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Full text of "Some of the descendants of Zaccheus Ballord, a private in the revolutionary war : also in the last French and Indian war"

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A private in the Revolutionary War; also in the 
last French and Indian War. 

Compiled by 

Af ember of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, of Boston, Massachusetts. 

"Honor thy Father and ihy Mother." 





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List of Illustrations v 

Preface ........ vii 

War Service of Zaccheus Ballord . ix 

First Generation 1 

Second Generation 2 

Third Generation 3 

Fourth Generation 4 

Fifth Generation 7 

Sixth Generation 13 

Seventh Generation 29 

Eighth Generation 51 

Appendix 57 

Index 61 

Corrigenda 75 


The Gkave of Zaccheus Ballord (Frontispiece) 
Seven Children oe Ltnde Ballord . 10 
Rev. John Bates Ballard ... 20 
EsEK Steere Ballord . . . . .39 
General John Eaton Tourtellotte . 42 

John W. Ballard 45 

Ballard Re-union, 1903 .... 58 


Majsty years ago the compiler of this record learned 
that his great-grandfather, Zaccheus Ballord, was a 
soldier in the Kevolntionary War and also in the 
French and Indian War. This information came from 
the grand children of Zaccheus, the oldest of whom 
was but five years old at the time of Zaccheus' death, 
and he was probably the only one who had any per- 
sonal recollection of his grandfather. Years later, the 
record of Zaccheus Ballord, as it stands in the Revo- 
lutionary Records of Massachusetts, was obtained- 
upon application to Secretary Olin of that State. In 
the mean time the writer had gradually accumulated 
a partial register of the children — grand children and 
further descendants of Zaccheus to the number of 
several hundred. This register is embodied in these 
notes. They might have been much more extensive 
if all the inquiries for information had been replied to. 

As it is, no one realizes more fully than the writer 
that they are incomplete and not without faults. At 
first two copies were made of them and then it seemed 
best for their preservation to put them in book form. 

For those interested and those who may come after, 
for those only, it has been done without price. 

E. S. Ballord. 

Davknport, Iowa. 


In the last French and Indian war, 1754-60, he was 
enrolled in Captain Henry Eames' Company of militia 
of Framingham, April 26th, 1757, Col. Joseph Bnck- 
minster's Regiment. At the investment of Fort Wm. 
Henry, this regiment was quickly on the march for 
its relief. Tidings that the French did not follow up 
their advantage, they were ordered home. I find no 
other mention of their services in this war. Certainly 
his experience did not prevent him from taking part 
in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in Captain 
Jeremiah Kingsley's Company, Col. Jonathan Holmes' 
Regiment, in which he served 43 days. He then 
enlisted for the war from Oxford, Mass., in Col. Shep- 
ard's 4th Mass., Capt. Moore's Company. This was 
in the Continental Army. In it he served from March 
5th, 1777, to April 20th, 1780; then was dismissed 
from service for disability, too soon to be at Yorktown 
with his regiment and witness the surrender of Corn- 

Zaccheus'' Ballokd ( William,'^ Nathayiiel^^ Wil- 
liam}^ of Lynn, was born in Framingham, Mass., 
March 21st, 1730-1 (with his twin brother Timothy, 
who also was a soldier in the Revolutionary War), 
died April, 1800. Grave in the Bates burying- 
ground, Thompson, Conn. A small headstone, with 
name almost obliterated, was the only marker, until, 
in 1901, a descendant caused a large boulder to be 
placed upon the grave and inscribed upon it : 


A Soldier of the Revolution, 

4th Mass. 


Elizabeth Valentine, his wife. 



1. The immigrant ancestor of this family is proved 
to have been William^ Ballard who was baptized at 
Sanford Priors, Warwickshire, Eng., and on August 
12, 1603, with his wife Elizabeth, daughter Hester 
and son Jo. he came on the ship James in 1635, and 
landed at Boston, Massachusetts, whence he made his 
way to Saugus, Essex County, Mass., which was later 
incorporated as Lynn. His estate was on the Boston 
road, on the west of Saugus river; he was admitted 
as freeman May 2, 1636, and the same year was a 
member of the Quarterly Court. His nuncupative 
will was given the first of the first month, 164:1 ; he 
gave one half of his estate to his wife and the other 
half to his children. His wife Elizabeth survived 

They had children : 

2. i. Hester^ Ballard, who was two years old when her 

father shipped for New England. 

3. ii. John^ Ballard, who was then one year old. 

4. iii. NathanieP Ballard. 

5. iv. WiHiam' Ballard. 


4. Nathaniel- Ballard, son of William^ and 
Elizabeth Ballard, was born after his father came to 
New England; he held the parental estate in Lynn 
and married, at a time and place unknown, Rebecca 

, who died in Lynn, May 16, 1724; he died 

there January 12, 1721-2. 

They had children, born in Lynn: 

{]. i. Marv^ Ballard, born in 1666. 

7. ii. NathanieP Ballard, born in 1670; died in 1672. 

8. iii. Susannah^ Ballard, born in 1673. 

9. iv. Elizabeth^ Ballard, born in 1675. 

10. V. Hester' Ballard, born in 1677. 

11. vi. Sarah^ Ballard, born in 1681. 

12. vii. AbigaiP Ballard, born in 1683. 

13. viii. Jemima' Ballard, boi-n in 1683 (twin?). 

14. ix. William' Ballard, born April 23, 1686. 

15. X. Nathaniel' Ballard, bom ; died in 1733. 


14. William^ Ballard, son of Nathaniel- ( IVil- 
liam}) and Rebecca Ballard, was born in Lynn, April 
23, 1686. He removed to Framingham, Mass., in 

1728. He married (1) ; she died ; 

he married (2) October 17, 1721, Deborah Ivory; he 
died in Framingham, October 8, 1771. 

He had children by the first wife : 

16. i. William^ Ballard. 

17. ii. Samuel* Ballard. 

Children by the second wife : 

18. iii. Mary* Ballard, born July 27, 1722. 

19. iv. Nathaniel* Ballard, born May 17, 1723. 

20. V. Ebenezer* Ballard, born August 20, 1724. 

21. vi. Stephen* Ballard, born March 4, 1725-6. 

22. vii. John* Ballard, born August 26, 1727. 

23. viii. Esther* Ballard, born in Framingham, January 17, 


24. ix. Timothy* Ballard, born in Framingham, March 21, 


25. X. Zaccheus* Ballard (twin), born in Framingham, 

March 21, 1730-1. 

26. xi. Sylvanus* Ballard, born in Framingham, February 

10, 1733-4. 

27. xii. Joseph* BaUard. 


25. Zaccheus'' Ballord, son of William'^ {JSFa- 
tlianiel^ William^) and Deborah (Ivory) Ballard, was 
born in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachu- 
setts, March 21, 1730-31. AVith his twin brother, 
Timothy, he changed the spelling of his surname from 
the type Ballard to Ballord, and many of his children 
followed his example ; his son Lynde adopted this 
form ; but about 1825, the eldest son of Lynde 
chose to revert to the more ancient form, and his ten 
brothers and sisters went with him, as did their de- 
scendants, until the compiler of this genealogy, a great 
grandson, reverted to the later method of Ballord as 
did his family; besides these there were only two or 
three others who adopted this usage. In Burke's 
General Armory both forms are given. 

Zaccheus* Ballord married in Hopkinton, Middlesex 
County, Mass., in 1758, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (Gooch) Valentine; she was born in 

Here we take occasion to correct a mistake in Tem- 
ple's History of Framingham, which records the maid- 
en name of Zaccheus Ballord's wife as "Elizabeth 
Clays." Again, in the "Valentines in America," is 
the statement that Mary Valentine, daughter of 
Thomas, was the wife of Zaccheus; whereas, it was 
learned from a personal visit to the Pennsylvanian 
family of Joseph Ballard that this same Mary married 
this Joseph of Bradford County whither they removed 
in 1795-0, and where many of their direct descend- 
ants are now residing. The father of these two 


daughters, Thomas Valentine, was a son of John and 
Mary (Lynde) Valentine, and Mary Lynde was a 
grand daughter of Sir Charles Hobby, who was 
knighted at Windsor Castle in 1705 by Queen Ann 
for his eminent services rendered in Kew England 
where he commanded a Massachusetts regiment at 
the seige of Port Royal, Annapolis County, IS^ova 
Scotia, and later became vice governor of Annapolis 
City. His portrait, in his official robes, was painted 
by Sir Peter Lely in 1705 and hangs in the Museum 
of Fine Arts at Boston. At the expiration of his 
governorship in ]^ova Scotia, he returned to Boston, 
where he revived and was at one time Commander of 
the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. He 
sailed for London and died there in 1714. In other 
lines, Mrs. Elizabeth Ballord was a descendant from 
the Gooch, Lynde, N^ewdigate and other prominent 
Boston families. 

After some ten years residence in Framingham, 
where his farm was adjacent to Shepard's Mills, Zac- 
cheus Ballord migrated to Leicester, Worcester Coun- 
ty, Mass.; in 1775, he bought the Crafts Davis farm 
in the southerly section of the town of Oxford, Wor- 
cester County, which was contiguous to the Connec- 
ticut boundary line; thereby he was an owner of what 
was the original homestead lot No. 40 of its first town 
plat. In 1785, he removed his family to Thompson, 
Windham County, Connecticut, where he died April, 
1800, and his widow married (2), Jonathan Willis, of 
Thompson; she died there March 26, 1807, and was 
buried in West Thompson. 

Zaccheus and Elizabeth Ballord had children : 

28. i. Elizabeth* Goocli Ballord, born in Framingham, 

May 20, 1759 ; died in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Jan- 
uary 15, 1825. 

29. ii. William* Ballord, born in Framingham, October 

26, 1761 ; died in Vermont in 1791. 

30. iii. Sarah* Ballord, born in Framingham, January 5, 

1764; died in Hume, N. Y., June, 1829. 


31. iv. Mary* Ballord, born in Framingham, August 8, 


32. V. Mehitable* Ballord, born in Framingham, May 31, 

1767; married Orrin Bates; died, childless, at 
Bennington, Vermont. 

33. vi. Martha* Ballord, born in Framingham, April 14, 

1769 ; died at Cavendish, Vermont, November 30, 

34. vii. Nancy* Ballord, born at Leicester, Mass., October 

16, 1770; died in Thompson, Conn. 

35. viii. Lynde* Ballord, born at Oxford, Mass., May 15, 


36. ix. Alice* Ballord, born at Oxford, June 23, 1779 ; 

died at Thompson, April 24, 1861. 


28. Elizabeth^ Gooch Ballord, daughter of 
Zaccheus" ( William^^ Natlianiel^ William^) and Eliz- 
abeth (Valentine) Ballord, was born at Framingham, 
Mass., May 20, 1759, married in 1777, Hezekiah, son 

of Hezekiah (Nathaniel, John, Gregory) and 

Stone; he was born May 27, 1755; resided at Fitz- 
william, New Hampshire, where he died. She died 
there January 15, 1825. 

They had children : 

37. i. Artemas^ Stone, born April 10, 1778; married 

Isabel Mannino; of Fitzwilliam. 

38. ii. Salley* Stone, baptized October 21, 1781 ; mar- 

ried Nathaniel Mason, lived at Sullivan, N. H., 
and had twelve children. 

39. iii. Jesse* Stone, born February 12, 1783. 

40. iv. Moses* Stone, who married Elizabeth Fay of South- 

boro, Mass., and had eight children. 

41. V. Betsey* Valentine Stone, born January 18, 1789; 

married December 27, 1810, Martin Stone. 

42. vi. Nancy* Stone, born April 10, 1791 ; married Daniel 

Simonds of Fitzwilliam. 

43. vii. Ruth* Howe Stone, born Jan. 30, 1793 ; mar- 

ried Reuben Pratt of Fitzwilliam, and had twelve 
children . 

29. "William^ Ballord, son of Zaccheus ( Wil- 
liam,^ Nathaniel^ William^) and Elizabeth (Valen- 
tine) Ballord, was born in Framingham, October 26, 
1761, finally removed to some town in Vermont. He 
married at Framingham, March 7, 1786, Snsannah 
Haven; she was born in Hopkinton, Mass.; he died in 
Vermont, January 15, 1792; she married (2) John 
Whitmore, and died in Ohio in 1827. 


Children by the first husband : 

44. i. William* LynJe Ballord, born September 15, 1786 ; 

married Susannah Baldwin. 

45. ii. Nancy* Valentme Ballord, born April 27, 1788. 

46. iii. Nathan* Prentice Ballord, bom March 5, 1790. 

30. Sarah^ Ballord, daughter of Zaccheus*( Wil- 
liam,^ Nathanielj^ William^) and Elizabeth (Valen- 
tine) Ballord, was born in Framingham, January 5, 
1764. She married, May 29, 1783, Micaiah, son of 
Silas Robinson; he was born in Dudley, Mass., March 
25, 1765. They were Hixite Quakers and made their 
first home in Dudley, but decided to remove to Hart- 
wick, IsTew York. It being in the winter, an ox sled 
was prepared with a canvas cover under which was 
6toi-ed their bedding, provisions, three children and 
themselves; with their cow chained to the rear, taking 
the precaution to have her " sharp shod " for the bet- 
ter ease in travelling the two hundred miles they must 
traverse to reach their new homestead, and a yoke of 
oxen to draw them. They made the journey in two 
weeks. He died at Hartwick, May 21, 1829, and his 
widow went to live with her grandson, William R. 
Mills, dying at his home in Hume, New York, July 
16, 1852, and was buried there. 
They had children : 

Betsey* Robinson, born in Dudley, April 30, 1784. 

Seth* Kobinson, born in Dudley, February 6, 1786. 

Reuben* Robinson, born in Dudley, October 18, 
1787 ; died unmarried May 18, 1828. 

Susannah* Robinson, born at Dudley, June 1, 

Lydia* Robinson, born September 1, 1792. 

Silas' Robinson, born February 5, 1795. 

Phoebe* Robinson, born March 16, 1797; married 
Seymour Green. 

Alice* Robinson, born September 3, 1799 ; married 
Rodger Bidwell Mills. 

Mary* Robinson, born April 26, 1804. 

Nancy* Robinson, born April 23, 1807. 








































31 Mary^ (called in the family Polly) Balloed, 
daughter of Zaceheus''( William,^ Natlianiel^ William^') 
and Elizabeth (Valentine) Ballord, was born at Fram- 
ingham, Mass., Aug. 8, 1765. She married Nathaniel, 
son of Francis Carroll. 

They had children : 

Sophia® Carroll. 

Francis® Carroll, who married Cynthia Crosby on 

October 3, 1803, and removed to Fredonia, 

where he died early. 
Nathaniel® Carroll. 
Betsey® Carroll. 
Polly^ Carroll, who married February 12, 1809, 

Phineas Allen of Dudley ? 
William® Carroll. 
Salome^ Carroll. 
Solomon® Carroll. 
Daniel® Carroll, who died unmarried at the home 

of his neice, Mrs. Winthrop Hilton Ballard. 

33. Martha^ Ballord, daughter of Zaccheus* 
( Willicmi,^ Nathaniel,^ William}) and Elizabeth (Val- 
entine) Ballord, was born in Framingham, April 14, 
1769. She married about 1787 or so, James, son of 
Obediah and Ruth Bates, in the fifth generation from 
Clement Bates of Scituate, Mass. He was born 

; they removed to Cavendish, Vermont, and 

to Proctorville, Vermont; she died at Cavendish, I^o- 
vember 30, 1848 ; he died at Proctorville, July 20, 
1833, and they both were buried in ' the cemetery at 
Twenty-Mile Stream, Proctorville, where also repose 
some forty of their descendants. 

They had children: 

QQ. i. Betsey® Bates, born in Dudley, Mass., June 6, 

67. ii. James® Bates, born in Dudley, March 17, 1792. 

68. iii. Nancy® Bates, born at Sturbridge, Mass., Janu- 

ary 21, 1794. 

69. iv. Martha® Bates, born at Thompson, Conn., July 

27, 1796. 


70. V. Alice* Bates, born at Shutesbury, Mass., July 29, 

1798 ; (lied at Cavendish, Vermont, June 22, 

71. vi. Zaccheus* Bates, born August 2, 1800; married 

and had a daughter, Alice Bates Skinner of 
Barton, Vermont; he died at Cavendish, June 
30, 1855. 

72. vii. Hale* Bates, born at Ludlow, Vermont, June 17, 

1803 ; married Sarah Webber ; after his Other's 
death, he removed to Schoolcraft, Michigan, and 
probably after that to Valparaiso, Indiana. 

73. viii. Ehoda" Bates, born in Cavendish, May 29, 1808; 

married William Smith ; she died August, 1844. 

34. Nancy^ Ballord, daughter of Zaccheus*( TF^7- 
liam,^ Natlianiel^^ William}) and Elizabeth (Yalen- 
tine) Ballord, was born in Framingham, Mass., Octo- 
ber 16, 1770. She married Abel, son of John Jacobs, 
of Thompson. Abel Jacobs was a tavern-keeper in 
Thompson, where General W^ashington tarried; in 
his diary Washington wrote : " The house was Avell 
kept; for meat we had fried pork." Lafayette also 
stopped there. On the decease of Abel, his son Abel 
junior carried on the house. 

They had children : 

74. i. Hale* Jacobs. 

75. ii. Nancy* Jacobs. 

76. iii. Abel* Jacobs. 

77. iv. Betsey* Jacobs. 

35. Lynde^ Ballord, son of Zaceheus*( Williain^ 
Nathaniel^ William^) and Elizabeth (Valentine) 
Balloid, was born in Oxford,Worcester County, Mass., 
May 15, 1774. He was named for his ancestors, 
Judges Simon and Samuel Lynde. His farm was in 
Thompson, Conn. Being a private in the town mili- 
tia, he, during the war with England in 1812, marched 
twice to the defence of New London, when it was 
threatened, or thought to have been. He married 
(1), before 1795, Polly, daughter of John Bates, and 


a direct descendant from Clement Bates who came 
from one of the Cinque Ports of England to Hing- 
ham, Mass. Through another line, she was a de- 
scendant from Isaac AUerton, one of the signers of 
the Mayflower Compact, who had been called " the 
father of 'New England commerce." She was born 
in Thompson in 1777; died June 22, 1816, and was 
buried in the Bates burying-ground; he married (2), 
October 5, 1817, Amy, daughter of William and grand 
daughter of Salem Green; she was born in Swanzey, 
Mass., October 13, 1798; died May 28, 1852. He 
died in Thompson, June 7, 1823, being a little over 
fifty years of age and the father of eleven children, 
all but one of whom had a longer life than he, pass- 
ing away at the respective ages of sixty-one, seven- 
ty, seventy-four, ninety-three, ninety-four, ninety, 
seventy-eight, seventy-five, while two now in life are 
eighty-one, and eighty-six years old, and his oldest 
grandchild is in her eightieth year. His children 
changed to the form Ballard. 

He had children by his first wife : 
78. i. John® Bates Ballard, born in Dudley (now Web- 
ster), Mass., October 25, 1795. 

Nancy® Ballard, born in Dudley, July 5, 1797. 

Polly® Ballard, born in Dudley, June 29, 1799. 

Winthrop® Hilton Ballard, born in Dudley, March 
8, 1801. 

Valentine® Ballard, born in Dudley, January 24, 

Hamilton® Ballard, born in Dudley, May 17, 1806. 

Martha® Ballard, born in Thompson, Conn., Feb- 
ruary 10, 1809. 

Children by the second wife : 

85. viii. Sarah® Robinson Ballard, born in Thompson, Feb- 

ruary 27, 1818. 

86. ix. Salem® Lynde Ballard, born in Thompson, May 8, 


87. X. Zaccheus® A. Ballard, born in Thompson, January 

21, 1822. 

88. xi. Elizabeth® Ballard, born in Thompson, March 1, 















The accompanying photograph was taken in 1890 
of seven of the children of Lynde Ballord. Their 
average age was eighty years. Two of them still 
survive, Mrs. Albertus Bruce of Pomfret Landing, 
aged 81, and Salem Ballard of Putnum, Conn., aged 8(3. 

36. Alice^ Ballord, daughter of Zaccheus'' ( Wil- 
liam,^ Nathaniel,^ William^) and Elizabeth (Yalen- 
tine) Ballord, was born at Oxford, Worcester County, 
Mass., June 23, 1779; resided in Thompson, Conn., 
where she married (1), April 10, 1799, Joseph, son 
of Thomas and Dorothy (Davidson) Dike, who was 
born April 19, 1776; died December 28, 1814; she 
married (2) John Jacobs and died in Thompson, 
April 24, 1861. 

Children by the first husband : 

89. i. Ataresta® Dike, born October 10, 1799 ; married 

Talcott Crosby. 

90. ii. Albyn* N. Dike, born March 2, 1801 ; was a mer- 

chant of Providence, Rhode Island ; he married 
Phoebia Pierce and had many children. 

91. iii. Appleton' Dike, born February 18, 1803 ; died 

August 29, 1805. 

92. iv. Arba' B. Dike, born November 30, 1904. 

93. V. ^Rhoda' N. Dike, born April 26, 1807; married 

■ Lyman Joslin ; she died September 22, 1881. 

94. vi. Joseph^ Dike, born May 6, 1809 ; married Lucy 

Burroughs, and died April 15, 1836. 

Child by the second husband : 

95. vii. Elmira® Jacobs, born January 14, 1821 ; married 

October 7, 1838, Jeremiah Olney, born August 
1, 1817, died May, 1903. 

They bad children: 

i. Jolin I'",tiicry.7 

ii. Martha,; married Harrison Nichols; in) chihlreii. 

iii. I.ucy.r niarrietl (iCo. Rratt; one child, 

iv. Charles Ivli^ar,: married Klizabeth Oray; three children. 

V. I'rances,/ unmarried. 

John Kmkkv ()i.nkv,7 son of Jeremiah and Klmira (Jacobs) Olney ; 
born Aug. 17th, iS^g; married Charlotte Mathew.son of Pomfret. Conn., 
Sept. 27tli, 1S65. 

The\' had children: 
i. Charlotte Maud,^ born July 3rd, 1.S69; died 1S.S4. 
ii. Helen Ruth,^ born May nth, 1S73. 
iii. Henry (xray,*' born Nov. 14th, 1S75. 
iv. Talcott Crosby, 8 born May 27th, 1S7.S. 

V. Charles Mathewson.s born June iitli, i.S8u; died Sept., 1890. 
vi. r.rosvenor,*^ born Dec. iSth, 1.SS4; died May 2nd, 1S.S6. 


41. Betsey^ Yalen^tine Stone, daughter of Hez- 
ekiah and Elizabeth^ Gooch Ballord {ZaccJieus,'^ Wil- 
liam^ Natlicmiel^ William Ballord}^ Stone, was born 
in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, January 8, 1789, and 
married December 27, 1810, Martin Stone. He was 
born October, 1778. His farm was in Swansey, New 
Hampshire, where he died October 1, 1851 ; she died 
there April 20, 1873. 

They had children: 

96. i. Louisa^ Stone, born November 15, 1811; died 

June 13, 1813. 

97. ii. Louisa^ Stone, born March 9, 1813; married De- 

cember 4, 1832, Abiel Peroz. 

Edmund' Stone, born April 5, 1815. 

Elizabeth' Stone, born February 24, 1817 ; mar- 
ried June 3, 1841, C. Peroz, of Peterborough, 
New Hampshire; she died March 1, 1890. 

elohn' Stone, born February 28, 1819. 

AmbiV Stone, born March 6, 1821 ; married E. 
F. Read. 

Anna' Stone (twin), born March 6, 1821 ; married 
Joseph L. Parker. 

Sarah' Stone, born April 25, 1823 ; married Lu- 
ther Lane. 

Solon' Stone (twin), born April 25, 1823; died 
June 20, 1825. 

Nancy' Stone, born August G, 1825 ; died July 
17, 1843. 
106. xi. Hannah' Stone, born November 9, 1827 ; married 
Paul F. Aldrich. 

44. William^ Lyn^de Ballord, son of William^ 
{Zaccheusy'^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William}) and Su- 


















sannah (Haven) Ballord, was born in Yermont, Sep- 
tember 15, 1786. He was a blacksmith and a farmer. 
He resided at Dry den, New York, where six of his 
children were born; went thence in 1824, to Perry, 
Lake County, Ohio; on July, 1851, they went to 
Warren, Jo. Davis County, Illinois. 

He married, 1809, Susannah Baldwin. She was 
born in 1795; died at Warren, Illinois, April 16, 1866. 

In 1854, there was a rage of cholera in Warren, of 
which, on July 6, 1854, the father, William Lynde 
Ballord, died on the same day that his brother Nathan 
Prentice Ballord died at Ludlow, Yermont. On the 
eighth of the same month, the wife of Rollins Ballord 
died, and on the 13th Rollins himself died, all of chol- 
era. Six of William Lynde Ballord's children were 
with him at the time of his decease, all of mature age. 

They had children: 

107. i. Susan^ Ballord, born ; died in infancy. 

108. ii. Sarah Ann' Ballord, born February 27, 1815; 

married John Wright; died in 1875. 

109. iii. Nancy Emeline' Ballord, born December 15, 1817 ; 

married Charles Stickney ; died in 1887. 

110. iv. William Prentice" Ballord, born December 24, 

1818 ; married Emma Thompson. 

111. V. John Winthrop' Ballord, born July 20, 1820; 

married Cynthia Stickney, and died in 1882, 

112. vi. James Seymour' Ballord, born April 10, 1822; 

married Esther Call; died July 13, 189G. 

113. vii. Ursula' Ballord, born May 4, 1824; married Lu- 

ther B. Matthewson. 

114. viii. Rollins Ebenezer' Ballord, born June 27, 1826; 

married Nancy Seymour. He was a farmer, 
and died by an attack of cholera, July 13, 1854, 

115. LX. Lewis Kimball' Ballord, born January 24, 1828; 

married Sarah Jane Ross, and had four children, 
three of whom died in infancy. 

116. X. George Haven' Ballord, born November 3, 1836; 

he resides at Odebolt, Iowa, where he is an ex- 
pert machinist and a cabinet maker ; he married 
Adeline Bellows, and has four children. 


45. Nancy^ Yalentine Ballord, daughter of 
William^ {Zacclieiis,'^ Willi am f Natlianiel^ William^) 
and Susannah (Haven) Ballord, was born in Fi-aming- 
ham, Mass., April 27, 1788; she married (1) October 
21, 1810, James Day of Thompson, Windham Coun- 
ty, Connecticut. He died September 17, 1824, and 
she married (2) Abel Chapin Ely, and died at Moren- 
cia, Michigan. 

Children by the first husband: 

117. i. Louisa^ D'^y? who died in 1836. 

118. ii. Philesta' Day, who died in 1813. 

119. iii. Nancy Ballord^ Day, who died in 1847. 

120. iv. Susannah Haven' Day, born in Thompson, Conn., 

February 12, 1815. 

121. V. James Madison' Day, who died in 1876. 

122. vi. Thomas Jefferson' Day. 

123. vii. Elbridge Gerry' Day, who died in 1891. 

124. viii. David Ballord' Day, who died March 2, 1904. 

125. ix. Sarah' Day, who died in 1870. 

46, Nathan Prentice^ Ballord, son of Wil- 
liam^ (Zacchtus,'^ William,^ JSFatlicmiel^^ William^) and 
Susannah (Haven) Ballord, was born at Framingham, 
Mass., March 5, 1790, removed to Ludlow, Yermont. 
He married Polly Kimball. She was born at Ply- 
mouth, Yermont, in 1789; died at Ludlow, February 
12, 1830, aged fifty-one years* he died July 6, 1854. 

They had Children: 

126. i. Nathan Kimball,' who lived in Elizabeth, New Jer- 

sey, New York City and New Orleans. He mar- 
ried and had two children, boy and a daughter ; 
the latter was deaf and dumb. He died at New 
Orleans after 1853-4. 

127. ii. Marietta' Ballord, born December 4, 1815; mar- 

ried March 13, 1839, Daniel P. Jones, of South 
Reading, Mass. He died February 20, 1885 ; 
she died December 1, 1903, childless. 

128. iii. Miletus Appleton' Ballord, born April 16, 1824, 

in Plymouth, Vermont ; married April 23, 1845, 
Caroline M. Jones. 


47. Betsey^ Robinson, daughter of Micaiah and 
Sarah^ Ballord i^Zaccheus,'^ William,^ JSfathaniel^ 
William^) Robinson, was born in Dudley, Worcester 
County, Mass., April 30, 1784. She married at Hart- 
wick, New York, Edmund Skiff; they removed to 
Troy, JS'ew York, where she died and was buried. 

They had Children: 



Alanson' Skiff. 



Liicine' Skiff. 



Edmund' Skiff. 



Lewis' Skiff. 



Lucinda' Skiff, who was living at the age of eighty- 
five years, in Hume, New York, in 1906. 



William P.' Skiff. 

48. Seth^ Robinson, son of Micaiah and Sarah^ 
Ballord (Zaccheus,'^ William,^ JSFatlianiel,^ William}^ 
Robinson, was born at Dudley, Mass., February 6, 
1786 ; he married, before 1810, Martha Field. She was 
born July 23, 1792; died December 10, 1842; he died 
August 4, 1828. 

They had Children: 

135. i. Edmund Skiffs Robinson, born December 14, 1810 ; 

died August 5, 1888. 

136. ii. George F.' Robinson, born December 4, 1812; 

died February 1, 1892. 

137. iii. Hannah' Robinson, born April 10, 1815; died 

August 19, 1891. 

138. iv. Mary' Robinson, born October 31, 1817; died 

February 16, 1885. 

139. V. Elisha' Robinson, born February 21, 1820; died 

June 10, 1899. 

140. vi. Philanda' Robinson, born Oct. 16,1822; died 

May 8, 1895. 

50. Susannah^ Robinson, daughter of Micaiah 
and Sarah^ Ballord, {Zaccheus^'^ William,^ W^athan- 
iel,^ William^) Robinson, was born at Dudley, Mass., 
June 1, 1790; married AYelcome Moore; they removed 
to Wales, New York, where she died; they had seven 
dausfhters and three sons. 


51. Ltdia^ Robinson, daughter of Micaiah and 
Sarah^ Ballord {Zaccheus,'^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ 
William^) Robinson, was born at Dudley, Mass., Sep- 
tember 1, 1792, and married, October, 1819, Lock- 
wood Beardsley; they settled at Pike, Wyoming 
County, New York, where they both died; they had 
four daughters and four sons. 

52. SiLAs^ Robinson, son of Micaiah and Sarah^ 
Bailoi'd {Zaccheus,'^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William^) 
Robinson, was born February 5, 1795. He was a 
practising physician and migrated to some town in 

Pennsylvania. He married (1) — ; married (2) 

Charlotte . By the first wife, whose name is 

not learned, he had an imbecile daughter, Lucy, who 
was cared for by her father until his death, when she 
was taken by some relatives with whom she lived until 
quite aged; by the second wife he had three children. 

53. Phcebe^ Robinson, daughter of Micaiah and 
Sarah^ Ballord {ZacclieAis,^ William,^ Nathcmiel^^ Wil- 
liam}) Robinson, was born March 16, 1797. She mar- 
ried, July 16, 1815, Seymour Green; he was born 
June 1, 1791. They settled at Osceola, Lewis County, 
New York, where he died March 17, 1883; she died 
there February 22, 1860. 

They had children: 

141. i. Polly' Seymour Green, born Monday, May 27, 


142. ii. Volney' Ballord Green, born Friday, March 19, 


143. iii. Marietta' Green, born Friday, February 2, 1821. 

144. iv. Sarah' Green, born Wednesday, December 11, 


145. V. Milton' Green, born Friday, February 4, 1825; 

died unmarried, November, 1903. 

146. vi. Lavinia' Chapman Green, born Sunday, August 5, 


147. vii. Nancy' Green, born Sunday, January 24, 1830. 


54. Alice" Robixsox, daughter of Micaiah and 
Sarah^ Ballord (ZaccheuSy^ William^ Nathaniel,^ 
William^) Robinson, was born at Ilartwick, New 
York, September 3, 1799; she married, January 1, 
1816, Roger Bidwell Mills and settled at Hume, Sew 
York, where she died, December 26, ]849. 

They had children: 

148. i. Willifim' R. Mills, born May 21, 1818; married 

March 11, 1841, Phcebe Rich. 

149. ii. Sarah' B. Mills, born April 21, 1821; married 

William Baker, and died at Hume, New York. 

55. Mary^ Robinsox, daughter of Micaiah and 
Sarah^ Ballord {Zaccheus,^ Natlianiel^ William^ 
William^) Robinson, was born at Hartwick, New 
York, April 26, 1804. She married Voltier Merrill 
and resided at Lake City, Minnesota, where she died ; 
they had twelve children. 

56. Naxcy*^ Robinson, daughter of Micaiah and 
Sarah^ Ballord {ZaccJieus,* William,^ Nathaniel ^^Wil- 
liam^) Robinson, was born at Hartwick, New York, 
April 23, 1807. She married Eliphalet Meyers; of 
their eight children, four sons enlisted in the late civil 
war, from which only two returned alive; the third 
son, Henry Meyers, was living, at the age of seventy- 
one years, in 1905. 

57. Sophia'^ Carroll, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Mary^ (Polly) Ballord (Zaccheus,^WiUiai7i,^ JVathan- 

iel^^ William^) Can-oil, was born ; she married 

May 6, 1800, John Joslin. 

They had children : 

Easter' Joslin, born June 2, 1801 ; died in 1803. 
Erastus' Joslin, born August 20, 1803. 
Salome' Joslin, born September 16, 1805. 
Achsa' Joslin, born August 31, 1807. 
Sally' (Sarah) Joslin, born September 2, 1809. 











SIXTH genekatio:n^. 19 

66. Betsey^ Bates, daughter of James and Mar- 
tha^ Ballord (Zaccheus,^ William,^ JVathaniel,^ Wil- 
liam^) BateSj was born in Dudley, Mass., June 6, 1790. 
She married (1) Benjamin Page, and went to Caven- 
dish or Proctorville, Vermont; he died in 1839; she 
married (2) as his second wife, Colonel Samuel Page 
and died at Proctorville, Yermont, March 7, 1871. 

Children, by the first husband: 

155. i. Adeline^ Page, married Augustus Haven, of Lud- 

low, Vermont ; they had one child ; the mother 
died in 1839. 

156. ii. Cleora^ Bage, married Dr. John Emory, resided at 

Otsego, Michigan; they had ten children, of 
whom four were living in 1906 ; she died 1890. 

157. iii. Martha' Page, born in 1818 ; died unmarried at 

Cavendish, Vermont, in 1882. 

158. iv. Rhoda' Page, born November 24, 1827 ; married 

May 21, 1855, Chevy John Chase, of Weare, 
New Hampshire. 

67. James^ Bates, son of John and Martha^ Bal- 
lord (Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William'^') 
Bates, born at Dudley, Mass., March 17, 1792. He 
resided at Cavendish, Vermont, finally settled at Kala- 
mazoo, Michigan. He married, October 27, 1819, 
Sarah, daughter of Zachariah Robbins ; she was born 
at Hillsboro', N^ew Hampshire, April, 1795; died at 
Cavendish, August, 1800; he died at Kalamazoo, May 
18, 1870. 

They had children: 

159. i. James' Hales Bates, born at Cavendish, July 26, 

1826; married (1) Ann Duncan; married (2) 
Mary Elizabeth Field. 

160. ii. Charles' Robbins Bates, born February 9. 1829; 

married, October 18, 1859, Elizabeth Taylor; 
she died at Kalamazoo, November 27, 1878 ; he 
died December 6, 1877, at Aiken, South Caro- 
lina ; they had three children, none survived 

161. iii. George' Edmund Bates, born April 9, 1831; died 

January 5, 1858. 


162. iv. John H.' Bates, born May 22, 1834 ; married in 
1859, Harriot Colflix. 

68. Naxcy*^ Bates, daughter of James and Martha^ 
Ballord {Zaccheus,^ William,^ Natlianiel;- William^) 
Bates, was born at Sturbridge, Mass., January 21, 
1794. She married (1) Colonel Samuel Page and re- 
sided at Plymouth, Yermont; he died ; she mar- 
ried (2), as his second wife, William Smith, who had 
married, as his first wife, her youngest sister, Rhoda 
Bates; Mrs. IS'ancy Smith died July 24, 1842. 

Children, by her first husband: 
163. i. Alice' Page, born in 1827 ; died September 6, 1838. 
1^4. ii. James' Bates Page, born at Plymouth, Vermont, 
May 2(i, 1815 ; resides at Proctorville ; he mar- 
ried Isabel Proctor and had one child who died 
in infancy; he died at Proctorville, July 19, 

69. Martha'^ Bates, daughter of James and Mar- 
tha^ Ballord i^Zaccheus,* William,^ JS^athaniel,^ Wil- 
liam^) Bates, was born at Thompson, Conn., July 27, 
1796; she married John Clark, a resident of Plymouth, 
Vermont. He was a representative of the American 
Tract Society; their son, John H. Clark, married 
Charlotte Huntington, and their son, John Bates 
Clark, is Professor at Columbia University, New York 
City; he is an author, lecturer, etc. 

78. Rev. John^ Bates Ballard, son of Lynde** 
(ZaccJieus,^ William,^ JVathanlely~ William) ^ and Polly 
(Mary) Bates Ballard, was born at Dudley, Mass., 
October 25, 1795. He first attended the village schools 
while his intermediate time was given to work on his 
father's farm until he was twenty years of age. Soon 
after that, he taught at Dryden, New York, and at 
other towns until he had acquired suflicient funds to 
warrant his taking the course of study at the Baptist 
Theological Seminary at Hamilton, New York. This 



Seminary was the beginning of the present Colgate 
University, and John Bates Ballard's name is on its list 
of Alumni. He was graduated by this in the class of 
1823 and was ordained over a parish at Masonville, 
New York, in I^ovember of the same year; two years 
later he was called to a church at Dudley, Mass., 
which is now the Baptist Church of Webster, Mass.; 
there he preached and organized the first Sunday 
School ever held in that town. Thence he went to 
Bloomfield, Conn.; then became an agent for the 
American Sunday School Union of Philadelphia, where 
he worked for many years. He succeeded in estab- 
lishing Sunday Schools in almost every town in North 
Carolina and many in Kentucky. Later he returned 
to Connecticut and passed several years in urging the 
claims of that Society on the churches of that state; 
still later, he acted as a Tract Missionary in New 
York City for six years. 

He married. May 28, 1824, Augusta Maria, daugh- 
ter of John and Rachel (Freese) Gilman and a direct 
descendant from Edmund Gilman of Hingham, Mass. 
She was born at Gilmantown, New Hampshire, June 
26, 1804, died at Colchester, Conn., May 17, 1890; 
he died at New York City, January 29, 1856, and was 
buried at Colchester, beside his wife. 

They had children: 

165. i. Frances Maria'^ Ballard, born in Dudley, Mass., 

September 19, 1827. 

166. ii. Esek Steere' Ballard, born in Bloomfield, July 26, 


167. iii. Mary Carolina' Ballard, boi*n at Oak Forest, Feb- 

ruary 28, 1836. 

168. iv. Katharine Augusta^ Ballard, born at Colchester, 

August 31, 1846. 

79. Nanct® Ballard, daughter of Lynde^ (Zac- 
cheus,^ WilUarn,^ Nathaniel^ William^) and Polly 
(Bates) Ballord, was born at Dudley, Mass., July 5, 
1797. She married, September 17, 1823, John George ; 
he died January 21, 1885; she died October 5, 1858. 


They had children : 

169. i. Emery' George, born December 10 (20?), 1824, 

died unmarried, February 13, 1852. 

170. ii. John Eaton' George, born August 14, 1827, died 

July 14, 1832. 

171. iii. Martha' George, born April 14, 1833; married 

April 27, 1855, S. S. Alton. 

172. iv. Andrew' George, born July 18, 1840 ; served as 

private in the Civil War ; died unmarried, August 
24, 1877. 

80. Polly*' Ballard, daughter of Lynde^ (Zac- 
cJieus,* William,^ JSathaniel^^ William^) and Polly 
(Bates) Ballord, was born at Dudley, Mass., June 29, 
1799. She married September 30, 1819, Jacob Tour- 
telotte, a descendant from Abraham Tourtelotte, whose 
wife was a daughter of Gabriel Bernon, a Huguenot, 
who escaped from France and came to America and 
was at Quebec, Canada, whence he was driven for not 
conforming to the Catholic faith and fled to New Eng- 
land about 1684. His descendants are in ]N^ew York 
and Rhode Island. Jacob Tourtelotte owned a farm 
at Thompson, Conn., on which they resided. Polly 
Ballord Tourtellotte was a "typical New England 
matron of the olden time, with more than ordinary 
force of character, which left its impress on her four 
stalwart sons." She died at Thompson, August 9, 
1875; he died there Oct. 26, 1878, and both are buried 
in the Holmes Burying Ground. 

They had children : 

173. i. Augustus Valentine' Tourtelotte, born September 

10, 1820, died unmarried, October 7, 1872. 
Munroe Lynde' Tourelotte, born July 11, 1823. 
John Eaton' Tourtelotte, born July 3, 1833. 
Jacob Francis' Tourtelotte, born December 26, 1836. 

81. WixTHROP Hilton^ Ballard, son of Lynde' 
(ZaccJieiis,* William,^ Nathcmiel,^ William^) and Polly 
(Bates) Ballord, was born at Dudley, Mass., March 8, 
1801. He attended the " district school" and began to 







SIXTH ge:neiiation. 23 

teach in the same as early as his nineteenth year, con- 
tinuing this for nineteen years longer in various dis- 
trict schools and at Bacon Academy. The only boast 
he ever was known to make was that " when teach- 
ing in Thompson, Conn., he received the highest 
wages, which were thirteen dollars a month, boarding 
around, that were ever given to any teacher in the 
town." After ending his career as a teacher, he be- 
came a member of the School Board, and remained on 
that until he was rendered incapable by his extreme 
age. "He made two trips to New York state and 
Michigan, then Uhe West,'" but the rocks and hills 
of New England possessed superior attraction for 
him. He busied himself in civic affairs, held the office 
of selectman, assessor, justice of the peace. Although 
in his early years he was a sincere believer in religious 
faith, and was an active Bible Class teacher in the Sun- 
day School, yet he was over eighty years of age when 
he decided to ask for baptism and thus be made a 
member of the church. Enjoying perfect health from 
his childhood, never ailing so as to be confined to his 
bed, he at last succumbed to increasing years, and, as 
the oldest man in the town, departed "full of years." 

He married (1) Abigail, daughter of Stephen and 
Lucy Holmes of Thompson, Conn.; she died there 
January 16,1836; he married (2) Mrs. Salome (Jos- 
lin), widow of Benjamin Alton and a granddaughter 
of Zaccheus Ballard; Winthrop Hillard Ballard died 
August 2, 1894, and was buried in the Holmes Bury- 
ing Ground in Thompson. 

Child by first wife : 

177. i. Horatio Nelson' Ballard, born in Thompson, June 

10, 1827 ; married Mary C. Sims. 

Children by the second wife: 

178. ii. Stephen' Ballard, born April 9, 1841. 

179. iii. Julia Augusta' Ballard, born September 13, 1843. 

180. iv. John Winthrop' Ballard, born March 1, 1847. 


82. Yalextine*' Ballard, sou of Lynde^ {Zac- 
cheus,* William^ JSFatkaulel^^ William'^) and Polly 
(Bates) Ballord, was born at Dudley, Mass., January 
24:, 1804. He officiated as a deacon in the Baptist 
Church of Thompson more than fifty years, and was 
prominent in all town affairs; was sent as representa- 
tive from Thompson to the General Assembly in 1850 
as a member of the Free Soil party. He married (1) 
March 25, 1830, Achsah, dau^-hter of John and So- 
jDhia (Carroll) Joslin, his * first cousin on#e re- 
move#*; she was born August 31, 1807, died April 
13, 1878; he married (2), when in his eighty-first year, 
Ellen Holmes; she died at Putnam, Conn., jS^ovember 
24, 1901; he died at Thompson, January 7, 1898. The 
following notice of his decease appeared in the Hart- 
ford, Conn., Times: " Last of an ancient famil}^ In 
Thompson, this afternoon, occurred the fuueral of 
Deacon Valentine Ballard, the oldest resident of 
Thompson and the last of the old Ballard family which 
has, for nearly a century, been prominent in that sec- 

Children by the first wife: 

181. i. Ellen S.' Ballard, born July 21, 1833; married 

Nathan Chase, March 18, 1856. 

182. ii. Emily Am' Ballard, born July 19, 1835; married 

Samuel Carpenter; she died childless, August 
16, 1871. 

183. iii. Margaret Augusta' Ballard, born February 11, 

1840 ; married James C. Mills ; she died March 
13, 1875. 

184. iv. Martha Josette' Ballard, born January 21, 1842 ; 

married Vernon Carpenter. 

185. V. George Vernon' Ballard, born May 2, 1846 ; mar- 

ried Isabel Cranska. 

83. Hamiltox" Ballard, son of Lynde^ (Zac- 
cheits,^ William,^ JSfathaniel^^ William^) and Polly 
Bates Ballard, was born at Dudley, Mass., May 17, 
1806. He was a cloth fuller, and for a number of 
years pursued this trade at Providence, Rhode Island; 


in middle life he returned to Thompson, where he 
owned and managed a farm. He married (1) Janu- 
ary 1, 1835, Julia Prince; she died August 22, 1842; 
he married (2) June 2, 1813, Ruth B. May; she was 
born August 30, 1810, died October 12, 1855 ; he mar- 
ried (3) February 27, 1856, Sarah B. Austin; she was 
born July 7, 1823; he died on his farm at Thompson, 
February 3, 1896. 

Child by the first wife : 

186. i. Leonidas' Ballard, born May 30, 1837. 

Children by the second wife : 

187. ii. Julius H.' Ballard, born August 27, 1844, died 

March 15, 1862. 

188. iii. Abby" Ballard, born October 31, 1850; married 

Charles Warren Anderson. 

Child by the third wife : 

189. iv. John Anson' Ballard, born November 12, 1857 ; 

married, December 19, 1883, Lucy Elizabeth 
Gaines ; reside at Philadelphia, where they have 
two children. 

85. Sarah Robinsok^ Ballard, daughter of 
Lynde^ (Zaccheus,* William,^ Nathaniel^^ William^) 
and Amy (Green) Ballord, was born at Thompson, 
Conn., February 27, 1818. She married, March 18, 
1839, Simon Spalding; he was born at Plainfield, 
Conn., September 9, 1813. He was a cotton manu- 
facturer; died at Plainfield, May 9, 1854; she died 
there September 22, 1896. 

They had children : 

190. i. Sarah Jane^ Spalding, born March 26, 1841 ; mar- 

ried George Willis. 

191. ii. Samuel Knight'^ Spalding, born October 25, 1842 ; 

married (1) Ellen S. Blashfield ; married (2) 
Anna E. Bacon. 

192. iii. Caroline Elizabeth' Spalding, born July 8, 1844; 

married Charles A. Brown. 

193. iv. Jerome Irvino;' Spalding, born April 27, 1853, died 

May 31, 1856. 


86. Salem Lyxde'' Ballard, son of Lynde^ (Zac- 
cheus,^ William^ Nailimdel^ William^) and Amy 
(Green) Ballord, was born at Thompson, Conn., May 
8, 1820. He learned the trade of a machinist, and fol- 
lowed that for some years; then, in "middle life" he 
removed to Putnam, Conn., where he bought a farm 
and is still managing that. He married (1) October 
27, 1843, Freelove Young; she died March 10, 1846; 
he married (2) July 12, 1846, Harriet S. Warner; 
she was born February 3, 1823. , 

Child by the first wife: 

194. i. Mary Lvnde' Ballard, born September 23, 1845, 

died October 1, 1847. 

Children by the second wife: 

195. ii. Emma L.' Ballard, born July 3, 1847, died March, 


196. iii. John Lynde^ Ballard, born January 19, 1849: 

married Sallie Farquhar. 

197. iv. Emma Luella' Ballard, born May 28, 1857; died 

September 4, 1891, 

198. V. Louis Salem^ Ballard, born August 10, 1859 ; mar- 

ried October 5, 1892, Isabella Burns, died 
January 11, 1905. Childless. 

199. vi. Arthur Scott Winfield' Ballard, born December 29, 

1865; married June 12, 1889, Bertha Finn, 
died December 23, 1890. 

87. Zaccheus A.^ Ballard, son of Lynde^ (Zac- 
cJieiis,^ William,^ uSfatlianielf William^) and Amy 
(Green) Ballord, was born at Thompson, Conn., Jan- 
uary 21 , 1822. When he was eight years old, he went 
to make his home with his half brother, Valentine, 
where he remained until he was sixteen, when he be- 
came a clerk at Hezekiah Olney's store; from there, he 
was at a livery stable with Yernon Styler, where he ac- 
quired that knowledge of men and horses which served 
him so well all his years. He could instantly recall 
the countenance and name of almost every person 
with whom he had once been associated ; after he had 
once driven a horse, he could recognize it whenever 

SIXTH gen:eration. 27 

or wherever he met it afterwards, and this quick per- 
ception remained with him until age dulled his facul- 
ties. Almost every year he went to Vermont to buy 
a " shipment of horses," always styled a horse dealer, 
never a horse jockey; whatever statement he made in 
regard to an animal was always what he himself be- 
lieved, and "he generally knew the truth about a 
horse." As time went on, he became a dealer in cat- 
tle, as well as horses, and also " traded in farms." No 
matter what his possessions were, he was always ready 
to sell, whenever any good offer was made. For sev- 
eral terms, he became a manager of the Poor Farms at 
Oxford, Mass., and at Putnam, Conn. 

He married, November 26, 1843, Mary Ann Whit- 
ney; she was born March 2, 1823, at Petersham, Mass., 
died October 10, 1900; he died September 24, 1897. 

They had children: 

200. i. Frank Hollis' Ballard, born February 11, 1846; 

married Marie L. Johnson. 

201. ii. Amy' Ballard, born March 16, 1852; married 

Hezekiah Ramsdell. 

202. iii. Noel Oscar' Ballard, born at Putnam, July 1, 1854 ; 

married Abbie Holmes Chandler. 

88. Elizabeth^ Ballard, daughter of Lynde^ 
(ZaccJieus,'^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William^) and 
Amy (Green) Ballord, was born at Thompson, Conn., 
March 1, 1825. For many years she taught school, 
as did more than twenty-five of the descendants of 
her father. She married, April 9, 1850, Albertus 
Bruce, a farmer, horticulturist, botanist, poet, etc. 
They reside on their farm at Pomfret Landing, Conn., 
where in sound health they are now passing their oc- 
togenarian 3^ears. 

Note. — It is somewhat notable that so many of Lynde Ballard's 
descendants spent and are sjsending a portion of their days as teachers. 
The writer has a record of at least twenty-six of them who have taught 
school, ranging from primary to high, including academic and semi- 
nary ; among them are graduates of Harvard, Brown, Columbia, 
Wellesley, Colgate. 


Prof. John Bates Clark of Columbia University, is also a descendant 
of Zaccheus Ballord, but not of Lynde, so is not in the above named 
twenty-six. Of teachers who may be descendants of Zaccheus and 
not of Lynde, Prof. Clark is the only one who has come to our notice. 

89. Ataresta^ Dike, daughter of Joseph and 
Ahce^ Ballord {Zaccheus,* William'^ Natlianid^^ Wil- 
liani^) Dike, was born at Thompson, Conn., October 
10, 1799, remained at Thompson, where she married, 
May 29, 1818, Talcott, son of Deacon and Hannah 
(Johnson) Crosby. 

They had children: 

203. i. Jerome' Crosby, born October 10, 1819 ; married 

Lavina Stiles ; resided at Amsterdam, New York, 
where he died, childless, October 20, 1883. 

204. ii. Joseph T.' Crosby, born July 2, 1826, died Decem- 

ber 31, 1866. 

92. Aeba B.° Dike, son of Joseph and Alice^ Bal- 
lord {Zaccheus,* William,^ Nathaniel,^ William^^ 
Dike, was born at Thompson, Conn., l!^ovember 30, 
1804. He married, in Providence, Khode Island, 
April 19, 1827, Annie E. Hatherington : he died April 
29, 1881. 

They had children: 

205. i. Charlotte' Dike. 

206. ii. Elizabeth' Dike. 

207. iii. William H.' Dike. 

208. iv. Mary Ann' Dike. 

93. Rhoda N.^ Dike, daughter of Joseph and 
Alice^ Ballord {Zaccheus* William,^ Nathaniel- Wil- 
liam}) Dike, was born April 26, 1807; she married, 
February 22, 1826, Lyman E. Joslin; she died Sep- 
tember 22, 1881. 

They had children: 

209. i. Alice' Joslin, married, and lives in Providence, 

Rhode Island. 

210. ii. Sarah' Joslin, married, and lives in Providence, 

Rhode Island. 


108. Sarah Ann^ Ballord, daughter of Wil- 
liam" Lyncle ( William,^ Zaccheus,^ William,^ Natlian- 
iel^ WilliaiiR}) and Susanna (Baldwin) Ballord, was 
born at Warren, III., February 27, 1815; she married 
John Wright, and died in 1875. 

They had children : 

211. i. William KimbalP Wright, who for three years was 

First Sergeant in the civil war. 

212. ii. Lucian® Wright, who resides at Gibbon, Nebraska. 

213. iii. Reuben' Wright. 

109. Nancy Emeline^ Ballord, daughter of 
William*^ Lynde ( William,^ Zacclieiis,^ William^ Na- 
thaniel^ TFiUiam^) and Susannah (Baldwin) Ballord, 
was born at Warren, 111., December 15, 1817; she 
married Charles Stickney, and died in 1887. 

They had children: 

214. i. W. E.® Stickney, who served as a private in the 

civil war ; resides at Brainarcl, Minn. 

215. ii. Charles' Stickney, who died at Chicago, 111. 

110. William Prentice^ Ballord, son of Wil- 
liam Lynde*^' ( William,^ Zacclieus^ William^ Nathan- 
iel,- William) and Susannah (Baldwin) Balloi-d, was 
born at Warren, 111., December 24, 1818. In his early 
years he was a carpenter; later, he owned and man- 
aged a farm; he married Emma Thompson; he died 
July 9, 1892. 

They had children: 

216. i. Eleanor' Ballord, who married George Suppinger, 

a lawyer of Kendrick, Idaho; they had children. 


217. ii. Beruice* Ballord, who married Boyd Bodo, a pro- 
fessor at the State University of \Yi8Con8in ; they 
had John \yinthrop' Bodo. 

113. Ursula^ Ballord, daughter of William 
Lynde*' (Willkwi,^ Zacckeus,^ William,^ jSFathaniel^ 
WiUiaiiv) and Susannah (Baldwin) Ballord, was born 
at AVarren, 111., May 4, 1824. She married at Perry, 
Lake County, Ohio, November 4, 1841, Luther B. 
Matthews; he died at Warren in 1894; she died 
May 17, 1907. 

They had children: 

218. i. Francis W.' Matthews, born October 2, 1842; 

was an engineer on the C. N. R. R. until, by an 
accident, he lost both legs ; he now resides at 
Freeport, 111. ; one of their sons, Winfred B. 
Matthews, is living, while two died in infancy. 

219. ii. Ella May' Matthews, born May 11, 1856; mar- 

ried C. E. Morton ; resides at Warren ; they had 
one son, a telegrapher, at Council Bluffs. 

120. Susannah Haven'' Day, daughter of James*^ 
and Nancy Valentine*' Ballord ( William,^ Zacclieus^ 
William,^ JYathaniel,^ William^) Day, was born at 
Thompson, Conn., February 12, 1815. She married 
(1) September 20, 1842, Franklin Cawley; he died 
October, 1858; she married (2), September 7, 1864, 
Joseph Hageman; he died in 1881; she is still living 
in her ninety-second year (190G), at Morencia, Mich. 

They had children: 

220. i. Anne® Cawley, born September 9, 1848 ; married 

Mr. Crabbe, of Toledo, O. 

221. ii. Frank E.* Cawley, resides at Morencia. 

222. iii. Sarah Louise" Cawley, born October 17, 1853 ; re- 

sides unmarried at Morencia. 

223. iv. Perley Fremont' Cawley, born May 17, 1856. 


124. David Ballord" Day, son of James and Nancy^ 
(Valentine) Ballord (William,^ Zacclieus,^ William,^ 
Nathaniel,~ William^) Day, was born at Thompson, 
Conn., in 1823. For many years his home was at 
Madison, Ohio; he removed thence to Central City, 
Nebraska. He married in 1850, Elizabeth Ann Love- 
joy. She died in 1903. He died March 2, 1901 ; " he 
passed to his reward, at the age of eighty-one years; 
in early life he united with the Baptist church. In 
1850, he married Elizabeth Ann Lovejoy, who passed 
on to a better country less than a year ago. Five 
children, fourteen grandchildren and ten great grand- 
children rise up to call them blessed. For a time the 
family made its home at Madison, Ohio, but for the 
past twenty-five years its members have lived at Cen- 
tral City, where Grand-pa Day, as every one liked to 
call him, was senior deacon and janitor of the Baptist 
Church; a large place in the church and the com- 
munity is left vacant." (Notice in a Chicago news- 
paper) . 

They had children : 

224. i. Emma' Frances Day, who married William L. 

Gemney, resided at Valejo, California. 

225. ii. Nancy May^ Day, who married Charles D. Powell, 

of Central City, Neb., had three children; she 
died in 1893. 

226. iii. Ella Elizabeth^ Day, who married Ledyard Bailey, 

had two children, resides at Montera, Washing- 

227. iv. Amelia Barker® Day, who married Daniel W. Keister, 

resides at Hopper, Oregon ; childless. 

228. V. Hattie^ I. Day, who married E. W. Fenton, lives 

at Cleveland, Ohio. 

229. vi. Albert' L. Day, born July 3, 1862; married June 

19, 1889, Allie E. dinger; has two children 
and resides at Central City, Neb. 

230. vii. Susan' Day, who married Charles A. Goodrich, re- 

sides at Geneva, Ohio ; childless. 


128. Miletus^ Appleton Balloed, son of Nathan 
Prentice^' ( William,^ Zaccheas* WilUcun^ jV^cdhaniel,^ 
William^) and Polly (Kimball) Ballord, was born at 
Plymoutl;, Vermont, Apr. 16, 1824. He resided at 
Plymouth, Cavendish, Hancock, Sherburn and Grays- 
ville, Vermont. He married, April 23, 1845, Caroline 
M. Jones; she was born at Reading, Vermont, August 
29, 1823; he died at Graysville, September 6, 1897. 
They had children: 

231. i. Prentice' Ballord, born April 12, 1846; died Sep- 

tember 6, 1848. 

232. ii. Jennie' M. Ballord, born at Plymouth, April 23, 

1848 ; married Joseph D. Weston. 

233. iii. Ida M.' Ballord, born at Cavendish, April 10, 

1851 ; married at Pittsfield, Mass., about 1871, 
Ellis Fink ; died childless, at Hesperia, Mich., 
April 1, 1898. 

234. iv. Nellie* Ballord, born at Hancock, July 27, 1855; 

married (1) in 1882, Calvin J. Harrington of 
Bethel, Vermont; they had four children, then 
he died at Michigan in 1894, and she married 
(2) in 1895, Henry Webster and lives at Mount 
Vernon, 8outh Dakota. 

235. V. Arthur W.* Ballord, born at Sherburn, December 

1, 1865; married, in 1888, Ai'letta, daughter of 
Calvin and Arietta (Cutt) Packard ; he is a con- 
tractor and builder, resides at Graysville, child- 

236. vi. Charles* HerbertBallord, born at Sherburn, May 11, 


135. Edmund Skiff^ Robinson, son of Seth^ and 
Martha (Field) Robinson, son of Micaiah and Sarah^ 
Ballord (ZaccJieus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William^) 
was born December 14, 1819. He married, but the 
name of his wife is not given; he died August 5, 1888. 
They had children: 

237. i. Mary Kobinson,^ born ; married Hiram Strat- 

ton, and had two children. 

238. ii. Martha* Robinson, born ; married Reuben 

Wriglit and had a daughter Flora' Wright ; the 
mother married (2) and had one child. 


239. iii. Hannah® Robinson, born June 26, 1885; married 

George Murdock and had six children, of Avhora 
three died in infancy. 

240. iv. Alfred"* Robinson, born ; married and had 

seven children. 

241. V. Eveline* Robinson, who married Charles Fuller and 

had four children. 

242. vi. Sarah^ Robinson, who married Mr. Sullivan and 

had five children. 

243. vii. Lucinda* Robinson, who married Mr. Ingols and 

had seven children. 

136. Geoege F.'' Robinson, son of Seth*^ (Micaiah 
andSarah^) Ballord {Zacclieus,'^ William,^ JSlatJianiel,~ 

William^) and Martha (Field) Robinson, was born 
December 4, 1812; married (1) Elizabeth Rounds; 
married (2) Rhoda Hoag; married (3) Emma Gold- 
smith; he died February 1, 1892; he had four chil- 

137. Hannah" Robinson, daughter of Seth^ (jMi- 
caiah and Sarah^) Ballord (Zaccheiis,* William,^ JVa- 
thaniel,^ William^) and Martha (Field) Robinson, 
was born April 10, 1815 (also given in another place 
as December 4,1815). She married Harry Maples, 
who was born February 2, 1801, died January 3, 1882; 
she died August 19, 1891. 

They had children : 

244. i. Mary Jane^ Maples, born January 27, 1838 ; mar- 

ried (1) ; married (2) Alexander S. 

Hollister ; he was born April 24, 1831; died 
July 31, 1897. 

245. ii. Lucinda^ Maples, born March 25, 1836 ; married 

Edwin A. Wells; he was born in 1824. 

138. Mary^ Robinson, daughter of Seth*' (Micaiah 
and Sarah^) Ballord {Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ 
William^) and Martha (Field) Robinson, was born 
October 31, 1817 (also given as April 31, 1817), mar- 
ried Albert Mathewson; she died February 16, 1885. 


They had children: 

24(3. i. Ceylon* Mathewson, born May 22, 1844 ; married 
Clara ; had five children. 

247. ii. Albert Morris* Madievvson, born May 9,1846; 

married Alice Mills, and had five children. 

139. Elisiia' Robixson, son of Seth" (Micaiah 
and Sarah^) Ballovd {Zaccheus* William,^ Kathaniel^^ 
William^) and Martha (Field) Kobinson, was born 

February 21, 1820. He married (1) Bate, she 

died ; he married (2) Martha Hull; he died 

June 10, 1899. 

Children by the first wife: 

248. i. Martha P.** Robinson, who died young. 

249. ii. H. Duane'* Robinson, born January 2, 1849. 

Child by the second wife: 

250. iii. Fidelia® E. Robinson, born June, 1857 ; married, 

in 1899, Frank Luce, and resided at Hartwick, 

140. Philanda'' Robinson, daughter of Seth^ 
(Micaiah and Sarah^) Ballord (Zacclieus^^ William,^ 
Xathaniel^^ William^) and Martha (Field) Robinson 
was born October 16 (also given as August 16) 1822; 
she married Marcus Morris Wells. He was the author 
of the hymn and tune " Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide." 
She died May 8, 1895. 

They had: 
251. Adelbert' Wells, born January 12, 1840. 

141. Polly Seymouk' Green, daughter of Sey- 
mour and Phoebe^' Robinson, Micaiah and Sarah^ Ballord 
{Zacclieus,^ William,^ N^athaniel,^ William^) Green, 
was born at Osceola, N. Y., Monday, May 27, 1816; 
she married Chauncey Smith, of Hartwick, N. Y.; he 
died February 25, 1867; she died at Westfield, N. Y., 
September 19, 1904, at the home of her son, Hon. 
Chester M. Smith. 


They had children : 

252. i. Merrit* Smith. 

253. ii. Seymour* Green Smith, who died at Plainfield, 

New Jersey. 

254. iii. Chester* M. Smith. 

255. iv. Florence* C. Smith, married Mr. Gilchrist. 

142. YoLNEY^ Ballard Green, son of Seymour, 
and Phoebe*^ Robinson, Micaiah^ and Sarah^ Ballord 
{Zaccheus,'^ William,^ Natlicmiel^ Willicmi^) Green, 
was born at Osceola, N. Y., Mar. 19, 1819. His home 
was in Brooklyn. He married in Barre, Mass., Nancy 
Bacon, who " is remembered as having been a beauti- 
ful character"; she died June, 1889; he died in Brook- 
lyn, June 29, 1890. 

They had children : 

256. i. Fred* S. Green, who resides in New York. 

257. ii. Carrie" Green, who married J. F. Redhead, and 

resides in Redlands, California. 

258. iii. A babe, who died young. 

259. iv. A babe, who died young. 

143. Marietta^ Green, daughter of Seymour and 
Phoebe® Kobinson, Micaiah and Sarah^ Ballord (Zac- 
cheuSy'^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William^) Green, was 
born February 2, 1821. She married Benjamin Tan- 
ner, and was the mother of nine children. After her 
ten grandchildren were born she died. 

One of her daughters : 

260. Etta* Tanner married Charles Rowell of Osceola. 

144. Sarah^ Green, daughter of Seymour and 
Phoebe® Robinson, Micaiah and Sarah^ Ballord (Zac- 
cheus,'^ Williayni^ Natlianiel^ WlUicmi^) Green, was 
born December 11, 1822. She married Alexander 
Donnie, a native of Scotland, and died in her brother 
Yolney's home in Brooklyn, March 19, 1875; he died 
October 3, 1871, childless. 


146. LouvTXiA^ CiiAPMAX Green, daughter of Sey- 
mour and Phcebe*' Kobiiisoii, Michaiah and Sarah^ 
Ballord {Zaccheus,'^ Willi am^ Nathaniel,- William}) 
Green, was born August 5, 1827, and married, March 
22, 1846, Mordington Cook of Ilartwick, and resided 
in Cooperstown, ^. Y., where " in 1905, at the age 
of seventy-eight years, she has written a good letter 
of some thousand words." She has six children, seven 
grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 

147. Xaxcy^ Greex, daughter of Seymour and 
Phoebe^ Robinson, Micaiah and Sarah^ Ballord (^Zac- 
cheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel^^ William^) Green, was 
born January 24, 1830. She married George Rob- 
erts, and resides, childless, at San Jose, California. 

148. William'' R. Mills, son of Roger Bidwell 
and Alice'' Robinson, Micaiah and Sarah^ Ballord 
(Zaccheus,* William,^ Natlumiel^^ William^) Mills, 
was born May 21, 1818, in Hume, N. Y. He mar- 
ried, March 11, 1841, Phoebe Rich. She was born in 
Hume, June 21, 1819; died there, January 12, 1886. 

They had children : 
261. i. Albeit A.* Mills, born February 19, 1842; mar- 
ried Rachel Cudworth. 

202. ii. Helen V.^ Mills, born December 3, 1843 ; married 

Charles F. Skiff. 

203. iii. Julius' Mills, born July 21, 1846 ; jparried Mi- 

nerva . ClLt ^7 Jf O 

264. iv. Luella A.« Mills, born^ JttW^-Si^- 1849 ; married 
Frank A. Burrell ; Vesides at Denver, Colorado. 

152. Salome^ Joslyx, daughter of John and So- 
phia*^ Carroll, Nathaniel and Polly^ Ballord {Zacclieus} 
William^ Nathaniel'^ William^) Joslin, was born 
September 16, 1805; she married (1) March 30, 1828, 

Benjamin Alton; he died ; she married (2) 

her first cousin one remove, AVinthrop Hilton Ballord. 


Children, bv her first husband: 

265. i. Erastus* Alton, born Jan. 17, 1829 ; married Ann 

Shumway ; he died April 27, 1898. 

266. ii. Jane' Alton, born March 30, 1831 ; died April 13, 


267. iii. Harriet* Frances Alton, born December 31, 1832; 

died April 3, 1901. 

154. Saeah^ Josly^n", daughter of John and So- 
phia" Carroll, ]!!^athaniel and Polly Ballord^ (Zac- 
cheus,^ William^ Nathaniel,^ William'^) Joslin, was 
born September 22, 1809 ; she married Franklin Bixby ; 
he was born January 31, 1803 ; she died April 6, 1906. 

They had children: 

268. i. Noadiah' Bixby, who married, December 27, 1853, 

Louisa Jacobs, and had George and Mary. 

269. ii. Marion* Bixby, who married, May 5, 1855, Lynde 

Hoyle, and had Ellsworth Hoyle, who married, 
October 15, 1890, Minnie Bates. 

158. Rhoda^ Page, daughter of Benjamin and 
Betsey" Bates, daughter of James and Martha^ Ballord 
{Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathcmiel^^ William}) Bates, 
was born in Proctorville, Vermont, November 24, 
1827; she married, Mav 21, 1855, Chevy John Chase 
of Weare, IS". H.; she died April 4, 1906. 

They had children : 

270. i. Clarence' Page Chase, born May 11, 1856. 

271. ii. Mary* Cleora Chase, born September 11, 1860. 

272. iii. Alice May® Chase, born June 23, 1865, married 

Mr. Kendall and resides in Amsden, Vermont. 

159. James Hale'' Bates, son of James® {Jcnnes 
and Martha^ Ballard, Zaccheus,^ JVilliain^^ JS^athaniel^~ 
William^) and Sarah® (Robinson) Bates was born in 
Cavendish, Yermont, July 26, 1826. When he was 
eleven years old, the family were removed to School- 
craft, Wisconsin. He ardently desired to follow a 
collegiate course of study; when he was seventeen 


years of age he taught in a school and so earned 
money enough to enter the State University at Ann 
Arbor, but was not strong enough to continue, and 
feeble health forced him to leave before his second 
years' studies were concluded; but he persevered in 
study while he applied himself to business, in which 
" he was most successful, honored and trusted by all 
with whom he was associated. A friend said he 
was a gentleman of the old school, a sparkling and 
scholarly gentleman." He became a director of the 
]!^assau Bank of New York, of the Brooklyn Savings 
Bank, of the Academy of Music, the Long Island 
Historical Society, of the Packer Collegiate Institute, 
w^ien he founded a scholarship in memory of his daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth Graham Bates, who, a " child of much 
promise," died at the age of sixteen; he was also a 
Trustee of the Church of the Pilgrim. He became 
a member of the Society of Colonial Wars, by his de- 
scent from Nathaniel Ballord, who served as a private 
in King Philip's war, in 1675-6. 

He married (1), Oct. 15, 1856, at Schoolcraft, Ann 
Duncan; she died in Brooklyn, March 20, 1869; he 
married (2) in Beloit, Wis., October 25, 1871, Mary 
Elizabeth Field. " Death came to him while making 
extensive improvements on his paternal estate in Ver- 
mont, where he had planned to pass the evening of 
life and where he could be near nature." He died in 
Brooklyn, November 19, 1906. 

Child, by his first wife : 

273. i. Alice* Bertha Bates, born at Kalamazoo, May 14, 

1862. She married, December 13, 1882, Robert 
T. VanDeuser and resides in New York City. 

Children, by the second wife: 

274. ii. James* Field Bates, born September 21, 1872, 

died in 1874. 

275. iii. Elizabeth* Graham Bates, born December 10, 1873, 

died in Rome, Italy. January 5, 1890. 

276. iv. Helen,* Phelps Bates, born August 13, 1875, died 

July 16, 1884. 



277. V. Caroline^ Bates, born September 17, 1876, died 
December^ 1878. 

165. Frances' Maria Ballard, daughter of Rev. 
John^ Bates and Augusta Maria (Gilmau) Ballard 
{Liynde'^ Zaccheu^,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William^) 
was born in Dudley, Mass., September 19, 1827. She 
was a student at Bacon Academy, Colchester, Conn., 
and, for a period, taught school. As her mother and her 
sister Mary were confirmed invalids, she devoted her- 
self to a tender care for them, placing her home duties 
before all others. Her unselfish life has been spent in 
good deeds for her family, her church and for many 
others. She still remains in the home, which she has 
cherished and protected for some seventy years. 

166. EsEK' Steere Ballord, son of Kev. John* 
Bates (Liynde^ Zacclieus,^ William,^ JSfatlianiel^ Wil- 
liam^) and Augusta Maria (Gilman) Ballard, was 
born in Bloomfield, Conn., July 26, 1830. He was a 
student in Bacon Academy, Colchester, Conn., thence 
went to Hartford, Conn., where he was trained as a 
druggist; thence he went to ^ew York City, where 
he became an apothecary for a Charitable Institution 
for two years. From there he made his way to Cleve- 
land, Ohio, still in the druggists business; finally 
settling in Davenport, Iowa, in the same avocation, 
pursuing it for the long duration of forty-five years 
" without change of location," first in the firm of Tay- 
lor & Ballord, until Mr. Taylor retired. Several years 
later the firm name was changed to E. S. Ballord & 
Co., by the admission of his cousin, John W. Ballard. 
Esek Steere Ballord retired from this company in 
1903, when it was continued by John W. Ballard and 
his son, Harry Ballard, in the firm name of The Bal- 
lard Drug & Dental Company. After retiring from 
the concern, Mr. Ballord "busied himself in the man- 
agement of a farm, since the United States Census 


Department states that any one who cultivates at least 
three acres of land is a farmer, and this measure is 
exceeded by the estate at Davenport, Mr. Ballord 
classes himself under that designation. 

He is a charter member of the Society of the Sons 
of Revokition in Iowa, of the Society of Colonial 
Wars, one of the founders of the Runnemede; is a 
resident member of the New England Historic Gene- 
alogical Society, of the Davenport Academy of 
Science; is one of the Trustees for the C. C. Cook 
Home for the Friendless. He became a life member 
of the American Sunday School Union when but five 
years of age. 

He married, September 4, 1862, Frances A., daugh- 
ter of Zerah Wel3b, and a descendant in the eighth 
generation from Christopher Webb of Braintree, 
Mass. She is, also, in the seventh generation of de- 
scent from Henry Adams, of Braintree, and Quincy, 
Mass., who was the ancestor of the presidents, John 
and John Quincy Adams, also Samuel Adams. She 
became a member of the Society of the Mayflower and 
the Colonial Dames, through her descent from 
Governor William Bradford and John Alden. 

They had children : 

278. i. Katherine' Augusta Ballord, born in Davenport, 

August 5, 1864; married Leon Menai'd Allen. 

279. ii. Bessie* Webb Ballord, born in Davenport, Novem- 

ber 19, 1866. She was graduated by Wellesley 
College in the class of 1887 ; spent two years in 
study on the Continent, became a teacher and is, 
at present, an instructor of German in the High 
School in Keokuk, Iowa ; is a life member of 
the Davenport Academy of Science. 

280. iii. Belle'* Ballord, born September 16, 1868; married 

Jennis Brock Richardson. 

231. iv. John* Gilman Ballord, born June 7, 1870; mar- 
ried Marie Cooper Adams. 

282. V. Webb* Rysee Ballord, born March 12, 1876 ; mar- 
ried Gertrude Jones. 


167. Makt Carolina'' Ballaed, daughter of 
John Bates and Augusta Maria (Gilman) Ballard, 
was born at Oak Forest, ^orth Carolina, February 
28, 1836 ; came to Colchester, Conn., in the second 
year of her age. She was a student at Bacon Academy 
and York Square Seminary, New Haven, Conn. She 
was gifted with a brilliant mind, which with a literary 
and artistic bias, promised a useful future; but pros- 
trated by a spinal disease, her intellectual activity was 
clouded by more than thirty years of intense suffering 
patiently and cheerfully endured until her mortal life 
closed on May 17, 1898. 

168. Kathareshe Augusta,' daughter of John 
Bates and Augusta Maria (Gilman) Ballard), was 
born at Colchester, Conn., August 31, 1846. She 
married James U. Taintor and died, childless, Sep- 
tember 5, 1875; he married (2) Miss Spencer, in 
Hartford, Conn., where he died April 13, 1907, aged 
62 years. 


171. Mabtha^ George, daughter of John and 
Nancy*^ Ballord {Lynde^ Zaccheus,^ William^ Na- 
thaniel^ William^) George, was born at Thompson, 
Conn., April 14, 1833. She married, April 27, 1855, 
S. S. Alton; she died March 23, 1877. 

They had children : 

283. i. Stella Georgette' Alton, born July 21, 1857 ; mar- 

ried July 31, 1881, W. L. West; he died the 
same year. 

284. ii. Cora Clympe^ Alton, born March 5, 1860; mar- 

ried Rev. Martin Kellogg. 

174. MuNEOE Lynde'' Tourtellotte, son of Jacob 
and PoUy*^ Ballord (Ly7ide,^ Zacclieiis^ William^ Na- 
tlianiel^ William}) Ballord, was born at Thompson, 
Conn., July 11, 1823; he studied as a practical mill- 
wright and followed that trade for a number of years ; 
about the year 1854, he went to "West Salem, Wis- 
consin, where he purchased and managed a farm; as 
he was also a surveyor, his knowledge of lands en- 
abled him to become owner of many acres that had 
not been entered; still later, he resided at La Crosse, 
Wisconsin. He married in his native town, April 21, 
1852, Louisa Mills. She was born at Thompson, March 
9, 1831, died April 15, 1892; he died at La Crosse, 
March 13, 1894. 

They had children : 

285. i. Mills* Tourtellotte, born at Holyoke, Mass. , August 

31, 1853 ; married Lillie Clinton Woodbury. 

286. ii. M.L.C.TourtelJotte (daughter) born at West Salem, 

Wis., in 1855, is unmarried and "with ample 
means " devotes her time to extensive travel and 
various studies ; these letters comprise her whole 

287. iii. John Francis* Tourtellotte, was born February 3, 

1858 ; married Edna R. Powers. 

288. iv. Lincoln Hamilton* Tourtellotte, was born December 

26, 1835; he "lost his life by the caving of a 
mine at Colorado." 


175. JoHX Eatox^ Tourtellotte, son of Ja- 
cob and PoUy^ Ballord {Liynde^ Zaccheus^ William^ 
Latham el, ^ William^) Tourtellotte, was born at 
Thompson, Conn., July 3, 1833. He was graduated 
by Brown University, Providence, R. I., and by the 
Albany, New York, Law School. He had settled 
at Mankato, Minnesota, when, at the beginning of 
the Civil War, he volunteered and was commissioned, 
first as a captain, then as Lieutenant Colonel of the 
Fourth State Regiment; he was second in command 
at the battle at Allatoona Pass, where two millions of 
rations and eight hundred cattle were saved from fall- 
ing into the hands of the Confederates; there he was 
wounded, apparently fatally, but recovered in season 
to march with Sherman to the sea; for brave conduct 
he was brevetted Brigadier General. At the end of 
the war, he returned to Mankato and resumed his law 
practise, but, at the solicitation of General Sherman, 
in 1869, he re-entered the army, was assigned a cap- 
taincy in the Seventh Cavalry; later became a major 
in the same regiment; was one of the Board of three 
which were stationed at West Point for revising army 
tactics; he served on several Court Martials; was of 
the escort to Lord Lome, then Governor General of 
Canada (now Duke of Argyle) when he with the 
Princess Louise were visiting this country; his army 
record was as follows : a private in the 4th Minnesota 
Regiment in 1861; Captain of the 4th in 1861; Lieu- 
tenant Coloniel of the 4th in 1862; Colonel of the 4th 
in 1864; Brevet Brigadier General in 1865; was mus- 
tered out of the Volunteer service in 1865; entered 
the regular army in 1869; was Captain of the 7th 
Cavalry in 1870, Major of the 7th in 1873, was Colonel 
and Aid-de-Catiip to Lieutenant General Sherman, 
and for a greater part of the time was Chief of the 
Staff Officers in 1871, and remained there until Sher- 
man's death in 1885; was retired in 1885; he returned 
to La Crosse, where he died, July 22, 1891, and was 
buried in the National Cemetery at Arlington. 



176. Jacob Francis^ Touetellotte, M.D., son 
of Jacob and Polly^ Ballord {ILynde^ Zaccheus,^ Wil- 
liam,^ Natlianiel'^ William^) Tourtellotte, was born at 
Thompson, Conn., December 26, 1835. He entered 
Columbia University, where he took the degree of 
M.D. He served as surgeon in the United States 
Navy for a number of years, then gave up that prac- 
tise, became a capitalist at Winona, Wisconsin and 
at Minneapolis, Minn. He married, June 16, 1865, 
Harriet Arnold, a direct descendant from Benedict 
Arnold, an early colonial governor of Rhode Island. 
An item from a Minneapolis newspaper follows : 

" $400,000 gift to a town by Tourtellottes. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Tourtellotte, of 505 West Fif- 
teenth street, have offered to build an academy cost- 
ing $100,000, for their native town of Thompson, 
Conn., and to endow it with $300,000. Mr. and Mrs. 
Tourtellotte have just been in Thompson, are now in 
'New York, where they will spend a week before their 
return to their Minneapolis home." 

They had children : 

289. i. Harriot Lucina^ Tourtellotte, born August 10, 

1869 ; died August 2, 1870. 

290. ii. Harriot Frances' Tourtellotte, born July 28, 1874; 

died March 14, 1886. 

177. Horatio Nelson^ Ballard, son of Win- 
throp^ Hilton and Abigail (Holmes) Ballard [Lynde,^ 
Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William}) Ballard 
was born at Thompson, Conn., June 10, 1827; he was 
graduated by Brown University, received the degree 
of M.D. from Harvard Medical School, resided at Horn 
Lake, Miss. He married, January 30, 1870, Mary C, 
daughter of James A. Sims of Shelby County, Tenne- 
see. She was born August 27, 1841, died March 16, 
1905; he died at Horn Lake, January 23, 1888. 

They had children: 

291. i. Abigail* Ballard, born December 12, 1870; died 

September 12, 1872. 


292. ii. Lucy Kyle" Ballard, born May 1, 1872 ; died Oc- 

tober 30, 1873. 

293. iii. Winthrop Hilton^ Ballard, born August 22, 1878 ; 

married Lelia Adelaide M. Cargo, at Olive 
Branch, Miss., June 5, 1900. He is a success- 
ful cotton-planter. 

178. Stephex^ Ballard, son of Winthrop" Hilton 
and Mrs. Salome (Joslin-Alton) Ballard {Lynde^ 
Zacclieus^ William.^' Nathaniel^ William^) Ballard, 
was born at Thompson, Conn., April 9, 1841. After 
attending the public schools at Thompson, he became 
a teacher himself and was at the various district schools 
in summer and winter until 1862, when he went to 
South Orange, New Jersey, where he presided over 
the grammar department of that public school for 
three years, when he returned to Thompson and set- 
tled on a farm called the Hilldale farm. For several 
winters after his return to Thompson, he taught dur- 
hig the winter terms at District No. 4 school ; then 
he served as a school committee; he was in the State 
Legislature during one session. He was an active 
worker in the Central Baptist Church for many years. 
His neighbors often sought his advice in minor legal 

He married, January 1, 1863, Sarah Day, daughter 
of William Barber. 
They had children: 

294. i. Newton Allen^ Ballard, born November 19, 1863. 

295. ii. Alice Marion^ Ballard, born December 8, 1865; 

died January 24, 1892. 

296. iii. Ella Ida' Ballard, born January 16, 1868. 

297. iv. Laura Corinne* Ballard, born October 16, 1874. 

298. V. Bertha Estella* Ballard, born March 27, 1878; 

married October 22, 1902, Frank B. Ramsdell. 

299. vi. Winthrop' Ballard, born December 12, 1884. 

179. Julia Augusta' Ballard, daughter of 
Winthrop Hilton" {Lynde^^ Zaccheus,^ William,^ JVa- 



thaniel^ WlUiam^) and Mrs. Salome (Joslin-Alton) 
Ballard, was born at Thompson, Conn., September 13, 
1843; she married April 1, 1862, William, son of Al- 
fred Converse. He is an up to date New England 
farmer, having been able to make a comfortable for- 
tune out of a typical New England farm. 
They had children: 

300. i. Frederick^ Converse, born July 22, 1867; married 

Adelaide Plummer, and had two children. 

301. ii. Mary Helen* Converse, born July 21, 1868. 

302. iii. Grace Agnes® Converse, born December 26, 1878; 

married in 1905, Rev. William Chase, pastor of 
the Baptist Church at Washburn, Aroostook 
County, Maine. 

180. John Winthrop'' Ballard, son of Win- 
throp Hilton" (Lynde,^ Zacclieus,^ William,^ N^citlian- 
iel^^ William^) and Mrs. Salome (Joslin-Alton) Bal- 
lard, was born at Thompson, Conn., March 1, 1847. 
He was a student at the public schools of that town 
and the private school of H. S. Parker, as well as at 
the Putnam, Conn., High School; when he was sev- 
enteen years old, he taught at the Brandy-Hill Dis- 
trict school of Thompson, during one winter term. 
In May, 1865, he went to Davenport, Iowa, and acted 
as a clerk in the drug store of Mr. E. S. Ballord; 
thence he went to New York, where he took a course 
at the College of Pharmacy in 1868, and was gradu- 
ated in 1870; then returned to Davenport and entered 
the*firm of E. S. Ballord & Co., 1871. He gave his 
whole attention to practise of pharmacy until 1901, 
when he became president of the Davenport JSTational 
Bank and the Union Savings Bank, which were con- 
solidated in that year. He continued as president of 
the Union Savings Bank until 1904, and returned to 
his former occupation of the practise of pharmacy. 
He has been an occasional contributor to various Jour- 
nals of Pharmacy. In his political pursuits he has 
been Supervisor of Scott County, Iowa, for three years. 


He married, October 15, 1872, Martha A., daughter 
of Samuel Knapp Blackmar; she was born at Thomp- 
son, September 20, 1849. 

They had children: 

303. i. Harry Winthrop' Ballard, born September 25,1873. 

304. ii. Gertrude Ballard, born February 1, 1877 ; married, 

June 11, 1896, Ludwig G. Sussenmihl. 

305. iii. Martha Frances Ballard, born September 14, 1881 ; 

married, Sept. 9, 1905, Dr. John Baker Crouch. 

306. iv. Horatio Joslin Ballard, born January 13, 1886. 

181. Ellex S.^ Ballard, daughter of Valentine^ 
(^Lynde,^ Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,~ William}) 
and Achsah (Joslin) Ballard, was born in Thompson, 
July 21, 1833. She married, March 18, 1856, JSTathan 

They had children : 

307. i. Warren Augustus' Chase, born January 14, 1857 ; 

was killed by a fall from a house, May 8, 1879. 

308. ii. John' Chase, born November 27, 1858; married 

Josephine Epitoe, from Bahama ; they reside in 
Brooklyn, New York ; they had two children. 

309. iii. Martha Lambert' Chase, born March 10, 1861; 

married Frederick Eddy ; he died ; they 

had two children. 

310. iv. Charles Valentine' Chase, born March 22, 1866. 

In September, 1882, he came to Davenport, and 
entered the employ of Ballord & Co. ; he was 
o-raduated from the New York Colleofe of Phar- 
macy in 1888 ; returned to Davenport, and, later, 
engaged in the druggist business on his own ac- 
count. He married Lillian Evans and has two 

311. V. Helen Josette' Chase, born March 23, 1868 ; died 

April 7, 1868. 

312. vi. Myra Annie' Chase, born March 18, 1869 ; married 

Clark Pierce and has one child. 

313. vii. Mary Ellen' Chase, born March 6, 1871. 

314. viii. Carrie Louise' Chase, born February 4, 1874; died 

April 10, 1874. 

315. ix. Alice Mabel' Chase, born November 4, 1876 ; died 

November 16, 1876. 


183. Margaret Augusta^ Ballard, daughter of 
Valentine'^ {Lynde^ Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,' 
William'^) and Achsah (Joslin) Ballard, was born in 
Thompson, February 11, 1840, and married James O. 
Mills; she died March 13, 1875. 

They had children: 

316. i. James Whipple' Mills. 

317. ii. Minnie MabeP Mills, born March 8, 1875; mar- 

ried James Houo-hton. 

184. Martha Josette" Ballard, daughter of 
Yalentine*^ (Lynde,^ Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ 
William^) and Achsah (Joslin) Ballard, was born 
January 21, 1842; she married January 21, 1862, 
Vernon Carpenter and resided in West Newton, 
Mass.; died May 7, 1897. 

They had children : 

318. i. Fannie" Carpenter, born December 1, 18G3, at To- 

ronto, Canada. 

319. ii. Myra Annie' Carpenter, born May 31, 1865; died 

April 21, 1866. 

320. iii. Alice Margaret* Carpenter, born in Toronto, March 

16, 1867; married August 23, 1892, William 
C. Clark; he is an architect and resides in Chi- 
cago, 111. ; they had three children. 

321. iv. A son,® who died young. 

322. V. Josephine Cook* Carpenter, born in West Newton, 

Mass., May 5, 1873. 

323. vii. Clara Louise* Carpenter, born in West Newton, 

July 7, 1879. 

185. George Yerno:n^'' Ballard, son of Yalen- 
tine® {Liynde^ Zacclieiis^ William^ Nathaniel,^ Wil- 
liam^) and Achsah (Joslin) Ballard, was born in 
Thompson, May 2, 1846. He married Isabel Cranska. 

They had children: 

324. i. Valentine® Ballard, born October, 1866 ; married 
Nov. 27, 1889, and had two children. 


325. ii. Grace Tracy* Ballard, born May 9, 1868 ; mar- 

ried, November 20, 1889, Mr. Noyes, and had 
two children. 

326. iii. Helen Cranska* Ballard, born November 2, 1872 ; 

married, November 24, 1894, Mr. Walker and 
had two children. 

327. iv. Carlin« Ballard, born January ]4, 1883. 

187. Leoxidas^ Ballard, son of Hamilton''' (Lyndey^ 
ZaccJieus,^ William-^ ^athmiiel,^ William^) andJulia 
(Prince) Ballard, was born in Dudley, Mass., May 
30, 1837. While yet in his teens, he began an inde- 
pendent course in business, " making himself one of 
the best known peddlers in the region round about his 
home at Dudley; he bought and sold every conceiva- 
ble article that would eifect a ready sale. When the 
writer last met Leonidas, they took an extensive drive 
about that locality, and the visitor was shown a dozen 
or more farms on which Leonidas either held a mort- 
gage or owned them outright; although still a vigor- 
ous man, he goes with the produce of his farm over 
his customary route three times each week." 

Leonidas Ballard married (1) SojDhia Hawkins; she 
was born June 5, 1840, died July 5, 1890; he mar- 
ried (2) January 1, 1891, Nelly A. Ryan. 

Children by first wife: 

328. i. Daniel L." Ballard, born November 27, 1854 ; mar- 

ried Aurilla Holmes ; they have five children and 
three grandchildren. 

329. ii. Julia Ann' Ballard, born July 19, 1857 ; married 

Eben Johnson ; they have five children and three 

330. iii. Charles Henry' Ballard, born January 14, 1860 ; 

married Era (Eva?) Stone; they have three 
children and one grandchild. 

331. iv. George H.« Ballard, born April 21, 1861; died 

April 27, 1861. 

332. V. William Francis'* Ballard, born August 23, 1862; 

married Mary Berret, and had two children. 

333. vi. Emma Jane* Ballard, born February 23, 1867; 

married Harrison Galinger ; is childless. 


Children by second wife: 

334. vii. Kobert Francis' Ballard, born August 2, 1892. 

335. viii. Chester Salon' Ballard, born October 29, 1900. 

336. ix. A child. 

Note. When the youngest child of Leonidas was two 
weeks old, it was a great uncle to a grandchild of its own father, 
and this grand nephew was then ten years of age. 

188. Abby'' Ballaud, daughter of Hamilton*' 
(JLynde^ Zacclieus^ William^ Nathaniel,^ William^) 
and Ruth (May) Ballard, was born October 31, 1850. 
She married, January 20, 1870, Charles Warren 
Anderson ; she died May 28, 1902. 

They had one child: 

337. i. Flora May' Anderson, born December 12, 1870 ; 

married, June 7, 1893, Augustus Wright Smith, 
and resides in Philadelphia. 

196. JoH]^ Lt^t)e^ Ballard, son of Salem Lynde^ 
{Lynde,^ Zaccheus,* William,^ Nathaniel,^ William'^) 
and Harriot S. (Warner) Ballard, was born in Put- 
nam, Conn., January 19 (also given as March), 1849. 
He married. October 22, 1873, Sally Farquhar of 
Wellsburg, West Virginia, and made his home in Put- 
nam, Conn. 

They had children: 

338. i. John Hudson' Ballard, born March 1, 1880, at 

Wheeling, West Virginia. He studied for the 
ministry at the Missionary Training Institute in 
New York City, of which the Rev. A. B. Simp- 
son is presiding officer. He was ordained for 
the ministry and is now settled over the Gospel 
Tabernacle Church in Los Angeles, California. 
He married, September 30, 1902, Myrtle Stan- 
ley of Odessa, New York. 

339. ii. Sumner Salem* Ballard, born at Wheeling, West 

Virginia, January 26, 1882. 

200. Frank HoLLis^'BAiiLARD, son of Zaccheus A.^ 
{Liynde^ Zaccheus} William^ Natlianiel^ William^) 


and Mary Ann ("Whitney) Ballard, was bom st 
Thompson, Conn., February 11, 1846; resides at Ha- 
verhill, Mass. He married, May 14, 1868, Mary L, 
Johnson; she was born October 12, 1850. 
They had: 

340. i. Alida Mandell Amf Ballard, bom May 27, 1871 ; 

married, September 10, 1901, Clifton D. Jud- 

201. Amt^ Ballard, daughter of Zaccheus A.* 
[Lynde,^ Zacclieus^ William^^ Natlianiel^ WiUiam^y 
and Mary Ann (Whitney) Ballard, was born March 
16, 1852; she married Hezekiah Ramsdell. 

They had children: 

341. i. Frank Ballard' Ramsdell, born August 8, 1876; 

married, October 22, 1902, Martha, daughter of 
Stephen Ballard. 

342. ii. Olin* Ramsdell, born October 7, 1879 ; died . 

202. i^oEL Oscar'' Ballard, son of Zaccheus A.* 
(Lyyide,^ Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel^ William'^) 
and Mary Ann (Whitney) Ballard, was born at Put- 
nam, Conn., July 1, 1854. He remained at Putnam, 
and married, May 1, 1879, Abbie Holmes Chandler; 
she was born September 9, 1859. 

They had children : 

343. i. Lillian Abbie** Ballard, born June 7, 1880. 

344. ii. Olive Chandler^ Ballard, born August 29, 1881; 

married, October 19, 1899, Fred. O. Purdy; 
they had two children. 

345. iii. Louise Florence® Ballard, born October 25, 1885. 

346. iv. Ruth Evelyn' Ballard, bom August 5, 1890. 


232. Jennie M.^ Ballord, daughter of Miletus'' 
Appleton {NutJian^ Prentice, William,^ Zaccheus^ 
William^ Nathaniel^ William}) and Caroline M. 
(Jones) Ballord, was born at Plymouth, Vermont, 
April 23, 1849 ; she married at Woodstock, Vermont, 
April 19, 1866, Joseph D. Weston; he died Decem- 
ber 14, 1882. 

They had children: 

347. i. Bertha' Weston, born June 16, 1870 ; died Janu- 

ary 21, 1883. 

348. ii. Arthur* Weston, born August 17, 1875. 

349. iii. Frank A." Weston, born Dec. 11, 1881. 

245. LuciNDA^ Maples, daughter of Harry and 
Hannah'' Robinson, daughter of Seth and Martha® 
(Field) Kobinson, son of Micaiah Robinson and 
Sarah^ (Ballord) (ZaccJieus,^ William,^ N'athaniel^ 
William}) Maples, was born March 25, 1836; she 
married Edwin A. Wells; he was born in 1824. 

They had children : 

350. i. Ella A.* Wells, born October 8, 1857; married 

John Salton Bowdish ; he was a prosperous 
merchant at Oneto, N. Y. She had rendered 
great assistance to the writer in following the 
lines of the descendants of Micaiah and Sarah 
(Ballord) Robinson. 

351. ii. Flora Lydia' Wells, born April 24, 1860; died 

August 5, 1867. 

352. iii. Jane M.' Wells, born March 7, 1863; married 

George M. Angler; he was born June 7, 1853 ; 
they had one child. 

353. iv. Cora Hannah^ Wells, born February 10, 1869; 

died April 11, 1891. 


265. Erastus^ Alton, son of Benjamin and Sa- 
lome^ Carroll, daughter of John and Sophia*^ Carroll, 
daughter of Nathan Carroll and Polly^ (Ballord) 
{Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William'^) Alton, 
was born January 17, 1829; he married (1) Ann 
Shumway; he married (2) Emma Nichols: he died 
April 27, 1898. 

Children by the first wife: 

354. i. Cora^ Alton, who married Caesius Chase and had 

one child. 

355. ii. Anna' Alton. 

356. iii. Frank' Alton. 

There were four children by the second wife. 

266. Jane^ Alton, daughter of Benjamin and 
Salome^ Carroll, daughter of John and Sophia® 
Carroll, daughter of Nathaniel Carroll by Polly® 
(Ballord) (ZaccJieits* William,^ N'athaniel,^ Wil- 
liam}) Alton, was born March 30, 1831; she married 
Orlando Alton; she died April 13, 1866. 

They had children: 

357. i. Roscoe" Alton. 

358. ii. Ellen' Alton. 

359. iii. John' Alton. 

267. Hakeiet Feances^ Alton, daughter of Ben- 
jamin and Salome^ Carroll, daughter of John and 
Sophia^ Carroll, daughter of Nathaniel Carroll by 
Polly® (Ballord) (Zaccheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ 
William^) Alton, was born December 31, 1832; she 
married Jerome Nichols, and died April 3, 1901. 

They had: 

360. J. Clinton' Nichols, who married Jennie Child, 

and had Jessie'" Child, who married Burton 
Gilbert, and had two children. They reside at 
Putnam, Conn. 

278. Kathaeine^ Augusta Balloed, daughter 
of Esek Steere^ Ballord {Rev. John Bates,^ Lynde,^ 


Zaccheus,^ William^ Nathaniel^ William}) and Fran- 
ces A. (Webb) Ballord, was born at Davenport, 
August 5, 1864 (Wellesley College, Class of '85). 
She is a Colonial Dame. She married, June 26, 1888, 
Leon Menard Allen; he was born July 4, 1863. He 
is General Passenger Agent of the Rock Island Sys- 
tem (railroad), headquarters Chicago; home, Kenil- 
worth, Illinois. 

They had children: 

361. i. Leon Ballord® Allen, born at Davenport, January 9, 


362. ii. Priscilla' Allen, born at Davenport, April 17, 1895. 

363. iii. Francis Gerald® Allen, born at Davenport, Feb- 

ruary 6, 1898. 

280. Belle^ Ballord, daughter of Esek'' Steere 
i^Bev. John Bates,^ JLynde^ Zaccheus,^ WilUam^^ 
Nathaniel^ William^) and Frances A. (Webb) Bal- 
lord, was born in Davenport, September 16, 1868; 
she married Jennis Brock Richardson, son of David 
Nelson Richardson, who was the founder of the Daven- 
port Democrat, of which newspaper Jennis Brock 
Richardson is now the manager. Mrs. Richardson is 
a member of the Society of Colonial Dames. 

They had: 

364. David® Nelson, born in Davenport, March 20, 


281. John Gilman^ Ballord, son of Esek^ Steere 
(jRev. John JBates,^ Lyndef Zaccheus,* William^ 
Nathaniel,^ William^) and Frances A. (Webb) Bal- 
lord, was born at Davenport, June 17, 1870. He was 
graduated by the Davenport High School, then en- 
tered a banking house; later, served some years in a 
lumber manufactory, and became a lumber merchant 
with his office at the Lumber Exchange at Minnea- 
polis, where he is president of the Trimble Lumber 
Company; is of the firm of Wallace and Ballord, 
dealers in coast lumber; he is a member of the Sons 


of the Revolution. He married, June 26, 1898, Marie 
Cooper Adams of Davenport; she is a graduate of 
Wellesley College with the degree of B.S. 
They had: 

365. John Adams' Ballord, born March 5, 1902. 

282. Webb Rysee^ Ballord, son of EseF Steere 
{Rev. John Bates^ Lynde,^ Zacclieus^ William^ 
Nathaniel^ William^) and Frances A. (Webb) Bal- 
lord, was born at Davenport, Iowa, March 12, 1876. 
He was matriculated by Iowa College, the Iowa State 
University, the University of Glasgow, Scotland; 
was graduated by the Webb Shipbuilding Academy 
of New York City. He resides at Minneapolis, Min- 
nesota; is a member of the Colonial Wars Society; a 
life member of the Davenport Academy of Science. 
He married, July 10, 1906, Gertrude, daughter of 
Clinton Jones, of San Francisco, California. 

284. Cora Olympe® Alton, daughter of John 
and Martha' George {John George and Nancy^ Bal- 
lord, Lynde^ Zacchens^ William^ Nathaniel,^ Wil- 
liam^) Alton, was born March 5, 1860. She married, 
as his first wife, October 16, 1879, Rev. Henry Martin, 
son of Rev. E. Martin and Hannah Kellog; he was 
born at Manchester, New Hampshire, April 2, 1851 ; 
was a graduate of the class of 1873, from Dartmouth 
College, and by the Union Theological Seminary in 
1876; is now settled over a parish at Ekonk, Con- 
necticut. She died March 4, 1882. He married (2), 
May 5, 1885, her sister, Mrs. Stella Georgette, widow 
of W. L. West. 

Children by the second wife : 

366. i. Eve Ester' Kellog, born September 13, 1886. 

367. ii. Hanna Ruth" Kellog, born November 8, 1888. 

368. iii. Ruby Stella' Kellog, born December 10, 1890. 

369. iv. Ralph Martin' Kellog, born December 13, 1895. 

EIGHTH ge:n^eeation^. 55 

285. Mn.LS^ Tourtellotte, son of Munroe Lynde' 
{Jacob and Follif Ballord, Lynde,^ Zaccheus,'^ Wil- 
liam^ Natlianiel^ William^) Tourtelotte, was born at 
Holyoke, Massachusetts, August 31, 1853. He was 
graduated in the Law Class of the Wisconsin Uni- 
versity of 1875, and is now in the practice of law at 
La Crosse, Wisconsin. He married, August 8, 1878, 
Lillie Clinton Woodbury, from East Somerville, 
Massachusetts; she was born November 15, 1858. 

They had children: 

370. i. Lillie Woodbury' Tourtellotte, born June 4, 1879 ; 

married George L. Bennet of Brooklyn, New 
York, and resides at Trenton, New Jersey. 

371. ii. Augustus Munroe' Tourtellotte, born March 28, 


372. iii. Wallace Lincoln" Tourtellotte, born May 13, 1888. 

373. iv. Nathaniel Mills' Tourtellotte, born December 26, 


287. JoHN^ Fra^^cis^ Tourtellotte, son of Mun- 
roe Lynde'' (Jacob and Polly^ Ballord^ Lynde,^ Zac- 
cheus,^ William,^ Nathaniel,^ William^) and Louisa 
(Mills) Tourtellotte, was born at West Salem, Wis- 
consin, February 3, 1858. He was graduated by the 
University of Wisconsin, and is now settled in the 
practice of law at Denver, Colorado. He married. 
May 20, 1886, Edna R., daughter of Joseph and 
Lucretia Powers; she was born January 27, 1861. 

They had children: 

374. i, Louise L.' Tourtellotte, born June 27, 1887. 

375. ii. Frances' Tourtellotte, born September 3, 1890. 

376. iii. Margaret' Tourtellotte, born December 2, 1893. 

294. Newton Allen^ Ballard, son of Stephen^ 
( Winthrop^ Hilton and Mrs. 8alome (Joslin-AUon) 
Ballard y Lyyide,^ ZaccJieus,'^ William,^ Nathaniel ^^ 
William^) and Sarah (Day-Barber) Ballard, was born 
November 19, 1863; he married September 20, 1893, 
Carrie E. Clark. 

They had: 

377. Stanton Wallace' Ballard, born August 19, 1902. 


295. Alice Marion^ Ballard, daughter of Ste- 
phen^ ( JVmthrojf Hilton, Lynde,^ Zaccheus,* Wil- 
liam,^ Nathaniel^- WiUlain^) and Sarah Day (Barber) 
Ballard, was born December 8, 18G5. She married, 
October 21, 1890, William Cranska; they both were 
killed in a railroad accident, January 24, 1892. 

297. Laura Corixne^ Ballard, daughter of 
Stephen'' ( Winthroif Hilton, Lynde,^ Zacclieas,^ Wil- 
liam,^ Nathaniel'^ William^) and Sarah Day (Barber) 
Ballard, was born October 16, 1874. She married, 
June 1, 1899, Newton S. Child. 

They had: 
378. Ruth Ardelle" Child, born September 18, 1902. 

303. Harry Westthrop^ Ballard, son of John'' 
Winthrop ( Winthroif Hilton, Lynde,^ Zaccheus,^ 
William,^ Nathaniel^ William^) and Martha A. 
(Blackraar) Ballard, was born at Davenport, Iowa, 
September 25, 1873. He was a student at the public 
schools of Davenport; was at the Pharmacy Depart- 
ment of the State University of Iowa, receiving the 
degree of Ph.C. in 1896. He now is the manager of 
the Ballard Drug and Dental Company, which was 
established in 1857 by Esek Steere Ballord with the 
firm name of Taylor & Ballord. Mr. Taylor retired 
in 1870. The firm name was continued as B. S. 
Ballord until 1871, when Mr. John Ballard was ad- 
mitted, and the partnership was continued as the E. S. 
Ballord & Co. until 1903, when E. S. Ballord retired. 
Thus this business remained in one family for fifty 
years, and, it is hoped, will so continue for the coming 
one hundred years. Harry Winthrop Ballard married 
at Davenport, September 9, 1902, Nettie Olivia Monk. 
They had: 

379. liichard Winthrop^ Ballard, born February 19> 




The reunions of the direct descendants of Zaccheus* 
and Lynde^ Ballard have become such a prominent 
feature in their history that, at the request of the 
author of this volume, I give a little sketch of them. 

January 1, 1888, at a reception given by Stephen 
Ballard and wife at their 25th anniversary, at which 
time a goodly number of the Ballards were present, 
the remark was made by Sarah Ballard Spaulding, 
and warmly seconded by Salem Ballard, that it seemed 
so good to see so many Ballards all together, and so 
full of pleasure and enjoyment, that we ought to get 
together somewhere when it was warm weather and 
hold a grand Ballard picnic. This thought was so 
warmly applauded by all present that a committee 
appointed one to be held August 15, 1888, in Elliott's 
Grove, in Thompson. 

The occasion was all that could be desired. Over 
one hundred were present. From Dudley, Wood- 
stock, Pomfret, Putnam, Dayville, Thompson, Daven- 
port, la., and Memphis, Tenn., came representatives 
of the Ballards. 

A history of the Ballards from William^ of Lynn, 
born Sanford Priors, Warwickshire, England, baptized 
August 13, 1603, to the present time, taken largely 
from a report of E. S. Ballord of Davenport, la., was 
prepared and read by Stephen Ballard. 

The occasion seemed to call for something more 
permanent, and an organization was formed with the 
provision that we should meet biennially as near the 
middle of August as possible. 


Samuel Spaulding was elected president, ]S"ewton 
Ballard secretary and treasurer, William Converse 
elected collector, and Stephen Ballard historian. 

The plates used at dinner on this occasion were all 
printed "Ballard Reunion, Elliott's Grove, Aug, 15, 
1888." " Keep your record clean." This motto has 
been permanently adopted, and we are most happy to 
say that it has been faithfully kept. And it is also 
reported that as yet none of the Ballards have been 
obliged to go " over the hills to the poorhouse," unlesf 
it was to make it profitable. 

At this meeting the seven oldest Ballards, children 
of Lynde, were present, namely, Winthrop, Valentine, 
Hamilton, Salem, Zaccheus, Sarah, and Elizabeth. 
But two of them are living at present. 

After the second meeting, in 1890, it was voted to 
hold the reunions yearly instead of biennially, and the 
place of meeting was soon changed to Nichols' Grove, 
where they have been held ever since. 

Quite a number of interesting events have occurred 
in the eighteen years, which, had we space, we would 
like to report. I will refer to only one or two. 

The first one, because it has money in it. 

The historian, Mrs. Clarance Nash, in her report 
for the year, spoke of the unkempt condition of the 
Bates Cemetery, so-called, where lie buried the re- 
mains of Zaccheus and Lynde Ballord, and suggested 
that a fund be raised, the income of which to per- 
petually keep these plots in better condition. This 
was highly approved of, and a good sum was imme- 
diately contributed, the income of which will be 
sufficient to always keep their graves in good condi- 
tion. Samuel Spaulding was appointed fund agent. 
The money he soon deposited in the Putnam Savings 

I am glad to report that the plots of Zaccheus and 
Lynde Ballord have been spaded up, reseeded, and 
indeed all the headstones and markers in Bates Ceme- 
tery have been reset and straightened. 

A ,7- .»-i*7. 

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wm^j: , 




In 1901, the historian, M. Helen Converse, was re- 
quested to compile the reports for the last twelve 
years, tabulating the births, deaths, and marriages, 
with the dates of each given correctly, which she did, 
giving 68 births, 37 deaths, and 37 marriages. All 
were so highly pleased with this report and with its 
value for future reference, that it was immediately 
voted to have this report, together with the first re- 
port in 1888, and some incidents in other reports, 
printed in pamphlet form. Three hundred copies 
were printed, and over 250 of these have been dis- 

These annual reunions have become such an inter- 
esting feature that they are anxiously looked forward 
to by both old and young; and in numbers and inter- 
est increase each year. 

Stephei^ Ballakd, 

Thompson, Conn., Jan. 8, 1907. 




Abby 25, 

Abigail 2, 

Alice 6, 

Alice Marion 44, 

Alida Mandell Amy . . 

Amy 27, 

Arthur Scott Winfield . . 
Arthur W 

Bertha . . . 
Bertha Estella 



CarliB 48 

Charles Henry 48 

Charles Herbert .... 48 

Chester Salem 49 

Daniel L. 


Ebenezer 3 

Elizabeth 1, 2, 11, 27 

Ella Ida 44 

Ellen S 24, 46 

Emily Ann 24 

Emma Jane 
Emma L. . 
Emma Luella 
Esek Steere 
Esther . . 


Frances Maria 
Frank HoUis . 

21, 39 

27, 49 

George H 48 

George Haven 14 

George Vernon . . . . 24, 47 
Gertrude 46 

Grace Tracy 48 

Hamilton 11, 24 

Harry Winthrop ... 46, 56 

Helen Cranska 48 

Hester 1, 2 

Horatio Joslyn 46 

Horatio Nelson .... 23, 43 

Ida M 32 

Jemima 2 

Jennie M 32 

John 1, 2 

John Anson 25 

John Bates 11, 20 

John Hudson 49 

John Lynde 26, 49 

John Winthrop .... 23, 45 

Joseph 3 

Julia Ann 48 

Julia Augusta .... 23, 44 
Julius H 25 

Katherine Augusta 

21, 40J 

Laura Corinne .... 44, 56 

Leonidas 25, 48 

Lillian Abbie 50 

Louis Salem 26 

Louise Florence .... 50 
Lucy Kyle 44 

JMargaret Augusta 
Martha .... 
Martha Frances . 
Martha Josette . 
Mary .... 
Mary Carolina 


. 11 
. 46 
24, 47 
. 2, 3 
21, 40J 


Mary Lynde 26 

Nancy ....... 11, 21 

Nathaniel . . . . . . 1, 2, 3 

Newton Allen ... 44, 46, 55 
Noel Oscar 46, 50 

Olive Chandler 50 

Polly 11, 22 

Rebecca 2 

Richard Winthrop .... 56 

Robert Francis 49 

Ruth Evelyn 50 

Salem Lynde . 11, 26, Appendix 

Samuel 3 

Sarah 2, 5 

Sarah Robinson . . . . 11, 25 
Stanton Wallace .... 55 
Stephen . . 3, 23, 44, Appendix 

Sumner Salem 49 

Susannah 2 

Sylvanus 3 

Timothy 3 

Valentine 11, 24, 47 

William 1, 2, 3 

William Francis 48 

Winthrop 44 

Winthrop Hilton . . 11, 22, 44 

Zaccheus ....... 3 

Zaccheus A 11, 26 


Alice 6, 12 

Arthur W 32 

Belle 40, 53 

Bernice 30 

Bessie Webb 40 

Charles Herbert ..... 32 


Eleanor 29 

Elizabeth Gooch . . . . 5, 7 
Esek Steere . . 39, Appendix 

George Haven 14 

IdaM 32 

James Seymour 14 

Jennie M 32, 51 

John Adams 54 

John Gilman .... 40, 53 
John Winthrop 14 

Katherine Augusta . • . 40, 52 

Lewis Kimball 14 

Lynde 4, 6, 10 

Marietta 15 

Martha 6, 9 

Mary 6, 9 

Mehitable 6 

Miletus Appleton . . . 15, 32 

Nancy 6. 10 

Nancy Emeline . . . . 14, 29 
Nancy Valentine . . . 8, 15 

Nathan Kimball 15 

Nathan Prentice . . . . 8, 15 
Nellie 32 

Prentice 32 

Rollins Ebenezer .... 14 

Sarah 5, 8 

Sarah Ann 14, 29 

Susan . 14 

Ursula 14, 30 

Webb Rysee 40, 54 

William 5, 7 

William Lynde ... 8, 13, 29 

William Prentice . . . 14, 29 

Zaccheus 4 



Henry 40 

John 40 

John Quincy 40 

Marie Cooper . . , . 40, 54 
Samuel 40 

John 40 


Hannah 13 

PaulL 13 


Francis Gerald 53 

Katherine Augusta . . . 40, 52 

Leon Ballord 53 

Leon Menard 53 

Phineas 9 

Polly Carroll 9 

Priscilla 53 

Isaac 11 


Anna 52 

Benjamin 23, 26 

Cora 52 

Cora Olympe 41, 54 

Ellen 52 

Erastus 37, 52 

Frank 52 

Hannah 12 

Harriet Francis . . . . 37, 52 

Jane 37, 52 

John 52 

Martha George ..... 41 

Orlando 52 

Roscoe 52 

Salome 23, 33 

S. S 41 

Stella Georgette , . . . 41, 54 


Abby 49 

Abby Ballard 25 

Charles Warren .... 25, 49 

Flora May 49 


George M. ...... 51 


Benedict ....... 43 

Harriet . 43 


Sarah B 25 


Annie E 25 

Nancy 35 


Ella Elizabeth 31 

Ledyard 31 


Sarah R 18 

William 18 


Susannah 8, 14 




Sarah Day 44 

William 44 


Lockwood , 17 

Lydia Robinson 17 




George L 55 











Noadiah ...... 

Sarah Joslyn 37 


Martha A 46 

Samuel Knapp 46 


Ellen S. 



Boyd 30 

John Winthrop 30 


John Salton 51 

William 40 

Charles A 25 

Albertus 12, 27 





Alice Bertha . . . 


Caroline .... 
Charles Robbins . . 

... 9 
... 38 
... 9 
... 39 
... 19 

Clement 9, 11 

Elizabeth Graham .... 38 

George Edmund 19 

Hale 9 

Helen Phelps 38 

James 9, 19 

James Field 38 

James Hale 19, 37 

John H 20 

Martha 9, 20 

Nancy . 
Polly . 
Rhoda . 




Frank A. 
LueUa A. 








Lelia Adelaide B. . 




Alice Margaret 47 

Clara Louise 




Emily Ann 24 

Fannie 47 

Josephine Cook 47 

Martha Josette 47 

Myra Annie 47 

Samuel 24 

Vernon 24, 47 


Betsey 9 

Daniel 9 

Francis 9 

Nathaniel 9, 37 

Polly 9 

Salome 9 

Solomon 9 

Sophia 9, 18 

William 9 


Anne 30 

Frank E 30 

Franklin 30 

Perley Fremont 30 

Sarah Louise 30 

Susannah Haven .... 30 


Abbie Hohnes .... 27, 50 


Alice Mabel 46 

Alice May 37 

Carrie Louise 46 

Cassius 52 

Charles Valentine .... 46 

Chevy John 19, 37 

Clarence Page 37 

Ellen S 46 

Helen Josette 46 

John 46 

Martha Lambert .... 46 

Mary Cleora 37 

Mary Ellen 46 

Myra Annie ...... 46 

Nathan 24, 46 

Warren Augustus .... 46 

Rev. WiUiam 45 


Jennie 52 

Jessie 52 

Newton S 66 

RuthArdelle 56 


Carrie E. 55 

John 20 

John H 20 

John Bates, Prof. ... 20, 28 

William 47 


Elizabeth ....... 4 


Harriot 20 


Alfred ........ 45 

Frederick - 45 

Grace Agnes 45 

Julia Augusta 45 

Mary Helen . . .45, Appendix 

William 45 


Lovinia Chapman .... 36 

Mordington 36 


Ann Cawley 30 

M 30 


Isabel 24, 47 

WiUiam 56 

Ateresta Dike . . . . 12, 28 

Cynthia 9 

Deacon 28 

Hannah 28 

Jerome 28 

Joseph T 28 

Talcott . . - 28 




John Baker, Dr 46 

Martha Frances 46 


Rachel 36 


Arietta 32 


Dorothy 12 


Albert L 31 

Amelia Barker 31 

David Ballord .... 15, 31 

Elbridge Gerry 15 

Ella Elizabeth 31 

Emma Frances 31 

Hattie 1 31 

James 15, 31 

James Madison 15 

Louisa 15 

Nancy Ballord 15 

Nancy May 31 

Nancy Valentine . . . . 15, 31 

Philesta . 15 

Sarah 15 

Susan 31 

Susannah Haven . . . 15, 30 

Thomas JefEerson .... 15 


Alice Ballord 12 

AlbynN 12 

Appleton 12 

Arba B 12, 28 

Ataresta 12, 28 

Charlotte 28 

Dorothy 12 

Elizabeth 25 

Joseph 12 

Mary Ann 28 

Rhoda N 12, 28 

Thomas 12 

William H ^ 


Alexander 35 

Sarah Green 35 

Aim 19, 38 


Frederick 46 

Martha Lambert .... 46 

Ely Abel Chapin .... 15 

Jonathan 5 

Abel Chapman 15 


John, Dr 19 

Cleora Page 19 

Josephine 46 

Lillian 46 

SaUy 26, 49 

Elizabeth 7 


E. W 31 

Hattie 1 31 


Martha 16 

Mary Elizabeth . . . . 19, 38 


Ellis 32 

IdaM 32 







Eveline Robinson .... 

Lucy Elizabeth 


Emma Jane 



Emma Frances 

William L 





John Eaton 

Martha 22, 

Nancy Ballord 




Augusta Maria . . . . 21, 




Emma . 


Charles L 

Susan Day . . . ^ . . 










Amy . . . , 

Carrie . . . , 

Fredrick S. . , 
Lavina Chapman 

Marietta . . . 

Milton . . . , 

Nancy . . . , 

Phebe Robinson . 

Polly Seymour , 

Salem . . . , 

Sarah - . . , 

Seymour . . . 

Volney Ballard . 

William . . , 

. 11 

- 35 

- 35 
17, 36 
17, 35 
. 17 
17, 36 

8, 17 
17, 34 

, 11 
17, 35 

8, 17 

17, 35 






Calvin J 32 

NeUie Ballard , . . . . 39 


Annie E. 



Adeline Page 19 

Augustus 19 

Susannah 7, 15 







Sir Charles 


Alexander S 33 

Mary Jane 33 




Abigail 23 

Aurilla 48 

Ellen 24 

Lucy 23 

Stephen 23 


James 47 


Ellsworth 37 

Lynde 37 

Marion Bixby 37 


Martha 34 


Chartlotte 20 


Lucinda Robinson .... 33 

Mr 33 


Deborah 3 


Abel 10 

Betsey 10 

Elmira 12 

Hale 10 

John 10, 12 

Louisa 37 

Nancy 10 

Nancy Ballord 10 


Eben 48 

Marie L 27, 50 


Caroline M 15, 32 

Clinton 54 

Daniel P 15 

Gertrude 54 


Achsa 18, 24 

Alice - . 28 

Easter 18 

Erastus 18 

John 18, 36 

Lyman 12 

Lyman E 12, 28 

Nathaniel 36 

RhodaN 28 

Salome ....... 18, 36 

Sarah 18, 37 

Sophia Carroll 18 


Clifton D 50 


Daniel W 31 


Cora Olymphe . . . . 41, 54 

Eve Ester 54 

Hannah Ruth 54 

Martin, Rev 54 

Ralph Martin 54 

Rubby Stella 54 

Stella Georgette 54 


Mr 37 


Polly 15 


Luther 13 

Sarah Stone 13 


Sir Peter 5 


Elizabeth Ann 31 


Fidelia E 34 

Frank 34 




Samuel, Judge 10 

Simon, Judge 10 


Isabel 7 


Hannah R 33 

Harry 33 

Lucinda 33 

Mary Jane 33 


Nathaniel 7 

Sally Stone 7 


Ella May 30 

Francis W 30 

Luther B 30 

Ursula 30 

Winfred 30 

(See Mathews, also.) 

Albert 33 

Albert Morris 34 

Ceylon 34 

Clara 34 

Luther B 14 

MaryR 33 

Ursula B 14 


EuthB 25 


Mary R 18 

Voltier 18 


Eliphalet 18 

Henry 18 

Nancy R . 18 


Albert A 36 

Alice R 8, 18, 34 

Helen V 36 

James C 25, 47 

James Whipple 47 

Julius 36 

Luella A 36 

Louisa 41 

Margaret Augusta .... 24 

Minnie Mabel 47 

Phebe 36 

Roger Bidwell .... 8, 18 

Sarah B 18 

Wniiam R 18, 36 


Susannah R 16 

Welcome 16 


Nettie Olivia 56 


C. E . . 30 


Hannah Robinson .... 33 

George 33 

Mrs. Clarence . . . Appendix 

Newdigate . . 5 


Harriet Francis 52 

J. CUnton 52 

Jerome 52 

Jessie Child 52 


Mr 48 


Arietta 32 

Calvin 32 




Adeline 19 

Alice 20 

Benjamin 19 

Cleora 19 

James Bates 20 

Martha 19 

Nancy Bates 20 

Ehoda 19 

Samuel, Colonel 20 


Joseph L 13 


Abiel 13 

C 13 


Clark 46 

Phoebia 12 


Adelaide 45 


Charles D 31 

Nancy Mary 31 


Edna R 41, 55 

Joseph 55 

Lucretia 65 


Reuben 7 

Ruth Howe Stone .... 7 


Julia 25 


Isabel 20 


Fred 50 

Olive Chandler 50 


Frank B 44, 50 

Hezekiah 27, 50 

Olin 50 


Ambra 13 

E. F 13 

J. F 35 

Phoebe 18, 36 


Belle Ballord 40, 53 

David Nelson 53 

Jennis Brock 40, 53 


Sarah 19 

Zachariah 19 


George 36 

Nancy Green 36 


Alfred 33 

Alice 8, 18 

Betsey 8, 16 

Charlotte 17 

Edmund Skiff . . . . 16, 32 

Elisha 16, 34 

Eveline 33 

Fidelia E 34 

George F 16, 33 

H. Duane 34 

Hannah 16, 33 

Lucinda 33 

Lucy 17 

Lydia 8, 17 

Martha 32 

Mary . . . . 8, 16, 18, 32, 33 

Micaiah 8 



Nancy 8, 18 

Philanda 16, 34 

Phoebe 8, 17 

Reuben 8 

Sarah 8, 33 

Seth 8, 16, 32 

Silas 8, 17 

Susannah 8, 16 


Sarah Jane 






















Ann 37, 51 


Rev. A. B. 



James A 43 

Mary C 23, 43 


Alanson , . 
Betsey Robinson 


Charles F 36 

Edmund . . 
Helen V. Mills 
Lewis . . . 
Lucinda . . 
Lucine . . . 
WilUam P. . 


Alice Bates 





Augustus Wright .... 49 

Chauncy 34 

Chester M 35 

Florence C 35 

Merrit 35 

Nancy 20 

Polly Seymour 34 

Rhoda Bates 10 

Seymour Green 35 

William 10, 20 


Caroline Elizabeth .... 25 

Jerome IrvrQg 25 

Samuel Knight . 25 Appendix 

Sarah Jane 25 

Sarah Robinson . 25 Appendix 
Simon 25 





Charles 14, 29 

Cynthia 14 

Nancy Emeline 
W. E. 

14, 29 




Ambra . 










Betsey Valentine ... 7, 12 

Edmund 12 

Elizabeth 12 

Elizabeth Gooch .... 7 

Era (Eva) 48 

Gregory 7 

Hannah 12 

Hezekiah 7 

Jesse 7 

John 7, 12 

Louisa 12 

Martin 7, 12 

Moses 7 

Nancy 7, 12 

Nathaniel 7 

Ruth Howe 7 

SaUy 7 

Sarah 12 

Solon 12 


Hiram 32 

Mary R 32 


Mr 33 

Sarah Robinson 33 


Eleanor Ballard 29 

George 29 


Gertrude Ballard .... 46 

Ludwig 46 


James U 40^ 


Benjamin 35 

Etta 35 

Marietta Green 35 


Elizabeth 19 

A. C • . 39 

Emma 14, 24 


Abraham 22 

Augustus Munroe .... 55 

Augustus Valentine ... 22 

Frances 55 

Harriot Arnold 43 

Plarriot Frances 43 

Harriot Lucina 43 

Jacob 22 

Jacob Francis . . . . 22, 43 

John Eaton 22, 42 

John Francis 41, 55 

Lillie Woodbury .... 55 

Lincoln Hamilton .... 41 

Louise L 55 

Louisa Mills 41 

Margaret 55 

Mills 41, 55 

M. L. C 41 

Munroe Lynde . . . . 22, 41 

Nathaniel Mills 55 

Polly Ballard 22 

Wallace Lincoln 55 


Elizabeth 4 

Elizabeth Gooch .... 4 

John 4 

Mary 4, 5 

Thomas 4 

Van Deusen. 

R. T 48 


Harriet S 26 


Christopher 40 

Frances A 40 

Zerah 40 


Sarah . 10 


Henry 32 


Adelbert 34 

Cora Hannah 51 

Edwin A 33, 51 

Ella A 51 

Flora Lydia 51 

Fanny M 51 

Marcus Morris 34 

Philanda Robinson .... 34 


Stella Georgette 54 

W. L 41, 54 


Arthur 51 

Bertha 51 

Frank A 51 

Joseph D 32, 51 


John 7 

Mary Ann 27, 50 

George 25 


Flora 32 

John 14, 29 

Lucian 29 

Reuben 29, 32 

Sarah Ann 29 

William Kimball .... 29 

Lillie Clinton . . . . 41, 55 

Freelove 26 


Page 2. 

Page 5. 

Page 9. 

Pa^e 23 

Nathaniel Ballard married Rebecca Hudson. 
Zaccheus Ballord's widow married (2) Jonathan 

Strike out "or so." 

Mrs. Salome ( Joslin) , widow of Benjamin Alton, 
was a great granddaughter of Zaccheus Ballord. 

Page 24. Ellen Holmes died in 1906. 

Page 24. First cousin, one remove. 

Page 46. No. 304. Susemihil instead of Sussenmihl. 

Page 50. No. 341. For Martha, read Bertha Ballard. 

Page 51. No. 350. For Oneto, read Oneonto. 

The Ballards of the sixth generation and their descendants 
used the early form of Ballard with the exception of Mr. Esek 
Steere Ballord, who, with his immediate family, spelled it with 
an " o," so adopting the form used by Zaccheus Ballord. These 
two forms were intended to be strictly followed in this mono- 
graph, and where there are deviations they were not noticed 
until too late to change them.