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Some Notes on the 

T_0_M L_^N SON 

& S U L L I VAN 



/. 2 ;; X ■! 
^ A V I ... S 

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>^v.:\vA, . 


' • '.;/ 

IfS^ CAIVTIT.V TJI?.<".A«n . «-S 





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.'Uiojaii Y.jir/.^ 

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•^ FAMILY liliCOIU). '% 

!L^ , DlItTHS. 


^-^ -,. 



i •; - -r-^ *^i:^'-^r^vj^^''^/'-^'fifyr^'- ■ 

---^ -■ '-^^ 

v.^\\ >.-.-. 

V - :. ' I, 

;. ^W^-,i4*->y>.-K*-«l^''V^'' 




w~~ ; — 


/^ /S"/^ 

- ■■ ;j. 

L_„ ^ 

^,.^ft^-VML<l-.<lA^ »2i^-<^ 

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it^a t;:-'0 ■'.:'.■';. en 

=.- ^=Ai:-1aftfc:^:iy^^ t^ /^^^^J^-fl--A^^ -Aj^'^ • 


■^ ^|B*Bir* r"*^ ,"^^^."J .py V4'^ ^ 

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«">■ '\\ , '■ ' ■ '; 

.-^— 'T^T.TXi^r • X'^ -^.■^; . ^ $^, , ..-,-^^■ 

i-'^-. > wO 


W w-«W*..» w^ t.^*^ aW ^ i. 

• w--i#i/*-*-»aUiu.. 


James Tomlinson's Will 

In the nace of God, Amen, I James Tomlinson, of Bloom Township, NorthumberlaJid 
County and state of Pennsylvania, being in weak body, but of sound mind and mem- 
ory., thanks be rendered to Almighty God, for all his blessings bestowed unpon me, 
and calling to mind the mortality of my body, and that it is appointed for all 
men once to die, do make this my last Will and testament in manner of following. 

And first of all I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave 
it, believing and not doubting that my body hall, through the mighty power of God, 
be united again at the general resurrection, and dwell with Christ above. 

iaecondly- I order my body to be buried in a christianlike manner and first 
being sorry at the botton of my hear for my past sins, and trust in the merits of 
my Savior Jesus Christ, and trust only in His blood alone, for salvation. 

And now I come to the distribution of my worldly goods wherewith it hath 
pleased God to bless me with. I order all my debts and funeral charges to be 

^"''* (Yarnell) 

And first, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah. Tomlinson, for her 

future support, two cows and one heffer of own choosing, of my stock and one red 

steer for beef, and all my sheep and swine known by the name of hogs, and all my 

grain in the bam and other grain that is ugathered now upon the ground, and the 

crop of winter grain now to be put in the ground this present seed time, for her 

and my children likewise all my household goods for her and my children's use and 

support with the iron stove. I do allow my children to be schooled out of my 

estate, and the boys put to trades of their own choosing at the age of sixteen 

years and to choose their masters to learn any trade that they or any one of them may c 

may choose to learn, and further I do hereby submit all things relating to my 

estate unto my executors hereafter mentioned and praying them to accept of same. 

And I do fully amply impower them fairly and justly to proceed in every par- 
ticular without control of firneds or relations and to act as for themselves 
according to their besi; judgement in every case. 

And now, for my executors to put all this my last will and testament in ex- 
ecution, I do appoint Andrew Creveling and John Patten to do as friends and trusty 
executors. '..;...-,., 

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 18- day of Sep- 
tember, One Thousand eight Htmdred (I8OO). 

(Signed) James Tomlinson Seal ' ■ ' •''■ 

Signed, sealed and pronounced in the presece of us, and in the presence of 

' Samuel Boone, Thomas Tomlinson, John Conyngham. 

The will was probated Oct. 18, 1800. Andrew Crevelin resigned his executor- 
ship, saying "(l) find myself advanced in years and having charge of a large family 
of my own..." _ 

Lii'ti e'jioaniLuoT edUUBi 

>i^;.;.': :/>.;.. :L,Ti.i :o>l , K;r^':vwo'r i^oo id ic ,;■ 
-i?.--. t'.nj- Jbn" .»:;;'. r k-'CC '.to i'i/d .v^"^' 

J i^. r/j. i:;».U»xo -ije r.i ii Ti^iit una .-^bo^i y^ 7.o ^cJ, m o^ s- 

, -oL; 1^ T-.<woq y,J;v.-\ir.: vdj rc^wy :..''. i iHt^d xv-'^d xa v 
■;■.' t...~^i~.,i; or-i nl Jc-.j'i" biu ,eii£t; 7seq xp\ lo" ' 

■T'j.i ':ol ,i-:o.-:;. fl2 aliv jtovoisd \;ii o^nx.' I. ,jr-' 

;-,.:.T oro b.^£ Uoojrj y/a lo ,^ni:aooar> awe 1o 'le'lr/ii -^no Jixts awoo ow'/ * 

•:,.n lii-i i'i-iL , egorf 'Ic ami-.n orf.,' ^^j nworoi sniwf; i;a/. q;t 
j.l.t J31XS .iba;iO'i"^ yr.J' .tiogu wort " ' i: I tf.c'.i 

jj.u-i <j?.iJ a '.-raioX i;(d x^ i'^JS isi^ i-'''i cnor.^ nJicdsstaji y,m Xl 

■ lot H£. ^0; 

Y,;.ix'ij ;jn*i abitij-il &£ Ob <ji ivti i d mloL bns :j:v ' "•'■^ ,qfi ob ' 

-L^aa 'TO ■iiib i^Si ^-xriJ ijL.i>a j->r:x3 Cixcn X"? ^""^ o;t«u9iarf 

'".0 ':^c<n3ee-xc '.'.rt.) rrx 

. ,t:t\.;;,.!v.'ToC) nnoC ,ii 

» K 



This Indenture made 

Penrose Wiley to the Eighteenth day of May, Anno Domini 

T , „ T rp T . One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety 

John & Jas. iomlmson ■' 

Three, Between Penrose Wiley, of Maiden Creek Township in the County of Berks and 

State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, and Sarah his wife, of the one part: and John Tom- 

linson Senior and James Tomlinson, both of Winser Township & County aforesaid, 

Weavers, of the other part. 

Witnesseth, that the said Penrose wiley and Sarah his wife, for and in con- 
sideration of the s\im of Three Hundred & Seventy-five pounds, pecie, to him the 
said Penrose Wiley, in hand, well and truly paid by the said John Tomlinron and 
James Tomlinson at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents, the 
receipt whereof he the said Penrose Wiley doth hereby acknowledge, and thereof, 
and of every part and parcel thereof doth acquit and forever discharge the said 
John Tomlinson and James Tomlinson, their executors. Administrators and assigns 
by these presents, have granted, bargained, sold aliened, enfeoffed, released and 
confirmed, and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell. Alien, enfeoff, release 
and confirm, unto the said John '•'■'omlinson & James Tomlinson and to their heirs 
and assigns All that certain tract, piece of parcel of land, situate, lying and 
being on the West side of the North East Branch of Susquehanna River, about five 
miles and a half above the mouth of J^'ishing Creek, in Northumberland County: Be- 
ginning at a white oak on the bank of said Branch thence by land of William Gray 
north thirty degrees west, three hundred and sixteen perches to a pine: thence 
by vacant land, north seventy- five degrees: East, one hundred and sixty-six perches 
to a White Oak, thence by land of Philip Grandon: South thirty degrees: East 
three hundred and sixteen perches to a Birch tree, on the bank of the said branch 
thence down the same one hundred and sixty perches to the place of beginning. 
Containing two hizndred and ninety-eight acres and three quarters and the allowances 
of sixth cent &c. 

It being the same tract of land, granted to the said Penrose Wiley, by the. 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by patent under the hand of and seal of his Excellency, 
Benjamin Franklin, Esq., then President of the Supreme Executive Council, who 
erased the Siate seal to be there unto affixed in Council the 27- day of April 11Q7: 
as in and by the said Patent Inrolled in the Kolls Office for the State of Penn- 
sylvania in Patent Book N. 10 page 81 &c relation thereunto being had may fully 
and at large appear. 

Together with all and singular the houses, outhouses, edifices and buildings 
thereon erected and built. Ways, woods, waters, water courses, profits, commodities, 

-mcT .rrioo Ijn.n rji'/i -mo ~>(i2 Jo , 

.:o--.''-i.t :,.-^.- ,-v-,t 3 ''wt. ::iOt> ,'_::; ■?'ir.ri ;i^\,i/ vsi:'- oa;-.: ■"; Jaiittt siu 

-:;>;. J..: :3>-'. :'n.^ --:o.' .si.' ^ if. /..>.,'> ,aao." ;i03i;3 i foiti , 

?.-..-.iloT t i'i^'i'"'^'"-' ,n-jxIA , ri't't,' ,."!J:i?:-'iiid ,.'nf!v>-; o^? fe-' jh^t v^t cos , 

K'ii-.i -.:>3ii.r '5J JjAtj .tCii:rTxirac'i.' .a " ' ■ ■ ■ ' .:,._.. 

/Ki.:., j-t^mI ,9J'i%i.".t i.' ,jnii/ 7c Is.:-,, 

ovi'i 7x-oci.- ,Tav::i c.tuiii-iSLipei.f;-; Ivj iionjszSi )&&i riir~o'>'i i*ri3 lo dhxr. 

\,^-,v- r^lxll'i' 'to bOail .-i^if^rii ■ ■ - - 

:.'"■;! :":'.vv ^ ;:,-•, .tx ;£ r.n^A ^ ■. Mjnf.Ti' sfio ,.*i.-.^-i.i ; E90l-i ■-■ti evir't-v.rrsovoB nJ'ion .bxtal 

.0;? J. 19 

•/.lo^ACi ri.:- '10 1^-33 3;ii' ';..< ;-i-;',^r{ of. 

'x ...i,.7.'. :^. •;.;:. '^^7-- i"^--' ^X''rr;jcj ;:: i)9Xf'l ris o^«u ^i- 

-;:.:':.'. ., • '/./.;7i'. ..*.'!.,■ •'..," DOi.':'tv' .3il"'.'i '^r;.' ax ho 

;,^\i'ii£,X ;x;::. ta., .',•>;;; i.l ii;-> , iMr.uf.-;; t;'.j ,;i9aU0:l .»rtJ 

_ 2 - 

advantages, emoluments, hereditaments and appurtences whatsoever to the same be- 
longin, or in any wise appertaining and reversions and remainders, rents, issues ■ ; :. 
and profits thereof: and all the estate, right, tittle, interest, use, trust 
property, possesion, claim and demand whatsoever, of him the said Penrose "^'iley, 
of, in, and to the same, or any part thereof: And also all deeds, evidences & 
witnesses touching or concerning the same, or any part thereof, and now in the 
custody and possession him the said Penrose Wiley, or which he can or may come by 
without suit at law or equity. 

To have and to hold the said tract or piece of land, hereditaments and premises 
hereby granted with the appurtances unto the said John Tomlinson and James Tom- 
linson, their heirs and assigns, to the only proper use, benefit and behoof of the 
said John Tomlinson and James Tomlinson, their heirs and assigns forever, as tenants 
in common and not as joint tenants: Also, under and subject to the payment of the 
proprietary quit rents (if any of these be due) with the interest unto the chief 
Lord of the fee thereof: 

And the said i^enrose Wiley & Sarah his wife and their heirs the said tract of 
land above decribed, and premises unto the said John Tomlinson and James Tomlinson 
their heirs and assigns, against them the said Penrose Wiley and Sarah his wife, 
anda against their heirs, and against all and every other person or persons 
whomsoever lawfully claiming the daid tract of land or any part thereof, by, from 
or under them or any or either of them shall and will warrant and forever defend, 
by these presents. 

In witness whereof, the said parties to these presents have hereiinto set their 
hands and seals interchangeably, the day and year above written. 

Sealed & delivered in Penrose Wiley. (Seal) 

the presence of us _■ Sarah Wiley. (Seal) 

■■■t ' -i..^ - . ''ii James May •<,_ '■'■^.X^'.^.i-'^ Kijr'-'' ,' /'; . ^'-♦■i' ■ •• .' 7 , ' '■'^ 
»../„. . ,,' Jacob Johnston ; / 

Acknowledged on the 18th day of May 1795 > before Jacob Rush, one of the 
Judges for Berks County, Pa. ^ •'■ '. .^ ' ' .' , '. . • 
Recorded April 25d, 1805, in Deed Book M, Page ^kh &:c. "" ■ 

,■.•-•- i" ::a".-tn=.'H iT. u,^ -?fi7 iax-i Ic. .lavaoaJii/^w 

.1.-.,' ;t; './on br'i- ,'\or3-r:'>:'i ^•^•.■A^ v/iji , . , . 
,i' 'ire •:. \'y.,i :,; /rso '=•• • ri-oifiv i.,- ,\^^iVfi ccoTn-a i t-.: 

waX ^a ;tii.f.' 

!.,.-.' a-ioq TO n(j2Toq ri^riJ^o "^avg i)aa Ilis 

-nuj^ATi/ e-vc-Oii ijisY iJua x;si^i I'JJ r\i 
■' C B f •:; ; , vo i / v.' f.i- TiiS ; 


Attorney-at-Law, ' 

Real Estate lious;ht and Sold 

on Commission. 

yMntlumia, yftii.,. 


HOAAvJcr^ CZi^uwJy S_o^ud, ai jJjj V^ 3x/t.v.v^ l^^^* 

p a^ci u^jjL uy-c^ ( y^o^cL u CU\ajLc '^ti 1% O'^ ^ 

/2^*- u^ vkr^pJ uyUA/3 ^^^ (2^^^^^^c^^ Q^-uaJ (2Jjuj^ j^^fLA^^ 

■ ■' ■ /^ — ^ ^ ' 

^/lui jMaa^I trQyio ll fbhu^ ^^u^i4^ /^/O Bj(f-^, w,,^ ^ 

, ..;t ,ujrj.;il,(..irV 
'1, V 1\ ■. 

>-') .-'jji;' ivjo-^;] '"•--iX Jjji^^vjvi.. . ' j-Ki'^r H JA»ruj - 

-, rv 

u . 


J. V _V.>.tV>.0 Jl5 t'-iv 

V^ V , ^SY-Osi'-Jfc. V^. vuin v*^^ ■* C^ 

./v^V^'^. ^^Xj ^. '^Y*^' 

'■- ■.:^\^\ Sv 

- .^ .I,.-.-- lyc 

^\K^li\ v->«V 

=;. M. COLLIEl|, J 

(iMl listate BouKhtand S^ 
on Commlssinn. 

/ 16 ^tC>' U^ dx /-JUA4^^^ (ld.c.c^Iy ^^^hUyV^ iMyUl0 /^<L, 
W^ J-^^ ^yKA^-t^-^^uv^^ ^ 7^ i^cd^^ QyUA<y HOAyUL ^iJjL . ^2x^^ 

/u/ (\j^J2^cl^ ,1^ xL (2jLUAx^Ci. tl&u^ ^f-^ rfv^-u^ cJlJ- ' 

^{LCl^h. \4oj\A^aSL y\^cwu^4> ^iLc\A\j W^^'^v^aJLci ^cuui^- I'^O I -^ 

.1, ;f', 


^ ;. r 

\ • V. 

^. ;>:v_,>,;.i-.v,V-^ ■■%■■':, ^-^jr^'^y ^-Ji.X^^:K>4:;' ^>::i^r~^ 


<" V 

J... -5-1 

vx^.fl ,/■; •yr.rP JjjiJ-jjVji- 

,/: 'yr.f^' 


■w- vVa ^-^'-^^- \^ JOl^>i>A- 


? v^Tk^. 




1 4 J V? 1^- 








1 <.. 




; K- ^ < 



// r-/ 




r/fr/ /'/'/.)/'/// r/ , .ff 


v//r/, .y^/.;. 




■August 3, l^mC^ 

j Mrs. Flora S. Kulschner, ''-'' 

410 N.?leridian St . 
'■i Indianapolis , Iiid . '' '■ - *'^"' 

i "^ly Dear '!adan:- • '■ - ^^'- 

I In -.-eply to your inquiry I would ben ^o state that I have exarr,- 

I ined the Revolutionary records, and do not find the narae of james To;,-!lin- 
[ son, I find a William Tcrnlinson, but, whether he was the father of I 
I cannot tell. ^•■' ,''' 

I As. regards James and ceorf^-ie Gibson,! have no record of their mil- 
1 itary services during the "Yar of the French and Indians. 

I James Gibson, \7ho signed the me morial to the .-Assembly , in 1764, 

v/as a very prcnir^ent man in his section of the State'. I ar.i very sor- 
ry that I cannot„give you any definite info relation. I return your cir- 
cular . ' .■ • ■ • 

V Yours very truly, ^ ■ ' 

Enc . 

State Librarian 




.•'.^'.idnF-.iiJll .8 

•-.9M.;i oiJ^ 

• fc.a, ^.1 fc 

..'\.'^'\A4Z iXiJL^'W^Jr ctAtliu^ c:^0L"Xu,VA^4J ^"i-S^cH. U.cccn- /t^_'J^ rA^vx^^X ^^ 

/: ^^^' 6/ 

V i* 

Ovo^^c/ ^"'^■t^l.uaS::? .y/fe^^t, 5x..x^'5t^\ c ^ ccclC^Lc/ ccoc<,<>-c^-/ , ^^fc^coc >/7ccc.v . ^ 
V^'UaA^ y 6^n^ "^^ / djL<7/A(U^'tC;Z ^CC<^fe"^^^'OM^ VcrM.-v /O^rvo^ .'fn,^^ 

•VT^ , '^/tXA/coL-0 ^^ j^truA^ / a£^ -CQjL /^fi->^A.^-cuL ^ 

''^■'' ' '(. - .>->;.^> 

\ V 

.' 4 (Lectin, ^;^<3'^^^ Oc4<.^ /.n'^^l' Ltxi c^x -Vm ^/^ ^<.rce vccc i^^^. r k-v^<^^:^K x-^ 

^^ "Vo {5x4^;:^ <-6u2.^jiX /'dL^r^u..Lx.^^:'X,(L ^rdcCA^ a>-vccuAo ^rt,^^.-i/_ 

/ — ~~_y t7- 

\ > 


> .- ; J ■- 

'^ \ '''X'''? - i-* 

'J "-s _ " 

.- '■ . ' . ■ 'x_ ^'^ • • ' »■ 

'■•A--^"' -'•■'■ ' ^■i!o>Jok>^(>4.ijAx:3T m> 


—••-'- .-s^-xv^' .ijo-'-.A. A^.^;::— :.^.^ ^ ■^v/<>XA.r.^ 


(^ommoriWealfl] of pGr\i\s^iOaniG\, ) 



Register's Office, L\A^LCl , KD 189 7 

/, GEORGE B. MILLER, Register of Wills and ex-ojficio Clerk of the Orphans' Court for 
the County of Berks, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify the foregoing to 
be a true and accurate copy of.yiAAJi.c>.L\^:^/'j^ii^ VJLiiJCC\.'Us^tJ^Uh /h/ 

)>J..(?:^fS^.'^<J^ l^L'Li 

as the same remains on file and of record in this office. 

: In testimony whereof , I have hereunto set 

, , . .my hand and official seal at Reading 

the date above. 

Register of Wills and ex-oMeio Clem of Orphans' Court. 


'. ...o\:'. r^'>.. . . .- ^ 7^. _;:)x.A .Aj-^.L^-/iJ>^->-^-^l^,>^ 



Ilovomber Gtk, 1943. 
506 Inland Dldf,. , 
Indianapolis, Ind, 

Mr. V/llliain George Sullivan, 
1545 North Meridian Street, 

Dear V/illiam: 

Your last lot of raaterlal was fine. Like everything else 
jon have done for me. You are the best helper I've found. 
Grandmother V/ulschner was not as careful as yourself and you 
have taught me how to enjoy checking into all the details. 
I've gathered a lot of material on my mother's family which 
I never could have done without the helpfulness of knowing 
the way you work. I found two of my mother's cousins, one 
that I had never hoard of before, and I've gotten a lot of 
infoi-mation from them, but it's not all accurate. 

In your last letter you gave me just the information that 
I want about the census records. I've started with Mr. 
Hills by writing him a letter in vjhich I ask for census 
information at Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. I gave 
him all that I know about Matthew Stewart and his wife, Mliza- 
beth, and their fi-Vo sons and one daughter. I gave him the 
full information, full names, approximate birth dates, etc., 
of all eight of them, and told him that the daughter married 
an Alexander McGregor. I'll let you know what he discovers. 
Am hoping that he will be able to find places of former resi- 
dence. I doubt that any of them were born in Terre Haute. 
No, I'm wrong on this, as maybe the two youngest ones were 
born there. Anyway, it's reasonably certain that the oldest 
children were born elsewhere and if Mr. Hills advises me as 
regards the place of birth of them, then I ought to have a 
clue to work on, I'm sure glad you told me about him. 

And when you get information on the Sullivan family from 
him, please tell me about it. I'm going to send a letter 
to a lady that has been recommended to me as a genealogist 
in Chestertown, Maryland. You know that this is the county 
seat of Kent County. I priorly made the mistake of writing 
to a Mrs Ethyl Howard Rofcfe in 21kton, Maryland. She was 
unable to find anything of any Sulllvans except a lot of 
stuff that may mean nothing at all. For example, she said 
"most of the Sullivans were of the Methodist faith and lived 
near Siimmit Bridge, Delaware. The only Sullivan marriages I 
find in our court house around the dates you are interested in ■ 
are John Sullivan married Margaret Kirk in 1778. This would 
take you into the Quaker fam.ilies as all the Kirks around here 
came frasi with V/51 Penn. Another John Sullivan 1793 married 
Elizabeth Cornelius and that would take you into the Dutch 
families near Warwick. I found Sne deed listed Joshua Sullivan 
whose wife was Ann. I find one of the Sullivans who lived near 
Warwick gave up the Catholic faith and Warwick is not far from the 
Delaware line -- I think looking over the Cecil ViTiig would be 
quite imposible as tried it once and had to give it up as a very 

. 3.'r-f;;::i.:5 ITr Jon r; ' i ; J „:d ,: 


r. -J 

;f:J jTr:r; LJoj 


?fj ,...;! p:.;^:v£0 8 1. .ill .':l' \'. i. ttia 

:,ii ":;: r:^:. p ;;^' orr cJ toI-.rv.:iroof- ■..r. 
''1 .':[:\ "j rj;j:r ^'nad v/on;-i > 'OV ,'-!-►'. 

■j '■:... I >. .;";':;.:.' j:o nruj V.M .. ;;C Y'^^^ "•• 

narfw L. 


;: ' \-tJ. '■! ■' ■.' 

ice 2 - Wn '^eo Sullivan Nov 6th, 1943, 



handling old papers that are not protected from the dunt. 
iiach v/eek the Cecil Denocrat has a 75 yrs ago coliomn but I 
have never seen the name Sullivan as yet. And now to tell 
you about the Rudolph family, Zebulon Rudolph was a cousin of 
the wife of President James A Garfield, etc., etc -- He speaks 
of the Academy at Elkton, it was not completed until 1808 and 
it was a day school and is demolished nov*'. A Rev Duke of the 
Episcopal Church had a boys school here a* few years but it did 
not last. Only other academy for boys would be V/est Nottingham 
Academy run by people of the Presbyterian faith and most records 
of the pupils were lost, a fire having destroyed ther.. Rudolph 
did go to r.emphis Tenn and some of the Rudo^iphs were Meth-odists. 
The only Universalist Church near hero has been demolished and 
the names are gone." 

You se9, William, that I sent Llris lady a copy of part of the 
long letter that Z. Rudolph, Sr., mailed to William Sullivan 
in 1848. If there are errors in the above it is partly be- 
cause the lady must, be elderly and she writes in long hand and 
it's not easy to read and then too, I'm not so careful either. 
I told her to find infornation about the father of William 
Sullivan, namely David Sullivan, nnd also the father of David, 
namely Hoses Sullivan. I ^Iso sent her excerpts from the 
Sulgrove history of Indianapolis. She had all the detailed 
information, names, dates etc., bub slio has been of no help at 
alj-l, so far as I can see. I'^aybo you are smarter than I am and 
I know you are, ahd maybe you can get something out of it that 
I missed. 

Sincerely, : , 

ou w,,; ' ..». 


'.-;; oh;-.-I .-/^■tj l,-.::^^,:o iJ".. 

fj cr^',. ■•:d o; 

V 'n' 

■i:vr-'.>.-;;r &,i..; o,^ ; a i^.- 

o r^-i ;-!■:>;■;-:; :J-i:Ti ■'•0 



Copy of Original Letter in 1:^0389331011 of William George Sullivan, £aq », Indianapolis, Ind. 

^ Boston, July 20th, 184^ 

My Sear Sir: ' * 

^ou favor of June 15th was not reed, till yesterday , in consequence of 
my absence from the city on a tour to the West and North. You refer to a certain power 
of Attorney in my hands; I enclose it. 

You ask me to state frankly any reasons which should affect the estimate 
you ought to form of the business character of T.O.Larkin, Esq., of Monterey. In 
reply, I would state, that I am a clergyman and the pastor of a chh. in this city, and 
married a niece of Hon. Phillips Sweetser, recently deceased at Indianapolis. T.O. 
Larkin is a cousin of mince, who mas resided for a number of years at Monterey, and 
has recently been appointed consul there to the U.S.A. 

My correspondence with him has been more of a domestic than a business 
character, yet I am bound to say that I know of no reason, nor of any suspicion of a 
reason elsewhere, why entire confidence should not be placed in his word and integrity. 
While I say this, you will remember that I am no business man, and T.O.Larkin is my 
cousin. If I can be of any service to you, command me. 

I remain Yours ever 

C signed) VM. M. ROGERS. 

Stephen D. Tomlinson, Esq. 
Indianapolis, Indiana. 

(The above letter to Stephen D. Tomlinson, in reply to a request for information , 
concerns Thomas 0. Larkin, U.S. Consul at Monterey, Upper California, who, on June 11, 
1845, took the acknowledgment of Ambrose Y. Tomlinson and Maria Jesus Bernal,- his wife, 
of their eigneAures.D ::-:4:'n:':.' ,■. ." ■. : w' ■ ; -' ■ ■-•-.; 

Copy of Letter in Possession of William George Sullivan, Esq .,- Indianapolis, Ind. 

Cynthiana, Oct., 24, 1844. 
Mr. S.D. Tomlinson, ,+^v . v^.- ■ , ':.>■■ -7. 


Dear Sir: 

I received your letter by Mr. Vanhook, and you wish me 
to answer it, and in doing so I have to say to you that the money that is due your 
brother is ready for him and all ways has bin ever cence the deth of your uncle, and 
you or any other person can get it when they produce the propper docment that our 
cout^i Require for the same, and not till that is done, I will not pay one cent, I 
think Sir, that you might at least come legely authorized to receive the money before 
you thretenC?) to bring suit. You (k)now that the estate nas bin good all the time 
for that amount. 

'■*"'"^*' ■' ' (signed) SUSAN TMLINSON. 

(Susan Tomlinson is evidently Susan Remington Tomlinson, widow of James Tomlinson, wno 
died at Cynthiana, Ky., about 1858 or 1859, and was an uncle of Ambrose Y. Tomlinson, 
Stephen D. Tomlinson, ic. She seems to refer to the estate of her brother-in-law, 
Jesse Y. Tomlinson, who died unmarried at Cynthiana ,%., about 1842, and who is mentioned 
in the power of attorney executed at San Jose, Upper Calif, by Ambrose Y. Tomlinson and • 
wife, in May and June of 1842.) ..- *,.. 

ii'^-. . \ ;- ,^ ■'',,;. ■ .''.'-.' -■'■■' 

■ ^. ' .'■'■.-'■■■ w^ '"■■• ; : ,■ . 

\K-t>l. ^S:!>.\ -^Iw':. »i5'- 

^11 t:v.^'^ c.v .1.-?. , i.iu'io'^i.i/Ao 'Je'-!"; 

.LTir- ':i:; , ; ;r,TS.;i aAJt-.-'i.- ei'iBM .(.u;;; . 

J. . Jirt-o fjnc -[Si:- :"o.w i.''i.? 

.■-..p..i. '.;..'.■- -'^j-i.'. 'io 'r^jLiv, , jt..!- n;.i I'toV iiv^'.;/ii-j &;' 
,;./,.,-"■. -"^ ■: .J C'v: •;':.i ':c tiJiiJciC 

•- ; ■-..-.. -j.'-.r. ,:;.''■;:'' Jiiooj v.'^y't ■- ■ '-■" 

I'..'.- .., ,. "... . . ': -,; j'iOu.A -^C y''^.j.:. .iV 'iixjqo iCtscC ii^i; 

COPY. ..Orig^al, Document in Possession of 'A'illiam GeorfiO Sullivan, Esq ., Indianapolis, Ind. 

KNOW all men by these presents. That I, Stephen P. Toralinson , of the County of Marion, 
State of Indiana, do hereby constitute James II. Torlinson of the County of Marion, State 
of Indiana, my attorney for myself, and as attorney for /jabroae Y. Tomlinson of the town 
of Pueblo San Jose, Upper California, whose letters of attorney accompany this, to collect 
by suit or otherwise, any and all moneys to which the said Ambrose Y. Tomlinson may be 
heir from the Estate of Jesse Y. Tomlinson , late of Cynthiana, Kentucky, deceased. Also, 
to bargain, sell, and convey by fee simple in general warranty, or by quit claim, for 
such price, and upon such terms of credit, and to such person or persons as he shall 
think fit, all the interest of the said Ambrose Y. Tomlinson as an heir of the said 
deceased, to wit: In Lot number fifty(50) in the town of Portsmouth Scioto County, 
Ohio, and the North east quarter of the North east quarter of Section Eight of Township 
four of range eighteen in the district of lands subject to sale at Chillicothe, Ohio. 
Likewise, to do any and all duties, which I, the said Stephen D. Tomlinson may or can do 
by virtue of the said letters of attorney from the said Ambrose Y. Tomlinson , date at 
Pueblo San Jose, Upper California, on the fifth day of May, 18^5. Furthermore, on my 
own behalf I do hereby authorize the said James ?/.. Toralinson to transfer in quit claim, 

all my right, title and interest in any property of the estate of Clin^man, 

mother to my late father John Tomlinson , deceased. Also, in carrying out the above 
powers of attorney, to sign my name to any bond, for such sums in indemnity, as the 
Executors or heirs of James Tomlinson , Iste of Cynthiana, deceased, as may be legally or 
properly be demanded, and to do any and all duties for me ahd in my name as I, the said 
Stephen D. Tomlinson , might do, if personally present. 

Hereby ratifying and confirming all such acts, bargains, receipts for purchase money, 
money collected, deeds or quitclaims, as shall be made, executed or acknowledged in the 
above premises, as also in all bonds and quit claims, or receipts for money in my own 
behalf, as may be made in my name, as if I v.ere personally present and did the sane. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty-fourth day of 
September, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven. 


Marion County,. : 

State of Indiana: ss Personally appeared before me the undersigned, a Notary Public in 
and for the county and state aforesaid, Stephen D. Tomlinson and acknowledged the fore- 
going instrument of writing to be his vopiuntary act and deed for the uses and pruposea 
therein mentioned. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal totarial this 
J „^y 25th day of September, A.D. I8A7. 


State of Kentucky,: 
Harrison County. : 

I, Thomas B. V/oodyard, clerk of the County Court of said County Court, 
for said county do certify that this power of Attorney from Stephen D. Tomlinson to 
James M. Tomlinson was produced to me in my Office on this day, properly certified for 
record and the same was ordered to be recorded, which together with this and the fore- 
going certificate is accordingly done. 

Given under my hand this 5th day of October 1847. 
(signed) T. B. V/OODYARD, CLK. 
By I.F.WARE, D.C, 

•i-M t; 

C ^': ■ . iJ ; •-.. '.■.■■: ZJ'l 'TO 
1- . ;Mj ''0 1 ' ■•.1 -■» '3r 

• -■• ■■ •■•■-' ' -'■'t' ■ ' •■ .1.. "■■ ••• •- . 

"■ ■ . ^ J t" ".' 'i C '■ 

, ._ ■_. , ^'. ■:■ r 9'' v;.5;;i p.k, , ':e>&i.c sot 

.?*.-i^e ■".■ri.? i, I. briji „ .■id 

.0 ._.'■. I'VL-jasJ'qea 

-i.^j .[alii. JO J i'-^oij iV,,^! in fin' '^.n .■'^■■. oiciu'-tQ.". 'js-j:.' I ' ,:.: 

c t ve/w. A 1o 1 ob v.tou. 

•ir-i-'i^i J ■■■•■- -;:.oi 


Copy of a Letter from Samuel A. Tomlinaon, Lansing, Michigan, to Dr. James M. Tora- 
linson, Indianapolis, Indiana. Original in Possession of William George Sullivan, 
1545 North Meridian St., Ifldianapolis, Ind., July 11,1945, a grand-Hephew of James 
M. Tomlinson. Letter postmarked Sep 21, 1896, Lansing, Mich. l-M 


Lansing - 9 - 20 - 1896 

James M. Tomlinson, M.D. 
410 N. Meridian St. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Dear Sir: ^ ,^ 

I wrote you sometime ago concerning your assistance in a genealogy 
of the Tomlinson family. I know you are a son of Dr. Stephen Tomlinson. I 
assume that your father was a eon of Charles Tomlinson of Indiana who died in 
1879 at Clearmont(sic) . If so our grandfathers were brothers. At all events 
I would like information along the line of accompanying papers. 

Very Sincerely Yours 

• ( signed) Samuel A. Tomlinson. '. ' 

Enclosed with the above letter were two "forms" to be filled out with vital 
statistics, &c., and a pencilled note: 

''You will see I am anxious to get every descendant of your grandfather 
Charles. If he be your grandfather. 

I would also like as much information of your ancestors as you care to 
give me. If you are married & have children please indicate also jOur 
brothers and sisters. 

Very sincerely 


An early reply will be appreciated. 


l.r-1'L .<fr 

.nti - cfi 

. \. ", r 1 t. . 

...or n-^i:"!'^T . ■'. i.;i :iksc; (benijie ) 


).■;.•• .••:J\.'.-' v;c. bitfL':'* 6.i >..!• ''E;cno1 " rr.v.t otsb toiiel evooa ©fi^ n.J'inr be'. 

:o,^cn JbeXXJtoneq b baa « .04& (CoijeiJ'Sc 

.Lr- :;,io«aT(q'-)fi »o' XlJtw 

Copy of a Letter from Samuel A. Tomlinson, Lansing, Michigan, to James M. Tom- 
linson, Indianapolis, Ind., November 25* 1896. Original in Posseaaion of 
James M. Tomlinson' s §randnephem, Williaij. George Sullivan, 1545 H.yieridiaa 
St., Indianapolis, Indiana. July 11th, 1945. 

Lansing, Michigan, 11 - 25 - *96. 

James M. Tomlinson 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Dear Sir: 

I have twice before written you concerning your genealogy. I have every 
reason to believe you to be a descendant of Charles Tomlinson, who died in 
Clearmont, Ind., 1879. 

I am collecting material for a publication of our family and desire to 
make it complete. I wish therefore to trouble you for all you can tell me of . 
yourself, ancestors and descendants. If you can furnish me with addresses of your 
relatives, so that I might correspond with them, I would appreciate it. 

Very Sincerely Yours, 

(signed) Samuel A. Tomlinson 



itlZ ir 

■'■... -jin. li T !:.-jli ,'c-.v. .-a to't i. 

Copy of Original Draft, in Pencil, in the Handwriting of Dr. James MacCartney Tomlinson , 

of Indianapolis, Indiana, answering letters of September 20, 1896, and Koversber 2^,1696, 

from Sajiuel A. Tomlinaon , LaJiaing, Michigaia. Original in Possession of William George 

Sullivan, 1545 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Indiana, July 11th, 19A5. Samuel A. Tom- 

lingon' a Letter of Nov. 25*1896, is written on the Stationery of the Supreme Court of 


Indianapilis, Nov. 27/'96 

Mr. Samuel A. Tcmlinson: 

I have yoursjof date Oct. 20/' 96 in which you aak for ancestral 
genealogy. And in which you volunteer the assertion that I am the son of Dr. Stephen 
Tomlinaon. Who the Dr. Stephen Tomlinaon v/aa you refer to, I know not. But if you 
refer to the late Stephen D. Tomlinaon of this Gity, you are mistaken, as he was my 
Brother. Now as to Charles Tomlinaon as ray relative, I know not. l-Bm-a^^—e.rie.-f^—^ 
I am not aware of having any relatives outside of my Sister's descendants in this wide 
world. I would not be able to make myself known to them And do not think they could 
make themselves known to me. My part of the Family aeema to have been singularly un- 
prolific. As for Example, my Father had four Brothers neither(sio)of whom had to my 
knowledge descendants. And of my Father's children, there were four males neitherCsic) 
had deacendants. And as I am the sole survivor(unmarried) , consequently have not and 
will not. Hence in time Extinction will be the result of the Family, as I am its 
only hope with probabilities of a million to one against it. 

My Father, John Tomlinson, and Florinda, his wife, were bom 
in Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. And emigrated from there to Cincinati, 
Ohio, A.D. 1812. He died in 1825, when I was but an infant. .The remaining part of the 
Family came to Indianapolis in 18^4, where the Grim Monster got in his work, swallowing 
all save as yet myself. And for all these years of my life (I) have not met but two of 
my Father's Brothers and then but once or twice and that about svenpty years ago. 
Hence you will readily understand the aituation. These remarks ere made kindly and 

As to the ancestral line subjoined, I am indebted to the re- 
searches of my Niece, who was interested in Colonial Dames and Daughters of the Revol- 

The first ancestor to arrive in this country was Joseph Tom- 
linson And settled in Newton Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, prior to 1686. He 
died 1719, leaving a wife, Elizabeth, and the following Children, Ephraim, Joseph, ■ 
Ebenezer, Riciard, John, Othniel, William, Margaret Elizabeth, Mary and Ann. My 
Grand Father' a name was James Tomlinaon, who lived at Sunbury, Northumberland County, 
Penn., and whose will is there recorded. Now whether he descended from Richard or 
William aforesaid is unsettled. , -, 

My Father, aa above stated, was John Tomlinson, and my Mother's 
name was Florinda, . born Macartny. Their descendants were Ambrose Y., Clarissa, 
Stephen D., John, Florinda G., and James M., with James M. now sole survivor. 

Respectfully, ; o,r._ „ ..- v- ' 

( signed) James M. Tomlinson 

laoati^.. .. ... -.~v — . 

■;. . ,j-,.^,,-^..,.^/..^,nv» ..J, ..■JQ.ri ' ■ ' ■ 

^ ' !J0^ ,;t:. '■ ' -A:i-. ■ .■ 'r.n o :v 
-.;;,; J-vsX.- -ro n>^G ■.>"-n 
■ys :.i ;. ,: :-.' '-v ^■- >.^ 
( .' 1 :?. >» '.: ■:■ 'o i I.- .T ;.;?•'']: luo '. 

'. : . -'i .T ; -. !;■ V ,i a v I .t c: B' r , j ^ . .. _ 

.n.oii »■:)>; .?'*!?; c! iii (.eJj'ai.ioi'H iij/^ ^a;- .^r -T ^ ^ ;? V, 

., i-j .''' :'.':S' '1.; ^.'U'ut mo'i'i boJ'i4/3i.'3rj fcnA 
u/!j ":c J~.'..b'( ■....'i ''..lis .;e"( oiiT. .Jiif/i,';i' : - 

.1 ...-'^ j;;.; jo;.: jcr. evj3r; 11 j c'iiL ^ . ■ v ■ - •- 

iwi, ,;IL;,b4 ojjVj;r t\H f,ili»j!r:j • ^t^oxf;' .j^o: .l^jVoi.e e.; . . .^ ..., . ... . . ....- uoif eori 

. ^liu^ ^o»qe 


Typewritten -^- 

Copy of FinaLsDraft of Foregoing Letter, after having been edited by Flora Sullivan 
V/ulschner , Niece of Dr. James MacC. Tomlinson . In Possession of William George 
Sullivan, Indianapolis^ July 11th., 1945. 

11/27/ '96 
Mr. Samuel A. Tomlinson, 

Yours of date :ict. 20, '96, in which you ask for ancest- 
ral genealogy, received. 

You volunteer the assertion that I am the son of Dr. 
Stephen Tomlinson. Who the Dr. Stephen Tomlinson was whom you refer to, I 
know not. .But if you mean the late Stephen D. Tomlinson, of this city, you are 
mistaken, as he was my brother, and not as you state, father. 

Of Charles Tomlinson as ray relative, I know not. I am not 
aware of having any relatives outside of my sister's descendants in this wide 
world; I would not be able to make myself known to them and do not think they 
could make themselves known to me. My part of the fartily seems to have been 
singularly unprolific. As for example, my father had four brothers, none of 
whom had to ray knowledge descendants. And of ray father' s children there were 
four males who left no descendants, I am the sole survivor (unmarried) consequently 
without issue. Extinction will be the result of the family, as I am its only 
hope with probabilities of a million to one against it. 

My father, John Tomlinson, and Florinda(MacCartney) , his 
wife, mere born in Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Penn. And emigrated in 1812 
from there to Cincinnati, Ohio. He died in 1825 when I mas but an infant. The 
remaining part of the family came to Indianapolis in 18^4, where the Grim Monster 
got in his work, swallowing all save as yet myself. All of these years of my 
life (I) have met but two of my father's brothers and then but once or twice and 
that about seventy years ago. Hence you will readily understand the situation. 
These remarks are made kindly and respectfully. 

As to the ancestral line subjoined, I am indebted to the 
researches of my niece, Mrs. Flora Sullivan I'/ulschner, of this city, who is int- 
erested in "Colonial Dames" and "Daughters of the Revolution," 

The first ancestor to arrive in this country was Joseph 
Tomlinson from London, England, mho settled in Newton Township, Sussex . County, 
New Jersey, prior to l686. He died in 1719, leaving a wife, Elizabeth, and 
the following children: Ephraim, Joseph, Ebenezer, Richard, Jobn, Othniel, 
V/illiam, Margaret Elizabeth, Mary and Ann. My grandfather' s name mas James 
Tomlinson, who lived in Winser( sic) , Berks County, and Sunbury, Northumberland 
Co., Penn,, and whose will is recorded in the latter town. Now, whether he 
descended from Richard or William aforesaid is unsettled. 

My father, as above stated, was John Tomlinson, and my 
mother's name was Florinda, born MacCartney. Their descendants were Ambrose 
Yarnell, Clarissa (who married William Sullivan), Stephen D,, John, Florinda 
Gibson, and James MacCartney, with the last named now sole survivor. 

Respectfully, " 

; James M. Tomlinson. 


.TC'^ ; '^ .■ i 1 ;j ^j-us ■([li'iB'i Pa 

't '. '-Tioa i.'1c5j:.' .jid i.'j-j'i i.'B.i 'i 

• ;; ,, ■ . ,■ , f."! ■ '■ '■'"• ; ' ■ ■ ■'"' 

.Ji ^e.ijto^fli oi n 

c .; > ,;c;:,j\30'v.:<i'^'';3i;.-:jTCl'^ .-i ./ ,_.•■ e.iJA- 

?jI6I ni: i.>6Jc-._,/j;'- jL..iA -iia&'i '■ n.x mod - 

:_..: ':'J -i'.. :. A Oo>i.i:5 "iv ii-. .':if»'Vi' ,.r>'i 
iji,.-. f-; £jrr 'o '^r'nc J--:/ ;on.^ (-.; ; e*i'j.i.*^"--ic ej „. , 

^y,ili!''iJi ■ .. .. -. :--*-*T 

."I'^f^^oV ■ ,;n. '^-1 :■.■;.■ J w f ;i: ::.":;-f.i 0.t - "^ -■• .-■■ . ■ -v - ' 

;;.v! .iit^rC .ii: ':^ „ -i^" ;> I'-iiVi?. , 

il^i'r. '■- ,_:>: ■':]. ^f. ^.'In , 'it*:, ^i-.t«J Ji , ri-j'Ve ol- , 

^^ •i^j;- -i' ^' . >. o'l .av.oJ ■'- 

o- j-J.'.i'i e"; . I' u J u'll";.. •' ^p t'*, lie.,' - "^ f<i .■•• (•-> t,-,-. .^ '-ffi.-f.t. 

.'.'.'. riuL olo' V(ca .'-■'_. 


nrDi/iir^iPOLis, hid. 

LIT s. Florin da Tomlinson, b. in "ilfiaa^aa-aa-, llov. £0, 1791; d« in 
Indionapolia, May 20, 1854» ago G2 yoars, 6 montha. 

Lira, Clnrisaa !i?omlinson J^ullivan, b« in Cincinnati, 1813, d, in 
Indian-^polia, Juno 29, 1895, ago OE yo^ra, 4 months. 

Stephen D. (Decatur . ) Toinlinson, b, in Cincinnati, j^ugust 17,1815, 
d. in IndionapoIiG, IIov, 14, 1870« 

Plorinda G, Tonlinaon, anmorrio:!, b« in Cincinnati, Ohio, Juj/s; 2, 
1819, d. in Indianapolia, i'pril 4, 1867, /f 

Dr. Jamos HcCartnoy Tonlinson, b, Portsmouth, Ohio, d, Indiannpolic, 
/ipril 9, 1903, ago 81 yoarn, 6 monthg, (Obitu-n-y Iloticoa ^ivo 
his plnce of birth as Cincinnati, and dato of birth, Octobor 
25, 1821). ^ . 

AmbrooG Tomlinson vjas e-nothor brother, for whom thoro aro r^-o- dntose. 
ai^^'^rl, lie loft Cincinnati aa a young .man, going out ^ost, 
and nas nr^'^tsiv hoard from. 

William Sullivan, b, in ICont County, Maryland, ^pril 25, 1803, 
d. Indianapolis, Saptorabor 22, 188o. 


EurLe* 3' Landod Gentry Peerage (1923 edition). '- ' 

G'Hart's Iriyh Pedinreos, Yol, 1, p, 821 - (c) The mod'^-rn nobility 
in Dalriada (j\ntrim in modern times) "Earl LlaeCartnGy, Zoron 
of Lisanoaro. 

G'Hart's Irish Pedigreoa, Vol. 2, pc 141 - Cr<:v;ford, /ilozcandor, b. 
1794, m, 2^ Eliza (dau, of Edv;ard Scriven) v.'hoao sifter Aiine 
m. Sir Jolin IlncCartney* Bart, of Liah Co. iirinagh, and had 
seven children. (Edv;nrd Scrivon doacenclai-it of the liarclays 
of Scotland) - Soo» 3u. Peerage, 1923 Edition. 

O'Hart's Vol. 2, p. 688 - LlacCartney - Pamilien in Ireland dor.-n to 
the 15th Century in Ulster Co. J'Cartie (liaCartnoy) . 

0' Hart' a Irish Pedipreoa, Yol. 2. p. 829. 'I'ho Logialati\'0 novor in 
Ir-lond in 1797: #36 Earl of LiiCartney, P# 831 in 1780: Earl 
I.IaCartney family nuno li^Cartnoy, P. 831, The Irish House of 
Commons in 1797. Sir JoJrin IloCartney-. 


.dlil ,; 

« - • ' ^ « 

1, v.. ■ .J . ^ J. 

j:.j j;C 

;i .c::s ixxc i)it>ii- 


» 'no : ,, , ■ : Tl'lZi] c •, 

r : >-r .s 

(Pound in full leather) 
: On oppooite'page: ALICE STEWART 1956/daughter of Faye & CJeorge Stewart/Bridge Players. . 
The Bible is Vol. ii, of a ^-volume set and Vol.iy' carries in fijr leaf the price: '$1.00, 
It v.a3 published in 1817- Vol.ii contains t e Book of Esther , Job, rsalms, cfcc. to and 
including Malachai. After that follow the ?M11X RSGORD. 

John Toalinson and Florinda v/asl sicjmarried January 6th. in the year of our Lord one 
thbusand iight hundr>id and Eleven. 

"illiem SullivanV-nd Clarissa, daughter of John and Florinda Tonlinson, v/ere married at 
ilndianapolis, Indiana, on Sunday, the eight of March, Ap-no Dominj (.underlinedj , one thousand • 
eight hundred and thirty-five; by the Rev Wr. Ames, of the Methodist SMscopal Church. 

(.handwriting of V/m. Sullivan). 

Lsughlin J'cCartney and Mary Ann Gibson were mcrried in I77O in Northumberland County, 
rennsylvcniaChandwriting of Flora Sullivan V/ulschner, and data should be checked!) 


John Tomlinson Son of James and SarahCwhis wife was Born February 9th in the year of our 

Lord 1789(r9--T:T5ked-rby-iPr:..'"-S'.*-'fTr) ' 

Florinda Tomlinson Daughter of Laughlin and Harj' McCartney v?a3 born November 20 in the 
year of o r Lord 1791 

Jaraes McCart.ney Tomlinson was born Octo"^~er 25th 1S21. 

A-Tibrose Yarnell Tomlinson Son of John and Florind'a^-^aiifiscii V.'as %^n September the l6th 
in the year of cur Lord 1811. 

Clarisaa Tonlinson Daughter of John and Florinda "'as Born February the 27th. in the (year) 
of our Lord . 18 1^. 

Stephen Decatur Tomlinson son of John and Florinda ''^2q Born August 17th in tha year of our 
Lord 1815 

John Tomlinsoii Jun^ son of John and Florinda '."as Born July 1st in the year of our Lord 1817 

Florinda Tomlinson Daughter of John & Florinda hiej wife Was Born Euly 2^ in the year of cur 
Lord 1819 

Laughlin McCartney youngest son of Lord McCai-tney, Esrl of Glasgcvi, end Lady Elora :.:cDonald,- .. 
Couitess of Dundee, Scotland, and father of Flora McCartney Tomlinson, 7;as born in Scotland ; 
in 1757(or 1759?) (in handviriting of F. S. Y;., and should be thoroughly chec3:edl) 

Mary Ann Gibson McCai'tney[.-;ife of Laughlin McCartney and mother of Flora( sic)McC. Tcrjlin^cn 
iKas born in 1750 in the northern part of Trcland(F. S.W. ' s handwritng & ehould be checkedl) . 


John Tomlinson died 10th July 1825 — ^gei ^'6 years, & 5 mos. 

John Tomlinson Jr. died 19th July 18^5. — (insci-ted above Cincinnati, Ohio)l6 years & 19 days 

Florinda G. Tomlinson Jr died at Indianapolis reconciled in all things A o'clock Thursday 

Morning AJril 4 1867, 

Stephen D Tomlinson died at Indianapolis at 7 1/2 o'clock Monday evrening November Ih 1S~C . 
.Laughlin McCartney, your^gest son of Lord McCartney, ^arl of Glasgow, and Lady Flora McDonald, 
r'Coiontoss of Dundee, and father of Flora(3ic)McCei-tney Tomlinson, died about 1799 in Ncrth- 
^umbariand County, ?ennsylvania(F. S. iV.'s hand-.Triting and should be checkedl) 

Mary Ann McCartney died 22nd Sp?t(Cincinr£ti, Ohio)l8i>2 -r-.-Aged 82. 

Florinda Tomlinson Sr. Our Mother died in peace at Indianapolis May 20th 9 o'clock A M. in 

the Year of Our Lord 1854 in the dpd Hear of her age, 

Ambrose Yari©ll Tomlinson died in the Stat© of California Mexico in the Year l£42(incorrcct) 

Clorispa Tomlinson Sullivan died f.t 5:^0 A.M.Jur.e- 29th, aS96(£i.c. Should he lS95)in Ind- 
ianapolis Indiana(F.S.V/. ' 8 handwriting. .....Correct year i<a 1895). 

-./. ;: 

1 xi •.>■■■ 

":- . /-tJCS ii 'ci- 

I » • .. .t- ■ 

.X V.--'- ii i ■■' 

ri.ici''i Li-'j ado I lo floci ^ 


:. rf-cl 

o.-!£!i£}.'I ,, -^ 

« .. 'I* 

Paternal Lines of 

Compiled by George Urie Stevenson , 

hjOk Drexel Boulevard, Chicago, 111,, July 20th, 19^1. 

THE ANCIENT FAI^ILY OF O'CARTIE, Macai-tney, Mac Cartney, or Mac Carthy has been identified 
with Ireland and Scotland from the earliest historic times. .f ■!•;. 

Chart's Irish Pedigrees and John Rooney ' e Genealogical History of Irish Families deal 
extensively with many branchs of the clan. 

The chief Scottish seat of the family was Auchinleck. It was from the Macartneys of 
Auchinleck that the family of Macartney of Lissar.oure, Ireland, mas derived. Burke's ^.- 
"Landed Gentry of Ireland" (London, 1912), page 429 » gives the lineage as follows: 

Macartney mar. 1522, Margaret, daughter of Godfrey Mac Cullogh of Fleet Bank, Kirkcudbright; 

hie son Patrick mar , dau. of John Mc Lellaji, and had son Bartholanew (mar. 1537, 

Mary Stewart of Auchinleck); their son Bartholomew mar. Catherine Maxwell, and had a son 
George Macartney, ancestor of Earl Macartney, Baron of Li ssanoure (County Antrim, Ireland), 
The title is now extinct." 

Burke's " Landed Gentry of Ireland," page 4?0 , gives this account of this most distin- 
guished scion of the family: 

George Macartney, Earl Macartney (b.iy^Z-died s.p.lSOd), son 
of George Macartney(whose father George Macartney was M.P. for Belfast for 40 years), by 
his wife Elizabeth Winder. Viscount Macartney of Dervock, Lord Macartney, Baron of Li ssa- 
noure in Ireland, and of Parkhurst and Au chinleck in Great Britain, Knight of the Most 
Honourable Military Order of the Bath, and of the Most Ancient and Royal Order of the 
V/hite Eagle of Poland, one of H.M. 's most honourable Privy Council, Principal Secretary 
to the Lieutenancy of Ireland in the administration of Lord Townsend, 17^9* Captain General -^ 
of GrenadaC sic) ,1775, Governor of Fort St. George, East Indies, 1779* of Bengal, 1785, 
and later of Madras, and Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Empress of Russia, Colonel of 
a Regiment of Militia Dragoons and Custos Rotulorum of County Antrim; was created Baron ,. 

Macartney, 1770, and promoted Earl, 1794; mar. Feb. 1,1768, Lady Jane Stewart, 2nd daughter "" 
of John, Earl of Bute, and died s.p., in I8O6, wheh his titles became extinct. 

The other gentle families of Macartney in Ireland are all from the same general stock, 
as will appeer from the following excerpts from " County Families in the United Kingdom ," 
by Edward Walford, M. A. (London, 1868), page 612 ; 

Sir John Macartney , Bart., of Lish, County 
Armagh( created 1799); eldest son of the late Rev. Sir William Macartney, Bart., rector of 
Dysertegny, County Londonderry, by Ellen, dau. of the late Sir John Barrington, Bart.; the 
family is descended from a common ancestor with the Macartneys of Lissanoure. (Burke's 
"Landed Gentry of Ireland" . .London, 1912, page 4^1, gives the liaeage as follows: George ..: 
Macartney of Blacket, Scotland, settled at Belfast, I65O; had son George(b.l640)mar. 
Martha Davies, and had sons George and Isaac, the latter the ancestor of Sir John Macartney, 
Bart, of Lish.) 

George Macartney. Esq . of Lissanoure, County Antrim; eldest son of the late Rev. Travers 
Hume by Elzabeth, dau. of Major J. Ballyguier of Dublin; succeeded his mother(who inherited, 
as niece, the late Earl Macartney ' s estates in Ireland and Scotland), 1825. 

John William Ellison-JAacartney, Esq. of The Palace, Clogher, County Tyrone; only son of 
the late Rev. Thomas Ellison, by Catherine, 2nd dau. of Arthur Chichester Macartney, isq., 
K.C. , of Murlough, County Down; b. 1818; succeeded his uncle 1858; he assumed by Royal 
license in 1859, the surname and arms of Macartney, after his maternal uncle, the late 
Rev. W.G. Macartney. 

v;:':' ia./ ^ii.V. 'iO ^ 

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'v;!> ,, 1 'tj '■.;:•.':, ■ir:£;l \Oi.J ,/" J-"; .r ,, i .>.' ^'I .^..^t , 

•-^•j^^'-' '■'-.\'i<i IV,'-"-'-'' i»iv)*<«iii>i) .A.HI (i/lOli.O'i ui.&T 

•^ .*.■;: o'' ...:,..:.. '".:v> ..J-;..^' ,;..':■; jt:.c:j;^.:.:j^ioi, li 5 
7c i.:.'^'':\ ^ . ..' . '^^r.^r-;.'-!;:.:''! ;;\3 /' !. j' i Vi' -..t? .vt'-{ s.jkI oWJ 'JO 

^,!:^ ^ . n -. ,-\'' "T^A^I'ii.r^ t,"l'\ "ii:: ^:f/3v ::;',r 'ic .ursv ^i■'''''^ •^'• 
8'o''":v:; - '^^ l' i -^ psi: .; .i .o - '^o •; j't :!.■■ ■; M :. ^ f-.?iri "^ 
'-■^';Oii'j . a ;/0. /.j'" ,1;^ .-i^ ;)';■.•.: J. '': :tJ uv-'i..., ^ 1 '^''' ■' '■ ""■' 

I'^ci ^us:^3 v: .vil - ■ -lil ii. 'i*..Ji ■■;->i-£ &;'\a "leJ'-vl 

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:7.i. i>:.-: i '-..■.,. ''..j .n: 'T'i •. . . „ 

V \;«'"- 

Kc Cartney Descents of Georp e . . 

Sullivan : 

Page Two 

Burke's Peerage and Baroneta/^e (l928) , page 1520, gives the follovdng sketch of 
the first Sir John Macartney of Lish Cwhich we offer to show the connection with the Auch- 
inleck branch): b. March 9/ 17^7-ci. May 29, 18lA, M.P.; created Baronet of Lish, Jan. ^, 
1799. He was the second of the two sons of William Macartney(d.l797) , M.P. for Belfast 
for 40 years, who mar. Catherine Banks, dau. of Thomas Banks of Oorfe Castle, mar. Elizabeth 
Montgomery. The father of William Macartney was Isaac, who married Anne, sister and co- 
heiress of John, Halt ridge. 

I have covered the titled and landed Macartneys, as shown above, at seme length, to show 
that the Earl Macartney( who died without issue) was the only individual to legally bear 
the title "Lord Macartney." This seemingly is at variance with your family tradition that 
Laugh lin Mc Cartney was "the youngest son of Lord Mc Cartney and his wife Lady Flora 
Mc Donald." The term "Laird" was used in Scotlabd to designate a magistrate, who likev.ise 
was generally a landed proprietor. Research in Scotland may reveal that status for the 
father of Laughlin McCartney . Nor is there anything incompatible with the legend that his 
wife was a "Lady Flora McDonald," even if not identifiable as the partisan of the "Young 
Pretender." . 

Your family legend says: "Laughlin McCartney came to America in 1755, with the Queen 
Regiment under General Braddock." There was no Queen(or Queen' s) Regiment in the Braddock 
Expedition. According to History of Braddock Expedition , by V/inthrop Sargent, M. A. (Pila- 
delphia, 1856), page 195 , the forces consisted of the 44th and the 48th regiments, which • •:- 

had been stationed in Ireland in 1754(. see page 1^ 2), increased by Maryland and Virginia • 

levies to 1400 men, a company of GuidesCa captain, 2 aides and 10 men), 50 sailors from '; 

the transports, and a company of Lighthorse. Page 141, ibid. , gives the names of the ^i, 

transports as leaving Cork, January 14, 1755, and consisting of the following vessels: - 

Anna, Terrible, Osgood, Concord, Industry, Fishburn, Halifax, Fame, London, Prince Frederick, 
Isabel and Mary, Molly, and the storeships V/hiting, Newall and Nelly. 

Apparently there is no list of private soldiers in Braddock' a army, extant. Lowdermilk' s 
"Cumberland, Maryland," page l64 , gives a list of the officers killed and wounded and de- , 

aerted, in the same work, but Laughlin McCartn ey is not among tinem. This does not in the ^ 

least disprove the tradition that he czrao over with Braddock, but th« naiiio d-^ the Regimeut 
(which is not important) is not sustaim^^'i . Where he dwelt after being mustered out of 
serviico, is not apparent, but it may have been Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as we find him 
revealed here as a taxable in 1771, paying 4 shillings( see page 10, Vol. XVII, 3rd Series, :\ 
Pennsylvania Archives) , and again in 1772 ( page 295 ), and as a tavernkeeper in Lancaster ) 

Boro in 1773 ( page 43l ) . ^ 

Sometime thereafter he moved to Mahoning Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, ' ■ -^ 
where we find him with property in excess of S296 and 500 acres (296 pounds and 500 acres) (see 
page 427, VoI» XIX., ibid. ) He is shown as taxpayer there each year until I788. 

Heads of Families, Federal Census of 1790, Pennsylvania , page l86(copy in Indiana State -^ 
Library) shows Laughlin McCartney ss a resident of Northumberland County, Penn'a., with a 
family consisting of himself (i." Free White Male of I6 years and upward, including heads of 
families")> one white male under I6 year3(his son?), five free white females(probably his 
wife and four daughters) ,' and two other free persons. A Henry McCartney is found in the 
3a:ne county, with a family comprising himself and wife, and three white males under I6 years. 
Therewas also a Captain John McCartney in the state of Pennsylvania at the time, but no 
relationship is apparent. 

^■"j .-1. jfi/'^ ■\S",c i I V .1 'j: J 

6o.r- ;.,-," o/'ii ( ii./f. ^a 1 -a/' t. 
e^i.: 1-::.; '^■inji'I o:i^ ( J'.cw »..- 

. /.iXs**: j.,^} I, ic;-;a!1 ^^.n^t J.mV, eqi. 

e..,- v. i j:,.'. ■-. i^fc Rir;? .C3rii 'V'lO^o ,^0:-^ 

':<' z:!\< ,: oZ0S<':[jiV. rii'i«'^ "xeu'';/! j[e;-^ 
'..-.": -.71 i;^. , J i:j-;./'vI,_?,;;]oS ,'t'-.v>i' 
ji , IIVX .!'■/'■' ,01 £'g-'-1 ' 05 /■■■ ^_ 

,;;-,.'.:fo viva. .'-■;■■? '-i . Y''"'"-' ■ '-■*• 
!e)i:v":'s OO'i ,.--0 hhr.jO'-] 

.c8',A Ixc'"ni. -:^'9-^ ,-i;.s\- ;-i-';;j -i^^ v^jq.05..i eo /.wcric si 

Mc Cartney Descent a of Georga 


Page Three 

The Revolutionary record of Lau>i:hlin Mc Cartney , ae shown by tho Pennsylvania 
Archives , is as follows: 

(gee page 2$, Vol. V, Series 5 ) Laughlin McCartney, private in battalion of Northumberland 
County Associatora, under Col. Hunter and Capt. Christian Gillespie, was a delegate to a 
Convention in Lancaster, Pa., July 4, 1776. 

For the above service, Laughlin McCartney received Depreciation Pay from the Penna. 
Govt. ( gee page $71, Vol. IV, Series 5, Pa. Arch. ). His name is also attached as witness 
to receipt of Certificate of Joseph Sprague of Northumberland County Rangers, about June, 
1784( pag:e 692, Vol. VIII, Series 5) . After the War, he retained his interest in military 
matters, as private in Capt. Samuel Gardner's 7th Co., 2nd 3n. , Northumberland Co. Militia, 
May 4, 1790. Incidentally, 2nd Lt. Andrew Gibson is revealed as an officer of 2nd Co., 
let Bn. , Northumberland Co. Associators, Feb. 8, 1776( 3ee page 6^4, Vol. VIII, Series 5, and 
p. 5^2, Vol. VI, ibid. ). Thomas Urie, Sr., sub. It. Bedford Co., Pa., paid Andre?? Gibson 
44 Pounds, 10 shillings for hauling arms, Sept., 1777 to March, 1778( see pp. 26 and ?7^ 
Vol. VIII, Series 3, Pa. Arch.) . The latter may have been a relative of Mary Gibson , ^ 

wife of Laughlin McCartney (G.U . S. ) . 

The Records and Indices of the Recorders' and Sheriff's Office at Sunbury, Northumberland 
County, Pa., show that Laughlin McCartney was a Innkeeper and owner in the town of North- 
Vtaberland, opposite Sunbury, until the year 1791. His inn was the rendezvous for the 
Council, and the storehouse for ammunition and salt. Vol. X.IV. Series 2, Pa. Archives 
brings this fact out, as follows: 

( page $55 ) Monday, Feb. 26, I776, Coramittee(of Safety)for Northumberland County met at 
house of Laughlin McCartney in N§5;thumberland Town, and with Capt. John Hanbright in the 
chair, petitioned the Committee of Safety in Philadelphia to commission officers for the 
six companies of Associators. 

( page $62 ) Laughlin McCartney , John Boyd(clerk) and Thomas Robinson chosen to serve in the 
Com. for Mahoning Township, for six months beginning Aug. 1$, 1776. Laughlin McCartney, at 
whose house ammunition is stored, to divide it between the six companies, 
( ^age $64 ) Laughlin McCartney and John Boyd appointed to bring up ammunition and lead -, 
from Harris' Ferry. ■■■ 

Laughlin McCartney on various committees for this purpose, 
( page $8$) Meeting at house of Laughlin McCartney , June 10, 1777* 

There seems no liklihood that the other Pennsylvania families of the name of McCartney 
were near relations, although it is certain that they sprang from the same general stock 
in Scotland and the North of Ireland. The hosts of McCartneys of Huntingdon Co., Pa., are 
descendants of John and Rosanna(Resides)McCartney, both born in Ireland, who had a son, 
John R. McCartney (b. Centre Co., Pa., 1810) ( see page 9S, Runk' s "Juni ata Valley, Pa."). A 
contemporary, James J6a©« McCartney, a native of Penna. but of Scotch-Irish descent, has 
descendants at Greenwood Furnace, Huntingdon Co., Pa. ( page 148, ibid.) . Rev. Francis 
McCartney, Methodist minister, famous in early annals of /.'estern Pennsylvania, was born in ^^ 
Ireland, and married in Luzerne Co., Pa., in ISDS, Mary Jameson( see page 565, "Harvey Book, 
pub, in Wilkesbarre.Pa., 1899) . ?art Two. "Alleghany County, Pa. , "(pub, by '.Varner, Chicafeo, 
1889) cites another family of McCartneys, whose descendants are resident in Pennsylvania, 
but who probably came to America after the Revolution: ( page 456 ) George McCartney, farmer , 
near Mas3eyburg,Pa. , had son John, who mar. Phoebe Massey, and had a son Robert (b. 1814) . 
( page 694, ibid.) George McCartney of Lancaster Co., Pa., of Scotch birth, married Jane Lees. 
Their son Andrew born in Lancaster County, I8II; family moved to Chartiers Township, near 
Pittsburgh, in 1827. " Perlev Family ," by M.V. B.Perley(Salem, Mass., 1906), pafie $8$, 
gives another McCartney trace, thus: Francis McCartney, said to be of the Auchinleok family, 
of that name, mar. in Ireland, Mary Henderson: their dau., Frances Eliza McCartney(b. King s 
Gate, near Dublin, Feb.l4, 1810), mar. in New York, Samuel Perley. 

-. .; J e . . -V I z i' 3 e n •'. ./^ lyifi! 1 s i' ixfl .f *b ri rft'^ . J 
: :-;-i. .'i. /: t .J „'jdri- ■ , ri : I J r, 

••;.a.,V_. ./.;■' i. . , t: :^'!& '.1.. J ■ 3Q 

.. I . o' ol .Otit 

^i''-'Z-^ •^- i-u. ^''1^.1: r:. ;.ifi ti.-^.^ .ii^r -'i"^ ,•■_: 

j-id . V .'-1 ,,oO ;j.-j'-j ■;ji(»;;, ':.;, .- '/Oa j■l.t^ '0 1., 1l 

McCartney Descents of Geor5;e 


Pa.gje Four 

Some other American lines, seemingly not related, but cited here for the purpose 
of elimination, are thus recorded: 
" History of Boone Co., 111. " (Kett, publisher, Chicago, 1877), page 396 : John McCartney 

mar. Jane in Bedford Co., Pa.; removed to Belvidere, Boone Co., Ill, in 1857; his 

son Addison S.(b.l845). 

" History of Fulton Co., 111 ." (Chapman, pub., Chicago, 1879), page 922 : Andrew McCartney 

(B. in Ky.); his father Jamea from Virginia, came to Illinois in 18^9. 

" History of Pike Co., 111 ." (Chapman, Pub., Chicago, 1880), page 747 ; Francis McCartney 

(B. Ross Co. , Ohio, 1811); came to Illinois in 1850; had 10 children. 

" History of Northern Wisconsin" (page 1029 ) David McCartney (born County Down, Ireland,l8l5) , 

Presbyterian, early pioneer of Northern '.Visconsin, living at Fort Howard. 

Perusal of the above fragments, convinces me that the quest for Laughlin McCartney' s 
forebears must be pursued first among descendants of the name who have preserved family 
traditions that might offer clues. There may be some of the name about Northumberland Town , 
or Sunbury, Pa. Search in Scotland and Ireland in documents of the period of 1755, ought 
to yield results, also. 

Recapitulating the evidence thus produced, we can reconstruct the career of Laughlin 
McCartney as follows: 
.....LAUGHLIN McCartney (born probably in Scotland, -died probably in Northumberland 

County, Pennsylvania, about 1810, or 1812?), son of Lord(?)(Laird'0 McCartney, who 

married Lady Flora MacDonald(?) ; said to have come to America in 1755, in the expedition 
of General Braddock, and when mustered out of service, located in Lancaster County, Pennsyl- 
vania, where he kept an inn, 1775; moved to Northumberland Town(Mahoning Township), North- 
umberland County, Pennsylvania, just before tlie Revolution, in which he served as delegate 
to Convention of patriots at Lancaster in IJlS, in committees for distribution of salt and 
smmunition under the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety, private in a battalion of Northumber- 
land County Associators under Capt. Christian Gillespie, and in 1790, was a member of the 
militia of the county; married( probably in Pennsylvania), date(?), Mary Ann Gibson(b.l750, 
where(?), -died Cincinnati, Ohio, September 22, 18^2, "Aged 82, "ji' says Jno. Tomlinson Bible/), 
who was a heroine in an episode in the French-and-Indian V/ar, which earned her a memorial 
Chapter of the Children of the American Revolution (Con^ult archives of the Society in 
Washington, D.C. ). Some resee^rch will be necessary to establish her line, as there is 
little printed on the subject in the records of Newberry Library, Chicago. She may have 
belonged to the Gibsons of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania( where it is probable that Laughlin 
McCartney met and wed her). The following references to the Gibsons are to be found in 
the Third Series, Pennsylvania Archives : ( page 418, Vol. >LXIV) : William Gibson had sur- 
veyed for him in Lancaster County, Pa., on May 24, 17^9, certain lands; on January 6th, 
1749, Mary Gibson was granted 70 acres in same county. 

( page 67, Vol. XVIII) ; Mary Gibson, paxpayer on JO acres. Amity Township, Berks County. Pa., 
1767; we also find her paying on this acreage in I768, 1779, 1780, I78I, and 1784( ?.101, 
ibid., et seq. ) 

( page ?9, Vol.Xl) ; Andrew and Alexander Gibson, taxpayers in Chester Co., Pa., in I765. The 
latter Andrew Gibson may have been the 2nd Lieutenant Andrew Gibson of Northumberland Co. 
Militia in the American Revolution, and perhaps a near relative of Mary Gibson , the wife 
of Laughlin McCartney . 

,0 ,C ^. -.ill'.: or^J- Ic , .....J.:.; ., '. ;;,:, 

i..-:;f '*.•£-:■ £.v ;•;•,■ TO ^' Hi v.i'rf 'i' . ', ;, !,; ,b£ :..- ,^lll3i^ooE ni xldfiotq n-xc-v 

,'■10 :.rri3r;.c ■.:.:. f.i.T ;•;;: ..c'>;''^X ni eolf.o.-ii.^ cJ- ftiaoa '^ 

' " ■' Xtri 'tj :i\. ^.l- ^ \ I'.'i ^ ■, X u \:>X ft ^'fi J* ■.'■.':; ■■no.-' ni ,<.",T.' C- 
^ ;.•-'■,.[,■ ):.oc--d.; • nnA vTit^?,' , ( .Jdieo .(.ax/:: - • 

/'■■;,•( ■ .-; .- . .: ;,,--,T -1-,; „•■.,.-"''' <" ^^l '•,/■-■." 

^j^c' /an: :■ -i^ .'..r^iclrij , v,"'-3l ■ ' -i i'l'^ 
-':.;.:, :,ii,": ,!'Ci/v iiiii i-i i /li : •V7Aa_. '■ ■ 

-v^L'^'^'''^' ^' -" ,^c'': vObTf ivw: ,^.^7: ni s.jdc-'ir.ri 9..... i..- ^ -.,.■: ^-' 

,1,'. i . .'.'.J' . I n» ^ .Jii'"i ., ,oO 'k Q ..■'.■: ij iL' -.• -. - : ■ , - , r. . 

♦ '.Villiam 
McCartney De scenVa of Geor ge 

Sullivan " 

Page Five 

There is no definite record of the children of Laughlin tvicCartney and his wife, 
Mary Ann (Gibson) McCartney . The Federal Census of 1790 for Pennsylvania, as we have seen, 
shows him with a son under l6 years, and probably four daughters. The Family Record in 
the John Tomlinson Family Bible gives the date of birth of another daughter, Florinda. The 
personnel of the family, we will set down, tentatively, as follows: 

(l) (son) (b. about 1775 in Northumberland) ; 

(2) (dau.) 

(5) (dau) 

(4) (dau) . U^i-v . 

(5) (dau) 

.(6) Flo rinda ,b. Northumberland, Pennsylvania, November 20, 1791-d. Indianapolis, Ind., May 20, 
1854, aged 62 years, 6 months; buried in Crovm Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, where these 
dates are of record); married, Northumberland(?),Pa. , , January 6, 1811, to John Tomlinson 
(b. Berks Co,(?), Pa., February 9, 1789>-d. rt. Gibson, Louisianafnow in Oklehom^ , July 
10, 1825), with whom she moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, befjsre 181^. Their children(of record) 
( 1)... Ambrose Yarnell Tomlin3on(b.Northumberland(?), Pa.(?),-d. probably San Jose, Upper 

California, 1847, or later), left Cincinnati, as a young man(l827 says the 

family legend), going out West, and settling at Pueblo da San Jose, Upper 
California, and seems never to have come back East. Married Maria de Jesus 

Bernal. Last heard from in 1847; 
(2) . ..Clarissa Tomlinson(of whom more below);. 
(5).. .Stephen Decatur Tomlinson(b. Cincinnati, Ohio, August 17, 1815 -d. in Indianapolis, 

November 14, 1870.. buried in Crown Hill Cemetery — dates there recorded), 

married Mary Todd Brown; no living heirs. 
(4)... John Tomlinson(b. Cincinnati, July 11,1817 -d. Cincinnati, July 19, 1835); 
(5),.. Florinda Gibson Tomlinson(b. Cincinnati, June 2(Family Bible says July 2nd) , 1819, -d, 

unmarried in Indianapolia. Anril 4, I867I buried Crown Hill Cemetery); 
(6), ..Dr. James McCartney Tomlinson(b. Port smooth, Ohio/~ac cording to Crown Hill Cemetery 

RecordjiJ, Cincinnati^~according to obituary notice7>0ctober 25, 1821; died . . 

unmarried in Indianapolis, April 9t 1905, aged 81 years, 6 months). 

III... CLARISSA TOMLINSON^ ( Florinda McCartney^ , Laugh lin McCartney^ ) ( born Cincinnati, Ohio, 
February 27* 1815-d. Indianapolis, June 29, 1895); married Indianapolis, 
March 8, 1855, to William Sullivan (born Kent County, Maryland, April 25, 
1805-died Indianapolis, September 22, 1886); they had 4 children, viz: 

(1) William Sullivan, Jr.(b. Indianapolis, abt. 185 6-d. Indianapolis, bW.IS^Q: 

shows in Federal Census for Indianapolis and Marion County for 1840 .as infant 
son, under 5 years of age) . 

(2) Clara Elizabeth Sullivan (b. Indianapolis, June 22, 1842-d. Indianapolis, 

March 50, 1886) ;married Colonel Richard Flinthum May( b. probably 

in Elkton, Maryland, about 1824-died Bozeman, Montana, April 22, 1901, 
aged 77 years; buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis); had one son, 
William Sullivan May, D.D.S., b., Indianapolis(?), abt. 1867-d. New York 

City, abt. 1950-), married Eva Jacobs, of Louisville, Ky,, had 

two children: Flora Vivian May (b. New York City, .July 8, 1895 marriages?); 

William Sullivan May, Jr.^b. New York City, September 1, 1S^5. . ...marriages?) 
(5) Flora MacDonald( or McCartney?) Sullivan (b. Indianapolis, January 7,l848-d. 

Rome, Italy, April 14, 1909); member of D.A.R., National Number 6l25, by 

descent from Laughlin McCartney ; mar. 1st, August 8,1865, Colonel 

Robert Reed Stewart (b. . . .-d. Terra Eauto, January 15, 1875) 5 issue one son, 
Alexander MacGregor Stewart (b.Terre Hautef,March 4, l867-d. Indianapolis, 
November ll,1952)mar.l8t, St. Louis, Mo., November I6, 1892, George Ina 
Toms(of St. Loui8),(b.S*,Ti'©«2:eTTTT-.i8?4*-dT.Indiana«oiJ:37-AugttstV^3:9e6)^; -^ ^ 
issue 5 sons:- /b^Bloominston, Ills., July 9,l874-d.Indianapolis,Aug.6,1906/^. 

. :i> :.'.\" . : n 

^j;. -r 'I 

v'f\-i,ill ,iJl.J.t.fIO.: ai GWx JUOOB ,1} ) 

.'. i;1iv ,.ji-rC'-^-^sj:ha^ 

■ ■.\j..j J (■:. 3i.'!;,'J Li^i7'ii;-'' ^j . "■': .?^; -.^/rj vr-V.^.d 

;\.' ■ 

. ';'i.i.t'ff 3a i ■'/■'il ' 


, "?•; %'r.~T_"r;T Aa^IHA. 

,F.; ,.0 ■, Ci'; , Ci-.;- 

.c/iroxi<fu .'■ 

. :0'.'. ,S: 

.■•■•O -;■>-• .-'nii , ^; Y6/' ,<;* -"T:-!' 

McCartney Deecenta of George 

• Sullivan 

Pege Six 

Alexander Emil Stewart(b. Indianapolis, September l6, l895-d. Indianapolis 

August 28, 1897j aged 4 years) ; 

George Edmond Stewart (b. Indianapolis, November 15, 1894) mar.. Fay Harrison, 

one child, Alice Marie Stewart; 

James Tomlinson Stewart (b. Indianapolis, January 9, I899)mer.. . .Doris. ... , 

2(or more?) children! daughters) J ; (b.June 5,1892-d. Aug._18,1937i 

Alexander MacGregor Stewart . mar.2nd,Marie Lee(of Indianapolis)<^6ne' son: 
Alexander MacGregor Stewart, Jr., mar. Florence BarrettCof Indianapolis), 

2 children ; Flora MacDonald Sullivan 

married 2nd, in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, September 16, 1875, 7/ilhelm 

Emil Wulschner, Munich(b.near Weissenfels am Saale, Kingdon of Saxony, Germany, 

March 27, 184 7-d. Indianapolis, April 8,1900), no issue; 

IV (4) GEORGE ROBERT SULLIVAN( b. Indianapolis, August 11, 1856-d. Indianapolis, 

April 2"(ll:40 P.M.), 1920), married, Indianapolis, September 15, 18S0, 
Annie Moore Ru3Sell (b. Indianapolis. May 25, 1858-d .Indianapolis, May 10 
(6:40 A.M.), 1920, parents of 

(1) Russell Sullivan (b. Indianapolis, Ind., November 2^, 1881), amateur astron- 

omer; B.A. Yale, 1905; mar. Delphi, Ind., October 21, 19l6, H. Marguerite 
Bowen(of Delphi, Ind.). Fellow A.A.A.S., American Geographic Society, 
Royal Astronomical Society, England; member of the American Astronomical 
Society, American fissociation of Variable Star Observers, Society 
Astronomique de France, Indiana :.Sooie'ty S. A.R. Clubs ; Indianapolis 
Literary, Indianapolis Dramatic Club, Contemporary, Vioodstockj Royal 
Societies(London) . (From 'A'ho's Y/ho in America , Vol. XXIII), 

(2) William George Sullivan(of whom more below). 

V... WILLIAM GEORGE SULLIVAN^ (George Robert Sullivan^, Clarissa Tomlinsor^, Florinda 
McCartney^, Laughlin McCartney ). (b. Indianapolis, June 1, 1884.) Un- 
married. Educated Indianapolis Public Schools, Phillips Andover, 190^} 
B.A. Yale, I907. Member Indiana Society S.A.R. , Indiana Pioneer Soc- 
iety, Indiana Historical Society, Folk-Lore Society (London, England), 
Art Association of Indianapolis(member Board of Directors, Executive 
Committee, chairman Library Committee, chairman Print Committee). 
Clubs ; Indianapolis Literary Club(vice-pre3ident, 1941-42); Indiana- 
polis Dramatic Club(pre3ident, 1927-28, treasurer, 1914-1916); Yale ;._, 
Alumni Association of Indiana( president, 1940), Chairman Indiana 
Committee Yale Library Associates. Vice-president and member of 
Board of Directors, American States Insurance Company, Indianapolis, 
Indiana. Republican, Episcopalian. . ■ , 

After preparing the foregoing from data in the Newberry Library, Chicago, and other 
material furnished by William George Sullivan, George Urie Stevenson had access to the ^ 
Second and Third Federal Census! i.e., those of 1800 and I8IO), in which he found the 

^nd Federal Censu3( I8OO) , Laughlin McCartney is shown as living in Northumberland Town, 
Point Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, himself over 45 years, a son between 
10 and 16 years, two females(his daughters?) between 10 and I6 years, one female (daughter?) 
between I6 and 26 years; his wife between 26 and 45 years. 

$rd Federal Census! 1810 ),I laughlin McCartney is shown in Northumberland Town, Point Township, 
Northumberland County, Penn'a., himself over 45 yrs., female child under 10, female 16-26, 
his wife over 45 years, 

4th Federal Censu3(l820 )does not show Laughlin McCartney , as he evidently died after the 1810 
Cenau3. but his son. Samuel McCartney , shows in Northumberland Town, Point Twp, Northumberland 
Co., Penn'a., himself between 26 and 45 years, one son uiider 10, one daughar under 10, his 
wife under 45 years. 

I-C;,. •.;V';..;8/ ,f\^3i,C'i ludfBeVO'f i 



< V »-;<?'. i '.."•1 

:r::a ^o^j^o idO , ,7. ,.•■,.•■• ..' 
51 1 :.) > ■' i..ii ."■ i'otif: »^ V If 

,-^1/ -. .< + 

i+f»f^ '^'rf\^''-y n.^^A'^A^^S' ^1.^ + 


( r .» r^ «»P 

Li-.i- : o. ^,.jab ei.c , 

CO?Y.» Original document in possession of '."illiaa George Sullivan, Sag. . Indiana po.li3, Ind . 

KICOiV all men by these presents that me, Ambrose Y. Tomlinaon and Maria JesM.R Toralinson 
his wife of the town Pueblo Sn. Jose in irpper California do hereby constitute and appoint 
S tephen D. Tor;.lin3on of the town of Indianapolis of the state of Indiana, United States 
of America, o\fr Attorney for and in our name and for our use to collect by suit or other- 
wise any and all moneys to which we may fall heir from the estate of Jesse Y. Toralingon 
late of Cynthinia(Cynthiana) Kentucky deceased. Also to bargain sell and convey by fee 
simple in general warranty, or in quit claim for such price, and upon such terms of 
credit and to such person or persons as he sliall taink fit, all our interest in the 
following property which descended to the said Ambrose as an heir of the Estate of the 
said deceased to wit: In lot number fifty(50)in the town of Portsmouth Sciota county, 
Ohio and the North East quarter of the North East quarter of Section Sight in township 
four of range eighteen in the district of lands subject to sale at Chilicothe( sic) , Ohio 
and to commence suit for and recover and receipt for in our name any and all amounts 
• to which we may be entitled in right of heirship to the estate of John Tomlinson late 
of Cincinnati Ohio deceased. 

(2nd page) ^ 

And to commence suit for, and recover aiid receipt for in our name any ajid all amounts to 
which we may be entitled in the right of heirship to the estate of Laughin(Laug:hlin) 
Macartney deceased, Northumberland County, Pennsilvania. Hereby ratifying and confirming 
all such bargains receipts for purchase money, money collected and deeds as shall be 
made executed or acknowledged in the premises by our said attorney the same as if we 
were personally present and did the same. 

In testomony whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals the fifth day of May in 
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three. 

■■'■*""■, ■ NAL (seaL.L.S.) , . 

Done at the .;>,,--., 

Peuble S. Jose 

Upper California 
In the presence of 

C.K.STRIBLING, Commander, U.S.Navy. 

Ante mi Antonio Sunol sub-prefecto del l.o Distreto del departamento, Parecio '"■' 

Ambrocio y Tomlison C sic) dequien Doy fe conosco. Y presto Juramento en foima de haver 
formado un poder de ciertas cantidades en la Ciuded De San Zonate( Cincinnati) , en posmut,*-.: 
y Enchilicote(Chillicothe ), estado de OjaijoCOhio) , y estado de pense3venia(?ennsylvania).' 
en Norta America, por lo 2.0 autoreso tho(?) de cermento delo que doy fe. *(Portsmouth ?) 

"« Pueblo de Sn, Jose de Guadalupe 6 de Mayo de 184^ ' ■ 


Monterey Upper California June 11, 1845 

This day Ambrose Y. Tomlinson and Maria Jesus Bernal his wife, acknowledged before me 
their signatures to this power of attorney. 

(Signed) THMAS 0. LARKIN. ♦ ■ . ■., , . , „ 

The above document waa recorded in Harrison County, Kentucky, Probate Court, October 5, . 
1847. (Recorded in Deed Book U, No 21, page 251, &c.) 

♦(Thomas 0. Larkin. was U.S. Consul at Monterey, Upper California). 

(Note the transliteration of American place-names into Spanish in the oath taken 
before Antonio Sunol: San Zonate(Cincinnati) , po3mut(Port£-:?uth), Chilicote(Ghillicothe), 

Ojai3o(0hio) , and p en a esvania( Pennsylvania) 

. -C.^. "j 'I -i vi^'^^i .;iii i. -".. oc .'loo \;!^ 


,& ST. .'!.■,■ v/'iOi L;i.5 '•- <ad>i &jlJ 

erf^ J-fl erxoQ 
eeoT. .8 ©Idtre*! 

^o eoaeeeiq e.'"^ ' 

. V:v.-^. .£ . , CTIIJ3 IHIB .X .0 

:> : :->.". ,:,,-':>•..-. .i'O si lef" ctcvtoaid r.I lei. oioo^stq-nua Ipo 

Sullivan, William Gool-go 

Born Indiannpoiis, Ind, , June 1, 1084. 

7« in: omas noble U. Botty Claii- (Sodsvjicl:) ., ■: , . 

6. James lloblo (1st U.S. Senator of In^Uana, 1816 to 1831. d. 1831) 
m, Ilai-y Lindsay 

5, Catherino lloblo m. iilexandor 17. Kuasoll 

6. Jam«s Brygon (iisst. Poatmaater-Gonoral for Continontal Govorn- 

raont at Philadelphia, during the American Eovolutaon, ) 
m, liary Mil lor 

5, Sarah Uillor Bryson M, Thomas Palraor (Sol, Am, Eov. ) 

4, Jinno Dap.noo Palmor I.I, Charles Stoj-hons (camo nith Robert Lalo 

Owen from Scotland to ilov? Harmony, Ind., 1825) 

5, Jamos Eussoll d« 1849 (Sol, iira« Eov.) • • 

m, Margaret Wilson • ■'; ..-'" '' 

4. iilexander 17, Russoll d. 185£ . . . 

m. Cathorino Hoble 

3, James IToble Kussoll 

ra, Isabolla Stephens 

4, Laughlin McCartney (b. in Scotland, camo to iUnorica in 1755, 

under Gen, Braddock; raonoy and old to iim. Rev, ) m, M-^ry Gibso: 

3, Plora McCartney, m, John Tomiinson 

5, Moses Sullivan, ra, Mary Parker 

4, David Sullivan 1794. m. Slisabc-th, d, 1827, dau. of Richard 

Poacoclc (Lt, Am. Rev.) 

3, William Sullivan (1803-1886) m. Clarissa Tomiinson 

2. George Robert Sullivan, Indianapolis, b. 1856, d. 1920, 
• . m. Soptombor 15, 1880, Annie llooro Russoll, b, 1858, d, 1920, 
dau, of Jaraos iloble Russoll and Isabolla Stephens; • issue: 
1. Russoll Sullivan, b<, 1881i;2, V.'illiam Gooi-ge (abovo), 
b. Hov. 23, 1881 ) 

-\^ ^ 

iLaOL »t 

liuauiX-r.O- i;iio\» aS ,'Vi 

•ieii ••• v.*ir.:i .CI ,ar-vitXii8 e 


Indianapolis Journal, Ilai'ch 8, 1885. "^"-^iio 3« 

"l''ift:,- yoai^s ago this ov.inin£., '/villia.'^i '^allivan Qnd^I.Iiss 
Clarissa Tomlinson unitod in rnarriago by tho late iSiahop 
-•^:/:e3,-ia this city. Their children, Ill's. K. ?, (sic) Llay, o± 
Helena, U.S., I.>s. Hrrdl Uulschnsr and George H. Sullivan '/^'iro 
very desirous of holding a reception befitting such an occasion, 
but the prolonged and serious illness of Ill's. I'^y prevented it 
from talcing place." _ ^ 

•''("ivi'.'.'ard ?w A'r;e3 is bottsr kao:. -.' '. .: : - .-';' "': iiL-ho;? ,'i;-03.' ^-c^^'j Oy2}0 .i-,L-. 
"Greater Indicuiapolis.") 

1'ha 3u'.;ncr5 bor r;ill ot^fln a XHOUL an ::on<toy i:orni;v, tLo 

■chool :;con-ia ocour;io<i until thon» 1;^ ""r , G« n« - cliv« 3:n • 
Institution, particular uttontion vrlll ^-'i fviid to 

' , una ^^ool- ...■;anin"* " • - 

i-ricoa ri^a'^jrato 

ta i.-^ oii^irv^o, ssiid, therefor, .1 hopa to r'^c^vi. ctvl r.c;i-it o 
;iborol pat?;>iiLa>iOft 

JiO o rai^oravioe, I i3;:> pornittcd' to noL^; yr^o nj; tho i*ollav^in-v , 
pontlor:oii*-55 nari^^.i^, vlt::- Ja'ifio ^-l^oii-^or-'S, ^, ;* I"C!4*riaau (:■^)itor 

vji^ald :-jH-;flciont *incO!jr::'ii-^<J-<2nt b--^ riven, I ■!;cin Dpftn oa 
:;v^i>nifif'' oC;300a on tl.^ Kirat r:-aif|f5oy- ii5 Kov'^nb '?» Jor ti-o t)<*vnof j 
of thr.a^'J ^o^np. r-.^n t?ho rxu^ Tdoh *o iDprcvci in r:6a.'3i!ir, i-Tltlar 

. .. , 'it 

'.«3a t?ho riu.7 r4ah *o iDpS'Cvci in r:6a.'3i!ir, : riti::■ 

--.c . , 

.di c;i:' h-:---- •. ;rt;I':" 


.,j.i i-vb\ 

►O-':.;'! . ■ ncoi'X'j 

..■.^- ,-.. 

■:'c:x .•