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Full text of "Southern accent, Sept. 1946-July 1947"

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Faciiily Introduced 
to Student Body 
at Convocation 

Church Services 
To Convene 
In Tabernacle 

Enrollment Tops All Records 

Gains Reported 
73% Over '45 -'46 

McEliuny had marvelled at thcif fa.t 

be nreessary to use 

uhvn putting in i request to advanc 

built, states Elde 

of a full senior college. He canlmue 

tor of the Collcg 

e church 

The upper di 

"sion students mar- 

Following prayer by Elder T. I 

assemble in the t 

jernade for SabKith 

j^inscn, President Wright paid Iribul 

school, and the 

entire congregation 

mote iludcnt to tJkc ld»anla£e of 

broadcast from t 

e clupel by remote 


the organist by 

:elephone from tlic 

organ music inspires 


of the fanilt)'. Because of illness, M.s 

A hot a.r furn 

ce IS lo be instilled 

fucker of the Bible de 

be held in cold weather ' 

tions. Elder Jensen urges each one ! 

Veterans Housed 
In Tents, Trailers 

Providing homes for mote thm ( 

Veterans Take Elder Jensen Says 

G. E. D. Tests Dig Ditches Now 

Ex-servicemen at Colkgcdale were Fo^' FutUrC UsC 

and 13 to take the Gove 

Students Take 
Nocturnal Hike 
For Enter taiiunent 


ill)* on Saturday evening, Seplem- 

Mnt school year as a perfect par 
Make this valley full of ditchi 

ribuled througlioi 

';25 A.M. by worship conducted by 

n two sec- psychological, and English placement, wind, neither shall ye sec rain; yet Shident-Labor Proj 

ak Ridge, Conducted generally by Dr. Am- that valley shall be filled with water, jications and Spec 

e Atomic brose L. Suhtie, these tests were ad- . . for this is a light thing in the instructions on adapting oni 

h of Cot- ministered and graded by faculty jight of the Lord." college life. 


■Hie long (rain 
'"6 mote or less 
■wrthed down 

inks of four, 
lighway and 

■The Collefi 


Although more ve 

ppy ' 

irer. next morning Mr. J. a. jaracs a subjects some, apparently irrelexant dents were addressed by the presi- 

hese Mr H. H. R.uniman monnorea tni .^ ^^^ ^^| ^j^^ ^^^ working for, dent, various teachers, and superin- 

lake advantage of any 

] faculty and students 

f th 

ers will be satisfactorily answered. 

Psychological tests determined stu- 

iding trench in the vast 


singing the 

future before the present housing sil- 

Dr I. M. Gish, head of the secondary 

Dur lives must be self- 


27 Eid« Jcmcn spnb at 


education department, conducted these 

it IS a mus 

t in life," emphasised the 


28P,Vsid.n, WrijI,. 

.""r^ 'he). 

Thc cost of trailers including trans 


speiks nt 11:00 Ssb- 

buted by sec- 
<ated around 

portation in large trucks to the site 
the mounting, was furnished by the 
The college supplied the plumbing 


vid. Self-t 

toned in his youth, he 



ry. ani Elder 

instructors in the English department 

higher task 

he exemplified the gtcat- 

High School, speaks at 

en^re'^'renToT In^fo^J thll'Vfi small 

tensive study in grimmalical usage. 

control, un 

1 Cod placed h.m into the 

ndell Coble! 

the work in English classes. Compo- 

nedialcly to God wlien 
magnify this great prin- 


speaks at chapel 
Dean Sevrens speaks 

Bye Lo My 

this year to suit these vanning needs 

cipie of tn 

/ ''^'e*" 4 cohwi IJ 

at vespers 


September 27, 1945 



3utkenn Accent 

:o™c.„„ 1 

'"--■» '"° 


GcDigc Aihlock, El 

k W, HO 
W.lli,, J.. 

irbra Coffey. 
Hjync. Gl 

illbn Congtr. 



""• "-"»" '"'" 





NeM (le^piaoU Old . . . 

Ring out the old. ring in ihe new. . . . 
These are the words inscribed on the bell lower of a school J 
once alletided. These words can very fUlhigly apfily to the past 
school year and also the year to come. The past year was a good 
one. Ring it out and be thankful for Ihe accomplishment made. 
However, a new year is ahead and gains made in ihe past cannot 
suffice for the future. Ring in the new school year and determine, 
by Ihe help of God, to make it the best yet. 

This little verse also applies to the stiideni pnbliailion h>umn 
as the Southern Accent. The slag of last yv-ir did u job ihai 
everyone is well fnoiid of; however. Ihe coming year mnsi see im- 
provement. The Accent stag of '-iG-'-il pledges to the student body 
of SMC and each reader of the ACCENT to do their best to gii'e an 
inlcreiling, fair, unprejudiced, overall picture of student activities 
and interests as well as the growth and progress of the College. 
0. G. 

Alunini Return 

S^rrR^Tny^MpKif come )^U>t To CampilS ^'""^ f«' 'il'e new students 

""a f<^' nigh^'^go^afK^ Kghts had of /nl««I conccrnmg wch member. _ Bwause our regular wool 

lid ^mct n^'in SMC, drop the alumni edi 
ic opportunily "'h 

nade into 
married student?, our 
in the College Chapel, 

loing and anything Ihit improved by the laying of lile floor 
ENT. on first floor. At lire prcicnt. JacI 

Inquiring Reporter tack on the camp 


Only one more issue of the ACCENT will be sent to you before 
ir subscription expites. Send S1,00 with yout name and address 
nedialely, so you will not miss a single issue. The Accent will 
sent 10 you bi-weekly. 

Cl„,l„ Wshi,,,,,. Atl 
n«t Md,ilMu,Tll,''ld?f° 1 I 

DUnu'colleEe Ey.' Clothe, l»ei 





sionar)' College 



Please e 
nnc year 

ter my subscription 
I enclose one doll 

to the SoUTHE 

N Accent 

cy, money ord 

r, stamps") 


(Please print 

plainly) i 


ludents alltnding Knowland a couple of weeks ago in a new student poked his hcjd ^^'^f^ I 
moic students art Chattanooga. Tennessee the door and asked for Charles Mi ; I 

.,,... nc ?:-! . . , __ - -_i:. WO,„„ Mirl^rlls «JS pointed ■ 

1 Lynn Wood Hall. If y 
I night study period. 

iRay i; 

bH" '".; riroos"." ""(ClS 
Ke dTclSninjO^ 


l>in'idSrplac°e°fo°aidy, "Thc'quU ""oon" forget to write the news 10 InCrCaSCd ResidcntS j 

atmosphere lends itself to belter con- the Alumni Editor. Southern Ac- ^ C G nivUlOU 

centration. CEt<T. Collegedale, Tennessee and es- CailSB S. S. UIVIM"" 

beLr!'r'cirei.late<'mo"cV«ly!'"and The weathc.rtodlyTooks like rain. uS"ySc, X"abbath ^^^J'^t I 

pus. of is what most people arc luck. Luck division studenls, inarrieJ^^*.^ ^^ I 

added In the beaut,-' of thVinlire to d'lseoi"; 'wS ik '^ttt °s"be") and [owe/ division shidenisco 

campus when the proper land.scaping And if you listen, you'll more than the Youth group "J'l^'?."',^ 

'should Kon rC"'"' '""''"« '""'I' '"" »"'I"P' '"I'i "hich is College Chapel.^In ™j™||,d„gan» | 

in the reading room, man JiTit irjot"goin« to "°" "' '7co»'™"' ™ f' '■ "'"'" 


I West ludies Are Mr. Jocluuans Joins 

I Repiesculed By Music Facully 

lEi'lit Students Mt, Kobm Pm jochmm.. »i» 

'' , . L t ^"'^■='J °'' tile campus from Algtrij, 

Spinish-sptakins friends, ctght of j^,j, ,5 ^^;,h hj^ ,^.,fe ^^d hso small 

'"""ion™ Colliee 

,^ Registration Plight Milk Shortage 

;^.^.:.!ifcl Revealed By Freshie Redneed by Buying 

'""^ 5f .11 ihe «s sf4„,s ,1,3, stood. Of New Herd 

5 plisl.1 llun Ab,e Q. 

I'bs'^itsfjr'offc ?£-^!Fi/Ei:r? tr*''^!^!^ "^'ZVrii™s,''S;IZ ^!?£rf£S;i 

■ "" ■""'"" rhl h attended '"'" ^""^ "^^ ^^""'- ^''- J*^ 

lr'lU?'llk^"A«demv ' Stie especially !^^ wife and sons, left Moroc 
|f""L.."_j?° ,;; ._;,.i-S l„' Oran. Algena. to oteh a boat 

(„ it reminds her of hei own home f„ ,^^ u^^,^ Sutc, Dttp.b ^ .,mm „ ^ , , „ ^ m line to st^ M, Clcebnd "Increased demand" for milk from „ ,„ „j „„,h seasickness the, ""■■ =•"■» •"='" °'--» "ir =r="P 1 w.,s half,,-.,, thce „hen I the Colleje cafeteria and local pa- 

''"""dSvalle His hZ? is in San landed safely in Nc. York Jol)- i;, ' ' h..™o~.J;^ '"•"" """^ 5,','"''e *„". '/'""''' .'"" ""' '° '™' J|«^"""'B" {"ir^'ed, out. made 

Sjl.mbe, 20' When he linishei' .he fj'IJ *^f,;» '?f"the'°S?hra De™i' ^rS. Geach Added a'une, esi^^ciaTly' m^" taj ■"'«"' a^icSST'aBe,!!'.' r'eraUd' 

SirLll'SatAUaotl SenTai J^,, 7„'; ..^i a'^S'" itok '^" '^'""- F^ol'y tok'my'JlIceVtl^UM "b"! ' '"' "" ""' ''"" " "" " ' 

'!"^t"L':^.l'^"., 'l'J"J^IS, aidM Ihe names'T'the m"y . „„„^, „„ ,„ ,,,, „„„„. i«r''A'° "■P.™"'*' 2- 

miaees for shady here. Carlo, f;™' "■ . " ""^, '" ,' 
"S that there are many boy, '^'\ ^'^^ l*;,;^"' Pl'^^'' 

iductine an orcber 
plans to eel 
o specialize 

SMC campte ''""^ ''"'' '" '""" ""'"'^' ' 

las svorked "After a few more step, and not a cattle and milking e(|uipm< 

■kly that Mr. Grant, finding il 

me nero oalrighl. Overtores to 
ily put my Mr. Gram by the College resulted in 

igreement for all the 

I SMC." Pepito said that although he ilCW ^UlirCIH./IIJCerH and one of the classes convened at head of -ounc sioi ^^111 tak a e 

E''fp!'VInne'Io"''pr» wiV,'""D.^"Sn7on°arcE ^kJS^'cX^ Poultry Is Fed !i"" to£ sdtgU'rsioOo' 

I JLuiior College ( 

wng j" 'he Cafeteria Style 

■'■fi^it ington, Kcniuck)'. The mijo([t)- of One of t 

fine Chris- nomirtitcd as eldecs The boifd of '"°""'^ ^^e iKcnded summer schools College farm jnd dsjr>>. The in< 

i she ap- Jeacons consists of the followmn- ^"'""^ ^^ Southern Junior College has ;. fiock of 2200 birds, inch 

s Hivina. m, c A. Williams, chairman; C ^"'' Wasliinglon Missionary College, pullets and hens, with a daily o 

Cubi, .ind 5he is working as desk Chasuin G R Pcarctun, \V D * J C*. »• »• °f '-"^ ''fiS^ ■» ''^J'' "^'='' ''*'■ 

cic.k ,n (he librar>'. Flccnor T V Gerber O A Rhodes Acauemy StatlStlCS son, 

"rR^aXto^'Ce^ltt; GoSin";'' mSTo jel^7e■ L"^ ToW For 1946-47 "--'■-■- • 

be sure, said' Mr. 
. "6 I'igh 
Jer proper ,■ ■ ■ -' 
pure milk from 

huyjng I 
ind pre 
indards. The 


Construction Dept. 
Builds and Renews 
SMC Structures 

Elder Banks Points Ball Games Are Students Arrive 

Individual Duties Informal Affairs From Far and Near 

„ . ^. ..._.,.. cij.. -n,. hr;nhh«i chu on the campus Al the beginning of each sc oo 

(Veteran Housing) 


e construction depa, 

ment.- a 

the Collegedalc Church, inqu 


^'collcH^lc stude 

nts'' "u^ 

ber 14, for the prc-inauguiati 



n Calling Ihe age in which 


d renova 

. living the Aloraic Age, Elde 
used three words to define 


Giles whoamelo 


^ —power— disaster— fear. 


Birmingham, Alal 

° dT ' Me'luTo '^^""ch" 


on on Ihe campus 

t new responsibility. We ncec 


He employs both s 

udcnls an 

phisizcd the speaker. 


e (jmpus, Mr. Giles 


a^d a 

Urge tool shed. 


' As did Elijah whtn ijucsti 
imelligent answer can be 

"Z ,L..« b"«i»i F* «■* 

b bficht lighti. For the most Ptrt. 
1 is just ■ stndlol bnind o( b.llpliy- 
ng, but ocasionally theie are some 
squceic pUys" and the umpires are 
oifronlJ with some close lecisions. 

home stues of all s 
port has reached th 

on the campus. 
From the state. 

The whole atmosphere i, a nriis, 

Two away r. and -That looked pret- 
ty good 10 me. Mr. Ump!" drowned 

in the home. The rt 

countries. Among t 
the Southern Union 

when ihe'otdfielder misscs a long 
high «y. 

Missouri. New Yot 
Virginia, and West ^ 

in v-oiicgcaaicr ii me mjiwiuiixKi) ^j darkness, but notiodj* wortjes oc- ivomho jv........iij -.." — o 

is dearly defined ind accepted by ^^^^ ,]|j|.^ „j[| j,j another jll-stirless Morris Wilson. 

present students, feat.te the ne„ night. C. V.'s Retum 

Students Realize Qiapel Seats Amuse rp^ g jj ^ 

Housing Shortage And Confuse j^^ jyjggg 

sure,'so."eT'the.S",i'ed7o"?ieTa;: ''™" fned" hit week As the first robin is the 

at SMC 


especially convenient, he ob^Zi 
enlarging the home nearly three tJniM 


Nelson exclaimed. "It hasn't leakhl 


apartments now used and prefcrrt 
by the families of some vcltrans 
Eacli trailer has a built-in sink k 

nted by 

box, and gasoline slove, she ijjj 
Some have ten gallon tanks for slor 

T al 

A system of local government fo 

gurated by hU. Fleming, hiisin« 
manager, to assist the veteran, wit 
their problems, pcdictcd Mrs Nthon 
Election of a president and sdcttio 
of a name for the colony are txpcctci 
to receive high priority; on tht- ^^xnh 

Ruth Spanglec Ferris, claim to be rci 
piclinicKers as they atlcmpl to mik 


in "Tent City." Dispbyin;; t)'piu 


converted Hie two cots anj ihfi 

ncd to i 

■ enrolled 3 








. Giles- 











in t 

me fo, 



fall t 













r. Giles 



he int 



uting Iha 


ment la. 

IS also 

Ihe alpha- yeiti. Their experience in Ihe : 

proved to be a delight to educated men 3 
lose Jumes were classed 
r portion of ihc alphab 

e gospel, and 


only J 

The theology department i: 

hall as well as the ihird tluor portion 

time lus also been completed this 
jammer by the construtiion depart- 
soon is » new laundry building. The 
location for this new building has not 

SMC dining rLin Tliurlday ev'c"ning, 

Ulc romcn had to be screed with 
baked beans and fried eggs. Noth- 
ing wat left. 


lo Tlaiu'Le 

O lolty mounlains, sliaight and high. 

Your laces upward raise. 
Pray le! your loresls bow their heads 

And give lo God your proise. 


' And all thai in Ihem dwell, 
Is Lord oi lords ond King of kings 

waters, ye who onward roll 
And never seem lo cease- 
Know ye not Ihal God above 

Con all your power decreoae? 

Would God 1 were the eagle swill 
Thai dwells within the heights. 

Above the din ol this old world 
I'd lly lo worlds so brighl- 

Bul Ihou. O man. who dwells below 
The mighly eagle's nesi. 

Who arl thou thai God should give 
His Son-lhol ye be blesi? 

God, Thou arl Ihe moker great. 

Teach us. Lord, lo do Thy will 
And Thy commandmcnls know. 


M. A. Music Degree 
Is Awarded To 
Mr. C. W. Dortch 

vill help the ^ewly const. 

Accent Occupies 
New Office 
In Library 

building, has recently been ixm| 

department at SMC, 

Dortch after he completed four sum.^ 
mets of work under the direction of 
Dr- Wilfred C. Bain, who is director 

choir in Ihe southwest section o/lhe 

Dmplelcd by i 

immer of 19' 

ic belief I 

of 1946. 
, :>elief that 


(Ca>„h„ud jrom page 

for four days only to get the wrong 

and all publicit)- material for 

Sabbath School Div.l 

rt' °B '^"^ ihr.toi"'"""" I 

Student Hike 



k:t:lrW^ p^iirt^e:",^:'^ Representative Estes Kefauver 

Interprets Current Events Here 

Advocaies Principles 
Of Democracy In 

I -Sk'VolT'wr Sui°d 'ta "Best Choir in Years 

Dr. Suhiie Speaks Elder, Mrs. Russell 

:: Organized," Says Mr. Dortch S^^^Il^Slr:™ ^ityTui. 

l,„d,K,. J,n«, „ilcd horn New 
I'oJ for AltJjnJr,., Es,.pl. AujuU 

j 'Editor Foster DieS> ''"'f°[ °,Vl.""tffittnr"«e°"Jodd mSbmilti'vcTfl"".' ""in""lhc oSrb™™"' ,'S™" """"'■' '"' "" '"'••■r"ii,!-Jo<djn raliimn. will, Irad- 
|Witll Heart Attack ta-e^nt<cdkM cWrofis Lcc",- dmir^is ZLlf^sooJ.'-'lc'uW, ' fn ilK Public^Sch(x>l syilOT! of Uii- ■'"Scib of"Ma"dc Jono Hall for 

S^jB^ '™r™t™ K,«d .,,1, ..o,.,, wllT^lr;::'-'' v:'^Tl;^■;';"Kl;;:l:;';'n°h'z: joy Postei win 

Mr Pos,„ „,,,^, ^,^^ ^1^^ , 
f'^nd of SMC was takco^'h' 
pSht UfoR- his death afict 





- _ 


'jHk D» Robe 

Jimile jicobi. F/ink 


Publllhcd bi-»«Ur duiinfi Ibe oiIJcec kIk> 
July, jnd Augml, hr t^t jhiJenu of Sou 
CoflcgedJe. -fcnnniw. Entered under Ihc 

)«. undef the jct ni CongieJJ, Augujt 2A 
Southern Accent September IB. W5, 

1 ftar Md monlhlr. June, 
<hcia Mluionuy College, 


Dashes ^" ^fJ"lt,Trl«otn 


m/„^^!;Sm^h■J"milo^'l■°^V;' "Get Acquainted" nd""- » ■» "».! i h,„. ,„„„j^j 

""te'f™"'""'""'''' "«■>'"''"'- Night Features fcStt"4;'"',l^tXtai',','i"','i '"l" 

!'","r'",Tb;«l"n,'L"'"°°°''' Miss Maude Jones SV°„'Mrij'°'i" *''''"'"»" , 

„ commi 10 bt ultJ -D J.' so ih. t„„„ ^, .. , j(,„„„! Jnighi." loot sonMhiog h„ „ ,, 

wont M lo lorn 'J'"'^ ,,„ i„ ,h, Tabc/ Sjlu.Ja, 1 Ihmt ill ,h„ „,„ „, j.^, 

cvvo- lime sorm-^.ne alls (or Doro- . . g^ (^.^ibct 28 To carry out arc goirt^ 'batt)-." Wdi. „ 

thy," D, J ,.,, ,old,« n.iinrJ p,^y„,'K A Wrighfj iovrtation MorrJ, Wilson is. Th, „,|,„ „ 

Olivtr, vlii ■ ■ '" "Ufs Bt;t acQUatntr;ti;' the faculty svorsllip «-o ss'i;ro suddcnl, :, 

ihcc.m-( "■' members (ormcd a line to mittt and by thir entrance of a 1... 

wielded in a 

ninu disc 

Vo '1UeQa**uiuu,^amdtf,Qnlu,... H„TV:::'nZ::::(t^^ ilVire°wC*'n,"hS'nT^S sS,;,":;;::. 

' ' ' t„k who lu.s il» l-.snchbuE ijd ^„j ,1,5 ,„„,.„„!, „f the girls^ dor- hi. Hisl.t o.J, , 

,r you a.k iur , ,|„ust,on that «n be ^.,^^. ^^^ , ^ f^, j^^^ ^^^^^^ reflection on M.rr: W 

I'l.bASE! S^mllnni Alrsi/orrur, Cof/c^^c h h^diiliji/liy localtil ^''^'-'^ed m tlsc- |sositive, stie mil uy^ that insisted on flying up svhcn stepped Leiand Zollinjct , i 

I," (»';,,"""■ ''«''''•' I'"'" l"" '"" '"*'' "'''•""■'S' "I 'I" "tl""'""- T»;'" ''""■ P" '"fall';; i");,!;" .I.<>»K S till! Lw 'tllat'ihi' svS'd 'bfa buiidios',"') ° '" ' 

il, „l u„lti,,g J«,o,,g lh,m mil btnmhig ^C^,Mh,led uill, Ihea.' dark loir, and he, Ir.endly hey, j„d ,,„,■■,.,„ .midst all the in- 

PLEASE! r;»,e „*o „„. /„r, (,./«" "' '-- f'-"'' ™7 -■ D„„' . . Tr^'r^J^ltJSt'J^lJo.T'^' f "V^^.^ 9;'^'" 

Inis. •rriil,:, ,jml ll„i<,r,, d„J u-em cmlniiiiuglo ilo 10. Will |„ contrast, time ate only two President Wtijhl told of plans for Include Alumil I 

V„„ o.-.' ' ,/w- /. :./''.'" tJtj ir/,t; >eir tery . j, .,„ old-timer from last yeat, Doris Colleee in the fututo. Foremost among Collegcdale has surely been 

hire. One the new structures will be a new the last few ss^ekj to ha.i 

\>\ I A^V With all our care Ibe gTOHndi can still be iiiialtraci- the ssscater. Harold Wood, knew "The aiif of Bagdad," by Mr. Rob. linger. They announce r 

,<. ij I'.il^,! jml icliisf are tcallered carelessly and liroiiiiiciwiilly. '^^^T^^ °J ,!°f^°^' '^.""a,!, ert Jochmans, assisted by Miss Ramira their baby daughter s. 

n III ,,'« '■■«! *r,/ „l all coieiiaiil logelber Ihl you will not Ihroie „' "„j L7°° ;„ wJ,th"D'otU waa a i."i!! tE""°' '"! i?<- n t," Vf^t 'iT" ^" ""''" 

,.,,,.,,, „,.,c,, ,.,..;,! /„„ ..Id .here'-. And ,jJ. if yoii, rrrijMor tTp't'i.'ng ,',"und' '" °"" " tS' Smpan b^lS "h"" l5 So'iio'a" CorlLri 'm' 

d.., . 1^,^,1. a, it y^^liol be Ibe one who tfiti pick Iheill lip and pill Vet, there are more Doris's than A.Miller, is the former Nelhe 

''"'''"'"'■ ^'-"l' """' nn" sud""hat's "ur^dotmitocy"nur"sc^ Excliange urirTf* the^N^s[°''!e-'rv' 

o/ orrr localioii. miir,iiir ideals as worshippers oj a God ol order liave already become, old friends with -y^ j^,^^^^ ^^ Bachidorof Scu^nce Carter" ss^-le^ccent v^riuu 

md llrailly. mbhfngs '"nd"™ sc 'dZs"™™™" '" ed°tatmn is now being ollereJ at Gene ChctO', his wife, » 

HetlAlfililnrd Deparlnieiil KZ* a°'d.rES''R" N, whl' ^ ;'Sa!°ci?H'h''rr"'lr '"S b^lES! I 

IfoitA. £ad OUiM, 

home and gargle wit 

es hke this: "Go 

lege has be 

eady pu 

sued fl [wo-year 

AnderiOn. Elder Ander.. nu 

othe, day if that wo 

ably apply 

edu«tL" r,cd\t 

Last Sunday. Septembi. I ■ .1: 

ich will be s 

irt.1 CO yon 




old friends. Among thc-in f 

lege, has al 

sitrgle issu 

. Thti At- 



Tjt '; 


Is fully acctptt-d 

'.Tjuolir."'"""- '"'" ' '"_ 

The SouTiiEHN Accent 

Souihcrn Missionary College Dare 

Collegcdalc, Tennessee 

Please enter my subscripiioii to the Soutiiehn Accent 
for one year. 1 cntlosc one dollar in 

(curreniy. money order, stamps) 

(Please print plainly) 

roinl of not devouring it unlil aflcr lulhor of il,, Hitl D „ , . n \ , r . l^K J r 

Ihc noon mwl The friends who so book which . m I . 1 . , , ,„ iho^. 

glitfully helptj her fcl rid of il then colleges , tine 10 tLt . I mt ' 

HughM. Faye L«. Connie Rimnirr'^ Dr. GLorc I ' , asscd it iroun I lo '■^ 

Ruby Lowdl it your c-jriicst oppor- ■■Rirl M^aC!- „.'". \ ,1 ^ md ^ull bi ^\ 

Y bjli"\h<^rK 11 i^ I 


Icollege Roster 

Elder Tobiassen Joins Faculty 
As Asso. Professor of History 


Plans Are Made 

For Improvement emc, he uught in Ncwbdd, (Eng. 
Of Trailer Camp r^m ■38%0'htf wasjresid^nt'of th" 


or beautify 

Hi; .he gro 

"''' to study methods of 


f«^ was studying urUil he 

x.1^. Rnnj 

inlends t 

supply the nc 

n to SMC. El 




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M„"H°T."B,'"dj^k G™id Si Prevention Stressed 

back, Tiiom35 Bullock, and Rogct JJy Hfj-, Peamian 

It waj agtetd thai meltings ii'iii lie 111 Chapcl Talk 

Ims't," mT'S R'Vmmn. " '" ml .>"d"«re' "?rf .nSMcXins'ite 

Dairy Reorganizes loUrT "^''"' "" '^" ^*' 

Milking Schedules „ii Tf'"i"'all"'c'cl!)' ''rjk.""siid'"l'' 

milker" 'n thL- Colli-g/dairvS'iive ft.' ""ifilit cause a lire!" 

l.h....», n,^« i','™c°"milfciVi ''floTO™r'tl''°io.k"" ' '^'d"'' "I"'*'"™'' .'"i''.' '" 

■He only is advancing in life, re-ally one of llie must im^rlant tasks ce^s It ts faith that put us in pos- 

>-hosi- heart ., B^mg softer, whose at Collejedale. (Ed, Note— If you sion of these. Every good impulse 

whose spirit 'is entering the living wl„n ,j,ilk is 'short or absent from F.ll", 'c.'T'fore, '(foj/re/ IfWm, 


Professor Doub Describes Growth 
Of Education in This Section 

Progress Starts 
With Missions 
For Indians 

Distribution of War Relief Supplies 
Explained by Elder Aitken 

" "I'li',^' ji "■"'■■ *j 1. 

' St°ii,l"'Tjj".iM'l, .1.' ii. ■~i tlui I j'm LT'""'* 

Perennial Problems i"vl- raiiiid iht'u™™:,!""",,;"^*^^ 

Of Yonth Cited f,'"""" •'°'' '"" '""" "" "" 

Bv President AiIkc!!"|.i™"o'"£" »™"'* I 

, T iSJ'i^rlWmS'by Preiiii'K a" Atlanta Prayer Week I 

ight on Sibbaih, Sipttmb.-r 28, fo Be Condncted 

- -_- „ , . i'„ttii«iu'.rprbi«™. •' ■"■k™s ■; By Elder Jensi-ii 

Atomic Principle Waxmg Machme *„« "J^^p, '■';.„""*JJj" If Eid„ f. b, j,„„„ „i,i i,,„„ „. ] 

Explained in Chapel Eases Work ''™;*°J '' '''„'"tu'i''''Do'"om° Kii%™'dS'i'l'w'°i:'!!l'p; 

By Prof. Sevrens Of Janitors Zji. ihinS°.bo«°"'o., ci»4 of *;''"; ""|°;,,,;;^;„^;'"i ,'',, 

A.: .i , -" rmm™...*!,- "b,,,,, .do.- do.n tbt CO,- '"'■.J,""*.,!,, b. >«cccs.ful m work '':«'" '''■ 'T"^^"' "". 

Pastor Plans For C 
CnMl.i- l!,Mrin<c '" 

itl\y in ptrsoriLiI keeping 

SMC-iles Ai, 
"Hour of Cl. 

.Sn^'iboolti-i si°o°"(l,'^d- 
liinsi impduouil, planeins S'' 

Facnlty Outshigs ;";;X"°"' '''"' "''»"« ""■'' £,'i 

Students in Annual '■J^^^^^ ""t"""* 

And Softball Game 

Barracks Boys Peanut Machines 

Arrange Bunks Appear on Campus 

. . I , ,„ , , i'™.°l ".Id"' ° '""" ° •••"•- night'of Oclobct^mni ^^^ J| 

";,' "■'■ ^1 '''. ii Tj'' ""Tbii'''""' "' Church Gives Funds ™""' %''''■ ™f„|,ij"».»3 

:;'';; :"i;',f':;;';;;;i;!!Hrr'' .nlt™ii'iin''£'^-b:£' to Rebuild work ■"""/^vS.r&i.cS^'"' 

., E. c. B..i,. .bo,., ».. !oi».d Meteoric Slmivcr 
;;!;- 'i^^2ziE'!r£°is:zit Seen at SMC 

nr. siihrie Speaks Sfc'!::,:"'; ',"' 



Somhern Miiisionary Colkt^c (ollcgcdile Tennessee, October 25, 1946 

fe:;:;;'t:.:^r ^^^^^ scales Leads Subchasers As 
|,,a,H.ianLife cv Head Collegeciale Seeks New Record 

land krame'acqurmwd wi'th' "hem^ but'w^lTbcwpabirof'lwid^nfi "com^ Prof. AoSpacIl GlVCS CollegcO: 

('!Ts™"°''i«ifc. (aisd, repiriinj ","'"' '"''' '" '~'°"'"'' " '''""" Secoud Lyceiim; Prayer Bands 

Mn'J' it""prSn'"KJ™'° 'S°' The building 50 ft,tb, 116 fet, MrS. AnSDacll Sings Empbisiimc 

urn the Pctsun kingdom. Ne- v^iH house Ihe liundry cguipmcnt in r P . i , . . fc. 

-' - ^ra)-cr after reading the let- assembly line stjde. an office, a load- 

■O God. Strengthen My i„g station, and a dr, cleaning estab- „j £,„;„. T^pii Ai,^ch,.sip,ano band,' rec.ntr,.. 

[Oratorio to Sing 
The Coming King" 

He believed few additional workers Some of her numbers were "DaW J.'f u.^S" p,„|„,; „d soplio. campaigns. 

would be needed due to the higher by Pearl Curran, Rimsky-Korsakov s ^'^^^^ '^ j^^| ^j^,^J^ 

etlicienc)' of new equipment. ■The Rose i;nslai-es the Nightingale, Facullj' leaders urge over-looked" In a recent chapel i^criod. President 

|■"^"TS..d°bv^b';"orl»r"l college 'installs' k;Z^*™,irX m'rMuio,'*'by El'"- Kli'i"'-"! I.iiixls j- 

.:;;"n';'"i!;°??'',f,r ''"''"'' Heat in Xabemacle "•'^'V^-^'^lSUL!:!..''!^''':! Cliri.-lian Ivli.ration 





On. G.«.n 

F CEi Andrewi Crai. CofFtv II 


"",'.. . M- 




thir. J B, Willij. Don 


''"*"■ '""'' 

ll,4dlinii: Bob Djfn 





'"""■■ ""'' 

■''""" " " ■ 11 

Publiihtd bi-weekly duiing ihe college «hool yen 
July, anJ Aufiult, by Ihc jtudeDU ol Soulliem h 
Coflcgcdilc. Tconoire. Enleied under the Soulhlan 






0/ R</ii.;o»! Acliillh, hilrodiiced Iht ;.MjTr iaW . 
(*.■ cha'fcl smm. Wnlm'sJ.iy, Ocloher 23. Tfc fray, 

cin:l ni^j'i'.i'i'''.' '', /...Jijr 'uiiiils will meet eath lijy 

.,; ;;,. ' ,'..,1 /.,r ■«* „ll,er ami ll„ 
.1,1, ,.,:l,.ll.,au,;-.l.h;t,'a,,dl,. 

;;■."/■'.'".'■"/"" '-I in., .ill I, 

,„l ,l„ ,,„„ „l the jauilly aii,l 

WIf. rl„ fauilly , 

Dr. Suhrie Predii 

Miss Jones Watches 
AInmni Gift Cottage 
Near Coiiiplelion 

SMr Sludenl> Visit | 
Sl,M k .SIio» 
In Kaii-a-Cil' 

f imporunt vin wjdc, ,soi»J*i 

my tyc on Annually JPproxinuta) ■ ^^« 


Crusaders Quartet 

iit>s for Church 
I„ Chattanooga 

Cnmn..^ R« 

"Hubnt rir< ts 
Viiniiil Si III 
loi 1917 

''."''aid ""' *"' Excuses, Vouchers Married Students Jon« l.all and the a. G. Dannids B'cti)-''Hardy will b^WalTtl'pi'sr 

r"Tr""'ll'"t'ive b'oil'."l'ard and 5K- Keep Girls FHttiug To Show Spirit pSe^l, *Z .T'''.irrtil",ta , Th oliic„, ,.o,o „kct=d b^ lh= 

l;:/;sX'H.''''™S.™d'°Fot;; ja"'ai"™,;™': ""':"",! """ i" i^ew ciub ™To!s"\"r!:fe''lt'",';!ir'iSi'' 

cully publit. 

' iliiars were elecied for the ■'mar- '^'y"*^' r k, i ^^ ""■' ""''"^ "'"^'^"' '""^V '" ^^ '''^" 

I .(ijdenls' club by a body "f mar_ b^ also turned into a tcrrac™of ^teen ||,c'anual to'be 'voted In by"thc''"uJent 

ci,ue fe. 

"'wc,"i°''cobk ..„ el ,tej p„«. ^i" ""■*•'" '"'•' " '"'" "■'" >•' Student Activities 

dent will, O.u dd { eol. ,. Iits as50- ^^^^ ^^^ ^,-^'.^.^^, ^^ j^e pfwenl' temils To Bc Scheduled 

'■ ... fotmetly frst tenor of ,,,,„ ,|,at keep eleven cirl, Hitting •'"■"'" ^ilb"' O-l™^" «'.ll ba.e t„„„e , he re^teation center focSMr n ! ! -1 : | : ,„ 

„''r»*?.,io''o" eho;!,1 .rbout the rejistrars office* „y, Miv, jturto Ul li in Tha, "e of ^Sl The continuous Bower ,l„r I- ■ ~M:,l, -, ,,'„,„ 

l'TSI oTpropSq" ,„,j'"ha)i''l^„"°S„™,\Sec» """Ad .tudeot, have the reputa- ''j^'f f™}''^',;'"};';;'™"''",,' ' ;',,,,„ , ,:', ',:' .',', ,2'„"n 

. ■ ,., ihtee years ago „ „^ ^,„^. ^, ^^ students are ;;",d°^Ce''n"'Mes'!''The°cU'''h"; be" pl.nied aT 'an mir^M '"' "■ '»■ -'b-v..»i, ..:.l .vn-i.. vl. 

Xfhange „",. Haac7McD™ll'doe!n't''ufce°Tl '"J, °'«;f' jj,„'°.'d ''t'LdU'rk.t,;! .he'i'r''i!i'b;!MO ""r''o'i°e!; the" a'jd'of'a "' Al'l'clubs,"outide of the Triangle 

Ik ,ch.ol year of 19«-47 is the ■'''^^""''^.Irlf 'i'.'it " ' u'rph';°"i'"Sn?TpSa'° l^'oro" kfJ^rAmtro^Suhne-s" ,'' -'''' '-""-- ."-''-"""'''■?-■'-'-'" 

,1 ,„ cvhtch a Bachelor of Music de- rk.!lJ ^i,iu«.^ r^Z', t?, SMC eollese life. L. G, Sevrens. 

et will he offered in a Seventh.d.y ?! ,'^„^'■"^,l"''l^,h.3't^, J"'' ^ „ Tl • T D . 1 

d.ei.iist college. This addition to j, 'j^ard , nd An ? Sout are CollCgC Uairy Joy 1 OStcl 

Agriculture students 

!:,Z . . 

ise Suhrie-s and Dean ^'i^J'°!^ Saturday .night sundown it 
,le, under the direct 
?' byT'ciiestionna 

lw"ral.o'lopplc"'Mak'''s'tuSenll\ave Collegcdale AHvC membeVand' vvhVa'ge's of"t!llI m'em. "Avouch of animation was added 

hSi.'ir'bict'stl'o^g'toi'bil"'"™'"; With Visito 





po bl II) b) th I Co,l II 


Fldei- Tobiasscn M.V. Society Tunes "Brains 

Gives AUernatives. In Mission Field Deemed Essenfal 

Success or Sei Ml < ^i. wsmc «■« mmJi" 'o' i 

,„,„d » follow. j.,j,.j Ashlock Says ^,"^3 ^/^P 
"';^i r Snrrendei loSei\e ti m ,n „„ 

Accent On The Academy 

,» S|„d, „N 
I V( id. nl^ 

Academy Supports SiTnd foiio.'Him .he ipo.k , 
Accent Campaign; do"'""), k 'iim' n'°ti,ooi '°oo I'.ii 
Mails Letters SS^dS""* '° '" '"■" "' , 

Laundi y Takes Over ,'ora"'"di v 
Former Cannery ^,1,', Mo"^ao * 

iilf lemperance 

Young Wonie 11 

ta, b«a .Wiooe,. .nd imps "' "■"■" ""■' "'"" •"■'<'"ll' Modcl PrOpCI' 

,o^ji^tea»d>u.|»«o,p=„.iu„d ,hJ'"|irta,!"°d''™;i'it',!r.:3 College Fasbi<jns 

nw. nth sidt is on 10 1 good slarl m "-Ejj' ' ""' >"» T t"" l^^ "■"- D,„, , 

Ihi ip.l,l. I Miss Loi 

ifyoudooiw„ic, yo«rcss.,ore. DasowaUita Club wild's 

Nearly 150 Students Elects Officers f™ "; 

Meet for Chapel tih- d,iow.,i;,i, uui. mikui orean- jl™ £ 




Southern Missionary Colk-yc. Collcgcdaie, TennL-.ssee. Novt 

yje^jl^ Qu^ (Uf^ ~. Three Meetings Held Daily 

i ouchs Congress Schoolmastcrs Write 

>u,ij ™plc li will be a'bk to ittend "" 'h^i''' ."l"^ '"^ °" OcWbcr 29. at 
t„n :L islands of the sea to be held ""^ Lakcltl Lodge. 


world !"^*"'- ^' 


I .»i 10 F.u counciu ftw d.y. nrij' °'/I;;;;,''h"'J;„i!a"'pi'|i'" '*'"" Registrar Discovers Music Department „ '^ "'„"",;°^ "j;;'°s "'"■''' "''"'■i' 

I din? TO°linl.'°'' ' ''"'"°"''' ''"'' Our pnym ire raiitd to Al- I. pUp,. Written Hnl^B Rpfital 'L"Kl'-n»r»hI'™..n!!'i."i ™"l!' 

Tfc. mlW, »,„-J, . „J might, (Sod in your bthilf. 

!„, r, fu f'i" ; .i ; " <Sil!"='i) 

Letter Written Holds Recital 

I co„f™„,c >-;«;■;-;, ^ ^.i ht p,.,idcn, ^y ^^^- ^- ^- '''^'*'' "' '"«»' >"' 

iry with a long list of cills and LOOKOUT SCHOOLMASTERS' A letter written by the hand of Mrs. fn7i?s sludlo ^n ' 

Ranking high were: Bible ASSOC, of Hamilton County. E. G. White, from Corranbong, New ti,... ...1 i .^ 

nd^^Surer's"*"'""' """" "" T'.»"=""' EJ^Uon association of found" by £ Ru'by la. registrar. "'jJI." "'g'J'J 'c'la'yton°'Amt°"e'rg' Fl" VaCcinC Givcn 

I'ourTlle'irthi""'',;'""" ^"lj'"\ I? ■ mf-,"oSi°e!Gracl!'EnVa°ud'sue'S: SuhS" Co"mL. i'mmer tl To 200 StudeU tS 

n our college, this year, ac- Elder LuCaS tniOyS lis. while taking a part of one of the ^ITooj " M.rrLk ™l rhirk 

l.a,„„„J „ p.g, 2) I ] olfice safes apart Tuesday. October 29. AnoGoodgc, Mrs. Cook aoJ Charles ^^^ 1 l A 

I A ■ 1. HI Visit at SMC Another feltc-r typewritten dated *^ "' , , , ,i , li mil 

lAoriCulture Men , Februai, is. isi. wa™lLd "" ^ ^H 's pinned to .nake this as here ^ m ' 

I Attend Congress the™ ;fTittrwifc';"pVa™a'', fc "'""■c:,;aird7aw.°'oMiS'',;fe b., ZZ'""^"" " "° " ''■" ;^;; 

I Professor J. A. Tucker, head of the Eemberi"wM. the pri'son'tition of fhTkJrS 'a°nd' s'ina.'Thc°e'i''ra'soaa- EldcrGraVCS "" '" , 

I Ajrieulmre department of SMC. took Luke 211J This is an admonition to . , J, j ; .h?, Z, SSl,; I., S^^^^^ D . U » i r> "r "'""''""" "» 

f live shidenls to the American Royal the .outb of Southern Missionary Col- " "'edc-d at this time, Miss lea .md Ketnmg HomC Parke Dasis Company „ idrruniatsred 

Slock Show and the Fuhire Farmers ,l,r„eirle in Zi, hearts the author- the tivo girls were trying to take a „ , in Ice doses to idulls and ■ ,ec to 

I Of America Congress at Kansas Cilv lege to sett em their hearts the author portron of the safe near the drawer out To Collegedalc shildreo on.ler 12 siho rsrcene it in 

I Mlssouri%,e "rip "as mde m Ed' «)' »' °»J > ^"^J'-lj ' ^ """'h h m order n, g.t al ih^ Jr.iwe,. .hen f l. a Jose, Mrs Oalessaid 

|c,i«i„'5"d°if'' ''""" "■'"""' ""■' '")■ 

I vu"on"o|-''ih".''v"''V""l''nr' '^^'' '* ''"'"mfi m'l"'^- Southern Mission- Thcology StlldcnlS pj^ 

^Th'elme" "'""" """"'^ SS ft°a'>i''p'i'ctired'"T'i,e°'mouiS«: "Try WlUgs" " '^ 

''' "•••■tm'al a°a\tXmn!'°Zcl waihlTTrntribotB t'o'ibe fineTio™!' -At Seminar ''" 

^OaK hogs, and beef cattle-' There tality wc already have enjoyed. The Aloll l,,| 1 T. . 1 , , , . i .oe. Octo- 1^1 

'. J "'^'1""?°"" 't" ?"* "''T '" ' ""pi"™> '■> "'7 I"' -'" ' '.""f s: 

""< Si"n ac'cordin 'tj °he We°k P "■""'' "■f?""-'°del!d' T'"\l - -ICol- ;;,J|' 

,,l'„-; ;;'^"|«^'"lm'l. The interesting Soother" M"s'iona^&,l'legei a" good 'or', i-H"* J™' 

„.„,.. l„at ,.,,11.. i (Ulktr^ 




13— Elder W A l^harf 
fcnbere jpcjks at College 
Chjpcr period 

,.i, :;,.,„„„- ,..ts 


16 — Moving pirturcs of 


Tkt Soutkt n. iAeci.nt 

. - Dashes -^ * 

1/S0 itd. GUatnLeA MuAm 

jbiico-ue^iin<j, 'lite. cMuL 



liuuleA, "/ij^ 

Mii'nk Vppio 1 111 11 
V(l(l Ml ( I I 

1 Cll ipel 1*1 {.1JI1I^ 

/ rdfLlCIII Roihtx 

I ilK iimilRL|iuit 

S|..ik Vmts SMC '""'• "'''''• J'""',,/"' 'hp°' "ifbT I" 

• • • > dm IJ r pi u 8 nJ '^ " 

., .^ A full bcj „„,„.„, i„ I mpl mlj b omhl 

•I H't " Miaioni,. Collcj, will N „ k i \ \ LU, „ j 

b, held tail„ Lib™ „„,l,„ " k > ,11 l"d "Smp,.,"' ,1 


Former Dean Need of Teacliers 

Depicts Value on Council Agenda 

of Dorniitorv Life n. i ,1^.7. , 

I 'nin Tt°chM. of Amciio Hind SoIoists Picked Language Office 

for Oratorio Plans Club to ""' i"' "»•''■■ "" « *"> if ■ ""U '""«"" '" '-i"""' jm m.i ^f,;- 

«t Office To Add ^^ „,„„„ ,„ ,„^ _ ^,„^^ Train Missionaries ftSli'JS^lTIivi^l^'.t :;5r:::t:::'„^Si;tj;:;; 

|.50 New Boxes ^ht Cominj Kinj.- by Mi. Bnmll -^^ ,„, .^ „„ , ■ finished proJ«i. I ihinUhivt tontd P'^J''^^'*'''; "^ '"""'' " ™ 

Fuller, ''h busier nosv than rnusic department. s« luve in front of us a wide field tire the responsibility of your dean and of the public school tcahcrs have te- 

te. It noss- takes an entire The soloists are: Anne Crosvder, so- open for well trained missionaries," your rcsponsibdities." The dean is your signed their positions in the last five 

handle the mail going to prano; Miss Dorothy Evans, contralto; stated Mrs. Mary Dietel, head of the steady and faithful friend whether you years. Those pursuing the seondaty 

lb".."" ■«"' are' hoping,''" hereon. A brief synop.i., md description of ^Jea^r"""'' ""''"" " ""'"' "'"' lowing^ faithfully the monnlonou, rou- CollcgC TreaSUrCr 

Itin.i.l "jJ,;;*,~h"™^^''°",'|,;;; pL-nTeTbrM;'.'" o" Conneril tte ^Jf^^^^f ".*" '"'' ""■""■ " l ' ^' '"""Jjmonition was that Called tO Malaya 

ber 13, and Sunday, December 15, *""!' 

linar The first performance svill be given for ^^^''^ 

C„„II,„„J Im,, /.„!, 1) the Collegedale community. Visitors ''om 

id inslraclioo for every Iheo- are cNpected at both performances. For 

n 'iMcried in a recent in- Cadck Prof CSSOr Mrs 

.'I'ngSsBc "pro'blms" VisitS ColICgedalc tah"„ 

I Robert Elder Lucas Calls 

after the close of t 

li'Mr^ Education Journey b«in''hercwlmost'fisx^7'-a'rs i^'FeW 

l and opportunity giv- tor in piano and organ at Cadek Co- ^^' ^ J ■ ■ I ,, >| iiii,h. 'Education has made hie tods ■ un ">'■ ^"'"'^'' Pl^""'-''' 'o '"'il*' a home. 

Iran- ("['".'bili'ty'™", sc°rm'o"n " "J" q',' Jl!^"',5'"„'"lhc°°am°'u'°as or ^ n^ied'afte) lhc''v£t''"f ' Pre cr '"^""" "'"la'edTlder Tlimdore"!; ,„^^^°'f,^^ "|"j" A™.aren'' ' '"mi 

Ill-red by those capable of gis- iJ',;^^"',, °' "™ o°f'' hl^'viss""" GeJmaf sta'ideol's' '"''"'''' ''"'"'' '"'' '^°""'''". ' y"" '"'''"' "" *'''' ™" o'f the' ho"scs"i'l"he ri'islion'com- 

»...™ -1' » C up|Sr°'and lo'wit P''''"' '""•■' ^j,?™-" ""V*"" The pr.iOice of a religious vocab- ""-Tree e'ducation „ a |ou,ne,, not a mt^ton" A io"*' KbliJi" ftoA 

preaching, however Elder Jensen Mr, Duckwall svho has a major in During "the first quarter of the second velsal lasv^^ is a pat o ir uni p ans have maleriahred as j^ 

sUteJ that some vet)- promising young' '^J"'" ° r' «" iJ ' '„ rr"™ ,„j" , semester a Spanish Sabbath School ss-ill Befe„i„„ to the evamnle of P,iul, ,.„ ,,'e, hul he has'be'e'nToS^irj'i'n' 

trcarhecs are being developed m the „,„!„./ ,,„ i,„,„-, p, .„,„-|; 6,„„ ^' "IS,",' e - ? n-'u TTr. I« -asked the students if tk-ir purpose foreign miss.onarv'-vork He ivdl sliU 

SMC theological department, and J-", ,,,-, , *" m w Vnrk Pl"ced for tiO Spanish Bibles and 30 i„ attending Southern Missionin' Col- m.infam 1, s riS n h „ f " V I 

many Collegedale siuJents are eager "^j Mia Guinn hymn hooks. lege is to prepare for just a job or for nation m the world " 

Men ^ Glee Club 
Is Oiganized 



elle Plays 
Studeut Body 


of Mr. Robert Jocliin.ins, 
worship period in Hie Collt(;c 

(ghly Lflk J Rose" for an c 



Miss Lanison Visits M. V. Society Keep! 
Coilep-dale Ciiiiipiis Students Busy 

AI<\i(o Tourists « 
Krlalr Experiences 
In (;ala Program 

J;;^ ;^';; ,r« '^J^E.'^irSlc'i" Cliff Dwellers 

ihoashi jnd Jun >""■"" <°"""|"^["jjjJ°J 'J'' Organize, Seek 
°n io'i"ct°bJ tSI°" m,°g' d" Dm. Mis. m.- ]\e«- Heights 

To 13-2 Victory 

Farmers Congress ,i",'.d'"i' 

Press Prints 
New Book 

l,jd Sclin<.ider rcndefcd ; 

"T 'C:~"t!^Zi"l!i'",lZ SIOOO Appropriated 
"rburiwi;!"''" """ '"''""' """ To Collogedalf 

Dovnlonome on ll» moond in Ik- LandsCapc Vt'i •1111 

,■ I. 

11, . divcn striktouli dutin^ 

I icricultural dL-parlmenI 

!■:.;' luu^" u .■/■..:..'. I. ' 

i^liik- Cockttll struck ou 
ii JiLii during hh short pitchin) 

! planted ihrubbt-ty ,now In 

jirudy jssufL-d diL' « liil OwL-ik-^^ 

appearance of the A. G. I 

ing fire fxtinguiiheis i(ii a btgg hose. 

hj'^'c'"'lfrc!l"hi 1oTt^n"or!lc^imc 

The librity's landscapii 

"^sn^,n°^ nht'pra "T/M^tin'^Mch 

!-M-l ami Noss trjilin^ closely with : 

1 fw(urc''^of''£g'"he % 

of bt-in}; the only one so fir this yta 

I f"^ona'l' frXI'ea "aJed 

in the f.imoLJi right field creek. 

some we)r«rned prac'tfce 

.a. .lmo« compVd, 

With Hit playing of llie ballgam 

t ApproJcimatcly one hui 

Crusade Quartette 

u IS .m inlrrtstmg siddight to wale 

Sings al Outdoor 

.luti..j: (h.- though along sid 

t over the college ampii> 

M. V. Program 

.|."..r ■[!„ .. 'v., II I, ,,ur ball player 

[ berybat^lHtr.vl-^^ .■■■■■ 

shSi P'"'. PfilKt Juniper.. Hit 

Health Service 

Hd'-tir-^uLcysoftl-^^wam' *-^''*^i"s Diathermy woodMicsTo'Si/J Ih.'. ^''-"i^A 

llian All/' and others. The manager 

or Mildred Oak 



lifilit Ihc good fight of faith, girded 

' IhJmaSineltis 

3 the chcit 1 

; ''\ 

he gladioTa and 
c planted near \ 
,e have been put 

ducing Soldiers of Ihe Captain." i 

body, as well 3> 

: special cle. 

ctfodci fo 

r hon 

"rZ and^fdLing"i''tnSiction' 

aJ,pJr""^"^ '*■'' 

iich can be . 

lied on th 

'■ rldf 

toad back to school was crowded with 

sUndi iboi 

young people. 


his school. 







Souiliern Missionary Colltpe, Collcgeilale, TennessL'C. Novt 

Subscription Battle Ends on Armistice Day 

College Men Win 
As Circulation 
Reaches New High 

"Peace Day" Program, 
Celcbracion Mark 
Campaign End 







prayc»^ by ihc 




1 i h«c been cnlircli 

iLila'cntSV^hmMoBc" Composer To Hear College Board Votes Atom Bomb 

Ittt r™ch\Thico"idihu.h°So?k Cantata Audition For Barber Shop, Described By S|,u ci,.™si.,. 

I fca'.*"" ^^' '^ "'""' '°'"' '" Mr. Burtcll V.n Butm, compost, Laiiudr J' Building BrUCC Thomas Comt.y*"'.nd''projVcd*ita '£e"xJc 

1 Students See Manna i;„p ™"„"|"d"'io Toditta""t°hf Hil,d,ossme mvm and i birbtr Bruce Thomas, .ho only American Lr°i'.%de'r° Tobia^s™'com™>l 'i" 

I Al Africa Lecture °"itd.f Doc™S "' .cS^g t? ,« a™, 'a ™ ,'° cStiJ "b»;3 frci Wo„'^o"°"!? ,raB,i"'L.mb ,^r t; .Ml,c°'cnd';? rt'ccnt™;; 

10 nearly 1000 persi 
' Labelling the ne 



aal sample of twenlielh 



■np ton 

the, w 

1 be giv.: 


Boird vote 

d to sp* 



frica. Elder Otdey had 
mple of the light llaky 






■s Cocni 












liling, pi 






c,dcs°' '" 





' "Ih 

kTb,°'MV Jia, 


. !7C, 







...,.,» ^>..,..- 


as ANDREW Ctai. a.F«^ 

J It KrNDt* 

!'„.,■, ,,,', '",' 




1, oy Hit studtnu of £ 

c 20, 1929. 11 Ihc PoH 
a of Consreu, Augux 

KT StpiOTbcr 28. 194) 

«ol IOC >nd motilhl] June, 
ulhcm M.»ionur College 

Bcc It Collcgfdak TcnriH- 

rj Lg _ 'Inade/i "^fl^ Through 

. - - Dashes ^'^' Pgins 


Peace oe^Uud A^imUiice 

// l,.i,ii \1\ in (he hoi 

onto 1 pencil I 
dome push ups 

//, /,r./ r, ; ,r ij.;,,/ Kn,j^hl Room-.!-. fronl of iht door of CI)de Brool>.s ^ps' \Vh) that s nothing' )i i ' 

Now Ihit w,.(i. on the -.ubiLCt of i„,le( Novi the Brooks farail) can ,, , p^n, Dm .olljpsi I 

\.r< II,} . \ Y'O Ninr ^nimjli I m icmindLJ of tht l»o entir and ka\c ihm ttuikr wilhoul , i 

\ to, ,1,11 Ihul Ibt Hay ll^lf -,<i7pM>c hl^Z ^an J^-ct :t |o«cr 7hur hLjd"to'?nkr ( W.. 11 , 

I nMtcJ sou to knock On the 
I Dot Htinnam and Belt) 

"* ' .> I .uiifui Mfeiu 15 iIh iritif. '^'-'^tfT-so thrs «3s it Recrcatioii Plans 

" '!>u'jLt,' Roois;r'^suf^H,rRlT"shc{ who's mw At Organized 

"",'.',' Jo7?aTe r^m'^lk To^' Kou'^T'a^^diu Normal Bllildillg Tiiit c^et)one ma) hi^c ^bto 

{Addres tiade at Arniistice Day thtit hithcst ambilion Hc^icn Out '■*''' '" l.nowm£ >Uio now hvts in " -pi "* '*^n*he ^" '^j > ■!'" 

™ndi IK in.pihol o( M,„ Stlmidl M.iS Jonis miJ, no ml,oJ«c.,on ,„, /n „,,„ „„|, ,„ p|„ I uWl 

Io.n Qu.cin ,„d Giro Sunon M),. ^"Ooni «l.o Ino,. Colkj.J.I, „ ,„||. t,|| „, „,|,„' ^i, TI.J 

iatUii iijimt III ballU j^;.uii^l hull i, iii I jm! Iide till!) ihou ufio t> iz-.T 

;,.r..>™/,-./»H»,.(fc., ,,;,/, ,/.n. | r, J,«./™u« „,„; r„„,„„ /*«r Rescucs Kitten 

ilijjitiillie,, will lilt, u,ll;,i ll.i, II ill iliir nghljiil fhu 

iimiciiiiiei, iritt iitiii II iiniii iiiii II n t ii nr nphtltit htitu -ti., hru h<. .nnm. ^ nf , rnlJ. m , ".-,-.. ,icond Mclion IS from 3 C I ^-'^ 

N«,m„,lmil.ll.,i.iiii,.li K' I liii'Ul'il'i llriLI ,M muh J,k ,t;?T~"bJ J°''<l' I sM.'lK.nB '"'«'■ TI... »U,on ■ ■ ^'| 

,1,1,1,1 l„„gm, 1,11111 ll.i III giiiiii ^ II iiiiill l„,c„,„„bi,,l„lj .n,taroll„,aro,,Jb, M, , ,, _^ ,, u„„^„',„ o( f;j;„°"'>„d'^n°tek'" D*""! 

"if:.i[.i"i','.Ji „'/.,l,'„'"",„ ;./.,, "„"„,"' "''"' '""" ' "" ''"' '" 'ii'''i';,V'";„°l"';J"j„;^|";i .o m.''"d"cT 'C^m 5'/'™; *.-^p">(.'™"**"°'i"> -'" ■ 

Deiiiiix, foiimlltil In X.j/t,/, , to mj toom I found .. h ' 

"The balllc is (Ollilililil-, li.i: Nol hk.nt I U 

!Mlli„ptli„iil„s„i„.i,i,i,h, I _ ^/j -">c 1 iu.,l.c. tad .1 , 1 

during ll)is iiiiii- in'i:k jiiii, III, il i i^ \ li m i ii ' i" t "'"''' '^' 

jmr/.T,jW('<)w/,w /„(,,„„,;., ,„/„,j J ' '" Tabcrnaclc Gcts 
nw„»o«*„ Heat Installed 

Stork Visits SMC 

m ., lompkiil, .„,Blkd 10 Coll 

ri./rColCLr,v„",lm„X ., ... ,^„„ „„™,'ri "" '""r'"""' ""j°'". »"'!)'"» '"'^ '"'" "•■I""* '" '"ulck" L°"''«"'°l>»"' *P'' ^ 

ino.™tjd.,N.vcml.,2. She™, n,"X ,' " ".''"o. «..! s,S do£7 '^ ■""' ' sm"X kl,oA„T°cIi;„~ m* l««f|fc .>'"''"'"> t,"^'"^ 

hoj wilh M,, ,nd Mrs. R. G. S«-or- M, .nd M.s Thorn,, Dnilod. bo, kscds'ird.'SijS i™Ln°i '"Srh ,nd Ma„ N^man l„= ncM Collct'cd^fc Mcmo,,J<™Mj 

""•"">" '" mi Iht Soulhc.n Un.on (C„lli„„J ,n f,j, i) ' 

Ncivember 22, 19-i6 

EditaTPulls Hail 
\s Accent 
Goes To Press 


Eld. Liindqui'il Robert Haiiun Heads 

Reports E-vpansion Msiuil Vid- Dept. 

' ' boyrnotl.'"r poiXVa^jdJ^d lojou^ LaUst fituc^s rckjicd bj the Rtf,L ^'"^ '^°9'^ ^^°P '«^"'l> lomplcled ojxration of ill ihe olhtr dcpjrtmails 

^ Didnt tec Ihe pic ^^^^^ TU fLmainins 91 points icci slrar s ofltcc shous that the total m ^,,'j;"|j^ ,^J^^ ^^"^^'^^'jjji'^pn''' '" '"'^ <'' "o' 

1 JiJnt iom""o"lil"loJ™ "h'j Tu'°o'uVj"\\ ■'""■'"""mm cb"°n§ » oSl^c s''llmtee"t!i "iTJca,""! tte'mmTItotmitoJ "'jh' »i'nJo'° Miss Ha« mail To Go 

^7^'',.J'™ flo^oicMo the'''prtt"'"i'^d "" '"^'"^' tLancd loi ilian tvso '^,',^^'|,^'',^-' "|;^ J||^'^ ^^''1' '^\^^ ^'^^'^jl thc'^add.tlZ aho^wrc mad"""!' the To Ilviztl School 

V.u Ta^Sf 6°naf''p.Ie ptoo'™" ""p'tch tele to , tetola, eontmi.on, miMof «7 -«, clf. I , l'»I '';" f, 'tLdAe'iJem, ' '"' «■ k< Ha.m.n l,o,„ Moele 

„\hl ' ' f .ibMion Yooeouldeaiil, tell.heth ^^ ™'„'^"'P;;,|,^„'"°;|^,;, ' I ai 1 aim that a Cimple Vi>l, Colotido .illleave lot Altiei 

{■,'ldi„i'm"h"''°'""l°"'V""H rib';;tiC'''o°'l,r'ko''ees'°Ol''"*Jo*'t m?'"tl,e°'Xle"5.™S''l ' "'tmaV "o"," he'rihif'.e'me'l eT '^1," 

tell lore„,.„„„!'h J?'i"!St'" I'ltmee-tong .e «,e n.tnet-oo, noeineed tlnl the .todcnt 11 I II Jett, Ha„e, and .„ f.,„xel, ,,, m ,tt.„ ,1 1 o,e,t 

I time la a back tor elost of h 1 or anjthmj, of that nature although oaei the Ion in thte short eeek Wll i M kcpeire all totmcr !tu Lake \eademe and a t'ide tool 

I crr"rhur«"rapp!!d ^a°'^r/u''"and '"^ ''"''"* "'■'^'^'"i ^^^ ' eription reeeipte in Pae.he Union Cll Collete ate altendms Union Colleec ' M</, Hmmm' leiir^'dite let ol 

°"lt I "No'e-Man, thank, jo to the Eld. KlUldsen Talks ' 

a'.''nt"i'otlhl,r''l'lii!„I'l" '^^"^i i" '! On Work in Europe 

iri tune the A 11 ' 

ro sble Anel ,„ spite of ill IhtVid „'"] h^",°a',°"^pi^™°Er''at "e^l" 

. 0,1 ) " '"'"'■' ' '" """"""S |i,n«looil^Relil»ns Club the esenine 

C, ZU J>.na Ine ' uakf^'le^oZ^.^I '"lio* 

H 1 S li irfr 111 rp 
S| 1 > 1 


Elder Aitken Tells Ediicalion Week 

'^ '"^■^S M I II Ho^Kobes Of Europe Tom- Begins With Talk 

\ ^'V^*^ ^ ljj._, J jfp .^^ „„,„,, o„„„ <i„„i, By Dr. Couliette 

Couliette said: ■'Educai 
colighttm the undersh 

H III r<. cus 

"N 1 rqiiipnunl 

1 111 iis,li S nth 

M ji Coi iilii cad 
Miiffiiib ( oiiiing 

&pt e< h C laisseh 
roiin Piiiels 

ed br .he .obe of Cbrii.'s » 'sg ^«"^' •Jiffi^Xrio"™!!: c|"e lo .he solnlion of .he m,,.,,. „" 
"'■ jl,„ i ke « dv. 1 Elder AJJieos h„ mao>eed .0 send ge gjHj', ™jjj''" '^■•" J«tl"»d, 

degree' in Physics, 

Language Chdj 
Elects Officers 


( 1 nn Dickerson CoUegedale Film ofai. 
( •>\e Decorated Shown To Kiwanis spZi 

\l nilStice Day fold cd^caUon, The "Slory of College. j^S th' 

s placed 
il Corps dur- 

No,eX!''l9°".''*'' "■"'"■ "tag or.h;™oil,''ZgS"oid"£ h""! of the°mode',n langoage Joprt-I 

"«Ma°,S'f"r'.heColl,"sZ 'o'] s"hri, r"S ajgif^ of his DoCtOr John A. !'Jltz| 

jrZ'fgLtihiir.:-;;!'."," brk"ai,c'g;'.pe's ai," wha"" visits coUege, a ui 

yed, Provosl Marshall Do- .ermed .he las. honeydew melon of o 1 ' 

• ' '- — -- "•■— d ihey Doctor suhrie 

Students Join Two 
1 acuity Committees 

H good will berwetn facolly 

I Edgar C. Raine Coal Shortage ^•11 _■ I r% 

Lc ctures On Alaska; Will Not Affect Collegedale BecoiTies VacatioFiland 

I Slioii's Slides Collegedale Heat 

For Sixty Stranded Students 

at SMC ov'c/thj Thj4s- 
days, but .ccordiDg to all 

highLgliltd by a liike, din- 





El«. Hi- aid 


Ml Moves SMC-ites Shiver Chapel Ag Cold Wave 

.■>nbs"rg'uiV'f™'i''S '^''^ Collegedale rn'rJd'hS.'iS!™ 

in'iioEt; S M;''c''w 0™"'>"'= '^ """ P"' ' 1"i<k cod So,'™£'2r ''"'*' 

h. SMC muiic depirlmci.! direc "J'^^lj^X* ' IhcmoocTe?" M '''"' '"' ■'''"°'" " 

! ire '5.1 or'iaiS"ras"'on m '■ "''"' '" P")'!'' "'^'"S'l » ^'- and the Unilcd'stUcs A 

Veterans See Elder Jensen 

Condiat Films Reviews Past; 

Motion pict>iio5 dcpietioe Ktion on Wams of Futui-e 

if tlic Colleficddc dv 
Lhe pwt ycat dtiiing hi 
inksgivinj; Sibbath, 

Jed by 

» btlor,, ind ",° win 

c Bidjc. the 

. had been oni.sually mild, but rcsetved Hemagen btidgc, Huttgiin fotcst, ctos- conetcfiation of siudenLs and 

'[J It! hett for the recent holidays. Sat- sinj the Rhirai. aitbome tt 

utday's cleat skies and spcinglikc action, and the signing of the 

^^ atmospheic allowed a high teading of cr to both Field Macshal Won 

' Campus Favorites" t'Lfn'fTiw'eke'yfatffofNremh" '°Ac?o"n"n °ihe"'paci™'inclo 

Compiled By JJj V°eH '' fMyTeven'" "eg,"? SLwng r.chtads°?he'™. 

Cookery Class managing to halt a't 0,°°!) d*eI,K occnpatim of japan, and"™' 

■' math. of the snitendei docoment in lokyo to m.ikc' the message of the third angel 

tan'^lXb ''"■°"'"" " '"P' '»"': wit""* °5 ""i ""i°"j''','"g'' f'"" fS Jamse Im rial'' Drfe'^'ion' "'"" '" "'" "'"'" 

Jjati of IsJi-Vii, „°„°de'. the sp"n5 '> night's coldest ciiJ°Deniidii,'MTnn.' Geneial MacAiihnt. and other allied PictUrCS Al'e TakcU 

J-^f^^'depirmitlrisinlhe j;i'lf£"''££' 'fs^'^j^^f Stiidents to Meet F°'" '47 Annual 

^"■cipe", wercoSed ftom faculty jf^'^Jf /^^y*'"'"*"''"™'!'' ^"t'' Facility bib^lKd'm'th^"""'' "'"' """ 

»™^'k' Sit°'™'1'icraiTc;",2 litsTsT.w^'tff'nSS' '""■""■ ,T;'„ '""'";• .F"™"L=i ,<™"''"'= r''"?y '°T*" *™™" °w™rf 

If'fc book wiU be the seSon entitled In Collegedale, eatmulls wete cL^fcteh" ."^Z? s^S "'^^h^r The LI'™ ' °t tJ""''^/""" ■ '^i 

J lecipe. Ftom Other Connlties." spotted foe the liist time this yeat. Red Sh;*^ .flunS 1 'T T t ,Z,""?' - "'" -^H"""" '' 

1 1, 2" "'" "" '"' S''"' "^ i' ''•*'"■ ««""««. «"". anJ gln«" (% appoinlmcni of "SentT Mr dividual ,ti^i?s"'"f' " °' 

Foie the Chtistmas holid'avs "^ ""^ "^ wh^ch tends to lend'^to^lhc' etowinit ^'"^'"^'^ Suhric, chairman; Mt, L. G. the book this yeat. 

ISacritice Week •'""">■"■'"'■ i^):'t°i^s't'£:li ':l^%5',"B^lS'{^"z$, 

lOffering Reaches Announcing l,"„°;"'„*f,": »;i'>-._H«™': ,and .h,.»gh 

|1770 Dollars m- s.„,„ c, of km, 

Eldet Jensen ended his st 
his challenge. ■'Duih.g ti.e 
head, we should be a loi 
be toad of out task— our 

Need is Jesus" following a talk by 

n by Maty Lynn Coul- 
Lloyd Plftisents, who 

became a 'seveoth'di 

l'fo°i"lmJiSg me'into 

"ell au°gh, 'Mi's. M 
mat Hechert Fleenoi 

tell glided as the genetal welfa 


''f "Jf;™ S".'*'' " 'I" «™»' r'f'",'™- "P,'"" Phologtaphie shtdios in the 

... .MaatKitchie mittec of the college, will hold its gitls patlot employing fout Urge I 

.Professor Sevrens first meeting December 15- Kleig lights. ' ' *> i. 

God/- i^iog"' 


Crowder, lef° 

evctj'onc in a s 

irit of t 



Dwerabcr 7 

Elder C 

H. Uuda 


ks at ek 





a'ttoS ' 









, Dortch, 

°R "f" 




nager of | 
spealcs at | 

U Open 





'liaU&i Itff^ Through 

'-:Z^^ The 

finally pulkJ out- 

Wkif *1eack?? 

" ,,'''! "''r'wfvSlafnj'vdmi rest of ihi d"clJmES. (Seems is if good dmiog hill, Johnn,! 

the 'Olofs or shoes. ^'O'^' ^^^ jj^ ,,,^ pjivy added Iheir influence to the I undctsland thit Ga.Imd r.t 

1 loo oSLi'd'on't know svhichgi,) like, <°^v»' *7;> /''''"i'',!', s,";;; 'St^S'S°Vi^SJ:t"" 

leach?? .hid, eo,.,. though, beciuse^e, hid ^'^^J^;' «;,' t'.S™tlu," i » Jn ■'ex'SsL°'™jM'",l"',., 

on one oleich he other oi, ^^^ ^^_^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ „ ^^^^ ,1^^, .,p^,^... ^^^^ 

Ihirc ^ri lour mm 10^^131110™ Ifa «hite (o. skit- it is hnished I believe I'll move ^in^il, to ™le, and^^,^egol,lio„, i^ ^ 

';'/"«," T ",«'!< "m"w)lm "bZlZur,°,'"o,"'md "^,^,'^'iJ'XS"''^'^°^eia o'lie hoosJ" ''°°"' "' ""'" "' ' "' ' iwid'lhe'^^Wdmt HindC"' 

II I ,u I ck II 
I '/ 

. / II u„n I, 

rr/tt Irehl sh"'^'H'Vh"t'""'th"t'" 

ti oris that the uork of etl ^1^^ ,^\^",^ h^ J 

/ / II Er ccmiuilled In human beings' but she still likes them 

I I I I I I as ' j greal iiuportaiicc by CoA "Vtah, white is O. 

/ III I rL j Itaclsiiiti tie arc looUiug cbaratters jor Verne (Romeo) Pfeifi 

I hit III II iMSlttI III Eden uas begun by our first parents 5lil !ow'>" EletTTunis'on r*s sTOrtinf a werc^Ha^ris ^^Iei50^, Rtrbett "chi'sm, ly if someone didn' 

I ,1,11 c nlinut in Its hif^hcsl sense among the redeemed pjir of shoes, Chinese style. They '^ ~ - . l _„„., i-„«„, .k- t-r. 


spcli to cndosc 

iust helps himself. 1 
that he did his shari 
chow. That's ill 

// \ Larlh icd, md ite held togelhet by a mefc this I 

/ ir i\j! tie dm] Ih uai and sliU is ihe preal ilting. Romeo isn't too complimentary irailei 

^, I j^r when he refers to Ihem, because he work .. ^^ ^^^^ 

I L , r< ,illll ?ia„ This hjs to Ho tilth '''^TSmt^^nn^H lowZ"^ i^^^^^ nice lon^; winter yet! J».^^^ you wor 

II I jl JIJlc/>usI;,; I Incalion is a nice uork for necei'4"is th" mo'iher of inient.M, so ,.*^.'f" ^''■■^■^'' "^^^H "^^°')''^ Were findi^^g it 

mm mil iil\ Utcaiisc it n ihalnic, uilh the hitler lUmeiit in he hj* m^enled the idea (hat if >ou 1"^ highest hiiiory grade m the /w- to a good study pr. 

niaii s nature— the nilillccl And il is from the heart and the mind don t haic mone) lo get thit cvpens.i ■. '^)^^°f _^^^'^ y^Ju'iZie histot^v some [hit' Chris^ma vac 

thai ui bail jloniii^ the springs ol human behmior and conduct ioHcasc jou need for going home ^^^ ^ ■ th^ comet, could ii 

''" sCsl*',-*"'.; ."■'rp''"' """ ,.is'XfcL"ri.!°?,i"t?,S'T; Exchange 

,/ the 

Il I I, Uiluilll 

I all true 

r iKiuiuialasalmrsI 
III, hull , ciddriu 
Il inllilnlii ilmost 

,,11 I II, rnhir and 

Normal Bldg. Empty 
.rL rirc t During Holidays 

irke the pissed — everyone had a wonderful 
er Dad s time! Along with the numerous things 
he didr to be thinkful for. the two extra diys 

r.ght s,aJ Mm of t"- rtSdeMs"wenTm"."but 
so much those who stayed had no time for 
loneliness for an interesting progrim 

iihis Vre Designed 
irk that jjy (;o,„p Clagg 



en 1 perfect day. ,'l^j^j °„ hundreds ol 

univecsity news|Mpers auu 

o brmg in original ideas for ads iTec'famTly." Whi'lc "tiicrcrthey" si-ent S40,'ooO have been approved to U| 
that might be sold in support of the to Cliarleston also. Even though the used i 
Annual. Results proved that the trip wis punduitcd by two flat tires cimpu 
.:._ e,._i .- .1 . . . i^^^i J. ... 

taped to the surely r 

. Andrews, South Carolina, 

^et 1/d lie ^UanUAd 

V ;„tis'ing method, and publicity angles. "~\"C''. n'"' 'Z't wen. In Olv mon,l"o.gin for tt music Jer«™*|,ksgi,,„si| II h ,M a leellno ,wt iwlite nostalgia that , *"°,°,'„*|° ""^iS'""'?", Tl" %""«•■ Tennessee, where Donni's J" '"'*''-'S"'°'for°!he biol-S 

'l.aTu! ikiiZ'uZ'fl'u'aT^ut^^^ vvbisilel) by Opii H.fes and EleU S'„'^^- ib'^i™, jJ^S.'nb'Jsr'' depr"mnr"ew ?'P'«''~/°'J5 

latlni; Ih, ,,lii, „/; r/,e.rras gum u-rapfers to make silver knee fumrrnd™'o"geo"s'go,in"'" OtC^t's "ri Friday they went to Crossiille to ™new adJitioIis.-Cta* T™'"' 

luuU,,. .„„/ .„,„■„;, all the handle, l„wi,nolhefs brooms to make ""'J Pi"""^' 'lipP'J ''»■» r^g^rres '" *" "™ P'«' ^.r folk, have put- , ^ 

l'l,'\ K""' II' n: lime „ere the days, but Thanksgiving goes on '<> "P dlustnte m otigmil rdea ,Jn„„ ' " '""" .„j Thetis Bush In somr""" 

moih.ngh ll;„ „il„ things have disappeared Into the past. Dua"3',e "^pThit d.S""e,yth'nR The Koo«vdle area attracts more ^Jey sa, the happiest "S" aJ 

Then an a hiiiulred things Ihalea,), one ol us could think ol to Madison Piods. the food th.twm than one of the Normal Building spent eiting oatmeal hamburgers 

Ihat ,vc are Ihaiikjid lor. ife do not need i„ enumerate these sibsttoKfo; a"nylhi'ng. gioup. J. B. and Geneva Kinder en" their favotife food. ^^^ ^^ | 

r Wj, bill the most important thing /a /o be thankful !! ! In Ihe rush Ad, for SMC were most numetous joyed the vacation visiting hi, biothe, Even though the tim^ ,,,„ had i>" | 

t>l lileiee are apt to take these tiSngs lor granted but how about -eight for the College itself. ™ fo, " °f ""■«'• 

slapping every noiv and thai just tS be ro,e 1T f^r'th; MIege p're? aid and Roth hIS InetdenTally 

O. G. one for the Collegedale bakeJy."' " visited former shidents at SMC.'^ 

foc"^rtosew°h°o went away, they hij^»l 


Ziu 1h '^^''"^y"'*' Ci-aft Club Gi 

,M,„ Giddings wying 
Shf did-) 

ith (Iriped pnis? 

Maty Lynn Coulson en; 

[.^^.^.., M. V. Honors 

elected prwident andHarold Kep 
y"'S ^ linger stcrctiry- treasure (. 

Phyllis M.fsh not calling 

vctyone members of the club who meet on 

eady to lend a members of the faculty 

with pl«tic= and doing 

Students Polled 
On Personal 

Flight not 
being as qujei 

Music Department 

[t^lo'iii loTttcWngTr* ^ ™'"^^ '""^ Acquires Records 

1 in''"to M°f " ""' hunting for some- p^^. 

ii« 'he phjing of phonogfapli 

,. MUlcr 


Cafeteria Employs New Broom Shop 
32 Workers; Serves To Have Steam, 
1000 Meals Daily Air Conditioning 

hapman, during early 

out" quickly, and glancing fearfully valuat 

me the right way to live. 

dw I'd' ^"f"' ''- "' "^ '*^""" 
thingT ! am mo« thinkful for ^s that 
I am at SMC. I am thankful parti- 

nadeT §om. 

Thomas Bullock bouting about 

(cri'in Dake looking plea 

:nded by 

Following is part of a recent dinner jsTo'dyl the'^r^ "m'n'iMs [orled ^Miriam Diticl. r,v,-;.ij,-.-DesidM 
ig to quality and color. When being thankful for Clirislijn p.irents 

5 pllor 

d St College Honor Roll 
[Announced By Registrar 

to the winders where it is tied to thankfurfor the opportunity to carry 
wndlci. The last step is stitching forward m a small way the work of 

S gallons j^tr Conncll said that the hindks 

" come 'from Ihe McMtnville Company, Biblc InStmCtOrS 

Itudcnts who work in the kitchen jj^^, the ' present TuppTy of'' corlT w^l Organ izc; CIlOOSC 

and help pre 

Milton last untd next July.' 

Alice Perkins 






t:" :,.: 


n, 1 



i II 







^■l.::: ::; 








Ufich, A 

jp :::::. 



Snide. R 


» M.c« 





Quuici, and 1 

Dtmdfofd, Mrs! Futch, jn'd Mrs. Banks, facult)' sponsor- 
Davis. Westerfield Chosen °";"" r-i^rtd aro Ai.a- Purkms, 

The BirJs responsiblr; for sr-rving prcs.dtnr; Vcrna Stcaluy, nci; prcsi- 

ivdl. Joan President By l5ma"pin'son Smunl Z"l"7,\ 

gtians and Sigma Gamma Alpha ^^l^^, rx^rdcn' d'orisi^^^'and' l^rk^da 

Itn and bj w]. 

a Alpha, ^.rls ^.nro 
convcni-d Thirls."'*^ ^'"'"' "' 

Ma^ie Shumard, and Estlitr Powers ^"\,'r"|^uv.)!"'(LjT"""w ''""It""* formal BlllMiliq Empty 
wash Ihen, for suaMdinj meals. "°«;"' "»""> »""">■ Narinelle ,Co„„„„.J /,.... fa,, 2) 

^l' 11^ J Mande Jones and Mrs. Mary 

Mi"' S,e','^''Bri,iws''h™e",!.k ""^ '"' 

Jimmie Lou WesterHeld, fresident sina™«pe°rienee; li'sJiJl'lruIy^k a 

"nV*c"nd,,°wMe"'enUli™ "' ""'■ ' '" '"'"' '" '"" ' ' 

replete the elnh see're over and school was in projre; 


Dr. Sulirie Honors 
Ex All Corps, Men 

w. For ihc iim« b=ing I -m >bic lo Elder Tobiassen Eld. Banks Discusses 

?p , '' I m"" 'h ' "k"'" g Tells of Cpi eei Labor Unions 

"h '^brn.''?'i"e J el In Journalism , kii^L«?a^mttdHdl■li'c 

tud t bodj 19-16 !7) 

" . ,, * p p?4f»"°d''"V'™>'v»»to^^^ 

Ik dl fSn ih P,jl B„ki 1 IK showed how tilt md "Swedm," Wodnod;,,., Novi 
[, od al N « y ,1^ „„;„„j ,„ orgamjing (or more IS. during ch.pcl. 

some good in training department i 

d tw )ca L . 1 H continued by stating that t 

>»" ';,,'' 1,/, ' •> '■ St^^'u 1 J have done some good .... ,. , -— ,„„. 

moo b I 1 d Pr -i In t J ted h <a d \\ puhl 1 d pc ^ ^^ ,j^^.^ j^^ instructed '"S elementary school this year are- 

I h Id m d y fi d lia 1 f h j u ^ 1 t t Tm t t n out of tlie union and away Charlotte Haskell Dayton T^ 

1 1 d p bo h Id Lf d Health h h th lead ^ m the strikes. "^ssee. ' ™" 

^ ' Ll' 'jp ' /''i 'd ^' P ''^ ^ "' ' th wholove Him°ajid'ke'ep^Hi[ Jaunita Decker. Fort Mj-crs.Fbn 

laiy Ellen Padgett, Hicko;,, No,,; 

SandHicli Success 
For Investment 

h I™ ' f it^ g N^ Florida Auditing 

> System Adopted 

t N b Id C 11 g E gland and t B> Unlon 

jimanu I M s i) C II g •' 

,a d bi a t de. that I wrote fo the An ent rely ne plan for the ; 

Home Economics 

Club OlganiZeS, J^SThMr'ETdKbte'nst'atel sSt JjTh.jrd.pie ^ce^'^S nc!l 

Chooses Leadeis 250 Students TF{zJ7zL?{£ihKit ^^J 

,<o°SS^s"'iub was"l°fd°on b t«°d", St«dj MuSlC ' """ " " "'-""""■ " 

rior da Conference 
Acad mj and bus r 

added burden of 

1 b, an; 
" " ° »" b)°Jani 
t r "a'l mu SuML'n'''u '" " 

b" th" X '°f„r"^h 

»n of men a. Oak Park Acadern^,^ cont^^ba^.n,^ b^ng^^n^n.^d „tjn |»™Jh'j« «|"'^;j°ds »^ i^^^^^^ MaStCl ComradcS I 

f fui oj-po tun ti fo, good pubic e» g ..ti) appiee a""ti s h "ip "her.^ Roast Marslimallowsl 

And Discuss Pla?3 

In the I ght of a No n 

lltnisi-\vi\'('s Teacli 
Music Students 

itatcd, might well te decided 

Composer Reliearsei 
) With Oratorio 

''"'He'added'thaTtte purp»s 
cantata is to get the Three An, 
ssaees to those who listen to ID 

Isiillciiption Diive; Inteinmeiit Story COtTling Klliq CaHtata MakcS Prizes * ' "' " ■ 

At BirmingUain 

Premiere Appearance Here 

,'i'i'°vr^ "«h^ "iJ™n S'taTOf ortiJ Trolp! Advcntist Nccd Meii Youth Live in 

na'Tor A'pojrSm of'sLISh', "loogs wll jlra NiirsBs, Expcrt Says Day of Opportunity ''"■>'■' "ir'i 

■*■ is!'"«.^Si,[;z:!"';j'°l'„"" At chanei Program Says Eid.-r Lauda .";;,::;;:;:,",::."" 

cnihusbaicll,' by a: 

(0 Song*' iung by the C 

.Wilson! Sylvanaires Make D«?nm~Sd''L7raio? mm-"'" 

' ,'■ lohn Performance Tour; Thoufth°''&vtnfii-dT"'Ajv!^'ii"t"Tns^^^ 

hhtor! Give Lyceum c"''''ctcd "^ot'i'' ih; Tavr.! °i "T' 

:oiic^e Officials zl'Vn^li^Iihif^f Ij:'' ' '" " ' '' ,' ; ' v;,; im,:,;— ; 

tiend Collegiate J"J°'"spinr'V''LT„rGo""' ~", , -., , , " h,.\"lru,c°GS 

«soeiation Meet pS ■ °w "cf ''Hi„t«k wJ°°t«'o°' '"'"'»'''''™" i^r""™' «-"-"' ■""'-■ :;'^7„;;;j, ™ £'"*;„I;'' '"" " 

'-^l '-"'•'"efO" allcndtd'diL- meet- comedy ^skit/wiroffered^t'titlXdenU, Cllickcn DlCS mt'silon!.n-|^!''[ncludiofi his" wiYe. Y^ 

,^1^" ^^^^ ^oijJat)' Schools, The commEttee." jiid fomc" "shadent of FrOHl CigarCttCS h?s "ir*t— it V all'VL "wit" hiio^." "" 

'SLk!, "™P''"' Tennessee, from dSced'Ihe qun«et°"' ° °'°' '" '° At VetCranS Club ence of ",0, Jijei" former Jt" drnTof 

■>1» Senctll 
■the Soul 

Io,ntc^£,5i".""^'f '^'- P'esidcnt of ^*^"" , . - , Wheeler collected the nicotine from ^'j/ eenef^io'i^'^''Erdtr" Lladrde*^ 

l?mt y -J""™"'"" 'or the Advance- ,^,"^™J. ""-ici"" °„d Chaffs Pierce " ""P''' °' "S""'"- *'"' "I" ""■ dared f fs erc-at to he- today" 

fe* Presidm'of the'' AmStan °'"'°*>' "''"''■T. ""by '>*"»". £>"«' 3l,„''ated1''-"M," P™"f'' the"'' "'"^'" ' ''''' "''"' "" ™~«' « 

BAccordiii "'"'"''^^" The Sylvanaires stated that tlK-ir porlt-tyc-d. The mcotiise seas ,nj«ted D,e svhen I may, I ss-anl ,t said of 

■'esident §,'* Valcijient Jssued by future plans include a secular lyceum mlo the cnicKen. me by those svho Itnc-sv me best, that I 

■■J-KnC 1^! ■ la^'h Colleficdalc pro^rain at Madison College and an By special request the experiment always plucked a thistle and planted a 

■ r-irun" ^"'''"" J""tor Col- cviensive trip throughout Kentucky, was repeated in the afternoon for (lower where I thought a flower would 

lit of the academy studeo 


(Cor;/;r"W on page i) 



Maude Jones hall- ( 

Dec. 3t Gym open j 
Dec- 2d Christmas Tree Part, ( 

Maude Jones Hall 





:boJde W<miki 

"WomliT, heavens! -lutl be asloimhed O earth!" The race "" i ^^^-||'>; '■ 

K'omh'T ill Ihe liitlhiuv «/ 0/jtl tiilh jp carelesi a worltl! Even ^^Jj ''.mj* . 

M llrh ji.T a riMli,, 

' ' ■ ' "ill !» »-«-i " -I" -I" "!• '" ii'« '""f. ';"i'5.,':= ''" f"'!'"""' ""' . s.;™« II.. ta liii i-i ' 'Hr' I 

Musi.- I'ldinolis 

Holi<l;iv Spiiil 

Vl r^ni'MKil Kuildlii!- 

Santa Clans Visits [h";.""'!"™:,'". ! 

Dormitory Cliihs JimTs^pou'" "oTh'' i 

■Sim. CI,., i, Comins lo Town" •'"'' f""' J*' I" ^J ' , 

'"■■'iTrHi!;' d'jf'rvir !'''S" "™« '™'i>"'"''iii°" 

jJJ J -17 OililUt Lu li.r U,t, Liui I Crowdcr, Lutia U^, and Mjty l.y/in b«t in life- li.ivt ahvays b"^ '"^ 

ulked her out or ii) McNi-il. whoiang 'WlnrcCiicistmai;' and liopi-rul men. "h" 7'"' ,1* 

So, as lliL- liny lioof. of Dliutn and and a miwd suarll-l iang 'Walkms th«ir business wilb a ^^"'^^J^^ 

yourroof, listen for Sania'scliwry and Ballard. Barbara Chapman. Eugene of tl^is mortal life lilte^'n^J';^^ 


Pierson Edits Braleys Visit Cantata 

\ c.n°hf ijmpu""' Farm Progress Campus, Give {c<,„i„„„j in,,, f,^ 

' ZV'TJi jt Th. H„,„i, „ c,„„„ ,.„„ e, M. V. Program fc ,,„„.„. p.„o,m,n.c 

D lil's Mangels 
1 1 1 2e Students 

T, Stay Home ,«e,>,ni,,h,f„™,„of u.LoL,, Ji,. p,„^„™ .o„„„ d oi ,.,,1 ,,, .,„j '„„' 

,mro„i, bclw»„ ihc de.,Und '"d """"S.-S !=•«. f"'»i"l mcU. S,! u°d' sZ^ .'"ocJ dt', ^nd J„„'„Z'„*;"d"'l 'XT'' '""' " 

b' Ikr B [ 'wSS''s"ld"ic™ ;|,"c„'||*' {"f""'' " '■"°'"' ■" rCd ' Th. Holf Gl )" ' "^ '''5p'l"A'^"3,o!,''lo"il 

'' I ' '.'".".*""..V™" .,."'" Bnlq gnc rc.dml,. .nJ kd ,„|„ „„,,, ,„ ,„d „„, j„,„„^|, „, 

|pa('(r"unon* Collect chor'uwnd ii!l Soutlicm Meuiories 

Cik ''Rhod"''"^"'^ d.tcclion Qffgj.j^ PriZeS 
W>^'iitjiion"lllrmil,'perfolnian"of '^^ SalcSWOrkcrS 

plijid Mr Hi 

Ni(.l.i f 

ter' .nd '""'l'*~u'bt S'°i' 


ji 11.= coike,- 


'°T«p!Ji"b3'"hmr. "S' Misi 





Mr. R. G. Bowen 

Dnrolh) |l 
Lodge — Edut 



f Heads Acct. Office 

Kjthnii b 

'am 10 ^vin . porli 

'"ip" l'to/pS^,ton'm,h'"An™a" P""' "'»"""'"' r "" -i ".npkld, In 
D' P r Qu.mb, Tho Tirior Jj'^J^" ''"f '"d ini,""d »«!■ l-°" 


TdiK iti.m Men ( anlala \\ i iti 

(,„. -^.npo-H 

\,.,U (..11. !It 

Teachers' Club 
Takes Pledge 

kncMl Conftrince sent 
Milltr for finji ipprO' 

Accent On The Academy 


English IV Class Honor Roll 

Studies Foster; l„„j b,i„„ ,, ,i„ 

Hears Musi.- H:' ' ""''i"''''.'';''" 

6 Academy Students 

Receive lusi^ 

Of Future Teacher 

:. (;. I. Jots 

LT SclcChOM 

Tnmin. It.U, ?.V^ 

Bjll.rd. ' 


gave the r. 

Hon»,>.'johnWilh/n. 'J^ 

I Like Christmas 

in^singlng X 

Woolwy. Adj RuM. ;:^ 



\, Ihe CollcprJib Acidcmy. 

enrolled ir 

Garner. John 2 im; 

1 10 several academy studcnls: ■'Whil 

siylc— a CI 



Lloyd. Klint :.i)t 

■ Lynn, Ruby Jcin 2.0C 

Things We Like 

, Lucille Graviis: A new wittl. band 

Caco!i-n Pitclikr; Only [o go home 

llie 'DixJe FIiRlet- for Orhndo. Fh. 

Soulc! Cotir 

d, Betty CUi 

k, Jjck Dacn.ll inJ Jot 

.~^jt'™'l'lK Ji<li"ll''Vo«»m°DK°o.'bt°M2)' " G«ry Milchtll: '47 Hirki-Di'v.J- AcadeHiy EditlH. 

;";;!;"? Ladl^^'sends ^^^p^'IZ^'"" ' 

I . ...Ill wiui would hippcn if— Representative ^.tc ikcitd cJtor jnJ 

jfct all To Committee 

ccd card-, could i 
ludj i^tiod ^iifj ; 

^land Zollinger is 

Ductor Reynolds Advenlists Fail 

Describes Graduates In Old Year, Fo 
As "College Type" God to Give New 

I Describes Graduates In Old Year, Force CPUSaderS MbIc QuartCt BegiVlS 


of (he Gtncnl Confer 

Weekly Radio Broadcast Here 

j,e ^^'p"), "' ;"*r„"""",'",„7J':h; made by Elder leif TobiisKrr durirrc 

Z;> hSond'T ™?'« in tS I"; N~ vear's D., ,e,mon » ih? I ' Tl I I'rogram Based On 

or Re^o<lld^s''IJpi(red! fpeakcr said. "God Ins pcrmiiiod us lo Spauisll StudcntS FarCWcll Party ^^^ j^j " ■■V P IT'" 

■!,.^.oikje .jpe iwiso „,;'",i,"„j"',;, J,"^ j^,,';,'^ ;/,„" Organize Owu Given in Honor fa^Mor^;^ j.m^^^ £«,>,' acond 

. :::;:"i; t2',;?;SS£m ji|«!!^J^jS^e^;S;£icS«S Sabbath School of Mr. Cleveland ji'ili' 'f^ '£^^^3^^ 

'»tl?d'^V"'i"iS"*'''''dra°fc;n Appralios for a' jrcalo, orjenty ,he^facfC™ni'''o'f"l'hf " bbm; f— < «' b"""' 'l an informarfacult; Plans are now beinj formed 10 

Cbrisrian eoUesi belps the sW- ™°°e in proponndins Ibe f" rb™ Li lime ar 9-l" SabbaN. ~''l'l'" '" "" W"""™ °" Samday f |,j5"*;'|,*"cM It "bis ,l~ 

tlii'lds vocabuIary^wbtch^sha"pens the StudentS See 

ThfS.'i'„teribnr» eoo"d Se\ves In Movies 

aoperl,,. rbronsb m t 

narioias, ihe i[^-aker commented. He oirt brooms and do°tbc many tasks of 'i"" °^ variorrs individuals, Tl.c teacb- ^^^^^^^ iranTncl^lable dimax to'^^v toruet"''u irlru" i "v'u jr^r''^ " 'i I '' "l ' 
^■m r^ '^°'^' """^^"'^ ^y "^"'"S imprrrtance on flic campus of Souibcrn ^tTnalia Hen^Tndee "laria Ovlda iid ^^^'**' fict-toeeiber in the gymoasium scripimn ' ( lid noie— We ];„i-^^ rli u 

Academy Bible 

"F^H-,. „f Christ" 


'rifibt, I 

ty and vocal pla, 

Crowder, Lucia 1,, ' ^ ..>.. and Miss Unjdon 
IJtlfl- .Skinner to McNeil were accw-:, 

Hold Prayer Week Jjito Araiia^'S^nd:, 'l.ij o!\ ,„J™°'„;jJ 1*'UT" 

violin solo b). 1 



Soutktiin tAcctnt 

) . «,«<•/ 

U1.C. Amu.. Cioi COjr.r 

IjbtJ CoSci 

c jKobi tlmo 




E td ^nJ 

OT ° 'r.l "^X T ™°' 



Dots . . . Inailefi Itfpe South 

^ -— Hall 

- - - Dashes l'^"'Ej"l"E°lKrd Scoops j 

McAlcxandLr i^ho an cd on Jonu Charle Mcchapl s J 

CjENE E e Dereen ith of this nc V year Congratub Chr ilmw vicaton i u „ jnd I 

Its sprint again Or at least t ^ ^^^ [^^^ j ^^^ (ha, jqu j„/ be new >-wr s before us We must hurt K 

might bi ftom Ihc appwranw of ^ j p because I was too just down to the old routine of ,1 .„ ' ■ 

Oroljn Bwhop and barah Ann o„', ^..^.f, faefoie on DKember 27th wt n and fio n to cla«Ls aga n Kh, I 

Goodies room Oroljn 'P^"' '^"j' of last yiar Ytp I happened like looks a long way off right no but I 

though she d dn r b ng bad ^ 't™" TEXAS) and Mas making preprat ons tr than »l th nk 
ful of Flofda \ tamn C. shi d d ^IMin to S M C when a certain it ould bt beyond tlic 5 orv „ 

b ing bad a Uaut ful glad ola bo ^,^ 5,^^^ ^^ ^j ^^^ „ Kcene and ih •. column to list the ct . „( , 

qua ibc I aJ. four d ffetent co!o s of „i,ojyced me to the latest member th fellows that went aua> f^ ih 

f. '"[ ""jjj ^j^""^ ^oH a'ii'd "'' "■ '■""'* ^ "^. ^i"^? h *° '"''"'^' ""'^ tmghtnotbc u) 

/^eiMl *7oo- J[!.ai& 

pos tion bobbi n about in I 

H. lull I iiiyuay Nut \ ears Resohiliom 1 
) Ti /; it I luiU lo bi hrokeii if a recent radio 1 
' r luU I I If tf bi taken ierioiisly 

I I I, I II /„„» /r«i ,(.«/» »«r „% 

III I jictory pail mid leatei Mc 

/ / ; r //////r. o. qiicli , ", ' 



" P tJom 

::;:;°r '''"'""" "''''"' 

• hlcTo'e 
tloush bica 



Utl °Vm t 

I5i okeii Resohitions 

'';' F!6 


at the beginning of the ne* j«r and 

mimbired t 
Thm ihon" 

z . 1 

t„,l II , ,aha ieu Re,ol,,l,o,„ for ^»l,^. I -' . 

/ ' / But remember lomor vi c c 1 s r 

/ / I I I h 100 lale for the feu h. Op:,] H^,7\ "■ 

ol p.t tie plans )ou \ow to accomplish but 
.xplain usually do not come the )cars com 

Ih n iluiil H Let i riiaki and kLL{> si me Niu 1 ears Reso '"" f'^.'TK, , , , . »' '"'>'' be a rcsolut on that ^^s Be p^[^^[' jnj"Rob rt^oll ' 

Uiliom loilay Thin lets make lomt more toniorrou and the . n^ .. «.. > n ,., Lr'n I ,^11'', . ?* *'"^ toDi\ d ^^ looknc around 

nt \l day and the ue\t day Are yon h ilh ti 


Aldrch 'kenwckj f 


Ad, l4Hia Jlim 



\\l " 

) 1 ihink l> il n ,.) id n ^,L 

1 U uld nu liU jLsub to 
1 ct < r Jcar 




1.1 tilt paj,t nia) allure 


1, 1 u art ptrfcctl) sure 

C ■.nn a 

^ ulJ n I be seen in jour look 

If G 

d should sa> si kniiil) Show ihl that 
)ou«rte «ith iiasic or \Mth heed 



nithing )oii wruld not like Jesus 10 r 
)ou sng in iht midst of \eur t,lt-u, 



nothing that Gtd s lisienint cir e 1 Id d 
>ougo neietj.o where Mud feir 




question being asked jou 
What doest thou hc(c> 




— 1 

n Ti'b 'nil tli't'^tc'airi'™ '"' "J) I "rdi, ir/m m'mon' IraminVn the"do" ■ 

N..» Yeai Arrives iS';"k°:X»"°n'' f'lh" ''"i' nf ^^ZiJ,' 

With Bang r nK«°' °.™i';"''th"fTh.p|!; ' ' ' 

\ ' "1 hf. „n\;d"tui;,°; " '. ''7 '.".'.ratV""' "■ i i.i. . v. k, ■ m it 

d"fi„'"i'°bji° ?™"R„"n';!,° :;; .X'^^^tbtiiiZi'i^uzH Piopobc* 4etniiii- 

dl Vo^lt tu] ni^of both don m to n^ I II do mo t tudj ng and Eldir Aaerm:in tdocl o 1 «(« 

cplions Eldti Acketman orp-d I! ^^^ 

ofhlppnl^5andc^■ctJ is act > t c= ^^^ nnUhrl 

I Giidriin Koch 
DesciiJies Japan. 


Cabs ana (jowns 

Qiildrcii Dedicated Santa Clans 
At Sabbath Service Didn't Miss 

mon, "The Parable o( Collegcdale 

■"'■■""'- A„te~ i, Mil,„„ C. a,.„.c»™,d b, a „.,h.,„ d,awl ,'",. I™-™", "Tte Parable .( Coliegedalc 

"'■ "■""„"»"«,> ™ *e ?7"»1 "laTo^ s5e'n'M°Li™- Mmf'f, m"'"' '"''"".'?«■ J^'i" Je™„ likened n,'e„ew7iT»; bib" Sa„,a Cla.s came » Collegedale on 

';,"»"'almj° °L""wi!r?T|Ji°l TbeolSa'^mioT"' weil-verTd"' in °'„'.'; p„^-^^ -^ ^ ^^^ ^j^^^_^ ^^^ »ldt°" S mlm''i'''a'' "?"; iWd.fKif lii''','"™'! 'cm'""'' 

profit and gain 

inled b, . 
look backward for a brief period.'Spi'r" "me jinijiing 

"play wilh" 

he and has °fe,en"a'™mbS'^f 'hrbai 
section of the SMC A CappeUi Choi 

foreign mission fields. She has prefc 
once for India. She is capable of d 
mg secretarial «ort. and she has fi 

lo the On 
RO, Gudtun 
nd bcr broth 

10 Kochs n 

" '?s'!"an°d' has fflled''the' ^sTt'ion o 

IS interested in are photography, hi 
ing. sesving, and collc^cting poetiy. 

ilai^d in 
his educati 

n. Milton Connell wiU surely accomplisi 

"College Type" 

to 16; and later youth, fro 
1. It was Elder Jensen 

,. other ittdis^doa" do' 

Jensen conelodcd. 
development by lefasnig lo become Singing EvangellSt 

arly adolescence, Approximately 10 i 

.il.oJ their plan to join their _ , development by lefasmg lo become Singing liVangellSt dinglbii i . , i : ., 

II . an.l thus the long enforced LXCliange acquainted with the arts. Ibeyare c I . O. J . It ..i . i. j .,ii, ! i i | ,! 

II ,i,|l„,ed " »'"" ■Jown on what lliey aie not up SpCaks lO StudentS "■■"i"J ' .piiiil •bli'" bi 

"."."tu'lb"''-).?' Ai-t ,"■""■ ':""°'' ,. tot' man "Srlfte^Gj'.;'"'.;;' at M. V. Meeting 

''.:t^jz'^, j"::,rqp,°L"uZ°:i reirtilgKifa,".''""'" ■" "'■"■ m, k...... , -.„,.„,Z... 

Games added lo liic iiutnmuii 
^cotJing 10 many, it ujs iIk- 

Couil)ined Chibs 


College Regisliar Grandma Goodrich Alumni Broom Shop 

Gets NcM Home Celebrates umENce scau. Breaks Records: 

Ala .jiiinB «« moBhi. Mm 94tli Birlhdav J R„k„sp»si«,s»isunip,,i<„ Hires Students 

Bub, Lu, <olltec reg,.ir.r, Im mo«,d J ,r il, Tom, Lot. chmtl, M,. 

occupied by a vclccjn and family. 

Jochmans Attend 
French Party 
At Chattanooga 


Accent On The Academy 

I _ I ~T. ,;« K^Urs to Mr. Con. "" 

" - _ _ _ ^^11 app,o,im.lcl, 140 tons of bcoom '" » ' 

SludenlsToBc Shredded Wheal Visits With '^IdroTw"" wi* »;S\ori°°d° ,„;'„J 

Chosen For High Depicts Happiness Our NeighBors E;t."lic" ion of mm"" c tan' «°*"°' 

School Register ^^ Advcoiorc in Icarnlns," an ■:«« V.ndcnun and 3ldct Slroup '''slt'' holida i be 'an p""™ 

Tlarcc itudcnii from ihe Collcficdalc ^''""'|''"^l '■I"' Pr«w"'='J by NDC bapnicd^six^()'4wo^on Sabballi aficr- ,],^, 't'rLm^ factoty'Tias° been* undc"' 

10 bc"c'lc,cd in II.C N.lional His). Sf-'i .{""Sei.'nep.ellns Ihe "' ibe Waple-.^d'Tajlr. ;"1;™™J 'kT "•'ll <«»"■„ ,n abont ,han ll 

riiiiij's We Like 

.i°ibTOundida!i','«iiibJ What Kilroy Saw 



_^Dewa,d Edgnion aroonJ all Acadcmy Qiapel 
no.ida mdcm, swimcnins Xma, GclS Mlisic Pcriod 



"''"'"'* jii'"""'"^ ^.s^rr-i 





1. M. GiSH 

1 1, 

s raining on the campus 

Dripping through the whispering pines. 
king music on the trailers 

Soothing, peaceful to all minds, 
n thai seems to come from heaven; 

It piirifie 

om FMher, Gad Elirml. 1 
deainei, refreshes, 1 
e strike its vihraiil lone. 1 

Perfect harmony exfirested 

h, thai music so clivhie. 
Resting iij the arms of festis, 

In His presence so sublime. 
Drop by Hroff the soft rain fJlhig. 
i Making music all its own, 
j // you listen, you'll hear Jehovah, 
j Calling all His children Home. 





Southern Missionary College Cullcgcdalc Tennessee, January 2-1, 

IDoII House Religious 

Ito Get Trinuued, Week to Begi 
Ipaiiited Yellow Next Monday 

Libeny Visual Aids Department Crows 


r' d ufu^.tn'^Colkged^i^ wmpus' w^ ^11 speak on -Idcnls of Religious Lib- -•^- ■« 

Prepares Equipment 
For Evangelists, 
Trains Studcnls 

in^^ih'oripina! setting the tLny house 
. 1 liitle girl's pbyl'ousc located on 

Wiltschicbe will discuss "Religious 
Liberty Problems in America Today 

i® 5:_®r ©= 6&5^ "-^ i; 


evangelists' arc asking for visual equip- 
ment to be used .ilong with the spoken 

gr.isp the truth presented through lec- 





','|,';. Vellow^House. 

after each of these talks. 

tures. Southern Missionary College is 

Alter the SevL.nth-dayAd-.'Cntistde- 

niiriition purchased the plintation 

the Assistant Religion.^ Liberty Secre- 

Hohoil Hamm ia picluicd abavo with a portion oi Iho riauol old, lor o.on- 

an^ proper '^'^^of visual aids. 

Hi.'icnt's office. 

taries of the church, assisted by Miss 
Lillian Conger and others, will give a 


■'To be effective," says Robert 

7Un one day Ihe liny house was 

helping to organize the new depart- 

ment. --Ihe vitual aid must be cle.u. 

Elder F. B. Jensen will speak Friday 
the Individual Adventisl Can Do to 

Veterans Relate "'Idiot" Goes To 

presented at exactly the righl mom- 


Experiences In Churcli, Says Dean 

mi nUe rbTsJj ^enW'wdfUra^d van- 

D... 10 the Yellow House and was to 

dom." and Sabbath morning in the 

War Theaters a christian ,diot is one who has 

Tabernacle, Eider Lcif Tobiassen wil 

r,u'l'lf<,/and it was moved to the spot 

annual Religious Liberty offering wil 

The Collefiedalc Veterans enter- mcioinclcss prayers at night, and fiocj 
taincd their friends at a program given ,(, church because it is a habit with 

school, and also to learn how to use 
the devices most effectively. Several 

0"' occupied by the garage. There it 

students luve already begun their sets 

J5 liscd for a pcsthouse during the 
piJctuic which followed. Later, it 
ciimt a shoeshop. 

These activities, and others, plannei 

January 9, as three .veterans related vesper hour speaker, Friday, Janu- 
expcriences encountered during their jry 10. 

The Daniel 2 image in the photograph 
father, Elder C. F. Graves, of Birminp. 

The little house was then relocated 

of (he Religious Liberty committee of 

Ben Wheeler, Corps chaplain, had (.y^cy one of a scries of questions 

Ihe Collegedale Church under the 

chairmansMp of Elder Leif Kr. To 

Anna Soule read the company record ^f |,|s (,iik. 

he develops his subject. This prevents 

n ihr front of it— "Brighten (he 

lary. The Other members are Elde 

Robm Davison. „-soldic,, told of ti;^^:^;™,,™^ "'J,"" " 

.inJIf put on one side (hence the 

Wrii-ht. Elder J- A, James, Elder R- L 

fufied. This is a valuable f.ictor, nctotd- 

>,n.^"Grafooola"> and used it as his 

Hammill, Mr. NfalvLn Hickman, and 
Mrs. Lawrence G. Scales. Close co 

Da>^son'iaid"he wil thSul JreTodd ''ueftmadrrc^d' there 'a^re'two an' 

wfua° fidrin^se^'e«l"«i«'rf 'i^t^".";' 

Walker, pistor of the Chattanooga 

completed are, a 2-1-foot se.i 

church, and with the leadership o 

enemy terrilori-. Chisni and cresv were j^,^,, ^^ Southern Miss.onar)- College. 
'" '-' "' ''"^ '■'■'" ^' Pt-'O""^-"'"- wrong side comes up, 10 or 15 per 

for Daniel 2; the^gospei bf"ls;--J'^|; 

Mr. Cleveland Leaves for Singapore 

day pillars and the Sunday temple 

hu.l.l^ IV.i... lormcrly of llic Navy ,|^,„ ,|j^. The other 70 or 80 per 

'[kf^'.'^Hamm slates that there arc 

Mr Clyde C. ClevLbod. tre.isurcr, 

t.,1,1 li.-.« 1,1- Oil]- W.1S lurpi-.Joed and cent arc on the fence and will take 

many more illustrations to be made 

/ ^ 

[''■-•■■'■ *■ "'"1 '""fi.C.l * ""o" P'"^""-'- 

be constructed In miniature for the 

_ 1^- 


, . f.^cued "^''^ F*"°" *'".' ^ ^''f^'' 

rity com- 

personal worker. 

»t"wT«'orfc^°"Hf,i^n,?, <•'""' "^ "°* '" '" j'"'" ?' taioJ 'i" dSo"S ,?i'!kf (W forth Z oCl .o"li T.' s»°d '"> S"o 
m« .h„, ™j„,i„j"i„ |,„,i„7„ „j B»!i_"e« AdminnMLOn i,ffa in „,% J„j„„ Add,.ion.l cqoipim'nt b«t. 

«'"KMjl"rl„™f°,2„,'EMc''i"'"nt In Augosl of IM!. Mt. Clm)ind [l'^,M°iJsl M,s. low,,, ii loot- 


at Vespers, 

.sic Program 

Jan, 25— K. A. \V 


Jan. 25 -^P»"°^^ 

ious Liberty 

Feb 1-Professor 

L.' Kr. To- 

Church SI 


Feb. 1— Student t. 

usic cci J , 

Tke SoutkeJin J\ccLrA 


_ Fi»NCU Amum aoj Co 


- _J^°'^^a 



„ Ela lit GmD 



publonJ b »«Ur J»™ "■j"'"",^ "".f' S'c.nS 

^Mlith"? 1875^ TTiB wbs^plion price iJ JIW) per >"' Pf ^ 

— ^1 


Dots . . . 

^nade^ '7^fie South 


luittcalioii is leaTiihig la see. Unless our eyes are Ltliicalcd, 
lie hbnidtT thToiigh our nights and days uHhoiil sensing the 
I'.ihws u-hkh lije can hold. Christian education, iherejore. series 
/^, jirovidf ll'i' sliuleut wilh deeper lusighl. True tducalion is 


Elmep BL.C. 


- - Dashes 


ork il es aga n Th s tune— 


Glne ir F DtiiiEN 


ughter Ths wa lb torks 

There ha be '''"' 


Ihi Stil 


around tl e old dormitorj thesT'JIw 
fe da)s studjing for scmcsUr p 

aEnipt halt W th her raised 
rts crcituii, a quizz cal look 

DU aKajs slicp ll )our head 
I bjcl n^l) ua he a po 


h?eath^ 'lll'kJXmV'a) 
s eamp better after a couple 
n ,ons No doubt he Jll 
J t old b rd and he seldom 

sjstim bein^ put in ne\ 

shingle siding goin^ up on ,'!, 
end add ton Pepito bad . nh us 

fci of the man) thing I could men 

ed how^man''Ttle'oddLliri 

t on I kept my eyes open for 
!e idiosyncrasies that diaracter- 

ing our^, 

them, h 

roup. They plan to spend the 
of the year at their home on 

J"''n^nyTriend^ h«e, and' 
welcoming them back on 

thought, as to when is the be^t ume ti 
study. One group stays up btc ^ 
night to prepare for that touiih (tt 

watchman'to wai^rtirm". 1 ' 

und out that Camilla Stricklind 


again resumes his agricultural 

5 A. H. So the) can 1,, 
extra knowledge that nn^ 

othing as possible. All she re- 
js a sole and a piece of raa 


ff to the artist who draws 
flunking Chemistr) again 

,nd ..h,l U,e, „„ ,c 
enough 10 put doftti on 

rican Lun burger Cheddar 


drtcr in plan, of Feebles 

puS,;s i"„''r.,^e",n^\ 

,..'., Orttr has read Ihis column and ttc re 

... '"'• ," ™'™ "" '"'"1"; "; P" |usl havjng out b. wicU) rarcise of 

IS", doS'l S a^'a" of so? folio, ihe leader-and bo, docs he 

T/k' sinirt'me exjicrieiice t'j the sfiitleiit is when he sets Christ scc-n Ihcm she had IHl legs rolled up and"hc lauv'Tnfe diocolatrmallV too^i 

,, hh alticili,,,! — Cliriit iit the d.i,sro,m, Christ reitahd w the » Ihe lj«J^"jd ihe slenes rolled up ^,^ p,^j, 

l/trary ami in tl,e l,il,,,rat„ry. iit tlie donaitory md lit th 
llse diuinfi room and in thu barn, in the office and in the recreat 
lull. PaTtnershil, ii-ith God is not only for the jitlitre — the c, 
liaiiionshif o\ Christ in ones life work. This exferienee nta) 
liresenl wilh e.irh stndtnt in an Adt'entist school — the const 
loiiiradeihiji oj Cl)risl in social recreation and viatitial labor 
inlcllectnid stndy and in sfiirittial endeaeor. 

1 y.i1h our nev 

rross wrth the fulfillment of one of 

,1 last .ssucs predraons the 

...... ...„..,,„,,„.,„„„.„„ .utchaseofa«Pljn,onth It ha, a 

beat n,. w„ huh' ' l*™"'"! """ "'« '"J " "■" ("" 

Friendship Friends Mr%°iorean''orhjs'"°or'''B°u°cr'' 

Exposed At ''^^ probabli tet a_^better buj jf 

"Revealing" Party "organ mansion atop this hJl in Nig 

" •' (,tc Hut No 30s This bit of ad 

The snjnetne e.^fJcricncc of the teacher is rct'ealing Christ to Mans puzzling question marks siere settismg is frc. to all trailer mhabi 

;l,e student — Christ In the classroom. No line oj gos/iel mtiiislry m^j^ 'jo"e?''Ha'll''!it°'s"f5''p'''M' Sjums"oi'''our° lira" n'e'gSr "" 

holds so nitich joy oj scnicc as teaching in an Adi'tiitist school Thursdaj January 9 when they met Noss i Thats oier and I think I 

T'l tn!/,Zls"'Z 1lc!^lo^kZe!'''Len'lJZ^ist repeal ™ '''''"^^"« p"'' •""■"«j' bCback Siol.a tao? Ind Hhougte 

Christ to youth — Christ hi the classroom, Christ in all asbects and , ''^hev nanio were ehosen at the 't ^fi'i'n (if I intend to ma)or in Na 

,■ -,- ' I ,1 J .. r. I , .. beginning of the current ■^hool lear polcon Pcpin the Short or Rameses 

.ictit'ilies of the ediuaffoual jirocess. Ph^ p,„,„l (^,„^^,^^ ^f _, friendship H) But -omchovi a ft* minutes 

Ernest Anderson -Ah". Il J fior 
Iiami riorida plans to cunl nuc hi 

ndc if you like it' 
This IS getting to be quit rostei 

lentioncd Carmen r 

A/., n. ,n , „j M . i,.fi /In- Ln„lor nreultd in ihc Word m ualur, 

■I ll,v j.ruvuU-mvs If th,' j.usl. i„ ihe l>roblems of the f>n>tnl aiui ^- 

■I the diTclofwH-nl of our individual gifts and skills Learniug b) Ali« 

When Christ is recogniied as the head of all our uorknn> 
forces, more and more thoroughly tvill our institutions be denuded 
Iroin every commo,,, worldly fractice. . . . 

I riiten h, ■ 

The thought oj eternal lij, should be „^„™, into all uhich th, ', , ik'u ,aJ ,i',' 'p„m L,' 

Christian sets his hand. If the work ferjoriiied is agnctdttiral or """i' , 

niechanical in its natttre. i, may still be after the j.attern of the cl'^^iZX'S^t:^'^^^'. ;ec..^u;h''a's A;g£.''nd Ckmi™; 

heavenly. . . . Those who are accefted at last as nienibers oj our hearts remarked Wiss Peterson It had been iSentiontd that th, : 

Ihe heavenly court, will be men and women who here or; tarlh fi°„'Lrif''thLi'"^™'"' "" """*'" 

songht to carry out the Lord's will in every particttlar. iiho songht ^" ^ 

to pill the impress oj heaven upon their earthly labors. ^ " " e">><l " ™l> and polish our 

C. T /. 58 ;™e'^'"" ' ' "' °""" ~'"°" 

ub| t 11 

t sear But I 

who used t 

d«ell m 1 



fasor of Biolog) 

Building ba 

floor of' the 

Vorlh « 

Z Ti'ss 

' "''inTn I 

found three d 



kno^n a. Mi 

s two of them 

which hold 

"aJk'm ''"bout* th 

e ftomno"dn 



dont"!^''* ab^ 

; riorida Tor 

n Bradle, 
mj Ashlock 


1 KKil 

ighl as a 

t IS getting short 
result of no sid 

r saj that he 
c Morgan fro 

m North a 



However ,f yo 

u IS rc-illy ma 

J"/.-' "r, 

, h ill 

I thought s 

Who s Who in the Hu ^ 
Th^ lads have roe^^ ^^--^ | 


mI" rLead. To Perform GltunoU QiloodoidtUUf. lioe GleOA^ AcAe- 4^CW ^uel 

f;|(lii- Banks Says In Ashcville 

...fom"" °°''" '° '"'' °°' " ''"'" '""Cstaem .u,e .he c,as.d.„ Colporteiirs Meet, P«i~i.Mra, „( . „™ coipo,,™, m j.iii^b^i„M_,o.h.^.=jrf^*^^^^^^^ 

""'""tnme'"o«'Snon"'°'"" 1""^ 'I'^mT^- L™^ "i'Slii; Hear Trials '^f i^"h"1l»'fi,l £• i."^"m! '"'''""«''»' "' 

"ElirBank,, an tv.ingcli.l of U "nJ jK<|»rfyn B.lbrd Wiync Tto,- Colportcur club asstmbkd in te «"> »= »»«>"' l»W Bob not to be ,bc .,"' >° ,iih» "o°f ite",iMri,.,Tr 

„ ,„■ ,»T«,i.occ. joined Ibe Colleje ^< "' li« i""'"' '"', *= P'"™'", chapel on n,id,.,. >»«.,,• 10. to in- ''isk"""! ^1 J°S>. !■"' "■■>, l'l'"K "I" ..",,, I, „ beheved lU ihis »ill 

Ully 1.' 1 S.p.eml,„ a> ,n,lmcl» ,n |j»n;_,M'. ^ W. Do.lch sponsored ^^.1^ ^^^ ^IJ^ ,^ >^^^^^ ^^,. .,, ,^„,u,„ doj ™«d 1,,,^,^-, ^.en.f^ ,lK^feeJ«=j,ri Jn ^ 

S2o'lp"m.n"'"ormVy™: .ir^ ';5^.r" ™Tl"i'''.V; cS«e7™f pSin" SS^H^" S^.en "cTieh, dof »>"°^^^^^^^ Jle,;;, "ih'; u"'de*S tat .he seS 

ied o .n evaoeelisl in .he "'"'t tf »» E'«"P'- . T<> d™ *' 
I Mono, conference. He erne .0 Soo.h- JJ'^i/^';,'^ fbe "n.ireElonp 5."s Hiehlieh.s 

. ril,'T 

nl hj7or.te'Smo'o"5°pros™'^^^^^ Hiffll Willds -"'""",'" v. '"""" 1".' "i,!. ™J r- 1 T> ■ . 

mvuines are held b)-weekly m .he "'''"'",„', P,,'j°> P""'"* Help /Vljale "II. .ml held J 

fmliy room of ihe library. ,01,1 'I Sch held hem firmlv T 1 1?1 J "" AdvOCated 

rader Banks pointed ou. .bal .he ^C, '1^™ , en s we X, inS^^ LoCall'loods |„|l,„ . , , - „h,ce. 'If „ „'s wile oerls a powerful in- '""' '""'""' '"-"«' """ P"'")"- Joni m,kc gooJ on .he «rsi day. I Or KeCreatlOU 

tioence on the whole congregation. ;MoW.,j. /.r)r«.rry 20. High winds t^rp Irying.'' 

cireeially opon .he women. In .his MoneV Kept To "nd clearing skies .oday marked .he .., j j „ (,„„, ,he An opprBoiiy for vege.ahl 

w., she is a leader, eilher for good ciru end of nearly .en ,.,a,gh. days of ,i,|„|, „„j„ ,bZgb college." said (lower gardening r, oiIr„.d thi, 

0, for bad If she failhfolly foUlls Sell BeCOmeS soop, weather for CoUegedale. A jfj^.^ ^^^^^ ~^,^. '„,., .,„,,', „„„,. ,„ .u ,b„,e who are l.rckine , 

'"iitetAe'VS'efSte^'bSng "Withered Leaves" ;hc"''l,„''.h;vc°s[ SlJ. '.'h'i,"mo™inE7o ^,,;.."¥;:^',UJ: t 

Allhoogh her prayer life and desire "l"""'"'; '' '^'''" /iJ^.J' 

He especially stressed /...V/j^/f 

rtf.,ched by the Tennessee River in ^^^^y ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ .^^ j,„j„„ „ ^ f,n 
<[«^;i^^"=;;Sj^J^=l™™|j;'" °'lj; cludeJ PreJld" 


aiding the use of money, Elder 

Caps ani Cjawni 
r£u:3si:t°££i' ;:HeT'3rF'Ef''Hj; SH "^'' '""''"''' "''^ '^"' Kheva Groar°'"°" """ Va^e Haskell 

Home Mission Work ^ ^^^^"!^l, 

Urgent Task In 'ihTSii 

1 Face of Crisis '"<!, and < 

■hny people are loobng 


..-.., I'-"]"'. ..... .uur,...;; .V. .11.. DKlarinc ihal even' nun is a "'""> '^•-"■"•-•- ■"•" o- — -— o -■ ^^ Smikiehn Arrf nt) lie rtcencd ct 

^ Spciking in bclinlf of Hot 

, ""'' ^ a 5tiij/bble o°t"in ihe'hall' euncQ.''sabbQ^h'and'a1'fl"'Ihrp°ocl,d° m^mbv.i who were here in llie «fly j,^^^^ ,,;. . ,|^ '; l^ ]^^J'_. ^jj^ „f Minions Iwdcr in M}, Missionao' 

'■■''' do«n-t mike a GsludTroam i"3 ""'■■ diy.s of Ihe scliool would like to make j^^j ^^^ , ^ ^^^ ^j^^ Volunleer leader in '-14. and Sabbalh 

1 ■""hcVutllTt Mm'^in "bit Ml -5 oc ~~ College's infanc)-. divi'slon'^of thc''sabbjtii''&hooL"^She A°conlinu."lio"n 'of 'ihc uitliusiasm 

J^l-Hd by Alex McUrlj- and"" Marion A. I was hyini; on Ihe Colleec ompus ' ' "■ '■-'■■ '■ -■ ^ - w_ 

■ ^ mplon, who hid to reside m Knis A small history book I seen ■■Criticism of our contemponir 

■ ■"■■ol Wor'^h '" ''"' ^fi''y''"fi "f C-'S'-J* '" '^""'" «" the cdilion not ctilici-*m; jt is conversit.oi 

College honor roll 

Ghosl Flunks Out, :^ ',t Til'Z, ,I^m 
Blames Teachers 


ipon iiii Pierson Tells 
Cuba Story 
To Young People 

Accent On The Academy j =§§f If ^ ^^ 

The roof— tlic vc-ri sfc, it 

] ~* rmkir "te m.„„;.in, i„ .h. mi„io„ Bible Workers 

Rejjister To List Seniors Prefer Academy Students "',5;„„ „,™e » •'»°i j-'' Honor Theology , 

Aum- r.-.,«cl.r. John Ice Cream, Banana Share Library ,';TZrhV!>l'™r£uE,^^^^ Group at Party 

»Kii-n.i-. I.. /,..llin;:cr Pudding, Spanish . ■^'%?'''St'I'l?'lr'J,TS itci.'"''™ "»«""»» *"t''^:"^^^ Th= bim, in..™..™' ci»b, >|,.. 

■fllis «1> indicucd h, J law 10 ncl, ','^ S,'lidusi.'Al.b>™. You an ;"eJ;'j.J'''>;^'"j3'«5J"jJ™™' stop and . mVd worti, bSh o7»h"h Mr"°"c" 1 ^il'ucS 'ml' M» I 

"■"j !''"!r,l!,'\,J.','''''"T|,,'°',,''n ",; ,l',,'"!l„ "j'l'h ,'"',?,.'m'l'u'l..'° ''< n"'' E"i>^t"vm°»! onhc'''iX Jj/'*y„V^',J^.V'"nJ.?o'f'tail! °''"" ""nlS""' ""l*" J 

'x.:J; '!,;", ;'';:;;:i;£;r';';:a ;;'::;£!^i2'i:Ll£i ;ri'EiEii'°i;fSl^ EsiltfrriH}'! SS-^J^SS;""' 4 

';f':u:;;;i;:;l,i:i;;:;"Ai:;l r''""'^'°'ri?,'^iE"! sS'^"^"^-;™"^'"-- !HF!!f™iniM,'Zj',irz!r..5r'S.^»S"cLS;:;:l 

Book for Writei 

Sunday Class 

■! ■■■'j' ™"'lifdmh'*i'SStn DoroSv fnM'i')"'" '"j !rwi"i"'ip?' >°«'°'' ^"d Editors 

l„.,l ,„k-. lidsmon, jod Sl'iirlcv Wallu ' J^j/^"™;- cjil^'fj,'", ■7b;,f„*° Cmaid, l„ r,i:m .«:J t.U!. 

In going 10 Jjmaici and helping by Ellen 

,f„.,ind.j hy J",p/°"'/;.j'''^^^^'''i.'^!|J|^[„^!J'^'^'^f ^^[; Youth To Prosper - '''™f''7'^^b''^k'''"''^'min'd'anl 

"., v.) "«"'= »™U ""ani fomiihinj bar- AftCr Defeat lu plawd in the hands of S«„->-J" 

Like Triunan 

rt ., T 1 Tail-spm Truiniph over the svoria in 

i* ather Looks _ ' ' Washington, d. c, 

■ pin Triumph" was tht title Calls for additional 

I by Glenn Henriksen, Friday, ond c 

«ing lliir dauehtct of Ptcsi'dent Tru- Pjogram by 1 

•nnj people 

•, - . ■■nidonrit amflt^""" '■ 

'^11 i^ilfis- Those engaged in tlie 

Just as the mother eagle pushes the md priming of denominat 

,-. -0 the youth need to p'u'sh ouranJ p°'rmc'trcngaie''rn'" imil 

lirley Waller January 10. He was 
'resident Tru- program by Robert 

.-hly'dent'ihed'i p.rerl to I'ouJgT'gl" "ho are grown the 

""and S'Tsfi 

Trailer Type Hell probably b, well enough to get ''"(vh,' "oa'S'^ut ,s the matter brslro"|Zau™Se^X'ibi% " New fuse bo^es. 'jj™';„^l 

I, ,,.,,,,.,/ /,.,,, ,uj. J) flljs."" '*"'" """'"" ''''T™'Zpmf'fr2''soi''ngswim. f'a11'oo''fhei'r''shride°°."""' ""'' "'" "="■ "now thr-blinkine" «( ^l 

""'''"■' 1' I het'v«n the wood ming." he laisssered. "1 was right on t^' i , tt will require the polhng ol oiii)^ 

'••■; i]l.^-L."d ^beneath the T sure got a seare the other day. T the f^d of the diving hoard whf,;,™ Girls' HomC switches, housed in lb. ^jum. ^j"! 

"'ii' 'i".;:. ■.' I ',"":,„' ;",m" "a r'i^i"?''"i°a!'.ri'"„"lrf",l lh:!,g'° "''■"' "" ""•' 'i^'' "■"^" Gets More Watts Hi'><i""'i'»«'«"i'">''°'''«"'°''i 






luthern Missionary Colle|;e. Colli^gedale. Tc-nncssec. February 7. 1947 

poloiTiemc Potters 

nstiiict Clay 

■oiii ilie EfiyP'i^" dgurei on C 




' ' ' L 1 

■ '^ 1 

f i i 








Religious Liberty 
Week Emphasized 
111 Special Program 

sored 'by^'E^ldcr' Lcif 'tCr'^Tobi^cn 
wM presenrtid in rhe ch.ipcl Thursday 

J ihsir srt from rhe Lgynrui 

roa basts h.d rhiir Elder J. F. Aslilock A Cappella Choir, Theology Students 
t'^u'I'ditTcTrdSirawcrrup't' Retums to India Attend Southern Union Council 

Moonlight on the Chspcl" hy 1-ulton. 

The profiMm was introduced by 
Mrs. Scales who stated that it was a 
lont'muation of the theme of the week, 
■elisioas liberty. 

Lillian Concer te<itcd for us "Tl.e 
Landing of the Pilgrim Pathers." and 

ileeping" ro thJ music of "The Holy 

|fc 5'l«"E31"n"a'r"",'fi''m^' d.uTte.'and^^outgSson 'left Tta';!' Music Department tf,? bi!',,*^",;;, ";,'*i„Sd"","c; {* I',,; ,„: 

PtTsEn''w,thout IhTardof mlchm tod^he'^l1ner!''°Flyi^g"Arro'2!" "fo! PreSeutS StudcUtS gu«f o"\h "Shem"' IJmon '"I'ta '""jfn.'jj','",' 

,e caromg on . scr, torn Bombay, India. Tbe ship leaves l^ew At Rccital Hcre eouncil w,ll be held from February ,„,, V^',"' ™ 

rangemcnt by Lourene Sjkis Connie '"" ' " " ' ^ " ' ScVCU FrOlll ColIcgC 

S"rc'ia).on""°° '''''""°'°° '" Elder Hammill Listed by Wlio's Wlio 

uTJo;f'Gw"s'^VDSJ Defines Biblical »„., \m , amm^ i„d„,K ,„ 

i-Making Trade in College Shop «!""« i^nj-'' ;f„ "■^yTtViMh, Religious Liberty tr ,' '" " , "' "" , 

Bouth African Missionary Studies 


iport- njlurcJAs an example, 

I and worried ? Sm,([,gf„ Ulemories i 

f iLtaile'da'r! \ HII h, l,h,,t o„ /uje 3 


1 tbruatj 

Eldet J 

M Acker 


.pciks al 

rrid.j oc 


Elder J 



8 Juss, 

m„rli„t ( 


n al Collt 

,.""oosa' 1 

sor Stanley 





15 Loui 

J. Albcr, 





Stop and Consider 

.,,,.,11, f 

, ,.l lilH-rly. Bcllfi'trf i,i ihc Svco,>,t Adrcl 
.,,,,1, l„r ll'f mrnl I'arl /wre no leg,,! sld»,ii„g, 
„/, r„r/i,„l,:r}, h Ihh Inie in crltlu tnniilrki 
.,„,; i„ ,ht Far m,l Near F-M. In a largr /.or/ 


Scoops ^%St£pX^ 'Z.S.ltT 

you, and what is yo"' "i;"'^;.^'^^ "Lefs sec, ihe general answers, I ,^'!!.fJ::"\'Vl'"'°''"f^'i^ 
kalvoda-' Jusi call me Mike. 1 m one ^^^^^ q^^^ jo [he Army, now a 'fj^^^^J^^ ^^"^^^ '" '"^ niormng aj 

mln"ion''No.lhc'ni'™.'anV°ooa're 1',"^^' 'JJ",°y,''f™'™hrvMoIs "■ "'''d "l">'- Tl»n° !«' olh'y 

larl.nE m .u a Ire.liman, rlBl.l ' We ""f*,; |,i, ,|y„ „d moving pic- «'-''' "'""e,"""'' 'fi'' I""'' '«■ 

a-e cl.,d 10 have )oo |Oin oo, ^y^^^ uU-n aroond here and aroond his "», Rob)- Shrove aod Barbara Ullft 

Whals Ihi! r hear aboo. ,o«r room- |^^„^. .„ p|^,a, , |„„ ,, „„„ ,bout Yoo ma, bo sore, how,,,,, n, 

mate, f"™"» '';j'j; ■,^'J„' "™,',° J° Pepito. II 1. his left lej ih.^ « io^ a ^»« ^'I'^^k" ~»" ; Steal dj 

slonar)' you ay? He should be a ssvcll ^^.^^ j,^^ y^^. -^ f,^^ Michigan and - 1 checked op a lutl, ,o m.iJ o,|'|^ 

'■ 1 wander oo and see who else I can '"J^^? r,^mblancc "betm^ai this ver- Most of os' have two ','^1 iv!' \'"V 

I 'Ii'i l"> .. » loJ Intteesting. ', ,^ aforementioned Inter- but not so with Belly r 

-I, . I,„t arrived last ,,,„„ ,„j ,h„oal ihioE will no doobt she is the mdustrloo, 

:: i -: imc^RayKussell jj/"^' fnJS^l'tereln, "hoT'w" are ferent"°Knds E"«°tio";. 

' V, ' v,'^" c ; ,T^l C'ad they have joined OS and hope signs range from orchi- 

H.,-. I,, 1,11- l-k- s.Mi so tar, I trunk ^^^.^^ j^^,^ -^ ^^^ ^,j g^^,!, ^jH „,|i Well, that might be a shj ■ ,. ,^.-, 

|.„l.„n, Mi-iss,p|-L, and yoo used to ^ .^P^* ' to animals. Oh wel[,\w. , ilioir,-"- 

Si'inik''irL-.'e'a'ui'rii'h'c"ei'n'g Joo Stiideiit Recital 'S'hrtd'forBet -T t'",'."' '" 

ago. Yes, Otis mar be a f a 

."' J „,//„„ .-/./..-HrKc'Kp- 

// it iii:j"iiii)ijli' u'licii. ill reliirii for ihc frcetloin graiiled lis 

,rZ'„','i,i„.'i .iilil', „!:„l.,ii;,„-i'.,ll„. i„,;i,r„,s. rali,,,,. /.rice 

/ r.-.,/ ,„„lr„l. ... ....V ..!'.. rs, uhhl. ,h ,„,■,„„„„„ /.,„ I,,,,,,,,,!- 

., Ih ,.,(.. „/ r 

r (on-. .,/ o.rr laud. 

I,'„.',i,^ ,1 great Worlfl War Ihe 

h, Ikeu- ,1a-,, ../ ,.,.i/;,sio.. 
ZJhh,f,,l"ll,,'",Z:,:'ll,,'',,,a,,il..l,l l.„.l,l,„„. WUIe :i,„a, be 

""'"•'> '.■' " ■" '"■'" ':'':'■ ''"""-'■ '':' ;'"■,/'*'■"" "/ "» 

/l..,..'r/c.,, y.-r 0/ //,;. //...,- t,-e ....„) .).».,- „„,' aj.f.Lllio,, /or 
blesiiiigs by iijilwUing Ibc haii/li of ihm- ../..... it 7aon; Ihe reshaii- 
sibililies of g„fer,me,il reil. Shall tee ..../ piake ,1 a pracike Ihis 
year to Itray for these men instead ol erilieirioe Ihetn. ever beiriv 
,I,I,„II„I of Ihe a,l„,„„ilio„ „l Ihe Seriflmes. 

"I ed,,„l therefore, thai. f,rsl of all. s„l,f,Uealio„s. f.rayers. 
,„lereess,o,,s, gieiog of Ihaots be oia.l, /or „(( ,„e„: /»r king 

, lion, tia, 

( lead a 

I a„d 

I lieale I to the f,ri,i,iples that ei-erv 
I /. Isberty and the f„rs„,t o/ haf.f,!- 
1 1 u ith ell rtial tigilaiice and with all 
nndsn,, the cry "Lei freedom ring." 
UirlallirsC d to Thee Author of liberty, 
To rlee I SI ,q Long ma, our land be bright 
ll't'cod L/ ''''^'" '^"""""h Thy might. 

Southern Miaioriary College is the Lord's property, aud the 
grounds about it are his farvi, where the Great Sower can make 
His garden a lesson-hook. (Test., V. 6, p. 187) 

Rece/illv EliUr Tinker pleaded hi ibis column, "Help keep our Ca/ol p'oUet's 1 
grounds ii: • .:■ ■::. • \ :, :!■ ,'/'>, iiainral beauty of our location, and from the awdi 
our idtcil: ■ ■ .1 God of order and beauty. fcceived one oi 

"PLI ]'i 1! . e^n the grounds can still be iinaltrac- djV ^^hich wa 

liveif p.^fH, „„; t.iii., .,u ...lUred carelessly and promiscuously. ,' ''"'^^nd 
Will yon nut firsi .,j all covenant together that you will not throw ing Clurks C 
paper, orange peels, here and there. And then, if your neighbor logs. PMi (iff 
does forget, will you not be the one who will pick them up and sni'ittr of the 
put them in the trash cans.'" Another pici 

To which we add — PLEASE! Help keep our dormitories as ""H^^^^'^" ^ 
clean and orderly as though we expected our Lord. Himself, to f^r^gh the f 
make the daily inspection. House. The at 

Surely, we should reflect upon Ihe best means of maintaining Jeanne's Mom, 
Ihe peculiar character of our College, all should highly " " ' """ 

firivileges which we enjoy in having 
faithfully sustain il and guard it frt 
(Test.. Vol. -i. p. ■/32J 

In Israel "thorough-going sanitary regulations were enforced. 
These were enjoined on the people, not only as necessary to health, 
but as the condition of retaining amone them the presence of the 
Holy One. By divine authority Moses declared to them, 'The Lord 
thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee; . . . 
therefore shall thy camp be holy.' " Ed., p. 38. 

if we, as ministers and teachers, upper classmen and lower 
classmen, men and women, fail to live and teach these high ideals, 
here, how can our education pi us for a place tn the Lord's work 
or in the hereafter? 

Chauncey Laubach & Ford Cavanauch 
Class of Health Princt^'es 



Cluufh Must Act 
To Save Freedom, 
Elder Jensen Says 

son for our fifiht 

Cafis aKcl Cjcums 
Max Ritchie Otis Graves 

Elder Wittscliiebe Moves to Collegedale 

imi ilistoi lit"")' lil""!"" to ■■■" Ctarisl" ^He'"«L"mmbl''c of Ihi °Mr Gmc, hu b«t. prominool io S' '?"'" P™"'"' '" '? ?"''"'"; *= """I "' » ■!»■/"'. Hik" "" 
frands loJ cooolrjmcn, GodioU Sldfof p!oph"tj%™*Ut °o 'Jj ilic religioos jc°"ai"hc>"™ mLs «" t"rpi"«s pccmnlci iho hrail of l„jcd Ihc f.milj-. 

I '''Mi'ims'lib'ili" 1..S cooic a 0! .i HT^iJrlervi/'ihQ^m'd'tif b'od"'"! H^'" ,, ';*™dtm'°or'.lit' Tr"""k °' "'""'■ "° °" '""" 1°" ''°" cTj.''.o''l'lIrGt™"r''N™- Yml A,™'- 

Doolittle Adj^pts 
For Home 

10 anjlwij I thnk In. Ixlong 



im ihm, »nj '"?"*"">' ^J'^'^^j Mi's. Bei'llia Lowry 

onB'«i>"''!>!''f "° "' •*"• '"' Here on Furlough 

IridcnftTt-^hm .1 rfiooi on .n From Spiccr Collcge ffl 

idcpcndtnl ficln. NoboJv seenu lo >*«-l 

Accent On The Academy j SgJSgl Elrj^'^f;;^; 

Maiirici- AI)l)oll <Jr<;aniz<-(l Labor Zollinger Obtains 60 lX"i„^',;I;',,S.dZmb\.to^^^ ;irfi"IS"/£f""''''°^ '°""'L 

l'i-ivsi<li-nl Program Begun Vocational Honors S' "''ij'f £d '''"°"""'' Tso bui'iL''",';!' u'V'""'""" I 

of Senior f:lass At rollegedale i.,i.,„j zoiiinp, of ite .cd™, "Mfc ' «-n;«/^; r=id"/ »'f *= """'"" ™ ™«' "!■ e.» I 

ren bend to ihoc u^k 
1, pnd minds to Itad 

!n. I i,,''l' r ',n"lC\',u"Li.r i.i ",'.!., , m lintlmc to hs" tht« yMCi Triangle Club EkI. day thtough my open door, 

:::i!'" ,„"';',i,;,'::i:,n*:„;::"T ;;■;;"' u:t,.f!^L'^Zt^Iz HoWs First Meeting "'„"Jhbo™gK' *'"" '"" 
:,";;:::',' ^:;;'d;;:;n'.';™,, 'id ;i.':,,™;3*V:""''°°"°' under m. wiison oE'Siiro' "'.""!«-,, 

Aeadeniy Academy Form 

Honor Roll Bible Seminar 

Home Ec Girls 


Mvooldn-t « 

hangc with you. 

Honor Boy Friends 



bkmj that namh il 

Nin..c.d.-my.nd college boys were 


A flat pole floa 

Till- riomt Economics lab wis ar- 


mcr, Robert Bishop; Scrgeinl-at- 
Chirlcs Osteen: Oiorister, Don 
ty; Parliamentarian, James Daily. 

^^fj'!^ I 

I'm S'aJ that 

;.':;' ^,^i::T!^°£'J':Jri 



Thi; good t 
Vitality nunla 


Academy Briefs 

■Old MacDonald 

Mil, ty ,"t, '„'„ I , , -Do olh, CanfiJd r I . 

ni' 0, "iT '" 'Jy';,-" °'° 'V lOO" R''o<le island 

y- I loo <Ho teied hs "pp""';"'.,; ,„,, o. „aJ mo', Ml" " Pullet>, Join Fami 





Southern Missionity Colk'sc 

Mormon Tabernacle Organist From Salt Lake ^^iae l/ea^ PAo^^ieU Hem^wed 
City To Present Concert March First ^___^_sMc^h<.= „„de™o,„p,o,,.„w„ta = g.v.„i„„hon™. 

A Cappella Sings £j"° l'Zt^^\-,'°' ""i^' "" 

For Union Session PhcnomcnQt r^octt * Hunn, \w 

Ij^. \. Wright Gives 
|Fi>e-Year Report 
ITo Union Workers 

lqJXim?i| tcpoT'o 'th^'^Bo^rd of AnnUUl Staff 

OK'- Tovei 

Freshmen Pnblish _. ...„„ 

Cuiitnl Is-uo of Theologians Study ihuich bBiUmsi T«cm) me ptt imi 

Sonthein \ci(nt Modem Evangelism ^^";£,f ^SHz:" l'" 

■.jsbi nracd v.mus ]V. g. Rackct-teers 


Tkt Soutkeun J\eei.nt 

Union Progress 

<7/t6 BcMdU HioU 

-B S y u. h. n, mm, 

I ,11 II I ' I ),'''/,'■' Ti IK \(Ucnlism 

First Snoiv Falls! 

Ill I I u-l I 

/ „ 1,1, II I) I I la, I I I I It z n ; 

Ame^uca'l Huf. ^Unee, 

t I I I u 


o ll„ II 5 </ 

. /;/ a ^9 

/ "r t '9 lol 

a H I II ',, 

I I I n nl 


Biinvsiiig Room Studciil Swimmers 

Ii II k romplrtion Study Life-Saving 

1! I'l iiiiiiiiSiA 

In I I I I I I niU 

Orchestra PreseiU; 
Initiil ( omiit 

Defi-- .1, f 

VIIhi Dcsci lilts 

Ht d.esNT i Ni, iff v\ ^ Russia Today 

U r Music So<Ki> Pliii<>l.,!»isis ( nt 
flioosos M I)ut<I \ iii(l\ P1021 nil 

il \ Sccittuv '^l (III 

I illeiiges "koiitli "^ il "li'i s l)n 

PR( Punts Out 

Til Is III I Illo|K 

(oiiilsiii|i Pi,,!,!, 

NluK idi r to He id 
R h r ( ininiitttc 

ub G M Sc n 


Vets Fete Guests 

Al Vr:,rl> Banquet | g£ /^ote- We Gouldn't Uu*tk 
td a head j/o^ tUu column 

Bird Enthusiast 
Describes Hobby 

' '"^"^ ljw"(cnre* Salw" CommLidinj; ■Doodle' Cliy'i mother. Mrs. Akne has Ixcn lompkii i ^"'^ ^ '* ^' ^j 
0«!s.. I"I.n HnKlind. AdjoBol; Cl.y. dminj iht pi.l ratrnd^h'" '™'\^ ^',° "",,"" bV F J sni 

lic( for a few hours on Sunday. I 

- surar (0C04 Hour 
. also prosrdcd theu 

111 Ihcro-s a «jinsWEe(to. ThtjalsoL' 

,cnins's pro- "" '" • " '"" °" Lombrd — lht boy s«hos«ms» have 5'',E° jSi^s «vmc" 

F""'' •"'" R,. ,n, ,:„c-rs vivirin;; Dr. and Mm, no Uoohles — cwept during rdicmrslry of^almost continuous > . 

Visiial Aids Providi Chapel 

Librarian Bnnsn 
Addresses Clmrrli 

.r, ykA ends spent away from Cblle^ 
d.le. Febraary « and 9 were sp. 

"""" Cliefs Televize 
ilformatZ Sabbath School 

),f,„/,„e,» ,;/ 6„;™, CT«„- 

rondolenccs to Dale Culnn. 

^"l Junior Seminar strun a len.foot winspm ^liJer mrl . , "jV l„„ij. .sr 

iN.'ii .SiTviiif; Uei-ks n,..,u.ii,i„„„„,„„„j„i. „.„„,.. 
Installed in Kitchen i'^i^rslw ™£^f irV"™"?.!! 

N.,. ,.".:;;""'. ";\',", r,,,,., |„ i,„„„. ,.-,. 

;hal Uie lop made many delicious foods, fl hiv 
and that they lieard.) amonf; sshich arc cream pulT, 
s-eryoncs ad. turnovers, cinnamon buns, and br,; 

aTa' mrmto'sS^'b;""'"*^ ^Ider AckerMiaii 

1' !■' ° Holds \.sl). 1 H'l"! 

TMC Pi.sident 

Visits CslinpiIS Orsaad I pv 




Tin„t,sc.t, Match 

JEducational Secretary Rasmussen '^|','!;\";;,7/,'^"„'];;"^ Wiles of Lady Nicotine Exposed 
ISets Three-Quotient Standard InSabbath Service By Dr. Wayne McFarland 

J''".,,,on tamj'',']," buTl., 

- . 


•— \ 

".™"fn''l.°ttd''wcb™r'in' deli" 
, iiiu »..J "(ollege-r "A societv of 
,. ,„ .„S,ScJ in Ihc. pu,smK o( the 

rw 'iQ (Inldligcnce Quotient) 

MQ (MoMl Quot;cnl 
iiuJcnls concerned wi 

uungTwhich'/cc'high Tn mo'!i Ex-Siiiokcrs Speak Ibii-f k-^iS"''?^"'' ih.S ]\S,Z^ Juniors Organize 

TlK^'sq '(SpirituAl Quotient), for ,„^" , '"'"''''''"f. "Ijlu' ^"'1^!;^" "^ °"°"' '" 

. tiK- flow of hydroclilorit 

people nev 

,'^|lf Eld. Scharffeiiber" 

• for a Col|H.rtcur Rail)- 

M warpolnted "^ut" ■•°hl°"t no ^Ti- HaiTy Schj'de Sings \'^^^l^ kTsH^ 'ihtolocv 

w? I f ¥^ '^tI!'^' ''''^' " , - - D At Colleee Chape) '^''o^" " ""-■ '^'^^ r^^"" 

Ke: Week of Prayer ^^J^°''^ ^Kr' li*^ I'Tb °pr - 

en erson, me oy. . o ert nr- m, ^^Harq-^ (JW^ic^'m' hc^'^ublic ^OOknien tO ReCruit ^„^^°"^^^^°''' "'^^ }"^^ '"^^'f ^ 

■ ^'■•"'^ "Fight Liquor" Says Sr^KL^'lrSrv^if^o "rSMc Collegedale Group ;'^''''LaSrconlk\fe'k'?d"S 

"■■'"■ — ' campus Friday. February 28. Field Sccrtlaries tcpresenting every Rocknv. " 

Al llit- beumning of the cliapcl Mate in the Soullicrn Union will 
period, ^fr. Scl.yde, a basso, sang 
■■Jesus Whispers Pcjcc," His secular 
selection and encore were "The Big 
Bass Viol." and ■'Sleepy Hollow 

Mr*, and Mrs, Schydc are rcturninc 
Salan and his to Connecticut after a trip to Florida. 

■- Schyd"e'' 
tan a Lyceum p rogram" for the collegt. sludcnl colporteurs"' say the fidd'men. '.ide of the "non-smofc~c 

3od that God had given men 
: plan l;^s 


Wmk of Pn „ 


Conli,.n<e M. V. 

8 Colfcj 

orctelr. .nd qnar- 

10 bt 

1.1^7 -«'- 


eur Institute 

« Bdt, 

- E. Wjjjner Union 

ingSecrctar}'. speaks 

2J R, T 

Edgar lechires on 

Aptil 31 



lallenge of Elder W 

ibatli, March I.' 

;d the story of a parti 

r human family. 

jught of a plin whereby he woi 

hed by Dr. 


"™ '■ 1947 I 

H'Ite- SoutlrEnn tAcecnt 

Dofc; ^""^ ^"'" '^"*"*''" Sign 

^ ,„,„.lfS"ifilfc,.b, of the 
Dashes J' "^[^ ''!£r°sLp ,-, rus™ t • 

„-cj oieht iboni 1 j.m. in their '", m7"i! Emce «jnl ibt Rliur »"■! »"i™ repmcnled he,,™* 

«isttp.i«r bislct. Vc™ aaUv^ii v.iley (J:m away from Gcm.ny? „,"'„ "™"„'j "" J°' P"'?"""! of ' 


"Uat'e IJi Ah'ayi Read ibt Lahti 

. Which m Iht iow counlrics of 
. What two religious groups src 

fun and plenty o( 

Wc stick our necks out for nn n^ 
Sjndy Smdefur and Lirrj- o^ 

'^naiU>l ^Iff^ i^e"5,ro3'lk"«oo! fr™,'t'L''',°2 

Why reuldn't such nijht come „ 
"tL,, are plenty of s„d,.,Chesf., 

N.u »,r;»cs .« ike maslhad hidkale changes in the Hull of i™''"- *■ C, list weekend As she f„„t page article for the Southern thc'ra "ind'are^giinrio'Vo'Tiik'S 

,/, S iTtiEits VrcENI. Edilor Olh Cave,. Lie, f,e,„„e Jl ;[«£ hrbiMold' L ma^ed "'mL Biuddock New Cuef mem '™" ■" '' "'""^ 

s;!.*™js::^;™',^'';i«.«,^" ""*"'•"■ ^i':;«|:;Sti;::.i.ep..s l^ZIHETfiaddl ,, "lSt>:x^,r^r,:t 

I lmla„ny Ihe ,e,tgml,n„ u'„, acefleJ. I„„v,- mgh,, Martha Cooper stared at her chief of the newly orjanized second- pus life. Amim! 

, ,„,d slalJ. Mr. Cave, had {o, a,„i„ml) a fM, >vh,ch h.dn i run ,n weeks, and „„„,„ Hill-dwellers His second Bab, l„s a new pai, of sh»., Tal, 

I i-.ii}^ ;..j:„..j.- / /. ( ...„ J, to her surprise it immediately stalled .-„ „„.„,„i -„ A«n.-:,r.. ri.;,.f rn.nn. a .v^dinr. — n n-- i,„t._.-.. . 

f//;(r! hidiialioi, „l harassed _ ^^^.^^^ ^^.,^ , j„„^,_ p^^ ^, ^^,,. 

//rrre ,;W ri tldl jaunty 1, one to wham ,cade,s a„d s[io,isi,r may early miarn— hut oh second thought '" Ovvk'^A." Hanna was chosen ti 

Chief James a reading on those 12's belonging to I 

S,„ ■ (/ , . I,n , 1,1 f „l Ihe College fafcr i, the hcaeiesi c.v drawing up plans oT"a' futo" home 

lriui,,i,rdar r,aif,iiiihil,ly and retjiiire, the nio,! highly sjiec'ial- for a doctor— (1^ didn^t get his last 

,;d l,ti,u,n II I, „ol a l„„l l„ be filled uilhml carefid ca,,ea„l„g same straight). When you push the 

/ (,./.,;/ U,l, d,lh;. r.o,„ door bell it loudly rings. "Open 


Id becoine fam- 1 
ih Tub 

It helps 

veightlifhrrs club for a dav'c' 

1 lot from these Noss tried it. too for a'div 

...ii the past few Zfiwy — ■ 

Some of the things Ilearned sleeping in 

m|jlishmcnts in a lot of weightlifhrrs club lot a' day 

; V ( , ...H.p \iv,. ;..,;„,, ' ".-, the lull ever,, night about from my .rssociation with them ate as pirlliog hi, hair out-must b, hard cJ 

" ' ' ' •"■""'■! •^■■■■■'■^ '■"allied ft„ge„lhal f,e- I'Tsh ™-\'il,"?,lK'^''d," induuTn I H.,. l..™.d ied der'in 'I'VIteT' k "j't '"'J 

1^ ' ^' "1 '" '"I J'l'yrrani laUaad Wendell il„;,t„k; ,,iT."r' ' T,lo'ba°ha"a°nighr I learned that a '-'S Ford will still Dyrd raciilg Jo "'fSt t? ■roo't"! 




/ (..; 1. ./--.,//( . I 

,. 1. it ,rill l,e 

(,„r Idea, an 

' ""— ' '""/■/"•■"'"■- 

—E. C. 

Moriiioii Oi-fianist '?"> 

mporar, Parisian 

organist, Hen 

I>i(-. n|w(.>n.<il 

.'::!.'°n'.ll'l'.'i''.;;.'."'.°'~t"bk°t",; ^^*^ Considers 

sunrise- 1 saw the Nelsons' eiibr'° J^^Ssiail ProWem 

I RmI. ., 1,'n Dr. Gish Discusses of carly moming walks toward' th" Because Russia in her intemalioaali 

Dangers of Drink 

mind and 
thought t 

ked that panel held Thursday. March d. under! 

I a"d her iI!i"n."ti'ona"rel.ii™. 

Committee chairmen to. il'^^'^"' 

atned nell.^Robirl'swoSord. ' 

!:io;)".n7';drme<?he s, s* TiiiL°,en;'*rt5 1 


- ,_, f^Jins nisb,^ °" ""■ Dairy Sells Laundry Workers JrcX'jT^i;S''.i»t"','ta» 

know ho. CaL'''whic'h%ilik'"irc°''"n"«!b' IllllStrioilS CoWS Go Coloilial '"' '"/lifc" "'"' °°'' ''"''"''"'' 

!!°,„'°_ "u": mobllt- m front of rhe Collcjc Slotc, .re the three teeisteiee ' 

"""irhlul \n'"^iutomobile' '^'"^V "^'^"^ untecogniied unt 
.ce diggins ditches ions who cnnyersed with i_h. 
■ ibt God miy fill with His blessing in 

registeted h, 
rongh John R. M«tin, one of tl« So, 
i foe a total of S 

■'. K^ s u en are igging ] c cs ^^^^ ^^^^.^ description. By this time and cows to Dr. Martin two j 
they had disappeared. {Ciniinn^:! on pagt . 

IP , „ 1 of^ra'CrTDrrmbrtrL "Fight Liqiior" 

IdOOK KeVealS Suhr.e holder of five degrees inclod- (Cp„ii,„-/ /'„//, p-.c 

iTho Real F. D. R. 'Sl^-°i a-j'e^HgJ^r'deg^e*; „"-"'""S }"•• '»; ;"; 

In, K,.,l F D. R. aJection in one hearts. The Doctor. "J" S"j„„,3S."naI c 

iMlcd by Clark Kinnaird. 122 p. whose tall figirre was a familiar sight p™."„ " „„,™™; ™„^ 

I New York, The Citadel Press ch.jing acrossyhe ca,»pos ,s tak„g ,„j,, ri„„ „„„ ,,„„, „„ „„„, tSi^K' v 

llf a m °>T h"'"' h'-b" T Lrlh'LrirOrhndo Florida Th! Another great objective of the Amer- |^^*^^ 

laretali","' prepared 'Cd° polished gratifying news hai bee'o received that l^elSTcJ'reTa^lflo obnlr't'ime ^ \^i" 

Meisore ,hat same man by his ■ofl- GradcS 3 aud 4 Give the co'i|rc^at'ion w'a's" iosiled »" Jn 
" " '■ •-—"•-■•■ the Temperance pledge, which clk.l 

for not only total abstinence f,, ■,, ^ ' y >^ 

,.,.1 picmres for ti«: school room. Eiiropeaii Worlters fji^- 

cal ^mS^mg'by 'scTrai°fn~d Visit Mr. TobiaSSeil 

:",'k'lw ,-„„,rihli-n f m- mwSo^Tbeh." of °],c" A,,"* fo,"%T"°;i "h" Voi"* "rS'll; '' ../,;.■ - ' '. ' '<^^ 

I ■ I,,, «,U c,„er ,„,„ ,hc .'.'smpo- Oor.alis in the h.,ckEro,md. Ho.VL-ver. ecy he.,d,oarlers and other denomm.,- •. ■ . |i; .- }, If -;■ J, ■;,... 

r^'on of most of ,1,. I ,,,..,■ ,'i^,,ly. in the form of a polar bear. Kooal institutions on the svest coast. ■_, / „_ > ^ ""T , 5i' l'^ -^^ !>/(»->- 

1'- D. R A „.1„.„ , !■, ended the esistence of ■The In a fesv weeks Elder and Mrs. ^/"s,*,- ' / -.^ ■' 'M^fUflk 57«^i- ' ■ • 

r*'t. lhrouph'ou7li'i''s cnHtl- public^fr "Men" r.f Tlie N^ili '■ wc[^ il"o hdrnTrcon'tinue his work it Ihc divi- glimpse of snow. Though ligiit and fcal blrizjra'' of ■sofTK- good ole iim- 
■'Mnbciicd to ,t,c best of his ^bilitits iho>vn. ^ion iK-.idqiiartcrs. short-lived, it enabk-d the studcnti to ihint-," 


Conncll ind 
n Okhhor' 

vcrsilv. will join Wasliiit^Ion Mis- -,, . ^^ 

iiojwri' Collcfic Biblt Ji-narlmcnt in lllllStl'IOIIS CoW 

English Clubs n^^, r, ^^ ^^ ^^^.^ ^^^ .^^^ ^^^^ |^^„^ g^ 

Have Joint Meeting ™''J,f„i7,Xid mtrfremMtxito S t''rE,^t'^S''''oV 

The newly ofitiniMd clubs of Eng- '° ""■' ^^"•'^^n ^^y- " ^" ""^ '"'fi* pholosraph)' and pistol colk 

SJLic !!"(' „, . ".i/, .' ii,' "''Jol'n'&mer'amd °° Ih'c™'! 

,„„ ,e„e LK-e,, on o,„c,., ,e„ ,nn loZ's o/ Dv . . . ll,'- , Ml" '"""■'■ "'"' J'*'' ^"'f' "V" 

Hr N!nlin™jrc°»i one Holen ihoTJ^ Ihe ulJ .Snr.I. B.,n,ee Stkmidl, and Qoenlin Hie, as helpers. is seerelary „f Ihe Food, , 

''" :/'!,To"n7„SroVh™w''f"' Sp;mi1''' we""vi!'i',;3''A',rhe H. S. Caps and 

i - , ...« are sonnins bsween dose oHhe , on,. ,l,f slndenls fell . Qowns 

,eta,y of 
and like 

nunibeonf; ovc, flfly masitians. has -i "V a n and Lincoln witli lalks civen by shi- Dake talks about so much Tevn he, who ;< fmm i;, P,.>.>,cKii„' FlaliJa.B 
finally an^.ned symrhoni, status this Can YoilAnSWer? dents. A Ba, Jemonstiation depict- ho„e B in!S SI - "H k" - h k t "w I 
sea, w„h tk adJn.on ,.l oboe and inj the I.Lstoty of ■Old Gloo;." was h^ ,„,t|,j„j ,„ ^, „„, i,,,"- ,j,„„. „||„^ ;„^' ;j'|„,„ „ „„„. ul 
.', ■ ■ 't \tSZ".: ?!™.'1"":™'J,..,'';,;^"«^.; Iatei„,t. andenw.,ead,ns.Mat- plan, to be a ministc \ 

I Cliapel Progiains w 

"j'n" f "" Inolntle S. W. Dake «." 
".nh S;,;': and Dr. I. Q. "i 

.ho seould los-e to style it fo, f» , 

Je, homo is in Peotia. I"'"°"- "j I 

, pink 'as *c"se° a,e he, f>v«i« I 

olors. Shi,U-y likes to play vnllti I 

Collese. has been 

k of food and fuel- 
^ ^^pc,t. Inletnational 

nijht see at the Coll, 
aotalo chips and p« 

. She seas born In Ardm 

cuts applying cologne and s'^",^ 

ISiiiiimer School 
IConvenes June 16 

w,LS conduclcd bj- EMm 

Elders Skinner, Barnes 
Conduct Week of Prayer 

College Board Holds 'Si!" J, lE'LjiEC/ 

Animal Meeting '^' Ti,°e''''re "mT' '•'jr'™""-. 

""te^Probicmt dI: College Seniors Jo^•^l^ rmuhiels scKwMrfotn\tcJeJ" 

LT'm.o'kS, Mu* Apprcda- Aiinounce Plons Collfi;,- Or-cli.-ti-a o"fc'r.1.'i*™°L'Jm»,iT;'' 

■ ' rjphy of Europe, School „ , , , „,„,„„ „, „ . , ' , , ■ , '^ cireM Body h., bteo ouJ 

rticnl.,. School .ct, ,c,", i°„i„, cE onTlhW pho ,o '" -•nnual (.OllCCrt Bfodc '" lhc'c°olir'''p?cT ° 

Idor L. A. Skinner p['''']'^' '^^ SullZp. nlZ „ Jh'«;,?°"'„Z "hr°di»,ion '"S April 21 Named 

^rses Surrender -S„"°" Sb^T^i't^TS K^U^c'roMiliZrc o'„ S "College Day" 

■d (lie Spring W«k- of Pn 
l^r chapd period /urinc'tlie w 

:r band iMders.'bcJng'inj; to Ih 
;s»Bc which would enable 111 
no conduct Ihetneelings of tl 

fmoky Nal'l Park daiC uEX '^ rJ" "" ?"'^' 

fc^P^"!," ^ ""^^^ '" "" twlong^ sanfi whcn'^he had fmishJlhc'^'odcT 

IV will k""-' ""'' ^''"'*>' '"^ "'"^ '^^^ Conibear. who has been sand 

K U '^"' -P' ''""' *■"= "'"'^■'"''e f<" -"^nn-"". modeled th. 

luV t.^!" ^'.'"^^J- '^P'''' f'*"'"'' 'he pr«icd Elder Banks,* of Southern Mis- 
'•^ih Mjvices II h""* LcContc. sionaiy College. Ihat he rcquesled the 

Hic PrL' f.:u'?"'f t*™i's- . '£"t effort at Standifcr Gap. Atr. 

P^ Indiv-J "" '■'" 



! March 7, : 

"T^^e Soutkeiia J\ccer\t 


Can You 
Dots .. . Answer These? 

&- RJlTfli,'' "" ""™"°'"' of the 

- - Dashes ^?"e7p«., in,„„.i. 

^^^^ 9.8 Competent Nem^ 

''""^ ^ ^ l'%^\^'^"DoaT'yo>' ever reitl 


1 heard lliil Maty 

whVt foreign c 

"""*■■ ■■K- 

.. ent place 

m «h 

h to 

nitcly 350 p 

Oimds. Mary Chirles 

areign country ha.s 

^' ^^idu 



friends here Ihat she 
turd^y night biK'ng a 

ake hid f jUfn badly. 

U. S. begun I 
of propaganda- 

r«enlly become 
Lr foreign mini.. 



muthm im, IrUti mohtes ilmJarH,. cht,Jge o,.tr,agbl. Tri>~ ^ -■■-■ - - 

llu uhu „,i,t,i»lllit Atilmlk 10 /lie mislcn'-tl>">«'l"l 'l""«'" 

""tail, somo"*ousW(u»y called ite defrtudittS territotj from et- j, ^g „, ^^^ ^^^^^ ,j^^^^, „^ ^^^ | 
*°"' "(Aoiwerj on pige 5) 

ield and Sptei 
ieclos"t Think, 

Irom itiuirmci \Vt lar Ibc iwtaowif mure Ibm my olhir ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^j' ,,„„,, „ ^„ j|,d to know th»t he All our Otchtd. p. to ii H, j 

,J„,r Ami ,el s« «m, an JlJmlo,, b^V, loo <il,all«!'ir '" "" ,.™. a„,.tl.n - t«u.-. s.=,., h,, not entiidy forsaken tis. kt Clnb for rht snknl lu. 

;,„■, /„(„/, (i. mt.«.ar, //mi- /or tare//// atM/j™ »; tl*^' « How , an Jatkte Ballard make so le„otl..t B.t.h It "i" m Jon, « Ih ." n 

; jieople who read. 
l)/,n,/i, //. /..<•>// iir/r i/'C i/» *<•/.//»/• //•»" aciiiuhiltd uilh 

,1 J I II 

'llr In rml Ihe „,,!jTLc"rret two yoms'ladL''io tli°al Dave Waeoer has parted from his. Ha,es R T ,her P Hai t^l 
//; loiinJ llal 11 a„i,t l,im in a Bible stndy at Rinj. Cok. md Cundt.. ValleandM Sndil.r | 

Ernie Long was ably 

lessons from books and o"'' I 
slrneih aloni! "'* "P''''^' j,| 

Sinnmor School 

sewing lab. finding ebickens are producing— eggs 

wash house and hllp J- " ' 
pily is have suddenU ha J 


Vox Accent "Jr." 

, , Launched By U.C. 

Humana n, i,„,„„,^ „, ch.».„o,e.. 

.he Hill lop A°p",lm™rT°r"s°ho;r . *=''" <'^''"> "-M •"J «lbum •' So,«h„„ Mi.sion.„y Calligc's 

cur o'.r »h;ch ihc, Bvel to jnd tTl..i"£""i,''''^'°,r°"j"°'°'r'- S'nSr'^.i^'^TI'r," "J^T 

photOBf'iphy. ' ' Jo htlp put out the iix fool blazes, quolcilio the editorial cdumn. Match 

^ his'^oblaS °aliSble''exp"ie"o™'iu f"™J. "'""nk'of wtn'runidenSk l>'-°cW)' publicaSoo" "» S"S/> 

H sSoo'ri"AV!?n, TunneTHaf''aod' I""*"'*-. "'■ 5*"''" 8""" &<- J""'!™' "I"" °' l»''"1'' f™'";: 

^^ Sutnmit. He has been leadet of Semi- [ytf'cm wh'ich''a(ouscrhi'm'ir-'^ '''""* *"ted' tha"^'lhc" proel^slvr' Wh 

he'ist"adet''oythr^diongtou'|r'He '"«* ['V "'c sound of buzzings fol- "^^f ^[jj"^V'°"v '"'^"d'^'" "'^''h '-'^ 

"^i shine* BanTfor^ ^ht« vLTs. ' ^ ^''" S**^^",.'' l*'' 'Cfsion of a ■■Merntrj- "1^" '{''' vocal southern accent, more 

isrUK the mermri- to .l'ide"'io' 'h^ """"" "" "■;'"' c"""""eo. 
let end of the tube which contained SotJiHERN AccEt^r. St.. will 

Et;"^ !ff taflil'if :,;; Pre-Nurses Elect 

dived Icn ftel into a nine fool pool Seill6St6r OfflCPfS 

.. . •_ c nw a) _ Officers for Ihc Prc-Kiir.i 

Nnc thounl (ons of CO.I pro '-h .f k fuur Ik,. ,.,„. She Lln.■:l|■^ \C*| II ll'rs (hTh.-sll'a CoilCei't Th. P.c.N,».inB Club m.el5 every 

T l'V!;Sdl'^A"h[L''^:,; "JIe':n"ndrfi""'Jp,S7^^^^ ^r^^ I'lll-llilHI-r .:.J lrr.,u p.:ge U T^l ^^A^^^JL^'^^^^^^^ 

II ohrcncru fil],n..r^rhX\..^ desire to sec^c others i, ., .,, ' Ttisti from Ihc Chat- '""" °' '"■"^'""'"'"""O" ''"""'"E- 

■> tU onfinc. oF SMr h .. ' , ~ ,. ' ' - ■■■ ■■rh-my Oichtstra, Tommv CAN YOU ANSWER THESE? 

''" . tf.:.'nd"L""'^ "'"'"^^^^ '"' ^"'* D^i't^^'i's P"P»is s^'iibk;"h::"^::;r:n u ';for';i; s;:.-;'^?' c 'caufh-!obl"'L";;Sd AnJS"-"" "" '''' " 

"- li t I'lms in action°\vould''you GivC Suilday Rccital ^hwaj'^a'l^r almost compiled' and ''^immI:dbtV"follow'n"'"li* '^''"""' 2' m"^*"' 

!> I'l ''nn^^c IndTor^^hat^Inw'" "^""^ student,; wn^. the following fj^ boXi'"oTe«^'tioni"rc^^^^^^ ■" ''^"l"^'.'"'^* '"^''' lo"^vhi<:h Wslton 3^ Gi-"rDril.nn. Russia, L-raoce, 

■^ I^Wor bram. but one for BcX'McGuffu- I heard a Forest d^il)' appearing mote' invitine. In ad- ^^^^.^P^^"^'P-'"'> »" ""■■ Pfognim were ., j(^^;> 

Lu. . V'°i *""' "'"' *''"'' °'' P")>"li bi DcHosc ^itiotj, the concrete has been poured J^^„„g ,1,^, JisHnfiuished guests at 5. Clnang Kai-Shcl:. 

\Vi„ "4 '■''"'",'" '" 51) Lucia Lee— By the Waters of Nfin- lor the Hoot ot tlK^ second stori- ot (he rccital were Dr. J. T. McCallie. 6. Marshall. Bcdault, Mololov. 

<" « 'h^\ J' 7 I ""' "°* nctonkj bi Lieurancc _ s"^""- Founder of Mcailic School for Boys Dcvin. 

'UliMnV '■ldb"tU(n^^."(^ickmp ^b^ Hc^vit't ''*~ "'^'^ ^^ '" "^ Language SUldciltS Ann'^^'^Miome, ''ftu''''"RiclI!^^^^ a Hu'molher is suffering from a 

" ''I t rpV'oTk d\urtor' atd ^'-'The''ild'^,.*^W;,hnp7o"'/?he Porlray Notcd McH S^Tknd^-.nn^Mr'lS'pr.nce ■> Ru''s's°i"'"pl;itd Uechoslovakia 

f" '"xlu'M;r.;MtT'';ho.o;;;re Slrden- Temple Bells- Of TlireC CoUlltrieS ^'-J^f t''e NfcOliie .haul i„ Ch.,: ^^' J^el^mJIol^^^^ 

b.''"mP'''",'.."'""'_i'""'''*""'""*"'° by r.ndcn Noted men of German, French. ^ 

^1 Irom Ihe readme of this book Mary L>nn McNeil— Far Across th« and Sp.inish liistor>- «-crc portrayed 

'•- ■■i not one formula or equation Desert Sands b) Hnden by a student of each of these three 

mnd 1 d'^H 1 '"^^ ^'cntific Three organ numbers were included foreign Imguage groups in j pro- 

'^'EdtffR^J'^^i^u''''^'"'""^''" Carolina Grace Nbnc" Schneider, in^ Rogers as Join of Ate" Jnd Robert /°"?"' ^'I"?"! 1*;%°''°;; 'S^'T k°1 S'' '° F^rT nl'J^nd'pn'lvl^ 

hh^E 't """'"('^'"'"^i '''''""<' « "> conference' Wayne Pound as Claude De-bussy. Madame ;°°'*'7 ''°" ° ' 'V' ^ ^^"^ W d ifr n-Bolv^^^^^ 

'^■"1 bVl, I ' «/e' '^'"""" ^^*^''' Thurber Georgia Cumberland; and Curie and Louis Pasteur «-ere charac- }S;^„° mUiam Toll.Xtold "shoUiold: Loui. Pa.iour. Roy M«aa'n.. Mmo. 

I "-■ ' bI, t ^^' ^"^ ^'"' '^'° f*"*"^" WooJ Alabama Mississippi; tcriled by Anna Soule and Roy Mor- Curit, Anno Soulo: and a typical gaucho wob ropro..Qi.d hy Carroll 


-]• Eng. Class Know 
( How, Show How, 

Accent On The Academy | ^^y"-; 

High School 
Caps and Gowns 

Tilt "nieM owl" of o«f S 

Personnel Conim. 
h'TcoiCtLi Adds Members, 

ily absorbs book ^.y t^ «• 

he actual knowl- NeW iJutlCS 

■Icdjw, but also to becon 

e dormitories and two fror 
ed Couples' Club. It was de 

Wnd sen' 
b ■ d to . . "y )° 5" 

Academy Junior: 

/ICaueiliy juiiiuis jents of Collegedale Academy as ^uiin^ri' arts seemed to be the favorite "•— ^""'■"■;^- 

Ol'ganizC Class . ?an'''uiaSd^'zSlint« ^ii'nllv "S ';'*"'-'"■ T"'' "' '!' "••««« '™'"« aoenjyrp^f'usbe'rs rnd'os'lrc^d-"; 

eSted to thisXe U the clupel held '"7 i° '' "'e'"""" '"I' and develop mean, of encoar.uin. 

The 2S Juniors of Collegedale on March 11. " WU M^" 'd f I ful collec reverence among the students .at tli. 

Ai.ulm,,otBaoiieJ Tuesday. March J. Director of the Temperanee Sc^iety ^-^^ ^, ^^^"^^ °Wa'lbce°DDddy .nd 'olisious setviees. _ 

Salhany told how to 

eadilv-assemblcd mode 



iu i 





old ' 


1 aptitude (csl 
telliBcnlly thei 


."d ' 


lubs by enablin 

!Z" foimd Prep Parade 

Mc is in one Houston Mmiman and 

judecd Ihc ipeaket. The : 

^S"^ audibility, adcquatenesi of wplani- All suggestions from ihL 

'^''" tlon. good synch roniation of arts bodv are welcomed and Riven urJd | 

Alumni Exchange 

Lvic Mnrif Wallace. S. J. C. Dbttv Cl^ 

Faculty Fills Out 
G. C. Questionnaire 

Faoill)' members at SMC rcccnily 

ilion, and pecsonil 

The Hall Closet 


General Conference" Dcpir) 

L-ek end of March I5-I( 
hrle in th" states and ovc 

Mr. PeariTun would like to ( 
he attention of all who send a 

!r\vi'.'lmi,on. D. c', J^'eporTi'tlul ^^ C°»'^B'-- "" ^^bmarj- 17. Gwf^rcnc,!,'' ori^'Upt" m 'file^hTThl ^wne'r would be itlaclied in son^ way of"'ch!.nBCs%iOse*caving''™"'^ '^^'f I 

K 1. rbmo^glily enEro^ed in his -^iu.u.<i Mo,;»u„, .Jministralive offices of the College, lo the parlicular atlide. It would also Jones. Mrs. Dictel and Mf (!"=''^ I 

,,u,l,... Two hundred seniors from cifiht and one for the personal file of each help to clear up the depatlment if Mr. and Mrs. Warren Oakcs i^ I 

, ... II. r...:„_ „,... .. ..,. ^.1-™. „„ „ .f ...,.., „- , .. . y^ ,„^^^„^ „„„,j ^11 f^,, ,j„5^ ^„i^,„ J „ Newmar). OuiJ^g I 

.Mi,.ionarj' CoUeet^^t their hiJC'liymeil"p^trTtlic'roads''aroind college board anlVinclpTl of °Forelt TTiutt^r i^^son Donjiie lJ«e in Boojo I 

daughter now occupy Room ■(. 






Suuihcrn Misiinnar; Cillcgc (olk^^JjIt. Tenneisee. April -1. lO-l" 

hollcgialis Solicit 

]),, r 83,248 in Drive 

J,„ Medical Relief 

II Bookmen Commission ISO 
-J During Colporteur Rally 

P wrclarjci of wch conference in the Southern Umon duting tht Colpotltut 
l.i,ii:u(e, held MuKh 21.26. Also p.cwnt «rc Elder E. E. FranUin aisociaie 
c.rclary of the Gencfil Conference, and Elder B. E. Wagner. Union publish- 

Approximilely 160 itudenis have Jgreed 

The following 

Male Melodists 
Present Premiere 

ni^,^ rilh IT, ,h. '^]. '•'t' ■'"' Croflon. 20 studenis. gwl $50,000. 
Gee Club, under the direct.on of The lota! sludent rojl for ihe entire 

Wayne Thurbcr- The profir.wi ilso Southern Ujiion for neM summer i; 

featured the Criuadcts Quarlct. 5235,000 worth of books delivered. 

ifcn- by Ro;ib,rg and "Stars of the '"Du?ing'*'tlfc"''ins''t['(uu. Elder ]■ E 

w,,|„h, ,nJ Mr "" ^ ' ' ' the Jolly Roger." "Sylvia," and "That how^jr?™"^ * ptoipcc live buyer, 

,oiXgthebu.i; Qiarles Witt Wins Futnre Evangelists '''S'Gl"ctrb,o'ght''out ,he "-f ^'o«""^ 

.'j'ssjV bringing (he'day'rto^ai Tcnn. Music CoUteSt Pllhlisll Weekly thundering 'Mim of hoof bentj lo conduL^ wj^ m^iii^'ii'^heTn^ 

'n" '^mstor'Tf ^he'^Colk-Kc'daie Charles B. Witt. Jr.. a second year For Standifer GbD Song.'" written by n^micrj, '^""'J °,,J^^ °o"GuZ''Ht~" 

h ,l^<\^-ar*s Ini-athtrini^ i^ con pre-med student, received first pbcc in *^ Miss Ann Crowdcr, suppork,! hy ,.t..„.k„( ol il,Cdul> ^'-""^*'■"• 

,bl'y larger than that of .i yc-ar '^'^ y«f's Tennessee Student Musical Not only do the sludtnl!, of South- Ihc Glee Club, sang "I'ale Mooi..' 

l..,..ese of the added n.m'ber of ^Jt;-^;;^;^;^,";^; Th'So^^^^^^^^^^^ publ'Ef b^Z.thl^'^ew^rp^^ THE J^ ^S S!: QZ::^'^^i'Au^Z Seollaud ComeS Via 
rls Subpoenaed T^"']'^""'' ^^^ ,"^"' Xpf^N^"'''" st'^'f"" evangelistic '^ffo'tjn nwrby harmonised to the refrains of^I^Wint >^^ ^Uai tet 

Colleeedale Men o:^.^"-.^^^ E-rumZr £)^rc;^:>r"ZZ:tyZ l^"'^^.^:iu::.^A.or,u.''^ .h':i:d.^^';r"inS:r"5L'"":d 

Kf... at the door, Sgt. S.s plu, ul,.ui,hip, for students k- iw.n, of promoting Hi. eliorl in (' .-;/.«.;,,/ ,v; /.„■,., l, „„„ ,, —"■■«'"■'" 

irl.,nd walkd do>vn the aisk and Iween the ages of 16 lo 25 years, (he Standifer Gap SDA church. lum.^Ml.i, - ilic only 

^;W^^^ ^m.elope to Ih.- President, fC<„„>nu.J o>, p.gc 3} ,,,^|,'"i'^^o 'Se chss"'int3ed ^hJ ^^' Fl'anklin Lands ' Tl" prol'Lm%iisL%f'"oTd1 

A'^rt vlTieTand'almoM fant!^tic Mr. Millcr tO Teacll four^p.^e'^pal^r to "he"'^.o?lJ\J,th Cosj)el LltCratUre en.tmbl''.''^:olo alid" n'^k^m Ts! 

my of t'h^'studtnK Somrthought EvangellSlS in D. C. p!iVr. MemphiiVisVi^Ll>.TV' ' '' ' ' ' ""l-lm. associate sixre- 'l^^^- ^^'\^\[^'"'^° ^*^° ^ji^''' 

cJ«l immediately to fight a'' f ol'es t 'cache rs chosen from S. D. A. de- what is to' come m ilic ^i,„i:.\ui... |-'l^l ^ '«< "■■<•-■" at^Hic church scr. "^'^^^.'^-^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ 

_ ^ iump'ssron was heightened « 'trwT,hm%;on T^^obSc^^^^^^^^ CllOir SingS in Fla. y^.rwnri^''i'"fie Im*;usird"n ■■"■"'T-he" famTrBbcfc ^^1^., "" 

Im,7" President Wright announced. ""S "'?. '^"^^ P-"' of ^%- r T" A '1 O -7 w S*' f""'''-""^ Institute which began 

I H.Tc IS a letter addressed to Paul ^' ^'^°'&'= ^argo and Dr. O. F. 6 1 imeS, April .i-l March 21, 

iol oTm^ noJ?"°"'''" ''''"' Rodela-avet a"ld GWitMone°s for pari April 3. The choir will k-ave Col- It was in Ifi^lP, Eldef Franklin^'con- 

"■-^ jnd sighs of relief rose "I" 't"= ^'J"?''' . . . „ legtdale on an eJttendcd tour of Rori- tinucd, ■ 

' our publications 

JApi-ilJiad to Show p"S?n'""" 
ISludent Ideas 


be presented lo the West Palm Beach world, Omr student colporteur wrote, 
church. Sunday night, in Miami, the ■■Canvas,sin^ is a college education in 

conducted by Elder R, H, Nightin- had received spiritual aid by^ working 

sented by 

(Conlh-^eJ on pas<^ 4) 




''"' '\!:::i::::::: 

chapel. Saturday 


7 Special chipel 
gram by the Di 


Florida Samtariu 


" iS'S'-fJ 


12 Saturday evening 
gram presenled 
Scotch Kilties, a p 


19 AprrllijJ program 


the English De 


21 College Day. 



1 q-ke 

Sout{i£)ia J\c 




J B KlwEli 

1 PI 

a. Lila Fjfrdl, San 

h Ann Goods 
inhur Lddi, 
lice Pokio). 

Lynn Coulson. 
BcllT Holland. 



1 '^ 


9. TTie (ubKriplio 


'^H(^ 1^"jMl 

Dots. . . 
- - Dashes 


of the 

J/e^ T/oul *1afifet 

'ti'r^'^'"^^' I'uiden.lifpe. „^ iijr£» t,,::' 

:':,,,■;,,— the u-ay Df; 

''"■ lioiu- it isn-i'too long, Dol. definition r 

,1^1 Another ictidcnt occurred in the Jack Dar, 

, ,. .„,.,„, , ,„ „,„,„/ //,M V..-' /"r //-.' /In/ fh,u' uudcr lln- dircCh,. ^^^^°\ ^,lZllLo,. tL .nUl '°\^, S.r "onfu^i^g To fourTrough the Tj' ,: 

Lplleis To TIk- Edit 

,'/, /./.<;,„»/ ulmosflH-rc hy co,„i,w,>lly Zu^ oL moul-.'Tnd "four' TplJcT! ""ft^d «.o Country . . . ^It''?s'"'?^™.<cd* """ ' 

V F- }■ , You'd think Ihtf d need more planes Ifs JKComing . '■^'''^~"'°;'/J')^ fellows are^ainting thur 

'' Viokt Ste..,. .nd Jackie Woodell ^^bjj" w.rm' Olive V^llia" Jl '"'^*" ""^X C«=n™ 

ock an t 
■led to pishing a baby carriage 

' '■'"" «!^S back upThe h 
^_^,,,^, rt ,e.,llv mu^be"" 

'"■'■^' Rurining a close second to tk bullcl«.| 

* '■"■ board. Eh Paul! 

^, ^^ Future Nurses 

::- Anlicipnlo Jov^ 

Mil hsscs will, the supersonic Dear Sit: 
■ i-.a J,,: Ruth Pcletson and Sarah Perhaps t I-t. help.— iSn. Tnfoinialion Test 

" EJ Franklin Eve.>'onc studied so much for exami- 

,. I , , happened! I do wish some one would 

le article would ^^^ ^ ^.^^ ^^ j,^^ ^^^^^^ j^^ ^^^^ ^^ 

■■Don-| practice in tlie parlor before 

M, Homer Lynd, gia-sls al 
■ Ml. Ed Mathis; Mrs, C 

Elder Huhbii Speaks "" ''''°'%"°°°^^l''t """''" 

.rnous in POLITICS ENG1NEErTng"bAn'kINg'art *'««"Ce.' addressed the student 'body" in Edward Matliii! Robert' cliism. David Some of "s have *"5"'^, /"^jn^. I 

MUSIC SCULPTURE, PUBLISHING '^■"P*' on Wednesday. April 2. Elder Wacner Walter Schwab Orxic Han. list of the paraphernalia '''' , j^^fT 

Hubbs is en route to a meeting in na. Henri" Bfaddock, James Fulfer, transport to our new p^ace, » 

■ ',.,|.worlhy is tamou.s in EDU- (Answers on page -1) 

Robert Haflloff, and Clyde 


Jlai'ch Lion Leaves 
1 Valley Intact 

"'j™'^';^;:!:;^ win win 

:onCL-ption until this unsetrlcJ tlw-' Herilds of Ptophcci' Quirict fro 

OT durtae o-hich ■42-'«. Scivlnj .s choriiic, for sera 

e of simggling (o different orginiMlioiis during tlie tin 

"'toty Girls Subpoenaed 

"•'"•' (C„«h„„J l„m f.,i, I) 

Ch'he •P'"'--'! II"; envelop, .nd re-d ike t 

tenn.B ]y[„gip Students 

|MlS,t"';,%;;?;Z'S"'p';,iCp'il,: visit Needy Homes In Voice and Piano ML'J£t:en£4Tf lin^ L"", 

I md Sm of 'aSo'IL'VkiaTrom Ufcs SMC Pastoi' Prescnt Recital e°c. Z\ '"rs"'op™'"s "ned ' mJ"," EuI" 

'"1= M,^ " a' Mi£ ™'si*:f' "'tl 

, -.. .. .... ,,.™..,., -,- — .,.n- ?!;'''„• '°- li'J'?^'z^. 

I rt..1. ^-v,ll h.,e to be considered b,' in« of the .er,e of Scripture found in ' k„J,"° CbrMnc - "piano" 

k T!i°Sii°tt fi'rles,™r>v'i' |,„f^;"'i,,, t^Xfeij'"""" '' 

i-jpieno) ■■Conso- 
le™, Re. 

[Evangelist Weekly ;ent%"c™c'f*e'"nttenTorofft" d^^rJtwJl'f^Hu'ca^i '''°''' 

Ijt:i':rs/Zn!'spu,, EHr^£'tri«fH? jst^rv"" '" " 

'lVw^e^;"''°,','j ...d,"!''™;,' ll''b»™f'»'«^ Go/gm.;, IoVe-('^Tall,. 

The speaker suted tiut tbere are H^V b, L,,,!, S '^ 

Elder Jensen lauded the good »ork , tire r,.i,er Hui 

of the bandbill for being accomplished by (lie Dnrtas S;iurgeeri. Wlh^l 

nts are helpers and become have done it unio one of the least sometimes miss 
i' seilh Ihe details of an clfort of these. My brethren, ye have done shoots aaot at a 


( I,, ,1 Kill -of r 

1 X I I III 

Ol I I I ] ^ ir 

Home Ec. Boys 

Tickle Palates With ^ ^^^^^^^^ 

Culinary Delights 3 sSming 


"■-"^ '{'!°T5ir}"D;-.i?'""''''-'^'°* Over 200 Eat 
^' M d^'i'k^ili'B °oZ°?Z Pot-Luck Supper 

boguri al Ihc biginnins ofjl 
life'.- i,°,!n/o7ihtm oxprra 

rich . Toll. ..s, u Anuu .1 ( ontinues Distaff Diverts ^ ^^^ ^^^^ _ _^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^ _^^ ^^^^ _ ^^^ _^^ ^ ^ 

H. hU I < nip So. 1. tv Di .v, f... Sales Men Colleagues „„,„, d*s^s„cK as brj c.k», L„d,-„s,.„,^Mrs sa. i„,,,, ,, 

, ^ r , At Annual Dinner ?°,'L"„„7, ,,„„„,„„„ „l ,„m. B- v. B^romley. Mrs, W S lam'' 

A LhrV(-s.r.n. Ma.culmc members of the SMC Jrid 

,i 'l"ohlervs.i> ttuk^k, and pedagogical dcmeahor gfrj 

th *''"'■ ■ °"' 
ievrens and Mrs.' Ger 

,x'','i','r"rri' "Mr" tirmethV Wright, j;oame £™^So;ij p™'',"'^;,^"" a' n';;^ "'"Tbe' 'Sote" Demonstration elab 
','' '',',',l,e""e'"a «j"on°eyi'ltt'|SgSEm^'''to'a"t°andre- largeTnumber of them are meels^o^n ^thc^^setond^Wcd.n ,1, o( I 

I'in'dHmrat'ra p"rotl™L'motf("Mis°s"o( d°aMil° PrCsiclent PrOUliseS the dormitor,' girls a li, I 

K''gol''!ll ".!'LaKTy''!'he ui^llti not SllOrteiliug of 

' V.-Ml.T Sc - 

< I I Mil 

I W M I Mil li III 

M \ Ml ihsls 

NuiSLS Jo)S 

M ' I'Tpte™ a'cted'asp"™! 1 

1 ■' ■:,! v,„ni,'„ 'i';^m"i'„ja, e.e- Clioir Siugs iu Fla. 

^ In hi evening, svill be shortt;ned. 'ong. 

.. 1 Accent On The Academy 

High School , 
isi Caps and G<»Mns f 

an? nor da"a„d 's no''l "h '^<""«^ ^° ''''"'' 
er patents n the Aihir jpirtmenti SoitlC Do That - ' 


Tio Among th. m.mb. s 1 ^ 
1 (H. Carolyn p!in Iht or^a ^|j , tj,^ri. art tho " 
1 sl.Jli. qu -i_r mcjos of amu n;. ' <"«' 


1 Parkcr stcttlj J 1 1.1 1 pljas— like cl'' ' ^^^ 
1 1 n Dotoll ) .5 of tl em th s year) 

, " i_ 1 , ' '^L "'i " "i constantly found wr t n^ ' 
1 ,? " ".,""' , .■" mmts and addrcjcs o"^' i^, 

\Z:: . fr\nm " no' dV^nd ;«- ,„;f ■" fj'^/j Lim r-f ^ 

Ikes 10 Sim SI e plans 10 be inuf«. ^^^^^^ ^^ OUahomj Cl)^^' '^^ 

\\ h L tl (.ft IS dmn I) tudj,c ll etc rfj[,J.,c 

Et'il"' TiF'ta"'";:'?"''-^ pas't me' "l'"'^' "ad V^ff 
"e, tr.: Norl^lk V rl n a anl T-^l ("l^JJ'^^ " ' 

iileys Entertain 
|Vs Guest Artists 
1 Men's Reception 

Miss Evans Gives Recital 
At University Chapel 

_ J 17 • »• tliu Night." , K'- service IT.dij- evening, Mr L, (^ Htntin k, M.|y. iit, .uIm 

!m Unm 5mr'l ™° '° °° " ' <»">" T aSeinatUlg Tht hdii-i s.m, I . ' ' |' „!, .j , i, .. oi^ il» (,« ..houl, «i i luBjn..m 

m iskcd 10 kcomc the- MV ^nd Bv Futlire Ministers ''"^!!^lu JL 1' .1„- nm,.,.,., '^'" ^^' J"" Ouckwiill of the CjJek The members of the College 

*cai,onal Secretaij of the Florida ^ „iS d"/" ~Seo "o the Limb!" (CMimiiJ on f.ije j; will be [ireieot it ll.jt lime. 


Stood bjtiKRi.e, of JotJ.n 

jVpnt"tmmV"of""i'h,o'lon'7« all 'to *"' ^Z,m'"'\ '"' t ' 

f.i"?oo'ib"to''7;« 'imS Ne«- P. A. Syslc 

S"",i1ld.'"fB''je™, rte To Be Installed 

b""T1ne°timjbie 'vtluc" M^'fitt'o't'e '»! Taljemacle 

"Next year.' Elder Jensen asserted. ^lans fo 

"each stndcnt of sermr^n delivrJtv svil P'*'" addl 

make a recordln. ever, nine ieeks. dale tabernacle have b, 

The reels made by each person will be 1>1' Elder F. D. Jensen, 

put together, thus making it possible Partial cos! of the ^ 

for the iridividoal to trace his pro. shared equally by th 

The Soundmitfor makes the most hicky.Tenn. 

enjll. of the 
strength of t 


i ^ke 



(decent ^ 


,, , in K,^^rj, 

:v,- " „-,; ,:,xri?r 


Elu« GDinif.M 






of the 

;. J"" ws/s-tpss » I 

,.., - - „ Sonlh hjl but La„n) PaiSn, .J^ | 

Uiri.ri'omb'l 1 u . noi u.j.«th MjmE CHIS.l -Do ,ou kno. «hj WJk, b., I 

,pnc o. >u» h ni i„ la ilur Ions Sr„„j ,„lion .« a wonderful Tte Bull,,! Si 

look a vacation h\ ii^elt 

ih. miolai ab.l,l,es .o cla^ altcn Jai, "shn'oVdrZh .'! 
lots thereof js evident all iitne lo«— the metrt- , , 

dmit Spring Feiet (I dai"and'from lh°'apix ' 

and when this is accomphshed jou 
have yet to move the other one And 
even toothpieks won t do the work of 

Candidly speaking Leena a^j 

'lltetf.&'X.'pA^eMed'llt&tnieloei.. . . J'["', /'„' 'f^iitHe'S H^^'H''.?™-"^"''""''* '"' 

It would be aver) Jw .j 

II , 1 /.m»;. „, ,k„n/. uu,, /„ ;».a.,a /*e /reerA-r /„,„(/, ^ 

/ „,,,„,„t , ,„/./■/■/, ,M„„„i, l„ ll„ ,m, eo», .„/ u,,J i' 

/ „ «/ ///.-. .,»„« f/./Urer; l„ sfid „/ //.f r/,s/«ri,«? ^Ijul „,, "'"' 

,/, , ,,^., t „, ,„ ., , „hol,, pcofh ol,e„„„,e, l,,n, . J../ ..r /„ ' J'^,' 

1/ ,/ re,.,,/ J„r,;, er,,,, //„ ) f ,/,/„//. .;-,r /,r ,. ,„■ / , ^" " 
/,r„e,.„„ „/ .„er.,/ ,„„„. U/ ,/ „a „. ,„,„/,./,/, /„ „l ( „ 
llxur ,u,J,i„lh, l,,r!u„l,i ,,„„„„/;„,/,//,,//,,„,, , 
/„l/„/ , r /„/,,„ ; / , , ll,ill,,l t:i llu mif,„ 1,1, I , , 

I , „. ii //.„ „;,„„■■ / 

„„ I /,/ ,„ / / „. ,r, „,llj:,un lUiUr ,1 , I j 

i! ,1 I II I,, 1, 1 1, „ill s„„i, Ih ,„„,IM, I, ,1 it ,1 , I 

,(/, 1 „,, mil iiiAl limsihic „ ulmih i „ , „/, , „ 

/,//! , V liriiil hiliiK mil /„ Litui ml I lul^jcdi, u, 

II, „,„/,;, ,/ „„„/,/ Ih lull ,1 „„h uiiiihl Ih luuiiJ iiu, 
iMi, ;,, /,„.„„ „„; ui.Jl ihlihui I her, ,1 III, ,1,111,11 i,Ai //„ 
/,r«We„, .,„„„( In iffmailnil iiililli^iiill, .,ml ,„hi,l Hill, . 
■ /„,ro,/, „„J . 

""" duTnfid o°ili™"o' vpue of "h'e"aa "I""" 

L ol lis find It diffieult to ret 

XT/"!! ,;iy/,r;r',T,,"'r.t,,/ir"'' " " """""" 1 "" Soap Box orators »t,™f' 

Expound Ideas /^ a/ a doewoods'wiVbl'bark'me a^a vltrl I 

/I 1/ ^. ,, /, '^^" I Oil Answer o, two and ii,, tui.p kj , w,. | 

t(/Ut^ J>ant yau? „ " ; , ' '„ ,; '^'j;„,';";,;7;j These? 

Iiii H, ,„ l„,l,l„ ^ " 6 What I, the mam reunn^so naueh Alunilli NcWS 

' "''"""■""' Letters to Editor ' uSVSV"' 

Who IS chairman of t 

^ores respectull) 
My mark x" " 


Delectable Dishes 
Diilv Devoured 
At French Dinner 

Cabs and Gcions 

Canipns Clean-up "Religion Needed 
Advocated hy lu All Professions" 

Health Class Students Assert 

Khmins of Belgium and ''^'(■{^''^'^'^f 

- W^ 




Scvctal customs prevailed to give 


'^''V^l^'rSis'h^'ins'J^d of^Tthc 


licts Each dish was served scpamlely. 
Conversation was held reputedly in 
■nnch and wis consetiuenlly sporadic. 

ROiild be punctuated by an occasional 
At the meal's end M, Paul Wilt 


ai„. H^rii... 

^■.. jsktd to express his appreciation 
jntly jnd h)l(mgly. M. Eugene Wil- 

Missionary Volunteer societ 


'.>vc°"ece,ve°d their R N dSE '""'"^ '"J ("eleisl,. scatt'e, and, den.'^■'n'".'" M°'i . '' '^H ,„' ,1"'!, „\, 
jftet irilnios 1, the Floridi Smita.- "m'Srw" poiTn bj Lb^Shrelt ""^11 " '- ' l.'Sl 

IA Cappella Qioir plJS "f'"he"SipoiM 
IConipletes Tour n,,'',V7^'t!ZlT'-.lT'^^^, 

lot Florida 

Mr. Miller Speiiksc 
ProL-rani Planning 
In (:,.r.i|>. Cla^- 

un is to help spiritoJIy in r 

I hi»en to be editor of dren, Patsy, a^^ ' ' 

',i ]'.,.. , '" '-.!.:;:■.. Ij'.oiile pastimes, besides ble hobby, ho-se'.^r. ,. \ --.■■ _! 

r -lui. ■', rii .pproM io.irnalisni. are bird study, telescope has worked in the Colk^e ( 

IV Hi,. ,„ , chartered makine, and gardening. A continua- shop, located in the basement 

■ lir. (hittinoofri tion of the cheerftrl willingness to College Store, for one year ar 

T.L.Kvaj, (..mpm, driven svork now evidenced will help to in- summers. 

^ :t2o°'v%:"!f:!2 ;-f "»"'""■'■«="'« '» Rooitai 

|Do"(cir«'lfe*or"tV'dfrccio".' " Riissiaii People a,',', 

ivJn^?FoTcTuVAwTm>rsom^^ Viewcd Objectively o!-'';iiV., . i,:''.'.'i> " 

dZ',GrS-? SamiUcJ'n'a'l^TDick ^y AuthoF cluid7he%lfi'^^m"'rhe nmnfa 

■ecpks, Saturday nifiht at West Palm Bv G. L, HAMILTON eluded M/fr'. 'The Cry of Racl 

lescli, (here was a full Florida moon TJx; Coi.wii by Maurice Hindus a bereaved mother plwdlnfi for 

limbin); over a f;roup of p.ilm t«cs. 32! p. New York: Doubleday & to admit her to his prccinci! 

■■n :if..l Mr, H,ir,t fumisht.l ,Mrpl, ■Mololov lays "this." "Gromyko In Scott- Perrenot's 'Think on 

I'jrKe .lalks of bananas, are few enough of us. ' VespeF SerVlCC 

Ihotlom boat. The deepest pljcv" ifi un 'll.,: \s!n ,c-. Repiiblic, but rather ^''"'^'^''^'^^ "f''!,.'Il'Ll'^.'^nn= n,inr 
Isih ^■'^ """' "" ^' '"'■'■' ''"'"■■ °"' '" "''"■'' ^^^""^^ "'"'^^^ '^" I^ "he nmgrl^n? prow" ElXr Lief ^^^^^ 

AllMw I-. f.. (hi 


Dod EoKlisI 

'■"■""'■■" and one caruiot help ad- {0>m,-w.J / 

ing the Cossack-s and othot of Ihc visltifi/; ^"demies, 
Russian peoples. Understanding is Ira will present a 

Ie^i*^'"''' '^^'^■''^^■'■'' ■'"'I " «* lical problems of today may be solved Five student grouns — T. R. C,, Mc 

Ifnd iJcVr^"""*^""^"' '" ''"^ '''^"'* ?"*" "" .'"''fi''* .'"'" 'I"^.l'^" °f y°}" Modern Language club. M. V„ Fu- day ond^| 


kilties KnliTlain 
With Music 
From Scotland 

County Dairy Ass'n. || 
Elects Mr. Pierson 

As Scc'y-Treas. 

r„rrII"n"*D"!"'"mr°'>'™'""™' Exclionge 

Vox •^=*-^ ^''"Ss Fo'tl 


cn«d another ol 

raids. This «me 

Stwrmans pilottd respt'Ctivcly by 

Air Corps Capiiin Sinford "Di 

Volunteer F. D. 

L^ .n J «.A,mv T^pt a^rps^ SjL f^JXs';™ UmhS'ld"'^' 

,,;er«mS<:rn.PfX?ril™s'S ™S"„*l°,fj/;;,™ '>;•'«' "" 

BKn'g his iniliJ Hiehl, This rahibi- *■''. ?_ '.'"'J^'"- ''" <<•'"' said 

lion of %io|! skill «hirh falorcd '»« 'K 'olonicer fire d.parimm, dij 

ChinJItllts. rolls and spins. " "«"'"' lob. 

JUpnrii'fc'for'*. .''■J'''"! ;' ;"; News Notes 

"' VjifSemr. ooroorls fo havt an ^.H^jT""' 5*° ""''"' on ih, 

avr™n^o'■^^bfnXi' iVof fS: "c^a^d t'a'n' ,^.^™n| J'*" ■»', 

■"" "::':':^"''iT:::fi s:^: !i?' «'™ ^— i.t i 

Builder Giles 
Returns to B'liara 

Gish. and Elniir Chasi Trip 

seat in the unforlunale moioreyelists' 
Sunday afierooon. April (i, offered Preparations arc alreaJi 

Ir^am, m- ""d a plane that Ik- miKht obtain a„ '"" "">' ^' '° '"" ' 
Ik'prSiJs ""' fa'i'r"y "seeir'nntd this venlore. CllOir ScrvicC 

»■ " , , &■::;; 

.•.:. ",reSl| 

part of 

and eondntive 

15 n.usw. 1 


Heard .h. Voi« of J.>u 

■'■'" '<i,'!'V'°°„j" 




l-llo'nT utrT' 

noT f'e" 

A group of modotn n. 
eluded the program: 1' 
Sea Shore" by C,'U> 


'it't'l "" 


Apologies to 

A. U. A. 

U Union Awdi 


'Sz'f ^ 

red hibisais. 

Royal Pall 


lives for Collcf 
tegfetrablc mis 





Accent On The Academy 



Southern Missionary College. Collegedale, Tennessee, Maj 

lAprilliad Program Climaxes Academy Seniors and Friends, 180 Strong 

|6ood English Week Visit SMC Campus on College Day 

ill Oi.ginal Program CKapels Stress 

fcriccun and Gnen b> Students . * . . ^ 

I A II J la .11 oogmj p,u Apprei-i;ilioii fol' 

,,Z and ptodaccd b, SMC Elli; I 1 -ll. I il I ■, .1 Hire 


Tke SoutKeiin 


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ILMNE f 6 


J Ke. under I'lic an of" Congrell. Aueull 24 



of the P^: 


(Thci ihould pui , 

T ""T^l H^ T^]11a fnr vt^ Lei" to VT ""-""'C/'O'','"' '''■'' 1'^" bt=" |„ln. 
Jones hill and «llcd tor I J\L Le.i (o j.|^,j, ^^, f^^ ,|„- pj„ ^oupk- of ^ ^ 

islr he, if he mfghl borrow her sew.nE ^ -p, , ^. ;„„„„. 

; from ihs bobbin or fi 

Almost all of 

J^eti Be ^M&ndi 


„/ ,„/., 

/o,»;,»,,/j„i ,;r, ,K./,„;/ „„r( fr.o/ ri//t Pendo told ns 

only one probltn, lor Phijits Yon'd '|^",'* ."|," ,'^;',;,j 'j'^, ^ ™tly ihcn VoicC of AgrOpnlis 
nishl the next ,„ ,„.pp,j „„, „, ,^^. j|,„,^, O ■ 

».,/ trJro/m- //)»/ 

d hil oj a smile. It cotilil mean u lot. P. 

*1Ua^ 'Jaa Muck Qo*fifietUio*i Me"s!»Sd'!-!"b,°r 3s\v,ii,"ri. i"';'''''f';y.';''i»!;',h' i;;h- 1";:''::'.;,;'"! „! '' 

' Ford? P. S. We heard he made a des- ' d" "' , '"'"^ " ■i"'l'ne i .i^^v lermtnt of English at V\- 

'■"""""^ '"'"/■/'■"' ' ■ ■'' ( ~nulhTi. nunv enKiile' j!i^'"5he'Ponm'Mi]re> ''"'anl; and Ro^t Ann' bo'lh" sn'kdvcd, Di ja KnO^^ tllDl . . • 

, , , , One. O,., U,Mv autoSowie ,'" ' 're Clia'rk, cirto " """the deSnilion of a laJf ii a 

1/ Ih, /.,,, \,,,„„/,„ ,„j/,/ ;,„,|,r,»» ;„ Lsmi Wood Ml. f„e Arthur Leath felt the need for ac- he ma,- be i„ deal ' ' ' avomar! who make, it ease and pki 

"■""""• ■'" "" ''■■'■' ' "•" ■:llrnl>,„,. (.,„r „ ,;,/„„;;,/ a sun tan, so he .en. „p oo Several of the D,,ell„s are seeing ant for a man Id be a cmhioan, I 

,"■...,1 II,.,, ,,, ,,,„ll„,> ll., ,,,'jlitv „l "»■ ™' »'«"«'■»" one mornins. results of the llo.vers that have bee!; a nisin is a erape I 

"'"•;■"'■■ ' „M „,// .,„y„ „/ //r, J^rtar'Art'tar'' "''''"''' '■''" m"'"*' "■""''''■ ""■ ''"''■'°''"' l»o moti,. (Take heed), I 

'//''!'i,"j.,,,,.,„' „',,,, ,', ,', '" """1 ■'"'■'"" "'"■ Imp,...,n.nU "S - ■ - the DeArks. Dullotts. aoi les'sons of life he is loo old lo ■»» I 

//■. .."Ml ..,/ ,.| ,,„/,.„/, ,)„,„/,,„^, ,„, ,/.„,„j,;, ,;,„v ,„,/,. 

'"/'"' ..,. ....,..„„,e o, .„e„,e„. re 

/■'>*% ;J™f /-'■»« >»»« ception room .i< st.rtea vi-ilb th^ 

' ■ ''....vv'ofrltr'Z,,',";™"; k„;;ki~f™&iS<i„°dr,r; «4™V'°™"-"^^ '"""'" 

-..,*,,,,,,. ,^ „„,,„,, e.sit Evan Richard. anVFrlTjtIb: Xe« visitor, toon h lu.nita | M ,■) ' , 

■' ' •'■ '"" I'lrmd ticds. for they have a reddreaded saood- been Mr ^n I U, TO n L " , " "e" ,i .'„, . .\.u" . 

I,;.,} '"I""""- ;- •'■'"!. •• ... ..„, /.„.„/,, (,„,„,„, ,„„ pecke, who svill do it for ,oo. Nal, linlfi', Mod ^rs ''°"' S .?,. M tT t, h-*"' \ 

.....I, ,/"'.,,,/.',/" '/','" '" /'"'" '" "" ''"'"""" '■' "'<•* "/ "s So loos, fellows. If. been fun writ- also her tsirsisters lih-a'n" and V- who is a fint m" midital si«*"' j I 

,,,),„, ,„j, ,,,, ^„„^,„^,_ |_^^^__^^^^_^_^^^ p^^^^ stj '°.,hil,S:'J.!!!'™'i!;" ""°°'''"'' ';"" ""Ti':*'- "■'"'" f°"»" «"' «l'»"l ■« iuthcm Mi«ion.trT I 




'Zm°°l!^ L'f" °°: , , , Cj'"I »"S! 'aood "iU,o»'mcd",E.tot 

uby Shreve i; 
g to sunny F 
AMdM live 

■d by Hurdy-Gurdyist D.iily and 

" ' " b w d I „ I . Kildrs one .hrouoh four H I. Itfc '., ° 7 nnrayumdynt U.„|y .,nc 

■» d " I r. " I b lb d b Vlk! Crcet, Tcnn«st° Uit "•ml iccoiilrmtnl (Cbrfa Cis 

" n ' d „ I, ^l""d b I I b n^"!; bome'"wt!^,L'd Hdm Khrcn' hL' The fin,l ilincsund pinicillin-m. 

f Cliapel Piogiaras CIii isl m the Ails '^^L'^Il^e'"'""',?!..™ in oo, ciub ^"""<ii>iSX 'VZnuS,? wSi 

li.1 Up Up My 1 I I 

q E Idly 'i 

'IB £ p I 'f II V I Ca 

R'bb'"B° zi ""dVi kj 

l| d t d d I B 

t I bo 1} d 1 I 

d I) J f d pl d P 

I'r.s,-,-,,. I,i|„.,lv 
-piakirv I'Irad' 

|f impus Affoi ds I 

ITIiiec Sen ices " 

I'iabbath Api il 19 i ' 

Men s Cl< » riid) 
Makes ippc 11 UK 
IiiNr,, Juk.l 

;"i> " fib 'lb oV Students Relax " \f , ^ 

I d lb , *■ ' ''p ', 'i "it Annual Picnic ib^tn^mTi 

n '-< r. I-- • n ^ o .^ r^ /^ ^n 

R,.,,-.c-iK<- Stressed Mobile Unil X-Rays t 

As i'-.-.M"j^i'^^_ ^':f^-^^l .. \ /Accent On The Academy 

Srnior- Pin 


and swim. Lois plins 

Wmi-u Oiiailil 

V^e c^a^ GlMei 

Visiting Seniors ^^TMC Mnsicians 

See College Life Partieipate in 

viii Mondiy, ^P"'J^^^^^^^^-' ^f^^^l SabljatU Vesper; 






d, 1 





\ c 

RE ID 0\ 





M J 



11 E 

") 'd 



s l' Ar 

"viUion of ifci 






ionary Collei^c. Collegcd.ile, Tennessee, May 

I'Viliafs God Like?" 

ITlionie of Sermon by 

Elder E. L. Pingenot 

Elder C. B. Haynes Speaks 
flt Library Dedication 

Faculty Entertains Reached." stani^- d, biow/,, libTarUn 'il 
College Seniors at ° iib,i,y.- ' e'£' e, ^'ttlliman' 
Semi-Formal Dinner Ss'i™s°o?Lid''i„'^d"dS»"pl)™ 

.,„....,. God and Ihclailh of j™s. "Wlio's Wlio" ListS CoUege Juniors .nowballi. chairman »( the demal. p„°"',°*f'A o'dSis^wu"™' 

dmoUraiion in ils commnnrty of Ihc 7 CoUcge StlldenlS Entertain Seniors Flminj, The piosnm' eonJiUiM "''"' Af"' ll« dtdicaloc; prijet 

iiotjlion of Adam's lost do- » ii<n V^i* . was headed by Elder C, E, Wiitschitbe, a procession oi - 

The professional and eolleee seniors "iss Lois Hciser directed the ssaitets '. ^, '"'" 

Imirtiun physically, spiritually, and lu '47 EdltloU 

cltrded, "is the only. 

iod conducted by R 

ortrait into the libraty and hung 

ibly infoimally followed to view 
ortrait and examine the library. 
:-campus nucsts included the 
beth Ed- 

and Gilt 

hand play 

iPresident Names "whae'S' 'l, g. se.rens presented Ei;;;E'li!'£Ei;ii to' 

iTliree SneaWei-a "" '!"''''•"■ J'""''"' "'"eW <«"- the actiyities of the day which included 

■ lllKC apeaKeiS Bramlated each one. softb.ll. swimmine. hikine, and horse- 

dand Ashb 

IFor Graduation 

a Aprilliad numbe 

were played by Iktty Kloli-Harler. 


-lir ?l.°".'"c'rci'l^^or"com- pro'eram 'wa!'%rft"''pr"entclf" BiH Facility AnUOUnCCS pcc'^,nte"'l!it'''^r'of«sionai''scnio?s"*°'' ^^ ''''"'^' ''"* "^""""'' ''^'" ^' 

" ""■' ■"' .' ":'::„r,'*; ?'';'!" «»"'"™"°nS""t,''"'- Vacation Plans 'Nta."fo.;d,mm;.T°s"u'jsStion"for Ltn a?W«°Uo°'n"';"wa.t°I8"8 

I'r.sid,.,,! Wright 



dies dorins 
eiseo, E. 

I'an- Tribute to 


Cical Se 


Chrislian Mothers 

il'i*' ^ 

" a" Jet 

sluT™™ to" ainhe Sliois Si 


'will ate 


frn'ooiy 'two ofTost milho"*''' Vo"r 


al plannin 


Tke SoutKenn Accent 

"'fiicwell" address, Gooilbj-i: is some- _ 

_ ihinc that Almost no individual likci ^i^n 

Dots... EA:i'.°s^'rir.;. ^'9" 



tint is before some of us. 

- - Dashes 

ptovokioB to each of u.s 

OTHE8 Sp«lli Molher 
ioathinj Mo*"'! "^ 
hr nitls" dub honored 
, Moll,... Mi» Pa* 


'°JlT&"'lSmrt, ' " J^ 

h„ oiwiy .cqo.rtJ t" 

'tXt-r.'"- "' 

I, W.Cttt loJ ^'''alf 



- " ■'■ "ks'i'lot?: 
jund South 

lomng disco 

being detailed down around Mjud 
■ '1 in our last column. 

By taking one look a 

Martha cSjelitcidentall)- spiUed And vou .toll shortly kno. that lenslh- ,/lf^^^ ^ J™ ,? ,.*"![ 

ome liquid shot polish ^J-jl^i^J""^ |,"et th'.''s.-.<toi ptt G.«l le.Js His Ikve ^he, keep .JJ^"^^^'"*-^ a*.^' 

',,,1 l/>i- morose i:ih„ ami sInMil »/ „*, ?n X ou° of°it and see hm long An£A.i. sanretime.. the .able pall ol „„|j „,„ „|| „„ thecampus, Ab | 

"' I ihl ■ ihv ol reckotlhlg, tbey IJI"}' "'^^^ ^1"'^'" " How Doop la The Oeonn? |f we could push alar the pales oMifc, ested in its meaning, just inquire 

Jimmic lou^WesloM ^^an ^^n^ f?, 5'^;,5J*7|i,ii;gf 'tSi'T SitlSh Kaf "usstll inserted the pipe' "d 

"'5, disinfectant again (hy mislake. ' ^, ' added a few lin.shcd touches. 

'™V"J™'"f;„l'J°;,*";,,'^aLr Sl™™Kh?p.h"lo>~r'|'{i.{dS^^ Sh,°es of' Georgia. Kline"?" 

i'''Gi,'ir'dT°™'°kno"'''lhK'5°eri°ai oft' nTS.S fc'lS'pato"" When Whip-Joo°will calls. i„d 

„ ■ ;„, ,.„, ,., „,,,, „„,,;„ "M," :hh „«e,le,.' No 

„ "I'l'h "ik nu :'UMr lUy o\ rerkoiihig, llity may well sj" 
I'er.eriiWf </«.' "// '*"' Ml-wom lexis, md hope lo hub 

' P'-™'""''""'""™^"X'^f;;;;X;:;::l™ ,:0...m.H,omeupslai5sand„W „„,.., ,^., .^„ j. „.,„,, ^, „„„. SSo'n 7rth;t f« mind, aid tli 

''",/ "!nLiZ'i''s'i"i'-i'sy- "■■'■ '"■"' '"' """'' "'""". " "'"'■"'' "''' '■'" ''I' '";} r'° "''■ 'a'"!-' aid ° u"'"'^'"' '*' '"'" 7" Tt'iTi, "''<'"'''' ""i™"' Es"? TOk'3 

.Jle.l "sfr/nj /.r'er." Il appear, ''""'" ^^""iJ^^'l""^.' 'Z: ' , ' ' < '.I'.uVei'S'gtei' rrijc. J°S^"°],|^',|,J,'iX,'s°oI rolA ''""" 

,;,;, (,r/.. .1 thai lies laleill 'l«'"l<i ' " "'" '' '" ^^ ^ -.l ^'(^l^jjjf',,"';"^ ",', AnTirthrS A>nt lo'i" -e reach ih. Cross^ind "s'a'nJv" Sind.tar 

„,»;■•. iTiepias "/' »" ""'' '" V'"".?' |^"''^' ^^^^ ^^ __ ^ ^ _ ; /.i^.p ,.„„„j|, ,„ „11 these ^,, ,i„d (eet. s.ith sandals loosed. anlomatically declarc-d Friday. M.ylh, 

limialiialioiJ lor p.-i •' '''' '"LZZr'' ' " Un'^cTSc'snlTcKweEbLed ' '.S't" r^'bL!!-' 6nd"thcir 'room in^'an 'up...idc.dDn 

m,s beliiml Ihc all, :. (("■«"'»"■ „i,h their annual sofr ball game. We °^ " _si«v Rii.v S...TB condition. Incidentally, a wet leceptia. 

■;■/«■ [l(»/.i« <l ' '■' "■'•• """ '"■"" " *'■ " ™t siriie sll the details, but ssull 1, i, my pnsyer that Ihe.c shall not „.,i,cd those retorniog fiom the pc- 

r,(,..„' lompl'le h.erlia pr.ra.l, ll „ i-peJ ihal ihe.e people „,ay .«;• ^a^ ^"^;«I'Sk''J;,,'-J;||" jj^/'™ ^^""JJ^ ;.°e'r,«h''the' kingZm. "'" ""' 

"' "\.'','r/)i, ,/,rer;(/a /<o»c is upon «'. »'«)' f""' *« '""' 'f ""'' W.ind'he'r wilh'lhe ball. """'" "' ' £',"£„ "'JfendedTr' n,glMed'''lf°s" line" So long, see you at gr.dualit. 
,,„/ ,.// 1...,,' let llioie whose Pearls are jaiill be 
l,u!',i>.!hi:>i l^perieiire, ihoiigh a hard leacbei 

CoUefe Mi. GUatUel 

' (cr Ihose whose Pearls are jaiill became of poor Hoy. Don't Moile on Thoi Ttoal plcjse accept my humble apolof 

,T,.,r.;....« / a/.cr;™ce, ihoiigh a Paid leaiher, is ai leasi ..B^jj."';„„y°"l°„"'ii"',b;;j *;! Letters To The Editor 

".t''. '•'■"■"■''•""■'"''""'"" '"""■ _r. S. Husbe".°°Bill Ha'll and'llill'HJkell; D«, Editors: that they arc in chore ^ ,,„„„1 

Three Bett).s-Iietty Holland, Betty „ ^-^ , ,„„ ^^ „^f,. or laugh. Should m lose » f^l 

"" " " „„ "Vnv H„mina" hv and hike them outside ever) iim i| 

atdy. and Betty Hcbb. Could 

dale. Wendell : 

imana" b, 
ich tegularly appstars rn _^ ^iorHV. 

were not enough. I noticed ^^^^^'^ ^f ^ diminutive dauphti 

May—Jpe iiwiilh of greal deeisioiis. 

Aiuerira-lhc laud of opporliiiiily. ^ , ^ Atkinson Witt. S"" Te'ediiotiar 

.!„ ,,.„. ,)f.r.l.», ^imor My, s»;»s lo lake adeaiilage of Ihe ^lulUen. V«fl.e Jost who is this bird, Paul Alkin- """■ 

, ,' I ,1,. :„„„„,;, I 1,1,1,1, ,„„litr.' '' soKWiti; The vital maicolinity of the ,,_.„„ jpjit„,_ 

ill 1 

. paying school bills. , 

colorful side of life. Not for ao i 
- rigbt < - 

Do yoii realise, Academy Senior, Ittal Ibis is an age 

„ jor 

c 'f"e'"°'tcm"!n'°'''B'u"ll'ocks' "'"' "nsirmea his spare time by read. JP'"'"" ""'~a,'tri"o the ^'"M 

,,»,/,/„/. 'liiui-.'Cu.oeys, Nelsons, Roines. mg encyelopcdras. Just a young up- ^'^f^'™ , 'pjp^se that joor ia"»| 

'I't":'!- ES;gs,"js;';.u,:ie;rMa-J;s'ii;: ;:;':EE5"'^'^''^'°'*iv"' Ss'!hltte'»r3l*r 

rj„""«\r' "'*'■; w'r'" i"a't\a".ebeenappa«»J 

Huif V"" ilopped to Ihiiik that a college education woiilil be -j n," .'j ,, [ ,(' . (?'. ™p ''' Dcir TJitoc- section arc "^P'" [j, jscendanl m* 

,;J,.,;/.,., .x../ uitho,,, be.U'f„ ol bals. shoes. a.,d ba^^s to ..,, .nd Skinner? ' ""' '" I .m ,hc mother of .l,rcc .mall chil- LV^f'"''' staff cculd -.tha^prg 

U h Ml ,/n I w ..-..r Ihs. shoes, j„d shirts la match 35 suils:' O.t of the latlcr-aamed twenli'. dren all of whom attended the (har.h Jj^^L be f^pl^"^ '''" ' "" L 

Did .1 --» . M r iomider hou- comparalivdy easy a» edm^liou is 'I",,; ^"1;' '^'i/t^ ioL^tinpT'nok- TptevioTs" Mu^lrthrAccENr''' '" ^'f^^ ^^, ^„ ,^^«nt of F^l 

JJh/ (( et'er occur to you that God wants His youth educated-' Inslead'of'^numcrathj; ^("J' ind- dren. PerhapsV you'-n^rc" you would '^Itcrs >'°^^,^|"^^dLn'g- 

Whtit about if Academy Senior of '47. Will yon decide this f'^'^^ '^^^ '"'■= happened during the hesjitatc to criticise. TJie paftnls like ^'^^ P" ' ReipecifulJ^- ^ 

...(/,,„ ^,.f^, ,„/;..n.. ««v/ (a.;/;- K- I AI last week or lv.0. your reporter has lo listen to beautiful music too. But P. 


I Rise of Briton Grades 1-6 Give 

I Told in I^ew Book Annual Program 

s- AdM 

, by J.n 



log on tl 

of col- 

;. Alio 

people of Great E 
'.ssi.ely aaepline 

i that k"/' i° "TIte Sundosver Drill." James 

.J. n^t David Braddock played a toncltc solo 

Idcts" ?•"! ^<^''™ pupils gave a choral read- 

..^ The fifth and sixth j^radc pupils in 

Ki in itself a sign that it is attempt- jbith.incljded a medley of Stephen Fr. College Fund c I D- ■ because they can never do anything 

r. ifsownsal.ation? '^"I" ' '?"' '?°8'- ,., ,, "„ SrS., JrS. flCniC but get married anyway. Most of tb? 

Iwith all the speculation rife ►■e"neihWr,jht, Jr. lectured on Aided DV SeXtetle A,I 1 f\ older boys are trainins for teachers or 

IrouKbout the world today it has be- *.'hi/;hl,|;hts of his trip to California. -' At Lake OcOCe evaojelists. Standard VI in the boys' 

attempt to understand the ^'^ visited thete recently. 
fmpirS'h'af eov°eS'on°f°oI,rt"h ^0\Y VlsitS 
Ue.M'r°."Ada'm;h°s'. ioMZf/i' Ky-Temi. Couf. 

(C«,/„„W/r.,»f«,. I) 
• ■ " an of the f 
.afford led 

be present throughout the bu 
this mighty empire in or 

^Ji'E ,.;», 

ItHig of '£'£",;';&'" 

P'«»' oear"^? 

I. V. Secretaries 


it of Collcgcdale'! 'I''''""'"' Acadcniy Class Gift ciplinrin'"clasrWircn'Thc TcLli"r 

5Smo„n?„iS» ^'^^ E^^"** Sings Completed by Srs. "t S'tl^t" f y" "i"'.' ." g 

lUrehFriday night, and it w.,s well With EuSCndjle , , ' them ou, doir,, the, .dwa,s sta'nd ,f 

Invest 34 Students coiS^KrsTyS'faoSl^if fan or"'^"!*,'; M'sto";''^^: «'"" 

ed by Mrs. Geach, 1 Friend 
Mrs. H. F. Lease, and 1 
Comrades, led by Mr. Garlan 

r Lauda. in a brief talk, state 

ten Chapel of the UniversB 
Miss E'ans sing 'My Hca 

Collegcdale and svould greatly a 

, ate letters from us. Her add 

Ludington. Nyanehwa Training School. P 

scr. who con- numbers: "When 1 Have Sung My '^PP''.^!^ .""^ "J?."";'' '^bor. 

:hm,^m^two Song," by Charles; "Quiet," by Sand- «"ls 'rtiloled the grrll by prepar- 

crson;"The Floral Dance," by Moss. 1,"^^, ((■■■ J// fij^-j,,j,j /""^ "^ *'^' ExcliangC 

JLTef'^i?^^^! Central Heat _^_, B.anv a^vroN 

°°',!_°"S" 'V' " ^•"•'t^- audilorioin in Athens Jennessee^ This Planned for SMC the death oTElecn^HarcHigS", to 

: Union, "ill" 

Ling'^mdc? Lrud?; mes "All" Dcfincd by ^ ^r * ""'"' ''^"^"'"ft P'»"t. according lo bant 

Irgs, ihe Procressive class mrmk;, 171-1 rri 1- CaH 1 Oil AllSWer Mr. G R Pcarman. College engineer, two 

t' 'heir pledges and Presiden l^'der 1 ODiaSSen y. , The plant will conlain three high iuri, 


child, and cannot speak." 

L -m 



God willed/ ^""''" '° '""^''" 

"To be a prophet." Elder To 

M:ii (.-xpliincd, 'is not to spcik 

but God'i; not to please yourself, 
God. To be a prophet \i not dcsiri 


■"■ «""'-'»" 


tiely of U 





us Fifiy i 




1 fund 



f Lyi^o Wrad Hall on 



of a 

fotdinfl to Pr 

j.denl Wright. The 


cen Pacif 

c Unio 

n Col 

7 College Seniors ire 

1 by God. In cJos 

bling blocks and 

■ Cimpbcll official 
'.ampu, Chroukh 


Dedication Oratorio OiOrus 'f 

(c«»»w A». «. 1) To Give "Holy City" j 

Accent On The Academy 

Si;:F""-°-'"^*'"°" c:S:T-:^^i^i-^ L.ZoIlingorGets £tS:Sf7r:rre Academy 

t,„"/;sr,t:'r™H>if«: oT'.-^'/s'si'rsrS: "Digest" Award s;?7'£;;,«*%;;li z/' '"^ "«"°'- R«ii 

Srsif?wl'm''<on«"i'"'""'''i' Fln'o!'D"ra*v & jnT'cori'irriloT J.'i LcljnJ Zollinger. '•"^'J'Jjj' JuniorS, SciliorS ''°.00°M°l'sl:hS*'''' 

fully "ustd of God Ri-^olute if. his Just, k-nor; jnd Wayne Tliutbcr. b)tr- iJie finidualioK cll» o n efie ^ e , MprrV 3.00 Lcland Zollin^t, 

1 fclonc devotion to the. u.iuse, ever tone. Academy, has be«r> gtv^n toe eiiv ItiaKC IMCl 1 y 2 75 Dotolhy Morita. 

Si°'Di?in'l™rf™d'anc'e"e"rm''jndl^ |hf "'anUtr^"""' ™t'''Ii;e''ch°e"b'ic AssKLion'/or'sl^Jenls' who b, their At AuHUal Picilic ~fg mTjiS'l"!,, 

"e"'il lelrn'tic and refine'n.ent, pre- ladiel" quartet sviih hanlone AbliKalo^ f "i'Ja'^nnmrae.'rb','' m"'d'''c and eoe^^siS!! mursda^'khyS.^n 2Ji BobeTchSa.n 

■Music Students 
Present Concert 

irly in_»niot htgh sikf l^;|;r_»"_S]'^ g^";, j. MUeheU. AdoK Widt 
rad- plained th. 

and Canada lo 

;rad- . 

1 ol were Hashed on t 

ball, boatiog. and eatine, 

^'honored with a soeial at the 
.1 Principal and Mrs. D, C. 

iClures^orMSko'sho™ by 

Faculty Entertains v»ere presented in reciiJ Saturday 

<r„„.„„,„; to»/ ».r« n mcnTo'i misic'"' '" ''" ^ i . 17„J„ AuSWCrS tO Quiz 

.. B I, value o lime leiblins's It.nsctiption ol the fan.- OrchcStra lindS ^ 

'" -- Danube." was sunfi by , o • 1- Albania. 

afford. Wemlell Srurceon ConCCrt SCriCS 2. 58,500,000. 


i. He will be the last of the 

. Both vsere wounded. Concilia- 

i. He thinks the press of the na- 
has been fair to him. 
'. U. S. intention to prohibit fur- 
expansion of Russian inllucncc. 
:. Clifford, Steel. Ross, Connelly. 


Noil- Swilchboard 

T„ r„ tiisii,ii,-,i 

'T/te cMaU eioA^ 

lIcRc at CollongM - sous - Salcve 
ance- He also directed i bind whil. 

Clymer (Mrs. Clymc, 

Mrs. W. T. Simioon 



s. R. E. Hopper 

■^Hfl Madison Collcj 

Howard isTu^"JlnMnden1 oni'c Hai" Soo"'ff,jjJli^,r^" bnt^^^t';. 'S 
Pr«id.nt K. A, Wright will be The stf;.«_berfy palcl. ^>°;*j^ft| 

the niidni/;ht records bf a 

Florida; F. B. Jensen and 

;. C. Clinic. Chat 



Souihern Missionary Collt-gc ColkgLdale, Tennessee, June. 1917 

Ir. L. Odom Delivers 

, 'Be Dissatisfied,"' Elder Nichols Advises 
*i^ I Seniors In Coninienceineut Address 

Snecess Demands ■^Ois^itisfjciionj — ihcir .icquisiiion 

True ConSeCralioU, ""■■ tommencemcot jddrcss prtscntcJ 
rk I t:'! 1 TT ■ Sundjy, May 2S. by Eldtt Ft.incii D, 

Declares lild. Harris Nich„i,, ejaor of uk R«'ia,. w 

liols wiled upon tlie ihrei 
wilh power ■■ dtJij'rcd 'EldYr' nVrriV '^"^^ "^ "^""'" '° t''l''«'c ^ dce| 
■God oeedi you ijradujl,, „ow li ""jl' •' J»"ljl('tlinn lo, Ihi. i.otid 
neve, Ixfote. Go forth wilh Ihe <i,e ;"■• '° '"'"B*™ *■ '«■'«•"' 'oi ■ 
of tile spirit to spread God's tnitli." "Measu're 'ourseif in t -r 

■^'" dissatisfactions/' Elder Nichols ' jd 

M in tl„ folit, 

"What Lack I Yet?" SMC Chorus ___ ^_ ^ ,_ , ^ ^,_ __ 

[m l^tc'''the\oulh'oM.adIy'''Ke?p I^ TopiC of ScmiOn RcndcrS "Holy City" response^ and Eider F. B. Jensen of- an jnd|s,dej^|-^oals of ;iold, position. 

s' Last 
\|>ji4 arance in 

.. b, 1 

Ministerial Licenses anausemenl'''Ejde('N!'ho!'''evpr«!^ 
-I'.ilegedale S. S. '„ot°rn!i"ffcr"eputS"n"'bnt'^thM "f ''VcW°e"."°n,°bie numbers were 'At GivCH 10 ScnlorS At *'^ »;""/'«!:"««( "=^ S"J«.le 

1, four ,e,r graduates of ,7 eon- minister, explained Elder .f'Se.iGel^cSrd^inSl M.V. ConsecrOtion ^ f"'' .I'^-l' ' ""i "^'hidV ^ 

r.- Crowd", Jackie 
Maty Lynn M 
"List the Chi 
the Southcrnetl 

and teady to see Jesus, 

t'°^nlt,!"'d'fo'r'eiS"'iai" Seniors of '48 

I"" V a! mus L ssas psen ,n the form ClonduCt S. S. 

North American Youth's Congress, September 3-7, San Francisco, California 




a4cc£nt 1 

. ^1 




JjTOb!. Lucij I 





,:.;:....„:.:;:: , 




of the 

"7/0^ littU "lUUUf. 3)oei Gotud 

Yil,. II urn /»»,' // «»< /»»,, ,m wm jml 
/" ./a./, qjily down In ibe tinre ii'ilh some fieiiniei cliitt 
hi our kwAs! Oh, iitl the lime ire eoiiltt slieiid "shn 
Ihe klml V/ ciiuly ue most l^reler'Thire's 
lueLivc ../ Double BiMh. « huge orioge ■■jau-b ' ~ 
,„o,l e,„lles, .»,,, »; Ikoriee! Wb.l l„„! 

\e,, Ibal i,e.M-la-„oMoi; llllle .l,««/. /. rMhei heloleii Joiie '"" '""" "W " 

_ eeei, wbeo ihree frnjeelly slroo^ mtl beallhy fo/./.e.« are ""' ,''"* ' '^^f '' 

Iraded for il. Biil — liere't ihe try: I'm i lillle til of you wilh ""■ J'°"'"e'-- 

Ibal itamp. and il imiiiedinlely becoiiiet ihe jiroiiilest little thing — FoJ°i^'\^V' 

so important! And those folks teho love you, will agree teith the requesO clTmlircd^ 

little stamfi in its opinion of itself. Know ivhat I mean? (to you) jalopy of si 


Wliere Aie Tliey? 
Jiisl Ask Us! 

ind of mcclinj; (hey had lo vi 

Klools Officers 



i' i," -" A-'t[ A A ■ t -rvT -r^ HoillC At LuSt! ExeCUtivCS Attend membcrof lhe'A'&ppc[b"hor!n,i 

\ A 'P""^ ^^^^./^ audaciousiy WalCl' EverVWIlCre! ' Oratorio chorus, loader ol" ili' ^i n- 

I 111. h,oi,„ rrraJTrr^ iri'r Ih^i nnoro" » 1 .Cm/ T Dixie Reiiih Deans' CoUllcil sliino kind and s'ccrolaij of on. L ~ « 

I ! 'i .-J tadiS "lire nol suEni And at SMC, ToO 

e pleisaol telpfnlocii of M., 

bi." m relaliition secured a whole E'""P* "^^'^ ''°"^ ""= TcnoMsee ^^^^^^. j,,^, '■teoclier should know L Md ,hl wo dssl Mr^evtlns '^^'"''.^^^^ memori' of Collc(; ., 

fin;;Lr Mr. Shrake. an accomplished '"• cvcrs'thine." ",,,'a ' ' the lime spent with IIk Oratorio chor- 

I,.™i.l made a aatemenl for Ihe The old svstem which ha, been Some of us who have had e.peri- , , e "'' 

P-c. This sLalemcot is quite unlrans- »'<! ,!>/ the school obtains water from once in the teachios held include Dor- „ """.'" *" "«'»« ''"' I"" T>.o former member, of ou, club, 

'"Sndfn "Z'"u°tX°of"A cs "■'"'irbe reTaS™„'d suSpl^en'Md Mi'i'Vk" "" m' '"' "° '"" '" "'d and Sml^'h™. wil bjlniereslta^ feSed ,b™^ip"lon!"l^aSia: 

Dlrt"OT'°fnd''FordTva'na°nsh^vere S'lhe neVsuppi)'. " '"'"'"""" ™d ';om'!''™u"7rom'G'ra™.afc' '? ""V d"" will be discussed. On "nT'voi,tile'pe'ir,°™noi'hl:rVorm"; 

I several local celebrities. Among them The new laundrj^ and the boilerr Tennessee, svhere she has had grades ' ^^ ' , , '^'''"''^d. art topics member, completed her elementary 

I svac Dr. Ambrose Suhrie. who had the will be supplied with water from this four throueh eight for several years '^""^'"■"""W scholastic palmes. proles, teacher training last .summer and re- 

I honor of being seated beside a non- new system, since it is softer than the Ruth Risettec. better known as j"" 1""^"^"- counseling, ano stu- mmed to receive her diploma at the 

,,11 as plan, for -J.^^ gj„^|. 

luting place before his bulging pupils. looked disappointedly up into Dr. Virginia Alexander .>nd F.aye Lea I J rr| o . 

■ The ceremony must have ended much Subric's face and asked querulously will teach in Little Creek. Tennessee. „ c^,.^ era a And 1 lie S^i'eCl 

|too sooo for this onlooker, for he "I, THAT all there is to il?" Lola Mae Hammond will be teacbiog 3 SMC TeaclierS 

ida sWll"'wclcomc'' Francc's"cLk "as RcVeal PlanS LuciA Lei! 

in Ailgu'sla. ^Georgia. '"" ^' ' For GraduatC Work ma^^s'^Ik)t''vvhj^*oh"«'h/"do"lhTy 

plete'he'tsvo'jS's'Jlofes'smui'l coX »« Elaine Giddings liead of the t'^tj"'^, 'l""'pkt^d"b,fZ,''Z 

d by the Registrar's OIB.e. total, J', *""■; °1 £ Ehm;. ^r' • "''"■ ^ ■'-"""TharE' granted :«""fc-J" his exam,; and if one stud- 

CJdcmy siudents. Studcntj 

.lis. C,i,ldinj;s hopes lo complete ^^J, .°|,j^'^.''^'^ f /^''J^' ^^^'°'" 
kou.i. lequiicfTicnls in i9A8. siUenH.^andT lhc''li,i>cJil!Z^ ol 

PA Horns Installed cidTng^ I^IT''- 
On Lynn Wood Hall ^^^f^'H 

« been insl^illcd rwcnrly on 
lofof Lynn Wood Hall, At 111. i 

iTli.lly'insliMcT'" " __"" 


C Students Piircliase | 

M ''n'^"!..„ I Accent On The Academy 

Hangovers "?|£H''HicriE°li'o°'D; '- 

,;;>;";V;-b,„rV.dw„b.,B„„ „ . R„I1 U.ts Academy Seniors '^'p^\£^S'^/^^ 

M.h.bhckw Will,, .huh te Honor Koll l^isii' Present Annual '"^^ ^ 

""rhi'Si'ViVhcoiuui^M 20 Slndenls q^^^ Program K!^°i£i?ir'"rf"" 'i 

M, J 


" "' ' [ , B ib,J Bub, Ji.n * 

uen b, Man 

. phifo.n 

00O000000000OSO000OK>000003O00O0O0OWJ JO J Jr 

Abbott presidLnt of the diss Lcland iteed This pbiase expressed the 

- lictonao and Dorothy resolution of the class as the, progress 

\bU"t'Da^Vl^"r' 1 n I'^r^'Aiia "^"u '"j""? "i^t^sslstaots'f'rom Grttchcn Hewrtt Colkeedal A 

Ruft""'* .1>, Orolin Haekm.n ^^f ,', J, " ° '^Jj |o^l„ ,„ the cm, >tnd.nt uid WednesdV.'h,. V 

I hn tjnir '°''5 °*ht"bs Pa P""" "'"""' md friends ,n ap i>as feelms (no after ha. ,„t f^„, 

eddma u^ei-U 

itcd b,' 1 

rv50<K«J0000001300C)0030000000JC)OCOJWK.t>=Otxro<jO>J>CWO<X»CiG ^|, Re\ Oir SMC; ^'FlUe ScUOol Sa\ S 


The marnagc of Grace Mar.e Merjl Ann falknc. s>as .edded lo fo Remain I |ust lose ,t here' exda.m Ms, 

Schneider and Waller RnsscU Tomer Eooie Garner on the terraced ia.n of Ha«nian former sbadent of iMr . 

tool, place Mondi, eeeninj Jane 2 the D C I-»dineton home in Col Charlcs Micb«E!iis a recent letter describine the Kam 

briJc. parent, D, anJ Mrs 1^ F gj^^ j ^ ^^^^ ,^„,,j ,|,^ J"" °''mb"ThTndm°'n.!l^°foct'h ""^ Eas"'Afraa' «here ,h"'l' no" 

ihJcclll I" » 1> '1 M,7'™.,r"»a,'"„re,rmid''bc° A°n^ mournfol sonnds that blend in «ith ""onTer armal Miss Ha«m n loen 

) and Paul Garner brother of the on jourself It s that sort of thing that 
■room served as best man drnes one to do desperate deeds like 

ppi and plan to oser all the white blue and black Jents Theic ideas arc « 

le in the Pall robes are no more to be seen, and looks siflns and nods s 

ureck such ha.oc with the quietude of "°M"is"Haum?'n"m d 

Bcdi Cruae and '^ *bid, periods base taken their plane trip to the other 

1 solimniaed Sun "»»1 ""» l>»"" The cuuples that ,orld remarked that it 

n alciKbto clock a"'„™I;"|,j;'°™""|,;:;j'""„°; l-™" ntbeairtojc^aJ 

son and ford °' ' ""'' 

( oil. iltd.llt IIOSI I<1 
(.imp M. tlin- 

lnupiiil music Another thinj that male, the heart While ,.ait nj for a ph nC 

Helen Blood.urth •ithin me feel full «ilh emotion be %Pl M"! «"»>" I',"' '" »'■ , | 

uek, a. her maid of ode the hemOBlobin which ,t u.uall, tuoit, to eisit the P,ramid, ,1 ^enl | 

lie and Doroth, contain, is the knowledee that early ;jj"|5°'"J^*"'-j l^ouVmi 

m screed mam adieu lor pcrha,^ the'Ll'lime "^^^J'Xe thcTu w ' ' l' A"--! 1 

r a, Mail'de' Zl ^"dTn,?' '"" '" '°"" ""■" '"' J. R. C. Sfaipt, Food 

ONGER home «f, Jl fte'eh:idr'e'n°'!,'rXn"„p ^0 Germany 

an»j^ daurhter of ji,"!^, "L'I !Zol MhrnplJ 1 n J u« 1 1 , 

'lll'^r'nik™' ''' ■»»""• bete know ledBc' wal 

let u ,uii us like men and press l'"!"' •^P"'' " '' ," ,u CoUtl! I 
on tJ irealer heuhl, but in the J""*' '," , S°"r, '„ford m>oW I 
prcin;; let us not forjjet the help we Store ^Ir J W uep j^j ■ 
reetieed alons the way from dear "' "» ^"'J'f J," ,„?,»««"'' I 
sure I neicr can forgetl lini.bed paekase. ,,ith slee ^ ■ 
The mo.t dllhcult part m , j(^ I 

One fciendlj fipire who has re iccordini; to Wf Ostman |'^p,„pefl 

dental ."tod^enrfroi^ 'Atlan"ta H^is foIa^TabsIs for each r^'^^^heiT i 





Southern Missionary College, Collegedalc, Tennessee, July, lO-i' 

I Eld. Blown Relates p,,, h. R. Beekncr 
iMission Experience i^ y^g,, Leader 

EM Henr> Bro«n from the Glr Collcgedale DlStrict 

Elder N. C. Wilson Reveals 
Christian's Security in Last Days 








"'I'l'lllii B-M 


ri. D™,d' Ed 






D C H 

Publ.intd bi wc. 





HimaU tifL 0*1 "^Ueie. . . . 


nlx.s of out Cliff Di^clkf s for summer school Pluo\mr' 
t ^nrl Mrs Don L.IUy and hrs suunsi in (he from khh 

r^rJ js 1 hook for plun 
Cirl Uplon' 

AU ^Uu WiU lie Zaue^m fJl'tS,,';^;.,^;,;;;":,^! c= Tt!x:;:tri:i s^rt;;;"?,,, 

ompu, durrn, thi l,our, oi < un hr «., on smlion h„i no» he plans E....k' Gh. 

II „,s i/„t.,. ,„. r»;,»». /IrWs fr/ras, wifoM Jmoml ^^^ t„°l,',"J°J: D 'l "( D™ " l',;!;"'s, .t'rmin "" « dl'inouEh lovfs '« Homd'Shn 



arcid sa,s 



nj of so 



f ihc insc 

™,/ ,./«.„ (,„^,W■ ;„ /;,, (,,,,,/,/./■ B/,/ ,»,, fr„o,, „;,o r*''^? ","'' °M 1' t"" "un l^^'lT" 
/.„,„„ („„„/.J(, ,,/,,, , ,1,1 ,n i^k„,g pLe^.e,,,! iZ'JhtT.IZMTMTlM Mr. n n 
ulul',.,,, ,,j ,1 „n i,„l„: , ,\],,ll, ,!/,„ lljt— lacks SometblfJg, board As (he rain outside' be.'amt 1) b) her in 


Vox ^"•'^' ^'"^„E'^^'« "Busy" Marks, of Dean Se, .en. 

H„m,n, S.,„,.„e,- OffKC. Mr. Har.e.- School Teachers' De.erihe. Trip 

Humana r^ij™, „f M,ui i„™> h,ii '^,'?r,°T; , .. , ^aih nh, (hiie t „ , ' 

hl^t sdt^tcd (hur officers for the sum if^s husiol r\ U I studrnl j( Soa( h lO Loloraclo 

GFsrMtsL Derdes tntr D4S0«A(t3 Club D.Mr Reedcr "" "'ssronar) Collci;t is urrdoubtr-dl, I , |j|_ 

L .ir , ,rj\, lis,; ,r3, ,hr;hus*,;'i,tr"rru±b;.i°' '™""-.'=p'-,"v;"~"t? "r-""" '='°""'""»' rs;;,';',:,';,"';':,'?;, o^Mr'T,;; 

,0., .,mls, '"'"'•/ ;l;j'^«;;™ [h"™"",, E""°""" 9" !"'' ='. °m!™b' ' l"" » ' mi ^„^;;,W™.dJNonufc^fc«.\Vr „r,. ,s, ,„^,r, ,n| ,c loss 

°L*m.J°">"J^he''°">P■■'°s'W*P■■''°> e™<-"o'n fc carlrVu"™ p"oe"m "ll '»', "' H.rKr h* runsl, eielri on . bus, p,oi:r.m^'nVlVs'"o"' """"•''' " - 'i I - H 1 is 

.„ oon b,uo(,ht 10 lishl B«| Mi,» brersmb) Crol Poll.r rnd Vrrgioa !!„^"''"T;"„ ,';"'.; ''",'"'"' "'i.'' ' '•"'"' '"'I"'! ' ""™ls ,„ "11^ \, 'l , ,^'', 1!' I "' ^',' ' 

ot's to rtbs IIS much n.ccr ni^jhtaficr the cscnm^ 
Well ihii wceorJmMo sshrl ,ou Allinilli 

f^G^drun and Gunicr his „. . Margaret Jo 

i\o,!c"'!>i'l,s'°"„;m:s'';i,„''r"st Work Hard? Be 
nis Honoral)le, Says 
uoi'; Elder Tucker 

,d . 1, G. Meetings Held 

"UI"s'"s' T" In Standifei- Gap 

lo user thi; sscels end of lul) nr^hls of cjch sssck Elder R L Ham lh„ 

_, Bobbie i:dd.c^GcorBc"('and mcit.ngs ^Mr rulist''conducts''"thf 

l»»«ifi.) (allZ„|h„(,„!)iodTonim, pnjcr mcclms each W„l„cs I I 

■'Jiloil, Of course Glen, seas there da, miht and the rrtja, n.tht meet ,,c 

"111 of Mr 'buddclh s'^pTar!" She's 'Durmr;*ilt'e" whewl "iwr ' Ihe'^ e"san eommnn' ihini. s" 

islunc Icr pre our in>, csirse here ficlistic campaign ssas carrred on b, the sshich ,s essential 1 

" """" cr Esanselism class taught bj Elder EC will prepare lo sei 

|wu,""'„i;;~',',;^„';;,*«,;'; 'j';^ About The ""rHsHe'S 

:wii^uord''ihenw"^''s^ome BrOWSing Rooni ''' '^^^' eser, bus 

el seientilic subiecl „r that The recenti, completeJ brosssir.t eomplished b, ooe' 

■« "onJ™ mS boTod'erslBe l"e lZT afecU n" re""""' d''""'"' "''°^"' "' 'd'bk" 

Did ja Know? 

Can You Guess Wh( 

^ood sport* Hies flilcrall,) 

iub'ecied Vespers Held fNoreii, 

''a's'am'pic' In Collcge Cliapel « A"J 


Wisps of News Miss Dorl 

Of Colkfitdiile-iles nr. IMcilc Ha 
In \\:i>liin<rloii 

•h Weds Stamp Cliih 

amp ' 
To Organize 

\ i^rial \rcl Dept. Poison Ivy? 

L. ,s„o,. We'll Fix "it! 

Educational Men 
Visit CoUegedale 

(,\v\~ ^ :ii;ilc: Give Im 

H ','h ,a"lu comacicd W wri'tinfi to ing'^resldcncfon second floor. Third y^"|f'^[" wtlnnlio'llm" ''d tl'l"' l«'c I 
iiii ' i.ii. Codt,;tda!t, Tennessee..) floor giiU should be ible lo re-ocupy ^uldn't pmwiou^ H. miuh K ' 

h',\i-liange ti™ ih.v «iii h>ve fc privj. .- -r '•',,;,, , _,.;,„, o 

';;i£d:,."';;j nc-^v Addnion 

Reading Conrse 
Book Reviewed 

Triangle Tells 

, in iki Honor Roll 

" ■'w.t, 

■r is a natural I 

Mj,.,!., The hono, roll Im ihe ireond „■ 

a" lL"l 


E nio^ reported by Miss Ruby Lea, Registrar, 

it so^ba. 


' jlbn!" Point o( J.OO) : H.'c. Ale:t- 


lie alTccled part 

lr°„\en,'°n,'! itoYeCnm'n,^."^™!!™™ 

0( c 

ourse the old