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Brown's Early Settlers West Simsbury. 

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Erastns E. Case, Hartford, Conn., and other sources. 


The progenitor of the Case family, whose ancestry is here out- 
lined, was John Case, latterly of Simsbury, Connecticut. Of John 
Case's history little is known. It seenis to be conceded that he 
was a native of England, some authorities claiming that he was 
born there in 1615. As John Case died about 1704, this is not 
impossible. We have it from the record that he was twice married, 
the first time in 1657. As he would then have been 42 years old, 
and subsequently was the father of ten children, the fruit of the 
union of 1657, ^t would seem as if his birth year had been placed at 
too early a date. 

John Case first appears in America at New London, Conn., in 
1656. lie did not long remain there, for in 1657 he is found in 
Windsor, Conn., where in that year, he married Sarah Spencer, of 
Hartford, Conn. 

Sarah Spencer, born 1636, was the daughter of William and 

Agnes ( ) Spencer, who were among the company that 

settled Hartford, Conn. William Spencer first settled in Cambridge, 

Mass. He was a member of the General Court, and was one of the 

.,^,^^_^ founders of the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company." 

^(^ William Spencer movetl to Hartford in 1639, and was there a Deputy. 

'r^ He died in 1640. 

^ In the spring oi ir>6(), John Case left Windsor for Massacoe, now 

Simsbury, Conn., antl settled in a section thereof styled Weatogue. 

,J Mr. Case was one of the original patentees of the Massacoe pur- 

^ chase. Another account states that John Case, after leaving Wind- 

SJ sor, located in Meadow Plain, adjacent to Weatogue. However 

.j that may be, he was, in 1676, forced to leave his new-found home 

\' and return to Windsor for safety against the Indians, during the 

progress of King Philip's war. His property was destroyed during 

that conflict. In 1677 John Case returned to Massacoe or Simsbury, 

^ where he continued to reside until his death. 

.•^ '^'~' John Case's first wife, Sarah Spencer, died 3 November 1691, 

"^ aged 55 years. He married second, Fdizabeth, widow of Nathaniel 

Loomis, of Windsor, and daughter (as is supposed) of John 
Moore, of Windsor. She died 23 July 1728, aged 90 years. 

John Case was appointed constable for Massacoe by the General 
Court, 14 October 1669, being- the first person to hold that office 
at that place. He represented his town at the General Court in 
1670, and several times thereafter. He died at Simsbury, 21 Feb- 
ruary 1703-4. 

There were other lines of the Case family in Connecticut. The 
Revolutionary rolls show the names of no less than seventy-two 
Connecticut men named Case who took part in that strug-gle. 


Children of John Case and Sarah, his wife. 

1. Elizabeth, born about 1658. Married first, Joseph Lewis; mar- 

ried second, John Tuller. Elizabeth died 9 October 1718. 

2. Mary, born 22 June 1C60; died 22 August 1725. Married first, 

William Alderman; married second, James Hillyer. 

3. John, born 25 November 1662; died 22 May 1733. Married first, 

Mary Olcutt ; married second, Sarah Holcomb. 

4. William, born 5 June 1665 ; died 31 May 1700. Married Elizabeth 


5. Samuel, born i June 1667; died 30 July 1725. Married first, 

Mary Westover ; married second, Elizabeth Thrall. 

6. Richard, born 27 August 1669; died about 1746. Married Amy 


7. Bartholomew, born October 1(^70; tlied 25 October 1725. Mar- 

ried Mary Humphrey. 

8. Joseph, born 6 Ajiril 1^)74; died ii August 1748. Married Anna 


9. Sarah, born 14 April 1676; died 22 May 1704. Married Joseph 


10. Abigail, born 4 May 1682; died 3 June 1714. Married Jonah 



Descendants in the line of Joseph Case, sixth son of John Case. 

Joseph Case married 6 April 1699, Anna, daughter of James 
and Abigail (Bissell) Eno, of Windsor, Conn., who was born 10 
April 1682, and died 10 June 1760. Joseph resided in Simsbury, 
Conn., and died there 11 August 1748. 

Children of Joseph and Arma Case. 

1. Joseph, born 2 February 1700; died 12 March 1782. Married 

Hannah Humphrey. 

2. Jacob, born 19 March 1702; (Hed 2t^ July 1763. Married Abigail 

3. Aaron, born 1705; died 19 August 1705. 

4. Benajah, born 5 b>bruary 1710; died after 1748; was a clergy- 

man. Unmarried. 

5. Josiah, born 1 b'ebruary 1716; died . Married Mary 


6. Hezekiah, born 26 April 17 19; died before 1748. Unmarried. 

7. David, born about 1722; died about 1753. Married Sarah 


8. Joel, horn 30 May 1724; died about 1793. 


Descendants in the line of Joel Case, eighth son of Joseph Case. 

Joel Case, born 30 May 1724, in Simsbury, Conn. Married (i) 
28 October 1746, Thankful, daughter of (])robably) Robert and 
Elizabeth (Buckland) Hoskins, of Simsbury; she was born about 
1725-6; was the mother of Joel's children. Joel married (2) Chloe 

, who survived him. After his marriage Joel resided at 

Meadow Plain, Conn.; moved to Case's Farm about 1746. Subse- 
quently, in or about 1776, he is supposed to have made his home in 
Loudon, Massachusetts. His will is dated at that place 27 January 
1780. proved in 1703. 4 June, probably a few days after his death. 
Will gives " Wife Chloe half of buildiugs and homestead so long as 
she remains my widow ; to sons Calvin and Joel, whom I appoint 
executors, lands in Loudon and Blanford, farming tools and stock; 
to my six daughters Thankful, Elizabeth, Isabel, Susannah, Roscitty 
and Lois, household furniture which I had at the decease of their 
mother, equally; also my sons shall pay to my daughter Isabel three 
pounds ; and to my granddaughter Elizabeth Pelton five pounds at 
the age of eighteen or on her marriage day. (See Pittsfield, Mass., 
Probate Records.) 

Children of Joel and Thayikful Case. 

I. Thankful, born 23 September 1747; died 3 April 1810. Married 
first, Michael Moses; married second, Daniel Bennett. Resided 
at Simsbury. 


2. Elizabeth, born 24 February 1749; died 4 March 1816. Married 

first, Abijah Reed; married second, Isaac Case. Resided at 

3. Isabel, born 16 January 1751 ; died . Married Roderick 

Adams. Resided at Simsbury. 

4. Joel, born 3 March 175 1 ; died 4 January 1754. 

5. Susannah, born 20 October 1754; dieil . Married 17 

December 1784, Samuel Adams. 

6. Joel, born 21 September 1756; died 8 November 1758. 

7. Luther, born 30 March 1759; died i)robably before his father. 

8. Rositte, born 10 May 1761. Married Joel Barber. 

9. Lois, born 10 April 1763; died 26 April 1832. Married Daniel 


10. Calvin, born 10 April 1765; died 4 January 1854. Married 

Jeru.^ha Ciriffin. 

11. Joel, born 30 January 1770; died . Married first, 

Mahala Mills; married second, Mary Fox. 


Descendants in the line of Calvin Case, fourth son and tenth child of 
Joel Case. 

Calvin Case, born 10 April 1765, in Simsbury, Conn. Married 
2 August 1793, Jerusha, born 2 December 1777; died 7 May 1849; 

daughter of Elisha Allen Griffin and ( ) Griffin. 

Calvin L'ase died in Gilboa, N. V., 4 January 1854. 

Children of Calvin and Jenisha Case. 

1. Luther, born 21 April 1796; died 5 February 1887. Married 

Maria Crowell. 

2. Erastus, born 10 July 1798; died 24 August i860. Married 

Thankful Mackey. 

3. Calvin, born 29 November 1799; died 26 January 1875. Married 

first, ; married second ; married 

third, Maria Crocker. 

4. Joel, born 15 November 1801 ; died 15 March 1824. Unmarried. 

5. Elisha, born 17 July 1803; <J'cd i January 1896. Married Betsy 


6. Ira, born 3 April 1805; died 20 August 1900. Married Sally 



7- Allen, born 12 March 1807; died 30 September 1887. Married 
Philinda Chichester. 

8. Jerusha, born 23 June 1809; died 27 June 1885. Married first, 

Orlean Cornelius Dewitt ; married second. Garret Conyes. 

9. Eliza, born 12 April 1811; died i July lyoi. Married Solomon 


10. Philetha, born i August 1813; died 24 November 1827. 

11. Phebe, born 30 July 1815; died i July 1901. Married William 


12. Daniel, born 17 July 1817; died 10 November 1886. Married 

IJetsey, daughter of Joseph and Sally Ann (Welch) Chichester 
of Gilboa, N. Y. 

13. Pliram, born 4 July 1819 ; died . Married Abby Selleck. 

Resided at Catskill, N. Y. 

14. Grifini, born 21 December 1821 ; died 16 April 1896. Married 

Louisa, sister of Betsey, wife of Daniel, twelfth child. 


Descetidants in the line of Allen Case, seventh son and seventh child of 
Calvin and Jerusha Case. 

Allen Case, born 12 March 1807 in Gilboa, N. Y. ]\Tarried 25 

October 1832, Philinda, daughter of John and ( ) 

Chichester, of Gilboa, N. Y. Philinda was born in Gilboa, 3 Feb- 
ruary 1813. She died i April 188 t. Allen Case resided and died in 
Conesville, N. Y., 30 September 1887. 

Children of Allen and Philinda Case, all born in Conesville, 
Schoharie county, N. Y. 

1. David E., born 17 October 1833; died . Married first, 

Mary Jane Mulford, 24 October 1854; married second, Char- 
lotte Mayhaiu, widow of George Morehouse, 1877. 

2. Elizabeth, born 20 April 1835; c^icd 23 April 1835. 

3. Harriet Amanda, born 12 June 1836; died . Married 

I September 1853, Daniel N. Hay. 

4. Allen Griffin, born 8 June 1838; died . Married Mary 

Eliza Case, daughter of Erastus Case. 

5. Sidney A., born 3 September 1840; dietl . Married — 

June 1863, Mary Briggs. 

6. Edgar, born 16 February 1843; (lied 26 February 1843. 

7. Orlean, born 20 July 1844; died 9 April 1848. 

8. Daniel Chichester, born 3 January 1847. Married Sarali Jane 

9. Lewis Philip, born 3 September 1848; died . Married 

, Anna Smith. 

10. Celinda, born 31 January 1852. Married 19 December 1888, 

Harter Brandovv. 

11. Burton, born 5 February 1854; died 6 February 1854. 


Descendants in the line of Daniel Chichester Case, fifth son and eighth 
child of Allen and Philinda Case. 

Daniel Chichester Case, born 3 January 1847 in Conesville, Scho- 
harie county, New York. Marrietl 15 June 1871, at Schoharie, N. Y., 
Sarah Jane Morrison, daughter of John and Hannah (La Mont) 
Morrison of that place. Sarah Jane Morrison was born 15 June 
1849 at Charlotteville, Schoharie county, New York. 

Child of Daniel C. and Sarah Ja7ie (Morrison) Case. 

Charles Champlin, born 23 February 1876, at Stamford, Delaware 
county, New York. Married 14 February 1900, at Chicago, 111., 
Frances Belle SpafTord, born 28 October 1879, daughter of 
James Madison Spafford and Isabella (Dunham) Spafford.