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SMC to Host GC Annual 
College Sectional Meet 

Women s Residence Hall Nearly Completed, 
To Be Ready for Occupants September 1 

THixed Sm^tC(m^ <sutd (^Ue^ 

Jioughcs running through [he minds of many pro- 
speciive SMC siudenis, when reading chis paper c '-- 
literaiure sent them by the coIlege,_may be thoughts 
with mixed emotions. 

The emotion of fear of the new experience of attending 
college may show itself in several ways. No doubt some have 
been indoctrinated for many years about the "rough" sched- 
ule in which a coUegc student is forced to involve himself— 
a schedule which is almost unbearable. True, the college ^ 
nirriculum is no "picnic,' but if 3 piciiic is what you plan 
SMC is not the place for you. But ^ 
v-ill . " 

English Handbook Is Improved 
As Geraty Heads Workshop 

college, .ncn s 


schedule is not unbearable; 

college for many years and 

can j'OM- It takes work, con- 



a desire to fit oneself for a 


world to come. Once you get 

college, study. 

its phases, becomes a chal- 
h interest and desire. 

lenge that yoi 

Perhaps you are the person who thinks he should take ' 
a year's vacation between high school and college. That J 
one-year vacation is dangerous. It may become a vacatio- 
from school forever for someone who has the capacity t 
become a model scholar. If you manage to 3 
taking a year's 

tend collegi 

:hought would be a real s 

... students w'ho have stayed out, regret die loss of tii 
;r and over again in your college experience. 

Some will ask, "Isn't going to college taking a chance?" 
Ill mnv have known some wbo have gone to college whom 

.;, but who, 

_._ ^ :. Perhaps that made you think that 

going to college is' taking a big chance. Actually it isn'* 
College will always be what you make of it, just as you ha- 
been responsible for the success in yoi- " "" "' '"' 

Maybe you have the concept of the college professo) 
as a stern, unreal master who will load^ou with unrea- 
able assignments. This is not true either. The teacher 
SMC are interested in the welfare of each student indi 
ually. They are here to help yoH fulfill your ambition. 

Then again, it may be that yours is the 
eagerness, The anticipation of attending coUegi 
up inside you that you arc about to b 
If this is how you feel now, then you 

The Student Association officers for the coming year 
each have the belief and trust that this year's student or- 
ganization will be the best ever. Plans for the school year 
have already started rolling in the interest of a close-knit, 
contented student body in league with our devoted profes- 

blank into an envelope and mail if io Southern 
, Accent. Collegedale. Tennessee. Have fhe 1961- 
I 1962 Accent in your home and office every fwo 
r weeks. Gef fhe Southern Accent now — with six 

I Nai 


th enthi 
)Si welcome 

Assisting Food 
Directors Is Aim 
Of Workshop 

MS of I 
discussions, film 

en, head of the 1 
partment of SMC 

t, SMC's food difi 

rangement. t.ost acc< 
; discussed hy t 

ffjft ^ ® 

•fir' H 

Students Study in Mexico; 
Spanish Field School Success 

'^ \ I iplul b, I 

Summer School Is Fast-paced; 
Campus Receives Face-lifting 

t Doilic Rolls Jean Schmidi 
VLrcinia SOiulcc from Soiithert 
sioaarj College Cvroljn Luc, 
» HLglihnd Acdemy Jojo 
I Johnson from '"['^^J^^';^''^^^^ 

ley wt were joined by Debbi 

ig of til 
fidsh by 

Miss Kellam 
To Teach on 
Secretarial Staff 

;nt of facully and students 
ight weeks 

was made up of teachers from the 
Southern Union coming in for "re- 
freshers" or to finish graduation 
requirements, and a sprinkling ol 

of the freshman year — such a: 
Freshman Composition. 

by a number of innovations. Th 
Spanish language tour June 4 t. 

■re July 17-28. There was no mi; 
-^"wiSi^w^^c^Thwe food servlc 

Cyril Dean 

To Join PE Staff 

In August 

of the physical education depart- 

H in September. A steady 
has been carried on by Mf. 

fie Union College, Angwin, Cali- 
3mia, in 1949. The University of 
Maryland granted him the M-Ed, 

J h P ph m 
r th Ch tt 

, d tl frst h pel 

ticn Springs, 1 
of Indiana (h 

senled b> t ff 
matin b H P 

. Douglas W II am 

(Bchl fS. l^' 
Ed cat (Behl f "^ 

Ed t CB h ! 
) P ^J'h J" 
^ Ji d C R) !— Sec d r) Ed 

1 Sahbilh School. Our 

commu nit;-'by the end of a V- 

Bernice Warner 
Is Enterprises' 
New Accountant 

m U, t b taff ece tly. 
Miss Be W ff 

CO ta has be Oil 

spicuously [iround 
opening our eyes 

Possible Delay 
Announced for 
Shopping Center 

Duld be in operation by Scpten 

to adequately s< 
:! to SMC's face.l 

New Jarrell-Ash Spectrograph 
Is Now a Reality at SMC 


r Cdligi, Collagidals. Tin 

SMC Registration Passes 700 Matk 

Fine Arts Division Will Install 
Shantz Organ in December 

Enrollment Largest in History; 
Greatest Gain in Any One Year 

You are now on the threshold of a new academic year. 
Your success depends on you and how you adjust yourself 
to the college program. 

At this college are oHered opporrunities foi 

New Teacher for 
Spalding School 

between these four 

I the social pha; 
, is to work out a balac 
n e^ual but a balance. 
lade the c 

t balai 

inly the develop! 

_. jnd left the o[hers to fit in where they 

would fall. Consequently their lopsided program did 
offer to [hem the full benefits from the college which, if they 
bad developed in all four phases, they would have otherwisi 

Freshman, don't stress only the intellectual phase anc 
leave the rest. True, you are paying for a college educatior 
but a college education includes, as stated in the hook Ediua 
tion, a harmonious development of the physical, the menca 
and the spiritual. The social seems to fall into the coUegt 
program naturally. 

If you desire development in leadership, there are man) 
opportunities for you to do such, li seems that the world i^ 
looking to the colleges for its leaders even in community 
work; your church will look to you as a leader, and othei 
people think of college people as leaders. Therefore, the 
training that is available in leadership here at SMC is quite 
valuable, and the wise will take advantage of it. There now 
is room for a warning; too much cvtra-curricular is bad and 
many times results in an embarrassing grade point average. 
Again this calls for a balance of the college program or a 
harmonious development. 

; looking for- 
rtend to each of you the 
best that this year will offer. This is your paper, and we 
welcome any letters of suggestion, complaint or praise of 
actions on the campi 


Transistor Radio Bakeries— Ham Radios Servic 


EX 6-2442 


mtoa. Jud 


Cirey, Bruce 

SchSn'" '^'*' ° 



Bcclcr, Bevctly 

^oililKK. Mwagtt 


Tmlii '^ ' ^^ 

Faculty and Staff 
Greet Students 
At First Social 

iCudenU fint in the reception line. 

Taylor and Mrs. 

Women's Residence Hall 

^O^fH' ^utct^lC Sti^^t 

berant words spofceo by Bc^'Crly 
Shicklett C'Sim") thjt expreisr- 
how ill of u. girls feel about oi 
new home. Our every need his bet 
provided for— from the bcautif. 

1 WIS so nice of Judy 
: so wc could be more 
ne, was Saturd.iy ni^ht 

that the boys arc in "aaudc" Jones 

Gulllblo Freshmen 

freshmen are mighty gullible speci- 
mens WIS readily substantiated when 
Jan Suggs reported that she saw si.t 
freshmen girls dishing frantically 
about the domi looking for an ele- 
vator. Here's some advice fresh- 
meit-Don't believe everything you 
are told. All kidding aside, were al! 
gl.d you freshmen girls are here. 
Feel free to ask for advice from 
us "oldies" concerning problems 
that are sure to arrive. We'll be 

make life interesting, but we 
not forget the unnoticed little 

'i¥€i^fi^, S^^^<^^^^ ^e^ 

Student AsjodatioQ presidt 
Response Nancy Sue Slcadman 

Special Report 
There have been quite a few 

including the new nickname 
"Cbude Jones," given by the fel- 

We do have a special report from 

by the name of John Rrid", freshly 
arrived from the wilds of Africa. 


ilege of goinT"" ^ 

whUc t 


Doug Dameron, weight 

Jones has just moved into his girl 
friend's previous room. Perhaps he 
will soak up some of the previous 

Highland Academy 
Alumni Week End 

Oct. 20-22 
All Alumni and Friends 


Student Association 

Unique Organization Serves 
Varied Student Body Needs 

IriguiDg words 
,. If these OCT 

Freshman Opines That College Is a Snap 
After Orientation and Registration Week 

To qoMo Ihn fame 
word! of Judy Hender 

looked over the program 
coming school year me 
words, "Registtation" and 



register and be oriented, 
spend the next two diys in 
bhssfulness. One could 


more wrong. _^ ^ 

ing It the unearthly hour 


iTHEBN Accent) are each rep- 

I WSMC-FM has representation 
lugh its General Manager and 
Programs Director. The profcs- 

y dub, etc.. are repiesenicd 
Dugh Ae aub OiEccrs Council 

1) mat is the SA? (2) 
who makes up the SA? 
t does it do? (4) How 

Hind that 

he primary 


develop JeadcR. H 

eed leaders 

rally enougli, leaders 


uccess has 

ts basic 

winning on 

Jiinking a 

: all neces. 

he top. A 


■"' ^ 

to hold a 

ion. (Tl 

point syste 

wr execu 

.6 for the 


SMC Temperance Society 
Rewarded for Activities 

VandeVere Returns to SMC 
After 15-Month Study Leave 


Dr. Wilbcrt M. Sdineidei 
dean of SMC; Dr. Evere 

English Dept. 
Obtains Services 
Of Ann Parrish 

Raymond Kuutti Is New 
Instructor in Strings 

ipcakcts Eider Jin 
ildVr Desmond Cum 
hccts are mating i 

of the SMC Chapter. 

Claimi Second Shield 

The SMC Temperance Sa 

claimed the shield awarded for 1 

ig the 1959-60 school term. 
Results for the iKt school yea 
■low that the SMC lempetanc 

untiog Sodety. — PAN 

, been awarded thi 
grcssive piogram. 
Each year the plaque is given H 

the SMC society has been 
Ihe plaque. ^ 

to last year's officers: John 

s expected that Elder James Scully 
)f the General Conference wiU 
nake the presenUtJon during the 
forthcoming tcmpetince workshop. 

crest of 


e booth ai 




xtendcd to 

ety. It 

s hoped 

nt wil 

be a me 

Z "to °fo 


*ed Ore 

y of } 

,tc of 
ind hold! 

t M. Mas. tJ( 

fcrsity. He has completed 

:\ graduated from Gilbert High 
in the Army Signal Corps. Upon 

r Colleg 

tended \ 
e Univers 

imber of teachers ii 

., He played viola in the 

and held 
rsity Orchcsti 

Education al SMC 

Clay, 7, and Cam, 4.— PAN 

:uutti, also holds a B. , 
1 Music Education from 


>, October 13, 1961 

SMC Alumni to Assemble 
For Annual Homecoming 

1961-62 Joker Presented 
By Hilderbrandt Today 

Camp Cumby-Gay Will Be 
Site of Theology Retreat 

they should expect t 

Voice of Prophecy to Be Here 
For Spiritual Emphasis Week 

Southern Missionary College is well known for its 
motto, "Scliool of Standards." This school stands for the 
highest objectives possible in every area of acuvi^, 

Individually, we desire to achieve the highest possibl 
grades, and, while doing this, probe deeply to the very bottom 
of our major field and learn and develop our potentials f" 
the fullest. Christian young people in school have a resp- 

standards set by the school and the church. 

It is not good enough to be satisfied with "your own 
style," just because many people like it. Most people don't 
really understand the complexity of your situation or the 
standard or goal lo which you feel you are called. Never 
allow yourself to become satisacd with the way you do thmgs 
now even though you may feel content. We must even find 
ways to improve upon our best, and if we keep trying vigor- 
ously and honestly, improvement will show itself. 

Don't ever give up. Educate yourself to other styles; 
experiment. You might come up with an idea ot slant that 
will outdo your previous style ten times. And you're just 
that much closer to God and truth. And after ail. isn't the 
pcrfeaion of heaven our real standard? If you believe that, 
don't ever be sathfted with anything ' 

/4wUd 7M<z^4^ O^Uentatcatt 

vays brings on 

Southern Missio 
;r before; this will .. _ 
require the foi 

J ivui give them more tj 

Many freshmen are away from home for the fusi 

and may feel out of place or may be confused. Sopho 

junior, or senior, if you see or meet a freshman who needs 
your help, your advice, or your encouragement, stop for a 
while and give it to him. Think back to the 

to college, and sympathize with h^.. 
rend has been, when schools get larger, that the 
on the individual decreases and the thoughts be- 
lt let our feelings toward our fellow 
e will appreciate them more if we 

Letter to the Editor 

South of the Border \^CC^' Bxt^ ^^«^ -*^ 'Swtf%' 

By George Jackson 

Highland Invites 
Hyde as Speaker 
For Prayer Week 

probably appc 

■ciak-d it more 

Bex of News 

Lost Walar 


The other night when 


fess up. Who 

into the dorm catcying 


over his shoulder som 


o drink from t 

e showers. It's 

from home,- was his 


looks guilty. 

He was seen 

us a box full of news 


Jng (?) on th 

c fountain not 

but even a card means 


Rib No Mo 

Just think, boys, no 

MV Youth Leaders Direct 
SMC's Fellowship Night 

Pood's Good Use 
The boys made good use of 

say Thanks for a wonderful pic 

^UiUon^ ^eu4. ^w««<t 

t all in our class last \ 

se>', from Columbia Union Coll 
joined our group bringing the 
number of the junior class u 
17, Glad you all chose SMC 
hope you are happy down hei 
Varied Duties 

one big family due to the fact 

floor duti'. 

New Ball Team 
Guess you all have heard ru: 

the wrong idea, they have 


Music Guild Completes Plans 
And Organization for Year 

Ringer Attends 
For Mercantile 

t food ever delicious! 
i^ral of diose girls sneak b 
jdtchen for seconds and 

Stop and Rest at 

The Oaks Motel 

e Gibson 

panied by his wife, journeyed 

after which Elder Dopp c 

d Elder Hyde.— PAN 

given by Dr. 
s'ter through 

jeep religious e:cperien« 
was offered by Mr. Case. 

Bob Delofield, pastor, and Harolc 
ndets. tTEasurer. both musi. 

Under the leadership of the offi 

c other students at SMC, 
A vote of thanks was CNtcndK 
the Cases and those, Jo Conner 
Ivia Sellers, and Sandria Keller 
ID helped serve; especially fton 
r. Lyle Hamel, Bill Kirstein, Bol 
,lton, and }^ Pti«t ^^^^^^ 
e kitchen for seconds!— PAN 

Beautiful New Famous Label Fall Merchandise 

Available *o You at Terrific Savings!! 

Southern Association Will 
Conduct Re-evaluation Study 

Freshman Class Sweeps Events 
As SA Conducts Picnic at Lake 

Roddy Winner 
pte wmnen in ftt m. 
«m the followinj, Jan the »™en;. treph, (o, I 

Fri^mm Cliu Wini 

fie Smdenl AssociaMn, prcsenlcd 

igenda wis the ptogflm for wilich 

cremonies. It coniistcd of miuita! 
lumheis ind dialogue. A iackdrop 

Jim Da™, public relit,™ 

New Physics Class Attracts 
Men from Chattanooga Firms 

SpcctroKOpj'," laught Tuesday 

ed by three employees of 
Unooga cntcrpriiM as well as 
IMC students. 

Greaf Demand 

TSMl Oiittjnooga Iibofatones 

t, and this dasi fs bring offeied 

ralories for trained pcnonnel, 
■ell as lo prepMc SMC students 
the possibility of usefulness in 

Rending the class as representa- 

be offered as a' 

photographic fillet.— PAN 

is program will be f i 
y nif;ht program v 

Students, Faculty 
See and Hear 
Army Field Band 

land, under the direction of Opt. 
rarloads of students and fatuity 

e field of clcme 


ity of Chattanooga. 
\, W. Spalding sch( 

i on network radio and 
and in i recent movie • 
^ion. that were played by 

Club Gets Set 
For Usher Duties 

Club President Norman Elliott, ' 
to provide a corps of trained p 
sonnel to usher for Friday evcm 

promote proper decorum j 
etiquette m soaal gatherings." 
The friendly, "May I show y 

Utely led to a seat by an usher 
far belter than finding one's o' 

ward Horn, head usher 

Engineer Adjusts 
Lab instrument 

engineer for Jarrell-Ash Corpora- 
ion, spent October 2-3 at the SMC 

ready been obtained from the ap- 

Zetbcrga is a native of Ut- 
e obtained almost enough 

L'entually the family move 

of the physics students who helped 
him with his work on the sp«iw 
graph.— PAN 

■Personable' t ~. 

Describes Girl 
From Hawaii 

student Asiociatio 

Students Can Easily Present 
Suggestions to SA and College 

Home Economics Students 
Enjoy Outing at Lake Ocoee 

and imporUnC 
ne of their most 
King a "buffer,- 

Wnk would 

ministration per« ! 
SPA for Sports 


ncfit to tl 

and Sabbath 
services were conducted in the 
Sajiitatium church. Several of the 
freshman students look port in tb( 

Saturday evening everyone had o 
good fime participating in the var- 
ious activities of a progressive piety. 

Sunday motninj 
'Jth thoughts of 

ived there la 

ling they all awofci 

Carey, secretary of the local A I 
chapter, spoke on temperance goa 
ind what SMC can do for the cau 
if temperance. The ^in-^S '^ 
^st'^'^wa^' presented by Ter 

Displays and Movies at Fair 
Show ATS Work of SDA's 

jiuse of lung c 

udience of 5.; 
ITie display 

was planned for the 
campers. After sun- 

Fine Arts Series Starts 
With Strings and Vocalist 

idison College. 


guest pecfotmer. 

mble selections. 

;bruiiy 25 the OiitUnooes 

ss the natiM. will present the 
. program of the year under 

s of the Md day ac- 


ae by giving them, as a g 
idged edition of Tie Cm 
:ersy. which is called tl 
pittding Conpicl. This book 
d of ten selected chaptei 

New Lab Equipment Aids 
Students in Language Skills 


otil; of Uie hoacj. 


, Ann Fold. 

, *™ L 




c came back ihcillcd 


in England, Ger 
with the United 

the day so successful." said 
tridgcs, MV leadei.— PAN I Gern 

SMC Students Accompany 
Dr. Hefferlin to Oak Ridge 

■nirec SMC physics stu 

Fulton, Thompson 
Head Nurses' Club 

en determined by ballot. 

wcnsboro, Kentucky, on May 19, 

is life. Bill attended four ywrs 
id gridtiated from the Owensboco- 
lavicss County High Schod and is 

Tlie thenronudear (Sherwood) 


y^or four years 

Julie Wak, sopho 

more, is the ne« 

though she was bo 

Julie graduated fn 

ira CoUcgedal 

Academy in 1960. 

at which these solutions are dis- 

o be in chirg 
dub was Kathy 

wotld 'attend 

Dillon. She was b 

orn on Seplem 

The meeting will lake place in 

ber 9, I9'l3, in O 

most of her life 

X-lO area The DCX-1 md DCX-2 

She attended Fores 

Lake Academy 

area will also be visited by the 

for all four of he 

academy years 

group. SMC students present will 

Kathy is in her fi 

't,,!,'^ Mis 

IVoice of Prophecy Will Start 
Field Day Total Hits «6,870; FqH Week of Prayer Tonight 
450 Solicit; 200 Give Wages 

'!^<KC cuid 'Ifowi (^P/i 

Sc<!Ue4. and "DewtUaK 

"GPA, GPA!" 

■That's almost all 1 

ve heard s 

en here. Yes, 1 s 

ppose it's imporian 

but they 

ig it aiound yo 

a burden 

carry. Actually, 

've become quite co 

ncerned a\ 

I don't get a GPA of at least l.o Im as good 

is an cxdainaiion which maj fit your f 

the present time as mid-term exams draw i 

The grade point average is important 
your success in college naturally depends 
degree. As far as worrying about getting a 
are really interested in succeeding, you wil 
it — if you persevere. 

The 1.0 GPA is actually only a "C " 
is your goal, it is a low one. 

Then again, you may be the student \ 
about the overall scholastic standing of Southern Mission- 
ary &>llege. This 1' 

to see SMC take on 

grades as do Princeton, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, 


[ly of this world, 
s is not to try to 
, rather it should be 

came dashing to- 


cd all & 

Drts of things w 

il by a doien or 

with C 

knda - 

- appendicitis, 

so saniily-clad, 

vcn dying pci 

barefooted girls. 

sly ir 


a?" she bursi 

life, she jumped 


S upo 

n hearing Gler 


I know 1 pron 

is only pari 
to come. 
highest gra 

This does not, howev 
ers. Those of the not sc 

Nevertheless, whatever your intelligence is, you still 
have the ever-present GPA nudging you on. This GPA " 
an important factor in your college life, so accept it 
such and make it the best you can. 

You are one of 746 students registered 
The college is made up of each of us. What we are is what 
SMC will be. If we want SMC on a high scholastic standing, 
" " ards that end will 

The Student Assodation this yi 
lastic phase of college life and is e 
student reach his ideal and make it a 
complrshed, the scholastic standing ' 


'■' — Ji^;:5^:-?.--~- 


John Br.ii. Jud, Cuty.'Bmce F^ctnun 
Kichud ^^i^tlD, GtocKC jHkson 


B^A.^^: ju 


■ Dime Tennanl. Gillictl BumhiiD. Mjti- 


' m™W 


~— -'^2S 



" ~~9F VtT' 

StuJent Association 

To Change or Not to Change 
SMC's IZ-Year-Old Name? 

age Talge fe 
wTc^'consTder Bill Tyndall as 

Dedicated Reporiers 

companied Bill ind company (un- 
known to them) into town. BiU'; 
fint stop was at Braincrd Villagt 
(it's always fun to wlndowshop) 

who began flashing cameras and 

the press, but due to lack of space 

reportets at this time. Then Bill got 

John Siemens Wins First 
In Sculpture at Art Exhibit 

itt while taking 

raty or free fotn 
exhibit, it has 

ibits annually in 
ited his work of 

IS placed him 

the outstanding shiden 
m Missionary College. Atier graa- 

nistet's degree at Walla Walla 
:ollegc, Walla WaUa, Washington 

1 _ "expressed opinion" one 

sad with it, many leaders us. 
iproich drenched with diplo 

adership skilh and qualities 

Complete Concept 
t in most every leadei-s ey 

;pt of the issue and the prot 
.„._ jDtails knowledge of both sid. 
of the stoiy, and extensive tbougl 

t\g that the reader ful 

'A' and ^B' Leagues Formed 
For Intramural Flagball Play 

Day, 1 am proud to have people i 

Thirdly, my class standing as a 
ardcst for many to understand. 

: suddenly 

i-ouldn-t feel slightly severed fror 
1 traditional, meaningful and love 


Beautiful New Famous Label Fall Merchandise 

Available to You at Terrific S" ^--" 

^rctal students have felt that 
ord ■■missionary" in our nam 


ive empithy with ihem— feel 

ings t 

scholarly, collegiate education. In 

and as part of the steps in getting 
jc*, we naturally would like to 
ifluence the employer ^^-ilh a 
jghly accepted and well-known 
allege name, meaning the mflu- 
nce of thought dut_goes 

Duke, Noith 

r Collei 

lege is a Jt^r/id^d to live by. 
[lege" can get you a lot farther 

ResuWi of Conformity 

f we con/orm to the trends of 

world educationally, we ate 

ng to be diluted— as a collegt, 

.. a religion. We are to dilute the 

world, educationally and spiritually. 

Club Formed in [p^jjay Njght Seitilnars Serve 


To Be Separate 


1 Purpose 

Scpiember 29, 1961, the Com- 


Jassmen theology student; 

modcm language and English 


ilc speaking before a cross 


day ni^ 

t seminar. Folding chair 

Mr. Don West's Work Deals 
With Sensitive Nerve-Money 

y to sell or you are 

,t BesJty." Just try to 

by Atlcnc. Mr Wests dew 
voice assisted in ushering ii 

Sabbath hours. Mr. West, v, 

perhaps a failh -developing wail 

pet peeves, so we won't, Mr. > 
says (here is nothing so wondi 
as a student, or otherwise, 
dc«i what he sap he will. 

the SMC tradition of Southern 

Future Teachers 
To Hear Carrigon 
Of National Group 

:xperience speaking before 

JentsT«Ty lives.'' 
Although many of these ; 


egedale, they say that sf 

Hulsey/ Mckee Are Elected 
At Annual Alumni Meeting 

Cilliam J. Hulsey, 
ary from Cyprus, wa 

MV Visitation 
Program Reveals 
First Figures 

Music Faculty 
Makes Plans 
For Concert 

Alumni Conduch 

TTie Obcmaele division Sabb^ 

School was conducted entirely by 

Bowen w« the superintendent ir 
charge and Dr. George Tolhurst 

held Sabbath a/letnoon in the Lynn 
Wood Hall Chapel with locai fcilent 
participating. The Fine Arts Di- 

i director of Alumni relation 
The week end dosed by a 

ration service for the chapel 

re as follows; Prelude, A 
ibel Wood, issodale professoi 
uic at SMC; remarks ind ini 

JoAnn Sdiulcr. president of dor 
tory women's club, Sigma T? 

■; by daf 

issoc Lyie Hamel; 
ent of SMCs Boar. 

U and where he needs i 


_ __ s activity h 



eadenhip, (2) the stu- 

life, and they observe their 
students in the role they 
; filling upon completion of 

Religious Emphasis 

(CcnimueJ fro,^ p. 1. tcl. 4) 

Dr. Booth Will Give Lyceum 1^^^^^ ~ 

On Guatemala, Land of Mayal Who's Who Taps Nine 

On Basis of Leadership 

tolor bv 
Jndians F 
motion [ h 

picites' hjdcouu, unchanged foi 

Ftidiy Evaning Ptogram 
Erncit Booth, who his his head 

will also be eonducting (he Frida> 
night rehgious ptogram on Novem. 

Women Plan 
Open House 
And Reception 


the planning for this ev, 
JoAnn Sehnlcr, ptesident , 

eampus will be here for th 

Physics Research Project 
Will Get Rocket Engme 

^ Md attcndt 
r field is food; 

of the Men's Clufa; president 
urer of h.i junior and sopho- 

.t cl»ss, a Pathfinder com 
II Mundy was bom in J 

To Se <* "^tUneC 

a cocklebut needs 

1 friend to whom it may cling, do you thinlt 
that you, with all your possibilities, your intelligence, youi 
good sense of huoiot, your virtues, and attractive powers 
need ever be without a friend to whom you may hold fast; 

Friends? Why, the campus is full of friends, helpful 
people, loving people, kindly people, all waiting for yoi 
to readi out and take hold of their all-enduring friendship 
You must reach out, you must take the first step. Emerson 
said, "The only way to have a friend is to be one." To be a 
friend is one of the noblest and most dilTicult undertakings. 

Friendship depends not upon fancies and sentiments of 
the moment, but upon character. True friendship is abiding. 
Like character, it suffereth long and is kind. It cndureth all 
things, a shining jewel through the darkest days. That 
miserable grouch who believes that only he who has a doUai 
has a friend deserves neither the dollar nor the friend. Foi 
friendship is measured neither in dollars or cents. It is meas- 
ured in the closeness, the sympathy, the loyalty with which 
it clings. 

We have here at SMC the opportunity of a lifetime, 
The opportunity for treasure far greater than silver or gold. 
We have the treasure of genuine friendships. Which brings 
us to the question: Are you, and am I, the kind of fi' 


^atu^te ^&uu^ ^itt&t 

for another winter, human beings are more inclined to be 
careless in their deposit of gum wrappers, napkins, and 
other such wastes with the rationalization that it will be lost 
among the fallen leaves. 

These fallen leaves may seem to be "a mess," but just 
look closely and meditate on the beauty and wonders of 
nature. Look at the multi-colors, the slowly dominating 
brown of tlie leaves. How thrilling it is to see nature in her 
work, beautifying, preparing, providing! It's all so refreshing 
as you walk down the sidewalk, down the stairs, to the dorm, 
or to a class, walking to the dining hall in the loveliness of 
autumn. Don't ruin it all with the scar of a wrinkled up old 
wrapper or napkin. 

Southern Missionary College has a beautiful campus, and 
it's continually getting better with the improvements. Let's 
not unbalance its beauty by littering up the campus. 



u '^'^|^;j;5';,'j"yj°;;||';;" Mi..«.R.n' caii.9. 



Perry. Ri'chjid ^U^; GreJfic J^dSSI 




Ediloiiil AH-i^nr Tt^x'^i'^ 

Hevrs Notes 

stag Shop 

Ushers Club 
Holds Party 
At Rees Home 

Each member entered into 1 
games. Refreshments of hot cht> 
late and doughnuts were ser%-ed 
the close of the party. 

Partial Slates 
Are Elected 
At Club Meets 

avid Mullinax; sec.-trcas,, 
oise; sponsor, Dr. Clfde 

R,/lei«: CM 

Horn; sponsor. Dr. John 

Women'! Residencs Hal 

V "^Oi^ a P%Mmt ...' 

tny them. 
ve asked thi 
Kident of tlv 


^ralely covcr«l. My t«Mh are 
ilightly crossed, and my hiir 

No Father's Room 
{ into our lobby this wee 

Iright and early one morn 
cafeteria— alone. Mildly : 

ctfully suggests to me that the 
■ice of this or that article should 

«n though I try teal hird some- 
Tics, I can't quite see her reason- 
g. But at least she is trying, and 

guilty f.ues of Nincy Rei 
Mary Deakins, and the my; 
solved. Kind of rushing Hall 
weren't you, girls? 

Music a Capella 

-Music of Angels- is he 

heard it described. Yes, eve 

day night after the lights a 

beautiful music sung a cape 

link of an ending for this col 
D I guess this one will go dov 

'^acatCattitU' ^it^ ^o^im 

lans for Thanksgiv 

Mad Bambor 

s had its "mad bomber." 
hcse has now turned up in 
Jl. Pear has swept the halls 

pioding into great clouds of con- 
fetti that covet the rooms and do 
harm other than necessitating a 
rough dcan-up. It has been m- 

up a few rooms. 

Marshmflllovv Roatis 

the fire is. Last Sunday, 
heard this not so famil 
concerning the bmsh fi 
then burning. "How n 

Talqe Hall 

Sleuth Solve ^^!we 

ATS Announces 
Jingle Contest 
For November 

' floor ind i 
entered the office. 

Bob Mutphy took i trip 
weekend, and, when he ca 
to Tilge, he brought sttjng 
with him. He hid in his 

suit (both designed for tht 

hied time getting to sleep at 

friend sent George a ■Teddy 

so now at bedtime Gcady simply 

Hale and David Fogg 
proud owners of two 

Music Faculty Members Give 
Solo and Ensemble Concert 


0MJ& "il^owyu Titvii^ 

President— Betty Din from Otai 

Secrctar)' — Gladys Beagle 
Historian— Virginia Caldwell 

ion exccptionilly enj 

'endleton and Sylvia 
Car Wad 

ire to be used to help send oi 

ielegates to Jacksonville. 

Freshman Nursing Students 

About nine o'dod: October 

the ole* bus from SMC omc tollir 

tolled off. We really enjoyed ha 
to come back soon. Sorry it raini 

t aJl the E^t peopli 

Mis. May Sue's son j 

St got mar 

d off that assembly line, 
single spot of dirt could 

the 'new addition to y 
I really must study i 

uc family 

proximately $50 was made 
special word of thanks to 

pcct to hear "Pomp a 
stance." So long for 

■mble and sol 
:teiition of I 

■ogethcr t 


Dempsey's Team Still Leads; 
Flagball Starts Fourth Week 


;rn songs by English and 

tmg organ arrangements. Mr. L, 

■ the Fine Arts Department. 
A viola concerto by the early II 

Lyle Hamel played two pieces by 

a Mabel Wood played the 

by a commit 

(men) by 

Begley's boj-i 
. Steve Hickol 

game scheduled for October 22- 
King vs. Dempsey — was postpone 

won a decisive victory behind ' 
fine passing of Dempsey. All W 
TD's were scored on passes. 

surprisingly caught die 

^M^ ^i^Wertf 

■ your quality cordage for the receptioi 
David Rouse or LaVoy Garner 
assured of gatting a quality "l-Ba's Cort, 

Gene's Auto Service 


Schroeder's Garden Center 

p.,. 4 


Schubert, Noted Evangelist; 

To Offer Courses 
In Astrophysics 

The SMC Phpics Depitment is 
offering a sophomore course in As- 

Speaks at Theology Retreat 

Elder Walter Schubert, head of 

and the Vespers devohonal Saturday 

H. M. S. Richards Comes 

trophysics during the second semes- 

General Conference, was in charge 

■Lord's Prayer" and one on "How 

From Long Line of Ministers 

atomic processes whidi result in the 

of October 20 through 22. 

Reach Decisions.' '-PAN 


Cmida. He set up what is thoughi 

he absorption, scattering, or propa- 

Park in Georgia. Approximately 70 

Students 'React' 


n Visalia, California, and until 

gation of the light. Several j^cars' 
»llection of lecture presentations. 

indents of the Theology Division 

To This Week's 

^E" ^^1 

938 he was engaged_ in fdl-time 
ornia. He has held campaigns since 

diagrams, and problems have result- 
ed in covering, on the sophomore 
level, large areas of a subject which 

rcat along with two of the religion 
acuity members. 


^^^^U "Jj^^^^l 

that time in most of the major cib'es 

s usually reserved for the graduate 

eelist for the General Conference 

here that is near and dear to us 


Sfart in Radio 
His first radio program was 

school level. The course is in addi- 
in only a few places, at whatever 

n Washington, D. C He just re- 
cently returned from Dublin, Irc- 


ic also started his regular radio 

level taught. ^.^^^.^^^^^^^ 
research project adds stimulus to 

cvangelislic effort. 

someone right before they were 


program over a station in Los 
Angeles. He later called this pro- 
gram, "The Voice of Propheq-." 

students in the Astrophysics course. 

efforts all over the world. He i; 
especially interested in areas that 

Einstein abilities. Our little minds 
are bubbling over with knowledge. 


About this same lime, Dr. Fuller 
started his famous radio scries as 

almost anything happening in the 
universe can be reduced to the 

arc dominated by Catholics, Elder 


did the Lutheran ChuKh. 

work among the Otholics and has 


TTte Voice of Prophecy, by 1937, 

tton of some sort of wave- particles. 

amen? (Small world, isn't it!) 

Such fundamental grasps of the 


carried a daily program. The sta- 

physics of the universe — whether 

Seventh-day Advcntist faith. He 
did this work for 30 years in South 

an toll 'down 'toon™, ''"LS'" 

conducted the Ti-eek of Spiritual 

encourage the student to a rc-ap- 

Eaiphaiis at Southern Missionary 

were 38. 

praisal of his place in the picture, 

The first meeting of the retreat 

that after Dr. Clark's 200 point 

College, comes from i long line 

and to an appreciation for the char- 

was the Friday evening service. 

Then the General Conference of 

acter of God who organized such 

Elder Schubert also gave the 11 

him dead. Giny Fowler believes 

His grandfather, i Methodist 

Seventh-day AdventisB approved 

o'clock ser^'ice on Sabbath mornmg 

they're an unnecessary evil. Another 

SvenfdaT Advem!« ''^ni«e' 

shortly aflet their regional altempls. 
the General Conference asked Elder 

Far East Color Pictures 

one of our budding geniuses, Mike 
aark. sap that he is going to shidy 
all night and sleep during the tests. 

was an itinerant evangelist, setting 
up tents and holding evangelistic 

Richards to service a national pro- 
gram. On January 4. 1942. the 
Voice of Prophecy went on Mutual 

First for Foreign Legion 

When Judy Cajey was asked what 
she thought about mid-term exams. 

'^n°^ inter>iew. Elder Richards 
diKusscd freely his career and tspe- 

Broadcasting Company 5tations as a 
pcrminent, regular program. B) 
19^8 the group was being heard 

At 6:45 on the evening of Oc- 
tober 20 the first meeting of the 
Christ's Foreign Legion of the 

war*offr!irmirsiontem'cr" "" 

doesn't think anything about them; 

L-lilly hii «ock is a pioneer in radio 

over the American Broadcasting 

1961-62 academic year began with 

dent of the Christ's Foreign Legion 

t thc^e' for 9"w"eeks when she 

Company, The first budget was 

plans are being laid for definite 


S85,000 and the cunenl budget is 

the Far East, shown and narrated by 

bT'h TncThard^'time of it now 

City, Iowa, on October 2B. 189^. 
He attended high school at Cam- 

Office Class 

TTirough the avenue of photo- 
graphic color slides, the audience 

mission fields. Elder Dunbar of the 
General Conference plans to be here 


where his father was vice presideni 

Visif s Stores 

thrash" the ro'Untr^ 'S'KoreaTnd 

senting a colorful mission pagean 

She just kept looking at a watch 
on her right arm! 

Before you sink completely under 
the mire of books, here is one last 

Seventh- day Adventisls. 

In Chattanooga 

the Oriental ciries of Hong Kong 
Bangkok, and Singapore with the 
splendor of their native dress, cus- 

in conjunction with the MV Sodetj 
here at the college. Also plans arc in 
the making for a program wherdjy 

money to start the academy for the 

(ice Management, led by their teach 

toms and religious feasts and rituals. 

hope: if we ignore cxaras, maybe 

dL^minatiM in ^Co^oja o._^ 1910 

The group first visited Coope 
Office Etjuipmenl Store in Chatta 

may become personally acquainted 

they'll disappear.— FE A 

He then attended Washington 
Missionary College, Washinglon 

300 Students Consult VOP 

college in 1919. He worked most o 
his way through college and was 

nooga. The class worked on the 
problem of selecting furnishings for 
the typically modem office. 

tion of Buddha's birthday. 

Members of the Hindu culture 

For Spiritual Counsel, Help 


d '!''L-f*''''1rArrid'e'l h^^ranre 

me'of "Depavola,^ walking across 

Approximately three hundret 

The advice given was spiritual. 

students sought counsel of mem 

Many problems can be solved m a 

degree wis conferred upon him b 

nooga. Mr, Hicks, the systems and 

feet. The last one of mention, an- 

bers of the Voice of Prophecy team 

spiritual manner; therefore, the an- 

methods manager, guided the class 

^''nlTr RS^d^'car''ee"^''a mtJ 

on a tour through the building 

depictcd them piercing their bodies 

Del Delker and the members o 

Among the many problems dis- 

pointing out Ac Sow of work ani 

layout of the offices. 

night after the meetings, whereas 

work and how to bring friends to 

The students in the class enjoyed 

Elder H. M. S. Richards held hi 


inform the students of the realm 

counseling in the afternoon. 

Choosing a life work is between 

Church, Washington. D. C. am 

it, reports Professor Read- 

of mission service. TTie meetings arc 

"It (the counseling) helped me 

God and you. You need much 

planned to put emphasis on the 

prayer and the help of your coun- 

work in and whether or not to stay 

lism. moving to Olifomia fron 

1:50 p,M,-PAN 

disappointments and the glamour 

in college." stated a freshman". 

make such an important dctisian 

Kennedy Directs 
Of SMC Program 

sirof'facult)- 1 

: already in tlic 

'iluation of tl 
is type arc 
atdy every tt 

operation will be obta 
:oncuLnlly witi ' 

1 stud J-, and should it lead 
to the desired accreditation, 
would mean that SMC's teachi 

Bushnell. Chair- 
overall Steering 

'Scatterpillars' Litter Campus; 
Senate Votes to Disband COC 

Harriet Stamper Reveals 
Life of an Academy Dean 

;k ushered in a dre 

Thurber, SMC Graduate/ 
Newest Member of VOP 

i words and 

ncident and tl 

et explained some of die roles. 
Lights 30 out promptly at 9:30 

poinfuUy revealed to them tl 
perhaps she OTuld just manage to 

nd have relayttl their observations 
han pliin, old sloppincss, Synon- 
haracteristic nouns: littcrhugs, 

:ral paragraphs on this subject since 

[ must admit diat I get Srcd of 
speaking to certain peanut bag 

■Janitors get paid to clean it up.' 
Jack in academy or high schoo 
his mighl have been intelligen 
casoning, or maybe we can over 
00k it as an inferiority complex 

ninds of students who saw yoi 

Natural Dea 

COC. becoming 

ts. But dot 
o would 1; 

mentio;itd that the COC secretary 
dependent on the COC, there might 

skills and therefore no '■semesi 
iry here, and although t' 

md is led by the COC p 
Marvin Elliott. Both the C< 
idcnt and his secretary ac 



Collegedale Cabinets. Inc. 

SDA Church Body Takes 
Action on Fallout Shelters 

of nahinl or nuclear disastet w-erc 
wnsidcicd by offidat action of Ihc 
denomination-! annual council which 

tions made by President Kcnnedj- 

cemed with Civil Defense. Advent- 
iw delegates from eveiy state voted 

Juildings to be erected by tt 

fire. wind, and nuclear blast. 
Falloid' Shehen 
ew buildings shall provide 

i:ndcd acti 

SMC Graduates 
Report Fighting 
In Mission Area 

College, : 

lere was only spasmodic fighting 

Christ-Centered Speaking and 
Singing Mark Fall Prayer Week 

stitutional personnel are 

itcrgency continuity in I( 
haU be planned, 
ovision shall be made 

embers shaU be cncoura. 

Thomas Brockman Next Artist 
For Fine Arts Series Sunday 

mdent of the 
; Philadelphia 

ess and public alike 

and, Italy, Scandina' 

■lilan 10 Stockholu 

dist University As part of i 
i^sjt to this campus, he plans to cc 

Iso play informally for students, 

sion pro, 


Open Bible- and Miss Dell: 

r "In 

he discourse entitled "The 

God Forgot," Miss Delker 


■Justified." Elder Richards w 

o explain that when Got 


God forgot is the man of s 


tian experiences the new birti 


quartet closed by singing "1 


Your Sins Be as Scarlet.'' 

Elder Richards explained 


tions This vras a personal 


sion of faith by Eldet Rtchari 



We Sing" by the King's H 


Quartet, "Prayer to Jesus," 


ove' of God." 


WSMC-FM Starts Tests 
To Prepare for Broadcasts 

tion f«mit granted by the Federa 

Edu««onsl SM 

s wiU be carried on f 
Kks intennittcntly t 
hours of 5 and 9 f. 

Parties Planned 
For staff Homes 

students and faculty membeis wi 

'Old South' Theme Depicted 
At Reception Held Last Evening 

night, L 

Thcta Chi entertame 

UpsNon Delti Phi 

md ribbons 

'Visits' to Other Lands Will 
Highlight Band Concert 

Frai^ PalmD^'will play "Grand, 
hcr-s Drum." on the snare dninu 

LTches arc to be plij-ed durinj 

1 and crackers was 
; of the evenii 
„ WIS depicted ii 

Kopitzke, Randolph Elected 



f J 


ors met Oct 

ober 27 an 



Khwl '"'^r 




pitzke was elected pre 



re preside 


d Bob Stnikoff. 

Bruce Ko 

il2ke. a b 



off":"= !=° 




ment Comr 

aittee of 

the Student] 


heolosy, a 

the men' 



]udy tdv 

ards, a m. 

jor m 



as served 

as vice 


ajoiing in ma 

f the O 


War was pteseaied 

n the dra 


ugh the window at 


CT '^Z 'T^e'"«or^ 

old of Ih 

e faithfulness of an old 

Nefiro sla 


hiding her maitecs 
erman and his men, 
to disclose the hid- 

ng place 


^S,. Ue part of the 


ed by Gloria Fogg. 



all joined 

aging Dixie. 


Theta Chi 




airman: Open House 

Betty Jan 

ail; Food-Carolyn 

grams— Sandra Elli- 

Hid Mrs 


Watro-s helped pre- 



3,attanooga. program 
ohn Schmidt, food 


In the year 1621, the ^ — o 1 

at Plymouth, Massachusetts, they were lifted of their great 
suffering and starvation for the first time since they had 
landed at Plymouth, and good ciops had been hanested 
during the year. 

With thankfulness in their hearts and souls, they decided 
to set a time aside, being a religious group, to give thanks 
to God for His blessings of die past year. The feast and 
thanksgiving lasted for three days. 

Since then, leading men of our country have set days 
ional thanksgiving days, but these days *--'" '-""'^ 

^la. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln made a 
procl^ation that each year die fourth Thursday in Novem- 
ber would be observed as National Thanksgiving Day in 
concession to the plea of Sara Josepha Hale, editor of 
Godefs Lady's Book, for a specific day each year. 

Men have been observing Thanksgiving Day on the 
fourth Thursday of November since that time. It is a time 
set aside for feasting on the successes of the past year, and 
especially as a time of giving thanks lo the Almighty God 
who gives us these temporal pleasures. 

We are approaching this Thanksgiving Day. Let us not 
forget the origin of this day and its original purpose- 

Thanks to Gi 

temperate anc 
may prosper : 


ZuatUcf ^n^^^iam^ 

"Hey Bob, what's the program for Saturday night? 
. . "Oh, No! not that. Sounds crummy to me. And it's 
losed night, too. I suppose I'll stay in my room and study 

There are two ways 

One, Bob 

school who doesn't know what is 

for him. Two, that the quality of thi 

Letters . . • 

(SMC's idmimstration his i 
; collegc.-Erf/Vor) 

Keep the Name! 

Dcir Editor; 

by out student body president f< 
/eeks ago, f did not rnilK U 

hanging '•>= """■■■ "f """^ «'"'' 

an thit we should retain the pi 
nt name of our college, unus 
^ough it m.iy be. neti among S 
nth-day Adventiit icistitutions 
ighcr learning. My acquaintai 

lit the name oF this college i: 
Durcc of interest and profitable e, 

unit^ue purpose for ^'"'"S: 

Hold Fasi! 

,am« (even to mj- favorite p 
Kli«l) I ^U rather dreading 

,f°P«yer any moii'Tomrplace 

such that it would be a waste of rime for Bob to attend 
St situation exists, by all means Bob should he 
at least putting in a physical appearance in hopes 
absorb something worthwhile. 

s realized that the 
ive very limited 
1 this campus n 
ucacion. But it 

; their disposal, and that stu- 
onscrvative on this phase of 
writer's opinion that neither 
Its for the disgruntled 

of these reasons wholly 

tudes toward Saturday night entertainments on the SMC 
campus. There ate some very fine programs, in the writer's 
opinion, that are free, or ar least very inexpensive to the 
student. To these, namely the SMC Fine Arts Series, only a 
small fraction of the student body bother to show themselves. 
Often one is heard complaining about this school being 
"in the sricks," It is the writer's opinion that physical loca- 
tion has little or nothing to do with this, but that the tastes, 
attitudes and goals of the students ate the determing faaots. 
If the students themselves would support the better enter- 
tainments which are available here and voice their opinions 
in the form of suggestive improvements, our level of Satur- 
day nighr programs would be consistently high. HS 


P.U,...., Th. ^^,,.^^^^^...^.^.^^ M,..o..^ C, 


SC. ^L°L;^ 


Nm AtlL°L,i 

I! M.llm„ 

'nmn t" 



Ph k 

P,=. A>>«b,b„ N^ 



*"" »». ^^ t™™ 

Edilofii] Advuor 

Wiiiiun H T 

n made in our dorm the past 

bshed expressly fo 

;n I fint heard of all out 
hinging, I began wondering 
what I'd like next-best to be called. 

a new name for the denomination? 

mending your stand, and that op- 
posers of "holding that fist which 
- ■ asf will see defeat. 

Very sincerely yours, 
Mn. ]. Floyd Vogt. Jr. 

A Name to Live Up +o 

Women's Residence Hall 

ipplc dder topf 

ippredate the Rccs" kind hospitality. 

Talge Hall 

7* ^fM, Ofid p4ti "W&t "VeofU 

Bv lOHN Bevis 
;ks be/or. 

her piggy bank). 

" ■ 'o exprc 

I for ■ 
; also enjoyed 
ough the lovely new dom 
s nice to see how the more i 
5ed live. The meal was exec 
1 the program very enlertiic 
c appreciate all of the hard i 

Piggy Bank 

The beauty of the sparklers and 

songs were so inspiring that some 

this is revealed in tl 

wve left will alw 
to live up to ^ 

fattening butter) instead she plans 
other desserts. Judy and the success 

fectivc in one ■ 

; perpcwally pressed for 

November 20. 1961 

Soutiiom Accent 

P.g. 3 


Business Club 
Sponsors Meet 



At Luncheon 


^^^^^H|:: --"IH^^IH 



HH^^' ^^VHi 


^ .ji^Il 

^^^^ : , ■!■ 


^^ V \ ^^^ 

ifcb. -^^- j4 .^^ip 

to Bay J Car." 

tfBf \i -' .- 

»■— :,.^ ^..::-7;n"a:ec^po.ran";.| 

1^. X^; ■ If 



i..Hifl\s:''..™,.rb1:it.';r,E;;st.c"- '■ "■■""'' •"' ''" " 

Violet Molnar's Faith Prevails 

Miss Parrish Enjoys 


Over Hungary's Iron Curtain 

Travel & L 


main- public relations secretarj- — 



Re^d"-PA^'"' " 

Russian soldiers demanded the 
dentificalion papers of the young. 

woman's family was extremely 

°" £i mof ii^n^? 

usually for the insight into per- 

7 SMC Grads 

frightened girl with dark hair and 

E: ae™mbLmd'tow*e^ 

rienc^Oian l!"'^ '" ' 

Along the culinary line she finds 

Take Work 

jy herself, unable to ansv,-er why 

Strange she had felt when this 

such IS these the ceportet always 

a fascination for foreign exotic 
dishes, but also likes "just plain 

At Andrews 

Uere she was"going. Her fervent 

prayer. At first she had not been 

seems to get the most basic points 


Seven graduates of Southern 

slowly started moving and the 

food and yet her friend was thank- 

of her life twisted — even at a simple 
party introduction. It is understand- 

Prefers Small Class 

Missionary College have registered 

nln '^f ^ ^'a'i'^t^ce'^'of'^Se 

able how one could do this, not 

kind of dasses she likes to teacl 

of Andrews University, Berrien 


Seventh-day Advenrist truth. 

because her life is mixed-up, but 
because she his lived so many places 

or not I should reveal the results 

Springs, Michigan. These students 
are a part of a group of 23J gtad- 
uate students in attendance at the 

Memories of her life flashed, one 
after another, through her mind as 

difficult. Violent opposirion had 


for her favorites arc the most scarce 

University during the autumn se- 

she traveled toward a hoped-for 

objected so much that they burned 

Return to AUC 

her boss would not give her Sabbath 

family moved from California to 

with a great deal of student interes 

addition to the representatives of 

Roman Qtholic family in Buda- 

Massachusetts and back to Call- 

our North American colleges, there 

pest, the rich caprial of Hungary 


are 16 graduates from nine of our 

Throughout her childhood, she had 

Its own. 

they left, she promised herself to 

Having worked for her, I fee 

overseas colleges and 32 graduates 

been taught obedience to her par 

return to Atlantic Union College 

that I could tell you some thing 

to complete her education. This she 

tion about herself tn an interview 

universities, both in North America 

While working as a salesgirl in 
a dairy product store, she had met 

Feeling a sense of need, and nol 
knowing what was right, she had 

b'a. degree a^d^a'^mlj'orln English'! 

kind and has an intriguing per 

Among the 135 students who 
are enrolled in the Seventh-day Ad- 

a young Seventh -day Adventis 

turned to her priest to conJ=ss^h« 

Her first preparation in college 

was in elementary education, but as 


ventist Theological Seminary are 

College Editors 

^o^** AftcTshe' haT'confcss^ 

she was working for the English 
professor and taking some litcra- 

Dr. Booth's Film 

sionaty College, two of whom are 

To Convene 

Sut'tnoScr Si^ioTlleia'Trt^ 

Enjoys Poetry 
After completion of college, she 

Features Mayans 

lyceum program, "Guatemala, Lan 
of the Maya," Saturday night, N& 

planning on completing their re> 
quiremcnts for the Bachelor of Di- 
vinity degree, a three-year course 
of ministerial training offered by 
the seminary. They are Douglas 
Bermett, clai of 1951; and Fred 

For S-Day Meet 

national Affairs Conference fo 
CoUege Editors, announced Mrs 

plied, "This is the bi^est sin ol 

go to another church or you wiU 
never get to heaven." 

versity of Arkansas it Fayetteville 

vcmbcr 11, in die college taber 

erick Vcltman, Class of 1951 

Ruth Hagy Bmd, chairman of Ih 

An October evening in 1956 


Those working toward the Master 

found her caught up in the mob 

The 90-rainute picture, filmed i 

of Arts degree are: Quinton Burks 

Youth and Shident Activities, and 

of 1.500,000 young people who 

in Freshman Composition. Besides 

color by Dr. Booth, showed th 

class of 19fil; Donald Clark, das 

Paul Potter, National Affairs Vice 

were revolting against the Com 

country of Guatemala, from th 

of 1961; Clifton Davis, class o 

raunist regime in their country 

coastal lowlands and steaming jun 

1961; John Marshall, class of 1961 

National Student Assodation. 

Blood flowed freely for the ause 

Walla Walla Collene Academy nnd 

gles to the high mountains of th 

and Wilfred Rcyna, class of I960 

Tlie three-day conference will be 

of freedom. She could still remem 

interior. Especially featured wen 

In addition there are 98 student 

held February 9-12, 1962, and i 

ber the horror of seeing hundreds 

registered in the School of Grad 

expected to draw more than 20 

of her friends kiUcd. After one 

colorful Indians with their famou 

college editors to the OPC head 

"Black Christ" and primitive musi 

Forecasts indicate a growing de 

cially tfie modern poets such^ 

Dr. Booth, who has his head 

mand for ministers and othe 

A special feature of the confer 

leaving her homeland and al 

denominational workers. Andrew 

cnce is the presentarion of aware 

her loved ones behind, she had se 

who are amonc her favorites As a 

also conducted the Friday nigh 

University is dedicated to the tas 

for the best coverage of foreig 

out for freedom with several young 

of endeavoring to meet this need 

news by dailies and non-dailies, an 

friends, only to lose them in the 

affairs or foreign news in the da'l 

mob of soldiers. She now found 

herself with only God as her com 

Thanksgiving Day Only 3 to 8 P.M. Speeiat 20% off. 

and non-daily. Besides cash prizes 


to^.Tc'^t'^ meet'pres°ident Johr 

After miraculously crossing the 


Financial support for the confer 
ence is provided by Reader's Digej 
Scholarships, covering housing an 

finally reached the refugee camp in 

part of the expenses of travel t 
the conference, will be provided fo 

Sed'sS^ th^o" gh^lT'effL'Sf 



able to You at Terrific Savings!! 




later baptized her. It "X'as a dream 

Polly Bergen Susan Thomas Leslie Palmer Hope Reed 
Leslie Fay Jonathan Logan Tenna Paige Jerry S.iden 



Our Ct<.,h» '^^'^'^^'\'^^o^;'^Xoo%^^h'^P^ ""^ 


as a shideni on this ampus. Truly 

Pbono EX 6.3J7! 

she is a Uving example of God's 
.^eanJorrc ., 

saw i» Hlgh.oy Seamless Mesh Hose 59* 

Sophomores Elect Rouse/ Scoff 

New Commission 
Chooses Dr. Rees 
As a Member 

Dt. C. N. Roe, prcsideol of 
Southern Missionaiy College, Col- 
Icgcdalc, Tennessee, has been ap- 

Confcrefltt of Seventh-day Ad- 
graduate educaHon for the denonii- 



follows: Eldc 

Business Club and Miller's 
To Show Holiday Fashions 

be presented on Wedntsday, E 
L>-nn Wood Hall Chapel by t 

ectioa wiU be modeled. F 
int tin«; on SMCs ompus, 
Jotfics will also be featured, TTiesc 
will come from Millet Bi 

SMC Plans Teacher Exam 
For Interested Applicants 

Completed applicatio 
will be accepted by tl 

prices ate with the corapliraents ol 

Numbers Catches 
Author's Mistalces 

ailed self-absorptior 
e^ersal. In the ptoce- 
ng quantities Ih. 

acknowledged the typo- 

World Trip With Santa 
Is Theme of SA Program 

or the -wonderf " 
and liberality 

dividual! s»« ^^ that i 
gaaizations, including ma 

Finally, "right bick wl 

reeling the sound and lighting will 
be Nolan Darnell, Eugene Brewer 
and Dana Ullolh. 

Loma Linda Therapist 
Attends Detroit Meeting 

Dnal Therapy As5odation will be 

hich is designed to bring up-to- 
le-minute rehabilitation informa- 
sn to the more than 6000 tegis- 

work for the country's physically 
' totally disabled, 

ostcr of speakers including 

Little Debb'es 

Oatmeal — Snak Cakes 

Raisin Creme — Swiss Wafers 

Frosted Fig Bars — Choc-O-Creme 

Helping Over Nmelj Students to Earn Their Way Through College 

McKee Baking Company 

EXport 6-2451 

Collegedale, Tenn. 


News Notes 

Through recent newspaper headlines and radio com- 

doot will always be a country of progressive Communism 
as long as Fidel Casito is boss. 

Castro's admitting that he has always been Communist 
perhaps shocked some, yet others probably thought he was 
all along. Neverthelej 

md shortly after its overthrow of the former 
government. The answer he gives is that the United States 
would have interfered more than it did and would ha' 
taken a definite position against the revolution and aided 

" i a likely answer, especially 

_. E enemy of the United States 

. But why did Casao hide his ideals from 
die'men\nd" women who were supporting him, the very 
men who were leaders of his revolution had no idei 
Casiro was Communist inspired? This is the answer tc 
so many of his revolutionary officers turned againsi 
after the revolution was over. They were fighting for 
dom, but were deceived by Castro. 

Why did he hide his ideals? A true answer wouh 

haps be that he would have bee 

5 of t 

wn militia before he t 

arid ; 

by his 
shot of liis ideal. 

smiles on his "freeing Cub 

and slowly builds his Coi 

he feels strong and has the full support of Khrushchev he 

announces to the now bewildered world that he alway: 

was and always will be a Communist. 

Communism is at our front door. What will be done 
about it? If we use force, we will be biting at Russia and 
introdudng the possibility of nuclear war. Presently, 

r. Whether Castro will r 
t gove 

f Cuba 

At the present. Southern Missionary College is under- 
ing a building program such as it has never known be- 
e. This is my third year at SMC, and already I have seen 
i construction of the addition to the science building, 
■ new Women's Residence Hall, and the bindery ' ' 


n operat 
add it 


r denominational colleges. 

Work will soon begin on the new shopping cer 
and die new church. Ultimate plans are for the complet 
of the layout of the whole campus. 

Yes, SMC is building bigger and better things to it 
the needs of a modern education; it's a time of building. 

How true this should be of each student in college. 
College years are to he mainly, if not expressly, for the build- 
ing up of our minds and the storing of knowledge 
will prepare us to meet the challenges of a modern w 
I think the success of one's college career is determined by 
the way he applies himself to this task. The person who 
goes through college with the determination to grasp eve 
thing that aids along the lines of noble mental developmi 
U make a candidate who is much more fit for gradi 

Letters • 

.hone player, will be on tl 
mpus of SMC. Januir>- 13 an 
i. He will present a piogrim ( 

tmctjonduriog his woodwind dini. 
lund.y morning. January I4. 

lasses have been nominated by thi 

■ 3 the president of the college 
;s sponsorship. 

Schneider, academic dean, to be 

cted Mr. Edgar Gnindset, and the 

If students lake pilb to pep them 
J during examinations, and the 

Loma Linda 
Appoints Two 
To High Posts 

1 than those with contrary det 


I feel that one of the best ways to get the most out of 
college is to get the most out of the class periods. Every 
class period that a student on this campus attends is cost- 
ing him over Sl.OO an hour. One cannot expect to get the 
most out of college or his money when he fails to attend class 
regularly or to get the most out of the class periods. 

If you feel that you aren't getting your money's worth 
from college, it's probably your own fault. It is possible to 


?|appp ^olibap Reason 


responsibility was Jet. 
ve already serving the 


of tl 
ilackiiess and' ii 


[id in- 

ion of out 

,n those chosen. 

-n. My intention, h( 
cast reflection upon 
The Student Senate' 
list of 39 eligibles 
by secret ballot, and six of those 

was renitncd to die administration 

discretion, added ^a or three more. 

islent with our own program in 
latO) the low GPA r«,uirenicnt 
;fl the field open for too many peo- 

t by scholarship, with a very 

standard, and use lead. " * 
.e adjacent determining 1 
d atizenship is also consi, 
; are very selective, and. 

if the college. This goal is ideaJistii 


intellectual atmosphere of 

Whether the Studen 

netal assembly docs the voting, 
; list of eligibles submitted ought 
be categorized in GPA brackets, 
e.. 1.8-2,;; etc,). 
By these means we will have 

itlended SMC in 1959, and I 
have fond memories of the 
school and all it means. 

up to. The standards c 

inge the scenery 

tie fame, 

lild modern buildings 



Talent Program 

Prizes! Fun! 
February 24, 1962 


'""' ■ '^ ""'•&;.";?.•,';•",■.;.•:::.•:" '•"-"• ""'•'• 


A «,■ 1 va; 

J, ,. s j^„ 

, pa; Inmn BmIc 

.,™.. A .-.^ , Bnk^i Pilckion 

m™. PA\,«r n...H Mi.llinu 

W A ■ , , nil,. PnclMl 

»«,.» FJ-.^f Unict SueO 

riAf. K^Ar, nnn Fjirhh 

Bci, J-d, O 





RoUrt SlrutoII 

H • K< rVlfttll ClOO 

B ■ . a7' n 1 Wat 

EdiiDri.1 Ad.i«.r WiUUo. H, r*fl<" 

Russia Is Winning Psychological War 

ning in this war. Not a physical 
bitHe not 3 cold wac is in question 

against fear of the unknown. 

I am referring here to the "radio- 
active- fallout shelter program that 
his taken such a grip not only on 
the nation as a whole but on the 
Advenlist people as well,— a pro- 
cram that has been endorsed by 
the president of the United " 
and now even by the Gem 

renth-day Adventists build- 

By Robert Strukoff 

radiation was never intended to 
be THE killer- The blast and t 

"Ground Zero" 

shima and Nagasaki on August 
1945, literally leveled these cit 
to the ground and 105,000 ii' 
were lost within a radius of tv^-o 
miles of "ground zero," It 

generally caused by an ovi 
sure to harmful cadiatioi 
moving outward from 

plosions we 6nd that deat 

were injured) has been under a 
constant observation of medical 

on NBC and they have shown no 

exposed to either one of 
lasts some 16 years ago are 

Wom en's Residence Hall 

By JtiDY Carev 

media as television and 
ions of radioactivity in 

Is this danger really so great? 
Let us look at a few facts. 
Until recently the Atomic Encr 

Lefhal Dose 
The only danger present 

By John Bew 
7e have a new resident at Talge; 

factors (blast and heat) 

Frequenf Shower 

it is so warm that] 

■J- And, to top it of 
,een void of most af 
lin, but I might ad, 
dc. Inside tlie dorm I 

Lc girls at SMC to drag, push, pull, 
id shove the newly engaged girls 

iping dry, the word leaks out 
,yhow!), and in 


rday night fiv. 
he first such victims of th 
ollowed by two more Sunday night. 

iged to escape thus fa 
«m comE^Bewirc! 

to Judy Fowler. Sponsoret 

s Oolten 

;. This year, so far, measles 
ced our halls. Out sym- 

iioson, the first to be con- 
die infirmary to recover 

"Lovely Ladies"! 
me please notice Anne 
■s new permanent. My, 

I January. Dianne T^^°"^J^^nd 
llher'on'how to b^^more'snwky 
,om withoul permission during 

during closed study period. It seems 

cause they failed to learn their les- 
son- if they aren't careful they will 
be ■'in for life" before they know it. 
or Jaw Bone 
Right before I close this column 
I want to send out an urgent adl 
from my roommate, Candy Scott, 

ful ideas. Saturday night we found 

iraal hanging from our light swibi. 

And by the way, Bill Tyndall 
after the holidays, we girls ' 

is Club 

first prize {20 sUver dollars) com- 
petmg widi approximately 30 other 
variety acts. I understand also that 

Jones Hall 

Se<^^oH<d ^AUfttdtmn 

e chapter wh, 
uid ted -fifty poi 

Christmas will be spent in many dif- 
ferent ways by the Talge fellows 

probably be knee-dccp in the snow: 
of Michigan, while Wayne Be nsor 
and Burney Tompkins will be bosk 

Wherever you go and however yoi 

Rees, Stewart. 
And Kennedy 
Attend Meeting 

Dr. C N. Rees. president of 
oulhern Missionary College, Dr. 
:. M. Kennedy, chairman of the 
division of Education, and Mr. 
Cenneth Stewart, prindpal of Col- 
egcdale Academy, attended the an- 

Uociatioo of Colleges and Sec- 
.ndary Schools, whicl. was held in 

.ionT'ere educational pr.ictice and 
landards as developed by the 

md by-laws of the organization, 
md teacher education standards. 

interest W Dr' Kennedy, as SMC's 
leacher education program is prcs- 
OTtly under intensive study with 

crwlitation for that phase of SMC 

30ve poll, 1 like the 

Admissions, Tests, ATS Mark 
World of Elder J. M.Ackernian 

U.S. Reports 

7.8 Per Cent Gain 

In Enrollments 

SMC and Collegedale Academy 
Send Delegates to Bible Meet 

Christ's Foreign Legion Holds 
Services; Dunbar Is Speaker 

Student Association 

Gay Atmosphere Prevails 
On Campus; WSMC on the Air 

Choral Group and Orchestra 
Present Christmas Program 

Angeh Ail. sung hy A 
chorilc and Mcompinic 


Candlelight ( 

,nercgalion li-ft 

i,oi« Mng I, 
ional cifols by cmdiclight whi 

3oyd, vi«-pre 


Dorm Forums 
Give Parties 

apples, and punch fot the 
lowing i. procrofli of Chrisi- 

Elder Reeves Becoming 
Known as 'Flying Preacher' 

Building Starts on New Academy 

Contest Opens for Name 

chosen for the nei 

SMC Band Plays 
Annual Conceii' 
For Christmas 

Using tlipht travel to meet his No- 

!SB^' ' I^Htt ^ 

W^K^Lf:' ■: ''-''^^^■1 ^ 

Cldci Rwes flew from six to seven 

Ihousand miles which readily «■ 

uircd for him the title "the flying 

^^^^Hy ^HGK^^I K 

ireachcr" by his theology students. 

Flying first (o Li Siwra, Oli- 

Wcek of Prayer in the U Sierra 

^^^^^^Pj^^I ' 

Fi'om previous experience. Eld- 

hH^^^^^^I ^ 

choia: of subject topics ptomole 

the Li Sicrri W«k of Prayer held 

As a result of the La Sierra Week 

during November -i to U were as 

of Prayer, a large baptismal group 

ollows: Sibbjlh morning, ■'Five 

was formed. 

ilbtr ih V ^\ ''T S' '&^'^''d 

The Central Church of Orlando, 

Florida, pistorcd by Elder Stanley 

ptiyet night It 'the Sicrr'a Vlsla 

Dombcosky, was the scene of Elder 



Recces next Week of Prayer meet- 

ings and revival through November 

Monday. -The Miracle of Spirit- 

12-39. which resulted in many 

ual Metamorphosis," Tuesday, "In 

people responding. 

Quest of Ih. Best in Love and 

Taking the lime during Thanki- 

■"A'^si^.''''Ts^'''''f I'S''^'*' 

ings. Elder Reeves revealed; -'Since 

Life," Friday, "The Qucslion that 

li^n, Ueel i t"l 'HkSX'' to J^' 

gage in these types of preaching 

"Coniucting Inner Space." 



Film: "White Angel" 

"Courageous Devotion 


Blind Obstinacy 

In High Places." 

person of Mt.^E.' O. Gr 
alked through the audien- 
ibuling gifts to the childr 

■s of age. They n 

territory of 
nbciland Confer 

ntrJc; as desired 
v one individual. 

insferred to another individual 
s choice or may be applied toward 
s expense at Southern Missionary 

shUl be the final one 

:ongcatulations weie given by Hoyt 

ition building. Over 3185,- 

.ted that dari 
luildings to 

Tree Lighting 
Follows Concert 
By SMC Bond 

: arij 


Id Saturday 
following the Band Concert. 
Students and faculty gathered ii 

i lighted for the first time thi 
The Student Association, whi 
ored the Christmas tree light 



Southern Mlssbnar 

Academy Band 
To Give Benefit 

c-rav band will put on a benefit pro- 
crajn laniuty 27, in the tabernacle 
aodititium. Mi. Jnlin Read, head 
of tlie muiic department in the 
academy, will be directing. 
TTie proceeds will help pay for 

open the program followed by well 

SMC Gains 
Higliest Per Cent 
In Enrollment 

TV Covers SA 'Thank-You' Letter 

Miss Jones Dies on Cliristmas Day 

and SMC; it is also due to the high 
birth rate during the war 

GC's Archa Dart 
Will Speak on 
Christian Home 

college, "and Dr. C. N. Recs, 
lidcnt of the college, officiating. 

Collegadala Cemalary 
nterment was in the Collegedalc 
motial Park with former shi- 

ler survivors include a niece, 
i. Arthur Richert, and two great 

t Jr., all of Memphis. 

Born in Mississippi 
Miss Jones was bom in Her 
urdo, Mississippi, on June tli 
572, to Mr. Richard Clayton Jooe, 
,d wife, Irene Buchanan Jones 

uing and Sabbath mornii 

In 191 

she accepted the invita- 


I: CoUegedale, Tconessce, 
e served faithfully and 



nsslor and Teacher 

res took a deep personal 


pus. She 

tc diiperonc on the cun- 
played a mijor role in 


en the t«iard had vote 
doors because of lack r 
s Jones offered and ga^ 

Elder Reeves Article on Calendar 
Goes Into the Homes of Many Millions 

niilions in all parts 
n-Advenlist (riend, 

■ndar written by Eldi 
" ibuted. Already 
:riving togctlier with 

distributed. Already ccplyin 
id cards 

.sage by Elder 
unt begins with 

Loma Linda 
Receives Grant 
From Nurse Fund 

ceived a grant of S2,l68.26 fror 

lilhp M. Osborne, 
edia— radio, TV, a 

Florida's Schmidt 
Will Be on Campus 
Week End of 20th 

7{4€da^tc n&m^<i ta ^a ca '62 

You : 

; your plans for it? Or have you eve 
In observations of people who made r 

of past years 

made any pli 

the results are just Uie same, still nothing planned, nothing 
to show for the past year besides the things which 
essential to do. Many a person with potentiality to do great 
things has fallen by the wayside because of a lack of will 
power to get busy and do something worthwhile. They 
made no definite plans but merely thought to let things 
go as they would. If the bteak comes — okay, if not- 
mayhe it will later on, maybe I'm jus: not cut out 
anything important much less anything outstanding 

Maybe I'n 
my college can 

I'm supposed to stay on with this position I have 
shop because I'd have to put forth effort to get a proi 
and that would take a lot of extra time. 

Oh, yes, my neighbor, he's a swell guy, sure, someday 
rU tcU him about my religion. He's been wanting to 1 
about it for quite a while. I'm planning to tell him s 
time. When, I'm not sure, because maybe I might ha' 
put forth effort, do some studying so I would have a good 
forceful presentation, because my life isn't exactly a good 
example of what I'd have to tell him of the truth. I gi 
I'll tell him though— sometime. 

If any of the preceding fit your situation try a i 
outlook on this year. Try a new year's resolution that goes 
something like this: I will not procrastinate this year and 
will get on the ball and do the best that I can in the things 
that have to he done. You may be surprised to see the changes 
take place if you follow through with the resolution; " 
break will come sooner than expeaed, those mediocre grades 


., that 


t of all 

One thing, however, you don't have to start at the be- 
ginning of a year, you can start anytime. The tradition has 
been to start a new year off with new resolutions and plans, 
but stick by them throughout the year so they will have a 
chance to work. 

Remember: Let's better do, in "62! 







Miiifon.ry Collogo 


A«l..,n, P,(i^, 

Utoui Ediror 

n™, F,i;,r., r, ■'«'""' ' 

NcM Auisuni 

^•1 , ' 

Fciurt Ediior 

1 r irVrl 


J.h. Be 



'''" 'LLif cSi 





=illi Qu^l. Robert Murp'h 

DLiiintw Miiuge 

FrnM .,111 ui 

Suff ScatUij 

Pirn II Quu 


Snnrftii CulliL 

Finincid Ad.i«) 

Jnni iluflliiij 

EdiwriJ AdviM 

Wilt", '^ti' t"^!" 

News Notes 

the public wis inviled to 
. Everett T. Watrous spnk 
layfield Elementary School, 


What's Happened 
To Our School Spirit? 

<d Reasons 
For Name Change 

lied enough to print a few 
m from the other side of 

name of 'southern Missionfl^^Col'^ 

3on't you think that out de- 
ninitional leaders in the field of 
iwtion at the General Confer- 
c in Washington, D. C, must 
■c cetlainly thought i gtcal deal 
before they decided that the time 

■-- -' the name College of Medi- 

I beliele we all know whM 
it some of these reasons were, 


Ti^afcded- cuid ^frfi€Ute4> 

Judy Carey, star-snooper in i 

things — take Kathy 

;d constuitly. 
Soapy Milk 
; always doing intclligenl 
nore f,nr 
she was 

er room pulled out 2 
glMS of milk, pourc 

c of Diih insfeid of inst; 

utned 1 
thoughtful gills had fixed U 

what a girl likes in her room- 
mbbcr tires, shoes, pieces of ' 
wood, old cans and to make s 
that Andrea slept well, cockleh 
were in her bed. This wis all cc 
pliments of Allie and Giny Paw 

plan, because no one normally co 
think of such things. 
Judy Schera believes in folli 

where, she realiicd that the fire was 

Such are some of the normal oc- 
currences in the girls' dorni. But 
since semester tests have been in- 

'S<^*d^ ttTSed 

A Color Surprise 

S. A. Benefit Feb. 3 


Time to 'Catch a Breath' 
And Then 'Plunge in' Again 

Crose-Out Sale on All Winter Merchandise 
Up to 50% off 

Reporter Tells Students 
Not to Fear Communism 

nism. dthtr militarily or ec 
aidlly. according to Geor, 

ssiotiary CoHege. 

Claims vs. Truth 

Reeves' Calenda 

i- weekly cjclc i; 
Win sister of the 

] address appears 

and officd. One lady from St. I 
Suadiy h the Sabbalh? I would 

uid ndditioiul infomiali 
Many Ictlera repeat; 

luse of the apathy of the dtiienr 
id because of inlcmil subversion 
:cotdmfi to Dumham. 
Agitation for freedom in oppoii 

Lt Shoul 

Writer and Adviior 

editor for the La Grange, Georgia 
S,ws: as night editor for the 

Saxophonist Sigurd Rascher Gives 
Two Varied Concerts on SMC Campus 

College on Saturday 

?rt on Saturday night; the SMC 
on cert Band and Rasdicr pj 
1 lyceum pr 

Scottish Swt 

OriginaJly he planned lo be a 

McKee Baking Company 

Helping over Ninety Students 

to earn tlieir way tlirough college. 

Will have openini|5 for woik second semester. 

Phone 396-2451, Collegedale. Tenn. 

Bill Kirstein Is Elected 
President of Freshman Class 

Southernaires at 
TVA Banquet 
At Hotel Patten 

a program for a banquet of thi 
Tennessee Valley Authority at Hold 

r program on January 19 and 
he Sabbath morning church 
e on January 20. TTiey will 

companying the group on the 
Mount Pisgih Academy will 



Stop and Rest or 

The Oaks Motel 





niW SUte 
New Yoric 
y Md the 
IS mdc his 





r ordicstras 
> a tu dis. 





Delegates Reporf- 
On Southern Union 
Bible Conference 


Ijirty-three Southern Missionar 
College youth attended the three 

The chapel speakers gave a brie 

kminary at Andrews Univcr 
presided. Elder Johnston's 

cncc; H. H. Schmidt, pre; 
the Florida Conference, ir 
ilph Davidson, president - 
Madison College. 

rding to John 1 
Of of the chapel p 
. : of the program 
the student body a cros 

Gene's Auto Service 


Groups Meet 
On Sabbath 
For Discussion 

rhs Divinity 
Sabbath ob 

i befote th. 

LLU Accepts Six for Medicine 

lid like to diK 

1 14 Nursing Students Capped; 
Hyde Speaks at Event 

Group Chosen on Basis 
Of Grades and Character 

Stlnley Allen Giles is plwin 

)f Medicine, L 
pleting a double 

Only SiH 

ously lived in Miryland, 

Southern Publishing Awards 
$300 Scholarship to Garner 

Harder to Speali 
At Senior Class 

isiti, will 

and Judy Edwards, scccetaty. 

:old a cnpy of The Dtl!re of A^Ci 
n Ellen G. White to Garner'! 
book Gar- 

;o k«p i 

s Garnet, UVoy's old 
was imptessed by an ardd 
'ead^r's Digest, -The Col 
1 the Built-in Pocket-book,' 
'ears ago. 

rt of his wi 

ity 10 

s played 

the field of 


otth Orolini Into a li. 
rs and nuRCS, has liv 

gin English. He chose 1 

nd a minor in chemistry. John his 
:esided to do further study in the 
ureical field of mcdidnc after grad- 

Physicists Attend 
Special School 
At Corporation 

jraph, and the physics research 
Mr. A. L Watt and Bob McRey- 


by the corporation only to t 
,0 purchase a complete analy 

[htough kindness of leprcscnta 

(^Uune and ^unt€4^ 

Are cultu 

' synonymoi 

people who are cultured; we have also 
so-called cultured people who were not courteous. 

Webster defines culture as "the enlightenmem anc 
finement of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic ti 
Ing." Wc can conclude that a person who recognizes 
appreciates exquisite works of art and nature and 
has a love of fine music and a refined taste in dress is 
tured. The question is: Do these attributes alone const! 
genuine culture? This type of cultured sophi 

his path 

becomes loudmouthed, boor- 

truly cultured, 

rather than practic 

ish and rude. Therefore, this person 
because a cultured person is always 
living under a guise of pseudo-cuh 
ing genuine culture. 

A person who is truly cultured is not easily offended. 
He doesn't wear his feelings on his sleeve. He doesn't tear 
down those who go against his wishes. Culture further dem- 
onstrates its genuineness by being kind to others. To for- 
get one's self and help others is a true mark of refinement. 

As children we learned the Golden Rule; it seems as if 
that's the whole philosophy of courtesy rolled into a single 
sentence: "Do unto others as you would have them do unt( 
you." After all, what is courtesy but a way of treating peopli 
the way you would like to be treated if you were in theii 

^iHiHe«U^ o*t t^ ^Hcc(^ . 

News Notes 

.any of &t reptcscnLi. 

country to a 
cm spoke 

eadj- lo call it quits ov£ 

in the domestic oBala of theii 
sile gap. Pouibly the Kennedy 







m, h 

Sandn Elliou, Janir,c P«^ 

fias Auoojlion Nm 




Dartcll Cnni 

Ediwhil Adiuoc . T^' It T.ilol 

Editor's Note 

and interest in SMC— Erfi« 

^eat ^ifter i4e Stotm. 

tjdale), enjofed 1 
Jijs of an appr( 
biealv, followinc a 

Turner's Team Wins League; 
Plans Set for New Semester 

ball court. My obs 

nanship wis fully up to Chuck Turn 

help and cooper 

*hted results c 
sacidinc for k 

o won two and lost three. Roddy, 

J scorers with Hale dropping oi 
the hte season wit" ' 

Fattest Team 

Perhaps one of the fasi 
the floor was led by Da> 

rt« led the aggressive 
d, as a team played bask, 
lied their one win and 

better and faster teams i> 

formation is available 

Elder Roy B. Thum 


motion picture, "Tlie 
matciy 850 people, ir 

Ivet S400 was brought m\i 

ine<|uipmcnt,Jan. 19-21,tostim. 
-ate interest in science and in SMC. 
Dr. John Chriitensen and Dr. Ray 

led by four studenU. They are as 
oilows: Donna Dunham (alumna 
)f Highland) and Jo Ann Schuler. 

iepjrtments. with Bill Mundy and 

J Club Will be in two sec 
Ke secretarial majors, and th. 

■nectings will be held unde 

■point game won by 
ough they won this 

ermincd basket fill in 


; Jjmes Roddy's tea 
>d heicht, and thcii 

aiming th 
way (bew 

class much success in 
it needles down Florida 

' her shoe polish. As 
Ig it on a high shelf 

isn't bad enough, get- 
further complicated by 

to remove boxes from 
, and around, the con- 

no one would be foo!- 

t for pent-up energy and have de- 
ded that this could well be £oat- 

Judy Fowler's bust of J. S. Bach 

jod as when crowned with black 

^<M,cent4, ^xitt^ IReCte^ 

DSt of us are the proud owners 

presented by the Florida Symphony 

" heslra. There has been a concert 

I Thursday night during Jan- 

' with such famed musicians as 

Beautiful Weather 
he weather has been so beauti- 
down here, and we did take ad- 
rage of our opportunilics. Tlie 
srily of out class turned out 
Friday for the faithful ole 
hod of raising money, a car 
i! Sacrificing the luxury of sleep, 

and will be called the Motgins 
Crippled Children's Center. It is to 
be completed and in use by May 

modern and up-to-date hospital for 
crippled children in the slate of 
Florida. Rachel's dnim is "sup 

Connell, who is the ass 

cafeteria and always ii 
ranning smoothly, do< 

Choosing SA Leaders 
Becomes Serious Business 

Certainty and Dedication 
Are Ideals of Miss Lindberg 

M .0 English map, or some dul, 


hit doesn't need winding, isn'l 
lensive to own, and is very effic 
n setting you op. If uiyone is 
eiested, the nest time yon sec It 


>( Wastiington and 
npidly stteaminj 

SA Groups 
To Be Formed 
For Discussions 

child to visit 

Culture Weeic 
Features Hunter 
As Spealcer 

Satnid.y nijht 
ic highlights ol 

™l (Juecn of ( 
"tcpott, Jody E 

fethodist dead." 
I'm deeply gtate 

ended Walli Walla College t 
t Bible doctrines and vaciou 
ler denominatinnal subjects, ^^is 


buying books, making scrap 

thinking ate apathy, 
sincerity, being Is 
and work shodd 

McKee Baking Company 

Helping over Ninety Studen+s 

lo earn their way through college. 

Will have openings for work second semester. 

Phone 396-2451. Collegedale, Tenn. 

Stop and Rest at 

The Oaks Motel 





: complete. 

Each group is composed ol 

■s. Guest expetts will frctjuently 

. to better student-faculty r 

eadei is his 'ability to dtaw the 

°on'l be an enteitainec. but will be 
1 tiainer. The fuel that keeps a true 
cadet going is knnwing he helped 

hera either spiritually, itttellectual- 
ly, socially or physically, 

e%-er your leaders go, whatever they 
do and however they do it. Casting 
a vote is a serious responsibihty. 

Don Dees Arrives 
And Re-Opens 
Barber Shop 

Barber Shop 


: ho received his di- 

trial experience 


Collegedale Cabinets, Inc. 

Manufacturers of High QuafdY 
for Hospitals' and Schools 

Colle^nJale, Tem. 
Telephone EX 6-MI 2 

Students Make Good Use 
Of Spectroscopy Class 

Tucker, Walker 
Win Hickman 

lilable to SMC studen 

"Holiday in Paris" Is Title 
For SA's Spring Talent Revue 

.■The program! con 

mosphcrc of the 
e direction of Mr 

SA Lecture Series 
Will Present 
Times' Popham 

in the Lynn Wood Hiil Oupcl. 

Dwighr Hildcr 
kirn. Bill Mun 
M. Sducidej 

Board Holds Annual Meeting, 
Announces Plans for New Year 

The RBcd of Trustees of Soutl 
cm Misiionsry CoUege look seven 
steps to strengthen the education; 

new college year during its annit 
raeetins recently. 

SMC reported to the board men 

accreditation of the college. A boir 
of eitaminers from the Southern A 

silty handbook and v 

Elder Archa Dart Lectures 
On Love, Marriage, Home 

liam Bomraelje, horn playci.— PAN 

tion of the history wil] be don 
lime for the annual hometon 
in October of this year. Mrs. I 

A-ill be started for the aw- 
ard elected Gordon Madg. 

■ity of ^taryland. 

d and faculty attended 

board, Elder Don R 
- faculty members oi 

, Florida, Georgia, and I 


Soufharn Misiionsry College. Collegedale, Terinet 

'Holiday in Paris' Theme 
For SA Talent Program 

King John, Queen Linda 
Reign Over Culture Days 

The safcey habits of the SMC family and the College- 
dale residents have much room for improvement, according 
to recent observations. So fat there have been no serious 
acddcou, but there is always a first time, that is, if some 
definite action isn't taken to improve the safety conditions, 
especially pertaining to the traffic on the campus roads. 

The place most prevalent where impi 
is along the industrial di ' 

road. The automobiles i 

Some drivers have no < 
ossing and walking along the 
1 entirely too fast along the 

be brought to the anention of drivers that the pedestr 
have the right of way on the crosswalks. There are stop si 
at the crossings, but very few cars ever stop, much less s 
down, to let pedestrians cross. 

It would be well if the automobile drivers who 
the industrial drive, especially around the noon time anc 
5:30 P.M., take into consideration the welfare of the pedeS' 
ttian while they are operating their autos on the drive. ~' 

HeviS Notes 

. the 


flow of students crossing the road on their way 

bindery, laundry, broomshop, cabinet shop, 

ind the bakery. They all hope to reach ' " 

ns safely so give them a break and let them 

of the drivers have been making a raceway 
out of the load in front of Jones Hall, the library, and the 
ad building. It's nice that you have shiny cars with loud muf- 
flers, but remember that acddene do happen. The teachers, 
also, would appreciate having it a little quieter while they ar 
teaching classes. Those roaring engines aren't very conduciv 

> make it possible for the student to ; 
college, but this student job-holding, while it may give very 
worthwhile experience, interferes with the srudent's college 
aaivities. Not only does it cut hours needed for study, but 
it also keeps socializing at a bate minimum. (By socializing, 
1 do not refer only to the boy-girl activity seen on the campus 
during the noon-hour.) I am not at all suggesting that those 
who have to work to attend college should pack their ' 
leaving the other 15 per cent to attend. They should attack 
their college program with more seriousness and diligem 
than at present. It seems that they have forgotten that their 
job is a means to an end — their education. 

Neither do we feel that tbe student who keeps his nosi 
so deep in a book that he has no time for even a "hello' 
in the dinner line is really "living" unless he is satisfying 
an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. What we think 
needed is a better balance between the four aspects of secul; 
life — religious, work, study and the social aspects of a sti 
dent's college life. Some have already achieved this balance, 
but it is our opinion that there are others who have not. i 
moments of re-evaluation might bring a new enjoyment and 

this whole task of lear 



BJiloi in Oticf 





. John Bcvu. Bn. 

J"ty Albriiton. Sa 

"' "°""" 1 

^'^i^iiSitSS^' ^"^^ J" 

EsSmS — 


Si^fU <t^ S^ncftf- 









o l;ecp their 


-or gc 

11,. 1 



(^otttmeuU OH t^ TtetM . . . 

dcni Kennedy's 

^ion in the 

Two Congfc 
duccd bills in th 

Mmtt, have 

ion of a Christian Amcndme 
amendment would have the U 

authority ond 1 
through whom 

w 'of Jesus C 

flie beilowcf 
mighty God. 

aggression." He said 
in military thinking l. 

bit of [licking down of tl 

well and g. 

morning so he first thought 
o" got his keys and locked 

tically for him the next motm 
Talgc and is rapidly getting ii 

of the fclli 


Motivation of SA Officers 
Should Affect Student Voting 

1 face liftinc; ceilioE bdng piinted 

WSMC Starts New Program 
'Moments With the Master' 

)r scher 

idLng in t 
zinc, (Vol. 12, N 
1962) 1 happened a 
that I thought wa! 

"Slow Me I 

ich Friday Qight. Shortly a 

the present only evi 

Collegedale Academy Talents 
Enact the life of a Girl' 


Physics Department Plans 
Nuclear Instruments Course 

Barber Shop 


^1 $oummj\ccm ^ 

Numbers, Osborne Speak for Presidency 

students to Vote 
In Elections 
Next Wednesday 

In cakiDg a few minutes from a rather busy schedule, 
I have felt impelled to discuss what possibly is a current trei 
on our campus. Objectively, 1 have made the observatii 
that a large number of students blindly conform to ma; 
customs and procedures on this campus perhaps witho 
a full realization of the underlying reasons or principli 

I suggest chat if this be the case, one should make i 
quiry to inform himself of these facts. If 
fully understand a certaio regulation, he should seek for 
answer from someone in authority. Ralph Waldo 
once said, "Whoso would be a man, must be a non-conform- 
ist." This needs application to our siti 
case. One should feel free to express his ideas and be able 
to make suggestions without fearing a reprimand, 

Ellen G. White had thU to say: "The teacher m 
rules to guide the conduct of his pupils. These rules should 
be jetc and well-considered, and once made they should be 
enforced. Every principle involved in Ihem should be so 
placed before the student that he will be convinced of its 
justice. Thus he will feel a responsibility to see that the 
rules which he himself has helped to frame 
Cr, p. 153. Obviously, this fully warrants a just expli 
of regulations by which one must abide. 

To cite an illustrative example, let us discuss the idea 
of chaperonage. Under this topic In our student guide book, 
SMC and You, p. 15, Elder Dalrymple was widely cjuotcd. 
I immediately will say that he made some very appropriate 
statements. However, in die paragraph of his book preceding 
the quotation, he had been largely referring to a particula 
young man who confessed that he had no self-control whei 
alone with young women. 

To get to the point, if a person is 
college, he is certainly old enough to decide how to control 
himself respectably. I would like to see the regulation simply 
require that at least two couples be together on an outing 
to aa as a check on each other. Surely, this should be suffi' 
cient for young people who are ncaring maturity. Emily 
Post seems to hear out this idea — in fact, in her book Eti- 
quette, p. 166, in a chapter entitled, "The Chapetone and 
Other Lost Conventions," she cveti raises the question as to 
whether the old use of chapeiones is necessary for our modern 
generation. However, I do think that chaperones still have 
their place in some instances such as overnight stops. 

In making one's ideas heard and then put into effect, one 
good way would be to discuss one's opinions with some- 
one who is in a position to better represent them. Or, if 
these ideas should apply to the general student body, another 

nitely think that thcie ; 
further considered, as is i 
this — and other studei 


7iiU<^cte "Do-iM. ^fld 





cnrly turned the meclin 
his worship skips. So i 

L sute and wish him 


Colporteun, Bew 





of the fellows are rem 


sales appeal is somtimes 


to sec them because W 

portunities for sumi^er er 

college again next yea 
Straw and Bill Fulton ha 


Colporteurs allowed." 71 
lowed by a picture of K 

fellows really have no a 
colporteurs, it is just th 

d ■ 


good suggestion 

to the Southern Accent editor for publi 

Our guide book, SMC and You, (p. 2) 

through student- faculty cooperation, and 

s needs ate indicated. I defi- 
certain items which should be 
llustrated above. I would like 
ideas — expressed for propei 

:. So, I c 

rage YOV to speak 


'■"' ''•''"'■J'.:;;;;.-'. 

'^!::;^:-— »•' 



; Km, 


'^ p-hS"* 


" ~''rr~~,lT\ 

Uilolh. Jania S^^ 


— ^£^ 

Eai»,il Ad,i„, 


^eiuw<itio*t^ cit "Pio^ieAA 

Friendship Teams 
Make Sabbath 
Visits to Homes 

S.D.A. SA's Are Restless; 
Can Be Remedied by Work 

Collegiate Chorale to Tour 
State of Florida March 9-14 

idiTr ■disaster on the floor,' 
shivered and quivered an. 

somehow made it through fh 
day. Nothing terrible happene 
vj of us. Oh, I might mentio 


■ii droopy looking eyes lalel; 
be ifs because they have bee 
ng up I 

r prospective halve 
considering writing I 
Sam, loo, and asking for 
t on stamps. 

Officers Elected 
sure all of you hnve bet 
: and hearing about M 
i flight in space. We've bet 

Hairiet Smith and Elder Cliffor 
They both looked a little smilit 
really been duity from her Ion 
night she arrive. 

1 don't 

had on \ 

Beach, Orlando, Maitlan 
The Collegiate Chotali 

swing selections in its sacred cepe 
Dire: "Let Thy Holy Presence 

Stop and Rest at 

The Oaks Motel 

Collegedale Cabinets, Inc. 

■Along with this new lasl 
lalionil affairs has come a I 
;nnui (weariness) for studer 

ay be — lays open the gaping 

dent body boj 
One only t 

Southern Mercantile 

Department of Southern Missionary College 
Collegedale, Tennessee 


Arrow Products 

RCA Whirlpool 




e only repetitious 

su^esfed that youths' flourishing 
l;nowledge be harnessed and used 
for the betterment and develop- 
ment of the educational works and 

If student governmenb are being 
dismembered and discarded, then 
they must be in the way of ptogtess. 
Adaptation and key changes aie go- 

McKee Baking Company 

T Little Derbies 

Phone 396-2451 

Professional Clubs Have 
Varied Activities This Year 

li Ihe phj-sics depatt- 

CliBmUtry Qub 

SMC Alumnus 
Is Appointed 
To PUC Faculty 

ippointcd SMC gradiutc Fred Vel 

mens. Joy Colbur 
low Jt., Betty Jan 

1, fourteen of 
:mbcB - Sj 

Tsu Kubo of Japan Is Here to 
Learn American Way of Life 

Jiw here by laking Ihe fol- 


c Veltniin is presently dt 

Church Ships 
$1.84 Million 
Of Relief Goods 

Edicf shipmenU by Seventh-day 
Adventist Welfare Services i - 
readied a total value of 51,8' 

from Washington. D.C, headqi 

pliei. Korea topped the list, rei 
pwiscd. "Ihe Congo was nwt nn 

drcd tons of clothing and bbnl 
9,BIJ tons of surplus foods, m 

, —-fier sister 
dhist family. ] 

To!,70— had long wanted Tsu to 
he would be better prepared to 

imcd of Tsu and his desire 

m sdiDol witl 

photographed at I 

Lcn Stuttmin, 
fihn producer, wo 
lecturer, lives do: 

I as produced 
in Alaska, 

Publishing Department Men 
Conduct Literature Rally 

Canvassing Experloncei 

Cednesday morning chapel 

was devoted mainly to thos< 


of the rally 
for information on 
nanship. One film 
,e beginning of each 

uL-sdij^'^el^ng. followed t^ 
■ ening by a film of the 

n of the General Con- 
: effective ways lo share 
,e people are. ^ ^ ^^ 

.A !Vl;i.,:^;' 



MV Society Conducts Annual 
Election for New Officers 

Voting in chapel Wednesday 
March 21 SMC students elected 
Missionary' Volunteer Society officers 
for the l962-6i scholastic year. The 
,i5ht candidates were selected by 
die Collegcdale Church Board and 
then submitted to the student body 

Acting as secretary to the society 

^"se^ected to guide the Hissiona^ 
\'oIuntecr program during the forth- 
coming year was junior theology 
major Terry McConib of Hamilton. 
Georgia. As leader, McComb will 
ut as coordinator of the Society's 
..panding missionary program. 
In the number two spot, associ- 

Kathleen Detamore, a pre-physicjl 
therapy freshman from Travates 

It is the policy of Ihe societ)- to 
conduct a special project each year 
of which the current Friendship 

year it is hoped that in addition to 

Numbers and Wolcott 
Win Top SA Positions 

Senate Nominates Candidates 
For Officers for Next Year 

In ictio 

n behind closed door.^ 

he Stude 

nt Association Senate, 



for the 1962-6J sclio- 


key position of SoUTH- 


the paper 

gainst Robert Hale. 


1 be competmg agamst 
necs for yearbook busi- 


and Way 

ger are Harold Brown 


The competitors for Eecreatio 
ommiHee head will be Baile 
?insted and Gerald Kelley. 

In the Public Relations Commi 

arne for the propaganda post, 
.rate fight will be between Ti 
(ConlinUEd on pa^e 4, col. I) 

-^ J^ h:r4\ ■ Elder and ^t.s. Robert Collar wiU 

\^r W Xs; ^ ^Ah ■ to"i^. He wUI also conduct morn- 

be held by Elder Del: 
used in the evening meetiDES. 

In order to create a better underscanding in the 
some who perhaps have gained the impression that the 
Southern Accent is taking too definite a neutral stand on 

cushions, we will present the principles on which the news- 
paper is published. 

First of all, we take into consideration our real purpose 
for being here at SMC, spedfically a Christian college known 
as the "School of Standards." We are here to get a Christian 
education, a harmonious development of body, mind and 
soui. This harmonious development, would, therefore, bring 
a unity between the three phasts, in our case, the foundation 
of our religious beliefs. This is principle number one, our 
loyalty to our purpose in life, to develop ourselves har- 
moniously for our life tasks. 

Principle number two is the bases 
is founded — love and truth. If we quarrel among ourselves, 
it is a due that we are not actually stable in 

What is published in our school newspapi 

e of public 
rcrations."The question is asked here. Why publish 
body's idea which will cause an issue that doesn't really ap- 
pear on the campus unless created by the overly controversial 
statements or ideas being published? This could bi 
number three, to not try to cultivate controversial feelings 
on the campus. Closely assodated with this is that tbc prin- 
dpies of our school, in faa, do very dosely harmonize with 
those of the editor of this newspaper. 

This brings out another point, which we shall call prin- 
ciple number four. The editor, being a theology student, has 
very high standards to live up to and would not be doing 
himself well, for principle's sak( 
group striving for a singular goal. 

It will be noted that the SOUTHERN ACCENT has num 
ous opportunities, however, for student opinion. This dt 
not purpose to suppress opinion or the student's viewpoii 
at all, rather, to develop deeper thoughts to be expressed 
worthwhile and constructive statements. 

The Student Association column was initiated this year 
to develop closer relations between the Student Sen: 
the student body as a whole. This is one form of student 
opinion. Letters to the editor, dorm columns and free lance 

The opportunities are there, only waiting lo be used by you 
for your ideas of betterment and developi 
at SMC. 


"^atttUttyi^ *jM^i(^veiHe*tti. 

7.™'.',", pj'°L ■ — • ^"'■'^ ^ 


^' EdKil^"" 

EdilDiul Advuoc " 

SMC Offers Mexico Trip 
As Summer School Classes 


Local Conference Conducts |300 Seniors tO Be GuestS 

Biennid Constitu^^^^^^ SJVic on College Days 

ings plus a completely modern fat 

New Churches 
In other conference development! 
lurinfi I960 and 1961 new churehe; 

)ther churches were begun in Api 

More than 300 high school seniors arc expected to be on the campus of Southern 
Missionary College for the College Days event, April 22-24. 

" ' ' ' ' n arriving on the campus around 9 o'clock 

of the welcoming and the poster 

vford, religious liberty and 
ip; Dr. Calvin Edwards 
3r. Raymond Lilly, dcnlnl 
irickson. educational am 

SMC Concert Band to Play 
Spring Concert on April 21 

Sunday afierntran there will 

of the industries. Norman Elliott, of the Health 

Labor Gimmittec, and Marvin 

Elliott, president of the COC, are 

Richard Ellsasser Returns 
For Organ Concert Lyceum 

rds to his own composition c 

ing some 3,000 pedal note! 

be played in approximately tl 

often followed by Rirasky-Ko 
koff's "Flight of the Bumbleb 
played almost entirely by the 1 

Depart menf Buys 
Arc-Spark Source 
For Physics Use 

mit provides for both alter 

Morris Taylor 
Presents Paper 
At Music Meet 

ipclled in the actual melody "A E 

songs by Sdiubi 

mphis on Sun- 
icerts included 
the only work 

atj for' solo 

TlisU(4m<d Sd^-'^elia.acc 

) [he s 

its economical standing 

nation. These things arc, of cc 

day situation but are, by far, not tne most unpurtaiu. 

Much more Important is the nation's backbone, its 
people. Any nation is dependent on the people who make it. 
They are the ones who make it possible to keep the economy 
balanced, produce items necessary for transportation, for 
good health, and for survival. Any group sincerely working 
together for one goal, if approved by God, will succeed- They 
have the ability to produce from within and not put their 
whole trust in other nations. 

This could very well be the 

of s 

f the South 

, important in our present- 

much trust and reliance in other countries and ha" 
developed properly their economies through agriculture and 
industry. This they did through their efforts to attract other 
nations to them rather than develop self survival. 

Dependence on other nations for products which a geo- 
graphical location is unable to produce is necessary, but to this 
point only should underdevelopment be extended. In many 
instances national crises could have been averted somewhat 
had leaders kept this in mind rather than playing along with 


How large is your world.' The social circles of some 
are small. True, it is impossible to become acquainted and 
be a personal friend of every student and instruaor whom 
you meet. But are you denying yourself the enrichment of 
life that might be yours simply because you have no desire 
to have anything to do with your next door neighbor? You 
will never know what a fine person he might be unless you 
yourself get to know him. 

Many friendships that you may have in ten years might 
be started right now. If "Jack," "John," and "Mary" are 
the only three persons with whom you associate, you may 
be denying yourself associates in later years. 

Do you decide you don't like a person from what you 
have heard of him before you have had a chance to find 
out for yourself what he is like? The one who told you 
may not know anything about him except what some other 
person told him. This is a poor basis for choosing friends. 

It is my opinion that we students are extremely friendly 
as far as the "hello," "how are you?", and "excuse me" 
are concerned, but that many of us are denying ourselves 
rewarding and enriching friendships because we are content- 
ing ourselves with our two or three "special friends." HS 



— -c 



n.ry Coll.g. 



Fatuie Ediloi 







Ediwik) Advb. 


wii- ^J'-^"' 

Letters . . . 

very dis 
e food a^ 

ily anti 


;j ptobicm appears 


fnded this 

ninly noted th( 

I am Dot al 
gether to ch: 

egiale itudenU are being mistrmted 
listec colleges, it is s pily that SMC 

nisuse of "fricnd-powct' 
Qy starvation. Well-mK 
lents "must" visit their 
he head of the line, bi 

Often it could not be 
etmined that Ihis is 
college by obj. 

these people peisonilly 
eaily the only way 

;4p%d S^eae^ 

Wc fellows leally did enjoy ■■Re- 
verse Courtesy Day," but it was just 
;oo good to last for long. It did 

ng a 'load' of books, opening doors, 

doesn't especially yearn for 
tevene courtesy day. Pooi 
had to iron two blouses, be 

Tear Gas 

iir and David Whittcn 

}St unusual odor in their 

lom. One of the friends (?) Doug 

\ few nights ago Del Pifer, 
- ■ nd Troy Daniels ; 

■n, then Del ga^ 
c dosed by tellin 

radio off— then str; 
I heard outside of tl 
k didn't know wha 
off— but he found 01 

Women's Residence Hal 

;4find — ^accUloH' 

had thoughtfully '" yo' 

I bat and a piDowsli 

^fev/s Nofes 

that die path of life is toe 
prepared for the youth rathi 
the youth being prepared I 
path of life. He jaid, "Den 
must be learned by action 

test at SMC, Other contestants wet. 
Harold Walker. John Newbern, Bot 
DuBose and Ray Rousch, They re 
ocived the remaining places, re 
spcctivcly, in the contest. 

Kathy Defamorc, Nancy Wendell 
" " ilinda McRac and Ann Sensemai 

their dressers were no 
The four sets of drawer 
switched by some in 
genious person. 

fllaim clock that went off 

let down 

from third floor to yout room by 
way of the hole on the side of the 
water pipes of your clothes hamper. 
Check with your third floor neigh- 
to discover the culprits. 
Weleome Bcicl:? 

e X^ when iTay ho^°S^ 

:e hospital and back wi.h ^ 

Highland A' 

April 28, 

Jflihville War 

Miss Lea Served 
As Accountant, 
Dean, Registrar 

-hen MiM '!^a c^c 

to South 

iinior College, is Sou 

hetn Mis 

rough by 

ing the books for th 

e College 

h-inT'^om^ classes, 

nd being 

strit part of the time 


e ot four years later 

ed to Union College 

where sh 





isutet for the Bible 

School i 

half years 

SA Senate Experience 
Necessary for Leadership 

SA Secretary Loves Horses, 
Music, Hiking, and Tractors 

irammatically speakinj 

spportunity to flex one's 

chairman, but the exp 
mitt« leadership will | 

Faculty Men 
Entertain Women 
At Annual Event 

College Faculty Salaries Up 
According to NEA Survey 

SMC Business Club Visits 
Chicago During Vacation 

lard of Trade. Th 
slem of bargainin 
■■ and sellers had bee 

Nursing Division 
Reveals Awards 
Of Scholarship 

iTsdl "" ""'"' '^*'"' °^ ^^°' ' 

proficiency in sludj-. loyilty (o pi 

leadetJhip <,ualities. 

The W. D. aikins Student „. 
Inc Ywt Awitd of tl50. presented 

Teacher Education Department 
Honors NCATE at Banquet 

Man Called Peter' 
Nets Dorm $342 

picture, "A Mjn Qllcd 

ly before his pi< 
f the United Stalt 

:»ro pit that day. Tlieif 6nget pric. 
iignib, the speedf ticker tape anc 

"Ihosc bad; home" were highlights. 
Chicago Federal 

lilk that had come through th.„ 
lay. Tivo or three looked pretty 

Sears, Roobucl 
e played host to o^ 

EMC Visit 
Sabbalh was spent on Emminiie 
i^iisionary College-s lovely cam piu 

:. Mad, din 

s full professors— the range foi . . 

18.000. Only 2 pet cent of fi " 
rofessors earn tJut ot more. T 
ledian for college presidents 
15,375. although two are reported 
' be as high as S-IS.ODO and 1 
;r cent fall below $10,000. 
Nearly four out of five collegi 

/in all'distributioa 

cographical distribution of t 
y, 58,107. reported in the F 

ind scr^'cd by the 

Lcluded the intro- 
iting membcR of 


r Edu. 

eriddress, MJss Colliei 

imunity, and the growing, 
following Miss Collier, Dr 

y OIlie Mae M( 
illcn G. Whit 

hat SMC faculty 

SMC Graduate Jack Bohannon 
Is Appointed to Iran Service 

After Mr. Bohinnon was gradu- 
cd by SMC in 19S7, he attended 
c Seventh-day Adventist TTieoIogi- 
I Seminaiy at Washington, D. C, 
.d received the M.A, in Practical 

also pfcsident of his high schoc 

; Bohannons are scheduled to 
July. They will study the language 

College Days 

Southern Missionary College 

April 22-24. 1962 
All are Invited to attend. 

Friday Suniot, April 27 


isionaty College, Collogodalo. ' 


Division Plans 
Special Week 
For Fine Arts 

ind Situfday night pro. 

from SMC's 

in iUustraMd 

day diipel will 

art ItOuce by Ptof. Gcotge Kiess 

of the University of Chattuioogi 
Friday night, the CoUegiitc Chi 

Satunlay night, a &ne arts nw 

be presented. It will be a panoram 

dale Orchestra under the ditecti' 


SA Stresses 'New Look' 
In College Days Program 

of academy ant 

Student Elections Include 
Burnham, Coolidge for Accent 

April 17, the SMC student body 

phoraore biology major. 

Dr. Christensen 
Elected to Board 
Of National Group 

ition of 
i, on Decembci 

c Board. Dr, Oti 
fcssion of Religic 
piagcs at SMC a 

eatcd post of 5 

Ih and Lab 
and labor 

cssec, was selected to head up 

Public Relations 
Chairmanship of the public rela- 

,ty to apply s 
id creativity. 

II depend on today's cduc; 
signed with each visiting 

Symphony Orchestra 
Will Make Debut MavJS 

Senior Class 
Plans Outing 
At Cumby-Gay 

which is in Georgia. 

Friday afternoon will be i pleas- 
ant minute of pitdiiojj oanp, vati- 

ing. Vcspets a 

^aun^ (^^4tice euid "putwie 

2 full benefit they 

like, a fear of the 

higher education, or just plain wonde 

we invite you, the high school and acat 

hold for you. 

The goal of College Days is to paint a true pic 
of SMC, including every phase of student life from si 
and work to play. To this goal, the administradon and 
dents are striving through the efloris of the Student Set 

You have gone through one day of the eventful week 
end already and have, no doubt, begun to form some basic 
opinions of SMC. We hope you have, but reserve room to 
form the real opinion when you have finished this day, be- 
cause this day is geared for you, the information seekers. As 
you observe the college and all its offerings, you will 
definitely find the program that will best help you to make 
that dream come true, if indeed you have one. 

The teaching staff are well trained in their specific fields 
and are appointed with much thought and study as to the 
contributions they would give to this college and to the 
students who choose to be well educated here. The purpose 
is to develop a well-rounded individual rather than one who 
is lopsided in any of the three forms; body, mind or soul. 

You have seen the growing physical plant — the addi- 

year the new shopping center, and in the near future a new 
church, gym, administration building, and eventually a new 
campus will be molded. This is a progressive college and 
its students arc likewise progressive. 

The Student Association will be your voice in the af- 
fairs of the college's advance towards the future with the 
students' best interests in mind, If you choose to attend SMC 
you will be part of tliis united strive towards ser%'ice ; 
maicly to perfection. 

If you choose to cast your lot with SMC, you 
dude yourself in a heritage that no man will be ashamed of. 
It dates back to the years of struggle by strong 


News Notes 

with I 

t faith in God. 

With only four shoi 
an alumnus of this insd 
the world. 

year-steps, you will find yourself 

The opportunities are all here for you. Now it is 
oice and your future. As you read the eight pages of this 
wspapcr, se«ions of which ate featured for you, we ' 
u will dedde that this SMC is the place for you. 



Celltgid.l., T.nniiia. 



S.U. B,d 

Fnlurc Ediior 

Co„ Auijiu, 

Buiincu Minie«t 


"Siisid'sSH" '"'■'°' ^"" «* 

EdiiorUl Miaei 

irniiii tiS^'i^ 

TOdcowe, SeMi<n^f 

ably be living 
here in Talgc. 

Roy "Atlas" Caugh 

life in Talge in- 

hLth shidio and slime 

teresting, varied. 

a group of "the faithful 
every night to follow 

"DofiMt C'OtaittofiAeAt 

By Sandra ELUorr 

"«»« 1"PP'°"1 

umn. Thi, tin, 

while looking fo 

.)• 01 moihc, 

Dianne Liije 

that she was in 

down, utd the 

Iowa At Ihc 

tieh. one, Di.n 

ne's ingenious mint 

point of diitcess. 

mote efficient man- 


net of getting 

the tight bin was 

CollegcdaJc by 

this way she « 

uld save both time 

some helpful po. 

■nd enetgy. Son 

ehow, things didn't 

Re/igious News Notes 

: TTie Soviet Union distributed 

Washington, D, C, his been ap- 

1 long-playing records of 
Testament will be com- 

Dc. Dwight C. Smith, gene 

elfliy of the John Ktiiton i 

ciety. The first two records, covcci 

nd pamphlets, and r 

itside. Judy decided to let ( 
'0 come in. After doing so. 1 
other cat showed a desire to lea- 
> Judy let her out. After a tin 

Ltil she had brought three kilts 

lard, they are still there, the dt 
;rks attending them. 

A few of us are still wondcri. 

c some rathet adventurt 
; down here who hav 

she con- 
, of old 

and lechu^c 

ctickcR to eat while waiting on 
50mc datk, lonely, untraveled high- 
way for a nice, friendly truck driver 

is thirsty, when really the voltage 
regulator has expired. Even with 
all of this happening, the girls de- 
cided that the trip was well worth 
I have a 
ted counting the seconds until 

ind Linda have already 

dentally, the trip to &)llege 
that car trout 
. Juli Wak 

girl, Cindy, and Mrs. Tliu 
(our dean) little boy, Diji, 

Waelc of Prayer 
•[ Prayer conducted by Elde 

tas graduated from Collcged:! 
Academy. His college days wej 
ntecnipted while he spent thrt 
■ears with the U. S. Array Air Fori 
i a flight surgeon's assistant. He 
. graduate of Southern Missionaj 

Tiity of Chicago, Texas Chri 

Georgia-Cumbetland Conferenc, 
College fo 

iurc everyone gained a rich spiriti 
blessing from his presence here. 

New Pianos 
10% above cost 

Wilson Brothers Piano Co. 

McKee Baking Company 

^r Little Derbies 

Helping ov.r ninoly tl 
Phone 39t-2451 


College Bindery Underway 
With New Machines, Methods 

completely finished and ii 

design, enabling the bindery to keep 

Physics Department 
Presents Papers, Theories 

Foundation grant of last spring, are 
desaibed in these reports. 
Paper Preienled 
A paper was presented at the 
Tallahassee meeting of the South- 
eastern Section of the American 
Physical Society on April 6. The 

ind Atom Density Distributioi 
Low Current DC Metallic Ar< 

rerned calculations done on ii 

have in an electric discharge; 

tions. do 

College I 

initiated 3 
experimental data we 
(hence the terms "B 
Analysis of the cala 
done by Bob Shipmao 

SA to Stage 

land of tnake-bciievc 

re dreams come true 

:15 P.M.. immediately following 

ling worship. 

mt.wiU watcher mai 

tart the day in her mate-believ. 

. -nie 

sticol tour 



The script, done partly in verse, 
is written by Susan Boyd and Ron- 
lid Watson. The backdrop, utiliz- 
ing special blacklighting effect, is 

iooil Symposium on SpectroKOpy, 
be held at Afaryland University 
une 18-22. It describes the "Ftont- 

mdy, 1 


IcReynolds, Bill 

lumbers, and Jii 

OlCOtt helped make the measun 

J Mundy and Ronald Numbers 
litJed ■■Tempt 


nal of the Optical Society of 

in the type of 

the Tallahassee n 

Students in the physics pi 


The bindery has the latest 

3 books a day, the binder 

on. The first two mailings w. 
x>ut 1^000 apiece and were < 

iem to send books for te-bindin 
Tlierc are 12 people in the cri 
: the present time, and books coi 

The Chattanooga Public libru 
: well as SMC's library, his be 
tiding books regularly. 

md caJls by management ■ 

CoUcgedale Bindery tepre 

SMC Offers Nine Divisions 


piojMs bong earned on such as a. J ; \,' -fj- 

Natural Sciences- Mathematics 

the biology, chemistry, physics, and 
mathematics departments. The ob- 

dents participating in the Physics 
Research Project The mainobject 

of manganese transition probabili- 

American Physical S 


ire essentially three types of courses 

First wc find the general or sur- 
vey type. These courses are popular 

another orbit?). A paper (co-au- 
Ihorcd by two students working on 
the project) is now being written 

a grant from the Na 
Foundation, the phys 
recently bought seve 

SMC, Dr. Hefferlip has written, 
usually with shidcnt aid, six papers 
which have been published in pro- 
fessional journals and presented 

project. One of the 

is capable of giving 
pcratuies of up to 60, 

dent teaching. The 
Collegedale Elementary School, the 
Collegedale Academy and publi 

the Collegedale, Tynec 

ned for use. This 
opportunity foi 

, auTubjLct.. N 

is educational 

history of Latin America. \ 

iog field or do further study in 

sylvanii. New York and the N( 
England slates will be offered. T 
other begins in June of this year and 
isatourof the South. It will touch 
all the states south of the Ohio 
River and east of the Mississippi 
cept Florida. Tht ' 

SNEA Club the b 

When choos 

np V 

IK life 


:«p in mind « 

at th 


SQmct ihiouih 



The head 3 


Mthnent is D 


11 be 



normal psydiol 






physial edaoh 


ould bo 

ns n 





miHccs. A fan 



IS t 

be appointed to 


cal ed 



nt. Also the teach 


the phy 

cs department. 


are looking fo 

the cita- 

ct of a stimulatiri 

ite in the right place. The 

tion has 

doubled in size 



-X-Ray, -opton 

etty, -lab 


ian, -pharmacy 



-dental hyg.ene 

e bulletin 


you-U be taking 
the chemistry c 

a second 

So with 

your creative th 

ging 6eld and t 

that w 

our be- 


g technical futu 
market and you'l 

not only 

be able 

finii a good po 



len pre-ptofessiwial and pre-Icch- 
of fields. Tbtse open Ibe wiy foi 

The college is prepared to co- 
opente with studcnb desiring lo 

miv be choseo- 

cntnucc detmnds that a 
; flvcrafiC in nituril sd- 


Dental School of 1 

I plan to 
coUegc work. 

Id plan to lake three years 
r at Southern Miiiionary C 

pre-iiw pro, 
to meet di- 

i others acacdited 
nal Assodibon of 
- Schoob, Students 

flint average of 1,0 
n midence at SMC, 

of SMC. and tha 

two yran'of eoltege wort 
entering *c professiona 

Lyceum Program 
Will Be Film. 
'Sun Comes Up' 

Up,- will 

CoUcge on 

ers and many others that thi 


Organist Group 
Visits Campus 

he Collegiate Chorale, directed 
js. Dorothy Ackcrman. 

1 University; Mr. Ortljp, di- 
■ of the Chattanooga Boys' 

Loma Linda Research Shows 
Influenza-Fallout Relationship 

; Energy Comr 
a scries of ex] 

refully measured radia- 

iffering dosages of coj 
Station on the animal 
^cls of irradiation we 

of e\7W5ure to the Cobalt-60 

n explanation for the markedly 

The irradiated mice had few- 
mice which had received the largest 
dosages of irradiation had no de- 
tectable antibodies to resist the dis- 

was presented by James J. Qui!- 

SMC Operates Varied Industries 

Patronize Our Advertisers 

Detamore Evangelistic Team 
Completes Week of Prayer 

OSU Chemist 
Visits Campus 
On NSF Program 

Dr. W. T. Uppiotott of tl 

Visiting Seniors Are Involved 
In Full College Days Schedule 


'" """'its student 

tivitiei. The "New Look' 
College Dap" wi; 


igly intellectual and acaderai 

SMC ( 

1 the work progra 
litin. Followine tl 

silted of a devotional period pr 

The CoUege B( 
nd high schi 

place of the traditioniJsaibed wj 

day evening progt 
executive officcts 
ited the quiz progr 

lel of 3C3d< 

each department will 

Jnal opportunities and daiS 

class, will I 
Mr. C. ] 

jndy, president of the scnioi 

President C. N. Rees Becomes 
1009tli Person to Sign Pledge 

vill be held in room 

'ood Hall. 

It 1:00 Monday aftec- 

be held in Lynn Wood Hall Chapel, 
lions regarding any aspect of SMC 

the field of history will want to 
participate in a tour of historical 
aattanooga, Monday. 1:00-6:00 

with the area surrounding SMC and 


lary College. Collegedale, Tennessee, May 14. 1962 

13 Freshman English Students 
Win $600 from Pen League 

aid winner of SlOO 
;arhart. author of a 

Social Science 
DivisSon Plans 
History Tour 

the group will visit Old I 
Jackson's Hermitage; the S: 

: Brigham ' 
ion elders fa 

,d on p^se . 

Ronald Duska, Mary I 

in Hayes, Chick Hod 
jean Sue lUick. John Leach, Rid 

, S30; 2nd, $25; 3id, 

ded is double length. . 

ript accepted for publication, 
ges participated in the 1962 wr 

Five Students Represent 
SMC at NEA Convention 

Five SMC students, Barbara Benson, CandisReibet, Susan Boyd, Ha2el Hauck,Diai 
Tennant, and Mrs. G. B. Dean, sponsor of tbe group and associate professor of educati 
represented the Southern Missionaty College chi 
Education Association 
College, Friday, April 

Seniors Honored by Faculty; 
Hyde Is Emcee at Banquet 

if student membei 
in held on the campus of Austin Peay State 
dci cbe direction of tbe Tennessee Education Association. 

SA Delegates 
Attend Council 
Meet at SWJC 

,--five delegates from eight 
workshop was held April 

extra-oirricuJat act 
Seveoth-diy Adven 

y of a shident leader, 

; delegates voted to contim 

tercollegiate workshop, whii 

tending the -w-orkshop from 
lero Missionary College iv 

Band Finishes 
Tour Season 

Carolyn Wilkinson Is Chosen 
SMC's Secretary of the Year 

Sfini^ OHct StucUf 

The [ime of judginenc is drawing near for all SMC 
students. This has become evideni with the fact that v 
two weeks the collegians will be engrossed In final e 
nations for this semester. This event will close the school 

The time to make it a successful ending is right i 
however. SMCiies should be rallied to that not-so-wclM 
task of reviewing so the last days won't find them indul| 
in that not-so-cood task of cramming. 


:e near the border line. And 

every student the satisfactory writing of the final e.\amina- 
Qs is of extreme importance. 

Undoubtedly collegians aie inversely attraaed to term 
aers because over 75% of the "ordinary students" pro- 
the ultimate before starting their treasured 
s." However, these are the days of the end for 
papers because the profs are eagerly awaiting their 

1 degree the scholai 
blossoming ability and progress. 

To walk into the library and see students diligently 
ludying, who you know are not very applicable 

age-old process of learning, is perhaps the strongest sign 
of the nearness of the semester's completion, along with thp 
evet-growing pilgrimages to the library. 

If you re one of the last-day group, join the pilgrimage 
to the library and the rally to tevi 

) youi school 


;4 ^ia^ 'P'u^duct 

As a class projea, the members of the class in copy- 
editing, under the direction of Dean W. H. Taylor, have 
brought you this edition of the Southern Accent. 

Reporting, copyediting and layout procedures have given 
the class first-hand experience in newspaper organization — 
another advancement in the growing department of com- 
munications at SMC 

As acting edii< 
given by the 



Colltgidil., T.nngiit* 



'^a'Hot';'E^vidM:ili^""" ^"^^ "^'""' ^^'"'"'' 


Bu„no. Mmigci 

Bdiiwid Ad.iwf 

Wliliim H T.ilo, 

Lef f er . ■ . 

Reader Urges Mo: 
Mature Acting 

walking oul 
ling to find 

slightly de- 

ihe co.t of paying 
it (or rc-air) the 
; charged by some 

thing certiin— HE SHOULD 
BE ACCEPTED (or re -icce 
FIVE YEARS. This woult 

History Tour for Credit 

fConlinueJ from p.,ge 1. col. !J 

n Moalgomeiy, Alaba 

dents will stand od the 

where JefFerion Divis took 

.f the Cc 

fiMt and second while houses 
of thr Confederacy are on the list 

">avis was captured by Union 

In Virginia the class will visit 
Jamestown. YorkCown, Williams- 

ug, Richmond and Appomattox. 

They will go to "My Old Ken- 
tucky Home," where they will see 
■' ■ sic used by Stephen Foster 

iano on which he worked out th 

dian mounds, pioneer homestead; 
museums, mansions, and mihiac 
parks. All in all. it is planned to b 
- ridi and rewardine esDcrienc 
id a pica 

: cost is 5226.00 pe 

^ffta^ctte/ %^ TOat&if 

Residence Hall 

^euc c^ t&^ TH^Miitf "Daot 

u been at work again, for nestled 
lugly in the very cenler of the 
ience building's red lulip bed lies 

art, Sandra Vinson and Donna 


This is a notice to all plant lov- 

; chlorophyll aod yout plants art 

in by my roommate, Judy Fowler. 

restoring your plant to health 


; Tenoant has a dragon egg. 
thenticity of the find is doubtful, 
ow a full study of the find, but 

n some people's skin, or might 

Terry McComb Is 
Runner-up in 
ATS Contest 

ing, McComb declared that many 
young people today are committing 

)irecloc of Guidan 
:c.urt, District of Co 

J. V. Scully, ditectoi 

By Betty Jane Faij. 

Freeman Completes Career 
Of Full Service on Campus 

on, ■"Spring has sprung.' 
:ing we've got down hen 
1 leak. Wcdida't want to bi 
[ from Collegedalc, so w 

1 Lambeth how she 1 
burglir. beca. " 

nenlion of the words "Junt 
,he roukes little wild nois 
;tins from ear to wr. ^1 
vhifs so special about Junt 
rhat wcddins dress she's 
n May just might have SOD 

Speaking of wedding 

Hold Picnics 

Freeman Noted 
For Sincerity, 

Dean Schilling 
Final Lecturer 
In SA Series 

Southern Missionary College p 
1 the third in a series of s] 
xturcs on "Our World— 1 
id Tomorrow" Sunday, May 

, Harold K. Sehilling, d< 
c Graduate School of Pe 
University, spoke on "Sciei 
; World of Tomorrow." 
. Schilling's graduate work 
I the field of physics. He waj 


of physic 

held May 

of the fre 
te picnic. Appro 

diss and Dr. 

ivities included 
IB and horseback 

ncoln, Nebraska, bef( 

from Ai 
igan, and Mr. John N. Pc 
general managing editor ( 
CbailiMooga Daily Timet. 


Putt Putt Golf Course 

'•Pull your troubles away at the Putt Putt" 

For the best in outdoor relaxation and fun 
play Putt Putt at the golf course at 

S991 Brainerd Road 
Chaftanooga, Tennessee 

If this ad is presented at our course 

by May 19, 1962, 
It will entitle you to One FREE Game. 

Wilson Plans Group Bicycle Trip 

Thurmon Begins 
Bible Lectures 
In Red Bank 

Bible lectures in Bed 1 
first topic was "Tiie Sec 
ing of atisl." 

Cloud Cathedral, at 33: 
Blvd. A special feature ■ 

nightly ffom Tuesday, M 

College will serve as i 


s each week, free B 

,f SMC. Elder 

ighl-wcifiht r 
rtal Conferer 

participants hav 
Eighty Adventisl 

>f natural beauty such a 

uiport the food, camping ei)uip- 
nt, clothes and ill miscellaneous 

ist Church ai 
high-energy require 

Dr. Smith Participates 
On Nursing League Panel 

Chorale Presents 
Special Concert 
Of Sacred Music 

if Mr. Dorothy Aderman, bcfi.m 
vorks. ■'TTie Almighty" by Schu- 

jit, "My Jfiu" by I 

Keepers of the Springs Elect 
Officers for Next Year 

Mililred Spe 
Mrs. Jean Jm 

: monthly, 
ip of Mrs. ] 

rceived from 
,°onghont the 

Read Serves on Committee 
For Soutiiern Association 

SMC Sympliony 
To Give Concert 

Itrymood Kootli, will 

Lumc Logan and J. 

A&W Root Beer 

McKee Baking Company 
'"•" Little Debfaies 

Holping o,., nin.l, ,t„J,„h lo ,„„ ( w.y Uroujh tolle,.. 

Phone 396.2451 -:. CoFlegedale, Tenn. 

Fine Arts Division Stages 
Final Program of Special Week 

lUegedile Orchestra, played the 

ty Land." was pcrfonned by the 
One section was completelf 

Dr. George Kress 
Of UC Speaks at 
Fine Arts Chapel 

sity of Chattanooga, preser 
The Wednesday chaptl ; 

aktan folk dance; and Elaine Ar 
leison and Shaion Ulloth played ; 

Iwo upper divjiion musi 
115 were featured at the 
lapcI. James Lirabeth performed 

Barber Shop 

House of Beauty 

ight and a policeman. "Sounds" of 
he city were depicted by John 
trickland against the backdrop of 

. with Carl Sandburg' 
^m the People, the 

:onlrolled the lighting for I 

Dr. James Riggs 
Of La Sierra 
To Do Research 

le SMC phys 
:re this summ 

lent (Physics 

ipectfoicopy w 
ing to participat. 

molecular spcctroscopy- 
Kk in the specialties, 
RiRRS and of Dt. Hcf- 


Commencement Exercises Are 
Next Weekend for 61 Seniors 

Davis Is Dean of Students 
As Taylor Takes New Post 

pital, wtU officii 
Ijinilia ind re 

Science Academy 

Grants $150 

For Physics Work 

cl«s ate as follows (in- 
mmet graduates) :_ Ac- 

Upsilon Delta Phi 
Elects Pitman 
And Reese 

Men of the Upsilon Delti Phj 
eA were: Tui Pitman, president; 

New SA Officers Installed 
At Special Convocation 

President Rees Announces 
Current, Future Personnel 

Kovalski hieads 
Seminar Group 
For Next Year 

Gary Randolph; pu! 
secretary. D, " " ■ 

Diryl Meyers; song lead- 
irganjst. Martha 
Sharon Ulloth. 

sophomore theology student 

I, a sophomore theology nu 

xiniS and Miss Ulloth, t 

joring in music, are from U( 

y. Tcnn., and Fletcher, N. 


■Tlic officers met recently and 

/c begun making plans for 

; staff of Columbia Union ■ 
Washington, D. C, when 
been teaching history 

sity of Maryland. 
■. Aibcrt Wescott will joi 
)logy department in Seplen 
jrrently. he is completing t} 

Springs, Midiigan, will join th 
staff on July 15 lo become engine. 
' e physical plant of Souther 
nary College. Coslerisan h; 

tridan. Mr. air 
CSS manager of I 

ill constrection i 
;neral diarge of I 

:al plant _ 

and she 

hiatr'ic section of the co 
lursing program. 
Miss Mary Waldron jocf 

SA Supports 
New Church 
With $200 Gift 

itjon pre 

a $200 check t 

1 brief chapel . 

ppr^ad'o'Tand backing of SMC 

/i J.<vtfc 7<!W^ 

be formed theit Image 2 

vich SMC. Through this bridge will 
id opinions of the school. These 
s have but one soluuoa, and that is in absolute 
factualiiy. Faauality in a college newspaper should be di 
&ned as the power, 

honesty, to propel and advise, 
year's SouTHi 

NT will be different 
)n. This is as it must 
produa of the 

from this year's is a foregoni 
he, for a college paper represents 
bined imagination, initiative and ii 

Elimination of the dormitory columns will help release 
space for activities of general interest. By substituting a gen- 
eral interest campus column in their place, the collegiate at- 
mosphere of the campus will be more corrcaly conveyed to 
the reader. 

In planning the 1962-63 ACCENT budget, we have made 
provision for each student to mail tii-o subscripcions off 
campus. This will serve to broaden the readership and 

The staff for nest year's ACCENT has been^scleaed with 
a careful eye on their jouinali 

of the paper is not won by the singular masterful sttoke, but 
rather by the seemingly insignificant details consistently and 
correctly executed. Of these details journalistic competence 
stands as foremost. 

Our overall editorial policy is given to us by the apostle 

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, what- 
soever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, what- 
soever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, what- 
soever things are of good report; if there be 
if (here be any praise, think on these things." Ephi 

Next year I guarantee no faultless, no infallible papi 
but I do promise my dedication 

. Yes. now is the time tc 

blank into an envelope £ 

, Accent. Collegedale, Tennessee. Have ihe 1962- 

I 1943 Accent in your home and office every two 

I weeh. Gei the Southern Accent now. 

I Name 

I Address^ 

, City 





lien, Sgu«h.,„ Mi 

[M.fv Coll.g. 




Tiio^l g"«t rI 

Lfdi. Saundtri, Dan. 
"Chic EdgrDOd, Diannc 

Will- ^ il T"^ 

News Notes 

Only one more wtefc, a 

Miss Baldwin Honored SA Had its Beginnings 

Under Dr. Am 

irose Suhrie 

,U£ht to t 

^^,5S Mildred Bildw n third and 

The program honoring M 

fouith giade teacher at the A W 

Baldwin wis presented by the tcaci 

Spild ng EkmenUry School -ms 

etn Missionary College under I 

direction of Dr. K. M. Kennedy or 

ing. The program was in the Col- 

Mis. Marian Simmons. 

lege Auditorium at 8:00 P.M. 
Tributes were paid hei by former 

were 'L" members of the^Shfde 

nupib and present pupiU. 

National Education Associati 

She received gifts from Southern 

chapter. These future teachers de 

jnd School Association of Birmine- 

with a teacher's pledge and pray 

brolher Joseph; flowers and con- 

Previously, she taught five years 

tt^fF members of the A. W. Spild- 

Birmingham and seven years in ^ 

Moblle, where she taught. 

she received a diploma from Sou 

, a graduate of SMC, 
is the master s degree 
kersi^ of Chattanooga. 

WSMC-FM Completes a 
Successful First Year 

By John Vogt, WSMC AUnag^r 

unlU a satisfactoi 

it needless. This 

—will be expected to gi 

of die Senate no doubt 
■ upheld during college days, 

Jowing few practia 
oadening of ihi 

liefs, wishes and philosophy to the 
student body. 


Elder Thurmon 
Begins Lectures 
In New Air-Tent 

lunday night. May 6, Elder Ro 

proud ot 
lege. 1 h 

Memories' Staff Dedicates 
'62 Yearbook to Kennedy 

Don Thought That Next Time 
Things Would Work for Him 

Max Rojas Wins 
First in ATS 
Essay Contest 

Cooper Accepts Assistantship 
At the University of Maryland 

Coltegedale ATS 
Activities for "62 

nt of the SMC chapter 
'or the pist two jeits S^ 

)5. sues number of pi 
various ATS activitie tt 
5 321,335 in COmpari n 

Alms, Objectives 
Of New SA 
For Next Year 

A numbei of coole 

Invited to Sing 
At Hendersonville 

me Southernaires quartet of 
Southern Misiionaty Coll=|e has 
b^n invited b^r Elder H. V Leggett 
of Hendersonville, N. C 
for the opening meeting 
eelistic series to begin J 

for SMC. ' 
emies and 

Florida, ^ 

Accent Editor-Elect Burnham Has 
Interests in Printing and Bicycling 

W^llfini. hv the Fine Arts ChaDcl his staS for next veit. "I have a another 'A' "' was his peisonal ra 

life expectancy of I 
■ : continued, "if I' 
spended by then. 

!cs, and now lives in La Cre 
, California. He attend. 
h school and academy at Glei 

ear. He has ma 

ical difficulties. 

Physics Department Offers 
Special Courses and Events 

Sigma Theta Chi 
Elect Officers 
For 1962-63 

Academy Review 

Jlivadoti, "Two Moods" by Gnin 
Home" and "Battle Hymn of t 
Carol Schmidt. JoAnn Cooper, Ju 

ist; Marilyn 
e new girls' 

Liddk of the . 
Two portable tele 

oald r 

■sang "Lazy Maty, 

n. The girls were i 
of them as cnergeti 

vclty folk son 
n was concluded 

Sanitary Dry Cleaners 

is vtry helpful. 

iai secies of films, 

through Mrs 
mar)- use of 

—from ocea 

rng taken calculus ant 
sics wUI be eligible tc 

NASA George C Maish; 
ight Center (formerly Re_ 
rsenil) early in the fall of 

tions of 


nt leade 








hill be. 

rue the V 

itted— b 


ly for 




Owner & Operator 

McKee Baking Company 
- Little Defies 

Helping over ninety stue 

Phone 396-2451 

;ration between the faculty and the 
itudent body. . . ." When one real- 

meetings of the administrative o 


ere of the Student Association 

Means to Organ'no 

". . . And to provide a me, 

whereby students may organize 


partidpate effectively in those fu 

affect theit social, economic, physi- 

are." Many students are capable 

ollege if given the opportun 


They may help by participating 


mittees which directly affect the v 

ire of the student body. As 


gain insight to the problems 


exist, relations between faculty 

college where stadents h-ive acci 


ed the responsibility given them 

live faithfully aided in the un 

akings of the college. 

Other phases might be menh 

ed but one principle should be 


fulfilled that a strong Student A 


cnefit the individual student which 

SMC Board of 

Trustees Plans 
for Next Year 

The Be 

ltd of Twslccs 


era Miss 

«,it>- College (T 

ct Miy 

10 lo m 

ike plans for nc 

xt yen. 

Tlie folli 


result of the meeting: | 

wU! be leaving 

ulty and 

going to the We 

St Coast 

:jmily. Professoi 

principal of th 

W. Spalding Elerocntaty 






ued from p^g^ 3. 



Dwcr of 

ind Irui 

rniOcr on (he hil 



nor^en b^"^i 


With this 


undoubtedly cover the cnh 


to obtain 

sufficient funds, 


means of creaii 

g good 



cut this 

mmn,er. Maj- 27 

will be 

toadoat evening 


S'tiSl' «hen 



uility progriimming to its 1 

SMC Wins 6 of 11 Awards 
In Advanced Pen League 

Florence Culpoo, r. 

1 in collaboration 
Sinitaium and 

k of Lynn Wood Hall. 

New Senators Inaugurated 
By Outgoing Colleagues 

atds given for a total of 

was won by Judy Edw; 
Bd awards of $35 

loldco and Jean Schmidt.) Nine Seventh-day Advcntist col- 
leges paiticipited in the 1962 writ- 
ing leigae. A total of 29 awards 

ying an award of $15 each, 'wen 
von by Marjorie Sue Temples anc 

nslriiclor Pen League. SMC st 
;cceptables for a total of 35 man' 

Forty-Six Seniors Placed 

inference; Sandra Collier, Geor- 
1 Public School System; Betty 
avis, Florida Conference; Sandr.i 
liott, Southern California Con- 

Jth Lut2. Southern California Con^ 
fence; Ollic Mae MeBs. Southern 
ilifomii Confctence; David Patk- 
. Oicasapeakc Conference; John 

Nuning Placemi 
- ""ni"S vocation 
g ten of SMC 
■ graduating into tl 

to enter hospital adminisitativc work 

Marolyn MiUcr has been called 
lo Mount Pisgah Academy as dean 

in Lauren ceburg, Tennessee, Joe 

finding her way to Washington 

Book and Bible Houk in Chntlotte, 

Sanitarium and medical records 

North Carolina. Eugene Anderson 

nto business for himself in the 

Atlanta, Georgia, for Eugene's fa- 

produce line. Bill Mundy is enler- 

ng Vanderbilt University for grad- 

psrtnership with a public account- 

uate work in physics and math. Pau 

sity of Southern Califoraia for 

Service in Nashville, Tennessee. 

jraduate work in Spanish. Kenneth 

Benny Mooce is going into public 

itraw will be enrolling in die Uni- 

versity of Tennessee for graduate 

taking up accounting work in the 

work in accounting. Doug Bredah 

Soulhcra California Conference of- 

will be taking postgraduate wort 


to meet pre-med re<iui rem cuts. 

Paul Holden Receives 

$10,000 NDEA Scholarship 

recently designated senior English 

ucation Act. 1,500 scholarships lead 

ing to a doctor's degree are awardei 

a SlO,000 language scholarship. 

each year in the field of languages to 

The scholarship, administered un- 

promising college seniors. The on!) 

der the National Defense Edua- 

stipulation to the scholarship is tha 

the recipient must become a college 

graduatc training leading to a Ph.D. 

instructor in the field of languages 

in the field of Spanish. Holden will 

on the completion of his Ph.D 

be attending the University of 
Southern Qlifornia, which will 


waive all tuition and fees during 

the three-year period while he is 


working on his doctor's degree. He 

will be majoring in Spanish and 


rainoring in Portuguese. 

H^^^K 'S^l 

Language Specialist 


with°i i^joTin Engirshwd min""i 


in Spanish, German and religion. 


He will spend the summer studying 


Spanish at the University of Mexi- 

co in Mexico Gty, prior lo his en- 

trance at the University of South- 

em California this fall. 

In addition to having tuition and 
fees waived, he will receive a living 


expense stipend of S350 per month, 

^^^^^K^^r ^^H 

for eaih succeeding year. 

P..I H<,ld.»