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Strongest Radio 

Southern Mis 


■y Collet 

Freshmen Arrive, 
Gird for Action, 
4-5 Days Earlier 

SMC freshmen _ arrived on 
campus for iiiducUon into col- 
Icce life approximately four 
dav5 earlier this fall than in 

Under last year's schedule, 
freshmen ivould have arrivec 
last Sunday— along with every- 
one else — to begin 
and registration procedures. 

This year, freshmen had been 

haps rive--days, and had oni 
pleled the largest part of Ui.- 
orientation and testing schedule. 

According to Academic Dean 

JohnW. Cassell, Jr., the primary 


Work on the studios ha; 



This su ..,. ,„, „ 

granted by the Federal Comm 

WSMC— soon to become the 
most powerful Sevenih-day Ad- 
yentisl facility in the world- 
is scheduled to begin broadcast- 
ing a week from tomorrow 
Sept. 23 from newly remodeled 

Changes Characterize 
1966-67 Student Handbook 

enabling the 

to 70,000 watts. 

Three Monthi 

According to Allen Steele, 

mager of WSMC, program- 

at that power should begin 

n three months. WSMC's 

:w location on the FM dial 

ill be — when broadcasting 

_r -Je on a limited 

schedule for approximately one 
month following the resumption 

Also included in the radio 

record and tape library and the 

whole area is fully carpeted and 
has been provided with central 

200.Foot Tower 
When operation has begun 

of the college on Wliiie Oal 
Continue d on page 3 

MV Society 
Plans for Events 
of Sept. 22-24 

mth the arrival of tlie complete 
student body. 

In addition to the more lei- 
surely pace and special atten- 

; campus life, has been distributed I 
_ ir in an edition which represents one of the largest re 
in the pamphlet's 15-year history. 

Differences between this edition, which features a bh 
white cover with the date "1966-1967," and the previous i 
the light-blue "1963 Revision," are more substantial thar 


. The extension 
ipus double-date p 
viously available mainly lo 
iors and seniors— to sopho- 
res, once a month, (p. 20) 

tion of the ol,: n 

students in the cafett 

seated "on the pi 

;r of the day chapel, S 

Adjacent lo the FM and pro- 

nent of "Western" motif. 

\Vorking iviiJi Hyde are Ron 
ienlzinger, leader of the iMV 
ociely chapter; and lilders 

Campus Changes: 
[ Talge and Jones 
I To Be Razed Soon 

for the Union. 

The face of the c 
already underg. 
change, is due for 

of the college, indicated prt 
and future changes: 
•The new administra. 
building, presently under c 

• Talge and Jones Halls— an- 
tient and battered SMC land- 
mark^are tentaUvely sched- 
yl«i to be torn down sometime 
"owing the completion of the 
■w women's dormitory under 

I "ans are for the new dorm 
I faU f'^'^^ *'"' °'^'="P^"'s in the 
I nmUM "^_^' y^^*"- Talgevvill 

Ef ''^"d. now on order, .%ill 
I "andle all campus calls from 

Futcher Analyzes Trends 
In SMC Applications 

. The expansion and ela 
on of the section deal 

Page 2 

6. The eliminaUon of the sec 
tion on "Open" and "Closed' 
Saturday nights; unde; 

specified Saluiday ni 

stabilization of the fine for un^ 
authorized changes in dormi- 
tory Nviring at §25.00; the dele. 


fic(ito/tia£% Speafcing 

Jlatviliook RevUion 



1 Coming Events - 

Poficy on Letters 

"Letters to the E-Ji- 

a • Sunset This Weekend— 4:57 and 4:55 

MV Weekend— Sept. 23-24 
Payment Dote with Discount— Sept. 20 

□r on 

or iwo 

huiches in 

ho Coll 





oly Ihifl 

HOD comp 


ovor a 




SOUTHfRftI yiccEAir 


-i."'-"'5'"':'„,,.„ - """"?■ 5 S"" 

x:j}:„i ■ „,,„, „ ,„, ,3-:s 

' ' , ^^'''- I-;-™'* 

'„::„:■• ;:iKr 

;--■ ■■ " '"^^i 


I New G. L Bill Will Help 
Returning U. S. Veterans 

Douglas Returns 
With Film Lyceum 
On 'Bonnie' Land 

BencriU for full-lime students 
ivlio liavc "served their lime" 
run up lo SI50 for a student and 
) dependents. A single full- 
_.. le sliidenl can receive SI 00 
I monthly, and a married, or one- 
dependent, student can plan on 

Benefits will also be available 
to those SMC students who — at 
ihe invitation of their draft 
boards — "see the world" im- 
medialely following graduation. 


and di 

college, states that 
id wattage, WSlVlC 

Wedgewood Trio Will be 
Active Despite New Duties 

Graduate education i 
by the new bill. So 

Plan Now 
To Attend 

Since reluming to ihe Slates 
they have performed, not only 
here on the SMC campus, but 
also at Orlando, Fia., Columbia 
Union College, Atlantic Union 
College, Highland Academy, 

and 10 V 

70,000 V 

ish," English" and Irish ballads. 
When asked if Uie trio pos- 
sibly had any plans for turning 

s first recording of s, 
plk music. 

arforming group, ll 

Steele Plans Radio Meet 




Im '' 




^— ^ 

1 »■- 

a three-way contest which in- 
cluded iriomeinber Siunmerour. 
And Hoyle was married this 

But the group's scheduled ap- 
pearances during tlie first part 
of this school year indicate tliat 
ihey are still the Wedgewood 
Trio — despite all. 

ige and characl 

ntation of Edmburgh as it 
laj mcluding t m-jiI of 
1 ELzabelli II lo a ScotUsh 
nt of bagpipe playing and 
med, shouting. Highland 

Reeses Return 
From Mid East 
Tour This Week 

SHC President Conard N. 
Bees and Mrs. Hoes returned 
this week from a vacation 
tour of Europe and the Mid- 

dent and Mrs. Rees through 
six Near East countries, all of 
Biblical and historical inter- 
est, and to Rome and London. 
Dr. Hees announced before 
leaving that he aiid his wife 
planned visits to several Sev- 
enlh-day Adventisl institu- 
tions including educational 

Leon Peek Wins 
$250 Scholarship 
Given by TSPA 

Marvin Leon Peck, junior ac- 
counung major at SMC, has 
been awarded a §250 scholarship 
by the Tennessee Society of 


Allen Steele, senior commu- 

be press secretary for llie affair 

■ucations major al the coUefie 
WSMC, has been named by the 

— is responsible for the IBS- 

speakers for the Southern re 

Southern regional convention. 

Georgia's Lieutenant Governor 

Peter Zack Geer and E. WiHiam 

Rates for" this convention come 

Henrj', former Federal Commu- 

Uonal College Conference Com. 

from the seven soutliemmosl 

nications Commission chair- 

Dr. Gordon Hyde and James 

nuoUy by the IBS Board ol Di- 

communications major at SMC, 

'«lors, plans ,nd oroanizes the 

will serrc as the convention 

Ul ol each year 

in communicaUons here, will 



College Works On Solution 
To Boiler Soot Problem 

o. he phenomenon. 
10 Charles Flem- 


cge business man- 
presently consitler- 
proccdures which 

ihe advent of cold 

ager Flemi 
step can 50C 
a ling this 

g hopes Iha 
n be taken i 


of the 

t boiler 


1 free." 
at ivh'en 


1 capac- 

ctlle on 

d other 





Flying Club Meets 25th, 
Offers 'Package Plan' 

MV Booth at County Fair 
Features SMC Activities 

this flan is SlOO, 

ciOv "sTa-iiased ' o" llf 

ibBi-'oI members in llie club, 

Titinued on page 2 

Missions Promotion 

Ingatliering Thrust 
October 11, 1966 

■:m} 3931100 Al!VHO!SSli^ H^BMlftOS 


Lyceum F=ealure 

Curtis Nagel 


October 15. 1966 

. XXII Soi;lh 

Hancock Spotlights 
SMC's MV Weekend 


Officers introduced 

^vcre Hon Bentzinger. leader; 
Rodney Hyde, associate leader; 

Press Conference 

Kicks Off Election 

Dorms Crowded 
Says Modgwick 

The "MV Weekend," set 

was highlieliled by ihe presence 
of Elder John A. Hancock, asso- 
ciate MV secretary of the Gen* 
eral Conference of Sevenlii-day 
AdvenUsts. Also in attendance 
were Elder E. S. Reile, MV sec- 
retary of the Southern Union; 
and the MV secretaries of ihe 
local conferences of the South- 
ern Union: W. C. Arnold, Ala- 
Mississippi; D. L. Aal- 

director; and Roy 
Doenm and Don Shaw, co-di- 
rectors of the Master Guide 
program. Faculty sponsors for 
the society are Elder Frank Hol- 
brook, assistant professor of re- 
ligion and Elder Rankin Wenl- 
land. Jr., associate pastor of the 
Collcgedale Seventh -day Adven- 

Newly Named Directory 
Given Out October 4 

night, tlie MV so- 
ty entertainment program 

Elaine Holt, photo editor, as- 
sisted by Kay Hartwell, \vill 
Keep the photography staff co- 
ordinated; Bob Hawkins, Alden 


Pal Horning, a journalism 
. '"jor, and Glenda Jonsen, sen- 
'"^ t-nglish major, have the re- 
•iponsibiliiy of literary work on 
'he yearbook. 

According lo Editor Shafer, 
tach associate editor will hove 
'^\o, five people working un- 
^_;her. Tins way no one per. 
«"" bas lo work loo hard. The 
^^ will have 256 pages, and 
J*e liopc to cover the school year 
jj'Jhe first of April, 195?. The 

^^"_ dedded,'7,S plan" are 

Enrollment Tops 
1100 for Semester 

Eleven - hundred tJiirty - two 
•iiiidenis have completed regis- 
I Southern Missionary 

Or. C. F. 1 
r of admissio 

Although these figures show 
only a slight increase over last 

linuous grxtwth of the college, 
according to Dr. Futcher. SMC 
has gained more than 100 per 
cent enrollment in the past six 

Larry Bogar, editor and Ed 

Eccos, formerly kno«Ti as the 
'oker, is a Latin word meaning 
"behold," but has a colloquial 
ranslalion of "There ihcy are — 

Alumnus Captain 
In US Air Force 

Captain Bai 

nior students of nurs 
s because of a breakt 

class of '60, daughter of Mr, and 
Mrs. James C. Beavers Sr., of 
59? Forsythe Ave., Calumet 
Cily, III,, has completed the 
orientation course for United 
Slates Air Force nurses at Shep. 
pard AFB, Texas. 

iration, is being assigned to 
MacDiil AFB, Fla. She \vill 

fidito/tiaiy Speafcing 

Spring Brings 
Romance; Summer 
Brings Marriage 

Southern Missionary College 
Public Opinion Poll 

ad lllUe M.iy Ma 
10 laks llie plunge 
se questions are n 


alion 01 SMC-- To 

e'd that 

e oft-repealed disp 


My question has 
this Why not go 

of the 

relevant U) the prime ac- 
and concern of the stu- 

ody-namely ifie 
e \viIl-'o-thc-wisp 


21% 79% 

90% 10% 

68% 32% 

70% 21% 

llonl-29%; good— W%; 

hod toad abo 

t SMC 

r its stu 

dents in the 

local newspaf 

s's- No one wou 

d dare argue 

PatI 11, go 
bo otodo whe 


SMC . 


oi Iho respond 

", ' we quii kidd 

■ . go ahead and 

laii il does w 
ds, I projwse 

Part Vn, Quo 


■nla aho 

SMC acco 


^^ College.) In 

^?^ em Mifih, wlij 
j^g erablo inslilu 

good ole Sou 
lion good 

and rogulotio 

A A' 

lugh? 27% 65% 7% 1% 

lies? 32% 56% 11% 1% 

growth? 41% 46% 8% 5% 

lat (hoy would recommend SMC lo pn 
Such a poU has value lor it give 

elves lo BOO oxacUy how they stand i 

SMC would CO ahead and n 


of Die faU and 

the nrst signs of spring 

afforded by ihe bestowal 

It was about this time thai tlic 
beloved former Dean of Men, 
Elder K. R, Davis, used lo issue 
the following sober observation 

about what the ladies of the 
WRH have been pondering all 

Of course, the observation 
usually goes unheeded and im- 
mediately follomng spring va- 
ution the ro[)orts of engagc- 
menU arc flying about campus 
with a persistence commensur- 
ate only with the gravity of ■ 
matrimoninl situation. T 
phenomenon proceeds i 
abashed until the end of I 

the summer's end \viUi the pub- 
lication of the lengthy 
nuptial list in the laie summer 
edition of the Southern Ac- 

Hyde and Lilley 
Will Represent 
SMC af Meet 

sion here, and Mrs. Liiah Lilley. | 
principal of ihe A. W. Spalding 
elementary school, mII be the 

Church Surprises 
Pastor With Trip I 

lasses give waj- to the o 

members of the Collcgedalc 
entli-dav Advcnlist Churcl 
which Elder Thurmon is p^ 
The Thurmons visited 
countries of the Middle 
Their itinerary look iher 
Cairo, Rome and London- 

Aecenf Inrerview 

Vollmer Plans For More 
Student SA Participation 

Maryland Awards Ph.D. 
To SMC's Cecil Rolfe 

he Economics of Public 1 

luale health ca 
lave England an 
:oeded in obtaini 
norc equitable 
K-alih resources 
ilso been able K 
liinrial burden 

providing ade- 

dissenation by Dr. Cecil J. \ 
. asiocinte professor of ( 

received the Ph.D. degree I 

ThrUni ve'rsitv''of Mfry' \ 

■d S^ve(len suc- 
ng a relatively 
distribution of 

) lower ihe fi- 

jf th il 

of school" for all teachers Jn ihe 


public school system of the 

I'onderful. How is 

Schoepfiin discussed proper 

lion revision com- 

technique of clarmel playing. 

Pnnifully yet as 

net section in band and the de- 

wssible. The j-evi- 

velopment of the clarinet choir 

finnl stages, ihe last 

A graduate of the University 

being made, and 

ralinciition by Ocl. 

B.Mus. and M.Mus. degrees in 

SA chapel in Oc- 

joined the SMC faculty in the 

Vhy is Ihe whole 

so long? 

iboul Ihis matter of 

ming a consiitu- 

as possible. We want something 

fulfill the students' 

for ever)- student. 

11 1 Ip pro -d f 

•1 B 1 S\ (,h 01 

.Not at all. What 

What do 

the 10:30 curfew he 

Vollmer: What does clu 
ivill body think of il? 
id bene- /4cccn/.- We see. Thank y 

ims. What 
the SA will 
icly of pro- 

Tri-Community FD 
Adds Truck, Hose 

The Tri-Conmninitj- Volun- Also ncquircd ' 

Icor Fire Deporlmcnt, localed of 2'/^ inch hose a 

on Apison Road between Oolle- 1'/^ inch hose, 

wah and Cotleeedale, roporls the The Tri-Commi 
purchase of addilional equip- 

Madison Initiates 
Associate Degree 
Nursing Program 

In January, 1965. Uic Ten- 

+»« Souikern Accent . 

Wow ^Jerib^^ |2aa<l6 rtt 

Fine Arts Series Presents 
Jean Ritchie, Folk Singer 

niglil, October 8. 

maJc K 

Hid Cumberl.nd Mounioiiis oi racti 
Kentucky and [rom a trip lo tlie Stole 
British Isles in 1952 wliidi she pean 

Witli a repertoire of perhaps 
1,000 songs and svith the aid of 
tile dulcimer, an instrument 
made by her husband, Jean 
Ritchie has entertained audi- 
ences not only in llie United 

Elder Duncan 
Leads Week 
I Of Prayer 

Faculty, Senate 
Vote 'Who's Who' 

lapel period, this yei 
:9:30 a.m., but for I 
;ginning at 9:05 on Monda' 
Wednesday, and Friday, due i 


Faculty Nominates Twelve 
For Wilson and Danforth 

Williams and Anderson 
Elected to Lead Seniors 

nl seniors: Vcldn Joan Blood- 
orlh, English; Rodney C, Dry- 
11, English; Randall Eugene 

Students Solicit 
$13,515 on Field 
Day, A New High 

his year by students and 

of SMC and " " 
emy, participal 
al Ingathering 

committee of English i 
inated three Greene, e 
of SMC for urer; an 

; Carol Neidigh, clas; 
ijor, secrelnry; James ficei 
lounling majoi 

Dr. C. F. W. Futclier, director 
presided al the 
in meeting, Of- 

pointed lo study the qu( 

tion of Who's Who had been 
publicly announced, and no 
minuies have been posted. The 
meeting of Monday night was 

according to President VoJlmer! 

Three Seniors 
Withdraw From 
"Who's Who" List 

Three seniors selected by the 
college and ilie Student Senate 
to appear in Who's Who Among 
" ■ 'n American Colleges 

irsilics have resigned 

iieli, elementary ei 

Daryl Anderson, 

The Danforlh i; 

Class sponsor i; 
Cassell, academic 
serves in that posii 

illot and n 

y was received. 

ingle -day drive. 
ind Ihirlyeighl 

ind another 450 

their "scholarly de\t 
by graduate study, anc 
give "serious thought 
reer in college leachmj 

I for the day from ther 
campus. There 

'honor' would help i 

nd editor of the Souti 

To Ingathering, j 


"Who-^ Who is a com- 


;''honor,"''he Mnlinurf^^"! 


It m good faith accept such 


■, also planning to study 

ine, staled his objection to 


( W/to and suggested an- 


idea for SMC. "I feel 

To Resign, page 5 

The Way It Is 

Why I Am at SMC 

By Juaoila Krouse 
I'm here at SMC to preserv 
health and save i 
•me I usually had eight o 

The boys looked like 

The Spoonful Strikes 

/7 Madleii P^Ofxo4<U 

I EVER lived this 

Under our new plcn 

lught, would be uahered (lo the lost manl) 
lOom— and there mode lo read each essay, 

n the general for^ we hcrve suggealed, this 
]uro would probably hare interesting con- 

of thai type, I ^vill 

splits. I read in the bes 

—that my flashlight m. 
I'm always alert in thi 

Lnd 1 KNOW that IF I 1 

; Mr. Love 

£ Sn/uUuM> . 


across which mighl bo usablo in the ACCENT. Nol all o 
(usually) in tho ACCENT is of that level. Bui we tirmly i 

Many people are interested in 
public opinion, and Qie South- 

ils columns which %vill report 

The subject ol on SMC-s; 

litUe blue 
s and white T-shirts. 

g: One, the little "chil- 
dren" had beards, and two. Miss 
Marsha didn't look the same— , 
because she was 
Suddenly another 

smell. This'had been activf 
by the odor of twenty-seven 
, washed T-shirts. Being hot 
I don't know if those twei 
seven imwashed T-shirts v 
really tliat strong, or whethi 

Anyway, I know how theB 
Jews (ell when they were in theB 
" I camps' gasi 

y for a V 

Likes to 


>ntly 1 

Lident body. 


tent ot Ihe s 


only 32,5 per cent of males 
polled stated lliat they person- 
ally would like to be chosen as 
the student missionary, while 
53 per cent of the females polled 

lilit- . .... 

did not "'feel that they could 
make an intelligent decision" 
with their present knowledge. 

Five point five per cent said 
that they did not care whether 

SMC .sponsored a 'stuacnt a»i-\ 


subject as weU as other isa^"' 

r-«p . :f&-»afy 

STATE OF THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION ADDRESS jyson, Albright Hold fiTSt in Flogball 

,.(..rm,,f. ,nt,^i,.(U 

d pouil. 

". "sAMnX'^wa 


^ Bicycle Poses 

' .'.'"y ii"""flltur 

Dating Problem 

Drop in and ex 

. II be hnppj 1 

His bicycle-buiit-for-lwo is a 

unique mode of transportalion 

on the SMC campus. So unique 

..^ >',11 ,,/, 

in fad that it might cause revi- 

work "SMC and You," 

Now, Tim is a peaceable fel- 

low, not inclined to cause trou- 

: ,' ''ti 

ble to anyone. But Student 

Accent pbolographer Paul 

Richardson poses the question, 

"It's great for a date, but what 

do you do with the extra girl?" 


Would you believe a three- 


l"^.= m M H .SM 7 7 i 



Hz::, i E ;i ■•" ' ' ' 

Steve Hall faces difficultv; see slory. 

■r«: " CT N IS JU 4 ^ 

IE"°"' EiHi'iii 

SMC Sets Deferment Test 


SCOHING; ^_ ^_^ p,E.p,„,i., 

Southern Mssionary College The SMC test will be presided 

\vill once again be a special test over by director of testing Dr 

r'onchcd Mny 

'^Mt CT H ~ a ^ 

center on November 18 for draft I. M. Ackcrman. Applications 

."fuu km m - * - -1 _ 

age students to take the Selec- must he postmarked no later 

'.""^. ■[,'',, '!','' 

MK I» J 1 , 

tive Service college quatincalion than midnight, October 21 

■■; ,;,: 

K«IVIHG="" "-''-- 

'^^'- 1966. Application forms are 
Eligibility to lake the test, available in Dr. Ackerman's of 

winch many local boards use as fice. 

Tiari. KM It- 1 

a standard for student defer- 

StricUud m 11 1 1 


tronts who voluntarily apply lo 
take the lest and who have not 

/, ,'',i''",',i'' 

L^Hlraoa /ffl 10 ! ! 

taken any previous Selective 




Service qualification test. 

»,,lm^ !!I 

NTlRCEmONS— Jawett. Fordull. [41 
Trmum. Stofontt™, Jehnwn (3) 

pared, graded and administered 


^ut /oIlEH 


for Selective Service by Educa- 
tional Testing Service, Prince- 

^I5^r'hJrf.itfc^EmmB I^hTt 

ton, New Jersey. The scores 



will be forwarded directly to the 
local boards. 

Wright and Holland Speak 
At Alumni Homecoming 

!lary of the Kentucky-Tei 

SMC Sponsors Luncheons 
For Chaffanooga Leaders 

ier'ies of lunch- 
civic leaders of 

cen held, mlh 25 (o 30 
itlendiiig each luncheon. The 
jurpose of ihe series of lunch- 

,t citizens with the work of 
thern Missionary College, 
wing them the progress on 
campus and telling 

/ork of the colleg 

Uie college, pointing out that the 
Southern Union G)nference of 
Seventh-day Adventisls, AUan- 
la, provides operating subsidies 
and funds for capital improve- 
ment. He also says that the col- 
lege has been a real boon to the 
Greater Chattanooga trade area 

tlie area by the college, its fac- 
ulty, staff and students. 

The series of luncheons will 
continue through the early au- 
tumn and will resume again in 
the spring, according to Flem- 
ing, One part of the meeting is 

Humorist Midgley Gives 
"Chucke/ogue" On Nov. 5 

lure pholog- 
1 Iho SMC 

i or college 

The Midgley "Chuckclogues" 
ere knowii from coast lo coast, 

narration have earned him the 
tiUc of "Mark Twain of the 

Elder i.L Minebin Guest 
At Union Religious Retreat 

on the programs, are Dr. C. N. 
Rees, president; Dr, J, W. Cas- 
sell, Jr., academic dean, Mr. 
Gordon Madpvick, dean of stu- 
dent affairs; and Elder Bruce 
Johnston, chairman of the Divi- 
sion of Roligion. 

Prominent men in the Chat- 
tanooga area have included of- 
Hcials of the Pioneer Bank, 
Hamilton National Bank, tlie 
American National Bank, the 
County Council, including 
County Judge Chester Frost, 
and Dave Eldridge, county 

Dr. Bee 

talk i 


Osteopath Group 
Will Grant $1500 
Awards to Frosh 

The Auxiliary to the Ameri- 
can Osteopathic Association wil 
award up to t\venty $1500 
scholarships to students entering 
osteopathic colleges as freshmen 
in the fall of 1967, according to 
Mrs. Robert N. Rawls, Jr., 
Granbury, Texas, AAOA schol- 

The scholarships \vill be 
awarded on the basis of scholas- 
tic standing, financial need, pro- 
fessional motivation and apti- 
tude, and moral character. Win- I 
ners must be citizens of the 
United States or Canada and 
must have been admitted lo oi 
of the five osteopathic colleges 

The 51500 \vill I 
reclly to the selectei 
two installments of §750 i 
for the freshman and sophor 

Receives 2nd 
From ACP 

The 1966 Southern Memories 

raung from the Associated Col- 
leciate Press (ACP) yearbook 
se^icc, according to Ed Shafer. 
tliis year's yearbook editor and 

Shafer said Uiat ihe rating 

journalistic quality, 

le photography of last 
's book rated from "very 
" to "excellent" through the 
ebook. The two aspects of 
innual that did not rate as 
were the layout and the 
ng. The layout lacked a 




For Alumni 
Draws Crowd 

and 5, lotalled 155, accordins lo 
J. Donald Crook, assistant di- 
rector of college relations. As 
predicted the attendance this 

Elder Kennetli A. Wright, 

■esident of SMC from 1 943-55, 


Elder Don'E, Holland, 'MvTec- 
retary of the Kentucky-Tennes- 
see Conference, addressed the 
congregation Sabbatli morning 
during the worship hour. 
The alumnus cominn the 




in general \va! 
the ACP report 

and t 


SA Plans for Student- 
Oriented Radio Station 

Alumni oricers for 1966-57 
were elected following the 
Aiumni supper Saturday night. 
Those elected were: president, 
" " ~ , D. D. S., class of 



. Tiie aim of the staff this 

Dr. Rees Reports 
On Additions 
To SMC Staff 

Ibers, ] 

^ Miss Marianne Evans, Mr! 
Hanson, Mrs. 
Pairicia Kirstein, Mrs. Gene- 
vieve McCormick, Dr. LaVeta 
M- Payne, Mr. Marvin L. 
Rabenson, Mr. R, Lynn Sauls, 
Mrs. Beverly Winsted and ^ " 

SMCs behavioral Science di 
partment, came to SMC froi. 
Ike University of Southern Gal- 
ilDmia in Los Angeles. Sh. 
\.M. degri 

By Bob DuPuy 

"I'm happy to say tonight 

that we have been given . . . the 

Association President Don VoU- 
mer in the first open Senate 
meeting of the school year, held 

nouncement, the Student Senal 

station to serve the functions of 
the Student Association, a serv- 
ice which WSMC-FM at its 

provide. A committee chosen to 
investigate WSA prepared a 
financial and legality report and 
a Code of Broadcasting for the 
operation of WSA. 

But WSA became entangled 
with various aspects of proce- 
dure, and although all presiden- 
tial candidates made WSA a 
prominent plank in their plat- 
forms, last year closed \vith no 
decision being made. Through 

at first he hmtted, said Vollmer, 

complete and experienced, and 
would probably consist of f. 

show, and special broadcasts ai 
peak listening hours. Plans alsf 
include the airing of Senate 

built around a core program of 

Floyd Greenleaf, das 

secretary-, Rulh Higgins, class of 

nomics at the Collegedaie Acad- 
emy; associate secretary, Inelda 
U class of 58, residing 
;edale where her hus- 
band, Ray Hefferiin, is head of 
Ihe physics department; treas- 

in Chattanooga; publicity secre- 
tary, Gladys Lawless, class of 

in Col 

Crete step in the long discussion 
over the reladonship of WSMC- 
FM lo the Student Association. 

sion of the Senate to transfer the 
authority of WSMC-FM froi 
the joint hands of the Studt 

cations Department of the coi 
authority of th 

Mr. James Hannum, director of 
WSMC-FM, and Allen Steele, 
general manager, a final deci- 


t necessary equipment for 

IS avadable through the 


sy of WSMC-FR'I, but a 


uiut for broadcasting m- 


ral sports and similar pro> 


is in the present plans. 


[her hours, WSA would 


vallable to a largernum- 


stu dents the program- 


of WSMC-FM by simo- 


tlie FM programming on 

Uie AM band. 

mil;- s 


SMC, and also t. 

tarial class in the Collegedaie 

IBS Selects 
Steele, Silver 
For Top Jobs 

Allen Steele, director of 
SMCs WSMC-FM, and Harry 
Silvers, news director and head 
announcer of the college station, 
have recently been elected to 
high positions in the Intercol- 
Broad casting System. 

Emory University in Atlanta, 

in charge of regions. Silvers 
was elected director for the IBS 

ce president of the IBS include 
iou of all regions. Sil- 
=n tails coordinating ac- 

e completed her B S 
^liremenis at Andrews Uni- 
'«^lyinl963. Since that 
'I'o Faculty, page 4 

Edifroriolly Speaking 

A 3Mi 

Coming Events 


19 _-No Faculty Talenl Program 


!9 —Birthday of James A, Garfield 


22-27— Thanksgiving Vacation 


27 —Completion of the Hoosac Tunnel 


1 -Mother Seton Day 


3 _SA - College Christmas Tree Lighting 


7 —Library Day in West Virginia 


15 -Final Payment Date, October Account 

College Days 


ed bom April 16-lB lo 





Uie bUUintHW AC 

i>[H!n meeting of the Student tr&fSxigE^Sf 
i>? A Inrge number of visitors ' ' ll'lffisl^ 
amVollmerf.nlledlhem^lfng | I fflnf''''fp 


,.l,li„C,i Ll„. b„. 



„il,..,e,„' The 

c re,„r 


secc, ot com- 


of 1 

e Who-s'who 
ncd Ihe decision 

lioduble decision, liie Senate dis- p3 „,. - _, . „ 
iUauUiorilyovenoilie Scholar. fs--llie||lf 


poet's Corner 

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and v 
Over many a picture in my /ofer spread before, 
To my eyes there came a photo of a girl worth taking note, i 
^Vhy did I not close the volume and my peaceful sleep reston 
Close the spritely little volume and my peaceful sleep reston 
Now I'll find ^es^ nevermore. 

Ah, distinctly, 

As each new try was rewarded with refu; 
Oh, the sad and mournful story of 

In my soul there grew a cravin', (not the kind f< 
For the sweet idyllic friendship that I'd known s. 
So that now to still the beating of my hean 
V I shall go entreating, to the girl 
Entreating to the fai 

Team Captains Choose Flagball All-Stars 

^ ^ © P 





In the mom 
Boldly forth 
My fair one 




vly devotion 
Turned me 



IRC Meets New Officers, 
Sees Slides of Europe 

the Fall Feslival included llie 
t 'nvo ofHccrs ot Ihc club, sponsors. Dr. 
make J. L. Clark and Mr. Floyd 

Greenlear, plus two club mem 
nfihc bers. Bobbi Suggs and Jerry 

"jmBDn Carol Chatterton 

'i, 1. '„','.','.' ,.l'.ll "' Th" mi Awarded Suhrie 

uiiiM ijt ilaj slides were taken »ioc C^LMlMwekin 

by nob Hawkins, sopbomore 5125 SChOlarSllip 

hv Dr. Ambrose L. Suhrie. i 
dem educational cansullarr 
SMC durina the late 40's 


— College Cafeteria 
— Campus Kitchen 

riM.m ..f SMCs Nurs 
,.m. Horn in Los An 
■ Kirslcin received hei 

M,A. degre 
Slate College 
compleled Ph.D. requin 

Before he joined ihe col- 
caching staff. Sauls was 
h leacher al ihe College- 
















"n Accent Interview 

Steen Speaks 

By Mike Foxwooth 
Coming up this Sunday. 

sources. The folloiving 
iew with Mens' Club pres- 
David Sleen, may an- 

AU Will Produce 
Greek Tragic 
Drama, 'Antigone' 

Educational Standards Commit- 
tee this year al Andrews Uni- 
versity will be the Greek play 

Accent: Why can't the re 
ceplion be held at the Challa- 

Mb. Steen: The rental 
charge for the ci' 


ich of our budget; 
■as decided to us( 

ol Ihe Campus Health Center, 
and minimum stage properties, 

each Sabbalh afler- 

:cent: You speak of a large 
group that will be attending. Do 
you have an approximate figure 

Mr. Steen: We figure that 
approximately 600-700 will al- 

SMC cafeteria 

been submitled to the cafeteria 
by the Mens' Club officers. The 
serving will be done by married 
Accent: What are the plans 

Mr. Steen: Entertainment 
will consist of a collegiate musi- 

"Nonhland." Also, a film ^%ill 
be shown in conjunction wlh 
the theme ot the reception. 

Accent: What is the theme 
of the reception? 

Mr. Steen: We are keeping 
this a secret, but time \vill tell. 

ments that you would like to 

Mn. Steen: Yes there is. I 
would like lo thank all those 
who have had a part in plan- 
ning this event. Their work has 
been diligent and efiicient. We 
wish to thank Deans Upchurch 
and Freeman for theu- coopera 
lion and help with solving many 
technicalities. 1 would also like 
to thank all the club officers for 
their planning and all club I 

activities have slowed up until J 
after the reception. 
Accent: Thank you. 


The Educational Standards 
committee is also in charge of 
the tutorial program for fresh- 
men, and the Honors Society, 
which will be oi^anizcd in the 

Jenkins Directs 
Campus Activities 
Of New Club 

The nexvly organized Be- 

rarding the advisability 
ning dass organizations 
gill of the new proposed 
tsiiluU'on, opened the 

President Vollmer next 
nounced the approved-of c 

) prepare for the open- 

■.1M..1IL U.'nn uf women Joining ihe SMC faculty on 

1 W^ilJa College, College 'he Orlando extension campus 

^ jsliiiiglon. is Mrs. Beverly Winsled, 1964 

■iVi'i.T M. Poi'nc, pro- SMC graduate. She is working 

Mrs. Theresa C. Wright, who 

n liugla,.a, and Adantic Union &,lumb.a Umon Collei 
"llcge before she came to SMC. komn Park, Maryland. 

"Tookie" Jenkins, president; 

Inry; Beth Mensing, assistant 
secretary; Mrs. Sharon Hoover, 
treasurer; Chuck Stannard, 
chaplain; and Kenny Renau, 

The group discussed future 
club plans ond activities, includ- 
ing possible visits to a mental 
hospital or the psychiatric ward 
of a hospital. The members 
also expressed a desire to learn 
of career possibilities in the be- 
hiivorial sciences field and sug- 
?sted ihat a guest speaker be 

the direction of SA Vice Presi- 
dent Rollin Mallernee. After 

about tlie proper parliamentary 
procedure, the matter was 
brought back to the floor for one 

Senator Mallernee reported 
on the painful process i 

sion work in Jordan 


Ihal a commi 

ce be formed ij 

decide on tbe 

proposal was defeat 

d, the con 

lems 'were 'be 
somewhat of 




vaded by an 


nality thai 

did pitifully little fo 


ing respect. 






e 3 

o o 







: club 

The sponsor for the club i 
Miss Alma Chambers, associat 
professor of psychology. 

hope lor an early compleQon 

The SA Project Committee, 
also headed up by Summerour, 
reported on the proposal lhat the 
transforming of llie cafeteria 
"Green Room" into a Student 
Center be the SA project for the 
year. Professor Rudolph / 

parliamentary haggling wa^ ■'n- 
other prominent feature, incluii- 
ing the rising to points of order 
over words used in discussuHii 
and the meeting ended in an 
atlempl by Senators Dittes and 

as^aro h^s individual ollicers and 
committees, for handling a" t-*- 
iremely heavy agenda with rela- 
tive efficiency. 


Band Plays Christmas 
Concert Saturday Night 

i College. Conagedale, ' 

SMC Hosts Conference 
Layman -Youth Congress 

By Ed Sh. ... 

The SMC Concerl Band ^vi]) 
present its annual Christmas 
concert this Saturday night, 
December 10, at 8 p.m., in the 
Physical Education Center. 

Under the direction of Wil- 
liam F. Young, the band ivill 

t fron' 


bile by Tchailcowsky, to Sleigh 
Ride by Leroy Anderson and 
El Capitan by John Philip 

and Puccini, according 

The dosing number 
Here Comes Santa Claus. Ac 
cording lo SMC tradition, Santi 
will make his appearance an( 
give all the "good little boy 
and girls" a special Christma 
treat, during this number. 

I be 

Cimiberland conference Lay- are other church leaders from academy a 

man Youth Congress this week- ihe Southern Union conference, der the direction of°Mr Ste-v 

end, Dec. 9-10— "the first to be Georgia-Cumberland conference J. Crook, 

held in several years," sta*-" ---■ ' 

Elder Roy B. Thurmon, pas 

ted and local church d 


t SMC. 
Elder Desmond D. Cum- 

o[ the CoUegedale church. held in the new physical educa- mings, president of the Georgia- 

Elder Neal Wilson, president tion building and will open Cumberland conference, will 
of tlie North American Division Friday evening >vilh Elder Han- have charge of the aflemoon 
speaker, _ program when Family Bible 


Gustav Holt's F; 
flat for Military Band 
James Schoepflin's per 
of Second Clarinet 
Polacca, by Weber. 

Page 2 

gia Cumberland Academy c 
January 14, 1967, and a lour 
Florida during Spring \ 

Civil War Theme Lends 
Atmosphere to Reception 


ftascon, Cockrell Present 
Papers at Physics Meet 

can education, according lo Dr. 

Dr. Hefferhn feels that this 

' ' '^MC to approach Uie lofty 
f Christian education. 

Dridng undergraduates 

WSMC-FM Tries 
For 80,000 Watts 
To Solve Problem 

WSMC-FM, granted a con- 
pemiil by the Federal 

-■"-"luLK irom a--M 10 12;3C 
"KM nnding a student labo 

'"naee, this became a mino 
jjmr Of the time change, 
^n Madgwick says: "It's 
™'e Mitveniem lor everyone." 

produced exactly the 
from the one 
iirely lor which ihey were intended. 
Finally, sign watching pro- 
ices just plain apathy. My 
ther thought he would never 
■ow up. I was told I never 
ould. Yet all these years, sign 
fulfilled, and refulfilled and re- 
fulfilled. These signs are 
icant when properly under- 
stood and used, but when they 
are added one on another, week 
if tor year . 

spiration of Ellen White, but 


we must also recognize that her 

interpretation of Matthew 24: 34 

simpie grnmin alien: 

("this generation shall not 

She answers this charge and ex- 


plains the mistake very clearly 

in the first volume of Selected 

Messages, page 67. 

"Can you dnve a 

Ellen While clearly imphes 


on page 632 of Desire of Ages 

Ibat those who saw the great 


signs involving the sun, moon. 

and stars— the last of which oc- 

curred Nov. 13. 1833— consti- 

sidchnB. there is a 

tute the generation that would 

thTl' Ihe "genl dt 

see Christ come. But that gen- 

abiJily in question 

eration, as n generation, is gone 

and thai interpretation of Matt, 

the following quci 

24:34 goes %vith it. 

The signs of Christ's coming 

"r" of que^un "if 

do have their purpose. However, 

when we participate in what 

we might call "sign-watching," 

are now being nske 

and on the basis of what we see 

your mother know 

proceed to say Christ is coming 

you^ slljoke a" 

soon, in a quantitative sense of 

time, we are actually militating 


fused) attitude which works t 

re Mem to be uii 

g we ought to be reading the book 

be preceded j^.v^nnollier^uc 

id we have with us, but we expect 

•^- them any mmule, so we don't 

ifnolby onyme 

„\ start reading. Five -fifteen 

ic comes, but we don't start read- 


"' ing because we figure that sure- 

smoke?" ii meflningful; il c 

«n through line. 

ly our ride wU be along any 

^d'"^\'Mia'^ ifTcxisi.'!! 


nt second. And so on and on until 
d we realize we've wasted an aw- 


ht^nfj"""""*"" " 

" ful lot of time because we 


e next time you a 

re thought wc knew when our ride 

question "Does your r"?<^''^^ 

d, was coming. 

We think we stand continu- 


ally on the brink of the end, yet 

(Continued to page 

t doivn and take c 

Buy Your 

lip5gpiUD0b ©rin 

— NOW — 

Before Christmas Rush 

at the 


Book & Bible House 

I Jones and Talge 
Elect Floor Men 
To Dorm Council 



mitory Council to provide 
ader basis for meeting the 

I needs of dormitory residents. 

c man was chosen from 

I Mcli Hoor making provision for 

"The function of the council 
to be a voice of the students 
id rellecE accurately iheir 

also ha 

effective witnessing for Chrisi 
are being planned by the Cam- 

whole world in this generation. 

"Thousands of young people 

senting Jesus Christ in their 

puses," says Allan Wolfson, 
junior theology major at An- 

ship of the union and Andrews 
church MV Department, Stu- 
dent Association, and the An- 
drews University administra- 

Uadership fraini 

ology in San Bernadino, Calif. 

This Campus Crusade 
that during the 

Wolfson reports that I 
Bal Week will be shown at Ar 
drews by the chapter, and spt 

Firemen Plan 
Christmas Event 

"A" League 

Volleyball Standings | 

■\V L 







Swam prats 







1 2 










Snyder's ^Hairnets' Lead 
In Women's Volleyball 

I yhey meet with the oRicers to 
-xpress their feelings and also 
assist in carrying out plans. 

This group is not affiliated 
J^ui any other group on campus 
om is designed to meet the needs 

ber 18, at 7 p.m. One of the 
special features of the party 
will be the movie taken during 

Collegiate Chorale, Choir 
Perform Special Programs 

il groups wll scripture, "GL 

Man's Desiring by Bach, Ador 
amus Te by Paleslrina, ana 
Joy to the World by Kuyken- 
hahl, sung by ihe choir; Jesus, 
Jesus Best Your Head, sung by 
ihe "Chenib Choir"; and a vocal 
solo. Prayer of the Norwegian 
Child, sung by Lewis Hender- 

Andrews Offers 
European Tour 
For Ministers 

A lour of England, ScoUa; 
Irelan. , 

will be conducted June 
1967, by Dr, N. R Pease, 
man of Andrews Univc 
applied iheology depar 

be Pa< 

,r of relic 

r Rov Grahi 

t Nei 

College Has Full Slate 
Of Temperance Activities 

Powell Heads 
New Club: 
Heralds of Liberty 

The Heralds of Liberty, 

Thursday morning Dr. 
winynr, staff physician f 

regular cha 
During the meeting 'Elder E. S. 
Reile, Sevenlh-day Adventist 
youth director for the Southern 

According to Powell, the Her 
aids of Liberty wiU continue ii 
expanded form iu educaliona 

church-state relations. Tlius fai 

The cost of the tour wil 
S519 for jet flights, liolels, 
face travel, guide service. 

announced later. The tour is 
designed particularly for min- 
' eotogical students. 

ates Dr. Pease, "for ministers, 
leological students, and others 
••s to gain 

Tuesday morning for chapel o 

works with Alcoholics Anon' 

116 Theologians 
Visit 28 Churches 
On Seminar Bands 

perale living at SMC and in tlie 
Chattanooga area. 

Lt. Lester Winningham, safe- 
ty speaker for the Tennessee 
Highway Patrol, spoke Thurs- 
day evening at joint worship. 
His topic was "Mechanized 

Elder Robert E. Adams of 
Washington, D. C, spoke Fri- 
day evening in the Collegedale 

.e_dby «g">- 

valuable travel 

reasonable cost" Those desirin 
further informotion shoul 
write Dr. Pease at Andrew 
University. Berrien Spring! 

Tuesday evening in the regular ,his yet 

•; and women's worship ment s. 

xs. Mr. James Jackson 
VTr. Paul Loyacona, outgo- ^'^'\ 

ind incoming heads of tlie ^.^".^ 

ral Health EducaUon pro- ^'^""6 

gram in Veneral Diseases for •"« 'oe; 

the Chattanooga Health Depart- "^'ehbc 

ment, spoke to the men. GeorcL 

The women heard Mrs. Betty d^ct Sa 
Bumgardner and Mrs. Rebecca 

and at a special meeting in the 
church Saturday afternoon. 
Officers of the Collegedale 

mth of the schoc 
sminar bands, cor 

president; Rick WU- 

Seventh-da'y Ad- ^kip 

Mrs. Wallenkampf Gives 
Charm Course for Women 

A charm course was ton- One of the key quotalio 

ducted by Mrs, Mae Wallen- used tliroughout the leciur„„ . . 

knmpf for the women students was taken from Vol IV p 358 lor the Chaliano oga schools, 

of Southern Missionar>- College, of Testimonies to the Church bv 71 

""*'■ '^"^'- E. G.White: "Thewoi 

licld each evening in coling the mind and 

raveling each month 
ant churches \vithin 
radius of SMC. 

lion director for Chattai 
schools, is presently the princi- 
pal of Cedar Hill School. Mrs. 
Pierce is the TV and resource 
in physical education 

I Hall 

ried fon' 

When asked 1 
SMC ladies in regard to cha 

grooming, fas bio 

Lhal 10 say ^'"'" '^"'^ "* regara to cliarra 
md "coor. ^"^ '*°"^' '**■ Wa'lenkampf 
said she was "very well 

■iduol counse 
mailable lo thi 



Behavioral Club 
Gives Yule Party 

from Union College, Nebraska, 
and an MA, in music from Red- 
lands University, has taken 

eluding one at the extension of 
Uie University of Soulhem 
California in Los Angeles. 

She has conducted previous 
tharm courses at other SDA 

green room" of tiie cafeleri; 
Jr an evening of Christmai 
arlying this Sunday evening 

for churches; John Robinson, I 

grams; Glenda Jansen, Judyl 
Merchant and Elaine Jeffreys, r 
secretaries; Marilynn McLarty, I 
publicity director; and Or, J.| 

Davis, Hanson 
Hear New Ideas 
At Math Meetings | 

Mr, C, E. Davis, assistant pro- 
fessor of mathematics at the 
college, and h\i. L. E. Hnn'on, 
associate professor of maUicnia- 
tics, atlended the annual meet- 
ing of the National Council of 


ioniil meeting to disi 
ispects of mathenia 
pedal stress on 111 

Conference Teaclier-s 
lion in Miami. 
Asked 10 help this eroup of 
SDA elemenlaiy school teacten 
solve some problems ihcy had 
encountered while teaching new 
mali Nir. Davis dealt ratlisoch 
topics as sets, tlie number sys- 
tem, and different bases for «" 
number system. 



r.nn. 37315, December 20. I 

Vollmer Appoints Groups 
For New S A Commissions 

Encomium Singers Plan 
Trip to Washington, D C 

Two SMC Men 
Are Samaritans 
Says Local Lady 

C K C 

Collegedale MV 
Swaps Programs 
With Oakwood 

"secular" outril for llio Wasli- 
inClon lour. This ivill consisl 
.,f ., .luul.k.l.reaslod navy bluo 

iJ>.- -'1. )' ,u„lol™plai,l 

,„ rs iiorch will 

1,0 linislicd al lime lor use 
on llie present cliarcoal.grev 
bla/er iji the sacred program. 

'■"-'*- program iiilcnderi "not 

SA Mounts Drive 
For Constitution 

Agendas here, poslers ihore. 

Frosts Poems 
To Be Presented 
By Speech Class 

a.ns svhicli hi 
)«sl years. 

,™ hurdle— rolific, 
dent General fi 





■ Mrs. McCormick lias (mil 


' Gordon 

- Jeannie Arai 

Solurday nigf 



at SA 



live |)!aii5 for die productirin 
■am, ■*vilh Roberl F^os^" cvory s 

Christmos at SMC 

The Spreading Spirit 

3 through. 

^i/.iJ ':'£;£;:;'££ 

maldng olhers happy. The dormilory clubs have again this y 
sponsored parties for under-privileged children of the Cha 
nooga area. The deUghl shown in a chUds face as he recei 
an unexpected gift from "Santa" is a sight which wanna 

ijip The TASK force is in aclion again. In harmony wilh 
"^ '^Rcerels"lo ilic Icadort of tiiv Incal Christmas spirit ol helping olhers, tha Missionary Volunt 
'"'' ■Creni Sociely," bui ihi Uieil poll Society is collecting and repairing broken toys and distribuL 
' '' rn-lirnn-^ siuJenu want clnti orKnni- ihem lo needy children who accept these giHs with open o 
"■"■ P">^'fio,>^ club^ flDd^_SA ,e„ptive hearts. 

'■■ sr"- 

■ The SOUTHERN ACCENT wishes lo commend the stud 
body for its spirit of charily displayed during Ihis Christn 

Other events setting the atmosphere of the season were 

of the "No. 2" Santa Claus, C'"We try harder.") Various p 
lessional dubs held Christmas parties, and special sacred ch 
programs have been presented by the Collegiate Chorale 
CoUege Choir. 

Qosing out the Christmas festivities before the eag 


\ Vict Cong was shot for peace 
>>es peace increase? 

Does war decrease 

roday I heard our soldiers died 
VKpi for ihem cried? 

Who even sighed 

Christmas Party. 

have been provided for. but waitl There is one thing lacb 

joyous Chrislmos spirit already enjoyed by the students 
residents of the "Happy Valley"? Perhaps, since the sn 
came early (November) Ihis year, wo will be deprived of s 
a blessing as a "While Christmas." Who knows? Only y 

."'i'^ ,U Have ihey before? 

" ™';j The dove of peace has armored 

With death it slings! 

Ifi infe the world pledges ac- 

T.^t'r Peace by ihe sword! 

'"II " Come quickly, Liird! 

„„,„ I sing of hope! 

I 'ff- Come, King •>( Hope' 

i:1!k' Phillip Whiddcn 

i";;, Vote for the Man 

■ ;■ Of Your Choice — 

I' ... if He's Still Around 

„,' '';;■ DY-l^iv,. Arlicle 1 Seclion 

l,.d ,i (bj; OfTicerv of Ihe snpho,„ore. 

"""" shall k' elected l)v the ctusses 

Guest Editorial 

A Sign of Growth 

will be conslonlly i 
truths. This has bet 

aiowledge ol tfa 

ation of the Set 

Ihal they may not bo clearly discriminating belwe. 
d error. When no new questions are started by i 
□n ol the Scriptures, when no difference ol opinion aris 

rching the Bibte for ther 

Up the Hilt 

upon Ihe word of God, so that when the testing lime 
and they are brought before councils lo answer for 
they may be able to give a reason for the hope ihat 

" ! ■\'-'^0CLAT10N 
I i ■ .1' 'X AND BY- 
■ IN IlI'-FECT, not 

0CHtni6utcc4t4^ Stunted 

g=s »j»^ sa JS3 ttSBSlBa w? sag jaa J?; 

^^and it shall be 
a sign unto you 

waiching Ne\crlhe 

most d.hger 

ire sign Surd} ihe latlcr would j romotc 
1 b\ sign \sn\x\t /oiler in\iely — probabh 

i (EijnatmaH i TJiTie WafchinQ 

a If Dtlt I Sluient SMC 

I. found Ih 
<l that tht^ 

I the Bible and Sisler 
'.lidi-nl ind chnhr^; 

lung he inadverlentH " 

felt advisable The most ghring \%eakne« nf 

k al ome of his iheon appears in his npjjeal 

lo Christ for u[ jmrl He said 


m methods and 
ird godlj expen 

enced vel 

H M S Richards Vandeimn the iin| r( wii ll tin ir ld\ 

lagal and others preach with He \ms coming on Ur did 

ertecUve solen n heart warm He iniph something othenMse? 

tng hrpefulness of Chnst s ■\\t cin do no better lo quote 

18W held fa 1 the 

cause of the dcM T u 

sign iMtching prodiK 

day A, of the 

It IS llie 

unbelief tl 

,e «nrldli 

but for the right r 

eason a. ! 

among ll 
pk tlinl 
«orld ol 

Ihe Se\uithda) 
Church has preacl- 


delai ' 

.Ve ne<Kl lo 

closel) ' 

rning of 

™\"f ;„"">' 

Not if Ihe 

Chnsl s bi-cond to 

ind spoi ha\ed on llie lop of He has just fnished 
last meal He i .moking 
last cigarette or chewing his 

ybe The clock on Ihe wall 
the hall saj s 1 1 31 P M He 
i 2Q muiules left lo live on 
th— 29 minutes to heaven or 
I T«ent) nme minutes liU 

iDw long IS 29 minutes? How 

t IS 122 J tars? 

vlans cjncept of Ume has 

which hue polluted e\crj 


Indeed Ihe weight if his wholi 

Letsk 1 

( r 

italics mine ) 

Chn t IS not conn, t oon 

Groibdl said E ( White sm 

Gri,l 1! 

today nw. 

insjired I inject thi perUn n 


Thcenl sen inlsa,. in 

Nosslerc in his 

ri 1 i 1 

1 po ing Ih I 

hi heart i\h Lord dela> 

tell us hiss t» ssa 

tit. 1 

of Christ s comiin 

come He does ii t coff at 

purpose But h 

e docs not le 

bht of Bible 

thcidiaoIH < c nJu m 

us Iheir purpose o 

r liois 10 reio 

b> Ins actions in 1 » rd h 

Tlio e IS ho 

salched for 

Uie ifcii I Ihe 

t oYpTain""" 

coming IS delnid He ban 
ishcs from tllc n inds I 

«f J ru ilii 

and lied 
I n|icd Ihe 

the Lord IS cor 
His influence I 

Volleyball Standings 

i g n watching? hoi 

,V/;»j Itiagi, ■■! the 

, I.C, 

tidily growhig mm jahh. 
' btarhig her along, 

ihouUI iti her iiiik, exhausted, to the ttiist— 

the learhig, choking diisl— 
ihotthl Iramhie hceMes, jeet i,fo« her I'ros'rale \orrti. 
shoiiU \onake her a, an itmlaimej rhtmf oj Ujeleii ragt: 

„; thr 

,t;i he, lips I 

le,l I 

,i„ti hn 


: not that she spoke the ti'orils to aiiyhody. 
for who troiild heliefe her? 
Who would listen!' 

■hether she could hclie 

/? /9ocw ut tUe. SfUAit <4 ehUitmoA . 



bad they not niail, '■"!•' ^.Ji-oi^'^ h.,pctess? 
,1 sootcu'here - sonuu nr, '^^JJI^^^^'^^^^olions. kaleidoscope 
walks a new Physician 
and on Him rests her rcenierging hope. 

Iiad not been easy lo believe the stories the neighbors told, 
of miracles performed, for high and low, 

for poor and rich, 
witbont respect to person, 
nl steadily the evidence had mounted, broadened then, and 
till from the dost of disapftoinlmenl. 

■ fwnnding hear! it ill not permit the itords to com 
her breath supports no sound 
And loo there is that man fairtis Rider of the S)n 

Ibeihancs that mult 
The faith of her life is comfircisid into delibcrali 

She ftrtsses forward reaching—nail in, diifieratd) through ihi 

aiid'Zvm. I h,„ilf more strongly 
I shall be uhoU 
She only touched the I 

,11 now. here in ihe crowd. Faith jailers, 

tlofie hesilales. 

Trust Ireinbles. 
.odd lie who restored Ihe widow's dead son. 
He oho healed Ihe leper by the sea. 
He who stilled deatls-tvaves on Galilee, 
He I a le ed d a G g a 

oidlHe tk lat I ulo H f ladk died hofe 

It h ll 

f I bl lo 

ml f lat lelea gll fa R le, f I e S, , 

I e ull lie Ma I alt a I talk 

I I I n I I Wl I I la I 

k o I He 

ll I aled J / / / 
I lif f ja" k dy 

It i 1.1 II 

11 II 

\nd there He is! Siiililenly! The Man „/ her long uiiest. 
Hofie »/ all her hope,, 
irhy. she could touch llim-if she dared. 
Why. If sbc spoke lo Him. He would hear her 

Her faith iindnated her trust in the Lord confirmed 

her ont boon pranted Inr sold oierpcnini^ with gratitude 

and the lot, cf Cod 
she IS noil riad-, li lommit her nameless self lo the curious 

re ore uo eddies 

The Lord staiic 

■ her 

■II His disupUs stand still etenfai 
and the croud are still 
And Ihe Urd is looking intuitly tou ird her 
And the Lord is askin. M bo touched me' 
iir ef mtrriiiiint and surfirisi ripjdes through ihe croi 
and I ui discifdi pretests the folly of the question 


But Ihe Lnrd does not ihangi His fiiirprse 

does not shift His gaze 
persists uilh His cjiitsliou as He says 
Somebody hath touched me 

rinding concealment tain Ihe nameless woman — 

her radiant coiinUiianee bejeueled uith suifl falling tears 
of grateful ,oy- 
casls herself at the Saiioiirs feet, 
pours forth Ihe story of her hidden healing, 
for all time it must be known that Ihe touch of the firessing crowd 
upon Christ's person was casual: 

that Ihe touch of Ihe nameless woman 
even upon His garment, was causal; 

thai God's believing children 
are fo declare His goodness. 
And the divine benediction jell: 

"Daughter, be of good comfort: 

thy failh ^hath made thee whole; 

jesns Christ is in our midst today. 

He is not far from any one of , IS. 

Bill Ihe CTOtvil. Ihe uorld, is aosrng ni. 
May tiol loday offer Ihe final chance oj healing? 

Whatever Iht past, whatever the need. 

reach jor Him now ihroiigh the c 
"If I may but touch His garment. 


Courtesy of These 'I 

. Nashville, Tennessee 

Steele Resigns: 
Boyson Assumes 

Dr. Rees Recovering; 
Returns for Therapy 

Having worked on the s 

fi the top sludenl positi 

ved one year as 

Henderson, Ky. 

clor of the Inler> 

Boyson is to act as g 

oadcasling System, 

manager of the non-comn 

B network of coi- 

broadcast facihty until hi 

tions, and 15 pres- 

uation at the end of the c 

m the higher posi- 

resident in charge 

"We hope to conlinu 

r the IBS. 

SMC as the 200- 


Loma Linda Accepts Seven 
For Medicine and Dentistry 

College students hove received 
imtice of ijieir acceptance for 
study at Loma Linda Univer- 
sity School of Medicine, Loma 

Those admitted to study medi- 
cine are: David G. Jewell, sen- 
ior chemistry major; lb B. 
Mudcrspach, senior chemistry 
major; George J. Murphy, sen- 
ior chemistry major; Robert B. 

JM; and John L.' WaUerf seiUor 

Admitted lo study dentistry 
Hre t^vo senior biologj- majors, 
George Jackson and Dennis 

The five SMC students ad- 
niitied lo the medical school are 
ininng 83 at Scvenlh-day Ad- 
i'ctitist colleges to whom accep- 

I Rolfe Announces 
I 2nd Term Class, 
Security Analysis 

A new course called "Secur- 
>'y Analysis" will be offered 
icco,i,| semester by the business 
arfminisiration department. 

According lo the instructor, 
^^- Cecil Rolfe, the course will 
"Uucnic the student about the 

"".•jni potential. Also covered 
lljl be mutual funds and for- 

. At the present time the class 
"scheduled for 1:30 MWF. 

I^nia Linda University Dean of 
Admissions Walter B. Clark, 

SMC students admitted lo 
study medicine tlius total ap- 
proximately 7.9% of all those 
accepted from SDA institutions. 

The Seventh-day Adventi: 

cepled three SMC students into 
its medical school last year. 

Middle Classes 
Choose Officers 
For This Year 

tal student from Atlani 
been elected junii 

Yost Accepts 
Editorship on 

the ^Review' 

; editor of the Re- 


t the end of first se- 

ipleling h 
qualifying examinations fort 

Syracuse University. Syracu' 
N. Y.. Elder Yost joined il 
staff of the college 
though he did not begin teach- 
duties imtil 1965, spending 


m his degree at Syracuse. 
His field of concentration is 

John Robinson was 
ires i dent of the sop homo; 
I llie sophomore organi 
nceting recently in the collegf 

Other oflicers elected; Kai 

rt-iU be 

ning in handling n 

itist world- 
he staff of the Youth's 

Leanton Short 
Replaces Yost 
In Journalism 

Mr. Leanion Short has 
named by the college to su 

editor of the Rcuicw and Her- 

Mr. Short, a graduate of La 
Sierra College, Riverside. Calif., 
has recently completed his mas- 
ter's degree in journalism at the 
University of California, Los 

Short has had a "specific desire 


He is married to the former 
Katlileen Elich, whose father is 
on the staff of Loma Linda 
University, Loma Linda, Calif. 

Mr. Short arrived on campus 
dll replace 

- Yost at the 




Not Psfrlfied 

,".r.., -. -A -'J^ 

"'pncnl of SMCi sludtnl bod 

n nei^ded '" "lieve pr«siii«. 

m"l!c' one" wl " oPuic" worl 


t^ginner-s'ynowl^g,.,'"^d'w'' Mllcr. ^^*"^'' 






. ■>■ ;■-. :!'■■, ■!■ ' ■ ";, '"'■vi- ■ 

ITl! a^''lt A^^^cnn ar^tS^" 

'■' '>■■ '>■ ' ■■ ; I'"'-, 




Arthur Berard 


San aI^^T^i 

Dong More 

unfoilunalelr, ihase who are 

Dunn ihi cnmjH gn tor iL. SA 

loo ollen artn'l inlorm^ a, 

uir es Id jcor reiperal c»nd dnics 

hnd M a lo't u, lhe.r pU Onn, th. 

, om,5r a domg moro to Ihe Or 

u do irniput— nc ud ng th nunuiK 


Very Happy 

. r ;"'":j--5 

p.« d™ ^y&^^sL^nVZi 

r«vie«ed Kit Iruveli '"'' "';jj"' 

1 r« p D 

nnd"lm fflcully parkiDg stickei 




r c. Ton opI'.J^^ml'Dfh.Ti 

Ul Ihc adminiHralioD building 

Ih B Uiulty <li<:kcr, u ihou 


r,p«livcly. ^.^^^^^^ 

!vfH' £"l".'St5E 

Harry Silver* 

Turned On 

c «c « all vi^rj hun 




LbISbIVo f"rt"rrc?(!hl or r 

S,ud,„, „I N.™,,, 


TTiey were, "Shiequc. ihocque; 

who wat painfully trying lo m 

fulLy (oliciLs HOWEVEn. 

rigbl at 7:20 I might I 

CBlly, ficlitiously jigntd 1 

K RA14913556 -The 





Road Service Auto Repoi 


PHONE 396-9656 

Collegedale Cabinets, Inc. 

Elder Hasel Awarded Grant 
By Danforth Foundation 

F. Hase!. as- fro 

countrj-. according lo 
icemenl by W. David 

editor— Elder Yost also 
the MV Kit, published 
M\' Department of the 
id lauglit English and 

mplelirg a 
,-ely titled 

Washington, D.C. 

course in relig" 

His book, to 

Study Institute, 


)A lo expect to 

Carlson Holds 
^Z MV Workshop 
tnuo At Academies 

. MV (TASKl 

ted); othots may 

van. lo ..udy elect 

SUPPOSE you hd^ 

e enlisted. Suppo 


□ him truthlully. N 
iSaturdcry NIGHT 

■ntly held 

MV officei 
Forest Lake Acad. 

kshop with 
Lgious acliv- 

: workshop was the first 
eral like sessions which 
ing planned with MV of- 

ussed ^ 

of the acader 

■ of ■ 

■engthening rela- 

Elder Holbrook 
Writes Column 
For These Times' 

Elder Frank Holbrook, assisl- 

rently writing for Thei'e Times 
magazine in a monthly article 
entitled "Your Questions An- 

Elder Holbrook answers ques- 
tions, mosUy f 


ning such subje'__ 

ny .t IB generally as explanation of lexU, personal 

qucirtore. problems and youth standards, 

aceaaily of taking Elder Holbrook stales that he 

■slabliahing your- has received letters from over 

1 usk your com- half of the fifty stales and Can- 

Ifour next umt to oda, also, from places as far 

o that ho cm say away as South America and 

lo taa command. West Africa. 

tudy at Vander- Danforth Teacher Gra 

ity Divinity School, gram. 
presently a candi- -j^jig ^g 

Ph-D. chosen froi 

the SMC faculty ui provided b 

Danforth grants for gradu- jjasel. 

25 Students 
Get Certificates 

For $44,000 Soles 

Twenty-five SMC students his high school work in Frank- 
received canvassing certificates furt. Germany. He holds a B. A. 
during chapel, Dec. 8, for selling degree from Atlantic Union Col- 
a total of approximately 544,000 lege. South Lancaster, Mass., 
worth of Uteralure last summer, and the M. A. and B. D. degrees 
The chapel program, under from Andrews University. His 
Roy doctoral ^ " 
ler I. 

said, "This work ^vill be one of 
the last areas for presenting tlie 

of the Southern Unio 

, TENN. 

Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Auto - Life - Fire - Boa+s - Homeowners 

Phone 396-2126, Collegedale, Tenn. 

"Call U< for All Your Insurance Noed..-' 


the SmUI-MY 




Dspt. SA 
Collegedale. Tern. 37315 


5 of this Nvriting "A" League Ba5l<etba)l is entering the sec- 
■eek of play. For the first time at SMC the Intramural 
e is composed of five teams, breaking the "old tradition" of 
The expansion to a five team league was long opposed by 
)n the grounds that it would spread the available basketball 
too thin. This, no one will attempt to dispute, it has done. 
,er the advantages of a fifth team, wll in the long run, prove 


they may pro 

aise their deH 

ition of 


ight even wish for the 

ut the seat of their pa 

dmg the bench. Sen- 

open am 

ns an 

d vnsh them \ 


Second: 1 

provides for 

I more 



so often, and 



so prone to ov 

erheat, a 

s ha 

been the cas 


rily," after all 

Third: Ev 

n though the quality- of 

personnel is a 



olso "14 c 

arat" as before 

the tea 

ns a 

pear, upon superficial 

mination, t 

be better bnla 


past years. 


is a subject 

ertain t 

ite differing 


This year has 

already proved 


epUoti. 'Gra 


inoying kind. Strangely enough they 
be individuals who have either: played very little 
I basketball, if at all, or are a player of inferior ability. After play- 
ing basketball at SMC for three years I have seen all kinds of 
refereeing: good, bad, and indifferent, but can never recall playing 
in, or watching, a game that was won or lost because of the qualitj' 
[ of officiating. A game is almost always won because one team 

Special Groups 


1^ p: ..|,|„ 

Use Cafeteria 

Sff "•' -INOGOLO .0.» 

For Meetings 

°"".p^'Tii")Si^;,"'" ^r 

^K®, *"'"" 

the college cafeteria's Green 

H 1n,...A^ ^^m 

yif 'V|^ 

Room for social gatherings have 


CoUegedale and the local chap- 
ter of the AUantic Union Col- 
lege Alumni Society, according 
10 Mr._ Ransom Luce, food di- 

The basketball fans at SMC a 

Dr. Chinn Directs Student 
Research Project on Acids 

Dr. Clarence Chin 

Vandals, Danes Undefeated 
In intramural Baslcetball 

grill with places for small bot- 
tles) for a period of about 24 

r by Mr. William Higgin 

aU and Jerr\' Stefasen's Danes 

re undefeated as SMC Intra, 
niral Basketball enters the sec- 
nd week of play. In the sea- 

outside shooting of Albright 
(I? points) and strong team de- 
fensive play the Vandals racked 
up their first win of the young 
season. Ron Johnson was high 
point man for the Cells wlh 15- 
lan, 5; Jerry Stefasen's 
Danes breezed by Bill Rasnics 
Huns 48-37. Employing a 
s tea mrol ling fastbreak headed 
hy Stefasen (21 poinU) and 
landing team rebounding 

Jan. 9: 

defeated Ron Steven's Gauls 
55-50 in a closely contested 
game. Tlie Gauls bolstered by 
the red hot shooting of their 
captain Stevens threatened ( 

Bssary partition coeHi- 

|)roduce necessarj' data for Dr. 


take the lead from of metal ions by -s 

ark on the "chelation 

ice for the 

Vandals. Stevens scored 27 
points to lead both teams and 
Albrigh! tallied 22. 

specifically to 
the metal Indium. This projecl 
became necessary during the 
course of Dr. Chinn's work at 
the University of Tennessee last 
summer, when he found that the 
coefficients he needed were "'not 

The \vork c 

Theology Majors 
Now Number 127 

ently enrolled at SMC, includ- 
ing five in this year's new 
theology major for women. 
pphomore class 

The recently organized Sen- 
ior Citizens group, with a 
bership of approximately 50 
retired denominational a 

ind Mr. Hubert Smith, 
ifeteria staff. President 
■oup is Mr. H. B. Lund. 

tin winn 

















o„ , 










Dr. Hefferlin Gives Report 
On Student Research 

Futcher Reports 
That New Classes 
Come Next Term 

College Market 

Offers Selections 
of fresh fruits 
and vegetables 
plus a variety 

Mr.. H^rr.ctle B. ?Ianso^. Mr. Dplmnr Lovejoy 

Phone 396-2302 

Campus Women 
Hear Wentland 
On Vief Crisis 

"Vielnam PcrsjfficUves" were 
prcsenlcd lo a 125-pcrson audi- 

Campus Women's Club, by 
Elder B. H. Wenllond. Jr., as 
sislani pnslor of ihe Collegedole 

Elder Wentland will prese 
:s slides and comments on tl 
lunlry again, in February, b 

Professor George 
Connor, chairman of the De- 
of English at the Uni- 

V during World War II, Dr. 
isev received his A.B. from 
sity of North Caro- 

radualion Dr. Hamsey has 
spent his time in traveling, 
" cturing, and ^vriting. 

e agenda for the IRC 

1 the year is the an- 
■nlion of the Tennes- 

done and an overall fav- 
■ evaluation of the idea of 
g imdei^raduates in re- 

There are presenOy five slu- 
denls working with the physics 

, at which Dr. Hefterlin's 
er will be presented, will be 
I concurrently, and in the 
e building wih the Ameri- 

md the combined 

erd, Tenn., recently. The lec- 
ture dealt with the method ol 
measuring such fantastically , 

iimong physical educa- 

saw Elder 
slides of Viemam and heard 
him discuss cultural and religi- 
ous aspects of life in that coim- 

Rolfe Lectures 
On Inflation 
At 'Sages* Meet 

Dr. Cecil Rolfc, associate pn 

lion at SMC, spoke on "Infla- 
lion, Its Causes and Cures," in 

lecture series recently in ihe 

Press Conference 
Quizzes Officials 
Of Investing Club 


the Seventh-day Advenlist \ 
in Vielnam is growing. 

Library Makes 
Xerox Copier 
Use Available 

■ird C, copier in the foyer of Daniell' 

-'■••I of Memorial Library, reports Mri 

■d Mr. Iris Clapp. tibrar>- assistant. 
.JrLT of Rented from the local Xeroi 

from magazines, book 
other publications, an_ 
copy legal and leiler size sheets. 
Virtually anything printed can 

Dr. RoKe, who obtained his 
doctorate in economics from the 
University of Mari'land, College. 
Park, Md., outliiied the me- 
chanics of inflation in general 
and the factors involved in the 

vested now stands at Qpi)roxi- 
mately SiJOO. "The club has 
done about average for clubs 

ol this lyjK;," staled Mr. Mer- 
chant, who is treasurer of the 
25mcmber facully-siudent or- 

McColpin Tells 
Police Rights 
To SMC Patrol 

Glenn T. McColpin, assist- 
ant district allorney of Hamil- 
ton County, spoke recently al 
ihe weekly meeting of the Col- 
legedale Patrol. 

Mr. McColpin, speaking on 


ninal law 


lice officer. Arrest and trial pro- 
cedures were also discussed, and 
Mr. McColpin pointed out the 
requirements of the 1965 Civil 
Rights Uw. 

It was a "worlliwhile hour" 
according to Dean of Students 
Gordon A. Madgwick. 

The lecture and discussion 
led by the assistant district al- 
lorney, a member of ihe Chat- 
tanooga SDA Church, is another 
phase of the training program 
for the Cotlegedale Patrol, direc- 
ted by W. W. Platl, chief of po- 
lice for CoUegedale. 

Prof RIgby 
Talks on WW's 
Biology Program 

Walla Walla College, Wal 
Walla, Wash., will be on can 
pus Jan. 19 to discuss Walla| 
Walla's graduate program 
biology with SMC biojogj- si 
dcnls, according to Dr. H, 
Kuhlman, head of the SMC de-j 
partmenl. I 

Meeting in the science build- 1 

able to question Prof. Rieby| 
concerning gr 

SMC, and an equivalent num 
her of biology minors and low 
n, who might be ir 

"All -Night Lights" Come to SMC Dorms 


Twenty -five Southern Missionary College Nursing Students 
Capped in Baccalaureate Dedication and Promotion Services 

and Mary Mildred Wil 

Sophomores capped were: 
Barbara Caslleberg, Beatrice 
Couden, Doris Dyer, Suzanne 
Gallion, Belty Harris, Jackie 
' ■ Kinsman, Ina 

Promotion Sorvice Fridaj' 

niony for sophomores," stated 

Dr. Harriett Smith-Reeves, 

ur seniors received the Di- 

chairman of SMC's Division of 

rt of Nursing pin distin- 

Nursing. Hereafter, aU nursing 

ing the graduale nurse. 

siudenu will be issued their caps 

along vnxh the student uniform. 

the familiar white uni- 

of the graduale nurse and 

man of the College's Division of 

^vith the black band. 

Religion, was the guest speaker. 

■enty-one sophomores were 

Dr. Reeves presented the pins. 


1966 Sophomore Nurses 
Lost Group for Ceremony 

Miller, Sylvia Mie 
Paddock, Christine Payne, Caro 
lyn Peltengill, Virginia PlatI 
Dora Pons, Kathryn Schneider 
EHia Seeley, Rilla Tol. ant 
Marj- Ward. 

Three sophomores were pro 

President's Council Votes 
To End ^Dark Ages' Here 

I Freshmen Choose 
Doolittle, Martin 
I To Top Offices 

MV Presents 11 Students, 
Knechtle, in Prayer Week 

SouUiem Missionary College 
students recently held an MV 
sponsored Week of Spiritual 
Emphasis with daily half-hour 

church on "God's Hand As I 

Presentation of 
Seniors, March 23; 
Pettis to Speak 

Mr. Short replaced Elder F. 
Donald Yost as sponsor of the 
'earbook, when Elder Yost left 

ith his testimony of God's 

Knechtle has served as chair- 

an of the Protestant Council 

York City and as co- 

California 95691. 

Speaker for the occasion will 
be Mr. Jerry Pettis (R. Calil.). 
the first Seventh-day Adventist 
lo be elected to Congress. 

The formal presentation cere- 
mony, featuring robed seniors, 
will be on Thursday evening. 

will be "groups" — photograph- 
ing such assemblages as the 
SA officers, llie music organiza- 
tions, the professional clubs, and 

Replacing Elaine Holt, who 
quit the stafT as photo secrelary 
for lack of time, is Donna Mills. 

Joining the staff in December 
was Larry Bogar, who will serve 
as managing editor. 

The Negro has 

Student Poll Shows Early 
Leaders for Top SA Spot 

1 why 1 love American Hegro poelry. Ifs a port 
auly and love oi beauty v/ri1t< 
] 10 grov/lh as waler lo a ilc 
The beauly ol this Renaissance, this av/okeni 

I doubl not God is good, ■ 
And did He sloop lo quib 
The lillle buried mole cO) 
Why Cesh thai mirrors Hit 

ind Longsion Hughes: 

To lling my arras wide 
In the (ace ol the sun, 
Dance! Whirl! Whirl) 

k day is done. 

lell why 
nedoy die 

ccENT sponsored 1967-68 S, A. 

five candidates wth percentages 

residential Preference Poll was 

ranging from n.8% to 20.2%. 

andi]ct(?d. Out of a total school 

Legitimate wnle-in candidates 

nrollment of 1147 students, 575 

— entries such as "Snoopy," 

50.13% were present and 

"Batman," and the "Red Baron" 

jok part in the poll. Choosing 

were not counted in the total 

vole, bul are given below — re- 

■ith a space for wrile-in alter- 

ceived 4.9% of the total from 

ales, the student body gave no 

which percentages were compu- 

Rest al pale 

Night s 


Votes % 

Rollln Mallernee 

Hi 20.2% 

David Steen 

78 13.4 

George Powell 

74 12.9 

Ron Bentzinger 

71 12.4 

David Silverstein 

i8 11.8 

Warner Swarner 

S4 9.4 

Ivan Whidden 

32 5.6 

Don Pervis 

2i 4.5 

John W. Robinson 

14 2.4 

Ed Shofer 

14 2.4 


28 4.9 


575 99.9% 



sT. 'moiTJ: . 




Tm RUin.i-1 

aKe^'n""' I 


JuB p,ln-l 


• Ptl 

K. operated "OLD ENGUSH INN" have been i 
)m wiU be refurnished approprialely and a sna. 
wording lo the Adminislrations pl< 

Who's Who Uprising 

se in poini jb the Who's Who Uprii 
e WHO'S WHO HONOR- was meo 


ingfui, and/or 
I. The WHO'S 

AN-Nrght Lights won^g^b 

• The appointmonl of special PRESIDENTIAL COMMIS- elusions 
SIONSr the W.S.A.-AM PUol CommitlQe (to survey Ihe feasibilily Ihal ihe 

s POLITICALLY unwise. As 


The Wild Goose 

^Qdy lor Ihe Proaidents 

through those soul-stirring den 
il nol aalely. at Jeasl nRMLY e 
"How long, oh how long?" 

Southern wiissioNAi^Y coaECt lid.p:;" 

Dr. C. N. Rees Resigns Presidency of SMC 

Cassell Appointed Acting Head; 
Rees in Scltool Woric 31 Years 












ing English at Collegedale Acad- 
emy, They have a son, David, 
21, a student at the Universily 
of Maryland School of Law, 

al Education J 
ind Phi Delia 

SMC Dean's List 
Recognizes 24 
Wifh "A" Average 

hs office of the Academic 
idents carrying a minimum 

+-poml scale. 
e listed on the ofli- 

Barnes Speaks on Ethics; 
< Emphasizes Christian Love 

By Mike Foxworti 

I director of the Human Dynam- 
rch Insutute at Walla 
I Walla College, College Place, 
1 Wash., was the guest speaker 
I for the Student Association So- 
cial Etliics Week here Feb. H- 

The theme of the week, 
"Search and You Will Find," 
was the emphasis behind such 
I topics as "Certainty," "Mean- 
ing," "Love," and "Freedom." 
Concerning Christian ethics 

1 1031 Enroll Here 
I To Begin CIgsses 
I Second Semester 

>1 SMC is A tTall-U^rbi^. 
Mlh 1,031 enrolled on the Col- 
Bgedale, Orlando, Fla., and 
I Madison, Tenn, campuses. 
Allhough less than Ihe enroll- 
ment of 114* students first se- 
, this drop 

ther than blind 
essence of Chris 

God, and 'God is 

love.' This lo> 

General Assembly Rejects 
WSA-AM Radio as Project 



manifestation of these 
s gives order to indi- 
community relation- 

fhe Studt 

in chapel on Feb. 9, voted 356 

to 292 lo reject WSA, proposed 

1 SA project for 
e from the flooi 

Rudolph Bata, Jean Blooc 
worth, James Brenneman, Bar 
bara Byrd, Linda ampbell 
Robert DuPuy, Linda Edgmor 

•sell Holt, 
Kathleen Johnson, 
nke, Judie Martin, 

ising, Pally Murphy, 


be current school 
The decision 
lately 30 

iming through the \veek of 

6 through 13 calling WSA der,"a"IId'ElIen *£Jllinge 

vole m SA chapel on Feb. : a- , ,u 

md if approved, to spend , „ „ "^ '° ,, "y 

^mi^JL, fen'fS"™rS°th 

up WSA's 
FM's studi 

t from WSMC- 

cal Sem 

I, Nev 

3rk Th 

his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in 

Religious Education at New 

York University. Before joinuig 

decline" (or second semes- the faculty at Walla Walla Col- 

:ording to Miss Mary lege in 1961 he served as Direc- 

ssistant registrar. ,0^ of the New York Center, a 

W the total, 962 arc enrolled Seventh-day Adventist evangel- 


: Orlando, 

I I^fJ'^'^^'i™" "^'ass leads 
Eniwth 140 men ar 
"> the sophomore 

I ^nd 55 womei 
Eleven mei 
e enrolled a 

Concurrent with his pre: 
academic duties. Dr. B; 
serves on the board of the V 
ington Slale Youlh Guic 
Center in Walla Walla, ai 
president of the WaUa \ 
County Mental Health A' 

;as permitted to The WSA commitlee, consis- 

use Ihe facilities of WSMC-FM ting of George Powell, Nancy 

to broadcast two shows daily. Bull, Harry Eastep, Janane 

one from 6 to 8 A.M., and the Hudgins, and Bob DuPuy, was 

other from 9:30 to 11 P.M. represented by ' 

Jayne Gardner is secretary. 
"" " mg, elec ' " 

irolled s 

Sossong, elected li 

Knight. Cho 



Powell and DuPuy, who v 
(Continued on page 6) 

Schneider, with Ketti Ippish as 
■bara Byrd is parliamen- 

Iho judgmont of God NO PERSON 
bloodedly against tho absolulo letter ol Ih 
Jallcn ahorl ol its glory; Chrisl's pcrfon III. 
Calvary have lulliUod Ihe LETTEfl 

Calvary have lulliUod Ihe LETTEfl ol the low in our Ttead""bul' SriiLr'^nJ ' 
EVERY ONE ol us will bo judged by the SPIRIT in wS we ""' "'"■' i"'""* 

and got V 

used civil righis' 

tool. Both ore known for their 

Progress During Rees Administration 

(Continued froj 
berland Conferend 
day Adventists. 
Dr. Bees has sen 

I dean of student affai 
"ector of college relations. 

During Dr. Rees' administca- 
aon, SMC applied to the Fed- 

FM in 1959. On March 21 ih. 


rJie 1965 Higher Educ 
, passed by Congress oi 

Academy Publications Staffs 
Meet at SMC in Worlcshop 

The second annual Academy supervised the yearbook si 

their studies i 
t higher educa 

if all students 
we families hav 
jobs and additii 

1 Mr. Short 
ise of the workshop 

taff I 

vith ; 

S3?5 r 



lutions of higher education by 
|iroviding them wlh educoliona! 
opportunity grants (gifu). A- 

r and 

immer school. Tlie 
loinl loons for any 
torrowcr is §5,000. 

In order tor a student to be 
■ligible for tliis loan he must be 
iccepted for enrollmenl or be 
enrolled for at least half-time 
ilass work (8 s 

A studeni is in good 
when he is making n< 
satisfactory academic progrt 

d standing, for the Irai 
standing tJnough and a 

editor of These Times, 
Nashville, Tenn.; and Mr. Del- 
mont Wilson, chief photog- 
rapher for the Ciiattanooga 

1 giving dem 
s on appropriate tecn- 
ind methods of handling 

workshop was initiated 
ir, growing out of dis- 

Workshop personnel, speak- 
ing during the colloquium, were; 
Elder Yost; Mr. Phillips; Mr. 
Wilson; Mr. Short; Miss Luce; 
Mr. Lynn Sauls, 



rollment at ^ 

- fullli 

liarUcipating m the program 

ready attending such -in insli- 

m full-lime attendance (mini- 
mum 12 semester hours at 
SMC) there as on undcrgradu- 
In addition, he must 
ICC of academ 

ludenL In addition 


need, and must show that he 
would not, except for an educa- 
tional grant, be financially able 
10 pursue, or to continue, a 

\.C.T. score of 20 or have 
,mum high school G.P.A. 
I on high school solids. For 

:ond semester of his fresh- 
year, his college grade 

of 2.25 at the end of the 

plications beyond the 

llowing grade point a 



■ to Director of Student 

e. Southern Missionary C 

Box 370. Coilegedt 

1 96 and over 
lOurs credit, 2.-W. A 
^vho does not qualify 

Mowery Performs; 
Directed on Solo 
By V. Persichetti 

University of North Carolina 

(Greensboro), at the South- 
eastern Clioral Conductors' Con- 

by composer Pers 
ending the three-da 
and workshop. 

Gordon M. Hyde, chairman of 

ment; Mr. William H. Taylor, 
coUege relations di 

i director; Miss 

t Engli 

^rn Met 

Mr. Robert Merc 

sh; Paull Dixon, 

ger of the South- 

■ Brj-ant, edi- 
. of Foote 

U. of Chattanooga 
Awards M.A.T. 
To SMC's Clark 

^endy , 

vcd the Mast. 
thing degree 
ily of Chattan 

Educational Act i 

lis in eligible 


August, Mrs. Clark h; 

■, Dou[ 

eligibility for a loan 
program is that he is 

the requested loan i 


ion of need. Application for 
is form may be obtained by 
riting the college. 

tained by writing the Director 
of Student Finance, Southern 
Missionary College, Box 370, 
Collegedale, Tenn. 37315. 

; by Mr. 
Marvin Kobertson, associate 
professor of music at SMC and 
rhairman of the music depart- 
ment, and Mr. Stewart Crook, 
issistanl professor of music. 

Friday morning of the confer- 
ence; he and the choral were di- 
rected by Dr. Richard Cox. 

Three Who Survived 

Freshmitii Semester 

10 the 'churcli, Si!ii!r While wrote in abstract Incidents thai happenei 

rfl/bm" I'^o't lo°'eie rom'1 '*^'he ,in,e of test is ujt before u *° "*' ^'''*' "'^* ^"^^ '"^^^ °^ '^*'"' 

,n "only nble to mJ^M half f^r Oi^TDud* cry on£"' ihir/^n^l '"g »0 College in Order to eventu 

"iflUy onJ SinSl'war.™ "in.'^*rdo£"'"H"dMmL^''Thi»*U '^^ '™''''^'= greatest piU peddler 

urogram of her5; I attended the 
irst chapel I enjoyed when the " 

he first Town Hall Meeting; I 
;aw my first "flag-ball" game; I 
nflaled the lungs of a dead frog 
■ iolog>- labi I saw Mr. Zeig- 

ace would \ 
-y blissful s 

i currtndy Wc« Alhby PIocc, Son Antonio, 

Editor Rodney C. Br^'anl 

Editor's Wife Connie J. Bryant 

Assistant Editor George E. Smoiliemion 

Busijiess and Circulation G. Thomas Evans 

Aid to Business, etc ^ ■• Pat Fowler 

Editor's Brother Gary B, Bryant 

Reliable Writer --^ Norma Voting 

Chief Photographer Robert Hawkins 

Other Pliolographers Ed Shafer. Paul Richardson 

Special Assignment ■- Warner S warmer 

Editor's Cousin Cheryl Marley 

&fH»;" :\S7E™3; 

H '„„„.„„ I,M,„.> 1 ,l„i„i,.,, H.rry G. W. Silvers 

Lay-ou, Ed,,.., B, Cr.i. Bry.n. 

Advisor William H, Taylor 

Success in Medical School 
Studied by SMC's Chambers 

WSMC-FM Goes on Air With 80,000 Watts 


Brock Addresses Celebrants 
As Station Goes to 90.7 

Seniors to Be "Recognized" 
March 23; Pettis to Speak 


VandeVere Gets 
Ph.D. in Business 
From Mich. State 

slation, WSMC-FM. The i 
monies were held in SMC's 
physical education center. 
Making its debut as 
Soulh's newest high-iwwer 
radio station, WSMGFM 
broadcast al 80,000 watU o\ 
lOO-mile radius. The sts 

elected in 1966 to the U. S. 

division, and of the departme 

of business administration, i 
cenlJy completed all requij 
ments for the doctorate in 

Michigan State University, East 

Mich. The degree will 

' ed in March 

r. VandeVere wll be the 

M both the Ph.D. in busi- 

and ihe C.P.A. certificate. 

member of Beta Alpha Psi, 

iling fraler- 

first elected to C 
and re-elected ir 
the largest total 

degrees will be honored during 
tlie ceremony. The class will be 
presented by Gordon Madgwick, 
SMC's dean of student affairs, to 
Dr. J. W. Cassell Jr., SMC's 
acting president. 
The processional vn\l begin al 

Woodrow Wilson 
Designates Bryant 
To hionors List 

Rodney C. Bryant, senior 
English major at Southern Mis- 
sionary College, has won honor- 
able mention from the Wood- 
row Wilson National Fellowship 

He is the son of Dr. and Mrs. 
W, A. Bryant, of Woodbury, 

English Major Is Overhauled 
To Cover Lit Aid Teachers 

' up the new program for 

■tified Public Accout 

The editor of the "Southern 
Accent," the college's news- 
paper, Bryant was one of 13,596 
,022 colli 

a valuable member of the aca- 
demic profession. Of these stu- 
dents, 1,259 won Woodrow Wil- 
son FeUowships, and 1,806 
received honorable mention 
'ram the foundation. 

Sir Hugh Taylor, Foundauon 
president, expressed the hope 
ihat the honorable mention win- 
ners would receive alternate 
oivards.^^ "They are very de- 

By Katky Simmons 
o help close the "literature 
in the present English- 

Academic Policies Committee of 
the college recently approved a 
de pa rlmen tally -re vised program 
for majors and minors in Eng- 

Major changes include the 
creaUon of a new minor, "Fields 
Related to Enghsh Education." 
and the addition of several new 
"period" courses in literature. 

Members of tlie English de- 
second half of first semester, 

Roving Cup, $15, 
To Be Awarded 
In April Contest 

Academy and high school 

Dr. VandeVere 
IP.A. ceruficate 
lubsequently recei 

I-ocal dignitaries, dvic lead- 
rs and notables in the commu- 

n- commercial, educational 

s expanded facility ^vill 

;ed by a Seventh-day Ad- 
t institution. At 80,000 
WSMC-FM will cover 

1964. He 
d a medal. 



ve academy teachers; to 
r prepare majors for grad- 

/ho passed the 

For his Ph.D., VandeVere ma- 
jored in accounting, with minor 
concentrations in finance, mar- 
beting, and economic analysis. 

His doctoral dissertation is 
entitled "Federal Income Taxa- 
tion of Unrelated Business In- 
come and Feeder Company In- 
come of Non-Profit Educational 

)( broadcasting. Nighdy con- 

Clark's 4 Volumes 
On 1844 Milieu 
Due for Release 

Dr. Jero 

will be taught: "Mastcrpie 


:olIege, has 

Staff Completes 
Remaining Pages 
Of 1967 Annual 

The last 134 pages of the 
Southern Memories, college 
yearbook, have been shipped off, 
according to Ed Shafer, editor 
in 'chief. 

Spring activities, theme pages, 
additional advertisements, and 

those included in the final ship- 

Southern Publishing Associa- 
tion, Nashville, Tenn,, that his 
four-volimie work, 1S44, is now 

■ held during College 1860-1900 " 

lays, April 23-25 at SMC. • The " 

Speed and accuracy on a Literature ■ 

med ivriting and typing proh- broken mt 

m will challenge the nimble- courses cov 

ssor of Office administr; 
The winner wll be a 

<^1 psychology. He -will receive 
a. monthly stipend plus remis- 
sion of tuition and fees from the 

In additi 

the office adminis 

Each volimie ^vill average i 
tximately 350 pages, 
rhe work is a study of t 
ial and cultural milieu 

I' the rise of the Miller 

PresenUy beginning v 

Miss Caitjlyn Luce, assistant 
professor of English, was also ill 
during the time, but otherwise 

witli Dr. Gordon M. Hyde, pro- 

the plaque for one year. 

we wise enough to handle publ c lund 
we fllrong enough to use those funds c 
f olhor ral gious bod eg lo sirenglhen 

IS they are 

roby RELEASE lunds lo be used foe our 


Better Use 

, editorially, believe that Ihe church c 



religious b' 

highly unlikely that the people of the I 

>„i,od S,c,. 

Fire Escapes Equal Control 

■loir or 


lenl practices" will apply lo churcl 


iunds 1 

las coi 

iaiBlBd''of (cquiicments that prop 

□Bed capilal im- 

eel certain quality and safety Bla 

iidatds — Ihal we 

have ■■. 

<■■ num 

bet of fire escapes per floor, that : 

mol.nal. be ol a 




bcighl i 


luilding quahty and safety are ce 



to bull. 

d only Ihe best anyhow! Even if 

we otccifiionally 



would be submitting lo "federal 


Kings and Rulers 


ophetically told, "an 

hearts of kings and rulers in behalf of His people, and il become 

jr educational aims as a church. 

But Catholic and other parochial inslilutions 

help t: 

from the earlh."^ 

dt tiU His hand is withdrov 
Uncanny Consequenci 

those of other 


3oly avail- 
able tonic of public funds? Is it possible thai when the fullness 
of prophetic time has come, our institutions will be suppressed 
Is it possible that we wiU have lost precious opportunity to 
further the work, when Ihat unfortunate hour comes, by our in- 


stand on fedei 

(Continued on page 3J 


To all prospeclive students fori 
Southern Missionary College I 
ToaUhieh school and acad- 

Soutliera Missionary Cc 
will conduct its annual Co 
Days April 23-25. These ar 
dates on which prospeclive 
dents and ihe seniors from high| 
schools and the academies ui ih 
Southern Union are invited H 
come to Soutliom Missionar; 
College to parlicipate in approxi- 1 
niatelylwodaysofaclivili" ■"- 

Wc welcome all prospecUv 
sludenls on tliese dales. 

Donald E. Vollmcr, Prcsiden 
SMC Student Associauon 

Southern Missionary t 



and disjointed organization spieling happy ph 
erhood and unity. It must be rather an active, 
" ient and responsible orgar 

Suffer LiHie Children 

(Cont, column 5, this page 

SA Elections 

Coming Up 


n "on-campus" middle insert page will be published as 
IS possible, perhaps each issue . . . Tliis page will be com- 
o be strictly of campus interest. . . Controversial matters can 
id more fully on this page, and will be given regular 
je. This page will be edited strictly with the student 

—Rodney Bryant, Southern Accent platform, 1966 

B way of the Lord. . . They are 

in His caus . , 

not to make up their minds that the wliole truth has t 
folded, and that the Infinite One has no more light for his people. 
If they entrench themselves in the belief that the whole truth has 
been revealed, tliey will be in danger. 

—Ellen G. While, Counsels on Sabbath School Work, p. 33 

In relating law as love i 
—Dr. Joseph N. E 

ssential titat we give love the 
; speaker. Social Ethics Week 


» To help theology majors 
et the general educaUon Ut- 

;, upper 

'Biblical Liier- 
will be changed i: 
c "World Litf 

. ^villl 



T of dtemale public ; 

. h provides a 
services from ed- 


which, Jer- 
lEulUng firm for 

WSMC-FM. fro 
aired. Also, uni 

CoUegedale Cabinefs, Ine, 

Manjfacturen of High Qjallty 

Laboraforv Rirniture 

(or Schools and HoipiUls 

Cellegedale. Tenn. Telephone 396-2m 

College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 


1, Tu^t as prtjm 

; direc 

ind Elcvenlh Hour, 

he academy Eng- 
oflen expected to 
/ of these fields, 

di\'erse needs of the acad- 
y teacher." 
> English majors preparing 

Photos By 


taKToosa b 
center, inc. 

chahaWoosa blood 

.,„., and' finally manager 

oary of 1967. 

Other guesu and participants 
included Dr. Luther Joe Thomp- 
son, pastor of the First Baptist 
Church, Chattanooga; Elder 
Desmond Cunimings, president 
of the Georgia -Cumberland 
Conference of Seventh-day Ad- 
ventists; and Dr. J. W. Cassell, 
Jr., acting president of SMC. 

Photos By 

better prepared to lake the 
Graduate Record Eiaminalion 
Advanced Test in Liler3ture 

Beginning March 21 - 2:30 p. m. 'til 11:00 p. m. 

PWSMC-FM 80^000 wAns 

THE RADIO VOICE OF southern Wissionory College 


T™..I Is«i - A«idenh A,. E.p.n.i,. 

»5,000 K"dLl'co°i!™"°(rr' 5 D.yi, onl, S2.05 
S.. Yom Iniurane. Ajent 

CoUegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 


CoUegedale, Tenn. Phone 39i-2302 

lAttte Debbie 




Rood Service Auto Repair 



you make t^ best 
r Soyame// , 


1967 Talent Program 
Staged; Loses Money 

Miss Molly Jacobs, a fresh- 
man from Tallahassee, Fla., -was 
awarded the grand prize of $45 
in the annual Student Associa- 
tion lalenl show, March 25. 
Molly presented a reading en- 
lilled "Scratch" at the program. 

The relatively small att^ 

cal solo "Villanelle"; Non 

I Bernal, junior music major, 

ond prize of $30 for his_ \t 

judges. Grand 

officers, felt that the auditioning 
did not result in a good selection 
of talent, while the admissions 
charge was nefariously protested 
by the theft of all tickets from 
the SA office before sales had 
begun. When most of the 
tickets were recovered, ticket 

behind schedule. 

Moreover, at least a package 

of tickets were apparently not 

(Continued on page 3) 

Soph Student 
To Visit Indians 
In Panama Bush 

Leslie Weaver, a sophomore 

Ohio, was chosen "Student Mis- 
sionary of the Year" in Febru- 
ary at the college. 

eluded admission 
■ charges, high payment tor each 
I participant, and staging in the 
college gymnasiiun. 
Each performer selected dur- 
I "ig the first week in March by 
facully-studcnt auditions com- 
ived S15 and the 
ippear on tlie pro- 

was launched jointiv by the 
Missionary Volunteer Society of 
the college and Christ's Foreign 

The $400 scholarship is being 
provided by the college and the 
Southern Union of Seventh-day 
Advenlists. Travel expenses are 
being supplied by the MV So. 
ciely and Christ's Foreign Lc- 

Planning to study medic 

Southern Missionary Coile 
often called a "missionary c 
lege," has had approxiniati 

10 pay aOmission pnces al 
. -le of 5-50 for children. 

■ »'5 for "adults" and Sl-50 for 

I program didn't break e 

"Lincoln Memorial" 

A Presentation of 

Prose, Poetry and Music 

- Oral hilerprelalhu Class ■ 

Tuesday. April 18 

8 pjn. 

Fine Arts Chapel 



Dr. W. M. Schneider, Dean at PUC, 
Becomes New President of SMC 

Dr- Wilberl M. Schneider 
Dresenlly academic dean o 
^acinc Union College, Angwin 

H, Schmidl. chairman of SMC's 
Board of Trustees. 

Dr. Schneider, a former aca- 
;an of SMC \vlio holds 

a doctorate 

Editoriol Appreciation: C. N. Recs 

The Indelible Stamp 

c dean at three colleges. 

the college in June. Meanwhile, 
Dr J. W. Cassell, Jr„ SMC's 
academic dean, will continue as 
I president of the college. 


of Tulsa. They have four chil- 
dren, Douglas, 20; Shirley Jean, 

skirled school poIi< 

d by a fuU- 

3 Southern Missiom 

He served in 1941-42 as an 
iccounlant for Wliite Memorial 
hospital, Los Angeles, and as 
reasurer of the Loma Linda 
^ood Compony, Loma Linda. 
Zaiif., 1958-60. 


Sevenlli-day AdvenUst dcnomi- 

He has served as dean of stu- 
dents at Campion Academy, 
Loveland, Colo.; as head of die 

lurlaco of Springs, Mi 

academic dean of Andrews Uni- 

.7, i - 

dighl. 03 shmbs ore pi. 

rigibk b^. ,",," J'J""^ 


over a collego which- in la 

ge part, wo 

Fortunately. Iiom the win 

ows nl th. 

Many things do not ne 

cesaorily co 

nl high oIliM. 

h. faculty 


ho played parlor 

11 is olfio difiicull lo explain 

thai nol ovoryo 

6 saw him alike. 

lis closest frieni 

I and ossociolea. 

icies conlinuaUy 

e tolks, careluUy 

a^d al lenglh. lo those vrilh wh 

om he worked. 

the more ditficult 

grows Gublly less managcuble. 

nore labyrinlhin 


In laUdng with those who s 

ow him most, or 

e continuaUy en- 


:i rr;v°Hui 

president of So 

them Misaionary 

Collego from 1958 lo 1967. 

1> gestal. of tin, 

has supplied the 

s of the man wi 

unmislokdbly evident in the col 

ege which boar 

love and ability. 


Th, hu. and 

No Centralized Power 

Ihorily of Ih 

Student Associalio 

n has become too centralized or 

d rests in W 

sell-intefesled han 

lo a degre 

hut in reahty the 

e is. now, no functional centra 

zed authonl 

m the S.S. 

peon, Ihor. 

no alBcr who i. 

esponsible lo anyone for the ma 

nner in whie 


natL wha.°i;j ^ai^'IfoUi^J^h 

e may hold 

undelerred by an 

arohciency o 

er could, ior example, foil lo a 

lend a singl 

meeting ol the 5e 

note for the entire year and c 

uld alill Con 

icldy poini to the impeachmei 

This doe 

duly ii 

hr the Record 

\n hia duties. However, whc 
Commiltee Chairmen, who are elocled 1 
ble to Ihe entire sludent body? True, ih 
I. bul the process would involve mi 
robably be severely hampered by bure 

Js, and the highly sniriluol ottiludL- 

boih sludealt and focuhy. Indeed closer examination of the 

I'liave''ac''Ma^o''S"i:o™'^' ^t'th ^a''' '' '° ^° burdened dovm with lire 

NT during those momcnw ot'ded- although admittedly more Demo( 

n. or I might hnvp cliangrf my instrument nothing more than cm 

Appoint Committee Chairman 

lion vrill {inaccuralelv) t^'"' I 

Why nol be bold and imaginalive and give the Pi 
wer to appoint S.A. Commillee Chairmen wilh the 
nsent ol 2/3 ol the Senate. After d 



his A< 




by I 

body a 




{Contmued on page 3 J 

wely with the Pros 

(Continued on page 4) 

The Editor Chastised 

The Facts on Federal Aid 

Letter From a Reader 

Federal Aid 







«ko7 You? 




diin»;rs invo 

ChiUlihly Insultini 

I Talent Program 
I Tickets Stolen 

(Continued from page 1) 
etumed lo the SA office, but 
'ere dislribuled in the days 
receding the program in cryp- 
j iically inscribed envelopes free 

Certain groups of students 
seemed lo feel that charging 
student admission for Student 
Aswciaiion produced programs 

in^. poUlicfll oullwlf. onil polili- '■»•'". You flnrt lalki/iBBbout build inf; |ar„cs, angle p„i,p £„' either), 
'rcnnlh is al™ Roodffor Ihe Ad- ^^"'"'^^"''^jq,"^ ihhi "hieh "" ^'"" "*' ''"" ..'««I"''?e. 

Judges for the 
>vere Mrs. Lucy Ai 
icwah, Tenn-i Mrs 
«"i. of Jackson. 

Church; Mr. Marvin L. Robert- 
son, chairman of the college's 
Hnearis division; and Mr. Gary 
I nmbnum, former manager of 
Ijf^ Chnii.nnooga Symphony Or- 

(For climax and reply, over) 

Rasi/ic's Htiiis Win Victory 
In Final Basketball Action 

March 15: Bill Rasnic'p Final "A" League ! 

ns" defeated Jeff Albright's 

N L Pet. 

ue Basketball Inlramural 


8 S .G15 

Tipionship. The two teams 

d regular season play mth 
icai 8-4 records, forcing a 


a 1 SS 

ff for the league litle. The 

, paced by the playmaking 

12 276 

"The Wings of a Fly" 

(Pursued from page 2) 

Popularity, that ficklo two-faced monster, 
liltio attention la qualifications when he costs his 
Thus it may be possible thai students, iuUy copo 

because thoy don't catch the fancy of Iho volii 

ble and qualified 
pottunity simply 
ig public. 

A Political Machine? 

Ed o Adm G I 

J ff Albright was hi 
man for the Vandals 
The playoff gawe was \ 

13 133 10.2 

The Campaign in Perspective 

The Presidential Interview 



Colletiediile, Tenn. Phone 396-2302 

"Things Change" 

-view Jacques Advises 1 

^'^^ Ceremonial Grou J 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ■Things are changing, ai^ 

said Elder Oliver Jacques, chi 

administrative assistant to U, 

Congressman Jerry L. Pettis, 

addressing the senior class ( 


172 four-year and Iwo-ye 

<' '^ ^^Hl 

graduates here at recognitii 


ceremonies March 28. 

He told the class, students ai 

^^ ^^■HB^I 

guesis, numbering approximatt 

^ ^U 

ly 1200, ihat "you must projcc 
look forward, plan for the fi 

lure. You must be mobile, no 

^^^^k V' ^^^ sialic. The important thing il 

^^^^^^k ^^M^ that we become personally iifl 

^^^^^ '. ^HTi ^''^'^'^'^ "o^v the future cl 
^^^^^. ^fj ' in'"il'i"d and iU problems." ■ 
^^^^^^^^L ^^K^^ ^ Before becoming administraH 

^^^^^ -^L^ live assistant to Republican ConI 
W^^^^K — ^I^S gressman Jerry L. Peltis afl 

"What <fo you maan I tm debating California's 33rd district, EldejH 

■ nandtbjitbia motion?" Jacqucs was dircclor of univer-J 


sily relations al Loma Linil; 


University, I^ma Linda, Calif. 

^^ll j^^^^^^l 

In addition. Elder Jacques ha' 

x» f^Sl^^l 

served five years as a pastor am 


educator in Africa, 10 years as 

a pastor in Pennsylvania axA 


Mainland, and 12 years as a 

^^ ~- K.' 

public relations administrator 

^^ m^^ 

He has been chairman of l]« 

Bed Cross Fund in Redlands 

i'^^^^^H '^^H^9 

Calif.; president of tlie U'^ 


Warner Community Center 

litSf^^^^^^^^' - 

and director of the Lonia Lindi 

Wfe^^. ~-''~~-^ 

Community Services Council, 


Elder Jacques has writtei 

three books on Africa, and ha 


served as a consultant and ad 

■Ta. 1 think there a'e real diflcf "^°'' '° variOUS grOUpS OH tomj 

,n«, b'.t-eo'" .h. Vt'dcn' A.tociitioJ, 

munily affairs and fund raising 

, in southern California 

U w. V- 



New Dormitory 
To House Girls; 
Men Get WRH 

SI .5 million, \riU 

irlially occupied by Sep- 


Mallernee and Swarner to Lead 
Next Year's Student Association 

of Michigan Slale Univer- 
siiy, East Lansing, Mich., per- 
s u c h numbers as 
"Allegro" from ihc 
[or B-flat Trumpet. 


$638,000 Collegedale SDA Church 
Consecrated in Sabbath Ceremonies 

The Bait 

ntE ol Southern 


onary College hope thai you, the se 

IhB h.jh .choo 

s or 

acodemies ol the Southern Umon 



decide ogouisl exploring the jungl 
ally hobbling youraell by "loking a 

work and bolh 

ei; th 

e college is still small enough to n 

d lesls aie lerrih 



«e°"a pL'i'fw 


couraging Ihbgs about college is 
St anybody. College is a complex 

Mount Vernon Academy 

ease conlact Alumni 

imi Vernon Academy, 

Box 31] 

Mourn Vcmon, Ohio +3050 

Forest Lake Academy 
Alumni Reunion 

Called for graduation day. 

Your school wants v 
Celeste H. Kirstein * 
Alumni Secretary 

cated CoUegedale churc 

The grandson of Mrs. Eller 
G. While, pn 

day Advcntist writer of the las 
cenlury, Eider White's curren' 
work deals with arranging foi 
publication of Mrs. White'i 
writings, sifting through tht;| 
thousands of pages of unpub-j 
lished manuscript material for | 
appropriate passages. 

Educational work has long| 
been one of Elder While's fore- 
most interests. He has worked I 
in 12 exlension schools of the 
Seventh-day Advenlist Theolog- 
ical Seminary in such countries 
as South Africa, India, Nonvay, I 
and Australia, during the past I 
15 year^. He is also a guest in- " 

Berrien Springs, Micl 
teaches ther 

3ch fall 1 

Image of SA Presidency Acquires New Luster As 
Vollmer Sinks Hole-in-One on Cleveland Golf Course 

Now Let's See Him Do It 

Presidential Platform 

Roltin Mallernee 


days of balloting 
by approximately 
npaigning, follow- 


by the 


ent's C'oim- 




nd all can- 


anding for 
tions editors 
lite SA ans 

le posts of 
and presi- 
vered ques- 

■ from tile door during 

New Girls' Dorm to Have Carpeting, 
Air Conditioning, Two-Room Batlis 

!ound proof study carr 

audy quielly. 

Across from the lounge 
iililily area vdW be located, c< 

_ washers, dryers, ironi _ 
mards. balhlubs and hair dry 


"Smoking Sam" Comes to SMC Area 
At Invitation of College ATS Group 

In addition to I he hall phones 
1 each floor, the dorm Nvill be 
■ired so students may have 

'■Smoking Sam," a maniJdn 
representing a 12-year-old boy, 
not only shows but lells the ef- 
fects of smoking on the lungs. 
'■Smoking Sam" was on 
■WTVC's program, FOCUS, at 
8:30 a.m., reccnUy. 

Equipped V 

Thousands of sluder 

"Smoking Sal 

■ says 

■ smok- 
ly lungs." His lungs 
^■o glass jars filled Avith 
hair which traps the cig- 
residue as it comes from 
lulh by way of a tube. 

eports that 

Physics Graduate 
Gets $14,000 
For Research 

Dr. Carl Jansen, a 1958 grad- 
uate of SMC wth a major in 


; have 

College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 


Coilegedole. Tenn. Phone 396-2302 


n a double V 
girl, dies 

shelves, storage March 21 i 

'OO'- Junior High, 10:45 a.m., March 

will be installed 29; Hossville Junior High, 2:00 

Lit a shaft will be p.m.. April 7; Soddy Daisy 

vide for an ele- High, 12:55 p.m., April 14; 
Booker T. Washington High, 

Co//egeda/e Cabhefs, Inc. 

Manufacturari of High Quailty 

Physics Fellowship. 

He received the M.D. degret 
in 1963 from Loma Linda Uni. 
versity, Ixima IJnda, Calif. 

Upon completion of his three- 
year residency in radiology in 
June, Dr. Jansen will devi 
lime to his research during tt 
ne.\l academic year, using \h 
University's nuclear researc 
reactor center on the Coliunbi 

Summer Language Programs to Bel 
Offered in Europe by Institutel 


France, Germany, and Spain 
wll be inaugurated this year by 
the Institute of European Stud- 

program will begin June 

AU fall-semester pro 
except those al Vienna, at 
to qualified sophomores ai 
iors registered in U.S. toi 
liberal arts colleges. 

The Institute, a privati 
profit educational insti 
also conducts full-yeai 

further studies in France fol- 
lowing the program. 

'"' ' ill-scmester programs 

colleges and univ 

r 300 U.S. 

ently participate in the ImU- 
tule's programs. Furtlier rn'or- 
maUon can he obtained by 
^vriUng to the Institute at i^ 
East Wacker Drive, Chicago. 


Eastern Inter-Collegiate Workshop 
iConvenes Annual Meet on Campus 


1 four different areas of dis- registered by 'the opeoiDg 

I SMC's Student Association was 
I host for llie Workshop and rc- 
1 sponsible for its planning and 

Tlie theme for the workshop 
,vas "relevancy." and the dis- 
:ussion centered on the place 

Keynote address speaker for 
ihe opening session was Dr. 
Frank W. Hale, Jr., President 
]t Oakivood College, Huntsville, 
lUabama, who urged that "SA 
eaders realize its responsibility 
J educational process." 

area was made up of the SA 
presidents and pre si dents -elect 
and was chaired by Donald 
Volhner, president of the SA at 
SMC. The Scholarslup area dis- 
cussion was headed by Ken 
Trackewk, Chainnan of the 
Educational Standards Commit- 
tee at Andrews University. The 
PubUcations areas — newspaper 
headed by 

Mich., Atlantic Union College, 
South Lancaster, Mass., Colum- 
bia Union College, Takoma 
Park, Md., Oakwood College. 

Tenn,, Southwestern Union 
College, Keene, Te.-£as, and 

Union College, Lincoln, Neb,, 

hursday and Friday were 
n up mlh special committee 
ions and general assembly 
tings. The highlight of 

■. John 

N. Popham, managing editor of 
The Chattanooga Times as the 
main speaker. Mr. Popham 
spoke of the responsibility fac- 

)rld and by the lack of knowl- 

Office Administration Area 
Names Secretary of Year 

Dr. C. N. Rees 
Dedication of 

monies May 4, 1967. The 
recipient of Uie first copy was 
Dr. C. N. Rees, to whom the 
yearbook was dedicated. 

Dr. Rees has served as 
president of SMC for the past 
eight years but voluntarily 
relinquished that post last 
February after having suf- 

■d before the studt 
since last fall. 
Dr. Rees spoke a few woi 
o the students llianiung thi 
for the honor given 
The Uieme of thi 

iration building v 

67 Annual 

ing as a sj-mbol of the prog- 
ress of this college, and it is 
indeed a fact that progress 
was die watchword of the ad- 
ministration of Dr. Rees. The 
dedication of the 1967 edition 
of die Southern Memories to 
Dr. Roes is but a small token 
of student and faculty appre- 
ciation for the work which he 

Student Literary Effort 
Finally Released on Campus 

t had 1 

— -^ ..luj ine support 
listeniije audience, to ex,,a....... 

nf our broadcast hours and coii- 
I'Wiued hnprovement of pro- 
IKramniing and quality." 
- Carlson, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
I 3U1 Carlson of Orlando, will be 
mor m the fall at SMC. 

lany laugh-filled 
iccepl any kind of remunera- 

The Scholarship commitlee 

lOt only inaugurated the publi- 

of the "Legacy" but also 

by loosening its jiurse 

thereby lowering its cost to you 

by approximately 20f per copy. 

"If the "Legacy" deserves any 

praise, as 1 think it surely does, 

witli. The credit lies ^vitli the 

concludcd Whidd 
fail to buy a copy i 
possibly can. It is worth n 

to indicate." 


Final Assessment? 

The Image 

Senior Functions 

Discrimination Unfair 

ils place in SMC poUlical 1 

a 1 .,v montliE, -.^Eo 

lain Senior lunct 

ions Ibis year. 

nl your paper'^ 1 m. 


^ FirsI w 

e would suggest 

that the annual S 

enior Outing be 

' "0 'h^^ """^''"Fj 1 

'"■ ^"^ 

olher more 

constructive pro 

jecta that would b 

etler benefit the 

Hl #1.MiQtdnl 


ar's ouling was p 

oorly attended, and 

1 virtually turned 

ed couples' retre, 

31. We might add 1 

that Senior Class 


with Iheir S( 

>nior husbcmds. V 

prohibits single Sei 
1 given by some as 

T wilTi '^llel' "nd' 


foT poor atl 

endonee a\ the o 

uling by the class , 

as a whole. 

;on, Coolidge. and Oa- 

t"iy and Ihat the ii 

New Constitution 

!/=«Ja" JE If, M' Wk: 

It's Your Privilege 



'" C'M/'Sffl 



ir^ JtMfe 








i its strength, since il is only a 

A New Column: Book Reviews 

deritaiid.'The ihought ihat one 
lan can cold-bloodedly and 

Ihodically murder another is 
lomelhing I cannot explain. It 
can only be charged off lo some 
noiel insanity which lurks in 
all hiunan beings, who, by pre- 
occupation with the quest for 
treasure, pleasure, and self-grat- 
ification, unknowingly give 

the Infidel armies, but never 
conquered them. In the end all 
they had to show for their cHort 
loss of life and empty 

an influer 
way of life, and determined I 
some extent the culture and cu 
toms of its future. But so do a 
wars; and just because wars ar 
a part of our heritage, and ej 
citing to read about, and b( 

mph of the Crusades, 

fact, the advancer 

:hed the Fi 

I 1291, when tlie last 
Christian stronghold in the Holy 
Land fell lo tlie Moslems, thou- 
sands of churches and cathe- 
ero peacefully estabhsh- 
)ughout Europe. What 
:ould have been accom- 
plished, (or mankind and future 

the I 

idealist. To me the Crusade-s 
were an utter waste. But hind- 
sight isn't worth a dime, and the 
cooler heads of historians 800 
years removed, cannot, it's loo 
bad, affect the shape of current 

ands of human lives 
i in their prime, had been 

lasting humanitarian effort? But 

asked himself after the battle 
loke has cleared, and it is too 
late to pro\'ide an answer to that 
age old (luestion. 

The objective of most of the 
major Crusades was the same: 
diat of rescuing ChrisUans in 
Ihe Biblical lands and liberating 
^salem, the place of the holy 
_ )und of Ihe crucifixion, and 
'he burial place of tlie Lord 
Jesus Christ. This twin objective 

have'" ''""'^'' """ 

Physics Workers 
Begin Research 
With Plasma-Jet 

SMC physics students Steve 
Sowder and Roger Hall with the 
assistance of NL". Rodger Nei- 
digh, visiting lecturer, started 
the SMC Pliysics Department's 
plasma-jet recently. 

The jet was started so "calori- 
metry measurements" could be 
made on the plasma-jet's cooling 
system. The data taken was 
used to determine the power loss 
of the jet to tlie cooling system. 

rent (500 amp) low voltage {40 
volts) arc t]m>ugh which the 
gas lo be studied is fed. The 
light emitted by this plasma or 
excited gas is then studied by 

Morhers' Day 



Cof/egedafe Cabinefs, /nc. 

Manufacturers of High Quality 

Laboratory Furniture 

for Schools and Hospitals 

egedore, Tenn. Telephone 396-2131 

Students Stage 
Lincoln Memorial 

Students of Mrs. McCorr 
Oral Interpretation class. 
SMC presenied "Lincoln N 

Reveal New Lyceum -Arts) 
Stars Luboff, Navy Band 

and death. 

By Bonny 
'■Norman Luboff, the Vienna 
Boys' Choir, and the U. S. Navy 
Band are scheduled as part of 
SMC's Lyceum-Fine Ar\s series 
next year," reports Dr. Jerome 
Clark, chairman of the Lyceum- 


Mitchell became conductor of 
the band in March of 1962. 
Since llien the band has ap- 
peared in 197 cities. The hand 
otficially begun in 1925 


It Calvi 

Eight students gave reading 
ind a short plav. Mrs. Gem 
'ieve McCormick, assistant prt 
essor of speech here, originall 
:ompiled and directed tlie pn 


1498, just six years after Colum- 
bus discovered North America. 
To sing in the choir, the boys 
icn tlie ages of 

band of the United States 
Navy of Washington, D. C. 
They liave played in hundreds 

throughout these United Stales, 

sible for ailing the program 
WSMC-FM, the college 

which objec 

the plasma, f-values and ' 
neuLrdl and ionized atom di 
si lies of the different clome 
present in the plasma. 

^or the ultbnate failure of the 

For 200 years knighu from 
";ery part of Europe fought for 
Church, God, and Christendom; 
sted victory temporarily, 
-ver held it; they con- 
'rolled, at times, vast amounts 
of territory, but' never kept it; 

ensemble chorus, directed bj 
Stewart Crook, assistant profes- 
sor of music at SMC, provided 
live music (vith a selection 
patriotic songs. 
Some of tlie highlights of tlie 

Illinois," a play by Robert Shcr- 

younger years, ™th Roberl 
Foxx and Bob Hunter; and Ray 
M inner giving "Lincoln, tlie 
Man of the People," by Edwin 

Students participating were 
Tonuny Ipes, Robert Foxx, Bob 
Hunter, Andy McRae, Bay Min- 
ner, Judy Salyen, Carol Ann 
Schneider, and Martha \'VTiiUey. 

SA 1966-67 Pictorial Review 

SOCIAL RESISIER, .„d ,„, .«94«d--«ll in lhr«m,°'n 

' f ^'sarxr' 

Ntr? lay in ilag 

I highlights a tr 

ow ihc glenmofEcl, glon the Heamow, 

College Chorale 

'■TJu''m'?'does he over dt^al with 

Intones Concert; 

"ProblEms? What sort of problems 

Robertson Leads 

"B'^1''hl"'diT*°,i"'just now. You 

der die diiection of Marvin I- 

ul'p^aVtliere's some other proV 

loberlson, appeared in concert 

"?n*'"',M^'' ■" """'*'' 

Friday rught. May a. 

Ac CO mpa nyin g Uie Chorale 

vas Mrs. Beverly Sleiner. Nar- 

rator was Mr. Smuts Van 

ibout rncei" 

looyen of SMC rebgion staff. 

No problem, '"•'^'^- A r"" « " 

The concert consisted of sa- 

"\Ve "hurry "over to the Mnypob 

cred numbers done in (our dif- 

Mrtcdolresdy. Lcfs run. This is the 

erenl languages— English, Lnl- 

n, Russian and Hebreiv. Tliere 

vas also a section of conlompor- 

"l i?^ow-^"er''lh^re '^bind'^Ie'di^ 

ary music. 

Included m llie program were 

the following selections: "Can- 

tate Domino" by Giuscppi Pi- 

^al s our string quarlel, sir- 

oni, "Gloria Patri" by G. B 

da Palestrina, "God Be in M\ 

-No, they're not porniilted. But 

iead" by Walford Davies, "C 

ln(c^?iI^"'herG "^ /^T'^me'ti^M 

s Bom" arranged by Roger 

iVagner, "Hospodi Pomilui b) 

Alexis Lvov, "Song of Galilee' 

)y Julius Chajes, "My Shepherd 

/Vill Supply My Need" ar- 

Mayday, moyday. 

ranged by Virgil Thomson, "Al- 
eluia" by Jean Berger, "Psahn 

Jlay Day, May Doy. 

,30" by Paul Manz, and "Jubi- 

Maypole Moj-pole. Over and under 

ate Deo Oiimis Terra, Op. 40' 

by Flor Peelers. 

flack so soon?" 

grams in Nortli Carolina, Geor- 

"t'rVtiJ ^■' "™L ■'""' '*"<'^'^ '^ 

gia, Alabama, and Mississippi 

Tliey have also performed for 

"'^^wCl'" ''?"■ ^"'^ "■" ""' 

tlie Chattanooga Music Club. 


To Blood Donori 

-iri . p„„y j|. ^ , j^^ .. 

chahanooga blood 


lOB W. 6th St. 267.9778 

t down-lo-earth 

Collcgedale. Tenncs 

Up-lo-date life i ,„., 

prices. Choice of 26 new policics- 
h as our car insurance. CaU or s. 


Collegedale. Tenn. Phone 396-2302 

College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 

) LittiePehbie 

' 1 r/fiSr TASTE 



Road Service Auto Repairs 


PHONE 396-9656 

Fleming Speaks at 
Madison Campus 
Open House 

One of the top admini. 

of SoutJiem Miss 


Mat , _ 

grounds of the Ma disc 
pilal Sunday, May 7. 

Representing Southern Mis- 
sionary College and also host at 
the Open House was Mr. 
Cluirles Flemmg, Jr., SMC's 


program that f< 
guesu of the c 
the hospital 

Southern Missionaiy Collt 

The clinical experience in this 
curriculum is on the Florida 
Campus of tlie hospital located 

r the Annual Student Assocf. 
"I pro'gram In iho "sA offTcc 


(Continued from page 1) 

Numbers performed included 

Beethoven's "Sonata, Opus 109, 

Schumann's "Symphonic 

On March 25 Mrs. Stein 
won third prize for a piano dut 
"Scaramouche," in SMC's ai 
nual student talent program. 

Lindsey Sings 
Senior Selection 
For B.M. Degrees 

Clark Attends Convention 
Of American History Society 

al llie Palmer House 
Inollendance aloi 

including several fro 
day Alive 

I Seventh* the New Det 

caused. RMsevelt 

;ard | 

en FD1\ nnd Hoover 
early months of tl: 


A Book 

To Chapel 

, Dr. Georsc Thoni 

Coon Spealcs to Theologians 
At Annual SMA Retreat 

red around 'Tlie Pr.i 

nual on- 


over tlie weekend and 


;nled in workshop form 

meetings were held in h 

Featured as guest speaker was 


the information prese 


of the Madison Colleg 



stry of the students 

and Southern Union re 

Kjse llie membership o 

U the 


csenled during llie n 


eel held 

lion for Ihe 196?-e8 schoo 

Thcv are: Floyd Po 


.SI. Li.- 

deni; Cora Marina, 

denl; Rick Wilkins, 1 

he is presently in sei 


Barbara Horloiv, s 
Gary Anderson, pubb 


Elder Coon's dvnan 

nic mes- 


ns; and Wally Willi 



go of Uie weekend 



Honev. YOU make t/ie Lest 

g/ass of 






i ^ 

1$ the Draft 
in YOUR 


-^ 19-veaT-oldi will no doubt be 

^ called Ent 

^ Student deferments probably 

greatly reduced 
^ou ore age 16 or in ihe lUh 
life plan lo Merd— 







turned off 




NFL ^^ 

want to make peace? 



131 Seniors Receive SIMC Degrees 

[ Walter, flute soIo; Nonie Piatt ^^* 
and James Marcum, class re- ■ 
sponses; Judy Whitman, vocal 
solo; Mrs. Patricia Gillit, bene- 
diction; Ray Ruckle, organist 

Graduates of the 4-year bac- 
calaureate program who were 
pinned are as follows: Sandra 
Brown, Irene Capps, Myra Cen- 
:, Kenneth Jones, Rita Knight, 
anne Parker, Nonie Plait, 
ma Roberts, Betty Sinclair, 
imar Smclair, Judy Whitman, 
It Horwath, Faith McComb. 
Gerald Owen and David Singer. 
Graduates of the 2-year asso- 

being pinned are as follows: 
Marcia Abemathy, Mari 
AndruE, Kathryn Bellw 
Karen Campbell, Ruth Ct 
slon, Ldnda Davis, lindi 
sey, Cathie Lemke, James M, 
cum, Virginia Meert, Syl' 
Sue, Carol Sv 
Thum, Paula Walker and Sa; 
I dra Willsey. 



Lovejoy Takes Up Duties 
As Madgwick Goes to CUC 

^ed his bachelor of a 


Dehnar F. Lovejoy has taken 
up his new duties as dean of 
student affairs at Southern Mis- 
si on a r>- College. 


for the past t\vo years, Lovejoy igan Slate University, East Lan- 
■ the post vacated sing. His imdergraduale major 

terenc* of Seventh-day Adven- 
tisti, Washington, D. C, gave 
the baccalaureate address to the 
131 graduating seniors at South- 
ern Missionary- College on Sat- 
urday morning. 
He said, "Your aim, Christ- 

we might admire tliem, and 
however good they may be, can 
still disappoint us. Jesus is the 

Elder PJerson, who is the 
author of 12 books, is a former 
sludenl of SMC. He has served 
his church in the local area, in- 
cluding NashviUe and Atlanta, 

rell a 

West Indies 

1 Afrii 



,vorld-wide chi 

iiunmer at the General Confer- 
mce meeting in Detroit. 
Elder Pierson told the 

,1 educa 

Dr. Frank Knittel Assumes 
Academic Dean's Position 

Columbia Union work was 

College, Takoma Park, Md,, to tion, heallli, recreation and 

be dean of students. ciology. His master's thesis 

Madgwick came to SMC as an dUed "Recreational Leader 

insUTictor m English in 1958. jn Seventh-day Advenlist 

In 1962 he was named English ondary Schools." 

Dr. Frank Knittel, 

icademic dean of Southern Mis- 
ion arj' College, 
Dr. Knittel arrived at SMC 
replace Dr. J. W. 

administration; therefoi 
that this opportunity to 
academic dean in one of 
leges is an advantageous 
My leaving Andrt 

t the 


=sult of any of my 

1 he 

held for the next three years. 

In 1965 Madgwick became 
dean of student affairs, holding 
that post imtil the end of this 
school term. 

Before coming to SMC in 
1965, Lovejoy was dean of boys 
at San Fernando Valley 

Physical Education b 

for Health, you have been h 

three children. 

I dent, who accepted the post of Jimit 
academic dean at Pacific Union 

I College. 

■. Knittel joined the staff of 

I Andrews University in 1959 to 
teach in the Enghsh Depart- 
nieat. Four years later he was 
elected vice president for student 

Dr. Cassell joined the staff of 
SMC in June, 1963, and has 
I Mrved as academic dean until 
IS elected to fill the position 
[ 01 academic dean left vacant by 
>. W. M. Schneider at Pacific 
Jnion College, A^g^vin, CaUf., 
^hen Dr. Schneider accepted 
fle presidency of SMC, 

^king ahead to his new 
position, Dr. Knittel sa 

Pioneer, McKees 
Give Scholarships 
For Total of $1000 

Ten students at Southern 
Missionar>- College have been 
awarded $100 scbolerships, pre- 
sented jointly by the Pioneer 
Foundation of Chattanooga and 
Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. McKee of 

ge M. Clark, cl 
board of Pioi 
Bank, and 0. D. McKee, pi 
dent of the McKee Baking C 

lilable t 




ssionary C 



seniors a 

.y moniii 

Dr. Hirsch 


Dr. Hirs 
nt lime, U 


old tlie se 
esis to the 
has been a 


isible cord 


jch through his- 


guiding ma 

n to 

us desliny, 

lade possib 

as Creator 

Dr. Hirs 


has servei 


idrman o( U 

e social sc 

La Sierra 



^lumbia I 


College. W 


glon, D.C 


has also served 

'sidenl of Columbia Uni 

I Holt, Rodney Hyde, 

flSd Newell, cSRickaby! Springs, Mich, A 
Don Shaw, and Gayle Thomlon. (Continued on 

Universit)-, Berriei; 

/I Quedi 3^uii<^ue 


I upon (1) loading . 

3aHa^ddl<uuu €t/ucd 

be had never seen il at oil. 

While this may seem the baldest of platitudes, it hoi 

perBnnially problematic area of "Congressional ethics." 
The cases of Mi. Powell and Ml. Dodd ate indeed no. 

"Conoressional ethics," then they will hove served 

editorship attempt to accomplish?" Th 

only slated goals which 

hoose our President and Vice 
President. But do we really 

We can dismiss Mr. Powell's case hom ihe present considera- 

a more philosophical piano, what was 

being attempted? Three 

hoose these leaden;? Under our 
ices are filled by individuals 

personaJ pleasure, and was not aimed at maintaining his poUlical 

answers will be conjectured and then 
1. The editors prinled everything. 

elected nol by popular vole, but 
b^' members of ihe Electoral 

hriould be elecled from his dialncl il he spent not one penny 

rondonUy soleclod crilidsm ol v 
that a lomous author attempted 

alo thinking by printing 
arious things. (It is said 
lo do Ihifl by publishing 

iillege, consisting of individuals 
rom each State of the Union, 
riieir number is governed by 

The case of Senator Dodd is a different story. As we under- 
stand it, he is clearly "guilty" of violating the present dehnilion 

3, The editors pursued a policy o 
pointed criticism, what thoy con 

counterbalancing, with 
isidered on overpalemal- 

ihe representatives in both 

St'aTe" Ex,: Tennessee has 9 
epres en ta fives 4- 2 senators - 

importantly, why? 

Here we gel back lo our little platitude. 

At this time, it is Ulegal for a man who aspires lo public 
office to spend more than a certain— cmd very small— amount of 

simply says he cannot spend more than "x" doUars, Though this 
amount may vary, it is usually at least sufficient lo pay lor his 
campaign telephone bUi for one day. 

We all know that Ihis is so. And we aU know the conse- 

1 electors. The candidate who 

us toTh'cTecf conXion"'"''""' ' 

m be suggeste to gm e 

carries ihe majority of the popu- 
ar vote in each Slate usually re 

Btory. "May Day" elory. elc); il is difh 

i.dur. #2. 

B. Th. I.II... lo Ihe .dilor 1 

lifltic or bungling (racoon 

eives all the electoral vole of 
hat Slate. But, due to defects 
n Ihis system our nation has in 

be split widely between 

he past had imnority Presi 
dents — and il is possible that i 

ould happen again! For this 
reason I advocate the abolish 

nalional levels are not only tempted bul forced to spend huge 

iho.. who ocidl, uige lurlher eltama 
who doflperalely argue Ihal ihings are 


menl of the Electoral College. 

B^all Ih^i^ihZTJ^^ZltT. °' '^'^"^"'"' ""^"' ™'' ^""'" 


he editor for his conserva- 

Electoral College has given u. 
•residenii who actually received 

ents! In 1824 four candidate 

ovoid guUt under Ihe law. They cannot legally spend more than 

Jr. d.Z'rate'til.lT.rtL »™ ™ 

es, pitiful, giving the im- 

formed, "friends" contribute, and by one method or another, Ihe 

prossion that the onJy thing about whi 

h they could reaUy eom- 

plain was "altiludG," On Ihe other hai 


on, John Quincy Adams, Wil 

But here we encounter the unfortunate element in all ol this; 

C, The editors' answers to some o! 

hese letters (say, tho one 

Exhibit C supports, in the writers 
has printed everything which I know lo 

pinion, conjecture #3. 
eprccaling its views. It 

:iay. Jackson was the clear 
Hjpular vote choice of the peo 
pie, polling haU again as man> 
voles as his nearest opponent 
Yet John Quincy Adams wa 
elecled by the House of Repre 


respond lo a request lor material whic 

it deemed helpful lo Ihe 

hand, we can lax Ihe public indirectly to support poblical cam- 

paigns. Many have advocated Ihis, and it is certainly superior 

Exhibit D is on the sides ot conjecl 

urea #1 and #2! 

system failed to give any of the 
candidates a majority. 

in several ways lo Ihe present system. Bul there is, we beUeve. 

Against #1 can bo humorously 

(?) pitied Ihe foUowing 

a better way. 


In 1876 Samuel Tilden out 

That belter way would be to simply declare it not only 

DoUed Rutherford B. Hayes b\ 

legal but OBLIGATORY for a Congressman to report all funds 

SITon 'Sdos tit'oto'lra^tron) 

ho universe (which, by 

«hal seemed lo be an over 
whelming 250,000 votes. Yet 

used in maintaining his politico! position, whether in campaigning, 
lund-raising dinners, or personal gifts intended lo go for political 

After much thought, the writer co 

odilors hove nol ptevontod one's comi 

ng to Ihe conclusion that 

ege threw the decision into th 

no penalty. The only penahy would come hom not being accur- 

On Iho posilive side, il con be so 

ad that criticism in press 

rfayes ended up with 185 elec 

does get things done (It would be av 

/kward not to revise Ihe 

local votes lo Tilden's 184, 

linonces lo get into such a mess that they would require infusion 

In 18B8, Grover Clevelan 

from ■■political" sources. For every penny of '■political" money 

tnannor preferable to rioting, indulgen 

ce in intemperate chemi- 

ed Benjamin Harrison by 

would have lo be accounted for. 

cats, and other "antisocial behavior." 

At least one result would be a whole Congress-full ol honest 

ried off an electoral majority 


loy) sounded some years 

and won eleclion. 

Such results are a deliberal 
louting of majority rule ant 
lave no place in our democrat! 
system. All other elective Fed 

o^'jusn^f so"^' oTlJ'o 'LXrial men 

||«gr^-^ -^ D..,MrEdi,„. 

ondly. on the negative side ol this e 
i:hoico. it can bo questioned whether c 

valuation of Ihe editors' 

IomlwhZeL"'Do"r'evoiu';ronres u 

ually make good gover- 

eral officers, includbg Senator 

^fe^Mjgj illfiSfJi 


ly popular vote through direc 

Thirdly, on the side wishing that th 

ad (problem solving, con- 

elections. Why shoiJdn't th 
President and Vice Presidenl b 


a rock so targe that He 

venting minority winners? 

Now, I think that 1 lollow Iho logi 

of the oven more angry 

°.»,X%S"Jh";S"™to°S E„B''1„" '•" •"»" "" "' 

young men when I slate thai the poopl 

The Edirors want to 

Ihipi'^f^elJ^k^''"^"^"' "'"'"'""'' Although I hnvc disagreed v^tlj 

Ihem are IN Iho ostabUshmenl (Il is to 

dministrators and "nice" 

young people, that they direct their w 
young people that they respond to cons 

ords and actions). And 

commend the column on 

^Ji Ls lim« of inlprQcling, a time ^"uud Vd"^ defend the courageouj 

end worUi. Ki tun, i,-4 brondening, "n/sCed yolr iJdtink „ 
lis unexploinnhly and indispentahle, Mnii Gordon Phillips 

defensive actions than Ihey do to dostn 

the left to our readers. 

n that y Ihey (tho "even 

U»Tence of CaUfornia Nnsh^-ilb, Teneessee 

either lo convert them or to cause a 

We appreciate Dr.„h.J loro^tM, ami lo' v^Bcni mul ,rm„Ur .jmn. dun-,, A. •d.o^l f"'. <^ "^ 

conslruclivo criticism U 

1>:""p'j,'%^,!rzrr.„fr.j'!^ t^ '*' s""Sisir^s°">S "^w'= ™'^' i^''^'^''''"' 

hypocritical, can w© not 

Hefferlin's logical, clear 

My conclusion hoa been onlicipat 

rM\A*t,: Tt» ShdMl Ai»cIatloB. Saultem MiBlonary Coll.4« 

d by 2,000 years: I hnd 

analysis of our, and 

°many more "^Tb^dr. 


Many prayers have boon davoled, on 
voted, to tho ultimate goal thai Iho "19 
prove to have been a ateppingstono on 
ened their sldlla sd Ihe woy to becoming 

jl lohnny Wollei 

67 Southern Accent" will 
which the editors shoip- 
a powerful force for God 
Dr. Hay Hefferlin 

Burinci ond Cireulallcn G' Thoma. E'"" 


Chiol Photon ha ^^"^ H<r«yiot 

in the world. 

Advi«r WUIiim H. Toyl" 

Seniors Receive Degrees Senior Placements 

(Continued f, 
Timothy David Manning 
George Edward Reid 
battle stars for service in John Gaylord Reid 
Noraiandy, the Rhineland and Earl Lewellyn Robertson 

Charles David Scarbrough 

dence is seldom alluded to in the John M, Strickland 
world today. Natural forces are Paul Elvis Viar 

seemingly imexplainable inte 

h intellectually. One wou: 
the ostrich or Rip Va 
I Winkle if he chose lo ignoi 
I progress or fail to recognize tJ: 
I tremendous changes in all fieli 
I of knowledge. The potential 

Linda Jean Davis 
Linda Claire Hulsey 
Cathie Ann Lcmke 
James L. Marcum 
Virginia Carol Meert 
Sylvia Louise Sue 
Carol Ruth Swans6n 
Paula Elizabeth Thum 
Paula Nelle Walker 

AUen. Robert Stanley -Hamilton County Deputy Patrol (SMC) 
A^lde^o"; S^Sal^ ^'"^^' Washington. D. C. 

Anthes, Michael Oliver 

Austin, Phylis Ann - Social Work, Orlando 

Barlo, Leonard Wayne — Production Manager, Bindery, SMC 

ork, Michigan S 

Boyson, Jack Keith 

Brown, Kemieth Wayne — Andi..,, ^i,.,^,>„ 
Bryant, Rodney Craig - Gradual^ SchMrE^o^uI^vrrsi 
I, Willie Delia — Teaching, Dalton, Ga, 

sity (Florida Conf.) 

Carta bi a 

Center. Myra Sue — Nurse. Dahon Ga 

C "^^.-^"^--'-.-^^ ~ ^^t^'^.'^ "'gl' School, Rossville, Ga. 

Knittel Assumes 
Dean's Position 

; ihis. that Chemlriry 

s Russell Williams 

rather than an earth 

I educational work of the church, 
overseeing 5,168 schools, col- 
leges and universities through- 

-, Mass., and the M.A, and 
degrees from Indiana 


1967 Seniors 



Caroline Bessie Chris ten sen 
Leshe Troy Jacobs 
Ralph Herman Ruckle 
Dennis Franklin Steele 

rake Summerour 


Buiinsii Admi 
Karen Lou Fier 

WilUam Edward Murphy 
Gary Martin Pearson 
I Chemii+ry 

Paul Edward Anderson 
Wilham Clark Herren 

John Louis Waller 

Velda Jean Burke Blw 
Rodney Craig Bryant 
Barbara Ann DuPuy 
Glenna Faye Foster 

Linda Kay Anderson 
Albert Gordon Dittes 
John Richard McLeod 
Barbara Ann Suggs 
Donald Evans VoUmer 

Home Eeononiici 

'Caro! Ijjuise Neidigh 

Randall Eugene Crowso 
Jack Edward HJssong 
Patricia Kay Murphy 

Jack Keith Boyson 

Roger Albert Hall 

Benjamin Russell Holt 
^. V. Jones, Jr. 
John CecU Leach 

Lorraine Dale Mej 

Sherry Fortner 

Linda Parker Ledbettei 
Janet Ruth McKee 
Vernon Lee Menhi 
John Edmond Neff 
Joan Ellen Rowell 
Phylhs Anne Thacker 
Joseph Thomas Strock 

Douglas Glenn Clark 
Msdical Office Adminiih 
Carolyn Nadine Ladd 

Donovan Dean Wilson 

Sandra Lynn Brown 
Myra Sue Center 

Mary Patricia Honvath 
Reta Mae Knight 
Gloria Dianne Parker 
Marian Naomi Piatt 
Lana Marcine Roberts 
Allen Lamar Sinclair 
Sarah Elizabeth Boyle Sinclair 
Judy George Whit 

s Woods 

Office Administration 
Charlotte Elaine McKee 

Phy,i«l Education 
Larine Paula Graham 
Charles Thomas Rule 
Charles Wesley Turner, Jr. 

Beverly Babcock Sleiner 
Ernest Da\-id Steiner 


Pamella Kay Richards 
Office Adminittffltion 
Nellie R. CampbeU 
Patricia Sue Fowler 
Judith Susan Leitner 
Diane Irene Tcwis 
Suzanne Angela Zagorsky 

Dittes, Albert Gordon 

- Gradu 

le ^vork 


ent, C.U C. 


y, Barbara Ann 

— Secretary to tl 

e Presid 


, George Thoma 

s — Acco 

anting \ 



ng, Karen Lou 

- Getting 




er, Sherry — Teaching, So 





, Glenna Faye - 

— Gradua 

e work, 

s University 


es, Judith May - 




, Rett}- Cathryn 

a -Mas 

ers wor 


Lmda Univep 


e, James Arthur 

nt Book & Bibl 

House Mana 

A'i 6 cousin Cxmfe 



Roger Albert — 




Slephen Anlhon 

■ — Assis 

or. For 

«t Lake Acade 

three years in the Army. 

In 1955 he joined the st£ 
of the University of Colorai 

grees. He remained there as i 
assistant dean of men until 1 

William Clark — Forest Lake Eiei 
Holt, Benjamin Russell — Graduate work. Andrews Univ 
Hor^valh, M. Patricia — Kettering Hospital, Ohio 
Jacobs, Leslie Troy — Loma Linda University 
Jansen, Glenda Mae — Southern Publishing Association 
Jewelt, David George — Medical School 
Jones, C. v., Jr. — Associate Pastor, Orlando 
Ladd, Carolyn Nadine — Portland, Tennessee 

Lmdsey, Charles Quin — Teaching, Catoosa Com 
McKee, Charlotte Elaine — Married, Texas 
McKee, Janet (Wood) — Teaching 
McLeod. John Richard — Teaching in Alaska 
Manning, Timothy Dawd — Andrews Universit 
Menhennett, Vemon Lee — Teaching, California 

e Dale — S< 

Bernhardt - 
Murphy, George Joseph — 
Murphy, Patricia Kay — Masters work 
Murphy, WilUam Edward — Business, Orlando, Fla. 
Neff, John Edmond — Teaching, Wilson, N.C. 

Reid. George Edward — Seminary, Andrews Uni' 
Reid, John Gaylord — Teaching, Mobile, Alabar 
" * - Nursing. Florida San 

Aussner Presents 
Certificates to 
Seven Students 

Seven students of Southern 
Missionary College, presently 
enrolled in German classes, re- 
ceived Certificates of Merit in 

Roberts, Lam 

Robertson, Earl Lewellyn — Geoi^ a -Cumberland Coniere 
Ministry, Nashville, Ten 


RoweU, Joan Ellen 
Ruckle, Ralph Hem 
Rule, Charles Thom 

reaching, Charleston, S.C. 

— Medical School 

- Blue Moi 

1 Academy, Hamburg, Pa. 
Scarbrough, Charles — Next year at Madison, Term. 
Silverstein, Mary Ellen — Social Work 

Smothermon, George Elbert — Patient Services, Kettering, Ohio 
Steele, Dennb Franklin — Graduate Work, Loma Linda Univ. 
Steiger, George A. — Seminary, Andrews University 
■, Beverly — Teaching, Grand Ledge Academy 

Ernest Raines from a iwo-year 
course; Sylvia Crook, Gary 
Hartman and Julia Malgadey 
from a three-year course; and 
Suzi Parks from a four-year 

The Certificate of Merit is 
given even- year to students 
with a high standing who have 
had German for at least two 

of at least 90 percent. Only TVi 

students from each class, may 
receive this award. The Certi- 
ficate is signed by the president 
of the American Association of 
Teachers of German. 

Strock, Joseph Thomas — Teaching, Burlington. Iowa 

Suggs, Barbara Ann — Washington. D. C. 

Summerour, Robert Brooke — Medical School, Loma Linda Univ. 

Vance, Judy Marie — Graduate Study, Washington, D. C. 
VanHoy, Gerald — Accounting Office, SMC 
Viar, Paul Elvis — Teachmg, GraysviUe, Ga. 

WaUer, John Louis — Medical School 

Whidden. Woodrow Wilson — Seminar)-. Andi^;ws University 

Whitman. Judy George — Nurse, Atlanta, Georgia 

Williams, James Russell — Assistant Personnel Director. Floridi 

IS follows: Beth Men- 
y Sue McNeal. Ron 
r, Eddie Shafer, Curtis 

tlieer, Nancy Marsh, Linda 
Bicknell, Bulh Couch, Charles 
,, Judie Mar ■ " ' 

; Thoughts 
; So- from Singapore;" Patd Foster, 
iced the results of "Bursting Boilers;" Wayne 
Hamm, "Pepperj- Paiojila;" 

i d McI 
"More Than Luck;" Elaine Mc- 
Dowell, "Discarded Policy;" 



ih-day Adventist 


in No 

h America com- 


She re 



given on the suh- 


f narc 

otics, liquor, or 



first prize — S65; 

Richard McLeod, second pnze— 

$45; Georne P 

owell, third prize 

— S30 


a Young, fomnh 


SENIOR class; 

OF 1967 j 

Ellisloni Edward Pumphrey, prize— $20; Kelly Buttram, 5th 

Ernest Raines, prize— 515. 

Miss Catherine Glatho, as- j^ ihg essay contest Russell 

sociate professor of nursing. Holt won first prize for §35 and 


College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 

t-edS150. Diane 
the A. E. Deyo 
larship for $50. 

ing program two studenU won 

the K 


ee chap- 

University Medical a 


ry, Paula W 

Iker and 


Lemke, who a 


lis year from 

vpd S25 award is 

ic excellence a 

Uon to 

Christian nur 

«ine To 


they must ha 

ea grade 

verage of 3.00 

r "B," be 

participants L 

n TASN, 


lional student n 

ursing or- 


r/fsr TAsre onit 4>i I 

Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Au+o - Life - Fire - Boats - 

Phone 3»6-212«, Collegedale, Tenn. 

Co/legedaie Cabinets, /nc. 

Wanufflc+urefi of High Quality 

Collegedale. Tenn. 

Telephone 37i-2131 



|SMC Accepts 1267 

President Schneider Says 
Limit Will Be Set at 1400 

plancci fo 

Ihc fa 



ions and r 


s limo las 

had bee 

epted so fa 



I for 

I ccptancos doi 

mid Ihe other is ihe 
Sevenlh-daj- AdvenI: 
mics in the southeasU 

I of Ihc United State 

Soufhern Missionary 


75fh Anniversary 

Alumni Homecoming 

October 20-22 

Five Residence Hall Deans 

SMC Graduates 

34 Candidates 

Aug 4 5 Weekend Will Direct Dorm Activities 

Fields foi- 
I sUtdeiils have 
I elude the Ba 

mla, Haili. Haw; 
I Lebanon, Mexico, 
I Peru, the Philippini 
I Rico, Sweden, and ^ 

Work Crews Get 
New Dorm Wings 
Ready for Fall 

NSF Awards Another 
Grant to Physics of $1800 

Hn&ii tlu' Atsle 

Darjl Andcr' 
Janei McKpp 
Jnnc Beaulieii 

wth H I 

John Neff of Sc . 

si n r 1 1 Charles Lmtl':ej 

I N Ji-li Walh Williams 

I 1 I 1 Tom Evans 

II r rlnr Ralph Ruckle 

I'.cAnr. Nev\Tiiari Tom Gibbs 

Bonnie Claridnd Roger Gardner 

Vera CartabionCQ Bob Martin 

Jane! Hoke Clyde Vi pi 

Vivi Gantt Eldon Roberls 

Kerslin Peilcrsson Daryl Myers 

Judy Silversiein Ed Sliafer 

Linda Frick Jack FrancUco 

Lynn Bicknell David Sleen 

Horriel Finney Terr>' Snyder 

Ruth Ne^vlQnd Jack Po\vers 

Boll iMcCurii) «ill be CJrr>mg 
forwird the »ork since Dr Hef 
ferlin m\\ be on lemporarj 
leave at Ihc University of Chal- 

seo Academy of Science and 
from the National Science Foun- 
dation are the 12lli and 1 ilh 
sucli grants that SlMC's Pbysics 

Dr. Hefforlin will present 
everal scientific papers at meet- 
ngs this fall describing his re- 
■ork at SMC. 
Ho, along with Professor Bill 
Mundy, a former staff member 

on Spectroscopy at the National 
Bureau of Standards in Wash- 

Dr. HelTerlin wilt also pre- 

Glemson University in Novem- 
ber. He was invited to give the 
paper on SMC's physics re- 

Summer Graduation 

(Conlmucd from page 1) 
Iillell lice president Lair\ 

Frank Holbrook 

Graduates and their major: 
Degree Student 
BS Iiene Alberta Capps 
BA Paul! Errett Dixon III 
BS Earnest L>nnElkins 
BA La«Tcnce Bradford E\an( 
BA Johnny Malcolm roi\ler 
BA Robert Thome Fulfcr 
BS Ellen Wauldin Herman 
BA James Kenneth Herman . 
BA Rodney Jimes H>de 
BS Kenneth Leon Jones 

BA Margaret Ruth Lillell 

BS Faith Laurice McComb 

BS Charles Henry McBroy 

BA Tiiomos Roy McFarland 

BS Donald Lane Platl 
BS Joan Boulon Schaefer 
BS Ernest Silva 
BS David Douglas Singer 
BA Clifford Ashworth Vickerj 
BS Carol Jeane Williams 
BA Larry Wayne Williams 
BA Harold Doyce Worthy 

Graduales with Two-Year 

Marcia E. Abernathy 
Kathryn Elizabeth Bellware 
fine Bird 

Ruth J 
Janye Duane Gardner 
Neil Raymond McPhe 
Mary Esther Ncgley 
Laneta M. Scoggins 
James Samuel Small 

Medical Office Administration 

I U. S. Direct Student Aid 
Of $200,000 Is Available 

268 Students Score Honors 

Horning, Tribble 
Intern at Presses 

Li d Ipl b llj 




S« dS 1961-6? 



Ml A d J L 

R be 

\ J ™ SI C 

D k 

B I\ d Ipl A 


Li 1 

lllood h \ Id J 


n 1, R bh W 


B d B b A 

E gl 

h H rv ) 


Andcr^m. Sharron E. 
Arlrcss, Jan K. 
Baker, CarolJ. 
Bala, Rudolph 
Dentzingcr, Ron B. 
Bicknell, Linda L. 
Bloodwnrtli, Vclda Jear 
IJogar, Lorrj' P. 
Boycr. Donald R. 

ph K ID 

LcdbcttGr. rJnda J. 

Shclton, Don T. 


.iiinii-r ,uu-n< 

Sherman. Rohy A. 


Sinclair. Sarnh E, 

cind rd 

nrv rhi- \.i:,r, 

Sinccr. David D. 

Lewi^. D;iMiel G. 

Sivlev. Harriet E. 

a subs 

11 G r>L 

Skcfk Mablo L. 

fulnre ediit.ii 

McBroom, David B. 



McDowell. V. Elaine 

in- sc 

inr coninmnic; 

McFarland, Thomas R. 

SMC, are 

McKee, Chorlotle E. 


k S I M 

McNeal. Mary S. 

phi II 


R d HE 


T■1^M. ,. ■.■.... 

Cyn h B 

Marciim, James L, 


M e E 

Marina, Cora A. 


Sh A 

Sleieer. George A. 


El E 1 J 

Gl d 


\ Im IV 

CI 1 


so M r, 




e n 


A A 

g Do 



Mowery, C. Douglas 

-ton, Wonddl 
s. Banion L. 
s Jiino M 



k Leon 


ev. M.Mk 1 

Sh E 


ips. Pnacdia 

U ' 

'"'m 1 


Alfred D. 

d BUG 

s. Larry R. 


d C i L 

G ^^ 

li k hi E 


ell, Floyd H, 
cll, Robert E. 



b J L 


ne., Gary 


ams, lan>« 


',' ,Ve 


nos, James H. 
nsey, Belty J, 


r, Charles 1 
kof(, Mauri 

Roberls, Lana U. 

New Language 


(Conimued from pa 


rophonc and a sel c 

f head. 


le Ibi- 

lances SMC's largo; 
eroni, making possib 
more elleclive leachin 

lly e„ 
ge pro 

saliou in foreign langnn 
3r, Knitlel. 

ges, say 



College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 


LitHe Deb bie 

Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Auto - Life - Fire - Boats - Homeowners 
Phone 39i-212t, Collegedale, Tenn. 

'm^\\ -m\^^ 


i Koi; 


Collegedale Cahinefs, 

Manufacturers of High Quality 

Laboratory Furniture 

for Schooh and Hospitalj 

Collegedale, Tenn. Telepho 


le 396-2131 

;:;::,' COUc'-- 



MV Weekend 
GC's Elder L 

M. Nelson 








L.),.! Mtor ^ 

Lynn Nidten 


Wr _- 




uPuy. Jodie Saljera, 

.. Jan« Tron> 


NomiB Young, Bob D 
Idler T3ion, Noncy 

hilip Whidden, 
Whidey. Gaye 

loriMnn Bsiley 


Petition Week 
for SA Election 
Ends Tomorrow 

/heart' of God 
Tinkling brooklcis, whbp'rJn, 

pine trees. Blend with Flu 

tering angels' wings; . 

In our cherished -School _"' | 

Standards" Tndy all creouon 

Southern friendships root ">« 

deepest. Southern skies are ai 

ways blue; 
Southen. charm ^vlli Uve for 

ever; Collegedale, were tru 

Religion Retreat Features 
Evangelist E. E. Cleveland 

tuiV «r