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in 2009 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 


Vjet in on the excitement of a year at Southern. A beautiful campus, friendly faces, 
fascinating classes, and a Christian atmosphere are always here. Hurry and join us at 
fall semester registration on August 23 and 24. For an application or information about 
Southem, call 1-800-SOUTHERN. 


M... .1 1... .. l\ } 




^ SS for scho\arsVi\ps 

*■ 1 4 




About the Survey 

Editors like to hear from readers. Responses reassure us that we do have 
readers, that the college magazine is not dropping into a black hole when 
it leaves the Collegedale post office. 

This summer — for the very first time — we wrapped a survey onto Southern 
Columns. We had no idea it would draw over 2,000 replies. Thank you, each one 
of you who shared your thoughts and feelings. 

Desiree Paradis, a senior marketing major, has been tabulating results on 
computer. Her conclusions will have to wait for the next issue. Some trends are 
alreadv apparent. At midpoint in her work, three out of four respondents 
indicated their appreciation for the Southern College Calendar insert in the 
magazine. Somewhat over one third of replies were marked "Send free me- 
mento please," and 742 plastic rulers have been sent to those individuals. 

Thanks to each of vou who responded! We enjoy preparing Southern 
Columns for you and welcome hearing from you at any time. 

Doris Burdick 

Appreciation from the President 

"Our deeds are like stones cast into the pool of time; though they themselves may 
disappear, their ripples extend to eternity." 

I don't know who said it. But when I ponder the combined effects of gifts to 
Southern from 1411 donors, benefitting fifteen hundred students whose lives, 
in turn, will impact others as teachers, doctors, ministers, scientists, and more, 
I know the statement rings true. 

It's absolutely exciting to be a part of the process. If you are among the donors 
listed on pages 7 to 12, you feel that glow already. You already envision what 
being on our Christian campus might mean to a student your gift has helped. 
How deep is our sense of gratitude! Not only as administrators but as friends of 
these young people, we just can't thank you enough for your open hand and 
generous heart. 

Even if your name is not included as a donor this year, it's not too late to 
give to either of our two major needs at this time: scholarship endowment or the 
new Science Center. Thank you for giving it some thought. That's a good starting 
place for ripples. 

Donald R. Sahly 

On the cover, an "anonymous donor" symbolically presents to Dr. Jack 
McClarty, left, vice president for development, a gift for scholarships. Ken 
Norton, director of student finance, chairs the committee which carefully 
administers distribution of need-based scholarships to students. Shown to the 
right of Mr. Norton are Shay Salagala, Jeane Hernandez, and James Johnson. 
Photo by Matt Niemeyer. 



Doris Stickle Burdick 

Ingrid Skantz 
Editorial Assistant 

Southern College 

Donald Sahly 

Floyd Greenleaf, '55 
Academic Administration 

Dale Bidwell 

William Wohlers 
Student Services 

Jack McClarpi- 

Ron Barrow 
Admissions/College Relations 

James Ashlock 
Alumni /College Relations 

Doris Burdick 

Publications/Media Relations 

Please address alumni 

correspondence to; 

Southern College 

Alumni Association 

P.O. Box 370 

Collegedale, TN 37315 

(615) 238-2827 

FAX (615) 238-2435 

Alumni Association Ofeicers 

Davtd Winters, '71 

Verle Thompson, '69 

Howard Kennedy,'57 
Past President 

Solthern Columns is the official 
magazine of Southern College of 
Srcenth-dayAdventists, produced by 
the Publications Office to provide neii's 
and information to former students, 
residents of the Southern Union, and 
other interested parties. Copyright 
1 993 by Southern College of Seventh- 
day Adventists. 

2 • FALL 1993 • 


Enrollment Shows GrOWth 

by Doris Burdick 

Up or down? When registra- 
tion days come to Southern 
each August, administrators 
await the enrollment report 
like stockholders looking for the 
latest stock report. 

Official head count for the 1993-94 
school year, established after two 
weeks of classes, reached 1,527 
students, up 72 from a year ago (after 
adjusting for the fact that Southern 
no longer has associate degree 
nursing students on the Orlando 
Center campus). 

"I'm happy that each of these 
students is here," commented 
President Don Sahly. "Our goal is a 
year of Christian growth and increas- 
ing wisdom for all of us." 

Since 1986 when 1,327 students 
registered, enrollment has edged 
back up above 1,500. 

Nine hundred of last year's 
students returned to Southern this 
year; 43 returned after being away a 
year or more. 

Though a majority of the students 

are from the southeast, the student 
body is an international group with 
110 students from other countries. 
Students have come to Tennessee 
from as far as Australia, China, 
Indonesia, Malawi, Poland, Sweden, 
Russia, and Thailand. 

Freshmen total 470 students; 329 
sophomores are enrolled plus 128 
associate degree seniors; juniors 
number 267; bachelor degree seniors, 
266; and post graduate and special 
students total 67. 

Nursing, the largest major, has 
306 students at the associate level 
and 125 at the baccalaureate level. 

Enrollment of 73 B.S. nursing 
students on the Orlando Center 
campus is included in the 1,527 total. 
On that campus are three faculty 

Allied health curricula attracted 
more students this fall, a total of 105 
choosing from pre-dental hygiene, 
pre-occupational therapy, pre- 
physical therapy, medical technol- 
ogy, pre-dietetics, pre-physician 

assistant, pre-respiratory therapy, 
pre-speech pathology; and pre- 
surgeon's assistant. 

The number of biology students is 
up by 8, a total of 123; chemistry is 
up bv 6, a total of 19. 

"Our science students — especially 
the freshmen and sophomores who 
will be here to benefit — are looking 
to the day when the new Science 
Center will be ready for use," said 
Dr. Steven Nyirady, chairman of the 
Biology Department. 

Auto Body Repair, a one-year 
certificate program, doubled in 
enrollment, from 5 to 10 students. 
Three students are enrolled in the 
newly designed Auto Mechanics 
Technician curriculum. Offered 
within the Industrial Technology 
Department, both trade preparations 
in\'olve nearly 1,000 hours of in- 
struction and lab time. \\\\ 

Registration brings together students from many p/uit^-. Shown from left to right are: Lena 
Lasarzeii'ski and Ma'.in Johansson, Sweden; Jeaneite Datamini, South Africa: Vasin Settachan, Thailand; 
and lupiter Datamini, South Africa. 

No. of Majors by Department 

Allied Health 


Behavioral Science 




Business /Office Admin 




Computer Science & Tech 


Education & Psychology 


(Secondary teaching 

career objective 100) 

Engineering Studies 












Modern Languages 










Industrial Technology 


Nolr. figures include students with double 



Standing ready to help students in a variety of ways are Midge Dunzweiler, associate director of 
counseling; Jim Wampler, director of the Southern College Counseling Center: and Suzy Evans, secretary. 

The Counseling Center: 
Where Students Find Help 

Anew Counseling Center team 
of three are focusing their 
attention on assisting stu- 
dents with concerns that can affect 
their college experience. 

"Our services offer opportunities 
to increase knowledge and develop 
self-awareness, understanding, 
independence, and self-direction," 
says Jim Wampler, newly arrived to 
the campus as director of the South- 
ern College Counseling Center. 

Not often does an office have a 
complete change of faces at one time. 
A second professional counselor and 
new associate director of counseling 
is Midge Dunzweiler. Two retire- 
ments and a secretary's decision to 
move to a new position elsewhere 
gave the Counseling Center a 
complete change-over. 

The two counselors are available 
for both short-term and long-term 
consultation regarding "absolutely 
any issue that may be affecting a 
student's life," indicates Wampler. 
Communication between the coun- 
selor and student is privileged as 
defined by law. No information is 
shared outside the Center without 
written permission. 

The Counseling Center also 
coordinates the majority of the 
testing and assessment programs on 
campus. These include general and 
departmental admissions tests such 
as the ACT and Nelson Denny 

Reading Test, credit-by-examination 
tests such as CLEP, national admis- 
sions and certification tests such as 
AHPAT, and other individual 
diagnostic and/or career assessment 

"Students frequently have ques- 
tions about their academic ability, 
their choice of a college major, or 
ways to improve academic perfor- 
mance," states Wampler. "The 
Counseling Center provides a 
program of assessment and direction 
for these and other academic perfor- 
mance related questions." 

For students wishing information 
that will help them with their choice 
of academic major and career, SIGl 
PLUS™ is a popular interactive 
software program for career guid- 
ance. It examines work-related 
values while incorporating personal 
interests and skills. 

Help sessions for students who 
are beginning the job search and 
seminars on such topics as time 
management, study skills, career 
networking, dating and marriage, 
and money management will also be 
sponsored by the Counseling Center 
throughout the school year. 

"1 am excited about the efforts Jim 
and Midge are putting forth to 
provide this vital service to our 
students," says Dr. Wilham Wohlers, 
vice president for student services. (\\\ 

Also New 

For Students 


In October students were given 
the opportunity to participate in 
Bay Blitz, phase one of Harrison 
Heartreach, by visiting door to 
door to give away Happiness 
Digest and survey community 
needs. To plant a new church in 
the near-by Harrison Bay area is 
the goal of Campus Ministries, the 
Student Ministerial Association, 
and the Ooltewah Seventh-day 
Adventist Church. 


AccentLive is a new monthly 
forum with "the big names and 
the big issues" hosted by the 
editors of the Southern Accent. 
Guests for the series of six 
discussions include Gary 
Patterson, Clifford Goldstein, and 
Ron Wyatt. "These forums are a 
chance to carry the discussion 
further than we could in print" 
says Andrew Nash, Accent editor. 


An open house for the new 
Macintosh computer lab was 
hosted by the Art and Journalism 
departments in late September. 
Hardware in the lab includes a 
Quadra 900 and a Quadra 850 as 
well as other computers and a 


Echoing a century-old means 
of paying school costs, a dozen 
students are distributing Christ's 
Object Lessons door to door in a 
magazine-style edition titled He 
Taught Love. Dan Shafer has been 
hired by the Georgia-Cumberland 
Conference, with the cooperation 
of Southern College, to direct the 
Mega Book project. A cookbook, 
three children's story books, and 
an edition of Bible Readings are 
also among the five magazine- 
sized books offered the public. 

4 • FALL 1993 • 


Improving the Environment 

Residence Halls, Apartments Upgraded 

Seven out of ten Southern College 
students live in college housing. 
Talge and Thatcher are the residence 
halls for 1,041 single students this 
fall. Stateside Apartments pro\'ide 
48 married students and their fami- 
lies with housing dubbed Alabama, 
Carolina, Rorida, and Georgia, and 
across the road, Kentucky, Missis- 
sippi, and Tennessee. Additionallv, 
Virginia Apartments incorporate 10 
units for faculty and staff. 

"We want our students to enjov 
living here," said Helen Durichek, 
associate vice president for finance. 
"That's why campus housing is 
undergoing major renovations." 

In the summer of 1992 all the rooms 
in Thatcher Hall were renovated — 
new showers, new Thermopane 
windows, paint, lights, and carpet. 

Talge Hall has been a longer 
process. This past summer the west 
wing of second floor (38 rooms) 
received a face-lift on all the built-in 
cabinets, wall covering, and carpet. 
The plan is to complete the 44 rooms 
on first floor during the summer of 
1994. This will complete Talge Hall 

During second semester of last 
school year, renovation was begun on 

the married student housing apart- 
ments. New Trane central heating 
and air conditioning units were 
installed in all the Stateside Apart- 
ments. Also, all the windows were 
replaced with vinyl Thermopane 
windows. Kitchen counters and sinks 
were replaced and carpet installed 

Apartments continuouslv occupied 
this year will have kitchens updated 
and carpet laid when occupants 
move, before new tenants move in. 
Major items of windows and HVAC 
are already completed. Residents 
report lower electric bills as well as 
greater comfort in the apartments. 
Work is continuing on painting and 
new floor coverings in the front and 
rear entrances in the Kentucky, 
Tennessee, and Mississippi apart- 
ment complexes. Trim painting and 
gutter repair will be completed soon. 

The Virginia Apartment complex 
which houses staff has also received 
some updating. New counters in the 
bath and kitchen areas have been 
installed as well as new carpet in 
some apartments. 

Many of the private homes which 
the college rents to staff have also 
received major renovation. \[\\ 

Students Build Volleyball Sandpit 

Funded by the Student Association, a sandpit volleyball court icas ready for use when students 
returned to campus for the fall semester. It is located inside the track on the north end. Initiated 
by Rob Fulbnght's SA administration with a $5,000 appropriation in 1991-92, funding was 
completed last year by Krisi Clark's administration. Long-time SA sponsor K. R. Davis deserves 
the credit for design and implementation, says Krisi. 

A A Faculty Research Center is 
being established in McKee Library. 
The special room is equipped with 
four 486 computers and a modem. 
The facility will provide faculty an 
opportunity to conduct research and 
writing in the libran,', freed from 
their offices and telephones. 

To encourage faculty with small 
research projects that are too expen- 
sive for their own pocketbooks and 
too small to expect funding from 
other sources, a $10,000 Research 
Fund is budgeted for 1993-94. 
Grants range from $500 to $1,000. 
Teachers whose research is currently 
benefiting include Orville Bignall 
(physics), Bill Hayes (biology), and 
Ben McArthur (history), with others 
to be approved. 

A In its first calendar year, ending 
August 1993, Southern Carton 
Industry processed 13.2 million 
boxes. This is equivalent to a stack 
of flattened cartons 70 miles high, 
according to Dr. Wayne Janzen, 
manager. SCI employs about 42 
students on average. The processing 
facility is producing about $360,000 
in student labor annually. The 
campus industry sorts shipping 
cartons for re-use bv McKee Foods 

A The "tenth and final" Southern 
College Triathlon was held Septem- 
ber 19 at Cohutta Springs Camp. 
The three-stage race began with a 
half-mile swim, followed bv an 18- 
mile bicycle e\'ent and a four-mile 
run. Overall male winner John 
Currier (1:24'48) and female winner 
Heather Neal (1:4349) both set 
course records. Race director Dr. 
Phil Carver indicated that the 
Health, Physical Education, and 
Recreation Department will be 
taking a break from the triathlon 
concept, shifting its energy else- 
where for the immediate future. 

A In January, an evening schedule 
of baccalaureate level nursing 
courses will begin on the College- 
dale campus, offering nurses 
working full time the opportunity to 
complete their B.S. degree over a 
two-and-one-half year time span. 
The schedule includes semester-long 
and summer courses. 



A Dr. Ron du Preez was awarded 
his doctor of ministry degree at 
Andrews University on August 8. 
His dissertation title was: "Po- 
lygamy in the Bible With Implica- 
tions for Seventh-dav Adventist 
Missiology." He joined the faculty at 
Southern in 1992 as assistant profes- 
sor of religion. Originally from 
South Africa, he took his under- 
graduate work at Helderberg 
College. He and his wife, Linda, 
have served the church in Korea, 
Okinawa, and Guam. He is cur- 
rently writing his dissertation for a 
Ph.D. in systematic theology, "A 
Description and Analysis of Norman 
L. Geisler's Ethical Hierarchicalism." 

A Judy Glass, professor of music, 
performed in mid-September with 
the Orchestra of Vienna in American 
composer Horatio Parker's Concerto 
for Organ and Orchestra. It was the 
premiere performance of the work in 
Austria. Mrs. Glass had plaved the 
same concerto with the Southern 
College Symphony Orchestra in 
1990. The concert was held in St. 
Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, 
where Peter Planyavsky is organist. 
A guest organist at the 1986 dedica- 
tion of the Anton Heiller Organ in 
the Collegedale Seventh-dav Adven- 
tist Church, Planyavskv returned to 
the campus in 1988, 1989, 1992, and 
1993 for workshops and perfor- 

A Students Ashley Hall and Beth 
Mills have joined Bodil Morris, 

nursing skills lab coordinator, to 
form Trilogy. The name combines tri 
(three) and /t\tjos (word). "We're 
three people hiding God's Word in 
our hearts and sharing it," explains 
Mrs. Morris. The group sings 
Scriptural songs she originally wrote 
for her own young sons. Trilogy's 
first cassette of 13 songs, some with 
keyboard, is now available (Trilogy, 
Box 1632, Collegedale TN 37315, $10 
postage paid). Her husband. Dr. 
Derek Morris, comments that Christ 
utilized Scripture song, and it seems 
to be the easiest way to memorize 
and remember Scripture. Colossians 
3:16 is the theme text for Trilogy. 

A Dr. Robert Egbert, professor of 
psychology, has been appointed by 

the National Council on Family 
Relations as the Tennessee state 
coordinator for the Certified Family 
Life Educator Program. 

A Dr. Dennis Pettibone, professor 
of history, has begun work on a book 
manuscript dealing with Seventh- 
day Adventists and the Religious 
Right. It is being considered for 
publication by Pacific Press Publish- 
ing Association. 

A Dr. Ron Springett has completed 
a textbook and workbook for Begin- 
ning Greek. Currently it is being 
used in photocopied form at South- 
ern College. 

A Dr. Ruth Williams-Morris, 

associate professor of psychology, 
shared research results with her 
colleagues at a first-of-the-year 
Dean's Luncheon for faculty. Her 
research project was conducted in 
the Statistics class she teaches. It 
explored variables that could relate 
to success in this course which 
applies mathematics to the organiza- 
tion and analysis of data. 

A Accounting and business 
graduates from Southern average a 
first-sitting pass rate of about 40 
percent on the stringent CPA exam, 
while the national pass rate is only 
17 percent. Graduates who com- 
pleted the CPA exam last May 
include: Kevin Hallock, '92; Janette 
Stephens Hallock, '92; Melissa 
Welch Gano, '89; Dayne Grey, '88; 
and Kimberly Wygal Miller, '80. 
(There may be others, but the 
Business Department has not heard 
from them vet.) 

A Dr. Ray Hefferlin represented 
Southern College at a scientific 
meeting taking place in St. Peters- 
burg, Russia, the end of September. 
He also worked with Adjunct 
Professor of Physics Georgi 
Zhuvikin, who visited the campus 
last year. 

A Christa Raines, a wellness 
management major, is interning this 
year with the college employee 
wellness program. Her duties 
include editing Wellness Pointers, a 
newsletter for employees. 

CARE Leaders Plan for Student Growth, Service 

CARE (Collegiate Adivntists Reaching Everyone) is the umbrella organization which 
coordinates dozens of fellowship and outreach avenues for Christian growth. The 1993-94 CARE 
crew, from left to right: Alex Bryan, '93, intern for the Collegedale Church; Rick Mann, director 
of Destiny Drama Company; Alyssa McCurdy, Collegiate Missions Club director: Sherrie 
Norton, secretary and Student Missions coordinator; Libby Riano, assistant chaplain: Mike 
Robertson, CABL (Collegiate Adventists for Better Living) director; Brennon Kirstem, Campus 
Ministries director; and Ken Rogers, campus chaplain. 

6 • FALL 1993 • 

hcink you! For one hundred years Southern has grown and borne fruit because of a long list of individuals 
and organizations who have shared their resources to support its mission and programs. The following 
list of donors represents total gifts of those who have given $250 or more within the past three fiscal years 
(between June 1 , 1 990 and May 31,1 993). Patrons and organizations gave in the most recent fiscal year. Every 
attempt has been made for accuracy. If by chance your name has been misspelled, inadvertently omitted, or 
misplaced, please accept our sincere apologies and advise the Development Office. 

President's Circle 

Anderson, Eugene 
Bottomlev, Neal & Marilyn 
Bowen, Devvitt & losie 
Bowers, Robert & Norma 
Burdick, Paul & Bille 
Cason, Bud 

Castleberg, David & Evelyn 
Clark, D.|. 
Coggin, Nanette 
Colhren, Frederec & Edythe 
Cowan, Edward 
Cowdrick, lesse & 'Grace 
Dean, Olivia 

Fleming, |r., Charles & Betty 
Hall, Albert & Novella 
Hickman, lames & josiane 
Hulsey, Bill & Myrtle 
Hunter, Don 
lies. Bill & lean 
lohnson, Oscar & Mary 
McElroy, Buddy & |oy 
McKee. Debra 
McKee, Ellsworth & Sharon 
McKee, lack & Betty 
McKee, CD, 

McNeilus, Denzil & Donna 
Poch, Stephen 
Preston, Forrest 
Schill, Jean Wingate 
Schmidt, Ehrich & Etna 
Taylor, Dennis & loan 
Taylor, William & Elsie Mae 
Ulmer, Santord & Martha 
Wilson, Charles & Dovie 
Wood, *£imyra 

Century Associate 
$10,000 -$25,000 

Baker, Sue 
Barto, Michael 
Berner, Perry & Anne 
Blair, Mardian 
Bouland, 'T.G. 
Boyle, )im & Darleen 
Butterfield, An 
Byrd, Cookie 
Campbell, Thomas 
Chastain, Chalmer 
Clark, lerome & Ann 
Coffey, Barbra 
Coppock, Lucille 
Cross, Darrell & Billie 
Curry, Walter & Nancy 
Cushman, Willis & Thelma 
Davis, K.R. & leanne 
DeFoor, Kenneth & ludith 
Duge, John & Mildred 
Durichek, (ohn & Helen 
Elkins, Harold 
Eurick, Dewey 
Fuller, Forrest & Norma 
Fuller, Fred & Dottie 
Graves, Charles 
Henson III, |,W. & Audrey 
Herr, Ronald & Christine 
Huenergardt, Howard & 

Igou, Ernest 
lacobs, Carl & Rulh 
lanzen, Wayne & Elaine 
larrett, David & DaHyne 
Kutzner, Waldemar 
Leiand, |ohn 
Lindberg, Eviyn 
Ludington, Cliff 
Martin, Gerald & Kathleen 

M(.Cl,irty, lack i>. Wilma 
McElroy, lay & Stephanie 
McGhinnis, Bill & Kitty 
McKee, Michael & Angela 
McKinney, |,R, 
Merchant, Bob & Agnes 
Michals, Herbert 
Murphy, Harvey 
Odom, Leo & Martha 
Pendleton, Les & Barbara 
Preston, Winton & Lourene 
Rushing, Ian & Patricia 
Shoffner, C, M. 
Sines, Al & lane 
Sommerville, Lewis 
Tait, Reid & Ardith 
Taylor, Victor & Ruth 
Waller, Louis & Sue 
Wilkens, Charles & Bonnie 
Williams, lames 
Winters, David & )udy 
Woodall. Hermon 

Diamond Associate 
$7,500 -$10,000 

Baehm, George & Tena 
Brickman, 'Theresa 
Chong, Dayton 
Crandell, William & Dons 
Donald, Ruby 
Graves, Charles 
Gulley, Norman & Leona 
Haynes, Carole 
lacobs, Troy 
Liu, Rulh 
McKee, |r.. Rusty 
Messinger, Harold 
Murphy, Bob & Anne 
Smith, William 
Stevens, lohn & Wyn 

Golden Associate 
$5,000 - $7,500 

Andrews, Frances 

Avant, Eddie & Diane 

Burdick, Al & Doris 

Coggin, loan 

Crandell, Men^yn & Donna 

Cross, lessie 

Cursetjee, Xerxes 

Cursetjee, Zareer 

Estate, "William Higgins 

Ford, Carroll & Betty 

French, Steve & Lyndi 

Hanson, Larrv & Eleanor 

Hoosier, Marianne 

Howell, Walter 

laecks, Ronald 

lones, Marcy 

Kerr, Elton & Marga 

Lawing, Lloyd <S, Etheline 

Lechler, Donald & Linda 

Levering, Thelma 

Lillian Hanson. Rauch Trust 

Mallernee, Rollin & Karen 

McKee, Christopher & lanel 

Patterson, Barry 

Payne, Laurence & Doris 

Saturno, Malinda 

Scott, Betty 

Simmons, Marion 

Sloan, Richard & Thyra 

Speyer, John 

Swayze, Donald & Mary 

Taylor II, William & Pam 

Vigh, Alexander & Susonya 

VonMaack, Wolfgang & Hazel 

Werner, Tom 

Wong, John & Alice 

Silver Associate 
$2,500 - $5,000 

Adams, Flora 

Barrow, Ron & Colleen 

Bass, Michele 

Boskind, Andrew 

Bowers, David 

Boyd, Dorothea 

Boyd, Miriam 

Cashman, Marion 

Chastain, Andrew & Shirley 

Clark, Walter 

Crawford, Rolland 

Cruise, loseph 

Davis, lames & Martha 

Downs, Nevin & Myrtianne 

Dravson, Ronald 

Elkins, Randy 4, Yolanda 
Farrow, Joe 
Fisher, Buddy 
Fuller, Glenn & leannme 
Futcher, Cyril & Gladys 
Garver, Phil & Betty 
Guild, Cordon 
Hall, Stephen & Mary 
Hamilton, Ted & Jackie 
Haupt, Williams Jill 
Henson, Shandelle 
Hittle, Ted & Debbie 
Houck, Duane & Florence 
Muggins, Delwin & Dia 
Jensen, Robert 
lewett, David & lenny 
Johannes, loseph 
InhnMin, H.if.ildL>i ll.irriet 

Krause, William 
Lacey, Charles & Gloria 
Lamberth, Carl 
Larsen, Richard 
Loh, Daniel 

Malgadey, Peter «, Beth 
Martin, Douglas & leri 
Melcalf, Bill 
Miller. Scon 
Mitzelfelt, Richard 
Morris, Derek & Bodil 
Phillips, Harold & Betty 
Richards, Evan & Rulh 
Ringer, Bruce & Bobra 
Rogers, Herbert 
Rolfe, Cecil & Rhea 
Rozell, Dan & loann 
Ruf, Rolland & Tina 


Richant Lochridge graiiiwtes in Dea'mbfr'94 with a Imchclor's degree m busmefs management. 
He fpent two years as a student missionary in a Taiwan refugee school as director. His long term 
goal is to he a hosyilal administrator, possibly in the mission field. Richard lives in Columbus, Miss., 
and came to Southern after feeling welcome when he visited his friends here. 

"I am an independent student, and without the scholarship I could have never attended Southern. " 


Shaw, Rahn 
Shim, IT. 

Sias, William & Esther 
Spears, Don & Shirley 
Spears, Kenneth & Mildred 
Townsend, Dale & lanet 
von Henner, Chan & Rosalie 
Watson, Paul & Ruth 
West, Sr., Don & Florence 
Whidden, Charles & lewel 
Whitehead, Henson & Lois 
Willis, William & Ian 
Wygal, Benjamin 

Ambassador Club 
$500 - $2,500 

Aakko, Eric & Karen 
Abbott, Maurice & Dorothy 
Abu-el-hai, Fawzi 
Acuff, Calvin & |oAnn 
Adams, Elison & Barbara 
Adams, lohn 
Alexander, |im 
Ammons, Robert & Frances 
Anderson, ludith 
Andrews, Robert 
Ashlock, lim & Betty 
Ashlock, Marcella 
Ashton, Bruce & Leila 
Bainum, Timothy 
Baker, Ruth 
BandioKr, Ben 

Bauer, David 
Bennett, Bobby 
Bennett, Doug & Nell 
Beugnot, Eva 
Blake, Steven & Robyn 
Blanco, lack 
Bogovich, Patricia 
Bolton, Bob & Becky 
Bothe, Brian & Barbara 
Bottslord, lohn & lane 
Bowen, Bob & Dottie 
Boyd, Velma 
Brackett, Clyde 
Bracken, leanette 
Brackett, Wayne 
Breadahl, Douglas 
Breece, Raimond 
Brown, Koy 
Brown, Maxine 
Bryan, William 
Buck, Elsie 

Bullock, Thomas & Naomi 
Bunch, Patricia 
Burchard, Robert & Ann 
Burns, Richard 
Cabalo, Gerry 
Carlile, loyce 

Carpenter, William & Doris 
Carter, Sarah 
Center, Richard 
Chisholm, Darrell K Evelyn 
Clifton, kcilh 

Cloutier, Clarence 

Cookson, Royce 

Coolidge, Ben 

Coolidge, Bill 

Coolidge, Everett 

Cooper, Donald & Diane 

Corbett, Hilbert 

Cowdrick, Mary 

Cowdrick, Robert & Dorothy 

Culpepper, lames 

Cummings, Des & Mary 

Dannenberger, Martha 

Dart, Archa & Sadie 

Dart, Mona 

Davis, Cecil & Doris 

Davis, Robin 

Davis, Scott 

De Vasher, Bernard 

Degrave, Sheri 

DeLay, ludy 

Dick, Donald & |oyce 

Dingle, Roy 

Dittes, Albert & Patricia 

Downs, Shawna 

Duge, William 

Dysmger, William 

Elam, Mary 

Eldridge, Gary & Ellen 

Entermann, John & Dulcie 

Epperson, |im 

Erickson, Richard 

Fox, Archie & Lorraine 

Delroy Myrie and his wife moved from famaica to Collegedale after reading hooks and brochures 
about Soutliern College. They xvanted to furtlier their education at a school with a Christian 
environment. Delroy is a second semester freshman with a double major in nursing and religion 
(ministry). His wife plans to attend Southern after Delroy finishes his nursing degree. 

"1 consider myself fortunate in receiving a scholarship that helps me go to Southern. I hope one 
day I can return the favor by helping an unfortunate student in the future. " 

Franz, Clyde & Eulalia 
Friberg, |r., Russell 
Fuller, Myrtle 
Gilbert, Don 
Gilbert, Orlo& Ellen 
Gooch, David & Kathy 
Gordon, Malcolm 
Crantier, David 
Green, Ion 

Green. Richard & Elaine 
Greenleaf, Floyd & Betty 
Griffin, Peggy 
Grisard, Dena 
Grundset, H. M. 
Gulley, lames & Lori 
Gulley, lohn & Lori 
Hakes, Robert & Marjorie 
Hall, Donald 
Haluska, Ian & Marcia 
Harlow, Bruce 
Harris, Pamela 
Harrison, Estrella 
Harrison, Margaret 
Hartwell, Thelma 
Hedrick, Mary 
Heffedin, Ray & Inelda 
Hendershot, Lewis & Anne 
Hendershot, Ralph 
Henderson, Ben 
Henderson, Lyie 
Herm, Mazie 
Hersch, Louis & Lorabel 

Hess, Chuck & Debbie 

Hobbs, W. I. 

Holland, ludy 

Holmes, Oliver & Laura 

Hooper, Ralston & |une 

Hoose, Leonard 

Hoover, Robert 

Hunt, Bonnie 

Hurt, Louise 

lackson, Edward 

lacobs, Ray 

lansen, CaH & Marguerite 

limenez, David 

lohnson, Anna 

Kelly, Ronn 

Kenny, Fisher & Gladys 

Kepplet, Burton & Dorothy 

Kinder, IB. & Neva 

King, Roger & lolena 

Kinsey, Dean & Martha 

Klasing, Donald 

Klaver, lohn & Louise 

Kochenower, Ben & Teresa 

Koester, Carl & Beverly 

Korff, Renou 

Koudele, Charles & Betty 

Krause, Kassandra 

Kuhlman, Boots & Marian 

Lamb, Edward & Katie 

Lane, Eric 

Leas, Larry 

Leech, Joseph 

Lemon, lean 

Liles, Aubrey & Barbara 

Lilly, Michael & Delynne 

Lippert, Richard & Karen 

Lorren, Eddie 

Macdonald, Nellie 

MacLafferty, Merritt 

Magoon, David & Sue 

Mansfield, David 

Markoff, David 

Marlin, Deborah 

Marlowe, lames & Linda 

Martin, Edwin 

May, loyce 

McAllister, lone 

McAnally, Irma 

McArthur. Ben & Caroline 

McCandless, Skip & Mary Lou 

McClure, Warner & Evelyn 

McLarty, Gary 

McMillan, Frank & Nancy 

McMillan, Paul 

McMillan, Robert & Betty 

McNully, lohn & Frances 

Meadows, Lee 

Meister, Adam 

Meng, Hsien-Ming 

Michaelis, Charles & Naomi 

Mitchell, Alfred & Viola 

Mizelle, Dianne 

Moore, Benny & Barbara 

Moore, P. I. 

Moore, Robert & Lois 

Morris, lames & Brenda 

Morrison, Robert & Patricia 

Neal, Edward & Linda 

Nelson, Harry 

Nooner, Darrell 

Norris, Durell 

Okimi, Wayne 

Olsen, Allen 

Orange, Patricia 

Palsgrove, lohn & Carol 

Parker, Philip 

Payne, Laveta 

Peek, Leon 

Perdue, Ramon 

Petersen, Margarete 

Pierce, Chuck 

Pierson, Pauline 

Piter, lohn & Lorraine 

Pritchett, Gary 

Ramirez, Ted 

Read, Peter 

Reid, Edward & Kathy 

Reid, Nelda 

Remmers, Eugene & Carolyn 

Reynolds, Mable 

Richards, Bill & Evonne 

Richards, E. E. 

Richert, |r., Arthur & loyce 

Rimmer, Neita 

Ritchie, Max & Kay 

Robertson, Debi 

Robertson, Marvin & leanie 

Sahly, Don 

Sanford, Darleen 

Sauls, Lynn & Helen 

Schiefer, Mark 

Schmid, Harold 

Schriber, lohn & Marilou 

Shaw, Cad & Debra 

Short, Donald & Garnette 

Shull, lohn 

Silver, Bob & Patricia 

Slapper, Debra 

Smith, Warren & Elouise 

Smoot, Grady & Irma 

Snyder, Richard & Patricia 

Sorensen, Niel & Ruby 

Spady, Linda 

Sperrazza, Robert & lackie 

Stepanske, Bruce & leanette 

Stone, Terry 

Strayer, Brian 

Summerour, Brooke 

Sumpter, Ward 

Sutton, Layton 

Swofford, 'Robert 

Talge, Malcolm 

Terrell, Richard & Sharon 

Thompson, Margaret 

Thoresen, Nelson & Brenda 

Thurmond, lames & ludy 

Tolhurst, Frederick & lane 

Towles, Eddie 

Travis, Paul & Grace 

Troxel, losephine 

Truax, Gene 

Tucker, A. R. 

Turlington, "Drew & Rita 

Vallieres, Scott & Shadyn 

Van Dolson, Leo 

VandeVere, Wayne & Evelyn 

Walters, Clyde & Merrie 

Wareham, Alice 

Warren, Steven 

Warren, W. D. 

Weaver, 'Leslie & Diana 

West, Ir., Donald 

Westbrook, lohn 

Whitehead, Ronald & Betty 

Wiese, Calvin & Tammy 

Will, Stanley & Bennie 

Williams, Larry & Nellie 

Williams, Russell & Genevieve 

Wilson, Don 

Wittenberg, MeHin & lanice 

Wohlers, William & Rita 

Wong, Robert 

Wood, Robert 

Yelvington, Clare 

Young, Richard & Phyllis 

Zeigler, lames & Freda 

8 • FALL 1993 • 

Loyalty Club 
$250 - $500 

Aebersold, Charles 
Albritton, jerry & Elizabelh 
Anderson, Dale & jeanene 
Anderson, Gene 
Anderson, Gwyann 
Anderson, Mark & Nancy 
Artress, Mary Kay 
Ashlock, Tom & Betty 
Bartram, Jerry & Chris 
Bennett, Harry & Ercel 
Benton, Patricia 
Bischoff, Frederick 
Bishop, Robert 
Bodtker, Marceil 
Boksberger, Hans-Peter 
Boykin, Charlie & Helen 
Boyson, lack & Beverly 
Brock, Robert & Debbie 
Brown, Ronald & Clenda 
Bunn, David 
Burtnett, Frank S. Helen 
Butler, Alma 

Calloway, Larry & Kimberly 
Chase, Donald & Michelle 
Cheme, Melvin 
Chilcole, Warren 
Chisholm, Cheryle 
Christiansen, Hugo 
Closser, lames & Myma 
Costerisan, Frank 
Coulter, Wayne & Sharon 
Cress, David & Lynn 
Crowder, Katharyn 
Crowson, Gene 
Gulp, |ohn 
Damron, Chet & Mary 

Davis, Scott 

Dawaf, Laneta 
deCarmo, Linden 

Deloney, George 

Dresser, Emily 

Duerksen, Russell 

Earnhardt, )an 

East, Robert & Marie 

Evans, Dwight 

Evans, Ted 

Everts, Dave 

Falk, Pete & Marie 

Finley, Lyie 

Flach, Charles & Barbara 

Fowler, |ohn & Marilyn 

Fuller, George & Sally 

Callimore, Lyndon & Evonne 

Gano, David & Deborah 

Gardner, Roger 

Genton, Lola 

Gentry, David 

Gentry, Michael & Joanne 

Ciang, Sarah 

Giles, Stanley & OIlie 

Glenn, Danette 

Goetkeritz, Bmce & Laurel 

Graham, Obed & Coretta 

Graves, George & Melanie 

Graves, Sanford & Bedi 

Greene, lames & loyce 

Hall, Roger & Diane 

Harrelson, Amos 

Han-is, Charles & Ruth 

Harris, Charles & ludith 

Haupt, Ronald & Faye 

Haveman, Jan 

Hawthome, Bill & Mary 

Hay, Linda 

Helmer, Beverly 

Henderson, Wilfred & Mary 

Hendry, Malone 

Hilderbrandt. Edward 

Hilton, Forrest & Debbie 

Hinson, Kathryn 

Hobbs, Stan & Barbara 

Hodgkin, Jeanie 

Holland, David 

Holland, Reuben 

Horsley, Brooks 

Hoyle, Jerry & Sharon 

Hughes, Ross & Betty 

Hurt, Bryan 

Ingram, Ruth 

Irizarry, Kathryn 

Jacobs, lamile & Lois 

laecks, Steven & Carmen 

lenks, Lowell 

Keith, William & Nellah 

Kijak, Marie 

King, Jeffrey 

Kovalski, Gerald & Sandra 

Kuester, William 

Kuykendall, Fred 

Lafever, Beecher & Joanne 

Lampert, ludy 

Laubach, Chauncey & Florence 

Leach, Roger 

Ledford, Archie 

Lindsey, Charles & Sharon 

Loeffler, Mark 

Lorren, Robert & Clymera 

Loy, 'Monroe & Louise 

Lynd, Audice 

Lynn, James 

Mallock, Rhonda 

Massengili, Cloie 

Mauldin, Lorraine 

McCaughan, Cindy 

McClure, Herbert 

McElroy, Glenn 

McGhee, Earl 

McGrady, |ay 

McMillan, Sally 

Medford, Lucy 

Metriman, Houston & Margarita 

Mills, Brooker & Joyce 

Mixon-Strickland, Faye 

Moody, Richard 

Moore. Evelyn 

Moore, Jones & Patricia 

Mote, Donald & Rene 

Myers, Clifford 

Nelson, Katrina 

Nyirady, Stephen & Laura 
O'Brien, John & Georgia 

Odom, Myrna 

Oldham, Ray 

Olsen, Oluf 

Olson, Jessie 

Parrish, Todd & Lisa 

Payne, Donald & Opal 

Payne, Larry 

Perez, Arturo & Pearl 

Peters, Louesa 

Peterson, ludy 

Powell, Floyd 

Raitz, Robert 

Raitz, Vivian 

Reiber, Milton & Eunice 

Rickaby, lerry & Linda 

Roberts, William 

Roddy, Fairra 

Rodgers, Rozelle 

Rowlett, Phyllis 

Rudder, lames 

Schutte, Del 

Seek, Vesta 

Shaffer, Duane & Nancy 

Sharian, Serphouhi 

Shields, Ruby 

Shorter, Roland & Louise 

Smith, David & Cherie 

Soler, Eddie 

Soule, Joseph & Helen 

Spears, Steve & Marcie 

Stanley, Richard & Coleen 

Starkey, Dennis & Tami 

Stauffer, Lester 

Stewart, Ervin & Jean 

Strefling, Ruth 

Swigart, Carmen 

Tate, Winford 

Taylor, George & Margaret 

Theus, William & Deborah 

Thompson, Verle & Deborah 

Thoresen, Garth & Karin 

Thornton, Richard 

Tol, Bill & Carol 

Tolhurst, Ethel 

Tnjmmer, Max & Esther 

Tyrrell. Dale 

Underwood, Anne 

Vance, Kenneth 

Veltman, Fred & Renie 

Vollmer, Donald 

Wampler, Bill 

Warner, Carol 

Watson, James 

Watson, Ron 

West, Kenneth & Delby 
Wickwire, Adele 
Wilkens, Darryl & Laura 
Wilkens, Todd & Marsharce 
Willett, Gregory 
Wilson, Donald 
Wilt, Albert 
Wood, "Betty 
Wood, Izora 

Workman, Allen & Melinda 
Wurl, Loel & Marilyn 
Zeman, Daniel & Cookie 
Zollinger, Le & Freda 

Patron Club 


Aalborg, Bryan & Sharon 
Adams, Michael & Kelli 
Aho, Donald 
Albock, Doris 
Albury, Candace 
Allen, Charles & Kay 
Allen, Rose 
Anders, Pamela 
Andrews, Andrea 
Arthur, Arlene 
Ashlock, Carl 
Baker, John & Murdnal 
Baker, Kim 
Bame, Mark & Mitzi 

Barchers, Richard 

Barnes, Sharon 

Barrow, Brent & Susie 

Barto, Robert 

Beck, loe & Julie 

Beckett, John & Barbara 

Benge, Susan 

Bennett, Peggy 

Berry, Daniel 

Best, Harry 

Bidwell, Kenneth & Robin 

Bietz, Gordon & Cynthia 

Birch, Beverly 

Bischoff, Thomas & Nelda 

Bishop, Jr., Wilber & Pattie 

Blackwell, Sarah 

Bledsoe, Helen 

Bledsoe, Van 

Boles, loseph 

Bolton, Lillian 

Bonjour, Richard & Kathleen 

Borne, Allen 

Botten, Beverly 

Bottsford, Elmer 

Bowman, Don 

Boyd, Kathy 

Brackett, limmie 

Bradley, Edgar 

Brandt, Emilia 

Brewer, Frances 

Brewer, Kristina 

Bncker. Douglas & Kathv 

Brickman, Troy 

Bridges, John & Astrid 

Brisco, Darren & April 

Brooks, Dorothy 

Brooks, Lawrence 

Brown, Bevin & Kalhie 

Brown, Earle 

Brown, Ellen 

Brown, Gary 

Brown, Irma 

Brown, Lynn 

Brown, Mary 

Brownlee, John 

Brozny, |ohn & Suzanne 

Bruch, Lavonta 

Buckner, Robert & Linda 

Buell, Dexter 

Bunch, Luke & Esther 

Burgdortt, Betsy 

Burke, Kenneth & Theresa 

Burke, Roger 

Burns, lohn 

Burtnett, Dan & Debra 


Cambigue, Bruce & ludy 
Cantrell, Jacquelyn 
Cauley, Mike & Dottie 
Chaffin, Shirley 
Chaij, Nicolas 
Chambers, lames 
Chandler, Connie 



A psychrlogy major. Young Hee Chae's future plans include studying toward her master's degree 
in clinical psychology. Young Hee is from Marietta, Ca. She chose Southern to gain a solid 
foundation in her education with a Christian perspective. Encountering different beliefs after college 
is a concern for Young Hee. However, with Southern's background, she feels she won't be shaken in 
her beliefs. 

"I am thankful for the scholarship I received. It is helping me fulfill my dreams." 


chapman, Carole 

Cheever, Bryan & Becky 

Chesney, Evan & )an 

Christakos, P. G. 

Clark, Faye 

Clark, Frances 

Clarke, Meg 

Cochran, Todd & Mary 

Coe, Laureen 

Coggin, David & Sylvia 

Collier, Billy & Nan 

Collins, Dale 

Connell, Walter 

Cook, Edwin & Linda 

Cooke, |oi 

Cooper, Graham & Norma 

Corbett, Byron 

Cornell, Earl 

Costello, Richard & Lindora 

Gotham, Joyce 

Cotton, David 

Couch, Robert & Kathleen 

Cowan, Anne 

Croker, Eddy & Winsome 

Cross, Gerald 

Growson, Linda 

Culbert, Dorothy 

Curnow, Ian 

Gushing, Sara 


Dahl, leanette 

Dalton, Mark & Marilee 

Dameff, Emanuel & Teddie 

Dameron, Camille 

Danforth, julia 

Daniel, Michele 

Darbo, lere & Doris 

Davis, Charles 

Davis, Terry & Melanee 

Davis III, Cosby 

Decker, Mark & Sheri 

Denny, Shirley 

Denslow, Anne 

Dickerson, Albert & Mar|orie 

Donesky, Nancy 

Drab, lack & Cherie 

Dubose, Bob 

DuBose, |r,. Bob & ludilh 

Dunham, Gerald 

Durichek, Ir., Peter 

E, F 

Edgar, luliann 
Edgerton, Debby 
Eggers, lohn 
Eirich, Paul 
Eisele, Melvin 
Elliott, Marvin & Candis 
Elmore, Langdon 
Elmore, Vincent 
Erhard, Mark & Lisa 
Estrada, Angela 
Ewing, Judy 

Farr, Henry 

Ferguson, Charles & Wanda 
Fisher, Tamara 
FitzGerald, Steven 
Flahaut, LuAnne 
Ford, Zell & Heide 
Foster, William & Beverly 
Foulkes, ludith 
Fritts, Susan 
Fuccillo, Virginia 
Fuller, Zana 
Futcher, Carol 


Gager, George & Martiel 
Gallner, Walter 
Gano, Kenneth & Lisa 
Gantt, Amy 
Garza, Daniel & Myra 
Gales, Douglas & Brenda 
Geach, Robert & Mabel 
Geach, Roger 
Gearing, Wendy 
Gibson, Myrna 
Gilkeson, )erry & Eve 
Goffin, Wayne 
Grand, Blanca 
Greek, lames 
Greer, Gary & Holly 
Griffith, jack & Ruth 
Crimsley, Steven & Patricia 
Grindley, Timothy & Jamie 

/ / 

Taking a bachelor of arts degree in public relations, jeane Hernandez has attended Southern for 
three years. She chose Southern for its Christian atmosphere and feels she can better serve God by 
combining her career zoith religion. 

Grove, Robert 
Cutekunst, Gerard 
Gutierrez, Eduardo (Si iulia 


Hadley, Lanny & Chen 
Hagen, Lillian 
Hale, Scott & Linda 
Halversen, Warren & ludy 
Hamel, Lyie & Helen 
Hamilton, Cindy 
Hamm, Minon 
Hammond, Bill & Kathryn 
Harold, Donna 
Harper, Marggie 
Hartwell, Ray & Jeanne 
Havey, Winona 
Hay, Bill &Cheri 
Hayes, William & Danette 
Heath, Carol 

Hefner, Stephen & lanlyn 
Henderson, O.R. & Mary 
Henning, Volker & Linda 
Henson, Bill & Gertie 
Hetke, Elsworth 
Highsmith, Florence 
Hightower, Terrl 
Hilliard, Douglas & Deborah 
Hirsch, Karen 
Holland, Donald 
Howard, Art & Shirley 
Hudson, lanis 
Hudson, Ray 
Hughes, Penny 
Hunt, Katye 
Hyde, Bradley & Sylvia 
Hyder, Mark & Florence 


Ivey, Alyce 
lacobs, Faith 
lacobs, Julie 
lames, David & Barbara 
lansen. Mane 
ledamski, Beth 
lenkins, Margaret 
letter, Cheryl 
lobe, Frank 
lohnson, Jean 
lohnson, Louise 
lohnson, Sonja 
lohnson, Thelma 
Jones, Elvme 
Jones, William 
lorgensen, Gail 
lust, Avolt 


Kaufmann, Bruce & Cindy 
Kay, David & Irene 

Kay, Maxine 
Keller, |im 
Kepkey, Robert 
Keplinger, lohn & Nellie 
Kim, David & Miya 
Kimber, Alice 
King, Gregory 
Kinsey, Rick & Tina 
Kinsey, Scott & Terrie 
Kinsman, lacqueline 
Kirstein, Bill & Pat 
Klingstrand, Arne & Lisa 
Kostenko, Victor & Ghana 
Kovalski, lack 
Kruger, Thomas & Linda 


Larson, )amte 
Lastine, Craig 
Lawhead, Bonnie 
Leader, Regan & Mary 
Leblanc, Paul & Argenta 
Leech, Larry & Cynthia 
Leitner, lack 
Lemert, Scott 
Lemke, Michelle 
Lester, Vera 
Libby, Mae 
Lighihall, Wallace 
Lim, Leiy 
Litchfield, Marie 
Lobdell, Opal 
Lopez, Pauline 
Lorenz, Angela 
Lorey, Michael 
Lorren, Katrina 

Lovinggood, Nena 

Lowe, leanne 

Lowe, Michael & Carolyn 

M, N 

MacAlpine, lames 
Mackenzie, Malcolm 
Macmillan, Katherine 
Mahrle, Sylvia 
Maize, Gerald & Elizabeth 
Manasco, Debbie 
Manley, Edna 
Mansfield, Randall 
Mansfield, Wayne 
Maples, Donald & Edith 
Marquina, Monica 
Marschner, Max 
Martin, Caroline 
Martin, Dale & Betty 
Martin, Fred & Eugenia 
Mathews, lohn & lanice 
Mathews, Kenneth 
Matthews, Linda 
Mauller-Payne, Rebecca 
McBride, Nancy 
McCalla, I.E. 
McClure, Howard 
McDougal, Todd & Renita 
McFaddin, Mark & Lisa 
McGhee, Patricia 
McHan, lames 
McKee, Helen 
McKenzie, Michael 
McKenzie, |r., Eugene 
McKinney, William & Lillian 
McMullen, Lynnette 
Meany, Caria 
Medanich, lerry 
Mercer, Ruth 
Michalenko, Don 
Michalenko, Tamara 
Middaugh, Patsy 
Miles, luanita 

Millburn, Dennis & Bobbie 
Miller, leanne 
Mills, ChaHes & Dorinda 
Mitchell, Brian & Cynthia 
Mixon, Myron & Valorie 
Mizelle, Roscoe & Helen 
Monteith, |ohn 
Moore, Kay 
Morgan, Daria 
Morris, Stephen 
Morrison, Bill 
Moulton, David & lanelle 
Murray, Fredrick 
Murray, Milton 
Murray, MyHene 
Murrell, Robert 
Myers, Amanda 
Myers, Richard & Donna 
Nerness, David & lennifer 
Nesbitt, William & Ethel 
Newman, Betty 
Nicholaides, Stephen 
Norton, Kenneth 

O, P 

Olds, Carol 

Oles, Ian 

Olis, Donnie 

Oliver, |ohn 

Olmstead, Lila 

Osborne, David & |udy 

Osborne, Irene 

Ott, Helmuts Myrna 

Ottati, Bobby 

Ownsby, Peggy 

Oxberger, Earl 

Palmer, Ted & Elaine 

Park, Betty 

Park, Lester 

Parnell, lack 

Paxton, Carolyn 

Peel, Edna 

Peel, lames 

Pegel. Rachel 

Pennell, Gary 

Perry, Henri 

Peterson, Garland & Betty 

Pettibone, Dennis 

Petty, Cecil & Mary 

Pflugrad, David & Doina 

Phillips, Max 

Pinto, lorge 

10 • FALL 1993 • 

Plan, Bud & Barbara 
Pooley. Burt 
Powell, George 
Powell, Kevin & Shelly 
Priest, loseph & Barbara 
Purvis, Quenlin & Kimberly 
Pyke, Teddie & Helen 


Rahn, Larr\ & Vicki 
Raines, Gary 
Ramsey, lohn & Linda 
Randolph, Gary & Karen 
Reid, lohn & Sara 
Reyna, Wilfred 
Richert, Charles & Shauna 
Rilea, Lester & LaSina 
Rimmer, Greg & Renee 
Ringer, Benjamin & Carol 
Ringer, Brian i )oelle 
Robb, Mark & |udy 
Robertson, Arthur 
Robertson, Bill & Delia 
Robertson, Earl 
Robinson, Alyce 
Robinson, Elenora 
Roddy, Harold & Donna 
Ruiz, David & Beverly 
Rumsey, Gregory & Shirley 
Rumsey, Marsha 
Russell, Kathy 
Rvals, )ohn & Virginia 


Saphiloft, Andrew 

Sasser, Pat 

Schiefer, Kurt 

Schmehl, Malcolm 

Schneider, Wilbert 

Schoen, Valentin 

Schomburg, William 

Schooler, Betsy 

Schroeder, Karl-Heinz 

Schwab, Walter 

Scott, "Kenneth 

Scott, Lori 

Seidel, Lynda 

Sell, Don & Beverley 

Serikaku, David & Dianna 

Serl. Connie 

Servoss, Larry 

Shaw, Kenneth & Ann 

Sheddan, lack 

Sherman, Gary 

Shields, Chaz 

Shreve, Ruby 

Sica, Ruth 

Siddall, Rodney & Diane 

Silver, Donald 

Smith, Carl & Susie 

Smith, Paul 

Snide, Hazel 

Soule, lohn 

Sowder, Steven & Marilyn 

Spicer, Eldon & Anna 

Spruill, Milford &')oy 

Stagg, Art & Karyn 

Stallings, Roy 

Stampfli, Rose 

Stanaway, Barbara 

Stanaway, Ian & Cindy 

Stanford, Sylvia 

Stan. Wilfred & Dorothy 

Steele, Dena 

Steinman, Donald 

Stevens, Geraldine 

Stier, Richard & Maria 

Stone, Francis 

Strang, Wilson & Ruth 

Strock, Sr., Joseph 

Stubbs, Bill 

Stubbs, William & Barbara 


Tackett, Sara 

Tavener, Lynn 

Taylor, George & Nadene 

Tejada, Manuel 

Terrill, Keith & Linda 

Tetz, Leiand 

Thomas, David & Joyce 

Thomas, Lorraine 

Tillis, Ronald 

Titus, Tresa 

Trickett, Verda 

Trim, Alice 

Trimble, Tamara 

Tull, Eunice 

Turner, Oneita 

Tuuri, Mark 

Van Omum, Roger 

Vandevere, Margaret 

Vaner^vegen, lerry & Sandra 

Vanraden, David & lulie 

Vargas, Chris 

Vaughan, Bob & Tammy 

Villars, Nikki 

Vincent, Ronnie & Cecilia 

Vinglas, Robbie & Ranae 

Vining, Noble 

Vinson, Sandra 

Vital, Greg 

Vito, Bernice 


Wagner, David 
Walden, Ralph 
Walden, Relious & Beverly 
Wallace, Betty 
Wallack, Marijane 
Walters, lames 
Ward, Paul & Mildred 
Warren, Grayson & Amanda 
Washington, Monese 
Watkins, Charles & Norma 
Watson, Lanier 
Watson, Mildred 
Wan, Timothy & Crystal 
Wans. Ralph 
Wazdatskey, Lillian 
Wear, Glenn 
Webb, Erma 
Webster, George 
Welch, Edgar 
Weldemere, Randall 
Wetmore, Lynne 
Whaley, joy 
Whitley, Royalyn 
Wilcox, June 

Wilkinson, Donald & Patricia 
Will. Kenneth & Elaine 
Williams, Gary & Alice 
Williams, Gary 
Williams, Karen 
Williams-Morris, Ruth 
Williamson, Allan 
Williamson, Grayce 
Wood, loyce 
Wood, Lee 
Wood, Michael 
Woods, Cecil 
Wright, Walter 
Wyckoff, Maurice 
Wynn, Kenneth 
Young, Brenda 
Zaiabak, Wilma 
Zerbee, Arlene 
Zoerb, Everett & Ruth 
Zwick, Neldena 


AFCO Inc. 

Alderson, Ondov Leonard & 

Sween, P. A. 
American Air Productslnc. 
American National Bank 
American Whey Company 
Anna Millers' Inc. 
Archer-DanielsAlidland Found. 
Athens Paper Co. 
Athletic Specialties 
Bahlsen, Inc. 
Bender-Goodman Co. 
Benwood Foundation Inc. 
Bunge Corporation 
Bunge Foods 

Byron Express Transport. Inc. 
C.Y. Inc. 

Cargill Incorporated 
Carolina Conference Assoc. 
Carolina Conference of SDA 
Chase Farms Inc. 
Chan. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 
Chazler Inc. 
City of Collegedale 
Collegedale Casework Inc. 
Collegedale Central Exxon 
Collegedale SDA Church 
Committee of 1 00 

Continental Engr. & Mfg.lnc. 
Dixie Converting 
Doboy Packaging Machinery 
Dow Chemical USA 
Downtown Lions' Club 
Eastlex Machine Corporation 
Eesco Inc. 

Exxon Education Foundation 
First Tennessee Bank 
Flex-Pak. Inc. 
FMC Corporation 
Fred Fuller Insurance Agency 
Ga. -Cumberland Conference 
Gentry SDA Church 
Griffin Pie Company 
Grumman Corporation 
GSB Associates Inc. 
Guild Southern Symphony 
Gulf States Conference 
Gulf States Paper Corp. 
Hartfiel Company 
Holiday Inn 

Hydra-Power Incorporated 
IBM Corporation 
Imperial Holly Corporation 
Inc. Quinn Industrial 
lE.D. Welding & Machining 
loseph Decosimo. and Co. 
K. W. Grader Foundation 
Kreme House 
Ky.-Tenn. Conference 
La Crosse Milling Co. 

Larson Allen Weishair & Co. 
Leth Trucking 

Life Care Centers of America 
Loma Linda University 
Lou Church Educ. Found. 
M&M Holdings, Inc. 
MBNA America Bank, N.A. 
McKee Foods Corporation 
McNeilus Truck & Mfg.Co. 
Michael Barto & Company 
North American Div. of SDA 
Northwest Power Procu 
Ooltewah SDA Church 
PG Lecithin 
Pioneer Bank 
Procter & Gamble Found. 
Quinn Industrial, Inc 
Robert Lee Weiss Found. 
Ross Designers Manuf. Inc. 
Sconza Candy Company 
Sethness Products Co. 
Skrypton Comm., Inc. 
Soloff Construction Co., Inc. 
Sonstegard Foods Co. 
South Atlantic Conference 
Southeastern Conference 
Southern Coll. Symph. Guild 
Southern Union Conference 
Southern Union Conf. Assoc. 
Sovex Natural Foods, Inc. 
State Fami Companies Found. 
Synergistic Designs 

Tenn. Independent Coll. Fund 
Tennessee Valley Sales Co. 
The Peanut Factory 
The Worthington Foods Found. 
Thomas Slaley Foundation 
Thompson Truck Repairs 
USF & C Foundation Inc 
Utility Trailer Sales of Tenn. 
Village Market 
Whirlpool Foundation 

Committee of 100 

Anderson, Eugene 
Baker, Sue 
Barto, Michael 
Berner, Perry & Anne 
Blair, Mardian 
Bothe. Barbara 
Bottomley, Sr., Leroy 
Bowen, Dewin 
Bowers, Robert 
Boyd, Velma 
Boyle, jim 
Burdick, Al 
Burdick, Paul 
Buttertield, Art 
Byrd, Cookie 
Cason, Bud 
Castleberg, David 
Clark, Jerome 
Coppock, Lucille 

Bom in Nottingham, England, Everton Collins moiled to Florida in 1981. Everton chose 
Southern because the summer reminded him of being in England. While at Southern, Everton has 
worked as lab assistant in the Computer Lab and at McKee Foods Corporation. Everton graduates in 
May with his computer science degree and a minor in business. 

"I'd like to thank the donors for their help. The scholarship helped pay my school bills." 


Cothren, Frederec 
Couch, Robert 
Cowdrick, Jesse 
Crandell, Donna 

Cushman, Willis 
Dart, Mona 
Davis, K,R. 
Davis, Scott 
Dean, Olivia 
Downs, Nevin 
Duge, |ohn 
Durichek, Helen 
Farrow, |oe 
Fleming, jr., Charles 
Friberg, )r., Russell 
Fuller, Forrest 
Fuller, Fred 
Fuller, Glenn 
Carver, Phil 
Craves, Charles 
Hall, Albert 
Hamilton, Ted 
Hendershot, Lewis 
Herr, Ronald 
Howell, Walter 
Huenergardt, Howard 
Hulsey, Bill 
ties, Bill 

lackson, Edward 
Jacobs, Carl 

Janzen, Wayne 

jarrett, David 
Jensen, Robert 
lewett, David 
Johnson, Anna 
Johnson, Harold 
Johnson, Oscar 
Kenny, Fisher 
Lacey, Charles 
Lawing, Lloyd 
Leiand, lohn 
Ludington, Cliff 
Mallernee, Rollin 
Mansfield, David 
Martin, Douglas 
McClarty, Jack 
McElroy, Buddy 
McGhmnis, Bill 
McKee, Debra 
McKee, Ellsworth 
McKee, Jack 
McKee, O.D. 
McKee, |r,. Rusty 
McKinney, ),R. 
McNeilus, Denzil 
Merchani, Bob 
Meicalf, Bill 
Miller, Scott 
Morris, lames 
Murphy, Harvey 

Patterson, Barry 
Pendleton, Les 
Preston, Forrest 
Preston, Winton 
Richards, Bill 
Rimmer, Neita 
Ringer, Bruce 
Rogers, Herbert 
Sahly, Don 
Schmidt, Ehrich 
Shim, IT. 
Sines, A! 
Sloan, Thyra 
Smith, William 
Sommerville, Lewis 
Spears, Don 
Sperrazza, Robert 
Student Association 
Taylor, Dennis 
Taylor, Victor 
Taylor, William 
Terrell, Richard 
von Henner, Chan 
Whidden, Charles 
Wilkens, Bonnie 
Williams, lames 
Willis, William & Ian 
Wilson, Charles 
Winters, David 
Wood, 'Elmyra 

Information in the following 

report on class participation 

covers the 1992-1993 fiscal year, 


fically gifts from alumni 

made before May 31 

, 1993. 



Class Agent 




Edythe Cothren 




Ercel Bennett 




John Coodbrad 




Clifford Ludington 




June Blue 




Vern Dortch 




Robert Wood 




Frances Andrews 




Tom Ashlock 




David Henriksen 




Layton Sutton 




Kenneth Harding 



i ^•^ 

Ted Craves 



' 55 

Grady Smoot 




Dean Kinsey 




Ron Rodgers 




Bob Ingram 




Robert Burchard 




Winford Tate 




Dan Rozell 




Benny Moore 




Helen Sauls 




lohn Fowler 




Bert Cool idge 




Jim Boyle 




Barbara Whidden 




George Powell 




Bill McChinnis 




Diane Avant 




David Winters 




Charles Ferguson 




Ben Kochenower 




Joyce Cotham 




Peggy Smith 




Dale Townsend 




Ernestine Poenitz 




Ken Rogers 




Jim dosser 




Fred Stephens 




Greg King 




Brian Ringer 




Dennis Dodd 




Pamela Anders 




Kevin Morgan 




Suzanne Bird 




Rusty McKee 




Zareer Cursetjee 




Don MacLafferty 




Mark Waldrop 




Robert Young 




Brad Emde 




lohn Boskind 





Former Students 




12 • FALL 1993 • 


Compiled by Ellen Roberts 

Doris (Davis) Albock, '38, resides in 
Meridian, Miss., and has been retired since 1972. 
Before retirement, Doris served as a secretary for 
several conferences and as secretary to Elder 
Fagal at Faith For Today. 

Elsie (Landon) Buck, '41 , is retired. She taught 
music for o\er four decades and was elected to 
the Hall of Fame of the national Guild of Piano 
Teachers. Elsie is still involved in music as 
president of the International Adventist 
Musicians Association. She and her husband, 
Edvk'in, celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary and live in Berrien Springs, Mich. 
Thev have three children. 

Mildred (Moore) Clark, '44, and her husband, 
Willard, reside in Angwin, Calif. Thev have two 
sons, Robert and Lawrence. Mildred says she is 
enjoying semi-retirement from nursing and 
plans to attend her 50-vear alumni reunion in 

Lu Ann Crews, '44, and her husband, Joseph, 
live in Mversville, Md. She is a registered nurse. 
Joseph and Lu Ann have two sons and four 

Bill Page Haskell, '47, says he is enjoying 
retirement at home in Burleson, Texas. He is still 
active at the Southwestern Union Conference 
where he served as associate treasurer. 

Mildred (Berggren) Kreger, '47, resides in 
Avon Park, Fla. Mildred taught church school in 
the United States and overseas for over 35 years 
and then served as librarian. This past April, 
Mildred married her husband, Alfred (her first 

Leta (Brown) Schroeder, '44, resides in 
Lawlev, Ala. Leta holds fond memories of 
Southern Junior College which had a wonderful 
influence in her life. She is thankful God guided 
her to Collegedale. 

Robert Ammons, '55, has retired after 38 years 
in the ministry'. At the time of retirement, he was 
pastoring the First Church in Savannah, Ga. He 
also pastored the Memorial Church in Omaha, 
Neb., and the Central Church in St. Louis, Mo. 
Bob serv-ed 13 years in departmental work for 
conferences in the Lake Union and the Southern 
Union. He and his vsife, Frances (Motley), '54, 
celebrated their 39th wedding anni\ersarv. Thev 
have two children, Rob and Anita. 

Hugo Christiansen, '55, and his wife, Muriel, 
live in Silver Spring, Md. The Christiansens are 
planning to retire next year and move to 

William Dysinger, '51, and his wife, Yvonne, 
live in VVilliamsport, Tenn. William keeps busy 
assisting ADRA and other health organizations. 
This vear, he has been to Cambodia twice, to 
Honduras, and is scheduled for a trip to 
Mongolia. He also ser\-es on the board of several 
organizations and is president of the 
International Health Society and Development 
Services International. Yvonne made a trip to 
Africa in August to visit their two sons and wives 
and five grandchildren. 

William A. Hust, '53, and his wife, Patricia, 
attended, reside in Angwin, Calif. WiUiam began 
teaching in 1954 and retired in 1983. 

James Joiner, '53, and his wife, Beverly, live in 
Takoma Park, Md. They are both employed by 
the General Conference. James works in the 
archives and helps edit the SDA Yearbook. He 
says he enjoys his work. 

Clifton Keller, '58, and his wife, Ruth, live in 
Mandeville, Jamaica. Clifton is a professor at 
West Indies College. He plans to remain in 
Jamaica for three more years. 

James, '53, and Gladys Nick, attended, have 
retired in Sierra Vista, Ariz. James spent 35 years 
in educational work. The Nicks have a son and 

Lester A. Smith, '51, passed away on April 23. 
He was living in Sanford, Fla. 

Raymond Woolsey, '51, and his wife. Chalice 
(Jennings), '51, celebrated their 40th wedding 
anniversary this year. The Woolseys reside in 
Boonsboro, Md. 

Richard, '69, and Thelma (Lansford), 
Caldwell, attended, live in Silver Spring, Md. 
Richard works for the Associate General Counsel 
at the General Conference. He is also a CPA, has 
master's degrees in business administration and 
in law taxation, and obtained a juris doctor 

Neville Harcombe, '66, and his wife, Cindy, 
live in Woodbine, Md. Ne\ille is the executive 
secretary/ministerial director of the Chesapeake 
Conference. They ha\e two children, Denita and 

William Johnston, '69, is principal of Port 
Charlotte .Adventist School in Florida. His wife, 
Helen (Kathy), attended, is an RN in the OB 
department of Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort 
Myers. Thev have two children, Kristie, a 
freshman at Southern, and Lee, a freshman at 
Port Chariotte. 

Bill, '63, and Pat (Osborne) Kirstein, '65, 
reside in Hagerstown, Md. Bill is the art director 
for Review & Herald Publishing. Pat is the 
director of assisted living at Shady Grove 
Adventist Nursing Center in Rockville. They 
have two sons, Brennon and Chad, who are both 
attending Southern. 

Barry, '70, and Sharryn (Hughes) Mahomey, 

'69, live in Montgomery, Ala. Both Barr^- and 
Sharryn work for the Gulf States Conference. He 
is the superintendent of education and she is 
secretary for the conference president. Their two 
sons are attending Southern. 

Charles Myers, Jr., '60, and his wife, Edna, Uve 
in Hagerstown, Md. Charles is the business 
teacher at Highland View Academy. 

Ruth (Bolton) Prosser, '66, and her husband, 
Thomas, reside in Hagerstown, Md. Ruth is 
working as the secretary for the Hagerstown 

Brenda (Botts) Riley, '63, graduated in June 
from the University of Alabama at Birmingham 
with her Doctor of Science in Nursing. 

Alyce (Kelly) Robinson, '66 and '89, lives in 
Bardstown, Ky . She has accepted a position as an 
administrator of Federal Hill Manor. She has two 
daughters, Elizabeth, who is in the Navy, and 
Julie, '89, residing in Durham, N.C. Alyce says 
she would enjoy hearing from other Southern 
alumni who live nearby or who are sight-seeing 
in the area. 

Jod, '67, and Christy (Sweat) Socol, '70, reside 
in Birmingham, Ala. Jod flies for Med-Jet 
International making medical transport flights 
worldwide. Christy works for Preventitive 
Medicine in Nutritional Studies at the University 
of Alabama Birmingham. This year their two 
children. Heather and Bob, are attending 

Betty (Williams) Allen, '73, and her husband, 
Homer, reside in Oneida, Ky. Betty is a board 
member of the Clay County Health Department 
and the Cumberland Valley District Health 
Department. They have two daughters, a son, 
and a grandson. 

Cheryl (Hay) Bedsworth, '73, and her 
husband. Bill, live in Mission Viejo, Calif. Bill is a 
judge. The Bedsworths co-authored h\'0 articles 
in Coast magazine: "Can You Write Your CH\ti 
Will?" published in Autumn '92 issue and 
"Living with - or without - Living Trusts," 
published in the Winter '92-'93 issue. 

Don, '74, and Sharla (Closser) Bogar, '74, 
have moved from Avon Park, Fla., to Smyrna, 
Ga. Don is serving as the director of pharmacy at 
Smyrna Hospital and Sharla is working as a 

Bob, '70, and Ginny (Duncan) Geach, '72, live 
in Douglasville, Ga. Bob teaches science classes at 
Atlanta Adventist Academy where he has been 
for the past 20 vears. Ginny teaches grades 3-4 at 
Cascade Adventist Elementary School. They 
have three sons, Robby, 16, Jonathan, 14, and 
Br>'an, 12. 

Rackley Ivey, '76, lives in Charlotte, N.C, and 
graduated from Mercer Universit)' School of 
Medicine on June 6, 1993. He is now in his 
psychiatry residency at the University of North, 



The Kay family 

David Kay, '79, is a captain in the U. S. Army. 
He has accepted appointment to instruct 
physician assistants for the U. S. Army Medical 
Department School affiliated with the University 
of Texas at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. David's 
wife, Irene (Ruprecht), '77, will be working on 
completion of her elementary education training 
at the University of Texas, San Antonio. The Kays 
are completing a three year tour in Hawaii and 
have four children: Nathan, Marian, Brian, and 

Cindy (Goronzy) McCaughan, '79 and '90, 
has been named the controller for the Sunstates 
Region of Life Care Centers of America, a 
nursing center management firm based in 
Cleveland, Term. As controller, Cindy wiU be 
responsible for overseeing the accounting 
operations of six nursing centers and two 
retirement centers in Tennessee, Georgia, and 
Horida. She and her husband, Michael, live in 

Kevan, '76, and Deborah (Swinson) 
Metcalfe, '76, recently moved from Florida to 
Hagerstown, Md. The Metcalfes are employed at 
Meridian Healthcare in Baltimore. Kevan is the 
director of subacute care and Deborah is the 
director of insurance relations. 

Fritz, '72, and Suzanne (Jackson) Newman, 

'73, reside in Takoma Park, Md. Suzanne is an 
eighth grade English teacher at Eastern Middle 
School. The Newmans have two children, Eric, 
14, and Laura, 9. 

Mary (Wahl) Nielsen, '74, lives in 
Youngsto wn, Ohio, and has a position as a school 
principal. Her daughter, Megan, graduated as 
valedictorian of her eighth grade class. 

Terry Phillips, '71, and his wife, Kathy, 
returned to the United States in June to live in 
Portland, Ore. Terry worked for ten years in 
mission service in Malawi, Africa, and in Guam 
as a CRNA. He is enrolled at Walla Walla CoUege 
working toward his bachelor of science degree in 

James, '70, and Cindy (Twing) Richardson, 

'70, U ve in Germantown, Md . James works for the 
Office of Naval Research as a Command Deputy 
EEO Officer. The Richardsons have an 18-vear- 
old son 

Joan (Krogstad) Russell, '74, joined the staff of 
Three Angels Broadcasting Network as the 
financial director. She and her husband, Robert, 
live in Tompsonville, 111. They have three 
teenagers. Heather, Daniel, and Heidi. 

Sandra (Siegal) Shrader, '76, resides in 
Centerville, Ohio, and is mf ection control physician 
for Kettering Medical Center (KMC). She was 
commended for outstanding service to the 
communitv and her profession by winning the 
health care category of the 1993 Salute to Career 
Women sponsored by the Young Women's 
Christian Association of Dayton. She is associate 
director for the KMC internal Medicine 
residencv program and medical director of the 
phvsician assistant program at Kettering College 
of Medical Arts. 

Ruth (Woods) Stocke, '70, moved to Apison, 
Tenn., after spending two years in the historical 
area of Brunswick, Ga. 

Terry Stone, '78, and his wife, Brenda, hve in 
Battle Creek, Mich. Terry is the chief financial 
officer at Battle Creek Adventist Hospital. They 
have three children, Michael, 12, Bobby, 11, and 
Chem, 10. 

Tim Beaulieu, '83, has been promoted to 
senior vice president of support services at Life 
Care Centers of America. As a Life Care 
employee for 10 years, Tim has been involved in 
company acquisitions, worked as a licensed 
administrator and executive director of several 
nursing facilities, and served as vice president of 
Life Care's Eastern Division. Tim and his wife, 
Rita (Bata), '83, hve in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Kathy (Wuerstlin) Breece, '82, works at Paul 
Brothers OldsmobUe Inc. in the Che\'y Chase, 
Md. /Washington D. C. area as an adminis- 
trative assistant. Kathv has lived in Reston, Va., 
since March. 

Terrance, '85, and Tammy (Rasmussen) 

Cantrell, '84, reside in Lincoln, Neb. Terry is 
employed at Union College in the media 
department, and Tammy works as an RN part 
time in labor and delivery. The Cantrells have 
two sons, Tyler, 7, and Taylor, 2. 

Clint, '81, and Jonna (Freeman) Davis, '81, 
reside in Cleveland, Tenn. Clint is vice president 
of the Eastern Division of Life Care Centers of 
America and will manage 37 centers. Clint has 
been executive director of Life Care facilities in 
New Market, Va., and Bruceton, Tenn., and has 
served as vice president of the Lookout Region, 
overseeing nine nursing centers. 

John, '87, and Pam (Ivins) Dysinger, '88, live 
in Nairobi, Kenya. They have a t%vo-year-old 
daughter, Kirsten Noelle, and a son, Jonathan 
Louis, bom August 15, 1993. 

Shirlee (Kline) Godsey, '82, was married on 
June 6 and lives in Winchester, Va. Shirlee 
teaches 24 students in grades K through 8 at the 
Winchester SDA School. 

James GuUey, '87, graduated with his Ph.D. in 
microbiology (immunology) from Loma Linda 
University on June 10. His research established 
an antibody for prostate cancer with possible 
wider use in cancer treatment. James received a 
six-year scholarship from the University for his 
M.D./Ph.D. program and hopes to complete his 

M.D. bv 1 995. James and his wife, Laura, '86, live 
in Colton, CaUf. 

Sheri Hawkins, '80 and '82, received a master's 
in nursing from Loma Linda University. She is the 
assistant director of nursing for Loma Linda 
University Children's Hospital and lives in 
Colton, Calif. 

Stan, '85, and Barbara (Redden) Hobbs, '84, 
reside in Collegedale. Stan completed his 
master's degree in education in 1988 and ser\-es 
as the dean of men at Southern's Talge Hall. 
Barbara is an RN at T.C. Thompson Children's 
Hospital. Thev have a two-year-old daughter, 

Randy, '88, and Tonya (Heinrich) Holcombe, 

'90, live in Nashville, Tenn. Randv is the director 
of patient financial services for Tennessee 
Christian Medical Center. Tonya teaches 
kindergarten at Madison Campus Elementary 

Debbie (Parson) Hill, '82 and '83, graduated 
in June with a master of science in administration 
fiom Andrews University. She and her husband, 
Glenn, live in Kalamazoo, Mich. Glenn is the 
pastor for the Kalamazoo and Otsego SDA 

Daniel Koliadko, '82, has been appointed as 
the director of legal services for Life Care Centers 
of America. Daniel is responsible for providing 
in-house counsel, primarilv with facility-related 
issues. He uill also assist in transactions and will 
be a liaison to federal and state regulatory 
agencies. Daniel and his wife, Perri Jo, '83, 
reside in Cleveland, Tenn. They have three 

Mark, '87, and Marcia (Hildreth) McGrath, 
'80, live in Collegedale. The McGraths ov^n the 
Hair Designers salon in the college's shopping 
plaza. Mark teaches woodworking at Southern. 
Thev have three children, Markus, Ethan, and 

Mark, '83, and Barbara (Chase) McKinney, 
'85, moved to Rochester, Minn., in June. Mark 
works as a staff radiologist at the Mayo Clinic and 
Barbara is in a surgical pathology fellowship. 
Their son, Joshua, is approaching his first 

Har Mahdeem (Harvey Habenicht), '82, 
works as a breeder and grafter of tropical fruit 
trees. Last year he wrote a chapter for a book 
published by the Food and Agriculture 
Organization. Har says he enjoys giving slide 
shows about tropical trees to chapters of the Rare 
Fruit Council. He and his wife, Suely, have a 
home in Bovnton Beach, Ha. 

Ben, '92, and Sherrie (Phipps) Moreland, '86, 
have moved from Pennsylvania to Berrien 
Springs, Mich. Ben is attending the Seminary at 
Andrews Universih'. Ben was the speaker and 
director of the Bible Prophecy Hour Radio 
Broadcast and pastored two churches in the 
Allegheny West Conference. Sherrie is an RN 
and a homemaker. 

Laura (Kuhn) Morrison, '82 and '83, and her 
husband. Rick, reside in Hamel, Minn. Laura 
says she is happv working at a busy trauma 
intensive care unit in the twin cities and juggles 
between her work and raising two sons, Joel, 4, 
and Jamie, 3. 

14 • FALL 1993 • 


John, '84, and Georgia (BuMerfield) O'Brien, 

'85 and '87, reside in Cleveland, Tenn. Jolin is a 
CPA and has been promoted to executive vice 
president of Life Care Centers of America. He 
has been with Life Care for nine years in several 
financial positions, last serving as senior vice 
president of treasury, asset management, and 
investor services. 

Karen (Peck) Peckham, '85 and '86, and her 
husband, Robyn, were married last November, 
They reside in Loma Linda, Calif. Robyn is in his 
final year of orthopedic residency and is 
planning to join the Air Force next July to fulfill 
his obligation. Karen is working at Loma Linda 
University Medical Center in the trauma 
intensive care unit. 

Pam Sadler, '89, has been working for 
Philanthropic Service for Institutions since July 
as the associate director in charge of the 
Academv Alumni Advancement and the STEP/ 
UP programs. Since 1989 Pam had been serving 
as director of development at Battle Creek 
Academy in Battle Creek, Mich. She was 
responsible for an increase in annual giving from 
$18,000 to $84,000. 

Steven Schmidt, '84, completed surgery 
residency at Loma Linda and moved to 
Cheyenne, Wyo., where he'll be a staff surgeon at 
F.E. Warren Air Force Base. His wife, Donnette, 
'83 and '84, is a full-time mom for Eric, 3, and 
Stephanie, 1 . 

Charles Schnell, '87, is employed as a 
counselor at Overlook Center in Knoxville, Tenn. 
Charles and his wife, Kathie, were married 
September 12 in Chattanooga. 

Wayne, '84, and Ramona (Gennick) 
Thompson, '86, reside in Huntsville, Ala. They 

were married this year on June 19. Ramona is 
employed bv MCI Telecommunications and 
Wavne works for a small NASA Contractor. 

Melynie (Johnson) Tooley, '83, and her 
husband, Richard, are employed by the Review 
and Herald. Melynie is a marketing sales 
representative, and Richard is an internal 
auditor. The Tooleys reside in Hedgesville, 
W.Va.,and have a baby daughter, Sydney Valda, 
bom on January 8. 

George Webster, '82, and his wife, Lynnae, 
reside in Lodi, Calif. George worked in food 
service at San Pasqual Academy for five years 
before returning to college full time to pursue a 
degree in education. Lynnae works as the 
librarian at Lodi Adventist Elementary. The 
Websters have two daughters. Amy, 3, and 
Alisha, bom March 26. 

In addition to the 14 students listed in the 
Summer issue of SoKf/itTK Co/i(m»!.';, the following 
three are also members of the 1993 freshman class 
at Loma Linda University: Warren Downs, 
Joseph Langford, and Veronica Zmaj. Each 
graduated from Southern in 1992. 

Sheila Draper, '91 and '92, has been living in 
Columbia, Md., since the end of May. She works 
in the church ministries department for the 
North American Division at the General 

Gary, attended, and Holly (Jones) Greer, '92, 
were married on Dec. 20, 1992, and live in 

Candler, N.C. Holly teaches music and is the 
director of development at Mount Pisgah 
Academy. Cary is the director of maintenance at 
the academy. 

Tamara Michalenko, '91, resides in 
Columbia, Md. She is working for the Columbia 
Union Conference as the assistant director of 

Eric O'Brien, '92, has been appointed benefits 
specialist for Life Care Centers of America. He 
lives in Ooltewah, Tenn. 

jO'Aniw <Stevensoii) and Roy Block 

Jo-Anne Stevenson-Block, '90, and her 
husband, Roy, were married on May 2 in 
Deltona, Fla. Roy is a civil engineer for Perini 
Corporation in Boston, Mass. Jo-Anne is a legal 
assistant. The couple live in Boston. 

Michael VanBeukering, '92, and his wife, 
Jodie, were married August 1 . He is a student at 
the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry 
in Memphis. 

Dear Friends, 

It's only a few days until Homeavnin;^ and i/oii ivon't beliezv the excite- 
ment that's buihiing up around here! 

First, let me assure you that Homecoming is for everyone who ever attended 
Southern. The honor classes and all current and ex-service personnel will be 
receiving special recognition, but all former stiuients and friends are welcome, 
as always. 

Those of you who have been in the service will have a once-in-a-lifetime 
opportunity to see a lot of friends. 

We have some ven/ special events planned for the weekend, "The 
Wedgzvood" in concert; Dan Pabon, a well-knozvn and loved tenor: and the 
powerfid presentation that no one will forget by Dave Roever. In addition, our 
speakers include Tom Mostert and Dwight Nelson, both of whom are known 
throughout the denomination. 

Oiw last note for all alumni, please remember to register at Homecoming 
and receive a special gift. 

Director of Alumni/College Relations 

Grace Shaffer Cowdrick, former faculty, d ied 
August 1 1 as a result of injuries sustained in a car 
accident near Jackson, Tenn. She was 75. 

In addition to her service at Southern, Grace 
taught at the University of Tennessee in 
Chattanooga and worked as educational 
supervisor in the Arizona and Florida 

She began working in the Catoosa County 
School System in 1969 as a reading consultant 
and psvchometrist and then as curriculum 
director from 1972 until her retirement in 1982. 
At the time of her death she was serving as the 
Catoosa Retired Teachers' Association 

In retirement, Grace 
spent many hours in 
volunteer work for her 
church and community. 

Grace is sur\'ived by 
her husband, Jesse; two 
sons, Edward Shaffer 
and James Shaffer; 
sister, Deva Welton; and 
two grandchildren, 
James and Fiona Shaffer. 


•^'«*. J 







Dwight Nelson, Alumnus of the Year — Dwight 
pastors the Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews 
University and is adjunct professor for homiletics 
at the Theological Seminary-. Dwight will also be 
speaker for the second church service on Sabbath. 

JeffKuhlman, Young Alumnus of the Year — 

Jeff is lieutenant commander m the Navy stationed 
at Pearl Harbor where he is the U.S. Pacific Fleet 
family practice medical officer and department 
head ofmilitary medicine at the Makalapa Clinic. 

John Keplinger, Distinguished Service — John 
was ordained in 1951 and served as an Arniy 
chaplain in Korea, Vietnam, and Germany retiring 
as a full colonel. John also worked at Little Creek 
Academy and at Bethel Sanitarium. 

Victor Czerkasij, Vespers — Victor is an 
admissions adviser at Southern. He has worked 
with Voice of Prophecy's Ukrainian broadcast 
and has served at Greater Miami Academy and at 
Kahili Adventist School. 

Tom Mostert, First church service — Tom is 

president of the Pacific Union Conference. He 
has also held positions in the Arkansas/Louisiana, 
Chesapeake, Potomac, Mountain View, Hawaii, 
and Southeastern California conferences. 

Jan Haluska, Sabbath School — Before coming 
to Southern as an English professor, Jan served 
with Seventh Army in Germany, worked as 
printing salesman and jazz band leader, and taught 
English andaviationatGa.-Cumberland Academy. 



Dan Pabon — A talented tenor. Dan resides in 
Miami, Fla. He is a 1980 graduate and is serving 
as a chaplain at the Hialeah Hospital. 

Dave Roever — Burned beyond recognition or 
hope of survival in the Vietnam War, Dave tells 
of his ordeal in "From Tragedy to Triumph." His 
story gives an incredible account of hurt and 
heroism: of faith, hope, and love out of the rivers 
and fields of war. 

Wedgwood Trio — The original Wedgwood Trio 
was formed at Southern Missionary College in 
1966. The Trio made several recordings at that 
time. Members Jerry Hoyle, Bob Summerour, 
and Don Vollmer come together again to perform 
for Homecoming. 

H ME C Ml I N G •94