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Southern Missionary College, Coliegedale, Tennessee, September 29, iP-f? 

xcent Campaign for 3000 Subscriptions 

■00 Register 
During First Week; 
klO Veterans 

„ . ^ ^^ Don West Picked 

Faculty Staff -p^ [_^^j ^^.^^ 

Meets Students southchn accent sub5cr[ptio<i 

At Reception ?^riod''^ndc^i^?c^ionof'Do^ld 

ai which'13fntr''oT'so"iit!?ern AHs- 5««:tir^'of"tL GMrgili- Cumberland 

sionii}- College were formiUy [ 

scnicd W the 52 faculty members ; 

tlieir families, was held in the audi- divid 

conferences with WiUscHrebe Lectufes Five Orientation _.__, .._ 

■ficultl' TOunidors. . Miss Elizj Pirffitt. dwn of women, expressed iheir belief that ihose who 

Nc^ students were acquainted with Q^ SoCial ProblefTlS "rOgmmS Acquaint pve a r^.dinfl proving; that women were tail or those who were short 

Srcoll'^e^by'rSof'^olL'^tS^^^^ Ey„ C E Wittschiebe chairman ^^^' RegistraUtS un^able'to^'ready^ortime. '" "'"^ sS'S^woum"^-""^!^*^^^ 

^"^':!?:-...:^^'!!!"^_ialu''l".?i!^" °f '^-^ social-activities ood training- Presented durin,^ .^gi.lraticr, *«fc Ds^'h^I' Ssf whoTn Sla,!^ SeMh/winm" ITJe wrSn^^'c 

By f 

ition of Southern Missionary Col- 

families fc 
front and si. 
President and 

faculty and of attac 

line around can be 

of the auditorium all nece 

'right : 

all student leaders in the 

Ition of 

■1 by one of t 

'ripht, and they in turn extended tl 

anbcn of the faculty, 

Ic by shjdenl5 and 

|Tbis phise of orientation will con- ceremony. The better plan is for „dure ' 

h boys and girls to see more tlian The second oriental 

ivithoul appearing flirtatious the overall student organization of ihe shakers len^lhened until it reached MlssionarV Tclls 
CUDUS. Wide acquaintance college. Students of the previous year aroimd (lie (abernade and dow.n the n 1 

ifely in numbers." according (old of student actiWties. cafeteria walk to Ihe men's residence lull. YoUng FeOplC 

■led couples- display of af- mrn'"varied"ct?v^t^ in'which"n stu^ Tenipcrance Spcakcr Afi'ican Experiences 

Chinese people may be con- A program of vocitional choices "i^" °^ "'<^ American Temperance sionary and associate Sabbith school 

odels. because thev do not ^™.n .^ ^nl1^n„ nn^„^i« ,>,.,> ,,r^ Societi'. will spcak at a mass meeting, secretary of the General Conference, 

;, October 2, ^^^ ^ visitor to the Southern Mission- 

mpus September 19 

md the Individ 

President Addresses Students ''"■' 7c^Xw'«/;.i"7''" ° TemV;ance"\v 
I At Opening Convocation 

;, Highlight- 
oup of men 
■ssful in dif- 

mC'irA '"<' "^^^l' H«^ challenged lion advice, and Miss 
|^= ?Mentj to follow the example of registrar gave last minute 
I ' "" °n'y M an example of registration. 





tkEnn <:4cc£nt 


Do«All|^ Wwr 

1 ^ 


*fc, Jjckje 


id Kfi^. Kenneth MjI; 



' „,„-,„ 0™U,F,.»K II 

"" II 

1 Si 



ihcToM OiEk Jl C-lksoiilc, 

Varieties, Contrasts 12,000 Attend 
Mark First Week Youth Congress 
In Girls' Home ^_ t„* ».~-£3 p^° 

Septerabtr 29 

Ahinmi Visit He 

Crossine Con 


tembcr 3 to September 

ition of cvui- 
i^mcn'of the 

ifford Ludin^ton 
, Maryland, wen 


loyally ^s llnr^ are }st.-oji 

ihe word 

, , ,„ „ ...^ Books have been 

It pTodiiced. Sermons have been preached 
been made by then leriachiis hold 


It may he loyally to a brother, a friend, a parent, a slate, or j^j^jj^. misiake when she rad fiom 

a teacher. Perhaps it might be a pet or the home tow>i mayor, ^ne of the student's r^istniion «rdj 

Whatet-er yon may choose to be loyal to. yon will find il an cmo- his native '^<'""'"\^"^,.^7.''''' '' ^ 

Hon denied none. And while the initial cost will indcbl yon hitle "•'' P"''fe"'f, '''l"'-':^;,'^"?; JH 

the relnrns of invested loyalty will come to yon as a dn,dend J"^^^!^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ert.cmcs? 

well worth sharing in. On'ihe bick of our credit cjfd thit 

A boarding school, with its excellent opporlnmhes for de- ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ Accountin/. Office, 

velopine friends and ideals, offers a net'er-endmo sonrce for ;, ^ pi^^ ,0 check if the student is i 

expression and development of loyalty to high standards. veierin, Carol Russ a diligent worker, 

There will be several times during the course oj the school b«ome 50 5"^"''''' 'P. ^" J°'J: 

year in which every member of the school family will be lire- ^J^^if^ ^"j^'id, veterans Always 

ivnitd uilh ihe opportiinily of displaying his loyally to the school fj ^^^^ (^ ^^^^j -^ ,^p Vrtcrans" 

he l.hii •houii. Campaigns are the life blood of school loyalty line, bul nci'er for ihem to know why. 

'"« "' "'""' E. D. Dick Teaches 

„ i,,Mk.,iio„ History at U. C. 

Nelson Annonnces 
Plans To Reopen 
Radio Broadcasting 

Slation W4HQR, Collecedil 

/or Ihe , 

nlalwii 0/ I 

■eon ha, hti 

SLirion m I 

NT ;.«< „lmily taken 
all be Iraeeil iliieelly 
.. J-- T hyally mill the 'loyalty of those who have gone before 
you. Had yon not shown your interest in fireeeiling years by an 
aetire anil concrete demonstration of loyalty, no stafj-hoireier 
skilleil— could ham been snccessfid. 

This year will be no cxcefitioii. The staff yon bare chosen bai 

toted the 
effotl for 

gire yoi 

,'ill , 

year a joiir, 

•e wholeheartedly irisb I 

■ .1 good paper, and in return tee are 
'■!■ coming campaign by appealing to 
and your most priceless possession 


Pres. Wright Urges South 
To Push "Accent" Campaign 

It has been said, "If a man agrees with you, it is a ^iire 
he has good judgment." I am hoping to agree with yoii 
Southern Missionary Colleges paper, the SOUTHERN AcCEfflJ 
published twice a month, serves the college, the students, and /«■ 
more remote patrons and readers in a way to be desired. 

I believe this letter from the college would be greatly mi- 
if its visits should cease. Il is the only way to get rcgnlar, wm^J 
letters from the college with the assurance of but ont 
for money during the year. My personal opin' 

Southern field. 

You may feel that Ihe 

Please emcr my subscriptio 
Accent for one ycac. I enclose o 

tfiumiiii, Monij Oid 

n for The 
ne rlolJar an 

f, Jtrnrfrj 

i fifty cents 

German at Pacifi 
Colnmbai. Ohii" 

Addle,, . , 

Misi Jojce Yn 
dent for the W 


integral part of Christian edm 

, _ 'f a subscription is . 

■f Christian education and youth, the /"''{"'"J^l 
id publication of the paper leaches as it serves- U '^j' ,M 

ud edit copy. It teaches business ] 
management. It teaches accuracy, thinking from c. 
and in the oCial printing, from he Liriotyfe. P'rl'"*Sju 
Up, press work, folding, mailing, and other services j „iiU 
bring a thought from' a student reporter to Us reader, se | 
vital educational need. 

As President of Southern Missionary College, 
join us in supporting the SOUTHERN ACCENT. It is tl>e 
to keep abreast of your college. 

Cordially yours, 
Kenneth A. Wright. 

,po,ises; «"« J I 

uresi '"^ I 



Filter Desci 1 es 
Campus, Build ngs 
1,1 College To n 



ij' diys; South -. 

j and homes beyond J^d in TeacllCr's Woi'k 

1 all Tound. '" " Not All Drudgery. 

■1 ni'^htrt'ommon «'the um^ WritCF DeclarCS 

;s of pleasure and beaut>' ft 

loldi <:on5tjnllv 

; and beaut>- for [^ji^ 

and'balk-Kd "books" 

I Post Office to Add ^J^raSlESHi 

|l35 New Boxes 4ifl'arEE£ tZ 1 

'bSk that 'is^pbccd^in Pearman Posts 
idh^idui^Md''^'^''*''"* I*^'i'^*^i's' Code 

Iways a few students Foi' CoUege 

Barber Neivsome 
Opens Shop 

ark and p 

i due to : 

1 October 
oidinc to 

. sfutcmcnt rcleoKd by Mr. George Missionary jble one- one that she s 

;S|;t,^i?£E}"iE' "SEH'£l"Etr'oI New Bocks Added 


, Thu 

3ems From the Pulpit 

> Review Of Last Week's Sermon 

1 the 

■Stck vc «M 1I.C fcinsdom of 
■Love ihy ncigtibor ,is tliyself." 

lendc-d to browse Ihroujjli tlie stacks 
Por those who are music.iily minded, 

rive .icio'Ss "he P.dfi'.""wia'o°. whc 
see beeo pe.ion.ll,- icqu.ioied will 
ds section of United States ren 
Itate will undouhtedl)- enjoy the boot 

and "SALESMEN" in the Lynn Wood 

hall pa.kioK lot are resers-ed for 

of individuals ooly. 

(C<.,r/i„;„ , 
Aoditorinm condor 

dd Mitchell of 

Is ooly. Allanl.. lilder H. C. Klement of De- 

inatcs facolty and student catur. Elder L M. Evans of Atlanta. 

otorcycles are NOT permitted The industnes of tl°e colieee^ were 

ejte Drive at any time. When reviewed in the fourth oricotation 

■cles are used on County Road pro/>ram. Each department was repre- 

■e noisy their operation the less seoted by a student worker who told 

II be appreciated- of experience received while employed 

nc way tniflic nnrthward the in his particarlar industry, 

eojth of Collelte Drive Is in The Bnal procram was a discussion 
Is by prominent stu. 

|;«*. those svhich are especiallvTrJ "'•'"' " *■■■ '""«'" »"' debtors." "Sun Yal-scn." by Nina Droivn Datcr. placed several "SL 

|tS.'° ■*'''' ChrtsJian j'ow'th! , "By their fruits ,e shall know This story of the founder of modern Coooty Road in the 


Agriculture Sel-up Faculty Primed Joe Ci 

Reorganized: For Registration M.A. Degree 

Tucker Teaches Week Program 


Plans Marriage 

4uetion Sale SMCitcs Read 

Held Tuesday 25-Fool Bulletin 

, ,„Jni .... in n«<i Board Materials 

ffcTo^'lhrJanbulion' of'l.K in J, hUty wi.h lomc of ij." 
Ihc v.rious s«b.dirai.n> of ll.= df pte "J P'*''™' "' ^i*™ "1 

9 find f«ct of butlclin boa 

moo obictis Ijiof 
jSino braltti 

id for the pickio^— 
if "'wM consulted 

Mt. Spildio 
'iS'mTif I 

iooin. Collccc help sOidcnt* need in 
ciociitntc M boildinB. Marilyn Pond [ 

movtd op Iho hill 1 
raideoce hill. Tho 
pulsivciv bought dt 
ment of fhe silc ins 

,- College. Afli 

.ed by , 

iUdioat This 

mpleted I 

comrluded by a 

faeuH mel in Ibe CT""™"" .'•'.." f^^ 'j^'" "" '" ''"'"" "' '"' a niB cheaply al *■ ne« sale. 

tok Fio^it^ako^io.™;. ImSk, 2000 Dollars 

S™ia!'in'm'°!v,11 be mmS'""?™ ApiCCC InVCStcd 

While Collejedale i. ha.inj IB J."™;; "^ ' ■— '" C.™s"oo ' Oelobe, \ i„ Ij' <h.pel Ygj. StudcutS Hcre 

Hual Seplembci sborla/jc of milk, ^ >" ■ ^i the semmao-, aflet which Mr. 

here ir a marked inc.ea.ce in produc- . C™:»t, ^""^'^ *'" ^>^"\ '"^ in- ^ invectment of a miUi. 

ion ove, li-l vea.. Moch mo.e milk RobmSOn, femitll, le.nabip in Flo.ida. j^|^"^^ ^^ t,^„ p|,„j „; te, 91 

"wHe''i« j.°i"fo'LeX'oid'«v- Joucs Join "Messiali" Planned ;™„'''™5t°a'fin"mVnt of'J 

3VIS'™SV'°ii''eincrn* I" Bralu Tcascrs For Presentation p™™ 

ielMlnHl'wLimiTo^ibl'e'tokcSJ The follovcioK lol i> "sed I" 'he NcXt OirislmaS 'hisjh, 

idcly ad. 'm boards. 

p'atoibrs Olmstead Plans 

!/' "^ More Serviceable 



Dr. Geo. J. Nelson „,med"smi'ih 

Returns to Head mro'wimii 

Science Department J,'3*'^^"njn|'ci 

chcmi.tiirradio. and' mal'kmatics. is '■ "'" ^^^ 

,. di.ectcd 

n of the shident is graded 
lolaslic ichieyemenl. and 
ipts a.e made available to 
.mployces also. 

for production of desks. I 

prodoclion of uohnisl 

room is completely equipped I 
en full production Is reach.'"" 
a svill run from 15 to ;0 hi 


'"" "Z"JciShl"ndcr'l.'l."m. Players Take Note £' p';odu«d,°M""S, 

pens'w'illbV produced I 
Mt. Olmilcad plan) 
woik shifts c 

A Prayer 

hich Kill I 
en's fjill 

15 recently formed ^'ith the 
hearsal held Tucsdiv niflht. 

■mpletei)- or.rani: 

, b,' thv 

l,.OUflh I 


"I Clcir Uughlcr, swift di-spif , 

Accent On The Academy 

\Z dQn7"oL"^prn"io"/woTk''*Bc- Lcatlers Oiosen For Academy Enrolls 
m"li!l^i^tr'mZ Accent Campaign 106 Students 

c dUQ for I 

[cived his dec 

xilhly M possible, stated Supen-ised study hall is held every 
Giilciu. ptindpa! of the dij- with college students" help. Jack 

Makeme.sone.OG.d. , 

One Ihoufiht of '^^"'>' ^ 

Cinfrcd Tile, Tom 

Damall md I 

vcM under Cornell and Betty 

ltd Dickerion is 
laboratory. (Coneluo 

. and Rich- To '■ 


Southern Missionai)' College, CoHegedale, Tennessee, October 10, 1917 

|Sub Campaign 
Sparked Friday 
i Leaflet Bomb 

1 jm Robert Roach Heads "Holy War' 

' ( Ib Against Liquor As 250 Students 

"" Join Fight Stamping Out Repeal 

Kenneth Mathews 

liquor, Robert Roach took office last 

Selected by Seniors 

societi.. '' ^ 

To Lead Class 

seniiivcSr'Z the^alious^Xos^^^ 

aMdin.i; lo Dr. A. L. Suhrie, general 

socteti- .5 beginniOK to function." 

are; Ruth Risctter, secretary; Connie 

Rimmer, assistant secretary, Jack Dar- 

Darnell, publicity secretary. 

the student body, the temperance chap- 

Runner-up in the election, >ck Djr- 

ter slaved a mass meeting in the tab- 
ernacle Thursday nrght and a rally in 

the chipel FrLd.iy morning. 

larly every two weeks. As yet the 

More than 250 students signed cards 

the forum are not separated, making 

socrety here whtch is aiminR at a 
total membership of 1.000. hfosl of 

pirns and lalkmfi, but a history- 


■ ~~'~~ I^II 

as chairman durrnjnhe forum-metlinp 

of tl 

chapler, Ihus becominc actii 

offi'"d*^ on."Tt'Ts"cstLateTth^l" we» 

Immodiololv Wlowing Iho 

hopoi proqran launching tbo campaign. 

.ind to represent the class on the stu. 


four days. Business Manager Carol 

w«t «VluJl>'d''^nd"mfnfl "od. ' 

St,«l'c'"g V.''m1o-l1i"d in J;oi^nrlh'al 

is alVendmg'he're'S'liis s«ond\.wr'^ 


'"iters' «"["" ^'" ''^''"^ 


Ihc correspondence poured out from 
the Colleficdalc post office almost be- 


Lyceum Programs 

son College, Tennessee, where he com. 
Before enrolling at Southern Mis. 


-ecially attacked at the temperanc 

Body Organize 

Present Va'riety 

sionary College, the class president 
ser^'cd four ye.trs in the Army Medical 

gs was the SIOO.OOO.OOO at 
ers, Scharffentirg displayed 50 

Crai 'pI^rT ■il'""t'rfind stam s 

For Cooperation 

Lyceum numbers, music programs, 

corps, one of the four was In the South 
Pacific combat area. 


alli'd in the office of the Chattanooga 
T/n/fi and asked for any stamps they 
might have. No stamps were available, 
bill Craifl was interviewed and put the 

The faculty and student body 
discharge, on a cooperative basis, 

° the majorit)- of Saturday evening pro. 
^% grams at Southern Missionary Coliege 

]^ rounded program, according lo Elder 

Mathews is also leader of tite Mis- 

cently elected president of the ApolJos 
club, an organiiation of theology slu- 


lowed a full-page ad from tl 
elphia !'ii,i,irtr urging the tc 

a grand glass of beer"' lo lak 

ncw^. Mis5 Evans was seen in Clialta- 

lion of the student body *'^0' ^'° 

'*' social activities commillce, has been 

One of the seven unm.uricd mem. 


'"'said" musl"be "mer'wi'th'^ a 

nooHi ,11 the post office with a basket 

lege facull)'. All proposed changes 

/ chosen to offer the greatest variety of 

nounccd no *d"rinite"planr*for"^nc^ 


sivc campaign placing the tru 

lttt>:r-wnlinfi. was cfficic-ntly gettine 

policy and all proposed new poli 

^ residents of Collegcdalc. 

IX'reTn ';L'''si"""" '""'" '"""" 


before the public. 

Spirit in Collegcdale is high. The 

P |ght°Slnfiymmit[e«'^of ' 

" Bruce Thomas, leclurer and free-lance 
'^ correspondent, giving a repciit appear- 

Mrs. Tobiassen 


"handsome man" drinking 

hu been, it is stated by many students 

men['offunc(LL\T' '^r'fmm or h 

[•j Cord'ittns'h'EurlprHrisTchllled 

Returns to U. S. 



W inTctS uLt"" "°" '"""■ 


I ^''E[derSj,nc!cl.r. treasurer of t!,c 

And S M College 


ng.ftcr clipping from, hAo.s 

Handel Cluistnias 

the officers of the college and 

"■' wiH;'!m"'vening''of^m%?c?fK^ 

German in llit Modern Language De- 


Oiatoiio To Be 

logetbcr, with a few additional se 

Z '"'^,*''"'*- 

hni . 

Docembei- 20, 21 

tors appointed by the president beca 
fudcm^nl'. ° '■'■^"'""^'^ ■"" 
The college administrative coon 

'= 2J.*'Feltured'^n^' program aJeHa7 

i','.™ TT'™Jb*m. N'r.".' '" ''" 


r;..,/ ,.;,,,,. .,tw „ 

The orjtorlo. Mesilali, by GcorflC 

is made up of all principal admin 

I "'"'IcournTd Z M.. 7coT!T' 

S. S, Gfipsholm, on which she re- 


S«mbc" <i'"'*'>°° "* "'"''""' "' 

trativ-e officers of the college. Its fu 



tions are admmistrativc m charac 

i S1500 Conlribuled 

ium 't'.^ir ^"'■''''"' ''"' ■" ""'""' "" 

EHer Stanley C, Harris 


principal administrative officer of 

I To Famine Relief 

Besides visiting her home at Trond- 



The Icn0h of the oratorio will bii 

^P.P'oxim.,e|y one hour and fifteen 

president is the chief executive offi 

rd The Collegedale Church raised for 

Voulh's Congress held in Norway. She 

"New England Calling*' 

Elder M, L. Andrea.sen from the 

its regulations lo the faculty and 

n cash and pledges on Sabbath. Octobcc 

United States were in attendance at 

■■Wild Elephant Round-up" 

which only local talent will be used. 

executing its directions. 

4. following Elder H. R. Beckner's 

the Youth's Congress. The thirteen 

E«ns c '"* "''' '^'" '^"'""'^ 

The shident body likewise his 

hundred people present teprejenled 


Iwe «uncll"and osvlall s'tJdenl" 

f- According to figures released by 

Icn diUcrent counlrics including Po- 
land, Holland. Eihopia, and Iceland. 


^Health Week 

lc7 . 1 J ^ "° ''"= ''"'"s- Mf- MU- 

ficers. In due lime it will have a 

Open night. 

fi-e voic "'■'" It '"''^'' '° ''"'' ^''^'"y- 

of standing committees closely mo 

el was the cash offering and only S88 

{Conlimied on page J. eol 4) 

came in pledges. 

Icrmediatc German at the Colleec 









Harold' Phillip*, Orel 


■;.:,:.. .. o™u,f^-.k ii 

1 """ "■ II 


V.'.' ,; • :..■ . ,.. 

Tlontkenn ^/ ^««'*e 

Soutk Side 

David Kribs 

Iration.'lhc addition of : 
^clenns'inilcnd^SMC. W< 

Streamline Your Studies 


wonderful m- 
and we arc pr 
wife with us 

Back in ihu da 

s of the 

country schoolhousc 


wert ink-dipped an 

going (0 

school was a game 

of o 

the teacher, "Bookw 

a [aunt to be Hung 

bi I re rest enemy. \ 

e[ many 

college students of 

our n 

lightened day wish they had the ability of that small : 
can consume pages of wisdom without indigesiion. They realize 
that reading is one of the most important skills the modern youth 
possesses. It is used every day, even if only to read the signs on 

without it. Lacking this ability the student works under the most 
dilhcult of handicaps. He moves along at a snail's pace when 
preparing his assignments, and when fmishcd finds that his mem- 
ory and understanding of what was read is very small. He comes 
to class discouraged and convinced that the assignment was too 
long, the book too vague, and the teacher too severe. 

Mm some nighl « 

ing, we d'on't'^kn: 
Trmaple Club n 

Dorothy |^ Evan " 

Readings were b 
Parfitl, dean of 

on around the me 
ink should be in 

George Gott, 
Elder Gjording - 
Join Staff 

But reading is like typing or playing the piani 

anist would c( 

1 few lessons 

mplishcd performer aft' 
hours' practice. Neither can a stude 
knows the delight of living again in i 
his visits with hooks, until he has developed his skill thoroughly 

t SMC realize this antl do somet 
it. many problems will be solved. Low grades, day-d: 
the library, over-crowded schedules, a distaste for 
would all be affected by the change. And 

■ho Vesper Triulilion 

id ages through r . ' im 

College family." say 


Here at SMC he hold 


m1 Golt'-.s Fo 

s, Ukc Acad. 


c fieography in 

"" """"""''' ■'"'■' 




: 1 


■ Gjordingi ' "'^ 


Student Roster by States 

Hike. Ca 
Greet Students 
Saturday Night 

'i " , . , ;!:""„';„ ""'..j,, Jp''old Frederic F.cuity-Studcnt 

.. .1 TH , TiISuna"'"" Gives Concert ^, aidirig'TImZ/cLlv m.d- Noted Folklorist 

S,1£ii SFH'"" <^" Piano J^Mteil^yfuMiorwi.S™ Visits Campus 

. CollegeJalc afiec etfiht yc. 

Collc^^cdalc on October 

B„?,™r.'rD,» tlm'™ H*. sisKd of Mo..,.-, ■■Rondo in A Mi^ ?^' , '"'l'',' ""''' '" ' '"e'.''l' of Jadmnvdle. FloridlTlcS' Tockot 

bSV^K..* W™; H.T""' er" di,pla,"d"'d,litm ",ii„„'' io'l.ii j^" 'j"' J*'" ^■'"f ''l' J" "' »*" Til™UX''s™llrof'lM,"l„c" 

5""i n T S£"^>i°""' interpretiiion of Mo^a,!. but ho did f *.'■■ '"" <"'™"" > "dmt con.l,. „„ Totkor Ir.i.ded IhtooEh Eng. 

bZS; SL oii. ViS"„ "« '«" "> ■'"■'"-■"I dopth of f«l- ],/„"^*';„"°"J',,„y„, *J|,,'",|^^' '■"J "^ AmM, ,viih Canle iKob, 

Ch."f AnJiw i;«k.: «.l. J ,he la part 'of ihc concc,l" The"'lm" ««-■ "ssoobud srodeni clubs. dollh "ofThc "sine"-, "be spc'nd^ ta 

CK"m.'"M"i°S Ci: " Lm. P™"?'" '" * ■''"" ^ ^}>->"« >™ The inident foinms. fonr of ihtm. time ,.,i,i„j radio sccipls. 

I",;""l'i,? °'l'i"i" =r"'b"lJ™„ ecoaki, 

veil- in the d, 


cfull,- done. Robert Roach Heatls 

concert, the inJi- (Cram,,,,,,; /,„,„ (,.,j, l) P^Plo .™il'.f"' « little w 


I Salurdiv night :iml (li 

' crL"..n''aL'^spw' 
■e quality. 

c CN-eelle, 
"of ion" 

nt Lyceum Prof^rains 

(C,„,i„„J /,., 

„ /,jpe -/ 

Ilian, Gam, Hiiacd. acli 
ache-doled for April 1 


will be a demon^ratio 
er akelching piclufes 


'I"! nounccd Mr. Wittschi 
rljj Tiki expedition mcmt 


arte raft from Sooth Ara'r 
'' Si>- film proBrnma w 

ll'he po 

' J Efi,°e'S£Hv 


interest— travclojjues, 
mosic, and animal (In 

March 01 

Two full-lenRih pic 

lures are 

f she can make 

cliapk-r, .innounccd 'that' mctnber's'hip ''^'I"^' 

is divided into four chsses: rcfiular, " ^'J""^' "".« '"1^^?^"; '" '"■'^= 

llo"o'Tn*rifc"',i?mhe°rs'til)o'oo' Tte'c"'mrh'er ^irlin"^ word.'rfhe 
Pledjei must be paU bp Januao' '. <^«ll'e'^".le folk she met. 

Gems from the Pulpit 

■A Review of Last Week's Sermon 

■d piano, or^pn bath. September 27, brought to us , 


College Orchestra 
Plays To Open 

Student Poll Offers Helps 

Veterans Moving Alumni Attend 

Into Government Seminary; Hold 

lays To Open j^ ImprOVe SOUtflCm Accent ^^^ji^r Units Evangelism Effort 

Ub Drive r ■,1, .hi, is^c of the south- wi,h the rwent arrivil and erwtion Lawbencf SrA.ct 

, .. , , (Editok's Note— A new column will teginw.ti'inis ^^ of the UsC of twenlj- ftovcrnmenl ex- - olales 

The college "^f " "tl^^^^'J E.N Ve.nt The pu,po» of .h.> cotan .^.o *- " *S ^o' nnl,- to ^Se „pe i,A-'. .f^fj^j; befnf/enS'he Abi.t m' '"'■ '" 

CHARUS CARTIRi-Ex-G-I;. "';Jj„°'„XT' ™" ,.,..„ "fD'^i'L'V;! li"»ln. Nebrib. 

cotile tepSttine of stl«»l "«»" '> cilT "^n the hilisUe i"s< ""' "' "« *^- °- ^i'>°°"' '" '" ">= "* of 

needed. More tolemni on school «|i- .^^ , „„ the vei,' desirable • intteisfol elTotl ,n Birn,i„ji„„ 

lilies «oold nuke it inieresiinj^mc J^™ j„„ ,„;,,„, ,1| of which con- Alibim^tah «e jradiMes of SoeJl,. 




Southern Missionary College, Collegedale, Tennessee, October 24, 1947 

Elder Rebok 
f//i\\ Conduct 
Veek of Prayer 

1 Elder D. E Rebt 

ffl Senate Organizes; 
Scales President, 

I ''r\ 0»' *fTiHv'5 ^ Bullock Secretary 

■; '*>>■- X'L, ': -W <,h>- ^^J 'i L.,.„„ce Sc*, p,„id™ of ,1„ 

1^: Y^, :4> »■ T . nMl mmlol coupLV fomm, i„J MilJro 

College Cliihs Meet, Organize, Students Busy 

|CollegedaIe S. S. Elecl New Sliident Officers q^ Open Ninht 

Largest in Union TKrc jk' .it pre;enl ..cvcnlL^n to- Snh.tdaviiBh(., October 11 and Octo. ^ 

,cm hv 1 

>alh momine. The iV "f ■« ''"J="> B«>»l»- G™».l oc.s.o- 

.c chapel is full, ihe libr.r,- «!»» "f ihcsc- cl"hs icok phcc on 

|facultj. room is full, and ever>' avail- l | nc II AA J 

space in oihcf buildings is ocni- JacK Uamall /v\adG 

Et:' '°'. *7'^°!"«™S ""??'• Editor-in-Chief of 

ship of Dr Gcorg 
/c.dncsd.iv cvcninr 

Compiiitees Formed 

President Wrifjht (o sludy ihorouKhly 

med in bj- ll 

''■nt'^vicr-prcstlcnt ^'Bill^^Hincock' ^""l^ Bring Variety Progri 

UL'l" r "■'■'">■''"'■" ■'"■'''°"- ""^ 'l'''°"TOclobh,"»enlv'memb''c"l" ■""^''V', , , ,,. „ , ,. ",' ' , "';"" 

Tie E"f"c'5'"roon, iro.ide. '"^ °-"'""- ""'°' "'"'°''' ""' nubiris'in°;il'd°T "■;' '""1'" "' .ion oTtl,!- SnlS oT'coripi'n, o^n do«r-i"l.~- ^ I .- ..:;.!.;;.. I'nd 

Mr.Si'rKi'.'aSu *^,;;;i™j': ;'i"'„'',°i''i.'iui°'h'„t''v'';;f if,'ib.'.™n'dinTo™°I;f,''h'e'ir";;;l; Eya"r°,°.?eliTx.°,' rth'',™ ;V°,bi^"uiE.'''jo spinj!;;' sriw 

'iier ,n helping the acadcrne students t? • * ' auctions svill impress anvonwilh^ Wind," a picture featuring the Ihrills Student Senate, has sard, "I am de. 

I Plan and carr>. oat varied Sabbath '"' ''""'""■ value of stamps °' spcedboating, Jachting, and surf- liR''Icd ivith the personnel of the 

I the lower divirion'^Mu'dcnt^Tn^'lhTcob '^''^ Dorothy Evans, voice and '"rhe^Maskr" Comrade''' club has promi'^nt 'film, llie surscT shosJrVhe ^^^ 

ISl *'ih''/i!%,.c'i.™r;r °' *; ""»'k',"^.r''"'l,°''' 1 ;l'v coming year. Mrs, Howar.1 J. lerislics of llie large reptrl.s w,„ a "^'1 'h'aTlL' raZrtSn'lhirrhrac 

t«' Mel™ "'ckman d ' ' b.,n h s •'.m'" " •'"''"' ^ m " 'jn'l.v sponsor. Other ™^,^°„' |]'°,'''^J,',°'' >r"\'""'""'; students reprcLriorilie svbolc ,1" 








"^ "l!iwil^f!c£ ScaJj 


Mjnjfir . 

DoNAii. West 


'■''',' 7' '■ "r;;. 


ol T«r. .nd monlhl*. June. Jul? wd Augwl by SouU^m Miuimi- 
ck/. dllcRtdilc. fcnnajw Enlcrcd uftfcr (he So«i/«i W; 

^ontkenn ^^ 1/au'ie Gn tke 

J4lgWlakt4 MoMied . . . Soutk Side 

our roidencc hall ate ptobibly oirious displiyinj 
vh.l kind of ■" '-'' 

ive noliced the Qnc day Dan Dohcrh- c 

'" new '«"jvc"lhat' Fotd Cavamujih is dorm feeling exccptionillj-'^ 

,bly heard jboul the "o^Djn'I'lhat^'Liy^np a'bl" 

Don't Say It 

csemtd for building friendships. ^^^^ 

'iiitis of working, eating, studying mL'i 

• know each other quite well. In p 

foperly used this opportunity can hji 

".,"'" '!!"".' ,:!"!!!!; .'''"l'!'.!!,.^,''", ':.^^\ '.'" ■.^.^' '\u'\.u'^:^'iJ^ showmn fine_ form are Ch>tl» Wit- 

liiMi^fi, .ire prone to turn this potential asset i •'inner bdl 
.iliiliii It is impossible not to become ac- > ,!I"„u''jnji„ 
[Mill silling next to us in class, or standing in ,,,,| Domihr 
.mil fur iome reason or other we generally ,.,.,. 
1 for future use the bad things as well as the 
uless moment, instead of going to our menia! ;, /; 

i;ing out a good point for someone, we arL- i ' 
' around in our intellcaual incinerator ami 

And our words grow, as much as if they were alive. Somt 
thing we might mean in only a slighting way, after being fed . 
little niniri'hmcnt can develop into a giant. Fortunately, we ha\< 

._ ^ , Sigma Gamma Tail ^^^ b'^k'^n'^-o*' h ^'^ '"h""'^ 
/ ; ''■'' Formed by ^■^'■V ""."'^ f°' "^ Souih 

'" ■ -' Married Students ach« and pains"of °k-7.; 

1"','""'' I ', ■ ■ ' "i ''■-■'■"' li'>'^ lll|-■^ 'inf;hi )i,..i-^ nil rk .Y'j ;''^°""^^^^^ Him.- Elder C. E. Wiilschiebe, spon- Bwna[d"Bv"d VelwZ 

'■ " ," , ■ ■■■ -'■'!■ I "■'■ - ■HHHKi m ,,ur f;jrh,ij;e ,inU ,;,, ^ ^_ ,, _,^^,. ,„-,.„ ._; ior. closed tht devotional part of the Kribs, serneant-al-arm^ 

only evil.ii iIr. j;,iik1 i(ii„j;v wc tan Dnd on our tic-an shelves. ll ,, ''^'"^^'-'^ '"'" ■" '"" cveninj; with i quiet prayer. The mem- j_^^ p„.a,-,. .tik 

Ne\i [inie the (einpitition comes to broadcast some material ' "' '' . ■*=" then idjojrned to Room 3(tJ for ^^^^^ ^j. ,[,(. VJi",,,!, nt' 

, don't say it, It may take a .ng ivsicm. Just In ihc sun beam lo 
top and think it over, but the investment of a k" ''""n on Fii.hv. and the liehrs 
hM pay ofT with dividends in friendship. And ""^ 

ibytheUv-cc.. i^^- 

I pay ofT with dividends in friendship. And '"^'^ '"^ '" "^^"'-'^ <° finclion. There- lo present prOfirjms for the semester 

ien.l worth the price of not saying it because [^^ ,"t7!>n.if S»X' mo.iiriB^^^^^^ kr«.''evri;''mi',k^''^^rson'' aIi" are ExcHailge 

Qie Ijou Rea^ij .... 



'^ Ihe'il' mSn " to'b^''held"or ^°' 

S: i 


':':': Full",' .'^J'm. 

J, all clijiiblc members will be presented, rr 

r,. She uj's, "You have talked about it. n- 

dreamed .ibout it and wanted it for c 




J be presented and discussed at tlie next a 
, re«u[ur meetinfi of Siijma Gamma Tau. 

J 11 

a>,„„,ll,.. bnl 

happy family." 

= M. V. Society ; 
ih Chooses Officers 


V lupP' 

ill' I. Ill sludenl, hii been ctioicn the 

Married Students 'raKTr'""'""' '"''" '"' 

' TiK- »i„i„d, .1,1 (dUiis rajj Organize Forura r,'^ ",','' .,','"'', ■":" 

II^Er^^'zl-KiS; ^HiT'"' "■""'• ''"■'•''™"""« 2Hi£i;z,t?Fii l^'BB}z:f3'^';i^\B :::. 


l^^!^1imT'u>" witfilid" w Remedial Reading Hilton Elected 

" '■ ■ 'ViHiimion, Jane * r> "'"o Presidency 

„, ^,„^,. ,, ,„, „„,^ ^ Of Dasowakita 

>;i-^ ^ . For 200 Students on s.p,.mb.r 25, 

"'■he^enl^hlenLnrrnd S fo7';',d"|;;'^"^p°^vcL^nr rook"? bee "^''^^ Daso'v^k 'J ctb/Mikm'Hil- £nfi"\ J.? b«n ''immuni^'j "^1^ 


)! simple altire. bein^ offered in the Y 
studcnis will improve 
and sludv. and thus ra 

asowakita- f:icijl(y i 

college scholastic standard. mind, bodj'. snd spiritual welfare of T ,,,..,1 T- I. 

Classes will be held only on« cad. ''* "^^^-bers. Miss HiKon stated that ^*»t'"l lr;icllri> 
week, but suppkmentar>- work will be lo'^brTrd^iics'l inSn^'raus^ '" M« »r-i)l;i lllstjllllr 

Class work is required of f 

wns 'Ladies 's 

t is planned the students of Sni,il 
nanent help Collc^-e for a pl.m . 

aujjht only part of then 

|£Sjnd'i;idr„™:,ri'k/f3 Gems from the Pulpit 

."■ght . . . iliey are both will div 

fTl't lM,i!I,tS'"d,^„. „ ,0 .he '="""»"^" *i"s"f"l^"'j''S wfoflo^n^aSi'Sd'offc,"' ij^I^'"' '''""'"''° !■"""«'" ix'n! ■*"'"'■'■ ™.T Invo two ehiUr.n, 

p».'b*i"f' , "" "'".'='"'1' ''?'i'«' Wc'to iiii''soni.""ii'''s"otll'riVitu.1 '"'J''°"'!'='W'''p"ii'™=°J"""i if °M"''TSS!"l,rd'' w'sT'smnb Willi tlic Library 

IS' Jrtre^To *",„""'" ""^''" " p''-~!li',jtp!l'!!,7fls° U. ''''''"'■" to the metc,-' s„t. that m ma', not io'™"h"ch';id,''„'' to"w,a''' '" "''"'' .. "l C««oi- Porr,« 

of a hutidtcd shdci beforrbta 

by arnest suppbcation and 

"' " i."E..s™S,tfv''"hr,'";,ron''s°:;d Fo'-mer SMCites "H'nlT^kS'^F^ 

id)" i^n !r"'io" ''m' I j"ii.n ""•■'" «?i!r^«Tcn!h"lM°J"fo^ Sllidy Nlirsillg '"ii„"iXi'" m''°'T'°'"~ 

B>.tl"""\" <^™B°1|',°„ Hon On h olh h nd £ Ut ui' tut" to God ,'n, ,?"''!' ' ■'."■'' X'T!7lS'''t"['„°M°!!'i'" '™U|"™ ^"" " '"" ^"1"' l»"l> 

Ikoj V' ,""■ k Jl C& "' '' ^';;^'ll «fjk *oJof «t^^pnv,le,e wh„h ,. , ; , . . ■ .■ II ,„ ,I,„, „,, ,„ b„„„. claril,' vividn,,,, mS"/ and low' 

Km« ' ' I I J A,v II ' '' 1 ° d rant'radinE ratoImmTmo'e'l'i™ fc^n™, "(Sa' Cm'pm' Mi" fra'Srtm' "ud'^' "'''"° ' '''°' 

r " ' h?"H°blV n'°rf°Th i",'?, ^■^^''■"''-'"'"'"CimtbfEtlc" cri,- kon/ Ehino WoS^'JactdSe 'l"i°l°£,h7<^'''°''°\'^^'lf°'' 

u. wn.te. Woodrfl. and Richatd Paplc,. made mtJidne wbit "is "odS,. 


„„^ 1 D'T C'-r,!-;f' =•"' Today's Topics 

inion Un Soon to scoe ' 

. College Family 

.n people to Ihe cKlcnt rhil J 

[o locale this ma- (he)- will ( 

..ident Trun 
drj- has urfied mea 

tTn fc'dcand ai onet-me. and forty nation has n 
"fluid'' from the b«n made. 

Just before the lo help in the food conscrvjiion pto- 

riinTirpi^nt'wiii be" cSer'of Bates-HasUell Wed; 

'"Atco'rdVnK io Mr, Cannon, the planl Coilplc Workillff 111 

jcL^ pii^f fou7^ fdi'timf't^orke'J's' Conference Office 

The old laundr>- buildi 


be tht atolini Conference, p„fomd 
ill ihe Mremon, in Iht cfc.p-i rf to 

eJ chnrch. 

lal ploj'cil by tiic Cjrolin.i lii.rl: jjiJ 

1 'icjm needed in operation 
' ■kMninj! plant. 


drj' Ibc trapicilj' of assisUni-nMnaKtt mi 

. . .. _* 

] Accent 

1 - 


the Acadern 

ric1<i lolianhon \c u Minor In 

VmMs ^«<(l(n T\>litical Science 

-Veadeniy Students oibb, ct.uln" 

Make Bine & Yellow |gj. |i^|.. 

School Colors pu 

Colors for Collcgedale Academy ^^^^^ p,f°^ 

bLT\H.'under"th"ii'rectionof'Thomas """"'■'* ^*^'""t 

ivjs evidence of 1 

Student Roster 



Southern Missionary College, Collegedalc, Tennessee, Novcmbcf 7, 19i7 

Town Meeting Tells 
Longs "Are Winners; 

Week of Player 
Seiiiions Reviewed 

Awards Given 


,uiii:«s wound up Mondjy nifibl in 

Khwl paper. 

Students settled back in their chairs 
prepred to applaud and whistle as the 
prizes for the highest number of subs 

main Ihnughls from each of his sc 

'"°"T|,e"BWe°is'rilv' Guide Book- 
He said. "Oor commonion with Go 

ml Chrislians. As a man ihinkelh 
is casting! ourselves upon God. Fail 

'rescolt Fletcher, adorned with a straw 
lit and horn-rimmed glasses, and fol- 
owcd by an asiottcd bunch of cam- 
uijin leaders, trad off the names of 

So' are seckins 'af"r° God"-' lh< 
richleous, and Ihose who arc not seek 
inc afler God-ihc wicked." Dciir 

S' Wfl.f.. -.jcuviJ .,«,„.k incUul- 

Ie,o,, llK. JiBerence in oo 

uid Dorothy Evjns rorpectivcly. Thr; 
dliorr had eves on ihe kahcr 
Hi, bol were foiled in Iheir pl.ns by 
Mr. P.rroo!. Some of Ihe pri»s were 
bioomr which some of Ihe reeipienls 
Ukd were cerlsioly needed in Iheir 

cords (he acU w, would have don 



Elders Rebok and Hartwell Conduct 
Spiritual Emphasis Week Services 

hrouRh student solici 

announced a 
I sbomVlc 

Original Lyrics 
Set to Music 
By Mr. Miller 

1U5C of the crowd, but ' 
le of his followers.'^ *' 

I B^lye Kistl'-r "iiriarrl^DLf'''^"'"'"' 

Clialtanooga Firni! 
S'lpporl "Accent" 

music depart! 

position.^ for 

program of > 


Eld. Klenient Speaks pi.nJ' of^'iiL am; 
To Fnture Teachers "'<^'''fn';:!niv'i! 

Workers in China 

here's a mule that's been 

jHi^bl'st liked numbers fii' 
itcd by the iovial and a| 

dent, from Ihe immaturity- of a cire- 
free freshm^in to the well rounded, 
harmonious reasonint powers of a col- 

, introdiietion I 

"depjrlmenl of 
.en; brought tc 

l^oblfflti McGc 










„,,„, o™„. P„„« II 

U CoikKC."colkR 


. 7...^ Offitt >t G);, 

Mr (he acl of Congrtu 
. . . ACCENT Stjrtcmbc. 35, 

Tlontkenn On i^^ H ^°«''«e 

<Hi<jWLgkt4 Soutk Side Mamiad... 

Wetk of I'raytr is n\ 
stliool routine. No mnrc i 

We can seiile back into general j|wa. 
rniptcc) classes. Chapel only three whcr 
;iin ours for study. Nn mnrt craips- Y- 

Yf. this week stt aMde in the middle of iIil' yeiir has lermi- 
natcd. It is true that wc are hack on schedule and are nni reminded 
constantly from the pulpit ttiat our actions and deeds are recotdetl. 

before Halloween "^ 


this rather rare hobby when he wm a 

soil and lr>' to br.n^ to lifih' 

mere child of eifiht. Since that time 

new personal ilict. 

he has collecled thirteen harmonicas 

w..'" '«"■?'" '!">' *■ 

icJ som 

1 i)» „ 

V Dor (1 bitw over 

man silting between 

Nassiu, Bahamas. It is a conso- 

and some bit; object 



laucht ei^ht men lo pby. Warren's 

when they are cKcited 

d'he'fim^names of the Tutnaj,^- 

the mo« valuable beinfi a SH chro- 

Morto' "ih fh™" ^ 

U!l 1«J 

Itle brolheis Johnnie and Billy. 

Stopping at Collier HawJ;ins' room 

Tho; have moved in 


Nfarilyn Dillow has betn sinfiinp. 

He played for Red Boiling Sprm^s. 


r i,\ai 

silute Dofolhv Banker who 
the halls clean. My fifitidtnothcr 

he wp'laine^'lhe "earn In IWtTi^ 

[h"''^t"s r°"' "" 

1- ev,„. 

5 sard that "Beai.x don't fiO 

Red Boilin£ Sprmfis Bulldogs won 38 

cobwebs grow " 

straight games. He has one of the 

nR ftho 

n- !n''t")r,c'direfl'o"'; """'■'" 

.awarded to the team last year for their 

Mrs. Edith Pleasan 


..^c, on ho".' lonf: kfoic Mar. 

'when 'we°stopped him in the hall, 

music a 

a .-omment on Amajia'l beauli- 

Billy Krohn told us that he likes to 

school orchestras. We 


!-■ dol-f yl""l!"Minnie Lee 

wonders electricitv can produce. He 

as she undertakes this 
Mrs. Ernie Long 


Resolutions were made during that week which should pi 
i; have not let the speaker's words slip by. Changes 
id wrongs righted which show to others that thi 
emphasis has been worth while — for 

k of 

n,. I 

! Nin, 

ect the 

vill be 

r by. 

; fore. 

Mr. and J 

hurry How about it Charles and Dora 

aucicc and Arnold? P"K« ^< this time. 

Bill Parks has a hobby tlut will '«?" ^ well, Dora. 

■photography. He's been at it for ^^- 

Oimulated a lot of beautiful pictures "''' ° 
■■ and several nice pieces of equipment. «''^cl 

<.-IV Ephraim Tiilt's Life - * • * - "V,^■?!i'"^d\\°'^ha^^me'ven■ '''"'"'"" '°""- 

Recorded In Book Letters to the Editor 'o;<^'v ^u^ of Florida and coiil^e Odds and Ends 

But what happened to the resolutions which were made and 

kept.' Ami \s .iliciui ili;i( "blue blank.'" Those person: 

' I ', i : 111 everyday activities. FEA 

K .>l|.v<l;>l. 
r.lrt-l Ulfi.f 

: hope they 




and Sunday, Nove 


etc lor your newspaper wilh all its te- 

noted for its speed 


of I wonder thou;;h why you don't h.ive 
St- no column of kltcrs to the ediicr like 
,n, the big newspapers. It must be that 

German Leica, This is 


is highlv valued bj- B 
camera fiends. 

more experience before I can tee 

Dill also has his o 
outfitted dark room wh 

n completely 

Ruth and Mary Ellen Padgett m| 

/,. 10 vou and tell you what could be did 

printing, and 

'" lS"run'"','olr''°a"iir"bul ^']^uZf\ 

from Washington Dan 

Dohetty had 

his tft'elfthmotorcj-clew 

reck-.t could 

^ ^i (o «r.ti.^,ou and Itll you how 

y Dan you'd 

better look out for ih 

e next on<^ 

Nobody is much interested JnyMy. 

• Sir ^'-^ril" 




;; WUe^ ? 



ep^Trtm^T f 

Mrs, ^*^"j'^ . Collect JB- 

■:nn,ibial ki^s; 

School of Aviation. Ten 

stales and '^""J^;'"^^^°f j,J^""^ 

ccive private pilots' lice 

se in Decem- 

Where brightest iejvcs in sunshine 

ilit1cs°Vf the 

liai,e regis e ^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ 

Each day more worthwhile than the 

5000-foot landing ^rip 

and twelve 

"^!l"i«o'* omen ' "''"'■'"' 'H'"'"'^' 

tion, —Campii 


c This modern Eden 1 have found 
-d Where art and knowledge both 

was fiJthercd in by th 
Union College on the 

students Of 


What better place invites your muse 

the College View Chu 
J8907.94. It is estimat 

and an ice ""^^^^''^^'j di)hw«h«' 

'II^H>le. the school of God! dividual minu^man'l^olf aii^ Sure cTker' have be.n 

Anna Marv Kleineh of these even mon.^'hci Tcu-el. the equipment.— C/cf-f T'"' 


Flowers, La^s, Are You A Good g.^^_.^^ CketcLs ^I'^tter 

Planned for Campus Roommate? by 

I Charlie 

Physics Stndeuts 
Enjoy Solvin 

wj''°"™j'nuI'iV ™iiich"wr°r b" Time Marches On 
I IX'mo™!.™*/"™'."™" In Film r,„«r:im 

and 1.0,0 carl mw pi„i 






»«it?aXd«™. ■ ■ 











1, Iho onlv mar. on In. 

, ^ .!0 sin.plo 

«,l," r'c<lo>c " ' "" ' '" 

" "Vl"."ho SlfcEO board on il, T' """ '*"' "'"" '" ""''' «" " 

.ir inraal ™eliJ°o oT-IhriTm^C n'f "Si""""!'!' M-;"..q'"al<'° 4° pi" 

ColksJaTo Probi Ho" °c ';"", ';'„j'"" "'if " ' P'"' ' '"" 

ir PSfs" i'™''""'""' 'i°'»' °' ''"'■■ «^"lcd1m'r"Vuro°'orUn'd''ail 

icrn *° Trnn?an "Mdiario ro ' ""' "" "I"'' '° '■""/!■ "" ""'' 

ap. AND SPEAkTnG^'!"'^ ProBram, ['^'i^'p^'llbl'^^"' spurn.nR sorb ekmi-n- 

*" "'" "" """""' '' Since 

pai prcienlablc. Said Mr. Wod, fte sSo'nd" wa" rpicior ™pf notamro'f ^ . ' a^i ■<■ lin.L^ bm\'c "do ""redic" Tc" new biRl, as l..o ofll.em, ,„ DeWiir 13o«. 

"I lost ean'l keep up wilh Ibe roclis. present da,- Ireland. Chairmen Clarifv founded .aisocialion will be short lived ", il.e ,1,., „. .1..., ..liJ Dean 

Mo believe Iberjrow at nijbt. Some- __No,™ber p. announced C E. f, :„„„n...:„, ... Triangle .in. ,...-„. bov with a T:',:Z'Z''±',:''V'''"i'^ 

ociai Committee Duties 

Gems from the Pulpit 


e Or<.-n Hou 


■' ■ 


l.a.e 1...,. here' 

■ A ^rea. ..n,e 

Tlw Oiapc 

sion b, the 1 


-illq's book (wi 


not Ions en 

:::,:: w, 



11) ha 

moth b, Van 

sZZ"' al, 

■ ™ 

-iaisen. and 

tljo Or 




DEBT S'"' ■'"'^''''" fommjltcp and lis plans Mr. Prarman spoltc la the men of -^j. .. ^ „ 

for a fiood setics of S.Kurday nij;hl the djriKcfs of fire and reminded them ViSltS CoIIege 

[^■' Word. J 

»'h>ch plans and t. 
iav chapel proci 
:.ands, and other r 

literature ficienllr 

lan midil be able ''*"' °' Ncwbold Missionary Colle/;e 
Jt)' quicklv and ef- " Bracknell, England, visited the cam- 
pus on the .wccltend of October 31. 
r Pcjrman arc Mr Elder and ? 

of the denominational colle;: 
States b 
s duties a 

; United States bcfor 

ons. greater aspirations, and He intro> 

;rmination to do more for hometown [ 
and find m>- place in Hij to hi^-h offii 

id public 
:d a plin 

office and back- 
nd of the person elected, 
;an Sevrcns stated that his commit- 
were the ones on personnel and 
culum. and explained the duties 

■ inspc-ctors were named, A ^-raduate of ^ 

are to close all draft* CoHcrc and of Loi 

to find and remedy any taufihi science ar 

to do rescue work wlien Ncwbold for sever 

d of the past could be Ac"orJin"'tO Eld 

,t'be read/to malTc future tions of" ny on'L Ol 

I b,- qucnchinc any and Whites made their 

Ihe start. He also com- rope on the Quee 

fforts of many in fighting will make their hot 

College Night Life 
Seen From View 
Of Night Watchmen 

Undoubicdlv the most ihanklw, un- 

Accent On The Academy 

Firemen Show 
Prowess In 
Small Fire 

'""',,'''»/ Sd" h' vSlliKj'b, campling . Coiron='I'4?bI.°,rl',S;'7 ■"" 

■d the boyi wh, 

on speed.' '^'^ "" * 

' t'Ln'.h'n' I'"chkr (t'lil^.^ Vi''*^^ i" 'h^ foim of a skit Devil wotship is an ancient custom ^f ,his tepotter and abindoninK a]| 

is one of takine place in a phntoj;taphc-("s office, bcoufiht over from Attica, i nc na- disnity he chu/y^cd off to join the al. 

'„/,nnthe.lo- PhoiOKtaphc, Orolyn Hackm.n took ttves '''■''"'= '^"'"!'''"■?"'? "f "jdv nume.ons cro»d of s,«tato„ 

> . dal f.oni pictures of an assotted colleeiion of them suck blood. All are afra.d of „ho seete watehinf Clarence PiMut, 

-IcGhee. Frances Bumby, drufiged by the 

hook up 
front of the Men's 
The only smoke 

°\J:!£Z^J!m °"': ^'m Wliat's Your I. Q. 

'',":,'"'■, * ,' ' I,;', '!,"'.'' On Current Events? 

Sabbath School Offic 
Chosen For AcatJemy 

asily made slaves to tlietr enemies. „„ ,1,^. f„,„,„ („ „j |„j j|,j 

Missionaries in these sections of the b;^ j^^.^ ^^ everyone. By this time 

ountry find it hard to ;;ain an en- Collyct Hasvkins. who had been ic 

■ance. but once an opening is estab- |,,. n^ ,;,^ „„ hanjin/t out 

ouldn't sice 

had better be quiet 

. ikicnwitts- Nurses' Duties 
i'i""eGo°' Keep Them Busy 

Dairy Adds Cows 
"hris^tom Enlarges Barn 

intinuc livinfi in it. Their only loti | 
od',^nt"bIjdy,"lhc wi'veVof the "" " "'*' "' "''"'■ 
students, their children, and CHAIRMEN CLARIPy' 


t of a cold shouerindhlrl 

Alumni News 

■sj.iSpoc| 1 
It saa>|utA oill Jq our 
jalfpoQ u.tjiioiaia H tobc 

VHHMn JO ICJauae, Dr. an.l M.. i , 

iipi.mjvi Vliaaoy ■( Atlanta arrived on It 

■Ijrj. uaqoa bath. Novcnit^, i. to 

BaujQ n leuioqj, ■; hutst's brother Atnof 

I aaquiaidas loije spuoc] Cochran. She was ti 

' teiniir.Vjr a,';ij''''";em,^ kc^ Ml."'' &I,°e'st AndSso"' keeps^he *Lf had"'°t"nef "i"<S"--& 
■s to be handled simullanc^usl,-. Health Service records. note ) 

Rehok Speaks At 
First raC Meeting 

paTli'c'patiiJn. „ihecl*>| 

Saturday. Noven*cj^l|j^« '^^M 

Jirv'Sd educational i»«;l"^l 
.,iai„„inrlanninS|'«l™ ■ 







Souchern Missionary College, Collegedalc, Tennessee, November 21, 19-17 

I Hilarity- Confection 
llUnik Open Night 
rly Round 

12 Vets Pay Tribute 
In Armistice Day 


November ;i, jj,, I 

^Cjuaw Village -^-^*«^ '4 '^°**^ H 













2 Land of the ftcc— MilPfJ <*! 

^^^^^■n..< unHrr 1 


W^ffll^^J, vc:)' much, divulged 





Pk'< qu.rlcn. 

The dimly s«nl of blossom?. I.orJ. 





(1. Open hofjn-Orcn liou=r. 


^■. p::;;p,>-A piF ^;^* 

And sunwt'j glow, hy Char 

^pc™, who ..,i„ 

"ChiKct lo my 


Par-,ho \um-t done 
(Incidentally, I sup- 

"Tsqu^'-ill'S'-'^*" "*' 

And feeling. 1 laughed low, Hogan 
I tjsied nature's honey cup, 

boys for a beaut 
nd a splendid pro 

ful Open ""IJ "^^ 

h, >bo.l m..) 

12. Tomal.J«k-*P '"" 

And drank of bcJut)-'i wine, . '" 

fiirls who wllingly 

he Arm 


S mlr'^d"^ f<" --11 the^itlle things. to th 

trio. Jean. Joyce a 
uMo sleep on Fri 

ay nighu, trays. 

siting 1 

sit at the next tabic 

U. Mcdiciot min-TO 
[he tooth paste sinile 


Visitors Include 
Boards Parents 

Dean Morse Leaves 
W. M. C. for China 

Miss Jones Gets 
Orchid from Braves 
" •^■'^ ^t Open Hogan 

Bollomlcy-, wore wwk end gu«ts. They 
Wiiled their many friends on the cam- 
pus. The)' are now located in Knox- 

over (he week end; Misses Lucia Lee 
and Geneva Crawford from Nashville. 

I bnd and Naom'i Smith from Charlotte. 

science Modem Language Papoose Trainei 

proximately one hundred hours of m^is' Clubs McCt Gct PointCrS A;"in mar lojiowta inert «cr 

wittschiebe ^^^E-;^ ^-i"""^'^^'?"-^"^^^ .„?" %d¥:?i}bv:Tj!^. :i^^''S:^,^i^f"; 



I Elder Ackerman, 

her cousin, Ai 
he week end. 
. E. E. Miles, from South Lan- 

Mamchusetls. is visitinfi her 
«, Mrs. L, G. Sevrcn*. Mrs, 

I Switzerland and plans to spend tht 

Pat followed him taking Jeanne, 
;ed four, into the safety of the 

■at his only memory concerns 
The army scn-cd on that eve- 
lie 5th of Febniir}-. ^945. frank- 
saurkr^ut and coffee. The next 
ig the bill of fare was advertised 
liam, eggs, and coffee. Howi 

:ully ad- 

[ why siie "I'ik. 
J usuaV sho^r 

uthern Moon as the only light, 
:iful Dreamer" to StcphctI 
end the well-planned and ex- 

Mrs, Merle Ruskj. 
iand -■- 

Ledge, Michi 

:kie from Grand 

fVIen Need Female 
r«nKh for Rooms 

■1 when drapcs'arc 
•<i idea only until 

^hoic month^ Indian's Head 

'i!'^ flyG.B,E, 

onji Educ 


S-cck « 


mujic «.|,ich Oo 

ted llitoufih the 

ch.ipcl cxc 




Before «,i 

K j:ooiJ-ni;;ht, 
lK7 liid provi, 

St met. hnit to lap i,,i «,jw™ Heatiiie Plaiil t> -j . d 

ne»t d,, the .itl, , Tl'e "'l-'n'te > o.toni ptopenstty ?. , . President BlISV, 

" ■' , •/ p'o™,iMon .nd c.,p,ca, for Nears Completion „, . 

^ leiiuie hive developed an c^occnlnc ' Writer SaVS 

veot 10 tiK: Sijiul Corps depot Ir 
hrooEh letters that these Isvo (ticndl 

iP> The onj °en 
' «ould be to a 

ssith help from Ford Civanaugh. I 

ItaJhrci^p "*'""' "^^^ 

l»»e, -;™»"e ojina 
f*. co„ le " ■" "" '""'' 

Hi! failh/ui painter asks hoss- thinj! GemS frOItl the Pulplt coal! 

a younfi lady tcllinfi her his troubles, '"'em in your heart .>— Eider Lu 

She patiently listens and then fixes it "onie, Georgia, 
all up for him. This leaves him with i. God is our refuse and str. 

only one thought in mind: Women . very present help in troubl 

re.lly have a job, don't they? Psalms .If,:!. 

IPS olTice by seven o'cl 

student intervicsvs and tounsch 
and ""Jte'n'din™" irSus cnn 


Prof. Wittschiebe 
Speaks At Vespers 
On Second Comiug 

rr,|, Sinns 

had ttitned into 

kf, bsKin no«, 

nanks"ivin" Tlun 




.ar John U. ''Let not your heart be 
troubled: Ve bei.eve in God. bcliev^ 
also m me. TTi.s text was beautifully 
unfolded as our thoughts turned to (1, 
many changes which will ocoj( ^ 
Christ returiis. One of the momentoii 
problems which will be abolished is 



exists in our land today. Then .he 
problem, he pointed out, won't be one 
of ^ housing shorta;;e but i problem 

existbfi' wTX^n why-"ht'|d t^ 
work ourselves into a falijjuc-d ^ute 



John 14, We are absolutely fiuanme^I 
a home and food to keep us iliyj 
thfou;>hout elernily, Thtn why all the 
na-ih of life.^ We act like people who 



Words cannot define the wonderfu 

Ptolossor I. A. Tucltor ,f|^ worlds inhabited bj- people whi 

Dr. B. H. Story 

o\tr with them i^ we apptojch these 

Lectures Here 

Tl, h.pd r red inHond 
„lir 11 is lak, b, D 

1 i lltpuiodw 
1 lul b, our le 


been absent from school for some six 

Thtnk how much we can mi« b, bemg 

n si\ thousand jears 

We miflht ask suij^estcd Mr Wilt 

ct work tnvel people who do Ibnss. 
,s Then shall the mj^teries of life bt 

gs I/^cachialk bei.eiethc ^urdi of 
of leius spoken m the fourtetnlli clup- 

all our sllufiflks 

iChiebe ponied out that tie path u 
^ stated '^''■''^'' '""^'■'' ^"^ 'f ^'- ^' ^■""'^'' 


Ford a 


lo comfort us in our tryin/; cvpet ences 

1"^ ^'troubled "e bclie.e ?n God'"b£l,e^t 
^^ ilso in Me In mi ralhecs house a;c 
S"> manv mansions if it were not so 1 

to education We 
master in this ease 

, I ,, oi, J u .„ - ' Indians Left Oiil 

ll lijufTcur Dohcrti and the staff ,n a discussion of Indian? _ 

"'°'°'""' ;rc£::7'' " "" a^" tiA" ».< » cha^e „t the Of Tilis Story 

, „„undlornl"»V 

either ptoednl* 

[ harrowed t«fo« I 

( Ml 

L ssell beaten of long ajo" "."fhm'Ihe' n"t°ls"o''"«>j''^'''"' ' 

siilh the rhjthmic beat of°lhe old "'n m '*"«""'"'"' j^e'?""' 

man s hammer no» lies silentl) folloivins lear C'lm. ^^ 

mnurnmi! for its lost companion On barlej are drilled »"' ^ 

I) the mullled sound of rostline leases and September and P^^'"^ ,siieii 

IS to be heard as tiny ssild life frolic lent pasture durinfi '^^'^^^ ^„j d 


sionary College, Collcgedale, Tennessee, Det 

Nine College Laiiny Pars 

I Students Listed Directs Student RepoitTtresses StuOent Senate Installed 

h!!rl!!!''. """'"'!. '^::':'l!:in. Evangelism Need \^ Pormal Ceremonv 

.)' denv"'idf"''/or'thc soke of "'= chairraen of all stmdins fi^lly"commii 

■TL, '"^-'-' ° ^ -*- J b^ will be pul logcthcr and publiihcd ;is Communism in Europe and unlc« RcptMcnrinc the Collccc cIj 

will a new Of^in tailed Uft mJ Hrallh. ,|,e Unilcd Slalcs inlcri'ene^ to wvc Senior. Kennel!. Mairhew! 

imcnt, (he peonic Junior. Cctil Coffc)- 
cjdy a new mil fervent cmphisis on mis- plunge into a seconJ civil wai 

;!ion field: 

1 Jackie B,illard. sionaties have been en, 

Foods: Pansy Dillow. enter for years ; 

iiini?: (chapel) 0)nnie Rim- wide, and Jtconj 

■ " .lung 


Violet Betu; (dinjnf; room) 

in peril. The p 
romplish the *ork fighting war 

: polilical world. 


On tk£ ^i ^^'^e 

Sautk Side Mailed . . 

ind only a fit 

Hickmins.snd T. P. Aycoclu, 
,h,.t Mr. Ajcock w°('h'omL-V'|} 

■ou n-ipl.l 

Twn ,s J fc-llow ( 

■ of a tall buildin^ - - - „ --. - — -. - _„.,„„ 

lys with a few gadgets unril i",in.if;iJ lo find ^ "'■*' *l *"'""" ^ versil Ton between its rwo ocaipan s. ^.j, ^ kerostnt can, however. I 

le ihcn records his predictions *^^J. '"-j-j^n- ^j^j, p^.r^iml tnolion! man' "chitlcs who says he is satisfied Th )/ ■'"" I"*"' lit ind I 

ler — then piits on his rubbers, ^o vou have iht- paltni, Duanc? ^ilh the name "Charlie," has just X\ ™j^ ivhtn 7^'^'""'.''" , ^.^ I 

wiirk ai 5:31) A, M. on tliL' ii)|i lloor of a tall building in a large 
lity. He turns a few knobs and plays with a few gadgets un" 
he gets a knowing look on his fate. He then records his prcdictic 
for the day— panly cloudy and warmer— then puts on hi 

raises his umbrella, dons his raincoat and goes home. 

From the looks of things we are beginning to suspect that Iqw*. Wc mu: 
for the past month he has foretast fair and warmer. Our rain Polly D^vidsor 

soaked campus has come m the mud stage and. while the farmers ailmmtifi '"'^ '^^? 1''^' "poU^'hM wtiiTt"^' '""^ P"°""""fi '^""^ "* " wondering where your husband 
in the vicinity are doubtless beaming over the wheat prospects, ,,J''!"^|j^-| e^cn know ieftcshmcnls Houston wants lo enter colporteur "''" *^'^, ." ^9"",''°' '"''j '""S i 
.,.)..„. I.»^„ k-.. k,.,',.n... ....»rh»r iii»^ri' ' . ■ _ J ■ 1.. ^.1.,. i: ._j _ - :. -.. (,r ,. tcrvals this will Itt you know ll 

Letters to the Editor 

Th; Dixie Co-opcralive. Inc.. M rMidcnce hall. The red ind pin); 77 fi^"'"« "P' ,""* j*- Bol^ his i fine ""^^ ^^ ^^j" ,o''s^'^Ed« ird Malhjff 

rrorosed ind snon^nred bv ihc Sipma tosci. amotions, and eardcnias were hbrarj' of books. He explains. Any [,,,k on his feet aeain afur his so-l 

r.iinnia Tau. aeis as an a^ent for reeeived si'iih ah's and sifihs of plea- Vnunf! man hoping to entej the min- .^^^^ ^^ ^^^ \,^f,u\ I 

\' : . ,.: ■ :,,i „.. .1 i'^" '■-"''^'"'"'"B Vf- almost all sides. The>- explain that the I 

,,,.. VI .11,. 1 '"' " *-"^'' '^/l I i! il. iP II tute about ten o'clock eveii' nijtht. The Ate thete 17. 19. ot ^i steps lO ■ 
, I,,., etelibetal l/UcMm,J (J>,dU.. people next doo, make the ,. alls bulse, ftont oHynn Wood Hall ? ^^^ ^1 






Students in 

teccnily. The doacn, 

iJ assembly o 

- ^f Union Coll... 

loses 1! the honor beslosved upon totium tecenily. Th;'"".?JJ,3l 
lie Walla Walla Collese students addtess was "Many Wotlds. -"« | 

SoVLudinslon, a torn 
le at SMC. is one of the 

from ^^J;!"^I°",p|,o Atw.s I 
Js in Amt'Hcin Collcjes a^ I 

"";;'"";■'■" :', m HimK- Ihae and liaui I hioajlii ,|,„„ L,„k in Wmlei Pai'li Fl'oiiJa" ''"'" „, wA Facal of Bt^ I 

I ,1 I I si.itl h .T» B'tis ivho lu.n in sioiies ab^iut 1 he brides sister Miss Mat -■ B II Tsio carloads of internationally- y k nductfd the fall ^"^ I 

|-'l' '"'I ■ """If "'iShtota To (he bell outside the publications SleTli rllt.d.i """ "'"?>:" U°Sie,ra"coll"se to patliciJX''ii,' ihl "i ,T"I" J' flftr«m^'^\ 

■ olHee doot which creates pndemon. btUesmaL, ' "" """"I PaciSc Southwest Conference <^°"'SJ- ."^x" ."' ' cis c»F*»" I 

1.1 it 1 M..Jk»h„ nude sore ium ever, lime it danss. Miss lane Summemi., f .k »f Intetnalional Relations Clubs, held """i. ,-°""^ ho lestimomcs "' "m I 

To°"Be^ Wtefc f f 7'm ■''° ''""■' ''■''° •f"'' " '"'"' ^ J'™ »' SMC Mr" Harold E S '" ^" Diceo.-Co/fcje Cri,„io,. ,00 „f'"hrsludent body i» JiJ I 


Tone Piotiires 
Slio« nThanksgiving 

Honor Roll 
At Mid-Term 
Lists 57 

^etiioi ^keicLes Visual Aids Class Reporter Locates 
Offers Poster, Class of 1947 

:n Advertising Work vi'k-,c ,k,, ioj.,)-> whtrc h. 


ISound Mirror 
|Goes To OakM'ood 

F. B. Jc„,m will eo 10 Oak- 





■lid ' 









'," B 



.ou ■Wcitcrficld"-.: 



!£'-: :;::: 


tobc-forgotten djy 

1^ ^^ BmCQ Thor 

:" ,„ 


ion helped to pre 

p jrhta , sp"" «, ■" 

d b, 1 

Itotship of rie fie, 

f Ihe r 

.ople .,. 

e CMlm- 

COOplc!' Cl 

'"'', . 



e .,Eno>. 

,c, Spjn- 

■Relief Film 
IShown by I. R. C. 

"Seeds of Destiny.- a film dcscr 
Jtrocious conditions unc 
orphaned and impoverish 

Speech Class and Bibie. 

Gives Program Orchestra Gives 

d3mcnLil"of''s'\cfrdMs''unde^f''i:!d"t Siinday Cojicert 

East. -Spain is a levet lo get ll,v M 
of die East- To disturb Spain is u. / 
his inio the hands of Moscow," S, r 

arc in Spjin, Thcj- and hundreds of 
the Unih 

F B. Jensen pr-tscnted' i"s«ies of Tlie first concert of the year was bareo XoJldX^'lifkd -''''' '"'"^ ^'"" T ,'t'''^ni7VlT/'"'^' ■■"'^ ' °'"'" 

' tm o"f FrX"'Nlvember'''T' ^"'' '^"'''" ''*' ""^ "■"'V-'^ie'" members of -The United Slates mnsl do xvjth "' D.^oraio,^ ''[,,^ j^*!]' Mor an and 

I which is ttanslaled re 
lund the Greek word f 

''piMwn"s"t"«''n'cd'''he st^plicd;'"^ " ""^ ^^ ' " "" Co-Ediicalioii Loses 

ilim'itT Schubert lo vCil'spainTn'irytars and the'fiMt I" Debate Clllb 

E. Club discussed i: 

['Messiah" Chorus 
One December 13, 14 

n-\f.,iMi presented by the 
|?f Harold T^iiMcr wm bJT'veo 
Mr- 1. ^""'^^ '''^'^' "" Saturday 
|n[£ht. December U. and Sunday 
"■Bht, December M, at eiehl P. m' 

iwd Jean Motwn"." sopranos" 

^u pfcsenation of the Meiiiah 

^a^dm"mYptso^se!Ld^^1ei B""""^"' Dreamer '^'"''''.i.^'''^ BcttCr EllgHsh 

of the pros''i"i. '"but'on'tht comtar^' Stephen Foster ^gg]^ ObsCrVCd 

house of God. -Those who are ir- 
reverent in the house of God show 

-rrrevm-nce," she also stated, "can ' in the Lynn Wooil Mall lobby were ^-'J-^"-" P'"'"ejn o. tne eiuD ^^u.c.auy 

usually be traced to the act that those The Veterans" Organization of Paci- the ma.n points prcsemed by Marj- 'nnoJ„ccyihat7rom7hen on it'woul' I 

is in His HolJ TempTe." ' " ' pcrmiwron to sbrt a^eteMns^woV PhilVip Raaron No v em be' "2 L '" ("l'i''"<: 'lie ..rt of dc-balin« 

conclusion Gordon . 
lusincss administration major, pointed 
lut that reverence is an act of the 
io!y Spirit acting upon the heart of 
he individual. 
Elder F. B. Jensen, chairman of the 

by contr. 


ems. handled through fran- Wilson, president of the FBLA, asked alternate Saturday night a 

I be rebated (0 members each phone bv. "Phone as vou'd be nhoi ' "" 
:jmp,>, ChronkU. 


j The Popular Opinion Poll | '^^""' 

! Charlie 

Accent on the Academy 

PREDICTION ^ ^^ Helen Proves Hikers Stride 

,„ f"pi '■"-^■'/;^,; To Be Capable To Iron Mines 

^'""^ ' '' "hi d if »3i'' Goat Psychologist ,„™', "*'''^„^'*, ■"""'>■ >i 

r I I a »"'?'" Sptakinj! of Goals, .. . two miles from ColltEtdllc' ^ 

I ml, mder. ^f^, ,„||„„i„j ,atphmt tht wj, il,„ hikns dlstov„td . 


I'l h p B n "v- 


: -Put hH in t 

rough the 

spoke to the academy duri 


t " , 

1 BIO of cor- 
Ao " "o T "nsl Oub 

shot s 

n't. my father nai 

d the g.itc 

told of his landing on In 
his eighteenth birthday, Fe 



1, 11 Ih oklv 


tighting he was wounded i 

h m d pi lob. 


!id "i 

^ACCENT pol sho 

i, j.^ 

kicked the gate. 








Prison Cell 

A hi k 

bol she 

wouldn't flo. 

Plus Ink 


chcts, tho stodcni body, jod 
sboold shoot you. 



BiOLOGv Thoubl 
Biolopj^ student: -What 


,v,d Kribs soo.lo, 


"°«J.''oul"''''' ^ 

o back the 


d,:occ lull, pbyio/! footbiU 


.nt me to 

to church in one.) 

Oh, by the way, Ihc la 

K^^t singl 

"■f j™"i,;5 ooi'tht"™!!'"" '"'"""' ■""'' """' ^^^^^' ^- ^- ^""^^ 

' '^ ' ^""l' I'^tm 'That's wh,it yoo sboold hive done RctUmS tO Slllff 

Phillips Wins Home Publicity Eid« "Baob'has'bf! 

"""""""'"' _ In Turkey Day Service Begins Iii'"'*fii° "f^'b™!;!' '~ 

Thanksgiving Program Enlivens Gridiron Classic Fr°I"°°''e'ivm°™^'„ta'„,"t' j^:J"i"kc'..D.::.', 

Campus-bound Students 

wd sopply ( 



r soo Donild sod 

niltoc oo Poblintio'os md Pobiic Re- "'■ ""J »•«■ G"/ %»' 'O'^dl 

hotlto!™' n'e'w°J;p„,"„i,? wSl'ij! M.s- Hto?d'°fl'vn™ ^ 

ooisUodSs," "sni'doois'wbo'wm'be Rcpottct for thi Gid, 

mldiog 'olBco Ajoo' wo. 

are those now holding " 
Stodent Senate and oth 

,, As« aiJ; 


Tliey took ad- Urity work, and that the files of io- 
uablc for futu 

followed » ~s Pb.llips 2, Krrbs 0, A new parking lot has appeared bo- dents for a few days. Before Pg^B 

OS, lo the foorth k.rbs toojht the hind Lynn Wood Hall durinj the last inj !« their w.oter borne n^,^™ 

w.>5 closely JPirk and starKd rolhnj On a sus- few d,ays. Tins was attomplished by water, Flor.da the, plan to .isu ^_ 

ter, Flo 
n Colle 

Ida. th 

7 Plajt ">■""• 



\,h "he Oust*' 
ucky. whete ^ 



ss'Mar) Pl^'l"^ 

^^^ Me>iMf GUnHtmai a*id a cMap^ Aleut Ifeat (^^^ 






Southern MisMonary College, Collegedale, Tennessee, December 19, 

82 Students Chosen ^^^^^^ Qgss ForiTially Presentccl to College 

iFor Sabbath School ' ^ ^ '■* 

|Posts in Division ~ U' ^w ^^ '"""-■■liETO Orciiioiix .w SMC 


"A-r# "••»«'»"? 

f • 

• «1 * 

M.V. Rally Features d,., o^niel Waltlier Secondary Teachers kS" pS """'"' '"' "*"' 

\"™s ^.""ITLn-n ^'"'" Collegedale; Discuss Curricula 

from ih/'Sr i'Tongti-ss" ii' C °'- ";""''' ™"'"' °"" °' "" from Dcccmbtr 19 (o 22. - °'~'^'" "' ''°^' 

Francisco. '-oH'S" '" ''»■ .""I™ »"■■ "™P"' ni,|„ R. Hjsmusitr, will sptik ,,r llic 

:liorus. Dcll Dclford added he: lovely 

Leaders— Den Whee 

n, Jack A. Jusl. 

aert C. Darnell. Jr.. Kenn"il,°M: 
. ... irlrewi, Jamn R. Rimmer, Jolm I. 

i, now ,n lie ''"™ °'"°"' ''"" °" ^'''""'' °°- Wil,™' '^"° ""'°"''' ■""" '"''" "^^ 
Vpallment ai llie ""|j^', \^ ^ Klemcni Union Fdn CoinUliltCe HoUOrcd 
r, in Was..inj,.n, ^f "J^^ SecjeUj,, wdl W ,„J,ar,e I„ C|,apcl 

and inde- 

raall, ii 

Sonihern Union lo be Ik-UI ,n Clll'lSllliaS Program guidance and counseling. ' ' say alaoul llie kind ol advciainres in 

Given by FBLA Elder Evans Stresses ""Jcnn enfasc «i,er. die/iuve il<. 

Week of Sacrifice 

1™ yelK 





bers of ll,e ,lu 
milled by D 



ps. Jolm Gar 

laijh complimenl lo 

ihmilti be parliciilarly liapjfy and 

//,,;, „, '., ■ '.tdiim—JTUvttoHi from hunger ami w hope "y ""-T "'" '^^""■" '" """ 

//.A uhl'.^riii'iiri /'■ ((/>/' iv'.rv '"le of ritn readers a Merry Chrht- ^^^ J^J wonJccJnp whete those Gl 

,»,,, ,/»,/ ,. rtrv *,-;./')' NBW Vi-^r. E. H. \V. ,i,„k, .„ ,h„ .,c ,o lonj ovudue. 

At" Palitici Jfete! cic.™fS"J?b"itoif*c' 

,/,,',(„/.,.;,„(. I V /,,;.;.;..:, ..//A, , ,m,I,,i, , h.,U~. „ „.,r library, mi ,ts,«|ivc post ollire boKs. 



the soil (ailing of the sn 


shiifllirg dusi 

altered in Ihe dim inlerio 



lay gently on 
1 in lliLS peace 
he rested gr 

his disconsolate mind, or 
ul soncluory lay Ihe ansv 
leiully there and looked 
ss on Ihe face ol the v;o 


T^"^ °wn°MlIl 

3l Ihe unhappiness oround 


shook his he< 

1 sadly, gathered his pac 

d liredly , 


Oul ol 

le partial da 

:nes3 ol a cily evening 

rni n 

ughing v/ilh 

oy at the wonder of the 

n. He recalled 
3rd all day, s 

D he asked, -Whyaie-y 



e Chri; 

md Ihct 

"You must have a greal deal of faith in Santa Cloi 
■■Santa Clous?' '—There's nobody real that's Sai 

Jl you'll give me presents. Daddy: II 
And the simple man v 

1 Ihe Mount: 

i Ihe Ser 

hich i: 

children, he 

ood things to Ihe 

TutZlug 'TJZZml 'youfull 2l'^oMu^''li,iZi "'glo/y Alumni News 

The members of ll 

lujia'igin, (null HO aUenial'ive but lo treat these i 

ill .;, jII .Uw.nnilli ui,.il\ <■! tht I'mir Vrteiloms. Each iilili- em maioL^- Collcfi 
ihniii^l'ix .Ki.l .y^r/ (;,,,/.., //Mf/i uiii^l'c:! jof coiisUleTaHati hi the ""fP*' ''*' "' ' 

lught of the lailh of I 

,./ „/-;, 

r I'trwiial glory hi a k , 

jnlmed and burning silently, 

Today— thoy wail no longer! 

Jnza llighl to ullimalo 

Mjltiiiju, C1j„ of '16. Thci- 
JllcnJicij; EMC, 

priiicipil of Ihe Church sc 
I-Ou;s\'illc, Kcntuclfy. 


were ^f^s. Louise WMtlior, 
M6. and her husband, Dr. 
Wilfhcr. Aa:ompjny>ng his 



Page 3 

g^ic, gUcLes CLltcr 

Girls Entertain 
Men in Two Phase 
Christmas Program 

't,l'bc;;''^:Jir^^^^ Ihaf^Srlir^^^^^^ J4L^k£L<^k& Soutk Sidle 

,iins and diversified life from Collccc students "could' leatn much wrwlL on dwr^wise men" p"sKd idea! £irl?'' \Vc tried to , 

iim-lothis. Not only Ins he been ^^^^ „,^ Aadcmj-. to tnnsoms— and Christmas trees in opinions ji possible on 

lIi^ slates, from New Mexico to Deleted bespeak . 


b siMcd, , 





"\ iss 

E ol 


.n otaog, 




sm> a. 

' A> .11 " 

Optl. Chi 

•d Ihe 

„ l.i una, lim, (o, hi! mosl w S-nday could be ■.pa.ied more J' »™ ™<"« J"!' """I ' "" S" !« Ibt'bo, Ba'^ra'id^m '^"djc. i"i Nick rht praidcnl loot 
d IMsUnu-l^hotoj^Mphy. oflcn ... and not only on Sundays. "'^''- _, , , once in a while." thL^ upporii.iniy lo prcscnl on behalf 

tliL. p.iit three M.mmers, Mr. SitfiN Uclte Wallets plans to go honx- to ^^. j„„^|;^j j^,|,„ d^k^^ ,^ ,,,, „t d,, ^„u ,, framed chalk dtawing 

m the „,e of Spanish. «hi 
Ue, plans to use in C ' ' 

his chosen field of h 

I In Oiattanooga 

fhe IngatltefinB campaign opened '^? 1.^1 tnai i> 

lice than usual, tills yeai— the stath of ^i^hat are . 

r3oooerli'!i'tdaTand"so''ndav '<^' 3'" 

'-,. Decemhtt 6 and 7. "Ph"- 

■ .ocding to Elde, Hammill. gen- O.i, Yes 

ecdalc and ChattanooBa churches 'ooi^'v nightw. 

loined forces in their elTofts to than Tommy 

Hicir combined goal of S11.0Q0. hi^fore going 1 

lapcI and dining room, for Chris 

In ..0: «e s.opp 

cd to mal 

:e a e 


le Christmas 

- sung by .1 


■1 Jaime. 




girl IS atlr.iclivi 

: by he, 



ig the part ol 

■ .1 widDUtd 1 

°iiin°' To' Ziri 

^el (Span 

d.Tdt ''of 


"? mer';^''chi 


iieir "clique ' "■ An, 

rich ncighbo 

r by dispell i 

s beautiful by the s. 

.■ay she act 

s, and an 

slung her ol 

Id mjid .lum 

length after all eifihl editors 

llights with ; 
red in Ion;; 

■"Messiah" Presented ^ ii! ,0,1 , 

iBy Clioral Group g |^ GET"a""riw"f T 'h'"h 

full of ■■Jingle Bell,- by a 


In S RKc'mirft't'slvraiil'd'iJ Sevreiis Attends 
,r!"i,o!pli 'Twolij' 'E Southern Ass'n 

Banks Finds N. « 

ihcrc- was no sUff to 

jke cturgc of 



of .orfcT.. Sorely 
uoir,- of doing » s'« 


1 have Ih" c" 



tnoofii' men and 

™ni .'nd°lhi 

by iJie ,„1 
2nd College Slud 

of lltt ' 

nt: S„ 


on^tew'tiriWASfliS Way to Keep Alerl "■;',;;"'; "i^JI^JijrHrii:". M.V. Bands Working i«"j'«SS"S'f '""•'" 

Christinas Pageant '^"mm, o» ii,c"oi™',''i n.'n 
Presented At 
Joint Chib 

% tnjJse 

in peri 

nJ .0* fo, 

mostthoughlsofoof C 


l,bv CI 

illa°nnoE°° and 

thooghts aod follow i 

ifl Clougli, 

I, i, io 

bt-EinninB ,1. 

c, '.ro'lrad'e 

To'f >;",'' 


J. c'cjilms; of'ou" 

viiics longc 

"»" '» 

led by Robert 

locky. This me-eiing 1 

\, ill . mens 10 join Ihc class next r^ Nisvall goides the Spirit of was Roy £. Larsen. President c 

,r are asailable at the registrar s Mltsioia Band in its work of Ueping "Time, Inc." Also, a svotd »as |ivt 

iee. Miss Heiser will tell any is- j „^^,, „i,j, jjg|^,^d members of by Ralph E. McDonald, Director of I 

ing member. th, conference, writing to former .to- Higher Edtrcalion of the ^■ ' " 

denU and spinsoring the spirit of Edocatior, Association The 

Food, Costumes 

Mark FLC Party '■" ""^ 

fcccJ tiinJy jppli 

Gems from the Pulpit 

by who H'fihef Eduntion, 

of Governing Boar, 
sitk^ and Allied 
id holds Bible studies. At Spokane, Washington, 

belter understand- 
fioM^K a.Ar^u,.,, -n of "'c" B'ble. Richard Rimmcr'- 

lomichachcs' jnd the- feeling of ^'^'e Study Band conducts cottigc sitits and Allied 
ing had a good 

linked inseparably h)' i 

he Pulpit ^::::::,::: ^^^bibs^ siSSHas 

Tlir love nf Go,l unfoUlt^d in .. from" knc-j'h h,\ llr^- was '"'^"5' i""""'^ ^o" Wwterficid as (hutch ^^°°^'-^^ ^^^^ ^ ,n«linp bf - 
„..., tnLjnmuful « ,v in ll,iyhu.di u.n^ .null sips of tl.t pinkish '^"^^^^^^^^^ ''' Hard^"phillips i.f ihc membm of our stUT holpsuilo'^^f I 
! '■ ii \ ■!,' \\\\]"'" fi^.J .It th."|.|urwhLrt\ didn't jhotisl". and the organist li Thyra ^/^?^^^'''^^j'^^^'b^°!iljK' o^^ 
",,, ' ,, ,,,.ii' .|!,'.'/(',,"ll"ii'( rmrru?i-'f.u'!'"','rr,rv il""' "^ ^^ '''^' f^<^^^ adviser. change in policici or >'andif< 

..'^f:-;.^ '';'-""'''"; ■'i?'o;S\i;'':";:'!'5 Letters to the Editor, 

',,, !,,'-.-' ,'..',"."™'.|,r;,'"'' ""J I'l"' '■"" l'-".elh "■ ■ '"' 41, .-. i ,.;..,': _ Tins columnist«"^j^ I 

..,!,. ,. "m!,';,!" „|i;^-,S;j"i„J""~,;,;;;,''„ ,, ',, ,il,-V'.r---l, ■ ,-.- ' -,.'j 'Um'-tm' ''''^'"" ''™ + JiorI»f *«""'* I 

,1,,,^, "''rs''lf1o'mrof' ™"Hto""are » thly^ ^™it'socrlra-'rio"omm^^^ °°"™' l„mn has in »> <'«"'"" I 

: ' J ; ■ - ,',,-,'■', ?i"" hnd'oft ivho'tlS chef was- """* ' it Is possible- ' Pl'ea^foc the Sake of Ji'pXtliy'for Accir" <*«" I 

' ^ History leads in selection as a maior rarrng yoot ppcr up ro proiessronar ,vaF»™ ■ 

All i„ |v,,i- I „i„ender, field of study of the 19-17-18 gr-rd- "aiadards. (Ed's note: By '.^^hisoaKI 

All!,, i.ivlygive^ uating class al Washington Mission- Yours for a belter paper renecting Charlie? Evetj' tsvo» ,( ar^-^ " 

«, 1 s»r l,„e and trosi Him, ary College. Biology leads in selection some of the religious activities of your slides under the ""'i.,,^,, 

In H„ presenie ,lail, li.e. as a minor. -Tie 5/(|o«>, tollege. CarlDesh has any ideas, to " 

IHoliday Project 
Ipunds Needed, 
[Treasurer Says 

ind plans f. 

Southern Memories 
Plans Big Year, 
Staff Declares 

id'' this pro- New Science Hall A^Te'i. ^wa^'^iroLcd'T Mi"« Dr. David Hoehii ^^^ ^ 

;;2\hisr«4f.sUTf.vS" Proposed for SMC f5£5Lifm^L°rri^^^^^^ Portrays Alaska 1^!:^ J'l^S JL^' i^^^^^^^^ 

■gift d.r«tl>. to Ro5Coe MMlc. Irc^- bclw<^r> Lynn Wood Hall .nd South '"f^^ %<,^g^^''T:!I%on,pos.d of .> Jlf""^ '^9"^"- .""^ /'l"'"" tl'^.- ^ 7"k D.Z\l ^ilor-in-chief of .1,. 

|u(CLaf_lhc_. Student Sen.... :ind lell Hill, designed to &U i Ibns.fell n«d ^^^ J^ ^ ^,^ g^^^, ^ "^^^^ ^^|^^ Dr. David Hoclm >I«I-J- of "'r'!' "K -.,g' Memoric. promised that Hit book 

Eighteen Students 
'rdained Deacons; with the dcsiBning oi 

wkTCts of his pimes bcinfi forced 

^«'^n''the"snow-'bl>und'^ J^tel'lo Sccondary Teachers 

Hold Institute 

nhrie Made Elder I2£°"''^^'"'^" ^'"' '' ^ ..^M^tfJl\o'^^^^^^^^ i^^'Eoc^ilf^ofsir''"" At CoIIegedale 

?c'!'c' a,d^w^r 'd "*'""'' T^ct Prw^dent'of th^Sden'^c" CluK'^Tr^ve . 'V''L?t"lwd™ roo^li!''lhrn'''dfJd ^^^^ TiinC Allo^Vcd; Un^on°"ln'^rJ"fcron'*M.e cam^lis"" 

'KHJile church and Dr' Ambrose ^'" '^""'^^ *'" ''^S'" ^°°'^ ^° coll«t |" ^^^ij ^p^^ II accordino to Giiol R J *■ C ¥ SMC on Dtccmbcr I'J to take part in 

ijhric- ^^..s ordained as a local elder. ""^ ^""^^ '°' "''' '''"i"'- Russ. In this land of picntf it is hard DUOgei I^Ut ^^ ,^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^1^ j.^ j„„i,„,i, „„. 

I This ordination brought the totil m m y~i tt i i t '" imagine that ive should go with 

lumkT of eldcr.s to fourteen and T. T. C. Holds LoUff but twelve ounces of bread in one 

Iwons lo thirfy-eight, Charge to the _ , _ _ week as she told us orientals do. Even 

■* officers was read by Elder Horace Kenienibcred hVCnt many of our workers have fainted at 

led for studi 
ion linan 
dcd its allocation of fm. 

:ip by I,. R. Rasmuss, 

urday evening of I 


10 Elder J. G. Gjording 

.ling eight 
^ j^ ^ -" -.vidcd among tne va. 

nan. Anderson (nev 
Jn.on President). 
Open night. 

■■ Elder Kier 
nt of t 
litreni^ _„, 

chcrs and the future and i 

lisplayed. One fitted for.' 
ds and can- A molK 

igar. lentils, jng from 

■ shipped 10 With iliis ihouKht in mtnd. 

by Mr. Gleison. gave 




Ill c/(cc£nt 



[;■' " ^ ■ ',;;{'isH 









Tlontkenn ^/ ^o^'-^e ^'^ ^^ 


Kt4 MavUed . . . Soutk Sii 

: dormi- Monday 


Jolly olc S,nU CIm (Jc« 

Aficr J wondcrfol dio 

(■ nj iinivcrmt reiollHio/i-niiikiitg we are oj the crs and ai 
tmleiili al SMC need to make and KEEP at least il«. Clitl 
thai during 19-i8 we will itrife la become ""^I'j"';, 

Jo.l eel a load o( I 

/.,,/ ,/ ;, .(,;/ jar Irom ferjcil. Ttie Stndcil Scoali will: • 
',iii, l„ ,/„.„■ h-Ml.-nhi/i Mini. II «™/. mr /„/,/;»(. , 

,e,v„/;„„ JS, 

■/ "^"""/ 

I and Richiid Dicketson. John Mjybc Ihcy t 

end of Ihe second ^ 

Alumni News 

Wayne Tluuber 

t'jiL!^'l'm^rbc'"o"^'Xp Holiday Visitor 

- .orilc form of txcrcisc- ^jg^ Gj.qwS 

News Notes admin^l" 

^ Dr U D. Ofidtn, dean of Union '"^^^ 'Jj^'' 
1- Ogdcn wS rcfumiij'lo'uC fro^ ,,, fJJ'.t' 

. K. A Wright kom, 

found herstlf shoulder d«p 
tier's fish pool. It was dark i 
decided to take 1 shod cut. 

(jnmcnt in San Diefio, Oil- SORRY SIR 
student Ralph Craig, here ''= '* '''<^'T sorry 

Gems from the Pulpit 

ced QuoLitions from i 

i 10 be able to hold its oivn 

and staff nut up with jt. 
yourself. Will. (Roget 111 


IJ3.00 per copy poslpo.d) 


January 9, , 

Editors' Piivalc 'Not So Wild a Notice Academy 

The Popular Opinion Poll | Lives Revealed Dream"; Good Book As ,i,„ is„ „f ,h. acc,:„, ^ 

In Staff Feature -n, smi] bm«„ ma curved fnr*r'Acc"CT'' ™ u',°a'3 

Sr Hc'h.°te" ,u'S»"i.™n' bof'".™ It-^.^Am"'.."' *d Misogynist David 
tITlL°M«°MC. i°t'; fclSiir'nTaJL'lta''.'" Gets Female View 

:;« i^vfc 'S£?Hi 3ail"S''kr* °i- '^■- 




Southern Missionary College, Collegedalc, Tennessee, January 23, lO-fS 

Mock Jury Declares Miss Evans Sings Sounds of the Air fXXu \) Q Clu?ip',<:r.,^ 7ilr>l^ 

Meat-eater Guilty At Lyceum Program To Be Given Here z! J^'V" ^''^^''^^*^ '«<J^^ 

*'"^'"''°"' ^i;: Ji«yl-tl,^IS;'.3; ^"^ ^^'^•^'^'^^^ ^1 College Qoakh 

Old Jo t«tmc».iM btfore 

jawrj.y night, Ja™.,' 

■ *""™ !;5^:^i£si'S;!ii 

;„;, Stats, d.tms, altorn.,'. c«- Evans. tncr in ih " prolclinn T ZnJ 

annnid And)'! ™^j^|^„" Jj^ ^""'/; She lias s=l«ltJ ihc followine nnm- f„t!, Alice and Harald Alii'!,' 

^ bj- Liwion, and Biiirtl'i ,","„'„"" in' L Minnt.'poiis'con'ma 
)»V 1-tot" loiy o( Mu,,ic, .and later ,!,« OukIi 

!"p',.Sn™i«."»"'b' obSin'J M. V. Officers 

', V^Ubits'comain moat nain- Installed; Cloilgll 

3r" leanntDoisetleioldtliceouri ChoSCIl Leader 

Ihi rernic of Ihc animal rtnaained 

Ibcingsbiad/. Meal is acid-foaming and cers olTlcially took up their respect 

No Stranger To South 

^handpipc-'organaW; ^ r\ ■ rU " Pr, .1 . W ,1 1 M l„.-[„- 

for a successful career ^-afsteria LhanOeS WV f^ 

bncourage l-riendships wr i j r • • 

ert, at an early age, ^ '^ World (ariSIS 

.antj numerous bird c 
toons and radio pro 

|»lcal add, no attength to a persons J,^ m,,„c commiilee this semester' The Aliens use tlaeir os.n speciall ■ """'"• 

|of IhTstate'mcTsmidTbr' Bobert toder. introduced Bari Cloogb, -vho is t"ui'l"Ih°s°fo°r^"Mu'kr°inumina' ™ong""udmts a.'i.r'i., 'h'"'!, 

stand""""""" ° '° mess"aje.°l!lr.'ciou'eT,ntrod"ce'd Pm. ''■>"■ Cedlnfei!"'" "'"' " 

■ a contact avitli the count)' f'-'ssor Gaitens, sponsoi, and associate 

f meats for Hamilton '''^slers \fary Lynn Coulson, head of 

■ol Hadlcy said that re- ""e mission bands, Ren Wheeler, de- 

"mar"' '""j"",'"' ''^ tad°°i?'a'li7ph"i"R"a.b ge™rai ■Mllens Entertain SMC, January 24 

tsted in i recent city-ivide secretary. 

:d unfit for consumption. The general theme of the short 

ring the evidence of de-' talks by each of these ofllceis ivas 

aroseculion, tlle juiy re- 'Greater Heights to Mission Work 

and found that the de- this Semester," 

«""!>■- Each student was called upon to do 

%mw. ^laik! um£'L£j'iUdv,rn™^^^ 

proximately eight minutes >oon be realiaed. 

o minutcTi"-"'""''?-^"'f ^^^'cers' Convention 
Meets on Campus 

Collcgcdale, Sabbath, Januaiy 17. 

At the first of each year these con- 
vcntions arc lield at various points. It 



24 "Sounds of the Air." 


31 Music Dcpt- Recital, 


1 Union Committee Meets 


2 College Board Meets, 


ti-7 Elder Schartfenburg 

and Temperance Ralley, 

and Temperance Rally, 

mcnts on tl.c Momk bomb jnd llic 

.ifc coniin;;. I,c slated, when Otlioli- 
ci-^m. (pifitu,,h-5m. and economic, psy- 
cliolojqjHl and palfioitc ft'clingi will 
iinile a^iainit (lie Ad\-cntist people, 

Qirls to JhV Ddtes 
For Ledp I] ear Parlij 

arj-e, No^'onlJTre'.hc Joun« I'di^-^ 

Lon^i. The profiram ilsclf— 
J? 10 Mjry Lynn Coulson. chief 

of the sliindr^,— will luve ^i 
It rustic flavor. The fellow.v 


Tkt Soutke/tn ^ecEnt 

H Collcf. Pollr DiviJHm, Doi<rth 

vdoptd ihi ".n" or "lukil- of slnp- un fm , ^^^^ ., bcjalifol mdod, much „f ,l,e u„,. „ 

in, »iih c)o open duirnj ttapti, »"Vi° „?!„, ,„bi«t thai Jomls to » = ll ui J"ct i„d Bob Kbifc, 
boh?. Mr. S:>'rcn5 m.dc die moonco. joo '"•^'J^'^l^ ^J^.^^, „, „ Yoo'II if Ih.,!! luorlk .l,.l miiroo,cm. W, 

,bo voo »oolJ Sook. 

A-o S.ecne.t SMtate PJeaie. 

„ill hold , binqoM. All 

TllZ 9:'.'"p'°".-'"P''/'.'" 

A^ ,5.«>^^ s^au iJjexi4^ ,j^:: -r for^^rLTSiZ rs,"°;o^.^'is!-fu'h.fdS £z,:'rr!S'=lr: 

'"""''"'.''' "' '/!''',",'.„',",'/„',,".'.,,'■ rrmort. >;/r* uJ. ■'When uHl ,f.|k-sht frfl down. !!!.°di"lle!!"°r»rnKd°io "jin'pb'o! «» ""'' 

r,"('''.„ "'i Ji '.'"""' '"•"'■ ''1 ''■" '""'.f'" "N»"""S " ""■' '"■"■ *''■, *','„y „'",'. b°;™f,l ™™d' for rhc b>"q»» Pl'n 1° """'" „lkirh"°i.'l"md°H,''rou' M,',m''l 

„,, l.„ M ./W,,, 
f.\,r* f-V;J»y 

i,.,„Uch:,r ZZli'!^'i.7m" ^ '""" "'' Dolierty Modcl A IZ'^tettLt" «Sd°n\V'™'l 

''"'"' "■_ ^ __^^_ Letters To The Carries Party Goers SLS^hUjIT^^^^^^^ 

M. -.^I!l' J''/ /r^', .""."■'■' Editor , ?™ °°,1"?'' "■'',', 'i'sMcfr liTotl '""'"''""'""■ 

.1/ „,/r„,/. ..; -"■-• !:;j2,;;^r3;Lio';d?o"": n.... ,„. o., ord.„„. .., 

y„!TO ,«lhsl«'ii have bmi hitmlal cimigh lo MmJ Ihe o/.™ ,„, ,,,„„,, „f u,, „i.„d of >« ihiol.- 

• ■ ', . „," fC-zt- of ih. do...».. 


'^ ';'';;;7,;';,;:';,;\i;;;j;';;?!;'',;I;'';;/;''''),,',\',:'r,'''' '''"'"'""" war on Rum suows 

I'" '""! .' .'.' " ...,' ■ ... . ' -U 'honld be ^"'-^ J "Mm-h of Time.- film on 

/?0i4^ w 7^J^^ 

[IKS colkvtcd 10 prove it 
:h intinukd Ihat bigger 

' R.^ui'ily ihc Collegedalc 

To people who don't show up for hejij of H 

val of Elder Scharffcnbcrg 
ricnil Confer. 


r^PRIL I -191-7 


Se*uan. SketoUai, 


{ I. .^/' °^ ""^ Philippine hUnds, and the 

y^^llittUe Inside View of atholic Controlled 

PortUfijI were the films presented to 

I'itionU Kehl°ns''cinh t "" ""'" 
;nd'd;rtor*e''iev"n' niSnn.',"'irin'^i-t»»'w^^^^^^^ 

I. R. C. Presents Too Cold for Mules; 

Films on World Party Plays Coolie 

n.. On INiglit of Thrills 

e not. The>- ivalkcd over, and fro 
;w tepor le cirls had cold f.ic 

Kctn-minded expert on journalism, leRe. iviost college activities have taecn last issue of the Accent, -"i --"■"■ .[; :' "-*"" "" - '■."*'" planned for a house part)-— even dress 

lirliamentaty procedures, and extend- sacrificed foe this hohby— which may Daschuno to mak- a pla« amonc"tht f"T',ind ~ ■^"" ^"^^" '"'' '" P-'c'^'P^'e in 

[ T.fc 'ictol vvoIk'joreEmple, last year, however, he found lime i>e™er Ches"let hehas b«n 'rii&K *"Jo„S fs 'j'plpuhiion of lO^i ' '"'"'i """ "" " S'""' " "" "'^ 

bliio public schools. Mount Vernon to be general secrclar,- of the Sabbath around is really two cars long He i||i,eraq" accirding to lb" 'insitle ™" ^.'"'"'^-■""Iher spill. At the 

f Clevehnd. Ohio, Washington Mis. president of the Married Co'upTe" aro" d Tn*°( ?) """'"' *" '""' i^''S26'^is%°oick!y*'o"'-errtlnl'iTO'"fhi" ''"" '"^ . "" I-'l""ns gr.iciou'i 

Dyke ind Spcncct College, being 
ualional b^ck^round. An eager, in- 

value, bo 

t'h'i" a'dvicI?io"iny minislm'J 
s 111 lake all the education 

live of two of 1 kind. Bobs D.r 
and Rirkt. seem lo bolh luve 

February 8. will someone please 

course he already has one, (he cjain- 
but he want! Ihe same privilefic 
saying "I'm sorry, but I already h 

... Open night a week ago 

freezinq weilher. The cold'air lo 
were all for it, but farm manager P 

nell Following the film, a letter was 

^" Debate Cliib Votes 
„y Against Exams 

*': Saturday night, Januari' 17: Resolved: 
°' Examinations Should Be Abolished in 
^^^ College Courses. Upholding "popu. 

John Spencer Darnall and Robcfl Al- 

3ne ncg.ilive side it-prtscnItJ by Rob- 

^t. decisions. It seems (hat popular op/n- 

helpful by sc 
ing to explai 

gethcr at Fie 
an;- .pills, bu 
spills, did r s water— he sp.ll 
'..Elf.v.,^ Mull «id h 



oin^s. TdXiJiw'r'' 
y? Tlicv found out 

e competition. 

on (l.c\ub,Ck~ 

window.? jrc there 


|C L Bauer oresidentofiliebZ'd 'i?m?m „,„. , J 1, ,i family for it was on thai date thai ihe d'eg;nmtic;n"'staru' amr'm.'rfJcT be' 

If IrusteeTaaisled i "tchitecTw R War " Earfei Tt CoSia Ha'l Sa" °''''"' '''"''"" '""" P""'""'' "' '"'' S>« to slide- Sure victory awaiis all 

urday evening, January 24, Dorothy 

fC'Iliric unto7'coii'j'b'nd a °M,"'b,J!',in''"r'si°Ii^«hfcii™d^ Miller Replays 

1?,.'^"';; ^^'.^ leadership of Mr. -Rebels' Retreat." Behind this door is PianO SelcCtioi 

of Mr! 

-Rebels' Retreat.- 

Behind this doo, is 

Piano Selections 



Jty who mtrcaled help from God 


ional, and 

Tyson and Roy M 

"W h H h s d 

about to 

un out on us. If the mission 

and Cud. 



arles Dillon and 


Cliicago) and liis follow-ers 

last place the Diblc°fav'erth°"seve 


he-ad of SMCs music department, in 

d recently 


of Raymond Casey-, 

chapel on Januar>- I-l. 

Bcheving the theory Ihat people like 



sea of glass singfng the ,„„g „f 




aldyne Kelly, vio- 

'' alotSrTnm" Most"' Z 

with Ite benighted will aid gr 



ung, accompanist, 

Japan or India > Will it bc- 
ncement of the blight and 




land of e 

eriasting day, or n-ill it be 


Accent On The Academy 

The Accent S/«J h Uffy to ueUome hilc in ra,,i, the mu' 
Ae<,dem\ Eilitor, Mn. Beatrice liaiiley. The AcaiSemy students 
tclJel ,.„ i«,t,«y 19. tooted ,„„„i„,o,„ly lor Mr,. Hadley to 
talte over the retfamibility oj editor oj tl>e "AcCBNT on the /Ita- 

\re know that with tite help oj every Aeadeviy student she 
win he Me to make tliis the oiilstanding section oj tise Jiaper. 
We. the ACCENT Stal, pledge otir jitll sitpporl to Mrs. Hndley 
as she takes on tlsis tHjJietilt task — E.H.W. 

Qjacui&iatitui Kjetf SrAientud 

ylt(or,K»s /" Afr. Welrster to coojterate is to ac 

i,.„,itu, in dliliraliriate svnonvin, especially in otir - 

*■,"/:,<,■,, 'L,li,er These deftnltions pretty well sttm t,p 

.nn tridy and the new Academy Accmr iiatl. 

u , -'..'. aljcad oj IIS, and we are cottiiting on yon to 

/„„ /„ , r''„',i „/ ,„„-,idal. S" mnci, so that it has almost ™/™=J^'Jj 

, I/,'.,/" " / , (■. , thi^'a new paper for a new year. Send »< ''"' 
:„„„v„n „.,.,/ ;» the paper. Let the jolt, hack home know that 
,„„.,., u.methiagin the way oj jonrnalistic ejlnrts. -/ // 

/, ,.,„, boring to read time ajter time what a small 
„,J,„\, Links ,d,„„t the news. // we are to cndintw .» /*.. 
downward bath, instead o{ having the "ACCENT on the Academy" 
we mii;ht well change the title to "One Reporter's Views o» the 

Exams Over; 
Everyone Happy? 

nnJcWion'-iJc'ind^el,!^ ".dative »/ on, .indent body There is 
!,",,', 1"/,";";' merlL jm,!. Tin Ihing to do is to bnekle down 

ml del.n„.ly , 

S M" 

<9e*mtu*ie - Maiadute - 

t^nluoldiai Ji/lutte/Un^ 

I „ ,,:(nlin SrnWART AKEHS AND Earl OSBOBN 

Sliidenis Give Ideas 
For Improving 
Chapel Programs 

Veterans Show Film 
' ' Operation Snowball 

OpLriimn Snovvball was the film 
II < r'^^ nkd b) ilie Collcficdalc Veterans 

This film was the slot)- of the most 
ing the recent cxcutsion to Little Amciica iti 
:lcomc, the Antatctic.- A Nas^ task foKc 
a good pholO}traphcd and mapped pottions of 

holding of olficcrs among a 

j'tn'talent haVan'opportunit}' of e\- j^ ^^^ "^^I'^'^J^'^f 'l";'! ' 

mis.ns *e^ J I 'lira. J";™"; ^^ u I sec it. is to edncaio i 

Lxn an oppoilunity to serve. 1° '''^ '^'^£f=^ '""a' iW "■ 

, . . Edna Earle Slewatt ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^J' 

Alumni News 

If jou .houU jJJrisi a kllcr to Duughtcr 
^((l G I Hjz,ird m iKL of G I li<n W^. . 
Hizird CPC GHy SCAP SPO No Dc,i_Lm 

diiUren to join her husband in ing to 

Mrj Chnstcnstn, local in! " ' 

Trench and home economic; 
of Lota 

Seventh dn AJ^cn^, ( 
Ions A«jm InJ i 
happi.nmB'^ in India and 

ShiT is" takin "graduate *otl. pccpara Wh> "" J^^JJ'^^J;,"'^!!'^ w^l 

sm'd-.m nuJ"u Tr'thc 'rlorida Sam is the ""^^^'^^^ ^'j^ ^'^Ti "o'^'*' I 

Vc were sorn to learn of the death funfile o" '•"^ ,''■'>. '° Crsl's »c« if I 

of Dr. Charles Cogfiin in California. Jm and l.'Ai- ff^ ^^^ nulf^ I 

He and his wife were students here centiv '"""""i^^ „„ „|,d m "^ I 

at Southern Junior College foe se^■era[ Florida, church. « = " J" -^^ Inj?* I 

rears. that his church IU5 " .^ ^^^.^^ | 

It may be tliat some who read '=""«,?'*')''-„ Miami «'"' 

ihcsc lines are interested in aviation, fp^cd '" ''j'P'"^ ^' „ funds. 

If .hat is ime. drop in to see Fay 000 drive for mission 







Southern Missionary College, Collegedale, Tenneist-c, Ftt 

iTabernficle Fire Faculty "Artists" Hoard And Fiil'ulty Elder George Vandcman 

hnZT *"■'"'"'■ ^rJi'f^'^s'T ^'f'"'"^'"'"''!^'"' Holds Theology Workshop 
u$3000 Damage m, Li ™l/c !f°Ld ,n Elder V. G. Anderson °^ Tv^..»o..v.p 

idcrson. on Sun- gen, 
H-, tht Vinous ■ .iriisis- j^j- evening, Fcbrujcy I. Present were 

:lt>- vvint thiouch thur j|i (|,e members of the Union Con- Eldi 

j;reM spiril, if nol ferencc Committee, the college boird, tion 

nd the fitcultj- and staff of the tollcge. thee 

A ptvignsm was presented bv the 

dtj- centeted around 


noke toming from the fur- Highlight, of th 

1 in the right front of the Doiothy Evans' 

a, 1 thought that it was a 

Luckily I 

arly Col 

1,1 Show Importance 
cent Of Religion 

the The study of science in rehtion to 

d by a con. side were given by Mrs 

study , 

Sfc"alv"ij'c-'«i''mmtt?wa" "S*.""""- "Hitet's' ■Prn'lo^; and yellow, i "K"n!'th"' m^jest, 

Hc,rsto'b?Bansj;;S-™?oa°,Tfi; ["? L."Tch!,"n. ''iljr' n M.V.'S OepiCt CilineSE "v ,1-" iHu-i 

'"Tliirt, minutes after the hghting had "^ Also°p,„c.ted ,„ the program were WOFShip iP ChapBl X"''.-!-''"''" "i'l 

TbeiXct'ieM played ■'Day is Done," and Elder Jen- jeiiict'd''a'chmeL Ts°orT.'p'st^e'Tf ''^'j !'"■' 'd"*^'l 

I Ue blaze started from the ov^-r- "^" *''" '"'' """^ ^"'^'^ an ancestral shrine in chapel on Janu- °badmv"of"lumir 

'J ™"""S'ol"Had\-rTb" TTlcHan "Orchestra" countered by !; mis,i<>na,y, Drew'Tur- ., '!".t"°'_"- ," 

§■■■■' ---r'|.e,.u,eofthe'h»ardous Sct FOC Sundi3y 

1ST SctruT^dsTmiTto^'ure': JL^f.^J^loV'Na'ti^'S'f ata ^^'dr™ 'togS,,;,'; "'.i«" """' Scharffenberg To 

n good time M iItc fotlhcoming Accent [ourney onoc a ycjt ro pay tfibulc to He gave quolalions from (lie ipir.l ... ., -j. 

,rt)'. This shjndie. 10 be presented the spirit,'! it their anccslrjl sluinc. of PropheC)' advocating the sluJy of VrSlt I efTlperanCe 

'li, is^^":^ '■ -irrutr" "TiriSi^'rT".!:;': t ;!;;r,hc. rpir.ii?o';°;;,Ar;ei,t.'"""" '" Program Here 

positions to be filled i^the MeHan of^^ mTn. '^Becomin^"'intcresIed,'°the of''"'ni'luJe'^T^' an'"i^fluencc"'on'''tl'rc 'sr*>h^ il (l.TdupelToiiModav 

iphony. For instance, the Micstco Chinese hstened intently to the Chns- mini-stcr to win more souls for Christ, stirring mcss,i;;e on Temperance 

linjiion, who b 

< explained I 

of ^"bjccts need ,0 b 


-hop Elder \ 


various pha 




logy a 



TI^E Soutkeiin «i4cc£nt 


Chatter 1 

Charlie J i-J»- ' Md... h 

Benio^ Shetckzi 

jlong ill 




EUiM >"> 

j;;,;: i; 


supply II 

ITcbsrio bieak Ihc m 




™o;"ite "f 


wti" ';;: 



Aj /9/ / ij„-„r,.« lO^i'^and 1944 honored Mclvin by "> "''ftv quarlcis. Also wli>U- ,n high 

i„ , ad) *« ™r , Wb !"«■ * k"' t^" P'f ™' ,°/ From Oklahoma ,o M.d„o„ to 

7v„. r„„;/«™'/"" -■» "'. '■'''."'■'•'•■ '■■» '""'s'" '" ""■ '""• r^'";7S"tataS^.„'S~1 'ioa"rc'.irti,!^- 'sS^.i ^^- «■"-■. =N.b™k, (uoio„coii,,.;'; 

iosily md love of tmd led him— sir 

wife persuaded him lo g» ^^^^^ ^^ ..._,„„ „. . ,, 

r ^r^^^'^l^^ ^'J^yj^,Jl°J!: Union. onc'jVPUC. Tnd "oV't^o u j 

i.,r lime. Ilicy decided lo use powd<.-,<.-d Wg 

-,.. „« ,„„,„.« ,,;« *. t'i°";:,^»u'=:'p"ib';'s™ 

f-rZ/'V fd«jc. r/w/ we may ^^^^ ^^ ^^j, „f ,1,^ ^^^ lo^cf clat 
„l « "jJio;,/ »; ilmJmh." men. 

//.Ri A, „„„ 

,' Tlial-s aarlie, folb. On iJic bi 

„<™,on ,0 J. Sf.n«r Cnall, ol 

Al^uukam Jlincoin 

rvhrmiry 12 marki ihv birth of jierhajis ibc grealesi Anierieaii l^'\^'^l^l^^J^l^^^^^^^^^"!''^ ^ ^"^ 
,.j ,ill lime. The rite from a humble hirlh lo the prcslige of Ihe 

Pri-uiiiDl III the Ihilleil Stulet rvhreseiili in every ashed the symbol «, c. j i t:' n 

,!! \mZ-2^ ohfmlmnlx llh life hus been au NcW StudeiltS Etiroll 

iiniuuiiiou /<. ihf.,n.,„<h. // iu,i m;iii">,'. oj ir,,j'.m-hi-iiig people Foi" Tliis Scmester 

-/. I "■..' '" .' --I "- " ■■/"■•'■" ' )'■■"'»"' /"' ""■ ^, , „„,„, „,„„ , ,, . , . 

nk ilith iictv imhht hllo Ihe Ashlock. Eva Lynn. Indi 
Dulterfidd. Htrbcct. Ohj. 

k. broui,. or xcllou: is a crea- ?"„%' S;.,?'F|nrid? 


his i<h;ils. '^"tt'^r. botolhy, 

To a world primarily coHcerued with power politics Vwcolu ^^m': Ght W^'^MA,^^, Nino htartini. Metropolitan' S^n'^'Tlroducins a type of P-°f"^^'^I 

Stands, and is honored, as a great Americaii and a great world Griffith, niJtidgf, Ollfornia Compiny lenor of New York, will be lo Washington Missionirj-'-o'i^fr^-^ ■ 

■■■- •! whose personal ideals could lemficr an afflicted globe. HolJtn. Cjmillt, Louisiana presented in College Hall ii La Sietra Brojdcasling ''ep"'"'^^^'*^ !j-"f,,kjJ I 


fion? Ille wilkT'o" the' amVu. aft« ^y, '"'''1''"^ 'l,'"' .^'"S"^ ^""^ "?'" 

n of fans , 

, Colum' 

Norris, Okie)- Carter, Flofi 
Peterson, Gerald. New Yorl 

Velim.n. Frederick, Florida 

i people who refuse to obey Ihc Ward. Mildred, ' 


7L GaOel Kaj>s 

Histoid Clabs 
Fight<i Cnil W» 

I.B.C. Picks Coll^j 

Sno« Blizzaid 1 at L>im Relmi 

F LTp,„s thiT'mTmtrr iL Woi'st 111 55 Ycai's Fi om India 

I be avoided until 


Unilcd Sintcs larn 

nol only,.. 

Veterans' Club Thrc 

Tl.e eeeoioe aod ntjl.t or Jion.,,- 

.vorst ■■blizwrd" e.vpetieneed in fifty- 
five yMts, Climjxing an afternoon of H 'ni.Kht K .al 

I Ofcrrs of the IRC Clob chosen for 2 " „,^. b ,^^t , l? S ? T •'"'<'■ " '"■"'■ >•"'''■> «" "" '""P"* 'I'" f": ''I' '"■"■','"8 >^'>"' ''"' '"l I"'. 

Lnd semester formioo the e>etu- """'"'"I 1>1- comfortable old clothes Unprepared as it was Colleeedale ' years absence dorioe wind, she cir- '"•> 'nfiltratcJ into the last slronshold 
L committee kre: and active james. was totally overcome by tins new ex- cleJ the svorld for Ike second time of the C F. A„ and even gained the 

: Hcatls Camera 

ns Sat"rday"nisht. 'lli,m^°°2l 
lom 30} of Lynn Wood Hall. 

Jan. confidence of some (not many) of 

^y IJj'f ""'"" 

-dected mother," explainine that, It last, she transport, she explained. The cabins ^olsom. and in 'no 

ttte and com- had seen snosv- are in dormitory style, each ccampart- ^^]^' '^"rcrs of th 

entertainment, J- Spencer Darnall and his room- roeot holdinj; about 13 bunks. ^'^ promptly move 
indcr dors to 

llegiancc was quid 
f Special Agent George 

Marshall Dyer, president; Harold 1°*"' "'" ''''l''"' 

"iSsmranll'lm'in Ihfsnow ex' Tempcrani 

hibitins their childish Bloss. TSuh. . . (C„„,'„,„.l f,o,„ f,,,e 1) eallyJ.elli.ecreM 

plioninlTbeir'™"; sup°pV O™, ff'S-.""' '''\V''! . '',"' ''", ''r' '* 

snow-bound for the ne 
After the first shotk 

Sxihrie Having 

I" '^f'"''"' Busy "Rest" JElff i!?''?l'^F ^-S^i^'^5Ci£lr 

Lot of the Scie".e and Mathelfcs Dr. Ambrose L, Suhrie, resident and resoorces in the construction of Jl™ "' "'» O"'"!')' E""s, of the thilll the remlininj .Stople. wStJ 

|ub for the second semester at the edocational consoltanl. who is spend- an eiebl-foot sled designed to be fol kg' music f.icuhy A move o„ „„ ,„,„„,|. ^ j„„^,S-„| ^^J^^ 

■eettng on Saturday esening, Januaiy mg January and Febnaaty m Florida, pulled by Richard s Cushman, siVj.'^o !,;i^ „,.i^ i , ,i '"'°"' ^i'Wrcw their |.otcntial opposition. 

B- writes that be IS well and happy m the /^ ■■ ri ■ siraiion ssdl round nut tl.e program, and the battle laged, 

|».«rmg^Pr.sident Richard Dicker- ™ ^S '■;,„;~:':f ^X^'' Qialk DraWmg J„„iorClaSS Tlis initial disadvantage was 

f A model of .r'prrposed scieoce ''•';""" -j/'Sl'l,"" ""^ ^^'^^^ Organizcd OffiCCrS ChoSCn rmbe'„,*"t,;"n Sion"' IZli 

ainst three millioo a 

iBrmaLra t?D'u'Kha!il'the",Mi!'S ''»" '"'> " "" ""i°" »' Forest'Lte of the course, whieh'will lasrfo!°eig°ht VtJ '"prei'dcnt— Ihnmi'e Lou""' ma°tch'''fn',°',2' Z' 'H'.f^tW ' 

lateS If constZi the moie? Academy who plan to attend SMC weeks. The class meets every sSn- Wesierfield match for any five misspelled Yan- 

-Gordon Sehlenke 

College Publicity 
ilni Produced 

Gems from the Pulpit ' College Day Planned i::f;zz:viL'ZJtd 

" By student Senate Kvc-n the C r. a. s,nd Union n.viw 

icrc were scenes in it whkh could ■'Tlii; study of natuic and its phc- definite proportions of compounds the 

"aptcd and used in the ntw film, nomtna wili bolster the ministry of student can readily perceive that God 

and lii^li school seniors in llic South- And so it went- Ev^n with General 

ern Union art asked to watch the Ac- Schneider's help the- battle mu« in. 
crNT for further information regard- variably fjll lo (he Soul!, as it did thai 

« of the film in local (huf 


Accent On The Academy 

IJie. VAkif &.cUoei, . . . 

Future Teachers 

, , , . , , , , .„ ., Fill Ranks From 

thii, tin' n'jr 19 is, /j yoiifi, yours for tt'hal yon can do with il. 

anil yr.nri \oru'lM you mil do wilb II. Yon can improm omr your Collegedale Acad. 
pail year's record, or yon can go and do nothing for yourself or for 

your God. M„„..MlK.'"l!..- 

Slof) a niomenl! Did yon fintih alt the things yon slurud in A. nl.riiy hi>'- ihl ^r 

:\1 . csfieclalty all the ll'hiiis yui started uihen the goiot^ te^s l.-.u^h:- ''■''' '-^' "irix.'n' rii , - 

U'erc all your lolelle.loj il.iovs ahove arerar,. and i.,rc M vor j^/, „;„„ T.-,d;u, u] A,;,-, - '- 

i^ether ^alisjied mil ■' ■ ii :■->, A^ Mjfy Lynn Coulson (lepped 10 

'"ee"'oiu''lodo'!Ji!'„io ^ (»/!, |... " S "^^1""''^'' Fr'™ 

The Bright Side ;.°,"l":;:i,un";ij''bZ^'i£ 

7 . . , , ,. VJIq, Kcn„,.kv ,.,d, ;To«Mnsn 

ccc^i-itt'ittttc - Masculine -^ m", ^"'21^"°" „.■„,„ m,,,, 

= '^tu'.'iUu.t Mutterings '':*Im7i™ "oI;,;"'t:!Z '-'■ f'lS 

I Tlie Popular Opinion Poll 

S. M. C. Seventh X-Ray Unit 

In Size Examines Students j 

ing o! college presidents U Union Col- ^n'ryj^^ry^^-i^aod ^"byTl-e Him"J-| 

'riglit give ilie 

xke Eclitor's Sonq B ^ 






luthecn Miwionacy Cont.-f;(.-. Collcgedaic, Tt-nncwee. Fcbri 

llemperance Society Atcent Ciimpaiyn 
(stages Drive For Victors Honored 

Iproliibition in Community s^^)s;z^ts:xt 

Kon-Til<i Leader 
Sliows Film On 
Raft Voyage 

Tsabbiih "f^rnw^forum, and Nctwofk. 
oitation of the ■■Prisoner of (he ■ The long-deli> 
moek-lrial, (he soeiely hit hard supper t 

itliarKenbetj Prisoner mcST' "ji 

V\he"prTsoneJ°Th'e' jndjl wis He^js Homec Brow„."ja£ Atkins P..,™ lt.n.Tll.i°p,.',?;m." "^" ' I.r'^intZ'' Z°*.t'™l!''"r.'' «'"« 

,i. suttTobe" RoKh' p'resideni Aidrich"Tnd V,T,ice H.dTe,. ."d CoLpotteur Club Defln Sevrcns Lflutls E i«kV™arhr*!ltaS; 

■of the iyciLi:luriw. .latd 15 de/enst Bobbye Swofford li Homer and --, . g, . t^ • . .» « . i, , r i 

1.110™, ,od Ben wh„ie,. i,e,so,e, Henr,-'s^p'i «ends. Tht ^,,,i^ GmcT SyiTtpostumr Teoching ProfessioiT ' ","; '■' ■ ,„ 

|ot"ihr ^m" w«' <.;o',t/ A>ldock! °i'<^f^^'° tb'-v ">« »"t°'o "i" the Ha^S''rd''RotorDinJii*''p ™ ^t Dedicatioii ServicB li„"V,!: , ' ','','',""" 

'* '!»"«'""' '■>:/'« ''ll^nl'^pe-ake, on S.bha.h w.s »" V^ &1,1'7; lii^JS the 5;;|;ed''lfa,rW.'''jip"men,'™e siJ 

iqnot indosti,' and 

jcorge Ashlock included in his hy Ottili 

..'Ireiir^rS I'ThV^Sd On Revenge ■■'r'r"y^''f''n'"' 

iquor. if con- 

, based o. 
Don WoodjII emphi 

'right in clupcl Mondaj-. lories;" Donild 
High CosI o( Woolscj-. 

'pSwWinriiL'^^^^ Panorama of ,,^J^, ,^;j ^^"„ h/done Ig ih^body Guinevere Ellis, Donald Hollnnd! ^'"l;,','",; '" ' 1 !, , ' i""' 

The chapel prognm w.s ilso pre- ["^Id'^^MfutSons'^^n d"scrf?ionrof S^^e^^'A^o'"/ m": '"'^ T ^'''!'"' r'-la/l.' ii.. ....'l.r ,>,'i,MM„r. 

I doid skunks, A eriwiy 








Mjrch 12.1(^-Colpotlei, 


Maieh 2.1-39— Spring Va 


;rcEo'„ 'to%h'l'" to" mac, ,"" *S 'oTaS' dib!''Ge''o°s""Asi*;k, Muslc Mstructors lo Present ^l"'!.''!"' "'"."';: "; '"■"'■. 

i!'"m°hish'f*V?h?'stfa?irpr,° ;,"/ °„';„'J'°''"'>^ "P"""""K " ''!"■ CoHcerl Saturday Niglil "■■"!■ ■■ ' " 

■n,e best way to jel rid of an enem, r.,j _ „, ,.^ i, „ , , „ '■'■Ill'f;f \~llll.fl> 

is 10 make a friend of him, tldcr LOOII HlaHS Elkn H.irllmol iV joikeJ m„,,t i" Talli.S Oil P|- 

Sophofnore Class Spiritual Revival L;rw„;V'^'T™sn„rd'iroU'' g,o,. am k 1 ' h 

Eleclis Officers ,„™,',„, WZi "rV'^ „ , ' ?«v ''Sni L," ^.,7", ^r 

em finflisl 

Included 'irf'hw'sde<i 
eelhos-en sooala and 1 








' ; "',;■■■ r„™"rS..™ 1 




'"n "?'""'', 


0™i« F..™ 

ihc Khwi' SMr,''and"nionw5r'''jun(! July'"' 
»ry College, CollcfM"'^ "^',0 1 


It*i beyond us to explun why 

iihout boys of Souih Hall w*r 

" '" "" ""'iji,', „ brbold. Fir once Both mother and din|hto ;,j' 'J 1 

Whether they'lUdmit it or not, ihe the male "^/.'''*," """ ,„"'"%h ""'/'' S'^sing nicely. Frank is doing ^^.n 

fnllowme voune bdics became one siartlinfily attired than were the fc- also, 

■eat oldei the other day: Jimmie laan males. Oh, a feu' of the damsels did A Birthday Parti- 

Westerfield, Bette Walters, Duae surpass some of the J'M". °"j|'"V^. ^'^^ a suiprise for Edith Pleasant, 

Reader, and Betty Howard. The of costume and color comtanalion, out „„ jj„„ j, ^^ , »o 

eabennj tli.t took Miss Parliti's we're taltinj about the boys in gen- Yellow House helped to make it . 

Te^r l:«tn"ilj"rtl«'e ih-ngo"" Where%oold°'yo» find a toatedo that °'„^ Ji.yJ'j aid'''°hL,''"kke'"°''' 

Speaking of pa,lie>, tlKyre^ stdl wouldjomjn.e Jj^J^JJ™ °f;|';",'' «r>"l- Hith managed to bio, i, 

'ama gSojeZXirm lhe"'parbl GeorgV'sJInCe!'' ™ "eqoIlT .«li „7]"„L'^'S'!' i°L Evat ij""'" 

'"Ti™°n™'p?,ig"'p>nE ""e » *■ tThair, o?»t°thihr=imil'riy im- Jas" ™ *;;Khi''w';rha°°'*'''' 

too. We'll soon be developing 
of cKpeil wielders 
paddles, no doubt. 

?amily- givei by RuihRirh 

lAjA3A3j&e! BaikaUu^ ""iHi^iEi^^Ez"!! slf^HHiHdSfiis^o Snt!ptSBvltS3' 

77,, „' „/,t,,. -Il „;< /.-.t,, ,""'/('. «.«' "»• -"'*" «■«' ">»l '""=°"" »'" a •I""' '"■ hi,p,estisehythepricether.ou-S25 wa'rt'he'"S'e IT"' i' 7'". 

,/„,„,.„ /,„ „.„.■■ /..„ I '„""f'« ", /■,'..• "I CollegMe iheUl ;Xfc' '"si,", all'^Ss d'1 "SmeiieT meSioit w'heTa grill From all repirts the waS:i i;',. 

■ ■ ' a-J ■■ •'■^- -our writer will put perplexing situation arose he merely "J™"'"'' 

head for the hills, had to refer to the boot ■'How to "' '^=»"' 

Imcs^ut? which he carried so conspicuously in appendectomy. 

his shirt pocket. A Gallop poll sur- Ruth Petty also had an append 

vey should be instituted to determine tomy and is home. AlmaHts 

CI the extent of the inHuence nf this keeping Ruth's little girl until sh, 

Outlook nTpreL°'t*.;'sa"« "ighl'ira"!; ™t£ '^°''°^"'"'"" ^°*'='' 

.: twrlht-ru "blizzartl" lay on Ihe ,hings in order and head for the hills, had to refer to the book "How to ^^ ^^"^ 

, „irif/ have lolti the weatherman Will someone please send him the Win Friends and Influence People," Masu Sagcr is home again after m 

,rr« ia , ^^.^ ^1^.^^ ^ ^^^^p ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ p^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ appendtr 

;,„„/;,i. ;/ ,„,'«;,, ireW /». »» ™/. >lr««!^ ^enato'ltal 2 ™i of The"ln«»;ce".'fTh" 5„e"Ru'tli's''lMe girt'Tntirst l 

Ih.iij ,/,7„,,. —<,hid! is alloeelher Urn lame /i 
;„ii, „,.,//„„ f7'e« //«• "ole nvimmM bole" filled in l'a„t,. 
„, »~//,i"i,' "/ ,. ».'"' .'"i/"" „//r«r(;o»-iro„r/<;»/, Ute. 
Wia.l-U mate -/„ .„,.( r/,!.'.' (Tbe WiaJ ami ihe K. 

i„ her llai,) Ihe l„n,,,:i„-l„ '.w i„ „ ihal a iMymhaa hoar R,„cu, C Mtz.ii, a black goat. Opportunity knocks coseHno froti , stren S™„ U 

Hale" a„„,„l,ai,ie,l „„„/ "/ '/„ ,/,.„„/,„"r No,,', „',(* ihe lealer Haee you oer tr.ed o do die im. b„, onec^ tliey sa,. Too b.d. For J°;„"'"S f"" ' ""P *r.,t «J, 

\„l„,,pili-\,.«,h. "„„„/,„ A,, /,.,ir" ^ ^ ,,_,„.,„;„„,, E:^;;e',,„ull'l'"d;me';hlld',fc,' si we;rep!™dto''i°„t™d"occhim "•*' BraJJ«ks father died F,l„ 

'hi ''„■'"'""' "' , "!""','■''",' ;"'.■' !'" ""t!a,U,la',',. Zc.lletrD"'bTthemS'.,s'"°"" In'Vfct^if ^^Sm "atatoTu'; Pthf is'^x'ttd'^d'ToSh™ t,-';; 

„/„,■,„, ,, , , ,, . ..„.„eeaia,u It was just two w«ts ajo that tell him abL it and he'll he glaj to ""'i'^'' ZlSlZ '^TTX,. 

, . , , ,„., ,,.,,,,,,. ',,/„/,, /re 5„««y L. K, Tobiassen, speaking for the write you one, Snmc poetic wit wrote Jerry and Martha Jo Bronibick hi,, 

.•;„„/;,/,„„/;,/.„""',, A'" would be the logical group upon go^s llkniiis:^ "' ° """^ "'"'^' " They will be dose neighbors to tie 

I-'' '•■ ■'■'■• \' I ■.'■■"■•■,■''•"'■/■""";' "''"',/'■;" Ni,, or Marines, don't fi,l chisiled '^J'-f™\,"'-f'. Monieagle ate visiting iheir^ s« 

a,ahMl l,i,.,;„,',ou"wiirnow"liiid"oM""j'o's't '^*"' Look LoSCS Dillon Connell. They ar\. planniaj > 

,„„;,„„ i'„//„t, ,.„, ,';;'\;'';|;,;°i^~™"j^;jjjf»>;s'' ^t Debaters' Party "Z'°nTS,'w3,b!'tom aE 

'„ ,e, ,( s,„„i„,«- rfjc """ *'"■"" "'" ■"" "> P"' "'""S The debating dob, reinforced by a and parents of Dot Newga.d, are kt.l 

" '' some of Its responsibNities to you few party.crashers, held a most in- to see tlie.r new ■ 

,„ieri,' /„ /*,. /,«r, „/ 

Good news to the folks in d 

,/i.,„7,, lh,„ .fari 
hell Ihe firsi jiarly ihe Tesiilli. Don'l leave Ihe eseiy student 

. Cirtv ,-u«e,l ■'","'■' 

Seriously, though, we of the Senate lie of a debate which followxtd, over Many people have bt^ 

11 find the going quite impossible violent protest by the partidpants fav- about that little blairk b 

ince of each and oring the "new look," the majority ^uth Brass carries with 1 

Alumni News 

Gxi^l/eienia MjeU. 

wh„ eal, i„ Ihe Sains """" "'"' l"rliae„l fael—lhe Ut of .„Ji- C„|le|!'"Day'°this"',°e'ar '""'"" """""^ of 'happmes*"lDo;"ri "ongrato la- "a°g"ed in"subiecls pertaining to > * I 

emil ,pae, la hang ,„al,. When some monber of the Senate tious to you both. gree in norsing edoeatiou. ^ | 

1I",'(W„ fee miaiae, „//rr „ anal hegia, ihe freseal ratk it calls upon yon fo, some assistance. Dean and Mrs. Walter Clark now James I*"""' ^"°' , "ilfc, W ■ 

c„„,;,/, (, /y /,H, ,/, .„„7 ;„„„ ,/i. r, „„ „„, Ihe eaal, begin lo file up ''" m line and do yoor part to make as home the College of Medical sistant pastor of the UOU^^ ;^ |,| 

"" " ■• ■' •'■ -' ■■■" "■•■ /'»'"' Nra/ »„!,. ;. ;/ ;';^tt™°'uS,Sio'nr°™e''';'o S'S-dln'of men""?he'"lat« "mJmberSas the /omier A»| 

!"','.'"''''"', ■' ' ■''' L!'2yX°"ehh!!l'of "i"m°J^, »■"£ "■'■■^l»'^;'^« Senile and let word /rtim Lon» Linda sh,t« Iha, he ':'™*;j^ j„„, Alumni eJ,»«,'^l 

lily of fatting II f lions. If you are asked to do s 

l\,hal„. ,; ,7 is not Ihe frMem o/ the admiuiitralioa. Ihe ;,"'r'',?i°;k-'*r"lt ^n "'"""" i!;''"i'';!,'e^,lL^°;'nd°hTs3fe°wS;d' Is'Tor' Jou "an" b)'°r«a- ""l^W^^ 
SImkal ■ieaale. Triangle Clnb. or Dasoieakila Club eotild do mme- "if S, a suceis wiS^hi? mSm rol wE prebah", ?dl you that al Iperaie so that it might be "^jgs, H \ 


Accent On The Academy 

Sa*u<M. SkeicUei. 

W^Utiio'uf, 0^ QxUaLfAt 

Your editor feels that rather ibaii 

ds to act as a catalyst, she should \ 

,...jal spirit of Collegedah Academy. 

Mbf a spark has finally died. 

English IV CI 
Honors Lincoln 

>s this space for a few With Drama 

'bltuary to the Lncoln's binbdiv wis rtnu 

s that what used t 

I ou the faculty: the fac 
I all do something to rented 

lake iu all the different phases of school 

let's attack that one lender spot, the spirit of social life. 

Wit is easy to hlanie the difpcidty on some oue else, but this gets 

verybody nowhere. No, ue - " '' 
\iUy can't blame it on iis. f 

We had games in the gym for awhile, and for atvh nnacrson 

ne We notice that there are a few indn-idiials who seem to stnicnccd lo dit for nteleci 

T no problem at all in entertaining themselves. What do you j^tj, ,|,^ ,oid|„ „„ gj^..^ /reprio 

\>{ks do on Saturday evenings hefore^lhe program and on Sunday by Lincoln whun his case was pr 

ernoons? How about letting us in on it.' We would like to lenicd by his sister to the Prcsidcn 

,re OUT good times with yoiu The more the merrier, you know. Also shown .1 (hc^ same chap 

We believe there are some good ideas and suggestions bottled ■'g^^^f^\ ^America''''* Vv'p?cil'^"sho' 

In your heads. How about our getting them together and „j- America's scenit U-juiy fto 

ing what we can do." Write a few letters to the editor. We'll see coast to coast were viewed, 

,/ everybody knows about it! We'll make the social activities Ttte program was under the dice 

nmittee work for its title, but at least, we'll give them something '">" °^ ''^'■' academy siudent .ictivu. 

i, work with. Let the rest of us know what you'd like to do on ""Xi't'.^of "crcr^oniw °"' ' ^' ' 

Uigs and Sunday afternoons, and If It is at all reason- 

%ble we'll see what we can get done about it. We'll be looking for StnaCntS Toiir 

Send them to Bo. 2064, or drop them offj, the Chickan.ailga Dam 

Dolin Anderson 
elates Opinion 
f Collegedale 

Nine New Students 
Swell Enrollment 

0. ill were cheerful and helpful 
Diis. I thought, is my first taste o 

id Ihe privilege of staying for tw 

n'the IMV L^tWr. in the men"s'dorm 
■Id like to say (hat Ihe dean her 

We wonder if the following people 
Donald Jacobs — Donald means 

Neal Bottomlc)- — Ncal means 

Masculine - 


Jack Vcazey does prelt)- well with 

Ffjnccs Bumby, Robert Ash- 
lock. Robin Erwin, Matilyn 
Olmstead, Martha Ann McGec. 
Earl Osborn. 

■foreign and strange" in Greek. 

Beatrice Hadlcy — Beatrice means 
"ihe that makes happy." 

parlor each Saturday evening, and gel 

**"ftt^J— The three results; (a) I 
passed, (b) I just made it, (c) I 

Recent visitor to the campus wa 
lobett Henry Eadie. better known a 

lisler and brother- in -law, Mr. an 
Mrs. Warren Oakcs, and his "room 
'^'e- Jake Atkins. 

Stewart Akers— We are sorry but 

•boUl afa b^^rTn Teutonic. 

would like somebody to tell me is 

it, or something very similar. And 
ago haTit"'" But" really. "l woulTlX 

especially glad 
on and Mr; J. 

Letters to the Editor 

Volunlc-er Society in the Southern per." It is finally coming to the p 

on, we have- been thrilled by the that everywhere one goes he h 

believe such enthusiasm is catch- and they say it wiHiout the m: 

Valentine Club 
Mends Hearts 

of God's 

« found 

L Clouch, , 





sionary Cciilegc, CollL-^jL-diik-. Tennessee, Marth 5, 19-iS 


In Chapel Talk ,p.ti:chipc^Mo.rr>'4r;?3: IHEliSHH^^^HI^HI '"'^'^""^ "^^"^""' '^^'^'' 
.f ,he E,» untt'd ""^ H mHHr^^^^^H^I IS KEYNOTE OF WEEK 

■"^ "Talk To God As To Sevrens Announces ^lljt^iukroirm™;; i" 

lemoiial For AckBrmans ^^JSv^i^^rE' * ^™^" ^^'^ "'"'' "^'''' P"^''" ^^^T'' ^'- 

Itld In Lynn Wood Hall ^„;:-S'X_ ""'• ""' '"''' d,2"r.S°°' '\'°, ;','"»"''■ "" S"™'"^^ School 

i™r™"S ^'iiS'cS^i Local Artisis TS"',''' :; 

Ufc.'anjVln '"f 'joyt°.''anJ Featliredltl (JllU'cei't l'n;.'|,. 1, !|,'. . ,1 ,1 

Tb)' "ill- nL'ivi''"harihdr'''morher ky.''|>i^n'is(,'Miss Dorothy Ev^os, eon- Stlldeill Tflletll 

Spiritual Workshop Every Niglit 

of |u-(sonal experiences 
lions wLs eonduacd by 
rue-d.iy nijjht on llic 

rreSton Accepts Miss Hanky, in litr pirt of Ific MosiLjl nniibcis svsie prsdommjnl, p^"'^ 

tall to North Pacific E^Cn^"™ mX"'""°° S -s;;:T"tr'cS''d™: :;f;; 

iElder n. M Pcc^ton, mjnjt;cr of Aftc( ihe nMt Wo j;ro.,|i, of moj- I'lK. -;"J ™rr«( .Iros JLTionMr.inon ^ ^ ,^ 

■e College Press recently jnnounced Ei"nTfontMko ^so /.■ ■-^'." ^ '" ,', ' , .: ; .'"' 

icccptincc of 1 call lo ilie Upper 

leui'''foMh<!'soulrrn unm^^^^^^ Nelsofi SupBrotzes t^^r!Z°ht'i!,ri''ii\- ' 'r ■ ' - Ii' .''■■. '.,,^ /'■ ,'I,''|V.'ur'iK 

Construction of 'nd''tif«'' K no'iliV^iir^^^ ^ " ' ''"' ' ' " ' i' ' " '''' "'" 

New Antenna T^h^^^^Tl'':.^ ,. T'' ^"'^^^ Health Lectures Gi.en In Chapel 

D, I, N N.Uo,i k'.J of Southern Aubr.y Lfiw ilso pliyc.U saxophone JaCKmg Up By MemOrieS ^ 

ment [vccntly completed the constmi;- The only other instrumcnUl solo .^ dijrtl'o'riVi'iUy" l(*ruJv^ !■"'■' ' ' : ' ^ 

tliT idencrdcwrlmcn^s IhLTtjvt sMl'cd''mrsler-of.cercniomc. UwKnct 'vlien the Sr>v/fim; Alr.'/^fw.. LlI I.. ■ . ■■ ' ;■ 

mJ'O- Scales. Don W«t played "Adoration- ■;", 'f'"7 n^^.?,m I s,'m„ 1 ',^''!' ,','t" ' ■ ' " i, ^ - ' -' i. 

The .eHal consists cf three liori- by Borowski or. his violin. Sdenrs rKruXrl! li^^^^^^ ' ■, ■ M- k' , .' 

zontil aluminum antconac mounted on In iho- dinimed audilonum with P,octedines indud..! ., I .- ,„ ,, ■,;■■ "■ ri ■ II I K. i : tu,. 

a frame platform whose movements iIk changing hghts of evening play- ^^|, l,,^, ^^.^^ ,,,:.,,,.: , H - M ., I ,., ■ ri, |i.,.i, 

po'i^fi"''cl^'ted bctv 
apartments and Lynn 

)of of the Admin- 

subject. "Tlie Sevenfold Glory of 








'-u:> . 

^il'Z " 



.-!::: -- 

. 1 






E Frank | 


mm '"J'^Jj 


Chatter 1 

/7 1 • / Chatter 1 ? 

How Jake Attins got a hilf 

Si Ifau'ie. 

•s if it were JUST going i„ i„„,il2 

MAXlsinELD^nd T'lv '* " 
thit J HIGHTOWER'wQuy lu°"^^' 
be buiit for the- GARDNER ^l 

Acaetit CoC/pAeMjOi. StftfUpailuf. ^ ,,f;,;i°" .^''tlbimfjo. tto '"'""u'«,en« G.,ne.l &«!« tor ibe 

self in the bop pirlor lo c 
»! since bis wife's ( 
compliment from Cbar 

_ _,/;/'.,. um\ ,Ull „l lU Ac , FN r ;»«/ it, Midiaili aj SMC '"^■." '/ ^^ ^^eel: of Pnyet and on tbe .. 

Ill I v/;f, ii/j/i,' liiiiin iiiiil lifjrljill ^\iii ji.ithy ill yoiir rcceiil bereave- ^^,.^1^ ^q better time for the stutlent cning; now, since bis wife's gone, 
,ry,./r Miiii III III iiii iiiiiilili til iiii.Ji;iiii Ifie leetiiiailit yoiir bearls; body to launch a campaij 

1,1.111, „l III <....:.' //'. Iiililil, III Iryiiii; In lull lliel, leelillfS illlo di.idnal campaign to chn. - _ ■„,„,„ ,„ .„„ „.„, 

„.„r,l.. II e „',;„( ,"" '" '""" ■ /■■■ntirr, ihul nil, ihoiigll, niid babble of the P»*tapd P^n'^^^^,^"" ^^.^^^ifoih^elin'ng we'c gtoTo 

>)•'»/"""■'■' ■'" ""'' -'■""■ i°bo"g£;, fnTfwe ."re ataid'frS'r' "erein Collegedale h, Mrs. InJiog- 

J!od^/ eUcU a*id WaiJi^! t:BB^SM ■™ " " "«'■'"-"■"" '" 

/3/,r;«i; a nxv-l s-irrcy lo ascerlahi haw many uihiiilci are d''"is'^f'h"Se Ih"" »San« of Gil'ls ScC Fillll 

ii-uUtil (rom iIh- liiiit .1 commillev mei'lhie is called iiiHil U begins, each and i:\-m itudent in endeavor- a , c • W7 „!,;« 

ZPJ.I L'l Li u;'v.,<ysci-en mhmJwere wasted by oJsU.- inj, .. -.nke .he pre-chapcl period ih. At Evenmg WoFShip 

mak It' a"limrfor*''thoufihifu]'' me 

about' it,"don'( talk'about \t—lhini truly" 


cad. 'Tis 

ahead. No doub 

touched with spri „ 

SUE our studies tS gain MOWRER 


The writer hopes you WOODAU 
sympathize with the results of hour, 
of thinking to GARNER the abort 



Page 3 

Accent On The Academy 

§e*uon. Skeiak&i 


ga^^9^^jttH| tie stJTu-j lo 

I/? /\l.i4Me! WJta? M^? 

'A\, .■.uU 

AcadeiiiY Seniors 

m — ^ 

Elect Officers 

Happy moments arc bc^mmi,^ ■ 


CaWeys Acidcmy. Httc 
Madison Collt-^c, 

"" r.,L%ilv .„ ,. ... . 

H^ ti 

formal education by pljcinf, 

Kmnite Ihan I. Most of all. bccauw I le^e work. In addiiion lo itit- rt^uircd i; c oscn at a a cr mwtin£. Richahi. RtM.MUR 

liotlo havea vocitim whtrr^I w.n ^°"^'^^"j'^"^;^^^"J'Ji'^"^j'^^,'^|",^ C. A. RcprCSeUted James Richald' Rimmcr. beiwr 

5'Jt°'a?d''preparc"to'"L'd)' nL'''fr'mS''co'nTinutd Jariwl«ilton Ih Stlldeilt ScnatC bor""in"a koos'i- dose 'to'Vadi™ 

;tcd to go to collcgr: before 

le~fos'Mc'«l'LSi"al2'eP^^ 5",',1 '™f trj" .'o'r'pl.ce'Tnd MaSCUlmC 
|Tp,,f.rm.nce of oorsin,, £0^1™™™"!!'^''"™"!.°' Mull 

Multerings jE^^Jl'lro S'f oT 

.1: corrcclly and distinctly and lo be Sevei. 

Nnp. Algtbrj is an advincf step to "J 

paiibatli School 

Seld In Spanish ^lui 

dein of W 


Student Talent 

«,d «'"«'■! « 

lobietli b«aose of 


ir' ^ 

'>' n 



the changing 
r«d by 
jn pbytd by 




nd Lanny Par- 



G. C. Press Bureau Maude Jones Speaks 
Presents Lectures On Modern Courtesy 

— ^^^ Crusade for Oirist 
I Launched by Clough 
Ji In Spring City 



ht ■■Cm 

/P""fi '^l 





iS,'l°l "'" 

Miss Jones, > 
papers during 

chapels ■■pica 
the iptoten' 



Letters to the Editor I 

R.(kSM 'h 7<Wfet 

To Ihe M, V. Cl,„i, f„, ,|,ei, j„oJ ,!„ i„di,,J„.|, ,„ ^^^^^^J V 

'' Trill,, H.„„- , . T„™opirio',to'L.'K,„„,. ^^^^^^^ 

lo M.S. H.,toi orjj„ phjmj, ,„p |.ie_e,p,:rij||,, „„„;i|^ "'^ ■ |^^„| ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 


Colporteur Leaders 
Present Institute 
For SMC Students 


/! °;,^ i "^■fd *, Examine Yourself 
.'°"»;, \',".?'l^ States Dr Rasmussen 


B b B ) Mj d I 

Music Students In^iidll Joiinsun f , , 

^"' GweUecital Accepts Gall To SMC »J 







Pk' ':M 

,,;,:; -- 






__,- Ott, 

, F..NK 

fc ,,l„.l ,™. ,nd 





Chatter ' 

Ml'.^'^'^^li-ii^ Charlie 

Naomi Smiil. CI,..rlonc H.,ifell, ™J j;„,;jii„; „„Ti„g>. Harold Jlcssinjet. 

John jnd Phjllis EnshnJ lo our dor- "'^^^ p„jid5n,, Floyd Mllrll., shnrJd — ,'J™''Jj"'„^"*^J,'j 'j"" "" "«"■ 

Qccent On Glean'li^ . . . 

SlitlTold tried hard lo c 

crliaps hi: worrld 

, ,;„,; /;,.,. „,«; ,h i,di, »; ..«_v .„^":';;Jjf!;ij''';tr?.d"' ".'"ihi 

' , duly rrfuic, 

fooaior, Sjlurd.y nighl, tonSdrd Ibl 

// /,/,,,, /-, ./rrv//, //., ,,;.»/i/;i r///f- -/ ilU'llhl-r ot lliiWi with - *;,„ ■■ .i,,, , iolinr- h^sic put in her CARNATIONS 

„ ,„';',' ,,, 'l..i,^i „l ..;,7. :...;.. S„ ,,'lnff lliise eiicrgclii jiimorl bid w" ,.r' of rlii ooimoo ilul .,""f''f"„°i"|,™,"t°lin " wii ' ' " '° "°'"' "''''" '" ™"'l"'"' 

,,J ,.,rM" /.,//.//, Il'ur 2oi„. tiinrt l>t ,;/iv;r</"/ ih^ ,n,rb~^tl i>nl BjoIoct l.i'> ■'"' I ■■-■-■'■' '"■"- [^^^'t sure whether he is new in this Saturday ni'cht.'ReMon for thi's'> Ojjh 

y..,„ ,.,',,.JI~ .:,„! Mp «„.,„;, S,W I,,.,,, ,l> „,„;,r', col M,a„ A lesson i. Held and ,s just a "nahrral- at it or „„e ,» receive curtain call in usmll! 

„j ,lil,l>„!. .:,„l „IJ lc„n,. <■»"' '"„ sin", I ■ ,; "■"°w],'Te'n„'^°" ''"''"* "'' '" dty ™S"1 '«"»!'• 

Qbp'ioacLmc Ve'Mai OCiuincx . . . '; i: hrilCL^'/ta^^'s^*^^^^^^ H™£'f£u"t;^S'"cTa.!^;J'1 

;, /„„,„/ „,ry,,l,„.-B„d .-Uh. e,K, .1 <. If.., a ,>.„-,., null ,nd 

',,„„ .,,,,1 P. ;. B„jp A„„ »» ;!-;«':, ;',^; J;!;;""";,, ^ 

r/<(er llie binim 1,1 jr„iit of :""'^„,;, „ J™"ihinf . sirL' ' 

Letters to the Editor 

/,,,,,,v^/,„n/v,(^.;.,...,v rr/.^i^^ .,,.<»,/ Better Photography ,n!l"«',T^ i,TaS°t!, SfCuSi 'izi^ZS'iJ''«l\°":m^i 

,,,,,,,„ J.„,,,,.//..;,;J., "»(.( .11,.. r/.' 2 I, '.»'/< r,,'",,,/.,, /A. /,,;.r.. g., g^^J BooliS S" '^'"■! f"/" ''"^Kj^iJ'i Itit'T.VrnV n™''/."":;;*; <"£ 

jilum l,lmu„„>. ,„/il yr.rss ,„; tlifjil^iy llllljtir CollegtMU- ttwriascs. •' Donrh and I oflcn speak of the sood old The band and orchestra under Il.,dim1^ 

Tn/ly.<, litri'w uhi> h>Ji fei'i, Oillcgetlate ill llie tjmfig Ihntr CAJtoL Potter 1^S« we h^d on tourrwiih ihe^'ehoir u f^.l"*'"" ^"^'™ "'" ^'" "^ 

u-m umr mml lo lam. Im Pbolosraphy seems easy, but one i^'b'^i ifiSf.b^^'KS^'SJ;" ""V °""'',""e'"-"'?r!,°ura™S 

^ . ( , , must know lire whys and wherefores ,,1 we kn'.or 'drink iiu much °.bour the ;j^\;"' VmpS'fc""™ "' " 

Si'tlWfi [i ib^UnC 'ike CKaa tS tU. US inle,.stedTa„ &.fe''eu°?'l..a"'ts"r.rp.'.drnT».n: EtTe thT,fX.iSt3T.~ S-. W 

^\ J I J J others, and it ksadi them into a fas- .."fss th„ sehuol . l.o^ds ru.k, u. . W- "n*. 

Spring is he, 

Roam - l^;^z, 

a Wli«kt for being j fine arj- Collect' "hn v. 
erous colds contracted by Naom, ^u- 

rs.'Cch'fot cooking such hnd, D^rn 1.-^.^ 
Dorothy Vunn.m, 

wntcd 3 program for the TriiAgle ^^ , .„ ai,«)scof ■'"'^'^, 

'' Qub on Tuesday nifiht, March 9. _ To the ping-pong playurs who in- ^^^^''j,"''|-riend of I'im. "*, 

/I \ I in » the diSain of bLmlnt r^idcnts in worrj- about what F*°P'^ 'Jl^j'^ihlD^ 

9 wcndei wkele the Howeis isl „rarof*m"L^."i.'=tE'el'SSTt."S ^t sSL who raw to ,ed,em rerv,ra2f«f >"•'-'" 

V meeting on Thursday, March H. their pledged subs for the Mem^Us. forgive!— K. A. Wngiif- 


Accent On The Academy 

^on't RuiJi 9t - 

Student Activit> 
Featiu es Pi ogi am 

nrr h, tin- ImfjJar Inlhl. "Sliriii^ is NOr sfriiuq — Thu, d ) Mel H pt m 

.. .'igm of Sl„„,g, arrh,J u„ M ,.,'cr ih, ■«,„/„„ ("„/,. « Vj.,,, f, W ^J M | M 

Vtjlh righl af/er tlimer.) There are the heanfijn! Irtes ni front Jcjn bcoit in I Du ali fl 

1/ 1 hi Press iiparlmenls and ihe pretty yetlotv jloiiLrs iti Mt Liiti ""t; ^o dud. 

On/. M man Whiler Hill remiails lis of l,is freseiiee farlu ^ ' tn ^cd I. ■ 1 1 

|(j,;v '•" ll>e eretiiiig and llie early morning. And bdiete il ,r li "," " t^^ \ ° \\° 

nme is one of tlie best times to get a good (or bad) cold It t Tul p 

., ;'0 ifitb as little on as possible since ue're so tired if mar ^ ' 

). Ihe spring fci-er has begun to spread prematiirel) Idle boobs ' ' 

inpiis. Don't rush it. It'll be iiard enough tn make good grades "ere mu I ou n jii J n I J tl 

„ spring doe, come. Spring i, spri,ngii,g--hiit il hasn I sprung \!STC t^ ^l°n) ^S^'C!^' 

I. Don't Rush 111 binh TIk last rCTd.og drspl-ijed i s 

I . . Seuior Sketch 

Of Viee-Presiideul 

^tlvdltM Tells Her Amhitions MdSCulme 

. McGbb tt^"^^ 

all .feci 

, tl ca rcturnrd to k hi ' "'' °" ' "at* c 

Ulme - al ,1. at r„,„, Uk A d"m, ""„ „"'' TI;.!'.™" t "fdd' ""u , 

T, / „ "" "'"'' "° t i'"' '* i'^J"-""^ tnuni some da, »i ma, adJre>i h m 

Mutiennqs L'j;„T/cl,ikgc „'„t°L"pS"i,.s ",c°faTm™t3,;[„t7„„f "" 

I n's^mbition B to be a o"'!"!: ''"' ''"^^'^ '"^ "" l" "e'"™J "^ a^'dlSS M,.^ Lte'rV" "o'rl' p 

fcin Hikers Chd, M,- Dean Entertains ^^fff^^ "^'^^ V^.:.V!\.'il 
lor Many Thrills ""'"'T ^"""^"'^ ' -' '^ ' ' >"' ^ -' "' '"-'' " '""' '''" ' '^ ^ 

students [n the basement of the Nor 


not quite Loolj. ^,j,( 3 p^,^ 

'd r"™ Deft Turns Will Do 

I'to'u'ld'"''' ."'' ''."' "''"""»'''"»"• OB biTk" Sume''*oIe,l° o b * uiue ''''" "■"' I""""'."!. >»J »«■' P"" 

I'on Tu,"idee%« l„'°°k sMmaeh |d',mXilion°°" Thf "'ame" ''Si'" '"' "V." unZ'rmii" S "tannM'"be- 



fealth Service 
Blows Film to CA 

and Mrs. Dean for 

hlpc-1, followed hy pori „( Heaven. 

rll.:^''!"^!' " "<l'""Ca'mbrids?' rc<JlL'''rithL'Tu°iifiutioi?Tpdom^ ^wte^lilT te l.t"'power"o/ knowing 
F'^'nous landmark, of England nor defense. * that to do, -Di.radf, 


laagogegaBesaseHeseg The 'iiiri''e Wcci. of Prajt 

Ambrose Sulirie Teaeliei-'s Chib Tai, | 

Completes Vacation In Cliinese rasli,,,,, 
^.S'riC.dTDj'AmbZrL At Gjording-s 1|„„„ 

^ m7moK''X'j 'hj" ^"> '^'''" ^'^'^'^'^ welcomed bjtk to the eampuw week ^j[ ^^,„j^^ |,ight Mjtcl, V « '^ 

ndj jnd sugared jhj u 
nan eliicken noodle soup 

■owls ,„ f,m,|, ,i,,"'L h 

Memories Staff 
Reach Deadli 
With More For Less «h,j,°[„ctdc7e'°e''I,'th™ 



ah":; °NaS? 



Soothem K 

So eome bacl to 

'the rollegei 

Francis R. Line 

Presents Film Chnil »is made the eenw of em) Jj 

On Sonthwest Stoi) hoTh ° o' 

." s'o J"°° """01*?"^ Lirliin^Giici 

Tn^lum , „,,,„, 

^ diteetor of a 

Gems from the Pulpit 

b ought to them in 

n jonn J u- p a 
o I) h mes o H d « 
/ \ bough ft k poo aod 

AV J I, „ o on, " h "^ " *" *■"' 

H^WVi ll»M-.b«au„ of,,, double na.'S'.drT'"'" 

HASlH ""•"»^-°"«'tri-«-""'». ""chSSd™n''dt"s. H 

■^■^■^ &.,tonU.h."dNo,t,. N "I" Pl- '^ "".-S IH. i 



To Replace L. G. Sevrens vrv j v i^i i 


trous To Be ^"'° ^""'^'^^'^ Seniors Of Southern Union 
, rr »r ,r ^^^^" About College Life In Action 

^ p Here Jyext Year j»., «..■.,«„, .v.j.,„, .„.„. „ .^ i„„,i,„„ y,„„ „„ .,,|„„,j ,„ 

I ^t^ and M,s. EvcM, T. Watrous. Wd on April IS, 1<). Tl.c i„ditionj| 'a/lS°»a""r|!injore'dThU yrar h- iht 

^ current dean of mtn and English ntw Mudent Senate under the ^nirdance of the faculty comraittiN.- on publications. 

Buddj," found 

I b). Elder 

^MC Students Assist Approjimaldy l.OOO l.bor honr,, 

Elder M. K. Eckenroth 3t=7bM™°Se'ntT'a"'d"ia;ui;j 

on of Wa,ne '"'"'"" """'' '■"'"'y'-'B '>•' SMC 

el,oru>ofSMC S™J?,""pi;nfcsip™r' '™"'' ti„n'i;ff';l"°nrb'''a-a™H'' f'S'' " .■■•■-■ ' imceJcJ u,J . a, Vhoin "tilVoush 'te 

I cleaned extended from ..ho is to be on a'lca^of absence t1 Gamet HUZard ''T^'lK'"„™m,i^ cha'p^l" our' Prcii- 

rom°t°he store °J'd daiiria *•■' n'esides Estot'o" m'e"n Mo GweS LeCtUrB ^Ai^mSl '"SS'i G^AndVn'''' 

9. 10, and ll'The'three Ike picniC sround, back of the Ad- W,,troui ..ill teach classes m the his- president of th. Southern Union !« 

sponsored by the Chalta- X'1"clud"ed''°'kin "^^ '^'" ''"'°"' At?,n1ie'u!lto" C "le e ' ■ "'"'f "' presented io'leoTilis' chalUectnres' "«■"','" 'JJ"". 'ft" «hich Elder 

"d'ir«li?n of'S h"w. sawins, arrd leneralcieaoine of ia»ns had thirteen years of experience in J°|,"'fJ,',°^*£'' '?•- "", J'"""' Expettal,'ms''"'Sr^°i'S°°of'" co^S 

[ems and faculty were used to a lu.. ,'. . 
ttings by Mr. Thurbet, sm^'n]; cialcd c' 

■elad to b 

Seniors 'Announce 

*icBe''"lr°Bra°dfoyBr'',le''o°f'At'' ^^^^^ SpeokePS 

'' "" "«'""• For Graduation 



Tk£ Sou-tkenn 



■Es '^^"^^y,^"^'- 

- f - — 


f^*'=- -=== ■=--- "=°S= [ 


"■7;.,,.. A-M..,. L>-n^l-A, ,.., J 

i'l.:;:-" '"■'"" 



"^ Th™i™.^n, Cd, Coficy. Polly^D.v 


■: ^ 

M - OrnuE F«A»K [ | 


Published bi-w«tly raicpl for arristm 

Ktond-claw mailer, June 20. 1929, al 1 
"smjTurau" Accent, Seplemfet it. 15 




£e*uo^ BkeialtieA. 


Welcome, Clcaaemu ^enio'is' 

Welcome, acactetiiy senior!.' 

■1 has beet} AecoTuted it: 
oj yelliu; fh,k. 

? here, we hope yon will feel that yoit 
lives — vienibers of the family make themselves right at home, j'l 
kiiou: To do that, we ask thai you fall right into our program f 
the day—alleiid classes, worships, chapels, for the mental a\ 
spiritnal sections of college life. In the af! 
baseball games and the entertai. 
the physical and social side. 

College clays are pleasant ones— to participt 

I the gym will roniid c 


>ple" and will retimi fa, 
ve college freshmen! fea 

e'laticni Isach-acke 

After the third poslpo. 

rampns cleanup finally , 

/ work garb took up rakes, axes, saws, 
and other sundry parajihernalia needed to uncover Collegedale 
from its winter's collection of rubbish. 

In tiie four hours that there was no rain, SMC witnessed a 
great lesson in cooperation and unity of purpose. Under Dr. 
Suhrie's direction the organizption was complete and instruction 
thoroughly given for the campus clean-up program so that each 
one could step into his place and work for the best good of the 
but for eternity. 

It seems la us that such a spirit of working together could 
be manifest in some of the other proerams sponsored by the dif- 
ferent departments and clubs in the college. 

There is, for example, the M. V. society which could, if sin- 
cerely assisted by each member, do a work for men and women 
which would show its results not only for a few weeks or months, 
entire program. 

With full support of every student, the Senate could carry ant 
policies and plans that would give SMC a top position in the 
training oj ambassadors and ministers for the kingdom of God. 

United we achieve. jj 

Collegian? Quartet 

. 3 dul'k drawine on 
inimitable acting of i 

1 chillenge for you to accept. Won't 
you come to be our regular guests 
next year jnd help m^kc College Day. 

lhe"y^e«ns'^CIub and 


Southern K[is^.^ioa^.ryailcge^ist«^ 

lecloal, moral, and spiritual success. 
We challenge yoii 10 accept our invi- 

bcred in SMC's history. 

His present plans a 

ternship in the Georg 

hflp us to nuke SMC, your college 
and mine, indeed The College Of 

men, interested in grad 

ite study. 

String Ensemble 


01 progpams 
ei he could 

Renders Concert 


The SMC String Ensemble under 

tellect helps him In cl 

,s « well . 

yas featured in the chape! of Lynn 'jj j^fj, jj^,^ [^a barbs of Scab 

., pUying jelectinrrs from the classical ,J)^^°^ havc"high'ifihted'' many' c 

"■"Pos^-"- caslons of the school year, but the 


oves Old ; 

V and ty, to speak spontaneously and cleverly, 

odac- ind to obtain a favorable reaction ef- 

Lune" Crafts Club SIioAvs 
The Many Snares 

Fifth Nochjrne" by Chopin. Qf Spring Cleaning 

[.apel Steinway 

1 Symphony of Haydn. hers of" the Crafts Clut 

ADtil 19. Ig-IS 


Cliailcs B. Wilt 

Alumni News F"-"'"- smcik 

Receives Awan 

Accent On The Academy 

Government Class Frank Trinim's Florida Sanitarinm 

Visits Court House Senior Sketch Presents Program 

siuJcM "i" cir™"his %m" ttohnl ReVeals Ambitions Wtdmsd.i-. Apnl 7. .ht mimu 

S^mmLDs and Wtodtll Coble, The of Colk-j;cda!c Ac.dtmy .ealhcrcd in 

tU„ ,„„,.d ., Ihre.-Md lift do,inK F»nkl'n Tiimm, »„ of M,. and the chapol fo, a proj, 

lowltdge, 2. good - " ■ " 

Hi,_,o|.tam„,e ,;., „i spent at MdSCulme " 


of !l»d,-. 

Imirai. His hobbit. „„l ,,,,r,pt\m h Zic wiih bi 
'»=>•' ''ll«.i" ■'>S!- gma Koinc and icnnis ball, «,in 

; no«- instead of 

H. track beliveen (he heart and the lip." '^bo make histori' individually are .^ n ^ 

„. ,n, ■Man- men ow the rand Bobbye Ssvolford and Ntarilyn Dillow, UnKUOVVn FOCt 

lou(r"«l.ida me," !e'f'i'"m?o >beir lives to their tremendous dilh- Elaine' iid°Sew'att,"'"'' ' ' ' ScCOUd SemCStCr 

' 'Tllinivi tiuiwn nuLL f'.-i' -' "-i^^- j»> 

Academy Discovers jrrI''e'ra?™ir""clIL'' nTeht.'' laI 

Weatkefi /llmo4t Suoceedi 

CoUegedale Academy extends a hearty welcome to all academy 
ideiiti risilhig here for College Day. We hope yon like oiir 
:chooI, and we are looking forttard to seeing yon enroll in ihc 
■ollege next year and be associated with us in our year's activities. 
K'e almost didn't have the campus spring-cleaned in honor 
./ your arrival as we had planned. We do feel sorry thai Dr. 
uihrif had the misfortune of working on a project that was not 
'Illy a hard task but praclically impossible without the elements 
■n his side. Belter luck with the weather next time. Doctor. 
■ fflad we finally had a good day and accomplished something 

e here have already learned to appreciate the beauties of 
idley and the association of CollegedaUles. We need more 
College Days to convince its of the benefits awaiting its at SMC. 
" ■'■ ho/ling you soon feel as we do that this is a pretty good place 




Southern Missionary College, Collegcdale, Tennessee, April 30, IMS 

JilkWIKlfl l.lllli'liP 

Presents Musie 
In Lyceum Program 

President K. A. Wright Students Elect 
Opens Heme To Editors -in-Chief 

graduating C ass n »r tr 

^ Fot Next Year 

I r cojt 

H A MILLER ANNOUNCES Baseball And Hikes 
ANNUAL SPRING TOUR Featured In Picnic 

OF CHAPEL SINGERS t„. .„„,„, „,„, pic„„. < ™ 


night; ^vcjl. 

3r. Steen To Head f^°'7„'';;' ^„';™""''',L"'Si:,''"'l ,„ ,„„ ,„.,„„„„ 

pducation Dept. G,cmh>m. on Taod.y night. htlijn ^look m^_lh, 

Vt SMC Next Year u^ttrwai.'wk 'd ™S .T ti°' ° tiJ If 

°J^f„,'\ :,' - " Vt" Coll.",.! QuMMle m^;"".m,nic,'orl 
|;no.„t,m'nl 'b,' l'v„d., ' 

Mode n Language Club 
P omoles Understanil ng 


ii^"^i% a.: 






■';; ,'"' 

M ' 

" ""':;':■ "i 



: ISSs:.; 













„ Omu. 

1 fc ,<h„l ,..., .n 





,, quia-.potoi ind^c*™* Charlie J 

lU Does Si 

ni Club, 

Woolsey finally mjna 
bolh ta «Sb' S>™i. 

g "jm.°. 

rigged up by jeveul 

n sysicm. 

of lb. ..Iley. Now wb 

aV In ll.t 

tbing. Scritcb one b 

(liat f^OeS yt: on K„n,>., ' ' ; ■ • -, ;„„,piig gronnd-Oliromi.. New o... ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

There ,,e , ,,„ml,e, „\ feofle .,o«,,J who .piureullyd^,,-' ^.''.b."!',.!'.-, "■ ■',;;' ■,;^;;„l'j Sfw'ul^'.e^o*"' " '"" ° >j»S'™ S'Ji'.'ijMinnlTl ., 

hme ,eh„f - /«!* e-» is for. h, sfile oj ihe three /™.* «». Jll'^^^ioSy Ws'» b.m ™ Hi> hies, m.el feal .omb.neJ djs- bj™ 'j f« '"^Jj "^^''j^;;;;^; 

d'Z'ml Hn "21,, L Ihe tffeatmite «\ the Colhgeide i„m[,. "^'^'tTin'o';.^"'"'""' " '"' " "" cnnntrj speed Cbii.lm.s v.ulion f;*/^;7kJ'"i°„5' S''of W 

NoK' .»/»<■ »MV A' "'" '" homc;b,a for ihose u*o </o«'l ]„«■, fo.raJ begin .,|»n Rohnd >">"JE" » t^Vngeles in J l"Bb™ "ib »ify- 

;«•, ;o' ;o te/. Ihe fUe clem. Ajler all ihh h our h,„«e „'h,le his eninnte mio ibe <;»i;>;;;ll;; " ^ o,-«r « boors, a di.r»nee o( some . 

rreVe here, -ml II tloenfl IMe m,icl> more e]]ori ,„ ),m ,,,; . "i™;. ■•■■'• ;■,;'• o";,:,,,,. Aeulemy 

ehewhr gii,ii •irali/ier or ha„ma peel u, ihe wasle haskcl Ibaii ' Jj", ,, r^itj, 

,„ rlhelrJil o„ lU e.»,/»„, Re„,eo,ber ,he old ..yiog-IJ y,„ '"'ne™Vw' '•■> be,? Ik- br-^lva, 

Cat^u// A>/;«« Qi StaL. Eli£;'rXe!:"''?"''::' 

Tie c;«/io,;i /or (/» «"*»/ S«(«K o/ 19«-« *«i'« *<■{!"". Sii'"" "°* '" '''" ''"" """"" 

Tie Eiiilori oj the /ICCENT rfrrr/ Annual have been selecled by j^ij ^^\., has also bid ,ome e^ien- 

bopiilar vote Ihrtitigh Ibe secret ballot. ence In medial wntk, iuvmg speni 

Diirrug, the remaining weeks of Ibe school jwr ecjnally i,n- '°"'l""'''''\Z,,T'lZa7X 

porlant officers will he selected to f,ll Ibe seats ol the Seimie '• J' "■ '' , ' J,' ,,„ "rem ,n 

representing the diferent lortims on the cam/ins. The selection ~'^ \,|,„, |;;. |,,j ^ ,|,;„,^. ,„ 

oj the ojjicers determines the policies oj the Senate /or Ihe ^^.q^I; fo, (he pbyslcjl jnd ,piritojl 

coming year. Tort mnch care cannot be taken in selecling these faeiterment of die nilnci. 

When Ihe names are presented for rote, nsnally through "j',!"„ " |,-,5"„'', i"? ddlerjni "kind's 
Ihe person Vou want. Let your estimation oj an Indiridnal (e 

Juniors Fete Soiiii 
At Lake Ocoee 

yonr own griide in selecting the l .. . , 

Ibat will do the molt efferent job on the official sindent orjom 

iat„>n oj Sontheni Missionary College. —dh 

^me'i iriod Pc^uU faUau^fi 


Ibe Cenlr.1 American niilves. 
old like 10 work for Ibeni- 

151-......1 Shop M .k.- 



ied - 


of fir 


Re-obcn Lopez. for a fabbfol job 

n Ibe College Day program. 

everybody ibar belpcd in Cam. 
eanup day. 

rellect, see sbould ask liim svbai book 
be reads. -Enaerson. 

Eacb day '^b'V.^J'" /"^'S 
by tbe eighteen student svorktrs 
broom factory, stated Mr- ^ "' 


A.nto Mecliaiiios in 
Pi rnl ( iniuuliin 
1 Me I 1) 11 iiul 

1^' are°"ronnlDg' aT about 'si". 
'*oT°"t'b Ibe coinridcs '"ff 


g'pSp'.igrrbai'w" j;; 

weeks ago, 
people wbo pop gum In pub- 

rsS'" ""'■■'''': 

' t; 

people tbat bring crying babies 
urday nighi programs. 

. siJtti and to iupp't' '^'^, 

Hall, Lynn Wood 1 


Fla" Demonstration 
Toiirs Schools 

left 10 npht ,n dnmjtn Ma ,„nl. Dl.l.l . Cnl.,, ilu, ,„„ „ 

fc*.™ m"b^'"F>™e"> *"'si°- Margarita Dietel Prof. Brown Assures ['"b;"[„i°i„"i /°„^'"i," '",; "," 

X "'""''""'''*'""' '""'' Renders Recital Adequate Library ° ' °"S'"". '™_n»"o" 

I The chorus is dir«ted by Miss \jx QiattanOOga SMC librat 

loioihy nv,o!, vote insitouot he,e. 6 „„i„ ,j 

THE SOUTHERN ACCENT or obscure news 

J it 10 

he world 

Maiup. Guinn 

of His 


c-lurn. the degree of 

H large. 

f joo're 

not ap- 

those ivho .re willing to wotk and 




the prrcc. 





and sec otheis do the wotk. 

IP' — Wotds carelessly spoken slow 



down jnJ kind ,t ,n. 

oo( iht 

rrot! of 

/l-Act,ons. ate the tesnits o 

,s the 



Kin lo dribble in Ihe afore- 

cn^ " 

' '' 

T— Time is the stuff life is mad 



docs much but en 

.'»ritc midly. Tbe facully 

to be friends ruin mote people tha 

— GoEiHr 


iiry: Sunday, 1 p.m. The 

Oaims he h„ Hi! 

copy in, Nctd 6! 

1;— some fiJZinj; reflectively 


t'e^'hc^d!'" f "p.m'.'."'^The 



m Thee 


td iT^n^ ,-.*," nbli™,'un 

and dr^flfied in^uVthe 


"' Wi 

59 p.m. 

price,- (Zech. 11:13) is the heckon 



peak ill requires cnlj 

The cditor-in-chrcf is get- 

pjfc. Suddenly 3 sh 

« slides 

Oder the 

salvation as a "slave an outcasl^and 


. ntin 

has thtee charade s 


has fotfiolkn Chi 

i °! 'xht 


tejected shcphetd. The price man 


an'd t 

lat which he thinks he 






Southern Missionary CoIIcj;!.-, Collc-gedali.-. Tenncs/iee. i\t3y li. 1948 

hlder Lauda Tells 
lof Youth's Congn 


n Chattanooga 

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which she bfively ale. 

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— M V. Society will pre- 1 


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— Study period in the [, 

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S— Eighth firade j-radua- ' 

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May M, K i, 











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Ccdl CoiFcy, PoUi- Di. 
s, Muic Guinn, Philip 
Dixie B^d«. 

dsor., Dorolhy Gtiv 
King. BoscM M"c 

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^„-,„ OTTIIJB F««KK 1 



°0^S'^"'"'" " 


T/cut'ie Senior 

Chatter 1 a 

//c4tW . . . Bhetakel Charlie 1 ^^V 

Ipjtir wrsmcsttr^ Th= lime ii =l"''j/^,j;;°°j' ^'^ .1 tht sSe j;;K"™ir°mn '^''° "°*»' 

r'tVi4"f°u"*™ » P"""" >™Sr' '"'" °' "a!l'oSh'e°°KI°te'''"''°"'°*»» 

their studies elsewhere or to launch Spsrtenberg County in South Oro- After eifiht months of school ye. 

out in their hies work, uid sffll others „„, ,; „h„e Koker^^was P»^"-j^™ "om ltd' a/usKd™ -''°"''' "' 

^^ ^ lowlcdfie schedule. Hot ^^^ 

"Th'oujjh the road may have been [h^V^ould later help him earn a part haven't. Betty Howard, on Tuesday 

rocky and sleep in places, most of u.s ^^ t,;^ education. found herself waiting for a ^fWF 

that we have accomplished much and p "'^ H*" Ac^^mv''* "" ""^ '"^ ^ it until she found herself sucroundd 

that we can caro- with u! many pleas- Torest late noaemi . by a number of first year Greek J 

ant memories of college life .t SMC. At Collegedale in 19« he was mar- j„ """I- 

p,„,cJ ried. later .additions to h,s famdy too I d " 

If/taf's l\ou.K Punctuatim lUaiU 

seiileiice. A very small mark, lo be . 
great coujiisioti if iii'isplaced . Likewise iii our work and plans it i. 
a good thing to pause now anil then to think, to consider, to res 
mind and body, but these pauses should be carefully placed am 
wisely used or they will bring disorder instead of benefit. 

A dash marks a break in the thought. Here is something tt-hic). 

cnli of SMC)" are 

OS Ancelts. Wcigli'l 
New Ahrwal 

lotn April 24 
7 lbs. 13 oz. 




ti Chn., Cubi. M 

Alor,30 wil 



continue Co conduct biolo 
reason lor this dilemma i 

mainder of Che school yn^ 

lewidea. and st, 

of}, gets a 

entirely different line, only to 

These dashing folks are full 

uid purposes, but somehow they just fail 

of zeal, good ini 

to arrive at aiiylhin<i definite, and all that marks their path 

„ail o/ ,„,f„,uU pU„. 

Did yon ever meet a human interrogation point? He is always 
unsettled, undecided. Every situation raises a question to tvhich he 
has no positive answer. He is unable lo direct his own thoughts, 
so goes through life swayed this way and that by the opinions and 
influences of others. However, there is a f)rofitable way to use the 
question mark which will result in great benefit. Tl^e sincere, in- 
quiring mind that delves into the depths of thought to bring out 
gems of truth will be richly rewarded. 

A powerful little dot is the period. Wherever it falls, it speaks 
finis lo all that has gone before and completely disconnects from 
anything that may follow. A period is never used except at the 
end of a complete sentence. The sentences of life may also have 
periods at the wrong places, perhaps in the middle of a task, before 
a problem has been solved, a difficulty mastered, or an assignment 
completed. Tlterc is. on the other hand, great gratification in stand- 
ing by the oars until the goal is reached and then, with justifiable 
pride, putting down the period! 

You are analyzed and classified by the most emphatic expression 
of your life, hi what do you piid your greatest delight? On which 
side of a question do you tltrow your most positive influence.' A 
/„,«;„/ % h a ,'e,yeljMh, »».. Ho.. i„,po,l.,„. Ih,„ Ih., Il 
be directed in right channels! fea 

Letters to the Ed. ^'^ ^"^-^'"^ ^pens 
I onsoi'ial rarlor 

weerTjc'scTotEi'sMon aTod'sS !',''''.'''«,'' "'"' "'" ""'"■ ''°'"' mt 'TrJr'V macrhi°"yeli~'li°' 

in front of Mr. James Hickman, Uke Academy i, was the result of a pr.mi,^- b.y^M.r 

SJ"\mta1hoi'e?bla'de. ' "' ^ (Co,«™rf /r.,,,^^, 0^^^^^ sLrBlnqT. 

!i'l' sblwcr 'hw'Jl' in'RoI;m'"'» mu"'a~nt'ion CmThe^Kde"!' A enliS«nment"trh;- disJ^nscTIo , 

h M In Youne Sh too re ■'panorama of missions'' has been benighted world. He also stressed He 

3,veH manv lovely cifB P'anned for presentation, probably on fact that new languages may be to.iJ 

X Ruth Braa was given a show'er Sabbath, and understanding furthered tlma,l 

aome of Mrs. GV J. Nelson on Qf great interest to college students >'"''' '" '"■"«" '*"'''.' 

iram to be presented '!f J't^-^luTwl ' 

f the union. Presam- % Manuel Carb Hal wh. 

ably the college,^ being nearest the ™!;,\'J° °'„j"°|;Tp„,j 

J Florida recently in national setup "for the South, will ^y tecords- 

' 'amSde SJest° single^ 

; dividen 


vent by the young peoples' 

eight couples w,l be located m Ashe- g^^^^^^ ^^^^ .^j^j^ j,^^ ^^j^. ,1,;^ ,„„„,„„ „„ Mrs. t- 

ville. North Urolma, tor the summer „, Lodge from Florida, Elder Tames wife of the president !■ 

working in an elfo, conducled by m. Aekerman, Georgia, Wayne Foster, decorations and lood wa. '.i 

McSve credit for aitlldingSVSd Mi«i«ippi. I-ouis ■». Pettis of North Dietel. ably assisted bi^i-lej^^ll 

School of Evangelism. ' „^ ""' '" "" '' """' "" „ ',' Fernando Orfona. 

»i ■ :<■. 'Ji I. „ij.. '.--*VE-^,v ' ^- y ^^ 

A Elder r A Sc-riveii Pr,„Jenl nt k> ' \ *" '^fe^^'-'i]^^— -, M fffr 



Accent On The Academy 

Is About Aviation 

Oil I DnMirJ, by John a a 

wholly new Studtnt Scnit'e w"l be ">' "'^ C°'P* ''■'I- 

miuguratcd into office. Eich iludenl . Since 1912 ihis braiich of the Mit- 

Pi-exy Jerry Neely QU 'Jo^etkel Thw . . . fet'i ^tui^l I 

Aspires to Printing B>-,t.„ o,,;,. o„. »„r. w »/„«„„;*./„„ ..„„, webop. i 

Jetfj' Neeley president of the sen- "" "'"^ ^as failed in ihose resoltilioiis they waAe at the begin- di 

,„r clus, comes from Wildwood, iiing of the second semetter. Ij so. then "Urs Study,'' there ini'l H" ■'"denl id repieseni" )OT'"in'ih; J«"ion Kives Ihis infocra.lim.' "m 

Cmji.. Now yoo have a lain! idea mi,ch lime lejl. Hll„y „,id 1,1,1 , f,„i,l,ii,g l„„ch t« thme iheines ?"'''»> ^""1= '"' "" Veat beffnninj ''"T » » ''••^•'i acccale a il was 

t'" iCel'lS « S'le &S '""' '""' '" ''""' """'""' '"ding. We liofe tlial tjler dl the ft",'' ''f";,"";"' '"" ''»" "« °"1>; Z' s!,r'o't ■«'? S°' 7" " '51' 

* d'e'li befo„ LminB hece ,o hnish *'""' '""' *""'" "■?,')' "f "'' '""'/'" '''I''""""- "" "" ''"'* "" "^'^ s,„d™. toJJV" ell '■™w„. The, a,e locked in ihThlS 

r hXr"Tr™ 'Jl"me"'Z^ waf h!'J'™d"ful. We S"oaKf MdSCUlme " {' HnFSf £"ff 5 .i "? 

TL J 1 1 ■ school because of it. "'cre on tlic ground, thej- 1 

MUttenngS ^ S^Pos. V" disco.e,ed a way -»» _J-™rf~ to_^™h o, 

■ply enough, these aicmei 
how a different breed c 

'd,';'"';n''''°°''' ""■ 

found the sun at Lake 

Ruben Lopez ""Vj,''"';"'™™- 

ft ants Mission Work 

Alumni News 

„ „...„^.„„o.„.. very easdy he improved upon. Hoses S«»-the seniors of Colksedalc would lite lo iX-"„i ,„, lie cousi'd' '^"""l"" IXCWS 

inte'rview Ruben Lopoz. valedie- Plenty ot'jtood food'and'slrawbrny Bradualioo plans. '" p'tsm "^'[1'^^™ it" '" '"" " !«ms good to see llte smlliuK 

Bnio'r ciasl !"*''thiel'hrem'an°at the *°a"^', C,,„„„„„,_sa., ood time sprfng's^I^in.T'o"' We musThlJe Senr'TisT '" "" '*"""''' '"' "" »™™p"' MaB'n'is"here't's'ui!r,°n" 

»n" °Pu«i? Rko ™s' valedinorhi;' 'I'"' i''""" ""™2 "rol^Kobinson &T,te"dtos's°"n"fh'.t'°diy 'a'nd'le'nd Lu" &lth'Aiek'°%''lf°^iL^' 

taurn collector, periodical colleclori ''j'rfOrio™— Without a doubl this ^eniorS Welllop J^Jj o'f'your "feUow.stoSs '" ''"' '''"'" '° ''' """"Ir" "uilla M. 

urn a'od'clyde FomriSnched into "il^'red" Ble,'"JL'''i'i '*"£ "".I,''' Nm'" ' '."'"f '"I' iwrnber makes it. Most ,.f the *e infofm'alion jou'TO-d"" "'""" 

discussion of Ruben-j character "" ";„„„,;„ '';»',?" '""''^ " '" .„,,■ " 1 ., [hc-y nevs Senate members have alteadj Recently we noticed Mc. -and Mrs. 

loudmouthed," said Morr.son "™ responsrhle for the good food, cool.i ■ .1 ,c,re. been elected for the coming fear. If Qrl Smith with iheir young son on 

Helurgly. "An awful fati,ead-all »o. a"J also lo our hoe sponsors »'''"""■■:. '"'f' 'fc'"' ■« any who are still to be the campus. The Smiths are en route 

led. lake an interest in ihat elex- ,„ Cuba where Carl will ac'l '^ m^l 
■•!<;emphS',^h^'°'"'°"■ '"; '""' °' '"'''"I'ietJt.oui .college 

prowess, but he modeslly J 
-ison also revealed that 
lover of striped pajamas ar 

ream and picnic was one of t 

ked this place and had a delightful t 

readers of the future editions of the 

lenior Picnic Is 
preat Success 
ptate Participants 

letyihmg" but 'ela's'swo*'''" Horn! [ 
Jeribod'y -v.'s tappv.'v" ie'd'wf le 'ih^ 1 

Illy tatt°r°foo'd San™ '""'"'' > 

Fuse il'didn-t look so'ptonii"s'ng''vvll'e'r 
■ e at o egedale even more wonder 


and influence 

ind you ssill ba well satisfied with 
csult, and SMC will conimue 

Gems from the Pulpit 

deeds to he accomplisl 


Ancient History 
Of Collegedale 
Given By "Faith' 

Undoubtedly somi 


The Popular Opinion Poll wo.Jned .boul Iht tasi""i"E= ^ MONTHLY LETTER TO OUR FRIENDS FROM THE CompoUory *» .iMd.nre is oec- In .n,™ lo ito Srst ,u„tb„, , 

Bkfn £o°ld h°a"e "been tnSc°3 by SOUTHERN JUNIOR COLLEGE „„,,. Tht fact *^JJ^»'^'Jj.°" "^'"^ J,"',^,^ Sie vi,„^i™ „, "" •" 

SJn UndLdTtaMte JLl'Z '-"'•■""■'-'"■"■""°""t'.SS£ii*..S e„^jh '"°™"»''|J, '";''„' ™'ia;„ kn"w°";.c°n,M''!,(tal "'£,"' K 

and when a few dajs a;;o wc heard = ""* MW in class aftendance. class alteodance Wre not compul^n 

that someone who ssas doinj; a bit of ^ ^i j Colksedale, Ooltmah, Term., May 1, 1913 No.5 ^|Jf ^j^in^stration hai. undoubtcdls'. , . '^'^ 




Souchern >TissLonary College, Collegcdalc, Tennes 


Change onel, ^a(e u? '4S 

Icrusailers-Evaiis TDSinj 
III Saluriiay Nighl Benefit 


^o^^% *>iw^^^^^' 

\' .'•-.- 5. 'LiK^k;* 


"»)■ «, „„ 

„r And Study Related 

liasigiiEasffi® „„„;s„„„„ 

but^we°/eerthat''som''/arc duMoXc student has Itwked fonvjid to spring 
"Si'ty Collfj,: dant much to i?'' "J" '';'"« ''T,'"'';!' i!; 
S:u'll'?n?i,*tinTl''n"';Sk Xf to h.s s.pH>is stt.njth, 
Hie reasons /or this are obvious to along comes the toiip de grace— ex- 
most of the men who have resided in aminations. 

We ntver will forgtit the way he scholars from ^rade one upward. It 
nevei insisted that we tell him wlierc |,is been the bugaboo of man)' a strug- 
we hid been if we came in a little ^](„g chcmistn' student as well as 
late, but (aclfully sufigested that il the nemesis of scores of professors. 

havf bfen able to fifiure out how he (oot j poU (,f ^ number of colle^'e 

! '^kz Soutkcjin. Accent 

Kj,^,.- £J„«r Homer ST^jFo^ 

let her monkeys out!" No more disij, 

0u^J^rTo"n5'''"shc- "laT to^!''"'"* '°*' 

dtnls in the evangelistic effort ro7 
held in Ashuville. North Carolina, 

Mary Banker and San Mahn expe., 
forspend a peaceful summer al horn. 

A^.,:... r>TT,„F Fb*mk 

Published bi-wKkir w«pl for Ch.iilm^ »nd sprmE vjcadou duiine 
th= Khool ynt. »nd monlhiy, June. July snd August by Southem Misiion- 
uy College, Colleficdile, Tennejict:, Entered under the Souihland Saoll 
as lecond-cliii nuuei, June 20, 1919. at the Poi. Office jt Collcfiedale. 

TKB"l?uiH£'iN'AclLhT, Scptem'l^'/I'a, 1 W5, i^ider (hV ici of' Congreis 

ike Rose . 

' tfje risk oj bordering on ISIth ctmiiry iiieloilraiiiii mid 
r^' "sud stings of fareueil" ire woidd veiilnre a timid goodby 
T vditnr, Eugene Wilson, leho is leaving not only onr slajj 
-nr «»;;«/<. Tearlnl Iribnies are dreary afjairs al besl. bnl 
„ lea' rose, Icjl jroin the 1^ 

„dd ,;» 

1/ the, 

a thankless job. 

editor Wilson and his sta/j it is 
is a trininph oj hard work, ingenuity, and jiersistence over almost 
insnj/erable dijjieidties. An editor teho can calmly meet cataclysmic 
frMems and' tee f, l,is equilibrium and mental sanity i 

iods occ 

r edit, 



I sunk into a, 
r the make-nf of th, 

Long ainr the rest oj the ACCENT 
lansled rest, their job done. "Ed" din 

the ines, and lale at night /,„/„, 
■I magi, with tyfe and i„strn,nen,s that mate the fafer ft am.,- 
gly in the /.™/«r places. Witlmut l,is exfert services reading 
•e Accent mighl be lite wandering ihrongh a maze oj garbled 

sOsMj catiiht somi^ ambiti 
in the act of ciibbin£*, an 

msb would not bo complet 

( ,,„/,' ; 


stud, I 

tije literary elite and tlie joys oj finding selj-exliression, biU also 

because there is a tangible result for hard work. But that resrdt a . • k I 

often brings the criticism and com flaint from unlhinkiug readers Al U fTl 1 N BWS 

who jail lo iiuclerslaml the coiiiphcateel procedure oj eailitig a , 

l)a{ier. Aji{}recialioii is seldom expressed, but dissalhfactlo>i is al- Wahren Oakes 

ways vocal. So an edilor's jorebend groivs ivriiikled, his shoulders The month of June will find Dr. 

become a solitary niisai/lhrofiic creLiliirt shiiiiniug his feltowmen f^^j firaduate "Of*;,^^ rIi teachers like that! 

Lesi the appreciative he the illeiil and ihe critical the loud, 
we hereby offer as noisy and enthusiastic a thank yon as type can 
convey and hofje thai the future may be as varied, as well-ordered, 
and as much admired as a (lerfect /ICCENT would be. osf 

LMeck UcWi P'lOG'iessl 

made during ibis school y 

It so much into our studies during Ihe school 

Vive to spend long hours cramming!' Hai 

fort, or fifty ye. , 
sliending our time develofing i 
If we all take a Mod iiileri 
for which it stands, if I 

hoot and in the things 
'o the things which 
'f we all take 

lie staff of the ACCENT has enjoy 
ear. We hof.e that you will givd 
'f next year the same cheerfufcoop 

t you ha, 

lege working for a Ch'ri: 

lid back them with 
•I the things in which we find ourseh 
that certain thing called school s[ji 

■o jnogress to the point where a , 

e is l>laced on the students than al the p 

Cecil Cofjey and his 
' and encouragement 

'd holw that Sel,^nb\Vwili}n"l\.oThJckh, 


Accent On The Academy 

Setuo^ £heioUei, 









.hn°° 1°: 


k .k,i .bt b 


iegedile in 193 





tbe sunlight c 

S' ih 

" rn 

their sbjdymg 

mighty fli 





The frant pi 

go of 






the bim-thj, 


clo,.lv b, 




Iht loof 


tonJemned. ip 


The Popular Opinion Poll 

much ^ihh 
Why don't 

njoyed the Accent vtt 
touch with our fritnd 


hL- Opinion Poll jjiv", ^ 


asv-ny from" mT' J. H. Tiiflrof fn- CoIlcge Acqiiircs Plans For Asheville 

£r£afo';U""??;sS Teletype MacJiiue Student Effort Are 

°quipm"nt!^' This" included''iri?ndn' A new Icktype has Iw^un inslailcd ReVealcd By HanSCH 

tquipment, flooring;, and bathroom in the tL-lephonc ofTlct of tht colk-fit, 

fixrurci. ThL- machine was installed by Western Thomas Hansen- 

red and staged one of 

Gems from the Pulpit 

on repjiar personally a radiant hope in the heart thi 

nd are Knt of EUgr E. C. Banks, who *" 

ates in the „lher w-lcading out in a ful 

ike telegram '[^ fs' an 'exam pie of 'qui't 

«n tau;,!ht ""^"'°" 

iciblc are not that unpredict 

ng more and m 
IS contained in t 

- John Biinyan Those who are definitely plannii 

shall surely mrel and I 
built by mud slung at oi 



- aio." 

Mrs. Wilbur Oslman. Mr. and Mrs 
James Fulfct. Mr. and Mrs. Oswald 
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wood 

A^hiock,'"and cS annon'^''Thc 

did not s 



dule of study, plus a full schedule of 

group is only exceeded by their faith 
and hope for a glorious summer. Thl^ 
work has already begun, but the of 
ftcia! openin;; for the effort is Friday 
June 11, in the city auditorium. The 
elToH will continue until September 


iouihctn Missionary Ci.llcec Cnlk'gcdalc, Tenncsseg. Jui 


Congress Is 



Start to Finish 


X stupendous pif 


J.c^P..^^.,„;.„,,.n „>,.,. ^a.,„. 





• ^*ffl 

people thoufiht of 





Advcntists amon/; 



redcdicjted my life fo (he glorious 
task of quickly Hcryinjj tht ;;osptl 


■■It has ccrtainlt 



dctcrminalion lo 


Christian friends. Every meclinj; is i 
rejl inspifition to mo.*' (from a non- 

■This Youtirs Congress h^s truly 

,._ (Coiiliiilted ov page 3) _ 

Third Senior Glass 

J.ddO Youth Atleiid 
Coiifli-ess in 

%e l/oufd's CoMJtess 8iiiicu. ■ ■ 

This is the fromied Yo,ill/s Congrns edilion of th 
Yom ,lt« bdievi! thai ym will mjoy rifdyis ll«> ''P"' »!"' 
m.les: Adve,,lii, ymlhn,„li,,g ever hM i« Ih, Sou,/,. 5 ou u,ll 
,L„I 10 immri this copy oi a ,o„miir of Ih, Controls. If you 0,0 
o,„ ol the u„lo„u,,al, UmuoIs „ho /«W '» K,«» "» 
scipLss boforo Ibis issue u.»/ <o pros,, you bovojwl ,0 
Ihe big six-pv ^ •>"•'''' '^"V" "'PP'f'"™'- /''"'"„ 
stilt have opporluolly to take advautage oj llus ojjer as )o 

Yotirsl'ajl has spared milke, I - 
the over-all picture 0/ uihat look place al the Coagr, 

, J ', . _.. i I l,,r B,.erv IHPetinP. 

phers aud repo 

„ hand jor 

special feat, 
'the ACCENT sincerely s 
both on this special edilion a 

on behind-the-s 
olicit, letter, of . 
ltd on future editi. 

Wa, Safe 

To our way oj thinking, there teas no bet 
school year than to attend the Youtlfs Congri 
harting' lor,l„re,,, any olttsu., lose. 

r way to end the 
. hist before de- 
,lacl with friends 

The ii'hole Cotigresi was sii 
last detail, it uw packed full of 
Each speaker ' 

and elevaliiig s 


of definite ways to let 
Especially to be 

Mends in on a better way of lije. 
Leaded is the otnsic eommittee. Th 
■ic circles was offered to the youth 0/ th 
Sonlbern Union. In ™r opinion a sermon in song has i„st as m„c 
ellect as oac given iv au eloqtient speaker. Surely the words suu 
by Charles Keynter. Haroli A. Miller. Dorothy Evans. Au,. 
Crowdcr-Evans, Rachel Atkins, the Kings Heralds, the Crusade, 

IE Sabbjlh, why wc don't drink 
ikc, and whal fr is (hal - '- 

is ■Brother," Surel)- th 

o«n hue ind there wiUripaiy 

,„,„ and all the other individuals, will rem 

r hearts and minds this snmnier. 
Never have ive attended a series oj similar meeting 

Alumni News 

seemtu iv i;="t'"" "-■ "'"^h cut -- 

Youlb-s Congress. We believe the challen^ne gifei, to Southern 
Youth in Elder Dunbar's closing message will be taken, and stu- 
dents will use every opportiinity in the summer tiionlhs to "Share 
Our Faith." 

Elder Anderson. Elder Laiida. Eider Evans, let's have another 
Congress soon so that we may tell how we put into practice the 
things which have been learned at 

in downtown 

imni of Soulhcr 
;, So.ih.rn 

"S'd'e.isiortor Christ. Elder 

blood bank co 

Francisco me 

i.d ....... 1-I..I 

omplete must train the heart, the 

'■The Mis 

ionary Volnntr, 

jc inspired by th 


ail' three phases of Christian edu- 

al E, M. C^ 


dins this i"!'»°»°°J^"^'; J';"/',^^ 

e department of 


rds show that 1327 shrdcnts have 

tion. is ejpec 
the week end 

of May 28-30. 

ved diplomas from Southern Mis 
irv Colleee. , , ^ 

past two yea 

g' i"\n™Ji°" 


«1, Dr. John Russell Mitchell ol 

tion of schoo 



h°"' 'ivc us a stirring chaf^l report- 

aimch Passes 
Ingathering Goal 

„ „ . ,, „,„ of lb" 

!J°"?r ,I,S annouoreJ *« 
Colleeedalc^^ehureh. amo^ ^^^^^^ 

ing campaign. The 8;"^ "^."e iK 
■- STOSO.i-i, an amount 
riginal goaL. . ^^ .ffoit* 

^e 3nf°bodra'°'l <^"*^|! 
aurch. Sections of f'tee s" " ,,|, 

How to Share Failli 
Vandenian*'s Topic 
Friday Morning 

Eldei- Skinner 

Speaks On 

"Power For Today" 

luJ, Hi, 

The Missionary Volunlter Leaders Who Planned the Yout 

h's Congress 





^P^J^'' f? 

P '^^In 



Adventist. He quickly jointd 'he 
mo»mml and ihidM "i* I"' "", 
j»d hrougkl fc" in 

"T'"o'''iunior Voke of 'mM 

:ou„e sluden.. ..d an '"" ^" 

learned the '"'"'' J fify 

(CarijmJ •» «' ■ 

H !■ S O LI T H I- R N A C C li N T 



News Release 
Sent lo All 
Southern Pape 


(C«»,W /,.», fag, 1) 
placing of gospci-fillcd literature in 



Camp Government 
Is Organized by 
Married Couples 

xinsored by the Forum. 
Mrs. Gwenivere E. Ellis, pre 
- the Fonim, ind Harold Flynt. 

,n'. have selected the trailer . 
; (he number one burden in thi 

|fi«Zri, T« unanimously re, 
■ ded as Sifety Commissionet. 

ies of the followinfi offices; P. 
miLisioner, Safely Commissic 

Ir'on Recrealion,' P.irk' Com 

irriissioner. and "the Commissi 
Ne Qninc Corps.- (Do^ Qtd 

t"in"his\ver-dl pTan/All' 

[.children. A fieneral improver 

and landscaping of the'' tr 

[irch is expected of the Nfa[ 

■ve''s"o pCT for b^ter'livin;; 
ions and hifilier morale. 

[5,000 Youth 

honor to teprcscnt the people of Chal 

young people representing eight south 
crn states is indeed a concrete exampi 
of the opporhintties of our Ameri 
un way of life. The right of rclitiou 
freedom must always be preservec 
Your efTorts and aims to pcomot 

Edward Barnes, Kentucky-Tcnncssee 

World youth leaders Eldine Dun 

bar, Theodore Lucas, and Laurcno 

Telephone Troubles 

>s asked how to spell. But that word 
is in the front of the director)' 
Incrdcnlally, they don't have a diction- 
ary at the switchboard, so don't pro. 
mise accurate spelling of all words. 
Another typical questioner wants to 

was uked before ihe laundry phone 

■■I know -s have i (cle- 

day." Very enlighlening to the opera- 
tor. But try as hard as possible, she 
could locate no line for Ihem and 

have to be called lo the telephone 

3oddy a 


10 be sure ^h?ir d"atM d!di 

back on them. And poor Wallace h^d 

'■AiiH" and the operator f 

nluing it. Of course it '"ring 
her on another line and she 
made herself hoarse trying to get an 

answer. The parly calling apparent; 

sounded open. At last she caught o 

And did you hear about the operate 
who started to say her prayers b' 
fore resting at the dose of a bu! 
session at the switchboard and starte 

once "took a Chattanooga call. St 

darkened and "Christ on the Throne 

raised in song. Leavii 

over. Elder Dunbar said h.; wouW take 

■outh and tell them there is no doul 

"Most fascinating sight on Ihe fa< 
)f the earth this side of the cross 
'oung men and women bound U 
:et|Kr by ihejovc of_God," stale 
Elder Dunbar in hJs first talk at""il 

Lord has warned us lo stand befoi 
Elder Dunbar admonished all your 

rally thousands of ] 

i by' 

)f all who attended the first sei 
if the Southern Youth's Congrci 

Senior Class 

'. By your lives you may ch: 

iis closing words were, "Enlist in 
army of God and receive 
sion which shall never b( 

Congress Is Success 

inspiration and true Christian 
ation which 1 have fully appr 

Id wish." 

The Lord has richly blessed r 

Out hats off To thrhost^ of ha 

It has been a wonderful 

low I am determined to be a 
ncdicil missionary.," 

..ess, I don't know how to begin to 

Have You Renewed 


President Wright stated he like- 
to think of the B.A. as referring t. 

iluallv, Intel Icctuilly. physically, an. 

Degrees and diplomas were con 
ferred upon the four-year and profcs 

Ru^J E.Lea; 

ioi the academy by Elder ]. C. Gait 
IS, principal of Collegedale And 

langed from righ'l to" left, signifvin] 

iwning for them. 
;diction blessings were 
nounccd by Dean Linton G. Si 
1 1 and Ihe Graduates look part i 

1948 Seniors Addressed By 
Lewis E. Lenheim 

;reater work for our young pcoph 

ut a C/.ri^//;d"°edu"cation. EducatlL" 
'iihoul Christianity is of no avail 

raduales, "for you to harness 

3ur vision and arise for God,' 
Education is a tool, som 
■ith which to work. The organi 

randhave innore abundantly; -Life 
line life to his years anVn^V^" 

done is to simply do good. Thi.s 

ion sets the boundaries of vour 
rid Have telescopic vision, high 
IS .ind right purposes." urged Elder 

He stressed then the need of 
for the Lord [esus, Advenlist 
Ith should all be among the two 
cent who lead. A leader must be a 
nnl and a man of noble character, 
■Character stands when all else 
s. It aids or hinders man more 
than anything else. It is the workshop 
' a man's everj- day life. It is life 

As a final word of counsel Elder 
mheim told the graduates. "Put not 

changeless Christ. When you cofi^e 
the cross roads, lake the road to the 
Dss. God deliver you from low aim.. 

Stamp Club Sells 
Congress Envelope 

One of the smaller facets of the 
Youth's Congress was the exhibit of 
the SMC Stamp Club featuring a spe- 
cial cachet envelope with the Concress 
emblem printed on its left side in two 

In charge of Robert Roach and Rob- 
ert Kistler, representing the Stamp 
Club and Sabbath school respectively. 

A United States post office was s 
up in Ihe booth, and mail went oi 
urider a special phibtclic cancel oi 

Senate Elected 
For Next Year 

various forums and cla.sses chose o 
fleers who will sit on the Stude 
Senile for Ihe year beginning June 

' m."To 

(, Mr. VloyTMit- 

r. we h 

avi- (he following 

M,« Do™ Tipion 

Mr. Doiufd Wot 

Cecil Coffey, editor of the /< 

)f the previous Senate; M 
ind 'Mr. Cecil Coffq', E 


jend Ihe Youth's Com 

St, or R, F, D. . 
Oily and Stale _ 




Collect C.llLgtdik Tcnnc-sbee, July . 

meriXAsMockKetumsfwiiihidia 165 Enroll in Summer School 

Elder H. S. Prenier E. C. Banks Conducts Students from 31 
Joins Teacliing Staff Evangelistic Effort States and 3 Islands 
For Summer School Assisted by Students Register at SMC 


Approximildy eight hunt 

Mfi A^hiodk has been in cliarcc of '^""^ *'*'"■ Q""^!^' *"'' possibly pie attended the opening lecture of dents ace enrolled in (he 

iMc,_ Asmock tias neen m J^^"g^ « ^[(,,(1^0 City. Elder and Mrs. Prenier this spearhead in the auditorium to teachers curriculum Thct 

:,:.d na. only /a .school foi DeBH W. B. Clark :||L7han"afcl*; '^ ""''"' '"'"^ '" ITic '^■wZ'tnd^V\teTH.a^^^^^^^^^ '^"rimer^'lt^Wo^^^^^^ 

Iventjsis from fiood homes. VlSltS Hd'C ■ ^^^" Ptcnier has had considerable Hundreds thrilled to the beautiful page three. 


X^ "''I/-''" Lyceum Number Is ,cndcnt"of the"'p°iik^a 

.he Southern "EveniUg of Songs" rh?lc'tbe^oiir daughter 

licid at Spiccr College ley Schyde introduced the 
n Wood Hall Chapel 

work and prospects A basso of renown, Mr. Schyde hails •^.-. , .« « 

ever before.'- he con- f^m New H.ven. Connecticut. At Film OH Llfc of 

Asia Division has the stmc^'tiLnn'th^pE'^XoolforNl^^^ Martill Lutliei* 

:°ceedl'd"oMy by (hat AsT^'iation'^of M°sirTn^!ruclors 'of SllO^VU Here 

It music and sung. His del 
■ has included Broadview 

College Industries 
Offers Bonus 

nstruction of mode 
mdry. finds employ 


fi of laundr)- for s 
s arc employed i 

President's Office 
<;ets New Ceiline 

'" iConUnu.-d o„ {>nge A) Porme^Vlind flifrt'hat 1^5"!. 

lundy. H. R. Thur- x»s ofTjc. 


n"ke Soutkenn. Accent 

On the South Side ^cjntkenn. 

D.vm HE»,K>EN ^ <HigK£i<jkU 

All Is Not Work and 
Study This Summer 

Are they all ji(sl what they should be, or do ihey need sow 

For imtance. hou-'s yonr arlicle of JTiEiidlhiess? Do you gree 
a stranger with a friendly smile when you meet him oti the campus 
if you havetft before, try il. It not only helps the other persoh 

but makes yoit feel 

v those u-bo live around you. If yi 

You'll find real joy in learnine 

been careless hi the: 

rjt unnoticed, individua 



study f 

larmiag name of Jim 

column. 1 thought about wandering 

spend its never-exh 


buldi haircut, and hJS 

hats and finds reco 


Ttorroranothe^lSif so"l Tecided 

h '^LT^"'" '"""' 

t. the gy 


e forefront of attention 
ong the residents of the 

n "ih'e to'ngue of every 

ing: President, Maldi Davis; Vice 

scu'ted' by theMouc 
up by the squalling 


" -vnt 
of rollet 

ed out lo be a licensed 

Maurte"'Go^dw"n; Swec.^Io'rlnK 


e times 

vta ,1, 

'ow anything, when he 


m'eTl'ing of the club honored seven 

day night. Gathe 

ng on 

.e li,ld, 

^trc^ties" of ^o"rfo^nl 

members who had had birthdays re- 

LJionals, engage 



Freida Scblcifer's name is so hard 


usical tones uf^lastyear-s 

■■Betty Slidingboard." 

the only spotlights o 


- Cheer- 

Charles 'Buddy- Harris 

Ruby Tcache)- and Frances Han- 
berry have found a new recipe for 



«a ,14 

tiun of second bass on 

The most popul 


,"" *' 

^^i = 

walk to Ooitewab, a distance of three 

Reiiiln: fifty-four cents. Sen.-Ci two 

ade, tasty root bee 

popular fountain 
found. Gallons c 


loned Buddy Harris. 

Mar)- Lynn McNeil in a class or at a 

vegetarian burge 

'lid be hi order r 

•} that you may be a loyal » 

Then there's the arlicle entitled Christian E.xperience. This 

still, get busy and add some amend 
Why not check up and see if 1 

Qe*tiA. ^0^ tUe Pulfut 


with llie dtdialo 

e /or .11 


It pulp 

udyine M 

past week and finding them strewn 


I'm beginning to believe they're either 
glued fast or I'm having an optical 

°o"2""''Th'°''Mr"Lm ,:„ 

ters piled high on her bed. Since 
plaining about being passed up at 

tive. program of the regular sditwl 

Southern Union 

thing, anjone wishing lo be cured of 

Educational Br mil 

probably have some degree of success 

Meets Here 

don't'thevrm fam'ily^feuds;^usta 

On July Hand 12 the! 

Members of this be j 
academy principals, Conli 

loo, each being loyal lo the sister ihcj- 


mcr in girls' worship. Each evening's 
worship program is conducted by a 

mentTe^u^tl"" "" 

to present^ what she wishes for the 

Union''"'"' of "wd> 1 

lovely poems, stories, and special 

S't"^he'"i»nUn,„„ "" 


Volume VIII. page 37. 







iHmgi^ .nh, S.ll Bull O 



Surainer School Roster 

)..ll.i!, and by Loi.,5 Jnd Byram. Gra 

compankd the Ludinslon D^'T^^'"'' ^ 

to a littic stone 

,. Following the ceremony, which ,M. n,, . Mk ck- minister Gladys <va5 g.ven m m.r- 

; given by Elder W.^^J.^Kdth.^a riul , ^! ... i . ,th while ria^e by hi-r father. After (he c^rc- 

X's"""mofh« of the bride, was fdKac'i'n ■',■ ;,,,.> '■-nn, ,.!..',',, M^rc hLml'of iheblX" Gbdfraod Royce 

■dd in the Lodje at the entrance of was the hri-k ■, maul ol honor. Ann both received their degrees from Em- 

{,,■ gardens. The couple are now Clifton, cousin of the br.dc, and manuel Missionary College this spring. 

Griffith, Arlene 
Griffith, Eldridge 
Randolf. NevilFe 
Cartabianca. Carry 

king. In the fall, he will cnlei 

led with white glad 

ind by Marilyn C 
. and Morris Wil 
1 of honor was Phyllis Boggs. Scpten 

Strickland. Dorothy 








™f?.rS*S;u"°«l''E™J"g Roads in Model Trailers Take On 

"'vMino°T„d''E."'4n'n Village Improvcd New Look 

uriinglon urew 

Ginger' Robert 

Highsmith, Mrs. J. 0, 

Conger, Sarah 
Connell. Dillon 
Dickerson, Richar 

Dictel. Margarita 

Edgmon, Kathtyn 


Tarreli. Mary Jan 

Morri.. &y.l.l 


;nnclt, Orolyn t 



':imcd ;ltoii<ld the Ji 

|™>. »' Lynn Wood H.ll, md shortly 

•not, Moo°oUin''.' They' ~o'w ,i£"°"'"Ji'°cfii™„°;,''," ","i 

lEEDM-WlLCOX pLmV™b^.fn'j'm.SXrid'i!'wh"n 

U..C 11, Dixie Reeder ,nd nrtied Ihtoush. male (or s.fet'trailer 


...^ --^ 

The Popular Opinion Poll 

I wmc 10 Collceedale because of the ui 
the friendly jrid spiritual almosliticie j ^^^^ ^^^ " "^unt^ 

h^s 'suom^e" sehool'\-|asses. Summer 
Sehool at Collegcdalc Is a seoodetfu! 

Students Take Boat SeMtat&l (^^fidi- ^itdeteU ."TpL^Sto'beJeJ^J^'^™ ° '"""""""''^oipiJiit '. ,;* 

Cruise on Tennessee ^ , "n l Srst came to Soutliem Missionary Away from tlie cih- t," '", 

"Vaniet^ ^ Wtf^f^UUi. CoHeje as a visitor, but I fouod such ^'^'^i'S'. « «»' e.»p of™* 

Oo July in approjimatelv 130 shi- 

colt, e^b 

'J2i •;" *"P«' '?'h °° '"" 

s the place of bustlioe Loid's seotk 

uroid b, the lisht ^ j|,,„j^ „ j„ ,h„, 

,1 tflJMBER 

8™ * 

highlights of 


ledje does 


thZ-s life 



a pcrso 

ual' friend of 


Ji ^ *^= _P"» 


became a 

ift before his 


s to be' in's 

lleJ, aadV 


n College 



All this 

coiiipriKd is 





1 Missionary College, Cullcgcdale, Tcnnes 


i-aice Cynicllm.ent jc'ieseen o\s 
College Qc)mksions Ollu 

W7a BtoAt Soon 

robiassens Return 

/ / ri t 1 ears olilf Gtiiii^ on jour — ihiil is very young as colleges 

To ill students 

f i9-)S-.)y .1 . 

1 aiie ijiid ixlierieiice. As studeiils go, it is also a young and 
'""'A' period of life. {A little boy I know very well asked the 

welcomt! It is jf 

n-ays J joy to 

liose who come ( 

om Jnd i 
the 5thool 

1 f/illouiu^ his fourth birthday parly, "Daddy, where did three 

■'^l^mW " ° 

^ u ht n I u as four?") Southern Missionary College starts its fonrth 
tear of operation as a senior college on September 19. 

'^As'^vou return 

to the colk 

arrive on (liis bt-ju 

iful c:mpus 

To tttUowe ore mid nil to the thrills of pioneering a new 

ifst time many e 

£cr quc-.lior 

college IS a most pleasant privilege. 1 welcome you to the most 

tcr^ '"ntrance'"rtq 

lircmcnt's "c 

ideally located college in our denomination. I welcome you to the 

college with one of the lowest tuition charges. (Remember this as 

arranecmtnts, soc 

j| adjuslmcii 

yon pay your deposit and buy your books.) Yon are welcome to the 

nuny others. Pica 

e remember 

sunshine and gorgeous colors of fall at Collegedale. Yon are 

tm. 'Uf,ne f«r 

awaits each 

wthome III ihi min and mud and clouds and, probably, even a 

b,i ..I >-v„, ) ..,.; ..,, uJc-me to the thrills of accomfdishment 

rd'ently and 

Viends of'^youT" 

.;-../ .'■ 'nl old frieiidshifys. to the sobs of dls- 

;hdly .»i« i-ou 

n the soluti 

lii:. ■ . ■ ..oiira^emeiit. All these and more make 

ubtcdly be a 

Surely >■ mcssuiie from your President would not be complete 

bJrel'Tn ^^1^" 


without a word or hva of counsel. Here it is: Remember there is 

rortonity lo 6. fi 

asped and s 

no substitute for hard work. It is the ttricc of success and the price 

irojch them in 

must be l>aid. It does not come with the G. I Bill of Rights or 

ruit. If you will 

do this, you c 

from a check from home. There is no shortcut, and the hapfiiest 

Floyd O 

student is the one tvhose policy calls for never expecting more 

Southern Missionary College has no bargaining counter where 



success can be hud at a discount. Again, I would refer yon to the 



only place in >'U the Bible that success is mentioned. Read foslma 



1:8. From the first day have a time and jdace for morning devotion. 



Make friends of your deans, your teachers, and facidt} members. 

Choose your friends from those who you know can lielp you on 


_ 1 

the upward way. 


I «j| 

Satan works hard— works hard everywhere — but Ite works 



overtime on a C/mstian school campus. However, 1 am glad to 

^^■t A 

X^s •• 

state that Christ is stronger than Satan ami the trend at Southern 


K ,■ 

Missionary College is onward and upward. 


r" A 

My wmh us president takes me of} the campus almost one- 



third of the time Please do me the favor of coming to me any- 

^^^M ^H 

where u-e mcci for counsel or to set acquainted. Come to tl?e office 

^^V ^^P 


with, or without, a-i apfwinlment. and we will pray about your 

^^H 'iN* 

jiroblems and plan for your work. 19^18 and 1949 can be the best 

^^B ^ 1 


year of your life if you' make Philififiians 4:15 your motto. 

Cordially your firesident. 
Kenneth A, Wright 



Fl»vd 0. 


y. September 19 an 



wo of its newly-wedded si 


Tke Soutkenn Accent 

and momhiy, Juni^ July, u 


;!^"f^E^^Y^;S E;H^^iS£€E Aium^^ 

Welcome . 


Magoon will I 
and Sue will 

Southern Missionary College in beaiilijid Coliegedale Valley Smg a song of iulfide 

is, or soon will be, the new home of one of the largest groups of A btMker full of ''™ 

freshmen and new students since the beginning of tlie college. ^^"'^^ ^Uhe t'^me'" 

Your opportunities are many. Grasp them. Yoii are here to Wheiilh/top is lifted 

study and to grow in Christian character and mefidness. Cultivate 7],^ f^jn^ begin to reek — 

friendship. Become acquainted tvitb your dean, your faculty, and isn't that an awful mess 

Of course, yon will be studying — and hard, too — as you are Migj joimson wa; determined 1 

here to make the most of your school life. no one would know when btr bi 

Inspiration that will last a lifetime >s in the morning and eve- djy '^■■w.|u';*t seems as thmfgh-thi 

uing worships, the weeks of prayer. Friday night vespers, Sabbath '^,'^'^^'^ . .f l"^"°th^ra"r ouHel 

services, chapel programs, and heart-to-heart talks with sympathetic Qu "d'-an'^w^ hTppil)^"ucprised''fc 

and understanding faculty advisers. birthday part)' eiven in her honor 

The sign down by the Yellow House says 'Welcome to week. 

Southern Missionary College," and it means just thai! Southern Perhaps you have noliced wha 

Missionary College, its students and faculty, and The Southern grouj) of palefaces we have in 

Accent commend you for your decision and offer a hearty wel- dormitor)'— well, it's not because t 

Come and bring the best that you have in the spirit of co- \Ji\^^ About"one half I'heTnhabicl 
operation, enthusiasm, and co. 

Maurice Godwin 

Letters to the Editor deten 

2^a^ ai Ofi/pxi^dunittf. . 

a™.', ^''"'^'"'' '""'■' "' "'"Southern Jtnls planning to tiU the soil and W C' '^ 1 

rtunity'. Vacation days are over, ^^ ™m^ ^o^j^rfr.^n^^fA™!;' follow agriculture pursmts. Arrange- DeiinitelV 

ft. Or, perhaps you have been out ful jwpcr. I looked it ihraugh with in- menls have been made with the Uni- •' 

This is your day of opp. 
and you are back at school aga 

of school for several years and are now taking np where you left 
off. You may be a veteran of World War II, a recent graduate of 
an academy, or a new church member and in altendanc^e at a Chris- 
tian school for the first time. Many enrolling at SMC are '"old" 
students returning for another year. You may be one of these. 
However you may be classified, you are at the threshold of a new 


of last year may have been, yi 
on equal fooling ,vilh all yo, 
the past and ivrite a new chaj 


1 fresh start. You are 
Yon can now forget 
by the Holy Spirit— in 

■isUz Agricultural Col- 
oner courses of study ' 
inimal husbandt)', -hot 

e up the degree of Ba 

ther new degt 
me at Union will 
c Educ 



offered for 


"why write about that in the ACCENT? We 
re-worn platitudes about 'fresh Starts,' 'dean 
irlunilies' every year." 

on this subject simply for one reason. We 
and observation what an opjiortunity is af- 
I' leaf, and we also know how often 

. _^ are especially '>^_PP)'^?^"'"j'^^'"^\'S I 

a new chance has come. Whether yon lead or lag de- ^S^"^' ^tV\^ 1°"^^'*"'^''^_^\ 










"' ' ' 1