 

"Merry wood" 

LordM"James Couper (MargarettaBrown) 

Lord M'" Couper-Mg 

Lord M' William Brown-Un.R.Mg.H'88. 
Lorillard M" Jacob (Frances A Uhlhorn) 

Died at Westchester W Y Aug 1 

Lorillaid M' Jacob-Un.Cy.Ny . . ; Westchester 

Lorillard M' Ernest E-Sa NY 

Lorillard MiM" Louis L (Katherine Beeckman) Un.K. 

Mt.Ny.Snc.Smb.M'. av'd Spree Sep 16. .Ab'd 

322 Social Beoister, 

Lorillard MiM" Pierre (Emily Taylor) Un.K.Ny.T.8iMJ. 

M" at 8 Washington Sq 



Lorillard M' Lonis Jr-Ny at Yale College 

Loring M" Edward G (Helen Swift) . .109 B 30 

Loring M' Daniel A-Ry.Na .1 St Anthony 

Loring M' Daniel Alden Jr-Sa.Uva. Y'96 | Clab 

31 E 63 

Loring M" Gt?oB(Hildreth-Anna Smith). 

H' Loring Townsend Hildreth. .at Harvard 

Lorton M' Heth-Rv. Cc. So .123 E «i 

LottimerMlM''WA(Grace Carroll) N.Sv. I "The Gablee" 

Lottimer M' Alfred Lottimer | Stamford Conn 

Lottimer MiM" Wm (Helen Sheffield) 44 Ex PI 

Lonbat H' Joseph Florimond-K.Un.Ul.Nv.T. 

47 Rue Dumont d'Urville Paris 
Lough M" Geo F (Emily M Kettlewell). . BrownShiplay 
Lough M""* Helen, Alice&Georgina Forbes London 
Longh MaM" Ernest St George (Eloise Lowndet) Roman) 

Lounsberry MiM" Richard P (Edith Haggin) Ul.L. 


Lounsberry M' Phineas C 137 W 72 

Low MiM" A A (Marian Ward) Ha.C.Dt.Rg.Ny. 

3 Pierrepont PI B'klvn 
Low MiM" C Adolphe (Martha Westervelt) Ul.Rg. 1 16 E 

Low M"- Edith Westervelt [Dt.Mt. | 69 

Low M" Channcey E 110 Remsen B'klyn 

Low MiM" Joseph T (Mott) Ul.T.Mc. 


Low M' Joseph TJr-P' 94. 


150 Montague B'klyn 

Low Mir Ed Allen (Haskell). . 

M" (Ellen Low) Mills 

Low President&M" Seth (Annie Curtis) U v . Mt . . Ct . 

Dt.A.Bd.Ha.Cl'70. .30 K 64 

Low MiM" William H-C.Pl 42 W 16 

Low MiM" W G (Lois R Curtis) L. Ha. CI' 65 

68 Remsen B'^n 
Lowe M' Henry C-Uv. Wm8'69. .38 E 26 

New Yokk. 


av'd Spree Sep 

Lowell M" Chas Russell (Josephine Shaw) 

Lowell M"- Carlotta Russell-Bd [Bd. 

Lowell M' James B-Bg.Mg. H'94 Madison N J 

Jjowery IT John A (Ellin L Prince) 

av'dMajOctl4..32 W35 

Lowndes M" A absent 

Lowndes M"" Caroline & H' Rawlings Lowndes ' ' * 

■Lowndes M' Frands L-K . R Knickerbocker Club 

Lowndes MiM" James (Laura W Tnckerman) 

Mtw.C. .1707 R I Av Wash D C 

Lowrey H' Francis Porter-Un.Oal.Dp .Union Club 

Lowrey W Grosvenor P-Dp 56 E 49 

Lowrey MiM" Girard C W (Charlotte Rice) Ul.Lc. 

R.Ny.Ay . .Union League Club 
Lowrey M'- Juliet T (late G P) . . Married at East Lyme Ct 

Baggallay M' Herbert Lacy Oct 14 

Ix>wry M^Robt C 324 W 85 

Lowry M' Thomas-Mt.M.Ul Metropolitan Club 

Luckemeyer MiM" Edward-K 61 Av de I'Alma Paris 

Ludington MiM" Benjamin L (Barclay) Ul 44 E 69 

Ludington MiM" Chas H (Noyes) C.Ul.Ct. 

Ludington M*— -Bd 

Ludington M' Wm Howard- Y'87 

Ludington MiM" Ch H Jr (Ethel M Saltus) Uv.Ct 

Y' 87.. 129 E 70 
Ludlam M" G D (Denison) ... 
Lndlam M"— Helen D & Ethel G. 

judlam M' Percy C 

judlow MiM" E Livingston (Hall) Snc 6 E 76 

ludlow M"T W Jr (Francis Fraser Bettner) o-r wr o« 

udlow M' James B-Uv.Ct.C.Dt.Rf .Snc.H'81 '^ ^ ^^ 

lUling M' Theodore W-Uv.Ty,89 135 Madison Av 

Lunger M' John B Married at Cleveland 

Burnett M"" Jane E Jnn 17 

Lnnger MiM" John Bodine (Jane Estelle Burnett) 

Mt .E . Ec . Bg.ab'dNYJunl7.av'dStPAugl5 . . 2W43 

Luquer M' Lea McIlvaine-Ct.Ad.Cw.Cr87 618 Henry 

Luquer M' Thatcher T P-Ad . Cw . Cr89 .... B'klyn 

Lusk r Wm T-Ul.C.Mt.Rg.Rf.T.Ll.Ct.Y'59 I ..^.o. 

D'&M- E ab'd Fst Bk Aug 20 \ *^ ^"^^ 

276 Mad Av 

care E C Denison 

753 Mad Av 


Social Register, 


Clarendon Hotel 

10 E 49 

Lnsk M"- & M'~' Anna H & Alice 

Lusk M' Graham-Cal.Ad.C.Ct.Cl'87..ab'dSaaleJun 13 

also at New Haven 

Lnsk D' Wm Chittenden-Cal .Mt. Ad.Rf . Y'90 

LydigMiM"Da vid(HannahMTompkins)Un. R. L.Cl' 60 

49 E 29 
Lydig M" PliilipM(PaulineHeckscher) 

Lydig M' Philip Mesier-K. R 

Lyman M" Chas (Corse) 

Lyman M' Chas-Un — Union Club 

Lyman Mill" Hart (Marion Torrey) Uv. Y'73. .269 Lex Av 
Lyman Mill" Hy D (Laura M Stevens) Ul. 

M" Prances E Stevens 

Lyman M' Greorge Theodore -Rf. . . 
Lyman M" George Gray (Parker). . 

Lyman M' Geo Parker 

Lyman M' Joseph-C 7 W 43 

Lyman M' Samuel H-Ul 16 E 53 

Lynch M" Edward L qk i? qi 

H'- Mary A V P & Elizabeth Knevals ^^ i^ ^1 

Lynch MiM" EugT(MaryC Montgomery) 695 Jefferson Av 
LynchM'^ElizabethMontgomeryfL.Snc. Detroit Mich 
Lynch M'^ Mary, E Louise & Emily F 129 E 21 

Lynch M' James D-M.Ny.Dt. Rg.Rf GramercyPark 

Lynch Mirt"'PeterW(Mabel Robbins). . MorganHarjesParis 

Lynde M" Charles R (Augusta Harper) 200 W 57 

Lyon V Edward Dewis-P'76 . . . 576 Fifth Av 

Lyon MiM" Edmund Berton (Emily Vyse) 

Care T A Vyse Staten Is 
Lyon MiM" Geo W (Constance LVoorhis) Ul.Rp.Ll. 

434 Fifth Av 
Lyon MiM" John Doane (de Forest) 34 Park Av 


Bellpoit L I 

156 South St 
Morristown N J 

Ly onM'Richard B-Mo. E. U va. Mg. P' 91 

Lyon MiM" Wm Roscoe-Mg.Mo 

Lyon DiM" Sam'l Kuypers (Louise Abeel) 

Lyon M'"** Louise Abeel, Emily Abeel & Daisy K 
Lyon MiM" Samuel B (Margaret Wilev) C.Ay. 

^White Plains NY 

312 Sec- 
ond Av 

New York. 

Lyon M' Samael H-Un.M .Union Club 

Lyon M' Walter A-Un Union Olab 

McAllister M^Ward (Sarah T Gibbons) .... 

McAllister M"- Louise Ward-La 36 W S3 

McAllister M' Heyward Hall-Un.Cw.Bg. . . 

McAllister M"- Julia G 124 W State Trenton N J 

McAlpinll' Benj B-L.Sv.Rp.Uva.Pl.Na.P'93. ..55 W 33 
McAlpin Mill" Chas W (Sara Carter Pyle) 

Mt. Ul. Al. PI. G. U va. Rp. P'88. . av' dCampSepT. . 1 1 E90 
McAlpi nDiM"'DHunterJr(EmmaRockefeller)Cal. Rg. 

Ec. Mt. Al. Uva.Na.Mg.P'86..av'dCampSep7..9E55 
McAlpin Mill" David H (Cordelia Rose) Ec. „,„,„ tt^^^, 

M- Prances Shackleton ^^^^^ "^*®^ 

McAlpin MiM" Geo L (S Blanche Benjamin) 

Uv.Uva.Na.Sv.Lt.Ny.Pl.Y'79. 9 E 90 
McAnerney Mill" John(EllenMMarshali)M.L.Dm 

McAnemey M""* Mary & Florence [Cth.So 

McAnerney M" J Preston-Na. & Francis B , 

McBurney DiM" Charles (Margaret Willoughby 
Weston) Mt.Ul.Uv.C.H' 66 

McBnrney M"" Alice 

McBurney M* Henry 

McBnrney M" John W (Louisa Eldridge) I n \\r oa 

McBurney M- May R | "^ ^ ^^ 

McCagg MiM" Louis Butler (Edith Edgar King) 

C . Uv . Uva . H' 84 . . 291 Madison Av 
M' Caleb Hon&M" E Howard (Id6aile Wharton Collins) 

New Orleans La 

M' Caleb M' Thomas-Un.Cv.Ny .Cal Union Club 

McCall MiM" John A(MaryIHaran)M.Mt.Mc.Ct. 

McCall M- Mae K [L.C0I. 

McCall M' John Chapman . .at Harvard 

McCarter M" Thos N (Mary L Haggerty) 

W 49 



it N J June 28 

1044 Broad 
Newark N 

Died at Seabrig 

McCarter Hon Thos N-P'42 

McCarter M"— 

McCarter M' Thos N Jr-Uva.E.Bg.P'88. 
McCarter MiM" Robt H (Mary B Peterson) 

E.Bg.P'79. 1080a Broad Newark N J 


Social Register, 

McCarty M' Barclay E V-Uv.Cr84 Dniversity Club 

McClain IliM" John Fleming (Carrie Helene Bell) 

Hotel Empire 
McClellan M" Geo B Sr (Ellen M Marcy) 

Brown Shipley & Co London 
McClellan Mill" Geo B (Georgianna L Heckscher) 

Un.Dm.Rv.Ll.P'86. .1446 R I Av Wash D C 
McClintock M*M" A Garrison (Armide De Saulles) 

Uva. Y'90. .284 Ridge Av Allegheny Pa 
McClintock HiM" Emory (Isabella Bishop) 

C.Mo.Mg.Cl'59.."Kemble Hill" Morristown N J 
McClintock M" Emory Sr(ZoeEADarlington) 

McClintock H' John-R. Sv. Zp. Cr93 

McClnre MiM" William M (Ella Crane) 

Hotel Marie Antoinette 66 & Boulevard 
McClure MiM" David (Katharine O'Gready) M. 

McClure M"- Marguerite [Dm.L.Cth. 

McCobb M' Jas Selden-Uv.Un.R.W.H'71. .Union Club 

McComb MiM" J Jennings-L 

McComb M*— Mary, Alice & Fannie R 

McComb M' J Scotl^Mt.Na. .av'd Luc Oct 16 

Metropolitan Club 

Plaza Hotel 

22 W 49 

.180 W 59 

South St Morrist' nN J 

McConnell! Mai&M" Ch Curtis 

M'OEBri 1 1. rKateEBritt)Mo. Mg 
McCook MiM"AnsonG(HettieMcCo6k)Ul.Rp. LI. .128 W 58 
McCook MiM" John J (Janetta Alexander) Un.Uv.Ul. 

av'd Luc Jun 26. .10 W 54 
McCook M' Robert Latimer-Un.M.Na.H'85. .Union Club 
McCormack MiM" Lincoln (Victoria A Wood) Un.R.L. 

311 W 74 

McCormack M' Vance C-Sa St Anthony Club 

McCosh D' Andrew J-Uv.F77 . . . . , 22 E 56 

McCoy MiM" Frank (Rose Riegelman) Sv, 

McCoy M-M.. 

McCoy M" Prank Jr & Edward-Sv 

McCrea M" Ed Price(Dalton-SilviedePau) 

M*- Silvie de Pan Dal ton & The M" Fox 

McCready M" N L (Caroline A Waldron) 

Brown Shipley & Co London 

...205 W 57 

"de Grasse" 
Bay Shore L I 

New York. 227 

McCready Mill" N L (Jeanne Borrowe) Un.Uv.Cal.Cy. 

T.Mt.Snc.Ny.Cl'86. .ab'd Etru Jly 11. .4 B 75 
McCreery HiM" Henry Forbes (Anna Carrigan) Ul.Dt. 

ab'd Etru Oct 3. .po. 20 E 64 

McCreery DiM" John A (Louise Carrigan) 20 B 64 

McCreery MVM" Richard (Edith Kip) ab'd 

McCue M' John B-Un.Cal.Pn Union Club 

McCulloh M' AUan-Ct.Uva .Cr 61 W 68 

M'av'd Luc 

Jly 24 

McCuUough MiM"J'n G(ElizaHa]lPark)Mt.Ul. 
McCullougU M— Eliza'thL&EllaS.[Uv.T.L'66 

McCullough M' Hall Park-Mt. Y'94 

McCurdy i' Delos-M Manhattan Club 

McCurdy MiM" Rich'd A (Sarah Ellen Little) Mt.L. 

Mo. Mg. .ab'd Teut Jly25 av'd Te»tSep30.37FifthAv 
McCurdy HiM''RobertH(MarySuckley)Uv.Ul.Mt.Mo.Dt. 
Mg. H'81 . ab' dFstBk J u n26av' dTeutSep30 

Morris Plains N J 
McDowell MiH" Hy Burden (Maud Appleton Fuller) 

PI. H'.. 226 W 79 

McDowell M*" Helen E-Bd 279 E Broadway 

McDowell MiH" Thomas F-Bd 309 E 17 

McElligott Col Henry Richard-Ul.Cr65 1 E 39 

McElrath M' Percy-C . Rp US Consul at Turin 

McElroy M' George L-H'93 106 E 37 

McEwen M*M" J Forrester (Eleanor Potter). . . .England 

McFadden M' Geo-Sa St Anthony Club 

McFarland M' William W-Mt Metropolitan Club 

McGill MiM" Alexander T-L. P'64 Jersey City 

McGill MiM" Geo W (Mary Peebles Harry) River- 

N.Ny.Cv.R.Ay.L. dale-on- 

McGill M' W Harry-R. Ny. Cy. Na.'. Hudson 

McGinnis D' E L H-Ny The New Amsterdam 

McGinnis MiM" John Jr(LydiaMatteson) 40AvVictorHugo 
McGinnis M"— Bessie & Mabel Earl.. . . Paris M' at 2WaIl 
McGonrkey M" George J , , - ... I ab'd Fst Bk Jun 25 
McGourkey r Samuel D-8n.Na. . . | 6 E 69 

McGowan Comr' der&M"John(EvelynManderson)Un. 


McGowan D' J P.* 20 E 29 

MoGrawM'J H-Eg Madison N J 


Social Register, 

McGregor KM" Bradford B (Morence E Quintard) 

Ny. Na. Lc. Cy. Rg. . 128 E 84 

McGuire M' James Clark-Uv. So. Mtw. Uvbl 32 E 26 

McHarg MiM" Henry K-Ul. Ny 1 Stamford 

McHarg M"" Marion 1 Conn, .ab'd 

Mcllvaine M' Clarence W-Uv. P. '86 32 E 26 

Mcllvaine MIM" Reed (Jane W Tompkins) | Cedarhnrst 
Mcllvaine H' Alexis Reed-Cr88.[Mt.Un.L. | LI nntilJan 
Mcllvaine Rev&M" Jas H (Grace P Biddle) I m wr •■m 

Mcllvaine M"- Anne [C. S. Rv. P'66 | • • • • Ai vv dO 

Mcllvaine M" M G (Mary Graham) ab'd 

Mcllvaine M' Tompkins-Uv. Na. Rh. C1'90 105 E 18 

Mclntvre Mill" Thos A-Mt. Dt. Lc. Col. Ny . . . . 306 W 75 

McKay M"Gordon(MarionTreat;)ab'dTourJlyll 
M'A E Treat&M-FETreat.[av'dNormOct24 

McKay M' Gordon-Jkl 

1768 N 

McKeever Gen&M"Chauncey(PannyCbauncey) 

.Newport R I 

1508 H 

McKeever M"— HelenC & Elsie DC 

McKeever M'JLawrence-Un.Dt. ab'dTeutAugl2..av'd 

McKeever M'"Marion Ma j Octl4 . 164 Lex Av 

McKeever M*M" Isaac Chauncey (Julia Darper) 

Sa.Rh.Y'92. .68 Sanford Av Plnshing LI 
McKeever MiM" Robt Townsend (Prances C Webb) 

Cal. N..Glover8villeN Y 

McKelvey MiM" John Jay(MaryCMattock8) 

M'iFred'k Mattocks [H'84 

McKelway MiM" StClair-Ha. M. Bd 121 Hicks B'klyn 

McKesson M' George Clinton-Ul. Sn. Rv . . I 24 Riverside 

McKesson M"— & M" Wm L Vennard | 

McKesson MiM" John Jr (Leila SPorbes)Ul.Rg. 

McKesson M' Irving-Sv [a v'd Lahn Jly 29 

McKim M' Chas F-Uv.C.Mt.R.Pl.Ag.Smb.Ct. 

McKim MiM" Clarence (Lee-Caroline 

Lawrence) Ny.Lc. 

M"- Cassandra L Lee&M' Thos N't Lee 
McKim Rev&M" Haslett (Harriet R Winthrop) 

McKim M*" Alice Marston 

■ ' Kim M' Winthrop- Y'94 

Duyvil N Y 

Pif th Av 

Bowne Av 
Plashing L I 

33 W20 

New Yokk. 


McKim H' LeRoy-at Yale 33 W 20 




McKim M' John A-Ct 

McKim M"- Snsaii M 

McKim MiM" Robt Vanderburgh (Mary S A 
McKimM'Albert Vanderbnrgh.TUn.Mt. Wk Sv.Ll. 

McKim MiM" W>n J Albert (Maud I^ee) Cn 

M" Geo C Wilde (Mary Albert McKim). . . . 
McKim MiM" Robert Albert (Caroline Reijisen) 

Un.Ch.Cl'84. .New Rochelle N Y 

McKinley M' Andrew-P'78 15 Wall 

■ — ~ - 1601 

21 NW 
Wash DC 

McLanahan 11*11" Geo Wm(HelenSpencerDay) 
McLanahan M"" Cornelia Day. .[C.Mtw.Rv.Cy 

McLanahan M' Geo Xavier-Rv 

McLane r Hy R-M.Ul.Ny Manhattan Clnb 


McLane Dill" James W-Ul. Y'61 
McLane M' Guy R. 

McLane Mill" William I^Ul .*Y'69 222 W 23 

McLaughlin MiM" Frank Jr (Helen Malcolm) M. . .2 W 36 
McLean MiM" Donald (Emily Nelson Ritchie) 
M' Albert Ritchie [Rp.Ch.Rv.Dar. 

Lenox Av 

McLean MiM"Eugene E (Sumner) . .The Albany fl2&B' way 
McLean MiM" Jas (Sarah Throckmorton) Mt ia tv kr 

McLean M—Helen & Ethel L f Ch . Rg . '■^ "^ ^" 

McLean MiM" Geo Hammond (Dater) Cal.Mt.Sn. 

Pb.Pl.Cy.Na.Snc..l26 W57 
McLean M"" Mary E (late Rich'd Larremore) 

Died at N Y Jnn25 

McLean M' John R.-Mt.Mtw Cincinnati Ohio 

McLean MiM"StephenAshton(MaryELarremoi-e) 187 W 135 
McLean MiM" Thos (Helen M Seely) Un . Uv . Ty'75 36 

M' R W James Kingan .' W 73 

McLean M' Marshall 22 Gramercy Pk 

McMillan M' Hugh-Un . Ul j...-, w:.^ 

McMillan M" Harold D & Maurice B i^etroitMicu 

McMillan MiM" Wm C (Marie Thayer) Un.Ay. t^^,,,,,. 

Uv.Ny.t)t.Alb.Y'84 ^^^ 

McMillan M'WmE ^^'"^ 

McMillin MiM" Einerson-Col.Dm.Bg.L 176 W 58 

McMuUin Rev&M"Geo Wharton (Alethea C Mesier) 

2104 Spruce Phila 


Social Registek, 

1322 P 
Wash D C 

McNamee M" James (Vanderbilt). .Grymes Hill S I N Y 
McPherson aepator&M"JolinR-T . M . Mtw . . . 

McPherson W" Anna. , 

McPherson IT Wm L-Mtw.H'84 

McPIierson M' Gregory McPherson (Jno) 

Died at Delaware Water Gap Pa Oct 22 
McVickar M' Edward-Cal.Dp.Cw.Pb,Y'92.CalumetClab 
McVickar MiM" Harry Whitney (Maud Robbins) 

McVickar MiM" Henry G (Janet Lansing) 

Un.K.R..ab'd..7 W20 
McVickar M" James (AdaJaflfray) , "Brookside" 
McVickar M^E S J&W Neilson Jr DobbsFerry-on-Hud'n 
McVickar M"- Matilda, .av'd Etrii Sep 27 

care T Egleston 36 Wash Sq W 
McVickar Ct/mmodore Wm H 

av'd Norm Oct 24 
123 E 35 

McVickar M" Wm A (Fanny E Booth) 

McVickar M"" Anna 

McVickar MiM" Wm Bard (Mary LMaccuUoch Miller) 

Uv.Mo.Mg.Cr8()_. .Parragut PI Morristown N J 

Lex Av 

Ma ben MiM" J Campbell (Virginia Mercliant) 

Maben M"- [Un . So . 

Maben M' J Campbell Jr 

Mabie MiM" Hamilton W-Bd.A.Ad.Al.Bg. 

Wms'67.. Summit N J 
MacArthur MiM" John R (PaulineArnoux) H' 85. 346 W 84 
Macauley M'GeoT-Sa.Ty'90.61 Edmond Pl.DetroitMich 

MacConnell MiM" C C-L. Mg . . Morristown N J 

MacCracken Chancellor &;M"Hy M (Catherine University 

MacCracken M"" Fay M [Hubbard) Heights 

MacCracken M" John Hy-N'94 & Geo Gere. N Y 
Macdonald MiM" Clias (Sarah L Willard) C . Un. 247 
Uv.Ch.Chch.Rg.Pl.L.Eg'57 Fifth 

Macdonald M- & M"- Lillie P Av 

Macdonald M' Geo A-Du . Dm . N' 617 Fifth Av 

MacDonald M' A J-Cal.Dt Calumet Club 

MacDonald MiM" James Allan (Cara Crooke) 

Uv.Pl.Dt.Creo. .Flushing L I 
MacDonald MiM" Gordon (Iselin) Cal.C.Dt, 

" Maplehurst " po Scarsdale Hartsdale N Y 

New York. 


Macdonald M&M" Pierre Fleming (Mary Young) 

M.S.Rv.Ch..72 W 12 

Macdonough M' W O'B-S.M.Ny .9 W 48 

Macdonough Mill" J M (Jessie Tutt) K.Cal. 

M.Ny.S.Il..Mamaroneck N Y 
MacDuffie MiM" Rufiis Leighton (Isabel G Marbury) 

Spuy ten Duy vil N Y 

MacParland MiM" Wm W-K .Dt 

MacFarland M*" Arrochar 

M"HMacFarlandFurniss(HertyMacFarlaiid) S I 

MacFarlane M' Wallace-Uv . WIQ 32 E 26 

Mackay D&M" Barnard (jinchmuty) 

Mackay M*" Margaret Auchmuty 29 W 37 

Mackay H' Richard T-Dp 

Mackay M' Archibald K-K.Cal .Dp. H'89 104 E 36 

Dwight Place 



Mackay MIM" Donald (Jennie E Wi8e)Ul 

Mackay M'^JennieL [Dt. 

Mackay M&M" JohnW(LouiseHungerford) 
Mackay M' Clarence H-L.Ny.Cy.R. 

at 253 Bway 
Mackay-Smith Rev&M" Alex (Virginia Stuart) 

1325-16 Washington D C 
Mackenzie Rev&M" James C (Ella Smith) C. Uvp. 

Lawrenceville N J 
Mackie MiM"DavidIves (Isabel Turlay) Uv.H'83.233 W 83 

Mackie MiM" J Stuart-Mg .Morristown N J 

Mackin M" Jnmes(Sarah S Britton).4 rue desBassinsParis 
Maclay MiM" Mark W (Maria J Hinman) M.Dt. 

Maclay M*" Antoinette Walton 

Maclay M' William Hinman-Wms'94 

Maclay MiM"Robert(GeorgianaBarmore)M. Mt. Dt. Gt, 
Maclay M"" Alfred Barraore-Rg.&Robt Jr [Rg.T.L. 
MacLeanMiM"Cha8Fraser(MarieMott)M. L. Rf . Bd. Y' 64. . 

av'd Nordie Aug 28. .Fifth Av cor T30 

MacMartin M' Malcolm-Uv. Ul. P67 168 Fifth Av 

Macnaughton MiM" James (Elizabeth Pearsons) 

Na. Ha. Mc. Bd. Uv. Y'71..116 W 58 

Macpherson M' Robt B-Ul. Mc 36 W 35 

MacVeagh MiM" Charles (Fanny D Rogers) Uv.L.Ch. 

Mo.La,H'81 av'd K Wm Jly 19. Morristown N J 

13 W 31 


.956 Madison Av 

.18 W 63 


382 SooiAii BEaisTEB, 

Macy M*- Carol 

Macy Mil" Chas A Jr (Clara Sntton)C. Wk. Dt. R. 208 

Macy M" Coggeshall & Chas A2d-Na W 46 

Macy M' Francis H-Ul. L. Col 17 W 47 

Macy MiM" George H (Kate L Carter) Ul.Bt.Rh.Col. 

618 Madison Av 

Macy M" Josiab (Carrie Everett) 

Macy M' Valentine 

Macy MiM"VEverit(Edith WOarpenter) Sa.Rg 
Madan W Julian O'S (Emmie Appleton) .. 

Madan M' Julian Appleton 

Maffett W John (Jane Beers) 1044 Fifth Av 

Magee MiM" Geo J (Emma 8 Stothoff) M.L.Uv.P'60 

" Glenfeld " Watkins N Y 
Magee MiM" John (Florence Wetmore Seelev) 

Uii. Cal. R. Jkl.. Union Club 

Maghee M" Thos H (Eliza) 13 E 69 

Maghee M' J Holme-Uv. G. Cl'72 

' 222 Pacific Av Jersey City N J 
Magie DiM" David (Margaret McCo8h)C.Uv.P'59.32 W 48 
Magie MiM" Wm Francis (Mary B Hodge) .. Princeton N J 

Magie Judge Wm J-Uv. P'52 556 N Broad 

Magie M'" Henrietta Oakley Elizabeth N J 

Magonn MiM" Geo B-R. Ny. Lc. Wk. H'93 109 E 35 

Magonn MiM" Francis Peabody (Jeanne Bartholow) 

t»l. Rg. H'90..BabylonLI 
Mngoun MiM" Kinsley (Jessie N Torrance) 

M t. R. Mb. Rg. H' 90 . . " Oasis ' ' Westbury 
Mahan Capt&M" Alfied T (Ellen Lyle Evans) 
Mahan M'~Helen Evans&EIJenKuhn [USN'59.Uv. 

Mahony M" John H (Fordham) 

Mahony M"- 872 Mad Av 

M" Jeliiel J Post (Lucrie F Mahony) 

J{ZiriS?L\t<S°gh::: ::::::: I ■•■'« ™* *' 

Mairs MiM" Geo H (Caroline Elise JafFray Hurst) Un.R. 

Ny.Cy.H,89. " Guilford House" Irvington-on-Hudson 
Mairland MiM" Alex (Mary J McCosh) 

C.Rtm.Ny.Ct.av'd Luc Sep 16.14 ^ 65 

W 86 

New Yobk. 233 

Maitland M*X Thomas Andrew (VanVoorhis) 

Un.Gy.Ct. .Smith Payne & Smith London 

Maitland Mill" Robert" L (Ellen M Taylor) L. 

av'd Maj Sep 16. .10 E 35 

Maitland M'Thomas-C 24ExPl 

Major IliM" Robert L (H§ldne Jurgensen) 29 W 51 

Malcolm MiM" George I (Beulah A Benham)Uv.Ad. 

Br'79..NutleyN J 

Mali MiM" Charles (Marie Mallen)Rf.T. .93WillowB'klyn 

Mali M" Henry W T-Un.S.R.Ul.Mt.Ss.Ny.Sv. 

Pl.Mc.Cy. .care C LCammann 163 W 75 

Mali MiM" Pierre (Prances John8ton)Un,T.Uv. 

Mc.R.Rf.Rg. . .8 Fifth Av 

Mali M' Charles M 93 Willow 

Mali M" Andre Brooklyn 

Mallery Maj&M" John C (Jeannie Turnure) 

Uv.Rp.Cyp.USA'fi?.. Brown Shipley&Co London 

Mallory MiM" Chas (M L Dimon) R. Dl.Ny. ^65 

153 Columbia Hgts B'klyn 

Mallory M' George B-Ul 1 E 39 

- 2^^ 

W 72 

100 B 17 

Mallory Rev&M" Geo S 

Mallory M"" Mary L 

Man M" Albon P (Mary B Hubbell) . . . 

Man M^Edward-CaLUva.* Arthur-Ad 

Man MiM" Alrick H (Lucy E Russell) 

Cal.Dt.. Richmond Hill L I 

Man MiM" F'k Halsey (Frances Margaret Fuller) 

Ul.Ll. .341 West End Av 

Man MiM" Henry H( Adeline Wilhelmina Howell). . KK) 

M- Nellie Margaret Howell [Ul.Na.I)t.Ch. E 

M' S Spencer Howell Jr 17 

Man MiM" William (Helen K Mann)Ul.Mt.Rf . 

Man M"— Louise Brower & Harriet H 19 W 10 

Man M' William S 

Manchester Dowager Dchss(Consuela Yznaga). .London 

Manice MiM" Bd A (Frazer) 29 Wash Sq W 

Manice M' W in DeForest-U n . Ul . 
Ml" Mary A McAlpine. 



Manice M' I)eFore8t(Wm DeF). .Died at Queens Ll Nov3 

234 SooiAL Beoistek, 

Manice MiM" Win(Sarah Remsen)Un.Cal.Uva. 

Manierre M' Charles E-P'81 
Manierre M'Alfred Lee-Ct.Ad.Cl'83. 


Mann M' John H-Uv.Sa. Y'83 64 William 

Sanford Av 

Mann M*M" S Vernon (Bessie Smedberg) 
Mann M' S Vernon Jr-H' 95 .. [Mt.Rv.W. 
Manning Mill" Hy S (Leona Pearce)Uv.Ul.L.Ll. . otxt ^^ 

Manning M' Richard P-LLNa. Y'92 [Y'63 "^ ^ ^" 

Manning M' Thomas-N.Ny .Fn .Lt.Na.Ay.Lc. .228 W44 
Manning MiM''Prentis8 Hobbs(Anna Jane I Chestnut Hill 

Manning M' Robt Adam [Curtis)R. | Mass 

Mansfield MiM" Howard (Tuttle-Nellie Coolidge Todd) 

C.Uv.L.Pl.G.Ct.Bd.Y'71..21 W36 
Maiison Mill" Thos Lincoln Jr (Mary Groot) 

Ul.Mt.R.Pl.Rv.Ct.W.Ag.L..21 W 51 

Mantius M' W E-Rf.Na US Consul at Turin Italy 

Mapes M' Augustus S-Col . Na . P'86 53 W 94 

MapesMiM" Charles V(Martha M Hal8ted)Pl.I]v. 

L.Ct.B(t.H'57 60 

MapesM'Charles Halsted-Pu . Uva . Uv . Cr85 W 40 

Mapes M' Clive Spencer 

Mapes M' Victor-Pu .C1'91 Millbrook N Y 

Marble MiM" Manton (Williams)Mt.Un.C. . .532 Fifth Av 

care A B Stone 
150 W 69 

Marbury M"F F (Isabella G Stone) 
Marbury M' Francis Stone 

Marbury M*- Elizabeth ; 122 E 17 

March MiM" ChFreeman(CarolineTillinghast).. WOrange 

March M' Clement-K.M.Na.Snc 26 Wash Sq N 

Marcy DiM" E E (Emeline Kilbourne) 396 

H" Raymond (Marcy) Fifth Av 

Marden M" Francis A (Lillie Skiddy) Nutley 

MardenM*-.. JS J 

Marden MiM" Francis Skiddy (Fannie L Clark) 

Un.Snc.H'88..Nutley NJ 

Maii6 MiM" Joseph (Hubbard). 
MarifiM*"* L^ontine & Josephine . 
Mari6 M' Peter-Un . K . G . T . Ct . . 


New York. 235 

Mari6 MiM" Leon (Carolyn Phelps Hoe) 

Cal.Dp.G.K.Uv.La Cl'85. .152 W 86 
Mari6 M''SS(SarahSlosson)careMGBarnwell. .TuxedoNY 
Markle MiM" John (Mary E Robinson) 

Mt.Ul.Uv.Cal.Ny.U'80. .613 Fifth Av 
Markoe DiM" Francis Hartman (Madeline Shelton) 

Uv.C.S.Ny.Ag.F76 15 E 49 

Markoe M" John (Matilda Campbell) yo i? qq 

Markoe M' James B-Pliph.Gcph.Rcph ■■.^a^aa 

Markoe DiM" Thomas M (Charlotte A How) I 600 

Markoe M"- [C.P'37. | Madison Av 

Markoe DiM" James W (Wefmore-Annetta B Wetmore) 

C.R. .av'd Maj Sep 16. .42 E 35 
Marks MiM" Montague (Agnes Lazarus) 

"Idylmanse" Riverdale-on-Hndson 

Marks M" Henry (Mary Ballard) 550 

Marks M-. .MiM" WmTHyde (IsobelBMarks). . . Fifth Av 
Marlborough Duke & Duchess of (Consuelo Vanderbilt) 

po Blenheim Woodstock Eng 
Marquand Prof&M"Allan (Eleanor Cross) IIv.Mt.G.C. 
Ct.P'74. .ab'd Col Oct 24. . Morton Rose&Co London 

Marquand M' Hy G-Mt.L.C.G 

Marquand MiM" Henry (Griswold-Katharine Cow- 
din) Uv.Mt.G.S.Ny.A.C.Eyb.P'78 
Marquand MiM"John P(MargaretSCurzon) 

Marqyand M"- Elizabeth [Dt.Cal. 

Marquand M' Joseph-Cal.Na.H'85 

Marsh MiM" Chas M (R W McCurdy) 

L.Mo.Ll.Mg. .Morris Plains 

Maish M' Edward S-Uv.Br'79 University Club 

Marsh M' Ellas J-Uv.C.Ll.Cl'54. Paterson N J 

Marsh M' J Edward-Mt.Col.L Metropolitan Club 

Marsh MiM" John (Edith Conyngham) 

Marsh Prof Othniel Charles-C New Haven Ct 

Marsh MiM" Sam'l (Maria RGray) Uv.Zp.La.D'67 
Marsh M- Elizabeth C S 




Mill" New- 


Marsh MiM" Wm T (Anna W Lewis) Mg. 

M" Francis A Lewis [ W ms'96. 

Marshall MiM" Chas Clinton (Story) Ct.Rf.Cl'82. .14 E53 

N J 

Social Register, 

Marshall W&W* Chas H (Josephine Lenox Banks) 

Un.C.Ct.Mt.Rg.Rf.Cr58..27 W 20 

Marshall M' Hy Rutgers-C. Uv.Rv.Cw.Cr73 12 K 30 

2 Living- 
ston PI 
nion Club 

112 W 44 

Marshall M'" Julia Perry 

Marshall M**" BlandinaTappan & Cornelia E 

Marshall M' S Duncan-Un.Cy.Lc U 

Marshall MiM" Wilson (Jessica Seeley) UI.Cy.Ny.Lc. 

839 Madison Av 

Marston MiM" William H-Un 

Marston M&M™ Charles (Louise Isabel Johnson) 
Martin Mill" Aubrey Henry(JuliaPitcher) Eg. .SunimitNJ 
Martin Mill" Bradley (Sherman) Un.K.R. Balmacaun 
Cy.T.Mt.Dt.Sp.Fn.Snc. Scotland 

Martin M' Bradley Jr-K.Un & 22 W 20 

Martin M' FredTownsend-K.Un.Mt . . KnickerbockerClub 

Martin MiM" Frank B-M.Ny Manhattan Club 

Martin MiM" Howard Townsend (Camilla Thompson) 

Urj..ab'd. .po St Louis Mo 
Martin MiM" Frank Evans (Mary Redmond Wood) 

Un.Dr.Ec. . . ''Blythelea" West Orange N J 

Martin M" Isaac P (M" Herrick-Hayden) absent 

Martin M*- Antoinette W-La. .TheCambridge334FifthAv 
Martin MiM"*James E (FCBrokaw) Ny.T. Lc. . .803FifthAv 
Martin MiM" John Laurie (JuliaDNichols) 45AlbertGate 
Martin M' VarickD^y . . . . [Jrt.L.Uv.H'81. London S W 

Martin D' K Waltou-Y'89 354 W 58 

Martin MiM" Newell (Laura G Gfrinnell) Uv.Rf.L. Y'75 

Audubon Park 

Martin MiM" John T (Jaue A Barkley) 20 W 57 

Martin M*" Phebe (late Jno C) Married at 27 W 32 

Ha vward D' J K : ... .in Oct 

Martin MiM" Robt C (JuliaMTaber) Ul.Cy. South Hill 

Martin M*" Susan Taher-Bd RiverdaleN Y 

Martin MiM" Wm Irwin (Kate Clarke) Rv.Rp . .. 

Martin M'" Irwin 

Martin M"" WmM,EdEifeClintonIrwin-at Harvard 

Martin D' Walton- Y'89 354 W 58 

Martin MiM" WmM(LillieMatthews)Uv.Dt.Cl'63 
Martin M^ Florent-e C & Edith C 



New York. 


Martine M" Randolph B Sr (Lucretia A O'Brien) I 2017 
Marline M' Randolph B-Na Fifth 

M" Helen C Hastings | Av 

Marvel Mill" Wm D (Church) Dt Flashing L I 

Mason M*M''ALivingston(EdithBucklinHart8- Halidon 
Mason M'"Edith Livingston.. . [hom)Dar. Rv. M. Hall 
Mason M' Earl P Newport 

M" l8aacHart8horn(ElizaDGardiner) Dar. R I 

Mason Col&M" Alex Macomb Bey Egypt 

Mason M»M" Alfred Bishop (Mary E Murdoch) Uv. Ct. 

Rf.Fn.La.L.Y'71. .M" av'd BretSep 27 68 W 57 

Mason Rev&M" Arthur (Taylor) 

Mason M"— Maud & Anita J 136 E 67 

Mason M' Alexander Taylor-Uv.Dt.Rp.Ty'81 

Mason M' Edward G-Uv.Y'60 388 W 56 

Mason MiM" Frederick T-K.Mt. 

ab'd Teut Jly 16. . Knickerbocker Club 

Mason M" Henry (Lydia James) 

M"- Lydia Mason Brown&M'-CathMCBell 
Mason W Jaoies (Marie Louise Youngs) . . . , 
Mason M"- Edith 


109 W 82 

Mason DiM" John J (Florence Angell) " Wabun " 

Newport R I 

216 Madison Av 

Mason M'THenry-Ul.Ny. Dm .... 

Mason M' Thomas F-Ul 

Mason Lt<feM''Theodorus B (Edwina T Phelps) USN'68 

Un.Uv.Ll.Ny.Mtw.Cw. Wt. .1602-20 Wash DC 

Mason D' William 14 W 16 

Mason M" Thos F (Jane H Pessell) 

Died at Saratoga N Y Jly 14 
Masten MiM" Arthur H (Christine MacMartin) 

Uv.Mt.Dt.Wms'76..116 E 39 
Mather M" De Witt Clinton (Margaret "The Cedars" 
Morgan Herbert) Cd.La. 

Mather M*- Edith Hei bei-t-Fn 

Mather M' Geo Herbert-Fn.Rv.USN'92. . 
Matheson MiM" William J (Hattie Torrey) 

Ul.Ny.Dt.S.Ha. .24 Remsen B'klyn 
Mathews W Albej-t^C. Uv.Sn.Rf.A.SDc.Y'42 48 E 26 

Somerset Co 

N J po Bound 



Social Register, 

Mathews M' Wilbur Knox-S. Cal. R Players Club 

Mathews M" Chas Drellincoiirt 

Mathews M*" Florence 

Mathews W Harold Chauncey 30 W 57 


av'd Tonr Oct 10 

Mathews M' James F-Un Union Club 

Mathewson MiM" Chas F (Jeanie C Anderson) 

Uva. Dke...l02 W93 

Matthews M" Edward (Brander) av'd Teul Sep 12 

Matthews M"- Florence 68 Irving PI 

Matthews Mir Brander (Smith) C. PL A. Cl'Tl ion? la 

Matthews M- Edith V B i^i^i^ 

Matthiessen MiM" Francis Utto (Emma Boyles) 580 Fifth 

IliM" H C Hilmers [M. N. Av 

Maadsley M&M" Alfred P (Annie Cary Morris) Rome Italy 
Maurice MiM" Chas Stewart (Charlotte M Hoi- av'd Sepl5 
Maurice M^feM'- Cornelia. rbrooke)Un.Uv.Jkl. ''Alloha" 
Maurice M" Archibald & Geo H.rSp.Wms'Bl Athens Pa 
Maury M' Charles Walker-Cal.Un.R.M.Ch.So. . 

Maury M' Henry Tobin-Cal 17E38 

Maury M' Leonard Turner-Un 

Maxwell M" Eugene Lafelle 

Maxwell W^ 

100 Eighth Av 
Maxwell Mir GeoT(Marie Raymond)Mt.R.P'89.49 W 57 


68 Eighth Av 

Maxwell MiM" Horace (Mary Martin) 
Maxwell M^ F Edna, M Olivia & Madeleine 
Maxwell MiM" J Rogers (MariaLWashbum) 

Maxwell M*" Louise Duncan [Ny.S.Lc 

Maxwell M' John Rogers Jr-Lc 

Maxwell M' Robt-Uv.Uva.Rp. Y'87 32 E 26 

May D&M" Wm (Amy Draper) Mtw. .Hamilton Bermuda 
May MiM" Chas (Cardera Collins) Uv.Ad. Wms'73..6 E 84 

May M" Charles A (Josephine Law) 259 Fifth Av 

Mayer M' Alfred Marshall-C. .Stevens Institute Hoboken 
Maynard MiM" Effingham (Helen M Hoi 

lister) Ul.Al 
Maynard M*^ Marv H & Helen Louise. . 
Maynard M' Walter JE-Un.AlH' 93 

286 Lexington 

New York. 239 

Maynard M' EfBnghamJr-Harvard Uv. .286 LexingtonA.v 
Maynard M' Geo Willoughby-C.R.Rv.Eg.Ha. 

80 Wash Sq E 

Mayo M" Henry O (M Townsend) 247 Fifth Av 

Mayo-Smith MiM" Richmond (Mabel P Ford) 

C.Uv.A.Bd Aht'76...po. 305 W 17 

Mead V Edward Spencer (Sasan Abbot) 126 E 27 

Mead M*M" Frederick (Scribner) i -w «« 

Mead M' Frederick Jr-Uv.Ct. Y'71 i w oo 

Mead MiM" Theo H (Anna R Johnson) C.G.A.Rv. 

Mead M*" Anna Theodora 

Mead M' Lawrence Johnson 

Mead MiM" Wm Ruth'd (Olga Kilenyi) O.Uv.Mt.Pl.Ct. 

Aht'67.M' ab'd Col Aug 27.118 E 25 
Meade M' Richard Worsam Jr 11 W 39 

E 39 

po care M Coxe 
Smithfield N Y 

Meagher M" Th<)sF(ElizabethTownsend) 
M"-* AndreyT&ElizabelhHCrawford 
Meeker MiM" Fred'k Wood (Abby Anna Learning) 311 

Meeker M- Martha Harbeck [Sn. S. W 71 

Meeker M' Hy Eagene-Ul.Ad.L.H'89. . . .210 Madison Av 
Meeker M' Heyward G-M.Na 63 E 56 

80 E 

Meeker MiM" Steplien J (Margaret Potter) 304 Broad 
Meeker M' Gardner-E.Ec. Bg. .rSn.Eo.E.L. NewarkN J 
Meert M" Chas Prederic(AdelaideM<)tt Van Buren) 

Meert M"" Virginia Louise 

Meeit M" Frederic Wm & Victor Ernest 

MehaflFey M' McPherson-Un Union Club 

Meigs MiM" Titus B (Lucia Jacobs) Ct. .av'd Jul 10 16 E 

Meigs M" Ferris J-Uv.Ct. Y'80& Walter 65 

Meikelham M' Thos M Married Oct 7 

Dash M"" Agnes D (late Bowie), .at Kingsbridge N Y 
Meikelham MiM" Tlios M (AgnesD Dash)Kingsbridge N Y 

Meikleham M' William A-Uv.Uva.Cl'86 32 E 26 

Melcher MiM" J Stevens (Margaret G Homer) 

Un.Uv.H'81..30 W21 
Mellen M" Abnei- (Sarah E Pierce) 

KSrsSn" ••«! I«v.r«deMv. 

M- J H Pierce 


Social Register, 

Mellen Mil" Nathan Clark (Maud Adaline Ayres) 205 

MiH" Norman T Ayres m v'87 W67 

M«llen M" Wm P (Ellen Seymour Clark) I Pelham Manor 

Mellen M' Clark NY 

Mellnn MiM" Cha'8e(Lucy ConyMa'nleyVUv.Ox'S? . .22 W 9 
Melliss MiM" Norman T M (Ella Cutler) M.Uva.Dp. 

N.L.Bg.Cr . .Hotel Marie Antoinette 
Melville M' Henry-Rp.Rv.Cw.H' Dth'79. .80 E Wash Sq 

Mercer M' Andrew G-Uv.P'79. 32 E 26 

Mercer DLM" Arch'd (Katrina Campbell) E. 

31 Washington Newark N J 

Mercer M" Jessica (Emerson) Married at London Eng 

Brooks M' John E Sep 22 


Meredith M""* Katharine M-Mg.&Mary R2d-Mg. 

Meredith M" Wm F-Mg. & J Dennie 

Merinville Marquis des Monsterier Married Oct 19 

Caldwell M"" Mary G (late Siiakespere) at Paris 

Merinville Mq<feMqss des Monsterier (Mary G Caldwell) 

Merrill MiM" Chas E (Lydia W Brown) Ul.C.Al. 

Merrill MiM" Ed B(MElizabethGibl.s)Uv.Rf.'67. .147W12 
Merrill MiM" Win F (Eliza Fessenden) Uv. Aht'63. 

Merrill M- Ellen L 

Merrill M' Cement F , 

M"" Snsan S Fessenden 

Merrill MiM" Payson (Emma H Strong) Ul.C.Dt. 

Merritt MiM" Dougliis (Eliziibeth Cleveland 
Coxe) Rf.Rv.Ch.Cw La. 

Merritt M"" Ethel Douglas 

Merritt MiM" Ed Reeve (Leila Roosevelt) R. S 

Merritt M" Geo (Julia Douglas). 
Merritt M' Geo W-Sn . 


J S Morgan 
&Co London 


.16 Fifth Av 

Merritt MiM" Schnyler-Uv.Y'73 32 E 26 

Merritt M" Temple (Aug Temple Scliack) . ion i? ok 

M" O VV Schack . . .lav E4 ^o 

Meserole MiM" Alfred' V(Cornelia'pjolmson)Sn. .205 W57 

New York. 


.539 Madison Av 

Meserole M' Abraham-Sn.Ul .... 
Meserole M" J V (Evelina A). . . 
Meserole M" Nicholas W (Katharine G Carter) 

care Rev B Smedes Raleigh N C 

Mesier Rev Henry Far Rockaway N Y 

Mesier M' Louis-Un.Mt 24 W 21 

Messenger M"" Maria Gerard " The Orchards " 

M"" Elizabeth Chamberlain Chappaqua N Y 

Metcalf M" Jas Betts (Annie Tiflfany Cutting) 367 Lex 

Metcal f M' Bryce-Cc. Cw.Rv.Wt.Lc A v 

Metcalf MaH" Lorettas S (Amanda Lemont) 

C. A. .Jacksonville Fla 

Metcalf W Willard Leroy-PI.R Players Club 

Metcalfe D' John T-C .' 

Metcalfe Capt&M" Hy (Harriet Nichols) 
Metcalfe M- Julia A. . . .[C. Ct. La. USA' 68 
Metcalfe M&M" R Henshaw (Katharine Clarkson Hess) 

Morristown N J 
Meyer DiM" Alfred (Annie F Nathan) Bd ... .801 Mad Av 
Meyer M" Chri8topher_ (Chase) 


72 Mountain Av 

Montclair N J 

Meyer M' Henry C-C.Ul.Ll 

Meyer M' Henry C Jr 

Meyer IT Edwin 0-Un.Sv Union Club 

Meyer M' Frederick W-Un.Ul Union Club 


...32 E26 

Meyer Mill" Geo A (Lavine Graham Youngs) 

Meyer M' Hy Von Lengerke-Sv . . ,- [Ul. 

Mill" Francis T Underhill 

Meyer H' Geo Von L-Uv.Mt.Pl.R.H'79 .... 

Meyer M" Howard (Minnie P Cole) 844 Fifth Av 

Meyer M' Henry-Un.Na 41 

M" Theo F Jones (Mever) & M"" Margaret Jones 

M" W K Soutter (Meyer) 

Meyer MiM" Theo F H-L.Bd . .ab'd Trave Aug 18 16 

Meyer M' Thomas C-Un.Cr40 Union Club 

Michie M' Peter S-C.Ll West Point-on-Hudson 

Mickle M" Andrew (Mary Lawrence) 

Died at Bayside L I Aug 13 

Milbank M' Henry R-Un.Na Union Club 

Milbank HiM" Joseph-Ul.Rg 27E39 

Milbank M' Samuel W-Un.R.M.Dt.Ss. W.Ny ... .33 E 38 




Social Register, 

Mildeber^er IT Vashti F ; 

Miles Mai-Gen&M" Nelson A(MarySlierman) 

Miles M- Cecilia S [Sn.Ul. 

Miles MiM" Robt M (Agnes L Tiers) Ec 

Miles M"" Agnes Tiers 

Miles M^PrancisTiers-EcR'btM Jr-Ec.&GeoH 

Miley M' Jobn-Uv.M.Pl. W 

Miley M""" Annie Brown & Sarah F . . . 

Milbau M" John (P) 

MilhauM' Edw'd John-Dke.Na.atTilleryNC 
Milbau MIM" Ed L6on (Mary Manning). . 

Milbau M- Zella 

Milbau M' R6n§ L§on 

Miller MiM" Andrew (Nina LeHoy) Un.Cal 

1927 G 
Wash D C 
N J 
N J 
ette PI 

291 Henry 
B'k'n Hgts 


Perth Am boy 

Millar M' Bloomfleld J-E. 

Miller MiM" Burr CburcMll (Helen M Reynolds) 

Miller MiM" Ohas Wooster (Gertr u de Bencbley Tefft) 9 

M' Erastus T Tefft. .[L. PI. Na.ab'd Dmb Jun 27 B67 
Miller MiM" Chas Addison (Mary Ely) Ul . Uv . Dt . 26 

Miller M- ..[Col. Y'69 W 37 

Miller MiM" Chas R (Daniels) C.Mt.ab'd Camp 

Miller M"- Madge Daniels [ Jly 18 

Miller MiM" Chas H (Jane M Taylor) C . Lt 108 W 23 

Miller M' Cyrus C-G.Zp.Eg.Cl'Ql. ..Fordbam Hgts N Y 
Miller MiM" Chas E (Jessie A Danforth)Uv.Rg.Dt.Sg 


Miller MiM" Pranklin-Un . Sn Jamaica L I 

Miller MiM" Frederick A-Un Union Club 


Miller MiM" Geo Maccalloch(Hoffman)C.Ul.Rg. 
Miller M'- Macculloch-Mg. . . .[Ch.Ct.Mg.Mo. 

Miller M"" Edith MaccuUocb-Mg 

Miller DiM" Geo Norton (Martha LeRoy Glover) 

Un.Rf.R.H'7».. 811 Madison At 
Miller MiM" Geo W(MaryE Warren) Un.Ny . 

Millet M- Helen P [Rv. 

Miller M" Frank W & Hugh A 

M" Charles R Johnson (Miller) 





West End 


Nbw York. 24S 


Miller M" Henry James (Elizabeth Rice Swasey). 

Miller M*" Leonora Putnam 

Miller M' Jarvis Henry 

Miller MiM" Hoffman (Edith McKeever) Ui.Sa.Mg.Bg. 

Miller M' Horatio Ray-Un . K . R . T . Sa . Cy. N v . Chch . 

*89 Fifth Av 


.58 W 9 

Miller Mill" Jacob W (Katherine Wise) Uv.Us.S. 

Miller M- Dorothea [Mtw.USN" " 

Miller M" John Bleecker (Cornelia Jones) 

Miller M*" Maiia Duane Bleecker 

Miller^MiM" Bleecker (Berthenia Dunn) 

Rf.L.Rv.Cw.Ch.Ct.Se W 9 
Miller MiM" John DouU (Elinoi* M Shepard) 

222 E 9 Plainfield N J 
Miller MiM" Lawrence W (Isabel Sawyer) Un.Dp.Ot. 

Cr92. .ab'd po 28 Piatt & Alliance Bank London 

Miller M' Payton P-Uv .Wms'B? 32 E 26 

Miller Mill" Sidney Trowbridge (Lucy T Robinson) 

Sa..524 J efAv Detroit 

Miller D' S Millington 12E29 

Miller M' Ralph G Married at Southampton L I 

Lee M*" Alice Bowers \i Bowers). Sep 30 

Miller MiM" Ralph G (Alice Bowers Lee) 131 E 19 

Miller Hon&M" AVamer(Caroline Chnrchill)L. 

Miller M"- Warner [Ul . Rv. Rp . Snc . Un' 60 

Miller M" Max & G Hiram 

Miller MiM" Burr C (Helen Reynolds) 

Miller M' VVmW-Un.R ...Union Club 

Miller MiM" Wm Starr (Edith C Warren) 

Un.K.Ul R..39 Fifth A v 
Miller MiM"Walsingham A(E8telle Brnndage)Cy.. 117 W58 
Millet MiM" Francis D (Elizabeth G Merrill)Uv.C.Ry. 

H'69. .Russell House B'way Worcestershire Eng 

MillikenM' David 

MiUiken M' David Jr-Un .Ul 

Milliken MiM" Charles Stuart (Alice P 

MiUiken M' Ed F-Un.L.Dke. Ag ' . . .43 W20 

Milliken MiM" Foster (Louise Ward) L. Col. Na. 164 W 78 
Milliken M' James- Un . Mtw ......>, , , . Union Club 



Union Club 


Social Beoisteb, 

Milliken M' Seth M-Ul.Rg.Mc.Rp 

M" A L Carter 
Mills MiM" Abraham (Ella fownsend) Un.Dt.Rg. 

Mills M"- Amy tlawxhurst [Cv.W.Ll. 

Mills r Alfred E-Mg.P'82 

Mills M"— Katherine-Mg. & Edith-Mg. . . . 
Mi lis MiM" A ndrew-Ul 

990 Madison Av 

Morris town 
N J 

.47 W84 





Mills MkM" Abraham Gilbert (Mary Chase Steele) 
Mills M'— Prances S & Ellen S. [Col. Eg. Na. Us. LI 

Mills M' Darius 0-K.Un.Mt. cm... 634 Fifth A v 

Mills M"- Caroline Kane 58 W fi7 

Mills M' Pred'k S(late Hy L). .Married at 474 W End Av 

Morgan M*" Anita (Francis) Oct 14 

Mills MiM^ Fred' k S (Anita Morgan) 178 W 74 

Mills M" Henry L (Mary S Glover) 

Mills M' Henry L-Rp.Cl'Sl 

Mills M" Geo A & J Glover 

M" Walter R Hartshorne (Sarah G Mills) 
Mills MiM" John Beale (Mary G Crane) Un.Cal.Uv 

Cy.Ny.Y'73..31 W21 
Mills MiM" Ogden (Livingston) Un.Ul.Uv.Mt.R. 


Milmo M"- care Eug Kelly Jr 19 Wash Sq N Y 

Milnor M" Chas E (Susan E Stephens) 

Milnor M— 

M*M"Elmslie M Gillet (Milnor) &M'-GiUet 
Minis M"" Lavinia Florence (latieAbram). .Married Jun 23 

Henry M' Chas I at Savannah Ga 

Minis M' Philip H-Un.Mt.Ss Union Club 

Minton M"- Sophie E 

Minton M" Chas A (Marriott) 

Minton M*" Margaret H 

Minton M*" Philip S & Telfair M 

Minton M' John McKim-Un . . Union Club 

Minton MiM" Chas T-Ny NY Yacht Club 

Minturn M" John W (Louisa Aspinwall) 

av'd Maj Jun 24. .22 Wash Sq N 
Minturn M" Robt B (Shaw) & M"- Gertrude 

ab'd. . J Munroe & Co Paris 
Mintuxn M*" Mildred . . Bryn Mawr College Bryu Mf^wr Pa 

13 E 24 

.635 Park Av 

New York. 246 

Minturn M' Robert Shaw-K.Uv.Rf .Ct.Dt.Rg.H'84 

118 E22 

Villa Alexandria 


Mitchell M" Alexander (Martha Reed) 

Mitchell M"" Margaret 

Mitchell M' David F-Na 

Mitchell Mill" Alfred (Annie Tiffany) Uv.Mt. Y'54 

Mitchell ll"- Alfreda ••••.. 

Mitchell M' Ed Page-Uv. A.Sn.'TX 32 E 26 

Mitchell MiM" Chas E-Uv.B'61 1 W 81 

Mitchell M" Chas LeMoyne(Emma C Morse). 635 Park Av 
Mitchell MiM" Ed Anthony (Mary A Wallach) 

79 TmnibuU New Haven 
Mitchell MiM" Clarence Blair (Mildred Mattliews) 

M.lIv.Cy.Rv.P'89, "Lawnshore" Westchester N Y 
Mitchell MiM" Cornelins Berrien (Mary E Davis) 

Ul.Uv.Mo.Mc.Rp.Mg.Cr62..24 W 10 
Mitchell MiM" Ed (Caroline C Woolsey) Mt. 

Mitchell M*- Elsie, .av'd Havel Oct 1 

Mitchell M' Fred'k A-Uv.Br'60 32 E 26 

Mitchell M' Frank P-Un.Mtw. Union Club 

Mitchell r*M" John Ames (Mott) C.Ct.Pl.Bd. . . .20 W46 

Mitchell M' N Chapman-Un Union Club 

Mitchell MiM" Pringle-Cal Rf Calumet Club 

Mitchell M" Rowland G Sr (Cornelia Post) La. . . 
Mitchell M""ArtlmrM&AlbertMPost-T. PI... ab'd 
Mitcliell M' WHoward -Ny.[LucAug I .av'd Oct 10 

Mitchell M' Rowland G-Uv 

Mitchell M"- Grace 60 W 9 

Mitchell MiM" John Murray-Rg.S.Dt.Sa.Cn.Rp.Fn. 

Uva.Na.Snc.Cl'77..36 Wall 
Mitchell MiM" Wm-Ul.Dt.Rp.Us.L.Na.N.Cr68. .44 Wall 

.31 E 50 


Mitchell MiM" W (Elizabeth E Howell) Ul.Dt. 

M" Theo P Howell [Na.Rp.Cr68 

Mittiant M"" Adele Married at 

562 Broad 


Jersey Eng 

Day M' Geo Lord (late Hy) July 9 

Mixter M' Frederick M-Rf.Na.Sa 222 Fifth Av 

Moale MiM" Philip Randle (Laura M Speyers) 

82 Chestnttt Asheville N C 


Social Register, 

Moen M" Edward C-H'71 & Augustus R 

MoenM- Kittie 308 W 77 

Moen O" Edward A 

Moeran M" Edw'd (Elizabeth Steers) 

Died at Southampton Jly 16 

Moeran M' Edward H-Ul.Sg. Ag 

Moerati ll'~' Lillian C & Amy S 65 Irving PI 

Moeran M' Edward H Jr 

Moflfat Hir R Burnham (Ellen Low Pierrepont) 

Dv.H.Dt.Ha.H'83..11 W 11 
MoflFat EkM" E Curtis (Aline A Graves) 

Cal.Ul.R.Ny.S.Lc. .Calumet Club 
Moflfat M*M" Geo Barclay (Frances H White) 

Mt..l67 WEnd Av 

Moffat W Hy-Uv. Ag.P'75 Yonkers N Y 

MohrM'John Kay-Dp. Uvp. Rep. Pn' 92. 114 Madison Av 
Mohun MiM" R Dorsey Loraine (Harriett L Barry).. ah'd 

Moir M' James 

Moir MiM" Arthur Duncan (Laura Russell). . . 26 W 
Moir Rev Wm Wilmerding 10 

H*" Annie Hildreth McElroy 

MoUer M' Christopher Jp (Christopher) 

- Died at London Eng Jun 29 
Moller MiM" Christopher (Annie Butterworth 149 

MoUer M"" Effle L [Livingston) Madison 

Moller M' Wm Henry Av 

Moller MiM" Ch Geo (Elizabeth E Furman). .290 Mad Av 

Moller MiM" Chas G Jr (H6l^ne Allen) 54 E 55 

Moller MiM" John (Kuhlman) Na.Ny.Lc. 

Moller M""- (2) 

Moller MiM" Peter-Un.Ul.Mt 

Moller M- S Adelina 

Moller M' Edwin Clarence-Un.Cal.Mt. . . 

Monroe M' Augu&tin-Cal.Un.M.Sa.Lc.Ny.S.On.Snc. 

P1..39 W 27 

Monroe M' RobtGrier-Un.Uv.Rf.Dm.P'Sl 19 W 31 

Monson M' Alonzo C-K. Mt.Cl'40 

M"- Helen N C Morris 14 E 63 

M' Monson Morris-K.Dp 

.44 E72 


New \?ork. 347 

Montague MkM" Frank L (Virginia H Johnson) Ul. 34 W 

M" A J Johnson [Rv.Lt.Col. 69 

Montague M" Katharine care M" C M Catlin 10 W 30 

Montague M' William I-Un Union Club 

Montant Mill" Auguste P (Hannah Townsend) Un.Lc. 

S.R.Mc.Sv.Na..39 W21 
Montant MiM" Chas L (Charlotte S(orrs). . . 

M" Storra 

Montant Mill" Alphonse (Caroline Brngiere) Lc. 

M" Wm Brugidre (Mary Morgan) 

M' Thomas Morgan Brugiere 

Montant MiM" Jules A(Isabel Gurnee)Mt.Un.Ny" .36W49 
Montgomery MiM" Edw L (Mary Willis Groodrich) 

Un.Rg.L.R.Wk. .Flushing L I 

Montgomery M' George L-Un,Ul.Dt New 

Montgomery M' H B-Sn.Dt 

M" W S Gilbert (Rosalie Montgomery). . . 

Montgomery M*^ 

Montgomery M' Jas Lynch-R.Pl.Rv.Ct.Sv.Cw 
Montgomery M' Hardman Philips Alan-Cw . . . 
Montgomery MiM" Hy Eglinton (Grace Sands Hunt) 

R.Rv.Cw. .812 Lexington Av 
Montgomery MiM" James Mortimer(Cornelia Mar- Engle- 
shallPeabody) Un.Dt.Rv.Cc.Wt.Snc. wood 

M*" Malvina Appleton Peabody N J 

Montgomery M&M" John Howard (Annie Glover Fitch) 

Mt. PL. Flushing LI 
Montgomery MiM" Richard M (Alice S Coe) 

Rg.Ct.Dt..3i7 W74 
Montgomery M' Warwick E-T.Mtw.'76. . . .Tuxedo N Y 
Montgomery M' Wm Jr -Uv.Pl. H'67.'62. .University Club 
Moody M' Herbert Lyman-^Uva. Y' . .Univers'y Ath Club 
Moody MiM" Winlield Scoit(HelenWatteVson) Bd. .22W9 

Moore M*» K T-La ab'd May 9 J Munroe & Co Paris 

Moore MiM" Casimir DeRham (Harriet F Burges) ...q 
Uv.R.Un.L.Cy.Sa.La.Snc.Cl'73 ^^\^ 

Moore M' Benjamin B ^ ^^ 

Moore MiM" Clement C (Laura M Williams) Us.Ll.Bg. 

M'av'dGer Jly30..e7E54 

146 W 13 



248 Social Beoisteb, 

Moore MiM" Chas Sturtevant (Maud Stephens) 

Garden City L I 
Moore Mill" D Sackett (Margaret L Moore) 

Mt.Sn.Dt.Snc.Ty'64..669 Fifth Av 

Moore IT Edward C (Mary Pethick) I qvaa 

Moore M' Ed Jr-C.Uv. A.Ct.H'78 I . . ..a JJi 44 

Moore MiM" Francis Crager (Cora W Taylor)Mt. .1 W 72 

Moore M"" Harriet F Married at St Bartholomew's 

Nov 18 


W 88 

Shrady M' Hy Mervine 

Moore Mill" Homer Bamsdell (Helen Louise Ran- 

Moore M' H'T D [dall) Un.Ul. 

Moore MiM" James AmGry-UT.Rt'54 Palatka Fla 

Moore M' Jacob Ridgway-Un.K.T.Ll.Php. ...Union Club 
Moore MiM" J Leverett (Nancy Clark Williams) Uv. 

P'81 . . Vassar College Poughkeepsie N Y 
Moore MiM" John Godfrey (Louise T Hartsl)orne) . , 
Ul.N.M.Lt.Rg.Ny.Mtw.Alb.Jkl. J\- 

Moore M— Ruth & Faith ^ °° 

Moore KM" John Constable (Anna di Zerega).NyackNY 

Moore MiM" Rufus E (Mary W Stevens) Lt 38 W 88 

Moore M' Russell W-Uv.P'83 106 

Moore M"" Jeannie <fc Lucilla H L Fifth A v 

Moore MiM" Thos S(Susan Teackle Smith) C. Uv . 91 

Moore M- Ethel [Ha.L.Bk.H'61 Willow 

Moore M' David Thomas B'klyn 

Moore M' Wm Cliflford-Rf.Rv.Y'89 

ab'd Camp Jly 18. .51 W 51 
Moore MiM" Wm H H (Adelaide L Lewis) Rf . , 12 W 50 
Moorhead M' Prank Tamer-Un.Uv.Mt.M.R.Cn. 

Sa.Ny.Wk.Y'78.. Union Club 
Mora MiM" Eduardo Mariano (Lillian P Martin) Ul. 

J Munroe & Co Paris 

Mora M' Pedro-Un Union Club 

Moran M' Daniel Comyn-Un.S Sv 

M" E Lee Jones (Martha A Moran) 
Moran M' Am6d§e Depau-K . Un . Mt. . . 

Moran M' Charles 

Moran VkW Chas A (Rosalie deN Bard) U 


.12 E 63 

Brunswick N J 

New Yobk. 



Moran M" Daniel E (Annie A 

MoranM-NinaA ....26W18 

Moran If Daniel E-Uv.Cr83 

Moran MIM" Anson Blake (Gertrude Wendell 

Vanderpoel) Cal. .264 W 57 

Moran MiM" E Percy (Virginia B Crosby) 117 W 58 

Moran M' Theodore T 4 W 53 

Moran HIM" Thomas (Mary Nimmo) C . . . 

Moran M"- Ruth Bedford 82 Irving PI 

Moran M' Paul Nimmo 

Morawetz M' Victor-Mt.Un.Uv.C.Ul.L.Rg.Mb.H'78 

Metropolitan Club 

..39 W 17 

Morford Mill" Chas A (Eliza Lee) 

Morford M- M L , 

Morgan M' Albert J-Na.Sn.Lc.R.Col.Ny. 

Morgan M" Kate E (Elsworth) 243 W 72 

M*"* Sarah A & Josephine J Elsworth. 

Morgan MIM" Alexander C-C.Dt 134 W 73 

MorganM-AnnaG ..253W42 

Morgan Rev Brockholst-Rv.C 38 Bleecker 

Morgan MiM" Chas(Clara Woodford) Un.H'80. .PauPrance 

..15 W 86 

Morgan M" Chas Leslie (Lucy Phelps Allen) 

M' Wm Hall Allen 

Morgan M' Chas N-M.Dt Manhattan Club 

Morgan Rev&M" D Parker (Leigh) ab'd Jly 8.av'd St P 

xVforgan M"- Caroline Oct 17. .3E 45 

Mrgoan M" David P (Caroline Fellows) Scott Circle 

av'd St P Jly 16 Washington 

MiM" J R Carter (Morgan) 

Morgan MiM" D Percy (Edith Parsons) 

Uv.R Ch.Mtw. Uvch.P'83. .1705 Locust Phila Pa 
Morgan MiM" Edwin D (Elizabeth Moran) Un.K.Ul.Mt. 

"Wheatiy" Westbury L I 


.15 W88 

Morgan MiM" Edward (Uamilton). 

Morgan M' Hamilton 

Morgan M"" Anita (Francis). Married at 474 West End Av 

Mills M' Fred'k S (late Hy L) Oct 14 

Morgaft MiM" Ed Jr (Faith Walcott) N«tley N J 

250 Social Register, 

Morgan M" Geo H (Sarah Spencer) 

Died at Bad-Nauheim Ger Jly 5 
Morgan M' George H-Un.Mt.C.av'd Lahn Jly 29 

Morgan M*- Caroline L 6 E 40 

Morgan M' Geo D-R.N 

Morgan M&M" Junius Spencer (JosephineAdamsPerry) 
H' ab'd Luc Jly 4 & av'd Lahn Jly 29 . . Rye N Y 
Morgan HiH" Henry K Jr (Katharine S H Brooks) 

Oal.Mg..2E 15 
Morgan MiM" Jas Henry (Arabella P Walden) Cw.Rv. 

478 Classon Av Bklyn 

Morgan IT Jno B-Dv.Ny .Cr64 Paris France 

Morgan H' Jno Junius-ISfy Newport R I 

Morgan HiM" J Hewitt (Martha Leavitt) K. 

av'd St P Jly 16. .Dupont Circle Wash D C 
Morgan HiM" JPierpont(PrancesTracy)Un. K. ^lo AyTo/ii 
Ul.Mt.C.L.Ny.S.T.R.Rg.Pl.Mtw. ''^^ a5 

Morgan M-AM^Annie T [La . Jkl . Eyb . ®^^ ^^ 

Morgan HiH" J Pierpont Jr (Grew) 

Mt.Uv.R.C.Ct.Ag.ff89..&E 36 
Morgan M&M" L Hy (Camilla Leonard) 

Un.K.R.H' . .110 Rue du Bac Paris 
Morgan HiM" Lancaster (Letitia Goodwin) 

Uv.Cw.Pu.Crss. .90 Joralemon B'klyn 
Morgan MiH" Matthew (Annie Cole Hamilton) 284 

Morgan M' Matthew Jr-K.S [W.S. Lex'g'n 

M"SpotswoodDSchenckSeni()r(EffieEMorgan) Av 

Morgan M' Mathew H Oakdale L I 

Morgan T N Denison (Helen Matilda Webb) 

Died at 1690 Bwy Oct 3 

MorganMVRobt Webb-Cal.L.Cw The 

M" M C Merrill (Morgan) Pocantico 

M'" Georgianna Merrill B' way & 53 

Morgan H' Philip H-C 1 03 W 93 

Morgan HiH" RoUin M (Gertrude H Vedder) 

M. Dm . . 690 Madison Av 

Morgan M' Thomas-Un Union Club 

Morgan M' Townsend-Sa St Anthony Club 

Morgan If" Virginia 87 Clinton PI 

Nbw York. 


Morgan Mir Wm Forbes-Un.K. Ad I Union 

Morgan M"- | Club 

Morgan H" Wm D (Angelica Hoyt) „« Wash Sn N 

Morgan M— Margaret & Ruth ib W a^n &q JN 

Morgan MiM" W Fellowes (Emma Leavitt'i 

Sa.Cw.Ch. Bg. Mg.Cr 80. .Short Hills N J 
Morgan M' Wm H-Un.S.Cy.Cw. ab'd Col Jly 2 

care IT L C de Caumont 36 W 26 
Morison M' Samuel L-Uv.Eg.H'73. . .3 N Washington Sq 
Morrell M" Francis Lee (Nellie Bostwick) 

ab'd Cp Jly 18 av' Luc Oct 16. .800 Fifth Av 

Morrell M' Robert L-Uva. CI' .572 Fifth Av 

Morris MiM"* Alfred Hennen (Jessie Harding) 

M. Lc. S. Cy. So. H'85 

Morris HiM" D H (Alice V Shepard) Cy.Lc. 

M' ab'd Col Oct 24 
Morris MiM" A Newbold (Eleanor Jones) . . . 
Morris M"- Eva VanCortlandt..[Un.Mt.Cr60 
Morris MiM" Newbold (Helen S Kingsland) 

Un. Mt. Dp. Rv. Ct. 
Morris M" Arthur (Adelaide Bettner) 
Morris M' Arthur Gouverneur-Co. . . 
Morris MiM"Fordham (Annie L Westcot) 


Morris M" Gouverneur (Henrietta Baldwin) 

Morris M*" Henrietta Fairfax 

Morris M' Gouverneur Jr 

M" Dudley Baldwin & M*- Mary Baldwin 

Morris MiM" Bfenry Lewis (Russell) Mt. L. Ch. Ct. 

Rg. Snc..l2 W63 

Morris M" John A (Cora Hennen) Westchester N Y 

Morris D' Lewis Rutherford-Cal.Mt.Uva.Rv.C.Cw.35W36 

Morris M' Lewis G Mount Fordham 

Morris M*" Lucretia Morris Heights N Y 

Morris MiM" James (Gray) Ct. Snc 31 Washington Sq 

Morris M' Monson-K.Dp 14 E 63 

Morris MiM" Stuyvesant F (Ellen J Van Buren) 
Morris M— Elizabeth M & Ellen Van B.[C.Snc.Cl' 63 
Morris M"" Richard L & Stuyvesant F Jr 

" Avylon " 

chester N Y 

av'd Gaso 
Oct 18 
19 E64 

, .27 W 26 





Social Register, 

Fifth Av 

. 205 W 56 

Morris M" Wm Gouvemenr (Helen Louise Carnes) 

Hotel St Andrew 72 & Bwy 

Morrison M' Ed A-Ny. Na. Chch 

Morrison M- Emily 49 W 47 

Morrison M' John ' 

Morrison IRM" George Austin (Lucy King) 


Morrison M' George Austin Jr 

Morrison M' Chas King-Mr. Ry.Cw,H'91.Cr94 
Morse MiM" Edwin Wilson (Florence L Stone) 

Morse Mill" James Herbert (Lucy Gibbons) 

Morse M* Rose [C. A.Bd. | Madison Av 

Morse Mill" Sidney E (Anna M Church) Uv. Snc. 113 

Morse M- [Y'66 E 95 

Morse OiM" Wm H (Grace Adelaide Pridham) Ul. 153 

Morse H' Alfred T [Ny.Dt. E 77 

Morten M' Alexander-R. W 499 Fifth Av 

Mortimer MiM" Hy Coit (Katherine Orocker)Un.Uv. |54W 
MortimerM"*flyCoitJr&LawrencerR.Dt.Sa.Ag.Cr68| 21 
Mortimer MiM" Richard (Eleanor Jay Chapman)Un.K. 

Mt.T.DLCt.Mb.Ch.M'av'dMajJun24. .382 Fifth Av 
Mortimer MiM" Stanley (Elizabeth Livingston Hall) 

K.Mt.Mb. .see addenda 
Morton MiM" Alex Logan (Marv E Barber) 

liv.La.Sg.USA'68. .32 W 34 
Morton Pres & M" Henry (C M Dodge) . . 

Morton M" Hy S & Quincy L. 

M-C Whiting 

Morton Gov&M"Levi P(Anna LSti-eet)Un.Ul.Mt. 
Morton M"— Edith, Lena&Helen. [C. L. D. Rp.Mtw. 
Morton DiM" Wm James (Sherman-Elizabeth C 

Morton M" Wash'n (Laura Geddes Baldwin) 

Morton M*" Lalla Baldwin [Dar. 

Morton M' John Anderson 

Mosle M' Anton M-M,Dt.Dv Manhattan Club 

Mosle MiM" Geo (Caroline D Dunscomb) Ul.Dv.Dt. I 34 
Mosle M' A Henry-Uv.Uva.Dv. Y'89 W56 

Hoboken N J 


Tyson St 

N Brighton 


New York. 


Mosle M' Max A-Dv 34 W 66 

Mosle MiM" Geo Rudolf (Katherine H Knnhardt) 

Uv.Dt. Y'86. . " Maplebank " N Brighton S I 
Moss MiM" Courtlandt D (Camilla Woodward)Un.C. 124 

MossM'-ClaraW E 

Moss M' Robert T VV-H'94 39 

Moss M*M" Frank (Annie B Harrison) C 

1827 Jefferson PI Washington D C 
Mostvn M' Berkeley-Uv.S.Cn.Ty'67 52 E 23 



Motley H" James M (Kate Niven) Dm. 

Motley M' Thornton Niven-M.N.Ny.Sv.Eg.Na. . . 

Motley M' James M- N.S.R.Lc.Na.feg 

Mott M" Henry A (Mary Varnum) The Plaza 

Mott MiM" Hopper S (May Lenox) Ul.Mt. 769 

Mott W H Lenox [L.Pa.Cy.HL Eleventh Av 

Mott MiM" John Bowne (Lucy L Barney) Mt.K. 

Un.T.Ct.Sg. . .Bellport L I ab'd 
Mott MIM" Jordan L(MariannaSeaman)N.Ny. 2122 

Mott M' Aug W-Lc.Ny. Ay [Ay.Eg. Fifth Av 

Mott MiM" Jordan L Jr (Katharine Jerome Purdy) 

Un.Cal.Cy.Lc.Ag. .17 E 47 
Mott D*M" Valentine (Emily Langdon Erving) 

Sa.S.Ll.CJ'72 . . 62 Madison Av 

Mott M' W m P-C. Snc' CI' 64 " Hatheariie ' ' 

Mott M" Henry F&W Edith J Mott . . . Tom's River N J 
Mottet Rev 8*M" Hy (Jeanie Gallup) Rg — I Ary \xt on 

W Albert S Gallup | . . . .4/ w ^u 

Monlson M' John-Un Union Club 

Moulton M" Arthur Julian (Catherine T Lewis). .27 W 39 

Moulton MiM" Clarence P-UI Union League Club 

Moulton MiM" Franklin W (Edith W Stockwell) 

Moulton M' Gilman S-Ul.Ny , 

M" Julien A <& Louis Dillon Ripley 

MouiTaille DiM" Gustave (Elise M Buigy) . . . 
Mourraille M'~'M Mathilde & Jeannette L. . 
Mourraille M' C Gustave-Cl'96. 
Mowbray MiM" H Siddons(Helen Millard) C.l 
Mowe MiM" Wm Robt (Charlotte Brainard) G. Uva. 


..48 W52 

.74 W 12 
.Fn..66W 11 

264 SoQjAX Registeb,' 

Mnlleu If N Lester 61 E 64 

Muller-Ury M' A 68 W 67 

Mnmby M' Spencer M-R 16 E 32 

Mumford MiM" George Dana (Ethel Dickinson Watts) 

Dv.Uva,Ct.Pl.T.Cr89. .5 W 82 
Mnmford MiM" Geo S (Isabella M Lee) Uv.H'87 

Chestnut Hill Mass 
Mnmford M'"JohnReniington(Kath'neStanbury) I .. -.^ -.q 

Mnmford M- Marion E | 44 i. /» 

Munde DiM" Paul P (Eleanor Claire Hughes) <,.. ,,7 . ^ 

Mund6 M- Bertha rUl.Rg.Ss.Sg. ••^" ^ ^o 

MunnM' Orson D-Un.Dl.Ec.Mc 

Munn M' Ch Allen-Un.Uv.Mt.R.Ec.Na.N.Ct.Bg. 

Munn MIM" Hy Norcross (Annie E Elder) Un.T.Ct.Ec 

M' ab'd Maj Aug 26. .281 Lex Av 
Munn DiM" John P (Martha Buell Plum) Dke.R.Rf.Na. 

18 W 58 


Park Av 
Englewood N J 

Mnnoz M" Jose M (L^ontine C Thieriot) 

M"" L^ontine M Meade&M'Leon de J de Sabla 
Munroe MiM" Chester Clark (Adelaide 


Mnnroe M' Vemon-H'96 

Munroe DiM" Geo E (Jessie Reynolds)C.Uv.Y'74..48 E 33 
Munroe MiM" Geo P (Martha Otis). Av du Trocadero Paris 
Munroe M" John (Marian Hall) I 160 Av Champs Elysees 

Munroe M*" | Paris 

Munroe MiM" John (Hunt-Gonld) Un. 1 Longchamps 

M'- Julia Hunt .[Uv.H'71 Paris 

Munroe MiM" Henry Whitney (Alice T Kneeland) 

K.Mt.Cy.T.Dt.H'82. .6 E 66 
Munsell MiM" Albert H(Juliet E Orr) care Alex E Orr 

102 Remsen Bklyn 
Munsey M' Frank A-Ul.Al.Rg.Ag. .Union League Club 

Munzig M' Geo Chickering-Fn.Sbb.Tyb 627 Mad Av 

Munzinger M" Chas (Charlotte Bloodgood) 

Murdock MiM" Geo WDson (Mary Pearson Paulding) 

Cold Spring on Hudson 
Murdock MiM" Lewis Champlin (Mary M Shiland) 

Uv.Na.8g.H'66. .313 Fifth Av 

New York.. 


Murphy M' Deas-Uva.Sa.Cl' ... 133 W 47 

Brown Shipley 
London. 1027Broad 
Newark N J 

Isabella ._A.rgentine Legation Paris 


W 62 

Murphy M' Franklin Jr-E . F 

ab'dSeplQ&av'dOct 18 
Murphv M"". 

Murphy Mill" Wm D (Rosalie Hart)Rp.Snc 
Murphy M"" Mary 
Murray H' Ambrose S Jr-Uv.Sa.Dt.C.Na.Ch.Ty'71 

247 Fifth Av 

Murray Mill" Bronson (Peyton) 

Murray M' Jas B-Uv.Lc.Dp.Rf.Cn.Ct.S.Cl'76. . . 
Murray MiM" Chas H (Grace Peckham) Rp.Rv.Ll.Cw 

Lc. Wt.Sn.Na.Rv.Snc.Bd. .48 W 62 
Murray MiM" David (Carol B Gillis) Dv.Rp. Dke'76 323 

Commodore J H G-illis-USN W 84 

Murray MiM" H Alex (Fannie Morris Babcock) 

Mt.Cal.C.Rh.Dm..64 W 49 
Murray DiM" Fi-ancis Wisner (Gertrude Lawrence) 

Un.Rh.C.Y'77..32 W39 
Murray MiM" J Archibald (Alice Rathbone) Un.Dt. 


Murray M" John B . . 108 E 17 

Murray MiM" Logan C (Harriet Gordon) Ul. Louisville 

Murray M— [Un.T.Dt.Rv.P'66 Ky 

Murray M' A Gordon-Uva.P'91 55 W 26 

Murray M' Robt D-Uv.Uva.Cl'BS. 47 E 28 

Murray MiM" Ru8sell-Un.Uv.Sn.Sa.S.Rv.Ty'78 
Murray M" Ambrose S 3d & Herman Stumpf . . 
MusgraveM" Thomas B(Fannie H Jones) La.Acp..lOW47 

Musgrave M' Percy-H'94 5 Arlington Boston 

Myers MiM" Charles-Ul . Dt Hempstead L I 

Myers M' Geo Lawrence-Rh.Na.Wt.Cr93 21 W 46 

Myers DiM" Howard Gillespie (Marie Antoi- 303 

Myers M'-LottaWright.[BetteDarwood)P'85 Amst'm Av 

Myers M' Jas J-Uv.H'69 32 E 26 

Myers MiM" Julian L-W . Ny . Dm . Na . N. k w 63 

Myers M"" ■. 

Myers M"Theod'rusBailey(CatalinaJ Mason) 1602-20N W 

M" Julian James (Cassie Mason Myers) Wash D C 

10 W 11 


Social Beoisteb, 

1 E39 


Myers D' T Halsted-Uv . Y'81 24 W 60 

Myers MiM" Theodore W-M.N.Rh.Ny.Dih.Rf.Na. 

L..21 W46 

Mygatt M' Otis A-Ul . Rv 

Mygatt M' Robertson K-Ul 

Myles DiM" Robt C (Edith R Ploth) M.Cli 

Mynderse M' Wilhelmiis-Dt.G 54 Wall 

Nadal MiM" Clias C (Mary Taylor Warrin) Rf.Ct. 

Nancrede Rev&M" H Walstane (Emily K Rodgers). .ab'd 

Nash MiM" David (Youngs) Un 45 Fifth Av 

Nash MiM" Francis P (Katherine Cleveland 

Coxe) Uvb. H'56 
Nasli MiM" Francis P Jr (Angelica H Lawrence) 

see addenda 
Nash M' Arthur CIeveland-H'96. .18 Bonaparte 

Nash M' Panl Bennett [Paris 

Nash MiM" Henry Payn (Clara Louise Ryder) 

M" ab'd FsC Bk Oct 11 . .76 Broad 
Nash MiM" Hy Van Beigen (Florence W Ryder)Ch.39 E 50 

Nash M' J R-Sa St Anthony Club 

Nash MiM" Stephen P (McLean) C.Dt.Bd.Ch 
Nash The M"^ 

Nash M' Thomas^Uv.'c.'Ch.'cr'sbV.'.".'. '.'.'.'.'.'/. 
Nash M' John McLean-Un.Uv.Ct.C.Dpp.Cl'68 




N Y 

Nash W J Warren-Un.Ss. 

Nash M*— Cornelia R, Almira A&Sarah E 

Nash MiM" 8 Edward (Isabel Coggill) Un . Snc . 

Nash M*- Isabel 

Nash MiM" WUliam A (Alice J Peters) Mt. UI. 

Nash M- Mabelle S [Ha.Lt. 

Nash M' Warren B-Dp.R 

Nason M' Dauiel-Un.Uv.Uva. Wk.Aht'81.H'83 

Union Club 

Nast M*" 

Navano MiM" Jos§ P de*(Ellen Dykers). . 

Navarro M' Alfonso de -Un . Mt . L . R . Cy . . . 

Navarro MiM" Antonio Fernando de (Mary Anderson) 


116 W 55 


Sep 16 


.Morristown N J 


New York. 


Naylor MiM" Qjeo P (Sarah D Gilliat) Cal. 

120 Brattle Cambridge Mass 

Neeser M" Jno Qt (Josephine C Wilden) 

Neeser M""* Elvine L & May H 

Neeser M" J Gaspard-Cal.Cl'91, Rudolph-Fn. Cr95 

& Robt W 
Neill MiM" Edward M (Stayvesant) Un.Sv.Ll 

NeillH'-K L 

Neilson MiM" Alfred (Embler) 

Neilson M"* Anita , 

DiM" Pedro F Francke (Caroline K Neilson) 

Neilson M' Wm Hude 8 E 32 

Neilson H" Frederic (Belle Gebhardj. 

Neilson M*- Belle 

Neilson MiM" Lonis (Rodgers) Un.Rh 




.100 Fifth Av 
.Cedarharst L I 


W 47 
New "Brighton 

Neilson HiM" Walter S (Jessie L Murray) Lt.Cy. 

Neilson M' John-Sv. Lc. Cy [Lc . Sv . Ay^ 

Neilson M" William (Louise Pieldler). 

Neilson M*" Helen 

Nelson Mill" Hy Loomis (Ida Prances Wyman) 

Rt.C.Mtw. .New Rochelle N 

Nelson MiM" Stuart G (Anna C Van Home) Lt. 
Nelson M" Mabel Stuart 

33 E81 

Nelson M' William B-Uv.Ty'81 

Nesbit M" Robert W (Elizabeth Clossey) 

Nesbit M"— Isabel D & Jean L 58 W 39 

Nesbit H" Louis C & R Cecil .". . . 

Nesbitt M»M'"DanielA(Mary LMcNamee)Na.Rp. 280 
Nesbitt M*"- Grace&Edith H . . . . [Col. Sv. Snc.Ch. Amster- 

M"" Gertrude P McNamee dam Av 

Nesmith M' Henry E Jr-L 28 South 

NeuhoflE HiM" Karl Walther (Katharine Ruth Smith) 

Dv. .care M" A Kountze 238 Madison Av 

Nevin Rev Robt J-C 58 Via Napoli Rome 

Nevin M' Wm Wilberforce-Uv.C.LLUlp 6 E 32 

Ne-vins M*" Anna C 

Nevibs MiM" Richard. 
Nevinsi- Anna Key. 
Nevins M*" louisa E. . 

.The Gerard 123 W 44 

.20 Fifth Av 


Social Kegister, 


Newberry M' J Stonghton-Ny j 

Newberry MiM" Truman H-Un.Uv.Sa. ..Detroit Mich 


Newbold M" C Emlen (Beadel) ' 

Newbold M"" Katharine Post , 

Newbold MiM" Tho8(SarahCoolidge) K.Mt.R.. . 

Newbold M" T H (Mary Rhinelander) 

Newbold M*— Catherine A & Edith 

Newbold M' Frederic R-K. S 

Newcomb MiM" H Victor (Florence Danforth) Uii 
Newcomb M' Hermann D [T.La.Na 

MiM" Reginald H Ward (Edyth Newcomb). . 
Newell MiM" Geo Baldwin (Julia Pomeroy) " 

Uv. N'69 

M"* Josephine Pomeroy 

Newland MiM" David Jndson(MaryNicholson)Dke..55E76 
Newlands MiM" Francis G (Edith McAllister) L. Mtw. 

Wash D C 
Newman M" Wm Hy (Ellen Stewart Rodgers).. 

M'~' Mary & Rebecca Harvey 

Nicholas M' Cumberland D. , 12 W 39 ab'd Paris France 
Nicholas MiM" Geo S (Elizabeth!' Purdy)Un.Ss.Dt. 

Nicholas M- [Mt. Rf. 

Nicholas M"* G S Jr-Un.Sv.Na.Cr92&Grosvenor T 
Nicholas MiM" Harry I (Alice M HoUins) Un. 

Nicholas M- Alice [Mt.Ss.Nv.Wk.L 

Nicholas M' John Patterson 40 W 45 

Nichols MiM" Edward T-Mg.Mo Morristown N J 

Nichols MiM" Effingham H-Ul.Ch. Ay 620 Fifth Av 

Nichols MiM" Edw Arthur (Catharine Young) Ul. . 

MiM" Robt Page Kerr (Nichols) 

Nichols MiM" Geo L (Ruxton-Mary Chickering) 
Mt.Uv.L.Dt.Snc.Wt.Bk.Ha.Rv.G.Wms'81. .331 W89 

Nichols M' Acosta-Rf.Rv.Snc. Wms'93 Reform Clnb 

Nichols Rev C W deLyon 110 Madison Av 

Nichols MiM" Erickson Norman (Edith Haines) 

Un. Na..62E78 

Nichols M' J O6good-H'93 27 W 44 

Nichols M"- Marie Christina..ab'd FuldaNo''? Romeltaly 
Nichols M' Morton Colton-Ul. H'92 1 E 39 


W av'd Nor 

Oct 24 
Madison N J 

.22 Ell 






~ I 

E 35 

New Yobk. 

Nichols MkM" Romaine C (Amelia A Echeverria) Cl'82 

"Cozey Nook" Bernardsville N J 

Nichols W Starr Hoyt-Uv. Y'64 40 E 26 

Nichols MiM" Wm E (Florence Gillette) Dke.Y'86..9W31 
Nichols MiM" Wm Gilman (May Armour) Ul . . . 17 E 60 
NicholsonM"H W(HenriettaWise) "Chanlers" NewportRI 

Niool H" Robt (Mary E Prentice) Bd 600 Mad Av 

NicoU Mill" Benjamin (Grace Lord) Uv.Mo.R.Dt. 

Mb.Mg.P'77. . "Merry wood" Morristown N J 
Nicoll MIM" DeLancey (Maud Churchill) Un.Mt.Uv.M. 

Rh.T.R.Dt.Rg.L.Ag.Fn.Dm.Snc.P'74. .123 E 38 
Nifoll M" Ed Holland (Marv Crosby).. . .Morristown N J 
Nicoll MiM" Ed Holland (Edith M Travers) P'82 

West Somers N Y 
Nicoll DiM" Henry Denton (Anne Bancker Camac) 

C. Rv.Ll.Ct..61E57 

Nicoll r James Craig-C 61 W 10 

Nicoll M' Matthias-Uv.Sn. Wms'61 i iq w j« 

Nicoll H"- Lilly, Annie & Carlotta .iiy w 40 

Nicoll D' Matthias Jr-Ct. Wms'89 1696 Broadway 

Nicoll MiM" Wm Cortlandt-Sn St Nicholas Club 

Niles MiM" Arthur Lncien (ClaraHotohkisa) R.Rv. 315 
lliirHoraceLHotchkiss(ClaraTaylor)Mt.Ul.Ny.Dt. W80 
Niles Mill" Nathaniel (Anna E Thompson) Ul. . 

M' Joseph N Tuitle-Rf 

Niles MiM" Lucien H (Bradford) La 

Niles M*"" Madge & Florence 

Niles MiH"PhilipBradford(SarahBrookman)R.Rv..llW9 

Nisbit D' J Douglas-So 10 E 43 

Nixon M' Lewis-Un. Mtw Union Club 

Noble M' Herbert-N. Sa 120 Broadway 


Noel MiM" Augu8te(Emilie Raberg) Lc. 
Noel M*"* Josephine «fc Loulou 

688 Sherbrooke 

NoelM""A uguste Jr-Ny . Lc. <fcPierre-Na. Lc. N Y Yach tClub 
Noirie MiM" Gordon (Lanfear) Un.C.MtCt.Dt.Ch. 377 

Norrie M"— Mary, Sara G & Emily L Fifth 

Norrie M' Adam Gordon-K. Sa . Ct. C1'91 Av 

Norrie MiM" A Lanfear (Ethel Lynde Barbey) 

Un.Cal.Ml.Dt.Cy.R.T.Chch..l7 E 41 
Norrie D' Van Horne-C. Cr85 21 W 37 


SooiAL Register, 


Norris D' Henry Selden-Un.Sn.Pl.Sv.Snc 123W34 

Norris H- Joseph P (Stevens) av'd Teut 

Norris M*^ Dorothea C & Fanny Sep 2 

Norris D' Charles-Uv. Y'88 23 E 39 

North HiM" Franklin Haven (Adabel Strebeigh)N..7E45 
North Dili" James Harper Jr (Henrietta M Jackson) 

Un. Us. PU..23E64 
North HiM" Thos M-C.Ul.L.Sp. Y'46. . . .160 Central Park 

Northam M" Wm L I ^^^^ Tvyr«/i;«^« a ^ 

NortharaM-OA^feLuciaA | 600 Madison Av 

Northrop DiH" Frank (Anna S Leisenring) 33 W 34 

Northrup Dili" Wm Perry (AntoinetteStebbins) 

H"MW Johnson [C.Bd.H'72 

Norton MiH" Benjamin (Hiirriette Vilas) 

Uv.R.Ha.Wms'76.163 W End Av 
Norton HiM" Ed London (Louise E Seggerman) 

NortonMiH"Eliot(MargaretPMeyer)Uv.G.H'85 . 468LexAv 

Norton M' JHenry-IJn..N Union Club 

Norton HiM" S L (Marie Keller) I ^..q ttt qi 

M' Louis Lawrence I ^^^ ^ ^^ 

Norwood M"" 

Norwood M'" Catharine 

Norwood M' Lewis Morris-Ct.Rv.Cw.Snc. 
Norwood MiH" Carlisle (Ethel J Hanbury) 

Mt.Sn.L.Dt.Rg.Snc.Ch . .Metropolitan Club 

Norwood M"- Louisa care M' Joel Rathbone 26 E 60 

Notman H" Peter (Jane C Dunlap) 

Notman M^ Edith & Ethel 

Not m an M""ChasP-Ha . , Grant-Ha. &Cly de 

Notman MiH" John-T.Mt.Dt.L.Ha. ..138 Joralemon Bkn 

Nott M' Chas C Jr , Married at Holy Com 

Hildt M^ Julia Jerome (late J McL) Nov 10 

Nott MiM" Chas Jr (Julia J Hildt) 47 E 60 

Nott DiM" Fred'k Josiah (Laura Fish Dickson) 

Uv.Pu.Na. '74.... 29 E 65 
Nourse HiM" Chas J Jr (Julia Livingston Peabody) 

Noyes MiM" Chas Prentiss (Fannie E Wentworth) 

Na.Ny..7Park Av 

Mad Av 

149 Joralemon 

New Yobk. 


90 Remsen Bklyn 
..New York Club 

Noyes Mir H F-Ha.Ny.S.Mc.Alb. .. 

H*" Emma- B Richardson 

Noyes M' John C-Ny.M.Lc 

Noyes M' O H P-M.Dt 

Noyes M""* 

Noyes MiM" Joseph Gillet (Edith Wetm'ore) 

"The Hawthorns" Milford Conn 

Noyes D'WmB-Col.Aht'88 162 W 73 

Noyes M" Wm Curtis (Julia F Tallmadge). ... 224 

M" John A Vanderpoel (Noyes) Mad Av 

Noyes M" William C - ! 60 W 48 

Nugt'nt MiM" Horace Dickinson (Antoinette Guion) 

Cal. .H B M Briiish Consulate Galveston Texas 
Nunn MiM" Loftus J de Winton (Caroline S Schieflfelin) 
Apartado 282 Mexico City Mexico 

Oakes MiM" S Everett (Helen Piffard) 10 W 35 

Oakes MiM" Thos Fletcher (Abby R Haskell) 

Mt.Ul.Ny .Rg. .Mamaroneck N Y 
Oakes M*" Georgina (Thos F) . . . Married at Mamaroneck 

Greer M' Lawrence Oct 19 

Oakley M' Alfred Peckham-Cal.R.Snc. . . .Calumet Club 
Oakley M' H Cruger-Un.K.Mt.Lc.Ny.S.Cw.Ct.l66 W56 
Oakley MiM"E Benedict(ElizabethTenEyckLitchfield) 81 
Oakley M"— Mary T E &Ellzabeth B. . [Sn. Sv . Cw. Sue. E 

Oakley M' Hv Ten Eyck-Sv 65 

Oakley M" (Gilbert 24 E 67 

Oakley MiM" Hy A (Clark) C.PlCt.Ch.La.Snc. 

Oakley M" Helen Tvndale 10 W 10 

H" James N & M"— Paulding 

Oakley MiM" JohnA(Eleanor M Peckharo)R * ,., ^jrr „„ 

Oakley M' Ainsley C-Cr89 . . . lui w 7.* 

Oakley M" Walton (R Addle Jones) 
Oakley M' Walton Livingston- 

M"- Jean Randolph White 

Oak man MiM" Walter G (Conkling) 

Un.Uv.Mt.Dt.Cy.C.Ch.Sg.Pn'64.12 E 63 
O'Brien MiM" John-M 

M" Philip W & Jack R Livermore 
O' Brien J udge&M" Morgan J-M. R. Ny .' . 

.35 E64 

145 Madison Av 
729 Park Av 


Social Register, 

O'Connor HiM" James (Morse) 

O'Connor H'--Pn 64 W 68 

O'Connor M' Wm Scott-Fn. Rv 

O' Conor Mill" John Christopher (Post) I M'av'dBretSep27 

M- Laura J Po8t..[Ul.Dt.Uva.Cw. I 24 E 33 

Oddie MiM" John Van Schaick (Helen B Freeman) 69 W 
Oddie M" J Van S Jr & Harold H-Cl' 99. [M.LcNy. 48 
Odell MiM" Hamilton (Elizabeth A Pinckney) -.ok xxr tk 

Odell M' Hammond-Ct Rf.Cl'89 [M.L. ^*^° ^ ^^ 

O'Donohue MiM" Jos J (Teresa M J Riley) 


O'Donohue M""* Teresa R & Marie M Irene 

O'DonohuH Col Hugh-Ctb.Na 

O'Donohue MiM" Jos J Jr (Marie L Braner) Col 

Cth.Na..262 W73 
O'Donohue MiM" Thomas J J (Josephine Quan) 

M.Na..550Park Av 
Oelrichs MiM" Charles May (Blanche deLoosey) 

Oelrichs M-- Lily '. [Un. Mt. 

Oelrichs M' Henry-Un Union Club 

Oelrichs MiM" Hermann (Theresa Alice Pair)Un. Mt. 1 

M- Virginia Fair. . .[M.Dv.R.Ny L.P1 S.Dm. E 57 
Offley M' D Remsen-R Racquet Club 

861 W20 

6 E69 



Ogden MiM", Alfred (Ogden). 

Ogden M' George 

Ogden M"-" Annie & Frances 26 W 21^ 

Ogden M'- Emilie. 128 E 30 

.ab'd Col 
Oct 24 
31 W20 

Ogden M" Charles Walton Sr (Louisa H 

Ogden M"" Mary Frazier [Frazier) 

Ogden M' Chas W-L.Cr95 

Ogden M"" Clara New Brighton S I 

Ogden MiM" David B (Mary E Sherman) Uv.Rf.Ct. 

C.Mo.Ch.Cr69..12 E 10 
Ogden MiM" E Hudson (Goodricli). . . . 

Ogden M' Louis Mansfield-Un. Rv 166 W 68 

Ogden M' Edward Saville-Dp 

Ogden MiM" Francis Ludlow (Gertrude H Jones) 

Uv.S.Rf.Cl'74. .246Lex Av 
Ogden M" Gouverneur Morris (Harriet Evans) . . . .10 E 10 

New York. 

Ogden HiM" John R(Jo8ephineEMar8hall) 
Ogden M"— Charlotte S, Sara D&MamieM. 
Ogden M' John R Jr 

Bartow on - 

Ogden M' Joseph Died at Swaropscott Mass Aug 4 

Ogden M' Henrv-Ch 
Ogden M'-Mary S. 
Ogden M' James L-Pl.Dt. 

.16 E 28 

Ogden HiM" Joseph W-Un.Dt.Mo.Mg.Lf'72 

.Players Club 

"Hillcrest" Morristown N J 

Ogden M" Samuel (Sarah C Waddington).. 
Ogden M' Wallace-Un 

.361 W20 

.85 Clinton HI 

Ogden HiM" Jonathan (Fannie H Brush) 

Ogden M"- Fanny Walton 

Ogden MiM" Ludlow (Susan W Jones) Uv.Dp.Cw. 

Ch.Cr72..536 W 148 

Ogden M" Margaret V C-Fn 9 E 35 

Ogden H" Thomas Ludlow (Susan Lyon) Garden City 

Ogden H*"" Alice Lyon & Constance LI 

Ogden MiM" Thomas W (Ruth Schuyler) I Morristown 

Ogden M- Ellen [Cl'29 | NJ 

Ogden M' Walter Uv.Ct.Snc.Cr70 University Club 

Ogden H" Wm B (Mariana Arnot) 266 Madison Av 


416 W 23 

Ogilvie HiM" Clinton (Helen Slade)C. . . 

Ogilvie M- Ida H 

O' Gorman H" Richard Sr. 

O' Gorman H" 

O' Gorman MiM" Edward J (Caroline Snyder) 
O'Goiman MiH" Rich'd (Mary J O'Connor) Na. 

35 Mt Morris Park W 

Ogston M' Frank P 16 E 28 

Olcott MiM" Douglas Worth (Pauline Von S Jerome) 

302 State Albany N Y 

Olcott M^ Dudley-Mt. Dl.Dt.Rf.Ll Albany N Y 

Olcott MiM" Eben Erskine (Kate Van Santvuord) 

Uv.Dt.Eg.Cl'74..38 W 39 
Olcott MiM" Fred'k P (Mary E) Ul.Ny.Rg.Mt.M. 


Olcott M' Geo M-Pl.Dt Players Club 

Olcott MiH" J Van Vechten (Laura I Hoffman) 

Ul.Rp.Rv.CoLCh.Adp'76. .83 W 72 

Social Beoistbb, 

Olcott MiM" Richard Morgan (Alice Maiie Olcott) 

M.2J a. L.N.EC.. Manhattan Club 
Olcott Mill" W m M K (Jessie A Baldwin) Rp . . . . 58 W 84 
Olin M' Stephen Henry-Uv.C.Ct.Dt.L.Pl.Cw. ... 136 E 19 
Oliphant MiM" Alex C (Sarah Elkins) L.USN'81 

175 W Stat« Trenton N J 

Oliver M" Dillon ab'd. .671 Mad Av 

Oliver M' Henry W-Un.Ul Union Club 

Olmstead M' D wight Hinckley-Ul.Col 

Olmstead M*" Grace 

HiM" Wm Wilson (Ida Caroline Olmstead) 

Olmsted M' Albert H-C.Mt Hartford Conn 

Olmsted M" Wm N (Mary A Sterns). . 

Olmsted M'-&M'- Katharine & M' Edward 

Olney M' Geo W-Cc.Cw.Rv.H'66 

Oliiey MiM" Peter B (Mary Sigourney Butler) C.Uv. 

L.Ch.H'64. .Lawrence L I 
Olry MiM" Fen wick (Estelle Davidson) '69 

Olry M'- Eunice 

Olyphant MiM" John Kensett-Un.Sv.Rv.Dt.Rg. .62 E 54 

-- - ... 160 J^fJ^d 


26 W 72 

434 Jefferson 
Elizabeth NJ 
..68 William 

Audubon Pk 

Olyphant M' Rob't Morrison-Rv. Sv. Dt. Cr42 
Olvphant M"" Grace V 

Olyphant M"- care F M Olyphant 21 Cortlandt 

Olyphant MiM" Robert (Caroline Wetmore Miiller) 

Un.L.Dt.Rv.Us Sv.Ct.Sg. .26 E 46 
Olyphant HiM"Talbot (Marie Viele) Ct.Rv.Cc. 64 

Olyphant M'~' A S, Marie Viele & Anne M Riverside 
av'd Fst Bmk Nov 15 Drive 

Onativia M"- G J 

Onativia M' Jose Victor-Un.H'85 647 Madison Av 

Onativia MiM" Tomasito Luis (Louise Dean Cooley) 

Cy. M. Na . care JC Cooley Westchester NY . . M"ab'd 
Onderdonk MiM" Andrew J (ALunie L Frost) L.Mt. 

HI. Snc . . 171 Park PI Bklyn 

O'Neil M' J Wilkes-Sa St Anthony Club 

Oothout MiM" Edward (Julia C Drake) C . Snc . . .48 W 9 

Oothout M" Hy (Elizabeth Williams) 

Oothout M"- 151 W 12 

M"" Theodora M Williams 

New York. 266 

Oothout iiM" Wm (J E Morgan) Um.Mt. 

av'd Mai Nov 13. .218 Mad Av 

Oothout BiM" Wm Jr(.SaltH8-HelenSloanRead)Un.S. 

B'n.Mt. .av'd AUer Jun 22. .St George Montecifco Cal 
- _ __ _ _ ^^^ 


Opdycke MiM" Leonard E (Edith Bell) Uv.Rt.H'SC) 
Oi>dvcke M" Emerson (Lucy W Stevens) 

Opdyke IT Henry-Dke 62 W 38 

Opdyke MiM" Wm S (Margaret C Post) Dt. 

Mt.Rf.Pu. HI. Ct 19 W 12 

Opdyke W Alfred C P. .av'd Saale AngSO. 

Ord r Joseph P-Uv.Cy.Uva.Y'73.214 State Albany NY 

Ord M"" Marietta Married at London Eng 

Wells M' David Oct 15 

Ordway Mill" Sam'l H ^Frances Hunt Throop) Uv. 

Br' 80 H' 83.. 152 W 57 
O'Heilly M" Eliza. ."Ridgecote" RyeWestchesterCoNY 

Orlowski Comte&Ctss Micislas (Mabel Stevens) ab'd 

OriTiiston M' Thos S-Col.L 7 Nassau 

Oine MiM" Hy Merrill (Harriet J Orvis) Cw 40 E 23 

Orr Mkr Alex E-Ha.Ct.Dt 100 Remsen Bklyn 

Orr MiM" Jolin C (Amelia S Killian) Ny. R. 

Orr M- M Louise 122 E 72 

Orr M' Henry Steers-R 

Orr MiM" Henry (Eleanore C Van Buren) 
Orvis MiM" Charles E (Storm-S M Boyd) Col. 

M- Edna G Storm 41 W 81 

Osborn M" Francis Pares (Nancy E Mac- I 34 

M*" Eunice N Quimby fRJ^gor) | GramercyPk 

Osboin MiM" Hy S (McAllister). . "Elm Lawn" Salem NY 
Osborn Prof&M" Hy Fairfield (Lucretia Perry) 

C.Uv.Bd.Rg.P'?7..850 Madison Av 
Osborn MiM" Rob't A(Josefa Howard Neilson) Cal.Ny. 

Cn.R.Ay.Rf.Cy.Lc.Sa.S..2 Rutherford PI 
Osborn MiM" Wm (Ellen Cecelia Bnrrell) Rf.Dm. I po.237 

Osborn M' Wm Jr [Ny.Cn.S.Lc. W 76 

Osborn MiM" Wm Churcli (Alice Dodge) C.Uv.Dt.M. 


Osborn M" W H (Virginia R Sturges) 32 Park Av 

Osborne M' Sam'l Duffield-A Mad Sq Garden Tower 


Social Eegistee, 


Osgood D' Charles H Died at Ipswich Mass Sep 6 

Osgood M' F L-Ny.N.Ay.Lc Norwich Conn 

Osgood M"- Elizabeth A 26 E 26 

Osgood M" Franklin (Isabella Boir()we).New Brighton SI 
Osgood W John C-M J'l Dt.Na.N.Chch..L. . .Denver Col 
Osgood MiM" Wm H (M E Schankberg) Un. 

M"- Schankberg [Mt.Ny. 

Osgood M' Wm H Jr-Un.R 

Ostrander MIM" Charles F (Mary Morris Edwards) G. 

"Sewanoy" Rye N V 

O' Siillivan M" Thos S (Mary L Allen) 12 Lex Av 

Otiieman M*M™ Francis W (Lanra B Chamberlain) I 41 E 
Otheman M"- Elsie M & M' Ed Roe-P'95. . . .[Ul.Mc. | 53 
Otis Mir Chas A Jr (LnciaREdwards)Uv Sa. Y'90.32E26 
Otis 11' Clias Harri8on-Uv.Ha.H'73. .189Montagae Bklyii 

Otis DiM" Fessenden (Prances Cooke) 

Otis M"- Edith F 

5 W 


"The Locusts" 

Bellport L 1 
ab'dTeut JSiov 4 

Otis M' Frank A-Un.Mt.R.Rg. 


Otis W Francis J-Un. R.Rg, . . 

Otis M' James-Ul.S Union League Club 

Otis M" Wm K (Florence Hoyt) 

C . Uv. R.Zp. Cr82 . . 5 W 50 

Ottendorfer M' Oswald-C.M.Rf.Ct 150 W 59 

Oudin MiM" Lucien-C.Dm 115 W 69 

Oudin H' Jos A care Judge 


Oudin MiM" Maurice A (Susan W 

Folger) Rf.F91 
Outerbridge MiM" A E(Nannie R Thomp 
Outerbridge M' Frank R-H'96. . . [son)La 
Outerbridge MiM" Ene H (Ethel Boyd) 
Outerbridge M"" Ethel Harvey 
Owen MiM" Edward L ~ 
Owen DiM" Henry E (Sophia L Ives) Uv.Y'64 
Owen M"-" Marietta I, Susan B & Editii H. . . 

Owen M' Henry E Jr 

Owen M' Frank W-dil Sa Calumet Club 

OwenM" Thos Jefferson (Emilia Ketchum Piatt). 23 W 34 
Owen M' Walter Tallant-S 39 W 27 



"Beau S6jour" 

Orange N J 

Davis Av 

W Brighton S I 

Dt 16E64 


New Yoek. 267 


17 W 

Owen MiM" Wm H (Mary L Brooks) 

Owen M' Wm H Jr-at Yale 

M" Ed S Brooks (Adeline M Leveridge). 

Oxnard M"- Flora ,' 226 W 59 

Oxnard H' James G-Uv.Cl'SS 32 E 26 

Packard M" Chas W-C.Ch 447 Park Av 

Packard MiM" Edward W (Elizabeth Blydenburgh) 

Paddock M" Franklin A (Anne Gordon). . . . 

Paddock M' Gordon-Un.P'87 

Paddock M' Franklyn-Uva P'91 

Paddock M' Robert Allan-Cft.Y'92. . . .80 Washington Sq 

Cn. R. Rv.Evb.M'ab'dTeutJlyl5 . CreditLyonnaisParis 
Page MiM" Edward D (Cornelia Lee) C.Uv.Mc. 

Page M' Henry A-Un.T.Mc.Ec.Bg. " Walnut 

Psige M—HelenB&MarieK ab'dJlylSav'd Gate" South 
.M*- Lilly Page Ely. | Teut Sep 30 Orange N J 

Page M' Harry Savage-Mb.Ec.Mt Westbury L I 

Page MiM" Parker W (Nellie A Hayes) 

Na.Mtw.Bg.H'77. . Edgewood Summit N J 
PageM'JSeaver-Ul.Cy.T.Mtw.Lc. Wk.Rf. I The Ijangham 
Rp.Rg.Na.Snc.Ch. 663 Fifth Av 

Page M'- Helen Clifford | av'dTeiitSep30 

Page M" Wm D (Helen Grinnell) Audubon Paik 

Page MiM" W m H Jr (Blanche Page)Na. Dm . H'83 . 67 W 93 
Paget MiM" Arthur Hy F (MarvFiske Stevens) 

M" ab'd Camp Oct 10. .35 Belgrave Sq London 
Paget MiM" Almeric Hugh (Pauline Whitney) 

Mt. R..724Fifth Av 
Paige M' Ed Winslow-Uv.Mt.L.Dt.Sp.Rf.Cw.U'64 

29 Wash Sq W 

Paine M' Chas-C Tenafly N J 

Paine MiM" Augustus G-Ul.Bd 18 W 49 

Paine MiM" AugG Jr (Maud Eustis Potts) Cal.Ul. .47 W45 
Paine MiM" Hy Gallup (Frances Bacon Martin) 

Sa.Cl'80..126E 19 

Paine M" Henry D (Lucy Gallup) 

Paine MiM" Willis S (Ruby S Tilden)M.T.L. . . .155 W 68 

268 Social Beoistbe, 

56 Irwin Av 

, . Union Olub 

151 E 


Painter IliM" Augustus E W(Blair)Un.Eg 

Painter M" Geo Blair, C L & J Jr 

Painter M' Christopher L-Un 

Palen MiM" George (S Gertrude Mortimer) Ul. . . 

M' J Lelaiid & M- Hoppock 

Palmer iiU" Chas M (Mary Sill) 341 

Palmer M"- Eva 

Palmer M"- May 11 W 60 

Palmer M' Cortlandt E-Rg.Uv.Cr78. . Munroe & Co Paris 
Palmer MiM" Elisha L (Cornelia Kissam) 

G.Us.LL.New London Conn 
Palmer M" Francis I A (Whitehead) 

care G 1 Whitehead . . 12 W 18 

Palmer M' Francis Sterne-Pl. Rv. H'87 Players Club 

Palmer M' Frederick Halstead-Sti.Cl' 29 E 81 

Palmer M»M" Geo Carnegie (Helen Campbell) 

Sn.Sa.Bg.Cr83. . "The Valley" Milburn N J 
Palmer MiM" J Culbert(Mary Eagle)Uv. Y'82. 14 Brevoort 

M'- Elizabeth Eagle PI Bklyn 

Palmer W Miln Parker-Sn St Nicholas Club 

Palmer MiM" Nicholas P (Laura Adele 

Palmer M' Francis F [Quintard) Eg. 

Palmer M' Richard Snydam-Mt.Un.K.Cal.Ny.Cy.S 

Mb.Sa.Rg.Lc.Uva.Cr91. ab'd Luc Aug 1. .24 E 89 
Palmer M' Stephen S-Mt.Ul.Dt.Ec.L. .Metropolitan Club 

PalmieriM"- 16 E 28 

Pancoast MIM" Archer Vance (Kelty-Marie Louise 316 

M' H Smith Kelty ....... fjollie) Ul. PI. Sv. Rp. W 72 

Pancoast M' Richard-Un.Uv.I)t.Wk.Eg.'60. .Union Club 
Papin M" Francis Sidney (Kate R AUerton) 

M-AnnC Craven&M- PamillaWSheldon 
Pardee DiM" Chps Inslee (Beecher-Frances 

ab'd Luc Jly 4 
922 Fifth Av 

Madison Av 

M-- Juliet S Snow. ..[G Snow)UI.Lt.Ay.Ll. 

.6 E43 

Pardow M' Joseph V-R.Na Racquet Club 

Paris M' Irving-Un Union Club 

Paris MiM" Francis UJshoeffer (Nina Periy Fisk) 

Rf.Crse. .care M" S A Fisk 144 E 36 
Parish M' John H. . . . Died at Pleasiantville N Y Sep 21 
Parish M"- Helen 45 W 11 

New Yobk. 

Parish W Daniel Jr I o t? ig 

Parish ¥*" | 

Parish M" Henry (Woodward-Seymour) 

Died at 1W19 Nov 6 

Parish r Hy-Mt.Cr49 

Parish M- Edith C 1 W 19 

Parish M' Edward C 

Parish iiM" Heinry Jr (Susan Lodlow) Cal.Ec.Ct. .8 E 76 
Parish M' Waihwright-Cal.Uv.Rens'8a . .Calumet Club 
Park Mill" Trenor L (Julia H Catlin) Mt.Ul.Sn.Ny. 

R.Dke.Cy.Na.Ag.H'83. . White Plains N Y 
Park Mill" Wm Gray (Elizabeth Sweitzer) 

Un.Na.Rg.Ct.Dt.Cy.Ag.Rv. .47 Fifth Av 

Parke MiM" John G-Un.Ll.Mtw 


Parker M' Amasa J Jr-Uv.Y'9l 


Union Club 

32 K26 

Parker DiM"Cha8Thorndike-Cal.S.ab'd Adri Jly29.46E34 
Parker M" C Maynard (Clara Maynard) H'91. i^o .,17- ^q 

Parker M' James Alfred .102 W 58 

Parker MiM'" Francis Eyre (Henrietta B Macaulay) I 126 

M' J i;^ Macaulay ..[M.P'77 | E 34 

Parker M' Frederic S-Uv . Ul.Ha. Y'73 32 E 26 

Parker Oil" JamesH(JuIiaAJones)M.T.Ny.N.L.Na. I 18 

M" Augustus H Jones & M"" AnnieV Jones. .[So. I E69 

Parker M' Jas V-Un.K 263 Mad Av 

ParkerMiM"Cortlandt(ElizabethWStites) C.T. 568 Broad 

Parker M' Cortlandt Jr-Uv.E.Zp.'78 Newark 

Parker M' Robert M-Dp. E. Bg . P'85 N J 

Parker M' Chauncey Qt (Cortlandt). ..Married at Newark 

Wright M- Dora (Ed H) Nov 11 

Parker MiM" Chauncey G (Dora Wright) E H'85 

Saybrooke PI Newark 
Parker MiM" Chas W (Emily Fuller) Ec. E.Bergen Pt N J 
Parker MiM" James (Chariotte Condit) Mtw.USA 

West Point N Y 
Parker MiM" RichardWayne(EleanorGordon)Uv.E.Ec. 

P'67. .29 Saybrooke PI Newark&Hutton Pk Orange 
Parker M' Stephen Hills. .84 Boul des Bastigliones Paris 
Parker DiM" Willard (Margaret Ketcham)Uv.C. I 55 
Parker M"Grenville&MorrisKetchum [PI. CI' 66 1 Fifth A v 


Social Biioisteb, 

Parker MiM"^ Willard Jr(LillieMSkiddy)Pl.Y'90.42W54 
Parker ItM" Winthrop (Birdsall-Susan A Robinson) 

Uva..311 W90 

Parker M' William N-Uv.Ha.Y'79 Cniversity Clab 

Parker M' Wm B-Un Union Club 

Parkin M' William Winthrop -C 

Poi>irin Ml- ^ u-i A T 49 Fifth Av 

Plashing N Y 


.1 E39 


Parkin M-AM-i AT 

Parkin M' William-Uv.C.Rf.Bg. Y'74. 

Parkin M" H Grenville (Louisa Ford). , 

Parkin W T Winthrop 

Parkin M*"* Winthrop 

M"- Edith WdeRussy&ffRene A deRussy-Cw 

Parmly MiM" Duncan D-Ul.Bd.L.Na 

Parmly M' Duncan J-N 

Parr M' Beniamin-01 20 Fifth Av 

Parris IfcM" Edward Lowden (Du Bois) C . Uv . H . Sp . 

Rv.Bd.Dm.U'57.H'66. .285 W End Av 

Parrish M' Dillwyn-M . K : Manhattan Club 

Parrish IT James Cres8on-Mt.C.T.K.Pl.R.Ct. 

Parrish M'--Sg FDt.L.Rg.Sg. 

Parrish M' Samuel L-Un.K.Uv.Pl.C.Dm.Ct. 


Parrott M' John-Mt.K Metropolitan Club 

Parrott M' Peter Peai-se (late Jno F).Died at Arden N Y 

Jly 30 
Parshall MiM" De Witt (Carrie Ewell) Pl.Hob'rt'85 

661 Fifth Av 
Parsons MiM" Charles (Shepley) L.Bd. . . 

Parsons M"" Frances Nott 

Parsons M"" Llewellyn Swayne-ab'd. . . 

Parsons W Edwin-Uv.N.Y'88 

Parsons M' Clias Jr-Uv.Rg.L.Uva.Y'78 

M" B L Humphrey 

Parsons M" Edwin (Mary Llewellyn Swayne)-Uva. 

Riverside Av & 90 
Parsons M" Chas Jr (Louise Humphrey) 

Died at Manhattan Beach Aug 10 

Parsons M' Enos Bloss-Un Union Club 

Parsons M'Henry-Uv. Cl'88 32 E 26 




27 W46 

New York. 





30 E 

Parsons iiM" Herbert (Emeline F Coe) R. Ag. . . . 15 E 46 
Parsons lUM" H deBerkeley (Frances Walker) 

Mt.Cal.Cy.Eg.Ay.Cr82..294 Mad Av 
Parsons ItM" Hosiner B (Celia Sara Howson) 

Parsons M*- Emma L A [L.Wk. 

M*" Emma Howson 

Parsons MiM" JamesRus8ellJr(I)ana-PrancesTSmith) 

Rv.Ty'81..t76 Wash'n Av Albany N Y 
Parsons M' JnoE-Uv.C.MlDt.Rg Sp.Pl.Ct.N'48. 

Parsons M"" Mary 

Parsons M'~" Gertrude & Constance ; . . 

Parsons M' Herbert-Uv. Y'90 

Parsons M" John E (Mary D Mcllvaine) 

Died at Lenox Mass Aug 18 
Parsons MilT JosephH(SarahStanley)Ul.L.G.Rv. . .1W72 
Parsons MiM" Robert B (Mary E MitcbelI)Rf. ! Ti,,„„v.;„„ 
Parsons M-" AnnaH,CorneUaM&Bertha R. . . T '^f'^:^^^ 

Parsons M" Robert E & Wm Bowne | ^' 

Parsons M' Samuel Jr-C St Remo Hotel 

Parsons M' Richard Chap pel Jr-K. .Knickerbocker Club 
Parsons M*M" SchiiylerLi vingston(Helena 
Johnson)U n. Mt. PL Snc. 

Parsons M*" 

Parsons MiM" Geo B (Bessie Webb) 

Parsons MiM" Wm Barclay (Reed)Uv.Mt.Cl'79. . .61 E 63 

Parsons M' W H-Mt.Ct.Ul.Ay Metropolitan 

Parsons M" Marselis C Club 

Parsons MiM" Wm H Jr (Laura W Collins) 

Uv.Na.Ay. Y'82. .246 W 76 

Parton MiM" Arthur (Anna Taylor) C 

Parton W A Taylor 

Partridge DiM" Ed L (Gertrude E Dwight) 

C.Uv.Cl'76 .19 Fifth Av 
Paterson M" Andrew Bell (Prances C Webb) 

Paterson M' Wm-P'95 

Paton MiM" Morton S (Anna Siter) Uv.R. Wk.Ag. 

Paton M" Thomas Senior (Spring) [P'SO 

MiM" Wm Ranch (Paton) 


.52 E 23 

..78 E65 




Social Beghster, 

Paton Mill" Thomas (Marion Rawle) 

Un.R.Wk.Cy.Ag. .Union Club 
Paton MiM" John (Isabella G Hamilton) Bt.C. 

Paton M' Francis John-Un.Cal.R.Dt 

Paton M" William A Senior 

Paton M" Wm A-Un. & David-Un.F74 

Patterson M' Albert M Died at Geneva Sep 22 

Patterson M" Albert M (Eliza Tracy Brown) 

20 Iowa Circle Washington D C 

Patterson M' A Mansfield-H'95 41 Worth 

Patterson M*" Caroline H 

Patterson M** Jessie 

Patterson Jndge&M" Edward (Isabel liddon Cox) 

M.Mt.Ad.C.Dt.Pl.Dm.Cr 19 

Patterson M*^ Mary Newbold & Eleanor S E 

Patterson M'Ed wardLiddon-U v . Rv. C. Ad . U va. CI' 86 46 

Patterson M'^ Henry Stuart- Wms'96 

Patterson M' Arthur Coxe Williamstown Mass 

Patterson M'" Laura .^ ^ Newport R I 

Princeton N J 

44 Pine 

15 W 

30 W20 

Patton President&M"Prancis L(Rosa A 
Patton M"" Geo S & Robt H . .[Stevenson) 
Pauer von Budahegy M&M" Leo (Josephine Braem). .ab'd 

Paulding M' James Kirke-C 56 W 88 

Paulding Mill" James P (Norton- Annie) M.Ny.Na. 

Albemarle Hotel 

Paulding Mill'' Pearson (Margaret Price) 

Paulding MiM" P Kerable(Elizabetli P Pear- Cold Spring- 

Paulding M' (ronverneur-Rf [son) on-Hudson 

Paulding MiM" James N (Pearson) C . . . . Cold Spring 

Paulding The M'^ 

Pauncefote Sir Julian & Lady H E 

(Selina Cubett) 

Pauncefote M'-aM^ Lillian, Audrey 

& Sybil 
Pavenstedt M' Adolf-Cal.Un.R.Dv.Dt 
Pavenstedt M! Edmund-Dv.Cal.Dt. .ab'd Lahn Sep 1 

1 Deutcher Verein Club 

Pavey M' Prank D-Ul.Dke.Rp. Y'84 450 Fifth Av 

Paxton Rev John R-C.Ul.Ll 51 W 46 

Payne M'. Henry B Died at Cleveland O Sep 9 

N Y 

Oct 22. British Em- 
bassy Wash D C 

.9 W 29 


New York. 273 

Payne M' Henrv Wilmerding-Un Union Club 

Payne M' Oliver H-Mt . K . Uv . M . Dt . Mb . Rg . Y' 63 

852 Fifth Av 

PayneMiM-WmHowellCJennielnman) Ul. .M'ab'dBritJun 

24. .av'dJun26. .98ParkAv. .MorganHarjes&CoParis 

Payson MiM" Francis (Mary F Dabney) Un.Mb. . 

Payson MiM" Francis L Jr (Mabel Stewart) Un. . 

Payson M' VVm F-Pu 

Peabody MiM" Arthur J (Eleanor E Russell) I ir «t ^ 
Peabody M'-AnnaRutherfurd..[Pl.L.Sg.Ag. I -^o ^ ^" 
Peabody Judge&M" OhasA(Bowen- AtheniaLivingston) 

Ul.C.Ch.H'39..60 W21 
Peabody MiM" Chas A Jr (Charlotte A Damon) 

Mt.Ul.Uv.T.R.Dt.Rv.Sg.Cl'69..13Park Av 
Peabody MiM" Charles J (Helen A Hoyt) 

Rf . L . Ha . . Englewood N J 

Peabody M" Geo H (Elvira C) [So. I 28 MonroePl 

Peabody M' GeoFoster-Mt. Rf . Al. L. Dt. Ha. | Bkly n 

Peabody MiM" Geo H (Phillips) 17 

M" M J Ward & M- Belle Peabody Ward .... W 96 
Peabody D' George Living8ton-Uv.C.Ct.cr70. . .57 W 38 

Peabody M' Lincoln Rea-U v . H'87 126 W 44 

Peabody MiM" Richard A (Mary Chester Miller) 

Uv.Nv.Rh.R.Y'81..504 Fifth Av 
Peabody MiM" Stephen (Haven) K.Mt.Ny.Bg. . . .64 E 66 

Pearsall M" Tho? W (Pauline Spotford) .Died 



Pearsall M' Thomas W-Un.Ul.T.Dt. Rg.Ny.Jkl. 
Pearsall M" Thomas W Jr-Un.& Paul S-Un.Lc. 

Pearson M" Fred'k (Lesley J Ayer) 3 W 57 

Pease MiM" Walter A (HoUister) Dl.Sv 

Pease M' Walter Albert Jr-H'93 

Pease M' Henry H (Katherine B N diPollone) 

R.H'91..22 W43 
Pease M' Wm B-USA. Us. Rv. LI. 

ab'd Aller Jly 26. .United Service Club 
Peaslee DiM" EdwardHenry(FlorenceWitherbee) 61Park 

M"C S Witherbee (Spencer).. [C. Uv. l)t. Y'72 Av 
Peck M" Ernest Hamilton (Blanche Morrell) ; 572 

Peck M"- Louise Gordon | Fifth Av 

Peck M' Hermon McLean 39 W 66 


Social Register, 

Peck Med Dir&M" Geo (E A Brewster) Uv.Ul.E. 

LI. P' 57. .926 N Broad Elizabeth N J 

'Ilex Cot" 

Peck MiM" Harry T (Cornelia M Daw- 
Peck M" E T. . . . .[barn) C. A.Al.Cl'Sl 
Peck MiM" Thos Bloodgood (Mary P Staunton) Sn. 

Peck M' Thos Bloodgood Jr-Ch'97 [Snc.Ch. B 34 

Peck MiM" Walter J-Col.Dt.Na 123 W 73 

Peck MiM" Wm Emerson (Bertha Thompson Price) 

Peckham MiM" Walton M (M Louise Chese- 726 

Peckham ff Walton C [brough) Rg.La Fifth Av 

Peckham MiM" Wheeler H (Keasbey) C. Mt. Dt. 685 

Rf. Mg. Madi- 
Peckham MiM" Ruf us W Jr (Harriet W Corning) son 

M. Mg. • Av 
Peckham M* Rnf us W Jr Married at Albany 

Corning M"- Harriet Weld (Erastus) Oct 28 

Peckham Justice Ruf us W^-M Albauy N Y 

Peckham MiM" Wm Q (Laura Thurston) "Valley 

Rf.L.H'67 View" 

Peckham M'~'Mary&Laura. .atBryiiMawr WestfieldNJ 
Pegram MiM" Orlando A (Mary Mann-Sandford) l 129 

Pegram M"- Virginia Bell | E 40 

Peirce M' Theodore Whitney 51 W 48 

Pelham Clinton MiM" ChasS (di Z§r6ga)MoorCtStoudEng 

Pell M" Archibald M 68 E 49 

Pell MiM" Alfred (Mary Huntington)C.K.Dt.La. 

Pell M** Frances .... 

Pell M' Alfred Duane-Na.Crsf. ". '. '. ' *. *. '. '. '. '. '. 929 Pifth Av 

Pell M" Aithur Goshen N Y 

Pell MiM"ChasElliott( Jo8ephineDelano)S. Rp. Sn c. . 341 E50 
Pell M" Clarence (Annie Claiborne). 

Pell M"- Charlotte 

Pell M" D Archie (Caroline Cheever) 
Pell W A Mercer 

M- VI Cheever 

Pell M' GeorgeW(lateAlfred S) . . Died at929Fifth Av Jlyl9 

Pell MiM" H Archie(Sadie D Price)Cw. Bg. . . 

Pell M' Frederick A-Uv.Cw.Rf . F71 ....... 173 Fifth Av 

PellMiM"HerbertC(Kernochan)Un.Mt.T.Ss . . TuxedoPark 

20 E35 

....119 E 36 

Brown Shipley 
& Co London 

New York. 



Cw.Snc. . .438 Madison Av 
Pell Mil" John Henry (Mary B Wessel8)Sn. Cw.Snc. 


.13 E 29 

1 Av Montaigne 

Pell M"" Mary Duane-La 

Pell M' Stephen H. 

Pell ir Walden (Melissa Hyatt). . . . 

Pell M*- Mary Howland 

Fell M" Francis L-Cl'OS & James Duane. 
Pell M" Walden (Orleana Ellery) . . . 

M"" Estella Anderson 

Pellew MiM" Chas Ernest (Margaret W Chandler) 

C.La.Cl'84..51 E 64 
PellewMiM"HyEd( Augusta Jay)Mtw. C. U v. 1637Ma8S A v 

Pellew M"- Marion [La.Ty'49 Wash D C 

Pell-HaggertyMiM"Howland(Mary Willets) Morton Rose 

M" Anna W Willets & Co London 


av' d Fst Bk Oct 8 . . care O S Carter . . Orange N J 

Pelton r Guy R (Angelina S Scoville) 10 W 43 

PeltzMiM" JohnDe W itt(CatherineB W alsb )Uv. Rv. 

222 Lancaster Albany N Y 
Pembrook M*M"Theodore K (Bertha WoodrufiQM. Col. 

MC..12 W71 
Pendleton MiM" Edm'd (Marg't Riviere Hetzel) 

Un.Rv.Pl.Rtp.Cyp.Ll.Kv.Wt.Hotel Ponce de Leon 

St Augustine Fla 


PendletonMibM''Francis Key(Elizabeth LaMontagne) 

M'"Kate La Montague 

Penfield M' Walter A-Sn 7 W 44 

Penf old M' Edmund-Ul . Dt . Snc 


Penfold M' Wm Hall-Un.'Mt.Ul.Dt.Snc. 
Penington M*M" Geo H (Jane Thompson). 

Penington M*" Mary T 

Penniman M"- Pauline E (Geo H). Married at 636 Fifth Av 

Lewis M' Robert C Oct 13 

Penniman M' Chas R-Un ab'd 


20 Fifth Av 





276 Social Register, 

Penniman MiM" Geo H (Mary E Brewer) 

Penniman M*M" Gardner B(Mary Johnstone) S.Ny. 

MiM"* Robt C Lewis (Pauline Penniman) 

Penniman M" Samuel J (Mary Knower) 

M- Strong 

Pennington MiM" Harper(CaiolineTUeobalcl)C.Pn.68W 11 
Pennington M' Sam'l H Jr-E. . . .Essex Club Newark N J 
Pennington MiM" Wm-Uv.L.PI.Cc.Y'60..Paterson N J 

Peploe M' Fitzgerald-R Racquet Club 

Percival M" Jas H (Juliet Ohichester^ 32 W 46 

Perkins M' Benjamin Married at Ch Holy Communion 

Hildt M" Frances (Jerome) Jun 30 

Perkins W A Erickson-Un.Ul.M. Rv Union Club 

Perkins M' Sam'l Welsb-Cal.Uv.R.H'87 41 WaU 

Perkins MiM" Benjamin (Hildt-Frances Jerome) 


Perkins M' Geo Lawrence-Un 67 W 39 

Perkins MiM" C Lawrence (Margaret Gandy) 

Un.R.Dt.Bg.H'79..47 W 11 

Perkins M" Cbas L.av'd Teut Jly 7 ~ 

Perkins M' George E-Uv . R . Sa . Bg . Ty'81 
Perkins M' Robert P-R . Uv . Un . H'84 . . . . 
Perkins MiM" Ed C (Elizabeth H Evarts) ' 

Uv.Rv.L.Ad.H'79..126 Central Av Plainfield N J 


Glen Cove 

Perkins MiM" Edward H Jr (Norton) U.Mt.Pl.C. 

Perkins M' Norton 

Perkins M' George P-Ul .Mo 

Perkins M' Ed N-Un.M.ab'd Luc Oct 24. , . .Union Club 

Perkins M- Edith G (Jos G) Married at Lyme Ct 

Line M' Wolcott G Sept 15 

Perkins Rev&M" Newton (Mary Sowles) Cw.Cd. 
Perkins M"- Elizabeth Bishop-Cd 


42 W4e 

Perkins MiM" Hv Clark (Eliza M Seymour) . . , 

Perkins M' Seymour 

Perkins D' Joseph F-Ry. P'72 St James Hotel26StEntr'oe 

Perkins M' Wm H-Mt. UI.Rp Park Av Hotel 

Perrine MiM"PredAC(MargaretJRoebling) Rf.E.P'33 
" Wemrah Farm" Leland Stanford Uv.PaloAltoCal 

New Yoek. 277 

Peirine Mill" Lewis (Addie Slack) L.Pl Ct.Mtw. 

187 Greenwood Av Trenton N J 

30 First PI 

av'dK Wm 
Oct 11 
IE 56 

Perry Mill" Andrew J (Jnlia L Olcott). 

M' Horatio Whiting Olcott 

Perry MiM" Chas M (A Maud Green) L.Pl.Ct. . .138 E 22 
Perry MiM" Edward (Geogette fl DeGrovej 

R.Ny.Dt. Ag. .612 Fifth Av 
Perry MiM" Ed Delevan (Alice Van Schaick) 0. .133 E 55 

Perry M' Ed Wight-K.Un Knickerbocker Club 

Perry M' Edward W Jr-C 51 W 10 

Perry MiM" Fred'k W (Caroline Neilson Watts) 

51 Willow Av Plaintield N J 
Perry DiM" John Gardner (Martha Derby Rogers) 

C.R.N.Uv.Ct.N.H'63. 48E34 
Perry MiM" Oliver H (Marie L Moore) Rf .Ch. 

ab'dGascOct 24 de Rothschild FrdresParis 
Perry MiM"WmA-Uv.N.C.L.Pl.La.Rg.Eg. 


Perry M' Henry Pierrepont 

Perry MiM" Wm S (I McKesson) Rv. 

12 Lenox Ct New Brighton S I 
Peter MiM" Armistead Jr (Anna W Williams) 

Fifth Av Hotel 
Peters M' Carl Otto-Dy.M.N.L.Rt..ab'd Spree Jly28 


Peters M" John C (Snelling) La The Clarendon 

Peters MiM" Chas Grenville (Mary L Walker) 

Peters MiM" Samuel T (Elder) Un.Ul.R.Mt.Wk. 

Peters M" Thos 
Peters M' Thos McClure--Uva.Ch.P'88 

Peters M*"" 

Peterson DiM" Fred'k (Antoinette Rotan) 

C.Bd.Rf.Na. .care M" H P Berg 6 » W 50 

Petit M"- Emily care E L Short 20 W 37 

Petrasch M' Carl Schurz-Cy. Rf. Na. Adp 35 W 33 

Phelps DiM" A M-M. Lt. Ay 40 W 34 

Phelps MiM" Chas Hy (Mary Booth) C. Bd 35 E 50 

S E Cor 101 
& Boulevard 


Social Reoister, 


22 E32 

285 Franklin 
Wilkes BarrePa 

Phelps M" Anson G 

JrAM"- Helen L Gibson 

Phelps r Chas (Helen M Stowe)Bcl. 

Phelps M- Ethel 

Phel ps W Ansel-Rf. Y'90 

Phelps M' Stowe-Uv. Y'90 

Phelps M' Chas Haring-Rf.Col 320 W90 

Phelps M' Dudley-Ul.Uv.Na. Ova. Vd.L. Y'83 .j, y ^^ 

Phelps Hon&M" Ed J-C.M.'. ...... ..... .Burlington Vt 

Phelps MiM" Henry D (Kate B Morris) Ul. Cy. 

"Glenellea" New Rochelle N Y 

Phelps M" Isaac N (Anna P Swartwout) 

Phelps M" John C ^Martha W Bennett) 

Phelps M"" Anna Bennett 

Phelps MiM" Z Bennett (Elizabeth Drown) 

Y'95..Binghamton N Y 
Phelps Capt&M" JohnJ(Ro8eHatchinson)Uv.Ul.Uva. 

Ny.S.Ay.Eyb. Y'83. . "RedTowers" Haokensack NJ 
Phelps MiM" Sheffield (Claudia Wright Lea) 

Ul.Uv.Ct.Y'86 ."Teaneck" Englewood N J 

Phelps M" Wm Walter (Sheffield) Englewood N J 

Phifer M' Robt F-Cal.M.Bg Calumet Club 

Philip MiM" Harry Van Ness (Marv P Jackson) 

L.Uva. Na.'Un'84. .Livingston S I 
Philips MiM" Fred'k D (Jessie M Taylor) 

Uv.Dt.Pb.Cl'80. .149 W 47 

Phillips MiM" A Lawrence (Alice Taintor) Sv 46 W 9 

Phillips MiM" C S (Helen B Carstairs) N. 

av'dSt F0ctl7..1 Bway 

Phillips M' Frederick J-Un.Mtw Union Club 

Phillips M' Morris 

Phillips The M"- 

Phillips M' Frederick-Cr89 

Phillips MiM" Wm H (Abbie Congdon) Dt.Mtw. .18 E 57 

Phinney M' Chas John-Sn St Nicholas Club 

Phinney M' T W " Hilltop " Newport R I 

Pbipps M" Hy Jr 1 av'd Etru Sep 27 

Phipps M" Hy Carnegie & Howard | Pittsburgh Fa 

.226 W70 

New York. 



Phipps MiM" Henry P (Emily T Hazzard) LI.Mg.Mo. 

" Happy-Go-Lucky Lodge" MorristownN J 
Phipps Mill" Jas H (Bessie M Pond) Rp. . .Pittsburgh Pa 
Phipps MiM" Wilton (Duncan). 3 Culford GFardensLondon 
Phoenix M'Lloyd-Un.K.M.T.Mt.R.Cy.S.Ny.Lc. 

Cn.Ll.Eyb.U8N'61. .21E 33 
Phoenix MiM" Phillips (Lewis) K.Un.Mt.U].T.Ct. 
W^LiJt Lewis. .[DtNy.Snc.av'd Maj Oct ]4 

Pick M' Alfred R-R. M. Dv 264 W 57 

Picking Capt&M" Hy T (Laura Sherwood) Us.N.Uv. 

Ll.USA'ei.Ny.Mtw. . CSSMinnesota. .Ft W 60 

Pierce M' Pred'c Emery- Col' 92 ,71 Col Hgts Bkn 

Pierce M' S Dewey-Sa St Anthony Club 

Pierce Mil" Winslow S (Grace D Williams)L 19W58 

Pierrepont M" Edwards (Margaretta Willonghby) 

"Hurst Pierrepont" Garrison-on Hudson 

Pierrepont M' Henry E-Ha. Rv. Cr67. 

Pierrepont M*" Anne Low 

Pierrepont M"" H Evelyn Jr & Robt L. . . 

Pierrepont M" Henry E (A M Jay) 

Pierrepont M*^ Julia & Anna J 

Pierrepont M' John Jav-Dt.S.Ny.RvHa 
Pierrepont D' Wm A-C.Sa.Sn.Ha.Rv. . . , 

Pierson M' Chas W-Ct. Un. Y'86 

Pierson Mill" Hy L (Henrietta Haines) C . . 
Pierson M"" H Lewis Jr-Ll. & Thos Haines 
Pierson Gen&M'* J Fred (Augusta Rhoades) Un. 
Pierson M^ Daisy & Addie. . . . [Ny.T.Sv.Us.Ll 

Pierson M"" J Fred Jr-Un & James R 

Pierson M'-&M'- Julia 10 W 30 

Pierson D' Stephen-Mf. Mg . . .50 South Morristown N J 

Piffard DiM" Hy G (Helen H Strong) Snc 


PiflPard M' Charles Haight 

MiM" S Everett Oakes (Helen S Piflfard) 

Pike M" L (Ellen M) 582 Fi 

Pike M' Lawrence-M.Ny Manhattan Club 

Pillot M'- Clara Orange Mt W Orange N J 

Pillot M' P Stuyvesant-K.Un.Rh.R..KnickerbockerClub 

216 Col Hts 

1 Pierre- 
pont PI 

62 W38 

Summit N J 


W 35 

fth Av 


Social Registeb, 

Pinchot MiM" James W (Mary Eno) C . Ul . 
PinchotM'Gifford-C.Gt.Y'89..[G.Pl.Ct.Rg. 2 Grainercy 
Pinchot M' Amos R Eno Pk 

Hon&M" Alan Johnstone (Pinchot) . . . 

Pinckney MiM" T H-Mg Morristown N J 

Pine M*- Alice 45 Fifth Av 

PineMiM^Jol) nB(CarolinePryor)C . Uv . D r . cr77 . . 102 E 30 
Piiihev M" Robt W S (VictorineAmyPntnam)Bd. 165 

M"^ Edith & Ruth Putnam W 58 

Pinkerton M' Charles-Uva.Mep.Rv. Wms'94. . . .30 E 39 


Pinkus MiM" Fred'k S (Laura A Ball) Sv.Rf .Rh 

Pinkus M- Alice Ball 

Pinney MiM" George M Jr (Olive Fiances Child) 

Pippey MiM" Benj Y-Ul.Col 

M'Robt A Fleiss 

Pirsson M" John W (Sarah J Coe). . . Died at 

Pirsson M' John W-Ul .Ch.L 56 W 37 

Pitcher MiM" Jas R (HelenK Sweet) M. Mc. "Montview" 

Ec.Pl.Bg. Short Hills 

Pitcher M'-" Bessie K <fc Georgiana K N J 

Pitney MiM" Henry C (Sarah Hal8ted).M' ab'd 
Pitney M^Mary B-Bd.Mg. ...[Aug Vic Jly 18 
Pitney M' Fred'c V 

..201 W55 
Paris Jly 15 

town N J 


29 Maple Av 
Morristown N J 

Pitney MiM" Henry C Jr (Laura Grace 
M" Andrew J Wood. .[Wood) Mg. 
Pitney MiM" JohnOH(AnnaRobertaBallantine)E.Ec.Mg. 

Mo.Bg.P' R FBallantine.37 Wash Newark 
Pitney MiM" Malilon (Florence T Slielton) Mo.Mg.P'79 

Washington D C 
Place MiM" George (Iphigenia G Livor) Ul.KLa.Rp. 

care D' J Livor. .44 E 31 
Place MiM" Ira A (Katharine A Gauntlett) 

1 Uv.Pu.Col.'81..268 W77 

Plant MiM" Henry B-Ul 586 Fifth Av 

Plant MiM" George H (Capron) 261 Bw'y 

Piatt ff ChasJr-Sa St Anthony Club 

Piatt MiM" Clayton (M" Jessie H Bates) 

Un.Col.Sa.Ch.Na.Dt..331 W 76 


489 West 
End Av 

New York. 281 

Piatt M' Furman N-N.M.Na NY Club 

Piatt MiM" Hy B (Grace Lee Phelps) Uv.Col.L.Y'82 

ab'd Spree Jan 30. .48 E 26 
Piatt MiM" HenryC(JennleDusenberry) Rf.P'68. .164W48 
PlHtt MiM" Prank H (Carolini' E Livingston) 

Uv. L. Rp. Col . Y' 77 . 242 W 74 
Piatt MiM" Isaac S (M Jenny Red field) C. . 

Piatt M""" Marion E & Jane W 

Piatt M' Chas H 

Piatt M' John R-Ny .7 E 64 

Piatt MiM" Chas A (Eleanor Bunker) C.Pl. 

911 Seventh Av 

Piatt M" John H (Mary Cheney) 

Piatt MiM"Jol)nChenev(Pi-ance8Marie Wright) 

Piatt M' Richard Goodman-Cal .Col Oalnmet Club 

Piatt MiM" Thos Collier (Ellen L Barstow) 

Rp. Ay . L. Y' 53 . . Fi f th A V Hotel 
Piatt MiM" Henry C (Jennie Dnsenbury) P'58. .164 W 48 
Plimpton MiM" Geo A (Frances T Peai-sons) 

C.Uv.Al.G.Bd.Aht'76. .126 E 35 

Plum M' James R-N 

Plum M"- 

Plummer MiM" Albert T (Jennie A Seney) 

Plummer M" Madge S 

Plummer MiM" John F (Atkins) Ul Rp. . . . 

Plnmmer M"- Edith E [Ny. 

PlummerM" JolinFJr- Ad. Y'91 & Franklin A-Ul. 

Plummer M' Wm H-Un.S.Cn. .1 W 21 

Plympton M" Mary Livingston [Dt.Ny.Cy.Sn.Snc, 
Polk DiM" Wm Mecklenberg (Ida A Lyon) Mt.C.Rv. 

Polk M' Prank Lyon-R.K [Ch.So.'6-t 

Polk M' J Metcalfe 

Pollock MiM" Chas Ma'nice (Mc Alpine) tin .PittsfieldMass 

Pollock MiM" Ed L (Katharine McAlpine) Un.Y'84 

Pittsfleld Mass 
Pollock M' George E-Un.Mt.R.Wk. 

ab'dUmb Jly26..28 W2l 
Pollock MiM" Wm (Kernochan- Louise G Marshall) 

Dn.Mt.R.T.Rg. .182 Madison Av 

60 W 36 



30 W 


Social Recjisteb, 

265 W 

101 ParkAv 

Union Club 

Ponieroy Mill" Ch Coolidge (Burnet) Un.Uv.Mt 

Pom^ioy M"- G B [Dt.Rg.H'53 

Pomeroy M' Daniel (F) 

Pomeroy M""* Grace V & F Josephine-Bd 
Pomeroy M' George B-Un.Uva.H'6n .... 

Pomeroy M' Saml Wyllys Jr-K Knickerbocker Club 

Pomeroy MiM" WinL(JennieLottimer)Un.Ul 27W15 

Pomrov MiM" Hy K (Moseley) C.Pl.Bd 118 E 40 

Pond MiM" Charles Hobby (Margaret W Mead) 

Na.Rv.Cw.Cc. .65 W 87 

Ponvert M' Lotiis-Un Union Club 

Pool MiM" John Hillliouse (Boggs) Harrison 

Pool M" J Tjawrence-Ll. &EugH-H'95 NY 

Poole M" J Meigs (Julia Meigs) 65 

Poole M' Austin Meigs W39 

Pooler DiM" H A 34Gram- 

PoolerMiM"Loiii8Jame8(AnneGPaddock)Sn.Bg. ercv Pk 

Poor MiM" Edward E (Lane)Ul.M.Mc 

Poor M"- Emily Clark 16 E 10 

Poor M' Horace F 

Poor WiM" Edward E Jr (Susie E Grime8)Col .... 316 

M" M E Grimes W 76 

Poor MiM" Frank Ballon (Bessie Pitz'g Hamilton) 

Ad.Na. Hackensack N J 
Poor MiM" John C (Ella Wharton) Mt.Mtw. 

1724 Conn Av Washington D C 

Poor MiM" Hy W (Constance Brandon) 


M" A R Brandon (Miriam) [H'65 

Poore DiM" Chas Talbot (Helen Talbot)Ul.C. 
Porter MiM" Benjamin C (Louise Clark)Tvb 

M" ab'd Hav 




22 W 11 

Porter M' George M-Un.M.Sp.Mtw Union Club 

Porter MiM" Frank Brinley (Pond) 3 Park Av 

Porter Gen&M"Fitz John (Cooke)USA 

Porter M"— Lucia C & Evelina S 

Porter MiM" Hy Kirke (Annie deCamp) 
M-AMHageman. . .[Uv.Jkl.Sg.Br'60 

Porter M' Hy Hobart-M.Ch.Dm 

Porter M' F Dwight-Rh 

Brown Shipley* 
Co London Eng 

New York. 


PorterM*M"H Hobart.Jr(KatharinePorter) "Lauderdale' ' 

Porter M" Burr [Uv.Ad.Rh.Cr86 Lawrence 

Porter M' Henry H LI 

Porter MiM" Clarence (Mary S Bird)..M' ab'd Teut Oct 7 

213 W 70 
Porter Gen&M" Horace(Sophie K McHarg)USA 277 

UI.Mt.Uv.C.L.Pl.A.G.Us.Lt.Ll.Rg.Rp. Madison 

Porter M" Horace M fDke.'eo Av 

Porter MiM" Huerh (Margaret Albertson) Col.L. 126 

Porter M*- Maud & Madge W 72 

Porter MiM" Nathan Todd Jr(Carollne Chester Knicker- 


Porter D' P Brynberg-Dke.Ch.Y' IfiO W 84 

Porter MiM" T Wyinan (Lillian M Ward) Un.Uv.Ec. 

Mc.Uva.Y'87..47 W37 
Porter M' Wm L-Un.Ul.H'75. Adirondack Warren Co NY 
Porter DiM",W Evelyn (Mary R Redfield) M.. . .50 W 33 
Post MiM" Alfred Seton (Alice L Morgan) Un. 

Post M"- Alice Lee & Ethel Maud 127 E 25 

Post M' A Seton Jr 

Post MiM" ChasA(Marie C deTrobriand) 

Post M*" Beatrice de Trobriand 

Post MiM" Regis Henri (Carolyn B Post) K.Un.S.Dp. 

H'91 . . "Littlewood" Bayport L I 
Post MiM" Waldron Kintzing (Mary L Perkins) Un. 

S.L1.H'90..79 Clinton PI 
Post MiM" Edwin A (Margaret O Gibbes) Un. 

Post M'- Edwina M 

Post MiM" Edward C (Emilie Thorn King) Un.S.Ny. 

av'd Teut Sep 2. .250 W End Av 

Post MiM" Edwin Fred'k (Baker) Quogue L I 

Post MiM" Edwin Main (Emilv Bruce Price) Un.Sa.Dt. 

217 W 79 
Post MiM" George B (Alice M Stone) Un.K.C.L.S. 

Post M- Alice Winifred-Mg [Mg. 11 

Post MiM" Wm S (Lillian M Adams) Un . C1'90 . . . W 21 
Post MiM" Geo B Jr (Julia Cotton Smith) Un.Sa.Mo. 


Bayport L I 



Social Begisteb, 


.872 Madison Av 

Post M"- Helen Minturn 31 W 9 

Post MiM" Hy A V (Caroline B McLean) 

Post M*" Nathalie McLean 

Post M' Albertson V Z-Pn.Dt.CI'89 

Post W Jehlel J (Lucrie P Mahony) 

M" J H Mahony (Pordham) 

M*" Mahony 

Post M" Jot ham (Bridge) 

Post M- 

Post M" Laura J icare 

Post M' Sara'l L Jr-M.Dt.Snc. 

PostM' WmB-N.Na 

Post MiM" Wm (Antlionv) Mt 

PostM-M L \ 

Postlethwaite M" Wm M (Sallie T Ellis) 

Postlethwaite IT John Ellis 

Postley Mill" Clar'ce A (Sterling) Ul.Uv. 

Cy . S . Rg.PLUs. Ay.Ny.Cn . L.Na.USA'70 

Postley M- Elise 

Postley M' Sterling 

Postley Gen&M" Brooke (Pairf ax) N . Lc 

Potter M" Alonzo (Frances Seton) Flushing L I 

Potter M*- Anna 44 E 25 

Potter MiM" Clarkson A (Matilda D Allien) K.Cy.Ny. 

Brown Shiplev London 
Potter MiM" Ed Clarkson (Emily Havemeyer) K.Cy.R. 

Mb.Mt.Ny..M'ay'd Luc Oct 16. .Westchester NY 

5 Eue Copernic Paris 
J C O' Conor 24 E 33 
519 Madison Av 

Drexel Harjes •& Co Paris 

434 Fifth Av 


Fifth Av 

Potter M"-" M & Blanche 20 N 

Putter MiM" EdwardT(JuliaMBlatchford) 
Potter M"— Louisa, MW&DorotheaCS,[C. 

Potter M' Robert F-R.Cy 

Potter M' Rich'd M B-Cy 

Potter M' Frank Hunter 29 Lafayette PI 

Potter MiM" Howard Nott (Potter) R.Cy 

"Nutwood" New Rochelle N 

Wash Square 

"The Cedars" 
Newport R I 

Potter Bishop&M" HenryC (ERJacob) C. 

Potter M*- Sarah L [Pl.Ct.Snc. Al. 

Potter M' Alonzo-Uva. Y' 


Rt Rev av'd 

Mai Aug 17 

10 Wash Sq N 

New York. 


ab'd Fst Bk Jly 28 
18 Grosvenor Gardens 
S W London 

52 Park Av 

.Union Club 

39 W27 


Potter MiM" Howard (Mary L 

Potter M*— Grace H & Bertha H 
Potter Mill" HCranstonCAliceKershaw) 

Potter M' James Brown-T.Ny.Dt 

Potter W^ Anne Urquhart & Bertha H 
Potter M*M" J Neilson (Jones) Un .... 

Potter M' Jothan-tJv. P'77 32 E 26 absent 

Potter M" Robert B (Stevens) Newport R I 

Potter M*M" Robt Bumside (Elizabeth Pish) 

care 53 Irving PI. .ab'd 
Potter M*" Virginia ... 

M*- V D H Farman 

Potter M' Wm Appleton-C.Oal 

Potts M' Allen (Thos) Married at Cobham Ya 

Rives M"- Gertrude (A L) Oct 17 

Potts MiM" Allen (Gertrude Rives) Cobham Va 

Potts M" Frederick A (Sarah Brevoort) Senior 

Pot(8 M' Frederick A-Un.Ul.Sa.Snc 

Potts M' Wm Brevoort-Sa 

Potts M" George H (Helen B Hard) 
Potts M*- Helen Hughes 

Mill" James L Greenleaf 

Potts M' Wm-C.Ha.Rg Century Club 

Potts MiM" Wm Rockhill (Emily Brevoort) Ul. W 

Potts M'- Edith Brevoort [Rv. 

Potts M" Robt B & Hugh R 

Powell MiM" Robert J Hare (Elizabeth Crosby) H'78 

Mornstown N J 

Powell M" Wm (Mary Robins) .... 504 Fifth Av 

Powers DiM" Chas A (Katharine Lapham) 

Rv.Cw. .Denver Club Denver Col 
Powers M" Geo W (Woodruff), 
Powers M" Walter H (Weaver) 

Powers M*" Grace H 

Powers M' Walter H 

Powers MiM" Wm Van Vorst (Caroline M 

Van Buren) Uv.Cl'77. 

Powers M' C Van V-Uv.Cr82 

ab'd Teut Jly 15 

Brown Shipley & Co 


W 57 

8 W50 

"Deer Hill"* 
Cornwall N Y 


Waverly PI 
170 Col Hts 


286 Social Register, 

Pratt HiM" Chas M (Mary S Morris) Mk.S.L.Ad. 

Ha. Aht'79. .241 Clinton Av Bklyn 
Pratt MiM" Dallas Bache (Landon) Mt.Ul.Cy.Rv. 

av'd Maj Ang 17. .24 W 84 
Pratt Rev&M" Horace E (Sarah Kate Martin) 1017 

Pratt M" James B-N & Lawrence K Lex Av 

Pratt MIM" H Rnthven (Florence A Mathews) 

Cal. .ab*d The Cambridg« 
Pratt HiM" Thomas Huger ( Wright-Mira A 
M"- Harriette Wright. . [Pankhurst) Na. 

Prentice M" John (Caroline Bill) 

Prentice M' John Hill 

Prentice Mill" Wm Packer (Florence Kelly)C' LI. Dt. 
PrenticeM' Robt Kelly-C;Rp.Rv.Ct.P.84 

av'd Serv Sep 9. 
Prentice Mill" Wm S P (Ella C Sheldon) Dt.Rv. . .53E 55 

Prentice Rev Sartell Jr Married at Kinderhook N Y 

Vanderpoel M*- Lydia B Sep 30 

Prentice Rev&M" Sartell Jr (Lydia B Vanderpoel) 

Kinderhook N Y 
Prentiss M'Geo Lewis-Uv.Uva.Ct.Na.Bg.P,79. . . .32 E 26 
Prentiss MiM" Nathaniel Appleton (Alice Bennett) 

Prescott MiM" Linzee(Brown).BelleHavenGreenwichConn 
PrestonMiM"GeoRutledge(MaryAKrumbhaar) {iTijn„:j-» 

Preston M— Zelia K & Mary Alice [T. m« h wah 

Preston M' Louis Butler Manwan 

Preston M' Geo Rutledge Jr "-^ "^ 

Preston M" Geo R Jr (Angela Tilghman) 

Died at Mahwah N J Sep 20 

Preston MiM" Geo R 2d (Louise F Hatch) Cal 36 E 76- 

Preston M' Wickliffe-M Manhattan Club 

Preston MiM" Ralph J (Elizabeth Thompson) K. 

Knickerbocker Club 

Preston M" W K Irvington-on- 

Preston M' Wm Duncan-Sp . Sv Hudson 

Price MiM" Bruce (Josephine Lee)Un.C.T.Pl.So.Mtw. 

12 W 10 
Price MiM" Thos Ran'ph(Triplett)C.Uv.A.Dm.Ch.Sv. 

So.. 263 W45 

New York. 287 



Price M" Wm Henry (Eliza Dyer) 

Price M*- Mary Eliza 

Price M' Theo Hazeltine-N.Oal.Rf.Dt.Rg.Ct.So. . 

Prichard M' Wm M-H'33 7 Nassau 

Prime MiM" Ed (Annie Rhoda Gilbert) Rv. 

care M" J A Scrymser. .107 E 21 . .ab'd 
Prime M"" Mary R 80 Madison Av 

Suffolk Co L I 

Prime M' Temple. 

Prime M*" Cornelia . 

Prime M' William C-(i '. 38 E 23 

Prince M' Henry Axtell-Sp.Snc.'82_ 128 W 59 




Prince Dili" Cliristoplier(GertrudeCDitmar) 
Prince M' Benjamin-Uv.Sa.Sv.Rv.Wms'80. 
Prince M»M" JolinDyneley(AdelineLoomis)T.' 

Prince If- Louisa Gordon 28 W 25 

Pringle IT D Lynch-K. . .American Consul at Guatemala 

Pringle M' James W-M.Na 163 W 67 

Pringle M' J R Poinsitt-K.Ny . ... . . Knickerbocker Club 

Pringle M' S Duncan-Un.Uv.Ty'76 Ufiion Club 

Pritchard MiM" Wm B (Virginia MFaisou) Col.So.Rv. 

106 W 73 
Proal MiM" Arthur B (Ermina J Adsit)Ul.R.M. | 617 

M' Harry Adsit Woodruflf [Cy. | MadAv 

Proudfit M' AlexM-Un.R.Ny Union Club 

Proudfit ff John W-Uv University Club 

Prout MiM" HenryG(GabriellaPerin)C.Eg.'71..NutleyNJ 
Prudden M' T Mitchell-Uv.C. Y'72 160 W 69 

hurber). AlbanyN Y 
...121 Madison Av 

Pruyn MiM" Francis L (Marianne B 

Pruyn MiM" John K 

Pruyn W&W Mary L-Bd 

Pruyn M" John V L (Anna Parker) .... 13 Elk 

Pruyn M*" Huybertie Lansing Albany N Y 

Pruyn MiM" John V L (Cornelia Van R Erving) Un.Mt. 

Rf . U V . Cw. Rv. HI. Snc. U ' 80. . av' dBritOct9. . UnionClub 
Pruyn M' Robert C-Uv.Mt.Hl.Up.Rv.C. . UniversityClub 
Pryor MiM" Jas Williamson (Edith V Tweedy) 

Uv.R.Ct.Cn.Cr78. .27 Waveriy PI 
Pryor Judge&M" Roger A (Sarah Rice) M.'48 I o Tur «n 
Pryor M- Fanny | -3^69 


Social Reoistbb, 

Pryor MIM" S Morris (Laura V McKiin) i Tiii„„i/j„„ r t 
M"RobtMcKim. ..FlushmgLI 

M" av'd 

Tent Jly7 


150 W 57 
.158 B 38 

Pnlitzer MiM" Josepli (Kate Davis) M. Ay.Rf. 

Pulitzer W Lucille [Jkl. 

Pulitzer M' Ralph 

Pnllen M' Stanley T-Uv.W University Club 

Pulsford DiM" Hy A (Gertrude Baldwin). .S Orange N J 

Pulsifer MiM" Wm H-Un Union Club 

Pumpelly MIM" Josiah Collins (Mary A Harmer) 

U1..251 W86 
Pumpelly MiM" Raphael (Eliza P Shepard) Newport 
Pumpelly M— Elise&Pauline. .[C.Uv.A.Rv. R I 

Punnett W James-Un.Ct I av'd Luc Jly 24 

Pnnnett M' Alfred Newbold | 43 W 55 

Punnett Rev&M" Thos W (Gertrude Roose- 1 Dobbs Ferry 

Punnett M"— Anna S & Annie [velt) | N Y 

Pupke MiM" John F (H§ldne Dieckmann) Dv. . 

Pupke The M"-. 

Pupke ft' Arnold W 

Purdy MiM" A Belmont (Bertha GUlet) Dt.Mb 

Purdy D' Alfred E M-Ul . Mo . Mg 304 

Purdy M" Randolph F-Ul. & Stephen M. . . Madison Av 
Purdy MiM" John P (Virginia W Teackle) Un. 20 

Purdy M- Fifth Av 

Purdy MiM" John Henry (Mary McKeever) Mt.Uv.Ny. 

Sa . Rf . Ct . G . Mtw. Cl'76 . 121 Madison A v 

Purdy M" John M (Elizabeth L Lawrence) 

Purdy M- 

Purdy M"" Andrew-Dp. N' & Henry Lawrence-Ch 
Purdy M" Elijah (Catharine Harsen) . Died at 14 E 38 N ov 5 

Purdy M"- ... 

Purdy M' J Harsen-Un . Ul . Sn . G . Ct. Dt . C . Sue . T . 
Purdy MiM" Theo M (Helen Van Dyk) Uv.Ad'83 

"Dutch Gables" Short Hills N J 

Purdy M' Thomas C-N.Ul.R 

Purdy M"" Constance 

Purdy M' Wm Macneven-Sn.Uv.Dt.Dp.Cl'69 
Purrington MiM" Wm Archer (Wheatley-Anna C 

Russell) Uv.L.Pl.Bd.H'73. .54 W 12 



, St Louis Mo 
.32 E 63 

New York. 


.16 W77 


245 W 75 

Patnam M" Albert E (Margaret E Morrison) 

Putnam IT Albert William 

Putnam M' Geo L-Mt.Rf .Mc I ^,q Madison 

Putnam M- Alethea Flower. | • • ^^^ Maaison 

Putnam M' Geo Haven-C.A.Rf.Al.Ll'Bd.Ct. 
Pntiiam M"— Bertha H,Etliel P & Corinna-Bd. 
Putnam M*M" J Bishop (Prances Faulkner) Ul.Rf . 

Ay.Cn.Bd.." Bonnie Haven" Rye N Y 

Patnam r Tarrant-M.Dm. Ny .Lc 53 W 62 

Putnam M' Robert M S-Sn Zp 99 Nassau 

Putzel D' Leopold . . 
Pyle Milt" James Tolman (F Adelaide McAlpin) 

Mt. Rg.L.Lc.Na.Sv. Mo. Mg. .673 Fifth Av 

Pyle M' William S-Sv.Rg.Na.L 3 E 63 

Pyne M" John (Annie C Cambreleng) 27 W 60 

Pyne M" Percy R (Alberta Taylor). . .Tuxedo ParfeTN Y 
Pyne Mill" Percy Rivington (Maud Howland) 

Cal.K.Uv.Mt.T.R.S.Dt.Rg.Ct.Ag.P'78..36 E 36 


ab'dPJiin 13 

av'd in Oct 

Princeton NJ 

.139 Mad Av 

142 W 57 

Pyne MiM"Mose8Tayl()r(Margaretta Stock 
garettaSBea8ley[Wk.Ch. Ag. P'77 

Pyne M" Smith (Emma Rogers) 

Pyne M" Sue • 

Pyne M' John 1683 Lex Av 

Quackenbush MiM" Schuyler(HarrietFEidlitz) 
Quackenbush M"- Ethel H. . . . [Ul.Lc.Na.Bd. 

Quackenbush M' Lee Schuyler 

Quigley M' James M-Un.Dt Onion Club 

Quimby DiM".Chas E (Julia M Cobb) Ad 44 W 36 

Quinby DiM" Geo A (Sneden). .ab'd Col Jly 2. . 

av'd Havel Sep 3 .. Buckingham Hotel 
Qainby MiM" Joseph R (Mary Lees) Col.Mc. . „► ,,t -r 

Quinby M" Joseph R Jr & T Lees dfi w 75 

Quinlan D' Francis J-Pl.Cth 54 W 17 

Quinlin MiM" Leonard G (Mary Amis) Na. So. . . . 18 E 24 

Quintard M' Geo W-L.Mt.Ny 66 Bway 

Quintard M' James W-Na.Ch.Ay.Rp. . I rr *. \ a 
Quintard M- | "H^*®^ ^^^^^ 

Elmsford N Y 

290 Social Register, 

Quintard MiM" Wm I (Jane Dnflf Hayden) 

Ul.Sn.S.Ay.Snc.ieo W69 

Raborg M; H Mason-Na . I g^^^ g^^^^^^ ^^ 

Raborg M Thomas M T-Na.Cw | 

Raborg M"" Anita '. . . , .12 Francis St Newport R I 

Radziwill Pr&Prcss Albert (Prudenciana Milmo). . .ab'd 

Rae M' Chas Whiteside-Dp.Mtw Delta Phi Club 

Rae M" Whiteside (Whitehouse -Minnie 
Stout Worthington) 
M' Worthington Whitehouse-K.etc. 
Rainsford RevDiM" Wm Stevens (E A Green) C.Uv, 

Pl.Fn.Ct.Ag72. D'ab'd Etru Oct 3.. 209 E 16 

Ralli M' Anthony P-N 251 W End Av 

RalliM'PC-N 167 W 88 

Ralli MiM" Theodore P T (de Lussan) X 6 E 64 

Ramsdell MiM" Hy Powell (Adele Liv'ston Voorhis) 

Ul . Rg . M . Al . . 432 Fifth Av 
Ramsey M*M" Charles M (Garrison) Rg . 

48 Grosvenor W London 
Rand MiM" Charles F (Mary E Burnham) Dt. 

207 West End Av 
Rand MiM" Geo C (Eugenia Blanohard) Mt. 

Rand M"- Marian D [RliDtNy.Rf.Rv. 

Rand O" Geo Curtis Jr (Oakes) 

Rand MiM" John C (Katharine Bates) .... 

Rand M' Philip-Uvch' • • 

Rand MiM" William H Jr (Rosalie Crockett) 

Uv.Ct.Dt.H'88..12 W 10 
Randall MiM" Chas Knower (Helen Louise Whitlock) 

N.Na.Sv.Dar..',The Amidon" W 83 & Blvd 
Randall MiM" Frank Eldridge (Gertrude M Holley) 


Randall M' Otis W-Mt 844 Fifth A v 

Rande M" James (Belle Paynter) 

Rande M"" Thos C & Arthur B 

Randel MiM" Henry-Ul 

Randell MiM" James W (Anna J Belden) 141 E 21 

Randolph M' Anson D F. .Died at West HamptonLIJly6 

Randolph M" Arthur (Edith S May) Married Sep 29 

Whitney M' Wro C at Bar Harbor Me 


.The Plaza 

The Plaza 

New York. 291 

Randolph M" Edgar F Mor- 

Randolph M*" Sarah P risf wn 

RandolphM'"CarmanF-Mo.L.Rf.Mg.&EdgarF2d. N J 
Randolph MIM" Edmund D (Lothrop) Dn. MtStVincent 

Randolph M'- Cora [K.Mt.Pp.Pph. on the 

Randolph M'^ Edraund-Un. R. Uv. K. Cy. Hudson 
Randolph M' Lothrop-Cr97. . . .[Ny.Cl'HS & 7 Nassau 
Randolph M' John C F-Uv.L.P'66Ur69. .Morristown N J 

N J 

Randolph M" Theodore F-Mg. 
Randolph M'JasF-M().Un.Dt.Rf.Mg.Cl'76 
Randolph M"" ThomasM F&EdgarP-Mo.E. 

Randolph M' Wm Fitz-Sn. S. Wa I -fyA wt kq 

Randolph M'SF-Ch | ..174 W 58 

Rankin W Francis H Died at Newport Nov 9 

Rankin M" Francis H (Voorhees) Kay St Newport RI 

Rankin M" James M (Schenck) „q^ t^ f^r. 

Rankin D' E Guernsey-Sn. Cw. Rv ..^^b w oy 

Rankine MiM" Jas (Mary Alice Paton) Dt.Dm. .128 E 38 
Rankine M' Wm B-Mt.Uv.L.Rr.Ch.Ad.U'77. . 80VVash 

Rankine M' Harold Sturges Sq E 

Ranney DAM"AmbroseL(MarieCelle)Ul.Nv.Na.l66MadAv 
Ransom Miil" Edward D (Christine A Burton)Ll. 

84 Elk Albany N Y 
Ransom MiM" Rastus S (Carol B Edwards)Lt.L1.332 W77 

Ransom MaM'* Warren A 18 

Ransom M' Frank J-Ct.Ch W2I 

Ransom Mill" Warren A Jr (Harriet W McNulty) 


Raoul-Duval M' C-R.L.Mb 22 E 33 


Rapallo M" Chas A (Helen Sumner) 

Rapallo M^ Rosalie, Florence & Helen S 

Rapallo MiM" Chas Antonio (Constance Arnold) 

Sa.Cr84. .Greens Farms Conn 
Rapallo MiM" Ed S (Emma Van Volkenburgh) 

Uv.C.Dke.Uva.W.Dm.Cr74..508Fifth Av 

Rath M' Nicholas Died at Paris in Oct 

Rathbone M' Clarence-IJn.M.Ll Union Club 

Rathbone M&M" Jared L (Macondrey)Un 
Rathbone MiM" Joel (Josephine Norwood)Mt. 26 E 60 
M*" Louisa Norwood 


Social Register, 

Quintard MiM" Wm I (Jane Dnff Hayden) 


Raborg M' H Mason-Na qiyt Seventh A^ 

Raborg M' Thomas M T-Na . C w 1 • ^" ^ ""^ ^ r 

Raborg M- Anita '. . . . .12 Francis St Newport ^ * 

Radziwill Pr&Prcss Albert (Prudenciana Milmo). • a" y^ 
Rae M' Chas Whiteside-Dp.Mtw^. Delta Phi Clo" 

Elmsford N * 

Rae M" Whiteside (Whitehouse -Minnie 

Stout Worthington) 

M' Worthington Whitehouse-K.etc. 

Rainsford RevDiil" Wm Stevens (E A Green) C.Uv 

PI . Fn . Ct . Ag72 . D' ab'd Etru Oct 3 . . '2(y 

Ralli M' Anthony P-N 251 W 

Ralli M' P C-N 

Ralli Mill" Theodore PT (de Lus8an)*if - • • -• 

Ramsdell Mill" Hy Powell (Adele Liv'ston ^ 

Ramsey MiM" Charles M (Garrison) Rg . 

48 Grosv. 
Rand MiM" Charles F (Mary E Burnham 

Rand MiM" Geo C (Eugenia Blii n . i ■ : 
Rand M- Marian D . . . . .fRh J' 
Rand MiM" Geo Curtia Jr (d 
Rand MiM" John C (Katharin. 

Rand M' Philip- Uvch' 

Rand MiM" William H Jr (B-' 

Randall MiM" Chas Knowf, 

N.Na.Sv.Dar. ' 
Randall MiM" Frank EJdn,(_ 

Randall M' Otis W-Mt 

ttande M Ihos C & Arthm' 

Randel MiM" Henry-U] ' 

g«"do PliM' Anson- -' 
Randolph M"ArtIi, J 
Vvlutney W "'-■ 





^and oi ph u-iVi^^manF-MoLLLBIJfe^^ 


cohatna Japa 

....268 W^ 

Randolph TiJv^ V .ora t -V 

Handolph Ja* *^<iraund-rii i 
Tlandolph ^* Lotlirop-CTS:., 
Kaiidolph ^^ Jcjlm C F-^-^ 
HandolpU ^^ TL^--^-^ - 

Hotel Endico 

J Balen) 



;gaTiW\\\ V 



L Aspinwall) 
.\'a.Rh.Us.L1..4() W 
n.R.Mtw.. 309 Fifth i\ 
lUwood) H'66 

" El 


C Balkley) 

.3E 1 


6 Was 


4 Rne Renaissance Par 
II Mat yL'niise Mitchell) 

e Y;in J) <t Gertrade G 
- G-Ul . L. LI . Col. Na. Mtw.Rp . Rv.25 Pea 
ler (Lowrey-Kiite Armour) 

1 04 Metcalfe Ottawa Ca 

27 Pierre 
Charon Par 



10 E t. 

:LtliEir(i Gill! n [I (Mjiiv Newbold Welsh) 
nideO&Elizabeth RWelsh . rUv.N.Ty'SO 
yylvniius Albert (bllhi W Pomeroy) 

,r Sylvaniis (CttrolineGalliip) 

i. B'-MGeraldine 

M' B Fnirik^L'v.Cr74 University Chi 

- Prof&H"John Krom (S!iii(ls)C.Pn.Cr75 1 W ^ 

■e W Win A-L)t. .care Gen A Crocker 5 W 4 

1' Theo l-Sii St Anthony Clu 

lllM'" VV Henry (Willis). 

The Hf^ .... 

^' Wm wiilis^Sa!ci'90.' 

NewHambur " 

292 Social Registbe, 

Rathborne M' Chas Lambert-Mt. Rg 

Rathborne M"- Elizabeth N 19 New 

Rathborne M^C P Lambert & R W-Na 

Ranch MiM" Wm(SusanS Paton)Un.R.Pl. Ag. .33FifthAv 
Rawson MiM" Edward S (Elizabeth M Rogers) 

R.Rv.Cw.H'90Cl'94. .av'dNY Oct6. . CincinnatiOhio 

Ray MiM" Alfred (Hnlbert)Ul 20 Fifth Av 

Ray MiM"WinHainilton(Harri8oii-C^cile Morgan) 

Raymond MiM" C Monson-Pl 20 Fifth Av 

Raymond MiM" Chas H (Victoria Wooster) Ul.Mo. 

Wk.Dt.L.Ll.Col.Bd.So.Mdbl..260 W 73 

Raymond M" (Emma Marcv) 396 Fifth Av 

~ ~ " "The Gables" 

Morris Plains 
N J 

Raymond MiM" Geo B (Elizabeth 

Merritt) Mo.Wk.B.Pl.Mg. 

Raymond M'"-Mg. & M*" Lois-Mg 

Raymond Prof&M" Geo L (Mary E Blake) C. A. PI. 

Uv.Wm8'62,."Merwick" Princeton N J 

Raymond M" Henry J 12 W 9 

Raymond M' James-R.Cy iH'WT'r'y 

M- Frances M L Tiiomas & M'- Emma Brooks ^^ "' ' ' 
Raymond MiM" Rossiter W (Sarah M Dwight) 

C.Ll.Eg.Ha. . 123 Henry Brooklyn 
Read Major&M"flarmonPumpelly(Marguerite 236 State 

M"" de Carron [de Carron) K. Rv.Cw. Albany 

Read Gen&M" Meredith (Pumpelly) I 128 Rue La 

Un.Mt.Ul.C.M.Us.Ll.Rv. Bo6tieChamps 

ys^es Paris 
. 33 W 46 

Read MiM" Geo R (Frost) Un.Mt.Cy.Dt.Rg 


Read MiM" Wm Ang (Caroline H Seaman) Uh.Pl. 

G.Dt.Ny.Ha . .140 Col Hgts Bklyn 
Read MiM"WGJr(Salisbury)Ul.R.Lc.Ny.Cy . .48W51 
Reade MiM" Robt Livingston (Martha A Van Buren) 

■Un.Uv.W.Y'69..1/)8 W85 
Ream MiM" Norman B (Caroline Putnam) Ch. Cal. 

Ul.Wp.Un.A.Jkl. .1901 Prairie Av CIncago 111 
Reamer M" L (Elizabeth Gait Lawrence) I q^i t^-»- a ^ 
Reamer M" Lawrence & Frank T-Cal . . | ' ' '^^^ ^^ ^^ 
Reamer M' Job M-M.Lt Manhattan Club 

New Tobk. 

Rearaey Lt&M" L Lowry (Mary Roget Brewster) 

Mtw . . Yokohama Japan 
Redding U" (Josephine Henry) La 258 W 65 

Hotel Endicott 


Redfleld MtM" Amasa A (Loaise Cooke) 

M*M" Frederic T Cooper 
Redfield Mill" Robert Latimer (Emma J Balen) 

M- A Marie Balen [Dm. Y'86 

UiM"Pred'cT Cooper (Redfield) 

Redfleld Mill" Geo Snowden (Helen L Aspinwall) 

Redmond MiM" Geraldyn (Estelle Livingston) 

Un.R.Mtw. .309 Fifth Av 
Redmond MiM" Henry(Lydia Smallwood) H'66 

Redmond M*" Lydia 

Redmond M' Henry 8-Un.Cy. R.N y.Php, 
Redmond M" Roland (Helen C Bulkley) 

M' Edward H Bnlkley 

Redmond M' Wm-Un 

Redmond M' Goold H-Un.K.Mt.R.T.Sc.Cl'67. 
Redmond M"" Emily 

.40 W 73 


E 19 
,.3E 12 

6 Wash 


Reed M*" Fanny 4 Rue Renaissance Paris 

27 Pierre 
Charon Paris 


Reed M"— Florence Van D & Gertrude G 

Reed MiM" James C-Ul.L.LI.Col.Na.Mtw.Rp.Rv.26 Pearl 

Reed MiM" Hayter (Lowrey-Kate Armour) 

, 104 Metcalfe Ottawa Can 
Reed MiM" Latham Gallup (Mary Newbold Welsh) 132 
M—GertrndeC&ElizabethRWelsh.rUv.N.Ty'BO E 18 
Reed MiM" Sylvanns Albert (Ella W Pomeroy) 


Reed M" Sylvanns (Caroline Gallup) 

Reed M"- M Geraldine. 

Rees M' B Frank-Uv.Cr74 University Club 

Rees Prof&M"John Krom (Sands)C.Pn.Cr75 1 W 72 

Reese M' Wm A-Dt. .care Geo A Crocker 6 W 49 

Reese W Theo I-Sa St Anthony Club 

Reese MiM" W Henry (Willis) "Obercreek" 

Reese TheM'— New Hamburgh NY 

Reese M' Wm WilIis-Sa.Cr90 29 E 28 

10 E 53 


Social Registek, 

Reibold MiM" LeonardE(FrHnce8PPIeetwood)Al.CaIch. 

Ill W 82 
Reick MIM" Wm C (Carrie L Ridgway) Cal.S. .323 W 77 

Reid M" Aaron Bertrand (Em ma Gardner) i on i? i q 

Reid M'^Estelle&IdaChester.M'-MelissaGardner ^^^ ^ ^^ 

Reid M' Alan LeRoy-Sa St Antliony Club 

Reid M' Robt-Pl.Fn , . . , Carnegie Bldg 56 & Seventh Av 
Reid MiM" Whitelaw (Elizabetli Mills) Ul.Uv.Mt.C.G. 

Rp.Lt.Dke.Rg.'56. .451 Madison Av 
Reinhart MiM" JosWCLizzie TaylorAlison) "Ridgeview" 
M. Cv.Pi. N. Rg. Bg. PlainHeld 

Reinhart M*- Kath'e & Mary A N J 

Reinhart M^ Chas S Died at Gra mercy Park Aug 30 

Reiset MiM" Fred'c (Josephine Downing) Ct. Dt ab'd 

Remick MiM" Albert-Ul 20 Fifth Av 

Remington MiM" Beekman (Rebecca Wain Kempton) 

'* Robins Nest" Egbert Av Morristown N J 
Remington MiM" Frederic (Eva A Caton) PI. 

301 Webster Av New Rochelle N Y 

Remington M' Robt Reading-Ct 

Remington M' Ed Pym 

Remsen MiM" Charles (Lilian Livingston Jones) 
Remsen MiM" Phoenix (Louisa WagstaflF) 

Un.Snc.Cw.Rv. .Morristown N J 
Remsen M" Robert G (Delprat) . . . 
Kemsen M*~* Margaret S & Fannie . 

Remsen M*" Elizabeth 

Remsen D' R George Jr-S 

Renauld MiM" Chas (Louise E 15 State &Family at'*Les 
RenauldM'LouisE[Brunet)Un. Platreries"SamoisFrance 
Rengifo Senor & Senora Don Julio (Regina Barbour) 

Washington D C 
Rennard MiM" John Clifford (Mary L Townshend) 

T.USM'90 Cr94. .302 W 73 

Renshaw M' Alfred H-Un Union Club 

Renwick M'Edw S-Un.Eg.Ny.Snc.Lc.Cr39.Milburn N J 
Ren wick M' Edward Brevoort-Un.S.Eg.Snc. 

Renwick M' William W-Un.Lc.Eg 

Renwick M" Hy Brevoort (Margaret Janney) 

8 E 32 • 
12 E 11 

.87 Fifth Av 
....17 W51 

.39 W 27 
29 Park Av 

New York. 


Renwick HiM" James A (Viola Blodgett) Uv.Cr76 

"Fox Oaks" 17 Bowne Av Flashing L I 

Requa M' Henry M Jr Died at Rye N Y July 27 

Requa M" Henry M Jr (Annie E Sheldon) 17 W 50 

Requa M' James M-Ul.Rv 26E 44 

Renbell M"- 42 Av Gabriel Paris 

Reubell M' Jacques 23 Marignan Paris 

De Hart St 

N J 
. . ..32E26 

Mad Av 

..29 W 14 

Rt-vere M' Augustus Le Fevbre-Mo.Rf.Rv 

Revere M' Paul-Mo. Rf.Dra.Mg [Mg. 

Revere M" Joseph W (R D Lamb) Mg 

Rexford M' Wm M-Uv.Eg.Ct.Ll.U'60 

Reynal M" Jules (Natalie F Higgins) La. 

Reynal M' Nathaniel C-K. Cy. R. Rh. Ny. Sa. Ct. 

Reynal W Eugene Sagny-Na 

Reynolds H" James B (Emily A Van Beuren) 

Reynolds M'- Sara M 

Reynolds M' William H-Un Union Club 

Reynolds M' James B-C . Y'84 26 Delancey 

Rhett M"- Florence M Cragstone Highland Falls N Y 

RhindM' J Massey-Pl Players Club 

RhinelanderlliM"ChasE-Sn ....6W32 

Rhinelander MiM" F W (Skinner) K. Dt. av'dLnc 

Rhinelander M'*' F & A rSs.Ct.Cl'47 Sep 16 

Rhinelander M' F M-Ct 289 Mad 

Rhinelander H' Fred'k WJr-K.Dt.Uv.Ss.H'82. Av 

Rhinelander M"- Laura *. 17 E 72 

Rhinelander M" Serena 14 Washington Sq 

Rhinelander MikM" ThosNewbold (Katharine Blake) 

K.Uv.Lt.Ss.Dt.H'87. .137 E39 
Rhinelander MiM" Philip (Adelaide Kip) Un. Dp. Rv. 

Cw.Snc.Cr..32 E 39 
Rhinelander M' Philip M-Uv.H'91.av'dLuc Aug23.32E26 
Rhinelander MiM" T J Oakley (Edith Cruger Sands) Un. 

Mt. Dp.Cy . Rv.Cw . Sv. Snc.Cr78 . . Buckingham Hotel 
Rhinelander MiM" Wm (Matilda C Oakley) Sue. .18 W 48 
Rhoades M" John H (Anne Wheelwright) 

Died at Poland Springs Me Sep 15 
Rhoades M' John Harsen-C.Ul.Mt.Ct.Snc. 
Bboades M"" Nina 

559 Mad Av 

659 Mad Av 

Social Bbgisteb, 

Bhoades HLH" John Harsen Jr (Katharine 

Preston) Na.Uv.Uva.H'92 
Rboades KM" Lyman (Elizabeth Nash) 

L.Sn.Cw.Rv. Wt.Snc.Mg. .132 W 70 

Riach M' Alex P-Un Union Club 

Rice DiM" Clarence C (Jeannie Durant) PI. ..81 Irving PI 

Rice W Edwin T Jr-Uv.Ct'80 55 W 33 

Rio^ MiM" Wm B (Gertrude Stevens) Un.Ct 17 W 16 

Rice MiM" Wm Gorham (Harriet Langdon Pruyn) 

Mtw.M.Rf.Rv. .1311 Mass Av Washington D C 
Rice MiM" William M (Baldwin) 

Capitol Hotel Houston Texas 

Rich MiM" Aquila (Susan Beales) New Brighton 

Rich M' Seton Heather •.... SI 

Richard MiM" AugH8te(MargaretHStrong)Mt.Dv.S. 12 

Richard M"- Elvine E 69 

Richards MiM" Benj (Eliza F Ver Planck) Sn.Snc. 

Richards M"" Louisa Ver Planck 

Richards M' Guy-Uv.Uva.Cl'87 

Richards M" Philip V & Gnlian C V 

Richards M' C Frederick-Ul 

M" Amelia Montgomery /. . . . 

Richards MiM" Dickinson W (Sally Lambert) 

Uv. Y'80. . 190 Park Av Orange N J 

341 W 88 



Richards M' Edgar 

Richards M' Gracie K-Cl'89 

Richards MiM" James G fc (Alice H King). . . . :.445 W 21 
Richards MiM" Eug LambJr (Florence Whitter 368 

Elmendorf) R. L.Y'68 Adelphi 

D' M E Elmendorf B'klyn 

Richards MiM" E O (Lizzie Elliott Evens) Cal. H' 78 

Dke.Wk.Bg. .The Westminster. .El6&Irving Place 

Richards M' George-Uv.Dt. Y'72 Universitv Club 

Richards D' Geo A-Cal 3o' W 33 

Richatds MiM" Howard (Haniet Mayo) 

Richards M"— Adeline & Sarah L 68 E 54 

Richards M' Howard Jr 

Richards MiM" Jeremiah (Susan A Monfort) ULNa. 

Richards M"- Harriet M [M.Rv. 

Richards r Charles S-Na 




New Yobk. 


Richards HaM" James (Loaisa Livingston James) 

Na.P'flS. .93 Riverside Drive nr 81 
Richards MIM" Wm W (Moore-Katherine Ward) 

Uv.H'68..40 W59 

Richards IT Robt Kerr-Mt.Sa Metropolitan Club 

Richardson MiM" Clifford (Teresa Stoughton) 

RichardsonrHomerB-Uv.R.Un.Rv.R.Eyb,H'75. 7W26 
Richardson Mill" S W (Stanton) 145 E 36 

64 E 



.15 W 39 

Richardson MiM" T Chesley (Emma M Baker) Ul. 

Richardson M' T Chesley Jr fRh.Rg.Cy. 

Richardson MiM" Thos P (Ellen Phelps) Mtw . . 
Richardson M"Phelp8,T-H'94& ChasFP-H'96. 
Ricketson MiM" John H (Clementine Garrison) 

Ricketson M"- Sallie Y [Uv.Eg.H'59 

Ricketson M' John H Jr '. 

Ricketts MiM" Pierre DePeyster-C.Ul.Eg.Dt. 

Ricketts M"- Mathilde Louise [Bd.CI'71 ^ 

Riddle M' John Wallace-Un.Mtw. . US Legation 

Ridgway MiM" C H (Ellen Munroe) K . . 1 AvMarcean Paris 

Ridgvyay M" (Willing) 6 Rue Francois I Paris 

Riggs M" Benjamin C (Rebecca Fox) 

Riggs M"" Rebecca 

Riggs M' Austen Fox 

Riggs M' Francis B-Un.Mt.R. 
Riggs M* Wm Corcoran-Un . . 

Riggs MiM" Geo W (Kate Cheesman) Summit N J 

Riggs MiM" Karrick V Z (Pauline D Oothout) 

K.Mt.Pn. .218 Madison Av 
Riggs MiM"EFranci8(Thayer)Mtw. .ISllMassAvWashDC 
Riker MiM" Andrew Lawrence (Edith Whiting) Straw- 

M"ABHart berry 

M'James R Whiting-Uv.Ny.S.Ay. Wms'57 Bill 

& M' Jas R Whiting Jr-H'93 Stam- 

M' Allan Hart Whiting ford Ct 

Riker MiM" John L (May Jackson) Ul.Mt.Sn.Cw.Rg. ^q 
Riker M"- Mattina&May[Dt.Ny.Rv.Cr.S.Na.Hl.Snc. ^ 
Riker M' Henry Laurens-Dt. Na. Rv. SnclCl'80 ...... g- 

^iker M' Ch Lawrence-Na.Sa. .av'd Maj Aug 17 J 

.Union Club 

29i5 Social REaisTES, 

Riker M" Daniel S (Joanna C Field) ab'dMajJlyl 

Riker M"- Anna Mary 303 

Rikei M»M''HyIngersoll-Na . R.Cw. Dp. H'93 Madison Av 
Riker MiM"JolinJack8on(EdithBartow)Un.Sn.Dt.Cvv.Ny. 
Rv.Hl.Cc.Snc. .ab'd Jlyl5av'dMajAugl7. .298 Lex Av 
Riker M' Richard(lateJohnH). .DiedatSeabrightNJAng2 

Riker M" Richard (Julia Lawrence Riker) 26 E 62 

Riker Mill" Samuel (Mary Anna Stryker)Hl.Snc. 27 

Riker M' John Lawrence Jr E 69 

Riker M' bam'l Jr (J L) Married at Far Rockaway 

Townsend M"" Frances M (Pred'c) Nov 18 

Riker MiM" Sam'l Jr (Frances M Townsend)Dt.Rv, 

Ct.Uva.Cl. Y'96. .po 19 W 57 
Riker MiM" Wm J (Charlotte L Stryker) 


Ring M' Henry Wilsonj-Uv j_. • • _• 32 E 26 

Park Av 

Ripley Qen&M''Edw'dH( Amelia Van Doren) 

62 M" M Dikeman Van Doreri (Mott). 
Ripley H*M" Harry H Dillon(NellieHoyt Seney) I 11 

M' Geo Ingraha m Seney [R . L. Na. Lc. | E 38 

Ripley O" Sidney Dillon (Mary B Hyde) 

Un.Mt.L.R. Wk.Mb.Ss.Cy . .38 W 53 
Ritchie Mill" J Wadsworth (Emily M Tooker)K. 

ab'dGer Aug5..113E35 

Rives M' Arthur L-Uv.Mtw.H'84 32 E 26 

RivesM'GeoBarclay-K. P'96 . MortonRose&CoLondon Eng 
Rives M" Francis R (F A Bininger) 

Stanwell Staines Middlesex England 
Rives MiM" George Lockhart (Sarah Whiting) 

K.C.JSy.S.Dt.Pl.T,Fn.Ct.Mtw.Cr68..14 VV 38 
Rives MiM" Reginald W (Mary C Balkley) 

Un.K.Cr82..New Hamburgh N Y 
Rives DiM" Wm C (Mary F Rhinelander) 

av'd Luc Aug 23. .22 W 33 

Rives M'" Gertrude (A L) Married at Cobham Va 

Potts M' Allen (Thos) •_• • • -^u Oct 17 

av'd Maj 
Oct 14.23 
Park Av 

Robb MiM"J Hampden (CorneliaVanRThayer) 


Robb M- Cornelia Van R. rMtw.H'66 

64 W47 


419 Fifth Av 



New Yoek, 299 

Robb MiM''NathThayer(PrancesB Henderson) 

K,Dt.Uva.Ad.Snc.H'93. .110 E 39 
Robb M' James-Fn.Pl.Cr89. . .care Hottinger & Co Paris 

Robbins M' Chandler-C.Un 

Robbins M"- 

Robbins W Geo A (Susan Ardeii Morris) 

Robbins M' Arden Morris-MtR.Ol'SS 

Robbins M" George S-R & Allan Appleton-Y'98. . 
Robbins M' Herbert D-K.Uv.Mt.Dt.R.Ha.Ct.Stnb. 

H'84 . . Knickerbocker Club 
Robbins HiM" Henry Aslier (Lizzie Pelham 
Robbins M' Harry Pelham-K.Rg.Gl'94. . . . 
Robbins MiM"HoraceWolcott(MaryAPhelps)Un.Bd 
Robbins M""* GenevidvePhelps&i Mary. .[Uv.Na.C. 

Robbins M' George Phelps-Uv.Uva.Y-91 

Robbins W Wolcott P-Y'96 

Robbins M»M" Julian W (Sarah G Jewett) Un. ..127 E 35 
Robbins MIM" Rowland A (Elizabeth Stewart) 962 Fifth 

Robbins M' Russell H-Pl [Ul.Pl.Rv. Av 

Robbins W S Howhmd-Un.K.Mt.R.Cy.M.W.Php. 


Robbins MiM" W Ward (McCready) ab'd 

Robert MiM" Chas R (Morgan-Remington) K.Ss.Ct. 


Robert M' Fritz-Sv care R Schnabel 220 E 16 

Robert MiM" P'dk (Marsena Nelson) Un. 

" Fleur dteu "Palm Beach Pla 
Robert M' Albert Wm-Un.Uv. Y'83 

J Munroe & Co Paris France 
Robert MiM" Howell (Shaw)Mo.Miid Av Morristown N J 
Robert MiM" J Eugene (Lina M Wittnauer)Dv. lav'd Fst 

Robert M""" Alice A & Eveline E Bk Oct 8 

Robert M' Edmond E-Zp I 48 W 71 

Roberts M' Lewis-Dt i Pocantico Hills 

Roberts M'-&M'- L C | Westchester N Y 

Roberts M"- 10 W 17 

Robertson MiM" Hy Montague (Lily Carville Fiedler) 

Rf.Na.Rv.Cw.So.Y'79..125 E39 



Social Rboisteb, 



.13 BUS 


W State 

Trenton NJ 

Robertson l&M" Jos L (Mary Webb Pollard) 

Robertson M"" Elise [So. 

Robertson M" Wm P & BenJ Jos Jr | 

Robertson MiM" Robert Henderson (Markoe) C.Vv. 

Robertson M' Thos Markoe rAI.Sj;.Ag.'69 

Robertson Dili" T S (Marie Wood) PI 28 E 20 

Robertson MilT Touro (M Elizabetii Sanford) 

Robertson M"" Jessie S [C. L. Na. So. 

Robertson M' William Touro 

Robeson Hon&M" Geo M (Aulirk-Mary I 
Robeson M"- Ethel Maxwell. . . [Ogston) Ph 
M' Richmond O Aulick-K.Mt.Cy.L.P'8l 
Robins Mill" Thos (Emma Davis) Mo. 

Morgan Harjes & Co Paris 

Robins H' W Powell 8 Rue Soufflot Paris 

Robins MiM" Thos Jr (Winifred Tnoker) Mo.Mg. 

71 Lexington Av 

Robinson W Alfred Brooks-Rv.Uva.H'S? 157 W 74 

Robinson DiM" Beverly (Poster) C.Dn.K.Pa.Uv.Pn'62 

av'd Camp Jly 10. .87 W 35 

Robinson M' Charles M-Un 173 Fifth Av 

Mad Av 

Robinson M' Kenneth D-Cal.. Calumet Club 267 PifthAv 
Robinson MiM" Douglas (Corinne Roosevelt) 

Uv.Un.Dt.Ec.Bg. '76. ."Overlook" Orange N J 

Robinson M" Douglas Senior (PannieMnnroe) 
Robinson M"" Winifred Rose. 

Robinson MiM" Ed Moore (Ailene Ivers) Un 
Robinson M'EdmundRandolpii .Diedat23N Wa8hSqJly24 

Robinson M*" Eleanor Jay 23 Wash Sq N 

Robinson MiM" Eli K (Gertrude Seney) 

Robinson M*" Gertrude Louise 

Robinson M' Arthur 

Robinson M' Charles LP Married at Hartford Ct 

Beach M"- Elizabeth H J (late C N) Jun 30 

Robinson M' Frank B-Eg. PI. M Mills Building 

Rol)inson MiM" Frank T (Ida M Frost) R. Ny. 

Robinson MiM" Chas L P (Elizabeth HJBeach) 



.ab'd 17E49 


New Yoek. 





142 W 95 


Bard Av 

Livingston SI 

Robinson MiM" Geo H (Sarah •DeLamater)Ul.Lc. 
Robinson M'~'EdithA&Laura [Na.Rp. Ay.Rv 

M" Riirh Robinson Donnell 

Robinson MiM" Jeremiah P (MargaretLanman)Ul. 

Robinson M"" 

Robinson M' D T Lanman 

Robinson M" John A (Lucy Bond) 

M*" Lucy Bond Morgan 

Robinson MiM" J Sterling (Mary E Flower^ 
Robinson MiM" Nelson (Lillie RSeney) Mt.R. 
Robinson M' Nelson Jr.*[Rg.Cy.Ny.Mg.Sg.Ag. 

Robinsdn M' Nugent- A l.Lt. Col 

Robinson M" St John & Chas-Rf 

Robinson M' Eugene-Na. .av'd St L Sep 18 

M" John Arthur Travers 

Robinson MiM" Rob't Emmet (JuliaSmith) 


Robinson M' Beverley Wm 

RobinsonMiM" ThosHastings-Uv . Mo . Rf . Dm . Mg . CI' 79 

Morristown N J 
Robinson Mir Walter G (Davies-Edith Maud Staples) 

Cal.Sv.. Short Hills N J 

Robinson M' Walter D-Un Union Club 

Robinson Mir William G (CarolineDMiller)Sv 

Robinson M' Dwight Edwards 

Robison KM" Wm (Floyd- Jones) Un. Ul. Rv. 

Snc. Ss. 

Roby M" Eben (Augusta A Niles) 

Roby M- Mabel A 

Roby W E Willard-Un. Dt. S. R. Mb. H'77. . . 

Roche M" Burke (Fanny Work). . . care F Work 18 E 26 

Rockefeller MiM" John D-Ul 

Rockefeller M"- Alta ab'd Col . .4 W 54 

Rockefeller M' John D Jr Jly 2 

Rockefeller MiM"Wm(AliiiiraG) Ul.Mt.Rg. av'd St Paul 

Rockefeller M^ Ethel [Ny.Jkl. Sep 5 

Rockefeller M' Percy A 689 Fifth Av 

Rockefeller MiM" Wm G (Elsie Stillman) 

Mt.Rg.Uv.Ad.Y'92..292Mad Av 
Rockwell D' Wm H Jr-Uva. ^89 124 W 78 


.10 W30 

302 Social Register, 

34 Bayard Av 
Princeton N J 

Rockwood Profi&M" Chas Gt Jr (Hettie H 
Rockwood M^ Ka tharine C . [Smith) . Y'64 
Rodewaid MiM" Fred'k Leo (Louise (5t Meylert) Na. 

49 St Mark's PI New Brighton S I 
Rodewaid Mill" Wm MacNeill (Eleanor L Hoffman) 

Dt. .care Rev C F HoflFman 81 W 72 
Rodgers M' Alex-Uv. Mtw. USA'75. . . . University Club 
Rodgers MiM" Fred'k-Uv. Mfw. USN'61. .32 E 26. absent 

U S Embassy 
6 Christophe 
Colombe Paris 


Rodgers Lt Com & M" Raymond P (Ger 
trude Stuyvesant) Uv.Mtw.USN'68 

Rodgers M*" Julia Stuyvesant 

Rodgers M' Robertson~Un . Rv . R 129 W 47 

Rodman M" Thos Harvey Jr(ElizabethBurnham I ab'd 

Rodman M*" Elizabeth Burnham [Cockle) | po44W9 

Roe MIM" Ch Francis (Katherine Bogert) Uv.Ul. 
Na.Us.Rv.Sv.La Bd.Rg.Sn.USA'68 
Roe M'" Josephine Bissell . 
Roe MiM" Livingston (Catherine B Burtnert) I iqq txr A'y 

MiM" Louis James Phelps [Mt. Rg. | -^'^^ ^^ ^^ 

Roe MiM" Livingsto!! Jr(Louise J) Knighton). 1048 Fif thAv 
Roebling MiM" F W (Margaret E Allison) L. I 222W8tate 

Roebling M*^ A A & Henrietta | Trenton 

Roebling Col&M" Wash A (Emily Warren) 

191 W State Trenton N J 
Roelker M' Allred-Mc.C.R. . 

Roelker M*" Anna E 

Roelker M' Alfred Jr 

Roelker MiM" Wm Greene (Eleanor Jenckes) 

Mt.Ny .Mtw. .10 Brown Providence R I 
Rogers MiM" Arch'd (Anna C Coleman) C.K.Uv.Mt.R. 

Hyde Park-on-Hudson & 340 Mad Av 
Rogers MiM" Ed Hy (Frances H Pierce) Uv. Y'75 

211 Orchard New Haven Ct 

Rogers M' Ed L-Rf 576 Madison Av 

Rogers MiM" Fairman (Rebecca H Gilpin) Mt.K.Ny. 

Rp.Smb. .Morgan Harjes&Co Paris 

Rogers MiM" Henry (Livingston) C 29 W 12 

Rogers MiM"HyH(Hart-EmilieARandel)Mt.Ul.Lt.26 E 57 
Rogers M' H Livingston-Rf 50 W 17 

202 W 45 

New York, 


Rogers HiM" Hy Pendleton (Sliilliio) K.Mt.Ch. 

Rogers M"- 35W49 

Rogers M' John T . 

Rogers M"- Kate B 29 W 38 

Rogers M' Jacob C-Mt Metropolitan Club 

Rogers Dili" John Jr(ElizabethSWIiite)Uva. Y!87. .48E31 
Rogers MiH" J Bard(DalsyPWells)Cal . .ab'd 267 Fifth Av 
RogersMiM"NoahC(AnnaN Shepard)Us . Uv. Ul . 


M"Da V idOgden Wqtherapoon^ . [Sa . Eg . 01'82 

field N J 

Rogers M" Woolsey (Helena Hoffman) 1607 B'way 

RogersMiM"WmEvans(Su8anLeRoy ilvab'dPstBk Nov 

Fish)Un.Mt.Ul.Cw.Rv.USA'67 11.. J SMorgan&Co 
Rogers M"** Harriette & Cornelia .. U'at I E 39 

Rokeby M' Ricliard T-R Racquet Club 

Rokenbangli M' Hy Scott-Sn.M.L.Na.Nv. The Bristol 
Rokenbaugh M' SamuelH . . [Snc. Rtgers'72 504 Fifth Av 
Rollins M' Daniel G-C.Ul Uv.Dt.L.Ct.'60. . . .80 Mad Av 
Rollins M*M" Philip Ashton (Beulah Brewster 

Pack) Uv.Uva..Rp.Na.P'89. 205 
Rollins M"- & M'- Louise McC W 57 

M'-F A Dart 

Rolston MiM" Rosewell G (Sarah E Littell) M.Wk. 

"Armagh" Babylon L I 
Romaine Mill" Benj F (Anna M Detmold) 

Uv.Col.Cr71 . .Ci"edit Lyonnais Paris 
Romaine MiM" LouisTyson-Uv.Na.Col.'75.-190WEndAv 
Romaine MiM" Wm J (Rose C M Bond). . .. Flushing L I 

Romeyn MiM" Ch Wm (Estelle Young) 63 E 64 

Romeyn M" H S (Davidson) Windsor Hotel 

Ronalds M" George Lorillard Sr (Pauline Antoinette) 

65 Champs Eiys^es Paris & Tuxedo Park JS Y 
Ronalds M' Geo Lorillard-Mt.Ny.T.R.Cy.S.L.Pl.Sl. 

615 Fifth Av & Tuxedo Park N Y 

Ronalds M'- Peter L Senior .ab'd 

Ronalds MiM" Pierre Lorillard Jr (Bertha C Perry) 

K.Mt. C.T.N. ab'd Luc Jly 4 & Camp Oct2. .4 W 39 
Ronalds M" Mary Prances (Carter). 7 Cadogan Pi London 
Ronalds M' Reginald-K.Y'86 Knickerbocker Club 


Social Register, 




.29 W 62 

Eood Prof & M" Ogden N (Matliilde Prunner) 

Rood M'~' Helen & Margaret [C . CI . Bd . 

Rood M' Herman Ogden 

Roof MiM" Clarence^M-Dt.M.M"av'd Camp Oct 2 

121 Mad Av 

Roome M" Cbarles 

Roome M' W H»rri8-Uv.R.Snc.Ct.Cr80. . . . 

Roome M' Claudius M-Ll.Snc.Sv.Cl'80 

Roosa Dill" D B St John (M" Howe) C.Ul.Rv.Hl.Snc. 

Y'60. ab'dMaj Angl7..20E30 
Roosevelt M" Alfred (Catherine Lowell) 

av'd Maj Oct 14. .see Boston 
Roosevelt M" Cornelius V S(Laura H Porter). . 

Capt S Grosvenor Porter 

Roosevelt MiM" Cornelius-S. Snc 

Roosevelt MiM" Fred'k (Loney) Mt.Ny.Na.Snc.Cn.Fn. 

HI. Dt.. 583 Fifth Av 
Roosevelt M" Hilborne L (Kate Shippen) La. . . i^i tji q.? 

M- Ettie Shippen i4i £i d7 

Roosevelt MiM" James A (Emlen)C.Mt.S.Rg.Ct.Dt.Snc. 

13E 48 
. . Paris 

4 W57 

Roosevelt MiM" JohnEllis(NMVance)Mt.Dp. 
M" Sam'l B H Vance . . . .[Sa.S.Dt.Na. 
Roosevelt MiM" Jame8(SarahDelano)Un.Dp.lJv.Mt.Mtw. 
M.S.Hl.U'47. ab'd Ft Bk Jun 26. . "Springwood" 

Hyde Park- on -Hudson 
Roosevelt M' James R-K.C.Cy.S.M.Mt.Rg.Ny.Ch.Smb. 
Ist Sec American Embassy London 
Roosevelt M" J West (Laura d'Oi^mieulx) 

J. Munroe & Co Paris till May 
Roosevelt M" Nicholas Lai robe (Eleanor Dean) 

Roosevelt M"" Louise Dean 

Roosevelt MiM" Rob't B (Marlon T Fortescue) H 

M'-MaudFoitescue [Snc. I Fifth 

M"" Kenyon F & G Roland Fortescue j Av 

Roosevelt M' Rob't BJr 

Roosevelt MiM" S M'tg'y (Augusta E Shoemaker) K.M. 

T. Lc.. 1032 Fifth Av 


. I 67 

Hotel Marie Antoin- 
ette Boulevard & 66 


New YoitK. 305 

Roosevelt MiM" Theodore (Edith K Carow) 

Ul.C.A.Rp.Hl.S.H'80..689 Madison Av 
Roosevelt MkM" W Emien (Kean) C.Rg.S.Mt.Hl'Ct.Dt. 

804 Fifth Av 

Roosevelt MkM" Wm Owsley. . 18 Av Raphael Tassy Paris 

Root MLM" Elihu (Clara Wales) l]v.Ul.(J.L.Mt. 


Root M"- Edith 

Root M' Oren Jr-Rp 

Root M' Frank D-C.Uva. Y' 41 P'ark Row 

Ropes DiM" John Hy (Susan T Goldthwaite) 

12 Garden Hartford Conn 
Roso MiM" Henry (Julia E Millard) M. Dt. . . .80 Mad Av 

Ross M' Clinton-Uv. Y'84 49 W 32 

RossD' Janies-Pl.M.S.Ny Players Club 

Ross M' William B-Un.Uv.Mt.Dt.Y'52. . . .247 Fifth Av 

Ross M' William H-Ul ... 

Ross M'-&M'- Jean C & Elsie S 

Ross M' W Kenneth-Cal 

Ross M" Wm H (Sarah Hurry). Died at 

Rossiter MiM" EhrickK-G.C 162 W 67 

Rossiter M' Lucius T-Cal Calumet Club 

Rotch M"- Edith I o, -ar^^u «/, 

M-Carey ....2lWashSq 

Rouse M' fly Clark- Mt.Rg.L.R.Dt.S.Ny. .The Waldorf 

Routh M"" Madeleine I 1833 Corcoran 

RouthM- Marie L 1 WashDC 

Rowland M' E D Morgan-Cal Calumet Club 

Rowland MiM" Hy Edwards (Ella Louise Fuller) Ul. 1 756 

Rowland M"" Henry & Edwards Pierrepont | E 6 

Rowland MiM" TljosFitch(Bradl«y)Ul. Ay.Rv..329MadAv 
Royce MiM" Chas flavens(AliceCarrington)Uv.Bd.Y' 66 
M" av'd Bret Sep 27. .M' at Japan. . 125 E 21 

Rucellai Ct&Ctss (Edith M Bronson) Venice Italy 

Rudd M' Robert S-Uv.Dt.Rf.Ec.Ad.'79..BloomlieldN J 

Rudd M' Wm Platt-Uv.Ad.U'74 32 E 26 

Ruggles M' Horace M-C Poultney Vt 

Ruggles M" James F (Grace Baldwin) I «„ T«r.-«« pi 

Ruggles M' Burnet R^thbone | ^^ ^"''"S ^^ 

South Lee Mass 
S LeeMassJun 18 

306 Social Registek, 

Rumrill M»M" James A (Anna Chai)in)Mt. Springfield 
Uv.Smb.Sl.b.Cyb.Eyb.H'59 Mass 

Ramrill M*" Anna Ghapin .• & Plaza Hotel 

Rumrill M"" Rebecca (J as A) Married at New London 

Dow Prof Louis Jlj' 14 

Runnells M' John Snmner-Uv Aht'65 32 E 26 

Fifth Av 

.Newark N J 

RunyonMiMXhasCIsabelle M Fitz Randolpli)L, 
RunyontM'- Helen B & M' Arthur S 

RunyonlM" Theo 

Runyon M*"* Julie B & Helen L. . 

Runyon M" LChaiincey-E.&FT. . 

Ruperti M»M" Justus (Sallie Nicoll) Dt.Dv. . .1700 B'way 

Rushmore MiM" Chas E-Ul L.Ct.av'd CampSepT. ..IE 89 

Rushmore Dill" Ed C (Emily Herrick) T.. . .Tuxedo N Y 

Rnssell U" Archibald (Helen R Watts) 21 W 10 

Russell MiM" Archibald D (Albertina Pyne) Mt.T.Un. 

Cal . C. Cy . Ny . . Tuxedo Park 
Russell MiM" Chas Howland (Jane B Potter) Uv. 

CiCy.Dt.Ct.Mt.Uva.Mtw.H'72. 129 E 34 

Russell M' C Pey ton-Un . Na Union Club 

Russell M' F Grenville-Sa St Anthony Club 

Russell M" Henry E (Peck) 

Russell MiM" Wm Henry (Isabel King) K.Cy.Lc. 

M" Peck . . J 
Russell MiM" Hy" G"(Hope"B Ives) UnlMt/Ny! 

66 Power Providence R I 
Russell Hon&Mf* Horace (Josephine Hilton) 

Russell MiM" John E (Caroline Nelson) 

C.Mt.Smb.Rf.. Leicester Mass 

Russell DiM" John F (Harriet Cilley) oi \;47 1 1 

M- Cilley -Ji W 11 

Russell M' Robt floward-Pl 20 E 27 

Russell M' Samuel-Un Union Club 

Russell M" S Howland (Elizabeth Garrettson) 

ab'd Maj Oct 21 . .243 Lex Av 
Rnssell MiM" WmHam'ton(PlorenceSands)K.Mt.Cal.Sa. 

Rutherlurd M' Wi(ithrop-K.Un.R.Rh.Wk.Mb.Cl'84 

246 E 15 





New York. 307 

Eutherfurd M*M" Louis M (Sands-Harriman) Un.K.Ny. 
Mb. Wk. .M' av'd St Paul Oct 17. .Tranquility NJ 

Rutherfurd M' John Hope-Un.Sn.Mtw TJnion Club 

Ratherfurd Mill" Robt W(AniiaBucklev)S.Ny.Snc. 

Rutlierfurd M""" Salina E & Mary .* 

Rutherfurd W R Alexander-S 

Rutherfurd MiM" Hy L (Harriet Colwell Fulton). 

Rutherfurd M" Walter (Isabella Brooks) 

Rutherfurd M' John Alexander-Mt.M.Cy.Lc.Rv. 

Rutherfurd M' Francis Morris-M [Ny.Cc. 

Rutherfurd Rev Wm Walton-Mt 

Rutherfurd MIM" Walter (Louise Javingston Jones) 

Mt.Sn.Snc.Rv. .714 Madison Av 

Rutter M' John R-Ul I tt • t™„„„ pi,,,, 

Rutter M- Beatrice B | • ^ °***'^ league Llub 

Rutter M" Nathaniel (Sara Caldwell). .White Plains NY 

Rutter M" Thomas (Georgiana Renaud) 814 Fifth Av 

Ryan MiM" ThosF(IdaMBarry)Un.M.L.Rg.Na.So.47W74 

Ryder MiM" P P-C 51 W 10 

Rvder M" S Oscar (Rebecca C Murray) on u e/i 

Ryder M' Murray .39E50 

Rylance Rev DiM" Joseph H (Elinor Coe) 

av'd Umb Sep 12. .11 Livingston PI 

Ryle M' Wm T-Pl. Ul. Na Paterson N I 

Ryle M' Arthur-Cal. Na. Ec f aterson JN J 

Sabin MiM" Chas D (Susie G Tilden) Ul.Rv. . . .175 W ft8 
Sabin MiM"N Henry (Harriet Jones) Ul.Rv.Pl.Rp. 

Buckingham Hotel 

Sabine D' Gustavus A 

Sabine M""" Frances & Julia 

MiM" Chas Davis Haines (Mary T Sabine). 
Sackett MiM" Hy Woodward (Elizabeth Titus) 

Sackett M" Adam Tredwell (Sarah E Ostrander). . 
Sackett M""* Gertrude T-La. & Helen L-La. . . [La. 

Sackett M' Clarence-Cal. Ch 

Sackett M' B Lambert-Cal. Rg. Lc 

Sackett MiM" Chas A <,Mary Alice Townsend) Un 

Sadliei- M" William H 

Sadlier M"- Rose & M' Frank-R. Cth. Cy. 



1 W2l 
Madison * - 

808 Social Beoisteb, 

Sage MiM" Dean (Sarah A Manning) Uv. G. Rv. 

Sage M- Sarah P [Bd. 

Sage M' Henry Manning-Uv, Uva. Y'90 



N Y' 

312 Fifth At 

Mad Av 

Sage HiM" Russell (MargaretOliviaSlocum). .506 Fifth Av 
Sahler M" D Da Bois (Adeliza F Merriam) 
Sahler M"— Emma F, Florence L & Helen G 

If" Annie L Merriam 

Salisbury MiM" Fred'k S (L Alice Wright) Lc 

Salisbury M- Adelene [Y'66 

Salisbury HiM" Geo Bulkley (Katharine Patterson) 

Salomon MiM" Wm (Lewis- Helen Naomi Forbes) 

M. N. L. R. Ny. Rv. So. .104 E 37 

Saltonstall IT Dudley Winthrop care S K Satterlee 

Saltonstall M' Satterlee-Sn. Rv.H'92 . Rye N Y 

Saltonstall MLM" Francis G (Ella B Parkin). .1 qk w qt 

Saltonstall H'~ Grace M & Ella W \ w in 

Saltus M" Francis H (Eliza H Evertson) 105 E 18 

Saltus MiM" Edgar Evertson (Elsie W Smith).. . .109 E 18 

Saltus M' LIoyd-R. Ha Racquet Club 

Sampson M' Cliarles E-Cal Calumet Club 



.Racquet Club 
433 Fifth Av 

Sampson MiM" Ed C (Sally P Blagden)C.Uv.Ul.G. 

M' Phillips B Thompson at Cambridge. [L.' 59 

Sampson M" Elijah P Pittsfleld 

Sampson MiM" Henry-Ul.Ny.Rg.Bd.Rp 14 W 58 

Sanborn M' Edwin W-Uv. Ad.'78 University Club 

Sancton M' Geo E-R 

Sancton M' W B-R 

Sanders Rev&M" Henry M(EleanorBut 

M" Theron R Butler. [Ul.Bd. 

Sanderson MiM"Harold A(Ma ud Blood) " ' 


Sanderson M""* Lee & Olga 

Sanderson MiM" Lloyd Bowen (Ottilie 

MiM" S C Force 
Sanderson MiM" Oswald(BeatriceBBddall)Uu.Lc.R.S 

Ny.Dt.Ch..246Lex Av 
Sanderson M' Percy-C.Dt.British Cou-Gen. 
Sanderson M"" Lucy 


fly av'd Sep 16 
Liverpool Eng 
Park Av 

.180 W 69 

New York. 


.32 E^6 

Sandford M' Elliot-Uv.Rv.Aht'61 

Sandford M"- Katherine W 

Sandford M' Edward R 

Sandford HIM" Lewis Halsey. .7 Damont d'Urville Paris 

Sands W Abm B (Sarah Day). 

Sands W Harry M-K.Mt.Un . . . 

Sands M'AndrewH-Un.Mt.Ny.Cy.Rpr.Dm.Ct. Union Clab 

Sands MiM" B Aymar(Amy K Akin) Un.Uv.Sa.Dt. 

Uva.RR.8uc.Ch.Cw.Ct.Sg.Cr74. .68 W 48 

.8W 10 


.102 E 31 

Hotel Normandie 
B'way & 38 

15 E 33 

Sands M" Chas Edwin (Letitia S Campbell) La. 

Sands M' Edwyn de N 

San<ls MiM" Fred P(Jnlia E Simp8on)Ny.Cal.Newport R I 
Sands MiM" James Woodville (J Durham) Ul.Ha.76 E 56 
Sands MIM" John Aagn8tine( Eleanor Lvell Livingston) 

Sands M" Joseph (Charlotte Brion Ponlke) 
Sands M"" Charlotte Sandys Poulke. 

Sands k" Josephine S 

Sands M' H Hayden 

Sands MiM" LouisJos(EllaLouisePaye)Ll.Rv.HotelBri8tol 
Sands M''Mahlon(MaryMHard pence). DiedatLondon Jly24 

Sands M"" London 

Sands MiM" PhilipJ(Beck)K. Un.Uv.Mt.Ct.Ch. 

Sands M"— Anna A & Elizabeth B [CI' 63 

Sands M' Philip 

Sands M"" Edith (Philip J) Married at Incarnation 

Graham M' Robt D (Malcolm) Nov 25 

Sands DiM'*RobtAlfre(l(Kate Van Volkenbargh)C.. 39 E 33 


Sands M' Chas Edward-K.Sa.R.Cv.Cl'87. . 
Sands M'iRobtCornell-R.K.Uv.Sa.Ct..Cl'87 

ab'd Umb Jan 27 
Sands MiM" Wm H (Augusta Lorillard) Cy.R. 

"All Breeze" Westchester N Y 
Sands MiM" Wm R(Mary T Gardiner) Mt.Ny. 

Cairo Egypt. .J Munroe & Co Paris 
Sanfor(i MiM" Chas Ed (Kate Laimbeer) . „. .„. t,, ,,, , ,„ 

Sanford M' Richard Laimbeer ? Fust PI Bklyn 

San ford M" Charles F (Belle Looney) 100 W 76 

Sanford MiM" Ed I (Amy Bradish) Uv. Y'84 107 E 46 

385 Fifth Av 


SooiAL Reoisteb, 

Sanford H' Samuel S... 

Sanford M' Hy 2d 

Sanford Hon&M" John(EtheI Sanford)Mt.Uv.R.T. 

.Golden Hill Bridgeport Ct 


P Oct 17. .Amsterdam NY 
d Rue Renaissance Paris 

Sanford H" (Belle Davis). 

Sanger M" Henry 

Sanger M"" 

Sanger M*M" WmCary(MaryEClevelandDodge)Uv.Rv 

Bk.Ha.Pl.Rp.Cw.Ct.U8.A'74. .leoState Albany NY 
Sanger M' Wm T-Uv.Mo.Mg.H'71 Morristown N J 

10 Montague Ter B'klyn 

117 W 58 

.Wash D C 

Sargent M' Franklin Haven-P1.M,H'77. 

Sargent M" Jolin Turner. 

Sargent Mil" Geo H (Sarah Shaw) Ul.H'53. .. . . . .2 W 50 

Sargent M"- Georgiana W 28 E 35 

Sargent M' Joseph D (Jos R). .Married at New Haven Ct 

Weir M" Clara Louise (Jno F) Oct 8 

Sargent Mill" Jos D (Clara L Weir) New Haven Ct 

Sargent MiM" Russell (Margaret Motte). . .New Haven Ct 

Sartain M' William '"The Rembrandt" 152 W 57 

Sartoris M" Nelly (Grant). 

Sartoris M*- av'd Luc Jun 26 

Satterlee MiM" Arthur B (L6ontine L Whitlock) Sue. 

Irvington- on- Hudson 
Satterlee M" Clarence (E Virginia Churchill) . . 102 E 31 
Satterlee MiM" EdwR(JeanSReese)C.Dt.Rv.Snc.Ch. 60 E 
Satterlee M" Geo Ree8e-Pu.Cr94 & Edw Lansing 78 
Satterlee DiM" F Le Roy (Laura Snydam) C.Uv. 

Satterlee M'^'MadeleineLeRoy&LauraLivingston 

Satterlee M' Hy Suydam 

Satterlee MiM" Fred'cW(MatildaCLivingston)Mt.lO Wall 

Satterlee M' Frederick R L-Cal.Rv Culpepper Va 

Satterlee MiM" Geo B (Sarah Satterlee) C.Rv.Snc 

Satterlee M*" Marion 

Satterlee M' Herbert Living8ton-S.Cw.Uv.Cr83,. 
Satterlee M' Richard Sherwood 

Satterlee Bishop&M" Hy Yates t^Jane L 

Churchill) C.Dp.Ct.Rv.Cl'63 

Satterlee M*" Constance 



fly av'd Nor' die 

Aug 28 Wash 


New ITork. 311 

Satterlee RevChurchill-Dp.Cl'QO .av'dNor'dieAug28 

Morganton N C 

Satterlee MiH" Livingston (Knight) . . . .New Brighton S I 

Satterlee MiM" Samuel Ketchum (Mary P Walnut 

Sanford Brown) Sn.Rv.Snc. Grove 

M"Satterlee-Sn.Rv.H'92&DWSalton8tall Rye N Y 

Satterlee M' Walter-C.Rv.Cr63 148 E 18 

Satterthwaite MiM' Jas Sheafe (Lillie B Marden) 

care A H Larkin Nutley N J 
Satterthwaite DiM" Theo E (Isabella Banks) C.Uv. Y'64 

504 Fifth Av 

Sawyer M*M" Philip C (Mildred Conway) 300 W 70 

Sayre D' Lewis A 

Sayre M"" Mary Hall 285 Fifth Av 

Sayre D' Reginald Hall-Uv.Na.Ct;Cl'81. 

Sazerac M' Jules-Dt Down Town Club 

ScarboroughM'Theo W(nowIate Wm W). Died at33E50Oc»6 
Scarborough M" Theo Woolsey (Laura Hoadly) 

care Geo Hoadly. .33 E 60 
Schack M' Otto W C (Elizabeth Inez McCarty). ,.,„ ^j, „^ 

r Temple Merritt (Schack) l^u J^ ^o 

Schack M" Rudolph Wilhelm (Livingston) 117 E 27 

Scbaefer M' Bmil-Na.Sv NY Athletic Clab 

Schefer MiM" Carl (Bertha M Kohlsaat) Dv.Mc.Rf.4()W37 
Schefer MiM" Ernest F (Constance Bonner) La. 

St Austin's PI West Brighton S I 

Sciiefifer MiM" Eugene W (Doty) Rosebank S 1 

Schell M" Augustus (Anna M Fox) 17 E 35 

63 Clinton PI 

Schell M"- Mary E. 

M"" Florence A Cragin . 
Schell MiM" Edward Heart t (Cornelia E Barnes) M.Sn. 

Scliell MiM" Francis (Mary Stewart Morris) Snc. Y'72 

J S Morgan & Co London 

Schell MiM" Robert-Sn.Snc .33 W 56 

Schenck MiM" Allen (Caroline A Page) Rp 37 W 

Schenck M""* Florence A, Mabel & Carlie Marie. . . 51 

Schenck MiM" C Stewart (Hattie Kearny) Rye- 

Schenck M""" Lulu L & Helen E v on-Sound 

Schenck M' Stewart Courtney NY 


Social Begisteb, 

SchenckMlM" Hy A (Anna Colby Knowlton) 

'^Sunny Ridge" Englewood N J 

Sclienck M' H de B-Cal.Hl Ridgefield Conn 

Schenck Mill" J Fred'k (Mary Louisa Stone) Un.Mt. 

Mb.Rh.Ny. .Lawrence LI 
Schenck MiM" N Pendleton (Elizabeth B Morgan) Un. 

Dp . Snc.Ha. . 162 Col Hgts Brooklyn 
Schenck M" Spotswood D (Effie E Morgan) 

care M Morgan. .284 Lex Av 

Schenck M*" 

Schenck M"-* Ida Z & Anna Pendieton .' . .... . \ \ 114 E 19 


Schermerhorn M" Alfred (Benton) I . .-, p^^i. a .. 

Schermerljorn M' Alfred Egmont-Y'95. . . | "^^ ^^^^ ^^ 
Schermerhorn Mill" Arthur Fred'k (Green-Francis 

Serrill Levick) Rv . .91 W 68 
Si5hermerhorn MiM" Geo Stevens (Julia M Gibert) Sv. 74 

Schermerhorn M*" Amy Elizabeth [Rv . Snc. W 

Schermerhorn M" Ed Gibert-Sv.Cw.Rv.& Philip G. . 68 
Schermerhorn MiM" Chas Aug (Louise 

Schermerhorn)Snc.Cw . Rv . Ch . Wt . . 270 Boulevard 

Schermerhorn M*" Rosalie 

Schermerhorn M" E (Brevoort) Paris 

Schermerhorn M' Fred'k Augustus-Un.Mi.K.T.C.Cy. 

S.Ny.Rg.Ct.Snc.Ll.Cr68. .61 University PI 

Schermerhorn M*" 
Schermerhorn M' E Eugene-Snc 
Schermerhorn MiM" J Egmont (Katie T Cotting) Mt. 
K.Uv.Cal.Lc.Ny.S.Dt.Cy.Fn.Snc.Bg. Hl.'72 

M' Jameson Cotting 

Schermerhorn MiM" J Maus (Mary Browne) Uv.Hl. 

M*- Harriet Browne [L.Snc. Wms'69 

Schermerhorn M' S Gaudy-Bg 51 

Schermerhorn M' Wm B-Un.cr63 Union Club 

Schermerhorn MiM" Wm C (Annie Cottenet) Mt.K. 
Schermerhorn M- rC.Cr40 

MiM" S W Bridgham 

MiM" John I Kane 

Schieflfelin M' Charles M-Un.Snc Union Olub 

ft-v^^-^flfelin l|iM"Eug (Hall) Un.Sn.Cw.Snc.Ct 7 W 36 

Hotel St Andrew 

Boulv cor 72 
E 34 


New York. 


Schieffelin M' E S-Cy.Snc. Conn try ClubWestchesterNY 
Schieffelin M' H Hamilton Geneva 

MiM" P R Howes (Harriet A Schieffelin) .... NY 
Schieffelin MiM" Geo R (Julia Delaplaine) av'd Teut 

Un.K.Ny.Dt.T.C.Cw.Snc.Sg.Rg.Cr56 Sep 80 

Schieffelin M*— Constance & Dorothy 8 E 45 

Schieffelin M" Henry M (Sarah M Kendall) «/,- wf+u a „ 

SchieffelinM- 665 Fifth Av 

Schieffelin MiM" Samuel B (Lacretia Hazard). .968MadAv 
Schieffelin M'Schuyler-Un.Cw.Snc.Ct.Pn.Sv.l73PifthAv 
Schieffelin M" Wm Hy (Mary Jay). . av'd AUer Aug 12 

Schieffelin M*- Eleanor Jay 242 E 16 

Schieffelin MiM" Wm Jay (Marie Louisa Shepard) 

Ct.C.Ch.Snc.Cw.Ll.Cl'87. .35 W 57 

Schirmer MiM" Gustave (Grace M Tilton) 117 E 35 

Schirmer MiM" Rudolph E (Martha Y Barnes) Ul Al. 


Schlesinger M' P P S-Dv.Lc Deutcher Verein Club 

Schlesinger MiM" Leopold-Dm t^,^ 

Schlesinger M"" Clara, Eugenie Belle & Mae 

Schley M' EvanderH-Ol 4 Wall 

Schley MiM" Grant B-Ul.N.Rg.M.Ny.Na . . .812 Mad At 
Schley DiM" J Montfort (Margaret T Spa ulding)So . . 1 E 42 
Schley MiM" William T (Mary A Reeve) Ul . . o . . 25 W 52 
Schmidt MiM" P Leopold (Melenda Pollen) Sv. 

Schmidt M" J W & P Leopold Jr 

Schmidt M' Bache McEvers-Sv 

Schmidt MiM" Oscar Egerton (Charlotte Lloyd 
Higbee) Uv.Ct.Rv.S.Ch.Dp.Cr59 

M*" Josephine Stevens 

Schnabel M' Richard Aug-Dv 

Sehnabel M'-&M'- Laura . . av'd Bret Oct 26 . . 

M" A Robert &.M' Fritz Robert 

Schoonmaker M" C M (Matilda R Cooper) 
Schoonmaker M'~ Althea L & Virginia . . . 

Schoonmaker M' S L-Eg.Dt .46 Wall 

Schott M" (Rebecca Cornelia) ino -p qi 

Schott M- Margaret Ridgely . i04 ih ai 

Schramm M" Edward Liverpool England 

Schramm M' Wm-Un.O,Mc 150 W 

.54 E 76 




.220 E 16 

..66 W 38 


Social Register, 

Schreiner M^ Julia ab'd 

Schroeder DiH" Hy Harmon (AiraeeRaymond). .2H0W135 
Schroeder Mill" Edwin Albert (Tefft-Carrie B Rice) 

M.Ct.Dt.Pl.Ha. .10 Lex Av 

Schroeder H" Francis (Lacy R Langdon) 137 

Schroeder H**" Lucy & Henrietta M Madison 

M" C J Blackslock-Do wney A v 

Schroeder Mill" Gilliat (Rickett8-Lawrence)Un. Bartow- 

Schroeder M*" Selina Richards on- 

Schroeder M' Hy Alfred, .av'd Sep 6 Sound 

Schroeder Mill" J Langdon (Juliette de Neufville) 

Cal.Sv.Cw.Cr89..50 W 11 
Schuchardt M" Ferdinand (Julia F Berryman) 

Windsor Hotel 
Schumacher MiM" Chas Jr (Suzanne Holder) Na. .53W57 

Schurz M' Carl-C.Rf 

Schurz M*— Agathe & Marianne S 16 E 64 

Schurz M' Carl L-H'93 

Schuyler MiM" Chas E(AdeleSartori)Sn.Bd.Hl.Na. Y'82 

113 near Riverside Drive 
Schuyler MiM" Edwards O (Georgia A deFontaine) 

Sa.Bg.Cl'87. .St Anthony Club 
Schuyler M" Eugene (Gertrude King) 

av'd Fulda Aug 16 ab'd Aug Vic Oct 8 
Schuyler Rev&M" Livingston Rowe(LeonoraStG Rogers) 
Rv. .Holy Trinity Av de I'Alma Paris 

.135 E21 



Schuyler M*" Louisa Lee. 
Schuyler M*" Georgina. 

Schuyler MiM" Montgomery (Katharine B Liv- 
ingston) C.Ct.Cw. 

Schuyler M' Montgomerv Jr-Rv 

Schuyler M' M RoosevelVC.M.Lc.Ny.Ct.Cn.Fn.HL 

252 W 46 
Schuyler MiM" Philip (Langdon-Lowndes)Un.K.C.Ny. 
Sv.Rv.Ll.Snc.Cin.Ar.H'55.ab'dUmb Jly25 

av'd Oct 10. .Irvington N Y 

Schuyler M' Spencer D-Sn.Rv.Snc ab'd Luc 

Schuyler M^ Estelle Louise Sep 26 

Schwab MiM" Herman C (Marv Baldwin) Rf.Dv.C.Ch. 

341 E 37 

Nt?w York. 316 

Schwab Mir Gustav H (Caroline O^den Wheeler) . . 4 

Schwab M*- Arno [C.Mt.Dv.Rf.Rg.Ct. . . E 

Schwab H' Gnstav Jr 48 

Schwab BevAM" Lawrence Henry (Margaret Paris) 

St Mary's Rectory 101 Lawrence 
Schwan MiM" Louis M (Mary E Deming) Ul. Rg.N.R. 

M.Al.Na..205 W57 
Schwartz ReVifcH" David L (Amelia Beekman Cox) 

Lakewood N J 

Scott M' Charles H-Ul.Dt 24 W 38 

Scott M' Edgar T-Un . . ab'd Camp Oct 10. .Union Club 

Scott M' Frank H-C.Pl Orange N J 

~ ~- • ~ 43 

Park A V 

Scott MiM" Francis M (Lucy Parkman Higgins) 
Scott M'Wm a-Lc....[Uv.C.Lc.Ct.Rf.Na'67 
Scott M' George W-Lc.R.Na .Pelham Manor N Y 

Scott MLM" Geo S (Augusta CIsham)Un.Mt. 

Scott M"- Louise Beatrice [Ny . S .T 

Scx)tt MiM" Geo Isham (Jeanne de Gauville) 

J S Morgan & 
Co London 

12 E 58 

Scott M" James (Sarah Antoinettt' Tams). . .590 Fifth Av 

Scott M" John Fred'k (Emily A Willis) 713 

Scott M"" Anna A <& M"- Park 

Scott M" WmSherman-Sv.Cw.H'89&JohnFJr-Cw. Av 

Scott M' Stuart-Cal Calumet Club 

Scott MiM"Walter Gurnee(MinnieSParker)S. AnnistonAla 

Scott M' Winfleld-Un . Sv Union Club 

Scott W William Hoyt-Un.Rf 4 E 46 

Scott MiM" Wm C (Cornelia E Paulmier) ... .85 Park Av 
Scovill MiM" Thos L (Mary E Ely) Ul. Ay. . . 

Scovill M' EdEly-Sv 

Scoville M' Edward T-Sa St Anthony Club 

Scranton MiM" Walter (Mary Woodbridge) 

Dn.Dt.Ec. .86 Harrison E Orange N J 
Screven MiM" John H (Mary Van Rensselaer) Cy. 40 

Screven M"- [Dt.Rg. W 39 

Scribner MiF Chas (Louise Flagg) C.Un.Uv.Mo PI. 

Ct.Al.Mg.F75. 12E38 

Scribner M' John M-UV.L.U' 59 "" 

Scribner M""" Elizabeth & Mary 

240 W 


. Social Register, 

Scryiraser The M""". 
Sorymser M' Walden Hell. 
Scrymser Mill" " 

105 Westfield Av 

Elizabeth N J 
James A (Mary Prime) 

C.Mt.Ll.Dt.Rg.Jkl. .107 E 21 

Scudder M' F P-Ul.Na 1425 Broadway 

Scudder H" Ch Davies (Louisa W Evarts) 

147 E 7 Plainfield N J 
Scudder Rev&H" Hy T (Margaret M Weeks) Uv.G. 

Scudder M"- [Cw.Rv.Cr74 21 

Scudder M' Hewlett-Un CMc.T.Snc.Rv [Hey'd E 2i 

Scudder M" Ed M-Uv. Ch. Rp. Ty'77,Wil'd-Rv., a 
Scudder Mil" Moses L (Clarine Williams) Un. Pi. 105 E 

Scudder M" Marvyn & Harold 18 

Scudder MiH" Townseud (Mary Dannat 281 Hf^nry 
Scudder M' LorinKent-Cl'88 . [Thayer)Lt. Brooklyn 

Seabury DiM" Pred'k Niles (C Amelia Pinyal House 
Seabnry M"" Sophia Knight. . [Wheaton) Providence 
Seabury D*M"Wheatou(MariaRichmoad) R I 

Seaman M' F A-Mg Morristown 

Seaman M- E L-Mg N J 

Seaman D' Louis Livingston-Rf . PI. Lt.-C w 18 W 

M" Austin Huntington & M"" Lulu B Freeman . 31 

Seaman MiM" Samuel H-L 156 Col Hgts 

Seaman M**" Mary & Sadie Bklyn 

Seamans Dili" William S (Helen P Woodbury) 

Uv.L.H'77..156 W86 
Searing MiM" Peter J L (Catharine Ludlow) Ch. 212 

Searing M*"" Ruth L & Arabella Coles W 130 

Searles MiM" JohnE-L 

Searles M' John E Jr-Dt 

Sears Mai&M" C B-Uv.Rv.Cw.USA'67 '. 143 E 48 

Sears MiM*Joseph Hamblen(Anna W Caldwell) 

Sedgwick MiM"Hy Dwight Jr(SarahMayMiuturn)118 E 22 
Sedgwick MiM" Arthur Geo (Lucy Tnckerman) C. .8 E 10 
Sedgwick MiM" Henry Dwight (Henrietta E Sedgwick) 

Sedgwick MiM" Henry( Adelaide E Beales) . . care 35 W 32 

Sedgwick J udge&M" J ohn (Hunter) H 312 

Sedgwick M*- Harriet Hunter & Rachel W 89 

812 St Marks Av 


New York. 317 

Sedgwick MiH" John Hunter (Rachel M Griffith) H'88 . . 

T.La.Bg..l29 E 36 
Sedgwick MiH" Theodore(Margaret J Beale8)Ct. 

Sedley MiM" Hy(BleanorPheI psMcKeague)Ul . New 

Sedley M'~" Eleanor & Barbara Brighton 

W Italia McKeagne ST 

See MiM" Hoi ace (Ruth Ross Maffel) Mt. Ay.Ny. 

Eg.Lt.Ch.Ny.Pnp..50 W 9 

Seeley M" Nathan-Ul.Ny.Dt 25 

Seeley M' C Barnum-Ul.Ny.Lc.Na E 29 

Seeley MiM" George H (Stevens) Ul.Dt Ny. . . . 

Seeley M- 

Seeley M'Geo M-Na.Uv.H'87. .atlvauhoe Va 
Seilli^re Brn&Bruss Raymond (Li vermore-Riley) 

Newport R & 119 Rue Constantine Paris 
Seligman MiM" IsaacN(GretaLoeb)Lt.L.Uva.Cr76.58W54 

Seligman MiM" Theo-L.G.H'?6 39 W 57 

Sellar M' Norrie ab'd Umb Aug 22 

SempleM' Lorenzo-Uv.Us.Cth.N.So.USN'82 

University Club 

Seney M'Geo I-Cal.Lc care H D Ripley 11 E 38 

Seney M" Geo I Senior care J W Simpson 34 W 20 

Seney M'RobtP-Ul 39 W 27 

Senter M' J Herbert-H'61 7 W 43 

Serdobin Bm&BnssPaul Mde(MarieEWilliams) . 182W75 
Sergeant MiM" Wm R (Edith Leaman) . . 425 West 

Sergeant M" W Leaman & Edgar End Av 

Serrell M" Edward W (Jane Pound) 

Died at 8 Idvingston PI Aug 29 

Serrell Gen Ed W-Ll 

Serrell M"" Jennie Pound 

Serrell M" Ed Paul & Saxon 

Seton MiM" AH (Schtiaidt) . av' d Aller Oct 11 32 

Seton MiM" Alfred Jr (Mary Louise Barbey)Un.T. W 38 
Seton MonsignorRobert-DD.Rv.Cw. 

St Joseph's Jersey City Hgts 
Sevenoak Prof Prank L-P' 79.. Stevens Ins floboken N J 

8 Livingston PI 
Stuvvesant Pk 




318 Social Register, 

Sewall MiM" Chas ( Anna Wellman) Un. Dt. ... 

Sewall M- Edith Brooks 62E78 

Sewall- M' H^nry Foster-Ad. G.CI' 

Seward MiM''ClarenceA(deZeng)Un.Uv. I .j..^ , . 

Seward IT" Alice D. . . .rNy.Smb.Ad'48 | rfrfMaaAv. 

Sewell M'CorneliusVan Vorst..MarriedatGraceChChan try 

Whirehouse M" Ed (Constance Cozzens) Jan 30 

Sewell lliM'"Robert(SarahVaAVor8t)Ul.C.L.Ny.Dt P. 
Sewell MIM" Cornelius Van Vorst (Whiteliouse- 

Constance Cozzens) Cal. 
Sewell MiM" Robert V V(Amanda Brew8ter)C.Ul.Ay. 
Sewell MiM" Wynn Reeves (Martha Watson) Un.Ny. 
' Rv.Uv.Cw. .334 Ridge Av Allegheny 
Sexton MiM" Ed Bailey (Ella M Smith)Ch ... .20 Fifth Av 
Sexton MiM"GeoHobart(MaryLord)L.Na. .. Hempstead 

M" L A Chapman (Lydia Lord) ..... LI 

SextonffLiiwrenceEng-Cv.Uva.Rf.Dm.H' 84.80 WashSqE 

Sexton D' Saraxael Died at 12 W 35 July 11 

Sexton M' William Lord Cal. Na Calumet Club 

Seybel M' Daniel E-Ul.R.Col.Lc.Na.Rg 247 Fifth Av 


Seymour M' Herbei t-Cal Calumet Club 

Sevmour MiM" Jas M (Caroline S Lewis)Ec.Ay. 172 Pros- 
Seymour M' Charles Alfred-Ec.N . . . . .(Ch.N. pect E 

Seymour MiM" Allen Lewis-Dm OrangeN J 

Seymour MiM" James M Jr (Etta Hedden) Ec. 

135 Prospect E Orange N J 
Shackford M"" Marcia Parepa (Wm) Married Oct 19 

Fnrman M' Silas Holmes (late J M).at Ascension Ch 
Shackleton M"" Frances-Mg .careDHMcAlpinPlazaHotel 

D' ab'd Ger Jly 
8 av'd 30 

Shaffer DiM" Newton M (Margacf t H 

Perkins) Uv.C.N'67 

Shaffer M' Newton Melman Jr 

Shannon MiM" Richard Cutts (Greenough-Martha A 

Spaulding) Uv.L.Dke.Ll.Mtw.Rp.'62. .10 W50 
Sharon MiM" Fred'kW(LoniseTevis)Un.LTv.T.Ny.Rg. 

L.R.G.Cy.H'81 . .M' ab'd St P Jly 22. .323 Fifth Av* 

Sharp M' W Newton-So. N Drexel Bide 

Sharp MiM" Wm Willoughby (Hopkins-Dora 

Adams) Cal. So.. 42 WS 

New York. 


5 Fort PI 
NewBrighton SI 

St Nicholas 
Av & 156 


Sharpe Gen&M" Geo H (Caroline Hone Hasbrouck) 

UI.Dp.Ilp.Mtw.Ev.Ll.Snc.Et,'47. .31 E39 
Sharpless M" Hy H G (Mary Lyman Van Buren) 

care M" Van Buren 151 E 37 
Shattnck MiM" AlbertR(MaryStrong)Mt.L.R.413FifthAv 
Shattuck M" Wm B (Elizabeth C Richardson). . .11 E 62 
Shaw MiM" AlexD(CarolineBGallandet) 

Shaw M"- Mabel [L.Mt.Alb.Mtw. 

Shaw M' Munson Gallaudet 

M" A DMunson 

Shaw M' Chas H-Uv.Ct.Y'78 

Shaw M" Walter Irving 

Shaw M"" A nnah Watson 

Shaw MiM" D McLean (Emma Louise West) Na.P'60 

Shaw M"" Mary Louise . .'. 

Shaw MiM" Irving McLean (Lucy Imogen Burrows). . 
Shaw W Prank D-M.Nv.Lc.Wk.Cl'74. .Manhattan Club 
.Shaw MiM" Geo (Margaret Edwards) Ul.Col. 

av'd St P Oct 26 . 14() W 86 

Shaw MiM" Thos Francis (Laura Berlin) M.Mc. .31 W 51 

Shaw MiM" WalterW(xMLouiseWakeman). .604 Fifth Av 

Shearman MiM" Thos G (Ella Partridge) 

L. Ha. Rf . .ab'd N Y Jun 17 

Shearman M"" Helen P 

iShearman MiM" T GJr(NellieStillman) Dke . . MontclairNJ 

fehedd MiM" Jno M-Uv.Cr77 148 E 38 

Shedd MiM" Percy W( Joseph! iieDay). .careNW Day 1;JE9 
Sheffield M'GSUohn-Uv.Ul.Lc.Y'63. . AttleboroughMass 
Sheffield M' JamesRockwell-Uv.Rp. Y'87. .247 Fifth Av 

Sheffield M' Joseph Earl-Uva. Y'94 39 W 36 

^Sheffield M' George-Sa.Uva. Y'94 St Anthony Club 

Sheldon MiM" Edwin B (Louisa Whitehonse) Uv.Ol. 

Pl.Ny.Rg.Ch . .M"av'dLucJun26. .Sheldon&Co 4 Wall 
Sheldon M' Edward W-Uv.C.Mt.R.G.L.Dt. 

Ag.P'79..23 Fifth Av 
Sheldon DiM" Frederick(Fearing)Un.Uv.K.C. .198MadAv 
Sheldon MiM" Geo P (Carolyn J Pendleton) "Mayclyffe" 
Uv.N.Dl.Alb. Ad.Y'67. .M"'avdBrgOct4 Greenwich 
Sheldon M- Ct 

176 Columbia 
Hgts Bklyn 


Social Bboisteb, 

Sheldon liH" Geo Ramsey (Mary R Senev) Un.I3v. 

UJ.R.Rg.Rh.L.Rv.Cy.Rp.Ny.H'79. .89 Park Av 
Sheldon Dill" HIjawrence (HEmmaBartow)LakewoodNJ 
Sheldon MiM" Isaac E (Cora E Stnith)Al. Rg. Ad'57 17 
MiM" Hy Milton Requa Jr (Annie E Sheldon) W 60 

Sheldon MiM" James O (Townson) Ul.S.Dt 12 E 40 

Sheldon M'RichK-Un.Uv.M.Dt..Rp.Pl.Uva.Y'69.31 E 24 
Sheldon MiM" Wm C (Benham) Sa.Uv.Rv.Ha.Ty'82 

Bemardsville N J 
Shellabarger M' Joseph M-P'92 600 West End Av 

Shelton DiM" Geo G (Ida E Sherman) Ct.Rv.Cw. 

Shelton M- Harriet M fab'd Lahn Jly 7 

Shelton M" Henry Wright (Hoyt) . 

Shelton M'-&M'- Frances E 

Shelton MiM" Theodore B. 
Shelton M' Charles C . . . . 
Shelton MiM" Wm H (Charlotte 
Shelton M*"* Louise <fe Helen 

M"OL Kirtland 

Shelton M" Wm H Died at 208 W 84 Sep 26 


Mad Av 

. . 28 E 22 
,19 W 17 

Miller Road 

N J 

Shepard MiM" Aug Dennis (Joanna E Mead) 

Shepard M*- Joanna H .rL.Dt.Rp.Bd. 

Shepard M' Aug Dennis Jr-Ct.Bg 

Shepard M' Bnrritt H-Cal. Bg. H'94 

Shepard M' Rutherford M-Bg 

Shepard D' Chas R-M.R.L. W Lakewood 


N J 

N J 

2 W52 

Shepard M" Eliott F Sr (Margaret Vanderbilt) . 
Shepard M' Eliott Fitch, av'd Teut Sep 30. . . . 
Shepard M'-Edith(late EliottF)MarriedatScarboroughNY 

Fabbri r Ernesto G (late Ernesto G) Oct 20 

Shepard M' Ed Morse-Uv.Ch.Ha 82 E 26 

Shepard M' Oliver H-Un . Ul Union Club 

Shepard M' Thomas O-H'92 19 E 38 

Shepherd M' S-Cal Calumet Club 

Shepherd MiM" Wm Edgar (C Moore Gwynne) 

av'd Bret Sep 27.. 20 E 55 

Shei-man M' Arthur W-Mt . S mA tkt ao 

Sherman M- 1-J4 w »^ 

Sherman r George-Uv.C.R,Dt.Pl.Uva.Na.Cl'72.16 W30 



New York. 321 

Sherman M' Byron-Mo. Mg I Morris- 
Sherman MiH"GordonE(HarrietESl)elton)Mo.Mg.|townN' J 

Sherman r Chas A-Un.Ul.S.Rv.Ha 32 W 30 

Sherman M''Ed Standish(CatharineAngTownsend) 

Sherman M*^ Rose S & Henrietta T 

Sherman M' Reginald Palgrave-Ay .(at 6 E 42) 

H*" Henrietfce Townsend 

Sherman iiM" Arthur Outram (Janet M Sheldon) . . 
Sherman MiM" Pred'k Wm (Grace Blanchard). . Rye N Y 

Sherman M" Frederick (Foster) ab'd 

Sherman MiM" Gardiner (Mary M Ogden) Mt . Rv. 

av'd Luc Oct 16. .214 West End Av 
Sherman MiM" Herbert A (Anna White) Un.Ul.Ay. 138 

Sherman M"- Rose Standish E39 

Sherman M"- Mary Elizabeth. . .The Portland Wash D C 
Sherman M' Philimon Tecumseh-Ul.Na.Cth.Ll.Rv. 

Sherman Mii" Th Town'd (Anne Wiggin)Uv. Of . Y'74 

114 E 22 
Sherman MiM" Wm Watts (Carter Brown) Mt.K.C. 

Ct.R.Snc..838Fifth Av 

Sherman M' Wm Winslow-Ul . Rg 

Sherman M' Percy Winslow-Rg 

Sherman M*- SybilM (Wm W). . .Married at Newport R I 

Hoffman M' John E (late Geo) Oct 12 

SherrlU M' Chas H-Ul.Uv.Na.Rv. Y'89 6E9 

Sherwood M" John (Wilson) Manhattan Hotel 

Sherwood M'Samuel-Cw. ..Woodland House Delhi N Y 
Sherwood MiM" Arthur Murray (Rosina 18 Neptune Is 

M"- Emmet [Emmet) Uv.H'77 N Rochelle N Y 

Shields Prof Chas W-C.Uv.P'44 "Morven" 

MiM"BayardStockton(HelenHShields) Princeton N J 
Shillito MiM* WaIlace(AliceWoodrow)Mt..Un.Mc..l3 E 60 
Shippen M" Wm W (Georgina E Morton) La. ion t? qo 

ShippenM-G,S&C. -l^OEBS 

Shippen MiM" Wm (Alice Gerard Wood) Mo.Mg. 

44 Madison Av Moriistown N J 
Shirlaw M' Walfer-C. . .^. . . ^. 3 Wash Sq 

.22 E46 


Shoemaker MiM" Henry P-Ul.Rv.Lt. 
Shoemaker M" Henry W & Wm Brock .... 


SooiAL Register, 

^Ex>emaker M' Michael Myers-Sn . Mtw. Rg . Cw . 

Union Bk London 

Shoenberger M" Jno H (Alice E Taylor) ao va K-y 

r Alexander Taylor &M- Louisa Taylor. -*** ^ *" 
Shope M" HB-Cal.Cl'86, Julian B-Cal.&ChasW-H'94 

care W Krebs 19 W 32 


Short M«H" Ed Lyman (Anna Livingston 
Petit)Mt. Uv. Cal. L. Dt. R v. Ch. C w. 

M- Emily M Petit [Cl'75 Oct 2. .20 W 37 

Short M' Henry Alford-Uv. 01' 80 32 E 26 

Shrady D' Arthur Melville-P'90 60 W 38 

Shrady M' Hy Merwin (Geo F) Married at 24 W 59 

Moore M" Julia EG Nov 18 

Shrady DiM" Geo F-Y'69 a w «« 

Shrady M' Ohas Douglas-Dke » ii oo 

Shrady MIM" Hy Merwin(M" Julia E G Moore) Dke24W59 
Shriver MiM" Hurry Tower (Maud G Salisbury) 

Lc. Eg. ores. .686 Park Av 
Shugio M' Heronaich-Al. 0. G. . .3300-0 Washington D C 
Sibley Mill" Richard 0-R.Rg.Ny.L.T. . .Hotel Neth'land 
Sicard Com&M" Mont'gry (Elizabeth Floyd) Navy 

Sicard M- Eleanor fUSN.Ll.Sn. Yard 

Sicard H'Mont.gomeryHunt-Rv.P'74. .127 W 61 B'klyn 
Sickles Major-General Daniel E-USA.L. . . .23 Fifth Av 
Sidell Mill" Cornelius Van Alen (Phebe A Mumford) 

Ul. .The Rockingham B'way & 56 
Siebert Col&M"LouisP(ElizaOothout)Un . BerlinGermany 
Sierstorpff Ot&Ctas Johannes von Francken (Mary 

Knowltou) Ha. .72 Koniggratzer Strasse Berlin 

Sill M' John Targee-Mt.Cw.Rv Metropolitan Club 

Silliman M'BenjaminDouglas-Bk.L.Rv.Y'24 56 Clinton 

M"- Caroline S Taylor Bklyn 

Silver D' Henry M-Uv.Dt.Rp.Ad.Dth'72 6 E 43 

Silver DiM" Lewis Mann (Roberta Shoemaker) 

Rp.Y'82..103 W 72 
Simmons DiM" Chas E (Ruby Gould) Uv.M.Dm. 762 

Simmons M"- Ruby G [Na.Snc.Rf. Wms'61 Madi- 

Simmons M' Edward de Porrest-Sa.Na.Ag.Cr88. sonAv 
Simmons M' Edward E-Pl.H'74 Players Club 




New Yobk. 323 

Simmons Mil" J Edward(JnliaGreer)Uv.Mt.M:.L.Pl. 28 • 

Simmons M"- Isabel [Na.Rg.Snc.T. Wms'62 W 

Simmons W Joseph Ferris-Sac. Mt.Na 52 

Simonds MiM" Francis May (Edith Vernon Mann) 

. . Sa.Cr87..127 Maple Av Flushing LI 

Simonds il" Frederick W (deLuze) 

Simonds M*" 

Simonds M" Alex B-Dp.Uv.Cl'73 & ChasH-Sa-Uv. 

M- de Luze [Cl'82 

Simonds M'FrederickW. .Died atStockbridj?eMassAug27 

Simonds MiM" Henry A (M Charlotte Kemble) 37 E 

M" Richard L & Peter Kemble 9 

Simonds MiM" Wm B (Mary L White) R.S 31 W 45 

Simons MiM" Chas Dewar (Cornelia Neilson 

Simons M"" Mary E .Harriman) Rv. 147 W 74 

Simons M" Harriman N,CbasD Jr&E HyH-Pu. 

Simonson M' Egbert C-Cal Cajamet Club 

Simpkins M"" Ruth (late Jno) Married Sep 1 

Thayer M' Bayard at Yarmouthport Mass 

Simpkins M' John-Ul.Uv.Mtw.Eyb.Smb. 1717 K 

Simpisins M*- Mabel [H'85 Washington 

Simpkins M' C Ritchie-Lc . R . . H'92 DC 

Simpkins MiM" Nath Stone (Mabel Kingslev Jenks) 

Un. Sa. R. T. Wk. Smb. .Biarritz France 

Simpson M' David Bennett-Ul.Dke.Rp'86. .450 Fifth Av 

Simpson MiM" John W (Kate Seney) C.Uv. 1 qa ^x^ on 

M"GeoI Seney....[Ul.Ct.L.Pl.G.Aht'71 \ •*** ^ ^ 

Sims M' Charles-Cal Calumet Club 

Sims DiM" H Marion (Lillian Douglas) 30 W 58 

Sinclair MiM" John-C. Dt. Ct. Ag 18 E 66 

Sinclair MiM" John J (Mary J Sloane) M. Rg. Ct. | g p, go 

Sinclair M*"* Maude Sloane & Grace Morgan | 

Skiddy MiM" Wm W (Eleanor Gay) Uv. Dt. ab'dFstBk 
M. Uva. Rg. PI. Snc. Ch. Y'65 Jun26 

Skiddy M' William G-Y'92 42 W 64 

Skidmore M' John D-Cl'49 71 W 50 

Skidmore M' Samuel T-Un. Snc. Cr86 Union Club 

Skidmore MiM" W B (Julia Cobb) Dt. Uv. Mo. Mg. 

C1'71 . . South St Morristown N J 


Social Register, 

Skidmore MkM" Wm L (Helen A Beadleston) 

Skidmore M"- [Sn. Snc. Cw. 

Slade M" Francis H (Amelia M Strong) ... I 

Slade W Mabel . . .18 W 52 

Slade M' Francis Lonia-Uva. Y'91 | 

Slade r Geoiaie P (Cornelie W Strong) Senior 

Slade M" Arthur J-Y'92 & Geo Theron 

IT T R Strong 

Slade M' Jarvis 

Slade M-- 

Slade M' George P-Un.Ul.Ss.N.Wk.Mc 

Slade M' M Perry-Uv.Na.H'81.ab'dNorAug 6. 
Slade Mill" Hy Lewis (Olivia Hoe)Cal.Sv.S8.Rv.Na.5E77 
Slade M" James F (Helen S Stone). WestNewBrightonSI 
Slade M" J Morgan(Laura H Emott)Mg. 

Slade M- Helen M 

Slade Mill" Wm Gerry (Emma M R Hardy) 

Slade M"- Hattie A . . . [Col.Rv. 

Slater M" E Hope (Gamroell) 

Slater M' John Whipple-Un.Ny.Ay. , 
Slater MiM" Wm Albert-Un.K.Mt.C.Ny.Uv. 

Slater M"- Eleanor LSmb.Eyb.Pb.H'Bl 

Slayback MiM" John B 

Slayback M' Ed F-Ul. Ad.N 

Slayback MiM" Hy Bloodgood (Jessie A T^fift) 
Sleicher MiM" John A (EllaSPeckham)Rp.Ct 

Sleicher M"" Mary Peckham 

Slevin MiM" E P (Hacker) Ec Orange N^ J 

Sloan MiM" Samnel(MargaretElmendorf)Un.Ul.Mt.7E 38 
Sloan MiM" Benson Bennett (Anna Lydia Worth) 

Uv.Sa.Cr88..141 EB& 
Sloan MiM" Samuel Jr (Katherine S Colt) 


Sloan M" Wm S (Julia Rapallo) 127 E 36 

Sloane MiM" Chas W-T.Uv.P'69 60 Park Av 

Sloane Mir Henry (Jessie A Robbins) Uv.R. Dl.Mt. 

Wk.Cy.T.Rg.Ny.Ct. Y'66. .9 E 72 
Sloane MiM" John (Adela Berry) Mt.Ct.Ul.C. I 883 
Sloane W Wm-Mt.Y'95 [L.Rg.Ny. | Fifth Av 

49 W52 

62 E66 

W 10 

11 Madison Av 

332 W 87 


R I 


New Yobk. 

Sloane MiM" Wm Douglas (Emily T Vanderbilt) 642 

Ul.T.R.Rg.Mt.Ny.L.Ct. Fifth 

Sloaue M*— Emily V & Lila V Av 

Sloane Prof&M" W Milligan (Mary E John8on)C.Uv. 

Cl'68.ab'dNY Oct 28. .Brown Shipley &Co London 
Slocum MiM" Hy Warner (Grace Edaall) 

R.Ll.Uva.Y'83. Ill E 40 

Slocum Col J Jermain-Ul.LLCw q'7 -p ar 

Slocum M- Margaret Olivia d/ iJi oo 

Slosson MiM" .T Steward (Josephine Naylor Summit 

Slosson M"^ Margaret & Alice [Un.La. N J 

Smallev MiM" G W (Phoebe Garnant) Mt. 

Smalley M'"" Eleanor, Evelyn & Ida 20 E 75 

Smalley M"" Phillips & Emerson 

Smedberg MiM" Adolphus (Mary L Morton). . Pordham 
Smedberg M" Henry A8hton-Cl'69& Adolphus Hgts 

M*" Agnes Adams - [Jr NY 

Smedburg MiM" Ed M (Mary F Gordon) Rv. Summit N J 

Smedberg M' 
Smedberg M' 
Smedberg M' 
Smedley MiM' 

Oscar (Tillou) 

Frances Tillou 

Carl G, Harold V <fc Julian K 
■ WmT-Pl 

161 Franklin 
PI Flushing 

Players Club 

Smidt MiM" Allan Lee (Grace Lee) Dm.Hl.Snc..307 W 83 
Smillie M' Charles F-Ul.C.Dt.Mc.R. . . .280 Madison Av 

Smillie MiM" George H-C 61 E 59 

Smillie M' James D-C.Bd 110 E 38 

Smith MiM" Abel I (Laura Howell). . . . 

Smith M" Elise Howell 

Smith M' Abel I Jr 

Smith M' Angustine-Un.C.Ul 

Smith M- Mary D 

Smith M' Augustine J 

M* Martha H Campbell 

Smith MiM" J Campbell (Amy F Smith). 

.146 W 76 



Smith DiM" A Alexander-Uv.G.Al.P'68. 

Smith M" W Schuyler & H Alex 

Smith DiM" Andrew Heermance (Jeannie T Sheldon) 
S mithM'-JulietC&M'DavisonHeermance fC . Rv. LI. U' 
Smith MiM" Andrew W-Mt.Un.Ct.Rg.Metropolitan Club 
SmithM' ACary-S.Cal.Ny.M 51 W 1^ 

ab'd Maj Jly 1 
40 W 47 



Social Register, 

Smith MiM" C Vincent (Katherin« Dner) Ua. . ..143 W 86 
Smith M" Chas Dickinson (Mary C Bininger). . .31 W 19 

112 Benevolent 
Providence R I 

Smith MiM" Chas Morris(HarrietMHall) 
M" Peleg Hall (Sarah M Watson). . 

Smith IT Chas R-Dv.Y' 76 7 Nassau 

Smith MiM" Chas Spragoe (Isabelle J Dwight) 

Rf.Mt. Bd . . Carnegie Building 
Smith Mill"Chas Stewart(Ahna Walton Brown) 

Ul.C.L.Mc.P].G.Mi;.Rp. 26 W 47 
Smith M' Howard Caswell-Ul.R.Ny.Uva.H'93. 
Smith HiM" Chetwood (Mary A Chapin) 

30 Elm Worcester Mass 

Smith Rev DiM" Cornelius B(MaryH Wheeler) 
Smith W Ethel N [C.Rf.Bd.Ty'64 


E 69 

Smith M' Daniel Hy-Uv.P'60 32 E 26 


E 18 

Smith «;M"Ed A (Rebecca M Welsh) Un.Mt.R. 

Smith M"- Josephine C [Pl.Cw. 

Smith MiM" Elijah P (Elizabeth Thompson) 

Un.M.Dm.Ch.Mdbl. .68 E 34 
Smith MiM" Elliott (Estelle Raymond) 

Uv.Wk.Mg.Mo.Cr71 . .SOMapleAv MorristownNJ 

Smith M' Elliott R-Ul.Dt Union League Club 

Smith MiM" Ethelbert M (Emily L Lawrence) 304 

Smith M"" Mary Hopeton Lex 

Smith M" R Lawrence-P'98 & E Marshall Av 

Smith MiM" Eugene (Katherine Bacon )Uv.C.Y' 69 23 

Smith M' Leonard B E 44 

Smith M' Edward Curtis- v. Us. Y' 76 . . .University Club 
Smith MiM" Eustace Ballard (Kate Batterfield)Un. 

M. Ny. T. N tw. Ad' 70 . . 47 WiltonCrescentLondonSW 

ab'd Aug Vic 
Jly 16 av'd 
Nor Oct 24 
150 E 34 

Smith MiM" F Hopkinson (Josephine Van. 
De venter) C.A.Pl.Al.Mtw.Tvb. 

Smith M*" Hopkinson 

Smith M' F Berkeley-Pl 

Smith MiM" Fitch W-Ul . . .36 W 36 

Smith MiM" Franklin Waldo (Bevan) I Windsor 

Smith M"- N ina Larr6 & M' Geo Stuart at 10 E 32 | Hotel 

Smith M' Fuller Apgleton-K .._:_... ^ 28 E 36 


Smith M" Gamaliel G (Margaret Ten Eyck 

New York. 








Geo Buckingham (Mary Cooper)N . . .35 E 28 

W 76 



MiM" Geo Putnam (Maria E Totten)M.Col. 

M' George Totten-Cc rRv.Cr66 

M' George T-Un Union Club 

MiM" George Washington-Ul 39 

M— W37 

M' George Warren-Mt Metropolitan Club 

D' Gouverneur M-C.Rv.Mt.Cw.Snc. Wt..52 W 65 
MiM" Granville Bj'am (AnnieDickinson)Sv. 

M' Edgar Maverick-Ct.P'90 

M" Horace Green Grannis (Smith) 

MiM" Augustine C (Mary PIrvin)Sv.Uv.Rv. 

M' Hamilton-Un. . . .av'dEtru Oct 24. .Union Club 

MiM" Harry Bache (Lena Reed) PI 128 W 59 

M" Hamilton (Rudd). 

M' Henry Erskine-Ul.M.Dt.Rv.Lc.Us.Snc.A. 

Union League Club 

M' Henry N-M.R Manhattan Club 

MiM" Henry L (Jane I Noye8)C.Al 

D J Noyes 

M" Henry Wm (Walker) 

M' Isaac Townsend-Ul . . Siamese Con Gen . . 1 E 39 
MiM" J Gait (Elizabeth Shipley Bringhurst) 

av'd Luc Nov 13. .145 W 73 
MiM" Jas Clinch (Bertha Ludington Barnes) 

Un.Cal.Mt.S.Cy.Rg.Ny.Lc.Rh.Mb..lO W 30 

M' James Henry -Un.Uv.R S'75 1 W 30 

MiM" JConnor(MaryBMacDonald). .Bergen Pt N J 
M" John Cotton (HarrietteH Appleton). ..118 E 37 
M' John Sabine-Uv.L.Rp.Ch.Ty.'63. . .1425 B'way 
MiM" J Hopkin8( PrancesGoodeno w)Un. Ct. 

M' St John-Harvard University 

M' James D-Ul.Col.PlNy.N Greenwich Ct 

M" Laroche Jacquelin (Campbell) 

M- Sarah P 

M' Lenox-Un.creS 

201 W 55 

1 W21 

MiM" L Bayard (Louisa Norwood) 
Sn. Dt. Sv. G. Tw. Rv . Cw. Snc. La. 
Smith M' Bayard Marston 


N J 

Union Club 

av'd Fst Bk 

Oct 8 
10 W30 

328 Social Registee, 

Smith H' Lucius Hopkins-Ul.N.Ny.Lc 19 E 34 

Smith M"- Mary (late D' J Auej) Died at N Y Oct 29 

Smith M*M" Mnnroe (Gertrude Huidekoper) 

A.Aht'74. llS&Riverside Drive 
Smith MiM" Nathaniel S (Mamie King)Uv.Lc. 

S.Bd.Zp.Uva.H'69. .110 E 16 

Smith M' Nelson-M.Dm.Rf 151 W 48 

Smith MiM" N Denton (Harriet Shelton) Ul. . 
Smith M— 

.17 W 17 

Smith M' Oliver Drake-Sa St Anthony Clnb 

Smith MiM" Pierre J (Mary Lockman) Dt. 
Smith M- M Duval [Col.Rp. 


Smith M' Osgood-Uva.Rf.Sv.Rv.H'89 H34 W 66 

Smith MiM" R A C (AliceSWilliams)M.Ul.Col.Ny. 12 

M"AGWil]iams&M'-ClaraBWilliam8[L.Bk.Rp. W 72 
Smith M' Ormond G-Ul.Lc.R.Col.Rg.H'83. .530 Fifth Av 
Smith MiM" Robert Hobart (Dunn) C.Ll.Ty'69. ,. t. „. 

Smith M' R W Hobart . .i Ji «4 

Smith M' Rowland W-Un.R Union Club 

Smith M" Samuel (M Ad61e Casey) Aiken S C 

Smith M' Sydney J-Un.Ct Union Club 

Smith M' Samuel-Un • 1.7 -wr i o 

Smith M' Louis G-Rv ^^ " ^^ 

Smith MiM" St Clair-Pl. Ct 25 W 50 

Smith MiM" SSidney(Edit.hCornell)C.Uv.Dt.H'70 .105E38 
Smith MiM" Sidney A (Elizabeth O'Hara) 

Uv.Fn.Wms'SS. .av'd Tour Oct 11 . .127 W 58 

Smith M' Sydney Leighton-Rv 18 W 45 

Smith MiM" Sheldon (Annie E Bronson) abroad 

Smith M' Sutherland D-Uv.Hb'63 32 E 26 

Smith M' Theo Jas-Sp I "Castle Heights" 

M" W E Mali | Geneva N Y 

Smith M" T Leaming 

Smith M" Thomas U (Mary A Henry).. 
Smith M' D Henry-Un.Uv.Ny.P'60. . . 

W&W Clara Irvin 

M' Richard Irvin 

Smith MiM" Walker Breese (Rives) Un.K.Mt. 

T.Wk.Dt Mtw. .Tuxedo Park 
Smith M' Warren B-Mt.Rg.L Yonkers N Y 

19 W 48 

wood N J 

New York. 

Smith M' Wm Allen Uv.Eg.Cr68 32 E 26 

Smith M*M" Wm Alexander (Margaret Jones) 412 Madi- 

Smith M' Wm Alexander Jr [C.Ev.Ch. son Av 

Smith MiM" Wm Palmer (Georgianna "Fridhem" 



Smith Rev&M" Wilton Merle (Zaidee Van Santvoord) 

P'77..34 W39 

Smith MkM" W W heeler- Ul.G.L 17 E 77 

Smitheis M' Francis S-Mt.Dt 

Smithers M"" Louise B 

Smithers M" Francis-S Jr & Charles 

S.nylie Mill" Chas Albert (Julia Ely) Ul.Sv.Na..l40 W 58 

Smyth M' Frederick-M. Dm 

Smyth M" Augusta 

Smyth MiM" Hy Lloyd (Margarita Pumpelly) 

Gibbs^Av Newport R I 

607 Mad Av 


Snelling M" Edward Templeton (Grace Coles) La, 

Suelling M"- Grace N 

Snelling H*M" Grenville Temple (Margaret Willet 

Anthon) Cal.Cv.Bg. .2 W 36 
Snow Mill" El bridge Gerry (Frances JanetThomson) I 166 

Snow MiM" E G Jr (Frances Pickert) [Fn. W58 

Snow MiM" Fred'k A(Mary Palen)Uv.T.Ct.L.Rf.Ag. 

Snow MiM" Hy Sanger (Anna L C Brooks) Na.Bd. 

270 Henry Bklyn 
Soley MiM" Jas Russell (Marv Howland) Un.Uv.Sg 

Soley M"- Una Howland rMtw.H'70 

37 E 

.33 W 53 

Solley D' Fred Palmer-Uv.Na. Y'88 
M" Mary Houston Westoott 

Soramerhotf M' Hans-Dv.M.Lc .112 W 59 

Sondern DiM" Frederic E (E M Ottmann^ Na.Ny.S.'89 

200 W 66 
Sooy8mithMiM"Ch (Pauline Olmsted) Uv.Eg.Uva.C.Ulch. 

^Isizs- Hoi"ftl 

Soper MiM" Arthur W-Ul . Rp 

Soper M- 

Sorchan MiM-M A;(LaChaise-Thorn). .lORueLincolnParis 
Sorchan MiM" Victor(Charlotte Hunnewell) K.R. .29W39 



Social Register, 

Soien M' Geo Wales-Ul.C.Cc.ff 54 117 W 58 


444 Madison Av 

Southack MiM" Fred'k (Florence Butler) Na.Mg. 

Sou t hack M' John W 

Southack M" M L 

Southack H" Eugene-Na & Louis V. 

Souther MiM" Chas Ed (Surges) Ul.Dt.Ec.La.H'65 

Montrose So Orange N J 

Southmayd M' Charles F-C 13 W 47 

Southwick M' John C Died at 46 W 46 Sep 20 

Southwick M" John Clafiin (Ella M | care H C Hopkins 
Southwick M^ Susie Kent .... [Clapp) | 80 Broad 

Morgan Harjes & Co 

Southwick M' Horace Claflin-H'93 
Southwick M' Cliflord-H'97.. 

Southwick M" Odite H (Hamersley) 141 W 63 

Sonthworth M' Edward W-Uv.Sg. Y'75. . OniversityCIub 

Southworth D' Thomas S-Uv. Y'83 47 W 56 

Soutter M" Agnes G care RevB'Dix 27 W 25 

Soutrer H" William K (Louisa A Meyer) 41 W 17 

Soutter M" James Taylor (Julia E Brown) 

Soutter M'" Ellen Muriel Beatrice 

Spears Mill" Harry D (Lizzie Downing) 

Un.Mo.Pl.Dv.Chch. .34 Gramercy Pk 

31 E 36 

2 W36 

.48 Wash Sq 

Spedden M" Edgar 

Spedden M' Frederick Oakley 

Speir M' Gilbert MacMaster-Uv.M.Sa.C.Uva.Dt. 

Cr73..62 Wall 

Speir M' Archibald W-C. Rv 143 E 

M" Henry T Wright (Julia W Speir) 37 

Spencer M" Ambrose P (Tailer) 

Spencer M' J Clinton-Un.Cal 

Spencer Mill" Edwards (Stout-Emily Meredith Read) 

Snc.ll W 16 

Spencer M' George H 17 Nassau 

Spencer M' Harvey 

Spencer M'"" Sophie E & Frances S 82 Irving PI 

Spencer HiM" Harvey Jr (Mary L Strong). . 

Spencer Rev J A 

Spencer Gen Bird W-Ul.Sv.Us Passaic N J 

Spencer M"^ Grace, Sadie & Jessie. 

New York. 331 

Spencer H" Lorillard (Sarah J Qt Griswold) Senior 

70 Av Marceau Paris 

Spencer W Griswold av'd Brit Sep 9 

Spencer Mill" Lorillard (Caroline S Berryman) 

Dn.Mt.Al.Rv.Ow.."Chastellux" Newport R I 
Spencer H" Mary C (Mary C Hurlbut). . . 

Spencer M"- Mary J-Bd 

Spencer M'Nel8onS-Uv.Ct.Rf.Bd.Ad.'76 
Spencer Mill" Samuel (Louisa V Benning) 
Spencer M"- Vernona M. . . .[Mtw.Chch.T.L So.'67 

Spencer M' Theodore-Sa St Anthony Clnh 

Spencer M' W Aug-Un. Union Club 

230 W59 

Uv. Mt. 29 W 

415 W 23 



Sperry MiM" Watson R( Julia Henderson) C. 1221 Market 
Sperr'y M'" Elizabeth Crawford .... [Uv. Y'71 Wilmington 

M"" Anna Henderson Del 

Speyer M' James-M.R.Pl.Rf.Dv.Lt.L. W.Ny.427FifthAv 

Speyer M' Edgar av'd Col Oct 16 

Speyers MiM" Albert G P (Selina L Lawrence) 

Speyers M*" Edith Lawrence 

Speyers M' James Bayard 

Speyers Lt Com Arthur B-USN.Sn.Us.Ny. . 

Speyers M" James (Pigot) 

Spies M" Francis (Amelia Louisa Schwarzwaelder) . . 

Spies M"" Louise A 

Spies M' Francis Ferdinand-Sv . C w. Rv . LI. Zp . CI' 92 
SpofiFord M*- Adelaide T. . . .care J McG Woodbury) 

120 Fifth Av 

SpoflFord MiM" Charles A-Bd 180 W 59 

SpofiFord MiM" Joseph L (Cecelia Haws) Un. . . | Hunt's Pt 

SpoflFord M' Paul N-Ud.Ul.Cw | Road 

Sprague MiM" Frank J-Uv . Col. USN'78 

M" av'd Aller Oct 11 . . ISO W End Av 

Sprague MiM" Henry Elliot-Un 257 W 74 

Sprague M'Hy L-Mt.Uv.Ul.R.Cy.G.Ad.Uva.Cor'73 

330 W 23 
Sprague M' Irvin Auchincloss-Sa.Dt. . St Anthony Club 

Sprague M' Seth-Cal.Mc-Na.Pb.Cyb Calnmet Club 

Sprigg MiM" Carroll-Uv . '69 101 W 74 

Siiuibb M' Charles F-Uv.H'81...150 Col Heights Bklyn 
Squier M' Charles B-Dt . L . Ul Ill Liberty 


SooiAi, Registeb, 

444 Madison Av 

Soren M' Geo Wale8-Ul.C.Cc.H'64 117 W 68 

Southack HiM" Fred'k (Florence Butler) Na.Me. I 48 

Sou t hack M' John W W 63 

Southack M" ML ■.'.■..■■. 

Southack M" Eugene-Na & Loiiis V 

Souther MLM" Chas Ed (Barges) UI.Dt 

„ , , . Montrose So Orange N J 

Sou thmayd M' Charles F-C 13 W 47 

South wick M' John C Died at 46 W 46 Sep 20 

Southwick M" John Claliin (Ella M care H C Hopkins 
Southwick M"- Susie Kent .... [Clapp) 80 Broad 

Southwick M' Horace Claflin-H'93 I Morgan Haijes & Co 
SonfhwickM' Clifford-H'97 ... . Paris 

Southwick M" Odite H (Hamersley) 141 W 63 

SoMthworth M' Edward W-Uv.Sg'.Y'75. .UniversityCIub 

South worth D' Thomas S-Uv. Y'83 47 W 56 

Soutter M" Agnes G care RevD'Dix 27 W 25 

Soutier M" Wilh'am K (Louisa A Meyer) 41 W 17 

Soutter M" James Taylor (Julia E Brown) 

Soutter W Ellen Muriel Beatrice 

Spears MiM" Harry D (Lizzie Downing) 

Un.Mo.Pl.Dv.Chch. .34 Gra mercy Pk 

Spedden M" Edgar 

Spedden M' Frederick Oakley 

Speir M' Gilbert MacMaster-Uv.M.Sa.C.Uva.Dt.' 

Cl'73..62 Wall 

Speir M' Archibald W-C. Rv I 143 E 

M" Henry T Wriglit (Julia W Sw^ii, ' 37 

Spencer M'"Anibro>(' P (Taiier) . ,, 

Spencer M' J Ciiiil<.iii-Un.Cal 

Spencer MiJK" Edwards (Stout-Emilv.^rf' '■ ii 

31 E 36 

2 W36 

k4U VVa^ 

Spencer II' Geors?e H 

Spencer rijarvey 

Spencer *'— t^opfiie E & Praucf 
Spencer HiU" Harvey Jr (Mari 

Spencer Kev J A .. 

Spencer Ge„ Hii'^ W-Ul.Si 
Spencer M"** (j^rsio^= Sadie 

1 VVaa^^^^ 

Nbw York. 381 

Spencer M" Lorillard (Sarah J Qt Griswold) Senior 

70 Av Marceau Paris 

Spencer M' Griswold av'd Brit Sep 9 

Spencer Mill" Lorillard (Caroline S Berryman) 

Un.Mt.Al.Rv.Ow.."Cliastellnx" Newport R I 
Spencer M" Mary C (Mary C Hurlbut). . . 

Spencer M"" Mary J-Bd 230 W«» 

Spencer M'NelsonS-Uv.Ct.Rf.Bd.Ad.'75 

Si>encer MiM" Samuel (Louisa V Benning) Uv. Mt. 29 W 

Spencer M"- Vernona M . . . . [Mtw.Chch .T.L So.'67 78 

Spencer M' Theodore-Sa St Antliony Olnh 

Spencer M' W Aug-Un Union OI«b 

Sperry MiM" Watson R( Julia Henderson) C. 1:»I Al»r*rt 
SperryM"- Elizabeth Crawford. . . .[Uv.Y'71 1 Wilm Ji^!W»ii 

M"" Anna Henderson JV? 

Speyer M' James-M.RPl.Rf.Dv.Lt.L. W.Nr,i5Tf>M. A^ 

SpeyerlTEdgar ar vJ O-o o- " 

Speyers MiM" Albert G P (Selina L La«rnrtMv 

Speyers M"" Edith Lawrence 

Speyers M' James Bayard ''' ' '^ 

Speyers Lt Cora Arthur B-USN-Sil'-* X> 

Speyers M" James (Pigot) • 

Spies M" Francis (Amelia Louis* }*<»»>*-""«- - ■ 

Spies M"* Louise A 

Spies M' Francis Ferdinand-^ > ^^ ; '" ^ 

Spoflford M- Adelaide !..,-«►>■ »'' '• 

Spofford MiM" diaries A -Ji -^ . . 

'^poflford O"jo8ej)'hi. "^ ' '• '' '^ 
oflord M' Pan] X-I- ^ ^ ^ 

ague MiM" FnuA-- 

igue Mir &tic- - 




SooiAL Beoisteb, 

Sqnire M' Newton Requa-Ul 1 E 39 

Squires MiM" Grant (Sallie E Jenkins) Ul Cl'85 

394 West End Av 

Stafford D' H Eugene-Na. So 8 E 34 

Stafford MiM" Wm Fred (Justine. Adele Bliss) 

Un . Mt . Cw . Ul . Rv . . 618 Madison Av 

Stage M" Chas T (Mary M Drake). . ; 137 W 80 

Standish MiM" Myles (Farrington-Catharine Lanier) 

C.Mt.Ct.Cw. .27 Fifth Av 
Stanton MiM" Gerald N (Elizabeth H Belcher) 

Stanton M*"" Grace H & Elsie H 

Stanton M' Gerald Napier Jr 


10 W 49 
Stanton MiM" Louis Lee (Pauline W Dixon) 

Uv.R.Mt.Dt.Rh.Y'79..30 W49 
Stanton M' S Franklin-Un . Dt . Sn . Rv . Snc . ..^-n, «« 

MiM" S W Richardson (Stanton) . . 140 Ji- do 

Stanton MiM" Walter (Eva Cal«b) M.Mt.R.Na. po 

M-- Caleb & M' M M Caleb . . [Mc. Rv.Pl . Ny . 112 W65 
Stapler M' Henry B B-Uv.M.L.Rf .Dke.Dm.So.Ch. 

Bd.Y'74..Pelliam Manor 
Staples MiM" Ernest (Charlotte A Allerton) 

M. N.Ny.Lc.Na. Ay. Dm. Eyb. Alb.. Plaza Hotel 
Staples MiM" John J (Lydig). . . . "KiriKoto" FlnshingLI 

Stafbuck M' Chas A-M.L 276 W 89 

Starbuck M' Henry P-Ul . Sa . H'71 . . . Union League Club 

Starbuck M" Wm H (Matilda E Irving) 8 E 64 

Starin MiM" John Hy-Na. Ul.L.Dt.Ny.Snc ....9W38 

Starr MiM" Daniel E (Pauline Gilsey) R.M.Ny. 

Starr M"™* Pauline & Rosalie 

Starr M' Egbert-Ul 

Starr D' M Allen-Uv.C.P"76 

Starr M' Lewis Morris-Sa.Uva. VVms'95.St AnthonyClub 

Starring Gen & M" F A (Evans-Louise Whitehouse) 

Dl.Ds.Ll.Ny.H'66.av'd Tour Oct 10.. 247 Fifth Av 

W 75 

.22 W 48 

Stead MiM" Ch Mason(Caroliiie C Potter)Uv.UI. 

L.Br' 61. 
Stead M*- Amelia F Dyer&M'Th JStead-Uv.H'91. 


New York. 


Stearns DiM" Henry S (Amy P Browning) Ul.'84. I 21 

TAB Browning | E 44 

Steams M" John O 

Stearns M**" 

Stebbins Mill" Chas H (Minnie Vail) [Ju . 

Stebbins M— Ethel & Mabel . . [Ny.La. 

Elizabeth N J 

1636 R 1 Av 
Wash D C 

958 Mad Av 



Stebbins M' Geo L-Cal.Na . Ag 267 Fifth Av 

Stebbins MIM" James H (Frances Phelps) Ul. . . 80 

Stebbins M' James H Jr-Uv.H'78 Mad Av 

Stebbins M" Russell (Alice H Schieffelin). . 

Stebbins M' S SchieflPelin 

Stedman O" Edmund C(Woodworth)C.Pi;A.Bd 

Stedman r Arthui-A.C [Y'53 

Stedman MiM" Ernest Gordon (Nina M Marcy) Ul.Uv 

L.Y'67. .16 W 34 
Stedman DiM" Thomas L (Linda E Wadman) C.Col. 

Steele MiM" Charles (French) Mt.R.Sa.L.T.Dt. Na. 

Ch'78..52 W49 

Steele Rev&M" Jas N (Helen Hudson) C.G 16 W 18 

Steers M' James Rich (Hy) Married at Scarsdale N Y 

Beales M" Mary D (late Jas A G) Oct 7 

Steers MiM" Henry ( Wal ters-Phebe Ann Van Velsor) 10 

Un.R.Ny. E 

M"- H Van Velsor Walters 88 

Steers r*M" Henry D (Adeline Coster) Un.Cy. 

"Overing House" Westchester N Y 
Steers MiM" J Rich (Mary D Beales) Un.L.R. . . .36 W 32 
Steese DiM" Edwin Sturtevant (Maud Heaton) 

Stein DiM" Alexis W (Eugenia Bethune Weisse) 

Stein M"- Eugenia Bethune 30 W 16 

Stein D' J Bethune-Ct.Dp.&M'Faneuil D-Dp. . . 

Stein Rev Alexis W Jr-Dp.Cor91 205 E 16 

Steinway M' Wm-M.Dv 26 Gramercy 

MiM" Louis VonBernuth(PaulaSteinway) Pk 

Stephens M" Ichabod P (Anna L Kearny) 1 1 ao i? qk 

Stephens M- |128E36 

Sterling M' Geo L-Uv.S Y'76 113 Madison Av 

Sterling M' John W-Un.Ul.T.Mt.Dt.L.Rg. Y'64. .21 E ^'' 


Social Registbk, 

Sterling MiM" Joseph H-Ul.Nv.Col.Ch.Lc.Rp. 

405 West End Av 

Sterling M' Willis B-Uv. Y'81 32 E 26 

Sterry HiM" Geo E (Kate Van Vleet DeWitt) L. 

Sterry M' Geo E Jr 

Sterry M" Wm de W-Uva.Lc.P'85&Ja8 W P'91 

Sterry M" Wallace M & Jno DeWitt-N 

Stetson HiM" Francis Lynde (Elizabeth Rnflf) Mt. 


M"" Helen Rogers 

M' Edward L Rogers 

Mad Av 





M' av'd N Y Oct 
52 Berk' ySg London W 



Stetson r*M" Geo Wilkinson 

Stetson M*- Ethel.. [Wagner)Cal. , 

Stettinins IT John L-Un Union Club 

Stevens M" Alex H Jr(Helen ChanlerWhite)1011 Mad Av 
Stevens MiM" Alex (Otis)Mt.Rh.Dt.Rv.Y'54. 

Stevens M"" Mary Otis-La. .ab'd 

Stevens M' Eben-K.Rh..atKnickerbockerClab 
Stevens HiM" C Albert (May Brady) Un.K.Sa.] 

Ny . Wk.La.Sg.Cl'87. :i3 E 9 
Stevens MiM" Byam Kerby(Eliza LangdonWilke8)K.Un. 
MtCt.Rv.ab'd Mai Jly 1 av'd Teut Sep80.33W32 

Stevens M" Edwin A (Dod) 

Stevens MiM" Edwin A (Lewis) Uv.Ch.Cn. 

La.P'79 Eg 

Stevens M" John (Mary M McGuire) Castle 

Stevens MiM" Richard (Elizabeth C Stevens) Point 

Cr90.R.Na.T.Ny. Hoboken 
Stevens MiM" Robt Livingston (Mary Stuart 
Whitney) Un.K.Mb.Sa.Mg.Cr87 

M" Archibald Alexander (Stevens) 

Stevens M'PredericW-Uv.K.C.Mt.Dt.Ct.E. Y'58 ..p w qk 
Stevens M' Joseph Sampson-K.Un.Rh.Cy.R. . . ^^ ^ **» 

Stevens M"" Josephine L 78 Clinton PI 

Stevens M' Frank J erome-U v. Uva.Y'85. University Club 
Stevens DiM" George T (Harriet W Wadhams) Al. 33 

Stevens D' Chas Wadhams-P'89) [Bd.G.Ll. W 33 

Stevens MiM" John Austin (Morris) Rv. . upi^„„„ „„^»> 

Stevens M- Mary M & Abby Weld t^I!!^*^ p t 

Stevens M- John Austin Jr-tJn Newport R I 

....low 43 

New York. 336 

Stevens If John C-Sa St Anthony Club- 
Stevens M" John Rhinelander (.Elizabeth Millan) 20 

Stevens M'- Lucille M fav'd Camp Sep 4 W 39 

Stevens MiM" Ledyard (Elizabeth Winthrop W hite) 53 

Stevens M" Alexander H Sr (Phoebe Lloyd) E 78 

Stevens M' Richard Married at Grace Ch 

Hand W Georgiana (Clifford A) Oct 21 

Stevens EM" Richard (Georgiana S Hand) 109 E 26 

Stevenson M" David (Sewannee M Clark) 

Stevenson M"" 

Stevenson M' David 

Stevenson M" Vernon K (Anna L Eve) 

Stevenson Master Maxwell 

Stevenson HiM" William P (Marianne W Woods) 

Cw.Rv.Dt.Bg.P'76. .Roselle N J 
Stevenson MiM" Paul E (Maud Zerlin) R.S.Rg.Lc. 

Cn.Ny.T.. abroad 

Stevenson M' Hugh-Rf . P'78 62 W 123 

Stevenson MiM" Richard W (Mattie C Hutchinson) 

Uv.Dt.R.L.Rh.Rv.N'75. . .9W 10 
Steward MiM" Campbell (Beeckmall^ K. ..7 University PI 
Steward MiM" D Jackson (Mary AnnaBogert) 10 
Steward M*"* Mary, Sarah & Anna J Gramercy 

MiM" Drayton Bnrrill Park 

Steward M' John-Un 13 

Steward MiM" JobnJr(CorneliaSJone8)Un.K.Cr 68 W 21 
Stewart Rev&M" Alonzo C (Josephine I White) 

Cherry Valley N Y 

Stewart M' Chas T-Sa St An thony Club 

Stewart M' E Le Roy-Cal.Sa.Ny Calumet Club 

" ~~ " " av'dBritOctl7 

247 W 34 

Stewart MiM" John (Jennie E Dougla8)La. 
M" David Douglas & M*" ClaraDouglas 
Stewart MiM" John A (Mary Capron) Mt.Ul.L.P.Rg, 


Stewart W Mary (late Wm) Died at N Y Sep 20 

Stewart MiM" John A Jr (Anne Thomas) Un.Mb.Cn. 

Rg. Bg.P'79 . . "Appin" Short Hills N J 

Stewart W John Black-Sa St Anthony Club 

Stewart M' Lispenard-Un.Ul.Mt.Uv.Rg.Dt.. 

Rp.Y'76..6Fifth Av 

Social Register, 

Stewart Mill" Wm Rhinelander (Annie M Armstrong) 
Un.Ct.Rf.Dt.T.Mt CNa-SncCh. .av'd Teut 8ep 2 

17 Wash Sq N 

Stewart M'Wm H-Un 6 Av 





Stewart M" Jules, W H Jr& Antonio T-tn.Php. 

Stewart M' Paul Cox-Un.Php.H'90 

Stewart M' R Ralston-Cn.K.Ny.Php. 
av'd Teut Sep 30 

Stewart M' Thos Morgan-K. Php 

Stewart M' Wm Claike-R. Y'73 .27 W 43 

Stewart M" William A W Senior 

Stewart M'~' Mary & Frances V 

Stewart M" Francis G-Cn.P'96 & Wm A W-Cn. 
St Gandens M*M" Augustus (Augusta F Homer) 

Mt. C. PI. Rg. Ct..51 W45 
St George MiM" Howard B (Baker), .ab'd po 258 Mad Av 
St George Col&M"Etienne (Eldridge-Alice I Hudson Ter 

M"" Marion Eldridge [Goodrich) | Dobbs Ferry 

Stickney MiM" Albert (Elizabeth Weston) 

Uv. L. Dt. Ct. H'59 
Stickney M"" Weston-H'91, Albert Jr a Wm 

MiM" Wm 8 Kendall (Stickney) 

Stickney MiM"Austin (Harriet C Turn bull) C.Ch. 

Stickney M*"" Lucy Madelaine & Eliza T. 

Stickney MiM" Charles D (Helen Reade Hamersley) Bg. 

The Renaissance 43 Fifth Av 
Stickney MiM" Jos (Carolyn S Foster) Un.ULMt.R. 

Ny.Dt.Cy.Ey.Alb.Ay.Jkl.Rg. .42 W 57 
Stiger MiM" Wm E (Mary Hamilton Morris) 


Stikeman M' Harry-Un Union Club 

Stiles M' Thomas W-Uv . Y'79 130 Water 


Sep 2 
124 E 37 


Stillman M' Chas-Uv.Mt.S.Ny.Lc.Rg.Sv.Dke.Y'82 

Stillman M" Elizabeth P 

Stillman M*^ Clara P & Bessie G 

Stillman MiM" James (Rumrill) C.Un.Mt.Ul.Mtw. 

Stillman M"- 

Stillman M' James Alexander 


7 E40 

Nbw York. 


. 34 E 33 

.65 W 27 


StJllmanMiM"ThosE(ElizabethGreenman)Uv. 95 Jorale- 
StillmanM'-MaryE&CUarlotteRrNy.Dt.C.Ha. monB'k'n 
Stimson DiM" Daniel M (Edith Parker) C. Uv. PI. 11 

Stimson H- Margaret [Mt. Na. Ct. U'64 W 17 

Stimson V Lewis A-C. Uv. LI. Y'63 

Stimson M"" Candace C 

Stimson MiM" Henry L (Mabel W White) C.Y' 88. .71 E52 
Stimson MlM"Fred'kJ(Bumham) Uv.Pl.Bd. Y'77.312W75 
Stimson Rev&M" Henry A (Alice Bartlett) 

C.Bd.Y'65..169 W86 

Stinson MiM" Adelbert (Alice Hone) 

Stinson M""- Alice H, Elizabeth & Edith. . . 

St John M" Newton (Eliza White) 

St John M' William P-Ul.Rg.L.Rv.So .... 
Stockton MiM" Bayard (Helen H Shields) 

care C W Shields " Morven " Princeton N J 
Stockton DiM" Chas S (Martha A Smith) 77 Harrison 

Stockton D' Frank 0-E [Ec. E. EastOrangeN J 

Stockton MiM" Prank R(MarianETuttle) " The Holt " 
C.A.Mg.M"ab'dP Jun 13tillSep Convent Stn 

M"- Tattle N J 

Stockton MiM" Robert F (Potter) Cc.P'51 180 W State 

Stockton MiM" Robert P Jr Trenton N J 

Stockton Ex-Senator ». .Trenton N J 

Stockton M' Richard -Mtw. Rep. USN'89 49 W 37 

Stockton-Hough MiM" John (Edith Reilly) 

Uv.G.Pn'68.."Milbank^' Trenton N J 

Stockwell M' Alden B-Un Union Club 

Stockwell M" W H (Mary S) 

Stockwell M'-" Mary H & Frances T 63 W 46 

Stockwell M' Wm H-Uv.Ch. Y'83 

Stoddard Rev&M" CU Aug (Mary E Prime) Morgan Har- 
C.Uv.A.Sp.Col.Wms'54 jes & Co 

Stoddard W^ Jermain & Marion Paris 

Stoddard MiM" Francis Hovey (Lucy M Smith) 

C.A.Bd.Aht'69..27 W 11 

Stoddard M' Henry-Uv.U'65 New Haven Ct 

Stoddard M' John H-L.So 46 Cedar 

329 E 

Stoddard MiM" Rich'd Hy (Wilson-Elizabeth 
Stoddard M' Lorimer [Barstow) A. 



Social Register, 

Harjes & 
Co Paris 

229 Mad 


Stokes MiM" Anson Phelps (Helen L Phelps) 

Stokes M"- Helen Olivia Phelps 

Stokes M"" Caroline M Phelps . . 

Stokes If Anson Phelps Jr- Y'96 

Stokes M' J G Phelps-Ct.K.Rg.R.Sa.Y'92. 
MiM" John ShermanHoyt(EthelPStokes) 
Stokes MiM" Isaac Newton Phelps (Edith Minturn) 

K.S.R.Rf.Ct.H'9I . .30 St Dominique Paris 
Stokts MiM" Fred'k A (Colby) Uv. Al.Na.Y'79. .61 W 39 

Stokes M' Henry B-Ul.Rg.T 1047 Madison 

Stokes M""* Florence L & Marie L Av 

Stokes M' John S-Ul.Cw 

M"" Josephine Stiles .... 

Stokes M' James-Ul.Uv.L.Dt.Ct.Al.N'63. . . .68 Park Av 

Stokes M*- Olivia E Phelps 

Stokes M"" Caroline Phelps 

Stokes M' Thos-Mt.Ul.Rg.Sv.Pn.Us. 

Stokes M""* Lillian M & Elizabeth C 53 

Stokes Gen& M" Walter C (Adele Watson) Ul. . . . 28 E 

Stokes M' Henry 68 

Stokes MiM" WmEDodge(RitaHdeAAcosta) Sn.Ul.M.Cy. 

S.L Dt.Ny.Mb.Rv.Col Snc.av'd St P Jlyl6.262 W 72 
Stone MiM" Andros B-La.Bd 

. M" F F Marbury (Isabella G Stone) 

M' Francis S Marbury 

Stone MiM" Chas Francis (Sallie English) L.Rv 
Stone M*^ Helen M, Elsie C & Minnie E 

Stone M' Chas Francis Jr-Rv 

Stone M" Geo F (Georgiana Colgate)Mg . . I "Pair Oaks 
Stone M" John Cameron (Mary Lanier) 16 W 9 


37 Madison 

8 W 

...160 W 59 

W 12 

ab'd Havel Oct 6 


Stone M" Jos P (Mary Burnett) 

Stone M'~'Emraa & Margaret 

Stone M" J O (Catherine C Jackson 

Stone M""* Annie & Ellen J 

Stone MiM" Mason A (Rosalie Bleecker Watson) 

L.Sv.U8.Ul.Rp.Col.Cl. .20 E 66 
Stone M" Medad W (Emma Jacobs). I Jay cor DeKalbAv 
Stone M"- Pearl B & M" L & H C. . . . . | St George S I 

New York. 


Stone MiM™ Mead E (Emma Sterling Bones).. St GeorgeSI 

ISS: I fconci •::.■::■;:;:; I ■ ■ «'-'""«^- » ^ 

Stone M' William F Davis A v West New 

Stone M"— Mary Y & Alice M. Brighton S I 

Storm M"" Edna Graham care C E Orvis 

StormM'Clarence-Sv.Ch.Snc.Hl.Zp.Cr96 41 W 81 
Storrs MiM" Frank (Lac«y) Uv.Cr74. . .White Plains N Y 
Storrs MiM" Richard S (ME) C.Rv. .SOPierrepont Bklyn 
Story MiM" Marion(Hunt)K.Cy.R.Ny.H'79 

" Blind Brook Farm " Portchester N Y 
Stotesbury M' Edward T-Mt. Un Metropolitan Club 

..21 E 9 
35 E 67 

307 W 70 

131 E 43 

Stout M" A G (Anne Morris) 

Mme de Vaugrigneuse (Stout) 

Stout MiM" Jos S (Julia F Purdy) Mt. Ul . . 
Stout M" Andrew V-Cl'93 & Jos S Jr-Cr96. 
Stout MiM" Newton E (Jane A Towle) 

MiM" Francis Pitt Smith (Alice Towle). 
Stoutenburgh MiM" Francis Albert (Blanche E» Leeds) 

Cedarhurst L I 
Stoutenburgh M" John Albert (Mary Griffith) 

Stoutenburgh M"" Maria Louisa 

Stow M' William L-M.R.Ny.Sv.Rv.Cy.Lc . . , 
Stranahan MiM" James L T-Ha.Bd.269 Union BklvnNY 

Stratford Prof Wm-C.Rf.Col.Na 263 W 52 

Strebeigh MiM" Leflerts (Fisher) Uv.Snc.Cl'73. . . .76 E 55 

Strebeigh M" Robert M (A) . . 

Strebeigh M' Harold-Fn. R. Na 

Street MiM" William A (Lucy Morgan) Un 

Street M' Arthur F-H'97. .44BeckHall Harvard 

Street M' W G Jr-R Racquet Club 

Strong MiM" BenjWoodhnll(France8Hoffman) 
Strong M""* Charlotte, Helen M & Marion R. 

Strong M' Murray Hoffman-R v 

Strong MiM" Chas E (Eleanor B Fearing) 

C.Un.Mt. Ul.Dt.Rv.Snc.Aht' 43 

M" Arthur N Welman (Kate P Strong) 
Strong MiM" Charles Howard (Angelia L Longfellow) 

H'87M,Uv.Y'77. .635 Park Av 
Strong MiM" Geo A-Dt.Col.Rp. Al. Y'71 27W4P 


43 Park 


16 Fifth Av 

.144 E 35 

340 Social Registbb, 

Strong M' Hy Hastinss-Uv.lSra. Y'83. . . .University Club 
Strong M*M" James H (Georgiana Berryman) 

Strong M"- Silvie L 

Strong M' James H W-Cal. Rv. Sv. . . 

Strong MiM" Jas Remsen (NinaRiker) Sa.Rv.Ty'82 

Short Hills N J 

Strong M' Philip A Park Av Hotel 

Strong M' Jos Montgomery-Sv.Ny.Ay.Rv Cw. . .41 W 54 

Strong II' Lewis Barton-K.R. Rv Knickerbocker Club 

Strong MiM" Theron G (Martha Howard Prentice) 

Ul.Dt.Dke.Rv.Cw. .29 E 66 

Strong Mill" Thos W(LenaBGraves)Ul. S . NetherlandHotel 

Strong MiM" Wm Everard (Alice C Smith) 


Strong M'"&M'" Alice Everard-Mg 

Strong MiM" Thos S (Emily Booiman) Dke.Y'55 

Strong M' Selah Brewster 

Strong M"" Thos S Jr, James B atTale & Hy T. 
Strong MiM" Wm L (Mary Aborn) Ul-Mt. 
Strong M' P Bradlee. . . .[Mc.Rp.Na.Col. 

M* Abort! 

Str others M" James (Marie de Gamp Wall 

M' Geo Sykes Wallen 

Struthers M" Robert Senior, .care H A Taylor 

Grymes Hill S I 
Struthers MiM" Robert (Sabina Redmond Wood) 

44 Edgecombe Av 
W State 

.85 Park A V 

176 Mad Av 


.12 W57 


.12 E 58 

Stryker Gen&M" Wm S (HelenBAtterbury) 

Stuart MiM" Robt W (Jennie Paulmier). 
Stuart M' Jesse P Whiton-Un.Mb.Mt. . . • 
Stuart M" (Ruth McEnery) Bd 

M"" Sarah Stirling McEnery 

Stuart MiM" Wm C (Lillie F Robinson) Col. . 

Stuart M*- Helen Marie & M" Edith 

Stuart M' Wortley Ralph M-Un Union Club 

Stump DiM" William (NellieBrice)P'92.17SonthUticaNY 

Sturges MiM" Ed 14 E 64 

Sturges M' Frank D-Ay .Na 37 W 20 

, . 126 E 27 



New York, 841 



E 18 

Sturges M' Frederick-Ul. C. Dt. G 

Sturges M"" 

Sturges ITArthurPemberton-Mt.Pl.Cal. Na.P'88 

Sturges M' Fred'k Jr-P'97 ab'd Mai Jly 1 

Sturges M' Jonathan-Uv.Pl.Mt.P'85 . . J S Mor- 

M" James Sullivan (Fuller) [gan London 

Sturges MLM" Edwin C (Almira Mitchell) C. Na.Ll. 

Sturges M"" & M' Theodore 

Sturges M*M" Henry Cady (Sarah Adams MacWhorter) 

Ul.Uv.Sa.Ny.S.G.Cl'69. .56 E 34 

Sturgis M' Appleton-Un.Dt 90 E 10 

Sturgis M' Danford N B-Pl. Y' 307 E 17 

Sturgis MiM" Frank K (Florence Lydig) Un.K.Lc.C. 

Ny.Mt.Ct.W..M'av'dMaj Aug 17.. 3 W 36 
Sturgis DiM" Frederick R (Martha deWolf Hazard) 

Sturgis Bill" Robert (Marion Sharx)less) Uv.Pp.Rcp. 

Sturgis MiM" Russell (Sarah Barney)C.Uv,G.Pl. 

Sturgis M"- Sarah B. 

Sturgis Mill" Thomas (Helen Rutgers Weir) Ul.C.Dt. 

Stuyvesant M' A Van Horne-Un.K.Mt.T.Cy.Ny.Snc. 

Union Club 
Stuyvesant Mill" Gerard (Mildred Neale Floyd) 

Wk . Un . . Bartholdi Hotel 
Stuyvesant MiM" Robt R (Schuchardt) Un.Na.Snc. 

213 Mad Av 

Stuyvesant M' Henry 60 B' way 

Stuyvesant MiM" Robt (Gibson) C.Snc 2 W 36 

Stuyvesant MiM" John Reade (Elizabeth Ten Tyck Burr) 

Stuyvesant M' Rutherford-Un.R.C.Ny.T.S.Dt.Ct. 

CreS. .av'dSi P Oct 17. .246 E 15 

Suarez M' Benigno S -Un Union Club 

Snckley MiM" Robt Bowne (Elizabeth Mortgomery) 

Mt.R.P.Rg.Ct.Sg.Cw. .41 E80 

307 E 17 

Sullivan MiM" Arthur T (Belle Place)Mt.Ul.N. 
Sullivan M- Florence [Ny.M.R.Na. 

Fifth Av 


Social Reoisteb, 

SaUivan M' Arthur Bull- Na.Pu 684 Fifth Av 

Sullivan M" Algernon Sydney(Mary Hammond) 

M"" Harriot Milton Hammond 

Sully M' Alfred-N.Lt I 212 Hancock 

Sally M' Winfield Price I Bklyn 

Snlly MiM" Wilberforce(AdelaideAHidden)Uv. L. Ad. 

H'-FrancesE.MarieL & SadieEHidden. . .|Na'78 



140 Edwards 


..60 W 49 

Sumner Prof&M" Wm G (Jeannie W 

Sumner M" Eliot & Graham. rElliott)C. 

Suse HiM"Friedrich E (Leontine Sauer) N. .. .682 Lex Av 

Sutherland MiM" John Lansing-Uv.Rv.Ad.Dm. 

Snc.H'49..17 W 37 

Sntphen M" Morris (Brush) 

Su tphen H""" 

Suiphen M' W G Van Ta8sel-Mg.P'82. . 
Sutro MiM" Theodore (Florence Clinton) Rf. 

Dv.La.H'71..20 Fifth Av 

Sutro MiM" E S-Dv 

Sutro M- 

Sutro M" Victor E-Y'97 & Harry H-Cr98. 

Sutton M" Gregory (Bella Jex) ! . . .14 E 54 

Sutton ir Woodruff Sr(Fannie Steele) 
Sutton MiM" Woodruff(HelenRRemsen) 
Sutton M' Frank-Cr96. ..[Ad. Wm8'93 
Sutton M"" Richard D & Harold F. 

Suydam MiM" Charles C-Mtw Elizabeth N J 

Suydam M"- Fredericka D (Chas C) Married Oct 8 

Wteks M' Edward A at Elizabeth N J 

Suydam MiM" John R (Harriet Penrose Cochran) 

Un.Cal.Dp.Rv.Cl'79. .14 E 41 
Suydam MiM" Walter Lispenard (Jane Mesier Suydam) 

Swan MiM" Alden S (Mary A Farwell) Bk.Dt.Ha. 

189 Col Hgts B'klyn N Y 
Swan M" Benj L Jr (Mary R Renwick) . . , 

MiM" Thomas T Young Jr , 

M-CM Young ., 

Swan M' Chas Y Morristown N 

EflSngham Park 
West Islip L I 

.6 W 20 

New Yobk. 


Swan M*M" Edward H (Julia S Post) S. . . . 

Swan M'- Harriet S <fc Charlotte C Oyster Bay 

Swan M" Theodore A-Ct. & Robt Otis. ... LI 

Swan Miir Allison Post (Mary W Paris) . 
Swan MiM" Ed H Jr (Katharine Irving Paris) S. Rv. 153 E 36 
Swan MIM" Fred'k G (Wyeth) Mt.Ss.Rp.Rv.Cw. .6 W 37 

.13 W38 


Sep 8 

8 W43 

Swan M" Samuel. 

Swan M' William J-Ul . S . No . Snc . 

Swan Capt&M" Harrington(FrancesGallatin Stevens).ab'd 

SwannM'Jaraes-M.Mt.T.So..av'dSt POctl7..33 W62 

Swasey D' John H-Un 34 E 28 

Swayne MiM" Francis Bond (Eunice Helen Young) 

Uv.L. Y'72. . Hotel Savoy Riverside Av & 90 
Swayne Gen&M" Wager (Ellen Harris) 

Ul.L.Sv.Us.Ll Dke.Ct.Ch.Sg.Y'56 

Swayne M""* Eleanor & Virginia 

Swayne M" Alfred H-Ll. Ct. Y'92 & Noah 

Swayne M' Wager Jr. .Vienna Austria . . , 

Sweet M' Clayton M-Cal.R 7 E 46 

Sweetser MiM" J Howard(L Cornelia Peck) Uv.Mc. 

Sweetser M"~ Alice M & Jeannette A [Lt.Na. 

Sweetser M' Howard Peck-U v . Rf . Na . Ag . Lt. Ay . 

Y'82..ab'dStL Jly 15 

Swenson M" Svante "M. (Sue McRady) I po 20 

Swenson M*" Mary Eleonora | E 69 

Swenson MiM" Eric P (Amelie B Berthelot) 

Ul.Sa.Mt.Na.Ty'75. .13 E 71 
Swenson MiM" Swen Albin (Mary P Boynton) 

Ul . Mt . Sa . Rg . . 821 Madison A v 

Swift M' Chas N-Us.Ll 16 W 31 

Swift M' Fred'k- Uv.Un.R.Ny.S.Uva.Dt.H'74. 40 W 26 

Swift M' Humphrey H Jr-Sa St Anthony Club 

Swinburne DiM" Geo K (Lena Woodward) 

Swinburne MiM" Henry-Bd 206 W 56 



Swinyard MiM"T Murray (Marion Gilbert) Dt Gilberts- 

Swinyard M"" Florence ville NY 

Switzer M' Charles M-Uv.Dp.P'73 .32 E 26 


SooiAL Reoister, 

Wind Ridge" 
New Hamburgh 

.62 W 36 

431 Fifth Av 

.60 W 47 

Swords M" Chas R rSarah Willis) . . 

Swords M"- : 

Swords M' C R-Sa.Cr94 57E 52 

Swords MiM" Hy Cotheal (Elizabeth Clarkson) 

Un.Cal.Ul.Dt.Rv.Ch.Rg.Cw.Snc..48 W 38 

Swords M" James R (Cotheal) 

Swords M"" P Caroline 

M" Samuel Lawrence (Cotheal) . . . 

Sykes M' Tbomas F-Pl.M.Bg 

Syk'es M' McCready 

Symington HiM" Albert (Edith LHarris)Uv. Y'83.275W73 

Symington M' Havelock-Cal Calumet Club 

Symington M*M" James (Elizabeth Myers) R.Na. .58W67 
Symington MiH" Robert B (Abercrombie) Ec.E. 

2 Park PI Newark N J 
Symonds Dili" Brandreth (Caroline B Bachelder) 

Syms M" Sam'l R (Mary Williams) 

Syms M- 

Syms D' Parker-Uva. & M' Robt H. 

Synge M*M" Francis Julian (Mary Auchmuty Tucker) 

6 Eaton Terrace S W London 

Taber M' Charles-Ct.Rf.Cr84 499 Fifth Av 

Taber M'"Cha8Corey(Martin)"Four WindsFarm" StoweVt 

Taber M' Henry M-Mt :. aowt t..^ 

Taber H"- Mary J 4^ W 1.J 

Taber M'Edw'dM(lateChasC).Died at WashingtonCtSep9 
Taber MiM" Wm Phillips (Eliza Schuyler Campbell) 

Sn. Rh..48 W9 
Taft MiM" Hy W (Julia W Smith) 

Uv.L.Ag.C.Y'80. .340 Lexington Av 
Taft MiM" Jos H(Loui8e A Knapp)Pl. .54 Monroe B'klyn 

Taft M' Charles P-Uv.Mtw. Y'64 32 E 26 

Tailer MiM" Ed N (Agnes Suffern) Un. Ul.T.Mc. 

Tailer M"- Fanny B [Rf.Cy.Snc. 

Tailer MiM" Thomas SuflEern (Maud Lorillard) 

Tailer H" Henry A (Erving-Sophia C Pennington) 

Tailer M' James B-R 

Tailer MiM" Hy Pennington (Clara Wright) Un. R. 




New Yobk. 


Ed Loring (Ethel Gardner) Sv 228 W 70 

_ . _ „ ^gj, 




.Flushing L I 


Taller M*M' 

Tailer MiM" Robert W (Emma Lee) Un 

Tailer MiM" J Lee (MariaStirling)Un.Cy.Pn.R.Rp 

Tailer MiM" Wm H(Maria C Watson)Un:Mt.Nv.8nc.CI' 

Tainter M" Chas Emory (Helen Davies) 

Tainter M' C Davies 

Tainter M»M" Frank Stone (Susan Bayard Ryckman) 

Mo. .Morristown N J 
Taintor MiM" Ch N (Georgiana S Holden)Ul.Uv. 
Taintor M' Judah L-Rp. Al. . .[Rp.Col.Pu.Y'65 

M"" Juliet Strang Diven 

Taintor M' Giles E-Ul.Dt.Mo ..1E39 

Taintor MiM" Henry F(FrancesLeeds Noyes) | Bell Haven 

Taintor M"" Frances Rossell [Ul. , Greenwich 

Taintor M" Wm N-Cl'94 & Starr-Ad.Cr93. I Ct 

Talbot MiM" Augustus. . . , 

Talbot M"-, Ethel Priscilla 

Talbot M" Chas N (Charlotte Richmond) 

Talbot M- 

Talbot MiM" George W (Talbot) Snc 

Talbot M"" Gerard B & R M Olyphant. . . 

Talbot MiM" Marcus H 

Talbot M"- Emily Maud 

Talbot il' Richmond Jr-Snc .ab'd Ch Jly 2 

Talbot DiM" Robert Bancker (Mary C Thomas) I <,^ r^rr -^ 
Talbot M' Harold Richmond . . .[Sn.Rv.Snc. | ''^ ^ »" 
Talcott MiM" Ed B (Sara T Roberson)Col.Na. . . 147 W 72 

Talcott MiM" Jas-Rg.Rp 7 W fi7 

Talcott Rev&M"J Frederick (Frank V Crawford) 

Ct.P'88..60 W87 
Tallmadge M' Frederick S-Un.C.Rv.Mt.Fl.ClMS.. 20 

M" Ed W Seymour (Mary F Tallmadge) W 17 

TaIlmadgeM'H\ 0-Cal. Na.Rv. Ag.at267PifthAv 35 
Tallmadge M" G Clinton LakeAv 

M'Hy C Overing 

Talmadge MiM" Hy (Helen A White) 

MiM" Wm Lambert (Talmadge) Sv.Bd. 
Talmadge MiM" Henry P(Lucy W hite)Un. Uv. W. 
Talmadge M"- Lucy W [Rf.l)t.H'68 


av'd B^ Nov 1 


538 Mad Av 



Social Eeoister, 

Talmadge M' Henry-H'99 Netheiwood N J 

Talmage M" Thomas Hunt (Maiv Ketcham) 10 W 48 

Talmage HiM" Edw T H (Marj' B Prentice) 

Kv.'Mg. Ha . . 127 Kemsen Bklyn 

Talmage D' John F-Bk.Ha.Zp 157 

Talmage M*" Lillian Joralemon 

Talmage M' John P Jr-Ha. G. T'96 I Bklyn 

Tarns MiM" J Frederic (Cruger-Blanche Spedden) 


Tappan M" J Nelson (Mary Spencer) 152 

Tappan M- W 15 

Tappan M' J Sewell-Cal.Ny Calumet Club 

Tappan MiM" John B Coles(TitU8)S.Rf. Y'80. . GlenCoveLI 
Tappen MiM" Pred'c D (Sarah A B Littell) Un.Sn.Mt. 

Ul.Dt.G.Fl.Hl.Snc..49 E 68 

'Twin Oaks" 
Babylon L I 


TappinM-M C 

Tappin MiM" John C (HelenZSpear)Ul.R.Ny 
Tappin MiM" Jas W (Mary E Brooks) 

Marie Antoinette Blvd & 66 

Tatham MiM" Benj (Cornelia Collins) 106 E 18 

Tatham M' Edwin-Sn.Fn.Ct.Bg 302 

Tatham M' Chsirles-Fn.Ct Lex Av 

Tatum M" Edward(Perkin8-Helen F Viele)..334FlfthAv 



TaylorMiM" AlexJr(FanHieTaylor)Ul . 
Taylor M"- Laura. . . . [Ny-Cy.Lc.Dm. 

Taylor M"" Alexandrina 

Taylor M' Alfred J-Uv.C.G.Y'59 '. 369 Lex A v 

Taylor M' Arthur J-U1.R.C1'90 1 E 39 

Taylor M" Bayard (Marie Hansen) Bd. 

''Breidablick" Babylon L I 
Taylor M" Archibald (Pauntleroy). 

Taylor V Fielding Lewis-So 

Taylor M' Walter F 

Taylor M" H Augustus (Osborn) 

.173 W 73 

Taylor MiM" CortlandtM(MaryBFoulke) 

Taylor M- Maud Van C 

Taylor M' Cortlandt E 1507 Broadway 

E 38 
99 Mackubin 
St Paul Minn 

New Yoek. 847 

TavlorM'DwightW-Uv. Ad.Na. Mtw.Cr91.500MadisonAv 
Taylor M' Edward Graham-Un.lSr.R.N'a. LI. .Union Clab 

Taylor MiM"Frederic-Ul.Mt. PI. Col. Ct.R 47 W 73 

Taylor M' George C-K.Un.Mt.Ul Islip L I 

Tay lorMiH''GeoH( JosephineD Woodworth)Ul. L. 
TaylorM" WmH-Ul. Dm. Na. , DavidD&GeoHJr . 

Taylor Mir Herbert G-Sv . Ul 

Taylor \f Geo Asch-Uv ! .32 E 26 

Taylor MiM" Howard A (Murray)Uv.C.Mt.M.Il. 

Taylor MiM" Hy A C (Fearing)Un.K.Mt.Ny.Dt. 

Taylor M- [Ctd'ei 

Taylor M' Hy Richmond-Mt.K.Dt.Cl'Ql .... 

Taylor M' Moaes (Hy AC) Married at Newport R I 

Bishop M"- Edith (Heber R) Aug 19 

Taylor MiM" Moses (Edith Bishop)K.Mt.Mb.Y'93. 6 B 72 
Taylor MiM" Henrv F-Mg.Mo.Pl.Col . . . .Morristown N J 
Taylor DiM" Hy Ling(Daisy Louise Brodt)Y'77. .117W65 
Taylor MiM" Henry B (Elizabeth Struthers) Cal. 

Grymes Hill S I 
Taylor M'HyC-Uv.Ny.Mtw.USN'63 32E26 

po 16 


Taylor M"" Louise . 

MiM" Hilliard M Judge (Jeannie Taylor). 

105 E 

Taylor MiM" James B (Lilla A Thorne) Rh . ! 32 E 53 

Taylor M' Peter B-Ul 175 W 

M" I McKewan & M' W A McKewan 58 

Taylor M' Robf^rt Coleman-Uv.So.'84. ..University Club 
Taylor MiM" John H (Julia Arm8trong)Uv. "The Oaks" 
M' James Armstrong. . ..[L.Na.G.H'81 Bayside L I 
Taylor MiM" Talbot Jones (Jesse Harwar Keene)Un. Cy . 

R.Rh. .care of J R Keene. .Cedarhurst L I 
Taylor MiM" Wm Ambrose (Jessie Stillman) Uv.Ul.R. 

Mc.Ha.Rv.Y'84. .91 Joralemon Bkln 
Taylor MiM" Walter Curzon (Maria Banks) Un.R. . .9 E 10 
Teall MiM" Oliver Sumner (Florence Wolcott Bissell) 

Ul . . care A Bissell . . 17 W 88 

Tears M' Daniel Wade-Uv.Cr84 32 E 26 

Tefft M' Frank Griswold-M.Pl.Mc.Ss.Col.Cw 1 W72 

Tefift r*M" Wm E (Emma Apgar) M.Pl .... 
Tefift M- ■ 



Social Begisteb, 

TeflFt M' C G 22 E 64 

1881 Stay PI 
New BriglitonSI 

Telfair M' Jacob R-Ul 

MiM" Chas D Freeman (Telfair) . 
Tenney MiM"C H-M.Ul.Al.Na.Rf . . 

Tenney M" Georges S-Rf . Sv.Uva. & 2 W 66 

Daniel G-Na.Uva.Y'91 
Terrell Mill" Herbert Leslie(Mary E W Wood) Ul. L. 16 E 

Terrell M""" El izabeth W & Bertha L [Rg. Y' 63 60 

Terry MilT Arthur (Julia E K Lawrence). .87 Clinton PI 

Terry H" Edmund (Anna Prentice) 

Terry M"- Marion J 12 

Terry W Eliphalet B-C. Y'88 Rem- 

Terry M" Ed B-Ha.Dke. Y'78,Geo D-Cw. Y'92 & sen 
Terry M'Wylly8-Uv.Uva.Pu.Ha.Rv.Y'86.[JasT B'klyn 

Terry 11"* John P-Y'83 & Henrv F. 

Terry M' Eliphalet .Died at The Buckingham Nov 3 
Terry MiM" John T Jr (Bertha Halsted) Uv.Cal.Ul. 

Rv . Sg . Ag . Y' 79 . . 275 Madison Av 
Terry Rev&M" Roderick (Linda Marquand) C. 169 

Terry M"- Eunice [Uv.S.Uva. Ag.Y'70 Madison 

Terry M' Roderick Jr Av 

Terry D' Stanley D-Ul 1 E 39 

Terry MiM" Thomas H (Carolina Estevez) Mb.Un. 

Wk . Bk . Ha . . Hempstead L I 
Teschemacher M' H E-Uv.H'78. .ab'd N Y Jly8. .32 E 26 

Tesla M' Nikola -PI 66 W 27 

Thacher MiM" John Boyd (Emma Treadwell) Uv.G. 

Gm . Wms'69 . . Albany N Y 

Thacher MiM" Ralph W-Uv .'59 ab'd 

Thacher MiM" Thomas (Sarah McC Green) Mt.Uv. 


Thacher D' John S-C.Uv. Y'77 33 W 39 

Thalmann M' Ernest-L 46 Wall 

Thaw MiM" Ed (Frieda L Marsh). , ab'd N Y Jly 8 

Pittsburgh Pa 

Thayer M' N Townsend-Pl Players Club 

Thayer M' Stephen Hy-C. A 38 Broad 

Th^baud MiM" Lonis A (Gertrude Lee McCurdy) 

Th6baud M" (d' Hervilly) 20 Av K16ber Paris 

New Yobk. 


N J 

Th6baud MIM" EdV(Elizabeth H Scudder)Mg.MadisonNJ 
Th6baud WA" Ed P (Louisa Th6baud). . . .Brookside N J 

Th6band W Frank P-Dt 

Th6baud M- Mathilde-Mg 

Th^baud MiH" Paul (Caroline Gibert) Un.Mt.Cy.Wk. 

Th6baud M*r PaulGibert(MatildeEReynaldeStMichel) 


158 Mad Av 
Thieriot MiM" Perdinand(Pauline E Henschell)OrangeNJ 
Thomas D' Allen Mason-Uv.Rv. Y'77. ... ai w ka 

Thomas M' Geo 0. .at Topeka Kan oi w 04 

Thomas Col&M" Addison (Susan Coxe)Ny.H'67 

ab'd. .3 Mercer 
Thomas MiM" Anthony J (Dow). . . . 

Thomas M'- 

Thomas MiM" A S-Ul.Uv.Y'69 

Thomas MiM"EbenBriggs(HGertrudeStreator)L.Ul.C 
ThomasM'-GertrndeS&M'-HelenSterling.. . .[T.Eg.Rg. 

M' Harold Arthur Streator 

Thomas MiM" Hector Wm(Margaret B Sturgis)Uv.Y'88 

105 Waverley PI 
Thomas MiM" Joseph B (Annie Hill) ...... Savoy Hotel 

Thomas MiM" Henry T-G. Al.Pl 63 E 52 

Thomas M' Hy G-Un Union Club 

Thomas M" Ludlow (M S Thompson) . . 127 Willow 

Thomas M'- Mary Ludlow Bklyn Hts N Y 

Thomas MiM" R H-Ul Mo.Mg.Bg.Rv.MadAvMorrist'uNJ 

.29 W 50 

133 W 73 


Thomas MiM" Ronald (Daisy Richards) Ul.Ny 

M"MANiles [Cv.Na. 

Thomas M' Robt McKean-Uva.P'93 135 Madison Av 

Thomas MiM" Seth E (Gross) Ul 
Thomas M'-&M' Seth E Jr 

St Marc 


17 W 


Thomas MiM" Sam(Porter)Ul.Rp.L.Rg.Lt.Ny.So. 

Thomas M*- 

Thomas M" Edward R-Un.G. Ad. & Harold E . . . . 
Tnomas MiM" Theodore (Cordelia Parker) Un.Rv.% 


Thomas M" T Fredenc (Mary Chichester) I o„ ^ . , 

Thomas M' Frederic C-Un.S.Sv.Na.Rv.Ag.Snc. J "^^ ^ *\ 

360 Social Rkoistbb, 

Thomas D»H"TGaillard( Willard) Mt . C . Rg. Sg. 600 
ThomasM4H"HowardLapsley(AdeleBLarocque Madison 

Un.Rg. Av 
Thomas HIM" J Metcalfe (Louisa Carroll Jackson) 

Thomas MiM" Wm Clark (Helen Frances Poor) 

Thomas MiM" Wm R (Harriet Davis Trumbnll) Un. 

63 W 85 
Thompson MiM" Daniel Greenleaf (Henrietta Gallup) 

M.C.Rv.Rf.A.Aht'..222 W 23 
Thompson MiM" E Gardiner (Mannette Small wood) Bg. 

Lafayette Av New Brighton S I 
Thompson M'E Ray-Un.Uv.G.Cw. 

105 Notre Dame des Champs Paris 
Thompson M*^ Elizabeth & Mary Gardiner 

av'd Fst Bk Sep 11 . ... 17 W 36 - 

Thompson M' Chas Griswold-C. Mt 

Thorn pson MiM" Fred' k Ferris (Mary Clark) . 283 

..Ul.Sa.La.Bd. Madison 

M' Myron Clark Williams Av 

Thompson M' Ferris S-M.Cy.Ny.N.Dm.Na. 

Manhattan Club 
Thompson M'Fred'k Diodate-Un.K.Mt.Rv.Rg.Cw. 

av'd Fst Bk Sep 11 . Union Club 
Thompson MiM" Geo Jr (Harriet Frances Tracy) R. S. 49 

M" Zillah Robinson E26 

Thompson M' Gouv M-Ul 12 E 28 

Thompson M' Hy-Ul.Uv.L.Na.Rp 40 W 59 

Thompson M' Hobart W-Uv . Cw . Rv . Ty'83 

University Club 
Thompson MiM" Jefferson De Ment (Bertha S M Sf^ymonr) 

Thompson MiM" Jos Todhunter (Jane Remsen) Un.Ny, 

Thompson MiM" J Walter(Margaret Riggs Bogle) I 13 W 
M'-Elizabeth&AmeliaCBogle . . [M. Ny. Lt. Ay. | 76 

Thompson M" Kate DeM 47 W 35 

Thompson MiM" Lewis C (Geraldine Morgan)26 WashSqN 
Thompson M' Percy-M Manhattan Club 

Kkw York. 351 

Thompson M' Ralph-Un Union Club 

Thompson MilT Robt M(SarahGibbs) C.Uv.Pl.R.N. 5 
W.Dt.U8.Ll.Na.Mtw.Pl.USN68... E 

Thompson M"- Sarah Gibbs 63 

Thompson Dill" Von Beverhout (Julia de Wint Hook) 

Rv.La.Snc..lH W 43 

Thompson M' Theo S-USN.Uv.Ll. Wm8'62 32 E 26 

Thompson M' Wordsworth . Died at Summit N J Aug 28 
Thompson M" Wordsworth (Mary Pumpelly) 

7 Scribe Paris 
Thompson Mill" Walter (Jessie Fuller) C.Uv.Aht'72 

Thompson Dill" Wm Gilmati (Harriet Howard 

Pomeroy) C. Uv.Rv.T'77. .34 E 31 
Thompson M' Wm G .Married at Northeast Harbor Me 

Huntington M"" Mary H (Rev Wm R) Sept 5 

■ Thompson Mill" Wm G (Mary H Huntington) 

care 804 Broadway 
Thompson MiM" W Prall (Grace Hollister) Un. 
Thompson M'-EdithCrosby.[Cw.Sn.Snc.Mo Mg. 19W12 

Thompson M' Geo W-at Harvard Univ 

Thomsen Brn C de-Dv Buckingham Hotel 

Thomsen MiM" Hugo Adelberto (Pizzala)Un. . Madison NJ 

Thomson M* Arthur-Un.Mo.Mg Union Club 

Thomson MiF David (Purdy) Un.Cr73 2 E 15 

Thomson M' Ernest A-R. Na.Ct 298 Madison Av 

Thomson MiM" Eugene (Taylor) Ul 29 W 46 

Thomson M' E S-N.Na.Ny NY Club 

Thomson M"- 

Thomson M' Giraud Foster-Un.Dt.Cr83, . . 

Thomson M' George M-Un.Dt.Cr85 

Thomson D' Mason-Uv.P'73 168 Lexington Av 

Thomson DiM" William H(Kate S^an Dyck) C.Ct. 

Thomson M*"" Mary H & Evelyn M 

Thomson M"" Herbert G-Ad.Y'93 «& Wm deF 

M"- Caroline P Dunn ; . 

Thomson MiM" Wm Archer (Louisa Schermerhorn 

Little) R...28W 45 

Thorn MiM" L Mortimer (Raguet) 

Thorn M"- 

128 W 59 




..23 W 16 

352 Social Rbgisteb, 

Thorn MiM" Cond§ R (Lduise Akeiiy Floyd- Jones) 

Thorn MiM" L Mortimer J r (Lillian Gwynn) Cal.Dp, 

Sv.Cl'..106 W55 

13 W 16 

Thorn M''WmK(EmilyAVanderbilt)Sen'r 
ThornM'WmK-K. Mt. R. Mb . atPauPrance 

Thornburgh M' Edgar Douglas I i-tk W7 K«a 

M' Edgar T Baldwin | 170 w oa 

Tliornburgh M" Edgar D (Harriet G Benson) 

Died at Orange N J Jly 19 

Thorndike M" H D (Renrietta Delprat) 37 W 17 

Thome HiM" Edwin (Ketchum) Uv. Dt.Y'87. .BabylonLI 

Thorne M"- Emma care N Witherell 35 E 38 

Thorne M' Geo Winthrop-Un.K..avd Saale Aug 2 

ab'd Aller Oct 17. . Union Club 

Thorne M' Joel W-Mt.Ct Easton Pa 

ThorneMiirjno(HarrietVanSclioonhoveQ)Mt.Dt.La. 1 28E 
Thorne M' Sam BrinckerhofFab'dUmb Jun 27.[Jkl. | 49 
Thorne M' Newberry D-Sa.K.Cy.Ny.Lc. New Rochelle 

Thorne M' Thomas W-N.Cy. Lc NY 

Thorne MiM" Oakleigh (Helen 8 St^ifford) 

T.Wk.R.Oal. .The Buckingham 
Thorne M' Thos Pearsall-OaLUv. Y'82 23 Fifth Av 


Thorne M' Robert-Uv.Sa.Rv.Tv'85. . . .134 Halsey Bkl 
Thorne MiM" Sam (Phebe Van Schoonhoven)Ul.T.Dt. 

Thorne M"- Margaret B [Mt. Wk.Rg.La.C. 

Thorne M' William V S-Mt.Uva.Rv 

Thorne MiM" Victor C (Katheryne C Sanford) Sa. 

Bridgeport Conn 
Thorne MiM" Wm (Annie Thompson) Mt.Dt.Wk. 


Thome MiM" Wm (Elizabeth Cotton) 154 W 55 

Thornell MiM" Henry L (Clara E Keyes)G.Ct. . . .51 W 73 

Thornley D' Josiah P-So.Cr96 146 Central Pk W 

Thoron V Joseph-Cth. .J Munroe&Co Paris. .,120 W 59 

Thoron M' Casimer-Cth 

Thoron MiM" Ward (Ellen Warder) Mtw.Dp.Cth.H'86 

1741 K N W Washington D C 
Thorp M' Andrew S (late Andrew) 

Died at Larchmont Manor Aug 1© 


Social Registeb, 

Tillinghast M'-'Edythe Orange N J 

TillinghastMiM" Hy W (Clara O Rich) 

3 Davis Av Livingston S I 

Tillinghast M' Henry A-Uv.Br'82 University Club 

Tillinghast M-- Mary E-La 3 Wash Sq N 

Tillinghast Mill" Philip-M Manhattan Clab 

Tillinghast MiM" Wm H (Stanton-Louise Babcock) Mt. 

C.K.Dt.Rv.Cw. .av'd Maj Oct 14. .26 E 64 
Tillman Col&M" Sam'l E (Clara Williams) 

C.Uv.La.USA'69. . West Point N Y 

Tillotson M' Chas H 

Tillotson M' Gouverneur-Un.T.Ny 

Tilney MiM" John S (Georgiana E Sheldon) 

Tilney M- Mary G. . .[Ul.Dt.Ec.Bg.G.Mtw. 

Tilt MiM" Albert (AdelaideVRaynor) Rg.Mt.Rp.Na.5E67 

Timlow M' Wm F-Uv.P'86 33 E 26 

51 W36 

77 Main 
Orange N J 

" Maize! and" 

Red HookNY 


Timpson MiM"TheovMaryBHasbrouck) 

Timpson M' Lawrence-Un. at Union Club 

Tinker M" Edward G (Edith Law^rence). . . 

Tinker M" Franklin H(GraceBell) . . San Remo 75&CPkW 

Tinker MiM" Henry Champlin (Louise Larocque) 

^. . - Mt.S.Rg.Ct.Dt.Rf..48E57 
-^tteS^^-SSlSthiel H-yv.Y'53. .. . . . : .r. ..... .217 W 45 

Toby MiM" Geo Parmly (Eva C Taylor) So . . . . . . 60 W 76 

Tod" MiM" J Kennedy (Maria Howard Potter) K.C.Cy. 

Mt.Dt.T.L.S.Ct..ll ir©---^ 

Tod M' Robert E-L ^ • •„,• •; 59 W 65 

TodM' WraStewart-K.Uv.Uva.Dt.Ct.P'84 •• 

Todd MiM"HyAlfred(MiriamGilman)C.P' 76 .720WEnd Av 

Todd M' Judson Scott-L. Na 58 W 58 

.20 E 67 

Todd MiM" Robt W (Mary M Shields) Y' 

Todd M-- Mabel 

Toel MiM" William (Adelaide Taber) Dv. 

Toel M'— May & Florence . .^^ ^ ^ 

Toler MiM" John Watts De Peyster (Minnie Burhans) 

Ny..Tivoli N Y 

Toler M' Hugh A 

Toler M' Hugh K-Bg.P'81 

Toler M*- Aim6e 


1025 N Broad 
Elizabeth JST J 

New York. 


Thorp M" Sarah 

Thorp W Gould H-N.Sv 

Thouron IT E A (Hannah Neilson Borrowe) . 

M"" Fanny Beekman Adrain . . ab'd 

Throop W Enos T , 

Throop M"- Caroline G 

Throop r Geo Enos-Cal.S.Zp.Rv.Cw.Cr85 
Throop M" Enos T Jr & Geo M Sicard-Cr94. .. 

Thurber Mir Francis B-M.Ul 

Thurber M*" Jeannette M 

Thurston M" W R Jr (Maria Sampson) . 
Thnrston M" W Richardson-Wms'96 & Edward S 
Tiers W Alex Harvey-Mo. Mg. .Morristown Club 

Morristown N J 

Tiers M' Cornelius South Orange N J 

Tiffany MilT Belmont (Anne Cameron) K 27 E 31 

Tiffany RevDilT ChasC( Julia W"heeler)C.Ul.Rg. .37 E 39 

..26 Wll 


....49 W25 


.255 Madison Av 

.4DW 35 

TiflfanyMiM" Chas L-Un.Ul.Ss.Ny, 

Tiffany M"- Louise 

Tiffany M" Geome (Isabella Perry) 

Tiffany M"- I C P 

Tiffany rWm-K.......... ..... 

Tiffany MilT Hy T)yer.(GsrGtine Chase) ^^tH^J^SS Hopit. 
Tiffany M"- Edith&Isabel Perry. . . fSv. Y'64 ' WesV 
Tiffany M' George Fox .^.. I Chester Av 




Tiffany Mill" Louis C (Louise W Knox) 

Tiffany M"- Mary Woodbridge 

Tiffany M' Chas L 2d 

Tiffany MiM" OtisC-Uv.Us.Ny.Mtw.USN.Universitydab 
Tiffany MiM" Perry (Marie Havemeyer) K.Cy.Mb. 

_ Westbury L I 

Tiffany MiM" Wm Geo (Mary Virginia Smith) ab'd 

Tilden M*M" Marmaduke-Mg.Mo Morristown N J 

Tilden M" Wm (Almira Stevens) 

Died at Lake Mahopac N Y Sep 22 

Tileston M" Henry (M" Trumbull) 107 W 55 

Tii^ston M' James Davis-Un 43 W ?9 

Tile^ Mis'" Thomas-Un. LI Union Club 

Tilfor - V#- Geo 'TJ' -— ". , > ^ -OLindenNewarkNJ 

V r • - 

New York. 


Toler MiM" Hy Pennington (Virginia Wheeler) 

Un.Bg. Short Hills N J 
Tolfree MiM" Jame8E(0vennan) Uti. Mt. Wk. iSTy. . . 27 W 

Tolfree M"- Mary Baldwia [USN. 49 

Tomes M" Benj (Rosalie Zimmermann) . 
Tomes M"^ Anna Z, Isabella C & Margaret P 
Tomes M" Edward-Bg & Benj L. . . 

Tomes M"- Helen R-La. 13 E 22 


Tomes M' Francis-Cl'Sl 

Tomes W&W T H-La 

Tomes M- M E & M- I 

3H8 S Broad 
N J 

.136 E30 

.ab'd Bret Aug 1 

Tomlinson M' Daniel W Jr Married at Rye N T 

Gould M"" Marion (late Wm W) June 30 

Tomlinson MiM" Dari'l W Jr (Marion Gould). .Rye N Y 
Tomlinson MiM" Jno C (Dora Monel Grant) M.L.Rv. 

Col.Dm.Cw.'.312 W 88 
Tompkins M' Hamilton B-Uv.G.Sp.Rv.Dm.Cw.Rf. 

Bg.Ham'65..ab'd Tour Jly 11 .av'd in Oct..32E26 
Tompkins MiM" Wm W (Kingsland)K.Dn.Mt.Nv.S. 

68 Fifth Av 
Tone MiM" Bernard W (Sedgwick-Katharine) 

Tone M*- Aileen M [Wsirnick) 

Tone M' Bernard L 

Tone MiM" T Wolfe (RosnlieColhoon) Cth. 

J S Morgan & Co London 
TookerM' Gabriel Mead-Un.Cl'59. .J Munroe & Co Paris 

Tooker M' John Stanbury-Un . K . R Union Club 

Topping MiM" Wm A (Mary G Shipman) Ul. 

M-- Mabel G Adams. 

Torrance M" Daniel S (S G).av'dMajJun24. , 
Totten MiM" John Reynolds (Elma S Preston) 

USA.'78..66 W54 

Toucev MiM" John M-C Grand Central Depot 

Toucey D' Sinclair-Rp.Ha.Cl'SS 29 W 38 

N Y 


Toucey M' William-Ul 

Toucey M" Sinclair 

Tower MiM" A Clifford (Louise Dreer) 



Union Club 


Social Register, 

121 Mad Av 

48 W 59 

.205 W 57 

.344 Lex Av 

League Club 

Tower MiM" A Ed'd (Nina Carpenter) Mt.Dke.N.Ny. 

Cr83.."EdgehiU" Poughkeepsie 

Tower r Zealous B-Un Union Club 

Towne MiM" Hy R (Cora E White) C. Eg. 

Uv. L. Rf. Sap. Pn'65 
Towne M" Jno Hy-Uv. Sa. & Pred'k T-Sa. 

Townsend Mill" Alfred M-C. Dt. Na 

Townsend M"- Ethel 

Townsend M" Calvin I (Louise English) 

Townsend MiM" Trevelyan (Mina F Rock- 

Townsend M' Clarence Harcourt [well) 

Townsend MiM" D wight (Hodges) .... 

Townsend M"" Serena-Bg 

M" Annie Townsend Ashmore . . . 
Townsend M' Edward H-Ul. Ny. Lc. 

Townsend W Edward-Ul. Na 

Townsend MilT Ed M (Johnson- Sallie Day) 

C. Mc. S. .care M' R C Townsend 42 W 21 

Townsend M' Howard R-S.Dt.Snc.Ag .845 Broadway 

Townsend MiM" Robt Cooper (Louisa A Johnson) 42 

M' Cutljbert Slocum Johnson. . . . [Un. S. Mc. W 21 
Townsend ItM" Ed Mitchell Jr (Alice Greenough) 

Un. Mc. Uv. S. H'84. .63 W 9 
Townsend MiM" Pred'k R Annie T Mortimer) 

Mc. Ss. Sn . . Lawrence L I 

Townsend MiM" H P 306 Madison Av 

Townsend M"" Frances M (Fred'k R) Married Nov 18 

Riker M' Sam'l Jr (J L) . . at St John's Far Rock' w'y 
Townsend M" Howard Sr (Van Rensselaer^ 
Townsend MiM" Howard ( Anna L Langdon) 
Un. Uv. T. Ct..H80 

Townsend M"" Amy 

Townsend M' Isaac-Un. R. Mt. Na.. 
Townsend MiM" James Bliss (Eugenie Gibert) 

Cal. Ny. Snc. Bg. P' 78. .106 E 30 
Townsend MiM" Jas Rodman (Martha R Coe) 

Un. Sn, 
Townsend M' Arthur Rodman 

po 29 W 39 

Albemarle Hotel 

117 E 57 

New York. 


Townsend HiM" John D (Eliza A Delano Swan) Dm. 343 

Townsend M"" Margaret W 34 

Townsend M" John J (Bronson) 

Townsend M"" 

Townsend W Fitzhugh-Un. K 

Townsend M' Arthur Bronson-Un. K. Uv. Cl'SS 

Townsend W John J-Un..K. C Union Club 

Townsend MiM" James M Jr (Harriet. Campbell) 

M-VirginiaWCampbell . [Uv.L.Na. Bd.Col. Y'74 
Townsend Mill" John Pomeroy (Elizabeth Avery 
Baldwin) Ul.M.G.Dt.Rf. 
ICtM" Alf L White (Mary E Townsend) Dl. . 
Townsend Mill" John R (Pauline G Onativia) 

Un. R. Ec..717Park Av 

Townsend M' R H Jr-Sa.Mtw St Anthony Club 

Townsend M*M"Randolph W (Warren-Norlon) Ul . .18E73 


Fifth Av 






Townsend M' Richard H L-Ul 

Townsend MiM" J Allen (Viola S Hawkins) Ul. . 

Townsend M' Edwin S 

Townsend MiM" Stephen Van R (Janet E King) 

Uv. Dt. Snc. H'82. .142 E 18 
Townsend MiM" Wm K (Mary L Trowbridge) 

C. Uv. Y'71.. Hotel Waldorf 

Tows MiM"CoeDowning-Ul.Mtw UnionLeagaeClub 

Tracy M' Benj P-Ul. Ha. L. Bk 

Tracy M' Frank B-Mtw ! 

M" Ferdinand Wilmerding (Tracy) 

M"- Wilmerding. , 
Tracy M" Chas Ed (Jennie Bigelow) . . Highland Falls N Y 

.14 W 20 

av'd MajOct 14 
440 W 8 
Plainfleld N J 

Tracy MiM" J Evarts (Martha S Greene) 

Tracy M""" Emily B,MaryE&Margaret L 
Tracy MiM" Howard Crosby (Minerva Bingham 

Lamson) Ct. Y' 87. .134 E 6 Plainfleld N J 

Tracy M" John M ^M61anie Guillemin) 

Tracy M"" Marguerite & M"" Mary Tracy Earle, 

Trask M' Frederick Kingsbury-Cal Calumet Club 

Trask MiM" Spencer (Kate NicholsiUl.Mt.Ct.L.Rf . 

P'66. ,21 Gramercy Pk 
Travers M"" Susan ♦^^ 176 Madison Av 


368 Social Register, 

Travels MiM" Wm R(Lilli« Harriman)K.Na.R.Cr82.ab'd 
Tread well MiM" Abbott (Ellen M Abbot) 

care E A Abbot 18 W 54 

Tread well r Eugene- H' 72 27 W 44 

Treat M*M" Edward A (Josephine Valentine) 

Tremenheere M*M" J H A (Jessie R Van Auken) 

" Woodcot" Ootacamund British India 
Trenchard MilT Edward (Mary Stafford) Sv.Cw.Rv. 

TW.L1..50 W92 
Trenholm MiM" Wm Lee (Kate Macbeth)Uv.C.Dke. 

Rf.L.Cal.Ct.Col.So.'55 260 
Trenholm r&M'— Constance* Helene. .av'd KWm W 72 

Nov 16 
Trenliolm MiM" JnliandeS(Maud Standley Twells) 203 W78 
Trevor MiM" Hy G (Margaret H Schieffelin) Un.Mt.Dt. 

S.Cy.Rv.W.Cw.Sv.Snc. Wk.Sg. .6 E 45 

Trevor M" John B (Emily Norwooil) I oi i? q-t 

Trevor M-E ......... | ^^^^ 

Trimble MiM" J D (Emma Murray) N 

Trimble M- 

Trimble M' Roswell Delmage-Ad 

Trimble M" Cornelia. '. 53 E 25 

Trimble M' Richard-Uv.Rh.Uva.Ct.H'80 

Trimble M' Walter-Uv . Rh . R . Ct . H'79 59 E 25 

Trimble MiM" Merrit't 

Trotter MiM" Theo V A (Lucie Ballibone) 136 E 37 

Trotter MiM" George(FlorenceWest,ervelt)Cal.N"y.Cti.S. 

Dp. P'91. .British Linen Co Bank London 

Trotter MiM" William-C.S oo x,v <.<« 

Trotter M""" Lucy & Mary K r^ ^^ "^^ 

Troubetzkoy Pr<&Pcss Pierre (Chanler-Amelia Rives) 

Castle Hill Va 
Trowbridge Mir Cortlandt Hy (CorneliaE Hubbard)Sa. 

St Anthony Club 
Trowbridge MiM" Edwin D (Carrington)Ul.Dt.G . 123E 39 
Trowbridge DiM" Geo (Theodora Polhemus) 

Un.Uv.Ny.R.Y'78..1 W47 
Trowbridge MiM" Fred'k K-G 115 E 37 

Greenwich Ct 

New Yobk. 


.57 E 34 


2'26 W 59 

Trowbridge M*M" James A (Gardiner) Ul. . 

Trowbridge M' Wm Bloodgood 

Trowbridge M' Francis Emoify-Ul 57 W 37 

Trowbridge M"" Lncy Parkman. .4Rne dfChevreuseParis 

Trowbridge MiM" Robertson-G 5 E 74 

Trowbridge M*M" Sam'Breck Parkman(Sophia P Tailer) 

Cal.C.Sa.Rv.Cw..331 W 71 

Trowbridge M' C C 7 E 46 

Trowbridge M" Wm Petit (LucyParkman) | 210 Prospect 
Trowbridge M'^'Kath'rineH&NannieBierne | NewHavenCt 

Truslow M' Charles W-Un.R.L 

Truslow M" Anne F & M"- 

Tryon MiM" D W (Alice Belden) C 

Tryon M' Thomas-C 1425 Broadway 

Tryon D' J Rufus-USN.Uv.Snc.Ll.Mtw.U'58 . . .32E 26 
Tuck MiM" Edward (Julia Stell) Mt.Un.Ul.G. 

146 Champ Elysees Paris & 7 E 61 
Tuck DiM" Henry (Em maR Beers) Uv.Rf.Ct.H'63. .39E53 
Tuck H*M" Somerville Pinckney (Marshall) Alexandria 

Tuck li*- M L rCt.Mtw.Uv'69 Egypt 

Tucker M' Alanson-Un.K.S.Ny Union Club 

Tucker M' Alexander E-Un.Dt Union Club 

Tucker Mill" Allen (Eufrasia Wesson) Ct.Fn. . . .15 W 38 

Tucker M' Samuel Auchmuty-K 135 MadisoQ Av 

Tucker M*M" Edgar (Mary Preble) 

Tucker M"- Sallie Mcintosh 

M" Maurits F H de Haas 

Tucker MiM" Gilman H (CarolineLowKimball)Uv 
Tucker M"- Mary C. [Al.Bd.Rv.Cw.'61 

DilT J H Huddleston (Mabel PClark)Sv.H'86 
Tucker Mill" Luther H (Cornelia S Vail) . . 

Tucker M"" » ; 

Tucker M' Wentworth ...!!......... 

Tucker IfcM" Luther H Jr (Florence Barnard) Y' 91 

278 State Albany N Y 
Tucker MiM" Preble (Katharine Waldo) Ct. Sa.Pl. 105 

M* Rosalie Waldo [Rf;'80 E 19 

TuckermanMiM" Alfred (Clara L Fargis) Uv.La.Lc. 342 

M' Amed6 C Fargis [H'70 W57 

.21 E21 

W 85 

174 Wash 

Av Albaiiy 

N Y 


Social Register, 

118 E 37 

.50 W 45 

Tackerman KM" Bayard (Cotton Smith)C. A.Ct. 

M" John Cotton Smith 

Tackerman H*!" Fleming (Edith A Cozzens) 

Calumet Club, .ab'd 

Tuckerman IP Gustarus-C 

Tuckerman M"-" J P & E L ^. 

Tuckerman M' Eliot 

Tuckerman M" Lucius (Elizabeth Walcott 

Tuckerman M"- E-La [Gibbs) | ington D C 

Tackerman MiM" Paul (Susan Minturn) K.R.T.Dt. 

Tuxedo N Y 

Turck Mill" Solomon 

Turck M*" Florence May 

TumbuU MiM" Frank-Un.Mg Mornstown N J 

Tumbull M"- Katharine E 113 E 89 


TumbuU M' Wm-Un.Cal 

Tumbull r Arthar-Sa.Cr86 

M- Cornelia M Stone 

Turnbull MiM" Ramsay (Martha Benedict) Sa.Ct.Mg. 

"Appletrees" Bernard sville N J 
Tumbull MiM" Robert J(CatherineVanRScreven).K. Mo. 

Cy.ab'dTraveJun23.av'dLucAag33.ab'd Mai Oct 21 
Turner M" David B 1031 Fifth Av 

1600 I Wash 

.22 E 61 

N Y 

Tumer M' James-Uv.Ha.Aht'80 32 

Turner MiM" Herbert Beach (Sarah Kirkland Floyd) 

Turner M'-&M'- Anna Tracy 

Turner M' Thornton Floyd-Rv. Snc.P'88 

3 26 



Turner MiM" JSpencer(CorneliaJEddy)Ul. Ha. 
Turner M' J Spencer Jr.[Mc.av'clSaale Aug25 
Turner MiM" WmL(GraceD Moss)Uv.M.L.Rf.Lc..75E56 
Turnure MiM" Arthur B (Elisabeth Harrison) 

Tumure M" David M (Mary E Baldwin). . . 

Turnure M"" Mary S 

Tumure MiM" George Evans (Elizabeth Gardner) 

Lanier) Un. R.Dt.H'89.. 115 E 36 
Turnure MiM" Lawrence Jr (Romaine Stone) Un.Dt. .ab'd 

57 Remsen 


500 Madison 


New Yobk. 361 

.417 Fifth Av 

Tumure IT Lawrence-M.Dt.Dm.Snc. . 

Tnrnure M"" Mary 

Tumure W Percy-H'94 

TurrellM'EdgarA-M.Y'67 '. 33 W 34 

Tuska D' Gustave R-Eg.Cl'Ql 56 E 65 

Tuttle F G Montgomery-Uv.C.Ct,Uva.Rg.Y'77. .49W38 

Tuttle-Smith RevDllT J (Manice) 

Tweed MiM" Chas H (Helen Minerva Evarts)^ 

Twining Mill" Edmund S (P Georgina Stairs) 

Cal. Mc . . New Brighton S I 
Twining Mill" Kingsley (Mary deGueldry) Morristown 

M"- Edith deGueldry [C. Uv . Y'53 N J 

Twombly MiM" Arthur B ( Jeannie S Case) 

Uv.Ul.Mt.T.Na.H'76. 27 E 55 
Twombly r*M"HamiltonMcK( Florence A Vanderbilt) 

Uva.Ny.Smb.Ct.Mg.H'71. .684 Fifth Av 
Twombly M' Horatio Nelson. Died at Mad Av HotelOcti7 

Twombly M' Douglas-Un. R 3 Rue de Tilsitt Paris 

Twombly M' Wm G-Un.H Union Club 

Tyler MiM" Alfred Lee (Annie Scott) 1 Leighton Av 

Un.M.Mt.T.Pl.R.Ny.Lc. Anniston 
Tyler MiM"Alf LJr(Harriet WBond)Uv. H'87 | Ala 
Tyler MiM" Stanley Beckwith(Adams)Pl.G. Green wichCt 
Tyler MiM" Henry W (Lilian K Perree) S. Rv.Col . . 2 W 

Tyler M- Kate G 83 

Tyler MiM" Mason W (Eliza M Schroeder) L. Plainfield 

Tyler M' Wm S .[Pu.Aht'62 I N J 

Tyng M' James A-Bg. Mg Short Hills 

TyngM*- Maria NJ 

Tyng MiM" C Rockland (Alys Edith Foxcroft) 

Ul.Cr62. .126 W 94 
Tyng Rev DiM" Stephen H (Frances R Tappan) Ul. 47 
Tyng MiM"SewellTappan(EdithMGale8)Ad. Wms'88 E 44 
Tyng MiM" Stephen H Jr (Julia A Kemp) Uv.Ul.Ad. 

Uva.Wms'86..46 W53 

Tyson M' Lawrence Davis-Un.Us Union Club 

Uhl Hon&M" Edwin F lUS Embassy 

Uhl M*"* Lucy ifc Alice Edwina | Germany 

Social Beoisteb, 

Uhl r Edward-M:Dv Manhattan Club 

Uhl M»M" John Howard (Caroline Dana Jarvis) 256 
Uhl M*- Mary Margaret Christina . . [Sn.G. Rf . FourthA v 

Ulman M' Julian Stevens-L.Rf .66 W 39 

Ulshoeffer M' WmGracie-Un.Mt.Dt.S.Cl'56. .264FifthAv 
Underhill M' Eugene-Dt.Snc Down Town Club 

470 Lex- 
ington A V 


Underhill MiM" John Griffen (Esther Henrietta 

Leonard)..204 W78 
Underwood MiM" Frank Liv (Theodosia Hawley) 

Underwood M"** Grace H, Pearl L & Blanche T. . . 
Underwood MiM"WA(VirginiaGDeas) L. I "The Grove" 
Underwood M*" Mg & M*" Virginia. .[Mg. | MorristownNJ 
Upton MiM" Geo B (Alice H H Henderson) 

Urquhart MiM" David (Slocomb) 
Urquhart M' David Jr-Uv.H'79 
Ursdell Capt James E(JnoA). Died atChitral IndiaOctlS 

Vail M' Charles M-Uii Union Club 

Vail M" David Olyphant (Cornelia Van 29 Wash 

Vail M"- Anna M [Rensselaer) Sq W 

Vail M" H G (Garguilo) „ ,. . , 

Vail M- Mary L & M- Ethel Stebbins.... ^^^^ 



EndAv-afterDec 3S2W76 

VailM' Henry H-Col.Al.G'60. 
VailM'«"MaryC&Clara Warren . 
Vail MiM" JCummings(Ruth R Montgomery) 

Vail M"- Ruth J & Pauline L PlainsNJ 

Vail M' Jolin H-Un. Wk.Ss Islip L I 

Vail M' Jules J 46 E 20 

Vail MiM" Philetus Wm (Isabella Halsey)E.. Newark N J 

Vail M' Richard Udall Islip L I 

Vail MiM" Theo F (Grovene L Hinman)Mt.M.Na. 

MiM" Jas Converse 

Vail MiM" TheoN(EmmaLRighter)Ul.N. I 


Vail M" Stephen (AliceCStevens).Died at LehoxMassOct4 

Vaillant M" George H ( Wightman) 55 W 73 


Lyndon Vt 

New Yokk. 

Valentine ITChas A (Jos M). .Married at Heavenly Rest 

Hyde M"- Helen M (Albert G). Nov 25 

Valentine MiM" Chas A (Helen M Hyde) 21 E 45 

Valentine MiM" Henry C (Grace C Barrett) Ul. L. 

Valentine M"- Susie [Pl.Rp.M.Dt.Rg.La. 

Valentine M' Langdon Barrett 

Valentine MiM" Samuel H (Lillie W Porter 

Valentine D' Wm A-C.Ty' . . .45 W 35 

Vallotton M' James L-Ul 1 E 39 

Valpv M' Edward-Cal 40 W 12 



.Newport R I 
see addenda 

Sep 53 

Van Alen M' Jas J-Un.K.Mt.T.TI.Ny 
Van Alen M'" May . .av'd St P Jly 16 
Van Amringe Dean&M" John Howard (Cornelia 
Bucknor) C.Mt.Ct.Ch.Cl'eo 

Van Amringe M*" Emily Bulow 

Van Amringe M' Guy-Dp. Snc.Cr88. 

Van Arsdale MiM" Hy ( W liite) E. Ec. HI. 

44 Avon Av Newark N J 

Van Arsdale MiM" Robt M-Col.M .278 W 71 

Van Arsdale D' Vyra Waldo-Sn 55 W 33 

Van Beuren MiM" Frederic T-Mg.Hl 

Van Beuren M""" ElizabethJ-Mg.&MaryS-Mg 

Van Beuren M' P T Jr 

Van Beuren MiM" Michael M (Mary L Arclibold) Mg. 

care J D Archibo 

Van Blarcom M' Jacob C-Un.HI St Louis Mo 

Van Boskerck M' Robert W-Un.Ul.Dke.Cr77. .58 W 57 

Van Brunt M' Arthur Hoflf man-Uva. Hi . . 8 W 85 

Van Brunt Judge&M" Cha» H-M.Ny.Snc m t? ^c 

Van Brunt M-.. ^^ ^ ^^ 

Van Brunt M' Rutgers-Un Union Club 

Van Buren MiM" Edw Morris (Caroline A Reinhart) 

Plaintield N J 
Van Buren M'"<fcM'" Henrietta Chester 
M" H H G Sharp less 

21 W 14 

d 20 E 37 

151 E 

Van Buren MiM" John D (Elizabeth L 

Jones) HI. LI. '60 
Van BureuM" Elovia L (Aymar) ........ 

70 Clinton 
New burgh 

. NY 

864 Social Rboisteb, 

Van Buren M" S T (Irving) . 

Van Buren r. ......_. . .Jav'd Maj Oct 14 


Van BnrenM'Martin-Cal. Hl.atCalumetCl ub 

Van Buren MilT Thos Brodhead (Florence Trumbull 

Lanman) Sa.Ll.Y'86. .238 W 70 

Van Cleef M' Augustus-Cal. HI ^. . . 47 Morton 


VaiiCortlandt M' Augustua-Mt.Sn.Snc.Ct.T. 

Van Cortlandt M^Hy W,EdwN&01afDeLancy 

Van Cortlandt MiM" Aug Jr (Ethel Wilson) . tuxedo N Y 

Van Cortlandt M' Robt B-K.Mt.Dt.Cw.Cy. 

Snc.Ct.Cl'82. .Knickerbocker Club 

Van Cortlandt M' Peter J M-Un Union Club 

Van Cortlandt M"- Anne S. 

' Manor House 


Croton -on -Hudson 

VanCortland tM' JamesStevenson-Cc. 
Vanderbilt M" Wm H (M Louisa Kissam) 

Died at Scarboro Nov 6 
Vanderbilt M' Geo W-C.Mt.Ny.Dt.R.L PKNa.G.Ct. 

"Biltmore" Asheville N C & 640 Fifth Av 

Vanderbilt M»M''Comelius(AliceGwynne)K.Un.Mt. . ^xtk't 

Sn.Ul.C.Cy.Ct.G.Dt.Ny.Rg.T.R.Pl.L.Snc. ^^^^ 

Vanderbilt M"" Gertrude (Corneliu8).Ma;'ried at Newport 

Whitney M' Henry Payne ( Wm C) . . Aug 25 

Vanderbilt M' Cornelias Jr (Cornelius) Married Aug 3 

Wilson M- Grace G (Rich T) at 611 Fifth Av 

Vanderbilt MiM" Cornelius Jr (Grace Wilson) 

K.Mt.Rg.Ny.S. Y'96. .ab'd Maj Aug 26 
Vanderbilt M' Wm K-K.Un.M.Sn.R.Ss.Ny.Mt.Pl. 

Cy . Lc . Snc . Jkl . . 660 Fifth Av 

Vanderbilt M' Wm K Jr I 24 

Vanderbilt MasterHaroldSterling..av'dLucJun26| E 72 
Vanderbilt Mill" Fred W (Anthony) K.Uv.Mt.Sa.T.R. 

Lc. Ss. Ay. Ny . \ ' 76 . . HydeParkN Ythen459Pif thA v 
Vanderhoef MiM" Geo W (Lizzie Vanderbilt) Sv. .29 W 48 

Vanderhoof M' Elisha W-Un 34 W 21 

Vanderpoel M"" Lydia B . . . Married at Kinderhook N Y 
Prentice Rev Sartell Jr Sep 30 

"S parrenRoede" 
Kinderhook N Y 

Vanderpoel M" Aaron J (Adaline E 
Vanderpoel M' A Emest-Un.C.Mt.Rh.Uv.Snc.Cre? 

ab'd Gasc Jly ?6 , 414 E 16 

New York. 


Vanderpoel rAugustnsH-L.Hl.Ad.Wms'Sl .Orange NJ 
Vanderpoel MilT Eugene (Tiffany) E.Ec.Eg. 22 WashPl 

Vanderpoel M*"&M'-Loraine [Uva.Hl.P* NewarkNJ 

Vanderpoel MilT Aug G (Alice North) HI 309 E 20 

Vanderpoel IT John A (Emily Noyes) 

care'M" W C Noyes 224 Mad Av 
Vanderpoel M"" Mary Van Buren Hotel 

M*" Mary Pinckney Buckingham 

Vanderpoel M" S Oakley (GertrudeLansing Wendell) 

Vanderpoel D' John-Uv.C.Hl.Snc.Rt'78 [Sr. 

Vanderpoel IT Herman W-Uv.Rf.Rp.Hl.Snc.'77.. . . 
Vanderpoel DilT S Oakley (Mary Louisa Halstead) 

Uv.C.Ll.Snc.Hr73. .47 E 25 
Vandervoort W W Ledyard-Un.Ul.M.R.Lc.Hl. 

r William A Bisland 

Vandeul Brn&Brnss H Maupoint de (Edith Clift) 

18 Rue Matignon Paris 
Van Deventer MiM" Chas H (Miller) Ul.Na.Hl. . .60 W 53 



76 Park Av 

Van Doren M" M Dikeman (Mott). 

Gen&ir Edward H Ripley. 
Van Dusen MiM" Samuel C (Elizabeth B Stevens) 

Van Duzer H' Hy Sayre-Uv.Un.Mt.H'75.Uva.Hl.Snc. 

7 W26 
Van Duzer W ASomerville(SarahPairchild) MurrayHill 

Van Dozer M"- Julia Fairchild Hotel 

Van Dyke Rev&OiM" Hy(EllenReid)O.Uv.Ct.A.Hl.Rv. 

Van Dyke M" Henry J (Henrietta Ashmead) 

Died at Northampton Mass Jly 2 

Van Emburgh MiM" David B (Hellen B Ross) 
M"" Marguerite E Ross 

Van Hoesen JudgeGeoM-Un.Sn.M.Zp.HLSnc. 
MiM" William Jay Ives 

30 E 

62 W47 

M""ab'd Maj Oct 

Van Ingen MiM" Ed H-Rg.Ul.Mt.Rf.Ct. 

Van Ingen r McLane [Uva. Ha. 2 1 . . 9 B 71 

Van Lennep MiM" Pred'c (Anita Trumbull) Un.Rv, 

126 E 


Van Liew MiH" Hy A (Ella Hamilton) 

'^ ■ Utt.R,Nft,S,Lc,Ag,N7. .30 W 5^ 


Social Register, 

Van Ness MiM" Edward (Marshall) Sn 17 E 71 

Van Ness M' J Newton-Ec.E.N.Rf Newark N J 

Van Nest M" Abraham R (Thompson) 89 W 34 

Van Nest M' Alex T (late Abram R) 

Died at Longenschwalbach Ger Aug 10 
VanNestM"AlexT(Marg'tTav. ab'dHavelJlyl4. .av'd 
VanNestM'-MaryAlice . . [lor) . Lahn Au^ 26 . 81 W 87 
VanNest M' G Willett-Uv.Mt:Dt.Snc.Hl.Dm.H'74. 

845 Fifth Av 

Van Norden M' Warner-Mt.Ul.L.Hl 

Van Norden M*" Cora Langdon 16 

Van Norden M' Warner de La Mon tagnie W 48 

Van Norden MiM" Theo L (Grace Campbell) Cr90 
Van Nostrand MiM" Chas B (Robina Howell) 

Cal.Dt.Hl.T.Ha.Snc. .39 Pierrepont Bklyn 
Van Oostveen MiM" A J (Maud Seymour Mellen) T. 

M' ab'd St P Jly 22. .Tuxedo Park N Y 

Van Rensselaer M' Alex-Uv.P'71 University Club 

Van Rensselaer M" Alex (Louisa Bainewall) I /^ t^ on 

Van Rensselaer M'-"" Mabel & Alice | . . . i^J iii d7 

VanRensselaer MiM"CortlandtSchuyler(HoraceMacauley) 

Mt.Sn.Sp.Ch.Rv.Hl.Cw.Cy.Snc. .40 E 61 

Van Rensselaer D'Howard-Cal.Y'81.123StateAlbanyNY 

Van Rensselaer M" Henry (Elizabeth King) 39 E 9 

Van Rensselaer DiM" John (Mary H Johnston) 

2 Thomas Circle Wash D C 

Van Rensselaer M" Jere (Julia W Jaudon) 
Van RensselaerM^'ACortland-Cw.&Peyton J 
Van Rensselaer MiM" John King (King) Un.La. 

Van Rensselaer M' F Harold 

Van Rensselaer MiM" John A (Helen F Galindo) 

201 Baltic Bklyn 
Van Rensselaer DiM" Jno Jeremiah (Florence 
Van Rensselaer M*" Florence. . . [Taylor) HI. 

Van Rensselaer M' Lindsay-Mc SI 

Van Rensselaer MiM" Kiliaen (Olivia Atterbury) S W cor 

Van Rensselaer M'- Olive A [LI . HI. Snc. \V End 

Van Rensselaer M*" Lisa Av <& 85 

Van Rensselaer MiM" Maunsell Jr(Isabella Mason). 130E56 
Van Rensselaer M" Schuyler (Mariana Griswold). ,9 W 9 


40 E 29 

Franklin Av 
New Bg' ton 

New York. 





W 12 



Van Rensselaer MiM" Stephen (Matilda C Heck- 
Van Rens8elaerH'"Elizabetli. . [scher)Un.Ec. Snc. 
Van Rensselaer M' Chas Union Club 

Van Rensselaer M' Stephen Jr 

VanSantvoord M' Abraham-Ci.Rf.HI.Snc.Cl'65 

VanSantvoord M'-S M 

VanSantvoord M" John V & Talcott C-Na 

VanSantvoord M' Al fred-U l.C.Ny.S.Nc. 

VanSantvoord M'- Anna T 

MiM" Eben Erskine Olcott 

Van Santvoord M' Seyniour-Uv.U'78 

VanScliaick MiM" Eugene (Sarah Howland Pyne) 


VanSchaick D' George G-Na | 262 

VanScliaick M' Henry-Un. HI . . . | W 34 



VanSchaick MiM" Singleton (Ida Wood). . . 

VanSchaick MiM" John Brodhead(GertradeM Knowlton) 

Uv.Mb.S.Ny.H'91.Camb'88. .Huntington L I 

VanSchaick M' S W-C. Ad 1512 B' way 

VanSinderen MiM" Howard (Mina Mason)Uv.Cl'8l 

av'dGer Jly3()..14 W16 
VanSlyck M' George W-Uv.Ct.M.L.Hl.Snc.Wms'63 

' Buckingham Hotel 

Van Valzah D' William W-Ct.P'73 10 E 43 

Van Vechten M' Abraham Van Wyck-Uv.Cw. Wt.Rv. 

HI. Snc. Wms'47. . Windsor Hotel 

Van Vechten M' Schuyler-Sa St Anthony Club 

Van Vliet Gen&M" Stewart (Sarah J Brown) Un. HI. Sn. 

Mtw.Snc.Ll.USA. .Washington D C 
Van Volkenburgh MiM" Thos S-Ul.Hl.Rv. Y'ee I 46 

Van Volkenburgh M- Susie E W 50 

Van Volkenburgh MiM" Ed-Ul.Hl.Snc. Tbe 

Van VolkenburghM'Ed Jr-Uv.Sa.Cl'88 Buckingham 

VanVolkenburgh M" Philip f.,.f. p.,., . 

VanVolkenburghM'PhilipJr-M.Hl.Snc. ''"" ^^"'^ ^^ 

VanVoorhis M" B W (Tappen) Sr Rothschilds Paris 

VanVoorhis M* Bartow W-Un Union Club 

VanVorst M' B^rederickB-C.Hl.P'75 Century Club 


Social Register, 

VanVorst M" Hooper C (Josephine Treat). 
VanVorst H"" Marie L 

40 Av 

Victo Hugo 


39 W19 

2 South St Park 
Lane W London 

,16 E 9 

.NY Yacht Club 

VanVorst M' John fl 

VanWagenen Mill" Cornelius D-Uva.F89. 

VanWa^enen M' Jas A-P'86 Ul 

VanWart IT Ames-Un.Ul.C.Ny.Snc. , 

VanWart H"- Evelyn 

Van Wart H' W Irving-Ny.Ul. . . . 

Van Wart M" Henry 

Van Wart H'-aH- Helen Irving .... 

Van Wart M' E Clark-Ny 

Van Wickle Mill" Aug S (Bessie Pardee) Uv.Dt.Ny. 

S.Ay.Jkl.Br'76. .Hazleton Pa 
Van Winkle M'EdgarB-C.Rv.Eg.Ll.U8,Hl.U'60. .115E70 
Van Winkle M"— Mary D-Bd.&ElizabethStarr-Mg. .11E45 

Van WormerM'JnoR-Ul.Hl.Na.Ct.Rp,Snc 1 E 39 

VanWyckMiM"Augustus(LWilkins)Hl.Dm. 172Hancock 
Van WyckM' William-Sn.Hl.Dm . . rHa.So. B'klyn 
Van Wyck M""" Helen & Katharine Van Asch West 
Van Wyck M" A Barents & Ed Whitehead. . NeckLI 
Van Wyck M" Henry L (Martha E Blunt) 

Van Wyck M'" Florence 

Van Wyck M' Stephen 

Lt&M" Wm P White-USN 

Van Wyck M' Jacob T-N.Sn .Hl.Snc. , 

Van WyckM" HE , 

Van Wyck M— M B & C A P 

Van Wyck M' Richard-Cal . Sn . Rg . . . 

Van Wyck M' Robt A-M.Sn.Dm.Hl.Cr75 135 E 46 

Van Wyck M" R Suydam (Elizabeth B) 

Died at Fishkill Plains Oct 8 

Varet MiM" Eugene Emile (Annie Berry) ab'd 

Varick MiM" John Leonard-Uv.Hl.Col,Y-68. . ..184 W 80 
Varnum M"" & M*"* Helen Louise & Amy Lenox 

Tuxedo Club Tuxedo N Y 
Varnum M' James M-Un.Mt.C.T.Rv.Cw.Cc.Y'68 

Union Club 

Varnum M' Robert Taylor-Un.Cw.Rv 173 Fifth Av 

Vatable MiM" Aug(Matilda C Schwarzwaelder) 
Vatable M' Auguste S-Zp.Cl'92 [Zp.Cl' 

.147 W 47 

. Gilsey House 

..Calumet Club 

89 Water 

New Yokk. 

Vatable M' Jules J-Zp.Cl'94 89 Water 

Vatable MiM" Emile (Fort) 231 W 45 

Vatable M' Jules 233 W 45 

Yaughan MiM" Henry W (E J Potter) Bd. N, 

Vaughan M' C Wheaton. ..'. 

Vaugrigneuse Mme de .care M" A G Stout 21 E 9 

" " ""' ~ - - - . -- gg^ 





Vedder DiM" Maus Rosa (Sarah A Outwater) M . 

Vedder M' Maus Rosa Jr [HLSnc. 

Vedder DiM" Harmonf A(EffieBouItbee)Dp.Hl.Cr88 

Vennard M" Wm L (McKeson) 156 

Vermeule ff C C-C 12 E 58 

Vermeule MiM" John D (Mary C Kelly) M.Alb.Hl.1 W 34 
Vermilye M" Wm Edward (Julia E Murdoch) .no wt aa 
Vermilye M' Frederick M-Oal . R . Sp . En.Snc. ^^'^ ^ ^ 
Vermilye M" Jacob Dyckman (Moore). . . I New Brighton 
M" Fred E & Herbert M Baldwin . . . | SI 

Vemam MiM" Albert H-Mo.Mg, .ab'd for year 

Vemam M' Wm Spencer-Ny .Lc. .New York Yacht Club 

Vernou M' Harold- Y' 83 199 Lafayette Av B'klyn 

VerPlanck MiM" Wm Gordon (Harriet A Clark) 

Sn.L.Dm.Sp.Rv.Cw.Snc.Hl. .315 W 90 


.11 E 24 

VerPlanck MiM" Wm E (Virginia Everett) Uv.Hl. 

Rev Hy Darby [Cr76 

Verrier M"- A P 246 W 23 

Vibbert Rev ir Wm H 

Vibbert M"" Mary Howard 

Vibbert M' Wm Welsh 

Viele Gen&M" Egbert L (Juliette H Dana) LI. HI. 

Rv . . Riverside Av cor 88 
Viele MiM" Herman Knickerbocker (Wharton) Un.Mt. 

Mtw . U v w . Un . Sue . Sn . . 49 Fifth Av 

Vietor MiM" A-Dv 120 W 59 

Vietor MiM" Carl-Dv. . . .M' av'd Lahn Jly 1 56 E 56 

Vietor M' Geo Fred' k-D v. Rf . Ha | „« w kq 

Vietor M- Julia F '"^^ ^ °^ 

Vilas MiM" Royal C-R.Ch .73 W 86 

Villard MiM" Henry (Fanny Garrison) Dv. UI. Dt. 

Villard M- Helen E. .ab'd rL.Rf.Bd. 

Viliard M" HaroldG-Uva.Rf.H'90&OBwaldG-H'93 
Vincent rjCharles R-Cal 16 E 63 

W 58 

870 Social Register, 


Vincent Rev Marvin R-D D-C.Cr64 . . 

Vincent M*- Edith 

Vingut M' Harry K-Mb.R. H'91 I .« w q^ 

11" H W Bowen (Augusta Floyd Vingut) | ••^'' ^ ^^ 
Vingut H' Geo Floyd-R.S.Ny.Lc.Cc P6rier Mercet 

Vingut M' Geo T & Co Paris 

Violett MiM" Atwood (Olga Quentell) Un . So. 

Pe]ham Manor N Y 
Vivian Col&M"Ralph(Roberts-SusanLEndicott) . . London 
Vogel MiM" Herman (Prances Shimmin)Un.Mc. ..106 E 37 
Von Gersdorff M' Carl A-H. . . .care M' J H Choate50W47 

Von Gaertner M' Louis A Carnegie Studios 

Von Hasperg M' C-Cal Calumet Club 

Von Heraert MiM" Aug(Zimmerman)12Av de I'AlmaParis 
Von Hemert MiM" Philippe L (Anita E Evans) 

, 60 A V Marceau Paris 

Von Hoffman Mil" Louis A (Grymes) Un.K.T. 

5 Rue de Tilsitt Paris 
Von Rottenburg MiM" Franz (Marion P helps). Berlin 

Wiener Bank 

Verein Vienna 

E 37 

VonSachs M' Julius- 
VonSachs M' William-. Cr76 
VonStade M" Fred'k W (P) 


VonStade M' Fred'k H-Un.Ul.Rg.Ny 316 Fifth Av 

Von Zedtwitz Baron Died at London Eng Aug 18 

Von Zedtwitz Bnss (Mary E Caldwell) ab'd 

Voorhees M" Philip Randall (Sarah M Bruce) 

Voorhis MiM" Charles Calvin (Anna E Harvey). .125 E 76 

Voss MiM" Wm (Caroline Kane Neilson) Far 

Voss M*" Jessie Somerville Knox Rockaway 

Voss M" W m H Neilson & Franklin B LI 

Vridre Brn&Bms R de (Annie Cutting). Belgrade Servia 
Vroom MiM" Garrett D W (Charlotte Dickinson) 

L.Hl.Rv.Cc..ComoN J 
Vyse MiM" Thos A (Davis) 


Waddington MiM" Geo (Van Rensselaer) C.Dt. 


Wade Mmerbert T-Uva.Rv.Cr93 I i^q i? ^« 

Wade M-^ Helen M&M' Alfreds 149Ji.4b 

Fourth St 

New Brighton S I 

New Yoek. 371 

Wadsworth H' Craig W-K. Un. R. Mtw. 

Knickerbocker Club 
Wadsworth M" Emily L 5 W 68 

Wadsworth M*H" Ch D (Clara L Blanchard) The 

Wadsworth M"- Emma L [Bd . H' 67 Ariston 

Wadsworth M'lAngustus B 55<&B'wy 

Wadsworth M"" Mary (Chas F). .Married at Geneseo NY 

Chandler W Porter Ealph Jly 29 

Wadsworth Hill" Herbert (Martha Elbert Blow) 

K.Mtw.Smb.Mtb .Avon Livingston Co N Y 
Wadsworth H' Clarence S-Un.Ul.Cal.K.H'96 

1 Beck Hall Cambridge Mass 
Wadsworth M' J Hy-R. 31 E 28 

1783 K 

Wadsworth MiH" James W (Lonisa Travers) 
Un . Mtw . . M'av' d Etru Oct 2 . 

Wadsworth M' James W Jr 

Wadsworth MiH" James S (Julia K Whittaker) 

Wadsworth M' Wm Austin-K.C.Uv.Mt.Pl.Mtw. 

H'70Smb.Tvb.Eyb. .The Homestead Geneseo 

N Y & 45 Beacon Boston 
Wadsworth MiH" Wm P (Mary S Scheuck) 

Wadsworth M' W John-Un.Dp.Cl 

Wagner DiM" Clinton (Elizabeth Vaughn) Ul.Ll 

.25 E 30 

.19 E 38 

Wagstaflf MiM" Alfred (Mary Barnard) Un.Sn.Ss. 

M"- Alice Barnard [Ul.L.Rg.Ll.Snc. 

Wagstafl MiH" C du Bois (Amy Colt) Un.Sn.Wk. 

Cw.Rv..l6Lex Av 
Wagstaff H" (Sarah P Du Bois). . . .Tahlulah W Islip L I 
Wainwright Capt&H"(Serrell)USA. .Fort Grant Arizona 
Wainwright MiH" Jno Mahew (Laura Wallace 

Buchanan) Uv.S.Cl'84. .Fort PI New Brighton S I 
Wainwright r*H" J Howard (Walker) Sa.S.Ct. 

Ay.Ch.Cr82..22 W46 
Wainwright MiM" Richard Tighe (Alice T Crawford) 

Sa. Ay.. Rye NY 

Wainwright H' Robt-H'91 :27W44 

Wainwright HiH" Stuyv't (Caroline Snowden) Un.Ay, 

"White Hall" Rye NY 


Social Register, 

Wainwright H" Wm P Sr (Cornelia R Tillotson). .. | „„ 

Wainwright H' Wm P-Sv.Rv-Cw r*^ 

Wainwright M' John T-Un.Cal.Sv.Rv.Cw.Snc.Na. oft 
Wainwright M' Chas Howard-Na . ' 

479 Fifth Av 

Tuxedo Pk N Y 

Wakeman M" Wm W (C Augusta Wood) . 

Wakeman M"- Edy the W & ff Ross W 

Walbridge Mir Daniel M-Un ab'd 

Walcottff Arthur Stuart 5 E 43 

Walcott M' Morgan-R Racquet Club 

VValden M" Schuyler (Henrietta E Baldwin) 

Waldo MiM" Horace (Julia Lawrence) T. 

Waldo 11*^ Julia L & Margaret L 

Waldo M' Horace Jr 

Waldo W Rosalie care M" P Tucker 105 E 19 

Waldo DiM" Ralph (Fannie Hall) N.N'82 68 W 50 

Wales MSkM" Salem H (Prances E Johnson) 

Wales HiM" Edward H (Hawks) Ul.Ny.Pl. .HydePkN^ 
Walker Mir Aldace F (Katharine Shaw) Mt. 

Walker M- Ruth 

Walker M" Roberts & Harold 

Walker MiM" E Robbins (Charlotte Pearsall) 


Walker D' Hy Freeman-Uv.C.Mt.Ss.'60 avon 

Rev&M" George Nye Boardman "^"^^ 

Walker M' George G-Cal Calumet Club 

55 W74 



Walker MiM" Henry Oliver (Laura M Marqnand) 

Walker M" T O [C.Na.Tyb. 

Walker MiM" Horatio-C , 51 W 10 

Walker MiM" Isaac Henry (Cornelia Macy) Rv 

Walker MiM" Wm Macy-Lc.S 

Walker M' Isaac Hy Jr 

Walker Jl"- Annie P 13 E 76 

Walker MiM" John Tempest Jr(Elizabeth Lewis Hoppin) 

Walker MiM" John Brisben (Emily Strother) C. Irving- 
Walker M' David S-L.H'84 ton NY 

Walker MiM" J B Jr (Isabel Brandt) H'84 33 E 33 

Walker MiM" Jog (H JuUa Robbins) .289 Fifth Av 

Nbw Yobk. 


Walker MiM" Jos Jr (Elizabetb L G Sloan) 

Walker MiM" Norman S Jr (Minnie A M Wiman) 

So. . Stuyvesant PI New Brighton S I. 
Walker MiM" Samuel Jones( Sarah Frances Martih).5 E35 
Walker MiM" Randolph St Geo (Helena C Janssen) 

104 Madison Av 

Walker r Wm B-Un Union Club 

Wall MiM" Prank T (Meldrum) N.Na.R. 

Wall M- Madeline [Dt. Ay. 

Wall M' Wm P-R.Sv.Na 

Wallace M' Edward C-Mt.Mtw 19 E 69 

Wallace W Fred W-Uv. Y'89 33 E 26 

New Brighton 

451 Clinton Av 



Wallace M' Gustave S-Dke. Na 

Wallace M' Wm H-Ul .Pl.L.Ha 

Wallace M'John-Mt.Un.Ul.T.R.Wk.Rg.Rh.U'65 

Wallace M' Allen-Na.H'98 

Wallace Hon&M" Wm Copeland (Kate Douglas) Uv. 

L. PI. Ha. Ox. Ch. Mt w' 76 . . 68 Gates Av Brooklyn 
Wallace Judge&M" Wm J (Alice Hey ward 

Wheelwright) MtC.Ul. .143 State Albany 

Wallace M' Wm S-Ul. Ay Plaza Hotel 

Wallach M" Rich'd (Maud Barger) 192 Mad Av 

Wallen M" H D care J S Morgan & Co 

Wallen M*" Laura Louise London 

Wallen M" George Sykes-Cal.Dt.Rg. 

M" James Struthers 

Waller M" Martha 

Waller M"- Anna • . . . . 

Waller Prof Elwyn-Ut.C. Ct. H'67 Cr70. 

Waller f Frank-Ul 

Waller MiM" Joseph F (EstelleHyde) Bd. 

Waller M' Kenneth Brookes 

Waller MiM" Robert Jr (Emily Stewart) tv.Sg. 


Waller M' Robert Alexander-Un Union Club 

Walsh MiM" Charles (M M Blood) 

San Remo 75 & Central Pk W 
Walsh MiH" Jas W (Susan Newbold Lawrence) 

By. .626 Madison Ay 


N J 

Mile Sq Road 
Yonfcers N Y 


Social Reoisteb, 

Walsh M' Rich'd M Lawrence-Sn.Un.N.Na. 

St Nicholas Club 

Walsh M"- Elizabeth R 16 E 53 

Walsh Mill" Robt C-Mg.Mo Moiristown N J 

Walsh H' Samuel A-K.Mt.Ss.Cw.Snc.Rv.. ) .„ „, qo 

Walsh M' Edward De Witt-H'97. | • '^^ ^ ^^ 

Walthour MiH" Taylor (Mary Everly) 

42 Jones Savannah Ga 
Walton M4H"Gustavu8Conover(CoraMayGal]udet) | 71 W 

Walton M" Isaac Marion 85 

Walton D' Louis P-Uv .N .Cr70 73 W 50 

Walton M' Wm-C 360 W 22 

Ward M' Barclay-Ny I "Ban-lay" 

Ward M" Geo Clarence & Louis de L | Huntington L I 
Ward MiM" Artemas (Robinson) Ct.Al. po Lincoln 

Ward M- Charlotte E 

Ward M' Artemas Jr 

Ward MiM" Beverley (Caroline Suckley) Un. 

Ward M' Beverley Jr-Bg [Ny.Bg. 

Ward M" B (Mary W Hastings) 515 Madison Av 

Ward D' Chas S-Uv.Ul.T.Cw.Snc.Y'63 

28 Park Bridgeport Conn 

Union Sq 

..55 W 68 




230 VV 59 

Ward MiM" Chas H (Mary M Parmly) Ul.Dp.Snc 

Ward H' Francis Ehrick-Sa [Cc.Cr51 

Ward M" Wm Pred'k-Sa.Cl'87 & Hy Marion .... 

Ward H" Geo Cabot (Fanny Morris) Ill E 29 

Ward D' George Gray-Na. 

Ward MiH" George G 

Ward M"- Florence j . . . .ab'd 

Ward M' Sidney F 

Ward M' Edgar M-C.Ad ' '. . . .51 W 

Ward M' Henry C-Un.Ul.Cy.Ky.Lc 431 Fifth Av 

Ward Mill" Henry Galbraith (Mabel Marquand) 

Uv.Ct.C.Dt.Pli"70..8i6 Mad Av 
Ward MiM" Jacob Ewing (Maria Ely Kitchell) .^ .^.j , , 

M" Ambrose E Kitchell [E. Kv. Mg. P^ ^ ^'■ 

Ward MiM" James Hy (Ethel Vanderbill Allen) Rye 

M"- Sarah J Sutton [Uv.Pu.cr84 N Y 

Ward Colonel John (Wm G) .. Died at 38 W a7 Aug 9 


New Yokk. 

Ward W John E-M.C 

Ward M'— Olivia S-Mg. & A Louisa. . 

Ward IT John F-C Sentine: 

Ward MiM" J Langdon (Annie P Ladd)U].S. LI. 
Wa-rd M" Wm R L & Alex L-S 


118 South 
Morristown N J 

Ward M' J Q A-C.Ul 119 W 52 

Ward DiM" Leslie D (Minnie Perry) 1058 Broad 

E.Ec.Mo.Mg.Bg. Newark 

Ward M' Leslie Periy-at Yale NJ 

Ward MiM" Raymond Lee (Barnard) 

UlCy Mt. Rg.Ec.Na.Myb. .14 E 32 
Ward MiM" Reginald H (Edyth Newcomb) 

Un.Mt.Rv.Cy. .683 Fifth Av 
Ward D'Sam'l B-C.Uv.Pl.D8.Rf.Ll,Cl'61 281 State 

Ward M"- Nina & Master S Dwight Albany N Y 

Ward MiM" Samuel G-Uvw.Csw.Cth.Mtw. 

1608 N W Wash D 
Ward MiM" Thomas Wren (Sophia Howard) C . 

Ward M' QeorgeCabot 15 E 9 

Ward M' Howard Ridgely 

Ward M- Elizabeth H (Thos W) Married at 15 E 9 

. Perkins M' Cliarles B (Chas) Sep 28 

Ward Gen Wm Greene-Sa.Cc.Cl'5l .... 

Ward M- Violet MEG McK-La 351 Lex Av 

Ward M"" Caroline Oonstantia 

Ward MiM" Willard P (Ruby Erskine)S.Mt.R. 

Lc.Ny.Dt.Pl.Cr65. .164 W 58 
Union Club 

Warden MiM" Clarence-Un 

Warden M'WmP 

Wardner M' Allen-H'9.'i . . . 

Warduer M' H S-H'88 

Wardwell M"- Alice W..av'd AllerSepl3. .[Eo.'63 

Wardwell M' James fi-Uva. P'91 

Wardwell MiM" Hy L (Florence St John)Sn.Sp, 

Wardwell M**" Florence & Rosalie 

Ware D' Charles-H'80 118 Joralemon Bklyn 

Ware M' Francis M-Cal.Dke.H'79 Calumet Club 

Ware Prof Wm R-C.Uv.Ct.Unb.H'52 
M"" Annie W W^usor , . 






.126 E 28 


Social Registub, 

av'd Toar 

Oct 11 


Warfield M" Dan'l (Elizabeth Bleecker Henry) 

care M' Charles S Henry 106 E 30 

Waring M" Chas B (Fannie Morris) . 24 W 37 

Waring MiM" Geo E Jr (Louisa Paulsackel)C.A. 

ab'd Fulda Jly4. .av'd Ems Sep 25. .123 E 21 

Waring M"- E B-La 152 W 67 

Warner Mill" Chas Dudley-C.Uv.Pl.A. . . .Hartford Conn 

Warner MiM" Hy S (Emma L Franklin) 

Warner M'--Fn. & M- Marion-Fn 


Warner M*r James Ward (Lillian H Mills). . .134 W 68 

Warner Mill" Jno De Witt (Lilian A Hudson) 

Dke.Rf.Dm'72. .61 W 49 

Warner M' Samuel A-Ul 

M" X Baltazzi (Emma E Warner) 

M*- Baltazzi & M' T A Warner Baltazzi . 
Warner M" Sam'l A (Maria Lovett),Died at 16E40Aug 19 
Warren MiM" Aldred Kennedy (Louise Lockwood) 

New Brighton S I 
Warren MiM" Chas Elliott (Anna Margaret Geissen- 

hainer) Cal.Rv.Sv. Us.. 326 W 89 
Warren Rev&M" E Walpole (Browning- I ab'd Brit 

Lilla Kunhardt) C.Pl. Jun 24 

Warren M'~ A Emily & Kate Louise j 823 Mad Av 

Warren MiM" Geo Flint Jr (Annie M Jones). . . .239 W 71 
Warren M" Geo Hy (Mary Phoenix) Senior. . . 520 
Warren M' Lloyd E-Cal.Un.R.Cl' Paris Fifth Av 
Warren MiM" Geo Hy (Georgia WilUams) 


Warren M' Geo Thornton-Un.Ty'90 64 W 36 

Warren M' Geo William-C.Ch 

Warren M"-. 40 W 69 

Warren M' Frank C 

Warren M" J Kearney (Susan Ludlow) 

1717 K Washington D C 
Warren MiM" John Hobart (Harriette M Coulter) 

Ul.. 101 Park Av 

Warren D' John-Cal.L. 

Warren M""" Susan S & M liouise 106 E 29 

M- Cornelia W Neilson 

New York. 377 

Warren MiM" Rich'd Hy (Helen C Hurd) Cal.S. . . 1 Rye 

IT Wm Wallace Hard | NY 

Warren BiM" Schuyler N( Alice Bm88e)Un.Cn..UnionClub 
Warren MiM" Walter? (Martha M Warren)M.Rf. 

Warren MiM" Wra Hy [Phph.La.Chch . Troy 

Warren M"- NY 

Warren M' Walter Phelps Jr 

Warren M*r Wm R (Helen Van Vorst) Mt.Uv.Unb. I 155 

M"- Augusta M Pierce [Rf.Bd. Uvb.H'83 1 W74 

Warren MiM" S Whltnev (Charlotte Augusta Tooker) 

Mt.K.R.P1..421 Mad Av 

Warren r Wm C-Uv. Y'80 University Club 

Warriner MiM" Gerrard (Suzanne M Dillon) . . .671 Mad Av 

Washburne M' Hempstead-Un Union Club 

Washington MiM" Allan C-Mt.Ny.N.Na. Ha 28 E 63 

Washington M' Horace Lee-Cal.Mtw Calumet Club 

Waterbury MiM" John I (Elizabeth T MoUer)M.Mt.Cy. 

Mg..Morristown N J 
Waterbury M" Lawrence Senior (Caroline A) ab'd 



Waterbury MiM" .Tames M (Kate A Purraan) 

WaterbnryM'JasMJr-S.Cy [Uva.Cl'TS 

Waterbury M' Lawrence-Ny.Cy 

Waterbury MiM" Nelson Jarvis (Mary L'Haydon) 

. M.Cr80.. The Portsmouth 

Waterman M' Harold P-Uv. Br'74 32 E 26 

Waterman M' Paul-Cal. Uv. Br'80; Calumet Club 

Waterworth MiM" Hy W (Margaret D Alexander) 

Henderson Av New Brighton S I 
Watkins MiM" Benjamin P. (Shirley Chenault) 

Uv. So.'76..12l E39 
Watmough MiM" James H-USN. Un. Cw. Wt. LI. 

1711 I Wash D C 

Watriss M' Frederic N-K. H'92 46 Wall 

Watrous M' Charles A-Uv. Al. Ct. Y'84 36 W 35 

352 Lex 

^V^atrous M" Charles 

Watrous Mir Harry W (Bessie S Nichols) c'.uV. 
Watrous rGeoD-Uv. Dke. Y'79 . l53ChurchNewHavenCt 


Social Register, 

Watrous MiM" Walter Willson (Margaret Livingston) 

T. Mt. Ul. R. Wk. .Hotel Netherland 

Watson Mill" Arch'd A (Ella Wilson) Na 289 W 76 

Watson M*M" Charles White (Anna M Hobart) .,. ^,7 ^^ 

■ H- Caroline B Hobart [Ul. Bd. *" ^ ^^ 

Watson MiM" CP (Emily Watson) Un.R.Mt.T.Wk.Ec 
Ss.Mg. . "Shinglehurst" Luddington Rd S OrangeNJ 

Watson M- Eliza G 

Watson M' Francis A-Un.Mt.Ill.Na.Cy.Ny. , 

Watson M' Henry R C-Ul.Mt.Cy.Cr78 

M' Wm Watson Caswell-Un.Ny.Cy 

Watson MiM" Geo Herbert (M Augusta Campbell) 

Ul. Ny. Na. Col..l43 W^70 
Watson M" John (Emily C Rhinelander) 

Died at New London Jly 6 
Watson M' James S-K. Lc. Ny Knickerbocker Club 

.51 E34 




205 W 57 


Watson MiM" J Hall (Marian L Rowe) Ul . 

Watson M"" Elizabeth Rowe & Mabel 

Watson M" John Hall Jr-Ul.Sv.G. & Cyrus Rowe 
Watson Gen&M" Thos L (Alice Cheever Lvon) 

Watson M' Arthur Kent .*... .. 

Watson MiM" Walter (Louise M Goodhue) C. Dt. 
Watson M"- Jane... 

Watson M" Mary E (Ward) 44 E 49 

Watson MiM" Walter Jr (Annie Duncan) Cal.R. .52 W 62 

Watts M" William Morristown 

Watts M' Ridley-Mg.&LtWm-USN N J 

Watts M" George B (Helen Wood) 

Watts M"- Julia deP 

Watts M^'Geo B Jr-Na. Jas D&J Walter 
Watts DiM" Robt (Frances A Kellogg) C.Us.Ll 

Watts M*"* Charlotte & Fannv K 

Watts D' Robt Jr-Ll. & M' De'Lancey 

Watts MiM" Sam'lHughes(Jane B Jackson )H' 90. 70 W 55 

Watts MiM" Stephen K (Nellie Mott) Sv 154 W 84 

Wayland MiM" John E (Isabel Scovill)Uv.Y'83. . .48 E 63 
Weatherbee MiM" Edwin H (Amy H Constable) Ul.Mt. 
Ct.Uv.Ny.Ay.Cy.Lc.Rg.Rv.Y'75.240 Madison Av 

St Nicholas Av 

45 W 36 

New York. 


192 State 

Albany N Y 
48 W 73 

dale -on- 

Weaver MiM" Geo S (Sarah A Thaclier) 

Weaver MiH" Geo S Jr (Alice Chatfield Smith) 
Webb M*- AnnieR,CaroIineLeR& L deF.[UbA 

Webb M' W Remseu-Dp. S.Cy 

WebbM' AlexS Jr-Ll.Dp.S.Cw.Cl 

Webb MiM" F Egerton (Mary Randolph) 

Mt.Us.Sv.Rg.Ct.Snc. .6 W 49 

Webb M' G Creighton-Uv.Ny.Mtw. Y'76 47 E 44 

Webb M' J Louis-Mt 26 E 49 

Webb MiM" H Walter (Leila Howard Griswold) 


Rv.Ct.Snc.CT73.av'dMaj Jun24.202MadAv 

Webb MiM" Robert S-C.Ll.Cc Windsor Hotel 

Webb MilT Robt W (Emma M Th^baad) 

.415 Fifth Av 

104 E 26 

Webb MiM" William H-Ul.Rp.Ct. 

Webb M' Wm E-Ul.Col.Rv 

Webb DiM" WmSeward(LilaOsgoodVanderbilt)Mt.Ul. 


Webb r Walter Duval 51 E 44 

Weber D' Leonard-Dv 26 W 46 

Webster M' Benj Helena Montana 

Webster M" Benj C (Eliza C Wilbur) 

Webster M"- 

Webster M' Albert Lowry-Dt. Y'79 . 

Webster MiM" Sidney (Fish) Un.K.Mt. i „ .;. ^^ ,. 

M' F V Grand d'Hautville | "^^ ^ ^^ 

Webster MiM" Hamilton Fish (Lina Post) Un.K.Mt. 


Weed M' Smith M-M.L 

Weed M' Geo S-Un.Uv.M.R.Dke.Uva.N. 

Weekes MiM" John A (Delano) Ul.C.Snc. . 
Weekes M'" Alice D 
Weekes M' Hy De Forest^Un. Mt. R.'Dt.'w.'s.Chch! 

Weekes M' Fred'k Delano-Un.Fn.S.01'77 

WeekesM' John A Jr-Un.S.R.Dt,Ag 

Weekes M' Arthur D-Un.Mt.R.Dt.S.Bg.Cl'72. . . .1 W21 
M- EditU B (Arthur D) .,..64 W 48 






Social Register, 

157 W 13 

Weeks MiH" BarstowS-Ll.M.A.Dm.Na.Rv.Ad .260W57 
Weeks MiM" Charles R (Ella Clara Mitchell) 

Weeks M~ Edward A 

Weeks MiM" Edwin Games (Emily Smedberg) 

Un.S.Rv. .Kingsbridge N Y 

Weeks M' Edward A ... Married at Elizabeth N J 

Suydam M- Fredericka D (Cbas C) Oct 8 

Elizabeth N J 
.102 E31 

Grand View- 
on- Hudson 

.17 E 49 

Weeks MiM" Ed A (Fred'k D Suydam) 
Weeks M" Francis H (Louisa Blake) 

M"- Elizabeth Blake 

Weeks MiM" Herbert A (Marjorie C Howe) 

"Keewaydin" Cedarhurst N Y 
Weeks MiM" James (Kezia Seabury) Sa. 
Weeks M"" Amy Seabury 

M' Chas Seabury Ward 

Weidenfeld M" R (Rosine Loutrop) . . 

Weidenfeld M"" Marie Adelaide 

Weidenfeld MiM" Camille (Kathervn C Donovan) 

Un.Dt.L.R.Ny.S.RgBg. see addenda 
Weir M"" Clara Louise (J no F) Married Oct 8 

Sargent M' Joseph D (Jos R) at New Haven Ct 

Weir Mil" John F (Marv H French) C.Ny. 68 Trumbull 
Weir M*- Edith Dean New Haven 

M" John W French Conn 

Weir MiM" J Alden (Ella Baker) C.Pl 11 E 12 

Weir MiM" Levi Candee (Weibel) Un.L.Rv 18 W 37 

av'd Maj 
Sep 16 

161 W 74 

Weir DiM" Robert Fulton (Alden-Mary P 
Badgely) Uv. C. Ct. Snc'64 

M* Paul Alden. .. .* 

Weir M" Robert W (Susan M Bayard). 

Weir M- & W Carrie M 

Weir M' Chas Qouvemenr-CaLCh 

Weisse DiM" Faneuil D (Marie E Suydam). ..... I 46 

Weisse M* Faneuil Suydam-Dp | W 20 

Welch M' Arch'd H-Mo.Mg. ,27Franklin Morristown NJ 
Weld M" Arthur Gordon (Kate De Rosette Woodbury) 

■ Florence Italy 

Weld r J Edward-Uv.Na.H'82. 126 E 23 

Welles M' Benjamin S-Un I 46 

WellesM"-. W39 

New York. 


Welles DiM" Charles S(Ella C Miles)Ul.Rv 170 W 58 

Welles O" BenKFrancesWSwan)Un.Cw.H'78. .6 W 37 
Welles IBM" Edgar T (Alice Brainard)Un.Uv.L.N. 

Chch. Dt. Ch. Rv. Y' 64 . 247 Fifth Av 

Welling r Chas Hunt (Katharine Green) 46 

Welling M"- & M'- Mary H & Elizabeth H Park 

Welling ITRichard Ward G-Uv.Ct.R.Rg.C.H'80 Av 
Welling Mil" W Brenton (Gertrude L Howe) 

Well man Mil" Francis L (Emma Juch) 

Uv.L.R.H'76. .315 Lex Av 

Wells M' Benjamin G-Sa 579 Lex Av 

Wells M' David Married at London Eng 

Ord M"- Marietta Oct 15 

Wells MiH" David (Marietta Ord) ab' d 

Wells DiM" Brooks H (Mary F Pomeroy) Na: . . .71 W 45 

Wells r D H-Ll.Mt.Dt 1 E 39 

Wells MiM" Ed Jr (Bertha Reid) Dke. 

M" A Bertrand Reid 130 E 18 

M"- Estelle & Ida C Reid 

Wells M" John (Tileston) . . to t? ok 

Wells M-. .M- Kobbe 5i Ji. ^5 

Wells M' Joseph Agur-Un Union Club 

Wells M"" Julia Chester on\xr q^ 

W Wm North Duane-(Jw.H'92. ... dO w rfl 

Wells MiM" T Tileston (Georgina Betts) Cal.Sa.Ay. 

102 Madison Av 
Wells MiM" Lawrence (Schuehardt) Un.Mt.Dm.Dp. . 16 

Wells M"-" Katherine R, Julia L & Elizabeth S W 

Wells M' Thomas Lawrence-Dp . Cw . Snc. CI' 17 

Wells MiM" Manning Case (Emma M Morse) Uv. C. 328 

M"LM Keith ....[Rf.Y'57 W57 

Wells MiM" Oliver J (Josephine Livor) III. Ha. I Hotel 

Wells M' Frederick De Witt [T.L.Dt. I Waldorf 

Wells MiM" W Storrs (Raynor) Un.Mt.Ct.Ul.T.Mc. 16 

Wells M*- Nathalie [Rg.Ny. Alb. E 57 

Wells Mir Ralph (Sarah F Adams) 

Wells M"- Annie A 

Welman M" Arthur N (Katharine Strong) 

care C E Strong 20 Fifth Av 


382 Social Reoisteb, 



Welsh H' 08j?ood-Un . LI. Rf.C . Sg 

Welsh M' Julian PalmHr-Un 

MiM" Jolin F Gray (Frances E Welsh) 

Wendel M' John G-Un .01*56 Union Club 

Wendell M" Beni Rtish( Margaret Ten Eyck Borr) 
Wendell M' Ten Eyck-Un.Sn.Hl.Y'80. 

ab'd China Jly 30. . J S Morgan & Co London 
Wendell MiM" Beni Rush (Sarah Delano Swift) 

Wendell MiM" Burr (Emily Lentilhon Smith) 

Un.Sn.Hl.Cc.Snc..Cazenovia N Y 
Wendell MiM" Gordon (Elwyn) Ul.Cal.Pb.m.S.H'82 

126 E 86 
Wendell MiM" Jacob (Mary Bertodi Barrett) 

Wendell M'Evert Jansen-Uv.Pl.Pb C.Hl.Na. 

Wendell MiM" Jacob Jr (Marian Fendall) 

Uv^.Hl. Ad.Tvb.H'91. .106 E 36 
Wendt BiM" Edmund Chas (Augusta Einstein).. 118 W 79 
Wentworth MiM" Tlios F (E B Parsons) Uv.Rp. Y'68 40« 

Wentworth M"- W SH 

Werlemann MiM" Henri (Marie T La Marche) 

249 Carroll Park Bkly» 


Wesendonck M' Hugo-Dv.C.Dt.Mc. .av'd NorOnt 
Wesendonck M' Max A-C. Dv. L [24 

180 W 

Wesson M" Chas Howland (Emma Leland) 1 W 37 

Wesson MiM" Frank Baldwin (Elizabeth S Knevals) 62 E 

M"- Augusta H Knevals [Un.Uv.Ag.Y'78 ] 5». 

Wesson MiM" Fred'k (Jeannie Littlejohn) Uv.i)t.Ha. 

West Prof&M" Andrew Fleming (Lucy M Fit^^atr- 

dolph) L.G.P'74. .Princeton N J 

West r Chas E-C. Ha 

West M' Chas W-L.Uv.C.Ha. Wms'67 

West M' Geo W-K Knickerbocker Club, 

Westbrook MiM" Chas S (Harriet E Egert) Cal. /• 

Ogdensburg N Y 
Westcote MiM" WilliamJ (Mary EThompson) ' Morris- , 
Westcote M"" Katharine Thorn pson | town N J 

76 PierrepoQJt 

New York. 


Westcofe M" Robert D & Wm T Morristown N J 


7 W50 

14 W48 

6 E58 

Wetetcott M*M"ClarenceL(MariaDunbarIiock wood) 
M'-Emma H Lockwood. .rL.Uva.Fn.Bd.Y'64 

Wweteivelt Mill" John C-Un.Ul.Hl.Snc 

We^lerv^lt M' Leonidas 

Wefeton M*M" Alfred Jerome (Sopliie W deSuzzara- Verdi 
> Uv.B'82.Rf.Ny.Cn . . 1636 R I Av Washington D C 

Weston Rev Daniel 0-C.Rv 2017-0 Wash D C 

Weston Mill" Edward-E.Ec 645 High Newark N J 

Weeton M' Henry d'Eresby-M. Na 38 Wash Sq W 

W#eton MiM" Theodore (Catharine B Stimson) 

Wapton M- Mary S [Un. C. Y'53 

Weteton M'Frederick W 

■W^ton MiM" Willoughby (Charlotte Nicoll) 

M. Ny. Cn. N..223 W57 

W*tmore M'"' Alice & Dorothea M 47 E 44 

W^more MiM" Abram B (M Emma Forbes) Rp. 

Wermore M' Wm H-Uv. Pn. Cl'84 : 

^ <W«tmore M'" Addle " Fairview " South Orange N J 

^^^^^— Vv^traore M' Chas Delevaii-K. H'89. . KnickerbockerClub 
Wetmore MiM" Chas Whitman (Elizabeth Bisland) 

S. Uv. Fn. Dt. Bd. H'75. .Oyster Bay L T 
•W*tmore MiM" Edmund (Helen Howland) Uv.C.Mt. 

L.Pl.Rp.Uva.Bd.Rg.H'60 .343Lt'x Av 
Wetmore Hon&M"Geo Peobody (Keteltas) Ul.Un. 

Wetmore M^^" Edith & Maude 

fPctmore MiM" Geo C (Elizabeth Graham Williams) 

n;<^tmore D' Howard Graliam-Dp .CI [Ul. 

Wetmore M' George C Jr-Dp. Uv. Uva. N'79 

•wetmore M" Samuel (Sarah T Bot'rum). . 
Wetmore M' W Boerum-Un. Uv. M. Ny. 

Lc. USA'72 
Wetmore M' Wm S K-K. .av'd Teut Sep 2 
"' Knickerbocker Club 

^harton M"- Edith av'd Teut Sep 30 

Wharton MiM" Ed R (Edith Jones) K. R. 

av'd Tour Oct 11 . . Knickerbocker Club 



404 Blv Av 
Newport R I 

Wharton MiM" Wm Pishboume (Fanny T Fisher) 

Un. Mt. Pn'65 



384 Social. ^Stmejarxm, 

WlwTtoii r €r Miflfin * The F" Sfchsd * P C...1«W1» 
Wlii»aroa lUTIaaae&HeleiiiCFafrcfarid; Rt .LrthgowXY 
WTieeler Itf Chas Brp»w^rer Zi*ila LentillLon.'' 

Hv, JLv. f?hb . . Wa r^MTowTi Arsevol Warartown " 
Wheeler laT Evei^t P Xvdia L Hodzw 

C Dt. I>in.Rf.RlClLCt. ArlCw.y 56 
Wli#*eler f— Ethf^I J-B<L, ik Loccai]ie--Bd.... 

W heeler F David E 

Whe#4er KT Fred'k Merriani Florence WEQi 

Ec.E^^'-Braebank" MoateIair3r J 
Wheeler T^ Ifarioa •Jerome B" Married Sep 14 

Cable F Hiram S R R ...' at Maniroa Col 

Wheeler f*" Emil^ Ogden dt Lanra Lakewood S" J 

Wheeter W Jno Vwacher-Uv, 3L Sil G. Sac. RT.Cr^.a3K2« 

Wheeler W Obed^U^. U ! .3^t. LL:3fa 151K83 

Wheeler r^ornvler Skaata-UT.a'SS 4 W 33 

Wheeler rWmR-U^a-Xa.yT^ IB 39 

Wheeier tf Wm Griswoli 'Adele Doranr-.QQ Mad Av 

Wheeler W Wfiliam H-UiuM. W Unioa CTlub 

Wheelo*!k T*T Geo G .'Alice Towiiseiid» C.Ct. 

Wheelock W Wm H-H' 96 XT.ffa> P^rfc Av 

Wht-eloek D!.!" Wm E Emily C Hall Ha 13 \«^ 48 

Wheelwright r Wil.iam 1>-C1 1B39 

Wheel wriorht r- Erliabech G 13 YT 17 

ll^helen E^ Fred' k « Adele Rust ^ pjj^ ^^ 

WTielen r Rii*t 

Whir-pie CaprjtfT* ^ Jo^^erhineKatherine Jones) 

UV. LI- US A' 68. Springfield Armory Springfield MjfiS 

Whipple Kf John Swafin ■ Un. W \ .SeYrport R I 

MThiPDl** Maf Gen-kMrs Wm I>-rn.UT.ST.RTXswJkL 

^ ^ rSA-68. .GoT^s Island 

Whitaker lUT Edwarda-Un-M Union Clab 

Whi raker tf James K « Katherine A Bend) Un 23 

^Whitaker *• Marion Ladlow W 36 

White f~ Adelaide a E Evelyn laS E 3T 

^V'uite f Alexander M Jr-UT.Uva.ff 92 30 Pine 

White r Alfred T-C.Ha.Dt Century Club 

i;Vhite r Art hnr-Cal R.A^ Ut. Y'8S Calumet Club 

MThite HT Andrew Dickson (Helen McGill) Cornell 
^Wiiite !• [ULCT^oS ^ Umversit j- 

New York. 


White Mir Alfred L (Mary E Townsend) Ul 53 B 54 

Wli^te D' Charles B-Col.P'80 107 W 72 

White Mill" Cfhas Ezra-Un 77 W 54 

White M' F Winthrop-Uv.Na.Rf.Dt.H'85 

3 Gordon PlNew Brighton S I 
White M' Horace-Ul.C.Uy.Rg.Ct.Bd.Rf.'53.. 

White M"- Blizabetli, Abby & Martha 18 W 69 

M*" Pauline A Pepin 

White M*-. . : care G Banyer 13 W 21 

White *~EW&C 609 Fifth Av. .ab'd 

WhitO M' John J-Cr49 i av'd Maj 

While M"- May W & Violette T Jun 24 

Whiter ArthtirE-Uv.Sv.Cy.Dt.Ny.Na.Y'81i 560 FifthAv 
White MiM" John J Jr (Grace Hoffman) Cal. Na. Sv. 

103 E 57 

White r Joseph M (Matilda W Bishop) 15 E 24 

White MiM" J Stuart (Ella B Holmes) 32 W 52 

White DiM" J Blake (Margaret Sfuyvesant Jackson) 

Dke.So.H'73. .1013 Mad Av 
White Mir John S(GeorgieRead)Ul.C.A.Bd. 

White M^ Grace Rogers rNa.H'70 Uvb. .52 W 54 

White Rev Eliot & M' Ernest Devereux. ... 

White Mir Loomis L (Worth) Ul.Rg.Ch 5 E 66 

"" ~~ ■ ■ ' 56 Pine 

Mad Av 

White MiM" Kenneth G (Catherine E M Bogert) 
White DiirOctavius A (Elizabeth W Chanler). 

• M" Ales. H Stevens (Helen C White) 

M^ A'TiTia R Gourdin , 

White O" Stanford (Smith)Un.Uy.Mt.C.R.Rg;M.Hl 

G.Pl.Ny.Ct.Ag.N'8l. . . .119 E 21 
White mM" Wm Henry (Mary A Dietz)Us.Ul.Av. 

Eg. LI.. 155 W 48 
White MiM" Wm Augustus Harriet Hillard) 158ColH'ts 

White M' Alex M Jr [Ha.Hc.Dt.G. Bklyn 

Whitehead M' A Pennington-Un.E.Ct. Ab'd Lahn „q 
W hi tehead M"- JuliaH. . [ Dt. Ss. Ec. P' 50 Sep 1 '*™ 

Whitehead li"" Anna Caldwell ,. 

Whitehead W Wm S-Uva.P"91&OothoutZabriskie '* 
Whitehead MiM" Chas E (Curtis-Rachel Noyes) 

Ul.C.Ct.Dt.T..39 W38 


Social Begisteb, 


Whitehead M" Coburn (Matilda Irvine) 

Whitehead IT Gerrard Irvlne-Tv.Ct.Ll.Pn'58. . 

M"" Francis I Palmer (Mary Whitehead). . . 

M*" Maud Gerrard Palmer 

Whitehead M" Henry M (Charlotte Freeman) o i? i « 

WhlteheadM— ....3J3.17 

Whitehead M' Harry P-E Essez Club Newark N J 

Whitehead DiM" Ira C-Rv.Ll.P'53 Newark N I 

Whitehead M- Lizzie G & M' G O .JNewarK jn j. 

Whiteliouse M" Ed (Constance Cozzens).. Married Jun'90 

Sewell H' Cornelius Van Vorst. GraceChChantry 
Whitehouse Mil" EdNorman-Uv.Ll.Ny.Mtw.USN. 
Cl'59. .ab'd K Wm Oct 17 care B F Stevens 

4 Trafalgar Sq London Eng 
W hi tehouse M' Francis Mered ith-Un. S . . . . Union Club 
Whitehouse MiM" Geo M (Helen Ostrander)Pl. New 
W hitehouse M*"" Helen M & Gertrude O. . [Snc. Brighton 
Whitehouse M" C Austin-Cal.Snc. & Edward . S I 

Whitehouse M" Hy H (Lillian Van Winkle) 

395 St Nicholas Av 

Whitehouse H' Henry J-K Knickerbocker Club 

Whitehouse H' F Cope-Mt.Pl.Cl'61 . .Metropolitan Club 
Whitehouse MiM" J Henry (Mary Schenck) 

PI. La.. ab'd 
Whitehouse M" John S (Louisa Schumann) 
Whitehouse M' J Norman deR-Un.Ny.Cw. 
Whitehouse M' E Julius. . . . [ab'd P Sep 18 

M"- A H Schenck 

Whitehouse MiM" H Remsen (Margaret McBurney) 

Charge d' Affaires Rome 
Whitehouse MiM" Wm Fitz Hugh " " ~~ " 

(Sheldon) C.Uv.Ny.Ch.Cl'60 

Whitehouse M- & M"- Lilly 

Whitehouse M' Worthington-K.Mt.Cy. 

Knickerbocker Club 
Whitely MiM" James (LizzieE Drake) Lt.Na.Sv. 

Whitely M- Marion 

Whitewright M' William-Un.Ul 16 W 22 


N Y Brown 

Shipley &Co 


M' av'dSepie ab'dMaj 
Oct 7 Thornton Hall 
Stony Stratford Eng 

47 W75 

New York. 


Whitin MiM" Louis Fred (Lucy A Morgan) West New 

Whitin M-- Louise [Uv.C.Mc.La. Y'64 Brighton S I 

Whiting MkM" Arthur Bruce (Gi-ace Gorham) 663 

Whiting M' William Hurry [P1.R.H'90 Lexington 

M" Johnson (F H Whiting) La A v 

Whiting MiM" Guy Fairfax (Alice H Van Doren) 

Mtw.Sa. .1303 N H Av Washington D C 
Whiting M' James R-Uv,S.Sp.Ny. Wms'57 

Whiting M' Allan H 737 Madison 

Whiting M' James JR. Jr-H'93 Av 


Whiting M" John B (Clarisse M Lyman) Orange N J 

Whiting M"" Jane Hotel Renaissance 10 W 43 

Whiting MiM" Walter B (AntoniaVerrier)Ch. 29 Golden 
Whiting M"- Av Flush- 
Whiting M'" Valentina Verrier ing L I 

Whitlock MiM" Bache McE (Emily Ogden Simonds) 

Dp.Dt.Ch.Sv.Cr73. .Grymes Hill Stapleton SI 
Whitlock MiM" Benj Morris (Marie Scott Boyd) Un.Ny. 

Sv.Us.Ay..ll4 W12 

Whitlock M' C Ho ward-M.N 36 W 35 

Whitlock M" Thos (Caroline Hull). . . . 

Whitlock M"- Florence A 449 Park Av 

Whitlock M' Herbert P-Rv.Cr89 

Whitlock MiM" William (Fannie M R Parkin) S.Fn.Cy. 

av' d Hav Jly 8 . . 39 Cortlandt 
Whitman MiM" Alfred (Sarah A Andrews) 

Whitman M"- Gertrude S [Rf. Bd. . . .232 W 76 

Whitman M' Roger B 

Whitman MiM" Clarence(Mary Hoppin Morton) 811 
WhitmanM'ClarenceMorton[Ul. L. R. Mc. Rg. Lc. Fif thAv 

Whitman M' Nathaniel-Ul.Ct Fifth Av Hotel 

Whitman MiM" Geo L (Charlotte H Chandler) Ul.Mc. 7E 

Whitman M""" Mabel & Maud 44 

Whitman MiM" James S (Bishop) Uv.Ox'79. .852 Lex Av 
Whitney M'AddisMerrill-Uva.Lt.Alb.Aht'86.558FifthAv 
Whitney MiM" Alfred R (Mary L Freeman) 

Ul.Mg.Mo. Morris- 
Whitney M*- Sallie Nesbitt-Mg.&ElsieM-Mg. town NJ 
Whitney M' Alfred R Jr-Union League Club. , 


Social Reoisteb, 

Whitney M' Casper W-R.Lc 21 W 31 

Whitney MiH" CLA(GraceNiles). .po 220StateAlbanyNY 

Whitney M*M" ChM(LauraCampbellSloo) 
M" ThosSlooSr&M'ThosSloo-T. . [Un. T. 

Coliseum New- 

Whitney M' Geo Q-Un.Mt Union Club 

■ " " " 1720 P Wash- 

ington D C 

Whitney MiH" Ed B(Jo8ephaNewcorab)C 
Whitney H'-EmilyH[L.Rf.Din.Mtw.Y'78 

Whitney M' Frederick A-Un Union Club 

Whitney M" Eli (Sarah Dalliba) La 29 Elm 

Whitney M'--La New Haven Ct 

Whitney MiM" Eli Jr (Sarah S Farnam) 800 

Uv.C. La, Cw. Y' 69 Whitney A v 
Whitney M""" Anne F & Henrietta E 
Whitney M" Stephen S (Josephine Thomson) 

Whitney M*" Agnes M-Mg [Mg. 

Whitney M' Arthur-Mg 

Whitney M*M"Stephen(LouiseMBell)Mg. .MorristownNJ 

New Haven Ct 


405 Whitney 
Av New 
Haven Conn 

Whitney HiM" Stephen (Lonise Johnson) 
Whitney M"- Hannah EL... .[Un.Ll.Cw. 

Whitney M' Harry-Un 

Whitney IT Wm (Mary S McVickar) I ,- ,, ,. y 

Whitney M-... ...,..; | '^^ Madison bq 

Whitney M' Wm C Married at Bar Harbor Me 

Randolph M" Arthur (Edith S May) Sep 29 

Whitney Hon&M" Wm C (Randolph-Edith May)Mt. 

Whitney M' HenryPayne(Wm C).Married atNewportRI 

Vanderbilt M'" Gertrude (Cornelius) Aug 25 

Whitney MiM" Hy Payne (Gertrude Vanderbilt) 

Mt.K.Cy.Ny.R.Rg. .2 W 57 
Whitney M' Wareham-Cal.Un,R.Ny.Rv...267 Fifth Av 
W hiton MiM"LouisCIaude(Hairiet L Bell)Rp.Cw.ll4W76 
Whitridge MiM" Fred W (Arnold) K.C.Mtw. 

Uv.Cy.Dt.Rf.Mt.Ch.Ct.Aht'74. .16 E 11 

Whitridge M' John C 

Whittemore W Henry-Uv.H'73 University Club 

Whitemore W Richard B-Ct.Na. 
Whittemore M*"* 

.New Brighton SI 

Whittier MiM"ChasA(Lilla Chad wick)Un.Mt. Smb. 
Whittier H^-Pauline. 


.54 W 50 


West End 


..14 W57 


New Yobk. 

Whittingham MiM" Walton Condit (Bessie Milburn 
Whittingham IT Rawlinson .... JRenwick) N J 

Whittredge MiM" Worthington (Euphemia I Summit 

Whittredge M"- Effie & Olive [Foot) C.Lt. i N J 

Whyland MiM" Albert E (Peck) 01 
Whyland M' Wm Peck-Ul.Na. . . . 
Whittell MiM" Geo (Anna Luning).Mt. Hotel Netherland 

Wicker M" Cyrus ( Wasbbnrn) 

Wicker M' CassiusMilton-Col.L.Ul.Rv.Chch 

M' Ch Jos French- Y'81 

Wickersliam MiM" Geo W (Mildred Wendell) C.Mt 

Ct.Pl.Dt.Ch.G..42 W47 
Wickes MiM" Edward Allen (Marv Forsyth) 

Wickes M- [' 63 

Wickes M' Forsyth--Y'98 

Wickes MiM" Thos P (Harriette Douw Alley) 

Uva.L.Cy.Na.Y'74. .Marie Antoinette 66 & Bway 

Wickham W Delos 0-Ul.L.Rp Hotel Majestic 

WMckham MiM" W Hull (Adrienne White) Ul. Uv. 

Wickham M"- F Ethel [Mt.Rg.Na.Snc.P'66 

Wiggin DiM" Fred'k H (Abby Merriam) Ul 56 W 36 

Wigham M" Thomas M (Macomb-Phoebe M 
Wigham M' Reginald E-Na.Cl. . .[Bulkley) La. 

M"EW Clarke 

Wilcox M' Fred'k P-Sa .18 E 64 

Wilcox DiM" Reynold Webb (Fiances Maud Weeks) 

Mt.LI.Rv.Cw.Y'78.H'81..749 Mad Av 

Wilde M' Edward Cabot-Cal.Dt.Sbb Calumet Club 

Wilde M" Geo C (Mary Albert McKim) 32 W 68 

"Wilde M- Julia C 

Wilde M' George F 

Wilder M" Geo Endicott (Isabella Ingersoll) 

The Buckinghath 

Wilder W Eno8-Uv.Dt.H'65 University Club 

Wilder MiM" Wro Royal (Emily L Beecher) 

Wilder M- Mabel F [Al.Na.P'79 

Wildes MiM" Clarence H (Florence Herrick) 

Cal . Cy . Ag . Na . . "Balaklava" Riverdale N Y 
WileyMiM"WmH(JKClark)Al.Eg.Us.Ll. I 73 Halsted 
Wiley If- Sarah K & Mary L | EastOrangeNJ 

10 E 

142 E 42 

.136 E 16 

.232 W74 


Social Registeb, 

Wilkes M*- Grace 16 Wash Sq N 

Willde M' John L-T.L.Rf.H'87. . . .5 Washington Sq N 
Wilkinson MIM" C (Hewitt). . . .70 Champs Elys^es Paris 

Wilkinson M' Hy W-Uv 32 E 26 

Wilkinson M' James-Ul. Na 31 W 53 

Wilkinson MiM" Robt F (Julia Giflford)C.Uv.L. 

Wilkinson M-- Edith&Emily C.rSp.Ll.Wms'61 
Wilkinson M"Gifford-Uv.Sp.Wrns'91 & Robert 

N Y 

Crnickston Pk 
Gait Canada 

.342 W 88 

M"- Mary Giflford [Y'96 at Harvard 

Wilks M' Math-Un . Uv . Ny 

Wilks M- Kath Langdon 

Wilks Hiir E Langdon (Pauline 


Wilks M' Matthew Astor-Un.K.Mt.Fn Union Club 

Willard MiM" Ed A (Caroline Sands) Ny.S. 
Willard M"- Caroline & Marion B. .[Le.Dt. 

Willard M" E A Jr & Eugene Sands 

Willard W Edward K-Un . N 

Willard M""* Emma A, Prances & LouiseB 

Willard M' James S 

Willard M*" Mary Livingston 247 Fifth Av 

Willard MiM" David Seymour (Amelia Bowers) 

Willard M'-AmelieB [Cal.Rv.Pl. 

Willard M' Waldo W-Uv.Uva.Dke.H'87 

care A Brooks 209 Mad Av 
Willcox M'T)avid-Mt . Ul . Uv . Fn . Rg . Dt. 

Willcox M' Albert-Ul . Dt Y'72 

Willcox MiM" Wm G (Mary O Gay) Dt. . WNew B'tonST 

Willets M' Ed B Jr-Sa St Anthonv Club 

Willets MiM" John T-Dt.Ct 65 W 

Willets M' Howard-Ul,Pl.Rg.Na.Ha.Lc 54 

WillettM"Marinu8(EdithMorgan)| "Brook Green Planta- 
Willett M"— Edith M&MargaretR| tion" Brook Green S C 
Willetts MiM" Jos C (Prentice) Ul.Un.Dt.Rp.Snc. .52E56 
Williams MiM" Coleman Gandy (Edith Hawley) 

Un.Sa.Uv.Bg.Ty'80. .see addenda 

Williams MiM" Da vid-Eg. G 

Williams M' David S-Sv |83 W 

Williams MiM" Edw E (Clara M Robinson) Bd.Na. 
Williams M" Howard & Asa Starkweather 



306 W72 


New Tobk. 


Plaza Hotel 

15 W22 


Williams MilT Ed P (Abby B Townley) 


William s M*- M L 

Williams MiM" Fielding Lewis (Miller). . . . 

Williams H'- Louise M & M' Howell L 

Williams MiM" W Fred (Williams) 

Williams H" Charles P Senior 

Williams MiM" C P (Eliz'th P Brook8)Un.Cal.Ul.Tt. 
Williams MiM" Frank S (Laura Fitch) H'Sl.Rf.Na. 

Dke.So..ll7 W68 
Williams MiM" Geo G (Virginia FKing)Mt.Rg. .34 W 58 
Williams BiM" Geo C F (Jessie S Dike) 

944 Asylum Av Hartford Ct 

Williams MiM" Ichabod T-M 18 W 86 

Williams MiM"JohnTownsend(LoiiiseLadew) Col. 871 

N.S.Lc.Rg.Bd.Na. Mad 

Williams M"" Harvey L-Na. & J T Jr Av 

Williams M' L P 

Williams M' L C-Na.Sv 

M"HH Whitlopk , 

Williams M" Laurence (Sallie Law) 

MiM" Armisted Peter Jr (Nannie Williams) 
William MiM" Perry P (Minnie L Camp) Ul.Ch.H'74 

Morris Hgts NYC 

Williams M" Philip H Jr (Madge Lee) 25 W 

Williams M— 10 

Williams MiM" Richard H (Sarah W Peters) Un.C.Pl. 

Mt.L.R.Rg. Wk.Mo.Ny.Rv.Mg.Ag. .4 W 61 
Williams M' Stephen'8l . . . .80 Wash Sq E 
Williams ItM" Paul Fearon (Anna Metlar) Ch.Rf. 

192 College Av New Brunswick N J 
Williams Rev&M" Theodore C (Velma C Wright) 

C.Ct.Uvb. .Brown Shipley & Co London 
Williams MiM" Thomas Bisland (Ida Coster) 

Un.N.Ss.M. .41 W 37 
Williams MiM" Waldron (Marie Josephine Hotchkiss) 

Williams M' Wm-Uv.C.L.Lc.S.Uva.Mtw.^'84 

University Club 

.52 W51 



Social Beoistbb, 

Williams MiM" Wm Bi8land(MaryMildredGandy) 

Williams M"- Mary Mildred [N.M.Na. 26 W20 

Williams IT Wm Bisland Jr 

Williams M' W Lawrence 121 Fifth Av 

Williams M' Wm Pierrepont-R. Racquet Club 

Williamson MiM" Butler (Edith Morgan) . . .Nutley N J 

Williamson M" David B (Mary A Butler) 262 

Williamson M*"" MaryB,Qeorgiana<fcJosephineL Fourth 

Williamson M' Geo De W-Cw Av 

Williamson MiM" Edwin B (Jane H McCarter) 

E.Dp.Bg. .13 Walnut Newark N J 
Williamson MiM" Douw D (Mary F Dodd) ab'd Nov 21 

C.Ul.Dt.Pl.Snc.Bd. MorganHar- 

Williamson M*" Cornelia B jes&Co Paris 

Williamson MiM" Fred'k Beardsley (Isabelle Cooke) 

Uv.P'74. . Union Av Elizabeth N J 
Williamson M" Geo (Mary A Livingston) 

Hottinguer & Co Paris 
Williamson MiM"Richard-Un. ab' dTrave J n n83. UnionClub 
Willigerod MiM" Oscar (Ella Dodd)Ec.E. 

Willigerod M- Alice 

Willis MiM" Ed (Julia ADavis) Cal. . MiddleGranville NY 
Willis M' Edward J-Rv. ..211 E Franklin Richmond Va 
Willis MiM" Gordon A (Gertrude Edsall) 

MiM" Henry Edsall 

Willis MiM" WmHenry(AddleSatterlee)C.Uv. 
Willis M' Reginald Satterlee. . . .[M.Dt.Cr62 

Willits M' Geo Spencer-Un Union Club 

~ ' ~" Short Hills 


88 N Grove 

Rosebank S I 

313 W 76 

Wllmer M" J Ringgold(NatalieChazourne8) 
Wilmer M' Ringgold-B 

Wilmer M' William N-Cal.Ch 267 Fifth Av 

Wilmerding MiM" A Clinton (Katharine R Bache) 

Englewood N J 
Wilmerding M' Chas Hy-Sa St Anthony Club 

Wilmerding M" Charles H (Russ) 

Wilmerding M' Gastav Lurman 

Wilmerding M' Herbert-Sa.Ch. .Genesee Valley 

Rochester N Y 
Wilmerding M" Ferdinand (Tracy) I care B F Tracy 

38 W 9 

Wilmerding M"" Alice Tracy , 

14 W20 


New Yobk. 


Wilmerding MiM" Fred B (Schenck) Un Union Club 

5W 31 

.47 W 85 

see ad- 



Wilmerding H" Henry A (Harriet E Kellogg). 
Wilmerding M*"" Louise C & Mary. . . 

Wilmerding M'" Joanna 

Wilmerding M""* Julia L & Eleanor E 
Wilmerding MiM" JnoC(GeorgianaLHeck8cher) 

Wilmerding M'"Georgiana L [Un.Mc.Ec.Bg. 

Wilmerding MiM" John C Jr (MaiieDeLex Allen) 

New BrightoO S I 
Wilmerding MkM" John Currie(Elbert)Un.Mc 

Wilmerding M"" Janet 

Wilmerding M"* Hy A & Elbert F 

Wilmerding M' Louis E-Ec Brown Shipley London 

Wilmerding MiM" Lucius K (Caroline Murray) Dn. 

MtSs. Wk.Mc.Dp.Snc.Cl'68. .57 E 53 

Wilmerding M*- Margaret I care 126 E 34 

Wilmerding MiM" Theo K (Nina L Ferris) I 38 

M"- Lillian I Ferris 1 W36 

Wilmerding MiM" Thos A (Annie Clinton)Un. 

Wilmerding M"- Henrietta Bell 

Wilmerding M" Wm E,ThosAJr&DBra<iford 

Wilson Rev D' H 

Wilson M"- Bessie E B 

Wilson MiM" Henry S (Caroline Lewis) 

Ul.M.Na.Sv.Snc..25 W 36 
Wilson DiM"Geo T (Charlotte ETodd)'L.N.Col.Na.P' 

160 W 59 
Wilson Gen&M" Jas H (Ella Andrews) Stockford 

Wilson M"- Katharine 

Wilson Gen&M" Jas Grant (Cogswell)Ll.Ch 1 15 

Wilson M- I E 74 

Wilson M' John M-Ul.Ny .LI Union League Club 

Wilson MiM" Marshall Orme (Caroline Astor) Un.M. 

K.Mt.T.Sa.R.Dt.]Sy.Cl'82. .414 Fifth Av 
Wilson Mir Richard T-Un.M.MtDt.So. ... 611 
Wilson M' R T Jr-Un.K.Mt.Sa.Cy.R.Cl'S?. . Fifth Av 
Wilson M- Grace G (Rich T). . .Married at 511 Fifth Av 

Vanderbilt W Cornelius Jr (Cornelius) Aug 3 

W 52 


394 Social Ri»i8teb, 

Wilson MirWm G (Louise Sands)Un.Dt.N"a.Col. 22 

Wilson M"- Margaret [H'62 W 52 

Wilson Mil" Washington-Ul. G. Na. Dt. Rg. Col. E.166 W58 

Wiltse M" Gilbert C (Sarah Sibley Steele) 

Wiltse M— Annie S & Sarah C. .'. 

Winans HiM" Wm G (Mary T de Forest) Us. 

Winans W Morgan H-Ll [Lt.Ll,Sv. 

Winant MiM" Fred'k (Jeannette Gilbert). . . . 
M" John A & Clinton Gilbert-R 

N J 
E 66 

Winchester M*" Ethel Rene Cold Spring-on-Hndson 

WindmuUer MiM" Loui*-Dv . Rf .Lt.Na.Mc.Dv. Wood- 

Windmuller M"" side 

WindmuUer M' Adolph C E-N a LI 

Wing M' Francis E-Ul.Ch Morristown N J 

Wing MiM" John D (Hinman) Mt.Ny.Dt.Rg.. . .16 W 49 
Wing MiM" J Morgan (Josephine G Ireland) 

Mt.M.Cal.Dt.U8.Ny.Bg,.48 W60 
Wing MiM" L Stuart (Bertha L Hurlbut) MtDt.Ny. 


Wing MiM" Wm H. 20 Fifth Av 

Winship MiM" Samuel C-Mg Morristown 

Winslow IfcM" Chauncey R (Sarah F Stetson) Un. 

1801 Van Ness A v San Francisco Cal 
Winslow M' Edward F-Ul.Mt.C.L.Rg.Pl.Ll.Cl;. ...IE 39 
Winslow MiM" Ed (Emma Sweetser) Mt.T.Lc. 

La.Ny.Rf.Cy.Cn.Bd. ..27W63 

Winslow M*" Marguerite Lanier-Mg 

Winslow MiM" Francis D (Emma Carroll) Uv.CaLW. 

Winslow MiM" Octavius E (Chamberlain-Mary 

Remington) . . " Rokeby " Barry town N Y 
Winslow MiM" James Norton (Lawrence) Ny.R. 

Winston DiM" Gnstavus Storrs (Jeannie L Lewis) 

Un.Ul.Uv.Ny.Pl.Al.Sn.Ct.Dm.Cr93. .42 W 39 
Winston M' Frederick J-Uv.Rh. Y'86. . . University Club 

Winterholl M"- Jnlia Stuyvesant 2 W 36 

Winters DiM" J E (Annie C Ludlow) Ct 25 W 37 

Winthrop M' Benjamin R-Un ; Union Club 

New ifoBK. 


av'd Maj 
Jun 24 , 
Fifth Av 

Winthrop Mil" Buchanan (Sallie Townsend). 

Winthrop M*" Marie 

Winthrop M' Roger 

Winthrop M' Chas Francis-Un Union Club, .ab'd 

Winthrop M" Chas F (Johnson-Gertrude vjj 

M" Lawrence& E Johnston .... [Waterbury) ■••^"*^ 
Winthrop HiH" Egerton L Jr (Emeline D Heckscher) 

Winthrop ITEgertonLeigh-Snc. Un.K . C. Mt. Rg . Ch. 

Ct.Cl'60. .av'd Camp Jly 10 
Winthrop M' Fred'k Bron8on-K.Uv.Mt.R.L.Na. 

Winthrop M" Grenville (Elizabeth V S Oddie) 
Winthrop M*"* Mary Van S & Alice Grenrille. 
Winthrop U' Grenville Bayard-Na. Cw.H'91. 
Winthrop W Henry Rogers. Died at Far Rockaway Oct23 
Winthrop Mil" Grenville L (Mary Tallmadge Trevor) 

Winthrop M" Robt(Katherine W Tavlor). . . . 

Winthrop M"- Albertina T ' 

Winthrop M' Robt Dnblev-K.R.Un.Dv. 

Mt. Dt. Na. Mb. Uva. H' 83 
Winthrop M' Frederic- R.K.Na.Mt.Dt.H'91 . . 

Winthrop M' Beekman 

Wisner H' Chas-C.Rv.Snc.Ch ! . . . 1 18 W 

Wisner M*" 


.170 W 59 

.88 E37 


Wisner HiM" John Hornor (Isabelle Read) Dt. . Summit 

Wisner II' W T Jr N J 

Wisner HiM" Percy (Mary* C Jones) Rv .* ." .' .' .','.'.*. . 50 W II 
Wisner Mill" Wm T (Helen M Anthony) R.Dt.457 W 144 
Wisser MiM" John P (Georgianna Hollister) Uv. C. 

Us.USA'74. .West Point N Y 

Wissmann M" Fred'k (De Ruyter) 

Wissmann M' Charles A-Cy 15 W47 

M"— Louise & Edith HoUins 

Wissmann MiM" F De R (Helen Addle Jones) 

Mt.Cy.Dt .707 Fifth Av 
Witherbee M" C S (Charlotte Spencer) 61 Park Ay 

81 High 


396 SooiAL Register, 

Witherbee MiM" Prank Spencer (Mary R Stewarts 

Un.Uv.Mt.Dt.Wk.Rg.Rv.Uva.Y'74. .4Pifth Av 
Witherbee M" Silas H (Sophia ttoflfe) I 228 

M' Arthur W Francis | Mad Av 

Witherbee MiM" Walter C-Ul.Uv.Y'80. .Port Henry N Y 

Witherell MiM" Nathaniel-K.L.Dt.Ay. . . | 

Witlierell M' Chas Shepard 35 E 38 

M'-Thorne ! 

Withers M' Frederick Clarke-C.Ch. LI ... . 
Withers M"** Frances, Evelyn & Margaret C 

MiM" J Foster Jenkins (Elsie Withers) 
Witherspoon M" Orlando (Cora V Taylor) . . 

Witlierspoon M"" Gertrude 

Witherspoon M' E T-USN 

Witherspoon M" Arthur S & Herbert- Y' 95. 

Witter MiM"WilliamC(MaryGreenwood)C.Ul.Y'65.lW72 

Witthaus DiM" R Aug (Beyrl Coles) Uv.Rf.Lt.Ny. 

Ay.Sa.Cr67..303 W77 

Wittnauer M"" Martha S 

Wittnauer M' Emile J 

Wittnauer M' Albert C 

Wolcott MiM" Ed O-Un.M.Pl.Ul.Uv.Na.Mtw.Y'70 

1221 Conn Av Wash D C 
Wolcott M- 

M' Huntington W Merchant. . . 
Wolcott M' Henry Riggs-Un.Ul.Uv.Pl.L.Ay.Ny. 

Lc . M.Tyb . Na. Mtw . . Gilsey House 
Wolcott Ml- Maude (Thos V). .Married at Waterford N Y 

Prazer M' Everett Welles . . Oct 7 

Wolfe MiM" Christopher (Emma Hartt Leavitt) 

Un.S.Sv.Rv.T..ab'dAugVicOct8..TuxedoN Y 
Wolfe M' J Burke-Un.Rg.Ny.S.Cy. . . . 
Wolfe M- 

M" N D Clapp (Wolfe) & M"- D Clapp 

Wolfe M" John (Dash) T 

Wolfe M" Joel (Van Schoonhoven) 606 Mad Av 

Wolseley Sir Ch&Lady(Anna T Murphy). .Stafford Eng 
Wolterbeek MiM" R L (Margaret S Mellen). . . .153 W 12 
Wood M' Arthur Married at 300 Mad Av 

Hartshome M*- Etbel(late Jas) Nov 11 

.27 Irving PI 

.175 Sec Av 

,104 Fifth Av 
.Tuxedo N Y 

New Yobk. 


Wood MIM" Arthur (Ethel Hartshorne) 300 Mad Av 

Wood MiM" Chas G (Mary Knight) PI 150 W 59 

Wood MiM" Frederic (Caroline Cheesman) . , Morristown 

Wood M"" Margaret N J 

Wood MiM" Chalmers (Ellen A Cotton Smith) 

Ct.Dp.Cr76. , South Orange N J 

Wood JliM" Geo (Sarah M Gerard) Rg 105 E 18 

Wood MiM" Geo Ed (Isabella H Bend)Cal.Cl'84.131 E 16 
Wood MiM" Gilbert Congdon (Ethel Hunt)Uv.Uva.Rf. 

126 E 37 
Wood r»M" H Duncan (Pulsifer) 

Un.Mt.S8.Dp.Cr73. .73 Fifth Av 

Wood M' James Tuthill ...'...... 499 Fifth Av 

Wood M»r Jos (Ellen Purves Tybout) 

Dke.Uv. Y'84. .Sayville LINY 
Wood MIM" John D (Alice Colgate) Mt.Un.Dt 

WoodM'-MelzaRiggs [Cy.Y'66 ..38E39 

Wood M' Robt Colgate- Cal.Na.H'92 

Wood MiM" John Seymour (Mary B Harris) 

Uv.Al.Na.Ch. Y'72. .34 Gramercy Pk 

" Woodside" 

South Orange 


Wood MiM" J Walter (Sabina Redmond) 


MiM" Herman C Hoskier (Wood). . . . 
Wood MiM" J Walter Jr (Nathalie Wilmer) 

Un.Dt.R.Bg.H'88. .Short Hills N J 

Wood W Norton Berkley-Cal. R Calumet Club 

Wood MiM" Thos C-Uv.Col.USN'7I 32 E 26 

WoodffThos W-C.Al 51 W 10 

Wood MiM" Thos H-Ul.Rp 27 E 65 

Wood r Wm (Helen Mason) 

M" Henry Mason & M*" Lydia M Brown . . 

M- Catherine M C Bell 

Wood DiM" Wm B (Frances Fisher) Ul.Bd. . . .'. .22 E 41 
Wood MiM" Wilmer Stanard (Palmer-Mary Rvder) 

Un . C . Ny . Sv . 10 Av d'Eylau Paris . . Union Club 
Wood MiM" Wm H S (Congdon) G.S.Snc. 

Wood M' Wm Congdon-G. Uva 

Wood r Amold-Dke.Rf 

Woodberry Prof Geo E-Pl . A . C . C( . H'76 . 

.4 W18 


Woodbridge W Alfred- Un . . , , , , , , . Union Cla^ 


Social Registbb, 

Fifth Av 

Woodbury M" Chas H (P) : .24 W 20 

Woodbury M'Gordon-M.Cn.Dm.H'86. .ManhattanClub 

Woodbury DiM" John McG (Irvin-Townsend) 

Woodfield MiM" John W (Aline Hoyt) 

Woodford Gen&M''StewartL(JuliaEvelyn 
Capen) Uv.Sa.L.Ll.Ha.Cr64 

Woodford M"- Susie C 

Woodhouse M*M" Lorenzo G (Emma D Arrowsmith) 

Ul.Lt.Mc.Pl.Sv.Bd. .34 W 53 

869 President 
Bklyn N Y 


Woodruff MIM" Chas H (Kitty G Sanford) Uv.Rv. 
Woodruff M'LewisB-Uv.Rv. Y'9(). . .[Cw.Cc.Y'58 
Woodruff M""Fred'kS-'ftv . Uv. Y''92&ChasHJr-Rv. 
Woodruff M' FrancisE-Ul.Mo.Mg.BrownShipleyLondon 
Woodruff M' Henry S(Franklin).Died at Dorset VtAugl 

Woodruff D' John E-Uv.P'72 84 W 21 

Woodruff M"*" Harriette B & Nellie Lane 

Woodruff M" Morris & Geo W Lane 

Woodruff MiM" Timothy L (Cora Eastman) ULUv.Ha. 

Mk.Rv.Ulbk.Y'79. .70 Eighth Av Bklyn 
Woodward M" Mary E 
Woodward M' JasT-K.M.Un.Mt.T.Ss.Rg.Rf. 

Woodward MiM" Rignal T-M.Mo.Mg 

Woodward M"- Mary R-Mg 

Woodward M"" Chris H R, Ch & Elijah-Mg 
Woodward MiM" Rignal Duckett (Carolyn 

Atwater Goddard) Un.Rf.Dke. 

M" Calvin Goddard (Caroline Atwater) . . 

M"- Anita Raborg 

Woodward M" Wm Jr (Sarah Rodman). . 

Woodward M*- Edith 

Woodward M' William . .at Harvard 

Woodward M" Wm A (Frances M Evertson) 

.27 E 22 

.3 E58 

N J 

12 Francis 



..11 W51 

.128 W 59 

Woodworth M" Robert (Alline P Robbins) 

Woodworth M"- 

Woollett MiM" Sidney (Julia Dwinelle) M.Cal. 

av'd Havel Sep 30. .Newport R I 

New TojiK. 

Woolsey MiM"CbasW(ASSmith)N'61 
Woolsey M*- Alice Bradford 


Woolsey DiM''Geo(JeanPaulEllinwood)Uv.C.Y'81.117E36 



Isey Co N C 

..115 E 25 

ewport R I 


Woolsey M' Geo Muirson-R.Dp.Cn.Rp.Cl. . 
Woolsey M' E John-Dp. 

Woolsey M""* N( 

Woolsey M' Theodoras B-Un . Snc 

H" Katrina WCarmalt&M'Woolsey Carmalt 
Woolsey Prof Theodore Salisbury-Uv.C.Y'72 

New Haven Ct 

Wooster M' Noyes Chas-N. Ay 38 W 36 

Worcester Mill" Edwin D (Mary A Low) Mt. 

Worcester M"" Margaret D 

Worcester M' Edwin D Jr-Uv. Y'76 

Worcester M' Wilfred J-Uv.Rt.Uva Y'85. . . 

Worcester M' H A-Uv.Y'84 University Club 

Worden HiM" Daniel T (Emilie Burton Neilson) Un. 4 

Worden M"- Harriet [Mt.R.Ny. Wk.Cy. E 

Worden M' John Lorimer Jr-R.Mtw.Bg.H'96 65 

Work M' Frank-M.S8.JNy 13 

Work M' George P-R.Rh.S.Mb.T.Lc.Ct.Ny. Wk. E 

M'-Roche .• 26 

Work Mill" Frank Jr (Marbury) CI' 71 . . .Oyster Bay L I 
Work MiM" J Hy (Marie Warner) Cr67. ... 77 

Work M— Mabel W & Sally D Clinton PI 

Worrall MiM" Wm Raymond (Kate O Green) Uv.'79. 

44 W 12 
Worthington MiM" Chas C (Jnlia A Hedden) 

Ul.R.N.Lc.M.Eg.Ny.L.Na..29 Fifth Av 

Worthington M' Edward S-Un Union Club 

Worthington DiM" Lewis N-U1.L1.Y'60 

47 Av Henri Martin Paris 
Wotherspoon M" D Ogden (Octavia Garr) . . Plainfield N J 
Wotherspoon M*" Lottie-La Ladies Club 

. .9 E 56 

WrayM'- Cornelias. 

WrayM- Julia 

Wright r George M-N. Na 

Wright M" Isaac (Bedford) 

Wright M*"* Florence & Constance . 
Wright M'T^mM-S.., , 

....NY Club 



Social Bsoisteb, 

Wright M"- Harriette 29 Waverley PI 

Wright MiM" Eben (Leta Pell) Un.R.Unb.Smb. 

Wright Col&M" Ed H (Dorothea Mason) Un. 

Wright M"- [E.Ll.P'44 24ParkPl 

Wright M' Ed H Jr-Sa.E Newark 

Wright Lt&M" Wm Mason (Marjorie R N J 

Jerauld) Un.Sa.S.Lt.E. Us.DSA 
Wright IT Dora (Ed H) Married at Newark 

Parker M' Cliauncey Q (Cortlandt) Nov 11 

Wright MiM" G Granville (Anna F Law) 

"South View" Cambridge N Y 

Wright MiM" Jas Andersou (Kate Louise Davis) Un. 137 

Uv.Mt.R.Dt.Ny.Ag.Php.H'79.ab'dStLAug30 W 

M" John Lee Davis 12 

Wright MiM" J Howard (Sarah I Walton) 346 

Wright M' J Dunbar-R.Lc Lex Av 

Wright M" J Hood (Robinson-Mary Moore). 613 

Wright M- Elizabeth J Fifth Av 

Wright M" Wm (Carry May) Washington D C 

Wyant M" A H (Arabella Locke). 52 E 23 & Yonkers N Y 
Wyckoflf M" H S (Elizabeth B Suydam) Rome 

M" Thomas Belknap (Catherine H Wyckoff) Italy 
Wyckoff DiM" Peter B (Cora Dillon) Mt.Sn. 
Wyckoff M"- [Rg.Cy.HI.Aht'68 . .23 W 57 

M' Julien A Ripley 

Wyeth MiM" Geo Edward (Charlotte Grosvenor 

Goodridge) Un.Dp.Rv. .Riverdale-on-Hudson 
Wyeth DiM" John A (Florence Sims) M.Rv.So. 

Murray Hill Hotel 


Wyeth MiM" Leonard J (Charlotte Prime). 

Wyeth M' Leonard J Jr-Rv 

Wylie MiM" Geo Sanford (Christina Sharp) 

Ul.Rv.Rf.Cw.Wt.Mg. .Morristown N J 
Wylie D' RobtHawthorne-R.Rf.Y'83. .av'dStLAag28 

36 W35 
Wylie DiM"WGill(FannyDamon)M.Rg.Rf.Dm.So.28W40 

Wynkoop D'GerardusHilles-Un.Uv.Rg.Ct. 
W y nkoop M'-Elizabeth Hilles. [HI. Dm. Y' 64 
W ynkoop D' Dan'l Woodbury-Cr96 

Madison At 

New Yobk. 

Wysong MiM" John J (Martha Marshall) 

Un.Mt.T.Rg. .av'd Maj Oct 14 

Yale M' Henry C-Ul.Mc 

MiM" J S Taylor 

Yale DiM" Leroy Milton (Stetson) C.C 
Yale MiM" Wm Hv (Margaret 

Humphrey) Ul.Mc.Y'80 
M' Theo P Hnmphrev 


52 W 39 

62...432Mad Av 

"Bonnie Bluff" 

Spuyten Duyvil 


Yard M' John-Uv.Kp. Y''76 i 32 E 26 

Young M" Albert (Minnie E Arents) Ul 611 

Young M' Albert-M Fifth Av 

Young MiM" Clarence H (Ada I Young) 

Uv.Bd.Ch.Cr88.. 308 W 58 
Young MiM" Ed P C (Harriet M Strober) M.Na.Eg. 

85 Glenwood Av Jersey City 
Young MiM" Frederic B (Elizabeth W Morton) E. 

173 Quitman Newark N J 
Young M' A Murray-Cal.Un.Sa.R.Rv.Na. .CalumetClub 

Young M' Fred'k Staff ord-Un. Dp. Rv Union Club 

Young MiM" Henry (Margaret Hitchcock) 1078 Broad 

Young M' Henry Jr [E.Ec, Newark N J 

Young MiM" James H (Sophie Douglass) .... 16St 

Young M"- Elizabeth D Flushing 

Young M' Henry LI 

Young MiM" Mason (Louise Hurlbut) Uv.C.Uva. Y'60 

St Augustine Fla 
Young M'RichardN-Un.R.L.Ct.Mt.Pl.Sv.Ny.Rv.l8W21 
Young MiM" Thomas S Jr (Caroline E Swan) 

Uv.S.Rv.P'71..6 W20 
Young M' Wm Hopkins. .Sa.L.Sn. Sv.Cw.Na. Sue. 

Ag.Rv..601 Fifth Av 

Youngs M*" Fannie H. .care Geo A Meyer 470 Lex Av 

Youngs M" Graham (Ada Mathilde Comstock) 

Youngs M*" Josephine Graham 18 E 46 

Youngs M' Graham 

Youngs MiM"WmJ(Mary B Emory) S. 

Youngs M*" Susan 

Youngs M' Thomas 

Youngs M" Thomas P (Henrietta Graham) 

Died at Oyster Bay Sep 3 

"Over the Brook" 
Oyster Bay L 1 

402 Social BEaisTSB, 

Yulee MiM" C Wickliflfe (Anne Peyton Murray) 

K. Mtw. .Bellevae Av Newport 

Yznaga M' Pernando-Un.T.Mt 15 WaU 

Zabriskie M»M" Andrew C (Fiances Hunter) Mt.Ct. 

U8.H1..716Fifth Av 
Zabriskie WLW Augustus (Josephine B Booraem) South 

Zabriskie M*" Josephine B Orange 

Zabriskie M' A Oothout N J 

Zabriskie MiM" Geo (Sarah Gray) Uv.Ct.Dt.Ch.N'70 

45 W48 
Zabriskie M" Titus (Sarah J Zabriskie) 

Zabriskie Honse Newport R I 

Zalinski M' E L-C.Ll US Consul at Nice 

Zborowski MiM" Wm Elliott (De Stuers-Carey) Un.Mb. 

Zedlitz Baron&Brnss Clements (Cornelia Roosevelt). ab'd 
Zer6ga MiM" John Aug di (Katherine Berry) Cy 
Zerdga M' Richard Aug di-Sn.Ct.H'87.Dp.En 
Z6rdga M' Theodore Clinton-Cal . R . N y . S . Cy . 

267 Fifth Av 
Z§r4ga MiM" Louis H di (Conkling) 

Morgan Harjes & Co Paris France 

Z6rdga D' Louis A di-Sn 49 W 39 

Zichy Ct&Ctss Bela R (Yznaga-Mabel Wrigbt). . . .ab'd 

Zimmerman M" J E. .care M*" Furniss 461 Fifth Av 

Zimmermann M" Chas F (Susan Bard 
Zimmermann M"" Agnes S. . .[Johnston) 

Zimmermann M' Geo de Lisle-Rl 

Zimmermann M"F'cis J-Rf.& Arthur C 


39 Evergreen PI 
E Orange N J 



Subsequent addenda to be issued until Feb. 1 will 
include this information. Substitute them for this one. 

Andrews MilP Constant A(B L Vance) Rf.L. Reform Club 

Bergh M'- Lillie d' Angelo (M»- Lillie Berg) 110 W 39 

Bixby M' Robert F-Un. etc Union Club 

Borrowe M' H Alsop (late Sam) . . . Married at W Islip L I 

Corbin M*" Anna W (late Austin) Nov 7 

Cannon M' Henry Brevoort-Bg. 186 Mad Av 

Carley MiM" F D (Grace Chess) Ul. Lt 120 E 34 

Corbin M'" Anna W (late Austin). Married at W Islip L I 

Borrowe Mr H Alsop (late Sam'l) Nov 7 

Crosby M*" Mnrgaret 66 W 10 

Cutting MiM" RobertFulton(HelenSuydam)C. Rg. 814 
Cutting M'RBayard [Ss.T.Dp.Cl.Ct.Ag.Ch.Cr71 MadAv 

Deacon M' Ed Parker Plaza Hotel & Newport R 1 

DeForest MiM" Othniel (Emily Early) Ul.Bg.Cr82 

U»2 Waverly PI 
Duer Mill" Denning (Louise Suydam)Sa.Cr71 Albemarle 

Duer M*" Caroline Suydam Hotel 

Dwight MiM" Edmund Sr (Carolyn Allen)Dn.L. .49 W 83 

Forget MiM" Augustin-Ny 4 Bowling Grreen 

Griffin M" Chas H(Cecilia Wyman)Died at 10 E 58 Nov 10 

Grruner MiM" Siegfried (Annie J Dater) oq \X7 qi 

GrunnerM'-CharlotteD&M'HarryF.[Dv.N.Na. ""^^ ^ ^^ 
Hance MiM" Irwin Howell (Isabel Mary Clark) Dv. 

Lakewood N J 

Jay M^ Julia (Wm) Died at 22 E 72 Nov 10 

Meade M' Richard WorsamJr . > 11 W 39 

Mott Prof Hy A Died at 63 W 45 Nov 8 

Peck MiM" Wm Emerson (Bertha Thompson Price) 


Marriages of 1896. 

For details see the February, May^ August or this the November issue 
indicated by the smaU letters, f, m,^a or n. 

*An asterisk precedes the bride*s name. 

n.. .Adee. .*Fitzgerald 

f. .*Alden.. Weir 

f . . . Alexander*Manice 

n..*Allen Dwight 

a. . . Allen. .*Fanshawe 

m. .Allen *Lefferts 

f . .* Allen Ferris 

f . . .Amy *Rogers 

n. .*Anthon. . Callender 

m. .Anthony *Roe 

f . . . Ayers. . .*Lind8ley 

n . . .Babcock *Bech 



n. ..Baker *Kip 

n. . . Baldwin . . *Hobart 
f . .*Baldwin..Pul9ford 
m . . Baldwin. . .*Taylor 
f . . *Barbour. . . Rengifo 

m. .Barclay *Sloan 

a. .*Bardeen James 

m. . Barklie *Dodd 

m . *Barney Jaffray 

n. . *Beach . . . Robinson 
f . . . Beadel .... *Minton 
m . *Beales . . . Sedgwick 

n. . *Beales Steers 

n. .*Bech Babcock 

n..*Belknap Lloyd 

a. . .Bellows 

f .. .Belmont 

n. . . Benedict . . . *Lloyd 
m . . Bergh . . *Dewsnap 

m.*Bird Porter 

n..*Bishop Taylor 

f ..*Blydenburgh 

a.,*Bolmer 01»rk 

m . *Booth . . . Campbell 

f . . . Borden *Owen 

n. . *Bradley . . Hoffman 

m.*Brand Clover 

a. . . Brathwaite *Force 
a . . . Brockie . . *Morgan 
n.. . Brooks. . . .*Mercer 
f . . .Brulatour.*Parish 


a...Bulkley *Tod 

n. .*Byron Sloane 


n.. .Callender. *Anthon 
m.. Campbell 

m. .Campbell. .*Booth 
m. . Campbell *Kemble 
m .*Carpenter . . .Macy 

a... Carter *Miller 



n. . . Cbamberlaine 

n. .*Chandler . .Greene 
n . . . Chandler 

n. .*C^Janler. . .Emmet 

n. . . Cheney.. *Lambert 
n . . *Chry8tie. Cochrane 

a. . .Clark *Bolmer 

m..*Clark Laid law 

f Clark. .*Roosevelt 

m. ..Clover . . . .*Brand 
n.,. Cochrane 


f.... Cogs well 

m. .Coles. . .*Davidson 
m. .Comstock .*Edgar 
m. . Conkling ^Johnson 
f . . .*Conyngham 

n . . *Corning . Peckham 
f — Cowles *Roo8evelt 
a. .*Crawford..Hornor 
f . . .*Cris8 . . Huntington 
n. . .Crosby. *Delafleld 
a. .*Cross . .Marquand 

f. . .*Cruger Tams 

m-.Dale *Slade 

m.*Dana Parsons 

n. . .Darling 

n. .*Dash. ..Meikelham 
m.*Davidson . . .Coles 

m.*Davis Bond 

n.. . Day *Mittant 

m.. Dearth *Vair 

a..*De Cespedes 

De Lima 
n. .*Delafleld . . . Crosby 
a. Lima 

*De Cespedes Merinville 

f . .*de Neufville 

n. . . De Witt . . *Langley 
m.*Dewsnap . ..Bergh 

m.*Dike Williams 

m .*Dillon . . . Warriner 

m , *Dodd Barklie 

n..*Donner. .Franksen 

n. . . Dow *Rumrill 

n..,D wight,,.,. *Aile6 


m . *Ed gar . . . Comstock 
n. *Elwyn. . .Langdon 
n . . . Emmet . . . *Chaiiler 
n.. .Emmet. .*Garland 
a. . . Emmet . *Zabri8kie 
m. .Erdman. .*Wil8on 

m.*Ervmg King 

m.*Evans Cramp 

f..*Ewell.. .Parshall 
n. . .Fabbri. .*Shepard 
m. ..Fahnestock 


a. .*Fan8hawe. . .Allen 
n. .*Ferri8 

Floyd Jone8 
n. .*Fitzgerald. . . Adee 

f.... Flint *Wing 



f . . .*Folger Oudin 

a. .*Force..Brathwaite 
m..*Force ..Sanderson 
a. . .Fowler. ..*Ru8Kell 
f . . . .Francke..*Neilsoii 
n. . .Franksen*Donner 

f....Fraser *Tutt 

n . . . Frazer. . .*Wolcott 
n. . .Furman 

m. . .Gallatin. . .*Morris 
n . . *QarIand . . Em met 
a •..Garrison 

n . . *Gould . . Tom linson 

a. .*Graef. Treat 

n. . .Graham . ..*Sands 
a.. .Grannie . ..*Smith 

f Graves . . . *Preston 

f...*Gray Jewett 

a. ..Gray.*McGourkey 
n. . . Greene. *Chandler 

n. . .Greer *0ake8 




f...*Grubb Halsey 

m. • . Gwy nne . . . *Steele 

Social Register, 

m..*Haine8 Nichols 

a. ..Hamilton 

m... Hamilton 

a. .*Hammond 


n. .*Hand Stevens 

a. . . Harkness*Warden 
a. .*Harmer.Pumpelly 

m..*Hart Jones 

a. .*Hart Rogers 

n . . *Hart8horne . Wood 
f...*Hayden .Quintard 
n . . . Hay ward . *Martin 
f. . .*Henderson. . Robb 

n. . .Henry *Minis 

n. .*Hobart. . .Baldwin 
n. . .Hoflfman.*Bradley 
n... Hoffman 


a. .*Hopkins Sharp 

n. . .Houghton. . .*Colt 
a. .. Howard.. *Hunter 

m..*Hunt Wood 

a. .*Hunter. . .Howard 
f. . .*Hunter . . .Kerfoot 

f Huntington. *Cri8s 

n. .*Huntington 

m . . Jaff ray . . . *Barney 
a . . . James . . .*Bardeen 

f... Jewett *Gray 

m . * Johnson . Conkling 

m.. Jones *Hart 

m.*Kemble.. Campbell 
m. .Kendall.*Stickney 

m . . King *Ewing 

m.*KiDgsland .Morris 
f . . .Kingsley..*McCall 

n. .*Kip Baker 

a. .*Kirkham Garrison 

m. .Laidlaw *Clark 

n. .*Lambert. .Cheney 

n. . . Lane *Perkins 

n. .*Langeton . .Elwyn 
f . , *Larocque . Thomas 
m.*Lawrence. . . Kash 
m.*Lawrence ...Terry 

f . . . Lawrence . . * Work 

n..*Lee Miller 

n . . . Lee *Lincoln 

f . . .Le Ghait..*Pay8on 

m .*Leffert8 Allen 


n. . .Lewis. ♦Penniman 

n. .♦Lincoln Lee 

f . .♦Lindsley Ayers 

m. .Livingston. .♦Robb 
n . .♦Lloyd . . . Benedict 
n . . .Lloyd . . .♦Belknap 
a. . . Lottimer^Sheflaeld 
n . . ♦Lowrey. Baggallay 

n. . .Lunger. .♦Burnett 

a. ..Lyon ♦Vyse 


a. .♦McGourkey. Gray 

m. . . Macy . . ♦Carpenter 
a. ..Mallery.^Tumure 
f . . .♦Manice . Alexander 
f . . .♦Marbury 


a. . .Marquand.. ♦Cross 
f.... Marsh 


m.. ♦Marsh Thaw 

n . . ♦Martin . . Hay ward 

f M<ixweil 


f . . .♦Meigs Lyford 

n. . .Meikelham.^Dash 

n. .♦Mercer Brooks 

n . . . Merinville 



a. .♦Miller. Carter 

n... Miller ♦Lee 

a. . .Miller. .♦Reynolds 
n. . .Mills . . . .♦Morgan 

a. .*Mill8 Warner 

a. . *Milmo . . Radziwill 

n. .*Mmi8 Henry 

f. ..*Mmton. . . .Beadel 

n . . *Mittant Day 

n . .*Moore Shrady 

a. .*Morgan..... Mills 
a. .*Morgan 

. Thompson 

m..*Morris Gallatin 

m. ..Morris ^Kingsland 

f...*Mott. .Watts 

m. .Nash . .*Lawrence 
f . .*Neilson. . Francke 
f . . *Nelson . . Lamarche 

f . .*Nichols 

de Chambrun 
m . . Nichols . . . *Haines 
m. .Nichols. .*Marston 
m.*Norton ..Paulding 

n...Nott ♦Hildt 

n . .*0ake8 Greer 

a . . *Ogden . . . Sherman 

n..*Ord Wells 

f...Oudin.. .*Folger 

f . .*Owen Borden 

f... Packard 

a . . *Paddock . . . Poofer 
n... Parker...* Wright 
m. .Parsons .. . .*Dana 
m . . Paulding . *Norton 
f..*Payson..Le Ghait 
a. . .Pay son. .*Stewart 
n. . .Peckham*Corning 
n. . *Penniman . . Lewis 
n... Perkins.... «Hildt 

n. .*Perkins Lane 

f . .*Pierson. . .Garrett 
a . . . Pooler. . *Paddock 
m. .Porter.. ..*Bird 

n...Potte *Rives 

f.... Pratt.... *Wright 
n: ..Prentice 

f . . . . Prentiss^DeEoven 

New York, 

f. . .*Preston. . , .Graves 
m. ..Pruyn . .*Thurber 
a. . .Pumpelly 

m. ..Purrington 


f Quintard *Hayden 

a. . .Radziwill. *Milmo 

a. .*Randel Rogers 


m. . .Rawson. . .*Rogers 
f . . .*Raymond 


f Rengif o . *Barbour 

a. .*ReyDolds. . .Miller 
a. . . Richards. .*Fisher 
n. . .Riker . .Townsend 

n. .*Rives Potts 

m..*Robb. .Livingston 
n . . . Robinson. . . Beach 

f. ..*Rockefeller 

f.... Rockefeller 


m..*Roe Anthony 

a. . .Rogers *Hart 

m..f Rogers Rawson 

f.... Rogers *Wells 

f. . .*Roger8 Amy 

f . . .*Roosevelt . Cowles 
f . . .*Roosevelt . . . Clark 

n. .*Rumrill Dow 

a. .*Rus8ell Fowler 

m . . Sanderson . .*Force 
n . .*Sands . . . .Graham 
a . . *Sanf ord . . . Thorne 

n . . . Sargent *Weir 

m . . Satterth waite 


*de Neufville 
m . . Sedgwick . *Beales 




a. . .Sharp . .* Hopkins 
a..*Shemeld Lottimer 
n . .*Shepard . . .. Fabbri 
n«.*Sherman Hoffman 
a. . . Sherman . .*Ogden 

n. . .Shrady Moore 

m. .Simonds. ..*White 
n . .*Simpkins . . Thayer 

m.*Slade .Dale 

m.*Sloane... Barclay 
a. .*Smith. . . .Grannis 

m . *Steele Gwynne 

n . . . Stevens — *Hand 
m .*Stevenson Buckler 
a. .*Stewart. . .Pay son 
m . *Stickney. . Kendall 

a. .*Sturgis.,.. Thomas 
n..*Suydam . ..Weeks 
m. . . Swords . *Clarkson 
f . . .*Tailer. Trowbridge 

f....Tams *Cruger 

m..*Taylor. . .Baldwin 

n. . .Taylor *Bishop 

m. . .Terry . .*Lawrence 

m. ..Thaw *Marsh 

f . . . . Thomas*Larocque 
-a. . .Thomas. .*Sturgis 
n. ..Thompson 

a. . .Thompson 


a. . .Thome. .♦Sanford 

m.. ♦Thome Taylor 

m..*Thurber . . .Pruyn 

a. .♦Tod Bulkley 

n. . .Tomlinson ♦Gould 
n. .♦Townsend. . Riker 

f.... Trowbridge 

a. .♦Turnure . .Mallery 

^..♦Tutt Fraser 

f . . .♦Van Beuren . . . Orr 
m..»Vail Dearth 


SooiAL Register. 



n . . . Vanderbilt 

n. .*Vanderpoel 

m. ..Van Schaicl^ 


a. .♦Vyse Lyon 

n. .♦Wadsworth 


n..^Ward Perkins 

a . . .Warner ♦Mills 

m. . . Warriner . .♦Dillon 

f Waterbury 


f.... Watts ♦Mott 

n. . .Weeks. .♦Suydam 

n... Wells ♦Ord 

f... ♦Wells Rogers 

m . . ♦Wesson . . . Fra ncis 

n. .♦Wheeler — Cable 
m.. ♦White . . .Simonds 
n. .♦Whitehouse 

m, . .Whitney 

n... Whitney 


n... Whitney 

a. . . Willcox. .♦Wilson 
m.. .Williams . ..♦Dike 
m.. ♦Wilson ...Erdman 
n. .♦Wilson Vanderbilt 

f..^Wing Flint 

m.^Wolcott . . .Frazer 
n . . . Wood ♦Hartshome 

m..Wood ♦Hunt 

m . ♦Wood VanSchaick 
f . . ♦Work . . . Lawrence 
n. .♦Wright. . . .Parker 

f.. ♦Wright Pratt 

f.. ♦Wright Zichy 

f...Zichy.... ♦Wright 

Deaths of 1896. 

For details see the February ^ May^ August or this the November issue 

indicated by the small letters t, m, a or n. 

The name of a Woman is indicated by an asterisk*. 

m. .Abbott 
a. .♦Abbott 
m. .Abeel 
f . .*Adam 
f . .*Alden 
n... Anderson - 
a... Andrew 
a. .. Anthon 
m. .Babcock 
a. .*Babcock 
f . .*Baker 
n.. .Baker 
m. .Ballard 
m. .Barker 
f.. .Barlow 
f... Barton 
m.. Bates 
f... Bay lis 
f... Beach 
m.. Belknap 
n. ..Benedict 
a. .*Beylard 
a. .*Bi8hop 
m... Bliss 
n. ..Bloodgood 
a. . .Boreel 
a. ..Borrowe 
m... Bo wen 
n.. .Bowers 

f Bowers 


t... Bradford 
a. .*Bradlee 
n. .*Bradley 
m... Brett 
f . . .*Brevoort 
a. ..Bruner 
a. .* Buchanan 
a. . .Bushnell 
m... Casey 
f. .♦Catlin 
m. ..Ohabot 
f. ...Chapin 
n . . . Charlier 

f Chisholm 

n. .*Choate 
m. ..Clark 
m. ..Clark 
n... Clarke 
a. . . Cock 
a. . . Coe 
m. ..Colby 
m ..Coles 
m. ..Cooper 
a. . . Corbin 
n. ..Corse 

f Coster 

a. . .Cromwell 
n. ..Cutting 
a. . .Danforth 
m. . .Davenport 
a. .*Davis 

a. . .deGarmen- 
f. ...deHaas 
a. .*Delafleld 
n...*de MaCar- 

[ty Mores 
m...De Saulles 
f.... Dillingham 
n. ..Dodge 
f. ...Donnell 
f. ...*Douglas 
n. ..Duryee 
f. ...Edwards 
m... Ellis 
f. ...*Emmet 
n. ..*Emmons 
n. ..Fachiri 
m . . Floyd- Jones 
n.. .Forbes 
n . . . *Fowler 
n. ..Fraser 
n. ..*Freeman 





. Grafton 
n.. .Green 
n . . . Gregory 
f . . *Grifflths 
f . . . Griswold 

m. . .Haines 
f . . *Hal8ey 
m. ..Hamersley 
a... .Hammond 
f . . *Harbeck 
m.. .Harper 
n . . . Harper 
a. . *Ha8kell 
a. . .Hatch 
a. .*Hayward 
f. . .Hegeman 
n. .*Herriman 
n. .*Hoey 
n.. .Howell 
m . . Hunter 
m. . .Irvin 
n. ..Irwin 
n. .*James 
n... Jerome 
n... Jerome 
m. .*Johnes 

f Johnson 

m. . .Johnson 
f . . .* Jones 
m. ..Jones 
n. .* Jones 
n. ..Kane 


m. *Kent 
a. ..Eeteltas 
n. .*King 
a, ..Kip 

f Knapp 

m. ..Ladenburg 
m. ..Laimbeer 
f. ...Lamarche 
n.. .Lathrop 
n.. .Lawrence 

f Lawson 

n. ..*Law8on 
n. ..Lehmann 
f. ...Livingston 
a. ..*Livingston 
n. . .*Living8ton 
n.. .*Lord 
n. ..*Lorillard 
f.... McAllister 
n. ..*McCarter 
n. ..McLean 
n. ..Mcpherson 
n. . .Manice 
n. ..*Ma8on 
f. ...Mayo 
a. . .Meserole. 
n. ..*Mickle 
a. ..Miller 
a. .*Miiliken 
a. .*Moeran 

SooiAL Register. 

n. .*Morgan 
m. . .Morris 
m. ..Morris 
f . . . NicoU 
a. .*Niven 
m. ..Ogden 
n. ..Ogden 
n... Osgood 
n. .*Pariflh 
n... Parish 
a. .*Parker 
m. ..Parkin 
n. .*Par8ons 
a. .*Parson8 
n.. .Patterson 
n... Payne 
a. .*Peck 
a. .*Pillot 
a. . .Pillot 
n. .*Pirsson 



m. ..Potter 
n. . .Randolph 
f . . .'Raymond 

f Remsen 

n. ..Requa 

m... Robinson 
n. ..Robinson 
f. ..*Rockwood 
in. ..Roe 
m... Roosevelt 
n. .*Ro8s 

f Runyon 

a. .*8auer 
n.. .Scarbor- 

f.... Scott 
m... Scott 
n. .*Serrell 
a. ..Sewall 
n... Sexton 
m... Sheldon 
n. ..Shelton 
n.. .Simonds 
a. .. Sloan 
n. ..Southwick 
m... Steers 
n. .*Stewart 
m ..Stites 
a. . .Sutton 
f.... Talbot 

f Talma^e 

n... Terry 
m... Thompson 
n. . .Thompson 
n... Thorp 

n. .*Tilden 
m... Topping 
f.... Tracy 
m. ..Tuckerman 
n.. .Twombly 
n. ..Ursdell 
n. .*Vail 
m...Van Auken 
a. .*Van Buren 
n..*Van Dyke 
n...Van Nest 
m..*Van Rens- 

f. ..*VanVoor- 

m. . .Van Wart 
n..*Van Wyck 

f Vaux 

m. . . Vedder 

f, ...Voorhees 
m. . .Walden 
n. .*Wamer 
n. .*Wat8on 
m..* Wheeler 
f.... Whiting 
m... Whitney 
a. . .Wilcox 
a. .*Wilk8 
a. ..Wilson 
a. ..Wiman 
n.. .Winthrop 
a. .*Woodbu^ 
n... Wood ruff 

f Woolsey 

a. .*Wynkoop 
n, .* Youngs 




«^ • 08 

Q^ 08^^ 
*C •" 'IS 

^q ^H ^^ ^^ ^ 

1.1 § 



fl d 
o o 


2.2 <1 SS ^ 

: « : 
V • .2 -<^ 

o8 • a)*C 
S.S o o^iJ 

a a a Sad 
<^ <^ <j <^ <j -<j 




t « 


d rt 

-5^ S 

W W 1-9 

b o V 
o8 00^ 

5 ^<1 

^ d 
o o 
o « 

d d 

o o 

2 2 

» 03 

d d 

<1 <1 



OQ 00 

d d 


« • 0) 

fe .;- 


OQ 00 00 

d d d 


« c8 O 


d d d 
V <:> 0) 

d d 

0) V 


d d d 
Q» 0) a> 

■d.S d d 

ill 5 

"3 : :pq^ 

: a> 



S d 08 

d d d d 
S a> 0) 0) 



<<'< ^5 5^^^^-<J<1 

d d d d t: 

03 03 C3 0> V 

<1 ^-<^^<J 

OQ a OD 


^ 0> 03 ^ ^ 





: : :W 


fO i o 


§03 C3 
03 V 


bO bo bO,i4 S ;^ 
-•tj '•tj -<J <| <j -<1 

• 03 ^ 


03 C M M 
fC^r^ 03 


>» -d 



§•§ :(S'^ 


. d <*j 


S - « 

: :m 


O 03 9 a> S >-• OQ 

-^ -<J -^ ^^ -^ <j ^ 


03 03 

d d 

08 OS 
M H 


• 3 



! Q> 

: o 


"S fl a fl Q ts 

M H n 4^,ri 


^ . .<j P5 Pc, 
00 OD % op OQ 


08 3 08 08 « 
'O'O 'O '5 'h 



« to 

bo 2 i;^ 

Social Register, 

it: • • ^ 

fl pq 

S • e3;3 a S • 

1 ;g"g2| : 

S > 



^ * • . ® 

<J 5 08 2 d 

5 S S 2 


Ui h h »» 

0) 0^ a; a> 

6 OS « 08 

«<qK a a 

!-• b ^ ^ k 

,M ,M «S0 ,±d lifiH ,^ ^ ^ ^ 

PQ PQ PQ pq pq pq m pQ pq 

^ t>»a'p a d d a 


^ «3 * S « fc-tss 

r> ^ 'S.'^ iJ fl ao O) 
O 03 bOd SOQ-C^ 

P : 



^13 t»^. "^ 08 08 oc -c 

q) O C3 
^3 d Q 

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S-2» -2.3 
s n 08 

iJ^ »-^ F^ ,j^ <*^ 4^ d 
o o o o o o o 


T3.2 d .SP^ 
apb O 52pL| It. 

a^H ' !^ d 

d d d*5 o 

.2^ a 

»^ 08 (7 
08 h 08 

d d d d d d 
o o o o o o 

d d d d c d 

Married Maidens. 


: p s , 

. O 08" 
•Ofa ^ 

Q Q C8 08 08 '^ 

00 (B 03 QQ ^ 

o) ® a; Q) Q) 
P d d fl a 
^ ^ I.. ^ »2 

03 c8 c8 ^ fl 


d'-5^Q . 






d d s*^ 
a> o d 08 _ 


2-5 rt 

S d ; 

d d d 
TS 'T3 TS 


W : 

08 ^ 08 08 c8 ^ 

d d d d d d 

•73 'T3 'C 'C 'C TS •— 5 
08 08 08 08 08 c8 08 

pq pq pq PQ pQ PQ pq 


a5 0) a> Q) 
^a ^d .d ^d 

d d d d 

0? w c8 08 

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» 08^ 

d d 2 

d d d 

.tJ 08 o « o 'E 
«.a : : :^J 


V 0) V 0) 

d a £1 d 

DC e 
0- 1 


Social Register, 




9 00 


08 08 

« ^08 





? 5 o d 

.^05 « d 

V 0) 

08 08 

03 d 
08 08 

d ^ 

08 03 



cqpqcqnncQ ncqpqpq npq 

fe 2 w a, >. a s 
$ a a M>o ojH 

o3 q^ d ^ d h q^ 

>»^ O O ^ ^ Q 
rtrQ <0 Qi <0 ©_ 


cQ :.2^ :o8 
:5 :i ts t^ :3 :s 

0) a> o o c} Q) 

d d c d d d 
d d d d d 

Q> O 03 V O w 


t^ t^ »^ 

03 1) O 03 . 
d d d d u|^ 

2*3*3*3 o 



^ d d=3:5 g 

03 OO08»O;3 .. 

^1 . 

rt C 03 


03 03 >» w w w. 
'^ ^3 'C 7D "O 'o 




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Married Maidens. 

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Social Register, 

1 -i 

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Mabbieb Maidens. 


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Social Register, 

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Married Maidejs^s. 


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Social Register, 

IIP 1 



Married Maidens. 



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Social Registeb, 


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Married Maidens. 

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'O TS 'C T3 "tS 

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pont Ellen 
rant Adele 

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Social Register, 




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Married Maidens. 



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Social Register, 

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^= « 2s s'S *5 *^ *- 2 S 

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00 000000 0000000000 

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<a 00 00 00 00 o 2 
J3^ j3pQ,alH = 

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Mabkied Maidens. 


Is ^ 

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2^ S^ti 




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Social Register, 


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Married Maibeits. 

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o >-i &:j^ S u OS 


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q3 03 S3 ^Q q! S diS 


Social Register, 

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Married Maidens. 

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HH K^ t^ »w '"^ 


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Social Register, 

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d^ t: § S « 

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1-5 1-5 H, 1-5 

Mabbied Maidens. 







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Social Beoistsb, 

ooo ooooo o 

Marbied Maidens. 


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"■)2 S §3 S 3 

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d P>^d a 

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11 I I ill 

Social Register, 


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Married Maidens. 


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d) > c8 O 00 

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— -- -g a> £Li a 


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Social Rboistbb, 

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Mabried Maidens. 

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SooiAL Bboistbb, 

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08 S S ^ A t^ ■*-) 

woa«5 8, : 



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r4 43 ^ pd 

4^ «A 4^ 4^ 

'^Wol^ -^M : is- 

(^08 : • . ' i ^ 
oa -^ 

^y 00 flO^rjfrt t»^^i broO'rt t^d ^ ® S ®E2 

'^•^;=3Cd 5*2S d^^ 5*o'3*S.2 «li 


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--'g'273 73'O'S § lilt; aaa^ 

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^ cs $rr..3 oa 


QQ CO 00 CO ■»-> -t-t t^ -ti^ 


Mabbied Maidens. 





-i^ > O fen ^ ^ fc> •S »±< 

QQ 03 

-Q 52 

•»-. 'fc, 'C '^ *C 'C "C 'C 'C 'G 


o o o o 

I ^ c 5 

.S o q o 

■4^ «^ -^ -^-J 

t^ U t-* i^ 

o o o o 

?« -^^^^S^fe-a 

o o 

§ 1 §1.^ 15 g-S S S-l^ §?^ 3a ^'^ 3 



5 ^ .2 3 -2 -5 •« 

a3 03^o3c8a3a3o3a8o3 


(X);d .m 





»d 08 o S d a8^ 



d d d d d d df-i ."^H^^^-^^f* 

08 o8 08 08 o8 08 o8 '3 .2 .2 .2 .22 2 « .3 

OOOOOOOOOO o oooooooooooooso^ooco 

>> S S 53 -S fe 
•^^ ' 

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• ^ ^ • 


^5 IB :B (E iC £C tj i~? 

'^'^ CDOOOO 

-C tit ^ Ew a 
_2 id .S [_, S ^ 

d -fe^.Wn 

t: :^ . - > 

'j:- iJ 1^ si « ^ 

'^ ag 3; m ^ OL 
"C *N 'p 'C ^s-. "C 

^ I^ V4 l_ ^ Ldi 

o o c o O Q 


d fl d d 3 :=; d X. ^- 




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^-! -tia ♦J 03 t>^<-^ CO tii 

^^ S « ^iS ^ o 
I'D .-3 ^WP3(5D|J5 

I J -w 5 . : : qj 

£ £ g d djd^ a 33 5C 3 ^ rt 

. d 

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rt 03 QJ fc- d 

.d <v 4> <i> r 


e = 


Sd — ■ -^ 

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Social Begisteb, 

Sts2 %^ li«'^^9 S3 S 5 s i«)|« I a^ I s HI'S 
Ill's! b3p: : :|h° 

lllllllflllll ii ttill 





2 ®.35.?9 « ^r.«SS9995p pS «,„<«««> «^£|^ £»|*|*5*|* 

.v J. ^ ^ ^3333 
^^,>^^^ 08 08 08 oa 


3^8 8 






^ 9 P P >^p^ >^ 

00000000 ® 


• •fe,g : ; . : 

GO ^^ ^% 00 *^^ vp^ •i^ "fN 

a oe « ® » » » o 




<B « I §Hh 


d d d c c 

Jo o o o 

00 00 00 OQ 

o *o *o o o 

o g g d a d 

© qj © Qj qj'gj 

^ o • 

go 2> 

d d d 

• c S3 
-d fe*b>» 



Social Register, 

> O <V 0030^5 




222 , 



"55 '3 "S 'S ~ "" "^ 


fl 2 « ! -s 

O qj ,4, 

^ 9 

^3 2 fl 


a c o o o« 


PQ boo OS 


-=ja j^ ja.2 -. . 


ggggg § 

JS .2 .2 

g S S'o : o 
.2 .* .2 55 .SP.S 


a u 






d ^ 

:il':?^s* = 




03 q; v 

p 08 « 


Ph PL| £ pLi pL| S £ 




"3 '© "03 '03 "03 "oS 03*© 
PL| Ph PM PL| pL| Oi Ph Pui 

In i's 




a,d 2g»S q> 
a bDP >^33 


98 o3 (^ ^ nS 
03 03 03 >V 3; 





00 ^ ^ riid 

08 C3 O O 

*■* ■ ,*^. 

o • : . 

d ; 03 . 
J2:3 g S^Q 

a s sol's 

03 03 03 03 03 03 
CL| pL| pL| CL| Ph PL| 

fl^ O tH S -T! 







^ ^ « 

J d^ 

s;S d 
/^^ A® «^ 

B ^ :-9 

03 flja P< 

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^ 'd *3 d 

d d d d 


Makribd Maidens. 



w 08 08 08 w 

d fl a fl fl 

■M 4J 4^ -t^ 4^ p 

d d d d d 
CL, Pu Qh P-i P^ f 



08 08 a).^.^ 
d d d d d 


3 K o3 © 'S ♦» 



.0 .„ 

w :t3 :^ 

73 g g a atS' 

1 : :«i^ 


d ©rrt;^ I 

O (V <o 


d d d 
'C "C 'G 

08 C br'^ 
d ^ 08 'd 

.2.S :i^ 

Ph Ph Ph Pui Ph pL| Ph Ph C 

4 M M M M 

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I ,d d d d 3 

lag |,a 

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d 0) d^ 

' » 9 f^ 9 


^ 4> Q) Q) 
U U O 


Ph ph ph £ P4 £ £ P^ 

I l.i 

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. w o d :d o .„ .^ 
^> S o as d d 

08 g?^;*'^ 

.bi Q8 08 08 




o o o o O O ' 

Ph pL| Pi PL| Ph Ph P 

•^•^ s s 

.0 • 1-1 ' 

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H : : • i i^ : 

5 -PQH ja : 

^ 43 :§ t^ t^^^ 
00 o o 00 
PL| p-i Ph Ph Ph Ph 

^ M ^ h 

"g c c *» ^ t3 ^ 
o o o o o = s 



Social Bboister, 

* :m 




S be --f tc- Si— 

'Co ^ ":^ o" ^(L 

? §3 53 « « ►•bb 

Soh s 

3^ :o 

"^'2^ ® j; « 

o 3 « « « ^ 

P : : -"S 
: • « b'C 


ad o P%M a 

§1 Jil 

(Slllll (SfSdlll" I 

f^ f^ 73 


Married Maidens. 



d S S S S S S3 

■I * ® S o « - ^ 
a t^ 8h "^ - 51S c 

V S 5 d p 2 fe 

n3 n:^ 'TS 72 •=! -^ .2 

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Im (n C ^1 h c 

CD 0) V Q> O 9? 

o o o o o o 

O Q O O O O 
SR « « S-e i 


o o 

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'o o o o "^ '^ 'o o 




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:^^^£^ : 

M ye 5n fl !d ^ 


... . .... J fl^^q 

•f-S-pcDaonaQS 2 

^ ^ J5 2 S 'pS S Iq Iq 


Social Register, 

.2 ?a 1-2 S^ g 

o : 

^ *S •*■» *B -t^ -t-^ 
(P 43 4A 4-3 4^ -4^ 
O O O O O O 

OQ (^ GO QQ OQ CZ2 (^ 

QQ :u QQ QQ «i OQ QQ 



d d d d d o 
o S S 9 o 2 

oS OB A w n sS A 




• d . 
: 2- 

00 CQ Qg 


•5 §rd bo 


l^ABRTED Maidens. 

-^ ^ *^ 

• . ' v*^ d 

•• : : SSl 

• (0 * bOoo a^ 
2 fJ PS ^ * ' 

O 0) V 

fl >d a? < 


3j ;«cS^j 

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1*3 g 

1 .2 be fl 'O rf ^ 'oj 5«.ia ^ 

3 h ? « «^ o d 2 § § 2 

J ir c; .3 .S n3 :3 .5 ^.S*.5h o 
2_!3 jz^^,dJ3»flfdJaiJd»J3 


3 ^ 3 .S^ 3 

a o o 


j^ d « ss 

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aj a s.d 

X OD OQ S 35 




03 o3 e8 08 a> a5 o) 
jd ja^^^x] A 

a> V 0) 





f I ill ^11^ 



:§^ - 

• g pq * f-3- ^^ f^ t: 
:»-H J2 ^^ i, t. j_ t- 

;.gj oj t a^ hBfi d d'd d d ET'CS'Sf ^ >^.>. >iE^t^S 
3 a^ ^ OJ « OQ rV3 !/3 EC OQ CO CO QQ CZ) (2 CO OQ OQ OQ UO da ^/j <ti ^^J 



08 08 «8 


Social Rbgisteb, 



a b 

03 OQ 

4> 2>2 o 

^ a * §.3 3 s : 




5 ^ : §1 ■ 

OD r. -/; «i 00 



2 i 2*2*5?'© a) 
a 5, 5. ft a ft ft 


gaH -gas's 


4^ «A 4J 4a 

a '§*§*§ 










fl P o 5 S Pi ♦* fl 'S «^ 







H ds d o 00 ^ 

»e «g S d S 


= HS 






1 a a g g 2 g 

*d 4^ «i» 4i» 4ia «ia «« 



Makbikd Maidens. 



D^ So o 2 

D a> O) <D <i> V 

3 fl d s P I 


w«M P r» - 

• • p ' 

08^2 ' 

'3 00 t* 

Ti ft. «« 

OQ |i< OQ CQn 

8-^ S ^ 

-5 :l^ 

■''6 • •» 

-2 : : o 

• «8 

: S 53 
^ s^ .w P 

1 • »P . o 
> o o o o o o 

> *A 4^ .4.S 4d 4^ 4A 


i^ ;o2 :5 s^' 

S ^ o8 o8 o8 ( 
O Q M M »^ I 

■4i3 -^ «» 4^ -4^ '4 


5 'O "^ 'G , 

13 <D S> O O 



OQ hi ^ fH 
•S « « © 

tS *^ -t^ ^a -ts Zi -t-a 


'.0 *^ 43 4^ 


° bOp P p 1 



Q ,im ,09 ,sn ,SB 

•?§§.§ 8 

4^ 4^ 4^ '4^ 4^ 




P bOP f> 

:a ^ 

.08 <aO 

90 -s-g ."ga 

III 111 


^s > > > 



00 oD 

I QD 00 OO OQ 

I ca P P p 

3 p p 




w • :o 

b o ii • 
Ill's i 




^ 2^ Ir^ 00 

00 00 00 

3^ 2-2 


:^3^a Of 

. o^ • • (dW 


11 blip 

8»2i3 « • ^ 

^W^oQ : « p g s ^ i s 


: 2 p 08 


Social Beoistsb, 



m 49 08 JO JO 9 05 09 

k Mid ss 

III ^s 


s o 

•3 2 

Ml • ss o 

^ ^ 08 as 08 flj'S'S'S'S'S'S'S 08 08 

O OjO o o o o o 


5 1" 1 •• 

8,8) Sw 
s| as 

OB oS 03 oS 

•w I IH 

II I <5*l '11:2 

^3 ^ 9993333 



^ J5S 


► a a a ; 

3 3 3 3: 


:5 i« 

W. ^. Ml >ai; ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

S 5 ^ 5 ij i: U i! is 


a 9 s «« 

•o'O'O'O'^ a g a f 


«» «» '•* «a .«» «» r^ r^ 'T 

X^:fi3Q ODOD OQaDoC 

Married Maidens. 


3 .si 


.— ; ;t^ ^ «P * 


• w 

w :w' 


::- :w. 



D o o o o 

2 '^ ® ^^ 



a d d d d d 


III! f 

1 «3 '5 a- 

-■ bJ ^ 0) tf o8 

« . ;= -S s fe- 
tc ' h ^ d 




• ** 

. « • a S 

JOJDCJ^ .^ p^ ,— , .— < .-J — -^ — J ;3 

d dO 

• d i ,^ J § 
d 5 X -2 -d o 




08 '> 

o o o o 


J .a J 

o «^ 

.^ OS 




o ^ O O O ' 
00 9 cQ S on ' 


o o o o o 

dd ddd dfld d 


as aaa aaa a 

OO OOQ ooo o 

MS MS^ ^^pd ^ 


^H u ^1 -73 O •-» .»:3 

i g ag s g s 

+3 '^ *» OO qj 

£3 08 l^'r-*,^ 

<0 ^ H 

a s d 

S oj s 




o o o o o 


Social Reoisteb, 

o o o o o o 

Married Maidens. 




$ ja a =3 a .a 


- I' 


<» o 00 ffl .S 


*^ ^ ^ 
qj a><3 ^ 


Social Register, 



ii ri 

08 I 


^ 08 08 08 08 tf « flS 08 


>. . 08*0 d fl a *i2 o S ^ 
^gdgsfloddd 0i> 

d tf 08.08 08 c3 08 08 08 08 08 « 



e « B J 

^ « 08 * 

3^> o^^'-st: § dju a 



a a ^ h4 

* rt 08 c8 




« d 


W o 


fl bs 

3 3 08 5 05 03 08 08 as 08 08 08 




08 o8 

^^^iali| III 



o t*^ ;^ j<t j^ 5 
^ ® ® ^ (J «< 

. >;»^ 2 5 S *- 

" ^ J* 08 gj 


hrl ^ .. 

^ & fe S ^ g fe S.2.SS.2 Ji=.s.a 

m a 





dPn : o' 
,08* *'3'3'3'o8l8'3'3 08 

§s§g s g 

J : •'1.2 w* 

§.§•^1" a 
:iw«sl I 






Married Maipens. 





s^ll1llii.i«-i- ^ 

^ a> a> 

•M 4^ <«^ 

S S S ^S S S S 3 H B S SSS 

2 3 2 'S !a 2 2 ^ 2 !a 2 2 *^ 2 





-„-, II 

\* a a a a 

08 08 08 08 08 08 ® 

11 1118111$ 1 



^ ^ ^^ 

<*ia ^ «A ^<M 4B 4^ 4^ 4^ 4iA 

!a 2 2 '^ )3 ',3 *^ 2 )3 

^ ^^^^^^^^ 

08 » * • . m 

>:§ ^6 :| 


fc fe d ►» ►»« M 

:.: : :5 

.■«i :| 

O V O 'a 

^^ 08 « OS^^JQ 

i3S S^ s - o 

g 5^o£ 38 08 *< 

gJS d d^cq S 
® $ o o*^*^^ 

"V S OO OQ -^ *^ 4^ 

"2 '^ll'^q^Bg^ ^ 

L^ MH *^ 



o fl a 
d a> « 

1^ « S S 5 


'^ «»2 S o " 

Social Register, 

t^ is 

« 5 50 2 

8 &£ 



J2 OB 


'2 ** -M 

-12 2 g g S fe 

^ • *J 2 J • 

d d d d d g d 
00 00 36 SB S fl 


^ ^ ^ ^^ 

^ ^^^ ^^^ 




«d d ►ti^ d a 
«.2 • :^ 

= 13 « 

• • . a? o"** : 0) 


»« 2 d 

S B ffl 3 

W :W 

-i C «> 



III llll|-:= 


. d S 


W^^W^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ 



■3 S 

^ * « 

fc -PQP 

>• ^ 


»-s pq • ; Q 0) 





«9 feS 




: fl 


d d d 



2 ^ 'rd id -2 Id !d !d '*d id '-a Id Id 

' d 










^ ^ 

'Sb'Sbrd ,d •d X) 
bo bo^ bo bo ti) 

Mabbied Maideks. 


•4^ 4^ -M <«^ -t^ 

1.1 li ^ 



'^ U S 5 "5 

: fl 

rS "T? »^ ^ « ri 


4J -M «A 





cisd90^s*sfl'r^o*T^a ^ 

03 g 


^,7ifa as sale's „ 

(D S P P p O) 

a.fl o a 1=3 

S3 P 3 !3 3 

00 (§ f^ 

" H 

►t*^^i£^h^i^'« "S "3 o o o o S 

2 fl n 
^ ^ s 
o o o 

^m . .2 
tS ,2 

3q o « 


1 % 

3 S 




• 08 




IlilllHi i 

S ja«"?'^ 

^^ ^ 


^ 08 

^ o o o o o o o o o 

^ :o 

X 'E 'C "C "C 


o o o o o 
o o o o o 



: :w«'5-g^^ 

^3 ^c3 ^5 n3 ^c3 ^3 ^c3 ^3 
ooooooo o 
o o p o o o o o 

^ ^ ^^^^ 

c3 bod's 


pd O W Q «/ V «V tV W 


.■a.5^^^^^ o o 6 o 8 

Social Beqister, 

08 S 

S.d ^ b d ® Q> 

• :o : •^- a 

I is^ls 


„ a a a a 
a a a „ 
o o o o o O N 

s s d fl d fl 
o o o o o o 

New York* 459 

For Golf Clubs see under Golf on next page. 

AIJ>INE OLUB 75i1fthAv 

President James Thome Harper Treasurer Wm B Howland 

Vice-President. ....... .Joseph J Little Secretary Chas A Appleton 


President ..Joseph H Choate Treasurer ChasESprague 

Vice-Presidents [ • [^B^Lfw^^nkuS Secretary Henry J Hemmens 

AMERICAN YACHT OLUB '. .....Milton Point Rye NY 

Commodore John H Flagler Secretary Thomas L Scovill 

Vice Commodore Wm B Hearst Treasurer Wm Porter Allen 

Measurer Charles H Haswell 

AUTHORS CLUB Music Hall Seventh Av & 56 

Secretary . Daniel Greenleaf Thompson Librarian Alexander Black 

Treasurer Henry Marquand 

BALTUSROL GOLF CLUB .MilbumN J SeeunderGolf 

BARNARD CLUB Camesrie Building 

Secretary Edw.L Parris Treasurer Chas H Royce 

CALUMET CLUB 267 Fifth Av 

President Geo Alex Brown Secretary Newbold L R Edgar 

Vice-President Grant La Farge Treasurer Fred'k L Eldridge 


1897. 1898. 1899. 

Geo Alex Brown, Ernest RAdee, Wm Le Gendre, 

Newbold LeRoy Edgar, Fred'k L Eldridge, aermont L Clarkson, 

Grant LaFarge, James B Lord. Geo L Heins, 

Francis P Lowrey, De Forest Manice, Walter Abbott, 

Lewis R Morris, Dulany Howland. Goodhue Livingston. 


President Hon Joseph F Daly Secretary Adrian T Kieman 

Vice-Presidents JEdwyM^Gu^e '^^"'^'' Philip B Cavanagh 


President Henry Codman Potter 

. 1st Vice-President John Bigelow Secretary Henry E Howland 

2d Vice-President J Q A Ward Treasurer Geo L Rives 

CHURCH CLUB .....146 Fifth Av 

Ludlow Ogden Secretary 

Treasurer Edw R Satterlee 

President Ludlow Ogden Secretary John H Cole 

" ' V R Satt ■ 

CITY CLUB 677 Fifth Av 

President James C Carter TreasureKpro tem).Frederic Bronson 

Secretary .James W Pryor 

COLONIAL CLUB Sherman 8q 72 St 

President James A Punderford Seca^tary, L Laflin Kellogg 

Treasurer Scott Foster 


President WmGLathrop Secret;ary. WmTLawson, 15E67 

COUNTRY CLUB Baychester-on-the-Sound 

President DeLancey A Kane Secretary Edward Halght 

Vice-President . . Frederic w Jackson Treasurer Thomas W Thorne 



President ...T J Oakley Rhinelander Secretary GeoMWoolsey 

Vice-President Francis P Lowrey Treasurer Charles C BuU 

460 Social Register, 



President E Fleitmann Secretary Fritx Mdser 

Vice-President Wm Pfarrius Treasurer John F Pupke 


President Samuel D Baboock Secretary Wm R Stewart 

Vice- President William Krebs Treasurer ... J Lawrence McKeever 


President Cbas H Loring Secretary G W Bramwell 

Vice-Presidente.. ] J^iS^T^homtT ^*«^*^'- ACBand 

ESSEX CLUB 44 Park PI Newark N- J 

President Frederick Frelinghuysen Secretary Leslie D Allen 

Vice-President Robert F Ballantine Treasurer Andrew Kirkpatrick 


President...., HenryAPage Secretary ....T H Powers Farr 

Vice-President. . , Fred'k Frelinghuysen Treasurer R Wayne Parker 

FENCERS CLUB ,..,, 87 W 32 

GOLF CLUBS . ♦ An asterisk denotes an Associate Club 


President Theo A Havemeyer 117 Wall, N Y 

Vice-President Chas B Macdonald 117 Dearborn, Chicago, 111 

" " Laurence Curtis 84 Congress, Boston 

Treasurer Sam'l L Parish 46 B'way, N Y 

Secretary Henry O Tallmadge 16 Whitehall, N Y 


AG AW AM HUNT, Providence, R I Abram Barker Providence, R I 

ALBANY, Albany, N Y Wm Lawrence Green Albany, N Y 

ALLEGHENY C'TRY. Pittsburgh, Pa GO Page AUegheny, Pa 

♦ARDSLEY CASINO, Irvington-on-Hudson..Cyru8 Field Judson 71 B^ay, N Y 

BALTIMORE, Baltimore, Md R J White 1114 St Paul, Balto, Md 

BALTUSROL, Milbum, N J Louis Keller .59 Liberty, N Y 

BROOKL AWN COUNTRY, Bridgeport,Conn. Wm T Hinks Bridgeport, Ct 

•BROOKLINE COUNTRY, Brookline, Mass.. A Donner Brooldme, Mass 

♦OHICAQO, Chicago, lU John Q Watson. . .225 Monadnock BIdg, Chicago 

CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge, Mass WM Richardson.57EquitableBldg, Boston, Mass* 

CINCINNATI, Ciocmnati Wm C Herron. . .United Bank Bldg, Cincinnati 

CLEVELAND, Cleveland. O Roy F York 750 Euclid Av, Cleveland 

DEVON, Devon, Pa Sidney G Fisher 828 Chestnut Phlla, Pa 

DYKER MEADOW, Brooklyn, NY Norman S Dike. . 156 B'way, N Y 

ESSEX COUNTY, Manchester. Mass. . .Henry W Cunningham.. 89 State,Boston, Mass 

ESSEX COUNTY O'TRY, Orange, N J. T H Powers Farr 31 Broad, N Y 

FAIRFIELD COUNTY,Greenwich,Conn.Warren E Smith 841 B'way, N Y 

ILLINOIS, Chicago. Ill G M Forman.603 ChamCommerce,Chica8ro,m 

KNOLL WOOD CTRY, Westchester, NY.... Cyrus Field Judson ... .71 Broadway, N Y 

♦LAKEWOOD, Lakewood, N J Jasper Lynch Lakewood, N J 

LENOX, Lenox, Mass.. Lindsay Fairfax Lenox, Mass 

LEXIN GTON Lexington, Mass Winsor M Tyler Lexington, Mass 

•MEADOW BROOK, Hempstead, L I, N Y. . .E L Wlnthrop Jr 48 WaJfl, N Y 

MILWAUKEE, Milwaukee, Wis. James C Wall. . .Box 358, Milwaukee, Wis 

MISQUAMICUT, Watch Hill, R 1. Dudley Phelps 84 Nassau, N Y 

♦MORRIS COUNTY, Morristown, N J Arthur Berry 200 B'way, N Y 

♦MYOPIA HUNT, Hamilton, Mass S D Bush .71 Kilby, Boston, Mass 

NEW BRUNSWICK, New Brunswick, N J., . .John Phillips Street. .New Brunswick,N J 

NEW HAVEN, New Haven, Conn W Frederic Foster 137 Wall,NY 

♦NEWPORT, Newport, R I RI Gammell. .P O Box 59, Providenoe,RI 

NEWTON CENTRE, Newton Centre, Mass . .A E Alvord.113 Devonshire, Bo8ton,Ma8S 

♦ONWENTSIA, Lake Forest, 111 Edward S Adams 62 Board Chicago 

OTSEGO, Springfield, NY A Beekman Cox... . . .Cherry Valley^ NY 

OVERLAND PARK, Denver, Col L G Godman. . . Boston Bldg, Denver, Col 

New York. 461 

OT8TER BAY, Oyster Bay, L I, N Y Stanley W Dexter 71 Wall, N Y 

PALMETTO, Aiken, S C S Parkman Shaw 

PATERSON, Patereon, N J Malcolm Gordon Paterson, N J 

•PHILADELPHIA C'TRY, Philadelphia, Pa. .Sussex D Davis 213 S 6, Phila, Pa 

•PHILADELPHIA CRICKET, Phila, Pa John Whittaker 16 S 5, Phila, Pa 

QUEEN*S CO. Gien Cove, LI W Crittenden Adams Glen Cove, L I 

RICHttOND C'TRY, Staten Island Gugy A E Irving ,New Brfghton.S I 

ROCHESTER C'TRY, Rochester, NY George W ilder Rochester, N Y 

ROCK A WAY HUNT, Cedarhurst. LI NewboldT Lawrence. . . .61 Liberty, N Y 

SADAQTTEDA, Utica, NY Halsted Yates. .58 Mann Bldg, Utica,N Y 

SALEM, Salem, Maw David M Little.. 40 Chestnut, Salem, Mass 

8SABRIGHT, Seabright, N J Francis E Ward. . . .166 & 167 B'way, N Y 

♦SHINNECOCK HILLS, Southampton, L I....S L Parrish 44 & 46 B'way, N Y 

8TAAT6BUHGH, Staatsburgh, N Y Henry S Hoyt 44 Pine, N Y 

•ST ANDREWS, Yonkers, NY Wm R Inni8..610 N B'way, Yonkers, N Y 

ston, 81 Charles T Stout. .Bard Av, Livingston, S I 

•TUXEDO, Tuxedo Park, NY PhiUp Allen 860 Fourth Av, N Y 

•WASHINGTON, Washington DC EdwTRiggs 1410 G, Wash, D O 

WATERVLIEr ARSENAL, Weat Troy, N Y. .Capt S E Blunt West Troy, N Y 

WESTBROOK,IsIip,LI ...HBHollins IsIip,Lf 

WESTCHESTER, Westchester, NY Geo Fox Tiffany. Westchester Road, N Y 

WESTCHESTER CTRY, Westchester, N Y. . .Edward Haight 26 Broad, N Y 

WOLLASTON, WoUaston, Mass Elbert H Brock WoUaston, Mass 


President Samuel P Avery Secretary Fred'k A Castle 

Vice-President — Marshall C Lefferts Treasurer E dw H Bierstadt 

Librarian Richard Hoe Lawrence 

HAMILTON CLUB 146 Remsen Brooklyn 

President James McKeen Secretary Robt B Woodward 

Vice-President — Truman J Backus Treasurer , Jonathan Bulkley 


President James C Carter Secretary Walter Alexander 

Vice-President — Henry S Van Duzer Treasurer Amory G Hodges 


President Dr D B St John Roosa Secretary. Theo M Banta 

Treasurer Eugene Van Schaick 

JfiKYL ISLAND CLUB Oifice62 Broadway 

President H E Howland Treasurer Frederic Baker 

Vice- President N K Fair bank Secretary & Ass't Treas. . N S Finney 


President Alonzo C Monson Secretary Frederic Bronson 

Vice President Johnston Livingston Treasurer. Henry S Hoyt 


President Mrs W H Shelton Secretary Mrs W W Shippen 

Treasurer Mrs Francis Gordon Brown 


Commodore Harry M Gillig Secretary Chas C Little 

VIoe-Commodore.. . . Clarence A Postlev Treasurer Wm Murray 

Rear-Commodore Edward S Hatch Measurer John Hyslop 

LAWYERS CLUB Equitable Building 120 BVay 

President WilUam Allen Butler Jr Secretary & Treasurer. . . .QeoT Wilson 

LOTOS CLUB *... 658FifthA¥ 


Commander Gen Horace Porter Recorder ThosB Odell 

MANHATTAN CLUB 84 St <& Fif th Av 

President Frederic R Coudert Secretary David B Gilbert 

Vice-President C C Baldwin Treasurer . . .John D Crimmins 

462 Social Register, 

MEADOW BROOK CLUB Westbury Qn nt m fio t* I 

President William Jay Secretary, E^erton L Winthrop Jr 4t1M| 

Vioe-President H«nry L Herbert Treasurer Bobert W Stuart 4t Xk n 


President Ludus K Wilmerding Secretary Edward M To^JMjwJ A 

Vice-President Thomas J DaTis Treasurer William WmMiMmn 


President J. Pierpont Morgan Treasurer AdrianiMllB Jr 

Vice-President Sidney Webster Secretary W WattspWrtUB 


President Henry O Marquand SecreUuy LP MOwoU 

Treasurer Salem H Wales 


President John Davis vi<«A PrMMAnfn ^ John M- gg gMi s K 

Secretary Arnold Hague Vice-Presidents.... ^ j Jw^ttwr 

Treasurer John C Poor 

MORRIS COUNTY GOLF CLUB Morristown N J 8«B imder Golf 

MORRISTOWN CLUB 80 South St MolHltolMl IT J^ 

President George G Kip Secretary Alex G ffartrgraff 

Treasurer Edward B Haseltine 


President Wm A Lottlmer Treasurer AinedSUU: 

Vice-President Frederic Danne Secretary Howell M Banes 


President Jas Whitely Secretary JohnCGuUalc 

Vice-President Thos L Watson Treasurer Chas |t Cteoilne 


President James Ewart Wilson Secretary Thomas A Kffam 

vi/.A.PrAfliriAnt« i Samucl S Purplc Corresponding Sec. Rowland Sijnaaid 
Vice-Presidents., -j Cornelius VanderbUt Treasurer. ........ WilUam P Cteham 


President Hugh 8 Thompson Treasurer Heth Lortott, IW B*wajr 

Vice-President DrWmMPolk Secretary Geo G Battle 


Commodore Ed ward M Brown Rear-Commodore. . .Lewis Cass Lsdyaid 

Vice-Commodore Henry C Ward Secretary * J vB Oddle 

Treasurer F W J Hurst '<{7 State Measurer John Hyslopl06S«» 


Archibald Rogers Gouverneur Kortright S Nicholson Kane Chairman 

rixnJii-1-ciEii.^xjjL \jxii.-« At^uj. \yMj\jMj mpomiminiji 5 

President. . .John A Taylor Brooklyn Secretary Miss Lacia Purdy 87 W 88 

Vice-President.MrsRobertAbbell W50 Treasurer. . Mr Percival Knauth 380 W M 

PLAYERS' CLUB...... '. 16 Gramaim flirk 

President Joseph Jefferson Secretary Lawrence HuwMi 

Vice-President AM Palmer Treasurer William Bisptaam 

PSI UPISLON CLUB ^.. ...6iW'» 

President Geo Henry Fox Secretary Fred'k A P^rkhuisfe 

Tireasurer Wm M Kingsley 

PRINCETON CLUB ..."... '....,.... .....j 

President John L Cadwalader '66 Secretary Geo Wm Burleigh '9!^ ... .11 Vtt 

Treasurer C Ledyard Blair '90.... 88 Wall ^ 


President.. Isaac Townsend Vice-President H DelCoppet 

Secretary H H Crocker Treasurer J T Atl^bury 

New York. 468 

••FORMOLUB Fifth AV&37 

Presideiii Charles S Fairchild Treasurer Louis WindmuUer 

Secretary. . . ; Henry De F Baldwin 


President Cornelius N Bliss Hi,oi.«f -,^«o j . Jared G Baldwin Jr 

Treasurer J Edgar Leaycraft oeore^nes "j john Laimbeer 


President HHHollister Secretary 

Treasurer James T Woodward 


President GteorgeCRand Treasurer R6n6 La Montaj^e 

Vice-President . . . Middleton S Burrill Secretary Newbold T Laii^^rence 


Commodore EC Benedict Rear-Commodore SVR Crueer 

Yice-Oommodore. . . . .Henry C Rouse Secretary Henry W Hayden 

Treasurer Walter C Hubbard Measurer John Hy slop 

Race Committee. 
' Oliver E Cromwell, Chairman Valentine Mott Walter C Kerr 

Charles A Sherman Charles W Wetmore 


President Locke W Winchester Treasurer Jas P Burrell 

Vice- President Henry W T Mali Secretary Abraham Garrison 

SHINNECOCK HILLS GOLF OLUB..SouthamptonLI See under Golf 

SIQMAPmCLUB..... 9E27 


Gtovemor . . . Gen Frederic J de Peyster Treasurer Arthur M Hatch 

Deputy Goyemor . . . .James M Varnum Secretary Howland Pell 4 Warren 


President. ..Hon Clifford Stanley Sims Secretary William C Spencer 

Vice-President William B isuck Treasurer James W S Campbell 


President Hon Chauncey M Depew Secretary John Whifleld Scott 

Vice-President . ..Hon Rob't B Roosevelt Treasurer Ira Bliss Stewart 


President Fred'k S Tallmadge Secretary Thos E V Smith 

Vice-President Robert Olyphant Treasurer Arthur M Hatch 


• President Treasurer GeoPSIade 

Vice-President . . . W Bayard Cutting Secretary Frauds O DeLuze 


. President Frederic A Potts Treasurer WmNElbert 

Vice-President... .John B Stewart Secretary Thomas Denoy Jr 


President Edward A Quintard Treasurer Edwin Latham 

Vice-President Francis M Davies Secretary. . . Cortlandt S Van Rensselaer 


President Edw King Treasurer ChaS'A Schermerhom 

' Secretary Charles Isham 


President Lawrence Kip Secretary Capt. John H Coster 

TUXEDO ClluB Tuxedo NY 

President Pierre Lorlllard Treasurer r. ... . Grenville Kane 

Vice-Piresident Geo L Rives Secretary William Kent 

464 Social Registek, 


President Clarence A Seward Treasurer Henry I>e Forest Weekes 

Vice-President JamesOKDuer Secretary..... Franklin Bartlett 


1897. 18i>8. 1899. 

Chester Qriswold, Geo C dark, Clarence A Seward, 

Franklin Bartlett, Richard N Young, Wm E Strong, 

James G K Duer, Ooortlandt D Moss, Schurler L Parsons, 

Henry De Forest Weekes, Joseph Agostini, J J Townsend, 

John M Bowers, Geo G De Witt, John McL Nash, 

Geo De Forest Grant, '^LT^ DeForest. Charles Coster, 

J Hanipden Robb, A Van Home Stuyvesant, Thos H Barber. 
Bradisn Johnson, 


President Horace Porter Secretary Walter C Gilson 

Treasurer. Wm G White 


President . . . Brig Gen D S Stanley Secretary Lieut John A H Nickels 

Treasurer Capt David Wilson 



President Cornelius C Cuyler Secretary Guy Richards 

Vice-President Richard Trimble Treasurer WW Skiddy 


President James W Alexander Secretary Hugh D Auc^indoss 

Vice-President . . . Charles C Beaman Treasurer George Sherman 

1897. 1898. 1899. 

Chas C Beaman, Charles L Atterbury, Jas W Alexander, 

C C Cuyler. Charles T Barney, Hugh D Auchincloss, 

Arthur M Dodge, William L Bull, George Blagden, 

Loyall Farragut, Geo L Peabody, David L Haight, 

H Walter Webb. Charles H Russell, George Sherman. 


President J G K Duer Treasurer Francis O de Luze 18 S wm 

Vice-President. . . y . . . .Robert C Cornell Secretary . . David Crocker Union Club 


President Thatcher M Adams Secretary C A Henriques . 

Treasurer Abraham Mills 


President .... Thomas ThajCber '71 Secretary . Chandler P Anderson '87 85 Wall 
xrt^^ P,.i»a,/i««f Q t J Frederic Kernochan '68 Treasurer . . . Wm A Copp '89 15 Broad 
Vice-Presidents., j- paygon Merrill '65 


President Xhas E Ronaldson Secretary Aug Zinsser Jr 

Vice-President Geo Vassar Jr Treasurer. Robert Coryell 

AssBMBLT Balls at the Waldorf. 

Mrs Astor Chairman Mrs Cadwallader Jones. .' Contracts 

Mrs Chas A Post . — . . . .^^Secretary Mrs Whitney Strangers Invitations 

Mrs J G K Duer . ..... ^^./^/^Ti^asurer Mrs L P Morton 

Mrs B gutting Retired 

New York. 



Mrs James W Gtorard, 
Mrs Elbridge T Qerry, 
Mrs Oi?den Goelet, 
Mrs John Hone, 
Mrs S S flowland, 
Mrs Adrian Iselin Jr, 
Mrs Cadwallader Jones, 
Miss Louise L Kane, 
Bliss Kean, 
Mrs Luther Kountze, 
Mrs Benj Franklin Lee 
Mrs Ward McAllister, 
Mrs Chas H Marshall, 
Mrs John Mintum, 
Mrs J Pierpont Morgan, 
Mrs Newbold Morris, 
Mrs Richard Mortimer, 

Mrs Wm Astor, 
Mrs John Jacob Astor, 
Mrs Fkimund Baylies, 
Mrs Isaac Bell, 
Mrs August Belmont, 
Mr8 Lloyd Bryoe, 
Mrs James A Burden, 
Mrs Hy A Ck>ster, 
Mrs Wm S Cowles, 
MrsSV RCruger, 
Mrd W Bayard Cutting, 
Mrs Frederic de Peyster, 
Mrs H Casimier de Rham, 
Mrs Butler Duncan, 
Mrs Jas O King Duer, 
Mrs Wm A Duer, 
Mrs Frederic Gallatin, 

Paesident Johnston Livingston Secretary . . 

Treasurer Charles 


Mr Jas P Kemochan, Mr Wm C Whitney, 

J J Astor, 
Edmund L Baylies, 
August Belmont, 
Heber R Bishop, 
Geo S Bowdoin, 
I Townsend Burden, 
James A Burden, 
Sir Roderick Cameron, 
8 V R Cruger, 
W Bayard Cutting 
Charles D Dickey, 
Hamilton Fish, 
Frederic Gallatin, 
J Lyon Gardiner, 
Elbridge T G«rry, 
William Gihon, 
Ogden Goelet, 


Mrs LeTi P Morton, 
Mrs Charles A Post, 
Mrs Geo B Post, 
Mrs Geraldyn Redmond, 
Mrs Schermerhom, 
Mrs Sheldon, 
Mrs Wm Watts Sherman, 
Mrs Wm D Sloane, 
Mrs Jas Russell Soley, 
Mrs Hy A C Taylor, 
Mrs Cornelius vanderbilt, 
Mrs Sidney Webster, 
Mrs Arthur Welman, 
Miss Whitney, 
Mrs John C Wilmerding, 
Mrs Egerton Winthrop Jr. 

.G G Haven. 

Robert Goelet, 
J Hooker Hamersley, 
Geo G Haven, 
Adrian Iselin, 
C O'D Iselin, 
Bradish Johnson, 
Jas P Kemochan, 
Woodbury G Langdon, 
Charles Lanier, 
Johnston Livingston, 
Edward Livingston, 
Bradley Mart£i, 
J Pierpont Morgan, 
Wm Oothout, 
Wm C PeU, 
Whitelaw Rnid, 
Wm Rhinelander, 
Dancks Hkld at Shbbbt*s. 


. Mr W Watts Sherman. 

J Hampden Robb, 
James Roosevelt, 
James A Roosevelt 
W W Sherman, 
Byam K Stevens, 
John Steward Jr, 
Anson Phelps Stokes, 
E N Taller, 
Cornelius Vanderbilt, 
Jas M Waterbury, 
Wm C Whitney, 
M Orme Wilson. 
Buchanan Winthrop, 
Egerton Winthrop, 

Tuesdays- January 13th March 2nd (Mardlgras) 

Mrs J J Astor, 

Mrs Edmund L Bayliee 
Mrs Astor, 

Mrs John Jacob Astor, 
Mrs Henry J Barbey, 
Mrs Edmund L Baylies. 
Mrs Frederic Bronson, 
Mrs James A Burden, 
Mrs Robert L Clar^n, 
Mrs Henry A Caster, 

EXBCxnrvE Ofticbbs. 
Mrs JFrederic Kemochan Mrs George Peabody Wetmore 
Mrs John C Wilmerding 
Mrs Henry Sloane, 

Mrs Wm Douglas Sloane 
Mrs Elbridge T^G^rry, 
Mrs Ogden Gk)elet, 
Mrs Cooper Hewitt 
Mrs Adrian Iselin Jr, 
Mrs C Oliver Iselin, 
Mrs H Van R Kennedy, 
Mrs J Frederic Kemochan, 
Mrs Luthf^r Kountze. 

Mrs Va > Rensselaer Crager, Mrs Charles H Marshall 

Mrs Walter Cuttmg, Mrs W Starr Miller 

Mrs William A Duer, Mrs John Mintum, 

Mrs Elisha Dyer Jr. Mrs J Pierpont Morgan, 

Mrs Duncan Elliott, Mrs Stanley Mortimer, 

Mrs Fish, Mrs L P Morton, 

Mrs Francklyn, Mrs Pendleton, 
Mrs Frederic Gallatin, 

Mrs William Douglas Sloane, 
Mrs Victor Sorchan, 
Mrs C Albert Stevens, 
Mrs Henry A C Taylor, 
Mrs Cornelius Vanderbilt, 
Mrs Alex Van Rensselaer, 
Mrs Whitnev Warren, 
Mrs James M Waterbury, 
Mrs Alexander S Webb, 
Mrs W Seward Webb, 
Mrs Geo Peabody Wetmore, 
Mrs John C WUmerding, 
Mrs Buchanan Winthrop, Jr, 
Mrs Egerton L Winthrop, 
Mrs Woodworth. 


Social Register, 

De Covirly Damcbs, on Saturdays. 

Dec IS and 81, Jan 16 and 80 and Feb ao. 


Dec 1, Dec 16, Jan 5, Jan 19, Feb 2, Feb 16. 

Mrs Chaa B Huotinirton, Mit hv^JL 

Mrs John Sloane. Ipi T 

Bfrs Denning:, 
Mrs By Lewis Morris, 

Mrs Ch E Sands, 
Mrs Fred D Grant 
Mrs John C Jaj, 
Mrs Chas Henderson, 


Dec 14, Jan 18, Feb 8. 
Mrs Leopold H Francke, Mrs Nitk T Bobki. 
Mrs Russell H Hoadly Jr, Mrs R<*t L niari— . 
Mrs Robt P Huntinfl[U>n Jr, Mrs WMttr Cvnoa Baylor. 
Mrs Edw A LeRoyJr, 


Mrs H M Alexander Jr, 
Mrs Wm B Dinsmore Jr, 
Mrs Fred*k Edey, 
Mrs Newbold LeR Edgar, 

Junior CkmixioNs. 

Decs, Jan 14, Feb 11. 
Ths Wronbsdat Cotillons 

Dec 9, Jan 30, Feb 8, Feb 17. 
Mrs AljBrernon SSuIlivan. Mrs William 8 Livingston, 

▲V I 


Mrs William L Trenholm, 

Mrs Oliver L Jones, 

Mrs Samuel Spencer, 

anSobOTt _ 
Mm Andrew 

Bfrs John B Lawrenoe. 

r wlUnt, 

New York. 467 

Diplomatic Corps at Washington. 


Ambassador Pauncefote Sir Julian and Lady (Selina Cubett) Apr *93 

Pauncefote Miss & Misses Sybil, Lillian & Audrey 

Secretary Gough Visct. & Visctss 1721 1 absent 

Kaval Attach^ Wintz Capt Lewis E , absent 

Second Secretary Bax— Ironsides Mr Hy Outram 1015 Conn av 

Third ** O'Beirne Mr Hugh J absent 

^^^^^ M^'l°'^''i^^^'^''ii I 1019ConnAv 

*' Macleay Mr Ronald | 

FRANCS. ' EMBASSY . . 1710 H 

Ambassador Paten5tre Mr & Mrs Jules (Eleanor Elverson; Ap '93 

B^rst Secretary Lefaivre Mr Paul 1110 Conn av 

Military Attache . . . .de Grandprey Com'dant & Madame Clement. .1918 H 
diancellor&Attachl.BcBufve Mr Jules 919 15 


Ambassador Fava Baron & Brnss de (Jun '9 )) 1537 I 

Secretary Vinci Count 1017 Conn av 

Attache di Moatagliari Mqs Paoli absent 


Ambassador von Thielmann Brn & Brns Max Oct '95 

Counselor & 1st Sec. . von Reichenau Mr 1329 M 

Second Secretary. . . .von Bruening Mr A 1816 Jefferson PI 

Attach^ von Herman Baron Beno The Albany 


Minister Romero Senor Don i& Sefiora Dona Matias (Lucrecia 

Allen) Mch '82 

First Secretary Godov Seflor Don & Sefiora Dona Jose P absent 

Second " Santibafiez Senor Don Enrique The Hamilton 

Third " Pardo Sefior Don Luis G absent 


Minister. . . M G de Weckherlin (Jun '84) 1013—15 


Minister. Hurtado Seflor Don & Sefiora Dona Jose Marcelino 

(Ida) Dec '87 absent 

Sec & Charged' Affaires, Rengifo Sefior Don & Sefiora Dona Julio 

(Regina Barbour) 1728 I 


Minister Le Ghait Mr Alfred (May '89) Iii36 I 

Counselor Joostens Mr Maurice absent 


Minister Grip Mr A 

Secretary Knagenhjelm Mr&MrsN J de.. 2108 R 


Minister de Mendonca Senhor & Dona Salvator Jan '91 

de Mendonca Misses Amelia & Yelentina 

First Secretary de Oliveira Lima Senlior & Dona Manoel I 1 1^7 iq 

Miss Neomisia Oavalcanti (Flora) | ^' ^" 

Second Secretary de Almeida Brandao Senor Alfredo. ..1034 Conn Av 

468 Social Register, 


Minister de Gaoa Sefior Don & Soliora (Jun '93) 

de Gana Sefiorita 1319 K 

de Gana Sefior Alfredo V 

First Secretary Pinto Sefior Don Mariano Sarratea ; . . .abatMt 

Second Secretary Eastman Sefior Don Victor : . 1020 — ►!? 


Minister Yfi Mr & Mrs Yang 

Secretary Shing Mr Ho Yen 


Minister Andrade Sefior Jose (Dec '93) 

Andrade Sefiorita Elisa 

Secretary Pont6 Sefior Don & Sefiora Dona Manuel M Jr (Mm 

[cedes) 1 70S P 


Minister Hengelmttller Ton Hengervar Mr & Mrs Ladislaus 

(Dec '94 1307 Conn At 

Counselor Wrede Prince Raoul 1708 H 

Attach^ Wagner Dr Hans Ludwig 2121 'R 


Minister Pioda Mr & Mrs J B (Mch '96) 

Secretary VogelDrL 1825 4J 


Minister Dupny de LOme Senor Don & Senora de 

[1705 Conn At 

First Secretary Gay tan de Ayala Senor Don & Senora de Dono 

[Ramon.... 1629— $1 

Secretary Pastor Senor Don Luis I 

Attache de Beoitez S«»nor Don Antonio | ^ rfr^Q » 

Attach^ de Galarza Don Julio de ^^"" " 

Military Attache de la Casa Capt & Senora Carlos | 

Naval •* Sobral Lt Don Jos6 G 1115 1 


Minister Brun Mr Constantin (Oct '95) 1409--20 


Minister Hatch Mr Francis M Dec '95 I ^^qa xx 

Secretary Hastings Mr & Mrs F P | i ^^^ H 


Minister Carbo Senor Don Luis Felipe absent 

Attach^ Vela Senor Don Cristobal ^ 

" Albornez Senor Don Pablo Elias 


Minister de Kotzebue Mr E (Jan '96) 

First Secretary de Nollant 

Second Secretary de Meek Mr & Mrs M 1908 Q 

Naval & Milt'y Agent. Mertwago Gen &Mr8 I q^q - « 

Mertwago Miss | 818-18 


Minister de Santo-Thyrso Visct & Visctss 1761 P 

New York. 469 


MiDister Meron Dr&Senora de Garcia (Delia Herrara) . . Jun'96 

1st Secretary del Viso Seilor Antonio 815 Vermont Av 


Minister Hoshi Mr & Mrs Tom (Jun *96) 

First Secretary Anenokosi Ct Kintomo 

Secretary of Legation.. Matsui Mr Eeisheiro I rp.^ t>«,.«,^#«. 

Counselor Stevens Mr Durham White | • • A ie tfancron 

Naval Attache Miyaoka Oom'der Naoki 1800 Vermont Av 

Attach^ Teshima Mr Stematsu 1309—13 


Minister Leger Mr & Mrs J N (Oct '96) 22 E 76 N Y C 


Minister. .: Ye Mr & Mrs Chin Pom (Pak) Oct '96 

First Secretary Pak Mr*Bongfiun 

Secretary Ye Mr Tam E 

Attach6 YeMrKoiSok 


Minister Moustapha Bey (Oct '96) 

First Secretary. . .Norighian Eflendi& Madame (Marie) 
Second Secretary Seifeddin Bey 


Minister ... Calvo Senor Don & Senora Dona Joaquin 

[Bernardo (Marin) Jun' 96 


Chwge fi' * ffaires Wos y Gil Seiior Don & Sefiora Alejandro (Maria 

[Ricart) Apr '96. .81 B'way N Y 






1 1