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Full text of "Some descendants of Henry and John Sherburne of Portsmouth, N.H."

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Reprinted from the New-England Historical and Genealogical Register, 

Vols. 58 and 59. 






1. Henry^ Siierburxe of Portsmouth, N. H., came in the James, ar- 
riving June 12, 1632, from London. He was born in Ocliliam in Hamp- 
shire, England, and baptized there Mch. 28, 1611 (parish records of Odiham). 
He made a deposition Nov. 8, 1665, in Boston, stating that he was then in 
his 54th year. (See Mass. Bay Colony Records, vol. iv., part 2, p. 271.) 
Family records say that he was son of Joseph Sherburne of Odiham, who 
died in 1621, and grandson of Henry Sherburne of Beam Hall, Oxford, 
who died in 1598. He died in 1680, aged 69, say family records. He 
was an educated man, and wrote the " Court hand " beautifully. In 1640 
he was a warden of the church of England at Portsmouth ; and was select- 
man, town clerk, 1656-60, treasurer, and commissioner. In 1644, Governor 
Belliiigham appointed him Judge at Portsmouth "to end small causes," 
and in 1651 the General Court of Mass. appointed him Associate Judge at 
'' Strawberry Bank." (Prov. Papers of N. H., vol. 1, p. 194.) In 1660 
he served as Deputy to the General Court at Boston. He was a large 
landholder by purchase and many town grants. 

He married first, Nov. 13, 1637, Rebecca, only child of Ambrose Gibbons, 
Assistant (1640) to the Governor of Portsmouth, N. H. She died June 
3, 1667, aged 47; and he married second, Sarah, widow of Walter Abbott, 
by whom he had no issue. 

Children : 

2. i. Samuel,'^ twin, b. Aug. 4, 1638. 

ii. Elizabeth, twui, b. Aug. 4, 1638 ; m. (1) 1656, Tobias Langdon, who 
d. 166-t,by whom she had one son Tobias, Jr., b. 1660, grandfather 
of John Langdon, Gov. of N. H., and U. S. Senator, and of Judge 
Woodbury Langdon ; rn. (2) Tobias^Lear, in 1667, by whom slie 
had Tobias, Jr., grandfather of Washington's Secretary, Col. 
Tobias Lear; m. (3) Hon. Richard Martyn. -'^ 

iii. Mary, b. Nov. 20, 1640; d. Sept. 22, 1718; m. Oct. 21, 1^58, Lieut. 
Richard Sloper, who d. 1713, by whom she had 12 children (see 
Register, vol. 17, p. 252), among them Capt. Henry Sloper, b. 
1682, who m. July 4, 1717, Lydia, dan. of Saml. Penliallow, Chief 
Justice of N. H., and granddaughter of President John Cutt. (See 
Brewster's Rambles, vol. ii. pp. 51-2, 144.) 

Iv. Henry, b. Jan. 21, 1642; d. at sea, July 10, 16.59. 

3. V. John, b. Apr. 3, 1647; bapt. at Newbury, Oct. 4, 1657; mariner, of 

Little Harbor and Newcastle. 
vi. Ajibrose, b. Aug. 3, 1649; probably d. young; no further trace of 

vii. Sarah, b. ,Lan. 10, 1651. 

viii. Rebecca, b. Apr. 26, 1654; d. 1697; deaf and dumb. 
ix. Rachel, b. Apr. and d. Dec, 1656. 
X. Martha, b.Dec. 4, 1657; d. Nov. 11, 1658. 
xi. Ruth, b. June 5, 1660 ; m. June 1, 1676, Lieut. Aaron* Moses (John^), 

* This genealogy, mucli condensed from a history of tlie Sherburne family in prepara- 
tion, is now published tliat tlie Register may contain an account of tiie early generations 
of this family \Yliicli shall correct some errors existing in previous articles which have 
aj)peared in print. 

■who d. 1713. His wife Mary was appointed adm's., Nov. 21, 1713. 
(Probate papers, Rockingham Co.) (See Moses genealogy, by 
Zebiua Moses, Hartford, 1890.) 

Capt. Samuel^ Sherburne {Henri/), of Little Harbor, Portsmouth 
and Hampton, N. H., was heir of his grandfather Ambrose Gibbons. 
The town of Portsmouth granted him 60 acres and ferry privilege, 
in 1670. His father deeded him dwelling and large tract of land at 
Little Harbor, in 1674. (Rockingham Co. Deeds, vol. 3, p. 94.) He 
removed from Little Ilarbor to Hampton in 1675. (Dow's Hist, of 
Hampton.) In 1678 he bought the Inn at Hampton from his uncle 
John Sherburne of the Plains, Portsmouth, adm'r of the estate of 
Robert Tucke, Esq. He was selectman of Hampton, 1 683 and 1688 ; 
and in 1689 was one of the delegates to form some method of gov- 
ernment for the four towns, Hampton, Dover, Exeter and Portsmouth, 
He strongly opposed Gov. Cranfield, and signed Weare's petition, 
1682-3. In July, 1691, a strong military force was sent into Maine 
against the Indians, nnder fonr Captains of which he was one. He 
was killed at the head of his command " by the Heathen," Aug. 4, 
1691, at Maquoit, Casco Bay, Me. He married, Dec. 15, 1668, 
Love, daughter of John and Frances Hutchius of Haverhill, Mass., 
who was born July 16, 1647, and died at Kingston, N. H., Feb., 
1739, aged 92. 
Children : 

i. rRANCES,3 b. Mar. 14, 1670; d. 1C75. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 5, 1671: d. Jan. 20, 1741; m. Feb., 1691, Capt. 
Jonathan Sanborn of Kingston, N. H. 

4. iii. Henky, b. Feb. 16, 1674; Chief Justice of N. H., 1732-1742. 

iv. Frances, b. Sept. 29, 1676; d. 1744; ra. (1) 1700, Dr. Benjaraia 

Dole; m. (2) 1711, Capt. Joseph Staniford. 
V. Mary, b. Feb. 15, 1678; d. 1717; m. Dec. 6, 1698, Capt. Joseph Til- 

tou of Hampton, 
vi. Margaret, b. May 23, 1680; d. June 2.",, 1680. 
vii. Sarah, b. Jan. 14, 1681 ; m. Apr. 24, 1701, Joseph Fifleld of Kingston, 

N. H. 
viii. Samuel, b. July 21, 1684 ; possibly the scout of 1712 in Capt. Phips's 

ix. Love, b. .July 5, 16^6; m. Oct. 13, 1713, Richard Cntts, Esq. 

5. X. JoHX, b. Feb. 2, 1688, bapt. in First Church at Salisbury, Dec. 29, 

16S9 ; of Hampton and Northwood, N. H. ; Dow states incorrectly 
that he was b. 1678. 
xi. Archelaus, a dau., posthumous, b. Feb. 23, 1692 ; probably d. young, 

Capt. John^ Sherburne {Henry^) was a mariner and shipmaster of 
Great Island and that part of Little Harbor called New Castle. 
Little is known of him. Jan. 29, 1677, his father Henry deeded, in 
consideration of love and affection, " to my son John Sherburne 
upon his marriage with Mary Cowell to wh I have freely consented," 
his homestead at Little Harbor. (Rockingham Co. Deeds, vol. 3, p. 
145.) In the Register, vol. 9, p. 180, it is incorrectly stated that 
this John Sherburne married Mary Jackson. He married, about 
Jan., 1677, Mary Cowell, perhaps daughter of Edward Cowell of 
Great Island and Boston. His brother Samuel deeded him land at 
Little Harbor, June, 1685, which land was deeded to Samuel by their 
father Henry for maintenance of their sister Rebecca. In 1686 
he was on the Grand Jury, and styled John Sherburne, mai'iner. 

In the Constable Rolls, 1688, he is styled mariner of Sandy Beach 
(Rye). Nov. 25, 1690, he then " of Portsm''," N. H., mariner, 
made his will, proved Oct. 10, 1718, giving his estate to wife Mary 
during the time she remained his widow, with reversion to son 
Joseph and his heirs, "except £15 apiece out of said Estate to the 
rest of my children." His wife was sole executrix. Inventor}^ taken 
Nov. 28, 1718, "of Estate of M"" John Sherburne of Little Harbor 
in New Castle who deceased A.D. 1698," total £570. 
Children : 

8. i. Joseph, 3 b. 1680; d. Dec. 3, 1744 (Register, vol. 15, p. 172) ; King's 
Couucil and Justice of Supreme Court of N. H., 1733-1744. 

7. ii. John, b. about 1682 ; d. 1748 ; niariuer, of New Castle. 

ill. Maky, b. about 1683; ra. Capt. Thomas Westbrook, Kind's Council, 
1716-1736, and of Falmouth, Me., 1740. Their only child, Eliza- 
beth,* m. in 1718, Hon. Richard Waldrou, Secretary of the Prov. 
of N. H., and King's Council, 1728-1753. 

iv. Edward, d. before 1729; m. July 25, 1716, Agnes, dau. of Mark 
Hunkino-, Chief Justice of N. H., 1712-1729. issue : Marie,* bapt. 
1716-1717; Sarah, bapt. Aug. 10, 1718, in South Church. 

V. Ambrose, bapt. in Old North Church, 1713 ; probably d. before 1729 ; 
no further trace of him. 

8. vi. S.iBiuEL, blacksmith, of Portsmouth. 

4. Hon. Henrt^ Sherburne {Samuel,^ Henry^), of Portsmouth, was an 
eminent merchant, and in early life a mariner and shipmaster. He 
was selectman, Representative to the General Assembly, 1720 Audi- 
tor, Colonel of the militia, etc. He was of the King's Council, 1728 
to 1757, Treasurer of the Province of N. H., 1732-1742, and Chief 
Justice of the Supreme Court of N. H., 1732-1742. He died Dec. 
29, 1757, aged 83. He used the arms of the Sherburnes of Stony- 
hurst on his plate and in sealing documents, one of which latter is 
In the possession of the compiler. In 1710 he drew up a pedigree 
■of his family, tracing his grandfather, and granduncle John, through 
Joseph of Odiham and Henry of Oxford to Sir Richard Sherburne of 
Stonyhurst, who died in 1513. The compiler has a copy, and 
which pedigree, enlarged and continued by his sons, was filed at the 
Heralds College in London, in 1770, by his gi-andson Col. Samuel 
Sherburne of London, where the compiler has studied it. He was 
a man of great wealth and "lived in almost Royal style in the first 
brick mansion built in Portsmouth at the head of the Pier " (probably 
built by President Cutt) . " He was a high mason, and masonic 
lodges met in his house." (See Gurney's " Old Portsmouth, N. H.," 
pub. 1903.) His portrait in oil, in his judicial robe, is in the pos- 
session of the compiler. He married Dorothy,^ daughter of SamueP 
(William^) and Mary (Benning) Wentworth, who was born June 
27, 1680, and died Jan. 3, 1754, sister of the first Gov. John Went^ 
worth and aunt to Gov. Benning Wentworth. (See Wentworth 
Children : 

i. Samuel,'' b. about 1698 ; d. 1765, unmarried ; graduated H. U., 1719 ; 
merchant of Portsmouth ; owned the Sherburne House at " Christ- 
ian Shore." 

ii. Ann, b. 1706; bapt. in Old North Church, Apr. 21, 1707; m. (1) in 
1722, John Eyre; and m. (2) Joseph Laugdon. No issue. 

9. iii. Henry, Jr., b. Apr. 4, 1709; merchant, and Chief Justice of the 

Court of Common Pleas, of Ni H. 

iv. Mary, bapt. in Old North Church, May 7, 1710 ; m. July 3, 1735, Lt, 
George Gerrish, ^vho served at Louisbourg, 1745 (see Cutts Gene- 

V. EiCHARD, bapt. in Old North Church, Apr. 27, 1712 ; named in will of 
his "cousin" Christopher Rymes, 1741 (see Wentworth Gene- 
alogy). Not mentioned in his father's ■will, Dec. 27, 1757. 

vi. Dorothy, b. 1712, bapt. in Old North Cliurch, Apr. 26, 1713 ; d. Jan. 
25, 17C1 ; m. (1) Christopher Rymes ; m. (2) Dr. Nathaniel Rogers;: 
m. (3) Rev. John Taylor of MUton, Mass. ; m. (4) Hon. Peter Gil- 
man of the King's Council, Brig. General, etc. (Wentwoi'th 
10. vii. John, b. Apr. 20, bapt. Apr. 26, 1720 ; Judge of Probate of the Prov, 
of N. H. and King's Council, 1774. 


. Lieut. John^ Sherburne (Samuel,^ Henrif), of Hamjjton, N. H.y 
styled " Gent " in deeds, was a farmer. Dow saj-s he removed to 
Epping, N. H. Family records say he died in Northwood, N. H. 
He married, Nov. 12, 1713, Jane,^ born in 1691, daughter of Abra- 
ham*^ Drake (Abraham,^ Robert^) of Hampton, (See Drake Gene- 
Children : 

i. Sarah,'' b. July 8, 1715; d. Dec. 26, 1737; ra. Mar. 20, 1735, Josepb 

Freeze of Hampton, and had an only child Sarah, b. 1737; m. 

1757, Major Josiah Dearborn. (See Register, vol. 2, p. 304.) 
ii. Margaret, b. June 29, 1718; ra. Jan. Yd, 1738, Heuiy' Dearborn 

(Samuel,^ Henry, ^ Godfrey') of North Hampton. (See Dearborn 


11. iii. Samuel, b. Oct. 7, 1720; d. 1748; of Hampton, styled "saddler" in- 


12. iv. John, b. Feb. 2. 1723 ; of Northwood, N. H., farmer ; styled "Lieut," 
V. Love, b. Apr. 30, 1726. 

vi. Jane, b. 1728; d. of "throat ail," 1735. 
vii. Mary, b. 1731; d. of " throat ail," 1735. 
viii. Elizabeth, b. 1734; d. of " tliroat ail," 1735'. 
ix. Jane, born and died 1737. 

. Hon. Joseph^ Sherburne [John,'^ Henry^) was a merchant of Ports- 
mouth, and in early life a mariner and shipmaster. He was select- 
man, assessor, auditor. Colonel of militia of Portsmouth ; of the 
King's Council, 1733 to 1744, and Justice of the Supreme Court 
1739, He died Dec. 3, 1744, aged G4 (see Register, vol. 15, p, 
172). He was a man of wealth, and a large land owner. He used 
the Arms of the Stonyhurst Sherburues, and in the inventory of 
his estate, taken Aug. 8, 1745, is mentioned one coat of arms in 
black frame, value £l 10s. (Probate papers. Concord, N. H.) He 
married Mary, daughter of " Splan " and Mary Lovell, who was- 
born in 1685, and died Mar. G, 1746 (Register, vol. 15, p. 172). 
Mary Sherburne, "widow of Joseph Esq," deeded Jan. 15, 1745,. 
" to my son Joseph Sherburne of Boston " a house in Portsmouth 
" formerly belonging to my father, Splan Lovell, glassier, of Ports- 
mouth " (Exeter Deeds at Concord, N. H., vol. 29, p. 478). 
Children : 

13. L John,* b. 1706, bapt. in North Church, Portsmouth, Apr. &, 1712; 

mariner and shipmaster, of Portsmouth. 

14. ii, Joseph, Jr., b. 1710; merchant, of Boston, Mass. 

iii. Nathaniel, sho])keeper, of Portsmouth, 1754 ; d. 1765 ; m. Mehitable, 
dau. of George Peirce of Portsmouth, by wife Mary, dau. of To- 
bias^ Langdou (Tobias'). 

iv. Mary, m. James Gooch of Portsmouth, brazier. 
V. LovELL, bapt. iu North Church, Tortsmouth, Apr. 2G, 1719; cL 

7. Capt. John'* Sherbukne {Johnj- Henrtj^), of New Castle and Rye, 

N. H., mariner, styled '" Gent " iu deeds, was selectman oi' New 
Castle, 1719-1720, and on a land committee of Rye, Mar. 1, 1720, 
which laid out to him " o2 acres of meadow at Rye granted to his 
grandfather Henry Sherburne and to his (grand) uncle John Sher- 
burne by the town of Portsmouth, 1653." (See Rye Town Records, 
Common Land book.) His mother, Mary, leased him her farm at 
Little Harbor in New Castle, Feb., 1709, he to pay his brothers, 
Samuel, Edward and Ambrose, £10 each (Exeter Deeds, vol. 7, p. 
303) ; and deeded him the same, May 2, 1729, he to pay his brother 
Samuel £15, and to his niece Sarah, davighter of his brother Edward, 
deceased, £L5 (Exeter Deeds, vol. 16, p. 375) ; and Mar. 31, 1736, 
his mother deeded him her rights to common lauds of New Castle. 
(Exeter Deeds, vol. 22, p. 547.) He died in 1748. The inventory 
of his estate, taken Mar. 30 and Apr. 7, 1748, shows a total of 
£5,906. His estate was divided in 1751. (Probate papers, Exeter, 
N. H., vols. 18-19.) He married Hannah Jackson, possibly a daugh- 
ter of James, whose will was proved at Exeter, N. H., iu 1762, 
but she cannot be the Hannah Sherburne of the Atkinson Salver 
(Brewster's Rambles, vol. 2, p. 73), who died iu 1762, aged 57 
(Register, vol. 15, p. 173), for her daughter Katherine Odiorne 
was born in 1705. 

Childi'en, all mentioned in the division of the estates of their father 
and mother : 

35. i. Noah,* of Rye, N. H., d. Feb. 24, 1782. Possibly he was the young- 

ii. SiMPX)N, mentioned in the division of liis father's estate, but iu a 
deed of his brother Noah, in 1753 (Exeter Deeds, vol. 43, p. 10), 
is alluded to as " deceased "; probably unmarried. 

iii. Hannah, ra. Capt. John Blunt, mariner, of New Castle, son of Rev. ^ a 

John Blunt, of New Castle, and his wife ^^, tlau. of Hon. John ocXA-dJsv^ 
Prost, King's Council, of New Castle, who m. Mary, sister of Sir 
Wm. Pepperell. Issue: Capt. JoJm, b. 1757; Capt. (reorge F., h. ajlj) 
1761; Capt. Bobert, b. 1763; Capt. Charles, b. 1768; Capt. Jfirk, b. "^"^-^ . 
1770; Capt. Oliver C, b. 1774; all well-known shipmasters of -£A.-A.<uCt^, 

iv. Kathkhine, b. 1705 ; d. 1766 ; m. (1) Capt. Ebenezer' Odiorne (John,- (v • u 
Johu^), of Exeter, N. H., who d. 1745; and m. (2) at Greenland, 
N. H. , June 4, 1761, Dr. Thomas Deane (see Deane Genealogy, by 
John Ward Dean;. By Capt. Ebenezer^ Odiorne she had: 1. 
'Thomas, b. 1733; d. 181!); merchant; one of the Connuittee of 
Safety iu the Revolution, and Receiver General of Taxes, N. H. 
2. Joseph. 3. Mary. 4. Elizabeth. 5. Eboieser, b. 1735; d. 
1771; ni. in 1760, Sarah* Sherburne (Samuel,^ John, Jr.,^ John*). 
(See Odiorne Genealogy, 1875, by James Creighton Odiorne.) 

V. Mary, m. Capt. James Randall, mariner, of New Castle. Issue: 
James; Catherine; and others. 

8. Samuel^ Sherburne (John,- Henry^) was styled inuholder and black- 

smith, of Portsmouth. No date of his birth or death, nor will nor 
administration of his estate, can be found. He is mentioned in deeds 
of his mother, Mary, to his brother Capt. John, of New Castle, 1709 
and 1729 ; and Oct. 4, 1741 (Exeter Deeds, vol. 25, p. 343), he, calling 


Jiimself " of Portsmouth, blacksmith," quit claimed to his brother 
Johu of New Castle, consideration £15, the "same being in full of 
legacy from my father Johu Sherburne of New Castle, deceased," 
all rights to the estate of his said father. He may be the Samuel 
who was scout in Capt. Phips's Co., in 1712 and who was selectman 
of Portsmouth in 1727. March 10, 1738, he, then called " Inholder," 
and wife Catherine, sold land at Barrington, " laid out to me as an 
inhabitant of the town of Portsmouth " (Exeter Deeds, vol. 23, p. 
225). He married first, Abigail Sliackford, June 11, 1719. (Reg- 
ister, vol. 24, p. 13.) In 1740 he and his wife Catherine mort- 
gaged to Henry Sherburne a house and lot in Portsmouth " given to 
me by the last will of my father-in-law, Samuel Sliackford, deceased" 
(Exeter Deeds, vol. 24, p. 501). His first wife, Abigail, must have 
died before 1734, for Aug, 25, 1734, he married Catherine Sher- 
burne of Portsmouth (Register, vol. 25, p. 121), daughter of 
Henry"^ Sherburne of the Plains (John^), and his wife Sarah Wiggin. 
She died at Couway, N. H., Jan., 1808, aged 102 yrs., 10 mos. 
(N. H. Hist. Colls., vol. 2, p. 27, says aged 101.) In the Old South 
Parish records, Portsmouth, it is recorded that Samuel, son of Samuel 
Sherburne, was baptized Aug. 21, 1736 ; and Ann, Dorothy, and 
Henry,'* children of Samuel Sherburne, were baptized July 31, 1737. 
This Henry,'* a blacksmith, who moved to Conway, N. IL, in 1789, 
and died there in 1823, married Phebe, daughter of Col. John 
Dennett of Portsmouth, Oct. 28, 1765. Apr. 24, 1773, John Den- 
nett deeded a Lot " to Henry Sherburne my son in law and Phebe 
his wife my daughter." (Exeter Deeds, vol. 106, p. 72.) Henry* 
and Phebe had issue: Sarah^ ; Phebe; Samuel, born 1770, East 
India merchant. Consul at St. Malo,Frauce, in 1807 ; John; Henri/; 
J^lizabcth ; Catherine ; Polly, and Dorothy. 

9. Hon. Henry* Sherburne, Jr. {Henry^ Samuel^" Henry^), a mer- 
chant of Portsmouth, graduated at Harvard in 1728. He was Clerk 
of the Court of Common Pleas, Representative to the General As- 
sembly of N. H., 1745-1706, and for ten years Speaker of the House ; 
Commissioner to the Interview with the Six Nations of Indians, 
1754; Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 1765; and of the 
King's Council. 1766. He died Mch. 30, 1767. He married, Oct. 
22, 1740, Sarah, who died in 1814, aged 93, daughter of Daniel 
Warner and his wife Sarah Hill, by whom he had sixteen children, 
among them Johv^" William, John (2), Ann, and Richard, who died 
young, and Mary and Margaret, who died unmarried. Other chil- 
dren were : 

i. Henry,* b. Sept., 1741; d. 1825; graduated at Princeton, 1759; 
merchant, and llevolutionary soldier under Gen. William Whip- 
ple at Saratoga, 1777; unmarried. 

ii. Daniel, b. May 27, 1743; d. 1778; merchant; unmarried. 

iii. Samuel, b. July 27, 174-t ; d. 1826 ; H. U., 17G5 ; Colonel in the Revo- 
lution; m. (1) Mary, dau. of Col. Jonathan Warner, by whom no 
issue; m. (2) in 1783, Sarah Barton, by whom a son Capt. Samuel,^ 
and others. He lived in London in 1770, and filed with Heralds 
College the family pedigree compiled by his grandfather and con- 
tinued by his father and uncle John. 

iv. Sarah, b. Mar. 27, 1748 ; d. 1827 ; m. in 1765, Judge Woodbury Lang- 
don. Their son Walter m. a dau. of John Jacob Astor, of N. Y. ; and 
their dau. Caroline m. Gov. William Eustis, of Mass. 


V. Edward, b. Sept. 7, 1751 ; Major and Aide on the staff of Genl. John 

Sullivan ; mortally wounded at the battle of Germantown, Oct. 4, 
. 1777, d. same day; unmairied. 

tiLyi. Dorothy,^ b. May 20, 1752 ; d. 1837 ; m. in 1778, John "Wendell, Esq. 

(see Wendell Genealogy, by J. R. Stan wood, p. 28). 
vii. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 9, 175-1:; d. 1799; m. in 1780, Elizabeth, daii. of 

Dr. Ammi R. Cutter, a Surgeon Genl. in Revolutionary ]Army, 

1777 ; no male issue, 
viii. Jonathan, b. Mch. 1, 1758; d. 1847; graduated Dartmouth, 1776: 

surgeon; m. in 1787, Nancy, dau. of James Perkins of Rye, N. H. 

Issue : Lt. Jonathan Warner^ of Baltimore, Md. ; in U. S. N. ; 

Edioard, Adeline, and James Henry, d. young. 
ix. Hannah, b. Sept. G, 1759; d. 1785; m. in 1784, Samuel Penhallow 

(see Penhallow Genealogy, p. 8; and Cutts Genealogy, p. 31). 

10. Hon. John* Sherburne {Henry,^ Samuel,'^ Henry^), a merchant of 

Portsmouth, N. H., was Register of the Court of Vice-Admiralty 
many years, and Judge of Probate of Rockingham Co. 1773— 
1776 ; also King's Councillor, 1774 to 1776. Although he had 
held office under the Crown, he was au active opponent of the op- 
pressive measures of the British Government agaiugt this country. 
He was one of the Committee chosen by the town of Portsmouth 
to instruct Representatives to the General Court, Dec. 2, 1765, 
which Committee instructed them to complain of the " Stamp Act " 
and its danger to personal liberty. Dec. 16, 1773, he and others 
were ch6sen by Portsmouth to send resolves, against selling tea, to 
every town " of any account in the Government," which they did 
with great credit. He was a trustee of Dartmouth College, 1774— 
1777. He died in Portsmouth, Mar. 10, 1797, aged 77. He mar- 
ried first, Mary, daughter of Ellis Huske. She died, childless, in 
1750 ; and he married second, Elizabeth, daughter of Hon. .John 
and Catherine (Cutt) Moffatt of Portsmouth. (See Cutt Gene- 
alogy, p. 533.) 
Children : 

i. John,* d. young. 

ii. Dorothy, d. young. 

iii. Samuel, b. 1757; by act of Legislature took the additional name 
John, and was known as John Samuel ; graduated at Dartmouth, 
177G; Brigade Major and Aide to Genl. William Whipple, 1777-8; 
member of Congress, U. S., 1793 to 1797; U. S. Dist. Atty. for 
N. H. 1801-1804; appointed U. S. Dist. Judge, N. H., 1804, and 
held the office until his death, Aug. 2, 1830. He m. Oct., 1791, 
Submit, dau. of Hon. George Boyd of Portsmouth, by whom he 
had four sons, among them Gol. John Henry, ^ Register U. S. N., 
Washington, D. C, 1825 ; Author of Life of John Paul Jones, and 
other works. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 1760; m. Feb. 3, 1776, Hon. John Langdon, Governor 
of N. H., and U. S. Senator, and the lirst President pro tern, of 
the Senate. 

11. Samuel* Sherburne {Jolm^ Samuel^ Henry^), a farmer and saddler, 

of Hampton, N. H., settled on the homestead at Hampton, and died 
there in 1748, aged 27. He married, July 27, 1743, Lydia, born 
in 1721, died in 1776, daughter of Dea. Thomas Marston of North 
Hampton. (See Marston Genealogy ; and Boston Transcript, Nov. 
12, 1900.) Lydia, his widow, married second, Ebenezer Lovering 
of North Hampton. 
Children : 


1. Samuel,* b. 1744; bapt. Dec. 22, 1745; d. Sept., 1824, settled in Mt. 
Vernon, Me., where he d.; m. Phebe, dan. of Simeon Chapman 
of Epsom, N. H. ; had Joseph,'^ of Paterson, N. J.; John, of 
Glover, Vt. ; Henry, d. yonng; and Samuel, of Mt. Vernon, Me., 
father of Jndge Moses,' of St. Paul, Minn. 

ii. "Betty," b. and d. 1745. 

iii. John, b. and d. 1747. 

iv. Sarah, bapt. June 19, 1748; d. 1811; m. Dr. Samuel Page of Hamp- 
ton in 1770, and had live childi'eu. 

12. Lieut. John* Sherburne {John,^ Samuel,'^ Henry^), was a farmer, 

of Northwood, N. H., where he died. He married Sarah ■ 

(perhaps Sauborn). 
Children : 

i. Jane,5 bapt. Oct. 14, 1744; d. 182S; m. in 17G4, Col. Jeremiah Pres- 
cott of Epsom, N. H., and had eight children. 

ii. Marv, bapt. Oct. 26, 174ti ; d. 1834 ; m. Levi Cass, and had four chil- 

iii. Elizabeth, b. July 5, 1749; d. 1826: m. Mch. 19, 1780, James* 
Moses of Epsom, N. H. (Mark,^ Aai-on,'^ John*), and had six chil- 
dren, among them " i>c<.s//," who m. David^ Sherburne (William,* 
Nathaniel,'* John,^ John,^ John*), of Epsom. 

iv. Sahah, bapt. Dec. 29, 1751; m. Thomas Hobbs of North Hampton, 
and had many descendants. 

V. CoL. Samuel Shekbuhne; bapt. June 9, 1754; d. 1827; farmer and 
lumberman, of Northwood; m. (1) Nov. 20, 1775, Sally, dan. of 
Benjamin Hill of Northwood, and widow of Samuel Smitii, by 
whom he had five children ; m. (2) Nancy Randall of Kittery, Me., 
by whom he had twelve children ; and m. (3) Sarah Stevens. (See 
Hist, of Nottingham and Northwood, pp. 767-770, by Rev. Elliott 
C. Cogswell, who makes the error of calling Henry* Sherburne, 
who d. 1680, one of the incorporators of Nottingham, 1721-1722, 
when it Avas Henry,'' son of Samuel,^ and grandson of Henry.*) 

13. John* Sherburne {Joseph,^ JoluQ^Henry^), mariner and shipmaster, 

of Portsmouth, N. K., was born in 1705-G, and lost at sea in 1735- 
6. He married, Aug. 5, 1731, P^leanor, daughter of Capt. Natlian- 
iel Mendum of Portsmouth. She married second, Dec. 2, 1736, 
Samuel Marshall ; and married third, William Shackford. Brew- 
ster, in his " Rambles," vol. 2, p. 21'J, makes tlie error of marrying 
her first husband, John Sherburne, to her daughter Elleauor Marshall. 
John Sherburne and Eleanor had only one child. 
Child : 

Nathaniel,* b. 1735; d. 1805; m. Jan. 4, 1759, Elizabeth,* daughter of 
Capt, Tobias^ Lear (Tobias,^ Tobias*) and Aunt of Washington's 
Secretary and friend. Col. Tobias* Lear. He was probably the 
Nathaniel Sherburn sent to Halifax with a flag of truce, to ex- 
change prisoners, June 24, 1778 (N. H. Hist. Colls., vol. 7, p. 158). 

14. Joseph* Sherburne {Joseph,^ John^-^ Henrif), a merchant of Boston, 

Mass., was in full communion in the Brattle Street Church, Boston, 
Apr., 1728 (see Register, Vol. 31, p. 51). He was administrator 
of the estate of his father, Judge Joseph, in 1744; subscribed in 
1748, £50 to promote linen manufacture (Register, vol. 44, p. 103); 
he and his negro were refugees from Boston at Sharon, Mass., in 
1776 (see Register, vol. 55, p. 3'JO). He lived on Beacon Hill, 
on a valuable estate he owned there. He may have been the Capt. 
Joseph Sherborne who was at the siege of Louisburg, 1745. He 
died in 1779, aged 69, and was buried in his tomb in King's 

*- •* 


Chapel Burying Ground (see Bridgeman's King's Chapel Epitaphs). 
Inventory of his estate, taken Nov. 12, 1779, showed a total of 
£19,400. Among the assets was a " Coat of Arms, valued at £'S0 " 
(Suffolk Co. Probate Records, Boston). He married first, Apr. 4, 
1734, Mary, daughter of James Watson, by whom he had one child, 
3fari/^; married second, Feb. 2, 1737, Eunice, daughter of AVilliam 
Hubbard, by whom he had no issue ; and married third, Nov. 21, 
1750, Mary, daughter of Col. Ichabod Plaisted of Salem, by whom 
he had Joseph and John, who died young, and Sarah, who married 
John Hunt, Jr., and died childless, in 1785-6. Mary,^ his sole sur- 
viving child and heir, married, July 7, 1763, Jerathmiel Bowers, the 
rich Quaker of Somerset, Bristol Co., Mass., whose son John laid 
out Somerset Street, on Beacon Hill, Boston, partly from the estate 
of Joseph Sherburne. (See Boston Rec. Com. Report, No. 5, p. 

15. NoAH^ Sherburne (John,^ John,^ Benry^) was a farmer of New 
Castle and Rye, N. H. Little is known of him. A Noah Sherborne, 
private, was on the pay roll of Capt. John Calfe's Co., Col. Pierce 
Long's Continental Regt., N. H., Dec. 7, 1776, to Jan. 7, 1777. 
(N. H. Rev. Rolls, vol. 1, p. 490.) He made many deeds and mort- 
gages, in which he calls himself son of John Sherburne of Little Har- 
bor and New Castle, and brother to Simeon, Hannah Blunt, Katherine 
Odiorne or Katherine Deane, and Mary Randall, and he is named 
as son in the division of the estate of Capt, John^ Sherburne of New 
Castle, May 29, 1751. Though named first in the division, he was 
possibly the youngest child. He died Feb. 24, 1782. Administra- 
tion of his estate was granted to his widow, Elizabeth, and son John 
of New Castle, May 29, 1782 (Exeter Probate Registry, vol. for 
1782). The inventory of his estate was £3384. He married " Betsy " 
Cotton. Their only child of record was Jolin,^ born in 1752, 
baptized in the South Church, Portsmouth, Oct., 1757, who died in 
1829 ; although it is said that there was a son Moses. This Johnv' 
married first, Nov., 1777, Anne Bennett, and had Hunking Went- 
worth,® Mary, who married John Somerby, and five other daughters ; 
and married second, Elizabeth Brewstei;, by whom he had John, 
Jr., Daniel, Joshua B., of Kennebunk, Me., and five daughters. 


Page 3, line 29, /or 1758, read 1658. 

Page 7, line 34, /or Mary, read Sarah. 

Page 8, 4th line from bottom, add Recorded in vol. 6 D. 14, page 54. 

Page 9, add to children of (10) Hon. John* Sherburne': v. Henry,* m. Dec. 30, 

1779, Mary, dau. of Hon. Simon Frost of Boston ; iio issue. (Register, vol. 10, 

p. 46.) 
Page 9, 5th line from bottom,/or 1776, read 1766. 
Page 10, line 2,1, for William, read Josiah. 





1. JoHN^ Sherburne, brother of Henry (see ante, p. 227), was born 
at Odiham, in Hampshire, England, as recited in the pedigree compiled in 
1710 by Hon. Henry Sherburne, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 
N. H. (1732-1742), and baptized there, as son of Joseph Sherburne, Aug. 
13, 1615, which the parish register of the Church at Odiham, excellently 
preserved, and carefully examined by the compiler in 1876, still shows. 
He died at Portsmouth, N. H., in the autumn of 1693, in his 79th year, as 
shown by family records.* He early appears on the town records of 
Portsmouth (" Strawbery Banke") as a grantee of a house lot next to his 
brother Henry, 1646. In 1653 he was assessor, and in that year, and subse- 
quently, he was selectman, and was a signer of the petition to the General 
Court at Boston that " Strabery Bank " be granted land for a township, 
to be called Portsmouth (Register, vol. 23, p. 163). In 1651-2 he had a 
grant of 43 acres in Portsmouth and Sandy Beach (Rye), and Mch. 17, 
1653, 12 acres more at Sandy Beach, which grant was confirmed to liis 
grand-nephew, Capt. John Sherburne of New Castle, in 1720. July 11, 
1657, the town of Portsmouth granted him and brother Henry, et al., 400 
acres of land, extending from Harrod's Creek to Welchman's Cove. Apr. 
15, 1658, his brother Henry deeded to him Puddmgton lands on "the 
Plains," which his male descendants still own. In 1660 he and Philip 
Lewis and Samuel Haines were appointed Commissioners to meet Commis- 
sioners of Hampton to lay out and determine the line or bounds be- 
tween Portsmouth and Hampton; and that year he had a town grant of 
land in Portsmouth of 101 acres. He was executor, in 1664, of the estate 
of his wife's father, Robert Tucke, " chirurgeon," of Hampton. In 1675 
he was sersreant of the militia. In Nov., 1687, he deeded his original 
homestead to his son John, Jr. (Exeter Deeds, vol. 5, p. 95), and Nov. 
15, 1689, his "present homestead" to his son Henry (Exeter Deeds, vol. 
4, p. 40). Nov. 12, 1691, he made his will, proved Nov. 27, 1693 
(Probate papers, State Library, Concord, N. H.), which mentions wife 
Elizabeth, sons John and Henry, and daughters Elizabeth and Mary, and 
speaks of his " cozen " (i. e. nephew) [:j[amuel Sherburne of Hampton, de- 

*The baptisms of his brothers Edward. Gilbert (or " Gilles "), Henry, George, and 
James, and two sisters, Elizabeth and Bridget, also appear on Odiham Church records, 
from 1604 to 1620. Every one of these names save Gilbert reappears in the first three 
generations of the Portsmouth Sherburnes. Savage says that George Sherburne was 
at Portsmouth in 1650, confirming the story of the three brothers. George Sherburne 
must have returned to England, as we have no further trace of him. For account of 
the Odiham and Oxford Sherburnes, see Sir Henry Chaunccy's History of Hertford- 
shire, published in 1700, and an account of the poet Sir Edward Sherburne (undoubt- 
edly first cousin to John and Henry) in the Dictionary of National Biography. 


ceased, and his father-in-law Robert Tucke. He was a man of attainments^ 
held many offices of the town, and was a prominent and useful citizen of 
Portsmouth for fifty years. He was a large landholder, and accumulated 
in Portsmouth, Greenland, and elsewhere, by purchase and by grants, an 
estate of several hundred acres, and left his sons considerable estates. He 
married, about 1645-6, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Tucke of Hampton, 
"chirurgeon" (Register, vol. 10, p. 197), and died probably in Oct., 
1693, his wife surviving him. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, 2 b. about 1646-7; perhaps m. Thomas Sleeper of Harap- 

2. ii. Joiix, b. 1G50 ; of " the Plains," Portsmouth; a taxpayer (aged 21) iu 

iii. Mary. 

3. iv. Henry, b. 1666; of "the Plains," Portsmouth; aged 72 in 1738, 

by his deposition. 

2. Capt. John^ Sherburne (John^), of "the Plains," Portsmouth, 
like his father, was prominent in town affairs. He first appears in 
the town records of Portsmouth as a taxpayer July 17, 1671. He 
and wife Mary covenanted to form the old North Church in 1671, 
and he was afterward a Deacon there. From 1671 to 1691 he 
held various minor offices. In 1682-3 he and his father signed 
Weare's petition to the King against Gov. Cranfield. In 1692 the 
town granted him land on " the Plains." He was selectman of Ports- 
mouth iu 1694, and several years after; and in 1704 was Lieut, of 
the militia (Town records), and so styled until 1715, after which 
time he is always called Capt. He was a large landholder in 
Portsmouth, Greenland, and the new towns of Barrington and 
Louden, by inheritance from his father and father-in-law, Thomas 
Jackson, and by town grants and purchase. May 20, 1700, Thomas 
Jackson and Hannah his wife, of Portsmouth, " to show our Love 
and affection," deeded to their " well-beloved son and daughter 
John Sherburne of Portsm^, and Mary his wife," 73 acres of land 
"formerly of our father James .Johnson." (Exeter Deeds, vol. 5, 
p. 96.) His will, dated Dec. 17, 1723, proved at Exeter, Feb. 16, 
1731, mentions no wife but all his ten children hereafter named, 
except Priscilla who probably died before 1723, and his grandson 
Nathaniel. His wife Mary (Jackson) probably died before 1720, 
and he is probably the John Sherburne who married, Oct. 20, 1720, 
Mary, widow of Aaron Moses (Register, vol. 24, p. 14). Mary 
Moses certainly did not marry Capt. John'-^ Sherburne (Henry) of 
New Castle, as stated by Wentworth and Quint, for his inventory 
states that he died in 1698, and his estate was settled in 1718 (see 
P^nvelope 536, Probate paj^rs, Prov. N. H., Concord, N. H). 

John "of the Plains" in 1726 deeded his homestead to his son 
Samuel ; 30 acres on the Plains in 1727 to his grandson Nathaniel ; 
in May, 1726, land to his son Ephraim (Exeter Deeds, vol. 15, pp. 
301, 323, 403); and June 8, 1728, 15 acres on "the Plains" to 
his sou James (Exeter Deeds, vol. 16, p. 168), He died in 1730, 
aged about 80 years. His first wife, and the mother of his children, 
whom he married about 1671, was Mary, daughter of Thomas 
and Hannah (Johnson) Jackson* of Portsmouth. 


Children : 

i.,^ b. 1673; was a member of the North Church, Aug. 20, 

1094 (Church records) ; not mentioned in her father's will, 
ii. Elizabeth, b. 1676; member of the North Clmrch, Nov. 8, 169G; 

m. John Cate, who was probably later of Londonderry, N. H. 
iii. Haxxah, b. 1680; ra. Abraham Jones of Portsmouth, who d. Oct. 

2.5, 1728. Cliildren : John, Joshtia, Nathaniel, James, and Hannah 

wife of Ebeuezer Johnson. 

4. iv. John, Jr., b. 1686; aged 24 in 1710, according to pedigree filed in 

Heralds College, London, in 1770 — vol. 6 D. 14, page 54. 

5. V. James, b. 16S8; aged 22 in 1710, according to pedigree filed in Her- 

alds College, Loudon, in 1770 — vol. 6 D. 14, page 54. 

6. vi. Thomas, b. 1689; aged 21 in 1710, according to pedigree filed in 

Heralds College, London, in 1770 — vol. 6 D. 14, page 54. 
vii. Ruth, b. 1695; m. Aug. 13, 1713, Thomas Ayers of Greenland. 

7. viii. Samuel, b. Ana:- 10, 1698. 

8. ix. EPHR.VIM, b. 1702; d. 1781, aged 79, at Lee, N. H. 
X. Mary, b. 1704; m. Peter Matthews, or Mathes. 

3. Henry- Sherburxe {.lohi^), of " the Plains," Portsmouth, was a 
wealthy farmer but styled "Gent" in deeds. He held at various 
times the office of selectman, assessor, etc., in Portsmouth, and was 
admitted to the North Church in 1681, aged 15. He owned, and 
had a license to cany on, the inn knowoi as the " Globe tavern " on 
"the Plains," and is styled "innhoider" in documents. He had a 
considerable estate in lands on " the Plains," in Greenland, Exetei-, 
Dover, Rye, Barriugtou, and New Castle, acquired by inheritance and 
by purchase, and though he sold much property, left a large estate. 
May 22, 1700, Thomas Wiggin, his wife's father, deeded him 100 
acres in Exeter, which he afterward sold to Richard Wibird. In 
Jan., 1704, Nathan Knight sold him 200 acres on " the Plains," near 
the Great Swamp (Exeter Deeds, vol. 6, p. 247 ; vol. 7, p. 90). elan. 
7, 1715, he conveyed to Henry Sherburne, Jr., his son, land on " the 
Plains," " being a Double portion to him as eldest son and a bar to 
further claims." June 5, 1725, he and his wife and his wife's two 
sisters, Susanna Johnson and Katherine Mason, deeded to Thomas 
Wallingf ord 1 00 acres in Dover, granted to their grandfather Thomas 
Wiggin, Governor of Dover, in 1656 (Exeter Deeds, vol. 18, p. 48). 
He also deeded large tracts on " the Plains" to his son Joseph, mer- 
chant, to Dr. Nathaniel Rogers, and to Judge Joseph Sherburne (Ex- 
eter Deeds, vol. 20, p. 199 ; vol. 21, p. 525 ; etc.). " 27th May 1738 
Henry Sherburne of Portsmouth aged 72 yrs & Sarah his wife aged 
69 yrs" made a deposition in regard to Robert Tuflon Mason " who 
married Katherine Wigijin sister of the aforesaid Sarah Sherburne" 
(Exeter Deeds, vol. 1 24, p. 503). He marriedf Sarah, born in 1669, 
daughter of Thomas AViggin, Jr., of Dover and Exeter, N. H., by 
Sarah his wife, sister of Walter Barefoot, Deputy Governor of N. H. 
His will, made in the spring of 1738, with a codicil dated July 20, 
1738, gave his wife, Sarah, one-third of his estate, and mentioned 
all his children hereinafter named, and his niece Mary Matthews. The 

*In the Hkgisteu, vol. 0, p. ISO, and iu tlio Wentworth Genealogy, p. 190, Hon. 
John Wentworth states that this ^lary Jackson married Capt. .John Sherburne (Henry') 
of Little Harbor and New Castle, but it is shown elsewhere tliat he married, abont 
Jan., 1677, Mary Cowcll, proof oF which is to be found iu vol. 3, p. 145, of Exeter 
Deeds, at the .state Lil)rary, (Joncord, N H. 
t Mch. 13, 1693, is given as date of their marriage, but it is not verified. 








total value of the estate was £2300 (Enveloiie 966, Prov. Wills, State 
Library, Concord, N. H.) He died in Ai;g., 1738. 

Children : 

9. i. Henry, => Jr., b. about 1693; Capt. of the advance battery at Louis- 
bourg, 1745. 

Joseph, b. about 1694; mariner and merchant. 

Thomas, bapt. in North Church, Nov. 22, 1696; mariner; d. before 

Elizabeth, called Elizabeth Wilson in her father's will. 

Sarah, mentioned as unmarried iu her father's will, 1738 ; she proba- 
bly m., Feb. 5, 1739, Nathaniel* Sherburne (12). 
vi. Susanma, b. Mch. 13, 1708; d. July 9, 1763; ra. May 16, 1728, Lieut. 
Simon Wiggiu* (Simou,^ Andrew,* Thomas*) of Stratham, N. H. 
Issue : Simon, of Bradford, Mass. ; Josc^ph, of Concord, N. H., who 
had a son Sherburne; Sarah, m. William Perkins of New Market; 
Susanna; Mary; Henry; Thomas, Revolutionary soldier, 1776, died 
in the army. (Exeter News Letter, Oct. 29 and Nov. 11, 1839.) 
vii. Catherine, b. Mch., 1705 ; d. Jan. 1808, at Conway, N. H., aged 102 
yrs. 10 m. (Plumer's Biographies, vol. 4, p. 445, in N. H. Hist. 
Soc. Library; N. H. Hist. Colls., vol. 2, p. 27, says aged 101) ; m. 
Aug. 25, 1734, SamueP Sherburne (Register, ante, pp. 231-2). 
Issue : Samuel ; Ann ; Dorothy ; and Henry, bapt. in South Church, 
Portsmouth, 1737, m. in 1765, Phebe Dennett, and moved to Con- 
way, N. H., in 1788-9, where he d. iu 1823. 
viii. Mary. 

. JoHN^ Sherburne {John,- JoJni^) of " the Plains," housewright, was 
styled " Jr." Apr. 20, 1714, his father deeded him 18 acres on " the 
Plains" (Exeter Deeds, vol. 9, p. 150), which he increased by the pur- 
chase of an adjoining tract from William Vaughan, and on it he made 
his home. He signed articles of faith at the South Church, Mch. 
23, 1715, he and his wife Ruth having previously been members of 
North Church. He married Ruth , whose maiden name dili- 
gent search has failed to reveal. He died before 1723. His widow, 
Ruth, married, as his second wife, May 10,1725, John Lang (Regis- 
ter, vol. 24, p. 357), a wealthy farmer of Portsmouth, who died in 
1752. They had no children. The will of widow Ruth Lang 
of Greenland, proved Feb. 10, 1761 (Envelope 2 091, Probate papers, 
Concord, N. H.), names her sous Kathaniel Sherburne of Ports- 
mouth, and John Sherburne of Kensington, N. H. ; daughters Mary, 
wife of Caleb Philbrick, Priscilla Sanborn, and Ruth Row ; and her 
son-in-law Matthias Haines. In Exeter Deeds, vol. 24, -p. 422, is 
a deed, signed in Mch., 1740, w^hich shows the following children 
and whom they married. 
Children : 

12. i. Nathaniel,* b. about 1706, bapt. in North Church, Oct. 21, 1711; 

of " the Plaius," Portsmouth. 
ii. Mary, b. about 1708, bapt. iu North Church, Oct. 21, 1711 ; m. Caleb 
Philbrick of Greenland. 

13. iii. John, b. 1710, bapt. in North Church, Oct. 21, 1711; d. 1767, aged 

57, at Kensington, 
iv. Ruth, b. about 1712, bapt. iu North Church, Apr. 26, 1713 ; m. Joseph 

Row of Keusington, and had a son Sherburne. 
V. Priscilla, b. about 1714, bapt. in South Church, May 1, 1715; m. 

Moses Sanborn of Keusington. 
vi. Abigail, b. about 1716, bapt. in South Church, Apr. 21, 1717: m. 

Matthias Haines, Jr., of Greeuland, b. 1713, d. 1795 (Register, vol. 

23, p. 159). 


). Dea. James' Sherburxe {John,'^John}), of " the Plains," Portsmouth, 
was a surveyor many years, planter, and a considerable landholder in 
new towns and in Portsmouth. He sealed his deeds with the arms of 
the Sherburnes of Stonyhurst, and one of these deeds so sealed 
is in the possession of the compiler. His father gave him 15 acres 
on " the Plains," and 40 acres in Barrington. He was a religious 
man, and was in covenant at the church of Greenland, N. II., in 1712, 
and Deacon of the South Church, Portsmouth, 1715 to 1732. Mch. 
28, 1744, he deeded to his sons James, Jr., chairmaker, and Jethro, 
100 acres each in Barrington, and to the latter in 1756 all his rights 
in common lands of Barrington. (Prov. Records, N. H., Concord, 
N. H., vols. 28, 39, and 52.) He married, June 23, 1709, Margaret 
Roe (Rowe), who was a member of the North Church, 1707. (North 
Church records. City Hall, Portsmouth.) She is said to have been 
daughter of William and granddaughter of Nicholas Rowe, but in the 
division of the estate of William, in 1728, she is not mentioned. He 
died Nov. 7, 1760, aged 72, and in his will, proved Nov. 26, 1760 
(Probate records, Exeter, N. H., vol. 15, p. 537), he gave his entire 
estate to his " dear wife Margaret," with reversion to his son George, 
except £500 to son Thomas, and mentions all his other children 
hereinafter named, except Isaac and Abigail. 
Children : 

1. Sarah,* b. 1710, bapt. Aug. 6, 1710, in North Church ; d. before 1760 ; 
m. Sept. 7, 1732, Jeremiah, b. 1708, sou of Lazarus and Ruth Holmes 
of Portsmouth (Register, vol. 25, p. 119). 

ii. Hanxah, b. 1711, bapt. in North Church, Apr. 17, 1712; m. Lieut. 
Enoch Gove of Hamptou Falls ; d. 175'j. Issue : Eleazer, Enoch, 
Nathan, William, and five daus. 

iii. A DAUGHTER, b. 1713, bapt. Apr. 25, 17U, in North Church; proba- 
bly d. in infancy. 

14. iv. James, Jr., b. Jan. 6, 1714, bapt. in South Church, Mch. 13, 1716 ; of 

Pelham, N. H.; d. 1798. 
V. Margaret, b. 1715, bapt. in South Church, Nov. 17, 1717; m. Capt. 
Samuel Johnson (son of James) of Greenland. 

15. vi. George, b. 1718, bapt. in South Church, Aug. 9, 1719; m. Abigail, 

dau. of Jacob Remick of Kittery. 

16. vii. Jethro, b. 1719; of Barrington, N. H. ; d. 1763. ••—' 

viii. Mary, b. 1720, bapt. Aug. 21, 1721, in South Church (Register, vol. 

30, p. 61) ; m. John Savage of Portsmouth. 
ix. IsA.\c, b. 1723, bapt. Sept. 15, 1723, in South Church; not mentioned 

in the will of his father; probably d. young. 

17. X. Thomas, b. 1721, bapt. Aug. 8, 1725", in South'Church; of Greenland 

and Northfield, N. H.-; m. Feb. 15, 1749, Sarah, dau. of James 
Johnson of Greenland (Register, vol. 22, p. 27). 
xi. Abigail, b. 1726, bapt. July 4, 1727, in South Church; probably d. 
young ; not named in the will of her father. 

. Capt. Thomas' Sherburne {John,- John}) was a mariner and ship- 
master of Portsmouth, and owned property in Portsmouth, Green- 
land, and Barrington. Little is known of him. His tombstone still 
stands in the Sherburne burying ground, on "the Plains," and reads : 
" Here lyes ye body of Mr Thomas Sherburne who deceased Dec 21, 
1724 in ye 36 yr." He married, Nov. 15, 1710, Margaret, bom in 
1690, daughter of Joseph Swett of Hampton Falls, and granddaugh- 
ter of Capt. Benjamin Swett. She married second, Oct. 13, 1729, 
Benjamin Rust of Portsmouth (Register, vol. 25, p. 117), and died 
at Newport, R. I., Mch. 27, 1761, aged 70. 



i. William,* b. Aug. 11, 1711 ; of Bostou, Mass., shipmaster; d. 1753 ; 

18. ii. Thomas, b. Mcli. 31, 1713; of Bostou, Mass., member of Second 

Cliurch; d. 1784. 

19. iii. Benjamix, b. Feb. 13, 1714; of Newport, R. I.; Colonel 1st Reg., 

R. I. 
iv. IMaugaret, b. Apr. 2, 1717; ra. at Boston, Jan. 11, 1743, Joseph 

V. Hanxah, b. Feb. 21, 1719 ; m, • Robbins ; d. in Nova Scotia, in 

1753 (family records), 
vi. Mary, b. May 2, 1722. 
vii. Elizabkth, b. Mch. 27, 1724; living, unmarried, in 1753. 

7. Dea. Samuel^ Sherburne {John,^ John^), of "the Plains," Ports- 

mouth, who iuherited the homestead from his father, Capt. John, 
was deacon of the jVorth Church, surveyor, and selectman. He was 
executor of his father's estate, 1731, and named executor in the will 
of his father-in-law, Judge Andrew Wiggin, 1753. He married, 
Feb. 27, 1726, Mercy, boru in 1709, died' in 1776, daughter of Hon. 
Andrew AViggin, speaker of the House of Representatives of N. H., 
Judge of Probate, and Justice of the Supreme Court, N. H., and his 
wife Abigail Follett. He died intestate, Nov. 14, 1760. Inventory 
of his estate £7404 (Probate Papers, Exeter). Besides Andrew, 
Mary, Abi(jail, and Elizuheth, who all died in childhood, his other 
children were : 

i. Martha,'^ b. Feb. 22, 1727 ; d. 1796; m. Furber of Newington, 

N. H. 

20. ii. Samuel, Jr.,^ b. Dec. 25, 1730; d. 1807; of "the Plains"; aRevolu- 

tionarv soldier. 

iii. Sarah, b. Nov. 15, 173G; d. 1821; m. (1) Apr. 2, 1760, Ebenezer 
Odiorne; and m. (2) Capt. Richard Talpey. She was member of 
the North Chuich, Nov., 1783. 

iv. AxDKKW, b. May 22, 1738; d. 1780; m. Dec. 4, 1760, Susanna, dau. 
of Lieut. George and Elizabeth (Cotton) Knight of Kittery. Lieut. 
Knight was an officer in Sir William BeppereU's Regt., and w'as 
Ivillod at the siege of Louisl)ourg, 1745. Andrew* lived at Rye, and 
was a Revolutionary soldier in Capt. Joseph Barsous's Co., of Rye, 
1775. (Rev. War Rolls, N. H.) He had thirteen children, six 
of whom are on birth records of Rye, N. H., among them being 
Jlev. AndreiD,^ h. Rye, Sept. 30, 1765, chaplain of 6th Regt., 1st 
Brigade, 6tli Div., "Mass., War of 1812, who published his life, 
1831, and whose descendants live in Hayward, Wis. 

v. Mary, b. Jan. 16, 1740; d. 1792, m. Jethro Furber of Newington, 
N. H. Issue : Jeihro, Jr., and Phebe. 

vi. Abigail, b. Ap !1, 1743. 

vii. Joiix, b. Oct. 18, 1747; of Portsmouth, a Revolutionary soldier 
(Rev. War Rolls, N. H.) ; m. Sarah Elliott, and had: Sally,^ and 
!>on John., who m. \\\ 1796, Elizabeth Morton, and had: William,® 
John, Edward, Leonard, Augustus, Thomas Brown, and Benjamin. 

8. Ephraim^ Sherburne {John,^ Johii^), of Portsmouth, and Kittery, 

Me., was born in 1702. His tombstone at Lee, N. H., where he died, 
reads " Ephraim Sherbur e died Oct. 1781, aged 79 yrs." He was 
a successful shipbuilder, and he and his sou-in-law Robert Parker 
were largely engaged in privateering during the Revolutionary war. 
He owned shipyards at Portsmouth and Kittery, Me. Jan. 14, 1774, 
he deeded all his estate to son-in-law Robert Parker, to take effect 
at Ills decease (Exeter Deeds, vol. 107, p. 102). He married, Sept. 


8, 1726, Hannah Skillingof Portsmouth (Register, vol. 24, p. 358). 
Kittery records have births: Sarah,^ Jan. 3, 1742, and Susannah, 
Jan. 4, 1747, of whom we hear no more. Sarah,^ "only child" ac- 
cording to family records, married in Goose Creek Church, Kittery, 
Oct. 30, 1760 (JRecords of Goose Creek Church) Robert Parker, 
mariner, who was master of the privateer Portsmouth, by whom she 
had twelve children (see Register, vol. 54, p. 388). 

9. Capt. Henry^ Sherburne, Jr. {Henry,'^ JoJui^), of " the Plains," 
born about 1693, was living in 1771, but no date of his death has 
been found. This is the " valiant Captain Henry Sherburne, who com- 
manded the advance battery at the west gate," at the siege of Louis- 
bourg, 1745, and who brought the flag of truce to Genl. Pepperell 
from Gov. Duchambou, who asked time to consider terms of capitula- 
tion (see American Historical Register for June, 1895, p. 968). He 
commenced his military life as a scout in Capt. Thomas Westbrook's 
scouting party, 1712 (French War Rolls, N. H. Hist. Colls., vol. i, 
p. 14). He was a selectman, and later an assessor, of Portsmouth, 
and a member of the North Church in 1747. He made many deeds 
styling himself " Gent." In 1739 he was executor of his father's 
will. He married first, Nov. 3, 1709 (at the age of 17), Mary 
Larrabee (North Church records); and married second, Margaret, 
widow of William Nelson of Portsmouth. His only child of record, 
a son by his first wife, was Johi,^ of " the plains " and Epping, N. H., 
baptized at the North Church, Sept. 12, 1714, who died at an ad- 
vanced age at Readville, Maine. W. B. Lapham, in his History of 
the Nock or Knox Family (1890), confounds this John'^ with John^ 
Sherburne of Northwood, born at Hampton, Feb. 2, 1723, son of 
Lieut. John'' (Samuel,"'^ Henry^). That this Jolin^ was sou of Henry 
we know by deeds made to him by hi^ father and his uncle Joseph 
and cousin Thomas (Exeter deeds, vol. 37, p. 323, and vol. 88, p. 
443), wherein relationship is shown, and by original deeds in the 
possession of the compiler. He married (1) in Portsmouth Nov. 26, 
1736, Sarah Manson (Register, vol. ^^, p. 377), by whom he had : 
Rebecca,* Polly, Elizabeth, Sally, and Henr}', born in Portsmouth, 
1745, of Schoharie Co., N. Y., who died there in 1783, adjutant of 
Grimes's N. Y. Regt. in the Revolution, who had an only son John,^ 
from whose son Henry,^ of Esperence, N. Y., I derived the above 
information, in 1870; and he married (2), about 1746, Miriam, 
daughter of Dea. Richard Shortridge of . jl'Lsmouth, by whom he 
had : Richard,^ Abigail, Job, baptized in the North Church, Ports- 
mouth, Sept. 4, 1757, a Revolutionary soldier, and John, who 
served in the Revolution. Job and John died in Readville, Me., 
about 1840. (Knox Family, by Lapham.) 

10. Capt. Joseph^ Sherburne {Henry,'^ John^), merchant and mariner of 
Portsmouth, sometimes styled "Jr. 'V to distinguish him from Judge 
Joseph^ (John,^ Henry ^). He made a deposition July 4, 1738, as 
son of Henry^ and Sarah (Wiggin) Sherburne, regarding his cousin 
John Tufton Mason. He and his l)rother Thomas were named 
executors of their father's will, but did not serve. He is probably 
the Capt. Joseph Sherburne who was at the siege of Louisbourg, 
1745. He married, Feb. 15, 1721-2, Phebe, daughter of Edward 
Ayres of Portsmouth (Register, vol. 24, p. 15), who died in 1724, 


leaving a large estate. Their only child of whom we have any 
record was : 

i. Phebe,* m. Bradstreet, son of Judj^e Andrew Wiggin, who d. before 
1753 (see Register, vol. 8, p. 324; and Exeter News Letter for 
Oct. 29, and Nov. 12, 1839, and Jan. 14, 1840), and had: Andrew, 
Abigail, Mary, Martha, Bradstreet, Phcbe, and Hannah, all pro- 
vided for in their grandfather Judge Wiggiu's will, 1753. 

11. Thomas^ Sherburne {Henry^^ Jolin^), of Portsmouth, mariner, born 

about 1696, was baptized in the North Church, Nov. 22, 1696. 
He died before 1742, probably lost at sea. In his father's will, 
1738, he is mentioned as out of the country and perhaps may not 
return ; but he did return, and in 1739 signed a mortgage. Thomas 

Sherburne and — Ayers were married by Rev. N. Rogers, Feb. 

3, 1721 (North Church Records). Tlieir only child was: 

i. Thomas,'' Jr., h. about 1726-7. May 20, 1742, Henry Sherburne of 
Portsmouth was appointed guardian of Thomas Sherburne, a 
minor, aged upw^ard of 14 yrs., son of Thomas Sherburne late of 
Portsmouth, mariner, deceased (Probate papers for 1738-1746, 
Prov. N. IL, Concord). He m. Abigail, dau. of Thomas Coss and 
sister of John Coss of Berwick, Me. Their issue has not been 

12. Nathaniel* Sherburne {John^ John,- Johi^), born about 1706, of 

"the Plains," Portsmouth, farmer, married, Feb. 5, 1729-30' 
[? 1739-40], vSarah Sherburne (Register, vol. 25, p. 117), probably 
daughter of Henry^ (John^). He died May 23, 1772. 
Children : 

i. Daniel,* b. 1740; of Goshen. N. H. 

ii. Nathaniel, b. 1741 ; had the homestead on " the Plains." 

iii. Joseph, b. 1745; of Epsom, N. H. ; Revolutionai-y soldier; d. 1807. 

iv. William, b. 1746; of Epsom, N. H.; d. 1808. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 1750; m. Samuel Ham. 

vi. David, b. 1756; Revolutionary soldier; d. unmarried, at sea. 

vii. Ruth. 

13. John* Sherburne {John" Jokn^ Johi^), of Kensington, N. H., far- 

mer, born in 1710, married first, Sept. 12, 1736, Elizabeth Sherburne 
of Portsmouth (Register, vol. 26, p. 377), who died Feb. 11, 1740, 
without issue ; and married second, Apr. 24, 1742, Deborah Batch- 
elder of Kensington, N. H. He died Mar. 3, 1767, at Kensington, 
aged 57. Besides several who died in childhood, he had by his 
second wife : 

1. John, ^ b. 1743; d. 1777. 

ii. Betsy. 

iii. Zekra. 

iv. Nathaniel, b. 1756; d. 1788; of Kensington. 

V. Maky, b. 1759; m. Joseph Fogg, and had a dau. Elizabeth, who m. 

Dr. Joseph Otis Osgood, 
vi. Hannah, b. 1761. 
vii. Joseph, b. 1767 ; d. 1823 ; of Kensington. 

14. Dea. James* Sherburne, Jr. {James ^ John ^ Johti^), of Pelham, 

Rockingham Co., N. H., styled in deeds "planter" and "chairma- 
ker," was born in 1714, and baptized in the South Church in 1715-16. 
Like his father, he was a great speculator in lands in Portsmouth 
and in new townsites, and accumulated a handsome estate. He was 
chosen deacon of the South Church, in 1755. He removed from 
Portsmouth to Pelham in 1755-6, in which town, as well as in Not- 
tingham West, Dunstable, and Tyngsboro', Mass., he was a large 


landholder. He and Ebenezer Odiorne appear to have manufact'ired 
" riding-chairs " or gigs, at one time, in Portsmouth. He ma ried 
first, August 31, 17ol, Sarah, daughter of Capt. (and Dea.) .John 
Gray of Biddeford, Me., who died at Pelham, Dec. 9, 1760, aged 
48; and married second, Jan. 7, 1762, Anna, daughter of Joseph 
Hamblet of Pelham, by whom there was no issue. He had nine 
children by his first wife, but of his five sons only the following two 
lived to maturity. He died June 1, 1798, at Pelham, aged 8-4. 
i. Benjamin, 5 b. Aug. 13, 1732; d. 1808; of Pelham, N. H., and Glou- 
cester, Mass. ; served at Saratoga, 1777, iu Capt. Amos Gage's 
Co., Col. Dauiel Moore's Regt. (Rev. War Rolls, N. H., vol. 2, 
p. 359) ; m. Apr. 22, 1766, Mary, dau. of Capt. Thomas Cavendish," 
Jr., of Marblehead, and had a son James,^ of Tyngsboro', grand- 
father of the compiler, 
ii. Lieut. William Sherburne, b. 1755; of Pelham; m. in 1776, 
Sarah, dau. of Capt. Reuben Butterfleld of Tyngsboro (Reg. vol. 
44, p. 42), aud had sous Wm., '• John, father of Wm. Sherburne, 
Esq., of Charle&town, one of the compilers of this record," and 
Reuben B. of Boston, father of the Boston millionaires, Reuben 
aud Warren Sherburne. 

15. George* Sherburne { James, ^ John, ^ John^), of " the Plains," Ports- 

mouth and Loudon, N. H- shipwright, born in 1718, inherited the 
homestead of his father on " the Plaiu^ " .:^i{ livi,u Inhere uniii 
1776, when he sold it to Joshua Pike aud moved to Loudon. He 
married, in 1738, Abigail, daughter of Jacob Remick of Kittery, 
and great-granddaughter of Christian Remick, of Kittery. He died 
at Loudon, N. H., Sept. 19, 1787. 
Children : 

i. Jonx,^ of Barrington, N. H. ; m. and had Rev. Samnel,^ of Barring- 

ii. Isaac, of Barrington. 

iii. Abigail. 

iv. Eleanor. 

V. George, Jr., d. 1778, aged 27. 

vi. Jacob, Revolutionary soldier, at Bennington aud Saratoga (Rev. 
War Rolls, N. H.) ; lived at Orland and Castine, Me. ; shipmaster. 

vii. Samuel. 

viii. PiiEBE. 

ix. Sally. 

16. Jethro'' Sherburne (James,^ John,^ Johyi}), of Barrington, N. H., 

was a wealthy farmer, and like his father and brother James was 
a speculator in lands. He died 1763, aged 44, at Bai-rington ; will 
proved Dec. 28, 1763. He had four daughters and only one son, 
James,^ born in Portsmouth, 1743, died in Sherburne, Chenango 
Co., N. Y., in 1824, who was a corporal in the Revolution, at Sara- 
toga in 1777 (Rev. War Rolls, N. H.) ; married Martha, daughter 
of Capt. Benjamin Sias, and settled in Sherburne, N. Y., and had : 
Jethro,'' Deborah, James Sias, and Sally, v/ho married Jeremiah 
Gilman of Gilmanton, N, H. 

17. Thomas* Sherburne {Jmnes,^ John,- Juhn}), born in 1724, baptized 

in the South Chj^irch, Portsmouth, Aug. 8, 1725, yeoman, lived in 
Greenland, Canterbury and Northfield, N. H. He married, in 
Newington, Feb. 15, 1749, Sarah, daughter of Capt, James John- 
son of Greenland (Register, vol. 22, p. 27). He may have been 
the Thomas Sherburne who was captain at Louisbourg, 1746. The 
date of his death is unknown, but he was living in 1791. His only 


child of record was : 

James,^ b. Greenland, N. H., 1751 ; d. 1813, in Wheelock, Vt., where 
he lived after leaving Canterbury and Northfleld, N. H., 1792; 
served at Bunker Hill, 1775, and later in tlie Revolution, as shown 
by Pension List, in Washington. His children were: John; 
James, Jr., of Wheelock, Vt. ; Henry, of Berlin, Vt. ; Asa ; Betsy ; 
Sally ; and 2Iary — the last two born in Wheelock, Vt., the others 
in Northfleld Parish, Canterbury, N. H. 

18. Dea. Thomas^ Sherburne {Thomas,^ Jokn,^ John^), of Boston, Mass., 

was born in Portsmouth, in 1713. He was a cabinet maker, and 
deacon of the Second Church, Boston. He married first, April 26, 

1739, Margaret Goldthwait : and married second, Abigail , 

who died 1778, and is buried in Copps Hill Burying Ground. He 
died in Boston, Dec. 21, 1784. 
Children : 

i. Thomas,* Jr., b. 1740; d. 1806; no issue. 

ii. Sarah, ra. Winslow. 

iii. H.VXXAH, m. Benjamin White. 

iv. William, merchant of Boston ; d. 1807 ; had a dau. Sophia,^ who m. 

Rev. Leonard Withington, of the First Church, Newbury. 
V. Elizabeth, m. (1) Capt. Phinehas Upham ; m. (2) Rev. Ephraim 

vi. M*"-C.\R''T. 

19. Col. Benjamin* Sherburne ( Thomas,^ JuJin,'^ John}), of Newport, 

R. I., born in 1714 (Register, vol. 24, p. 357), at Portsmouth, 
N. II., was baptized in the South Church, 1715. He was an iron- 
founder at Newport, and a man of means. He was captain, major, 
and colonel of the 1st Regt., R. I. (Civil and Military List, R. I.) 
He married, in 1742, Lucy, sister of Caleb and probably daughter 
of William and Mary (Carr) Gardner. She died Nov.* 27, 1792; 
and he died in Newport, R. I., Nov. 24, 1771. Besides children 
Benjamin, Eleanor, Benjamin (2), Thomas, Abiel, and David, who 
died in infancy, he had, born in Newport : 

1. Henry, ^ b. Aug. 3, 1748; d. in Newport, in 1824; major and colonel 
in the Revolution; deputy to General Assembly, R. I., 1782; 
deputy Secretary of State, R. I., 1784-89; Treasurer of R. I., 
1792-1808; Secretary of the Order of the Cincinnati; an eminent 
Mason; and U. S. Collector of the Port of Newport at the time 
of his death. His portrait hangs in Independence Hall, Phila- 

ii. Hannah, b. Mch. 12, 1753; m. Vialle. 

iii. Eleanor, b. 1755; unmarried. 

iv. Lieut. Benjamin, b. Feb. 27, 1757; d. 1828; ensign and lieutenant 

in tlie Revolution. 
V. William, b. 17(30; of Wrentham, Mass.; d. 1846; m. Sarah Lovett, 
and had ten children. 

20. Samuel* Sherburne, Jr. (Samuel,^ John,- John^), of " the Plains," 

Portsmouth, born Dec. 25, 1730, died Jan. 28, 1807. He served 
at Bunker Hill, and later in the Revolution (Rev. War Rolls, N. XL). 
He married, June 26, 1760, Mary, daughter of Hon. Andrew Bur- 
leigh of Ipswich, Justice of the Court of Sessions. Their youngest 
son, Joseph,^ born in 1780, was father of Andrew,*^ now (1904) 
owner and resident on " the Plains farm," which was deeded to the 
first John Sherburne by his brother Henry, in 1658. 

Register Re-prints, Series A, No. 8. 


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