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The Pathway 

to Maturity 



.1. M.ii 

"I'fc.oikLciihdr, 1 

' 1 



k^'r-'i i.'r.c'iirii'.huH' 

UpJiurch > 




Physics Project 
Eliminates Bugs 


be '' h IJ ' 


Stoie Cools Off 

cn.l, implimtnud k, .k Ctlk 

Dictcl Named 


Rees Helps Build Houses 
with Windows of Gold 

Baasch Injured! 

Elder Henry E. Baasch a 
sisLant professor of religion a 
southern Missionary College 

lutomobile accideni in G 
[nany, where he has been \ 
ing and working with e a 

Elder Baasdi has n 
pus and hopes 

. Mrs. Cha 
rage as high as e 

Yumpin' Yupiter^ 

Ve Bane Gone toScandanavia ' 

President Speaks 
In First Chapel 

Editorial . . . 

Don t Come Unless 

Cusiomarilj, the summer issue of the South Ei 

doubtedly you have already read t 
and have found them encouraging. 

Probably "encouraging" is the word, or at 
the words, which most adequately describes the 
Southern Missionary College at the present time, 
that we arc tht fastest growing, most progre 

I. that there will be room for over ili 
e'll have to grow some to fill it. 
mically, take a look at the college 

in physi. 


[ significant to the editors of this paper 

., . d of last year's studenc body, most of 

whom plan to return this coming school year. It has bwn 
several years since the over-all morale of the siudenis li.iv 
been so high: esf^ril de corps is at a new peak and still ri,inu 
Yes, we are looking forward to the best year jet. But ; ■ >u 
won't be here to enjoy it — we don't want you to come 

Let's Burst Red ChiiK 
Propaganda Ballo(ni 

wanting u: 

gain a Chri 
for furthi 

cation in order to better prepare yourself 

,_ in God's work; it means that you really 

e a deep desire to learn by studying with us at Southern 
■lissionary College. 

Wanting us means that you have a goal in life, a purpose 
or existence, and that you want to realize thai goal by 
ludying with as at Soudiern Missionary College. 

nd duties to your fellow man, and that you want to fulfill 
h(nc duties by studying with us at Southern Missionary 

I L nt, with the £\er-increasing challenges of this world 
Miihnut Mmt further fuller acquaintance with your Maker; 
K I, Lan> thji vou ^ani to learn to know Christ beitcr by 
iud\ing with us at Southern Missionary College. 

Vi anting us means other things, too. It mean; that you 
v^ant to live a life of which Christ would be proud; it 
mLjns that *ou ua»l to observe rules because you know thai 

] failed. Do you have the stuff i 

Next Year- 

,nd we have the s 

i Watsf 

assisted by Sandy Lewis in the news editor's chair and Donni 
Dunham behind the featute desk. 

An old Accent standby. Sue Johnson, wili be a rose 
beside a thorn as she heads up the all-important copy 
department, surrounded by make-up editor David Parker. 

lonu lime 51ikc 

liOAST: Unchow and 






complcicd. ScvonJIy, ll't 

j-raducc a high qualil)' pro 
I'.n'how'sTo-olLd moder 

MQ purpk Ihc.r 


..<, 1-ohtJc.illy. 

Al r...,.mj-, Tticiot 


'"lie. jT 'us'i'".' ta 


' •' "■"«'"' 

a i-losc vvilhout being to 

hini^L- Peoplis 

Imntsl .,tal :k, ral s,ln 


"vr'tTrlt'" °L\ 


;,„h"'!'i :-;:!.. »,,. 

;:pk :: ch,n.. 

'r..r CLfilurK^ tilt CliiiH 










le IS ihis ccimpbecnq 
fo. with the people telat 


It IS live thjt u of t,( 

Htpoblic' h»' 'iL'^Z« 

Asiisgtejlestfjite, anit. 


d, thi; P«jplL-s 

once she has minjgi-d lo 
p<«ple. Communist Chinj 


1..S m. cxptTlenccd. "^ 



Redecorated Rooms 


Baleful Biiiiiis 

To fhe WootJs! 
1 h.e, b, lb. 

tel,, bill I 

lell eitetybody si 
sow. P,H, h.s „ 

Sleeping Sirens 

With (bis lo.el, (?| we.tke, we 

Talge Tom- 

More Bald II I 

Back to the Woods! 

binoceUrs svon't wotfc (bat way! Tbere was altrosl a "'] ^^^^^ 
in (bo group wben Norman Ellio(. Tod Edmisiet, and Don i'<^^^ ^.^^^ 
Sadifday nigh( (o go( a refill on food supplies. All '^"'^J^^ „Jd U^ 

found (be 'righl, |(h.y -or. brol.) (bey »"" ''■",*"„b«l( 


She 'las Truly Been 

A "Mother in Israel' 

Au Revoir, Mrs. Dietel 

Bj Mark Thrfis 


4,000 Adventists Meet at Collegedale 
For Annual Conference Camp Meeting 

\TS Takes Survey 


|ui». simple f„l(o, one,. 

.I« -pi-ninj hymn, >,„; 

Agiin," ,. ,h, old 

rophccj- group with Elder H. M. S 

" ■' "^^' spiritual fciil. 
The er,,!,- mornloe deralior,. 
odiei on rhe Alon.menl b, Elde 
V. R. Frenrb. followed b, ln,i 

"MEl'sTEr" CoUjmbus, "III"" "'^h™f"'""'' ""^ ''""^ '" 
"" mornine mccnnj^; El- \ jn iheTrlfh^he ie^'ivlf orThe'"'"^ J^ Plly""!. menial, and sp'irk- 
"nrl'l e"Io'°l'"n,n''''!oi'''' ' '^ Toi bi^nSred S"' """'"* "°' 

rel) to adiusi tli.ngs to ] SMC ^ 

Christians, Not Technicians 

a phrase that aptly des.riLK 
lined ielf-expr«sion sow, 


SA Stimulates Democracy 

Enrollment Hits An All-Time High 
In SMC's 1959-60 Registration 

Over 575 Enrolled; 
25 Registered on 
Orlando Campus 

presently eneaged in Jtudy ati the 

:rn themselves. Th< 
r ^reat country ha, 
into our hands; we 

Each Student Hat 

on the hS^ 

You will find that here at Soutl 
:m Missionary College you wi 
lear a great deal about "getting I 
mow your God/' This is one c 

aportunity of ficowiog up i 
encc, and becoming a itron 

SMC, Ink 


He concluded by saying. -Rom 
wy of us have the desire to plac< 
,r lives entirely in God's hand- 

: new fields: commun 

by Joana Reich and David 

f?We4^ , , , . 

on the steps of the administration building, look' 
Jy and dejected as a three- day-old pup. He — 
■ r. intr ' 

___ Jo mosi 

it didn't take him I 
was faotnesick. 

She talked about her home in Fiori 
little brother, and all the family pets. Evei 
she was running out of things to be homes 

Perhaps it did her some good to talk i 

it affords young people who are stepping 

ionaiist hopped 

y for themselves in the world 
It wasn't too long before his chic conversai 
up and bounced gaily off to supper looking 

.. „_e had^haif an hour before. 

In thinking about this incident, the editors have drawn 

First of alL why don't more uppetdassmen take time to 
ip and talk with some of die newer students on our campus, 
;ieat many of whom are farther away from home than they 
ve e\'er been before in their lives? Is it that we are so con- 
ned with our class preparations and our programs and our 

Maybe we have forgotti 

wn first siege of hoi 
e"5bould reminisce just a bit and c 
sider how much it would mean to some guy or gal who mis 
Mom and Dad with a purple pass! 


breeze with them for awhile. Aftet ail, we might 
d has been just 

The second lesson the editors have 
this: How soon this work would come 
all as homesick for heaveti as we are for that little cabin 
back in the hills of Carolina, or that cottage on the Florida 

Homesick? Vesl Homesick for heaven! 


/^ SCmfoU ^o^imuia . , . , 

Here you are, standing slightly within the realms of a 
new academic experience. What are your goals? Have you 
set your objectives high with a dcieimination to really ac- 
quire a practical and useful knowledge? Or do you simply 
desire to "get through" by the easiest possible means and 
cram one more year behind you? Now is the time to be 
realinic and put your book knowledge to actual work. 
Now is the time to really prepare yourself socially, and cul- 
turally, as well as scholastically, for life with its complex 

Open up your mind and let SMC do something for you. 
Be alett and reap the blessings and rewards of a Christian 
education. Then, in turn, do something for SMC. Do your 
individual part to make her gfcaL 

Take a firm step this year and renew your faith and con- 
fidence in yourself and in your God. Success in college is 
your responsibility. Work, study, and pray— that's the simple 
formula. Be bold and try it. 


Mmm fmcm 

Registration, New Dean, and Radio Hams 

Annual Picnic at Harrison Bay 
Will Be First Major SA Event 

' 'gcLnOioholdlhcaniiudSMC 

snnuaHy. Don Crane. SA p 

Although the exact id. 

College Officials Are Present 
At Ground-Breaking Ceremonies 

Baasch Recovers, 
Resumes Duties 


Christian Living Is Prayer Week Theme 

A fter i3Yeari JMiiiisterial Association Leader Gives 

Bowen Resigns Position {students view of 'More Abundant Life' 

Davidson Elected Treasurer I ^^^l|^^^HBI ^^M students Get New 

Vision of Saviour 

Fine Arts Present' 
Faculty in Concert 

en<:ollj- known that his he3 

It wm stated by F 

SA Representatives Plan 
Coordinating Trip to Orlando 


i«pL"cd, "aeai 

vtsion-Oura ,s a g 

encration whid 

aTnie eviliurion o 

f life Wilhoo 

\nie penpedivc we 

carmot nuke 


wise nun sud, 

pic penih." Tlie p 


your old men shiil 

dream dreams 

they only ciUfiht a 

v.5,on m ihtMr 

Spirit Challeng 

I Thinking 

"nius. Elder Anc 

enon's solution 

o the problem is. 

•to allow the 

Spirit of God to 

duUcnge ou 

Lillcngcd tbi 

bought of. Hii da] 

of life. He not only appealed to tbi 

Scriptures it 

he light of the CO 

dicions of Hi 

day. He literally ^ 

■ept.away the 

{!f, P^t' '■ C'l- H 

Now that jou arc here, how do you 
beraeen academy days and college, the aver 
the vital question: How to act mature on the college levelj 
Does life on the campus demand a dclinjce higher plani 
; chinking r 

After you graduate? No, you n 

Collegiate maturity is shown in al! phas 
life. It must be displayed scholastically in the i 
study hall. Time muse be well planned and 
promptly. Socially the student must show maturity whet 



9. .!>47.Sd»^pa«,'„,ril!«V, 





'"°' "'".;"::— "" 



-:—z:::~-_ -sas^Vi'TlS 

lUponcn _. 


""'"'"'"■ SsS'tfXt 

Letters . . . 

SA Commended 
On Annual Picnic 

Roommates, Cor Parking, and Picnics 

Maude Jones Hall 

SophomoreS/ Showers, Shrubs 

of dawn doing my 




,oa ei, 

s good ni^hf lo ihac 

c hill, kno,ki»s on d 


nl p 

ing gicji good oight 

a'""' "'>"'■ 

.depho,00 «hich 

s of Iho mind for 

Dr. Hope Hayton Joins SMC Staff; 
Formerly of La Sierra College 

MV Weekend Climaxed 
With Recreational Activity 

Physicists Continue Work 
On Science Research Grant 

U.H KM, Dob MtCo,d, Too, 
H'.llcn and Cvl J>niO. ippomd 
lothMiJ) ,ss«collhc;.«r,,j;./ 

Mel Ross Will Present "Headless Valley' 


nde ^ 


ongul Cave, 316-foo( 


gnm will begin at 8 p.m 


^bc obtained at the SMC 

12— Chap 

!, Ingathc 

ng Organs 




1, Dr. Kon 


16— Chap 

1, Shideni 

16 17— S^ 

C Homec 

ming Days 

17— Dean' 


19— Chap 

n TempEfan 


, United 

und film 

24— Lyceu 

n, Md Ro 

1, film 

n h« purse or something. CJosl 
ookmg Sot hct sodal security card, 

Modem Ccntrapticn 

«v^Ln '™' '"''''"^ ^''> ""^ 
enough lo^dliveaThok:' bird ol 

ll*^'"" *" ^" '' *"" "''' ^""""^ 
nicked into iomc'toig and cnd^'J 

know. I don'l mind this bu 
iud; lo Ihc cubbyhole in ll 

window hollers. -Separate 

' my dishes Scon 

bflSlinm,. D,..F.O.Rit.e„l.o„se, 
Potomac University's President 

lenhouie, iu.t what 

lally, in 1956. at an Educations 

B.D. prognm, which is a Ihree-year 
program in the seminary. 

the present (imc— we are offering 
master's degrees in three fields: 

as rapidly as our resources and d^ 
mands require. 


The physical plant of the univti. 
sily is growing very rapidly. Out 

How long have you been pre. 
ont of Potomac UnivBriity? 
Since June of 1958. The)- ai 

Inquiring Reporter 

Students Like New Accent 


Clark and Hunter 
Are Speakers for 
Alumni Week End 

First Annual SA Fair 
Breaks Campus Tradition 

«mE youth for atii 

"Headless Valley" 
Is Lyceum Film 

«ji So, mlS; io™,™roTsh 

[''«»fupl.i-t .oTlMmr.tas «» 

An Open Letter 

Students Help Coordinate 
Orlando Campus Activities 

ning of the eighth. Although we 
this WIS the only date whl. 

tec ite Syl... Fowler, Jud, I 
Bill Muod,. Ron Piekel. Jon I 

iwn. Jim CulpepiJEt and 

Ingathering Totals 
More Than S6,000 
For Field Day 

I Woes of the Columnist 

whik- pliying miniature golf, de 

Whiit suffered the cold haod of 
I *e other night. While they wen 
the delights of their 

ple«e note. But since sueh . «-,« 
to end Ms mnoseript and star, on 


^SS Tod "'>™SIS.°"o™i 


I have work to do. Just . word of 

Sndl, iMiened up. Also . wot 

"Danfortli Invites 
Grant Applicants 

■'Why Did You 
Come to SMC?" 

any other people rome 1 

jaesLon. 'Why did you a 

' ;„,™ i.,«,/«,(.; I like the high 




Icgcdale. Also. I am very pleast 

to my mind.- 

some's the sWeot" and sve hoi 
that each of you will help us 


The Delfa Restaurant 

Nestell Teaches Math, 

Translates Russian Text 

c Russian language. He has had 
'o years of Russian and at present 

English. A major publishing com. 
pany hlsofferedtopubUshthe took 

Next Week: 

EUerH. M.Tippi 


Social Educatio 



When in Collegeilole oi 
iiast visiting SMC 
Stop ond Rest at 

The Oaks Motel 

Why Can't I 
Hear Like 
Other Kids? 

Passes, Handoffs, Touchdowns 

Press Makes New Additions 
For Safer, Faster Production 

We're on Our 

WAY. . . 

Guider Motor Co. 

YOU will find real 

saved on QUALITY 
merchandise ai 

New Clothing Shop. 

Quality Clolhos make fine 

ior yau by Mkhaol Souther 
All lummer rnorchandiie mu 
be jold AT COST, lo now \% tl 

RnD SU, Brlof*, and S, 
QuBlity Swaatan, -T" Shir 
and FrocVs, ai well ai Blousi 
Sioaingi and Stirtj. 

"Hattie Falcon's 
Clothing Shop" 

potted him in the open ti 

for Gaiy Randolph intercepted o 

1 fine plap and good block- 
n the second half as eich of 

TO THE... 



:iimc Rd. 

3 yds. 


;. It i^Ms well-played all Ihrough 

5l0Qe swept around 

Stone's Line Holdt 

Tlie first half of this Mw nc 
score as toth learas kept theit 

began, BcglcT went through the 

BIG . . . 

Naborhood Drug Store 

00% wool, nylon. vIico«. fror 
J2.75 to (5.00 per sq. yd. 

Ooltewah Barber Shop 

The Best Hair-Cuti 

Neirt to the Drugstore 


^sTCHAt^iey SpgcdShop fNC. 


In Girls' Home 

tal improvements have beer 
ately foe the tesidenls of tht 

former kitchen and bakcrj 
as been converted into spa 

D utilize ali this space it was 
nd of the porch would be an ic 


Henderson and Coleman 


Store Improves, 
Business Increases 
Under Woodward 

"Joker" Will Be Presented 
During Open House Today 

eighl dap wilhMr. Madgwidc'i able time, they seemed very hnp"^ 


Three Seniors for ^Who's Who' 

I November 16 

Denominoiion's Archaeologist Will 
I Be Feotured Guest Speoker Here 

Em-oUment Varies 
I By Conferences 

he Horida, Go.rsi..Cu 

I Former Graduate 
Receives Pastorate 

' ''■ Rc*«rt G. Pienon, a 
Madison Collece church M 

'h" ^<^t kdiB 

i ''^ne Binds on Sobbathj" ' 

Cobb, Hamilton/ and Larsen Receive 
High Honor From Students and Faculty 

Selectivity Is 
Given Emphasis 

conducts guided touj 

^Have a Heart' Is Theme of 

H. M. Tippett's Week of Courtesy 

W«Jc at SMC tOclobcr 25-JO) urj 
Tippetf. who is the aisodate boo! 

November 21 Is Date of 
New SMC Band's Concert 

1 to the over-all school pro- 

; eligible. 


ice? in the Upsiton Delta Phi, 
. Phpid Oub. and other orgm- 

■t of Radio Station WSMC-FM. 

This editorial is not meat 
merely a word of public app 
to two young people 

lus who have been recog- 
e"'Kiog and Queen of Courtesy." 

Wilfred Reyna and Nancy Reid, in receiving this honor, 
are deserving of the praise which the distinction brings, 
for in their quiet, bumble way, they seem to embody those 
attainments which every Christian young peison on a col- 
lege campus strives lo develop. 

A theology student from Texas, Wilfred (■'Willie' to 
his friends) Reyna has entered into almost every phase of 
life here on the SMC campus and has made his contribution 

sometimes great, sometimes not — to the student body and 

its government, and to the college as a whole. Willie has at 

all t 


C his i 

which L 

lost of the studeni 
ho's always smiling." "Always smiling" 
; Nan's easy-going, cheerful attitude a 
: the principles of ( 

t fort 

i'enty c 

. youi 

s ago by Jesus ( 
: King and Qut 

Courtesy, we are proud, for they repre 
Christian education on our campus. 

To them we offer our sincere congratulations. 


^^u*t ^e4t . . . 

■■Whatsoever thy hand findech to do, do it with thj^ 
might. . ." Ecclesiastes 9:10. 

Here at SMC you have found a superabundance "to do." 
Scholastic, religious and extracurricular activities vie for your 
"twenty-fifth hour of the day." Sandwiched amid all this 
is an ever-present and ever- necessary work program. Do 
you encompass your work io the expenditure of "thy might" ? 
Naturally you work while you are checked in— your boss 
sees to that. But (foes your definition of tvoik include your 
very best and most efficient effort all of the time? Take ii 

ind if you find that your enthusiasm takes flight 
;s at the click of a time dock, remember that the 

s or exclusive of secondary obligations. 


.,% and this 
I Southern 
the "New 


Gordon Hyde 
Makes Report 

Letters . 

Reports on Band 

q tjuidcly 

Rough. Man 

he door of th 

/ SMC bind i 

they play half as well as Ihc) 

,t the tehwrsal, I'll be tickld 

pink; believe me. th<^ really sound 

SMC's Physician 
Offers Criticism 

ought dignity into 
ligtiificd" by and t 

Cafeteria Changes 

irn pcfionilly ihjt SMC ii 

Student Hostess 
Wilkinson Praised 

of the October 

plea foe ptejudice to give 

new feeling of respect for 
newspaper on n 

'Disgusting' Says 
Senate Visitor 

„.B fu, 

™,l,«i b7 <h= Buiincs M^gctuponl^uBL„l.o«-. TKo %\-.i..\^^^o^\M^^^^V^^,, Mi.tian.ry Cair.50 

«»;: wi 

Edilor i 

^^.^ STAPF 



buying th 

1: K^y SusJi. Dulcne Prtmon, Muiitt Eulu, Ronnie Cue, G 
hydc, K- M. KBintdy. Lindi Slilltt. SinJr, Elliott. Jim. ^ 



^j^" :>.„„c^rs^-iwru 


May G 

ortly (jAo//y 10 ihe Bos 

Til Dm-o" 1"'" '° f*' 
°1 would havo ipp/Ki'"' * 

yout paper i 
example by i> 

Campers, Crushers, Credits 

latest aggtavatJon and nen 

homc-comjng para. 

;; although, of cours 

Collegedale Cabinets, 

c«tand Whjr i, 
,od Side 

I and Budd)- 
:, Dwieht 

talked to Dwight personally ini 

pionship new week. (Bv 

Try a "DANDY" Burgor 

The Delta Restaurant 

SA Revision Committee 
Plans Now for Future 

xitially devoted to the Studc 
ere wdl alio be two assembly 

Guider Motor Co. 

Why Can't I 
Hear Like 
Other Kids? 

Jilted b, so, 
: represents gi 
, although a few 

Seminar Bands 
Are Praised 

oallj mvited t. 

the pleasaot Sabbath hoirrs spent 

, o( the places visited are 
Sle, Daisy, Leooir Gty. Jas- 
per, Spting Otj., Coaiheld, Cross- 

Whon in CollegocJole oi 
jus* visiting SMC 
Stop and Rest at 

The Oaks Motel 

Henderson and Coleman 

idcnh of SMC prefer tho 


United Fund - Red Cross Campaign 
Gets Under Way on SMC Campus 

Maude Jones Hail 

S'no Snow, No? 

Naborhood Drug Store 

irpoCng from i 

tweeds. 12 tt. 

10% wool, nylon. V 

grct Ihcir psiing. (As 
vcr species-) 
Found . . . Men! 

ises thoroughly. After 
and lold the whole tr 

order and pliytd the whok 
,ck to her. As I said befort 

from her. Upon invc: 

«n inadvertently tilling her ic 

pels (if you li 

YOU will find r 


saved on QUALITY 

merchandise at 


New Clothing Shop. 

Quality Clothes maVe fine 

he t^ll lino of men's suits, spoi 

. Como over and 

"Hattie Folcon's 
Clothing Shop" 

Bill Shores 
Picture Frames 

732 Goorglo A.e. 

„re) except tli.t a^d«t 
laughififi like J hyeiu." Be- 

My next-door neiiihlwrs. Judf 




bmm^ with 

I. (hii is iu>« li 

Dr. Lynn Wood 

. wnlinue the operahon of 
about the physical p]anl 

«hmj. TT,., h.d . lent Jown b, 
*c big ,p,i„j; fte bo,s boiloJ th. 

eUhat. at d denomii 
yean oF admioiil 

The Fair Proves Itself To Be '■ 
Financially Successful 

.en Iboneh 

I'efj-bodj- took practically the i 

tr ~K^ 

Wilson Fellowship 
Closes Competition 

Students Visit SA 
Offices During 
Open House 

dent body wis ghen the oppor 
Immcdiatdr following the dmpcl 

5« the office which pUys host to 

riousl? considsr jt as a pcss 

were on display. To the surprise of 

jy a faculty member. Nomina 

]oterj were presented. 

The last stop on the tour was the 

application forms. 

Southern Miuionary College ■ 

fortunite list year to have one 

According to several students, this 

her stQLor students win one of th 

There are several angles from which this situation might 
le approached, thus making it not only a ricklisb situation, 
lut also a difficult one to handle. 

No Factions, Pro or Con 
Although no factions exist either pro or con, there are 
ndividuals who have their own opinions on the matter of 
acuity members becoming members of the SA. 

Those who would favor such a change from our regular 
vay of doing things say that our faculty feels "left out" 
vhea it comes to the organization and operation of our 
Icudent Association; that they feel they are out of place if 
they ask a question or make a statement on the floor of the 
:al Assembly. 

'ersons feeling unfavorable toward placing faculty mem- 
jn the Student Association counter with the thought 
that perhaps they should feel that way to a small degree. 

The opinion of this paper, after careful consideradon, 
lat, in no way, should members of the faculty be given 
equal membership status with students in the Student As- 
Kiation of Southern Missionary College. 

The main reasons for this should be obvious. 

Re-examination of Original Aims 

First of all, the original aims of the Student Association 

ere to help students get the feel of leadership and of work- 

ig togedier toward a common goal. Taking die faculty into 

the bosom of the Association would not seem to the logical 

Lowell Smith Joins Music 
Staff as Youngest Member 

Special Editorial 

Faculty Members in the 
Student Association ? 

s of the Special Commiti 

miad to be 

Further, all student organizations, from the publications 
on down to the standing committees, already have faculty 
sponsors who counsel and advise the student leaders on mat- 
ers concerning their specific facets of interest and respon- 

TeacherXancJ His Influence 

members becoming 

member of the Student Association, would the 
faculty member have more influence over the student body 
3 any one student? Emphatically, YHS! 
«t us, for example's sake, take Teacher X. Well-liked by 
students and fellow faculty members. Teacher X has 
mg feelings on a certain issue which is before the General 
Assembly or Student Senate. It may be the election of SA of- 
ficers, or the proposal of the budget, or some other important 

Now, if Teacher X uses his classroom as a sounding 
board or soapbox on this proposal, he is bound, because of 
bis popularity, if for no other reason, to swing his students 
lus way of thinking. Is this right? 

Should Teacher X disdain to use his classroom for 
political" ramblings, he could tiirow almost as much weight 
by arguing his point on the floor of the General Assembly. 

A Word of Cautic 
understand that the ques 

or his influence is going to be so overpowering that he 
ies the vote his way, be it tight or wrong. 
Should any one person control that much student opin- 
In doing so, docs Teacher X withdraw from the stu- 
dent body its own ability to think for itself, to resolve its 
n problems? 

In conclusion, before we make any drastic changes in 
r present program, let us prayerfully investigate every pos- 
of infotmation on this particular matter and 

advance with great c 


Mote of GC 

Was Lecturer 

of Seventh-day Advcntijis \.^ 
fiucstsp^dcer recently on i,s^;= 
ern Missionary College campT 

ud traveled around the wo; 
Elder Mote alio spoke 

ag at the Collegcdilc Seveaih-dif I 

Edgraon Named to| 

Manage Laundry ■ 


aundiy-Hehasmt^cn j^^ 
jid his firmly hve on "f , 


V=l. XV. N=. 6 


gedflle, Tenneiiee. November 20, 


S2.00 Per Year 


Faculty Members 
Visit FLA Seniors 

SMC Band Will Prese 

nt Concert 

scniors^^arc "b^be a\ea w^rsolT^ 

f"^' ■■ \^Tii ^ - vk\ 

To Make Debut 


invitations to enter college in Sep- 

fil^^lfiwlff liii ^^M 

Tomorrow Night 

The Southern Missionary College 

Mrs. Morris Taylor arrived atFor- 
esl Lake last night in lime for wor- 


fonccrl band, under the direction 
of Lyic Q. Hamel, will present its 

i^ 1 

ship in the dormitories there. Miss 


riety of selections of light, scnai- 


men in their respective worship 3s- 

dassical and classical numbers. The 
fast-moving marches. "Ouc Direc- 



tor" by Bigehm- Walters will get 

Former Student 

This visit is in part an outgrowth 


Regiment" by R. B. Hall-Walters 

Killed in Accident 


fSt.!"'' ■ ■ ■ ■ ''■'"" '" "■"''' " ''" " "•■••*•'■ 

"Three Pigs Nwelty" by Guy 

t IM"i'nsi°'7 in'^^'uddtnt"" 

SLll?n rad, "iTw'tfettdow 

ScrtMdc" by Bames-Nygren, fea- 


.■ticuhU."bc^j. L".c.Jcm" 

College Purchases Bus 

hkl°indT5le^1wi. wm be*^' 


Deani Spea^ 

To Use for Promotion 

joyed by the eligible: on the 
Numt^rs featuring instrumental 

Tonight Miss Orstetisan will 

solos are included in the selections. 

iljcc at 1 ladnfi meet He was 

spcik M the vespc: service it n^ 

svaa the scene of festivities Monday 

needed a bus to use foe band and 

David Rees, an academy senior, will 

hrowa f<om the »r and died of 

te Sth™ ™o" "Drahd'HT 

night, November 9, when lie SMC 

choir trips, school curings and vari 

play a comet solo ip 'Trumpeter's 
Lullaby" by Lcioy Anderson. James 

ous other promotion trips. The new 

acrjuiced 37-passcoger bus, upon its 

Mn. L, N. Christenscn of Orlando, 

Tayloc is sehediiied for Situxday 
evening, largely duo-piano, the 

putchased from Washington Mis- 
sionary CoUege. 

Ldillt!*io"Si^d?'' '^'^ """'"^ 

Band Offer* Variety 

l:irigm ind HosplbJ. 


The Iwo-tone green bus, sc«n 

The bus W.-IS christened by Don 

will be brought back by the vocal 

AhiQ is a graduate of Mount 

two vocal groups by Elaine Taylor, 

to be painted the school colors of 

Crane president of the Student As 

solos "1 Want a Girl" by Tilwr- 

Pisgih Academy, diss of 1956. He 

'^^^ ''coS'd2i^Ar"«JS! 


new "tira't a"o hi' a'ptb^ ai 

TeL^'es w^rinvited Tm'spec^ 

Schfflidt, baritone, and "Moonlight 
Bay" by Wenrich-Tcague, sung by 

■ears of 195G through 1959. 


dress system. 

Glenn Cos, baritone, accompimcd 

by the band. Aspiring young sec- 

rsS p™^raTIj"""irrcn J 

w'olshiT'sliid* J ""Snj°™ wtii; 

SMC OHicials 

Senior Class Elects 

'lliT by" ^ders^n-W^Twi'lh' 

y and happy, he wis well liked by 

*m°e S',u2l!t'J°"r4 Vint 

And GC Men 

Straight, Butler 

The funeral senicc uas con- 

nurses who will be returning to 

Confer on Plans 

Mr- Hamcl, SMC's recently ap- 

1?"^ the Fai^rdiild'FunMrH^mc 


The conference to discuss with 


m<^Ul tead^er, c^'i^fn^''a f^y 

n Otliodo. His pastor, Elder L. B. 

Scott, assisted by Elders F. E. 


President C N. Bcm an usi- 

It f 1 

t'T^)ZT7f 1^1 He wlf pla7 

r ^B^ ^5*" r' 3 

enfeW crade sdiool Ld tasTn the 

Bright Eyes Eclipse Stars on 

wTt^ "S^officSs^pThidcTrJ' 

1 w\^ f '-^ 

aademy band by the lime he was in 

Night of Annual Reception 

Vice-Piesident M. V, Onipbell to 

' lite-^*KJ 


The stats were bright in the 

the too-often neglected part that 

go over the various phases of the 

^[^^ jSBuj 

Members Liriad 

tcavcns above as they looked down 

women have played in Oie making 
of history. The brave Pilgrim 

building ptograffl. 


the following; Flutes; Betly Martin, 

Were the stats in ie C)'es of the 

women gave up the comforts of a 


^^^^^ ^^ ^^^B 

L^ne Schmidt, Elaine Keslake, Jo 

'■appy ihidcnts as they entered the 

i'n^the'Ne^w World 'Amonc other 

^^^^^k ^^^^H 

Ann Schuler, Eugene Brewer, David 

csfcleria Ihe night of November 8 
attend the Women's Reception. 


were made for the college teachers' 

Osborne, Sara Brown, Jean Clayton, 
oboe; Gene Kendall: bassoon: low- 

The cafeteria hid become a win- 

icaii history and of the work of Ihe 

Lonia Linda August 23-29, 1960- 

The Senior Class of I960 at 

1" wonderland over night. Silvery 
inowDiJces seemed to be falling 

went to hear Tony Garaboi, from 

according to present plans, the de- 

SMC reccndy elected Bill Straight 

Smoak, Lou Denison. Anita Majion; 
enor saxophone: Virginia Schuler; 

"pon the semi-fotmally dressed stu- 

the Utuversity of Chattanooga, give 

sterial student and is in charge of 

>erg; comets: Victor Moores, Caro- 

''«">, and one could abnost 

a piano concert. Gamboa played sev- 

the Academy bo)-s' annex. 

"uginc the stars had come into the 

eral pieces including "Fantasy in D 

Maiie Herin— wiU attend. 

Other class officers elected ate 

iam McKay, Gary Fowler, Larry 

was given the green light to forge 

frcd Rcyna, pastor; Roberta Wety. 

secretary; and Jim Lecper, treasurer. 

Jhich reflected the glittering cnndlc- 

Beauty," which not only related 

■'ehi and the blue and silver color 
^™«. Formais and bcautifo] 

d^ ''tSik *u^ tfit'^gh X^'wi^of 

is being produced again, it is ex- 

"Xre^Lnt time there are 36 


'^ were cvery-wheni with lovely 

a young girls growing up, was 

the building wiU evenhially be met. 

members of the class on this campus 

Vofit; tuba: Miriam Bolton. Ken- 

"^E« adding a bright nole to the 

As the 1959 Women's Reception 

public relations directors was held 

am pus. Til c Oriando cunpus mem- 

eth Straw. Clifford Paden; string 
David Coggin. Don Hall, Patsy 

liQ^,; "T '^"'' =" '"=" ^ '*" 

jack to the Student Lounge where 

Barnes, Barbara Taylor, Leia Jo- 

ktl wv.*"" L ***■ *^- ^- ^^'^• 

they had photograplis taken— to be 

liam H. Taylor rcprescnled SMC flt 

ic^Dcgmni g 

inn, Marcille Hall. 

(^*= a humorous reading on 

put in scrapbooks for posterity. 

this meeting. 

"pm n^Me "7^**^ 

: considering the things for 
which we should be diankful. When the editorial stafF 
was recently asked to list some of the things which they 
were thankful for. a declaration such as follows ensued. 

We are thankful for the life which we have been able 
to live, and for the things which have made it possible. 
We are thankful for die unknown reasons which have made 
it ordinary, amusing, difficult, intriguing and— yes — teal. 

We are thankful ... for a personal dislike of peanut 
butter milk shakes, the man who invented water skis, and the 
"sack look"^ow that it is almost gone ... for the Los 
Angeles Dodgers, the World Series, and that sad, sad Casey 
Stengel ... for chalkboard erasers, that hands are wash- 
able, and a new day ... for rtucks, drivers' licenses, and men 
to change flat tires ... for a Democratic Congress, 

and our family 

father's temporary 

touchy feelings ... for the 

!, daily newspapers, and Time magazine . . , 

... for homemadi 

car . . . for our mother's pet peeves, 

adversity, and 

_ machines . . .'for a little kid's grin, the way a puppy 
wiggles all over when it's happy, and a full mailbox ... for 
flat tops. leatherj-smelling shaving kits, and tooth paste 
lids — although they usually get lost ... for Sabbath school 
and church, hymn books, and the man who always says 
"amen" out loud ... for college professors, preachers who 
act human, and the spirit of Thanksgiving . . . indeed, for 
these things we are thankful, not because they are exciting, 
eanh-shaking or even unusual, but because they ha' 


SelecUct^ lauded . . . 

A word of thanks is in order to the members of the 
Student Senate and to the faculty of Southern Missionary 
College for their wise choices of worthies to become mem- 
bers of the famed "Who's Who in American Colleges and 
Universities" this year. 

Through your choosing only students who are worthy 
of this honor, rather than choosing the full nine allotted to 
our college, who have returned this honor to the level of 
meaning something on the campus of SMC. 

It has been the criticism of more than one at this college 
that we have not been selective enough in naming the stu- 
dents who were to receive membership in this organization; 
this criticism can no longer be made applicable — you have 


W J/4' , >^-^ ^ 

-■^-, /-/<?^| 1^"^ 

I \ '1- 

The Foreign Accent 

of the local people in r«en( 
rangdy enough, the ndu bast 

Moscow, Russia One ol 

,e most flagrant ibuics of privaM 
[id inttrnilional privacy has been 

nng spies, Mr. Langei 

only divulge information 

Government declared 

Students Can Get { 
Most' from SMC 

if complexity, but cm probiblr 

coiner of the earth, 
idly, he must realize thil 

Lnjthing out of il. This is f 
Wh<it Does Student Bring? 

get something out of it? 

portant. Reverting to the prm«B I 

he desire and will to leini, I 
must also have the ABlLnT I 

inably average IQ, b«t jlw I 


at of WORK- 

ed, intense, physi"! "^^'^^c't 

■ "'*>'.'''.T^."'"'^^fsonwhohJilf^ ] 

^tolTnal fortitude to grt " " 
, work his waj'diroughcolicfie 

. If the student ^^''''''^X'io "^ 

Fairs, Reception and Exams 

-»1" icctpUon. All of Ihosc 
WOW! Wc Wlo« .urcl, 
Wc mil, enjoyed ii,. 

|io ,l,;nk iboui ill ihoio lo.el, 

rraplmo inJ hm comra Gioo 

Ooltewah Barber Shop 

ply walk aiound and gather up 

looked aaounJ disgu.tedl, .0 Ko if 

mnoceollywkenheiawme, Ireallj 


Three Faculty 
Members Get 
Their Doctorates 

Jomi Taylor. 

23 Students Earn $25,000 
At Cabinet Shop This Year 

.1 of Fine and Applied Arts, 

Naborhood Drug Store 

J2.75 lo SS.OO per iq. ,i. 

ppine— and alletnales doing dif 
cnt di.ngs in that depaitment 

NEVER t... a- ci...t.„d 
Cuslom Photo Finishers 

The Delta Restaurant 

Guider Motor Co. 

tough the plant tin 
and induitty. In t 

iteet thtoogh sal, 
teky and Tenne* 



The 'LATEST' and 
Largest Steele for 


Sensational Savings on 


Excitement Enhances Reception 

l,.iEl,l. hows m, I 
Promjjtij 11 6:15 
«*.,■ enough a b, , 

Why Can't I 
Hear Like 
Other Kids? 

ir pljces, wc went In and bcpu 



Henderson and Coleman 

Senate Discusses 
SA Constitution 

When in Collegedale or 
just visiting SMC 
Stop and Rest at 

The Oaks Motel 


Spce.iloins in «,£*«( SW.V, 

Collegedale Men's Wear 

SMC Scores Again with 
Publishing 'First' 

Collegedale Cabinets, 


,T CMBRiey SpcedShop (nc. 




iMaude Jones Hall 

JBig Event, Pipe Chorus, Whistles 

Clubs Organize and Elect 
Officers for the Year 

column who ivefc christened 
and SUoisbus Gorgj- for prac- 

■hydc. Their present phee of rcsi- 
■nce is the rear right hand corner 
of Gloria Crews' desk. 

St.dio« StL.d«nh Study 
_ Cindy Buralo, Jnhc W^-, Linda 

heif study hall to the fullest It 
ioned upstairs neighbors, as it is 

Monthly Statements Easy to Read 
If Students Know Facts Involved 

i until approximately 

Also, the receipts from the p 

go. while contempbting deeply tl 

DC-8 Jet Trip Is 
New Experience 
For Staff Member 

to publish a monthly nen-s 


Is the man of the fevered brow, 

As he feels in the shadows of his hean 

Conscience pricking, as with the dart. 

;, with a film of red. 

"Have I done wrong? Have I done right?" 
He clenches his fist with all his might; 
"Was it an error, a grave mistake, 
Or was I right, his life to take?" 


Pitcairn Story Is Next Lyceum (^amme^tt - - 

You know I don't like to be 

with his job. It do 


you ^u\ tondly. 

. . .to ei'ctybody. Th 

Quid expect to sec. 

Custodian Teaches Students 
But He Has No Classes 

mployees. CIcanlines: 
rms; by example w. 

; monkey do." Students !c 

: in their minds a better ippreci 
in of the values of such highe 
idirds. If such appreciation i 
ompanied by personal practice 
^custodian his pirticipMed ii 

3ut custodian is called upon b 
e advice. What he does or say 

ilucnced by the physical conditio 
of his surroundings. It requires n 
stretch of the imagination to believ 

orly venrilatcd and lighted 
ws, proper lemperaturc at 

itudcnt body and faculty, b 

Kird saying repeatedly, "Ever 

■ou know, study) in his das; 

lUddy and I sure messed » 

le fellers up North hue g£^ 
es stepped on and arc j 

rrhem unions get mr som 
They quit workin" so thej^'ll 
" raise. They lose i Iho 
in work tijin' to get : 
that;il only give -em fiftj- c 

:sption New Biperiem 

the other night. I'd neitc wi 
le of them doo-dads before, 
My girls up on all this bu 

nc 1 pick up the wrong di 

wasn't reilly sittin' across die 
' om her. 


Flagball League Closes; 
Basketball Season Opens 

on each Sunday from 5:30 

6r30 P.M. On Wednesdays 

wiU be ro-o games. The first 

one will begin right after worship 

■r for SMC basketball, 
hat some of you will 
ind maybe even form 

in. Jerre Conerly. H"^^^'^ 

°uks Charles Ekvall, Phil ^'^ 
ictor Wu. Gary Grant and Tomisf I 

■ Schmidt and Grady Hall. 

EIroy captain. Wayne Sbgp-J^- 
aid Kelly. Ji™ Y''"'S St"'^' 


Collegedale, Tonnes 

IFCC Licenses WSMC-FM 

IWhrte House Delegal 

Ijohn Bottsford Will Attend 
IPresident's Youth Conference 

I Nursing Class 
To Be Capped 
I On January 22 

Frid.,, Junj,- 22, the ioph. 

'"E"; Sharon Olson, junior dass, 
whose topic will be, "What Nutsing 
I Means to Me"; BQI Tate, scniot 
11 speak on "TTie Op- 
portunities for Missionary Service"' 
and Mrs. Helen hiizeUt; R.N a 

twium, who will speak on the 
^ic, ''Satisfaction of a Rcgisteted 

jrothy Bergholt, lidward 
0^ Baihira Foster June Hart 

llSd'p"''''' *"''' ""^ 

= appin, 

Authority Given 
To Operate FM 
Radio Station 

Variety Marks Christmas 
Program by SA Talent 

ntlf Iransplanlc 

c on Saturday night. 

ounds dep 

: Student 

Orphans Are Given Parties 
By Men's and Women's Clubs 

of presents b^ 

party of the Upsiion Dsit 

County Works 
On New Road 
for SMC Campus 

CoUcgedale and to ncirby Apson, 
roueh SMC's cimpus as well us 


74e SfrOtU 0^ l^^^t^ 

Anyone who enjoys good band music muse c 
this year's product is something to brag about in 
on any college campus in our division. 

Something has happened to our band chat 
has had its spirit rejuvenated by its nen' dir 
through his pleasing personaiity and widely-ranged knowl- 

eof n 

ew SMC band mad 
t which left the eti 
e certainly looking up foi 

To the members of the new SMC concert band 
conductor, Mr. Lyle Q. HameJ, the SOUTHERN ACCENT offers 
its congratulations for having a superb musical organization 

Students. ^i4lHt&ie^ted? 

To the casual visitor at some of the recent Student Asso- 
ciation General Assembly meetings in chapel, it would appi 
as though student interest in the crucial undertaking of 

Whether the reason for this lack of 
knowing what makes our SA tick is to be blamed oi 
bination of seven o'clock chapels and brain-freezing ■ 


le seems to know. But the t 
ow the officers of the Studei 
>n some of the issues evolving from the tetJic 

if students really are interested at all in what transpires after 
they so enthusiastically elect their officers. 

No one should feel himself odd in standing to his fi 

which is suggested by the committee. 

Without student participation, the Studei 
caanot, a„d ,31 not, continue ,o grow. 

T^e^ecUiua oh t959 

As you come to the end of 1959, reflea on what this year 
has meant to you. Have you had a richer and deeper Chris- 
dan enpetience? Have you done all you could to develop 
your God-given talents, or have you just tried to get by with 
as little as possible? 

Do you feel that this year has been worth living, or has 
it been as nothing to you? If you feel that you have not ac- 
complished anything this year, why not resolve to draw closet 
to God, put more time and effort into your studies, try to do 

meet in the coming new year, I960. 

As you do this, you will find that you will look forward 
to each new day, and not only will you make many new 
friends, but you will be better able to get along with yourself. 
Try it for just a few weeks, and not only will others 
but you yourself will see a difference. 

Then try it for all of I960, and at the end of the year 
you will have many happy memories; furthermore, you will 


o Kfjmger.'soullttro Acceol. C 

nu. f»,J.hd k, «,= B^b, 

'•' ■" "■• ""'•? 

.tes'.'.-i.;.-*r ""■'""•" =""•'• 

Mitc^up Ediloi 

^"^ - -, J 

'l'!L5S'"i.i^'^.,^'^ Muolfa Miller. Tohn 
Leonard Poodn, Woolief, Ron Pfdtel 
thff. Join DirfLi ^i Jean wuklos. 

IfS" ^"^ 

-^= feT. s^-isui^ 

__. D^L.^W« 

people what w 
whidi never geK 


Sarih Whitl, fa 
ome in hm v^ 

body ever heirs 

c couldn't pJt to 

scandil sheet o 

Credits fo 

Staff Wort 

op7 department - Sue Johri»«| 
nd Bonnie Nombcrs-the? ^\ 
„ and re:ldci-or single »-ota»i«*l 
^s into the maWr^o/lhep^P^I 





the pipei. If )0 
ob jist you ti) 

Tout swMSst 

and the colyum 


olyums. don t 

Sft'cll job?) 

And there's o 
the gong over a 
this gem out on 


outfit ire kindi 


Scholarship Group Submits Plan 

irepued by the Scholarship 

Plani Uphold Standards 

ivhercby cetlain qualified ai 

In any course of sludy there is 

able oldcc students will be 

Stre'"lt^s'i^""trth''"' '^' 

and desiring help. Siuden 

crcdiicd school maintain high scho- 

will be nominated by the th 

ihilosophy of Southern Missionicy 

dent body. 

studenls can grasp m a single pc- 

has been approved: 75^; an h 

f Closed Book Experiences' Mark 
iTeaehing of Dr. Jerome Clark 

k Gly. After gradiiadne f 

Musical Groups 
Present Varied 
Yule Concert 

Basketball Teams Matched 
For Season's League Play 

Christmas Gifts Are Unusual, 
Student Recipients Report 

/.)„,. 7-.,,/o,,-Mfli 

Pbjilh Smoat; Rare 
lumilj SlincbfitU: ] 


one. Uiifortunatdr. it 

Moudd Jones Hall 

Bushnel! Discusses 
Language Barriers 

Deakins, Dalton and Dogs 

At Club Meeting 

^^^b|^% ^~'^^~~ 

Amidst the tumult md the shout 

tctminalion. At present she is be 

Dr. Oyde Bu.*neU presented a 

^^^^^Krf , jiif 

ing (Margie and the gang are in the 

lieved to be residing at the loca 

resumf of i^'hat he termed "Ian 

^^^r , v"- 

room). 1 shaU swt mpelf and at 
tempt to bring forth some more of 
this fantabulous literary endeavor 

YDCA (Young Dogs' etc.), and 
as n dear, sweet pet may contact the 

"^To^begin the program. Dr. Bush- 

l^t \ A • A 

|i^ i ^'£™" 


French teacher for SMC, who later 
interviewed Miss Odette CutuUic, a 


ffU — M; "°"^ ^!^ ''^^ 

strong drink may be raging, but 

gitl from France who is visiting 

^^ . '"--^^' " '"^^I^H^I^^^^^^^^^I 

-■■" Hn^!^ 

must be quite drastic; evidence of 
which may be found in the life of 



wa^.T^ sure 


^^. y-'^ - «™ed" most'^of 

our dear Ann Elliott. Although she 
insists most emphatically that in 

Reporters found out later that 

Nancy Reid Loves SMC, 

Mary Ann Deafcins (the kid with 
the skirt) has just told me a very 


the entire stunt was rigged; the girl 
ing to pretend diat she couldn't un- 

But Considers Africa Home 

good method for getting a room 

to wash down his supper with (ex- 

derstand the fellow. 

By Marilee Easter 



Miss Marolyn Miller, Miss Judy 

Although she had no original 
inlendons of attending SMC. the 


quite filthy several times in a row. 

tceasuret of the dii. 

pus, Nancy Reid dedded that 

eaddng hfc here "la thTu W 

whereupon one receives a small 

Gay Decorations 

States, ar.d it oSets many"'op- 

ess UQStraightened atmosphere for 

We have some gay little decora- 
tions newly added to our halls, and 
I'm not referring to boughs of 

industrial Arts 
& Home Ec. Clubs 


porhinides for travd and sight-see- 
ing. She believes diat Soudiern JCs- 
sionary College and Helderbetg 

room will be vecy thoroughly 
traightened, with a $1,13 charge 
layabk to Maude Jones Hall and 

holly, either. They consist of pre- 

Meet Jointly 

^.'g!'SI havTSJrl'^i^Srin^ 

CoUege are similar in many ways. 
rUc settings are very raudi die 

paper portraying the floor plan of 
our rcspech"\-e floors and numbers 
indicating rooms. Upon these room 
squares is occasionally placed a small 
penned dot which means "One less 

order by the president, Regina 
dent, Myrlene liles; secretary- treas- 

in Africa for twenty-one years. At 
present, they are in Bulawayo. 

same. Nan fceb that SMCs stu- 
dents are very friendly and eojojs 

to finish college and go bad to 

togram ar cipa on. 

retaty, Ramona McGirdy. 

sister have rlefinite plans to come to 

says that she also loves lo mKt nm 

A whU^ tS: Turin""one of our 

Labor vs. ManagemanJ 

varied ones. Qub mtctings have 

Soudiern Missionary College in the 
near future. 

people. "Travel," stales Nancy, "is 

not too infrequent hot water short- 

It seems that Myrlene Liles, who 

included a film about dietetics; lee- 

Nancy was tutored at home by her 

Since coming to Southern Mis- 

app-arcntly likes dob on her room. 

sionary CoUege, Nan has become 

ample of ingeouity and exceptional 
business talent. Miss Sarah Dalton, 

f^ce'^Ul^inne'^d ^'£ hdl 

Amy Bushnell, LaRue Landers, 

she then went to boarding sdiool. 

one of the superintendents of tfic 

and the odier, so she blessed the 

Ramona McCurdy and Esther Ty- 

^ear of college were acquired at 

school and has also teceived the 



rcpair*"o1^ eied^^'eq" i'pmcnt" ^l 

Helderberg CoUcge whirii is sit- 

honor of being chosen "Courtesy 
Queen" during the Cullute Wret 

etin board, "'Hoi water in the 

This, unfortunately, did not meet 

sented by the industrial arts dub. 

Africa, near Cape Town. 

kitchenette; 10# pet kettle." I 
think Sarah is to be commended on 

with approval bj the company 
board, so Myrlene has had to with- 

A dub supper was hdd jojntly 

week-s ago. 

gcoise capitalism; no doubt the 
■roduct of a truly brilliant mind. 


served the suppet In die holiday 
decorated ckssnwm. Mr. Ray Girl- 

:eep up her ^erican heritage and 

Why Can't 1 

Liies. Ltd.^ with the Specialized 

soo, guest speaker, discussed dc- 

oug s e ovcs IS count!)'. 

Hear Like 

glance into ahi!ost my room iTour 

Louse, he would without a doubt 

^oom Cleaning Program Service 



Other Kids? 

quiet 200 or amongst a group of 
nanimate biological specimens. The 

Real Gone Hyena 

Jit XnSSS^ 'S w5 

Florida offers wide opportunity 


Hires are of the quiet, debugged, 

TLe hour is late, this typewriter 
crieth, "Out, out Hyena!", so. I 


L. L «ZSo«. „>. 


tuffed spedes; at least, I should 
say, those creatures which belong to 
the majority of the Dormal people 

When in Collegedalo or 

n our dormitory. But not so long 

■A ^le^^'^Chrislma^lo'alT' and'to 

Malllmid, Florida 


ofi^to aare^BSoS^) olfof 

all. a good night!" 

just visiting SMC 

Ou. Ho..« + You = Hom„ 


oui more (or less) esteemed sen- 

Stap and Rest at 

Ginny. Actually, she didn't possess 
Ginny; Ginny decided to claim Lucy 

Collegedale Cabinets, 

The Oaks Motel 

will ba available daily. 


To Be ... 7 


, U|,„ to. 5UC 

Try a "DANDY" Burger 

i< ^'^'^"f^^^^^S'}^ 

To clarify matters a bit, Ginny 

Labor.liirv Furnihir, 

Pkome MA4-5£3V 

Our breaUast and a la carte 

iS?'we are ddiEhtcd "'T-'^ 

•eib 10 be) the little black- 



v.. ».rt A.„.„.d.H.„. 

The Delta Restaurant 

dai^"Tt?'^« 'i'^o'"wi'^ 

^^ pcnira^litfr^J^'^^5^ 
Co™, ^iln^^ur ''If^^cS 

Shidenh of SMC prefor Hm 




nnPTrn nrm/ nr 

'"A^inuncnu (or «.tJ.K. =J^ 

ICi fine food and courfeoui 
Mrvico make you ftwl af home. 
Come on over and dine wiAui. 



cS^cr Office, ^n be wruWtd. ^"" , 

ISIi'ii^ ""'"Jg 

F. H. (Frottyl WOfilt 




*^"' ' -■ , 


4.!Jt,.I..rflU. a.H..,.,. 


Sfcunks, Sockefs and Surprises 

non ball. No kidding, he has 

I firt a httlc more skillful 

■ally hid 1 WOQdwflJ t 

S,r3m by chipping in a little 

Cemented Neighbors 
Speaking of lifting weighs (in 

Just think. Only four raoic s 

beat the higb pr« of weights 

It? All those beautiful clothes 

sacrifice sae for price.) 'His 

present-that one special gir 

of a Omstmas tre« all lit up 

Well, that's enough for tall taik 

sparkhng, Christnm music ftotn 

Things I thought 1 would nerer 

door and saj, -rm going to 

Jack Marshall holding hands 

Meriv Christmas 

eon CoK without a duck-tail. . . 

Qg everybody gcb jasl what 

"»>■"■ ■"^""■'*»> 

William Fulton Answers 
Queries on European Trip 

More People are Eating . . . 

It would be hard to say really 

Buddy's Joy Reflects the 
Blessing of Talge Giving 

Buddy 1 
welcoming smile Street Orpt 
oobtietchcd o 

Bonny Oaks School Provides 
Excellient Home for Orphans 

Renovation Improves Looks 
Of Secretarial Department 

decorative, private office ttos buiH 
in a section of the business 
nudiine's room. Tliis now adds tc 
*e appearance of the typing room 

Individual adjustable t)-pinj 

FCC Licenses 
Radio WSMC-FM 

^l^'don M, Hyde (pre 
ition WS^^C-FM has b 

J^^« Culpepper, programs c 

Christmas Party 
Is SA Function 

(Conli^ueJ from p,g, I) 

To begin the evening, Leland 

T=t M oat i„ ■ „»ioJ p»gB. 

SleigK" Don Crook; "I Saw Mi 
' ■Toyland," Judy Fowl 

Biology Club Pays 
Visit to Gull Island 
Via New Bird Film 

:on milmg l.w" Al tttir 
«t,nj, tho, TOittd, b, m, 
; fin,. -Gkuioo-.injd 

SA Approves Revisions 

students Accept 
Nine Articles 

Captain Johnson Delighted 
By Scenic Pitcairn island 


Beckner Accepts Position 
As Development Director 

Wilson Announces 
Call for Pastor at 
Church Service 

I Sophomore Nurses 
I At Annual Capping 

Are Honored 

Dorothy Betgholt Richard Peodletoi 
Troy Daoiel Barbara Schmidi 

Chicago Scientist 
To Speak at SMC 
I In April Seminar 

»ill v,i„ SMC io April U 
Lri; being made through dir 


Nei« Pastor: 

Elder Roy B. Thurmo 


New President; 

Elder A. C. McKee 

""O-Cumb. Corfereni 

Fine Arts Concert 
Set for Feb. 7 

Jorgen Bisch's 
'Ulu, World's End' 
Lyceum Program 

prCKlucer of doarmentarj' : ' " 
vcnhare films, Jorgen Bisr 

childrco will be charged, and jcosoo 

It's June in January at SMC — 


he birdrploce of a 

Has Been Va 

Fire Department 
Benefit Features 
South Seas Film 

[.arunent is badly' io nec^ 

Twenty-five days ago many of us made out New Year's 
resolutions. Some were written while others, though ne\'er 
spoken aloud, were oevertheless just as definitely formed in 
our minds. They tanged ftom, "\ will make a habit of polish- 
ing my shoes every day," to, "I will endeavor by the grace of 
God CO enrich my spititual life by prayerful study of Hi 

Twenty-five days 

Why w 
could cheat ourseb 
"To thine own self bt 

been considered. Of 

they kept? We thought perhaps th; 
and get by with it. Shakespeare 

Resolutions are debts of honor to ourselves; they should 
not be neglected. These debts must be paid, because they 
make us what we are today and will be tomorrow. If you 
made a resolution, you have acquired a responsibility — carry 
it out! JF 

his everyday conversation, none of us should fe proud of 
the faa that there are students in ceaain divisions of the 
college whose grammat is almost ludictous in its abo 
form. Students preparing for careers which will require them 
to speak often and much in public should be mote con 
with trj'ing to polish up theic mother tongue alon^ 

Using proper grammar is not a sign of snobbishness; 
an outward sign of inward intelligence and a desire to ; 
id do that which is accepted as being correa. No one should 
ugh at an individual who corrects his, "It is me," to, "it 
" This is a person who is striving for petfeaion ... in o 
eas of his college education. 
It is unfortimate that this wholesale misusage appeal 
be more apparent in the curricular areas where our speal 
s are being molded than in any other department. 

ic may be true that most ministeis and teachers 
■the-way churches, it 
jicuse for using sub- 

; that they can make 
standard English grammar. There 
people who know the difference. 

as possible? 

Just because a student has his freshman c 
out of the way is no reason for him to assi 
forget all he learned (if he took time to Ic 
the first place). 


posi,™ d* 

I anything i 






'°""'""'" ''■'■"S;u°."™.™ "'■"•"•" ''•"••• 


I^up E< 






.J^j il\\"\^t 










,NEXT ISSUE: The editors will discuss a new aspect 
of extra-curricular activities on the part of students 
and faculty. 


^ jont up ,„d ,h,. 
. n. p*ilion ro „ll 

Juniors Elect 
Cliff Davis to 
Class Presidency 


gx CHAitiey SpgcdSmop (nc. 

Anxious To Help Students, 
Don Crane Directs SA 


wijn U'jira. Vire-P 


Naborhood Drug Store 

J2.75 to $5,00 pof iq. yd. 

Collegedale Cabinets, 


COMING SOON - - - - 

Still Another Sign of Progress 

Watch for it in the Southern Accent I 

The Foreign Accent 



'TimeTopsy-Turvy' Is 
Academy's Production 

B, s™ 5„o.^„. 


Looking toward i countr)' in- 

finger on the pulse of her African 

stales will hive to face several cm 

dustiially rich, JAPAN will suffer 

If FRANCE has felt (hat the rebel- 

invwted cipilal in Japincsc indus- 

lion in Algeria has been taxing in 

of the trophies. 

B^V^^»,£4llf^ ,; 

iry. No serious problems will arise 

the past, she will have to gird her- 
self up for on even higher- pressured 

icin apini in Japin, but hter yeirs 

will tell a more discouraging slor)-. 

Algeria will and must be inde- 

wages and prices skyrocketing along 

^^^^^^K^H^^Kr mm 

Nohru or. Way Out? 

that, she will go on suffering a tre- 

B^PB^ ^ 

Tr'n'^he^ces"' """'' 

Pomies 1960 

for the common people and [he 

Vatican ChangBs 
In ROME, Ihc Vatican will an- 


■HMHiiliJ^SH^^ __jriBH 

i^*'S[lt great iLid'^will begTn "o 

Whil. . . . . n,, „,=,,h. cf ,h. ,„, look =n -i.h'i.l...... Old F..h=- t;«,o 

Ihe pacifiHic ideas of Wr. Nehru, 

nounce drastic changes in the opera- 
tions of Pope John XXIII's home 

LTn^o? tfJe'Snitl ^^^^ 


forceful man take the field, a 


(Watch for Ihe name of Tliomis 
E. Dewey (o figure significantly at 

Saturday rnght, the 16lh of Jan- 1 Toramr Smith who sani; "In the 

uary, Collegedale Academy pre 

(cmpls of Chou En-lai Co make 

PROPHETICAL occurrences in 

veiJuon ^T°*^"'"^ National Con- 

sented a program in the tabcrnacl 

Mrs, Pfistcr, Ihe aademy English 

dfl'om^ India" wi"! ' b^'"^o°he! 


ballots taken and adeadloclc formed 

a^d con^ ^"J'""'^"' ^^ ^^ 

C^^I^d'Td'^'^ "d-'^f '"iT 

Iand'"whe(c tfie^old' leadeiTmusi 

In SPAIN, Generalissimo Franco 

bettv'een the forces of Senator Lyn- 

The theme of (his program wa. 

success of the evening Karm Foiled 

make way for rf,c young. 

will generously step down as the 

K«ni'y^" ""' ^""" ^°''" 

"Time Topsy-Turvy" ; and it loo 
us from January through December 

was m charge of (he script and Joe 

IMO'i Hot Spot 

Gaining increased power and 

th^Midi E^'t a ^^ ""' ^ 

Franco's apparent generosity fool 
you, for his steadying and control- 

support, Missouri's Senator Stuait 
Symington will suddenly surge 


Beckner Instllutes 
Various Improvements 

ter^r""- '" "^'" """'' °''''-' 

the throne constantly. 

nominee for the Prcideo^r"" " 

Wdrawn sleigh to a glide in 

His fi^r^Ji^fnce"^ superin- 

fiilure'of'^e Mwin ^^"proicct 

The ■Old Men' of Europe 

The Winner: Ni.on 

Joe Hcdges'^d NLT^by Don 

tendent of camp meeting came in 

(this will be long after 1960, of 

New England Conference. Previous 

course) and other political mis- 

to this, he pastored two churches 

judgings. will again cause dissen- 

When the ballots arc finally 

by allowing sporadic outbursts of 

counted in the Nixon-Symington 

For January the band playec 

with the single eiception of one 

been-clccted President of the United 

Republic. Although he will succeed 

on the pond of Germany's affairs. 

And so with tongue in cheek. 

Soon along came April, and th 
familiar "April Showers" was sung 
by the Decolcttcs, a group of acad 

was heralded by a vocal solo b 

In June, 1947. Elder and Mrs. 
Beckner, Horace, and Janet moved 
10 Collegedale. At that time the 

four churches — Collegedale. Standi- 

<o his own prestige and will place 
his position in the Republic's gov- 


Overworfced l^tkcher^ Undergo 

Ihe Collegedale 'distrirt. "" '" 

L-rnmcnt in serious jeopardy. 

such ■ tetriSc loss as to cilapnil 

Third Degree This Week 

year were held in the floorless, "ceil- 

Tic 't'"«™i'''I 


■- By Sue 
Teachws are undergoing the 

STey we^re to have daily become ac 


third degree; they're being heckled 

frantic "independence fever'" will 

Joh.nnon Will Win 

to patience' limit Their offices are 

And they leave, some downcas 

each Sabbadi from the chapel (o the 

leaTso""' "'f^^'" "-°'* ''"' ""■'." 

While Quwn Eliiabelh II of 

"nvaded; their progress— at work. 

^t otiTeic w^ldt olheK w-iS'lhr 

the particularly trying feat of trying 

Afrin> W i^onsy^rTerioiEirthei" 

new-born son. SWEDEN'S Ineemnr 


"just-what-l-thought-rd get" satis 
faction: and the lucky, wide-ey« 

tabernacle while playing the school 

few who walk briskly, gaily if you 

The polidei will remain basically 




circumstances rfiat did not promote 

weight boxing championship of the 

Each one could be categorized 

separated varieties of basins, nine- 

a black scal"p bcfore^togo Is^out 


fifth amendment! 

fairly accurately. There are (he 

Iccn assorted towels, and three types 

The discovetj- of oil in the Sahara 
Desert will be enough reason for 

Winter Olympici 
At the winter Olympics in Squaw 

the bar.ige. TTiey are evpecfed to 

faithfully prepa^ each day's I'essnnj 

'"■i'S. ftl .talion, 

France's keeping an even lighter 

Valley, CALIFORNIA, the United 

("Do you b.ippen lo . . .?") re- 

and auiomacicilly dispense a score 
when confronled with the S&I.OOO 

Then there are those who put 

their work. They are the ones who 
get things done and keep up pretty 

changed. As of January, 1560. the 


is not only 1/3 longer with base- 
ceiling, complete new sills, new 

Winkle knows that test week is 

porch, Jieating and public address 

lurn cramming oil just before the 


JlL^^L/: "'Hrvl^'^u' gMded" 'T^i 

^ng"^s^cntific'^nam« ^i^^L 

£" an^um-on'se'^ X^^^- 

esb.'" "Is mine graded?" "What 

did Iget?" -any-ou tell me what 

They are generally the emotionally 

the 13 j-ears Elder Beckner has been 

'^^■S-'^ S. fS^^^ti^^Q 

an A (or B or C) ?" Quesrions con- 



liffercntly; "I won't get a D (or 


fabenLle"^^ h2nd■«wn"by'"^^rs'^ 


"on^ato'andonto of another 

imc-to-study" excuser; the procras- 

Beckn«, who presented it ,0 the 

they come, some boldly, some lim- 
dly. otliers nonchalantly. All expect- 




nc is available, is in praportion to 

iT^fUHir '" '■"" 

department, which he also helped 

Case Study on ^Estelle' 
Shows Plight of Students 

SA Benefit Nets 
$200 for Budgets 
Of Organizations 

God wants 

^^^d^-freed t^ Owt 'PiLdtoft 

A word is certainly in order on the withdrawal of the 
pastor of the Collegedale church. Elder Horace R. 
Beckner. It does not seem possible that after fourteen years 
of efficient administration, this man who has so sincerely 
and assiduously given of himself, his time, and his energies 
is moving on to other pastures. 

In the past fourteen years, the CoUegcdale church has 

ing offerings. 

In his businesslike way, Elder Beckner has seen the church 
through' its worst days luiancially and has stayed on and 
kept the accounts in the black. 

The Southern Accent wishes to offer Elder Beckner 
Its congratulations for a successful and efficient administra- 
uon and, on behalf of the student body of Southern Mis- 
sionary College, extends to him and his a heanfelt "God- 

Program Proceeds Will Buy 
Wheel Choir for Mrs. Dietel 

thrs. Rittenhouse, Violinist, to Give 
Concert in SMC's Fine Arts Series 

First Regular 
Concert on Jan. 31 

It SMC, will present the 

don afforded hec the oppottunity 

residing in Msldcn, Ma 
let io,£itil residenrof d 

Fine ind Applied Ails, stodyinf 

hjole, Wolfe 

n Symphony. 

letliooi taone torn the •" '""I 

The populit "'1""^^ ''l^hite"' I 
sky, rail dapUJ m^^ ^^ ^ I 

a '«P''"''''[j^^"°'^^j^°'"[liHenh^ I 
warmly 'comaotic Soi:^i'> /"' I 


Schneider Accepts Deanship 


Nine Students Granted Admission 
To CME's Medical and Dental Scliools 

ISMC Band Visits 
IPisgah, Fletcher 

The group pecformed Friday 
night at vcspCH and ilso Sabbath 

Sophomores Elect 
Class Officers 
At First Meet 

lomss Straight, St. Petersburj 

I Paul Christiansen Will Direct 
I World-Traveled Concordians 

Line's Lyceum Celebrates 
Lincoln's 100th Anniversary 

Title of Color Film Is 
'Lincoln and the 
Lincoln Country' 


nature played in 


'Otte Man Eipeditien' 

Bill Mundy Elected 
Program Director 

CME Committees 
Admit Students 
After Evaluation 

Shankel Eaplaint Method 

Parker Promoted 
To Assistant Editor 

Extra-curriculars on the Spot? 

(NOTE: With die counsel available to us in the Spirit 
of Prophecy concerning the original aims of higher educa- 
rion and its goals to teach us first from the Word of God 
and second from God's great out-of-doors; with Ellen G. 
■ ■ 3 this people that they 


e study of God. His Holy Writ, and Hi 
to us, the Board of Editors of the SoU' 
s attempted to re-examine the all-over program 

^%^r^ ^€4>fr<m4dUUU4. 


related < 

those which ; 

The first would enc< 

correspondence, and oth( 

Many people consider these 
part of their college program. 
However, as important as these 

what broad dassificarions: 
ime during the week and 
rfortoed during the Sabbath hours. 
impass admini 

d program prepararion, 

« an integral 
■ quite right. 


Reader Suggests Way 
To Help "Estelles" 

Although week-end activities do not directly cut down 
study time, one may lose the whole purpose of a Sabbath 
just through leading out in ministerial seminar, Christ's 
Foreign Legion, the MV, Sabbath school, the church serv- 
ice, or participation in sunshine bands, MV class work, or 
others. One may easily become like Martha who "was cum- 
bered about with much serving" and likewise fail to sit at 
Jesus' feet to hear His word. The Sabbath may close 
without having been a day of 

Should, then, the Sabbath be a vast nothingness? No! 
it should be \udkmmly spiced with, these activities, 
vith plenty of time allocated for personal growth. DP 

'THuUcM B^iift<!u 

: faculty 

The people talented in music on our campus are among 

,ell as the students are called upon each week 
s in various capacities: choriscers, accompanists, solo 

butor and regul; 

The Music Bureau, 
of these activities, has ( 
of which an average of 

I file 


This figure does not include the 
choir and Collegiate Chorale. The amount of time consumed 
in ptcpaiation and actual performance of these individuals 
and groups is staggering when considered individually. 


,.«■ l»m.M h Ih" 


P.lli.l,.„, H,. 

Slud.M AiiottiHoB, Sautli.m Milllon.iy Coll.go 

EAm ■ Ch-rf "*" 1. 91k. 1. 



Polloo. Bnice Ficaiun. 

Eieajll.e Setriuj, 

]aas Culptppa. DwiRht Hildelb^l.l^^ SAaiy Lewi 

SSSi mS' - 

~—T). L. Wa 

SMC's Southern Accent 
Reflects Campus Spirit 

ing that a special program 

much lime do these things take? What does ihe 

do for study during the one to five days he is offi 

campus on his promotional trip, or the countless nights 

ith his group writing scripts for the program, 

any number of other thin 

Worth it all 
all have enough S' 

scholastic standing. 

Teams Re-organize 
For New Semester 

rophy for the firsi 
by Jade Krall and LaVoy Gamer, 


J. Ga/n< 

"Grimw<t irm Ray 

in anempt to create an awareness of how easy it would be 
tip the scales of extra-curricular aaivities in the field 
music too far. As long as a good balance is kept in each 
field, the danger of neglert in other vital various areas a 


"PiamotiaKeU 7*4^ 



^ee>iMti<ut<U /4eti<MieA 

\ some type of physical aaivity i 
: best- One way of getting this 
:ipate in sports. 

which sports provide 

r spiritual life or of t 

Sports should definitely be a part of 

part — not a dominating factor. 

:nd college. 

work while 

i SMC 1 

been known as a school | 

ough." It hasn't changed. 

Seventh-day Advcntists believe that true education is the hat- 

of the physical, mental, and spiritual I 
powers; SMC puts that theory to work. 

During December of 1959, about 81 per cent of the 
rollment was employed at jobs ranging from sorting Straw 
op [o erecting a women's dormitory, 

^-ir's English teacher may be today's dishwasl 

year's preacher, today's cabinet builder or truck dri' 
■ ■ ~ \ may someday teach small I 

the brc 

ngets to paint 

.ops f 

■> type. 

S/4 IfuUtiiH^ 

Look for the hustlingest, bustlingest, flurryingesi sn 
aents on the campus and when you have found them, ch?"" 
ate that they are engaged in some type of 
work for the Student Association. 

This year's SA has been one of the 

beehives in years, with countless projects, all 

'tutions, working poli 
weeks of prayer. 

[ying I 

^ ^ designs, social educa- I 

,.„ ^..j.., ..„.kshops, coUege days, pcofi^ | 

ig systems, and myriad other facets of student 

While all this hustle and bustle is beneficial to the St" 
dent Assodation, to the college family as a whole, and ^^ 
the students involvetl, the question arises, "Js the Mu ^ | 
Association attempting to accomplish i 
year moves progressively onward?" .^, i 

True, the SA was originally organized in part '" _', | 
students learn to become good leaders, but is i 
accomplished when most of the wotfc is carried on 
leaed few? ("Selected" not so much because of ""^'' ^.m. 
genius at leadership, but more so because they alone a ^^ 
ing to give of their time and energy to hold do"'" 

^oflh= I 

taken on the thinly disguised cloak of "leadership t 
md literally allowed us to run away with — "" '"'"'' 
Let's not overdo our Student Associat 

Standing behind every student com 
[ricular activity is at least one facuir 
quired to spend as much {and sometime 

Pat's Positive Participation 
Pervades Pleasant Personality 

inv times so much concern is expressed about 
jrricular aaivities of the students that thai wh 
e spent by the faculty members sponsoring these 

Radiant Smile Marks 
Patricia Ann McCollum 

of college operation. Membership in the local churc 

with it, too, committee obligations. 
le central question to be considered is this: Doiis 

still have time for his SCHOLARLY pursuits? 1 
nocds, is he still a scholar? Or is he being forced 
t from the days, when he studied diligently to obta' 

achers— do they have enough time to be? SL 

his series of editorials has not been written in an at 
to do anything other than point out these vita 
I thoughts concerning our program of extracurricular aaivi 
, on this campus: 

1. The original aims and goals of true Chtistian etJ 

2. The danger of engaging in extra-curriculars in an 
E area ot combination of fields to the extent that the moc 
portant aspeas of Christian education escape us. 

3. The importance of a well-balanced "diet" of extti 
rricular activities: religious, athletic, governmental, ret 
iiional. musical, etc. 

There has been no desire to single out any specific o 
nizaiions ot departments in a deliberate attempt to cause 
essure in any undue manner. 

The sole desire of the editors is that the faculty mem- 
I bcr and the student alike wiU make a re-apptaisal of HIS 
I OWN extta-cucriculat program and then decide FOR HIM- 
I SELF whether or not HE is pushing the pendulum too far 
le side.— The Editors 

Kuhlman Works 
On Doctorate 
At University 










ctit. Nanc>- Rdd, cc 
prMldent; Nornu Gnib 

le pcrsonaiit)' du 
bith school guest 




GC ond Union Representatives 
Hold SMC Temperance Workshop 

^ gTCMARiev Sp«eD Shop Inc. 

■yM^^ ..n ,OiS„US .LVO 


You'll have to SEE it to Believe it ! ! ! ^ ^ .. 


February 27 


. . . And a Woods full of Animals 

I Maude Jones Hal 

W4. ^ l^nee. Jlitentvuf Aiuiif 

Schmidt's Varied Background Includes 
lOwn Business, U. S. Army, Hospitals 

■ ibilitics planning our dailj' foods. 

nn: Glori. Jean, ^ho i. 

Second Case Study 

Time Shortage Intensifies 
Student's Finance Problem 

r lour will begin at Appom; 


, 10 help hin, <on,pleie hi, 

Laundry Truck Overturns 

New Pastor in Collegedale; 
First Service Is February 20 

■lorida, Eldcc TTiurmon taught 
pent about 15 yeiri [n Florida 
linistet for fouc rem. Upon 

:r.du^ting ftom Southwestern J, 
,.r College th.s spriDg. wd Jm 

Bisch Travels 4,000 Miles 
in Filming Outer Mongolia 

Student Talent 
To Win Prizes 
At SA Program 

Jndy Falls and Sylvi 

Bud^ Coggin, and 
H. Taylor— advertisi 
— itagE direction. 

'Ud hone; f( 
brawny fighten vie to become ihcir 

trangers. With typical good fo; 

Freshmen Choose 
Krall As President 


16— Studunt Senate 

20— Lyceum: Francli R. Llm 

26— Chflpek SA Preferentii 

29— Chapel: Conititirtional 

I— Student Sonato 

5— Dcan'j Night 
1 3-Sam Campbell (Dorm 

14— Chapel; Open floor 

19— Collogo Temperanco 

26— Spring Vacation 

30— Shident AdmmiriralivB 

2— SMC Band Concert 
S—Student Senate 
9— Rlmir Pot Pourri 

10-12— College Dayi 

16— Dean'i Night 

19— Student Senate 

22— Presentation of Propose 
Budget for SA 

SA officers 

14— Open (Not a I 

Beckner's Farewell Sermon: 
'What Mean These Stones?' 

Nursing Club 
Elects Officers 
For Semester 

lary College, has aanoui 
rtioa of officers of the 

:Qt; Phyllis Finney, s. 
>avid Fogg, treasurer. 
Plans for the club's 

ner, the first rega 

=rom Bool: of Joshua 

appeal" foi U 

_ the gospel ind'i 
llegedale family to iniljl 

PR Chairman Explains Rock Project 
At Meeting of Upsilon Delta Phi 

the Upsilon 1 

dation Pubh. 
brought to th 

lU nmde of whitewashed slone: 

nan of the Student , 

ettecs readUy visible for quiK 

bythe Student ^(^"eas^^ ^^ I 

"*Ted the" request of *^ 'p 



SMC Student Talent to Vie 
for Honors Tomorrow Night 

Senled by 20 lop peff. 

prognm was sold by Buck)- 

le of staging and teheanais; 

ine Pettis. Rosalind Hen. 
is. Stage decorations ate 

committee composed of 
rris Taylor, Evlyn Lindbcfg, 
rook, airles Read, Judy 

IPIans Being Made 

iFor Expansions 

|To Hackmon Hall 

Board Votes Dean's Appointment; 
SMC Extension Work Okayed 

Cpllege Subsidy 
Increased; Leave 
Given VandeVere 

SMC Student Associotion Will Be Host 
To Delegates of lOth Annual Workshop 

Campbell Booked 
For Performance 

fey, public celiliocu dirciSOf of Ihs 
- luUicrn Union, w.U spcik on pub- 
: rcbbons in So-enth^dir Advent- 
Separate Conference 

His name is Don Crane, and he is presiden 
Southern Missionary College Student Association. 
He is worried. Why? 

For several years various individuals expressed 
to have lie SA constitution revised. Very few woi 
rhar rpvUinns were necessary. Enthusiasi 

ionally waxed rather vehemently ^^^ 

■ "' e loopholes which often appeared 

On Our Weaffierfronf . , , 

Terry McComb 

By the time thi 
that the long, tedious work of 

will be finished. From a technical standpi 
IS have been near perfect. But what have they 

general opi 

Examples Ciied ■ 
Last year at approximately this time there 
pie giving Bible studies from the SMC campus. The number 
was expected to increase gready as the Operation Fireside 
program became more and more accepted- Recent figures in- 
dicate that slightly above 20 per cent of that number are 
n the project. Why the slump? It is hoped that 
1 groups 


A«L,g M,o, i. a,a 


Md».p EJto, 

-.:- --.- zJSl/i'S 

M.S cipS Mlo, _ ... 

■■ '^su,iiS'M!iiiS''t4;';s Jsi" 

?"" ITT — 


: wTiitoli'-T^S 

Telqe Hall 

Show, ^,A&e>, (^<w&itio>u 

Freshman Class President 
Has Interesting Background 

Don Clark Asks 
For Participation 
In MV Studies 

SMC5 OpcrKion FirMJdc pirtid- 
psiion his dropped from i loUl of 
85 pirncipints last year to 16 peo- 

,™t Ihtoojh the top of 
otrJrpied' by Go.«t.o, 

ball, volleyball and cross country 

,od captain of the 

City PR Director 
* ; ; Speaks at Club 

Aekerman Gets 
Leave to Pursue 

Girl,, («™.e'n» Mii for iu.i ! Groduote Study 

s not shy at all; maybe 

Stop and Rest at 

The Oaks Motel 

The Student Association 




Invites You to Its 
Talent Program 
Tomorrow Night 

.-rCHamey SpieoSwop (nc. 






iimill, ha 

hey filler 

hat God 

nly work 

in Opera 
r,„ly sain 


NEVER h.- |''i^">_ ^;,';'T1 
Custom Photo Finishers 



Regular S4 & $5 

Only 52 & 52-50 

Hottie Falcon Clothing 

The Foreign Accent 

Students' Reading Improved 
By Class Offered Since 1954 

400 students Have 
Attended Classes 
Speed Increased 

Ooltewah Barber Shop 

ent, o( SMC prof,, )h, 



Collegedale Cabinets, 


April to Bring 
Academy Seniors 

For College Days 



Regular Prices $30 - $35 

Clearance Sale Only 


HatHe Falcon Clothing 

Noborhood Drug Store 


Ic/der A. C. McKee Speaks 
I On Past, Present, Future 

Beckner Gives 
Record Collection 

>^^^ , J^ 


^5,000 Scholarship Fund Set 
ty Widow of Ambrose Suhrie 

Top Awards Given 

^t Talent Show; 

Showboat Theme 

I Approxim^Icly Wenty 

^Bucky Co^n5, Jack Robe 
light miuic division. In 

(•n,..wii ■ 

dency of the IJ 

isidenf Cor 

ndiHl what IS considitrcd by min) 

VandeVere Given 
Absence Lea ve for 
Doctoral Work 

Student Senate Selects 
Executive Nominations 

Election Will Beon 
Day, March 30 

Sam Campbell to Present 
Program Tomorrow Night 

f Maude JonM and Talge h 

wth mind and body to 
= points out the tJFecis 

Biologists View 
Audubon Pictures 

Maude Jones Hall 

Testify? He hasn't testified for three years. People won't By /^ucc Fowler 

it docs make him feel just a lictle net 
of ail his teachers and fellow studen 

He would if people would lee him, but you see, they 
don't give him credit for heing sincere in what he does; 
they feel he must have some de«p, dark, diabolical, ulcerioi 
motive. After all, people don't testify just because they want 
to, do they? Or do they? 

Is what people say when others testify really true? "He 
just wants to impress Dr. Hammill." "Well, there go the 
theology students, trooping down to testify." "Wouldn't you 
testify, too, if you wanted to win an election?" "She may say 
that, but she certainly doesn't ace that way in the dorm. 
"Why, I've known him for four years, and he's said that 
every year." "She thinks she always 

back and cty to figure o 

Friend of mine, it'f 


: try 

» stands before his 
fellow men aod tells what God has done for him. We are 
on sacred ground ... and our own feet are rather dirty. 

So this week, just for once, why not forget about ulterior 
motives (something new in the experience for most of us) 
and sit back to listen and to be glad for what is said. Pethaps 
we might find that e.>:tra "sometluog" from this week of 
prayer which we have sought for so long. 

T^<lfoU ScU6C€UiOH<U PUh4^? 


nt plans for when I finish my 
I going to go, fun I'm goinE t 
I gee done — just lee 
g to Stan living! 

get through 

. Places r 
things I'm going 
school, and I'm goi 

So I take eighteen Hours 
school, work more a week th; 
buddy, I just don't have lime"; "Say, could you see me about 

t bie rushed righe now"; "Well, I'd like 

J get through school qtiickly 

■ne-madc, chocolate- covered | 
15 to 10? bits of chocola 
-ered ants any day. And besides, 
,y pay a fortune for candy ants 
en you can get dozens of them 
merely leaving ii bit of food in 

really k 

md unprotected 
this Harms kid, sh 

Rosalind Hendren told me to. 

lile ago and was defim'tely 
83?th Operations Squadron 

lly joined the Air Force (know- 

aiast the joint advice of mineself 
d the General Conference War 

"* '"'■"■"J j^ Mothcr'W 

lormea to ran agajost the SMC | 
Conservatives. The party is ncithtt 

namely, 'Te Ole P050 P^ 
Ucarly a party for intellectuilj lod 
aristocrats, the party has alrwdf I 

is increasing by leaps and bounil I 
I am getting the tni=f«- 


ing to type my column by fiuhli^l I 
Our lack of light ougt 
some sort of i 

blinks its last. 1 

pparent in the 

f feeble biHctr I 

that later? I'd 

e life." 

Exactly what makes the training segment of my life 
something to be rushed through? Is ie eaget antidpaeion of 
some future Utopia? Yet, I have not seen tomorrow to kni 
that 1 like it better than today. May not logic conclu 
then, that if 1 am to be sure of happiness, I muse be si 
of it today? 

Happy the naan, and happy he alone. 

He who, secure witliin, can say. 
Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have liv'd today. 
— Dryden 



Talge Hall 

Attentioo, "Desowikitty" fomm. 
Prepare yourselves for a shock. At 

onded that we fellows buy out the 

campus enjoyed recently. Don't tel. 
me you have forgotten it already. 
Bill Mundy? Why, if anybody 
should remember, it is Bill. You 

up idea of having a "Get-a-Date 
Week." and Bill up and got his 

that Bill said he really enjoyed it. 

was everybody else; at least I sensed 

thing abou 
Tramp but, 

Beauly snJ 1 

Charlie Han 
the lobby of 

the Lidy and ik 
could relinquish. (EJ 

ilaude Jones Hill H« 

H.f''ifl ^^^' -'"""^ ■*■" 

with his "special friend" everybody 
clapped as he gfacefully seated her 

BruM FiooiTian ^•. ^^,^ ^p. 

>en to be in. Seriously, just think 
of the many problems this would 

the inhabitants of Maude Jones 
Hall, and otherwise (known in the 
everyday boy vernacular as girls). I 

Glenn Anderson is to be congtat- 
right in keeping with the "Gct-a- 

I guess that leaves only one other 
ence""fr7m'la5''^e'ek, and'helb^ed 

of the ordin 

aarlie said 
get the righ 

"^rT'dt mal 

'inney one time. M«- 

ng and enlightening week our 

didn't want us to mention his name 

Well, girls, 

of "B^-h" 
■Talge Hall 
all you gills 
aarlie a pa 

girls a little 
fellas. We. t 
ways seem to 
who always^h 

.c couldn't help '^'' 

r ■' Neit yejr <^^ 
cm diip in ^^ ^' 

jct'thitfeAr "'"'•' 


1 1 




i ^ 

l^ft" . ^ - - . 

""""l walked in 

„„df !»"*';* 

' 1 

'fO ^u I W^Hm 

MS imm iK 

m J 

night, and th 
(Sie p 

^hU w'^f^ ■"*" 

M.,ch II, HM 

Sotdh.™ A,»,nt 

Peg. 3 


Academic Promotions Granted to 

Onraounlofilira nsc which 


you've got to undergo this too. but 

Three College Faculty Members 

I cot from my last colvum ibout 

work on shakin' hands, and believe 

SMCs Board f D 


p.l,.,W™, I h™ dDddtd » d,. 

Now. they is maoy things which 

.Olc Ihis-hrer colj™ » IhQ sai.c 

would-be-er becomes a ajn't-gotter. 

to thr« of the mc4brK "of "the 

iDfiacadem?cdtair^ "' '"f^th 

lopic, but from a ddicmt angli;. 

Faees and Handshabt 

here's a list of jut a couple things 

colle^ faculty. 


Folks judfies you by your face 
gonni win ary single 'dt:ction iFn 


ber^'of mc"facdty^nce"l948™^ 

0/ dae college. Dc. Schneider a- 
peers to join dte facidty fot die 

pistols, sling shots, or bows ond 


!ir L'hV ^°'^'''" '*''" ^'"'*"'"" 


holds his doctorate from the Uni- 

Juniors Enjoyed 


on a1^ount'^''^ey-'^e ^i^uiJMk'Tgtt 

them); other poly-ticians (none of 

""fuII ptof^t'^p in physics was 

Fun and Food 


Arthuritis, or Rhumytizin. Now. 
when you ihakcs hands, don't grip 

you cvd keep your faces straight 

granted Dr. Ray Hefferlin. On the 
faculty since 1955, Dr. Hefferlin 

Saturday Night 

a„T >»"' h>" • j™c) lod.v is. 

[he^iswrjyla dSw^^I^eiTem' 


B, Elaine Suiiiv.™ 


R^ch wr"out°^orc the fc!kr'"et5 

barrassin' you in public, do you); 


ydpm: Hea-rauhio'. uil.w.jsin' 
poly-tidati. you've got to hive no 

This lets everybody see that big 

bill collectors (same as pre-ceedio') 


day mght. March ), I960, Profes- 
sor Grimdjet, Pmfessot Madgtvick, 


it keeps your hair in shipe and 

(they'll remember you skipped out 

lJ^»"°o S'liTrk rst,"" 

Oarfc joined us in a few eiddng 
games of volleyball. We arc still 
wondering if Lois Field didn't 

o";irl;fd''»°u:ta»nT'''' " " 

Gott Joins StaH 

rfy-mean to hi, Charlie Hann on 

Now, aflc, ,00 don't know 
pile of tloll so-! yon tan g... ptn 


Next School Year 

ftain") ." Ata inJi-S redly 

pklhe impression lh«,on,/„ know 

cilher got the hair^lip or scarvy. 


awav'^with''the'Lcon— "™pf — 1 


Grandpap, Grandpap was a poly- 


• ^1 

mean glutenburget. like Professor 

10 planljn' j full loj.l of Kuckshot 

t'hclhe'wisTmnmn' flr'^nsUble 

u^^e Ihii'S'Jhre7«t,orrcVS,'.t 

'do»r'to°tap froti'ptt'inj 'canjht" 





P^'.'"ta"d,*o" e"oy 'thf h« 

K.op . Bi, Smil. 

Ihct' tilTh'iv.n' Ihii'hj'er'ha'i 

giT Vp" 


bread, hot chciolate. aod' cookies 


auction. Well. Grandpap got toe 

Cousin Addlepate 


tilk ' ^c ""fe^v '^n^nfng "t^nutls 

smile md keep it thjr. We,ir it In 

stopped, he'd played smacky mouth 

run for sheritT of his town eight)' 




thjt year with the hydm-phoby. 

won. Jist thiok, eigbty.fouf times' 

,.. <h... I- .. ,■,::; XVhaes-e, 

Public Rtjlationi Man 

He finally won, though. 'Course 


Coliegedole Cobinets. 

Besides makin" people think you're 

hire you a public relations man. 

colony which had been abandoned 


a E™d feller, you kin daim thet 

you're the town idjit. ifn tfiing. go 

wrong iftcr you're in office. 


thing. Cousin Addlcpatc finally J'J 

at Southern Missionary College. 


Naborhood Drug Store 


it most and gits folks to a-thinkin' 

1 cant thir^ of but ^||^^^^^^^ 

L» HJgS-.y al Ai.port Rd. 

eve, m.vde it bein' hnne.i and sin- 


b^olhefthet's''t,lr'probll"' "'' 



ajtee with each other 0, them- 
selves. Now, naWtal. you fiot to 

Ooltewah Barber Shop 

twocds, 12 ft. width. 

RDnonbcr . . . 

have cvttybody khind von .0 the 



Open 5 days 7 a.m.-6 p.m. 








Hair Styling 

Sirt, lo Seven), Dollar Men's Salts 

I f.'."u. "*".';■'. v,'..';;;!;"'' 

L ""wgh-"'!' ^Alifp!rt"d. 

NOW ONLY S25.00 to S29.50 


Sp«lnlW^.q^ b^Hdr Styltog 

!!l - S2S 

■ '''"^'"nv'f t.^!.,. ^^^^^^ 

COST CLEARANCE — Winter Tilings 
Hottie Falcon's — Apison Pike — Coliegedole 

'foMtovuw 'JU^f "DitwUton^ Sme^ 

Erupting from their woodland retreats, 


\.OMab\s Animals Will Perform in the Tabernaele-Audiforium 

Time: 8:00 P.M. Admission: Adults. 50(^: Children, 25^ 

Warriors Top Basketball League 

Summer Classes 
Are Announced 

Men Try to Buy 


February 24 - 7:30 - Girnet's, Fcbmicy 24--9:00~Th<: i«ond 

with 10 poinli paved the way for 

Dr K M Kenned director of 

fCo„im,^.J from p.,y_, :) 

gatne of the evening saw BeslE>-i 

over the league leading wwriors 

SKond ^semester ro.nd. hnal score: 

d,e following coursc-s will be of- 

tg^iZ why'he wo'a7d Ling fh" 

.t,a,Bh< vi«ori« by thcit op- 

handling by Jack KuU. who put in 

fered this summct; 

(0 study hall. {I thought maybe h. 

h^lSr ^7''ini*''untifl ate^She 

^TVi cnmbinalion^'of ' ^gtj 

S n L^ct'^er 19 


study hall,) I decided I h^d bontr 

^rh quirler. The nitnmg point of 

and Wood, Tommy Beglcy led the 

Teaching of Reading Methods S 

ask him just /or curio^itis siU 


points followed by Wood and 

Befiley 6 Randolph 

M,ilcri,i;i in Elcmeiilary School. 

fhaTpiclr.iS .trf.i'h 'h,m 

racing down the court, juraping up 
and dropping the bail through the 

Kcele 10 pomts each. 

Stone ^ ^ 


WARRIORS, From then on .1 was 

Crouson 6 Terrell 1 

■rop%.<i„n A,,,ag. 

Camp,nf;i.H.i.,ng, Directed Teach- 

Heres still another a)f.os,t> 

for thE watriofs wert Silver ^ 

Kran"*' !S Ekvall 8 

desk durmg (he afternoon, 1 jl«.i. 

"'"'"'" '"^ Sir'' 10 

bf arranged). Appieci.ilion of Mu- 

manage to get a phone tall from .i 

followed by Lonberg with U. The 


Neslell 1 1 8 

Naiute Study and Consen'ation 

cause her accent slipped onf diy 1 

final score: the EAGLES 57— 

Totals 54 6i 

Wood 10,5 

Field Biology, Specttoscopy, Pro- 

Anyhow, she always asks lo iptak 

WARRIORS -15, Sia-dhig II" i. 

phetic Gifts. Teachings of Jesus, 

to Uonard Ponder, Leonard, I 

Ray-s Warriors S 1 

Gamer's Eagles 4 -1 

History and Institutions, Hislot)' of 

Bcgley's Falcons 2 4 

the South, Early American Back- 

either; other fellows arc beginmn.i; 

Krall i Hawks 5 

c^c°"o me'the o'lhcTnifiht^'lnd^ 

WatJ^"" 'fi Bl"T ^ 

Randolph Tranum 

the game. Wood led the way for 


Total. ;; . ^ 

Gamer with 19 points and Opps 




^^BS ■ 1 LvS^^^^^^H 

t .hTbxk dZK.S' m^. « » 

The Oaks Motel 



and will eliminate the ptoblem if 



^^^^^r^^ ^^1^1 

such typical Collegedale weather. 

°" "°""' + '■■■ ' "•"•' 

^^^^^Hr ^ ^ym^M 

.h'.t^hiVsZH.'rn''""' r 

b^' \T{i '^"i!' "^ j'l < 


FK... OX ..S!.J . I,.ll., l..,.! 

>^hL^ v.. ir^ 1 1 .. ' 



;."•::; :;',:":;, ., .. t: ;.' ";; ':. '" - ' . ■ ■ :::::: 

LfV .Ik .'"V" '^H -''' 

Thcic 11 DO problem lo aial but 

' udL a mil Jih 


F. M. (Frattv) Wilhiit 


back l„ m> ()p:.wrn<.r for a lU h 

1:1; zS'Z'. . , ,,„. 

CbK Stotlan 



Custom Photo Finisher 

S 12 Exposures 



Developed & Printed 




"'^^ PHONE Export S.H7Z ""'"^ 

1 1 

Cowitu^ S<K>*lf 



/i^ w-w 

Senate Selects 
pA Candidates 

f Jickionville, Horidi. Ron no^ 
Y^es his home in Jackionvillc. H 

of the oodidatM foe sk 
HJ ouioc, migh'tcp of J 

5 been public lelit 

|on College fo, one jeir. 

ine4 a degree in business ad- 

« hiving fulfilled the temi'itemriJts 
'or pte-mcd. 

Rees Releases 
Promotional Plans 
For Field Work 

hitiy-Tennessee Conf 

Elder Don Ooofc; Kentucky-Ten- 

Sophomore Class 
Conducts Party 
In Spalding Hall 

Choir Mokes 
Trip to Knoxville 

Mrs. Rittenhouse Is Finalist 
For Town Hall Concert 

'Jt(MiiM€itive "HoHiett^e 

By John Chbistbnsbn, Ph,D. 

'Twas the Htind- 
Not a Freeman w 
The Rainwater Leach{&i) from the Silver Spin 

The Wery Lamb{s) were Nestell(ed) all s 

With visions of exai " ' „ 

The Dean in her Garrison settled down from the Chai 

Put her Cardona dtesser, and her glasses in a Case. 

When out in the KeW J he " " 

I jumped fr 

Now, Re«7/j 

The Horn c „ „ 

Appeared to come from the Woods and Sharpe ridges. 

When what to my Noble Hart should I Gamer 

~ a Love and Hunger that I 
' Harms that could Beck 

'ould Uaieh just for Sp ^ „ , 

rapid than Peck(&) from a Weaver Boyd's beak 

The radio Ham'(s) signals let Ljice like a Greek 

Now Leeper, Now Tucker. Now Star. 

As I Ponder (ed) the Lohr of this Ciinmngham so odd 
From out of the West Port I saw Hernoud. 
the window ZHl with many Falls she flew 
■ - ■ ■ ■■ - >ps oaxoo 

IV of Steele 

She Cratie'(ci) her neck and set out for a Cruz 
With the Roberson (or Seay who she'll C/j«(2).) 
She took Hasty steps toward the Lawless Fox 
With an .4;fee m her Temples she Nea/ (cd) on the rocks 
She was about to Parriih this Wiik Young thing 
When he reached out bis hand like a Pelley King. 

t Deakins or the Friersofi. 
He'd Betancourt her Fii//(T e'er the WJ/i was Dumt. 
But now that the Marshall was Kcrae on his trail 
Without Kissinger he fled Straight t 


"would be" Groom who had ceased to Wn 
^as all Hemme{d) in and he couldn't go through. 

The poor Richman fell off the Dyk 

Down among the Reed{s) forever he sleeps. 

But the Little Brown maid who was left so Greene 

(Never Inman was such Dewne Goodness seen) 

"Oh, Baasch! and Vje did he Stanaway.'" 

To Frje Oxbergers he had promised to Daj' 

And her anger arose as the Black Smoak rises higher 

"I'll Slauter him soon as he reaches the fire" 

Early came the decision, "I won't Stanford!" 

■'I'll sue the old Crook for all the PiUswortir 

And I'll Shotfalter what it means to Servoss 

I'll Clower his name and I'U kick up a fuss 

I will Dunham again till it's all Dunagin." 

And she Grubb{QA) for words to Weldon his kin. 

And I heard her exclaim "I'll take another Genton. 

We'll Vogt to Tranitm to run DeVasbcr 

Then never again comes to mind the old masher." 

You never could Guess the end of this story 
Foe Tomes couldn't hold it, to Read it you'd be sorry. 
Great Numbers of Nichols, it's Pnre if you Arnett 
Yet if you had it, I'm sure you would bum it. 

Hammill Challenges Students 

^ :::;;™_i^_ll4, 

Mexico City College to Publish 

To Have ^The Questing Spirit' 

Dr. Bushnell's Dissertation 

Dr. C. G. Bushnell's doctoral dis- 1 Highland Academy. She is pbnnin 

GC Educator Has 

^^^^^^^1' 'h^^^^^^^^HH 

licalion by Mexico City College. 

to speno the summer in htaico. 
Ifie Communications Arts Div 

Prayer Week 

^^^^^I^H' 'I^^IH^^^^^^I 

Dr. Cosio Villegas, considered bj 

sion announced that Walter Cnn 
dall, cdLlor of the Ymh's /«,,„ 

lUchiiJ L. Hmmill. m assoclM 

^^^^R^^B'' ^^Knl^^^^^^l 

published. A Spanish volume, it is 

lor, will hold a Wr iters Confeieno 
on Uie SMC campus aen fall, Thj 

secretary' of the Department of Edu 

^^^^H^B' '^^^bI^^H^^H 

to appear somebme In the fall of 

will be held in conjunction wii 

citioti of the Gcneml Conference 

^^^■^^K^^Ki 'IH^V^^^^^^^^^H 

the coUege English department 

is conducting the spring Week o 
Religious Emphasis, March "i-12. 

B^gB ^m^K^H 

offered to buy several hundred 

Olive Westphal, from South 

His topics include "Can We 

^^L fl^K "^^l^^^l 

America.''^ '" 

cording to Dr. Bushnell, she h: 

Build a Bndge from Athens to 

^^^K' S^^^^B '^.^^ui^^^^^^^^l 

lEIder Gordon M. Hyde, head of 

Jenasalem?- -Doe, . Good Ctois- 



up Tn'&uth'' W in'wh"' ^'^ 

Great Divorce/' ''A Soldier Known 


tion in Washington, D. C. this 

Dr. Hope Hayton will return le 

to Put Away His Wife?" "Sub- 


*cIfol,rLut'ha, received a call 

La Sierra new year. Mis, Evl, 
Lmdberg will be teaching sumiM 

standard D't.hwashing." -Jack 


to teach English and Spanish at 

^ool here. It was also annooncR 

Grealcsl Blessing,- and "Who 

kind, forgiving, and humble. It is a 


Thurmon Preaches 

in^the communications division nc 

Dr. Hammill h.. enKtled his de- 

world-'"'"' ""'* ^°^'^ °^ *" 

'How an_ 1 make prayer mori 

On 'Rock of Ages' 

^Ir. Madgwick will be taf:ing ad 

votiond week -IT,. Questing 

™°' Main Problem of Youth 

syhcn interviewed. "TTiis is a ques- 

At First Service 

English during Si'I'Lu^er momb 

Wh k d "Wh - 

tinn that most need to ask and are 

Speaking on "Christ, the Kock 

Unit^ sTatcs*^ remaned that ih 

Chrislianitv in Focus 

problem of youth today?" Dr. 


of Ages," Elder Roy B. Thurmon, 
newly-appointed pastor of the Col- 
egedale Seventh ■ day Advcntist 

ing numerous scholarships to \u, 

that possibililies should be Ii-.J.lJ 

the tme picture. They look at the 

full commitment to God, they will 

httlc nunutia durtes— whether dicy 

somehow miss out on the things 

Hammill Vijih Collages 

■'Spiritual satisfaction," said Eld- 

man major. 

er Thurmon, "and strength come 

aod don-fs'of fringe matters. But 


visiting all our colleges, talking 

*Tlf Jwai^i'ls '^rLalem ta 

Freshmen Hove 


to do day by day the things God 


men can exercise spiritual strength 

Games and Film 

ments are love for God, love for 
neighbors- it ii being merciful. 

of people in this country of what 

seas appointment in May to Central 

For Class Party 

£Lght o'clock Saturday nigh 

Wide, Varied Woric Maries 

Scavenger Hunt 

hat man's spiritual refreshing flows 

found the members of the freshmin 
class (and a number of straggltn 

Service of Seminar Groups 

Provides Fun 
At Senior Party 

from Christ, the living rock by 

■rom the other classes) strejming 

That automobile you Zrd'o!,'. 

gregations to' which they minister. 

There was fun, food and exdCe- 

of^Sst'"""'"*"' d'""* "'^^^''^f 


ing up at sbc-thirty last Sabbath 

each couple a ticket i\ith dulpiaK 

r^L"",oT'.o'fm? dtS 

department, qualified faculty mem- 

the senior class party. About 7:30 

nreservedly to Him. 

numbers on each end. TTie iingl. 
girls received only half a ticket— 

church monr than" one"hu.ldied 

ducted by student preachers. Kind- 

of the cafeteria; then they divided 

they*'h^vr'L-n^''ablf "to go^'av"^ 

for future reference, Sony to sif. 

Jiey have been revived by the living 

load including a ministerial student 

Efforfi Appreciated 

been on a scavenger hunt, well, you 

water," he said. "It is through 

gan, played beautiful 'dituiEr" 

and Ws wile. He has spent all h 

Are the efforts of these students 

have missed half your life. It's more 

Christ and Him crucified that man 

spare dme during the last week 

appreciated.' Almost invariahly we 

fun than a barrel of monkeys. 

:an have the hope of a life beyond 

elly rolls, peanut butter barii and 

prepadng the sermon that he ,i 

hear good reports of their Sabbith 

preach at the eleven o'clock hmir. 

ministry. Recently I stepped from 

a church after hearing a student 

Calvary today ace saved. 

dent poring over a Sabbadi school 

jreach. A hand was laid on my 

with the most items got a prize. 

"The peace that passeth under- 

Whe po th p es d ) 

quarterly as he puts the finishing 
touches to preparation of a lesson 

^g JTecIared'the 1^1 e£ 

dignildTenToK dn^u^ to h^uS 

tanding can t>c had by drinking 
eeply of the living water that 

tomei'k A^'hT"* r 

I heartily agreed. He stepped closer 

and asking for baby foolers and 

ows freely from the rock of 

ioned a d ght 1 1 

' '"""Mi^'retnT' 

and whispered: "We aU wish he 



cS ^if I '^) 

Beside him its 

the h^C thr"'5°eHl'd'"d" d 

on was presented by the Collegiate 

lim th pp tu ty f p 

hopes to graduate from the sceretar- 

Benefit Nets $500 

was held February 6 for Mrs. Dictel 

enjo>ed hot chocolate and dough 

f Dr Morris Taylor 

belle "r ght t f th h 

east he numbc )■« ) ) ^ 

peal that will thrdl the waiting cou- 
home economics major, completes 


ouples too! p b> 1 ), •" 

Miniver in Three Sfales 
suS°pa»i=,^*'ch Zm In"';.' 

for the dcclric wheel chair recently 


*o'o'r" a^'d 1 * " 

three students, left SMC to minister 

Wml ^^ » "mMm^y^W 


for aieir lord in three states: Genr- 

ver>- happy and grateful to the peo- 


ple of Collegcdale for this gift of 

■bHBbw __rJiB>9K/ js^^t' 

D Bush II Id 1 P * 


sisled mostly of faculty Ulent wL 
well attended; and many who could 


lass in fes g 8 tj; 

And this IS a two-way operation, 
mese dedicated young people ase 




fining invaluable eitjericnce in 

i"^y^ A'srce h« iceM aS'C 

^^^^I^^H^I^^^V ^^^^1 

Valt Disney entitled, "^|^'||i"^„„^* 

fe°,bg T hi,™g "pi" tJ7 c™: 


™i;; -■„■ ;.S:'..if .;; t.',;.t 


ccompanicd by popcorn. 



Bottsford to Leave March 27 
For White House Conference 

ts and the State of Ten- 

|plinarr approai 

VTS Sponsors Orations; 
loss Clark Is Winner 

lAleohol Is Subject 
■Of Four Orations 

Visitors Expected 
To Be on Campus 
For Two-Day Meet 

Upon their arrival, they m 

College Band to Play April 2; 
Yearly Award to Be Given 

: SMC Conceit Band imdcr tl 

rium at eight o'clock. Ttc pr 
of the Lyceum and Social Program 

Boys' Choir Gives Concert 
At Third Fine Arts Series 


is Student leaders calling on 
) be talented in only one fi 
our duty, in the developm 

■ the purposes of our system 

it may become a useful tool. We do not advocate 
oneself so thin as not to be able to function p 
area, but neither do we recommend the neglect of £ 
of potential. Without exercise the potential w 
atrophied— wasted — emaciated. God has not inves 
any more abiUty than it is possible for us to l 
not wasteful. "Higher than the highest human tl 
reach is God's ideal for His diildren." 

^iMe Stud^ ^€UU4€d 

It study, but 


The excuse is often made, "I just don't have time." But 
all of us usually find time to do what we want to do most. 

We are a "nation of ptocrastinators"; we put off study- 
ing until the night before the tesq everything can slide by 
until the time comes for it to be done. It seems this is what 
is happening in our Bible study. What is most disturbing i: 
that there will be no chance for a last-minute study of oui 
Bible before the time of trouble has come upon us. The church 
cannot long stand, unless we put forth the effort to study c 
Bible, and the best place to start is in the Sabbath school, 

09U€4^ V<i^ t^u€^4. ^mAited 

The members of the Student Association and the facui 
of Southern Missionary College extend to each of you, t 
seniors of the academies and high schools of the Southe 

SoutlMm Accent 

lAews Notes 


i, you a 

n life. 

our personal accomplishment. 
While you are on our campus, we will endeavor to give 
u an insight into the purposes, objeaives, and opportunities 
be found on the campus of Southern Missionary College, 
ight realize the vast oppoi 

challenges of a' Chrisi 

t educa 

L Chri; 

iuch an education be foum 

You will also have ample opportunity through the varied 
activities planned to gain new acquaintances and renew 
former friendships. All in all, we, the students of Souihetn 
Missionary College, look to this occasion as being one of the 
highlights of out school year. 

Come along! Get a taste of life on the campus of Southetn 
Missionaty College! 


M.„h 23. \m 

Southern Accent 

Page 3 

M.ude Jones Hall 


Columnist Bewails Occupation 





hiiviful, disgrjceful, despicable. 

sisting of wild leaping and 

ed5fi?f SaTml^NoTStft^ 


l..m"u^, Jgnoblc, scindalous, dc- 

-'..fihlL', unmentionable, opptobi- 

. _. ous, outrjgrous, 

thoughtlessness, she went to bed and 

A, Philo repaired to the from of 

^H|^4 ^^H 

^^^^'.j Ddious.dishonot- 

forgot to take out her false teeth. 

leelh gone, apparently swallowed. 
A Uiorough search of the room re- 

ITely l!ave^*l^'%"u°te ^ ^odd 


V^/' jHSTiS 

vealed them nowhere, and poor 
Shirley had visions of being eaten 

de Bergerae's Baell 

!;:S:;,h.:.i.;df;,v^sJF "'"''""■*• ' ""' ■'" "• 

N: ,» . "1 heard of. What 

atcly' nothing so drastic "happened 

most advantageous angle, achiei'ed 

t,X-iI -mat's k-'ils'^'^nu^ 


by leaning against the large trash 
nther strange, by virtue of the 

Air Force Officer Graduating 

script his to be in three days citly. 

speaking of Charlie Hann, Bruce, 

very tightly. It is a point to be con- 
jectured upon as to whether this 

From Physics Department 

Since our union only allows so 

yes. I would say he minages to get 

was lo keep it from freezing (as she 

By Donna Dunham 

column;, and this secnu to be a 

George J. Bogovich, Lt. Col, "" ' " - ■ ■ - 

necessary extra (also read -evil"). 

Ann Cunningham could bear a little 

noses when leaning over garbage 

USAF (ret.), is a senior pbj-sics 

light Oft this, but I stiall not say 

long, hnt that tight. Bruce, huh? 

more, although more smid be said 
(not about Ann, though, I'm sure!) 
We have thought seriously about 

Sitting Cow 
J. F?Hs presented an qdd picture 

since September, 1958. 

Japanese Weather Service. Bogovich 
also represented the Japanese at the 

'■ '"!' ^J^ i{"'t cUt You 

the purchase of blinders, and since 

in her long flannel nightgown — I 

tina.^George firs't'siw°the''light''of 

Delhi. India, 

..n'le" men always get into moic 

bought out by Upsilon Delhi Phi, 

dressed— this last was just a mea- 

day, oc rather, night. He was ed- 

■ ivc demure and innocent little 

maybe they would like to supply 

sure against getting cold. Then we 

ucated in the public school system 

Education tlie Hard Way 


.■i!.-ruicr of catastrophe fairly regu- 

■Kis dancing wildly uound in dr- 

hrlv— and 1 shall proceed. 

The Qiilei Irishman 

went lo college in the daytime, and 

Poor old Joan Mdnljrc finally 

It has been suggested that some 

it — and now you ate acquainted 

member for one and one-half years 

Also, he got one year of College 

with John Philip Bach Sitting Bull 

Air Force Service 

tmc the statement which I made in 

but so far Harriet Stamper hasn't 

O'Brien, the great. 

After in the Mcdiw 

by correspondence. When he fin- 

a former number of this ei'ec-lovin' 

found anybody who will do it with 

There are several girls at our 

Corps, he joined the Army Air 

ishes in May. he plans to go on 

llitk- ,[ript (or non-desctipt) about 

her. She says she'd like to have 

house here who take an interesting 

Qirps, whiiii IS now the Air force 

and take graduate work ^"_ ^" 

■ I' .liinriLtnr)' being dangerous. As 
li.- ".^iravorjFng up the stairs, one 

only for moral support. 



hTp;r,oaS;rhi:vz»."' ' 


fo^"ed ^'Li .^r'" Sj'lTo^'rtn 


in the Meterologial Scr^■lcc, two 

Family Statirllca 


dfer^u^r'iu'i[e'Lt«V"''Yo^tl '» 

pl^^'if o".ller^'u"r"nnq£S?n 

helping to make atom bombs, and 


quiet— how do you ever get along?' 

the body system, I offered to help 


acijuainted with Sylvia, who is some- 

stration tree. "No." she said. "I 
need one to hang spaghetti on." 

Liaison Officer 

senior here at Collegedale Academy; 

V JLh'!I; pas°m o'^n doTr'^th^'^r 

full name: John Philip Bach Sitting 

Bogovich visited many places in 

W *"s'p!dding''"EL^en'tary ^School; 


Bull O'Brien. This appendage ob- 
viously demands an exphnation. 

odd sihiJtions (that's a joke, but 

twent)--three different bases, and 

Springs, Florida, who attended 
Soulhem Missionaty College some 

^ii'illiKtflcc 1 quickly put a dioplet 
■i-r the scene of my aifiiction. <I 

A while ago Sylvia came leaping 

it fits in with the story) but this 

England and North Africa in 

''Z '^^-^ Bo ovich and his wife 

l-|]L'vc the suggested remedy is a 
^-niewhat different material, but not 

joyfully into the room, explaining 
that she had directed the academy 

She finally got it tlitough my some- 

to Japan for three years; and in 
19S6. he went to Okmawa for two 

joined the Seventh-day Adventist 

o^^cr* ^7.' "'r'^^eior,'"' we 

wanted her spaghetlree for a center 

^ "In^'Se^ mXty'^llr^'ice' for 

co."^ a result oHme Bib'^. «"<ii^ 

you cm. It happened, and I didn't 





"'^E3n'""° '""""'' 

Naborhood Drug Store 


effort to find a newsworthy item for 

A few diys blec, Sylvia was hwrd 

ever hope to be. I owe'to my co- 
hort Jolcna Q. Taylor (By spedal 


6847 L« Htflhwov 

IS column, I asked Joanne Reich 
h H h ^y'hing funny that 

ing a few thousand) in most soitow- 

tcqucst of Jolena Q. Taylor ) 

Dmsi _ Counctks — Founttiln 
Viiit tho -F-i.Bdly Drug Slo,." 


tli<'LighT«Lw« wt^egX, Jie 

of nrassilTmost mpSe a thonle. 

Carpeting from mill, solids. 


iii'-TUioned the posiibihty of predpi- 
mriC fir "^ '""'"""" ""^^ 

another great musician, Johann 

Step and Rest ot 


' S.t. — Clsitd 

^.red to push me oK'bTtlister'' 
Some people surely have morbid 

Bach. ™ added. 

The Oaks Motel 


Suit. —1 p.m. ■ 6 p.m. 

Knscs of humor; although, come 


l"d idea "at '^I ""^'" "°' ^ ^ 

Whie ' ■ 

• L.dl..-Par,.. RBp.l-.d^ ^,^^^ 

""" "*'*'^"' 

Collegedale Cabinets, 

Ph,>« OX B-SI42 • fi.-UI 


: Sr''^EH"v.S"'' 



and tribal rites'^h^r estc " ^'"""^ 

"Wle, Shirley Gunter, observes 


cisors (0 protnide in a horrible 



"""■"■""'■ "■"'■■■" 


SouHMfi. Accent 

*^'-^ !!, 1» 

> ^ .^^^^^ :' fffiiaB 

Campbell Lives 
On Wisconsin 
Forest Island 


Students to Operate ColJegT 
During Administrative Day 

I^^^^U^^ - '7^ jj^H 

Sam Campbell, known as the phi- 
seka, Illinois, and from the time of 

charge of the regular VC'ednesdi 

peiinon wilt lie txtn-ccn BiUff 
Kopitjke and Ronald Wit,„, ^„ Will ,1,0 decide 7t,rS 

Et'tlie n™"c"°r'^°''""" *'" 

Don Ciane, SA president, sjij 


yeaxs traveled Wisconsin, fighting 
for the protection of "his" animals. 

North Ametica and many foreign 
couDtiies. Today they tot^ over 

by student teachers previously ap 
pointed by class teachers. 

Of the"colle^*; Dick Toler.^SA 'v,ce 
Hall', SA treasurer, college business 

pose o^te'stideuiSi" 
day is to accjuaim shitjcnts with '^ 

West's Responsibilities Are 
Great In Number and Variety 


Coleman Exhibit 
In Green Room 

B,- a.. 

(he mimengtaphing and duplicating 
nwi of nearly S500 monthly. 

In 1941. he began his career as 
his first book, How; Inky? He now 

Although it seldom uses its spray 

lege registrar; Dick Larsen, Soulb 

treasurer; David Hamilton, South 

sistant treasurer of the college.Al 

dents appointed by those in charge 
The election of the Student Asso- 

B^ce Freemfn and JuL'^Ga'rner 

her"" a"d" w^^'^^r " '^'^"""S 

Mrs, Coleman, the wife of jt. 
totney Charles Coleman of Oiitla- 

George Cress at the Univemh- rf 
Today IS the l.iM Jav h.r >...:, 

*s\d"itl'"'ih^ 'T '.'", 'o, 

Miirk. Whilt hf was publishing sec- 

skunk cannot spray while being 


— - --. — 

s kept m his office as J public 

land are otphans found by Sam and 
Giny Campbell on the mainland. 

until they are strong enough to be 


Ti^arTw nndom'lw hoasinc'''"' 

should "avoid a debt as a plague.' 

Never is an animal fully dependent 
help to survive. Among the animals 

Not long ago, ^^^. Campbell 
spent six weeks in Australia guid- 
ing a group of 126 people and giv- 

. .-D--...^ . ^ r* 

Plans with Students 

Imc '.";'.■.,;.■ • • •'••' "• ""' '•■ "- '"■'" ■•"•■"• 


Ray's Warriors Leading 
SMC Basketball League 

Being in chiigc of the purdiis- 
ng department, Mr. West blip sup- 

Itms uitful 10 Iht colLp.'" '" 

fcction. A good motto fo( shidents 
the way but once.' Thjs has been 

to writing and less to lecturing and 

afl tt^^^'lt^^M^ *"'" 
UOO feet of film. Thus, through the 

tut and exciting end. TTie Eagles 

Team ShiiJiiiss 11" L 
K., Wanior. 7 1 
Gamer Eiglei 4 1 
Elcslei- ral.on, 2 6 

for the Hawks. Wood pU)cd ja 
as he racked 9 field goals for IS 

rc. FT. tts. 



A home on a laJ:e with a large 



X'ople are able to sec the natural 

joint lead in the first quarter as a 

Krall 7 5 [J 

re, rr. pB 

Wood 11 f 1^ 
Tecreuioo eomoii.tce ch.i.»»; 

te"L°ro; srlp-a""<""j 

volleybill" leagoe ''^J^^^^t 


H-ir styling 



Ooltewah Barber Shop 

The Bert, 

Eipert Flat-Tops 

Nc«t to the Orugsforo 

Open 5 days 7 a.m.-b p.m. 

,,|^ y ^s^ CH««^tey SpccdShop fNc. 


Custom Photo Finisher 

12 Exposures 

Developisd & PrIntetJ 


IBMSSfSm With Elder Roy B. Thurmon, 
Pastor, Collegedale Church 

Young Nurses Are Needed; 
For Hard Work, Low Pay 

Elder Thurmon, what coUege did 

What did you do after gradua- 
I was prindpil of a snuli gram- 
only tau^t for one year, although 

in iho Adventirt fruH.7 

with the Church of Christ? 

I was btou^t up from d 
hood in the Church of Chiist 

of the Waters Avenue Oimdi of 
quointed wHh Seventh-doy Ad 

bout two feet high. My wife ai 
leid Chew books, and after a tii 

Then hov did you come into the 

Dr three yeois, the Little Ri 

EJder Thurnion. have you I 
<uch to do with church constr 

c building a new 
iiat the Lord had 

\s I thought of what might dc 

Fowler Reports 
Steady Progress 
On SMC Yearbook 

; Ju^ita' K ■■ *'' 

Joyce Grimr 
M Calpcppec 

Spirci, typist 

snapshot editor; Ju; 
matcup cdilnr; Joyce Urimm, laj 
s Calpcppec, phc 
. Spires, typist; Mi! 
iviyn Undbcrg, sponsor; D. I 

oniiy CoUege, She cofflei from ^ 
(ceptjondiy poor home, where the 

SASSC Officials 
Will Visit Campus 
During Next Year 

iiooU and Colleges will 
the campus of Southi 
7 College sometime duti 

id prepare i 

is chairman of the study group, 
made up of the foUowing 
Miss Alfredi Costerisw, D 
Christenscn, Mr. Ralph Davidson, 


H. Taylor 

rally ReiponiiWe 

n v. ;,= (,r,-A with the pie5>u«> 
^K^iZ (hat iXs shean fiflJ 
eno'^h money to insure PJ'^'^! 


[ollege Days Begin Sunday 
^s Academy Seniors Arrive 

inual College Days began y 

liven a spedil folder designed by 

Julius Garner Takes SA Presidency; 

Kopitzke, Hall and Culpepper Win 

Remaining Administrative Positions 

4 * * '^'■:a f ^ Elected March 30; 
n^B f ; Jj: ' |1 Remainder Picked 
^^ "~" ^ ~~ On April 4 and 5 

poem read by Diane Ludlam eo- 
spc«ii by Otville Swamct, -Why 

(J« f„i, S, C./. 2) 

' New College Flag Chosen; 
I Kopitzke Given $25 Prize 

eight aceordine to iheit order ol 
Fmm ttleae eiebt die Pceiidcnf! 

Crane Announces Plans 
For Tenth SA Workshop 

Kcntly announced Studen 

lie relations 

■tight, former pr«U 
DelogatDi E>pee 

Special emphasis will be plac 

of its objectives and ii 

Editor Resigns 
4ccenf Position 
After Four Years 

Stanley Showalter, juniot English 

op position on the piper lisl 

before James Gilpeppers succp to 

{5« pag^ 5. O/, I) 

College Days on the Southern Missionary College 

ing the beginning of an era for some and ihe end of one 

Undoubtedly many seniors wbo will graduate from here 
on May 22 remember the day when they first legistcted for 
the. SMC College Days. For some of them it was four years 
ago; for oth» 

t has been a real pleasure being here. 
For others it hasn't. They are the ones who didn't realize 
in the beginning that college life entails hard study, diligent 

However, a large percentage of college students never re- 
Strange as it may seem, it isn't because they lack intelli- 
gence — it is usually because they lack the ability to use the 
mental power they possess. Intelligence usually is somewhat 
limited without a reasonable amount of judgment to guide 

in the midst of CoUege Days of I960. 
her "generation"Df students will be gradu- 
ating. As high school or academy seniors, it is wondered what 
the present visitors on our campus are going to accomplish 
during the next four years. Four years fi 

In four years a 

It behooves every prospective SMCite to di 
what he is looking for out of college life. If he 
and hilarity, he will find it. If he wants Christian a 
he wUl find it. Ii 
ation, or anyThin^ 

The little, though pow 
many dehnitioDS. The most important one lies in one's 
hands — it's up to him to adapt it properly. 


L Chrisdaq education should be : 


) the 

up-coming medical donor. 
Many people will admit the value of the Seventh-day 
Adventist educational system for the small child or the high 
school aged teener. However, as soon as the college education 
is mentioned immediately this value so carefully trained in 
youth becomes nil. 

;very side, how much mon 
would a growmg adult out on his own for the first timi 

Plants need moisture, birds need air to stretch fortl 
their wings, fish need water — Christians need Christ in 
eluded in their educational life. 


Hevis Notes 

Letters . 

nenl. Beginning biic rate 
icr month plus shift, week 
loliday diffetcntEal piy. 

a not depend solely on 

of the '"niitd Ca« 

enough as I leaned pre^l'l 
the railing on third Booi, I. 

you to open up" kncwt 

ly and Larry would actuallf d 

id fiddle to another gi 

■ell, Judy, that i, hei 

(sure i. a pretty nam). 

Myrna Rogers, Betty J 

n," eke »™ld have the«sl« J I 
aibitituttagcardboatJ "JPIIJIJ; | 

sink the knife into lliee^e,^_ 
*°ba°t-rm™''/n"j^f^' 1 

fourth page; '^'?J|^hjli, P"' '' 

'tn:::L.ho.^.w«jr^ | 

«r ■ '"" 

Souttwm AcMfif 


SMC Introduces Sousa Award; |HP^^^^Hf|^| 

Bond Presented 
For Second Time 

Schmidt Receives First Pin ^^^^^^^F^H 

Tiiis Scliool Year 

ccntly introduced an annual musical 
nward by presenting; on Apti! 2 

^Eir^ii ^yi^^^R^ 

Sanitday night, Aptil 2, at the 

the Jokn Philip Scusa A.'ird. 

Hllgi^i ^^H^Sufl 

He concert was opened b, a spe- 

Bakery Has Been 

cial theme song arranged by Pro- 

Here Since 1957 

and thus pLnte the band Intetests. H^^^R^H^^BMII^^^^V 


King's Bjtcr)'. operjled b)- the 

cgedalc in October of 1957. Since 
lit time it hii given emploj-ment 

Then P.Hs MK^SS^^^^^^^B^^^^tM 


nin, jn shipping : 
An addition of in ait-coi 

esident of the music c 
stagtf fiunagcr. lib 
«ident of the b:ind. 

■ a band of his own at Maple 

Students' Research Paper 
Appears in Science Journal 

spectroscopj- teseatch pro 

Experimentation ]m| 

•a KelatLvc fit-vatues of Titaniun- 
■ the article appears in a journal 

ice this type of experiraeniatior 
considered to be in the rapidlj 

More People are Eating . . . 


The Battle Creek Food Company/ Battle Creek, Mich. 

ployment or apply lor entrance int 

Ooltewah Barber Shop 

bpert Fi-t-Tops 


of SMC a former studen 

plaque was ptesenl 

art of the pto- 
N. Re« pce- 

e gift was presented by 


Custom Photo Finishers 

Sfiftmf 'i¥a^ Sfinmtf — ^^ ^w^ 

hing can happen in C 

fo,ni.,. bM 

everythinf: tin happen 


le majorit)- of people 




not (oo long ago. one 
employee of the dean 

Students Operate Co//ege 
Hwing Administration Day 

Cobb Reports Progression 
On WSMC-FM Future Plans 



specially enjop 
the English depa 
loo busy to stop ai 




'Ans» is a, , 

Mrs. Dietel Thanks Friends 
Who Made Benefit Possible 

British Scientists 
Build Telescope 
For Rocket Shot 

Students Like >llmost Everything 
From "Dorm Life' to Classes 


i„ an,.,phere. 

mosphere and congenial people 

phere of ihe quest for Lntellccnu 

P',^ ? ^' ^''>''' '^^'f^l^'^M 

International Relations Club Visits 

aking. __ 

A. W. Spalding 
Tumblers Present 

stiucted of cylindrical rairren, ir- 
ranged to look out in a Tan" onlj 
a fraction of a degree wide. 

Williamsburg, Jamestown, Washington 

In order to accurately csabliiJi 

By Dr. Jerome Oabk 
The International Rcbtioru Club, of the Senate md to the Vice- 1 Next cime the Ailington Nition- 

April 23 Program 

r'''^^i;i''?ntrH ir^> i^' 

President's private office. 

1 Cemetery and the Lee mansion. 

The Saturday night program of 

(er"^" light raj-s fiom the tiBM 

Divisioft, conducted i hijtoty field 

Unfortimately, ihc Senate wm 

Respite Pat Mathers' pitiful wails to 

April 25 will be presented by a 

and so allows a bearing lo be Bxri 

trip to Williamsburg, Jamestown 

tumbling team composed of boys 

and Waahinglon, D. C, during the 

:ins graciously autographed the 

and gitb from the Arthur W. 

Spalding school 

Signals Amplified 

■n.!°^'^e^'J Hd'YT'cS 

utographed copy of the latest Con- 

iLk'IclJ^^thrPote'ii' l^ie''^e 

The program will indude a vari- 
ety of rolls, pyramids and balances 

So that all these signill "^ 

left the campus on Wednesday 

effetson Memorial, the last spot for 

Truman Partish and Myma Rogcm 

for clear reception. \ix miuiihoi- 

afternoon, Ma/ch 23. and arrived 

that day on our tour. 

have organiied and trained the team 

siwd transistor amplifiers— one f* 
each photo-amplifier - ^^^ 

in Williamsbutg in the early hours 

Court Building where the sponsor 

Climbing the Swiss Alps 

as a class project. Several college 

the Mount Veinm^lZor Lodge. 

widi Associate Justice Hugo BlacI:. 

The next day was Sibfaath so the 

men and spotters. Also to be fci 

fitted. TTiese wil ^^^^[^. 

a brand-new large, colonial-type 

tured is a trampolene act by Lanier 

Sabbath school and church where 

"" Ci-.ema«epo Production 


Elder Leslie Haidinge give the ad- 
dress. Saturday evening most of 

According to Mr. J, B. Cooper 

this program will be unit^ue as a 

TTie telescope is exF*^ rote I" 

the group watched the Walt Disney 

team tomposed of grade schoo 

guided lour of Williamsbuic was 

The group wis finally reas- 

35 mm color film, "Third Man on 

begun with the film -Williandmrg, 

the Mountain," a depictation of 

tured at SMC's annua! tumbling 

will give precise pwibomng 

The Story of a Patrio," a dnema- 

Archives where the original offidaj 

mountain dimln'ng in the Swiss 

team program. 

within one degree. _____^ 


Bill of Rights, Treat)- of Paris, 

On Sunday morning, after every- 

I^^H~ ^H^^^H' ^^^H 

Jamestown with its beautiful n™ 

1 H '&mi~ \ S 

criiibits, specially prepared for the 

1 i B ' ' '" MB— 1 i 

}50di anniversary celebration of 

Spiltei for Monument DMcent 

through the White Publications of 

S'-^e^g STove^t^Wis'h 


Spi^bg Wur.'^''''"^ '""'^ '" *" 

iinL »wH»Biaufiaa 

ington and found our way to the 

of the group had to walk down. 

ington Missionary College took us 



dormitories at Washington Mis 

I T- -^ ar \ ; ". ., „ -v^^■ T» -,. ■" 


sionary College. 

on a detailed tout of Washington 

-<-c":-cY"Jr''c"l^ ■'■■r. I 


The following morning brigh 

made a round trip and looked 

Missionary College, Washington 


and early, we went down to th 

Sanitarium and Hospital, and th 

city of Washington and commenced 
our itinerary at the Optiol build 

Beverly Drcher in spiked heels 

Academy we headed back for Col 

\M^ W'i ^^- 


impressive. Several students felt i 

legedalc, briefly stopping off a 
Shenandoah Valley Academy i 

••" ll .. Tii * -. 


whole trip. 

New Market, Virginia, on the wa 


„..,i.K.,d «.«...>■'■ ■'■■-■ 




Awards Given 
14 Pen League 

Graduation Rituals to Include 


1 HH 1 H 

Writers Here 

Fifty-Six Senior Class Members 



awards in the freshmin cotnpoiilion 


Sunday Will See 
Group Receiving 



fi«hman composition sludenLi in 


College Diplomas 

at"d b"," 500™="' MiTs',o»ar,'"'co'l- 





lege- They were presented to die 
f.icadty at the aonoal faculty-senior 

"..'.K.- '.';.'• '-'•>■•■ '•-'-. ."«■■■•■ " '"mis 6". .™d> 0, 

^RK^ \ 

Dr C N. Rees. SMC president. 

fwenty Resolutions Passed 




iy Tenth Annual Workshop 

Carol Groom, Jean Schmidt and 


L™'".' ™.T'„^ '*t''l",id"' 'i. T> 



Dr. C. E Wcniger. dean of the 

S'olkthop^hc delentes pjsied'20 

h "^^^hi^^^' '''/^■""^ir''"'' .'^^' 

Bettye Kayc Strickler. 


Seventh-day Adventisc theologia 

r»r "'■'""'■'' '■""""' 

jublish J tri-wcekly piptr on nocld 



Straight. Other officers are Bill Tate 
vice-president; Roberta Wery, sccrc 


S^'honoc^t im-ntior^'^usable 


tar>-; Jim leepet. treasurer: and 
Wilfred Reyni, pastor. 



The seniors are as follows: 

WHEREAS, there seenu to be a 
discrepanq* in the awirding of is- 

Ten colleges participated in the 



rJcimT.'ttd" '°"'"'"* ''°" "" 

olbcers, it is 

mTrfSa"' o'u? oMte'tou'l°i;f 


Roger Kjiig 

Public Rclallont Socfbn 

REStDLVED. to n.eommcod that 

30 ats-atds given. SMC students svon 

^^^^JTv^^^^^!!? Business Administration 

WHEREAS. n,.n, ,».J„» f«l 


jTWle equitable distribution of as- 

jim Leeper 

RESOLVED, 10 tecommend thil 

WHEREAS, the extracutricijlat 

Wright Speaks at Vespers; 

[^'2 0™^S'» 


Retired from 

SMC in 1955 


Officials Begin 

RESOLVED, to teeommeod that 

Sn°Wood H*! Cha''T '" "" 

K'u do muthTn «rei!?for to 


Ground Breaking 


'Elder Wtighl was'on. of the 

fellow men. He cited the Biblical 


For New Addition 

SllSat'ra™ be ''la'eiS'oo' the 

featuied guest speakers at the Tenth 

L^i*^He'I!id°^ch men'in^our '^y 

Geotge Bogovich 


permaoeot ttaoscetpt aod the plaee- 
meot folder and be n.ade readil) 

[t »as uodec Elder Wrighfs ad- 




Platemeot Sere-ice 

dent assoeiatioiis in Seventh-day Ad- 

Chuc^'dT alle 

Y..,bo.l SeCion 

Southem Missionat>- College, under 

^"fIh""w ■ h A ■■! h h«n 


^C'''H"!}H''''Hi °i 

hive a j-«tbook working polic)', 



Wilfred R'eyua 

(S„ f.(e >. CO/. .'; 


fjee M' !■ ">■ » 



Annual Unveiled 
To Student Body 



''"Hc^^si'id AU men fail, but no 



siomary Cullege student body for 




die regular chapel servioe held then 

people should follotv today. 



During Elder Wright's adminis- 

wid. the Srsl yearbook as the re- 


H^^hH^^wH ' mI 



^^^^^H^^H|^^H' ' >'| 

r^'ordtrsi^'iB *^oS"td- 

whl* i!^0 pTgtJ'more'Ih.r iSt 




md wha°e with a' mXn"a'it*"e' 



ran "r 'lidu "ti'c™'°s!'ork""Eldct 

Umar Phillips is die associate 





tographert and Dick larsen, busi 

News Notes 

l^iUi^^adlH^ <z«d ^emt^tacif. 

jally comribuce S12 each toward i 

chapel-held general ; 

enibly i 

According co many who seem co know, it is true that 
a minor catastrophe might evolve if all publications on this 
campus were given the opportunity to solicit advertising 
with no limits. To the average Chattanooga businessman, 
Collegedale, Southern MUsionary College and CoUegedale 
Academy are all the same. If contaaed by three or four dif- 
[ organizations from this campus for advertising, or 

■■Budget chapel" the central complaints were not whether 
it was riohc or wrong to eive CA S500 to keep it from 
stealing our advertisers The main fault found was the denial 
of the student right to democratically slow the proceedings 
enough to find out "what^s going on." 

The faas maj' as well be faced that the Student Associa- 
tion has run an overall deficit for two years in a row. For 
this reason if no other, students should be given the tune 
and chance to find out just where funds are going and why. 

Suave parliamentary procedure has fooled a -lot of 
people a lot of the time. This time it didn't appear to fool 
many of the people any of the time. 

In short, the sentiment is as one student remarked, 
■'Come on, y'all, don'r you know ihat^s my money you re 
playin' choochoo with?" 


0MtHiUtUC^sUCOH4^ B^^i^^f^ 

Recently, the SMC campus was in a general uproar b( 
use a certain well-known faculty member jokmgly advised 
;o do away widi those benches if they have to be chopped 
own with a small hatchet," 

It is a well-known fact, so everyone has been told, that 
irtain undesirable familiarities have been occurring on the 
enches placed on our campus. So there you are. 

While everyone was being terribly upset over the pms- 
ects of losing the traditional concrete benches, a folder 
antaining a decision made by President's Council last fall 
mply to move the benches into some less secluded spots 

word f 

After several outstanding harangues on the subj 
which accomplished nothing, a certain word was finally 
put into use hy another well-known faculty member. The 


On Speciei- «tW Sfrecimctt 

o help him. 

lihinglon, D. C 
physics major a 


On Apri 




ccrl at Little C 
Mahcl Wood ac 



Keonetly was 


Letters . . 

iilly when there might 
rlher discussion if tin 

;e an SA assembly dv< 

3 Cdpeppef jj^ij 1,^,^ Qjig Ftidiy nigl 

All Hitched Up 

suddenly a hand r 
lind Steve and del 

Elliolt brothers (i! 
Marvin) might d 

buLms'onhe night .n«ct^J' 
lower I bebcie \ w" ^'"^'^^ 

S.S^ ^€Utde fom^'^^imtt 

jjonts in .1 comfocwble deck chair. 
BJ15 [Old Fashioned Golden type. 

mory) some misg 

|h) plant.- 

' Upon picparinp to journcv loth. 

iuppl}-. Rcmen)bcr, only Sl.OO pel 

Workshop Held 

(C J I f J 

Master Guides Camp Out 
For Week End at Canyon 

Personality Sketch 

Weeks Graduated 
From LSC in 194i 

Personality Sketch 

McKee, Aldrich Reelected seraty in Charge :;„;;;,,,, 
To Conference Positions *^^s*!;!"!^"!" . -" - »- 


Dr. Chinn Has Taught Here 
For Four School Years 

Poll Is Taken Among Senators 
On Benefits of Their Duties 

Professors Asked 
To Participate on 
Exam Committees 

Congratulations to the Senior Class — 19i0 

Watkins Memorial Hospital 

Ellijoy, Georgia 

Nursing and pre-med students who may 
be interested in corresponding with flie 

D. A. Higgins, Administrator 
Watkins Memorial Hospital 



iwhsrelwn be of service 1. 
Jian ever before lire im 



Watt to Be Here 
Next School Year 
As Math Teacher 


Be Sure to Attend 

the First 

Mt. PIsgah Academy 

Alumni Meeting 

May 22 

Seniors Perform 
At Music Recital 

,1 on Apnl <'J'^f^^ 

Custom Photo Finishers 

12 Exposures 

Develop.-) S P""" 


{Hanson Presents Students 
[With Future Teacher Pins 

^jbbalh, April 9. Elder H. i 

I Chorale Tours 
■Southern States 
■On Annual Trip 

i various gmpcl hymn 

.. I R. Sittalilt. Mfrrl. W 
.. Stanl.^' D, Brown, Clyde 

56 Graduate 

lCo,,„m„J l„ t.g,,) 

W. A. Anderson Presents 
Audubon Society Program 


Weniger Is Dean 
Of SDA Seminary 

ta Kappa and the Phi Kapp; 

veuty-eight voi. 


K. H. Wood Lived 
In Orient IS Years 

see the thrivinij dtj- of Rod 
nber most vividly die meado'n 

Physics Given 
New $3,200 Grant 

SA Budget Passed 
During Meeting 
Held by Officers 

budgcl by James Culpepper. SA 
for discussion by. Dick Toler. 

$500 Grant 
A slaremeot from die floor ejues. 

a cylindhcal . 

■poor PR.'' 

Morgan Here to Help Start 
SMC's Self-Evaluation Study 

(he hobby clubs were or^ 

Ecsedy and Mercer Join 
Talent for Benefit Concert 

mnual U.p 


The biology club invited f 

National Foresltj- Department, 
jpcali to their members. They a 

Workinglon Trip 

sedy befan prano at the 

Kennedy Remarks 
On Particulars 
Of Summer School 

K. M. Kennedy, diretto, 

,dy rton a schol. 

.■ Student Association 

-ieulum Development and P>y- 

the summer school are available 
a Dr. K. M. Kennedy, director 

Students Attend 
Physics Meeting 

Fnur SMC physics smden 

BroaHnst •' eUcctivi teaching to involved : 

I McKay and Bill Mundy mr 

c Icchjtc on demonstration tc 
|uc5 was given by Pennsylva 

Harm Is Done 
To Youngsters 
By Glue Sniffing 

M a.rpiane flue-it c. 

cment known a, airplane glue, 
ton. lack of bodily and mental 

Music Club Elects 
New Officials; 
Another Name 

■ Kennedy uij that He slady | 
,1, complete and rhrtlh 

Tennessean Garner to Be 
SA President Next Year 

^er the fatal blow consist of sue 
.Ivents as chloroform, carbon tetn 
iloride. acetone, ethylene dichlt 

without expcncnar 
A persoo of real depth am 

:ially basketball. He 

; SLi ™t »"s* :f,i!i 


; ;;1°,;,k''t°ow.ri ';« ^b*i«l 

. a aiistiin dot^o'-^.^^^ Ol ^ 1