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Friday, September 8, 2000 


Find out the Accent's 
picks for tile Super 
Bowi. and meet the 


students share what 
they did over the 


attend on Sabbath? 

The Southern Ac 

■ Raleigh Goldberg, an t 

Huge freshman increase keys enrollment boost 

Southern enrollment increases jor past six years 

'■■z:^^^^- \ New public transportation services CoUegedale 

ii(i.iy, Si-ptcmlmr II, 2001) I 

Portrait of a criminal 

isj'Hrii eirroir ^ ^ ' "" Designers 

"^Mbh ments to 

C}f\r%f Welcomes 

Recycle nation- 
the Accent ^f^_^^^ 

ll;\"iJ™!'c™''to£raK's»M"'"' Tuesday i s^^ t jp^n t discount 

Contact the Accent 3:;7.r?r-r?jr£„:;.';:Lr,rr 

News Desk: 423-238-2721 ^.!^^u!i"l%7^'",^?,T.^%SS- day at 20% off 

Advertising: 423-238-2722 ""5"im,, -taimi,™ „r fj„.,„. s,.i,«i„ i. 

Fax: 423-238-2441 S^^^^ te"!™L"!^lL"™!l^o5'",°,",°',.' — 

OfflceHours '"('°!n«Mh,„,„„,h,i,..d..M,,h„»,„^.,. ^ ^KftflU ^ 

Sunday: 10 a.m.. 2 p,m. Zi/^r .''"r'rt'Ki^'^C: tftfiV •■•H A^ 

Monday: 10 a.m. -2 p.m. -kL"'™--" * ft '^ CIIaA 

Tuesday: 1 p.m. -5 p.m.; 7 p.m. - 12a.m. ..,„„*.,.,„,,„. ,„ ..„,„;™ ""„ ^|V ^flk 

st:S\:™:::„":,T.,;;s';;::;::'r ff Chastain ^L 

Wednesday: 10 a.m. -5 p.m. -i .urn ™™ „c ,...„.(,.,,„„„ k-,,., ^^W ^, . ^. ^k 

S'J;,,M,™d;" ;"',;;;"■«"""""•;•'■■ ■"•' fe^ Chiropractic W^ 

Thursday: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. £«;" a.-:.™-;;;"'::-!"™:™:; ^B Clinic Pi 

Friday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. AilHilh'o^^.M'™^ '" ^^^' "'"^""" '""""" ^^ 

The Soudicm Accent ""'m!".^""''?^',,"""",''^,, 

P.O.BOX370 ''' ' ' ""'•I'":""'.. '■■■,;■!',", 

^~^3S,r^'= '::;,, , : : ,, ;, „ ; = Dr Christopher R. Chastain 

hllp:// i^ ..m, i..i,,,.i i . ,i,,-.',.'dr,'^uio'' "" .,,i '.ni'w "I"" \'';"' ^i'^siiipman.riiLin- ^flOft T T«i»r^_ •*, T-\ • 

;;l;,;, ,.";;;:,,,, "!"'::.;r„r,s2r.aS jUzu university Drive 

About the Accent '''2:"::':::::::":~';";::i^„,,'l2 Suite 5, Fleming Plaza Mini-Mall 

CoUegedale, Tenn. 37315 


Photographers and 
•eporters. If you are 
Wterested, please contact 
editor at 23R-P791 

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Super Bowl picks: Tampa ''' ^ ^^ «' ^ "^" *^^"^^ '^ • 
Bay and Tennessee 

2000-2001 NFL preview 

1^10) While iu»c hu . hole n Maryland men's soccer wins two behind solid play from 

Getting back into the "swing" of things 3i^||I EH;H|Ss!? 

le p«>ple, louHh. Have j 


Genetic engineering and coffee beans 



fricndi will unJcmand. Feared hy 

aKogUhn. Why else «.-ould wme- 
Kigh blood ptcjsurc.insam- 


dioiide fluid lo Mlracl Hie evil 
gremlin kntm-n as CDlfeinc, Untor- 



Monday, September 11, 2 

Webster says 

Music bootlegging and 

the best and worst of the Web 


,'. rAinfi in money uhen 1 mai^lj n,«n ih^i jou iin: doing loaded, and Ihen pay a SI 00 fee The TeChPOlOgy 

fonlli'uwc'!^'.(^"hopro^ Ci^D" ''^^^'o'^'"' w ri^'l^oh^velh'e wnrT^-""'^ SeCtlOn JS lOOklng 

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^™'y*^e^in'"* "^ ''"when Me.allieii's drummer, ^liddl"h%\°' ^""^' """ WaSmef Of Keith 

e^J^''uli*''^ro«d tilh IfeS!-lJ' 3s'00TO"'nnm«' of Pulfef jf yOU Bfe 

a blank cai«n= in die Upc u«n colleclcd jusi in 2 days *hu Interested. 

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Page 6 The Southern Accent 

enrollment finds 
Southern unprepared 

Welcome to Southern! 

School administrators and student leaders welcomeyou to campus 

A word from the president S.A. welcomes yOU 

Possible solutions to 
the problem 

s:»Mr'."i'""i;:, £:,s;:;r;;;'~.;':. Welcome to dorm life 

The Southem Accent 

'' ■■;'''f ;■;::§' 

Ask Ellie your questions about campus 

; Did the U. Maryland 

f™i™"™AU.'"ft"*='^ «,.',™,m'1~ SS^ — »«."»..~»i.- 

.> ,1 experiment In 


,.»,^,»n.d.rrt„ss°,! si'.rrCpiLS;.""." ,o.f".i*rr."s''.'° 

"-" tiousing fail? 


Welcome to 

Southern. If you are 

interested in helpiing 

with the Accent, 

there are several 

positions open. 

7 "-"ivr. 


Please stop by our 
office in the Student 



Center or call 2721. 

""""" "■"""■ 


The Sotfthera Accent Past 7 

If you are interested 
in contributing to this 
section, please send 
your submissions to 
or stop by our office 
in the Student Center. 

Monday, September 11, 2000 

Question and answer 

An interview with Mike Fulbright: 
his life and his plans for the Third 


Life changing L^g int^ Qq^ 
truth - 

New Places, New 

by Zsne Yl "« ^i"*™' '■"™«« omof. tuy^ 

Weekend Church Schedule 
September 16, 2000 

SpMlBl 10 the Accent ml u« ihc Mmcurr' and ravini 

■ ■'■ ■ "-.,.s „ :, ««te coraowUtyj 

^^ ' ".iiiiL- jdrfneiJnwwd 


Church Ooitewah 
9:00 & 11:00 8:55 & 11:25 

The 3rd Road 
10:15 Church 

9:00 & 11:30 


11:00 Hamilton 

Korean SDA Church 
Church 11:30 



October 12-17 


l^ew (EngCancC 

See adventist heritage for your- 
self with special iiost Brian Strayer. 

Coining this fall to a 
campus near vou.* 


Find out the Accent's 
picks for the Super 



Students share what 
they did over the 
summer and give 
advice to new 



with Mike Fulbright, 
the new young adult 
pastor, and what 
churches can you 
attend on Sabbath? 





Washington (Reuters) 

ongress pressed Fire- 
,e and Ford Tuesday to 
all documents 
the deadly tire 

shuttle Atlantis 

I the doore, turned 

the lights, sniffed the 

-. 13-story Interna 

e balance on Tuesday, a 

I for its alleged role ii 

at a-similar racial dispari- 
^xisls throughout the 
. criminal justice sys- 

's Security Council. One 
Gcial said the plans could 

lunlry's media laws. 

m Tuesday it believed 

iiesults have been so 
iing that the Nation- 

. mostly in rat 
London (Reuters) 

Southern steps up in ranking 

Southern joins Walla Walla as only Adventist colleges in second tier 

By Jason Arnold 

Southern climbed 
he U.S. Ne 
_teport Bi 

reclaiming a ^cluuu uci 

Teacher evalua- 
tions received 
typed and 

Every year U.S. Ne< 
and Wor " 
colleges and 

name the top 25 crlleaes 
in each region and then 
rank the rest of the col- 
leges in three more levels, the 

Last year's drop was par- information to U.S. News 
tially due to a lack of and World Report. Tliis 
financial information year the school was able 

World Report ranks 

By Kyle B 

Some students may 
feel indifferent and oth- 
ers intimidated by 
teacher evaluations, but 
teachers and faculty 

icourage students to 

:press their opinions. 

Although students may 
feel stressed knowing 

how a class I 


encourages students I 

, m 


A hot summer day 


Southern alumni 
lead public relations 

By Jason Arnold 

Many students may n 

Southern's Public 

for lb weeks to help ol 

: department. Most golh Howell and Nudd 

the department has r 

Commonly they botii 

run the PR department individiially they have 
it Southern. other olans 

Howell, directorofpub- Howell said he (vants 

McKee Food; 

supervisor for southti 

n with Southern. 

School of Visual Art and Design gets new computer lab 

;hanges and find the a 

j—r changes ar 

A plethora ol changes departmen 

have taken place in the art ^^^^ friendij 

department over the past -f},jg yQ^y 

dent can log i 

that's not cheap." geltin" Pizar said. in, junior art major is a certain amount oi 

The Art cfepartment While most art slu- Rachel Komorowski said, upkeep necessary, il wl 

purchases goods that will dents are content with the Although not everyone arc to keep pace wilti 

be consumed and eventu- new changes, some senses the benefits, the changing t.-chnotop. 

ally replaced such as film remain less enthusiastic. resounding sentiment Lab fees were ili<' utily 

stock, lighting supplies, "I'm glad the art heard from most is that means bv wliiLti iin' 

and a multitude of other department is progress- the art departmer 

dents will be charged 
S500 lab fee for the cc. 
and upkeep of departmen- 

2 of 

I upkeep of departmen- Junior animation major 
equipment and sup- Nathan Pizar said, "^t 

give students a greatei 

sense of ownership 

,.^ respoBJbilily. and familiar 

and ily. 1 definitely feel like I n 

dard of their craft. 
Wayne Hazen Dean o 

The upRrade incluiied a 
lelwork with a terabyte of 

'I The Soutfaem Accent 

reputation school. 

^, were sent to "Very few numbers are 

it of ttie other schools compared in this ranking 

■ ■ ] those numbers are 

; always what reflect 

e southern region to and those numbers : 

introduce those ; 

to Southern, Sauder saJd. the value 01 a 

Advertisements were also Bietz said. "For 01 

and News Week. 

When asked 


advertisements will only great deal t 


There i 

be printed in magazines easily 

in the southern region, bers Inat ueiermine uie 

T^ie cost of regional Duy- value of a person's educa- 

Bietz added. "1 

the : 

know of any students w 

Review, Sauder said. chose Southern t 

Students feel the 

e rankings." 
took some work foi 
hern to climb back u 

community," said Susie Southern 

ments are tur 
office thai C( 

Bahcock said. 

Babcock said that 
while teachers appreciate 

really "don't help' you 

derful," Hazen said. "I 
think the students will 
definitely benefit from 

Thursday: I p.m. - 5 p.m. 

Friday; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

The Soulhcm Accent 

P.O. Box 370 

Collegedale. Tenn. 37315 



accent @ southern. cdu 

About the Accent 

Off-campus I 
get internet i 

Trayer on the tootball 
field a free speech sin 

students living in off- the 

"'.*' house will point directly Badger 

mil allow " (U-WIRE) MADISON, one Our Father before 

ne in the house to wis- Oh «™ .,.. ^— 
(he school's Inter- [j,, ^^^^^^l district of Santa 

16 years that I v 

., jnded hv all t 

praying did ! 
one Our Fathv. ^^.^-.^ - 
football game, a basket- 
ed game of table 1 

s housing are fru^ kickoftat football games, 

using the wireless Inter- accessibility to the Inter- 
net for the new student ^eL 
apartments currently -ji has been stressful to 
being built. That is why (,ot have a computer 

said publi 
school district The defei. 
dants claim that their 

\Vhy? Well. 1 cannot speak 
for the administrators of 
any of my schools, but I 
would guess that _ it 
..^„™„.j silly. I don t think 
iL cYt.i crossed tJie minds 
of the spectators to have a 
pregame prayer. 

rayers uvci mc wouio kucm """■ ' 
PA system before seemed silly. I don't think 

participate in the pra 

atmosphere is fairly c 
cive. I am not saying \ 
prayer should be forb 
den in the world of si 

First Amendment rights 

-eligion pregame prayers 

game ymyc's ntit ..■- 
iiuL allowed back in July, force 
However, some students of the 

U. Florida alumnus 
killed in West Timor 
militia attack 

" selves - claim that broad- 
casting prayers at a pubLc 
function excludes stu- 
dents of other religions 
and flies in the face of sep- 
aration of church and 
state. ^Vhat we have here 

wrong, so they tried to 
arrange a demonstration 
for the first game of the 
year in September. How- 
ever, the orotesE fell flat 
when only 200 people 

However, if Uiey try 

-■ ;mem^, 

parti cip 

iating'^lhe First Aniei 

sonal prayer for the it 

r there announcer's introduction 

/i-rsity of Floi 
inus Carlos Cacerei 

Elba Caceres, said Sun- 

t and dedicated. He 

Florida Iikecl to help people. "He Nowbeforeyi 

idp people. He wanted to 

Wedn.-sday in V 

journalism degree ii 
Spring of 1988. was work- 
iiiK iV.r llu- D.N High 

she said. "Wherever 1 
Elba Caceres said h' 

"He loved different cul- 
tures," she said. "He 

fused by his son's death, 
"One of the questions I 
for the United 

the computer tab and fire 

'" ngry e-mail to the 

I would like to 

organizers believed place in tins counb-y? I 

,,,_._ powered we expect God to 

despite the football game 
interest? Is God < 
edge of His seat. Pi .. 
hand, shouting obsce 
ties at the referees? 
I tiiink spectators thi 

would have overpowered 
the announcer, despite 
his use of the FA system. 
! think Uie poor participa- 
tion should prove to the 
organizers and defen- 
dants alike that not every- 
one in their small Texas way too rr 
town believes in their own influen 
cause. come of a I 

I wonder about the And the ■ 
spirituality of the defen- Santa Fe, 
dants in tliis case, whose 
allies have harassed those 

I much of th 

d football. But did we 
er have a prayer broad- 
it over the PA at a foot- 

assaulted Cath( 

own perceptions of C 
Maybe G ' ' 

having 1 

Maybe Santa 

.. ipting God wh 

he watches ''Providen( 

end of the ifay, broadcast 

He (Caceres) over the school PA In reli'gious element ii 

is interrupting God wh 
Itches ''Providen( 
Friday night 
s likely 


Advertising: 423-238-2722 


Omcc Houre 

Sunday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

Monday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

Tuesday: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.; 7 p.m 

- 12 a.m. 

Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Wliat happened?" said his 
[allier. Gregorio Caceres. 
Caceres' fither said a 
Geneva official of the 
U.N. High Commissioner 
for Refugees told him the 
United Nations had evac- 

evacuated, lunch. But i 

- Christians school ft 

simply because they dis- 

,t them back after the 

Indonesian government 
proniir ■ ■ ■ '- - 


Some Southern high schools are 
disobeying Supreme Court praye 

soldiers bv Scon Ji 

The Duvmondback 

i|ii'Hi s.iiil, w;ib. plagued by violence 

■ I "(Ik' pendence referendum. 

vrrv Militias supported by the 

<:<l "He Indonesian government 

'I. mill-." destroyed much of the 

V. il e- territory. It was then that 

ii iim many ^st Timorese fled 

.! Ill [| a island seeking refuge. 

I'll. U.N. officials said Friday 

' ' ill, it he that they thought miiitia- 

.. iM- ihe men in Betun, 30 miles 

1 S.111I. south of Alambua, klUed 

ar ulien he 20 villagers, 

t what kind Tipton said he did not 

was headed know Caceres was in 
West Timor, and that he 

iFiiilv is iiii/- was saddened to hear the 

'■ .i" 'il' "Unjust too bad it had 

PARK. Md. - The Ughts 
go up, the national 
anthem has just ended 

^re^to^'tfke^^e^field' ^^^° 
4,000 voices join in tiie ^^n 
Lord's Prayer, echoing a ^e i'r 

both legal and illegal 
In Mississippi, where 

'This effort unc 

controversy that has been 
brewing since June. 

In Santa Fe, Texas. . 

!o follow the 

"\Ve support I 

Santa Fe Indeper 
School District bee 

students invoked c 

although we don't agree 
■■■'"- ■■" "-yant said in ,- 
USA Today, 
^ai ncek the 
versy returned 
nlace where it b ■ 
I group called 

with it" Bryant s 
statement to USA . 
Last week the i 
versy returned to me 
place where it began with 
a group callei* ' "" 
No Play. The 

prayer was at _ 
when done privately. 

Supreme Court ruled &-3 
that school-sponsored 
prayer before football 

e said. tiond because it violates 
the Establishment Clause 

that il would lead a 10,000 
person prayer rally at the 
opening football game 
between SanU Fe and 
Hitchcock high schools. 

Kody Shed. No Pray, 
No Play director, said his 
group will distribute 

led to this report which stipulates 

lUh%af^^S™S «-%««!& gw^-SuSSrS' 

pray, but Uiey should 

public school setti 
Saturday's prayer r 
Fe only i^ 

The Accent is look- 
ing for staff writers 
for all sections, pho- 
tographers, and 
someone with expe- 
rience In Quark 
XPress, Free Hand 
and Photoshop. Call 
2721 or email 

"Our leaflets ; 

rallies vnll be besides the 

itudentsthediffi- Oie LorJ 

choice between 

personally offensive reli- 
gious ritual." according to 

released by the Court 

the National Anthem 

The Anti-Defamation 

Jl season beguis around <;„,«;.; — „_*■ "f. 
the nation, some high 
schools in the South are 

cSs Son' t^rouSh 

and bigotry. 
effort to pro- 

attending the high schi 
game, but parlif ' 

sides feel that i! 

"We look an issue 
the Supreme Court t 

Bridget Louivier, a spe 

Houston Chronicle. "■ 
school board came ho 

Coming soon, the 

new Accent 


Friday, September 15, 2000 

Elusive young voters could 
swing election 

iio raplTOGeiirgtP.Ba5h,«.i.ot 
=Bi- nond,Gov.JebB«!h.tiintand 

uncle. Geo;^ P spoke at Ihe 

IBM launches 
college hiring pro- 

lie compmy. 
IriJen bi cosiil 


PIS at getting young peo. John F. Kennedy and Hichanl don IBM recruitet^are • 
ivolvcil ate jnsi anoOter Nntnn a. nn eiainple. Blnois spreading out to eduo 

nternet makes stealing 
erm papers easy as 
:opy and paste 

> tol S,UD, 



professors are keyed into ways 

(U-WiRE) KENT, Ohio - 

compared to Che number who 

10 galhcr ideas and info 

■Idon'llhink you can easily 

aa 15 she Rradedl^smderi's 

fool any English professor." she 

'If teachers showed students 

M Eyre- paper for her fresh- 

said. -Plagiarism has been 

n composition class. Correct 

than iusi galhering 


something that |wel are vigilant 



they're abusing (he silc 


^ K^nt State junior Rhea Gray 
also usually avoids the Internet 

site helps educators catch 

Halfwaj. ihrough (jrading 



when writing papers. One time, 
she said she grabbed informa- 


idine the same paper. 



The information turned out to 

be better oft copying straight 


SS.'""' '""' 


Tve been tempted because 

the plagiarism.- 

"^'ll Lo d' 

ItV h^said. "A br^e 





Inierncl is everywhere 


you can't trust them air 

sho"ld'i)bce tXl cmph^^Ts°o'^ 

m tant^'ds'^ot'Ti;?, 




McCabe. who recenUy conv 

stu" d-af^'^plS toifenllhe 


ca ylflii™ dealt «ilh 

at least 

'"^ refrom'thrlnlern^dS 




sense of guilt. Their chealing 




•Just because we do 

•^nicl has emerged as a 


students are strtssing^ ^or 

''''^l'°irish^l'^uld say thai f 


deparunent dealt with 


■Tliey think, 'If them, why 

have found a foolproof way to 
detect plagiarism,- she said. 

" pve sludenw access lo 



Lord recently typed "Jane 

twiimt^ ^"'^f'' fr" '"^ ~ 

pa^^from the Intern 

L Chair 

However, sites can also strip 

Eyre- into eui Internet search 

Stes "like" ™school- 

S'e"e''SLf of K 



S'sh^ed her. """""'"' 

iek. an anthropology major. 

now!'-'"she ^d^Tl ^"Zm^ 


"I think everybody's 


papersl all the time," he said. 

Ihing tliat looks like another 
one I graded. I dig through that 
pile much sooner.- 

S', said his 



wh,^''w^"tchrf i^'5 




IS^ur!:e MTthU^-UeTu.^ 

Come vote for 
your senators 

Voting locations: 
Talge Hall, 
Thatcher Hall, 
Student Center 

Voice your opin- 
ions! Come vote! 

Universities figiit online 
notes plienomenon 

r I "1 The Southern Accent 

1 echnologv 

Friday, September 15, 2000 \J W 

pro- by federal copyrighl U releases new version of site 
as students head back to school 


NESS WIRE via COLLE- studenls do around c 

^ the things the colleRe market. 


SepL 7, 20OO-, a 
leading Internet provider 

'luding eating, shop- New York City based 

Ask a 

Bluetooth-not just a weird name 

-Mouse Problems 

Christmas breax ana you required are a Das 
need your computer. But m^^ controller) 
that nest of wires beh^ind v^j-t tlie r^dio sigi.-. 
digital signal and i 

coworkers - all 
geek stuff. 

blow the dust out of Ih 

hurt to clean the ball off 
with rubbing alcohol (DO 

his old printer so I don't 
have to use lhe...ones in 
the lab, but my computer 

there a way to TELL the 
computer what kind of 
printer it is? Do I need a 
disk of some sort? 

to get a driver for your 
printer. Ifyou havelnler- 

Bluetooth is 

a protocol 
ng developed tajn (fata integrity ; 

I supported by many ^^me software (iink rr.— _ . 

ager). which coordinates ods like EEherne_tj^to]jgii 

panies tt 

world. '"iT^e idea of Bluetooth Southern's network). 
Among the 1,900 compa- j^ ,(, enable wireless a - ■■ - 

Oess than 1/100 that 

involved i 

industry leadersas3Com. devices. Previously 

.i^.'^_-_,^'^!"j- devices' often had I 

, -, , .- lacmrer, orl" 

hke this, the technology is bility built ir 
bound to succeed. 

How does it work? 
Bluetooth uses the radio 

be ceed, judging from t 

nil- huge industry backi 

that it already has. ' " 

n effort ti 

n the 2.4 GHz 


Hewlett I^ackard LaserJet 

model of your printer (i.t 


designed websiti 
rating feedback 
from students a 

led to offer 


them back to 
the fall semester.- said 
Ronald Stein. CEO of "Our 
combination of an updat- 
ed online presence, and 
offline, campus-based stu- 
dent teams, offers the 

denis and merchants. We 

UConnections students' 
most valuable campus 

market, alumni and tliose 

click food ordering, i 

m pi em en ted. 

3 uConnec- 

colleges and 


the country, 
students I 


UConnections _ _ ^„ 

ing the public eye. UCon- campus online to bet 

nectipns will be part of a Thelnternet College 

special report for the nectionCTM). For i 

■^.com" senes, airing on information 

CNBC, Saturday Septem- 212.532.'1321 or 

ber 16th at Noon Eastern www.uconnections C( 
Time. Other upcoming Source: 
features include a CEO 
Interview in the Septem- Contact- 
ber issue of Wall Street IIC„n»^riin«. . 
Reporter, and an article in 

the OctnhPr ifiBiiP n( 

eovenng ^J^.ullne^;llo^s 
emerRence ae a leader ii 

. -.. York Mia K. 
Dammen. 212/532-4321 

Magazine pP&uconnecU 

"Google Searcn", Tliat 
vrill bring up a list of web- 
sites that fit the search 

Facturer's website should 
always have drivers tor 



you are prontpted for the 

wizard. If the file that you 

cutable (ends with .exe) 

before your computer will 
know that the driver is 

□e that helped 

MPEG-4 in our future 

have plagued MPEG-3. 

The best and worst of the Web 

Good site oftheweck 

K^.^u.i should definitely mg. m 
match. One of the first iiushy - 

known as... SQUIRRELS!" 



e way is a direct loss for words oi 
n the first line of It's a site ded 

rt with the "look" for God's' 

BigWords liave a smooth 
look but they also have 
cool stuff for the average 
dent CI ■' 

themselves around m. It's 

college student Clothes. 

rather than the 
that I don't 

alloy and runs for the 
"reasonable" (which 
shouldn't apply to useless 

content because 

know where HI end 
The site is one of tliosc 
personal hodge podge 
sites that really has 
unity or cohesion Of 

pinnacle of creatii 

_.e noble squirrel 

any other rodent. In '■ 
squirrels have become 


— t know Uiat Oni: vci, 

look it up). It looks as 

3 excogitate ft'pmTnriril'i^i'iVk^'f ^ though this guy just had 

are answer- ^l*.!' P£t??,Ml''*>"'=*'s. so much stiJf he --^ ' 

All nght that ' 

Besides clothes 

say about snuirrels 

he saerificeo I " 

sntirely for the 

Bad site of the week: 

jon^s World p Squir- 

saerificed his look 

-'-- for tl 
w„,.„u What IS amazi 
is that while perusing t 
site for all the tidbits 

wiJen "'s-"^^- 

clean chimneys c 

lling squirrels for f 
passage is never fun. 
wise. 1 am unwilling 
divulge the details 
those experiences h' 

|1 ' TheSoulheraAtcenl 


Alpha hydroxy acids 
in skin care 

Cleopatra bathed 

They help to eliminate 

_ layer _.. .„_, ™.. 

nllk, and noble European thickens, and thick skin and chesL By the sam 

5 pampered their loses its elasticity and mechanism, AHAs get ri 

:s with wine baths to fresh look. AHAs c — - '- ' 

_. . silky smooth skin, the rescue: they 

Upha Hydroxy Acids down tiie sugars 

;e dramatic results, especial- 

, -- --Jn ly for serious skin condi- 

jefore their cement', the material that hons, but they are being 

e the aging process 

AJpha hydroxy acids 
y familiar to all of 

iult, skin easily als 

Lefs go deeper, to the there 

AHAs prodi 

dramatic rei , - -- 

ly for serious skin condi- 
bons, but they are being 
used only by profession- 

dermis. While making the tive products formulated 

- Apples ■ malic_acid_ 

', alpha hydroxy acids . - --^ — - 

'0 make the ground might not work a 

; rich substance of die dermis more concentrated solu- 

thicker, thereby eliminat- 

xtracted from sugar 
AHAs are natural - not 

prised at the results they 

lants and natural foods. Wes. It has been found Note: Information 

more: they produce alpha 
alpha hydroxy acetoxy acids (AAA), 
■e the most popu- which do the opposite of 

r skin horny layer 

Ok. Now let's talk skin . . _ 

iboul how AHAs work happens has yet to be 

ind what they do to make explained by scientists, 

kin look younger. in the meantime. 

Studies have shown AHAs' ability to help skin 

hat AHAs are especially shed unwanted cells 

" " 'C oh the horny makes it very useful in 

the one made of eliminating wrinkles and 

;lis). Asyou know, age spots & in relieving 

time goes on, our atliEator skin and associ- 

;kin loses its abtlih' to get ated dryness & thicken- 

ti^en as a medical advice. 
Always consult your doc- 
tor if you need profession- 

(C) Natalie Katsman, 

Learn skin care 
secrets, find out how to 

its youthful appearance. 

Visit us at 


Article courtesy of 
http://medi apeak. cc 

Surveys clash on 
^iews about college 

Friday, September 15, 2000 

Like it loud? 
That's okay! 

Many a SAU stude 
has wanted to play the 
music really loud at son 
point. Usually they're 1 

ery made by Ping Shenj 
and others at Honj 
Kong's Universih' of Sc 
ence and Technology m 

like this much 
Materials to 
sounds of higher pitc! 
have been arou ' 
awhile, but a wall 

and his 


1 h Id U 1 

''' d' '•'d't' 


tal b 11 n 
Id th d t 11 

^ m Tl hb 

d b (M U 1 Id 


b 1 p cy d 

se By Si BKlh 

r if / d 6 II 

8 It U t,^ 

1 h Id II W k 

Backpacks can be 
pain in the neck 

Particle responsible 
for mass discovered? 

long enough to be delect- 

cle that determines mass. 

des, which idenafy tbi it 
did indeed exisi iil mn- 
time- nieorolinillv ;iiiv 

working with a large par- 

ALCPH in the CERN par- 


title phisics laboratory A 
Large Electron Positron 
ColBder (LEP) was used 

while Ihe results could l.t 

nave enough evidenci' In 

accelerate the particles. 

terious Higgs boson. 

tides that are thought to 

tied al the end of this 

month to make w.iy for a 

with similar purpose. This 

Higgs boson has been 

lie lime In colled euoutjh 

thought to exist for about 

data 111 prove their 

30 years, but has eluded 

hypothesis. Some politico. 

detection by existing for 

are involved as well, as 

is schediilpd In CLiiitiniR' 

ALEPH used the LEP to 

their research on the 

smash particles together 

Higgs boson. While the 

Coming Soon . . 

The Southern Accent online! 

IHealth Chat's healthy nutrition: 
introducing echinacea 

ket which poL_. 

dietary considered to be the best while 


e for medicinal effi- 

One of the best 

', although the leaves 
have a potent effect 
;ed, many echinacea 

Finally.. besides using it UK's forei 
people to lake and a 

health and lilnes 


mented is echinacea. from the whole of the 

Also known as purple plant offering the benefits 

effective when taken full 
[ently. If you lio 
J take echinat 
g periods 
: tliroughoi 

system, achy limbs for exampli 

itchy throat ( 
; for exam 

dalised cells which fight 
tinct and powerful anti- 

repeat this 
r. Evidence si 

day until the illness i 


for long periods, 

instance tliroughoul win- mi.iii..n t 'n 

ter when viral infections maji.i'i'"' 

lend to be at their most psycliiiiirisl 

prevalent in the general saud. Dr. 

population, remember to oripnal Vii 

take it in small quantities doctor. 
for only two to three 

weeks in each month. Article 

a HealdiChat 2000 

Dr. Sims is the Medical 
Director of RtStop. the 

W • I ' TheSoulheraAccenl 1 


Friday, September IS, 2O0O "W 

Subway or Blimpie? L'steningpleasure 

September Entertainment Calendar 

Thursday, September 14 

ChatUinooga Symphony & 
Opera Association 

Symphony Series; Ameri- 


The Cliatlanoo([a Symphony 

one ana tneir brolhcr can enjoy. 
Featured Ihis week: WORLD 

CARTER! Also featured will be 
major works of 20tli Century 
American music. Special Ireat 

Votapek will play Rhapsody in 

Note: come at 7;00 p.m.. and ISkv 
Maestro Robert Bernhardt will \^^: 
^ w^Jiw^i^"^^ ^'^^' Providei 

Chattanooga Symphony &. 
Opera Guild 
Ovations Receptii 

Tivoli Theatre 

Come backstage directly after 
he Landmarks performance foi 
the "Opening Night Ovalioni 
Reception" for a chance " 
and greet champagm 

guest artist Call to mak 

jrformers at Jaiielle's Juic 

n woodworking, soap mak- 

weekago. Shepror 
hear The Dig 'ill rci 
that evening, but di 

They must have pi 

liard that night, 1 1ie play 
through September jO. 

Q practice a exhibit of his paintings and draw- in^ and blacksmithing (making 

ilay later on and Northea; 

ipired by the Southern thmgs out of metal). 

Lcader»hip ChnttanooKn 
:iusH of 1999 

Tliursday. September 21 
The Big Three 
Live in Concert 
Southside Jazz Junction 
Come celebrate the elevator 

music of yesteryear performed 

the pony rides, wagi 

""mes, contests and me iiin 
nuat Hamilton County Parks 
d Recreation Department sack 

; of Chattanooga's 
illocalb- ' 

Saturday. September 23 

Chattanooga TraditJonal 
Dance Socie^ 

Contra Dancing 

All Saint's Academy 

Peavine Creek of Atlanta will 
perform. Doug Singleton will 

Folk Music/Tenness 

t "^^n^ Kt""n":S '" ^^S' P«*/Han,il,on County 

larity. Forget baseball. Corneal 
see why Contra Dancing is Amt 
ica's RML pastime! 

Tliursday, September 28 

Cbattanoo)^ State Techni- 
cal Commumty College 

Amphitheater Events: 2l9t 
Century Renaissance 

Come with us! Joe Helseth 
will lead a tour of the sculpture 
gardens and TTie President's 
Exhibit Following the tour will 
be a lecture on "Ideal Proportion 
or the Golden Mean". Many 
other lectures will also occur at 
this time. Join us afterward on 
the lawn by the sculpture garden 
to enjoy a concert by the Chat- 
tanooga Symphony Orchestra 
with Maestro Robert Bernhardt. 
Cokes and ice cream are to be 
provided, though guests are wel- 

ihat Guests wishing 
•u mti.n uieir picnic baskets 
while attending the lectures 

guided tour. Picnic baskets will 

so you don't show up with your 
dale and get rejected at the door. 

Saturday. September 16 
Chattanooga Theatre Ccn- 

Circle Series Production: 
An Ideal Husband 

past with incriminating charge.. 
A lively comedy by Oscar Wide 
that could be npped from todays 
headlines, but created by one of 

Hubert Fry Center. V 

bartered for large s 

f this play 

. bby. bulwe' 

t the piay. I met one of the 

: Not too shabby, but we'll s( 



Tuesday. September 19 

Hunter Museum of Ameri- 
can Art 

Art After Work; George 
Cress: Recent Works 

Join artist George Cress as he 

JOKER Release Party 
Come get your copy of the 
JOKER! This 215-page full-color 
catalog has the latest products 
from all over the world, updated 
with statistics, easy-find refer- 
ence tabs, and new tracking num- 
bers for your browsing, rating, 
and dating pleasure. 

Sunday. September 24 

Hamilton County Parks ai 
Rccreulion Department 

llth Annual Coimly Fair 

Chester Frost Park 

Robert Bernhardt 

Chattanooga Traditional 
ancc Soaety 
Contra Dancing 
All Saint's Academy 
Martx Bnggs of Atianta will 
Midnight Kitchen o[ 

:a will play " 

Enrique Igle 

Atlanta will play 

exhibits. Demonstrations will be 

622-6004/867-7359 ' 

irlsnol anSDA.Thelf 
Sfct your elders 

ftho the teacher is: l beiieve as students 
Jexlsts a certain obligation to respect a 
a peison In auihority. 
re supposed to model alter God 
:i if we are being prejudicial ai 
^atory to people who are not SDA tl 

are laiiing short ot the glory ol 

ifit to echo your senliment and tell peopl^ 

B that it you are going to be a C 

fatter our Lord and Savior Jestj ;- 

2 many who are not of this (ola 

IRng into My kingdom " Who are v. ■. 

n praying that you wiH noi all. 

B to separate yoti from the love ol 6^ 

s or her behavior. 


■ 1 I I ^L I The Soulhera Accent 

Mm Xpress 

Friday, September 15, 2000 J 

Catch 77-The tour experience 

But when Christ 

orld Seven is the per- 

i Chad Stuart ing and lalkji „ 
would speak. Then we many Adventist youth. 

would break 
groups and lead Bible 
classes. After that we 
would play a concert. But 
even then, we stayed 
around for a few days to 
establish friendships. 
Billy: It sounds like 

Dave Tolbert: It v 

it seemed much more 
open, and the West Coast 

Tolbert: "One chaplains, religion teach- 

through your music min- 

Matt: Adventist youth 
need a new form of wor- 
ship and spiritual enrich- 

focusing just on the 
youth. I feel that they real- 
ly appreciate it and feel 

by playing I .__ 

kind of sMe they like. 

Catch 77: iTie mc 

that we say at every c 

What do you think makes 
Southern spiritual? 


direcdy to them 
















ir late 


L- \,.JH( 


The students that are dedicated to Christ and living that 
way. It really shows in the student-led programs like CIA, 
campus Bible studies and Student Week of Prayer." 

s people praying for u 

-Kenia Rodriguez 


"I wish I knew, but I think the spirituality of Southern is 
dependent on each individual student, not jusl good pro- 
grams or faculty." 


^^_ ... 1 Division's New 
Year's Celebration called 
Genesis 2000. Then we 
traveled through Col- 
orado. Nebraska. Idaho, 
Washington and Califor- 
'a playing at Adventist 

1 fire and giving youth 

especially remember q 

Matt They had a lot of 

for Jesus. She actually practical questions about 
shared Christ and what things like drugs and & 

Many youth had a knowl- 

her edge of die Bible but m ' 

[great show at unchurched friends. They lot of Spirit 

Scott Callender: "It this 

East Coast and played in 
places from Ontario to 
Florida. Our final official 

of talked about If s 

anyone who wants to 
know) mil be coming out 
on a new album somedme 
in October. We'll be hav- 

"Having so many opportunities for student Interaction like 
the Third and drama. When we get involved we grow spiri- 

somewhere around Junior 

-Rachel Lombard 

e asked questions, it years, he will place a high- 

r at the Meb 

strengthened me by mak- 
ing me search. I learned 

iVe would lead praise and 

with a lot of 

you all this Knowledge but 
■ ' lever study themselves 
)r make it their own. 
Billy: What is your 

love doing this and would 
love to get paid for it But 

hands. However far God 
takes us. we are willing to 

Christ in the President 

Inquisitive rebellion 

s eighl-year-old's because s 

computer. For others, it is 
what 1 like to call "i 

, Mel Gibson portrays 
inner s' ' ' - 
n whose ( 

How to devel- 
op a deeper 
with Christ 

"- ■ — r After len years in the bunk sobbing, because 

do you want oth- f^^™ pavjd had jj made. Jesus' love for nie person- 

Mnyou?-Aque5- He had worked his way ally had become real," 

I have probably successfuUy to the top David said. "At that point 

■ struggle of £ 

I. Should he join the 
of American free 
r play it safe for his 
and remain under 
h rule? Although 
rying to keep the peac;e 

revolution and the birth 

"--- ,- and distinguished rank- 

The expected answer jj,g 

from any "good" Christian -Although I was lilled 

would reflect a desire to ^■^^i^ n,any aspirations 

be like Chnst How can ,j,at would make me a 

somediing imperfect gen- Commander in the Navy, 

thing perfect' \Vhat does ^an with aU the benefits, 1 

University life, 

standards, about God s 

pie than 

^erienced b__. 

We have a larger selection 

have experienced before. 

SA President David War- 

personal number o) 
IS that one person 
closer to Christ, 

s empty on the inside, changed." 

J a room full of bub- David started 

:old-blooded murder 

foods, classes and helps us all get rid of the 

; burn his house ^nd under this 

less. Inquisitive rebellion 
helps us all get rid r''"-- 

senseless formalis. 
ur religion. Now is a 

o new places, think 
eeper thoughts and find 

this '* 

D action. But 
really lo join 

squeak rebellion? 

bravery and 

'- the visioi. .. 

independent nation? 

College is a 
rebellion. For m 

Will I drink or have a 

f birthing 

■ child 


anything." But not every- 

thmg is beneficial" (1 Cor 

10:23-24). Test every- 

,j tiling . . . Hold on to what 

i that is good" (IThess 5:21). 

'Brokeness: Empty 
yourself of self, and 
recognize your need 
for Jesus 

With a God- 

ted lo SAU. His 

Christ is the fuel 

sanctified, and holy. 

How to keep your 
relationship with 
Christ strong 
'Recognize it all 
comes from God. 

It apart, life. Where 


such dedication, 

Although born a 
:opalian, David 2" 

While attending Bible 

David Warden plar 

shidies on the ship, David opportunity 


Christ He did n 
lain of ^e ship i 

real in their lives. 

e Chap- the individual. 

) help peo- 

y_ Baptist, claim- nig^t ^ 

e born yet who 

■ to the I 

Christiajiily _ only ^'^"feveVlionTs weli'as 

when It was convenient gi\j^f ojble topics 

-I have been in and ou grabbed his attention. He will only t. 

of different churches all gggan to understand and sage of Jesus Chnst from 

my life." David said. "I personally experience the you." 

used lo choose a church power of God's word. He personifies this 

only if it had a good bas- on September 12, thought by being used by 

ketball team." 1997 David saw for the God to reach out to oth- 

Life led him over some f,^^ (j^^ in his life the ers. 
rough ground, and as a 

mn only hear the 1 

Do things the 
easy way 

Free college 
for all 

Chapel met each dav at 1 1 

On Tuesday and 
Hiursday, U a.m, classes 
■net at 7 a.m. On Monday, 
Wednesday and Friday, 
:;ach class, beginning 

school sludenrWillVi^fiise. 
and Friday Under a" new ISw, 
;lra hourearly signed by California Gov, 

Gray Davis Monday, any 
es no sense, ''isfi school senior in the 

changes will and a yearly tamily 

e hour unlil confuing lo the students. 

S64.000 will be eligible (or 
full tuition at any Califor- 
nia State University or 

Universitv of California 

'urlher. if the public 

..n affordable. 
Critics have c 

school could have been thin^jf 

11 a.m. classes Monday 
through Friday meet at 7 

"D.m,. Instead, they matle 
those who have morning 

".classes on Monday, 

plan will 

n of Stan 

■ademically selective 

opposite will likely be 

" , If students who 

normally have 

erred by " " " ' 


1 of standards a 

been deterred by the high 
costs of college are ' 
lo apply, the level of 

dents and teachers. 


i The Southern Accent 

;, jos:c? 



Atmnmiso Mmughk 

'. JSilTrlo. 

DEnaN/GMFwa EonoR 

} JEHRV Wasmeh 

DESics/Oiumcs EonvK 

i f«S™ 

Elva Cavabyab 


I """s^sr™" 




IhTEcmoLOcr/SaEHCE EonoR 


lools will increase. The 
V foreseeable problem 
li this plan is a oalloon- 
enrollment beyond 
maximum capacities 
he slate's colleges and 

which barred affirmative 

^ ,., - action based on race. This 

California -a law helps complele the 

'ilh u population of 
han 30 million - is 
making higher education 
an entitlement for stu- 
dents who have the 

grades but do 

Die money. At a.. 

ed cosl of Si billion a year, 

— '— ■■ ibilious; it if 

Uiing to do. 

economically based ; 
Although there may 

ilan is ambitious; it is educatior 

million students 
support Ihemseh 
through student loans. 

stimated 5.4 arightinthi 

Higher educatior 
. -ight in this count 

this proposal vrill n 

fe„.a*' w„-.m,„ 

IIarmonv Tuxebson 

al government should Chronicled 

soon ... the 
Accent online 

Minimum wage 
needs to be raised 

OXFORD. Miss. - A A person working full- the minimum 

bill is currently befottfthe " ' " 

U.S. Senate to raiSethe 

■ ■ num wage by $]. 
S5.1_5 lo $6.15 per 

■ tion, the bill includes a _ 

, . . . ■ crediCfbr small busines^ 

before taxes, barely above to help compensate fol 

the federal poverty line. "' ' ' ' 

Still, that's much better 

sissippi in particular. 310,716 the 

in January 2001 
no a second 50 cent raisp 
n January 2002. Ape 

about Sl2,7 
before taxes, 

the federal poverty line. 
Still, that's much better 
than the approximate 
"-■".6 the same pe 
per year right r 
Kaising the minii 
wage is especially i 
[ant for Missi',..,, 
which is perennially ■ 

for Mississippi, 

" '' perennially one 


income. One hundred 
seventy-five thousand 


In the end. S40 \ 
veek means much mi 
o a single mother tryinn 

trying to make it in th« 
"real world" than t 

partisan bickering o 
every few years, it si-- . 
simply be tied to the Cofl| 

en ted economy, low-w 

mgly substantial part of 
the work force. However, 

it is nearly impossible to 

small businesses to lay off 
workers lo compensat( 
(or the additional expend! 

un employ mi 


;!d force allowed li 

workers lo compensate 
"■ ' e additional expendi- 
thus raising the 
ployment rate. How- 
such a burst of 

This staff edUomM 

materialize the last t 

The Accent is happy to serve youl 

n™J,„„feSi ™^"ff f f,'''™l"?». Me S'Jil>«ln, Mall 

IV Ti Im™ n ™"°''"' MiiMlt Vounkln. Joline Hnmll, Jason AmoW. J 

V ""S^oai Uavc Leonard ' 
. dS nS° '^«'«™"". Shall) Soarteu, Louis Lidil, Mnndy 

Hie Soulfaem Aixent P 

3A needs you 

Student and responsibility. 

To get involved wth 

the SX judiciary Coun- 
cil or other SA appoint- 
phone David 

I Cady Van Dolson, 

. . ^_. ... terrorist 
bolittcal asylum in the 

United States. 

today in 



And they call this 


ing other reading this? A SMALL What I really needed I was too busy being loud, major downpour, which I peaceful quietness 
laT space PEN. That panicky, out-of- was thankfiil for. found. 

My standard dialogue 
ely has been, "Oops, 
rry. Didn't mean to 

■ ■ ffood of 

L absolute I 

The jam-packed feeling 
of being swept involuntar- 
ily across the floor by a 
wave of people freaks me 

It makes me realize 
how easy it is for all the 
noise of life to drown out 
the small, peaceful things 
that make life enjoyable. 

I many peopl 
luthern is like, ^udi^in 
it of National Geograph- 
or some other show 
at has lots of busy ani- 

i just flashy and deafening and 

Adminislration. are you Emph. 

the W^ek of Spiritual 



quiet, but 1 didn't 

ky, out-of- 
eiing began to 
te when things 
r and the days disgust 

ed out of the sky and won- ders that kept crawling oi 
dered how long I would mybacV— ■'■ 

. this I 

cycle of hurivdrum life. 

Like a gerbil. 

So I got off work 
Wednesday afternoon, 
and was powering down 
die sidewalk from Brock 
to the cafe when it began 

I liate geCdng rained 

I that bulletin 

promenade before 

I did, after all, have to 
to the cafe, and there 

their mother with 

sandals and will i 

s qui shy 
gooey na 

1 felt like a fruitcake. 

As I stood there, I even- Harmony is a junior 

tually resigned myself to public relations major 

shelter thing on the the fact that I was stuck, from Louisiana. 



i/ly dream for a new school year 

The blue-gray sky 
lended in with the 

Life's little details 

i is fundamen- 

.__ I's children. I 

have learned that some- 
- d asks us to fol- 

_._ ^ see where He's leading. 

flie Florida "Socie^ for And by understanding the 
- ■ " ■■ ' ' ireaible faith of my par- 

ts, I have learned that 

from family, so young aj 

a! speaker for his profes- 

Respiratory Care. He and 

his dog guide 1 
and work together. My 
parents don't often talk 
about the accident, but 
when they do, they speak 

[ die One 


less than a month, miles appreciate each person'; 

learned that we all o 
ate with some type of 

ability, and learning I 

wfio^ never les . 

struggle alone. 

Jolene is a junor print 
journalism major from 
Florida. She is the editori- 


My advice to pre-med 

so you diink that you today were not at all what 

are going to be a big doc- I expected, 

tor. You have to work a lit- Vet I loved the work 

tie harder in college, but and the people so much 

you know it will all pay off that the problems really 

when you have your big didn't matter anyrnore. 

house and drive your Although medicine 

brand new Mercedes. workea for me, it wasn't 

Think again, die first career I tried. 

Medicine has changed Last summer I was 
a lot in the last few years, 

it used to be. If you want 
to make a lot of money, go 

into business. Why go 


Jonathan ^'' 
Geach [{ 

Smidi's talk on Sabbath, I fun ii 

that we should be called 

liie moral: You ' 

preachers. He needs 
good workers in every 
field. God calls everyone 

until I worked for 



The Geor^ 

a doctors office. It chemistry ma\0T from 

Friday, September 15, 2000 

I swear I left my car here 


Adventist Pick Up 

by Rob York 

1 0. That's quite a set of ethics you got 


9. How 'bout we go bacl< to my 

place and read Song of Solomon? 

S.JVly name's not John, but you're giving 

me a revelation. 

7. Didn't the King's Heralds write a song 

about you? 

6. Would you like to 

dance?.. .yeah?. neither! 

5. Tofu should taste as good as you look 

4. I'm thinking., me, dinner, and 


3. Jacob would have worked 15 years foi 


2.S0 what are you doing after the 

Millenium Seminar? 

1 . Some people say I look like Dwight 


hursday, September 21, 2000 


The Accent 
explores the new 
Mac operating 



Students share their 
thoughts as the new 
school year begins 

PAGE 11 


Find out what it is 
like to be chased and 
captured by the 


Die Southern Ac 

Campus Shop has needed textbooks back in stock 

Contact the Accent 

Lifestyles E 
Religion E 

The Soulhcm Accent 

P.O. Box 370 

Collegedale. Tenn. 37315 


About the Accent 

^n<T svslem to com- book until earUer this week, 
^^ithlrachers and "It super sucks not hav- 

■ of books they need, point blame, but 1 would Uke 

the shortage was lending me Ws book,' Davis 

me teachers didn't said. 
ir orders in until the "Hie book Davis needed 

a Ihf d^ot rejsll^ bookandaCD-ROM. Myers 

jhlerssaid. said that bundles are put 

late ordering put together by 

c bundle 

gotten all their shipments 
now. Tlie two lost shipmer 

Myers and Wohlers said tl; 

though, the students and 

change and are happy t 
learning and working b 

Small group leaders retreat 

fall like weather. ^^^^^^ „ „^„ j,.„,^_„. ... 

ntslic lodge in the moun- ^^ school of Religion. On pus by 
crackling fire all pro- p^jj^y ^i,t. the group took blessed, a; 

I ^1%^ 

^dea. Each bicycle 
id attached lo th 

a card, encased in plas- Campus 

includes the bicycle's rules. 
Some of the rules include 

and not storing the bicycles 

Campus Safety, 
students that s 

Some colleges drop 
SAT requirement 

Dickinson only reports the 

their calculators, pencils ai 

dents, the SATs ; 

average student SAT 
Dickinson was dr 
from "highly competiti' 

, standard b 

"highly competiti\ 
I though Dickins 

from diff^ 

policy. Bekhit, a sophor 
Dickin- ence prc-professioi 
i place The Noire Dan 
ins office does fi 

ademic success. 
■^Ve look at 30C 

ove and 200 students w 

an grades are finishel 

:hools, ther 

II perform 

^d Mundy 

; charged 

tires inflated. 
'Especially sine 

i desktop publishing 
:ie general lab. now 

ily in the late afternoons and 
students and the addition of 

;d lab. Twenty-one 

>chool of Computing 
>cn Sund^, 1 p.m. - 

; Tuesday through 

Leach, associate director of 
admissions at Dickinson. 
They like that and it makes 

Students have the option 
to submit their scores when 

Some students who did not 
submit their scores have 
had the opportunity to 

-Had we had their SAT 
score and only being in tlie 

high." said Bob Mundy, 

the lest did measure his a 

"Standard testing is 

undergraduate admissions 

accurate and necessi 

means of evaluating h: 

of the application dropping. 

school shidents," he said. 

and the higher the SAT 

score, the more, likely you 

Saint Mary's stress I 

are to do weU here." 

scores are only a part of 

Mary Pat Nolan, director 

otadmission at Saint Mary's, 

mula for accepting - it's 

student, and I honestly don't 

has lo do with the fact i 


students of different culti 

and linguistic backgroui 

one standard Amen 

exam such as the SAT PC 

a problem. 

they need SAT scores 

-I grew up with t^vo 

ty of applications, I don't 

couldn't have taught 

EngUsh as well as your 

er institution." he said. 

S '^fetd' me"on 

P.A.W.-How to handle stress 

tionships. Sit and talk 
family and friends. 

centered on a hobby, s 

Sept 30: All nJglit SoflM 

ids to stressful situa- ly doctors are foi 

ire and making your How does it o< 

work harder. This is Anything yot 

particularly dangerous if you problem can cau 

try li) do too much. Set goals 

■Be willing to resolve dis- 
putes. Don"! hold onto anger. 

-Share your burdens. Just 
talldng problems through 


Thursday, September 21, 2000 

Q. Illinois student pays for 
;ollege by pushing some buttons 


join the 



Coming soon . . . 

The Accent 

New law 

encourages young 

Village Market Sale 

Thireenth Annual 

Greater Collegedale Elementaery 

Picnic and Food Sale 

October 1, 2000 10:00a.m.- 5 p.m. 

r I 1 The Soulhera Accent 

1 ecnnology 

Thmsday, September 21, 2000 \J W 

Mac OS X Beta released web l-SOO-FRUSTRATION 

Steve Jobs of Apple Com- 
jch-nnlicipaled new Mac- 

like another \ 
French and German, ing system. L 
Advanced portable docu- OS features 

S'u«.Vrn™:J" Mac OS X PuMc Bet2 

University hi 
make crashes 

claim OS X will 

also di 

(which elicit 

(lid Ihe old APPLE. 

Webster says 

- Vaudeville Ca/e. 

park, Dollywood, in Pigi 

comedy rou- city provit 

il. where il might be Hie plac 

click im Ihe bliic 

r the Acjuari- OK. OK. just about evi 
les (or those lo (his site, click on "Sli 

HoioK on in hgeon Torse 

Ask a geek 


ter runs slow 

1 get a bigger hard drive' 


r Slow Lane 


The only 

A-ay thai the <u 


r hard drive can ini|Hct ih 

ally HUGE hard drive 



t'sS Tor thai Wnd^or 

erboard fi.i 

30-pin. 72-pin 

ask their o| 

riion. and give 

hem a 

ollar figure that you cann 


u the moon w 

en ally 

u need is a pebble. 


mmunication. shoppio} 
{ and there is a risin( 

mple, keeps trai 

[ YouknowbesLcom 

these days. First, Dou- 

demographie information 
ing an online identity wth a 

fire from the European 
Union tor its alleged involve- 
ment in Echelon, a satellite 

network. The EU claims the 

e-mails) o( Americans as 
well as Europeans. Yet 

ing tool used by Ihe govern- 
net Service Provider's (ISP) 

ness. they may plant the 
CarnWore tracking software 
on that person's ISP lo mon- 

or chat use. The problem 

eek on how 

3 offer what she called "con- 

lial she knew could rarely 
OO number calls on. I hear 

800-CALL ATT o 

a phone call, odds a: 

other 1,998 smden 


rrently ly during peak hou 

working on getting more placing your calls 

costs much. Uyou absolutely HAVE 

Top 10 ways to tell that you 
have been online TOO LONG: 

n Solar LiveCam. 
ylOL instead of laughing. 

i you lo lose weight so you joined alLre 

Best and worst of the web 

off chance that they gel their 

rs worl< ai 

Alright first off 11! m 
on that their look is fine 
ttle clullered but not o> 
'hebningly so. Tlteyhav 

alchy mth the nerd hen 

of you might actually sub? 

As for conlenl l' 
little. Kareoke. 

probably the 

MIR survivor 

Thuisday, September 21, 2000 ■ 

Ecstasy, GHB suspected 
n Johns Hopkins 
Jniversity senior's deatli 


' heart rale and dehydratior 

' York Nadimpalli. "And every lime 
Ihat Wiesl took Jamie would see me, he'd 

Wiesl. a risin 
Homed ical 
lajor. collapsed 

it Vincent's I 

ounced dead ai 

Another fnend, wh 
d she will ahvays n 

'!l''^'*ir"" Borakove expl^ned. ' was the one I called for 

edical Cen- f^^^ y^^^ q-^^ attempted adwce. (or a smile for a com- 
^was ^ro- ,p gjjy, jp^^^ TviWo two plaint or anything at all," she 

Ellen Borakove 
'public affairs foi 

A memorial service i 
scheduled for SepL 27 - 

y sued Twilo. calling il 

Beat the 



accumulate [ 

if electronic com- 
ake a look at 
L How much 

of mind. The answer? Hav 

sure and discover how thei 

Each week set. aside 
(or preferably recycle) a 
longer need from you 

^leningitis vaccinations required for U. Maryland students 

[Jie er. However. Rychni 
,unt he beUevcs a subst; 
fall large number of st' 


CMd.- The University of the 

iryland wiU require all and wiU be given 10 

us residents to be vac- comply. If students 

'd against meninfptis or comply by the end 

check-in ch; 

awned hous- Smith said she does i 
aid. Paulette have already responded 

also includes i 

^■geHheshoLTTie Erin Mui 
, taking steps to beenworkiDi, 
late the expected with the resident life 

working on the project The health cen te; 

the resident life office, up a Web siW; co 

said if she were to guess, information about 

Return of Atlantis 

living on a secluded sf 

■ 13-story Int 
ind ready for 

slow. TTie team must pause Terrence Wileutt, com- 

to equalize air pressure mander of what has been 

between compartments and labeled Atlantis describes 

take air quality readings, space living as "absolutely 

The astronauts wear what beautiful," Perhaps, but only 

looks like surgical masks to an asb'onaut 'To us earth- 

and safety goggles, a precau- lings, these new living quar- 

On Earth this dust slays on service panels instead of 

Wild, wild weather 

My favorite scene i 

" ■ d of Oz" is V 

y clings for de: 

y Em's bedpost, 

enell, Brilaii 
eople migl 
f global 1 

r. With a Icgitamale rise 

"Feverfew: a natural 
remedy for migraines" 


:ain drugs - and b« 
a HcalthChal 21 

of body and mind. I 
trained as a CP. k 
works fuU-iime in heai 

should be taken each 

tea, chocolate and soft 

3. Addressing factors 

viating them appropriately. 

Always ensure that your 
family doctor is aware that 

^ially sively on llie subject, i 

I monthly medical c 
'. Dr. Sinu'u 

TRff A^fvfeftorw of DohnAy Slug By ^^Qspje 

V\.0»«taft. "E>-rtt>«^ NitPDP!t ^^Eimi^t. 

Sports scores 

I &2 ■ iheir lirsl fiame 


is being purchased at the 

Vrncenl 6 vh. Richard- 

keep you updated. 

Team Brown did a good 

ganie and didn't wanl lo give 

ly a good night for Softball. 

job of picking out the weak 

with many unexpected victo- 

6-5 lo Team VincenL Team 

good hilling from Royce 

Faculty is desperately trying 

Brown and Ricky Schwarz, 

to trade Gordon Bietz. who 

well, basically Iheir whole 

is going through a rigorous 

Uneup hil weU. Bul in ihe 

sixth and seventh innings 

Murtin 5 Richardson 

strong this night though. 

Team Martin is used lo 

Wichn 15 VB. Faculty 

wrinning in the bottom of Ihe 

just hammering teams, but 

^Thwe were some ques- 

that Geoff Mardn. and Ben- 

jie Maxon arc the weak links 

defense. Team Richardson 

"Make-up" calls Ihe whole 

did a good job of exploiting 

lhe»- problems, testing each 

Tm glad for iheir enlhu- 

Team Martin did a good 

Ihe call righl. instead of hav- 

that they are the team to 

Bhowing some consisiency," 

ing to go back and change 

heal. They were able to 

said ifam captain Brian 
]( did nol look good for 

Big Dog Paul Myers 

of the seventh with the score 

emotional win over 

inninga, bul Ihey came back 


The RA's pulled out a 

reckoned with, making his 

close game with Ihe help of 

one of the better-looking 

There is one ihmg gomg 

players in the league, Paul 

against learn Martin. Ihe 

Hlchnrdson VB. Faculty 


they did. James Houghton 

Barnelt 14 Lee 1 

was obvious Hint the Faculty 

ning and was an emotional 

wert- nol ready to play. They 

leader for the team. Has any- 

WLTf dcsperatt-Iy praying for 

body else noticed the cheer- 

3 make up giri. Is it a requirement? One 

I has been member of Ihe RA team was 

rain," said Selwin Abraham, who 1 

II be play- ladies al the time. I'm still 
nball. and waihng for my source lo con- 
7 will win. firm IhaL Donnle Lighlhall 

dismissed Beaver Eller. for Team 

isaid. Knowlton, played well: so 

try IL My did Scotl Knowlton and 

wning this game for defense, with both 

teams allowing key hits to 

i; a faculty slip by them allowing many 

nol really s 

which i 
anything so I 
hits really hj 

defense and 

has been cruising through 

fighting first grader 

mon. 1 

llayed. Team Slaraon 
5. but now both lean- 


The world powerhouses, 
peled together in the after- 

pion Svetlana Khorkina'i 
srace and flair, Russia tool 

Romania was next, fol 

didonaUy its worst eveni, the 

keep from falling forward 

-1 was silling here ih 

Brooke Walker followed 

with a pair of jumps in which 

last thing I expected toi 

she brushed her head on Ihe 

backside of the vault. She 

actually stuck her landing 

gymnast through three 

her cue from the judges. 

after tlie first vault and got a 

The 15-year-old. last- 

points and establishing 

minute replacement for 

injured Morgan ^Vhite 

the all-around gold, R. 

the leaders to take over. 

feeling to have the whole 


Virginia's Moses swims his way to Olympic silverl 

s. Team Br(iW 

Braves 8 

n Ihe Girl's 

cullj' members 
imeni? And 

and is it legal? 

Game predictions 

Domenico Fioravanti. Russ 

Roman Sloudnov earned the 
bronze medal with a lime o 

Tm walking away with i 
silver and 1 had a chance foi 
a gold.- Moses told Tht 

28.60, but Fioravanli, the 

Bernardino saJd he spoke 

swam in Ihe preliminar 

reigning European champi- 

to Moses Sunday night, as 

on, surged from fifth place 

the 20-year-old Burke. Va., 

medley and 200 butt 

In its Olympic preview, 

Sports Illustrated forecast 

gold, but the two-time NCAA 

definitely Ihe type of meet 

champion was relegated to 

where you can see experi- 

Oywithatime of 2:16,8 

second place by Froravanti. 

ence pays off. Oilier than 

[17-year-o!d Australian star 

extremely pleased 

iwo rounds and established 

Ian) Thorpe, most of the 

an Olympic record in the 
final with a time of 1:00,^6. 

people who've succeeded 

particularly in Ihe iOO 

than he could have ever 

athlete who has been in 

Moses also told Bernardi- 

no Ihat he is now especially 

Pietucha. a 1999 Univ 

juiced up to help the U.S. 

competing m just his second 

men defeat Thorpe and the 

records, failed to quali 

did very well. When you 

upcoming 400 medley relay. 

the semifinals of the i 

Moses was nol the only 

200 fly. placmg 

his career, to go from being 

(1:59.59) in the prelims. 

Tonight on the Olympics (NBC) 






«... rsi'i 

7,00 Pi 

9-00 »m 




dl^ldli,ll all irniind f 


1, ril^.ind nitj 

<J|lpm liuipm 


M,n-„l,m,„„,,mi(,., A\r, AIS>, hUM , 

73.L m^riL, 
HiOnm in-min,,. 


M,ns>lkr niiii,l,-|.,.„i,„>11U _, 

The Southern Accent Orientation Thursday, September 14,: 

2000-2001 Student Leaders 

Student Association Officers 


Chattanooga's finest theatre 


Thureday, September 21,2000 ~W 

So you wanna be more 

Many people T talk t 

is nice too, nith hardwood 
all over the place, nice dis- 
plays, and little silly things 

staff-only bathroom. II is a 
there, you should ask to use 

Rock/Creek is the place lo 
and don't mind being broke. 

^.'Cannot ^ ^^^^ ^^^ 

tion of outdoor g 
other places, except in 

bottles, and commando 
vival can openers: ' 
prices are fairly reason 

Atlanta, slop by Galyai 
REl. Galyan's is huge 

Bock/Creek Outfitter 

girl tryonherTevas. 
are a couple of nice 
here, though. Adri: 

liop, nestled between a 
r^nic stand and a liquor 
. They have mostly ski 

they have a couple head- 

Eat this 


720 Mississippi Ave, Piwtaria 

Signal Mounlain, TN ua JJ^ou' 


Education enthusiast named new U.S. poet 

Go out- 
side, ge 
air, and 
let youi 

SM's send reports of 
first contacts 

What would you do? 

Prisoner--a parable 

I \vas there. The charged v 

n who had slood 

"friends" dove behind a pile 

of rubbish. They had some- with the officer now was He reminded i 

how escaped this time, bul I walking towards me. He had Father is the Jii 

knew that someday they the key to my cell, I knew the Big City. He 

Hy whole body shook with " „j" „,.,,„ fi^j^l 
r. This would not be the ^^f^ ^1^"'' ""!' 
dme, if they caught me, came dark room an 

at a spinning, Hashing ^^^ .^^^^ . 

J that strangely was j^^^^^j _ ^ 

' '" ^i"^ ""^ j"' Morning fount 

)g settled around me, exhausted and vcrv 

""h^'^fT^h W A^^^ sunlight streaming t 

snapped into reality J^dyXll whenT'n 

lust eat it 

■you ever been stranded onmp iv 

small jungle village and ^^^^^^ 

2en challenged lo leach ^^^ ■' 

■ -inns how to study ^ ^ook oi 

tty well. He spoke as if The 
and I laid wcwere best (riends. Then it depths i 

sleep, and ning, it was my best friend. "Jesus a 

-Lori Edgmon 

n SM. Besides, God could 

"Gayle Eugene 


"Being an SM would be way more important than trying tt 

maintain a relationship." 

Stress level: 4 



Stress level: 8 

? What is the life. If yt 

ies V 


"I don'l think I'd be for a: 
I'd probably have to tell h 
Stress level: 2 

s commitment anyway. £ 

k tlie Holy Spirit Thi 

le gospels or Psalms. Do Word. To meditate n- 

Step Five: Live and Work. 
' John the Baptist 

"I'd pursue a relationship because I can handle the long- 
distance with the right person." 
Stress level: 6 

the Bible, t 

day. Do something good f( 
someone and don't let an' 

les by feeding on evt 
d of the LORD- (De 
- Every day when t 

the seventh, which foods ai 

f studying the Bible, 
e "fully equipped for 

she through the really in 

I';lj;i- iOTheSouih 

Teachers really care 

The relationship 

Scncral virlucs of the SDA Churc 

day Atlvcntist. Doelrinc ■ Uiat'a what it's all about Righe 
Wc all romembtr thi- Sabbalii school memory verws a 
Ihe (.'Old filars ihal were awarded for pcrfecl memorizatii 
In academy we delved into Ihe inner workings of Bibll 
Irulhs. Now, here al Southern Advcntist Univcrsily. we t 
cusa in deplh (lie writings of Ellen G. While, the 1844 m 
sage and other imporLint Iheological issues. We att« 

s. The q 

urch a 

Heaven. For us. as mortals, lo know God goes beyond 
studying His laws and messages. To know Him. the Ever- 
lasiinR God, the King of kings, the Creator of Mankind, we 

'flic Kelalionship is when we Ket to know God as our 
survive anylhing and everything • unless, thai is. we turn 

£l\(Js\l^)Ovjn Oly/v^f.-cEveAn 


"■ ^W^^ 

Letters to the Editor 

model Christian environment, where devclojiing and foMer- 

ship Willi God has laken second slage to learning SDA doc- 

Dear Editor, 

department as a lalenled 
design and graphic artist. 

trines. Iliough jusi as imporiiinl. without the Relationship, 
doctrines are worth nothing - nolhing al all. 

There seems lo be n dangerous trend within Ihe SDA 

leaving Ihe Chureh today. Perhaps it is caused by a lack of 

highlighting the university's 

director and has been 

public relations department 

responsible (or many of the 


deparlmenl has produced 

"old school" syndrome that you can't gel enough of a good 
thing. EiUicr way, llie Church leadership must re-think how 
the loday's yoiilh can be reached. Likewise, tlic SAU admin- 
istration must re-adjusl ils policies on Ihe student religious 
life (and requirements) on lliis campus. 

capacity of public relations. I 
tently lefl oul of your article. 

ducing our department to 
Ihe students. We appreciate 
your work and look forward 
to a positive working rela- 


Southern graduale, has 
been working in ihe public 

tionship with the Southern 

ronmeni where llie Kelationsblp is the fir^t slep on Ihe road 

Ms, Skantz serves the 

Rob Howell 

era. Now. we read about 
La^io/Clinton and 

Bush/Gore and Republ 

n by the poll! Democ- 

e Reagan pie. 'When y^ 

e technocrat- Sadly, office 

The Southern Accent 



JUNNIFKR Williams 



JVovj Eiinari 


addressed the nationwide 


PiiomcMFiir EonvK 

lular telephones while dri- 
ving Friday 



Morgan Kooiekoweh 


demn Id'oi^' i^Sn a ^■^ 



vcndtin in Dululh. 

"Cell-phone drivers are a 
public health problem." 
Gene Kishel. 3 Virginia, 


OxuNE EoiroR 

Associated Press. 

Nicole Dilks. a Univereily 



mechanical engineering 
junior, experienced firsthand 


Dennis NEG80N 



On Aug. 12, her minivan - 

Minnesota doctors condemn 

■ccnlordriversfavoralaw members of die MMA who 
ing up and drive." as a cell phones in their ears." 

study done by the New Eng- 


.topped short of calUng for a people u 
ll!ile*"driri"^ u Ik ^^""^ '" *"'^ 

likely Dilks said, "but IVe realized 

of the MMA." Schmiechen chili 

Do you 

have a 


on some 





them to 




onary, freeedom is blonde? How r 
ition of being free. wish you were 

e a redhead? but I've been to afraid to try? 

you wish you Do I like my friends? Are 

IT maybe even they really my friends? 

many of you Is this the best' relation- 

s more talent- ship for me and does he/she 

't being pushed the a 

society we live in. ■\\Tio eai 
what other people think! 

YOUR- I really ivanl you to fin 
iswers to these quK 
Life should be wor 

There is so much I 

ibout the cloths 
:ar? I mean do 
feel Uke you fit into an 

complain about how yoi 

everybody else always w 
ed you to do. YOU have 


liave had pink, blue, p 

late to change. Take a look 
at yourself and ask yoursell 
some questions right now. 

■Where do I spend m> 
money and is it worth it? 

Do 1 like these clotlies oi 

"study in the sui 

; thai, youll find FREE- 

ilritty about grits 

join the 

My first real 
college class 

TTie Southern Accent Pafit 1 1 

resting books, dumbest t 

think of Dead Poef s Society 
movie. Maybe other people 


j*^ Jo nathan 

f Geach 

what t thought I was getti 

This is only the second re 

had that has really made i 
think about philosophy. r< 


really sad that it has t: 



in hour in our Southern) do 


„ Harmony 
t Tillerson S 

n, com/ort is essentia]. 

Confessions of a 
political junkie 

trip (to Cancun, Mexico, r 

1 the Olympics, 
Jew Hampshin 



J Dave Ts 
Z Leonard ^i 

appetite for anything polili- kee 

o Southern would Politics 

is November. Tl 

Ills election? 

Do yourself a 
lis November, 

Do you have something you would like 
to share on this page? Submit your opin- 
ion pieces to 

^.^.^^.♦♦♦^ Lo.y/,\ LINDA U.\wi-:Rsiry 


Environment is everything... 

:'vc dcsigntd the Marital and l-'amily ThL-rapy programs* at Loma Linda U 
ink i5 a near-perfect environment for you lo grow piofessi on ally— whether a 
nd you'll be qualified to bei-omc professionally licensed, 
d programs are centered ai a small but highly respected h ''- "'— "' 

md research. We oFfer practieum 
pcrienixi a'c our'uwn tlinic or at dozens of other sites in the Inland Empire, where you'll 
L-eivc ifiu//iry coun.wling experience. 

icnL Call (800) 422-4LLU (4558) oi 

Mary "i. Moline, PhDj Graduate School, Griggs Hall 209; 

•MS (MFD: DMFT; PhDl! 

Thursday, September 21, 2000 

How to write humor articles 


What's your favorite part of 
starting a new semester? 


11 have a 4.0 G.PA 


Top 10 childrens books you'll never see 

by Joe LaCom 

10. Strangers Have the Best Candy 

9. Why Can't Mr. Fork and Ms. Electrical Outlet 
Be Friends? 

8. Testing Homemade Parachutes With Nothing 
At All But YourHousehold Pets 

7. The Boy Who Died From Eating All His 

6. Pop! Goes The Hamster . . . And Other Great 
Microwave Games 

5. Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will 

4. The Pop-up Book of Human Anatomy 

3. The Care Bears Maul Some Campers and 
are Shot Dead 

2. How to Become The Dominant Military 
Power In Your Elementary School 

1 . The Attention Deficit Disorder Association's 
Book of Wild Animals of 
North Amer". . . Hey! Let's Go Ride Our Bikes! 

Blessed are those who 
hunger and Ihirsl. for Ihey 
are slickinq to their 

■hursday, Septemb 



Vol. 56 No. i 

1 Lifestyles 

■ Try Janeirs Juice 

■ Excuse m 

■ downtown 

H Chattanooga and 
H get a coupon. 

1 ' PAGE 4 


students share 
thoughts that are 
close to their hearts. 


[latum] gas shortage, 
edented demands for 

t Bush ordered oil 

PRAGUE, Czech 

President Clinton had 

supported central bank 


center in works 

By Jimmy R 

Collegedale Credit Uni 

Park Place Profess 
Center will serve two 
poses- housing profess 

and generalinB revenu 
the university. The 1. 

include the proper ac 

jrofessional t 

additional space for other 
mts. It is 

said Marty 
fe ari 

right now 10 fill up thi 
buildmg. We have a 

get more phone calls 
other people who wai 

health se 
Thatcher Hal 

Few copies of Joker 
available at release party 

For the second 
row, the Joker ha 

"It was * fr 

process before, bu 

Shearer. Joker edili 

Clifford Wiliia 

Joker-s adviser, fell 

tralcd as Shearer bi 

"Ifs the same cic 

TTiis is the seo 

Shearer said. "I had equip- said W 

uiowledge of how and when Tl)e j 

hings siioiild be done," forms 

Shearer experienced sev- were m. 

e by K.R. Davis. 

began dent Laramie B 

[yoflhe feel special." 
were handed out by c 

[Kople will be par- 

Food minimum criticized 

Southern finalizes 
enrollment figures 

School of Education and 
Psychology has most students. 

Southern's undergradu- 

up from last year's total o 

Thatcher worships now outreach 

Student dean tries new worship and outreach programs. 

Tilings are thanjlng ,j ,j ^^^^^ students real'ize those who need then.. On a 
problems both locally nalio 

Contact the Accent 

WeflneMtsy: 10 - 1 
Thunday: 1 p.m. - 5 

The Southern Accent 

P.O. Box 370 

CoUegedale, Tenn. 37315 



About the Accent 

ichool's success to handsKjn 

The biology 


... .sz,: 

e officially 


. «.^« -.«...- 






M IB 1 




- - - ~ 


2 Compuler Sys- While son 

new classes," Zier said. 

cupola- will resemble Ihe 
same southern-style archi- 
tecture of the other build- 
ings on campus. Hamilton 

i so when "There i 

in said. The cafeteria I 


THURSDAY: Sunny during the day with highs in the upper 70s. 1 

night will be mostly clear with lows in the mid 40s- 

FRIDAY: Mostly clear with highs in the lower to mid 705. 

SATURDAY: Mostly clear with highs in the mid and upper 70s ar 

in the upper 40s. 

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy with highs in the upper 70s and lows in 1 

School of Religion to move 

One of Southerns most well-known 
departments to move to Hackman Hall 

Tlie School of Religion 
will move to Hackman Hall 

Almost 75 percent of all 

taught outside of Miller Hall. 

Daniells, Mabel Wood, Lynii g^.^ 


School of Religion got anoth- will be rotated. 

building," said Steven Hackman Hall will have 
Bnd Summerour "' V"""^ *!"''"' .•''^ology more classrooms and ofCa 

t will be fromaj 

and a library The School of be for the new build 

rill come strictly from don 
ions, said Ron Clouzet. dei 
)(the School of Religion. 

Six more universities 
refuse to ban Napster 

HA)ftABjCHuy>s E. King's recent request that OSPs) ha 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (U- "hey t) lock the service. sibility fc 

WIRE! - Six more univer^i- Harvard is expected to tions on 

ties announced Friday they ^"°"'"^ iU decision about which tht 

would not block access to "^P^t^"" on Wednesday Howev 

Napster on their computer Al*o"Sh three schools a violalio 

networtis, despite a request ?f^ '*" ^^'^^ ^'^^^ '" reasonahl 

forMelallica N?pslcr last spring when it 

It they do so . ^ ^'^^ '^^"' ^ ^ 's^'- King a 

schools have blocked the evidence 

Tht: decisions by Prii; 
Ion, Georgia Tbch. the I 
versity o( Florida, the I 
versity of California at U. 
Angeles, the University ol 

rtiigeies, uie University of ■-■*'■'"-">. uiol uc wn uouois mat people knov 

California at Beridey and the ""' "pmediatety sue schools what Napster^s used for am 

Univer^itj- of Michigan S^I^^J^'^'^^" how much it's ^used on col 

nffiriallv rpfi,.i„„ . .^'^ mallv convince them of their in .i.»;^ u,',„J f^ ,'^.. . 

vard Univeraly, Boston Unl 
and the University of Penn 

Copyright AcL 

Millennium Copyright Acl 

ViewSouthern 200( 

advice: for Monday, October 2. either make a run (or 

you have alternate plans, put them in action during 
meal. Again, thanks for your patience and understand 

September 30 

Camp Jordan Arena 
East Ridge 

Big Airshow 

Remote controlled 
airplanes from WW1 
to modern-day 
aerobatic airplanes 

The U.S. Army Golden 
Knights skydiving team 
will be present for 

Admission and parking is 
free and the show will las 
for about two hours. 

IS!^ ~=x° —*;; Universities snub Napster ban 

request; Harvard to follow 

. Thus, constantly 

Jso Now the question arises. 

i (ISP). 


; Univ. 

WIRE) - h, a broad rebuke" ^^^)^fZ Ssc'^fX 
S Metallica and Dr. ^^-^I^ord has no 
e alleged 

ciently. It will "btelligently" 
thus greatly reducing down- 

ampuses Thursday. 

Jniversily is expected to 
espond similarly next week. 

ni tor information sys- silies contacted t 

ns. expecled to resj 

Letters from officials at request Friday. 

'olve- Iheydidnotapproveofcopy- said he wouU 

described in your let- would take appropriate aRainst (he univi 

rely offi 


It King 

e services and Napster 

1 computer^ on the 

sincon- don't know anythin, 

Life Stages" virus breaks 3~;;sis: 
ut on Townson campus 

outbreak Tues- 

Web privacy and 

" May. However. CANS is 

! the Life_Slages 
s spread through a 

e damage eom- 

s itself to I 

Java and JavaScript :: 

Disable Jav 

A study of one 

luter, mostof "Lifestyle' in 
y IRC (Inter- Leimbach 
ily malicious quickly on 

client with visual basic 

and updated DAT The eas 

vailable free lo stu- mask yours 

culty and staff al behind a p, For like Anon 

itself. go lo Ihemiddler 

Ti/vil/ you and Hi 

Cut this out and send it to your parents! 

Parenis and friends: call your favoriic studcni for only 5.9*;/millUte • 
Not just on weekends. Not Just In the evening. This rale is good 24/7. 

6-second billing incr ements! 

personal toU-fr ee number for no extra charge! 

Same 5.9)»/minute ■nnema,6-secondbiUingincrements! 

alefotnoexnaetoge: add a calling e»d «i* 13.9(!/minUte and 6- 
'. MAmeriConneclions^ . Call us a 770:281 J1S6. 



to save usernomcs 




accouni updated, or 
store personal prcferer 


^if fr^m milWoui'^hacker'^ 


acquired quite a few e 



manually, and then chai 





accepling any cook 


Enjoy surlingl 

School of computing to 
hold monthly lecture series 

W ' f ' The Southern Acient 1 


Tliursday, September 28, 2000 ~^ 

^ , • Coming 

Grassroots music next 

a ound Sandra debut and ad the lyrics, and get WGGKa 

Ask Sholl 

•Thrift store rat- 

"New column: 
Singles of the 

"The Big Three 

"-".Trnd "Museums: not 
•mpfci- just for field 
chmc- trips 

andvoli,n,c» .Asl< Sholly 
ighls by way o( raspy bal- 
■ ■ ■■ side by side 

upbeai rifts. "Moro Grass- 
Bi'preieci lo roots music 

•»"' ed roadtrip 

you honesdy how she (eels i 
ionships b 

3d luclc 


"Concert list- 

Entertainment for Recommended 
Southern students roadtrip 

in half the lime everyon 

lirthday and I planned 

competitiQn doesn't really help in these situaiioi 

iiiiijor. Dnnler jumps orf Pfllyjiiri 

^""""dM eofus 

Tickets still availab 

ady begging to get 



Saturday, Octob 


Knoxville Chri 

regardless of ho^ 
take your pli 

wilt always love you. You arc it and no one else 

o try affirming your coi 

sophomore accotmliiig 

JanelTs Juice Excuse 

vith a view for a deljghlful d 

I phere. Many sludenls gath- Chattanooga, TN 

■ or to hear local bands, such 

as Hie Big Throe, pcrtorm- (CalHn orders 756.1692) 
„ I ingaiJancllV 

cn* ^Cr.,11 C».,.^»U:... I ^"' ^^^ """* ™™' Monday through Friday 

50(1: on ail Smoothies ■ something solid to savor 7am.8Pm 

I S'?aSbk."r„Tc 

I S"™Sf rSr'L'S ™ f ^at' the 

I M^SneUn? 'To"°c"n-o" ^CCePt 

' ^d''™t°bum''iE* Online: 

I mrT'n'seJta^S •'Wp'/'accent. 

, S,°fcem1'iead.otei*cS 

^'ii— H- " 

therapeutic MassaqI 

Stress 'Ra^ucnon St •Pain 'Relief 
Introductory Special Price 
To Students & Faculty 

1 Hr. $35.00 
1/2 Hr. $20.00 

'XriiT/ii ■Biakc, L-M-T' 

The main event 

could teU that Team MarUn run. He trii 

whole outfield moved back Ump called 
left. He was homeriess, replay on t 

Top ten plays 
of the season 

10. Alex Paulk 
atting left and 
ght, and hitting 

When Benjie 
laxon's throws 
shortstop to 
rst go into the dirt. 

he hits the ball, 
whether it is a 
grounder or a deep 
fly ball. 

6. Team Slamon 
and their tremen- 
dous team play. 

5. Kevin John- 
son's diving snags 
across second 
base, and throwing 

3. Ricky Schwarz. 
Ladies I know/ you 
watch him. He is a 
human highlight 

2. Shaw/n Cargile 
always squatting 
before he hits. 

Melashenko consis- 
tently making cru- 
cial calls to decide 

K you would like to 

be a sporf s writer, 


acce nt@so uthem .e 

All night long... softball, 
what were you thinking? 

e both played below 


15 vs. 
Benge 4 

can probably see why. In 

Best looking 
athletes of 
the season 



/egetarian Burger 

Prime Stakes 
Low-Fat FriChik 
Swiss Stake 
ig Franks 
Breakfast Strips 
Dorn Dogs 

Village Market Sale 

Greater Collegedale Elementary 

Picnic and Food Sale 

October 1, 2000 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m 

Sponsored by Village Market & Worthlngton Foods/Kellogg's Foods 

Size Regular 


1 2/20 oz 
1 2/20 oz 
12/20 oz 
12/19 oz 
12/2.5 oz 
12/13 oz 
12/2.5 oz 

12/13 oz 
12/19 oz 
12/20 oz 



12/5.25 oz 32.00 

12/9 oz 32.00 

8/10 oz 25.00 

A One Day Sale 
"While Supplies Last" 

Sale Price 
(no tax) 

Sale Price 
(with tax) 







Page (i The Soulhem 


Democrat Club 
The ability to 
govern thyself 

The Southern Accent 

Cadence Van Douson, Editor is CHith 
Joi-ENE Harrell, Editorial Pm t EDnoh 

Jason Ahnoi.d 

Jennifer williamd 


AssisTMfT News Editor 

Evelyn IIillmon 
PiloniGRAPHY Editor 

Jennifer Wkahnek 


BiLLV Gager 

Mandy Sheaker 

Morgan Kooiknower 
Sports Editor 

Matt Bosley 
Desics/Gkaphics Eoftor 

Michelle Younkin 

Dusty Kirschmann 

Keith Pulfer 

David Foiirnier 

jAJffXLE Wasmer 


Joe LaCom 

Humor Editor 

Vote it is your voice 

Register to vote for the 
presidential election 

It's your country-be 
a part of choosing 
your next leader. 

,■, Sqik-mber 28, 20(KI 

TTie Southern Atient Pngf 7^ 

>acldy'S little girl >* <^ould be worse 

^ ^^9 My I.D. card isn'l in Ihe car. Could il possibly be any 

My one true love 


Ihings God g 

rvcs you 



Heaflier Md after al 


- I '^'^'■ 



peis final vear of collece. 


See adventist heritage for your- 
self with special host Brian Strayer. 

Coming this fall to a 
campus near you.* 

» Limited time offer good until Sept. 15. Some n 
still apply. Contact Jud Uke (238-2985) or the Adventist 
Heritage Teacher nearest you for more information. 


Thursday, September 2 

Having a bad day? read this... 

o find her husband 
k door, breaking hi 

1, shakins franlically w 



"Slupid quesllons when I'm working the from desk." 

'Getting used to cafe lood again. 



'Opening my books," 

What is your least favorite part of 
starting a new semester? 

A young and loollsti 
pllol was making tils 
ilrsl ever approach to 
a landing field at 
nighttime, he wanted 

aviation frequencies, 
so instead of making 
any olflclal requests tc 
the tower, he said, 
"Guess who!" 

A very aggravated 
controller switched the 
field lights oft and 
replied, "Guess 


Excuses used for getting] 
caught asleep at work 

by Joe LaCom 

lO.They told me at the blood bank this might 

g.This is just a 15 minute power-nap like they 
raved about in the last management course youj 
sent me to. 

S.Whew! I guess I left the top off the liquid pape^ 
/.This is one of the seven habits of highly effec- 
tive people. 

6. 1 was testing the keyboard for drool resis- 

S.Someone must have put the decaf in the 
wrong pot. 

4.Boy, that cold medicine I took last night Just 
won't wear off! 

3.Ah, the unique and unpredictable circadian 
rhythms of the workaholic. 
2.Wasn't sleeping, I was trying to pick up my 
contact lens without using my hands. 

Joke du jour 

A young boy this, he'll gel sick, replied, 

about eight years might even The grocer, tryinj| 

old, was at the cor- kill him." not to be an I-tt 

ner grocery store But the boy was you-so, said he > 

picking out a pretty not to be stopped, sorry the dog hai 

good size box of He carried the deter- died but added. ' 

detergent. The gro- gent to the counter tried to tell you ni 

cer walked over and, and paid for it, all to use that delergeJ 

trying to be friendly, while the grocer on your dog." I 

asked the boy if he was still trying lo "Well," the bol 

had a lot of laundry convince the boy responded, "1 don'i 

to do. not to wash his dog think it was ihi 

"Oh, no laundry." with that stuff. detergent that killed 

the boy said. "I'm About a week him." 

going to wash my later the boy was -qi,', y/hat 

doc." back in the store to 


"But you should- buy some candy. 

n"t use this to wash The grocer asked "I think i 

your dog. It's very the boy how his dog ^nrvMo" 

powerful and if you was doing. "Oh, he ^ ^ 

wash your dog in died," the boy 

s tliJ 

Btft+znan "f^* S«3' 

DiKluxr: This is F.k, 

hursday. October 5, 2000 


^ M^ Opinion 

^^L^^A Does your vote really 

fW Tt^ PAGE? 

rhe Southern Ao 



\'oice Since 


carted off in police raini- 
I would not shut Police 

d ill the USA. bul 
a liil in Japan, a 
I Britain and s 

"16 games ir 


alings for any Olympic 

that have dispatched 
) mounting chal- 

Registering to 
vote gets more 

November elections might 
registered to vote on cam- 
According to the 1998 
Higher Education Act. all 

told that they would not 
sent any. tSouthern is ni 

House candidate Will Callaway visits Southern 

Democratic nominee discusses education, environment 

a light blue 
y appeared 

Press delivers more Jokers 

KR's remodeling put on hold 

New elevator to be installed will interfere with remodeling plans. 

Callaway visits classroom 

We love our boys 

ID cards used as debit 

rorlhofp84>er. htip./i 

Boston college students 
prepare for debates 

ihrist in Estonia Free your mind! 

n to fight world) is near" (MalL 4:17). 

sach other completely. 

because there strong al a busy place like B^eat pofxrulture metaphor 
I people who Southern, she keeps her pri- for the journey from unbelief 

what really matters. Hai^ *'_''_°_';?^!^"°^^" J^,^,?" born in ' 

ibey the same rules of sure ofwhat we hope fort 
■ reality Olke gravity) in 

tet real about commitment ™:}i3{H SS~ risjl Jis EEEliCi 

■f one night this [ 


iweVofu; plet, 

iust' happen naluraJly. ' 

•onnlly dech 

§ The Adventist Ghetto and the 

ill.. You 

Hill 11^^ Church-Hopping Syndrome 

men! compared because I attend religious — - — - — — 
iSliuJ'yo'^ dedS pers^X'^ an^ Ghetto.' Tlie majority of 

■iendly? Do they serve 


town. The distinguishing 
feature ot our ghello is Ihe 

^— ^c^*. 

high concentration of 


graphic area. This obviously 


lists need a place 10 worship. 


esling phenomenon. I call il 

the church-hopping syn- 
drome. Maybe some of you 



have already tried iL It is 

checking out the siluaUon. 
Church-hopping is very 


%R\. to mttoit,and( 
The very word part n its mir 

illsatis&our church (ekkleeia) literally 


Faculty brings in 

ringers for 

all nigiit Softball 

Thuisday, October 5, 



T— --rrrrrr^jl^J^rSrHATeam and t( 

.e^r rrc:::;3rprp- a,.e.. e, „ - ■■ 


re pops up in the a 

bottom of the seventh s 

line drive ball hitting Benjie Maxson's 
Scott Watson's hands, and th° '^='"'"' 

5 Michael Herr making a clutch I" 
team Banuchi. to beat Banuchi. 

.Geoff Martin making a beautiful back handed catch, and throwing tl 

barter out at first. 

3.TW0 Chris'. Lathom and Slef. making two outstanding catches ti 

potential s 

deciding ctiampionship game.! 

lacl; to BenjiB Maxson, up in the fifth inning and striliiiJ 
.hitting, not making contact with the bali, with a — 
Ditch--thi5 is soft baii, not (asl pitch-did 1 tofget to mention 
■ - - - I championship game? Maybe his hose was too reslnctipg. 

South Florida women's 
hoops team working througii 
racism accusations, lawsuit 

letting. Ihe i 

best athletic ■ 

red -— . - 

;ut Ihe playere have ketf demand s_put on ^^"^ 

ead focusing on condi- they d 

Fm just looking forward step will be evalua 

will respond tc 

/^ • The Soullieni Acceiil 


lumber of female 
)rofs low in sciences 

Thursday, October 5, 2 

Acne: An 
to the 

Nature's Cures for Monthly Cramps 

omega oUs, cod 

liver oil cap- 

od consider supplementing 

■2 Alpha {PGF2 Alpha). On 

sules for inslai 

daily Ihey may 

ic intensity 

he Uning of Ihe womb 

and frequency 

i menstrua) 

/Vavs to tell you spend too much time in Hickman 

1 You SWEAR you address has an "HSC" in it somewhere 
J q You have ever tnpled your amount of sleep by crashing or 

h ^vru^o™n1e^lKe=«r a'n7dl?e iSom a passing glanoe at 

h S retStheSogram in the Physics department 

6 The couch fund has paid for more than 5 "f y°" ^^'^ 

5 You habitually end all typed lines with a s^™'"" ^ 

. If someone says foo bar" you actually know what they 

ih ^Lle^"em^onSd"°oT X't^^ef^'"^ "pi" but also the 
T When Sngtrabble you threw out all the wooden letters 
Jld use a cut-up Periodic Table and instead of words, create 
fhemical compounds. 

dally if they 

u>ve high blood 

For those who don' 
respond to drug Uieraiiy o 

Ltiima or 

thyroid prob- 

can't tolerate il. doelor 

[he difference 

gues for avoid- 

shots. Desensiti/alio 


•Stay ins 

tl^^in the 

ious triggers until ihey'r 

noied when 

SiernMn ^ 

symptom free,- Dolar Ull 

eycan"! shake 


while at hom 

plans, but should Mart rigl 



after Ihe pollen season eniJ 

some ways to 

1/ Iheie 

measures M, 

of the nose. 

■""J ^''^ 


J, IS a hallmark 




PiigL- (i The Soulbcm 

Food service times 
need to be lengthened 

Letters to the Editor 

Editor Not to Blame for Joker 

Students Need to Work on Concert Etiquette 

The Southern Accent 

Cadence Van Dolson, Editor in Chief 
J01.ENE Harkeli,, EnnoRiM. Pace Enimg 

Dennis Nech6n 



I feel the need 

be so rude The orchestra 

of the attendees are th 



ly disgust wth 


It is sad that such a wond 


day cvtning 

Now I realLw 

ten. The young iady 

is ov^okrf ^'^iuTl'^ 




nole reprimanded him for 

csted in a small concert ec 



pie tips: 

1) Pkase don't c 



nral.wouldn'1 the Christ- 


Uiey were 

orribly embar- 

leous to the perfonner^ by 

"" 2) Please don't talk wli 

not tallting through a pcr/or- 

mance? Secondiy, il would 



wimessing are 

have bt'cn more polite on 



she was in the righL l^Uy, 

si disturbing 

watches, etc. at home- or 



imprcssS'withTe Chrisl^ 


bcre. There 

ivas a girl stand- 
sic UlWng dur- 

ian atmosphere of this 
school. The lack of etiquette, 
courtesy, and tact he saw at 


Do you have an issue you feel 

strongly about? Would you 
like to share your opinion with 

your student body? If so, 

please send in your letters to 

the editor or write an editorial. 

Submissions may be sent to: 

P.O. Box 370 

Collegedale.Tenn. 37315 

or email 

ic tuxeM regrcts these ei 

Joker Editor to be Commended 

J k should be able to hav 

Joker as quickly ai 
We should aU be 
iwe of her work. 



ihe choice to vote 


or political cm 


Uniled States. 

bly r 

lling eyes, won 



Z Leonard 1^ 

vote, dales, whether you cl 
)u at ging Ralph Nader or '. 

Finally, t 


stuffing is com- Hopefully e 

What God expects 

tear through Collegedali 
feel like we need to be rea' 

;, whafs really wrong 
ig jewelry? Or eatinga 

Voter Registration 


Isponsored by the SAU Young Republicans and the SAU Democratic Club 
Tin the cafeteria...frora 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm and from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. 
lon the promonade...from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm ■ 5:00 pm. 
ho can register...all SAU dorm students and CoUegedale residents. 
Time taken to register...two to three minutes, max. 
iDegree of difficulty to register...none. 



Cashew Nut Loaf Stage. 

IS to do things th 

lys Tliou sha] 
n Sabbath,' or' 

fhat is really the issue? 

ached around before they ai 


badly that all the 
sing about we reall 

happier people v 

guilty. awful people 11 yi 

movie is straight If we d' 

get discouraged. 11 

7yZ I 

roni Pizza Stage, And 
me people only eat fruiL 



enough. And lliey p 

obably n 

business judging othe 



nmillg I 

obably all Christians i 
ner.ll, get 100 caught up 1 


"iZs ™ 

quietly by the stove 

m Uie 1 

ow they Unnk a child o 



Reinvesting in America's future: the Gore/Leiber- 
man budget surplus plan 

iurplus is guatiis against I 

leing permitted to 

ri"^!somr^f Amber 

most are). 

ily conservaUve- 
ri"nds. My parents 

foskiptotd^ RisiDger 

denial. Either that or youVe there. 

was in high school 
Vly classmates had 

, nffidiss Family 

living a lifestyle contrary to of the 

very popular at Ihe 
lovie was a Uttle girl 

^c™ Josh and I- 
down on a Sunday 

S^toZe.myisitlhatwe years o 
m our minds with lots of a long 
"exdting,' but "di^justing" did no 



NEVER agree to li^'e our- lated. 

"""'?■' "^te to" 

What should we do with the surplus? 



TTiursday, October 5, '. 

The Chattanooga Choo Choo 

Holiday Inn 

Monday, Oct. 9, 2000 

10:00am - 4:00pm 

Free Admission Free Parking 

If you are looking for 
a new career or a 
change in careers, 
don't miss the 
Chattanooga Times 
• Free Press 
Career Fair! 
Come professionally 
dressed and bring 
lots of resumes! 

Explore Your 
witli tliese 

Office Team 
Account Temps 
Shaw Industries 

TJ Maxx 


Bobby Allison Wireless 

Captain Ds 

Unum Provident 


Hutcheson Medical 



Medical Staffing Network 

Krystal Corp 


American Express FInancI 


Merastar Prudential 
Slemen's Westlnghouse 
Edward W. Daniel Co. 
Verizon Wireless 
ResCare Tennessee, Inc. 
TLirnbull Bakeries 
I.D.S., Inc. 

Metropolitan Security, Inc. 
Open Arms Care 

Taco Bell 
Pizza Hut 

United States Postal Service 
Remote Encoding Centei 

For exhibit informatio 

call 423-757-6203 

ore-mail to: 



Signs that Southern is 
in financial difficuhy 

By Jonnice Towsley 

10 Wohlers is seen buying lottery tickets with an official Southern che 

9 Ken Rogers has to work as the ice cream man on his days off. 

8. We-Haul starts charging. 

7. There's a "For Rent" sign by the doll house. 

6. Teachers begin accepting monetary bribes starling at S10 instead > 

the steap price of S35 per "A." 

5. Gordon Bietz starts wearing suits from the Samaritan Center 

4, Campus Safety has to give students tickets instead of making the 

track sale at night because it's more cost effective. 

3. The chaplain's office sign reads: Indulgences $10--good through 

October 31st. Save your soul before it's lost!" 

2 University Drive is made a loli road. 

1 While giving plasma you look over and there's Gordon, his wife, th 

twin daughters and their husbands . - .even the dog , . . it's "rough." 

The battle of the sexei 


Time to make a few changesl 

[Monday, October 16, 2000 


How thrift shops in the 
Chattanooga area rate based 

\'ol. 56 No. 6 



Voice Since 


Szr Threats to our quest for sleep 

PnKi- 2 Tht Soulhenj Aaxnt 


willingly conccu all Foctuil i 

The Accent is looking for a news editor. 
If you or anyone you know is interest- 
ed, please contact us by phone at 2721 
or email at 

cd because of Ihe difficulty 

average allotted vaa 
length is 16 days, lit!' 

-1 Ihink it should be 
longer- If you drive, you 


wsil your family,- said Lisa 
Vargas, freshman biology 
UI^^J^""*^ in Texas, and 

American schools hn 
day-long Christmas ^ 

plouo cheat »y.ojJ 

-ThLres nol enouRh 
Sme. Mincy said. -Espc- 
'^y If you-ri' drivitig oui 

said. -U's jnsl fte •« 

Td like 10 spend some 
more time at home before 
Chnsimas,- said Justin 

Freed, junior business 
^"imimslradon major. Freed- 
wl! dnve home to Califor- 

Bergman, freshmaji i* 

(Angel Jewell • 
tribucd to this storJJ 


96- 97- 98- 99- ^ 

Year* (1Ml-7nni| J 

l^^.-s;'^"-'— » 


S He worth it? SM's kicked off train in Russia 

he essence of Christianity 

By Billy Gager "^- Hanging otn 

the book A Violent undcrvourDJlli 
icularly in J 


TTiankinfi i 

How do you feel today? 

rely i 

. bj b 

violent? Talk ^^^^ physically than Jesus hung on a tree' (Gal 3:13). 
Uches that people use aj„g^ that Jesus had died plele unscUish character of 

e Sabbat] 

only on Jes 

>M. I 

your plac 

1 being hung 
crnally cursed 

ewSlhiS™'. woSing"™" ™? '"" "."". '" •' 

™^^ (Phil 2: 

you would like to write for the religion section, 
;ase contact the Accent at 
- Billy Gager at 

Nominal religion 

By Billy Oagor emphas 

Write to a student missionary today! 

Grassroots music 

r o a d t r i p 


'Economical dates 
spots In the area 
'Drug and Alcohol 
Awareness week 
(Oct. 23-26) 
'Expansion in 
Singles column 
ririfiurfiirit updates and 


Retro in the metro 

derful place for cheap (and 

Salespeople: 3 
Organization: 2 
Overall Appearance: 3 

I'l repulsive. Actually, the 
alespcoplc were helpful 

noughts: "Bring a 

.m. Mon.&L/12- 

Clothlng: 5 
Miscellaneous; 3 
Salespeople: 2 

okgftte The only savint 

Rndngs: O-not 

broke up with a boyftiend who was abusive phy 
, I am dadng a wonderful man now. My past boyfi 

of ihe impact tfi 
dling this probl 

Note from the editor 

Top ten uses for duct tape | 

;r dales unsightly unibrow. 

Male and female single students of the week 

Monday, October 16, 2000 

LTM to move ^^ *®" commandments 
[O Thatcher <>* managing stress 

e (ATM) in Thatcher 


Lbout the School SI 
if Business 1- 

euni- ^\j °^^7 ^^j; ^aJjg" 

youTbrain to rest from wliat 

Our minds have really 

ave a '"'^'^^^^^J J^i^'^/^^^'^ „„ 

it has been doing. If you are 

been poUuled with ideas of 
what a -heaiaiy" diet looks 

eir to arc righ^now — at this very 

noUiing wrong with them 

like, and what "proper" 

what things like low fat" 

make it through the rest of 

prepared foods, sugar, fat. 

often TTiyself 

*^i?s^also important to get 

really doing to your body 

sufedent steep. Most people 

Improper nutrition causes 

each night. Good sleep 

habits include having a set 

choices for yourself. 

anage is a great *-ay to help you 

Eat good stufniYourbody 

off fin your ability to think, 

Tianag Thou Sholt Exercise 

people, who. diagnosed ivitli 

Following n pattern and 

le any depend on your body's abili- 

m Uiosc last months really 

less stressed during the day. 

Go to bed! Don-t apolo- 

through exercise. 

what about you? You proba 

olThy endorphins, which have 


bly only have 80 or so 

hat Is one's mood, making it a 


Pay attention to your 


cc^ssfiil out- 
mes don't just 



::e. A college 



rs^lt of devel- 
iic«Lful!y ful- 


jorking logeth- 




By now you should have gotten a couple of 

long distance phone bills. Check out the per 

minute charge for all of your calls of 12 minutes 

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Acknowledge youreeUfo 

u Shalt RcBtTTiyseir 

^^^%!^ THE ONLY \ 


1 ^^v^^.^ ' I'm HOME HAS 



Fmail InterOp - not just free t-shirts 

•'-'•'**'*■'■* |„,ji and Novel Mendecs ing through the boolhi gn 

■1 K™'^"! who TOh to gel in for tree bing > 1-shirl here jod a 6, 

rirVOV/aC r^ ,taih«vemanyopliooiopeo CD there. Stress htill., b, 

nOdXCa .»'™,"^'^°""'°,""r toChem. ■Ihe,sIso..aysit •'=«■?■»»:;"■»="» 

When twclve-ycar-olds and headed to f 

redsofbtfflthsarealso reporledly distributing fi 

You might be a geek if . . . 


■ for well-meaning folks conference called 

Quotable quotes 

authera ialesl lechnolog 

redicUng Uic Tuturc. For cxiunplc, yiiu a 
Tyiiinl balls. Collectively, ttiesc methods . 

flH More quotable quotes! 

I, nnd it's Uie only one 

tr MagKtts MaiimiHan von , 

The Internet, politics, 
and your future 



handguns and lequila.' 


for maybe five computers 


of IBM 

Make your opinion knownl 

Jl politics and the people 

your vote will always b» sen! 

whiBrs it counts 

worth dyinij (',. 

rovldw Rlimpsc o( how U 

Best and worst! 
of the web 

,„..; ,',' ' ' ih h and D ih "^"^ "f ^ combination of reallr J 

''"'," " -n h ,iK ^ '""^- This is graphics, steadily r 

' 3\ peri -cu^ J^amaang ing fralnes. and 

movii.'s ial dgmnjt h m gr k "''"^ '^ " pliuuied use of space. 

^phS "d lh«^" '^'^Lk'*'t?'^u "S^ ^ ■" ™ ^™S^s ha^' ^1^"^^*^°**^ 

word). TTicre IS an animated * ^^IIL?'!'*" ^'^ ^s -w a. you viai ihi^ Jil— "^^ ''"'f",h„ «-ofiii 

Eraphic on the ma>n bamier »«■ usuall> ptwtj furnij. ^te y^ t^^ ^\^_^ I hl^J^^^'had tolo^' 

is updated, if noi dail>- 


teenagers who 

lupleof far as graphic 

letter from the 
U-knowing editor 

Manly sports 

Disclaimer: Do not read this if you are easily o, 
Intramural flagball preview with bias 

Oh yeah...! 

Best-looking athletes 

Intramural golf championship this Friday 

Watkitis expected to lead contenders in golf match. 


If yon talk 12 ndnutea or more this c«fil fa 
for yon. Do the nulh - Set for yourselt 

2000 Minutes for S20.00 
1000 Minutes for SIO.OO 

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250 min-S3 1 98. ^ f mN CKib - 450 miQ-$26.00 
and 1000mui-S59 00 This will even bcal the 
Cell Phone deals fiom MCI and Spiiffl - Check 
bill and see for yourself 


Call Now! 423-559-3112 

Interested in writing for the sports page? 


or call 238-2721 

.Inniif DcGravc - Sh< 

Mon.lay. OnoWr 16. 2O0 

Extend campus hours 

aininn Rood health and tcm- those students who have 

oerancc and atriel obser- morning classes AND need 

ranee of the Sabbath. to lake care ot buainew in 

All of this ia good, right' Wright Hall, they are sorely 

As faithful AdvcnIiBU we oulofluck.lTieycan-lcasha 

SoulhiTn AdventiHt Univer- to extend [he busines 
nily. Wright Hall. McKee houri of Wright Hal 

and even the United Slates Campus Shop, to two o'doc 

ed from taking care of si 

Prof's rights to 
intellectual property 

Letters to the Editor 

Thank you for "real" opinions Ralph Nader is not just a "tree hu^er"! 

looshls on die subjea I jjj„g„. 


vtrnlly bun upproprialely 

bg your thoughts and per- AccenL 

made a bigger impact on 

menl'a policy isn't dictated with Bush or ("mr. 1.1 . 


n'ilm I'nMl"!'^'!!llli"lhc 

sonal experiences. Sincerely, 

how we live our day-lo^lay 

n'alblerlf™s'"sL'^ Ssidentwho^uLm.k 

tlle,ld'»lll"' '"'"" "'" """ 

■■ ',;;::;, , ,„„ i^ 

Article correction 

one concrete way something 
George W. Bush or Al Gore 

of the debates, but his cam- first? Why not learn n 
paign rallies have drawn and check out his websil 


did has directly affected 

over 10,000 people in Port- A ' 

Dear Edllor, may hayc oeciired beWeen 

land. Minneapolis and for Nader is not a wa 

but we see Ralph Nader's 

Bush hold fundraisers two major parties how 

S10,000 a plate to get in, lus quo. 

llie new policy would 
extend Uiotc protections t( 

wore codes imd olh.' 


::::;3|::H| E];:Js|E£ 

al Motors was knowingly 

supporters to donate time, BA History 
not money. Rather than Class of 1998 

Want to comment? 

Gore proposes cheaper tax pla 

WACO, Texas (U-MRE) - pay for child care, and w 

Illl'lll.! Ill lllf I..J|>1 Ml 1.. 

' 1 i")ii. 

then It Is my responsibility Sincerely, 

Send in your letters 

- With large budget surplus- pay up lo 50 percent ol 

!'!■''!?,!','.'!,'/'.'''' ilMi'''',.i'ii 

',',j,,,'„i "■"■ '""" '" 

the Accent. 1 apologia; for Junior 

pLty'*'*5SienS!!l caidi^ Khwl" ^"""'ms tJre' 

7>i» ifo// iJilnrial 

any mlsiommumcaiion iliat Journalism 

to the editor. 

daiesareproposinglaxculs. wou^ ofto^-free lu 

I.1..I..I o>. '■■■ly "' i"d 

apprarrd In Hit Daily Penn- 

andVicePresidenlAl Gore's for up to S2.800 a year 

and Gov. George W Bush's would remove the cslalt 

T^ J 

lax cuts differ greatly, both on all estates valued up| 

Eyes and 


in who would benefit and b million. His plan wouk 

The Southern Accent 

total cost Not only would expand the earned-inl 
Gore's tax plan be cheaper, lax credit for low-ini 

So tt> ■ Si d 


ed surplus to help other million more "people. 

Brs^|ii~Bii^u"Ti-.d "Wt^'l. Iicre arc 24 lines 

Ellen White says in TcsU- 

areas like Social Security. Bush's plan is mu(4 

1 tKjlly (or long-distance 

health care and education, it complicated. It would si 

Cadknck Van Dolson. EorwR in Chief 

.J,. , , , iiiif,',-irds.-ClaireaddB. 

Oh yes, page 128, para- 

would primarily benefit low- give a tax cut to ever yoo 


SonoRiM. Page EorroR 

^\'''" liu. bad the only calling 
you say. lul 1,!!/. >ou .'Jill ■''''' ''"" "f« Sculhcm calling 

graph 5. -THustord. pepper, 
spices, pickles . . . irritate 

^gtS^elS =\f£. »| 

KVLE Baldwin 

Jennifer Williams 

Issum" 'o7"*th ■ ^SouJA/m ' 'Challenge whoever buys 
Aeeeiit later 1 am herr """'^ ''*'"'"*^ ''"'■■*' ^"^ 


gHSS pipS| 

Assistant iVnre Eitrwii 


Senioh Copy Eonoa 


I'llCfUhlltAPHY EonoH 

respond, shaking my provcf- in™,, ■'^ntt h '^^'t'^^d''^^ 
Right, 'then. intrwlucUons ^coJ^Jct '" '*''°'"" '" 


would lake Si. 6 trillion from According lo CiliMii 
me surplus, according lo Tax Justice, a nonpar 
U,S. New. & World ReporL nonprofit organizado 
ore s lax cul. on the other family making Sl3i» 

'^^'attempt to phone my ,er?a''"rnaS-'"a'^''elb« 

^"^""'dtostancsiimat- S24.400 would get m 

BiLi.v Ga(;ek 

hAfTH XPkem Enm>K 

Lous LlCHT 


k^e'^^'.'J'Jr" "I^.f"'-? ma'cvll^^-n^y V« 

Morgan KooiKMiwt 


always busy Ever notice? T^L. *^,''?" J-*^ "^^ 

The>''i-e only been around 

(.3\e an additional Sl.l ml- 42 percent of Bush's » 
lion of the budget surplus to would go lo ihc top ' 

Sw^n HimnH 

AovExris,..^ »^^otJ< 

isn't busy). I complain. | loot 'jTih^^ondimen 

already scarce. Or broken. 

health care, educntion and S915.000or morea)*" 


Matt Boslev 
Design/Graphics EDrwn 

(poUteS) tfiw 1 ha^" to dT^ '^'l [li^JI'^.j ^ J ^,^ CK. 

need them. We kn-e you any- 
way. U really was a great 

Bolh candidates' Lax oiisari- lucky lo have a bud* 


f^^il? h'^'^ "^"^ ^^""^'^ ^^ *^^'^- ^°"^'' "^ "" 

Khth VvmR 

Nick Lee 

goini phone lines does .u 'i'' ■" """ ^'''H'^T'rt 

Kudos, though, to KR-s 

them th ' "^ "'*''" '^^' "'^'^ primarily benefit Ain 

'*'"'"'"'"*'' '""'"'' 


Southern own, anyway? ^'^ ^ ^"" J^^iJ^I ^■ 

sari ly-healthier-bul-always- 

Gore^'^uld offer several m^fa^K Ihe^ 

Janelle Wasmer 

David Fourniea 

S^'^IS) girls *^?";S back to the cai^ 

open-wheihyou-wanl alterna- 
tives to the cafe places. Tljej' 

taiilies. sptvificjlij target- budget lo mainW" 

Onune EonoK 

nw Kiw'^ln T.w""Ni„!^n '^^^ So. Richard Johnson 

arxMhe cozy little corrier^Jf 

Joe LaCom 

DESfas NegrOn 

mention the ex^mn^ *"^'' "^'^ '•^>' '* ^'^'^ "° 

our campus. Not enough 

am. afler-s,-hool prog^ms. "^nu " slaff ** 
c^Uegetuition^d marriage cppc.ndinn^'^'' 


^Ninety oSS«? ^^ "'''^ ''""be^- 0"^^ 

Until new week. then. 

^^.^•v.uld8iveaS500 oZer 11.2000. 

Tti£ Southern Accent I' 

^o dollars for your thoughts 

Kill the rude beast 

lo Rulh Isyins on her bed. rm- 

and passed away three , Corintl,ia>u 13-7 

'^ slowrnjl^^'lo we "ho 

mud..' She looked at me Lovt olaays P 

uon ognacd mt, she smiled. 1 

00.* 1 nodded. Wc both aluxjytmdura 

°^^ St^^l^oA^^^'^l 

lusband on a beautiful day gymajorfrom Vtrginu 

find same liiw. We began talldng 

together =-,d then preparing 

mple things- Uie dinner. Spending 


Monday, October 16, 2000 

Stop the PDA 

.','illy nice w.-ason. huh? 



phnnw went dead and I had 
lo conlacl the lelephone 

The effects of 

An wf know, wi; tix dl»- fir. 1 aui'l powlbly sll next lo ardcM continued, "II is most 
('rini)nnllon In wmc form or llila dixRuatlns human. Hnd extraordinary to make Ihis 

"Coii'tyou«n;?'«heMld. Ui'fore llii- lady hod i 


By Leigh Rubin 

"Dude\ You are so luckyl My parents 
would never let me pierce my blowholel" 


If men ran the world] 

Compiled by Joe LaCom 
10. Valentine's Day would be moved lo February 29th so it would only 
occur in leap years. „„ , . . „., . 

9. The only show opposite "Monday Night Football would be Monday 
Niqhl Foolbal! from a Different Camera Angle," 
8. Nodding and looking at your walch would be deemed an acceptable 

7^ When your girlfriend really needed lo talk to you during the game, 
she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen during a time-out | 
6 The funniest guy in the office would gel lo be CEO. 
S. People on commercials would never talk about how fresh they felt. 
4. Regis and Kalhie Lee would be chained to a cement mixer and 
pushed off the Golden Gate Bridge for the most lucrative pay-per-view 
event in world history. - 

3. Slealing a sports car would be pedeclly legal, as long as you retumed| 
it the following day wilh a full tank of gas, 
2, Tanks \ 

ol a fancy engagemeni ring, you could present your wife-t 

State slogani 



Thursday, October 26, 2000 
Election 2000 

President Al Goi 

Tennessee on Tuesday. 


Check out I 

Gunbarre! Road. 

Hie Souliiem Ac 

:e House if Ihey w 

s must show suffi- 

: tributes to thosi 

e by; Chma's "vc 
pLUMBUS, Ohio - 


c comparable 

'*y doud 




Wh ,:, 

be nleisanl 

ihiKlis in 

e upper 10's 


eparUy sunny 


Jl^^Siorics ..._.p.l 






Board approves construction plan 

Tipper Gore rallies in Chattanooga ideS^'enS^'TnSto^ S^Jk of'SlfS 

Vice president's wife urges support in home state ^''^fa^'Sy lo change the £T'^ir'cTnb?ue'^?nu! 

' Warden 

Gore said. "You e 

Sen. Frist speaics 
in Cliattanooga 

■^len I leave you today. 1 
Gore urged volera. "WeVe 

Incumbent Stresses change from "big government" 

Thatcher fundraises for MS ?rs 

Bush hopes to win 
Gore's home state 

Visit our vve' 

Thursday, October 26, 2000 

Immunity helps with Christmas project Parking tickets remain subject of controversy 

r^Zgg pouriiiB in. legedale Scvcnlh-day Adven- By Rob York "^"'"'^ history major added. Many students go appeals committee asl(cd 

III Aca^T "I thinit Operation Christ- list Church and Collegedale st«T Vimii, "^'ou know how citizens can Ihrough the appeals remain anonymous but ( 

e Sabbath, f 

adline for s! 

[Hon only three 

f working logelher Winn Dixie Market PI 
aencfil of kids who CoUegedale Academy 

ively about Campus S: 

illy get to McDonilRadSDAChurch parking available to us exclu- 
tiPriprcp SandiferGaoSDA Church lively, sajd Wes Hall, junior 

acuity lots and fire studen 

rapped shoeboxes lilled 

E World War II European 
= study tour summer 2001 

Voting days 

[iriy voting: Now through November 2 

General voting: November 7 








specials Saturday Night Only! 

October 23. 20(10 8:30 p.m.- X.OOpm- 


Haue you heard? 

Eu^ryffffiyuphere student, FacullMnd staff 

email Calendar That mcans VOU! 

Groups messaging ^^^ „^p„„,„„p3.e„„, 
Weather news ™f«-iii 

Local Vellou) Page listings |t'S rRCC!!! 

Check it out TOOnV! 

Vour Campus. Vour Life. Don't miss Out. 

for more inftnnallon call Brian Chalmers at 757-8576 

UrtMV ^"^^^ OFTEN? 

Check out our Plione Card. 


Check our card against the ones you buy at 

Walmart, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, 

Office Max and even Cell Phone Deals. 


2000 Minutes for S20.00 
1000 Minutes for $10.00 


Call now! 423-559-3112 

join the 



This is your 


This is your GPA with help 

from the 

Center for Learning Success 

Midterm grades 

not quite what you wanted? 

Call US at 238-2574 
'We will work with you to help you reach your goals.' 

>octors disagree 
bout existence of 
sorder termed 
nternet Addiction' 

Thuisday, October 26, 2000 

Eating disorders rise among men 


"Making Weight-Men's Con- the University 

flicls with food, weight, lege o( Medici 

shape, and appearance." on male eating disorders. Corinne Campbell, 

A recent study asserts Pam Kdd. a counselor at from Tulsa, Olda., major 

that the- number? may be the Center for Change, said, in pre-speech pathology. . 

That is probably a better in the frequency of eating pre-broadcast journal; 

picture. We don'tknowitthe disorders. More people are major from Delano. C: 

Perhaps men are simply exemplified by media mod- 'It affects a firet imp. 

their bodies. "Half v 

Depression affects men differently than 
women; cultural expectations explain 


M(3i at risk for depression 


It whether or ';;^{"^^, 
Mwn Goldberg, a New ^^.^'^■. 

see people whi 
>t we mosQy s« 

imong oilier things. 

Affecting anxonmalely 19 
niDion Americans, depre; 

able w^. then he is weak, a 

esperienced a pereonal kws 
ship lliat lias been supportive 


Ihe/re dose Id may be 
depressed should "provide a 

man to talk about his (ee£ngs 
tt^ are doing. If I ahiays com- 


depressed counterp-iris to 

pie who scdt lielp will get rp 
in three people aetiiiiDy k 

Another trigger o( depres- 

permitted by sodely Id e:qjress 
fecEngs like sadness and emo- 

e not likely to show typical 
jirtsaon syntploms like cry- 

it problems, whidi b 

he emotion is lelngjwL' 

Iths, tt-eaknesses. and 
i, diey are Etely to be 

(cuses for being late to Hickman 

By Keith Pulfer 

"Microbes invaded my body momentarily." 

"d = v/t t = 1 minutes, d = distance from Brocl<" 

"I had to finish the 18th hole." 

"alarmClock. volume != insufficient" 

"I was diffusing dangerous wastes from an area 

ligher concentration to an area of lower concen- 


"I was practicing writing incorrect prescriptions." 

"My dog ate me." 

"I was doing titrations in my room." 

"self.motivation = NULL;" 

"' was reading the Accent!" 

Physicist questions quantum theory 

be used to obtain any ntt 
including ils probabk' k 

presenting his hypothesis. 
Maris expected an iinmediale 

Most physicists are skeptical 
ihem have provided condusivT 

none of them h 
should not w 

pic to think. 

pie think." 

If you would like to write for the science section, email or 

Letter from the all-knowing editor 

Minn, women's hock- 
ey team second after 
season's first week 


d freshman La Toya 


tlidnc, New Hampshire and 


The Gophere swepl the 
irsl round of WCHA player 

Light sports 

DURht thai ihcre would 

Game updates 

hrowa though. He con- 

tt Callender On oi 
. Uite in the Uic gair 
s fingers hit lined ui 

Nudd 22 

Game predictions 

ooks a little sloppy. Johnson i 

id place teams. Nudd la coming of/ a close gi 
.... ohnson is coming off a loss, and is looWng to 
)r Johnson to score early. Johnson 24-20 


By now you should have gotlen a couple of 

long dislance phone bills. Check out the per 

minute charge for all ofyour calls of 12 minutes 

or more and you will see that our card can save 

you money. 

Wouldn't you like to be able to reach out and 

touch someone special more often? 

Compare your phone bill with our card and 

see just how much ou can save. 


2000 Minutes for $20.00 
1000 Minutes for $10.00 

Call now! 423-559-3112 

Overall MVP watch 



Hlcky Schwarz-An outstanding 
""'""■ baseman, and i 
oltensive threat at wi 

Oh yeah...! 

Best-looking athletes I 

Corl Summerville-J 

fundamentally sound | 
Ijlayer who always 
finds holes in the 

Laura Lee-This girl is 
a human \vrecking ball 
and doesn't like to . 

Mark Dietrich--, 

lethal pass rusher w 
can change & 

Sandra Higgins--An 

extremely athletic 
luman being who 
plays the game to have 



Tiffany Harris -This! 
character plays with r 
intensity and is a forcl 
lo contend with. 

Ricky Schwarz-I've 
said it once and I'll say 
it again, this boy is a 
human highlight reel. 

Thuisday, October 26, 2000 

Prosser's People 

t people you might not know 


Carin Orange ■ Senioi 

nought I could actually fly 

cents/young adults; Caj 
f: Jerilyn: t 

: "1 wsh the ing to myself 

neover If you wen an action htn 

ikes you cry - Judy; MacGyver's heroic 

R o a d t r i p 

-Free raffle (Ihat means free sluff) 
-All college ages 

-Beginner to expert 
-Bring wfiat you fiave.. .yourself, a friend 
luipment, no problem. We fiave tfie goods and knowledge to keep yoti safe. 

L SCOTT PARKER 238.3362 

.'iiKk.- K The Southern Accent 


Help fund new dorm housing 

pleted by next sctioo 
ond Ihe T.1BC H.ll 
,ion btins comptele 

Your duty is to vote 

Eyes and ears 

ampus ihrough ihe eyes ami ears of a student 

ly legacy ofnmbitious word 

Is YOU. Want lo help? 

Ellie's answers 

pie! Currenlly, Ihei 

ship credit. \Vhy Finding aj 

Kennedy and 
Johnsim began 
civil righis far/ 

cftcclively a 

; media. Of cour^-, Uiey be your first choice. Tliere 

n't turn lo mylhicil dieti- m- others, most nolablcly 

i lor help, although Ralph Nadi-r o( Ihe Green 

aughi highly ot this you support, your choice 

Letters to 
the Editor 

Kudos to online Accei 

le only way to keep up to da 

ight V< 

Voting days 

Early voting: Now tlirough November 2 

General voting; November 7 


ing Worships 

Wanting Worships ed in Wright H 

rs help find a solution. 

c to have a Ellie will reply lo you 

center, in umn. This column is direct 

asn'l being office wlh a student cmplo) 

med some- cc researchmg and answei 

The Southern Accent 
Editorial Advisory Board 

Gore promises 
victory at Nashvill 

andidate Joseph U 

me fundraiser at the WId ^°^'^ comp: 

^orse Saloon. Gore thanked ■>>■ ■>'•" '» " ' 

;ncouraaed Ihem lo J^tTin "^^'^ •'a/' h"-' P 

jore said^ refe?rii^^to"lh'e '^""•^ *'^* ' 

liffererice between him and ^'"cee. Celeb 

Jidate George W. Bush, '^ R^y Cyrus and^ PaW 

Campus, world events The library is NOT your own love nest 
to be commended ,Jce""h"™'c™;uf» r,:s,™o".don™™.S;: rfrS'^a^S'^c.:';!:!! XTf".:f°LT»'°d 

) inform 
Ind solve 

particular a 

being a member, wt 
Bicycle Fleel (a te 
great use around c 

the Middle 

For pity's s 


u think Ihat maybe you 

At first I thought thai 

they started talking and 

place to study? I hope that as 

against the U.S.S. 


C- ^ , 

sucking face in intervals. It 

cert^ people spend more 

il was refueUng in 
Over 30 other 



ing to study. 1 finally could- 

they will MATURE some. 

the United sJles is 

moment I thought things 

-^ , ^^ 


nest. Kindly keep it to your 

g the Middle East. 

they weren't giggling any- 

asking Ilicm to al least keep 

s stationed abroad 

more. To be quite honest, 1 


Te" to Jtti'S'At'le'itX'y 



ferred the incessant gig- 


"''A'"«hite""*», our 

JaneSe is a senior com- 


smacking/sucking sounds 

eaten for lunch was threa 

puter ^/sterns administra- 
tion major Jwm Tennessee. 

s October 16, 2000, 

ing out in the depths of the 

ening to was m 

along out of the library 

Sie credits Sie iedmohg;/ 

ph Nader, perhaps 

slacks. I picked up a book. 

lands over my ears. Didn 

much to the delight of e very- 
other people who actually 

section qfOieAccetH 

1 Dolson 

The deviPs day is coming 

tunica was installed as 

editor. Only then cQi 

Dejan Pujic or Marko 

from which every 

and rfrcnter the eom- 

by the students of 

Vhile pobtical stability is 

Dave is a sent 

yed here in the United 


Is there an issue that you feel strongly 

about it? Want to write about it? Send 

your submissions to 

Don't believe everything candidates say in political campaigns 

chagUmpse of what both 


ns ranged from outrage to 
ghter to outright, well, 

these Ihings an 


eptical of both parlies, 1 
nsider myself objecUve, 

is a sampling 
have gathered: 



ler be expected to sift 
rough the barrage of num- 


do NOT beUeve every- 




e direction for where h 

' Thimday, October 26, 2000 

How to loose patience with every tiling 

1 dermitely thing. Then 




iUSEH """ 



iking devi( 

odisap- DESK WORKE" 
of ques- apparently he used 

cafeteria knife paid.S 

uckin h 

hrough I 

Rules of the Air 

1. Every take off is optional. Every landing is manditory. 

2. If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger, 
tf you pull the stick back, they get smaller. That is 
unless you keep pulling the stick all the way back; then 
they all get bigger again. 

3. Flying isn't dangerous. Crashing is. 

4. Helicopters can't fly; they're just so ugly the earth 
repels them. 

5. The ONLY time you have too much fuel is when 
you're on fire. 

6. The propeller is just a big fan in front of the plane 
used to keep the pilot cool. When it stops, you can see 
the pilot sweating. 

V. A 'good' landing is one firom which you can walk away. 
A 'great' landing is one after which they can use the 
plane again. 

8. The probability of survival is inversely proportional to 
the angle of arrival. Large angle of arrival, small proba- 
bility of survival and vice versa. 

9. Stay out of the clouds. The silver lining everyone 
keeps talking about might be another airplane going in 
the opposite direction. 

10. Always ti-y to keep the number of landings you make 
equal to the number of take offs you've made. 


wildlife is advising hik- 
ers, hunters, fishers 
and golfers to take 
extra precaution and 
keep alert for alliga- 
tors while in Osceola, 
Polk, Brevard and 
Orange County, They 
advise people to wear 

devices such as little 
bells on their clothing 
to alert but not startle 

Answering machine message! 

Compiled by Joe LaCom 

10 Hi I'm probably home, I'm just avoiding someone I don't like, 
so leave a message and then if I don't call back if s you. 

9. Hello, you are talking to a machine. I am capable of receiving 
messages, my owners do not need new cred. cards, _ 
cookbooks, and/or affordable insurance at a low low price. 

8 Hi this is John. If you are a phone company. I already sent the 
money; if you are my parents, please send money, rf you are 
my financial aid institution, you didn't lend enough money; rf 
you are my friends, you owe me money; if you are a female, 
I have plenty of money 

7. Please leave a message. However, you have the nght to remain 
silent Everything you say can and wiU be recorded and 
used by us. , . ■ u- r^ t 

6. Hi. John's answering machine is broken, this is his retngerator. 
Please speak very slowly, and Til stick your message to 
myself with one of these magnets. 

5. Hello, I'm John's answering machine.... what are you? 

4*. Hi. this is John. I'm sorry I can't come to the phone right now. 
Leave a message and then wait by your phone until I call 

3. This is not an answering machine. This is a telepathic thought 

recording device. After the tone, think about your name, yoiir| 
number and your reason for calling, and I'll think about 
returning your call. 

2. If you are a burglar, then we're probably at home cleaning oiir 
weapons right now and can't come to the phone. Otherwise, 
we probably aren't home and it's safe to leave a message. 
i, now you say something. 

pectedly. They also 
advise the carrying of 
pepper spray in case of 

alligator. It is also a 
good idea to watch (or 
fresh signs of alligator 
activity. People should 
recognize the differ- 
between small 
young, alligator and 
large, adult alligator 
droppings. Young alli- 
gator droppings 

Kids answers to all of 
life's questions 

Thursday, November 1 

, 2000 

Vol. 56 No.8 

Election 2000 _ 


H„«Jidst„de„B,=art m 

ill ■Jm^'^^r 

i 1 Read about what some 

1(1 an unoftkial do)1 H 

TiiVviuUuM .' 

'^ students did during a 

taken about the presi- ■ 
denial election? H 

gm Halloween costume 


25 PAGE 11 


Read about Jan 
Haluska's trip from the 
anny to the classroom. 

Tk Southern Ai 

Political Beer by the drink law up at next commission meeting 

debate to be 

held tonight ^lIl^HrcTcoS r™S™Vrci'T. ;r»c."itoii" 

irn Gaza Strip, hospital 


otDghtinghave left 147 


lURMANSK, Rusaifl 

iussian naval officials 




By Cady Van Dolsor 

l8ol a fnrlhtr search of 

H But others alleged 
M searching the front of 

mpH B"reHe"vTio" 

Henry Hicks, executive 
director of Information Sys- 
tems, attended Tuesday's 


'""day will be partly 
k^a high Df'n^H 

J™' «^" high off 77 

asked were related to prob- 
lems with the phone system. 

paid long-distance phone 
the Information Systems 

our telephone system is 
designed to use," Hicks 



-TTiafs why we can't 
make a bunch of 1-800 lines 


Virus infects many 
faculty computers 

his brother, Bueklee; his sis- 
ter. Fawna: Keith WiUley; 
Bryan Vyhmeister; Jep 
Calkins and Jenny Harlow. 

Eller explained that a fire- 

Contact the Accent 

The Southern Accent 

P.O. Box 370 

Collegedak, Tenn. 37315 

(423) 238-2721 

http://acceiH, southern. cdu 

About the Accent 

perform at gym clinil 

Southern holds 
Fall Festival 

FamUy Theatre Workshop presents 

"Twelve Angry Jurors." 

Performances will be held November 2-4 and Noveml 

7-1 lin the Community Theatre at Memorial AuditoriJ 

at 7:30 p.m. 

Student tickets are $6.50 and group discounts are av| 


For more information, call 825-5553. 

t v.-as designMi 
;t logelher and 

Don't miss tonight's debate with 
the Republican and Democrat 
clubs at 7:00 in Lynn Wood Hall, 
Tom Griscom, executive editor of 
the Chattanooga Times and 
Chattanooga Free Press will be 

the moderator. 
Convocation credit will be given. 


Check out our Phone Card. 


Check our card against ttie ones you buy at 

Walraart, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, 

Office Max and even Cell Plionc Deals, 


2000 Minutes for $20.00 
1000 Minutes for $10.00 

YAK ATTACK reduction! 

Call now! 423-559-3112 

Thursday, November 2, 2000 

The X Factor 

|who are you planning to vote for in Which party are you affiliated 
the presidential elections? with? 

Your internet connection to the action 


if America - www. coll egeder 

ic National Committee (DNC) - 

npaign Committee (DCCC) - 
il (DLC) ■ www.ndol.orB 


icialParh Site 

■ertarian Party of Tennessee ■ 

eriarian Party Archives - 

; Uberlarianism FAQ - www.tuxedo.orH/-esr/faqs/lib< 


e (NRSC) - \^-ww,nra 

|fopuBlicali National Committee CKNCl - w 

alpuhS Con^E^e'LiondammiHeelNRCC) - 

CounW Republican Party - 

in Presidential Task Force - 

le^GOP Information Network - 



Sample Ballot 

■candidates for PRESIDENT & VICE-PRESIDENT: 

'Joe Lieberman (Democratic Party) - wwwjyGore3000.c( 
V. Bush / Dick Cheney {Republican Party) - www.georgei 
:athy Gordon Brown / Sabrina R, Allen (Independc ■' 

n Party) - www.hagelin.oi 

Democratic Party) - www.clark 

One "Wrile.ln" Option for Stale Repre 

Answer. Ralph Nader 

the Green Party pre' 



the Libertarian Part} 

presidentia] c 


the Reform Party pr 



Answer: Pat Buchanai 

US "Do you know wh 

(he RepubUcan Part- 

presidential c 



S^ -Did you watch ar 




arly vice-presidential candidate is 

Tlo the political views of your family influence 

#17 ■ "Do tlie political vi 

Political quotations 

i to be decided, perhaps the best tiii 
, so the whole cosily and complia 

-He who lakes the oath loday to preserve, protect. Mid uctena uit 
tiled Slates only assumes the solumn obligation which ci'ery pain o 
are tfrtUi him . f . Your every voter, as surely as your Chief Magislr 
eh sanction, lliough in a different sphere. exereisM a Pyl"'"^ "^^^ 
Gnrv-er Cleveland, in his inagural address, March 4, 1885 

Webster says in Napster debate, arlsts against 

^^=sr^ .;;,i"rr;r.s: ™ss.r- piracy lobby for musicians 

«s since J 

t"" liX (ortr^saipTof the 

site docs a good job spelling 

wants to do. bul the only 

' '' labeled "WlierelliPy Stand' 

problem is knowing the 

^'^}. side companson of ihe can- 

ihL- issiii's 

lo '^^^^ posiuon 

Bush hasasearch feature ai 

cd in [he 

^s' www.alBore2000.cora 

where you can search 

■^.' George W, Bush insists 

Ihrough the news, issues, or 


"l'"' Eri^l^ndMTnslhe 

Quaylc. skip this user- 

Z J^;^^; '^^^ 'Si" he'tad? 

only gel frustrated and won- 

'''^- BusSh^dsdot!i%henU 

anylhing. Instead, scroll 

'''*^ comes to tasy access lo 

you see a box highlighted in 

- Christina Aguilera Is mad. do withi 

Napster signifies a need not 

the battle about the need for i 
sa-conglom- the singles market i 

stofthe gettingmusii 

line believe they'll be more 
mercially successful do 
you for themselves. 

;r-to-peer file pletely free 

digital files? I d 

ne insists major label consume 

1 are faring a dilemma simply b 

off each record's sales, sumera t 
is pirated 

before they buy it- way that doesn' 

Stone says it's time lo lei artists of reveni 

the online file-sharing com- seal at the negoti 

panies know that ihe lasl Ultimately, he saj 

are the artists themselves. ing it for free. And ihi 

slowly resizing the Web is doesn't want an 

r and other 
labels don't 

Hundreds camp out to await 
release of PlayStation II 

Profs crack computer code meant to 
protect online music files 

Jll 11 

challenging people to 

bypass four watermarking 

Ihe^holiday season dr^ws 


marking shields on down- 

all^h"ad'^sl'lT«2 Set So 

loadable music samples 

without damaging the origi- 

money people will be willing 

copyrighl marks for record 

so that the hidden signals, interested i 

But monetary gains 

ity professors, three gnidu- 

ing MPJJisfribution giants 

the so-called 'watermarks.' dialogue by 

tlie money Uiough," he 

oagues at Rice responded to 
a challenge issued Sept. 6 by 

scrambling lo develop lech- 
nology that would tighten 

University computer science "One, it 
professor and spokesman ing techni 

argued. "1 want it because it 

ncluding Sony, Universal, 

the technology in digital 

electrical engineering pro- Two, we (ei 

Best a nd worst of the wel 

lp://.™^.poUOc,.com ™J;,f^^', 

The Technology section is look- 
ing for writers. Please email, 
or call 2721. 

graphs describing the! 

^d, ihey have loo much 

many gutteral 

K. Diech, and little "coi^ur area. 
In,., w , Its not a ghasUy ! 

1 put Minolta just a really boring sil 

londay conversation with Demetrius Birch 




bbath. I came to 1 just didn't like (Barry) 
n with the inlention Switzer. past head coach of 

people in 

llympics. I plai 



ming a pastor, but Oklahoma Univereily; 1 like 
hings changed when the way Nebraska plays foot- 




here. Now I'm just ball, how confident they are, 
oing to school, and and their power running 



e£r% """^ Things overheard during the World Series 

n football this year n't like 

By Rob York 

) play foolbali. but I 

1^ teci'"o^f£orthSj'don-i ''°- "^^^ ^'^ '^®^® 9^y^ ^^3' 'he Cardinals?" 

ear like the referees. So maybe 9. "I'm not watching it. I hale New Yofk. Uhm, what's the 

lod they should gel a team sCOre?" 
ost together, and maybe travel- , , 

ihe ing. like a basketball leam or 8. I wonder how the TV receptioH is in Atlanta." 

'S, YkT^T^N T f'°l^vi '"^f ^- "°^ ^°^^ °"' " ^^® °"'y 3" ^S ^^^ s'ider! I could've hit 

ir^ course. ' that!" 

.n? wh«*?s*^''oi?'^rt^d'4o ^" ' ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ Yankees fan my whole life! No, I don't know 

"is tiine? ^ ^^"^ " who Joe DiMagglo is." 

5. "Can we please stop seeing shots of Jeter?" 
4. "I'm sure glad Bob Costas isn't announcing anymore." 
3. "I stopped studying for that World Civ exam for this?" 
2. "Where did all these Cardinals fans come from, anyway?" 
1 . "Maybe this wouldn't be a good time to talk to Negron 
about worship requirements." 

ly not look like it 

ame updates: Football in review 

iy Morgan Hochenower 

■s. Hamilton, 
suplc 'limes, 

n Ted Struntz. Nudd Tried a last 

who helped Key shawn John 

r first place position b 

upper diwsion playoffs 

un from Br 

light, and Lemon agai 

their quarterback. Rob 




played aggressively and 

13-6. Jo 

nson got t 

e length o; 


without a deep safety. Stuart 
had a good night at quarter- 



T Nudd's next game is 


against Hamilton (M) who 

The Saints played intimi 

[S also coming off a loss. Slu- 

arl (3-2) plays Watson (4-1) 

e night 

calls that went agains 

I Uiouglil DeGrave just 


"enSe^" ' 


might get a wining steak 


on (2-3) pi. 


Barnelt who is 

1-2 Miller. Miller the length o 

" (!-3) plays 

s NfVP, played witii 

Crystal Edmisler 

■e (1-3) plays play because ICi 
!-l) next, and it don't want lo r 

The RA's played s 

fundamental fool 
Monte "Shaft- I 

Accent doesn't 
endorse candidate 

Worship system 

Letters to the Editoi 

Newspaper underappreciated poUing transportation Unfail 

Hall, checking o 

_ ,, .|i • . • islered already in Tennessee someoneelse toput ilthere. voice your opinion you t 

Library will maintain °z.°'7,2TXl'Zi 1^;^.?.™"!!.°"! ""S'li*™" h 
atmosphere for study I 

The Southern Accent 

Ellie's answers 

making. Bui read The Jungle" by Upton call. You o 

Drivers can take whomevei 
they please to the polls 

1 that the adverdser the right to dt 
blican and wants to pleases. At h 

iil~ Eyes and ear j 

Id place il in the brass mail- ^ 

xM healed in Wright Hall Causing casual anarchy and governnmilal awaremess on Southern's i 

reply to it in a weekly CO 

is nostalgic Z„^V 

painting of His love Long live the republic! 

n close. 1 don't ^H^ with lear-slained cheeks and 

ry lines with ^^^^B Janelle the pain of the world deep in 
sso or even ^^^^V Chang his eyes. His shoulder are 

take a look at ^^^^^^^P dcncd. And his hands 

; recognizable ,__^ His once youthful-looking 

rtonly equipped with skills pie-blossomed 
lugh to make f^'O'^^S unnoUi 
k figures witli we walkway. Tti 

like to transtorn 

into a paint hi 

^er into canvas 

ectives into aery 

personality, appc 
bobbing its head 
ly. lis petals 1 

only one way (o 

ss^ — 

wasting taxpayers money on 




failed Soda! Security ven- 


1 am voUng for Bush 
because he will return honor 



and integrity to the Office of 

vole" option, if yoi 

the Presidency, white the 

ies. Uw , 


dates, or the platfon 

And while we ar 

subject this is mj 

because he will honor Amer- 


1. World War U or 

for m the presiden 

al elec- 

quibble before foreign pow- 


ark that only fow^r with his hand 
urdy-bristled pa">t an angel. He's waiting 

r path. Your schedule. 

junseling through yi 
touch. He could do 

ortunately, tha 

t the 

1. But perhaps when Tm beauty 
won't find that ca'ch i 
e quite so ordi- "^^ by. Slop. Pli 


icle. And 


ig. Peaceful- 

stretched towari 

^hild !(eeps reaching 

enes sioreu ui iiiy and to you her giggle is 
itiently waitmg to bewildering. Wth the color 


political opponents, whil 

fully work if 



in poUtical bickering. 
Finally, I am voting fo 

ence. By do 

<l.y, Novem 

slitutional rights fincluding 
the right to bear arms), 
while the other candidate 

their government, while th 

enjoyed by iJ 


stands for violating one of 

government and its incftec 

mass conmu 

iicaliBHS m 

Stoves and bowling balls 

^Binf„... . 



e wors 

thing I have 

own Alth 

am glad 


not only in 





met Ruth, 
thankful ti 



^V> signs 

get a 

emy s 

love others 


lave an opinion about something on campus 
>r in the Accent? Want to write about it? Send 
your submissions to 

Come & meet singer, songwriter, and author 

Michael Card 

Friday, November 3 at 2 p.m. 

Autographing his latest project. Soul Anchor 

CD $13.97 Cassette $8.97 

220 Hamilton Place Blvd. 

T iff^A/^V Chattanooga, TN 37421 

iiillftfiAlf stork/- (423)893-4290 

Haluska's trip from 
army to teaching 

God created th< 
Sabbath for res 


Bread for the hungry: 
A student mission story 

myself in E^^gue. Iknov 

re barely capable of opei 
when [ glanced al Ih 

e. It was 730. Immediate- 
ry body wnl mto the 'I 

icTser'lo God 'aiiVhofleMy Ji^^vo^bo'sfT^/V ^1 °" '^"'"^ ^°^^- st^l 

ave really nice sludents [''EK.'nE^roughlhe trash, amount of food. ! 

:hlng English isn't as "*°'"'^ I"'' ''""'■ ^ '*"'"fih> ' about how often wc 

. [ thoughl it wouid I"^^ ^."'"^ '" °^^^ '"10 granled what we hw 

I thought that I would r,^ -" "^ ^ ^^- • P^n- forget about th 

thai really touched me. w *i jrd'' ' ^'^^ 8^*«^<="'-'s ' Ju^f. "'oufi'" l^ 

At one point the parent.s really touched 

f LATE" convuWons. You wife and daughter did as * Yuuknow we tend to put ^™'^ " ° ^^* ^^^'' 
- gioH columhist. 

If you would like to write for the religion section, please email 


ren. They repeatedly said miss you guys! 
efore 1 really did be^ w> 

rluusday, No\'cml)er 9, 2000 

Election 2000 

How did people in 

Vol. 56 No.y 

Read aboul how some 
sludcnls spend ihtir 
nights, cither studying, 
working or socializing. 


Check out the 
newest single guy of 



*Erekat, tile chief Pales- 

I Gaza Snip. "We want U 
Isday. Israel's nav] 

P^fDON — Sun 
I'ave coniplet 

I Two women and t 

b marched in R 

pblics Tuesday 

CoUegedale rejects beer law ordinance 

iegedale Commission voted 
thai would have allowed on- 
cadng establishments buiit 

Justin Carris, a sopho- 

: safely slon Jones confirmed thai in this eommun 

erved in "We are a Chrisdan com- ity lo impose our i 
Id make munity," Holuska said, "and because we have { 

"We are in charge of 

mostly elderly 
lamented their 
I political clout 

ind would English, favored ihe ordi- 

Fire returns to Biology Trail 

Fire Marshall closes trail as blaze burns for eight days 

plotely put out and was left 

mostly exUnguishc 


tfail before fircGghiers man- 

underground, burn 

for eight days. 

'^Wmp holes wlh : 

Because of the fire and 

water sources. Due to the 

inside. Many of tl 

distance from the road ^d 

«ere^"^°;^aWe to carry water 


According to Chief Den- 

nis Thomason of the Tri- 

bulldoMr and plowe 

completely around 1 

right now are holes left by 

waidngtofall. ^^ 

h^lry service ™s called 

members then cond 

calls from (Southern Adven- 

nearly 10 acr^ fire. 


SA bikes continue to be broken H^'Ss iFSj^| Ss^SS 

D.E.E.P students 
serve as senators 

chased by the Student A; 

renlly completely out of 

.„n . nn.-,,, —.- -- --- -^- Still, ihe blggest proWcm (qeEP) 

' ,,=ir<r ir for Conrad explained tiiat a lot so far with Ihe new bicycles 'j^^^ ^^^ p. 

Paris 10 f« the o^eMits." "^"^f J^,\tt'",«,aents denS'catlnoUn^'one whe"n SeT'R JIa""' "e' 

ciaiion vk^' ^'"nresidenL ar"*'^ at a building Uiey just Ihey need one. bers of the student scr 

beUeves that the bikes are throw the bike onto Ihe ''f '"^^'Ij^i^'clestrok^ Student Assodadon 

quenUy than students- per- ^"(^*^J^f ^^fjjj,'"'j^^. '' ^C Nmited to my hours JSniS^ f ^MnTe &nale ^^^^^M^^i^B^— " 

S8''to'l^arrbike°lik'e ge^' on Ihe handlebars are '^''^^^fj'^s';^^„^"J^^ ^cidlyTr 'students in ^^^ ,^, ,«„^^^„„ m„T!ll'^^Tn!>^'Z^ 

gel ridden abo^t "every fif- Ho^^ver. according lo be (Jycd -Each ;^<-<''< »' by an Oak^'ood student first J*^»- ™.i.u« ««,.«««« o.e.e, .. u 

leen minules while persona) Myers, students sonielimes J^"^!'^',^|^^'JJ;|-[,^^'[!™ut i semester and a Southern eadofthe Fi E T I' 'ludcjiL 

'n^e school bikes^-MT^ut a Theyllputairinaflattire.or -lithe M.-nai<^ approved it. ^^^ ■ siudents would be Marnel Niles, an Oak- 

lot quicker." Myers adds, "1 puta chain back in place that I'd like to buy maybe five appointed instead of elected, wood junior studying adver- a greal v.ay oi meeung ne 

lUteil's direct van. has slipped off. 

Contact the Accent! 


Republicans and democrat! 
party in Chattanooga 

Advertising: (423) 238-2722 

a public hearing lo take enrollment a! Southern, 
place. Eller said. agreed. 

nonprofit management market, and money has 


^ )f- ^ ' " ^B ^^^J 

nance would have much Icgedalebasedonaconserv- 

1 "^iK • ^H '0 tTTi 

Omce Hours: 

effcct on Collegedale. alive base." 

Shouts and applause 

' .^^tt^Kt^'^'^- ^^L^ '"''Wl 

erupted fromagroup of peo- 

opmeni of Collegedale." CooUdge, also a business 

ple huddled around a large 

^^^^■^■r -^"^j^^Hi -^^BI 

Tuesday: 1 pm- - 5 p.m.; 7 p.m. - 12 a,m. 

Orange said. "I don't believe professor al Southern, voted 

screen TV. and the United 

Ithe ordinance! will increase against the ordinance the 

wall of an ornate banquet 

Friday: 10 a.m. -2 p.m. 

in Ihe community." Orange talked wUi students about 

added that she believes alco- alcohol availability. 


hoi ruins lives. "Students are not in the 

The news channel has 

just projected Gore would 

Collgedale resident, was ialcoholl." Coolidge said. 

carry Michigan, and the die- 

skeptical about the idea that Mayor Jones repeatedly 

hard Democrats gathered al 

As<IstiiiilNc«s Editor 

high-class restaurants. their participation and apolo- 
"Tlie upscale restaurants giwd for the lack of chairs 

the election convention were 

H JKP^' " 1 


-Kghl now ifs looking Mmceiiacoibum/su,-i f,...,..-,,;... 

prtjtty good, but it's too early min) cne. cola.* m a .wu. thai tb.m gov, viBmh „„ 

EdKorinl Page Editor 

have a license for more eon- audience to stand. 

tOteIl,"saidJohnG.Wims,a during Uio[>«inoerat part* al the naUMon oa ouss uesOj, ,^ 

Viniln Sauder. vice presi- LVs input on the meeting," 

'^WdL°p3yd«lared ^^^^^ ,J^"^^^ J^*;;!'^ "ty in this crowd , 

Lifestyles Editor 

Religion Editor 

Billy Gagcr 

which would make up tor available to the students as 
the four that are broken. possible, students should be 

"to keep as many bicycles the bikes." 

te'^C''he''S^o'^i'y S clri'ng in eaTh sS are gathered in front da' 
knee-high and helped his the news projected which screen lVcareHiiiyn» 
mother vole and he said he candidate would win it. lonng the progress of ej 
hasnevervotedforaKepub- SmaJl numbers written vith and da e 
Ucan since, in each state signified how J m S ewa braf^ed 1 
Td vole for my yellow many electoral voles ca h he has been Re pub can 
dog Raggy before I'd vote carried. 'l.L'^!,„" ..f^'^ ''I'" 

Sports Editor 

for a Republican for Presi- "1 got up this mo n ng mpo an ^ssue o him 


continued from page 1 

Business Editor 

people and helping others, the student bodies and 
Ifs a feel-good thing.* ad minis tra dons." 

Niles described her deci- Niles said she would 

ngh Bu Sewar sd 

sion 10 apply (or D.E_E.P. as encourage people to become 


ha^apZ*^" 1" Er 

Jancllc Wasmcr 

■It look a week or so to warns that it might be hard- 

Jannajahn -ud heh 



lo be nble to adjust to differ- only about 6ve white stu- 



"ti Rde on 

working with black people Southern is more diverse. 

JennXt Willi":^ 

■ V^ " 

^ \ A d"fi" 

my whole life," she said. Ijoran Haugsled. a senior 

■ ' l ^ Jt 

Deslpi/Gniphlcs Edltofs 

Paul Myers, Student religionsludenlalSouthern. 

c" -^ «#- ' ■'.a.,. 

Man Boslcy 

president, said that a stu- for the first semester of last 
dent serving in Ihe Senate year through D.E.E.P. "It 

' t/Jte-' 

Repub can 

will swap seats with Robert was a really good experi- 


par he R pubhc 

Faculty Advisor 

S"HumEo£i'jS? E^d'tSKaH 

^^^^^^^a^^^^S!^ '^ ""hked Bu h IS 1 , 


its third "year- The program there " I^Lisha Bonntr is 

their party at tf,« MoMoH Hatal Tc«da» rieht. h S on n the he i 

Louis Uchi 

1 m here for the suppoi 

Radisson Read House in said he was afraid to be dis- themassofpeoplcweari 
dow-ntown Chattanooga appointed. -I get too full George Bush mask.' 

V^ -^ » '^'*"?!iS''" ., „ -, , 

were as adamant as Willis, involved in it I've had.these enthusiasm seemed to \a 

■;■ "-' '.'Adviw Colnnmbl ' -■ -' 

Sh..l1y Setrldl 


seeped from the early galh- A few block down the crowd, 
ering of about 60 people, street the Republicans also Two passionately o 
People of various economic joined together in a common site groups of people s 
classes, races, and ages cause. ercd just a few blocks a 
joined together in a common The conference room on to watch every developi 
cause, bonded by the same the second floor of the Mar- of the nail-biter elecdoo. 



Rev, Roland Johnson, with wall-to-wall people, prqcess emanated from 
from Detroit, said his moth- another very diverse group two separate building 
tr called to tell him people crossing economic, racial, bursts of agony and eli 
were waiting in lines at the and age barriers. Tbc ener- and on election night; 
polls in his hometown. He gy in this room if even high- most ardent of ( 


said he was encouraged to cr than that at the Read tanooga's voters jc 
''^^til^k'th^- ■ " "'"'^' ^"'' ^*'^'''' 8"^'*^"^ ""'er similar gathci 

Amber Risingci 

JuiUn Cam*, lophomors eoniimJ MixJIm mala., maia In oppoiltlDn 

annuny . crsoo 


president. Dr. Bielz and exchange program. "1 want- 

apaihedc," rises with the attendance "" ^^"^ '^""^ 

Downy sponsors free laundry day at U. Marylan 

Baker, were traveling andthiswasmyopporlunity 
together atiil discussed liav- 1 really think it's important, 
ing students from their eol- especially in the Sevenlli- 

■ ^ 1 

an iron. The free laundry college students arta 
promotion is being held on same wav. so free laundfll 


leges switch places for a day Adventisi Church, to 

tU-WIRE) COLLEGE ^^ campuses across the a great incentive to get 

The Southern Accent 

"I don't think they imag- because understanding 

PARK. Md - Jon Shalvi "^'""'- to try our product." 
dragged his hefty bag of siudenuTaw^beTn "S des^*"'^^'^ T'^ T"^ 

P.O. Box 370 

"Communication between person. Heaven will be like 

Collegedale, Tenn. 37315 




increased tremendously in 

washing ' macliine.''''then ^\l bags overflowing with get rid of wrinkles. Stu 
another and debated ^'^"'^'' ^n'rls and smelly all agreed they were \ 

Gym clinic has finale 

whether to fill a third, ^^^} ''"""^ " "*""■ ^°^ 'o Bet free laundry, bu 

Shalri. a junior eleclrica! u^f."'*.'''^^ Mcaghan mixed feelings about 

engineering major, is like ^^P-^-^ I^mor markeUng product. 'They did a tie 

s',i"r'v;.r.s "^"-".sScf' s:.s;i,*-' 

About the Accent 

By Larry Baxter a graceful baeknij) and come 

doing laundry tor as long as - ^"''^ recenUy brought said. 

possible, throwing his dirtv Pounds of laundry lo a "Tt sort of worked,' 

The Souihem Accem is the numc addrcsi and ohone 

"iTwasTiirght oTbiid 9^*""'^^'^ "'''^"' "'i?''''"S 

cblht^ in hisXl. Ou,?f '^"ndromat to have it Lindstrom. "but deG 

omcial student newspaper of number for ' vcriricilion 

SouihtmAdvenUsiUnivei^ily Unsignai Icncrs will noi be 

dex suits ■rhe'SnuihiTn " ""'"■ "^ f'^erglass rods, 

result is a few massive loads ""^ 5"';,^'?^ ^^ '^^"'^ ^ t^"i Corely and A 

und is published each pnnled. 

Thursday during the school The Accent accepts un.w- 

Union Gymnastic Clinic I"")*"? "T"' -'"*""",?, '""' 
ended last Saiurdiv nii-hi '''^^^ handspnngs hke a 

about once a month. '""""'■ ^^"'"8 laundry is Polite, from U.S. Mat! 
Mall Lindstrom. a junior ^^- ^ '"^^le." Hardy said, and Promotions, wcr 

^idi rouUm-7from al" Sie f'^^o^harged slinky. 

vacalions and nam periods. Columns should bo between 

emptied his bag of laundry 1 ''" '^^^^ *'" ""y o"" tinned in I^onardl 

Sl^^^eSuEhSra'^S^ dl'e!!;*'"''^''"^' '""""^ '° 

iricluding 'sSuilicrn's'^ Gynt ^■3'''-™y.*=*it', Tm tired and 

into one washing machine - ^""f J' ^^"- '^«" 'f ■! is laundry room. "We-I 
barely a full load- ^^- ^}^^\ only here lo pay f« 

ncoasarily rencci the views The editors reserve the 

Tliis was the conclusion Southern students not 

"I always do my laundry . =''"''<^is sad their "laun- laundry, but also to i 

of an intensive, half-week P?^'''^e="'''8 =* gymnasts 

clinic put on by Rick ^Isoenjoyed the show. 

said, lindstrom represents a ?""' "^^^ ''"'e. not hav- might have about hotf 

Seventh-day Advcntisi missions bcconu; property of 
Chijreh, orthc advenisen. All iheAccent. 

Schwartz and tlie r,vninn>t ^"^ performance was 
Mvlz and tl,e Gynmms- „„ ^^ ^^^^. ^^ ^^ 

SlosSedtto'il," ^'^-S.rc2o;S"aSt Most of^S^LSn? 

vi^ws" of difi^OT"? of !h^ ate^y at nMn'"^d^''b! 

Acrosport team* were Sg majo'r ^"''''""" "^' 

Leonardtown laundry room "^'^''■' ^^^'"•l''-' public relations laundry were upp«' 
to wash their clothes for free ^'^"'^ handling the Downy men and have already 

1^ A'ccenl^welTOr^'^our ""o" *iKB"-ni''*^r"ih 

as 'tumbirn? rdlh'IoZt '''""T'? ^''''- ' ^^^'^ 

this weekend as part of a P™"'o'ion. said they decid- doing their laundry 

Then tlicy display.-d diose "'"^t- rehgion ma,or, said he 

promotion by Downy ^"^ '" f 8^'^ l^e new product while now she said. 

skills Saturday night in a Jm'j^^s^^u^e ^^miL.'ciSt 

Laundry consultants from '"^a" college students. Next weekend fr« 

Downy were slaUoned in ^"^^ ^"'^*; S*^' '" school, dry will be offered in 


The performance fea- "'^ "'"^'"^ ^""^ drug-free 

five laundry rooms around '"A"*' ''""'' ^•■'P^rate their dry rooms on North 

TlieAceenlwiltlnElyeotrecUallfacluulmisuikcs. Ifyoufecl 

turcd the academy teams ""?|*?f,_*„, ,. ,., . . . 
stacking themselves into all ^ lo>c-d the outfits, said 

the campus tliis weekend, " " "^/"l ™^^- let alone including those in D 
handing out nuarlers and ™'' "'^"" '^'"Ihes before Easton Ellicotl Haga 

sorts of human high-riscs. ^"'^ ^i"''' ^'^°' E"Rli^l' 

deterKenl as well as demon "■''-'^""E ""^m. she said and lipiata whert' 

2721 write 10 us at P.O. Box 370. Collegedale. Tenn, 37315, or 

Groupsofthreewouldgrasp . '".^.^ communications 

strations of a new Downy "I f^^'^^ ^"^'.''d until 1 freshn.en live. "\S^^ 

^s and^prapd a girl into 3^- J^^^ '" ^^"^ °'"' 

w-rinkles without the use of 

drv" PaikwiH "l^ih*^ u '^'' 

- Uons there." Corely s^ 

■ 1 1 I ^L / The Sonlhera Accent 


Thursday, November 9, 2000 I- 

irsUaw of revival Vast beyond the stars 

One dead bird 

Dorft be afraid 

began to explain lo the bird 

trying to get my money; thing pretty b 
they think they can get me ple-We will di 

' , . °. mydaughler.Orworecyel,a doesn't matter how meager 
» '"Shi- gjgj,( j^j.^p, ^35 ,gj,(,gj o„ orhowlargethefear.itdoes- 

andmas ly needing help. In a flash i or in what manner. God 

to'Se " ' 

ised look on back!" 
attach to the plas- the bird. Coming lo 

iritu ally-deal 

. -It 

Once I have completed 

\Vhat little b 

doesn't do what 3 
shouldl- exclaim 

aw the Uttle bird laying on The words of God arc 
le bottom with his Uttle feet found in the Bible. We musi 
flcking straight up. It was "ear spiritual food everyday 

rnolfor counter began to shake his 

s? Place ladder for the bird? He won't 
Ji know- play with the plastic rings 

J think it cage, sadly tl 

to play pet shop c 
led. And tic rings, the 

,d digesting. Once food 

d and shjdy the Bible, the 
ths found in God's word 
:ome fuel for you lo use, 
] they strengthen you. 

lat yesterday? Ilic beUeve ttiis! \Vhy didj 
thought you knew ^^.^ gjnj, pi^gti^ ^ 

Write a Student Mis- 
sionary! Jessica Win- 
ters is teaching home vvisdom from church signs 

school in Kathmandu, 
Nepal. Her address is: 
Sheer Memorial Hos- 
P.O. Box 88 
Kathmandu, Nepal 

1. He came out alright" 

■Fight truth decay-study the : 

L* /' Tlie Southern AccenI "I 

Thuraiay, November 9, 2000 —^ ~ 

There is s< 


ling to do 

after all... 

11.14 (lues) 11.1b (wed) 

11.9 (thurs) 

11.10 (frr) 

11.11 (sat) 

11.12 (sun) 







(S3 cover) 





An Evening 

of Mahler 


Mystery a I 

Visit Portugal 



An Evening 

Italian Wed 
dine (£24.50 

Grant Foster 
For ticket 




Museum of 








Beki Hem- 



Alathea & 

l^an Long 


ingway & 

10 Bluff View 



ahead to con- 



and dales at 

miior DUDOct cindlditei. MrourourdO^SiM^ll^n!" 

R o a d t r i p 

1(0 seven FALL (Oelober 1 
■loped and SPRING/SUMMEIl m 


s no 2:45 deparM 
and Cumberi 

■rson per-day. Summers (May Ihr* 

lym clinic attendees perform in Saturday night finale 

[onday conversations 
ith Kevin Johnson 

Best looking athletes 

Tliursday, November 9, 

Shuttle Computer 
big related eyestrain 

difficult zJzBi^BZzi ?S''r3«r"S! SrH'll'E'/i 

Princeton team shares grant fro: 
NASA for biosensor research 

NovLmhtT 2 Ihe 

Oiere is no evidence ihai 

mine precisely wlia 

compuler video display ter- 

minals (VDTs) are harmftil 


dry, red, itchy or v 

Difficulty focusing 

high winds lasled fo 

eases. "Hie bad news, howev- 


won't damage the eyes. Its 


oflening you lo take a break. 

Symptoms appear a 

research applica 

lody's blybeyor 
Aksay and Jeffrey Carl>eck, ^^.3 „,teresl because it Aksa/s I 

" support computer keeps 


It ha 

been known that 

e cr evelop res.s- 



N. Jones, MD, lells 

skin of most people. 

control practi'*.S 


injur! Si^^nablc 

organisms, with "J 

of pathology at Ihe 
ous disease specialisL 


and, eventually, the 

spread quite readj 


S to the CDC, 

rates of lantibio* 

vailaWe now that's 


Reporting W 

lo be most likely to 


und only in patients 

^"'©'S Itdl^ 

lems. r 



"W"^ The Soulhem Accenl '' 9 


Thursday, November 9, 2000 

RU-486 for students? 

Mifeprex to be a 

of not open 24 hours," said Dr, dents. "Wc don't 

ler- Margaret Bridwell, director abortions, 

as of University Health Ser- tions, (an 

"hMltti''"Kn^ umversitieswhodosu^ri^cal should be seeing someone Marianne Worley. mar 

^™''"1^.^! son_said that the University they are going to take Georgetown Hospital. 

/ould not 

loUege workload found 
larder by freshmen 

nilly of adjusting studied nn 
ly from home, is still wc 

bad once 


1 Manta! and FimiK Therapy 

Texas Gov. George 
W. Bush became 
the country's 43rd 

president early 
Wednesday morn- 
ing for two hours 
as part of one of 
the closest elec- 
tions in history. 

Election could change 
look of Washington 


could include Oklahoma 
Gov. Frank Keating and U.S. 

I Rosen and 

:ain significant funds / 

job. Keating would b 
Mahoney, Keating's i 


industry in Texas, 

Bill Shapard, Watts' p 

focusing on hia reelet 

.8 B.A.C. grounds for DUI 

le deaths and injuries," 

Opponents ofthebiU sail 
nay have lower tolerance 

le fight to 
1. MADD's 

n place that y< 

Webb told U-WIRE Mon. 
everything i 

ilional 590 lives could 

MADD places BAC would make a signifi- 

her body and a broken improve roads, bridge^air- 

xk. Webb's unborn child ports and mass transiLbena- 

the time Kara was born lor Frank Lautenberg (D- 

sallv blind due to the NJ) and Representative Nita 

Lh' 'A lot^of P^Pl^^d°;'„t tTf^^neS'^ (^^I'S 

K The Southern Accent 


What is all this 
"God" talk anyway? 

omelhing jusl 

offended by 
iheir degree ai 

for complain- 

Za some 1 

The commercialization 
of the Christmas season 



iValking tlirouEh many ol makes Iheir childre: 
It plastic candy canes arc PiayStalion 2 is Ihe ultim; 

Clirislmaa plague PJaySl'atJon E 

:■ only for S19 

I. Ml. r ■. Mill Mion addressed. ' 

ibgiving it, not prof- around us. 
enough tor compa- Doyouli) 

» Ihey have expanded Do you want 

Eyes and ears 

Causing casual anarchy and promoting 
Gloria Steinam-like equality . 

The Southern Accent 

T by the drink. If beer by 

Remember playing boys 

every evening,' Jimmy's fiancee, Carolyn. 
inofMen. Dwight 11:00 or so. She can sta 

ors locked? lobby is empty, save for 

sexes aUowed to rema 
the dorro lobby? 

for example? 1 a boy d 

Take Back the Night a 
step in the right direction 

Saumem's SlutSen! 

Voice Since 1926 

munity lo confront Ihe 

than a few isolated incidenls 

problems has left viole 

scope, immediacy and reali- 

Cadence Van Dolson, Editor in Chief 

womcn, Take Back Ihe 

that needs our direct atl 


change policies pertaining 

a pressing issue that is hard 

dirwied at women Ihey are 

Jfj^mfer Williams 

also offering students some- 

/issisFANT News Edftok 

Senioh Copy EonoR 


wiU be Ihe beginning o 


Lows LlCllT 

oft^Ii^ vkrcd'"lhr*uEh^ S 

Ufestyi^ Editor 

Semor Photographer 

Friday night's march and 

that Georgetown is a p 

Billy Gageh 

Mandv Siiearfr 

speal(-oul will provide a 

where no woman sh 

Faith XPress Eorroit 


long as one woman is lh^eat- 


should be a place w 

Morgan Kochenower 

Sponrs Editor 

Design/Graphics Edttor 

bly, quickly and jusll 


Nick Lee 

IS no! just a ^women's prob- 

issues that are hardcs 


Design/Graphics Editor 

discuss are not igno 


David Fournier 


veriiy swelling around the 


Onune Edttor 

Jemfnd "^^sTar^olen^! 

and perhaps conveniently 

This itaff tditOTial 
mH> appiand in Vie 

Joe LaCom 

Dennis Negr6n 

merely be addresied on a 

comforlable, to djsmjss it as 

ol Georgctouji Univeni 

Humor Eorroit 

Facultv Ad\isor 

Novtmber 7. 2000. 

grad students 


Reladons Board pave 
teaching assistants at p 

e expressed gener 

tilled, professors 
uid cross picket 

:Umale of the university s« 

taini, not be iost on U 
sity President Judith r 

The Accent would like to thank e 
and every student who voted in thi 
election on Tuesday. By doing that, 

you have 

contributed to the democracy thai 

we have enjoyed for the last 224 

years. By voting, you have particip'' 

ed in a historical event, one of th' 

closest presidential races in histoff 

We would also like to note that this 

coming March, the CoUegedale Cil) 

Commission will hold elections, ao' 

we encourage every student to 

participate in that as well. 

"|_^ [ u^iiiiiua^ i ne aoumera Accent I'acc -J 

ruit flies in worship We should talk to strangers 

11 find your- 

the/re crowded and hot and 

J offer. Atlanta hi 
Olympic par 

jally am friendly t 

lich is massive, eating ray by his reaction to my V 
is than desirable yogurt, ness and insightfullness. 
rapletejy mindiflg my own kept walking, rounded a 

don't really think ifs all 

a the help but notice. Ifsjii 

e CNN center. Just people ' 

the same rules still exist able to look up and s 

Pretty simple I thought, ai 

joke really needed to go to. You But I think that everyon 
nind your eyes and look at the many people really wouli 

stepped on, you crei 
mountain of JanS- us I 

tsfor20min- bation wasn't hanging ovei 

about the happenini 

Reflections on an election year 

asn't all business. We had 

;o the golf effort but were simply o' 

II love you always 

Fo refer for helping by sub- 

Bad coffee, onion rings and friends 

nlSewZwbve « f'g 

e crazy"? You get the fcj., XjoM 

dea. How did you feel "^ '^™ 

heard these have they? Maybe it 

felt special and to figure out what y< 

People tend to take care self t 

V nights ago. I hap- toiow they w 

'lallenge ii 

p!e, completely. Putyoure 

ik back on fondly at our 

It they are giv- greatest gift! 

family is (one of God's 
- - -eople are 

people for granted, they 

irtners at Wellness 

olumn geared toward helping students 
' positive, well-balanced lives. 

itamples of (Your daily water nee 
pound of body weight) 

li headaches PLEASE turn in your mile 
> by diluting contact Julie Oetraan ' 


Check out our Phone Card. 


Check our card against the ones you buy at 

Walmart, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, 

Office Max and even Celt Phone Deals. 


2000 Minutes for $20.00 
1000 Minutes for $10.00 


Call now! 423-559-3112 

Thursday, November 9, 

Elementary answers 

Super Crossword 

jtntoi SSAcnu pontvd — — 

iSrwXm WCui-" Kcmten IrtMlnflr «' 

t [tSvya) IM-Chiirtor •*«« . g 

UsSnmarf 101 Wdaultn' 


Signs your RA is losing 

Compiled by Rob York 
10 He declares himself czar of 3rd west and demands tribal 

9. He begins constructing forls in the hallway "Just in case| 
2nd main decides to invade someday" 

8. You find him crouched outside you room with a stetho- 
scope. His explanation: "The music's too loud." 

7. You go into your RA's room and find action figures namel 
after everyone in your hall. L 

6. The head of your action figure shows up in your mailboni 
one day. 

5. He sings 'The Name Game" during check. 

4. "I'm ready to tell you my secret. I. ..see.. ..alumni." 

3. You see him come out ol a dark, empty room during 
nightcheck wearing black. . 

2. He stops charging a dollar for locking yourself out of yoil 
room. Instead, he demands socks. 1 

1 . "If you don't clean up your room, I will stab you with thisi 

Cynics guide to lif 

Tiiurstlay. November IG, 2000 


newest single guy of 

^^^^^^H^^ Read how one ^^^B^^^^l 

^^^fe^^^E^Hu student a stranger ^^^^ J^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^I^BI on her one mom- ^^^^^9 ^^^1 

'|__JK_1| FAGE7 I y^y* I 


h Estrada with taking 

removal i 
)SCOW — I 

lings Monday aftei 

n the Jewish seltli 

)uld stiffen W. 

COMP 102, speech 
classes filled fast 


Avant addresses student concerns Southern's auto department 

H'EE'?I^!s SrsiiS serves college community 

Contact the Accent 


The Southern Accent 

P.O. Box 370 

Collegedale.Teiin. 37315 




About the Accent 

GettinB a student Lo ai 
difficult process, especi 

The form is not currently 
e 10 use but Ed lamb, 
air of the University Sen- 
as well as ihe Social 
rk and Family Studies. 


Professor of English, thinks 
thai the biggest problem is 

important to the teachere. 
per^n'^Jevaluate their own 

In her office. Laune K. 
Redmer, Southern Ad ven Us t 
University's Syrnphony 
Orchestra's new director, 
l,as a pichire of herself at 

direirtJng a gather- 


Ted Ashlon. Program- 
r/Analysl at SAU. would 
undertaking Ihe project 

■Changing ihe code relal- 

teacher never *^?^ "[^ '^''| 

found me walking around 
the house with a cigar box,' 
Redmer said, -1 had put 
strings across the box and 

she w 

real problem. The more 
ublejob comes when indi- 

was uang a stick as a bow. 



sines and hums and ba- 


John Keyes 

conliaucd from page 1 


on University Drive stress- 

ing break. Cater urged 


:ampus safety con- 


shaking- privileges so 

appeal. U 

sabig waist of the 

Avanl responded by say- 

permanenlly banned 


not take parking 
s seriously 

problem that two more cross 
walks will most likely he 
added with yellow flashing 

According to Paul 
bSorae a big issue a 


by asking what 

yellow lights when the road 

requested that work 


exemption and if 

Ihe right of way in cross 

Meyers says that the s 

-I alw 

ys accept appeals 

nd the appeal is 
lied by an official 

they should be worn 
dents. Further resear 


peals staling that a 

legedale police force, added 
that pedestrians only have 
the right of way when Ihey 

ducted regarding the 
Ugation raised by me 

Redmer named new 
orchestra director 

-and Ihe music-she loves, pi^^^ ,„ ^^pi ^^i 

Tlie [symphony] group ^^^-g orchestra U 

is wonderful." she said and Br^l. Within 

emphatically, "They sight- (he orchesh^ vnU 

ledcstrian cross walks was have dumped sail a 
iddrwsod to Avanl by the added liquid lo Ihe si 

e floor pus Kitchen. 

Campus bicycles were 

Meyers responded lo boll 

Religion profs answer questions 

of students, faculty staff and ^ ^^ ^ly aud 

community people. The remember it was ; 

man purpose, she says, is to ^^j,- 
provide tairnng for Music -j^j^ j^ currently t 

Performance majors, (j^j,, conducting job a 

-Although many students i,,^ j|, ^^ denominali 

are not Music students, ^j^^ ^^^g -^^^ „[ coi 

Indeed, maybe 15 of the 70 ^^^- ^ v)oman. and in 

Atlantic Union College and Redmer-whohasasi 

9*"- adds, -I've been told tl 
En?- the best university/co 

New York trips 
leave this weekeiK 

ilion, Collegiate ^^^ 
'■— '.ogical Soci 
a branch o 

entisl Tlieological Soci- m-cessibl 

logical Society CATS.), 

Xafe Chat i 

still finding answe; 
Said. -Ifs good t( 

schedule of meetings 


al we hardly dare to ask to life- 
ouzel begins with a dcvo- around ca/i 
inal and ihen people go Enno Mue 

rgarding working on the sion of Cf 

dents will go to plac 
Ellis Island, different oth 

Chinatown and H 

_^ Pirates of Penzances 
'°"'^'" peformance begins tonight 


Thursday, November 16, 2000 

lalendar of local events for 11.16-11.22 

; of Penzance 

10pm Milele Roots 
Rhythm & Brews 
221 Market St 

8p WaterdeepSIO 
New City Cafe 
Knoxville, TN 

Unfortunate Pickers 
Jacobs Ladder 
231 MLKing 

The Beatles Are 
Backl Symphony 
Pops Concert 8p 
Tivoli Theatre 

Roots, Rock & 

4p Barnard 

Audubon Acres 

Sunday 11.19 

Sugarhill Gang & 
The Malemen S12 
doors open at 8p 
show starts al 9p 
221 Market St 

Standifer Gap 
Recycling Center 
open Tuesday- 
Fridays; 10a-6p 

Other Local Venues 
Lizard Lounge 
1301 ChesnulSl 

applications for tl 
1st Annual Roll & 
Stroll to benefit tt 

Tree hugger? 

Wednesday 11.22 

Tun7& theTellico 
Militia ($5) 10pm 
Rhythm & Brews 
221 Market St 

Tivoli Theatre 
701 Broad St 

shelter lo live a 
These pines a 

tiarvesl and j 

y lie in the hands of c 

■suppliers will clear tobacco ; 


Singles of the week "Curing 'singlitis' one life at a time" 

Scott Parker, 21Public Relations/ Biology rr 

[f Talge Hall c 

n fire und y 

ing up, what v 


"My nude photographs of all my ex-girlfriends...bul seriously, my photograph album." 
How does someone go about joining the Scott Parker Fan Club? 
"You need to speak with Andrew Massengill, the president. He can be reached at 238.31 
What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? 
"Swimming in the pool." 
What do you look for in a woman? 

"I have three criteria for a girl: loves God, loves me, loves the outdoors." 
When was the last time you went out on a "date"?. 


1 21 years...a really long lime 

Poor me." 

Describe you 

r perfect date. 

■'Something s 

mple. A picnic on top of a hill, 

watching the sunseL" 

\Vhen was th 

e lost time you left the cour 

try, and for what r 



duras in August 2000 to work a 

an orphanage, 1 love 

mission work 

What is the 

nost insane thing you have 

ever done? 

"I went skydiv 



"I was an English professor at Universidad Peruana Union. Thafs 

n Peru. Th 

When it comes to dating, who should do the asking out? 

"My mother, she always seems to know who's "soo cute". 1 tliink the guy should, but the 
girl needs to say "YES!!!" and nol expect that just because I'm asking her out that 1 am inter- 
ested in an "intense" relationship with her. I just want to get lo know her." 

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you want to have? 

"Is a woman an item? A Bible, a knife, and matches.. .because cold raU don't taste too good." 

If you were described in a song, what would you be? 

"If s gonna be me by N'SYNC." 

\\%at are your plans for Thanksgiving break? 

"Depends on whether or not the cafe is serving Thanksgiving dinner...rm up for sugges- 
tions, give me a call (238.3362) or email me (smparker®soulliern.cdu)" 


What do you look for in a friend? 

"Hmm, well, basically I look for someone i can use as a crulcli., 
If they actually have crutches, tliat's even heller." 

What about qualities in a guy? 

"He must have a bent propensity towards procrastination and 

Who do you think should do the asking out for a date? 

The fatJier of the girl should ask the young man lliat tliey find 

What sorts of things do you occupy your lime with when 

"I work as a sky chef at Chattanooga Aeroporl. Then on the 
side I pursue my career in toll-boothing." 
What do you notice first about someone when you meet 

Teeth. TTieir large canines." 
What would you do if you had a stalker? 
"I would most certainly slalk them back!" 
What is your beat asset' 

Battle of the PDAs Legal MP3s all the wa] 

I, thus dampening 

each file thai identifies JL the rights lo music "se. 
10 "remove the watermark this contest have h^ 

nology. Tlic downsii 

ROM or an expansioi 
The PalniVx tool 

Inally PockelPC r 
's iPaq H3650. ' 

if Princeton, Rice and lei; 

SDMi is formed by ove 

involved in SDMiS 
Tiann, has aln| 
led an alliance wiUiM 

w members to doll 

Best and worst of the we 

Catch the bug 

i;i;pV/Z>r3S,,c<,n,/ ££;s'»i 

3(ll3( IS a company tha is -^ niodcrateiy fa 
Mgh duality and (aJl graph- i^'s^K mX 

E'riin«n''g,'ii°;»',i i"*~4".ft«i'? Jopfb'mTn'ugrB Ezonics revolutionizes Internet chatting 

=iiuit mjiiiiuiijj,,, ii,iiiu:>i p^.^mr^. icon bogan bUnk- make a complainL O 

TJ'J:tS:i''oZ ;E'c3a°?iH"t' y™":™^!';'"""" with world's first Internet video phone cam 

lzn«°te ™io'°.': ['^j^ /°;, "„°Z"nn"ih° ^hSto. ™r7M'ac Ti ^ot ticw gizijio rescmbles cell phone, makes video chatting eai 

lonLinually from Aulomated Jn'«rnet and rarely listens lo [lenguin fans. PLEASANTON. Calif-- tiifougli a plug-in USB port paiibic with Windows 98, notebook compur- - J 

We;Ub(-r Source's vast net- l*^™"^' ■ Nolveryusefulwitli (BUSINESS WIRE via COl^ wlb no add-in card or Windows ME and Windows Ics has offered i i- " I 

It you woula like to write tor the Technology page, 

email or 

fame scores 

Ji to help Uiem." To start out the game, game Dunkel said. "We did- and ran the ball into die en 
dn'l have been Team Dunkel used a time n't play our best, but we zone twice and found Jos 
,t is a team game consuming drive capped off played awesome on defense Townsend for another scon 

itl Nafie found i 
Elvers. Bryce Reading, Reading and Randy N 

and finding his Mat 

( INutt] hard and he and Bryce got 
mindset the play Nafie found Royce 
y were for the score. Mark Dietrich 

I safety, they called two ti 

luchdowns, Miller said, ' 

from Bell, and 

iien asked they nee 

m Watson would did. John Appel found Derek 

lappened. ! thought 

."IE just game plan 

■h.™.,.„,„ 0„,hev„,..„p,..»,e, A,fi«,his.„e.d„., yolleyball 

londay conversations game scores 
dth Yvette Saliba #^^$11 


0, whom would I hav 

aw were D 

Teamjohnson was miss- 
ing two of its better players, 
and Aitkcn took advantage 

Ihey pretty much had their 

highlights c 

. My RE. Why don't you play rest of Iheir team will shi 
1 me that I more sports here? Ed dirRore! Benny, "l 

idenltoo.I a viciously compeliUve per- Quo,eof thgWeek 


much. If 1 did play more I ^g ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

ble Hulk," angry and mean. because volleyball is my 


-Shelly Dubosque on why 

she didn't sign up for vol- 


Best looking athletes 

Chad Watkins- 

plays every sport known lo n 
has a good attitude. This man is The Chad." 


Justin Freed- 

play volleyball and well, lei's just 
say he is good-looking. 

Donnie Miller- 

e wore an Akili Smilti Jersey thai was really 
giy, but he was able to shine through it 
ad his team to a championship victory. 

Just try lo spike when s 

g front line. Amy Slagli 


Thanksgiving is just around the comer! 
Start saving now with a Prepaid Phone Card 
Show your Parents just how smart you are. 

This is the Best Phone Card deal around. 

2000 Minutes for $20.00 
1000 Minutes for SIO.OO 


Pai^■ (i The Souihcm 

In support of (fake) 
chicken gravy 

liable in our illustrious cafe, but Uicy ar 

The Southern Accent 

Letters to the Editor Election 2000 

^l...^ iilSi iiili yi^l^s a likely I 

10. Articles/clips from inserting a daffodil into that I'm really happy forall* J •• TTr»l 

other schools- newspapers another individual's rectum, tliose people who have had irirlPriQlVP IS 

(though Im sure these arc TTial's crude.) Iliat wonderfoi epiphany iXiU.CCidlVC U*v3l| 

relevant lo the people 6. All the singles' about the important things 

attending those schools). garbage. (Singles this, sin- in lite, but after awhile, their 

9. National news articles, gles thaL...SingUli3 is not a articles all. start sounding # /^*-» fTt*A C C 

(Newsweek. USA Today disease. «, please don't try , the same,) _ V^OIlHreSS 

and CNN seem to have it lo cure iL) 2. Nononfimal articles, ^ 

I. Multiple Top Ten lisl 

Eyes and ears 

Causing casual anarchy and ip 
giving popcorn advice. 

m the grass in yards of 

Bipartisan legislaQ 

can reflect on Election 

means by which tiie 

iegardless of whether 

measures. Both part 

different approaches 

Vice President Al Gore 

handling importani 

such as Social Secu 

cuts. Ihe federal suri 

country's closest presi- 

prescription drug co 

sident will be challenged 

1 the 107th U,S. Con- 

^. which is split nearly 

lally between Democrats 

. Republicans in both the 


ty members in the House 

doubt and lack of leg 

Mandy Siieari- k 

Design/Graphics Editor 

Design/Graphics Editor 

or every- 

parking lot, is a boy's car. 

uicumbente. Voters elected 

tag. Aww. He has, 

andeaL Do not leave pop- 

ising. A 

Stabenow defeated one-lerm 

usual procedure? 1 wonder. 

the popcorn. If you lack 

Republican Sen. Spence 

1 peek at his tickets: one 

knowledge in microwave 

up representation in the U S 

House with voters electing 

er one to 

separate tickets on the same 

Cre alarms for two weeks. 

continue walking.,. and see 

. Unfortunately, American 

Bush or 

hang lag hi Ihis car. There is 


is obviously split in polili™! 

ThanksgiwiB? Is tiie eafetc- 

voting has trickled into the 

ly have an explanation for 

ti-^s legislative body 

I Ihmk 


Ah. Southern hospitaiily 

^W^hoW^ ""^ ""ajorily 

The Southern Accent P;li 

hat I The art of procrastination Stranger on the couch 

'°°All°iho2nmneiBkeADD Perhaps in olden days it -^ tod llie [MelliEcnl idea dial 

Harmony and ADHD run Ihrongli "", eemmon tor sUmjers ^^M maybe we slioold call Ihe, 

■nilerson your head, men ,00, en.™ 10 tajck on door, ,n my ^^B Jo\e"f P«l£=. „„.,.„„.,.: 

lo the small brick cubicle neighborhood. Perhaps ^^HV^ Harrell The conversation with 

that you call your room you salesmen and Girl Scouts ^^^^ ^^ dispatcher was a new 

are reUeved when Ihe phone "/„ '^^"""J'jjj^J^y^" ^^^^ ""^S.'wetovSTman on' 


eally dumb. 

D/^ -l-m sorry, I can't 

I , REALLY have to study 

•^-'» Ok Vni, f«.1 litp , 

Big Three. 

)out the cat and the ket 

phone ^^ Jehovah's Witness 

r^ljon petualiy open lo unltnot 

nee, it is very rare 1 
itrangcrs lo knock on o 

le online Joker, you happen 

people. The Student i 

one of the plywood beams.., '"81 

And suddenly, it hits you. "- 

You probably have a disor- " 

der of some sort Why can't ">""i 
you just STUDY? 

posed lo be studying, ^"'^ 

1^^ "Mr. Gore, stay with I 
F^^ West Palm Beach" I 


3ke in her bedroom w 
ose to face the da 
Ided down the hall 
1 stumbled into the b 

arly early enough for 

We spent long minutes 
ddled in the bedroom, 
mbling and analyzing th^; 

six-lane high- sleepingonourcouch, Inhis., 
ached uo into underwear, 
d shoulders. . Fmally the police pulled. 

Tback^Z stood awkwi^dly b 

S^daTu'suX sLp And Ih'ankfiilly. they w 

^r is simpler (^. 
7lnd tofishtthe 

d walked dowi 

£IH7j5 How to communicate with men 

n Paul and Nicole John- 

To know Jesus better 

m^^ Daniel 
■^H Olson 


■d about next semes- 

things in life to think about 

E^ Amber 



pied with his team's prob- 
tions their dwindling bank 

to verbalize iheir concerns 
during the situation. While 
the man may be willing to 

are movies, dating, shop- 

IHB Rlsinger 

their communication. 

account Watching sports is 

listen, he would prefer to sit 

levant lo you. 

ping, sports and holidays 



an enjoyable relaxation that 

quietly and talk later, when 

ase. keep sending in 


about things in life thai real- 
ly aren't that bad? Do you 


pastor that it brought com- 

When offering advice 
about relationships, sugges- 

t>-pes and generalizations. 

tition, and a man feels sue- 
So let the man watch qui- 
etly. If you need to. ask ques- 

'^Rule Ihrxje: Don't pre^ 


family who loves us. we are 



people don't have one at all! 

The only tiling that can spoil 

Jesus was right there wth 
him. The _ paslor was 


eons during the commer- 

pretty inBcnsilive somts 
times. They unknowmgly 

dy I! a junior English 

everything is a bad attimde. 

"'^^woi^en-o "^ibS" 

strale their socallcd knowl- 

and (he Accent Editor- 

Did you just fail your test? 

Last week I was sent a 

ly feel God's presence. They 

woman prefers a concise 

Uibgs that hurt a woman's 

^^% nai 

^ToXstt^Ss ^um^r? 

dying. I won't include all the 

said good night 

tor his team. He will appred- 
ate your understanding and 

feelings. But men can be 

"One ol the tilings ilini 

Someone just discovered 

details just enough to tell the 

love, and he will be willing to 

they have cancer Your 

boi*iend didn't compliment 
your hair? Someone just got 

Writing about improving 

^ ffl 

Lels call the man Tad 

looked as though he didn't 

a risky proposition, as the 

thing meaningful to say 


A stereotype of genders is 

would die. He had spoken to 

obli^ous to the obvious. 

r^^^ ^mffiM 

Someone is being raped in a 

his family and friends and he 

ply feU asleep. She contin- 

demeanor, Sohciling for 

shopping (or hours, while 


back alley. You don't have 

was ready to go. 

ued on by telling the pastor 

opinions and advice from 

His daughter Ann was at 

hopchiUy bridge an under- 

approach - grab the first pair 

every oUier night for din- 

his home taking care of him 

one thing. The pastor lis- 
tened lo her share, Ann said 

of kliakis that fit and leave. 



Tad lay in his quiet room 

bed. I wonder why." 

advice is a generalization. 

release while shopping simi- 

then' explain why Men 



This week I'm going to 
pray that we will think about 
the things that are really 

rup^'ten "while" IhV^e 

watching sports. 

free meandering of brows- 
chases as a challenge. 

ive a com- 

their heart broken. Maybe 

^jepaslor told him that Ann 

important in life, I want lo be 

Short of Daunting topless 
or burning down the house. 

And those qualities ore 

wonderfully different, gen- 

snt? Send 
ur opinion 

we should look at the things 
tht,y are really dial bad. 

Politely the Pastor asked 
if it was okay that he slay 
and lalk for a while. Tad 
kindly agreed. They talked 

with Him. If you and I could 

we would be much happier. 

women will Und it difficult lo 
distract men engaged in 
watching sporUng events. 
Rest assured, men love 

son forM>^g something," a 
male friend advises. The 

enir Bodi e'Snilcr5''S 

>lutnns or 


Sem'^ries ''S" UfS'^chaf 

We wouldn't waste time 
thinking about things that 

phone to his girlfriend, but 

emolions - antl ^|^''-'|'|j'|^ 

lets to tlie 

5ery p""lSc^m^at 

''XlTe'^Sor was saying 

aren't important. We'd pray 

time with their significant 
other. According to John 

she Mi's |vithoutareason^^ 

right time and (be nKhl 

iditor to 

my lite really isn't that had. 1 

good night to Tad he asked 

much less then us, lliose 

Gray, author of Mm arcAom 
Mats. Women are from 

sometimes she has nothing 

have so much to be happy 

to say.- he added. 


Venus, men experience a 

One female friend said 

have the big {important) 


Sfita fetter, doni you? 


boyfriend often is because 
she is thinking of him. The 

JQunialian major from Mary- 

thing he'd never told anyone 

when watching a compeii- 


Thursday, November 16, 

'The Dog' knows best 

nohody lo "No crises wen; predi 

indecision 2000 


Things heard in senate 

By Rob York 

10. "Wow, Wohlers is as strict as they say." 

9. "So, for future reference, can we impeach you?" 

8. "So he's SA president. I thought he'd be taller." 

7. "Can we adjourn? It's just gonna get veto'd anyway." 

6. "My constitu-whats?" 

5. "Now we've got Bielz right where he wants us." 

4. "I don't know, I just thought Senate would look good < 

Tuesday, November 21, 2000 

Campus News 

Read about why two 
PUC sludenl m 
in Bolivia had i 

Vol. 56 No. 11 

s tliankful for this 

the Accent and find 

who's heen 

drugs into Collegedalc. 


. /*f^ 

Pirates of Penzance 
production a success 

Church, Southern 
give to community 

Students rate their 
Southern education 

ulhcr„Ad,™a,.Unl- „, 
Study conducted by ^^^ 

escnted has been 

p Southern Adventi 

How well is Southern 
meeting students' expectations? 

School of Visual Art and 
Design to create statue 

Elijah statue will be placed on 
mall in front of Wright Hall 

Statue has a landmark to its (.jjignjpd loward aji 
campus, followinE the fool- ■ ^^^^^ ^^ Elisha. 

versity and LaSierra Univer- ^^-^^.^ ^^^^^ i^^ ^ 

ran aJtcr Elijah. ^^ , ^f'^^^^ Rmite." 
■d-by.' he said, ^" ' ^^^^^^ ggurt- 
he set out 10 fol- ^nn^U.i^'^HnTPn. vvl 

dom and education.' said ^^^ „( Ages quar 
the English department and ^^-^^ summer to bef 

Contact the Accent 

The Soulhem Accent 

P.O. Box 370 

Collegedale. Tenn. 37315 



accent @ soulhem .edu 

About the Accent 

^^, "^^-^ XdwluuT^tiidmtsdiSeligechurch lead«| 

, ..„ c.a.h.i:.':™ s™ruS to support pubUc campus initiatives 

adoplcd the -Beriteley 

urch 10 give cliaplainc 

Resolution." calling o 

Advenlisl Church Id — ^ 

-serious aUenlion and sup- departmentoflhe church in 

gelism on non-Adventisl uni- emphasis by Adventis 

j^ orphan Feeling 
nedtobea he returns 

5 beautiful, return bai 

Advendst grou 

birlh- duced M "ihe University of -anm,"a!^ co'nferenees and university sH 

California. Berkeley, by del- ^^^^^ gvents lo train public secular and A 

fduly. egnles 10 Berkeley 2000 campus student leaders on puses, ^adu; 

eship CB2K). a first-ever galhenng Biblical principles of leader- AdvenUst yo 

lel to ofAdvenlistsludentsspeafi- ship and evangelism." communieaUoi 

years, cally focused on secular -p^e proposal calls on the als and church 

jrslhal campus evangelism and Advenlist Church in North events include 

an-ccs nunistry. America to designate a year, nars and plen 

Queen Victoria. Upon 

lelp Acci 


ihe world." Dcleg 
attending B2K. which 

." The Berkeley Reso- Williams, 
also requests that the the Camf 
h in Nortii America Church ir 

Advenlist college and uni- 

Local universities offer | 
Adventist ministries 

Student missionaries on fundraising tour in United Statd 

r tor the 

3 Angeles, San 

Jordan Wareham, 20, and 
States until the end of Ihe 

Jeff John! 

have rclur 



■^ . ""' "'^y"^- really helpful.- 
i about gemng plane Warehnm added, "I kno^J "°-" 

Mind the s 

Tuesday, November 21, 

Meet the editors of the SouthernAccen 

If you cSd Mimnlt imj crane «hM ™uld i. 
"■Gnmdlhrta.lo.Delinild,- t- 

Tuesday, November 21, ! 

Meet the Accent Editors continued... 

•Good night! Oh my word! Man Alivel" 

ily T have to go lo bed al an early hour because of my early work 

■Lynn Caldwi 

er smuggled dri „ 

|What 19 your nightly routim 

iggled drugs into Callegt 

ing are you kmnvn for? 

Then the scene switched and I was wrestling aliigalore in thi 
nd legs and had plasdc light sabers." 

■ot actually 'owned' by me, they are on loan from the CDC. if 

|vFoiild have to say that I love talking about Eddie Bagahma. 

ly least favourite topic to talk about, Ihen I wouldn't spend 

"Currently I think my favorite color is green, though ninmngin second ai 
"City racing, lop speed, supercharged Fiat MinivanI!! No cops for mel!" 

where the shoe toungc glows in the dark. 

mitars, Christianity and the least of these 

miles a' 

road(right now talent and skill aj 

■ to fight if 

is broken, sad movii 

■e high i could ever have a mental picture 

hey still do that iL i called my (oiks, since i was 

worst people of where and i was already late, and 

Jl the piercings these people to this hotel, they 

Coming next week: 
■Expanded section 
•More of tlie usual 
spects (grassroots 
usic, local event list- 
ings, and Ask Shelly) 
-Student contribu- 
tions page; send in 
creative writing & 
original artwork to: 

Who are we to think we can be 
justified by our little handful of 
change to Salvation Army and by 
shoving a tract in someones face? 

Bally buy it ( 

e they instead of fighting when they 


Gun control misses the mark 

! shall not tw infringed ' 

II help ,.n ^ whv imn Ihi. jht ^*l». *« f" 

Tiinals arc less liitely ucd drop in violenl crimi 
lily Ihal a would-be- gun conlrol will ensure 

ir example, a 1998 suadcd by Ihe emoli 

Gun control protects citizens 


Letters to the Editor 

Send constructive letters to the editor 

enjoyed by others her 
the singles profiles, thi 

"God IV" transfusions 

o I 

Acccn was a 

religion all their 

lives. Don't 


he eebngsmany 

want to say > 


What I'm thanktul toJ 


^■M Tillei 

/. Hair-netled people, won 

My life is small. My lifl 

thing missing? \\ 

lEd tor s note Rob York and Debbie Battin are contributing writers to the 
Accent The op n ons expressed in their letters do not necessarily reflect thos 
oftheed ors 

Eyes and ears 

Causing casual anarchy in New York 

my hands into and smooth, 
[led pockets of i could wrii 

itan Center. There 

d it play 


n thankful (or i 

e blisters. 1 sigh. My b, 

ing in the world, i" 

Worii is drudgery. 1 have and ' 

u- copy machine stops and should be thankful fori 

exlract several loner-cov- ^y closet full of 

I feel like Cinderella. My only gels served 

Ridiculous, right? My i a^i Ihankl 

ackpack is heavy. I got Because it is t 

eas thrown at me during j learn how t 

mch. Oh no^all Social Ser- thankful 

'I'he Southern Accen 

.sleep in the light christ ill actioii 

en Jesus began to die 

was drawing to deceive 

any less of a struggle with 

By Debbie Battln 

He asked the disci- 

him like wheat, did not dis- 

^l^meone told me of 'a 

While in academy, in her 

E James, John and 

cern the need of prayer 

d™ ' In "Ih^ "dream "^a^ 

S* nTt'''e!i'^ug'hTa'so^ 

and going about a 
aloud. -Abba! Father! 

was replayed a second and 
third time, Jesus said, 'Arc 
you still sleeping and taking 

warehouse was ftiU of pack- 

Junior Family Studies major 
at Southern, found herself 

ings are possible for 

struggling to find meaning 

The man asked the angel. 

in her Christian experience. 

^Thou^wiir (Mark 

Son of Man is being 

what are In those packages? 

The angel said, Tou don't 


Her family was very 

involved in church min- 

istries. -God is love. I heard 

t3y close enough for 

discern the problems and 

man persisted, the angel 

doubted that there is a God." 

uggUng to stay awake, 

They were sleeping. lileraUy 

says Lombard. Still, there 

isciples must have 

and figuratively! They were 

was something 

asleep and their eyes were 

missing-something person- 

another They might 

Then the man asked, "So 

al about the whole God- 

said, "Hey, Peter, 
up with Jesus? He's 

by so they could learn what 
Jesus' mission was all abouL 

what is in those packages?" 
The angel finally answered 

thing. Slowly the expecta- 

rious tonight Why 

him. TTiese packages con- 

whelming. "I was not really 

rebellious, but 1 was starling 

what do you think He 

The 'haX7''^mni^To 



g us? And what is this 

witaess^the^cross of Jesus 

never askedi" 

choices, and do my own 

soul-grief that has him 

with faith. But as it was. they 

Lefs discern the times. 

thing.- .says Lombard. It was 

pressed?" Peter might 

beheld In only in fear. If they 

The world Is asleep in the 

replied. -(Vawn) yeah. 

had been awake, they could 

darkness, le^s not be asleep 

a small self-supporting acad- 

onfused. I don't under- 

in the light of God's opportu- 

emy in HarrisviUe, NH. It 

why he would think I 

strengthened Jesus to bear 

betray Him, 1 tried to 

the cross, and they could 

have triumphed with Him 

God wante to give you spe- 

different, but it was still 

they dozed with their 

God had to send an angel to 

in your relationship. God 

quite restricting to her nat- 

IS, Jesus returned to 

strengthen Jesus. 

ural independent nature. 

and said. "Simon, are 

Lombard says. The faculty 

asleep? Could you not 

we lok'b^uTwe fail to 

mate or family member. 
Why not ask. 1 believe that 

watching and praying. 

and I discerned the great 

seemed pointless. If the 

opportunities God was 


presently pving us, we 
would spend five times as 

Prayer perseveres l^*^"^ '} 

t:„^**, U. 

From halfway full to overflowing 

Jed's words about praying j^HSEH s 

telling m 

asleep so I stayed up 

le Holy Spirit was 
le to be faithful to 

stretched and chal- 

Tuesday, November 21; 

Thriving on sleep Deprivation 

Jiing hysiericiilly. 

me questions about iL 1 say 1 siaie 

day, for Ihc fiisl 

righl...-. when (eally 1 sliil Chns 

Slnuigely Ihough, I've been 

lining a [01 accomplished. My 

grades arc higher Ihan cVM. 



A lawyer and his bears... 

CzechoslovaWan The lawyer, seeing the 

friend were camping In two ears, immediately 

vn as last has possi- 
), and got the local 
eriff. Tlie sheriff 

the berry patch, gath- 
ering blueberries and 
raspberries in tremen- 
dous quantities, along 

shot the female. 
Whatfl Screamed the 
lawyer. ' I explicitly 

grabbed his shotgun 
and dashed back to 
Ihe berry palch with 
the lawyer. Sure 
enough, the two bears 

in thai one!" cried Ihe olherl' 

lawyer pointing to the °Yijp° replied the sher- 

male. while visions of iff. 'And would YOU 

lawsuits danced in his believe a lawyer who 

head. told you he Czech was 

He just had to save his in the male?" 
friend. The sheriff 
looked at Ihe bears, 



Want to 

H^ -ss, , , y 

write for tine 






The Accent staff 
wishes you a happy 

and safe 
Thanksgiving holiday. 


By Letgh Rubin 









Need ideas for Slocking Slufren? 

Here's one that everyone will love and will 

save you moDey! 


elp them save money too, they'll be proud ofyt 

Best Phone Card deal around 

2000 MtQutcs for $20.00 

1000 Minutes for SIO.OO 


800^39-0828 Access 00 


Things to say on a date 

1. "I sure like chicken." 

2. "What a wonderful day. Did I mention I 
on the way over?" 

r taken two showers in one 

4."How about them Reading Phillies? ;)" 

5. "That's quite interesting... (yawn)" 

6."l sold my entire 1999 set of baseball cards last week!" 

7. "Do you watch Pokemon? I like Pokemon!" 

8. "How 'bout jhem kidneys on eBay?" 

9. "Do I smell tacos? I wish we could have tacos!" 

10. "let's talk about me!" 


1 Soatdi 



' w 

' m 





7 GoW. 







































20 Ot)^' 








23 Layer 

27 Always. 
In poetry 


35 Mass outgo 
38 Entangle- 

41 Booty 
45 Bulgaria's 

47 Sapporo 



















Tlmrsclay, Dt-cembcr 7, 2000 


Read about how God healed one student's 

Vol. .'ifiNo.i^ 

Read aboui how stu- ' 
dents spenl ihe day after 


s Ihey battle it out on the 

fine Southern Ac 

■rUSALEM — Heav 

!s of people killed dui 

Tuition increasing 
5 percent next fall 

Southern keeps pace with 
rising national tuition 

■ISouUiernl is luidon 

Library fines increasing next semester School reports more recent survey results 

, Ihe country's ni 
days of talks w 

Bciala on Friday agr< 

Talge considering using 
basement rooms for housing I 


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Editor in Chief 

Cadence Van Dolson 
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Dennis Negron 

The Southern Accent 

P.O. Box 370 

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accent @ 

About the Accent 

c monthly Food -ITIie consuliant] ft 

Commission puts sales ta] 
increase on March ballot 

will mecl in February lo rat- 
ify the budget for the 2001- 

cily's budRet," said Carol j||(-|uded, some people Accor 

son, city recorder, ^jgi,, vo,e against the tax. slon Jones U 

ncluJed in the vote, tlie -people who live on Katy plans will 1 

wcrs in Misi 

Faculty study education criter j 

Students and fac- 
ulty share Christ- 
mas with less for- 

young people are stressed ^| '■ ' "b""™ "'■" " 

ity are making Christinas '""^ '° Samaritan's 
nvolvemenl in Operalion i' ''"^ ^^' '" ^ 

General Education 

fe "er one'' m"alh Tqulr^ 


opic at the University Sen- 

TTie academic profile for 

the academic profile. 

iutr'^Uu director of 


at Uul^meeting^indu 

research and planning 

with Dr, Gordon 

and how they r^te in acade 

mic areas. 

measurement A student at 

asked regarded the stt 

planning budget and 1 

pret information b-om simple 

nust meet in order lo obtain 

graphs or charts, solve sim- 

responded that 


ple equations or evaluate 

increased enroUmen 
year has helped the 1 


pie and routine word prob- 

but it also increased 


Several faculty members 
suggested that the general 

""^Another issue dis, 

^eHeavL Ih^e^u'Riv^r-lly 

education criteria in prob- 

was regarding schola 

and beginning work. 

making an area such as 

given lo students an 
they affect the mh 
budget. According lo 

beinj: jji... 

-,,'k,- their junior year in 


n the workplace''^ '"'""' 

high school. 


A strong job market awaits college seniJ 

■nie job market for Uie 

municatim^ and business 

stand the relati 

majors will also expand sig- 

nificantly. Industries that 

nology, are involved i 

expect the largest growtli in 

communities, and hav 

ng lo an annua! survey of 

employment of college grad- 

experience, Mr, G 

380 employers released 

Thursday. Employment 

professional services like 

The largest comi 

opporiunitics will expand by 

accounting and consulting 

those with more tliar 

services, manulacturing. 

employees, are expe( 

during the 200()-l academic 

and food and lodging, Mr. 

expand hiring by two- 

employees will hire sA 

The college labor mar- 

Colleen Tvorik. a Michigan 

environmental journalism 

level, the study tou 

says Philip D, Gardner, 

with a specialty in public 

to 600 employees, Ihe 

director of the Collegiate 

relaQons. She's hoping to 

employment Research Insli- 

land a public-relations posi- 

utu at Michigan Stale Uni- 


Employers who re 

ul^v'ey! Tow in ils"30tfi yea^ 

time lo be graduating and 

hope lo keep salary i 

ege graduates will tare 

looking for a job," she says. 
Several factors have bol- 
stered the job market, Mr. 

es at about the level e 
tion. but Mr- G 

nlernel (or aboulSO percent 

Many vacancies from last 

"n 'lO 'lo'2"'!l'r"cenl''of''Se 

mems'"Se "s^eS'n^up 

Copies of the I 

cases did Web-scouting lead 

because people look advan- 

2001,- cm be obtain 
S25 by calling (517 

The study indicates a 
strong demand for engi- 


appeared in fie Clirut 
Higher Eduialion on 


leading tlieir jobs lo seek 
other opportunities. 

Employers are looking 

Dec. 1. 2000. 





r.r;^— -- 

|1 ' The Soiilhem Accenl 


Tliursday, December 7, '. 

ut of mind, out of sight ^^!!!7^^^^^^^!!1' "^""'^^y^ 

f. Virginia lab studies sleep habits 

get, levels in the body and Sleep lab technicians pm ^^.-0^"^^j^«f 

seLdi" foT^data ma^^y nap'testin which a t«rson sleep lab} is 

detect apnea events, which has five two-hour naps help people ; 

breathing for more than 10 ing the day. Normal sleepers said. 

^Vhen analyzing studies, asleep and never experience currently an 

main disorders. They Narcoleptics, on Ihe other studies, Sura 

colepsy. restless legs syn- utes to sleep and two or venience po? 


J-W1RE)-Pumng a 




,Bira%, .Indenls 


1 to eighMnd 


process, eventually I 
Hollywood ( 

Tea good for all occasions 


heater graduate student ^^^^^ ^ j,g(.^ ^^^ ^g ^ ] 
n Lynch, who often stud- ^^^^_ '^^ ^^^y ^^pi^ ]. 

cally awake Ihe per- help people ; 

syndrome will constandy 

mtime. CPAP is 
high quality of 

increase in the tea-diinking Indian spiced milk lea, 

expandingnumber of herbal -Chai is really big- 1 

-And tea is more global," ,p, ^( p^p,g fr^^ 

liroughout the night 

The science section is looking 
for writers. If you are interest- 
ed, contact Janelle Wasmer at 
or Keith Pulfer at 

"1 drink mostly Ihe herbal ^^.^ supposed to make As he poured hinisd 

ff, so T can go lo bed on ^^^ jgg] tetter," said shift some lea, he said he has ri" 

ie,"hesaid. leaderAmberPaulen.achild noticed many people domi 

Herbal tea has many ben- development junior. "I only Ihe same.^ 

s, Snyder said. suggest il for sick people." "Bui its kind ot liaro v 

'lesafioodallernativefor ^-^j^ ^^j^, j,eaju, bene- tellif Ihcyjust get acupan 

)ple that want to get off fi,s, pany people just like to ""^J,''°"''^5'',he^ choice 

ming you down or help- opUons fruity flavors and caffeinated or not. flavore 

: you battle a cold or help- different textures, teas caler or not, loose or bagged 

Redd'y has iri 

teas. Earl Grey is 
English lea. 

Although he li 
out different flavi 

Thursday, December 7, 2000 


hoa! God used me? \ prodigal daughter 

j;i^J^ held by Wonder Bread? land! I mean. Hafs Ukc only J7 ^^ KJ 

[rayer of Jabez 

Ismail BIG prayer 

I challenge 
Prayer lakes 

"l''"' "n'oSlimer 

What's the BIGGEST thing 
you want God to do for you? 

want God to be my IrientJ." 
-Stephanie Van Warl 
Fresliman, nursing 

License to kill 

Billy Gager 


otlitr g 






Student center 
needs renovation 

worlii news by watching 
CNN. playing a game or two 
of pool, radng motorcycles 

Mindi Rahn. junior 
ry major, said she wou: 

even doing a lilUe shidyinE- 

tliinment (ealures such as 
(he video games, thcstudenl 

years ago. according to 

and [to] gel rid of Ihe 
out cubbyholes." 

quenled by dozens o 
dents every day. The 

least 22 years old. and 
carpeted very infreque 

be needed in other areas. 
Uon (SA) surplus fiinds 

You can help make 
the Accent better 


, muuiTW 



Letters to the Editor 

The Accent is What happened to 
'Tc!:l!l» a Christ-centered 

"1S.„„„i .send,., college campus? 

conegc n™ 
ited budgel- 1 

Eyes and ear^ 

Causing casual anarchy and, well, not much tl 

so TJgh" is this: I am on CP ^"^t "r" o 

Student to be commended for work 

edge die oulslaodioB conlri- Speeifically, wc asiied Danny 

It regularly tiis daughter. 

Have an opinion? Send 

your opinion articles and 

letters to the editor to 

The Southern Accent 

The Soulbern Accent Pag 

pired of study? The final fifteen 

i in the accomplished. Well. 

even if 1 don't get anything 

now Ihey are kick- lucky I 
iG BeinR a student peace 

all I have already has it 

the de 


some Jingle Be!l Rock, plug 

Actually, when ir 

in the Christmas lights and 


a big ink 

approximately 360 hours 

ing heavy-laden car 


allowed to 




s asleep 





se, why? 

spread holiday cheer to all 



ght in A 


Urn, that's enough to 

Hey, if people start 

■ croup projects. Ugh. You 
L thought of the slackers 

EiBH'S Voter responsibility An American icon 

lie morning after 


lulge the details of THEIK said, -Oh gi 

Janelle packages, in fa 


As a voter, you have a 
responsibility to not only 

anything else i 

e gotten so 

print slo 



property, clearly and legibly, 
implied responsibility, but 


ters. Honking 
Pagers. E.'cpre 

photo. Credit c 
people. Silling 

ards. Fidgety 
at stoplights 

but hey. 
so long ti 



dearly and cleanly punched 

redlight Easy, 

•nap together 


hanging on the back of the 

mkk. mo^cai 

es about the 

very tin 

e effi 

some sort of mariachi read for a good h. 

I finally resigned 
he bathroom fuily 

:k. No more being p 

his one is for the girls 


ch of girt 


A Amber 
9| flisinger 

That^s why we 
badly to be beauti 
To be loved by son 

Just remembe 

ul. right? 

1 isn't light enough," 
r -My nose is too 

Write a letter to the Accent editor! 

fnd opinion pieces to accent@soutnern.eau 

Flying Home ForThe Holidays? 

/Or For Any Other Reason!) 

If you're flying out of Atlanta orj^asfiville, 
save time, trouble and ' 

nnoney! Express Shuttle 
of Chattanooga will take 
you right to your flight! 

• 15 departures every day 
to Atlanta and Nashville 

• Convenient, comfortable 
and dependable ^^■'l nni\^^ 

For information and reservations, call Express Stiuttle 
(423) 954-1400 1-800-896-9928 
Wstt us BI www.TTia&fpresaShuWftCom 

Isidro, York to battle on 
tennis court Thursday 

Revenge sweet as No. 7 
Georgia routs No. 5 Rutgers 

*^ .. . .. ^..„ DTT .hn, 90 r^rcent (6-for- them. 


seemed to 

Cunninsham with 11 points 



for-15 and Cunningham 5- 

by la 




Georpa defense. 


shoot 50 p 

Belated recognition 

I'd like to make an apology to Team Edmister for 
leaving them out of my Football Championship 
sports section. I would now like to name them the 
B-League champions. Congratulations, and once 
again, I'm sorry. 

-Morgan Kochenower 
Sports Editor 

Sunday nisht, a. those same ,j - ,sjj CeorEia coaeh bit slow all nKht" 
No. 7 Lady Bulldogs (5-2) j^^^ Landers. TTiey did a Adding ^ Hie' 

Florida wins SEC crown 
in sweet victory 

cofitactthe Accent I 
accent® southern.a 

PAW Corn^ 


^SEC. SEC.- Many wajte 

pie causes 


mil it Trylonv 
Stay infection-fr(^ 
these du-busting 






- Avoid prol 


Mississippi to face West 
Virginia in Music City Bowl 



2000 Minutes for S20.00 

1000 Minutes for SIO.OO 

Give as a Gift or Keqt for yourself 


i' bowl (ate ended 

West Virginia tfr5) oft 

IS who might West Virgini: 

ortunity Music Gty Bowl. 




11 help r 



Hope all 
cipated in 



Thursday, December 14, 2000 

God broughl Jud Lake 

PAGE 4 M Ml r"^ 

Vol. ,56 No. 13 



Find oul what lo buy 

Tlie Soulhem Ai 


University Drive to be 
widened at first of year 

Bietz responds to 
student concerns 

lietz appeared slumped ^^^ 

speda] dietarj' needs gf,j.|. ^^^^ ^^^^^ 

mth the Greenway allowing er conslriicl 
from Iheir dorm rooms to nearlndusti 

Apison Pike will soon 
undergo construction 

OIf<ampus 1 

llullMlaV. Dc!C-nilv.r 

Contact the Accent 


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About the Accent 

Isidro wins tennis 
title Thursday 

the firal match 6-1 and ^^fg^g ^J^^^ happened," Yorl 
econd match fr3. York. ^^ -f^,^ after ihe lighl 

"1 fell like ! played a 

Tuition increases 
for past 12 years 

ff^^ Tullion Room and Bom" 

















A conversation with AB( 
reporter Andrew Colton I 
on the recount in FloridJ 

The Accent is look- 
ing for a news 
editor. If you or 
anyone you know 
are interested, 
please email 

or call 238-2721 

Senate discusses Senate update 

caieteria, satety issues ^"b;iX"n'.u. 



The cafeteria svas among 

issues brought up at Tues- 

day night's student sonalf 



-He basically said you 

diitercnlly." Johnson said 

propccy of 

lunches or poUucks al more 

Students use Ritalin iii| 
place of caffeine 

CHAMPAIGN. 111. CU- ^i 

WIRE)_For Ihc prepared, J™" 



■I know a few p< 
While Aderol^ 


kcd up by the gfeedy 

t (he only thing that m 

I be decided. Lcadin; 

Webster: Looking for some PDAs? 

Jason Belyeu 

You win 

find iwo lypes of 

PDA. publ 
don, is wh 

1 Ihe derms b* 



valk by PDA in the lo 

models so you can Ihe item is in slock. The 


If you warn anolher site 
help you sort through t 

Gameboy when 
sofs lectures g 
Don't get Ihe v 
about PDAs-they 

w.pdabuyers- getting a new PDA and sa 
beneficial lo "CNET Shopper Online" 

; in-depth then pdabuy- 

Professor to 
implant chip 
into body 

JusI when you thought 

Kevin Warwick, of lh( 

eventually be able to think 
edge by implanting chip) 

Send technology articles 

to technology- 

Student privacy invaded by Web 
blunder at U. Wisconsin-Oshkosh 

?6'dilB''Sntc ""ret" d'frf ''"^"'"' ■■™''™»^ °'^°" i"^'' s'il»°li»»." »< 
oral reporting rcquiremenls. ij^j^^g j^^^ officiaJs from Hiings Uiat mifilit n 

f you would 
;e to write for 
e technology 
iection next 
semester or 
have story 
deas, please 

tal<enlyincTodtdXri"i"i """"'' 

I peoples' privac>'. It is 

such university deparlm 

ecord conlidenUaliiy is 
tiling I'll put a little 

Decorations are up and Presents are 
bought. Have you forgotten anyone? 

Don't worry, a PREPAID PHONE CARD 

Is just the answer. It will Jit Ihe bUI, 
even the pocketbook! 

2000 Minutes for $20.00 
1000 MlDutes for SIO.OO 




very techie Christmas 

^^ playlisls that will play 

students), so plan accordini 

Thursday, December 14, 



day in the 


~1,'. l.nchQme a" 

Colored liKhls 


Sparkling tinsel 

and [ of two 

Presenls and food 



Dark, dreary 

pastoral theology a 

He graduated fro 

and awakened dreams. 

Theology and se 

Otelemal space 


God brought Jud Lake to Southern 





only friend 




has forbidden 

hat he has 

y boyfriend when h 

hangs out wilt 


I make 

im see tlia 





lo is to gradually introduc 





the family 




land why you tv 
boyfiiend is 

Local events for the week of 12.14-12.21 

8 p.m. Own mic niBM 
Angel Band & a 

Fridny 13.16 

Last day to view 

Satiitdgy. 1^.16 

Sunday 12.17 

Monday 12.18 

livlngwith AIDSas 

BschstagG Dinner 

Rhyttim & Brews 




New City Cafe 

1001 Broaa Sl- 




Cooiidee Park) is 





[hristmas lights 

expensive! LifestvlcS of the 

i liahtfi ' 

Believe in God 
and be satisfied 

I;. We get aU caught up in ■^^. j ^^^^^^ 

"=■■" ""-' think there is "i,ould make sure 

mact Uke we ^^ '^^''^- ^^^ ''°"'' ^^"^ '" 

■elation- g^j ^^g^t^ ,,5 [(, 
lelp us being successful. 

God, ourselves an 


let thick with God 

s messengers must tarry iong with Him, if 
y would have success in their work. The 
tory is told of an old Lancashire woman wh 
« listening to the reasons that her neighbo 
e for their minister's success. They spoke of 
fts, of his style of address, of his 
Pay' said the old woman,'! will tell you what it 
■fa. Your man is very thick with the Almighty? 
s devoted as Elijah was and 
■possess the faith that he had, God will reveal 
|8imself as he did then. When men plead with 
« Lord as did Jacob, the results that were seer 
in will again be seen. Power will come from 
God in answer to the prayer of faith." 
Ellen G.White 
Gospel Workers page 255 

Find your hiding 
place in the Lord 

long sought after and prayed ^g^jg gbove the rushing myself. 'Tiide. 1 
I flop myself in the coach ^^ ,o a buoyant piece of double barreled 

idthateUmbloanothcrlet- Iven tell that there was a domof my approach). 

■r grade or two seems oh- ^j^^m raging on the outside. Frustrated, 1 slopped 

Experience has shown reminiscing on my dream to ed to voice my confi 

le however that God IS Ihe ,f,^ „.« that my Bible was God. When t finally 

want God to 
an willing 10 follow His 
lull of patience and purity.' 


"I want God to change me 
from being so shy to having 
boldness and communication 
skills SI 

God to help me rais 
enough money to go on a n 

trip to Cambodia ihis 
■Shannon Dlamontopolis 
sophomore, nursing 

n effective 


sophomore, theology 


want God to fielp n 


Move the Christinas tree 
lighting back to Wright Hall 

,^s its v;ci-;/vi^. 


3 THE Edftob Policy 


t welcomes nibmiaiion. in Ihc lormof letlere 








ce and clarit>-. andlheriEhitorefusepubUca- 


iod sent a friend Forgiveness is Bad hair day 
lo me for help wonderful - 



Risinger really anp 

They upset ray playtime. 
. You just up for a trip 10 the hair salon. 

I comes to allyouhadlodowasputitin 
on'tlookat aponylail. I loved ponytails. 

ir presence Tliey look only Eve minutes 


silting in my cringed at llie 
s (my teddy and blurt out 1 

^ mouth, the patience 
; things 1 was (You've hea 

I hung up the boyfriend/girl 

I myself every imaginable' 

ly bad attitude problem? 

her weekly 

; importantly, how do I ^2:9). 

i omcs in for """'"^ ^ bearable. 
." ro'utae' i„T; ISlJtaS'th'riVoumS 

:,:.trhth°sis jrh.r,dSr„"S *Vx T.TILI une aay ai a vinic ™.,„..tedr..fcr.,noL **i'°i£r 

j^had gone home^or the Bui. what was I supposed mmt rus mg owar my ^^^^B harmony no notice of her surround- 3^*0 ^U sdU be a tomboy. 

° ^^' '" Yepplfeliouiofatruck-A ,^^^^^H .Til'^i'son '"S^- . . <;hp will still build forts and 

overine the election ESfH-^" ^t 

O 1 suffered no fatal ^^^^=-