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Schneider Plans Student -Admin. Communication Effort 

help SMC offieiars 
feel out student 
opinion from 
grossroot's level. 

Idi^AS G- C.'s DeBooy Is Featured " 

e been sched- a ^ KAl# «Av i ■ ■■ ^"f* representing the local 

At MV Weekend Here 

ind helping 

inferences c ,„. ^ .._,. g „„ 
Southern Union: D. L. Aalborg, 
Georgia-Cumberland; S, E. 
Gooden, South Ceniral; P. A. 
Kostcnko, Carolina; N. 0. Mid- 
dag, Florida; R. P. Peay, South 
Atlantic; and D. M. Winger. 
Ken lucky-Tennessee. Also pres- 




needs o( Mr. Avorogo AcUve 
3 admillcdly not an oloqucnt 

lably stem from this 

joiise to the SA [ 


thinldag academic conrniunity. And. J 

'Reader's Digest' .iLg ion- 
Reprints From iSleJeweti" 
'Outdoor World' := "» "■■ 

an article from OUTDOOR 



WORLD, new national nalurc 



Preslon Publications, Inc., of 

please originate an eliecli 

ve plan? Speaking 

^r^ 'Chug> 

nd BbxIc), 

Title of the article being re- 


Extraordinary Changeling." It 

bieaklhrough lor Ihe mon 

h. Good luck, Doug 

,., .,,..drc 

.n,lv «!... 

nature writer, Jean George. 
The article, illustrated in full 

Chairman. Filing lor Ihis 

uiing from Sepl, 23 

' '-C^l^lt 


romi in the September-October 

" '""ThlL'raOToii' w 








,h.,. ,h.i 

enth-day Adventists. Publication 

minislraUon on its 





er^ : 

^WRH Turnovers 


/cd 10 be tight quar 
IV of the men. U oi 
why all the me 

sed elbow 


in almost futile at- 

yen they are extremely comfor- '<''»P' 1° 8<=t ^'^"' 

table. Admittedly he recognizes We men have appreciated the 

1 psychological problems the improvement of Talgc of old sincere cfiort to give the former 

■ - - ■ - - -o Jones Hall of new but all that women's dorm a more masculme 

■egisters consciously is that the environment, however one sU 

Ihe good dorm to the palace. former coaling of flowery "all- 

:reale"d Li tC tl^dorm l,a. no" on^omTof ihe'doors. Evenm^Uy 
male populace. Thi 

1 Mis- 
sionary College. He must adjust 
to using the name Men's Resi- 
dence Hall upon a building here- 
tofore referred to bysuchjn- 

BaslJlle, The Ri 

etc. A building one 

degree of contempt n 

shelter (or its fon 

Tlie SMC male has 

a feeling of inferionty that ili 

= nock,l 


forgotten by """' I 
night light! 

i>-pole of years past betwc 

ice to the cubbyhole rtwms, ^ 

kcs a shoiver in now. etc-, but for tlie present " 

; in occupies a larger total area than us even miss — the so 

Not a female and what was more decrepit, ha If- plastered wan. 

Sarawak, Bolivia Were Scenes 
For SMC Student Missionaries 

ihitipn seeking spot 
,s on Ihe five "A" league prec 
Captains Bill Wokoll. this 

Lomino & Martin's 


. '63 Hagball season al SMC choices were released, 

still holding. In pracuct „ 

Pleasants downed Johnson 13-6| 
Asheviile, North Carolina. Gar- while Robinson and 
rcn graduated from Ailanlic shnreda 13-13 lie. Theoi 
Union College willi a bachelor learns are scheduled, b 
of science, and proceeded to re- not played to date. 

bring mediciil, spiritual, and ed- 

■all, reports llial he was rallier 

ics to give medical aid and pro- 

ccive his master of fine arls from 

Since the '67 season, ih 

seni health lectures. Then she 

Rochester Institute of Technol- 

faculty has entered their team in 

*vilh whom he worked since he 

spent wo weeks working in the 

ihe "A" league compeiiUon 

Chulomoni Hospital, a small. 

Like most "new" teams, they ar 

bnynks. Yel, il appears ihnt this 

30-bcd, S.D.A. -leased, govern- 

Academv and bringing hnU ihe 

not expected lo rank high in th 

menl-owned hospital which is 

senior class wilh him is Donald 

Happy Valley Top Six. How 

operated by a U.S. doclnr. It 

was here, she reporls, thnt she 

may be boosted by the additio 

~^ ' ly^BH^^^^B 

everv place h-^ visited. 

music and also lead in the choir- 

of several "rookies" drafted b 

f 1 rmff 

'"re.'Sn .'lo rlrrnin ' OnceT 

Ncxi, Carolyn attended a 

He graduated wilh a bachelor of 
arts from Union College, and a 

the SMC administration. 


was asked to give ihe eulogj- at 

the kitchen preparing gluten. 

lego, and has a master of arls 

B cimn"'''* D. fil^s^rd^ley 

ihe funeral of a villager whom 

from Ihe University of Indiana. 


he had never met. Also, he 

pons, was with a crippled chil- 

Just completing his Ph.D. in 

fi "c"^ b ''" ^"^'°^' 

Nurso Carolyn leaches artificia 

laughl Bible and English and 

dren's clinic which was rccenlly 

ex])erimentnl low-energy nu- 

-esp^ratlon !o some retio.aU. 

assisted in various phases of 

an elderly American philanthro- 

clear physics,, Henry Kuhlman 

SMC this year. He graduated 
from Andrews University. 
A new asiociale professor of 

a vJm"" K Gri«b«k 

Purdue's Men 

As might be expected, Caro- 

E.&,..,ko R.Du^X. 

To Sing Sunday 

nurs'inrfield!'she^m!ihncd her 

private duly nursing home. 

G. mX"''' 

"A singing world will be a 

Harry and Carolyn are now 

"arTmel'i" of^ nur^ng^Ts'^Mlss 

J. Pl™«nls D Slipllon 

happy world." «ys Dr. Alber 
P. Slew-art, director o[ th 

"How can you possibly know 

their studies al SMC. They 

Alice Loughridgc, who holds a 

? wXr" n. Cullvcll 

world-famous Varsity Glee Club 
of Purdue University who wil 

ri ;™' nS tc"numfeir 

plan to lei iheir lights shine 
here in ihe homeland as well 
by encouraging iheir fellow stu- 
dents to volunteer for ihe MV- 

uiale Heart College, and a mas- 

G Gnie M Wi-iRley 

M onorj Co cge Sunday, Sep 

w ■feutij [■ i"!"'™^^ °j, Jiy j"^; 


embe "9 a 8 p m n he Phys 

s|)onsored studeni missionarj- 

ill Education Cen e College 

"™ rUl''y.mpfei, ^pr^grm^ 


University of Kansas where she 
received her master of science. 


T m r eCiub 

ro go ihrough with il whether 

Already, each is scheduled for 

Mrs. Juanita Giles will be an 

N Z^"*" H \^l1"ar.\ 

me the 

ern Union during the monlhs 

Shrhas tak'en'^dva^nce'd'worl^ 

ISif ISf" 

audic'nc" a'nd shape vour num- 

ahead. Watch the Southehn 

Mrs. Sharon Redmond, a 

"" Fotuify 

The nc n a D Slewar 

bers accordingly." 

Tlie Glee Club is composed 

Accent for furl kt 

graduate of Columbia Union 
College School of Nursing, is an 

!?;■£'■ g'Sv" 

riMTwho''?ng'as''a side- Ploquesplaquesplaques 

Iheir studies at Purdue, Plaquesploquesploques 

sil'y'has neither a School of Mu- Name plaoues thank you 

sic nor a music curriculum car- plaques, credit-where-cred- 

rying academic credit. It-is-due plaque 




''Steps to Christ" Is Theme at 
I Southern Union Bible Conference 

The Southern Missionary Col- style mansion ser\-ed as both 
Inal decision September 26 con- married couples quarters- dining 

ed o a T a I e Ho 

dunng the ea ly daj 

e ongotthe 968 Sou hn H |^»J(i?i (% «, g^ , f, 

a Bb. Confeene d '''.^■fVJ w O ^^I^W Q 
•5a e Man C k ^^^ V f 

Shir b ne d A on 

o"n r ^on r " tl " rJ' '^' \ '" 1 eT^ e & fe^en^e 

n Ed S ne T ea 

P " r'' od'' Bhe 

.T I 

coMmumi oAi mm com 

By Boui-ni DuPliv 

\ became realily, ironically enough, by adm nis m 

MC delegates in prayer band al 

COM takes Ihe place ol Ihe Sludcnl-Facu ol win 

rrimble, Bill Wiisl. Pauleiit 

; (or broader reprosenlalLoc. oi ihe students an ff 

At the 5rst meeting of the 

. students and S faculty wo.o preBeni. All an as rs 

;ontcrence each delegate wa< 

jiven a copy of Step^ to Chrisi 

' being a last minule worship announcemen an 

ind requested to read iht 

. ACCENT Blory: and in pari lo obvious slud an hm alf 

|liaptcri pcrtQining to the meel- 


ings and discussion groups tc 

follnw. The discussion groups, a 

1 tuting Iho quarter system, lo the problem of cafeteria line-break- 

vii^l pan of the Bible Con- 

ferpncc, met in eight section! 

1 college occupied a segment o( Iho lime, with the admuiislrcrtorg 

1 explaining lo the students that Ihe action of Ihe board was to 

Thursday and three on Friday, 

Confession, (2) Consecration. 

chapel record taking procedures. Ihe lacully agreed lo study 

13) Fniih and Acceptance, (4) 

aludent suggestions lor improvement. Bui one key weakness ol 

The Test of Discinleship, (5) 

Ihe first INTEH-COM session was that on major mailers of policy. 

Gromng U|, inio Christ (6) 

including Friday night record taking and student represenlation 

Tlie\\Wl;and,heL.te, (>)A 


■ Of monolog, ralher than a dialog of Ihe merits and dements ol 

^""ly^-s of Tr..e and False 

■'ciprice were presented and 

^■^;1' d<;leeale wTs Tnvhed "c 

\ devoted to trivia, but ihosn are the little things Ihat become so 

: important lo the aludent in his day-by-day program. And Ihere 

'"Vet under discussion and to 

°>* qucsiions. 

with the potential ol INTER-COM. 

GRE Time 
Is Almost 
Upon Us 

f adm on c- adua h o 

o e from the G adua e Re 
E. ammauon Thi es is 
fe ed on obe 6 and De t 

L the deadlines of 

his choice and with- 
g to pay the three 
for late r^eislratioti- 
« the GRE on its cani- 
islered by Dr J, M. 




in the planning o 


boul the Conietonc 

.IS' olT, '"sS^nL" ta'd°I 

eady beon made b 

date. Speakers were broughl Ic 

ood and Columb 


njusL to the Yout 

our (ecling. We only 

PERFORMANCE ';; •:',:,i'S;f 

b^JoTeph' Priest 

]y piano iind Glee Club. 

Univer^ily-s Glee Club expbded J'he slighi«t byThc fo^ thai sev* 
onto the stage in ihcir black ^.^.^i .,oyj,„ ]a6iei were seen 

Residence Hal 

rienced a 

1 cnlerta 




h H 

through n 

nii5ic Iho 

I ivas 


11 worn durinc the conce 


nrn member" ol the Pu 


g began 
ngs, the 

able [ 



Ihey ought to come 
I year. 


and performance. Into the 
of one liour and fifty mii 

qu lit> \hch had been sought 

of the conc«n sh e 1 up bnl 
1 a tl> ll e p e ei taUOn of 

H n I '^ n cr Tie 

n n I f llo^cd oil 

,^ "'S'^'^'^ccent 

Calnp Coryell 

not hdvo rivaled Ihe one in Cyp 

ess Gardens, but CoUegedale's 



one thing grcally in its favor. 

See . . . 

BuVuioso whrwenl" and lutl 


S^efbi taiV.°e'l7il'' 

was an enioyable break torn 



■TrT.I by tall . . .'■ 

On the poliacal scene, filing 

week had to bo sxlended by 

Dfar Edilor- 

the first and second days of 

ho.M^qtinl^f^.'^ef iu^K^su^Ta 

I?o'^''Th1 ZtZlLtS^h^^t 





^Jn^ft mXrl" tunT(e'''«h'cli'^!o^i' 

Ihe sludent body. Unfortunately 

this is Ihe procedure Ihal the 

""«,"l"'b" Sran'/p™"'™, * 

and overly z.olou. engineers. 

e sludent diieclory. has been 

s 'iff KrM; c„ Tdt 

getting more sleep lately. The 1 


^11 It lliii fontepl ^^^^^ ^"^^ 5 

the title ot the lorihcoming pubU 

ation. the editor declined com- 


nenl. Critics will |ual have to w 

a.1 and see. Be faithful weary 

ha" 'ii' iiLh''*i.!^*uru"uy rdil'Vh 

Ti™ "Jh'o 'diifb 1"' iitri" 

St the Board meeting on Se 

at. 26, it was voted lo have on 

!?;;S by S," .S to"""nb 

IBM 1130 compnter iiuialled on 

campus by September ol next 


taking chapel record and ptogra 

mming computer dales. 

entc pVacl'ir.-d'Vv n.Pn in power 


done away wilh'this year. The" 


;!?■)■.'., .,^,^ 1.'; 


pael two yeaifi. SMC will be 



Beaven: For one thing, lo 


being used is illegal in every 

Following is an interview held becoming a drug user is "lo 

are arrested you have ruined 

%vith Dr. Winion E, Beaven 

maintain a healthy Christian 

your future for anything worth- 

visiting speaker for Temperanc 

experience and be al peace with 

while. Your record wll follow 

Dr- Beaven's weekend taJL-; _, '*<^«"'' ^r. Beaven, why 

school, or even enter the army. 

centered around ihe subjecls a 

Ihe use of addictive drugs in 

Another disadvantage is that a? 
you become lethargic from its 

uana three maiorVreas of"teD 

the last few years? 

everything — you just become 

drug of rebellion. In the 1920's 

too lazy. People smoke it only 

■We have entered a new- worla ^^^ igj^., ,„,,y ,^,, „,, 

because it makes them feel 

ind many people don 1 realii 

way lo rebel. During the 1940's 

not exlemal. And what is man 

and 1950's alcoholism became 
Ihe rising problem. Now that 
cigarettes and alcoholic drinks 

Accent: What kind of home 
background arc most drug-users 

solutions? Chemicals, akoho 

are becoming commonplace. 

Beaven: You will Tind dial 

ihis socieiv and wc as Chri 

a form of rebellion. 

where" the^^arenU are 
permissive or totally ngiQ- 

uan< ha^e a burden lo do Accent: Do you think that 

something about it." 

n.>callmg his visit lo Auslra 

thing to do wiih ihe upheaval 
among student leadership on the 

Young people demand constancy 
of their parents. 

1 i da^ period he was o 

typical modern college campus? 

Beauen: Not in a major 

sense. Lysergic acid (LSD) and 

use of drugs can be deterred by 
legal means? 

Beaven: No. Unless 80-85?c 

\u I i) And why is his mes 

lion, but lethargy. Marijuana, or 

ot the population are in f"^"; 

"pot," is a depressant. Ninety 

of a law against llie addiciJ>e 
drugs, lawlessness will spread- 

percent of those who take it just 

J do nothing. 

laws must be made after ibe 

are on a Qiristian college cam 

Accent: You menlionBd in 

people approve them. 

Accent: Are crimes that are 

suggested that ihc way to avo 

a hannful? 

committed under the influence 
of drugs commilled as a resu 

irijuana reduce inhi bition s 
>uld keep a person from 

to. But I don't mean tJ- 
ings are not a good ide; 
ion should be called I 
ihe facts. 

Accent: What is your opu 
ion of the Five Day Plan to slo 

Beaven: I think the plan 
excellent! Where the resul' 

Dr. Chambers 
Presents Paper 
In California 

Her presentation was enutied 

Psychologically Measured, and 
lis Consequences on Mental Test 
Performance," The material was 
taken from her dissertation (or 
the Doctor of Philosophy De- 

The meeting at which the pa- 

Results from Dr. Chamber's 
research and from her talk in- 
dicated that either (a) anxiety 

Mac/ison Plans 
Bus/ Year 

0.1 Seiilember 9. thirty slu- 
dcnls regislercd on the Madison 
campus of Southern Missionan' 
College for their second year 

medical-suT^ic^l experiences " ai 
Ihe Nashville Veteran's Admin- 

lent, Claudia Mountain of Mo- 

cluh of the Madison campus am 
ha^ various responsibilities, in 

and organizing cla^s activilieT" 
In addition to a heavy pro 

ose having taken part in the 
ve Day Plan were found to 
completely cured, compared 

this study, or (b) 1 

■ your foreign 
' 1 the field of 

he U.S. a 'more or 1 

■ou visited? 
Beaven: They are all dif- 
[lited Slates has 

average 'drinker in other 

\cccnt: What is the danger 

m Adventist school of harm- 

Iful drugs and alcohol being 


1 the Academic Ability 

Bus. Ad, Club 
Hosts PR Man 
From Rock Cify 

Mr. Tom Boylan, Director o 
Advertising and Public Relation 
for Rock City, spoke to the Busi 

Welsh Singer 
To Perform 

Miss Kallileon Joyce, famed 
Welsh contralto, wll present a 

8:00 p.m. in Ihe College Audi- 
torium, Miss Joyce has appeared 
with most of the leading choral 
societies and has sung at the 
Three Choirs and Bath FesUvals, 
as well as concerts with such 
eminent conductors as Josef 
Krips, Paul Sacher, Sir Malcohn 
Sargent, Sir Adrian Boult. 

This is her 'third visit to the 
United Slates. Since her last 

and Iceland. She is a seasoned 

son Hospital. While in the 

vsis unit before and aftei 
isplanl surgery, as well ai 

Dadcaster and lias taken part 
many and varied programs on 
i British Broadcasting Corpo- 

i unfaihng 
c behind I 

admiroble voice and unfai 

Song of Ihe Earth and Mendel- 
ssohn's Elijah. 

New Multilith 
Speeds Copying 

Mass-produced memos an 
letters are taking on a new loo 
at SMC. The college has put 
chased a new multilith litho an 
copy machine to replace bot 
mimeograph and Xerox cop; 

Student Nurses, District 3. This 
district consists of three diploma 
prflgrams, three associate of 

one baccalaureate program. Tlie 
president of the association is 
Joy Hemberger. of Pensacola. 
Ida. a r 
, Slie 17 
ballot for nom 

lasis of merit. H 

vcre evaluated 

xperienco and i 
mitted regarding the goa'ls of tl 

the class, Blanche Williams of s 
Fletcher, North Carolina, was g 

The Nursing Forum officers r 

Lomino & Martin's 

boating, skiing and swim 
Old Hickoiy Lake, and 
ing Nashville Symphor 

150 Support 

One - hundred - fifty students, 
have joined SILENT THRUST 
this year. Classes iviU l^gin soon 

to be held hi Birchwood on 
Wednesday. Friday, Saturday, 
and Sunday nights from April 
4, thru May 10. Tlie families 

n Rod Bank and 


illending a series 
conducted by Elde 

f meetings 

janizcd last year as tlie evan- 
5elistic arm of MV. Jim Aiider- 
;on, its first leader, arranged to 
lave Mrs, Gertrude Battle in- 
itruct the students in the art of 
jiving Bible Studies. By mid- 
Dctober fortj- teams were as- 
igned to famihes which had 


period followed Mr, B 
dress, in which he 



£0F£ AT I 12 CAKES I 


St column. 

SMC's nagball may take on an 

sed. each 

added phase by al!o>ving the 

ayed tliree 


and make fieldgoal attempts. In 

tlie past this has been prohibited. 


and, of coulee, has handicapped 

the scoring ability of the teams. 



ball and mate a good kicker as 


valuable as a good passer. 

ut of the 

s for each 

Carey's Saints, though trailing 

yed, the 

edge Hill's Raiders for tlie 

Jiing can 

championship in that league. 

(no rela- 

Fowler's Rebels ivill probablv 


leam for thh-d (or possibly 

f leaped 

second) place leaving Colemon\ 



(phofography by Niolien) 

College Market 

Offers large selections of fresh fruits 
and vegetables plus a variety of groceries. 






?coni INTER-COM s 



Bg, Ocl. IS. you n 

ienl apalhy is a hard thing to ovbi 

initiative on the port oi the student body. Who really minds 

Jent to havo a hand in his slate of oilairs. Probobly. the moat 

This apathy may be overlapping even into the spiritual atti- 

mporlcinl roason lor Ihc change from Iho Echool's oaily stand on 

tude of our campus life, but ii so it .s not caused by lack oi spint- 

1 11 II 

ml a one-sided picture oi the proceedings, lelUng how various 

1 1 

in which wo are now engaged, should produce some tangible 

acully and administiaiors voled on an issue, and spreoduig 

sriviioged iniormalion in general. This typo of action, of "^J^^^^, 

lies Also such innovations as INTERCOM should gradually 
begin lo open up a new palh for student initiative. Though the 

I'lSi^ha'tfon^t^d 'facility on the olh°". 

Two minor problemg that helped to bnng about the dropping 

mce and a quoBlion about how to equilably choose the student 

Ihe inner thinking of the Association. The Scholarship Commiltoe 


has come up with some suggestions to toss oul and let students 

"'""^^^l^^Txtir^'H^^^ for Iho action taken within the 

of NOTEJ^ 

L^nirra^roptTotlrL^al ^r°'sL"e ^'/a^'a.le 3ofT 

^lUrJoTel!°aJ'dt"eTDTGo°don*'Hyd<>. head ol the religion 

by Joseph Priest 


deparlmenl. that, "It might be time to move cmitiouslv and ludi- 
ciouBly . . .■■ in the direction of more student voice m pohcy 

From the monieni when Miss 

pressure. By placing an option on these overly weighted tests 

workable Bolulioo lo the present lapse oi aludenl voice on various 

Iho possibility of ofiermg some courses m Ihe future on a pass- 

1o think about IhiB problem, and to present their views about it lo 

.udienco. In o surprisingly deep 

one's major field, bul think what a blessing thai would be for 

us. Wo would especiaUy invito proposals lor solution lo whal wo 

F^'.'l =|''^lrT'n-'l flionrot^lhc inev 

or no aptitude or interest. Delails on these ideos ore ¥»«« 'or 

the asking. We are aU wailmg to see iJ anyone has the interest 


to take advanlago oi thoughls like these. 


nliout anylhing relevant to our readers/up. We don't propose to 

purpose of our Challauooga Calendar, wo wish lo clarify our 

"^""rd " ll t h t ■ beino 

especially those in opposition lo our views. This makes for good 

sung "ould be djfncull to do 

dialogue rather than a lonely monologue.) 

the hish points of the evening 

which was done in an unusually 

Iheir hand at being open house hosts lo Ihe WRH women <who 

f-r-~— ' good EnsUsli translation. "'M i"«l be slopping bnci. in linn), .onto shocking tiuUu nb™l I 

®'Tn»//-/lJ>/«i^.n.«.rt*«-/- 0" "nd, it dimcul, ,. mol. ho,» mo, b„ „noo..,.d. The n,.„ wjll p,oboM, I 

,''--\- ^""'''^^S^IMPPHHT. criii™„|.iT po- op Ih. opportontty lln. yeo,. thoogh. S„„ tba yenr tb. 1 

L -J (O) (^ /-tLrWJ.M.l' .„d tcchniciani l,o,vmr, it m.n „. ho.ling th. winl.t bongo.t. it is .oay onoogh to nnd='- 1 

», ■ -V K.y -M. „,;p,„ 1^ „,,,„i„„oa in ,„,„;„,, staid how had ,1 wJl bo to got oJJ those l.llows d™ued op « ■ 

^ vastly so, Ashlon. of ihe SMC Fine Arts l)y those who attended, and for 

n„r In a continuing use of superb staff in his outstanding ond en- those wlio neglecuJ to attend 

veil English transtalions, her Rach- viable performance of some of there was an emptiness made 

Ihe more difTicull piano work in conspicuotis by Miss Joyce 

ity but a dead one is a 
by other young people 


inel and the Slunding Commi, 

programs submitted by the; =""--"""'"■ 

of Orlando and Madison, 

..dab campus and a Art Exhlblt ,-30-Hun 

hresTenlion'campul. Disployed Hcrc 2ri^^"^ 

wilercolors by jg (vj'. 

red above 

mediately after Uic Senate m 
bers. Ideally, the two Senate a'. 
representatives wl! pre; ' * 

Mcws and needs of theii 

. Mar>' B. Lynch of Cha 
oga is on display in SMC's 
ghl Hall. 
Mrs, Lynch received a D.A. 


ng by 'horn ono day caressing theit lu 

V £r„l Scil'l'&m^U^Clmt 

on iuicB flo 


nh ™mo„ 

"^^ A^rL 

•1 ATS Contest 

"ludy. c 

Stag, do 

you =.= Ihi. b.owi, moik to Ihia l.ol?" 

Slated for 


"deT" "' 

oyes steadily on ihe leoi and pullod 

Next Tuesday 

liM, b,„J„ 


ideoho 11 g 





cliapcl October 29, according lo 

Tennessee and she has had one Italy," film lecture ivith 

man shows in Chattanooga, Eric Pavel, Health and Ed- 

Dalton, and Ballunore. ucation Building, SiMC, 

Mrs. Lynch is a member of 8:00 p.m. 

; Building, SMC, 



SMC Erects Own Plant 

rm of Open House corcarf put on by « 

—a stop necessifotod by fl bteakdown on the "SMC Eipress. ' 

Beiween 300 and 400 South 

Goorgion-styled building thai 

eni Missionary College alumn 

7:45 Fndny evening. Dr. J. 

Grady Smoot. '55. dean of tlie 

graduale school, Andrews Uni- 

The highlight of Uie weekend 

versity. Bemen Sprmgs, Mich- 

Ll. Col. John E. Keplinger. 

Hall, the new women's residence 

'43, a chaplain in the United 

hall, followed by a special van- 

States Army, stationed at Fort 

pus women's club. Tours for 

dale church ot 3;30 Saturday 

nity were conducted through the 

afternoon; a sociol and businias 

meeting willi buffet supper at 

^^m j^^r^^^ 

M ffii 

10 SMC in July of 1962 from 


Andrews University to become 


which posiUon he still fills. 

While here he has completed 


more than eighteen projects lor 


the college- At present he is 

workmg on the preliminary ex- 

library which, hopefully, wll 


be ready for use by next school 

in iJie construction business for 

IJuUAIil I.&^HH&A1 

nearly tliuiy years, beginning 

Under the supervision of Mr 

his career upon his graduation 

Costerisan, over 52,500,000 has 

interrupting it shortly for a 

been spent by SMC during the 
)ast six years for on-campus 

Scully to Speak 

eludes eight major projects com- 
)Ieted by Mr. Costerisan. They 
are as follows; the shopping 

Next Week on 

Religious Liberty 

dormitory, the addition to the 

urn nd pool ih m 

Conference Rel gi us Lbert) 

dm ry th dmm 

s^iloTcod d0"^be 

Elder Scully i 11 pe k n th 

, ,y 


at the Friday nigl p n 


ice in the Coll d 1 h 1 

Tiiursduy evening from 30 




— »/ki 


^='1 J 

w^th club ofTic d Ih 




Elder John R Ijw S pa 

y/L| — |^_j 


IhM j 

tor of the Collegcdale SDA 




pertinent to religious freedom al 




""wday aflfr^wn' 'al^'^Oo" 

sound like . 


in the Collegedalc church, 

JTOkeii down th 

minister on leave at SMC to 

denl resident. ilD 



per' slud°nr"tl, 


0.S been 

on the status of religious bberty 

quoted b)- otiier 

SDA coUegesI 

in South and CenU-al America. 


The a-U 

Mr. Ciuffardi has worked m 

cellent prices . 

ch SMC| 

seven Central and South Ameri- 

vas .ble to builc 


and other! 

luildings on cam 

ave been! 

announcer for tlie Voice of 

argely due to Nlr. Costerisan'sf 


organization and 










«^ ■ 






'^^ "^ — ^ Fmsr TAsrs 

SMC Student 
Circle Globe 

By Norma Youn. 


A 5ix- year-old lad by 
name of Robin and El; 
McDowell, an SMC coed. 

riy beginning on hi 
and Elaine's 
of on-lhe-jol 

liurches all over ihe South, 
Marlyn Jacobs and Lindi 

self-supporting n 
-ses in Monler 

k at the Hotel 

Malaysia, situated on the 
of the South China Sea 
northern tip of Borneo. 
Manis, meaning "Sweetv 
has grades 1-12 and firs 
college. It is 37 miles 
Kuching, the stale capi 
Sarnwak. His duties f< 

taught for eight weeks 

Opportunity (OEO) 

StBrt studenh. 



to fam 

1 the 

Soma of BaU 

j^ The segment of Head Start in Elaine believes that one of the 

ing "'^''^'' ^'^'"^ '""8*'^ ™= o"'y ""o*' important activities of the 

I one phase of the educational day was the "free-play" period. 

I'er- program for underprivileged Tiiis was an hour set aside for 

md children directed nationally by each child to play at whatever 

OEO. Another year-round pro- he desired (within classroom 

gram is conducted for four-year regulations, of course). "This 

olds and over un,e helped each child to learn 

s of youth work with the 

J common housing in Sara- 
s kno\vn as a "longhouse." 

her report to the SMC students 
n D daytime chapel service and 
also spoke at Ihe Eighth Street 
Seventh-day Adventisl Church 

the Slates. Harry visited 

Kathy Ippisch was a self- 
upporting missionary to Costa 

Rica. She worked v«th music, 
eaching voice specifically. She 
las given several reports in 

Collegedale and plans others in 

perhaps more than others, 

villages and the first tim 
spend a night sleeping 

The SMC missionary Volun- 
eer Society sponsored Harrj' 
and Oirolj-n as its 1968 student 

plele with pigs, smells, mats 
full Dayak hospilalily," 

missionaries raising over $3,000 

"hair-raising experiences,' 
said "No, but I had a 

e.vpenses. Four self-supporting 

shortening experience. I 

In speaking of 
iroblems in this cou 

th an orientation prog^ 

ond helped each learn the values 

eceding the school session 

of sharing," she said. 

J through-out the session 

veral in-service training meet- 

eir aids. 

gress of children like Donnelle 

Parents and relatives of the 

At first, he sat clone the whole 

day. He failed to respond to in 

struction by the teachers, nor 

would he talk of i>lav with the 

dia. Later, recruiters were 

oilier children. "Finally." say 

nt out to tvplain the program 

Elaine, "around the fifth week 

d persuade the parenls lo send 

of school, Donnelle began to 

eir children lo Head Start. 

Elaine reports that several 

noticeable change of attitude 

come one day when he began 

nducled in the Orlando area 

a fight wth some other boys in 

nullaneously, usually in 

my class. From that day on 

seemed to behave like a normal 

six-year-old boy," Later Elaine 

discovered that Donnelle's eye- 

eived medical exams, medical 

sight was poor, a deficiency 

which is being cared for. 

■vices by professional person- 

"Do you know why I came to 

were frw. 

Head Start School?" said one 

While the day's acUvities 

little girl lo Elaine, "because my 

re generally similar lo those 

mollier won't let me have any 

Such was a l^-pical reaction of 

the cliildren to tlie many things 

cinl instrucUon. The teachers 

done for them by Head Start. 




Hirrj said Ihot "ihe meaning- 

The highlight of her summer 




ful association with people" 

was her trip to Porto Adventista, 

a 25,000 acre farm where youth 



1 enjoyed getting to under- 

can go to earn money for 





whose waysTnTcustoms a^rTen^ 

Carolj-n is especially grateful 

ttrel> different than mine, yet 

10 Sigma Theta Chi for helping 

lo finance her trip this past 




My interest in overseas mission 

summer. Speaking of her total 

service was further stimulated. 

experience, Carolyn, said, "I 



the Stales comparable to what I 

portunities for service, even for 
a student in the mission field. 

" give damonstra 



Carolyn Pettingill's summer 
in Bolivia was first spent travel- 
ing to various clinics lo give 

My summer awakened an 

Mr*ralivo effort 


ed by 

medical aid and present health 

icans in bringing hope and 

Iniost al! of the 
•"iventiit coUeges 



lectures. Then she spent two 
\vecks working in the Cliulo- 

health to individuals don't 
have tlie knowledge lliai we 

mani Hospital, a small 30-bed 

lake so much for granted, I al- 

^ «nd coLege stu 



SDA leased, government-owned 

ways thought I w'ould like to be 

glands 10 help i 


hospital which is o[)erated by a 

a missionary, but after actual 

silcnncnt, but a! 

U.S. doctor. It was here, she 

contact Willi the people, I now. 

I^smn service as a 

n alter 

reports, that she delivered one 

f« ^^■o^k for the s 
^•<ny NeUon 
"^ks at the Ayer 

baby and assisted in two other 

have found my calling— I def- 



deliveries. In addition she was 

initely plan to go into some form 


a combination camp nurse, cook 

of mission service. 

TASN Elects Two From SMC 


Tish Breeding. T 
dent, Knosrvillc; 
linger, second 
SMC; Linda Lov 

Judy Bont- 

e, correspond- 
ohnson City; 
ing secretarj', 
re Underhiiy, 
Belh Harper, 
Jolinson Cily; 

ireasurcr, SMC; 

This is 'ihe firs 

year that any- 
as been in the 

cpnlly clccipd stale TASN (Ten- 

TASN members attending hvo 

board meetings during the year. 

nessee Assocmiion of Student 

sions were- James Norris of 

on November 14. According to 

.Susanne Underhay, the aim this 

year is to trj- for belter com- 

Challanooga Tuesday, October 

munication wih the districU. 

15, through Friday, October 18. 

dent missionaries from SMC. 

Of significance is ihe fact thai 

Judy Benlzingcr, sophomore, 
v,;i! elected .rcond vicn presi- 

Moriyn Jacobs, Linda Hagcn- 
baugh, and CaroI)-n Petteogill, 

ally held Wednesday through 

,l,.nt ,-,nJ Sn..nnp Hnderhay, 

changed lo meet on different 

Also Thursday night a lalcni 
1. iw. ,-irranged by Vi\-ian Ga- 

lor^SMC Student nurses to al- 

.. .,, ,.. ., II.,..; ...,H, .,, 

Lomino & Martin's 



']!n^!. "T lJ\T"'\^- MurS 

As ihe flagball season rushes 
on, ihe A league is sliU capti- 
vated by ihe Facully (Falcons). 

JUC-..1., r.,-,".---nm.^ ^Mr: .-. 


Falcons arc ^ollo^ved closely by 
Pleasants' (Tigere). Pleasants is 

Wednesday morning QCtivi- 

to Jan Cre\v5. SMC sophomore. 

living up to pre-season specula- 
tion. The rest of ihe league is 

a^il^nK^ m°eti^c'^'Thname 

prize worn" mSS' HoSn 

spot is still up for grabs for any 

of l!ie candidal^ for slate TASN 



caich the high-flying Falcons. 

long. Falcons (Firehoiise) 


Collegedale Schedules Incorporation Vote 

Alan Lawrence Wins 
ATS Oration Contest 




Under threat of in 
annexation by (he city of Chat 

Collegedale Faces 
Double Jeopardy 

ortion of high- 
s Collegedale, 




I of Prayer, conducled by Dr. HeppenslolL waa 
id vibranl. The week woh cubninated by a Fridny 
ion servicB for Ihe entire college famUy, Truly, 

PERFORMANCE 7e7a^, .i 

of NOTE n ISJ^.l'cnlLt^ttc 

a .fiiiccl review * ' very humotouH underlying 

by Joseph Priest tumea of all aoris were ape 

As I waited inio the SMC appeared. Most ol them w 

church, on October 28 for a con- P^"^ ™''^ '" '^^ decorated^ 
cert of the Andrews University „ , . .. .^^^ _ , 

Colleeians, I was anticipaling L ^^^^^^^^^ wMolike Ih^ 

Many witches and goblins 



or .pi 


piccoding obs 
1 ol Ihe CoUog 

compoflod ol 





CO, a filly-liity 




many famed and virtuoso c<im- 

posiUons listed increased the pohcy of even- nicm^to 

in Saturday nights baa seemingly c 

jond upon „h!ch was certainly appealing, "n'o 'ho GenUe Lyon Coughy House, it oUorded a refreahing | 
on , an Then, the thing happened, "l .f"^^ * ?, 


group was lired from the thre« 


previous concerts ihey hnd 


prior 10 this performance and 


that several members had larj-n- 
gitis. It didn't help. 


The first three numbers on 


astonishing lack of interest, and 
also demonstrated a chronic in- 
ability to stay on pitch. The 
Hailing and poor tuning was 

-lalively new Conslilulion sho was appoint, " 
Ivisory committee and Ihen approved by tl 

■ fine nuances of the 
Formed were ignored 
eared in an ill-defined 

inds, if you leave out 

1 grind. Except for wildly las 
also alarm tire al Jones Hall. 



tho exciting display of lire eq 



r-^^.i^' "" '^° 



Maybe soon you will hm 

!°LrSl^°^h M^"l1 '"'"l^:"- the lackadaisical am 
B AAum, Jim Morrii obvious fatigue of the singers, i 

- William H, Taylor could agree to ll 

tax of nCty 

". of Chattanooga, 

'e an equal share ot the another nity cents per pcrsun 

« provided by the city, rebate on sales ux. This would 

35 fire and po'lice protec- be based on a census including 

jarbagc collection, etc. But the college students. Willi a 

ler of the Sunday law, we have 
possible. If I under? land rightly 

by ordinance rather than by R^H 
vote of the people is likely to be M^M^ 
tested in court and may fall &^S| 
completely. ^^^B 


day Advenlisis hold, the Sunday 
law is going to bring about ilie 

that incorporation is simply un- non - Adv 

necessary, do you have any from the 

oUier objections to it? Furtherm 

Fleming; Collegedale is pre- serious p 

ore, Ch 

i^»„opu,8m.fl,r6ood„i., 'BotHtub' StiiTiulates Ideas 

Sunday lam. Don't you feel 
that Uiis matter is good reason 
for incorporatioo? 

Fleming: Mayor KeUey, in a 
letter to me, explained that he 
undentood our unique situation . 
v.ith regard to opening on Sun- 
And h. 

Tbirty-f'm-year-old Studeni\i 
Is Ready to Compete' 

By MiK 



How ivould you like lo l« on 
Advoolii. on tlio sevonU, day o 

the B 

iho .vcok ond a Bomnn C.lholi 
on Snndav? Impossible? Well 


to an evangelist in tJie 

■or one SMC shidenl, liiis wa 

r/lmo^ a realiiy. 


ucalion. Hesays, "I want 

olidate my experience in 

dal student here on furlougl 


relations and related 


was a Bontan Catholic and lii 

able t 

mother was a ScvenU.-day Ad 


e employed as a speaker 
Buonoi Aires Voice of 
cy radio program in 

i W*^ 


traditional" ceremony lo 

sL3w| -- 


rmer Winifred Ehlers. a 

M. *S"' 

'eddinR was a part of a 

Wkmnir *" 


an You 111 Congress in 








^ r'rm 


10. W, 6.t, St. 


College Market 

Offers Selections 
of fresh frutfs 
and vegetables 
plus a variety 



Confedet.). CKfit.r Pow.ll esc 


iR, one obtained tickel 

from the 

Wildwl Bank, ovvne 

■ated by the Busincs 

From her 


All of 1 

.he estabhshed poliiica 

10 ]mt 1 

hree principle candi 


■y. Nixon and Wallnc 
: the loud and vocifer 

Ed. Students 

Visit Lee College E"i^« should i 

Southern Missionan- College's on the physical, : 

forly-lwo senior teacher educa- and spirilual benetiU ot temper 

All Fall Festivals begin the 

I days in Miami ond Chica 

7n.Bm.M cmpa.Bns n.o«-n lo 

birthplace of many a folk and 

Dr. Johnson-s invitation is a 

!6— Covenant College ■■Switz- 

The Physical EducaUon Club 

the only quiet, restful place 

return courtesy from last year. 

erland." Francis Schaiffer, 

within the entire Festival, 
The decree was made by 

tion students and staff. Regard- 

lecturer, (call for details). 
17-Sl. Paul's Choir; "Mozart 

nl n small round bulls-eye. This 

Sheriff von Grundsei that all 
should be atlired in costume. 

remarked Ihat this exchange not 
only helps lo broaden the de- 

Vespers in C Major," Sl 
Paul's Church. + 00 p,m, 
19— Challanooga Symphony: 

Ihal, when folded, dropped mlo 

jail, the Phagocytic Cell, Beards 


"Buth Laredo,^' pianist 

on it. Among the more popular 

cdor of ha'^anT'^kili'^va Xr'^'^l 

dents encounter in their practice 

20-Commui.ity Concert: 

people occupying this honored 


"Whillemore ond Lowe," 

position were Dean Kier and 

were lengthened and shortened. 

piano duo. Memorial Audi- 

realized how popular they were. 

Ir^ntsTnd worn, Thi^was'Z 

fessional level, chances of awk- 

23~Lyceum-Fine Arts Series: 

The food served at tlie Fcsu- 

"Red Cliiiia." film lecture 

vol was adequate to keep one 

People became big round or- 

days of teaching are lessened 

\vilh Jeans Bjere. Health 

satisfied and the prices were 

sou Aem'^enM''umc^oi» o7 hid^ 

lefT"lMc"; ,L°„,p^ .."^S'lS 

and Education Building, 


parade of people having a good 

p.m., accompanied by staff 
Veta Payne, Likh Lilley, ami 


WtlmL. 1 IM> jLrun 


Olivia Dean. 

26— Famous Artists Series: 

^g u m*y 

"Laurindo Almeida," gui- 



5.M. Promises 
New Ideas 

The Soullicrn Memories, 
S,MC's yearbook, will be much 

tarist, Tivoli, 8: 30 p.m. 

^Bj^J ff'-jt-ij^l 

Dill McGhmni!, series as b^i 

■B HilUL 

md «-N-S. 

>c rss ediLon says Miss Kalh 

d!re''Ll''r.derdo'''' ''"^^"'^'^' ""'^'' 

■»u^' , -^ 

ken Jjhnson the Memories 
editor mch.ef She adds Uiat 

Last jears students Wl be 

to the Terliperance Tavern one 

^W.lLVctd 1(17^1 .'.1 He w=' 

[hasia will be placed on proof 

could hove pretzels and beer 

(root beer) and while enjoj-ing 

The stiff of Ihe Mcmarus i 

Lice Hoping to avoid errors 

refreshments sing the good ole 

r alh "orkmg hard thib >eur 

that often plague yearbooks 

the fncullv advisor and it is 

(.rew of proofreadci-s lo check 

piano- To keep things exciting 

^g|^P J*S ^^" 

3rt,ini/od to the n ih degree 

the proofs before the annual is 

one could stay for the hourly at- 

Miss Johnson is making a full 


lark put on by the local "chap- 

^^Ssl^» ' 5rf '' 

lime )ob of editing liie \olumc 

The Memories offices are now 

ter of the W.C.T.U-" 

^jj^^HE^'^^ /" 

and that wtll show m the final 

located in two rooms on the first 

Am,d all the noi«; and ehttcr 


Over 20 are stiiRIng ihe Mem- 

floor of Jones Hall, The re- 
modeling and furnishing of 

ories this year. The editorial 

these roims was done inexpen- 

sput 10 go ^^^^^^^^ 1^^* ^^^ 


staff includes Ellen Zollinger, 

sively but stylishly by the staff 

lie Lyon Coughey (pronounced 


lay-out editor; Judy Vining, 
managing editor; Gary Grytc, 


cious, quiel abode the Elnglish 

Two staff wives wait for iheir 

vcrL lilerarv ecUtor, Georve 

New Challenges Offered by CHASTMN FIRST IN H. 1^. OPfJV 
Mountaineering Club 

al, mental, and spiritua 


Several Iraining schoo 
)Cpn held at the student 
the last wo ^Teeks to 


These classes will be 



club. Membership is 

pen to 

1-3 tlie club sponsored a 


i^"" the spring. Member 

of the 

Jim Do 

Final A League Standings 


Ticers (Pleasants) 7 3 2 ,700 — 12+ 109 

NlSles (Johnson) 7 4 I .636 Vz 157 115 

Falcons (Faculty) 7 + 1 -636 Va 
Wolves (Willis) 
Wildcats (Wolcolt 

.364 3'/2 91 139 
100 156 

B League Standings 

nlo Sunday's 
Tilly "as tied 


ihe AU-Sla 


•ilh Johnson 


1 K«r- 

vould pve Ibo 

ni the 

alties, inl 

rceplions, an 

' b 

rals Ihe cha 


. The quality o 


Raiders (Hill) 
Rebel's (FowU) 


r/gsr rASTE 

1 3-0 deficit and went ahead on 
the lost play of the game to 
\ym. Pleasants faces the A 
League All-Stars Saturday 

Robmson's Hawks made the 
race for llie cellar a lljlle closer 

for the championship, there was 
one also for ihe gloty of lasi- 

Injuries are still cropping up 
during Ibe games, and broken 
legs and noses seem to be the 
vi^ue on campus. Much thought 

Several players have 
sportsmanlike play, and a 


Co//egeda/e Cabinets, \nc. 

ManjfflctLjfers of High Qualilv 
Laborafory Furnituro for Schools and Hoip.tflli 

Collegedale, Tenn. Telephone 396-2131 



Campus Cop Carries Rally Two-Vear Nursing B.S. 

Nationally Accredited Now 

Hyde Speaks at First 
Christian Writers Meeting 

Four Senior Ed. Students 
Win Suhrie Scholarships 

;aled Ihat ap- 
Wedne^^daj- evening, November P^^^^Jf '>;J,^°d ii^J^^auca" 

wcreiarj-, Paulelle Witt, sopho- improving inelliotls." As n word wei 

mnre English major; public of ad\-icc he added, "Don'l Ir)' to ihe 

relations diairnian, Jim Cress, change the message. If you ,,at 

I wphomore ilioology major; don'l like it. find oiiolhcr nies- sug 

iTMiurcr, Carl Koester, junior sage." This is iiiijioHnnl, he be 

buiiriQss major, all of SMC. feels, because "if we lose ihal „er5 on ways and meiliods 
Dr. Hyde, who initialed ihe 

}nd idea 

Petersen. Dangsund, Nord-Tron- secrelar>'-lreo surer; and Kristinc 
The annual scholarship is 

n. devotional : 

"s publication, Communi- Getting and holding ihc at- and cons trucUvely criticise wt 
when he was head of ihal lenlion of the readers has been i^g done by ihe membere so th 

Publiwiions .ire'of little the breakup of tlie Youth's In- lar, public 




lire. THE SOUKD C 

■en Thanksgiving and Ctrialmi 

day night; Sunday, Ihe eighth, 




,J Elhlc WMk, loul w.ok, wo, p,«..Med by ou, ..r. 

""L." oi tli 


SA Soc 

a\ Commitloo has been drastically reduced bom a hdl 

.hjleg,- „l.l»l r^^^_^^ lu. 


y two chopol piograiaa. Dr. Eiultel prosenled two ejccol- 







pus bu 

^^\ Tin's "ncl*'rrf?nl'''wWvr'!i^ 

useful purpo 



rhintj'Th"':,,,;"?!;;' i''i".,3 



molwo play, o definite part in Ihe defijiifion ol my 

Is":. tz£„ .',1 sM.-.""" .''s 3,; 

by various c 

loJov . 

are open-a.inded enough 1o bol otound new ideas 

„rf ,,.|l,.„ ,,i,.l .., . T„.,„,,. ,„... 



copte with which wo oio laced. WBS 

.iEs"*',,„',,t" j,",'"d "II ii; 

mc.ased u 

len ol Talge Hall luBt Monday mght when Jin 

Ihe southern! 

of NOTE J] 

SMC Aids 
United Fund 

Tiie annual honor award of 
the United Fund lias again been 
given 10 Southern IVlissionary 
College for ouUtanding e^orts in 
raising funds. The lolal of 
$2,293, given by administralion. 

■ §138 over last : 

gs '%'^*^'^ccent 

S,va,^n. W^o- B, S««. 

Fcanuc Editor _. -.. 



Lajtoul Editor „ ... „ 

_ — .. ., IJndBYo 






Sport. Wril^r. 





fice wih assistance from Don L 
West, Personnel Director of 
McKee Baking Co. and Harry 
Hulscy, Manager, Assoc. Corp. 
of SMC, 

Student solicitolion was di- 
rected by Doug Foley, chairman 
of tlic Student Association puh- 

Tolals for the pnsl few years 

1962—51^38 1967—52,155 
1963-51,351 -" "" 


1963—51,351 1968—52,293 

- — "^g;:.^^^ 

Rejuuenates library 

year's b 


"Wo IV 

pnning afler Christmas 

-ssed books (books 


red). We hope lo 



and probably have 
crease the folioivine 
by next year »e 
m the new hbrar> 
give us plenty of 



place m 


SMC library since 


of Congress System ol 


. Commenting on 
for the swilcK Mr 
■■The most impor- 
or the change from 

QIaatlpH. IKntglitB Arr iSwriittmi m^niu 



SA Program Has Family Theme 

ind that Its faculn 



nied Ihc college a 

ment and faculty. 

SMC ihe position of being one 



of the best nationally accredited 

NASM is designaled by Sevenlh-day Advenlist Colleges 


'-^"hfL'ss™ : 

SDA colleges holding NASM 
accreditation: Walla Walla Col- 



lege, College Place, Wash.; 
Union College, Lincoln, Neb,— 
holding full accreditation; and 

„ lib. 


Ihe faculty at W^aila Walla 
when it received accreditation. 


occredii.iion .s.urei oui 
s of Ihc faci [h.i SMC i 

All schools applying for full 
accredit a Uon first come in as 
associates. They hold this status 

apply for full membership with- 


Oillegedfllc. because o 
icully of jirovidiiig th 



report and again being visited 
by Ihc accrediting association. 

be visited only once every 10 


sition and needs, resulting in a 

|)lication was made during the 

LX 1 i 

' ' ^ T 

ing some 60 questions. fWi^ 



throp College in Rock Hill, S.C. 



Senate Votes to Initiate 
Book Excliange Center 

students' Christmas giit fi 
II wiU not pormanenUy b, 

completely lomodolod int- 

egulnr meeting, the Student As 
ociaUon Senate voted to adop 
tie Book Exchange Center pro 
scl. The purpose of this projec 
1 Ihrcotold. It will help s' " 

s w!l be able 

ind books. 

Its who have them n ^v^|l be m 

sell then.. It ivill ,]je Exchange 

of books by elimi- basis. Books ■> 

large loss students „„ statement! 

)n books when re- ^„^ charges a 

to Ihe Mercantile, ^g^i o^ pgyj 

I line 

r the 


opening on Friday, Januari' 
, the dav after semester 
ams. It mil be located in 
nes Hall, just ofT the main 
lobby in the old dean's oflice and 

desk a 

^■ill be made for ■ 
k and lOi: for sm. 

iable if the book i: 

hange Center. Posi- 
pen for office and pub- 


f^ of NOTE J] 

by'joseph Priest 

:iUl the strains of Sou< 
(Vasliington Post Marc 

e SMC band concert— prese 
I under UlC d 
imes Schoepllin 

I would like 10 pass on a f 
kudos overheard in the audie; 
and shared by myself conce 

. Olher than an adcq 
nung of the fine Lai 
rt Festival" the concert 

along with ; 
1 piece by the sami 
"Sleigh Hide," fillet 

; the grand finale 

audience. I n 
jing to do w 

wiBor for it all. 
A Facully Men 

fe<;i d^ 

;. ";\ {*J) /^ r^K/%^\/^£V ■■lo"lv"G,ll<...0,mr. slightly muddled and distort. 


''^^. Also, 

Hoist four 

v-ing thai Ihe band v 

C0/ GO! 




Sugar Bowl 


Collegedale Cabinets, Inc. 

Collegednle, Tenn. Telephone 394-2131 

Christmas May Be Illegal 


people have argued ihal thi 
pecis of Christinas associ 
Mill religion run afoul with ou 
constitution's first amendmeni 

after : 

- llian 

. Die removal of a 
from the city hall 

■, the Florida branch While such in 

led stale school otfi- relatively new, 
rehgiously oriented represent the firs 

reaction lo the warning was un- 

our Pilgrim Fatliers encountered 

favorable. -U I am handed a 

in New England centered 

ivarrnnt to arrest some teacher. 

around the observance of Christ- 

somebody else will have to serve 

it-I won't", said Sheriff Lehigh 

On May 11. 1659, the legis- 
lature of the Massachusetts Bay 

Wilson of Brevard County. 

In Duluih, Minn., a non- 

Colony enacted the follomng; 

Christian named Gany De- 

"For preventing disorders aris- 

Young, 44, was provoked when 

ing in severall places within this 

one of his children brought 

jurisdiceon, by reason of some 

home a program for a school 

stiil observing such ffestivals as 

Christmas program which in- 

were supersiiliously kept in 

dicated that traditional carols 

other countrys, to the great dis- 

would form a part of the pro- 

gram. DeYoung argued that "the 

school's use of a rehgious holi- 

... that whosoever shall be 

day to present a religiously 

foiuid observing anj- such day as 

oHented program constitutes an 

Christmas or the like, cither by 

forbearing oflabour, feasting, or 

a direct violation of the first 

amendment." His argument 

account as aforesaid, every such 

seems to have carried some 





V ' ^SBJ^H 

''^^m, /.1|^. -^ 


Plj-mouth Rock, but it has been 
said that it was mor* or less a 
legal expression of the "Puritan 

World by the passengers on the 
Mayflower. It seems that many 
of the eariy settlers were offend- 
ed by the joyous attitudes dis- 
played by some of their neigh- 

In his History of Plymouth 
Planlatian, William Bradford 
records what is perhaps the first 
open conflict over the observance 
of Christinas in the New Worid, 
He notes that on Christmas Day, 
1621, the governor called the 

of the Plymouth settlers excused 
themselves from the order say- 
ing that thei 

There ace nvo fields that you cannot major in at Spicer 
Memorial College. 

1. Snake Charmi,,^ REASON: Lack of Personnel 

2. ImlTumetital Music REASON: lack of Personnel 


oncerning a one year teaching tour, 
'. S. If you are a qualified snake charmer please plan to 

■vork on thai 

Brass, Payne Play Thoreau 

when he later ft 

iking and playin 
he wasted little 

of II 

and Larry Payni 
and occupied shelters 
oods near Collegedale d 

ss Carolj-n Luce, assist. 
;sor of English, and lead 

iimeri- Brass stated tl.nt one of Ui. 

David things he enjoyed most durmj 
s they his experience was the lack o 
ers in having to talk. Two boys iha 
e dur- were supposed lo visit him did 
iw up. "Maybe it's a 



acy of their he 
\y an attitude 
■lion towards CI 

>f religion 

elderly lady 

It learn a lesson from 
■ims. Despite the fact tJ 
ive in a so-called Christ 

lei the observance of t 
,n by our non-Chrisii 
ibors? The significance 

riews Christmas as it is observed 
by Christians, We have already 
noted how some non-Christians 
have been offended by the dis- 
play of Christmas symbols. 

studying Thoreau's Waldcn and re'u"ied to the easier way of 

the conditions under which it l"^ng. "This expenence has 

was written, students were given '«'en different from the different 

conditions, and keep a journal he said. "I have learned a new 

such as Thoreau did in his hut dimension in coldness and 

by the pond. The students" Ea'ned a healthy respect for tlie 

lar assigned research paper. ^""n dampened Payne's hut 

two'bHved'uircddot w-i^wr ff^'' But on Thanksgiving Day 

David Brass, jimior Enohsh ^ ^j f -^ i - "^ ^'!'"?i. j ^ 

■n.jor tn,m Meridian. UlLi- """'"^ '". '.>■' l""""'- Tod.y 

"I built my 


er H 














rain and 


the words "XMAS UTES." Probably had no I 
Jhl. suppose, iuBt suppose I wero lo send her an an 

«lr>'? Cai 
v Chri 
«il of COl 

»v Christ 
veil of c 
iding this daj 
is birtli? 
a mytl, or a 

I on a thoughtful f 

'°'^V a gij, through the 

Wailed lor the p<ick< 

f^ia. CRAZY idea. In 

liie Lord blessed m 

y than last 

ceived, b 

esides some people who 
■eady lo buy yet when 

has found many d 

ated that she 
mes when dis- 

Thanksgiving when 

she visit 

d them last sunnner. 

worth of books. 

"It's a 

great lemplation lo sil 

.acts, that she wa 

n't as sure ol 

She es plained 1 

like to be. ■■Th, 

•s why I be 

laundries and docio 

ung, "but I was im- 

u Able?' pro 

be mailed to her th 

ough a cen- 


nram sponsored 

by the SIG 

tral olfice wilh th 


addresses of people 

who would 

nderrul literature and 

evangelist club) \ 

ill greatly aid 


Knittel Addresses Nursing Convocation 

Francisco Presents 
^The New Russia" 

; "; I'© » f .0, ^ f '9 n ,9 ,<^ <* ?* ^o 

en itrike out on .rror «ilh no f^ / , ^ f ' 

h \ I '5 I ft i{ >\ I «> < 



dent nurses God has intnisicd 
vou in His service. May you 

"Sound of Music" 
Draws 3,900 People 

"All Ifle com 
all life and In 


ouch of aiigels. Many are called, 
but feiv are chosen. Choose you 

film. "The Sound of Music." in 
SMC's physical education build- 

H ■ h ti a i h r "▼(Tajnf^rWS of nnrsnig sludenls Shirley Jen- Sunday evening— came lo ap- 

fv.", •»"?.„!„ Ai i«ve«„ »1 ^„Wk^„'n^•Tlh hTfilm'rH, l! (. rV fl n fVflrn^ kins. Matga Martin, Judy Mer- p-ox-imalelv 3.900, According 

ivartnne service. AH 8 yean of iclevisron wiih li.s lilms^ He is .(J H \1 J I M W diani, Elsie-Bae Pike, Narcissa o William Tovloc Colleoe b' 

■SHPrSs ESHSS l^^^^o^'^^ii :~:^:-;™. EHci™!?'^-' 

jc'j "Parade of Favorites" beauties t, 

" *« ncic IVnWu Hall on ite tow to""' »/ ™'C' 
'« -eoon /or ifo duptey o/ touiy u^os l'» poiine o/ 
'-•^r i^e'j onnua/. the VINDAGUA. These young la 

"Jed on iteir lalen, poise, personalilr, keautj, etc. Trw ».;..«; • . i 

'i •••earnest wa., M,1s Taiya THmbk o/ diMmma. She u ™™°",' '5 
•^•hsrilromihekitinlhefromrow. (Photo comptmerils of ''™ »' " 
Co„».... „ f alleraate I 


Compiled by 

Fuller, tlie conunisi^ioners «-ill 

the land-o«Ticrs in Collegcdale. 


manager, J. M. Ackcrman, and 


the newly -incorporated town of 

city attorney, Glenn McColpin. 

the previous cost of garbage re- 
moval and fire proteclion, boili 

Collepedale have begun to turn. 


On February 5, Mayor Fred 

sponsible. SMC plans to contri- 

ing in the conference room of 

Wrighl Hall, on the Southern 

Missionary College campus. 

the college of present plant 

o egf a e ci y c mmis i 

City offices will hopefully be 

r-iiirihnuse office of Chancellor 

set uj". in the College Plaza adja- 

Though Ihe slate charter re- 

It IV Bi-ock in Chattanooga. 

He says that the 3-square-mile 
town, with its 2,500 residents, 

quires only that a city provide 

H'lii'ley, an independent dairy- 

will nol be difficult to govern. 

a'uo^bT*^r[)ro'vide suchTe"rvices 

man, and Bill Hulsey, manager 
of the associated corporations of 

salaried officer of the town, will 

as fire protection, police protec- 

SMC. The Ihree men were elcc 

only work part-time in govern- 

inff next January Tlie fire and 

ted by the residents of College- 

ing Collegcdale, reports Fuller. 

garbage services will [irobably 

dale on January 28, Then they 

In addition, Fuller says that a 

be awarded to firms on a con- 

Code of Regulations \vill hove 

to be eslablished before much 

thai Ihe only probable bidder 


toi) vole receivers, were elected 

The Code ^vill outline programs 

Tri -Community Fire Depari- 

for ■ traffic control, highways. 

menl. now operating by private 

TerTs. Fuller «ill ser^c 

police protection, fire protection. 

subscription within the to"Ti 

less chosen again by the com- 
mission. Hulsey vrill serve for 

garbage removal, and oilier com- 
munity matters. The annual 
budfjet will be approximately 

limits. Police protection, say^ 
Fuller, will be an enlarged 
version of ihc sen-ice that Mc- 

only iwo years before facing re- 

S50,000 starting next January, 

Kco Baker>- and Southern Mis- 

viding for themselves, but unde 


hd„-,r-,..ciu,.r^ . . V.LynnN.d^n 

Uilgnol Wnlct 


NclTi FAlnr 

""u dn Y 

Writsn CopyEdi 

ling CUb, Rny Hcl 

Terlin. Lynda 1 

Hughd. Norau Young 

Diiiinc« Mungc "" " " 

Ei.mnA Advinr 

Fmnk K -1U.I 

ATS Uses Karate; Puppets 

"yal a three mVn karate team' 




audiences ot the Blairsville and 

Protection Karate Association 

which requires healthful living. 

,ii»"t|..i Mii>ir liMr 

by Beverly Herbrandson, soplio 
more elemenlan- educalion ma 
or from Alexandria, Va., leade 

1. 1 1 1 ! ■ 

from Fletcher, N.C., who has 
his second degree black bell; 


of Ihe grade school programs. 


u.u. V^r.-n.A i Lliu 

Al^o for the benefil of ih 

tory major from Fletcher, who 

clenienlarv grDUp, Miss Herb 

holds the first degree red belt; 

17 Ki(v 

nis TrivcloL'ue "Pc 

randson created a six-foot wood 

and Cliff Ingersol!, sophomore 


Pinnrinn Iran T 

en cignrelle, representing t\v 
packs of cigarelles, a common 

theology major of Reading, Pa., 
also a holder of the first degree 


Nicol Smith. Aud 

daily consimiption, laid end t 

red belt. 

18— Cha 

anooga Symphony 

The cliildren were introduced 

for Ihe first time a skil, "Really 


ng Wha Chung," V 
1. Tivoli. 8:15 p.m. 

white lo black after smoking 
accumulauon. The youngster 

peciaJly for this field trip by 
Mitchell Nicholaides, freshman 
mathematics major from Char- 

given at the Young Harris MetJi- 
odist College. Music with the 


Louise Lumby, "0 
Concert, All SainL 
el at Sewanec, 81 

Campus Kirchen 

"Clcbanoff Strings 


sented hy a group composed of 

Co/legeda/e Cabinefs, Inc. 

Manufacturers of High Qualify 
Laburafory Furnlfure for Stkook and ho.pilali 

Collegedale. Tenn. Telephone 3H.2131 

College Market 

Offers Selections 

of fresh fruits 

and vegetables 

plus a variety 

of groceries 


brouehl in 


udpnts ana 21 geograpliica! sc 

h-inl si 

!ttm in 

rid, M 


H.4 6 

oulhcni Union ihc sch 






apattment for cwo. 

3nly S70 pet 


Has cscc 


old showers, cxpansit 

e closet 




. U 

cc-in -a-lifctime chance 

to lear 

to "m 



cs of 

life with e<^uanimity." 




study? Then i 

15 IS the apanment for 

you'. Se 



or Daryl 
able ofic 


r at 305 Talgc Hall fo 







MV Chooses Foley as Student Missionary 

H. M. S. Richards, Jr. Te'rry mm.. 
Begins Crusade tlfTslilng 


r "sick sodeiy," from 

earth ,0 1,...™." 












10 ninlte his references lo Mr. Carey's composition completely 
clear, Mr- Davis requested lliat ive reprint said work along wlh 
his reply- This we liavc done: the reprint is at the top of this 
page on the riplit side. 

ia nol playing possum, but is olive and functioning 

Sigma Theta Chi 
Elects Officers 

Chi. SMC's \vo. 
been elecled for 
Already, besidi 

from Sinipsonville, Mar>-- 

North Carolina. Mar 

furnish the children of -. 

mda Huffa- 
■eshman elemenlary 
ajor from LaGrange. 

Cursed Be Those Grades 

enough 10 blur ihes 

Upsilon Delia Phi to get 
and even old students a 
ed. A "dating game" 
planned for the futu 
a fashion show, a ( 
Karate exhibition, a bridal shov 
in the spring, and differ, 
activities xvith the fe 
mind. Sigma Theta Chi wH also] 
host academy girls during Col- 
lege Days. 

lals" thai, according 

help to show tho student body tl 


had lo earn I 
Grades are w 

1 or class offices. Grades arc 
a I secure us scholarships. 

4— Aububon Sodely: 


N-=>hs EJ,Ur 


::-.:, p!u 

Loyoul Edita 


™"'" ^ 

Copy Editing Cl>w, L,™J« H 







Attention Writers! | 




elry g 


ne for oil entries 
cy- is March 4, 
Jes to Judy Rit- 
rose to Mar)' 
Pholograpliy lo 
rland, & any 



ulions to enji 


the Ih 


Lcgaej- will be 
er depending on 
student body. 

ing force here at SMC. Let us 
(ace up 10 the fact and forget 
about the "higher, and nobler 

Rhine," Clifford 
Physical Educatioi 
ing, 8:00 p.m. 

fourteen Qualify for "Who's Who" 

tanding uni 

crsily and 


detils from Sc 




ot tl.e 


in Anaericon 


es and 

Colleges," a 

listing of t 

le cam- 

1,000 of the 
or higher lea 



1 directorj 

of dis- 

s been 

piibUshed sin 

e 1934 an 

only the^n 

mei of 


vice to the c 


and future polenlial ar 

e decid- 

-dly above a 

'Who's Wh 

" are as 


ludy Bata, a 




iologj' mE 

Grafton, V i 

lion major f 

rom Jacl;s 

n, Mis- 

issippi; Gerald Linde 

ni Col- 

egcdale; Jea 

n Lomino, 

on ele- 

mcninry edi 

canon n.0 

or iron. 



White Space' 

(a fabrication) 

c id 


Rice Addresses 

n 1) 



1 ot 

r theme? Do ^ou thmk 

the rudder wll answer lo the 

rock warned Elder Harley E. 

Rice at Senior Recognition at 


Southern Missionary College 

Tliursday night, February 20. 

Cider Rico is associate secr^- 

m mauve and burgund> 

nr> of the medical department 
of the General Conference of 
Seventh day Adventisls, Wash- 

rr fT 

t the lolnl impact of our 

honored SMC's 209 seniors. 



rollowing the presentation of 


SiVlCs academic dean. Dr. W. 

And"Tha'l praj lell. 

M Schneider; SMC's [)residenl. 


'cuR.Rod Co'upV. 'fo 

onh hope that the blocks you 
c ntuiue to build into your lives 

t i If ( T 

m J ph ( f l"*"^ bl ) 

M h""iIL > tElTl^lh' 
f Itu] fDan 1 h cour 


w 1 " r k ^^ 

1 b£ f CI W h h se 



nearly covered 

»itl) pa|>ers. 

months tryinR lo decide on ihe 


, Sweden. "He's Uie 


color. Hey, you know what? 


Adventist hospitals 

™ih uUra-sopli 


1 the world— known 

ing at breakneck 

peed and lalk- 

al and everything. And since we 
just take the cover off mine and 

ice cited some of the 

aks). -Well, 

make a bell. I'm really glad 
Ihat we decided not lo have 


ic seniors will encoun- 

girls, I suppose 

hard-backs this year!" 

iulo the -sea of hfe." 

nal deadline. 

e vvill they anchor? 

I'm really c'ad 1 

skirt, jumping up suddenly and 

to make 'Trappc 

While Space' 

dropping her candy bar.) "Hey, 

mitch' ^ 

Vhose hand will ouide 

sve'd aer Bnis 

We'd better throw these pages 

the helm 
great re 

dczvous'hist^ beyond 

(Girl in ma 

ve and pink 

P.O. Here, find where tins pic- 

li^es w 

me to rest, wher^ "ill 

"Yeah, I sues, y 



montage of flying paper and 



Nielsen: Dr. Hale, in 




colleges a 

jihnsized the problems 


only recen 

(aced in the field of race 


courses in 

lions, but said little 


nictliods by which these 


loms should be resolve 

. In 

your opinion should 


attack be tlirough legis 


llu-ough individual effor 

ihrough some other mea 


Hale: My concern is 


die young people, spcci 


Seventh -day Adventist 

jwople, must lake a very s 


look at the problems of ll 


Ihat our^rciigiora^TuleT 


have yet tc 

matter studied in our instil 



!«red lo elaborate, but 





Human Re 

Ki^ncralion, though not 


don't kno 

"^^sanly in a poliUcal sens 

i be- 

schooU no 

Negro history or Negro lit- 
ourse at all, but general 

ind coiitribulions of black jieople 

necessitate a new historiography 

Dur educational program — hut 
tliis etrort will be well worlli- 
vhile if il enables our educa- 


at SMC 

blacks, but we 
door policy. Any- 
I would say that 

than you have 


ed in mon 

lage of lo 
oil. Bathe 

he salary 
cms. H«p, 
it is prod 

y, and the 

joys tliat 
ges of higli 
f noble ac- 




Je bought. 

tudents. and white students for 
iliot matter, lo meet tlie needs 
f our churches and society in 

cipie or op. 
me whethc 



)akwDOcI, isn'l it basically a 
ollege for Negroes? And, con- 
eqiiently. isn'i the SDA denoni- 

■Project Concern- ^^S^-^Xts^ An Evangelistic ■■Coffee Hou.e" 

Aids Vietnam i'jS.Srt i-- MV SpOHSOrS 

laUne over 800 pounds, of "The club member, .nd ^TI.^ ^.mU^t^" 

*"u:-s\t"rvsr.; °|>» ■wf i'SIBi The v a re 

Chi. tJie on-rampus women's but also their Ume lo pack U.c ^,^^„|j'''*'^j^^o[^alsMc!a^evo- Clirist' and Hi^ remriaiU chur 

club 01 Soulhem Missionary things for shipment. inaoQ'- ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^p,^ \oo\^g Also, on Sundays the you 

fed from Marine lion to pap 
1st Ll Wilbur Griffith. Uie College 

Lieut. GrifTuh, a 1966 gradu 

r being donated by 

Morning Star began 

i has 10 nic 
stondords for 
Irnr-. r'-^"' 

ate of SMC, indicated in his 


who name the name of CluTist. 

read and write, and assisting in 

correspondence ihe ovenvhelm- 
lafjes near which he is stationed. 


and this." says Waj-ne Enstep 

disaster rehef and other l>-pes 


"is Ihe purpose of 'The Gate' ' 

" A^'prerious center kno\vn as 

"Your caslofis," he said, "«-ould 

The result of monllis of rare 

"The Gale" was 0[>ernled during 

be like luxuries to the Vietnam- 

MH- A^mSSa^^^ 

tul planning, "Tlie Gate," i 

llie summer of 1968 by South- 

coffeehouse style youUi center 

"Project Concern," as a re- 


will be opening in Chattanoogi 

denls. It was located on a main 

sult of Griffith's letter, was i;i- 

the eighth of March. It i 

street of Rosenberg, Texas, a 

iroduced to the women's club 


located al 1032 McCallieAvenu. 

small town about thirly miles 

bj' Linda Wagner, president of 

and will be open Saiurdny night 

from Houston, and was under 

Sigma Thela Clii. CollecUon 

from 8 p.m. to midniglit. 

boxes were placed at various 

other items by the college, boxes 

The purpose of "The Gate 

Thurb^r. educational secretary 

and postage for the shipment 

is lo help yoimg people who d 

of Ibc Texas Conference, 

were sent to the A. W. Spalding 

were conlribuled by tlie McKce 
Baking Co. under the direction 
ol president 0. D. McKcc. 

but who do have problems for 
\vhich they ore interested in 

The interior of tlie Rosenberg 

working for equality, and if not 

center had a very casual coffee- 

ihal, even superiorily; because I 
really believe that in the next 

Upon arrival in Vietnam, the 
items vnW lie distributed by 

finding solutions. The ullimate 

(Conlinucd on page 5J 

few years you're going to be 

Okay, now thai you've opened 

hearing a great deal about Oak- 

civil affairs officer. Tliej' will 

Hale: I think not only tliat. 

wood College in any number of 

make polaroid pictures of the 

1 think the militancy provides 


Vietnamese reception of ihe 

have to have an instant Negro 

for thinking people an alterna- 

Nielsen- I'd like lo read you 

goods 10 send back lo Sigma 

tive, in thai if Ihey listen lo 

those that are moderate, ihey 

may learn something before it 

•''■* """""'"S-, I .""l^'' J'""''' 

possibilities there were. The only 

to do thai, I don't think you'll 

nolion^ lha°"somelhinR can be 

thing 1 was oflered was wash- 

have lo try that hard 

in situations that bring on an- 

eveiylliing was taken away. It 

jerk. It was a kind of ambiv- 
alence in which people would 

ihe mililanl segment of Negro 
society in America is making 

NieUen: Is it possible to 
have some kind of constructive 

promise has no place here, only 

anv contribution to the human 

outlet for Ihe 'reservoirs of 

rights movement? 

billerness" caused by the racial 

matter of justice and right or 

luiL ivr d..ii'l w.iiil^vmi in this 

Hnte: Yes, most definitely. 

problem-or is it loo late? 

no tiling." 

Nielsen: What contribu- 

Hale: I would hate to be a 

Hale: Well. I'm just lalki.i. 

' ' '*"" ''"" ' ''■'■■'■ ;'" 

about tlie fact thai the Ncf;i... 

Halc: I don't support mili- 

lance — violence in any kind of 

I don't think I'd be going around 

hundred vears. hue earned In- 

'"'■ ■'" ■' ' '' ' ' '■ '"■' '' 

way- But I don'l ibink there is 

giving speeches like I attempted 

rii;ht lo the fruits of democr.icy. 

Ihjl' 'Ihe '' mo-!!'" su'ii'!c'a''''bl.i'ck 

any denial of the fact that these 

lo give today. I feel deep m my 

people have made a contribution. 

heart that somewhere along ihe 

line, leadership in iliis country — 

iiislriimcnis. 1 puess. which have 

onlv Ibing that a member oE the 

especially the youlli — has to see 

ilicir place. And I believe that 

understand. Maybe the only 

or sections of Negroes that arc 

ihine he understands is a gun 

servatives who say, "Well, it's 

. . When I look at the Watts 

I think we need lo operate on 

it what it took to build and re- 

principle rather than on tradi- 

But in response lo the people 
who say, "Well, what does the 


tion, and ask what is right. What 

campuses across America. The 

a Christian? What do I expect 

s educated. State or Ohio Sti 

scparale, but unequal — I'n 

• ' ■■ 

Campus Kitchen 

;;,;;„ ,,,,::„,:,„ , ;;„!;« 

Co/legedale Cabinets, Inc. 

Manufacturon of High Quality 

Collegsdale. Tenn. Telephone 39t-2131 

e- And I think we need to snatch | 

chool- Then you were saying lions that are poUlical— (bat ai 

Let's sit down and discuss, and socially oriented, thai are civ 

low when we talk about prob- cally oriented. I belie' 

it hns been monstrous 
pared ... I mean, for th. 

—that's all. 

Mirmcr: How do you feel 

"triveV'^e o1 ^'^'''^ I don'l know what it's ken-hear.ed. the naked, those 
1" Ji Z^' done m the ter^s of altitudes ■" capUv.iy the widows, the | 
It has produced results, orphans, and so lorth. 

avc done thing 

overnight Ihat 

Hale: Yes 


;iey have been 

there are othe 

ver fifty years. 

got a plane 10 


Waller: In o 

her words, the 





Speaker were all youth wh- 
Duld sit casually on a stool i. 
e center of the tobies aw 

Bus. Ad. Club 
Hosts Franks, 
Of Bar Assn. 

II Chrii 
, him. They ■ 

It Hen 

as friend-ic 
ivas no "If yoL 

Jonduct Bible studies but to let 
>ts ask questions about 
teresled tliem. Usually 

'resident of the Chatt; 
Bar Association M 
1 Franks, ad 
y 25 nieeii 
and Offico . 

landing of hu 

Eastep, Brass Start 
'Young World' Program 

ved the ad( 


ig 10 a la^^ 
lat educa- 
most help. 

an advantage or disadvan' 

lick and Fulton Sublctt, were 

Hale Here for 
Chapel Talk 

Attendance ai "T 

e Gate" 


s that Satur- 

was, at first, mainly S 

DA leens 

may laler b^ start 

SDA attendance soon 

icked up. 

er may open 

on Friday and Su 

nday nigh Is 


men and 

y mghl. 
The Gale" 

those imder 

SDA church membe 

s in the 

thirty and of ser 

ior high 10 

college age v.ilh 

of occasional o 

ull guests. 

ihey saw that here wo 

5 a group 

speakers, etc. To 

void crowds 


s. SMC stu- 


gel m. These cards 

vill be avail- 

toward the end of th 

able at a designate 
week and there wil 


when S200 was needed to Slav 

number givei out 

)er ^veek. 

in the building anotl 

er couple 

Said Eastep. " The Gale,' al- 

of weeks, a check 

ihougii backed by 

the MV, is 

student pro- 

an uiterested donor. One nighl 

Sram and only if 

ihe students 

astically car 

eyed tor 

it be a success. Nc 

wople reports that he 

>vas laler 

lliere's a place lor 

you at The 

baptised, SMC slud 

Gate!' " 







^k * 






Indians. Later wo slrelched our 

;sible 10 understand i 

iDiiago wai COL- 
9 ihis lemetter in 

lankind will 

oilier family 

I say to you, 
nt of our world 

viou. days as.ey, wasting >von- 



He staled lliat ihc Negro's 

10 less of what every American 
while inherits al birth-the 

imited basis simply because he 

.d.Bli«l ta T 

A. flr/d« 

'""fs'^a ^Ise notion that 


somelhmg can be given to 
people from whom everything 
was taken away, II can only be 

and right or nothing . . . It's 



fiddling and push forward in a 
iberly and justice for all," he 

' "^- 







On Basketball 

s football, but the Tliompson 

"A" League 12nd half! 

ig for second place, and Wit 
after forfeiting his Tirst Gre 

gnnd and Taylor were lied ai 

''cUnTntade a. mid season 

uUaijo ©ftigtiiafe 

included the inserlion of a new 


cam, captained by Loren Par- 

dulis, and a complete rc-schedul- 

\ ToZyTlLtTZlil" '"" 

Greene was expected to con- 
inuc his undereated ways, bul 

■ Bnaiililul dccotaled HOME- 

righting for just a tie. 

Action in ihc D League is 

300 McDricn nmd 

eharacicrized by close, hard- 

CholMrooKn. Tcnn. 

"oughl eonies. Presently, Sie- 

Phoiip 892-5067 

MnrKU.nle Holcombo Joj« Loa 

{^^ lAtHeDeUae 



College Market 

Offers Selection! 

of fresh fruHs 

and vegetables 

plus a variety 

of groceries 


Worthington Cu p To CUC In 'VEGE-BOWL' 

SA Needs Money: 

[Must Scrounge for Lounge 

SMC Folds 
To AU In 
First Round 

The College 

ions of [he Student Assotia- "^^^^^^ To'lhc" tudL , 

.Mil Dpen March 17 at 12 • ^, g^ j j ^as seve 

, and close at 5 P-n*.. March ,„^^t„, ,,i,„eil ,o decide 

iccordine to Mark Weigley, ^ ^^^ ^^^- ^^^^^ |„^ jh. 

rman of ihe Election Com- furnishings. President D a v 
^e "Filing will close ^^^^^ ^^^ dedicated as 

promptly at 5 p.m.— make sure ^^^ ^^^ ^^ student body 

you're not late," succeed in aettinc the nei 

_ The General Election 10 dec de . , ** 

■ the SA ofTcers for 69 70 .vill 

■ beheld April 34 nLynn Wood ores Also a press 

SMC Sends 1 Delegate 
To Zurich; 3 with ACN 

■especlively. They v 



Mr. Carey's 'Possum 

A Night in 
King Arthur's Court 


Sincerely your.. 

i Stair Caie 



'"nl'^d"' ■■GranTRo'lm' Sells 'LoHclon Art' 
D^;e,S%""nEr.nd Original Prints 

a JewBli Con 

-SMC, "Chamb 
fanillv. Fine / 

the U 


■■flobiid " Hayes." Tivoli 

t"- . '■' ■ ■V.'V'kl' 

College Market 

Offers Selections 

of fresh fruits 

and vegetables 

plus a variety 

of groceries 

IMfi,-, IHth, 19th ond20lli ccn- 

iiiisjiuncd e5])ccialiy bj' llic Lon- 
don Arls Group. Included in the 
collections ore liihograplis, elcli- 
iiigi. woodcuts, and silk screens. 

Campus Kitchen 

Tlir J.■^vi5b Conimuiiily Ccn- 
ut is lotiiipd at 5326 Lynnlond 
'leiTiice, 111 Brainerd, off the 
fretway at ihe McBrien fioad 

Basketball Standings 

"A" League "C" League 












APRIL 3 & 4 


Crofton, Futcher File For 
SA Pres.; 2 Posts Left Open 



Beards or Blood? 

POGONOTROPHY: it is acluaUy o 

luch prefer dandruff o 

Lincoln. Some like myself w 

sible, the beller. In 

Qti-dly u-lls figure eights. On c 

mtorted The tragedy of it all is that 

sight ihe target. Inevitably, 

s from faced, He would n 

m4 ®^ Qy-\tLuIiL ^^';f^^^^i:^ir^ Et^rvrlltS] AdmwsSMc. I 


^edcton^. '*°'"^''^y' Stevens Best at Talent Night 


i Hono He Cin 
lorni) Merlin 
1 hive been feeling e\ 

Dorm Clubs 
Dating Gome 

liege labemacle became 
of SMC's version of 

'by Upsilon Delia Phi 
,d Alpha Siema Chi, was em- 
ed bi Alan Liiwrence. 
TIk Lbjecl of the game was 
r a lonlcslant lo choose a rlate 

,ln.ed b, 



The n 

SI c 



den I had 


oose a d. 


amons G 



Leech a 


more co 



a freshm 

11 c 











ins as he 

Dave Be 


ey a seni 


nes! admi 


Uon maj 

r, was 

After »!ki 

cli of th 


hopeful ba 

relic's queslions 

mtle Pebble 



Cof/egeda/e Cab/nets, /nc. 

Manuf-cturefi of High Quality ^ ^ 

Collegedale, Tenn. Telephone 396-2131 

n bcliaWoral 

iriday, March 


*■ Dean Kicr 

College Market 

Offers Selections 
of fresh frui+s 
and vegetables 

of groceries 

Town Crier to Serve 


mon L. Short, instructor in 

the Tri-Com 

full-fledged community news- 

chich« « 

Siarted as a project in Copy 

to Co liege da 

V be printed at tlie Col- 




. Compute CO 

Hrfcns™-J/o^ '™ 


ur Not Eipenlve 


"""•■ ^""' 

nillege and the Collegedale city 

and human m 

erest stones aboa 

city officials have expressed an 

Like pictures? 

t they are doing 

interest in the publication. 

and photo essay 
n Crier reporter- 

The Town Crier will cover 

wll help Tow 

events m Collegedale, Apison 

tell the story. 

jind Ooliewah but wU not cover 

The staff a 

so plans column 

Southern Missionary College 

of opinion, ho 

v-to-do-it, hobbies 

sludent programs and affairs 

letters lo the 


about the Tow 

Crier is availa 

>!e from Leamo 

\Vliat service ^vill Uie Town 

L. Short, Eos 

211, Collegedale 


for a 

' "SA-limrtt Courtesy Day 

Wran.-sUiiv. April 9) 

Sd MS, Man fSsa wif 



Jis. '• 


.gS . «DD»ESS 

*1' „ 


*i; *"' 

(EXTRA SAVINGS 5 '^||'|_''_^_^^_"^_ *'__'____ J 


SMC Joins Broadcasting Association Futcher Wins Bv 

The Soulhem Missionary Col- is eligible for full membcrsliiij lo ihe time ivlien ive can in- 

17 -Vote Margin 

of Dr. Don Dick, rcccnlly be- college, 
rnme an ossocinte member of Ai present SMC of(i 
1 for Professional hours of bropdcnsling 

' of Minmi. They relumed 
10 SMC on April 1. 
,The 108 species of birds re- 
" colleciively for the class 



»./ t^ecUtofiA 


DITOR'S NOTE. The opmhns ;laU-d in t/ur lolhiimg .-dilonal 

■e solely t/ie writer's and arc not necessarily llw official stand of 

w SOUTHERN ACCENT, the total editorial staff, or Southern — 

fisslonary College. However, in view ol the current discussion Beflrd Bulf Bach Bar, 

ilhin our denomination of the proper relationship of the SDA to Drar Lynn, 

ar, wc feel that this point of view sltould be presented for our Mj, humorous nay m ihe Ap 


A Critical Look: 

Mmntists and the Draft SHS 


ig'^or'^^crto tommcm "on 

perience concerning Ihe diet aubjugatod upon Iho sludsnt body. 

?MCrbpn'cd'*birn "ii '^^'™"-l 

Ihal there is someono, aomewhere. Ihal has a alrong dislike (or 

■\1rto. lobv,.u,lv) -hn, 

in Ih°ll^cJoU^ cai^^T ThZ^i^odlnyi^glu°TchTo\ 


wli^r.!, t'hr^d"wL"bun^g ^ovl.'""^''' "°""'°" *" 

if " «,l™m/lhl^'GW iim^ 

The next lime^you^place y^^"J^*'1^''°'''^^J '"'^ii^'"' ™^ 


... Ihe caicleria building is tolally inodequale lor storage. 

Ihnl -bcaidi ore now a purl 

□nd dtinks. 

. . . Iheie isn't slolf personnel sufficient lo handle Ihe num- 


SolurdoY nights. (Perhaps Ihis is a psychological encourage- 

' <.-.;T,m,s.™„<.,l Lo 

"" . . lot those who are under Ihe impression thai Ihe coieleria 

,'rTl m'"'!"^,,'" "^'"^"^^"'^ 

is rivaling McKee Baking Company in proli Is— consider: During 

,t r„[,r,.«ion rw,.Lv,-d from 

S15.30 a cose; apples trora S5.50 lo S8.75 and S9.56 a case: pola- 

^i X^.lon'uT'u'rZ^n""' 

toes from 13( lo 17» a pound. The cost to Ihe sludent has ro- 


°"™^. . the fr^^service is inleresled in working with the SA in 


... Mr. Luce has extended on invitation lo the student body 

lo make known lo him, by nole or personal visil. any ideas and 

Buggcslions — he will be moal happy lo do whal ho can concem- 

.■"..:'/.■■"'„,.', ';:"!H 


"jj,""" "°'' """'■ 

Ol late Ihe communication system of SMC has been in bUfls 


The INTERCOM idea is overwhelming— Phanlom Intercom 

—When, Where. How do you meet. Are you able to perform a 

□r. Clark Pralted 

Helping Brolherhaod 

middle of Ihe ollemoon?? announcing a meeting that evening?? 

," c.ll,„ ,„„„ ,h„, .„ 

° L° peacd^"!ilumblr°he fire siren shrieks ... it doesn't stop 

,.,. ^.•■lu, [; h.HM ^h.,n«r.. 

slightly lo vTitncss white, Dully smoke billowing under Ihe door. 

' .,' ■• '•:,''•: I'v .. 

A Ihoughl pervades Ihe haied mind ... the building is burning 

have been no fire drills? Pull Ihe covers up over your head and 

■*::■:,:,;,::;: ^..rz 

^° Now'lhat the SA ha. been beaten lo death and pu, under- 

ccivcd B IIliT>nn>>iid.r^"oH" 

As the reader glances al Ihe various communicalions Ihrunl 

upon him in Ihe dorm (news lo nole). the discerning reader will 


member ol Ihe sludent body . . . change schools so the problem 

i™"',s,d, ''."!*';.»"■£,;; 

Perhaps if wo try harder. 


(Continued on page 3, columns 4 and 5) 


B^nornl ,iudcn. ,o ih. dunRoon dcHahlod tor ihii pn-gram and ai tor 


l:';^>l;!;:::, ;^et^u!^™.^;|; -^'^^m^,..^^. .u... 


i.,^,,.;,,,:.:;,.::;;:. ^ 

^rant.. aa un or- 

Lb W^, 

d.fttlor lor Ihe Soijlhoni'''l/n"oMi"f i"? yoiHh dSc.lT to P'«'"^'^B 

ll P«itor Ldudi HHES 

Tou^'^lt'on^nol'^^^^-Pautmne" Mving miL^noo''w"k «'* ° '"™'"" 


S^^^oo'cS ""^riir's "d''''' '""^■^ t^^convaiiing as hii counwrpart o»er- 


ni "tfn.ihir'i?"''o'clii:k ""wany °^on^ ^o"' 5*8""' Club on campiu is wjl; 
Advenliiti have expressed ihcir appre- '"8.'" '^plnm "">■ «^""'* *"" J„ ^ 


-X^U^y''^\^^n \^^L "i^ '"(Contini^d page i, column V 

Oakwood Group Presents 
^^Negro Kaleidoscope" 

: in "Negro Kaleido- 
e al SMC on April 8 
by sludenls from Oakwood Col- 
lege. The program was thought 
provoking, serious, involved, but 
■ nroughly delighaul. 

EDITORIAL (Confinued) 

. ppiauZg' ATS Holds 

rsonolly, I can't add any more 

;'^pplS£l%"a^evc' Essay Contest 

)ve liked 
-nd if Ihe i*rfonnancc had ihis « 

properly publkiied by mcnlior 

r club essay 
ccepted until 

W include: 

SPECULUM (Confinued) 

the English department or ar 
of the temperance club oRice 
will give suggestions lo potenti 

Ob- double-spaced, and subi 

Dr. Ackerman, ATS sponi 

1 B,u. Jim Cress, vice-president 
oluUy <^''arge of on campus acdviti 

DlUe D ebbie 

College Days Begin As 
450 Seniors Arrive 


(Phoros by Morris) 

The Bait 

Southern Missionary 
is host 10 approvimaie 

who began arriving on campu 
during the weekend for SMC 
" Days. 


Union academies and sch( 
plus approirimal 

I Open House, Class Visita- 


Saturday^, A/Vay lOlili 

Reverse Courtesy Day Works Girls Like Slaves 

(Photos by Mike Givensl 

The <lower! of Spring 

So are the 


e . . . 


'lElSr "^ 








r^ ^S:' 




1 \ 




ind the sun and Old Gloi 

md the baseball equipment. 


Davis Describes Plans for New Library 

F™«. „d T-ta J Ad„«„ _ _ 

VilLom H Toylor 

l-O, l-AO 


What Does Each 


Come Find Out Saturc 

Elder Clark Smith I 

LH2I8, 6:30 


Bring your questions anc 

yolir opinions. 


ROLAND R. HEGSTAD -- Ncw Youth Mogazines Near Reality 

piililicntion tha 

would be Ihc 

tlie scope of ihc 

m has not been 

lisb a chu 

Actually, I 

in the academy 

^enl on this pos 

3.11 '"ru 

or of Liberty 

n llie colleginle 

which .peaks n 

eaningfully for 

ages of 18 to 

J, It lias been 

vill siv lliat if the 

le religious lib- 

proposed thai 

11.0 coUegiale 



s thai I would 

Adventisl as w 

11 as Adventisl 

the needs o 

some 70 million 

on as edilor of 

Olio of Ihe new j 

null, ioumals on 

mith magazine 

church who 

don'l have one Ad- 

felt that 
he edilor 
basis fro 

illy this: 

mil them out during ihe middle be a montJi c 

■f Uie year. Oic first issues of ihe now magn- forth certain conditions 

Of course, we do have 7.ines. In other words, the iicccptance which ha 

,%itl also be making Youll,\ Inslru, 
unsolicited manu- ln,iruc,or isn'' 
are of good quality. ,his is adequat 

Hegstad: I don'l know \i 
,viil come first. To my ki 
:dae no deadline has been s< 

wl- opemling as a weekly and t 

for stable of capable Advenlist wt 

hat ers is not sufficiently large, 

bli- my estimation, to sustain 

not weekly of real merit. 

I have taken other jobs to which Accent: Wl 
they may be committed for al at the present 
some period. Basically there lo tlie prodiic 

1 the bulk of Ihe 
iblicalions depend 

the General ConI 

SC Supports l-AO 

GC's Clark Smith Replies to Waller -1-0 vs. 1-AO 

i'm'Lsue'of '^''"''' ^"'^i'^" 
\heRevleu> and Herald had ap- ''• ' 






- Anv 

this Salurdoy. Moy 10. at 





ere his cli 
ividiial m 

land. The pastor, the leach 
dormitory de; 
ard bell 

slill 1 


laking'such Ihinking of the church Iwdr 
swings in that direclion, a 
statement undoubtedly would be 
nd 10 reinforce Uie ap- Tlie stand of the Adventisl 
incerity of a personal Church is stil! llint of non- 

Uiey should be factual, requires considerable personal 

Tore' Ihc "cdiloriaTwas !■>« unforlunale confrontation of 
lied, Willi the factual expla- the Catliolic Church and Galileo 

die demands 
through Uie 

Selective Serv 
tien that way- 

pred, the I-O p 

10 read the facts. Limited s,. , , , _.. „„„ unon mm mrouan me 

proliibits repeating lliese facts its involvemenls had been Scriptures is lo serve his country "^ ciiurch attendance, the habit sides can meet on the ballletield 

''^^'^ s*"<3ied by ihe church. Il will as a noncombalanl- but, if tliere 

Tho same „l]s for tonlmue lo h« seriously con- „, those of its niettbir, who 

ine Advomisl Church lo cast oft sidered but, as one gels closer f^^i constrained by iheir con- 

I Ihc stand on non-com batBiicy to the jiacifist posiUon, it is science lo go beyond the sland standards, and all discoverable suffering humanity ra'hcr ihan 

iind take Ihe position of Ihe 1-0 immediately apparent il is „f ,He church and take an face's, of U.e^individuaU hjc seeking lo be relieved of ^^the 

ation, Ihe pacifist posi- not a panacea or cui'e-all for the i„aividual sland on the 1-0 '" ^ "" " 

1 lie draft — or al least to multiludinoiis problems of t^jsiiion neither the Adventisl 

?qual force and leaching, militap" obligations for the Church' nor Uie present law 

Ihrisuan. (altes ,iiem lo lask. They must 

The historic position of the reahze, however, Uiat their sland 

Wventisl Church has always is their own and not the church's 

uUa/ijo ©/liginaCs 


• Beaiililul decorated HOME- 

Oiwintfh-o B.I Nol E>p«nivo 

ChflltanooBo. Tomi, 

stuiiy by t 
draft board, 
the A 

rch ill so doing. He 

[ l!iB I-C 
tents' of 'heliof hat 

he must convince liis draft 
of the genuineness of hi! 
ional reUeious conyictioi 

Co//egeda/e Cabinets, /nc. 


Collegedde, Tern. Telephone 396-2131 

Beetles and Stolen Bases 

\ found: A Use for the 'PonF\\ 

rnal's lea 

m played Be 


H there. 

but, Linda 


■hal's all n 



ave probably o 


r a forfeit. 

the dorm 

Girls can- 

be cxpocied to 


QS the rdlows 



!\y. a girl has a 

I Summer School Registration 



Is/MC Personnel to Help ACN 
ICover Zurich Congress 



I Left to right: Norrr 


I ACN Stdff 
ft to rlgh 

Five members from the 
I Southern Union and SMC will 
official rapaatje'; at the 
I World Youth Congress 

r,.li,io.s .rutV ond d- .odoasPauldidwhenhehiTd KolC UndSOy AwWd 

I Net' 

dl Hialeii 
ith the Advc 

(ACN). The ACN of SMC and CUC re5ppctl^eh 

^oii ivlio entitled I 
:uc from the class 

liey were not disobedient lo ih 

' Speaker at Ihp Friday eveni,! 

:ns!ell. a former SMC acadpiri 
Jean who told the class that Ih.: 
'nuisl make iheir religion rel 
^■iint to modern society," 

staff of 13, headed bj 

secretarj of the rector at the Yo 

I General Conference Radio TV and Hometw will 

n SMC Pacific Present plans 

;, Loma IJnda hour-l 

I College, and recen 

I from three of these colleges. Tentative ] 

i from SMC will be stress Advt 

I the following; Dr. Don Dick, on a global 

' ■ ■ - ■ i Communica- be placed 

t, and official flavor of ll 

' the ACN at church, I 

ill be directly arotmd the 

lie Youth Con- food, the s 

; Bay Winner, youth of the SDA church and 

senior' communications major placement on the world in a 

and manager of WSMC-FM, Christian perspective. 
who wll be the voice of the A special attempt %vill be 

I ACN at Zurich, serving as the made to interest particularly tlie 

ence, and then 
Her words to 
[ was not dis- 
? heavenly ii- 

Roof, Zollinger Win SA Cabinet Posts ^';^7^^j; 

clion May 21 and 22, Rui 

.1 ciibiiict member and will s 
in on senate meetings, makin 

cedure is ii4d. and prosidin 

when the SA vice-president doe 
not preside, 

• bylaws of the SA Con- fercnce. The'n' 
scniod bv Mrs. F 
of Madison. Tcnn. 

r, this a«ard i- 

Tended to a 

held this 

I the SMC public relal 

phrased it 

a Zurich 
lings. Th( 
led, howi 

Elected parliamentarian. Ail- 
ing a post that had not yet been 
filled, was Terry Zollinger, a 

sophomore math major from 
Collegedale, Tenn, He drew 279 


her sophomore year on the Mad 

Fire Alarm Announces ^Memories Arrival; Dedicated To Miss Luce 


College Papcri i Church Doctri 

1 I SPECULUM ~^ \ 

Afot less r/i/nft/ng- ^o.,..o ,..,..- ^'S!!!,![°t?i!flS^^^^ 

\wsx More Jhoughtfulness £5'|£|f jfH| ^§i^^i^§§t^^S^^^^ 

pi BverYlhing as trulh?" . . . ■■Ctm Ibere 

an Army hoipilaJ. ihal dealt lor Iho 

rWs ome40'/ o! tho slu 

ent body, considered 

bout ovorag 

g religious viowpoints ol cantroveray lo 

tlendonce for a weekday r 

M tho unquestionable right to think, in- 

specific queries. Fea 

mula.o opiiiions. Ellon G. White spoke 

^or^ct™a'li'ci''^"«nl moro anil 

recialed by the students we 

e the good company, 1 

o cleanliness 

open thought when she said: 


md Ihs congeniality ol mos 

ol the statl. Most co 

nmon genera 


riBh "'i'*"h;r'^v:rr '^: tv.^ 

ourteay by the staff. 

On the specific questio 

^, tho students leh Ih 


1, Vegetables, in parti 

ulai, were not salty 

enough (60' 

□1 make error into truth, and truth 

Ijcllor ^"]l"^l^ ,"*" Perhaps^ «ci^ho 

2 Present servings are 

orge enough (60% vs 


oc. (REVIEW AND HEHALD, Doc. 20, 

pii i'liid r^iii^'iTiS^^si?" lid 

(90% plus). 

vs. 45%) 


ctrines wore boing croalod, Why should- 

t^Tliupi^ =h. d.>^nt^^n.abic thal^^kr 

Music was appreciated 

by nearly all, but mol 

to teat tho "truth" today? 

llipm nol to repeal llic acls" i^. for 

adio speaking programs w 

hieh sometimes are h 


1 creative judgment does not give any 

c'^mCrumt' nb!,tl Z^'^k!do\\^'^^<: 

Almost haU admitted 

aving cafeteria equip 

ment m the 

or tho right to change tho doctrinal poai- 

raony muBl characterize the church if il is 

"""l'™-! HV thai mjne it ihe tvpicil 

,vith some suggesting a flat 

ntg lo a doUa 

let's Personalize Mass [ducation 

indifferent, sophisticaii 
education of today, an. 
subtly the traditional ^ 

acuity can becoi 
;ds of the 
udents m 
the students would w 

only ^i^Q g;j,|g insfructor 
Trainees Attend 
piive to Atlanta Workshop 

mlly brought to light. 

and the ability to surviv 
absurd. . ." Mary Osti 

vividly to the 
faculty would be a I 

student-faculty clashes. 

"School should solution is no less imiwrtant. In- 

lenging, maybe creased understanding of the 
faculty by the students 

Co/fegecfafe Cabinefs, fnc. 

Manufadureri of H^gh Quality 
Laboratory FurnltLfe for ScSoolt and Hospiiali 

Collegedale. Tenn. Telephone 396.2131 

ll,cir syilem of educalion. 

in the opposite extreme as pre^- 

SImvly .™d insidiously llio 

Boldon ora of ll.o ont room 


school hos given way to ihe 

Where does this leave South- 

SMC Receives 

college, along with other Sev- 

Grant From 

enth-day Adventist colleges, has 
become much like the universi- 

Sears, Roebuck 

ties of the world in secularizing 

A $500 grant has been award- 

copied the educational patterns 

ed to Southern Missionary Col- 

of public universities and as a 

cge, Collegedale, by Sears, Roe- 

result, student unrest is per- 

juck and Co. as a part of a total 

one million dollars in unrestrict- 
ed grants distributed recently by 
Ihe Sears-Roebuck Foundation 
under a continuing program of 

ls there a way to stop this 
from coming to Southern 
Missionary College? Realizing 

educational system outlined by 

aid to privately supported 

ing to Wade Benefield, local rep- 

E. G. White is an impossibility, 

present situation. First, a free 

In announcing the distribu- 

discussion of this problem «ilh 

tion for the 1968 grants, Bene- 

facultj' and students is a neces- 

Tield said participating colleges 

sity. The seeming apprehension 

of the faculty to even discuss the 

will share in grants totaling 

subject of student imrest and stu- 


dent power only aggravates the 

to help systematically private in- 

Better communication be- 

stitutions of higher learning 

tween the students and faculty 

meet their financial needs. 

must be developed. An informed 

Altogether, more than 700 
colleges and universities from 

student body is an agreeable stu- 
dent body. The communication 

coast to coast will receive Seaifs 
Foundation granU. They are un- 

lines this year, as in the past, 
have been almost non-existent. 

resirieicd to allow the schools to 

Each teacher and faculty 

allocate their funds according to 

member must become interested 

their greatest needs. 

in each student as an individual 

In addition to its grant pro- 

^vith feelings and opinions, and 

gram, the Foundation during the 

volvcd in educaUon. Tiiis in- 

of 5900,000 in a variety of 

volvement must be stimulated 

scholarships and other types of 

by tlie teacher in the classroom. 

education programs, bringing 

A boring lecture hardly provides 

"i total expenditures for higher 
Mucauon purposes this year to 

stimulation and involvement. 

THe inclusion of students in 
the administration may be a 

appro.\iniately §1.9 million. 


On Softball 

house. Thre. 

games wer 


B. MacAlpine 

voiving Colli 



one \vith Sammer, there \ 



ihroughout ihe entire season, 

have been a 

tie in ihat le 


J, Pleasants 

Perry's learn lost several cnidal 


e Standings 

B Leagus B 

and gave Croflon and Stepanske 

V L Pet 



A Slepanske viclory over Perrj- 


4 " 667 



on Ihe final daj' of ihe season 


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Covanaugh Sweeps Giris