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The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression of the Stuui 
Southern Missionary College 

Collegcdale. Tennessee, September 28, 1945 

nrollment Reaches New High 


Faculty Increased by Ten New Members 

Mi.sio"a,rJ' Colkg. .inJ CdigoUc AajL,'. Kcordinj KVi' »u",^C°"u'" 

Extension Offering '"l^l "°^„j ,,„ |,^^.„ ,„„„^,, ^j. 

Double Last Yedr's; 'VVvn^rin'mVa ti!^'1tmjndw' 'i"' 
O For New Work'u,n'"k,M '''"""'" '" '" 

ir Hare of Burma Capacity Crowd Hears First Sabbath Sermon r'"«*''foI'cSslTdritji<ij°i°nBr- °L'"sJbra '.1,7"^™™°' 'ftSm 
ergoes 92 Raids; president Reveals Plans For New Church ShL';""'"""^*':;"'"™^;'"! ^™„rmfSTKi;,t, '^"f '' °' ''" 
rps-es Youth Rally a„ ..d,™,,. .r , : i .„mdo,. 

"> m whldi lilt raoillj' inJ sludinB^of Js„ p|,,, 
'« mully'dUacskJ." ' " \' '' 'iZ.\\, 
- Soulhc'rnjumo; College, .odf,«nd of hct"' 

;™nmd°our°«t'st°'iI ^"^ Prevention 
. .1 limbic djy— 1. 310 MessuTes Outlined 




!■ D, Jc'Ci'ti 

Bakery Produces 
ISO Loaves Daily 

iKx^takc.r'd;,!;' »oc;.^?"l.',. . 

"CIVlIdi.^'Bd, '..,,,,.,,, . 

McKEE LreRfiRy 
Muthem Missionaiv r 


Tkt Soutktnn. tAcccnt 


Uniforms Seen and Collegedale Church 
Heard From Elects New Officers 

In our oil 

1 ' I 

1 nil 1 



1 II 

1 II ^^ 1 

1 I II 1 (i 

be hj 1) b, "Dear Diary" or Its Seldom Fatal 






nter my 


ubstription f 

r "The Southern Accent" 



niuncy artier, ilaniln) 


■ pn„l pU,ily) 

p^ ii \f4.i 



I Provides Additional 
ng Quarters 

iDining Hall 
lis Renovated 

[Elder Hare Speaks 

1/-^ Rally 



Twins Confuse _ 

SMC Campus (^^^^o 

New Library g™> .rMrrJ,„s'.r'?C _ 

Nearly Complete su'„f.7"S„L'V"f" "' " 

img lo bolh ph, 

,ra°/I"das'ari m plan our ihi Dr°"G!'sh " En n""" » 
I ishid and the roofing «. II goon ThL r'". '-°'|'^ ^^"' ''^ " 

) roofing IS of grq ssbeslos >hini,lc t)pt ,d^n,,,^"d ^^mon "Vk ' 

Do You Know? 


300 Students 
Study Music 

Out-of-Town Guests 
Visit Friends 

Diamond &- Courts 
Prove Popular 

Record Enrollment 

-» iV IV \r ,11'''" 


The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression of the Students 

Southern Missionary College 

Collegeda le , Tennesse e, October 12, 1945 

Elder Hackman Outlines Maude Jones Hall Dedicated 

[Expansion Program 

!man"m his address^o'^liie faculty on Seplembfr'^SO. "' ''^^°' '" 
itvey of Ihi present silmtion ind the future outlook it Colk-std 
kman revealed that the Gencial Confecence Committee had vt 
J a veai be expended for book purchases for the libra™; that tl 
, for a frojcn locker unit; that Collejc Industries tnc. had mac 



Mr. Russell Pictures 


Four Years' Internment 


u IS rs tht College Among the 
1100 population of the eight 

rs per )ear Though fifth imong 

of Dean Carol)n Hall Russtll bt^m 
his chipel talk Trxdaj morning 


hi forthLoming addition of two 

four tw^'"''"'""""^ '""'""'''"' 


nc ptople under tncnt} The 

of Capetown iouth Africi 

i^.lfbc increased b) one morl 

France until ncirlj a month later On 

■"' 'fcomLd'Tr^i's/'" 

Twelve Couples Called to Missions 

|r C iL" 11- • ._i,r Elder HayneS Depicts the) are eajcr to nl 

|l-rom Southern Union in 1945 stability of Youth in li'Iilro'iM 

roughout appliations this fa 

(Conlhuiid o,, p^g^ 3) 

n°lT.£ SoLAtkenn Accent 






I coii.«. «udcn.; Mrs. Daniel Walthe 
!tion in piiy ptc Iiijurcd in Fall 

Miss Eadie Reports btScn"i h^'dc '™"'"' "*"'' '''"1 

Examination ns,bt Ihi^h and ^eveted two kndons' 

Results AltMctcd b/VrwIh fo*t hd/w 

le by the speaker, dents falling below the perfi 

Hoffman. acdJentally locked him 
When Bill couldn't woke SUnlej-, 

Accent hc«. 

Thougn my Kinjiuinii lu. j i.u.j^ 

,1„ „,,.-;/ is hn Ihv Imrlwsi: of shoivh,^ l,ro„m,e,,ce. At Hif- may be Charles Rhew's hopeful cry. 

,,.,,„ /„r„„/, n; Ihc hhioryof o,n „fio„. the East, the MiddU ^^^^^^^^^^'^^ ^^^ |'oS!^"SinTi" 

u;Jlh y,nr .Hioiher st-cliou of the country is swinging hilo pro- n^med "Pivot.- \s evidently a thot- 

wnii ',t i ni ll: 'uilio' thinkiuv,. 1 1.' J I miction is the Soitlh. ■'South- oughbied in f.icing form, for the lidet 

,ru Uii>:l >,,// \''i l;d,i^ly\"' U.1-. ih, l;j<ling o] ail Associated is witching his diet atefully. 

Future Ministers 

Conduct Services 

Elementary School [h"first wmcii7( wc-''Roo°s'''Hende 
Crowded and Busy ^°"'jj:'^j''"i,"',"f "J"°""^'sl. '^"'' 

the way u'e voted. 


Jiipil5 constitute Iwo-fiftlii of 

Teachers Attend 
,°Thc s'outh-J..»J '»; Zy ,,*.;,/;»» ;/ Institutes in D Flat 

iwl <il »/)■ hirlh. Pmfle \m,My. u-arni-hmlal ImifllM,-. OJIegv 

iilally lotaltd in ,i qiikl lilllt nilUy ,in,„i,mU,l by umnUd Inlh. '""" -''<• """'J >•='"« """" / 

Nearly ',»«» mrej /// t«ra/>»l. /r»/(, t.mi, :;. /„r;», ,;;«/ „„,„ll.l,lJ. "" "j"'"" "°""^ "'" ""P" J' 

/MU. //., «/„J,„/ \.., ,h, ,„, „f 

; om^urluMin Ihe'rariZ 


Training School 

Privileges Come In 
Red, White, and Blu. 

C. A. Russell, Director of Extension 

To Uliss Ihaube Uones 

Vou gave this school a gift of love — 
Youc recompense be from above; 

Our words of gratitude are frail. 
Your heart shall be forever fused 
With that pervading spirit used 

By God when He formed ColiegedE 
Your sway shall never be forgot 
By those who love this hallowed spot 

Your life of sacrifice has blest. 

tnth of manner, a charming style, 
Together with a cheering smile 

Have brought you friendship which r 
OF man can hope to estimate; 
But heaven's book boasts letters great, 

"A friend to man, a friend to God. " 
This home in which you spent a score 
And one of years shall evermore 

Preserve with pride your cherished n. 
The youth who find their lodging here 
Shall solemnly in holy fear 

Keep your ideals, your loves aflame 
Margarita L. Dietel 

I Collegedale Dairy 
I Accredited By Dept. 
1 01 Agriculture 

Ihurd" orabout fifty ow nd foQ 

Dairy Integral Part of S.M.C. 

Milk Production Up 
Eighty Per Cent 
During 1945 

unds of .in in- 
(-■en rapidly expanding: 

Kno?vmc T,n„e.„ Glory For But A S^i'^lffS'bS^i'w,™ *;lkind" Dairy Manager Sets lar.*nVrm'o'''!,f£>te°^'c'1!;,'iS 

j™e2'o, 19« Moment Th.ya,I'L.°i.'^d°*.° ,™™b... FortH AIhIS .»' Ih.n «o,cd ,„ ;1,c old Joom S 

|d°'S- '"'"""" ^bfaTof '^^'''''T *=;■,■'«'>;".'" ■'»''•"■'■" l""i,r » which man, li^^'^-l^ Z' ™.''n;Ln",ha, ma^y 

Lf'^rsScrMSiaX coS! i£i;{Fz if:£'^^B '°"*'i^*--^^^^^^ "^ifiHfr.J'i^l 'ji"l couege store 

lc.ll,e=d.le T.nn. allaiMd tjc dii'inc- ,„„ h,t j,™, bul the .puttct is .1- jreL^a't'Sn'l" ,»"£ SfZ 'coZ 5,' .<•''">•'■ ""'S" '"' ""■ '^'^S' Expauds StOck 

• l«n of Bangs I.SC AcmaiiM most drowned by the horn of the milk- „„ ,he nametrkes of famoas ne-oon- ""J?., , ,, 

iHe.d. itbich means that It passed se>- mg machmes, ajes, as are l«o members of the Illes- This does not mean, howeeec. Ihat "The best in amne plus the b 

ly rising, tcsponsibility for 

table to svotk with 
every way, and I 
if the same zeal 
ercised by all herd 

and that b, the cosvi 
The sulfa t.ablel, .: 


I °"l would .a, that the health .ta», of FaCtS aud FigUrCS „„„ experienced, ap- healthful dairy products produced un- purchased. The siori office, actimlins 

land'th'c^li'^ 7o'du«,°\Vould^be*dI' ConCeming Dairy ofX^Guernsrs'be'r'innefdof^ust ""a^ Tn''!^ rfi'lan'ciii i.sset to the '" f'^^^" Williams, will soian be- 

d by all and feared by none Buy- The College Dairy .such a tidbit, Mr. Pierson demonstrat- college. of the sprinkler .imi heatio""' "°" 

of cattle like lo deal in Bangs , M„„,.ins a herd consisliog of be- ed the art of administering it. Placing .|. To promote good livestock and i, nearly complete 

I herd! so all of your surplus am- ,„,„ „,„, „j ,„ R^jisKred and "■? P''' '" "","'' °' » l«"g-b"ndled g„„d will ,n the community and the 

s should be veiy much sought after High Grade Guernsey and Jersey cat- |Jj ;„;!.f ^C "J^.^'," "„„ ,™ """-fj; ,„,iJe a laborato demon 

Respectfully.^ ^ ^^^ ^^_^ l Furnishes employment for twelve ';""|^'"^',i. '""' '""'""" "" °° ""'''"" ' " °" 'E'"""" ''"«'■ Dean of DeUUg 

Ko'om 9 Post IDnfce Bldg, '° 't^iZJltTiO 000 gallons of ' 'om ootllhnj JiSe.ence ..a 

Knosiville 1, Tennessee _,■,,- „, „,, ed between the cows and most 

Maude Jones Speaks At Evening 

(Cu.»™eJ /r«», f,,ge I) WorsMp 

of twenty-eight 

I The first name is usually after the sire, 5 Sells over St 70t) vs-ortb of sur- and every one, and pray that out as- en for thirty years in ber'Ic^arkrTo 

■ the second name after the dam, and p|^, ^^jij^ wholesale annually. socialion begun in this college planted [^^ young ladies of the school .iurioe 

lisVotg t"he™aming'M°anJ''tC,''lhe '' ''"' "'" "-'^ " "°'""' '" FaCUlty & StudcUtS SisSifn™aire".''may racriuVi ""'"« "-"'"f' ^""■'■)' 00"b> r ^, 

Iwhoa^'* "'T "'^'h ^["h '''^e^"'' Vis'located' in a $17,000 barn, the Eujoy Saturday 's f«t ^"lition in that clcroal school of to any s'ltuatioVis' Irtily^aValit) "''I ' 

I of the most lUecesline nXa are' S' g[ld°uaHo''n'e«erc"seT""' " ''"'^ PrOgrCSsivC Social m"rc-"rawiig old"no more perplej- "mJs'I' Umion has been a dean of 

1 Illuslrioui Queen Olive after Mrs. 01- i... ,. , '««■"■"""' d°»bl>. "" "«e 'a* women in out denominational school, 

1 lie Brae, who was a faculty member Progressive games which combmed ures, but instead, endless youth, svveet for approximately thirty years She 

|EMMlld"B''irT''l'' ''k"" wIllTn* '?od rnrt Tames'"wete con ^"'i "" Te'EreZ lo' ti To ■ " >""=''''""'"''" """'Crc^k AcaJ. 

|lliedair,^;£rrieofLeap"ea°r:"ollege- HomO SapiCHS VS dutl.'d'i'as't"satLrfa'y night,' o/tober 6, '"^ "' f""^' rom g or, o g or,, gJJ^ ^'"^ |lal«f.^^ad^a lerm^of olTi^^ 

' on,''''and "ijlultriou's ^ischiel CoUcge Cattle at" 'Sli'J're'iidcncfs 'Swn'l'bc'^am'' ExpaUsiOU PrOgrBUl |en Springs. Michigan. Retired for the 

I Elder Haynes 

fCo,„„„,„, ,r„„ „s 

lercd promptly a 
,e're immfdial'ely orgaoiu 

'led by one chosen 

rfou" facilty homes"! 

up through these ptepai 
conference presidents wi 

°"j'; Future Teachers Get 
»f Varied Experience 

■here they played Mr. KuSSCll 
'"Is tKla"; fC"««W /ro» »e ,) 

ed that tlicy csct 

I" o';''thi';tL''ThiJ miz';" '-'.h ™et'"r',°"!i'«e'tei pn^s'int'rr;, ca''4l!ir,,«;',"joup«»hi^the"fc her'*\o'i!ie"Sr"le"°r'eturne''d"'o wai\i'^';'.;':,,, ' J,';::;;: i' I',,"'; ,,: 

l:'-™ep,io'.t,ixtdiv™uai;: k,"e the, pla, during the next few nionji,, l-';^''"*^;;^™ i;''„JXsta™t1 oltf MSuSl!'she"was"Elld^a°; rslist'irjhJL eiementV^ilii™ 

Blues and Browns TB Leaders Request Dasowakila Chib ^^^f^'^ "aT« JMohn^orcy^S O" The Kiiddie-Car | 

Vie For Honors More Social Workers Slate Announced fi^Hi ''io'"i ncvif^diV^'re'ls™^ Circuit \ 

r 1'°"* h Swoffot/'g"lRrcd''oT sindly'^rfri 

ipporluniticj for Ihose young people 

J first ^VP^' 

i"l- ""paye Pwtson, Secrc- sippi church school, took the long wiy Swoffbrd. lo ct 
: HughfS, Treasufcr; Belty homL- when retutnins from the com- A-,-. 


present each bath, Scpkn 

bclon ed Those with -es of b^oTn" i^'O^P «*^''"t'led- She illusCraled her Ij"'" ""'"J- QiaUgCS Madc In 

■ S'L^fh E^l't^i-ni SSlEc^^ Former Students Maude Jones Hall 

"jack Dirnill and Doris Sifoup were *^-n, ^^ u' '" ■ l« °T'" 1 d ' Ih IjOntiUUC L-arCerS A partition of glass blocks now itp- Theodore Michael V ■ 'k 1 ^ ^'^'1 

hUmJiloii 'Coonly, TcrnKs^.L-, Tul-^-,.u- '"* <:nleted the New England Sambr- have nc-arly M disappca 

"'^''"'°" at Melrose, MasMchusctts, and ii do- Only a feiv trunks "mji/n/o Highest weighed eight°pounds fifteen ounc 

Bits of This and That ^^L"'' ^"^ ''"' m er ne. pro ; ^^^"^^^^1^^^^"°; * 

in Chattanooga, Tenries 
--.ghed eigh • -' 

■- Uyton h 

Louis Ludington 

Visits Campus 

Louis Lud,n«lor., sophomore at the 

Accent On The Academy 

Mc-'tSnT'^MM,'"'''" m7hJ""ti»7."bii7i'°"°i'' Academy Students 'f*'s;„d°f„"to'5,°"odcm'' ""1 S'n°j >L'reS-a»'"wM°°"v ""* 

c« .lunnc ihKi- .wiJ on. Iiill jcir, |i^;hf, i-^tploring cv^n' nook and tor- Hold Separate ^kdl was added to the game by Dan ally arc. The speaker quoted from thL 

,ly^,r.rm,„iilr,'kl„.. .,„n|.|.<.ns diaries Piercc-s middle name Get ChuFch ServicCS Officiating umpire for the game was mg is the"mosT importan" w"rk "eel 

mar't '''',l|,'!'!'"\\i',' I'mv"''.'' "'a> ''''" '" l*""""'"" " '"^ J'""- Separated for Uie first tim 

Neil (.ii-ls\\,-l<„,n.(l 
Willi TnL.'S.tiilli.'in 

fronted by p 

. \Va, her (ace Jodemy staJenls, anJ the tommonity Eldcr Ashlocli „„„„,h „t eh,„„., the „„(,!,, „r» 

thurch ntemher, ader.uately in on. , , , , _ «""«"' <•' chsanM. the nobthly of| 

building AadreSSeS Academy purpose, arid the consistency- of pro-J 

.11 slisses'ro m" .erJlcrihe^rjJaTo'tily"! Eiom'"w'ere Chlirch Advent youth 'io this generation, byf 

■'irting it ns'y" dm" tllent''wu'uW in gSg ' tht« '^""6 *' "'•'' »' "" l^'oved fierd.'°Add'ifE°slo!ics°cor 

' ■"' ■ V'; Koteri?nei'"of™*'ci'atfo°r'd.Ann; of College'dale todemy by°!Bting thTt lhet'°He'\oji'cluded his'"remarks b,j 

>.^ ' \ 

The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression of the Students 

Southern Missionary College 

Collegedale, Tennessee, October 26, 1945 


lEIder Calvin Osborn of Louisville 
IConducts Fall Week of Prayer 

President Announces 
', Vacation Schedule 

■i ur£c studeni 

Board and Faculty 
Unite in Ceremony 

the campus Elder Hackman lifts first shovel of ground in preparation for si 

iKd ™,il we could bejin 

c Mucsmr of Ihc Hoi, Spin 

— " -d the flag pole. 

[Musicians Rodeheaver and Ackley Board of Trustees Elder C. A. Lauda 

I Hold Song Fest on Campus Plans Expansion Addresses Church Z'S"Z',^'t" 

:ssor Millet j^j, motning. October U^ [or la^^U- subject of Elder C A Liuda's Sib- Trustees Speak 

A', an 








J !,.,„„„ 








W»l„ D..^, 



3ij, Joyce "v^fr " 




LjDgdon Elmoie, 

"""°'"""' "■"'"' 




Poll Office 31 Collcgcd 

f Collegf, Coircscd4le. 

Dote . . . 


- - - Dashes 




lonesome, but thai he 
German prison cjmp for 

lC,'Vw"eeJ ^ofwe'i/lr™; S! Miss Sandiisky and ' ' ','Z rfl"!,™ wS,;*''' "'' °'°\ 

^''ii»°iSdo*,n''.''h'o,''rJ''!o°,'he"j"l Mr. RllSSClI Intei'eSt „,',7't J«»i»J"S"ed „ st.„e,, 

i^t?^t^^°fcx s.M.c.-ites r™£r' j^'" "'^™'« 

^•ondtrful job of I 
Icn Bloodworih if her blood 


J long story behind this. O"" '<;<I""t was iha( fttr. /am« ^''''«" ■■'* his new fDommale K. ,] 

We ill know soac powder is hird R"*""- husband of the present dean "">'"■ "irry McWjIIiams. a new stuj 



'" /""/' 



/ ////////(/< 


1//// liv 


Sandusky was paralyied from h 

'' *= -^ D'<»^ mnlher'; and Bdl,', molhe,: "^y'^jj"™ ™ """H" '-I""'' *at'ot AcCCllt Campaign 

Sentimentally Speaking — oih.r ,isii°rs"„e: Gume, Koch. ' '" '"' £»»» g,«ek Lags Slightly 

IfV m MhicldUH. W, „Jmil il whbo,,! apohgy. Wc thi„k J'f 'f'f ",■' "''' ™''"°»- """"'i '**"*''= Appreciation 0"l/ (™ >l.i.ds of the „umbe, 

™2' VnT7"'f" '!, 'Tfr ''T', '","'".'," '"""" "f "■''^""' ™' Mr a„d1irs""Bra""rd''BS°e; ''^'''''S InStitutcd c" n?'.', '".^aed up .fth's"d.™ , 

t>'t"} "i''"\ j'l^'iutrti im NH-reatiiti itoiil seem lo tiiidtTSlOMtl— Afr. and Mrs. C W Abbott Mr and n, actually come in. Mjss Elaine Gldd J 

///////'s/./f .ir^mml ncvml-hai/d book ilorcs~l)hyhig old lihoiio- Mrs W M. Abbott, Cpl and Mrs imM, ,„ '^i'' '"" ?^, "'^ '^''^1^' '"«*, head of the English Depatlmenil 

«/«;./, nro„l,-i„lt,og „(,„/// //„. "f,,,,,/ „U ,Ly,"-tr>„e a„ thing: «' T, Heenoi. Mr, Rye Fleenor. and H A, MiS irt'h'e"fae ,Sin«c°mu"' "J"™"""' " ' ""P'iS" .""X !"« '1 

"'"i'„r'/;.!'j'/;'Lt';,y,.„„ „;„./, „,> ,„,,„, ,, , "'""""« *'Pl.)'. ■PPreciatio„ la'lk p''reJn°tTd'"a°"lhT°£ o'clotk!''L3a"°y e'^nV OaobeTToI 

Tat.,, .H,,,.,'/,,;Vi/./r/ ,"';/', i: ■";,], tT-'/Alrfe ""Irk'"" Su.e"'!'.™'!''""'"'"'- ■"" '"* ""'"" 'rp*'?",," ■"! 

//'< i/r,/,/,, „/ //,, "S/.,r .S/,,,,,^./.,/ /!,„„„ f" ,„„;,,/,„;^, /,„|,^,(,,„ ;„. nonce on the bulletin board announc' ^"-j '".^""menial liletatute, P/'ofessor illustrated by a skit preparecl'by "ihS 

)/</!■ //. //.,!/ /,;,/,/ /„ „/,„/ „ ^,,,„r,,//, i„„„,,; J, ,j ,;„;/; ,/ reoiiod^ |"-^' ""' ''"-" '"'' 'ost bet glasses and j^ ," Jjboows one number for each leaders of the Blue Eyes and the! 

It f/»v.J 

II ;Muv'>. '/'/.,,., 1,1 

■e lime „/ /(„ Collged.ile eaJem,.''j'rt, 'li.ilg°'i„''re"dOTn,ito'^". 

' /. '■/, /. ., . dido'l like. '"' "»» the kilZnelle mt'o'"a un'ita" 

■■C ." !/•. oj,,„J„g aj ,l,e '""„°' """'■■■ >l")- """St ienore the 

"n '■! the l,e„l,l, p,e,„„ ~'f'"« »"">■- (The h.lls, „e 
'''.(>/■/ ract a, u; thiok We hive a ne.- ,., ,- 

tl-rir ouiiooul „tl,cm k ever had the ptivilese of°see°m li 

ago by gram, followed by the concludir 
march directed by Milton Conoell 


The Southern Accent 
Southern Missionary College 
Collegedale, Tennessee 

Please enter my subscription for THE SOUTHERN ACCENT 

for one year. 1 enclose one dollar in 

(currency, iitoiiey order, itaiiifis) 

(Pleaie prhil plmdy) 




I Collegedale Fair 

I Attracts Both 

I j{„iigry and Curious 

innua! Collcgedalc Fair at 

Farms and Gardens Supply College 

lie fi ijI irottJ According 

nJful of 
usiy look 

"ihl, i».he""M™r 


prif n trom the displays 

egion wa5 
of ftu.t, 

,r; ■',c'™.u°/=('"" 




City Fire Chief 

Warns Students >■ 

Against Carelessness ll 

Coiinj Fire Prevention Wrek, Fire || 
Chief Quinn of Cloiunoos.. Tcno«- 
m, .JdreiKd the faculty ana .liiJent 

their " 



d families 

'on ■Tr, 






Eht livra . 





m, i, but 
e ii l05t. Fi 






minded ih 
of Bre pre 



""Vt"oTo°f the'Ttlee^aiT™ Gardcu Produces iej?'i.™7a'5%V™i* °'o^m Sunday Becomes 

T ''m,',"il^',i!e'°M''", thi Vegetable Dinners fnaWe soil, ifs mi. Pntson. lA "Gate Day" 

mjFnl n nu department l'"^ "'" "'"'^ ^"" °f St""" «"'" -ru , , 

W I irl hv Dorcas members and , } ? '™" vegetables irsed by the were harvested, among which were al- ^^here are approximately thirty gates 

awaj- from the face and body. 
IS preventing accident of match head 

i'J J. A. T^elce",. sope, 

I LiVi n"r'e"t" Htme"l>«"'3fe'd g^P'""" l>™ !»««!■>" ™ I""' ""- SoutU AmericaU ltaT.^^o"p.ddi'kI 3 p,C"s! ;°nJ„S°b^n"aIf'Go'd-ESi 
"ntm"the nmse of'st'iirhung" I-w'''"S forwafi to supplying more GrOUp PrCSCnl of'^Suniays^are-closin""'"'* '""''"^ '^''tiS ft" thre^ da/s. 

cr,;;, fndustries, incLp^°lI. J^THsE^HPHi P^g^""' Scmluar St^deuts College Band Makes 

It';,' STrKl",::!;.";:"; St'tirste"'o7^fn»rch''o;; .w';Lr"aXL?d'mrp'glfpre: conduct service *■"■** Appearance 

lar,,L m If 01 the United States to chard, says Mr Tucker ' sentcd Sabbath afternoon. October 20. The Seminar of Southern Missionary Under the direction of Mr H, C 

sKc, r t (inlj the vourcc of rass mit by the South American Band of the College was called upon to conduct the Hanlinc, a member of the faculty of 

«'m,Lj°',n'!cl.''s"are''s'l°° 'V"' ''" '^"rm FaCtS Spirit of Missions Society. Sabbath School and^hureh service it Cadek Conservatory In Chattanooga, a 

Maudi; Jones Cottage Did you know that the College Farm: acted as narrator while the other mem' Sabbath. Octoiacr 13. Here, actual" ex- twenty-live members has been organi- 

Ne.t to the medical booth where 1- Employs from five to fifteen col- bcrs of the group pantomined the var- periencc helped to develop the leadet- wd. The Band has already made its 

heaiih habits were encouraged by out ^"^'^ *"'^ academj- boys.' lous scenes on the platform- ship each student will need, according "ifst appearanre by playing four mareh- 

^ Cappella Choir further h 

r„,|, Deward Edjmnn conducted the 
l,i,^. view which waa followed by the les 
study for the day. 

sSHH^^'S?"; ^^"'"' ""'"' '"' '"""' Education Secretary .^T i™hrprLlf!iV™''rid "h t'il°,''teii*4''wM'ii{^K.e^ 

I^kToT tt° ma'nn M°of'itare ^ SKk^rr'ies''a'„°d''mdta,''°f red' SpCaltS at VcSpCrS Co°,^pl"'ng"*th'= 'pog'tTm, °'o™ld l?,!r„nTr"fhre'l!^r™n«d'l"£r"'h"p 

iriaVof"he°Fai7commMee'Vl'''l3''w "'""' Conference, addressed *e indents and CominittCe CllOSCn a meX'r ofTtr"o in tte'Eeld'Hoos" 

£i;¥^"i;S.."»r,S;i^t College Farm Used ;£y!;d^;ocr ikmi^J^'v^S ..^'^Z^'^Z/Z'L .. "^e^cSTrLd .re bem. 

£K '^^ 'W'"« "' '■'»'■'"'"' For T. V. A. A year ago" she bc-gan '1 was chairman £^.^"11"^" "I"""'' <" »"I»isn rallies .,,S 

'°°.;'£x'llBE''ii'i' Demonstration SSJ^ti;: sSL S™"'"; fJ: l^trs^fV^efJILrS; Eigr:~'^'^ '■'''""" 

lowing ium°app™ximaic'°b'' nu p'rt f"m for the SoTco'nsetvIuon'b'ratich *';^^j"|j,™ j)™>( '"be '"avc'rem' £°p'i'ns'1'lS°campir?nd 'd"otmiE; Juuior CadctS 

" Da[" '"'' ■''?"'"»»• j,^ ^^ cX«^a™Ton\'fil' -ye"I taf t'o've! "''"'•" '°''°°'°'^'' /''[J'^JS,. lI™',t.nda'rdT " ''"''°'' ''"'°' '"'" Organize CorpS 

uor'p, ™;;; «K,ronrm\!°SphS"'a°,Iio;;. ;j,;;Sj5';'i<';'j;°,'^™^^^^^^ Fall week of Prayer ,ec^ntl7i,Tg."Sri'n'the"conc)sed*k. 

Hon";: E„™"' ";;; erops."'cc"d;nE't'o Mr'.'TohoB.'fta"- ""-l »™' '?"■"''■ «.'■" '!■;" *" ! (C..,„„..,l f,m, «, 1) Elemeniay sch,»l .as an ad. 


rd by T.V.^ 

C_ ' I J n J* 1. C-.-I - \/:^i-«^t. Blues Defeat Browns Braleys Present 

ampaiqn Leaders Predict tarly Victory . c j /- t i> 

r ^ ' ' In Sunday Game Lyceiun Program of 

A,> or(om,..,/Bm»n if.m took the Miislc and Readin.. 

B 1 I a 1 Bill 

I 1 R f Sill 

V mn! joyre Youne and Reaclies College fo' ii"--if lo"S ^'''•■'"e 

111} Yon Heard? 

Coeds Organize ^^^ Vi-ginU Spooncr .nd Mary ''■ 

Prayer Groups E""" P^Jee" think spldcti arc id^l ''''^rv^li^'Vosl'-r^Ld his wT..- Rtbi "'■""■ ■'"' " '^ '■"'"orcd that they were 

'"'' 'l!"*!''^, ''"', ^"'^ "' '^"'^'^ i""" T'"' ''•'"I Watson IS the only boy in r T'AsHMk in^l lcnt"eiFoil '"Lon ht Pf"idcnl Wrifihl announced that 

H.ll, Eld, Ivn.l, uith.lilcnotlwdvc the cconomiu and mt-jl planning will trkcclTrc" of X Mobile Ch^^^^ Sunday, Oclobei 28, the faculty and 

!u,t'" III" l',"'"^ "^r '°' ■'"'"''"' ""^ " "■■'"^ ''"''^ ^ '^''"'' '°°^' ' *'Tro^'n"the''!wsl'*ri''^n!ma'"ci'ty, P'"!'^" ^"""'S "'^ dormitory and oul- 

Lillijii ihomi^i jsJq jQPjjfjgpp More Davids 

Oct. 27 Campaign Rally 

Tril'^lfcs Miller- Hciscr^mod 

taiued at Formal union coii 
Dinner That the 

Accent On The Academy 

, ';;;i, 'i . ' . 'I'^i'^ Preps Finish 5""r,"'hi''°i'"'*v'r°"s""°' 

MM !> no,, on ioLilwimo.i js t4f .1. (k- Six-WccUs ExaillS Iwt week-end; and he gave h« 

f J Veterans Return ™fi'l'L'*ek''for.h C''',"" 

'' To S.M.r. Caiiiiiiis coitojjt Aidem)! ""'"'"' Separate Chiu'ch 

... Is My Ideal" 

(:„iic„d,ie Aeadem,. jcparaic ^.Durcn ta;trp;!'f^f"l,°"'°"'"'' 

'"^'■TM""J'li'a'2°mZ Held for Academy "" '"f"' '■"' ^^ ^^^^ 

I, tesin 

'.^Mjrludrr''m'the nTnlh'l^I ConCeming 

;;.«.n ,„ ,,;,,.,.. ,„,.. This and That 

I. .lui lupivncd 10 one of oiir piesenled llie sloij of Jacob »nd Euu Eyes like Myron MtComber 
'.''.'I'^l™"''", """«'"■''"""« ""■■ f" "'"','' ' """S "'"" "" to"- Teelh like C,rl H.millon 

Johnny D»lton, 
Bobby Swjffotd. 

. ]iM^ 

The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression op the Students 

I MrSSlONAliV 0)L 

CollegL'diik-. TirnnLsiL-e, i 

ICollegians Model 
ICorrect Clothes For 
ISchool and Church 

A Cappella Choir 
Sings fit Church 
In Atlanta 

mgirj mnke itiijueiil rtp/^M, 

pr''',;T'Tr/uJd"<'lr''S'S Zi Students Plan For .';;*" I^"""' "'"'"P''''" °' "« flmateur Night Sponsored |;«';.'™' »"f ")""> T"'' "v »"'- 

I M_ I.', churdi md rclicious servict. W/ j f C "i;- Motion n'otorti, laken on a r^tnl Bv SoUthcm flcCCnt, 

I Ni .! lacital and durable-lhe WeBK Ot baCritlCe ' ' ' 

oTnUivL'wUcnXn^Tam'^mcthnTfn ^"1*^^^*^ ^Y Roach 

01 Sacrincc lor „,, j,, Conj;o. Amaltni Night, 

jtch evlrnJ ..[„, „, „,, „„r,-„ „„ ^f Hj j„„ „„,,d by 1 

it. aononncod in ,,„ t, j, „,„ 5,^ f„|, ,„j ,„,„ i„m of Lynn Wood Hall 

. , °TI,irnt:i baptin'i^xafrtTmT'partofThaT^m" th,: ' btg g)L "iiii Jnw of' the J»J '° ' """P"' « > ' -°° 

plan.- Elder JinKn said, -wrM foiniit |„ was shorn on tin sciren, as «tll eontiol room.^^SiBns of ;on the air." j3j-j,„ Makes Tu re 

for ... . _ That for the most ariisiic performance Suddenly realizinj that he was 00 the 

I hanksgiVing Uay went to James llcllan. mmpeter; the wrong toad, the driver of the Choir 

t.irs"iW';be"ieiX'"t'm"e"?o Delayed One Week ,r,;ro,;gm.i to .ta "Sng'- 

rha,,, of school life. aTaTti™ p^i "the WeZV ?.cr5ice' GOV. MCORD PROCLAIMS Holland. «-«l-l~ "'™ '" ~ "'"■ 

I President Announces 
Christmas Vacation 

dnc1j°b"'Tac'l"D™'3l'""c™i;°", '^'"^^ ^cSool Arranges 
in, McCo,d°odl ''^ralTimed """"S" '»' ll« AccSr.' T™ , ' '"" For EcJucalion Week 

I 'nS':t^^ZTX«°,r.2:T^.:M, Group Features 
e w"k-ends '^'""" ■" '"'^^'''" Belgian Congo 

[eUmLynn Wood Hall from Decem- 
^ M to January i. under the direct. 

Union Confereice'Sc'c'xpccied" o pi'r" 

Sliidents should return (o the cam- 
P» on Sunday. January 6. since classes 
•ill^slart 7:3i a. m. Monday. Janu. 

K-enlheweekof Janua^'ls"' 

ogram on Sabbsili Photographer Shoots 

M that during P"' ""^ Annual 

ind was studying 1 1 ^ ^>> 

delen Burkett. Joan Perkins. 
!di,h James, clarinet solo; Lu, 
Eunice Larson. Mary Lyra. 1 
lohhye SwaSorJ. Jackie Ballar 

, .1-6. by Mr. Nis Hansen.^pholo- Garland P 

r 1,0° 'en'iu.h snow falls^^al Woolsey. Billy Krol 

,on. John > 

Dots . . . 

- - Dashes 

Gl.hjn 'cirahting^lh, 194i ^'Soj,*. J O 1 1 I Q S 

a, gX. »« ™fc .nd before Jerrv 

csH"iil.lI'L'""'to..°/ Elder MulhoUand .» i,«= .|m. ,o »,i^^^^ , 

d!,abk&"'''in'i«ins"i>^^ i"."" Describes Needs Of S'dr/m^'S.'r'a'LiSr'on^''" """" 

mroiS cJ 'i^ p°i°nS"' Mexican Missions bo,''h'„L' Bob\"°ic"'"o'™„V°do'iS| 

ivonc^" ''^"" Elder \V, R. MulhoUand, field pub- !!!o.}'.?'L3n"i/''i'hr™- ht'l'i 

! On Suod.y >nd lishing jar.Ui,' »' ""'". .ddreistd "°"1„;°|°7 ■,<,,„, „ i ■ ,J 

:Hi,W pirlor wii iht srudcnl body jnd faculiv of Sooih- I ^^J.^^^ aakTla'i, 7 : y 

I Elder Mulholbnd to Ihe ! 
io"?i™r!i Ibout'Sf Mi» 

Blue ■ Brown Armistice Near 

The mbmipllct, cmilaign jor Ihe new "Soiilhen, Aceeuf 
clolel Hi?vemlier U. The hnwii eyet led by ]ake Alkim aiul Dixie 
Keeie, h.d bee,, ahe,,l /or ,»™, H.ys bill Ihe Blue c,e, i,„l,M by 
Chaile. Pieiee and [Inn R„^e„ i.i.ii.^id I,, /rr^. ilighll, M 
„„ Ninember 5 M fii. » .'»* «"",;.) "» '""""/""S" •"'"""• 
, , UUj.qluUiidlilnheileiilMi Ulei iii ihe ereiinigihe 
I I, idnis iiidiiidiial mi Ihe moil ncliue band 

"h'd^bten Dean Announces offi«- 

™l,.boat. Absence Policy ,!« to Ws ro'nm''to"VeTrad/fot sup- | 

l!^ficmber-l W ti ipeeiat e 

while inicrned in Germany !> 


.t„ct cb» .LUendance during the cur 

the lights blink and Joe Crews, the 

1 / / hmi tin inzes u-ill he 

rili 1 n the Soiilheni Accent" 
liitt iinl nccitnl a caiHtmif-ii 

Kith and Kin 

Visit Students 


Work missed, dui; to a justifiable 

by the inslfuctor; work missed due to 
an unjustifiable absence may not be 

upon payment of a special examina 

fiably may be msdc up only upon con 
sent of the scholarship commiltcc. 

then study Bible Doc. He is deep in 
his books, and before he tnows it tht 
lights blink again, sjgnifyinp th.i 

l„„l Ihe arculul.o,, mamger. 

Recent ,,„,o,.„Co„„t 



]oiir busniisf or services by ad- 
n heijiim. both )urirself and Ihe 


" 'ck^n 

now been disconlinued, A«ording t 
must be presented to the dean not late 

ll say I'hjt he is well and misses you. 

l^er iiiinuiliiilel) jnr iiifoTina'.iou 

maintain this average, says Dean Wal 

to complete might 


The Southern Accent 
Southern Missinnar)' College 
Collcgedalc, Tennessee 

Pleasi: enter my subscription for THE S0U1>IEHN / 
for one year, 1 enclose one dollar in., 

Annual Slaff 
Tours Lookout Ml. 


By Constance Rimmeh 
1-d like to watch the rain fall down. 

To be on some small cloud 
Up where the drops of rain are born 

Where I could talk to God. 

The rain beats hard upon the ground; 

The wind bends every tree. 
Rain hits my face; 1 hear the sound 

Of thunder rolling free. 

We mortals fail to see God's hand 

And all we feel is rain. 
But when we reach that fairer land 

Full"'"™ Made 
On Assembly Line 
At College Mill 

I Spni i"p :» ?'"'■ '''!\!'"'Lf!'°° 

to ,h'ri4T^7su".nVlt £ y ^// /'A-J'TTP^ 

Machines May Be Monsters 
But Men Are The Masters 

ipplinrtd thm. Ju,l 

Mill Geography *tmju(F« lognhct ihe ftra bluing 

or Submiiimg lo sticky ministrations 

Have You Heard? Z'ZT&. taX's h°w"oe£ 

forcvcc by a grip of gloo. Long 
Jk" ""'"'^Is ""d >n thi; sltdcton-likc srms rwch down, d.isp 

prey. Not poplar, not pine, bot 

'Vi;;';'ro»mg bo.jr|ryoMZ^^^^^ IVew Dry Kiln Manager Of Mill ^^J^^i" "'.is »n„ f,oro Aii.„t.. L^^d .'Ilf ,jid|c^.«'nifn|£J^^^ 

Lit m.jc. ihen bick legs are assembled Gives Liunber Lists Iinnroveinents la'nta™" "" "''' *'" ""' ''"" *'' *"','"';' ■;" '"'"'";'! '; "';'^' '""■ 

inJ fenced logeiber, and the niddie rp ...i d..,!, ' . t.... .c_ .._.■ ,___... '"eBoardi toe a weeks Imiher cork 

; ,h.rat Turkish Batl 

.■bo Gepford, a 

bigli fu,io«s 

.tries. Incorporated. ber from kiln to mill, 

ipproximately 72 bouts, poplar A factory whistle the blast of which 

■ previously dried by sun ,ind may be used by the cntiie school as 

I Mathematics & Kiln ^;t'„ j™t",*r,7f„':!Zri.t 1™' '" ^ . , ;," rr -T . ■ , man is micer rHoue e monster, 

Equals Dry Wood "- ,.; , , Campus Illuminated ^^','1'''° *"'''"" '''™ '""i- e,. ,:,./:, i. i 

,, he drv kiln are work .^^ :.^'^" ■'".■■ y^S'^L By Eight NcW LightS 14, That when asked where the hn- "1;;,;; ■•:'',■ ,;, ' 

t the dry k.ln arc work- ^ ^ ^^ ^^ '^'^ J Ti t? ishgj products go. Mr. Gepford re- ^° -^ | , 

, way Mr. Gepford expressed the pro- lege ampus. 15- Thjit the volume of furniture GuinCa PlfiS Alld 

'"■'- '" ^ '"" ^'^"^'^ cess. Even crooked »nd warp..d stuff Thrse of the lifiht. illumme the pat!, ^,';'|fi^""S '94-1 was around fe 

jO will shape right up, he says, beUvccn Maude Jones Hall and (he S25O.O00? GoldllSh Appear 

r' Sn'Gepfofd''°-ho of thc\iln show the tcmpo?alureTnd the ^Irajirhehrthe paVfrom the J^JJU g^^g At Gradc ScllOol 

...tiLC at Syracuse Univ- air over heating coils ,ind through IhL- three remaining lights point the way g ^„ ^^^p^j ^^^ aiscmblc A F' s''0" ""of "'« Nellie Fences 

stacks so that it is re-heated five limes lo the gymnasium and the play field. ^kirtZ—the part of a dressing table fi"t. second, and third grades oc- 

^^.ls part of the training in one complete circuit. Every tl.ree Mr. Q. R. Pcarman. head of the just below the top, ™pi''<! mo't of the d.iy on Wednesday, 

f the eight poles starid 40 effieii*q.;^wo ironing board [e^"ca" Biggest event of the day, according 

feet, 1 

, ^,-. A- -r'TM' further Slated their 1000 wattage and jon. EJgmon's S' " " 

,ENT who stepped inside at Mr^ ,,„ ^„„,g, ,,,;„,, brightly from dark Qne railroad car has been loaded Amung ll 

baths for ""*'' '""^"'fi''^- with approximately -100 pieces of dren brough 

- ■-- -■ - '■ ---■ - - ■ -e by three men in one hour 'J^"!^ ^'J^'J*";! 

ca« were sent off'in 24 work- The anim 

loffman. Phillip Lang. Wil- ing days. Brown mad. 

_ , .,. ,W.,_L __J ,.___■. ^^^ p^^^ ^^^ ^j. ^^^ ^.|| .^ i^g (,,^ j^^ ^^^.^^ 

t wide and 80 feet long in places, lopped off tl 

■ „,.-„ , ,, , ,v, ^ [ j' ^^t\fKx^ M M v^.Mii. I'rcsioent K. rt. wrigni miormca The first process in lumber drjing To conclu 

(cording to Mr. J, W, Gepford. mana- C-.--_J„.. TvT..I. » the ACCENT reporter that additional is a thorough wetting. drcn sat in 

IStiident Labor 

iPiaised At Mill Games Held In Gym |f J'"°^ 

Before Piogiai 
in'corpot. Saturday Night 

1, <ioicl 

told about the special ii 

Mr Gepford replied thai 

eajy for the program u 

Church CO Hold Week of Prayer 


Insiders Defeat Faculty 9-6 In 7 Innings; Pastor Warns 

Blues To Play Browns' At Basketball Against Petty Sins ^nj, ?;^>f^'J';^^ ^'^JJj^^ J"'Ji' to' ^.J^,"!;" 

ion pfogram of rhe College. 

itutfkd students, KHiidcihcif crowd- The most 
ed schedules on Sunday. October 28, play of the gar 

Wright reports 
sanitarium additi 

:obe plea 

"i'™ "iT""'".-'".!',' l'°""»'i* slide inl'o'he baP!i°r'eachedTowo to music, literature and enterUinment, 'o.»-ard in a strong way He also t°™hrislm'as.' " "1^^" "> '^ '"'• 

,',„,, ,,, ,!|,,.|. tag him cjoly to see McCumber lump oo^pyi^og^aJaitM tithe, neglMmg JjJ" *'J|™j;A"" "J}*'^^^^^^ Jack Sagat. a former student, is no 

' ■ ■ ''"K„'.rini™ took indi.tdu.l honors l«r''aX;r.«"o"j« ao, c'rmm' Wright on"fh!s "rip to,"" Jinue work .,t Southern Mis.iona, 

,; ■ ' '■; ' i,' I, , " ■ i' timebyliftlngtwoballsinsuc- stances, should we dishonor ihi- j,''''J'*^^|^y"f ', J|'||/f ;"|''(.f;;' Glfnn Starke- i, rehirran 

' ■ ' "'■';■ ^ .-■I'.'l'.'.ni :',?i"-„"..i ■l,'"-'i„"i"! mc™f" Elder' AsT.lock'co'ncluder-'s ^"'"*1^^"|' S™'""'-' "lisiionarj- the "oJ of'thc B^ma Road. °Twet 

:■• i " ■ '';, , ! ...i . ml, ,„i.' and usc'youriife^^arHe wdl-"" " Alunini Scatter ^ Focest Hako"fcn. now at Mindor 

zK^^Ty . ''^^yy'ZZ'^''''^^^"^^"''"^^ Over United States '^Xlf",!':;:^ '''"':«'"' 

- - :l !,',,' ma bistabali Workcrs' Meeting Mma Ruth Hayward^senjoyiog her Mrs. Marilyn By, 

; rounds for ., 

, faculty thcar 
s the faculty si 

ind's L'v^n'fttugh'n™ horn' ovene"' July witVih,' " '""" 

Uiki'i-s Celebrate Busch Symphony 
(»(li)])ii's Close At Gives First Concert 

l•^■^■llin•; Cainpfire TI,, liusel, Llitle symphony, with 

Accent On The Academy''u:,'iU:;,g'i"ndc'i°s?": P'^eps Pleased At ^^ 'rii.^'Thotw th"' sS,."' Freshies Form 
■f.^ii'in^llrl;'!';:;,,'!!;": College Discomfort '"'■^t'Tj:;'",, ,^^ ,t„ ,,„« English Club 

■"Frv^Tiv-'f"' s,.„l'uiZyZ' ■■■ ^"^'Hir£S]s;i3 cia^'o5;nL'-:i"is:h'?£' 
'::!:;■:', iiilHt'i'r ^^Ss^3£xil pl?i-X^.--i^ S^ii^'Ssil^sZS^ 

llutiicianS Assist In ^^'^m and Cugene l,toma at the stem- rresjm|^ the jjnawcd fingernails, seen This plan to hold separate church ■■Acmc,'-"wh1ch 'mcans/'Ty' the high 

Chattanooga Effort Health Service ;«."» :p;^arst'I.'tn-STand"t:i! EE?£''H'53""LS isr°et33"""'"' *^^^^^^^^ 

JikLf TO"ud"Eldct°'si'ank7"'c i^ivCS AdvicB On ly'pciiEo'l!!reValH's'cWar'j.''faci" AS'win'&lifi'nfa "°'°" '"°"''''"" ^'" '-°"«''>''''" ''"'"' '■''"" ' 




10 Films 7:30 


12-16 Nationnl Edu- 


cation Week 
17 Opoo 



26-30 Health Week 


29 Thanksgiving 

- _ 

SbJlliliil \Mmm GOLLKE LliJKAk 


The Southern Accent 

Southern Missionary College 

Collegcdale, Tennesset-, November 23, 1945 


board appropriates Service ToBe Held t; ll^lVHI Subs Total 1820; 

Hoara nHi^iuc Tliinksoiviii" Oav t ^^BIpl^lP^ Blues Fete Browns 

fc|0,000 To Be Used ' - - ' ^^'a^^j '„^m: yK/V^lji^ll At Xmas Program 
for Book Purchases > 

■ - 



[Elder Wickman 
I To Stiow Films 

jij°I Elder Jensen Opens Mr. Miller Presents 
;," Local Prayer Week Musical Sermon For 
Thanksgiving Vespei 

Ne« Store Hour 
Staled Bv Mana; 

- Myer Addicsh( 
IK Nursing Club 

FacultvToHold ^.ss,on~ 
Oil 1. niii-( onll 

To b,°R 





^,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,. .,, , 




:.::"" """"" 




Laogdon BImoje. 

Chut. IjHiin Cbngct. Mifll.. 
Eliinc Gid<linj(v Rjmir< Slc^" 

, .=:..,:.=.....=... 

Armistice Revives 
Sincere Memories 

Concerning Freshmen 

lliis iiiluinii 

r:,mp„< ViMl.M-- 

Ne«s Of AInmn 
Rrachcs Campn 

- On h„ri 

Be A Man 

i,.f'.- '••■ ./'.-<■. .-1 'i««i •)"^ilZSJL,J7Jiuri!Z''.U7i 

• I he Ibhd mati it a firUtem hiitecd. He hji goml „ 
hill h„w lo gtl il ami Bill Jm'l /orjw IbM "Ihe mmi 
,11, 1,. /!,„( h!,„.,ll l„,„„ „, g,„, ,„„ „,„ j„,, „,,„ 

, ,„b€r ;i. IMi ^ THE SOUTHERN AC CBNT 

S.^;^^' National Education Week Observed 1^^::^^ 

Elementary School Would-be Teacliers Dr. Siiliiie Tells Of , """*^ ";y M{.lil S. s-ioii Ti eseiil Pi of;i dill Ci„»il, ]„ Soulli, n, " 

I... B.iM PiiMits r,,,„ ,„„„,, ^,^,^_^^ - 

i iitiiii I tat lie I •! 
Viinouii.e Silt. 

"^lutkiits K(|)i(s(.iit 

N IMOll.dM.Ul.ll 

ll ( l>ll II,. 

Ml Mill. I liiK.i. 

"MuMt I..1 ^Olllh 

il1~ll<lllllll I dill 

Ol I'lpi OiiTin III 1(1 
\U Ml 

M N (ondiKt 

"^ oiiii^i 1*1 opji Hi ^111 
\\<>ikOii\o< ihoiiil 


lloinen ni|il 

I liult I "Ol ^ ( h III 

Ml li>ii..Riissill 

1 lU i \{K1 KIKI s 111 

rnliiiinient ( -imi) SiioiUsI KoiiK s I o llo 

n -IJ- Brim lis Rcliiliale Volleyball Alt, a<u 

Construction Begins On Church Building i,, <:<,... t vui... , Me,, o„ Fae,.itj 

Mali Will Have 
Carillim r.mer, 
(„o,-iaM n,-i^n 

Mr. Russell Speaks 

I'MMclml (. 
Vesper Serv 

Four Filius Shown 
To ViKllenix 


Accent On The Academy 

\n,i,',il llMnnal 

I-.,iiih1 In kubhisl, V.nfleniv Hisl,„-v Tla 

\1 C.llrj..- Press II. m„, It. ,11 i<nin\ar 

'.ii . I'lieUer Speaks 

. \raclei„iles Earn 

rli..hushi|, \„ai-.l- 

The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression of the Students 
Southern Missionary College 

Sc^^R^K'" ;t~";r;;r Plane Bombards Campus With Leaflets 

I Elder Wickman i 

'"'" '''"our"U,chm""fr.'m'lll 
Oik Jolunacbure /'«»" 

Viiuoiiiiced Via Air 


M,' wittm* ''.littd "^'Eip^'Toin ''" D™ne\t' ™' sKg „.i Miisicjaus Perform Semester Cm For ' 'i 

^""o'n »cre'Zu'h"of'°''' '"' "om'T"" »"™jI? "L™ Sd", At Eveiiiug Program Ci m i .il fmifi lence lo„ xu i ,i ii' n,„' ^„ „,\i r 

lujid in South AfriMi. Icrrjtorj ThL nevt ^rour of slidis ^^l . Musk liidi.nL. of Soullicm Mjs , 1 "ni"'.'* ^ ^''^ pTi"'"'' r" ^°°'' .'"^'"'^'^ 

i\cr 2 mdiion arc white Jnd termed P'^'orc of the conditions undtr «hiLh ^lonar) CollLi,e pastnted i recital ill n^ j^d wl] t^iiisOiii>ionas Andrews 

Eiirorean he continued Cape 'he prisonefs lued on the German Sitvirdaj eiining NoMmber 'i in uh | j, m n ic i n r an I students d H Id v"^! ""^^"'^^ ^P"^'"*"^" 

[ ( Kikw'ood Quartet 

Takes Chapel Hour ''"'' ''^"s'"^' J^"'' 

lie male onaclet from Oalmood SeUllUar Holds 

ii'i'u of"aTr.'ci',on « diTcl ""iod° ^^'"^''•'68 At DaiSy 

.Ida, Nosimbet 25 Aud DaVtOIl 

Ai an introduction Mr C W •' 

>i;'o;^\T"t' w"'n"i l'" '" -"'""■ d'>/*ent,.t, to be held at includinj the follo.mj "jme'Mo" 

Ihi Sn,l eioup , il,c'pn_e?Ini I-""" "'"outi Ionise Daltoo Jonn, bmilh G 

I "^'"Y^'^'i^ Elder Wickman 

Films S. D. A.'s F^H Council Vote 

I Di' Of Africa Large Budget 

Lyiiont Ustdure as an eight scntists in Sauth Africa ssis the ".'f ^ '(^"'''.''l! I ill ( 

S)Kiliaires tceentlj icr,uired sliossn bj Cider Pinl WiJ ml'n "iV "'*\|\"n'din ' M" '" 

John eily department in L)nn VVuo'l H II " '""'" ' "" '"'"I ' 

lopk in the s orld 

mpl, mtb 


Piuk Elephants nti"ri"t'sio°Dible "'oika! Tn' 

Displayed at Noon [7s"and m^mbcfs'roe^ikT'i 
X'e't By Sgt. Kirkham "'°^l:;\f if VnVl"' 


members of the quartet Chart 

*cond teror and Charles Dudlej |,ile sponsor of the seminir tiufelii 

ipirnuals \ou Beltir'Mind " Im ScmiOn RcVeals 

Cd I'Un'uedNo'waT'lir;"' 7 Sius of Scl f i -h UPSS 

I h)mn I W n \I) Lite l" I 7' ' 

'"■''"'' "^Olllll IdUialioU sdfVup'poL'5,s«llcs'ST''ccre' 

i'..ri, ,, !aid.Ku8seii i^VcL'ilt \T';;ti:i;«™ 




^c t INo II 
dl Clip 




( ampiis llaiKiit 

II S H no R II 
Is { St lei t 


In lit tilt i( (iih iiM 

S;:in;er„!lt.p^' Ground Crew at S. M. C. Kept Busy m-"'"-"-*!™ 

[ii New Location 

[n Emergencies 

, „ . . ir . D Mr. James Russell Pastor Emnlia^ 

Eoaa-day Department Kept Bnsy „ ^. „ , ti i f i 

rr J 1 « J Continues Kecord 1 hanktiimess 

I ^^^^^^^^1 It costs only one cent a diy to feed Qf Internment Elder J r Ashlock, pis 

Cmuil) » b) 12 (. 

: high »ith d.spl.) ».. t: 

J 1 \ "'a *:iek'™l T,l,T,k^ hr.ujl,t 

<?c '^if.^ :.Sb'3°* ,r was t* bS.' Ti,; 


priscn ship. Mr. Rusicll, .i til 
of anadi, w,is then -■itinl lo a Gtr 

College Hens Lay 

T;:,./So"„s^°ltrh"car/''' 650 Eggs Daily 

College Hens Come day by Colk-ge htns. U it wjs ^m.ill, ,,.rv°d''jnd'fo"d'inn^°ihJ" was' only "'n' rcprLXTfhe fscuUy; Mr. C. 

In Hed and While i,i:^'Sc;lJ''vl,."'::.,":':',::: ■■- :r''^„!:^^:;"z°':i^t£"" srr'cX~cS'^.l^Bu^" 

i<o::,;;;;';"'i;;;/i;x:;'k >S:: ,j^^x°I.o'u:u:;::i;':r::; --:^'Sirdted,\vhok-'JrdL,. .sk.j^.o^s,,,nd,s,sn,fy,n«.h.,r,hank. "-"- "■p'"- "" '^•'-'■''""- '"" 

bnd Rt 1*^ ''^'^i?^ '"" '",■ '" ^ ^ '"*" Demind fjr exceeds production ic^d lo n camp near Hjmburn Ger- MuSlC Recital iTlaintCnanCe JCCp 

h„.i,.... ■ '"' "f^"""" °' ^ in eec, js jn other produce Tl,. m,!,n. of .r,n<norr..t,nn ^ U«« R..^.r n.,,. 

Appro^rimitely 700 of the 

{CoMinmi /r.m f.ig, I) Has Busy Day 

>'er Chickens with mole body ' ■'"" "c.e ..o»ueo ...... - ......p.,.- .-.,.....,, .,.„..(, ..j ......._.......,.. j^e > is now woiiii inoie nun looi 

■mth jnd better bying records ac- '^'^"t f"' fo"t' Soprano Eva Lynne Ashlock s inter- times whit lee |uid for it, and we 

line to Mr. James. " GraySVillC GrOUD The first nisht they sat up, Ijot the prelalion of "In the Liixcmboute Gar- have used it for two years,' it.iled Mr. 

The MO While laishorns lake most ^ '^ scrand nijht they w-ere tired ,,nd slept, [1.;;^'" y_ <;'■;»'"& .S>r,dersons''Un- Pearman,__-Ilo.. min" of ,h, Main- 

I bm.°^'. '""''"" ■" '"""' '<«' " ""■ 

l<jirls' Reception 

|C™i,a„W /,.,„ f,g, ,, 


Z: mtlie' 


S E;:? MiSiS^lo' 


"":;: ."h"":™" , '° 





agfiage racks strapped 

den of My Heart.- 
wiih Chaminade's "Le So 



brought breai 


Pierce playinfi Ruffs - 
■'Elude. Opus 25, No. 

ludc. Opu^ 
in ChopiJi'i 









n Boyk.ns 

new coat of paint applic 
A typical day for Ihe 




:ind "WhtfC sl»]I 




Words" by Lillian Cortgr 

octlyn" by 

faucets, a trip lo Cliatta 



Nurse Eadie Chattanooga Effort 

Sponsoi s Pi ogi ams Uses Student Talent 
On Good Health t n r„ii ^ j . d dj 

Collet <J" "<• ''^'"'^ "J 

Death Claims Spanish Students 

1^ "Green Hornet" Present Program 

^^(r? ~ ._S;:;':i."!'?,*J;l'.L°'r:.':'°"':r ^' Ooit,.„nh !r,;;i, 

£. v<" "h r „'"';V' ^' ' >' 

- - proximity (o cou 
explained ih.M o., 

M, ^„jiib B oo.i oi h Teiniites Extei -„d ""SLjirwriS llf "°Tu,; S 

" I L * 1 ' M 7° r I hi ° n"d ininated On Basket- ?'•>"•'•••"" 1°"^ y'"i' '' cioiuoooga. „^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ 

°' b!"' ''G'°i?'i''o'Toj'AmV°b hall Court Cliinese Missionary t„^™"„'^°°*j' ■"'"' ' 

tl C oK d L JKndl)ljh ^|^ Coll j d»l B dbot ™in- DcpiCtS Skllls romcd, laojhl fc .,Xn". , , , 

I ' " [ I I t r II (7 15 ' '' 'sund "'t^°ob'' ^"""tlin Necdcd by AspirantS Wearing* Ln'dllM^and^ straj^'j' 

III ' " ' ' """ "" " '" "° Mr A E Ho hn mlsironary lo K"' 5°"'""', "' ""'"' ■**" 

'i I l<ull> \ Students f.^EmmaTl M x on "rf ^C^l^ f^S' mUi.Iliz''ol'°l"''Yl^Z >kk '^a.!""''' "''""' ^ 

\ ' Sliai e HonOl S In doo°o ot l.l,!Ik mp°o) d o°"rri ilnj- ''"''''''sjt"!,"";^! ™°"J;" *^'' Hilda Vlllaoutva, r.M.I, ,. ,. I. 

Voile) Ball Came ''„„""ii; L°' 'l'' k°l,l«- n.' °r"ti.'o r'o,oi,™« JJ.™ o! S b;;°;.',°'o i".™ "' " 

II I I I 1 ll|bll I il ' " ' "' ' r°'°" trn S"ii'on"D"S. "''""''" '^" ria-°T'bc"wal!iw" "','.' '"'" 

I r "ll ? 1 ' Ml ^ ^"i^oinl! ""'^f'" ■"^'^'^ "'^' fi'd'"lion' began " ' ' "'"' ^" '*"'"i B^ntun 

II I 1' I I , 1 n, bon '" "'^' '^"^'"' ^"'' "*" '" '''^' ^"^"'^rn Original Dialogue Given 

I ^ ^ hemisphere. China has a bL^jtben An original dialogoe ^vas writl. 

State Science Gioup 

,(nc of h 1 


d-oi) of ! 

' ' '" ""ill 1' (") 2- drihem!"l<I°binl.' ^The" ll.i'ij!! "Atcording lo Mrs Di 1 I ll 

' MCom"be '"p ' J PI milM for'n'''!^*' 'iS? InfoTe'Tbei'r'own '"'."»l""<"r el"s. show, promise '1 

' I'' nt, '' r7,'?r'li ' °Foa°,! ™ople-"° "'""'"" ° ""'° " rhe semesier end, ir, May 

I 10 II _ When Mr Hughes and In, famil) Puerto Ricans Assist 

Olli I— Gu nn One of the thing, that thej learned of Puerto Rieo told the Oolleie 

' African PrOgl ess onran'haerThemissionaVmusrbe P'^'^""' 'j'' "|"^ "^''^^ '^'^ ^ 

serrou, mmded keep up hi, prayer into'EnghsrforTbri'slenetr " 

Accent On The Academy 

(I1-. 1^1 hminiUd 

"1 'pi^ns't^ I'e /''I ' iiiry in lutjuiring Rcporlei 

°d,°an''3jrmaf'l',','el!!lo'i CouduCtS QllCry 

Ml . Russell 
( ontinues 

Vtl...l=. ,N„.....' 

apples, scvcnl Boils of liot Doin soup, helping to tui 

? -^-'-Hd b> IhL IhouglllS 




The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression of the Students 

Southern Missionary College 

, Ten nu!.scc. December 21, 1945 

First Degree Class CoIIegieltes Fete 
I Names Officers for S.M.C. Men 
'! liirrent Year sanfobd graves 

Elder Olson Pictures Ravaged Europe 

S.D.A.'s in Europe 
il Endure Hardship! 
.hoc Escape Bondjinas 

'^'"'^ The 

Si; E°°i 

fiL^t^'%t:;:'^ S5iSSji£2 7^lE^t3E%:i^ % 

SANFo.D GRA.8S Clotlies Gathered S.D.A.'s in Europe Moral Dcgeneraev 

Ihc young men of Southwn P J 

n"if ■ourKnn''"l.'",h' Frcuch SchooI Endure Hardships, Is Worst Result 

'onng hdits," s'unjTy' """' "'." ...„....._.... 

" " i" w'scnd (o^nce 
■ntisls in Europe, 1 

Side WIS ,u,tkl, Seve 
red the binrguel dcr 
dints had aided T^e Seminairc Advenf t d S 1 

in'd after tlie ^^■ar, Elder Olson re- an address In Lynn Wo. 

Tified by Elder A. V. Olson, 
ntly rehrr, ' " 

■or the secretaries a" j'Margarila "= "»"« "> 
explained the benehts to be "«■ '«" h 

atcd as the Ger- ope srnce 1920. bnnps a hrst-band ac- 

.tTcrings or^Utbe along the railroad, and found not one 
tddcn to sisii in house left standine. Most of the fair 

Workers Send Mtjisaoes "f™ >'"; """" 

"pressed ouc appce 

e John Moigan, sent to Ju, 
, Tciangle Club, would be i, 

has sent though bombed often, not one ,va, depend m. Many 
could be tdfed Many were isolated, unable trying to govern h 

'iill™T„t*rbC.t~S'S. M.V. Holds SongfeSt .""Z'^a!^]!^^^/}:;:;:^. "'■"Ihe ,e.ul, „ „ga„„ed confusion, 

laLX ^■;„^'™p'';l„£'''^™' ;^StlI"^{iS'S: '"^H;7£?lrSr'lI! 3iSr;r!?'if;,;;f™".'''"t,;' 

president, oninj ' ' ' "" ''^ -'- 

Spirit of by a 

it o, the senior iS,'' MeS 'cr°aSdHa€'i paS'bV M'rs,°iS"rit.°nH'i '■"y'"S G"ups SpL sou'Llt"' """"" 

'botirsme'd"in vis. ' and Ma'!y lyntl 'McNiel,''spic"i|; the ocga" to pbycd sofliy'TJ'cimlc' lies '.Eho'wereVonlv'ones suA™.' Boai'd Votrs t 

•ast year or two ediy singing -Deck the Halls with Witt, This concluded the opening ey. ing the bom 

d the position of Boughs of Holly," irrciae, told by Eldt 

s^.'ere R,- |, ,,-,1 ,- Thap.-I 

''^""""'"'°"''"'*'^' "'"'""■" ofTl'i'c 'on'''sThe 'wi'shtd'" 'hear' 
f h I ha be I tvt O r\ . whom they svished to play or 

tl 1 lid s th NUI sst Says Diet The program consisted il instrui 

Influences Tempei eipantl ^^r^e IdKt^^'fiom tile aud!; IjI™*'' there"'toVonc"r^i!^ inTs'hi"i {'l'^' '^''"''""■*^' '^'^"'"'^' 

family occupied one ^ ., 
and svent; and" i 

Dots . . . Night Watchman Jottings 

^ Has Busy Time by 

...Dashes ..rrtLrr.™ _. y^j'^ . 

Jo.n md £<d,n I 

Yuleticle Greetings 

i is here again. The word holds pit 

,,o,.nZ"Z'nZy-t''''»''. *°"'%Tf °;;,'tS™?t'("" .C'lcp^"-~w' *"*"' Dignity During i„tT» TZ E"iJr7.i '.Z 

llm tear wJI (wJ many homes n-iwiud lor the hrsllimeiti ]ai,r ,^, |j,„,|, „[ n,, p,,„„ ,„ji„„ j ^, " . -^ _ " wi.h Ihis sni." "H.,, come I . i 

,„,;, Man ol oor yo,wg men, :am khak, and vm bine, ml „, ,,,;. so„,„,i„ accent J.r- Christmas Party fix my bow ,ie: „i, 

Lrnrllialrhi lim lamilfs lesliviliei, plaJ lo bi IncliidtA in Ibe mj Iht Djsowikil. Hrap.ion projm •' -rem, l« m<r borrow somi 

',,;•,;' 111 » 5^,„jjj, „,^|„ Tridiiional onJCTctaimcn conccpls YiidUy «flcr-jhavc lolioc 

'"^"""^*- , , . Miss Eunice Edgmon, iistet of Lib of j dour ptofcwonal staff would have shall I put On this card fo. [Ii 

r CoUfpetlale-iles it meant almost three tveeks ol vacation. Ruth l-kcnor and' Dorothy 

■rhrKueek, whirl, most o\ ns will spend at home-some to « w visited tht- dotm.tot, last s.«k Miss witnessed the mistotine of "the clan Aceordins to one ol 

skiins and tobossaiiing on slopes-others to, Edgmon ,s m ,o, d b, the Otohna Th»da, e„n,n Dec«^^^ de^s he,e had 

in the ifarm iraters of the Florida beaches. ^^ j^^^^ seem to be nothing except of the library had been rnchimot- he has been living in 

world today, bin III;' : ,,,,,., .<.„ hmiiid or inn-biinied, paXgi. 'and a" genml spirit ol an- witr'lrelS "wreath^! bdls."a'nd So" all drtJ'sed up'' ""ik 

„., hiife yon will I.::.: ■ J •rill to all men." tii.pation and excitement persadirrg eties of turbaned Magi's astride plod- fun and well worth it, 

MI«rrTC*ri,l,»„. ,-- il,' !■:..),.„ to students, lacnlty. the dotm.tory ■ - - 


TenHessee UliiUttnas 






By giilcd n 





1 night 


kv toomod glo 

thought, mv n 
owTiod Ihoy w 

onco by ieo Ih 

oro doBlroyod. 

31 lay 




my .helr. 

m"kcTh,':°^Vsrp,To" ^m«Tnd unbS ^ttJ'^^h^i SlStCr CollcgC 

e'rrv CHRISTMAS EVERY- ^''''t7c«'" ^ind'''o"hi*^ic'^'d^moth Launclies Campaign 1 
Spirit. Exchange Notes 

Future Teachers 

Entertained By 

Guest Speakers 

New Talent Revealed 

I\k rousing rhythm bind selections, jn/chapcl recently a 

Wright, Tympinisl 

list EiJic. Tambourinist James, iii^ 

Ble-Hltter Lwse, ind Xylophor 

»>]| b 

-J^txry (or th. K.ntu;ky-T,.nn!.sU Jbj; sunfi' by "Anne Crawdet (The 

liphling and the dujc. 


gifts for 

^ L-,1- Spirit of 

ind ligMing announced Ihc lime for Kloosl 

the distribution of gifl*. 

James Ludington, U 

r from l[!rFlofirconfcrcn«.''Elder "ived their verbal orthidi 
W. Pettis from the Alabama-Mis- Jensen. Dean Walther. 
isippi Conference, and Elder H. M. Ashlock. 

ind Elder 

lecied recently by I 
d "president H- J.| 
mipM Chroi 

jioung people to complete .: 
■ofcisor J. Wesley Rhodes wa.^ Ihcl 

gift Mrs. J. A. Tucker, while Mrs. Betty U Slsrri Colleg 

I Colporteurs Earn 

h."} Scholarships 

I During Summer '45 Hanuum Canvassed 

y-lhrcc colporteurs from South- 111 FrCHch CaUada 

Colporteurs Relate Experiences 

Coble Canvassed 
In Spanish Texas 

Blues Celebrate 
Brown Victory 
At Formal March 

Ihn " i and the totil scholarship ctcd- popuhtion consists tnostly of 

■ "^ "*>" a'c hospitable an<' 

ledical books 

, , ^-i, better protect the health of their larfii; ^- • t- oo "sc- ers 

Book-sellers Choose ,™,i„ ___^^^ ^^^ ^_^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ jj^._ jj.,j^^ p^^^^ 

Officers for Club jJ°3j'SSs''wto°on?ta™; Cliop'") McDowell SJsht'Z" jrmJVs'«/™p,ii'm"E 

The Co\p,M:., club h« ton or- 'J^^^^'« 1>^™ m'SL'' and'Tof'' "^ """' 'PP™»"°" P'""'' » ""' fhc'r. olTSL' oU ™d rei wu "'",1 

1°™ «,c"";iS'.T' '"Vill " «« «-' J«'. »V» «"■! J"''f , r- i""Mil",!''„S,l Klo^or'mic '"SfonSir n h!?h,!£H} 

llonJ.y. DntmlxT 17. sped.vo c«slom.r hns ton holJing „ s^„,|,^,,„ Mission.,,)- Collejc. ^Ah^^ wTn h, n^ ? J , 

A C. McKm ™> elecKd prcsidcnl. out on him and »s wdl "s^^sppibng ^^^-^^ ,jjj ^^-^ ^^ „;ig, ^i^, "'-""^''j^^, dTrk bllSd cZn tion 

I Canvassers' Tales Range 

I From Pathetic To Humorous 

liis brinj connected »itl, P.cifit 
Cliopin and MacDosvell arc f 

This music apprc 

;fious After bcinc li 

*°"ran,JJubi (such as 
._ _ V Jh^«"onrtr.e°,- 

and the moods ^^^^^'^Tc tvcnt back to sec the old 
lists ss-orkcd ani ,|^n,jn i,,^, ^„j jh^ ,„„[t5 ^^^e 

rir greatest num. ,,„,,^„| Yhe wounded leg svas 


Presents svere given b, Santa to the 
winning leaders. Jake Atkins and Di«. 
ie ReeiJer. to Eloise Rogers who tc- 
ceived the most subs, and to Gloria 

7. led by Byron McCumber and Shir- 

Girls' Reception 

(C.»/;„»eJ In,:, f.g, ,. ,„l,„„„ !) 

t;™n"n"th", e>^rie°nccs° related "b" There" I rec.i.ed order, lor three SllOW-ball BattlcS 

■rMer'p'.rt oMast' s"mmer '^a'nsass" in" one°o[ The iTc" ilidiu me "ntll Wct 011(1 WllCl 

ing in the Southern Union. I got my bearings and seas able to go 

" N^dLs to SI 

ipicted in 11 

by Muriel Falkne,^ J; 
Joyce Hr 
lin^on. Bobbyc 

eager Christmas,' but the outlook was dis- Collcgedale VctS 

— ' ■■ '-- """*'"* ""''It'CbeSissiona",? (Co„/«W /r„, «e I) 

clock in the morning, „^^j „, nid„„ Spi„r and Fr 

Eloise Rogers gave reeling 5 cnn. 

ind'tbe lying little daisy with on^ 

"3 S'ins. though In the skit 
;he had lent most of her clothes to 
eception.hound friends, felt cheerful 

irof "Orohne" and Wh'en Day Is' 

■Dreams- sung by a trio compos- 
id of Bettye Giles, Rachel Atkins, 

I Flies Bring Disaster |„„™'„4 thrw^'tio'viie""; P""" '^"'^ " '' 

5-kiy"'e;;: ;;1;° ."i','tic?"i,paigi '°^->y{ 3/"C5!4jd''°i!'"i: ^sH*!" S'T^H^'f ^^ Tl^' Snd ■"-eiroVmct tfich i! 

I in"°d'o5n' a^o'nS' M Sn hi" Wncfe I"" ° '"'"'1"" ' and" a'' half" snowfall; but as it beg-an was made by Mr. H. Halvorsen. a 

1 when suddenly two ot thiee hig hun- "It was my last day of canvassing J°^j'|; 'J)^p'[,o^o°b|c"s^dent'fwni '^°'^' "" ""^ campus 

lhL''°'tS' X"t."u *™~"^'lci; mf A^JwSrSef -Th'errwa,''™; Fl'.rida— -Ifs awwwfullll.- QratOrlo BeCOmeS 

"■"" ■^t-h'- ^"^ds'Tln^rrrniett Htatr to 'jL,"i^ bul'^l^l Hard-to-Gct Toys Lab For Choir 

^/r°'R?i<hie runSmseinn nSlt *en'ranL'"Vru°rmo"eid?rly Displayed At Store ^'' B'/a/. oratorm, sung by thi 

nviiie luuiiu iiiiiisvii , j- *" , , . ,t is-li, r nnilr-d * ^ ChaltanOOOa Civic chorus, was attend 

*- l«li" studying the B hie. I noticed t s„„,l„„ 

Doking fotward lo the ne«t 

Iterlaincd by the girls. TTiank 
Is, for a wonderful evening. 

itely IJO voices, was directed by J. 

ned to Dan 
'iri am/ Rf^el, 

id by over fifty students of Southern 
ale store, according to Missionaty College at the Memorial 

i' sl^' window of the bet 11. 

topriately decorated for The chorus, comprised of approx- 

>e presented by 
d by FeliK Men- 

He received the inspir. 
it while reading I King, 

M. V. Secretaries Men Nurses Needed Dorcas Holds Sale 
Bring Report Says Miss Burnett „°'l;^,f o„tK'?hr«)i5c'^s.o 

Of Work in Union M,,, D. I.ois Uurncd. Ib. ^iistim . D«emb*t 6 by Ihe Dorcas lociety . 

Class Organized for 
2-year Professionals 

Dean's Office Lists 
Courses Offered 
For New Semester 

oanul catci. cookiM, and c 

Blues Lead in Game 


'°"'^''^A°^omni Alumni Come From 
j«f Ai r"^^^"" And Leave For East 

I""- ice in India. Ntxt ywr Hatold plans 
5' is to be bitk in school at Southern Mis- 
s °f siofun- CollcDc. 

The CoUcgcdale electiial sjfstem 

ton and His Age 

V..lunt(t'r'>Icp4<l'mt'nl', told of Ihc is grMt'Tnd thc^ fold wide and o^o lK"fu7'^c[pge,'Not'oiie'^of"os''(n'*Q"r 

work of lociitiM around the world. for those ready lo turn their Kfvicw g^oup his been sej iicfc. Wc lud a 

Buffet Supper "'""■ Jrcn'"'"" ^'™"'' """"'"*'-""■" '""'" 

Served by Class "Heirs of Kingdom" ^^JJ^^ TcwbT^'^^Aii ''tmd in 

Tli<: home cconomicj hborator>- was ScrniOU Preaclicd thsic countries h diffiaill. There arc 

'::::!T:t Z:"SDf.lfTy By Eider L M. Evans ^ii hrtVrdonTbf'b^s^^' 

DavK CIO) G (6) Slauffcf 

Elder Bond Heads 
Vesper Symposium 

Elder C.''Lesler''Bond, assistant scc- 

and I preached 
rinslatcd. Got 
ust befiinning 

along line. 1 

Mr. Doynlon 
mighty good t 

w sights of III 

Teacher To Get M 4, 

Accent On The Academy 

Elder Walls Brings ;j[;J '^ J ','" '.°""' '" "'" ".''; 
Tales of Korea "^Uct watLs iom how somt 

Mr. Lodge broofiht oo( 

M:,lr Honor I!,, I' 

Instructor' in Allanti, 

Shuffleboard Courts 
Laid Out In Gym 

The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression of the Students 

southehn mlssionahv college 

Collc gcdale, TcnnLAsL-e. January : 

I Teachers Hold Institute; mmmml'f^^mmmmm^. 
Doctor Teesdale Speaks 

Alumn! of Union 
Form Dixie Chapte 


Winds, Rain, Floods 
Sweep Collegedale 
15 Rainy Days 

Jupk- of kL,. J,mik."j.cob, 

™"rfo*,nl3;;S"Df''&T' ^^^ Alumni Hold Baritone Pierce 
"di ' 1° "AfiCTDr Ttndjbs Reufiion Dinoor Has Elijah Role 

;,,nr-"i"'S™;;Tol'ki-'''ElS" Elect Officers A» o,„„,Io ,b.™> of .pr,orira«.ly 

..(ujU luLligrounJ anvl ip 

z h^i}:i:ri^°f^ltsB. 

i;;.ri:-,;:,i. ".;:-: 

);i;mi jnJ inlroductoty oullints Ir 
ShjkL-,pL-jrt' for the ^c-niTil liii.i; 

2 Doctor M. E. Olsen 
Speaks at Chapel 

"a 7^,,'"^, Em^'nud MUs.on. 
iDjjkal department ji S. M, C. 

Choir Present 
Traditional Music 
For Xmas Season 

IIk- iraditionil A Oppclb Chr 



President Previews 


I.: : ::;:■:',;""""'"■ 

ak"" '"'" 

, 'lid,; Ai'3si'4i,>. ,,,,„,, 


j Sibbitb, Jaooit^. 12 




Annujl College Uoi,d Meel- 


Majority Holiday Jottings Residents Enjoy 

In Southland , \ Merry Vacation 

Jamile o^l, n audcm, spent 11,1. 

CollesPflah' Forever! 

Il jnuary 11. 19^6 

Istoi-e Sales Soar 
lOii Thursday Niglit; 
INpw Safe Added 


Store Provides 
Additional Snacks 
For Varied Tastes 

r'"impor»d; :^oii^i^unj^, ,rf ixu,,> Stiidcnfs fiondiici Servicemen Ludington and Patrick Relate Itor'tlSJi" '™,"i',iw''bm 
ti (s'r^Xsof ^-orskX" M-'N • \i liiriniriiiliani Overseas Saga of Wartime ihri'i*''E,V"X'°"''i«I'°"fck- 

IXmas Talk Reveals 
r'Forjiotten Man^^ 

s rl.,a ar> old m.n. |olly I 

.'t; Elder C. A. Russell 
,::;; Returns Sniiliu" 

lul i- woolj Chapel In The Palms [^ ™""', 


Aliiinni ISeivs 

Collegedale Garage 
Services Coinmuuilv 

MM ltldil'^ and Mindana( 

ilverines" Arrive "i^in .mJ d.y y\itiiou^i, i 


Pre-NursesVyt Florida^™. -^Zl^^L KZ Shers !S"~ - ' 

See Surgery, Orlando, and Academy „„, „..„.,„p;„, „.„ o,„ **"^ ™"^" leaeners ,„ c.,„„. „„„., *. ,. ,, , 

, pofchoUms*™. 

,h,^mu«c „Stai. EMC Aim 

™sl'omT°S.uihe,n Union will. (C.mi./W fro,,, ,-„ 

: mos,on«rua,on at Soni ttn ..- ^^^_ |^,_ ^ ^ ^^^^^^ 
J. M. Ho.d 


The Southern Accent 

Being the Expression of the Stu 

Southern Missionary Cullcg 



V,.l. 1 

Southern Mi 

s.onary College, Colk-Ldale, Tuiin,. J.inuaty 25 ]9-(6 ^ 

College Enrollment 
Increases 40 Per Cent 
5?rond Semester 


College Sponsors Mexican 
Trip During Summer of 19^6 






Noah Beilharz Shows' E'^Hj^tHfllf;! 

,„»,,„m,fK-<lu!ifad.. follows: 

fL« '*^ 


"Americana" In ;i;"e""fr,™'to.™"e e^aei'to 

\Vu/IJ War I(; 21 registered for col- 
of the 2-1 reKistering for colieitc are 

BTI' -5-.S:.«*->-, -y.-Kl 


""'"'■""■"""-"■ ■"™ 


T,:: ;Si,z;vt^riJ' ':i 

Spanish Speakers 

Mr. Vining, Ex-G.l., -rjMa'^A l^'^^s'."^^^^^^^ fo^oL°l';^ S^E JS illfl 


znjoy Separate S.S. 

Becomes Manager thouwnds, give h.s usual top pctfoi- [°Vd*'^^scd7o c'i^n°riu"'m'^'''>'''°"'' 

of College Press '"hc' pic. red ti,. Am.ricaa w.y or '""■'•■■^^' ^''^-^"'-^ "• -"'^iJ 1"" 

-lome Demonstration 
Club Meets, Discusses 


li'--- ,, 1 ii-m' and piclurcsqut bn^uj^t drciv a ctes- modest cloilimt' i.i rLx-omriifiidcd. 
'1 , ' '■'",■■ -i ' ■ ■ '\ luc Jnd philosophy of and umbrtlbs. A billiing luit jnd 

'Allied Neighbors" 


". ::i:'i:::.;.:',^,. :::,■:„':! ';"y.^ .<I'^nI^lJ""Z '"tF Ef"ZI I'vllt!!!! 

ime ,. program was presented entitled 

pporluoit)' lo Ic-arn by doine. 

I |i;pr~^ 

"^MiiirL'zlfr^ iSsSri0S!t 

.olid onanirriouslv lo Spn 

^ Ml. Wrisiil stated that tl,e goal of 


Elder Harris Urges 
Church to Fortify 

provided ty llie J,/,- 

Wain Sctiool 

Mrs Doioti,, Barbe-e Home demon- Ih^Sre?;-''" "s^TlSe'ifal" ni ev 'iiJi'isS dr.'riiiZ'c"*o"'ci»t" StudentS ReSpOnd tO 
5"en'nie'mee";e'e,Kl, ZS [fXvii£„t", 2!%l;i;-rtoZo Z'1^:!Z::'Z\rTtiSLT^U, Blood Donor Call 


Tke SoLitkEJin Accent 

Dots . . . 
— Dashes 




SoffnicW iw?wins for iho» Wo m'„;„ii ,he, Dachaii con- „s„„td pt.jcrs, A spitito.l gem i, I 
Sim" lomomw." .. renml.on cimp the d.y .tier ,1 «! p,e,enled lo os b, oor de.n. The „. I 

Basket Tutn Over" being played 10 the sons with h.m soon. Robert Lease, "our little broth 

dormitory. Numerous changes have the friendly neighborhood newsboy 

been and are being made ,n room and P[,g,.to RlcaU LlKCS His '0"« ranges from the yellow 

nStas S"n'^.urn"d ov°e" First Week at S M C »The°Sir'dh",m, away "dot ZZ I 

essilated by the arrival of eight new Jo, 

»m Betty Zollinger, juanita Decker. rolled 

Becky Nix, and Helen Bloodwocth the si 

Tsr found out what we\c known ail and I 

along; viz; Collegedale is a good place and I 


Christine and Ruth Kummer have ,s the nickname for Jose. and , ^„j- j/^^ „„, ■ „ 
been welcomed 1. our dorm.triry for '„„'^ ,„ Spanish mc^ns itlle; therefore . J^^^ ^„j' ,„ ,|,f ^^J, 

the firs. time. Their P"-'.' J'^' J Jj~ rs called Pepto. fo, he ,s only .y, ^ „^. «,j ,„ ,^,„„, „„ I 

M'Sonierrmd Rovolalioo, Biblo doclrines. toachingo of lesua. Old Toal- ,^[5 past summer on the occasion of Lopcr. he arrived in New York last ^"i?' 

omonl propholjs. Now ToBlament Epistloa. and Iho Spiril of Prophecy, her husbands return from a prisoner Septernber. He did not like New York . "^""[^ yelled Joe O^ a 

of laughter follow, 

liymg up 

A Fable 

ol Emily fi,„ remarks to her daddy. When they Americans in Puerto Rico. He found ^'^^ ''' *"** 
'-"to try IZ. "Thi"'',rooe"ho"sVwhe"','ou J'iroIle^und'eKandi'ng hrm"buf be tir!r"^J™h"d be-en foo 
hall!- say, lh„ he learned more English 

of 7:45. Joe looks ; 

„ . . -, q, buidintr in ran ollotl to dirrcovot other years studying it. Pcpito finds ,, ^^/"^ ■',* ^" "^.f "["Ju '' ■^i"^ '" 

Sr,o°roUol5.mnl Ihi. m?bl bo. No ono wo. in .isht, but, ol- Collegedale VctS tLt""'"" '"'" '" '""' """ 11^ tompX,? of te'n 1» ' ' 

Sign More Members ,J;Z"'k", I,":!e''"err S i' 

£'.°'£°5'£ii b€Tor„tC'.od^o™r.°ior'Tho°°4ilorv,°e! 'I'^mZ i^"^! C^IZ^'Z'^ i^^^i' pobaSrire t'l™ fnj Frilit Scilt By Mail 

pnlly in Ihoii diioelion. Upon c 

',wl^-^"''h.'" '\vi'.7''* '"^.''tri'im'-- Exchange 

5M, jnd fn'i- apples tr^mnusl 

Ihor by 

Brown Boot Magazine, Boslon, 19D4.) 

mpliBhod hk <-.,roi,„-,, ,.n.,l o.c.c.^ .„ ,l„ E.,0. O' Bolur. V Sclifi.,. of John. Hoi 
Universit).. explained Ihc dcstn.. 
cffcfl of alcohol. 

1 in llaly when An c-xlcniivc building pf< 

lucled by Ihe Ed was" moved up into France. Ger' Icfie. The pi; 

had;who80 WotldW, ... , ^ ,..„^._ ...,„,. „^.. 

Ed °"Sht_ up ,<vilh lhcm.__From Iwly. |«JnB^"ied on at Atjatilic Union Col- onslrations ani 

ion buildin 


Significant Place 

Held By Bible 

In Theology Course 

Thi B,Mc » Ihe mosl toporOni lub- 
l„-i uugU m Hit mimsl=™l coutjc. 
,mJ It holds tiie hrg«t pUce m the 

li'j ^>»" /oMh *««"«' ih" *^'''*'* ■" Doctrines Music Offered 

BUile Instructors Near-East Moslems 

Club Organized Pi„». j • d 

» " rictured in Program 

ih. histo'ry of souXT °Mi,',bi.~ By Missiou Band 

Colkjc wa, ,„.„tl, „,j„i„.d with 

th„ follow.ns oIBmis: Ma,,. J„ Y„„„j, The Nta,-E„t baod. ondt, the lea, 

^'T '^"'^r' ""'^'^"' ^^'="T- 4=1^' °f •-)■"" Wood HmZ s'abblt 

Veto. Stealel'ela™3 oo "Srqta'K: ' ''^Tln ftTfer'tabaod hav 

»'".™d loo'li" D™™ ™'„'e"d'X Sef ,""'. '"'"'""' " ™ '"' 

loia.oo, ■Wh,- are we S'iLt™' beja'o' Mr 'Kkfe^H^ Lt'r S, 

;?n';™pa;!'.X'i?h"h°e"re![ Attended by 106 For Theologians St'Vb,"Aie'p",E lid 'tZ 

I I'reaching Series pre-noncs io kljer Xoeker's clais, ihi"depa'lme,It''h°o''""to'enabr"h' H''" Toeker', Bible junej. dais, h" !'«' distinctroo of beinsfc' ottl,' 

shjdeols with '"ademl Bible credT"'" Tu^'" ^^""^ ^^ '* ""^"^ °"' '"'° '*"' through ihrExodus^once mor! "usnle ^^^'^ J^i'^hie pointed out some of the 

I IJe. Jeoseo, head of the depart- I oioie ereoit. b,|J Mrs. Wes book. Pa"„™'wp,i problems coofmntioe ooe who jm 

]?«'o°Md'™"/eta""rth'lh; CoUegedale Group Mexico 

'■!'iM °oj"tTi°e.'ao°lh5™'°e" ^^^'' ^OU CoSSacks (Co,iii,w,J fm, f„|, j. „/. j; 

""" The fiardcos achially 

priniced twice on ^''' ScVrCnS ReVCals irMeAo'iMl''ha'rbd 

'. "XS'.''^^„ISl Formula for Exams "»"«'■"«<>'"' 

Ml M 11 1 M k 
M 1 ilk 

I'" Ludington Tall 

,ver To CV's About F ipan 

^s philosophy— ordny ni^ht, January 1 

:ulty is not to flunk of t 

I Elder P. D, Jensen, ester is notiteably g. 

.llegedale liaa ,^ 'J'/^, '^ P"-"''l"is«e ft" 
emy. Elder' P. V Jensen*^ a 

'« Ijhe Wrijhf 
krotli'ol lisel 


Senior Prexy Crews tf r'""2>'d "■'S-'SiJi Mr. Miller's Pupils President Visits Slu,fneb<,ard, 
Senior 11 e^yvjes m;;^c,„. h,, d«^ ^ „ ..k »^^^ Plav in Private Forest Lake Tennis, and 
Honor Koll Slndciit, ;^"-|V,„,t"i° "„,*,„. lo do Z. ' „ . , < j„ RaeL-pthall Inti 
. „ . . ■ . "■" '''' ""■'^ '"" ;"'""* _ , !>;<.»» Ronital Academv Basketnaii ini< 

With Scholarship 

I'1™1;° Piano Recital Academy 

Sundij iflnnoon, Ji 

wiight Students 

sidtnl of 
Upon graduation from high 

Tsonal htntfit- After 
ful pointi to improve both 

ent Wright Spoke to the 

E.elvr, Perkins and Fred | 
iorday oighl. Janua " 

Joe Crews is poprtlat among his fel- . , . rra | ludc in D Flat" by Gliese. President Wright attended 

low students of Soulliern Missionary Alumill TraVCl Chopin's ■Notlurne," wi. inlerpre- iel, of Missions^- Nfen at th 

'""'*L„.l,r.,r 11, r,r., ArOUnrf World '"'"''ehi'din" fc'afternoon r.eital H*"'*™ Te "™etd To ' 

'", !!!e„^.,l''l"'nd''s ,'n .rSgedale "' Mr. Sulirlc Speafcs Corinne Dorleh romped awa, 

', ,,,\';nV',Ifc,^is"""",'3'ne!l''wi* At OakwOod College irj"e'rr)rctogr1ned,''&'ed'fot'a7i2| 

Accent On The Academy 

Mriibrie prXnted°°anTdd'tess'em Mr. Gisll DcSCribeS 

!;"our''MoS"T.'n"sut^''"'"■'''■ "" Mcxlcau Trip Take 
i pr With Group 

licularly gratified by t 

Dr. WMllhcr Speaks L(,i^ Has Birthday Sfni.sUi- I'.iids WeH; ,,„ risurd, ,d,oo, .a, a poin 
To Ai-a<lciiiv Cliurch A.irn,,,,,,:, ,„,„e.j .r I l{csi>hi liDHs Madc i;r'„yi"'siri,!,"™,';l! 

For New One 

With the ringing of th 

Chan Tells Profirc 
(»f ll.tnor Chi.Ms 




1 photograph)' will jlso djy. 




Southern Missionary College. Collegedale, Tenn., Februar 

IMi'. Siilirie Presents 

"F locli Ardcii" at 
|E, ninj:P.,.^,a.n 

Siru.Jj)' niEbi pros"" '» "-inn Wood ^— ^P*^^ ■" _^ 

® /^ CT ^J Annual Campaign Launched 
i r^W ,^ /i . ^y Student Editorial Staff 

Diclcl. faculty sponsor. Mr. Clyde C, CIcvtLnd 

'■ Mrs.'Di.Id died on Joe Crc^vs. chairman c 
mi; committee to present the committecfs ropor,. 

Sergeant Liidinglon ^^''^s 'he sum 
Tells Experiences Au^wn^i of 19 
In South Pacific s^"th"ei<[^"a^c 

■, , "■ ' ■ ■''■■■I'f^oi- Chinese Minister Overnight Hike to of¥;,^"p!,i d' c'udms'torof coT '"i^CZI LJr's dIis Z2 Id 

rlr.l ,a,nv!on^^nn',,.rLmidS ^Ce VisitS SMC Complcte HonOF S'Srl'i'rTenV«^o''thr's^^^^^ STel^SuiS'SaJc^^^^^^ 

|i.^ d.. hie of n mariner 'who w.s lost. fly Robert Roach ^ body m clnp.|. Friday, February I. art editor, JonL Smith; business ma,,: 

again. He re- j^ ChTna. and" my name' is" le" b^^ P'<^'' 
rj° '^."..''.'"f "" ^ American as j>ou ate." began 1" J^ 

. in China. 

by liubcn. 

Trustees Convene 
For Annual Meeting; 

opened it annuil ^ _ 

H^Io^'-rucida^'SruI ^'ratefcn ^""'"^ Sabbath School 

ibng with k 'missionary of"anoilier 

rhc roads were muddy and "sog^! 
rhey finally slipped off (he road into 

Hed and 


'tight, sect! 

Kir own families by inviting them mined statement of 

rok)o and Yofcahoma were pncti- telegram has been received from 

m, "and w'e found the Japanese livct)' of covers within forty days, 1 

e extremely afraid of us. Even news brought a sigh of relief, bcc.i 

children were afraid, but they previously five companies lud rcfii 

ription, fill out 

o .J , D • picc^'ors^ilf.^rexplambrwV;';;: Board and Faculty 

President Reviews L^not E-^';';-^;^^'-^^^^^ Are Banquet Guests 

■as"^quile "evidcn't" BLt''3Vrkn/^^^^^ SoUthcm Itinerary J^imonas scll^ftom one hundred lo tup Mtmbcrs of the College Boar 

I Tlv_- lio.rd i,l.nned to give sludy to ^^^^ everything the travelers poi 
I lu:..(Ji(,onVhousi'ng for the '^iMs^dor- "The apparent leader drew a larg. 

i'T^lS sJaJd''"'^'' "■'■'■' '"''^^^^^ f7sedTo'Lrel.Theband7slap|^'dhin _ ^^^^^^_^^ ^^^^^^^ 

J«iTi"^n"^''^'T"'''''''"'°' fat-"oMhe J'Zrd Cnfi Eo'foTce him Atla™o'inl«v;e«\hromcials' of the ' ' the'e^enrfi''ofTehruao"r M^'^'^and 

P,~ I y ,I!^. . ■" ""* ""■■'■■""Si to bow SO he rnii'ld decinliaic him Federal Public Housing Ageniy re- n V" C * HI '*'"■ ■!• ^' Gepford acted as host ami 

SXt bnfLrrmadef^^^ "Like all great m3ts of Tme fi^rding the allotment of trailers for l-\t9.V SeniOI'S Plan I'osless^ for the College Industries, I,.- 

ZS2^J'hJZJ!^J'l}}l':.t'i!:^l a/Znd.^«oTsTe'fieid\'ame"he tme "^?: ^«- ... Comnicncement 

.own on January. 23 by t 

I ^^'^^^l '''L° s"^"l„'^^''l^ctZ'flJ°l wv^s'Hirow''n."'°" '"* * " office^ in '"counse" with Elder" E.^"r '"M^'j^o'^^'^Aim''^' Flower and Color' 

I now''' f^"'''''^"'^ '" ""^ P^l«' between Senior Sabbath School Hackman, the Union President. Margarita Di^cl. Joyce' -Young, "and 

|menrof'"he'v.^"''''''^'llb'^''"''d""" h'^'" ^P'^"'^''^'''*- '^>' *'^'^' "^ /""'^"^ ^hilctll^efL^^he^had an interview with □^^^^^^.""("''purdj. ' ""^^"^ ""^ 

l'h= Accent on M^ U. '""'"" h?m sfm"e tlm^'ra^'Tel"f. bu't shf ^d" -tary of Ihe Sou.h;rn Assoc,"at'ion 'fo; _ Social. Joan Perkins, I^bel Quinn, 

|b^ l^,dTo:''th"'h''" '""" ":" ^'^-i ^'"'^ '^" "^ ^ '^'"'"^ immediately. Higher Scht»ls, Dalton. 

I for V ^^ *"■'" P"^'""-" ="''™"'^<J He was planning to make the trip to The Southern Union Conference Class Emblems: Ann Morgan, Ei- 

I "mpus 3s'"" II ^f"'*^. *^"'" of, '""^ the nwtest availjble physician with Committee held a meeting in Atlanta, ther Kepliatt, Virginia Spooncr, 

I moni'h" ^""^ ""'"^ ''"'"'^"'■'V* "f "'^*' fused to do this.' So he asked God's which will meet in Orlando. Februar)' will be elected to work with the dc- 





T^iE Soutkenn J\cci.nt 

Dots . . . 
— Dashes 




,„.,),, N„. Guin„. Good E..ujl, "• . H,' '' " i""'""" '' '" 

s'imj£yinFtb™r<,""''!Hc'™Di!: 5^ 1'io womlj 3'™. '"m of fhy compo.ilion. mi fort.r, 

ken and Phyllis MiHh-s loom <l«Of duly, ht wys be lud turned from look- "l^noocnl w-ay). Es-uyra:, 

Black '-y^ . , l-aye Pearson'* ingm (Ir- operating room window to ^"''" '^"^^i' . " aviation ,r, . 

'^! iKiv library ,3^. ,},(- Kamikaze coming. Il hit the VariciS from Coins . . . 

a"t'';ie'cp° hS."'''!' cZll'^p^kl'ti Walthers Share 
m,° tand h.[°m"iLu"'Se' ''"' '" European News 

incnt hobbies in°tbe .cienllh!' li!.id" 
Jack Rtrbottom, " ' " 


drt T ■ 1. ■ you can never (ind the right billion, or Mrs Daniel Walthcr. who lived in ^^o'"^ ^=<periment and work with this 

r or Listening ley. or leve,. Europe for many years, recently te.d J^^l^e'^.'^S' ridi^wben "k"" 

IrcoB, cm g y ig to wmowsin at sm en e . » o as enro e in e 1 e ■,, mechanical things. Wendell Coble 

ro- , .■ , . ' I, in.v for the Garland Peterson, and Ben Wheek, 

id- i.|, ,., , '^ ,,,.., ,'.,K|iers from '^ photographic work in their span 

. Ernest Moore does 


family that had a f 

w tulip bulbs to 

amount of flour, t 


collect post cards 
undry places, while 
miking a scrapboo 



"""I. ^''u"* 

ikes to draw almost 



'■"'■ ""^T-' »"rs ^feioim'on- '-an you heard of in America arc underslalc- pet. Guy Hyder also considers Irum- 

niiiuiiy uii iiiu luvuiy luuiyn thai Ihe sludonls ol fa. M. U. aro Ql- f;i"s whjl ir wis. mcnis rather thin exiggeralions, and pet playing his favorilc pastime, 

lompling Ihia year, would il bo loo much lo suggoBl ■'good lialening" cite examples of cutting holts in peo- ... [q Books and Sports 

rortrltTh'oTndil LZs'tfle" rc'lll^'r^.^Attoow'lh" ^^'^^ Additional VctS £l«tfZn"Zdme H^' up'so his"^ HbliV"'"",;:. toT"(^r':^ef l" 

whispering, reading, writing, and ovon sowing or knilling wore ■oiil- Joitl Sludcnt Bodv t'^ \ffaTthe'J*al5n"siv. St f^ml'^nf ^''^" ^°^^ '"" ''"'°'' "■'^'^'"^- "'" 

lawod" at Collogodalo. Thus Iho gonuino culluro of Alhons ol old ou, German teachers have been t^en I'^I-'^P'"'"''' i°^ '^'='"- ^Y_ J^'""'>. 


Definition of Courtesy 

;ical tech. gleaned from other letters. A^ yc 
Hospital, "■■mcdy has been found for these 

ilburn Ingham 
ladley likes to 

ipent 2i of his 31 months in the P''^ that have not seen an orange orany Lundy, Bernard Reid is an ice at div- 

'or over three years. This ing and swimming- LeRoy Draper and 

idy has overtaken at least Don Wolfe like horses and go hotn 

..- . , , . .. , one cup infr i fi i ■ |fit„s 

mcs. tS-1.28) for the Triangle club second scmusk. 

ly courleouH.! a°h™irnovor(orgo°h"wVu"< 
throw Iho doors of Ihoir homoB opon to i 

him more Ihoughliul ol Iho rights o! others. 

Tho Biblo has many examples ol Iruly 

what a'blSi^ "h" """""^ ""'■''^ Abrahan 


oimtry, Bi-n bc'gan of lei and one pjece of plain unl 
one of his medic '^red toast costs ;13 francs. (S-l.: 

pned in France, and M^ny of the children do not know ire as follows: Sanford 

IcKC of sccinc him "^'hal in otinfic or a banani is and dent: 

pjnt of Ralph 

on pj 

1 day for ■ 

.ughoul t 


for only in hour i di 






fli S2.a0 ea 

h. I am 

g the s 

um of S i°r 





.ones," the annual 0. 

n Chock 

1 ■ Slamps 





Student Trios and Quartets Assist 
In Radio Programs and Oratorio 

;;',,!!: "Z"Z E^sTnlttou'; «;'i~"°oVb;i^j I'^tZiS Mr. Doncli Pleased Choir Affords 
*°^;;^vo;u;;f™,fo'f■e„';S^f„p. "««" VSm /'Vwch?,! I™ At Groiftli of Oepl. varied Tralmi 

; sponsored by ilie Nation. 

arnecj incre^ 

.ki, (he men! 
. ■Sylvan,!, 

...u J, prtscnt noias inc olBcc ol or- nuny yn„ ol rapcAnct in dtnomi- 

5.0,s. for yonns people's meel.nj. He nuional academies and collese, in the 

ilso plays for the Sunday night meet- West and Southwest. Mr. Dortch 

ngs held by Eldct Stanlej- Harris, and speaks svith ptide of the accomplish- 

a-ill be assoeiaied tvith Mr and Mrs. rnems of his pupils, 

nent fit th' H '"/ '"' °™"'P'"'' H'S career in teachins and directin,; 
College. Befote becoming'director'of 

E;/l'l°r'h°; C"'"j'"'""><'".."n<l anot*;er''a,'s',amrm'',hV™!>'ir = •i'jil" "Pcit, at'TSi Acadmy !" 'ThJ o.ynaT' rJmw'h^p" Tthe "T '"'""" '" '" '■"'""'"f"™" 

«".,.,„ :*™ , ves'ne'rTm.IS S F"m™t b, gtvmt'p;™ es"on H, Haho'""' ' "■' *"''"">' '" '!°i' "";'' ," '' "" "' "" l"^*'"™"* J " ""'''°« '° "'"/ '" P°"° 

"creJ .... ,1 an M V Rai°t They teaches 1 .i students who range in mus- °f ,„Vnew '"L"' '" ""■''^"°° re uiremc„ri'ti each «'w'""d'""" 

•'" ' ' "' l"°and TLutijSiitsTtTabout'e.e^lrdirtd^d J;''"i'«™ i" music'bj Ihe Ameman JJ^ ^^Jrafln^these iJr ''°''''°" ■'nd''m,n'din 'ahlllV^lcmrXll'''''' 

-n, , """~ ""r" ih"ha'riest''"The%tldents°'mKl '>"U""'li"S Professors, one of whom '"I™ ■>' "hi: A Cappella Choir is ""'"Sue- 

- °.™."lad'°""h f" ' 'J™'' f "'* '■'"'. '"" 'I"''' I'"""' i» Miss " "" "'i •'"<•■'•'"' '""">"'■ »nJ ?h" „";' -tlwafs a large waiting list. 

'°«liie°°di"'" '""" '~"°'""' ""''!° '"'' ".'"""'" iSf^ori'atZ'"?'' ''"""P' '' Mr'°C 'V'sHh irmrLrs ^'^^ ^'"'"^ ^'"g*' 

; girls composing the quar- BeIir?'BMk'-'somT?f"t'h^cdl'ene ""Hy whet°e' he'wili reTeTve his "Z [••'""•''''' developmtlnl' S "ght-Ting- StudicS,'* InStrUCtS 

,i«ee flfrbra'seS '"'""'' «"■'';»'■ ■'«»'"'"« "»Hk">sentials '"'' '''«"« <''" "■"'"e 1™™=!. B/liittni™ lo'°he''othcI'''"frt!'''''''"' 

»ins''lram K°noii"ne°'! 'S"-"°' '"« P""° '"J 'pl->"S ■» <™t'muJThis hlg thrVumnrmomb.'^Mr* Do^t'ch "Se!''theXiri" 'il,™ on!™! ''m"' " iS'^rns "harjTnames'hacd lor 

'"phis, uS, the"°eco"d'''i't'' ''T '" "'" ''*'' ™* " ' "^ """ "'" '" '""' i""chicagtli" Whik "on "The'chJi"hrs''two"°r three reh . r '""'' 'he'rc"am'ing''hal'f 'are''t'afcirg'p[' 

™>I^haee been helping E|de° i'L ™.7 '° *""" ' ""'" °' """' *",|!i jl^f tLX'rs" '"'"'"" """' f ' ""''■ Tlt'se are usually held'on ™ 2°„„""f °" "'-•"•SUy .'"M 

Allege Band Grows 

'^^ Ojlle^^Jjl^. [,j^j .^ -^ -^^ -^ 
'^'" atco'l ^ "'g ''!^ fn c arowth are 

^l ^^0 often' bi^"dct'ectcd*^"on- 
;^j*> dormitories and hears Z 

* ioj1'„i;, '""h'" "'f"!'" ""' 

b,'a'„d7on""'' ""'''<"'■" "IP"'" J "Z","ot Music"'d;.;"f nTl'J'a 

Mrs. Harter Teaclies, rL™°lJ"som!-onc.'m'°§ie'«ud?; 

Has .Inilior Clloir ?o°'fit"a",!«rTo'rdinlT.'ob°ofTh°'' 

Harler , chief'imemt'is' „tpn","nj of A plump little china doll garbed in 

■rp.,.:r"' <•- -"" ""■"' ;srs£''sj^;S::!;',ss:.'z 

sh^siE^o^i^r i";s g::;.7Z7i?"? siS'.s^ 



British Newcomer 
Finds Adjiistnienls 
Nol Unpleasant 

Elder Milton Lee TulipVWit rj to Call 

Takes Listeners to Vernal Lquinos. _^ r „ ,_. _ ^ 

Inky River, Giina .^j-p j^t, „i„j „ < 

SMC Graduates 
Respond to Call 
From Belgian Congo 

,,) arc now 


Tulip piodnc- 

,„,„ .Ihjit,"""'! And Future TeacllCr mm Ihc J..nv« hmid ih«i foreign- f„°|,„, ' • comcii"ThDir address' Ts'VtT "id 

1 „^„i( tri.ubk- .ind bid wijthtr dL- ^(s wore in lown, they gathered at (he Under Mr. Tucker i direct.on, g^^^, Bennet. Rwankeri Mission, 

:o!]egedale each j , , ^^-L 
Tucker hopes even- j ' ^^^J ^^^^ 

ini-A-i ■ ■ ,„,, i,,,, i,e. from Iter extra-curricular ,,,„ Ejder and Mrs. Lee began tne "The sky is tnc iimir m ...e =c,u enter the Loma Linda School of 

'(' ..In!!.., 1 • i ^ II ^ I Having completed a two ,^.^ d^. hike which was to end at their .iniaation of varieties and hues. All j^g n^xt year. 

' I' ' II ;■; ,; ;,;;„„;,, , car nu„,ul course, .he sened .s <>. ,,„„,.,„, ,t, „„|,„,„ years. tynn have l«en planted together, and ^„,^ j|„^„,^^ „„;„„ „.|^ 

> ; - ,1 '; , ;,;;„„;,| ,„ E^j' sislamcilic teacher ot the sc.enlhanJ ^^^^ l.„ slalcd Hut she enjo)! talk. J"'"' "'"","«' '""^;"„!;'J;„° Mildred Moore, are room.nali , 

■ ■ ''ii'J"isi.';io.e"« *';,s;gS ictaffor"™,;.-"'" ;""7'i';;"r'™-"virred';Sin°n rerLC'''Hetaih*e™?i'.u°d tM L';tVyrdl'Siif»ra"'Ti'' ' 

, ., and oanan p,„^^ Qty, Florida, gave i.>r™clion „>(,„„ .|,„;„,, Lee-, are stationed, the tulips planted on the school |„,|„g their work to the loll 

',", , -rvlik I.Atlanta ,n First Aid at the College, and „ no« j„ „|j„,„ „„ .,„,»„, .Kept those gtounds came directly from Holland, Jim„,y Evans is ar Emm 

""-■'I'l'."" 'svitli one change at pre^idem of the future Teachers of ^,^|,; ^^.^^n, ,1,,^, ^,^ directly working, and were prt of the first impott Ship- ^j^^^^ College, Itcrt,.,, Sj -., 

WasSiigfon! D. C. It was fiom time Amen, j f luh ,„ |„„d leader ment since the war. chigan, finishmf H -m. ■ ■■ 

o'TliK'timryhirwiiVs'lm'."!"''' ;;;;',';';;j;;,';i'",,;;;;';,;!"a„"d's"'ni« Residents Beat New Book Discusses ;;;|;i,'''E|J'„!'°';;e',,d -....,. n - 

VinmV™""!"™'!" It'll"'' mlny diiisinns'S'the&Ualh sc'hoold.part. InniatCS 44-28 ReligioUS AcStlietiCS tiin. kcTalmgisanew , 

llanily through the "*™||™'j 
,riiic''onslousht infliclcd by 


p. Maus, ft the current display btaok^on nirwherc^he"i's° resthg'^lur 

He reports enjoyable d.iv 

gathering oranges, Roland i, 

Fricndrsl^iil be inrerested iJ 

»',"" Coeds Celebrate 

;», Stanley D, Brow,,, SMC L 

,,,:!"V^",!.,l*m"'ll'|^lm,l '''I'l i'- III ■ , /'J b.'^raEri°^in™onTthe''com'' « To 'L^n ™rTpptec'a°tion "F "he July-DcC. Birtlldajs 

doubtful lisL She enjoys , 

(Ed, note j^g,,pj. 1^ ii^g Editor i"'i,'i i";^;-! ]l f;7,;Xh'Sf™f; 

- '■;;■" „„, , ,i„„i „,„.igc i„ t.,ll all p^mi°s'on 'the ?ir!"but' were not Eldcr LcC 

' ■." ",n''|'.iir,'.'.I. '!!i.l'I'.''.''i"L.'o. fully' as did the short.slio'ts of the ICmlinneJ jwm 

■ L,,,i .,|,„,.l ,a|.cr community. Dan Dohetty was high pioiection and left on ' 

"" m : './ I,' ,r!m,l'l'i'rp'..'l'cii-anmi''b) ' Bernard Reid_ took ;;Shorly" Shull's ^^ ihe'aFte'rnTOn" Ih 

Marolyn P^-I^^J 
( July by 'telling ^a^si 

caught l,;y,'s'ti'ng°a' mme" 

Recitals Minimize 
Slaw Fri"lit 

;;;i;i;',;i»dl',;e;i;'ty!;d,%'^re. !'rr;:;'frSiT,wiiS EhL'ha.n'hn'inln^'"'" °'" p:;!;i°°'iie'p!ii'V'Mtri^» 

seni Ihe schoo a, a place full of life JJ'jJV"; ^'^ ™ JJJ,".;, ""Jj Tt long until several band. Lndon. Botn In September, Juaiii a 

and fun and study, too c i lun n 11 I5...u 'iv t'si Us jumped out of the underbrush and Mathieu told a story of a hero of flol 

Cnngratuljlions on the crosscsord j-^^^^j^ J^',,;, p jj;^^ demanded ttiat they luilt. My friend land, 

:;;;„' I ;",jJ^,f;^^"',';[^;^",'l'/l''^Yd ilb.|',l'oDl,ml RvkI tn "''"''"' """^ "?^' *"■' """''* ""^ '''"'' ■Octobers' Bright Blue weather, liv 

)0u lud difiiculty 

eady received Tennis 

Cymn and Virginia Sp>.: 
story of ■Jerico Bob," .4 
with Jonna Smith » pim 

m'",ZM'"'\V,d,''Tha'rmi;',p',cTatio°n Sunday-" nu™'!?." fl,*'a''nd"pe'S Ih'e," pc™l ,' ' ' l- ■ I i An impromptu progr; 

voiir „k,ii,.i„,.,l.l indicate he auih. took a commanding lead in the match those of ih,,i • senled by the g cl s eluh 

or lu.l haV, r,|'lu"rfo<J upon until it was 5 tol, and then Alan veled at ll.v M :, ■' ■. 2i, After Muriel Jalkn.. 

had written (wiihia misspelled word), two serves to threaten. However, tried to pass elm sea, aou Il.u lust Joyce Young presented ca, 

"For sail one stick of butter" Peggy and Dob put on the finishing their lives," God lakes care of Mis room with a papetsack fil 

(Signed) Ross E, Hughes touches. >J""';S.|!'^' "Dob"'os'et the """' fe""aiong"ih'rrow, vShii 

Dr. Gerald A, Mitchell, from Atl.n- w^tkrad, h" ir«'lioned°ai Fon Bern In Ihe AccEtar edition of J^ancrary Pj^!"^ ^J/'^JJ,,™", 

on 'She'rn M^ion"ry°Collere nm'- glkf" lninfni,'"He"and'lfo" .forked trip to be taken by Spuiish students who was holding the bag, openji 

pus visiting hb sons, Gerry and F .---■- , . . . 

sell, and many friends. 

raining. He and Bob worked trip to be taken by Spanish sludenU who was holding the bag,^^op 

jft." bcjpn JuJ^o W. E. \ 

£lt *f 


nd, Jud^e Wilkerson sjid Co, 

d d ion was serving ctive ^ To strcngllK'n itie mind, Judgt 

d f Doctor'' Gish Loaned '*ood"boot's°burttirb T'ii"'^ iT 

'i. d' TiVmin" E! Jhu'oi' CIqss Foi'ms To University of """"i'"- ■'")■»"' iund°"m. ,i 

'd.wl.fc';'; W'"' 12 Mein],ei-s; chattanoosa r'b:lr; ;':lr„i''p';';r' 

. f the- soiJie,,." T. Lysek President n^,„ ,„ „ g„h ■,, , , ,, „, ,o„'n"df- ""'°" "" '"" ' 

0,s,n„.„cn of ,l,e College jonio, STb^'-S'""'''''^' '''"''i '■ '''''" 

is Iho mo3l upliiling < 

Iowb; '"Hq lighlB many candlca which in lalei 

iday morning. Coble wen 

Yd. Ihoro is a groal ahortago of toachors, eBpecidly b Iho elomontary bjrlliLi.y, Of couriL^ tvct)'on<: dwin't bt an inr.crcstitiB quwtionn^ 

liold. You who aio aboul lo chooao a vocalion. have you Ihoughl ol J^^"'];,'' ;,'^'v,S^^^^^ 27.°li^ inothcr wL,. ,„,s ui-snonnairc wc ma ust amve 

ioo" Ks|xcijlly wIrm (httc jr^ ,u,- ir/l they will make a pitl of the pic- Thc^wc mentioned ^V- factThjt'l.' 

Apply Science Daily - - - uS7>.j'i7-.,'n'::;''.. V . ' ! ' '':u!'7he79TAZ7:^i T^^irh^k^'ir^'^ 

^>^' 'r;* 


Teachers Prepare Students Observ e 

For Year '46.'17 And Then Teach 

°"mi° phn d"i,.o,l. 
1 Ih. fl.ns 1. ,l,c .k 

udcnt Icdihcrs ha\c i nambct 
ihW courses such as clul 
iding and littcilure Innrjllje 
niqur of irachir.« mitl.crmi 

Yt ay Back When Islands of Pacific 3 Critic Teachers ""'" """"'' ''"" 

At SMC Reviewed by Have 83 Pupils L^.^" '!?'"''" n til 

Ro.E.T s«oppo«n r • »«• • McGliee President rre-nursing tluO 

° t oreisn Mission j™ "Sic tcchcs comp,i,c ih. „ t„..„, n . n • 

n, -.clbw House was known.,, & sull of ,hc Irj.o.nj school onde, ,he !• Or Tcmi ElcCtS PcrVlS 

Band |!;.'"isro° c"™n°;;''educ.Uo^^^ °" „/,il,itsl1.°°'ol,"t'"j"anu."''.T' 
jf Missl^Ss^^s'olLto Is^ntflnn "O- ""W'^ i"T"J" """"wfti"^ 


Blackout Inspires 
Musical Mealtime 

France and America 
Share Mrs. Wallher's 


Interest & Studies 


pus of Southern Mission.iry College on 

Gojng east 

gay wire of i pole Ihit holds wir« 
- (onuinine 2300 volls of cleciricily. 

Mr. Gcor^ic Pwiman. with Robert 




HtF ■'"°'""'''" "'""''''"' °"° 

' ihf mlnt-r""™* '^avc' In %'^<- 

Frank Jobe RevealsJ 
Narrow Escapes: 
Was In Hitler Iliinicl 

L';"';e.;to;'a:md''w!C:'i Russells Prepare I:iSt;/zrSl.Tmt,imo°r Refei-ee-less Gi 

, home m . be.l.i- ^^^r MlSSioil ScrvicC ;rf?oC°p,acT!;r.'!.TM "e's. CoT Fiercely Fought e»mn£ioio M.od, il seemtj'^^ 

..! , ehiri!M.i; e,p|oded. Ajjio Jobe 
iddeJ lo Ihe lutmoil v.vot. 

ly. dropping in 36 and 

i:i<l(i- .| Gives 
r'Miin-i-.imi- Lecture 

;;; Presideut Attends jj: 'r^!,',"',!,';" Bmnrsi'i"' ■ 
" Florida Meetin;; }i,o"L/>' B^^og..^!. 

u'lhe worker? meHinj on Wcdnes- RoStCr AddltioUS 

'*' Second Semester 

.u^ij.ii l-j.u^, ..i^ ^i.^u iKih. l.^h. new boots of popular charscler on unA Sriciice jor i/>e World oj Toniur- Bulloek, Thonus; CoTlcgedjle. Tenn 
reljiei ihe lihr.nun, Mr St.ifiley 15 phjse-s of physical sciences. Tliey are .- ~ ■■ . - ~ 

Accent On The Academy 

Acadcinv Seniors '"*"■ ^^^^^^' ■l!"' barren Cepford, Newman. Ralph 

()r"uni7.'.- 1(1 Strong " aT°!^T^J^SrL s„,*„„ h°.;": Ke"ne,h 

,,.>■ f' Jl™,,„ ./ 19« is Marolyn Pond, Sie.ley. Verna 

rJi'Cl ,|:)(-ul>S from Jamaica. Dyed. Carolyn 

™S .'.'rkTn'Z'^p^"; In^atlK liiiii V.Mlion Miss Evans Encored Ui-. Uj ke. Direct, 

, incjppks and htnntqmn 

,™"m'"I^m° TS'iK '"'Lt „„ ,hL t.ikti In, , L i''j« Cliatta Civ ic Chorus 

of Dr John C used (or ra,>.,on ^»o, 

ofWilirbnr) Con of dnin.l) fidji 
of more ll.m two A cfiLoiilc bedspftic! 

Tommi Asldock and 1 

i c I • • W/-.L Concert by Choir ,^„, „, 

As Soloist With Of Oakuood College " "■; 

IConsei'\e Resources The bo)s b.d tht highcsi fo 

I Urjied bj State Man [.'uf a^ud *".o' <i,rbdlL '" c"' 

Lldn Harris Leads 
S|MiMi: Prater Wrek Z\ 

tn"«tnd<,j,otlobu,l<Jupululisleft Match 8 and tMend unl.I S 
|''-__'''rl lined ihi mtthodsusid bj h.s morning Mirth 16 






Ftinctj Andrew. 

An ani fbetag"Ph 


nJdl Cobt «d >... S»M, 


Wf, ciom 


Dan Dohcrty 








^^«, Etao,,. I 

"'•• ='■"""'■ """"" '"■ 



Dots . . . 

— Dashe 

ordinJH- *"''. '^'''^'' "^S'"' °" ^''"" 
diy. Our wMks begin on Fridays, 
>yhich arc jlwiys wgcrly and expectant- 
ly anticipltd— except, perh^s. when 

Sf ';r'from'''ai'dmic°° 'jn"!'. JottlnQS 

^Jnllrttoc^da^y'^ln"""' '"''"'" ''^ 

P,e,d.ntal nndenr^rtom'anuel JePry 

f'S''°firBi.f'n'!''oi~' He S~ r''™"it,°°He'"e;i?i!; T ■■;, 

Tp "e'rb™ 't^TJionYaff™" Aliimni Clark, Bee, ^mcj,^ iu,t „ he ope,„ h, 
::;St,S:;i;gh;l:?:pjir Osl& others Report L^irildSejIikS 

Some of tin- girls did not observe 
study period, Dtrti't get tbe wronj 
idea. «e are proud of those grrls, be 

Fingertip Artists - - - 

.-Irner/,,;/; /;».;»ri.. /»</«)' ir'or/(<( be h,sl uillmiil iH hi, 
l„,g.nil, ,„l„l,. .,ml w u„l,hl Iht .nine „\ C„„l hi ll,i, ,il,,iili. 
,irli,iSe, ;fc >,„/„„<„.,; ;.„r/ //., /,/.;./. ...;,/ // r„.,,,,V, /:!. 

7]a7'iilil!,i,'i!hT!"\!.':''',^:"i ■" V ' '" 

dropped 1 

and Waller M. Ost:- Wal- |„,t as he gets mside our ,1 

«• in the third year of nredr- hears Joe coming, so he 

i a long time since 1912 when our closet and shuts the , 

ed his studies at A suitcase falls on Fishers 

iiJ Mathieu is happy to begin and says. Hey, Joe rerm 

uh) „.,i lA, il'i iiaiUrial tiiiiTSe sii v,i. '.^^ I 'I \ ■:'■ '!i ■■"" ,i ' ' " '"^^^ ns one. she is enjoying her svorJ: at New Eog- ii. 

, r.//r e' .diu.ili,;, and alio help 10 ilntii.l il . . ",/> 17 I '^""^ Sanilanum Hospital at Melrose, The soartet assemble 

, ,/- „,. '^ 't M I , , , laXChanae Massachusetts, she ha. just risceivcd mean, of "osmosis'' ,ni 

"'""'"""■ ' '' her cai^lhe first milepost of the Morgan's room, and begi 

I Pay, You Pay, We All Pay '■":.^::j^'y^«{Sl:^'<:^ Rathbim Printed £!°nf^3^t': 

, , ,,,^ ,, ^ ^^ , le" ;■ ,,, V"a':,,.:..„ Hi,.^;,d First sjc xrianfiie j^"™',':!';;,;;"™: 

1' /i»rf Iht I 


,1,;,(e fro,,, 1/1, ,„.m-ri,( ,,,„(,;,,j ,;ae ,„,,,,„,„,„„,„,;,,, .,,,,,. 

,,,,''11 ,' 11,,;. ■„,.;,,./,',;,:";!""■ "*"'"'" '""'""""■' ii?'"' " ' 

l^.n^ i... .I,.:,inif; ll,.,l iij,- ll'e r/o. lli,w much oj ihh $2(10 'coilli! '-''''' l-"!l,p. 

11, ..„..- I,,', iiwferalt in n (we lehool ipiril hi smug mey Engmhw™"! "nd' n' 7 '"'' 

l"""'"l" ;. Al, condary Khools s-ere tlie" "bji,^,' 

tahbun is a printer by trade, 

'''wo*'79io"'H'"''!'^*'''.r"h' Academy Seniors 
. ,,i Hie 7'„,„,/, .11 f,i« Arrive April 16 

ng to a report ol t 
"k.T Wrights 


Former SWJC Teachers Join 
Commercial Department at SMC 

Uake wai prmcipal °' i"*^ 
ccpted the position of bdnf Hit 

New Cniiioiihim 
Offered in Dept. 

iK"t'lnd'Tca"ii?cf° Durin)j''herTa"t 'j'"' ^ I^P"'^' "^'^^''^ """^"^ ""^ ""■ «rl"scd'"vX-n°^.t T'^eali^i^cd '^Their 

'"»"»'■"'■ Unto cou'sc'irauHoe '" A b"£ Fingertip Artlsts Student Workers JJuiof 'aounli!IJ"dlbc°aud!"J"in 

„"„^aSS,%th™aimr'l'° r*,, u'n!'",S5"TAlk?S"n™£ ^"^ '"'''"' MachJnes Man Sect. Dept. aw ta d™to,T.S'i"d'',wp'h 

ras'Zt"'!' "("ominc^iSluno" "t ""'""''>' "' Okbhorra Good Work-Ollt . I ,. t • ' I ''" '"'"" 

Muy Mi»mn,t, Colkjg, .,„d b.,r Ed,,^. LeadcFS Speak Th.ttj t,n», t.o lins„s iom.timei Jtap" d^p.'ttmt-m 'wd j''„l,",„,d' thit Ediphone Artiscs 

Kt^iIEt^'Ij}: At fta Banquet !? ft! '^° il;^Hs""iit«s w isj ^^^'^iii'ri^^ndjii;!;:;,';;: rtea„,,„irdi|,i,.„v.,„,„,,,„t 

''i!\f£r^p£:i sgfjf |!55p SE'rEi^EHrJ: £z^!BEBSB, pslfsHiHJfii 

a:t:rcxs:=: ^H£ESi$i ■"t3,Sr:„„d,fio,t„H»,dod E:.rt™,sr'z%;''.s ™"'-:Por ""'""'-' "'■"'"' 

, - Ht ophclJ M,s, Eli„n 
asuZdbym.n'.nd wi' 

diSht e"di- llK typing n..p 

Vii'uK Viu^L.-'^'iV! Auction 

Jackson Age Related dac"'breid. Z," 

By New Book J;3,,"„7:, jL 

1,™;j , oS i> 18 Sm i™.. 7 f„t idEl, md 

SM,. ■ Tninsciiption Masters 75 Students Attend conu.ns .™ nijonn hots to I,o«k 

,"V' ™n""°of''2nn°"l' pies" HcifctZ ConCCft 

AUS'Sitli'tZtnK 'S Mii>ic- I'lipil- Have ''' 

"ififtirtZl £,;„„; f.„n.,..,,n,;:.;52 '"?i.;'i;;a;S't'i^'pt,„tj,.,t=ij |fis^}«Hri51r,t!iis SrEiS'ij'B^'siJ^H: 
-dt'SiS^ti'iiti'.ir; M,'l5xSE;s;;is™|3 s^^^SS-ESi^E' iEiHrHL^itn'r: S'i-.^-^jtSSnJTL^ 


Ruby Aikmaii 
Graduates 3 Times: 
Plans for Ol it nt 

I I I ill I I 

II I .11 *p 


In, Imks ,n 
(liiiuol Pi IMI 

dominji wounds rifiht tlicre. The 

4^, taljon suics: ■■Through his skill .,, 

y i£ surgeon, he s:iv<.-d m.ny lives of m 

O st'tiouslj' wounded. On nunj- consH 

, J^^ ^ live d^ys f"^ opcolcd from 18 to 

W hat s \ oiii -^^ ricd'oTt''^lrrd£r.oX'"pr 

Dillon \lSllC(l K^ '^'of'ho'^'h' w!r^nX'''on™erl"d Que.lion- If a Kood fiiry would ™Li^''{hrUn'tl 'ToTi, 

I K Shidc Ill's ^ H KK '.'"dVl-nnTo worrfor "L olW mem- comealooe r.glil now wilh^lhe po^vcr pork- r.'^ Ml^or WcM .^id:' 

Maj. W. E. Westcoli, 
Okinawa Veteran, 
Visits Family 

JtAN NEWGARD, FLORIDA. T The night the lightin 

MISSIS- 'ie''' ■^"'' 


u rii,, Sr,;,--.r innL- ,.r, iK,. c -l'i -.^^ ..ui^.b a'„J im zon in the Philippines whutL 

Here Elden ipicer look up the Spanish. I can t get thai stuH. And 1 cl (.j ||,(. native S DA churthi' 

ABBOT, FLORIDA. ^ Cojl" cdale since last fall 

"hjY ASHLOCK, TENNEs- Missiou Band Sho' 

Right now (while studying in ^ f m 1 

ary) Fd like lo have a little tlirOpC of 1 oday 

s theiV and physiolog>-," ' ' _ Christianity in Europe, during 

Accent On The Academy 

lllUolu W lsllUV< 

Hon luiPio, I 

I!n I iImiI ( lull 

almo.1 Ihrre yrirs ,n Enshnd. iM 
during .hi.'«.r. Though^ il.i- pj.i 
partblly deslfoyed by bombi— i' 

Mr. Miller Speaks of """"' ''", ""l'";- 'V' '''"''"°"'' "'"^'v" 

Shall S n pK "j^'vjE (lnhrioh<s 

\l Luilin ton llfuiie 

iLiytd i cello and violin Spinis 


is,-tr:ri:" ■-"■ " 


which tested knowledge. 


mgl 'Ine of" thrhljhiighi's' 







Soufhcrn Nfissionary College, CoUcgcdale. Tennessee, Marcli 22, 1946 

Iflnnual Institute 
To Be Conducted 
By Colporteurs 

Miss Kleiiser Visits 
Bible Instructors 
At Week of Prayer 

Bonfire Inspired 
By Elder Harris's 
Prayer Services 

remen carrj'ing'a colTm^h^e''cL''t, 
ont of till hish poinls of .he 
ig week of prayer condoctcd at 
:gLdak hfatdl 8 to 16 by Elder 

.i?dk%Ti€ib°i°JS wl 'l'^^^^^^^ 

kHrE°\a"r£arK=™;f te Pre«iclpiUofW.M.C. f°"i^:Jm-:picT'''^^^^^^ l'^:^.%'Sf,''."i:.,jTi-,'^C:, ^tr f^l'-^'jal '"por7,ra"S ';,,™ 

Lplprosrarno. March col. Sp.-ak- i II < J,,, |„.| ^•^^'VpTirilZS^ ^ -^ IwZt fc .iT-c'd'Sd. i"r 

rZ.,; VolooM, ™e.i"g t n , , f Sem-'-r fo, Bible l„„,„c,or, ^.a- Ml'. Kuhllliail JoillS wa« AVve.eraS, threw 

,er,i„ SMC Faculty in Fall 

Dean Reveals 
Conference With 

SsC''' ''' ' '£lv^IE::y "''....■„"'':.:" '^ 

A*' rediting Ass'n. 

iSrwCi'"*'.:;;",:;!;'™;?: li;S"iibfc"S!o'L;wiiit ,:';;,: ;p;;,;;rt;;»";::."-. ':■„' ;, " 

■■Pr«ident While is kindly di.pi. 


Miss Kleoser is associate editor of Pcabody Coilei;e !.„ i , ; : , . 
After Ie,.vinj; Collej;edaIe, Miss cation nut Ka|.|., P I l' 

■^' Mrtngllnnitig. an 



<:..ll,.j;,. Day Plans '™"''" ' ' 

Kni;li-I. Dipl.PUin* 

builjing and more eqoipment. 
■Without tiuestion,- Dean Wallh 

■;n "ha" irha'"Se'°had'' before' 

""wiir" krm"°h"ti.I."' an 

all stuJenti and faoilt)' parlicipit- 



lu-.don-. will be performed on (h 

r"'^''':''^''' '■'"":'::' 

p„.td,., ^a. o^ witk™.. .,„.^„ ... ;;';;,',;„"""''"' ''■ °"" "'"■'' 


,.ii ^ i • ' 

b. ,h.,.„.pb,d. '"„'h;y'mZ"e,','"|i,l,»"d'S|' 


Soulhttn Missionary Collefic last 

Seiliol"-; Ammuncc ■^'' ' ^^ f^'epiorj 




firmed forces afttt his marriai-e 
'oMiw Ellis on May 20. 

his pare Z^tu^ ^^A M "'''''"'' 

EiMMvM lliiSi?E I?!''"',"'"'^""'' ,::;;;;: 

"'"" '" E-I' «£5cei'c" 

D'dcrson, of Torth Worth, 
'=sis and a brolhcr, Richard, 
or Collegcdalt 

b4°?"™dTb'" p^'akJ, w,ll t' Hd™ I'olc^J'ita,'" tSje™: in "ta'dSm," -afgo.'ng ■'no':?;;"ro,"';';'Se';'a",; 




SoutKeun Accent 


I:'^;:::~! ■','",■■ 

ISai, Cl.,i™ 




Dots . . . 
— Dashe 

ion in doptl rmnlly. 


" "nS^s." t;;;';;;^;;:'s; by 

?rt'i'fc^7'»rS™G?o^p''!i'n"- Jerry 

ncvcf-fi.l meihod of locjiinjj those of ■Desire of Ages" for a splensfid f^d 'broufilu'' out. ' A '^: 

00 dow'n''tk- hjlT jnrinvcstigite jt '" *' —Tt', Slmh>,l Mo>'i"J^>>l tnido. b«^ustt llit one v 1. 

the room from wliieh the ddiciic odor ""' "'"^"^ *^'' '^ '""^■ 

°'ooe°of Z'n'shi derk's most diffi- Former StlldentS & dets in ind ir'e'"o"|-u' l!' I, 

colt t>sks is to prevent the oirls «ho ParPllls Visit SMC k". '5' ''"''J "' ""r '" ' 

Sprins Clean-up Time. . . '''nl'^"t,lf^nlh'l,'"tJ°l '^tS douo^ rformeTlto'dTrn'of ''«W"s >'"'';« j";"" ■ 

^ ° ' i, .hispered .■.roiog is given; then So„Trt> jS' Collerfrom W- hn Anv °"v tll^.J'", ,1"' 

II "ir//er rs tUfmiU'ly r/w /Ae liwiv hi Cl>lk'ge<ttile. Hat'tll/t yvll ^ hosh followed by i mad ind noisj- ^^j, Georgij, who was recently dis- ["^ '^"y^^Y '"""^ ">s 

t;r^//<<r/ ll'ul v" fi»' "I'ikv ihc hiirrieil trip from llie ilhihig room ^"j^^^''J°^^^°'^!^l^2't]M^ZlV^htn ^^"'^'^'^ ^'°'^ ""■' •'""^'^ ^°'^'^}: 'P*"' The ■Eaton Ten'' nev 

hv the noise- of someone falhog over a '"^^ .Votthw.sltrn University ^fl.w'j'avf 'nMl ml 'l,'" 

.-Ir/r) ;*■■ /;///». /mt o/r/.rj Calhge Drim are in bhmii, aiul Ik 
r./i/rs „,;r( r/^//,,,///, ^re m.ikUig ihm jmseutt kiwmi, md llm grec. 
s hrgimuiie l« ,l„w: ■ i- k 

/fsnff /r»», ll„;c rvi,l„lt,l ihe cdttlda, ha, officially flli- «iB"ng hej.ns an m. 

. followed hy „:,,;.„rkl„" heirs thee and al-o is 
fnTa?mve!t°',"n"n°'' "' ' '°™" >•"■''■"•"' EmmanoelM,!'- 
:omri;i"' ll»t If 'it'°w"erenl "°S "''Ui „,,„, ,„ c„||ecedale 

"" ' ■ .. .,i,n,.„.i„„i«„i ,na,:i ,„"„;„jV J ^ .V^jfji, ;„"":; Atlania M,ss Hetty Jo Boynion and a ,„dden and sorprisinu ■ 

"'" ' .: il.,„ ,l.,i,:g .iffiiwl raouh, and so sh"," alway ,",v ac "'" "o'-t »»"". w*" "= Iraching man measles. He Soesi.-H . 

\' . i,>.ilsmil,l,,ll,lhallll, tommodSs in this rtspJl at the academy m Atlanta visited i, got them, hot he wa. , I, 

"'"•■; . . . ' . . , ' ho'rn can*.\*"°prawM'o7tfc "'f ^^ ''"'"™' , f "^'V^"""'' '""^^ "vitoE'^d'everythmX' a !p 

Ihi- cliaiige liver iiitii Setiiol work also? Stan this new /letioil ifith Can you guess svhat Mrs. Stealey\ ^ canned withoot sugar 

PEA "'«'» "j ^'". JO"' 
to put the cat out. I 

More Cooks Needed . . . "er^'Min""""? ' 

i,„„f;(;,::,;:;,:f::r,::;r!;;'^f;;f""'"' -'""■ °" '™ S "rr: 

n..u , .,„ ,<„,,/. ,/tM ,-■" ./>i^ The way is simple if yofi are ^l^, lunc m .pin 
.tt:l\ iiilli'n: III l„lli,,f. Good Nighl! 

/ /', Ihhl, ft Ih HI (,) / ( t,r \H:V. "Wbalsoever ye eal or what- t, , 

'III ft, 1, th.iii ,1,1 ji !., ,ht viu.y ..I r.odr t-xchauge 

/ /'. hi,„t. ,,,.,.., „ ,., . i-,:,!'!:, Ill i: .III t:\cellent jilace to learn .. 

I" ,>i!ti\ hi, II ,,.,.' ■ ...... I . : .tn fi^oing lo live a happy 

"mi \<tr ,1 11,11,1 iiti.l. i^i.iti.hin; ,■! jij/ happiness become a L, I 

Lois L. Heiser ^^ ' 

A B C^s in Green i"^, 

:£!^B Way Back Whenl 

w^L.''hJd"^f''^h'; Service and Calif. 

dcpjrimtnl. were Clailll AUimiU 

wj-s Ihal aiviits you. To llic youn^ P'°''L^°1 
P.U.C. Iiclp makt SJC (now SMC) I 


■ ml!, L«tr)body, tobt- top-fligJ.l ■ ywr. the site of a «^„' pcKh orchard. The Mr I A Tockc. .rtflcocla lh -i A 

Ifarr'Kts Miss Hcistr ^iraduaied from Allflntic J^^"*^ '^ on lop of ihe ridfic directly Oas^aid c«k. ">° garrrons oi tsiur.oi raikrror and 

''"""ijSS^SH'E E?i;SHt!?''°"'°*'"'!'''^ '^^y^'^^l.^'Z^K'^' Train Wreck Mr. J. A. Tucker 

pra'ctice' the koovcdcdje a''c",o'red tM oT Home &OTOr!.iS'«'hicl'."ra °,°J;,"'."'*' ',"""!"' to^creale a ,;„„ fCmMmcd jra,,, f j|e I) Hcatls AgriCllltlU'e 

:i';;™'rd™ fr,ot':i;:;dt tic^'iS ^t^Jt^ti^^ i£i'',£CES.3oiH °cX''w~ltp"The Is^t Dept. at smc 

I., -^HSr "i!!'"' ■""■'""*"'' N°w°Yo,k"cV"?; Minor Offered p'c's''d'JwVrhd°irp^d°[he"rai'f,o E'S'/FsIr'* ^"'''''"' 

Thiri"s\he'firart'ime''s°h^hu°"is^dTn I** Ho™^ EcOnOmicS thrcar^was off the "ak^s'^FurtTier''^^^ Wheo the Junior College at Grays 

ids Classes Plan lljoprjl!;t',"''ho''s°piSle '.''n'd^rtndl" be'^ffmd" o'"the °"deni° orSoothem '«,™'''"'°ESej'7or sJ." 'tcMht' o(°a "'j "^'"J^^ ^"'. «'°"P to'seek'oil 

"'7*. - - .,, u ,. , , hegiooing this fall. of 11111^^" 1 mmo,'? Trnsc'/irtln'sccoe »'so the conference president of thai 

■ r,a,akcry mrerereseing ft],ss Heiser i^isclosed In line willi this plan, nesv er^uip- of the .Rcidci.! n' I ' sO , ,„ One 'itte The entire p.irty of Surs-LTOr; 

., , , lu.madc that she really pets into practice what ment has hecn norchascd for the coot hLr | iter ih c ,r w i- h i k rie ihe '''t the train station at Ooltetlah 

< ~ ■:'• ;l'.- of nu- Jhjf'^Ji^J „™/J.'^°f,^°«f''" ing laboratory. Vwo modcro g>, sroves „ils aid -ollicicnlly rep.iirid to be '""'■''' '"<"' ""t ™<«leJ liiUs- ^nd 

■I ,,,|,i,,„; "I'efctaWesoopdnring the interview, ministration to the labir.Uo^-. rc'plac- "'"'''« "'""""K" wbicrthe' p'rLn" En'Mngs^nT™ 

tall,'! 01 

"antieinish" gas smve.' Th,l'"no" re" StUtlcntS ViCW 
■,.cc,ms.erse.,br,ghtenep,l,e Film OH Orion 

J^nr^opper>i.ion,c„.sin Climating the week of 


Dots . . . f'^, :k:z. 

— Dashes a ,>« nisht »«.!. 




Dickenon Spiking 

"ij.fTi"'". '"'" """sj '">> ' Veteran Contrasts '^J° ^'^ 'mZri'i',,'" wk'.""": 

™,''Xom °™"r ""' " ' " "" CoUegedale & Army ;™ "^ S^'ioa"!" *' ''™' 

Accent On Table Etiquette f«:S^':L'S:«:^l:S«"Si:. f:lt'ri:.'Jfhth"A""/" S'J'4'oT"'''"''"''f"'"' 

X iui. I htvL-d my perplexity by explain- jng. Yes. Ihosc miny little things art- « l . ■ - 

C«/»«(; hdi leiiij' been considered of ihe greatest imporlai i - ci, ■ - - .- . . 

and jildiii iciurilnigl} Adteiilisl schools hate acqiiiiLd their J\ii''n'her"wc(imr '"'""'' * '° (h"'fuUe'i ^'xlcnr'*^"" "" *'' "*^ "* "^'^^ 

\ Glenn vet)- muLi, 
the pleasant, happy ii 

I Way Back When 

// ' luiii; boti things shoiilil be tlmie It afipenretl de ' standing of othtrs, the G.I. wn over- 1922. It was_ called the "Sojucununl 

,hU h, In Iwil al muni Excliange 
r JoKph C 

diUcalt)' that he mijht ntcct. Oreaniaiion " and its pnr 

y will fill the ranks'of'^HVatmy. I=e=" 

ly He lead them on to the final April 25. 1923. ■'Sorr 

tory when the perfect kingdom will happened during the past 

II i,,i, th,u„ llul 1 1 a j/r/ TO//i,r,i wimlhiii; il sh„iil,l /., 
/i/.kr( by om ,,] lit mu, „l lb, iM, ill ,,iui ilmild m, uhiii 

Schoolma'ams Feted '"i,f^^^,^\ 
By Gentlemen Chefs ■") 

inietan.1 studious that we 

Bd,.„u,in,j„„,l,b,„llhlo\lhem,„ei,,,l,orMpoi„l,. «"™„ A,|,„„cUn,on College, .he Those lemptin, aromas pouriog The first fire drill by us. of , „„n 

Cirn f„„„, „IU,„li„g ul,„„n„ CcIhgeJJ, I, well m'm „l ll„„ ''"', .Ti ■„ ,'" S,T°P'" ™ forth from the home economicsT.bora "" '"" >""•">■ 2'. "'25. 

r;*s, )„,/ „,„,l„ om, need ,e\,e,l,ii,g. iel, ° 1 1 „' b'S' "°ti '" '"'" '°'>' °" *P"' '■ """"'J investiga- The senior class of 1923 «.>. or- 

'the Esi°ui?mr""d "^d ™''i/''.TS'' '" 

;Jf""""sj>f.o. and When Mr. D. 

>f the'^seJo'nd"-e.^u^ ladies we're In for"a to 

the total college en- family gentlemen we 

. Deiier/s «re errin; (ojeficr ,</ iliiwe,: bill „/ <„;,(„, ,/„, "■» """'I"'' 3S» 're freshmen and 66 Ijst year the t.e-at was Italian speg- artrsfs' lirawing of the fulorc c.inif"s 

may be edieil al any lliilv. ' ' ' '" es^-seivice men. hetli: this year it was an Indian SiS- of SJC, a svinter scene, and a larg 

77je firsi iiuu amiiiig lo ihe lable is hosi: (ml girl, hostess. 
. Triys ire r,-sl„l „„ l„„k of chuir. 
AUiiUj,, gi,l by holding her tray. bill do,, nol lake any 

. Men and girls alternale around the table. 
. All sit at signal /„;,» the hostess. 

continued lo lead tl 
E.ghty.nine new students 

of the college, only eight tabl. 

,,,,,- . --. ;■.. e. needed to accommodate all i 

lel.hke in a huge white apton . , . n,„|ijn,,, 
y bright twinkle ■■>'='. 

- - - A glimpse into ftegtrlsjorlotj.! 

furniture, a piani 
.nth and Naomi, 

a of Ihe pari 

There is aluays a best way oj rJofuo everything, il it be to Iwil 
an fjg. Manners «re the hafify ways ,./ doing thiligs. 

lees little suspected,-^ pole i„ c/fe,,,' riothes.-btit Ire award- 

•ng or denying yon eery high l„,„s when yoi, least think ol it ;'""»» " his own ntl.. .,,:, , 

-Ralph Waldo Bnerson. "Behaeior" let' which " hM^Vai'i'i'^i ||' ,|' ' ' 


( ii-eanipiif f s Win 
Two Baseball Games 
From Lollypops 

Secretaries Are 
Jacks-of-all Trades 
For Pies. & Trcas. 


i. "niihrns'.'' ° "'"'°"'''''' "°" °' "" AU-Miisic Lyceum Phone Crew Gives Acconnting Office ll'hi "h luvrb™' Mi°ihct'rja"mc'l 
MT''v"r™.d"u°"a°tott"wh'ich ^i'''*'" ^y Groups 24 Hour Service Employs 10 Students i'Lj^;!!"i;;j"tft%i.c'°d°'p,°imI 

on Saturday nijl,,. 

Appearing in public for the firs! 


drop oTlai" ""J'T'ofT* thkh m"h*'' ''"''"' 'T'<""'T>™> "'" f''airk;,il,°"f alTc"""! i'rj'i -"""I tdn'orpismnhote 'Shich 

fcpt the majority „f the s^rntor, ■wilLVSra''' by SimonS i°tr™'- Dr. and MrS. StCCU Zl!'''!'' ^'''X^ "! '".'l°:i''t" '" to"''Hm 'i° 'l'''tondj"pl.te 

College Day 

ICo,„^,„„J /,„ 


\\< Hill 111 Is Pistoi 

\iid \ ilecliiloii in ^^ 

World Celebrities Choir Make. Weekend Concert Ton 

To Birmingham and Huiitswlle 
Depicted by Alber ^^__^^ „^^^^^ ,„ „„, „j ,„ „,„, ,^^ 

^n7 m-'n^ ls°iUkd bl Mr C C Sol wJS m Ins tloo liU"isc the This lirgc c«t iron slalue of tht goj 
(I Mr Alha .o'"rrJ J »id^ Sri-ri! Birmini;hjni chitrJl mrin proird a ^rn mt^r. r nt <,"h i j 

"' i„hn lor oi» uiiireuof '""I"!' 

!.' lo.jbil H ' Mr AtbLr hit upon ^^,''\ 

La'3 "opliulion h'C;""'|LT. Cu" m".Vbii,T," a-k 1 '.no.' "iim ^'S^^J » B™'J s Colkjo '.ih ',?, | 

a'pl for '."«." 


ous parts of the ivorld 

(, l'( Student 
1', , l„, . at MMC 

,Unl.) Un liirnimihim folk II 
lOiTui tor tbr o.shl 

'f:„i„rTdi Miss Evans Sings Oiapel Emphasizes 

I, Ml Aih I h. J\ :ZZiX'''n' >'"» Th. Better Speech Wet k 

Accent On The Academy 


mbcrs of the ludiei 

■ D Ai;»m uith Iho Sym- Arlvc 

Acadciiiv Annonnccs Dr. Steen Visits 34 Students Make 

(I orr of 16 Uid n l H mi R ll < ■ uUs 

I 1 I km 111 V<adem> Spi iii^ Is ISustin 

Out Ml Omi 

Inniii diss I hi Is 
\hholl PKsidinl 





. Te nnessee. April 19. l9-f6 


<AII Students Lend 
"Clean-up Talents 
To School Program 

"flprilliad" Program 
Consists of Poems, 
Essays, and Music 

ISenior-Faculty Recital Presented £''^''5/." ""''of'-T S" 

■Dinner Features By Music Students Homv.r'.''nfIJor.?'^i° ihrimprcj: "iii°-lZX°^'i'<Si°Arm'JZi 

[Class Colors _^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ .e^.d^^c^^c^;"',™!''.;: iiSS^'* *'"™ Boardof Trustees «.i~ior J;, ™.™"s> ^ 

Cl.fford'Lud' Annt*'ctowder"'Ma'rci<;"'FuUh"''Evi SuUlUier ScllOol PlaU J'''^'^ '■■' 

Lynn Ashlotk, G«hnd Puerson. and . , , a. ih,',' 

Lvc 1 toast to Kenneth Pennington. AnnOUUCCd by ^^^^^ ^^^'^ 

S'SZi c!^lZXl"Zl&i%.'i'TZ: Dean Walther ■"{■i£'< 

;'"n,e,en>cd '"wr'c'^WDSeh SctS'of m«. -i" 5i""'sS"lhtn VC,°o",,"col' »"" F- 

m Walther-, sie. stated al the besit^nitie oflhe pro- kje on Jnne 17 and elose Anjua JJ, ;;*';;i;| 

ch individual eram that the put|30se of the student according to an aiinoitncement midc- 

enessed who wital avas to fiivc each student cxpcii- by Dean Daniel Wallher, who will ' 

r°iw"b°rS','''' ''™' ""' "°'°' Colporteur Meeting °"';;i'''™'2',*''"^*; "■'*'; ■' ' < ^ ; , '■' ';"■-■ 

iM. I.mton r, Sevr.n. . hss sponscr RcCrUltS WorlcCrS malheitiatics. cdocat.onjl sub,L> r. ,: .1 ',','\||^.„ k,^.',',,', ',„ ' ' ,, u. ;h. : ... j,,',.,' „; '.Jolkredal'e 

'>i ."I .1 i. .mrnduced ^ comi»sition and .hctoric. Tor ., hh.ari.u, ,.. M - n l,n. TluUc ■■.Meet The BoarJ" 

i: .JWD.' will wish ,!ouh.,l spent it when the tlnrsummcT' toTead, thc^^courses are "^IIZi^'-I^'.'a, i i ...i™. Von w'b' J.L Atkm' 

I ^ . ^ : I . Mns blame last I'lagues hettin to (all w,is the as follows: S. W, Dake. Oliv.a Dean Board authorise. I .\! I -1. i.l O.t beailin;; a Double Life" by 

Pre-.dent Kenneth" A. Wright ad- publishing department secretary of the Eadie. Nellie Ferree. 1. M Gish. Dora dairy. ' i ..,,1 I . r . ,, ,1 , , ,.,„,.;, 

I s(rii.e to hold high the principles colporteur institute held March }1- sen. T. K, Ludgatc. D C Ludington. be- particularly intere.k. I tu in. .. ■ 1 >, , , , ,, ^ 

i, begin, tog 

r sang 'My Old Southern 
iryone joined in the College song 

■ir enTo',Se'°en,e°rtainme""o'f iSe '.^^^Sd bj" le 

. h' C Klement dismissed the 't-er le ruTd 

I Ingathering Total ir.— "" S.'i'ci.'" ' 

I Exceeds Set Goal Publishing depattm. 

inf,;. ito'Tj." 

■ ence super-goj 
T which was onl 

and brought back appto'iimate'iy 


1! Open Night 



SoutkEWT. <4ecent 



JamilE JjwtH 


nd PhaiBgiaphy 





;,..:,., .::■:; 

'l£ky Ni«' Roli'rt Roith. JojH Youn£.' 


nu o'f"'&)uthcra'Nli»%Ml^ C^'llefic" CollcBcdile. 
u slp'fmiKrrX'llMl, under thd'«'c"of ciWi" 


Dots Staff Breakfast Jottings 

.--Dashes ^-i^i^SSSS^^S . J^rry 

J proerm b. 

week i 


a think 

MounUin wher 

a slightly delay 

J heie. Dip Dan 

■. Tbt SylvJO 




>"»"" bnat'"" 

was eaten. 






» thS 


typists, et ceic 


htir final crack-up 

And s|x-jk 



eggs, hot ehoeol 

' Dc^Ut' \°o«Tn 

Hicks. Verne Doridi, 

t™'°arl™°"o;'wi.r".« ^o!^4''Jii,Ji«^M,°l\n^lZ '.'nSg.''.^;!'. 'DrG,."e!''isjo';'„',l 
SJo" fttendi. reining the past '^^J^^^ JaST'Cobs The bnlto '° '^ "''■" '"•""""■ I 

nonths spent at CollegeJale! , °j"s,, "p, Ji'spn'sed' by Jack Datnail. Joe Crew, was commenting to J„j„: I 

hafs absolutely "^ "^^ 


inces Andresvs' scrambled eggs, ev- gargle witi 
one had enoagh food to see them cccded to t 
;r the top of the ridge, down the brought it 

After Joe had halt . 
.Li,heoPcneduphispa,k,^e I 

vm Jerry 

.sclj-morning study period bef. 

Important Modern Languages S',;.\lu.« oT pamj","", 

.V( n. Triiniaii atid her jrieinh sliiily Sj>anisb now. Tliis said, aniicipnion is belli 

O lit' jfircigii laii^iiiige hfljis in learning another. 

D iinhle your nsefiiliiesi by It'iirnhig well another langi/ngi 

E ,noilmciil in langnage canrses it greatly increasing. 

li fsearch work ileiiianilt a lnwii'leelge oj languages. 

N alifim In ihv SOIllh chaltiiigc us to the study oj Sfianish and |ir|h".' J^irfcT'^ThirtlurcJnci'r'tri'" enU-rtLntd (hd( '^elat^'M^'lniyi'rie'^^^^^^ were'caMed'home bI:Huv 


ortly bL-fof 

Tl.e A Qppelh Choit al Pacific CV's EntCI'taiu at lo \^i it"^ H !!"*<]" i rid" 

Professor J. Wesley RhoJes, kft re- DiuUCl' foi" Fricilds lus "M.°iisleTl^l'l"is"'"r 

J ll>e I'rmlnft of tin- hvsl winds of any coinitry. 

„ hh ,,lm.,i,d Iwrnnis necessilales langnage stncly. '}^^, 

'■•^ .III II •'•iirilry or language nnless he linoii's other '**""' 

(i ruiiii'itii dljfunllivs in f.ngUih vanish when another language is .° V'°S'^"^^^" 

'""''"'■ Proph"e^'. Td"i 

U ndenlamling oj other nations comes through language slndy. Charm, and John C 

A ir Inici have brought all nations nearer. y ."''*^^'.. '*■ 

(? vneral Conference committees are calling for young fieofde t 

a college educalinu and good grades in language. 
E diicalion is the discifiliiie of the mind and character thro 

slndy and instruction, for which language stmly is excellent 

Squirrel is New 
School Resident 

inference ind is under , 
.sfujiy passed ihc physii 

d as SMC. Cheeky i: 

Way Back When Ahinnii News "" "" ""."^-rl /:,„.,«..„ Editorial Work Is Sky maJrherSn..-''^ 

li „M. r ■^ PillSji.U cran'and''l"-d S*^"^'' ""'** ''''**'' ^^^'"'X CoHiplcted wi"^d■o«^^ildl' moUu'r "!! 


,,.™'".'i"]i ,!"*mi"E°°S£"S ConvcrsatiouTaiight Pin Money Earned 
.^l Moi*L»',""Ld"ns''''''^*'''''''"'''' ^y Ran'l'l'ngs By Various Students 

:ips and Flags La Eseuela Sabatica i;/'^pti'"hSTf?°'^F" ''■»'"" ""'ii'>"=^'™'""Vlf'^ 7„Klkn;£'r^H=«"i 

Spaiii^li Room TIi-l|i.s Students Rous'SL', 'Huso,''"?ihu|«"l°' lit siVr„Sw^r!i° n7anZ™i," l?,d™OT°u,?camT''" " *''"''"' 

^ it ll Conversation word bcciusc if thq> art heard, i one Frank Woolscy cuts lialf. by ap- 

, .,, , ,i ,:- „ ,, -i|„h mornm. ,.„. ™ f^egistfar's Office a ,a,l,c,?ras.ic n,„vo, b/(o?.lUd: c^rS/L"'',!,^ 'IS^oy/'a'.riJ 

|„ .,„ In^v tin i./,rateo bj.kro .,om January onr,] MaJ'ihe pirtorol SllOWS SigUS of lSj''S°iL\lLlor «omp" c, Sdi j°,°°harL?o" """whelTlAri 

ISI'^'d.S 'b,?'l,rr"bro't'l"r wbo"> cmhSlLt"S«t'ki!,'rS«bba* PerpClUal MotioU ^°;|; ™'S,e''"„T!' ""'' " L'nta '"wLf sole' s'jiiVm"'''' 

,k. Spanish d 

.b,;fa7io"lte i« mus, do. This ,s I'o prepare PrCSented tO 

, , „ , ™si Zk"';;*';Xt"r«,'''S Little Creek 

dern Language rhe c"d o'f\)!rw«!rand''ifTe'"lakc! al Ibe same time. 

.identS Form Club Ec'^'el^'Je'rereLTcredTForiire "rss Sj^Ua, repst"rar,°i,?ll!e 
I. e a monlb in the libra readin • ™" °' '""''''° '""■'"«■ " '" """ fo'r '"''''°' ""f ""'''' ^ '"' 

tftK. theme, and tern, p.pcts for stu- 
,ns. Ap„l ,i ., muueal Uu „|,o „nnol type. This i, dually 

.1 !....| s„„e entertainmtnt „ ";"; .r.d.^ jVo f ^ ,"i|;„ "" |/„ which tjreyretei.e the rcsistrar's of' ""S Iwn nuntber,. ~Grater„l. O Lord. j£ R,,!,;.,! 's^neli will i.ork oil an' 
111 ^ in.l I'.iiili ,1,,.,,,,, ,,,^, be advanced enough. ' hce sends out application blanks, cata- ^'".!' ^"'^ ^'' ^l'""' '^" ^''*' thing, and Marvin Salliany tcpaii 
,, ^ .,1 rhe .luh ,- "I liri. . 1 1..1, arc conducted: the be. 'o^"«. P'Cturc bulletins, handbooks. an,l^^ Pierce -a,i,c Tlie Lords ^■^''^''"i '^ ''"■ l^b'S not too comple: 

idvanced class by Di 

or students .t the piano by Charles Pierce. ^I'"; ' " I' '- 

i arc check- j„„„ McHan played ■aivar," 'eaJ.-' ■ • 

iS'sttat A „„ h„ ,r„„pci. and Rachel Atkm, A f,u.., ..i ^„i.. i„J.,.i.i.^ J„,iiia 

■II these s,,i,j ., ,„l„, ■„„„. ,,„,.,,,. ,,„ i,,,. Smitk. Ma.llia Pratt. 

Dwelhn.k,.- llie end of the pin- Catherine Easley. J.,c,oe Evans. Der- 

.ps all the s""'. Miss Atkin, and Mr Dorlcli nice Purdy. and Isabelle Qirino. sell 

itnt, ilcin of 

ills who for- 
:> Mis5ion;iry 



ids. j,.d all 



IS Students Make Up 
First Junior Class 
In History of SMC 

Juniors Entertain Seniors in 
All-Dav Picnic at Lake Ococe 

April II "'.^^ ■' ^^^^Va'lf 1 ^tnior Tna ^S'""'n£- ^''^ l^dcr group rr«°d |X^ 
a"iunior''TI"id''it<^birth''m''l'l>t u". |'^'"S^ ^"^ ^°"S''t ''^'= *ou(h '„ ';i' 

,.... Jr. rr-Jlly I 

u""!^ r Jon ■ ■rjJr wlltr'' ( I'lr- iZtJ' '''^P'"" *'t'' ^ P'^oo ,rl p 

,:/.™:"S »;'■?;: 'y"yp''^'«^"" 

l,mr',',r!,',',I'ir M. 'i.',',.'ll.'roll jovme lilc 10 Stniral. nt.-cr h.vt .giin nnlas Mi» IraJl It |„||. j|„ pi„j p„„j, „;il, J(,„p|, -Thi/.irnc'hc ™'C'° '„'.'m .'"Z 

I "jrr '.. II. \, S. h Ii.r.rri- Spark of Humor irtf^'STce JhiS" bo™'"'"'' ir."'"" So' h^m 'kcT'com ^liUon" iter- °"' °"' "" """' '"' '° "'"'"'^■ 

'" ] "i.'iT'ir'ur. or ihi! or C°mZ t d°Srm™bo'''of .Ira '' j 3™,*,!'" "'"mSorToi'm te" '»•»« ""'r >™ "'P'™''- "»'> oli:< before iHrrowfy tiaVd I'l" Zt 

,' .'nir'r. ro V a misiioojrv croup of junior*. He received his start ?„„ M,:: ;, ' .,,, i^ .„ ,|,,.||\| He "^^ cooooisseurs of pilauble por- plunge, birt she hung on, bounrioi; off 

^ "i "i iM if tl., los'so-i ssorkon't io 195? wheo Miss Myrtle MaksscII °^. ' yPMV leader vice "oos spent some time lo getting ready the tree like a rubber ball and sp.eainr 

', I „. I, „ne ecnnom.ts or uas>; first and second grades, president internationai relations club such delicacies as potato salad (pans of in rapid circles, until she was Ltibbed 

;■;'' I,. ':"i, .,'':■■;.:: ; ■■■ ,,'';::£;''^: S,i:;:'Si?b::d';5'^;'s"i^^ isi'SSI'ShiStiii^i:^:^ cbSi,:;;:l:^r,™;:::^,;; ,S: 

tun apple pic J li mode. ]j. ^ 

, ,ni... iiiuMt, ana i imit Anothtf m^^ionarj— Ihis lime to (Wsidcs eating) were UK wiler battles 

i .. ' !'a■,^!l^(".il' til. pr"--"^"' ''""■■■ ^udtnl f^mlio" n'rm ''oic^b^r'rnd "den Chasc^ln one" boat, al^g witb ScCy. Pearmail dl-il 

\uJ!^L 'j'ub! l-fniiuV IwdLT, and [^'"°[,'^| '-,'J SMc'^in 'ur. Mlli'gV.ldt "iVputdy^t^ anWkT'^'bDri', ""o^pposed TrCaS. Dohci't)' j\ve 

SE^Z^'^r\?.i?"i;l'ii "^,'^■5' u"v'.'nd H,";^ Ludingtons Receive Academy Off icer. 

nwr (III- Ihf hoiiiT tof «».■ ^IfU' ...yjin |^.^j^^ oKolpr'du/hjni'i, nKsidtnt''of 40 Acadciliy Scnioi'S Irene Pwrman, sctreliry of • nilcft. 

)r pillow %h.. 

Mrs. Milh'i Reviews Poetry Volume 

,. «pcci 

jlly hi 

[Ipful jusi 






should 1 

«p un- of poems by the same author. These ''^''^ ,'" 'l 

.cn« in spiritual are entitled as follows: Sougi of "' '^""^ " 

Irighter Dawn" by words such as on display in the lib^ry^SMciili! must'Top 





VMPVs Pass Coal Dr. Tells Student Fast 225 Prospects Attend College 

of One Thousand Of Te.-.-.ble for Starved Europe; Day at SMC from Southern 

Vocational Honors •« «'<"op<^ Donate $ 1 .00 Each Union 

, Docior Otlo S. Sclmbcrll.. one of ihe wi ii v-1 1 

Tl,t JKstoo^^y ^ Vo^ungt^ Soc«t)- g,„„.,| Confmnce scmlirics. ad- Votara.itilv raltictins ihtm^ltes school'' a^oT' Vm "''"'" "'i' '"''' 


;Vol' Kl'li"- \\icKi>i 



I'l'"" I'-ilin- \. Inil 
J?r; SM 

c> at 

Dndilion both spiritiiallj' i 

I ;i;j'&,l.'cld Mc'™!.' iuJrtaiHwo fstUed.-^nJ *=,!,»>, m,«cJb.- t«=™ the R,,>.(,,n; .ij tia /"^ % 

;k,bS Fteno, "°« b.,ck from th° '"S vi-^J k,- Americn bre.b.o,;' Enslijh^Ch.nod, The ,lodcn,. vol™,- f 1> - 

Stsudill-u." ■■CollcgeJ-iie 
was sung by students and 






Dots . . . 

,,„„ tinJ ai Wash.neloi. a fc. Ja,s aj„ Di„, Ujv ,ii 

'£./ A^/. / / M W ' ' f llHt axLiirl) m Spanish a sptnal meeting of th^ bo,s ,n , 

otom „ fl I ; " ' '' " ' I' "' "'"» °" '" ""^'""^ '°"' ?' r"'" »f Soolh Hail 1, ,„, ,„ J ' 

■ ' '" ""' *' g'oW'™ of li.Mnt or nol h, 

thai «e might have 5U||xr' ' " 

that «c couWnt doTt . 

—n^ %om7H asu/h°m «hatYaVc"hi,I 

,.ls (oIlMcd f,om Walla "Pl'"! ""< °" *c m „ 

,alll, b, ad-ani.^d .ctl^t'-jle '"v'TLd.n forth 

collc«ion"f mammals'ii raud O"! bi-forc Ihi: close of ' Khool'"H 

thi oulstandmfi collnttions .n "naiot is the Annual but ht stud ^ t 

t ^ ft* minutes ciei) nois and ihin r 

ni (That icl 
iplain WouJ 

llfitrhiim anil Srilin'j; . ■ 

,, , I II I,, „,„„ I, ,1, ,,f lo,Urn,g „„, bianunkri.limalon bilsomi ™'c" n"i" ,'l,""J 

I I I , I ,l,l„,.,,l, „ I,, lie }h~I ,1, k,„,t, ^,lJ ftO i^* ™S'''^^>\fJ;;|;;;™|''Ai4 if Ph,,ic, and clu, 

,/ ,„ iiliiCf „/.i 1.1/1.1. 

frts/ ^nt "Drr-"s-D"sf" 

,Udi,iik.„d,nis|ina, SpnnsWul „l Pia, , iK lllsoitc that b 
e patkJ) ind tin ,ui, bhsiaed ou, M, fianeis W Am.) combined with Jol 

m.acamalnXnttiiTa'dcheht" John VHal°ec"nd th["soloisls' pie' lom« 

llnlu„l, t„„ ,l,l„l,„. I/,I,I„„ 0,1/ 
'.'/../""" /i/r..,i,,K r,iJ./ioii.»/G„d. 

put oil stud) log Ol 

/ ' rr'?"'""f ir;!i,"«',!'S!j»,'f;XVl«»I- d™ taSrii" a'^S f„°i students rina Banquet Meal In Europ- 
', '","", '" "",", ," r,..",/„ ,„..,- ;, „„■/ ,*, £j£f ;ji}™ |ff£b£^'{;£J'° Meager; Give Liberally To Famine Rfl ■ f 

! i.llllljlli unit icau) aooul tnc ni^ni svliin lights »eic C J 

,/..i.i,..; lion .ithbl.iHal icsults) toi chapel on Monda, April 28 In our .ma(,inat.ons »e .iii tal 

, 1,1 iTas n, mm r, ,1 I.ill I „m ''"»""" >l"»U l^nnch lo»n We could almoil hear the piteo 

pi) itthn I amilioi, interutini, "' s™" children as the) begged for [ust a ciost of bread Buimtil 

1 " ^ ^ It tsliard for us ssbohase neser been hun^r) to full) reahae I 

SMC Gi> es Program "J"* ;■ '''-' "* " " ''•"f'^"' Wnsht read the ameh b) El le.j H 

! For CUatt. WCTU'illfi'''''""'"""""''''''''" "' ' ""'"'I 

Sliideiilh Divulge 
Plans For Sunwner 

ai n oee. the pn „f the pioqranJ p're'sentld eonddlonrln CuroL;' TnrtU'ouimall'part'l.illTimr!"— ""'""" '' "'"' 
b, Southern Mission.t, Coltie to our fellov, beliel ers in Europe 


- - Paces 

Dr. Walther Heads Joiirimlism luteresl Biblical Pluaseolo^y 

!""""\ "'I"- -^^^^ Fostered by"Accem" Clarified by Sliidy' 

'* Tte bMi and Jcvciopmini of ihc °^ Literature 

iimj" nj- """' JisccrnioE imtrest"in° ™J"n A dijiint'i ^,mp,i!°"m, lo most 

...—Euro. '°",'"V^'" i'"'"".'^ '^^'^^'f- Cour.fs for people when they learn that tlie Bible. 

)Tchur"h K'""nE interest. """' '" „ '' '!" ?"" '"°'"' ''™«'- « ""'' 

n<';ii> of r.tiii'i 

Tly experiences of e>r- edilinc, makenp, and proofreadiny roads of enilizaonn, keanie 

iroijtjli Europe and '" both courses practical seork on the band.s of Gods chosen peoph 

ocvledge of the lang. '^creW is required, rator)- for the svorkin^ out of • 

''; t^^?,'l'"T'. . , ^'<"1. «i'l provide (..vperience in ssrit- ^ ''"^"O' Point nf a iess- fun. 

lo addition lo his duties a, held of Literature Presents e'"!'" pro'diEis' of 'all°ajes° 

of'llifHLTSi.^onii"^^ ^"'"^ of Classics !i'nna"yilmf°ta'm'"ou°l,',,;a"'k 

classes in European Hislorj. since 191-1, The point of emphasis in the courses ''tO"Sl't lo look upon it not only as a 

Survey of European Hislory. and Am- in Shakespeare and Milton been '"'^'"J' lesenoir from which lo draw 

\luimiiof'45 Way Back When a''5",ee™rai'"."k "'^'"'' °' '■'**" '""' 

iepOrt Latest News «o»ert G. Swoffoho wi'"™epar?ment'"ar*'ArSbr*e'''L |i,e" 

New Courses Afford 
Minor in Speech 

■true spiritual values ;-" ' ' " 

"' r'e" ."'"'""'r'"" Fi'i-liMiiin (iiriip. 

n''wTk"w.°s°beinf <>ff,T~ W id,. Ii:,|,f.,. 

I period in English <»f \f■|i^ili,■^ 

applied their All coursi 

.. ... ^ I , . a I d -"' '° """'' "Scenic Sweden" 

■"" ihi,J.'pn:"d'^;:.«S»™ci;i^ ^"°i:iS""'":X:ri''Z Scen at IRC Meeting 

iius. Erwin Sle.varl. is moving back "i'"'"',': "'' ''''''" f '''''" J'';' '"B »' I'.'s-.'Kvs for lecli.rc a,.d s.rmon A film entitled -Sceoic S.veden-lbe eip"c;;;.,„^'"lSrwr'illen'anruM"' "' 

1. Southern Missionary College lo be- f"°" ''"'",''« '"' ! " '"P '"'■ ^''' "l".' ?"'' discussion Procedures, the Und and the People" sva, shown dur- 'siudenl re.ldets as" n the hctk 

gin summer school. Erwin was thrilled ^P^nfi.of "^ trap strikes one end of principles and practice of coinmiltee mg |Oint sv.orshin. Industries, schools, ine and enrr,.clion of ov,'. ann ™, 

10 gel out nfihe Army the last of Jan- J "sJi'" The 'ahe" ''? f '1 " h" "'" P™"'".'"-. "'"' 'f^"' '"•' '"iP""'"! buildings from the a sveel-. rrr™Andrewi and IkdJ 

""""^i''^ ^"^'^"'■s "<^ 'i^iofi =t J^f^di- p'l^cc\''uj"h^.'^rrcnMs^o''n''" " '"'" EisenllOWCr alltnd..ncc, and' Heden^Bloodwoclh foMhr"' und 

Alvin Ste'ivari?"a"btoiher of Erwin, j, ,™'„"°',J;'r„'J"j''' Jj.p' ~M["'|,'d' I''Op'''*pl'y RPCeived the s"s!inn. and'Garland'l"elcr°s°n''r'Sd IhlTsJSblnd'loJ.'tmhsrU drp.mmn'l" 

RicTAlsTn* w^rUc? of" his"siork. "^We ^^"- l' ^- ^^^'''^^ "f '"dia, announce By Library scripture le.sts and olfered pr.iyer. for ll.e following term. 

able 10 mainlain"a morrcbee^cful'" div ^o^'''"" }""''°' College-" ridh S. D.ivjs, is the book fealured by " than if we were unoccupied. , I""r,m0: The first "Musical L;l"..ran Stanley Br„..n. Dw.ght D. 

kigbl now, I am playing with the Kal- 'f "f"*" , "" '"""'I'"' "" ,"" '""« S™''"","! 7,"' ''"'""'^," °' "" 

;™;',J»*^'^."«*J«^jfCo^s»R,ca °'-*-;h°°siu°d'en'ts'',"r?"iSs,''l'n'"°i;e ^Hmwldt lalm su'piZc" lead" 

jressive cfas wd,'k'.-°Quoling"lr™ 

-" r JoL"' JusT'a'boul'rveithing. ta ^inVh-'ima" wlieK' a' s'e'l'll'cT 

*>^r<" wdl notice by this lellcrliead. We have heard llial Earl WcGhee .s J,,™ „„",",;„:;"" w", jays a. 

Jin Mission as well a', pasloimg The '' in a fanely ..( .iv boys n.-ighr, chil 

Sjn Juse Church. For recreation, I am Dean H, F. Lease was seen Irim- IClci, hi. w! .| Pou.rj ',' \S 

I !»M°°''"i'"^"' °'''°' '"j""""!"' <■"''' T-vo 'JeSpl'e wm S'5«"ierl Z" '' """ "" """ """""' '"'' "" 

1 ^olved m these responaibiliiies. J have feet olT the sidewalk in the act of ^p„ , , , , , .„ ,.'/,,, 

I lime for mischief. j.icking up paper. This one iveek o./.'.'.i ■ .1, na. '.,i i.. ).!'.. "l.'o! 


A Cappella Choir Mis. Jensen Upholds 
Pi-cscnls Program Arl of Conversation 
Near Nashville -m, « of convc ,», . 'ii ■ 

;' " " ;:■ i: :;„',; -r,;,^ Registrars Meet Bon nlonV Team 

,,,, ,.,„,»., I,.™ j„ _4tiama Sc.ri-- lir-l Will 

li-a«l>ci-i-i<->-M-M-M s,!,ti„'feii=n'c'oii5""™j°j ' " ';. :,.,;:,, ^j'toMroi Km" Schiibcrth Conducts | 

l''i ' ■ il!"L.!^i™rnH^'n^''hdd A|vil'':2'1o t'lK- 'sca^on^Sundly, March'si. by a QuCStion Hour 

I'cn in bj- Warren Gepfor 

s tbjt were sbovi-d in by Schubcrlh p.r>,L,.lL.I 

Bob Jones College 

n7i".lni"i',„i; '"' pkkmI ■''" '" Ibe ™d'of™'co»est°""° '°°" 

Waricn Oakes. Spirit of 

Vesper Service 

1 >, l',ih Jono, Sr. president of Dob 

'v.'.rircinr^y^in ™" ri 

Accent On The Academy 

Alp nd 


Ir-Sr V'lviui- Held -;;i ';:'';l;/;;L:';:'':trZuS; C'^^^ ^'*^'*'^ ^*^" 

In Spile of Kain i'"'' "''>h ij"i:i>ur Q^ Food Preservinj 



' ' 11,11, llmr. ,„ ,1,, |,kt. One firoup pulled llitir ■Tfcscrvjiion of Tood" during iheir 1^"^ nmb 

'"''■ I. Mi ,,-}iore, and, turninf; it upsiiit English .Club mcrfin£, Mondiy. April p ni, 1 P ^ 


^-. ''::'^BfH3 :SBB'x^tS. rVVdn, ' ' 

-;'i;;;:; ' " 

XL^cllXdin[^tbeC■Js{}r"E «■ KSn n"njli!l,mTnid''t-|'nSn"s'i ™^ J" Z n' o 

l!^,lh,!ri.'' Nfi'/hin' ■^i'.Ll'hi.l!^>u' 

■ ' ■ '^' - '^ \ tiad 1 pari in food preser\'ation. He ?^ " ^ 

" II' ' ■■nil Instead of going lo tilt dormitorits, explained how bacteria have a part in ?'"' ' -- 

!■ .! 1 ; ,M .„ ....-^^t the juniors iMk ti,e seniors down 10 it ' i« ouni; p.op nG 

Mid, liorvevtr. tlut Bob Jones College 
will be in Clevcbnd at least one more 

ianJwi[,lK> y<i\ilo .hips. .irJ ,old ihc gymnasium where suppor was sci- I'erfeirting this new iystem, in IB6 
annm, wilh itc Cieim and tookit-s for vcd, following which Principal Don Henry Heinz set up a factory 

° w''!*" ■'eif'ds" on" 



Souihern Musionar; OilLgi. Colk^i-djli. TLiin^>sec, May 17. UXf, 

African Guest 
Describes Angola, 
"Constellation" Trip 

s'sn" Mo„nni„: "I",' pteint' J" ion" Mr's'oNt'rD, ■'•T^^'i yo"* «l.o ,<,n,cil,mg » br., ,n mi„J ,™ i„mcadcius f.dd 4 g^Q DclcgateS 
I .„, .... Mt. Victor Ditid. Dcin, il,t diredot of ihc nom.,1 di. to , land for and ht fell Ihal Sonlhnn tltm is .ind to picpjt.: for the fe 

S, Ktitlfo c°"' ''''""' !:";~t°on:;!i,c!';.''' ""'*' °' "" "i£"d'ta,'':Si,'in"s'£°it'°'''°'' is ;"« y» ztU"*"''"' to Attend g. c. 

posts tot the Atooiit Age.' 

Sl,729 Donated 
For Fainiiie Relief 

I, Jensett and Eldet J. V. A,l, 

Dots Famine Relief Jottings 

Dashes »\"n^ ,■''''' ?'i r},! ^^^'^ 

t / tl ll J t I t h 1 d Tl p ^'^ 

^copiif on Mistsions 

IT „ ' ^ - > " Delegates to GC wheieabouls of 
I " ' ; '' I I 'I h '"f: Students Pill I Inse p j , w ghi p,^ , d Alumni Revealed 

','! I 1 ll ,1 I ' , S; ' ;,/ ( ' Sti iimin PT 17 "nV ' ■"„„" "5 LI .," „ ."., In Letters 

mp d b) M W (,ht 

d Bid J 

J si 

lb ppo I dd I g t tl t 2 ,, ., 

tl I A I l«k I b II d I D I en E ecne Hand, 

r •» I d d m ) f (D glis Plycr) ire 

ppo 1 M m I H piMl where E 

Choil Picnics Atop Am ^ Ih jndnilinB 

Reseivoii Hill w l *-' D""c"i'i"'M."r'i 


Printing Requires Press Publishes Mr. Vining Be«au 

Modern Machinery For 17,000 Readers Printing ckree^r 

And Humidifier Th. coiUfi. Prcs. pM.h., ja.r At Collegedale 

Doris Stroup pinodicah a lolal circuhtion of " 

approMrrulcl) 17 01)0 It ilso Inndlcs Ue been faicmled bv print nu 

ijlU up (he cuncd side \Jriou, pfintmc nr !ers pncliriMj j|| mi life vUkd Mr 

d tbt modern red bwk Thcn.hliuion ,r t r r 7 / Njbk Vmini r-.lkc Pr.» nurii^ r 

■. operate lhelmert>pc 

; in operation itstj 
a brim hiddt 

I Pi of. Seniors Are 
I C I ismopolitan Group 

'iu^"L^m''iou° \"munWr''of'T Sponsor Entertain 

"- Collosr .In 

Mr. Bo« en Awaits 

"Elijah" to be Sung 
On May 25 

Home Ec'& Fete 
Facultj Members 

P* ;•' w^ 


^, jj xi.,...„J I v«plf's Tpam Wins Elder Ashlock Ha 

15, H II I M l)i>< 1 I dm h S , 

Di Sill II I) 

Ml Russell Pi ebcnth Ladie',' Cliih Honoi » 

Pi Kill il Rill, 

Dtpai ting Members 

'/ Gi ade School Gives ',;"■ ' ''.h'', '",' *'',.'' .hi'' 
, Musical Play d ,' ' (.i d i i j 81 M>' Insignia 

1 T m ipi, ''°;'' " '' 'I . . „^ '' „ A«aidedtoSlndi Ills 

L, W J H II M 

SMC Stndenls Assist 
111 Apison Pi o^i am 

Pi csident Attends 
Cliica.o Council 

Picnic Piovides 
Holiday Fun 

W ill I in_ Bnil 
I 1 iliiiniili 

i EU J r A 1 

yii ihfic itions j^^^ ^^ ] p 

\^inn \ 

Vniiii il Pi Opi esses 



Souchcrn Missionar) Ciillcge. Colltgcddle, Tennessee, Jui 

I Slimmer School To 

Run 10 Weeks 
1 Fromjune 17 

First Four ' Year Class Receive Degrees 

Diplomas Awarded to Six Graduates First 
Year of Full College Status 

, FMih, Faculty Disperse For 
I. j.n,.n ,~J Eld., Study and Travel 

;,//o.///0H C'ii;lrif^ /I'— f^njliy mcmbcfs 


Graves Elected Ed. 

Bacc. Sermon Given 


l By Elder Ashlock 

" 1 oo ■^u'\tT\.:l^I'°t'JiLh 

^ y,-^\\Ic^ 'f F^' Ashlock'' Tcci- 

College ,innu,il. 

! he substituted for Elder L. K. Dickson. 
•^ Division, detained in Wnshinnton 


Speaking of the current individuiil 
.ind insanit)-, Elder Ashlock dem.indcd, 


world vision of scr^Nce for Immanity. 
Taking their motlo — Service Measures 


Eirncitly Elder Ashlock iclt.iced 


lT K.Tnl Z foot oT'tlmt ccoL.^thc 

Tiventy Trailers 
Arrive on Campu 



5eTpladnj"llK°unS Collejcd.le ,o b.eio lachio 
i Trailer Cmp behmd (Cmii,:,„J o,, p^gr i) 

«™,;£;,£'veC*JS $50 Scholarships 

hrough the Fedeial Public Housing Awardctl 9 ScuioL 

Packed House Hears 

.St;. S; Dramai;.- "Flijah" 

pl.n to , 

'rijlil Sunday 

Elder Keougli Presents Great Need 
"f In Mohammedan and Bible Lands 

the "The m.Ehl,. 'I'^jU'JCj; "J^ ' ^ji '^^^''fg^'J^!^'^"' "'" 

the sBicd'"Hda "g, V/thur Keouji,. Kilelline the toiliar 
!he Lit'Een iSjVnin's.'Ma^ >l. tompjred" )„se and 'hi, , 

1 The ex| 
«ifih( ai 

■_ type . 

Elii.ih stands as probably 
no rain should fall on is 

ng of elee rrcal and plumbin. Odom from Highland Academy, with its ten million inhabitants .s still used only one he bad an ample store jhe second part of the ontori 

' ' Mary Charles Scott from Little Creet, , dosed country to Christian mission- ofammtinirton; the sling, portrays Elijah's despondency, h 

1 bath and laundry unir, com- and Helen Klir.n from Pisgah. aries. Turkey remains staunchly application to ones dady tasfe^^^^^ sense of aloneness in his fidelity t 

ConlmuJ on p.>gt2) from" P^ne°Fo?«t''" Academy^ ""* ^"^^ bMO^Tn ^Adsentist''"ln the' entire seorker^Eider KMUgh cooMded' (Conlinntd on p^ge il 

"^Southern Friendships - - tSr 

„„„ , ,;„ „„„,, „/ ™, „w „.»c ;; *.; ™s /wa. rZ jrc^^JldJU^^^ jo ^.j '^rirllf''""- '^'Tc!,"''d f™™ p.,. „ 

„//;,. oj/h'"'"'"/""' '»"""'• ""> '■/' ' ( ''" "'»'' '«'" I""" 
s,,./, -. /fc. fr,',,,,/ *.r„„s. .; 'A. ..'.. "' .. . ;r. '.-.;"» '"'»"''. "»;' 


Til ftmia A„drM% riliriiig tdilcr. Ihe proper pUiidils /or 
o ilillitiill jail well done. Kilhniil experience or Irmlhg, Mm 
A,i,l,„e, loot oi«r the ,„po„Milily o/ a„ imfledged college Iraper. 
I„r,„nl.„mg ,mv policies, .eorklog i„ eeery pba.e o/ ,,..„., gd,>,er,„g 
«„d «Mhe „p. I„„.lli„e.„;iii„g .,»,/ prooj ,c.,,l,„g. 

Will, iwlrici md olho d,lii„iiual reporlers. .» llie ace of 
,kepi„„„, a,..l occaslooll ,l,o„.Jl„cd criiici,,,. ..HI,o,„ o„ oljice 
.., '.,,,„p,,u,„. .,;/,„ /,/.,»( ,.;«./. "/ /fc copy herselj. ,ac,i(,ci„g 
,!, , ;;,„'./ (/-. I J,.; r„ll. ,li;„ Uuin „, hu, ciiled a paper o/ whic\ « „„ ., ,h. 

' 1.!j:!:pp!, In _;;'■; j'"";;;;;';;;;;;;' t"t!^„'''"'c^:!!Z T.S,ZZ 

Elder Hacknian 
Urges Entire 
r.(,ii».(iali<.n M 
Scniiir Srrvicc 

—The Cwibtn Chronicle 15 Jiys in ordtr 



Closing Exercises of the 1928=1929 
School Term 

Walk, Washroom, Speaker Deprecates 
I Fountain, Additions, Modern Revivals 
I Under Construction .^„j. j,„„,„^ ,,,„,„ ^^^^ (j^ 


' other day in Ihc dining 
P,ojtcji i. lapidlr b.- 

iifniiy |>„im 
ipidly being on l,.„„' 

Mlk areund tl 
ralfc »ili rcplac. 

cady sweeping the United S 

Dr. Yost Warns 
Power Danaeroiis 

WitllMllI t..mllll(>s 

began his" woA ,n "Pasadena and hai FaCulty HaskcU Awardcd $10 fK"wled°ge' »'°'pos'''eI'°'ha,"lSn 

*;e1SeM'K.''X° wiJgl'r N™ MaT'S Slt^-'t,' dJV^£, (&»mW /,.,,, f,|, 1) p^^^ ,,^^, !„„,„, theological L°L1 'TOlT'toe demonstlate'd"' 

liSafwoIk srae prariS.'and 3(m";"o"e 'J^jpl dediMed";i°em' '='''" ',1":" ^'^■';|^J,„'"J„f D^c' dn",in?oX"«J,if.%tond,,"MaV gL^tt'" b,,d''de^"o°di'iIe'''i.y"''tte 

A"«°com'Sion «a,hro«n, and St", miLton^e" '" ''"''«°"'' Ju; 'wiir""t« Collegedal'e befot'; Sd "s'ob'mii't'ed io°°l.'.''lakn;' seJch pl'",Z[.°!- "" ''"'""'°" "" 

' nt^Sion^foJ'lhis sttmtoet's in diLentiatii,"g between an", coun- the lampos aiding and abetting in the Only two manoscripls, both wt.lten Jmp|°.,iL^l"riht sopm a'oaKl)' 

mpnteeling, actording to Mr. licil tetfeil movement, no ^ matter hoiv ';"J'';^_;[Z'"" ™" '"»"" '" in partial fnlBllnient of the require- „„'jjj ;„ „,„j, p,„f„i„„. ,^„,/^. 

English depat 

|),r office building svrll provide ctam- of the l^rary'. ^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ of the Engli 

Ikle ''^'l"°°[J'|,^^^Jj^[.')j'"-^d'"wome"n^ ScalcS lutroduCCS p^„'.^ .inTltliss Dora Greve wih P'"^ntation remarks cipline of Uiblesaudy, communion of 

", Ptyir further stated that a modern MuslCal Meetings attend summer school at tJcorge i, , . commndmint, of God,'" '"' " 

lodtv with sinks and ironing board, -S Peabody College fo, Tcchcr. m Hcaltll NurSe Eadle Preceding D, IVf, ,dJ„,s, M, 

Ian, tosrend ^,.,,^ WaiTfll Oakc> ' ,' , \,''"''l' .""T ^''"'"thl 

fountains and 
•idc a constant so 

should be completed by I 

report will be English and speech department, plans 
icludcd. fo attend the Univer,.ty of Michigan 

Guest speaker at the first M V. m Ann Arbor to contmuc working o^n 

I,';, " Birds Adorn Hats 

" ;'^'^ I'"; So Why CanH Cats ? 

: Cygne- and the ■'Cavatina" by 

Bertha Rogers Weds 
G rover Edgraon 

arover Edgmon, 1 
I J™; ".Tn TyTv 

S ,m'c'sl,ll continue work 

rothy Evjns plsns to spend 

-glit it down.Tel'it 

;, ind lifted Ihc lid, 

."jy^lc-d .rosily ao|> a navy 

Infill atop 1 w; 

on a nwfby'lrunkrind lifted 


hnd Clifford Ludinfitoo, pr«cn..d W/ D 1 W/L during lite flm six weeks of .umnK-r low,n,".l.'!"c'rny't,";T! S. M. C. AUimni 

J^_4P«^';'^~. -itMonn, Srnith Way baCK When .chool^.nd^.hen win lead ou. ,n ,1,.'n. ^^Alv.ud^oV R.M ^Atkin. ElcCt Ml'S. WaUhcr 

a Spanish Memphis in = 

biiUs of Qfeen Anne's Uce and bars wjs .Ke hrgvit in the historj- of "i" Ruby E. Lei, after a sborl ,„j ^r. H. 

blue hydrangois aeainst a bicknround the College. Theie were 17 sludcnti v^ation in Washinfiton. v.-dl return Kentucky; N 

of evcrfiicens, Mrs, D. C. Ludington completini; various colltge courses, and 'o Jjic ti^gislrar s omte. mond, KciKl 

^id chitgc of itiL- reCL-plion and ihe 3-1 wlio received college rrcpar.ilor)' D^^''" "^'°^^ '^ will continue M,,,,,,.^,,,,,,, 

President K, A. Wright rtporlcd 
that funds wvre all available and that 
work had started on (he tot.age for 

"lony. oihcr o/ompus ^ests were 

Belgian Delegate White Elephant Sale 

Addresses Church wiigh" thl '^cMsgedtie womeiVs 

■ nything for H,c Sale Tuesd^VjuIyV in Maude'joQM 

. . faux pas in 

Dnly Ihrougli dependence on God that or hat. or h ^, _ 

hulp and iaivation can come," dwlartd Wiighl explained, "It might be t 

■ June 

A - "-«^|H ^'^ New Teachers 

E,;^.. ,4' -l^^^n Joi" Staff 

-. r-^Si^^^ 0^ A,Southe,„ 

^ , IfV .^ r^T' Missionary 

junccmcnt by Pcesident 
■Aing dean of 

aiuret of the Gcocg 

Mis. DoMhy E,™, visitios the .„d btooshi them to t'hi' ,.,1. ,- "' '' Collcgians Wage War Summer Enrollees 

|S". ™; 'to le Ti;' F«r ™ttre' tS TBrin^p'S Against Boredom Reach Over 110 

Jochmani,"and durmg both wars our floynton, Mrs, F. B. Jensen.'and Mrs. , ^\Z°^ ^^^^'"^ ^&^P '" \^ ^ym. '^^Summcr \diwl 'i^roheef nme to °' "*'""^" ^' ^"'"■■'* '^"'^^"'V. ^is- 

bretbreo and sisters have proved John B. Pierson Mejdanie, Bnrkett ^^^ ^^', "^J"' h„Jj „5°"''|," Southern Missionary Colieje from ""•'"■ "'" "'" ""■ "''""'■ P'"' 

' The'' SMkerr'pic'tu'red the°'an- "mon.d'e sMnJ'"' ' "" " *"" opposins forces were Georec Ashiocb " £'J ',"'"'' ?^!'"f^,':°'°'^''. Elder C. E. Wiltsehiebe, missionary 

believable suffeting, of the refojees. Cat Bowers and plants mingled '"1"""" °"f'^ The operatron re- ^,,^^ J « ; ' ,o China for a nnrnbar of years will 

Althnngh many around .hem lost their blooms in a riot of eolor at the "'"'1 '" " '<'<"""■ '"• '>>' '""= „„„, ^„ ,„„,„,j „ ,„„„ „„;, take over several of the College Bible 

, their lives during the war, ooly a Borist booth run by Mrs. Dm. Bowen '"° =°-'°,„ ,,,,,, sehool work. The total number of 'I"'"- „ , a .. r, ■ 

I few Seventh-day Advenlisl believers and Mrs A, J, DeNoy.r re rS Dr Tta M Gish ' "h,™ '.leians this summer is M, Mr,, Bae«ler ,ind Mr, Fleming are 

intervention that they were preserved, speatean mterrogat.-on, "Whafs m a ^'J, *,' j^^'^^^'i 'T'lhe'motni'ng ""■■ ''""'°" 'f"" '"'"'" "'""' "' Mr''°Elemin' ""'Mi"' Par6'tl"an°d' "'"' 

S5rilS4§l "¥^Ei5fl22i5 ^5itll?FS '%^X^Zt!ll Oown-Under 

several days on foot. They reached jn,^,,^^^^ ^ ^^^ Botiomley auc- baseball diamond, , ^ ,, jon° s^th that d""'Tumm'cr ^s^smns DeleCale 

ipparenlly secure shelter beneath a toned off a number of pairs of shoes. At 1200 a general cessation of activi- j,"- ' jj^^ ^"^ as beh^^ due to the 

other refugees already there. Hardly an^some^artkk's o'f'masallinc^w^rilfg trees in fr"ont tifTudingtonrto restock f^^t 'hat in those- years theological Speaks tO (lllUrel 


I, this family 
5ec. He led 
deserted barn c 

,ed for eight days, lalei 

Th!! a''n'']°n""l'°o"l °h "bo'dTd"" '' ■>' '»'l''ti'onth'''n'lhc°pa'r"r of Maude "•■""« P'""™ '"' 'I""™ '" "« 
to rescue them, ^,'^,^j^ ,^ ,^^? ^;^,;„^ pj,„.^ ,|„|, 

T can tell you that our brethren members last yinr presented the dormi- VcteraH MisslonarV 

and sisters in Franee and Belgium tor, girs with the painting now hang. •, a^ ,, j ■ £«•■ E- >- "l»=lrl" l"" Au.lralta E7deV Minebin is visiting as miy 

have very tender fee-lings for our ing en the parlor, VlSltS laOllCgedale ekot. will Eld., T, K. tudgot. nod „mn nSngs and y3s "mpTai 

*°"Tc..°wl ;T;";" '" Board Votes $5000 ^Bide, w_ k ^Ande„on._ pion„r M^rFerree Acclpts ^^ <^'^'^"-'!:'""" '^'"^ '" 

'^^Tl^n^Tiuusand ^^■^^•o'i'^^oihfi Call tO Philippinl>S r^/SSr^r ^Si 

dollaVfor°'''mprovin°g the ' ColTege " A™, Fl,< A J llliss Nellie Ferret who lus spent caught a vision and are glorious in 

Wood Shop wa! voted by the College Accomranymg Elder Anderson eight y,=,ri in the Collegedale elemen- the lord' The gospel of " " ' 

'^ .. .' . .i Elder E, L, Minchin, Young Peoples ' -■ ■ 

'plan'ned to g°o 

lent for the study 

going throojh t 
lilippine Union 

because of dilf 

"Plametl -. -, 

usually begaii in Jtily, but practically the entire island population 

Olfer only second scmesler svork, college Tt^A'vondak'estabUshed' under 

partment at the school in Manilla a college enrollment' of approximately 

fC™/»«e,; .„ »„„ ,(/ ,£0, 



Sautlaenn AcQ.^r\i 


r, Chism Frank Job. Mnr.h. 

rcncc Kohlcr. Ernwt Long, Miry Miiut«;n 

Ludgalc, Harris 

Nelson, Hfkn Pjul, Fayc Pearson, Charles 

PicfW, Lloyd PI 

S^indcfut, Hrvin 

Stcwjrt. ]. B, Wail.s. Jam« WhiKn^nT, 

Lloyd Woolicy 


Lingdon Elmore 

Publiihid bi-wn 

'«(' Congiii, Augusi IJ, 1911. Rt-nil«f3 M THE 

South Hall 

Summer School 

Dots . . . 

-Jl ,aiy /or > ,.,„,■ Fou,,,,, Th,,, 

do. [c. do; do, 

I. Ralph ■ Noflh Otoir 

'"6 ™ 1 

Those 17 Steep Steps 

mouse Inp on your knee. (Djn con- 

■ "^^"^y FIccnor Hctbc 

by ihc end of i 
roun^d'b? ihen 

Craiitn lltrG dn I is 9i Ora i Imt iher Goodrnh has been | tcraturc and giving Bible sludics GirXII'er ^dlian - Miinc' 

a niflUr t\ tht CilUf^uUU Jurch jor SIX year. And etery to those who are mierwrcd. ^^ ^ George, Eiise - Kentucky 

Sallall TO r si nn yoi. II fi d Graudm iher Goodrich p^^ ^^ on }^[y9. "Pete" ^ot lired ^J^^IT DdlT'-'-TelSll-^'"''" 

il I il JT II III lie boy side of the South ,''-'■■--■-- 

/ ' / I T I ill usual croud of church members \^^^^'^J^^ 

j tlj iknu^ntii acqiiawlauces reiieuiHg j^d but it mi 

\t night when the spodighti 

ooms by : 

C drich ualktd ml the jronl door spo 

friiiidi—eteryoiie in CoUegedale is a jrierid asso.lme xnuoi«:.. «..,i<un ■ .e....™eL 

Inch— and then si e ualked oier lo a tall f"^ '"j^^'^i'* j°" " ""',i!''"u "^ "" J"''^-. F""k - North arolina 

/ I j III j/ci/ j/rwe j/e/j 5/»c dreu back ^nd anything °^hich"so dcsim'^c'jJn ^°''"' '*""' ^""^ ' ^^^^^"'^ 

Il And then she sjioke 

walk right in. These aniir 

/ a comfort lo feel secure uhei J"^"^ donT'dwa 'r^toiher' f'k^^' ^°"^' ^''""' " "'"'''"' 

/ / Ct er) Sabbath I count them— qufct Our m Jit *'^f sis tent y^itor"'« w "''■ "^"^ * *^'f''^7^ 

U [s Cfining doun If there a ^at «i'h blue eyes. Michael'is Chatlts - Ohio 

/ // r I to chiinh by myself HaJl'^to%°eTlIu(^"'of'"tf " "l '^'■"'-'f- Lamar - Texas 

/ // lo Lynn If ood Hall camp e ery once in a while." Amon^ ^°^^^^- ^i°^'^^',f!^'° ^ q, ,■ 

/ / irch If II had not been ''°^'- ^h" have already left us :ite 'rql^ll"„[ Harr.i '"s^uth Dakoll" "" 

( / /; Iruh there uuidd be no such place as Southern Ita n(, for thwe trailers soon, for p^*'^"'' r^"?' 'J^Tr^'"',- 

II ) ( " I, he s txpectiog his wife next week, Pci^', Gcot|e - Tennessee'"'"'' 

II ; hss for IIl Ifieh older feople of our coltef^e ha e b^n a (mTble '"storUge"'" of'"^ce Si^ChaJ " '^l""'""" 

I "i 'i I 'i irZi!u7iTfiJit7he7p'aJd ::^tnr\o;12eT£ifty^E: po^'car'rlr'Jt;"^^^ 

// / / Il / J ly I nr church budding ex G I s jou would think so. If you're Rhew Ch T t'^ 

i I II j 1^1 (r^l lUr Go Iruh Ullld tome all bt ^°oMd^hh^"^VruSyih'^'^ RicLrds. 'cvaV . I'nTanT 

Shrive, Ruby - Florida'^" 

This Labor Problem b---- Teachers s^^;^;-^^ 

To Convene in D. C. 

\ri,ri, m,r nmilr,-< milfonml refmnMive, relimied liclar- 
win \r<,m il'r frhi< th.,1 l>.n l,u<,l ". ...y,-, P^cemher 7, IW , they a conference of leichccs of business 

'""«■' ■■.-., ■'„< ai Ik a„r llM liail A"|"s" !l lo ScTtembe, 5, jccocdms 

c new duplex down by Miller 
lost completed. And up on th 
ust below Hill Top House fou 

'all.s, Joseph . 

Belgian Delegate 

(Co„i:„„fJ fmi t'i' 'I 

their jenerositi- in sendiog so n. 

jmrihuse thai new dream g C CIc\ 

Y^ w,'|'|'^fom'"n 

Ir. Win':lcr. Mary - (jcorgu 


"f llmte Ihul had faced Dake as r 

Sge'^'Lci ^eTeg 

,n Wood, Ijora - Tennessee 
ale Woolscy, Lloyd - Tcnneisce 


.:<ul n.ld U' come back "ill have a 

sp«ific subject to pres. 


who plans to 

>■■ <-'lr '■■'■: /G. I. joef. \f°l\^^^ 

Experts in the fie 

cc Ballard. Violet - North Carolina 
ds Bishop, Carolyn - Florida 

Robert Jorhm 

for New York Oty 

■ ..■'■....'''..'.- V „w/ profits Teaching 

nethods. textbooks, sch 

wl Edgmon, Kalhry.n ■ Tcnnessc-e 

His plane lef 

'''f>P^'>l>'''P'ol':f,n'^l^^ Sn'ouie'cX^rstlllLtt LXte^'N^™" " lei"-... 

0/ Profits IMlle llimilg tl,e ytur. Would Ihh iml serve as an ^.M, C, will doubtless be ovetBowioj l.ysik, Rit, - Tennessee 

g tlie year. Would Ihh iwl serve as an 
T ., well o, to reduce the wmber of slrites? 


Mexican Visitors Shirley Preston 

Speak to Students Weds Serv 

College Garage 

The New Collegedale Garage nJchLTO'*!.""!," \,l'£ '^°^ '' 

^luipptd ^illi the lalftt Li, 

i-T-i- T -1 nv]ol;'».™toirmUi5Tm,SL"S ^"'''■f?'''''''*' *^°'^''''''' Home Ec Lab Houses "i^pXat mchd" /n"?"' 

Thirty Trailers ,?^ S „ ,^ . ,„^V;* Qp^,, f„,. B„,i„e,g Mr. Fleming's Office r/XroVw*'''.-'!.,,, '„ „ 

I Plus Six Couples "Ji 01 Lllaran, .~d camij a bouqua ,.,, ,l,l,,,,„ 

I Form Small City 

L„J Svc on ]™c 
ho h.vt Jrad,- b« 

jhJioli, ind snipdnjons. Tl» btidc Qni- o 

was s.nsn m miriiase by her falhtr, „„,, ,|„i 

"PP"»- Carolin 
Lifih thetc .___-_, 
ind furm.hine,. 

.dr .vore 
sen of Ondler. nId"^ 

of Jacksanvillc. FJoi' ' 

amej. b, mos. of tho people ""jbls ofc 
right of 

iecioT complete" »i,i°s; 'h^o l^dio The be,t man fo, the oceasion ,vas dale"lo talc 'ov.T tZ'f.m manage^ "dl be eMentl.d be,ood the door of'T^I ""EpiBlf °£'th''',?T„° 

toache.; two clothes Cliict,; and a fl^n, SHndnd" W ° "" ™"t, Barne,. came with him. While If all material, are a.-ailable the office Anjelef 

rSfbox',' a" „nk" wT'dS, 1 ''""||„%°V''"";;^4 '''a' r'ecf - "^ S'rin T'''' "''"'" " ^ '''The home econolc, hZl "w.ll >•"" ""'"l" i^^'of 'd 

™t''he S'rSd'ffot^S"— i't,' "™ ~' c«il,;V'''»S""'"'rfo°Hi »£;"%""" =''"/5"wn(!'" the S'.CJ^fti^^^'f^J.^fjJ 

i''f'',ortS,"to'"l5''''mlio"i"*Ti° '«■'">' ■ bachsronod of palms with an'd" "ben "t op-wr own'ThTTn and "one'lfrjTsink'withTw'o'Tlin: "Fair is tlie 

Kerosene heater has an electric fan ^"J ' ,"g. ''0"1"i:t; of whcte gladioli Collegedale. He could have set np hoards has been installed in the main 

rn'tumre'randmrn''!"'!!'"'"'"' '" ''""Sle'wiih tht^'m '"ij mwe mone't°tTe^o°et Sfle "dat >on"ine «at°r"will f"°nisl.°''ailiplc Morniug" Giveu 

atfc°p,Snf°ime.'''and"°li,Tm?re T"'"'"'' ""■ ""'"'■ f'"" "> "'^« « ""t'**!" M° t'tecom"; SrTre'dr's»g'Lm is'l'o bl"tor" By TeaclierS 

have alreadj- been reserved. I -^ heme m Collegedale at the thriving institution comparable to the down to make a larger cbssroom. 

, Dcginning ot the tall term. best colleges in the land. ''■"> ,i thi Moniiiig was presented 

r resenting: The shop boasts all modem equip- rpt w . \ . ^i in dramatized form Saturday evening, 

Mr and Mrs B 1 Gurney of ^ Ex-PresideUtS ^^Lr d."n"e t;,L"1r,n°.'y 'M ^he D.etels tO HaVe July^.^O, by the church schoo'l tc-achef, 

Michigan, came to Collegedale from Gather Ot Gen. Couf . >!' ,""? «„f!e,t Workmanship. B„t NeW Cape Cod HoUSe The sketch portrayed the ettperienctis 

the Universitj- of Tennessee. Mr. fe| b"" ii tte'd '"' ""' ' ' °' " ''°°"^' "''■''"''"' <""■ °'™ 

of si,c 'years in the Army, wa, dis- cm Mis,io°na™'colleie"'.nd°Sou°hcrn "PJ° '"' """'» "mpleiely. style is currently under constmction (", "iod "ear'n a rararcoiS!iuni»' 

charged November 3, 19-15. He Junior College attended the meeting of ".arnt-j- says that bustness ts good for Mrs. Mary Dietel, head of the Her dilemas, perplexities, and triala 

ts majoring iia Agriculture. the Washington chapter of the ifj^'^. "^"1^^^^ '"d" '""""""""^ ^"^ moiizn l^nSoage department, and provided an excellent commeiUary on 

Missionary College after four years of the Sligo Church' " '"'"'''' ^^ow^^and '''■■'b *'"*'" ''^ """' Mrs, Dietel. who left for Mexico takln*" hr'nn'X''ai'r'tcnt'" k-jch«" 

shop IS open 
two until six p. m. 71,^ main apartment will 

Aliunni Activities """-.'";'"., "r""'"" '"' 

tssor Leo F. Thiol at 

"'wSg'in"';'hf°;egisU;;-s'Sce'! S.^Lynn'^Vool pSioToT's "l C d,!«" Is"' wo'Jki'n/Tn 'Atlan'^ ''a',"'" "'", P'-''^'' ff cimpTe'ted ' in &p- aS/Xt!r'"»«bT''ilu=Ve'.'' S» 
bet she plans to take some school work from 1922.2!, is -af present an instruct: painU, dormg Ins vacation months buTlding is a rS ol S 'years of ™"'"' '*''"" ^''"S'"' ^'i' 
'"he only veteran not attending Profe'ssor 'pT R^Hamta headed'? woIkiniP°a"'his''fomer"o?'oS''''n '"'l''"« '"'' P'""''°«' M'"!imWoe!d'"^" "'"'"' ""' 

electrical wiring ^nd t'he'pfumbSg' ,n m'be'inttoduS' 't 
Wright who has 1 


^M^H^ Appear in New Book Present Themsel>es^ J-^-^-.-.^, ^"3™ -on. w.. c.„^„ ,„, /I 

#■' ^ „„,„,, H,™.™.pB,M. .J^^sS^^^x niS'^'-r--? IH^ZE'it???? 

T T ""°''','*„,"'I',:.' ,;!£ ,„ ,E S.|»l p.0S"m Thu,,*,, .v„ins. sl,» Park for a .tem"0. of ^.^^.^^^^ ^^^e.__^J^ c^W ,„^fc 1 

N^XV v.^3^.{^nJ'^l^V3 „--i,ssr?| „,s;rtJ'S^'-^« .:i;i"^'^;^s-is 

^|> ^1 nJi;rr"™.(«.=;»^j "tr;;^,„.„„»a,.,i.~» i^^r:::?L"i:d';°:£ s:;nfS"S;™z*'"l 

^31 I^^i^^H Tta»..n.h,«mp.s-.>.c"g<.p« ,„„ ,„ch„, from the „,j ^^jbjl tad son,. n,w i„„„„„ „j ,fc„„ ji,„,„,°« I 

■■L'^dl^H M,"'S,;i°,T«o'Xo '^M|r/MR?.=°B«,Slh,.odi,.» S"l.s,m,c. „j i„ „e™ S""' J";™ f^""'*''' '"'' «*" I 

,,,. . ^^.^^m^^^^ °'i'^'°^'"'V^'Z!^^"'^ TaSlT«T^^i^i<'i''^°«- LLJ AhbimTdis'S' "' ''■'I 

InlCrned MlSSUniary ^■■l^'i^^^H °' ^;,[ S°rS!e™,a"hcSou,h. TI» I..I gto-p of picoitkcrs h.d Mrs. BilolI. oirrcnll, of MonmJ 

JoinbBibli Faculty HraK4^^^ Zc'h^'Xt Th°."4J^i."''No,iS '°'"°i^ "'"'" £"^"2°Vo™Lki'd iHSmpfoMj i.'^Hl'i'fl 

Elder Joclinians roir''M!!'"w"i!ho!''= 

Tells War 


\1i,,^ I'm flit 
T ) Ix Dean 
Of >\ onion 

id'Sr'po3m7'T"ronSo'iij Vctcran Missionary 

Funcc Ind socallcd freedom of '-Wj suyod there I's j 

f\ svo.sliip. illliooBl. 00 public mectmjs ,,,„„„ „„,,„ ,„||^j^ 


Mrs. Irva Baessler 
To Head Grades 4-6 

! 111^91 UM svas aikndtd by the Gestapo and b)' a^j 

omn . dean of M" CJioiloa FJoming Ir. '■"^''^'' l™''^"^" ^"^- "^'^'" ""^ "^^' ^^"^ spending five years in that pf 

hecampaile jy^^y gjigiji^gg ]\Jg,.^ n rthef o^Prancc'"' Rc^ 

J^""« ^^ ^» Arrives on Campus ove, France. Everyon, 

lu', iirsc-d as Mr. Charles Fleming Jr., newly- Sard Older Jnchm.ns, "My wife and """TWVasV'iz years I served 

'^onsln. Prior StLionarJ" College'." mivcd e^ the iravellrnj for two days and nights. ,i„""'Sder'Andcrso°n' conti™ 

tc(f«osibilitics, sheltered for only a short while be- ,o Cairo. Most of the timt 

nd collecting Mr, Fleming has just completed eausc' the Germans pressed on," j^eted evangelistic etforls c 

tt s two favorite live years as sceretarytreasore, of the "We left Tonrs in flames and went ^j^ ,„,bi„j ,y, ,,„^j „ 

: ri-eac-the lardy Georgia-Cumberland C n f cr e n c e, to P.eree-Lcgadc. We conlnaue,^ to preach." 

, wim kvp, the Prior to that. Mt- Fleming served as southward to Montpellier, Here food £|j„ A„derson said that 

,, , treasurer of Forest Lake Academy for was ven' scarce; money could not buy p,„ent at the jubilee ccleht 

four years, it The average weight of tlie people ,hc Solusi mission and was 

"'-"■ - blew up ;r, bridge," out of ; 

Mr,, B,e<der wa, gra Jualcd in I91S Capaclly AudlcnCe with a major in English,' During the American ,oldiers came' to our' aid, ""' ' °" ""' "'" 

Irom Lmmanuel Miiiionaty College » ,' school term of 1941-12 she edited "Then I returned to Bruxclles, my ]\{igg EerreC 

Tnche'rT°'i!i"ng,'Ti,isV,t')-ear'2 VlciVS CollegC Film '''M^"''F™m"g'™w,"h n-monthold tCg iLV'l owned"dlt'r'o"S Vci'l ICmOmi'il I'"" f-'l' " 

; ;; ''' ';' ; 'I' '"'"'■ :'"-' ,^ '""'*" "",l' l^^'*"" honor iheNinhbut will join Mr Fk-ming are worth more to me than riches, 100 outlying schools. Miss Ferr.esai^ 

^ ■ -1 i ^ ' " ' ' ." Ii(™"t "s' M c" recm'ed ''™ " CoHegc-dale the latter par. of All wdl work out well for those svlio This summer Mi« Fer,ec-^ii^»^ 

■''„;/,' ,, , ''l',',; wwtl'ill ""'"*''"'>' '' camp^rrZor,^,^'^!!"'''"!;^ of August. Mr. Harold A, Miller PeabodrT»cher-s College inNj* 
'l,: ; 'i;,,', . , . , . a™ giamg wialuHy at thdr fa.,t-de- stated last wcfc. The council ^ will "ill'- "'S' To'™ ™ S'f"" j, „J 

i'mme'rstiU ''on'thi tenn'rcouli aiTtL'hers'from the'va'r^ns dc'nomt later completed "t"l"i"™'°!V''!!,i!ii 
Id ihe ball diamond, national schools will exchange opin- B. A degr« at Washington Missionan I 

thrEri^SaVchu'rch Musicians to Meet 
ihe"'^ictu'^w1i7 ^'"^'^ ^^'* Convention 

,er at all of the camp The Council of Teaclieis of Musi,