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lasned In the twontr-soveatli Tear of tbs FraterDtir- 





femjit SaluMonis. 

Am—" Coudeomas Igitur. 


Veniatis, Socii, 
Fi^at tempesta 
In sermone lepido, 
In canore conaono, 
Nunc agamus horas 1 Bis. 

Via nostra dnlcia est, ) 
FIoscuHa ornata ; J 
Stella lucidissimS,. 
LunS eandidjssim^ 
Nobis indicata. Bis. 

Regat Amicitia ! ) 
Ouras expellamiis, j 
In amicis hilaris, 
In opiniis epulis, 
Dulciter v' 

Sunt ubique socii, ) ^■ 
■ Coronati palmS ; J 
In senatu eonsulent, 
nios musEe sustinent, 
Fovet Mater Alma. Bii 

" Alpha Delta " gloria ) 
MaximS aplendescat, j 
Ad aetnmum floreat ! 
Laureasqne habeat ! 
Indies clarescat. Bis. 


C. R. Palmer, Tale, ISflS. 

.V Google 



Xewpe, "AA^a AeXra *( / 

'Ei^ albiva ■ddkXhJV, 

'Av^dvoio 6vvd(i,ei, 

KatS' dnavra viKiUv. 

XekTJvTj riKTOfievij, 
"AffTpov (cat fiapfidipov 
MeX^a/iev ivippoavv^, 
"Tiilv dafia tpaiSpov. 

'"Ev&ade KaXkiSni], 
2vv -naaai^ Movoduv, 

'H/iSf 77pa(i)f Tpiipuv. 

Naflf Kakov K'ayadmi ! 
'Etf alSiva arrjuuv, 
'Epd<x>iiev aov ipov, 
'EpaUfiBV Kvduv. 

^ekJjvT] riKTO/ievjj, k. t. A. 

Geo. a Bisnop, Amherst. 

.V Google 


itatft Sljla Itlk ||i. 

ToNB — "Latmger BoraUiis," 
Macte AJpiia Delta Pbi, 

Neque cedas tempori 
Affluena diebus, 

Choms — Vincnla quam dulcia 
Junctionia nostrae ; 
Jungant nos in sascula, 
Tuaa sorti sanctae. 

Fulgeant argentea 

Cornua crescentia 
Lmi£e inter nuibila, 

Nimbis violentis. 

Chorus — Vincnla, etc. 

Stella fida splendeat 

Gloria coelomm, 
SoTgens alte prsebeat 

Multum gaudiorum. 

Gliorus — ^Vincnla, etc. 

Igitur consortio, 

Vere quod amamus, 
Comites magnifico 

Oninea gaudeamua 

Chorus — ^Vincula, etc. 

J, H, REHtKQTON, Brononian, 1862. 

.V Google 


*'^M pc nobis/' 


i OF AXrilA I 

fail iff t|£ ^tar. 

Air — "SaS io Oie Chief." 
Ha:l to the Star tiat ia gleaming so brightly, 
Borne on our breasts as our ensign of pride, 
Fairer to us than the thousands, that nightly 
Throt^h the high heavena in majesty ride. 
May it be ever bright, 
May its effulgent Ught 
Ever gleam ou us and gladden our way. 
Star of our hope and love, 
Long mayst thou shine above 1 
Hail to thee, feir one, bright star of our day 1 

nail to the Crescent whose silvery glory 

Nightly grows broad on the zenith of fame ; 
Long be it honored in song and in story. 
Aye be its followers proud of their name I 
Manly the breasts that bear 
Our crescent beaming fair; 
Warm are the hearts that are throbbing beneath. 
Ever our joyful song 
Eingeth forth clear and strong, 
Had to thee, Creacent ! shine on us till death ! 

Crescent and Star ! ye are emblems of brothers, 
Whose lives like the star, are resplendent and 
bright ; 
Of a fraternity which among others, 

Shines like the moon 'mid the jewels of night. 
Loved Alpha Delta Phi ! 
Long may thy holy tie, 
Scholars and men in close sympathy bind. 
Bound in alliance strong, 
Ever we'll raise the song. 
Hail to thee ! union of heart and of mind 1 

H. L. Botxwoon, Amhetstj 1853. 

.V Google 


AiE — "AhiMma Forever," 

Let us swell the glad song, till its eclioes around us 

Fill &.e heart with its notes, and witli gladness surround 
us ; 

Till these walls 'mid which pleasure so long has abound- 

Shall ring with the shout and the chorus resounded. 
Hurrah ! hurrah ! Alpha Delta, forever I 
Hurrah 1 hurrah ! Alpha Delta, forever 1 

Our song is of triumph, victorious forever, 
With no rival to fear, defeat we know never ; 
Our aim always upward, our progress advancing. 
Successes most perfect our glories enhancing. 
Hurrah I hurrah I etc. 

As the past has been golden, immortal in story, 
So the path of the future beams brilliant with glory ; 
New honors are waiting, new beauties are o'er us, 
And the noon of our brightness yet opens before us. 
Hurrah ! hurrah ! etc. 

Thus, bold and unconquered, shall triumphs elate us, 
And the bright course of glory undimmed shall await 

us ; 
And brave Alpha Delta, bewitching as ever. 
Shall reign 'mid her kindred a princ — ^ 

Hurrah I hurrah I eto. 

Alpha Delta ! Alpha Delta ! heaven's blessing attend 

While we live, we will cherish, protect, and defend her ; 
Our hearts swell with gladness whenever we name her, 
And Queen of our thoughts we will ever proclaim her. 

Hurrah ! hurrah ! etc. 

W. W, Cbapo, Tale, 1652. 

.V Google 


loll |t on i\}t louti fuga. 

Eoll ye on the loud huzza, 
See arise yon orient Star 
Bom to spread the name afar 

Of Alpha Delta Phil 
Lo its radiant glories stand 
Brightest of our native land, 
Guiding on the mystic band 

Of Alpha Delta Phil 

Suns may set to rise no more, 

Night may stretch from shore to shore, 

Ours is light, an endless store, 

In Alpha Delta Phi 1 
Hail [ all hail 1 thou glorious dawn ! 
Welcome thrice auspicious morn ; 
Ignorance dies, and truth is bom 

In Alpha Delta Phi 1 

Hear ye not the loud acclaim 
Echoing forth from isle and main, 
" Wisdom, love, and friendship reign 

In Alpha Delta Phi ?" 
Eaise the psean, shout the song; 
Ring your anthem loud and long ; 
Bound in heart, we're brethren strong 

In Alpha Delta Phi 1 

Auis- P. Keiohtjm, Manhatlao, 1S58- 

.V Google 

L. HELTA rni. 

§£ncat| flur f allototJ €xtsmi 

Befeath our hallowed crescent glow 

Warm hearts that drink life new and high, 
i'rom yon fixed star, whose beams o'erflow 
The shrine of Alpha Delta Phi. 

Ckorm— Of Delta Phi, of Delta Phi 1 

We love the shrine of Delta Phi! 

Here Science borrows Fancy's wing, 

And Romance looks through Reason's eye ; 
Here Genius learns to toil, and sing 
The songs of cheerfnl indiistry. 

Chorus— Oi Delta Phi, of Delta Phi, 

We love the songs of Delta Phi ! 

Here friendship, wit, and genial mirth 

Banish with sunshine hours of gloom ; 
And when life meets its last of earth, 
Fond Memory decorates the tomb. 

Chorus~0\A Delta Phi, Old Delta Phi, 

We love the bonds of Delta i'hi I 

Then stand we, brothers, brave and strong, 

Lift we the star and crescent high, 
Let Eloquence, and Love, and Song 
G-ive praise to Alpha Delta Phi, 

Chorus— "So Delta Phi, to Delta Phi, 

Give praise to Alpha Delta Phi ! 

.V Google 


k ^iwc airlr €mtmi 

liB — " Oh! for wings to jtoot;'' or, "Prima Donna Song." 

The Star and Orescent bright 

Forever in our sky, 
Beam with a mild celestial light 

On Alpha Delta Phi. 
The hngering forms of pleasures fled, 

May cause all other hearts to sigh ; 
But pure and noble joys are oura, 

In Alpha Delta Phi. 

There is a chain which draws, 

Our hearts in friendship nigh ; 
It is the secret, golden bond 

Of Alpha Delta Phi. 
Here Art and Genius both unite, 

To lift our aims and motives high ; 
A light to cheer the scholar's heart 

Is Alpha Delta Phi, 

The laurel wreath of fame 

Upon her brow shall lie; 
While victory shall crown the name 

Of Alpha Delta Phi. 
In after-years though we may part, 

We'll ne'er forget the sacred tie 
That binds us closely heart to heart — 

'Tis Alpha Delta Phi. 

Geo. S. Bishop, Amherst. 

.V Google 


l|£it t|£ €mmt fmrt. 

Air — " My ludgiag is on the cold ground." 

When the earnest heart tumetli in sorrow away 

From the friends tbat allure to deceive, 
And findeth no heart-love its own to repay, 

Alpha Delta its want will relieve. 
For the trustful and strong here may fellowship find, 

Where refinement with manliness blends ; 
While around her dear altar our pledges we bind, 

That true hearts shall ne'er fail of true friends. 

Here, too, may the scholar his young ardor bring, 

Whether genius or talent hia share. 
And in Science rise proudly on resolute wing, 

Or in Romance weave tapestries rare. 
Whatever their gifts, whatever their still. 

All they to whom honor is dear, 
Alpha Delta will welcome, with hearty good will, 

To a brotherhood kind and sincere. 

So with love and with songs Alpha Delta we crown, 

Alpha Delta, the genia! and pure, 
And the years as they roll shall add strength and re- 

While Learning and Friendship endure. 
Then brothers huzza ! for the Crescent and Star, 

May their mild lustre never grow dim, 
Till all noble spirits, both near and afar, 

Shall join in the glorious hymn. 

S. S. GiBDSBR, Bowdoin, 1855. 

.V Google 


f |j ^tuJntt's §Ut. 

Tmn—" Pirate's Glee.'' 

Sing on 1 sing on 1 we love the chorus 
That's joined by hearts so strong aad true; 
The future, boys, is all before us, 
Its paths in glory we'll pursue. 
Above our beating hearts is gleaming 
The star whose pure beam lights our way, 
And still, o'er all our long path streaming. 
We see the Crescent's fadeless ray. 

Sing onl sing on! we well may glory 
In Alpha Delta's old renown, 
While countless tongues repeat her story, 
And countless hearts revere her crown. 
She lives ! our hearts are hers forever ! 
She fades not with the fading years ! 
Her children will desert her never, 
Alike her own in smiles and tears. 

Sing on 1 sing on ! it still is morning 
In Alpha Defta'a summer day, 
All clouds of opposition scorning 
She brightens on her rismg way. 
And still while on in life we're moving, 
And day by day we leave this hour, 
May Memory's record e'er be proving 
Old Alpha Delta's fadeless power. 

W. 0. SiODDiHD, Boeheater Chapter, 1 

.V Google 


Come all p joI(| Stuknis. 

Come all ye jolly students, and join us in this song, 
And loudlyswell the chorus, its joyous notes prolong. 
If any be who do not sing, they surely ought to trj^, 
And see who'll give the loudest shout for Alpha Delta 


If you seek for wit and humor, or need a helping 

You'll find them ready for you in an Alpha Delta 

band ; 
There's merriment and jollity, there's friendship true 

and high 
All fair and noble virtues meet in Alpha Delta Phi. 


Drink to the shining Crescent and the Star of emerald- 
Tor long years they've been honored wherever they've 

been seen ; 
For though the projani know not what they signify, 
They know that he who wears them is an Alpha Delta 
^ Phi 


B. E. Taylor, Yale, 1854, 

.V Google 


kK~" Dolbj Day." 

Wbere'er tlie fadeless Emblems of Alplia Delta shine 
There gallant hearts and noble miods iu friendship 

Jinn entwine. 
"We are a band of brothers, united, tried, and true, 
And happy the invited one who joins our chosen few. 
Cho}^its—0 glorious Alpha Delta Phi ! 

We'll shout aloud thy praise ; 
Thy sun the brightest in the sky, 
Shall shine through endless days. 
Our banners ne'er shall waver before the strongest foe, 
We'll always triumph over him, and ever mightier 

We fear no frowning battlements, though towering 

mountain high, 
For victory's the Destiny of Alpha Delta Phi, 


fail io Witt. 

Hail to thee, hail to thee, fair Alpha Delta, 
Our hearts' best affections are plighted to thee ; 
Never was Troubadour's lady-love fairer, 
Nymph of the forest or maid of the sea. 

.V Google 

Around thee we'll gather, while enemies threaten, 
Thy sons shall defend thee when danger is nigh ; 
And fer-distant shores shall reecho the pajan. 
Long live Alma Mater and old Delta Phi ! 

Although the world knows not the tie that unites ua. 
And sees but the casket inclosing the gera ; 
All honor the goddess whose tie so unites us, 
And envy the pleasures forbidden to them. 

'We^l cherish thee fondly tQl life's latest hour, 
And on our hearts' altar thine image enshrine ; 
Sweet memories of thee will by age gather power 
Like the sparkling nectar of Italy's vine. 

C. R. Palmbk, Tale, 1855. 

"latat Ucminisst." 

"A Viet sheii and a flowing sea," 

EiLL Up the beaker to the brim 

On this our festal night, 
And clink each glass till its liquid rim 

Shall glow with sparkling light ; 
"Nunc gaudeamus" — let each care 

Be banished from this hour : 
Old Time's gray locks once more shall wear 

The green sprig and the flower, 

For we drink to the star whose beams still shine 

As in the days gone by, 
And we quaff the wine from the hearty vine 

Of Alpha Delta Phi. 

.V Google 


Not Old Falernian can compare, 

Nor jmce of San Peray, 
Witli tne blood of our grape so rich and rare, 

And its odorous bouquet ; 
It liaa the true smack of the heart. 

The flavor of the soul, 
And it fires the veins with a subtler art 

Than the spell of the Lesbian bowl, 

Then drink to the star whose beams still shine 

As in the days gone by. 
We quaff the wine from the glorious vine 

OfAlpha Delta Phi. 

There is no head-ache in this wine, 

No heart-ache in its lees, 
But beams divine through the liquor shine, 

And beavcn-bom charities ; 
The graces of the mind which lend 

To life its charm and zest, 
And golden dreams and memories blend 

In the draught forever blest, 

Then drink to the star whose beams still shine 

As in the days gone by, 
We quaff the wine from the fragrant ^dnc 

Of Alpha Delta Phi, 

" Cras iterabimus ffiquor," 

Yet we will not forget 
That friendship which shall know no flaw, 

That star which ne'er shall set; 
The winds may pipe and clouds may pass 

Across Life's fitful sea, 
We'll crush the grape and clink the glass 

To the hours of memory. 

.V Google 


Then drink to the stax whose beams still shine 

As in the days gone by, 
We quaff the wine from the stout old vine 

Of Alpha Delta Phi. 

And when at last our hearts grow chill 

And turn to silent dust, 
We shall not die, for brave hearts still 

Shall keep the ancient trust ; 
The vine shall wear its blooms of Spring, 

The star its radiance cast, 
And still to Memory's cup shall cling 

The"beea-wing of the past. 

Then drink to the star whose beams still shine 

As in the days gone by, 
There is no wine like the juice of the vine 
Of Alpha Delta PM. 

Hekut Clay "Whitaker. 

€<smt, grotljtts, antr join iis. 

Air — "Alabama Again.''^ 
Come, brothers, and join us to swell the glad chorus, 

Let each fil! the air with a glorious strain ; 
With hearts all ignited and banners vietorious, 

We'll shout Alpha Delta, Alpha Delta again. 

Alpha Delta again, Alpha Delta again ; 
With hearts all united, and banners victorious 
We'll shout Alpha Delta, Alpha Delta again. 

.V Google 

The Star and the Crescent, all glowing with beauty, 
Shine out with a radiance none others attain, 

And silently, earnestly, urge us in duty, 
To shout Alpha Delta, Alpha Delta again. 
Ckoi-UB — Alpha Delta again, etc. 

PuU many a gem we have laid on her altar — 
Full many a vow we have made at her shrine ; 

And chaplets of beauty we've wreathed to exalt her, 
To crown Alpha Delta, our goddess divine ! 
Chorus — Alpha Delta again, etc. 

If envy assail her with breath of detraction, 
Or evil- eyed malice with venomous darts, 

We'll bravely defend her in life's every action. 
Beloved Jilpha Delta, the queen of our hearts. 
Chorus — Alpha Delta again, etc. 

Then brothers anew let us swell the glad chorus. 

Let heart answer heart in the joyous refrain ; 
While Crescent and Star light the pathway before us, 
All hail Alpha Delta, Alpha Delta again. 
Chorus — ^Alpha Delta again, etc. 

H. I,, Hamilton. 

^kr aiii drtsniit. 

Come, brothers, let us watch the sky, 

At the horizon gaze, 
And see the Emerald Star rise high, 

In full resplendent blaze. 
Ah I there she is — a beacon light, 

To guide us on our way, 
With Alpha Delta rays as bright 

As sunbeams at mid-day. 

.V Google 


Look now upon yon crescent moon, 

So silvery and so fair ; 
Say, think ye that the "Lord of Noon" 

Hath beauties half as rare ? 
Some spots there are upon her &ce, 

But know ye what they mean ? 
'Tis Alpha Delta Phi you trace 

Amidst the glorious sheen. 

Oh ! may our Star forever shine I 

Our Crescent never wane 1 
And may they ever light the shrine 

Of our loved goddess queen 1 
May cords of love and truth unite 

To form our " mystic tie I" 
And may they bind us to the right 

And Alpha Delta Phi ! 

U. J. Blakelet, Maahattac, 1853. 

J'aitlfKl air& frtit. 

AlH — " SparMiTig and Bright'' 

PAITHFrL and true to our chosen few, 

At the merry hour of meeting, 
"We gather all in our beauteous hall. 

To exchange a brother's greeting. 

And ere adieu, our vows renew, 

To friends as fixed to meet us, 
As the stars that glow in the heaven's bow, 

And at evening kindly greet us. 

.V Google 


And who can rue, wliat here we do 

In holy love, and plighted 
In friendship sure, ■with purpose pure, 

By Star and Crescent lighted. 

Chorus — Then ere adieu, etc. 

Our ties are new, but life is due 

To aught that can divide them ; 
And memory's power shall guard the hour, 

When earth's embrace shall hide them. 
Chorus — Then ere adieu, etc. 


Ant — "Nelly Gray." 
CoiiE Brothers, let us banish every gloomy thought 

to-night — 
Let us now bid adieu to every sigh ; 
Let each voice join the chorus, and let every heart be 

While we sing of old Alpha Delta Phi. 

Alpha Delta Phi ! brave old Alpha Delta Phi ! 

We'll sing of thy glories ever more ; 

While the Star and the Crescent shed their glories 

through the sky 
And the waves of old ocean beat the shore. 

With joy we have gathered here, a true and faithful 

Round the shrine of our Alpha Delta Phi; 
And our hearts are knit closer as we clasp each friendly 

And pledge truth and friendship till we die. 

.V Google 


When the weary week ia ended, and its lahors all are 

o'er — 
When its cares and its troubles are laid by — 
How we'll love then to gather in our cheerful hall once 

And sing of old Alpha Delta Phi 

B. M. CnvoHBOM', Peninaalar. 

Curat ^rotltrs, joiu \\t xljorus. 

Aia — "Beam/ MavRns." 

Come Brothers, join the chorus, loud let your voices 

To praise this glorious circle where love and joy 

abound ; 
We'll raise the shout of gladness, we'll fill our goblets 

And the toast shall be, "The friends we love, and 

Alpha Delta Phi I" 

And Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

Now the busy day ia ended, we have banished every 

The college halls are vacant, and each grave professor's 

Latin, Greek, and Mathenfatics we have willingly laid 


And merrily we'll rally round our Alpha Delta Phi — 
Our Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

.V Google 


There are homes whose pleasant memories we cherish 

day by day, 
There are loved ones pure and beautiful, and kindred 

far away ; 
But here's the stndenfs hearthstone whose fires shall 

never die, 
For we'll keep them brightly burning in Alpha Delta 


In Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

^t She fjas §mt Dctoii. 

Alft — " JuvaSera." 
The sun has gone down and the day-light is past. 
The dark shades of evening are gathering fast, 
Come brothers, the hour and the day us invite, 
To the pleasures of old Alpha Delta to-night. 
Chorus — Juvallera, JuvaUera, 

Ju— valle— -valle— -valle — ra. Bis. 

When, weary and worn with the cares of the week, 
An hour's release from our toils we would seek, 
With the joy of the sailor whose haven is nigh, 
To old Alpha Delta we merrily hie. 
Chorus — Juvallera, etc. 

Oh 1 where are the scornful who tell us of life, 
" 'Tis a sea that is rayleas, with sorrowing rife ;" 
For the Star and the Crescent rise bright o'er the wave, 
In darkness to guide, and in peril to save. 
Chorus — Juvallera, etc. 

Our life's full of joy that's as lasting and pure 
As the snows that on Himmalya's summits endure, 
For from old AJpha Delta there ceaselessly flow 
All the pleasures that man can inherit below. 
Chorus — Juvallera, etc. 

.V Google 


When years liave flown by, and in manliood's full 

We are called, one and all, our life's battle to fight, 
When sorrows oppress, and when laurels we earn. 
To old Alpha Delta fond memory shall turn. 
CAonts— JuvaBera, etc. 

Tale, 1855. 

Coraj to t|{ %ot 

Ais— " The Old Gum Tree." 
Come to the spot so dear, 

Where the tried and the true are found ; 
Come join in the festive cheer, 
And loud your voices sound. 
Sob— Bright beam the lighta around us, 
The walls in beauty smile ; 
Gay mirth and joy surround us, 
And chain our souls the while. 
Ckoms — Then come to the spot so dear, etc. 

The place we love it well, 

Its charms to us are sweet ; 
Por mirth and pleasure dwell 
Within this safe retreat. 
&)h — ^Without the wind may whistle. 
The tempest mutter loud ; 
For these we care but little, 
When with this jolly crowd. 
Chorus — Then come to the spot so dear, etc. 

Bright beams the sparkling eye, 

Our hearts with gladness bound, 
And the moments quickly fly. 

As the jovial song goes round. 

.V Google 


Solo — Here in life's rosy morning, 

Ere time's dull cares are felt, 

Our hearts all sorrow scorning. 

Shall feast in Alpha Delt, 

Chortis — Then come to the spot so dear, etc. 

W.W. CRiPO, Tale, 1852. 

|. ia|, (iadaiit ^|tf 

Am — " One Hiday morning v/e sd sail." 

A GAY, gallant ship, with a well-tried crew. 
Is the Alpha Delta Phi, 
With form so fair and timbers true, 
And a flag that floats on high, on high, 
And a flag that floats on high. 

Then call all hands, and spread all sail, 
The roaring gale defy, 
The moon and star will ne'er grow pale 
O'er the flag of the Alpha Delta Phi, Delta Phi. 
O'er the flag of tlic Alpha Delta Phi. 

We fear not the gale, we fear not the foe. 
The storm-king's might we'll try 
With flashing guna we'll scare from the seaa 
The foes of tie Alpha Delta Phi, Delta Phi, 
The foea of the Alpha Delta Phi. 

Chorus — Then call all hands, etc 

.V Google 


Air — "Beimy Ravens." 
The Star of Alpha Delta, the brightest star of night, 
And ever- waxing Crescent ■with pure unfiiding light, 
Now shine in beauty o'er ua as we raise our voices high, 
To sing the welcome chorus of our Alpha Delta Phi, 
Our Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

With cordial hands extended we welcome to our home 
These true and loving brothers who through the vale 

have come ; 
And sing the joys that thrill us all within the social tie 
Where mind andheartthe pillars are of Alpha Delta Phi. 
Of Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

In friendship true and holy our hearts united are, 
And Alpha Delta's glory, the Crescent and the Star, 
Shall urge us on to duty while they help us each to vie 
To addncwstrengthandbeauty to our Alpha Delta Phi. 
To our Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

|,s fijj liJtlramt |tt||t retails iclislt 

AiB — "Spm-Ming and Bright" 
As the welcome night recalls dehght^ 

And the joyful hour of meeting, 
With hearty cheer do wc gather here 
To exchange a merry greeting. 
Then sing to-night, let hearts be light, 

The world is bright before us ; 
And our souls are brave, for then shall wave 
The Star and Crescent o'er us. 

.V Google 


Oh ! if we e'er might tarry here 

What joy in life should meet us ; 
Where hands shoiald clasp in friendly grasp, 

And kindly welcomes greet us. 

Chorus — Then sing to-night, etc. 

Let's banish strife, the broils of life, 

Leave jealousies to others ; 
Joined heart and haad together stand 
A band of feithful brothers. 

Chorus — -Then sing to-night, etc. 

H. M. U., Peninsular. 

Iljfija icltas, raise t|t ^0113. 

Aia — " Landlord, JiU the flawing iowl" 

Alpha Deltas, raise the song — 

Banish care and sorrow ; 
Loud and long the strain prolong, 
Until the dawning morrow 1 
Ghorm — Alpha Delta Phi, my boys. 

The theme of song and storv— 
While the Star and Crescent shine, 
We'll ever sing her glory. 

Once again we here renew 

The bonds that none may sever ; 

Tried and true~-a chosen few — 
Alpha Belts forever I 
(7Aot«s— Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

Bright afer now shines the Star, 

And rides the Crescent o'er us ; 
Eoll along the loud huzza. 

And raise the swelling chorus ! 

Chorus — Alpha Delta Phi, etc. 

M. MiRBLB, Empire, 1855, 

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Comt §rot!}ro, scnti gull €m aba|. 

Ant — " Fh.i> Bays." 

Come Brothers, send dull care away, 

Hurrah ! hurrah ! 
And merrily sing till dawn of day, 
In old Delta Phi. 

Ohorus — Shout for Alpha Delta, 
Hurrah 1 huiTah ! 
Shout for Alpha Delta ! 

Hip, hip, hurrah ! 
Out let the cliorus ring, 

Hurrah I hurrah ! 
Join all the praise to sing, 
Of old Delta Phi I 

How many pleasant ii 

Hurrah 1 hurrah ! 
In after years will frequent me, 

Of old Delta Phi! 

Chorus — Shout for Alpha Delta, etc. 

How when there comes a Monday niglit — 

Hurrah ! hurrah ! 
We'll call to mind our old delight, 

In old Delta Phi ! 

Chorus — Shout for Alpha Delta, etc. 

And oft we'll tell our pretty wived. 

Hurrah ! hurrah ! 
How we enjoyed our college lives 

And old Delta Phi ! 

C/^ms— Shout for Alpha Delta, etc. 

Then brothers, sing right merrily, 
Hurrah! hurrah! 

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Oh ! what a jolly crowd are we, 
In old Delta Phi ! 

CJumis — Shout for Alpha Delta I 
Hurrah I hurrah! 
Shout for Alpha Delta ! 

Hip, hip, hurrah I 
Out let the chorua ring, 

Hurrah! hurrah! 
Join all the praise to sing, 
Of old Delta Phi ! 

Yale, 1855. 

fen's to §.tplja iritit. 

Here's to Alpha Delta, 1 ^.^ 

Drink it down I j 
Here's to Alpha Delta, 
Is. triumphant strains exalt her ! 

Drink it down. Bis. 

Drink it down — down — down ! 

Here's to Alma Mater, ]^ ^^^ 

Drink it downl ) 
Here's to Alma Mater, 
And to each true-hearted Prater ! 

Driuk it down. Bis. 

Drink it do\rtl — down — down I 

Here's to the emerald Star, 1 d,-„ 

Drink it down 1 f 

Here's to the emerald Star, 
Shedding radiance near and far ! 
Drink it down. Bis. 
Drink it down— down — down ! 

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Here's to the shining Orescent, 

Drink it down ! 
Here's to the shining Crescent, 
In our sky it's ever present ! 

Drink it down. Bis. 

Drink it down— down — down 1 

Once more to Alpha Delta, ) »■ 
Drink it down 1 \ ^^• 

Once more to Alpha Delta, 

And in louder strains exalt her 1 
Drink it down. Bis. 
Drink it down — down — down ! 

M. Maeblb, Empire, 185 

fittt (ft Compinif. 

Come all ye good Alpha Delts, tune up your throats, 

Vive la compagnie ; 
And lustily sing to the jolly old notes, 
Vive la compagnie. 
Vive la vive la vive la va, 
Vive la vive la vive la va, 
Vive la va, hop sa sa, 

Vive la compagnie. 

Away with the musty old books of the sages, 
Vive la compagnie ; 

For warm hearts and loving need no printed pages, 
Vive la compagnie. 

So a health to each other let's drink one and all, 
Vive la compagnie ; 

In fiiendship together whate'er may befall 
Vive la compagnie. 

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And a health to our S)'mbols, the Crescent and Star, 
Vive la compagnic ; 

And a health to their bearers wherever they are, 
Vive la compagnie. 
Chorus. . 

And last to heeself, our old Delta Phi, 
Vive la compagnie ; 
Witli a jovial shout and a goblet flUed high, 
Vive la compagnie. 

P. S., Bowdoiu, 1858. 

|.noiJ!cr htsj SSctk Ijas pst. 

Another busy week has past, 

Swee de la wee dum bum. 
And Friday night has come at last, 

Swee de la wee dura bum ; 
Then brothers lay your studies by, 

Swee de la wee tchn hi ra sa, 
And shout for Alpha Delta Phi, 

Swee de la wee dum bum, 
Litoria, Litoria, swee de la wee tchu hi ra s 
Litoria, Litoria, swee de la wee dum bum. 

What care we if the winds do blow ? 

Swee de la wee dum bum, 
What care we for the driving snow 'I 

Swee de la wee dum bum ; 
We'll banish care, we'll heed no sigh, 

Swee de la wee tchu hi ra sa, 
But sing of Alpha Delta Phi. 

Swee de la wee dam bum. 
Litoria, etc. 

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Our souls are knit, our liearta are bound 
To thee, loved Delta Phi I 

To thee, loved Delta PH. Bis. 
Our souls are knit etc, 
WitMn these walls whene'er we meet, 

The hours go swiftly tj ; 
No joys so wing Time's flying feet 
As thine, loved Delta Plii. 

As thine, loved Delta Phi. Bis. 
No joya so wing, etc. 
But they for us have passed away, 

Our last glad hour's flown by, 
And we must slowly, sadly say 
A last, a fond Good By. 

A last, a fond Good By. Bis. 
And we must slowly, etc. 
Then brothers, join in the farewell song. 

The parting noiir draws nigh, 
"We to the joys we've loved so long. 
Must bid a last Good By, 

Good By, Good By, Good By. Bis. 
We to the joys we've loved so long, 
Now say, Good By, Good By. 

0. R, P.iLUKii, Yale 



Air—" God save ffie Queen." 

Heaven bless thee. Delta Phi ! 
Heaveu save thee, Delta Phi 1 

Guard thee for aye : 
Keep thee harmonious, 
Happy and glorious, 
O'er all victorious, 

Prospered alway. 

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