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Full text of "The Society of Midland Authors, organized April 24, 1915"

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O^tiicasa. JllUnaia 


(SrgamzBb April 24, 1915 

a[l|^ i^ortetg of miblanh Autl|nta 

James Whitcomb Rilej^ Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor 


Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor John M. Stahl 

Emerson Hough Alice Gerstenberg 

Edwin Balmer Harriet Monroe 

Maude Radford Warren Edwin Balmer 

Douglas Malloch 



Edgar J. Goodspeed 


Mary Hastings Bradley Illinois 

Meredith Nicholson i[" Indiana 

^^'^^ ^'•^"'^h j^^^ 

Wilham Allen White Kansas 

^^" Swift IZI'Michigan 

Ole E. Rolvaag Minnesota 

Jay Wilham Hudson Missouri 

H. Adelbert White Nebraska 

Stuart Walker qj^j^ 

Joseph Mills Hanson South Dakota 

2°"^ Gale Wisconsin 

Elizabeth Knobel 

Clara Ingram Judson 


Dorothy Aldis Llewellyn Jones 

Baker Brownell Douglas Malloch 

Fanny Butcher John T. McCutcheon 

Thomas Curtis Clark Harriet Monroe 

Frances R. Donovan Henry Justin Smith 

Alice Gerstenberg Eunice Tietjens 


By Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor 

During the fateful year when the world began to war, Mr. 
John M. Stahl, our treasurer, conceived the venturesome idea 
of gathering the writers of the state of Illinois together 
under the sponsorship of the Writers' Guild, his purpose 
having been to form them into a state society of authors. 

None but a bold man would have sought to weld such 
individualistic — dare I say egotistic? — creatures as authors 
into a society of any sort; yet Mr. Stahl plied his typewriter 
so assiduously during the summer of the year 1914 that a 
goodly proportion of the gifted of the gods were induced to 
attend a dinner given for them at the Auditorium Hotel on 
the evening of November 28th by the Writers' Guild — or 
rather by Mr. Stahl, its insistent President, my suspicion be- 
ing that in his hands the Guild was as pliant as we authors. 

To silence Mr. Stahl and his typewriter we came, albeit 
dubiously, only to find that he and Douglas Malloch, his 
valiant coadjutor, had distributed the limelight so tactfully 
that we became contented components of a harmonious 
whole. Yet harmonious is not the mot juste for the occas- 
ion, I fear, Hamlin Garland having been there in forensic 
majesty. Bent upon broadening Mr. Stahl's parochial idea, 
this doughty champion of the Middle West orated unabat- 
ingly until the domain of the proposed society had been so 
extended as to include within it all that vast region of the 
land lying north of the Ohio River and between the Alle- 
ghanies and the Rockies. 

Being temperamentally adverse to the term "Middle 
West," I mildly suggested the word "Midland" between 
flights of Mr. Garland's eloquence, and for my unwonted in- 
terference was elected to bear upon my shoulders the weight 
of the new Society's chairmanship. Indeed, vdthout any of 


us knowing precisely how it happened, we authors of the 
Commonwealth of Illinois, whom Mr. Stahl's persistence 
had brought together and Mr. Malloch's tact had placated, 
became so fired by Mr. Garland's enthusiasm that we re- 
solved ourselves into a Society of Midland Authors, pledged 
to recruit our ranks to full war strength from those of our 
fellow craftsmen in eleven other states of the Union. 

After thus upsetting Mr. Stahl's good intention, Mr. Gar- 
land fled precipitously to effete Manhattan, where in all but 
sentiment he has ceased to be a Midland Author. Howso- 
ever dire his action may have seemed to Mr. Stahl, it has 
been justified by the success attained by the Society, — a suc- 
cess due, I believe, to the loyalty and wisdom of its direc- 
tors. Having resided in remote places during the greater 
portion of my incumbency of the Presidential ofifice, I can- 
not take credit to myself for the work of recruiting and or- 
ganizing the Society. I know, nevertheless, how deeply the 
Society is beholden to: 

Mary Aldis Clara E. Laughlin 

Edwin Balmer Vachel Lindsay 

Lilian Bell Douglas Malloch 

Clara Louise Burnham Harriet Monroe 

George Fitch Randall Parrish 

Alice French Ella W. Peattie 

Hamlin Garland John M. Stahl 

Alice Gerstenberg Maude Radford Warren 

Emerson Hough Edith Wyatt 

As the Society's first President and now its Historian, I 
take pleasure in inscribing their names in alphabetical order 
upon this, its Golden Book, since to them more than to all 
others its success is due, they having been its most willing 
and efficient workers. 

Though the achievements of the Society are gratifying, I 
suspect that both Mr. Stahl and Mr. Garland aimed to make 

of it a more austere organization than it has become. But 
authors are "onery critters" and therefore difificult to drive. 
Moreover, to expect them to prepare masterful creations 
merely to read to each other, when millions of readers are 
crying for their wares and affluent publishers with cheque 
books lying open before them wax impatient at their desks, 
is to demand too much of human nature. Indeed, those wise 
men and women whose names I have recorded saw both the 
futility and absurdity of boring the members of the Society 
of Midland Authors with the reading of sempiternal papers 
on which no royalties are paid. Morever, being authors 
themselves, they knew that even authors, if they can be 
caught unawares and induced to unbend, like to play and 
make good cheer, not only at Christmas ibut at other seemly 
times; hence "a closer association among writers of the 
Middle West" was declared to be the Society's prime object. 

It is true that "the stimulation of creative literary effort" 
is a secondary tenet of its creed; yet how may authors be 
inspired better than by meeting each other and swapping 

As Historian of the Society, I am gratified to find that 
there is a little of an uplifting nature to record and much 
that is joyful and humanizing. We Midlanders do assemble 
once a year, it is true, to listen to pajpers read by fellow 
members; but even these solemn occasions have proved far 
from depressing; for instead of being bored by "high-brow" 
sapience we have been diverted by the pleasing wit of 
Alice French, Meredith Nicholson, Randall Parrish, George 
Ade, Emerson Hough, Zona Gale, and Margaret Hill Mc- 

Even at the last annual meeting, when the death of our 
beloved Honorary President made personal reminiscenes of 
him the order of the day, we did not wear long faces or 
pass stilted resolutions. On the contrary, we just sat to- 
gether in a friendly group while Clara EaughHn, Edith 


Wyatt, and Harriet Monroe told us human stories of James 
Whitcomb Riley's lovableness and quaintness. 

But the annual meeting is the only formal conclave of the 
year, and even that is followed by sufficient cheer and wel- 
come to make what Shakespeare calls a "merry feast." 

Decked in paper motley, we then devour the roast beef 
of old England and quaff October ale; or, in more homely 
guise, eat pork and beans and pumpkin pie until the hard 
cider which has washed them down begins to tingle in our 
toes. Then we must needs dance a reel to the tune of ''Old 
Dan Tucker," till the perspiring fiddler will bow no more. 

No, there is but little wisdom and false philosophy in the 
Society of Midland Authors, and much that is human and 
edifying, even our annual meetings being far from staid 
events. In the winter time, however, we gather at such Bo- 
hemian places as Mme. Galli's, the Bismarck Garden, or De 
Jonghe's French restaurant; while in summer we hie either 
to Lake Forest for a sylvan outing or to the Chicago lawn of 
our charming Secretary, whenever wandering Thespians 
raise their trestles there. 

Indeed, if the Society of Midland Authors has a just 
reason for being, it lies, I repeat, in its avowed purpose of 
bringing the writers of the Middle West together in closer 
association. Though a society of authors, it is nevertheless 
free from cant and prejudice, the creation of both friend- 
ship and goodfellowship among the men and women of the 
Middle West who write for a living being the object for 
which it was founded. 'Because of this it differs from other 
societies of its kind and plays, I fondly believe, a useful 
as well as pleasing part in the life of this workaday por- 
tion of the land. 



The name of this association shall be THE SOCIETY 
OF MIDLAND AUTHORS, and it shall include represen- 
tative writers resident in the twelve Central Western States 
between the Alleghany Mountains and the Rocky Moun- 
tains and north of the Ohio River, i. e., Illinois, Indiana, 
Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, 
North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. 


The objects of the Society are: A closer association among 
the writers of the Middle West, the stimulation of creative 
literary effort, and the establishment of a library of books 
and manuscripts by members of the organization. 


The officers of the Society shall be: A President; twelve 
Vice-Presidents, each representing one of the above states; 
a Secretary; a Treasurer; and a Board of Twelve Directors. 
The Vice-Presidents shall constitute an Advisory Council, 
and, with the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall be 
ex-ofificio members of the Board of Directors. The Society 
may elect an Honorary President. 


1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the 
Society and of the Council and of the Board of Directors. 

2. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President 
from the first of the states, alphabetically arranged, shall 
preside; and in his absence, the next in order. 

3. The Secretary shall be elected to serve two years, and 
shall keep the minutes of all the meetings of the Society and 
of committees, and shall be the custodian of all records. 

4. The Treasurer shall be elected for a term of two years, 

and shall have custody of the funds of the Society. He shall 
receive all dues, and make disbursements upon the authority 
of the President, or the first of the Vice-Presidents, and 
the Secretary. 

5. The active management of the Society shall be vested 
in the Board of Directors. Five Directors shall constitute a 

6. The Vice-Presidents, w^hen so requested, shall furnish 
the Board of Directors any available information concerning 
the eligibility of candidates for membership. 


One month before each annual meeting the Board of 
Directors shall appoint a nominating committee of five mem- 
bers who shall prepare a ticket of all ofificers to be elected 
for the ensuing year, this constituting the regular ticket to 
be voted on at the annual meeting. An independent ticket 
or tickets may be put in the field upon the signed request 
of fifteen members. Two weeks before the annual meeting 
the Secretary shall send the ticket or tickets to all members, 
who may return their votes by mail. A majority of the 
whole number of votes cast shall determine election. 

The officers elected at the preliminary meeting shall hold 
office until the annual meeting of October, 1915. 


The annual meeting of the Society shall be held in Chicago 
on the last Saturday in October. Special meetings may be 
called by the Board of Directors, or by petition of six mem- 
bers of the Advisory Council, or by petition of twenty-five 
members of the Society. 


The dues shall be Five Dollars per annum, payable in 

Amendment: Dues shall be Three Dollars per annum 
for residents of Chicago and Two Dollars for non-residents. 


The Board of Directors shall appoint a committee on 
membership, consisting of five members, which shall pass on 

all candidates for membership, a majority vote constituting 
election. Any three members of the Society may present a 

At a meeting of the Officers and Directors of the Society 
of Midland Authors, held September 27, 1917, the following 
amendment to the Constitution, VIII., Qualifications, para- 
graph 1, was proposed: 

The 'Board of Directors shall constitute the Committee on 
Membership, a majority vote constituting election. Any one 
member of the Society may present a candidate, but each 
candidate must have the endorsement of at least two other 
members. Any proposal for membership shall be sent to the 
Secretary. Each Director shall be notified by mail of such 
intended election. Vote on such membership may be taken 
at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors. Each 
Director shall be required to attend such meeting or vote by 
mail. A failure to reply to the Secretary will be deemed an 
affirmative vote. 

Any writer, resident within the twelve states enumerated 
above, who is the author of a book of poetry, fiction, history, 
biography, travel, or criticism, published in the regular 
course of trade, or who is the author of a play produced 
by professional players on a public stage, shall be eligible 
to membership. Writers of books privately printed, or of 
books on legal, medical, political, theological, scientific, or 
technical subjects, or of pamphlets, cannot be considered 
qualified thereby for membership. 

But the membership committee by unanimous vote may 
elect to membership any candidate who, in its judgment, has 
achieved distinction as a contributor to magazines. 


This constitution may be amended at any annual meeting, 
or meeting called for the purpose, by two-thirds vote of the 
memibers present; upon the recommendation of the Advisory 
Council; or upon request in writing of twenty-five members. 
The Society shall be required to send each member a copy of 
the amendment proposed at least thirty days before the meet- 
ing at which it is to be considered, with notice of said 


The interpretation and application of this constitution shall 
rest with the Board of Directors. 



April, 1930 

Addams, Jane 

Hull House, 800 South Halsted Street, Chicago 

Ade, George Hazelden Farm, Brook, Indiana 

Aldis, Dorothy (Mrs. Graham) 

100 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago 

Aldrich, Bess Streeter (Mrs.) 

The Elms, Elmwood, Nebraska 

Altrocchi, Julia Cooley (Mrs. Rudolph) 

760 Coventry Road, Berkeley, California 

Altrocchi, Rudolph ( Prof.) 

760 Coventry Road, Berkeley, California 

Amsbary, Wallace Bruce (Prof.) 

4724 Greenwood Avenue, Chicago 

Armstrong, Edith M. (Mrs. Morgan K.) 

2815 "Q" Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Arnold, Julian B 1400 Hyde Park Boulevard, Chicago 

Atwater, Richard Chicago Evening Post, 

211 West Wacker Drive, Chicago 
Atwood, Harry Fuller... .28 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago 

Balmer, Edwin 1714 Asbury Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 

Barnes, Margaret Ayer (Mrs. Cecil) 

1153 North Dearborn Street, Chicago 

Barrett, Ethel Jl^ook (Mrs.) 

807 South Eleventh Street, Newcastle, Indiana 

Barrett, Oliver R 310 South Michigan Boulevard, Chicago 

Barton, William E. (Rev.) 

Pine Knoll on Sunset Lake, Foxboro, Massachusetts 

Battenhouse, Henry M. (Prof.) 

409 Allen Place, Albion, Michigan 

•Biaum, James E 550 Spruce Avenue, Lake Forest, Illinois 

Bayliss, Clara Kern (Mrs.) Isle View, 1419 

Twenty-Seventh Street West, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Beach, Joseph Warren 

1801 University Avenue, S. E., Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Beebe, Ethel Fairmont (Mrs. Murray C.) 

Cheshire, Connecticut 

Bennett, Estelline 

Plaza Hotel, 1553 North Clark Street, Chicago 

Blanden, Charles Granger 

4320 Avalon Drive, San Diego, California 


Borden, Courtney (Mrs. John) 

Ambassador Hotel, Chicago 
Summer residence. Lake Forest, Illinois 

Bowman, James Cloyd (Prof.) 

900 'North Front Street, Marquette, Michigan 

Bradley, Mary Hastings (Mrs. Herbert E.) 

5344 Hyde Park Boulevard, Chicago 

Brazelton, Ethel M. Colson (Mrs. F. M. S.) 

.1354 East Forty-Eighth Street, Chicago 

Brown, Katherine Holland 

428 North Ninth Street, Quincy, Illinois 

Brownell, Baker (Prof.) 1200 Sherwin Avenue, Chicago 

Bundy, Walter E. (Prof.) 

307 East Walnut Street, Greencastle, Indiana 
Burton, Charles Pierce....439 Downer Place, Aurora, Illinois 

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Casey, Robert J Chicago Daily News 

400 West Madison Street, Chicago 
Chapman, William Gerard, International Press Bureau 

330 South Wells Street, Chicago 

Chappell, Frederick A Chicago Daily News 

400 West Madison Street, Chicago 

Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart C 

900 Hot Springs Road, Santa Barbara, California 

Clark, Thomas Curtis 

1812 South Seventh Avenue, Maywood, Illinois 

Clute, Willard N Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana 

Cole, Mabel Cook (Mrs. Fay-Cooper) 

Tilden Hall, 3945 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C. 

Conrad, Lawrence H 

915 De Mun Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 

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11338 Mayfield Road, Cleveland, Ohio 

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28 East Eleventh Street, New York, N. Y. 

Crawford, Nelson Antrim (Prof.) 

The Household Magazine, Topeka, Kansas 

Darrow, Clarence S 11 West Washington Street, Chicago 

Dean, Alexander (Prof.) Department of Drama 

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 
Dillon, George 5142 Kimfcark Avenue, Chicago 


Donahey, Mary Dickerson (Mrs. William) 

2331 Cleveland Avenue, Chicago 

Donahey, William 2331 Cleveland Avenue, Chicago 

Donovan, Frances R. (Mrs.) 

5845 Blackstone Avenue, Chicago 

Dresbach, Glenn Ward 741 Belden Avenue, Chicago 

Drumm, Stella M 

5741 McPherson Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 

Dumont, Henry 51 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y. 

Eberhart, Mignon G. (Mrs.) 

P. O. Box 168, Valentine, Nebraska 

Fairbank, Janet Ayer (Mrs. Kellogg) 

1244 North State Parkway, Chicago 

Faulkner, Georgene 4746 Dorchester Avenue, Chicago 

Field, Walter Taylor 211 Park Avenue, Hinsdale, Illinois 

Fishbein, Morris (M.D.) American Medical 

Association, 535 North Dearborn Street, Chicago 

Fiske, Horace Spencer 

1373 East Fifty-Seventh Street, Chicago 

Fordyce, Claude P. (M.D.) American Medical 

Association, 535 North Dearborn Street, Chicago 

Foulke, William D 

Corner 18th and S. A. Streets, Richmond, Indiana 

Freer, Agnes Lee (Mrs. Otto T.) 

81 East Elm Street, Chicago 

French, Alice (Octave Thanet) 

321 East Tenth Street, Davenport, Iowa 

Gale, Zona Portage, Wisconsin 

Gardner, Helen 5749 Dorchester Avenue, Chicago 

Garnett, Louise Ayres (Mrs. Eugene H.) 

1226 Judson Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 

Gerstenberg, Alice 1120 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 

Goodspeed, Edgar Johnson (Prof.) 

5706 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago 

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Auditorium Hotel, Chicago 

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420 Center Street, Ashland, Ohio 

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3401 Lincoln Place Drive, Des Moines, Iowa 

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Office of the President, Notre Dame University 

Notre Dame, Indiana 

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Hitchcock Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago 

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4137 Lawn Avenue, Western Springs, Illinois 

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2319 Lincoln Street, Evanston, Illinois 


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118 Fifth Avenue, Council Bluffs, Iowa 

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2319 Lincoln Street, Evanston, Illinois 

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Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois 

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2317 Commonwealth Avenue, Chicago 

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1822 Sheridan Road, Evanston, Illinois 

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1032 East Boston Avenue, Monmouth, Illinois 

Rolvaag, Ole E 

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5649 Blackstone Avenue, Chicago 

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1628 Eleventh Avenue, Moline, Illinois 

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1223 East Fifty-Third Street, Chicago 

Seymour, George Steele 

1223 East Fifty-Third Street, Chicago 

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.2450 Lake View Avenue, Chicago 

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Detroit, Michigan 

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at California Street, Washington, D. C. 

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Chicago Commons, 955 West Grand Avenue, Chicago 

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154 East Pearson Street, Chicago 

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1113 West Johnson Street, Madison, Wisconsin 

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vVardman Park Hotel, Washington, D. C. 

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5601 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago 

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Box 11, Watertown Station, East Moline, Illinois 

Walker, Stuart Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, Ohio 

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1725 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 
Ward, Florence (Mrs.).— 154 Morton Street, Batavia, Illinois 

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1411 Maple Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 

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1718 South Twenty-Sixth Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 

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Williams, Whiting 3030 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 

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519 North College Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 
Wyatt, Edith Franklin. ...1212 North State Parkway, Chicago 

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P. O. Box 102, Pataskala, Ohio 

Young, Agnes Brooks (Mrs.) 

3280 Chadbourne Road, Cleveland, Ohio 


Michelson, Albert A. (Prof.) 

1220 East Fifty-Eighth Street, Chicago 



George Fitch 1915 

James Whilcomb Riley 1916 

Lieut. Kenneth Sawyer Goodman 1918 

Lieut. Walter Smith Poague 1918 

Dr. Paul Carus 1919 

William Morton Payne 1919 

Dr. George Frank Butler 1921 

Bert Leston Taylor 1921 

Elizabeth Gordon 1922 

Captain Emerson Hough 1923 

Randall Parrish 1923 

Gene Stratton Porter 1924 

Lydia Avery Coonley Ward 1924 

Frances Trego Montgomery 1925 

Herbert Quick 1925 

Louis J. Block 1927 

Clara Louise Burnham 1927 

Harry Pratt Judson 1927 

Lily A. Long 1927 

Keith Preston 1927 

George Barr McCutcheon 1928 

Charles A. Myall 1930 

Cornelia Baker 1930 

William Nelson Gemmill 1930 

Vi-f ' •! . - '