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K a P p :^. V . •\ L .■ Y"^ :v i:x Cww \ >"i (^. . 



M^pti^ %^|i|i^ #^mm^ 





Edited and Published by Chi Chapter/vVv/v.-m-Jv-v 




4- y. V • 


I J 

'Tiv. 'iEV/ YORK 



a iy30 L 

!• • • 

» • 

• m 

. ••• 

• • • ••• 

» » .- . 

• • • • 

• • "• 

• •• : 

• • • , 

■ ■ • • • 

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• • •* 

? 'I • 

• • • 

• • • 

• • • 

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«•• • 

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• • • • ( 


9et«l, ... Twenty-one Sonos. 


"The Pounding of the Fraternity " 3 

Welcoming Song 4 

Opening Song 5 

Work, Girls, Work 6 

Hope 7 

Hong to Minerva 8 

Song to the Owl 9 

Full on the Listening Elar 10 

Gkty are the Merry Hours 11 

Qleaming and Bright. 12 

To-Whit, To-Whoo .• 13 

The Kappa Girls 14 

Questions 15 

When I was a Girl 16 

Song to "Upidee" 17 

Kappa Girls 18 

" Free Holiday ** Song 19 

Song to "The Bar.ka of the Old Raritari 20 

SoDg to the Organ 21 

Song of the Alumnse 22 

Good Night Song 23 

(Rjimma, ----- . five Songs, 

Reunion Song 24 

Come Ye Noble Kappas 25 

A Pledge to K. K G 26 

Kappa Fair our Hearts are Thine 27 

Here in the Dear Old Place 28 


Pf Ita, ... Seven Songs. 

Initiation Song 29 

Initiation Song 80 

Greeting Song 81 

To Join the Banks of Kappa 82 

Kappa Halls 88 

Long Live Kappa 84 

Parting Song 85 


iBpoiion . . Seven Sonos. 


BeuDion Song 36 

Circle of the Golden Key 37 

Kappa Kappa Gramma Sing 38 

The Golden Key 39 

The Wandering Kappa's Song 40 

The Life of a Thousand Years 41 

Benediction 42 

Cfta, . . Two Sonos. 


Veetra Insignia 48 

Wake the Song for Kappa Gamma 44 

IfOta, ....... Ten Sonos. 


Always Kappas 45 

Initiation Song 46 

Praise to Kappa 47 

Carmen Epnlamm 48 

Das Pflichtlied 49 

Reunion Song 50 

There's a Power of Thought lo-day 51 

We go Marching on 52 

Ode to Kappa 53 

Parting Song 54 

|tatl|»a, ....... Five Songs. 


Hereafter 55 

Initiation Song 56 

Song to •* Benny Havens " 57 

Qesellschaft Lied 58 

Parting Song 59 

Satttbda, ...... Four Sonos. 


The Song of the Buchtel CoUege Girls 60 

Ye Kappa Women 61 

Bonny Goat of K. K G 62 

Parting Song : . . 63 


|ltu, ...... Ten Sonos. 

^ The name of all Namee that is Dearest '' 64 

The Kappas of Mu 66 

Climbing up the Grecian Stairs 66 

May be You do, but I Doubt it 67 

The Banner of Blue 68 

The Bnstio Maid from Tenneeee 69 

Only room for One 70 

The Star of K K. G 71 

Seniors' Farewell 72 

Sing once more before we say Good Bye 73 

^i, ....... Thbeb Soifos. 


Song to Annie Laurie 7i 

Nostra Gloria 75 

Song to *'Sweet Singer of Michigan" 76 

SiHIIDIt - . - . - OneSono. 

To Kappa Kappa Gktmmn 77 

Salt, ....... Sbvbn Sozfoa 


Ai Korai Athe^ies 78 

Our Badge 79 

Boat Song 80 

Vocal Gavotte 81 

Welcome the Happy Hour 82 

The Girls of K K G 88 

How Ekigerly 84 

P|»0Uottt ----.. Five Somos. 

The Girls of the Key 85 

Meeting Song 06 

Kappas in for Fun 87 

Ejippa Gamma Girls 88 

Kappa Memories 89 

I X n K X (eoxTixuKD.) 

y^iy . . K1QHTS0N0& 

Phi 90 

Initiation Chant 91 

My Kappa 92 

I Belong toK KG 93 

Our Kappa Maid 94 

Our Colors 95 

The Beat Fraternity 96 

A Remarkable Song 97 

Cir^t, .--.-.- Eight S0NO8. 

Kappa Tea 98 

Votive to Kappa 99 

Duet 100 

To the Loyal 101 

Ohi'8 Serenade 102 

The Kappa Key 103 

Kappas Ever 104 

After the Feast 105 

90i, --....- Four Songs. 

Kappa Gkimma be Your Cry 106 

Initiation Song 107 

The Mystic Shrine 108 

Evening Song 109 

9mfg;Af Five Songs. 


Opening Song 110 

Song of the K. K. O Ill 

Kappa Colors 112 

Kappa Song 118 

The True Aim 114 

lllltrrMtell, . . . One Song. 

Welcoming Song 115 

|ttt0* H0VOf*0 Battle Hymn of the Bepublic 116 


8o9$8 of Beta. 

The Founding of the Fraternity- 


ime, "^recrf Naaman the SyHanJ'* 

THief&undinVKaMaongbook, (BETA CHAFTEB.) 

1. Long long ago, in days of old. 
When our grandsires were young, 

Minerva with her owl came down, 

Some youthful maids among. 
Her shield upon her arm she wore, 

Her helmet on her head; 
A casket in her hand she bore. 

And thus to them she said: — 

2. ^'I come from fair Olympian heights, 
Where rules the mighty Jove, 

To you fair maids the task I bring, 

A theorem to prove: — 
That secrets ma^ be told to you 

And other maidens too, 
And you will keep them safe and sound. 

As any man can do." 

3. ^1 give to you this golden cask, 
And in it you will see 

A gift to gladden woman's eyes — 

The magic * Golden Key.' 
Unite, unite young maidens all 

In bonds of K. K. G. 
Tie up your frocks in blue and blue. 

Ana come along with me." 

4. And so it is we Eappa girls 
Still sing Minerva^s praise 

She is our royal Eappa queen, 

And shall be all our days. 
And though afar in many lands 

Some ^ppa girls may roam, 
Minerva, with her owl will come 

And lead them safely home. 

Anne L. Woods. 

— 4— 

Welcoming Song, 

Air, **FiM VAnumr:* (BETA GHAFTIBB.) 

1. We welcome you now to our well beloved band, 

Vive les Eappa girls! 
We pledge to you now our hearts and our hands, 

Vive les Eappa girls! 
We ask you to help us be brave and be true, 
And do with our might what our hands find to do. 
And we may perhaps prove a help to you too. 

Vive les Kappa girls! 


Vive les — ^Vive les, eta 

Emma Powell Nutting. 

— 5— 

Opening Song. 

Ait, "Lamrigtr BtnUm." (BRTA CHAFTBB.) 

\. Once agaiiiy my sisters dear, 
Here we meet together, 
While our songs and words of cheer 
Bind us firm forever. 

Kappa girls, 0, Eappa girls, 
Cease your labors never, 

But keep firmly toiling on 
For Eappa girls forever. 

2. While we now our voices raise, 
And oar hearts, too, blending. 
Shout aloud in songs of praise 
To Eappa girls ascending. 


Inbz Jonss. 

Work, Girls, Work. 

Air, ''Cfteer, Boyt, CJbMr/* (BETA CHAPTER.) 

1. Work, girls, work with earnest hearts and tnie ones; 
Work, girls, work with will and purpose strong; 
Never give o'er to idle thoughts of failure, 

With willing hands work faithfully and long. 
Thus shall we make our lives more true and kindly; 
Good will ever follow where 

Eappa girls are found. 
Forgetting not our motto, we'll 
Keep our aim sublime, 
And long in the future the 
Eappa praises sound. 


Sing, girls, sing of Eappa joys and friendships; 

Sing, girls, sing with joyful happy hearts; 
Praise long and loud the merry hours in Eappa, 

Remembered long after each from the other parts. 

Clara W. Robinson. 

— 7— 


Air, **Lad Ofgwr^ (BOBFk CHAFTEB.) 

1. The years roll on while day and night 

Alternate come and go, 
And sorrows grieve and hopes delight, 

And joy is linked with woe. 
The Summers bring the bird in song, 

The Autumns bird on wing, 
But through the Winter's cold and long. 

It prophesies the Spring. 


Still let this be our song, 
Still let this be our song, 
Though time should bring us joy or woe, 
Our hopes will still rise strong. 

2. The friends we learn to prize depart^ 

The loves we cherish fly; 
And ofb we see with breaking hearty 

Our fair dreams shattered lie. 
But new friends come to bright our lives 

And new loves fill our days, 
And new dreams o'er the old ones rise 

To cheer our darkened ways. 


Cammib Pemdlbton Gaines. 

— 8— 

Song to Minerva. 

Air, '•aoKO iff ihB iSoM.'* (BBTA CHAFTEB.) 

1. To Minervay our queen, let our song rise to-night, 

And let our hearts thrill with our zeal. 
Let us sing of her war deeds and steel armor bright, 
Her owl, and her good spinning wheel. 


Then sing us a song of our queen, 

A song that is merry and gay; 
She wears a steel bonnet whose fashion don't change^ 

And carries her owl night and day. 

2. She's steady and valiant, and ready to lead 

The charge in defense of the right, 
And where her shield flashes 'tis easy to read 
Success in its glittering light. 

C horns : 

8. But when the strife's over she's ready to cease 
From conflict and war's bloody show; 
She rather inclines to the labors of peace, 
For she isn't strong-minded, you know. 


Then ring out the praise of our queen 

Who wars for the right side alone; 
And when it's all o'er, takes her owl and her shield, 

And tends to her business at home. 

Cammib Pbndlbton Oainss. 

Song to the OwL 

Air, ""DmMn Bow.'* (BETA GHAPTIB.) 

1. Whether out in the darkness and the night, 

Flying so fearless and free. 
Or perched on the shield of our queen so bright, 

Bird of wisdom, we weicome-thee. 
For thou art the emblem, chosen by her, 

Of her wisdom boundless and strong, 
And so by her votaries ever held dear 

And honored with praises of song. 

2. Thou art wise with the wisdom of the past. 

Thou art filled with a knowledge divine; 
What the oracles tell and the dark fates cast. 

Are known to thee by every sign. 
When Minerva, engaged in council deep, 

Utters wisdom and eloquence rare. 
Thou art with her and know how her wisdom to keep 

In thine own breast and guard it well there. 

3. Though men may consider thee only a bird. 

And not gifted with wisdom or power, 
We know that thy breast is with deep thought stirred 

And thy soul ponders hour by hour. 
So we honor thy majesty, grave but serene. 

And give praise to thy mystical ways. 
And sing of thee, guard of Minerva, our queen, 

In merry and gay-ringing lays. 

Cammib Pbvdueton Oainss. 


Full on the Listening Bar. 


1. Full on the listening ear 
Falls music sweet and clear. 

Nature rejoices 
With countless voices; 
Rippling brooks and waving trees 
Sing with each passing breeze. 
Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise God above! 
Praise Him! Praise Him! For He is love. 

2. Dark hang the clouds overhead, 
Cool on earth's thirsty bed 

Fall summer showers. 
While form the flowers. 
Fragrance mingles with the lays 
Sung by the birds in praise. 
Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise God above! 
Praise Him! Praise Him! For He is love. 

8. Come join with sweet refrain, 
Let wood and vale and plain, 
Echo our voices. 
Loud ring the anthems free, 
Through all eternity. 
Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise God above! 
Praise Him ! Praise Him ! For He is love. 

Elizabeth Putman Hbaton. 

— II — 

Gay are the Merry Hours. 

Air, '*Bhte •TuonKa.** (BBTl GHAFIBEL) 

1. Gay are the merry hours. 

Brimming o^er with laughter, 
That with mirth we sacrifice 

On fun's festive altar. 
Words running o'er with gayety 

Urge on time's flying footsteps, 
While our grave owl serene looks down, 

Reminding of her precepts. 

2. Good are the quiet hours 

Given to fond endeavor. 
When we consecrate our powers 

To wisdom and Minerva. 
Full of mirth and wing-ed thought. 

They teach us many a lesson. 
While our wise owl serene looks down. 

Our work to help or hasten. 

3. Sweet are the pleasant hours 

Full of choicest treasure. 
That with joy we dedicate 

To friendship without measure. 
Words come straight from loving hearts. 

With hope and gladness teeming, 
While our good owl benign looks down. 

So kindly on us beaming. 

Clara W. Robinson. 

— 12 — 

Gleaming and Bright. 

Air, ''aparkUna amd BrighL'' (BETA CHAFTEB. ) 

1 • Gleaming and bright in the fitful light 
Of our incense to Minerva, 
Shines the plumage bright of our "Queen of Night'* 
As she reigns on her throne of honor. 


Then we'll give her our praise. 

And our glad songs raise. 

Full of hope and zeal and gladness, 

And we'll swell the song 
And its notes prolong 

Till we banish afar all sadness. 

2. Her eyes gleam fierce, and her keen looks pierce 

To the heart of all crime and evil. 
And their glow makes bright all the gloom of night, 
And cheers the heart of trouble. 


3. May our hearts be white as her plumage bright, 

And our motives pure as her color. 
And our minds grow wise in the glow of her eyes, 
And our souls take fire from her ardor. 


Clara W. Robinson. 


To-Whit To-Whoo. 

Air, **Oo cache lunk.*' (BETA GHAFTBB.) 

1. There's a nook in old St. Lawrence 

Where the great white owl presides, 
And a throng of happy maidens 
'Neath his wings for aye abides. 


And the snowy owl, my sisters, 
Cries to-whit, to-whit, to-whoo, — 
Oh! to-whit, to-whit, to-whoo, to-whoo, 
To-whoo, to-whit, to-whoo. 

2. Mystic shapes and lovely visions, 

Underneath the moon's pure light, 
Hold their revels there forever. 
At the hoar of deep midnight. 

C horns: 

3. Heed the shapes and see the visions, 

my Eappa sisters dear. 
Let the snowy owl's good counsel 
Guide you in your pathway here. 


Clara W. Bobibson. 


The Kappa Girls. 

Air, ''John Brwm," (BETA CHAPTKB.) 

1. The Kappa girls united stand, 

Determined to succeed 
In driving evil from the land 

And helping those in need, 
In leading true and useful lives 

Let's ever take the lead, 
And thus promote the good. 


Three rousing cheers for the Kappas! 
Three rousing cheers for the Kappas! 
Three rousing cheers for the Kappas! 
Three cheers for the Kappa girls. 

Inez Jones. 



OrigimU Air 6y Florenee Lm. (BETA CHAFTEB.) 

1. Oay little bluebells nodding in summer time. 

Buttercups, daisies, and stargrass blue, — 
What if a dark cloud should blot out your sunshine? 
What if your cups should not fill with the dew? 

2. Little brown meadow-brook, fretting your rushes, 

Scolding your pebbles and laughing low, — 
What if a cold frost your merry voice hushes? 
What if your springs should forget to flow? 

3. Bobolink, bobolink, singing so cheerily, 

Trill to your patient mate snug and warm, 
But a wind trom the west is blowing drearily, — 
What if it bring to your nest some harm? 

4. Buttercups, bluebells, daisies and stargrass. 

Meadow-brook, bobolink, what can you say? 
"Oh doubting heart trust while dark or bright hours 
Have faith for the future and joy for to-day." 

Cammib Pendleton Gainbs. 

— 16— 

When I was a Girl. 

Air from '*Pintkfi>re:' (BETA GHAPTEB) 

1. When I was a girl I used to belong 

To the Kappa fraternity famed in song, [floor, 

We washed our own windows and swept our own 
And polished up the handle of our outside door. 
[: We polished up that handle so carefully 
That our daughters now belong to that fraternity. :] 

2. Every Saturday night we used to meet, 

When we'd finishea our studies at the end of the week. 
We always voted at our president's call, 
And we never, hardly ever, voted wrongly at all. 

[: We voted so well, as you can see. 

That our daughters now belong to this fraternity. :] 

3. Our members were few, but all were inclined 

To make our fraternity the best of its kind; [work. 

And I'm sure we succeeded in accomplishing our 

As none of our members were ever known to snirk. 

[: We did our work so well and successfully 

• That our daughters now belong to that fraternity. :] 

4. 'Twas the duty of the president to see 

That the members were restrained from levity. 
She did that duty so well indeed, 
That you hear of her in many of the papers you read. 
She now has her own to restrain, you see, 
*or her daughters now belong to this fraternity. :] 

5. The duty of the secretary 'twas to write 

The proceedings of the meetings each Saturday night. 
She read the program with a smile so bland, 
And she copied them all in a big round hand. 

i: She copied them all in a hand so free^ 
^hat her daughters now belong to this fraternity. :] 

6. Now members all, whoever you may be. 
If you want to rise to the top of the tree; 

If your soul isn't fettered by a secretary's stool, 
Be careful to be guided by this golden rule: 

[: Do your duty well and faithfully, 

And your daughters may belong to this fraternity. :] 

Flobenob J. Lbb. 




**l7p<d0e.** (BETA GHAFTEB.) 

1. The girls were coming down stairs one night, 

The Kappa girls, ha-ha! ha-ha! 
Without the faintest trace of a light, 

The Kappa girls ha-ha! 
When they reached the bottom, two ' men appeared. 

And watched those stairs 'till each girl disappeared. 


The Kappa girls ha-ha! ha-ha! 

Kappa girls. Kappa girls. 
Kappa girls ha-ha! ha-ha! 

Kappa girls ha-ha! 

2. Those girls started out as brave as mice, 

The Kappa girls ha-ha! ha-ha! 
And went down main street in a trice. 

The Kappa girls ha-ha! 
The corner was reached in haste by them. 

And there stood those same identical men. 


3. Those girls were frightened almost to death, 

The Kappa girls ha-ha! ha-ha! 
For halt a mile they held their breath, 

The Kappa girls ha-ha! 
And what do you think those men did then ? 

Why they never said one word to them. 


Geobgietta B. Hale. 

— 18— 

Kappa Girls. 

** WcM fwr IM TToffon.* (BETA CHAPTBB) 

1. The Kappa girls are happy, 

The Kappa girls are gay, 
They pass some hours of Kappa 

In a very original way. 
And they never make a speech unless 

There's something for them to say. 


Then long live the Kappas, 
Long live the Kappas, 
Long live the Kappas, 
So happy, light, and gay. 

2. They sit upon the floor, 

When they haven't any chairs. 
They scrub the floor with their own hands, 

And make light of their cares. 
When they go home they strike a match. 

To light them down the stairs. 


Inez Jonbs. 


Free Holiday Song. 

**PoUyJWoUy Doodle.'' (BETA.) 

1. *Twas black midnight by the chapol clock, 

Tra la la, la la, la la, 
At the Kappa door came a deadly knock, 
Tra la la, la la, la la. 


Come out, come out, come out my merry maids. 

With your wierd incantations, and your wild mach- 
Plant our tree with your delving spades. [inations 

2. A row of ghouls stole softly out, 

Tra la la, la la, la la. 
And put some trembling Fresh, to rout, 
Tra la la, la la, la la. 


3. That night the Fresh, beheld strange sights, 

Tra la la, la la, la la. 
Uncanny rites and will-o-wisp lights, 
Tra la la, la la, la la. 


4. On the morrow morn, on the college green, 

Tra la la, la la, la la, 
A new and thriving tree'U be seen. 
Tra la la, la la, la la. 


Claba W. Robinson. 

—20 — 


**Oii the Banks of the Old RarUan:* (BETA. ) 

1. When first I entered Kappa Gamma, 

As a shy, reluctant Freshman girl. 
With fear I trembled so 
That I shook the room, I know. 

And my wits all got tangled in a whirl. 


Then we'll sing of dear old Kappa Gamma, girls, 
For she's given us many a happy hour. 

For where shall we find 

Any friends more true and kind 
Than the girls that we loved in her band? 

2. But as I passed from Fresh, to Junior, 

I learned to prize her more and more; 
For she gives to every one 
Friendship, gaiety and fun. 

With a measure that is full and running o'er. 


3. And when at last I was a Senior 

I found in her my chief delight; 
For I'd searched in wisdom's ways 
And sung Alma Mater's praise 

With my loyal Kappa sisters day and night. 

Clara W. Robinson. 

—21 — 

Song to the Organ. 

**AMaUe." (BETA.) 

1. An organ, an organ the Kappa girls own, 

Its pedals are loose and the reeds are all gone, 
But music so sweet that it makes our hearts beat, 
Swells out in a tremendous tone. 


We care not what others may say, 

That organ is ours to play, 
We defy you to try 

To take that loved organ away. 

2. Though terror and fright on initiates seize, 

And featherless freshmen are ill at their ease. 
Girls say who have seen what thy mystic notes mean, 
"Apollo is touching the keys." 


3. Then Kappas forever our organ we'll keep, 

Its music will cheer when with sadness we weep; 
When school days are o'er, and we hear it no more. 
Its notes will be sweet dreams in sleep. 



Anna L. Woods. 

— 22 — 

Song of the Alumnae. 

Air, '*Tenii$to ontheOld Cfamp Onmnd,*^ (BETA GHAPTEB.) 

1. We are gathered to-night in the chapter room, 

Sisters old and new, 
To sing once more of the dear old home, 
And pledge our faith anew. 


We are singing to-night, singing to-night. 
Singing in the dear old room. 

2. When the burden of life is hard to bear, 

And we sigh for a time of rest, 
The lamp of love from the old room cheers, 
And we fly to the old homo nest. 


3. May it be to you in the years to come, 

When out in life's highway, 
An anchor safe and a harbor sure, 
A beacon bright as day. 


Geobgibtta B. Hale. 


Good-Night Song. 

Air, '•Old fiimdfMi." (BETA GHAFTEB ) 

1. Good night my sisters, ere we part, 
Lot every one within her heart 
Pledge now herself to all anew 
To stand by each her whole life through. 

5l?e So9§5 of Qa/n/na- 

Reunion Song. 

Air, ''Afml€ LUU,'' (GAMMA GHAFTBB.) 

1. Oh thou dear old band in college, 

How I love thee yet. 
The sweet ties of Kappa Gamma 
I shall ne'er forget 

C horns: 

Fade friendship, vanish treasure, 
Fickle fortune cheat, 
We shall still remember Kappa, 
For her memory's sweet. 

2. Oh thou blue and blue of Kappa 

Fadeless still thou art, 
Oh thou tried and true old Kappa 
Linger in my heart. 


3. Though in after years I wander 

Far from sisters true, 
In my heart shall e'er be cherished 
Kappa's own true blue. 


Eva Donaldson. 


Come ye Noble Kappas. 

AJbr. "Fan— W to tkm F&rmL'* (BAMMk GHAFTEB.) 

1. Come all ye noble Kappas and help the world along. 
We'll go marching through this land with life and 

light and song. [stand, 

Proud of the royal banner 'neath which we all shall 
The proudest and the bravest of this our native land. 

2. We'll shout dear Kappa's praises o'er land and o'er 

the sea, 
But never once forget what all we owe to thee. 
And as a noble order united we shall stand, 
And all the world shall view with pride, our own, 

our loyal band. 

3. Our colors are the brightest that have ever been 

designed; [lines, 

They stretch across the heavens and form in lines and 
The crowds look up as they move on and shout, may 

K. K. G. 
Live long and well, long and happy, happy in this 

land of the free. 


Pledge to K. K. G. 

AUr, *'Home, Aoeel Horns.*' (QAMMA CHAPTER. ) 

1. Come join every hand in our order so fond, 

And shame be to her who would sever this bond, 
And now as the time for our parting draws near, 
We must pledge our devotion to K. K. G. 


Hail to K. K. G. We pledge our devotion to K. K. G. 

2. By every fond hope and sweet dream of the past, 
By life and its loveliness dying so fast. 

By every bright star that looms up in " The Key." 
We pledge our allegiance to K. K. G. 


3. And through all the years that are sweeping so fast. 
When the radiant future shall change to the past, 
Be this our resolve as the haven we see — 

We'll never forsake dear K. K. G. 



Kappa Fair, Our Hearts are Thine. 

Air, **Qaaw <*« lVoH6a4or.** (GAIIMA GHAFTIB.) 

1. Gaily we Kappa girls lift up oar song, 
For our brief college days hasten along. 

Happy our hearts to-night aronnd Kappa's shrine. 
Kappa dear, Kappa fair, onr hearts are thine, 

2. May Kappa's love of truth ever be ours 

To guide our thoughts aright through future hours. 
So may we joyful sing, met round thy shrine, 
Kappa dear, Kappa fair, thy truth be mine! 

3. May Kappa's love of good be our delight, 
And guide our aimless steps into the right; 
So may we ever sing, tho' far from thy shrine, 
Kappa dear, Kappa fair, thy good be mine! 

4. May Kappa's beauteous charms our souls array, • 
And keep our secret thought lovely alway. 

So may we ever sing round Kappa's shrine; 
Kappa dear, Kappa fair, thy charms be mine! 

Eva Donaldson. 


Here in the Dear Old Place. 

Air, **J7ov Oan I Leam Thee,*' (QAMMA GHAFTEB.) 

1. Here in the dear old place. 

Where all is life and bright, 
Contented looks each face, 

And eyes are bright. 
The days are flying fast. 

Quickly they come and go, 
While we are young and gay 

Happily they flow. 

2. What shall the future be? 

Very little care we now. 
Sorrow perhaps well see. 

Care shade our brow. 
But we this eve will sing 

Happy, happy, Kappa songs. 
Making the echoes ring 

Where joy belongs. 

3. Let us then at ev'en tide 

As we are gathered now. 
Friends standing at our side 

Make here our vow. 
Here shall our hearts abide, 

However far we roam. 
Though over oceans wide, 

Here is our home. 

Harriet Chamberlain. 

5J?e So9§5 of Delta, 

Initiation Song. 

Air, "Far AwayJ" (DEI/TA GHAFTES. 

Inside — 1, Knocking, knocking, who is there? 
Outside — Waiting, waiting, Kappa fair. 

It is a triond who seeks to enter. 
Will you not unbar the door? 

To the mystic shrine of Kappa 
Will you not admit one more ? 

Inside — 2. Knocking, knocking, still she's there. 
Outside — Waiting, waiting, Kappa fair. 

Is the door so hard to open 
To admit a sister true? 

She will prove a faithful Kappa, 
Give to love its honor due. 

Inside — 3. Knocking, knocking, what! still there? 
Outside — Waiting, waiting, Kappa fair 

f Now at least the door will open, 
jjj J And within dear Kappa's halls 

I We will pledge our work together, 
t Work that death alone recalls. 


Initiation Song. 

Air **8haU we Gather at the Bioer." (DELTA GHAPTEB.) 

1. Once again our doors are opened 

To admit another one; 
And we greet another sister, 
Whose true life has just begun. 


Welcome sister to our order, 
Steadfast may you ever stand; 

May your deeds be good and noble. 
And your aim be ever grand. 

2. thou sister last admitted, 

Last called by that sacred name. 
Noble aid our order gives you, 
Aid to honor, glory, fame. 


8. Let your light shine brightly ever — 
Let it cast a glow around. 
We adjure you to remember 
The ties by which you^re bound. 


Greeting Song. 

Air, '*Old FoUu at Home.*' (DEl/TA GHAFTEB.) 

1. sister now we bid you welcome, 

Welcome from each; 
Let all your deeds be good and noble, 
Thus does our order teach. 


Joyous now we greet you, sister. 

Gladly we meet; 
Strong burns the flame of love between us, 

For Kappa bonds are sweet. 

2. And as you join the mystic circle. 

Have in your sight 
Those words with which we greet each other 
On coming here to-night. 


3. If thou shouldst conquer in the battle 

'Twixt fame and thee. 
Give honor then sister Kappa, 
To our fraternity. 


4. It is the author of our triumph, 

Its motto bright, 
Is one by which the goal we strive for 
Is ever kept in sight. 



To Join the Ranks of Kappa. 

Air, ''DixU," (DELTA CHAPTBB.) 

1. When first I to this college came. 
Few were my days and small my fame; 

That is true — nothing new, 

But I hoped to be a Kappa. 
Fd heard fraternities were nice, 
Select in number and precise; 

It is true, to my view, — 
Yet I hoped to be a Eappa. 


Oh! I wish I were a Kappa, 
If I could, then I should. 

Oh! I'd like to be in Kappa's band 
And live and die a Kappa Gam. 

Yes, I would if I could, 
I would like to be a Kappa. 

2. The Kappas called on me one day. 
The conversation turned this way: 

" We to you thus do sue 
To join the ranks of Kappa." 

The very next meeting held, I trow, 

I joined their ranks, and now I vow 
To be true to the blue — 

The double blue of Kappa. 


And now I am a Kappa, 
Yes, I am a Kappa Gam. 

With pleasure Rreat and heart elate, 
I'll live and die a Kappa. 

Yes^ I am a Kappa Gam — 
How good to be a Kappa! 

3. Now, fresh barbarians warning take; 
If mystic food you'd like to break. 

Have in view this to do. 

Or you'll never be a Kappa: 
With studying hard store well your mind, 
Be neat and gentle, good and kind, 

And be true, and you'll do 
To join the ranks of Kappa. 

A. GwYiTB Foster. 

Dedieated to Delta. 


Kappa Halls. 

Air, "Old Qrims$r (DELTA CHAPTER.) 

1. Dear Eappa halls have ever been 

The home of mirth and glee. 
And oft they echo to the sound 
Of Kappa jollity, 

2. Then let the laugh and jest go round 

And mirth be unconfined; 
And may the pleasure of this night 
In memory be enshrined. 

3. And let us join to praise the day 

That saw us Kappa's own. 
Of all the students in the land 
We surely envy none. 

4. And often, as in after years, 

These happy days come back, 
And memory, in her magic car, 
Shall take life's olden track. 

5. We'll bless dear Kappa's name once more. 

As in those happy hours, 
Whose memory shall our souls refresh 
As dew the drooping flowers. 


Long Live Kappa. 

Air, ""Wait for the TTcvon." (OBLT4 CHAFTEB.) 

1 . To Eappa Eappa Gamma dear 

We'll raise our songs of glee 
And loud and long the strains prolong, 

For our fraternity. 
The songs of joy, our hearts employ 

As tribute unto thee. 
Then high we'll raise our songs of praise 

Eappa fraternity. 


Long live old Eappa, 
Long live old Eappa, 
Long live old Eappa^ 
Eappa fraternity. 

2. Our love is long, our love is strong, 

Our love is kind and true; 
Our love is whole, and from the soul, 
Eappa dear for you. 

Of thee so dear, our words of cheer 

Recall sweet memory; 
Let homage pay a roundelay 

Eappa fraternity. 

Written in honor of DeltUy by A. Gwynb Foster, 


Parting Song. 

Air, **Auld Lang Syne.'* (DELTA CHAFTBB.) 

1. At length the parting hour has come, 

For the past year tne last, 
To this dear place we bid adieu, 
Where happy days have passed. 


Farewell dear Eanpa now to you, 

We say farewell the last 
To this dear place we bid adieu, 

When happy days have passed. 

2. But as the closing hour draws near, 

The thought that we must part 
With Eappa schoolmates, friends most dear. 
Makes many a sorrowing heart. 


3. With Kappas dear no more we'll meet 

In this accustomed place; 
But memory's tablets still will keep 
Each bright and happy face. 


4. We'll cherish lon^, sisters kind. 

Your eflfbrts to impart 
True knowledge that will crown each brow 
And bless with joy each heart 


5. Oh ! may the lessons gathered here 

As years draw on, become 
True wisdom's crown upon the brow, 
As o'er the world we roam. 


6. And when life's lessons all are o'er 

may we meet to dwell 
Around our Father's Throne in Heaven, 
No more to say '* Farewell." 


No more to say " Farewell,'' dear girls. 
No more to say " Farewell." 
Around our Father's Throne in Heaven 
No more to say "Farewell." 

Jt^e §09^8 of j^psiloi). 

Reunion Song. 

Air, **When the SwoIUhm Homeward Fly.'' (SP8IL0N CHAPTER.) 

1. Reunited now we meet, 
Reunited now we greet, 
While our lives were cast apart, 
We united were in heart. 
After absence we can trace 
Joy in each familiar face. 

We return, dear Kappa^ to thee 
Loyal as ever, loyal to thee, 
Loyal as ever, loyal to thee. 

2. Broken is our golden chain. 
Some we seek, but seek in vain; 

We would clasp their hands once more 

And recall the days of yore. 

But we know the past's secure. 

And the future now is ours. 

Be our aim, then, noble and true. 

Faithful to Kappa, faithful and true. 

Faithful to Eappa, faithful and true. 

Helen May Cyrus. 



Circle of the Golden Key. 

Air, *'g<u6gy6d LynetU." (EPSILON GHAFTEB.) 

1. When summer zephyrs fan my brow, 

And flowers 'neath weight of dew-drops bow; 

As twilight falls on vale and hill, 

And crickets chirp beside the rill; 
When cares seem softened like the light, 
And musings sweet my soul delight, 

My tend'rest thoughts are all of thee, 

circle of the golden key! 


The years may come, and years may go, 
The rippling waters seaward flow; 
Time cannot change our love to thee. 
Blest circle of the golden key! 

2. When autumn's sunset hues are shed 
On field and wood, with purple shred; 

And partridge whirring from the glen 

Attracts the eager huntsman's ken; 
When melody of voices sweet 
Is heard in groves with nute complete; 

Each leaflet's hue reminds of thee. 

Dear circle of the golden key! 


3. When winter's snow and ice abound, 
And raging tempests surge around; 

When landscapes hoar are bleak and drear, 

And earth seems vegetation's bier; 
When yule-logs glow in chimneys wide. 
And glad hearts greet the Christmas tide; 

Then from the coals arise to me. 

Bright visions of the golden key. 


4. In the poetic dream of youth. 
When riper years bring sterner truth; 

Where Lethe's peaceful waters glide. 

Where Scylla's surging billows chide; 
In tropic bower, or land ot ice. 
Wherever sounds my duty's voice; 

Still will my heart be true to thee. 

Blest circle of the golden key! 

Dedicated to Epsilon. — E, M. Van Cbltbn. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma Song, 

Ckmbenmgioa*r**Oa'Cet'eht-lunk." (BP8IL0N CHAFTIBB.) 

1. Sing we Eappa Kappa Gamma, 

K^ppa Eappa Gamma sinff, 
To thy shrine, oh mystic order 

Now our mystic praise we bring. [Fine. 
Praise of blue, celestial color, 

Keys of gold and secrets giive. 
Hidden in the deep recesses 

Of the hearts they render brave. D. C. 

2. Mystery surrounds our movements, 

Veils them in a radiant cloud, 
"Girls could never keep their secrets 

Though they couldn^t speak aloud." 
In our hearts we dare not keep them. 

For we'd lose them sure, you know, 
So we pin them on our dresses — 

Tie tnem with a sky-blue bow. 

Sing we Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma sing, etc. 

3. Jolly times we have together 

Sisters of this classic clan. 
Undisturbed bv Pan or Eros, 

Heathen god or horrid man. 
Night and day through cloud and sunshine 

We pursue our psychic goal, 
Busily unlocking treasures 

To enrich the numan soul. 

Sing we Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma sing, etc. 

Written far Epsilon by E. M. Van Pbttbn. 


The Golden Key. 

Air, **Ths Wamd&rtr:^ 

1. Fain would I enter the palace so fair, 

Where wisdom as queen is enshrined, 
Surrounded by all that is lovely and rare 

In the wonderful realm of mind. 
Ah few that can enter the golden gate, 

That wonderful realm to see, 
And long might you linger and ever might wait 

If you had not the golden key, 

2. Fain would I enter the circle charmed 

Where friendship and culture meet^ 
Where hands are enclasped and hearts are warmed 

In a loyalty tried and sweet. 
The outer door is securely locked, 

And unlocked it cannot be, 
(For many have tried and have often knocked.) 
* If you have not the golden key. 

Written for Epsilon by J. P. Hutohinson. 



The Wandering Kappa's Song. 

Air, *'Otd Oaken Bucket.'' (BPBIIiON GHAPTEB) 

1. How sweet in my mem'ry cling the thoughts of old 

As miles intervening my thoughts turn to thee, 
And a thousand fond fancies like a whirlwind rush 

o'er me, 
As again in my fancy the old hall I see. 

2. As by some strange fireside, my life Fm reviewing, 

Some sweet recollections are reverting to me; 
Of the times we have spent in the halls of old Eappa, 
And with shouts and with laughter sang songs of 

3. And if time in its changing again leads together, 

A number of Kappas in nearness to me; 
ni again join in singing the praises of Kappa, 
With "God bless the sisters of the loved mystic 

Written for Epsilon — ^J. H. Franklin. 


The Life of a Thousand Years. 

iilr, "My Own ObivmMa." (EPBHiON GHAFIXa.) 

1. hail dear Kappa Eappa Gamma! 

Let future have for you no fears. 
For know your gloi^ shall not lessen, 
While you shall live a thousand years. 


A thousand years of life, Kappa^ 
Still bright your golden key appears, 

And may tne blue and blue v^ave ever, 
The emblem of a thousand years. 

2. In ages yet to come, Kappa^ 

Tour fame aloft each cycle rears. 
For v^e can see far in the future 
Your triumph lasts a thousand years. 


8. All rivals must give v^ay before you. 
And you, as nov7, with none as peers. 
Live on when they are gone, forgotten. 
Your light a gleam a thousand years. 


4. Long live Eappa Eappa Gamma! 

To tell your future needs no seers. 
For Eappa fair all else surpassing 
Shall live, yes live a thousand years. 


5. And while the days are swifWy passing 

Be gay with smiles, not sad with tears. 
May gladness and not sadness, Eappa^ 
Endure for you a thousand years. 


Written for Epsilon by L. A. Straight. 



Air, G^iKxT* ifoM. (BP8IL0N CHAFTBB) 

Bless, God, and protect 
Our sisterhood true and noble, 
Kappa, Eappa, Gamma. 
Deliver us from evil visitations. 
And keep us faithful, true and good. 

5^76 SoQ$5 of ^t3- 

Vestra Insignia. 

Air, ''Lavrigmr Horaiiui:' (ETA GHAFTEB) 

1. Clavis vestra caudeat, 

Furataque numquam; 
Atque aurum fulgeat 
Nee obscuram amquam. 


Salve! Kappa feminae, 
Vos angelae purae 
Continum carissimse 
Sanctse, rectse, carse. 

2. Puella quisquae gaudeat 

nia lugeat numquam, 
nia ne luctosa sit, 
Sed jucunda umquam. 






Wake the Song for Kappa Gamma. 

Air, *'aM»-e*«4iifak'* (BTA GHAFTEIL) 

1. Wake the song for Eappa Gamma, 

Raise the chorus to the skies; 
For she is the fond creator 
Of our glorious destinies. 


Sing Eappa Eappa Gamma, 
Eappa Eappa Gamma sing; 

Sing Eappa Eappa Gamma, 
Eappa Eappa Gamma sing. 

2. What is wealth or paltry pleasure 

To the soul that ever lives? 

Sterling wisdom is the treasure 

Eappa Eappa Gamma gives. 


3. Then we'll shout aloud the chorus 

Till it reach the stars above. 
Be the waving banner o'er us 
Eappa Eappa Gamma's love. 


5l7e Soi?$5 of lota. 

Always Kappas. 

Air^ **Th9 Bridge:' aOTA CHAFTEB,) 

1. We meet at the shrine of Eappa, 

For the evening bell chimes the hour, 
And the first bright rays of Hesper 

Are shining on spire and tower; 
And their light is not more steadfast, 

Or the deep sky more serene, 
Than the hearts of Kappa sisters, 

And the love that lies between 

2. How often Oh! how often 

In the days that have gone by. 
Have Kappas met here together, 

With warm hearts beating high! 
Time's current has swept them onward, 

And it bears us swiftly, too, 
But the light and the glory of Kappa 

Shall always be strong and new. 

3. Yes, forever and forever. 

As long as the river flows, 
As long as the heart craves friendship, 

As long as the life has woes; 
We are one in the bonds of Kappa, 

We are one by the magic key 
And the symbols of early friendship 

To us, is K. K. G. 

M. T. Taylor. 


— 46— 

Initiation Song. 

Air, ''Star-VMngled Banner,** (IOTA GHAFTEB . 

1. Oh come! let us greet with exultant delight 

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last 
The light and dark blue, through the shadows of 
On the hearts we have won all so gallantly stream- 
Eappa conquers anew, and on hearts that are true 
Is the proof that forever her ranks shall renew; 
And her glory still farther and brighter shall bum, 
While the stars light the night and the day-beams 

2. By your firmly pledged vow to fraternity sworn, 

By your faith and your strength and your earnest 
Shall the standard of Eappa still onward be borne 

In the vanguard of right and each noble emotion. 
And though dark tate may frown yet we fear not its 

In the strength of our union our foes find their doom; 
And our love will grow warmer our courage be more 
Till K. K. 6. triumphs from sea shore to snore. 

3. Oh thus be it ever, when hand joins in hand^ 

And hearts glow with friendship's divine consola- 
Blest with victory and peace, may our widening band 

At the altar of Truth find a sure consecration . 
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just. 
And in right, not in might, still unshaken we trust; 
And the colors of Kappa, undimmed and unstained 
Still proudly shall float o'er the heights we have 


M. T. Taylor. 


Praise to Kappa 

•Itr, "Am-'ntti. 

U'i ^ < M \\'\ FJ; • 

1. Our Kapiui, 'tis uf V\\vi\ 
Itevert-Ml tVatoriiitv, 
or t li'\: \; ' >i;i2; 
Wiijitijvor (:i!iiiic(^. may ti«li\ 
Tlum :u'l. our i»u:ir(l aii.l i»iii«Ir, 
And still from e\'(M'v >hh' 
Thy iJij-ise .-liiill liii^i. 

fii ' 

oil! iiii'-lifv K. K. C. 
l'nite«i l;aii-'l :\iA I'li.*.'. 
Tliv iiani»? wo luv-.': 
TliiiK? is our \':\\*h \*.\n\ vow- 
To tlic(^ (>ur lit^arrs we i^nw. 

Loval luji:c<*loilli as ih)W, 

•• • 

\Vii-vT<^*or wo ro\r. 

'i. .\ray hMV':-ili-\' on I !:(.•»• \v;:it, 
Thvi' !i;:.v a uiu;'ious Ian' 

Siill i!{»\v;:5*'l loan; 
Mav lioait wi* li lioas't -! ili '•: 
May f'-iL-inl ^•■i' ju:ii».m! to LVi. :i 
May c:u li tlii'-.' hn'Hir i, •..!!. 

lU WoriJ ;;i!.] ■!i.T.^ 


.■I • • 



Carmen Epularum. 

Air, "JMunu^r H>.ratiui<r .H)TA • HAI'IKIS. 

1. Dulceni amicitiiiiu 

Sororcs hunlainiis; 
Ma;^niim in laotitiani 

K. K. 0. cauainiis. 
Kt in tarto mandis es 

Tn, o no?stra <loniina — 
T\\ adjuvans nol)is ros- 

Kt in elaro iioinim.'. 

2. Magis nnnc (luani ocnlos 

K. K. (r. ainatnr! 
A nior extra puciilos 

Facile donatur, 
Clare, clare, clare nunc 

Canite, 8orore.>! 
Vi.Miit lux, elieu! et tunc 

IJhri sunt niajores. 

M. 'I\ Taylok. 


Das Pflichtlied, 

A¥t **JutiB^for9 the BattU.** (IOTA CHAPTER) 

1. Gehn wir zusammen, Kappas^ 

Yoran gehen fest und treu ; 
Redlich hoch und hoch aufrichtig 

Jedes herze immer sei. 
Kommet es Trdbsal, kommt es freude, 

Kommt es dunkel oder licht — 
Bleiben bei der Wahrheit, Schwestem, 

Bleiben immer bei dem Recht. 

2. Heben hoher Kappas banner 

Lassen noch er freudig wehn 
Wie des adler's starker Schwingen, 

Durch die stiirmisch Liifte gehn, 
WoUen wir auch jemals singen, 

Stftrken tftglich fur's Gefecht 
Bleiben bei der Wahrheit, Sch western, 

Bleiben immer bei dem Becht. 

3. Handeln Schwestem stets mit Liebe, 

Und aus tiefem Phlichtgefiihl — 
Immer, immer uberwinden 

Das sei unser grosser ziel. 
Einstens wird die goldene Krone 

Der, die kampfet brav und recht. 
Bleiben bei der Wahrheit, Schwestern, 

Bleiben immer bei dem Recht. 

M. T. Taylor. 

■ " !) 

O ■ 

Reunion Song. 

Air, 'Genevieve:' (lOTk CHAFTKB.) 

1 . sisters of the Magic Ke^, 

Once more with happy hearts we meet, 
And mingle with our songs of glee, 

The pleasures of a concourse sweet. 
The starry dome bends overhead, 

The star of hope burns bright within. 
And glad young hearts, by friendship led. 

The evening social rites begin. 


Bright in our hearts affection bums, 
Nor time nor space can us divide; 

The needle to the north star turns, 
E'en on the ocean's restless tide. 

2. Strong is the golden chain that binds 

Each loyal heart within our band; 
When fellowship of kindred minds. 

With faith and truth, move hand in hand. 
Then let us breathe again the vow 

That we shall e'er united be, 
True to our sacred Eappa now, 

And loyal in fraternity. 


-5' — 

There's a Power of Thought To-day. 

Air, **So6y JTiiM.** (IOTA CHAPTBB.) 

1. There is a power of thought to-day 

As the world moveth on, 
That permits of no delay 
Ere the work time be done; 
And, amid the action grand, 
Moves our own devoted band. 
In the great inspiring drama 
Of the soul and the heart, 

Shall our Eappa Kappa Gamma 
Play a part? 

2. So well raise a lofty song 

'Mid the strife and the heat. 
For the strains may make us strong, 
And the toil render sweet. 
While we seek the grand and good 
And aspiring sisterhood. 
Onward moving in the drama, 

Lofty soul and open heart, 
Play, oh, Eappa Eappa Gamma, 
Well thy part 

8. To ennobling tasks addressed. 
Still oar course we will hold^ 
'Till the triumph brings us resti, 
And our hands we may fold. 
Still our spirits will be strong, 
Though the contest has been long. 
When at last shall close the drama. 

And 'tis time to depart, 
Go then, Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Brave in heart. 

Dedicated to Iota by S. T. Riohtsell. 


We go Marching On. 

Air, 'John Brawn:' (IOTA CHAPTBK.) 

1. We're a glorious band of workers, 

Linked in friendship's golden chain, 
Striving onward as true sisters, 

With one common goal to gain. 
To break our strength or dim our power, 

You'll find it all in vain — 
For we go marching on. 


Glory, glory, hallelujah, 
Glory, glory, hallelujah. 
Glory, glory, hallelujah, 
As we go marching on. 

2. With " Onward " as our motto. 

And with common sense our shield, 
We expect to shun all evil — 

For the right our power to wield. 
And as the years roll onward 

And we slowly quit the field, 
We'll leave you marching on. 

3. Although defeat may conquer us. 

And even seem to smile 
At the fullness of her triumph, 

She need only wait a while; 
For success shines in the distance 

And we fear nor plot nor wile 
As we go marching on. 
C horns: 

^ ^ 

Ode to Kappa. 

Air, ** America.'* (IOTA rHAmCR.) 

1. Kappa dear, to thee, 
Our loved fraternity. 

To thee we sing. 
No matter where we roam. 
Nor where may be our home. 
To thee in heart we'll come. 

Dear sisterhood. 

2. Thou still shalt be our pride 
When in this world so wide 

We scattered are. 
Still in our dreams we'll hear 
Those voices, once so dear. 
By sisterhood made near. 

Though sundered far. 

3. 'Tis more than friendship's chain. 
Which binds us all amain, 

With love's firm bands. 
Friends of the Golden Key, 
Our hearts return to thee. 
O'er mountain and o'er sea. 

From distant lands. 


Parting Song. 

Air, ''Juanitar (IOTA CHAFTBB) 

1. Bright are the memories 

Which around us gather now, 
Sad is the parting 

Which we all avow. 
In our school days passing 

Which we sisters loved so well, 
All our joys were lasting — 

We ne'er knew farewell. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Be thou ever yet my guide. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Let no ill^betide. 

2. While yet unspoken 

Hangs the word on trembling tongue. 
And yet unbroken 

Is the triune one. 
May all joy and gladness 

Lighten lives we love so well. 
Free from every sadness, 

Kappa friends farewell. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Praise and honor be to thee 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
Noblest trinity. 

J\)e §09^5 of l^appa. 


Air, ''Whm th» MUU Have RoUed Away,'* (KilPPA CHAPIEH.) 

1. We are standing at the gateway of the great mys- 

terious world, [unfurled, 

With our dear fraternal banner to the morning light 
And our hearts all firmly welded by the bands so 

pure and dear. [here. 

Oh we love each other truly as we stand together 


As we stand together here, as we stand together here, 
Oh we love each other dearly, as we stand together here. 

2. When we've passed beyond the portal, and our paths 

of life divide, [borne along its tide. 

When we've joined the world's great battle and are 
Will our thoughts e'er journey backward to our 

happy band to-day? [passed away? 

Shall we love each other, sisters, after years have 


3. When the sun that tints our morning gilds the noon- 

day of our lives, [happy, loving wives, 

And we find ourselves from maidens changed to 
With a thousand joys and duties calling each a sep- 
arate way, [turned to day? 
Shall we love each other, sisters, when our dawn has 

Chorus : 

4. As we pass adown the hill-slope and the twilight 

comes apace, [are robbed of grace. 

When our bended heads are whitened and our forms 
Will the Golden Key be cherished with the mem'ry 

of to-day? [and grey? 

Shall we love each other, sisters, in our evening dim 


5. When w^e hear the crystal waters breaking on the 

golden shore [Forevermore, 

And are wakened from our slumber in the bright 
Shall we see again the faces so familiar here to-dav? 
Shall we know and love each other when the night 

has passed away? 

Ella A. Ittner. 


Initiation Song. 

Air, ''BaUy Round the Flag:* (KAPPA CHAPTER.) 

1. Kappa had a little goat of which we now will tell, 

Adding to the anguish of the victim, [well. 

And when the Kappas took a barb, he did his duty 
Adding to the anguish of the victim. 


Kappa forever! hurrah and hurrah! 

Up with our colors and up with our key, 

We will rally round our goat, yes we'll rally once again, 

Adding to the anguish oT the victim. 

2. This goat had horns both long and sharp which mis- 

chief did foretell, 
Adding to the anguish of the victim, 
And when the goat began to prance the Kappas 

gave their yell. 
Adding to the anguish of the victim. 

C horns : 

3. The Kappas had a long tin horn to call the spirits in, 

Adding to the anguish of the victim. 
And when the herald blew a blast, it raised a dread- 
ful din. 
Adding to the anguish of the victim. 


4. And when the barb grew weary and the goat began 

to pant, 
Adding to the anguish of the victim. 
The spirits ceased from troubling while they sang a 
doleful chant, 
Adding to the anguish of the victim. 


5. And when the chant was ended, each a broomstick 

brought to view, 
Adding to the anguish of the victim. 
And mounted safely on her stick each spirit then 
Giving great relief unto the victim. 




Air. ''Bmwy JSTavenf.** (KAPPA GHAPTBB) 

1. Of all the constellations in the East or in the West, 
The star that's known as Kappa is the brightest and 

the best. [unity, 

She is known to shirk no duty, strives for strength in 
And by winning fadeless laurels gilds the name of 

K. K. Q. 


Then guard well, guard well, our Kappa's career. 

And keep her fortunes well at heart, oh every sister 
dear, [earth, 

The lesson we are teaching may be brightest on the 

For'tis brains and never money that will bring im- 
mortal worth. 

2. The wise in every nation are joining heart and hand, 
And Kappa works as nobly to increase her noted band. 
Her motto is " true unity " and in her friendship grew. 
The love that binds the hearts of all that wear the 

Kappa blue. 


3. Our statutes give us liberty, and each a sister's claim, 
We know no class distinction, we are one in Kappa's 

Her record has been glorious, her future has in view, 
A triumph over every foe, and all her rivals too. 


4. Then sisters, ye who know full well the worth of 

K.K. Q., ["purity," 

Stand loyal round her banner and her watchword, 
And may future generations tell the story we begin, 
To look for friendship, love and truth, beneath a 

Kappa pin. 


MiONON M. Kern. 


Gesellschaft Lied. 

Air, **OId Oolcen Bueki>tr' (KAPPA GHAPTBB.) 

1. Es giebt uns kein Sprichwort mehr treulich geschen, 

A Is man von dem liebsten muss nehm Lebewohl. 
Warum es bestimmt ist ich kann kaum verstehn, 

Denn Schmerz macht so mir anstatt ruhevoll 
Recht frohlich wir leben sympatisch beisammen, 

Schwesterschaft hat uns von Missklang befreit, 
Dann heil uns're Losung mag die Kraft immer sam- 

Im Herz stehn treulich bis an Ewigkeit. 

2. Wann zerstreut die geliebsten nach Osten, nach 


Und verschwiegen die Stimmen einst laut in Gesang. 

Eehrt die Meinung noch wieder zur Freundschaft 

am besten [schwandt. 

Und Schmerz schleicht im Herz fiir Zeit gar yer- 

Doch ein Schicksal so roh aus einander uns treiben, 

Alle Freude und Kummer wie ein sind zertheilt 

Bis miissen wir von dem zu lobend' Netz scheiden, 

Dann erwarten wie Ernte den rechten Bescheid. 

MiGNON M. Kern. 


Parting Song. 

Air, *" How eon I laaVe Thetr (KAPPA GHAPTEB. ) 

1 . To thee dear Kappa 

Our parting song we sing, 
Our farewell offering we bring 

To K, K. G, 
Long may her banner wave 
O'er hearts both strong and brave. 
Honor to those who gave 

Us K. K. Q. 

2. Ne'er will we sever, 

These bonds we hold so dear, 
True sisters have we here. 

In K. K. G. 
Here are our triumphs — one, 
Here are our sorrows done. 
True pleasure all begun 

In K. K. G. 

3. How can we leave thee 
Thou blest fraternity? 
For thee dear K. K. G. 

Our hearts will yearn ; 
Tho far from thee we stray, 
And dark may be our way. 
Our tribute still we'll pay 

To K. K. G. 

Jennie Brown Winship. 


Gesellschaft Lied. 

Air, "^Old Oaken Bucket." (KAPPA GHAPTEB.) 

1. Es giebt uns kein Sprichwort mehr treulich geschen, 

Als man von dem liebsten muss nehm Lebewohl. 
Warum es bestimmt ist ich kann kaum verstehn, 

Denn Schmerz macht so mir anstatt ruhevoll 
Recht frohlich wir leben sympatisch beisammen, 

Schwesterschaft hat uns von Missklang befreit, 
Dann heil uns're Losung mag die Kraft immer sam- 

Im Herz stehn treulich bis an Ewigkeit. 

2. Wann zerstreut die geliebsten nach Osten, nach 


Und verschwiegen die Stimmen einst laut in Qesang. 

Eehrt die Meinung noch wieder zur Freundschaft 

am besten [schwandt. 

Und Schmerz schleicht im Herz fiir Zeit gar ver- 

Doch ein Schicksal so roh aus einander uns treiben, 

AUe Freude und Kummer wie ein sind zertheilt 

Bis miissen wir von dem zu lobend' Netz scheiden, 

Dann erwarten wie Ernte den rechten Bescheid. 

MiGNON M. Kern. 


Parting Song. 

Air, ** How can I leave Thm^ (KAPPA CHAPTER. ) 

1 . To thee dear Kappa 

Our parting song we sing, 
Our farewell offering we bring 

To K. K. G, 
Long may her banner wave 
O'er hearts both strong and brave. 
Honor to those who gave 

Us K. K. G. 

2. Ne'er will we sever, 

These bonds we hold so dear, 
True sisters have we here. 

In K. K. G. 
Here are our triumphs — one, 
Here are our sorrows done, 
True pleasure all begun 

In K. K. G. 

3. How can we leave thee 
Thou blest fraternity? 
For thee dear K. K. G. 

Our hearts will yearn ; 
Tho far from thee we stray, 
And dark may be our way. 
Our tribute still we'll pay 

To K. K. G. 

Jennie Brown Winship. 

5f?e §09^5 of Cambda. 

The Kappa 
Song of the Buchtel College Girls. 

Air, OrigifMl. (LAMBDA CHAFTEB.) 

1. We are a merry band of Kappa girls, 

For the star of our day is bright; 
'Tis the brightest of all that brightest shines, 
And every Kappa loves its light. 


Three cheers for the Buchtel girls. 
For the Buchtel girls of K. K. G. 

And may we forever be. 
True to the blue, and the Golden Key. 

2. To thee, oh Kappa dear, our songs we'll sing, 

And on thy Shrine our offerings lay. 
For from thy realms come visions sweet 
To help the weary Kappa on her way. 



— 6i — 

Ye Kappa Women. 

ManeaiM Hymn. (LAMBDA CHAPTBR.) 

1. Ye Kappa women rouse to action! 

A striving nation bids ye rise, 
Behold how faction wars with faction, 
How suflfering virtue in anguish cries, 
How suffering virtue in anguish cries: 
Shall horrid evil stalk undaunted 
With smooth bold mien and sin-stained hands, 
And waste and desolate our lands. 
While hearthstones by foul crime are haunted? 


To work! To work! Be brave! 
Bid heart and mind be strong, 
March on, march on; all onward march 
Toward honor, truth and God. 

2. Let Kappa Gamma be your glory. 

Let Kappa Gamma be your pride. 

Inspire to deeds of noble story. 
And lift the soul to heights untried, 
And lift the soul to heights untried; 

Let womanhood unfold its beauty. 
Assert its strength and wield its power, 
Give to the world the golden dower, 

A life prepared for every duty. 



Bonny Goat of K. K. G, 

Air. "^Mary €tf ArgpU:' (LAMBDA CHAPTEB.) 

1. I have heard the frogs a singing 

Their love song to the moon, 
I have heard the cow-bells ringing 

As the cows came down the aoon, 
But a sweeter sound has cheered me 

Than these rustic sounds of night, 
And a harder head has hit me 

Than the flint rock, smooth and white, 
'Twas thy voice, my gentle Billy, 

And thv skull, smooth as the sea, 
That made this girl a Kappa, 

Bonny goat of K. K. G. 

2. I have seen the swift sledge hammer 

Beat upon the softened steel. 
But I never saw a hammer 

Equal the swift blows of thy heel. 
In thine eyes a wicked glitter. 

Round thy mouth an artless smile. 
As you tossed your head triumphant, 

Backing gracefully the while. 
Then vou bent your head sweet Billy, 

Made a reckless leap at me. 
Sent me flying into Greek land. 

Bonny goat of K. K. G. 

3. Tho' thy voice may lose its sweetness. 

And thy eye its wicked gleam; 
Tho' thy foot may lack its fleetness, 

And thy form unlovely seem, 
Still to me wilt thou be dearer 

Than all the world shall own. 
I have loved thee for thy service, 

But not to me alone, 
I have seen the winsome maidens 

You have tossed in here by me, 
And that scene has made me love thee, 

Bonny goat of K. K. G. 


Parting Song. 

Air, ZjuUabM from ** EmUfUe." (LAMBDA CHAPTBB.) 

1. Dear sisters to-night we're gathered 
To honor our Eappa Queen; 

About her shrine our hearts entwine, 

While we sing our last refrain; 

We worship the mystic symbols, 

Her mysteries oft recite, 

And offerings bring while we gladly sing 

Her praise in this fond good night. 


Good night; Good night; good n-i-g-h-t. 

Good night; farewell to all. 

Good night; gentle sleep o'ertaking 

Softly let our eyelids close. 

Good night; joyful be our waking, 

Peaceful be our soft repose; sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. 

2. About thy sacred alters, 

0! Queen, we come to-night; 
Thy golden key for us shall be. 
An emblem of true delight. 
The banner of blue emblazoned, 
With the trophies of victory crowned. 
We'll wave on high with a gladsome cry 
Till the earth with thy praise resound. 


W. S. Ford. 

5l7e So9$8 of [T^u. 

The Name that of all Names is Dearest 

Air, **BamU9r (MU CHAFTER.) 

1. The name that of all names is dearest. 

The name we are proudest to bear, 
The name that to us sounds the sweetest, 
Is the name that the Eappa girls wear. 


Sing then, sing then, sing of the Kappas so true. 
Sing then, sing then, the key, and the light and dark 

2. The badge of all badges the neatest. 

The badge for a true K. K. G. 
The badge that we'll never relinquish. 
Is the Kappa girl's wonderful key. 


8. The color adorning the fairest. 

The colors that bear friendships hue. 
The colors that never surrender. 
Are the Kappa girl's light and dark blue. 


4. The girls that are wisest and brightest, 
The girls that are witty and gay. 
The girls that are true to each other. 
Are Kappa girls, now and for aye. 



The Kappas of Mu. 


1. 'Twas anewly pledged student, 
With an air quite concludent 
Extremely imprudent, 

And curious too; 
But he seemed much astounded, 
And beheld all confounded, 
With emotion unbounded 

The Kappas of Mu. 

2. In profound perturbation, 
Intense agitation 

And wild palpitation. 
He gasped, "Tell me, do! 

Ere I go corybantic. 

And their charms drive me frantic. 

Are these maidens romantic^ 
The Kappas of Mu?" 

3. I had forthwith assented. 
But straightway repented. 
For like one demented. 

He cried, " Then it's true 
That the angelic legions 
Have sent to these regions, 
A band of collegians — 

The Kappas of Mu!" 

Climbing up the Grecian Stairs. 

Air, '*CUmbino up the GMden Stain,'' (MU CHAFTBB.) 

1. Not only are the boys, with much hilarious noise, 

Climbing up the Grecian stairs, 
Their sisters have begun to see there's lots of fun. 
Climbing up the Grecian stairs. 


Don't you hear those Kappas singing, 

'Tis sweet I do declare, 
To hear their voices ringing. 

Climbing up the Grecian stairs. 

2. There is no retrogression throughoat their long pro- 

Climbing up the Grecian stairs. [and cheerful. 

They're never weakly fearful; their songs are brave 
Climbing up the Grecian stairs. 


3. In fair and stormy weather, they closely march to- 

Climbing up the Grecian stairs, [pleasures double, 
Thus dividing all their trouble, making all their 
Climbing up the Grecian stairs. 


4. May these daughters fair of Greece, their progress 

never cease, 
Climbing up the Grecian stairs, 
Until the top they gain, to perfection all attain. 
Climbing up the Grecian stairs. 



May Be You Do, But I Doubt It. 

Air, ""Operatic:' (MO CHAPTER.) 

1. When you gaze on the sky and remember the day, 

That you wandered, barbarian without it. 
Do you long to be there, from the Greeks shut away? 
Well, may be you do, but I doubt it 

2. When you meet in the circle so mystic and true, 

With the friends and true friendship throughout it. 
Are you sorry your ribbons are ribbons of blue? 
Well, may be you are, but I doubt it. 

3. And when from this circle at last you depart, 

And the pleasures that cluster about it. 
Will its memories ever burn low in your heart? 
Well, may be they will, but I doubt it. 


Only Room For One. 

Air^ In Harvard 9imo9. (MU CHAFTEB. ) 

Spoken. — Why is there but one fraternity like Kappa 
Kappa Gamma? Because, 

There's only room for one. 

There's only room for one, 

At the foot of the stairs there's room to spare, 

At the top but one may dare. 

For there's only room for one, 

There's only room for one. 

At the foot of the stairs there's room to spare. 

At the top just room for one. 

Spoken. — Why can't the Kappa goat "carry double? " 

There's only room for one, etc. 

The Star of K. K. G. 

Air, **UpidM,*' (MU CHAPTER.) 

1. In Grecian skies there gleams a star tra, la, la, tra, la, la, 
Whose silvery radiance near and far tra, la, la, la, la, 
Through fair Columbia's borders falls, 

On friendship's shrine and cultures halls. 


Up-i-dee-i-dee-i-da, up-i-dee, up-i-da, 
Up-i-dee-i-dee-i-da, up-i-dee-i-da. 

2. Across the dazzled gaze of none tra, la, la, tra, la, la. 
She sends the glare of noonday's sun tra, la, la, la. 
But with effulgence softly bright, [ la. 
Dispels the shadows of the night. 


8, No intervening clouds obscure tra, la, la, tra, la, la. 
Her fadeless ways so soft and pure, tra, la, la, tra, la, la. 
Before her bright unflinching eye 
Their humid vapors fade ana die. 


4. Full many starry glories glow, tra, la, la, tra, la, la. 
And far around their luster throw, tra, la, la, tra, la, la, 
But all their scintillations fail. 

To dim the light this star exhales. 

C hones: 

5. A beacon this, that shines for aye, tra, la, la, tra, la, la. 
And all the splendor of the day, tra, la, la, tra, la, la, 
Which quenches many a stellar ray. 

From her clear beams take naught away. 

6. May Kappa Kappa Gamma star, tra, la, la, ti-a, la, la, 
Still shed her radiance near and far, tra, la, la, la, la, 
And light the path her maidens tread. 

Till time's last cycles all have sped. 



Senior's Farewell. 

dir, '*aoldi«ni' FttretMli.'* (MU GHAPTEB.) 

1. To hearts in friendship plighted, 

The parting hour brings sadness, 
For loved ones disunited, 
Feel naught of joy or gladness. 

Refrain : 

Farewell, farefwell our sisters true, 
Farewell, farewell our sisters true. 

2. Though years may come and vanish, 

As swift as April's shower 
Our hearts will never banish. 
The memory of this hour. 

Refrain : 

3. 0! may the future send you, 

A host of glad tomorrows; 
A thousand pleasures lend you,^ 
And turn aside all sorrows! 

Refrain : 


Sing once more before we say Good Bye 

Air, **€ML h% w«* rm'HUwe me§t agaiin," (MU CHAFTKB.) 

1. Sing once more before we say good bye, 

Sing of friends who waver never, 
Sing of friendship naught can sever. 
Sing to the blae that decks the wave and sky! 


To the golden key of our K. K. G. 

Let us raise a song of praise, 
To the golden key of our K, K, G. 

Sing once more before we say good bye. 

2. Sing once more before we say good bye, 

Sing of hearts with music swelling, 
Sing of hearts in concord dwelling. 
Sing to the blue that decks the wave and sky! 


8. Sing once more before we say good bye. 
Sing of secrets we reveal not. 
Sing a dirge for those who kneel not. 
Dram to the blue that decks the wave and sky! 


jY)e Sorj$5 of /j. 


Air, **Annie Laurie,'' (XI GHAPTKB.) 

1. Kappa Gamma, Kappa Gamma, 
Sweet sisterhood so true ; 
For within her mystic circle, 
We pledge ourselves in blue, 
We pledge ourselves in blue. 
The blue of sky and sea; 
And for Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Fd lay me down and die. 

2. Her grip is firm and earnest, 
Her challenge has no peer. 
Her call it is the sweetest. 

That e'er fell on my ear, 

That e'er fell on my ear. 
Her badge the golden key, 
And for Kappa Kappa Gamma 
I'd lay me down and die. 

3. Like snow on the mountain lying. 
Her vows for aye endure: 

And her fame it is undjring. 
Her aims are true and pure, 
Her aims are true and pure, 

And she's the world to me. 

And for Kappa Kappa Gamma, 

I'd lay me down and die. 

Albbbta Oakley. 



Nostra Gloria, 

Air. ''T^tUing on the old Camp Ground.'' (XI CHAPTER.) 

1. There's a shrine that is sacred to our hearts, 

Where glows aflfection's beam, 
Where hallowed grace its love imparts 
More rare than poet's dream. 

Praise Holy Kappa! 
Praise do we sing, 
Lift we our voices high: 
In fond devotion 
Wild echos ring, 
While we in friendship vie. 

2. 0! the ties that unite pure and kindred minds 

Might well the gods employ, 
To disaver the chain of wrath that binds 
Life's argosy of joy. 

3. In the starlit arena of wisdom's state 

Our trophies greet the sky: 
With Pallas- Athene's cheer elate 
Earth's minions we'll defy. 

4. Then we'll sing once again Kappa Gamma's praise, 

Hail! "Blue of sky and sea!" 
Her mystic light shall illume our ways; 
Charm Truth, the Golden Key! 

Dedicated to Xi Chaptei* K. K^ O. — Hbbbbbt F. Stephens. 



Air, ''Sv)€tt mnaer «^ Michigan.'' (XI CHAFTEB.) 

1. A poet's words would seem less true, 
Were friends less firm united, 

Her song would seem less musical, * 
Were hearts less truly plighted. 

2. 0! may our years glide smoothly on, 
With naught to mar life's living. 
And may our words and deeds express 
The joy that lies in giving. 

3. In sister love then let us pledge 
Ourselves to old Xi ever. 

And may our chapter's glory be. 
The goal of our endeavor. 

Chorus: — {To be sung only after second and third verses.) 

With joy and gladness let us sing 

Our chapter's endless glory, 
Let Kappa's walls with music ring, 

Till echoes catch the story. 

Martha Walkbr. 

5J7e ^OT)(^s of Si<5fna. 

To Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Air, Louis DenzaTa **FunicuH, Funicula" or ''The Merry Ftaatr (81(iMA CHAPrEH.) 

1. Sometimes I hear of tamous beauties dwelling 

In foreign clime, 
Whose loveliness the poets vie in telling 

With storied rhyme, — 
But I — I know of homeland faces dimming 

Such far olf shine, 
And quaff this toast from lifted goblet brimming 

With sparkling wine. 

Kappa! Kappa! Fairest of the fair! 

Tra, la, etc, {to air,) 
Fairest of the fair. 

2. At night beneath the distant starr}^ gleaming, 

I sit and dream 
Of ej^es with joj^ous mirth and laughter beaming. 

So bright they seem; 
And as the evening wind comes softly blowing, 

Through forest lanes, 
I seem to hear the fairy chorus goiiig 

In sweet refrains. 

Kappa! Kappa! The proudest name to bear, 

3. Were I a troubadour with fingers glancing 

O'er soft guitar; 
Or Alpine shepherd in the mountains dancing 

To music far; 
Or gondolier on Venice waters ))oatinif. 

With rythmic oar, 
I still should keep the same sweet strains afioating. 

Fore verm ore. 

Kappa! Kappa! Fairest of the fair, 

Written in honor of Sigma — Conway MacMillan, 





5f?e 3^^^5 ^f ^^^• 

Ai Korai Athenes! 

1. Ai Kovjii AtluMiesI 

Thus our greet iny; we rai.<e. 

Where e'er it sounds there C()nie> ^lad elujer. 

Voice of ti si.ster dear. 

Ai Korai Athenes! 

Kin^rinp cull of our colh^ge days. 

Sounding ever from liearts so tine. 

To the donhle I due. 

ti. Ai Korai AthenesI 

Where e'er sun sends his ravs, 

Froin East to West 'mid Kai>i)a throng, 

Often is hoard this song: 

Ai Korai AtluMiesI 

Daughters of wisdom in all vour \vav>. 

flaking cdiarify form vour aim. 

Sisterly love proclaim. 

IIattik Mkakkslkk WALLArn. 


Our Badge. 

Air, Avid Lang 8ynt." (TAU CHAFTKB.) 

1. 'Twas on a glad auspicious day, 

In Monmouth's classic bower, 
The vision of a key appeared, 
Endowed with light and power, 


The bright badge of our sisterhood, 

Our precious key of gold, 
Unlocks strongholds of wealth untold. 

Our mystic key of gold. 

2. A beauteous cloud, it hovered o'er 

A portent shining bright; 
Wondering the viewers on it gazed, 
As on a pleasing sight. 


3. At last the gleam of maiden's dream, 

The dream of key of gold. 
By magic wand came down to earth. 
And brought them joy untold. 


4. A bright and sparkling key appeared 

Upon each maiden's breast; 
They sparkle still, tho' many a sun 
Has sunk into the West. 


Ella S. Blakkslbb. 

— 8o— 

Boat Song. 

Air. '^X/uiiady*' fnm ''mrmimU:' (TAU CHAPTBB.) 

The twilight is gathering round ns, 

The toils of day are done; 

Upon the lake a song we'll wake. 

As thro' the waves we run. 

A flame of changing crimson 

Tinges the western sky. — 

The water's breast, the earth at rest, 

Night sooths with lullaby; 

Sing soft and low; the breezes blow 

Oar song from shore to shore; 

Row, row, cheerfulness pervading. 

Now my sisters glad and gay. 

Row, row, light of day is fading. 

Row, my sisters steadily. 

Sing, sing, twilight stillness breaking, 

Ye-o-ho! My sisters ho! 

Sing, sing, evening echos waking. 

Te-o-ho! My sisters ho! 

Ho, ho! Ho ho! 

Ella S. Blaksslss. 

Vocal Gavotte. 

illr, **Wrmkd»:* (TAU CHAPTBB.) 

Join in pleasure, 

S|ng a measure. 

Greet our dear fraternity! 

Chant serenely. 

Heeding keenly 

Time and melody and theme. 

Oaily sing of 

Kappa's glory, 

Loyal sisters near and far. 

Let her honor be your watch word, 

Her fair name your guiding star! 

In joyous mood let music ring, 

The heart's allegiance bring; 

In humble rhyme, 

But measured time, 

Tuneful all elate we sing; 

In joyous mood let music ring. 

The heart's allegiance bring. 

In humble rhyme, 

But measured time. 

Tuneful all elate we sing! 

Ella S. Blakbslsx. 


Welcome the Happy Hour. 

Air, ''Oft M «JU SHUy Night." (TAU OHAPTEB.) 

1. Welcome the happy hour 

When Eappas meet together; 
Love ^ves the wondrous power 

Which binds us firm forever. 
sisters dear, 
Through hope and fear, 

We'll share our joys and sorrows; 
We'll guard the blue 
With hearts so true 

Through all the bright to-morrows. 


That in the coming years 
When other friends surround us, 

We'll own with erateful tears 
The spell that here hath bound us. 

2. These halls which we revere, 

Where oft our voices blended. 
We'll hold in mem'ry dear 

When college days are ended. 
Our mystic key 
Shall ever be 

The seal of woman's graces. 
God speed, we say. 
To all who may 

Here come to fill our places. 


Still in the coming years 
When other friends surround us. 

We'll own with grateful tears 
The spell that here hath bound us. 

Cabounb E. Mobton. 


The Girls of K. K G. 

Air, **Mieh<ul Roy,*' (TAU CHAPTER.) 

1. Oh! we are the girls of K. K. G., 

And jolly girls are we. 
We always wear the golden key, 

As plainly you may see. 
There's nothing mean about us, 

Nor ever will there be, 
For ev'ry one of us is true, 

0! Vive la K. K G. 


Hurrah! Hurrah! She is our pride and joy. 

She's Kappa Kappa Gamma, 

We don't care what you say. (Repeat) 

2. And if you ask the gentlemen 

Which one they like the most, 
They always say the Kappa band. 

Because it guides the host. 
We always take the lead in scholarship, 

From coquetry we're free. 
We give our books our sunlit hours. 

0! Vive la K. KG. 


Composed for Tau by Mb. Stoky. 

How Eagerly. 

ilir, OriginaL (TAU CHAFTEB.) 

1. How eagerly we hasten every week, 

These pleasant home-like Eappa rooms to seek! 
'Tis here we labor for each other's sake. 
'Tis here we all a keen enjoyment take. 

2. It is our deep and earnest wish to be 
An honor to our much loved golden key; 
For that, together with our colors blue, 
Incite us ever to be good and true. 

8. Our loved fraternity so close does bind 

Us all, that we, with zealous heart and mind, 
And steady purpose, constantly do try 
To keep the standard of the chapter high. 

4. Of hard and toilsome work we have no fear. 
Society to us is very dear; 
And gladly now we all our powers will lend. 
To labor for this good and worthy end. 

Jxssis T. PXOK. 

Jl7e ^oi)(^^ of dpsiloi). 

The Girls of the Key. 

Air, •'BoMifo.'' (UPSILON OHAFTER.) 

1. Oh we are the girls of the golden key, 

And we'll make our mark, you will see, yes you'll see. 

Yes, in this life with its care and strife 
We'll fearlessly make our way, 

Though the world with pleasure is rife, 
We will bravely work each day. 

will we toilers be 
And thus improve life's way. 

2. We'll worthily write and we'll learnedly teach, 
We may study law and perhaps we will preach. 

WeVe met this world with our flag unfurled 
And courage to enter the fray. 

never will we be down hurled. 
We will bravely work each day. 

will we toilers be 
And thus improve life's way. 

8. Then onward, right onward, our dear Kappa band 
We'll work now with head and we'll work now with 
hand, [ber 

We'll be true to each other and each one remem- 
When we are all far, far away. 

Though we may be widely asunder 
We will bravely work each day. 

will we toilers be 
And thus improve life's way. 


Meeting Song. 

Air, ''Th9 Danube Rivera (UPtflLON GHAFTEB.) 

1. We've met again within our hall, 

Kappas strong and true, 
Here we'll renew our vows to all, 

Each pledge herself anew; 
Here where with high and noble aim 

We've bound ourselves forever 
[: We'll onward, onward, on to fame 

And be discouraged never. :] 

2. Here while as through our college course 

We march along together, 
Well daily strive to do the right 

And truth shall triumph ever. 
Though trouble now may cloud our eyes 

We'll still the true blue wave, 
[: We'll cast our banner to the skies, 

The banner Kappa gave.:] 


Kappas in for Fun. 

Aiit, **Jino^ B»ll0." (UPBILON GHAFTEB.) 

1. 0! the Kappa girls, 

We're always in for fun; 
We gather in our hall, 

And there we make it hum. 
Voices gay and bright, 

All about they move; 
While we're here to-night 

We'll sing the songs we love. 


Eappa girls, Kappa girls, 
Kappas gay and bright, 
Oh! what fun it is to sing 
Our Kappa songs to-night. 

2. Dear old Kappa girls, 

How we love each one. 
With whom through all the days now past. 

We've joined in work and fun. 
We've had our joyful hours; 

We've had our trials too; 
And now while gathered here, 

We'll sing our songs anew. 

8. We know that nowhere long. 

We shall be far away. 
The voices joined in song. 

We'll miss for many a day; 
But when again we come 

Back to^the'dear old hall, 
0! then J with joy we'll sing once more, 

The songs we've known so well. 
C horns: 

Kappa Gamma Girls. 

Air' '"JHo-a^igr (UP8IL0M GHAFTEID 

1 . A society there is whose colors are blue, 

The Kappa girls, the Kappa girls. 
Who are equalled by the very few. 
0! Kappa Gamma girls. 


The Kappa girls are the girls we love, 
The girls we love, the girls we love^ 
And they are of all others above. 

! Kappa Gamma girls. 
The fraternity that's dear to me. 
Is the one whose badge is the golden key; 
And they are the Kappas, don't yon see! 

The Kappa Gamma girls. 

2. Then shont for Kappas every day. 

For Kappa girls, for Kappa girls. 
And help them on in the glorious way. 
0! Kappa Gamma girls. 


Kappa Memories. 

AMr. "TIU QmOUno Part^.'' (UPSIIiON GHAFTER.) 

1. our Eappa Gamma sisters, 

Sisters whom we love so well^ 
What a joy we reap from moments sweet 
We have spent among you all. 

C horns : 

our Eappa Gamma girls, 

our Kappa Gamma girls. 

What a joy we reap from moments sweet 

Spent with Eappa Gamma girls. 

2. How mnch greater are oar joys, 

Greater than we now can tell. 
From the moments spent with Eappa girls, 
Those whom we love so well. 


8. Then, Eappa Gamma sisters, 
To you we now will tell 
That firm and true we'll ever be 
To you we love so well. 


5l?e So9$5 of pl^i. 



1. good, that crowns our college days, 

And gives to life a meaning new, 
Right gladly will we sing thy praise. 
And render thee all honor due. 

2. Thy power that doth our hearts unite 

In mystic, sympathetic tie, 
Makes all the future glad and bright. 
With hopes that cannot fade or die. 

3. To wearers of the key of gold 

Fair wisdom doth her secrets yield; 
And springs of pleasures manifold. 
Phi at its magic touch revealed. 

4. In turn for all thou dost bestow, 

Of our best selves we make free gift, 
To work and strive, in truth to know. 
How we all, life may best uplift. 

6. In colors true and fast are laid, 

Our purposes and motives bright, 
With which we pledge our constant aid 
To Kappa Gamma, chapter Phi 



Initiative Chant. 


1. Did you ever see the savage Eappa goat? 

With eyes that blaze like unto balls of fire, 
With big sharp teeth and very bulging throat, 
Who soon will chew the Freshman in his ire. 

Answering Chorus: 

No, we've never seen the savage Kappa goat. 
With eyes that blaze like unto balls of fire, 

With big sharp teeth and very bulging throat 
Who soon will chew us Freshmen in his ire. 

2. Keep quiet my dearest Billy goat! 

[He has eaten tin cans ever since last May] 
Why do you on the Freshmen ever gloat 
In such a very greedy, hungry way ? 

Answering Chorus: 

3. Did you ever feel the savage Kappa goat 

Of whom we Kappas never, never tire ? 
He has branching horns on which we all do dote, 
And he soon will toss the Freshmen higher, 
higher. [Whoop !] 

Answering Chorus: 

My Kappa. 

Akr, **1W mOow.** (PHI GHAFTSB.) 

1. She's a charming young maiden, so sweet and so fair^ 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa, 
With sparkling brown eyes, and a wealth of gold hair, 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa, 
Her mouth is so small and her lips are so red, 
And so graceful and pretty the poise of her head, 
As she comes down to meet me with fairy-like tread, 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa, ' 

2. Her smile is like sunshine in morning's pure lights 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa, 
She's charming at morning, she's charming at nighty 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa, 
Her voice is melodious, gentle, and low; 
You imagine there's music where'er she may go. 
For she speaks from an innocent heart don't you know. 
My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa. 

8. She's a lovely young maiden, so fair and so sweety 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa, 
She's charming all over, from her head to her feet, 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa. 
She's worth countless riches of silver and gold. 
And the half of her graces can never be told. 
In calling her mine, I feel myself bold; 

My Eappa, my Eappa, my Eappa. 


I Belong to K. K. G. 

Air from TahmiM/' (PHI CHAFTIB.) 

1. A Boston city young girl, 

A no-other such young girl, 

A quite energetic and somewhat aesthetic^ 
And proud-of-the-Hub young girl. 


I belong to the K. K. 0., 
The finest place you will seCi 

A very mysterious, not-at-all serious, 
Glorious K. K. G. 

2. A fine B, U. young girl, 

A Somerset street young, girl, 

Mathematic, linguistic, oratoricfal, theistic. 
And Liberal Arts young girl. 


8. A Philomathian young girl, 
A Gamma Delta young girl, 

A literary debating, and glory awaiting. 
And strong society girl. 


4. A K. K. G. young girl, 
A Chapter Phi young girl, 

A lively and rollicking, brilliant and frolicking, 
Hos pasi young girl. 


Our Kappa Maid. 

Air '*Roldn Adair.'' (PHI CHAPTEB. 

1. There came to our B U. 

A shy young maid/ 
From awe and reverence due, 

Almost afraid; 
Desiring much to view 
The hillot knowledge true, 
And climb the steep slopes, too — 

0! prudent maid! 

2. Day after day she saw, 

Girls here and there withdraw 

In secrecy, 
And many glances cast, 
At her when'er she passed; 
It troubled her at last, 

This modest]^maid. 

3. Then she began to be 

" Such a fine maid is she," 

So they all said. 
She thought them wondrous kind. 
They all the more combined 
To captivate her mind. 

Short sighted maid. 

4. November first brought her 

A kind request 
To join their ranks; daughter 

Of Eve how blessed! 
" Fm yours forever 
And naught shall^ever 
Me from you sever," 

Replied the maid. 

6. At last the appointed day 

Was really come. 
When clad in bright array, 

With rapture. 
To join with piety 
This great society, 
In some anxiety. 

Aspired our maid. 

6. Of what was said and done 

We may not speak. 
This only can be known: 

•It was' all. Greek. 
But now in many ways. 

Friends brighten all her days; 
Her lips sound forth our praise — 

Our Kappa maid. 


Our Colors. 

^<r, "J'oir Harvard," (PHI CHAFTEB.) 

1. One bright summer morning I stood on a clifi 

By the side of the deep rolling sea, 
And the beautiful picture before me displayed 
Ever since has been present with me. 


Oh, three rousing cheers with a hearty good will 
For the colors to which we are true; 

For the truth and the tenderness dear to our hearts, 
Oh, hurrah for the Blue and the Blue. 

2. At my feet was the ocean, its waters so blue 

Always moving resistless in might, 
And above me the glorious vault of the sky 
Calm, yet sweetly respondent with light. 


8. As I gazed on the sight 'twas translated to me 
And I now give its meaning^to you; 
Truth and power are symbolized by those blue waves, 
Love and tenderness by the sky's hue. 


4. And the dark and the light blue together do show 
What of Kappa girls ever is true, [fail 

That their strength, truth and tenderness never will 
While the ocean and sky remain blue. 

The Best Fraternity, y i^ 

Air, **Laii Oi^ar.- (PHI OHAPTIB.) 

1. There's a noble sisterhood 

Of which we now will tell, — 
Our Eappa Eappa Gamma, 

The one we love so well, 
We form a band of sisters dear. 

Our hearts unite as one; 
And steadfast to our vows we all 

Remain from sun to sun. 


The best fraternity, 
The best fraternity. 

Our vows so true 

We now renew 
To our fraternity. 

2. There's nothing strikes the chords of love 

So quickly as its call, 
There s nothing so endearing 

As the bonds it gives to afl, 
If in our deeds we strive to be 

An honor to the band, 
And with our aim defined and true 

We're marching hand in hand. 


8. Whatever trials one may meet 

We all will share a part. 
And make her life seem brighter 

For the love from heart to heart 
The key that gives us entrance here 

Unlocks the heaxt, my friend; 
And Kappa. Kappa Gamma is 

Our watch-wora to the end. 



A Remarkable Song. 

Air, ** Five to etmpafgnie:' (PHI CHAFTEB.) 

1. We'll sing you a very remarkable song 

Of the Aappa fraternity; 
Remarkably loud and remarkably long, 

Of the Kappa fraternity; 
'Twas writ by a very remarkable pen, 
In a very remarkable Kappa den, 
About some remarkable Kappa women. 

Vive la chapter Phi! 

2. We've had some very remarkable times, — 

Vive la chapter Phi! 
Together we've sung remarkable rhymes, — 

Vive la chapter Phi! 
Remarkable rnymes, remarkable spreads, 
The products of very remarkable heads 
Surviving remarkable hemlock dreads. 

Vive la chapter Phi! 

3. We study some very remarkable books, — 

Vive la chapter Phi ! 
And some remarkably Bowne-y in looks, — 

Vive la chapter Phi! 
We're altogether a remarkable crew, 
We keep remarkable ends in view, 
We fina out some things remarkably new. 

Vive la chapter Phi! 

.4. Then sing remarkably loud again, — 

Vive la chapter Phi! 
A remarkable group of Kappa women, — 

Vive la chapter Phi ! 
May we all be blest with remarkable brains, 
And write, if we can, remarkable strains. 
Till each remarkable glory gains. 

Vive la chapter Phi! 

Long live the fraternity. 

5l?e Soi>$5 of ^\)\. 

Kappa Tea. 

Air, **AMld Lang Syne," (CHI CHAPTEB.) 

1. The Eappas put the kettle on, 

And asked their friends to tea; 
The giris all said, " Oh! we will come." 
The boys said " Ouir 


For just one cup of tea my dear, 

A cup of Kappa tea. 
Wreathed around with roses red, 

A china cup, of tea. 

2. The Kappas gowned all daintily, 

Stood just within the door; 
The owl page said, " take oflF your wraps 
Upon the second floor." 

8. Minerva stood to welcome us; 
Close to her side there pressed 
The goat that on Parnassus browsed. 
Now lion at the least. 

4. You've heard of pink and yellow teas, 

And teas of every hue; 
But this one all ot them surpassed. 
In tones of sweetest blue. 

5. And fflittering everywhere, the key 

Upneld its meaning true ; 
From every throat the loudest praise, 
For blue and blue. 

6. Then we were served with cake and tea, 

And after went our ways. 
As soft came floating down the street. 
At Korai Athenes. 



Votive to Kappa. 

Air, '*Tkmrinekm Mk aottg^'-aerenade, (CHI CHAPTKB ) 

1. Hear us our Kappa — 
About thy alter we — 
OflF'ring our love to thee 

Plead for thy aid. 
What can we do alone 
If from us thou art gone. 
Come to us like the dawn, 

From thee we've strayed. 

2. Guard us our Kappa 
While we thy laws obey, 
Lest we should lose the way, 

Guard us from fear. 
Help us to do thy will, 
Keep us from thoughts of ill. 
And in all danger real 

Wilt thou be near. 

3. Teach us, our Kappa, 
That we may cling to thee, 
What'ere our trouble be 

Grant us thy love, 
For, while that may endure 
Nothing shall us allure, 
We shall in heart be pure 

As is the dove. 


— 100 — 


Air, "^Thert U Beauty in the BelUno of tHe Blait.''-Mikado. (CHI CHAPTKB.) 

Ancient Greek: 

1. There is beauty in this earth although it's flat, 
There's a system in the falling of the dew, 

In the winding of a brooklet, 
In the shadow of a nooklet. 
There's a power irresistible for you! 

Modern Greek: 

Yes, I've felt that self same power, 

Of your brooklet and your bower, 

In a hanimock with a maiden good and true! 

Ancient Greek: 

2. Our antique heroes are supposed to be 

Just about as fine a lot as they can make, 
But it is my unblessed opinion 
That in all this earth's dominion 

Youthful maiden comes the nearest to the cake. 

Modern Greek: 

Your opinion's all 0. K., sir, 

And I only wish to say, sir. 

That our youthful maiden Kappa takes the cake. 


** If that is so, 

Sing dery-down dery, 
Tis evident very 

Our tastes are one." 
We'll have you know 

A kittenish Kappa's 
The prettiest capar* 

Beneath the sun. 

Dedicated to Chi by A. J. Blethsn, Jr. 

*Capar.— One who sets a cap for another, oomee from the Gr. Kappa, becaate they were 
always so sncceaaf al. 



To the Loyal. 

Air, * To the BraveBt:' (CHI CHAPTER.) 

1. To the loyal, to the loyal, 

Still we sing our loving lay; 
What tho' years are intervening. 
Making real what was but seeming. 
Still the same we read the meaning, 

Of loyalty to thee. 


What though years are intervening. 
Making real what was but seeming, 
Still the same we read the meaning 
Of loyalty to thee. 

2. To the Kappas, to the Kappas, 

May we ever yet grow fonder, 
Learning still to find more truly. 
All we look for in it, newly 
Pledging still to trust more fully 

Our own true Kappa band. 


Learning still to find more truly, 

3. Now all Kappas — loyal Kappas, 

Kaise youi cups of ruddy wine — 
To the maidens in their beauty, 
Kappas present, past, and future. 
Pledge we all with loving duty. 

In cups of ruddy wine. 

Chorus : 

To the maidens in their beauty, 

— 102 — 

Chi's Serenade, 

Air, ''LortUe,'' (CHI CHAPTKB.) 

1. As the silver rays of twilight, 

Darken into even's shade, 
It is sure to set one thinking 

Of an evening serenade; 
It occurred one night last autumn, 

When the stars shone bright and clear, 
And as all was dark and quiet. 

There was naught to interfere. 

2. Kappa girls with fun o'erflowing, 

Just for sport or harmless play. 
Went to see a young men's meeting. 

Which was held not far away; 
But the only way to see it, 

Was to gently take a peep, 
And if any one were watching. 

It would make us feel quite cheap. 

8. So with cool determination 

And much curiosity, 
We resolved upon beholding 

All there was for us to see; 
But our doom was disappointment. 

Not a soul was there to see! 
All our plans had come to nothing; 

Sadder, wiser girls were we ! 

Written for Chi.—W. S. C. 


The Kappa Key, 

Air, **BHng Back My B<mn|f.** (CHI CHAFTEB.) 

1. Oh Kappa key, clasp my throat ever, 

Oh Kappa key, come at command, 
Oh Kappa key, clasp my throat ever, 
Though be I in far distant land. 


Kappa key! Kappa key! 

Ever to thee I'll be true, be true. 
Kappa key! Kappa key! 

Forever to thee Til be true. 

2. Oh Kappa key, never desert me, 

Oh Kappa key, be my Mascotte, 
Oh Kappa key, never desert me 
Whatever in life be my lot. 


3. Tho' Kappas are far from my dwelling, 

A.nd never her dear name I hear, 
Tho' Kappas are far from my dwelling 
Thy touch can dispel darkest fear. 


4. And then will the charm fall upon me. 

The charm that each Kappa maid feels. 
Aye, then does the charm fall upon me, 
The charm that my Kappa pin seals. 


— 104 

Kappa's Ever. 

Air, '*The Spanish Cavalier:* (CHI CHAFTEB.) 

1. In the past days and these, we sing one refrain, 

For always there's something so tond, there 
'Tis ever the same, the dearest old name, 
And pledging of love for our Kappa, there. 

Chorus : 

No Kappa, no, years come and go, 

Lightly and swiftly. Oh! Kappa, 
Yet day follows day, fast on its way, 

But to find us the same, Kappa's ever. 

2. In the battle of life, through the storm and the strife, 

To think with love of you. Kappa dear. 
It helps on the way, when day after day 
The thought of our Kappa comes to us, dear. 


3. And should ever we fall in the way of life. 

Wearied and fainting call to you. Kappa, 

Twill not be in vain, you'll come to us then. 

As so gladly once ran we to you. Kappa. 

Chorus : 

— 105- 

After the Feast. 

Air, **FarM00ll Fonmrr (CHI GHAPTBB.) 

1. All night in our feasting, my thoughts have been 

On partings that come with the mom, 
Tho' joy be abounding, through all comes re- 
The sorrow from parting bom. 
The songs of last night are fresh in the heart 
While from the eyes the tear drops now start. 

Refrain : 

Kappa, dear Kappa, farewell to thee, 
May thou be happy, gladsome and free. 

Bright tho' my future, brighter shall be 
Thoughts ol the past with thee. 

2. My lips are repeating the words ot our greeting 

In At Korai Athenes. 
Though far be my dwelling, with tender pride 

My heart shall still voice thy praise. 
One word from thy lips, one clasp of thy hand, 

Kappa Tm ready to do thy command. 


^oi>$8 of psi. 

Kappa Gamma be Your Cry. 

Air, **A§ tfou me them^'—LOtU Tycoon. (PSI CHAFTEB) 

1. Come sisters, raise your voices high, 
Let Kappa Gamma be your cry; 

In unison a glad song raise 

And shout to K. K. G. your praise. 

Here gathered by the bright lakes side, 
Aloud we'll sing to thee, 

And spread thy praises far and wide. 
Our glorious K. K. G. 
Come sisters raise your voices high, 
Let Eappa Gamma be your cry; 
In sky and lake there meets our view, 
Our colors, light and navy blue. 

2. As you see us so are we, 
Eappa girls who wear the key; 
Whate'er we do, where e'er we go. 
We're always glad our key to show. 

It gleameth brightly on each breast, 
This golden key of ours; 

It tells us each of friendship blest. 
Of many happy hours. 
Happy girls in us you see. 
For each and all may wear the key. 
Whate'er we do, where'ere we go, 
We're always glad our key to snow. 

3. Tonight in our dear Kappa's room. 

We sing thy i)raise mid deepening gloom. 
Thro' silent night our song doth ring 
As we our joyful anthems sing. 
The lake lies gleaming far below 

Our chapter room to-night, 
And all things seem to slumber now. 

Beneath the bright starlight, 
And echos low resound the cry. 
We raise to our fraternity, 
As once again we shout to thee. 
Our loved, our honored K. K. G. 

— 107 — 

Initiation Song. 

Air, ''AnnU Litle/' (PSI CHAFTIR. 

1. We welcome you as loving sisters 

To our Kappa band, 
And pledge ourselves by each forever 
Faithfully to stand. 


Then pin the colors firm upon you 

With the Golden Key, 
That opens doors to realms of pleasure 

In our K. K. G. 

2. Kappa bonds shall hold us closely — 

Bind us heart to heart; 
For to-day we've been united 
Never more to part. 

Chorus : 

3. Day by day our love grows deeper. 

As through life we go; 
Sisters, Kappa sisters, help us 
Nobler still to grow. 


— io8— 

The Mystic Shrine. 

AW, **Ieh WiU Dich Immer Lieben.'' (P8I CHAFER.) 

1. When we meet once more together 

Around the mystic shrine, 
And naught shall ever sever 
The hearts that round thee twine. 
Then loyally our voices raise 
In Kappa Eappa Gamma's praise, 
And let our love forever 
And fondest vows be thine. 

2. How dear to each the token. 

The Key that each doth wear, 
Which unto us doth open 
Before thy presence fair. 
Then loyally our voices raise 
In Kappa Kappa Gamma's praise. 
Ne'er shall the ties be broken 
Most cherished that we bear. 

3. As long as hope and pleasure. 

As long as life shall last 
We'll sing in fullest measure 
The glories that thou hast. 
Then loyally our voices raise 
In Kappa Kappa Gamma's praise, 
And ever shall we treasure 
The moments round the past. 

I09 — 

Evening Song, 

Air **Juanita,'* (P8I CHAPTBB.) 

1. Far in the distance 

Softly dies the wind away, 
And from the valley 

Fades the light of day. 
Then we meet together, 

Hasten from the darkening gloom, 
And we gladly gather, 

In our Kappa room. 

Chortcs : 

Kappa, Kappa! 

Strong and firm our ties shall be; 
Nothing shall sever 
Our fraternity. 

2. Deep in the distance. 

Ere the western light has passed, 
There are our colors 

Lingering 'till the last. 
Just aibove the hilltops 

Clearly shines our lighter hue, 
And within the zenith 

Shades the deeper blue. 

C hones: 

3. This be our token 

When the twilight gathers round. 
Deepening the stillness, 

Hushing every sound. 
On our deep blue curtains 

Faint the stars shine one by one. 
Then we gladly gather 

In our Sappa room. 

C horns: 

5l?e ^OT)(^s of 0/ns$a. 

Opening Song, 

Air, "In the GkMmino" (OMEGA CHAPTER.) 

1. Once again we're met my sisters; 

One more week has glided past, 
Full of mingled work and pleasure, 

Full of trial and of task 
Here we come for help and comfort, 

Here find sweetest sympathy, 
For we know that each one's welfare 

Is dear to all who wear the Key. 

2. In the future years, my sisters, 

When life's busy paths are tread. 
May the thought of Kappa Gamma 

'Round our hearts much sunshine spread. 
Let the happy school days passing 

Naught but peace and love contain; 
So in memory's golden casket 

Only golden thoughts remain. 


-Ill — 

Song of the K. K. G, 

Atr, ''Little Bromi Jug^ (OMEGA CHAFTBB) 

1. Men sing of love, they sing of fame, 
Of virtues rare, of deathless name, 
We'll sing you a song of high degree, 
A song of the Kappa fraternity. 

Chorus : 

Ha! ha! ha! don't you see? 
We all belong to K. K. G. 

2. Our colors float on the scented breeze. 
Our "Key" unlocks hidden mysteries; 
True is our purpose, high our aim, 
To win for Kappa a spotless name. 


3. Give ear, Greeks, and barbarians too. 
For what we tell you is every word true; 
The noblest and best of the girls of our land, 
You will find enlisted in Kappa's band. 


4. Years may come and years may go. 
The restless sands of time may flow. 
Still in our hearts there ever will be 
Love for our dear old fraternity. 


— 112 — 

Kappa Colors. 

Air 'Red, White and Blue:' (OBfEGA CHAPTER 

1. The Kappas united forever, 

Will stand by their colors so true. 
The pride of all Kappa sisters, 

Is the beautiful light and dark blue: 
The colors which bind us together; 

The "Key" which is always in view, 
Leads all Kappa sisters to victory. 

When borne by the Kappas so true. 


When borne by the Kappas so true, 
When borne by the Kappas so true, 
Leads all Kappa sisters to victory. 
When borne by the Kappas so true. 

2. The Kappas though widely scattered, 

Stand one true and loyal band. 
They work to help each other, 

With willing and loving hands: 
When Kappas prove victorious, 

The honor give to the blues. 
The Kappa colors forever. 

Three cheers for the light and dark blue. 


Three cheers for the light and dark blue. 
Three cheers for the light and dark blue. 
The Kappa colors forever. 
Three cheers for the light and dark blue. 


Kappa Song. 

Air, '*EnglUh You Knowr (OMEGA CHAPTER.) 

1. 0! Have you ne'er heard of the great K. K. Q.! [be; 
Its fame must have reached you where'er you might 
For o'er all this broad land from mountain to sea, 
There's naught to compare with the great K. K. G. 

2. In the north and the south, in the east and the west, 
Hundreds of maidens, of knowledge in quest, 

All point to our banner and proudly attest, 
That Kappa's the noblest, the truest, the best. 

3. In the rainbow so bright may be seen every hue. 
All blended together, so lovely to view; 

But mid all the colors, though strange, yet 'tis true, 
There's none that we love as the "light and dark blue." 

4. Let every true Kappa her loyalty bring. 
While all of our cares to the wind we will fling; 
With glad hearts and voices of Kappa we'll sing. 
Until all the heavens with music shall ring. 

--11. J 

The True Aim. 

Air, ''MtmoruH of F.uith" (:<nj^I Uymns, Xo, .w. iOMEGA ("HAITtl:.) 

1. AVhcn in life wo take «)ur stations 

To l)ear vexati(»ns and delays. 
We Avill ne'rr fovfri^t relations 

Which have hrij::htened college days: 
We shall then recall the gladness 

With which we met in social life. 
And. recalling, turn tr(»ni sadness. 

And ne'er grow^ Aveary in the strife. 


Yes. we sundy shall rememl»ei 

All of Kai»]>a (ianiina's ties. 
And the bond will grow the stronger. 

As wr sc(dv life's highest |)rize. 

2. ]\api>a (iannna let us cherisli 

As a true sorority: 
Frien<i>iiii)'s ties shall never i)erisli, 

Ihit in truth shall ever lu? 
Our hond of nnifui. tie (»ternal. 

\\v whi(di we Iciirn true wonuadux^d. 
And her teacdiiuLi', ever vernal, 


Shall he kept tor future good. 


\\ii\)\r0i (ijunuKi, then, shall tniiii us 

To Ik^ women tried and I rue: 
To nu'(»t bravely the hanl troubles 

Whi(di in lite our pnths nuiy strev/. 
We shall never grow faint-hearted 

AntI cease to strugLdc* on our wnv. 
But recall the truths impartetl 

liv our own sororitv. 


Ihdicafed U> Omeya Chapter by W, K. IIigcins. 


Welcoming Song. 

Ai,\ "Come, Come, Frc^ from ^crr." (UNCllKDITKD.) 

1. Come, come, come, Kappas all, free irom care. 
Let us here true pleasure share — 

Meeting thus is most rare, 

Come Avhere joy is found. 
Joining in with heart and voice, 
j\Iaking Kappa our own choice. 
One and all, now rojoice. 

Let the laugh go round. 

Tra la la, etc. 

2. Come, come, come, not a sigh, not a tear 
Shall be found in sadness here, 

For we all, with good cheer. 

Greet you now in song. 
In our sisterhood sin(*cre 

N(Av we joy in feeling here. 
That each heart is pure. 

Which doth to us belong. 


3. Then at last, wdien we part, may we feel 
Our improvement has been real, 

That for woe or for weal — 

Still we're bound together. 
Multiplied, true mutual love. 
Brooding o'er us like a dove. 
Chasing olF from above 

Storms in cloudy weather. 

^Y)e So9^ of ^09^8. 

Battle Hymn of the Republic. 



1. Mine oy^N haxt^ >tM'ii llir iilovy of ilio coniinj^ of the 

He is tnunpliiiir «»nf tlio vinljip^e wliere the grapes of 

wriith liw sIohmI: |switt sword: 

lie halli IoommI the fateuil liglitniug of his terrible 
His truth is inarchin*]: on. 

2. I have se(Mi him in the watehtires of* a hundred circ- 

ling camps: 
They have l»uihled him an altar in the evcninjj: dews 

and damps: jtiarin;: lamps: 

1 can read lii< ri^diteous sentence hy the dim and 
His dav is marcliini^ on. 

3. I have read a l\ov\ <^{)<])r\ writ in hurnished rows of 

'*A< y (icalt with my cnntemniM-s, so with you my 
<;rart' >\\:[\\ d«'al: [his heel. 

Let tli»' lliMd iM»rn ot woman, crush the serpent with 
Since (iod is maivhin.^ on." 

4. He ha- >(»inid( <1 lorth the Irumpi^t that shall never 

call H'lreal: 
He is >il'lin}i: out the lieartsof men before his judp- 
riKMit seat: [my feft! 

Oh I he swift, my sou!, io answer him I 'oe jubilant. 
Our Ood i> marchimr ^>n. 

5. In till* biMUlv of the lilies, Christ was born across the 

With a LtbuT in lii< l)0>om that translitrures you and 

me: [men free. 

As he died to make nu'n holy, let us die to make 
While <Jod is nuirehing on. 



A liuston city yoxm;; a'lvl 1»3 

Ai Korai Alhei'o.^ 78 

All ni^'ht in our teoA in.',' 105 

An organ, ai: ur^::a:i, tlio Kappa jjirla own 21 

A iM)et'b woiclri wouM i-.i^-m Iofs truo 7(5 

A society there is whose colors are true 88 

As tliH silver ra} s of twili^'ht 102 

At length the parting hour has come H5 

nie-s, () God. a!i«I protect 42 

I5ri«:hl are the memories 54 

Cla vis vest ra caudeat 43 

Vnmo all ye noble Kappas 25 

C'<»me, come, come. Ivappas all 115 

C*onn» j<iin every harul in our order so fond 20 

C'omo. sisters, r.'iise your voices high 10<i 

I h'i.T Kapi)a halls have ever been 'X) 

DeiiP sif-.ters, to-ni«.rht weVe ^^athered <»3 

Ui.i you ever see the sava^'e Kappa ;:o;it • . 91 

Dulrem amicitiam 48 

Ks ^'iebt uns kein SprichwDit 58 

Fain would 1 enter Ihr palace so fair 151) 

Far in the distunce 109 

From the east where the wave? (VS 

Full on the liateuiuK' car 10 


Gaily WO Kappa >,'irls lift Up our song 27 

Ciay aro lh<.» merry lh)urfl 11 

( Tav littlo hUw lu'llfl 15 

(lolion wir zr.-saiiiimMi, Ivappat? 49 

( ilearainj: ami l>ri:,'lit in llio fitful lifflit 12 

Good uikjhl uiy sistiTs, ore wo part 2.'i 

Hoar us our Kappa '.H> 

llore in tho doar old jilaco 2.S 

How oa^orly wo bast^'U tvory woek Kt 

How Kwoet in my nioui'ry 40 

1 have hoard tho fro^js a sinjfinjj (52 

In Grecian skios Ihoro j^ltMims a fcjlar 71 

In the papl days and iheso 104 

Join in ploasuro SI 

Kappa Gamma, Kappa ( lamma 74 

Kappa had a littlo ^»mt .'Sfi 

Kuockinj^, knocking, vtho is 1 hon^ 20 

f ioug, lonjf atjo, in days of old II 

Men sintf of lovo, thoy sini; of famo Ill 

Mine oyos havo sihju tho Kl»>ry lit) 

Not only are tho boys (»♦) 

()! all tho constoUatio'is 57 

(.) k'ood, that crowns «Mir irollot^o days 1K> 

O hail our Kap[)a Kappa ( !amma 41 

Oh comol 1j**{ us i^root 4.r» 

Oh! Havo ynu UfVr h«»ard nf the groat K. K. G 113 

Oh Kappa doar. t«» thoo 53 

Oil Kappa koy, «-l{*sp my throat over 1(X3 

Oh sisters of tho niat,'i»* kt»y 50 


Oh thou dear old band in eollo;,'^ 24 

Oh we are girls of the goldtm ke\ 85 

Oh weVo the girls of tho K. K. Cj iy'i 

Once again, my sistin-s iU»ar 5 

Once again our doors are (»i)pii(m1 IM) 

Once again weVo mot my ssistcrs 1]0 

Onco thoro dwelt a rustitr ma'dfn HiJ 

One bright suiunier morning 

our Ka))pa (iamma t»isl»'i.-. 

( ) siM«T iH»\v we bid vi>u wt'Ir'»mo 

01 T!iL' KM|'i»a girlri 

Our Kaupa, 'tis i»f theo 

• • • • • 




lieunited now wi 

She's a eharmin;; ynuug ir.jtitlfi 

Sing once more before wi* s: y g«» bye 

Sing wo Ka]»]>a. K.'ipp;! (iaimii:- 

Sometimes I hoi.r of fjinious iJoauriestlwolIiiiLT. . 

• • • • •'«# 


I i 

TliH girls wore coming <lo\\ n stiiirs one night 17 

The Kai»i»a girls a-o Ijippy 18 

The Kaiipa girlh unitt •! stand 14 

The Kappas put tlit' kottie oi US 

Tlie Kappas uijilo«l fon-vor 112 

Tin* name tiiat rf all nair.on is doaresl 04 

Tlie twiligfit. is g.-s! iiori;'.-: rojiiwi us K) 

The years loll o;i whiU' ila} night 7 

Thero came io our !». I' I»4 

Tlion* is a unlii. bistoriiood '.MJ 

IIh"'*' is iM»auty in ihiseii'tl- Vn) 

Tlie'e's ;•. iiuok in old St. Lawivncv Vi 

Theri*'s a poN.e" of liii.iigiit l<»-day 01 

Tuore's a siirine thai is bai-mi .o (»ur hearts 7ri 

'J'liero's only njom f« »r » 'ne TO 

To hearts in frioinlship i»l'ghte»i 



To Kappa Kappa Gamma dear 34 

To Minerva our (jueeii, let our song rise to-night 8 

To thee, dear Kappa 59 

To the loyal, to the loyal 101 

'Twas a newly pledged student C5 

'Twas black midnight by the chapel clock 19 

'Twas on a glad, auspicious day 79 

Wake the song for Kappa Gamma 44 

We ate a merry band of Kappa girls 60 

We are gathere^l to-night in the chapter room 22 

We are standing at the gati*way 55 

Welcome the happy hour 82 

We'll sing you a very remarkable song 97 

We meet at the shrine of Kappa 45 

We're a glorious band of workers 52 

We've met again within our hall 80 

We welcome you as loving sisters 107 

We welcome you now to our well-beloved band 4 

When tirst I entered Kappa Gamma 20 

When first I to this college came 32 

When in life we take our stations 114 

W^hen I was a girl 16 

When summer zephyrs fan my brow 37 

When wo meet once more together 108 

W^hen you gaze on the sky 67 

W^hether out in the darkness and the night 9 

W^ork, girls, work, with ejiruest hearts 6 

Ye Kappa women, rouse to action 61