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Full text of "Southern accent, Oct. 1954-Aug. 1955"

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Condiifts First ^^"^®' Carcich Will Conduct 

lleaders Are Needed Doctor Hammill 

' _-. 1^ 11 f~i (.nndiifts First ' ~ — "■"■ 

tcKmney Tells Group (:„n^,„all„„ Ser^icc Religious Emphasis Week 

La President ^^^^ _^^ "Chrislian Vistas" 

tpeaks in Oiapel 

■ Pres. Wright Says ^S.'::^^ ^^'i.SX^ 

"Have a Goal" "w" tiridSt ),.. k^,,.- h. 

f ■'l"££i"iif Et™!" "■*■'''» h?™'Sn'"'ddS° S j;irh"?,;'l,z'.''° °' "" "" Kabooi, cuip 

KKinnn^W^d"" ^'ill handle ap- l!l^ ","t!llhrrl''Mi^!!li'!!fr^nnnni SpwWng ap«iilly lo (h= hr^c d^s T • C__„,„ 

fc^tVlv ? 1^000 Ihfough the Slu- 'on ^' SO""""" Mi«">na'y Collcfic^t of .ncominE ftHhmcn, D«n Hjmmil! JOm acndie 

Lmd of Btgiamnj Aga, 

penatoi-s Preside 

km'ur.'.'md™! ' 



T Mike Kabooi is i Ihcolog)- m 
'^ and Johnnv Gulp icrved is the 
T editor of Ihc Hwhlrndtr. the stu 
y petiodicJl published by Mount P 
Aadiw. Both jppejt lo be 

jor. P^^**^" ''f« '" 'his world, js wel 



liins icven itJnding ifudcnt com 

"on Radio Station 

It WSMC, Tia<k ...1 Air 



S in'"';. 



§ ^'SrSlrE^ 

hJ",K . '. \ " i ...,,■, '™rd!,ir*"e'*=''W' ih'.lin'l'hre,<>op"'o"auJ™ift.r£' Thnt tomra.llto wo,k .ogah,, Fred Ebt,Ki„, Whmol opmlmni 

(>i„,|; ,ip,„V„„j' „„ ;'k;. -1 _...',,J.„„„s .hom -.te school ■■ low.d te Ma,tt, Tccfcr Ikm wji . .ilh iho f.a.«v lUod.^j tommJ.m diretor .od E, J, MtMo.phy. ipoom 

h^cbs Mili^i^^ invoCtCor ijUd"''°nrconcllj"drd'''wim'mrpo<.™ l,V'an''"unw""'"'^ooth ''rolfwl^h'a ^^^Z Kh^Vv^J^ ^"^ RcCreatlOn PrOgrBni 

■Jib,,,,,,,",.",,;"; ;,„„„„, Slndmt Ass„ci: 

£",/ ■ ■ ;' *iy^iuu,A~ Clas 

PM raSn, SmiI, ,i"„V cb"'' £°noi,ore" taTukm "fnl 

. , Planned for 

Slndrnt Assm-iation m.kinj ."TpM to'loid'd.^L- College Day Dates Schoiil Pirnir O.t. 5 
Oriiain/:.- Classes *|^^J (J,!;;; ""''"'«''''' """'•, "" Set for April hoS*"" 



SiaiowaAiia Slatttde/i Tales of Talge 

",.s;S"" 'sl 

.„.,j.d by J.„ 




='= l^fimnin^ lo """ 



why) was 




Jo 3(1 HcJseptth. 




/Va4l . . . remind you- if ,o..tve,«.n.ion,od,mE -^-. ,p,IM fciaiMj) ..-p M.j.J.I,. ' 7oh„„, c„l„ I. k„ 

Keep this in mind: you have the support of the majority, who i" far/r p^"iiy biZd, "l^"' 

raise one— when the vote is called for. 

9t 9iM't IfoM. ScUoal, 9t'i. you 

II JO,, 


l,c kind of .t 



\ ,„ „J 

oil,,, 1,1 . 1,1 




Illy fi„,l wiral ye 

„ have h\t b 


mV pa-sldcot oi- 



ha, is realty , 


on SunJiy. Stpli-n 

// IS,, 

s you. 

The laditi of 

Real id 

ools are „ol mad 

e by yoiilh a) 


■i.g ..^u.m,fd 

Lest s 

omebody else ge 

of Mrs K A « 


lid jwboAy i 



h,le yol, „,ake y 

OUT yfTSOiial 


Wood, Mn. Vtm 

d com- flj Clarice Rshek 


' ~ Mis, A. L. Si,hnc IS .tiovcnu Tun.filit ii Silurday nifiht and wc 

spceddy fiom her opctdlion j( th. ''"<■■ 1^' fi°«^" home from .in cvc- 

of the ficc-cvtn if it hai to be pulled! A small firt in the muich (^^'".^^"cnd^'^vh' "('" '''n'''''' T' ''l^A°iC'i^A\'«\^^lml^^^^ glHs ft'om^'-LloT \v^°ho^S" lie I 

tembcr 2G, ai apptoximately noon. Shopworkets realized they could ^""^ «'wc .t FoLr^fcc Acjdtm,' l^'l?" ^I-^F*!. «'» Howard w.s just d^a Luis, 'of Cuba and lU. 

not beat out the blaze by hand and summoned the fire truck. ho^pLl^.n^d if "on"h!l°wiv^'fa«fc'^o f"l" °f ^^^'^^^i 'iX^^^l^^^ it^'e- Puc'.to^Rico. All ih. """girls"" 'Z 

What a time to have its motor conk out! But, remembering heafih. 'i-^ious! hc« (his ^cjc «copl Thclma. whowi. 

truck t. 


. Edw 

L. Auck, 1401 Cecil Avenue, Know 

Auck were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutherland for the week 


Members of the Tn-Community Fite Dcpateraent ate too often 
the unsung heroes on the campus. \Vc don't realize just how much 
inconvenience ihey arc put to when they answer the call for help 
anywhere in the county. Yes, it's true, they were a little late on 
Sunday—the I 


blcs, and she rcphe. 

Don't Miss an Issue ! 

Some may construe this as unfavorable publicity to report ""^ y*^'- ^"closed is S2.0 

that this should be the case in Collcgedalc. We maner^ ^^^\n. ^'"' 

S'°o"r' "' '^^ "'''' in suggesting that they be \.idled to the STATE 

o e) cou o I eir jobs. Credit This SuosCRlPTlON T 

T.„alEn.oU.nent 460 STUDENT ROSTER 

ALABAMA uJ^l^t, Lo" ell Stilcr. 'Belt)' Cody, )cirf Tullotk! WanJ; 


ilpeppjt. Evelyn 


Alumni Rcniembcr 
Alma Maler and 
"Southern Accenl''' 



Dybing, Ralph 




Diisints! College in Ashevill 



Bjiunun, Hccmin 

more experience in lyprng. 





forts in helping me to prepa 
work of k-ochin^; English. 



5idc ai'ifo?n'kI'"lhis"™ri'''' 


F^z! hT^T'' 



"■ I"""' 


Deniet /unior Acidtmy." 


^^'c, £?= 

CjToly„].Pi,her (195J) 

}ob>, Ryah i^mi) - 

Banks Speaks on SMC Quartets Active Bookworms Are Not Don Bethea Directs • ■ ^^ s„^ ^, 7a» . . 

World Prayer Day; jn Varjous Services p3J„'', '%^^f Officers' Council w.J:pr.r;:,,,. 

McMurphy Narrates „„f L"L'',",;r',.'.r ^t^ IS ciu,. .t ,h= mdiai ,,.;«,«. ■",. md.™ .lub.. di,™d b,- ,1,. Su'-.S^^f^'it"!,, 

.„„,„ Lb ... ,„ p.>«,.™ rb",°r"'d"',"'"°'"'S"Ti"".; :,te;v^.,,S,^rdS„tri" Si';p°?£n't;t7S£"d Sr.;;:, stirs* : 

.,,hru.,u*ie.-^r.;...i_w., ™£{^°»i£ii^;^!f^-i"-^^^ lb?;'KS"rJ'',/°?,:; t"-™;; ■'"'■"' •""""' Tz^f^s^'^f-;;;^ 

Upiilon Delta Phi (Men 

Newcomers Join ii 
Watermelon Feast 

ntxt^fivc"o six" jt^" and ihrM Dr. Sllhrie PlanS hirieg/' ^I^c^J 

■TxplntL'b^ln'owTe opinion KceUC WorksUop '°T]!e'''r«nlt w 

iny mcdinl education Mperls Dr. Ambrose L. Suhrie, resident fljing altogetber' 

Y^F \ 4T|r,^\^"'lp,»Eil*;: irtSrvei'h'sW'.ttis: s°'5, 


■^yt ^MMu ouUuitLUAKI 

Student Association Picnic Cabinet Shop Provides New Industry; 
Provides Recreation Offers Additional Work for Students 

Now Building Will 
II.MiM- Tlii- Cmmmj 

I Holi'lav ..iSSt . SSI'S™; ™ti F 



™^«A.d b,, d„n pi.,, 


""! i'D 

nnuat icidcm, vs. f.iclly 


' ""■ Jteltin 

inner in ,l,c CQllcsdjie 

D<:lly F 

shop Aflcr a 


Carcicll Inspires at 1955 Lyceum Series 
'm i' m' w/ I CO Released by Leader 

CVi"; Week oi rrayer ti,. i,,„.„, s,„ , i,, ,i,. „•„ 

"Join a Caravan" for Temperance 
ATS Sponsor Urges Students 

'r:™.'Z'ATSftS'?i',',vill "«7Sn^,™S°'S.7■B£: jP^^lo.h™™in£tafa.^^^^^^ .tonM,«nm »,,.,. ^._ ^^^^ ^^^^^ BSi/rTi^o liil^iL'i,''. 

S^fc^?■wi""°w"b,t"': Elder Edwards Is 

inlclligen^t iud,cna-; we f^^^^ ,t ,* i ]VeW DcaU of Men 


SuUoutaJilta 3)amieU Tales o£ Talge 

H« folk? 





'»» IK« 

studjms u 


n iTf 



3: Bfe 

^. ....,...„ 




n (only tc 



Tiadc). Tmhurt 

™'£ ''ii'diJ::';!!;;;, 

^<u«« 3/teafiedt Gammf^ddif 


infanc among denominational school journals, the £ 

CENT has already taken its place beside its sister publicntlons. This 

can be traced directly to your loyalty and the loyalty of those who 

years by an active and concrete demonstration of loyalty, no staff— 

10 ccccivinE- We wholeheartedly wish to give you a paper you can j^^ K;,riilt\ <.roni» 

^HHtx a U Mode, 

year'svolume'asuccess. Each of YOU must shoulder the responsi- vi^cd by Elder Lc.f Kr. Tobijsscn at -q^ I've nc^^ec been so jarc in my ^"'•^^^^ti\Alt-U^:^^ti^lX'^ 

bility for our paper's succew or failure by the loyalty shown in the Qcio'bcr^TinTh^NbMf^ frculiJwMm! l'^.'""'" '^*^'*' ^"^ '" '"*' ^'^'' '"^''"'i' *"= ^"'"i'' "^'"8 "'■ " °^^ 

We are promising you a good paper for this tenth year, ant . , , 

turn we are asking for your help in the coming campaign by ap- -ivotship of ihc "ui 

aling to j-our cheapest commodity and your most priceless posses- " ,j'^"j|" *^„°"^'' ,' 

in — your loyalty. woknce iiTiofu 

A boarding school, with its excellent opportunities for develop- ''^'^,'. '''^: SocieLy 

d development of loyalty to high standards. -^^ piopapitoi 

le opportunity of displaying his loyalty to the school he has chosen. j° ,hc 'ju vc^-rown fiiiily cit* 
Campaigns ate the life blood of school loyalty and morale— In- in public life. 

yearly campaign at the beginning of school for the circul; 

Re. tUe Beii o/ l/Ukatevefi ^om Ane 

Be a scrub in the valley— but be 
The best little scrub by the side of the rill; 

f you can-t be a bush be a bit of il 

And some highway happier m; 

f you can-t be a muskie then just 

There's something for all of us here. 
And the task jou liiust do is the near. 

If you can't be the sun be a Slat; 

family ^^t 



l^ iL! 


of Ihc monthly siipp< 

r club wer 

n t the only ones t 

"/{^ '}t^e^ See "Ui" 

"^U 'W<md&U U 

held 1 scries af mcdingi in Sonar., U is not n«««ry to ^k ih. Randolphs got .11 .boat m. It sure fieti me down mjU.inp p„ticul,rlv worthwhile fo. "" '"^Lrin chcr^L ft V,nd^ 
and PMor Groomec decided th=t he if they think the dij. of miracles hi; when the «hool messH me up with anyone ;„ jpiie of the fact ihit hed l|,. , ^^^ ' ^t ^t ,hc orcanidtinn 
wjnted Mr. Randolph to pby the pist. for thej; know by personal tji. my pirl friL-nd hun^atound hrr hilb forso long. of ihe Kentucky ■ Tennessee S.M.C 

College Choir ZTzwlC-rt^ °Ll^^^^'^'iy^\ 

\ Names Neiv Officers f^^^ ^^ "c^/'f l''wh?ch is''r 

L'''°r^ito'john Thurb^f vi« '^^^''' "f^^'^^" ""^ ^^'^^ ] 

W J 



'S™ sr-i 



oor. Shorty hi 

f 1 E 



Start Opeumg Them! 

By ihe lime tbis issue reaches you the bad news will be out, If 
report cards follow the usual pattern, it will be a day of reckoning 
for many of us, and one of well-earned (we hope) reward /or a few. 

Every year we put ofl the time when we plan to settle down 
and make a few good grades. Let's not make tlie same mistake this 
year — not next year, or next semester. "NeKt yeai" and ■nexr 
semester," like maiimia, never come. 

The opportunities for self -advancement here in a Christian 
school are many and varied, yet we never take advantage of them. 
Is it smart to "get by" with little or no studying? Isn't our object in 

New Slate Named "THeffeuUne 

For Academy Forum 'MaciitMtioHA" 

The Task at Hand 

We all dreani of great deeds and high position 

1 you. Rattling around in too big a job i; 

■i than lillin 

lead by dreaming pipe dreams of the one you would like to lead. 
Make the most of what you have and are. Perhaps your trivral, im- 
mediate task is your one sure way of proving your mettle. Do the 
ihinp near at hand, and great things will come to your hand to be 
done. —Uou^Us " " ' 

1953 Seniors Hear Banks; 
Present Officers in Chapel 

Academy Qioii" 

"My Taifc," sung' by Kilhryn Mit- 

.,.., ■.(.M.cll.nd June Tompkins 
I' ; I r .Enough for jEais.''' 

.''."'kM'. Lynn at Ihc o'r- 

Academy Fares Well Ciiooses Leaders :-iTX\Silii^.1^^ 

Has SUideul V 

for social privileges «iih inlcrprcra. p°omi5ing"p.^no"jc°L«'arour'da)^°" Ward BcCOmCS 

5hfp'Biadn. '"" '"^' "" "" '^'""^'' P'"'-'""^ by Mrs. Margaret Baker, w, , w, j l "^ 

wolcn'l'lie piincLtonhl scco">,d"rJ S"««lllJ preic^ed in nUer^uwp. ^f ir.hc S^'™ A«mT ""'"' 

_ ,^^_ Sand ire rJiher menibcr of Ihe P"""^'^ throughout this country. "S" "' ""= ^^IITHERN ACCr.NT. 

V"i £/^ 



Students Take Over Chapel Campaign for "Accent" Subs Continues; 
Programs Wednesdays 10^0 Letters Are Circulating 

Three Out ''of Four i',5" sk'^'jETo^sis^oi 

Sundin Stresses 
Need For Unity 

rSSl Uh%ifc Sb^^^^^^ Need For Unity ^'Xtm™ asl^'n"™* '£[ , '' ''■ 


ry Setup 

impiign iccoiditifi (o Miki 

;'ionity Orgjnii, 

d Jlonfi miliary lines, ih 


^""^'l- bod)-, cnw 

d°I*,w'°'''° '"™ ™« 

■ ""'""u^Rc' 

Cleanup Elections i"m'^dHud'cnMumed'in\hrfi!'"su'bi 
Fill Vacancies— - 


.r 't - *S , 



gifl of7,"ph.q 

,dioltog A. .ludtnli idiu! 


ing Pcogrjm. All fftshmm ire iwign- ",''|,™^['j;^j['°,^7n',j,c''it/(c™nd /few "* '^^ ^ "'"^ '" 0!'""^°v Florid'. ||| p^h-ine'like '^lled°up hL'^iecvM """'E'' *= "'="■ ■""P^lc of eic/.e^ 

njihbirfQrprlvi°rcoifcrenas''w"h ''""^ '"''" "■''"■ A* no advcctiiioK cluUcft^hcK Sunlt^oXt^Ol^^ ^'"' '"^- '^''"''V- somcbodj- needs lo "'j'''"^. ""' ''*" in'elligcntl)-. And 

Toil"""" iBidJ o7"prob°emiTn" Some refer pilienli for J,°„«JJ,/";„';™,„ "'j "jf'J,''^,""^; Tli.l oighl I gol 10 Ihcoking ital " ^lii "j'mt.l.fog" Wlul 'd?,™ 

fo, .dvotemenl In Ihi, impoel.ol ,e- ^Jg^Hpy Z/oThe, refaok ." w,5 ..eeped lo ,K .11 He w.y lo eon- * J"^;°i5n,i,e,"'rZ one .°n°d "'' . 

SMGites Attend h!:;;rB.;j;M';:/i;'"iei.t: 

Peace Pageant *" '^i,X,'. '\'f S" ''Zn°h, 

™"g"'MlSA5iir"il'^''o'.' Don't Miss an Issue! 

'The"pS"nt, entitled. -Tliete Shdl OF THE -SOUTHERN ACCENT" 

i'!'o''^caif a^o^anrwjrsSli'orerbt Simply fill Out the hatidy siibsctiption blank below nnd send to 

tht^ Ch."t.Xgj Mi)ot's Committee Ciccitiiitioti Manager. Southern Accent, Collegedale. Tenn. 

..Jieo. pro e.>o, o oloi, it ^^^ EneloscJ i, $2.00. 

nb, . 

™t b, t 

Street or P. O. Box .- 



v.f"l™»ta Forum Sponsors Sabbath School Gets 

j«™™ Hdk, jiugj^ai Chapel New Term Teachers 


Ht j«™ Ih, Accent tcmfmg,, ,m luffo,!. A. 

■„„„ *„■„ „o l„„, f,he, lor Her,! p 

I'm not campaigning, or anything like that, hut thi;te is mi>rc ^' 

than one reason why yoii shoultJ sutt pulling in the suhsctiptions. m 

That is. if yon haven't aJtcatly started. For instance, there is that j^, 

inner satisfaction of tloing something to help, which, of course, you s^ 
lon'i get hy sitting around and watching someone else do all the 

work. Then! aooutlhist the mote sob, we get, the better we will be ^y£j?„'."|,X'd e"ht''.^.'it Hallowe'en Party °tSF^F«™"'.™^^^ 

ablecomakeyourpaper.Naturally, the betier the paper is, [he mote bi. Bmce Anderson read Robert Scrv- „ , ,,_, , „ J, „-M,.;ff,., ** * vjtious other 

.. . r"^ . :„.,...:„„ .r ,u^ Yukon," Brings "Hobo" Fun AtTe Dushntirs a 

you are getting for your money. You say it's the finance company's '" 

money? Well, you ate getting mote for it anywa). bcgin'To soiim 

Band Officers Academy Pupils Join 

Giosen for Year Voice of Demncdriv 

Hoho pitty Satucdaj- night, ( 

•n,,: follawmg n>mcs wc chosen T^r ATS Of flCerS Named; ;iS'|C"'U«'hot""Hon'^rwcl° t"''^^°^A'''^o^"m%Z^^^ 

(0 iy'oa,u^ of th= CulJcgeditc Acad Ci ,! M ^'the PlanS Made for Year lnd'*fl!t<ov«td'm''i''A"k."l3rch"w o°*^th=i "slom?;hrfo!Tch'''iwy'°^ 

'" ^'^'' ^'l '[\'rnl°^G«cn &i^ur^l'uuf AUmjll.) ''"'^" CoLlegedilc Acodcn.) orfi.m«d its mg giim will fc«p Roll.n hippy fo7„ ^"communitj- sludcrtti ihisi, 

Ij' LlJn'.ia H2l[ cot.imebt JmbTrl'o'Mh,: EnfilTh Jh^J.^'.^^^.^t^"" ^2*,'hf f^^^inj re'Th7 p"otcd ''lic «n ^pSt"' ^" mirt,"nJ^'/of ColleJed^kX^idrmT 

nu'l / 'l ; .nTiI p'oT^Mr ILd'nWmloIh M^ld''?^,ra'J« «IK«« p,«,d Lot. Randall Fox; vice picntyofpie! ^ ;hlco'i;!rnnT;a''''Li!d in'thc to^^^ 

T',h tbc^'^oftccrs plus Ihc hne d'c-'.rn^^' L°h.'',"^lo<m°^^ ,houId ?"^^" f l'"''!) ^"^ "f T"^'''! ?.'",?.."'" " .f"'"^^ '''"'; '"^'r ""^ f.n»/ ^^r!!;.,',!. '^ 7/"^' i",.™": 





Myrna Nelson 
Bi'fly Rejnoldi j 

Srrjh Droun 

Oirbita Hollind 

Don Silver ] 

J.nit, Ola 

Lillijn Uns 

Tom Smith 



Mjrna Woolsej' 



NIGHT VISITORS MAR SLEEP OF CAMPERS.. . hik'".."';x,,;!;'tS';';i;e S?c,"&r,';° 

Sr,'TheJ'dillTSend'i'?i£Ta'I Z"'""°°' ''"' ''''"' '"" ~"- iJii^f^;,,'"^ i'Zt',™.tJ°£„°; i!Jj '" ""' '"'"t)'''""'' 'e'"""" "I'icr ™'i>''i'"s' ih°' li«-<l'l^ 
th.nm .„ the hishc. .llilcdc o( Ih, " Ue W *.ppe«Ti °lo ft. ," f„?r"- T'l^"', ir's "'■■¥''" "» »"™ <"'""''»■ 

.ujh .mpic tonm to sWp i„ 

ccKcs of Ibc bag. It enjoyed the com- 


r Eres Upon Jciu 

," "Whisper a 


visit the next nigh't. '' 



Saturday night 


disposed of wiUinsly. a ihoil hike to a 
hillside brought the group to the silc 



d"by'"thccs At 

snuggled deep into (heit respcc- 

Shepard. Dr. Hammill Uught ihe Ics 


Id be apple juice 

and doughnuts. 

?o'''in^'',hre/^'-"'hDu« 'of '^h' 




ng I [0(k spbshcd into Ihc creek 
pple «MS «compinied by unhu- 



everything for 
le the boys loide 


n four sitcpy loicci could be 

E. C IJank! «MS (he speiker of Ihe 





1 Missionary College, Colli 

ri mksffiv iif, 1 end 
Heme f(i ("1 
K ei li n 1'' t- Jni 

Combined Choir Gives 
Messiah Soloists Announced 

MM)i till lit Tod 
I \ id\ I amilus 
111 >{ iih \i d 

r Workshop Dalegai s Report to 
SMC Student Assoc at on 

(I 1 Sj n 
( Iv ^ tl 

S)V B ef I n 

N ts I ft 

\ tl Relea et. 
Nc r t SI i> to 
«\ Bool^ ( t 1 

Te rl e s S nf. 
Me al S 1 


Noted Pain st Presents Con 

should siuderns receive from these vacaiions? A bii of test i 

certainly dcsened. The change also is good. However, the greatcsi 

value ihac may be derived from holidays is ihe opportunity af 

forded students to gain perspective of their college work. Life i' 

so busy at college and students live so close to their consiani 

problems of study, wotfc, finance, and social aHairs that often the) ^^ ^ _^_^ _^_^^^ 

cannot gauge properly the value of their activities S^mc 'ose ^)'^1^";J;"_,^^„ ^,^|^^ Ci.lpepp=.?" T^gc H.ll « . friendly pb«. A of^oDlhp"^^' f^rvmTJfS 

sight of the main purpose they had in coming to school and be- ^^ ^.^^^^ '^|j .^j^. d,^,„d,^t',^ ,,„ ,pin. ol . oM^y .k.p uO-cn th.',-^.,.. both sold in lubos T^k 

It Ic l« '(L'iriJil"' rAla' Tahis of Talge 

old Si mm.., 

red with a look 


help him by w.k 

tally cnio, 

ed feet, doing identical work 
.cks of marble. He asked each of tbcm what he was 
replied, "I am chiseling on this stone.'' Another said, 
I am squaring this marble block." The third 
f pride. "I am helping to build a gtcat cathedral." 

In respect to this matter of peispcaivc, a rcachei i 
ame things more clearly than students. This b not bci 
lisct or even older, but simply because from his posii 

etiod of years he has learned what things count most at college. ^=oor, Ann uuiocnct w^jwa imoinc pupj^u^K>:,i,^-. ..m.^.-^^^^^ ^... . ■ . „ ■ ■ 

^■ho comes to the campus, takes this class and that. ^TcTmcd'Tud °"<Iugh "L b.ingVo« W^\e [.Tuhe lid off'l'o pJ^r^fh"m li^'^oi^'^l^l' Z^^^i::^.l:"'^'U 

' ■' '■■"■■"■"" '"-" '^^^%^B^. 'S^iS^^'-;''" ...^5^(i5.'7U 



uid litti 
that he is building a founi 
that will determine to wk 
As the holiday season 

« on and you lay a 

and work for a few days, and perhaps journey 

from the campus, utilize the oppottunity to tc-appraisc yourself Jtm 

try to determine the status of your spiritual life. Perhaps in your gav. 

i hom 

I be able 

more accurately these qui 
Chrhlijn experhuce? Have I stood still or lost groiwd? If you 
have been diligent in your studies and carried on a balanced pro- 
gram between work and play and social life and worship, you will 
be encouraged at your progress. If from the better perspective 
distance and change gives you, you see that you haven't been ad- 
vancing, then come back determined to profit by what you have 
seen of yourself, Richard Hammill 

"/^4. *?ede^d See Ui." 

VmM gomti to 

"Pmmet Student 


amicriddjughkc'jsonin'AuilM'lu' (crribiro'f wj don't £ct ro go home , . Joho ^f^J^^^^'^,^ ^^uiJ. 
dioshltr io Collus.Sj,. TmoesiiK, com. by .toijilnck, of lomraitkntsi. '""B '°^ 't '"IS'L"' *""i 
Quilc , toimopoliun greop. Sho uy>, -ll i,oo » fomv «*™ "« ]Jb,iil'S lonmSo "'* CME 


'college press breaks production WHO'S WHO FOR '54-'55 


v.ta'S.S Voice of Democracy Contest Held 

l&iA Ove^ . . . sfNii^'r' ""' °" "°"" ,h°',o":',"td":tr'S5S ;: ?;;;ii^:':ip'.-'"S 

s the average academy 
ludtni taking four and one-half units of class work 86 cenis. 
Are you paying for something you don'i want? That type of thing 

is unusual. I hope you're not. HoillC-Ec ClaSS 

diMoneTrthe"ar'i'ha! TthT'Sche"! do"i'n-r"eTl funnyTot'I! ^isitS Bakery 
and give light assignments the student wouid just as soon sit about '' " '^''" ' ,' , !,"'™| 

the campus and talk to friends. er)- m i ' ' ' .' ' 

Thai's putting it ladier harshly, of course, but teally we"re ncm r^ 

The older folks kiddingly say that the younger generation is |,ji_t't). ,i,^j ,,^„^„ H,^ .i^,, 

thing (o it. Maybe it would help if we listened to our elder ■"" "' "" ■'"■"■'' '" ''■" ' 

lagers arc those who know so much, yet sho' 

ts get a college education? If they did, dj 
i you? Think that over. The main purp 
mpress upon all the need to get moving— not 'Zm^^V 

Did your parents get a coUcge education? If they did, did they iht lirgc amount of dough mu^td at MoFlliug ClaSSeS ^lo. EihA D.,r,, S, J, C r, 

much help as you? Think thatover. The main purpose of °^'^l^^'^^^ '^^^ ^M^i^Tbnt"^!'!^"^^ PrOvidc NoVclty T^l'"^ 2c dLi"i''oAS"Xmm 

■h Academy Forum 7^:fLT.^Z:"^::iI^^-2y T,T.TJ Sr rd.nL'L'"' 

COMMUNIIY SIDE-LIGHTS 04 THef ^<tcaUa» Th.p!C'".^~Zrnm.n. 1::£:^i t^ u:^\Z'^l\^r^Z"° '■ ''""'" 

7,,/nur,'"lc'"3''. «v., ^-^ *^^' ^""'■^ !n Lpbg^'hrS"-;!- ™-mi; mem order to «.. the allotted num. _^A^M^^b^^ 

Zv ^^i\'^^Ll]^l!iTJ^toJ^m.. Students Attend Great Books Discussions 

mnfunil^, (6) Helps you bu-al. 

ivitc not. I am luie you know «lul icmcmbcr, it is only thrct «ceb un- MissionJTi College, disnisjcd Tfir Joyi Lynn. Lcilfr Nfios. Bill Scvcii| ^^ 'h'°lh'\^^'^un'd'"of thc'7idd'cr"^U;t 

Honors Awarded SMC Tf:irli.-r.s '"r"'' i'"V^''°"''i,°" ff'^^t' til ^''morSn^d Rtouplhirylar!""""' '^y^^'°'TJJ;£f^^'r\^^^^^ 



True Courtesy Week 
Bfsins Tiinidi'iow: 
I nil I r I iniSl I il 

ATS Achieves 100 Per Cent Memberslii|) 
First Time in History of SMC 

MV Pieseiils 
l'iv,-l'..inl I'l 
Cunf,.,, .,„,.>, 

: /?««o eU«U Stag.- 

itdcf 50 Patiatti Pn VtUf 

TO THE High School and Ac 


Southern Union 

Each high school and acad 

my senior in Tennessee. North 

sippi, and Tlorida is invited 
Association of Soud.ern Mi 

o be the guest of the Student 

sionary College, Collefiedalc, 

Tennessee, April 3 and 4, 195 

, for the College Day celebra- 

Registration begins at 11 id 

A.M. Sunday, April 3, 1955. 

nth-day Adventist church will 

arrange for transportation if 

you will contact him. If there 

are any questions, please writ 

The students of Southern 

lissionaty College arc looking 

fonvacd to the privilege of m 

eting you April 3 and 4, 1955. 

College Officials 
Stage luspectiou 

Ov&i 100 Student Members 
Assume Church Responsibilities 

/4h ^Kui€<iUoH 

iher education'! _ _ 

h-day Adventisc faith or those young people v 

to spend a day and two nights with us in order to sci 

yourself the type of college training that we ate givii 

Although we ate a growing school and our need: 

gram being offered bete to train future workers. 

We sincerely hope that it will be our pleasure to 
you with us on our Annual College Day. The local p 
of the Seventh-day Advencisc church in your town wi 
glad (o arrange the [tans po nation. While at the college 
will be our guests, of course. „ „ „ 




3)adOiaaAiia 3>amieU 




dais and 

During schooldays we often hc-ar much discussion of 
honor. There ate honor rolls, buiions, badges, ribbons, m 
scats all for the purpose of giving some recognition, of I 
'omc honot. 

1 once actendcd a gaiheiing of ih 

long othet ° 

Mother. On 
^- ^ ir number and 


■ you with (his prescniation." 

!S1 appearing man with thin gteying h; 

enance. atose an .n a quie^^w^^ r 

led to the idea 
id to (his end, 3 
imc and excha. 
hus assist one : 

mbet and ii 

tU 'TH^uU 

Campus Commentator 

self. Ochcrs 

nother. Honot is something each man has to win for him- I ciueht sight o. i.e.. """"'■' """^. ' '""• hj-'-'t" ■ '""""■ —y T"' "ch™"] 

I have thought of this farmer's analysis, and I be- ^^^c *she wJ through— mj-^hnr't'tMk ^mphmeniaty Iviy. Do you temcmbcf 
recognized this in 3 jmn[,_s!,e folded il up neally in her that he compted some shidcnb to ihc 

his expression, "Man looketb on the outward appearance out uuii rigni nina bi 

looketh on the heart." b'^ij' I 

quite necessary, but 10 live to be worthy of it, even though it ncvet everyone's he 

comes is the summit of chataciet You and I arc worth only the high cjt. but that' 

values for which we live. To have fought temptations and to have m" ipp'v t" 

been true to Christ and the moral ideaU which He taught and lived; '" ^''^^^^ 

to have held on rathet than let go when the going became hard; to ^^/,y„^. , 
rayed for Heaven's help when earth skies were dark with 

clouds, and then to keep keepinij on-thai 

is type . 

help of God, regard- "" ' 

EDUCATION vs education 

Christian students at Southern Missionary College might be di- 

othcr, they are basically different — radically different, in faa. The 
difference lies in theii reasons for taking college work. 

Speaking scholasiically, one class of students is here 10 receive 
a diploma, which' will say thai they have a liberal arts education, 

settle down for normal living. When iheit graduation comes, they 
ovet, and they can begin to concentrate on mote important mat- 
While in college they have faithfully completed the assignments 
doled out to them by their insiruaors, for they are accustomed to 
obeying, and realize that they must in older to remain tn school. 


he hlTufr ! f hJve '"^ '° ' ' "'* 


o's««j plds. Jl kJ"P\uL 



ltd Couples' /otum, which it mide up of 
their fimilici, plays an impotlant ptl in 

Ilcybill jnJ 

ury and C^rolyi EiUvardi ifr.- 
pili— what about ,1 ptW!^ 

other £amc5. 


in" ion .""' 


'SVjrft,!: "«:;■£;; 

their scope and range of study too greatly. The strong point of ";"= '"" """f' IT.he nWw of f^" T ih "^ -^'t >'""" "*" 
SMC for them is its Christian atmosphere, the consecrated teachers bcing"(™e ind'h^«t to one's' con- nnal^ smi"'"irL X series was Sab- 

who show results of living faith. This group of students should be J^'*"'*'. =""' /'l^^'^f^ e"'t"in^ '^'"' ^^ "^^"^1" ""'h" wilTund^'foc 

Mud. iil^ \lUiid ALUMNI NEWS 

vrtiLjl lypc of nylon lou- ReliglOllS LiLei'ty 

,1 i-,m(k°' ' '°"^ °"' Leaders Attend 
,:'":"3.'°ht",hTo'« POAU Conference 


Kuril)'. Pwcc through (ttcrglh ^^^^ ^ ^^, 


1" a' SLkoVK College Choir 
od (or iht jooj; i. good Elecls Of flcers 




wc are all funny people. Seriously ihough, cell me why some people ^^,|^' ;' \ .j j^Kiil- .ind st 

make a long list of rcsolucions and then forger all about thtm. .., .,,,, .,.,.,_. nuttin 

What good can thai possibly do us? Then, on the other hand, iIucl •■. ■ , . , r ,,; , i,„ -1,^' 

are a few admirable ones who never say a thing about New ^ ■ . \ ■ . ■ . 

resolutions, but still they make [he litdc, or maybe big, impri>i> " """' 

menis that they need to live fuller and better lives. After all. im, i ■...,. ,, ,,; '^ 

that what wc are after? ..„. i^ „,„„, ,,,„u., "i,,; u^, ,,! 

Now don't get me wrong! I am not in tlie least against these oi a-n.sf ihis pt:>oii i,l.".'> nut r- re-duimi.ij; 

resolutions. In fact, I thini; they are grand things— IF we carry them vwl llint he his never been to a senii.: ^'^^'*^* 

Remember too. you don't have to wait until the New Year to j^,'^/^'''" ,^omo ant mcl-fn^ih's t^^ion^hJ' 

make resolutions, but should make them all through the year, as ,,.„ j.^ RoJiJhavc hid i vcl>' hjt'd inicrcsiinj; 

the need arises. time figurmg out «niloR voted Whjt um, 

3ui il ur do..-i. they're i-nl ilhnio,.., 


^^■^.■ Po^i orfire fJ^'l,l^^v^^l\!^^'':,l't ^'"■^^1^"'^'^'^^..^:^ ro..-„. 


/w/ V' •*• y -^AA •_> 



^^"o'^duatesfor'ss ^^'"'^"^ AssocJatJon Reveals Park Plans- ■■ 

Ifl.hf" ^M^f "•' . ,, — Amphitheater, Picnic Area, and Bird Sanctuary 

s ,= ^,11,1 n.iilii.k (•ontasii(iist.()uites\ ' p ■ , i • i 

■n,( d^S, pc^nled by Mr. Elv. " Qu^lL,^ on p^^cicl .c.,..^y were I^^^aM 

i?eceiVes Dean Kinsey Chairman 


Southern Menior 
Concludes Canipai 
With §168 in Pr 

\,«;v. RIC Prayer Bands 
nc(,qi,c»): Get New Leaders 


Id Thundjy jh 






as compltled they ituc 


vole* disqualifi 


"ouidA'nd Tbi^d'^'ll''' 

PrL-iidmg ov 

r the clntiati 


After the Industriit j 


BclhtM, Joyic L 



2>cUowakiia 3>amieU TALES OF TALGE 

"south^tI accent ,„,^,.„„„„„„.„i°:",r;:„ ..„,.. ..^■„.,n,« ,„^£r^"^-, 

Sc'lb)- Hin 

r^rolyi. w^nli eight 

lool year! But, chen, upon rcfleaing a Jinle more, maybe 
it was best as it was — the situation might have bei;n called itleal — 
no batk-row chattering, everyone intent on what the speaker had lo ■ i -^ 

offer. Perhaps instead of deploring the spatce attendance, 1 should "">"«" "ys. Speak no« or 
commend those who, by remaining away, allowed those genuinely 

600 Pen, ge^ Sett&tf 

raiulatioos to the writer of "Watch Your Senate' for the 

t senate improved 600 per cent— instead of one visitor, as 
before, there were six. Though there is yei room for more 

coming of six is a fonvard stride. 


:ludcnb lo check out boob ovcc vica- of Ihc cluf*! period. Todjy, Jjnoiry aoil second, the volleys of neei 
:tin hoird) . Ihc shidcnt body, llic picsl spejk- 

hu".''«i,"d,e"wo£i°Ti'"ot S",wl'.''odA'™jlk°sT.iV° o.rofti,e""l",'s'i''c'oih'd*'r Coordinator Visits ^"solUJstSVe'j'w.SmJd'i'"^ 

':,';:;:j';",°.'Si;ij~n°t .i„';",™;n",t""!''°c'n,"'i "X'sZt^'stiS:*' '^^ ^°^^ '^■'J' .™j"p ".■■'■">*■"■"'»»' 

1 1.-« .ussalim. ..e mdc t, 'of Do'r"*' ""» '(S."afrp. /'itho'u^h iotVS "ell i,o„,i„t. Piofcisot soJ Mn, Lcf K. Tohi.s- KnJ of ""''"J ""*""*= 

..,.. K applied 10 Ihcmselra, .esc-m.,!,,,! Rene Coni.ln Aooe ed scilh the ws). of collcse life. I sen .isited New Yott City Jaooji,' "■ ^ ''' ^"TVf n 7m2,>^ !"l 



CaUc<}e ^xwMt 'pacto'it^ Ptovcdei "r^ai^ 


rope Today 


The oihcr day I ran across • ii.tracm which I would like to ''"pj" 'j^l.^"' n, d„, ,„ ,■„ ■'Vil""l>''v°ta litem wn™',"™ fol p^'o'^ricp",] taTloSui i,S'[ 

history of orhcrs. You may think that what you do or say is of littl. 
arc the consctiucoces of our words and actions.' r,-aiwo„m. Vol 

aio himself. All of our aaions have an effect, for good or for evil, his father in'ch^ttan'L^ga, ^s'^ddTL Enitn. 

1 someone ssho is following our esamplc. Each individual exercises '\ i^i^ O^dJs Avenue, ChaUmooei. ctenin.c 

1 inlluence lui those around him which aids them in attaining ^^""T"",,.. h ■ " i Amcntj., 

ernal life, or helps to pull them down to etetnal death. ,; ^JJ,;"^^^ "['i:^',', SamHuu^ioVHu "I™" ''" 

falph Waldo Emerson compared influence to tossing a pehble q^'"^ g^l^^^^^^^KPl^^' 9""F'")* Europe 


he Communii, '["„ 

Forum Starts Ball Rolling 

.»J, enen b, Jea 

.,.e Holle,, n,.,e w.rt 


•Bnice Ande 

rwn G«ea Gardner 

■Rolh MtClellan 


3 •B°k'l''lM" 

Carolyn McHcnry 




II Pat Jacobs 

jinkc Clin 

•Juanila Jones 

•John [^,«m 

•Lillian lant 

•Myrna \Vool«:j- 

•On Hoiic 

Koll all «:n.esl.r. 


•]uk Au>l,c 

Randsll Fux 

•lJ.rb.„ Lor,.,. 

•Ddphync t 

.ll.rd •G».n Carf".r 

Jwk McK« 

OS 'Robert Hall 

'Thormj Smith 

•J.,0- iloyn 

Roje, Haemal 

•Helen Stwf 

Hcltn Urc« 

er Ralph Mendersbot 

Louise Thompson 

Donald CI 

.fc ■Sbirle, Jooa 

•Edviin Wade 


Ellis •June Lcven, 


roo' '"wE' mast hi""" " 'f'"'"' '''• P°a"°ih" See In'j fco'i »ie"GA"s''i«'e,' 

>IinV Roicptioii Comes Maiili 1H 



Week of Prayer Speaker-Donald W. Huiiler 

.Women's Foium Organizes Perjodicals and AssocJatJon Budgfits 

Deficit Will Be Met 

SbaioMohUa Sbamieh 


,.Ien of Talge have to make decisions such as these as I onct 
did. I bad the ambition of the average coUege man— ro date ih. 

^_^ ^._l on the campus. Ten-dollac orchids and boxes of John- 
ion's Sampler didn'r satisfy the pecfcc[ miss. So, penniless, I ended 
jp dating a plain Jane— Dutch siyle. 

But there is hopes for the male population of Collegedale; our 
idy friends will now accept dandelions. 

Etcntion, vocabulary builders. In the Senate agenda thi 
>val of budget'' have given over to the phrase " 
n' of proposed budget." (gobbledygook) 

SMC Concert Band Students Engage 

Cred. ^here cred.^is due. TourS Ky-Temi ^^ j^p ^^^j . 

Recreation-minded collegians can give thanks to Dean Kinsey ji^.^j-^n „f pr^f , n L. Kropl^d. hi5 ^ f^, h:.ndfulls of student ihLcd 

"household" phrase. Long lifeless, the ATS has now tucUy-Tcnna- 


on Thursday afternoon. Perhaps one experience is sufficient to . ^""''■''J ':''"''"S' ^^''™^' ^P; ['j"" „ ivr H/l X. 

prove my statement. h " uditerium «N^h- ■^'^*'** ^^^^^ McmberS 

As one aspiring nurse, Carol Avery prepared to ignite her ^ut'rrd^tKlCinTm°i'i^^^ Added tO Staff 

faithful bunsen butner, she slipped the rubber tube over the wrong band pEiformed jt Ihc chipcl period ^^ memb- have b- <!d d t 

faucer. Instead of methane gas escaping, a clear "^ ' .--..--.- :— o -rs aic .en a e o 

r poure 

chemist get 

? Not' any more than a cat surrounded by four bulldogs. 
All geographically-minded scholars p 


WATCH YOUR SENATE! Scholars Enjoy chri7t'V7»reign"Legion ^^rl^'^J^c 

Bj Walter Ward Rae.On and MlUv n, m....... n,„,.v ^' ^ "™.T^r/„?R..7(^li 




Aoul.nn T,r,i|>,-iMn,-.- Cai^n:,.! Vrv-vM^ 
Fil-M I'n.-iain V»:,x r,..,i, (:a,il|,l.- 

cvenis which lakcs place on ihe campus of a Scvcmh-day Adventisc h^jp p„„n, the ulc of jlcoholic bcv- you do about it." he thundcictl frooUtfthc'id building! when "j 

school— Ihc Weiik of Prayer. '"fi" ^"■^ narcotia. ^ bit "^sVKd"'l^n^rc"oT He"o"- - ■ • "hooooth, and he was 'jt 

Eldc. Donald Hun.e,, Missionary Voluniecc secreia.y foi the , "j'^i^'-^J^J"'' ATsTold th/.edi plai""l 'ha. t» pec cent of Ihe ctl.tes J^fSe^™' *('''"' .J'" 

Geotgia-Cumbecland Conference, will be the speaker for the eve- J^ ^^^ ,^ ^^p ,he li,|uor traffic in committed in Ainetira are done by ^rnct.mcs I hati tikcn'thV'l 

ning meetings, while Elder Charles Edwards, pastor nf rhe Uoule- America drey must cnfoccejaws.jdu- [^'JJS^'^' "h^^q^ "Amccican'fan^.'ly f^^' "lotvn and philosophire a bii 

tard church in Madison, svill speak ro rhe Academy students during ™ irh"Eh'^t,ih!°^d'cood"com: life i" disappeacioE. The paiiem of ^ ™,"„„', '™w "l "din",'^ 

Often we become so occupied wiih our work, cxira-i 
activities, or studies that we don't find time to spend in pri' 
study and devotion. 

Assignments during the Spring Week of Prayer will be cut and ,,J!" ^J.I'J";';"'^;;' ™jie;„'"b! '""' "''"' '"^ °g'"ttm"'^ao cc h"'tJ Ji-™-d''ChSji»« yo.n 

ba -Ethyl alcoho 

Classes, Forum Elect Ne« Offi 

• . ., £JK!Sn°4i'ft°,™e°o*i" ^Lvan"ro3ud'X'™!*wbilt,2s "St S a',yZ'l, S.vor^ft 

'^''"' triban'i'riS'J'oho t Jid the a.idi- to help by yooc r'o.ce, jonr pen .,nd S'™e°,',Se°th'.p' Zm d.™ 

^^g core that a man oaec draok one ,ua.t yoor vole. the th.on- practically. 

liuny Jtkyll-Hydi: pcrsoni 
put in chicfitofan julom 

Rellgmui Liberty (Cont. from p. 1] 
to lilt, ribcrfy, imd the punuit of hap- 

Silion for 1 feeling of U 

1-ht bill ill righ« is another pre 
be guarded b)' cDnslant viniUncc jnd 

b^nefiitf'^ll eoncS' 1 
from both angles. 

■■RtliBimislibofty , smote widely ac- 


Basketball Leagi 

■" M-t. and bate, orjanired ly. 

l! .;.,- ™:'i",' to' wtat th'e b?'""' th,:. l'j» deails^'norSTcam' _ _ . _ 

.Vr,'.^ "*',.'' ;,Jln meeting, SSdait?" °'","in d,'a'''l u"to* "*£ 

ti'dj taa,^ the "ma'iol i»en dis'ciw. ^°, '^%'Z auJe'ts'aJq'.ain'led with St.!' Wat 





SMC MV Society o. . . , ., ,, 

Directs Program ^:'^,^ ^1: 1.0 Work field Da,; S.,,<Ien.s A.s„„„. ^'^^^^f-^e^' 

n„.te«™,_voi™„, sp,,„., „ _, „ 'i i7rt_... 450 Wi Get Bible Course (...II.;;,- na^ Dull,-: features Music 

For DaUon Effort *'" W'" "'«' Bible Course 

I'l. iiMi'. r.,1 I ;^.lll 

I'm-iiu-r SMC 

Student Opens .^'rotlght.' lhr^uj;ho,a iIk pros^m. 

, _ General Hospital b,. a rammnlce ^luicmmcJ by Jjm« 

EiXe'e C "fl/nks!' '^'".'^"' "'' ^^ LIuderclaSSmen Take '°"^' s,ud«nl a. SMC, jnnouncu tht LiHcli, ind Ml. well Lea of Clut- 

Batteries of Tests f/KlS.^ 

ATS I-. 


I ail- I'la 
„f lri|.- 

siM,'';;;i;'„ i;'':;,'";iSi^„S',' orra'c senators Peaaie 

To Balance Bndget 





SbaiowaJiita S^amieli, 



Sunday afternoon I went to Winter Park. Florida, and attended 
Che famous Rollins College edition of the "Animated Magazine"— 
the only college paper in the world rhai goes to press by having 

Each so called article was well written and edited, but ii 
address by Nationalist Chinas foremost ambassador and sc: 
Dr. Wcliingion Coo. that lingered longest in my 



answer or changi 

er" of a 
ind hii ioi 




raters »i, 
rime, rho 




and CO 

iencnrdiar Sarins 




im- (he objeaives 
ough a new pair . 

of ti^l 
of Elasse. 

inaJly I 
r ihep 

,o lesr ih. 



It eye-level objects that were viewed before from an uncomfortable. 


In her booL 
iomc vision of the ful 
ire the most vital things education must try to produce. ' JighWeighi 

In the first paragraph of my educational guide, E. G. Wh. 
is need of a broader scope, a higher aim. True edui 

range. There is need of a broader scope, a higher aim. True educa- oooiio-^i for phibnthropfc put- ^^oA, ■Rieht " replied the otode. "But Bj the time they got upsiairi. But 
means more than a preparation for the life that now is. Ir has to'do on'^x'li^es\i!irSfai°4''^^d Xm^ ^"°" ''"" ""''''=' \°^. '"},^"f' '" Bo"""; *'"t srttmg another (able 
with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence pos- of the oVrxiiTlioti selling the broom. ^n-rvole*'°ou aw'^iTlatlke? ■■' *'"" ln°d"Hon*i. hd' f ^"' "'^'- ^"^^ 

: p. 13. 

many men iearn too late "that the 
adder of success is on the wav down." 

when losing altitude. 
Kenneth A. Wright, President 
Soulhen,Mhslo,,^ry College 

SMC Has Good ;j Fac.iUy Members 

Showing at CME Art- Down and Out 

SOPHO*,ORES - Hattv DanF.l™ ''^""'Iv '" ^^kh ^e "k^"^= 't^d^" Slfar'e Sc^e.'TandiJiile'''in a^^C^A \i/°y^ T^hT'' 
Cu«i> Orr? Siorlcs PM^e^SZi shTrt So. ^ He^|L!^[7d ,\" """''^^S^ fJ.Slon ^e^'ti*"'!" ""t htou"ho'rtj'e T^^a 'PV'^c 



any pbcc (or a dirty -stool pigeon* like off him." pi^^; ^^^^ j^^ ^^^ consistinfi of 

3 you. Do «c. fellows?" And the speaker "Huh. 1 guess Ihit sock in the jiw („„ ^^^ ^„j ^^^ fircpbce to be ton- 

™p.. ..Ik n,o« ■n,e,cs,4 .nd inf„,™,iv. When spe.ting ,.o ?;'r:!,inT'' " ""*""' °''"™ "Xd " htT',S,;"Ll,,:rlj *^ S"E iirS;''.;"*/*^ 

"How do you like i:his fint 

many of us are exceedingly listles 
39 who talked to this writer 58 
spring weathtjr?" Any ordinary conversationalist would readily dc- 

(ioiis will make your conversation more lively and different. (1) For 

biology majors: Aren't those praying mantises impious today? (2) 

r English majors: Do you recall who coined the phrase, "ciazy 

*■ * * w , '^" ^'=*;°" ^J"** , Why Allow If7 doss of 1955, $30; 'fiunjor co^tfTbt!! 

MUMBLING cr^i^k l^hit"o'uod^ Uke ie ir Tof '"^^ ''"''■ ''''' "'''' ^° V"" "''"'^ ''"" '° '°^ ^""""""^'l l«"l: Upsilon 

let studies interfere with extia-eutciculat aaivities Addison's ^ i^grolll\e"me^utc'd' his" cTltc LV"'", J"h''''^ !j" ''"','{"" *'"' ^.^*I,|- /,mt"'NLt'" l^""' /6o° 

b.i5ketball team lost its first game in a gruelling contest in spite of lenolh on the hnding. His folloMr* ^ 'i,'; d^Vi, .,i''the°lohh'l^h<.^w°^Eoi?i'c rLhe^of T^mofcot"'lub S12 Col^ 

ibc efforts of their ace bench-warmer Mike Kabool According bro« ,""iheir"'rTOTO™oihtrrs.m I- '" "''*''-■ ""^ '"''' ^"" '^= '' "^^ ''^fi'^^'^ J'K^*- S'^: Georgia-Cum- 

Delta Phi, the Mens Reception will be FINE. ... During a lecture miiemtnt Ttliad all'becn'io iimpi", ^ "'"'" °^ '"^ ■^'"' "''^- 'S**'"^*^/ Misiimuiy College, 5150; SMC Stu- 

(his week Prof. Lundquist proudly told his class thai Greek and sudden, so tiemcndously effcclivc. He j'ound this pli.t his j;ot to slnnd up cnt^A^ijtion, ^150 

story were his pet subjects. To this Herman Bauman instantly 
ed that they were his two pet peeves! hi'^T' 

ORCHIDS TO; Those who work faithfully behind the dairy eloquent 
r at the store. ... All the student kitchen help who do a thankless Ic"^' 'h" 

,ob Those who sell brooms to relieve the debt of the SA. . 

Andrews who tirelessly assists those in need, 

S TO: Girls who say "no" or boys who don't ask. . 



jdc A".i"™"n o^hit K."L February -- Wasliingtou and Lincoln; 
^"'''"'^ '^''^ Fornm Program wp to the Occasion 

7^*^ ^7^^ 0(^e^ . . . 

Jimiur rh.v^ EIrrts ^^'^^^''^^^J't^^' 

The week of prayer has jusi finished. Collesedalc Academy feds ScHH -hi- O f f i. r (-^ l.\f>^" A^I^."a,^1^\ 

that it was greatly privileged to have Elder Charles Edwards to i i ^ 

day during our diapcl periods and also to many of us personally. ^i").d"- 1 i.o.,. Ui.m.„ ;,''"' p 

We have two weeks during the school year that a 
as weeks of prayer, bui should there be such a thing a 

tonally. ,,„,;, 
:t apart ^ <^ 

iside a weekin^which we pay ]■ 

^:.„.- a..>:i..,>.,. .-, »^. =^....--. ..ecds, boc should not cvety wtek in ^™ «'"'t't.c on the R^il.oid sur. 

the year be a week of prayer? If we had a year of prayer, and every '^^°^^l^^Xl''''^^^^l' ^^l\, \^i 

s decide right now thai every week from now on will be Each verse of (he song, entided. 

a week of prayer, and every year will be a year of prayer. In fact, ' Wcvt Been Working at Out Mcei- 

let's decide to have a whole life of prayer. When we have a life of '"^p^uj'hj ^n" ,„^jlni T^rMcKee 

We ..-.llv Jon'. h»c any do.b. >j fbd lo have hin, come visil «ch of us /? ^Vj /O jO / li Ty 

,o whclhe. or no. o.r re..dents will during .eek. V^^ ^^ ^_ i<,QmQmbaK^ /let \J{$, 

Community week of prayer 

Sidelights ^K..iMlil^^',S2.ixv 

L.c-1).. mainly be- '[^""V ^ 

isn-l ...Joiin? 
immunity Monop^l^_ 

We have a ralh'er unuiiLil iiWalion ' """^"'"■"'' ''>' ""'"■'" Baumiii, Alabim.,, Jnd ,\jll be helpinfi in an ft|cc|°n'|I^t /j^'jllnj.''''^"',"'' ^"^ _ '' 

\T\ ''\^^T' '""™™ ""'^ »^"i". CHRIST'S FOREIGN LEGION hirL'.'.'nV '',«"« pllLJl"htc a" ''""; '^''^■] ^"i^:,"^ ^'"'■- ' 

>v„h cirs.^^Man^Co^in;^^ 
::;,oly„ H«'fard:%.'AI.e,na 

ll!l; ''"m:,"'.'' ,'Vv\;;ul'',r™l"i,'^ ir.tL'"'"''";,''' °' ^'''^^•'^^' ol°'» l=™ir^nd'slalT"f'&,u.herrMiMion- ""■^e l^^o liDiiri adminislete.I bv .l,c ^^"-'.^ ' I if-' 
DatT,>J,l,,S,p„.iV,, .nd c rSappTe T^Tre ,e.„7^rJL° meT '" '?' ^?,"F' "^V " «"T' Y '°"'''^'' ^"«''"' J^'""""" •%'«""' " ^ " ' ^ ' 

va"a^o'^ri«owcdIs')^IT aLTiifP'^ resukofXart"" *" '""'"' " " '<^^''''"' ^■'''\l"'''^^ ^ si" dents tTowj'hmq'^a llfy fo, u^^^^^ .:.V. 

V' ^ f 



SMC Sets Precedents in Seminar 

B, Jl ANNl TT. MaAS 

94 Students Join 
Colporteur Ranks 

I SlM<linl~;il 


mily'actiuainted wiih die scudencs and icachtrs of Souihein 
Missionary College. All ihe ariangcnienis ace planned and directed 
by the Student Association with Presidunc James Ray McKtnncy in 
charge. Ho is assisted by the other administrative officers and the 
chairmen of the standing student committees. 

Each committee mcmbcc has some special duty, supervised by 
the chairman; (he work of the various committees is coordinated by 
the president of the Student Association. The budget of the College 

Will I.I 

( oiih 
.. ( ..I 


Western Discovery: 
Laurel Reynolds, 
Comes as Lycenni 

worked out by the Student Scnat 


]ed by [he 

lemseives and by the members of the Student Associi 

)ook' in which is included name, addre 

Another (ask of the Student Association officers is to coordina(e 
parts of the 250 SMC studen(S who in some way oi( another 
directly associated with the College Day plans; over-lapping and 
fusion must be avoided and each student must know his exact 

IcKinney [his year has emphasized that the College 

All the members of the faculty have been drafted by the Student 

ings; each visitor will meet at least one college faculty member for 
a brief personal interview. 

Leip Kr. TobiASSEN, Coordinator of Sliideiil Aclhilics 

Stml.iil- S„oo,.sl 



TOaUA. I^om StamiateUf 

There are P.vo standards of livin] 
wish people to think we gui 

Snuiht-rn MisM"ti^ty College once gained for itself the reputation Nix wis doing up allhcadmmiilrJtion warninei it as " P^^|^^ j^^ ' " '^j'" '^"'"' -inJ Arthur S.indcrs had 

for bciiiHihf siiuHil nf Standards." Such a reputation did not come building w.lhout her shoes on le 'J^^^^ Qo5j'l|nj ^arj'! Muddos have 11"°',™!!°"'' i" .i!"^ ''^."'"' " " "'" 

regulations 'ihTtpivirm this institution and deducting from them gf'^|,,™'I'J|°'^J^^*"horcd'a''er*^d ablE'l"idrn"ryTi;^'crthcy'lHcn't b?Ind''q°f''riminc'ct'e'lm^hat '■""''" 

that SMC was following the blueprint. The reputation came from ° '^ J ^ .^ jj j ^1, ^[ ^^^ ,, y,„;. charloUc j |a. for your moncT'oan fm\^u^^\ 

lives of students 

tration of high standards being followed m the 
nd staff. One might say that at thai time the line 
atds more neatly coincided widi the line of social 


standards, and su 

ha unity was observable. 


Is that the sam 

today? Do we deserve the reputation that is srill 
ce to out college? Or are we clinging to the empty 
e was a vital Truth in the lives of SMC citizens? 

(9^uK^UUHiHf 7(/<yi<U 


"^ I resent the r 

ecent remarks about poodle hairctits that have been 


made by C. U. R 
accused of false p 

ride. But I believe it would be only fair for C.U.R. 
rcsent-day flat tops the boys sport, if he must ruo 
hair cats the girls ace getting. 

1 •r' 

I believe gir 
if they so desire. 

s have two very good reasons for getting poodles 
First, there is the ease and speed with which this 

rt of hair combine. Now a whisk with the brush, 
d, and the men_what do they do? COMPLAIN! 


The second advantage of having a poodle is exceedingly evi- Gladys Trubcy, 

lent in the summertime. It is so much cooler— why, even the high- J)';,'; ^"J^ J^^^**"^ 
bred canine poodles get their coats trimmed. 

Now if the men have nothing more to do but set themselves ^j ^^^ 

It they take a look at themselves. C U R. is un- ^^^-^^ 

ith. Very few gitls have their hair cut that often. 
And we never shave- our faces. Now some young men 
sed with that manly growth, which is called a beard, so I ; 

you barefaced, dose-cropped gen( 

What is vanity? It appi 
trying to improve one's appcaran. 

iced to do 

. . "'f "ppre- 

ionable degree of comfort, why 


"Ad. StU&U See. l/IS. . 

In the Way of Mus c 

WATCH YOUR SENATE The Long and the Short of It 

B) Walter Warc. O 

hmlj on= of , 


rof. Latry Hughes is ofleting SOf piec 
.-.- *v egg yolks! Johnny Gulp hungry and 
I teptcd the challenge. He managed to get it down, nevertheless, it is 
I believed that some came batk up later Ronnie Rodgers, trans 

I fet student from WMC, wants all collegians to be SURE to know thai ^°p r«ponsib)e thai the wnji.. is ol^hi^^ 1^^^';^^^^.^ '^'"^ •> 

intock faked two mean men and made a beautiful sec shot only to n„T jc^rT'sL'd "nt°AL!c7i^oii''^ ' ^'"'"clit mc to my ssnscs i 

Ontta Allen and Fecn Gibson walking along the road a bright '"E " '""■" ^i""""' *>[ '^"""= '■■o^^■" ob^v the mies of 'th,^'ichMl" 

ring morning: Ontra. noticing birds overhead— Look Fern, the '°^{| '" , g*^ the Lolk£c Uay j,^ ^^-^^ evcrylhinK bur 

.Idfinchcs are coming up! C^, «4yo^p«p.n^?on'lnd"^^■c J<: "^^^Vy^" ""■' ""' °' "" 

Fern, temporarily bafiled, looking for Goldfinches sprouting ilmo« ready to welcome (he academy 

,m ground, then catching on,_You silly girl— don't you recog- "niors from all over Ihe South. After ^^ }.V,kl"YolZ"'n" 

c migrating tulips? nomf^^ion'i ^J oa^J{t,°^"t yes^ ^<='P "'" ^'•^'^ pu'v" 'been" d, 

It was an unusually average day for Fred West. He had just °,^b"ol!rVwi""ot"ev!jTfit'"Rdu^^ ^' """"^^ ''"' "^^ '"-'""" 

[ finished sleeping through three classM and was aimlessly wandering \^„ccv.;a the order of die day and for rwaitin|''hiwtt!im^ '" """ 

office or.'the«eculivest.ff of Oiewn. fffihUnS-" ' 

in the 

ibrary, bu 

t having the hab 


quickly over this I 


'red neglected 

o read the 

cs carefully. Instead 

of men 

orizing t 

he regulations, h 

rgins of the Acceii 

tcllectual game 

called tit- 

ns read SILENCE, QUIET, and "Tip-toeing would help." 
oriously walking through the maze. F ted chose to study jo, w ( 

arner table. He I 

ardly written rhe letter alpha contei 

foccemenc officer Walden came toting a pencil and a handful < 
pink slips. But the delinquent, Monte Tindall, had disguised hir 

failed. But the game of "cops and robbers'" went on! Forgetting tl 

rules Fred began cheering noisily, drawing even more spectatoi 

Eventually the noise decreased to the extent that the silence w 

studying and headed for the sack, (bed for the elite). 


Quick Service at Dry Cleaning Plant 

B, Howard Kenm.ov 
Colkficd.dc Dr>' Cleamng ,erv,cc, tbcm for JO-IO mmul« m . lolutior. io.e to lit if they ht ,vt 
thooBh not the Urgcsl indust^ .t of solvent, which i. j byrcoduct of lhem_Tl,e addition o 

lo.da7 d"rj. cleaning 

Scenes from Upsilon Delta Phi's Irish Festival 


...Student Teachers Cnlport.-nr Keiulrrs 

Are No Exception . . >],.,., „;,[, \,.;sdriiiv 

Spn^i^f ^eu&t 

to musi of us that stiJingc rise in the lemperatutc of the human body Ai prL.uu (tjJv Srii....[, G-.m- Hal- Elder Ridau, Souilicm Uni 

which has hafiiud the men of medicine since rhc beginning of time. Itnptt, D.i'.i IkrirjUvu. LlJtr Vaicn- lishin^ scirdjt)', mid of Ih: i 

ii— yei! Many folks have thought they had a good cure, but ihey j"^|,°pf c'X- .'tdik'''Aijdi.n'ii '" ^'" ''"^""' '^"'"^'''''"* I'lrouphi 

persons. I'm convinced that most of the teachers j>e( it too, but lui btui uu^ln by Gtm- li.ilk-n^ci hVi''?i' lurr "rin!! h ' I'l' 

would be some who would die of the fever if ihcy didn't 
break in the school work before the end of school. Of cour 
end of school isn't far off either, but it surely seems like a lo. 

With vacation so close now that we can sec it, I imagi 
best thing to do would be to work a little harder and try to h 
the fever until we can let go and do nothing but relax— ai 
that is what some people say we gel to do, but 1 always si 
manage to work harder then than 1 was working before. 

. Sr:i.. 

<^e RememUs HeK Ow 

ist's Foreign Legion 


ncs the 
h h, 11, 

flt^hy it 


..y jooJ. h.t t 

.nj r.d,. 





k 1,- 



€1 \ 


„'„?'"" "\ 


J.,, Cod, U 


«c .ho 


. R. ME. Culpepper, from the Kentucky- tJ [}„; 



[student Association Will CME Accepts 15 Students 

]Choose Executive Council „ ,„„ i„p. T^^^U-^^^ r*^-.^^ 

iiumv Major offi, , . " ,; ; t oi otD " OD t resniTian ^lass 

Iwill lill llii- \^''l- '' ' !.h»w.i,„;' Ten for Medi.-iiic: 

I ' ,"'™Z' "Leader -- Lonely" SMC Publifatinns Five for Dentistry 

;,„,„.»:,=». »:...:™.. ,j: -,„;;:, „,:K;::rr ^S±°;:^;r'r;„.- Constitute the „^LJ>;';»r'"T-'; v" 

T;3,SiS3s ""— fst"S~zc s;:rs".ta™'r.i Voice of smc s:'*:Sf™™r;i:r;:' 




Future Teaeher 
^ Reeeive Insi"ni: 

Ivini < . ilifi' .III' 

"SMlilW Appli«»i.' 

, Dean Annonne 

Faeull, ,|ni;^lii 

Foreign Legii 
Will Caravan 

;;;;"; *; Dental Stndents 
wjihin 30 Are Accepted 


^ rmjiLr^-S':^. 

j4fUiex a. Ui '^<^e 


lo prepare for a pcofcssion. One warns a career in athletics, and ^ia.(emv e.rls reside m Ihis dorrmloT, n^mScr f, ,.rj yc-u II find Berthi [J^^' ^ 

another a background of culture. Another boy or girl simply wanrs ^"^ /^[^ ."'JJ'f^^^^ '"" '.."" ""', ■["""hJnv *w ^ 

to meet the right pt'uplc, while another wants to learn how to chink, f.i-jhnijn ^lass. ll s«mj (hat , ■ ,., ,!',„. -nicse arc ''"« 

IllkeihesuccestionmadebvDr. Goodrich C While, presideni of ihc fiMhmrn livcin Hit commumiv . . , ...n.lltie. W "-ese 

tiate. Think of the loss of time, the loss of money, and thi 
don involved in so many failures. Whnt, then, are worthy moi 
for college entrance to Sourhern Missionary College or any coU. 

Letusi „ - . 

al magazine. One student goes to stay out of the army, and anotht 
,o prepare for a profession, r -'-■"-^- " 

to meet the right people, whilt 
I like the suggestion made by 

and for public service." 

\^nmm rmwrn 

A Seventh-day Adventist freshman should feel that he owes to 
God a life of full service and devotion, the training for which can 
be secured in a Christian college. "If you would make the road ro 
success a little shorter, go to school a little longer" is still as true 
today as it was years ago when first penned. Southern Missionary 
College extends a very special and warm welcome to youth who 
want to find and follow God's plan for his life. The opportunities 


5 you 

and II 

Norman Vincent Peale, noted pieachei and author of the rec- 

are two reasons for going to college; first, to have an effective begin- 
ning for the realization of one's full, potentialities of mind and 
spirit; second, to be able to tender the most efficient and construc- 
tive service to God and society." It takes a Christian college manned 
by Christian teachers and attended by Christian youth to make this 
ideal possible. 

WM mmi Df mumw 

Why go to college? To get the best preparation possible lo per- 
form the services lo mankind and to God such as He bad in mind 

when you were created. "To restore in man the image of his Maker, *"■" e''''|'fii '" be icoirjte, j 

to bring bim back to the prefection in which he was created, to pro- H""" '"^"■'"^■/T '- ""'"'" 

mote iht! development of body, mind, and soul, that the divine pur- „iv«l Raiher cducatkin is mei 

pose in his creation might be realized, — this was to be the work of fen-d. Thcieforc this miisi ncti 

redemption. This is the objea of education, che great objea of rvstnct irseir to what SMC is op 

life." This wonderful idea! in "Education," page 16, is the basic oflcring lo the ptosp«.ivc ,tud 

reason for the establishment of Southern Missionary College. I. Traming Ir. Uadenhip 

Your college education will be no more important than the Unfonunitdy. cvcr>. young 

SMC Can't Give You an Education 

lionary College will be glad to take the '"'"'"fi m ItadiTship 

Kenneth A. Wright, President ''"' student body, or ■ 

Soinheni Mii. 



^K BxfaU*ta(ioK U Z?«e,, 

them hi comnion «u. 
not impUn. leadership 
relj. helps to develop 

^. ^.^ -' :<-** 

jooks from the" College Store to the third lloor of 

Billy was told as he lay in the infirmary that college subjecis 
would demand his burning the midnight oil. This revelation sent 

' of bringi'ng his W^ebJer^^toilegwl,^ Diclionary and Harbroce Ha,,d- 
■ ■ ■ ■ ■-■-■-- trunk of the car with tennis balls and 
ills and glove, a tuxedo, and other im- 

r. Tobiasseii . . . Professor Russell Dahlbeck ... Did these 
spell concentration and study.' He was soon to find out. 
ysical education proved to he a relatively easy course— no 
ork oc outside reading; Dr. McMurphy took pity on the 
d freshman composition students and read them a story for 


ly enjoyed Dr. Nelson in chemistry, but he couldn't erase 
is mind the look Dr. Nelson had on his face when he spoke 


men and boys— "This class wilt separate the men from the 

cross AS 

s nest and final class was Ancient, Classical, and Medieval 

forward to this lecture, for he enjoyed the application of 
1 ro every day living as he had heard Prof, was in the custom 


ng— explaining the effect ladies' hats have had on culture 
rogress in all stages of the eatrh's history — extolling the vir- 
f feminine leadership. Just as soon as the bell had rung, 
acher picked up a stack of mimeographed sheets a foot high 
gan dealing them out to the bewildered students. 

divisions; the art of newspaper reading, the correct way to 
note book, and the deplorably one-sided masculine society 



o«pl»s-. siOElc mm-s, >»£!= ' 


7<&«<^ "7^ Oitefi , . ■ 

'i*;,' ";;,;; Formn Presents Academy Cliapler „'" ^"",1 

°"' '•••" ■'Spring" in Mnsic Holds Annual |;;;4„° 

The lofum jjj.f J ptQ^tjm |n Xempcrance Contest ttii-<ting 


I Monday mo.t of ihc Chrisiian mrid will be eolcbtaiing 

a hoik 

ay which Is known as Eiurer. 


sr. but raihcr an opportunity to spott their new spring outfit. 
tly everyone seems to be able to find time to go to church on 


tough the Seventh-day Adventist chutch docs not recogniiie 
IS a religious holiday, and although Easter is not observed 


be a good time to think of the Lord, whose tesuttection 


nmmemorates. b. 


^ HONOR ROLL Mndttson, Bnicc 

•uilaiA Dclphyn. a„,„, Don' 

1 b, Sudi, Ni, .nd 
It, tominins of J.n- 

looghl ,0. 
blown Talgo 1 

Weber, Jc.nmnt H 
msn. anJ Bobby 

ollr,', J 
,ilh ■ 


while pljiiiolus wet 

nlq. B 




Ihi:: f-.S«r 



« 1 X_ 1 



M0ik ] SA Administers College Program, 
^^^ Fotulty Visits Sister Schools 

MiideiilK Discii' 
I'luee hDA 
W«mii-n Leaders 

endei Office 

College Day Draws 350 

~.n SA Benefit Film 

lLn^*'.ind re/ccat^on commituL/" MakcS a ReCOI'd m" .iun"t)' o'iktt'' lor "thc^rnnui'l ^^'^"" ',ud "n(. - ' ^" "''^ ""'^ S"°' 

fi™'^SummcIdairAbbjn"'\x'hik'"! s°,",j', ^"^1" ^ll^"tj' HmTiT 'J" ''"" j" ''''j ^"h*" ' ""'"^' ""' """^ "■= "^mpki of ttic thuc did iit d Dean Palmii dun of (he Cnflccc of 

Kinsey Is SA President for 1955; 
Bethea, Addisori, Ausherman to Assist 


%aii>Makita Sbamieli TALES OF TALGE 

Why Settle for Less? Hl"''^ ""■ 

The chapd program last Monday was of <he type of .here ^.^^ ^ ^^ighbo^s Joor and .p 

should be several ai our college. innounccii wmni («. well ur 

The lopie was -Trends in Congregational Singing." and the speak- ^^^''^^^jlfj"" °' '"^ "" 

truly wholesome religious music. He described the cheapness of the ^d a poor homclcs! ca'l. The 

verse, sentiment, and music of many of the popular "gospel'" songs, him St. lecn, anil fed him ai 

[her than performing amazing stunts designed to ^vhcn they di 

10 produce it. 

^E ■■* 

th by spre 


ip'^j'J .^Oj' 

o.ehl tone 


"W°m' ZT 


ion to hill 

b>by a 

This type of chapel program, which we need more of, is destined ^ "°'^' an n i > mg appi ess 

J point out the medioctity of so many of the accepted standards ^=^=^=^=^^=^=^^^^==^^^^=^ 

1 our society. This type of program, not limited to music, can pre- JohnSOn AddrCSSCS ^* ^^^ "^ SOC'ET 

.nt examples of the ««//.,// and the mediocre by contrasL r^ew College ClaSSeS ^''''""""'' ''""• '"'^^ " 

We as SDA Chcistians should subscribe only to the \'ery best in 
1 fields of achievement. If the best is not appreciated by us, wc 
riainly need to learn its worth, for any young person who esteems 

Come to the An 

of the Collegcdale 

Alumni Association o 

n Sunda 

y morn 

ng. May 29, at 7:30 


Mail your rescrv 

tions t 

a Elde 

Paul C Boynton, 

president, or Miss Ft 

icretary. Post Office 

Box 1015, Collcgeda 

e, Tcnn 

essee. V 

f e hope to see you 


P.ulin. EpialB. D..0 H.m^ill; ",*"/Sto''Sf *rSA''oi* Wright SuggBStS 

imem"pMf«sot Brown^ '""^ "' '^'^ "of'^'Xc 'coik'T' """tf"' Personality Check 

Purchaslng Department Saves Time and Money 


J. madcbjlhc 

Andc,«, ClyoK, 

.1.11 wpply compioicj. 

t Kenny Lynn and Hans Fenz slowly munching on d d pp 
,d bananas, peanuu, and grape juice. Ingrid Christians 
nilla ice cream and Kellogg's grape-nuc flakes, wh 

Jansen and Ralph Walden's 


d Lynn Wood 

addition of the small, well-pla 

ed srn 

To th 

SA officers fo 

the SA's benefit program. 


i crew. 


SMCs professors, suspicious of a spring fever epidemic, are 
■ ■ lenting more quizzes. Of course one must realize 

re only done in the interest of us supposedly 
.gians. As we malute with age and acquire a 
,aner outlook on life, we students will give many, thanks for oui 
"fessbrs-" intense interest in 


SMC-ites Enjoy Candlelight Hour 

assmcn applaud the idea pipejs. In Ihis W|' he^ wiU lx-_abk lo ggnate AppOUltS 
ptOBMm. "" '"" 'h=y may require. Park Commissioil 

^^[^"a Lauritzen Discusses 
will be Church Music 




c£SS, Forum Plans Academy Day Agenda; 
'-^^-^ Conunittee Chairmen Named 

S/Mk^ 7e^7 ^ 5*«^'' Coppoek Wins First ^S^'Hi—S?"^ 

We wc. winded in ch.p.l Monda, ,h.. .h.,. .,o only .p- j_^ ^^g j,^^^^^^ . -""■>; -""« 

proximately four weeks of school left ihis year. a„Vve on the "ImpuT tli« will be 

science on such subjects as correspondence, and olhcr raattera pei- -^ ^^ ^^^^j Southern Union Temprr I'f'"", '■'"= groups of sludcnH will 

tainin lo graduation "" '""'"' '"=''' "" ^""'8' °'>' '" "^ "■",! of 7h?v:.rious work o" 

In the same breach, Principal Higgins made ihc startling scate- ^^ ^e was awarded thi- schabrship parlunilics at Collcgcdale. ^ ^^ 

mem that latdinesscs and unexcused absences seem headed for an »o appl;- on hiition it SMC. ^^.J b"'intervicrrw!lh teachers o( 

all-lime high. You will further notice that the attendance honor j^„,^J'^|^ jt°Co!l"g"dak AndTi^j- Co"''£''''='^ Academ)'. 

roll in this issue is just about the smallest one we have printed this tnd while in atlcndince » schcoli ,n ^,^^1^'/^"^™" LKrwitii chjp!'l 

What do aU these things add up to? Call it spring fever, per- conk-si spnsored by the CollcgL-dalt (,j,^^2"oo™"!l.u(,'^p'hi^, fo'llowtd"by 

emy. We realize that this is the "same old rot" which you hear every ^a„,„, several years ago. ''M'!^, ,n^ .vot^bln in the nark «ill 
year about thb time. Still we think its worth repeating. Let's try to Mr Paul J. Hoir, 

; >:'.ich for Coppoek 3: 


.1 n.eht. 


.,„,. A.h.™.„ 

,™. L„„. 

•)"■)■ B"!"™ 


J«"= D""** 

Htl.0 St.,, 

ll.dd, lom.™ 

My,n3 Woolicy 
Neil Tompiiini 

Holley, Silver Win 
SMC Scliolasliips 

'"J "'"*iP- raino, „id,, whiij J„ 

SENIORS PLAN BANQUET with giving only pno 

r*P>il " <' 

Jn°nin'''HX'' '^k''p'Sit"''-^^t d'ni'ntS oflh^Dtlke 'iLlZ.T O"'' CommUnity 


McClintock Wins Jingle Contest; 
Hadley, Bushnell Runners-Up 

Students "Take Over" Class Se: 
While Faeully Visits Other Colleges 

;,udy of humin ,ights and 

i ho. tnoogh wralh,, 
i,ol Jnn B.nb ,nd 

Christ's Foreign Legion 

Lunb. re 

™""'°"" "■■"""" 

Kiililish Conti'iill. 

•111- (.,11,, II 


M„ ,--N„h.iifc. Teno^e. Prof. Watrous 
„";V"' '^'°''°" "°"' "'■'"'"'■ TiMc-li,-- Siiiidav 

^0-,7a>..djn„.ndI.oul,n„n,- S,.|, (.|;,„ 

M, fno, m/e rf/ „,J .f ,/n,I,.- 

:'^ >.*"••: 



'ive Committee Chairmen 
lAre Named for 1955 Senate 

|l„™p'""'"'°»'>"f™"""» Co« B,ll™s,, .ill l,c,.d U.- ion.. eOM^-X, V- lit Tr' 

l,|„o.jh,l»,cl.»rm»..l,.vc;,m,.d ™i,„ .. „I,e,o.. ,n,v,„c m 1S15 ^^SMlbir'^jp^ JE' 

SA Broom Sales 
Wm Help 
Balance Budget 

j ^ !». Vr„plJ'iJnK£ L°,;;I1,'S M."?ph"M""*DS SMC CUoral Groups: 

an «LC ta me can ^ ^ ^^ >rcj H^o^r "ih^ "^^erTsh^wn Ihc CllOl'alistS & Clioir, 

Give Final Recital 

Elfit.C."?""""''"^ ll:;icTi;™h"i,'.'r°" ' """"' ;:;db;!'i:.i»rii,.*"iirjr' to visit Nasiiviiie '°^"T"!^.^'^,1z;"Z°l 

merly hdd by Miss Join Hedte 

pnrposill o; .mdenMI, 

I Forty SMC Students MENC Gives Music Kilgore, Manuel: 
I Hold Singspiration Program in Cliaprl; New Annual Heads 


Natmnil Conference IMENC) 
kc b.iLllj ibout (he bumaniln-. tnd 
c plicc in Ihe education of people 

Fresh-Soph Picnic ;»;;; - ~ 
Goes to State Park dTpmincni : 

Symphon) No 100 (Militaij) of cc> 

nil5"'"an''S so°„l b," r"»'|^^|"'^'l ^^ 
''El"a°ih'scl""o'n'Mc''Kl'ogsUJ iCl 


'^it^Ctaat <n ^aai^at? 

L-riiici7c ihem for it; ihey give a program that is aboui as lowbrow (..cmciax is^ thm ■ ■ 

They cant begin to pltasc everyone; yet, I tion't think they ^^j^ ' ' ,,„, „ ,,^^1 „„ p„ti™ .v». "Am pl.»i<,„ J„m 'jrJhm" L"r'ioT 

shoultl try; for, if one weie to balance the lowbiow group with the sh,it Uoort. Stetiq- Ti;e. AbiE«l I ,i,rk,r,s for So^ih.m ^Mi~n' "°''"? °" "°"' *°"* 

as nombers ate conceroetl, but consideting the ilorability of values, ^° ™",'|",","5'i'^[,''i,',f"„°l "'F.t^o'.m itira "! M, ..n,!- ' hoj t'l. °k j"'|',"' ill" fe"'u 1*'^ 

the highbrows are those who ate eventually tlestinctl to succeed. For „.,„„„,.,„„,, .ir,„ „f fc G™,- ■ Doni »och m,', " .. ■^Ho.'^,™?'' "^"l"^'^^^^^ 

<\\t Hi- ri-.nlliced Costumed Performer they colr«rtcu.- wjlkmj; pin cushions , JO • 

C, !n,,rr" Entertains College Juniors and Seniors 

Main M>\ Wfikers j,.^ l,„i. „j l,«,„. .„ .h. aiUPUS COMMENTATOR Teachers Write for Hold Annual Picnic 

Education Journal Onc hundred iwcnlyscvca iun,o,r 

__ Two SMC ficull, member, h.ive "i", "j°'°" ""'' ''"•">' """'"" 

'•H "n'om";"™; ."/ rL°L»o«i", T!m.o"cVvii^°'iut£,7il.'°'r",it 

'/li ^titni See Tli.' 

I R. M. Riif Will 
i«d Assist CoUefiedak 

,,J not ome from pg,,^^ BcckuCl 

,ou„el.d, .assmpi 

Walla Walla Papei 
Ktiiiiis ACPA Cup 

"hril'^evrll^ Married Students to assisting Ihe MV administrs. TTsc Cr/V^rton, last yea.s ansid «m. 

Drop 16 Per Cent cff.srtTto organirc'thc"700 Collegedslc yeli JhriTit fsVd to subl^it'iegulst 

le people, [jrgcly stable, approstimslely ; 

ta , _• - o i:' ■ 

-| SMC t I B 1 r 

( 1 d s I Watch Your Senate 

(Cw,lim,J m f jji i) 

ACCENT ON THE A C A D E M Y '""^^<^ «"- 

Summer Courses 


ill, [he big day for picnics is over, and almost everybody on cr ^nd Ji 

ii,.s,r;> Eka-. Slieper aud Academy Day 

dI^pj^iI Freemau Excel Treats Possible 

irs were ^ivcn lo (vvo gtudeUtS 

the campus looks just that way — red, ( 

s lots of fun while \\ 

Bui, as you caii imagine, studying is not the easiest thing to do 
in this kind of wcaihtr. You sii, concentrating hard on the studies, 
and directly the corner of your eye caidics the window. The sun is 
pouting in, all the trees are gri:cn, the breezes carry the scent of 

I,,;,, , : . „ ,,,„ region on tlR. h,\\ field, after wh,ch .^,;„™ ^ ji^. "^ "^'^""^''V '^ ^Ik. 

"'' rh°;'r"[;nd"''.nm;i^i^i"' "DOWN UNDER" H:;:,'sSEii:Ht^ 



■^', T^ 



oioB a catalog of 1 




lS»o%- a,II.EC, 

Colkgcdjie, Tt 


D I wo 

d Ilk . ni.log 

Ih. 19!! Soul 

"" "««">■>■ Colts, 

n I wo. 



.11 S,„ion, 

s. , ! 



bo.,*. Sou* 







mmm v/ golicse iianARy 

35 Seniors Hear Speakers Kinsey Interprets Campaign Platform 

atCommencemerrtEKercises |^ |„(,ugur(,| CeremOnleS of NeW SA 

:;„ To Medical School ' 



NtMv SA ri-esideiil 

TH , .^fcS»d.»A..„»,.„ 

Explains Budget, 
Outlines Plans 

Ii5s presidents. This scna 

e his met ind dtjwn 

By jtANNrnr Ma^5 

° ^ £j|'''h£s^jf^f 



b«o rr^Kr^^f !hc"S'f 

mily^TjoTn ^r's^' 

?dmfni"nl'ion'" J^k pbt"""' "^'""^ 


sKlN>lv, /"-i../^;;! 

frtjrj-elccl Mnv Joinn AushcrcT.jn 

jcid prjjcr by lite viccrresidcnt dcct 


Riy McKin'ncy^^l.oJuc<^ the presi- 


dent for iy5i-5f,,^[>,,n Kmsq^^^vho 


the icnite fur the ccminc year ill 

of whom «ert icjtcd on the plitform. 

^SA ILJKjJL %~ ®»IEift 

36^^ iT^BL **, 

iJl., He hoj".-^ to hold open forum*. 



.:;:. n';;''.'"'^'rd.;r;^; 

wB'^ ^^IS^^^K^II 



I I 111 

I vMt I li 


S'TftC I^CMettde^A "i^en. Ocmt 


"I Plan to Attend Students Act on «„/„» b.„4 hu b«i. in ou.*,. J'J;'j;7tJ"„™'',„jt/'"''' '°'°' i..d'i£'i,„„°"i bS„' 

SMC Becanse . . ." Gov't Committee r^j'^L.TtT/ntaj"'^ ™i'' M,r, d,™,« w,ii= tan, a„- ISnNw''brM'!;''M; 

A"""!""ta°'S»rU,.' I'l*" °l«°cdbrir'sL.dmiA^°."'."/'" °9!J°'irpal»"ri,= ""^K* ■l»'*' nnmcnl Jlo... fa.Jnm » pto.l. .n p".;j. " '>■ "" «" 

B»d p,.p,™S lor ™, ful»,c w.,l." I»li" BoiOfo,d, . mini«„i.l j™- ^^=_^^=_^^^=^^^=^=^^== -»'. .,t il„„K„l ,h. 

G.m B.lknm who is . oo..- "' '"" '''■''^°' Wimrain; Jo. 

,^,„;- IVirOi Ctolir... .nd Joji, Anihimio, C 1 • U 1 t ExCel itl StudiCS 

M6 lo ' KtrOTiJ »phomo™. ftom SCleCtS HOUIl lOF 

"'"'"" 'Cri'i.'r.,?,i;rtL'i'?'!o";,',r New SA Coordinator <:oo„/i.«o, »; sw,™ aw 

vliilc people have been billej 

!,j"i!! ,''"','" IL""' DHigsins' ■ !;;*o,i°niSn"''''°°"'°' '"''"" !hi!Te™AZ'n^to« X hT.ilil'en '55-'56 OffcrUlg 111 

:,"l':. '''!''.""';„?,'* ^LifceT'.nd' 'Tiblei"'l"!'eo" .kmm,n"ip''of 'De,"°Km!™." om" i.ei7" ndml'oi'ra 'nd "dm'n",,," Soclal ScicilCeS 
,',l;!'r',". '■'*'°°"' J"Um™Mra, T.*,d.r,°e!"on° "'«>" r''''^'- Wn »"b./,'."j™l 'hV KhoL'Se "booo,"rfl'°boll? °° CoUrSCS Expailds 


, "!! 

College but 





Of in obbmin 




n ^™.id 

ionu,. Collee 

. Collegedile, Tennessee 

npr>' College 

D 1 woiild 
D Ple«„ 

ike a ciBlofi 

r^,' *»iir.n'." "" '°"° 



ri» Sine 


n .boo, ,he S«„he,n Mis, 

n.r). College 


Cil. .„„ 


, , w . ^ . Bushnell Receives Fall Prospect Sees 

Clirisis toreign Legion ^2300 Giiiiit-in-aid Ciealer Enrollment 



.ppliora, ,1,211; *;,,„, 
;J,.B h.„ .ppl„d ,0 h, 
hundred more ..pplirat.Qns Jrc 


I Df the applicants prefer plans 

III, .llhonih seseB,! been 

eJ M ejsh stttdenl, .n pi.,, I, 0, 

Tokyo. Jipan, 'We arc we 


"* "•« '"tl l"l« ■ 'i|!l»< 



„ Hanttrtill urje, all .ppltanl 


■ """'I'hi i" "a°'~ siid'ceo, T' '"""°" '""' Clirlstensen Jo 

In her conclusion. Pern Gibson ask- HoniC-Ec DlV 
I'oo". few lhim°'ab!.°'t''t*e'lh°e"- Matedo'nt.rS both in o™Ej°.! HlgginS MaStC 


•eeti, labo, ...d Dr. HamniHl to 

!ud'enl'm.iy tX onl"l^l7a"egula, Attend Bouldcr 

;s and must spend a longer ConVCHtion 

S. African Worker Hammiiiw 

appe-Jieu .o us CO cu..., of GriejJS To Sprinfi" faded joftly smoy is in looos, oiet anu ..u.iii.u,,. -,_ iUriCaU n Ol KCr .■^■-^■- ■■■■.—.•■■- -■■■ .= :■,-- 

'°lo.'.s''po"setolhischallenBe.Katb- '^2iTt£"X'°<'''''''%"''^ ~'^^° met' Mr!. R'uth°Hiffi'iV,s°'»'hL's'J^. ReCeiVCS DiploUia ,ors al Botsldec, Colorado. His cle 

-ni^l3rwb°.rYou W™Mc°toG""' "*'■' '""' l~ ' ^ao Safely Go." c,.l Ireld °[|™.* '^^^'J'*;^'^ """'; W™™ «■ T Badeohorst from Jo, 2' !^l!Z" iTlZZ (^l"-^ii 

Faculty Plans Busy Summer rrsF^^'^d^B'SS lat"h?£a™t"w:sS:iiI,Ti ;;™{;ll'Htl§rdZ 

Ws);;"ro'p".*ta;k,'r°",™/ "'Eld';,°p"aui°Cfc,nto„...ho,eachc, Kcnncdy Will Hold i's;.„°a°C°',"jo„r»c°ont°nriu. mlTa'sMc'""'"" 

Beu'^rp. ss^'irbiZtLTfewsvee'ks'! smo'L^m't'so^^- ils(m«oHo !e"^ SummCr WorksllOp LtH'l" '•' !*1^^ 'H / ' " •» f '' " / 

Dr. Holm and Professor Kennedy Cluistensen .. 

TO/'ii net r t .- r ' Becomes INen- \ 

Will Uiier Lducation Courses Division Head 

(aion p/oraso, Ke»n.d is m o - '""'"' '"" '^'°"""" New PHysIcs iuA Matliematics'mS Mioiln'/v" co'ii.'E'''i''p™fal "" Tcacher Comes South from California 

Famous Artist Joins College Staff 
To Instruet Interested Students 

?!.'!'" iLL*It^';r='~J°.'h*' i;i''™s'E"ji"1>.M"r".™IfJS!.o; L. R. Wlnlvler joins f;;^'^*' '■"8i"'""J "■'"'• »' » "J;,t";;',-,f"*';«,''' ■" 
',Ur«.'i;cnnr,T'fc Z™ ;;;;-,;_"^*' »"*■'•■""•""''"" Science Staff ^^^^^ s,UC Sopliomores Ahove Average 

(,"«"""' ^ " ^^^ ^ ^'^"^ """ " i>^"f^"^,liJSl7"iihs^Mi!">7ZZ Piorcjsor L. R. Wmki'cr. who will In EugHsli Tcst Given Recently 

k*^ •^ Si-^aSl^^^^BHBie^l T, ,,n,,,s SthM. Hi, iddilioo m Ihi ,o.:i, ic^JioB .p«J ind tomprphtn- f"' '» "!■'* ,[^", „'"„ "jjlS 


Summer School mv society presents 


rlans Announced coiicfiediii' 


Students Earn Money 
By Unique Methods 

rofcMoc H B Liindquist, vLtmn Ncw Cataloguc EntHcs Listed in 
, .KiBt^nt m ^^^i=j^=^F°|'^^ Several Divisions in College 

inccring schtTl wlthouMoM oUim", Secretarial Dept. Cali^^mg^ during lUXn^«'^Ld 

■ ; m..^ i, a heavy Qcts Ncw Machmc :";^7, l'!'Mi'rJ^:.!!;';'Ln''!^ 

. CliristenSen ("anlbTed'^r^^rtion Qnh<:'"Bfb!e'in 

Visit Near East Mongolian, it is the only portion 

is Su 

Al mni Graduate yl"'finrdirdcm"!d''gcXfand'i'^ m, 

FrOI CME in '55 income highcrms i._ one pha.^ of ■" 


1955 Junior Class Dedicates Prayer Chapel ^:^Z:^t^::':7^^^Zi^^'''' 


.- ,. r«.. d M. Leo. SMC Offers 18 B.A. StudenU Capture ^„^^„ ,_^ .^^ _. „ , ,. ^ -- ,..„.,„ 

n ^^i!3 m; c™k Mr, i J DC r -1 GB Marathon Award ApproMm..cinwc hundred «ud/.« T-J"°lt'°'TZ'V^"^''^*^ 
,j^;.^r, H i"ldqS' M^: And B.S. Curricula a, k. b. McM.m.Hv. ph.d, wl^rrrmt^r onhr.rhcrhTv. bT^rtoTL?"*!.,;" "JaT^^;' 

plus all the hours spent 

" -niL- Kcond..). ic 

Kilyotc, "Spwiil credit mu 

^ iludy: bioiog)-, tht 
(printing). Greek. 


nomics, induilru! 


{Coulim-eJ from pagi i) 

jpetch, phpln. Jnd 

th,U,„.„„,,.fCl,i„E.. i„g.'p,c.™ti™=,rnE..dp»-Uwp,.. ~.T p..p.' m .».. ".^-.-".r -«™ ' ' ' „..p„,, ™,™, 

„, "L™ Sr,liorfidd>''o°" »j>' t^ii''""'«°''^!' >'■"»•" Southern Missionary College Press Adds Third Intertype: 
In "=«"Nm''E^Tm 'S^'mt Zii,°!"J,7^,]„ .nd .he praj™ Course in Operation Is Available to Six Students 

' >^ t ^>^. ^. . s*. :;ir <*» aj 



Seniors Entertained 1954-.i.j Slnd.iil \ ll;iii,ll,il 

At Reception by Over '1\.( iil\ I Ii..ii.miiiI i».ilhii> 
Faculty Members „ ^""17 'n 



A Message from the President... Dr. Thomas W. Walters Elected SMC Dean 
'Ltl^Sr^t^tSi^i, Hammill Accepts General Conference Post 

ki.o>v wh.t the), do 

'^™agi™"h Mt'iSskiTbu" Dean bI Three Years Will 

L™eh°"°°»*7u°dl^^^^^^ Bfitome UssBCiate Eilucatlon 

;,™os=t into trouble even .houghthty know b ^m hm $((; jja J B General CBBI 

essential thing that any young person can i a n f d ol ' 

rd pi 
t h kes Sou h 


and a training and proving ground foi 
:atchirig and 

rhai char 

should come to Sourhern Missionary College ss h fi m d o 

develop his own character in the tight lines and h h nfiuen c 
will lead others, who have had less advaotagc o da on h up 
ward way. 

B. L. Hassenpflug Conducts Week End ot 
Prayer; Urges Christ-centered Life 

,riSr;:;l,r:'i'h;s',:°;,;i f^i-M v*...k-i...|> 

cad«(Jal, IJI6 hU.rD l Hmrn Plj,,,,, ,| ,„ \||^U-I 


SMC MV Spoiisoi 

ACCENT •;">;■"';•. ^"°'^'"" 

J , ih Khci Meditation Progri 


long hours of study coupled with decerminaiion and gn[ lO master The MV officers fre thai adcnda. 
a subicci thai their names ate on the fist. An honoi roll cannot tc- »t "i^'"" .°"" .-.r ', ' Thcrf 1 
veal Of compare ihe amount of effort used by an individual m Ij"jT^t«cn , n,inimiim of ISO pr 

roup of students especially shot 

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE {CoiilhnieA from page I) 

;«■ college year of 1955-'5G should and can be the bi 

tory of the tollege here jn out valley. Unfortunately, ihct 

.-«■ studenli who will return to the campu; 

;on. This me, 

an ihev did 

;. Occasionally a 

done his best the year 
■ith another type of piobation. However, che latge 
ajoriiy of formtr Mudu.ts and all new ones come with a clean, 
hiie page. 


B, Ki::.M ». . ^ . 

Why do students come Co Southern Missionary College? If Whnts tli^i? You say ihst il 

1 nesv student, try sviitittg doivn . list of tou, objectives .p *v,. «= l«.t.ii "nded ., 

honestly of the type which you can uk God to gtant and "" '"'"'"'":■;: ' " ~ 

,„,e time ago I heatd . statement syhich h^'J^S'^J"^-;'!; ™lVt ;„:; „r,h:,f l! 

Southern Missionaiy Collej 

buiil, ,tud,r„E the „M 

Philippians 4;13 a reality. It was Kant, the Getman philosophet, V^" 

who said; "A man ought to live in such a way that all men might ,^^ 

well follow his example." What a wooderful place Southern Mis- ^^„ 
sionary College svould be if every student, teachet, and workei A 

would make it his goal to live such a life. oih; 

We shall be looking for you on September 12 when you will « 

Kenneth A, Wm 

HT, Preircteiil 

Pchftiug ^^ella 


,piUd by Ji;le Ausherman 

5 SMC students ha\e been 

mariied this 

late these Individ 

als and wish them a lifetirr 

e of happi- 

Murdnal Adicr 

Billic Kelly 

Paul Burdick 

June 12 

Thelma Harper 

Fernando Cardona 
David Chapman 

Johnny Cooper 


Shirley Stacks 

Jerry Cody 

Dorothy Mull 
Laura Montoya 

Alfonso del Aguila 

May 29 
June U 

July 21 

Linda McNeily 

June Tompkins 
Joan Mayer 



June 21i 


Jmimy Lyon 
Glen McColpin 

June 17 

Kathy Mitchell 

Alvin Ringer 


Melba Culpepper 


Carolyn Haynes 

Olavi Weir 

June 12 

Chapel Conducted ?,LS.TcJ«t"MM"«^^^^^^^^^^ 

w.lh in undctstandin^ of icpotls w DlU'ing Slimilier |i[c"u'ro''*cl«s«"hi"^!umm^^^^ 

i'll^- 3nd%'lh"r'"'finrnJii'i bi!-n'"us of .^.^^^P'] *"*'°'' " ""''"el"! "try Mr. MiM.rrphy is offering course- 





Prof, and Mrs. Liidlnglon Reliun Fr 
Bangkok; Report on JoHrney Home 



J (I7I01,. It is Ihrough UiB 1™* i„ 



Regulations Revised For 
Older Students Regarding 
Social Privileges 

Chapel and Academy Sabbath Schools | 
Hold Joint Meetings During Summer 

Georgia-Cumberland Student Literatui-e 
Evangelists Hold Week-end Rally at SMC 

524 College Students Accepted for SMC 
This Fall; Increase Over Year Ago 

Viatious Granted 
FelloM bliip 

SMC /