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so what's your 


UMass Lowell is located in the historic industrial city of Lowell, 25 minutes northwest of 
Boston; the campus spans more than 125 acres along the Merrimack River. More than 12,000 
resident and commuter students of all backgrounds pursue bachelor's, master's, and doctoral 
degrees. For more than a century, the University of Massachusetts Lowell has been educating 
students to work in the real world, solve real problems, and help real people. 


Above: Dr. Jack Wilson 
Inset: Former University 
President William Bulger 

Dr. Jack Wilson, formerly the interim president of UMass, is now the permanent president of the entire university 
system after being appointed by the Board of Trustees last Wednesday. The decision was met with mixed 
reactions from members of the UMass community, mostly due to the suddenness of the meeting to 
nominate the president. The Presidential Search Committee said before that the next president would 
not be in office until July 1 so as to coincide with the next fiscal year. UMass Lowell Provost Dr. John 
Wooding said he accepted the board's decision: "We will be happy to support the new president of the UMass 
system." Wooding' s comment was mirrored by Vice Chancellor Frederick Sperounis, who said, "We are looking 
forward to continuing our collaboration of working with the UMass system." The meeting occurred without having 
all of the trustees present, and was prompted when Worcester Polytechnic Institute announced Wilson as a finalist for 
their vacant presidency. Wilson's appointment came with little surprise because The Boston Globe ran two articles 
earlier last week, stating the position was down to two candidates: Wilson and Alan Solomont, a 
prestigious fundraiser for the Democratic Party. The Globe reported that an anonymous search 
committee member said the board favored Wilson. The committee said they would release a list of 
the top contenders for the position, but the trustees planned a meeting for March 30 to nominate 
Bulger's successor. They then prompted the emergency meeting for last Wednesday and appointed 
Wilson. Wilson fills the shoes of former UMass president William Bulger, who resigned at a 
meeting at UMass Lowell last August. Bulger was the UMass President for seven years until he 
came under pressure from Governor Mitt Romney to step down. Romney targeted Bulger for 
various reasons, including Bulger's ties to his fugitive mob boss brother, James "Whitey" Bulger. 
According to the Globe, William Bulger, Romney, and Board of Trustees Chairwoman Grace Fey 
all supported the boards' decision to appoint Wilson as the new president. UML Student Trustee 
Matthew Morand, who represents the students of UMass Lowell to the Board of Trustees, attended 
the meeting. "I'm not disappointed that Wilson is in. He is fantastic... he is highly regarded," 
Morand stated. According to Morand, the Search Committee had about 100 nationwide candidates 
for the position, and had narrowed it down to twelve. The identities of the candidates were supposed 
to be kept secret, but it was leaked to the press that Wilson and Solomont were finalists. Morand 
said biographies were handed out to the trustees at 4 pm on Wednesday. Morand said at least eight of the trustees 
supported Wilson, and three of them abstained from voting. "There was a definite opinion that Wilson was the best 
candidate," Morand said about the majority of the trustees. Only two of the five student trustees were allowed to 
vote. This year, UMass Boston and UMass Dartmouth each get a vote. Last year it was Amherst and Lowell. Neither 
of the two trustees voted. "Some people had concerns that they did not know [Solomont]," said Morand. When 
asked how he would have voted, Morand said he would have abstained because it was clear Wilson would win, 
which he was not against, but he said he did not know enough about Solomont to make a valid decision between the 
two. Solomont graduated from the former University of Lowell and has donated money to UML in the past, and 
Solomont Way on South Campus is named for him. Morand said he thought it would have been good for UMass 
Lowell if Solomont were the president. One thing that made the trustees skeptical about Solomont was his strong tie 
to the Democratic Party, which some thought could create problems with the Republican governor. Solomont was a 
head fundraiser for President Bill Clinton and has raised money for Senator John Kerry's presidential campaign. 
Solomont is an entrepreneur in the health care industry. "Solomont was a non-conventional candidate," said Morand. 
Romney urged the search committee to seek non-conventional candidates outside of academia, including business 
leaders from around the country. One of the reasons why many people felt it was important to get a non-conventional 
president was because they hoped to get a strong leader that could raise money through business negotiations. When 
asked what he thought about the search committee's process, which included a nation-wide search and paying 
$90,000 to search committee member William Funk to act as a consultant for the recruitment process, and sticking 
with Wilson, Morand said, "I don't think the committee had an agenda to make it hometown guys. I think the two 
candidates are both outstanding and that is why they made it. . . he [Wilson] is very familiar with academia and very 
qualified to be the president."Dr. Robert Tamarin, UML Dean of Science, said, "I've met Jack Wilson four or five 
times, he is a brilliant physicist. He's got a real vision for the university. I'm prepared to give him a chance." Tamarin 
said. When asked about the board's decision to pick Wilson over Solomont, Tamarin said, "I think Wilson came here 
on his own merits. . .1 don't see any politics in this." Tamarin has also met Solomon. "He's been very generous to our 
university. I really have no opinion about him one-way or the other," Tamarin said. Faculty Union President and 
Mechanical Engineering professor Dr. Robert Parkin said he was happy Wilson was selected for the position. "I think 
the trustees did the right thing. . .Even though Solomont is one of ours, I think the feeling of the faculty is that we 
want an academic and someone who knows what goes on in academia," he said. The news of Wilson's appointment 
did indeed come with mixed reactions. Some faculty members at UML criticized the search committee and the Board 
of Trustees for speeding up the selection process and keeping Wilson in office, but those sources did not want to be 

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of campus 


UML Halloween Fun 
By Robert Moreau 
Connector Contributor 

On Thursday and Friday, October 
30 th and 31 st , UMass-Lowell hosted 
various activities in celebration of 
Halloween. The most prominent was 
the Safe Zone Trick or Treating hosted 
at Concordia and Sheehy Halls on 
South Campus, lasting from 6-8 p.m. 
The purpose of the Safe Zone Trick or 
Treating was to give the children of 
Lowell elementary schools and their 
families a safe place to trick-or-treat. 
As Concordia Resident Director Beth 
Willis noted "Some parents don't like 
to send their kids out at night to 
strangers, and we figured this would be 
a safe place to have fun." 

The festivities also included various 
activities such as a doughnut-eating 
contest, professional face painting, and 
a haunted house hosted by the Off- 
Broadway Players. 

On Friday, from 10-2 p.m., other 
Halloween activities took place on 
Southwick Hall on North Campus, and 
McGauvran Hall on South. They 
included a photographer and tarot card- 
reading psychics. Prizes were handed 
out to people wearing costumes. 

Overall, Halloween 2003 was a very 
fun time for both UML students and 
the greater Lowell community. 9 



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the joys of driving 

The city of Lowell has confirmed that the 
University Avenue Bridge will be repaired and 
re-opened in September, just in time for fall 
semester to begin. Since the beginning of 
December, the bridge has been closed to all 
vehicular traffic because it was believed that the 
weight of buses and trucks would weaken the 
bridge. Because of this, Lowell residents have 
had to deal with countless changes in their 
every day commute. By this time, Lowell 
residents have become accustomed to the 
inevitable traffic jams due to the closing of one 
of the most crucial bridges in Lowell. UMass 
Lowell shuttle buses have had to take new 
routes. UML students living on East Campus 
have had to learn to plan their schedules around 
rush hour, especially between 3pm and 6pm; 
when both lanes on the Aiken Street Bridge are 
reserved for one-way traffic heading towards the 
VFW Highway. This has caused the traffic on 
O'Donnell Bridge to increase dramatically. 
UMass Lowell Dean of Students, Thomas Taylor 
had believed originally that students would not 
be allowed to walk over the University Ave 
Bridge, but luckily it is safe enough and 
students living on East have been able to walk 
to and from their classes on North Campus 
without having to worry about the extended 
time it would take the shuttle bus to make the 
loop all the way around to North. When the 
University Avenue Bridge had originally 
closed, the presence of countless Police 
directing traffic was absolutely necessary to 
keep order in the city. Understandably, there 
was mass confusion and frustration amongst 
commuters. According to City manager John 
Cox, now that it is about three months since the 
bridge has closed, "we need less police 
presence." At the intersection of the O'Donnell 
Bridge and the VFW Highway, there has been a 
noticeable lack of police officers directing 
traffic. According to Cox, they "have stopped 
detail because it costs too much money." There 
still are traffic police, but not as many, and only 
at certain times of the day. The Lowell Police 
Officers are taken off the road and put on duty to 
direct traffic. This project is expected to cost 
the City of Lowell $750,000- $800,000. The 
city is currently petitioning for federal money, 
but for now it will come out of the city's budget. 

University Ave Bridge to open in September 
Michelle Camasso 
Connector Contributor 



• £.v - .> '— • * 


Hitting the books...FlNALS 

There you sit, in an uncomfortable wooden chair, in a classroom, somewhere on campus. You've been through a lot this semester, tests, quizzes, and papers all 
trying to keep you from the end of the line. And now you sit in your chair, clutching your mechanical pencil, which is almost out of lead, as a line of sweat begins 
to form on your forehead. You prepare to launch your attack, a volley of answers, in hopes of defeating the 120 multiple choice questions that lay between you 
and summer. That's right, the final exam, the last line of defense the enemy has between you and your semester mission objective: no more pencils, no more 
books, and no more professor's dirty looks. Now the only thing creeping through your mind is the hope that you are well enough prepared to survive this one last 
battle, and snatch victory from the hands of defeat. But keep your head high soldier, because we'll tell you how to get the leg up on the enemy, and come out of 
this alive and on top. Summer is creeping up fast, and so are those final exams. They've crept up fast enough that most students didn't even realize it until a week 
ago. Final projects are being assigned, and professors are collecting their last homework assignments. As schedules become more and more hectic, it's important to 
remember to put aside some time, even now, to start preparations for your finals. Start looking over notes, cleaning out folders, and reviewing test materials. You 
should try to avoid cramming and all-nighters at all costs. Going into a test tired is one of the worst things you can do. It's harder to recall information if you're 
tired. The night before an exam, you should try to put in as many hours of sleep as possible (within reason of course) so that you can have a sharp, refreshed 
mind when it comes to test time. Also, utilize any tricks or techniques you know to help you remember material. You will have a lot of information to remember, 
and it helps to exploit any tricks you know short of cheating to help you remember it all. Most importantly, don't get too stressed out. Stress piled on top of all 
that studying can lead to a lot of unhappy hours at the books, so once again, space the studying out over a couple nights, reviewing your materials more then 
once. Heck, throw on some music while you study, and let the sweet soothing sounds cut down on your study time tension. Or if music isn't your thing, take 
breaks here or there for gaming, an episode of Seinfeld, or just to relax. It's hard to keep up a good work ethic with the summer approaching so fast. The warm 
weather and longer days are beckoning you to drop the books and come outside. But keep in mind that if you don't wait till the last minute, you can have both 
good grades on your exams and fun outdoors. And after the multiple choice questions that stand between you and summer lay crumpled, defeated by your 
knowledge of the subject, you've got 3 and a half months to do whatever pleases you, without having to worry about deadlines. 

Brian Wiles 

Connector Editor 1 5 






The Faculty of the University is committed to the promotion of scholarly 

research and creative, artistic achievement. It seeks to create new 

knowledge in the belief that an atmosphere of original inquiry supports 

both the instructional and public service goal of the University. It 

acknowleges its special obligation to provide quality teaching in all 

academic programs and continually seeks more effective methods of 

>• V 

imparting knowledge and understanding. 

Arnold O'Brien 
Atmospheric Science 

Frank Colby 
Atmospheric Science 

Robert Gamache 
Atmospheric Science 

Susan Braunhut 

.a&x.%tes. 3 

Ken Marks 




Rudolf Faust 




James Whitten 

Kajel Clay pool 
Computer Science 

Jesse Heines 
Computer Science 


William Moloney 
Computer Science 

Ronald Brent & Charles Byrne 

John Sieg 
Computer Science 

Jie Wang 
Computer Science 

J. David Hirschel 
Criminal Justice 

James Egan & Arthur Mittler 


Clayton French 
Radiological Science 

Mark Q.Yin 

"'" ':'&. <i v ■'- <7« ' a'.'i%fi~i 

Richard W. Stimets 



§1)1 Hi iH 


Padman Harihar 

Lloyd Kannenberg 

; f P 

•Cunnat Sebastian 


< 1.11 1 




Roger D. McLeod 

Economics Chair 



Arlene McCormack 
Regional Economics 

Dina Bozica 

W. Scott Hoerle 
European History 

Eva Buzawa, Larry Siegel, 
Don Hummer - Criminal Justice 

Phillip Moss 
Regional Economics 

James Coates 
Fine Arts 

Christopher Carlsmith 

Christopher Smith 
Criminal Justice 

J. Heli Hernandez 


Shehong Chen 

John Craig Freeman 
Visual Arts 

Dr. Paula Telesco 
Music Theory & Aural Skills 

fr >n>' 


Fred Faudie 

Dr. R. Nicholas Tobin 
Music Education 

Dr. Jacqueline Alexander 
Aural Skills 

William Carman 
Sound Recording Technology 

. ' ' am b - tmxtsm 


William Moylan 
Sound Recording Technology 

Wf '^m - -L i 




1 » v, 




Debra Huber & Dan Lutz 
Music Performance 

V f 


Jeffrey Fischer 

Bill Berkowitz 

Anne Mulvey 

Kristin Esterberg, Daniel Egan, Levon Chorbajian, Mitra Das 


Robert Innis 



1 |I 



■■ " : 


*■ * 

1* " 




.MBte ■'< 

Alan Williams 
Sound Recording Technology 

Susan Gallagher 
Political Science 

Ted Namm 
Genetics, Anatomy & Physiology 


Stephen Moses 
Health Promoting 

Eugene Rogers 
Health and Criminal Science 

Nicole Champagne 
Health & Nursing 

Stephen Mishol 
Fine Arts 


Barbara Mawn 

Krishna Vedula 


Charles F. Thompson 

Connie Seymour 
Physical Therapy 

Sean Collins 
Physical Therapy 

George Cheney 
Electrical Engineering 

Clairmont "Monty" Carter 

Kanti Prasad 
Electrical Engineering 




iT*A\\\ ^14, 



■,.,- : -; 

:'■■ '■.: ■■ .■ .. . 

John Walkinshaw 
nical/Nuclear Engineering 

. ~ \ 

A >l 

i i! 11 ytVHp^v* I 

I s - tt< tf ' . I 

John White 
Chemical/Nuclear Engineering 



Alfred Donatelli 
Chemical/Nuclear Engineering 


Electrical/Computer Engineering 

. -^x&V&'.'W? 

John Duffy 
Mechanical Engineering 

J mm, 

John McKelliget 

Mechanical Engineering 


Fang Lai 
Plastics Engineering 

Frank Andrews 

Clair Comm 

Robert Malloy 
Plastics Engineering 

-' "'■■, .. 

Riaz Khan 

Gary Muccia 


Kathryn Verreault 

James Monahan 

>'<<••> > Mil s 1 **&* 


Stuart Freedman 




m ill 

mm M '*' r». si 



Brooke D. Harvreaves-Heald 

Valerie Kijewski 

Sangphil Kim 

Yash Puri 

Sherre Strickland 


and Club 


The UMass Lowell campus is home to more than one hundred student- 
run organizations representing diverse groups and a wide range of 
interests. The clubs and/or organizations strive to promote social, 

cultural, and educational activities on campus aimed at stimulating and 

engaging the student body. They have one goal in mind - to improve all 

aspects of life at the University. 


# W 


■j.j*-jV jitfJL. 


Jennifer's Run 


i*i ' jam. P ' 

w ■ ~ aBBBB; ' ' ,,' ... ......„..^..,^,.„. ^ 




UMass Lowell athletics are enjoying a period of champions and star 

athletes. While achieving excellence on and off the field, UML athletes 

are also dedicated students. Standout student athletes included Seniors 

Elad Inbar and Patrice Mendoza, who were each named the Lester H. 

Cushing Award Recipients for Male and Female Athletes of the Year at 

UMass Lowell Excellence Banquet. 


Lock Haven 


St. Michael's 




Saint Anselm 






Franklin Pierce 


American International 




Franklin Pierce 


St. Michael's 








Saint Anselm 













women's field hockey 

The field hockey team enjoyed its most special season in school history, which included an appearance in the NCAA championship match 
is well as the Northeast- 1 Tournament title. The River Hawks overcame a three-match slide to end the regular season to defeat Bentley (3-2 on 
>enalty strokes) in the NE-10 Tournament semifinal, and regular season champion Bryant in the final (2-1 ). The championship secured UML's 
nclusion and hosting rights of the NCAA Tournament semifinal and final. UML moved on to defeat Bryant in the semifinal, 1-0, before losing to 
:ight-time champion Bloomsburg in the final, 4- 1 . 

Nevertheless, there were plenty of postseason honors, especially for the trio of junior Jacklyn Driscoll and seniors Martha Marsden and 
atrice Mendoza, each of whom were named All-Americans by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (1MFHCA). In addition, second- 
rear head coach Shannon Hlebichuk was named the NFHC A Division II Coach of the Year and Northeast- 1 Coach of the Year. Mendoza was 
lamed the NE-10 Goalkeeper of the Year for the second straight year and joined Driscoll and Marsden on the All-NE- 1 first team. Cited to the 
econd team was first-year sophomore Joanna DaLuze and senior Laura Petros. 

The River Hawks tied or achieved several school records, including games played (23, formerly 20), goals against average in a season 
1.12, formerly 1.13) and wins in a season ( 1 5), tying the mark originally set in 1 997. 


men's hockey 

The hockey team's finish in 2003-04 - 1 0-23-7 overall 
and 7-12-5 (sixth place) in Hockey East - does not reflect 
its progress and the current direction of the program. 
Midway through the year, the River Hawks were forced to 
forfeit five victories due to the use of an ineligible player. 
At the time, UML was 12-11-3 overall and 7-4- 1 in Hockey 
East (fifth place), but then slipped to 7- 1 6-3 and 4-7- 1 in 
HE (tied for seventh), en route to a first-round exit in the 
HE Tournament. 

Despite their misfortune, all the tools for a special 
season are in place as the River Hawks will suit 1 1 juniors, 
1 sophomores, four freshman and two seniors on the 
2004-05 roster, several of which earned decorations in the 
2003-04 season. Sophomore Elias Godoy was named to the 
Hockey East Honorable Mention squad while freshmen 
Cleve Kinley and Jason Tejchma were cited to the All- 
Rookie Team. 

Additionally, the River Hawks placed six players 
among the Hockey East All-Academic Team, the second- 
highest amount behind Maine, who had seven. Cited were 
classmates Tejchma, Chris Fontas and Brian Bova, along 
with sophomores Matt Collar and Bobby Robins and 
junior Niklas Storm. Fontas and Tejchma along with 
UMass's Peter Trovato, had the highest grade point 
averages by position. 

: ■ 

t\ XO >NEY C(X 

2j J %• *** ~ ~ ' Estate ta*tt**»<* 


The Scores 

UMass Amherst 




Alaska Anchorage 




Canisius College 






Boston College 




University of Maine 


Boston University 


Boston University 


New Hampshire 




St. Lawrence 






Ferris State 








Michigan State 


Michigan State 


Merrimack College 


Merrimack College 




Boston University 


Providence College 




Providence College 


New Hampshire 


New Hampshire 


Boston College 


Boston College 






Merrimack College 


Providence College 








The surprise of the fall season, and arguably the Northeast- 10 Conference, the UML volleyball 
team enjoyed its second straight invitation and third bid to the NCAA Tournament in four years 
despite losing 75 percent of its offense and defense from the 2002 squad which posted a 25-1 1 

The River Hawks won their last four matches - including a pivotal 3-2 victory over Bentley - 
to secure the sixth and final spot for the NCAA Tournament Northeast Regional. An ever-resilient 
team, the four-match win skein followed a stretch in which the River Hawks lost four of six. 

Despite a first-round exit from the NCAA Tournament, the play of sophomore OH Julie 
Handy and senior setter Andrea Turner lifted UML to another second-place finish in the NE-10 
regular season. Both Handy and Turner were named all-conference first team selections while 
sophomore Katye Larson was a third team recipient. 

A four-time all-conference player (Northeast- 1 in 2000, '01 and '02, NECC in 1999), Turner 
also earned All-Northeast region honors for the fourth successive time while Handy joined her, 
making her first appearance. Both were also named AVCA honorable mention All- Americans. 

S|j f aj,ujii , r M$M\ KHEii 



■f iWIMWIT %&BBtr. iSSf 


women's track & field 

The UML women's track and field team enjoyed a splendid 
season indoors and out, highlighted by a best-ever second-place 
finish at the New England outdoor championships, its third 
straight Northeast- 10 indoor title and second consecutive NE-10 
outdoor title. 

During the indoor season, the River Hawk women crowned 
four All- Americans, two New England champions, six All-New 
England standouts and six Northeast- 10 champions over eight 
events. The UML 4X400 meter relay team qualified for the 
NCAA indoor championship and earned All- American honors as 
it placed eighth with a time of 3:5 1 .68. Making up the 4X400 
team were junior Josette Pierre-Louis, sophomore Jill 
Thibodeau and freshmen Toni-Marie Henry and Ashley 

Junior Shannon Seidel (heptathlon) and sophomore Esia 
Johnson (long jump) highlighted the UML's showing at the New 
England Championships by winning individual titles while Pierre- 
Louis earned All-New England honors in the 400 meter dash 

Individually, Pierre-Louis was named the NE-10 Track 
Athlete of the Year while Henry was named the NE-10 
Freshman of the Year. Head Coach Gary Gardner was name 
the NE-10 Coach of the Year for both the men's and the 
women's sides. 

The outdoor season was more impressive as the 4X100 
meter relay team - led by freshmen Tristan Johnson and Toni- 
Marie Henry, Esia Johnson and junior Josette Pierre-Louis - 
placed seventh at the NCAA Championship to earn All- American 

UML won the 4X400 and 4X100 meter relays at the New 
England Championships, while Pierre-Louis captured the 100 
meter dash (12.15 seconds). Pierre-Louis led the 4X400 meter 
relay team, along with Henry, Tristan Johnson and sophomore Jill 
Thibodeau. Pierre-Louis, Henry and the Johnsons made up the 
UML 4X100 team. Seidel, who placed second in the heptathlon 
(4,366), was the sixth UML athlete to receive All-New England 

At the Northeast- 10 Championships, 10 athletes won titles 
over 12 events. Individually, Henry shared NE-10 Freshman of 
the Year honors with Kelly Chaisson of Stonehill. 




men's track & field 

Buoyed by the success of another stellar cross country season, the men's indoor and outdoor track and field teams again 

enjoyed a terrific year which included a best-ever third-place finish in the New England outdoor championships as well as a 

fifth-place showing at the New England Indoor meet. 

Sophomore Patrick Morasse highlighted the indoor season as he earned All-American honors at the NCAA 

Championships, placing eighth in the mile in 4:10.35. Morasse was one of three individual athletes to qualify for theNCAAs, 

along with the UML 4X400 meter relay team. 

At the New England Indoors, UML won the 4X400 meter relay title behind juniors Jason Paige and Bryan Stenquist, 

along with senior Doug Marcoux and freshman Clint Cooper. Cooper was named the Northeast- 10 Conference Freshman of 

the Year while UML Head Coach Gary 
Gardner was named the NE-10 Coach of 
the Year for both the men's and women's 
sides. Cooper was one of six UML 
athletes who won championships at the 
NE-10 meet. 

Senior Kevin Alliette (3:51.37) and 
Morasse (3:51.85) were the sole UML 
men to qualify for the NCAA outdoor 
championships, placing ninth and 10 th , 
respectively, in the 1,500 meters. 

The UML 4X800 and 4X400 meter 
relay teams each won the New England 
outdoor championships as the 4X800 
team established a New England and 
school record time of 7:4 1 .84. Alliette 
and Morasse led the 4X800 quartet, 
along with senior Mike Callahan and 
sophomore Erick Colon. Alliette was 
UML's sole individual to earn All-New 
England honors, taking third in the 1 ,500 
meters (3:51.44). 

The 4X400 team, led by Marcoux, 
Stenquist, Cooper and junior Ryan 
Leger, won the New England title in 
3:13.63. Not to be outdone was the 
4X 1 00 meter relay team - seniors Nick 
Doty, Greg Mason and Cyrus 
Newbegin along with junior Erik 
Hamilton - which placed third in 42. 1 3. 
At the NE- 1 outdoor championships, 
Cooper repeated as the NE-10 Freshman 
of the Year as UML won four individual 
events, along with the 4X 1 00 and 4X400 
meter relays, to place second. 







New Haven 
Franklin Pierce 
La Moyne 
Saint Michael's 
Pace University 
Southern NH 
Southern Conn. 
Saint Anselm 
Saint Rose 
American Int'l 



-^sS*» ,* 

Despite a 4- 1 0- 1 season ( 3- 1 0- 1 in the NE- 1 0), the 
women's soccer team achieved a pair of school records, including 
shutouts (five) and goals allowed in a single season (28, tying the 
record set in 2000). Individually, senior goalkeeper Darcy 
Hornberger broke the school record for fewest goals allowed 
with 27, beating the previous record of 28 also set in 2000. 

The defensive play of sophomore Caitlin Leary, junior 
Stacy Lukason and senior Sarah Wroblewski, along with 
freshman Michaela Rufo, deserved plaudits for making those 
records stand. Offensively, junior midfielder Marielle Christofi 
led UML in scoring with four goals and one assist (nine points) 
while freshman Tricia Auld (2-3-7) and sophomore Audrey 
Bertalovitz (2-2-6) also chipped in. 

women's soccer 

s - i: ^ 


The men's soccer team continued its ascent to the top of the NCAA 
New England Region and earned national recognition with its best season 
in school history. The River Hawks peaked over the second half of the 
regular season and in the postseason, winning the Northeast- 1 Tournament 
with a 3-2 victory at Southern Connecticut (after trailing 2-0). 

UML continued its late-season surge in the NCAA Tournament - its 
first-ever appearance - with victories over Franklin Pierce (3-0) and Southern 
Connecticut (1-0) on Owl turf. The postseason run ended in the NCAA 
Quarterfinal when the River Hawks suffered a 2-0 loss at Dowling in Oakdale, 

The loss could not spoil what was a splendid season full of accolades 
as the River Hawks won 10 of their last 12 matches. Many school records 
were set, among them victories (15) and fewest losses (5, tied) and games 
played in a season (22); most goals scored in a game (1 1, tied) and a season 
(68 ), and fewest goals in a season (21). 

Juniors Jonathan Curran and Jason Paige were each named NSC AA 
Second Team All- Americans while senior Michael Cabral became the second 
player in UML history to sign a professional contract (with the Phantoms of 
New Hampshire). All three players were also NSC AA New England Region 
first team members. 

The threesome led a best-ever seven players on the NE- 1 all-star teams. 
Curran was named the Defensive Player of the Year while Jason Paige earned 
the 2003 NE- 1 Golden Ball award for most goals against NE- 1 competition. 
Cabral, arguably the best left footed player in the region, joined them on the 
NE- 10 first team. 

Junior Kyle Burson was named to the second team while freshman 
Christian Figueroa, the 2003 NE- 1 Freshman of the Year, was cited to the 
third team, along with sophomore Nurradin Abdo and freshman John O'Brien. 

Seventh-year Head Coach Ted Priestly was named the Division II Coach 
of the Year by his peers in the New England Intercollegiate Soccer League 

men's soccer 



New York Tech 
New Haven 
Le Moyne 
Southern NH 
Saint Michael's 
Franklin Pierce 
Southern Conn. 
American Int'l 
Saint Rose 
Saint Anselm 
Le Moyne 
Saint Anselm 
Southern Conn 
Franklin Pierce 
Southern Conn. 


The Scores 


St. Thomas Aquinas 


Caldwell College 


West Chester 


Franklin Pierce 


Merrimack Collge 




Bentley College 


Saint Anselm 


North Dakota State 




Saint Michael's 


Le Moyne 


Saint Rose 


Pace University 


Southern Conn. 


American Int'l 


Bryant College 




Franklin Pierce 


Southern NH 










American Int'l 




Southern NH 



Southern Conn. 



With the loss of four starters, the women's 
basketball team fell victim to its grueling late 
season schedule - in which it lost 10 of its last 14 
games - which overshadowed its best start to a 
season (5-0) in school history. 

The River Hawks did put together several 
impressive wins throughout the year, including 
those over NE- 10 champion and NCAA 
Tournament semifinalist Merrimack (64-60) and 
PSAC East regular season champion West 
Chester (58-54). 



The Scores 

^— — 



Teikyo Post University 


Univ. of Bridgeport 


Franklin Pierce 


Merrimack College 




Saint Anselm 


Bentley College 


Molloy College 


Shaw University 


Saint Michael's 


Le Moyne 


Saint Rose 


Pace University 


Southern Conn. 


American Int'l 


Bryant College 




Franklin Pierce 


Southern NH 










American Int'l 




Southern NH 




Bryant College 


Southern NH 


Univ. of Bridgeport 


Southern NH 


Bryant College 


Humboldt State 



The men's basketball team (28-6 overall, 17-5 in the NE-10) enjoyed an encore of the 2002-03 season, repeating as Northeast- 1 regular 
;eason and tournament champion as well as NCAA Tournament Northeast Region host and champion. 

Despite a second straight first-round exit at the NCAA Elite Eight in Bakersfield, CA, highlighting the year was senior F Elad Inbar's 
lonor of NCAA Division II Player of the Year by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). The honor capped a brilliant 
:areer for Inbar, who was named NE- 1 Player of the Year and the Most Valuable Player of both the NE- 1 Tournament and NCAA Regional. 

Inbar also capped his career as the program's all-time leading scorer with 2,099 points, achieved by scoring 29 points in the 89-82 loss to 
iumboldt State. He also capped his career as the all-time leader in games played ( 1 27, shared with senior Uri Grunwald) and free throws 
nade (455). Inbar and Grunwald each ended their careers as the winningest players in school history, leading UML to a 100-27 record over 
he last four seasons. 

Postseason honors were plenty for Inbar, who also earned first team All-American honors by the NABC (he earned third team honors in 
1002-03) and The Basketball Times. Additionally, Inbar was selected 39 th by the Westchester (NY) Wildfire of the United States Basketball 

Grunwald was also named an All-NE-10 selection (third team), while sophomore Stacey Moragne was cited to the second team. 49 



• *~ r . 


J- -*Jg-w.. 


With a team comprised of thirteen 
underclasswomen, the UML softball team 
maintained its standing within the elite (top 
six) of the Northeast- 10 Conference and 
gave a glimpse of its potential for the 2005 
campaign as it peaked in the postseason. 
The River Hawks, as the No. 5 seed in the 
NE- 1 Tournament, won five of its last seven 
\ games and advanced within a game of the 
NE- 10 championship as it defeated 2004 
NCAA Tournament entry and No. 4-seed 
Bryant twice (4-3 and 3-1) and No. 6 
American International (2-1). Junior 
Tabitha Hebert earned NE- 1 first team 
honors, up from third team standing last year. 



In Ken Connerty's first season as head coach, 
the River Hawks peaked late in the season to win its 
fourth straight Northeast- 1 Tournament 
championship - they have won it each year since 
entering the NE-10 - and became the first conference 
team to win the title four straight years. The triumph 
marked the second time in conference history that a 
No. 6 seed (seed) won the tournament. UML 
solidified its place in the Tournament by winning 
nine of its last 12 games. 

Three players earned All-Conference honors 
for the River Hawks, led by junior CF Nate Liebenow 
who earned second team status. Cited to the third 
team was junior C Miles Page, the NE- 1 Tournament 
Most Valuable Player, and sophomore RF Bobby 
Theriault, who made his second straight all- 
conference appearance. 

The Scores 


Slippery Rock 


North Dakota 


Caldwell College 


Caldwell College 


Eckard College 




St. Leo 


St. Leo 


Bentley College 


Bentley College 


Bentley College 


Southern NH 


Merrimack College 


Merrimack College 


American Int'l 


American Int'l 


American Int'l 


Saint Rose 


Saint Rose 


Saint Rose 


Southern NH 


Southern NH 






Franklin Pierce 


Franklin Pierce 


Franklin Pierce 


Bryant College 


Saint Anselm 


Saint Anselm 


Saint Anselm 












Southern Conn. 


Southern Conn. 


Southern Conn. 




Franklin Pierce 


Southern Conn. 


Southern Conn. 




UML Athletics Announces Major Award 


at 2004 Excellence Banquet 

At the conclusion of each academic 
year, during the Excellence Banquet, the 
Department of Athletics brings together 
members of the university's athletic 
community to celebrate the many 
academic, athletic, and humanitarian 
accomplishments of our staff members 
and student-athletes. The evening 
concludes each year with a moving 
tribute to the senior student-athletes. 
Major awards are described here. 

Elad Inbar, a senior from Kiryat Haim, 
Israel, and Patrice Mendoza, a senior 
from Wilmington, MA, were each 
named the Lester H. Cushing Award 
recipients for Male and Female Athletes 
of the Year at the UMass Lowell 
Excellence Banquet. Inbar was named 
the NCAA Division II Player of the 
Year by the National Association of 
Basketball Coaches (NABC) in March 
after he led UML to a 28-6 record 
(17-5 in the Northeast- 10 Conference) 
which included UML's second straight 
NE-10 regular season and tournament 
championships. UML then moved 
on to win its second consecutive 
NCAA Tournament Northeast Region 
championship to secure a trip to the 
Elite Eight in Bakersfield, CA. Inbar 
was named the NE- 1 Tournament Most 
Valuable Player in 2003 and 2004 and 
earned NCAA Tournament Northeast 
Regional Most Outstanding Player 
honors in 2004. The NABC player of 
the year award was the pinnacle of 
many accolades this season for the 6- 
foot-7 standout, who was also named 
the 2003-04 Northeast- 10 Conference 
Player of the Year as well as a first team 
all-conference forward for the third 
straight year. He also garnered Division 
II player of the year honors from the 
Eastern College Athletic Conference 
(EC AC) and All- American status by the 
Basketball Times. Despite UML's 89-82 
loss to Humboldt State in the NCAA 
Tournament Elite Eight, Inbar led all 
scorers with 29 points and became the 
University's all-time leading scorer 
with 2,099 points. He entered the game 
needing 22 points to surpass former 
UML standout John Paganetti (1980-84, 
2,091 points). Along with scoring, Inbar 
solidified himself in many places in the 
UML record book. He finished his career 
first in games played (127, shared with 
teammate Uri Grunwald) and free throws 
made (455); second in 
rebounding (854), field goals made (768) 
and career free throw percentage (.854); 
and fifth among blocked shot leaders 
(124). Inbar is expected to move on to 
a professional career after graduation. 
He was drafted 39th by the Westchester 
Wildfire of the United States Basketball 
League (USBL) on Apr. 1 5, but opted 
to complete his degree. Head Coach 


Ken Barer also fielded several inquiries 
from Marty Blake, the NBA's director 
of scouting, as well as several NBA 
teams during the season. Inbar has also 
been a model student the last four years, 
earning a 3.490 cumulative grade point 
average as a finance major, and will 
graduate in May. 

A two-time All- American, Mendoza 
backstopped the UML field hockey team 
to within a game of the NCAA Division 
II Championship last fall as the River 
Hawks enjoyed their best season since 
1997. UML posted a 15-8 overall record 
and a 12-4 clip in the Northeast- 10, 
good for second place. UML rallied at 
the end of the year, capturing the NE-10 
Tournament title and earning the right to 
host the NCAA Tournament 
semifinals and championship. UML 
defeated Bryant in the semifinal, 1-0, 
but fell to eight-time national champion 
Bloomsburg, 4-1, in the final. Mendoza 
was named the Northeast- 1 Conference 
Goalkeeper of the Year and a first 
team all-conference selection for the 
second straight year. She rewrote the 
goalkeeping records this year, eclipsing 
marks for games in a career (77) and a 
season (22); wins in a career (38) and 
a season (15); as well as shutouts in a 
career (26) and season (10). Mendoza 
capped her senior year with 1 shutouts, 
including 9.5 solo, while posting a goals 
against average of 1 . 12 and a save rate of 
.832 over 22 matches and 1,559 minutes. 
She played a pivotal role in helping the 
River Hawks achieved several team 
records, including games played (23, 
formerly 20) and goals against average 
in a season (1.12, formerly 1.13). She 
also tied the school mark for wins in a 
season (15, originally set in 1997). 

Jenkins, Marsden Named Student- 
Athletes of the Year 

LOWELL, MA (May 27, 2004) 
- Nate Jenkins, a graduate student 
from Templeton, MA , was named the 
recipient of the David Boutin Award 
for Male Student- Athlete of the Year 
Tuesday, May 4, at the UMass Lowell 
Excellence Banquet. Jenkins was chosen 
among six male student-athletes by 
UML athletic department administrators 
for his excellence both on the cross 
country trail and in the classroom this 
season in addition to his service to the 
UML community. 

Michael Cabral (Milford, MA) , a senior 
on the men's soccer team, and Uri 
Grunwald (Haifa, Israel) , a senior on the 
men's basketball team, were finalists for 
the honor. 

Martha Marsden , a senior from Hull, 
MA, was the recipient of the Laurie 
Mann Award for female student-athlete 
of the year. A finalist for the 2003 Laurie 
Mann Award, Marsden was chosen by 
UML athletic department administrators 

for her prowess on the field hockey 
pitch as well as her excellence in the 
classroom and involvement in several 
clubs and charities. 

Andrea Turner (Denver, CO), a senior 
standout on the volleyball team, and 
Caitlin McCarthy (Methuen, MA) , a 
senior on the women's track and field 
team, were each finalists for the honor. 

2004 Student-Athlete Award Recipients 
BASEBALL: Todd Cole - A three-year 
starter at second base, Cole led the 
River Hawks in batting (.323) in 2004 
despite playing in just 26 games due to 
a broken bone in his hand. His return, 
however, helped spur UMass Lowell 
(22-21) to victory in eight of its last 1 1 
games which included its fourth straight 
Northeast- 1 Conference Tournament 
championship. An All-NE-10 Third 
Team selection in 2003, Cole capped 
his career with a sterling .970 fielding 
percentage and helped UML to a four- 
year clip of 128-70 (.646), three NCAA 
Tournaments and consecutive NCAA 
Northeast Region titles which led to trips 
to the Division II College World Series. 
Named captain for the 2004 season, 
Cole has balanced the rigors of majoring 
in plastics engineering admirably, 
maintaining a 2.993 cumulative average. 
He has been cited to the Dean's List 

- Part of the winningest four-year period 
in men's basketball history, Grunwald 
helped the River Hawks to their second 
consecutive NCAA Tournament 
Northeast Region championship and 
appearance in the Elite Eight in March. 
Along the way, he was named a third 
team all-conference standout in helping 
UML capture the Northeast- 10 regular 
season and tournament championships 
for the second straight year. A four- 
year starting guard, Grunwald never 
missed a game and helped guide the 
River Hawks to a 100-27 record (.787), 
including a 56-1 1 clip the past two 
seasons (.836). As a senior, Grunwald 
had averages of 1 1 .4 points and 2.9 
assists while ranking among NE-10 
leaders in free throw accuracy with a 
clip of .847. Off the court, Grunwald 
was a model student who maintained 
a sterling 3.845 grade point average 
as a management information systems 
major, earning Dean's List honors each 
semester and twice achieving a perfect 
4.0 average. Grunwald was inducted 
into the Beta Gamma Sigma academic 
fraternity, which includes only the top 
five percent of students in the College 
of Management. Grunwald, who will 
graduate magna cum laude, has also 
been a member of UML Student- Athlete 
Advisory Committee. 

Rabota - One of the best pure shooters 
in UML women's basketball history, 

/ i 

Rabota graduates as the program's all- 
time leader in 3-point goals made (173) 
and also ranks among the top 10 career 
leaders in 3-point accuracy (second, 
.363), scoring (sixth, 1,186) and field 
goals made (ninth, 409). As a senior, 
Rabota was among NE- 1 conference 
leaders in four categories: scoring (ninth 
13.8), 3-point field goals made (sixth, 
52) and 3-point accuracy (10 th , .363). 
She was the 1 1 th player in UML history 
to score 1,000 points in a Jan. 10 th loss 
to Pace. A management information 
science major, Rabota has maintained a 
3. 100 cumulative average and has been 
named to the Dean's List three times. 
Additionally, she served as a member of 
the SAAC for two years, assisting with 
projects such as the Special Olympics, 
Holiday Adopt-A-Family and Girls With 

Jenkins - A fifth-year senior, Jenkins 
helped the UML cross country team 
to three appearances in the NCAA 
Championship, including a sixth-place 
finish in 2002 and a 10 th place showing 
last fall. He was named the 2003 NCAA' 
Northeast Region Runner of the Year 
when he placed first with a time of 30:55 
for the 10K (6.2-mile) course and led 
the River Hawks to their third straight 
NCAA Northeast Region championship. 
In addition, Jenkins keyed the River 
Hawks to their third Northeast- 10 
Conference championship in four years 
by placing third overall in a field of 120 
runners. He also helped UML to fifth 
at the New England Championships 
- which encompasses all three NCAA 
Divisions - as he took 26 th among 255 
entries. A medical redshirt in 2001, 
Jenkins earned NCAA All-Northeast 
Region and All-Northeast- 10 Conference" 
honors three times. He was also a New 
England Collegiate Conference all-star 
as a freshman. Jenkins has also been a 
standout in the classroom as he compiled; 
a cumulative grade point average of 
3.372 in four years as a history major, 
earning Dean's List honors every 
semester. Currently, he has maintained a 
3.80 while pursuing his master's degree 
in education. Jenkins has also been 
an active member of UML's Student- 
Athlete Advisory Committee, serving as 
co-chair in 2002-03. He was active in 
helping the Committee raise money for 
the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as 
the holiday adopt-a-family project. . 

Cloutier - Battling a leg injury over the 
first few weeks of the season, Cloutier 
improved to the stellar form she showed 
as a freshman in UML's final four 
meets and helped lead the River Hawks 
to their first appearance in the NCAA 
Championship (where they placed 22 nd 
). Along the way, UML finished a best- 
ever second in both the Northeast- 10 
Championship and the NCAA Northeast 
Regional. Cloutier placed 29 th among 

1 1 6 runners at the NE- 1 meet and 28 
th among 1 18 at the NCAA Northeast 
Regional. An exercise physiology 
major, Cloutier has also been a standout 
in the classroom with a 3.930 cumulative 
average. She achieved a perfect 4.0 in 
the fall of 2003 and has been on the 
Dean's List all three semesters. 

FIELD HOCKEY: Martha Marsden - A 
first team All-American by the National 
Field Hockey Coaches Association 
(NFHCA), Marsden guided the River 
Hawks to a record of 15-8 - matching the 
school record for wins in a season - as 
they advanced to the NCAA Division 
II championship match. Along the way, 
she earned first team all-Northeast-10 
Conference honors and was named the 
NE-10 Player of the Week once. 
A midfielder, Marsden was arguably 
UMLs best player over the last two- 
thirds of the season as she registered 
all of her eight goals and 10 assists (26 
points) over the final 10 matches of 
the regular season and four postseason 
games. More impressive, she either 
scored or assisted on 15 of UML's last 
26 goals of the year. Marsden also made 
her third appearance on the NFHCA 
Division II National Academic Squad 
this year as she has maintained a 3.609 
cumulative average as a fine arts/graphic 
design major. She has been named 
to the dean's list five times. Off the 
field, Marsden is active among UML 
organizations such as the Student- 
Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), 
serving as the co-chair as a senior and 
earning selection to the Northeast- 10 
Conference SAAC. She is also member 
of the University's Student Government 
Association (SGA), for which she 
created and designed the organization's 
website and served as the liaison to 
the SAAC. Marsden is also the sports 
editor of the University's yearbook, The 
Sojourn . 

ICE HOCKEY: Jason Tejchma - One 
of two UML freshmen named to the 
2003-04 Hockey East All-Rookie Team, 
Tejchma led all River Hawk newcomers 
in scoring with nine goals and 14 assists 
(23 points). He was one of five UML 
players and two freshmen to play in 
each game over the 2003-04 campaign. 
Along with Hockey East All-Rookie 
Team honors, Tejchma was named the 
Hockey East Rookie of the Week on Jan. 
5 after scoring one goal and assisting 
on another in UML's 3-0 victory over 
Massachusetts . He was also cited to the 
Hockey East Weekly Honor Roll once. 
A business administration major, 
Tejchma is also a standout in the 
classroom with a 3.625, earning Dean's 
List honors for the fall 2003 semester. 
He has also served as an instructor at the 
Junior River Hawk hockey clinics. 

MEN'S SOCCER: Michael Cabral - A 
two-time All-New England Region and 
All-Northeast-10 Conference standout, 
Cabral led the men's soccer team to its 

best season in school history last fall 
which included the NE-10 Tournament 
title and the program's first-ever 
appearance in the NCAA Tournament. 
A four-year starting midfielder, Cabral 
compiled 13 goals and seven assists 
(33 points) to lead the River Hawks 
to a 15-5-2 record - the most wins 
in school history. He peaked in the 
postseason, scoring one goal in the 
3-0 win over Franklin Pierce in the 
NCAA Tournament opener and the only 
strike in the 1-0 victory over Southern 
Connecticut in the NCAA New England 
Region final. A left-footed player, 
Cabral scored four goals on free kicks 
this season, two of which in the NCAA 
Tournament. For his career, Cabral 
compiled 26 goals and 27 assists (79 
points, and holds the school record 
for assists in a single season (10, set 
in 2002). Since his arrival, UML has 
compiled a four-year clip of 5 1 -22-7 
(.638), its most successful period in 
program history. Cabral became the 
second UML player ever to sign a 
professional contract when he joined 
former UML standout Brandon Curran 
on the Phantoms of New Hampshire in 
April. Cabral has maintained a 3.307 
grade point average as a criminal justice 
major, and earned a 3.7 in the fall of 
2003 despite the River Hawks' extended 
season. He was named to the Dean's List 
five semesters. As a member and co- 
chair of both the UML Student- Athlete 
Advisory Committee and the NE-10 
SAAC, Cabral has also been a leader in 
the UML community. He is also one of 
two student-members of the University's 
athletic committee. 

Christofi - The leading scorer on the 
women's soccer team, Christofi has been 
a starter the last two years and emerged 
as the team's leading scorer in 2003 with 
four goals and one assist. A midfielder, 
she became a starter midway through her 
freshman season and has played in 43 of 
45 career matches. A health education 
major, Christofi has maintained a 3.450 
grade point average. Her community 
service involvement includes helping 
coordinate the first annual Campus 5K 
Run, in which the women's soccer team 
raised nearly $1 ,200 for the Alternative 
House, a battered women's shelter in 
Lowell, MA. 

SOFTBALL: Kristin Lister - A four-year 
player at second base, Lister has helped 
the softball team to four postseason 
berths, including the 2003 NCAA 
Tournament where the River Hawks 
advanced to the Northeast Region 
semifinal round. Lister had her best 
season as a senior, appearing in 46 of 5 1 
games (41 starts) while hitting .232 with 
seven RBI, six stolen bases and three 
doubles. She has also been an active 
member of the SAAC, volunteering on 
projects such as the Holiday Adopt- A- 
Family and Make-A-Wish projects. 

Morasse - The first sophomore distance 
runner in school history to earn the title 
of All-American, Morasse achieved the 
status at the NCAA Indoor Track and 
Field Championship on Mar. 13 as he 
placed eighth in the mile with a time 
of 4 minutes, 10.35 seconds. Morasse 
was a standout in both the indoor and 
outdoor seasons. On Thursday, he will 
compete in the 1,500 meters as the No. 
13 seed at the NCAA Championship in 
Walnut, CA, with the hope of advancing 
to the final on Friday. During the 
regular season, Morasse placed fourth 
in the mile at the New England indoor 
championships - which includes all 
three NCAA Divisions - with a time of 
4:08.23, the fourth-fastest time in the 
country. He also guided the 4X800 meter 
relay team to the New England outdoor 
championship in a school-record time 
of 7:41.84, also a meet record. Morasse 
was also a standout during UML's cross 
country season, earning Northeast- 10 
Conference Runner of the Year honors 
and placing ninth overall - in a field of 
225 Division I, II and III runners - at the 
New England Championship. 

McCarthy - A four-year sprinter/hurdler 
on the women's track and field team, 
McCarthy has enjoyed a stellar career 
highlighted by All-American honors 
last year in the indoor 4X400 meter 
relay. McCarthy has been a part of two 
of the top outdoor 4X400 meter relay 
performances in UML history (3:54.25, 
fourth; 3:56.65, ninth) and helped the 
indoor team set the school record of 
3:51.91. She also holds the fourth-fastest 
individual time in the outdoor 400 meter 
hurdles ( 1 :04. 1 8) and sixth-fastest result 
in the indoor 600 meters ( 1 :40.6 ! ). 
A 2003 Mann Award finalist, McCarthy 
has maintained a cumulative grade point 
average of 3.519 in criminal justice, and 
has been a reading volunteer in local 
elementary schools and also donated her 
time to the Special Olympics. 

VOLLEYBALL: Andrea Turner - A 
four-year starter. Turner graduates as a 
four-year all-conference standout and 
the program's school record holder for 
assists in a match (78), season (1,569) 
and a career (4,812). She led the River 
Hawks to NCAA Tournament bids in 
three of the last four years and helped 
compile a four-year record of 82-40 
(.672). When not playing, Turner was 
an exemplary student who maintained 
a 3.707 in nursing and will graduate 
magna cum laude. She has been 
named to the Dean's List in each of 
her semesters and was the recipient of 
several academic honors, including the 
UML Independent Alumni Scholarship. 
Turner is also one of just 20 students in 
the University's College of Nursing to 
be inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau 
International Nurses Society. Inclusion 
requires nomination by a faculty member 
and special dedication to the profession. 


- presented to the men's and women's 
teams that have achieved the highest 
overall team grade point average. 

Men - Cross Country 

* Women - Cross Country 


Field Hockey: Martha 
Marsden, Alysia Morgan, Joanna 

Men's Basketball: Elad Inbar, 
Uri Grunwald 

Cross Country: Nate Jenkins, 
Ian Hunt, Dan Sawicki 

Volleyball: Andrea Turner 


* '03 Track & Field - Heather 
Oldham, Kevin Alliette 

* Men's Basketball - Elad Inbar 
Men's Soccer - Jason Paige, 

Jonathan Curran 

* Men's Track & Field - Patrick 

* Field Hockey - Patrice 
Mendoza, Martha Marsden, Jackie 

Women's Track & Field 

- Josette Pierre-Louis, Jill Thibodeau, 
Toni-Marie Henry, Ashley Moulton 

* Volleyball - Andrea Turner, 
Julie Handy 


* Shannon Hlebichuk - NE- 1 
Coach of the Year; NFHCA Division 

II North Coach of the Year; NFHCA 
Division II Coach of the Year 

* Gary Gardner - 2003 NE- 1 
Men's Cross Country Coach of the Year; 
2003 NCAA Northeast Region Men's 
Cross Country Coach of the Year; 2004 
Men's Indoor Track & Field Northeast- 
10 Coach of the Year; 2004 Women's 
Indoor Track & Field Northeast- 1 
Coach of the Year 

* Ted Priestly - NEISL 
Division II Coach of the Year; NSCAA 
New England Region Coach of the Year; 
Mass State Coaches Association College 
Coach of the Year (All Divisions) 

* Jim Stone -2003 NE-10 
Coach of the Year 


* Women's Cross Country: 
USTCA Team Academic Award 



Every year, UMass Lowell provides fun and entertainment for 
its students, faculty and staff. Major Univsersity events include 
Opening Week, Family Day, and Spring Carnival, as well as 

concerts, comedy shows and various co-sponsored programs. 


■ *»• 


September 11 
memorial service 

On Thursday May 14 th , at 2:00PM, the memorial for the five UMass Lowell Alumni who perished in the September 1 1 th 

terrorist attacks was dedicated. On September 1 1 th 2001 , Americans and people around the watched in horror as airplanes 

became weapons of terror and destruction, and the city of New York suffered the loss of one of its most recognized icons. 

From the signs for the missing at ground Zero, to the gap in the New York City skyline, people across the country felt the 

loss of loved ones and security in America. The sensations from the impact were felt all over the nation, and the University 

of Massachusetts at Lowell realized it in the loss of three students and four of its alumni. Among the many lost were 

Douglas A. Gowell of Methuen, class of 1971, Robert J. Hayes of Amesbury, class of 1987, Brian K. Kinney of Lowell, 

class of 1995, John Ogonowski of Dracut, class of 1972, Patrick J. Quigley IV of Wellesley, Jessica L. Sachs of Billerica, 

and Chrisoper Zarba.. Located on the Riverwalk behind Leitch Hall on residential North, the memorial sculpture was 

chosen from six proposals submitted in the fall shortly after the attacks, and was designed by art students Rebekah 

Hermans, Gail Milligan, and Janet Wittlinger. The central figure of the design is a circular object that represents the 

months of the year, with a special indicator of the attacks in the September portion. It also includes a circular seating 

arrangement, tall Evergreens, grasses and other plants to complete the landscape 

9/11 memorial to be dedicated 

Aleksandra Ward 

Connector Staff 

i i i j 1 1 



Despite the rain, people of all ages came to Family Day for free or 
cheap food and activities also known as fun! Saturday, October 4, 
in the south quad many booths were set up for Family Day which 
was sponsored by so many UMass Lowell clubs its ridiculous to 
list. The purpose of this yearly tradition is to celebrate the family 
role at UMass Lowell. The Psychology Club offered free tarot 
readings, WJUL had CD's and bumper stickers, there were pony 
rides, the Activities Commission had Halloween candy and goods, 
scrubs and sweatshirts, Leitch Hall Council sold donuts, Donahue 
Hall sold popcorn, ISABA had a ring toss, the Connector sold 
your picture mounted in a funny newspaper page, Sheehy Hall sold 
some food like apple pies, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, 
some other food was sold like nachos, pretzels and the Vietnamese 
Student Association sold dinner specials. Regular vendors had 
jewelry, candleholders, and lampshades, Spectrum had temporary 
hair color and free face painting, Eames and Smith Hall Councils 
gathered together to sell meatball subs, MEISA was selling 
sausages, the Art History Club had a raffle for Topsfield Fair 
tickets, Sarah's Crazy Pants. Inside McGauvran itself were a few 
free activities, caricatures by the Local Color Design Studio, 
antique photos by Old Tyme Photos, and spin painting on Frisbees. 
Around one in the afternoon everyone gathered on the lawn in 
front of the McGauvran steps for a magic show which was as 
much comedy as magic, with balancing, disappearing balls, juggling 
and jokes about the children there and about college students. 
Music playing was UML Marching Band in the morning "This 
was our first performance this year and we sounded good" Jared 
Holaday sophomore Music major and the music in the afternoon 
was a jazz-rock trio called One Sweet World. MENC sold 
maracas and tambourines made from paper products and dried 
macaroni, "We have been selling tie dye shirts in past years, but 
this year we decided to sell something related to music" said 
Anthony B. Beatrice the vice president of MENC. Physical 
Therapy had a 50/50 raffle and sold water, their table sold at least 
fifty dollars and was just about the "only place you can get a drink" 
James O'Brien IV who laughed with his friends and club 
members. The Engineering Student Council had free temporary 
tattoos they had a lot of people come by "A lot of little kids come 
by maybe 20 people, and the Spongebob Square Pants tattoos are 
definitely selling the most." said David Harris from the council. 
Abundant Life Fellowship sold cookies that you could decorate 
with frosting and sprinkles and one member saw Family day as a 
great chance to "Get together with friends and meet new people". 
That idea is exactly what any campus is supposed to be about, 
meeting new people and through this friendships are one of the 
best things you can bring away from a college experience. 

Darleen Cobb 



■ ■■- :■ -4f;- 


• • • 





■ . .. 


R \( 

P. t;-'- 












What would your vagina say? The cast of the third annual UMass 
Lowell rendition of The Vagina Monologues entertained and 
enlightened an audience of over 400 Friday and Saturday night in the 
Mahoney Auditorium. With an introduction ending with the phrase, 
"we were worried about vaginas," it was obvious some monologues 
would be light-hearted, including "Hair, 1 ' "The Flood," and "Vagina 
Happy Fact." The fact simply states that the clitoris has more nerve 
fibers than any other body part in the male and female body. It is also 
the only organ that exists solely for pleasure. More serious aspects 
of the show dealt with female body mutilation, rape and giving birth 
with monologues such as "I Was There in the Room," "My Vagina 
was my Village," and "Not-So-Happy-Fact." One of the most 
memorable moments of the show was Olivia Richard's performance of 
"My Angry Vagina," a piece that kept the audience laughing while 
Richard belted out lines such as, "Thongs, who thought those up? 
. . .they get all up there, in your crusty butt!" Although this 
monologue was meant to be funny, it also dealt with issues such as 
the constant need of society to "clean up" the vagina. Director Anne 
Tremblay also entertained with, "Reclaiming Cunt," a monologue 
about one woman and her need to reclaim the word cunt as positive 
instead of having a connotation negative on women. Audience 
participation was encouraged as the auditorium filled with the 
chanting of the word "cunt." V-Day is a global movement to end 
violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes 
creative events to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the 
spirit of existing anti- violence organizations. It generates broader 
attention for the fight to stop worldwide violence against women and 
girls including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation, and 
sexual slavery. The Vagina Monologues is used as a "centerpiece" of 
most V-Day events. It is based on stories collected by author Eve 
Ensler by real women. It helps people who have experienced violence 
know that they are not alone and inspires both men and women to get 
involved in the fight to stop violence again women and girls. "This 
year, we honor Vagina Warriors. Women and men, who have seen 
violence, transformed, dealt with it, mourned it, embraced it - and then 
set out to change it. They are women and men who refuse to bow to 
society's standards. Women and men who persevere and are 
determined to never see another woman battered, another child sold 
into slavery, another woman kidnapped, mutilated, burned, or raped. 
Women and men who did not become disillusioned or desensitized - 
instead they fought back with education, advocacy, policy and social 
change," wrote Erin Sheehan, senior graduate student, in her letter to 
the cast and general public. Sheehan has co-organized the V-Day 
campaign on campus for the past two years and was able to join the 
cast on stage this year. The Clothesline Project set up a display of t- 
shirts made by women affected by rape, incest, hate crimes, and other 
forms of violence. Each color shirt stands for a different category. 
The project began with 3 1 shirts, displayed on the village green in 
Hyannis, Mass., in October 1990 as part of an annual Take Back the 
Night March and Rally. Throughout the day, women came forward to 
create new shirts and the line kept growing. Now it has grown to 
include dozens of projects nationwide and internationally, with an 
estimated 35,000 to 50,000 shirts. The Vagina Crew sold items such as 
Vagina Security t-shirts and chocolate vagina pops. The lollipops 
sold out by intermission on Saturday. Booths set up by Rape Crisis 
Services of Greater Lowell and Alternative House Women's Services 
provided audience members with further information of how to stop 
violence against women. These two important organizations will 
receive part of the money raised through this production. Another 
part will be sent to help the girls and women of Juarez, Mexico. 


Off Broadway 

The Vagina 

Ui t\ f ] *# * J 

■ M. \i MM MW d 


leadership retreat 


On Friday, October 17, many students bid farewell to the UMass Lowell campus for the weekend and took off in buses for the seacoast. On 
Friday and Saturday, the Leadership Advisory Council sponsored their Annual Leadership Retreat at Camp Bournedale in Plymouth, MA. 
Over thirty students, both active leaders on campus and those interested in assuming more of a leadership role were present for four sessions 
of workshops with topics that ranged from how to run a meeting and public speaking to the Fish Philosophy, a leadership style pioneered by 
a fish market in Seattle. The event, which is organized out of the Office of Student Activities is held regularly and cost attendees $25, a fee 
usually paid by a student organization attendees are affiliated with. Attendee Carrie Kidder, a sophomore Psychology major was enthusiastic 
about attending her first retreat. "I think it's very fun," a smiling Kidder gushed. "It was nice to hear other's opinions," she said, referring to 
the round-table discussions held on the first night. After the two round-table discussions about either campus events or first year programs 
such as Residence Life's LEARN, students were dismissed to their own free time. Most started up board games or fell into small discussions. 
On Saturday morning, students woke to four separate sessions designed to improve leadership skills and potential. Speakers included 
UMass Lowell administration, as well as accomplished student leaders and alumni. Discussions were presented in three different paths, 
ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced. All three were titled with and followed a cooking theme. All workshops were titled 
similarly, such as "World Cooking" for a diversity seminar and "Finding a Chef for ideas on choosing an advisor. Upon his return to Lowell, 
Matthew St. Marie, a freshman undeclared Engineering major stated, "This was my first [retreat] that I've been on, so I don't have anything 
to compare it to, but I had a lot of fun." Attendees left after dinner on Saturday for a return to Lowell. 



who's who 

Each year, students in more than 2,300 colleges across the country are given the opportunity to 
be recognized for their hard work in the community and their university through one of the oldest 
and most prestigious honors programs in the nation: Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges. In 1934, Pettus Randall conceived this biographical volume that 
recognizes the outstanding performance of college students. Randall believed that college 
students devoted to their schoolwork and to the local community deserve to be recognized for 
their commitment and hard work. Students of UMass Lowell are also given this opportunity 
every year. These are students who enhance the positive image of youth in America through their 
contributions to the school and to the community in and around Lowell. Students eligible for 
applying for Who's Who must be of senior status and have a Grade Point Average of a 2.5 or 
higher. These students should have a deep commitment to serving their community and also must 
have excelled in the classroom in order to be eligible for appreciation of their constant hard work 
and dedication. Students for the Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and 
Colleges this year have already been chosen by a committee of faculty and staff headed by 
Student Services Director Mary Connelly. The committee bases their decision on both their 
personal and professional experiences with the specific students in the classroom and the efforts 
of the students to become involved in the community throughout their time here at UMass 
Lowell. Students who receive this award are given a lifetime use of the Who's Who reference 
service and will be able to receive letters of reference from the program for applications for 
employment. They will also receive a personalized certificate confirming the fact that the Who's 
Who program has honored them. The students who receive this award will also be locally and 
nationally publicized in this year's edition of Who's Who Among Students. Students who receive 
this award will be honored at a brunch on Sunday April 25 th . 


-~m^>^!^wT~g. ... r* j*l 



. x 

- - ,' . „ 



The Intermural Program is an opportunity to compete against fellow 
students in a competitive, but fun, environment through a structured 
program. Opportunities are offered in a variety of sports and 
programs to anyone who is willing to enter, Men's, Women's or Co- 
Recreational. No experience is necessary, so all skill levels are 
welcome to participate. Fair play is essential to the success and 
conduct of every contest here at UMass Lowell. 











* V 









.,, . 


! *« 



p 1? 

- \ 






I M ▼ 

^BBBW^^t •wPJ'jfc 



From 12p.m.-5p.m. on Friday, April 30, the UMass Lowell community celebrated the 2004 Spring Carnival at the South Campus 
softball field. The event featured booths from almost every organization on campus, as well as other events including a concert 
featuring various bands. Anand Sangvhi, director of the Student Activities Commission, said that the turnout "was the 
biggest... since I've been in office" and that he estimated it to be in the area of 500-1500 people. The annual Spring Carnival event 
has usually been on North Campus, but has taken place on South Campus a few times, including this year. Describing the events, 
Sangvhi said, "We have everything from cultural foods to physical activities to caricature artists, and airbrush artists, to laser tag." 
They had a 28-foot wall for carnival-goers to climb. Participants who successfully climbed the wall were entered in a drawing to 
win a $500 give certificate to Best Buy. Though the contest was originally open only to UML students, the Connector made an 
exception for a nine-year old girl who ended up climbing the wall to the top four times. Several students could not even make it to 
the top once, and the young girl, the daughter of an alumnus, won the $500 prize. The UMass Lowell Crew teams had a booth 
where participants could race on a rowing machine for 250 meters in a contest to win a $10 gift certificate to Wal-Mart. There were 
two gift certificates distributed: one for the fastest men's time and the other for the fastest women's time. The Society of Plastics 
Engineering's booth featured cotton candy for sale as well as a contest for a free T-shirt. Contestants had to guess the number of 
plastic pellets that were placed in a five-gallon polycarbonate water bottle (the correct answer was 1,044,000 pellets). The physics i 
club sold liquid nitrogen ice cream, made from a mixture of half-and-half, sugar, and vanilla extract mixed with liquid nitrogen. 
Liquid nitrogen (also known as LN2) is chilled, condensed, gaseous nitrogen that is colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and non- 
toxic. It boils at -210 degrees Celsius (-324 degrees Fahrenheit), and handling it requires protective gloves and goggles. The 
purpose of adding liquid nitrogen to the mixture of ingredients is to cool it into ice cream state. WUML, the campus radio station, 
had a booth with a wide variety of activities: a free CD giveaway, selling of various merchandise, and a dart game. The station also 
held a live broadcast at the site of the event. The Activities Commission had a "Prize Cube" game, where participants stood inside 
an inflatable cube resembling a slot machine, and had to catch fake money shot up from the ground from an air jet. The more 
amount of money collected, the larger the prize participants could receive. Prizes included flame lamps, light-up drinking mugs, and 
inflatable balls. Many other organizations had also contributed to the event by having booths of their own, with selling of food or 
various activities. Other activities held at the carnival included laser tag and a miniature track where carnival-goers could race 
remote controlled racecars. Throughout the event, the bands The LAB, Floetry, and Talib Kweli were on 
hand to provide music. David DeAngelis, Associate Director of the Activities Commission, said the day 
of the event is "the University Day, it's the day where, ideally, you have students, faculty, and staff 
come together to celebrate another great year at UMass Lowell. "The Student Activities Commission, 
along with the annual Spring Carnival event, plans most major concerts and comedy shows on campus. 
Sangvhi is excited about the progress the organization has made, pointing to the appearances of 
comedians Tracy Morgan, Dane Cook, and Dave Chapelle on campus and saying that the organization "is 
starting to take more risks," and that he is looking for volunteers to help bring "some campus unity." 






■s';-\f,-i ^'\ 


»- -^ .' 

; }3saP^s< 








Senior week is the last time that the graduating students can 
spend time together before graduation. The class of 2004 spent 
their week in grand fashion. They enjoyed an overnight rafting 
trip in Maine. Then, graduates filled the week with a trip to 
Foxwoods Resort and a night at Fenway Park. The seniors 
ended their week with a night on Boston Harbor. This section 

of our book salutes our seniors! 



SUMMER 2003 

Leadership in Schooling 

Robert Owen Mclntyre 

FALL 2003 

Language Arts and Literacy 

Ellen S. Koretz 

Patricia Quatromini Pelletier 

Leadership in Schooling 

Beth Wellington McKenna 

SPRING 2004 

Language Arts and Literacy 

Michaela Wyman Colombo 

Leadership in Schooling 

Cynthia A. Bates-Morrissette 
Cheng-Hung Chen 
Mary A. Clisbee 
Richard Nelson Safier 


SUMMER 2003 

Plastics Engineering 

Nantiya Viriyabanthom 

FALL 2003 

Electrical Engineering 

Patrick Ndinakie Ghogomu 

Plastics Engineering 

John W. Song 

SPRING 2004 

Electrical Engineering 

Monzurul M. Ehsan 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jennifer Lyn Gorczyca 

Plastics Engineering 

Chanin Kulsetthanchalee 


SUMMER 2003 

Chemistry /Biochemistry Option 

Sirakarnt Dhitavat 
Yue Zhou 

Physics/Radiological Sciences Option 

Kalong Ouyasathian 
Tapash Kumar Roy 

FALL 2003 


David J. Ashline 

SPRING 2004 

Chemistry /Environmental Studies Option 

Paul Francis Killian 


Vadym V. Paznukhov 

Physics/Radiological Sciences Option 

Don-Soo Kim 

Polymer Science 

Xianyan Wang 

Polymer Science/Plastics Engineering Option 

Christopher Philip Drew 

Ahn Heejoon 

Iljin Kim 

Jeffrey Moses Njus 


FALL 2003 

Computer Science 

Rattakorn Poonsuph 

SPRING 2004 

Computer Science 

Urska Cvek 

Ivan Andreevich Galkin 

Demetrio J. Rey 

FALL 2003 


Melissa Ann Alonardo 
Barbara Ann Baker 
Raymond Paul Choiniere 
Joanne Morello Desmarais 
Kelly Lynne Fayles 
Jeffrey Francis Gillett 
Erin Heather Hartigan 
Janna D. Kucharski-Howard 
Andrea Coppola Mendes 
Deirdra A. Murphy 
Theresa M. O'Neil 
Tynna Forsman Owen 
Angie J. Ruszczyk Peretti 
Joann M.C. Trull 
Kelly Diane Werner 


SPRING 2004 

Nursing/Health Promotion Option 

Susan S. Kelly 

Cheryl S. Abelow 

Ross Martin Allumbaugh 
Christine Amaral 
Renee Marie Annunziata 
Shawn Michael Ayotte 
Jillian Adele Begey 
Karla Ann Bell-Elkin 
Paul J. Bellino 
Kathleen E. Bobo 
Kerri Lee Brooks 
Brian Paul Carmody 
Heidi Melinda Casamasima 
Ann M. Chernoch 
Joseph Coughlan 


Steven V. Daraskavich 
Katie Ann DeBenedetto 
Konrad Joseph Dias 
Brian Donahue 
Robert P. Dorman Jr. 
Bethany Lynne Dowell 
Christine M. Dunham 
Kelly Ann Dyke 
Amy Mary Finocchio 
Jane Elizabeth Gewehr 
Michael John Hoadley 
Erin Nicole Johnson 
Aaron Burke Jones 
Susan Elizabeth Kenyeres 
Juliana Elizabeth Macan 
Sharon Mary Norcott 
Stacey M. Nutile 
Phoebe Pendleton Porter 
Hillary A. Reinhold 
Carla Hachem Rizkallah 
Brian Skyy 
Dana Nichole Smith 
Erin M. Steffens 
Emily Michelle Tuomi 
Rebecca Lee Walima 
Jennifer Bridget Wangia 
Kerry D. Wilson 

SUMMER 2003 

Work Environment 

Lin Li 

Douglas J. Myers 

SPRING 2004 

Work Environment 

Ilir Agalliu 

Pia K. Markkanen 

Susan M. Moir 

Nora Elba Munguia Vega 

Pramuk Osiri 


SUMMER 2003 


Reading and Language 

Michael Joseph Deasy 


Curriculum and Instruction 

John Robert Deal Jr. 

Karesa Encarnacao 

Lauren Pederson 

Erica F. Smith 

Rosa Maria Swiszcz 

Kristi Lee Flagg 

Melinda Brooks Nichols Willis 

Joanne J. Lindmark 

Educational Administration 

Jennifer Anne Fleury 
Ernest Edward Wells 
Thomas J. Qualey 

Reading and Language 

Eugenie Brower Collins 

FALL 2003 


Curriculum and Instruction 

Stephanie M. Corliss 
Kendra Jill Pavlik 
Molly Marie DeFrancisco 
Genevieve Marie Ricard 
Nicole Elizabeth Giroux 
Amy Beth Silveira 
Monica Murray Karafotis 
Deborah Jean Kasabian 
Patricia M. Kelsey 
Linda Lempke 
Elizabeth Marie Mazerolle 
Jill Meichen Moran 
Kelly Anne Sullivan 
Amie Priscilla Sternlight 
Nancy M. Najmi 
Patricia A. Swierk 
Debora R. Teixeira 
Susan J. Welch 
Joseph George Zahka 

Educational Administration 

Pamela Boudrot Flaherty 

Reading and Language 

Sarah Ann Bowler 
Virginia Anne DeLucia 
Ann Elizabeth Hamel 
Jillian Renee Lavallee 
David R. Willinski 
Patricia Susan McLean 
Rachel Vera Quinn 
Lynn Catherine White 

SPRING 2004 



Curriculum and Instruction 

Rita Marie Murphy 

Reading and Language 

Mari Beth Bennett 


Curriculum and Instruction 

Amity L. Baldwin 
Barbara Jordan Jagla 
Christina Lee Barry 
Patrick Jacques Kaplo 
Maria Louise Bergamini 
Yali Ke 

Mary Elizabeth Blackstone 
Michael Laquidara 
Frank Thomas Buono 
Tanya Marie Latraverse 
Joseph Anthony Camara 
Heather I. Leaf 
Jacqueline J. Cathcart Miller 
Madeline Despina Litopoulos 
Kristyn Colleen Chartier 
Courtney Fay McCabe 
Martha M. Cohn 
Rebecca Anne Morin 
Elizabeth Ann Demers 
Laurel Jennifer Morton 
Nicole Ruth Descoteaux 
Sherry Webb Nolan 
Colleen Driscoll 
John Gregory Pastrick 
Danielle Preston 
Katie L. Dube 
Erin Katherine Duffy 
Jennifer G. Reardon 
Amanda Jean Dupre 
Eric A. Rivera 
Francisca A. Forchue 
Linda Jean Ryan 
Cathleen Elizabeth Garry 
Douglas A. Ruby 
JoAnn C. Gates 
Kevin Robert Sheehan 
Andrew B. Golay 
Mariel Ivelisse Tejada 
Gregory Michael Harrison 
Kristen Marie Tocci 
Michelle Lynn Hooper 
Monica L. Trust 
Michelle L. Hutchison 
Mark Leonard Villemaire 
Nicole Elizabeth Iannuzzo 
Michelle Lisa Wackrow 
Katherine Anne Jackson 
Cindy Marie Zacharias 

Educational Administration 

Maryanne L. Andrew 
Herman Lee Richards Jr. 
Anne Marie Condike 
Jason Barrett Saltmarsh 
Michael W. Levin 
Brian M. Stack 
Russell L. Marino 
Elizabeth Lucey Torosian 
Kathleen Lynn Medaglio 
Christopher M. Toth 
Jim D. Pearson 
Karen H. White 
Paula Fitch Proctor 


Reading and Language 

Ellen Joan Buckley 
Jennifer B. Prudden 
Elizabeth Anne Chiasson 
Candice M. Saitta 

SUMMER 2003 


Biological Sciences 

Nia Darice Johnson 


Wei-Hao Huang 

Computer Science 

Lavina H. Advani 

Aminata Kane 

Fatema Zainul Barodawala 

Rambabu Manchikalapudi 

Deepak Garg 

Sravani Potharaju 

Radha Ramesh Gotadki 

Akshay Saxena 

Syed Karim Hasan 

Yunkang Xu 

Sarika V. Kanabar 

Mathematics/Statistics Option 

Melissa Fay Bartos 
Jennifer Lynn Snyder 

Mathematics/Teacher's Option 

Christian N. Djachechi 
Timothy George Piwowar 


Jaime Weida 

Radiological Sciences and Protection 

Cynthia J. Pope 

FALL 2003 


Biological Sciences 

Mary Ellen Edelstein 

Biological Sciences/Biotechnology Option 

Jui Hsiung Chen 

Hung Ru Lee 

Suresh B. Jasti 

Enkeleda Nakuci 

Praneetha Kadari 

Deepal R. Patel 

Kendra Kim 

Aaron Peng 


David Benjamin Holmes 

Philip Michael Levesque 

Computer Science 

Richard Andrew Bauder 

Dhanashri Mahisekar 
Rajasree Venkata Chava 
Mark Laffer Ottesen 
Amol Prakash Deo 
Shantanu Anil Panvalkar 
Subba Rao Gaddamadugu 
Prasanti Parimi 
Tao Gong 

Nicholas James Pennella 
Svitlana Grankovska 
Deepa Parthasaradhi Rao 
Swati Gupta 
Fengying Shi 
Bei Huang 
Amit Vijairania 
Richard Marcin Irons 
John Robert Watson 
Sathyanarayan Jaganathan 
Robert Thomas White 
Seshagiri Rao Kasa 
Fang Wu 
Qiang Li 
Yingjuan Zeng 
Wei Li 

Computer Science/Bio/Chem Informatics 

Priti PI Kulkarni 

Mathematics/Statistics Option 

Lei Zhu 

Mathematics/Teacher's Option 
Michael P. Costa 
Christopher Kester Karp 

Radiological Sciences and Protection 

Kevin John Dwyer 

SPRING 2004 

Biological Sciences 

Jason D. Blodgett 

Catherine M. Moran 

Hau Hung 

Sirinya Phulkerd 

Mallika Sireesha Kakulavarapu 

Erin Christine Soley 

Timothy H. Kellogg 

Biological Sciences/Biotechnology Option 

Brian E. Acheson 
Kathleen D. Kendrick 
Thuvan Thi Dinh 
Ankur H. Patel 


Ruby Burke 
Abhishek Ranjan 
Erick Estime 
Justine M. Wilbur 
Priyani Vergin Fonseka 
Runping Yu 
Geetha Rajesh 

Computer Science 

Parul S. Bhatt 
Cristina D. Neacsu 
Yolanda Anna Bogacz 
Samir J. Patel 
Inderjeet Singh Dhody 
John Ralph Sharko 
Jay Arvind Dholakia 
Jui Hsiang Shih 
Anastasios Gakis 
Sangram Dhanvilas Shitole 
Delvis Gomez 
Mrugesh Singhai 
Yi Guo 

Kishore Venkata Vanapalli 
Vaishali N. Hegde 
Christopher Michael Wolff 
Jonathan David Hughes 
Fanhai Yang 
Kristin A. Morin 
Min Yu 

Computer Science/Bio/Chem Informatics 

Rama Krishna Thirividhi 
Songdong Yu 


Ellen Anna Haije 
Douglas K. Wing 

Mathematics/Statistics Option 

Kartik Balakrishnan 
Kimberly Marie Donnelly 

Mathematics/Teacher's Option 

Carla Marie Benson 
Mark Thomas Quattrocchi 
Michael Kramer 


William James Saggio 

Physics/Optics Option 

Mark Robert Belanger 

Radiological Sciences and Protection 

Dianne Marie Quintero 
Nahla Khalil Sayah 

FALL 2003 


Information Systems 

Elisabeth Anne Bartus 
Kevin Thomas McHale Jr 
Jesse Edward Ciancetta 
Edward W. Robillard 
Phyllis J. DeCourcy 
Keith C. Savage 
Kathleen Grande 
Scot Thomas Sinopoli 
Kimberly L. Heick 
Robert J. Van Nort 
Joanne M. Lahaie 


Anne M. Wightman 

Biological Science 

Guilene Casseus 

Kimberly Frank, Cum Laude 

Biological Science Biotechnology Option 

Ruchita Ketan Patel 

Computer Science 

Seth G. Arakelian 

Charles F. Greene III 

Joseph P. Attardi, Summa Cum Laude 

Zebulon B. Heisey 

William R. Belfield 

Thomas J. Joyce 

Robert Joseph Casey 

Brenden F. Keyes 

Anuja Chaudhary, Cum Laude 

Jim P. Lin 

Andrew T. Chiao, Cum Laude 

Zipporah Waithira Ngigi, Magna Cum Laude 

Bich Dinh 

Sushila Pareek 

Richard DiPerri 

Peter V. Por 

Michael S. Donelan 

Sushma N. Rathi 

Kyle D. Fawcett, Magna Cum Laude 

Paul Reed, Cum Laude 

Christopher H. Gleba, Cum Laude 

Jon D. Victorine 

Information Systems 

Christa Constance Barker, Cum Laude 

Joseph Chris Maldonado 

Leidith Berrueta Carrillo, Cum Laude 

Joelle Mathiot 

Dana Louise Blackwell 

Minh Hoang Nguyen 

Garrett James Bundy 

Amy D. Patel, Cum Laude 

Derek J. Burke 

Ashish N. Patel, Magna Cum Laude 

Iraida P. Buyan, Magna Cum Laude 

Demetra Margaret Petropoulakos 

Christina Cordon 

Bun Phuong 

Jeffrey Anthony Cuscuna 

Simone Monica Silva 

Paul M. D'Agostino 

Suzette Danielle Spitzer 

Sara Beth Eames 

Wendy Sullivan, Magna Cum Laude 

Marie T. Gagnon 

Craig Andrew Sutliff 

Rebecca Louise Gelinas 

Alan Patrick Taupier, Cum Laude 

Eric F. Gottmann 

Barry Tetrault, Cum Laude 

Timothy Hendriks 

Karl van Biene 

Jeffery G. Jones 

Stephanie A. Veiga, Magna Cum Laude 

Tushar Dhirajlal Kamdar 

Yu Wang 

Christine J. Kang, Summa Cum Laude 

Amy B. White, Cum Laude 

Manny Kemembin Kunju 

David Phillips Williams 


Lan Q. Pham 

SPRING 2004 

Information Systems 

Rashana N. Bennett 

Luciana Jaber 

James S. Czerlonka 

Anthony Kandaya 

Patrick A. Doerr 

Paul M. Papazian, Magna Cum Laude 

Jeffrey Raymond Glazier 

Marie J. Voltaire 

Ronald Hernandez 


Biological Science 

Michael P. Bedard 

Scott W. Manchester 

Andrew E. Cumming 

Douglas R Marcoux 

Meridith M. Decelle 

Soni R. Men 

Marie Renette Dupervil 

Maya G. Persaud-Dubey, Cum Laude* 

Lydia Kifle, Magna Cum Laude* 

Nicole H. Renaud, Magna Cum Laude 

Christine T Lonegan, Magna Cum Laude 

Kathleen M. Richard, Magna Cum Laude 

Sivhour Ly, Magna Cum Laude* 

Heather L. Selfridge 

Kamini R. Mahase 

Carolyn R. Stirling, Magna Cum Laude 

Biological Science and Chemistry 

Robert Pitkin 

Biological Science Biotechnology Option 

Derek Stephen Bamford 

Nihal K. Patel, Summa Cum Laude* 

Christine Levicki 


John M. Mitchell 

Computer Science 

Aron Barabas 

Monique A. Melanson 

Alexander Hrabovich Baumann 

Steven P. Nguyen 

David M. Berard 

George J. Pantazopoulos, Magna Cum Laude 

Mark W. Danko 

Robert J. Parker Jr., Cum Laude 

Sean R. Daudelin, Magna Cum Laude* 

Maulik S. Patel 

Jeffrey Diaz 

David W. Peet 

Andrew Scott Dufilie 

John E. Penney 

Gautam Gahlaut 

Prerana D. Pisal 

Pedro R. Garcia 

Michael Anthony Roma, Cum Laude 

Stephen C. Gordon 

Anthony T Santos 

Jonathan D. Hughes 

Richard L. Suter 

Chintan M. Jhaveri 

Nathan Q. Tran 

Vaibhav Kapoor 

Katherine M. Tsui, Magna Cum Laude 

Michael E. Labrecque 

Andrew J. Wirshborn Lucker 

Andrew P. Lundell 

Computer Science and English 

Neal H. Walfield, Magna Cum Laude 

Environmental Science, Environmental Studies 

Christopher J. Coppi 
Stephanie A. Lane 
Pamela E. Dunn 
Caitlin Marguerite Webb 

Environmental Science, Geology Option 

Margela M. Andrews, Magna Cum Laude 
Kristin E. Zeman 

Information Systems 

Jessica M. Abel 

Amornoli J. Lumahan, Cum Laude 

Lama Raef Abouchakra 

Richard Edward Mahoney Jr, Cum Laude 

Anna K. Adika 

Megan Elizabeth McElaney 

Robert M. Allen, Summa Cum Laude 

Shawn G. McMahon 

Christopher J. Collins, Cum Laude 

Kathryn R. Midolo 

Dennis Lee Dellana 

Thomas M. Morgan 

Mark Allen Dowdy, Cum Laude 

Robert K. Obika, Cum Laude 

Ross J. Drew 

Kelly M. O'Connor 

Kevin M. Duggan 

Thomas J. O'Connor III 

Lyle R. Eckert, Magna Cum Laude 

John R. Ouellette 

Joseph M. Finch 

John Charles Parisi 

Natasha H. Floyde 

Jeegnesh M. Patel 

Cherie L. Gervais, Summa Cum Laude 

Moulin B. Patel 

Robert W. Gray 

Susan M. Paugh, Magna Cum Laude 

Stacie J. Hagar, Cum Laude 

Paul A. Phelps 

Mark G. Hammond 

Christopher N. Piazza, Cum Laude 

Anthony Darnall Huyck 


David M. Sachs 

Rebecca L. James 

Matthew F. Scales 

Eric Jurgensen, Summa Cum Laude 

William H. Schmitz 

Geraldine K. Keawe. Magna Cum Laude 

Stephen J. Skoczolek 

Diane E. Kolifrath 

Matthew J. Spurlock 

Timothy E. Kosheba 

Neli M. Tontcheva 

Lisa M. Ladd 

Joseph Trzos 

Trisha Latimer, Cum Laude 


Jeremy Dylan Achin, Cum Laude 

Samnang Ma 

Amy Doris Dubois, Magna Cum Laude 

Patrick C. Pramas 

Ana Lopez 

Vijaya L. Vanga, Magna Cum Laude 

Mathematics and Computer Science 

Brian P. Petrowicz 

Mathematics and Mathematics for Teachers 


Jarrod S. Brown 
Ya Z. Lu 

Mathematics, Statistics Option 

Patrick M. Joyce, Magna Cum Laude 


Patrick Charles Campbell 

Sean A. Morrison 

Brian W. Hagenbuch 

Shaunna L. Vargas, Magna Cum Laude 

Timothy R. Jenkins 


Steven Edgar Tremblay, Magna Cum Laude 

Physics and Mathematics 

Brian D. Krejca, Summa Cum Laude* 

SUMMER 2004 

Information Systems 

Samuel V. Cantrell 
Jason G. Sportum 
Douglas Gray 


Biological Science 

Cory A Barren, Cum Laude 
Elizabeth Casas, Summa Cum Laude 
John T. Beanland, Cum Laude 

Tanya A. Shih 

Computer Science 

James C. Haas, Magna Cum Laude 
Matthew Murphy 
Simone R. Hill 

Saroeun Noy 
Jarred J. McCaffrey 
Veronica Payan 
Matthew M. McDonald 
Benjamin L. Stevens 
Juan A. Mendes 

Information Systems 

Narjis Bougazzoul Tazi 

Noureddine Moudakkire 

Matthew C. Bradley 

Ralph W. Pierre 

David Brodeur 

Jason A. Rowley Sr., Magna Cum Laude 

Jay F. Celona, Cum Laude 

Richard Edward Sarrasin Jr 

David E. Dube 

Christopher Anthony Schlorman 

Julie M. Elliott 

Mark Joseph Tanzer, Magna Cum Laude 

Joseph P. Holbrook 

Samuel T. Thompson, Summa Cum Laude 

Michael V Laubach, Magna Cum Laude 


Alexander J. Smith, Magna Cum Laude 


John Fuller 


Scott D. Coppeta 

Brianna Marie Sullivan, Cum Laude 


SUMMER 2003 

Community and Social Psychology 

Ann M. Scannell 
Judith Swenson 

Criminal Justice 

Alessia Indiciani Amico 
Matthew Joseph Maglio 
Lisa K. Bonazzoli 
Jason Matos 

Arthur Nicholas Cardarelli Jr. 
Melissa Anne Merrill 
James Patrick Concannon 
Deirdre Mullane 
Bruce Edward Gauthier 
Dermot Joseph Quinn 
Michael R. Gentile 
Steven Anthony Taddonio Jr. 
Jason M. Gretsky 

FALL 2003 

Community and Social Psychology 

Alketa Kalaja 
Michael Philip Napolitano 
Gregory J. LaBranche 
Jasmine L. Sicotte 
Criminal Justice 
Kenneth Martin Conlon 
John Joseph Maguire III 
Tobe A. Conway 
Sheilah Smith Mahan 
Amanda Lynn Fawcett 
Lauren M. McAveeney 
Kristen Diane Finn 
Kimberly G. McAvinchey 
William Francis Hussey 
Todd Ian Richards 
Brian Paul LeBlanc 
Danielle Marie Sparks 
Jason Edmund Lenotte 
Tessa Marie St.Cyr 

Regional Economic and Social Development 

Guang Bi 

Don R. Leonard 

Emily D. Byrne 

Matthew P. Saunders 

Despina Lambropoulos 

Hao Xie 


Music Education 

Rachael Allyson Godin 

Marguerite K. Weidknecht 

Alec Thomas Waugh 


Jamie Richard Dunphy 
Ekrem Hamzic 

SPRING 2004 


Community and Social Psychology 

Nicole Kristen Bell 
Joyce Newman 
Michael D. Boudreau 
Manisha Sharma 
Jaclyn Ann Cascio 
Erin K. Sheehan 
Sarah Marie Ezolt 
Ana Isabel Valdez 

Criminal Justice 

Sharon Anne Basteri 
Heather M. Madruga 
Colleen Dawn Brady 
John James MacLaughlan 
Melissa Joanne Burleigh 
Bonnie Ellen Maitland 
Julie Ann Curtis 
Daniel Joseph Mangan 
Sean Leslie De Foer 
Demetri Charles Mellonakos 
Patricia L. Dos Santos 
Jason Royal Price 
Leo William Fontaine III 
James Michael Reilly 


Lesley Marie Hampson 
Julie Theresa Sabourin 
Michele Lee Harvey 
Robert Joseph Stack 
Brian Barry Holbrook 
Matthew Joseph Tarness 
John Adam Kulesza 
Andrew Emerson Thompson 
Jamie R. Landry 
Amanda L. Vozzella 

Regional Economic and Social Development 

Kelle Louise Argie 
Joseph F. Meagher 
Darcie S. Boyer 
Paul G. Morse 
Lisa Marie Chandonnet 
Richard Anthony Scott 
Amy Renee Crochiere 
Youngju Seo 
Jennifer Lynne Drost 
Henrique Nea Urey 
Marsha Marie Dufort 
Josep N. Varnie II 
David Anthony Fofanah 
Beth Erin Wilson 
Fred Luyimbazi 


Music Education 

Ellen Marie Campbell 
Zoran S. Rebrovic 


Theresa A. Ronan 

FALL 2003 



Michael C. Mercauto, Cum Laude 


Sarah A. Bourgeois, Cum Laude 

Alexis L. Graham, Magna Cum Laude 

Sarah B. Clement 

Dennis O. Ludvino 

Caitlin M. Conlon 

Nicholas J. Maselli, Summa Cum Laude 

Lauren Dery, Cum Laude 

Lina Pheng 

Melissa J. Elian 

English and Political Science 

Christopher A. Pella, Cum Laude 


Nathan A. Bak 

Joseph P. O'Brien 

Gregory W. Fallon 

Elias Reinoso 

Rebecca M. Ferrini 

Jessica A. Shepard 

Costas Lambropoulos, Cum Laude 

George J. Simolaris, Cum Laude 

Modern Language 

Paulino M. Carteiro,Magna Cum Laude 
Sheila M. McLaughlin,Magna Cum Laude 

Philosophy & Communications 

Tomomi Maekawa, Magna Cum Laude 
Katherine A. Torrisi 

Political Science 

Jeannette B. Binjour 


Tammi M. Bernier, Magna Cum Laude 

Sara J. Nowosielski 

Elizabeth L Bramhall, Cum Laude 

Vanessa A. Perry 

KerriL. Cluff 

Kimberly M. Reynolds, Summa Cum Laude* 

Michelle C. DiFelice 

Laura M. Rivetts, Cum Laude 

Jamie C. Fay 

Nicole Supranovicz 

Erin K. Foley 

Rachel J. Tolan 

Heather L. Kirkman 

Shaina Lynne Topjian 

Amy-Lynn B. Martin 

Stacey L. Trull 


Margaret M. Buckley, Cum Laude 
Matthew W. Solomon, Cum Laude 
Camille M Mongeau 
Sarah E. Walker 


Fine Arts 

Fred A. Ata, Cum Laude 

Abigail M. Heaton 

Erin M. Conlin 

Lindsey A. Rudolph, Cum Laude 

Lynda A. Donnelly, Magna Cum Laude 

Christy Elise Takekoshi, Magna Cum Laude 

Kathleen E. Gray, Cum Laude 

Lisa M. Vivona 

Graphic Design 

Daniel J. Antonowicz 

Daniel C. Hartshorn 

Aprill B. Aronie, Cum Laude 

Justin D. Luciano 

Erik M. Bettencourt 

Marianne Marshall 

Eric O. Boateng 

Karen T. McGann 

Amanda E. Bulger, Magna Cum Laude 

Saba Mohyuddin 

Matthew D. Caputo 

Alysha L. Monfette, Cum Laude 

Antonio A. Carteiro, Cum Laude 

Michelle A. Russell 

Matthew A. DeFreitas 

Katie E. Russett 

Eric J. Fino 

Gregory C. Schultheis 
April Fluet 
Celine A. Soucy 
Michael P. Gustafson 


Liberal Arts 

Paula R. Barr, Cum Laude 

Kristin M. Hurd, Magna Cum Laude 

Daniel M. Bresnahan 

Kamila Maria Kilayko 

Rosalie T. Campbell, Cum Laude 

Gianna M. Martorana 

Jennifer M. Cook, Cum Laude 

Robert Nielsen Jr. 

Amy J. Correia 

Jose R. Rodriguez 

Carolyn Mae Delehanty 

Kelli M. Ronan 

Elizabeth DeSousa 

Angela S. Rongone 

Adam L. DiSchino, Cum Laude 

Amanda J. Thibault 

David M. Ducharme 

Michelle Dubois Todd, Magna Cum Laude 

Iain C. Emery 

Shoshana Shira Twersky 

Brian W. Ford, Magna Cum Laude 

Paul F. Watterson Jr, Magna Cum Laude 


Music Studies 

Jennifer E. Wood, Cum Laude 

Performance, Music & Business Emphasis 

Mary E. Reilly 

Performance, Sound Recording Technology 

Jeremiah F. Lyons 
Eric J. Roupe 


Criminal Justice 

Joshua P. Benfey,Magna Cum Laude 

Heather A. Oldham 

Isleen S. Cintron 

Christopher J. Olson 

Brandon D. Curran 

Jeffrey J. Slattery 

Michael S. Farrell 

Emily Sousa 

Kristen M. Leoutsakos 

Stephen M. Woods,Cum Laude 

Ethan G. Lewis 

Criminal Justice and Political Science 

Donald S. Provencher 

Criminal Justice Paralegal Option 

Lisa Anne Baratta 

Jane Meaney, Magna Cum Laude 

SPRING 2004 



American Studies 

Angelica Tambour 


John M. Duke 

Min Dian Shi 

Robert K. Ogden 

Vanessa J. Silva, Cum Laude 

Melissa R. Passos 


Michael D. Auclair, Cum Laude 

Valerie A. Langwell, Cum Laude 

Tiffany Borges 

Marybeth Larivee, Cum Laude 

Amanda E. Boughman, Magna Cum Laude 

Jonathan D. Martin, Magna Cum Laude* 

Darleen S. Cobb, Cum Laude 

Patrick J. Murphy 

Sara Ann Eno 

Kristen I. Picard 

Julie M. Fairweather, Magna Cum Laude 

Jennifer L. Rousseau, Magna Cum Laude 

Rebecca D. Griffin, Magna Cum Laude 

Erin K. Rowe, Magna Cum Laude 

John J. Huggins 

Rebecca A. Spolarich, Summa Cum Laude* 

Brandis M. Kelly, Cum Laude 

Michael J. Weinbeck, Cum Laude 

Jillian D. Kenyon* 

S. Michael Youngstrom 

English and History 

Karen L. Carter, Summa Cum Laude 
Christopher G. Chiodo 

English and Psychology 

Shawn Maurice Landry, Summa Cum Laude 


Laura Bennett, Magna Cum Laude 

Arcadius Joseph 

Erich J. Bryant, Magna Cum Laude* 

Deirdre M. Lorway 

Gary S. Cormier 

Jeffrey L. Potts 

Debbie C. Costello, Summa Cum Laude 

Jamie Richardson, Magna Cum Laude 

John A. Galipeau, Summa Cum Laude 

Timothy S. Roy, Cum Laude 

Caroline M Goddard, Cum Laude 

Edward J. Tandus 

Jesse R. Graham 

Megan R. Williams, Summa Cum Laude* 

Michael William Jones, Magna Cum Laude 

History and Political Science 

Megan F. Donoghue 


Diane L. Anderson, Magna Cum Laude 

Philosophy & Communications 

Leonard N. DeMaino Jr 

Jamie M. Meehan 
Michael J. Graves 
Alycia Y. Ravenscroft 

Political Science 

Michael A. Ammendola 

Denia Y Gibson 

Delia T Ata 

Jacky C. Ingram, Cum Laude 

Sarah N. Balboni 

Elizabeth Neary, Magna Cum Laude* 

Jason P. Carter, Cum Laude 

Matthew C. Roux, Magna Cum Laude 

John T Countie 

Joseph R. Troiano 

Reine P. ElAchkar 

Jennifer A. Valadao, Cum Laude 


Sabrina M. Aguiar 

Kristin M. Kelly 

Pamela J. Ames 

Tara L. Krch 

Melissa A. Augusta 

Jennifer L. Lamb, Cum Laude 

Suzanne M. Berghaus 

Michelle Pia McGlone, Magna Cum Laude 

Kristen K. Bilapka 

Shannon E. McLean, Cum Laude 

Stefanie F. Boisvert 

Cassie Monbleau 

Lauretta A. Charpentier, Summa Cum Laude 

Tarsha-Marie D. Morgano 

Gail P. Connelly 

Dina A. Muldoon 

Julie J. Courchene 

Jillian M. Ortolano 

Kristen L. Czarnecki 

Jaclyn Portuese, Magna Cum Laude 

Erin M. Dignard 

Amy L. Price 

Thomas J. Dinsmore 

Rafael A. Quiles Jr., Magna Cum Laude 

Gina L. DiPietro 

Charlene Rijo 

Susan L. Doray 

Julien G. Rouhana 

Stacy E. Ennis 

Amity N. Siegman, Magna Cum Laude* 

Kimberly M. Ford 

Kelly Anne A. Sousa 

Kathleen R. Giblin, Magna Cum Laude 

Amanda F. Theriault 

Brianna E. Grady 

Kevin J. Travers 

Christina V Hess, Cum Laude 

Marianne A. Vanagel 

Katherine E. Howarth 

Catherine Boulia Waterman, 

Magna Cum Laude 

Kenya Jones 

Meghan F. White 

Jessica M. Jusczak, Magna Cum Laude 

Psychology and Criminal Justice 

Rene C. Brown 
Meagan Wilson 

Daniel A Gaynor, Magna Cum Laude 
Channary Yun 
Ani Nazarian 

Psychology and Sociology 

Danielle N. Hubert, Cum Laude 


Katherine E. Amone 

Lisa M. Michaud, Cum Laude 

Carrie E. Fede 

Molly C. Muth 

Michelle M. Fernandes 

Hiba Nakkoul 

Jimmy K. Gerostergios 

Maria B. Pupo 

Alexis Ruth Guay, Cum Laude* 

Jennifer G. Reardon 

Shaun Keilty 

Kimberly Rodriguez 

Heather V Leyden 

Ivan A. Yambo, Magna Cum Laude 


Fine Arts 

Renee P. Cespedes 

Nicole J. Pare, Magna Cum Laude 

Amy E. Claus, Magna Cum Laude 

Derek G. Soo Hoo 

Crystal A. Duquette 

Gorette B. Sousa, Magna Cum Laude 

Rebekah L. Hermans, Cum Laude 

Susan Tuyen, Magna Cum Laude 

Elizabeth MacDonald, Magna Cum Laude 

Janet L. Wittlinger, Magna Cum Laude 

Gail P. Milligan, Magna Cum Laude 

Graphic Design 

Setareh AthariAnaraki 

Karen L. Hunter 

Emily S. Athas 

Danielle Innes 

Eva Bartos 

Steven J. Keating, Magna Cum Laude 

Colene M. Blanchet 

Erin M. Keohane, Cum Laude 

Eric J. Bostwick 

Trisha J. Koskey 

Todd J. Bryson 

Brian Kumm, Cum Laude 

Lisa R. Burack 

Chuck Lyle, Cum Laude 

Kanokwan Chatraksa 

Laura M. Mansfield, Cum Laude 

Erica M. Correia 

Martha J. Marsden, Magna Cum Laude 

Jason R. Del Castillo 

Elizabeth S. McGowan, Cum Laude 

Mehmet Demirel 

Steve S. Mendonca 

John R. Dolan, Cum Laude 

Veronica C. Moreno 

Stephen T Finneral 

Jeffrey K. Pelletier 

Frank M. Flahive 

Scott D. Pilote 

Nicole Gauthier 


Pao Prak 

Cherilyn A. Giusto 

Kevin R. Raskow 

Daniel E. Gross, Cum Laude 

Zachary A. Stark 

Pamela J. Hachey 

Chhityz Thapa, Magna Cum Laude 

Misato Hayashi 

Christina M. Tomaselli 

William C. Ho, Magna Cum Laude 

Stephanie S. Wu, Cum Laude 


Liberal Arts 

Saida Mohamud Ali 

Dana W. Jones 

Debora J. Aloi, Magna Cum Laude 

Mandy Langis 

Gary Thomas Asselin Jr. 

Brian Lankiewicz 

Patrice A. Blanchette 

Patricia A. Lemire, Summa Cum Laude 

Tracy Marie Bowles 

Alicyn O. Marsh 

Tyland L. Brunson 

Kristin N. McEachern 

Carolyn L. Buckley 

Matthew M. McNulty 

David M. Casey 

Stephanie A. Mercier 

Melissa Ann Chandler 

Patricia A. Metz 

William A. Collins 

Andrew Micozzi 

Douglas P. Cote 

Richard J. O'Neil III, Cum Laude 

Valerie Jean Dirton 

Christina Pascuccio 

Matthew John Doherty 

Julie M. Rauseo 

Jerramie M. Domish 

Juan Carlos Rivera 

Eric Elam 

Sherri Jean Robson 

Christina M. Ferla 

Jason N. Sackos, Cum Laude 

Robbin M. Garland, Cum Laude 

William Harold Simon, Summa Cum Laude 

Jessica L. Gath 

Mary Suttie 

Rita A. Hopkins 

Lindsay Van Gelder 

June L. Jason, Magna Cum Laude 

Andrea Wegner 

Caitlyn E. Johnson 


Music Education 

Nicholas D. Martino 

Music Studies 

Elisabeth Ashley Briggs 
Brian E. Nickerson 
Brianne S. Forrest, Cum Laude 
Darcie E. Pickering 

Benjamin I. Holt 

David P. Slipp, Magna Cum Laude 
Rachel Ruth Michel, Cum Laude 
Jaclyn Sarah Soep, Magna Cum Laude 


Laura H. Frye, Magna Cum Laude 
Benjamin F. Ricker, Cum Laude 

Performance, Music & Business Emphasis 

Kristen E. Kelley 
Sasha R. Zaitchik 
Galen W. Lipin, Cum Laude 

Performance, Music & Business Emphasis and 
Music Education 

Eric D. Rozzi, Cum Laude 

Performance, Music Teaching Prep 

Deborah A. Mackinnon, Magna Cum Laude 

Performance, Sound Recording Technology 

Angelica M. Bernaert 
Christopher J. Campbell 
Adam C. McKibben, Cum Laude 
Patrick J. Scott, Cum Laude 


Criminal Justice 

Kerri A. Allston 

Nathan Marc Liebenow, Cum Laude 

Jennifer L. Bergstrom 

Bryan D. Lipsitz 

Rebecca Jane Berndt 

Kristin J. Lister 

Breneley C. Bodden 

Cheryl Ann Manahan, Magna Cum Laude 

Michael A. Bonasoro, Cum Laude 

Heather E. Medeiros 

Eduardo Brito 

Joshua T. Mills, Magna Cum Laude 

Shonte Marie Brittle 

Anthony E. Morando 

Melissa Jeanne Brooks, Cum Laude 

Kareem A. Morgan, Magna Cum Laude 

Nicholas W. Bull 

Alfredo J. Nunez 

Michael P. Cabral, Cum Laude 

Stephen J. O'Brien 

David M. Cahill 

Ian M. O'Rourke 

Andrew R. Cambria 

Kimberly Anne Parsons, Cum Laude 

Michael J. Caprigno 

Ligie M. Pena 

Jennifer C. Crowell, Magna Cum Laude 

Vanna Phim 

Scott J. De Young 

Tiana Marie Platz, Summa Cum Laude 

Carmen M. DeMarco, Cum Laude 

Rebecca Quinn 

Courtney W. Downs, Cum Laude 

Kevin J. Ridge 

Robert M. Duffy 

Delrae M. Rippett, Magna Cum Laude 

Sarah J. Dupuis 

Katherine M. Robertson, Cum Laude 

Itamar Elizalde, Cum Laude 

Rosemary M. Rogers, Summa Cum Laude 

Jennifer Lee Fernandes 

Courtney J. Rosengard 

Christopher E. Foley 

Matthew R. Routhier 

Scott P. Foley 

Rosemary E. Salisbury, Magna Cum Laude 

Andy D. Fowle 

Lauren T. Sasso 

Kevin R. Gage 

Cassandra G. Shaffer, Magna Cum Laude 

Julie A. Gagne 

David J. Silen 

Louis H. Gaudreau, Magna Cum Laude 

Shane C. Smith, Cum Laude 

Scott A. Gisetto, Cum Laude 

Jennifer Emily Stevens 

Meredith A. Guay 

Elaine M. Stout Clements 

John R. Harnish 

Andrew E. Thompson 

Brian P. Hellman 

Eric A. Thurston 

Julia Lynn Ibell 

Laura L. Tomaszczuk 

Matthew J. Jajuga, Magna Cum Laude 

Lisa A. Tomaszczuk 

Vanessa M. Jarvais 

Dennis M. Toomey, Magna Cum Laude 

Kristen Anne Konieczka, Cum Laude 

Douglas R. Wade 

Amie M. LaFond 

Michelle E. Watson 

Jenine L. Leccese 

Daniel D. Wood 

Criminal Justice and English 

Lisa M. Bissett 

Criminal Justice and Management 

Angus F. Bartlett 

Criminal Justice and Psychology 

Kathryn Lee Gunter 

Kevin Thomas Riley, Magna Cum Laude 
Caitlin M McCarthy, Magna Cum Laude 
Danielle A. Rivard, Cum Laude 
Gina R. Morin, Magna Cum Laude 



Jamie M. Morris 


Maura J. Ryle 


Music Studies 

Steven A. Roy 

Performance, Music & Business Emphasis 

Stephen D. Fiola 


Elizabeth J. Vitale 

Performance, Music Teaching Prep 

Brian D. Snow 

Performance, Sound Recording Technology 

Eric J. Amerman 

Seth A Hager 

Jason M. Arsenault, Magna Cum Laude 

Brent D. Liotta, Cum Laude 

David Atenasio, Magna Cum Laude 

Edward A. Mangini Jr., Magna Cum Laude 

Robert H. Blatt 

Justin C. Matley, Cum Laude 

Alexa L. Dunne 

Michael A. Reidy 

Sara L. Even, Magna Cum Laude 

Michael A. Testa 

Michael T. Golub, Cum Laude 

David Thompson 

Sound Recording Technology Emphasis and 
Performance, Music & Business Emphasis 

Christopher Samuel Wilson, Magna Cum Laude 

SUMMER 2004 


Eric S. Bernhardt 

Jacquelyn E. Merrill, Cum Laude 

Amanda A. Genereux 

Nicole A. Scarmeas 

Maura Lynch, Cum Laude 


Alexandra E. Bogdan 

Eric A. McAdam 

Alfred Joseph 

Joseph J. Mikols 

Reneth Ly 

Tara Mae M. Murray, Cum Laude 


Jason M. Bettencourt 

Philosophy & Communications 

Alexandria Vignault 
Michael T. Woo 

Political Science 

Thuy H. Ho 

Leane S. Weis, Cum Laude 

Joseph W. Ingaharro 

Timothy J. Wigmore, Magna Cum Laude 

Kristen E. Kfoury 

Lauren Elizabeth Young 

Sean W. O'Brien 


Kerry A. Blanchette 
Andrew P. Mitchell 
Laureen C. Centore 
Deniele D. Morrissey 
Terri Ellis . 
Sarah B. Ploude 

Stephanie L. Mariano 

Stacey A. Riley 

Rebecca B. McMahon, Cum Laude 

Psychology and Philosophy 

Tiffany R. Bates 


Ashley E. Harrington 
Sambath S. Mom 


Fine Arts 

Joseph P. Mullen 


Liberal Arts 

Sheila M. Marcoux, Magna Cum Laude 

Lori Lynne Mungovan, Cum Laude 

Catherine A. McCarthy 

Laura J. Rollins 

Philippa C. Mclachlan, Magna Cum Laude 


Criminal Justice 

Matthew J. Jarek 
Brian Sassi, Cum Laude 
Susan M. Sampson 
Jeremy F. Sweeney 
James C. Sartori 

SUMMER 2003 


Chemical Engineering 

Yogesh Chandra Jagtap 
Gelareh Shakourian 
Pongphisanu Muangchareon 

Civil Engineering 

Rani C. Velpuri 

Civil Engineering/Geotechnical Option 

Assem A. Elsayed 

Computer Engineering 

Robert Joseph Backofen 
Mohammed M. Mohiuddin 
Sanitha Dinasarapu 
Raj Kumar Palanki 
Andrew Victor Hidish 
Rohit Saini 
Nitin Jain 

Gregory Edward Tierney 
Suseela Koppana 
Anuya Anupam Vaval 
Philip Roger Levesque 
Kirankumar R. Vedere 

Electrical Engineering 

Jyotsna Swapna Basana 
Miroslava Raspopovic 

Victor W. Chang 
Montri Sutiposuwan 
Rajani Pakalapati 
Jing M. Tsui 

Energy Engineering/Solar Option 

Dismas Makori 

Mechanical Engineering 

Shintaro Tsuchihashi 

Plastics Engineering 

Nainesh K. Amin 
Jesse John Kleczka 
Deepankar Ayyagari 
Manoj Vinod Lalwani 
Gautam Balasubrahmanyan 
Neha Mehta 
Saurabh Barjatiya 
Chetan Pravin Nirkhe 
Monticha Darncholvichit 
Hetal Mansing Parekh 
Rohan Chandrakant Dave 
Miteshkumar J. Patel 
Yash Uday Dave 
Purushottam P. Patil 
Sidddhartha Satish Desai 
Theresa Margaret Richards 
Nirmal K. Doshi 
Stacey Lee Russell 
Stefan Eimeke 
Pankaj Sarda 
Danielle Lynn Froio 
Saiyam Kumarpal Shah 
Mihir Shashikant Jariwala 
Pawan Tulsiani 

FALL 2003 


Environmental Studies 

Mary M. Kaplan 
Karen Barbara Way 


Chemical Engineering 

Hiren Ardeshna 
Smita Gurukumar Pednekar 
Jagruit K. Desai 
Nirav Devendra Shah 
Lakshmi Priya Jayaraman 
Vijay J. Sharma 
Zainar S. Mamuwala 
Aravind Sukumaran 
Jyothi Pampana 

Civil Engineering 

Carlos Eduardo Ferreira 
Bobby Issac 
Dimitrov Gomez 
Obaid Ullah Shaikh 

Civil Engineering/Environmental Option 

Nagi Reddy Alia 
Andrew Wilson Powers 


Civil Engineering/Geotechnical Option 

Joseph Domenic Tomei 

Civil Engineering/Structural Option 

Deborah C. Strand 

Civil Engineering/Transportation Option 

Rahul M. Deshpande 
Patrick C. Hayes 
Kiran Babu Guntupalli 
Raghu K. Veturi 

Computer Engineering 

Pavan H. Banda 

William Michael Maloney 

Himanshu Chandra 

Ashwinikumar Pandurang Nayak 

Greg L. DiSanto 

Uday Kumar Sangepu 

Rashmi Gupta 

Eric Strand 

Pratap R. Jannareddy 

Nehal Trivedi 

Manoj S. Kathrani 

Ajay Veeraraghavan 

Rajender Reddy Kalavala 

Aditya U. Vyas 

Raj deep Laha 

Electrical Engineering 

Samer M. Abdallah 
Rathna Sree Kolluru 
Zeidan G. Ata 
Dimitrios Kolokithas 
Jeffry Alan Cox 
Tomoko Koyama 
Mansey Ashok Desai 
David James Macomber 
Paul R. Gerry 
Sean C. Nguyen 
Sobhana V. Gudimetta 
Pinkesh B. Patel 
Chil Young Ji 
Shivarajiv K. Somisetty 
Yan Jin 
Xue Wang 
Bong Gon Kim 

Energy Engineering 

Peter Humberto Aurora 

Energy Engineering/Solar Option 

Salinee Tavaranan 

Mechanical Engineering 

Navin Noel Bunyan 
Maria C. Ospina 
Samira Farboodmanesh 
Suketu Govindlal Shah 
Ching Pei Liang 
Joseph Whitney 
Timothy J. Mustone 

Plastics Engineering 

Patrick Joseph Brannon 

Bhavik B. Patel 

Matthew J. Jaworski 

Jaivin Krishnakant Patel 


Madan Pitchamuthu 

Kaushik Ashwinkumar Manek 

Raja Roslan Raja Mohamed 

Tapan M. Mistry 
Akash Rajkumar Tulsian 
Ashutosh P. Patel 
Rajkumar Vaidyanathan 

SPRING 2004 


Environmental Studies 

Irene Carlson 
Alyson H. Fortune 
Thomas Cameron Connor 
Richard P. Hamel 
Marie Annette Evans 


Chemical Engineering 

Nirupama Kattamuri 
Todd William MacFadden 
Kapil Kirnan Kothary 
Kevin Blake Stallone 

Civil Engineering/Environmental Option 

Brendan M. Baranek-Olmstead 

Civil Engineering/Structural Option 

David J. Melo 
Akhileshwar Narain Ojha 
Laurence J. O'Brien RE. 
Sarah Elizabeth Zoni 

Computer Engineering 

Babysaroja Annem 

Yi Miao 

Manoj Boddupally 

Rajeev Kumar Menon 

Anuja Chaand 

Khalid Jamil Oweis 

Tanuja A. Deo 

Sreeja Chandrasekhar Pillai 

Anusuja Venkat Gagganapally 

Anita Pinto 

Himabindu Hebbare 

Saylee Sudhir Raje 

Hemantha Inampudi 

Radhika Ramanadham 

Helee Johry 

Amita Singh 

Usha Rani Kolukula 

Shane Wadhawan 

Emrah Kostem 

Electrical Engineering 

Horatiu Albu 
Zahirabbas A. Nagpuria 

Shawn P. Bawell 
Antonios Nassif 
Christopher Robert Bye 
Thomas Scott O'Neil 
Bouchaib Cherif 
Bryan Joseph Porth 
Matthew Joseph Ciampaglia 
Steven M. Summers 
Justin P. Deary 
Gregory W. Swider 
Raymond DeJesus 
Patrick Mason Thompson 
Chafic Riad Eldamaa 
Vijayalakshmi Vasudevan 
Nagajyothi Jonnalagadda 
Johnny Youssef Youssef 
John R. Muir 
Yongxiang Zhang 

Electrical Engineering/Optics Option 

Kenneth Travis Hunter 

Energy Engineering/Solar Option 

Sandeep Baidwan 

Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher Howard Brace 
Patrick H. Murphy, Jr. 
Ashish B. Kanchani 
Shintaro Nabeshima 
Dennis James Macklin 
Gayatri Vedula 
Rama Nagesh Mukkamala 

Plastics Engineering 

Juan C. Cardona 
Daniel Otto Lausten 
Jonathan Adam DeSousa 
William Charles Martin 
Dheeraj Mahendraprasad Gupta 
Dirk Schmiederer 

FALL 2003 


Civil Engineering Technology 

Thomas Carl Richter 

Electronic Engineering Technology 

Edward J. Gacek Jr 
George G. Madrid Jr 


Civil Engineering Technology 

Lisa A. Melvin, Cum Laude 

Electronic Engineering Technology 

Keith Daniel Ayotte, Cum Laude 
Keith M. Coleman, Cum Laude 
David Beck, Cum Laude 


John Anthony Nerl, Summa Cum Laude 
Thomas J. Beran 
Dean Quoc Pham 
Frederick James Bowe 

Mechanical Engineering Technology 

Jason E. Dell' Arciprete 

Mechanical Engineering Technology Plastics 

Brett Albert Amico, Magna Cum Laude 


Industrial Engineering Technology 

Edgar Galva 


Industrial Technology, Plastics Option 

Walter Edward Robar, Cum Laude 


Chemical Engineering 

Christopher Le 
Blessing N. Tawengwa 

Civil Engineering 

Manaf H. Alsarabi 
Eugene A. Villare 
John J. Murphy 

Computer Engineering 

Donovan Sonanda Pal 
Rohit P. Shinde 

Electrical Engineering 

Jaimin B. Anandjiwala 

Tharat Hul 

Carlo Buissereth 

Philip J. Jamina 

Ali Darvish, Cum Laude 

Stephen Kabatha Karuga, Cum Laude 

Samia Elasri, Summa Cum Laude 

Jonathan Patrick Murray, Cum Laude 

Kenneth R. Elkinson 

Chad R. Nagle 

Carlos A. Gil, Cum Laude 

Sunheang Yous 

Michael Paul Hendrickson 

Mechanical Engineering 

Stavroula Bletsis 

Joseph J. Lauro, Cum Laude 

Geoffrey N. Clark 

Craig A. Madore 

Eugene Esjunin 

Jeffrey M. Murzycki 

Brad Forsythe 

Jeffrey N. Pare 

Brian D. Goodhue 

Dwight D. Perry 

Natalie D. Grant 

Wesley D. Smith 
Brian Patrick Kierstead 
Kenneth P. Walsh Jr. 
Matthew A. Windt 

Plastics Engineering 

Trung V. Bui 
Jay T. Moore 

SPRING 2004 



Civil Engineering Technology, Waste Water 
Treatment Option 

Michael F. McAveeney 

Electronic Engineering Technology 

Joseph Cimmino 
Arthur R. Enos 
William J. Conners 
Robert C. Thurman 

Mechanical Engineering Technology 

Tung Van Le 
Debra A. Mandile 
Kevin Mark Foley 
Omar Paulino 
Mark L. Magoon 
Mark G. Stinnett 


Electronic Engineering Technology 

Robert J. Dube Jr. 
Julius N. Mokoro 
Timothy A. Glass 

Mechanical Engineering Technology 

William M. Beard Jr. 

Craig A. Dodge 

David F. Broyer 

Tommy P. Parks, Cum Laude 

Mechanical Engineering, Technology 
Manufacturing Option 

Stephen Michael Nogueira 
Bill J. Palmteer 


Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering 

John W. Harmon 

Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering 
Technology and Spanish 

Evelyn Delacruz, Magna Cum Laude 


Chemical Engineering 

Washington C. Alves, Cum Laude 
Timothy Geaudreau 

Adam P. Beskosty 
William J. Malone 
Brian R. Betty 
Matthew S. Morand 
Daniel James Callahan 
Kara B. Szymaszek 
Duken Delpe 

Civil Engineering 

Jason Jean Beaudet, Cum Laude 

Pirooz Kashi Ghandi, Summa Cum Laude 

Paul Bergonzi 

Laurie A. MacMunn, Summa Cum Laude 

Elvis Z. Dhima 

Nathaniel E. Mahonen, Magna Cum Laude 

Joseph J. Dideo 

Michelle M. McFaun, Cum Laude 

Jared Edward Gentilucci, Magna Cum Laude 

Edwin M. Mena 

Curtis A. George 

George Mihov 

Robert L. Guarino 

Brian J. Noel 

Allison Elaine Hughes, Magna Cum Laude 

Alan William Soucy, Magna Cum Laude 

Computer Engineering 

Carlos A. Alonzo 

Monika B. Patel, Cum Laude 

Jeffrey S. Gracia 

Philip Lawrence Sliney II, Cum Laude 

James P. Hardin, Summa Cum Laude 

John P. Thomas IV, Summa Cum Laude* 

Electrical Engineering 

Yichi Au 

Dawit G. Mogos 

Sharbel E. Azzi, Magna Cum Laude 

J. Richard. Nedder III. 

Alfredo Ivan Barriga 

Bishal Nepal 

Rosemarie M. Bekheit 

Andy H. Nguyen 

Geoffrey T. Boak, Magna Cum Laude 

Andy T. Nguyen, Cum Laude 

Antonios Bousios 

Lewis R. Perez 

Sammy Chan, Magna Cum Laude 

Kristy Pham 

Abbas J. Choudhry 

Van K. Phan 

Damn Chum 

Jason Pina 

Edwin R. Corporan 

Michael R. Pullano, Cum Laude 

Abdel K. Diagne 

Jenny Jazmin Saenz 

Timothy P. Dineen 

Nath Sar 

Abdullah A. Faisal 

Jeffrey J. Sawyer 

M. Eric Fombah 

Mohammad A. Shah 

Merquis Garcia 

Vikas I. Shah 

Tesfalem Y. Ghebrezghi 

Umar Y. Sheikh 


Nitin Goyal, Magna Cum Laude 

Rejane A. Smith, Cum Laude 

Daniel P. Hallahan 

Allan F. Souza 

David D. Harris 

Rene N. Tchapda, Cum Laude 

Elias E. Hassan 

Timothy D. Thurston 

Shiraz Inam 

Assaf Toledano, Summa Cum Laude 

Adnan G. Jamil 

Brian M. Tomaselli 

Junet Jules 

Nha Ngoc Tran, Cum Laude 

Mher H. Ketchedjian 

Nhu T. Tran 

Cedric A. Kimaru 

Ho Yin Tse 

Mohammedfari S. Kolia 

Krishna Y. Upadhyay 

Dongmin Lee 

Andrew A. Vallario, Cum Laude 

Jonathan S. Lilley 

Stephanie Viera, Cum Laude 

Michael R. Michalik 

Kelemsis E. Yohannes 

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

Ryan M. Hamel 
Mihir D. Mange 

Mechanical Engineering 

Julius I. Atkins 

DarcyA. Hornberger 

Linda A. Barrington, Cum Laude 

Douglas A. Kinsman 

Alexander C. Bisson 

Jennifer A. Mangano 

Derek James Butland, Magna Cum Laude 

Michael L. Marshall 

Daniel R. Chandonnet 

Nicholas E. McGuire 

Winger Danier 

Joy N. Sanders 

Richard J. Deschenes 

Nathan Y. Throop 

Susanne Diotte 

Tracy VanZandt, Summa Cum Laude 

Carissa Lee Ducharme 

Joel J. Verrecchia, Magna Cum Laude 

Marc J. Evans 

Justin T. Zubricki 

Lisa Marie Gamache 

Plastics Engineering 

Todd W. Cole 

Hitesh Mundhra, Magna Cum Laude 

Brooke C. Costello 

Stacey L. Pawlik, Cum Laude 

Chad Coughlin 

Shardul Niyogi Ramolia, Magna Cum Laude 

Scott T. Hopkins 

John D. Reynolds 

Donna Doan Le 

William X Siopes 

Jay W. Liang 

Fawn E Weider 

Jason M. Mello 

Peter Zelic, Magna Cum Laude 

Chris J. Mourtzinis 

SUMMER 2004 

Civil Engineering Technology 

Thomas M. Bonaparte 

Electronic Engineering Technology 

Charles F. MacDougall 
Edward F. Vo 

Mechanical Engineering Technology 

Ernest A. Bencivenga 
David Edward Thompson 

Mechanical Engineering Technology Plastics 

Joseph Salvaneschi 


Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering 

Naomie Laime 
Lucien L. Milfort 


Chemical Engineering 

Christopher G. Farrell 
Paul Paldino Jr. 

Computer Engineering 

Thoeun Kong 

Electrical Engineering 

John A. Alfeo 

Jean A. Lys 

Mohammed D. Aman, Cum Laude 

Khiem D. Pham 

Alina M. Echavarria 

Brian D. Stoehr 

Faisal Hakim 

Thomas A. Wilbur 

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

Kunal S. Sampat, Cum Laude* 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sean C. Cahill 
Erik M. Gath 
Michael J. Denommee 
Daniel R. Moan 

Plastics Engineering 

Jason W. Andrew 
Evan M. O'Neil 
Elizabeth M. Culhane 
Sung H. Song 
Julianne M. Dillon 
Scott R. Soucy 

Daniel J. Feeney 

Kok Eng Tan, Summa Cum Laude 

FALL 2003 


Clinical Laboratory Sciences 

Vikas Moolchandani 

Work Environment/Industrial Hygiene Option 

Mendy Lynn Brown 
Gustavo Perez Reyes 
Bart Ellingsen 

SPRING 2004 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences 

Timothy James Kotyla 
Joshua J. Tessier 
Azar Z. Louh 

Health Services Administration 

Hsiao Hsing Sophie Lo 
Angel Santana 

Nursing/Adult Psychiatric Option 

Peter Amari Jr. 

Nursing/Family Community Health Nursing 

Suzanne Kimberly Clark 
Anne Patricia Stelmash 
Francina Niemi 

Physical Therapy/Advanced Practice Option 

Carol A. O'Neil 

Work Environment/Epidemiology Option 

Joanne M. Bohling 
Hyun Kim 

Work Environment/Industrial Hygiene Option 

Robert Elias Hemp 
John Eric Lindberg 
Victor L. Hillman 

Work Environment/Occupational Ergonomics 

Pamela A. Bealo 
Drew E. Widing 
Anthony Nicholas Dileso 
Lu Yuan 
Daniel Edward O 'Farrell 

Work Environment/Policy Option 

Mabeth Burgos Hernandez 

FALL 2003 



Clinical Laboratory Sciences 

Olga I. Slonevskaya, Cum Laude 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Medical 

Bethany L. Greenwood, Cum Laude 

Exercise Physiology 

Milagros Carmona 

SPRING 2004 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences 

Peter Chan, Magna Cum Laude 
Amanda Milner, Summa Cum Laude 
Joseph A. DeJesus 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Medical 

Bruce E. Hutchinson, Magna Cum Laude 
Sarah J. Roddy, Cum Laude 
Jessica M. Kennedy, Cum Laude 
Neema B. Thomas 
AnH. Le 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Nutritional 
Science Option 

Kim Chadwell, Magna Cum Laude 

Exercise Physiology 

Amy M. Benoit 

Calvin W. Marshall 

Nicholas J Bucci 

Meghan K. Martin 

Laura R. Burns, Cum Laude 

Courtney L. Mattos 

Erica A. Calcagno, Magna Cum Laude 

Colleen Mary Muldoon 

Justin L. Chapman 

Matthew F. O'Mahoney, Magna Cum Laude 

Kimberly S. Clark, Magna Cum Laude 

Sharon C. Queenan 

Jennifer L. Heile 

Allison L..Ricard 

Corinne J. Henderson 

Sarah L. Sunderland, Cum Laude 

Kerra Leigh Hendrigan, Cum Laude 

BethAnn Szczerbinski, Summa Cum Laude* 

Rosalyn M. Lankowski 

Nicole D. Tardiff, Cum Laude 

Nicole L Latta, Cum Laude 

Srea Van 

Michelle C. Maclnnis 

Heidi L. Vielicka 

Health Education 

Angela Mia Chandler, Magna Cum Laude 

Jamie L. Owens, Cum Laude 

Jessica A. Desrosiers, Magna Cum Laude 

John C. Proia 

Julie A. Jackman 

Danielle M. Queenan 

Patrice S. Mendoza 

Michele P. Verley, Magna Cum Laude 

Health Education and Criminal Justice 

Tracey Hanson, Summa Cum Laude 


Caryn M. Abbott 

Ann M. Milone, Summa Cum Laude 

Katelyn L. Ainsley 

Elizabeth Loraine Moore 

Eric W. Anketell 

Sarah Muchai 

Amy K. Aviles, Magna Cum Laude 

Jennifer Nelson, Summa Cum Laude 

Tara A. Barnoski, Magna Cum Laude 

Shanna R. Nelson 

Jenna P. Blanchette, Cum Laude 

Meredith A. Oeur, Magna Cum Laude 

Marc Bozenski, Cum Laude 

Nneoma G. Onuigbo 

Kristen M. Buco 

Jaclyn Oppedisano 

Shannon P. Cavanaugh, Cum Laude 

Laura E. Petros 

Hieng K. Chhay 

Diane J. Poulin, Magna Cum Laude 

Amy B. Collman 

Katherine A. Quinlan, Cum Laude 

Susankerle Costa-Alves, Cum Laude 

Kristin B. Rathbone, Cum Laude 

Tara A. Cullen, Cum Laude 

Wendie J. Robson 

Lindsay M. DeLorme 

Jennifer A. Rondeau 

Sandra Denk Cole, Summa Cum Laude 

Jamie B. Russell 

Nicole A. DiRocco 

Douglas A. Salazar 

Andrea J. Ducey, Magna Cum Laude 

Robert San Soucie Jr. 

Gabriella S. Erdosy, Summa Cum Laude* 

Melissa M. Sergi 

Stephanie Fortin, Cum Laude 

Melissa Seubert 

Melissa A. Gallant 

Jenna E. Smith, Magna Cum Laude 

Melissa R. Gonsalves 

Eric C. Starble 

Meredith Gonzalez, Cum Laude 

Malida Suong 

Monica Mary Hicks 

Jennifer A. Taddeo, Magna Cum Laude 

Lesley E. Hirl, Magna Cum Laude 

Lois E. Tay 

Christine E. Jackson 

Mary P. Taylor 

Tricia R. Jette, Cum Laude 

Caroline T Tigere 

Lisa Marie Kamenides 

Kirk A. Trach, Magna Cum Laude 

Joyce A. Keefe 

Andrea C. Turner, Magna Cum Laude 

Leanne M. Kennedy, Cum Laude 

Luben V. Vitchev, Cum Laude 

Kristyn M. Lynch, Cum Laude 

Debra P. Walsh 

Jeannette Ann Magoon 

Robin M. Widing 

Cheryl P. Mansfield, Magna Cum Laude 

Kelly E. Young, Cum Laude 
Jenelle McLaughlin, Cum Laude 
Julia Zelixon, Magna Cum Laude 
Renee R. Michaud, Cum Laude* 
Lisa A. Zimmer 
Jessica Lynn Mills, Magna Cum Laude 



SUMMER 2003 


Robert Francis Bradley Jr. 
Edith Birungi Kajumba 
Marius Caramiciu 
James Nganga 
Michael P. Coombs 
Rashid M. Shaikh 
Neil Grant Goulding 
Benjamin Brogan Smith 
Angela Ann Hank 
Michelle Wightman 
Diane E. Jeray 


Santosh Arun Bhagat 

FALL 2003 


Kathryn I. Alegria 

Kristopher D. Luther 

Erna Bao 

Catherine Marie Mitchell 

Joseph A. Basto 

Amy Allyson Oliver 

Anindya Chatterjee 

Michael Gregory Prifti 

Keith A. Cheverie 

William Joseph Puopolo 

Cynthia L. Daigle 

Sarah M. Provencher 

Melanie Rachel Dean 

Farida Saleh Shakir 

Keith Martin DiBlasi 

Kristoffer Andrew Smith Rodriguez 

Puneet Dixit 

Sharon Margaret Smith Rodriguez 

Paul C. Downing 

Gregory A. Sobie 

Xia Jenny Gao 

Michael Patrick Tierney 

David J. Girouard 

Kristy L. Trzcinski 

Florence Wakarima Karaba 

Michael Lane Tyler 

Christopher Dennis Klipp 

Timothy John Waitte 

Jason John Kramer 

Lisa Marie Whittemore 

James Edward Listor 

Rose (Weixia) Zhang 


Blair E. Coburn 


Carol Rose McDonald 
Robert G. Faris 

SPRING 2004 


Daniel James Barrett 
Frank Steven Little 
George W. Bugler III 
Melissa Lynn Lucas 
Feng O Chang 
Heath D. McKay Bertone 
Debbie Cruz 
Glorianne Ruth Niebuhr 
Donald S. Delikat 
Ted M. Nunes 
Daniel David Fariello 
Poonam Rana 
Xu Feng 
Kathleen R. Rich 
Mark Jay Heichman 
Krissada Sahavechaphan 
Robert Klaus Heusser 
Stephen Alan Schultz 
David Charles Hohler 
Steven Andrew Vassilis 
Ming Yeh Lee 
Raghavendran Venkatraman 
Francis Y. Liang 
Richard J. Wolnik 
Meghan Stevenson Liddy 


Alvaro Hernan Alegria Valencia 
Mark Francis Kelcourse 
Daniel Joseph Collins 


FALL 2003 



Swaroopa S. Kantesaria 
Tatana Vasickova 



Chintan M. Amin 

Christine M. O'Neil 

Assunta Chiumiento 

Matthew M. Ragheb 

Craig W Delmonte 

Jason P. Roussell 

Angela M. Gogerty, Magna Cum Laude 

Frank C. Sitnik 

Hoa T. Ly 

Business Administration 

Roland P. Chandonnet, Cum Laude 
Louise Durand, Magna Cum Laude 
Helen Caroline Driscoll, Magna Cum Laude 


Shaun M. Carnes, Magna Cum Laude 

Daniel W. Martell 

Jacqueline M. Janko 

Athanasios Pappas 

Yekaterina Karpova 

Dineen M. Perreault 

Kyle B. Lanigan 

Christian Skramm 

Barry J. Livermore 

Finance and Accounting 

Anna Larina, Summa Cum Laude 

Finance and Management 

Consuelo M. Vargas 

Finance and Management Information Systems 

Vibhuti Patel 

Finance and Marketing 

Michael J. Kertyzak 
Maria L. Patti, Cum Laude 
Jamie L. Moose 


Kara L. Robidoux 
Jillian R. Croft 
Sherman P. Smith 
John W. Harrison 
Michael K. Thomas 
Michael M. McDonnell 
Jessica S. Yaing 
Derek S. Papazian 

Management and Finance 

David M. Gallagher, Cum Laude 
Laura G. Walker 
Justin E. Knapp 

Management and Management Information 

Matthew R. Carroll, Cum Laude 
Bryan H. Kligerman 

Management and Marketing 

Hannah Clogston 
Hyishma C. Ramsay 
Lisa M. Cote 
Cynthia V. Ruszczyk 
Martin Moody 
Robert S. Walsh 

Management Information Systems 

John Cardaci 

Thomas Thominh Lam 

Jason L. Conde 

Scott M. Lojko 

Shaun T. Forand 

Alan Palmeri Jr., Cum Laude 

Poonam Gupta 

Edward R. Paquette 

Kathleen A. Haynes, Cum Laude 

Eric S. Wong 

Billy Wayne Johnston 

Management Information Systems and Finance 

Robert C. Calkins, Magna Cum Laude 
Abdallah N. Tannous, Magna Cum Laude 
Sowmya Sri Nallaparaju, Magna Cum Laude 
Sela Tim 

Management Information Systems and 

Nwanneka Ngozi Anadu, Magna Cum Laude* 
Patrick T. Martin 
Chris D. Beaudry 
Mark A. Sampson 
Jesse T. Martin 

Management Information Systems and 

Nishi P. Patel, Cum Laude 
Irene W. Wanjai 


Diana M. Brown, Magna Cum Laude 

Stefani L. Reid 

Andrew Falanga 

Thomas R. Seichter 

Jani Fowler 

Jacqueline K. Smith 

Brian R. Gilmartin, Magna Cum Laude 

Joshua D. Srebnick 

Samantha June Kao 

Scott G. Strang 

Dan R. Kravchuk 

Jessica E. Vandersteur 

Julie L. Marshall 

Meghan K. Wallace 

David F. Ouellette 

Carl Zschuschen 

Matthew W. Phinney 

Marketing and Management 

Meghan E. Deroche 
Eric P. Palen 
Tarandeep K. Gandhi 
Peter J. Vachon 
Melissa Earlene Laurin 

SPRING 2004 


Michelle L. Allumbaugh 
Kathryn L. Shippen 
Jeffrey W. Carpenter 
Marie C. Wagner 



Elizabeth A. Bergeron 

Kristen M. Owens 

Tarnya M. Bergeron, Cum Laude 

Mirna L. Ramon 

Jillian F. Biddiscombe 

Robert A. Reed, Summa Cum Laude 

Michael P. Cannata 

Kimberly N. Rogers 

Christine M. Connerton 

Alanna J. Rubin, Magna Cum Laude 


William J. Dion 

Angela M. Russo 

Tanya M. Gemme, Summa Cum Laude 

Kevin C. Tirone 

Nicole M. Greenlaw 

Amornrat Tongsujaritwong 

Heather I. LaBranche, Magna Cum Laude 

Aimee Lynn Ulwick 

Laura A. Ninteau, Magna Cum Laude 

Accounting and Finance 

Shahpour Ebrahimi 

Luz A. Sanchez, Cum Laude 

Rizwan F. Malik 

Tarn Van Tong 

Accounting and Management 

Dianna M. Crowell, Cum Laude 

Accounting and Management Information 

Derek A. Oetinger 

Business Administration 

Michael G. Coomas 


Jason F. Bittarelli, Cum Laude 

Trevor R. Mitchell 

Somchith A. Boualaphanh 

Liban J. Mohamed 

Maryam Dar 

Jonathan W. Murphy, Magna Cum Laude 

Ammara Deab 

Glenn A. Nardini, Cum Laude 

William C. Donovan 

Kevin M. Nazzaro 

Norhy A. Garcia 

Colin M. Orrell 

Steven A. Goulakos, Cum Laude 

Roberta G. Paige 

Melanie Hannigan 

William J. Schofield III 

Armen M. Hejinian 

Ryan F. Schuler 

Gary M. Hem 

Michael Silk 

Reasmey Hul 

Yongjin So 

Elad Inbar, Cum Laude 

Phalla Sours, Cum Laude 

Cristy L. James 

Niklas L Storm, Cum Laude 

Natalie Kaknes, Cum Laude 

Sarah Udvardi, Magna Cum Laude 

Michael J. Kalitka 

Kristine R. Waszak 

Sin Y. Lau 

Prashant P. Zemse 

Jean Daniel Lys 

Finance and Accounting 

Stacy Jean Mc Walter, Magna Cum Laude 

Finance and Management 

Sarah N. Nguyen 
Matthew G. Ryan 

Wilson Osorio 

Finance and Management Information Systems 

Chuba F. Mbaneme 

Finance and Marketing 

Brandy R. Blakley Grusing 
Matthew J. Roddy 
David A. Farmer 
Joshua D Shamberger 
John M. Hogan III. 
Sothy Sopheap 


Bryce C. Anderson 

Solida Kong 

Nicole Bibeault 

Matthew L. Malone 

Erin K. Bradley 

Brett Nilsson 

James R. Broyles 

James J. O'Donnell 

Jillian F. Burke 

Daniel John Riley, Magna Cum Laude 

Matthew D. Connolly 

Peter M. Rock Jr. 

Jennifer N. Cook 

Janka Saloka 

Ann M. Gallant 

Jillian R. Smith 

Martin G. Garabedian, Cum Laude 

Jenna N. Stevens, Summa Cum Laude 

Matthew B. Hannigan, Cum Laude 

Shaun P. Sullivan 

Marquis Harris Turner 

Veronica Velez 

Adam J. Johnston, Cum Laude 

Andrew P. White 

Jenny King 

Management and Accounting 

Suzana P. Fernandes 

Management and Finance 

Kristen Louise Stairs Garcia 

Christine A. Zalaket 

Wen Lo, Magna Cum Laude 

Management and Marketing 

Elizabeth R. Bairos, Cum Laude 

Sebastian P. Grzejka 

Lynn A. Brogan 

Brian M. McCann 

Douglas J. Caux 

Carl D. Proulx Jr. 

Kevin R. Collins 

Roberto L. Silveira 

Varsha R. Devnani 

Mark J. Snider 

Sarah G. Dodier 

Laura B. Stecchi 

Kathleen M. Dubbs 

Jeff J. Trainor 

Keri A. Faherty 

Management Information Systems 

Stephen R. Athanas, Cum Laude 

Brian H. Lau 

Jake L. Bornstein 

Alex Y. Lusakhpuryan 

Joshua J. Deveau 

Craig Mackland Rivera 

Samantha Therese Doyle 

Jeffrey D. Morris 

Justin Epstein 

George M. Njoroge 

Daniel Ferry 

Rupal H. Patel 

Matthew Frado 

Dragana Rabota 

Andrei Glebov, Cum Laude 

Cassandra A. Shepherd 

Uri J. Grunwald, Summa Cum Laude 

Joseph W. Sullivan 

Chih Chun Hsu 

Justin T. Ward 

Nicholas G. Kafkas 

James G. Winsor 

Jonathan D. Labbe 

Management Information Systems and 

Patrick D. Kenneally 

Management Information Systems and Finance 

David T. Bonczar 

Ragini V Patel 

Amit P. Ghia 

Jason R. Sigman 

Craig A. Hanson 

Yongshan Ye, Magna Cum Laude 

Jason K. Leung 

Management Information Systems and 

Nathaniel E. Bailey 
Tasha M. Clark 
Kara M. Caulfield 

Management Information Systems and 

Brian P. Degnan 
Matthew B. Jones 
Ralph E. Dickinson 


Sheila M. Doherty 
Danielle M. Morin 
Adam D. Lafreniere 
Matan S. Siman Tov 
Kelley A. McCarthy 
Bindi Singh 

Bridgette M. McDermott 
Jamie F. Villarroel 

Marketing and Finance 

Champa Pang 
Richard C. Rancourt 

Marketing and Management 

Regiane A. Alvarenga 
Michael A. Marchand 
Jillian J. Anderson 
Kerri Markey 


Kevin F. Gentile, Magna Cum Laude 

Rebecca M. Markey 

John Khatcherian 

Jaclyn T. Nguyen 

Damien J. Lowe 

Viki A. Pierce, Magna Cum Laude 

Marketing and Management Information 

Lizbeth DaSilva 

Marketing and Modern Language 

Linda M. Selima, Summa Cum Laude* 


Industrial Management 

Matthew D. Koschmann 


Finance and Marketing 

Otarhe O. Agbavwe 


Lindsay M. Paterson 
Douglas B. Seed 

SUMMER 2004 




Jared M. Beausoleil 
Kimberly A. Loiselle 
Katie Blaschke, Cum Laude 
Jaimina Patel 
Cyril M. Kelly 

Justin M. Kryskow 
Christopher J. Coravos 
Brian J. Ladd 
Shaun M. Ferrell 
Nicholas S. Piscitello 
English M. Gadd 
Michael J. Racki 
Jennifer L. Iozzo 

Management and Finance 

Dina Savann 

Management and Management Information 

Chanthan Y. Sopheap 
Management and Marketing 

Kristen J. Calautti 
David S. Nolan 
Anne T. Houlne 
Ericka Kelly Noonan 
Alyssa M. Jacobs 

Management Information Systems 

Sean M. Allison 
Jordan M. Mackie 
Philip J Cardone 
Colin Tan 
Son Q. Le 

Management Information Systems and 

Sarin Roeun 

Management Information Systems and Finance 

Nehula J. Shukla 

Management Information Systems and 

Robert T. Bagnall Jr. 
HsiaoChun Ko 

Narendra D. Vaidya 

B.E., All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's 

College of Engineering, India, 2002 

Accounting and Finance 

Michael T. McGinn 

Accounting and Management 

Amanda A. Nucci 


Adeel Asad 
Chhoudeth Ros 
Tzu Hsuan Lin 
Manale S. Saade 
Sirinart J. Madmai 

Management Information Systems and 

Sang T. Nguyen 

Kimberly K. Warren, Magna Cum Laude 


Joseph A. Baldassano 
Sarfaraz N. Kadam 

Marketing and Finance 

Emmanuel Tetteh Agbottah 
Ratan H. Tavawala, Cum Laude 

Finance and Accounting 

Ken Xuan Nguyen, Cum Laude 
Shweta J. Patel 

Finance and Management Information Systems 

Shreya A. Patel, Magna Cum Laude 

Marketing and Management 

Oluwatoyin Aiyeku 
Susan E. Posner 
Jessica L. Haynes 


Finance and Marketing 

James G. Bevilacqua 
Puthy Victoria Thou 

SPRING 2004 



Linda C. Chhouy 

Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology 


Emmanuel Agbotteh 


Diane L.Anderson 

■ •*. 

l'*3fc; '.~*' 

^r h 


Sabrina M. Aguiar 

Carlos A. Alonzo 

Jean Amos 

Nwanneka Ngozi Anadu 

Margela M. Andrews 



■ ■ *v& 

a* W 

1 m v 


1 m 


f H 





Jaimin B. Anandjiwala 

David Atenasio 

Stephen R. Athanas 


Melissa A. Augusta 


Elizabeth R. Bairos 

Jason Jean Beaudet 

Paul Bergonzi 

Linda A. Barrington 

Tiffany R. Bates 

Rosemarie M. Bekheit 

Laura Bennett 

Jennifer L. Bergstrom 

Adam P. Beskosty 

Alex H. Baumann 

Suzanne M. Berghaus 




f ****■ 

Rk v 


fi r 





Lisa M. Bissett 

Brandy R. Blakley 

Jenna P. Blanchette 

Patrice A. Blanchette 

Eric O. Boateng 

^H jgt. ^^^H§ 

^ '" lit. 

^^| Bl : JH ■ 

4^" v^gfe 

Shonte Marie Brittle 

Nicholas W. Bull 

David T. Bonczar 

Jake L. Bornstein 

Lynn Brogan 

James R. Broyles 

Derek James Butland 

Michael P. Cabral 

Elizabeth L. Bramhall 

Nicholas J. Bucci 




«* ■;• 

-" J| 

Jt - v! 


Erica A. Calcagno 

Robert C. Calkins 

Daniel J. Callahan 

Patrick C.Campbell 

Michael P. Cannata 

Michael J. Caprigno 

Milagros E. Carmona 

Matthew R. Carroll 

Antonio A. Carteiro 

Paulino M. Carteiro 

Renee P. Cespedes 

Jason P. Carter 


r- * 

B - 



1 % 


Elizabeth Casas 

Robert Joseph Casey 

Kim Chadwell 

1 \ 

Sammy Bing Chan 

Angela M. Chandler 

Thapa Chhityz 

Linda C. Chhouy 

Damn Chum 

TashaM. Clark 

Amy E. Claus 

Darleen S. Cobb 

Todd W.Cole 

Amy B. Collman 

Gail P. Connelly 

Erica M. Correia 

Dianna M. Crowell 

TaraA. Cullen 


Kevin R. Collins 

Brooke C. Costello 

Winger Danier 

Mark W. Danko 

Maryam Dar 

Lizbeth Dasilva 

Sean R. Daudelin 

Jason R. Del Castillo 

Richard J. Deschenes 

Joseph J. Dideo 

Carmen M. Demarco 

Mehmet Demirel 

Jessica A. Desrosiers 

Elvis Z. Dhima 

Valerie Jean Dirton 

Sarah G Dodier 

Michael J. Denommee 

Abdel K. Diagne 

Susan L. Doray 

Courtney Winifred Downs 

Kathleen M. Dubbs 

Amy D.Dubois 

Carissa Lee Ducharme 

Marie Renette Duperville 

Keri A. Faherty 

Stephen T. Finneral 

Shahpour Ebrahimi 

Samia Elasri 

Julie M. Fairweather 

Abdullah Faisal 

Eric J. Fino 

Stephen D. Fiola 


Carrie E. Fede 

Frank M. Flahive 

Eric Fombah 

Gregg D. Forsythe 

Matthew Frado 

Laura H. Frye 

1 f \ 

1 Ik 



1 i 


Ann M. Gallant 

Norhy A. Garcia 

Lisa M. Gamache 

Kristen L. Garcia 


Nicole Gauthier 

Kevin F. Gentile 

Jimmy K. Gerostergios Tesfalem Y. Ghebrezghi 


Merquis Garcia 

Tanya M. Gemme 

Cherilyn A. Giusto 

Meredith Gonzalez 

Nitin Goyal 

Jeffrey S. Gracia 

Michael J. Graves 

Nicole M. Greenlaw 


Michael P. Gustafson 


A. Hanson 

f I 



v*- fX^ 

i I 


Jennifer L. Heile 

Lesley E. Hirl 

Alexis R. Guay 

John W. Harmon 


Meredith A. Guay 

Elias E. Hassan 


Rita A. Hopkins 

Reasmey Hul 

Kristin M. Hurd 



Jacky C. Ingram 

Adnan G Jamil 

Adam J. Johnston 

Matthew J. Jajuga 

Cristy L. James 

Vanessa M. Jarvais 

Matthew B. Jones 

Patrick M. Joyce 

Rebecca James 

Ting L. Jen 

.. : 




w^L w 

^r** '. * 






Chintan M. Jhaveri 

Junet Jules 

Jessica M. Jusczak 

Sarfaraz N. Kadam 

Pirooz Kashi Ghandi 

BrandisM. Kelly 

Jessica M. Kennedy 


Heather L. Kirkman 

Hsiao-Chun Ko 

Mohammedfari S. Kolia 

Dan R. Kravchuk 

Heather I. Labranche 

Naomie Laime 

Shawn Maurice Landry 

Bryan H. Kligerman 

Tara L. Krch 

Rosalyn M. Lankowski 

Anna Larina 

Nicole L. Latta 

Sin Y. Lau 

Donna D. Le 

Son Q. Le 

Jim P. Lin 

Barry J. Livermore 

Jenine L. Leccese 

Jason K. Leung 

Tzu-Hsuan Lin 

Galen W. Lipin 

Po-Wen Lo 

Ana Lopez 

Heather V. Leyden 

Kristin J. Lister 

Damien J. Lowe 


Jean Daniel Lys 


Elizabeth MacDonald 

Michelle C. Maclnnis 

Rizwan F. Malik 

Julie L. Marshall 

Jordan M. Mackie 

t MM- 

Sirinart J. Madmai 

Jennifer A. Mangano 

Stephanie L. Mariano 

Michael L.Marshall 


Meghan K. Martin 

Nathaniel E. Mahonen 


Martha J. Marsden 

Patrick T.Martin 

Gianna M. Martorana 

Justin C. Matley 

Lyudmyla Mayorska 

Chuba F. Mbaneme 

Bridgette M. McDermott 

Michael R.Michalik 

Lucien L. Milfort 

Sheila M. McLaughlin 

Monique A. Melanson 

Steve S. Mendonca 

ReneeR. Michaud 

Rachel Ruth Michel 

Shawn M. Mickelonis 


Cassie Monbleau 

Veronica C. Moreno 



f **" 


Tarsha-Marie D. Morgano 

Jeffrey D. Morris 

Sarah Muchai 

Colleen M. Muldoon 

t t- 


. ^fife a\. "\ ^ Hk 

1 f 

Hiba Nakkoul 

Phuong Nguyen 

Ericka Kelly Noonan 

Glenn A. Nardini 

Ani Nazarian 

Steven P. Nguyen 

Brian J. Noel 

Joseph P. O'Brien 

James J. O'Donnell 

Zipporah Waithira Ngigi 



I -*"* 1 * 


David Nolan 

Mathew O'Mahoney 

Ian M. O'Rourke 

Nneoma G Onuigbo 

Wilson Osorio 

Kristen M. Owens 

Nicole C. Page 

Eric P. Palen 

ShreyaA. Patel 

Roberta G Paige 

Donovan Sonanda Pal 

Derek S. Papazian 

Maulik S. Patel 


Vibhuti Patel 


Nihal Patel 

Ligie M. Pena 

Brian P. Petrowicz 


Jean-Dens Pierre 

Scott D. Pilote 

Jaclyn L. Portuese 

Julie M. Kauseo 

f 1 1 


^^fci- ^K' Al 

v^* 1'' '•' >?*- 

; :-u 


Danielle A. Rivard 

Diane J. Poulin 

Shardul N. Ramolia 

Alycia Ravenscoft 

Michael A. Reidy 

Sarin Roeun 

Kimberly N. Rogers 

Kevin R. Raskow 

John D. Reynolds 

Michael A. Roma 

Caitlin J. Romano 

Jennifer L. Rousseau 

Matthew C.Roux 

Erin K. Rowe 

Alanna J. Rubin 

William J. Schofield III 

Vikas I. Shah 

Kunal S. Sampat 

Luz A. Sanchez 

William H. Schmitz 

Patrick J. Scott 

Melissa Seubert 

Mohammad Ali Shah 

UmarY. Sheikh 

Jessica A. Shepard 

Kelly A. Shepard 

Cassandra A. Shepherd 

Min Shi 

Rohit P. Shinde 

Jason R. Sigman 

Frank C.Sitnik 


Alan W. Soucy 

Jenna N. Stevens 

Philip L. Sliney 

Mark J. Snider 

Sothy Sopheap 

Kellyanne A. Sousa 

Rebecca A. Spolarich 

Laura B. Stecchi 

Brian D. Stoehr 

Sarah L. Sunderland 

Bethann Szczerbinski 

Christy Elise Takekoshi 

Abdallah N.Tannous 

Nicole D.Tardiff 

Amanda F. Theriault 

John P. Thomas 

Brian M. Tomaselli 

Tam Van Tong 

David Thompson 

Puthy Thou 

Christina M. Tomaselli 

Laura L. Tomaszczuk 

Nha Ngoc Tran 

Ho-Yin Tse 

Eric A. Thurston 

Lisa A. Tomaszczuk 

Katherine M. Tsui 

Shoshana Shira Twersky 

Jennifer A. Valadao 

Marianne A. Vanagel 

Vijaya L. Vanga 

Shaunna L. Vargas 

Veronica Velez 

Heidi L. Vielicka 

Michael J. Weinbeck 

Dawn Wentworth 

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Megan R. Williams 

Denise T. Wilson 

Matthew A. Windt 

Stephanie Viera 

Thomas A. Wilbur 

Andrew Wirshborn-Lucker 

Eric S. Wong 

John Wong 

Daniel D.Wood 

Jessica S. Yaing 


Yongshan Ye 

Kelemsis E. Yohannes 

Kelly E. Young 



Peter J. Zelic 

Prashant P. Zemse 

Justin T. Zubricki 



I Cl fl 









WrMr ** i 

The University commencement ceremony consisted of the 
following: greetings from the officials of the 
Commonwealth, recognition of students for academic 
excellence and University service, awarding honoraiy and 
earned doctoral degrees, and a brief commencement 
address and conferral of degrees. Following the University 
ceremony, college faculties, graduating students and 
guests proceeded to college recepion areas to receive their 

A? * ^H 4 
















• e • ■ 


■ •••»• * w » J • • 

• • • 

• ••*«_. 

• • •>:•*' 

• •••■••••- 
* * * * • ♦ -•-•»•»•!• J 

ifi 5f«B 



■%•.■.•. Vr»- , - , -»- 

..«,' ;*ft-*--#j| 





«*♦ V 

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel 
Sharon promises to relocate 
17 Gaza Strip settlements. 

Iranian Shirin Ebadi receives 
the Nobel Peace Prize for 
her humanitarian efforts. 

The United States heightens the war on terrorism by initiating a "shock and awe" campaign Nine months after she was 
that liberates the Iraqis from former leader Saddam Hussein's regime.- Further military actions abducted, Elizabeth Smart 
resulted in the death of his sons Odai and Qusai and the celebrated capture of Hussein himself, is found alive in Utah. 


Architect Michael Arad's 
design, "Reflecting Absence,' 
is selected for the World 
Trade Center memorial. 

Eleven Russian coal miners 
are rescued after being 
trapped 2,625 feet below 
ground for six days. 

Astronomers discover M4, 
the oldest known planet, 
estimated to be 12.7 billion 
years old. 

While serving in Iraq, more 
than 500 American troops are 
killed and more than 3,000 
are wounded. 

Califomians voice disapproval of Gray Davis by voting Arnold 
Schwarzenegger governor in a recall election. Wife Maria 
Shriver resigned her seven-figure position with NBC News. 

China, Taiwan and Canada are hit hardest by the deadly SARS virus. SARS killed more than 
900 people and infected thousands worldwide. In an attempt to isolate the virus, breathing 
masks were worn, travelers were screened for symptoms and patients were quarantined. 

Europeans endure one month of temperatures that soar 
above 100 degrees Farenheit. The record-breaking heatwave 
killed more than 19,000 people, withered crops, sparked 
wildfires, caused power outages and melted Alpine glaciers. 

U.S. President George W. Bush is 
criticized for issuing an assault 
on Iraq based on data that 
Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein 
was harboring weapons 
of mass destruction. No 
weapons were found and 
the misinformation was 
said to have been an 
"intelligence failure." 

* • _• • 

• • ■».♦-* » • 

• ••••< 



- • • ♦-♦_• 


" •_•_•*' 

• • • * 



Martha Stewart is convicted 
on multiple charges related 
to her sale of ImClone stock. 

The United States Federal 
Reserve enters a colorful 
$20 bill into circulation. 


iv tin i s shi 




" 0T 



' ■ 





j • 





- a* 


. 1 

The "Protect Act of 2003" 
urges states to administer 
the Amber Alert system. 

Pope John Paul II celebrates his 25th anniversary as pope. Despite the debilitating 
affects of Parkinson's disease the 83-year-old pontiff presided over an anniversary Mass 
that drew tens of thousands of people to St. Peter's Sguare, Vatican City. 





Gary Ridgway, known as the 
Green River killer, admits 
that he murdered 48 women 
in Washington state. 

The Homeland Security 
Department reguires armed 
law enforcement officers on 
certain international flights. 

Gyude Bryant becomes the 
leader of Liberia's postwar 
government. Former leader 
Charles Taylor was exiled. 

Three capitol buildings close 
for cleanup when ricin is 
found in Senate Majority 
Leader Bill Frist's mailroom. 

A Washington state cow is 
the first U.S. bovine to 
contract mad cow disease. 

Political commentator Rush 
Limbaugh seeks rehab for 
his addiction to painkillers. 

A Staten Island ferry crashes 
into a pier killing 10 and 
injuring 42 people. 

Iranian conjoined twins 
Ladan and Laleh Bijani die 
following separation surgery. 

Mars comes within 35 million 
miles of earth, the closest 
encounter in 50,000 years. 

Months after the 14-year-old Galileo spacecraft is vaporized 
in Jupiter's atmosphere, NASA debates the risk of repairing 
the Hubble Space Telescope or destroying it. 

Roy Horn of Sigfreid & Roy is severely injured when his 
white tiger Montecore grabs him by the neck and drags 
him backstage during a Las Vegas performance. 

Southern California wildfires 
char 600,000 acres of land 
and thousands of homes. 

U.S. Customs officials begin 
scanning the fingerprints of 
foreign visitors and immigrants. 

A major power outage simultaneously cripples cities in 
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, 
Michigan and Ontario, Canada. 


. .-■' , 

"•** <•►< 

.*-♦ » •- 

-» • • ■■'.-- 


* * • ■ •-•_• 



' .♦ • • • ■ 


• •••••• 


U.S. Senator John Kerry, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Senator John Edwards and Civil Rights Activist Al Sharpton 
campaign for the Democratic ticket in the 2004 Presidential Race against Republican President George W. Bush. Consumer 
advocate Ralph Nader also announced his candidacy as an Independent. 




Americans are injected with 
more than 83 million flu 
vaccines in defense of the 
perilous "super flu" epidemic. 

Taiwan's 1,674 foot Taipei 
Tower surpasses Malaysia's 
Petronas Towers, becoming 
the world's tallest building. 

Following months of rebel 
opposition, Haitian President 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide is 
forced to flee his country. 

Hurricane Isabel causes 
four deaths, flash flooding 
and massive power outages 
in six East Coast states. 

Measuring 1,132 feet long, 236 feet high and valued at 
$800 million, the Queen Mary II is the world's largest and 
most expensive passenger ship. 

Kill Devil Hills, NC celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 
Wright Brother's first manned and powered flight. Attempts 
to re-enact the flight failed because of unfavorable conditions. 

Scientists debate whether a 40-foot wide, gelatinous sea 
specimen found on the coast of Chile is decomposing 
whale tissue or part of the rare Octopus Gianteus. 

Air Force pilot Yang Liwei 
mans China's first human 
space mission. 

Funny man Bob Hope, 
dies at 100. Hope's 
comic career brought 
laughter to American 
citizens and troops 
for more than 60 years 

More than 28,000 people 
die when a magnitude 6.6 
earthquake rocks Bam, Iran. 

Following two years of opposition, Pakistan's President 
Pervez Musharraf and Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant 
Sinha agree to engage in dialogues aimed at resolving 
their long-term dispute over the Kashmir region. 

JjThe new 
' Oklahoma 
J City federal 
building was 
, opened. 

.• Canada's 
3 3,000-year-old 
; Ward Hunt Ice 

Shelf split 
i' in two. 

• The remains of 
I Laci Peterson 
I and child were 

found and 
I husband, Scott, 
was indicted 
for the murders. 

• President Bush 
! called for a 
lunar space 
station to be 
created by 2020. 

■ •A magnitude 
8.0 earthquake 
rocked Japan 
and forced 
41,000 people 
to evacuate 
Hokkaido island. 

J • Alabama Chief 
Justice Roy Moore 
was removed from 
office for refusing 
to remove a Ten 
monument from 
the State Supreme 
Court building. 

• A bird flu outbreak 
caused countries to 
ban the importation 
of U.S. chicken. 

• The Massachusetts 
Supreme Judicial 
Court ignited a 
national controversy 
when it ruled against 
a state ban on same 

gender marriages. 

• Veteran broadcaster 
David Brinkley and 
U.S. Senator Strom 
Thurmond died. 

• • » -w -— - 

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" starring Elijah Wood and Sean Astin is 
this year's biggest box office hit earning more than $925 million. "Rings" received four 
Golden Globes and 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. 




After two seasons, Ashton 
Kutcher ends his MTV 
practical joke series "Punkd!" 

"The Passion of the Christ" 
starring Jim Caviezel grosses 
$117.5 million its first week. 

Benjamin McKenzie stars in 
Fox's new hit drama series 
"The O.C." 

"Everybody Loves Raymond" 
collects four Emmys 
including Outstanding 
Comedy Series. 

"Lost in Translation" and Bill 
Murray collect three Golden 
Globes and four Academy 
Award nominations. 

Emmy winner and beloved 
star of "8 Simple Rules" 
John Ritter tragically dies 
at 54. 

"Seabiscuit" starring Tobey 
McGuire earns seven 
Academy Award nominations 
including Best Picture. 

Johnny Depp wins a SAG 
award and Oscar nomination 
for "Pirates of the Caribbean." 

Following 10 successful seasons Courteney Cox Arquette, Matthew Perry, Jennifer 
Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow bid farewell to "Friends." 
hit show picked up its third People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Series. 


Lindsay Lohan stars in the 
remake of Disney's classic 
"Freaky Friday." 

In the wake of their box office hit "Finding Nemo," Pixar Animation Studios and Walt 
Disney Company end their 12-year partnership. In addition, Disney rejected a takeover 
bid from cable giant Comcast and agreed to purchase Jim Henson Company's Muppets. 

/ "The 
: People" 
vote Tom 
Hanks their 
booms Favorite 
j All-Time 
OfeBKxtf Entertainer. 

.•ABC hosted 
^H09K9 a $4 million 
J wedding for 
, "Bachelorette" 
couple Trista 
; Rehn and 

noofisss R yan Sutter. 

SO* MTV and 

CBS were 


' following a 
Super Bowl 
performance by 
■ Janet Jackson. 

"Master and Commander," 
starring Russell Crowe, earns 
10 Oscar nominations. 

"Joan of Arcadia" starring 
Amber Tamblyn is the 
"People's Choice" for Favorite 
New TV Dramatic Series. 

"Mystic River" star Sean Penn and 
"Monster's" Charlize Theron are 
awarded the Best Actor and Best 
Actress Academy Awards. 


• Other Hot TV 
Shows: "CSI," 
"Fear Factor," 
"American Idol," 
"Survivor," "Will 
and Grace," "Six 
Feet Under" and 
"The Apprentice." 

• Legendary 
Gregory Peck, 
Buddy Ebsen, 
Charles Bronson, 
Katharine Hepburn, 
"Captain Kangaroo" 
Bob Keeshan and 
"Home Improvement's" 
Earl Hindman died. 

— ^^Mam^j 


• ••• ••■••• 

^ ..... ■•:■:•:■:.: 


^H • - •*■"■*•"•*•"• • 

^^^H . . • *••••■•■•■■•••• 


^t " "-"-"•*« v«t«j 


---•••* •-.•_**•-• 


:: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : *&:vx%x< 



B^^IR'-jiiH- v 

Hillary Duff, star of "Lizzy 
McGuire," releases her first 
album "Metamorphosis." 

Americans celebrate the 40th 
anniversary of the Beatles' 
arrival in the United States. 

Beyonce Knowles wins five Grammys including Best R&B Song for "Crazy In Love" and 
Best Rap Collaboration with her boyfriend, rapper Jay-Z. Beyonce also received three 
MTV Video Music Awards and starred in the movie "The Fighting Temptations." 

Kenny Chesney tops the 
music charts with his album 
"When the Sun Goes Down." 

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot 
receives a Grammy and two 
MTV Video Music Awards 
for her song "Work It." 

Grammy winner Johnny 
Cash dies at 71. During his 
career, Cash was featured 
on more than 500 albums. 

Britney Spears marks the year 
with a controversial kiss, a 
brief Vegas maniage and her 
new album "In the Zone." 

MTV's "Newlyweds: Jessica 
and Nick" exposes the 
marriage of singers Nick 
Lachey and Jessica Simpson. 

The Grammy for Best New 
Artist goes to rock group 

Tenor Josh Groban's album 
"Closer" tops the Classical 
Billboard charts. 

OutKast's Big Boi and Andre 3000 claim three Grammy 
awards including Album of the Year and Best Rap Album 
for "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.s" 

Rapper 50 Cent collects two 
American Music Awards for 
"Get Rich or Die Trying." 

Ruben Studdard outsings 
Clay Aiken, becoming the 
second American Idol. 

Justin Timberlake's album "Justified" is awarded two 
Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Male Pop 
Vocal Performance. Justin also won an American Music 
Award for Favorite Album-Pop or Rock and three Video 

Music Awards. 


*wHHooo r 

•While touring 
in Europe 
heavy Metal 
singer Ozzy 
■ Osboume 
■flsssro was seriously 
. injured in an 
ATV accident. 

? Stroke survivor 

; lulherVandross 
' won four 

including one 
for Best R&b 
Album and 
two American 
Music Awards. 

r ■*»!* • • • 
■ ■** • ■ • • 

¥■ • • «^^^« 

Coldplay receives three MTV Music Awards and their 
single "Clocks" is named Record of the Year at the Grammy 
Awards. Lead singer Chris Martin married actress and 
mom-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow. 

• Jennifer Lopez 

and Ben Affleck 
call off then- 
ending the 
"Bennifer" frenzy. 

is indicted on 
charges involving 
behavior with 

• Prince Charles 
knighted Sir 
Mick Jagger in 
honor of "his 
services to 
popular music." 

• Other names in 
music this year 
included Country 
superstar Toby 
Keith, 80s glam 
rockers The 
Darkness, Maroon 5, 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
and The Strokes. 

• Notable musicians 
\ Warren Zevon, 
1 Robert Palmer, 
arry White and 
obby Hatfield died. 



., t-: 




Fast-food menus change 
to accommodate the rising 
number of low-carb dieters. 

The Aquada, a new boat/ car, 
can travel up to 30 mph in 
the water. 

Busta Rhymes sports a 
trendy "throwback" jersey 
and retro cap. 

The United States' second Mars rover, Spirit, explores the Red Planet's terrain. Following 
10 days of lost contact, Spirit continued to collect data, dig for soil samples and set a 
one-day distance record of 70 feet. 

Thick-soled and fur-lined 
Ugg boots stomp their way 
from Hollywood fashion to 
everyday footwear. 

Physically handicapped 
people can now travel 
virtually anywhere in the 
Independence iBOT 3000. 

Carryalls take on a fresh new 
look with beaded handbags, 
mesh backpacks and vintage 
cigar box purses. 

High definition, flat screen 
televisions and DVD 
recorders are the new wave 
in home entertainment. 

Millions of Americans ban 
telemarketers from phoning by 
signing the "Do Not Call List." 

Mandy Moore wears cute 
"girl curls" while guys sport 
shaggy cuts and close shaves. 

Powerpuff Girls, Hello Kitty 
and Curious George are 
popular cartoon characters. 

Online booking companies 
such as Orbitz and Expedia 
hurt travel agency sales. 

The 80s styles make a comeback along with mini skirts, 
trucker caps, vintage t-shirts, distressed jeans, thick leather 
wrist bands, stiletto heels and a fascination with the mullet. 

Sports Utility Vehicles outsell mini-vans 
becoming the new "family car." To compete 
with rising gas prices and smaller cars, 
automobile manufacturers developed the 
first hybrid SUVs. 

Fines are issued to hundreds of illegal downloaders of 
music. Media sharing websites and the popularity of MP3 
players are blamed for a 31 percent drop in CD sales. 

* ^e first 
major book 
printed in 
the west, the 
Bible, was 
and placed 
online for 
archival and 
; educational 

uses a laser 
that enables 
users to type 
] on any flat 
■WMOfi surface. 

created a 
; "swipeless" 
credit card 
that emits 
radio signals. 

developed a 
weed that 
; changes color 
when it is grown 
over a landmine. 

• The "MyDoom" 
e-mail virus 
infected computers 
worldwide by 
installing a worm 
that crashed 

Microsoft Windows. 

• Scientists in South 
Korea clone the 
first human 
embryos for stem 
cell research. 

* Logitech created a 
digital pen that 
captures everything 
written or drawn 
and uploads the 
data to a computer 
via a USB cradle. 


. • » * 

i • • • » 






'■ :*Jl:-'»aii 

•iS -mi 

The New England Patriots win Super Bowl XXXVIII in an electrifying 32-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers. With four 
seconds remaining, the Patriots scored a field goal and claimed their second championship in three years. New England 
quarterback Tom Brady was Super Bowl MVP. 


Carmelo Anthony and the 
Syracuse Orangemen win 
the NCAA Basketball 

On the final hole, Shaun 
Micheel claims his first 
win in 163 starts at the 
PGA Championship. 

New Jersey Nets star 
Alonzo Mourning retires 
from the NBA to undergo 
a kidney transplant. 

Laila Ali defends her IBA 
super middleweight title by 
defeating boxing great 
Christy Martin. 


The UConn Huskies, led by Diana Taurasi, celebrate their 
second consecutive NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament 
victory after defeating the Tennessee Volunteers 73-68. 

Lance Armstrong pedals to 
his fifth consecutive Tour 
De France title. 

Justine Henin-Hardenne's 
eight tennis wins include 
the French and U.S. Opens. 

Pro soccer team D.C. United 
signs a four-year deal with 
14-year-old Freddy Adu. 

Jose Santos rides Funny 
Cide into the Kentucky 
Derby winner's circle. 

Golfer Annika Sorenstam is 
voted A. P. Female Athlete 
of the Year. 

Heavyweight boxing champ 
Lennox Lewis retires at 38, 
ending a 14-year career. 



Dale Earnhardt, Jr. follows in his father's 
footsteps as he drives to his first Daytona 
500 victory on Feb. 15. He took the 
lead from Tony Stewart with 20 
laps to go. The late Dale 
Earnhardt, Sr. claimed the same 
title six years earlier on 
Feb. 15, 1998. 

The Florida Marlins win the World Series in a seven-game 
match up with the New York Yankees. Marlins pitcher 
Josh Beckett was series MVP. 





Kristine Lilly, Brandi Chastain and Mia Hamm celebrate a 
3-1 U.S. victory over Canada in the FIFA Women's World 
Cup. The win earned the United States a Bronze Medal. 

League MVP Tim Duncan 
leads the San Antonio Spurs 
to the NBA championship. 

Alex Rodriguez signs with the 
New York Yankees and moves 
from shortstop to third base. 

The New Jersey Devils earn their third Stanley Cup in 
nine seasons after defeating the Anaheim Mighty 
Ducks 4-3 in the seven game series. 

Julie Krone becomes the 
first female jockey to win a 
Breeders' Cup race. 

Surfer Bethany Hamilton 
returns to competition 
just 10 weeks after 
losing her left arm 
in a shark attack. 

Andy Roddick defeats top- 
ranked Juan Carlos Ferrero 
in the U.S. Open Finals. 

In the first tie since 1997, the LSU Tigers and the USC 
Trojans share this year's National Football Championship. 
The Trojans were voted No. 1 by the Associated Press, 
while the Tigers got the top vote in the Coaches' Poll. 

Fan favorite 
i^John Daly 
won his 
' first PGA 
]' tournament 
KHKQSS8 in nine 
years at 
* the Buick 
! Invitational. 


i University 
claimed the 
College World 
Series title. 

' Tennis great 
I Pete Sampras 
retired with 
a record 14 
Grand Slam 

• In game 
four of the 
National League 
Series, Chicago 
Cubs fan Steve 
Bartman deflected 
a foul ball 
as left fielder 
Moises AIou 
attempted the 
catch. Irate fans 
blamed Bartman 
for the Cubs' loss. 

• Chicago Cub 
Sammy Sosa was 
ejected when ah 
umpire discovered 
he was using an 
illegal bat. 

• Wakeboarding 
phenom Dallas 
Friday, 16, wins a 
Summer X-Games 
Gold Medal. 

• Tug McGraw, 
pitcher for the 
"Miracle Mets" and 

Phillies, died at 59. 

He was the father of 

country music star 

Tim McGraw. 

All photos were supplied 

by Getty Images. 
Printed in USA. 03/04KR©