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lundquist Reports That College's Best Regjstratioil HIlS Totol of 167 

Year Should Start on September F^ ^^^.^^ j^^,^ j^^^^^ 5^^^.^^ 

thi;rc the 167 actually attendinE. 

ouily" to finish his tctcitory Iha 
cannot cjlch up with him, Elde 

William H. Taylor, public rela 
tions head, has worked the Nash 

and will be returning to fitiish u| 

studying on his doctorate at th 

Dr. Clyde G. Bushnell is making 
contacts with prospecrive stud 

she is finishing her work in c.utc: 
Kentucky and, after a ihoct vacatia 
at het home at Bctricn Spring 
Michigan, will complete her woi 

Rees in Kentucky 

:. N. -Rces, president 
, has worked the \ 

Saturday Nights Feature 
Music, Science and Pharoahs 

[rday night program presented by 

Notables Presented 

W. E. P. Tappers, Drew Turlington Join 
Southern Missionary College Faculty 

Nine Enrolled in 
Graduate Work 
With University 

~ K. M. Kennedy, d,rea„r 

enrolled in graduate courses in co- 
operation with Andrews Univcciit)'. 
The gr,>diiate courses being taughi 

psychology of (he exceptional child 
Some of the graduate student. 

fields of study. Places visited includs 

Dr. Kennedy said,, 

hiking class went on an ovefrng"!; 
field trip to Lulu Falls on July 26,' 

other numbers. "Three Pieces fo 
Marimba" by Clair Omar Hussci 

Sebastian Bach; and 'Sonata in I 

Mr. Gilbert played 'Tour Danc( 
for Piano" by Nousiedler, Bol 

F=aculty Concert 

Mr. Lyle Hamel participated in ihi 
music faculty concert ihe previous 
Saturday night. 

Or. and Mrs. Taylor presented 
several duo-piano numbers includ. 
ing "Rhapsody" on a theme by 
Paganini. Mrs. Taylor sang "If " 
Could Tell You" by Firestone. Mi 
Hamel presented a clarinet soli 
"Clarinet Polka." 

"The Marvels of Science" wj 
presented July 9 by the Naturj 

Lynn Wood Hall chapel- Dr. Johi 
fcrlin, phj-sics; and Mr. Edga 

: Land of the Pharoahs 
iries by Josephine Cunnin 

D. L. West, SMC assistant business 

teachers a 

tending the summer ses- 

teacher sen 

hold regularly scheduled 
inars. Their guest speak- 
eluded Dr, Lyle Hance, 


hing Company; and Miss 

Anila Ga 

Jones, Supervisor of 

tivily for Chattanooga 


mmer Preferred 


cdy said that he thought 
nts would rather go to 


i more self- motivation 


e' md.viduT help""^! 


Dr Ken 

edy said that he consiJ- 

horough b< 

a student leaves hus- 

fffc "' 

7*^ ^•KfrefuUu^ o^ S^^ceHetece 

As a Christian college Southern Missionary College is 
dedicated to die purpose of providing an atmosphere favor- 
able to the development and maturation of Christian char- 
acter. The achievemen[ of a sound charaner depends on the 
development of man's spiritual, mental, social and physical 
powers. A Christian college is derelict in its responsibility 
if it does not provide for the growth of the whole man. 

To regard the development of the spiritual, the physical 
and the social of lesser importance than the mental would 
be folly, inasmuch as they cannot stand alone. It is interesting 
to observe, however, that many alleged Christians give little 
thought to the development of the mind which represents 
the Creator's greatest gift to man. 

The idea that iniellenual competence is incompatible 
with a thorough-going Christian faith must he discarded 
if we are to fulfill the Creator's will for His people. Although 
Southern Missionary College is vitally interested in the 
growth of the whole man, greater emphasis is and must be 
given [o the development of the student's mental powers. 

The Scriptures challenge the Christian to a life of inten- 
sive learning. Nothing is more pathetic than to observe an 
alleged Christian satisfied widi a completely dormant mind. 
Counsel has been given both in Scripture and by the prophet- 
ess of the Lord that "it is a law of the human mind that by be- 
holding we become changed. Man will rise no higher than his 
conceptions of truth, purity and holiness. If the mind is 
never exalted above the level of humanity, if it is not uplifted 
by faith to comtemplate infinite wisdom and love, the man 
will be constantly sinking lower and lower." 

The wise man of the Bible urges all to get both wisdom 
and knowledge. Ellen G. White urged that Christian believers 
understand the high level of intellectual attainment desired 
by God. "Higher than the highest human thought can reach 
is God's ideal for His children." All faculties entrusted to man 
by the Creator are capable of development. "Vast (is) the 
scope offered for their exercise; glorious the field opened 
to their research. Man has been 
mysteries of the visible universe . 
of Him who is perfect in knowledj 

As the student taps fresh spi 
conceptions of God will become m 
the wisdom, the power, and the 1( 
fully revealed. This development p 
throughout the eternal ages. Why 

gs of knowl( 
■i real in the s 

: tha 

Dve of God will be more 
rocess will be experienced 
wait until the hereafter to 
learning. God holds us 
responsible for every opportunity afforded in this life. 

If a Christian college is to fulfill its purpose in behalf 
of ambitious Christian youth, it must provide the necessary 
Of g. 



ted and lived by Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. 

The excellence of intellectual attainment is very evident 
when considering the training and teaching experience of 
the faculty of Southern Missionary College. "Twelve members 
of tbc faculty now hold the doctorate degree with three more 
members within reach of the same degree. Twenty-eight hold 
the master's degree and eight the bachelor's degree. 

Competence need not be sacrificed in favor of a Thorough- 
going Christian faith. On the contrary, the two are harmoni- 
ous requisites to good Christian teaching. The college is 
alert to its responsibility of providing a competent Christian 
faculty; and studious, pious and intelligent students desiring 
excellence in education will appreciate the privilege of 
learning from those who have excelled. 

We will look for you during registration week. 

WiLBERT M. Schneider 
Academic Deau 


What Is College? 

It is the 103d to Chi 
pas gives an oppor 


ion. Southern Missionary 
t fttmly established as a Oxm 
iberal arts college and holds 
reditatign with the Southern A 


c ptepari 

ColUgt h a facuhy. TTie truly 
edicaltd men and wo 
smptise the faculty of 

Academic cxcclleQcc is being dis- 
cussed by educators as never Wore. 

by a distinguished pinel under the 
title -The Pursuit of Excellence" 
-Utniclcd wide attention in 19S8. 

has been carefully studied and used 
throughout the country. 
The basic reason for this i 


■ jmm'^'^^s 

^L J^- 


developed. It is now apparent that 

So, what is college? It is a com- 

the merit of the "egg-head" is 

rapidly replacing the popularity of 

3 faculty, higher education, study 

and opportunity. Southern Mission- 

CoUege is sliidy. On a college 

ary College will continue to do all 

campus learning is the main pur- 

in its power to develop in youth 

students of Southern Missionary 
College to gain academic excellence 
and at the same time to study 

ing. Over the years its Christian 

ideals, its high standards and the 
qualit)' of its teaching have earned 

f^ ^hl^'^'^N^ve'tthS^lhete 


eSraTrriibTaSvitiTs'^ '"^'^'' 

Grant Received 

The freshman year, most coun- 

Totaling $4,800 

selors advise, should not be a timt 

By SMC Chemists 

enough to begin such activities. As 

Science recently announced that 

you gradually broaden your activity 

their chemistry research project has 

program you will be conttibutingto 

been awarded a $4,800 grant. 

way street. You will want to give 

The research project is to be 

sponsored by the Petroleum Re- 

interests to the college, and in so 

be materially benefited. 

Dr. John Christen sen is doing the 

The more you do, vilhin reason, 

research this summer on priodiodic 

the more you will slote up to look 

acid and 1,3-diketeons, to study the 

back on happily, and the more you 

do, the more you will be educating 

yourself to live in the world that 

Dr Clarence Chinn is takinn a 

exists beyond graduation. But, again 

I say, one should never lose sight 

topes at Florida State University on 

to show himself approved of God, 

a special fellowship. He is also do- 
ing chemical and biology work 

are basic reasons for college attend- 

In the physics department of the 

division, Dt, Ray Hcfferlin is doing 

College is opporluiiity. Such an 

research on the properties of atoms 

opportunity comes only once in a 

and what makes them give light 

lifetime. One prominent educator 

calls a college "an organized oppor- 
tunity for self-education." It is es- 

Dr. Hefterlin says that the Na- 

sential that college students, through 

diligent effort in the secondary 
school, come to college with the 
capadty and willingness to use 

sponsor the project for the ncut two 
years starting June 1, 1960. The 

satisfactorily this opportunity. Col- 

lege also affords an excellent oppot- 

scientists to measure high "='"P^"' 


of every young person who comes 

Because of this sponsorship two 

to a college campus should be to 

persons have been hired to help on 

the project during the summer lenn. 

She^JouuT^ °^ ^sociating with 

Don Hall and Joel Gearhart arc 

History Field School Report 

irip to New England anc 
iniermcdiatc points. Nin 

Our first day wis occupied i: 

Opilol building; with its ii 

spcccli, John Macshall' 

wended qui wa 

beautiful Virgini 

o reconstructed Wil 

culonial Virgin! 

from 1(599 to 1789 


short ho 
teat teluc 

y from tf 

e Cover 

nors Palace, t 

e Virgin 

a Legisia 

Surges sc 

met. the W>-thc 

Souse, th 

c Duke of 

Gloucester Str 

ersity of 

fascinating spots in this 





replicas of the 

three sh 

ps which 

brought the 

riginai s 

ttlers to 

Jamestown, tt 

first permanen 

English colony 

in 1607. Then, 

and trenches th 

: 6gured 

n that las 

of the 


the nex 


the home of C 

the day 


with a lour of 


n. D, C 

and included th 

Washiogton Monument, 


cceded lo Fredecick, Mar)-land, 
enough, at the Francis Scott Key 

Philadelphia that aight. 

walked and walked and walked t< 
sec Independence Hall where thi 
Declaration of Independence am 

Sabbath school and church. T 
night Dr, Clark led some of 

Clark conducted the group, by v 
of the subways, to the Uniied ^ 
tions Building. Empire State Bui 

Tomb. Riverside Baptist Qiuri 
Qthedral of St. Job 

■vended oui 

where we visited Sunnysidc. 

,f WashingtOQ Irving, 

nyside. ho 
. the Vand 
ireath takingly 

President Dwight Eist 
he left one of the W 
uiidings following 

mng point bait! 
. Revolution; H, 
' President Frai 

Taylor Announces 
Fine Arts Series 
For Nex* Year 

players," Dr. Taylor said. The first 

The next t^vo days saw us tour. 
Lcwngton, Concord, Wilden Po 
Boston, Glouccsler, Salem ; 

ing. June 16, we boarded the 1 
for the first lap of out three-, 
return trip to Collegedile. T. 
morning we visited the home 

-Jew England. 

Plymouth, New Bedford, 
-ji Joseph Bates; Rocky Hill 

Science Men Plan 
California Trip 

and is sponsored by the Genet 
Conference Department of Educ 
tion for Seventh-day Adventi 

added to 

, of the physic; 
nislry departmcnl 


Sargent recorder used foi 
ng voltage and ampera^ was 
jed the early part of July. 

of the recorder. 

also been added. 


Seniors Choose McElroy 
For Summer President 

(Buddy) McElroy was elected pi 
dent of the Southern Missior 
College summer graduatini 

WSMC-FM to Begin Broadcasting by 
September 1; Crystal Now Acquired 

Six Professors 
Now Studying 
For Doctorates 

for his degree tt Midiigin Siati 
Univenily. He is on . (2,200 fcl 
lawship. Mr, Ackcrmin is attendinj 

Southern Fellowship shidying foi 
his doclorsre U Ihe Universiiv ol 
Miehieu.. Herflberelurniogfo, 

JFIeming Reports SMC Progress 
On Various Building Projects 

ling to be completed b^ 
r 1, 1961. 

implElion by then, I 
■e nol available fo 
Tbc rapacity of t 

upcl with balcony jbov 

The baseioent in the r 
ill be for trunk storage 
drying room and misceUoi 
age rooms. There will be a 
for the dean and assistant 

n deck 3 

e the 

'Uilding will b 

ity irid lavjk 

isist of a built 

of drawers, a va 
, The desk and 

1 the SMC auiii 
new faculty hon 

J additions and 
science boilding. 

Also being included will be a 
physics and mathematics classroom, 
nd J large lecture room for biology 

Tietc will be a ham radio rwm! 
shop, an equipment stockroom 
fid mathematics study room. 

the special additi 

school, Mr. Fleming said. 

The McKee Baking Companj' 
tion to their present plant. The ai 

mplete by September 

>l only the new dormi 
e new shopping center 


students Arrive 
For Fall Term; 
Enrollment Up 

President Announces 
Additional Faculty 

Pension is finished. A n 
dormitotj- is scheduled to 

Students, Faculty to Conduct 
Annual Fall Week of Prayer 

Hegstad to Be Speaker 
For Fellowship Weekend 


Corn Roast First 
In SMC History 

be 1 Collegedale fir 
leave Lynn Wood h 
. for the Student I 


^HtncdudH^ tie Sta^ 

The big imptovemenc of the South 
year can be largely aitributed lo the com| 
hard worli of the staff. We anticipate anot 
for ihe Accent as almost all of our editt 
of last year's staff. 

The "copilot" this year will be Sandy Lewis, junio 
munications major, who will be the managing ed''" 
sociaie editor will be Sue Johnson, senior secretaru , 
Judy Fowler will be assistant editor and Sylvia Taylor wiU 
be copy editor. Both Miss Fowler and Miss Taylor are 
junior English majors; 

News editor is Leonard Ponder, senior chei 
Alice Fowler, who is majoring in foods and n 
be feature editor. Jerry Kovalski, who has had __ ^ 

experience in a press, will supervise the technical end of the 
paper as make-up editor. Jerry is a sophomore theojogy 

Students seen 
are offered by so 
of bee-line trails \ 

Those who a 

i to have found nio__ 
2 campus sidewalks. At I 
e been formed across the la 

arr)'ing oi 
Justry. or 

i.i.twsary sidewalks; bu. 
visions may be necessary, in ract, son- 
wait a couple of months to see whert 
decidioE where the sidewalks should be 

college — are advised by 
efully the placement < ' 
ith careful planning r 

paths form befo; 

laps our college could profit by this method. If — as 

has been publicly stated— the trails across the lawns — 
the most "naturar' routes, would it not be logical to ] 
a sidewalk where these paths are? 

We have two short cuts in mind: the one from the 
north exit of Talge Hall to the science building, and di 
one in front of the library. 

Yes. now Is the time to put 
blank into an envelope and ._ 
Accent, Collegedale, Tennessee. He 
1961 Accent in your home and offl 
weeks. Get the Southern Accent 









>,..Y Coll.9. 


M P^-t I <! f J I - 

A. ( 

J«., _ 

V H«vl 


A , . I 1, 1 ^-i,'ii 1 

Ml^,nll,^r t I- .1 



Lwurd P 





Ar R 1 


■: 1 T 1 


VI Mryer 




f Omc fS^Mn" 






Complete Student Roster Is Released 

Elder Robert Francis Is New 
Member of Religion Division 

Two SMC Students Receive 
ATS National Awards 

.lin sponsoting a Icmptf- 
iccording to Elder J. M. 

necting of the 1960-61 office 

Faculty Welcomes 
Lotest Arrivals 

Married Couples Forum Meets 
To Elect Officers for Year 

^otcd~l. That a r«omni 
I be mede to the Sabbath : 

if loft of the Tabcrnadc a 
taught by I 

■nenled and then disoissed: 
rJow to Prepare Personally foi 
e Fin*! Time of Trouble," Cofl' 
ibulioiu 10 discussion will b« 
elcomcd if substantiated by 

lining office 



$3.98 to $9.98 

"$1.98 to H.M 

$3.98 h> $9.98 

ind rcgdart. Soil up to $15.98. 

$6.98 to S9.98 
$3.98 to $9.98 

$25.00 to $32.00 
$20.00 to $32.50 


Hattie Falcon's Clothing Store 

Just beyond the clinic in Collegedale. 


Use our lay-a-way plan 
EXport 6-3676 

solo, was prcsenlcd by Don West. 

Mrs. Elva Girdner gave a pct- 
sonil version of registration. 

After a short intermission and 
refreshments, the film "The Dif- 
ference" was shown. During the 
inlerraJssion faculty and students 
were given opportunity to get ic- 

Doctorate Given 
To SMC Graduate 
By Medical School 

ary College has received the first 
doctorate in hiochcmistty to be 
awarded by the College of Medical 

his dissertation on the metabolism 
of glycin and glutamic acid in the 
eye and brain. 

This is the second Ph.D to be 
granted by the School of Gradu- 
ate Studies. The first was in 1958 
in the field of anatomy. 

Several other gradualcs of SMC 
have received degrees recently. 
Robert Anas and Jcanette Wagner 
have graduated from the School of 
Medical Technology and the School 

SMC alumni graduated from 
C Namihas, 

ard. / 

Concert Will Be 
By Music Faculty 

Mrs. Edwards Is 
Guest Speaker 

.Irs. Josephine Cuonington & 
[ds was guest speaker Seplembi 

light of her address was tht 
of her fathers conversion tl 

The little boys name was 
and he had been paralyzed 
age of five. He had learne. 

e boy became very ill and d 

lylor will play "Alleero 

Sonata for Two Pianos" by 
:nch pianist Francis Poulenc. 
Del Case, who joins the 
SMC faculty this year as instmclor 
an and piano, will be at the 


Mrs. Dorothy Ackerman and 1 

SMC Now OHers 
New Art Minor 

The art department at SMC now 
offers an act minor to interested stu- 
dents, according to Miss Nellie Jo I 

ifferent divisions, she added. 
! the drawing and design divi 
/hich will do pencil sketches 

style or line. And there is a 
in sculpture, which will use 

Any student interested in this 

McKee Baking Company 

The Best in Cakes and Cookies 

Helping Over Sixty Students 

To Earn Their Way Through College 

EXport 6-2A5I 

Collegedale, Tenn. 

'd. mnm,'*'^ A XI 



[Student Association Releases 
New Activities Point System 

Science Men Go 
To Convention 

M. V. Fellowship Night 

Western Style 

In the Student Park 

(Meet at 8:00 p.m. in Lynn Wood Hall) 

r mm mm in 
mmcE-^m mu. 

Remember . . . 


Even Ihe well dressed Co>i«.uter 
feads the ACCEMT / 

Fifth Homecomhig^tolelield^J'^^'^^ 

On SMC Campus Oct. 14, 15 ""^l^f^^'sfdJls ^hristensen Is First Speaker 

We methodically classify flowers and such into phyla, 
classes, and orders in order to facUiiaie iheir study. Though 
many people study and write about the teaching profession, 
no one has as yet elaborated on the four distinct types of 
teacher. These are. of course, declarative, imperative, in- 
terrogative and exclamatory. Following is a brief description 
of the classroom "modus operandi" of each of these. 

The declarative type is usually found in a large school. 
He gives a leaure and the students listen and take notes. 
Or they dont listen. Or they don't take notes. In any case, the 
declarative t»^cher loses no sleep on Johnny Brown's behalf, 
and the feeling is usually mutual. 

Webster says the word "imperative" means "not to be 
avoided or evaded," and this is an excellent description of 
the second species: the imperative teacher. If biologists 
distinguish birds by their call, wc can certainly charaaerize 
this teacher by his pet phrases. '1 don't care if it h aJmosi 
time for the bell, this has to be in by the end of the period," 
is a sterling example. 

To anyone who is or ever has been a student, an ex- 
planation of the next type of teacher is entirely unnecessary. 
The interrogative teacher takes fiendish delight tn all types 
of appropriate interrogation. This is not really a true species, 
however, for all teachers have this 

UBviS Notes 


t all t 

s be wary of the e 

teacher, for he is likely at any time to exclaim, "We have 
a test today," or something like "This is the worst paper 
I've had turned in this year." But on the other hand, it is 
this type of teacher who occasionally declares, "class dis- 
missed," a full two minutes early. 

Aoually, no teacher fits precisely into any of these 
species. We must conclude, then, that teacher taxonomy 
r become a true science. Perhap; 

;.//, Mer. 

, by . fr^ibm. 

, for ,o 

PdUUai VuUu OuHiKed 

lent is part of a special testimony relating 
context it is clear that the insiruaion is agaij 
straight party ticket and not against voting 
lence from the second paragraph 

• for we do 

uinol with sifcty vote for foVnlcai par 

Tomorrow Hamilton County will open a registration 
booth in the barber shop. It will be open from 1:0 
p.m. If you are 21, have resided in Tennessee for 
and in Hamilton County for three months, you should 
register. Individuals who 

■ take advantage of i 


m. hM Kccpted a call lo the pas- 
late of the Ashland, Kenlucky, 


president of ths Home Study I 

rived on campus from Beirut. Leb- 
\y ii expected here at the end of 

Letters . . . 

nfluenceofSirius. thedogstar? 
Poor Cgllcfiedale is now beinj 

Scrawny. nuney-lookJng specimen' 

Before the bitter cold of wintc 

the dogs and doggcsses now haun 

Gordon M. Hyde 
(The edilofj muierslond ihal gem 
perstnlion on ihtie hamltu pt, 
bai bun tried by the dog-calcht 

unharmonic fashion u I write 
note. I'm sitting in the di 
room. It ii cool— in fact, cold 
rainy outside. AND the air « 
tioner is ON. (CHATTER) 

Would it be possible to 
some of this chatter for next ; 


'pia^6<UJl. Met 7«&i» ^<» Itf 

! interrupted by si 

< he found I 

old Miller and Tom 

re now engaged in nightly I 

going near Richard M 
m with half a cake and P 
rtin, very friendly like, 

reply wai, "What' 

^iUMtu, 'Pneute^, and ^fifiiea. 

inna Mae tried the 

ent, when 

til I saw her at the D 

ry Bar the 

other day. She was earin 

g a perfect- 

as displaying 

ly ordinary ice cream CO 

□e. but un- 

like most perfectly ordi 

head while she diewed 

on the bo.- 

torn of it. A minute la 

er she was 

. Immediately 

hand. Why she could 

"t wait to 

pjped up. "1 

finish the fint one bef 

ore starting 

First Club Meetings Held; 
Most Elect New Officers 

leld Sep tern bei 
■c elected last y 

L«ader, Ollie Mac Metts, 
1 November 3 the club i 
I going to the University of Chalta 

Students Working 
On New Sfudenf- 
Faculfy Directory 

Fletcher-Born Case Becomes 
New Member of Music Faculty 

Attention Girls 

Haftie still has hose, all sizes and colo 
for only 50* a pair 

Apison Pike 

Angeles. He 
of the college 

in the La Sier, 
felt Choral 

of both professional anc 
;ui: musicians. During the sum. 
Mt. Case worked for Pipe Or 

at he and one other student ol 

■ of : 

tticulMly differe 
her SDA collegi 
picscntly ccsidii 



Special prices during the month of October 

to the lohr staff. An 

Heo/th Office 
In Ad Building 

Ihe functions of this new office 

alth and convenience. I 
is new location has i'ts a 

.fficc is c<|uippcd with a d 
machine for colds; and 

Meeting is Held 
For Music Gui/d 

with one another and to plan for 

.enlal principles of orga 
jturc meeting. A joint 
4th the Physics Club for ; 

Autumn Nips Atmosphere; 
Students Turn to Gridiron 

Names Added 
To SMC Roster 

Norman Brown, right end. 

- ' ■ c Rcifsnydcr, who was play 

I ptcdfcl 
.0-0. Gerald Kellcy's 

and organlu 

Flagball Schedule 

Hegstad Speal(s During MV 
Week End on SMC Campus 

ronducted by Elder Desmond Curr 

Alumn! Week End 
To Be Held Here 

Phillips Announces 
Memories Staff 

editor; Fayc Spires, assisUnl edit 
Sue Johnson. Mity Ann D«k 

s will print Ihe yearbook. 

.eral Sabbath stho 
William Hulsc 
assisted by oth< 

TKe besl way lo wi», frle^Jj and 
mfluence people ij lo i-ead Ihe ACCEKT^ 

Youth Re 




nd points of 


cmphusiud how the y 


nt th 

hour are 





Could you 



nan a reaso 

n for your fa 


> Have y 

u forgotten 


here? No 

us to 

e old landm 


hit th 

ose have 1 

ft brfiind," 


his do 

'"E words 


subject of 

the Sabbath afier- 

aws. Elder Hegs 

ad brought to 


make a sound social b 

asis. Authori- 

ies state that Sunday 

laws are not 

ns. They can- 

not be penetrated e 

ccpt ihrouph 

he hierarchy. The p> 

int is; Whjt 

are we going lo do 


■ nighl, Elder Cumminp 

ad's instructions for the 
ite of Isnel from Egypt 

ATS Sponsors 
Annual Contesfs 

s.The«t students .re he.dmj 
lorical. poster, essay, img'e 
loon divisions, tcsportively. 

Tony Soares From Portugal; 
Last Lived in South Africa 

(4) "complclc co-operation with 

Went body." 

the Student Aisocialion jn 

■principiJ objective' could be 

chieved by: 

Dr Wilbcrt Schneider, the col- 

1) "year-round reminders of Ihe 

adviser for the Scholarship Com- 

melhods of sludyjng, ' 


1) "conliniwl alertness to the »c- 

TTie committee members as sug- 

gesicd by Ihe chaiman and ap- 

proved by Ihe Senate aie: Linda 

ham, Tom SIraighl. Jim Wolcott 

Music Faculty Concert Heard 
In Tabernacle-|Auditorium 

Field Day Brings Over $5,000 

Last Total Awaits 
Complefe Returns 

'^<m U Ao^ 'pn4^«tdA 

Seemingly r 

o( gm, 

t hinis 

ning of thc'subicci in worship has scrvEd 
mrcmedv the situation of "line ctashing." Each year this 
vexing and annoying problem seems to enjoy giMer and 
Eteaiet popuJariiy among some of the less thoughtful mem- 
bers of out student body. Saving places going up a 
ftiend, ate both impolite to those wa.tmg behind and do no 
foster a spirit of biothctly love toivatd the habitual or 
even the occasional line crasher. .... 

This year the classes have been 


which to enjoy c 

t with this plai 

s fot breaking ahead in the cafeteria 

line" We of die staH have come to the conclu 
breaking in line is the best way we know of 
and influence diose about you in the moi 


What is sacrifice? This letni is freeiy used in Se- 
day Advcncist circles today, as ic has been chioughoi 
history. But what docs it mean. 

There is something intensely personal about sac 
and thus something relative, and never was the camf 
SMC given a stronger emphasis of this than durmg the 
recent Alumni Homecoming. As though by common consen 
and prior agreement Elders Mensing and Picrson wen 
stressing, in their challenging messages, the necessity fo 
sacrifice in the finishing of God's work m the earth. An. 
no one who has an affection for SMC could fail to get the 
same message from the pageant Saturday night, presentmg 
"SMC Through the Years." 

But again, What is sacrifice? What makes .t personal, 
and relative? Sacrifice is our first college president_making 
a home out of a one-time cow shack. It is a nac' 
in South Africa risking his life to lead white 
to safety. It is a small faculty back in 1922 pledging S4,000 
from their meager salaries to forestall a Board action to close 
this school. It is a farm manager continuing on the job for 
three years after the loss of both arms in two simila 
cidents. It is an Advcntist doctor staying on his post . 
tribal warfare, being forced to run barefooted for i 
through the jungle until rescued by UN troops. It is early 
•iiudents on this campus living in tents through a winter, 
■ ' ' - raising money 


s sacrifice to us. in CoUcgedale, in I960? May it 
itter of urgency for us to find out, individually? 
be that our capacity for sacrifice will be tested 
...1— much sooner than we tliink? Will we measure up 
o the sacrifices of our pioneers and to our missionaric 
ibroad? Some of us will. Will you? 

Gordon M. Hyde 




, ',',.,„i 

M...ji., 2d 


Sn. 1 








- — D..ld».^^. ,..,«, 






y Sp^ra. Judy Bidurdi. Sj... 

'^aU Tifdi '?aU -- 7<n^^f' 7«^i^ 

Kentucky-Tennessee Sends Call 
To Elder H. B. Lundqulst 

New Pio 
10% above i 

Wilson Brothers Piano Co. 

HoHie Falcon's Clothing Store 

Just beyond the clinic in Collegedale. 


Use our loy-a-woy plan 

EXport 4-3674 


f^' ts Get New 'Joker'- '^®" Seniors Chosen for Who's Who; 
' Held 'Superior' by Senate, Faculty 

Court Jester Is Chosen Theme 

So [he \okKT is ou[. 

All have been equally featured. Each one rates one 
small piaurc and a name. 

Yer, in spite of this equal treatment, as you thumb 
through the pages of the ]okeT many • pictures will bring 
to mind a personality. Other piaures will just tell you that 
you have "seen that face before." Perhaps some will be en- 
tirely new faces. 

Now, may wc suggest that you compute your "Friend- 
ship Quotient." Go through the ]okeT and, lightly with pen- 
cil, mark each picture one, two, or three. Three for those that 
you know well and consider to be your friends. Two for 
those that you merely recognize, and one for those that you 
don't think you've ever seen before. 

Total up your score and divide by the number of stu- 
dents. We feel that anything below a 3-0 needs improve- 
ment, and anything below a 2.5 is failing. 

If you find that you ace low, try some of the Biblical 
remedy — Friendliness. 

And, as you get to know people, perhaps you will find 
little things (hat you don"t like. The remedy for this is 
a liberal dose of Understanding. 

So, as the semester plunges on, be there declared on 
the campus of Southern Missionary Collegi 
ship and understanding. 

Who would ever think thai an SMC student would be 
guilty of taking something that didn't belong to him? 

This "something" is a very intangible thing; at least 
it isn't an object which can be held in one's hand— until 
it is converted into dollars and cents or a GPA. In its 
converted form, however, it is most tangible— especially to 
college students. 

What is this "something"? The universal talent— Time. 
And the fact that each person is allotted the same amount 
doesn't necessarily mean that the "fillln's" for it ate allotted 
equally also. 

Could I be so bold as to suggest that each of you re- 
member ibis when for any reason you visit a friend at work 
or during study period? Might I even go so far 



J clocku-alcher! 



','""""','"'' 5 ,' 

ten E,(i-. 

Sylvi, T 




" ^""' 


^^"^'"^, "'' " ^"" "''^"".';, "'"" 



mice Sup 








r rim. 


Gordon m' 

Letters . . . 

played which should be pUycd dur 
ongs ate played which nevei 

^nt body has really enjoyed i 

Paving Foot Paths 

red of wading through mud i 

alge Hall and the science buildin, 
Leonard H. Ponder 

More on Cafeteria 

■o: Edilor, 

A^C...% (^Md ^ '2fotC 

sdom: I've been around SMC foi 


Talge Hall 

7'««f4 7U^ ^e^ote ZiecuUiitc 

idlinc night. Upon li 

I (the most likely place fo 

inj up to 
materi.l (tl thing) I nnticed an nmisnal 


i'illiams, E d 
eifsnyder a n d 

All innocence, J replied. "No. 

ility laundry bags stuffed wit 
:s of questionable saniiar)> cor 

Advancing Army 

found the ill-fated room 

the arrival of Dean Dai. 
Dag Hammerstjold) u 
scene of enmity. 

River Pilot 
Tom Begley no«- con.i. 

Twain's river pilats. H, 
help of his able-h..,li- 

f<^"%rarup''lhe T.m,. 
toMaryville. Early m i 
ftie (wo found an "iJ^/ 
camp on a sccludctl . 

Student Association Plans 
Varied Events for School Year 

by the Student A; 

News Notes 

September Sees History Made 
At Andrews University 


SAVE labels - worll. one cenf /U) Ich for Chcrc/i Missions 


Gridiron Action Now Includes 
Rebels, Colts, Bulldogs, Hawks 

01 (he TD, Lany William 
ie ettra point thus tying th 
TTiis pm the Bulldog in 

ard line where Uiry KelJcj- 

iwks. The Hawks kicked off 
tcrcepled a pass for the Hawks and 

Kited Rebcb met Ih 
a gridiron cla^ic tha 
soon forgotten by thos 

made tl 


looked duk for the Bull- 

•ut it was to get even darker 
.r In the second half Pud 
i received the ball deep in 

_..Ji who 

ded ofF 

Bulldogi Rally 
;te the Bulldogs mad< 
>lay and Joe Turner m 
nin to put 

Collegedale Cabinets, 

alf Eddie Reif; 
Hawk pass and 
nd Colt TD of I 

ivept around kft end for the 

Thus the Colts defeated tl 

, reciated the enthusiastic turnout of 
fiagball fans. We especially wel- 
hc appearance and partidpa- 
■ some of the faculty members 
se games. This is the type 
.. ..,.ool spirit that brings a stu- 
dent body closet together. 


Cumby-Gay Hosts 
Ministerial Group 

Mrs. Christensen Attends 
Adventist Dietetic Meeting 

Mis. Dorothy Chrislensen, d 
man of the home economics 
partmeni of SMC, was in atti 
ance at the annual meeting of 
Seventh-day Adventist Dietetic 
sodation held at Andrews Uni 
sity, October 1316. Mrs, Chtii 
sen lias been appointed nutri 
secretary for the Southetn'Ui 

Mrs. Christensen reports im 


of progtess_ and ; 
ar. These include 

new book, EveryJay Nulrilioii 
pie ted manual for home nulri 

nutrition schools to be held 
local churches. It is in conr 
with this projected program that 
Mrs, Christen sen's appointm 

Save up to 50% on color and Black and Wliite Film 
Film Processing 

Custom Photo Finishers 

Collegedale. Tennessee 



provoking lesson study. 
Friday Vesper 

The first meeting was 

Very Graleful 
arc very grateful 
s of Mr. Sdimidi in 
,e food over the w, 
a wholesome even! 

the love of God. This is the i 

le gospel still ringing 
we could truly iij. 


Lottie ^^idcm^ CLOTHING SHOP 


Southern Missionary College Echo Heard 
Around the World, Says Gordon Hyde 

-Jn," bj 1 

Shankel-Rittenhouse to Be 
Here for Fine Arts Series 

Tommy Mosterf Organizes 
MV Bands for the Year 

jfiimoon of Oclobe 

wn' by Squires. 


'C,Mim,J Irom P„g, 1. CI. i) 

of Itic Soiilhcm Men 
also been religious 
of the women's foni 

and copy editor for 

of his ftC! 
ian of (he Student 

and of the SMC chapter of lit 
ATS, He was president of his junio 
Class and minaucr of our radio sla 

r of MV 
rpose of sunshine bands 

do/'— PAN. 

SA Presents Saga 
Of Billy Mitchell 
And Air Force 

Mobley's Quietness 
Is Mostly Deception 

1 of Goblin 

■ by Doaain 





ffood Hall 

a McCrati' 


'■ jl"j'™ ^ 

ejyi ,s the 


Charlotte H 
Hesyi, svil 

be fcilurei 

of Ihc orcliM 




r projrito 


Chatla'noosa Concert Choi 
Stephen Ottlys, conduclr 

MAVc ijou BeeN reading 

r^ORE LATELg pifsD 



sommm accent 

student Lounge 
Now Locked-Up; 
To Be Temporary 

Faculty Takes 
Recent Action 

■ludent conduct as adopted by 

s of Ihi 

lAutumn Council Tables 
Pre-Med Move to CME 

Senior Class Organizes; 
Dan Rozell Is President 

Southern Missionary College's senior siudencs met Sat- 
urday evening, November 5, to organize tlieir class. 

After some discussion, the Collegedalc students decided 
to request the SMC students on the Orlando campus to elect 
a vice president. Thus the class will have two vice presidents. 

Dan Rozell was elected president; and Jim Vye was 
chosen as vice president by the students at Collegedale. 
The other vice president from the Orlando campus has 
not yet been selected. 

Other class officers are Jolena Taylor, secretary; Richard 
Toler, treasurer; and Bill Henson, pastor. 

Dr. W. M. Schneider, academic dean of the college, 
said, "The vote for each office was closer than I have ever 
seen before." Dr. Schneider serves as senior class sponsor 
this year. — PAN. 

Southern Union Gives SMC 
Autumn Council Allotment 

Reception to Be 
Outstanding Says 
Ronald Piekel 

plan had been considered- One of 
the possible consequences of the 

stihjtions, the faculty found much 

the fall council pcoceedings, 

OHlcill Aelion 

The official action, in die nature 

of counsel to the Board of CME 

ftom the Pall Council of the Gtn- 

and cccumstanccs may indicate. 
2. That we taJce the second ycac 

that SVC move ddibctatel, and' plan 
only minintum facilities at Lo. 

hamon"; with 'ofe p'cineiple tha" 

Concert Band 
To Be Presented 
On December 10 


Perhaps one of the things ihat contributed most toward 
the misuse of the Student Lounge (which caused its closure) 
is its very physical location. The lounge simply is not in a 
constantly trafficked place— except during meal hours. 

A visit to the Student Lounge usually meant a special 
trip Friends meeting tliete have met by a p rearrangement 

Letters . 

Girls Dislike 
Shaggy Dogs 

ssumcd the proponior 

The browsing room of the library seems i 

pie of a good location for a student lounge. ' 

much out of the way one can stop by for a I 

Then, ci 

system ci 

be an exam- 
I'ithoui going 

rnd still preserve the 
Lounge becomes hi fi 

lounge, until the Studeni 
ublic place." DWP 

/^re 70e 'So^eA'7 

As I sat in wors 
to the speaker, I was 
by several statements 
struck by the thought 
of such a proposi ' 

nd began to question the possibility 

physically, mentally, or spiritually 

ive have what h takes to resist, to e.\ist through hardships 
which we know will come? Have wc put to the greatest 
use the brain power we have, or have we allowed oursclvi 
to be spoonfed by well-meaning instructors? 

Are we a nation of physical weaklings, depending upon 
the current college football goalets and the U. S. Oly 
team to maintain our physical well-being for us? Are 
semesters of physical education (involving courses in 
\ play ping pong and shuffleboard) goinj 

rn • 

rocks a 

id the 



or svill 

it ttBult 

in n 

ong tl 

osc ivli 


fall along the 

way for 


of SCI 

cd foi 

a ni 

ce St 


ift than 


10 will 

ll ss 



vc Ilic 

spititual stte 

o hold 

p under 


c and 


erse co 


? Ai 

ouRh ac 



vhat ss 

i: bclil^ 

c anc 



d bcfor 

e CO 

ura an 


udes procla 

ming o 


The time will come, doubtless 
we must face these things. Right m 
In what better place than college could 


J prepai 

System Hit 

learn to think 

___ youth would be the best time ti 

establish a sound physical foundation? How could it be 
easier to obtain spiritual uplifting than to study under 
Christian teacheis and to learn with Christian students? 

The opportunity has presented itself. Are wc taking 
advantage of it? AF 

just a few weeks aftei 
ts and after one ha: 
sigh of relief thai thi 

^ce 0ie^im, SMn€4^, S«t€i^c^ 


If any of you readen have any 

■elled, and engaged in several other 

Kjually interesting performances fi>r 

o get rid of, Virginia Schuler, 

bout one half hour, but the door 

Rogenc Giwdge, and Harriet Stamp- 

emamed linked. They were ^lu,,,- 

er would be giad to help you out. 

chagrined when a fellow student 

They Ined to 

^^^^■H l„.|n Ihr Dain- 

mornings ever)'one goes throuch iht 

^^BIHH B:ir sudi 

boys- line. 

Olher Adventurers 

W^^ J>; even ihal didnl 


G.lreath demonsiraied ihur 

^^^W '-'"^ i.ii.iiiiig, 

essness by waving i «.|^,d, . . 

J p M" Haiiowcen to 

be exact, the 

and was properly scared and is^ 

"^ ^°* ' i^c"K0Mmr» majo °"c- 

tually alive. 

marked Ihat she didn't arc about 

Elephant Stampede? 
For (lie benefit of^you SL^„nd- 

raising a boy — she just wanted to 

know how lo get one, already 

floor girls who have ocLasmnally 

ly resembled the sound of fn""k- 

night. Kay Stephenson and Ma.xine 

clcphants on third. You have Ki;ii 

Wright were all ready for bed when 

hearing Sandra Greer, Susan Pjrk..r 

ly exercises. (No reflection on your 

lights went out. Certain that the 

waisthnM,^ girls. Its all due to ou- 

they were petrified with fright. 

Sylvia's Names 

They were quite relieved, and per- 

her lengthy list of middle name^. 

caused the lights to go oat. 

musical and othcr^'ise. When tht 

head of our music department took 

Judy Orcy and Gloria McComb. 

a trip recently, Sylvia taught somi; 

of his classes,-, thereby earning .in- 

morning breakfast for the first tLme 

is now. unofficially, Sylvia Jolifi 

Phillip Beethoven Bach McOurc 

girls' entrance they found the door 

Sitting-Bull Taylor O'Brien. If an) 

locked. They had never had thai 

of you with shorter names are dc 

vejopjng feelings of inferiorit)', b( 

sure to let me know. Maybe 1 can 

situation. They pounded, knocked. 

called, pushed, pulled, screamed. 

next column. 

Talge Hall 


Pno&iem^. M 


mentality. A 

d, th 

e loung 

i already dosed. 

-vcr, I bcli 


ate on the r 

Rhi t 

ack. Un 


can be 

solved only 

on a 



would becaus, 

they bucke 

method of loco 
himself along 

has found 

Chace Announces Adoption 
Of New Teaching System 

By KEfTH Q( 

ccd by the icvent 
■s of the Spjldinj 

SMC to Conduct Self-Study 
In Cooperation With SACSS 

ilcohol. TTicsc B™"P*. hciJed by 
retry McComb and Nolan Damcl 
cspectivcly, present tcmperant 

Slettebak to Give 
Lectures Here 

study in cooperadon with the ; 

ision of the Souther 

pioved, and (^) make projci 

help to Southern Missionary College 

e board, 

.is study twc 

other will be for accredit 

itt under the direction of Di 
Kennedy lo establish wort 

le final draft of the report. 
This experience will be far mon 

icrely gathers information. It i 
oped that through the cooperative 
nthusiasm of the student body 
acuity and staff, alumni, sdioo 
atrons, and board members the re 
of the college will be dc 

lathemat cs Change 
even and eight uni 

students of years gone by. ' 

standing of the fundameni 
iples of I 

taught that, they shouldn't niLmoj 
"as, but that they should th 
out the underlying principles, 
reception of this new mat 

Tialhematics with enthusiasm ; 

iKeived not necessarily by 
brighter and more intellectual ; 
Jent, but by those who ate jver 

Other new ideas are beinc u 

experience has 
m Sevcnth-day 

ng through the forms of arithtnctic 
rhej a c taught inductive tcaiw, 
ng the logc of sets, ilj^ebta cf 



g CME 



~ •''S' '■ '"' 




ilemenling th 
;raph 2. we 

mount importanc 

the developmcni 

ties at Loma Lin 

da. as well as J 

trengthening an 

expansion ol 

bove action pri 
,f the CME proii 

feels that th. 
narily affords o? 
re complete ^m 
sals .IS they v.'Oul>i 

each Union Con 

fe'.=ncc, and th.- 

report was satisfaction «■'»' ^^ 
poWniiy for further study o" ^^ 
proposed plan affecting lii= 
year pfe-medU<d stodenis. 


m observant of the Siti 

Mundy Is Elected President 
Of SMC's 1960-61 Jr. Class 

effects, direct and in- 
ie( Conlmuo 

r position t 
histoty. and 

lCMi,„„ J o„ f.g. 6. col. 5J 

January to Bring 
Marimba Soloist 
Douglas Williams 

Ja„.aq. 7 mil bring to the cam 
pus of SMC a marimba soloist whi 
has appeared in New York, Chi 

Senior Class to Receive 
New Placement Bulletins 

dents, auditors, treasurers and edu 
conference and the General Confer 

Hyde Represents 
SMC at Education 
Meeting on TV 

Professor Gordon M. Hjde, head 

Tlie Uoiversilj of CbatI 
served as host for this meeb 

also received by each seninr and 
e SMC administrative officers. 

ven of whom will graduate in the 

inistration. 5 in chemistry, 6 m 
smentacy education and 3 in Eng' 
h. Also there ate 4 in history, -5 

SMC Receives $50,000 Grant 
For Nursing Student-Loan Fund 


mndL^Chd kofr 


R n nd L Ch dw 

1, loan 

noun ed Le ih on T Hal 

1 of A 

h Soulhc n Un on Con 

en e 

Mrs. aidiiick has bee 

hospital and his t>ccn 


mpressed by 'die progcam 

ved. She 

s well acquainted with 


of s number of contribuiions com- 
ing from various sources to bene- 

Student Lounge Re-opened 
By College Administration 

id been made November 
8 by the college faculty. The lounge 

:idec Gordon M. Hyde, in behalf 

Play to Be Given Twice 
By Elementary Children 


Two pe-r 

ormances of the play 

lapel. One 
ight, and 

in Lynn Wood Hall 
took place on Monday 

hf Arthur 

W, Spalding church 


o'n'e hun'^dted drifdren 

else,), • 

on Kelsey (Mrs. H. S. 

as, to help 


;ongs.— PAN 

lopment of a well-rc 

arority of the studen 

for such a wotlhy purpose. 

■■The hours will be 
;ffort to help the st 

n by the college faculty. 

Banquet Planned 
For Doctors and 
Dentists of Area 


^^nUttfUi4. (^0Htemfd<!Ui^m ^e^ded 


Gran+Ier Says 
Quit Griping 

Does the average Christmas shopper think why he 
chooses his purchases so carefully? I don't mean the first- 
layer why—\a match tastes in color and in gifts; I mean the 
foundation why. 

And did you ever stop to think what causes the warmth, 
that afterglow which envelops the package-laden shopper, 
scuffing contentedly home through the snow? 

None of you would answer these questions in any 
odiet way than what I am driving at; for it isn't the gelt'tng 
at Christmas time that counts— its making others happy, 
it's the giving. 

And if we will brush aside the ribbons, the tinsel, and 
the fake snow for a moment, we can get a better view of 
Christ's connection with Christmas. For the ba%n of Christmas 
as we observe it is die basis of Christianity itself — GIVING. 

Giving of gifts, the giving of one's self to others and to 
God produces happiness; and it would be hard 
who gains the most happi 

i type of progra 

t settled for "us by Christ: 
give than to receive." 

In addition, giving stretches out spaces in the heart fo 
more graceful receiving. 

May the contemplation of these thoughts lift up you 
hearts and bow your heads at this Chri 
may it be the happiest one you've know 
for you. 

, That's 

Judging our new buildings by the rest of the campus, I 
fear they will degenerate into mere targets for tiash. 

Where is our school spirit? Our campus pride? Have 
we been away from home so long that we have forgotten 
the beauty of a well-kept lawn, or haven't we gonen accus- 
tomed to putting things where they belong? 

There are trash cans in front of every building. Are we 
blind, or don't we care? Exhaustion may be prevalent among 
college students, but nobody is too tired to conventionally 
dispose of his litter. 

A four-letter adjeaive— LAZY— may best describe the 
real problem. May I suggest another four-letter adji 

replace lazy— TIDY. 







,.,......, C.„.,. 


T«ry McCoi' vi„^^ 


^1 S™f 



Kurln Ek 

v«ll J«l Gc«h»t. F^w Johnwn 
Pirkcr. Knlh Quu,. Nuicy Reid 
Villemiin. Qrolyn Wilion, Jjmei 

Kt, things 

Americm Temperance Society. Sec- 
ond atid third prizes were taken by 
Lamac Phillips and Joy Stanley. 

• An "intimate portrait of Robert 
Schumann" was presented 
Guild by Dr. Mortis ' 

t WIS of Schumann's li 

'PCuidftesU to^ ^U0t& ^nCm^U^ 

1 Randolph evidently his 

rapacity for food. The oth 

ning when refreshments were b 


I she 1 

were much 

t after her 

the fomi of a huge beaker, 

apadty of several hundred 

thirsty for several days. 

dark, lodged, and sti 
As the girls called a 

s with yells of 
a 'Thank you" note 
luotc hanger unquote 

By DAvm Rouse 

Stanley Solomon. \ 


ping his desk safely o 

; of sleet 

t Springfield, identified 



and the 

s were 


Murphy III had 
ble in the cafcten 

old mornings, an 


atif tf 
ould n: 

nany pwpW 

Brass Quartet to Give Program 
At Laurelbrook Academy 

Johnson Elected 
Southern Accent' 

ucky Star." "None but the 
Heirt" and "Clarinet ] 

>granl will be ■•Chcistraa; 


SMC Concert Band Opens 
Its New Program Series 

Other changes resulted iti thi 

'itoria! board. A better quaUtf 
dnt was introduced. 
;ral changes hive been in 
ated in the staff since John 
s become editor. Sylvia Taylo 
en promoted from copy ed 

ill be invited to c 
as fiee-hnce wr 
s will be follow. 

% One of the nicesc Christmas stories I have heard | 

% was about a missionary teaching in Africa. For some % 
% time before the holiday he had been telling bis native ^ 
% students how Christians celebrated the day in this % 
% country, how as an expression of their joy they gave J 
% each other presents on Christ's "birthday." % 

% On Christmas morning one of the natives brought % 

% the missionary a sea-shell of lustrous beauty. When % 
% asked where he had discovered such an extraordinary % 
% shell the native said he had walked many miles to a J 
% certain bay, the only spot where such shells could % 
% be found. 

% "I think it was wonderful of you to travel 

■> to get this lovely gift for 
':■ His eyes brightening, the n 
% part of gift." 
% At the risk of spoiling this story by additional % 

% conunem, may I add that perhaps the humble native 
% spoke more wisely than he realized. In the midst of a 
« tendency toward commercializing Christmas, let us give 
I part of ourselves with simple gifts this season. Above .. 
% all, let us remember to exalt the spiritual ideals that % 
. offer by living such lives chat through | 

quarrels and disputes, but 

himself to humanity. 


C. N. Rees 




Collegedale Cabinets, 

New Pianos 
10% above cost 

Wilson Brothers Piano Co. 

s. I think I speak 
.-hole when I say 
It best to publish 

^ '^tom t^ ^aui i 

This IS Christmas when, to a greater dLgree, the 

amazmg science of lo^e may be seen around famil) 

hearths in many lands In the huatts of all Christian ^ 

IS kmdled brightly the lamp of love reaching out e\en 

beyond the hearth \ 

To you who have the privdege of going home is i 

provided opportunity of giving your lo\e to mother 

i_ dad brothers and sisters m a rich measure The gift ' 

^ of love IS priceless and will mean fax more than the ^"^ 

■■ gift of any tangible commodity Span, it not foe the ? 

debt you owe is far beyond the ability to recompense 

with eaithlj goods , 

Gifts w ill be exchanged Laughter and good humor 
will be die order of the holiday season. Is it not of ^ 

* greater consequence, however, to consider quietly and ^ 

* reHectively the privilege of giving as a debtor to many? % 

To members of the family you owe much, but also * 
remember to pay youi respeas to friends, teachers and * 
ministers who contribute to your happiness, growth ^ 
and development. Think also of your debt to the early ;> 
apostles who suffered much to share with you the J 
glorious truth of salvation. To the reformers and the J 
leaders of the Advent movement we remain forever % 
indebted. % 

Saviour who paid the penalty foe 

- . (,.„ Is not diis the greatest gift to man? ^ 

% This gift may be found beneath the tumult of out way % 
* if we by quiet thought lay hold by faith to conquer c- 
stress and overcome life's disarray. \ 

' To you who approach the Cliristmas season with * 
a sense of indebtedness will be given the blessing of * 
Christmas. We wish to share this spirit of Christmas * 
with all of you! % 

WiLDHET M. Schneider % 

Ministerial Seminar Says 
40 Students Participate 

m be proud," the 

Faculty Party 
Will Be Held 
On December 18 

lored by the indus' 
College. Mr. John Goodb 

Of the 15 churches w 
i of 105 miles, seven 
iiited each week by t 

Haffie Falcon's C/othing Shop 

6849 Lee Highway 

"Drh'e a Utile — save a lot" 

From 30% to 50% savings on your clothing need 

Shop early — avoid the Christmas rush 

McKee Baking Company 

fieir way through college 

Collegedale, Tenn. 

Warmly Received 

e churches. Often the bonds arc 
vited out to dinner after the 

; for holding bi-n 
basis. Any student 

Basketball Season Arrives; 
Three Leagues Are Set Up 

■raposed of three 
ague" comp 
of four U 
. and the "W 
CD's Lea£i 

To get the 

36. The points were made as 

Jade Krali _ 16 

Julius Gamer 7 

John Lonberg — .. 6 

Paul Holdea 4 

Nonrnn Brown -.. 2 

Merlynd Ncsiell ..._ 2 

Tom Begley _ „.,. 18 

David Rouse 12 

Gerald Kellcy 2 

Jadt L^ogford _. 2 

Larry KcUey I 

B(J) Hale _ 1 

'B' League 

TTie next game was played by 

the "B league," where David Fogg's 

that were made: 

Bi/d Phil's learn 

Wayne Benson „... 21 

Bud Plait .„ 2 

BobDorldi 3 

Robert Conklin 2 

Fred Harler IJ.l 7 

Jimmy Crowson 6 

fay IflVoy Garner's learn ^3-11. 
This ii the second game where tlic 
Ri20fs have been defeated by only 
two points. The points were made 

night and the "B Ic-ag 

Taylor Conducts ^Messiah' 
For College Community 

irt, w;u also included. 
fioc conducted i 25- 
stra and a choir made 
i, faculty members and 

"Hallelujah Cho- 
Taylor, soprano; 

Dunbar Weekend 
Speaker Here; 
Talks of Missions 

Elder E. W. Dunbar, arsoti.r- 

that Grtd hu place 
shoulders," he said. 

Doctors, Dentists 
Hold Banquet 


/tiore PEOPLE 

for Tenderness and Flavor 

re is a new arJventure in meatless "cookery". Try Battle Creeli Vegetable 
alls just once. You'll discover one of the most appetizing and delicious vege- 
le entrees you have ever served. SO economical loo — as there is no waste. 

Praised by everyone for tenderness and marvelous flavor. Particulady rich 
regetable protein, being made entirely from selected, vegetable products. 

Frankly — BATTLE CREEK VEGETABLE STEAKS are known as one of the 
;st meat substitutes ever developed. 


In addilion \o the BATTLE CREEK VEGETABLE 
STEAKS, other vegetable entrees have been developed 
by this famous HoeUf, Food InslHutlon. This includes 
first vegetable meat substitute over produced) - VESE- 
TABLE BURGER and SAVITA, the intriguing vcgotablo 

Battle Creek Foods arc available at your regular Heallli 
Food Dealer. 


Upsilon Delta Phi 
Proves Men Also 
Aesthetic Nature 

Mrs. Kelsey Helps Produce 
Elementary School Play 

Hall a Student Here Since '56; 
Will Graduate With 176 Hours 

Mlhed in moonlight and flavored 
ivilh the music of the isles. 

All this beauty and itroDsphert 
was planned and created by thi; 

down through the fi 

shoulders, enchai 
spell in and aroun 
lems. practice set 


■ .:-Tenade-delivcred 
jks before, right 



1 lads and lasses of SMC 
isformed into delicately, 
idles and formally attired 


'. fell under the in. 

of that wand, and 

y Senio 

rnlly be- 

in in 1956 

iU an aca.--, ^-. 

me he took half a college load. 
. the SI ' 

e for 


:eived a National Mer 

K feet tall, has brown hair 
« him approaching or leaving 

to the University of Colorado 
to California Institute of Tech 

But wait, ^rls, Don is la 

Schmidt prepared for us. 

Avoid the rush; 

study now. 


Men's Reception Now Over, 
Only Memories Will Remain 

equally affable wife. Tog 

triumphs and fail 
Speeral Friend 

that the formal rcviewinf 
ittee left beauty enough foi 
Talge Hall's southern gentlemen. 
Polito Living 
... the setting in this ring of 
polite living, we at SMChave an on- 

by the fact that until reccnl 
, ._. there were two receptions year- 
ly, but disinterest forced the Stu- 

.upportcd by the bcst-g 

If that spirit of ^ 

Helped by I 
iwn helped get 

presented Saturday night, December 
icky Coggin, chairman of the 
rams committee of the Student 

tor Moorcs, David Recs, N£r, 
Lylc Hamcl and James Lambeth, 
played ''A Christmas Fantasy." The 
Collegiate Chorale, accompanied by 

Hydo Reads 

Elder Gordon Hyde read s 

iround the lighted Christmas tree 
jn the front campus lawn and sang 
::hristmas carols. Popcorn, apples, 

Nutrition Students Make 
SMC Eating Habit Survey 

.,_Jents at Soudicrn Missionary 
College do not cat enough citrus 

Its selected at random, it com- 

ments in the following food groups 
(despite the availability of a bal- 
anced. diet) are: 

65%— protein. 
35%— citrus. 

Ringgold Campaign Colors 
SMC Campus Atmosphere 

Art Department^ 
Announces Exhibit 
In Green Room 

Sautie/ut 6iUtu%\ 

COOLesT Sheet ground/ 

Christmas Parties Planned 
By Various SMC Clubs 

Religion Party 
elision dub will have t 

lub will have (heir 

Advance Made by 
Reporting Staff 

ation News (PAN) his chose 
Kolyn Wilson as Orlando co 
ispondent. She is in charge of a 
isignments and news lo and froi 
le Soulhcrn Missionnr>- Collef 

nufsing division in Orlando, Fl. 
During the prictic^il mining c 

[he nursinn course. Civo vc^irs a. 

mpus publicity 

We will have gamn, 
nd lots of food"-" 

:o be held in the labc 

Litter Problem 
Discussed by SA 

ealth and Labor and 

Seventh-day Adventis+s 
Prepare Legal Brief 

old; (1) 10 set forth the incoti- 
:gislation; and (2) to pr"*"^ '» 

^' hcial.— PAN this would come. 


Textbook Committee to Meet 
Here on January 11 and 12 

rn Union Educat 
aionary College 

Adventist Story 
Is Now Included 
In Look Volume 

Washington, D. C. (ACPA) 
—One of 14 major religions to b< 

rhe lO'/i" by liYi" book is 

M by Hactzell Spcnce, and 
rribed as one of the finest pre 

IS repocts that if i 
.(died as that p3 

Jsnferencc studying Si 
■ill. the Look editoriil 
jirtment eatefully recli 

eligion is a full-page, full-col 
eproduclion of the symbolic pail 

fom historic relics providediiiy t 
espertive churches. 


of Americas Relish,. 

Davis and Metts Receive 
First Suhrie Scholarship 

Southern Union 
rotly adopted. 

Study Being Made 

vision of Education to discov. 

rriculuni can be improved through 
; establishment of a professional 

g done with the thought of mak. 

s student's having larger blocki 

Hickman ^100 Memorial Given 
Seniors Garner and Johnson 

r 14 of that yea 
as the salesman f 
1 factory for ab( 

in. Before tliis, he had 

students through college by 

ude on the I 
ll need, and ei 

MacMillan Will Present 
Film-Lecture on Greenland 

by the SMC lyceum 

IJnd, the largest island and 

be entitled "Beyond thi 
Not only is Admiral 

.ry of Grecn- 
ind will 

gold medali 

and ' 

north. During the last war 
mand took over lO.OOf 

Dan' MacMillan f 
: he has done for t 
(Editorial, Boito 

Concert Band to Take Tour 
Through Georgia, Florida 

be provided by 

S Ge 



■he, «il 

pliy in Albany, Geor- 
sday nieht, January 19, 

n Oil.ndo 

The band will provide 



ehe< » 

Sabbath and will i;ive 
Forest Lake Aeademy 

n Sund 

y night Ihcy will play 

re they 

fier (h 

C, arriv 
sday e> 

'^ill 'play Ibat ^nishi' 
on will be spent boat- 
and swimmins, 
»k lo SMC 

concert Mond.ay nij;ht 

tonr. food to. the b-lnd 

nbcrs w 


Numbers Elected 
Sophomore Chief 
On December 17 

One step in tlie righi direccion calls for more; and the 
Southern Accent begins the new year with what it hopi 
will constitute two additional strides forward. 

The birth of PAN rather left die feature aspen of the 
Accent in the dust. To properly complement and balani 
our news coverage, an organized feature staff is in the oQin] 
This means that regular feature articles (with the exceptic 
of the dorm columns) will no longer carry bylines but 
will be followed by the letters FEA. 

Our second -new year's resolution" involves an 
stretched hand. Widi each issue we covet the news ar 
iroduce you to people on our campus; but, outside of the 
letters to the editor column, we hear nothing from you. 

Somewhere on this campus, buried in dormitories, class- 
rooms, and industry, are people with ideas and deep feel- 
ings, with hearts of laughter and love— people who could 
enhance the pages of this paper with sweetness, clarity, 
depth, humor. 

Zucet SfUfUt "PUeded 

Six nights a week, in order to be counted present 
worship, we must be inside the doors when the last bi 
rings. On Sabbath evening no bells arc rung over the e 
lire campus before sundown meditations. This faa seer 
to be giving three-fourths of us an excuse not only to con 
late to meditations, but also to expect to be allowed insii 
the doors regardless of whether worship has begun or n« 
Surely there are enough clocks on campus so that any i 
sponsible person could be on time to worship once a week 

iing from this 

without the prompting of a bell. 
The confusion and noise res 
are an even more serious problem. At any service of worship 
there should be an atmosphere of complete reverence, and 
Sabbath evening meditations is no exception. As we come 
into the Johby we should be as quiet as possible, and once 
inside the doors of the chapel we should make no noise 
whatsoever — not even a whisper should be spoken. Further- 
more, any congregating in the lobby before worship ' 

md dctraa from the s 

■f th( 

In this new year, let's all del 
ititude throughout the service. 


^"Ulc l^il" -;;■ '?'r' 

M.k..„p Edi(o. Gcnid 

N«,. F!i;,„r ; — Jr. 






Fret Uncc 

jhjc Krad.l1, Jo Atm 

liuLotM MlMpi 


Letters . . . 

Bonny Oaks Head 
Writes Apprecia+io 

nlji the highlight o 

wn jnd throughout 
Sincetdy yours. 

Party Complimented 
By Bonny Oaks Girl 

etty Chambers Says 
Thanks for Gifts 

loved the patty you folk 
i. Thanks for the gifts, r 
cnts. program and evet) 

All the boys and girls of the 

Really Had Fui 
Pete Hale Ren 

Youth Enjoys 
Christmas Pla^ 

■niinfc you for a good 

"Thiinks" for us. Will you? 

I like where you live. I like all 
the gills, the -Dorm Mother," the 

Terry Miolen 

b Cbminm h a thing of 
we Ihaugbi you would 

Judy's Inspection 
t hcc pretty cirefdly bcfor 

on the table tiearby. Quickly : 
Janice got my attention ar.l 
me if I would "please tell th ■ 

Talqe Hall 

down to the showi 

wer to be followed by 
cold one. Well, David 
sleepy (which is under- 

&s Art of T^ing a Ccld Shot. 

Special Tfianb 

Gene Stone and to Notmin .<nd 

woke me one morning by singing 
■Rudolph, the Red-nosed Rem- 

fied until they had taken a Lible, 
put it in front of the door, secuted 

cessful attempt Ihey finally lef'. 

Hall are hoping that Jim Uo\>\j 
will soon find better things to do 

Seriously, Jim. wc do hops ' "" 

nyooe for 
.t hjnd »fi»'" 

Williams Gives 
Second Program 
On SMC Campus 

I Basketball Teams in Balance; 
[Garner and Piatt in Lead 

:cided until the dosing 

ketboll SI 

I. The: 

LaVoy Ciarncr is 
total of 79 poinG. 

I Defer) 

Even though their playcK wt 

usu.ll/ fast-scoring Village 

from making many points. This wos'pU 

ledegtee from Middle- 

tight points. For the Vilbgi 

P1.HH..EJ,. Benefit Program 

For Academy 

r„/°«,eC:. S:s3;f;| January 28^ ^ 

present a lienefit program 

Year i960 iias Now Departed; 
1961 Events Rapidly Occurring 

■avid Fogg-s 

drd plac 

In total number of points. He has 
total of 61 points accumulated thi 
far in the ■'B- league. If Jimrr 
keeps this pace up, I know wh; 
league he will be in second s. 

id white 

New Pianos 
10% above cost 

Wilson Brothers Piano Co. 

night. J: 


titled "Island in the 



will be used to subsidize 

jny pubUcations, Th 


the school paper. 


novie portrays the 


McKee Baking Company 

Halpmg over .irfy 
EXport t-2451 

Collegedale, Tenn. 


insistor Radio Batteries— Ham Radios Servic 


EX 6-2442 

:oup of men whose plai 
was forced down in the uppec aid 
reaches of Greenland, and tht 
fight for survival in a forty-degre 
below-zero tundni area. 

Elder Siebeniist stated that '■tl 
ever put on a piogcam to assist 
He also said that the public will 

Correction . . . 

The Southern Accent . 
ccmber 15 I960, reported tl 
Rosamond Lee Chadwick 
Fund for Student Nurses 

Collegedale Cabinets, 


e thinking, what do 

ly developing mind? Ol 

But maybe I am being a littli 
iresumptuous in assuming that thi 

«aybe, for Joe College, 1961 will 
inly be i period of 365 disa;^*'-' 
nenls; or nuybc 1961 is j 

;nding chronological preci; 
rami^ from day to day, 

sleek Thunderbifd. Nineteen 
dted and sixty-one holds some 
for Joe CoUejp that every 
wants a little of— Future. 
24 Hours 

— rot the tj'pe of spice that 
is probing today, filling it 
silellites, dogs, mice, scientific j_ 

■Ilie rapidity of history 
len more than doubled, and 
a that Once took decades are 
happening overnight. Is it 

borders of another world n 


to solve 
do the 

the world— a great teadict, a great 
politician or a great scientist?"' Joe 
i^raduate" College faces the thai- 
lenging arms of 'f^J'^P^^j'-^^Year' 
a distinct fear not of change, but 
of stagnation. So once again Joe 
(Graduate) College is o. 

leges thankful 

and many Joe Col- 

Ninelcen hundred and sixty-one 



Marley Addresses 
Capping Service 
January 20 

Adventuresome Wilson Comes 
From Adventurer's Paradise 

fcrloihtOrhnd. campus lores! 
l,r Jjnmr)' 2S lo, Ihc pr.ciic. 

Scully to Arrive 
Here Tomorrow 
For ITA Work 

EMC Offering Summer School 
And Language Study in Europe 

CME Will Offer 
Writing Contest 

dcnl cniollej in Freshman English 
in a Scvcnlh-day Advcntist rallcgi 

By Jo Ann Schuler 

west bank of Ihe Tell 

!M some Iwo miles nonh 

wcsl of Chatlanooga. proved lo b- 

d Ihe Garden 


lualc college ol 
. in coopcraiion 
jngu3£e dcpact- 

I be taughl in English. 

osophy and religion. Guesi lechices 

SA to Present Color Film 
'Life of Woodrow Wilson' 

I grcssivc Republicans ; 

a definite Jnterest of 
1 al die first opportunity 
the Colorado Mountain 

ril of the highest: moun- 
lv«, Particuhrly vivid is 

e Sangre dc Cristo range 

St avc in the United 
^ation 11.500 feet, 
portant Contact 

tsnt influence on his fu- 

dedded to come to Collcgcdale. 
:n asked what attracted him to 
pirt of the country, he said, 


e shin and thigh bones 
ilf the length of hum 

in different parts of the coiinlr)-. 
Pan is identified as of the Plc^ilo- 
cenc age— dating him as i million 
years old. Dick frankly believes "it 
is no more than 'j,000 years old and 
is a descendent of one of No^'s 

in the Frank \V. McClung Museum 
at the University of Tennessee 
Further exploration of the ci>e did 
not reveal any other bones 
Interest in Youth 

at SMC, Didc has a real interest in 
youth and plan 



Banquet Planned cme Accept, Five seni 
For Culture Week 
On February 14 

Seven Applicants Accepted 
By Loma Linda for Fall Term 

0^^ J,i^t€iWt^ p^^e'Hceded 

What V. 

30d lis 


A good listener seeks the comfort of chose about him; 
he is unselfish. His full anention is directed to the speaker 
or performers; he gives respectful attention. If a statement 
or a number is not to his liking, this impulse travels to his 
brain— and remains there. He makes no grimace, allows no 
audible disapproval to escape him. Should a grammatical 
error or sorry musical mistake be made, he does not titter or 
laugh. When affairs in business meetings or decisions of 
judges are not as he feels they should be, he is gentleman 
(or lady)' enough to refrain from public disapproval. lf_he 
feels there is something' he can intelligently do to better the 
situation, he contacts the proper people in his most courteous 
and reasonable manner, at the proper time. "Booing- and 
whistling are taboo! 

If the room is loo warm or too cold, a good listener will 
quietly do what he can to make the audience comfortable. 
Perhaps this can best be done by summoning an usher. Our 
listener will never be so rude as to eat in public gatherings 
or to chew gum in a noisy and obnoxious manner. (In fart, 
he should not chew gum in public.) He will never applaud 
for religious items on the program; wUI never, of course 
whisper and talk excessively. He will be unselfish enough tt 
remove his hat if it is obstructing the view of other people 
he will never allow his children ro stand on chairs thus block- 
ing the view of those behind him. Never will he leave a pro 
gram unnecessarily or be so small as to argue with the ushei 
or members of his own party regarding seats. 

When prayer is being offered, he will reverently honor 
his God with bowed head and heart; he will be respeaful 
enough to refrain from hunting his offering during the of- 
fertory prayer. He will share his songbook or program witt 
those who have none. 


ever in such a hurry that he will 1 
completed; even then he will not I 

_ a definition of a good listener to say he is on 

who is emolioHally stable — one who makes things easier fc 
the speaker by responding with his eyes and attention, on 
■who makes things easier for his fellow listeners by being s 
unobtrusive as possible. 




Edilor-in-Ourf Suunne Johnson 

■■'■ ■■ 1 ■■■■ __ Lmniid H. Pond= 

'i,['.,U\'"- i""" ^""^ 

?:!:";':./. -.z...: : '"'"' ""r:i^7i:z 



«, Ronnie Numbcfj 

^,.ff w^,,*^ 

Orolrn W.llumon 

Fiiuncul Adiijor 


f.' „, T rT 

7&eM 7if<d&&U aud (^ntUuc (^et^^ | 

rson, SMC art (eather, opened tl 

r Janice Gisl. piamU; and 

Letters . . . 

'Accent' Enioyed 
In North Land 

Lo,d and Dntky Cogjin («*'""» 
knocked on it and tried » P"^ 
suadc the beast to enter, rni 6 

and Tonuny Hines, 

In closing, on behalf of the ^ 
of Talce, I would like to w>sh e 
one otVu new men (ladies, loo)^' 

ifw^rtekS tatn"™ "> 

Science Head 
Named to Chair 
Of ACS Chapter 

Df. John Christensen, chiirmir 

jt SMC, hji been appointed chair 
mm of the Chattinooga section of 
(he American acmical Society foi 
He year of 1961. Doting Ihe past 

isible for conductin) 
meetings, appointin, 
jmmittees ind givinj 

Poster Winners 
Are Announced 

announced in chapel Januaiy 21, by 

received eight 'dollars; Dana Ul 
Mh. second place six dollars' anc 

iS"" ^'"' '^'"* f*''"' '^"^ '^°'' 
y College will compete in ihe na- 


September 1, 1960 — December 37, I960 

Statement of Income and Expense 


Siles to Coilee 

ancc of Student Loung( 
neous & General Expei 
Club Appropriation .... 

SMC Campus Temperance Week Is Held; 
Scully Closes With Panel Discussion 

mdience which filled the chapel to 
jverflowing. The January l-t par 
discussed tjuestions on tobacco, n: 
colics and alcoholic beverages. T\ 
recently released films were show 
Scully Speaks 
fildcr James Scully of the Genei 

CoUegedale tabernacle. He calli 

''Jarcotics were dis 

iissed briefly. 

Viewcfs httv 


:r Roy B. Thutm 

n, pastor of 

ediy that they 


CoUegedale chufc 

h pointed to 

inp i 

inly take the tr 

h questions on the 


the btoadc 

ger" prescnlcd^ . 

nils the Trig 

■ive to Se^en 

SMC Chemists 
Given New Grant 
By National ACS 

of (he ACS, The funds ivi 
I project that is an ( 
le work done by Dr. 

TV Guide Opens 
Clearing House 
For Viewer Mail 

ilic program exactly what you 

r opinion; 
ra„ help t.d television of mcUio.f.^ 

NOT address them to p 

SMC Band Tours 2,000 Miles 
Through Georgia and Florida 

Urgest public 
the yc-ar bcfi 

the dcf 
dF the 

[his louf. WIS Jso the 


speaker for the academy 
Ciimix of the band conce 


Situidny nighl was the 

d unde 

Professor Lyic Hamel, and 

Garland Peterson. 

'Cool' Orlando 

Leaving Orlando abou 

a coo 

southward hopefully, aiK 
jfiemoon had located Gr 
ami Academy, With three 

by mid 

spare, a ijuick trip was 
Miami Death. When a b 


hotels and a piryng place 
the lams of Cads. Jags a 


a few diehard "snowballs 

Iheir Uly-wh,te epidermi 

" '0 •*> 

r provided b) the Al 

MflHsy Speak! 

Elder Everett ^^a^ley, president of 

he Kentucky-TenncMce Conference 

Ircssed thesCudentspriortothecete- 

Faculty Caps 
-Hie capping ceremony was pc 
formed by the faculty of the div 

WMC Faculty 
To Give Concert 
On February 5 

1961 Nursing Seniors Return 
To Campus for Final Semester! 

! theyjang "Others" by 

Virginia Caldwell, 
- Joyce Cheat 

'iZdrer., Jeani 
.nd JoAnn Wir 

, in Florida. 

rned to the Collegedal 

e collegiate nursing progfi 

calls for study on both tl 

Orlando and Collegcdale campusc 

The class affiliated in tubcrculo' 

It Southwest Florida T. B. Hospil 

in Tampa from September to C 

Building Plans Under Way 
For Collegedale Church 





.. The 



be ptojec 

ntl, on 


ty of Co 

t body, 



-miry at 




11, ii. 

ha mrte 





the general chairman of \i 

committee which is bcir 

formed. Mr. McKee is the owni 

,nd president of the McKee flafcir 

:o. at -Collegedale. " ' ' ' 

Icctcd I 


Seibert and Sharon Olsr 
. seniors, Carolyn 
maid Mitchell, have 

Academy to Give | 
Annual Program 
On February 18 

The Collegedale Academy yr 
gram, under the sponsorship . 
Mrs. Tapper, will be jjiven Saw 
day night, February 18, in the cc 

develop grace and slrengih | 
ic. A display of India. 

:t and home ec, department. 



r of the Collcgedal 
he student body 

according to present plans, tb 
rch will be located just c-ast o 
new women's dormilor}-, f.icin 


lythmorama. t 
be under the 

ITic academy 

only ones ir 

Plans Being Made 
For Culture Week 

ill bo choson by Cbo sBJ""' 
special governine c'"""""'^., 
will guild against the "' 
populirity po"- ""^ 

SOiJilitKN (vliS:)*^^^^^'' »^^i--^^'- 







Elder McAdams Is Speaker 
During Colporteur Institute 

!^ pUbUshine Department, has Aside from the regular summer 
t«n a featured speaker here during student colporteur progr^, th. 
inual SMC student colporteur Pubhshmg Department '" ':«'J'^_|'^- 
nually iwards i 3300 scholarship to 


nd tonight after 
ing sales instnic- 
eld during the 



stau" publishing 


of the colporteur 


, j.''m.W" 

of the periodica 

Elder C. L. Paddock, Jr., manaj 
of the book department of I 
Southern Publishing Associati. 
Each of \he publishing secretaf 
from the five local conferences 

ial of S107,377 worth of 

ng major, was awarded the t961 

Ive colporteurs the opportunity to 
hey would prefer to cinviss,— 

"Land of Dreams" 
To Be Presented 
On February 25 

ind of Dreams." this ye. 
>n of the annual amateur he 

r the sponsorship of the Stu- 

al of S50, will be awarded 
lers. First prize is $20; seco 
third, SlO; and fourdi, 

SMC Students, Faculty Give 
Program to Atlanta Parents 

Georgia. The program was p 
■ in response to a rftjuesl 

I Home and Scho<il AssDci - 
the churches in Atlanta, 
Professor Hyde presented 3 

Watson and Metts Crowned 
Courtesy King and Queen 

Freshmen Elect Caughron 
To Conduct Activities 

ott, foods; Judy Carey, public r< 
tions; and Bill Tyndall. facUitic 
1 addition to the regular da- 
irty and freshman -sophomore pn 

of SMC," staled Roy augh- 




.y. pastor. Elder 


was chosen as class 


ology major from 
essee. He attended 


tfhool in Mityville. 

-■ h 

inda a 


Mt. Pisgah Acad. 


Morris Taylor, of the 
e Arts division at SMC. The 
sts induded Judi Deacon, so- 

nbclh trombonist; and Morris 
, Elaine Taylor, duo-pianists, 
li Deacon, junior piano major, 
g a number of folk songs with 
tar accompaniment played by 
nny Myers, Danny, a sophomore 
no major, played the fust move- 

Dr. Taylor played the last mnve- 

Sehmidt Caten 
ner was by the College Food S 
Schmidt, Jr. The committee c 

A year ago when the Concordia Choir visited our cam- 
pus mo freshman girls ralked with the director as he ace his 
evening meal. These young ladies were not formmg speeches 
for public approval or for posicrit)'; they were merely talk- 
ing with a stranger within our gates. But Paul Christiansen 
carried with him for a year the impressions of that conver- 
sation; the conversational ability, the consecration of those 
students he spoke of throughout die ensuing year, increas- 
ingly so the four or five days prior to liis second visit on 
SMC's campus February II, 1961- 

Not famous people only are impressed by your words 
and mine- our vocal emissions may easily send a friend or 
classmatcabout his tasks with a feeling that life really is 
worth living after all. or perhaps home for a good cry. You 
and I hold the happiness of this campus within our vocal 
chords; it is die little courtesies, the kindly words and 
thoughts that go to make up the sum of life's happiness, and 
you know the result of the neglect of them. 

1 wonder if wc would be more loyal, more consecrated, 
less critical, less giddy if we only remembered. Perhaps we 
would censor our thoughts before they became words and 
taste these words carefully before allowing them a place in 
the atmosphere. \ wonder . . . 

Join me, and let's endeavor to keep His words (kind, 
efull, encouraging, sympathetic, selfless words) alive 


Lately we have been hearing much about school spirit 
in the form of class spirit. Each of the four clai 
met and elected its olticers to organize and lead 

if they had the class backing them up, but un- 
fortunately there is a lack of class spirit. Recently, in un- 
sought observations, I have heard several of these class of- 
ficers discussing or perhaps complaining about this lack of 
spirit. If we have a lack of class spirit, does this r 
our scliool sjiirit.' Truly it does. 

li.iNL- y.'U nuiiccd l.iiely that the Student Associ 
of Senate meetings, sha" 


,ol spi, 

ckome of - 
I the lack of school spirit 
indeed the act of taking pact li 

mpelled to participate. If yot 
you need to know more about and have some say in the 
student activities on our campus, or if you feel that SMC 
is lacking in school spirit, why not check to see if yo 
doing your part. G 


Auodiie Ediior 

— ■„. : - 


Spom W,[tcr 

Martin. Jeinne 





^.Comb. vi, J 

"" MnFowlc 



wa'iS.' J^ 






Ijduti. Sinh 

U&vis Notes 

Maude Jonei Hall 

jrsing students left College- 
train they journeyed to 
.. sunny Florida. Upon 

i Eve when she 
J (he domi the 
«d:cd her first 

of their overheard expressions mere: 
"I was scared silly." "I never felt 
so dumb in my life." "! forgot 

when he fint gets up. While his 
roommate wa? preparing for work 
{bteatfast, Jon thought), Jon be- 
gin hjs push-upj. 

2:30 Push-ups 

It w« rather e^tly m the morn- 

ing (2:30 to be exact) fordoing 

his faithfully .ind by the time he 

mate what time it was. (He had 


Without a Word 

2i45 and that maybe he ought to 

rord!te*did^o. ^"^'"" "^'"^ ' 

3oms on second fioo 

skeleton key and departed. 

And in dosir 
David Rouse I. 

Tuesday Chapel 
To See ATS Essay 
Winners Declared 

AwKds are as follows: F.rsI 
■.50 for 'iha third place. 

tional Essay Contesl. 

In the National Contest, th. 
prices will be 550, S30, and $11 
for the first, second and tliird pljc« 

All winning essays will becom 
piopert)' of the General Conferenc 

1 for 

■ United 

Science Building 
Addition Is 
Now in Use 

1 for the hb, a biology storage 
3. an advanced physics lab 

Also on the first floor 
Watt's and Mr. Grund- 
Sccond floor houses the 
or the science division, 

Chinn's, Dr. Christensen-s 

and Dr.' Chinn's 
and Mr. Nestelfs ol 

Old Building 

Changes are also to take pin 

Ihc old part of the building, 

Christensen's. former office wi 

used as a preparation room 

bcgusdas IS m^^llbe 

physics shop, mathematics study 
(he offices are completed and opci 

February 2 Game Termed 
''Worst Defeat of Season" 

Dairy Bar Connotations Are 
Pleasant for Pre-dent Lolir 

,■ SMC students, but 

1 thrill asso- 
ciated with it— one that sends shiv- 
ers up his spine and leaves his heart 

CME Accepfance 

when his buddy walked in with the 

CME, Roy. Yes, for you." Not car- 
ing whether his order was ever filled 
or not. he ripped open tlie official- 
looking envelope. There it was in 
black and while. He, Roy Lohr. had 
been accepted to tlie School of Den- 
tistr)-. "My letter didn't come air 
mail like the pre-meds', but I 
wouldn't have cared if it came by 
slow freight, just so it got " 

Colleqedale Rain 

when you need Ihem. Oh, well, 1' 
tcl! him when I see him." (Whc 
:«ked. brother Danny said somcor 

night it was raining, 
wc weren't too imprt 

nd he still has time to help kec 

Christen t II I as t m I 

Calf Bo d 

Radio CBub Has 
Saturday Night 
Practice Outing 

The amateur radio club of 
Southern Missionat)- College spen 

sists of 15 members, of whom I 
Ulloth is president; Nolan Daj 

The dub plans soon to hav 
own 300-watt transmitter which 
be installed in the radio club i 
at Southern Missionary CoUe^ 

l^i"and 'is anxiously awaiting 
results. Mr. Schmidt and Marl 
Deakins are preparing to take 

Club is platuiing to have a "t 


dl) th t -1 f 

th f h 

Opt: J h 

pt 1 Hth 

1 pomls tor r 

: cdsf P 

Sh d 1 

(B) rebrury 8 W tk 
e (D) 

Leadercraf t Class 
Held on Campus 

College Board Announces 
1961 Faculty Promotions 

Gordon M. Hyde has been pr 
loicd from "assistant lo associa 
irofessor of coramnn.calion arts. 

official as of July 

Home Ec 

In the home economics area, 

Mrs. Dorothy Chrislensen advanced 

deVere. currently on 

Robert E. Fronds' ra; 
L'licion and that of I 

College Days 

should plan to keep April 16-18 reserved for this big occasii 
We have the names of the academy seniors already, but ni 
the names Of all high school seniors who would be intcres 
in coming to College Days. Please send these names togeU 

Save up to 50% on color and Block and White Film 
Film Processing 

Custom Photo Finishers 

Collegedole, Tennessee 

Julius Hegyi to Return Here 
With Chamber Symphony 

symphony of 20 pbycB from the 
Chattantwsa Symphony Orchestra, 
who will perform in Lj-nn Wood 

Symphony's o 


■ .he .ymphnnT 

iny By-Produch 

Qccrts is not the only 

1 Symphony 
■ int from ■ 
duds to 
LSiol intern 
:«: by-products ate 

ren of the fourth, fifth 
des; Ihe Sewan« Sum- 
Center; concerts by 

intelligent buman hand." 
Sunday niehfs progMjn 

,f a symphi 
" ■ able 

id. Oqi 

if palpableness, of langiblcoew of 

when fiddlM soir. 
thing. Juliu 

Collegedale Chosen for 
Three Summer Conventions] 

be housed in tl 
of Southcri 

Profs Gott and Madgwick 
Granted 1961-62 Study Leaves 

. Gott will be studying in the 
of economia, with a minoi 
counting. He htis apphed fo( 

IcM of Engliil 

Mrs. John Fowler 
Chosen President 
Of Wives' Club 

fot second semestet. Otlier of 

shall, vice-president; Mrs, Ern 

publicity sccretaiy; and Mrs, Eob 

MacMillan Says 
Exploring Helps 
Learn Something 

p would tell of anothe 

ctty cxpe- 
r his own 

College this summer. 

Blackwell Mode 
FSU President 

orkshop will bri 

rhcse different groups wil 

Industrial Arts 
To Offer New 
Arts Diploma 


e program 

.f Florida Slate University 

Friday io Speak 
William triday. president of 
ronsolidated University of N 

■ University in 19^'- 1 

J, J. Daniel of Jacksonville. d»ii- 

Drew Turlington, in- 
industrial arts,— PAN I 

lih' o 

cveo- SMC citizen 


c campus 




Ted Bumiller 
Returns to SMC 
With "Germany" 

ciorf. an J is . gnduilc of tbt Ap- 
plied Am CoUese o( ihc Uni.ti. 
,11, of OocinnMi will, a degree in 

produced ihree coloi lilms: ■'B) 
Jeep Aioood the World," "Foo. 
Seiions of Scandimvia," and "Ger 
many,'*— PAN. 

Health Education 
Master's Offered 

SMC Collegiate Chorale 
Begins Touring Season 

Atlantic Union College 
To Host 1961 SA Workshop 

of Chrislian Leadership." 

University Miami 
Coed Featured 
In Current Listen 

.n ci^hlecn-ye^r-old Unfv.r.i 

laptet of the SMC 

I Anti-Cruelty Law 
Proposed by 
Humane Society 

lour goes to th< 
wU'l be in Ihi 

leld in Chirlotte, North Oro- 
, with the Saturday e\'ening secu- 
program held .t the High Point 
City Junior Acadeo ' 

The stocy of her , 
ational Coll 

Jational College Queen, i 

50 per cent for h 
r cent for beaut>-. 

Total Abriarner 

L Branson. Univ. 
ey word in lalkinj 


ves. The bill— H. R. 3556— wjs 

be United "States and was intro- 

foulder of Missouri. 

ral agency for enforcement. Tht 

ble pain, stress, discomfort and 
feat on laboratory animals." H. R. 

ive-ycar fact-gathering { 
:ntly achieved succi 

Sam Campbell Will Give 
Film-Lecture March 18 

Tht- philosoph 
im Cimpbcll. wi 



„d b, ,he ,„,- 

Campbell is a 

„cTalu,e love, 
d and hody from 

Campbell lives a 
ary in northern 
e writes books t 

erienccs with the 

animals Ihal sur- 

Author & 
n"? books and 

ea1s"he°has .lil- 

:nowledgc of and pleasure in 
1,000,000 persons. Campbell : 

id Tnlfie Hall annually for the 
lis year will be used fot special 

/i pirn ^ J.<Kfait(f, 


On Sabbachs I refrain from 
at[cnd Sabbath school in rooms which during the week bulge 
and groan with history dates and physics probli ■"' 
Sabbath mien is in complete contrast to that of 

At 10:30 I join the parade to the tabernacle for church 
service. This building, too, has undergone a transformation 
and donned the Sabbath garb of rows and rows of metal 
chairs. Here, during die week, are fascinating ball games and 
badminton and shufileboard. 

My mind shakes itself dear of these secular activities 
and is obediently fastened to the pastor's words. Any stray- 
ing thoughts ate cut off short; and I dutifully reprimand 
myself and re-affix my 

I am one of many such young people. We attend the 
"school of standards." We make that school what 
if you were to ask a model citizen of this tampus C 
why he is obedient all week and reverent on Sabbath, he 
would not say "I want to uphold SMCs reputatioi 
too many of us put forth studied eifort in ih; 

. pto 

a result of this prime motive. 

But sometimes we forget about pleasing God and uphold- 
ing standards, and think only of ourselves and our pleasures. 
Sometimes standards are things to be conveniently laid aside, 
mayhe not for long, but long enough to adversely affect 
others— maybe roommates, maybe campus visitors. W 
knows what fellow students will lose courage because 
hold principles too lightly? Who knows what questioning 
hearts may travel homeward from this valley because of 
mis-witnessing of ours? Because we allowed something 
borderline to happen? 

Perhaps a little conscious effon toward 

■ould be well worth our while. * 

n the world, 

. eutd ^<n 'KcacUte^ 

These reasons make Adventists good friends of hum; 
societies and humane legislation. 

The appalling evidences of cruelty that recently hi 
come to light in the fight for humane slaughter legislation 
substantiates the claims of Adventists. 

That many Adventists are joining in support of 
designed to outlaw needless cruelties to laboratory animals 
should not be surprising. The current campaign desetv 
support of Christians of all denominations. 

The way a man treats dumb animals is a revelation of his 
charaacr. LHP 



Collogidal.. Union 


...„ CII.,. 


^""" Ediwr _ Sflvia T.Tlor 

MlkF-up EdilDF 

_... stk.:li 

Makt-up AuiilMt 

Manin. Jeuxc Pct<i< 




John Fowlet 

ain, OioIitd' Wilioo. Jim 



Biuu>„. MuUKH 





KdiioniJ AiJ»o« rii,'r,'"'^»f''n''i" 

Nev/s Notes 

new buildings will be dcdicite^ 
Scverit hundred visiiors arc 

e complclcd in rime for next fall' 

' The annual banquet of the physi 
ians and dentists of the Georji.! 
:umbcrlind Conference wjH b 


rnnni weekend for 
he SMC Collcgiit 
senling a progtlm 

leeling Salurd.iy ever 
Crook will pre«nt sp 

Ihe chape! period i 
Busincu discussed 
proaching diss pai 

Students Play 
At March 4 
Class Parties 

e junior pirty, 
in old fashioned 
. and sine sonns 

Mitch Miller (on record). A (iln 

nd bidminlon. The evenii _ 
ihowing of two films and the st 

Maude Jones Hall 

Talge Hall 

tcpy Lhjl he slept right iVw.uv.,. 

any hurry lo try the dryer 

r which is which. Thjt fellow 
^^^i.'i enjoys sleeping, as Glenda 
hocmakcr well knows. For in- 

jpper dale with Glcnda; but Carl- 

to advise you or not, but "Jf 
you don't succeed try, tr)- 

type of thing, for Glcnda 's s 
Car Trouble 

pecan pic. Take 
; young man, wh 

they had all gotten c 
thumb method), but it 

ad seated himself ir 

ewis found himself on upper i 
Poor Pie 

nation and found t 
ridden about 35 mi . , 

pie plate filled with delicious pea" 
ie. What a way to treat pecan ""• 

those who were truly sorry that llii| 

Season Nears End; Krall, 
Garner Top Scorers in League 

Summer Trip to Mexico 
Will Aid Spanish Students 

mpcte in the Olympic high jump? 
this spring? Foe gmdiution with the 


H. H. Schmidt Is 
Guest Speaker 

hour Elder Schmidt r 

ith people who hive spoker 

.f the Advenlis 
h of the border. 

constriiiied to think 'that 
alone might take care of 

on a sightseeing trip the 20th, 

md Moon, glimpses ol 

Cost & Application! 

Collcgcdale August 1- Expenses » 
IS follows: luition for six hour. 
S1J2; boird, room and laundry fc 

route, $4- Total $300. 

Applications, accompanied by 

inquiry as to details of wha 
bring, etc-, ' ■ 
Dr. Qyde 1 
vision of I 



IL/ , I 


Physics Research [ sA Went Progr.^ Held 

ScArclo^i-ce Schulor, Hdey, Boyd, and 
Male Comedy Are Winners 

"111 P«!t"ttJ II 



Jo Ann Schulcr won first place in 



he light music section willi a pi,,no 


solo. "Deep Purple.'' 

Counlry Featured 

Pierce Haley was fint place wm- 

■ w] 


wiih a pi,\no solo, ■'The Grieg Con- 



Julia Boyd and a group of bop. 
Rouse, Bobby Williams, and Otm 

Tucket, tied for first place m iht 


novelty section, Julia gave a readinf; 

sion of the city. The boys JiJ a 



S f°rienV°o"rTri.^*' "^"^ ''" 

Plans Given for 

Other Participants 

Summer School 

Damaris Crittenden and Lnid.i 

Classes, Faculty 

Lindcrs, a violin solo by Karen 
Footc, an original monologue by 

Frctman Ward, a reading of Romto 

nhTril" 'm *'t If 


loom Jonc 5; clusn 
Gradnilion will b= i 
Joly 29- Tht oomal 

urday night, 
lass load for 

and Juliet by Jo Ann Dean, a sii- 
ophone solo by Tui Pitman, a cljn- 

3r. Schnt^ider 

Sylvia Sellers, Sue Boynton, jiu! 

lo Ann Schulcr, a piano ioln by 


upht arc: 

Danny Meyers, and vocal solos b) 

Spiniih Languige Tour 

and Judi Deacon. 






Brewer handled the lighting. ^nl 

^^u\'h ^H^'"^' "^ 

the backdrop for the show. 

b, J,, 

withiBA Jn phjsj 

make ihis progress p 

A ppcr cori«mm( 

.bility oombcis w« 

is soon to appear in the jo^rfi.i! of 
arr.cle and all are aekno.leJged.- 

HSUS Cruelty Bill 

(Cmiimid irmi f^g, 1, ul. >) 

e> of cruelt). -nd. 
e HSUS is a nation 

J. D, Cooper; Ed and Psy, 

Co/lege Days 

should plan to keep April 16-18 reserved for this big occasion. 
We have the names of the academy seniors already, but need 
Z',^. ?! '!'„'"S*' i«l"»l fniors «ho would be interested 

National College Queen I 
In 'Listen' 

lCM:n,„d ff.u f-t' I. " 
eprivins her of essentral 
ontrol. But Carole is well 
n the medical details, havir 
un practical nutsing at footle 

irts degree. Carole hopes lo 
Masters degree and perhaps 

juld help me- decrde . 
ghl want to do my | 
A." savs Carole. "If ^ 


sommm Acam 

I Collegs. Collog.dalo,, Mjrck 21. I%l 

CME Dietetics School 
Accepts Two SMC'ites 

Two SMC imdcnts, julii Boyd 
ind SitJ Brown, were among the 
,,x sludenis accepted to Ihe School 
,1 Djettlics at the College of Medi- 
al Evanj;clist5 for the 1961-62 

Dietelics Cour« 
The course at CME will consist 
internship at the \ 

Annual College Days To Be 
Held On April 16, 17, 18 

Th. , 

H, ,, 

all ins Mtlcnming 

followed by a lalenl program, con 


.,:-;- ;:f,:,'; 

well. Instead of the class presidents 



and the representative of the higK 

they will be interviewed by the 
president-elect of the Student As- 



iiiJulrits The«; 

(.mplojmcnt while 
ig SMC next jear 
s, the students will 

Trophy to Bo Awarded 

Scholarships will \x awarded to 

worthy students; and a irophy will 

sent the largest percentage of its 
(Conlinued on page 3, column 2> 

ATS Oration Winner McComb 
Will Represent SMC at Union 

^n '}lleM<x'U<Mt 

Letters . . . 

Sisicr Ella Chrislenscn loved company, as many, many 
scudr^caTceSify afrer eating around h.r .able. Everyone 
was her friend. The little boys that she cared for for years 
were like her own children. And as with any Chnsiian 
mother, the spiritual progress of her daughters was better 

to her than medidne. _ ^ . _ ^ ,^. 

In helping her husband with 

1959-60 Sponsor 
Enjoys News Notes 

menial for her to do. Ther 

o false pride, no 


oibit, ^,».......^.. loved working out-of-doors with her 

iawn and flowers, as well as with the famUy vegetable gar- 
den At the dose of the day, when the average person con- 
sidered the day's work done, it was nothing for her and 
perhaps another member or two of het family to put up a 
case of berries. It would tire an ordinary person just to 
follow her around for a day. Being one of 14 children, she 
early learned to work. 

Really, her name should have been Dorcas, for surely 
no one bcrter exemplified that character than she. The needy 
never had a more sympathetic friend around Collegedal 
and the surrounding community. Once she discovered 
family that apparently needed everything. For weeks she 
worked to improve their condiuon— helped dean their house, 
saw that the mother was taken to the doaot, gathered dothes 
and beddothing, had them supplied with fuel, and washed 
literally dozens of loads of laundry for them. 

One young couple lost their home by fire one night. 
The Christensens gave them one of their apartments rent- 
free for a mondi, and as if this were not enough. Sister 
Chrisiensen made new dothes for their children. 

For a long time two little sisters, daughters of a work- 
ing mother, almost lived with "Aunt Ella," as the children 
called her. She made them clothes and taught them to do 
housework, drilled them on their memory verses and en- 
couraged them to be faithful Sabbath school members. 

At the yearly Ingathering sales one of the chief attrac- 
tions was the dozens and dozens of doughnuts which our 

„ s one of her many interests. Even while bed 

fast she worked for this cause, sending in a few dollars ai 
a lime. She also gadiered hundreds of quarterlies and oihei 
papers, sending them ro the Philippines to those who other 


; rainy day last fall, on the way home from o..>. «. 
ments in the hospital, she insisted on shopping for 
nig and arranging to have it shipped to a nif-" ■- 

After her surgery and illness, her faith and optimism 
mere a source of constant amazement to all who visited her. 
"We went to cheer her up, but she cheered us up instead," 
they would say. She had not the slightest doubt that the 
Lord could heal her, and was ever determined 
troubles to the farthest recesses of her mind, and t 
only the best. 

There were always so many things she wanted 

■ ■' . ■ 1 ■ '■;. Her courag 

^Hcw- ^^ ^01 ^m^neUciA 

To the Question 

motives behind 

le thoughts with I 

-Hie Accent's ai 
implp priise for tl 

HBVi% Notes 

(as he thought), so he contcnl. 
■ f (vciy dejMedly) by w» 

-fl .Jt the proper and cortt 
breakfast time lo roll around. 

Vt go over too' big 
ausc he needed that 

Jiow, a couple diys ago 
vas seen riding around 

nibU U>p. I undersrand 
little wet, but, aevctthel 

one use for an old umbt, 
night (sc 

and Nor 

t Hilderbrandt. 

ither morning. In fac 
.couple of mornings, 
ipstanding, young gei 

Rude AwaU 

stand) Joe Langford and Roy Loh 
friends of mine and arranged a nic 

I believe this sleeping thtouf 
date with your lady friend is 
coming rather catchy. Not < 

(^inU "Hie "Uvid-iMdA, Cm 

;^j^few"of you «'" actually <°^^ 

iuiine > test stop oo^Choui ^^^ ■ 

Vtr, iolcmol, D._..dJ^I^ ,„, 
ilh gasoline- 

led, "Oh, [hey"d pro 

Collegedale Hosts 
MD's & DDS's at 
March 12 Banquet 

sponsored by the Georgia-Cumber 
social opporhrnity for the raedica 



CME Alumni / 



,iz of the Gene 


e «as 

guest speaker 



Joe Cruise cha 

LaVoy Garner 
I Elected President 
Colporteurs* Club 

;!ected under the spon- 

:iemen5, secretary-treasurer; 
ijriton Martin, pastor. 

This Is Your SA . . . 
Student Voice of SMC 

Local Concert Choir 
Will Close Art Series 

expects to give vah 

placed on the fact tl 

many souls he has 
kingdom of God,- 

Bumlller's Film 
Portrays Story of 
German Shepherd 

nan Shepliei 

way home to southern Gcrn 
The fihii look approximately six 

Bumiller is an ardiitect 
fitaduitc of the Applied Ar 
lege of Cincinnati. He has t 

l960-6i Season 

, Spring Fine Arts Festiva 
0. For the season of 19150-6 
lie five appearances on th 

S+ophan Ortlip 
The conductor, Stephen Jude Orl 
■, graduated from Houghton Col 
;e near Buffalo, New York, wit: 
bachelor of science degree i 

College Days Plans 

(Cc>„h.^ed pom page 1, col. 2, 
class to SMC. The trophy and t 

area, be it basebaU, softbail, volley- 
ball, basketball, or tennis. 

Tlie program Monday night is to 
be a variety show presented by the 

lipatcd they will definitely di 

.f the S12 Student Asso- 
fee levied on every full-time 

underrated as the SA. ' 

Tlie first (and only) 

on College Days, fall pier 


ountain Presbyterian Church. H( 
so took direction of the Baylo: 
School Glee Club and the Chatla 
Boys' Choir. The latter group 
performed on the SMC campus I: 
year in the Fine Arts Series. 

le faculty of Cadek 
nd harpsichord, is a 

Forest Lake 
Visited by 
Voice Teachers 

arn good gradi 

iiige bead. 

■rtainly learn to "fill the unfoi 

This is your college— you're paying 

Nursing Students 
Experience Spring 
In Florida 

pr^fTMC^t^mJ mo"e S- 
forth'witb a'new ^e^' velvet^^r- 


NJ. Yes, none other 
Giving medication 

By MBS. H. F. Me- 
Sister Ella Christensen loved com 
students can testify after eating 
was her fiiend. The linle boys that sht 
were like her own children. And as 
mother, the spiritual progress of her < 

Letters . . . 

959-60 Sponsor 
Enjoys News No+e: 

ust a brief, hurried note, 

ial for her to do. There 

Sister Christensen loved working out-of-doots with her 
lawn and flowers, as well as with the family vegetable gar- 
den. At the close of the day, when the average person con- 
sidered the day's work done, it was nothirig for her and 
perhaps another member or two of her family to put up a 
case of berries. It would tire an ordinary person just to 
follow her around for a day. Being one of 14 children, she 
early learned to work. 

Really, her name should have been Dorcas, for surely 
no one better exemplified that charaaet than she. The needy 
never had a more sympathetic friend around Collegedale 
and the surrounding community. Once she discovered a 
family that apparently needed evcrythitig. For weeks she 
worked to improve their condition — helped clean their house, 
saw that the mother was taken to the doctor, gathered clothes 
and bedclothing, had them supplied with fuel, and washed 
literally dozens of loads of laundry for them. 

One young couple lost their home by fire one night. 
The Christensens gave them one of their apaitments rent- 
free for a month, and as if this were not enough. Sister 
Christensen made new clothes for their children. 

For a long time two little sisters, daughters of a work- 
ing mother, ahnost lived with "Aunt Ella," as the children 
called het. She made them clothes and taught them to do 
housework, drilled them on their memory verses and en- 
couraged them to be faithful Sabbath school members. 

At the yearly Ingathering sales one of the chief attrac- 
dons was the dozens and dozens of doughnuts which our 
modern Dorcas made to sell. 

In Sabbath school she taught a class of primary girls. 
Investment was one of her many interests. Even whUe bed- 
fast she worked for this cause, sending in a few dollars at 
a time. She also gathered hundreds of quarterlies and other 
papers, sending them to the Philippines to those who other- 
One rainy day last fall, on the way home from one of 
her treatments in the hospital, she insisted on shopping foi 
a large rug and arranging to have it shipped to a niece ir 

After her surgery and illness, her faith and optimisn 
were a source of constant amazement to all who visited her 
"We went to cheer her up, but she cheered us up instead,' 
they would say. She had not the slightest doubt that thi 

There were always so many things she wanted to do, 
many things to live for — she had no time to die. Her cours 
and optimism were an inspiration to all who knew her. 


Two Sides 

To the Question 

[ fully agree with the worthy 

;o-callcd Huinine Sodety i 

should remember both sides of tl 

He^MS Notes 

A of steps from Ihe aadcn 


M.V,..„p F^im. 

John Fc™lcr. }oe\ Gnth 
krith Quut. Nuicy R.i 

p-"^'^- rrr ^''"°°'= ^ 


film on tobflcro 

y of SMC has recenlly purdiised 

) Ihc ChartnijooEa Scveo 

cepted a call to serve aj dean of 

Talqe Hall 

the different kind, th: 
■anted to buy himself a 
)n8 ago, but he didn'l 

frightened. To Dwight. 

date with your lady friend i; 

Maude Jones Hall 

^ctU TiM, Tim^xeUcii,, tM 

doorknob securely tied to the door 
across the hall. As yet there are no 
definite clues leading to the culpni. 

It has not been ascertained 
whether Sarrdta-Mac -Magnolia 
Swain is thinking of startinj in the 
pickle business, iryine lobe' n»- 

her friends were celebrating »«" 
an ice cream bar. Magnoha ap- 

Tho Logan 

bilo'''make, the logan, that is B 
in the high 

, fewo 

,ly one 



Very »l™"'^?"iS' co«B 

phed, "Oh, they'd P'*""',L- 

out aid HI you up with ga"'"'- 

Collegedale Hosts 
MD's & DDS's at 
March 12 Banquet 

LaVoy Garner 
Elected President 
Colporteurs' Club 

LaVo). G.,ncr, a sophon, 
piKident of Ihe 1960-61 colport 
ficers were elected under the sp 

stitiile on this cuiipus. 

Other oflicers chosen were Ri 
jrd Martin, vice-president; Bart 

This Is Your SA . . . 
Student Voice of SMC 

Local Concert Choir 
Will Close Art Series 

Choir, conducted by Stephen Ortlip, 

•rograms Committee. 

1960-61 Ses 

TTic ChattanoOfii C 

the fall of 1959 they f 

Bumiller's Film 
Portrays Story of 
German Shepherd 

College Days Plans 


gc. The senior miy gain 
e by hiving an interview 
,c of the faculty members of 

y decide rather to 


g college 

A. Miller. Mr. Miller was fo 

ride lo enter God's work 
preparation in one of Hi 
patticulirly Southern t 

nitely de- 

Arts at SMC. and he has 
The present music building 
at its dedication,— PAN. 


' full-ti 

■luthority- on tl 
; (and only) 

tended the Guilr 
slew York, i 
of Sacred ^ 

Mountain Presbyterian Church, He 

nd harpsidiord, i 

1961-62 Series 
for next year's Fi 
re already in the 

Forest Lake 
Visited by 
Voice Teachers 

; on SobKith aflernot 

the officers, visit a few Senate i 
church -sponsored activities. 

Nursing Students 
Experience Spring 
In Florida 

Beneath the clear blue skits and 

pus of SMC becomes more beauti- 
ful every day. As nimrc- bursts 

he Garden of Eden. 1 

ong into extticurriculirs. but those 

Just to '-take a peek" in on tl.e 

vho participate in school activities 

ertainly learn to "fill the unfor- 

Mar^e Temples on the pediatric 

m'l^ch Tufsfmeone rfse^en-o "i? 

vorth of distance run.'- (Kipling) 

New View 

too. Yes, none other than Robert 

When I think of the SA. I think 

f committees, seemingly endless 

Giving medications not only 

means giving pills but injections 

passed that I didn't learn something 

too. Most of the sophomores have 

ibout us, how we people get along 

had previous experience in giving 

with each other. Fairness, honesty, 

injections; but for those who 

upholding school rules and Chris- 

haven't, for instance Brenda Botts 

and Geraldine Donak, it is quite an 

things in quite the same light as 

unnerving experience. While giv- 

when 2 student stands to defend 

ing their first injection (to thcit 

them in a Senate mcering. 

roommates!!) they were shaky, 

And you ne%*cr have such a good 

pale-faced and perspiring freely. 

nsight into facultj^ nierabets and 

Autopsy Viewed 

administiators is when you work 

right along with them and know 

exdlcment-craviog sophomores is- 

they're backing you up. When 1 

scmbled in the hospital just out- 

think of the SA. I lemembec the 

tor from the pathology department 

eograph office from six in the eve- 

arrived, they informed him tliat 

ning until two-thirty in the morning 

they had just invited themselves lo 

running 123 pages of Intercollegi- 

ate Workshop minutes foe the Stu- 

and Dorothy Bergholt went aloiif 

dent Association. 

10 give moral support; however, al 


went well, and tlicy found it to be 

Did you ever wonder about the 

an interesting and educational ex 

organiMdon of College Days? 


Three hundred and fifty high school 

ProsIJent'i Visit 

and academy seniors just don't get 

Ail the students were happy to 

housed, fed, and entertiincd at the 

is one of the chief lessons taught 

to Orlando. 

by the Student Association, but 

Tbc nursing students would like 

there ate a thousand others. 

to say "Hi" to everyone at College 

If you don't know much aboul 

dale and wish aJl a happy spring 

the SA (I wondered for months ol 

vacation!— FEA. 

Final Basketball Played; 
Champions Are Determined 

"£"<; gync of 

Charles Wat- 

lard and fast 

Charles Watkins and Jack 1 
cich with a total of 6 points. On 

"B" League Pennant 
■n.e"B-|«Sue played the! 
game a fow nights later. John 
ing and Charles Perr)-'s team 
the honor of playing the final 
in that series. Deming-s 
tame out on top w.tli a sec 
38-17. High sforer for 

Score Book Confuiing 

In looking over the girls 
etball score book I couldn'l 

jrolyn Roddy 

ip. Tlie scor. 
r this out in , 

Miller Brothers 
Present Spring 
Fashion Review 

ng review of styles to College- 

. June Hobbs, MiUet's fashion 

.rdinator. presented casual street 

fashions aho included dresses for 
he aAendants, and fashions for 
l.e mother of the bride. 

ng tray, a blouse, and a purse were 

Background music was played b)' 

Save up to 50% on colsr and Black and White Film 
Film Processing 

Custom Photo Finishers 

Collegedale, Tennessee 



New Piano: 
10% above c 

Wilson Brothers Piano Co. 

McKee Baking Company 

Music Major Sylvia O'Brien 
Says Organ is Real Love 

Miss Sylvia O'Brien has linishc 

the requirements for the bichek 
of music education degree and i 
now prepared to enter her chose 
field. After spending the summc 
recuperating from four busy yeai 
of college, Sylvia will head fc 

M.CC, and the bivouacs 
they could cat, eat, and eal 

in opporhinily to try Iheir orgs 

: to try 


gan for her birthday. 
College Days 

■isited Collegedale durinc 
College Days and picked out het 

and 3 

■mpan ion- 

Ill hours of the night studying. I 
:itals. the things you worry ab( 
from the first minute they lell y 
3f them until you play the 1 

md College Days ^ 
wonderful mood— j 

Sylvia Ipves traveling. Last June 

grcss and says she wouldn't trade 
for anything in the world. "It was 

the summer of '62. Sylvia plans to 
tend General Conference. (Sylvia 
has been told that travel is broad- 
ind hopes that it will affect 

Small, but Not Late 
■n asked if she had any pet 
peeves. Sylvia said. "Vcsl People 

hope being an only child 1 

prefecahlir teach on th 

Mathers Suggests 
Ideals to Help 
Improve Culture 

Adapted by Pat Mathers 

of your college life is your friends. 
Let your Southern culture heritage 
become an everyday thing, making 

B. a "SHndaf specialist i„ ju„ 
one wbje,,. Too many of us fa,! 

Wipe out one prejudice a .L 
All of us have prejudices that .ii 

conscious effort to get rid of on 
each day. 

Face the day without fej, 
Whether your fears are justified c 

a deep breath and forget them. A 
long as you are doing your hun;i 
best filled with His Spirit, you hav 

] and arc almost afraid to f 
hese have a corrosive effect or 
iconsciously from day to . 


Collegedale Cabinets, 

Recent Senate Activities; 
Plans made for College Days 

Sylvia O'Brien 
To Be Heard in 
Organ Recital 

lling $3 hike foe SA dues. 

(ther Senate action included "re- 

linquishiDg any . . . claims to the 

■esponsible for 
■n deficit. 
First Topic 1 

Lynn Wood Hall chapel. 

I SMC Band 

I To Perform Here 

L- concert band will presec 
ring conrert under the dire, 
rf Conductor Lyie Himel o 
8, in the college audiloriun 

the college bind has evi 

Spcdal groups will be 

■at will serve during the recreation 
rogram scheduled for the 'annual 

Only Six Visitors 
Twenty-four senators were pres- 
nt and three were absent from the 
ighth regular meeting. Six student 

Preferential Ballot 
The ninth Senile meeting of the 
ear was held March 12 at 7;30 and 


1 voted on tl 

It was decided during this . 
ng that the "small food 
ihouldserveonly fruit juices. 

College Choir 
Takes First Tour 

Professor Ralph Davidson 
Appointed Madison President 

Ralph Davids 



:. Sandboro on Fe 

iniary K 

w« «„p>cd b, . 


MA in 


Madison Colleges 


WMC Constituents Voted 
To Rename the College 

ting tours during t 

s concert the John Phillip 

.'ard will be given to one 

members. This band 

day night, and GreeoeviUe and 
Lenoir City on Sabbath morning 
md afternoon, respectively. The 

jncville and ■^■as served din- 

rs of the church. 

e of the numbers were a 

program was comprised of choral 
selections. Sylvia O'Brien, a senior 

No date his 
though it appears 

Elder N. W. Dunn 
Visits Witii SMC 

1 hold a spcdd 

Sam Campbell 
Presents Lyceum 
Of North Woods 

lored by thi 

SMC Assists in 
Dalton Rally 
February 25 

:ollcge-s faculty taking part, 
rtorgc Golt from SMC gave 

oit;" said Dwigbt Hildctbr^L 

staodacdj and principles of 
'°° Vospors Concludss R^l^ 

COC Sponsors 
Dinner Table 

cdnwday and Friday 

fs outlook on life md fmther 
^ Ron Watson, COC president 

Mrs. John Christensen 
Dies March 6 
After Long Illness 

t*o daughters, Mr; 

The Faculty and Stiideuls 


Southern Missionary College 

Extend to 

The High School and Academy Seniors 


The Southern Union 

An Invitation to Attend 

The Annual College Days 

April 16-18 

SA Offices Help Develop 
Leadership and Character 

TTiis Ircnd will undoubtedly turn 

:>ut gradiu 
;11 prepared I 

College is to prcpiie young peo 

pic to lake on positions of rnponsi- 

bilily. Any employer, denomini 

lonal or otherwise, will give the 

those who have shown good leader 

ship ability and solid chjtacteis 

The GPA of this t)'pe of mdividu.i 

might be a few hundredths lo«e 

his church, and his God. 

enough importance on dei'eloping 

out leadership activities? 

F. D. Nichol 

To Visit SMC 

Academy, High School Seniors!-'^ 
Urged to Attend College DaysT 

13y . 

. llighlif.hlS 

long! Get 

;oaation and' the faculty of Soul 
;rn M.ssionar)' College extend 

Lcademics and high schools of 1 

■oming College Days, April i'\ Nominees for SA 
oiS' . , . , Executive Offices 

■■accomplish the tremendous pol 
tial he sees in the office of the v 
presidency,'^ and he has piomi 

Memories Editor 
Says Annual 
Has Originality 

;s before the close of the school 

he feeling of tlie staff that the 
arbooks at SMC have not been 
mpeling with the best books in 

Alice was secretary of her sopho- 
norc class and is currently feature 

ion. The topic fo, 



Welcome, Clas s of '65 ■ . ■ 

College Days Activities 
To Highlight SMC Life 

.itom. Tlic results of such deterrai 
astronomers, and to those studyin 

kinds of foi 
nares. tn addition, these nrnnlxi 
provide insight into the mechanii 

,/,,„■«/ ;o»r,«(. Present measur 

Freeman Is '61-62 President; 
Osborne Wins Vice-Presidency 

Kovalski to Edit VIccenf; 
Other Senators Are Elected 

conducted by Jon Gepford. 


^E'llot^votinr^'th' the J^f 
cited in the lobby of the admitii 
ilion building. 
Ftecman and his lisociates wi 

t fall, 

Camp Cumby-Gay 
Slated for '61 
Religion Retreat 

«ially for rdigion majors and 
lore specilicnily. for mm« 

liven approv.ll m a recent action 
.y the President's Council, 
Elder Walter Schubert, associate- 

une and concluding Sunday morn- 
ng. He will discuss the call, rc- 
f«n^ibmty and duties oJ^^^e^mm^|5- 

c tlie campus in the early aftei 

The Southern Missionai)' College 

to the academy which sends the 

nnual College Days began yester- 

largest percentage of its senior class 

rome 350 academy and high school 

school year. The trophy this year 

<;niors arrived for the t^v'o-day 

TTie purpose of College Days is 

year's graduating class here. 

o give academy and high school 

Following the chapel period, 

scntcd in .the college chapel. 


This afternoon each student will 

Sunday Tours 

have an opportunity to" interview a 

Upon arrival, visitors regis- 

■naterial which included a program 

to ask any questions he may have. 

Sunday afternoon, lours were 

onducted through the various in- 

and the college freshmen will be 

dustries in order that students might 

played. A film entitled "Wild 

obtain an idea of the work pro- 

Cargo" wiU be shown in the college 

he gymnasium and on the ball 

Coggins Program 

field following the industrial tours. 

The program tonight will be- 

under the direction of Bucky Cog- 

isted of a worship period conducted 

jy Richard Brunk, after which 


[ulius Gamer, Student Association 

dents Tnd Ttr^Tced 'Bmce^Fcee 

be^^-MomwtS^KecSmbl'r"^ "'" 

elect. Freeman then intetviewei 

representatives and senior class 

Association committees.— PAN. 

presidents of the various academies 

and high schools. Each of these pre 


Senior Class Presidents 


the various academies are Bob 

Wohlers. CoUegedale Academy, Col 

legedale, Tennessee; George Jack 
son, Fletcher Aodemy, Fletcher 

'^^n'^ ;^ 

North Cirolina; John Strickland 


Forest Lake Academy, MaJtland 


Florida; Harry Colson, Grc.He 


Paul Viar, Highland Academy 

^^K^^' ^^L 

Portland, Tennessee; Herbert Cool 

idgc, Little Creek Academy, Knox 

^^H^^^ ^^^^1 

Mount Pisgah Academy, Candler 
North arolina. 

Scholarships Awarded 


Chapel was held at 7:30 thi 

Dr. W,ll,am Murdptt, 

morning in Lynn Wood Hall fo 
the visiting students. Dr. C. N 

Dean Murdoch to 

Recs. college president, welcomed 

Interview Senior 

ships' whid. are presented to out 


Dr William G. C Murdoch, 

time. The selection of nominees i 

based on character, scholarship 

personality and promise of futur* 
leadership. Those who receive. 

Andrews University, will be on 
campus April 20-22. 
Dr. Murdoch was formerly presi- 

Travis and Wilberta Griffith, Col 

lege and of Australasian Missionary 

legedale Academy; Elaine Anderso 


and Chick Hodges. Fletcher Acad 

Murdoch contributed much to the 

m«s and Joann Houset, Madiso 

Seveiilh-iidy Advcnlisl Bible Com- 

Academy; Herbert Coolidge, Liltl 
Creek Academy; Elaine English an 
laspet Henson, Mount Pisgah 
Academy; Phillip Wilson, Caro 
Oisen, Ronald Behner, and Beck 

Foinidalioii. He also wrote Problems 
hi Bible Tramlalion published by 

Chapel speaker for April 30, 

Dr. Murdoch will .ilso speak at the 

Patsy Buck, Greater Miami Acad 

Friday night and Sabbath services. 

Highland Recelvoi Trophy 
A new award initiated thi 

interview senior ministerial students 
interested in attending the seminary. 

year is the giving of a troph 


"TV^i^tAe^ tAe TOeai^ ..." 

By G. M. HVDE, S/d// Miiior 
To the hopeful, (eaiful, confused, confident Class of 
■65, Welcome! 

This Southern Missionary College is quite a place. 
Oh the wind may be knifing you today, the ram may 
a trash-mover and a gullywashet tonight, or agam, tomor- 
row the sun may turn this valley into the paradise that .t 
is so much of the year-no matter. This CoUegedale is 
some place. And you won't sec all that it is in two days— 
not even in two crummed-to-the-limit, packed-every-minute 
College Days, 

'■What's it got besides weather?" you 










C. 1 


n showed 

slides of ih 


p.ovideJ by 
sang "Song 



d EdReif 

S^eM* S<vta6., <t«id SfioU 

..- J - ■ You'll 

have to come nere and stay a spell to find out. And when 
you come you'll need a broad mind, a big heart, and dis- 
cerning eyes, if you find it all. But when you come, you will 
find these qualities worth the probing: 

—an enviable heritage marked out at its beginning b> 
suffering, sweat, and tears, 

an alluring future, envisioned by a Board and Ad- 
ministration that, under God, are detetmined to provide 
the youth of the Southern Union with the best that this 
expanding constituency can provide, 

—a tighdy-knit, comradely corps of teachers whose 
competences, qualifications, and recognized achievements are 
matched by sincerity, dedication, and vision, 

—a far-flung battle-line of alumni who will have a 
wonhy part when the trophies are laid at the feet of Prince 


—a friendly, courteous, organized student body that is 
dedicated to all that is noble in Southern heritage, and eager 
to measure itself against Christ's incredible expectations of 
His church in an incredibly dangerous hour, 

—a setting of glorious hUls to which to lift up thine 
eyes and think those deep, long thoughts in the quietness 
and confidence wherein strength doth lie, 

—opportunity, limited only by your vision, your con- 
secration, and the pattern of habit-Strengths which you can 
bring with you. 

Though you will not see these things too clearly amid 
the bewilderment of new names, new places, and untold 
new faces— they are here, hete at Southern Missionary Col 
lege. Class of "65, they are waiting here for YOU. 


SAc&ti, ScfUot^, & Seipen, 

KSo '„'?"::■. 

tplonhcr 2 


T "r-, »;, 

«,0» „ ,=.; 


" "•"•'tC^KT.!™ ""'"■■■'"""• 



SuiMDc Johmon 


Aisodilc Editor VuKLnii Sthuin 

M^-up Eduor Gcr.ld Kovjlit 



Comb, V«.tc R«d 
^cy Bc'id, Chjilcn 



' jX. 



HiS aI'.S ~ 



'""""' '"*"' 


;rs jumped out of beds, showei 

iing it was only i fire dri 
slowly made thcit way dov. 

By RiCHAi 

a^ain, and on behalf of the 
of Talgc Hall I would like to 

^ welcome (by 

ime) to our 

iian happy to expbio 
you. (By the way. 
paid political an- 

mend Mr, Turner, grounds sup^ ■ 
intendcnt and his crew for the" 
excellent upke-jp of the ^mpw a"^" 
their planning for these few i . 


Guest Drummer 
Featured as Band 
Presents Concert 

'other selections pbyed in- 
■Macdi Onwatd," "I Love 

■■El Opitan March/' and 


^ trio by 1 

Polka," a clac 

Nichol Visits SMC Campus; 
Reports on Overseas Missions 

Being an SDA in 1961" 
Is Week of Prayer Challenge 

perspective by which the Advenl 
could be evaluated by' the 
^nemtion of Advent youth. 

esied Ihe vindication of the 

irly preaching of Seventh-day Ad- 

Physics Research 

Represented at 

Ohio Symposium 

'Pen^iOfi^ cfou mU won^^ 

Club Membership 
Cherished Honor 
Of Campus Ushers 

jlow of ipollights. 

Don'l Eipic) Thank: 
hers must not expect speakers 
nembet to thank them for en- 
eing the antlience to sit near 

all children locate needed seats 
the back, for taking the offering. 
I for avoiding announcements by pcr- 
I sonally calling people to important 
I phone calls, or for accepting the 
' ■ Bi available seats in the house, or 
ven'for standing up throughout en- 
ire programs. Those who would 

li'th' the satisfaction of a needed 
ab well done. 

All Eligible 
We at SMC believe that service is 


I to exceed about fifty 

ind are voted in by 
club. Costum. 
ave been res 
IS for dark 

accustomed to working closely with 
the group involved. 'Because ' 

Yes, picnics are fun, but no one 
would work all year for a picnic. 
Our nhil pay is when the worry 
wrinkles leave the foreheads of our 

Campus Leadership Rewarded 
As Pisgah Appoints Rozell 

Sober Tone of Seminar Bands 
Relieved by Touches of Humor 

md the austere diets so tj-pical of 
loUege life in 1961. Pictured above 
s' just such a family. 

Senior Class President 

Senior Outing 
Under Dan's leadership the se 
■ class has already decided on 
aim, motto, color and flo 

aid. ping-pong, table ga 

rently 1 

sonal and public relations, and t 
strengthen his already obviously 

Save up to 50% on color and Block and White Film 
Film Processing 

Custom Photo Finishers 

Collegedale, Tennessee 

Via ALITALIA Airlines 
Super DC-8 Ralls-Royce Powered JeHiners 
England, Be!9ium. Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy & 

of his favorite activ 
c skiing and swimmi 
college life has left v 

demonstrated an easy-going ef- 
wonted, any place in the local sodal 

nily Post and end- 
Ked hcf daughters 

year will find this family at M 
Pisgah Academy where Dan 
ser^■e as dean of men. 

— Ihai's thirlccn-month-old 

lot far from Collegedale. Thn 
bravely blazed their way to tl 
Sabbath school the best they coul 

his two assistaflts had to 
he bench ordinarily used in 

thing— anything— feeling as though 
■ " ir had suddenly ^ven away 

gained his composure and 
ing desperately lo return lo 

had announced the song sat down 
again, and up went the one on the 
left. That was the most see-sawed 
Sabbath service they had ever seen! 

tup— includmg the song s 

vay off the platform, when the one 
n front caught her heel on the 

Schuler and Lohr Receive 
Accent Reporting Awards 

arcd by tlie Si 
JoAnn Schuli 

I trust that we may not only pray 
and sing together, but laugh lo- 

toward that Better Land, the land 
of joy and happiness.— FL 

Bushnell Directs 
CA Promotion at 
Highland Acad. 

cition arts club March 31-April I. 
Tlic objective in visiting Highland 

At the Saturday night prograi 

the boys' dormitory; the food was 
faces,'" she stated,— PAN 

Disillusionment Is Possible 
When Objectives are Vague 

and l.,fih 5. 
Lra^ams. Lvicc. «pcc 

.mil i swmingl)- imfKneli 

Motive in Scdotarahip 

minds This subljy leads lo the fol 
lowmg ■■Rc.tiuwled' advice on whai 
to expect in (he unknown bul soon 
t^be^plorcd frcshnun year. 

dca.'n your own m,nd,s why. yoL 

undecided c ■ ^ 
faction and belov 

sides in 

appalled, thumbing 

read aclivdy, not passively. Read- 
remembering ate now uicd all at 

tewmble physical pain. 

Time h Hardert 

lo budget not just the 

^ Adjustmor 

; presente. 

d by freshmen foe 
ion. The tor 

s type of adjustment 
, one of 

e parallel a 

Study of atomic physics, whic 
goes far beyond textbook or tve 
lor)> experience, 

■n iupporit 

± on the project and also pio- 
s a certain lei,'el of equipment 
chases. Tlic nn^ grant provides 
specific equ-pment needs not 

of a high-dispersion spectrograph 

.paratus will be made possible by 
lis money. The present spcclro- 
;aph his been pushed lo the limit 

iraloiy and elsewhere demand the 
:ffidency of handling allowed by 
rlectronic brain sorters. Tlte old ap- 
taratiu will be kept largely intact 

jhotographs of the various rainbow- 
olored lights cniitlcd by electric 

Joel Gcarhatt, Bill Mundy and 
" nan Ward.— PAN. 

Students Administrate College; 
Rittenhouse Addresses Assembly 

Administrative Day began a 

nits imposed by the purpost 
e philosophy of the institul 

ime time itself undergoinq 
lorphosis. While it wai find- 
role it was also serving. The 
dedicated efforts of many studenls 

lave produced both permanent and 
aluable results. The Student Ass.i. 

■6l-'62 SA SENATE 

Jim Mobley of OVecdiob 

chaplain of the Student i 

■f the society. 
:tions took pla. 
April II.— PAN 


Five Theology Seniors 

',ri°„j ,vm tompfciel). 

April 24 SMC Enrollment Up; 
328 Accepted to 149 Year Ago 

ung by a double q 
udy Blinlon and 

Sharon Olson, 

^f^. Don West, 

violinists, sang 

Me.'' Sylvia 0' 
phyed the "Tocca 

Niught Di^'Jde 
1 and Fugue >n 


nc Logan, "Con- 

Tuesday nighf 

Poulenc, Gciffes a 
type of music n 

by serious com- 

SUdi. "MtfiA "Ufrften. "Rmm 

Ic was rts 

very i 

uld aim 

I? out [he cescimony of "What a 

ricnd We Have in Jcsi:^." It was Friday night. Only this 
riday night no one could see the shiny black patent heels 
r the smartly pressed dress suit; no one could watch the 
tpression on that special friend's face, or see anything at all 
> giggle about. 

>utside society's favor. Each sang — without a hymnal— 
longs of faith, Each searched his mind for Bible promises 
:o satisfy the waiting eats and strengthen the eager hearts. 

of V 

a glimpse 

mc. We discovered the depleted condition of 
our scriptural memory — and we determined that the real 
thing in the offing would not parallel this Friday night 
practice session. In our hearts we promised ourselves to 
spotlight the Bible, to prepare for the future. 

Wg more fully discovered what Elder Delalield had said 
in his dosing remarks that morning: That we could not leave 
that mountain as the same young people that went there. 
That from now on we would see that there is no time to do 
just what we want to do. 

Tonight, flick off the light. Sit in the darkness and 
practice. Practice sitting in a damp, dark cave. See what songs 
you know best; see what your Bible study — or lack of it — is 
doing for you. Have a full "faith dress rehearsal." See if 

I promise y 

1, you 

;. You shouidn 


said that experience is the best teacher; however, 
someone else's experience is the better teacher. 
) happens that we don't take as much advantage 

; do of 

And will you underclassmen, especially, permit a mossy 
old senior to tender a word of caution? (Don't be misled 
— 1 offer no solution. I can only present the problem and 
say Fight It.) 

So often I find myself reading and writing simulta- 
neously, or taking notes, without any thought process (ex- 
cept enough to convey the message from my btain to my 
finger tips) whatever. 

The matetial, whether it be Sabbath school lesson or 
history notes, invades the ear, part of the brain, the arm's 
nerve impulses, and the ink in my pen — it pauses scarcely 
long enough to disturb the lazy gray matter. 

I'm sure that it partially comes from making a praaicc 
of memorizing something long enough to write it on a 
test — not necessarily with any effort to forget it afterward, 
but certainly with no effort to remember. 

Don't — somehow, some way — let this habit become a 
pan of you. Learn to remember. Sj 


''"'"'.ll.T.j'klim'." "'""'""'' '^'"'" 

M,.,.ba,rrf ^'" 










Phoiographer — 








W Winfcit 

















News Notes 

Accompanied by SA sponsor 
;""jon Gepfotd. Alice _Fnwler, 

As of now, Camp Doss (the Sev- 
eld only every oth 

ern part of the United States. 

[ fron 

Elder Desmond Cummings. war 

Jnion Conference, has made avail- 
,ble to SMC a namber of Cimp 

by the dean of 

■- ■ ■ division heads. Be- 

"here will also be a chmBC in 
iring to attend SMC must have 

Jc^ U ^/?^ '^ecMMted 

Now thit May is here, students 

peering into dimly I 
their owners hoping 

malely cigth-ninths of her dor 

mdra Swain showing her excite' 
eni by squealing up on high C 

den call her "Sunshine;" 
Cady going to sleep while studying 

meyer and Carol Burchard r 
wdling plans foe their m. 

several gitls sufTi 
ptoms of chid 

last blink of the lights. 

Anne Denslois 

t wouldn't' be lonn 

to the infirmary and I'll take your 
temperature"; Jolena Taylor or Judy 
Edwards pleading. "Do you hivt 

, gathered just because the)! 
■ ; need of talking to ditii 

this year his been interesting, Tho;; 
of us who are leaving, never to liiL 

"TcMMi, Hiifr^. euteC 'paoet 

tions may be taken for regular col- 
ege hour aedit in the fields of 

There will be a charge for this 

us can hardly wait for it to do so. 

despair. As it turned out, Catlron 

etvjce, and tfie student must make 

could h a r d 1 V 

really want Becky, but Joy. 

D ScJui d ° "^U 'Vbc 

^■■M^^l wait to tn 

Desfinalion C. 

ievc we ought to move ahead' and 

HHM^I bud Piatt s 

John Dcming and Ed Rcifsnydcr 

by having him sit through such a 

Hfl^S^ s'ul 'a"h'u'~rr"y 

The problem was that they never 

quite made it to Washington. 

^HHlV^I state trooper. 

ville. their car (?) broke down. 

Seniors Leave for 

MHT m ''^^: " upon 

week end there instead of in Wash- 

Camp Cumby-Gay 

The seniors will participate xn 


ington, 15 they had planned. What 
kind of sightseeing docs Knoxvjiic 

Uieir annual week-end outmg 

Leroy Thompson had a wonder- 

AUC Report ^ ^ 

They will travel by cars lo 
Camp Cumby-Gay in the mountains 

ful time Saturday n.ght. That is, 
after he finally figured out who he 

and Jon Gepfotd had quite a timt 

of north Georgia, where the outing 

s to be held. 

Twm Confusion 

Workshop, n '.^^ ^^.^ ^^ ^^^ 

Activities for the week end will 
be under the direction and planning 

You see, Leroy had asked Joy 
Stanley to accompany him to the 

of several committees. Heading the 
food committee is Sarah Whill, 

program, but ifs awfully easy lo 

And. pl=u=. e,.>,o.= »'>^'*J 

Directing recreational activities for 

the group will be Gene Stone, Shar- 

on Olson IS in charge of the social 

but instead of asking for Joy, he 

A combined faculty. senior ban- 

Now this created a problem be 

cause Becky couldn't quite under- 

h»i Irarncd lo lite( Of miybt *>■ 

stand why Leroy would be calling 

liko) ancwfooJ(P)! ^ 

her down lo the lobby when he had 

n looks .s ihoueh sp"c /■" 


time Becky got half way down the 

Ju.t &L moto weeks. e.e.,bo<lr- 

Providence, Industry and Art 
Dominate Life of Andy Rivera 

Twentylrom SMC Attend^ 
First SU Bible Conference 

associated coWeg 

Students Speak Out on 
Value of Bible Conferences 

iludy of the Bible, Spirit of Proph' 

of ihc fact that \ 

-Ssnclification," and "Glor 
ficalion." Elder D. A. Delafield, 

tributcd a series on ■'Current Even 
in the Light of the Spirit < 

I who have a burning 
; up on higher 
Elder Desmond 

Afternoon and Evenin; 

After a period of recteatio 

afternoon topics were given by 

Mr. Norman Gullcy, Dr. \- 

Schneidcr. and Eiders De 

infis, K. J. Holland, and 

and ■"Christian Stand- 

Saturday evening the Ml. Ph^., 
ademy choir presented a tonca 
iftcr which Elder Dc Booy n, 
enled his final sermon. The cu 
ling was climaxed by a lesiimon 

the conference MV 'secretaries'"! 
Don R, Re«' con 

andles of the attendant youll 
onfcrence closed after biw(:,, 
unday morni ng. Ap ril JJ.-Pa: 

Survey Shows 
SMC Food 
Prices Lowest 

h.isi«enll). compiled tl,e.,- 
. of all Seventh-day Adven;i 
■ges in the United Stales, i! 
;s charged at SMC arc lov., 

:rican SDA colleges, 

of Union College. His findiri. 

VandeVere and 
Taylor to Return 
For Fall of 1961 

his doctorate in journalism at ih 
University of Missouri by Augusi ■ 
He has already selected his dissci 

Newspaper," and has had il -T 
proved by bis commilt«. 

Taylor wijl be on the campus i 

resume his work as dean of sIuJe" 
affairs, as director of Py^'"i^f'^ 

ment. Also, Taylor will '«f %*' 

Music Week 




Public Relations 


SMC Growth Continues; 
Higher Enrollment Seen 

New Women's Dorm Will Open in August; 
Facilities Include Intercom, Chapel, Lounges 

Men's Accommodations Increase; 
To Occupy Jones and Talge Hulls 

doubled for ncx 

.a)or prO)«I will be 
n ind rcpiir of the 
nu and shower faci 

ms on all three floofs. One 
of Ihe latest improvemcnls include? 

firmiry. There arc new floor cover- 
ings throughoat, new bathtub and 
[avatoty. and the mitilhlion of a 
:ompleie new iJehting sj^sleni. Ii 

i This room sometimes known as t 

■■56 room^' (only those who ha 

(Co;;/. 0,, page 6, col. 4) 

■ wirdrobe fo'c each gi 

book shelves, storage for bedding 
■ve the wardrobes, and a clothe 
iper beneath the lavatory. Abovi 
h chest of drawers is a cork bul 
n board where girls may pos 
irdailyschedules, notes to them 

rained faculty and hap 

recogniic that competitioi 


an isobted mail! 
additional space 

1961 SMC Returns 
From Y.I. Pen League 

Soirthetn Accant 

' ;4cc€Ht' 'i¥iU tfau iot THind 

ors and staff of chc SouTHEl 
hat the pr«enc progress of o 

er rating, not because we desire to outdo other college papers, 
but because we wish to publish a newspaper that will parallel 
our progressing campus facilities and the growing teaching 
staff, and will be representative of the high standards for 
which Southern Missionary College stands. 

This past year we have organized the Press Association 
News which has charge of the flow of news items into out of- 
fice. This organization has served well, and it is our plan to 
keep it working nest year along with ironing out its flaws and 
making improvements so that our news will be news when it 
reaches you, our readers. 

We realize that wc are the voice of SMC, its stu- 
dents, and of its Student Association. With that in mind 
we will select the news to appear in out paper. An 
endeavor will be made to have a strong free lance program 
for our paper in view of the fact that SMC has many excel- 
lent writers. Our feature program will stress stories of our 
students who have intetesting pasts and are making a name 
for themselves at SMC. Our dormitory columns wiU be pre- 
sented on a collegiate level as will the entire newspaper. In 
keeping with the newspaper style we will have sports articles 
of our active intramural program, we will have an SA column 
to keep our readers, both student and public, informed of 
the actions of the SA on our campus. 

The editorials will largely cover current controversial 
problems on our campus and some on imporrant political 
anions, Wc are endeavoring to adopt as many modern 
journalistic and photographic trends as feasible to present an 
interesting newspaper that will leave the reader more en- 
lightened after having read it. We also welcome at any time 
your letters to the editor, as these present different views on 
subjeas in question. We also anticipate a better layout of the 
paper in all technical areas, hoping to present mote interest- 
ing and attractive make-up. 

Increased circulation is our main desire for improve- 
ment. We want the Southern Union to know what is hap- 
pening at Southern Missionary College, your college, the 
South's college. Vou support us and we are preparing to 
work for you, so why not find out what is happening at your 
college, and what better way of finding out than by reading 
the college's newspaper, the Southern Accent. 

blank Into an envelope and mail if to Southern 
Accent, Collegedale. Tennessee. Have the 19il- 
1962 Accent in your home and office every two 
weeks. Get the Southern Accent now — with six 

[_City-— - __State 1 


^Shopping Center 
Coming Soon in 
SMC Future 

approved prdiminaty plms for the 
neiv Collegedale shopping cenlcr 
Tins action has been awaited with 
keen anticipation by all SMC 

prcsidenls for several years 
action not only provides tclje 


Science Has Larger Building; 
Every Department Benefits 

«hich his offered a major for the 
last \xo years only and which had 
no place in the science building 
that il could all its own, will now 

Advanced Physici Lab 
Tlie phpics depittmcnt is ac- 

>f the bdldin 
probably thought 11 

In addition, ofBces have been pro- 
vidtd in the new addition for bi- 
ology (Mr. Gnindsct). physics 
(Afr. Watt), l-^-o offi«: ' ' 

already in use, and will provi, 
preparation room which will als. 

vanced laboratory (which h^ 
icity of only nine students 

gcd greatly and a separat 
>m provided for chemin 
^nt small chemistry cl 

c. and 

ram (p, 

five), nie new shoppm, 

be located on the east side of th.^ 

new county' road across from the 

The sht>pping center will be con- 
stnictcd on the -mall- piitem with 
covered w.ilkways and beautifully- 
nrranfied shrubs, trees, and annl 

will be modern in every detail with 
double the present floor space. Thc- 

led the South well during 

I years with health foods. Now | 

■ 'Icpatlment will have 

department ctTicicntly 

ng and drying while they do tl 

SMC Student Association Objective, 
To Govern with Christian Standards 

Faculty Degrees Match 
SMC's Present Upward Trend 

reach is God's ideal for His chil 
Vtmoiphere of Knowledge 

beyond his grisp and b^>' 
family and acqiwiniai 

Religious Emphasis Included in Student 
Life as Beginning of Christian Education 

New Home Economics Quarters Are Asset 

Outdoor Recreational Area^ls 
Best of Adventist Colleges 

To Strengthen Overall Program 
Is Aim of Self-Evaluation 

progressed sicidily this yat. Many 
surveys hive been made relative lo 
every phise of the college program, 

ationship lo the to 

AcccptsbJily of the si 
students, such ai the h 

ege, faculty, 
be studied. 

The purpose of this self-analysis 

ices will be ani[)-7ed. 


is lo clarify what is being done 

ways and means lo strengthen the 
program. This study is a preview 


Southern Asscdation of Sccondflty 
Sdioob and Colleges lo take place 
in Marth, 1962. 

era Missionary College. The compc- 
tcnce of the faculty and the validity 
of the courses being offered wil 


i -^ 


iBCf. ikotc). 

' Music BuiMuni 
jgraphs a list of mi 
(Coil, on pig"