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vS i 

Southern \lic.i...i.n 

,,e S c..<„,le S edale, Tenner, 

September 22, 1950 NUMRER 1 

Vcllman. Woolse.r 

■lii<-k After Month 

Basement Receives 

Enrollment Reaches Zeinth Mark 

Trip to Europe: Attend San Reino ton!'. 

Beauty Treatment 

treatment in the last csto weeks. The 

Muring Four I>av Registration Period 

"'"' WOO ,'" r Cjl Jm J ,\ [™on,r, 

New Subdivision 

ColuiTto'the -One World Peace 

Starts Crowing 

m™t C aSor d ed k dis b ta ""''' S "^ "" 

Apison Pike Gets ,"tt,,,m .' b, d thc s ^ m " e line f ° r 

', .. "of Ih 'm Sm ™lh 

^Tlre first. wo hoose-s ,,, th^- v,lk> 

mtirelyTnova'tS "™™ 

II- Fare Lifted - '■•■'■■ 

ri 'l°"c delegate's :sp7nt%n,:"wcok on 

1 ,.'.,„ . ' 

rame' aTa'ce'litt'o ''for the Borj'^Black 

The old hinop-iilled Ap.snn Pike s'a ".'h-. -.J,' ■i" .',".' "' ",".'," 

Tin home .,„. be,,.,, constructed by 

',„'"„ Tn'h'no I '"ih il 

.iiielecdnol ctleet' linoleum tile was 
laid on the cement seriate to make i 

^"Ve.hrncd'el'hdf'p^,'^' 'rc't'ord' urcllmuil i'.e ,!!' [ fll' 'l" 1".', 

softot, mote appealing floor. 

lee Highway to li,!,n„.„ ,„,,'„., "■ -d ut fit. when 42s students 

f ... A number of sightseeing toors 

b, the school to staff men.bets. 

where the toad emerges into a ,„... signed h, the closing day of the al- 

Located on Apison Pike, directly 

across the ...lie, Iran the ,.....p„s. the 

special attention. The former physics 

1 ,'i'" -' ' 

makeTmw"d,aft,nj f torlm Instead of 

io^r'el'araood thVcollege'storeand Registration swung * into "op'etation 

1 • : i ".^''"uoi'orn.oStoirf 

that risc-s ir,"Ba"ite' Ridfe"' ' ' ° ? ' 

"hows off brightly vamisheTpnc',™ 

«...| * 23S completed its orientation' a r - 

'S,"'°1odi°o' the week at Puis, 

■ I. M. „ 

drafting tables. 

The nccv floors will mean more- 

1... ...... ..,-...■.,.:■• ... ..... ... . . I ,....,j, 

shoulder along College Drive to pro- towards the step .,, the ,ec, 

1 ' p.,.cle-d to the snow-capped 

.'rom a h maj.i,,„J ,H uJ l, ;ce£eij"" 

work for the service department in 

and graded. thcE 'ros'kKLeT de. "laomtau't'otmerits, exclusive of 

T't', Uo'lins'tTsuy"!" &e'»» J ° 

designs. The, "w,'l'i ' he" modern,,' 

in the administration building" 

S'leaol^Z^S't ^■J^»/i3^£ 

'.. .''mcoloM^'ardioarWoolsty 5 

e.|eup|-ce] V :li cleetCc appl.-Ct.CCS 

contributed to tli, JI-.h'iu- 1-„..|. i.ili 

eeufh Friesland".nd H Notth" e .nd Freshmen EleCt elation I trust that »ou. as »e« ■> th. re-err r a ..s ,d. .- .,ltel,fcl.d„,- cania. Michigan, ind Caljotnia sent 

lau^r^itaTfc^ onSmrf Butterfield Prexy ■■«"■■ ' 

,;,.,.. .... th. line SepicinhcT P. a c i- m . in the l.uii. time and Ihoeqht ih.-, ear, lemm,- lh.ii rq ihroegh oer olans lor the school /-, i . a-s tra 

, ',' ,,„ V Ni» »,:,i,l 11,11. elietcJArlhor Hi, ilcrt.chl. ye „ And since a h n- ha h I the Cadet CoipS F Ol'lllS 

ni.i "-• , - K Ruins' L ""hv Montreal tlit Irtihiru,, l\..i> «..■ Ik!,: ,(„, Collegedale Swimming P ol o f- d b I hed and are Mc.1k.iI i .„iu i ,, T .... 

dkc, (.untie, rviWfoun.iljn.J. JiiJ ^i'K-nib,r 11. '■Mill ,t M. The group gaining much headway- Other proiecfi under supervision of the entire iua! Sunday morning at 7:00 A.M., 

Founders' Day twice a 

Planned Oct. 18 STd£ 

if' I. or any of (he olher 

V'ittsohiehe Slated Sa^wctwd <?4*<>4e '' , 1! ' , ™g^r^ 

For Prayer Week 7fa*% Pie4ide*t fo0 ^^ ^VZ S3S 

Special phns ate being rmde to .TV b " ,K '""' ' V M A nu " ,inJt - du I!"^ I 1 ,' , rLi: ," l : lr , fo "! 

,lu ,!,, v., II h. I-. 1 ,, tjr, ,,l -...Km.. .i] llllln!l sp^ktr InSpeCtlOll UUC ing committee n-j.s .lu.suict ttui imu- ^^1 I.^Mc.Jk.iI^-.Ju r. 

inged hy .1 conimitiee Ilcj.j-.J In r 




Your Grades Are Your Own 

likely still is, a tendency 
llegedale Ac: 
> tilt grades ( 


Courses Offered 
On World Po]iti cs . 
Current Affairs! 

.-.■.•.■.■.■.■.■.--■.■ T> ■ The turn nf „,H„ I 

giyiW'j: Academy Registers ,i 0n ii C v e m s ,„",,?"'[, J "' 

■ng the f^lS """ «°xIFS Collegcdjlc Awdwi.y stuJu.t re.c, I'-'" "used the Southern \ 

students of CoIIegedale Academy to be a little careless in regard ^^^^^^^^.^..^ "f^ ^ *\* m * .^d™" ? ^^T""; 

make. Could it he th; 
jtouiid^intelligen'ce of our other academies? This is hardly true, 
but that is how it appears from the way we do or don't do our 

We welcome a large group of new students this year who 
from all indications are ambition-, to attain high scholarship. If 
we old students don't determine to do better than we did last 
year, we may be outdone by the new students. Our grade point 

Academy Conducts 
Annual Handshake 

; hav. 


selves of knowledge whi 
It's not what one at 
ability is 

going to 

complishes in life but what he could 
at determines his character. To use only a part of oni 
disgtace to man and a sin against God 

Collegedale Academy Roster 

SoreUSOIl DlSeUSSeS !h^ n p f0 sKctif C \ S chw?p r t^rarnrwitl, bickfiraunds to current 
i-. i .. i-» ■■ their tliis advisers who helped thu-'i Sp 1 -' 1 '-' 1 s,uil > w 'll K- 

KduCatlOU Proltleill.- ^,.i^ihu,,l,,wlKj, ; 'J city to international 


?0,0OO b annuiX' 5 Aijtoy!n| 145 EllI'Oll 111 

lo'^'uXTs 1 h« d not "wivcj Academy Group 

Banks Preach* 
First Se 

On fallowed 

"S.M.C. in Action 
Is Title of Fil 

7^e 7U«> StaJt 


:, full-. 

Indians on the warpath, belles an 
and, prosaically, workers in a limestone quarry rrod tile winding 
trails of Collegedale before us. Many are the exciting tales of 
adventure that can be told about these predecessors of ours. 

But can this past, colorful though it may be, account for 
the atmosphere of our campus? Morning in the history of this 
place priol: to the founding of the college explains the intangible 
something rhac even the mosr casual visiror recognizes as different, 
even, so some are frank to say — holy. 

The secret of this atmospbetc lies in the foundation on which 
Southern Missionar, College is built. Sacrifice and fairb played a 
maior part in the founding of this school. Leo Thiel the first 
president of Southern |un...r < ..liege. fuel ... Jo farm work in addi- 
tion to his presidential duties in otdct to keep things tunning For 
a whole year the faculty received no paychecks. Ask Miss Maude 
Jones about this period. 

But reachers were nor the only ones who went fotward with 
faith unde- adverse condirions. Some of the first boys to artend 
this school had to live in tents and a chickencoop. But the, had 
faith that someday there would be great improvements and mat 
this would grow ro be a great school. The, were tight. 

Even this does not fully explain all of the spitit of College- 
dale. It took men and women ..I .outage in carry on the tradition 
of faith set by the pioneers Though oftentimes the way has not 
seemed plain, f.ic.,1,. i.ien.he,, have bad the trust in God necessary 
to go forward, and the students have stood by tbett college. 

We who ate Southern Missionary College now have 
an oppottunit, to extend lis tradition of faith Many feel that 
,heir housinc conditions ate noi all that could be wished fot. In 
sonitl ways our circumstances seem comparable to those of the 
college pioneers We. like ihev, arc suffering from insufficient 
iious,,,,. facilities Lets be like them, too, in the way we meet the 
Situation. Let's keep Colleged.ile's spirit of faith and sacrifice 
intact. Then, when we have left out alma mater, we will have 
the pieasute of remembering that we had a part in keeping us 

I bright. Fot 

he e hall. o.e. I gf<>iu-.d 

s for others, it will thei 

7^. Vailu *DewitiMt& 

,il. -|>.r 

rich the whirl of registration, we find it easy 
to lapse into the routine of school life, for jetting and neglecting 
the daily devotional period. Each morning and evening rime has 
been set apart for this purpose hut per-.i.nal communion is 
another essential. Solomon first prayed for wisdom and became 
the world's wisesi sage; Jacob's nocturnal combat with the angel 
of God insured his blessing, and his posterity populated the globe; 

Christ spent entire nights in prayer and He became the Saviour 

of the world. They first sought the- kingdom of God and ^e othei 

giftsVvere supplied. 

submit to a deepi 

be added 

the kingdom of God, and 

cause the other factors will 

hut because of the enduring and eternal joy of 

"body Pierce Named Assistant Dean; More 
biX- New Furniture Planned for South Hall 

college work. He is certainly not new "Sped. 

,„nl> o.i.L-hl '"'h,,"!-'',.!', .^."Cii'l '■! tile fart that 

,.( with j B \ .JL U r,_e. Ik- 
lot ik 11[L ..l ol the i-.,,s,n..^ 

!or\iK-.,\.ith l-.,.|..r V,,\. 
■uo.i-h pr.faid, application 

"Become Soldier foil 
Christ" Speaker Say! 

dormitory fixed SUMMER SESSION— DEAN'S I 

This column would not be complete Genton, 

" :■ i.V.: .,.,1, .,, k ,..,, s,l I kit most of beyond .lie Fro, 

--'" : ' '"- , "-'-' ^1 «i .u. d-ul yu ,.l lmn ? in South land ..ever to r, 


Southern Miisin.un Cllcjjc. Cll^dak-. T mm w. ()>,,»„ , 

Subscription Drive Starts Today 

| Southern AssoriiUion Examining IVam 
Inspects College lor Arrrcdilafii 







lliiali Chosen Campaign Malinger 

IIIOO Sub Drive La bed in Chanel 

"" Games and Marches no*. b«* 

'" d , m<*y,™o d !™Tfa'tlT3<,M lot Limber S.M.C.ites Senate Confirms 

■ge.'"" 01 C liSOtla " 0fl son and then d^i/ei ,n W.tih.n^, 

dent of S. M. C; Eva Lynn. 

J by thy 

1 o«cr by 


'rifiht. will and co|| ' 

and ASSC 

eiale Editors *, 

'. il N ' it Sen i, ^ 

m , of the™ 

nm S pool fund by used to £ 

,r p t.^ 

JiLunl tht, follollj ^ 

i it San Remo Delegate Reviews European 

Impressions for History Professor t 

Wittschiebe Reveals 
First Semester 
phJi'i Social Calendar 


,„ m.kinj 

> noble 


in.Lity ^, 

;:,,., ■ 

s y°,r4«: 


.™,ty 13 -Sou 


m 5) 

inuity 211 To b 
^Cobt ftlm. 

,i, ir l 


Responsibility Is Ours 

Seminar Receives 
Ministerial Advice 

mbled, few, if any, felt 
f the world could be solved in that one con- 
t the purpose of the meeting; the purpo; 

■ious ranks of life and 
The keym 

on ground upon which delegat 

:onference was struck by Dr. Roger Bald- 
f Howard University, in his appeal ar the first session of the 
conference, that mankind would pay special ar '' 

Married Couples Finally Settled; 

Moving Difficulties Surmounted 

•alcd°d / Ut '° Pbcc ' 

This, of course, is what Christians have, presumably, been 
:hing since the time of Christ. But what was forcibly brought 
)ur attention was that this problem must begin at home, in our 
l backyard, our own parlor. 

By instilling this conviction in the minds of the delegates. 

ral Power in all that they do. 

Thi-. puis responsibility on each of us; and as we pray tha 
r l> of heaven will hold back the winds of strife, let us ad< 
n efforts to fulfill our prayers. ™ 

Clubs Are What You Make Them 


an oft-asked question, and one answer to it is "Ji 
d lake an active part in them." 

,y of the clubs met last Wednesday for the fir: 
than likely you have joined one of them- But joining ; 

placed by the government on iheologi 


ks. You might even f„.d it 
n p"wunt"e.<rtr.entc of 

2 b °mJ. New Offiees Replace 
Former Science Labs 

ipottant part of your club life. If the only way 
you participate in a dub is to help elect the officers, you certainly 
will not gain from it the pleasure that is there for you. 

The fun in a club lies in your own participation, in making it 
ttuly your club. If you are asked to help with a club program, by 
all means do it. Find out just what your particular club plans to 
do this year, and then get others interested in joining it. Find out 
whether your club is chartered or not. If it is, help keep its record 
good. If it isn't, make it your business to find out what it lacks, 
and then help your officers make up this deficiency. 

Remember, the secret of having a good time through the clubs 
lies in you. If you will throw yourself wholeheartedly into your 
club activities, you may be amazed at the fun that will result 

Volunteers Report 
World Activities 

Itunan Wright repotted on ll 
A, V. program at the recent Gener. 

)luf Olsen, William Boykin, Micha 
jnidj, Collcgcdalc, and Oregon r 

Officers Picked 


ets Vespei 

Former Dunker Is ai™ \ n n>,s ^ lu ,. u, i.,,- ki | 
S.M.C. Student ^T Q ^TTUL h 'Z 

Spattered Mud and Spilled Ink 

Herald Dorm's Return to Normal I 

Oratorio Plans 

Guest Soloists 

^■ c :::!::; I Heard the Wind 

just lobby ■ 


figure out where filings came from dorm bus Im.ilfi k-.n pi- 
marbles, tops to perfume bottles, iron sometime this 

Senior Election 

elected Fred S,n- 
viously, Dougl 

eone Virginia has rtlurncd to Florida sight. 

Helen jJn D ' anS ' 




Pender Is New Ladies Meet ill Ludingtou's New 

Press Manager Home: Grandmothers Visit Childrc 

Beckner Organizes Sl^^^^w'S T '"" e Wo, ' shi P SHt^'SS 3™^*™* 

Civil Defense Corps c^fo, «™k ««.»* „d „db.»„ Pastor's Them. , , , , \ V^^nf a p .,t„5, 

and plans of an empty slom 

i rin- Unmr.Mty nf HonJ.i rht inspia.ny 



in Hardware Company 
arlcet St. — 512 Broad St. 
, Upton Supply Co. 
Market Street 

ns Brothers Compa 
'est 8th Street 

" Brothers Company 
. 7th 8 Broad 


* Clothing Co. 
834 Market Street 

-1 5?yl* -.V",, 

I «5 MartaVstrLt" 
port Shop 
<°ad Street 

CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Other organnations and institutio 

Hargis Lumber Company outside the Chattanooga-Clev 


: SERVICE STATIONS Washington Sanitarium & Hospital 

Brainerd Cleaners 



M Motor Se 

Atomic Cleaners 



S Benton Pike 


T H Payne Compan 


82 1 Market Street 


Mountain City Stove Company 



Hi' > hwa C '| t | ta & M 


730* Cherry Street 



Marie's Beauty Shop 





a j- „■>,■ l 2'7!l, ''!■■»■"!/. '' ■ . .... ...... " ; .■./... .e.e... 

, prefer the single name ballot. T. sound, mote dcmoera.ic- 

"" ' ' " ^ m j^n'ldoViro"BW.°": 

I Ihink [he double noinm. I- hue.. F*.p. because I am 


/iTe'^rwo' LraTysrem.' I'd ralher chose belwcen Wo 


The'Tingle nomination is reliable aod efficient because il 
dstonlc ! l.-l'/rj<lii«.«W- 


f,om Ihe door'— »»)' It'.uiVe. 

I like Ihe ,.ne ... h.ilh.l If .he .ir.eli .and.d.Ue .s rejected. 


"■''■ """'"' :""':, ',"" 


Both systems can prove embarrassing, especially ihe one man 


s [mm ihe Boor -ft., CJgmm. 



:' : n,,. ,.,,. ..... .a.". rl.e- I- .he l.i.eieM eu-i ... graduate from 

^"'■«™' chis academy. This may oc may not be an advancage— our sympa. 

t ~"~ I ° n B.ii ie,. am dak's are with the juniors. 

li;....... .. -e: ' el'-V' X , r.j.d.., , ... -u.eess a. .1 sl.l- ......... 1 depend . ... u, ,„■.[„,. 

. Ic depends on each one of us. We are personally responsible nut 

Academy Gains on | y to oursei vcs, but 10 our school for the help or hindrance eve 

roiiil«plilier ailtl are 'ibis year. The ch.iraetcr wc build each day will either u -' 

I.OIIIISI 1111' •"»" , . )t „, ,|„ h „ r .,. r ,, r „,|| Irm ,|„,„, „. r |„. 


11(lt , and friends ro do better or will crip rhe-rn as they folhm 
Guidance Program i„ „ r steps. We may do well in our classwork and succeed in our 
ambitions, hu( if we don't help someone [o enjoy life more we 

! : have failed in "ur .Int.. Kemembet. wc pass this way but since and 

prt oTcoi° S °edale Academy hie. The precious are the opporcunities granted. hw 

Students. Kiitcrlain Themselves Willi 
fe'raB. 1 ^'"^' a p ,e°",™in° e Skating, Popcorn and Photography 

e,e|^y^,v£.SeS£h:i; ^IZ?&^ ,'£ £ The HoarS Join 

Academy Staff 

President Wright Conducts Opening ^™^°di„ M ,"h o!".'i" i.' 

Vespers and Church Services secondary etudes. Each homcroi 

■ class is sponsored by net o thee 

'.I. ' .! Singer Offer 

„"„"r n o,un , r" 1 , Folklore 

Foreign Churches ^^- D ,„d ; r ^r?^VK, P Th, m ^ coming h.u.boui 

T1.C- two delegates (o Ihe peace eon- by tods, in [he wore ■■■ ..,.,.. ||...,.l.,.. . 1. e.'." ■',.. h. .....J I , I.e. .le. | e 

(„,,... at S.u, Be It.ile. ll... enie. the most- 1, .tsnsdie. l.mal. ... ,„,, t i K ,,„,„ ,, 01 JJ take the lorn, "learned astronomers returning ro my own amuse-most. 

* 0f of open discussioos where all might *r,tr rooms. H „o a, Collegedalc 


sumntariaed brieliy She is oflerin 
lible. He included a In 1940, ni 

','r„!." r, ' l ,~,.li.'l.'n''s' C '"n- his e„lr,"cn'lillcd "Engl 

s „„ Al| . , ,| ',!. "',," ,, :' V C.Ue let of Seattle. Washington; woS'second 

' ;ve"ln m , S o h n,i!'r;.hen„,a. «>* 

t"i, Forums Discuss .pjiUano 

Election Forms 

ette fairly "popping" with aa.vnvll p,,, ,„ t |„. ,|. ., .I-!- 


Si i... 

iX^'Si;,;!"''!:.',:'' 1 ':;.';; j,^x,"KZX^ .,:;!,:;, !;:;,'.'. r'.i «JTZ' Jis Z shown by York '^"'*^~fS*w3 l »' 

gerher with a listing ol the stholatly 
assistance— suggestions, bibliogtaphi- 
eal infotmation, etc — supplied by 

On Oilier Campie 


TO 1 


an alsimnu* of th.i 



ml about^ourielf. 
ntlor. will be paid 

c ACCENT editor 



the Co'leqcdJe 
ociotion, College- 

Irivcr who killed h.mself and badly 

Forum Del<*»alt.-s , ^ 'V ih " a ' t Vr ( .- l J ri I'JI' jii. ■ ■" 

..idemy forum ......> Su« ,rl ( ,..„\. j'' '^ ^ ^ |iiJin , ^Jy on MV I 




Southern Missionary College, ColIej^Jak-. Tennessee, October 

New scMarships offered Wittschiebe Leads Week of Prayer; 

To Students in Pre-iwrsing TU _ .« X1 ~ L , . _ ' ' 

-.---,-- — Theme: The Story of the Cross 

."m,'" Alumni Produces ^^^MllM^.ii 


year for 

the "1 

ews That 


| Mock M. V. Trial 


Points of Papacy 

jJJ"f.™°L*'^ a ,u,i,i,."o| '!"'«' S.J.C. Veterans Here "„"°d 01 

Jim, '!vh£' tnd"iftr'"h" '£'"« f ° r FoUlldei'S' Da)' K'imM 

, :'!'];" i :;; i ' i ;, °[ s Rabbi Discourses- 'ii.'„" - 
'5*. S"? Need for Religion li!'",",,,'.'"' 

i% P b7>Kt S '^°wi,h P th" 

^ijW.'.md ..-<r.r,r-, r fL ..,,:r..r | |) | 

uild .1 shaky cr 

Sabbath, October 21- 

- E ,d„ 

Weefc of Prayer. 
-Student Senate repo 

»di.° n 

Opening o'f Fall Council. 

3 ~ 

October 27-EldJ Hor, 

c» 8. 

Sabbath, October 

8 - 




A-n / j tit/,, DOWN SCUfH Double Feature 

A DROP OF INK... >* v «^ «t s ^ cc — « rJ ^ fc q ^ b™. „„, 

A LESSON FROM THE WEEK j^£ftrE<ZXZ s|fiHSS |§S»>||?^K 

„i» m J« ion.1. ..i h n. u.ium- .1 .Ul™.o i» "' «!»'» "- I ! 1 1 I /'"' A ., b - rh ".' Of course this is a perfectly nahr„| 

not, for [he sake of the noble and good, be ignored. ,,.,,,,. , i 1... .1 .r ,,,,,! 

Jesus, the greatest teacher, the greatest pit.phct, and the Son ■„,,,„..„, ml 1I1. p.eni.r. .u.i ^ , , ( t ' " ' ° 1," 1 , '"' ""' 

of Cod. oftentimes -pent w hole nights in prayer How much more v,, t ,„a Dm sea, one ol the ttijki- „,„„„.„ ..,11, J 1..1 ho phi.,- ; , ', ," ' 11 I ," 

do we, mortals thai we are, "eat ,„ body and sptr.t, need the cs, ro s on I.. .^^ "'"J^ ijl(lou , „„,„„„ „, „„. „„l, , „„„.„,„„„„ ■ tM '»6 

reviralizing power which is infinitely available through communt- age \^ (oucil .< M tlll glrl V oi Mau.k The siring sounds t«inj Irom Mf jnd Mrs (.^ S,s;i1sl.!. j, 

been tempted that thev had' suflicient contact as, ill the Dome R01 , .< -a real treat "j*^ 1 '^ $",'",„" Dak' O .. 1. ..*•< to. J"..'". s "|',",',',' iVitawnii 1 n,,'.' "iT 

as they saw their Leader Himself devote SO much lime .11 prascr. .■cjK .-■'■' ■;' ^^ ^ ^ , |k ,,„,,„, ,„ k „f ,....,; ,,|ln« ,, ... .,„. , ..,., ,„ m ,„ h ", ■"? 

thev realized that thev were still missing the secret of His success tUtnnilorf) fighter. Right now it s ■ ar a '" ,,,„, a,,,,, K0 ; nj . hj[k t ir 

Hence, the plea, "Teach us to pray." wk. Ruth Christensens father There lias been ■»"'-,;; '".j.J';;:.' ;!; """'»' '■■p''- <•"'« spring! »e Ji, 

The Christian mas' be likened ro a storage battery. He receives ,.,„„. ,„ see her, he brought a bos ol l, \""™ ',,■,, :. '"' ■-'; ' "' "" *•»<•»«" ill. 

only to give again. If he gives not. his vitality will leak ..ff. at.,- ,n,,k,es and randy. The, were really «"»«_,.„ „,„ „.■ ,,„ A„„l J^' ',„, .;,'. Z^lU '„, .■,,.' ,]'"! 

way. In either case, if he does not recharge Ins soul with Disine P" ■ »«■ _ w ;, „, " p ,„,ed eon- brnthets haimoniiine 1.. j„, JS 

power, he will be but a dead si'cighi. Lord, teach m to pray! d „ s ,„|, as ikiti -Hill Williams. ""' '"[.^j ,0! Ml. cnoogh of that -for now, 

"" "that the girls could lease the pail™ icninksd I »e nan- .'._.. ^ ^ ^ Twq of ^ ,„ d y., ^ 



friends called durii 
Olinsn-j.U («c.vcd a ...... 

''m ,,,,', ' n„iv,u ...... il.: Adelphiin j | 

urn. Elder Blackburn 

L-jtl. Ove. 

1 ,..,.,, k.l ... i.-..iU ,. HoMy- (The "flower garden 

jure. Mabel 

ay. She and her 
Mitchell, hid a 


bed. Wn Patsy 

Matub has beer 

,,, I, Tlu- h-.u- 

ollywood bed. 

orders with all 

<**... fca(0 , m e, m , m « l«a,ed on ansp Road. ' „, | ,1 | I t ' , \ , \, 1 I n I nren I t 

t'tf^ies'i''"".;:..."'! M^."**;"'"-*' 1 '^ rE^?V.!..Vritrtn^'f Manic real'staSHeSurTnaly.lS.i, S«ivS an "'" d P"" 1 "'"'™ '" 

arTiH^St^-d; 'v:"'',; ; ';^'is^Si Eti.aE.d,ISn.eS ;^™ f "«™" ! ™ m » t " ki ° B ' ,f Ludingtons Arrive 

* ,', ' i'i" '1 N ' M ', ' ,' ' I ' 1 " ' h ' ' "'i Jordan Wins Contest In Mission Field 

. .... ■■. "■ i' ■■'■ 

,11" v.s llilph SI '■'.' '■'. 

or' more forthright . 

c leasing on the evening of 

for Tall Countil. wind. 
. Monday. October 2}^ As I 
'right was '""j?^*"™ 

'"™tonimitt°r™c,t"' day hi 

nr.'.s'.ln assl n„ll,e.s.iei....n ,t, I.I the ether Sati 

"he Ilottomlcp day night liutinc has been limpii 

"" udi " Former Students 

Ortobe' ^ OW n "' ect 

.,.,„.,..- Iowa Temperance sub and the o 

,11, re- To Start Sub Drive J*.. ^^ ■ 

Jordan i«naped 

..,!„ . 

"°l Columbus Aspired "JJ^X'"" ""* '" ^ "''"'* New Books Featured fc n,i1sion'r,eid. p "'™ 

Washington. D. C. 'y (> JlyJlSSion SerVlCC l,,;;."",,;",', 1 '..r' J „™ "amerean 111 Library Display LudinrttrfnTderid'ed 10 take a ticks 

E-ate,, ,„„.aw..,.., mi j , ' ' ' . "l ' '" '„ I I ' 

w „.„,„ .-K„B„ r,r^tchZlo''Tthaf i! T'tiea, he gtam of alcohol edecatinn in schools "^ ,\ ' , /' . ' ., . '' ." . ' ' ■'■•■ 's'"^" 

^S,"SS: s"e?f a person™ messenge, of the Lord '' »;f.';" ' ; '; " ''':., ''";, " '.'';""' play. ^ tTlS nun^u"" '■.' ' i 




;•■'■ ;■;;•■.■ 

S ,.:,■■. 1, 
eeln ,s lie 





Ray % 

, 1 t , 



.1 s 




ate, slept, ttavelcd, 
aek. He lodged in 
Itaveled J,n, Crow 

October 20, 1950 







S: S"o 

Gardner. Joe 

RrT^lmon L ° 

- J L , i ™h R D b, '>'" 

1 SB" 1 


jan"en r !'Cad 0ne 
Springfield, Clyde 

TVl' D El" C 



Skcnder, Adolpl 

M ''"'° ■ Ruth 

Smith; Sh'iriey 
Saole,; John 

Im.iings! Chaflis 

Wuttke. Fcrdini 

1' s*s. 

Knchner, Barbara 

Tigert" f^ 


Jo'rda^,' Chcs'ter 

Pierson,' John Duane 

N ' '-'""k Bobbie 

Turlington, Dre 

:d Hagerup, Irene 

Taybr! DoroThy 

Purd'ie, Donald 




Waosler. Julia 

mSo^,' M ° r e i dith 

Anderson Dean 

^rlnlolT, Andy 


Whiddc'n, Carol' 



Sheplwrd. NobTe 
^inJaJr. James 





\L l moa ^ Joscph 

Sirens: Shirley 

SSStcr JimM 


"™ ! Tol. William 

Dowell, Joseph 
Filler. Judsor, 


H.ight, Bob 

Holland, Charles 

<* Tipton! Ailcnc 


Cobb! Joyce 

Milliner, Doughs 

Cocbrao, Arnold 

Hanna, jonnie 


Barrera, Marion 

Daniel Elorine 

Leggett. r%h 


Burdettc, Ryan 

Dildy! Donald 

RcrsTeTI Raymond 

Baize. Kenneth 

Woolsty AdaRuth 

Edgmon. John 

Ryals. John 

Goggans, Rheba 


Hand, Claude 


Goodwin. Kate 

Wright', Burton 
Wright, Walter 

^£: A5 n " eth 

M?Mi'lhi n pa„l 





_ Davison, _Harley. 

Meyer, Bruce 

' 1 ' "'( 1 I * '"' 

Kick' Gladys 



Nofio Ted'' 3 


Neck] June 

Margin °Don 

Afford! Howard 

Ownbey. Carlene 

Savage, James 

Niswonger, Jcsnnie 

im Thurber! John 

Brown. Jane 

McCoy! Fontain 

iSST' 1 "" 

Wbtan d ,'Su°fn r , 


a!lso"n' Edmd 

Draper.' Betty 




&L"°' Madge 

Brown, Mar,- Joan 

Broinev, John 
Ellis Burton"" 



Ou-Kknbush, Jean 

Bullock, James 


R™°;, B M"lh. 

Reams, Joseph 

Ch.'£ E M.Vl, m 




Te^. R™" 




E£!"Robe« ,U ' 

L r idi kCr Ha tC ld" 

E™' B ^* M 

Parman, Carlos 
Youncc, George 

An^lei-, Mar, K 
Barton, Evelyn 
Boles. Joseph 

Edgmon. Kay 
Foster. jfm'es 

Armstrong. Rodney 

F™eli, Jam"*' 

'"to BurMn 

Bowers, Bobby 

Gan't. A fiorfne 

J^di^r? Ma/ialycc 


Hoy't, Emery 

Coffey. Euretha 



£"° ll Rob!i'°' d 

Hastings,' Royaiyr 


Gn.iT Mar, Jan 

? ur J ne r : ; D«f ' a 


H™!ll„°; feah 

Patterson. Doris 

Goodncr. Elbert 

H"dtog M Kennelh 

KnlS' BetT 

Ftnr'ikim l, D a vid 



Harris! Johnny 

Pctrkko! Mkliael 

Hoo""' Hd"„° 

Brown, Carl 

iS nS Sm E " em ° 

llU "' ° AW, Ramiro 

Mixon!'Ur ! ry"°"' 

HmS 5 

Chacon, Si^" 1 " 

tSS? d 

Hardin, John 




Bull, Berryl 

wrBti? obc " 

Johnson.' Veeda 

oHro" C> ' """" 


Krum. Ralph 


Mcd.'nich. Jerry 
Parker, Joan 

bS"h=i S 4"' c 


Ashlock, lames 

Park, Betty 







mo.rJurt ,„ l 

;,.,,., i,. 

ted by the 


SB .,. «... __^ rfSi.Bl SCHOOL SPIRIT IN ACADEMy 

• , , , ,"',£• D.n'tyo. think it i, possible for »s to improve oor school ,pi,i t , |J 

Campaign Opens ^V*.'" 1 "V'o'pS. "nooTl "^ft'S tlTth.,.' 

With Lehman's Snh taJ„,"™o?" 'oVs'p"* 

In the 

hapel e 


ilt AttJ- 


-■"■ J f 

h ii 

oy. OOP 

bet 4, r 




1 -. 

t - t -o 


NT by 

°™ d ("" 


l9 c 

d " d rt. . 


aled student* 
tuation? Wh V 

f Cr 

only— to h.we 

, ..|i 






d q,v.: P'O 
club could 

ei do- 

an^utlet for m 
la Sabhath sch 

C : ..b 

.ii v?v. 



.lion, Saturday mnj, 


SlS *e h °."lue°. 



to,, b, t 

I -K. 

Ider Plue and Olof Olson showed Collegians ActlVB 

it;' I„ Church Offices °t wh,t dit.etion^ fc „ 

Apptoxomtely ffl studeMs „e P"< PJj^ °„* rt , e e „„™ „ n °" s7 
'. When and whete was the na 
ttive earthquake? 

ding office ,n the Col 


What city I 


",VwmTl°n""hVi-,*o ' ' j l, *'V n 7'°t"i'osikm*'»'lie" f^^^l UJs th.retein, a'flying sqoitr.l? F..I11 SllOWll 

sen'ins'ihe !kfc rae'lr'.i . 'l .-ti-l. "'\'',V,' 'ncS"''^^''!.*™ \ ^J, tripple'Tn DicW ° "Christmas 111 AcauVllty F< I 


Southern Missionary CoNeyc. Colk-gcdale, Tennessee, Octol 



S. M. C. Embryo Was SIXTEtN PC EMI t NT* I^CMOTE 13KOMTH Cf SMC ZHZIZ \2lUfZ Sh.™ 

| ill\ Vilhltrt' StoiT ..'..',;'■,; ''.'.V";,., '..".. '\ 1 ,,' ,',' '" Lynn H. Wood RiWi^^AR^M.^iliyillt. 

f all fhe former 

Ion ^ad^hm h"ot ™ l ''"p re ^ n, '= d +<0 ,he ' = ollo 9 e ^ 

""" the growth of the college during such 

ig a real sptncuai moia jontad by y g Andt 

H. Hamilton 

f trustee!. During 


October 27, 1950 


e f< h, 

' ;: " ;;;: 

i ?5™ 

'.',' i (» 

un l'.,a,l 

11 l.imn 


I tad™ «™ id^oMSs. ''° """ °lip*Jim!n r „ji' Ml !,!']") Skn'v ""*' J "" n ,= M ' ™<»>l'-°" > r ,i.i \ °- "j u ^^„'*5. ™ "Jijf ™jj.' 

I I II, Ik V. IN APPRECIATION *"T DERtbo i P < ,1 „, ww. J.. 

I I ] I H 1 ' „ > ' 

I ".*« liki ., I«». lunJI, < b..,l„ !.,,„,..: ..I .„-„ :::,■.■ ...,!■. .-■. .....,■ , .1,1,, I, J .1 Ik, IMC SWcnf A„oo.t,o„ 

gr. c iqiiGi, cite •«■« ennra* n ctaradcriitd hi I ■ .i».ii.i .1 fa.fcf „Mh, F™din' D™C°.L*H«'™"" 



SA to Be Host to Workshop Here 

Aeolians, Oaknonil College. Mm: 

\egiro S|iiritimlN in Lyceum 

>or(li American Colleges (o Semi 

Student Lenders Here i<» Confer 

ACCENT Promoted JZ& ," smdm^tSrS 
In Chapel Periods of The aLmhuSI.'. «*ii»"S tae!% 

i. it. ...I., .1 Ih. II-. ..»■ dcl„cre.l. Inr ™f..,r, ..:.»... 

icW ir'd^coloiPol Dr. Evj^h' SUldenlS PreSeilt hat. were included. H^m^h^lcr Jo'd'am. Paul Sic"?; fllU . 

First Lyceum Beikner Defines *"t"wS °°" '' 

'nf* 1 ^' M C "r L'hf/h^J.dcLu Greatness 

Dykca. who n head of the En, 
i>cnt at Oakwood. evplamcd 

■ ,1.. ;...,^:.,n 
. I): 

Sleen Attends 
Vesper service 

Madison Meeting: 

c Srudeni Awocia'tion to" the theme ptesentcJ by Pastor Horace .. , o 

arid Peace Confer,,,,, ,n Italy A Bckner ar I r„lay vesper* ^ £r ^ (^ ^ ^ ^ •' ^ ■ rr.nj ^ ^ v,c ,,:,.:,,. *,,., 

'=-T " J 

I l>,„ 

and C 

men ,n . . uly hen, 
thootht of reward " 

.,,!„ ., ...... , 


.1..^ 1....1 ( .. .... ...... ...... „,,, K l, ..|.„ u ,„ |,.,|, ,„d hv ir..n I::... I. ..- ..1.1 ...... u .'in.r^ .':..'.-" I. ' '■. :l '.'",' . S """' L "' '" ;: hu " 1 1 ""' '^ I,'/,,'". ' 

unknown hards ha.e often t>cc.a {"X.^md ^lle'scctirity Council In vnral aolo entitled To Make Thy afl 
d hy modem composers ,,. wr.l E „, 0| , t his „„,„,,„„;« n, t Jcdt Wrll He lean,,., H I,,,,,, old 

. I..' '■ ■■ 

msions explained the putjaosejjl the ^ ^ ^ 
SoCTaod the duelled fland in the "S"""'™^ 



/? £W o£ Sftice 

Down South 

of peace. The most coveted element in the world, according to period m the- parlor, kit ^""' , ""' s ' |'^ ! .^'.'^'h, 'J'^-^ ^.m'.'u'iu, b!- 
them, is peace. The shattered peace pacts of the decades, the cut- '■'"' '"" i ^ L " N ."''' .";'.' \',',\^' ', "V.'i.nvin .am..- juiLuinteJ m i!r djrk 
tivated hatred between nations, and the pronounced efforts to hin- j( ^ jne j rt h]y hour of -i.bu am with the Inside particulars (kitchen 

and a note of sadnes 
The officers of tr 

yours truly! preside* 

"Men who will not he bought or sold." The want of men 

rannot be filled with men who place ihe desire of wealth and riches 

tbove the discharge of responsibility Monetary 

sideted when reckoning the value of 

;";.", 'h, , , 

"Men who in their inmost souls are true and honest." This th ' lr ■)"" l . IJ ' 1 . [ "'":\ Jl ''"'" ui "-' 11 , OuXXsh.^rolyn Gibson, Merita 

, ■..■■■ i j i wlu-n HlISwI'.v..! it [i.ironu .i...u '■■-■'■ ;._ c.,..' , and Charlotte 

docs not require the scholarly learning nor the profound know- ^ uf [H „ pl ,, lv i^.ng htf oul *° knit U ■■- vou. j^^ 1 ^ 

ledge of a philosopher, scientist, or administratis Men are needed 7) RV | t [, t ), L . t0 om. and later Hetty """ '', r ". p , . L |, .' j LI ,, RJ 

who are true and honest enough with sell to accept the simple came tuck limpin;; 10 report. The Rosw ' to . 

but deep wisdom of the Master. 

master key was now 

"Men who do not fear to call sin by its right name." Trem- 

cannot be 'evaded. Men cannot ermye from sin. 

I really don't m 

pole." Clarity of thought, perception of vision, and judgment in 

place there. The o 

decision depend on the purity of the heart. Sound principles can- 

not be built on questionable 'motives nor a marred conscience. 

with the question 

"Men who will Maud for the right though the heavens fall." 

lights go when they 

Confronting obstacles'and seemingly impregnable barriers of mis- 

fortune must not stop men. In the face of popular contradiction 


and opposition, nun cannot compromise. 

The world s greatest need is the need of men. May we all be 

f g 

he-ally initiated the 

Letters - to - the - Editor Column 

"New Jerusalem Limited 1 * Departs in M. V. 

Au'ENT, We're interested in knowin 

about the Accent, or what added fe; 

it. The SOUTHERN Accent is your paper, and we feel that you Sabbath aftcmc 

should have a voice in what goes into it. Portraying th 

Of course it will he impossible to incorporate everyone's ideas J t : ills Jcttl ) ;„ 
in the composition of this paper, for then n could become a hope- 
less hodgepodge. But your suggestions, taken with those of other wouL.i tak. tin 
students, will guide the editors to a large extent in their choice of Bob Ml ' I"" 1 " 
material for the paper. pensed tickets 

We aren't mind readers, so ml don't kn..u just \nu wain ,.., 

in your paper. So please let us know, through your letters, your ftumhc him- 

-— . The editors will welcome all signed *<** w,lson - ■ 

imn in the SOUTHERN ..j hc New i uruw | cm Limited'' was 

you enjoyed or dislike mc subjM of the skit presented in Accent Presents 

ni would like to see in ,i„ Missionary Volunteer meeting, I? *1 T" 

and we feel rhat you S.bbath afternoon. October 28. T aiUlly I ree 

letters with l 


f ° ( dear statement of the aims and pur- 

d ' nc poses of the Southern Junior College. 

' neI We believe that tin. , an he best 

obtained by a periodical dcsOlcd en 

"■" :irelyt, * 

. , r.,..u.. m ,,,, nc » son. vembcr 10, passengers -■ in ci tions ot mus,. ^ 

mbe, iilffl ™ .TL hi Mrs C E Witlschicbe underwent Ta '7 T ', ,i "''"' J ' *™!% F*th was the successor of the school 

.. t T , n . ,. ? f™ > < ,„, , i. i v l! undercut Audrey (... k^heime.. Tommy Bled- puh | 1£4 „ „ |h So ,„/,„» /■„-,., CI 

Mr, I:. ( banks. Mrs. C E. Witts- su ^"> ■" I -"' V: t » H..s| la,. I .-,d JV . w * n d Stearns. The music L fl . n , / 7 A ,t , ' , 

cliiebc. Mrs. Karl Gardner, and Mis October 27. She Is now well on the «as arrange, hi | I) fllcdsoe []f< ,' ri ,,'iZ was a l,u,""J'o* L ,"! 

seeking some method to cause ], 
when the lights go ocil it isn't 

And' above aN The ho'urVof ' -Mil 
6:30 A.M. aren't designed to I . , 
for rearranging furniture. 

forgotten about the transoms ,|, ( 

you lowered it on a string wills' I 

Started to let them fly. Wonder 

Krogstads Adopt 

,s llu nev.1, adopted son ol 

Accent fcatHfieUya % Stilt Oaf 

If you have not yet been contacted, this Subscription 
Blank is provided for your convenience. Please indicate 
on the last line the individual you wish your subscription 
credited to. Send SI. 00 to the Circulation Manager of 
the Southern Accent (Sl.00 for eighteen issues). 

(Clip do. 

J ''"> '»«) 


Credit <o: 

Amou „ 

inclosed $ 

t appears 

nile ride to his new home ii leffj 

Ronald has made quite a debut in 
:ol)egedak— in fact, a shower was rfr 

rently given in his honor, en Monday, 
Dctobcr 23. 

Ronald alreadv e.vhibits tre-me-ndoui 

.. I.r,,,.., r„lk„ 

Mr C A W'cl,,, , i„ 


period in the wee hours of the mom- 

«' m mTiSMwZ!! 




Dorms Remodeled 

i '"'LV c ""'' 

,r, L ('!!l 

ins.™ °"£.'n. P S T ™n.eer u Tl« b» 
Smcd°wV™l»lt dfc. "^ ^ m w 

"The Southern Aeeei. 
roabtm rCSen V' : h 501 ^^ 

*s been 

been voted to replace nld fmnrrurr 
and repair rooms ^".nieJ 

November 3, 1950 


JEN I OK SKEIXHES, 195C-51 Indians Feature 

In Local 

can be traced ., , S ' uJ » nt S »"" ( ' Mod„„ L.„,„.„ Club 
I Ik- ,„"'„ ™* c S tudenl'" U " 8 ".'il! to Cuba", "tht'uZ? e!f" ,1 ' 's' '"'' 

.... pa.°°"bet»c"n "tZh! wits' be'in the biweekl co» ',£"'",(.»'' " T ''' '*'"' """''' 

I ~>J An's.iv m'.,'i','j!:; ,!,!:™i': J ,' , ;i , ; h : iiill^'IiiSS'H? si ' H*^ 1 ?''';;;; '"' V"",''" 

,i„ I'd College,. Withhis Lj,r ! S;,<'hbo ! ;,d la ° C '°''" H '"' "as been proved that !„"| V-';.': 'bid loss <™ S,d Avi „ lim C |„ b 

Mtei™ s'tHeT ™" J°,i"z "';""., l ,'::i: J t , , i ;;:."r; , i' Ji.*..'-, ' '"■ ' ."■' ... ; „. au„° s ,r g 3 JV ,S" u " n ^sij;x ,ans " 

lale. he his worked in the coli sloeury College f,„ f a',- .bout into ,l-.e Ct-e,otie l..!;.: s ,ec,c Swimming Pool Project ff ' iu (fio'eni n.emb^.i'j'" !, ..hbk".; 

.j.tment and on the (arm propr.atc to he. chosen pcolessron. he. n ' s bcsI 't.endi The Ind.ans helped Advances ate be,,,,; made towards a the net .. w.ll be otgamacd 

hobbles iic poetry and Ihc "h.tej fitm successfully the first long malted swimming pool at SMC Fotu.e Business Leaden 

/ V { ■■"' one of ,l,o\','°'ho ,,',,,1, £*£?, Z^j'l ,lw Snafe' cu, rScmbe.'s '<"■■ .■t'll"».'.h*,-.'' £' Yo.'k ".J 

■---' I Crop «,lh lU help , Ind.a,,, Maud, Jon,, H,'l >>*»" P'"'™' P« 

1 ». * «;»'" 'be, .11.,,., I.ed.L, A ...,„,,,,„... of ,h..,l„.eoif,ee,. of sentt, l.ain, 

jj^~"" ^k' ' neil h.s'iloU" J V,i.'-.«i'c',,' 1 '."..,i u.'!"; v-.''';,,' T«'lll|>erillllT Fluid 

j If. th 8 i!°<emem ) "",'''n,,'"ne'"..o»,' M '' "' ' ' "" ' ,"'" '' ' : '"" '" [""„"','',','[ '%*" "' ."" * !l "™> 

- • .,- • ■■ - : ■■■ ' ■ '■■ ' ' ■■ ,-.'-'■■. ; ■'■;'- ■■■ V.'.'.' T'.'.','. . ".'."'..'.:.."",.:.';; 

" ..... i ... ■■■.■■ - — -j ;;'""' " , , ,....,.., ....,,.. ....... i .,.-.... i.. .v,.,,,- 

:..Ji. '..'i ".'..•!,',,'?. f,n'l,.'"u.i „.;,i- - N ,1) :■ ;'"'• ' ! '- t. ,.'"-.» -.,'. "'.-„ I to m,;,,.; , ',;r,i,,''s,l',V,','' , A"i!.|,.,n'°n, ' "■ '""I ;'""" ,'■'"«' ;'" J !» 

... .....dentof h, :«,.!«... ,', J'-™' ," 'j", "" ", ,','',": ',"' '" lh" ' ,. '.I...I .",.', - K ,", '„'",;„, I "" k ; ". ■"''"• ■""""'" "' >,.',.'•',',..,.!, ' , I'v ..'lon'oi Al'",'w 

UlZ' 2^Zw'J>l'°\£ '"'i.^ 1 )" "'"■ "i °< "..eoiieje £ ,i,c < ":i, „ j.' , ,,,,''' \v,:.,',h.', I;;; ','„;;" ,',7 ',"„;:;;;!„„;';",,!"■'£ Abe Won. Can Yon? 

' '""'" y ,"„ he d h.*"°b. n .n™r,Tde,' '™ Zme" '.„ 'the ..Ip"'.^ -ink 'n." *'' '«'"' '» «". thai son.e ol the,, X^.r^Sn" I'eb.u".','.' "" fT >T ^ <*< ">< b ~. l » 

,.e ;!„ e m.' f °r,"d'' i p'eo'k','n l ? H " c'oot't^!',,'' VeS', ""' "' ''" '"«'« <>>' '•«'"' "''"l« ».e'™« DoTm.lor.' 1 &«.»/.% Go" died 

R„n,n ,.,(. ,s p„p,„d to help !-«««•' e,n Themselve, ■ befaS foT.JSe, 1»jb 

rA.bie ra,te!° h ' Off-(;:iiiiiiii» Married Students in News n,.,..,,,i (.., i.nd oihtt. 

i B,ble wo,ke, I DelViled lo. rong.m i»n 

Alumni Hold M„„ed «d««, »e,e . -lie, SS" "°^ S » ,.,« good intend Drfea.d^,Tetoon 

th.t tollcee „,ok on leniot tollcge thinp. Defwled f,„ Senile ihss 

Key FositiollS Mat,.. I-,,! ,„:-.,. ,o ,«■ «ete in- Elder R. L. Himmill conducts the Defeated to, V,., P.cs.dent 1816 

A - ^ ~ TTaroughout the ranks of Seventh. ... . J , J]"" '. ' ", '" j ^ ! V .. '' '^" '' Elected Pres.dent . 

^■JJJaiiaS—^ljafc^ dap,,,, .l.„,„,„, ,,.,l„o,k, a,c d.flccn, iodi) Married J" 5 "' 1 ' / | , l,,l I } Who was he' An obecorc cnontry 

I experience and two years of mono. '"'", n'.. i, ..,..,', I ■ ■ ' ' "'- 'l,,^. NVh "' ltlfs Place on Tallant Road ° H^was Abbahasi ' Lincoln l' 

S^N^t He" his' Ao.l'cd '.'.', 'l!' „.",",.'.. I ...i|. ..„.. • '■ 'vi|,.!, H...., „„l ,1. ... I,..,.,. ^ A , t , j.,,,1 [ .1 . I. . , 'r . ■ , j . .. ' JlaUH&Uf Kept Bulif 

Ht'^e Press and In, ,.,o >ca., ha", '|',,',,' ' ., '.', .„',,'■"'„. ' sll I „l',' ,' hool jJ,l '" on hu,l( rl,,i '■'" sommer. ? r d . M M H ,"," ''' '' '' " kl ", ' l " U ' '" T ' K " ,|k !^ L, . ,r " lr > .".ploying S., 

n the bookkcept. ol lh, :.„.■, .,,,,,,., f ,-,..... M V ,.c J 1 " 4 means that fntty ,,, coup!., oi N.i.h.dl, 1 1., ...,,. lu, il„ p.t.i i...r . Utl kui, ln ,| [cur „,,.s of sliidcnls. 

'„ d.pctmcnl An ,ne I., „„„„,. ,. tJ „cs of „,„„,„ „„„,n |„cs,dcn,s l.„ , " '- "" *""" l '<^ J'^" K ° V '"' |XI " " [.c.i.lo ,1s ,ce„l.,c c i,, f .|n, , , .. „r,,.|.c, 

extra cu.ricular ........ ,., ,,c „.,.,,, ,.„„■■. .1. , „■■ , ,., t I I ,!ki„ K.,,.l. Oollewah. oakery. clean laundry to four hotels and 21 

.„l,.„ ol lh. f.c-, ,l,„. .„!,,, ,ir r .'.i's „, rhV „,„id. an. ,, or where hive you. One of the [uninrs that has ,<„,„ .const courts u. fliaitan.iog. „„ 

r., business manay-.r of ".he's, unt- " 'h',..,,,! I I. ,,,..,!.,, ,„k , V .Vl'f... "'.''..'.„ ". '.!' ,l. '"h 'u.l'.Ti l....,.!.!, ,,,..,, ,. a J.lucIkcVo.,, "" M ' .d. ,l,„ic suppiy fiou, 

" Acctrcr, treasc, of ih, s„..'ccl |.„ ,l , ,n.l „ , , ■„ ,t,.„ I „, f„l|.i...,ts. |iisl ,. to |immy and Anne Davis. 5200 to S300 worth of bosmess a 

■,.M\lIIi . h.,,,1 ,, I , ul , ' I '•„... L'.'.l ",'. l' '^'..l.... il„ ' '., , , ,ll.,i.. ; \li. I ' c'rlv Don. lilllc on,, L . ■ .1, ...... I i ... i ■ I ... I. 

t« in variooscan,!-,., „',„'„„, |l„,\ ',■' , .,,.... . ' . I . I Il...k „! S M I I a group slacJuic l„ their feel a. a goo.l grade of samls e four.d at the- 

'. In hisspatem..,,,,, I., lull,,,., if,,- w,,,!,! f„ 1,1 ... ,„ p, ,„„.„„„l, l,„, heco as busy as forum on safely to drive slower. Let top This „a, u.e.thy a pre-Civil War 

hobb,cs— philately and dueer e,f deno l„n,;..,. squir.els lately 1 know those nuts us protect our ch.ldcen. grindstone maker. 




On Other Campuses 

PUO I'liysi. 

'! ;'."i,'.'"i;,ll'„ 
Tl.t purpose 


It was the beginning of this past Week of Prayer and it seemed 

if things just weren't going right. I almost decided not to go I0 

. ruB= ™ e evening meeting, then i thought maybe , ( would raise my l ow 

It hadn't been [-.lining, in f.Kt. ■ -n the wa> to the t,ihern, lt |e 
, , >„„„,•,,„,, the -k* was as slc-ir .1- the .licence of cloud-, could make ... ;!n j 

Academy Organizes ^ br .. h[ ^ [)u ^ inJ a ntw miiiin Liiu|d shjnc No ^ *| 

Owil Seminar the first period had come back with Fs, nor was anything else I 

against me. Really I had no excuse for being disheartened, hut 

The Academy Seminar, sponsored thjs faa didn't create a remedy. But just before finding my seat 

I., i.l.ltr Plue. met and organized en ^ ^ servia . som «aiJiing else did. Someone turned around and 

"'"'" Li« Fli'-V ' :i smik-d — « ho hadn't gnen me much thought except thai 

,','■„,; with praier, and then dis she was one of the students here at CollegeJale. It wasn't just an 

"'..'., '.'"Mil- purpose, plans, and benefits or dinary smile but a smile prompted by happiness and scattering 

.1 ,i. Audi-my Seminar. happiness, I'm sure, to all who saw it. It was only a smile, hut it 

The officers were chosen by nomi- ma( j e me happy, not for one day, but for a week and more. Even 

nations and open ballot. , won j tr how main others have been brightened by that smile. 

Mjkolm ^ ,l ^! 1, ]| ' , | ; L ' r '' l .'j l i "' | l |'^.'", !|i t ' | l It has been said, 'Happiness is found by passing a link- kipping 

■lit i'hur'iii'i oiiiL.'ued over the around." Ow 


Ii-IoV; chorister, Sherman Cross; as- "Courtesy", says the Winston Dictionary, "is politeness t 

.-'■■■j chorister, Pat Bkvms bine j W|(n kindness, civility, considerateness as respect." Coui 

It wis decided tli.ii the S.mi.ur f[0m [he B jh|j ca l standpoint is treating each person you may i 
,:uel every two week's. 1 ht meeting ^.^ ^ ^^ consideration with which you wish to be treated. I 
It 15 the oil that prevents rubbing in the daily contact of persons. 
This trait of character is highb commendable 111 an) yotii'i; person 
and is too often lacking in the lives of us who attend school. 

There are so m.ini ways to lighten the pathway of another— 
not only in leaving undone the little unnecessary acts which would | 
hurt but in never missing an opportunity to do a service 
small, for another. Never underestimate the value of a 

cheery word your bit of encouragement may make a tr 

difference in the life of some classmate who is strugL 
some unknown difficulty. All too often we form hast) 
or pass judgments which cause needless heartache. If ■ 
only be more sympathetic, understanding, and patient 


help not only our friends bin 


'..ilu.ihk ' 

luting t. 

Talent, Films in Tinkering With 
Academy Chapel Your Tliinkii 

Local Draftsman Recounts How 

Penmanship Helps Him Share Faith 

Neely, June 


Little Lamb" 

,0 '01 V A1I 

M. V. Films Depict 
Life of Paul 

suddenly by force. 

News Notes 

eally ippreciatra tl 
.iplil to them .inn. 

;...! eiltil 

ed -Send Thoi 

Mj Spun ■ 



nq toon! Gel 
avforc leaving 
a healthy cm 
urn. Student, 

thus In. 
and staff 

at Iho 

e NOW! 


Sub Campaign^ Ends in Victory 

Veterans, Meiliea i mlets Participate Plans Materialize 

In Armistice Day Program For Civil Defense 

Talent Program, Supper Help 

tiZ»^ on u»,? r,i'""-|h,'f.', !",■':!!, About Delegates «,«.'">£ a^< d««eVu.ry' U hi!r 

Colk^td.ik !■■ I ■ i base will T ™r . , ., '■■■■< •>'. il.. ,m.. M. |.,.i k, I, 

be considered lo Workshop Mere I ■ -. . ..i M: < harlcs IVr.t- w ,.. 

It is recommended each Lome. L duct, 

each industry, ir.i ,-xli .itioiiMih.k- he IU;>..r:, J:t ,ir. i.l> j.-m,,,,. f,„.„ Ai iht Ai'om htncl'i! supper Su. 

equipped with first a.d Olher 'he various North American collect-, day evening. November \ S225 *■; 

ijtuM _ b < 'selling (upper lo students, 

n tmi-rijc-no i.» .: I^iiiiny: s, ; |u" 

m Should b- ,,..•, I ,l,„ j tutor Ass< 

ru.htr lor.. . ... ■».-.,...,, J 

Pastor BecUu ..! 1-. J thai ,, ,, ... kr 

Jla.) was tomnhtidd !i> .'.unity i» iv 

in^TS£L , El,5 ! Js ^ u S\ a I ^ b sSn ( 2; r Ushers ' c,nb Shows ^^v;!;.!;^ ■ i«!-';. ,: '.h , ;; c, ::!v; ! £.; MetcaTfe 11 Reports 

hours 6 of 'va^cd L^ut/a] '" ' Ogd ■..,"„ president! World NeWS 

1 by the 



Week-end, Nover, 
19— Elder C. B 
^ £ uwt s F* ik 

;:; ;', i,Lr v 

Monday. No'vembe 


to Tuesday mo 

viiib.., ::. 


5 ^ C Bcck! 

FHdiy, December 

D Dr R?L J : 

President K A 
for Richmond, 


..alu !,.,■., 

■"'r'.i'i. .""i ,,,.,.,. i ... 1 ■ f- .- . I ..", . ,i.. i;, .t..i..i il.. ,,, ,■ I ..i il,. ,!,.!■ „. ,| ,. , ■ i„ ... ,„,-. ,„. 1 ,N„ri ut sov.ti has been nuisui 

III. trot (Ik M.:,J„aI (.add v„ w ,n.- Si. in J A.l,ut.irit Dean Rot' " Art' You P,ivi.i- >" an „„.r„. ...;n..l »™ <"" laoill, .wnkh pin. t.i at , ;„,!,■, „.' „.'„!, | „-,„,,„-.■ ',,.<,, 

ponsorol the wtt-nns Or- ,,,,) „„_ ofdl _ r4 ,„■ tk . ,j„ T |, L vw ,. J[h ,,| m on profH . „„ ; - r ,.,^,„. Jn .l ^ '»■! tin -...l.:,;. lhe ' M( £, .., .).., H; .,J., ,„ 

.' : '"' l|1 "- !,i..,l rh, ,,.,.,:!.,,.!! .-,.. ,■„,. j l; , t „ l„ - ,li„«. Jt cd Canadian Union College unit- th. spi.ikt. fun th<,.. f -). i:..|,n. « 

- J ' ll,|n - r r.,uJ,..l h : , rh, Vuajns Assotution the proverb II-. ■...:!■. hi: I ,-..• il, :! ,r il, , *,ll no; >. i.'.k ■„ , ,rt, ; -■» n.-flei.iu.- .tlnt-ss. mie!.! d 

" 1 „ M " J M'-irnu.,,. „, A p pfct ( -,,, lL , tn „,,( |„_- tl j , VOIm " as |..., v. ho -,,itd u.t.l ,1 .,, f,.,, „, ,,r, ,,,,-,.,. ,o ... *-.«■ «m..l.l I i pol.oui ..pi.t..- 

:lle, Hugh Leggett, Chawi- it n the ^rau of Glt-nn I lUcr S.lur.l,, f^.d -l,,t WMI. e... -,s of rh, n,: ...■.:....,.. ..I purpolt in Russia 

munist party 

i :"> r >.:ar Carolyn' I ^^BHHHIH 

lin. driver of the Automobile in IrTio ''h,'„ 

J„c- [.ainK 


Lt W Kro b t on I< i 
and off the field. 


to 'be one 

of the best programs 

of ihe yea 

for the ac 

| ege S tud 

h and faculty, 9 : 00. 


S? Vtub <4 SfUce 

Down South 

Approximated ^»< student, faculty numbers .in. I .""i'™" 1 '' \. A. mm ■.jmp.iii'n lus 

dents attended the k-nure e.iven hs Mr |ohn C. Metcalfe, Wash- ,....:,,! ■.,u l .:u. 1 r.ii 1 lunksg.vmg v-ua- 

;on news reporter and lututut. Nearly twice that number might ■■■-.■'.■'.."■. /; . ,\ ' 

been there. _ pcctations arc probably the only hopes 

s the problem? Once in many months we are given 
the opportunity to hear, first-hand, the reports and opinions of an 
expert in the field of current events and international relations. So 
seldom one visits us who knows the inside stories of public rumors 
and apprehensions. And what happens? We stay home or go to 


■ricf and hurried in' 
to have f 
j out of 

,, h.UM.i 

: of comrr 
id jaw. At 

; last spring. It was in that subject that they show 
the poorest." 

Dr. Rittenhouse added that the influence of faculty members 

mav affect the students The attitude of the parents als.. pla.s J part < .-■i. ••■: • ■■ : '-.aca mm Boor un s)ee p w j t hour fear of the ceil- In case anyone begins to wonder 

But, fellow students, that's in the past. Now is the time to |j£ ™£f %£ { ^£l %Sg the < n S f ^ a S ™ *™< .,.'," ^'. ; „ , , '. ', 

take a new look at the world around you, at the events in Wash- occasion. ; ' °* f ||,^ rl .' ""„„' \i' lu \J [\C"Ji il,,' k' ■itanjiiu-' »»tr 'tnT with' 4 d° *nV 

ington, in all the U. S., in all thejworld. Things are happening More Visitor* hij , n f tc | mf . f exuberance that Pin! mtem of nulic- unless ] finish it 

every day that affect your life as a young man or woman, as a i, er mother father tnd sister from R ' A ' '" : '■ r ~ " ! .^n.n, n-.i N',. !<■■. \..:t th t .,- 

Student, as a delegate t<> the New Earth. Let's wake up and find 1 Irian do, I lorida also cam« to see her. " 

out what these things are. rw ^'Coll e^le^^hm^- wtoto Jhree - Course Meal for C0W8 Pays Off 


aathenni; sponsored bj- 

demand of nearly 90 head, indudi 

Craig Calls for 

Elder Nelson Gives Mostert Preaches f.° 

te'SSd^uS'^ST. 1 : Exam in Vespers Revival Sermon ;5^ ii !*;;; i --; j ii -; r d ' n "["',, ™'Vn " n ,»»t,™" wS 

November 17, 1950 


flSSUlMTlDJ] flSPMS Adelphiana Travel SENIOR SKE-fCHES, 195C-S1 

., .. .... Extend Good Will 

L% SL 

he next one much simpler So this 

and Mrs. Both Cage-Colby Accor radons anJ various chimin, m 

?^!£" £s i %j£*^ Zb* 


voice' at S. M (' V ','|„ ".i.rc.u'.'r 


*T£„ E 1p^,r£teclubt« 

• i 

Foi the first time in our history, a 

" -K^ n i^ou.ue editors and the 
,.euia.son manner of the So/norm 
\Umof„i a bonus. As the* offices 

Senior Class 

The Adelph.ans plan lo rdr.isv .in 
album of records , .cuaminc s,s 

.«i t ,l numbers he-fnie- the school yea, 

lae ',n order. The W<V"< <<"*«/ is 

da* P pl™',o i0 °°a™ hoT,"mh' n T o 

Teachers' Cluh Sees 

Adolph SVeender. chairman of 'he 

, aled'a li'st'of 'recommendation's con 
erninrr traffic problems on the cam- 
, ll„s m.luded recommendation 
or an enforced speed limit, caution 
nd stop hghts. and a volunteer traffic 

Film: Music Making 

Symphony, seen in" £m at the Teach" 
n'.gh, NoZnbeo" ""' 

Wright Reports on 
\i.tumn Council; 

rn^tTwZ'cira.' » , !Sit h ,» f°0 

Armistice Honored 

p«, P p«o ' n '°' 

p-'"- 'run"'"'!, !.,„,.. '■ 

President K. A. Mftieht. ,ost re- 

Junior Class 

's'omeonc' elie'to ma"°'tr'"dc l .~~ J i™ 

pled wh 


5 jbruptly i 



is education 

rV,',"..,,! 1 ",.!! 


Zill in Seminar 

.» undo,,,, ' Seated with the veterans )»~ »'» M S .onst- ,.: ., .incilnm ihannrl, through l0ni |„ lion M , Z ,„ „„ cJ , 

Iss.r. the membet, erf Ih. Medical ^J; ^^^'u'lie M , . ~"a-e.* ,' ' ^ll^'X'^AZ, Z7, '"'">' °< «'«' "*'• '" d '""V 

of B ","o,^ '"cmo^f the plan, of .he class is to ^%."^ta J,*? 'e.ening ^^ ^ ^" f^.T* 

;°5fs{el?£E:'l,'l£H; Sr"f!?.to'A'»rH EEd^?^^H:r:,^ x£Z r FErs?£^ 

On Other Campuses 

M.V.'s Perform Will 
I Skit in Chapel 

n Store »ere Klven by Beverly Dillon a 



Five S.M.C. Seniors Listed 

In "Who's Who Among Students 

Five senior, were scl,«cdliistwc<ik, Currently '■ ' 



Who is personalis responsible f»r [lit ..rgjiimngiof the Atad- 

— - emy Seminar is hard to say; but the important ifact is that ir. now 

"T"' "in hC l' ' ' ■ t M n nJ upported by a number of students under the guidance 

Vmln,™ 0-in^T.L Vwi-liuiU-i of Uu. i''m'>!mp s. us Ami'm %£:™ b " m .. SSIi" kSKS f Elder O. S. Plue, assistant professor in Biblical language. 

Tilt stents who Jtc to receive jnd has been Hie Jiairman of the stu- -— — — h up js sn iall, but with the hopes of more mem- 

*;TX::»- ', , ' '« , i . i Academy Faculty ^ ^ ^ c J y „„ „„ „ Tl , |n , of _. 

SDranp-rTndRflZndWoo]^ secondary school. Have Varied ; 5 „ develop the o1ei.cs. of our academy fot the service of God_ 

Backgrounds such as giving spiritual task, or sermons along with music „ r 

n u I W.ior. anything else that pertains to teligious services. 

M It Sorcnion the pcinci- The ,emmat was formed for, and is for. the whole academy. 

pal. received h.s Ph D in European j^ $ n£W or ea n jzarion is something that our school has been need- 

Hulory and Mitieal Stir.** June^s ^ ^ M wh>t ym „„ give ,hc seminar 'and yon will 

braskaUT.n.o'.' : ' Tim ., ho w.on-i he surprised what benefit will be returned ro you. Be a member of 

li\ I ,rtr at Collegedale and along with organization that will help to make Collegedale Academy a 

Inal he has laugh- *" 

Tinkering With 
Your Tliinkii 

Mr,. Myrtle WaLs'th""^™^, '£w^<"*„™ J "™ '"""Zl ,„", T"' Tl^ «,ea«a,Tu<7S,, P 

'::'.'":' "si„ A ;,',;;'! ! j z.'u.r* -."h.'.',, m-™..,,, < ..ik- K . i«> ?«.. ion,?- 

iS." d a™*He'r£,cJ,ng\n Bakery Keeps Staff 

cir,'™"! j"ar r Bon Ar.™, Tennessee, Of Life Coming 

,."!, 'I'^'.i' ^V',',, 1 ]"' 1 '"' " bread d,sa|, r ,,u -Inly f...m t olk,c- 

, |„„„J l.y dale .— li .it-on, M 



lo— (a dead woman could no 

Land of the Holy Cross 
I-hrougl. brealhing-ror- 

Students See Films 
Boost "Accent! 

PW'^'^^V^ES U^J'S'^'mZS^L ih^ralMrdiLTcoSc^M.'di.on': J£ i^Lt fli,X*J J™ jy£*~ J^,' „, \ 

„,gVilw'^y'rlom"tl""NeJ'EnV ['hm.] < s,,|,.a„,..l u„,,li, d » l,m Icn,™ fcha, bcm.eadun^or Soulh ^Dakota ^ She^amn-M 1», ho, ^.m"™,"',,^ S'latlo. 

!;:l,,: t ;;i,r: l r- j i'.ui"!"i,, , "" l ":.';';; ".e'S^irbaC a d iv ,, i0 „ , P ,„rinsouthAm..,ea. ^ «^, t u„io« cueg.. un. ,^"'51"^..'. 

_^^K SMC GetS Publicity £,„„' S,e*.mr;trc"'he was cH^ f'"' t "'7'i' '", -■ '"'g ■■'' "' 

M ''■ r ..''r' 

:nt here, and staff pho 


e S.D.A. Theological Seminar)- at 
hineton, D. C, that Ik revived 
(A decree iilder Plue abo spent 
lime in the Oklahoma Confer- 


Mr. Wayne Thurber 
ic Union College and 1 


;',','." 'AH ll'al 1 jm 3 "^" 
a%l, Tuesday, Nm»*[JJ 


olor guard bearing Ihe 
the Clinslian flap, Jll( 

Mr.. Batty Koudele 


is bl 


o,'hc ihcV 

!„','[,„ ...I . Mil, !■• i>";;i 

:,.,,::,. .,' 

L a xr^\ p dc 




li.,":: 1 !.^;:,'. 

U, .'.la','!' 

ftlr^aydl^^g 1 ** 


, December 1, 1950 

| Staff for Annual Organized; «£ J™^™ College Directors Meet 

Hennksen Announces Plans _ & t7it-.ii ji t,. ,-» 

isa Weather With Accrediting Group 

ir^r^Fi.Hr? •'>■ i>:u:iii..n Rushed ,™:J''Z': :',£':<:"' 

u;T;^«!^;.;; ko,- Workshop ~~iw:,:;;;' 

Needy Hon 

by ihc young people's 

u!/trid h "°£cS!f.rye5r''i™''l9°i Willter BringS m oIiV'm™"kI.s''mre™gi!'cn n 'ip f rt- fc/,"r,voffao' 0r .iod"' C h P iuo"°" >mon"(he 1 n"mb« ! " 

tush* Garage BnsilieSS i}"'"en'ier r me tC TmTenfire Vitet^ne. P r °e ram - the Collegc'dilc Academy. witT'rcprc- 

,rb °° k w^ "'brf' 5 ' d"b" val ° f - h* 1 ^ NI ' l f n "«d n t^suppir^hc^'tvwirfrlm md Committees Report ',; n 1 ' h J l !; Lt . [ ! 1 " i ' l ,. J |, ,r ' (| i ' iL , 1 . "! T.""!! 

1 M" ; i i | i i ] i t| i ii f , i ( i'[ ' ' ' 1 " JE ' nK To Association d Tbe t0 "cS 

;: ; ; : H:'::!r L ;£l'r : E::! I/::;^™^';! ;!*-""' t " ■•"^ '' i ' ' > '> 1 ushers Realize 

1 B ,',"V, I '■'" ' ' :„,""!,;,'! , V » r^!t.oZ: M odt:; !',; ' ", >< , I , I ; | 8103 from Program 

! ! rh.r.urT"'f".k"'"!„!o° P oBb° Elder C. B. Haynes Campus Guest; luTcnionT'in") '!a'i,"iuj"kcn !.t 'sin.w™ i'i'.''i/S! program"" 

Advises Yonlli on Life in Army ''' "p™^ £"." "j ,. u , .he en™ i "aJJ.«»°,.*' S"'^","!!, 

:s "°' '" :l he vesper talk It on. ot o 

"•" boy< is drafted. ,t .s hetsu.r God h 

,1,' I „'. 

.!.:.',.„',■„,. ',',1 ' IU '>"■,.,', ,i|\t,, °' V 'sntl' lr> Advcodsts 10 .he Cut Volunteers I|lt ,,„ f> l)( vJo ,, ,,,,,„, „, l0 | kf .< N ^ ^ ^ ^ |f( ||b [jvt .^ 

I dents to plan early to est .n as man. ""' "" r "" :,t Al .,.. u'.'^ ''''',,,,',, | :. m.l I" « tl... .■ .. la !- U;.| been elected The officers no*/ serving 

';,■'',,. ' "■ '■'"'"' .',.'.'..... i i . ';;.,','.."''-.'..'.'.'..'/ ' ....'"v.-... ,-.,'''-' 

Students Celebrate iect .he nation w,dc .Hens.- tollo.ving. will. Elder Haynes- an- m"rel "' He ols'o .sorts' -vith the &l " 

Thanksgiving attack" by an enemy 

Away from lloim ■ 1 1. ti 1( tied, in pa..;- g J 

vorld. If committees: (Co, 

Students Volunteer 
tfp..'"' To R. 

In. Sum. Hazard 



e that two of our most outstanding 

asons of the year. For some reason, 

when OI' Man Winter with 

a sudden thrust stoops low revealing s( , 

and blows his chilling breath; when pi 

all nature, excepting the 

vcrgreens, has shed its verdant and Dc 

j stand in skeleton-like muteness; when the crys- 
tals of an early morning frost sparkle and glisten in multi-form 
patterns; when myriads of six-pointed snow flakes silently fall, 
and deepening in wind-swept drifts, the thoughts of 

/$ V«u& orf SfUce 

mphintly piped >n suppose 


Down South 

man concentrate on Thanksgiving and gum! cheer. It may be ob- l u s ' " m ' Ju ' ^" n , t \.„', tl ;. , ( ,iti.J Gr<.vi v-illc-l Mr Gott on the tele- A number ot visitors Here residu, 

served thai the- participants are a bit sL-lt-vemefcd in their ckbra- ..,''''._.' ' - . i.-i ■ ' ' ; ' ( " ! -■'-'' '"'/' '.', U' ' " : .'..-"\{-' '., ■%.'. ' v, 

tion, that hilarity has replaced moderation and that indulgence has S | K ; v . ls j|,,., ^ome home i-> Orlando, why she wiled. Vc.a Lv.v.j; ^'"'J^ 1 Al-.S.-.rr i"r..,n Put,.,, ,4.,.' |-'| „,(, ,;,, 

supplanted the spirit of benevolence. Florida, but she- vvas going jo^ eat ^Jj 1 *^ P"^ er ™'" r ° n ^ Tlicse h()ll](i . J.iiu.l.t-_r .m.l her lm,h,...,.|. \i r .,„ 

ere are some" oc- «> > > , . ■ '■ c " 1K tolllJ <tl - '' ^" l1 " 1 .^ ''"' "•' '■'' Mam.. \i h.n, «. Jd-r t 

of poverty. As Americans and Ch 

nd promote the true spirit of these- holidays, r 

bering the One who is the sorcc of every good thing; who gi 


whomsoever He des 


*r«mc™™SLf™f.TG™»S,°o' Wright Presents Scene: At the Store MV's Show More 

N M, h S"mo John p.,™, h.d a Seminar Message Place: SMC Film on Life of Pai 

hocJ %Lu o*v«°h" «™°nd. „1! ^""j™, *;;;!;';, '?^ f "„££ Time: Any Morning of X°'!'S sl fcVu1' , «.r*o°n' k 

family here I 

elder c a haynes Gi ,. ls Reeeivc Snow Enthusiastically: " s *Th y ln1"l wfe""!l. e !"m" S^^SSSm 

■ Visitors Floek Campus for Thanksgiving ;_'»;;;; ~J l^l Zl',', " ^ |K B ;;,;,° ,;;,"; ,' 

combatant. Its member; most be , hrisi . | Kjri | p^pi,, Jn j t arly noli! Wokott. in her e.ien v...r,le. worked calk'j' Ik'j'rl .' Ink '.k 

"■ .J w ,i-v ialml ™ J t ™» h Maude Jone* H.,11 the ,.med theeamposm A drawlinu voice cut her off from section with rolls of sol 

Medical Cadot Corps Collsrsell.ile' i,",i,it""n!mnol bce.n'se death. We. • «« put hit home!" any '"'*« "'""'""' Ttm>.ntr toward tin ■• 

Elder Hryn.-s spoke for tsv„ l,„„:- ,,, ,|, L ....believable. Pot trne. tiny (Ohio.) '■ ou Sh' t0 ho absolotoly araamsl was Is-asinit. she sat. 

Yellovt' House Gets Face Lifting; 

Ahunnns Among Visitors to Couple 

Hammill Lists Rules 

""'Z"Z ";X, b °"' " d '° s , h F °'r Tl T ° Apoiios t;uiid "s'';;5.i.T«"«t«ch'i,£s "z^,o, mx ^^^« 
":,,". J::^, ":j: ..""a ;.!„:. --a *,,......»„> „.. .,1,^, ,..,» ,„,d.«rii(nj„ r „,,„,- .,, 

ha"'.' 'an ',',ta lit mlheTlilan'tnl's™" 


mhe, thy (amdy problems. 
p them holy. 

tastes beyond thy 

»r. Iir'st- 

c that eve 

Ladies" Club Elects 
New Officers 

The community ladies cloh elected 

nr, in the 

at 1, they also sold pootpkin pits 

7. Cove 

n.« thy sister's house and 

In r,a, 


° : a" 

1 untidy. 

wife be sulky 

.emit hi 

' 1 ik'.n 

c'r - 

tin eoun 

December 1, 1950 


Funds. Training for Student* Provided Speech Lab Ready \IM( | SI\EIXHES, 195C-51 
Bv Manufacture of Desks, and Chests n, speech dtp,™,,™ „ „„» 

I'lmirurc promprlv I., Im,,J 

Shipped to Sho-s mjsr.ed couple fnnnn. jn.l one of Oddoor aclmnes hold pimcubr 

..k ,-,\l„ n J ;.i' : . ,,.',. ,.."u'c\ school- ^d pholoeripli, I,. l,„J, .l,,c.^,o,. 

' ". ";"■''.' '";; 

lumber is slicked behind 

Library Announces 

in,d"io"", *h'"re''cios.d Student Senate Standing Coinmitlees Books on England. "_ 

ommiHeo h Religions Liberty 

• •:■■■■"" 'HW') 

■And, Snplulol 
Lvnn b.iuls 

I Ij'in.uc m , L , ,,[.,■ in rh L 

d thmkine^loTy. irV A G 

oil, //,. &(,;,* >...,./.. bv 


I.o'is n H, S l."n„1h 

!. ' .';' ' 

■tlsds ■i|.I„u-liil 

l f.r f e*hTo p b °o,1 

.see clued 







An edec sindc, 

mood, " 


;, «'; 

"c ,s .sssouhlc.l I, 

i one room 

is T 


December 1, 1950 







«Z a Ll%'ihzi 

™ d i 





.] -.IL^-t 



2 No because some s 

idClltS L,l 

oy the variety 

of attending 

ends and thereby beco, 


. If not, (hen he should 


ar band trips. 



!. ,n,U.C 


Ue, Clougb, 


fif&TaZj should 

b,,,,, , 

mesters The. 

do not miss 

.,:,! it. 

QUIJ |,_ 


iV^K'L'c ,,', 


! r 1 o <> jo 1 ',o b - 


este^but' uTui^'sueee' 


" hTof'th 



?7 "• 


t tampus For 
-Dale Fisher. 





At'ademy PreSdltS "" °M,Jbo° he sun didn't shine for ,„„ „„ Thankgmng this hut it did 

AllllUal Talent SllOW Mol".? md Da'd' deserve our thanks too. and it you can't think of a"*". 

On Other Campuses 

w Chronicle, PUC, No- march on: A dawn of mi 

ic Uninn College will be corps and the young wc 

n Hall at StOO P.M , on ,or|>, will hcn.cto.rh 

program oycncO wirl 

•Courtship of Miles Standish" Theme 

Of Academy Talent Program 

j^isT^'.!'." ', r b\n5 S| p f£>fvV , ''Hist £, '"™HfHlF 

7it::7^^s^< *^£*}BB" ! ™ Z ~ ^BITB^'^ EHI:rtr£r ; "'o5 sSSElES 

^ r ji l Sm" , v«.!l\i^rrMr l ! 1 7^M l ('; Gable Advertises Students Entertain ' ,',' ' i ,V ' u "'" l ' ' h '[ d u JJ ' 

Ingi^d"!^" 111 ' '" .\lomic Viewers Over Holidays J;";^ }^^[2"\,Zt pttml tb u^,or!" i^m The'm'ti.'T' 

1 ',, i ' ' r , ,i ' J n r ' 1 1' ' 11 'i J J J ' 

" K '-S U on t that MnlTr-om Ihl 3 

II I ' 11 I I I I I j l' 1 I \ I \ I n Indian th.dluiele "l *ar Ml kl. , ..VrrvmTV. ',11, " A I- ' , 

ford, also a °", ,J X^odCol- °hLA"J : ro'\™ ° f ""'' " ' ll,lin "" "" h ""'' 11 '" l "' i '''"' 1x.„i-,m„Ik.] lohn behind htm ^-nlly remove I he- l,.i .1 ■ 

'til. Iw- 

Trouble Stalks Meal 2™ Jri 'L.!. 
For Mowrer, Guests fission. u«fc light, 

-i,,., .'r.iujtf.iu of tot.ku. - r i . 3 ti^ Backstage Patter ther 

Itol-oUc v.-lnk Al l.ronjlhl I 

pluc^d The two in.' a fuse fiisw v.„.,|.ln't lit the 

a one-burner SMC," 

Observed the elder 

and your husband ca. 
after I do it once, the 

difficult to insert but finally din 



First Workshop Success ^Messiah" Scheduled ArvWlit a «,«, n ■ 11: — 

7 Colleges Represented Here T ^TT" i o^ So,T M ^^ f ° r 

-"«.'» «.».. »S .it ,'"""., i"' southern Missionary College 

1^, j. ; ::;. WES ' ' : :™ GHdh^TG^Tcidf -Si^SJKftS: 

,c d°™im' ffiT d Ji4Si«!" , :r For Television Work St^l V.'.'sT '£? d°^£ 

VB£ y s B 


i Eld 

urbcr.' baritone; an 
ritone. Guest solo 


j r ot tj' 

dings. The boar J of 

an^inTirhTTenin^of ™ Pre - n UrSeS tO Visit £' r ' ^"Si™ "^ th °^Sr.cll 
.; .ontJL-l the -«„dent- make- Florida Sanitarium 2^ °[ ^ c j nH '™i M ■.' te ll rfuc, - 

^e^u accompanied by plat 

-.,y-L\ r ,-. 
consist of carols of a lighter char 

Friday, mnrnif,". December IV will t" lnin E- 

■.;'. ! .' |,, '!' , ,r i l 'V lll! ,!7 r, ' 1 Vh' , l'" Animal Men's Reception Honors in « h ' u ■'"■ : -'•'?'•■" "" '*<•■" ■- , . 

-— ■ Mathews, secretary of Tiff" !-„,„,. up V " IM ■ TI f t f'rT Fl n ■] h jT" 8 ^' Llder Matliewsls 

( -,„,,,,.,.,. M „. ,,,,„.,,, Miss Jones: ror Yon Main 1 heme > i - ii. r :. >r ! .; ,r, Wed p 

n«day evcn.n,- .-\t :>:.. -„..,. t i, t Speaker in Vespers 

what type should be emphasized. 

Sulirie Heads West 

.'..'.'..:.'.,' T" \ ivil < jill« lie-* 

;dulcd time of 

mhlcd with Htcl* 

I.iuhl iiKisi,. rilk.J iIr- ,t mother,- early 



ft Veui <H Spice 

Down South 

If noehiog else was gained from die hiseory-making ' 
mtly on this campus, though such is not the 
doubtless made the conference profitable I . 

lUcrriy. dalles .vro 

ing of the spirit of give and take on the part of student and faculty * J, , , ;;, 

representatives. ftoni the dooi 

This point makes the workshop a major step in the directum ,,,■.. I I,: 

of the goal Sister White outlined for the advancement of Chris- . ■■; «:-;■: 

„.,„ education. When student leaders can come to grtps v. uh the JJ '.^i , 

, trlll us problems ol school life and come up with concede evidence f |j|; , r||i ,, 

of mature thinking, then those students are the nuih in ,„ rioroth,- E 

the statement that the student has a special work to do in the she walks does 

school itself." classes lean C 

If students who destructively criricize the time-consuming „,; ,,_, ,„,„„' 

eflorts of their fellow students who endeavot to raise the -lamlaeds y„ , ho -, 

,nd abilities of the student body, if those students. 1 sac. had been too lo.; e. 

orcscm at the open sessions n( the conference, they could have seen («■. |o>' "a, 
t the Adventist youth of today can copi 

ilioni, Challis. Ht toot , j iri ,,,,„, , ,„„,",, ,„ J 

"",'"'1' "',.; 

culprit who ; 

Equipment Bought ,"'""'■ t m fbi S ™w. " 

For PhysiCS Lab woeey fellows; when P ?n°" 

Approximately . "m'stallcTin the Second floor has aide, 

new physii 

n """.o mT.iohio.'!" ""' "" " '' ",'" '""" °"i'Ti ™"'""""" ''a-'sr'ind'diieaeJtcTguid. 

uc season Yellow HoilSC Has 

^MlttZfS Sample.; Speaks ,u ^ ^^ 

£,»?»« ont^ti.e°»X, Minisleiial ..ninai Cal ., sons on Movo 

'"" jnj'ge' ehm' These eseee Hie |„,"k™"„.„„,' ,«.., Me- 

e ' ' ' '• I" 1 ' -I-; " p " I--' t-».>. -l I .'.■'- 

Saphiloff Wins 

Prizes, Trip, 

On Radio Contest 

Andean* Saphiloff and hi, wife 

P ssv. OocK-sky and fa , 

visiie.1 by Mes Uoncsk) . paeeni, 

■ ally oiled the land nf Egypt 

Students Catalogue 200 Books Monthly: 
In A. C. DaniellV Memorial Library 

ned en- 

' M «~™Z£?£Z*» Golden Anniversary ' ( J™'' 1 ', l;"™, t". 'a..enTi,K',,i 

l,ea.e. "Cal.Tc™; For Local Couple *„",',„' oide. 'l'l',.' Sons'.!.,' n.'.'ev 

cully tooen. 


I December 15, 1950 


iMechanical Potato Peeler Simplifies Honor Roll SENIOR SKEIXHES, 195C-51 

IServina 800 Meals Daily by Students f" 

„™to«d byTc; Sn KP'i; un'- 

°t f p k th 



IIP 1 

iun one minute, potato,. placed in 
,, pukr are peeled. The 150 pounds 
f potatoes used in one day can be 

hat works on the order of a pressure 


rtaJry, liSZL 
Gregory,' John 

Activity Clubs Have 

^^\','.7;. P 'r'ui 

varied Program* 

Mrs Williams his «™J as due. 


ln Thcrc S wi" jd.sluss?on'of n ti" Delegates Present 

■I-- ■■■"' ■■ I-.'-- rloi-ida Nurses 

PISSaLS! : a eoun,ric C s Ve A S ^ZSZT^Z^:.^. Perform iii Chapel ,jm ; : ' 1 ( »»'<»«"' 

r ",!;J; 

»h Aamn W. Htogdcn. 

a ^"t^cL^J.o 

a president. 

vice president. 
he Gaylc RhoJ-k Studi 


showed a' s" 

Con publicilj direct. 
-< of slide films lak 

- zfi°£2 

' 1 

talk on 


item College 

' i 1 .: 


■s Donna Kk- •;■,■■• 
aj; yearbook. 

William C Adams, a 

school paper 

art. associate ed.tor 

' rt"-""" 

3 f Arrer 


or of Ct*k 

Student Count 

an. editor of year boo 


1 i","rpi.Lr','?ih 



' tISbs 

r of Gold*, 

joe Dml-ct 

1 B ,... |oB 

, ,- 

t. Student Assoc.atio 






M.V. society has problems tvhid. 



1 tl l 


[hwcVoblems to' 

[|L . j K n ,,, t | H ' student*.— Dr. 

j Pa 

C no,f, 

"" J "/Lmll!a'"L 

*Th.'MV is a .elijiou, o,gani„ 

ion n 


imaril, on the Sabl.atl, n»r ; 

,,, il„ r ,l„ e ,,„l ,ofl,omo„. 

missionary college, and I believe 

1,«~,X™ = 

S. °Ho«et"! thi° ccSd '£"do 


oo E h ; 

w^pt%Tei'"/,l2T a '' 



p„-,„mm t mpio 



n^relation's^i'p can bTtrnpiowJ 

to", St "refits "T'inee™;" & 


Z the? 

•, for luturc .activities.— fLdph Km 



^"*The'irain ca 

isc for our being In this college is 

n Ira 

n to be 

io-lbmpy sophomore. 

,.*,, Urn.* ,*, 



Each year about this time the students begin to think i 

about this time the students 

acation and home and, of cot 

ie of US has chixkud and rr.-. In iked a gift-list wishi 

„...._ shorter or that money went further. However, f, 

Poll Reveals those of us who arc seniors and plan to graduate, this season brim 

another difficulty— how will I stand at the end of semeste' 

When the senior class is organized, will I be a member? Am 

making the most of time and talents, or am I wasting piedo 

ationl '° hours and s 9 uanclerin e m >' abili, : ie s? These are serious qui 

I K^ bably t 


Christmas Plans 


. Don't be like the proverbial ostrich, hiding 

dentist! your head in the sand. If you are, it may cost you your graduation. 

I .to be home How about it? Let's all graduate together! hw 

Tlh 'worked What If: Tinkering With 

^Sd'food! ofrKin Werea * Your Thinking 

)urA hunting Crook. Marchie Edomon 

ny ducks, I'll Sherman were happy ins.rad of L Complete- this maxim! "Exptci. 

I thLnk. Patsy were mist instead of Fogg. 2. A^Ums" 'command" 'was 'Uivv 

toNcwJer- Georgene were empty instil oi yu^n ol 'Sects beheaded? 

H.I1 F^ins-Gom home m 
° June Ncely^Goiog 5( hom C to eat'th, 

On Other Campuses 

College Criterion. November 22. Untrtrim, AUC, December 6 

1950: Senior Class Organizes Former Student ^^^''"^^^ 

L™C%frmembw senior ^"^J P ai J>" ,e ^ e ^. JJf ■■shSi^!" "to 

Gordon f. Watk.ns, pr^osi ^of^the Banks Calls for 

Riverside! will speak. T^e sponsor CllUrCU Simplicity m r n L' r l t w.. A 'l' ;t .tT^mg 3n<1 

News Notes 

Mr. P. J. Ho 

r. phys 

r 1 . Mr 1 
nplc laneoare 



, "All 

, E.. I p. 
e.% sleep whe 

,,s«o.i P .d o°.r .»m3, 

Chordsmen Quartet Cheers Shut-in 
»m("m Victim of Swimming Accident 

Pre-nursing Students Tour Six Students Win New Music Hall Scheduled 
Orlando, Florida Sanitarium Campaign Prizes p n . 

. M s„,w„ „»„ t«. p™. inlh . ror Construction in Spring 

I In the early momine horn, of*D™* ""a," 00 p.m. Wednesday. Decern- College Boillcl Votes ^".V,".. '. .'. ,' ', " ' :: ■' " ' l'i 1 1 " llT, jt^io'i'" 

I I iSUiirin- 'SK hl i.i'ji'iV..M'.''.'' 1 .'," ".''■'.'"""' sw " " ,' ; '"." " Tuition Increased iS'li: I'" I-.',..'. -,, "',','■"'■"" »" w„ .-ai'LeTs rm . 

I it i,„ Otlaido, H.wida VIito il.!, Ik i.., f ll„-M.',l|l',''>ll||,'„,"j " Ma«vin Rooms m'",?"? '{' l" "' " '' "' "'" """ •' '<■ "'Tip i"r.i" l'°« J '?i' i °'" W '' h ° 

"""i,,',',""',"; ihe, Band Makes Debut j""3"„!» 
" s Tomorrow .Night 

tatajf., ."nd'fhcdral S,'"'J JJJ-j j"**ii ;""i,',"'l'l "~,"'!,'' ' fl^"mci'lS , 'ho",'°be°i n °L°'Thc ! 1 " »=» "'''"'I'l''' ' '!' '"I- e!™,XTan.i Flllil, Olds GivCIl 

°'\S, of the j! bin «Mci. lie /";Ji ;£'£H' ;i ''""'" * 1 '"'°'' '^ril'V'f'' ""''I''", "' ''' IT M- \Vi„T; ! M"^!lih| l ',,'',ii l '',3! Prisoners for \mas 

,.'":i: ,!',,.; "'.'",' ;..., ;'.,." ■■-.'■■■■ .. . , ■;',', ■'' .",■■■ "' " '■■'■ •' i".i..'. ":;.....".'.,.::' ,. ..v' .,.,.,,.!,.'; .'.: ,; 

.: w "i"i™i"»i,i;"M,."".s:i '^■<>l* : ^ : '^!:<. k,T v,,:t;;. :;:;;, :::'t',' : .»":' ,;* t-m.«h Lectures 2,Z"' t ''' M "' !0 ' ''''"' ''''"'°''"' 

..15 '^,r/* Fourth "Messiah" 

economical "^ nodi' 1 " "' ' 'he P'oyi- P rC Sentcd Here 

I ' tl. hanker, husmesj. The phone Study in .-on. I Hum Uml. > I'i. ov hinton. ll,c icC0l "i advent messace. 

ei n y '""'?" 0f thc ^I'hi'njo .* lo eioup nutnhetini: a dua.n In Wayne Thuitu i Ic.ioi; John Tliuiber, He is at piescnt cmplo.ed in the ex. 

nippl f P l ° "" " ,n '' ">" 1 ad.hoon ■„ il.n-c mmlund. tenor. M-. Nur : Kioeslad. pianist kn*lc,n of Nfadlson Col- 






'. ..l"l lanoai)- 15- 

•""" " 

s, c! 

;, ,!i:TJ° ■ 

l,on CI- 

Page 2 



Did you ever stop to think of the problems in publishing a 
newspaper? Did you ever think of the many things that it takes to 
make up a paper? No one could give better answers to these ques- 
tions than members of the composition classes who are directly 
responsible for this issue of the ACCENT. 

To most of the class members it has meant experience in Wiic- 
" ■ and receiving grades. To me, a member of the 
nt experient 

/4 £W£ <u SfUce 

Down South 

\s riung, hard work, laughs, and 

■ I' -■-■- 

ing new, si 
staff, it has 

Real cooperation has been shown by the regulai stall in help- ( ., uM J ^ ml ., - 

ing prepare the copy for the press. Speaking for the freshman f rom Miami to No 

English classes, I would like to say that we as a whole are gtate- in Dot ""'•""^ v 

ful to the Accent staff for the pmilege of publish me; ibis issue. ("^"wmli '-h-'v. 

For those of you who will be freshmen next year and take part tbcawn ou , i ,.„. 

in the freshman issue of the ACCENT, put your heart into your less, she .l.^l.i i .-^.- ■ 

work. A hint that might stand you in good stead, get your material just i blm il.i.i .< 

Make Good Use of Time 

The most vital factor to be reckoned with in 1951 is time. The 
destiny of America — in fact, of the whole world — in 1951 hinges 
on time allotted for ilie plays and behind transpiring 
world events. America needs time to build up for am-thti global 
conflia — time to build armies, air power, and ships, and time to 
inject the neccssar, lighting spirit into nations and peoples still 
deflated by the effects of World War II. 

Seventh-day Ad\cntisis are likewise concerned with time. Para- 
doxically, the, -hould In. praung thai C >< id will bold the winds of 
strife i " ' 

f, Sammy Croft in tl 
And did Helen Jeai 

■s about Colleccdale 

by : 

.hese prayers, perhaps complete fulhllment. Orphans for Xllias 

Ik-aline, ■■'■nil time is most Mtal to ei er\ srudent, too. It will 1 

be too difficult to make another 1950 record, bur that would ™ ^^ '.nun uirJ 

tanding still. Now, with proper disposition of time, 1951 can twc] ™ ,,,-ph',',, 'tro.r . ,r.n^,]k hi,' 

"My Day" 


,vu, e, u,l„ 

'Tlorlnc ^"nTc! ' surely' picked' a ChlU'Cll EleCtlOIl 

I J HoiiH'wurd Bound 

","; '::::'" I,:: 

k into reality by the 

Gom B through, his ordeal 
three times rath day is enough lo »• 

i M A ed™, S ,ne'°t" 

of light were |, 

,, ' , I, 

,v day. Lacking vigor 
, from my bed only 
roommate is busil, 

EneS'S'Sdd'more unce,,a"n?y and 


,,ih Bi'i 

.: .1. ,...!■ 

cr, and together we 

Dr. Holt to Address 

t Nighf Aril 

n si< flights ol stairs 

New Senior Class 

coming" .ud'askei 

1 ,1 , 

\ are fully awake- 

oftatoteS rfT^3S"'tSi 

sing Rudolph, tl 

event off to f 

l„„l, 1, 1 

ovcrslcpt. since the 

be the speaker at Ihe presen,st,on ol 

^"h't Y hC "'£h 

''"'rirrtmi ''t 



January 15. The announcement of Dr' 

nard P.rrish very 

Tn the kilche, 

, « busy ourselves 

s H peakt"Een;ors° f w'«mau™tly 

Bomb, /and Do, 

«»v °°"' h * 

I by Carol Kentucky. New Jer' 

the Night Doors are open, face 

I,.-,,,.., i 

I by 

™,^,.; Alumni Visit 

^"crlw^t Campus 

[i!'v went niTon'toX 's'tag^he pre' Campus Empties for Xnias in Hurry: 

!ra:k?ng h Z SnKnB'of »Wch"lJm Hardings Entertained by Do« Fights 

I i , I I 1 , Gladys Nick 

espe. i.llv chosen to please the children, The campus was all astir as people Dr. Ross Hughes, denlrst ,n Cle, 

"^"Cs" A ' mon °'" h ™ /'^."'parj Ha'nre^C WlttSClliebe SpealiS !, r m got"a<a!,on".»,J gciNn'g'l''f"! '"xommie Bullock 

The SOUTHERN ACCENT'S All Freshman Issue 


Clean Sweep Mad, by Salesmen JjJJjfJ JJ^JJJg SENIOR SKErCHES, I95C-51 

In Handling College - Made Br 

c ^....c played .a 
g of January 3. 

day n^h"™ 

elected by Hie Ho 

he Gym Club 

1. R. C. 

n Crisis'' and 

linolir. opcMlor 

' ""'i '' , M'!„ J "",i™Jh c '"St Fac,,lt . v Attend 

acttsrcd here. In addition to the Conventions 
I large warehouse brooms.' and pnitor DlU'ill" Vacation wrth'.hc 

I Clear Air Provided tollc fi M ,nd universities, both Prot« 
By New Smoke Stack "'™> ^iEifiELs 

b v Mr" 'ctokV*Fi°ra'nc!"l»™iiV" K r ''- , ', , . r ',n's~ L '„' l | ' | 1 *"," a'a'i, Cllilkeils I)<> Doillllc Dili, to Make RcCOld; Pleasants hi, worked on ihc farm. 

j™ E H.ii' h liii"i c „ n ' S b.°b,'i d e J"':" B fX'Ts °' "* ""*" I"! Al Current Prices. SOOColdcn Eggs £!£ i^S^'ihC™!; '™ 

1 £ 1 ',h°°",s [ rs„,ou ",z'.; ,, ','i,; ,^™;jl i ,^r J "''" l ' h "'''"" , °'' „,.??£ ™^t? ta Vc,f,E J ,,I!roX'r"''' bc '■"'""" -■■"•"- ^i-"-;™",™:,;:;; 

"'.'"": "'" ''' l °™j ' Wr"'Kmes'l"d''was ptesen. al .!« bo>s k'now'lhar' ."to a girls' dor.'n',' no.'V,',, 'ill' !',.>.,,!',' ..'!"'■/• ™n"' 

abovelCh^hToiMrai.' ion.' Mall M " l »"' Hand Clinic svl..eli un.v.-oc.I ';"',/''"'' :l '; > ' ,'„'" k '"™ : '.'' ,' : '"" '"' "'""'"'■"' >■'»» '• Wife of Jllllioi' Dil'S 

room' lf' ! |n"''°Jom.'iki.i "vill'"lx menial,..,' high s.hcil. . I '!l J-""" ''■'>» J^ » ,','", ""ale "T'!''!'?, '""' "" '""'I* h » "™ of "'»"■ Of $ll<l(lcll IllllCSS 

Jr'.fts 'irT' ?l" e i' in dS-"', 'il, a '' '.V.^'i ,! ' ''! ''' '"'Ubl"™,? il,a'° ol'lej.i,,.'" 'an '■■■■■'> ■ ' ■'' ' ■'u'"'"' «.'"lJ "".",," "il, "l" .ninS .'k'J" '''lli',' ''' »'<''«''»'''''' •""""£l" Met" 

fras brought to the attention of the 7»r t|/L:, a fl...:^!...™^ for"!!!"'' 8 ' luck II. sj.whii rhe ..... of le.;..»g ' '.'.''"T"^' , „ 

rulty last year through l! 

Woodshop Fetes 
Workers Willi 
Supper anil Films 

No White Christmas 
For Collegedalc 

aens .s not low. 

,esl Carl ,s a large J ,," si;"d,,j" the'reVi'lhe C"?Z 

■'The stokTs'S In""!''" "rislmas "»> '» ' ' 30 ' " 

which" is' ejorlc'a KiTy'if'you JiS^C S.eL'w BreSkha,™ 

ih.m. ,»>, laying atonnd ,„ak |,a,„ on," "„„" Hog h.''j, "agf S 

Sed'a "'h,<',l' C d„,',n"''ih,' !u",io'.. '"'"here were a few , an.? 'lire '^creasing "demand Fo^Co' CoodllCI' III ScillilKir ...... cs held at 

of a wood, yo.t ».ll hear many won- 
.le.fol things. If you stand very ■ 




s»rt ""'* 

\ S.J.,1., ;„sti < 


— «■ 


,; n 4't; v : 






r musical programs, both 
y good motion pictures 

cry m 



by local 111 

and appreciate different 
nt— fieri J or/.ig, premer/ 


' , "° E "' 



Z k B 




E .■»'" --' 6'" 

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s^= ===?s: Tfff PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE 

Seminar Makes 

Radio Broadcast ' : \ J^J , v ^. ^ old 7 ow ' 

Tlit Academy Sm.i'.ac p men ted i The f(ltc f it Is in my hand— A bit 
special program in the (on., of a radio f nneit 

hnudcur »a -tit.."; sMA 1 ndaj gold. 


' dealings to be 

ldp me to do 


On Other Campuses 7,'T^X "? a " d 


S t^cn ,, u A m'"Se 


WWC thjpil l"f 

^Mission School! 
isimss ofTctings in 

f r 

■' ■ ■ 

ing of the sun. 'T" 1 * w ij! - hcI P us ,0 ccali:!C hl B h ai 

t°one kindlj deed, stom^ nd^'sfiunwrM 'u'" "' 

e'g.vcn heed" '° * ^ " '" lhc world ', w , c nll >' 1 uietl >' P l "< 

favor with I fa ! . 

Tinkering With 

''Tcould each dav. lVC " ^ YoUl" Tllinkill£ 

nade [Ik day seem brighter lo 
roe chance passer-by, 
rat the world is bi 

Forum Presents 
\nias Music Feature 

;0|.I.JU U' v.. II I. ■ A i i',',"'"'"!. I,,.,,:, 

record intollmcni for t e nt» year ^ ^ _ "Vi.',',,'.',,,, 

Fire Drills Cause story of iheNaii.iiy as.oid ... 

— I • ^l I • I Mishaps c^kT'o",',",! "" •■>«"' 

Textbooks dropped 10 the desk and R,I ,P 1 '. P " 

" i ": ,. 

long before any European coin 
What was Florence Nightingale 
Which is lighter, a quirt of mil 

hospital orderly, an cxplos 

college Near-Centenarian 
■ »< Dies at Home 

■■Two more men needed on this ' 0Ut I. ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ,' M '■ ■■..'.. .kih and .ic.idcmy social ictivi- -urcaon urcu 

''"'lea- -'"signs' '"I'll "lo'igo'llen a. QlUirtet A|)|)eaiSOH "] _ ""IV luipiuad pmcuisscsw »H 

ITded'fion'""™ "'"" ""' "™'' v Television in N. Y. I,™ i,';,,,,.,.!'* I" ',"' '' ""' Two Leave Faculty w p*^ ™u,7™™! q °v d 

! ■■'l"7 'tT' e |^ , r'.Mr''flc.'o.iM.''l!''*w'.'lh™" , tas '''"' NcW PosilioilS ,u»f> 

An, f„c drills really wnrthwlnle. I JJ^Ij^.ll' F""."! .. .,-11 a; . I- * ^l" ^l!!;. a"j oAet-oa,'.: NeWsNoteS 

Miller Studies 

,'!'",''■ ■' l il,!!' , !'.'.'.i"'.''!i,'.'',„i , I!iVl'..l "ahnoe'r. of the quotlM are John forj'Tlid'iili.ton. ^ ton,',,' 1 ■ r.,i„ apM,. dulie, oi l„- p-Uion dunoe tr.iuH, J watc. of life Keir'W ' ■",' 

M C 1 II I III * 

reo. and divided b 



Dunbar Conducts M.V. Workshop Senior Class Presented in Ceremony 
\Over Week-end for SMC and Area Dr. Holt Is Guest Speaker for Occasion 

Cl.„ vi,;., 

si.. ...,„„, <a,ti, e,,„o ,,. Lyceum features 

■i 10 the oticiouiih ...I. Swiss Bell Ringers 

" ' ' ' '."f „£ ^S'Lel^'""^ 


^B ■■■■■Mttjl ^^^ 


S^;v,* §s„ 


<~- -,^ 


b i Ay 



U ■■ 1 

II -^q , 


Pal ^1,;-- ■.. 

»»■)-. J".e.ty 15, in L;„, 

"e'"'°n"?, ;:";~,S^!;,!';,!' ;!:;, Me <lical Cadets Hold ..i-Day Bivouac, 
„,',',"'"'ej' ""',' Simula!. Casualties it. Lit,! Trainin- 

isle of how the Sabbatl 

' '■'"■■'■ -■ '■• ■■ U„„,, It .l,t™.« le « cd " lc - included ,n ll,. se,.,re paeke. ol the '"'■».»« -«™. I «J S» 

o I o' h " ' 

o'Tst|i.e 'aTu," I ,oj j in'' ' ■'■'■ortl """'""'' elass'to' "rau""''""^"""^ re' 

Loasby Coming for "..nj.-j ti, c - _,u.i,.n.. ti,.,. m-,. ,.!,„„... 

' J i 'r , | ", ,!,' , ,i ' ,' iii i i Language Workshop «fc "..i° it" recent SedMoo 1°™ 

■""«'«« „ ■ „„; „f ™'i. ,' , ' i ' " ii.. f.»... ...I ..». .. . *«.. . ° . ." , ' I... ........ ..n™.. .i , M . „...„. 

■ft is . woo.h.i.ti '. ■ , ■'■ 'I..-. • I. ...... rr . , ,,,, , wo[ k s !,op ...II ....... „ tf[f ,„ ««, Hi. „ 

"oykio, W 


if,'ioItb" ! 3'.~.ei. ,-i "Accent" Letter 

rendition of ■'Trinmphal Mat 

"' ™"' ».o..-. r e-o,- pbj , ed lly , (i|r|L) Kil|lk |, w ,|| 

and become the filth |i.,ic.,u "^ ■■ . ... Boykio, Walter Shelley, and N. 

■'''iii ".'o.!,',"- 1 "' 1 .., "",n"f!-„""",'' Courtesy Week Set '.""i" Jj' t th xhe'/hif" .v'n'i" 'to- u.'.',' mj... !".,«".","'»*., i,,", 1 "' '£ r k rr ."K 

!"".'•'.'!'.. 'i'i'.'.-V.'',"'"'..i , '.'''o,i'''.'.' ' ' ol ' February 4-10 °"„° f^'Vw'a'e r n.t... m, .".'' l ...'!"li'hi"h1!i''^-"' l ' k ''"'"' dt "'" """ " ' ' 

..u ,.. U K,n."l„ii' ^fi.'k'.'T. n' '.!i ^ Kxplorer to Show ............ p.... .1. ......'......,.■ .. r ...;. ^smc' 1 l ', : ), tl ^; U | f ; r r , v; "' n ^^''; ] ,, t " 

~ , *Z2", ',!,; ' '.''f'b", Arctic Color Film n*™"™" i,e MiL'tiZZd'. fi1/° PI !!K pc Wi ;Xea 7 mp;is„ , mS 

I., chord,. Jaouar 
■i Janoa " 2 ;- 

7Vi-)"eh n '°She, 

Lfffih&E'H, ° Fifty Cents Voted '"'"„"' ;« d .i„, them were, m., 

placed at sttateeie points on the earn- „,pcd,.„,„', ' „' ',„, 'an.','.""'l',«"„j'.' .„ ... 's.'n'ihem m',™,^,' .""ilee," '.''"," I '«" 1 ' "•""" "'" °!><W. 1- O. ' 

!"•'■ assistant to AJn.„.,[ Peary on I... two .o on. to add a .Indent ' Ass..,...- fettell. Betty ....... ...Is. Irene Ha- 

The revealing of the most courrecu. N....I, l',,l, ..yeduino He l.a. been t.on lee ..( filly .eot. yet ...iiie.ter to ft'top, Charles Harris, Johnoy Harris, 

girl, boy, and married student will awarded., spe. a .1 i. oi.eres.i.,.,,! M..I..I .I.e.. nu..i, „l .,..,,.-. ,l...e,,, been. ...... R .'r h ^"'"' n .'.» L .*'*. Hetty Jane- 
take place Friday in a skit to ho g.ven for bis wotk on the Polat Sea. the second semester of lemi-,1 ll.c I ■»."■ ' "len. " •«.-. Cue Ps.r.sL. 

during chapel. At date of writing. This will be a return trip for Mr. refer,.,,.!,,,.. ,. a. held January 18 and Robed Roger.. Paul Sue,,. Duane 

budget for the letters were: Marilyn 



A Z>M<L % Spice Down South 

iprings from the heart. The golden rule is a simple expression of future wmmgm^ ^'^ lI ™ ,. ornr . lny 
"Love makes the world go 'round, and courtesy oils the bear- '" Q™ fir ^ ^j lllir ,i floor. 


Linda Vhool of Nursing and is Hostesses I", the ,..» «. 
mil)- employed .1 Erlanger Hospital «',,J II-. .! •• ' i-:-:- 

'rVreersiiiious 1 ° r sody '" Gr " n " 
tuple don't even have to Greve at the death c 


MihuMII >*" -KLIi^k-l ll'-l HI' I' I -■ '■ n '■'■ -'-' ■ ,[,>.,, f'<JI|,|(|. 

nd Carolyn, s 

find out the most 

°' r the"£m Tsed » bet' """■ " 

eoo'iNUk that Tccount. traffic 
ay halt.) 

s caught up 

,,„,,,,,.' :...i.i /civ 1) v-orld. and tins h, Adeennst so.ith. 
Church Sorvico '"< "" 'i ■ •' " "' '"" "'> LVl " 

■ r"i ■" -""'> l v ""' >™ ™',i!,i !(" l ^ito'M,''"i',""fi3'»'i .I.'.' 

''' " h ''" 'j het , 

' vale, confidential, and secret business """""" " """"« '"""" "'"> " 

of the girls' club in regard to Open ^n'te so!^ soon Unless thej,',','. 


uTtong to' Wee, tabbed mio College Cafeteria 

., „l I A 1'iel ' I . . , . ,, .„, ,|| , ..,., .",'., I ..|.| .. ".- ' ■" 

kdoctoT'cut 'the splm'ter' '^ A.l',111,,1 pliv„, miv and .Jue.sts lout-inch hypi 

m, study 

lost boy said Eldet Dunh 

Si" 'too*,'.','" "' ',','n»,rS'i°, '',',. ,, . , n , j f """"" '," ,"" "" ll1 """- "* ""•" Prodigal Auto 

!■■ ■ . ... I,,., ..J „ it, ,,,,,',,. i Social Calendar for '°™" ht £', T R Haia tcr"ary of Ho „ s ,„ Skldmorc-'s car me 

s Adele Kougl J^d as it rammei 

lent of 

aid Skid 

ncy and'efli- February 2-1— Hatty Hadlcy Schyde, 

onvenieneed by the banquet, the con- help ftom J. D. 
crime donaied SMiii to be used in svotth. some com 
mideiNiciio- lurniluic for the lobby jaek. Houston soot 

Challenge of Cross a P i 
Play Given by M.V. Z 

A|.nl I Girls Opm Hous 
— To be suppheil. 


nek, but, then and daughle. 

'> ' CllUiell MeillberS I'm no" .Id'Sen"'"" ' ' S °° d P '° b ' as.aj'' from ,he"c.ltip"s last «eelt to 

scd seotldly The folhee,: 

'lion. Hn°, S 
et .toss, and chinch. 

1,1 '' aV, 

-uu,„ «'>°™,ilin v ' .kci"<,ln,' ','„ he's, 'the'who' was bapt * on'J'nu r, I Mr IM \ > " 


Laundry Installing New Machines to Present Addresses SENIOR SIIKIIV. I » M - »l 

[increase Quality. Quantity of Work Of Class of '50 

:im°w\ ° ta/ci'.i'iam. \45., John' College Band Gives "'"X„^,'"h.'"<-' c.m'!".",m! u,.,»™. 3"!,",ilt7!!",!\'"~°.'Vi.I"'" "2 -i: "!!.'. J ,'.i'"'<""'.,'.!.i"".',','', 

' M,'°idV'"" "ami"',' ™»n First CoiUetl Av"ni^.'N"Sc.TmnLtT"' " J Ih^S'o Ctofliid^ rfrSring'and "^t'"'...^"^^^..^"^ t- .'-'i 

■''... Im "■,--.:- I..n :. oi Mr N L KrogSlad. gave a Vdla,:r Ki,os.,ll,. Jr..,.™ llnHuir- ^ , MO ,„ ,., 

m. ■* . hsadks- and Jt i.U lo.m .oncer .n rl.s Colkgcdalc Aud.ronum. Harold Kepl.ngcrH.lkrcst Sam ^ m . i. 

for sicaming and drying dresses. Mrs Saturday evening. January 13. "omilk"^^' CollT'cdak Ten Columbia!) St lids itlg 

""'a "dry Xnirfg plant is opcralcd |,,g M igM n™Z.^r,'l\l,c"p.°g,am. '™^.. ., „.. , :l , „. Tcai'lling MclllcuU 

■ l student, J.r 

ll'lcasants. Raul) 
|Address Seminar Dild v- 

r,,,,, j„ 

I night. 

Philipe Raab's^kc^n the old and Hoist Facilitates lanta, Georgia 

' , |r7.' l ,'''s's:w,Mi'.'i'^ '.',f !i','.',Tliu,. Coal Loading 

i Ruth Jones has brer 

('.'"a.'"l 'Hi"""''! '"a'/'h'' P ''"' " 
'Tic hoiK. SrolLTby pX'ablcs. 

rtVaTyViec sehat"? „c> P e!7cd"„,'do 

high hoppers by hand 




g oJl 

/ SMC „ 
pability to 




i, ,','„', 



.r. ... 



git, if 


! i 

;;;-;;« , ,,„ 

made wit 

, fellow s 




, | M , 


O.-/0, I, 


and stud 

/ \ 

nt would be a gceat >tep , 
given the opportunity to 





\ en°oueh to ice 

p, th. Opil 

public r 



nt a student o 

college ag 

should h 

.. the 


pTn,™ king 





,;,';,:,;;:,' ; 

rl '!,',., '-.(„. 


On Other Campuses 


Academy Forum 
Shows Varied Filii 

nodcrn knowledge had produced sine, 
"a film on polo pontes showed th. 


Some think chat no student should hold office in the academy 1 
cept a position which he can fill perfectly. Because of this man 
e put into different offices over and over again just because n, 
le is sure that others could do equally as well or better if give. 

Those who haven't appeared to be leaders might only need 
your vote of coni'idence to briny out their capabilities. We might be 
surprised what hidden talent would develop if we would only 

willing to put up with a few mistakes to help a fellow student who 
is probably doing better along the lines of leadership than we 
could if in his place. He may he having opposition and problems 
that you know nothing about. 

All in the academy are required to learn history, algebra, and j 
many other things. Why not gnu them opportunity to learn or 
show their other anilities? True, they will lit given most of the 
credit fon what we do to help them m then duties, but who cares 
who receives the credit if we all get a better and richer school 
Whenever you vote, vote for someone who has not necessarily 
proved his worth but shows indications of having it, and then stand 
behind your choice. ow 

Between the Bookends 

film, produced by 

News Notes 

diss arc teally going into the study of 

their tocher. They have dissected a 
frag and looked through microscopes 

student hid a microscope to use, to 

Another day Mr. Hoar had some 

sUnce in them. One student rubbed 
his finger on the jelly; the jelly was 

o. "the bookworm" family. 

Up until January V very little re.u 

L-tOO liHlcTowkdge'n, ^r'; 

!.r'l , 'Vbl n '^h E r«£ °lt Student Millet Ties Flies for Profit, 
^^"^'"'uk.'^ii '!'.".'-T.! Has Developed New Bug for Market 

wn. 'Oii'r'l' 

lob. So; of Bailie, by ne» that 

■ by the 

work of processing j tyr* o: l...t tint Students Win in 

<J£ySte<f™J%ll End m lT^-"^'^T^.^ Student-Faculty 

^H^oiniobh-IIs' ■vir" l M,v.i ,-■ '''° ^"!' J i'" 1 "^'''' 1 '"'"''"'' 1 ^ •■•■■'«■ Basketball Game 

^TiTs/cr'Toi. oTor'cf -n Mission ' u '""""-" 11 ' ;s "pcall, " ,J . <^ , T'!',, ',?"'" °'w' h j s '" dent -f lnlU >' 

;Vrr,w\/? r,n«™-?' C ° f ? M " Hc mj ''" ,hli " bu B : ' *" :! Jil J jn V j n' '"■ , wcrc ? 2 P° in ' s f ° r J nt 

.1 C'l '"I w, r- f """ "*" The larceM We. say, students, and s: points for the faculty. 

...i^ , uijj. y~. West bnd j j_ ■■„ 3 , s0 ve g00() fot blH Those playing on the student team 

U N ' '*' '«■•"»««*■ Those using this ' bue have uyghl "ere John Thurber. Hill Hartctt, Floyd 

Wallet Schwab 61 East Rob.son bass weighing and one-half Kiosey. and Dan Lewis. John Thur- 

Tinkering With »•*£ ZT^tdX Sp" 

Your Thillkillg *° improve condition! for "^^'VJI 

.on one fly 

cultr t 

d lively. Koudele 

Dr Mr. Got! when 
Lis glasses during t 

quently in the advertising of H C in 
7, According to an old saying. Whs 
8 What tetrri is commonly applic 
9. A point of etiquette: Accordin, 

General Conference of S.O.A 



NhiiIktii Mi^mnarv ( :, .1 Ie U c d i lu. Tcihumk-., .). |.,i. 

f/>rf Missionary Of '5t Chss Medical Cadets Bivouac at Camp Pythian; 
T „ * 2 'Lf'TL'™'^. Amotions and Diplomas End Training 

r.-.l^lo^S,,,™^ '"" Union Session 
ll"Vt rr™r"S„"m Mei-ls in City 

! ?:S B,a„ S o„ to Speak tlfsl^ SK 

■ Colorado. At Dedication of 

lEighf 'Seniors - ^eience Building i,;;.,';..' ,'' 5s*? * 

(Complete Work 

!ii'', r, 1 "!'ir > i"" 1 , "i'!'"' 1 , J """ , ;"'■"" I Lynch Presents .™nf pi.ioon. b . 

(k unmus „l ilui msmunoM ID Archery LyCeillll >^^'ii k. uoi'M, 


I nJ.i, v^,, t „. kbm.iry " 

.hfiiS^.^trrfV:";;::;;! Giddings Retire to 

o(i,!r j', ,'.',, ."!,', 'k u'L'un u'.ii'k Collegedale Home 

Rebok Coming for \yhen^J^i c 7nf m^i^bni iSi^% i!^' t n!'! Jhi'V!,!,'^ 'll^d"'^^^^^^^'^^' 
Week of Prayer S*", 1 ,-",',','^ 1 :'.,""n''i!'.;,!''i'i .'.''i'. Z'tin",!".'-"''-""*' , B! n «!l t "n",r™ljJ°iodriik"'''' 



There are right and wrong ways to do most anything. 

.illl [In nghi n.L-thod wuiiltl umijIIi, In iln rnuM ellium 
So man) people these days have the erroneous idea 

wa> to reform a person is by criticizing and belittling his d 
No tine is reformed hy rebuke or by being told what a 

he is. Telling one he dnwn'i h.Me good \ense doesn't autou 
tit. No one has suddenly become 

/{ Z>cu6- oj SfUee 

Down South 


i dccii 

uncing c 

icked s 

a detent kind c 
it should he true. 

Its human nature (,.t one tu stmt to fttlnll lite expects 
his ftiends and those ahnut him have fot him. So tathet 
make anyone think himself to he naiutally had and that 
expert him to be. expect the best of hint and itattli how it w 

Let's accentuate the gund jiunits uf ..ut ftiends and encot 
iliein. i.nliet tlijn Innk I.. i then laolt. tetv 

is rA<;iJii> cm its 

Historic Stone 
found in Press 

Sophomores Hold 
Class Social 

Enrollment Near 
All-time lli"li 

Liberty Leaders 
Altend (Convention 

d Guest Psychiatrist un. 

Lectures in Chapel ,', 

i light in \c-.|> . 

Dean Speaks, on 
Religious Liberty 


Governor Invites 
W right and Piers 


Press Serves as Classroom Wliil 
Employing Thirty-five Workers 

Student Association SENIOR SKEIXHES, I t M - ,1 

. C , r .,.,. [),»„■». , P . of Nc« Jmtj lit 




Have you ever stopped to think of the many deeds done 
trough unselfish consideration every day? 1'erhaps your room 
ate brought your breakfast ilus morning. He didn't have to do 
ut for you and maybe you didn't even deserve it, but it shows 

tat there arc still some in the world who think of more than iusi 

Forum Entertains 
Academj Chapel 

"Memories" Opens 
Snapshot Contest 

another example, there was that perion wlm 
to the third flour of the boys' home, thinkim- 

. lived near him that might like t,i he saved 1 
cold. And who is to be thanked when you 
;t and see your returned dry cleaning that y„ u 

\ mote: the fellow who lakes a part in die 
he last minute, they who go out of their was 

Seminar Begins 

KvamnlUlH- "S.-ri 

Between the Bookends 

e pamphlet "Prophecy Spc, 

Tinkering W ill, Z ,«"""' 

Your Thinking th« ».i, 

LX" J '°D. Bledic* concluded ihc- Miijl \r.l<lrim 

loTL Hi r»? Jl " ' Senior Sketch? 

Visli Is Week-end 
(.iicsl Speaker 



Branson Dedicates Science Hall 

Florida Sanitarium »o Kuilu New Dorm Most Courteous M. V Elects Welch EARL F hackman M hail 

To Accom modate Stmlcls of iy.,rs i..g Students Selected; As Delegate to £S 

Miss Jones Speaks Paris Congress 

spent ^V^aH^ini'irL! 1 ,!,^ 1 ',,! 1 ^,' Tui '*,!'■' ;,7 '«hT""^'^ ""j K " Loasby Conducts 

tam,''\l V Mrf sXi^rirem' 110, '''" iourtn "on 'i'he—tm us''' mtnUon,™' Language Woi'ksllO|) I '- ■■■ ■■ ■' ■ ' ■■.■■'1') 

n. 's„br„ then seen, the „, t nu ^pl r .(u-.ill y n t]^ cakteriTanenn pubhc Dr. R. E, Loasby, chairman of the f SPRING WEEK OF PRAYER ] 

I "-,','=.. n 1 1 1 || ^ I lli-'lMi L -il' Kl 's^nlin4r r « / ^hingto^ will be held at SMC. March 2 J 

■site between Lake Winyah and Like ^'sinne....,', ' ' l r .'7' "t v. <!»" W.n.m '! ^^ley Pt'CSeUtS D. C, conducted a /our-day workshop to 10. Elder D. E. Rebok, presi- j 

'e cast' and' wesT S0 " '"" Union "\Valh\V' ll', ^^^j 1 . ''jl''!' AstrOUOUlJ' Lj'CeiUaM February 7 to 10. Jry. will conduct lhI"ervk:Ts! 

loridVsL^mtm a°nJ'''Ho"|' > it"l J o't'. ™'"'™c snenl he, lime j, Elder Teddric Mohr. 

: a .,t,„„,pl,e,e u, a,.,,,.,, J 1 /™"'" (who bom January 1. ^ ^ ■ .^ ^ ^ ■ ^ n^. ,,„ ,„ |,„„ |, .,nd .«,.. ,-. Vaiun- I J 

;: l,: „",'.' ", m 1 ",". ," ' .'; • Mission Film Shown 

'™ "L'Jrnn'nc ,' V >'> >'< >'' ' '' ' »' ' ' * J I ,',e "p, 'j "n AtM. V. HoilF 

on to enter training in September. 


!'- „ "l t| S 

hn^.|.,nt^lR- J|[or|uf > ' 


... :■ ■ ...... II. ,■■■:..■ ■ ...,, 

land Performs 


Los Angeles via 

streamline^ to ^.f™^ 1 ™ ' 

ken through the 

. . ■ . 


Vt Oakwood 

Dikwood College. S u rid ay even in] 

■■■u. riunilxrsh thi, German band an 



ngs extended Dr- S.bley Jisai 
arricd him by planets ol own 


limit. J. "Straight pjths insure more 

,a(c,v. .mucdmg Jga.Nr-t .Kudu.!.' 
■'Straight [-..itlis arc more easily r'ol- 

Jnited 'S 

c,t,..| in 

cce'band. added' ll'iai'the „.,„' eiuhtoi'ten times. Jn^icSfom'S™ '° "" '""'" '"'""" '"' ' " '" P " "' '° K"'™ a'ndVs faSyf'wto lea 

I I.!.... 1. .I.., ..1 . ■■ ■ , . .;,:' ;,' " :..',;"; .".''.,' ','!:■,'",.. t. . "iti"'. 1 ' '.■.'. '.' ", ';,' 'j".'.'. .'.'. 

^.r^SVSr^o.'ni.t'!' Saturday Night m i °" "^ n hc [ on 

"^ ,J "° S( hvde to Appear 

en .\i[„ ids, evenme. I cbreiary 10 billion years to travel In v.cev ol .he '^l^ '' '° Iu Evening of Soil! 

" JSl1 : "" U "' !....! -Iirrine the -|-e-ik. r e.hseree.J 

ic church has lice of all 01 ir 

of peace and Church Seme. 

It'V'nnT.e' , lained 'l >'• I Z 1; "'.'". 1,,.,. I, ». 

Evening of Song 



/I ZW a/ Sfiice 

There is a form of thievery knmvn as kleptomania, the 
trators of which are clutched in a state of emotional unbalan 
ease a sense of inferiority, the; steal objects for which they a 
have no use; this stealing seems to restore in them a false si 
importance in relation to their world. 

There is another type of thicvcn condoned on our c 
ivhich, though more popular, is just as costly and, shall 


Down South 

James Joiner. 
Dn this lovely spring evening ru j 


ting; this only delays his I. 

For example: 
nformed that others a 
taking, and perhaps twenty mi 

s late, but, due to faulty guidance, discussion eats up again 
and again the amount of time necessary for the proper action. Ten 
minutes multiplied by si\ members is an hour wasted. 

Even more expensive, the director of a public meeting, whether 
it be religious or secular, through nt-glrgeiue and irresponsibility, 
begins his meeting from five to fifteen minutes late. This costs 125 
hours of time! Docs the one in charge worry? No, the knowledge 
of all those people waiting on him gives him a false sense of im- 
portance, and he ha-ks in (he thought that he is the center of all the 
attention — he has made an entire congregation wait! 

Some brave souls occasionally do start meetings on time, 
though attendance may yet be scarce. Surprisingly, at the next 
meeting not so many of the audience are willing to miss the open- 

With time, as with other propetti 
guard the rights of others. To steal t 

,■ '■.'■ ;."'.-" ■ ■ ■ 

t0 ,.ht* pics and candy, alcd birlhd.iv cake, complete with ground, but ..e all ,!,,..■. 

Of course, the girls' dorm isn't en- lighted c.n-.lh- that A ■ h " * ■■ l-,;i ,,,'l.t, ,], Jt went on all day. 

tirely free from candy cither PrJuti- Say bike- J especially for her. A| ^.^ _. ^^ ^ ^ ^ 

in red, heart-shaped boxes. _ _ other fellow, lor thai matter, -ill ,l n ^ } J\^ k ' HM IbT&VZ 

" " . lk Maude Jones Hall came over to the 

' ; -■■ '■■ VuSe^Al^nb 

..don's getting one ^ 

ivctou noticed the nev 
: of the lobby? And 
the new furniture ther 

land you boys just a link |..-.ilous "Ian u 

worth of beautiful lobby furniti 
Dons Marsh (Odessa Mc 

lately. (Maybe thats why 

? Really soon, pi, 
_ Dorothy chan, 

VunfaA d°rm C -^o,Xy 

■ ri « h " !i 

en though in small 
t not be tolerated in 


ks recently to family 

/meal in the the loliegc valley and tamp. 
These parties 
of the day in 

aThas been r'° n^.J.MI,/V.,llu Jul-' week end. 

J 'a™ 10. e Hc°s[»ke inFriday ves 
nd church. Ssturda, cvc-n,nit h 

■Valley View," overlooking 

'SJFiiii visit 

Ihe d.nner in the cafeteria Mondaj 
Fcbmary 5. At this time the eldets an. 

™ Elder and Mrs. Curtis Quacken- sion for answering questions from the 
hush, pastor of the Wythvilk V,r- auJie.^e 
-inia. 'hard), stayed at the lur 1 '" 

ippaintment^Ak)^^^ (| 

for hand lotion after I'l'I^ were out ! °" "■'"'' ° * *?' ° C ° 1J ' cuts. 

one night, got hold of and used her JJijI'MllS Speaks ill *'« .. lid Collins entered his roon 

bottle of ink instead. "O J. a ft er lights were out one night, 

The lights were still on wln.n Ukie VesptTS 1111(1 (.llUrcll Jo;cn boys seemed to rush at him fror 

Turnage went to borrow Virginia I . . eec-r.wherc. Although it was only hi 

'■■ - "■ '■ " . " : "'■ ■ 

„,e,,l, when Oi'e opened Ihe ca^c. she At Sabbath .ervues he spoke ol the for ( ,„,j ,/,,, /_,.„ bsc „ l/o „ t , 

found Virginia's accordion. Sime unportaiue ot eolporleunni! to spread Dtv| „ , r ,, ( , vi//l| iUiflile ,// ...,,, „, : , 

when are portable typewriter ...isis and the gospel. s / )f)m j^j,^,,^ l0 eller yo,te. 

shape, and weight, Jackie? Leper Colon) -n ihe n:,,Hi,.lm African Charles Pierce, our assistant dean. 

mate— Marialyce Friedlander. seen \i , Ciet Jordan is seen 

Spanish S.S. Is S{!*HE^5/S IlZlX'tZ"!'-/- 

Organized Anew "SS 8 ™" pr™ d """' ° f 1 °'°°° n'',"Z":",TJy' 'l'!";, n„ ,„,, 

, h , only Ihe help of naive girl 

I week en.i wlule thet ^.-< A N OPEN LETTER I 
Severe Mr. and Mrs W A Tun 


■ily and ,1 
and women ol Sooth 

ffl A feTite* i£Iediale\ h n°d ''i 

"and" Wier Gdberi 



o,„^.i " ""■" ■■ ■■ ><»"'.» I"™" - "■ >»' ""»>'. ''»"' &i » mb "' ' d " ,Kl m " v.,."j .;;,j.,„; ;;,,.h,'.h.\« -.. n ™- ..„; ».,„., » 

* "•'* l:™iir u , ; 1 :: | ""?.:„:" ''\ f ,:',?:l •',"'"■-, :""'; !::.'; :. i r' , '!:.'..'. l , ,1 , l ;. l ", r « "■> >"»i j > "» "» ™"" '""■ Ju - »p"» ,"". r. J ?v 


■llth-J-u- Advenll.t .oll.Ce H.ts 10 

r. dont miss the pnvikee of help- 
that personto nuke his .leasinn 

While you're at it, please don't 
B et the men or sramen in the serv- 
help them ,„ plan nnw on a col. 

'Memories" Reveals 

Plans in Chanel i '11' ' >' « Broomshop Expands 

The w«™ /,, „;„ ,,,11 „ SSthl."'^!!''.- I £"'»»'*'ii* To New Branch 

family is Gwendnlyn C 
her folks on Febra.ry i 
eight pounds and one t 

This design consists of a silhouette of tl M \ n f L „ ,o give the <™ 

a ^aithern helle and genlleman altern , 1 1,. edt. uer. pre.ente.! hv , ' increase of 75 doicn 

Tire campaign, with a goal of 1,000 the faculty ..nd th. student asso. tat.on ^, |( [ ^j. , aor di„g to Mr. M. £■ 

the history o'f the ycatbook, the editor Guiana They are planning to visit onnl; ' COOmS ' P trjb]c s 

added. It will last for only one Jav their relatives and then will leave tor ^"^'^ ^ employ more student 

oo the stejsrf I r ■ »• b ">™ s " hidl "° W °°°'' 

February 23, 1951 




Sincerity Merits Trust 

to^rinrre ,h,« g h fee.™. school SlJ, P „t^*ch^ j« f S ?*"»" rfJ^lFDjf 3 

FMuriM Hit thorn "Wtat Is A .-l-J ..U- ,,,„„! I„> .«, ,,r,J found himiclf in 

iinliil WeA of <„„„r.,'i,..,. U.s.J ™ " j ^JVffl b™wh"" sl ° Sine, llitn Ik l»s IimJ m T.-mns, 

both studeni Jn.l l.unliy 

'r techniques were also J^^"^"^ \™ colkgTdal^ 
ha Miss jmbi[ion is 10 find .r plrre in - 
J rr.idurt of Soul], 1 in ^ ( 'h v torei.en fields. 


£ty* in the Wheel of life 

There is one kind of person [ 
i is sincere- in all lhai he does. 
One may do wrong, buc if he does, truly believing it to be 
ight, the deed will be forgiven and forgotten and the sincerity ap- 
preciated and remembered. On the other hand, if one jets against 
his own conscience and better judgment and yet trie-; to impress 
others of his righteousness, such becomes of link- value whether 

Some put on this false front, of being what they ate not, to 
God as well as to others, and to themselves. There is no use pre- 
tending because that doesn't change the situation, help others nor 
better one's self. We don't mean you have to reveal all you do; 
just don't be in a position where it would be em hurra-sing to do so 
if it were necessary,. Know v, hai your beliefs are and do your best 
to live up to them, being perfectly honest with yourself and others 

Academy Seniors Tinkering With 
Elect Officers Your Thinking 

ek-cXuVlasSsrs and .o-^onJ. "^"V ,"T^,7V- ( ^ °l ^ ' 

M :-'' r, rV'' . hu :. .'.^I'r,^ ™» — ■ < ■ 

J u ? '\nl blames it on her new tL-arcJ in Atlar 

es. She was walkir.u a bit J.I «» AuCust 1 

illy (V.r a link while t„„: J"-™ *r r ^ Jl 7 dl t ^j' "', r , Vh, lus "l" 

^" U is^Und?n'/under n or."l knY7Atbn ( T Union A.i'krn'' and 

bin del desk dfawerVtlni they Collegedale Academy. Offices she has 

,nd Bill Dyanfic -"^ '" "•*,,, and it seems held are president of sophomore and 


i r!!''' ll |.iui^l*!""' Tky, wu" th.,' 

■ |.,n. Lll through at the dal 

my after first attending scv- 9. Wf 

md Thomas Jefferson High, 'he plura 

s liftyt 

hose yours truly, who fell in one of (I 
ps it muddy streams, and Dorothy Shi 
-just venga, who got caught crawling ov 

a barbed-wide- fence to see one l. „. 
Iking the plains j little belter Iktiy lo ptt-vc seems to be people who crip 

i'^ 'to ■.!, t.'niV ..I "futile tango, " The, n<111 11( t hfe 

urv'ol our Sabbath school. 
y,'p,, t ,cular talent is cook,,, g 
hobby is skating. Her pet 

iirxia^pt^i^l^ ^""^ a " d ^ " "' Ashlocks Relate 

'wOic "I]"!""'"' '""' "" ,l '''""" lln!^ 1 '"^' i'.V,, L'^r "pi".- t -!!rms ' f o! the Trij) tO India 

!,, .... cream' Well. i"<t a-1. I',,,.. Mr. Hooper ■., r> i.c.nU k.t hi, ^ |: Ash|ofk 

Henri Douglass how it feels. At the balance in chapel the ^''^j^ ^['^ ( ,, rm , _, , lls ,„ r ,,- J rs at SMC, wrote a 

I he wrapper from Miss Douglass ice periencw and the friends ilitv lu.e 

cream and applied it rathe M.ddi.iM. I'OIIIMI' StlldcillS j,,,., ull ,,,, w<1> . „, i„ dlJi where Elder 

^^VSGt JJ71 Affiliate in Chalt. £SJ * ^ "LXm^k dwI 

^bK'd^i^^iSfew rJri.w'i '. "hi.:' ,! V J^ion "tel^^'iSKn^'Vi 

1^° ° f ' k S "°' "' DoaiS^Ehe-o Corbctt, and Bernita sell was Jra„ ..f ^oir.u, .,. SM( to< 

And did you hear the little lecture Weeks Two former I.M< it*.-. Hull, several years during the war while her 

that Mr Wayne Thutbcr gave us in I-ihingston an. I Dorothy Tamer, are husband was interned in a German 

with 13 In Egypt the Ashlocks visited 

■; ■„,„: ru.srte. for the Accent on '' Farragut High School and now 
/UaJerm liette has been ch.iiriii.iii kolleee.lak Academy. During 

,„ many LO.nni.tiec. espe...illv u, .Ic- tune she has held sever..! 

fe. which I also 7n her plans 
yoTrLttc -yotTsuJely de' ^ »J^« ^8°*% 

b?rn'r L .nd wrmUn-t we ''lease <t ..I 

BRANSON [Cenlimtd jiom p. 1) 

hobby, and one of the 

School of Nursing 

Hon. I. 


parlor of Maude Jones Hall immedi- |,; s w ;f e are traveling with his parents 
ately succeeding the dedication cere- to assume mission duties in Assam, 

ETHERN iraflF!flJM[ l , "w U3M ^ 

SMCSA Invites Academy Seniors 

Rebok Speaks in Week of Prayer; Oakwood Sin, 
\ Holds Three Services Daily 


;ers Students Operate a £v°ed'?c """ SCHOOLS 

Present Lyceum Radio Station 

Of Spirituals TO[ 

high school senio, 

! M, I..,„J 




k : v;. 


' Qr 

;'"„."' ?,. 





ol Pra 



o 14 



C "S',„'' 


16— D 


a S;; 






gh 26 — Spring 


lard, ! 


r dior,h 5 c 




S'kS. '° " ""' Future Lyceums to Feature 

inftrSd^twchrii'pS Scientist Gable and Wliisller Leonard 

U hoors of college credi. in public Lfccom l.clnre, a„ schedoled for solos, i, his perform.,™ on a .here- C ° 1 "*" 1 *' K " r " '"' 

2_~d ,!!",'. ',";,:" Colporteur Club 

oS Cl ir[''thJ'momm.' l ''s-l!!j Irr'r' h-hlr,' ^n^X'i'i'^alTlVtla ' ^' ta ".'!' "','.!,! *ui Vm"''"'''!'^ ""' " '''''^ ^ ^Wai'd Pl'izCS 

it!, publ,. ^r llLt , n ,| K ceilings, i.utcrijls VsSOCiatioil in Hie' .^n,,s, c.'nr, /r'sMl' 

lour linu- c.ich week. Dr Gable- is .in mslructor n the iV , ( |, s... ,„ , ,, h iS , lrst t - rf 

Doughs Benoclt. c,,J„«.m, k ,„ *.«. an 1 ,h,,,,„„ J*"™.. » Budget Affirmed conlcsl is sponsored b, the Colporteur 

President K. A. VI cht nd D n M " I I ' I ! i J | ,' ,'' , | ^ W „,e,"oT'mo's" 

leehnp ss.ll he Ik-IJ in rh, I 

J,,,, I „„.!,,, rh, ,brc,i,o,i .,, 



Icnruries ago an oriental prince 

The young noble effected his 

splendor while his subjects sware loyally to their new fello; 

/i Z><m& <4 Sjbtee 

Down South 

Ccnruries ago an oriental prince became an heir to a vast king- 
dom. The young noble effected his coronation amid pomp and 


But it soon became evident that the king was intent on 1^ ^ ( 

ttisfying his personal desires rather than extending his govern- p , 

, Neglect of state affairs proved disastrous to national unity. cspxMl) . 

ncc.^eUolsMdowSr.'Ym lc»n « , ' ' ' ' "''"S « ™) ,„ ,„" 

uu.k them for beds. Could it lu he, suss ... tta. t.ut tolttmar, and itsuta to is-dou. So, 
,' „s that Salord.iy mghl— that to celebrate Maty s hull.. ,, la, Ja„„. ha. h „, ,|, , „,.„,, 1 

mtnl. Neillest ■! ■!."< an.".- | i^ ,,,,..-......, ,- ■■ . 

I he ling' and ihe nobilin -auk decpet into vice. Army generals 

became angi, because of the weak defense program. The once , w ; mral , ne ,.„,.<>! so , speda. war, jLanris .™ .•»"■»;;>. ^'^."iV^r b,ck Jihe'tab To ? 

populai king became unpopular. , a 

' One night while the drunken ruler was re. elingsMth Ins , ,, | ' 

lords, conspirators assassinated him, and threw his bod, to the „•„■ 

s observed They dec 

How similar to ti 
Sabbath school review Spending but little effort in 
he gives a poor delivery. The next week some members •- 

I*, ' a, l'hs II.UIO., D.H.o. .... Sleleto, Cause, Scare 

Imagine how Hole I t I ! I ' > ' , , \ Wl « 'he ) I , 

home, dissatisfied with the leadership. '"■." !...■■■. , .,: . .-;,,. 

Another is elected m preside over a ilub I . iiinieiesied in -'; ,,,. , ,,,,. .,,.„, a , , ,„ ..,„. ,„..,„ ,,,.. 

serving, he does not support his own club. Progress is retarded, ,,„„„/ E „ c u, „ p J n |i, t . . kl i lt ,,,, ,, hull l »-"" ! fam wast,aii,|,,,tsd t„ iln e„l, .1..,,, .,,. .... 

and the organization dies. and body Aod lo think thai Miss Carh-ns v. .- so- ,.o . uns . ■ ., J mm \\ |,,|, .,,,,, „, .boys«™aded lo, 

To be a mediocre leader is a simple accomplishment— often Grove was an acc omplice! ^ ™„s|„ ,,>,,, ti.l.n. nphed ''"„, ,,, \k I i-n . , I "'■" 

the easier method. But experience proves that it never succeeds. __ - "Sood.y night. ' (She stayed ondc, the k y ,, one nf ,hc e,,i," 'i',.. 

fg Dreams Of SMC sun-ra, I,,,., ._. liltlt ■-^■' *e reports given, she almost scares 

"HeS '""iHuCndingpraye, meetings' """" '*"««"' "" "'"""'" Dr. West Speaks "ZsS"^ „f°Elde, L.° 

'* In Cliapel £,™tl" '™ f'°> >""« 

,;,,,„! la llall as ..-Of. trials has 

1 Kdiicutiiin Class 

'h "?k Sl'cSI'StotolT™- Launches Preschool 

14°!!JeHre^td e t."^1ip In Old Laundry 

'/ f„mr, h< discoursed . ,1 

department of religioi 
lodern^viuzed age. 


aod caused Hi. 

h, ,,"■.. a... 

Si'- "biXiarl'* '""> " to " 8 r " " | ! I I I I ! sljen" and Mrs Wright held We hone the girls won't pel 

family have shifted lo Cle veland. Ten- ^^ a ' ,s r Pauline \as,ied the last 'I'" .."..."'Mao. .■! (ho t ,.ult. ma.s ,[! ... ,..'sd las,.J.u H-i 

,-r Aodssbal ,s lie press ' It Is I...1 M,^ \'.,sss.u '^"^ ^^100^0^"^ AVC 'Imai 'to l'" lu l':' '" s '"" ! 

iTs^i and'earries'them in "a program suclT.s Seminary Awards J"'" " ' '"" " "' " lr ■" ,J "™ J-J, 

,V: hs „ i' Scholarships , m',.^ Johnson to Hold 

'-r",:-; .„.,....,, Liberty Workshop 

"■'•"" ™ o 1 l ment o"o1 hi n Hie ■ S.s.i.ili .o.i. n.h.oi, -. 11 sas.J T1 „ ,,,'■■ 

.„d...E:^ll.;!: prayer aod rrvcrci. "I'T ami ... ■ Senium kadme n. t'a "■=".-' ,, Mr , ,„,,.„ ,. I. Mr. ,: t '" ?".',',. , ' ...a 

saoc do. 

hen the editor finds 
L Consequently a filler 


Maintenance Department Expands; Schyde Presents SCNICC SKErCHES, 195C-51 

Moves Into New Building Evening of Song 

^.nmJ/l'hUV.'k'u H.,rrv"it..'.'l l 
ki SlIivJ,-. k^., Mr S.l.yJ, ,- ir.,,,. 


;™i?^,"it!!,t'.:''.l"'": T"?'.s°M. e c"i ";^;M';r "Operation 

"-' t r,;.|.l'4'r>- Ins b«<. plutJ llong <h« ■■'. ' '.'. ./nin"" * SSIllI 

I work run as high a 

is a n , clJ i Dart Speaks to 

^Harlan* FutllTC TeadierS at T^Wm/o^To* from" 

ithc wi^'i Commission Service amM dammy hand i ay s 

cih» gin-, ^""3 "V^^rf ■; t Music Dept. Aids 

'!',i T>tll tiU,iw!: tom ' Union Session 



mpelent authorit 
The annual Spring 

,a r d 

-"rthj* We Must Do Our Best Now 

■«".*'. ^ni Wait, le[ us stop just a momeni. Have you taken an invenco 

"^ h.™ of your life just recently? Thai is essential in any prosperous buj 
ainly life is not exempt. Have we done our very best 

ain" by i 

i's "Military Sym- ,, u p .. nL fc fj | l0 . or j lnjtl;f , ., uI Hj ,„ ktV'^, ^ c\l',\',\ !th=™ all our work? Our studies? Have we been f 

d<Tr^nd' Tin n,Jn " ,n lllJrFe o( P uM '"<>- ■"" , ^rV - , ~ . w/ .., pletely so—in all we have done or said? Have we always taken 

:'"' "'■' ' V.,, ',■; I,:: ... I ink. Mill: Willi ..thers inti.tonsidcration? It's a fine practice, you know. Have we 

;; ;; i!^!j n u3"u t u" YOU!' Tlllllkin<» beer kind - true ' and th ° u g htful to our friends and classmates? 

prospective youth leaders gathered winners 'will be stk. u'd by luditim. Most important of all (and incidentally, i-f we can answer this 

Sk M V* '* WC of U Gene I nove,t > '■emi-.-ljssital, iU-.mi.jI. and j; " ' .',..." " " ' ' " .iniserc-J the s.inn w.iv.) is this tjutstion Have we given of our 

i ' .'nlcVcn'. i Vliitr "h W ' Hun'iLi I'dJrtn. | nic* to be awarded in each ^ What is the most common sur- best to OUC Master — He who gave all for us? 

M.V iu-rcir, of iIk Lake Union; c *!? \ . . . ■ mj , namt in iIil- United Suus? No, there is no going back; we can't live our life over again; 

Elder J. C. Miklos. Michigan M.V. hu "£. en "Commended* Ts^t^'u ] wllllt P l - l V ln ^ ls violin, does a [hgre is n0 eraser D) , which we can obliterate our words and deeds' 

secretary: .and Elder V. C Hoffman, ^^ Co]kj , ( . Jt | egat{ . lo lllL , Pjns ^^* j "^ his" left V* '" '* " S ' once they have entered the realm of the past. But there is a future 

Yb^Oimm clronit'u!%UC Feb- VouuYs Congress, which is to convene ™ Qf [h ' e following five words, four ahead of us in which we can, we must go on. When we look back 

r„ary 15. '" J uly - ait alike m .. t ,rtam w ..> Whiih over our lives, will we be able to say, "I have done my best— I have 

Wayne Alky, chairman of the The Colfegi.w, WWC, f : ebruary 8. word is n.ilik, the oilit-r> Singu- done well," and know that we speak the truth? We are writing the 

Honor Code Committee at Stanford The Wdb Walla ' ..II. .;■<- ..Iiapu-r u^ly, odd. e.,iur, ^.entrn. ^ past by each word and deed of the present; it is ours to choose what 

iii M ',' ' ' ,' ' M n d ( ' ^Vrhw™," Vcond™o/o n a 1951 Academy Senior Officers 

Cogs in the Wheel of Life 

ziaby? Eighteen 

red Darter. 
r»or of the I 
.. horn April 

lourjhti ot lift) dollar*, biing 

MidJc, phase sit down by that olhw girl." PierSOll DeSCribeS 

, ,■;., hut .. planning u, I-...-. and s.npmj. His hobb) 
..anon a. .oil. .;e I'oi and h.s rni peeve* are moody 

l T ' h ' n f.'" New Mission Work race for 

Holland, Gardner 

Speak in Seminar 

usually aisumtd valley 01 pi, 

WCt " nrp'Led th 

M.V. Walking Mike fl^™ 1 ^ 
Quizzes Guests the ILJ^lfpdu. ' 

sxplai'ncd'by hisXb-' 

.Koll, Jr., better known . 

sun. endaiw,,,.^ 
ols and missions 
waVlu, ' SCn^Ne!':!,, '.t'^llnt'lead'erof Aleollol IllSlitllte 

' "",/<",'; 

5T?' : i'' , ^ ,,,,, ;' ,, '-' , ' |,, ' , r f : " , ' :i '"- / "' 1 ^i-'t:,; '.;; To Be Held in juiy tr^: t^r;,:\:::\rz :tuTti™t^l™£*to\ 

"'n",'-' rV'l'lk.V''./'''' "'it ","' '"'" ''"'"■' !hl1 , " ,|k <" Seventh- of Alcoholism will Ik conducted at ->< his ambition. ' ,jj cs this |,c l.a-. Ixrn ( .ra^r bwi 

OS the body. Man, w^... !|a, IZ^,'"''-'. ,'' ,.!''/ ^"d who!" ,<;"'t'' ' !'"!ir"lm '" ^""iH K" w" a" Tlie will portra the elfut- [""!"' Sabbalh tchool ^"wSw*? 

to ncsxnsa mm 


k-^L. (..i.lliajcdali.-, Tennessee. March 30, 1951 

| Higgins Directs Colporteur Institute; College Senior. Bi- Annual Gills' Open House 

^rl^r"T\!^lt!™* 5SS™»£ Coming Sunday Night 

SMC, March 10 through H. Elder all student t ol r ..irtt...-. ...l l"',,. ,„J ^VTX^d'T'Vont' of "the Dl\ Cable Lt'ft UIVS The bi-annual Girls Open House. 

V A Higejos. publrslm.Li secretary those planning to canvass in 195 I At l.hrjr w.r,, ul k rh j-s I A r k 4 . • c- One ol the two formal CHeas.un, 

of the Southern Union, directed the- that time, also. Ha,u,xk. i,,h,,-„, ,.| the mm.ten ,.■ . .■■ * '" Atomic Kllt'r»Y "' 'he )t«, will be held Sunday eve- 

course. president of the Colporteur Club, was ,. unl h,.,l. them D( Luther Gable instructor in "'"$ A f" 1 *' we0f<)in S ,0 ■*"> P " k - 

Two-hour sessions were held each S' vcn *'"■ ' " '' '>'. '" , '-• l "'" 1 olh n K i,,,,, , ,,[,(. toot step, cost U. Amcr„.,n T u le....'.m L.L^tJ".^' I.''' j'"- s ' Jtnt of lhe Oaww.-ikita Club, 

evening, Sunday through Tuesday. At ""■ Kehous \\ il,l,„ . .ukrm t ,u LLn SI 00 and Si 15. a.,u( to (u «d on 'How Science Can Save W m ,,,!<,. *w« 'u,V~ i^k"',, 

these sessions Elder H.ccm- lectured Bfl pj '^ ' '' Jm "' L ™>- * l ' nn - l->ed Sanb.irn. cl«S treasum The in- Amcrul On Saturda ) -, .- M.t.i. Miudc JonesHill wd be open to 

and, with the aid of local conference "^J" 1 * lnd Jlm,lc JaCobl ™" '"iption "Class of '51" appears on , , in the ( ollegcdilc Auditorium I^'S'inenuxri"'! KeficS* "nd 

T lose' w'ith 'i. '■■'■■ LiMlliaril HflllUIINlmtt'N Whittling \rl: .me_ The first a st-rcinr. theme wh.rh ,j.i noi K r t 

, .... . . . ., . ... where- you Dlsplnys Electronic Theremin 

)ougla S Bennett. Adolph 

Dean of Women 
Accepts Mission Call 

3 J° t P an Jl abundant'''s OJ rrr of l»gatheH ng Kit? Id 
caTbduSiis a^d Ur o"le deund" 1 "" ^ 3 > OperatlOIlS Set 

GREETINGS TO OUR COLLEGE DAY GUESTS Dow Crm dean ot wonu... ,,,,„' s, Uiri , ( / ,,; nill ", M ,, d( , 7 . ,-,| Students from grades one to sirtcer. «*J the faculty and staff Ingathering iield day. Aprd J. when 

on She 1 H b ^ ,' '"' flt ' 1 mus '" 1 i,cmi aro an,ioui, >' ImW "* for ~" d ( ° *° uf d, "" ,l OP <"•' " m P ul cn A P"' *' * lwl ' 0f ""-' ""' ""»««* *•• 

.t the training school /or naf.e tcaj", J1' l-nard in. rod.,. e.l ^J™*™» ^t^L^Ll p^pVnng "^/"V^""^":!^ V™ SuJi'Jc rt ^h^of^i'" 

,t SMC since I'M; audiem.e, Helen Wittschicbc, to exp 

I Summer Session 

niltlimer SeSSlOll .. demonstration on his trumpet, p'ace boHor if you ate traced for the -otl. ^ |( rh „ ntd ,„ th( . cvcni0B l0 , cM 

Opens on June 25 by p,iyin * ' '" l0 ™ simult ~ i, > m J^ WQ '^^TL U n^, ttUT^TTL^VZy^ Z\Z^\\T inb<: U,lin 

hmVVr," r",'""^!..^ 11 '^ S StOre Expands, Iw^d bu" sKVhV dSTlH ».« l' 0f r w rl l £ 'haye l 'b , O n increaiBd very < j 


'!'.','' .'i'V'^T''!" 'liuM.mN.! 1, , T >.T departmentalizes m * "whom Missionary c 

I ll -; tin: J( . ( . (u x..i»a ( eii stl 1 1'c cnlk-ge Store is a re- J" ^J°'^J* "yVjj , 

^E:H£^" 3 J:lE;::!£.;!:Hi™:''':. J ^; — 

" ^£S^sr ;::£=£:L!tl;:::!: r-;;;;:„, -„:;;;;,, :;:.r ;;:;,;: 

| Sthooi'Vulletin^whr' 

csouu.. Six Win Snapshot 
';. Contest Prizes 

A|..,l I C..K ( ),.■... H....S 

shortly after pant 
apply is soon for 




/I T>eu& of Sftice 

A visitor entered a building .u Cullegcdale. seeking in his 
heart an opportunity to worship God. To be sure the building 
seemed a bit odd to be a place of worship, but then it was possible 
to see that sincere efforts wen being made to impnue the interior. 
so the visitor took his place among the other worshipers and 
prepared to enjov the service. 

But alas! His hour of worship was ill-fated. There « 
general mumbling and whispering and even talking while one 
the church officers was making announcements; the visitor's or 
consolation was that, as far as he could gather, none of the i 
nouncements were made for him, a transient. 

Hopes revived as the choir enteted the loft and the ministi 
knelt for prayer. The organ music restored to the visitor's he: 

sims, the girls of Maude Jones Hall 
££ 75 ihTrelSL' offered b- 

Down South 

The fell J « S1FS JO ' NER 

txplam .,1*0 that help pay for 

rybody in the and Mil/ord SpruilJ . 



did his best to concentrate, hut the scuffling <.f chairs, the wailing 
of unattended babies, and the family reunion in the seats beside 
him distracted his attention until he even forgot the speakers 
name. Four of the people in front of him were chewing gur 

rapidly it was a question which wouh 

The climax came as one of the ministers on the platform 

began asking the Lord's benediction on the congrega 

first, the gun, 

the query, "Oh my, do we havi 
only one who lost a blessing in 

!nV L |l.U L r', lo 

ena? Betty 

*ho finally discovered the w* 

II is with sincere sympathy (hut Ire- Braat could bc-con... unci one Sit 


£ »ltMdy planned to u 
{Rich J[( j y a.esncy) | 

"Apalachee" (Arnold ( 

rfeUvitty 'Ptodcccet Sttenft6 

Lctivky produces strength. The athlete exercises to gai 
ance, the soldier drills to achieve precision, and the scholai 
i develop alertness. The Christian becomes strong 
when he shares his faith. 

This was strikingly manifest in two recent M.V. projects. 
The first occurred when a held day was launched to sign local 
and rural residents for the 2t)th Century Bible course. This 
crusade included four carloads of juniors. Reports showed nearly 
250 signatures excluding those who kept the cards in their homes 
and possibly enrolled later. 

The same Sabbath M. V. oflkets organized a literature distribu- 
tion project. In less than half an hour during the regular M.V. meet- 
ing, attending members prepared over 2,001) "gospel dynamite 

Many compliments to the M. V. society for actively sharing 

Draff News 
ichee" ( 
put " £ l as 

71 \,tnZZlu,L st.rred u P ™ u '|j £V«ht, on^U! 
' ' rough! into or) . Ray a „ fci Paul 'j/^,1 

ta w«^IIsfrf^fif r r i |t,)L ; 

Surve) Shows DoMhy^T^llZ ' TI"m\ '"!' i.'"on F nl !"»"«? .nil" 1 ' 

they were proudly exhi 

Hobby Interests 

morn, ne 

long. Our 

warm enough. ^ """ elected recently' W* 

lad to welcome Ann Ash- parliamentarian and i 

topped by to visit her P"[« of the Forum. 

ence can be far from monolono, 
nl listed as his hobb 
does. We have r, 
anine friends on oui 

CLUB flrlLIS In Fac,,lty c i cles 

^"dogl^^'iave^otked "Gospel Bombs" TresT' 

^i^l^^t^PeZ Assembled in M.V. w ^\to^7 $T bZI 

he abo owns that null ius k.-n |„ , , .,. d, \|-.- ,,< V'.hnc'. ■., b>- rl,r,e n.h h. n,-U- 

lakm.U me. the ,, ai ., March 17. 'en Was in attendance. 

personalities. Clarification was ru* a J '%,h "'!;',' :r . ,'"'' "^'^ '^"^j StCCIl Atleilds 

Ite Wr"«^te he" XlVcd'hke'a ^Ll^i i^T'Z r T Chicago Conferen. - rema.rjed with their ,,„,, |nmvvn ou| of ^ u . iniJows tht . Jlv(s , r , n ,,, t( | lriJlp0 

bodies and were talk.l up,,, hy tl,, ,,,.,), , lrl , [: . ,, ,,„ .,,,.,,.., ..,.,, , .,„,,,,.,. ,.. , ,,,.,. .,, . . ., 

hobby, si u. ..trend Saturday niehl pto- , 11)|]:l ,,,, :| ,. _ : / ; | "V; ../.', 

Atlanta Educator lion 
Speaks in Chapel mitdy 

ranch of t 

Ht d= D Denomination 
■ E,a " Places Graduates 

i ..,!..], In n..u. I 

one « cn^dJ. T,n,,.I.;. y;j,..\, .t,,,,!. i,„„r.i1,h with the average of 

ins W Lr,n"'lh" r o , ,L.o, 1 ''in J 'tiu, ",' BccknCr CalU ^"ntrhe^^'r^Ton/oVlhe 

product, ™hjs,raliy ""ob.rsr'menJll!' Foi" Self-SaClif ice ronf^encT ih!" Si ^ni?d« 

\S moH? b , 'l| j | | n | | , ' | IM | n iJ |' ' L ' 

Tl,' e.l *j^ of education := ,0 wald^'as' we^appro.d- .1'"^-.: I, ]' T V ^% ' f.'';, "l^.'in'' ■"" 

preserve and sircngilien llu r hi.„,l ,„,,,,, ' tions ' in M lh , S ,, tvS „,]| ,,f ...d 

and spiritual .nher.tan.e ot t| IL human Self.y.ailKe is ihe kc T of Christ's meeting. 

of time (1946-1950). 


Offices Provides 30 Secretaries Work; Students Conduct SENICE SKETCHES, I » U - >l 

Total 3,500 Hours of Labor Monthly Evangelistic Effort 


on otteozmpuses ACCENT ON THE ACADEMY 

? :: Vl'I»Fi ."!! V-fS'ifCu r!i iiF5 ==»m Welcome to Visiting Seniors 

• "••"■• » ' • /I, the. cm o.s ol Coll!,.- dale- »ud,, Hat .,„,,,, ||, |„... 

knar. Other officers elected AT , .s a i ,..,, Bo,0 " Bu1 h"? t ^":. n OB C ^" E Ho°^ when College Day comet. Maybe we feel this way because this mean, or<= 

;;;:',',-,- ■■■■' ■ ■■■ ■ ■- "" ' ■' " h " ' ■■ ' 

Mt...J.-t M.J.. I. ..-I"" >•■■■•• "» ""'" "•"'•'■ On this day -e l.ol forward to seeing oe. old (..ends m.l.o, .... .,..., ... 

;;;;; V m.,i"' \Cu,\'.''^'"'SSa ^c' "sSf Vm„ K'J'irZ Tinkering With 

SSL™' I "n M.T,!.„ , r rop^Sob' p." decT YoUf Thinking 

seniors and sophomore 
dncalion profile test 

nary. Approximately pbc 

i Jcdy. 

Sketches of 19S1 Academy Seniors \ 

Ch.tles Allan Morg.o. nicknamed J-ran Use town of Holly, Mich,,,,. 

BoSt'".'^^!...^' 1 ;.'; ''' k S.nnL^V; iL'isooa'^S 
t.,',.'l,c,dal, A,V.k.n, J™ AcaJuu, „, Dens,,. , J. 

[>,,,„,», olfi.e, h, held while •' jnd Boeder junior Academy ,n Boul- 

polij ', , ,','."";"i!'. '.'■ .',, '.''.'■"" ' "■"■■' ll.-'r"n,'.kn',n„' 


,(q pas,, ■.,, ! |,»|j,eu;) uodeo.s. v : 

Alumni Petersons «-dj 

Enjoy Work at !i^^Vr"d»'.ri«&V&V: „ , . . , , S°p'»"'~ 

, '. J . j f .„, ,l„ ,,l,„.„ I., 1 W l :"... Prtei-Mill XpilOinted Ca,l McClella. 

Auburn Academy i.res„ien, .„ tut, d, tdwm » „..,,' r r , ,,„ 

-atland and Betty Peterson class ' „ jp, %^' T "cIb" Le3 of Rat,, ° Manager "B^k ■'•S ton !!,'.- 

Englisll depart,..,..,, also took pari Sherman theology n.a|e,r p,„.„ Vj! |,. y Kentucky 
his presentation 

nglon. with kJ,',!, ^'lau' nVf "io' of p.|-, or r.esiden. of th, |en,o. elan, I,.,, h, nose attends Collegedale Acad, 
n and theory, was at tLc organ, Offi- W . !r |„l k. :1a auJ,i,i ...o. P.ev.oeisly he attended High 

,and and ccrs f the 
students president Wol.e. u 

recently. c )^ pastor. 

nage, for the Undent 

local broadcast, ne no.,,. H ,s ambition is to be a printer and his home tnwn. 

dcasting service is super- f.i.nx. II.. hobbie, ..... hassb..! v ,.„l „ ,i,c,d,„g beiieei, 

,, student commute. ... basketball, f.iolhall. in. I ,w,„„,,.„,c ^™%'°' ^'"'" hM 

Wmmj :i'<*mmek 

,1, e.,.1, Nh.u 

by. Wednesday. 
;. news, hwlth 1= 

ind of prudent of the "Grip. 
'.M. lee!' His pet peeve is snobl 





, being broad, 



he like. Hctsj 

Fourth Period 

Gloria He 
Quiet little Gloria 

"tSt'ltt ■■ '■"'] 


Brown. Julie 

Hi^'on. 'bU^ 
M.Kissic. Robbie 

Tennessee, June 19_ 

Lookout Junior Hie,h 
nooga S. ,D. A. Junto- 

Her hobby is coll 

dislike. As for her ami 


| wXce. Bclry jo 

Barbara Henry, derr 

■r''l'...':l-:' ' "' 


S;!i tzzz 

Some of the offices 
the academy art sc 

,h. ha. held » 

J" ' 

jun.or class, prayer b. 
and ^ting. If there 


1 Moccasin Bend. This i. c 

X M 

i's" anything '»" 

around Chattanooga and 

tone V^aeury^ ^ 


Nearly 400 Seniors Visit Campus 

iDasmvakita Club Holds Open House; 
I ni. ri. mi- Willi Musical Program 

M^W hT 11^™'^ Bl^^,r H H'L'hr GoqqC. , V"r'w , oUoc n DU 'o° n 'd' '" " U l " lptl ,Kr " >J "" lr " 1j> - °' '" "'° " r K jn ' 7eJ u0,k - «'«ted °" scholarship, leadership. .,,.1 

— salesmen (.0... enter,..,; h.-.n..s .o dls Ingathering Day (CmHhw*,! a,, A. ,„/„,,.„ 1) 

\rbor Day and Clean-up Day Staged S,,,l^i.X.J",'Til"?r,i,i:, .Nets $1,000 Edwards to Speak 

I By College Classes, Plant 3,000 Shrubs V^"iT m r","t'"Xo" *""' ' '"» ■'"«"'«"»* '»« On Home Missions 

»,VT;tlk A :'"i",K''Sk ~ ~~ °' ! °"" ' ' : '"' ;:f ' : ' -' *"""'- »."',.;„,.* eu„,ee J ,„ J( .a,„.,.., «... 

I ! tt™'on h |itor'" "' "" '""' " Sonologist Colllillg V.H^'l. .,'.'.',',', *,,',',, ',' '"""',' Zl\..,i. .'." C.-Hin" 1 .,' A.'".",'^ A™! '","!; ,','", „'';."''^; 0n ^" J »«' k > l '"l' l*« 

I 1 1. .j...[o,i:.. uj, si-om^.lj b) :i„ Saturday Evening .. ..'T. u. ..'. i.'.".' .'i -i, 1 ..-.'.." !■'. .,'..'" "!r',r..i .o:.,| 11 """ ' s ,llrou s h .*' 

: ;';::,".' 

:■•'.. '. ,,,' ','•'. 

: ',r, ":.:.':: v 

S Amateur Hoi 


1 1 .. J..1 - 1 

■■ '•■ 

' "™f.' M 

..,„. Coming Ypri 


, .;.. ,-.,. 

' "I' 1 ".-! 1 

. 'H« >"" ">»""> «'J 

20 1 kind T"* A '''"'"' 
D»f plan to bojutif/X. c l mpu C j 




CM'."' Apnl" 



,.., Ap,.l !, 
j O.nesl Ed 

■'.r'.i, 'i- 

.to 1 

Su ,', l ;„ c " , ::l < 


2— ' 

— 1 



/t VenA. o£ Sfiiee 

Down South 

''My Spouse" 

KIT ',^'r''»n * :■■"■ V?n "■': "■'"'-■ 'l'j I i''---- ■'«•■'■. ''"■ ■'■ -■• -I''' "lK M«r».l < :;J 

I W. tlm. '.! V'"> '■"»■ ' ' Pli" TV drop of l« tea into n« during il- . . l«i"J 

, ...... I ; ... k .. ,,;,„... ::,: .i,.Srd ,1.1V (Ik otli. r.. Ji.-.i, 

_"H"^:5 Truths Explained ™„ h ?, om ™„'„i„ 
B "° l o,ooVd, In Seminar rhr'iiu! '*' ' ' 

,:.l„ ,1 

scd day. the 6th, to discuss four a 
™ ^tution" muV'li.H b^'n 'L!t 


,i'. v. " ,a 

he some, is it wis orderly and fun 
e a properly, li mi^t h..» Ixvn 

„■« to'^U-m^an^avJie's doing 

J- D- 

With tigto Hm «/» mrf 

ted by saying. "The only 

tam n t>n>« ■'ibpi.'.-r,' 'why' How U'l.u 

«■'««'"" ''.nns'l-n.iJ! .'>ui,bi: Apt" IK 
Hup... C.e., | .. J „„ l, hl nKjiinvU'it ll.. -u.fd I 

"dS5i"v?o? of baptism necessan for '■ jl1111 

W..I, -Ik -4..l.:i ...I..I-..'. -I..K- hi; 


Three Divisions of Mercantile Prosper; Honor Roll 
Garage Operated Entirely by Students Third Quarter 

SENIOR StfEfCHES, I ► H - ,t 


„ls Jme. Si, 
Sous JuoTSk, 


Cogs fa the Wheel of Life 


- SMC Students Sin 

nods from nine ro.i|.« hwlih fnod »wi ■,...! hi.t.ui on tin lollowinr; ,U t - tinned <m:i all the l. v l.t hulhs ..nd tlui, ,,,„.„. K ^^lufinj; ivy for the trel ¥ r- • i~-\ 

>jnuf,.lutCtS Itsidi". n.ul m.,Ctl I'hi j i! tl.ti l.:i Ikf^.nji, |-Luiv:e«J ... ih. r :. n -,r Lvi-rylh.nt ,.„ , liJ( ..„,,, n„ I. ■ ||c l..un,-, c J On 111 l-IMf < -ll< 

incouj ai cs »ie hindlcd. -">d Ann Glenn have jdded to the. worked jII light. — 

M, ( C N. Smith. June MrGlawn. nwi, ., tim ;.,.: muni), his he. n w ,.....;.■ ..,i, ,,„.l 

V^foiVwmpnsr.l.r'.lKe' (n-j- 'u.^ ..I thi : ...-..^e.u ., J ... pli b.v t.. uC ht some p.. 

|,ointly, *"*"* C " monkeys. 3 giraffe, tut. in.) lw,. kit- mu kdJu Dn.e lul^d ..lo^ 'j.^, M(mlln Jnd Evcfclt Hrskine Chorus in Hut city. Mr. Joseph H» 

|\ « n. Blinds 

about wmc of t 
After Cli 

r, it 1 TI || hem- oi sh.iiil v he to Mel. n I, .■, ii'.l lul-l , „. N , plf|s f of ,|, c ompus bro-id- for the rendition, 

I'OI* HaCKllian Mall „,,\1„,:.,MM^k, s ,[«nl !n .:f 1 - thun *l,.t «.,„!.!!. ,,;.<.. to >1 .... ,i ^^ ^'^ ijl|td WSMC The Those u ho ruitiopiied *e«e Miry 

" n -t n n"vlk y Tcrin«s«; ^ 

I won, 

i« if Ha,- CUtk ji 

,d Eueene 

Media V 

'n|,0!t "lad* J homOiOUS 

know that ,t will 

£•"») t*"* 

1. K...:, 





local i,n 

lird floo 

Colonel E M C 

,,.k. Command 

!w Z 


,.*t re J "io 

bough, a , 
K„l,i,np :h' 

X boirrJnd .he snake 
,i(hl in AI ! .!ji.*J"£ 


on the SMC 


[„„u f l,l in on the 
,„ b,ou S ht > real , 


helped 10 

prepare fnr Girls' Open 

.id eerlitcales. 

',',; z;l'h~»" 




SK^^*« - 

Spring Can Be Year-long Event 

If you are like I am, you are wondering if spring will ever 
ne to stay cliis year. It's here, hut it is partly hidden just as the 
id in this world is partly hidden by the misunderstanding of 
ll-meaning men. If we could only sense the feeling of those 
:t each day, it would lie enlightening at least. We, no doubt, 

Tink-^rinff With w " uld f"^"-- mstejd of condemn the act> ihar do not seem right. 

1 llllVfl 111^ « And ku ^ we woul(] bg [hankful ins[ead Q f merely g[a(] fof deeds 

YOU!" Thinking; chat make us happy. 

There are two sides co every story, they say, but no one says 

Marchie Edcmon which side each has to rake. It's ours to make a "spring" in appre- 

1. When the Latin-American siys c i a[ j on f or all the good we see or a "winter" from all the bad thac 

: ' .'"'. ihure in i g hi be If e.ieh i- juM ,i little more considerate, a liul,.. 
j \.\ In. h ktier I-, not 5C,un C in 1 it ^^ ^.^ ^ a jj^ more [handful, j r ' s sure to be spring. ow 

Academy Senior Sketches 

%&£;*"■•*" EFj r — 'r, — lsS- 

I Is "hJ et«r i .olonnu suh.Unc, of [Si --" i ^W_ _ -_» f\SiH-' ■ ,f , 

On Otfier Campuses 

r'-'*' ZZZZ,Z'ZZ. ZZZ1 („'„ I J " """"'' """"" » ■ '</ 1 fi> i J,, ;i( - 

M l.,M . « ' ANSWERS TO TINKEBItIS , ^ I I Wj' '& \ 

Lcorninjlm, Boston, Melrosc.and Tann- Jf ew Smokestack* 

h„ -|.,r. tnii.. n>4 i'.lirn on K-inu .u 

Io.Jh .VpVJ'U o? those huge, lurd 

Douglas Buctner 

' ! """' A "'"" " ''H'mLHu 

I J,,™!, diool'indTuninn Academy 


■n,., .«». .,.pi..,ii '"'■ »•""'"» "; f 1 ' '";"» '•- 

» •«';"»'« o» h«uih. Bin,. ^^;"v;^l)!;'; "X^iu'J 

|„"™m J «.,:',' ',' ..'. ■' ■ i""'"'"!"'."! "onil'y murine *« ff'"' d»"™»' 

haired Kitty Marilyn C 
All through the yc 

writing and music. 
Unooga, Marilyn ittc 

aldson Air " 

SOUTHIERKIHfW"' ,r '" , ncr«iF 



Southern Missionary College, 

umm Association Elects Students Advised to Finish 

| Matula to Be New President c t_ l -o r w « . 

ocnool oeiore Army Service 

Killer Kdnarils Mollis Workshop 

■ WUrilS Mollis nOrliillll|l _, . , ~h.<h wpra! to br lhc beginning of 

In Home Missionary Activities ->hryock Interviews ■ »•■« ^ -....> |i..>n^«,«n*o.i 

|i'v7»o C p,"'n E ''" " E " »° a°ii Pre-med Students „„"„""'£ ,™" a SralTon.'fBn' 

ling » ™pa°Sd/md!o bloiC'i'i !irj,',""l'l'.'o!k!h"|'''" '."ii'mm'J: "dt "" '" W """" B . ">'• H ''°' d , Ji; * J ~ n "' "" '" lk "' "° J "" ! "'"' ™ P'° fi <™! 'n 

lsS;.-il h " n 'Siilwo^aS ™ ""soSK.'r '» fr;! "."tt 1 ' :> Ar "" T ' hb '"' "'"" Ji "'"" "'" '"'"'*■ ■ 'X" ""•<•'« "zt„"z ''.« r n.*°r B d"°,ioT '° 

^"1™,™*^',™"^™ ;"i,";r\,"j:' i ' " ,',""', '. l ,"" , ,'. ,l '„,'. 1 A1 '"-"' ""'P' 01 * 

|Two-Year Graduates |5™ rd ,° f „ c n h j;:' 1 , i ::. ;,';; k :;;;;, I 1 ;,';' !;„'" ,J " °" n k '" 1 '7™:'™'" ','.".' ^.^ Mountain Life 

|Elect Pons Prexy *X,"";, ±1 J™, T™» .'r „»„££„^' ^„"i"3tan 1'™^^"' 

ii3°Soi,."ciS, h,„, . 

night. Aptii 


Down South 


Male Chorus Gives SfSIIOI? StttrCHfS, 19JC-A1 

Nashville Concerts 

9 SS 

hree Colporteurs £)^ ^ fa ^ffggf tf Iffy K£»-» 

111 h»sa\ (Umtl-st * Carol Ja* W o«n 

''"> nenoflheeolporlcn, Spring lu< , prang; Sj.uraiy nighl lUm Hendry. '"< 6" 

y eontest were announced in cha- The gr.esi has rie Johnny H.u.-.v ....I ,..,1. iruly. ., '•>. 

April III. by Mr O S. Phie. Mr I wonder where |- il.enrs. * u . u , rr.-. e, 1-iU, 

lie rhyme lhal Billy S,..,l. Zs^Z^lJ.jXT, . ',„ ' J," „ " „.," 

'■■ '■■ " . ■■ .1 ... ... ... . 

lough for 
dips are beginning 



Let Your Light Shine 

Campus Buys Mower j«" H^ t™™ ^jr",^'^ : t"Z tlZ,:! S "" 

' USt and w/muTleTp"^^ lights bright. The best way to brighten our light, 

Academy Senior Sketches 

by ".11. « torn 

Here Are the Instructional 

Divisions at S. M. C. 

i„ s IT lion.ll,-. ,nd in! 

, ; , ii n.lionall,; 1. 

ic-nds and playing ll 
* P**™- i0 to spa*. 

Practical Training S^JSiTU" ff^ 5ShTan7w C w 4i 
Important to 

.,::;: ;;:r L 

:; hobbies arc 

T >fl-.U, 

galized beer i 

V \UY\-. I.t.ulc 


|S" S 

. .- — 


Li ;:;.:: :.::.3NARY wueeid 


Southern Missiuiury Cullci;c. Ct.llL-ycdak-, TcnnciSti:, May 11, 1951 

I ?/ec//0.w fl/iwe Publication Heads; Music Students Celebrate Music Week; 
\SA Officers and Senators Voted Male Chorus to Climax Activities 

an d Hu S i, ZiJ] aiu J Pierce 
utpubi i ii i \ccept Calls 

s Harris wiii To Mission Service 

hades Pierce and Forrest Zi 

Jr^ ,b.»^» ™»»,tu.; "™:±: c ::s ™ d i!:ri, Ed r.i 

Escalator, Basement Added to Store; 

Do„<l» ''" IJvmn Sullen. 
t>.,ti,l.,.r..W,l,s, shell.-, Al 

T™ ziii. Twin invr No Vo.i- Escalator, Basement Mined to store; b , „„ MJo ,-,„„„ ,„ omm „„„. 

mh»TdL a 1 ;*. »m'i« d.°"o..d Openiil" l.auiielied After Kemodelillg 

■ihc lobby of Lynn * 

1'!IXV''1V.."i.'<i''jT'i- ...*'." ?'„.'•.'', r'otir Wiii Awards J 

p-'i'-f f In Club-Sponsored ; 

■""Jft-uk ™ Talent Program 

Three-Fourths of Senior Class Placed 

i-,„i- Ul. Mj.i Ol Ihe 

|M. V. Shows fa,„i P ,i„ 

l.iolporleur Slides ^tion.^Thc 

,« of colored slides. "Colpor P a " cl ° f " 

hot. raphed h M: V3 '-.'y ° f ' 

"ft dcpicls. step by step, the «?** '^ 

interne, Georgia - Cmbi 

.olporteur Lloyd Pleasant., eelpor 

h''7£'o7 h .°ir'°'""" P "" d " C *™"" 

.1 . «id. ' Ernest Andersen, dairy processing "*£" 

J Collar plant. SMC* Ke(lfie( 

r«o.d of SMC . -^ " % l 

set. negro D ,„ Bennett, in- , ,,„ 

t.m, G.o-9 Cenl... . 

Shepherd. Pewee Va 

m Tol/ora.idenre-T'su,;. 
,.. To.linglon. industrial^ 

.. .. OH :. 

Haillinill alld Pllll' ' T . L, Broelett. aeooontent. Ne» Ingfojicl S.m.n.rj. ^^ 

Atteild Convention E "w,"b d „, 5 V.'a l *.'.°Toloorteu. interne. SDA Tnoologieal Seminar, 



/4 V<M& a£ SfUce 

Down South 

James Joiner 

Jems who will make something of themselves are 

the ones who take advantaged all opportunities provided. They are J 

chose who accept responsibilities and fulfill them; those who con- w])cre 
tribute in college activities; those who take an active pan in church p„ K (, 
and seminar functions, those who take advantage of every minute A f 
of time and use it in a profitable manner whether winking, study ■ •>*• 
ing, or enjoying some wholesome social pursuit. Incidentally, some j- . 
students act as though they think that the social aspect isn't w £ R 
profitable to them. They don't realize that without social tela- ,„ 
tionships their development will probably be unl 
may be developing a personality which will he hard for others tt 

Skill in any field comes by practise and experience. Thus 

y ; partii ipaces in the various fields, whether it he speak 

ing^ smging. writing, teaching, or in evetyday duties well done 

Then it would seem quite sensible fur the student who 
to get some place to accept the imitations be may receive. 
may be to teach a Sabbath school class, to participate in 
petance program, to accept responsibility in the student 
tion, or perhaps even to write an article for the Accent. So a.< 
the invitation to contribute in worthy activities and make the 
of your school lifi 

I by Miss Wood); 
Itnte' by Debussy; 
No. 2" by Debussy. „ _ 

Coiiple Relate "plis'ident K. \ \\ h dl r I I I I ',,,,' " WcTnallf found TbTmL 

r . Avon Park and Honda iamLimmis by Bach. hieh-a.iun.v puge il.i, P Uc, An- .H,^, m.JmeX but the- Other >.,■ 

( OllVtrSlOll over the month end. Pierce played Schumann's 'Sym- der*..n m the running >.i a year-long didn't show up ""«" <he next da, 

Mr and Mrs L B Curtis of At- „ , , r, ! ,hon " tluJt ^hussy s Li l-ilk- ei.nU-st, tnst prize- k.i whmh ,s Slim NLuir|a . Abbolt 3nd Nod G 

Imli Union Academy related their StOIieblimer to Be aux C.luvee,:, .k l.m. < JTJ" ^ V'-'imil ■'" ">ward a new Nash l00 k five premming students in "t 

!i ""i"' ■ . \T^Zn ini 'srer^Ap'rii New Dean of Women m.u'J ■„ .' ,,,! p ,..'!*,, "The i'-lurlL '' 'iV'T \LtS* 

' Z L r le L miroVedV For lwo yc-ars dean of girls a. Fores, ™ «'- h*v u ,,w' t bcr H, ,n, ff Y OllVe Married ^-d on ,1, grounds of a hospi 

, \ I by^mann. C W P ET ™, LL £e ,hB mS3ne ' a " d h3d a mi ' ' 

" Mr Id MrTcurtis were- in Army " " th 1* ' """'" ' Duong the ,c ,,, n,,„- ,, Be,,y Bridges, who lives in , 

in 5 WAC in kc when they we,, a,- vU Mo.ubnrne, is , graduate j^' K H.'" iw'h . "md TrnWle unlkl t^nT In. V,!^!,T, the -TT'nr ^'VtS, l^tl'll 

viceme^who were "^ M.e^l soJia^.Muehelor ^^J"^ Both Zill and Pierce plan to enter Ohio. Hope you get back in time for Mcdanlb beejme [)k- hero of tlic he 

Missionary College. '!"-' teachln fi profession upon gradua- first period .\.<--, Mond.iy. Hi, 1. ' h l!lllihm<L . trough ihe window to 

rupled by World War II Alter her . °| ^.m -^' "i' 1 ''' M "!"i' '''~ '('" I '",, '^ 6 °"" ^ ^"^ ^^^^ 

mle.nslup "ith Ih, H.ummllv she re f.Onipri'hlMISIVt-S '" '" '■" "V jl '""-- -';"■■' h \> " >"<-d oil 

""Td ! ° th"w' h- T'l^ "urn Fifty-'x college seniors were pre,- ' lr j ^t^ Z 'm \ l!Z the dish OakwOod SillgeiS HI 

::;;■;; Vl^ ;pr ; ; ,;, ll -,;: , -. 1 .-: , ; 1 -. , ■ . o«n«.«-ah i:ff«»n 

re a do n ;to^ B H"!: Shepherd Speaks 
s " r f-.! r " In Final Seminar 


TIk, ^ 


,i v.i ' 

wi»""" is » 

:!::, ;:, 

,= e hd 

u. ™=tt. 



■ ,'d!.! 

Lrp R n"w 


; ; ,: ' ; 'a 

:,. ;; 





Employees of Service Department Keep Concert Band Plavs SCMICC S-KEIXHES l^SO-ll 
| College Buildings Clean and in Order At Highland Acad. 

■ service department, directs Ifl by one or these thru men B. 
to eO students in th.s work. strong or Edemon The scree 

I .-... .,..1. -;■ m Mr EJp.w I In banc. 1 h, wrp r . ? ., I' .,ni. ,„ ,' ',','.' '^...".■,'i"'"' uV.l ,'v;",7'.nd.,,.uon photography and any out door 

p „„,, b i,i„ Ladies' Club Holds o^.ThI;''™ 6 .,,? .3 „"£ 
I!rZdo'.",i« '™,;:.„5 , ;'''«.'v Baking Contest 

and dust the class 

renin- and Sabb. 

,,"1''*',,".".,,, . "('".V." 'I".'>.«',- "'.'.."-'-'.li ,."."!. .,,'■' *"" <>l Conductor 

„„. I.,. ,11,..- ' y'. '"',;, ','!■' •','X : 'T' •,*":•! Speaks in Cliapel 

.swell 'The ba,hhousc and the' ,'h.h' ,",.i i".'C„"'i"i.' ,,',','"""!>,„ Representing the Chattanooga Sym Bom in Lima Per» and attending '">'■> C„ K I.,„I In, . m.l li.lg... 

ho„e. „ ca.ed lo, in T.a.le, „.,. ,, „,. a ,,.,. ,., sj.„ v ,„ k „ phony. |os.pb llaecthorn, „la.,J ., ,,„ , , „„.„ ,„;,,„ ,.., , ,,,.„',|.„| «' ked ,1 I. ..,„ „ ,,„..l I 

K„ I I, |.,l.„ -hfert. and ," enest ol Belt. Ci.l.. -,,,,..1,1, ••> t„„ .„ ,1. .'. „ lo, n„ „, „, ,1.. S„„| »,„ ,|, S ,n >l„„, P„,, ans.erwas, No. hot look,,,, a, 

No 7 by Dale Mart.n aid of M.lls. In, v.h.,1, -a. symphony ,n a tccent chapel cxctcisc. and San Jose Slate Cllege, C d, lorn,... h °P ,n S 

,cn insets need 'o be sp'.s,.! .......n...' h, Mr Vc I /.,.!,, Mi lla-il:,,..,. .. the conductor ol before eomlne lo SMC. Alee Zegarr. ,-,-,. . .. 

_ week winners* -,,:l It,... t .-. ,k. ', -.-> „,i , .„..l„„o, o, tin la ,l!as S,m as a medical missionary " ' Sennsrs ol SMC fere enrerta.ned 

ous pos.lions of 

I Preschool Receives m ™ |hc llkcblli0( . ,„„,„, hll j^ °'„n',„"„, l " fn'."^.^^.? °""" k """• '*""'* ""'* '"' M ' ' * r,v!:: *" "" """cma., school 

I llie preschool, operated In a pa.t i Mis Ada S.lse... second seas Although suppressed by olhct tondi. fT°" C ° l !? pe \ ^smess manager of Jh c combmed groups of two year 

lolthe.ampusbu.lJmf b, Mis bib. a.a.d.,1 lo Mrs,, Hun, A.rc... ,„ „ „, ,„a„„n f * "° d .,,,,. .olpo, and f..., -.mors have outgrown 

lb, ,1 

III. in. It. nil (lasses I alliolie mid linn iisl 

Power As I'.i. .ill. I in Several Itespecls 

;l:;' ,:;•;■;;; 

". ,1.1. 




t by Mr, Paul 

o.."h.l"lo: pa.', 



, ; !, : "': 

l.'."h'.lu'.'.' J .,a's 

,n, : ,..|.l... I ,|„u 

-. Mi Mansard ».-li .J.i.f .h ..ur.h.p. Mi HI..:.....-..., „, ul .,m. uU. end mi, op ■„„.), 
iuj.-h the Kremlin hai * jup« observed adding Citholmsm ,ntcr Special ■.•ut-ji* »t-r,- I'.ulor .in J Mrs 

to be democratic, control only over education, don 

i.nled by the hish- relations, «nsorshi r . and morjls 

"'»« .onu'It both thrV.c'"in TdiTale of loUlit! 

claimed infallible mntrol over the liiuiun mind, 

ire o-A-neJ by the Catholics in America arc. in el 


° n ot tLfr puses ACCENT ON THE ACADEMY 

u H<] -°)£^ Effort Brings Reward at Last 

LSC during fhc week end of April 21. 
The seniors provided music, speeches, 
and various orhcr items for five dif 

■'"■;;'...' i,, r : , -;:- : '.,J:r"-;-." ■:'.'■ ■■■""■ w <h, i-.c-^.i^:- ■■( <Ik -..i.iu.u,.^ ,i.,.. ,. t -^ , iri II ,,., 

1 as the stu- r«t™. " b Ch f the mosc impo«ant events of our school life. Wc hav 

ion specifics. 10 ^^., rh^i^LfS.™ been looking forward to this occasion and have worked hard t< 

?p°"° f _i-' r ' cba,,p ' ^ cud '"" make it possible. At rimes \\t have felt .is chough we couldn' 

make the grade, but a little encouragement from a teacher or fel 

Academy Senior Sketches 

. by name and »oi by 5 
u!on%enCk V .° n Now : 


all into our work- By doing t 

r known to reached the end of one phase of our preparation for service, 
Petersburg, In the nest four or five weeks most of us will be leaving 

hplace and Collegedalc. Some will go home to work, others will go into rhe 

'"" M :dl ■■ canvassing field, and others will stav here— all working [,,v, ir ,j 

uirici. Stewarts ambition ,s to be 1933, ami .I,..,.,; h i-,-- years ^ ^ (|ia[ q( cntl . r : ng SMc: 1JCX[ fall. As we take up our 

„s:e. I ■*.,il,...,tl : ,. m.uh. Kl,. I... ...a,^,,,,,,e a place to: herself .n suminer dutjes> wc shou | d let others know of the faith which, as 

mbb,-" is^inghg 11 and his pet While at Collegedale. where she has Seventh-day Adventists, is our Rentage. Our class aim, "Heaven 

CMC. April 18. One could easily 
.mors hast bee.. talents arc ■ and 

Patrolman "Arrests" 

Senior Class 

Thursday afternoon, at 2:45 chawl 

Cogs in the Wheel of life 

Carol Jean Wmidoen 

i the bought some and brought it to he. Qua 

been Mmme'i praises, eser ask 

- thLm on the platform ww 
Nervous ljuelilcr vsas h,,,. 

then tv-threc ^ ■ 

on L%\niow'~Ji' In','; 

fhl bne' "ihs hrad\>pcratoi'has "0 ., h!t !,i ,„,'-■. ,'hr -,,\\ I, .: Purest Collcgedale. has' held old,.' ., prJ- His hobby i- r ho<oe.. T bv. and Ik is "^ S T° rS „ Itft th f. pla ^' 
„ Jin „ u smJuH- lot business toil,, , l„ m„ jib, m.1,,1, .1 s hl „„) .!<.„, of h.s ,„moi class, president of adept .it r r.. r .ir.r..- ,m.I ..,.„.. .Ilimj Mi,- "'.xth,,!; p.pL.'dl ,'m 

Tinkering With 
Your Thinking 

, a fortnight? 

Catherine Brown 

o pouxl V > and mustc.^ndliopes someday"* lie*? Carlicnc Wiscm; 

lia n uod S ;t to read 01 sing her w.,, into'nurse's Rosenurv Witt 



N-urJicrn\ Gilk-Lju, C'iiIIl^l-JjIi:, Tfnin.-M.-v, Mji 2\ ] ■ s S j 

\8oard Approves Sanitarium; Weniger Speaks at Commencement 

Wilt Meet College Needs R s 61 Seniors Receive Degrees 

k fhc!i IC !hT'(oV l ee' e bo l a .d ( re- New "Memories" 
|!h"ir™io7' P 7/nw,,5'"ls* Dedicated lc> 

'■ for on*, i. »,< . ,c.u»l, ,n WitlscllicllC 

" r„''„ Ji,' , '„ 

Academy G raduate s (»4 Seniors m"'h« on the Hi mrnond w l™. 

I New Senators cn°,"i h e' wifiStS.-"'™"*' ™ 0ver Week End ' N'iS n, » 1 ? al «' Is Speaker Ten to Be Invested 

Introduced Male Chorus Sings; ^^S^^L'S^ Social Schedule '" ™ , d ^' l ^^Ij „ 

|ln Monday Chapel Presents Sacred and '£"■; ! Tentati%el> Drawn ""*• ol£'«7hc iL'o^vot 

...oduud "a.'.d "m!'i .Ik.! '.n'l SeClllar Selections ■■' "" |-.t^.ir (lit d. r loni- 

.dd their class n-fhi 

Idphun the 

scn.oi ptescnkd h.s 
" class prophecy and 


School I'icnic Meld 
At State Park 

c<"ji soTts'*'™ o" P > ",,"d'°Ti,,tc t Toft '""'■' - , '- 'l«"' """' 

Li'' : ro"tm'T't,.] nl ''™i' jlid'™.'.' Senior President 

t::\^\:£..,5}t'::,:^ <;ivis v.sper Taiu 

cjllh. Bdl St.icklsnd 

J«« '5. - ?P"'»K 

Jont !i~6pcmn £ of 



mixed emotions on the part of the 

goes to press. The incumbent staff hands over its 

ew administrator. There have been the full share 

iappointmems, successes, and achievements. We staff 

nsider « 
n the paper, f 

_..e object of this paper is 
for journalism and an outlet fo 
effort on the part of ( 

education. If, by the words we 

have published of young people actively engaged in reaching ; 
higher standard, we have inspired anyone toward the same goal 
then we will coi 

Do You Remember:' 

Two kinds of memories should be carried away by the 
student next week. The current issue of the Son-ben, Memoes 
has been designed to recall the events, activities, and personal.! 
of the past year. The o 


events of ih:_ . 
,te workshop, special p 
have been given a pla 
have been depicted— " 
■ganizations, dubs, associations. Personalities through port 
students J ml teachers h.ivu been given kirgi sections. A sp 'intiori has been included to depict students du 

I, ,s jo.ssihle to picture these elements of students life 
V are concrete and physical objects. They have a definite pi 
V of the student at SMC. 

Dry, however, that is pergonal, a mem 
nerely with words and pictures. It is 
memory of Christ as you have found Him here. The part 
has had in the life of the student this year is by far the 
important memory of the school term. The meagre of H 
influence in the mind and heart must be left to the individu 
If this memory is good, .1 fueling of accomplishment is in t 
If the memory could be better, this fact should be taken 
consideration in planning the conduct of self and status of 
in the days and yea 



Cogs in the Wheel of Life \LJ2 n 

Oil Painting Makes SENIOR SKETCHES, 195C-51 

g Class 

|!lTj,«\f" r b««ic™,K™"„Vl Almnnn- Begin,. 

,„, Work on Doctorate m> """ V m'.ii'l,". .. ..V. ■»,■:. 

!,;'.' „mb|','i i°i'°i"'"ll" r u",.',p.m° »re oY'u.Va' »" t,'!ji°'»" np ^"™l' Jj!'" !t ."||,'""j*|,™~ "i'^T'™! '" ^' i "' 1 '''''' C-I1tI«*S» M:','...i.'i"u, ,.' in"" «->tai«I. 

n demons 

ighl u!,,l I 


■ '"T""™^ 

"I -■>■ .' 



A Thankful Thought for AH 

This is the lasi issue of rim- Acadcnn section of the Southern 
ACCENT for this school year. Most of trie academy staff will g rac j. 
uate, and though we may be back to Collegedale next year, we will 
have said good-by lo the academy. 

Now speaking for this staff, I'm sure, we wish success to next 
year's staff as they continue to represent the academy in our school 
paper. Personally, I want to express my thanks to all those who 
have' worked on the academy section this year— not only to my 
reporters but to the whole academy, both teachers and students. 
Many have worked faithfully and have done more than their share. 
Their efforts have been appreciated. ow 

Academy Senior Sketches 

Rulh Chrirtensen June Neely 

class aVdTnfof tTrwo ^ledicWrians June- Neely^vemeen-jU-old ]ml 
is Ruth Louise Christens Although ,omes io us from Wildwood. Georgia, 

tending Forest Lake 

,.l, and r 

life, and fur 

:,.y. Ten. 


b^ttm* gon, .o hfrt lu»b: «« Collegedale Academy. ^"VJeVsTh^L^at *"*" 5_ c . r J. ^ ^^ lnd *" tC ° Uh ' C 

iVl'. u„ u |J y, u itll; what victories ^"^^^bbath SchrxjUnYj. 


Geyle Din 

Ellsworth Mc-Kee 

ful day, and during her school life 

One of out lone-horns how i 
Santa Maria. Texas. Noumh - ■', 
W.. is cur mil-liked D.i.M.e I , '„ 
He has been roaming around Collet: 
dale for sometime and claims it 

est lak< A,.trfem,. ( ollew'.lj'li \ ■ 
emy and a nombct of grade k!:» .1 
and he has a dislike for sitting on il 

clMTand V f C ' P h eSident ° f eIfih ' h - S "' 
■he Academy FoTum " rr '"' < " nt ' 

and linotype operation and may foil: 

for f torn his birthptec 

, far a. Cuba, where] 

Juniors Entertain ?bwincJ '* '" ^ £^' f of sn00 P in s in a ' 

SeUlOlS ;lt Picnic James Wostarfield — h " M ' ;Vo""alk : nj;j M^on"" H^h Shanghai, 

The annual college (unior and J^uVdV ' \ u, '^TtJ VTu"' T " ,k <^illg With School but has spent Ims la., .^ ^^f^ ^ ^ ^ 'j^ ' Jjl 

May , '", r "al"l| J 'rr^.n Bay stale park! * '-■■■ ' "■ '- ■■' J- "■■■■"- Mississippi. \oill* Tilillkillg 

"Otie" for that is what 

t liking what kep ; ? nW ' Q ^ 5 ?' hT cbims Sl3' aJfe Peggy Burt. 
5. What term do Ando-Sas,:-^ i„, m , i,,w„ Ik .mended McDonald Peggy Burton, who g 

imith apply to 'he nurdiiNg step used by u , .„| t idloo | | H .| 0ri mming tr. College- 17 and %. says she was 

.,11. ..t„u,,s J "* h,U! il'J'gh: -md ""' knees are ll0 ,K | ,,,,., ,\,, Lr „ il;l , h- I 

she dishkM nU ;, h ^,' |ul Ralph is *ell hi,.. I -:.l ,s e,|„ :,!!-. High School and Highland Acjdeiny. | 

I,.,,' .lu'^n " ,!: ; "' u > '■' '- J' n ' h.k.s j. : .| .in... i>.in ■■'. h.. f.u-i. :uk ( ollegcdale 

icdale: before- : l,K , k , '" thc , luw , 1 -' V f '''■ 

Woodshop Makes K',^ 1 '^' .„l u , ^.IlTf,,, 
Building Addition mikc of hecsdf in cfr,cie '" :ccreIi 

,,K, '.- M.'lha! 




Southern Missionary College, Col 

Record Making Five Hundred Wnson Becomes Record Two Hundred -Fortv 

(ollciic I'll -id. nl ' 

Students Expected for Fall Term Attend S. M. C. Summer Session 

„i„d., Ol theSVCek ,„!,«., ,, ,™a(pb„„,„ gbr 

More Apartments ww^ddTn^h!!^^ 

Ready By Fall \7\^ TipllfJ u 'Tni, 

Id ho ready for occupancy hclc n ^ca^puss^TTicre' ^tc ^^ a,e en rwo diretlion „, E ld« , Banks'. 5m ' "" 

flat, overhanging dents, aod ovc, sevcnry were veterans, 

i kitchen, a living Eighry-four freshman were in .itlcn- 

'" , S°\ , mbTlJ , .nd n l"All'.aur'n,nB lncludc-5 among the numerous dele- lo ' '" ' "" ""■ : " ' '.'"I'' ■"-■ ' ■■ d a closer equal in slaer to the bath ' n j lm Y=™ r> ' ""' ' h "' "" '?'' 

i"uden,s lib I I , j ' |, ' | „"d He,"ja„,Sa "' ^ They are beared by ele.lriciry, and 'wbile more than half of ihe stu- 

Dcan Rilt.nhouse staled that those S o„,b„„ Missionary College A second »'-'•-• " "' "'■ '»- Ro V Belltlc To Be 

w,e a, tiiecollece behes, ,hc,e ,, a cedc-m. Cool, „ G,h,o„. w.„ present '° ™"° P ,"m "„"""?, 'n'o ,'",„ LI »" »" J 

leiinitcdvanlaue in all .Indents be- M an observer. He sp.m sisreeo vers in that centre ( < .01111011 IHll'l' , ..'.,' '" 

ng present for rhe oricnrinon and The purpose ol ihe congress, ac- He was persooally acc,u.i,nled svith rhc 1 area Peru, and India. Mere tun 

Teachers Attend 
E. M. C. Conference 

1\{ S .,- 1*5- SYSt3111 | Hieldie',1 of ngres. : ':;;."'" r 'i.e"'-.:. ."."■ 'in '" ."'• "'"..n/n" ' "„['," laDn»3ri3JT5 

Melde tO Simplify ?°t'5°™C„"cL„'°es°°° eVOl °"' ' ' °^»f iSiDrS.MeSSd S'^il^""™"^ "j" 1 '™' 

Xccolllltill!! S.i-ll-lll '' ■"-■■■- j,' ',.":; .'/'.i',.".. "..'' .', 'i .'i.,'. ,!;'','. l 'i;.',| U ,',' 1 "-"", , ,,,,. ' ■■ ■■ ■ mST^itnJll of 

.. - ..... ...__, .nVSurlVrnEumnL.™,,',',,,:,"'^,.' "'"»»" and .n able cJue „,„. Hucrlion lo, _,he Jifletent, 

,■ Engl. 

1 lan,^ • - ■ .- I . | ■ dl^eon be announced la rb. ,,.,. » 


°' ;..,,, 

1 Seven Seniors Graduate at the 


Conclusion of Summer Session " 

o evang 

|. Six four-year and one two-year One student gtadoatcd from the m 

seniors graduated from Southern two-year coutse in olenivni.i.s 
, Missionary Cnllege, „. 1 l„„.,l,i „,l-I„ le.chers tr.unuig Slit Val.da stl 

vill simplify ac- sand meals daily. 

,?"!■ 'Tiii'.'io.e" Thirteen Students 
oi Deiiosiion, Attend Field School 

ciJ,:. -up yl.s H 
raduarion, diplom 

c Is/mo c Ire "|. r I V. -«e I,, and tnehJ 

Ins fa Ml ".«k ,, SMC ., "" V °" °< p "P h "»' 
Ihe lowest of ou, ei.ebr Scenil.-Ju, ,'XlZJl^nl'l 

idea originated sove' tears ago. and ' AS Birmingham and Mobile on bah 

relighted in Swtteerl.uid, ,sl,e - Wall, W.l.h ,1. ..,l..,.l delegjle hrth^A ugu St J.^ ^"gW" £<J£ 

| bli.rinm by Hie las : campus |ust bclnre n be- ,ng service and Prolcssuc Me.le Mum 

el a group of runners v.-bi, biuuelil II em- M aid ;-,-. e a^ ' i 1! n ,- a' -i ;- ,e n, ■i.e^.ncrncWn meebngs 

Opening eenvoealiore all now ! 

Sludeisrsi Seplersbe, 13, II. j 

"eden",- ScZnbl"' 13 It""'" ''n l,,.n- Semen, I 

he, H, It. ' I 


Summer School Roster 

l ",T v ".'.'.' 

M ildlel Erii^t le 






Burdelte, Ryan 
Kilgore, John 




Earnhardt, Gci 

Wright.' Russcl 


Acuff. Calvin 

Orison. Nobel 



James Joiner Collegedali. muirt lour, nm- , ■, 

Kwi'nicd.'T.d** c 'ho , Jc e to ta |Lw n a foTa chemistry" tel and «a» |u ° gomj '-hMiProfcMor Harold A. Miller ,- : . 

b.J.= .-.ic 10. O r ™ Home th.< good »h«n th, I,,:-. »u. ; .>ur. No "^ P roB ' am of va " cJ P ,Jn ' 

living^ ^domi'.lV ^"- «r wc and" finished' cnmm'pL ° llu-'nj,- ^rteT'the evenTgT enfertamm". 

k hi iLnhli^h:. 
of days in ill 
.lilford Spruill has done a good job July 'l2 was an eventful day ft 

:hutt. and K 
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On Other Campuses 

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V. B Higems, former principal of 

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Maude Jones Hall Lobby Renovated, 
Enlarged. Stoneburner Becomes Dean 


Maude Jone^H.,11 ,h,, ,omn,c ' ' "' „ a , ut , ,„ ,„,. :,,,„;„ ;„ 

N,l,„, M-non in southern RhodcaUU. 
Africa, first as principal of the train- 

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I oei Hall. 

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In 10U he was transferred lo lire 


To Every Cause—An Objective 

in every activity in lift there is an objective. This objective 
may be major or minor, according to che project. Students at 
Southern Missionary ( ollcgc have as their goal .1 preparation for 
service in the work of God. That is a general objective. A more 
specific definition of these objectives has been listed that affect 
every phase of the students life. 

It is usually good to review these objectives that are the 
goal of the enrolled student. The beginning of the school year 
is a proper time to do so. 

SPIRITUAL — To establish ai: unswerving personal allegiance to 
the prmupk- of ilie ( hristiaii faith; to develop ,1 distinctly Chris- 
tian philosophy of life as a basis for the solution of all personal 
and social problems; and to acquire a sense of personal responsi- 
bility to participate in the mission program of the church. 

Intellectual — To gain an acquaintance with the basic facts 
and principles of the major fields of knowledge necessary to in- 
dependent and treative thinking; to acquire an attitude of Open- 
minded consideration of controversial questions; to achieve a con- 
tinuing intellectual tunosity; and to acquire the art of effective 
expression fin spoken and written English and in the graphic 

<WeMng BdL 

Ethical — To acquire those ethical an 

d moral concepts which 

Al Blevms, Earl Salha 

y, and Milfor 

are approved by the enlightened conscienc 

an attitude of tolerance toward the rights 

and opinions of others; 

and to accept the social obligation of sen 

ng humanity and labor 

diligently for its welfare. 

Monroe Gardens in 

Atlir Hide 

SOCIAL — To develop an acquaintance 

villi the approved social 

dosta, Gcorg. 

practices of cultured men and women; an 

d to participate hcarttlv 

and comfortably in those recreational ac 

to the further development of a well-bala 

ced personality. 

Mi' ds M Cre m"' R 'n 


Aesthetic— To gain an acquaintance 

with the masterpieces of 

Linda JeaT Kelly were 

literature and the fine arts and an appre 

Paul J. McMillan. 

and the types of beauty represented by th 

m; and to learn both to 

Delphi.. Weir and Ruben Lopez Jenwn-WriqM Donald Jacob*, Bob Bowers, 

«--r, niyn.d in the CI altanooei M,, n a Jensen and Burloo Wright Gofir-jn* Kathy U«is was f 

'^ 'l\> Yi''h'-^°"*L r'" "h' ', rh ' W " h,n * ,on n 5a ? i - Shepherd-Leichwori 

' T f H hh Lund uist was matron b "'''= S'^fm sTaihc" P^.d.nt K. A ^Z^'^ ^^ 

Lo ^Tnd R^h^^lH'" ^ if^eVramTanTBe 71 " ^JT'' TobS^HheTol£\t 

Olav, Weir was best man Grooms- bridesmaids. Walter Wright was best ^ Jm _" Hickman 

men were Dan H.rt and Marvin Sal- man; Bob a^d Bill jenien. groomsmen. ' '' ™'\™ ?" u ' '" ! " 

id Kenneth Wright and David ™ Zl y J!n6i n T " 

t which is beautiful as well as that which 1 

intelligent iiiuler-t.oidnig of the pri 


tonal i 

; of our 

pics; and to learn to co-operate effectively in the continuing 
provement of society. 

Health — To gain an intelligent understanding of the prii 
pies which govern the functioning and proper care of the hun 
body; to establish habits and practices which fo 
physical vitality .mil health; to develop a genuine 
intelligent, man) sided, tcircational uses of lei- 
cooperation with others, in the improvement of 
being of all. 

Vocational— To 
dignity of useful labo 

the. understanding necessary to the intelligent choice of ; 
ilut 1- in I1..1 '\ with Kid1v1d11.1l abilities and aptitudes. Prepa- 
ration is provided at Si.mbetn Missionary College for the gospel 
ministry, for teaching in elementary and secondary schools, for 
prcnursing and pre-mcdiul warning; (or secretarial and busine 

B physical wcll- 

and for other telated v 

Dr. Steen Attends 
'!■!■•. ,il Psychology 

man. and Raymond Edg Donald Jac 


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