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:v COL. 


MV Weekend Features 
GC's Elder L. M. Nelson 

The Missionar)- Voluniecr So- 
ciety of SouUiem Missionary- 
College hcgnn its "religiously 

Plaque Honors Committee 

Members of Southern Mis- Mart-/,, President of Memorial the 

Physical EdncaUon Cer 

n Collegedale Board . 

Elder H. H. Schmidt, Presi- Tlie Comniitlec of 100, made 

I denl of the Southern Union, is up of business and professional 

of the Board of Trus- people, was formed by ihe Board 

"'""''" " ' "" istees as a means of al- 

rance firm of support and counsel to ihe^ex^ 

;cott in Orlan- pansion program al SMC. This 

t President of Conimillee with some help has 

Df 100. Sam been responsible for providing 

I President Schneider Lists 
I Year's New Staff Members 

Dr. Wilbert M. Schneider M. S degree from Vanderbill 
!ias issued a partial reporl of University and has parlially 
mpleted requirements for the 
clorate degree from thai uni- 
rsity. He is currently pro- 

: Mrs.'Si 
-. Josepl 
■Mrs. Eleanor Jackson, Mr. SMC from the National Scii 

iDr. Frank Knittel, Mr. Harold 

' Lund- degrci 
IcCurdy, the n^ 

cula met on O 

This aftemoo 
the Board of Trii 

ities in the PE 

lembers of 
i and Com- 

nduslriol superinlend- 
boainde on the 

md eh 

namic perspective llie import- 

Ihe weekend program was Elder the Collegiale man and woman 
E. S. Reile, MV Secretary of of 196?-68. In summar)-. it is 
the Southern Union. Also pres- our desire to reveal to all SMC 

B. Gooden, South Cer 

[and staff for the 

iiey are: Mrs. " ' ■ 
Mr. Jose 
2 Janzen, Mr. Erii 

Buy Tickets for 
SA Fall Picnic 

N, b, Midd 
Peay, Soul 

scribed by 

October 4 

poie'of ihe 

desire this 

is Mrs, Eleanor Jockst 
«■■ head of the art depa 
She and her husband. 1 

. Nel 

n the University of Ore 

lada, from 1964 tmlil com 

iaiion of School Adminis- 
■s. He received his B, A. 
e from Colorado Stale Col- 

Berrien Springs, Mich, Dr. 
Knittel received liis B. A. from 
Union College; both his M.A. 
and Ph- D. ar 
sity of Colorado. He 

N, 0, Middag, Florida; and R. P. Youth Rally, 

liided a Sabbatii 

Two Faculty Members Finish 
Science, Math Doctorates 

e from the Univer 
,do. He is a mem 
i Delta Koppa- 

. Joseph Huiclierson, an Mr. Ens Kiei 

|alumnus of Central High School rector of the i 

Chattanooga, is the new as- halls. Since 19 

■lant professor of physics. He dean of boys at 


degree fro 

sity, and his 

Total Enrollment 

from'Maryland University. He 

Approaches 1200 



• Elder E. H. Alchlcy, SpealiDr cl 
Inq GDod Knith Week— Sep 

al SMC as associate professor of 

men, 28-1 sophomores, 258 jun- 

tions and alumni offices. 

studenis completed i-egistration. 


A 1963 SMC graduate, Mr, 

This totals 1181, which is 41 slu- 

Robert McCurdy is a new in- 

dents more dian llie total stu- 

m^ll icp' lo/coiroqe" 

structor in the physics dcpart- 

dents registered as of September 

26, 1966. The Madison and Or- 

has been employed as a physi- 

lando campus em-oIlmetUs bring 

cist by McDonnell-Douglas Cor- 

the total SMC enrollment lo 

[loralion in St- Louis. He is a 




Of this number, 989 sludenis 

Nfqht, Oct. 7. Gyrnnniiuin 

the Collegedale campus there are 

• Elbow Room— Sanirday NIghr. 

Donna Mobley, leaching as- 

sisianl i.. Uie nursing division, 

is a 1955 graduate of SMC. She 

areTae^vomenTndTge men^ 

• Publlcalloni Weri>ilio;^Ocr. B- 

has been head nurse at Moccasin 

the village. The Madison cam- 

• MInloiii PnmillCB Day— Ocr 1 

Bend Psychiatric Hospital in 

jius has 15 dormitory and 12 

Challnnooga and head nurse al 

village studenLs, while the Or- 

- SA Chopel— Oct. 11 

Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hos- 

• Foeulrv Home Ponloj— Otr. M 

pital, near Chicago, 111. 

the do^and one "mile "in "the 

Cant., Pg. 3, Col. 1 


' *fat"i^c;M^Krni 'r 

fic(ito/tia% Speaking . 

A JVeuA Student GetUen.? 

N... Ki..r _ 

S'™""'!: ::-- - 

■nium.a,«u.r Tr.-":.''r' 



Jud, SUraa,™ 

Petition Weeii 
for SA Election 
Ends Tomorrow 


Religion Retreat Features 
Evangelist E. E. Cleveland 




-j-jlP 1 1^^,,^^ ^ s>.iu,liniiv 


As4ocj„u,„i llK^ UidlldiiL^ga 

soon oijcii their 19G?-68 season. 

The Cliiittniiooga Symphoiiy 



C. //...» 

iiouiices six concerts Featured 



guests as: Jean Casacesus, pian- 

ist; Sidney Harth. violinist; Ro- 

flulist; and Edward Druzinsky, 

Member of CARESS 


Ivan Davis pianist- The Har- 


ry Simeone Chorale; The A- 

Pelers, Coloratura Soprano, and 

the Si. Louis Symphony Orches- 



granis lo be presenled tliis sea- 

<n.<l EN&RAV 


Season tickeU for each of 

these series in llie Tivoli Theatre 

may be purchased at the re- 



$6.50, nnd S5.00 from the Music 

But 0„ G™™ 


Loma Linda Does Depth 
Study on Mission Work 

The Mmion Researdi Projecl 

opinions on what kind of prep- 

Started by the Department of 

aration IS needed for mission 

Sodo!og>- and Anthropology of 

service, and suggestions on new 

approaches to mission work. The 

findingf, according to Dr. Betty 

student was also asked to mdi- 

Surling. Assistant Professor of 

ject The purpose of this study. 

of years m SDA schools, and 

denominational membership. 

IdentificaUon by college was 

cnth-day Advenlisl college slu- 

made as the questionnaires were 

Analysis of llic daln so far 

^t'how they would feel about 

indicates that college students 

"'T^rc™i' research project 

Southeni Missionarj- College re- 

spondents differed from the total 

done by a graduate research 

on few questions. In tlie open- 

methods class at liU a year 

ing question asking whether 

ihey would argue for or against 

missions in a general group dis- 

cussion, 71 percenl of tlie total 

gested that a larger study be 

respondents indicated that they 

done. This led to the present 

and only 2 percent would argue 

against it; 26 percenl indicated 

graduate sociology students— 

that lliey would remain silent 

and Jock Lawson — and ivilh 

main silent. The nevl question 

pens of the LLUSrienUlic Com- 

inquired about their view of the 

putation Facility- The project 

overall mission program. Twen- 

is financed by the department 

ty-one percent said the program 

and NIH grant FR00276-02 

is "progressive and adequate for 

the needs of the future;" 32 per- 

ihe world today;" and 41 per- 

lionnaire is-as used in the sludy. 

In the development of its final 

(Wriie-in answers and failure 

io answer quesUon bring loUls 

ants inlerviewcd students on 

10 100 percent on the various 

three campuses, using an open- 


Bumiller Gives 
First Lyceum 
For New Season 

"By Jeep around the World." 
a color film depicting Ted Bu- 
nuller's experiences as he circled 
a,e globe alone " 

m field. But only said that they were pi 

that as a general go as missionaries and 

iving conditions asked, 30 percent that ' 

md unhealthful. planning to go if tl 

ew conditions as asked, 35 percent t 

liences." might be interested, 1 
ladn't tliought much 


t had n 

.1, but this V 

Questionnaires were dislrib- 
salting SDA Colleges in North 

sealed envelopeJ 

most of UiP colleges, the 

;caled envelopes. In 
by and re- 

SMC students also difl 

.0 should direct mission work: 

percent of the total suggested 

;r to trained nationals, wth 

keep a missionary in the top 

lined nauonals in other posi- 
ns, while SMC studenU had 
percent for national direc- 
■n, 49 percent for missionary, 
ily 5 percent— at SMC and in 

inals as ossistonU only. On 

ircenl said it Christianizes, 41 
Tccnt that it Christianizes and 

feel that reports either luider- i 

Twenty-seven percent of the ably by sex and by whi 

respondents feel tliat mission re- they are definitely plannii 

and informative, the rest that choice of field, Latin Am 

they are lacking in one or both attracted the most interest, 

of these qualities. the Pacific Islands a close 

about definite interesting mis- Sixty percent of tlie stuc 

sion sen-ice. In regard to otiier said they had never been 

students' interest, 6 percent lacted by church officials rej 

ATS Conducts Activities 
For 'Good Health Week' 

29. special guest speaker Elder president; Phill Wharry , 
E. H. Atchley of the General Bill Tucker— in charge of o 
Conference Temperance Depart- munily activities; John Sv 

complete r 

L the near f 

1 be sent to 

lege.' ' Dr. Stirling expresses her I 

nity, high schools, and campus 
individuals. Projected activities 
will be keyed to relevant prob- 

not solely limited to alcoholics, 
ly on a'sDA campus," he ex 

length of mission 

as a hfework, 25 
it is challenging for 

Hanson, president of the -^y^ |jj^ "^d^'non"sD A 

lapler of the -^erican ^hurdies. An elected commit- 

\tcWey '^11 ' al^speak ""^ '^' ^' ^^ '^"^^ °^ ""'"'"■ 

. aftefnoon on the cur- P'll'^T:, 

dng with Hanson a 

series of five films v 


Co/legedale Cabinefs, Inc. 

Manufacturer! of High Ouality 

Telephone 396-2131 

College Market 

OHere large selections of fresh fruirs 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 

Campus Kitchen 
Open doily til 8:00 p.m. 

chattaNoosa blood 

center, inc. 
loa w 6* S) iti-i™ 


Thirty- Eight Delegates 
Attend Annual Bible Meet 

Student - Faculty Group 
[Forms for Cooperation 

for the study of organizational 

St f 

procedures and purposes of the 

proposed Student-Faculty Coun- 

cil met here Monday, October 2. 

mcil IS 

Student committee members 

tant step taki 

"t '"t 

present were Chester Tyson, 

".vill brine toi 


Upsilon Delia Phi president; 

uve groups t. 

Hollin Mallemee, Student Asso- 

ciaUon president; Kathleen 

?"^* ovement 

Johnson, communitj- students' 

The organi: 


Faculty members present 

'"^^din"'™ ^0 

,,; V^ 

denl Association sponsor; Miss 

Women; Mr. Harold Kuebler, 

Dean of Men; Mr- Delmar 

Lovejoy, Dean of Student Af- 

ing the 

of Prophec 
SMC's class 

Brock Arranges 
For MV Program 
At Atlanta Prison 

College Hosts 
Area Business 
And Civic Leaders 

n of Southern MJs- 

Nursing Students 
Plan Annual Visit 

Faculty Recital 
Series Begins 

the Madison am 

udents Pat Pierce, Pat Mooncy, 
laurccn Sykes and Mrs. Linda 
.ps Steen; and the Watcliman 
nd Quartet: Bill Tol, Barry Ma- 
im horney, Mark Weigley and Ed- 

e Mellon, Don West, John 
Br and Elder J. Don Crook, 
tie Ippisch was accompa- 

■thc students 
led about the 


liege for Vi 
nd financia 




Fire Department 
Purchases Truck 

Pi-esidenl; and Mr. 

Emory Music Professor 
First in SA Lecture Series 

Dr. Chappell Whit. 

f 750 gallons and a 

fiditoWa% Speafcmg . . . 

SauiUentt AccetU a>i Acaidetti? 

SMCs Man in Panama 

j^ -»'■. tfi 


Tyson's Team Leads 
In ''A" League Flagball 

Sett&i ^iviw^ Tfteeuu SeC^-^ftt^oi 


^ 'n' f f 

SMC Alumni Homecoming 
Features VOP Quartet 

a5sislafil professor o{ English at During die afternoon com 

SMC, publicity secretary. the college and the alumni I 

ties began wih the Friday even- "o^s, Ga.. who, as a men 

ing vesper service featuring the "f SMC's board of trustees 

Voice of Prophecy King's Her- '^^ executive committee an 

r # 

ear include Floyd Grwnleaf, 
■5, instrucior in Social Science 
I SMC, -v-ice president; Ruth 

ards, fir 



and Jim McClinlock, Dj.. Frank Knill 



Guest speaker for the vesper board of trustees, presented 

service was Elder John Thurber. Summerour wth a plaque. DC. 

■56, Educfltional and MV secre- Dewitt Bowen, alumni prcsi- 

tary for tlie Texas Conference tient, gave Mrs. Summerour, an 

and former second tenor iviih alumnus of tiie college, a bou- 

Ihe King's Heralds. quel of red roses to honor her 

Elder Clyde Franz, '32, >'*"' "^ '""'^ ^""^ '*'>''^''>' '° 

assistant s c la f th C ^''^ Alumni Association, 

eral Conference, spoke during The Honor Classes for the 

the Sabbath morning church Homecoming were the classes of 

serviees. 19+2 and 1957. 

A special sacred concert, fea- Other weekend activlUes in- 

turing ihe King's Heralds, was eluded a social and business 
Eeling, Saturda> 




Steen and Gadbois Lead Seniors 

another quartet known as the logue entitled "Trekking the Ti- 

Adelphians. This group con- belan Border." This program 

sisted of John Thurber, '56, first was presented by Earl Brink, 

tenor, Don Crook, '53, second well-known worid trnvelor and 

tenor; Wayne Thurber, '48, bar- photographer. A campus tour 

and . 


This group sang together ofti- Sunday morning with Charles 
cially as an organized SMC Fleming, general manager of the 
.ack in the eariy 1950's, coUege, as iheir guide. 

Editorial ApprecioHon: Roy B. Thurmon 

Every Task a Challenge 

aafa BOOK REVIEW by Wayne Hamm 

The Power of Earnestness 

Up the Down Staircase by Miss Barrett, who h< 

,n published bv ized in Chaucer, would, like the 
350 Pages. " clerk of Oxenford, ■■gladly 
p,n>o i; H'i leame and gladly . . . leache" 
^AA ■ ,■ -preferably at a private col- 
ly dadaistjc age j^^^ ^^^erc the students "would 

IT -^„,iiir.iiu j-nmn Toci.dy dprined. Hoivcver, the iiand- it human and warmly hiunor- ness on y " S _ ^ ca e- 

His oppoilumtY camo. aj ji Ui by each college dcicrmincs ihe ,, Tviwerful the ""X- ''"'^ slalfed by incompetent 

Ono day. whila driving into town Poslor Thurmon nottwd ^.^|^j,,^, ^, ^^ ^^^^ °!!,Vla«es i^lo^die realin of administrators and cynical 

Ihe lenlmaslor for Ihe AdvonUst moBlrngs walking bosido Iho ^^ s^„|^.^,p Commili™ Chairman ^^'^ ^aUve teachers. There, more emphasis 

road Ho s oppo ^^ *'"'_,_ _FT?'?".'°™?]!tJ' ^iwITin. , ,, .> n c,.:.^„,. is place upon le "nno s o 

-n Up Ihe Down Slain 
Bell Kaufman has woven all o 

ledies of any kind, e 

having SIGNS OF THE TIMES sent lo Ihem), Iho Thurmon'a dc ^-i'" »j"inn''Ily ''^;ji™^„;,'J°td^ cally, she allows her per^na ^^^^^ f„^ ^^^1„ £„^ 

cided Ihal Ihey were vnong and thai tho Sevcnlh-day Adventisl ^"^'^'^'X^'ijl^^ ^d, JhWilf"™! <£i- a Miss Sylna Barrett, lo tcH „„ gye— all she is allowed to do 





limitations upon 


n lui 

m most of 

merely serv 

their students 

an in 


ally tea-like c 


ply A 

ith the law. 



ell struggles de 



of letters, notes 

cards and q 



students' the 

demonstrates ihe importance of I 
ty^iLm ond the ne 


pay your tuition 

Sign* of Yeitor-Year 

One Goal Reached 

^on. Qa*U&(nfdatio*i. 

he poUcies of Ihe a 


on is bein 




e. SpQcilically. Ih 



nes3 by allowing m 



sionary College, bu 

we musl 

also real 

oi the im 

people can share 

heir beU 

fa during 

Student Plans 
For Creative 
Student Lounge 

By Bonny MuBPHREE 
Bollin Mallcrnee in h 
513 le of Ihe SA address in char 
Oclobep 12 carried student 
pectation lo new heights as he 
outlined the SA program for l" 

that plalfor 

■d of yestcr>'ear when Don 
ilities look the rosU 

dents and adr 

the opinion of this ^vriler that if 

our SA could successfully do 

by the SA president, of a wordy 

pompously called "The Stale of 
the SA Address." Il is not 
knoivn wheiher the orator is 

long overdue on this 
is a |K>int of great i 
in President Mallemee's ad- 
dress. And we w-ish lo con- 
gratulate Mallernee Tor his 
promise and for t!ie very smaU 
beginning of a sludent lounge. 


■ we feel at the end of ihe year—especiaUy seniors. 

Uienes, L. B, J. and Oral Rob 

Be that as it may. our SA 
president, Mr. RoJlin Mnlleniec. 
has enlhusiaslically joined ihi 


/ diH not know you loved the- 
Who steal here often. Dorma 

To visi 
I did n 

calls. Do you also breallw a thankful sigli? 

I did not know that when I found one who 
Loved these woods, that dny I'd find I loved t 
This spot, ihe path, the woods — / felt were mi 
Until I found that secret deep in you. 

Jackie Salye, 

Melvin West 


Callegedale SDA Church 
November 5, 8:00 p.m. 

Stan Midgley 


November 11, 8:00 p.m. 

ssues and plans 

of probU 
dents ha- 

lew really n.ealj- 

s speech of 
ofl on Ihe 


have— rig 
nancial diflicull 
assert their Jnd. 
instead of proposing solutions or 


solutions to complex prt 
Theie are real and in 

ilions, he rambles 

Southern Missionarj- College 
Student Association could cor- 
rect hy passing a resolution at a 
lown^hall raeeling. 

Moving on to more specific 
policies, Mr. Mallernee states 
that we must strike a balance 
between pragmatic selt-interosl 
and conscienUous altruism. We 
hope that Uial balance will not 

year, when neither llie selfish 
project (WSMC-AM), not the 

The SA president cannot i 
iist the urge lo join with wo. 
leaders in chmbjng aboard 1 

sally impor- 
energy and zeal would b 

problems." Perhaps 




open the door^ of the cafeteria 
and let it be. Creative thinking 

situation must begin immedi- 
ately, else faculty support and 

realize the lounge is not lo be- 

Campus Kirchen 

Women's Reception 
November 19, 1967 

i-ii I 

II s|||| 


S. A. Elections 

Senators, Annual Editor, 





ind Covenant Colltge : 

I Card, That the chainnan of the coitimitl 

at the chairman be paid a S50 honorarium 

ten full authority to deal for the Studer 

sociation. That the 

iness. That appropriations for the 

the Student Association Treasurer 
the Senate when asked to do so. 

; be established to plan a benefit 

inter-denominalional seminar lo be held on the 
That the main emphasis of the seminar be ways 
tianity pragmatic lo the contemporary 

_ enl evangelism. That'lhe chai.,,™,, ui uie com- 
mittee be Gerald Retzer, that the chairman be paid a 535 honor- 
arium, that the chairman be given full authority lo deal for the 
Student Assoaation. Thai subsequent appropriations for the com- 
mittee be approved by the Student Association Treasurer and not 
by the Student Senate, that the Student Association Treasurer 
report such appropriations to the Senate when asked lo do so. 
EDITOR'S NOTE-. The above bills were presented lo tlw ,rn^. 

A duel was lately lough 
Noll was shot and Shalt wc 
Shott than Nott. There was 
Shott avows thai lie s/iot Ni 
Shott shot at Nott was not s, 

Notwithstanding thai c. 

cssible that ibe shot Shott 

hott would be shot and Not 
hat the shot Shott sliot shot 

A Curious Duel 

mder Shot 

ohich proves either that tlw shi 
or tfiat Nott was shot. 

■ on trial that the shot Shott sho\ 

U shot Shall himself, wh 

'iuld be not. We think, fe 
( Sliott but Nott. Anywa 

Dttle Debbie 


ccess of this needed 

faculty support to 
irage a reality, make 

■ south wing of the 

light to be a part of 
iry student lounge. 

if the student lounge. 

; for the student re- 
in operating the 

. Provide a TV ii 

lable students to 

5. Publicize this available area 
until it is familiar and accepted 
\n^h the students. 

We reahze tliat this endeavor 
will take some time and work, 

gress, if we — faculty, SA leaders 

NOW. Let's get I 



To Blood Donon 

chahaWooga blood 

WSMC-FM Staff 


ACP Gives '67 Annual 
A First Class Rating 

Mr Gerlrudc M Battle, in 

Cleveland Artist Exhibits 
^^Coats of Arms" at SMC 

smictor for ihe class PerTonal 

Mrs Lecia Johnson, an artist 

\ts. Johnson as one o 

her for 

mer students at For 

see, for the past 11 >ears had 


Interest in tracing 

her own 

jecL "^he IS aI(o helping wlh 

Arms pamUngs on exhibit m 

amily his lory- led Mrs 


orpim7ing the program 

Lynn Wood Hall at Southern 

to invcstigalc heraldic 

art more 

Missionary College ihrough Oc 

thoroughly, and event 

ally she 

Tmmne f^n"'[!fc''e'ftoTot 

tober 20 

legan painting for fa 

nily and 

red a specialty field 

iiJual lil Ik led In Christ a<. 

aljng sludy into Ihe 

a result of llu Silml Thmsl 
Nmc leinis hn^p aireadj 

sponsored by the Cle\eland Cre 
ame Arts Guild 



ng of heraldic tern 

resr of tlie learnt will be bcRm her commercial art 

Strict rules must be fo 

o^ved ll 

da zoning arms. 

she has rccenlli painted a num 


h" bi-nn greaU Tlio\ -J! thai 

cm famihet of the ein Some 

■chnical term'; and is 

ihc m r I 1 Wn -.nd ihat 

of thee were mcluJed m her 

^elt. ' From ancien 


th r -nl- c ndlnesha^e 


ru-ough Ihe Crusades, 

nd on to 

The displav was sponsored bj 

his generation, the us 

1 1 ] h Ip Ihers 

SMC 5 art deparimenl under the 

direction of Mrs Eleanor Jack 

sed. The science of 


son head of the deparlineiit 

as preserved for posi 

ir I t,ll c J 

Coincidenlal!\ she remembers 

erilage of ihe forefatl 








Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 



Service, 22 Ave de la Uberle L 

uxembourg, celebrating its 10th 



year of succcssrul operations, makes it possible for students lo meet 



Europeans as they really are by 

working and relajting along wiih 

Uiem. You >\-ill meet new peop 

nd lots of fun, don't worry, you 

Mill find plenty of both. 

The program not only shous 

you the most exciting places in 



Sl^" moiy " giinin^ a "llu 

ho provides the opportunity lo 
e insight of Europe. 

'"IdveLd b Th. B 


Jobs are available Ihroughou 

the year in 15 European coun- 


tries. Your choice of job catcgo 

in U,e USA, is given first pref 

rence. You will receive exactly 


the some wages and work under 

identical conditions os the native 

Europeans with whom you wo 

ASIS is Ihe only organization 

hat maintains a headquarters and 



placement olfices tliroughout \1 
sary for a more meaningful am 

eslem Europe. This enables the 


f^^''fin^^e"m;nmw'"'*'^ "*'"'' 

For complete infonnalion ( 

36 page booklet lislinc all jobs 



available in Europe, ^vill, job applicaUon forms and discount toursl 

■Z'Z'2 E.,.,., 

send S2 tlor overseas handling, 
lo Depl. II. American Student 

ab application and air mail reply) 
niormation Service, 22 Ave tie la 


Liberte, Luxembourg City, Gr 

nd Duchy of Luxembourg. 

student Body 
Receives 1967-68 
Edition of Eccos 

The 1967-68 edition of the 
Eccos. the student-faculty di- 

MVOC Sponsors 
Weekly Student 
Prayer Meetings 

held Tuesday, Oct. 17 with El- 
der Smuts Van Booyen pre- 
senting thoughts on the topic 
'■Encounters With Christ." He 
^vill be speaking on ihe same 

Walters said that the Student 

used polaroid snapshots. 

by Foote & Davies Co., A 
Georgia, a firm which pr. 

ly printed Uie Southern 

delay of the public 

s faculty members will 

Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Auto - Ufe - Fire - Boa+s - Homeowners 
Phone 396-2126, Collegedale, Tenn. 

MENS HAIR STYLES H v~, r..: -=^^^il 

t, JIM. JAY S MARIHA [■ t ) U0' |V> U 

College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 

Co//egeda/e Cabinets, /nc. 


Collegedole, Tenn. Telephone 394-2131 


Hardinge stresses 
'Soul's Avenues* 
In Prayer Week 

here during SMC's fall v 
religious emphasis, Nov. 
til Nov. 18. 

senses upon which the body nnd 
in turn the soul are dependenl. 
Dr. Hardinge slated that 
"only tlirough our special senses 
(hearing, smeUing, sighl, taste, 
and louch) are we able to ap- 
proach our external and inter- 


leam nothing 





™ •' j^r^J 




"Therefore, w 
hould be espec 






lently, this 
.0 emphasize 
menial facul- 

Artist Freund Exhibits 
Paintings on Christ's Life 

contending candidates for U. S. 

"Spookadillia" at the bottom of 
the up-staijTs; and the highly ac- 

Ed. Majors Have 
Banquet Nov. 30 

^'"'^'>\ LpZ 

fic(tto/tta% Speaking . 

Let's Hold Fast 
The Beliefs. But 
Revamp Methods 

By Jim 

^HH04**tciHf . 


1 aciudlily, dooa Ihia holiday moai 

L Birch and liis Radical 
out of style. Today 
li%-isls who dub lliem- 
;lves the "New Left." But most 
,dventists arc in neither ot 
ie5e exlretnc camps. We fall 
imevvhcre in the continuum 
elween the traditional poles of 

eing somewhat conse^ative' 
Now my dictionary defines a 
jnservative as "one tending to 
reserve established traditions 

osc any changes in these." It 

mi not one that believes the 
and novel is all good or the 
llional all had, but I do be. 
. that where conservutism 

,c development- Th. 

,as a dy- 
Ihat, dis- 

would like to do. For 

Sr.~Mi., - 


W^t: - - 

, : . \:z 


p.™,.^'?!^"::; ':": ' 

'^.'-- Judy's 



Oclober 30, 19B7 

MEMBERS PRESENT: W, M. Schneider, Chairman: Frank Knillel, 

Kenneth Speara. Genevieve McCormick, Harold Kuebler. Smuts 


visit by the membei 

.Here. Sue McNeol. Kathleen lohnson, 
Dr Schneider gave a teporl on the recent 
! oi the Uons Qub Irom Chotlonooga and 
ssed regarding the college and its students, 
. by the clean-cut look of our student body. 

:ully Council that they encourage the oil 
■ greater respect lor the speaker by refrain 

sionale and in dead c 
their search for ihe I 
and policies. This wa- 


But it is so easy for 
ing generations lo m. 
cepl Uie plans, policies 

But today, in this age of flu> 

lose that old ability to chang. 
and adapt. In the words of oui 

mn Council at 
our traditional 
ral aid lo educa. 
eMmined, Upon 
it seemed that 
oral principle 
redly held 

I The Poetry Place.. 

involved in our sacredly held 
1 funds for 

ditional "old plans and policie; 
that hold us back, not final 
cially, but more importantly 
areas of intangible value— 
our educational system, in oi 
evangelistic methods, in oi 

My soul drank deeply. 

^lationship lo her 

□rding the Saturday night 

oHicera. to meet with this commitlee. 

BROWM SACK SESSIONS: Jim Wallers suggested thai 


will be November 27, 

monthly to discu 
' lacully member or student wou 

ling oi Ihe Student-Faculty Coun. 


Dr. Wilbon Schneider, Chairm. 

Gladys Lawless, Sftcretory 


VoeaHon Ends 
10:00 p.m., Nov. 26. 

Each small wave died 
On Ihe beach with a las 
Wistful reflection of 
Depths it had known. 

Received each grief 
And hushed its sighs 
In silent sympathy. 

Then foamed th 

my being 

no sadness. 
Only God. 

Sports . . . 

Chester Tyson's Lions Capture "A" 
League Title to Close Season 

victory over Emie Fenderson's 

tion was lost. Then tlie mighty 

^Hu^m ^^ 1 


fourth place Tomcats. The tiUe 

Panthers slarted to click, win- 

H^HBill^b \ t^jN 


hinged on that victory for the 

^Wr wB 

Lions, and lime almost killed 

the second position behind Ty- 

^^ iS^r 

ihcir chances. Held at 6 to 
in the first half, ihe Lions came 
back in the second half with a 

son. The unique feature of this 
situation is that the Panthers 
tied the Lions in scoring, each 

^^^"":%^^ > 


touchdown and extra point, put- 

having a total of 105 points. 


ting the score up to 7 to 6 in 
favor of the Lions. However, 
Tomcat quarterback Emie Fen- 
dereon connected with left end 
Bob Rose. The crucial moment 

and they actually had tlie least 



"A" League Highlights 

Smiley and her eight puppies 

-r.^SMC.^I,fest ,oh.b,t«.,. Sh. h.> 

came when Fenderson failed to 

Tyson's Uons and ElJistons 

make Uic extra point because, 
once again, the Lion offense vn- 

Panllwrs led the "A" League 

in tlie offensive scoring bracket ^'dn't roar toud enough as they 

Polecnis lost the game wluch 

nlThad over WaUon wiih a 

der the command of quarterback 

witl) a 105 points each. They 

Mowed 86 pomts to their op- 

Ronnie Hand came on lo scor« 

were followed closely by Pleas- po"ents. The Polecats and Kit- 

first place position even if an- 

* * * 

the final 6 points of the game. 

anfs Polecats with 102 points. 

This is the second year in a 

Watson's Kittens and Fender- 

pponenls collected 1 30 and 111 

tion ™th them. 

•w ™„y Ugh, riclorie, .„d . 

row a Tyson team has captured 
the number one position, but 

87 and 44 points, res|)ectively. 

"A" League Standings 

were lined up against Donnie 

nal showdown that was no- 
hing less than thrilling. At one 
wint towards the end of the 

iSugher' Ume" Mo^l\[ Xt 

"A" League disagree with the 
final standings. The Panthers 

r:,. til \i B 

eason there was a possibihty 

mains""" one''oft^vo ^^^^' 

snaried their way to the top, 

purring. Ron Johnson, Kitten 

ould have Ued for first or sec- 

allowing only 53 points lo the 

"m^T" 1 1 S 3 !l85 

quarterback, threw his paws off 

nd place. Amazingly enough. 

opponents. They were followed 

that night and came from the 

The team to sUge the mosl 

by the fourth place Tomcats 

A l" u ''. worth pol'shL 

field with a 32 to 6 victory un- 

ot a single tie. 

dramatic comeback was that of 

who scratched their opponents 

der his whiskers. This avenged 

Bruce Elliston's. His Pontlwrs 

for 63 points. Tyson's Lions 

n(i nf Ihe season. Jim Plpasant'i, 

the earlier ^-iclorj' which Pleas- 

Would you beheve that Ty- 

"pa^ 'pe^tiwU 'peeitctne^ 'pcmntf^ '^eat^ 

Elder Johnston Relates 
Experiences of World Tour 

Dr. Christensen 
Presents Paper 
At ACS Meeting 

Dr. John Christensen, 

vision and head of the chi^ 


riepartment of Southern 

sionary College. Coll eg 

appeared hefore the Am 

Chemical Society in A 


Nov. I. He presented 

port o£ experiments tha 

been conducted at SMC 

llie past four years. 

According to Chrislens 

n the 

nature of these esperinien 



bonds in organic com,Kiu 


Christensen received the 


degree in biochemistry 

Michigan State Univers 

1956, His doctoral dissei 

was Ulled "The Mecham 

Period ate Oxidation of 


uTi "'"\ i''i7'lT'uS,fl 

Elder Don Short 

viously, Ihey had difficulty in 

Given Internship 

In Journalism 

Elder Donald Short, a mi. 

licularly teaclungs in ihc field 

schools. However, Elder Jolua- 

been awarded a joumalLsni ii 

loyal and grateful lo him for 

coming. They readily accepted 

suggested ideas on evangelism. 

Accompanied by his ^vife on 

Short instructor in joumalisn 

Elder Johnston first went to 

lliree.montli internship in Fe 

Moscow, where he addressed the 

ruars-- He will be vvorking ur 

moved on to Rome where he 

Donohf vtsraTsMinL Sl^or 

saw Pope Paul and spoke at St. 

Peter's, and went from there to 

Israel just two weeks after the 

fall. Elder Short, who rcceiv 

clash between the Jews and 

his B-A. degree in iheolog 

He noted interesting paral- 

lels between the fUghl of tlio 

Jordanians and dial of Sennach- 

erib, the anaenl Assyrian king 

Elder Short explains that 

d Mr. Don L. 

s assistant hu 
The totals to 

each side. 
'■The Record of Mem 
consist of sounds typical of SMC, 
whether they are beautiful or 

Whidden announced. 

ing to Whidden. 
record will not be for 

Colfegedafe Cabinets, Inc. 

Manufachireri of High Qualitv 

Laboratory FurniturB for Schooh and Hoipitah 

CoUegedqle, Tenn. Telephone 396-2131 


College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 








Lovejoy Announces 
Late-Leave Change 

r Stewart ond June Allj- 

Jean Casadesus 
Plays Concert 
At Tivoli Dec. 12 

1 at the Gen 
i8l North A 

SMC Concert Band Plays 
Annual Christmas Prograr 

'he fifty member Soi 
^lissi^mar)- College c 
iiidcr \he dircclion 

Education Dept. 
Honors Mrs. DeanJ 
Miss Wortham 

pis to steal the 
and offers his 

professor of education at South- 
ern Missionary College, was 
honored Tliursday {Nov. 30) 
for her 30 years of teaching at 

of this gesture 

Dr. K. M. Kennedy, head of 

mo5t SMC students as i 
Grundset- Hcporls from his 
lice in Ihe science building 


1 the 

vith I 


: Nev 



Harper Colleec tl 
Mnng of The Sla 
of New York 

Philadelphia. Chicago. PitLs- -. _, . _. . 

burgh, Los Angeles, Baltimore, bigmO ThetO CHl 

Miorai, San Francisco, St. Louis UaIhp Ei>&hhXm!k*- 

and KunsnF; City. He has also "©'PSi EntertainS 

toured frequenuy ihroughoui Underprivileged 

He is the sun of Robert and 

Tlie nnmial Christmas parly 


their ho 

accomplished pianists. In Feb- 

sponsored by the Sicma Tholn 
Chi ^^^ll be held on Dec, 18. 


us in time f 

or suiiper Fol- 

Bell Telephone telension spec- 

Phyllis Brj-ant, religious vice- 

hour long program called "Tlie 

is responsible for the planning 

First Family of the Piano." 

-Welfare children were chos- 

table musical iradiiion. It is 

ren have so 

. Uial practical 

bert C. Marsh in the Chicago and few for these 

Sun.Times. Busses %vill be i 

Kor approxunately half of port the ChrisUnas 

■■Amahl and the Night Visi- morning chapel t 

tors" was \vritlen and produced gin the college's annual "Edu- 

in 1951 by Gian-Carlo Mcnolti cation Weekend," 
specifically for television. Since ^ honored during the pro- 1 

then It has been performed on ^^^ ^^,^^ ^^^^ Wortham, 

''""^- ^L ^j'or from^LTitcWield, K 

The cast consisted of: she received the $250 Dr. Ai 

Ainahl .... Danny Smnyar brose L. Suhrie Scho]arslup| 

Mother .... Sharon Thurber awarded annually lo a worthy 

Three Kings . . Rick Stewart student who is training for ele- 

Don Self mentarj" educaUon .-service, 

John Ramsey Emma has ah^ady gained 

Page Doug Mowery practical experience by teaching 

Shepherds in Uvo small parochial schools I 

other Choral members ^ Paducah Ky. and Woodbury, I 

Others responsible for the Tonn, at intervals in her formal " 

production were; college educaUon. 

Producer, director „am was ^der Vernon Becker. 

Mrs. Eleanor Jackson .... Seventh-day Adventisl educa- 

Stage settings Qon leader for the South. Ms" 

A, L. Watt Sound present were educational super- | 

John Ramsey .... lighting intendents from the a 

Costtuncs inte^vie^^'ing prospectivt 

Kathy Johnson ers on tlie SMC campus dunng | 

Accompaniment ,^^ weekend. 

Bible Study Will Keep 
Prayer Week Experience 

sincerely reconsecrated ou 
lo God; some of us made 



d' Dig 


the word as 

follow hL' But that «T 




gold Do not 

So far I've been directing 
Ihoughts to many of ll 
denls at SMC. but nov. I 
lo speak frankly to a s 

d hke 

id Hi 


. concerning 

A U.S. Soldier Considers 
His Role in Vietnam War 

Submitted by Janet Abtress the 498th dnce the one I ha 

Editor's Note: The followmg or- '"'" '*"^^'= '"°"'''^ ^B"- 

tide was wrlllcn by Dorlin W. Constantly, weVe renundt 

GriJIUh, Warrant Officer First '"la' *'= '5 a war and. there ai 

Clau in the United t ' ' ""' 

////), Edin 

the Gtx 

into a hot landing zont 

... ^™rfc.,„.u„„,..T,„™ ^on. --Korean officer who had step 

lerencc and brother of Darlene P«'' °" ^ mine. The LZ ^vas i 

Grijjith, a tivo year senior here ''''^ V^^^y ^vith about a foot o 

this year. Griffith began Ms ^^ater. As the helicopter was set 

,vilh riOes 

NSF Gives $1,800. 
Continuing Pliysics 
Research on Heat 

The National Science Foun- 
dation has granled Southern 

SMC wi 

duty with the 498rA. 

n.e 498lh is a company «.oiinded Korean was pu 
cunte (he wounded from bat- ..j coulcln'l help but 


ould : 


which SMC has been doing 
perimenls for some years in 
physics laborator)-, accordinf 

hour standby 
the other twc 
ed. Sometimes two or ihi 

if need- 

nswer to the second ^^^ WotSOn 
°Do you remember llL some^ AnnOUnCGS Time 

rvof wSX'^^r;*" For -Quesf Meet 

It's a little exciting , . . 
Uie work is Rewarding 
ionally, I'm glad lo be 

ind may slay out from ten The attitude and morale of 
to wo weeks. It's our re- the American soldier have al- 
ibility lo cover and stand- ways been fantastic — possibly 

ive are assietied. and Vietnam is no exception 


■ule. Eve 

clock in Lynn Wood I 

Student, College 

Leaders Meet , T^e purpose of Quest is 

.. . help the student determine 

For Prayer, Meal proper perspective the ChHsl 

ersity of Cliallanooga, recently 
presented a paper on the above 

licaurevll^'LT we come in' 

to their )ob and unit. 

we dust everything off «-ith the 

The opinion of the Vietnam- 

ecnoM "of le AmeS^n w'y^ 


ese people generally held by the 


usually makes the comment. 

contact with, is exti-emely low. 

It's a natural tendency for one 

to think the other has the most 

earch, and it was entitled "WiU 

• ihc Wisp- The Ideal Ex- 

is, things are not that bad. There 

sit back with hands outstretch- 

ed, expecting a big handout 

le diflicullies which had to be 

from Uncle Sam — and they get 

vercome in obtaining the data 
n Ihc plasma jet experunents 

bill University in 1964. He is 

The Vietnamese soldier is 

"?n''«nnectk.n"'^iri]iis re- 

currently completing require- 
ments for tlie Ph.D. in this field 

no better and probably worse. 

earch he. along witli Professor 

from Vanderbiit. 

he's doinc when it comes time 

Bill Mundy. former staff 

McCimiy, a 1963 graduate of 
SMC. will act as instructor in 

to eat (four times per day for 
him) he drops everything and 

physics. For llie past two years 

eats! You can see tlie problem 

Syni[iosium on Spectroscopy at 
he National Bureau of Stand- 

he has been employed as a phys- 

this brings. If tliey happen to 

icist by McConn ell -Douglas Cor- 

rds ill Washington. 

preparing lo kill or capture luni 

While Dr. Hefferhn is on 

gaincd experience in plasma jet 

oave at UC, professor Joe Hut 

well, you guessed it. They eat 

and Charlie gets away every- 

Curdy wll be continuing the 
dasma jel research. They are 
loth new to SMC physics de 

part men t this year. 

To aid in these expenments, 
tlie Tennessee Academy of Sci- 
ence has responded \vilh a grant 

of S175 to provide supplies such 

cannot figure that one out. It 
takes a tremendous amount of 
patience lo be an advisor to one 

Hutcherson, a graduate o 

etc 'and for a^student'^a'ssistent 

of tliose outfits. 

Central High School in Chotta 

research stipend. The grants 

We have to try to stop Com- 

professor of physics. He re 

which is our only reason for 

ceivcd his B.S. degree in physics 

from UC in 1962 and the M.S 

grants that SMC's physics de- 

ive can't be doing it for people 

degree in physics from Vander 

who would seem lo be more 

Campus Kitchen 


Open daily til 6:00 p.m. 


|l .J^£^^ 




chahaWooga blood 

a,l™L^r *W 


Detamore Crusade Uses 
Bibles, Visits and Classes 

GC Approves Internship Plans 

ully Coiuicil f( 

This Council 

College Operating Costs 
Per Student Go Higher 


- S65.9 "'^his recommendation by the 

I h gh schtwb — $.K).5 bil- 

up 37 percent; and col- 

ss nd univcrsilies — 525.3 

orpnscs such as domulonei am 
linmg halls and student aid, 



January 6 

8:00 p.m. 

P.E. Building 

lol adopUon of ihc 

date. It pmvides the vilal 

n and public relations, 
prove to the mutual 
■ of the student and 

who helped to get the program 
public relations inlemship pro- 


'i ?!> 


f-s si s 

ff |e If 21 1 f 




g_i 1-=-= '' ^= - '^ 

frsif H 

1- 5" ^ J, H 1 ? S II 

^g.3 5-1 s 


rSf hIs' S 




■"ifsp 2 

^ = ' -' ° z 

Pi |""i- 1 o S £=■ 


i??-i< ',r3o^1S3 




il ■ oslJe SjgE 







r Iff I fff ff ff f ff f 

"I ft 




L2s-?sf m 


i='!Ss P 5il 





Eider Loor Assumes 
Pastoral Duties Here 

Loma Linda Accepts 
Six SMC Pre-Meds 

Is A Scholarship Committee 
[Appoints Legacy Editor 

Martin Resigns 
From SA Post 

I that David B 
lo poetry readers . 
i sophomore Eiiglisb 

■ will be prinlet 
s far Ihe staff o 

The Legacy is SMC's official McBroom, layout editor; Larry 

"lerary pubhcation made up of Coleman, art editor; and Bonny 

WntribuUons submitted by stu- Murphree, business manager, 

?">«, m and^oL^phy-'Ti; ^" '^^^ P^" ^^ ^^""^ ' 

■* published under the auspices ^Pi'*^'"^ '" ^^ spring, ( 

of the scholarship commiiiM reception by tlie studen'j and 
faculty has been generally good, 

■Irass was appointed shortly The Legacy- presents the siu- 

°™ Christinas vacation and dent body with an opportunity 

r by a special election. 


a seeim afl Ihough il would ba more etticacioua to have Ihe f!';n^'",h/''^.!j'pk'"of'''i.c''^Jo''rl^d? 'fm 


Why not bogin Ih 

^^" ri^UIIld'Cf » i^ili'i^'' 3" I 

Moiitt^ QeHe^iaUon 


Donale funds for a Riass door on the S.A. bull 
led on L)-Tm Wood steps. 

Send coLtribulion in care of: 
"Special Committee for Delayed Action.' 

■ up— phyaicollY. The 


Appe.l to ACCENT 








Stnd To, EDITOR, 







Accent Interviews 
'68 Legacy Editor 
David Brass 

's Legacy will be the third 
e had, Jim Walters, chair- 
of the SA Scholarship 

wih the Legacy? 

I SDA colleges the Legacy 

Dr. Heppenstall to Be MV 
Conference Key Speaker 


On what do you ihiiil 
success of this year's Lcgnc 

Accepted Maxim 
Being Challenged 
By 'Science News' 


sketches etc? 
Yes, oils, anything that 

h and what we wiU use 


■V\'hat is your philosophy of 

art, photography, poetry and 
ose. This year we especially 

t the student? 

eas, and the sharing 

and read by his friends. 

Do you think that the print- 
ing of your poetry has strength- 

Yes I do. Sin 


real polentJal, A 
depends on the 
nilled. The i>g- 

early lo ris, 

thy, weallliy and \vise," is be- 

scientific studies. In an article 
entitled "Early Awakenings 
Have 111 Effects" in the January 
6 issue of Science News, a study 
of 99 psychiatric patients at the 
Yale-New Haven Medical Cen- 

doivnsiving in 
ra'lth. And if the 

e followed by a dov 


s, the 

Anderson Reports 
MV 'Silent Thrust' 
Successful Drive 

fuU nights of sleep. The Yale 
1 traced the patient's sleep 

delemiininB their normal 

effect on emotional symptom 
By contrast, awakening earl 
for two or more mornings (sic 


I'd rather answe 

:ific. The Legacy 

■laughters and theii 
anes. They iviU b 

Over 2,200 People 
See "Born Free" In 
SMC Gymnasium 

The full length, featun? fihn, 

Tenn,, which is about 60 rr 
nortlieasl of CoUegedale. 

Presently. Uicre is a bra 
Sabballi School being cond 

Dr. Frank Knittel, academic 
dean, mil lead the discussion en- 
titled "Sex and Christianity," in 

be concluded Sabbath evening at 
the Meditations service witli El- 
der Bruce Johnston, religion de- 
partment chairman, speaking. 

■ is no universal law of 
re that slates when a class 

«-ould not be a moral, spir- 
or natural law broken if 
suggested change wen? 

Iliis conunumty 
sanciuaiy wliich : 
aid for but tlieri 

ening, Ja*^^ 

efiUed. Ho% 
ver, some still had to remai 

SMC students in the Birchwood 
ana and Anderson says that a 
three-week evangelistic crusade 
is 10 be conducted by Elder 

tudenis are forced 

It would tlierefore seem 

the Chi „ 

for the benefit received by our 


But in the ever 
not be changed. 

Tuesday and Tin 


tal healll 

ed. How. 
fit of tliose who are doom 
fate and the class schedul 

isbkely mental heallli 


; suggesuons ar 
■ breakfast dui 

s a lyce 

. those who did i 


Thai's a broad question. We 
want short, compact, hardhitting 

grace of God, 'Silent Thrust' 
will have results — decisions 
leading to the saving of soulsl" 

pril. ,he mynifll health of the SMC 

vood sludents. This would allow stu- 

tJiat donis lo arise shortly after 7:00 

, the an. and be ready for class by 

healthy schedule lo forego the 
practice of shaving during the 
semester, thereby saving a good 

cious time of the day. 

Hamm Discusses Conditions In Vietnam 
With a former Saigon Resident 

Whidden Meets Deadline; 
Says Annual Due in May 

no more fighting. However the 

sider a senseless war. Anyhow, 

even counter- propaganda fo 

is the richest part of ihe coun- 

try and provided most of the 


tive since the people, in the 


Is the Vietnamese fear of 

Do the VietDamese people 

aggression more directed toward 

Moving to another area o 

the Chinese as a race than 

controversy, do you believe tha 

conunuiiisl aggression? 

toward the Chinese as bearers 

this is a war that can be won 


of communism? 

Yes, it ^vfls definitely the 


Oh! They have been telling u. 

comraunists. Anyway, we South 

Yes, because the Chinese 

when it will be over for years 

ruled the Vietnamese for a 

but it hasn't and wc have los 

about being reunited %viili North 

confidence in all predictions. 

eky. The Viemamese stiU 3ook 


poor country and not good for 

back upon this period ivith fear 

Do any of your immediaU 

producing anything. 

and hatred. In fact, during this 

period the Chinese tried to des- 

Then il must toUow that it 
is the northerners who are in- 

troy our books and other mani- 


terested in the southern Rice- 

bowl and that the soulhemere 

w^r o^"ha'^loI^'annS'' i"" 

the army, and anoUier isgom 

ore fighting to prevent C«m- 

the reunification of the country? 

toils, and tried to make us speak 

thTelld orth^^war,'' when'i^-e. 
that may be. My brother ha 


Did Buddhism come in with 

When and how did the U.S. 

it existed previously in Viet- 

Do you believe tliere is an 



living peaceably? 

^^■1 ■ 

the Chinese cultunj, 


I'm afraid not, I don't kno\ 
why. but I just don't believe so 


What percentage of your 


_PfP|5 W,en'''^r_ ___ 

out they airesLcd the Bud- 

About h,U „d hdt. Hose dli'"""^™*!^ ,?.*'"'" 
>vho don't „„, the U.S. m emmenl w.s, ,k. I°l 

5 TRAN: 


SMC Honors 77) 
Dr. Mills Speaker 

I Southern Missionary College who gQ\e ihe senior roll eill 
I honored 77 nursing students at md Elder John Loor who if 

20 Cited for Who's Who^ 

lAtlanta Youth's Congress 
JFeatures David Wilkerson 

vid WilKeKon, the dedicated minister and director of Tee 
I Challenge," New York City, will be the guest speaker Salurda 
night at the Southern Union Youth Congress m Atlanta A| r 
n through 13. 

I by everyone else as hopeless, his thirties has snice I sa i 
■ Teen ChallenRe 

addict. He pre; 
of Jesus Christ 
stood by yount 
their -debs"' and 

with New Yoi 


sion jnd were chosen bj the 
demic r hcics committee and 
mber^; ( the Student As ocia 

; uden ho en ere Mar> 

bble Leon Peek. SMCs 

1,091 Register to Attend 
Second Semester Classes 

ar activities and a satis 

procedure for deciding 
^ for Whos H/«> IS a 

c pohcies which is made 

ALA Awards $450 
To SMC Library 

The award of a 54S0 grant to 

(Conl. page 4, col. 1-2) cause for tliis decrease in en; 

Mallernee Fills Vacancies 

Evelyn Cru 

Miss Elam 

iter ration made a substantial con 
Jed buUon for Uio purchase of equ 

i,,.,i_ Orlando, Florida, have 1 

,,r,. porarUy api>ointed by I 

,.||,(,d ident Mallernee to fil 

■m- on the prt 
'es- is well abl 

j„ """ "1 uie U.S., v-anaOQ 
'1 f UGrto Rico. As Director of 

graduate from 
I Lake Academy, is le 
rily filling llie position of rec- Slates 

(Com. fMjge 2, col. i) 


JKaiionalij Speafcing . . 



Lj) Potlrif Placet 

Southern Saga 

I parted hanging moss 

Hippies are pointing Iheii £ 




,hl oH. 

olph V 

ollV w, 

and plnnlations in the middle of V. 
'" large, so gnarled. 

19+7, ..four youths, 

who sailed on a moonfilled night, 

and later . . . 

only the bodies of the girls were foi 




„g would p 

longer fighting, 
though thoy wo 


February 22, 1968 

(Not 1969) 

the Klu Kiux Klan, 



Mass Media— 1 

Hero Worship Changes 

by a Brilish psych 
Benaim, al Hallii' 
London, has revea 

placed Biblical. I: 

family ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ,^_^^ j^^,^^ 

A report on the project, which and 50 

was released by the London Ob one of 

,lon Churchill, who had 

I the ages of 7 and 15, 

[wrcentof the girls, chose wv....... ^j ..-- . --. ,- 

heir parents or close ac- percfinl of the children (all! 

nces as iheir ideal fig- within the younger age group) | 

■, by 1965, only 

jlin 1902, 1925 and 1965, thalamongc 
lich chUdren were asked over, the id 
ne the people they would usually lakt 
wish lo be like, and lo ground relai 
lory, religic 

10 and percent of llie children chi 
V \vas figure from one of four nev 

back- egories: pop sin 

politicians) and! 

mong 28+ London Another study, conducted in film sla.j, - 

ween ihe ages of 7 1925 by Dr, R, MaCaulcy, asked One particular segment of Vi- 1 
I's findings which should! 

„,,, ihe 19251 
neroes among cQ lo namire a parent or ac- lorine biuiie .™=ons as me i | 
"The Sainl," quaintance — a drop of one children chose Christ: for n^| 
cter, and (2) third from the 1902 report Dr. power, miracles and o — 
Benaim's 1965 study showed tence. 

Co/fegedafe Cabinefs. /nc. 

Collegedale, Tenn. Telephone 396-2131 

Who's Who Candidates 

IMV Sponsors Student 
Spiritual Empliasis Week 

jan Sunday night, Feb 

I ihe CoUegedale Church, 

Scheduled from Feb. 4- 

six-day series of half-hour 

n the Christian 
Thiu^dav — 
nembers led di: 

iiy faculty 
am at the 
Pat Horn- 

ked the question "No Way 
■ Friday — Jim Walters, 

lociely president, ^vill speak 

G CoUegedale Church. 

1 Durkin, Steel Foundatio 

I Monday — "Dust on the Pulpit" 

elememaiy education major. 

Tuesday — Dr. Frank Knit- 
H SMC's academic dean, 
spealts on "Moralitj' and Guilt" 
at die 9:30 chapel service, and 
1« Weaver, returned student 




Schedule of Games 

14 Wiegond — Facul 
18 Stevens — Eggen 
21 Wiegand — ^tevi 


26 Faculty — Steven 

28 Wie^and — Egge 

March 3 Lonuno — Slever 


25 League Champ — 
All Stars 

V. Thompson 

d! CasUeberg 
B. Campbell 



fRow tk'RodottRs of 'iHe'ResUe^ Ones' 

Here comes 
motion picture 



7S» AdmiJiion In Advenes — $ 

Iver SiirinG. Md,; aiid Don major from Candler, N.C 
law. pastor, a theologj' major treasurer; and Marly England, 
om Takoma Park. Md. a ihcology-communica lions ma- 

from Mor 


JohnViuer, a physics major pastor. 

presidem Other officers aro announced dieir o 

, .s... as 

MY Gives $350 for Jail Organ 

elected and 
ficers earlier 

The Hmnillon County Jail allhoueh the orgtn is not en- ducted religious service 
™s recenOy the n^cipient of . tirely paid for. the check from jinsonei^ but slated tl 
$J50 check from a poop of slu- the college students ™ll make h.i« also provided » 

for the 
at they 

WSMC-FM Announces 

S!£L"SE"0 "kc^'ht the check. Chap. "1^* fS'L^fb 


Debut of 'Expression' 

i'u"t"'pAr7™e'°he''c'k [Z^u' tnts^aTSt'eir Teal, ta™ " ^|f-22j;„,"" 

.*%,Si"d,o"k™n Sl'.'f Z!°°~ZZ^»:C'Zi'Z &°'n,il,orCou„,y Jatl" 
A ; ji Students have been comuig lo directs the activities 

The new organ, -vhich is p.H the jail for the past four years students i„ «,ve„ odier a 
of an improvement program and they have been very faith- Cboplain Janaway s 
undertaken to provide spuiiuol ful to the »ork which needs to a dedicabon serace. ce 
needs of the prisoners housed at be done here." said Chaplain tJie addition of the org 
tli. jail, replace an ddec^unit l"™;;;"';;^^,^^.^^ _^^_^j ^^^ ^^^ ll^e'Sel^" fllnd'T 

y helps 

lut also 
f SMC 

aid 'thai 

sion in WSMC programming, begin ihe broadca 
made its debut January 21, at Student manage 
9:30 P.M. It will be bnDadcast son, speaking of 
live each Sunday evening, stales: "We believ 
Narrated by Ron Benl/.inger. has real potential 
"Expression" is designed to pro- P ^''^^ °° "Sf 
vide a forum for discussion on '"G '^un S 
relevant rellBions and moral ""f ""'' ",'X 
topics confronting twentieth cen- ""« Am=™> "''i 


Curtis Carl- 


and we are 
h a slimulat- 

on the vital 
B issues fac- 

ceedings had ended and then no 

on. and the Holy Ghosl in ihe 

Bible alofL As he walked to«-ard "V 

Veil vou are using God as a 

litch." Tiie reply came back 

against the judge's life. The al- 
lendants feared the Bible con- i^ 

Lliat's so, tlien give me two 

him forcibly from the court- ^ 

llion copies and has ht-m i. 

Within a few hours, pictures ^ 
of Dave brandishing his Bible ^^ 

sed in 14 languages. Hi.'. 
ler books "Twelve Aurl 
ni Hell" and "The Liill 

ind. When Wilkerson went , Wilkerson _ says that boi 
e don't'like '1<"" '" tbe over "cmphi 

X and adion He believes ll 


coholisni, drug addiction i 



where he preached to the young- 'winy — and tlial Ihe only co 


ating force left is a spintu 

mamly lo the gang leaders, on ^ 

wakening involving mill o 

ihe theorj- thai il he could "in 

them over, the gangs would be plotmpd over Ihe u6xl Iwo >e 

reached. He succeeded wth 

n major cities throughout 

several of Ihe most ruthless of United Slates, Qinada, Euro 

the gang leaders and began lo 

K 1! 

ri2l'"^Somhlp' ^"Z 

Campus Kitchen 

■* 'e' Lii ' M ""n 

'"^Wlkerso - 1 th f d 

Open daily til 8:00 p n 


n N L 1 Pd,id 



cated on a tQO-acre estate al 


' SI -n L'd 

Rhinebeck, N.Y, The school 

trains former addicU and alco- 

All Typoi Neoded 



h W ll d 

gram is based entirely on a re- 

108 W. 6th St, 267-97 




UH le Debbie 

Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Auto - Life - Fire - Boats - Hortieownei 
Phone 396-2126, Colleqedale, Tenn. 

Luboff Choir Gives 
Evening Concert 

Norman Luboff and the c 

elebralcd Norman Luboff Choir 

are coming to Soulliem Mission; 

jrj' College March 17, announces 

Dr. Wayne VandeVcre, chairm 

an of SMC's Lyceum-Fine Arts 


-nie one performance %viU be- 

of his arrangements, and for an 

gin at 8:00 p.m, in SMC's Phy- 

eminently singable style. 

sical Education Center in Col- 

All of the Choir's 30-odd re- 


cordings have Ihe distinction of 

However, Dr, VandeVere re- 
grets to announce ihat the Unit- 
ed Stales Navy Band, previously 

being best-sellers with nearly 
In Ihe fall of 1965, Prenlice- 

Hall. Inc., brought out ihe first 

Sunday, March 10, has been 

Norman Luboff book, "Songs of 
Man." Co-Quthored with guilar- 

Continuing their record- 
breaking career which b^an in 
1963 ivith a debut schedule of 

ist-musicologist Win Stracke of 

illustrations by his close friend, 

and illustrator Paul Freeman, it 

Choir has averaged more than 

contains approximately 150 folk 

reason — a lolal approached by 
^cliono^f'dirS ""^'^^ 

songs from all parts of ihe world, 

showing their countries of or- 

It all began %vilh records of a 

tions and including background 

different sort. The popularity of 

information on each. The .wngs 

the dynamic conductor-arrang- 

are inlerestingly grouped under 

.r-eomposer Norman Luboff and 

such topic headings as "Men 

his group was initially achieved 

and Woman at Work," "Fun, 

through the many fine record- 

Frailty, and Foibles," and "For 

the Small Fiy." 

Columbia labels, for which the 

The next frontier lo be 

group was originally created. 

stormed by leader Luboff and 

The touring Norman Luboff 

his choir will probably be con- 

eign lands from which the 

ied by four versatile instrumen- 

"Songs of Man" came, for offers 

lalists), all of whom are equally 

are now being received in gro"- 

Jt home in tlie cantatas of Bach 

ir the hil tunes of Broadway. 

and sponsors in both Europe and 

lions, Luboff has arranged most 

Tickets are available by con- 

s especially noted, in this day 

Tickets will also be available at 

)f echo chambers and other 

'hooked up" electronic devices. 

tur the clarity and naturalness 

will be honorod. 



Scholarship Committee 
Sponsors CHOICE '68 

Local Talent Competes 
This Saturday Night 

1 piano duel by Doug Mow. 

29 the scholnrsliip commitlei 
■W magazine called Choice 6! 

Nashville Third r 

he talent dollars, 

presiding dollars, 

cal Chat- lars, am 

sed of Janet Artress, E). 
kson. and Bonnie Iver^i 
il solo by Betty Ronisi 

New York, New York. Feb- 

Pohtical Science Department at 

SMC faculty, one from Cove- 

grand prize *vinner and tivo 

the piano; a gu-ls (no cOm^sed 

Georgetoivn University assisted 

linal ballot' and referendum is- 

the Board in their efforts lo en- 
sure that the various questions 

SMC Trustees Approve 

Judy Osborne; acrobatics by 
Don Watson and Bill Clark; 

called CHOICE 68. 

were properly phrased towards 

Plans for New Library 

vocal solo by Richard Rose; and 
of Lonnie Licbelt, Le\vis Hen- 

In addition, the Board re- 

dershol, Gordon Relzcr, and 

Meeting in Washington, D.C. 

from February 10-13, the pro- 

questions, such as voter qualifi- 

ly voted to build u new library 
at Southern Missionary College, 

sliluency and alimmi through 


gram's siudenl direclors selected 

cation. It was decided that any 

a slate of fourteen candidates for 

student currently enrolled in an 

according to Dr. W. M, Schnei- 

personal solicitaiion. The fac- 

the presidency. They are: Fred 

der, president of the college and 

ulty and staff have already com- 

KaUtead, Mark Hatfield, Lj-n- 

will'^be eligible^ lo vo'te'^tJie 

secretary of the board. 

mitted themselves lo over 

librarians' offices, browsing 

aoQ Johnson, Robert Kennedy, 

Martin Luiher King, John Lind- 

by Elder H. H. Schmidt, presi- 

The libraiy will be modem 

My. Eugene McCarthy. Richard 

foreign studenlsi as well as 'those 

and functional in design, but 

interspersed wilhin the book 

^^on, Charles Percy, George 

ference of Seventh-day Adven- 

will also have columns at the 

"omney, Ronald Reagan, Nel- 

tisis and president of the Board 

wn Rockefeller, Harold Stassen, 

Anelte Palm are coordinators 
for tlie pre-election campaigns 
Ihat %vill be held supporting var- 

of Trustees, at the yearly meet- 

with the architectural trend on 

A faculty committee under 

and George Wallace. ■ 

ing held at SMC recently. 

the campus. It %vill be buUl on 

Ihe direction of Dr. Frank Knit- 

Tiioswdenu also decided that 
wee referendum questions be 

■nvolvemcm in 'vietnli^'^nd 

Tlie new library, designed by 
Bianculli and Tyler, Architects, 
Inc., will cost ai)pro3ciniately 

the site where Talge Hall, a 
The building will be two 

been working on tentative plans 
with ideas furnished by the li- 

ested and hove fads to back your 


floors and will have 39,240 
square feet. As the ^'^'^^'^ 

brary staff and the faculty. 
It is anticipalod dial conslruc- 

Charles Fleming, Jr., SMC's 

Uon will start in September and 

^"unent spen(hnB"i!l"onfr^"t- 

of your choice. Learn what de- 

manager of development and 

possible future expansion into 

be completed within a year. 


mocracy is all about and have 

finance, wll come from four 

the basement 

^™ btanunon, Dinjclor of the 
Utciioas Research Center and 

sources: $200,000 from a de- 

The building will house not 

supervision of Francis Cosleri- 

only the slacks, the reference 

san, plant engineer for SMC, 

■ """"d Penniman of the 

through Choice 68. 

from special gifts, $150,000 from 



StaU o^tUa BA Meeii*i(fi, 

Mass Media — 2 

TV Becomes Nation's Baby Sitter 

i Mike Fo; 
e ilie da\™ of the second about a chair of some kind. jile children chi 

demonstralors. lobby is If, any young girl could almost 

1 on behalf of the 
Lor who was forced 
inks of the iinem- 

night. All 5he had to do 
e tliat Dennis the Menace 

idered lightly. In an 

n tlie has 


ply demanded more training. ihonght of a baby silU 

On the otiier hand, during the stead they "assure" Uiemselves - =""i'ic .»<«,.. o. <,« uuser 

past decade there has been an of juniors behavior by giving \\ is certain that lelevisi 

ever increasing number of un- him e.xplidl orders not to watch does much good service for 

emplojTnent checks given to one llie "bad gu; 

.an negligeni conce 

which needs inves- kid s_ 

seen belter and more numerous blooded ^ 

them. These skilled laborers, slances if 

able trade of baby siltingi but are not ' 

with the advenl of llie insidious fad that 

monster known as the lube. Oiey influence 

faced poverty and social degre- eralion. 

best, the ciety. This moder 
hich demonstrate q vital medium for perpetuating 


; days of Dr. S. Ber 

dent that its h'abilities equal ii 

introl of the gove 
■ ig in 

scolT at this idea 
ad that lelevision has had an because we feel the government 
nfluence upon llie younger gen- has hindered free -enterprise 
■ration, particularly those enough already. Maybe the 
welve years old and younger, broadcasters should assume a 

report by a British psychiatrist, „ . . 

Johnson Meets Editors 

WASHINGTON (CPS) — .ili.^'. 

Members of the National t., ■ ■ 

Board of Choice 68. a nation- o- i ■ 

wide col 1^ ale presidential pref- to 11... ■}.■ ^v.i v.m \\v^ !;.ii 

erence primary to be held on -phe diiei execulivc u 

more than 1000 campuses April ,|,m „ !„, ^f students 

24. met \vilh President Jolinson ^^^^^ ;, ^ better way o 

in the White House living quar- „j,a, ^.^.-^p doing," 

.laced Bihl 

He said he began by p 
>t^lhe college presiden 

Elder N. Dower, Ministeria 
■rente, has arrived on campus 
f Prayer lliis evening. March ' 

The college relalions depa 
lavy Band, scheduled lo appear i 

retary for the General Con- 
will begm the spring Week 
7:45 in the church. 

and all of their other 

lers Febniary 12. 

In Ihc balloting, si 
only will pick their choice for Argi 

ilion for his policies, Johnson 

including Vietnam and the ur- "You can't run a war by polls 

Johnson was asked how he felt IwUs; but you can't be oblivious 

demonslraUons on college cum John on sa d U a f sonic 

puses k nd of me e ould be devised 

They sadden me they o measure human feel ng and 

trouble me, I ih nk bee 

,s when Mr. Hoc 

id he believes 
always in I 
I ejtpressing theii 

look, Usten, evaluate?' 

f plar 

I Ihe advf 

The Scholarship C 
College Bowls to b. 
i^ Whether or not the 
■ple --decided. 

Monday evening ihc SNEA club entertained 26 students a 
1 ne 1.1 M Hu«»«.. |.u^ .>. ..j-.."- [n^-yi,., from the Lee College educational department at a buf 
,„ was whether he thought .t > ^^^^^^ Follo^ving the meal, the ^-isil. 

:ou!d be possible lo avert an- ^l ,.ken on a brief tour of the campus, noting mainly the fac 

round of urban 
■■I don't tliink you ( 

Very Uni 

H ad 

immer. We'll ha\ 
; be undone ove 

he vould bet "that 

uu d ng around far- 

B k ie o Texas 







■Tli "my™ 



™. y™.. 




» S","*d 




I,* Sdm 

n H Taylor 

doesn't believe in compulsion ,1?; 
but if he did, he would compel .\lV. 

He said: "I think you'd hai 
a belter government — and 
think we'd have more Deni. 



, I..C Indus bread, 
rni in Cleve smce i 
Eni.| Mon Marcl; 

Tivoli Project Shelved for Now 

under Lloyd Ericksoii' 

n Stand- 67, and by the pra 

e leadersliip of diflicu 

™bbc relauons mam, 

iiem Sevenlh Carlso 

Curriculum We; 

ledbviheSMC tune ' 

:b. 21 Willi Dr. Man-ill RoborL 
deep regret, the music deparUni 
much work leller to Malleniee 

and planning bad gone 

Knittel Announces 
Dean's List Students 

Approximalely 25 
the students at SnuL.^. „ .-... 
sionory College, Collegedale, had PiJ'' 


HolV Pfl- 

1 (3,0-3.5). 
the Dean's 
Sharron E. 
A. Byrd, 

King, Lindsay R. Lilly, Jr. 
Sharon C. Lindsey, Elaine V. 
McDowell, Lynda M. Tnnvick, 
Donald H. Miller, Marvin Leon 
Peek, Judie Port, Lucia Bas- 
con, Meredith Sammer, Roby 
Sherman, Gail E. Speaker. Linda 
Sleen, Edilh Stone, Dan'l C, 

Seniors Receive Admonition 
At Annual Presentation 

Dws no God ■ 

hursday night Feb. 15. 
"It takes high mouvai 

1 of the Sevenlh- 

Dr. Frank Knillel, SMC's 

mce in the social whirl thai i 
■vould compromise principle' 
he sake of conformity," 
Waddell advised. "Count 

Panels Explore 
Social Ethics 

■'Social Ethics is more iha 

tee of Southern Missionary 
lege's Student Association 
discussing ihc annual S 
Ethics Week. 

Continuing through Thur 

Icotui^ Elder John R. Loc 

Sigma Theta Chi 
Elects Officers 

ela Chi, on-campus 
lb, recently elected 
cers for tlie second 
Lccording to Lucy 
semester president, 

" Mississippi; vice- 
laine McDosvell, a 

president. Donna Taylor, a 
Takoma Park, Maryland; chor- 

1 of Studenf Body Attain Honors '1 

First Semester Honor Roll | 


Col/egedo/e Cabinets, Inc. 

Manufacturen of High Quflhtv 
Laboratory Forniloro for Schooli and Hospilali 

Colleqedde, Tern. Telephone 396-2131 

Little Debbie 

'^^- ' FIKST TASTE oNLY A9al 






Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Auto - Life - Fire - Boats - Homeowners 
Phone 396.2126, Collegedale, Tenn. 


years, Doug Mowery and Jir 
Woods walked oway wlh ih 
lop priies at Saturday night' 
(March 2) "Dixie Showboal 


' South- ed on t 
Missionary CoUeee's . 

"Benections 1967," arranged Slophel, president ol 

iliy which and 

ing entitled "Land of venlisi Church, Ni 
Each o£ the 12 p 
Mnd and third prizes 'i'^P'^'* "^"""6 "he faculty- 
arded by a panel ol 

Jiidging was headed by John Osborne. Peggy King Richa 
Rose, Chester Caswell, Don Wi 
son. Bill Clark, Jan 

by the conteslflnis thi 

won Uiem the S50 grand pri7e firm of Slophel, Caldxvell and Gal^^AnL^nn J^^ ll^^ 
and the S35 fiKt prize. They Heggie; other judgM were David W Thompson, S Th^? 

I the University of Chi 

won these awards in 1967 Pennybacher 
,wn duo piano ar- ' " 

of "Mediterranean 

vocal solo, "The Russian Night- 
Third prize of 515 went lo 



Chapel Lecture Features 
England's George Target 

-IC campus March 19 and 
. He spoke in chapel Tues- 

7 English literature cla 

odnesday morning. 

"We, the Cruciliers", a med 

ion of the Son of Man on a 
inner of contemporary cross. 
15 the subject of Target's cha| 

ass discussion Wednesday 

Target appeared at SMC en- 

: tlie University of Colorado 
here he lectured on %vriting the 
hristian novel during the 

Bom in Dublin, 1924, of An- 

e. The 1 

I lish Club was "ChrisUan Writ- {hobo to you), walked all 
Non-Christian World around Britain, hitched to 
John Ruskin, a wriler Greece via Italy, taught school. 

i, graduate of Oxford, Target 

scripts for charily plays and 
ting books. He became an 
ventist during the Vandeman 
ipaign in London and mar- 

t by Tare 

Legacy Plans Finalized, 
Announces David Brass 

By Bonny MUBPHnr.L or before College Days 

Decisions came hard those price may be increased U 

Legacy staff reviewed again and size and mcreased printir 
again professional work of ama- -h will be well worth tin 

lad 10 be r 

I bell 

The Legocy. as' 
lublicaUon, was 
^eors ago by Jim \ 

worked a [„rbed and devastating ".vit." 

SA Leads Campus 
Library Campaign 

Thursday, March 21, the Stu- 
dent Association \vill 
library fund 

of the 

.lore'lhan^MOon Classos Combine 

ouSin'*-'"sS P®"" Saturday Nite 

David Brass, T^/oo"^edrior. Lyccum Program 


"xt ace* and ""^ efforts and energy to pro- 

a superior puWica- ?"« .« Saturday night variety 

' '' ]i°"^^"l ^^ eyinn^sium March 

the date of the Legacy 

See Letters 

Page 2 

See Inse 

rt on 

Tolert Pr 


Page 2 S ou+ham Accent March 21. 19^3 

I EDITORIALS I £^Tr^sSt^^S^ °'^^^'£ZS^.^..^. 

^ ol Prayer'! M^^ler G^e work, MV Uadorcraft 'Couree, Friday ^'ihe°niE^t''o\,^('u„ ndti^*^ 

0H PnOJedd. . . . nlgW programs- oU apoasored by MVOC {Missionary Volumeer [,™"^f^'^f^^™~ TT^^^^iS 

The Shjdenl ABBociadon, also known as the StudenI fitioci- j^^ ^^ g^j^^^ (i,„(, ^^ the special events fluch as the dl^ul/rTo ihe ^^Buf" h" '^^ 

ties. Inc.. is rapidly approaching that _f alelul time ol year when nj^morable Billy Grtiham movie, "For Pelo'a Sake," Iho Relevancy ^'ng'"^'^^ '^^st Se "*' "^ 

generation of SMCilos Ihat the "SA hasn't done anything ior us Soplember's "MV Weekend" with Ddor L. M Nelson, and Lea could very easily knock h"h'Ji m 

r^^MC^in™cr™aterCh^a^oq^^(^olo''M ' lii^e ^conaun^g ^9^*^ Burprioe ot a dillerent daily inspirational gem artistically rtuden^s protocdon. """"'' "' "" I 

Utopian dreams planned in those lateful nigh, caucuses in Talge. ^°^J<*„^ ^^ Graves.ock on the MV BuUehn Board m Lyi>n ^Son^^B^d,ould b, dcnj abc^.^jh. I 

Lefs lough «" ^ui^elve^ firsL then lets si, back and con- ^ ^ ^^^^.^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^,^^^ .„^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ lL", ^ Hd\rS"t ^rt::!^- I 

NOTh"etaccL;Lh! Pri^^^^Zrot ^^.7r^Z^o^ f^X P^^^^^jJ^.f tJ^lfto'lo^pSe i^ a^naw ^^^ ^o"^^"""' I 

the casual observer thai it would be well for all the candidates concern and work that has wlhoul a doubt made this year's !^X^^or°.^'l^s^'oTth"s^ir^* I 

aswellaslhe voters to remember that the president is still a Blu- mv the moM active and relevant yet. e»» Accent. I 

cm organizer, coordinator and representative of that body. He is ^°"°f^°^'[ /e^dw^a^d^'h^^co^L^ttTe's h!rv'^^dev^d'm°'^ch"t^e ^""" "' ^"^^^^«> «« "J" I 

pubUcotions ore produced and that regularly SA sponsored ^g^jjj|^^,"aij ^^'""' ^*' P'°^™^ an a mg new ^ ^^^^^ ^ ^^. ^^^^^^^ ^^ I 

^vo md^enle^ki^g. ^'°^°^ ™ °^'' °^ "* ""° Xoo many times we take lor granted whal is the result of T'^eo'sprav'^J^urinl^tiddB i. I 

uvo ana en.enaming. ^^^^ ^^ of planning, hard worlL and coordination. As long T M«S« M«fet Slj^'"for dum I 

a SOUTHEHH ACCENT, Ihe SOUTHERN MEMORIES or the LE& ^nedT-'^'™^^' ^^ "^^ question. "WbU, I wonder what hop- ^^^ ;^'°'j"d^^^^bKribori ma I 

could weU be that we don'l have time to participalo in aU the We Ihink Ihe loUowing MV committee chaimien deserve a ^^M'^eT^t^'^.^u^^^'mco^e-Sne I 

activities already available to us. Lei us critically evaluate the 1>'9 ""'o of thanks for theii untiring and unpaid service to us— smoke. , ,• ■ I 

concept thai the SA is o miniature government onating to solve ^^ students ol Southern Missionary CoUege; James Anderson. ^ G^nyS-Mt^ '^''PP'"^' I 

our campus economic problems, or Ihal it replaces the school e'ongeliam; Doug Foley, programs: Bob Hunter, public relations; 9] cili wrnpping for binhdoy prft- 1 

administration and o^dsts to absolve aU censorship of "illegal'' Sharryn Hughes, secrelary; Donna Toylor, missions; and Don '^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ I 

Let's make Ihe platforms reasonable this year. Let's make "n^er the leadership of organizer Jim Walters, these folk, }^- Stencil ^°^|ff^f^^^^P"^^j^^^|l 

them workable. Remember, you vriU still be a college student al«ng wilh their assistants, ore the ones responsible lor the („7 „n,p„i„ve Unerbug^ I 

oiSMC. J 1 ^ The thin^m which we found ih J 

"^ Letters to the Editor I K^^rlS"™ I 

Ml/ ^*u^ed/ed ' — — — —— — - — jJ n^t^rrr^"™ I 

To some MV conno,es on activity that you participate in D.a. if " '" !^iC«]!.^c£^.f« C^ r:;« | ^^'^Il^^l^'"" '^'^" I 

Hospllal Sunshine Bands, orphan bonds, Silenl Thrust. StudenI ,n wor, ond "limet of imublB" Wore (Marth 2, 1968) deserve wverol Uud- ColleRedalc Coniumer't Research I 

lorgoHl number of student missionaries ever sent from SMC. orp'"o'ten"a1!c"ul^ b^''t^''™f''"c^^ "^^"^ °^ Diretiors" is in oHer, FobWdl^ I 

Z!^zB5^t.s^^^z^ WSSk WM cniiTUCPMI 

ao*o^-ni- =r3:^H:.^^£iK^U 111 I Uri 

— ,.,„ _, .„.^;r'"" WM T UU I 13 

SrS" M^s„M^.. s^^;ifs.ricS" KS llUNilKEwV ' 

Aiommt Editon Waym Hnimn. Doany Murrhrec A^*-^r rih r bl ^It^^^l ^^ ^^ ■ ■ ^^ ■ B^^' ^ 

s«BSn^^^'c;s^^^ii'i;^"i^ii~;~i,"j,^^j; sz'itSr'ssrLhiiis; ^B^^l ""ii 11-13. 1888 rarn 

r.n,^.i. '"'"■'» """kmi. vm s».mon Hd^ Wi,„„,J "' ft ™|3;„'^„;^'J^S!».y ^B-^H BEGINNIND THURSDAY. HIM 

Bmi.» Mm,,, rr ~- - ^ gj™ ^ "p a,. «jji., .t i,.^d,ii,i.„ ^B^^^H tsb ?m '^ ' s 

Sr3;/*~£z;=rz;:=::,-^^ s»§OI.3°s¥l Krfl new auan™ oivic cen«r m[H 

Mtrch 21. I9M 

Adventist Youth Urged 
To Use Prayer Power 

By Joe Encelkemieb Illuslraung ihe power of i 

A recent issue of Newsweek ^^ 
revealed that the Middle E 

e Cubar 


the Israelis started 

. Eg>T)fs Sinai Pen- 
? magazine reported, 
lid Washington to lell 

the Soviets would 

thing they hadT The Whi't. 

■ro£ 1968 will see the 
ice riois in history — 
ist a few of the tlungs 

Choice 68 Can Be Voice 68 
If Students Use Vote Power 

i by the 
[or their 

seek the Lord for ihe fulfill- 
ant of His promises concern- 
g the outpouring of the Holy 
iirit? Let it be not merely for 

week, hut until the Lord 

Lers of the c. 
als may we] 
isiderabte e 


ican policy, then 
probably remain coi 
only forceful and, 

ceptable political en 

But of more imn 

cem is whether the i 


(erling referendui 

ral Conferenw 
nission of' the 

Holy Spirit th 
are to give g 
children. U ^ 

the Holy Spir 

Loma Linda Adds 
I Graduate Degree 

scheduled to begin in August 

mence in 1969-70. In the mean- 
offered lo polentiQl candidates, 
I preparation for careers in re- 

•PMch therapy and audiology, 
A baccalaureate degree from 
accredited liberal arts college 

aduate hours in speech path- 
■"ogy and hearinR disorders is 
I "-""-Pi ^* 

lospital internship of 240 


Eastern and Inter- Am er 
search 10— Wednoiday 
Pray for youth of the Mi 
East, North American 

^arch 23— Sabbath 
Pray for total youth o 

fi of the South- 
, and Eastern 

ICC Announces Seminars; 
Collegians Invited to Attend 

College in So 

The Intemat 

an AU World India 

Rumania, Hun- 

Iv and elte 

68. The d 

Ihe divided cily, 

James Best 


res. stimulating 

svhieh aven 

resting lield-trips, 



hkenl. USSR. 


ccomplish its 

nal kno^vledge 

m, de 


for European 


and friendship 



essional people 



hie, a 

American uni- 



perience a se- 

SA ElecHons 

' gather- 


ts means 

1. Johnson 


2. McCotthy? 

3. Nixon??? 

are en. 

4. Rockefeller 


5. Wallace? 


md Sd- United Slut 

s Studies Program 

1 speech pathology clinic lor 
MSt 10 ycar^. The univei 
jreviously offered gradu 
\ark in speech pathology. 

func- the ca pi talis tii 

eight week Sum 

r lo explore life ir 

(Continued on pa^ 






■ ^^1 



kJi ' '^' Jl^^H 

^^B *~"^S^W 



1 1 • ^ \JHti3H 


Is^ ' 



/ ^ 


^^■^ V J 




lonn e Gadbo s Judy Salya 5 and Ern e 

President Chooses President 

from those who look upon them- 
selves as authoritative. Such 
predictions «n usually be 
judged at best as only quasi- 
prophetic, wth each speculator 
secretly hoping to be startling- 

himself a momentary place in 
the arena of pubUc notoriety, 
much as did Jean Dixon in her 

s (after all a life is wortJ 
hanacolorTV). In shon 
sonally feel that Dick Niic 

Presidential specula 

nL If he does. 

I The Poetry Place \ 


The leaves of spring have held their bloom 

Through warmest summer spells. 
But fall at last toward shadows dark 

The outlines of themselves. 
Confused they he, all blown about. 

Their message fully shed; 
All spring they sprinkled down their shade. 

Choic* Nar 

ertheless choice between their candidates 

thoughts Rockefeller has long been a pro 

gressive thinker. He has favoref 

progressive social legislation, i: 

The Presidentifl! contest cur- 
rently seems lo be following tra- 
ditional palicms — thai being 

e field 

5 has 

son, McCarihy, Bocfcefel 
Nixon, and Wallace will seer 

b a deadlock, the peripher 

IS failure lo support- 

.. I feel he must act 
regon primary, and 

he is the best Re- 

ice has stated that already b 
hned up 621 of the 667 
necessary for his nominj 

easily discounted smce i 

their delegations, but it doe 


. John- pbisticated garbage collectors of 

gs of the popu- 

lle class, and is P"t 

on off enough .? 

a majority from i,biLt 

e. This would (3) 

in a prhnary today, I would vole 
tor Eugene McCarthy. As a 
Sevenlh-day Adventist pacifist, 
I am anxious to see the ridicu- 
lous slaughter in Vietnam slop- 
ped. I would hope that Mc- 
Carthy receives an appreciable 
percentage of the vote, thus fa- 

benefits by 13%, e3£- 

?xpanded federal aid to 

ical image of the nation on the "30-odd 
' left. He million poor," and been a lighter 

onupt, unstable. 

s task will be made 
asier since at this 
5 no declared oppo- 

^s that he feels But ll 

lituiion dratted 
«hen the Unit- 
a painstaking 

waved and ihe 

candidates. In the general elec- 
tion I hope that it will be a 
Rockefeller-Johnson conlesL If 
it is, I will vote for Rockefeller. 
If it is a Nixon-Johnson coniesi, 
1 will delay my decision until 
the facts which precede No- 
vember are known. It at this 
lime I feel I cannol vote for 
either, I \vill %vrile in McCarthy 
on the Presidential ballot- 
While these views may lo 
some seem to be quite "hberal" 
(whatever that is), ibey are sin- 
cere. I hope that they may stim- 

their preferences so that we may 
vole intelUgendy on April 2+ in 

; pahliamentajuan 

1, . 



lor tubsc 

would like 

\o help 


in their tu 

nd raising driv 

a for the 

conitruction of th 


w library 

by pledg 

ng $ 

Send to: 



Student Association 


uthern Mis 

ionary Colleg 


Tenn. 37315 


'A" League 

"fl" League 

nd has held s 

■ ISIS ' 

iholeyel. DeFore's tea 

. 10 third' with three s'lraighl ^'^ 'f^'^ P^^B^ "^ ^atso 

;«, Dear 01. faculty. I,- DeFore, and Ty.on pushe. 
Mne ivith age squeaked b ^^ °"' °^ ^^^' *""* 

as o games s y 5h(jo[ing ability. 
: to find the ^vinning touch, Although Huilt and Ipei 

oivn e ttom spot. s^,^^^g„ ^g^ [^j problem i 

A'ith four games left to play, lack of strong reboundinj 

the marbles hang on the hustle, 
tch between Stevens and g^^g Elliston's team 

ipecial (a category for students Wiegand, March 13. If Stevens high mark to beat, which i 

ikilled in office, selling or any ^vins it's all over. Now if Wie- up the quali^ of the Ii 

ither speciahzed kind of work), gand takes the game and their One time each Shellon and D( 

^t this time there are 160 last one thev win it but if thev Fore reached this mark and oav 

■JOBS ABROAD" program, American students working V, ^ ^^," " """ 

ISIS formed ■■JOBS ABROAD" abroad through ISIS ■'JOBS l°«^ there is a possibihlj- of 
n 1961 as an expenmenlal ap- ABROAD" program, three-way ue. So who knows - 

ISIS Sponsors Jobs Overseas 

I EPAi (Bnutelles)— Francis X. ment tourist and information special (a catecorv for sU 
Gonion, Executive Director of oWi«s of 
itemational Stude; 
n Service (ISIS), 


:udents through the ISIS 

Elliston his t' 

a minimum of three cultural ,f™" °"f , ^ ^^ 

meetings in the U.S,A. prior to ""^ >'°'"f' '"'^'- ' 

departing for the continent arnV'dis'^ve^ed'"; 

The Cultural Meetings are experience of wor 

■ ■ ' e participants ^^^ ^^^^ gj^^^j ^^ , 

! of 


1 the 


belter m- All U,S. students over 17 

anding on years of age are eligible to apply 
le program for associate membership in ISIS 

e practical filiate, the International Society 
id Culture 

:w York 1 7, New York. 
Membership and participation 
in '■JOBS ABROAD" is open ic 
students thrDughout the worid 
who qualify. 


:xtbook (ISTC), 866 United 

lation, pho- 


I tails aboui the ISIS cul 

to' "them throrgh 
ABROAD." The job 

Rue Hotel des Monnaies 

isels 6, Belgium 

!l. NYC (212) 421-9250 











Htgb PutBt Mm 





EBK^rs -50 

L Forddl^M 





Egee« — W 

D. Lovcjoy-25 

M. Greene— 18 





Slcphons— 58 

D, AdkltB-lS 



Stephen 5~H 

R, Slephciu-lS 

D. T.r 



EKKcrs — tl 

D. CiutleberB, 
J. EBBcrs-12 

L Ell!. 



FaculO- -65 

D, LoVBJoy-aj 




I^mmo -W 

L, Fnrddi^25 

IWatson Wins ATS Orations 

a while a rabid dog 
d kill an individual, 
r one he kills, hquor 



us high school 

Second prize ^vinner for S35 and churches both locally and 
-as Sheila Smith for her oration slatewide. 

ititled, ■■Train Up a Child." J"J^^ fL ^^^1^^.^"^ 
larly England won $25, plac- ^j^;? *■ „f H^^h 
,g third for '■Healthful Har-^ P"""P^' "^ Ooltewah High 

ambos tied for fourth place. Pat 
for her speech enUlled "Mari- 
juana: Miracle or Menace?" and 
Bradley for his "A Modem 
These wnners will compete 

Jl''^^' l9.ndM«rch2l. Say 
7^° I' tha Smarhri of Thflm 


;o announced. JudyMer 
m first prize, Doris St 
:ond, and Shirley Kins 


y/A-fr rA^r£ 



April 11-13 

Mallernee Asks For Extra Day; 
President's Council Complies 

of the currently scheduled 

have a free day in order 

tend the Youlh Congress ^ 

should be scheduled for Apnl 

begins Thursday night and 

Saturday night 

students to attend the Southern 

April 12 has been proclau 

Union Youlh Congress. 

ncluding a weekend) than 

S.A, president, RolUn M 

nee, after invesUgating the 

T\-o days shoiJd be ad 

ous SDA colleges vacaUon 


Paul Harvey Visits Atlanta 
To Speak At Youth Congress 

md old "Love and Courtship," Dr. Har 

our Health," Dr. T. C, 
, SMC's college physl- 

Elder Arthur L, Whiti 

Elder Ells\%-orth Beile, "Youlli 
eader for the Southern Union 

n G. White Public 

[ the Youlh Cono 

Columbia Union Confer 

of Elders R. Curt 

«lks of New York a 

, will be the massed b 

Berkeley's Graduates 
Receive More Degrees 

WASHINGTON (CPS) — on a survey of all doctoral [iel 

ard of Trustees of 

Choice 68 Begins 
At Northeastern 

Nortlieastem University in 
Boston, Massachusetts, became 
the first college in the U.S. to 
vole in the CHOICE 68 elecUon, 
On Febniary 16, over 2,500 stu- 
dents (out of a potential elector- 
ate of 4,000} participated in the 
- mary ~~ a turnout percent- 
; that Leroy Wheelock, Jr., 
ident Body President, termed 
rger than any other election 

work, foUowed by an 
weeks of term study 
usually early electior 

of Iheir fellow classmates 
will vote on April 24, the 
tliat CHOICE 66 will be 

Elder C. D. Brooks. "Youl 
day — Compulsory Religior 


Collegedale Insurance Agency, inc. 

Auto - Life - Fire - Boats - Homeowners 
Phone 396.21 2«, Collegedale, Tmn. 


To Blood Donon 

chahaIToosa blood 





President Schneider Announces 
New Faculty Members 

Sports . . . 

Ornithology Class Visits Florida 

By E. 0. Grundset 
Equipped wlli binoculars, was an extended lour of the 

telescopes, bird guides, gear of Everglades NaUonal Park where ^^ , 

nil kinds, notebooks, and maps, migratory birds from Souili The li 

the ornithology class embarked America can be seen at tlus time h.tUng for 3 1 pom Is led iV 

onafield trip to Florida during of Uie year plus the many per- ^^^^ije^ ™!;^^^= *° "'^ 



in the various 


epical • 

= class was excited aboul 
-ospects of participating in 
1 bona-fide biological "sa- 

/iegand's le; 
larch 25, ■ 


3si scoring game of team until the last couple of 

lulis and Wiegand minutes in each half. 

mble fim^ 7-rith ^y '" ^^™'^ °^ *^ All-Stars, wth 

oints respecuvely. ^^\ ^'^^^tle and Campbell 

rhaps, aUo saw the ■^^^''kmg the boards against Stev- 

T tlZvJ^ of ^"'. ^"y ea^"'r ?he Sia'^'^by 

departed on Wednesday 
ing, March 27 and re- 
,^.,A on Monday, April 1- 
Joumeying directly to the Or- 
" < area, they identified the 


; lip-off. 

T ball handlin 

d Cape Kennedy. 

Byron Chalker, Clair Frey 

Steve Knighl, Jerr)' Linder 
IIii"'6t^s'were"mIde"'aro'ng Terry Michaelis, Ray Mi 
and estuaries and at Lox- Suzi Parks, Joe Saladino, J 

chee NaUonal WUdhfe Re- Salyers, Bonnie Schwenn. 
. Tlie higliiight of the trip Tidweil, and Mark Wiegle 

Letters to the Editor 

tied 5 other depth of the A!l-Sta« which ac- 
counted for their win, for the 

while lo oet .^" ,Jf! ' ,,^ ^^^^ , ^ 

iurf "Hlev.^™^™no^ ™' pl«)«l W-ther ,L K.m befor,. ''»>"» """^ "> '»"• ""- 

jf his naienied lay-ups on a fast ^'^ *" '^^ ^''^' ^^^^ before Joe fensive battle, as the score 

ireak lo break a lie ^vith less Lo^ino hit four straight goals shows. Neither team was able 

han a minute remaining in the » P"' "I'e All-Slars ahead for to mount a defense to slop the 

^inal half, and Sleen was fouled the first time. The remainder of other, and both teams shot al- 

o put the game beyond reach the game was a see-saw contest most at «-ill from as far out as 

;or Wiegand. that saw no big lead by either 30 feet to under the basket. 

All-Stars 81 Wiegand 77 

Final Standings 

l^ii Physics Department Award 

; photographed object, but 

The Southern Mis; 

'Xd^nu^B^ McCurdy, faculty advisor for Tollerton, and Russell Tur 
■ant of S70.0I "'"°"""' 

by the Bendi-v Corporal 
DeU-oii, Mich. 
The objectives of Uie 5 

ccedi^gi in physics on llie canij 

EDRliJi ana Spanidi, Al- knowledge for the physi 

Collegedale Cabinefs, /nc. 

Manufacturer of High guality 

Collegedale. Tenn. Telephone 396-2131 

L ittle Debbie 



Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Auto - Life - Fire - Boats - Homeowners 
Phone 39t-212i. Collegedale, Tenn. 

NIXON Gains Easy Victory 


I Encomiums Present Last Concert 


in SMC Choice '68 

By Bob 


Former Vice-President, Rich- 

Socialist Worker Party; Mark 

ard Nixon, swept lo easy victory 

Hoirield, Republican; Martin 

in Southern Mission a rj- Col- 

Lulher KinE, deceased Negro 

lege's version of Choice '68 

leader; Charles Percy. Republi- 

can; and George Romney, Re- 

publican write-in candidate. 

pan of a nationwide poll on col- 

ccive single first-place vole. 

lege and university campuses 

Preceding the election two 

conducted by Time magazine 

joint worsliip sessions were held 

drew a turnout of 599 SMC 

to acquaint the Sludenls with the 

.even-lo-one margin over his 

On the following evening, stu- 


;ion. featured ihe Enconr- 

deiwndcnl P a r t v candidate. 

didnies gave partisan, speeches. 


Singers in iheir final con- 

George Wallace "-ilh 61 votes. 

Gwynn Carey spoke for Fred 

under the direction of 

Republican Governor Nelson 

Halslead, Warner Swamer for 


art Crook on Saturday 

Rockefeller won third spot with 

Robert Kennedy, Rollin Maller- 


I. April 27. 

36 votes followed b)- peace can- 

nee for Eugene McCarlliy, Tom 

mpleting iheir third year 

didates Eugene McCarthy, sen- 

Bob Coolidge for Richard Nison] 


1 official choral group of the 
ne, the Encomium Singers 

Kennedy, New York senator. 

George Powell tor Ronald 
Reagan, and Bonny Murphree 

(. 2( 

i-member all male chorus). 

Republican governor Ronald 
Reagan was next wilh 14 voles. 

for George Wallace. 


possibly face disbandnienl 
mng tiiis year due to the 
rlure of Crook, reports 

Students registered first, sec- 
ond, and third choices for Presi- 
dent on prepared ballots, and 


An Robertson, Fine Arts 

Trailing far behind ihe lead- 

also expressed opinions on three 


ers President Johnson received 


■ook leaves SMC after being 

four votes despile his announced 
no n -candidacy. New York City's 

military action in Vietnam; the 
bombing of North Vietnam; 


lo become principal of 

Republican mayor John Lindsey 

and solutions for the "Urban 

T ^ 

rson ca emj, e erson, 

in candidate, Vice-President 

The vaults of the nation-wde 


Hubert Humphrey pulled two 

poll will be tabulated by com- 

19 Make Decisions 

In Birc 


Elder Bruce Johnston chair- 

hiivc [wrticipaled in ■'Silent 

man of SMC's Departnieni of 

Thrust" bv conducting Bible 

Religion, reports ihal 19 people 

studies "ilh interested families 

made decisions for baptism dur- 

James Anderson, director of 

^eries in Birchwood, Tenn., 

"Silent Thrust," said that "El- 

April 6-28. 

der Jolmslon wns asked to con- 

duct this campaign m hopes that 

sions for Christ through the 

been in progress in the Birch- 
„.Dod area siSce last fall, accord- 

Bible studies might make that 
decision during the meedngs." 

Mr. Smuts van Rooyen, in- 

structor in religion, was the cU- 

lers said that almost 80 students- 

rector of music for the effort 



The ministerial candidate %vil 
11 meet the admission require 
;nls of the theological semin 
"" " ^ity, (in 
iluding Greek) and in doiA 
- reful plan 

linor in Biblical lai 
nd a minor in hislor 
dl w-itliin the normi 
128 hours for graduaUon. 

The relig 
of c 



Eional students who need a col- 
lege liberal arts degree may now 
choose religion as llieir major 

The ministerial candidate will 
now be required to take an inter- 
departmental minor in applied 
theology wth courses dra^vn 

for the ministerial candidate has 
been approved. It will include 
Survey of Civilization, History 
of Christianity, one semester of 
American History, and one se- 
mester of History of Antiquity. 
TJiese changes are largely a 

The niinislerial candidate who 
also wishes to qualify for leach- 
ing would undoubtedly use his 
elective hours for obtaining pro- 
fessional educauon quaUfica- 

build additional minors other 


ogy. This applied iheolt^y 
minor will give the ministerial 

program with many of the re- 
quired cognates being built into 
tlie required minor in applied 
theology. The result is a con- 
siderable economy of hours so 
that a ministerial candidate can 
graduate with a major in re- 

plied tlieolog>-. 

sional need on the canipus of 
Southern Missionary College. 

My Ddiicc [o Ihii kind is. dsn't try 
Id changE the kIiDqI, get out und ga 


™ ^„^^EJ4Ji^ 

my. Martha Whitloy, J"""^ ' 

to HC my good phoiograpbeii . 



Students Elect S.A. Officers 
For 1968-69 

The 1968 SMC "A" League 

. FarduUs, ■ 

and hiiting has (as of April 23) 

Line Scohe Sumn 

{ as tlie American League ti 

were approved 

by the student 

miinagers of ihe Southeri^ Ac 

sed bntJots. Ap- 

laiions Commir 

Doug Foley, a 

^ -or f«. 

m Jacksonville, 

ate and the College President's 

Elise Scherm 

"^""^or "fl^m 

of the Southern Accent and 

was approved 

apphcation for such office, shall 

grams Conunitt 

man of the Pro- 

be appointed by the Publication 

Chosen to di 

cct tlie Scholar- 

Dwighl Evans, a 

sophomore pre- 

med Student 

rom Madison, 

Richmond, Va., was chosen to 
fill the Memories [wsilion and 

Heinz Wiega 

d, a sophomore 

Rici Caldwell, a junior accounl- 

physical educai 

on major from 

, was approved 

Committee chai 


manager of the Accent, a po=i- 

Sandy Cavan 

a ugh, a fresh- 

vvon over three otlier candidates. 

the SociaJ Comi 


munications major from Pensa- 

Several chan 

ES in the new 

cola, Fla,; Jim Purdham, a jim- 

election proced 

ue changes for 

3 of the By-Law 

il says that the 

from Collegedalc. While re- 

ry of the SA 

■■shall receive 

ffice upon ap- 

votes in Ihe Prininr)- balloting. 

pointmenl by 

le Cabinet and 

Davis was forced into a run-ofl 

ratification by 

, moionty vote 

of the total mei 

cnbcrship of the 

been made by L 

he Cabinet as of 

Davis, who was placed on ihe 
ballot by petition after llie dead- 

candidate on record to lake Uie 

SA Officers 1968-69 


College Market 

Offers large selecHons of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a voriery of groceries. 


rilh art 

und 60 



s, whir 

set! for 



Engaged Couples 
Attend Retreat 

Retreat, Sablwth, April 20. The 
day's acuvilies were planned by 
Dr. Frank Knitlcl. academic 
dean, Bob Hunter and Jini 

The College 




Runyan Replaces Crook 

^cording la Rudy Bata, stu- 
of between $2^00 and 

ones I could think of. The a 
pages compared \vith 38 It 

Collegedale Insurance Agency, 


Auto - Life - Fire - 

Joats - Homeowner 

Phone 39i-212i 

Collegedole, Tenn. 

"C.« U. fo. All 

Collegedafe Cabinets, Inc. 

Collegedale. Tenn. Telephone 3M-2131 

theology ^, - - . , 

Melton for the remainder of t^ 

school year and summer monu 

During Melton's tenure in t 

Chattanooga-Cleveland e 


Annual Dedicated 
To Dr. Christensen 

Dr. Clark's Book '1844' 
1 Presented in Convocation 

lioil Tl 


morning, Ap 


Dr J, 

' "s'" 




gedale, wa 


td bo 

copy of hi 

A. Oliphonl 
Soulhem Pu 


iiig As 


n, Nashville 

Dr. Rittenhouse Will Give 
Commencement Address 

islory is in- 


of Paci 

He Vmon Col- 

ire polenlial. 

lege, ^vi] 

be the s 


lose employ- 

faithful and 

id steen 

□U objectives 

Jber Ale 

e pnrt of the 

sor of 


and Applied 

Versatile SMC Girl Wins Gold Amrd 
Also Iraoels . . . And Studies 



Photos ond L,iyoui 

by CwuENCK Smai.t. 

Kini L. GravMiock a slu- 

remained to be skelched. Others 

at Southern Missionarj' 

stayed to watch, for each nen 

. ha5 been applying his 

"victim" brought his own brand 

the Gospel. Bill had pre- 

Bill is a serious -minded young 

ivorked for ihe "Vnnily 

udi05" of Ciilifornia as a 

the ministry. When asked which 

field he was most interested in. 

■ork on the SMC campus 

he replied, "I want to work with 

such endeavors as These 

young people." 

subscriptions and SMC's 

Putting his lalenl to good use, 

Bill prepares posters and inspira- 

Tuesday and Thursday 

tional cartoons tor the MV bul- 

vcral weeks a sign ap- 

letin board in Lynn Wood Hall. 

on U.e door of SMC's 

enls passed Bill's sland 

is through his art or through the 

Three Communities Rely 
On 22 Volunteer Firemen 

(ContinuL-d fro 
When he joined 
allege faculiy 


Library Campaign Total 
Stands at Over $40,000 

lie reli 
in ihe planning, develo] 
.ind mana 
College's 1 

.f pub. 

kod closely 


of Lo Sierra 



pha Epsilon Mo, radio and tele- 
vision honor society and the Na- 

Journalism Class 
Conducts College 
Newspaper Study 

By Sharon Peahson 
Four edilonals of SDA col- 
jivspapers published last 

led about Iheir paper's 

stated their policies and 

f, and other mechanical-tj-pc 

nd church coi 
legacy of £13.600, lefltotJ 

ied) showed the ad' 

e interested in the study. The school by a" a"on: 

taken of SMC students and thei 


Fardulis Leads 
'A' League Teams 
By One Game 

top, a full game a 
and Thompson on 

r fielding and lack of p 

s bound to ha 
L two final « 
dings could c 

I Fardulis, E. Kier, R. Tygret, D. 

Dope at a Glance 


tion of the two-floor building 


Icrisan, plant engineer for SMC, 
and be completed wtliin a year. 

College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruifs 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 

State Parks Are fCo„S™"'/™°™. 
Sites for Picnics 'i™''': Beisimu Frono 

Fun a few scraped knees 

A set of "1844" was presented 

Dr. W. M. Schneider. SMC 

eep resulted from the class 

iresidenl. for placement m lli 

cnics held off campus May 1. 

eaded for Cumberland Stale 

ark, 80 miles north of Col- 

gedale, Boat-ro%ving and golf 

Dr. Clark is presently at wor 

riving contests liighlighied the 

on another book, a study of th 

The Chilhowee National For 

t, forty miles from SMC, was 


Little Debbie 





combottnt AJvcnIi.l youlh— = must for l-A-O'. 


X r-""^^ 

Where Is Collegedale? 

r , 


terw '■ Have you \-isiicd SMC latolv? , 



The Higli^v.-iy Dq,arnnen|, „ 

"hi Tgm' do«n a" fTs, "iir^M. 
pills Ihcm up. A new icnes ar<>l 
teing ivnrked on preiently. I 

Let's follow Kathleen Johnson 1 
and Donna Burke as ihey \xy lo I 
find Ihcir way into SMC. I 

\ Colleqedale 

Era Ends as Talge Hall Comes Down 





New Personnel for SMC 





T- ■, m Mir 

Vh > ' h • A -rt , 

, , ■ . , , 

Ediioriol PoUcy Advuer Prank Kniitcl 

from Union College, Lincoln, 
Neb., with a major in chemistry 

He U a member of the Society 
of Sigma Xi, Phi lambda Up- 
~ ■ merican Chemical 
he Associauon for 
lent of Sciena;. 

in European luslory and Lnst 

lor in French, respectively. 

Floyd Murdoch received 


sity. Be 

Chnslise Murdoch graduated 

'm?r'e°" i„"b"bloK""»s te«'""' 
ed in 1965 when he went on 
bioloBicnl expedilion to Pe™- 

Mre. Murdoch, «ho u »J 
teaching French at " s'^^^ ■ 

!"**»?« tistdS'. 

Univereity of Geneva and ag^ 

nt Walla Waila Valley Aca. 
from 196+-67 and is a me 
of Hie publicaUon ■'Wtio's 

educalion. In September he be^ 
gan leaching al Walla Walla. 

AshlonivasUiegucsl artist al 
a special choral concert al 
Southern Missionary College last 

Miss Alice Loug 
bachelor of science' 

Five New Faculty Members 
Join Collegedale Academy 

Collegedale Academy will Stephens who iviU leach phys- 

r Staff K 


available at the present time. 
Dr. Schneider announces ihe 

Garren will be an instructor in 
art- He is a graduate of Atlantic 
Union College wlh a bachelor 
of science, and he holds the 
master in fine arts from Roches- 
isiitute of Technology. 

Sharon Redmond vAU 
i on tiie Madison campus. 

lale Academy Board. 

academy wU be fit! 'l.^^^!, 

1 of the'LaSi 

ind health, 
mg Mr, Harrow holds ih 
M. clor of arts degree from 
the bia Union College and a 

Tulsa Uni 


versity. Mr, Isaak holds a bach- 
State College, and Mr. Stephens 

Donald Rui 

:. He 

i-Qc Rees, ivife of the for- 

ot Union Colleo 

scheduled to receive ihe Ph.D. 
nuclear physics from Purdue 

No Smd(ing the new year. He 

"It is sometimes suggested Elder F. H. Hewif 

that the question of smoking in gd a call to Indone 

a classroom, in the school din- j^^ g j^.^ ^.^ 

be decided by a majority vole. ?^ ^^^'^ ^'cu"- 
B„, if „,Jy „„e pc^a i„ . ^■^|?'S- ^H.^. 

iple, should Don Crook. 
" ' ' Othi 

^h■. R 


hundred gets ill fro 

graduate of 
■ of Elder J. 


■Neither the principles 
■ rules of social ethics Co 

programs and in the public re- 
lations oHice of Porter Memorial 
Hospital, Denver. 

Mrs. Irish has two daughters 

;nlly tlie physical educatior 

Jniv^sTy. ""*"" 
comes 10 SMC «ith U 
3f teaching experience be- 
lier, including service al 

Laurel wood Academy, 
I. Ore. — both Sevenlh- 

ransferred to Capital Uni 

Photo Contest 

$100 Cash or Books 

rmer Leil.i Betry of Down 
'mvt, fu, who h«d jus 
I (raJnaisd from Andrews Uni 


302 Cited for Academic Honors 

Dean's list and Honor Roll. 

Dr. Frant Kmttel r 
id Honor T 

Two-hundred and fort; 


1 Ih 


■, List wilt 
grade poin 


Dr. Morrison 
Guest Speaker 
At Spanish Meet 

His lalk is entitled "Tw 

Students Assist Camps 
In Local Conferences 

Ben Maxson has been 

conference, according lo 
W. C. Arnold, youlh ac 

Mississippi is getting rea 


dy 10 

Dean Knittel 
Tells Changes 
In Schedules 

made some schedule dion 

CO to. 

IS been exceUent help 

jck ports that they have been good 

Chapel ^^^ll 
m Tues ■ 

on Tuesday and Thursday i 

follows; Breakfast will g^^j^i ^^„„^,„, . 
7:00 until 9:15; lunch fj^^,: j^jy Vining, 

Mills, coun- 
■ front; Judy 

all for Sabbath 

Quadrennial Council on Higher 
Education for Sevenlh-day Ad- 
ventist Colleges and Univereiiies 
at Berrien Springs, Mich., where 
he will speak on "The Problem 
of Academic Continuity." 

Physics Reveals 
'Conflicts* Class 

A new course, called -'Con- 
tlicls in Physical Science," ^vill | 
be offered by SMC's physics d( 
partment beginning this fall, ai 
cording to Dr. Ray HeHerUn, I 
head of the department. | 

Using as a primarj- textbook,! 

ity and radioactive age di 

reUgion, such as reaUs 

The course is desigJ 
students of all interests, 

tific knowledge ivill be requiredB 


d that. 

ts ^vill e 
it from a 

cated people today (sc 

Florida Crusades 
Employ Quartet 

students have been 

and Lake Worth. 


Several of tJiem report thai 

Pat Hill, camp cooking; Lee 

Unc WUliun Bruce 

James, girl's director and 


counselling; Steve Knight, water 
skiing; Jo Anna Mohr, life 

Lfflsds. Cljdp Luidsay 
Leiuier Morilyn Ann 

guarding; Lynn Nielsen, in 

Lemon, AUcc Jean 

music and taking care of some of 

charge of 30 horses and leaching 


crafU; Jim' Pleasant, hfe 

Wally Williams reports from 

guarding and constructing; Don 

Likoni, Arbuwi Hebe 

Lake Worth that it has given 

him a real vision of evangelism 

Roger Swanson, counselling; 

tic about Ihe program and will 

Verle Thompson, hfe guanling; 


continue in it through August 

Margaret Whitford, counselling. 

he course is uppa| 
di'vision end counts ou 1 

[he non-laboralory options. 

Computer Class 
Planned Again 

SMC is continmng to devd 

aci^^ding to Dr. Franit Knitlei.! 
academic dean. ' 

Tlie rtisl such coursi 
„.. ™ ir„n™„ Comouler Pm-l 

H. A. Swenson Sets Up 
New Scholarship Program 

1250 Will Enroll 

■ding to Dr. C. F. 

Miss Rowell 
Wins $2,200 

Uely 1250 
:epled for 

y College, has been s 
S2200 fellowship 

; by August, 1969, The 

years ago. Her background in- 
cludes graduation from Pacific 

wlh honors and a Master of 
Music degree from the Univer- 
sity of Southern California. 

Coffegedafe Cabinets. Inc. 

ManufacfLjters oF High Qualify 
Laboraiory Furnilure for Szhcah dnd Hospitals 

Collegedale, Tenn. 

Telephone 396-2131 

College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of grc 

•list in the Dade City- 

h\i\ Harvey — Listen, May 

Little DeM ae 

lors AT 

Collegedale Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Auto - Life - Fire - Boats - Homeowr 
Phone 396-21 26, Collegedale, Tenn. 

■■Call Us for All Yow IniuraneB Naedi.- 

All Typo, Neadod 
,.- .. CENTER, INC. 



ye PuBlic house 

5911 Brainerd Rd. 
Open 4:00 p.m. 

f your pizza is perfection 

it's from SHAKEVS 

"Batiquel Room available for 

EvangelisnTSchOOl Effort SMC Graduates Forty 

In Summer Commencement 

Results in 61 Decisions 



Clawe. T«ugh( 

Classes in evaiigclisuc melli- 

minislrv- wert- lauglit by Elder 

laughl the cliis^ in condiicling. 
Mr^. Douglas Bi^nnelt and Mrs, 
Pearl Leilner. of the Jacksonville 
church, assisted by Mrs. Rulh 
Self, formerly Rulh Couch, look 



SMC sludenls involved in iJie 


ITJ ""