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|r MAY 1 3 1985 

DL. Ill, NO. 1 


INFORMATION' ""■■-' ^^''l^^O^' 


OCTOBER 1, 1984 

:he southside virgevian 

Volume 3 October 1984 Number 1 
















Lyndon H. Hart, J. Christian Kolbe, editors 
Copyright 1984 

The subscription price is $16.00 per annum. All subscriptions begin 
with the October issue of the volume. Issues are not sold 
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Virginia 23201. 

for Reference 

^ot to be taken 
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Dear Subscribers, 

We wish to thank you for your continued support. 

Getting your renewals in -before September 1 was a great 
help to us. 

We again send out a plea for Southside Bible records 
with genealogical information prior to 1853. 

We have a handsome new outside cover. Our sincere 
thanks to Mr. Bobby Shepherd of Richmond, Virginia for designing 
the cover . 


The Editors 

A Bedwell Family by Larry King contains information on 14 
generations of the Bedwell family from their arrival in 
17th century VA up to the present. The section for each 
generation contains a brief introduction folio x^ed by short 
biographies of the individuals for that particular generation. 
For further information write Mr. Larry King, 100 Longview 
Drive, Longview Acres, Hender sonvi 1 1 e , TN 37075. 


We wish to briefly mention an excellent new book on a North 
Carolina county with numerous Virginia ties. This book 
concerns Halifax County and is an abstract of the loose 
estate papers of that county covering the years 1816-1823 
and 1865-1900. It is alphabetically arranged by the name 
of the decendent and has a full name index. The heirs are 
listed when available as is their residence. The book has 
paper covers with velo-bind spine and contains 153 pages. 
We heartily recommend this work as a useful genealogical 
tool to those whith ties northeast North Carolina and southside 
Virginia. To order: Send $14.00 + $1.10 postage & handling 
(NC orders add 63$ sales tax) David B. Gammon, 119 Brooks 
Ave., Raleigh, NC 27607. 


by Gary M. Williams 


The Will of Ludwell Jones of Dinwiddle County 

Dated October 27,1759; Probated April 21,1760 

(Note: This will was filed with the papers of the detinue case of 
Thom as Hardaway, Sr. vs. Edward Powell, which was commenced 
by the said Hardaway for the recovery of six slaves detained by 
the defendant. Hardaway married Sarah Jones, sister of the 
testator, who died in 1761, and he filed the suit in March 
of 1789 on behalf of his son, Thomas Hardaway, Jr., eldest 
son and heir of the said Sarah. Notes in these papers 
reveal that William Jones was the father of the testator and 
that he died intestate. Loose Court Papers of Sussex 
County, Virginia, 1754-1870, Box 139.) 

In the Name of God Amen the 27th day of October 1759. I Ludwell Jones 
of Dinwiddle County being at this present of sound and perfect memory 
do ordain, constitute and appoint this to be my last will & testament. 

Imprimus. My will & pleasure is that all my stock of cattle, horses, 
hogs, &c. be sold and all my household goods ^ the money 
purchased thereby to pay all my just debts and the remainder 
thereof with all the debts that are due to me to be then 
equally divided between my executors hereafter mentioned- 
accept five pounds which I give to my godson Young Whitmore 
and ye same to be paid for learning. 

Item. I lend unto my mother Mary Jones during her natural life 

six slaves namely. Old Will, Indian Moll, Doll, Tom, Ostin, 
& Negro Moll and at her death then the sd. six slaves and 
all ye future increase of ye sd. female slaves to remain 
to my brother Wm, Jones & to his heirs forever. 

Item. I give and devise unto my sister Lucy Worsham & to her 

heirs forever six Negroes namely Agge, Bob, Antony, Milly, 
Jack & Ned with all ye future increase of ye said female 
s laves . 

Item. I give and devise unto my sister Frances Tucker during 
her natural life ye use of two slaves namely Tabb and 
Murrear and at her death then the said slave named Tab_ 
and all her increase to remain to my said sisters son 
Baraman (Berryman) Tucker and to his heirs forever and 
Murrear and her increase then to remain to Colston Tucker 
son of my sd. sister & to his heirs forever. 


I give and devise unto my sister Sarah Jones during her 
natural life six slaves namely, Linda, Bess, Sue, Jerimy, 
Nancy, Lidda and at her my said sisters death then to 
remain to ye heirs of her body if she have any such, but 
& if she hath none such then ye said slaves to remain to 
my brother Wm. Jones & to his heirs forever. 


my brother Wm . Jones my whole right 
to ye x,rater mill and four slaves 
Phillis & young Will 
heirs forever . 

& the same to 


I tern, 

I give & devise unto 
& title which I have 
namely, Phebe, Beck, 
remain to him & his 

I sive and devise unto my couzen Ludwell Worsham and to 
his heirs forever six slaves namely, Sam, Juda, Nat, young 
Moll, Dilca & old Ned. 

My will & pleasure further is that all my land shall be 
sold and ye purchase money thereof to be equally divided 

my brother Wm . Jones & my two cousens namely Lewellini 
& Ludwell Worsham, or so many of them as be alive 
of such division. 

at ye time 

1 1 em , 


cousen Robert Tucker son of Isaac 

I give and devise unto my 
Tucker one Negroe boy named Davy and the said Negro to 

Robert and to his heirs forever. 

remain to the sd, 

Sc my brother 
my last will 

I appoint my brother Wm . Jones 
Tucker to be executors of this 
and my pleasure further is that my estate shall not 

witness whereof I have set my hand ^■ 

date within mentioned. 

apprais ' d . In 
seal the day & 

in law Isaac 
& testament 

Ludwell Jones (L.S.) 

Sign'd sealed & deliver'd acknowledge_ 
by the sd. Ludwell Jones to be his last 
will St testament in presence of us 

John Curtis 

Kezia Jones 

Mary Jones 

Copy Test 

Wm. Watkins D.C. 


Court held for Dinwiddle County April 21st 1760 

This will was presented in Court by Wm . Jones & Isaac Tucker the 
Executors therin named and the same was proved by the oaths of J°^n 
Curtis. & Mary Jones two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be , 
recorded! an7on the motion of the said Executors who made oath according 
to law certificate is granted them for obtaining a probat thereof 
in due form giving security whereupon they together with Wood Tucker 

& Joshua Worsham their security entered into & acknowledged their 
bond in the sum of three thousand pounds with condition as the law 
directs . 


Copy Test 

Geo. Nicholas C.D.C, 

Wm. Watkins D.C. 



The Will of Joshua Wynne of Dinwiddie County 
Dated June 15, 1811; Probated November 18,1811 

In the name of God Amen. I Joshua Wynne of Dinwiddie County being 

of sound mind and dispos£y of memory tho weak of body, do make and 

ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and form 


Imprimis, tis my desire that my body shall be hurried in usial form, 


I will and desire that my beloved wife Lucy Wynne shall 
have all the negroes that I got by my inter-marriage with 
her, one first choice feather bed & furniture, one bay 
mare Dolly, gigg and harness, and all the cattle that I 
got by her four in number, to her and her heirs forever. 
I further loan£ her a negro man Thomas during her life 
or widowhood afterwards to be sold and equally divided 
among my children. 

Item. I will and desire that all my plantation be equally 

divided between my four sons namely John H. Wynne, Robert 
Wynne, Boiling D. Wynne and Binns Wynne to them and their 
heirs forever; Binns Wynne is to have one fourth part 
of the land with the settlement of houses on Xi7hich I will 

and desire my beloved wife Lucy Wynne to live during her 

Item . 

1 1 em . 

I will to John H. Wynne a horse worth fifty dollars it 
being in consideration of so much given him by his 
grandfather Joshua Wynne. 

I will to my daughter Peggy Wynne, one negro girl Jane 
and her future increase to her and her heirs forever. 

I tern . 


I tern . 

I will to my daughter Salley Malone, one negro boy Watt 

and one bed and furniture now in her possession to her 

and her heirs forever. I loane her one negro girl Elizabeth 

during her life or should she have any lawful heirs of 

her body the girl and her increase I desire to go£ to 

them, if no heirs, to return to my children or their heirs. 

I will to my daughter Lucy Wynne, one negro girl Meriah 
and her future increase to her and her heirs forever. 

I will to my daughter Nancy Wynne, one negro girl Hannah, 
and her future increase to her and her heirs forever. 
If any one of these conveyed Negroes should die before 
the division shall take place I will that one of equal 
value shall be given to the one that may loose it. 

Finally I do hereby constitute and appoint Robt. Wynne senr. and 
John Wynne to be my_hole and sole Executors. 
June 15th 1811. 




Wynne (seal) 

Signed sealed and ackged 
in the presents of 
I . 01 iver 
Robert Wynne Sr. 
John Hall 

At a Court held for Dinwiddie County on Monday the 18th day 
of November 1811. This last will and testament of Joshua Wynne 
deceased, was proved by the oaths of I. Oliver Robert Wynne 
Sr. and John Hall witnesses thereto and is by the Court ordered 
to be recorded. Lucy Wynne appeared in open Court and 
renounced all claim under said will. And at another Court 
held for the said County on Monday the 16th day of December 
1811, Robert Wynne one of the executors therein named having 
refused to qualify and take up on himself the burthen of the 
execution of said will, on the motion of John Wynne who made 
oath thereto according to law, and together with Robert Wynne 
and William Wynne his securities entered into and acknowledged 
their bond in the penalty of ten thousand dollars conditioned 
as the law directs, certificate is granted the said Jno. Wynne 

for obtaining letters of administration on the said decedents estat, 
with his will aforesaid annexed in due form. eceaents estat. 

Teste J. Nicholas C. D.C. 

A Copy Teste 

J. Nicholas C. D.C. 

The Will Of John Baxter of Prince George County 

Dated November 9, 1800; Probated September 8, 1801 

(Note: This will was filed with the answer of the defendant 
in the chancery cause of Wi lliams' Administrator vs. 
Baxter's iZxecutor in July 1818. George Williams, 
administrator of the estate of his father, Ludwell 
Williams, who died intestate in January, 1816, sued 
for any legacy due Peterson Baxter from the personal 
estate of his father, the said John Baxter. The bill 
of complaint notes that two of the infant children of 
the testator died intestate and without issue. The 
answer to the bill was filed by Wiley Baxter, the 
executor. Loose Court Papers of Sussex County, Virginia 
1754-1870, Box 228.) igmia. 

In the Name of God Amen. I John Baxter of Prince George County 
being very sick and weak but of perfect sound mind & memory 
thanks be unto almighty god for the same do make and ordain 
this to be my last will and testatment, revoaking all others 
made by me, and this only to be my last will and testament in 
form and manner following, vitz.. 

Imprimis I lend unto my loving wife Petcy Baxter two hundred 
acres of land it being the plantation whereon I 
now live, with the appurtenances thereto belonging 
and one negro man called Jesse one negro man called 
Peter one negro woman called Sail one negro woman 
called Eve one negro woman called Agg & all Agg's 
children and one negro boy called Anthony one negro 
boy called Pool during the time of five years in 
order to enable my said wife Patcy to raise maintain 
and educate my four youngest children during the 
time of ten years to wit, John James Polly and 
Patcy Baxter_s without fee or reward. 


It is my will wish and desire, that all my daughters 
should have full & free priviledges of the use 
of my dwelling house I now live in till they are 



marriage . 

I lend unto my loving son Wiley Baxter one negro 
man called Major for five years. 

I lend unto my loving son William Baxter one negro 
man called Jupiter for five years. 

I tern . 

1 1 em, 

I lend unto my loving son Peterson Baxter one negro 
woman called Edy for. five years. 

I give & bequeath unto my loving daughter Nancy 
Baxter one negro girl called Amy & her increase 
to her and her heirs forever. 


I give & bequeath unto my daughter Polly Baxter 
one negro girl called Aniky & her increase to her 
& her heirs forever. 


I give & bequeath unto my loving daughter Pat£y 
Baxter one negro girl called Hannah & her increase 
to her & her heirs forever. 

I tern . 

I give & bequeath unto my loving daughters Nancy 
Polly & Patcy Baxters all that tract or parcel 
of land I purchased of Heartwell Leath & Nancy 
his wife it being in Prince George County and lying 
on the south side of the South Branch of Rockcock 
and all that tract I purchased of Joshua Ivey it 
being one fourth part of the tract of land of 
Alexander Lanthrop ded. on reference being had 
to sd. Iveys deed to me to them and their heirs 
forever . 

I tern , 

I give unto my loving son Peterson Baxter all my 

land lying on the south side of my mill pond, down 

to the edge of the water of the saidof the'sd 

mill pond except one acre at the saw mill, bounded 

by the following c ou rce s beginning at the reserve 

acre at the saw mill down to the sd. mill mill 

tail thence a straight line along Wiley & Wm . Baxters 

line to Sword Swamp thence down the sd. swamp as 

it meanders to Joshua Summos's line, thence up 

his line to James Womacks line, thence along his 

line to the estate of David Rossers line thence 

a long that line &c. during his life and no longer. 

I tern . 

I give & bequeath unto my two sons John and James 
Baxter^ all and every tract or part of a tract 
of land I have not willed away in this will, it 
being the plantation whereon I now live to them 

and their heirs forever 






It It my will wish and desire that in case my estate 
should sustain any damage for that base born child 
of the body of Sally Newj int (Nugent) in that case it 
IS my wxll that as much as it suffers it should come 
out of my son. Peterson Baxters share of my estate. 

It is my will wish and desire that all the remainder 
of my estate of every kind except my griss_ and saw 
mills and the ground the sd. mills drowns should be 
equally divided amongst my loving wife Patcy Baxter 
and all my dear children in the following manner 
(that is to say) to my loving wife Patcy Baxter during 
her life; to my loving son Peterson Baxter an equal 
share in all excep in my crop and for him to have 
no part of the crop to him during his life and no 
longer-- and to all the rest of my children to wit, 
Wiley William Nancy Polly John James & Patcy 
to them and their heirs forever. ~ 

I give and bequeath unto all my children to wit Wiley, 
Peterson, William, Nancy, Polly, John, James & Patcy 
Baxters my griss & saw mills tog(ether) with an 
acre of ground each and if the mill dam and all the 
land the sd. mill overflows to them & theirs forever. 

I give and bequeath unto John & Polly Fitmash children 
of my daughter Sally Fitmash ded. the sum of forty 
pounds current money of Virginia to them and their 
heirs forever for them not to receive till they 
arrive to the years of twenty one or marriage with 
lawful interest till then. 

I constitute nominate and appoint my loving son 
Wiley Baxter and dutiful friends Henry Watkins & 
Charles Gee full and sole executors of this my last 
will and testament revoking & disannulling all others 
made by me and this only to be my last will and 
testament. In witness whereof I the sd. Jno. Baxter 
hath hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 

this ninth day of November one thousand eight 
hundred . 

John Baxter (seal) 

Si gns sealed and acknowl-, 
in the presence of 
Hubbard Womack 
Harrison Marks 

James X Womack 

At a Court held for Prince George County at the Courthouse on 

Tuesday the 8th day of September 1801 this last will and testament 

of John Baxter deed, was presented into Court and proved by the 

oaths of Hubbard Womack Harrison Marks and James Womack the 

witnesses thereto and by order of the Court it is truly recorded. 


Peter Williams C. Cur. 

A Copy Teste 

Wm. H. Harrison D. C. 


by Robert Young Clay 

1770 Oct. 25 John Craddock 
(torn) Tho (torn) on 
Nov. 19 William Bass 
Nov. 29 Richard Compton 
Dec. 5 Richard Vasser 
Dec. 27 Archibald Yarbrough 

1771 Jan. 11 Richard Ogilby 

Jan. 24 Christopher Robertson 

Jan. 30 William Holt 

Apl.l3 Rd. Borum Jr. 

Apl.23 Fred. Bryan 

Apl.23 Anthony Lamb 

Apl.25 William Harper 

May 23 Jos. Royall 

Junell Bartlett Anderson 

June25 Benjamin Clardy 

July24 Daniel Bayne 
(torn)19 (torn) tt 


Continued from Vol.11, Page 167 
by L.H. Hart III 

October 1845 

4. Thomas R. Boisseau s James (deceas ed) and Jane Boisseau 
Oct. 8 Consumption 20y 11m 20d surv. 2 bro. b.P'bg d.P'bg. 

5. Ann Thomas wid. of Thomas Thomas Oct. 10 Paralysis 77y 
surv. Id b. Will iamsburg , VA d. P'bg. 

6. Robert Cooper Madison s Dr. Thomas Cooper and Laura Madison 
no date cause unk. surv. f,m b. Missouri d. Missouri 
uncle William A. Madison sis. Constance A. Read Madison. 

7. Rev. Andrew Syme D.D. s John and Mary W. Syme Oct. 26 
old age 90y Im surv. w. Is b . Lanarkshire , Scotland 
Rector of Bristol Parish. 

8. Elizabeth Owen d John and Ann Gary wid. of Chambers Owen 
Oct. 30 Cancer 56y b.P.Geo. d.P'bg. surv. 1 s by 1st 
husband Jeremiah Vaughan, 1 d by 2nd husband Chambers Owen 

November 1845 

1. Elizabeth P. Brown d John and Nancy Matthews w of Daniel 
Brown Nov. 3 Pleurisy 57y surv. h,ls,2d b. Goochland Co. 
VA d. P'bg. 

2. Elizabeth Seward d Lane w of Britton Seward Nov. 13 
Pleurisy 66y surv. 2s, Id b.P'bg. d. Surry Co.,VA 
son-in-law James E. Holcraft 

3. Sarah Potts Nov. 21 Malignant Fever 13y d.P'bg. Inmate 
of Petersburg Female Orphan Asylum. 

4. Ellen Wallace w of John Wallace Nov. 24 Consumption 
50y 2m b. Ireland d.Picketts, Chesterfield Co. surv. 
h,ls,5d Grson William A. Tyson 

December 1845 

1. Mary A.G. Gill d Simon and Margaret Eraser w of Edward 
B. Gill Dec. 7 Consumption 37y 2m lid surv. h,3s,ld 
b. C'field. 

2. John N. Slade s Thomas and Elizabeth Slade Dec. 8 Erysipelas 
18y 8m 13d surv.m, 3sis,lb b. Surry Co.,VA d. Ettricks, 

C field. 


3. Lucy Rowlett d William and Mary Worshain w of Daniel Rowlett 
Dec. 11 Prolapsus Uteri 55y surv.2s,ld b. Sussex Co.,VA 
d. Richmond, VA. 









Helen Elizabeth Williamson d Benjamin F. and Maria Louisa 
Williamson Dec. 12 Bronchitis ly 11m surv. f,m b.P'bg. 

Catherine Turner d Benjamin and Mary Hardy s of James 
Turner Dec. 13 Childbed. 23y 8m 26d surv. h,m,3b,7sis 
b. Amelia Co.,VA d.Ettricks, C'field. 

Martha Warren d John and Sarah Lane w of Lemuel Warren 
Dec. 16 Erysipelus 65y 9m 4d surv. 3d b. Surry Co.,VA 

Francis Spraggins Dec. 18 Sore Throat 60y 3m surv. w, 
3s, 2d by a former marriage b. James City Co.,VA Married 
Mrs. Mary Ann Rockwell d.P'bg. 

Albert Lufsie s Wiley and Lucy Lufsie Dec. 19 unk. cause 
18y 2ra surv. m,lb b. P.Geo. Co. 

Mary Vaughan d John and Frances Dugger w of William M. 
Vaughan Dec. 20 Pleurisy 70y 3m surv. Id b. Brunswick 
Co., VA d.P'bg. 

William Colget Boswell s Joseph and Elizabeth Boswell 
Dec. 21 Old Age 82y surv.w,4s,2d b . Mecklenburg Co.,VA 

Martha Hill Fisher d Christopher and Sarah V. Fisher 
Dec. 23 Hydrocephalus 9m surv.f,m b.P'bg. d.P'bg. 

William Thomas Vaughan s David W. and E.G. Vaughan Dec. 24 
Acute Hydrocephalus 10m7d b.P'bg. d.P'bg/ 

Rebecca P. Strachan d Robert and Catherine Boiling wid. 
Dr. John B. Strachan Dec. 26 Cancer Uteri 52y surv. Is, 4d 
b.P'bg. d. P'bg. 

Frances Davis d Neeley and Fanny Tinsley w of Samuel 
Davis Dec. 26 Cancer Uteri 72y 11m 5d surv.h. Is, 4d 
b. Hanover Co.,VA d. P'bg. 

January 1846 

1. Robert Jordan s Robert and Dorothea Jordan Jan. 2 Erysipelas 
28y 9d surv. w, Is, Id b.Isle of Wight Co.,VA d.P'bg. 

2. Ann Robinson Maghee d William and Prudence Maghee Jan. 2 
Infantile disease 2 weeks surv. f,m,2b,2sis b.P'bg. 

d. P'bg. 


3. Elizabeth Brown Williams d Henry and Nancy Tench w of 
Archibald Williams Jan. 8 Billious Pleurisy 46y 11m 7d 
surv. m,h,4d,2b,ls b.P'bg. d.P'bg. 

k, John Tinsley Jan. 8 Consumption 65y surv.w,ls,ld 

b. Hanover Co.,VA d. P'bg. 

5. Isabella Wigden d William and Mary Graham w of Thomas G. 
Wigden Jan. 21 Asthma 28y surv. h. Is by her former 
marriage b . Bait imore , MD d.P'bg. 

6. William L. Griffin s William and Diana L. Griffin Jan. 24 
Consumption 18y 3m surv . f , m, lb , 2 s is b. Lunenburg Co.,VA 
d. P'bg. 

7. Thomas R. Jordan s Robert and Dorothea Jordan Jan. 25 
Erysipelas 40y surv. w, 2s, 2d B. Isle of Wight Co.,VA 

February 1846 

1. William Knock s William and Mary Knock Feb. 4 Consumption 
22y 6m surv . f , lb , 1 s is b.Kent, England d.P'bg. 

2. George Brown Feb. 10 45y Consumption surv. w, Is 
b. District of Columbia d.P'bg. 

3. William Coles Sykes s Thomas W. and Martha D. Sykes Feb. 12 
P.leurisy 7m 7d surv . f , m, 1 s is B. P'bg. d. P'bg. 

4. James Meriweather Hurt s Lewelling and Nancy Hurt Feb. 13 
Consumption 42y surv . w( El izabeth D.),3s b. Lunenburg Co., 
VA. d.P'bg. 

5. infant dau. William E. and Jane Steward Feb. 16 Convulsions 
5 weeks surv.f,m,lb b.P'bg. d.P'bg. 

6. Martha C. Hardy d Darwill and Priscilla Thompson Feb. 18 
Consumption 28y surv.h,2s,2d b. Brunswick Co.,VA 

d. Lynchburg sis. Mrs. Prudence Maghee 

7. Isabella Morgan d Andrew and Catherine Michie w of James 
Morgan Feb. 20 Consumption 60y 8m surv. h, 3s, Id 
b.Fifeshire, Scotland d.P'bg. 

8. infant dau. Nathaniel and Margaret Wilson Feb. 22 
Pleurisy 4m b. Dinwiddle Co.,VA d.P'bg. 

9. James Baird Watson s James E. and Mary F. Watson Feb. 25 
Abscess and Ulceration in the head 3m Id surv . f , m, 2s is 
b.P'bg. d.P'bg. 



by L.H.Hart 

An important source for documenting migration is the power 
of attorney, recorded in county deed books. This instrument usually 
shows where a person has moved and .gives some clue to his connection 
with the county in which the power of attorney is recorded. Often, 
two or three generations are mentioned within one instrument. 

The Index to Deeds for Sussex County has been examined, and 
those powers of attorney which contain genealogical information or 
evidence of migration have been abstracted. 

Standard state abbreviations are used as well as the following: 
DB-Deed Book; P-Page; Sus. -Sussex County; Co. -County; Bro . -Brother ; 
Sis. -Sister; Gr-Grand; PoA-Power of Attorney; Att . -Attested at 
(location) . 

DB J,p. 6. Absalom Flowers of Sus. PoA to Mr. David Andrews of 
Sus. 1 to transfer land entered by David Flowers dec. (whose heir 
at law Absalom is) in the Western Country: 2500 acres on the South 
side of Tenice River in a large bend below the second large creek 
below the mouth of Duck River : warrant issued 12 Jan. 1785; 2500 
acres on south side of Tenice R. on a creek below the mouth of 
lick Creek all which lands are in my name. 
D. Apr. 1,1802 
R. Apr. 1,1802 

DB J, p. 1^9. John Hay and William Bullock both of Williamson Co. 

TN PoA to Howell Seaborne (friend ) 1 to receive our legacies from 

est. of Balaam Hay late of Sussex Co. Va. dec. which we may be due 

as representatives of sd. decedant. 

D. 2 Nov. 1802 

R. 3 Feb. 1803. 

Att. Williamson Co. TN Nov. 1802. 

DB J, p. 172 Nancy Barker, David Barker, Salley Barker, Hanslem 

Sammons of Sussex Co. Va . PoA to John Holt of same place to 

receive anything due us from Elias Harris and Peter Ross executors 

of Joel Barker of Orange Co. NC . 

D. Apr. 11, I803 

R. July 7,1803 

Witn: Howell Jones, Isaac Adams, Jno . Maury. 

DB J, p. 2^9 Richard Andrews of Sussex Co. VA abt to remove to 
Kentucky PoA to Friend and relation Stephen Andrews of Sussex Co Va. 


to sell land I latey lived upon (244 acres in Sussex Co.) also personal 

property, to paying debts, and give me the balance. 

D. Jan. 12,1804 

R. Feb. 2,1804 

Witn: Jesse Barker, Richard Gary, Jesse Andrews , Wil 1 iam Poarch, William 

Harr ison Sr . 

uts R, p. Ji^ Sealy Hay of Davisson Co. TN PoA to friend Nathaniel 
Wickes of Sussex to sell land (42 acres) in Sussex. 
D. 21 Nov. 1806 

DB K, p. 39 

D. 21 Nov. 1806 

R. May 7, 1807 

Attn: Davidson Co.,TN Nov. 

(NB from following deed Na 

allotted Sealy Hay accordin 

Nov. 21,1806 

^ J. , J. W VJ V-: 

thaniel Wyche to Kinchen Felts 42 acres 
g to will of her father Richard Hay.) 

DB K, p. 390 Allen Hines of Franklin Co. NC, adm. w/ will annexed 
of Micajah Hines late of Sussex Co. PoA to Benjamin Peete of Sussex 

1 to sell personal estate of said Micajah Hines 

2 to recover debts due the estate of decedant 

3 to deliver legacies according to will of decedant. 
D. Feb. _ 1810 

R. Sept. 6, 1810 

Witn: Archer Parker, Ben Lanier, L(ittleton) Lanier. 

DB L, p. 17 Nathaniel Dobie exec, of Robert Tatem dec. of Sussex 

Co. Va. PoA to son William Dobie. 1 to receive and recover from the 

representatives of Charles Gee dec. of Halifax Co. NC all due me as 

executor of Tatem who was heir to Charles Gee dec. 

D. Dec. 7, 1810 

R. Feb. 11, 1811 

Witn: Peter Tatum, Nathaniel Dobie Jr. 

DB L, p. 191 Jesse Andrews of Sussex PoA to John Andrews of Logan 

Co. Ky. 1 to sell my negro boy in his possession and to pay me the 

sale price. 

D. Aug. 6, 1812 

R. Aug. 6, 1812 

No Witn . 






L, p 

to sell for 

. 273 John Massenburg 
w ocll for me my lands in 
31 July 1813 
Aug. 5, 1813 

of Sussex PoA to 

;on William E. Massenburg 

DB L, p. 458 Braxton Sammons of Rowan Co. NC PoA to bro. Grove Sammons 

of same place 1 to sell my interest in my wife Nancy's part of land 

in Sussex Co. which she heired of her father Hardy Pate. 

D. Feb. 6, 1815 

R. May 6, 1815 

Attn: Rowan Co. NC Feb. 6,1815 

No Wi tn . 


DB M ,p. 5 Henry Brown of Davidson Co. TN PoA to brother James Brown 

to receive for my use my share of the estate of my father William 

Brown late of IW Co. dec. and of my late uncle John Holt dec. of Sussex 

Co. and as legatee of my grf Nathaniel Holt dec. of Sussex Co. 

D. May 31,1815 

R. Oct. 2, 1815 IW 

Attn: Davidson Co. TN June 1, 1815. R. Jan. 4, 1816 Sussex 

No Witn. 

R. Jan. 4, 1816 Sus 

DB M,p. 7 Benjamin Brown_e of Williamson Co. TN PoA to bro James 
Browne same as above 
D. June 9, 1815 

R, Oct. 2, 1815 IW No Witn. 
Att: Williamson Co. TN June 9, 1815. 


Jan. 4, 1816 Sus. 

DB M,p. 39 George Wooten of Belmont Co., Ohio PoA to Elijah Bain to 
sell in my name 1/3 of the land in Sussex formerly poss'd. by Edward 

Wooten, dec. of whom I am a legal heir< 

D. Aug. 18, 1815 

R. Mar. 7, 1816 

Att: Belmont Co., Ohio Aug. 18,1815. 

Witn: John Bevan, John P. Bevan. 

DB M p. 40 Elijah Bain of Belmont Ca Ohio and gdn. of Eldridge Wootten 

and Meranda Wootten minor heirs of Edward Wootten, dec. late of Sussex 

Co. PoA to bro. Lemuel Bain of Sussex Co. to sell in my name as gdn. 

to Wootten minors their undivided 2/3 interest in land of Edward Wootten. 

D. Sept. 30,1815 

R. Mar. 7, 1816 

Witn: Nichs. Presson, James White, William Dobie. 


G. Pate 
adm. of 

DB M,p. 181 Polly Pate of Bedford Co. TN PoA to 

(my brother) of same place to receive of John Jarrard the 

Henry Pate, dec. now acting as gdn. of said Polly Pate in Sussex Co. 

all sums due me as heir of Hardy Pate dec.(incl. 1/6 of land m Sussex) 

D. Feb. 22,1817 

R. Apr. 3, 1817 

Att: Bedford Co. 

Witn: W. Casey, 

TN Feb. 22,1817. 
William Reid. 

DB M,p. 200 Benjamin Dunn of Davidson Co 
of same place 1 to transact all business 

of William Lofton dec. of Sussex the legacy bequeathed 

in Va 



Thomas Lofton 
to r ece ive from 

the estate 
to my son Thomas 
Att: Davidson Co 
D. Oct. 3, 1815 
R. May 1, 1817 

Dunn (now dec . ) 
TN Oct. 3, 1815. 

DB M,p. 284 David Lessenberry and w Lurana(late Hobbs), dau 
Hobbs dec. of Sussex Co. and Elizabeth Hobbs another dau. of 
Hobbs dec. PoA to Robert Lessenberry of Barren Co KY 1 to 
their interest in land in 

of Thomas 

Sussex which said Thomas Hobbs possessed 


2 Elizabeth further impowers her attorney to receive of John Smith 

of Sussex and then sell certain slaves. 

Att: Barren Co. KY Jan. 24,1818. 

D. Oct. 2,1817 

R. Mar. 5, 1818 

Witn: H.F.Greenwood, Alexander Hobbs 

DB M,p. 419 Linton Hailes and Sherod Hailes of Davidson Co.TN, two 
of the heirs of Micajah Hailes dec. of Sussex Co. VA PoA to James 
Seaborn of Sus . 1 to sell our portion of the land formerly belonging 
to Micajah Hailes dec. 
Att: Davidson Co. TN 
D. Nov. 5, 1818 
R. Feb. 4, 1819 
Ho Witn. 

DB N, p. 36 Henry Sledge and w Elizabeth of Williamson Co. TN PoA 
to Person Pate of Lincoln Co.,TN. to sell 49 acres in Sussex being 
land left by riardy Pate of Sussex to his dau. Elizabeth, now Sledge 
Att: nfilliamson Co. TN Jan. 15,1820. 
D. 15 J an. 1820 
R. Apr. 6, 1820 

DB N,p. 217 John Weathers late of Sussex Co. VA, now of City of 

Mobile, AL PoA to Thomas Weathers of Mobile 1 to handle all my business 

in Sussex Co. or VA 2 to receive from William Pairum or Sussex adm. 

of our deceased father Benjamin Weathers all legacies , etc . due me. 

Att: Mobile AL 13 June 1821. 

D. June 13,1821 

R. Aug. 3,1821 

Witn: M McKinsey. 

DB N,p. 274 Bersheba Miller C former ly Campbell) of Washington Co. 

NC PoA to Edward Reese of So'n. Co.VA to recover all due m e f rom the 

estate of my deceased uncle Curtis Land. 

Att: Washington Co. NC 

D. 20 July 1821 

R. Nov. 1,1821 

Wit: Josiah Flower. 


DB N,p. 294 John Joiner and Curtis Joiner of Lawrence Co. GA. 

PoA to Jesse Joiner of same place to recover from Henry Megee of 

Sussex Co. VA all debts due us and transact our business. 

Att: Laurens Co. GA. 22 Oct. 1821. 

D. 22 Feb. 1821 

R. Dec. 7, 1821 

Witn: Bennet Joiner, Levi F. Miller. 

DB N, p. 295 Elizabeth Langley of Nash Co. NC PoA to Jesse Joiner 

of Laurens Co. GA to receive from the estate of Curtis Land, dec. 

of Sussex Co. VA all sums due me'. 

D. Nov. 24,1821 

R. Dec. 7, 1821 

Witn: George Cooper, Josiah Vick. 

DB N, p. 319 Ann Bacon (d of John Kelley Sr ., dec .), Booth Parham 

(husband of Susan, a granddau. of sd. Kelley) and Elizabeth M. Parham 

all of Sussex Co. VA . PoA to William K. Parham of same place. to 

receive our shares of the estate of Elizabeth Kelly, dec. late 

of Wilkes Co., GA., a dau. of sd. Kelly. 

D. Feb. 2, 1822 

R. Feb. 7, 1822 

Witn: Henry W. Epps, William Robinson, Isaac Robinson. 

DB N,p. 327 Jesse H. Hill of Barren Co. KY PoA to friend Isaac 
Hill of same place to sell for me my interest in 100 acres in Sussex 
Co. VA which was willed to my mother Mildred Hill by her father 
John Hinds, and sold by my father Isaac Hill to Henry Ellis during 
my mother's life, which at her decease was to descend to me by legal 
bequeath . 

Att: Barreni Co.KY Aug. 23,1816. 
D. Aug. 23,1816 
R. Feb. 28, 1822 

DB N,p. 434 Alexander Hobbs of Sussex PoA to sister Frances Hobbs 

of Barren Co. KY to receive of Benjamin Gasaway of Barren Co. KY 

1 negro man. 

D. Oct. 2, 1822 

R. Oct. 2j 1822 

No Witn. 

DB N,p. 454 Adam Little and Lucy Little of Knox Co. TN PoA to our 
friend James Turk of Maryville TN to receive any sums due us in 
VA and transact all our business there. 
Att: Knox Co. TN Apr. 3, 1822 
D. Apr.. 3, 1822 
R. Nov. 18,1822 

DB N, p. 479 
P.(late Jarr- 
Martin Powe 
of Nicholas 


of the representative of Samuel Jarrad dec. all due us as the legal 
heirs of Nicholas Jarrad, dec. Said Samuel Jarrad deed, in Sussex 
Co. leaving a son John Nicholas Jarrad who died an infant. We are 
heirs of Samuel and said son in right of our heirship of said Nicholas 
Att: Logan Co. KY Oct. 12,1822 
D. 12 Oct. 1822 
R. Dec. 5, 1822 

DB N,p. 481 Thomas Pate and Jesse Pate of Williamson Co. TN PoA 

to Henry Applewhite to receive from David Grizzard of Sussex Co. 

whatever is due us from the est. of Thomas Pate Sr.,dec. 

Att: Williamson Co.TN Oct. 8, 1822 

D. 7 Oct. 1822 Att. Williamson Co.,TN D. 8 Oct. 1822 

DB N,p. 483 Charity Hill, widow of He rbin Hill dec, of Todd Co. 

KY PoA to Green Hill of same place to receive of the executor, 

etc. of Samuel Jarrard dec. of Sussex my equal part of the land 

which my brother Samuel Jarrard dec., possessed and to sell the 

same in my name. 

Att: Todd Co. KY Oct. 14, 1822 

D. Oct. 12, 1822 

R. Dec. 5, 1822 

Witn: Wm. M. Terry, J.D.Gorin, William Parham. 

DB 0,p. 1 James Alsobrook of Jones Co. GA PoA to Howell Nicholson 

of Sussex to receive money due me as gdn. of Benj . Lanes (orphans): 

Wm. and Elizabeth due from their previous gdn. Richard P. Clements 

(of So'n) 

D. Aug. 8, 1800 

R. Apr. 4, 1823 

Witn: Henry R. Gilliam, Howell Harris. 

DB 0,p. 47 Sarah Lee of Limestone Co. Al PoA to Jarratt Weaver 

of Halifax Co. NC 
which reverted to 
Att: Limestone Co, 
D. Mar. 14, 1823 
R. Sept. 4, 1823 

to sell my rights to land in Sussex Co, 
me as legatee of John N. Jarrott. 
AL March 14, 1823 


DB 0,p. 62 Nathaniel Dobie alias Dobey of Sussex Co. VA PoA 

to Charles Gee Jr. late of Pr. Geo. Go. VA but now in TN 

to sell or rent a certain tract in Western Dist. of TN (warrant 

No. 39) 228 Acres 

D. Nov. 6, 1823 

R. Nov. 6, 1823 

Witn: Joseph Mason, Wm . Harrison, Nathaniel Dobie Jr. 

DB 0,p. 78 Charlotte Pate(late Adams), a dau. of Margaret 
Adams and widow of Herbert Pate, dec. late of Warren Co.,GA 
and David Pate and Thomas Gibson, executors of will of Herbert 
Pate PoA to Howell Nicholson of Sussex Co. VA to receive from 
Joseph Prince of Sussex Co. the shares of the estates of Margaret, 
Benjamin, and Elizabeth Adams which may be due Harbart Pate, dec. 


in right of his wife Charlotte. 
Att: Warren Co. GA Nov. 24,1823 
D. 24 Nov. 1823 
R. Jan. 1,1824 

DB 0,p, 117 Frederick Owen, ex. of Peter Threewitts, dec. of Sussex 
Co. PoA to friend Drury Owen of Sussex Co. VA. to possess all the 
estate of Mrs. Ann Threewitts, lately deceased of Sussex Co., 
formerly the property of Peter Threewitts her late husband and to 
sell it in my name. 

Att. Davidson Co. TN Oct. 21,1823 
D. 21 Oct. 1823 
R. Apr. 1, 1824 

DB 0,p. 179 Mary Eldridge of Sussex PoA to son John J. Eldridge 
of same place to dispose of my property which I am entitled to in 

AL by will of Ann Irby, dec 
Ann Irby my interest^ also a 
Eldridge by sd. Ann Irby. 
D. Oct. 7, 1824 
R. Oct. 7, 1824 

and to receive from Edwin Jones, ex. of 
negro girl devised my dau. Rebekah Ann 

DB 0,p. 179 Peter Tatum of Madison Co. TN PoA to Joseph Clanton 
of Sussex to receive from the adm. or ex. of Thomas and John Tatan 
dec. my portion of the decendants' estates. 
Att. Madison Co. TN July 28, 1824 
D. 29 July 1824 
R. 7 Oct. 1824 

DB 0,p. 197 John Nicholson, executor of Samuel Hargrave, 

dec. of Sussex Co. PoA to Zacheriah Harris of Surry Co. VA 

to receive of Austin Hargrave of Franklin Co. NC money due from 

Austin Hargrave to the estate of his bro. Samuel Hargrave being 

Samuel's share of the estate of William Hargrave of KY which 

Austin was handling. 

•Witn: Binns Harrison, Jesse Hargrave. 

D. 3 Nov. 1824 

R. 4 Nov. 1824 

DB 0,p. 257 John Johnson of Sussex Co. (adm. of James Holland 
Johnson late of the US Army) PoA to Arthur Smith of Washington, 
D.C. to receive any money due my intestate and to obtain a patent 
for bounty land. 
D. 1 Feb. 1825 
R. Feb. 3, 1825 
No Wi tn . 


DB 0,p. 304 Mary Hicks widow of Clement Hicks dec. and Laban, 
James, Asa, Hicks , Rachel Parson, Joseph Hicks, Robert Hicks surviving 
heirs of Clement Hicks - all of Belmont Co., OH PoA to James 
Hicks (aforesaid) of same place to receive from James C. 
Clk of Ct all now owing to us. 
Att: Belmont Co., OH Dec. 25, 1824 
Witn: Porter Land, Jas. S. Alexander 
D. Dec. 25, 1824 

Jame s 
B a i 1 cy 

D. Dec. 25, 1824 
R. May 5, 1825 

DB 0,p. 358 Levi S. Gilliam of Wilson Co. TN PoA to Lewellin 

R. Cain of Sussex to obtain from Littleberry Partridge adm. 

of my father Levi Gilliam, dec. my share of his estate according 

to Va . law. 

Att: Wilson Co. TN Aug. 5, 1825 

D. Aug. 5, 1825 

R. Oct. 6, 1825 

DB 0,p.392 John J. Jones and Calvin Hine of Limestone Co. AL 
PoA to John K. Wilburn of same place to recover any legacies 
due us by the death of Rebecca Wilburn, dec., widow of William 
Wilburn, dec. and Henry H. Wilburn, dec., son of said William. 
Witn: William E. Adams 
D. Dec. 3, 1825 
R. Jan. 5, 1826 

DB 0,p. 393 Elizabeth Love and James Wilburn of Madison Co. 

AL PoA to John K, 

same as above 

Witn: Burwell T. 

D. Dec. 3, 1825 

R. Jan. 5, 1826 

Wilburn of Limestone Co. AL 

486 John Moore 
re of Scott Co., 

DB 0,p. 

B. Moo 

me . 

Att: Caldwell Co. 

D. Oct. 10,1823 

R. June 1, 1826 



of Caldwell Co.,KY PoA to my 
issouri to transact all busin 

Oct. 15, 1823 

son James 
ess for 

DB 0,p. 509 Anne Barham of Hawkins Co. TN PoA to son Robert 
Barham of same pi. to receive of the estate of Winny Long dec 
late of Sussex Co. my part of her estate due me as one of her 
children or as an heir of my dec. father Charles Long. 
Att: Hawkins Co. TN Mar. 28, 1826 
D. mar. 27,1826 
R. Sept. 7, 1826 


DB 0,p. 510 David Wren of Davidson Co. TN PoA to bro. Thomas 
Wrenn to receive my portion of William Loftin's estate due my 
as an heir in right of my wife Mary (a legatee). 
Witn: Jesse Clanton, Howell Myrick. 
D. July 16, 1826 
R. Oct. 5, 1826 

DB 0,p. 511 Nancy Spain Pf Summer Co TN PoA to Littleton H 

Parham of Sussex to receive what is 'due me from my sister Sarah 

Parham, dec. of Sussex'Co. 

Att: Summer Co. TN Sept. 20, 1826 

D. Sept. 20, 1826 

R. Oct. 5, 1826 


by J.C.Kolbe 

Prince Edward Co. was formed from Amelia Co. in 1753. The 
first will book has been abstracted from a photostat copy at 
the Virginia State Library. Abbreviations which I have used 
are the following: Pr . Edw. for Prince Edward; St. P. for Saint 
Patrick; ex. for executor; adm. for administrator; wit. for 
witness; Inv. for inventory; appr. for appraisers; d. for 
dated; R. for recorded; est. for estate; dau. for daughter; 
grandau. for grandaughter ; granson. for grandson; and bro. 
for brother. 

P. 1 Inv. of John Gordon by order D. May 1754 R. 18 Aug. 

1754 Wit. William Watson, James Mellroy, Alex. Hamilton. 
Signed: Mary Gordon. 

P. 2 Will of John Gordon of Amelia Co. Nottoway Parish 

D. 22 Dec. 1753 Wife Mary plantation where I now 
live. Son John plantation where I now live and 200 acres 
adjoining. Dau. Sarah 100 acres being same whereon I 
now live. Dau. Jane 100 acres being part of tract whereon 
I now live. Ex. Wife Mary and friends Alexr. Joyce and 
Thos. Joyce Jr. Wit. Henry Farley Sen., James Holderness. 

P. 3 Will of Caleb Beaker of Amelia Co. D. 24 Nov.- 1750. 

R. ( ) 1754 Son Samuel Beaker 463 acres in Amelia Co. 
on Spring Ck. Son Henry Beaker 400 acres joining the 
foregoing piece of land. Son Abraham Beaker 200 acres 


Inv. of Caleb Baker. 
John Bigger. 

Appr. William Price, Charles Hudson, 

P. 6 




July 4, 1754 Inv. of John Davison 
Alexr. Cunningham, William Atkins. 
Wm. Davison, and Joshua Davison. 

Will of John Davidson 

Appr. William Owen, 
Signed: Ann Davison, 

„,. , ^ Nottoway Parish in Pr. Edw. Co. 

Wife: Ann. Son: William Davidson 100 acres. Son Richard 
Davxdson. Son Joshua Davidson. Son Daniel Davidson loS 
acres on Mountain Ck. Dau. Elizabeth Davidson. Son George 
Davidson 100 acres. Son Ambrous Davidson 100 acres 
Wii?'?^^''^ S't ^^°^h^^ George. Ex. Wife Ann and sons 
William and Joshua. Wit. Alexander Fraser, James Rutledge 
Wi Brown. D. 13 March 1754. R. n June 1754. '^^^eage. 

Will Qf Daniel Dejarnatt of Nottaway Parish Pr Edw Co 

Ck Dau Bety Ford. Son Daniel land lieing on Sandy River 

Ck 'so'n Jo^rJ^'d h°^ '""'°^' ''' ^^^^^ ^-^-^ - /ouTtirn 
on's.nd i . ^'^°^ '"^^ ^°^^- S°" Christopher land 

on Sandy River and Snates Ck. Dau. Lidia 180 acres on 
lore side of Mountain Ck. Dau. Martha one negro girl 
Darcus. Ex. Wife Martha Dejarnatt, Richard Perrymfn, 
Devenport. Wit. Jacob MackReehee. u.r^r^.r i.^,.^' n' 

Devenport , 

Jame s 
n m c ackgeehee, Henry Jackson, Cathaarine 
D. 11 Sept. 1754. R. 1754 

nv. taken 22 Jan. 1755 of Daniel Dejarnatt, 
tkms, James Hamlett, Benjamin Atkins. Ex 
nd Richd. Ferryman. 

Appr. Robt. 
Martha Dejarnatt 

r'^'J^ m'^^'^'" Overstreet. Appr. John Morton, John Watson, 
Richd. Morton. Signed: Eliza Overstreet. R. 1757. 


J;!!' °f Thos. Saterwhite. Appr. John Fulton, Thomas Baldwin, 
Oct 11,1755 by Ob. Woodson. Aug. 31, 1756 by John Hodnett. 
R. 11 Jan. 1757. 

Will of David Flournoy. Bro. Matthew Flournoy 500 acres 
joining Jn. Martin, Abraham Baker, and Chas. Anderson 
200_acres in Chesterfield also all profit of my Sheriffs 
office. Bro. Thomas Flournoy my plantation with 680 acres 
joining thereto. Also 5 negroes: Will, Suckey, Patients, 
Lucy and Frank. Sister Mary Booker a negro girl Molley. 
Ex. Thomas Scott. Wit. Jacob Womack, John Watkins, William 


Bumpas. D. 7 Sept. 1757. R. None. 

P. 15 Inv. of Est. of David Flournoy. Appr 
John Markin, James Thackston. D. Dec, 

James Wimbish, 
30, 1757. 

P. 16 Appraisal of Est. of Mary Graham. Appr. Alexr. Hamilton, 
John Cunningham, Robt. Johns. Adm. Thos. Graham, Samuel 
Graham. D. 10 April . 

P. 17 Will of Samuel Ewing. Son. George 238^ acres where he 

now lives for which I have a deed from Edward Brawhite. 
Wife Margaret a negro Fanny. Son Alexander Ewing 

a negro Charles. Dau. Jane to have a child of Fanny. 
Dau. Oliver to have a child of Fanny. Dau. Margaret to 
have a child of Fanny. Dau. Ann to have a child of Fanny. 
Grandson Samuel Ewing son of George Ewing. Grandson Samuel 
Ewing son of Alexander Esring. Grandson Samuel Caldwell. 
Ex. sons George and Alexander Ewing. Wit. Chas. Venable, 
James Ewing, Nathl. Ewing. D. 30 Sept. 1758. R. 10 
Oct. 1758. 

P. 18 Inv. of Simon Edwards. Appr. Phil Halcombe, Ben. Haskins, 
Joseph Rice. D. 18 Oct. 1758. 

P. 19 Inv. of est. of Capt. Saml. Ewing. Appr. Charles Venable, 
Jno. Caldwell, Saml. Wallace. D. 8 May 1759. R. 8 May 

P. 21 Will of Robert Baker of Buffelow Settlement in Pr. Edw. 
Wife mary 3 negroes: Will, Isaac, Jean and other negro 
Jacob. Son-in-law James Anderson other half of my land. 
Grandson Samuel Anderson at wife's death negro Jacob. 
Grandchildren Thomas and Mary Anderson. Grandson Robert 
Baker son of Samuel Baker smiths tools. Cozen John Hill. 
Cozen Robert Baker son of Douglas Baker. Cozen Easter 
Hulladay. George Burnett. Grandchildren Robert Baker 
above mentioned Mary, Margaret, John Baker children of son 
Samuel deceased. Ex. wife Mary and son-in-law James Anderson. 
Wit. Wm. Watson, John Richey, Margaret Richey. D. 2 March 
1759. R. 10 April 1759. 

P. 22 By order of Court held 10 April 1759 Appraisal of Est. of 
Robt. Baker. Appraisers Wm . Watson, James Parks, 
Robert Johnson. Ex. Mary Baker, James Anderson. D. 7 May 
1759. R. 8 May 1759. 

P. 24 Will of Martha Baker of St. Patrick Parish Pr. Edw. Co. 

Son Caleb Baker 2 negroes: Cato & Occoro. Son Samuel Baker. 
Dau. Martha wife of Charles Ewing. Son-in-law -Charles 
Ewing a legacy of 20 fc left him by my husband Caleb Baker. 
Dau. Ruth wife of Samuel Johnston. Dau. Mary wife of Robert 
Ewing. Ex. Samuel Baker and Caleb Baker. Wit. J. LeNeve, 


Jno. Wright, John Baldwin. D. 20 April 1759. R. 8 May 1759. 

P. 26 Inv. of John Turner. App. Jacob McGehee, Thos. Turpin, 
Henry Ligon. Adm. Mary Turner. 

P. 27 By court held 12 June 1759 Inv. of John Turner was recorded. 

P. 27 By court order of dated Feb. court 1760 appraisal of estate of Thomas 
Stone. Appr. Obadia Woodson, Willm. Campbell, Thos. Wood. 
D. 3 March 1760. R. 13 May 1760. 

P. 28 By court order Sept. 1759 appraisal of est. of Jonathan 

Cheatham deed. Appr. John Watkins, Henry Barksdale, Joseph 
Rice. Adm. Betheny Cheatham. Settlement of est. of John 
Cheatham. Appr. Thos. Haskins, John Watkins, Ben. Haskins. 
D. 5 Sept. 1761. 

P. 29 Will of Robert Gillespie. Wife Frenke a negro girl Jude 
during her life. Sons: William, George, James 606 acres 
to be equally divided and William to have the improvement 
I live on. Ex. wife Frenke Gillespie, James Parks, and 
George Ewing. Wit. Willm. Campbell, Jams. Ewing, Nathaniel 
Ewing. D. 14 Oct. 1758. 

P. 30 By Court order d. 14 Nov. 1758 Appraisal of est. of Robert 
Gillespie. Appr. John Caldwell, John Cunningham, William 
Crockett. Ex. James Parks, Frenky Gillespie, George Ewing. 

P. 32 Inv. of Edward Pinnick. Appr. Peter Le Grand, Richd. 
Morton, Robt. Bird. Adm. Jeremiah Penick. D. 1 Aug. 

P. 32 Apraisal of est. of William Ruttledge. Appr. Jacob Macgehe, 
James Rutledge, William Davidson. Adm. Judith Rutledge. 
D. 18 Sept. 1759. 

P. 33 

P. 34 By court order D. April 1761 Appraisal of Est. of James 
Archdeacon. Appr. Matt. Flournoy, William Booker, Jno. 
Bigger. Signed Edmond Archdeacon. 

P. 35 Will of William Barns of St. Patrick Parish Pr. Edw. Co. 

Son John Maxey. Dau. Catherine. Dau. Mary. Dau. Susannah. 


Wife Elizabeth 100 acres for life. Sons Frances and 
Jimmy my land to be divided by Joseph Rice, Matthew Rice, 
Matthew Harris (son Francis to have his choice.) 
Dau. Tempe. Dau. Nanny. Dau. Delpha. Ex. wife Elizabeth 
and Col. Thomas Tabb. Wit. John Watkins, Matthew Harris, 
Obadiah, Claybrook, Joseph Rice, Henry Barksdale, Daniel 
Harris. D. 15 March 1760. 

P. 38 By court order dated May 1760 appraisal of est. of Charles 

Smith. Appr. William Booker, Thos. Flournoy, Edw. Archdeacon. 
D. 13 May 1760. 

P. 38 Will of Mary Baker widow of Robert Baker Gunsmith. Son- 
in-law James Anderson. Grandson-Samuel Anderson. Grandaughter- 
Mary Baker. Grandson-Robert Baker 200 acres. Grand 
dau . -Mar gare t Baker. Grandson- John Baker. Cousin- John 
Hill. Cousin-Robt. Baker son to Douglas Baker. Cousin- 
Cousin-George Shelbu( ). Grandchildren-Samuel, 
and Mary Anderson. Grandchildren-Mary, Robert, 
John Baker, Mary Swallow. Ex. son-in-law James 
cusin Robert Baker son to Douglass Baker. Wit. 
Philip McTagart, Mary McTagart. D. 9 Oct. 1760 

Tho s . , 
Margaret , 
Anderson , 
Wm . Wat son. 

P. 41 Appraisal of est. of Mary Baker. Appr. Wm . Watson, Geo. 
Exijing, Jas. Ewing. Ex. Jas . Anderson. D. 20 Feb. 1761. 

P. 42 Inv. of Martha Baker. Ex. Saml. Baker and Caleb Baker. 

P. 43 Will of Christopher Arwhin. Two oldest sons Abraham 
ArUi in and Andrew 200 acres to each. Two next oldest 
sons William Arwhin and Christopher Arwhin. Dau. Margaret 
Arwhin. Christopher Arwhin youngest son. Wit. John 
Crockett, James Parkes, Saml. Wallace. Ex. John Arwhin 
and Abraham ArwMn. D. None R. None 

P. 44 Appraisal of est. of Christopher Erwin. 
Erwin, John Erwin. 

Ex. Abraham 

P. 45 Will of James Wimbish of St. Patrick parish Pr. Edw. 

to wife during her life 4 slaves: Moll, Will, Tom, Lucy 

and if needed Phillis. Dau. Martha wife of Hugh Challes 

2 negro girls Hannah and Chloe born of Phillis. Dau. 

Anne the wife of William Baldwin slave Agness. 

Dau. Sarah wife of Rev. Mr. James Garden slave Sue. 

Son -James Wimbish negro Mingo and Harry. Dau. - 

Mary wife of James Thackston. 3 younger sons: Samuel, 

John, Benjamin Wimbish all land and slaves not already 

disposed of and those alloted to my wife. Ex. 3 sons 

last mentioned. Wit. George Davies, Nathel Barksdale, 

Archibald Mcelroy. D. 1 Feb. 1761. R. 10 Feb. 1761. 


by L.H. HART 

The following marriages are either stated or inferred from entries 
found in the Court Order Book No. 5 for Princess Anne County. Included in 
this abstract is the court date and the page reference. The names of both 
parties and any other identifying data given have been abstracted. 

Abbreviations used are the following: dau. -daughter, wid. -widow, leg.- 
legatee, md. -married. It is recommended that in cases where the bride is 
a legatee, one should consult the will to more fully determine the bride's 
relation to the testator. 

Dec. 7, 1737 

p.l John Morris (now deceased) md. Alice Hartley (she had a son Thomas 
Hartley) . 

p. 2 Thomas Gardner md. Margaret Thelabell, sister of Robert Thelabell. 
John Portlock md. Sarah Ashby, only surviving dau. of John Ashby. 
John Batten md. wid. of John Ashby. 
Jan. 4, 1737 

p.^ Wliitehurst md. Mary Moseley (she had a son George Moseley). 

p. 6 John Wishard md. wid. of Lemuel Thelabell. 
Feb.l, 1737 

p. 8 John Malbone md. wid. of Edward Bonney. 
Feb. 2, 1737 

p. 9 John Morris (now deceased) md. Alice Burgess (she had a son John 
Burgess) . 

p. 10 John Nicholas md. Yates the administrator of John Bolithoe. 
George Wishard md. Mary Land, dau. of Capt. Frans. Land. 
Capt. Charles Malbone md. wid. of Capt. Frans. Land. 
Mar.l, 1737 

p. 11 Isaac White md. Sarah Purvine, sister of Thomas Purvine, deceased. 

p. 12 Edmund Davis md. wid. of Daniel Frizell, Sr., deceased. 
Apr. 6, 1738 

p. 16 Hugh Barlow md. wid. of Nicholas Chapman. 

p. 17 Thomas Clay md. wid. of John Salmon. 
May 3, 1738 

p. 18 Richard Poole md. wid. of Thomas Ewell. 
June 7, 1738 

p. 22 Col. Samuel Boush md. wid. of Capt. Thomas Lawson. 
Ambross Burfoot md. wid. of John Brinson, Jr. 
Sept. 6, 1738 

p. 33 William Fife md. Ann the executrix of Thomas Martin, deceased. 
Jan. 3, 1738 

p. 41 William Cotance md. Sarah Hopkins, dau. of John Hopkins, deceased. 
Feb. 7, 1738 

p. 43 Philip Torksey md. Elizabeth Holmes, dau. of George Holmes, deceased. 

p. 44 James Linton md. Elizabeth Weblin, wid. 
Mar. 7, 1738 

p. 48 John Nicholas md. Yates Bolithoe, x^^id. of John Bolithoe. 

p. 50 Samuel Barrington md. Frances Fentris, dau. of Aron Fentris, deceased. 
May 2, 1739 

p. 56 Arthur Sayer md. Elizabeth Walke, dau. of Col. Thomas Walke, deceased. 

p. 57 Roger Hatton md. wid. of Edward Holmes. 


June 6, 1739 

p. 62 Thomas Morgan md. wid. of Hardeous Leamon. 

p. 63 James Bannister md. wid. of Adam Lovett. 
Aug.l, 1739 

p. 67 William Horsley md. wid. of Joseph Gwin. 
Sept. 5, 1739 

p. 68 Israel Slatter md. Lydia Buck, dau. of George Buck, deceased. 
Lawrence Dauley md. wid. of George Buck. 
Nov. 7, 1739 

p. 75 Augustus Lane md. Jane Guisborn, dau. of John Guisborn, deceased. 
Dec. 5, 1739 

p. 80 William Purdy md. Ursula Ivy, dau. of John Ivy, deceased. 
Jan. 2, 1739 

p. 83 James md. dau. of Robert Dearmore,Sr. (they had a son Lemuel James), 
Reods. Malbone md. wid. of William Biddle. 
Feb. 6, 1739 

p. 86 Bonney md. Sarah Malbone, dau. of John Malbone, deceased. 

McClanhan md. Mary Malbone, dau.. of John Malbone, deceased. 

p. 87 Samuel Boush md. dau. of Simon Hancock, deceased (they had 3 children). 
Mar. 5, 1739 

p. 90 William Fentris md. wid. of John Hopkins. 
Apr. 2, 1740 

p. 92 Thomas Hutchings md. Winifred Brock, dau. of John Brock, deceased. 
May 7, 1740 

p. 94 John Woodhouse md. wid. White (she had a dau. Keziah White). 
May 8, 1740 

p. 100 Samuel Boush md. Elizabeth Hancock, dau. of Simon and Ann Hancock. 
Reodolphus Malbone md. Mary Hancock, dau. of Simon and Ann Hancock. 
June 4, 1740 

p. 100 Joseph Dobson md. wid. of Lewis Baker. 
July 2, 1740 

p. 104 Francis Shipp md. Dinah Fentriss, dau. of Aron Fentriss, deceased. 
Aug. 6, 1740 

p. 106 William Wishart (Now deceased) md. wid. of John Doreing. 
Oct.l, 1740 

p. 113 Samuel Davis md. Elizabeth Baker, dau. of Lewis Baker, deceased. 
Nov. 6, 1740 

p. 118 Joel Woodard md. Sarah Ewell, dau. of James Ewell, deceased. 
Mar. 4, 1740 

p. 129 Morris Hill md. Eliza. McCarty, dau. of Darby McCarty, deceased. 
Edward Brown md. wid. of Darby McCarty. 
Mar. 5, 1740 

p. 130 Edward Archer md. Mary, heiress of Hannah Angus. 
James Guy md. Eliza., heiress of Hannah Angus. 
Elias Cornish md. Eliza., leg. of Thomas Creed, deceased. 
May 6, 1741 

p. 138 Roberts md. dau. of Capt. Henry Chapman, deceased (they had 

a son Henry Roberts). 
Oct. 7, 1741 

p. 153 John Thelaball md. Mary Oast, dau. of Godwin Oast, deceased. 

Emanuel Lestyear md. Eliza. Morris, dau. of Alec Morris, deceased. 


Nov. 4, 1741 

p. 156 Anthony Williamson md. wid. of William Cartwright. 
John Connyer md. wid. of William Lilburn. 
Apr. 7, 1742 

p. 167 Thomas Axtead md. wid. of John Brock, Jr. 
William Fentriss md. dau. of Bartho. Bond. 
Aug. 4, 1742 

p. 178 William Pead md. Elizabeth, heir of Capt. Henry Chapman, deceased. 

p. 179 Malbone md. Margaret Land, wid. of Capt. Frans. Land. 

Jan. 5, 1742 

p. 190 John McCarter md. Katherine, heir of Keziah Hopkins, deceased. 
May 4, 1743 

p. 202 Henry Jones md. wid. of Edwd. Old. 

p. 205 James Moore md. dau. of Samuel Brock, deceased. 
June 1, 1743 

p. 206 Robert Jones md. wid. of James Lamount. 
Aug. 3, 1743 

p. 214 William Keeling, Jr. md. Mary, heir of John Thorowgood, deceased. 
Oct. 5, 1743 

p. 220 James Oast md. Joyce, heir of Capt. Henry Chapman, deceased. 
Dec. 7, 1743 

p. 224 James Thelaball md. Elizabeth, heir of William Richmond, deceased. 
Mar. 7, 1743 

p. 230 George Stone md. Isabella, heir of George Chappel, deceased. 
Aug.l, 1744 

p. 244 Hezekiah Fentriss md. Eliza. Fentriss, dau. of Aron Fentriss, deceased. 
Sept. 5, 1744 

p. 245 William Keeling md. Mary Thorowgood, dau.(?) of Sarah Thorowgood. 

p. 249 William Robinson md. Mary, heir of Capt, John Saunders, deceased. 
Nov. 7, 1744 

p. 251 John Thorowgood md. Mary Anne, heir of Mrs. Anne Trevethan. 
Feb. 6, 1744 

p. 259 Giddeon Whitehurst md. Eliza. Berry, dau. of Robert and Mary Berry. 
Thomas Turner md. Mary Berry, dau. of Robert and Mary Berry. 
John Whitehurst md. Patience Berry, dau. of Robert and Mary Berry. 


by J. C. Kolbe 
(continued from Vol.2 p. 157) 
To the worshipfull Court of Cumberland County The Return of 
the Tiths in John Watts Presinks is as followeth: 

Page Bond -1 
John Hollond -3 
John Mint on -3 
Thos. Christion -1 
Saml . Brown -5 
Jeames Brown -1 
Robert Smith -1 
Edward Cleamons -6 
Samson Fleamon -2 
Thos. Brome -8 
John Bowdon -4 
Isaac Beacham -8 
William Routon -2 
Col. George Carringtan 
Benj . Neatherland -13 
Colloar Basdell -13 
Saml. Taylor -6 
Jeames Gilliam -3 
Thos. Ogelsby -16 
Robart Carter -3 
Robart Walkor -1 
Benj a. Boatright -1 
Jearemiah Cannon -1 
Ben j a . Cannon -1 
Phinehas Glover -8 
Joseph Price -6 
Jobe Thomas -7 
William Ashlock -1 
Robart Johns -12 

Lewis Jenkins -5 
John Medows -5 
John Runals -4 
Volintine Martin -2 
Benja. Walker -5 
Drury Scruggs -7 
Benja. Wil son -9 
Benj. Harrison -7 
Charles McKeney -11 
Thos. Guttrey -3 
Philip Dunford -3 
John McKinney -2 
William Samson -1 
_]^2 Ralf Phlipin -5 
Thos. Hollon -7 
Robart Duglas -2 
John Davis -1 
John Lentch -1 
Orlander Huges -8 
William Terell -2 
Isham Pruett -3 
Jobe Walker -1 
Mose s Bond -1 
Mose s Smith -6 
Mary Murrey -5 
Drury Hudgins -3 
John Alexander -3 
Charles Barker -10 
John Creasey -1 


John Burnet -3 

John Mcguiar -1 

Jonas Medor -3 

Nathan Turner -3 

Christepher Dickins -3 

John Bond -3 

John Roberson Jr. -3 

Andrew Edwards -2 

William Clark -7 

Edward Bond -1 

Isaac Winfrey -3 

John Murrey -1 

Moses Hurt -1 

Prichard Feailds -2 

Benja. Harrisons -3 

Nichles Spears -7 

William Drake -1 

Nichles Davis -16 

Charles Carter -5 

Henery Dillien -1 

Francis Amos -3 

William Dillin -2 

Thos. Freman Fretwell -3 

John Armisted -8 

Saml. Bridgewater -2 

John Carter -3 

Jonathan Cuningham -1 

Saml . Os len -3 

John Samons -2 

William Palmor -2 

John Carter -1 

Magor Bowling -1 

John Newton -2 

William Rusell -1 

William Phlipin -1 

Saml. Atkinson -1 
George Debord -1 
Jeames Cuningham Jr. -1 
Jeames Cuningham -1 
William Hollond -6 
Thos . Scruggs -1 
David Thompson -1 
Charles Fleamon -6 
Thos. Tabb -9 
Peterfd. Trent -6 
Alexr. Trent -29 
Joseph Woodson -2 
Saml. Allin -3 
Robt . Hudgins -5 
Thos . Coleman -4 
Danill Coleman -7 
Benja. Hendrick -2 
Williams Daniell -4 
George Holland -1 
Daniell Hogian -1 
Charles Holland -2 
William Allen -1 
Saml. Milton -1 
John Hix -1 
Will iam Hix -2 
William Hix Jr. -2 
Jeames Hallawaw -1 
Gedin Patterson -8 
John Mearryman -8 
John Cock -2 
John Bryant -4 
Charles Mash -1 
James Hallaway -1 
Higginson Basdale -9 
Ambros Hammon -11 


Thos. Jeffs - -6 
John Evens -2 
Samue 1 Gof f -1 
Mathew Hutcheson -3 
Julis Devenport -3 
Thos . Johns -5 
Henerot -1 
Thos . Wil son -1 
Robart Kent -3 
Jeames Dowdy -4 
Worron Easley -1 

William Mills -3 
John Lee -2 
Bartle Feailds -4 
John (Honey) -1 
Rudolph (Honcey) -1 
Saml . Perrey -4 
Zack. Mcguiar -2 
William Huges -2 
Meggah Turdor -2 
Saml. Hallaway -2 
Jarot Brukey -(?) 

Thomas Mosley -4 
John Mosley -5 
William Mosley -6 
Richard Mosley -4 
Henry Clay -9 

Henry -Gie.y-3nn¥- 3 

Richard Eagleston -56 
William Clay -4 
Joel Lockitt -1 
Giles Driver -1 

^©hR-Nei?%he¥n 1 

Thomas Lockitt -3 
Gideon Lockitt -2 
Eal is Palmer -1 
Arter Mosley -12 
John Radford -2 
Walter Maxsy -2 
Richard Povaul -10 
Wm . Mills Magruder -1 
Thomas Turpin -12 
Michel Clay -1 
Wm , Elam -4 ■ 

Nicholas Giles -4 
Francis Farley -1 
Wm . Worley -1 
Thos . Watkins -4 
John Watkins -7 
Jordan Anderson -2 
Benjamin Watkins -5 
Charles Ballew -5 
Thomas Ballew -4 
Benjamin Hatcher -3 
Edward Mosley -6 
Israel Winfrey -4 
Joseph Baugh -6 
James B.aley -1 
Richard Blankinship -1 
Abraham Baugh -1 
John Baley -1 
John Ward Endion -1 
Benjamin Baley -1 
John Worley -2 
Charles Maxsy -1 
Joseph Worley -1 


Ghiidtess- Smith 1 

Charles Davis -1 
James Davis -1 
John Radford Jr. -1 
Isam Akin -3 
Willoughby Pugh -1 
Wm. Combs Johns -1 
Samuel Evens -1 
Wm. Chitwood -1 
Francis Chetham -3 
John Harris -13 
Samuel Flurney -14 
John Scott -11 
John Depee -10 
Benjamin Harris -10 
James Harris -10 
Wm. Harris -9 
Thomas Prosser -9 
John Villion -8 
Josiah Hatcher -8 
Peter Harris -8 
Abram Salley -7 
Thomas Smith -7 
Joseph Bingley -6 
James Bryant -6 
Robert Good -5 
Arter Mos ley -5 
John Chasteen -5 
Daniel Perron -5 
David Lesure -5 
Antony Martin -6 
Samuel Hever -4 
Stephen Forsey -4 
Abraham Sandeford -4 
Peter Lucddo -4 

John Porter -4 
John Branford -4 
Samuel Landrom -3 
John Bondurant -3 
Daniel Branch -3 
Matthew Bingley -3 
Francis Salley -3 
Charles Clark -3 
Wm . Banton -3 
Peter Davy -3 
Peter Depp Jur. -2 
Jas . Smith -2 
John Burner -2 
Peter Jurerant -2 
Ben Wever -2 
Wm. Howard -2 
Joseph Bondurant -4 
Wm. Street -2 
John Chasteen -2 
Daniel Easley -2 
John Scurry -2 

Jehn-Haeeafey 2 

Peter Sublitt -2 
Francis Chodoin -1 
Charles Amonet -1 
John Camp -1 
Wm . Baley -1 
Edward Masties -1 
Frank Marshel -6 
Edward Watkins -10 
Wm . Mar shell -7 
Cread Haskins -10 
Matthew Landers -1 
Dorothy Pankey -1 
Thos. Cock -2 


James Anderson -1 
Joseph Moss -1 

Esther Langsdon 


Thos. Bradley -2 

:JehR-f ^ i 

Sam. Mansfield -2 
Archer Hix -13 
Brit Randolphs -24 
Wm . Maxsey -3 
Elezebeth Bagbon -1 
John Maxsey -2 
Thos. Hall -3 
Wm . Langsdon -1 
John Cox -5 
Wm . Legon -14 
Wm. Smith -7 
Noel Craft Norrel -1 
James Billion -1 
Harrod Gipson -1 
Phillop Thomas -4 
Sam. Childress -5 
Thos. Hastey -1 
David Lockit -7 
Wm . Baley -3 
John Canyax -2 
John Wooldridge -1 
John Wooldridge -2 
Bennet Good -11 

John Pleasant -22 
John Robertson -1 
Nathaniel Maxsy -2 
Robert Craghed -2 
Francis Epperson -2 
Jos eph John -1 
Daniel Wilmore -1 
John Raley -6 
Phillop Vest -1 
Vator Alford -2 
Wm. Watkins -11 
Wm . Dudl ey -1 
David Sezar -2 
Robert Chanlor -1 
Henry Hopson -6 
Jacob Meshew -8 
Francis James -13 
Daniel Stoner -17 
Edward Parott -3 
Mrs . Mayo -10 
Watt Lee -8 
John Baskervile -15 
Wm . Watson -1 
Thos . Farley -1 
Mrs . Hughe s -5 
Robert Hughes -2 
John Vest -1 
Thos. Porter -8 

Thomas Wooldridge 
28 Novr. 1759 


by Susan B. Sheppard 

The following wills were found among the loose papers of Brunswick 
County. They were not recorded, usually for want of sufficient proof. 
They have been transcribed verbatim and any information on the docket 
has been included. These items are printed with the kind permission 
of the Clerk of Court, Brunswick County. 

1. WILL OF HANNAH TROTTER. Partly proved Oct. 23,1797. 

In The Name of God amen. October 17th 1794. 
I hahah Trotter of the county of Brunswick and parrish of Saint Andrews 
being very sick and weak at present, do constitute and ordain this 
to be my last Will and Testament, and for what worldly Goods it Hath 
pleased God to bless me with in this life, I Give Demise of in the 
following maner and form following (Vizt) 

Item I Give and bequeath unto Nancy Willson one feather bed and Two 
Sheets one New pott I purchased, and her saddle and bridle five Dollars 
Cash one callico gound to her and her heirs for ever. 
Item I Give and bequeath unto Elizabeth forrister Roper one Gold 
ring Setf^^twe-feetteifs-HyWy also one Striped Virginia cloth gound, 
to her and her Heirs for ever. 

Item I Give and bequeth unto Henery Willson Latimer one Gold ring, 
gt. two Le tter s , ( H , W, ) to him and His heirs for ever. 
Item my will and Desire the remainder of my cloaths may sold and 
the money equially Divided betwest Henery Willson children. 
Lastly I do appoint my Trusty friends John Willson & Jonathan Fisher 
Executors of this My Last will and Testament as witness I have Here 

unto my hand and seal the day & date above Written. 

his her 

John X Latimer Senr. Hanah X Trotter 

mark mark 

Mouring Perry 


2. WILL OF THOMAS WINN. Partly proved by 1 wit. July 22nd 1799. 

In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Winn of Brunswick County being 
weak and low in body but of sound mind and memory do make and ordain 
this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following- first 
I recommend my soul to the almighty God who gave it Secondly I commit 
my Body to the dust from whince it came, and thirdly I give and Devise 
all my Estate both Real and Personal .which it hath Pleased God to 
bless me with in manner and form following- 
Item I lend to my beloved Wife Joyce Winn, all my Estate both Real 
and Personal during her Natural life or Widowhood and at her Death 
or Marriage my will and Desire is that all my Estate be Divided as 
f ol lows-( Vizt . ) I Give unto my Son Buckner Winn Forty Shillings to 
him and his Heirs forever. Item I lend to my Daughter Caty Laffoon 
one seventh part of my Estate During her Natural life and at her Death 
to be Equally divided amongst all her Children to them and their Heirs 
forever. Item I Give and Devise unto my Daughter Martitia Bishop 
a Negroe Girl named Easter together with a Bed and Other things which 
she has now in possession to her and her Heirs forever-my will and 
Desire is that the said Negroe Girl Easter be Valued Immediately by 
Two Good Judges and if the Valuation is not sufficient together with 
the Other things before mentioned then my Other children must pay 
up in proportion to make my said Daughters part Equal to theirs- Item 
my will and Desire is that all the rest of my Estate not already given 
be Equally divided amongst my five Other children-Robert Winn, Oratio 
Winn, Freeman Winn, Marian J. Winn, Betsey Winn to them and their 
Heirs forever and lastly I nominate and appoint my Brother Joseph 
Winn Executor and my Wife Joyce Winn Executrix to this my Last Will 
and Testament Revoking all former Wills by me heretofore made-as Witness 
my Hand and seal this fifth Day of May Anno. Domo. One Thousand 
Seven Hundred and Ninety five. 
Signed seal'd and acknowledged by 
the said Thomas Winn to be his 
Last Will & Testament 

Thomas X Winn 


In presence of 

Wm, Brodnax 
Matthew Bishop 
Benjamin Whitehead 

3. WILL OF MARY MERRITT. Partly proved by Thos. Stith Jany. 26th 

1789. Henry Merritt qualified executor. 

In the name of God Amen. I Mary Merritt of the county Brunswick 
and parish of Saint Andrew being sick and weak but of sound and disposing 
mind and memory (blessed be God) do this sixteenth day of November 
in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred & eighty 
eight, make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner 
and form following. First, I give and bequeath unto my Grand-Daughter 
Mary Easter one Feather Bed and Furniture to her and her Heirs forever. 
And I give and bequeath all the rest of my property of every kind 
unto my loving Son Henry Merritt to him & his Heirs forever; and do 
desire that he may have and keep the old Negro Woman Suckey. And 
I hereby appoint my said son Henry Merritt the Executor of this my 
last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I the said Mary Merritt 
have hereunto set my hand & Seal the day & year above written. 

Signed Sealed published 

and declared- 

In the presence of 

Holly Stith 

Sarah Jackson 

Tho. Stith, Senr. 

Mary Merritt 

4. WILL OF PHILIP WILLIAMS. Partly proved Sept. 1823. 

In the name of God Amen. 
I Philip Williams of Brunswick do make this my last Will And Testament 
being in my perfeck Sences. 

Item I give and bequeth and Also tis my desire that my Hole estate 
shal be equally Divided between My Beloved mother Betsey Williams 


and my Brothers Aand Sisters vz Nancey Williams Williams Williams 
Betsey Williams and Pleasant Williams more [ ] them I wish for 
my Sister Nancy Williams to Have five dollers more then the rest 
Also I do constitute and appoint my mother Betsey Williams to be 
Executresx to my last will and Testament whare unt I have set my 
hand and seal this 25th Day of June 1812, 

Signed Sealed acknowledge in 
the pres ent of 

John Shelley 22nd Sept. 1823 
Eleanah [ ] 


5. WILL OF ANNA WATTS. Partly proved by J. Crichton Nov. 1822. 

In the name of Allmighty God Amen. I Anna Watts of 
Brunswick County & State of Virginia do make this to be my last 
will & Testament. It is my Will and desire after my just debts 
are paid I give and bequeathe unto my Daughter Anna M. W. Watts 
all my remaining Estate of every Kinde whatsoever to her and to 
her heirs lastly I appoint my son Richard Watts my Executor to 
this my last Will & Testament as witness my hand this 22nd day of 
March 1818. 


Jas. Crichton (30th Nov. 1822) 

E. S . P. Ashtor 

Samuel G. Worthington [ Northingt on? ] 

Anna Watts 

6. WILL OF BRAMBLEY EDWARDS. Partly proved Jany. 1817, 
executor qualified. 
In the name of God Amen, I Brambley Edwards of the County 
of Brunswick being weak in body but sound in mind and memory do 
make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following 
1st It is my desire that my body be buried in the Christian form. 
2nd It is my desire that the debts which I owe to Joseph Percivall 
and John B. Rice S- Co. be paid out of my estate. 
3d I give unto my son in Law Edward J. Morriss and my daughter 


Dolly his wife the land which they conveyed to me and which is 

recorded in the County Court of Brunswick, it being my daughter 

Dolley's proportion of the land left in her fathers will to them 

and their heirs forever. 

I also lend to my daughter Dolley Morriss one bed and furniture 

and one bay horse during her life, and should she leave an heir 

or heirs I give the said Bed and furniture to them and their heirs 

forever, but should she die without an heir, it is my desire that 

the said Bed & furniture and horse return to her surviving sisters 

or their heirs. 

4th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Bennitt one bed 

and furniture to her and her heirs forever. 

5th I give and bequeath unto my Granddaughter Pamelia Kirkland 

one bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever. 

6th I give and bequeath unto my Grand daughter Polley Dugger one 

bed & furniture to her and heirs forever. 

7th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Polley Kirkland my old 

negro woman Ciss to her and her heirs forever. 

8th I give unto my daughter Nancy Dugger a Pewter Dish and a butter 

pot which are now in possession forever. 

9th I give unto my son Jesse Edwards the sum of one Dollar to 

be paid by my executor out of my estate. 

10th I leave the balance of my estate including crop and Stock &c 

to be sold by my executors and the balance after the payment of 

my debts to be equally divided between my two daughters Brambly 

Kirkland and Nancy Dugger. 

11th I do hereby appoint Joseph Percivall executor to this my last 

will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my 

hand and affixed my seal this fifth day of October One thousand 

eight hundred and fifteen. 

Signed sealed and acknoledged 

in the presence of 

Elisha Abernathy [Alernathy] 

Richardson Brown (27th January 1817) 

Mary Brown 


Brambly X Edwards 


by L.H.Hart 

This article is a continuation from Vol. II, p. 178. These 
items were filed separately and discovered too late to be included 
with the previous article. 

1. D. 19 Oct. 1801. Josiah Vick, exec, and Sally Cobb, exx. of 
Samuel oobb, dec, late of So'n. to ivincnen Cobb of same. t^O 

50 acres adj. Kinchen Cobb, Semore ^^aughn, Simon Murfee, dec., 

William Gresswitt's orphans being 5 the land devised by Samuel 

Cobb 3r. in his will to his son the said Samuel Cobb testator 

to the said Josiah Vick and Sally Cobb, and his son Burgoine 


Cumberland Co. NC . 

D. Mar. 19,1803. Sally Cobb ack . of dower Israel Folsom, 

Jea. Atkins J. P. 

Docket Oct. 1801 ackd. by Vick and cont'd. Dec. 1804 comm, 
retd. and R. 

2. D. 4 Jan. 1799. William Drake and w Zelpha of Nash. Co. NC to 
Moody Kirby of So'n. $1000 14?^ acre lot 2 in the division 
of the late John Kirby assigned to VJilliam Drake in right of 
his wife who was one of the daughters of sd. John Kirby. 

Witn: Sam'l Kello, Nicholas Brister, Sam*. Kello, Jr. 

Nash Co. NC Ack of dower Jan. 16,1799 Jos. Arrington, 
Dinton Mann. 

3. D. Feb. 11, 1796. Howell Edmunds Jr. and w Elizabeth to James 
Wilkinson all of So'n. tl50 I60 acres Old Mill Pond adj. 
John Norfleet, Wilkinson's Beal and Dawson plantations. 

no witn. 

k. D. May 29, I788. Jesse Johnson of So'n. to Joseph Scott of 
Nansemond and Nathan Barnes of So'n. V\/hereas sd. Johnson is 
indebted to sd. Scott and Barnes for t25 and he is desirous to 
secure payment of the debt he transfers 7^ acres adj. Benjamin 
Gray, Wm. Whitehead, Joseph Powell, John Kindred, Wm. Newton. 

Witn: Nathan English, John Barnes, Mary (her ) Barnes 



Receipt May 29.1788. Same witn. 

Docket Dec. I788. 1 wit. July I789 by Nancy Barnes and cont'd. 

5. D. 20 Feb. I789. Silas Love and w Mary, Henry Love and w Eleanor 
of So'n to Samuel Slade the younger of same. L28 64 acres where 
on sd. Silas Love lately dwelt being part of a tract of 155 

acres devised to the said Silas and Henry Love by their father 
Elias Love, dec. adj. Samuel Slade Sr., James Hall. 
Witn: William Slade, Jethro Slade, Jacob Joyner Jr., Thomas 
Grizzard. Silas Louve (signed) 

Mary Louve 
Henry Louve 
Ellener Louve 
Receipt D 28 Feb. 1789 . Same witn. 

Docket Sept. 10, I789 prov'd by 3 wit. as to Louve etc. and cont'd, 
as to Mary the wife. 

6. D. Oct. 19,1801. Jesse Lane of Sussex to Samuel Lane of So'n. 
5sh. 50 acres part of land given said Jesse by his father 
adj. Kitchen, Wm. Hargrave . VJitn: Samuel Bailey, John Laine, 
Peter Laine. 

Receipt 19 Oct. 1801. Same witn. 
Docket Feb. 1802 by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

7. D. 21 May I803 Jessey Langford gdn. to Richd. Vick and Eliza. 
Vick children of Parks N. Vick dec. and Rebecca Vick widow of sd. 
Parks N. Vick of So'n. b Noel Waddill of same. i,75 lease 
for 10 years land belonging to estate of Parks N. Vick 

being the same land whereon the late James Vick lived from Jan. 
1,1803 to Dec. 31, 1812. 

Witn: Jordan Oberry, Hincha McClinney, David Langford. 
Docket Jan. 1804 by Jordan Oberry and cont'd. 

8. D. 15 June I786 Littleberry Newsom, I sham Newsom, Jacob 
Newsom of So'n and Sussex to Holt Clanton of Sussex. The 
grantors as sons and devisees of Jacob Newsum and pursuant to 
his will for t25 to each of them 125 acres being the land 
whereon Jacob Newsom dec. lived. adj. James Barham, William 
Myrick, Joel Newsom. 

Witn: John Clanton, Exum Cobb, (torn) Newsum, Edward Fisher, 
Randolph Newsum, William Clanton. 

Receipt I786. 

Docket Oct. 12,1786 acknowledged by Littleberry and Jacob 
and prov'd. by 2 witn. as to Isham and cont'd. 

9. Joel Newsom and w Mary of So'n. to Lucy Myrick of same 

D. 9 Dec. 1796. t250 295 acres adj. William Myrick, 
Tabitha Newsom, Moses Foster. 


Witn: Richd. Stewart, Jr., John ( ). 

Docket 1797 • prov'd. by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

10. D. 29 Sept. 1801. VJm. Newsom, Mill, and w Elizabeth of Sussex to 
Josiah Dashiel LlOO 10 a with water grist mill 

N of Three Creeks adj. Peter Simmons, Owen Myrick, Benjn. 
Barham-', Taylor. 

Witn: Wm. Chambliss, Barham Newsom, Owen Myrick. 
Docket Jan. 1802 by 1 witn. and cont'd. 
May 1802 by another and cont'd. 

11. D. Oct. 26,1790. James Turner of Warren Co. NC . to John Jones 
of Northampton Co., NC L1186 1186 acres adj country 
line, Edmund Turner, Arthur Turner, Henry Smith. 

VJitn: James Vaughan, Harwood Jones. 
Docket: by 1 witn. 

12. D. 12 Sept. 1796 Thomas Turner and w Charlotte of St. Luke's 
P., So'n. to Henry Barrow of same L210 I98 acres adj. 
William Bittle. 

Witn: John J. Fort, David Myrick, Robert Simms 

Receipt Sept. 12, 1796 same witn. 

Docket Adk'd. by Turner and cont'd, for com. for issue for wife . 

13. D. Apr. 11,1797. Thomas Taylor and w Martha of So'n. to James 
Wilkinson of same $1 68^1 acres adj. Ephraim Faircloth, 
John Kindred. 

Witn: Thomas Jones, John Faircloth, Eli Eley. 

Ack. of Dower. May 7il802 Ben. Blunt, Sam. Blunt J. P. 

Docket May 1797 2 witn. and cont'd. 

1^. D. May 14, 1778. Moses Wood and w Mary of So'n. to Fredrick 
Kitchen of same tl^O 92 acres west of horsepen branch 
Witn: Richd. Bailey, Newsom Branch, Charles Briggs. 
Docket May 1778 ack'd. by Wood and cont'd. 

15. D. Dec. 13,1781. Eustis Windham of Not. P. So'n. to John 
Windham, Jr. of same L5OOO 60 acres adj. Beverley Booth, 
VJilson Coker, Thos . Oney. 

Witn: Richd. Bailey, Beverley Booth, Moses Booth. 
Receipt D. Dec. 13,1781. Witn: Richd. Bailey, Beverley Booth. 
Docket: Dec. I78I by 2 witness. Rec'd. 6/8 in part for 
recording this deed. 

16. D. Sept. 10, 1782. John Waller, Benjamin Waller and w Lucy 
of So'n. to Charles Speed of same t32 50 acres 

part of a patent to Richard Washington (D Dec. 16, 1714) and 

conveyed by him to John Howell and by Howell to John Penny and 

by Penny to Daniel Story and by Story to sd. John Waller and by 

him to Benjamin Waller. 

Witn: Josiah Vick, Matthew Wills, George Edwards, Henry Speed. 

Receipt Sept. 10, 1782. no witn. 

Docket: Ack'd. by Ben Waller and wife and proved by 2 witn. as to 


John Waller. 

17. D. 6 July 1785 Burges Williams of Cheraw Dist. S.C. to Willis 
Bowers of Norfolk Co.,VA l60 200 acres in Nottoway Parish 
adj. Joshua Joyner, John Bower, Joseph Hill being part of a 
patent to Bridgman Joyner who devised the same to his son John 
Joyner who have the sd. 200 acres to his niece Elizabeth Joyner 
who married Arthur Williams and dying the land descended to her 
eldest son and heir at law sd. Burges. 

Witn: John Bowers, Lewis Joyner Jr., Sion Williams. 

Receipt Dated July 6,1785 same witn. 

Docket July 14, I785 prov'd. by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

18. D. Dec. 29,1788. Mary Williams of So'n for love and affection to 
my son Ethelbert Carr Williams 1 negro girl mentioned in the 
will of Benjamin VJilliams dec. and allotted to me. 

VJitn: Jos. Vick, Jeremiah Williams. 

Docket: June 1789 prov'd. by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

19. D. Apr. 10,1789. Henry Westbrook and w Prissillah of So'n. 
to Thomas Hunt of Sussex Co. L 300. 30O acres adj. Benja. 
Lewis whereon sd. V/estbrook lives. 

Witn: .iobert Hunt, Nathan Hite. 

Docket: Oct. 8,1789. Ack . by him and cont'd for the wife. 

20. D. Oct. 29,1791 William Williams of Not. P. So'n. to Lemuel 
Row of same. L25 60 acres being part of land formerly 
belonging to Henry Joyner, dec. adj. Martin Dorson ,Took 
Denson, Drewry Williams, Dorson Martin . 

Witn: Arthur Williams, Jo. Mountfortt Junr., Titus Fowler. 
Receipt D. Oct. 29,1791 same witn. 
Docket May 1792 prov. 2 wit. ack by witn. 

21. D. May 2, 1794. Thomas Williford of So'n. to John Williford 
of same. L50 100 acres I bought of Mr. Thomas Grizzard, 
personalty, my right in 7 negroes and some other articles of 
the estate of Mr. Thomas Francis, dec. 

Witn: Wilie Williams, Sally Williford, B. Drew, Jno. D. Haussmann, 

Chas. Taylor. 

Docket: Dec. 1794 prov. by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

memo to record this in July. 

22. D. 22 Jan. 1794. Willis Windham of S.C. to Jordan Judkins of 
Nottoway Parish, So'n. £37 lOsh Ip. 70 acres adj. Moses 
Booth Sr. 

Witn: Beverley Booth, James Johnson, Robert Booth, William Spivey. 
Receipt 22 Jan. 1794. 

23. D. Mar. 17,1793. Elizabeth Williams of IW to William Boykin 
of So'n. tl2 land N Seacock Swamp being my portion of land 
that formerly belonged to Blythe Williams adj. Arthur Boykin, 
Levi Lowe, Ledbetter Lowe, Lighbourn Lowe. 


Vj'itn: Edward Neal , Arthur Boykin, Shadrack Johnson, Edm. Tyler, 
Jeremiah Summerell. 

Docket Sept. 1793 prov. by 1 wit. and cont'd. 
July 1796 prov. by Shad. Johnson. 

2^. D. Dec. 18,1797. Richard Wren and w Hannah of So'n. to Jordan 
Jones of same t40 100 acres VJren bought of Edwin Davis 
Witn: Evans Wren. 
Docket: Dec. 1797 Ack'd. by Wren cont'd. for his wife. 

25. D. July 10,1797. James Wilkinson of So'n. to Isham Newsom of 
same t80 to sd. Isham and his wife Sally for their natural 
lives and then to Joseph Newsom their son forever 

100 acres adj. Joel Newsom, George Gurley, Joseph Joyner, 

William Edwards. 

Vlitn: Eli Eley, Jno Faircloth. 

Docket: Oct. 1797. proved by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

26. D. Aug. 14, 1799 Richard Worrell and wife Tabitha of So'n to 
John Bryant of same fe 27 90 acres adjoining Ephrame 

Turner, Joshua Turner, Joseph Denson, Jethro Charles. 

Witn: Samuel Turner, VJilliam Joyner, John VJorrell Senr. 

Receipt Aug. 1799. same witn. 

Docket: Dec. 1799 by 2 witn. and wife and cont'd. 

27. D. 12 Mar. 1802. John Williams and w Mary of So'n. to Ethelbert 
C. Williams of same. $100 all their right in the lands of 
Benjamin Williams, dec. held as dower by said Mary under the will 
of sd. Benjamin. 

iiu'itn: Jos. Ruff in, Jo. Vick, Nathan Porter. 
Docket: July 1802. By 2 witn. and cont'd. 

by J.C. Kolbe 

Dated 1846 Recorded 1847 

William Bagley Chesterfield (supposed) 

William Hudson, Jr. removed to Dinwiddle 

John Lee removed to Petersburg 

Samuel M. White removed to Brunswick 



by L..H,.. Hart 

The format used includes the names of the groom and bride, 
the date of the marriage, and the name of the minister or of 
the individual who certified the marriage to the county court. 


William Wilborne to Molly Stovall 13 Decmr. 1794. Hugh French 
performed the marriage and returned this information to the 
Clerk of Powhatan Court 10 Oct. 1795. 

John Rany to Jean Lockett 18 June 1786. Certification was 
returned by John Goode. 

Abram Sublett to Edith Burton 19 Sept. 1789. Certification 
was returned by B. Watkins Dec. 10, 1789. 

Gallic Wilkerson to Salley Wilkerson 24 Dec. 1788. Certification 
was returned by Samuel Woodfin. 

David Charlton to Nancy Manssfield 10 Dec. 1793. Certification 
was returned by Geo. Smith who performed the marriage. 

John West to daughter of William Elam 22 Dec. 1789. This 

is a consent only and was witnessed by Thomas Elam. 

William Linsey to Frances Good 23 Nov. 1786. Performed by 
George Smith. 

James Ball to Martha Mosely 24 July 1794. Certification by 
B. Watkins Feb. 19, 1795. 

John Crouley to Betsey Solomon 24 March 1788. Performed by 
Samuel Woodfin. 

John Adams to Mary Marshall 23 Decmbr. 1786. Baptist Church. 
Certification by John Goode. 


Henry Lipford to Nancy Wellborn 29 Sept. 1786. Performed by 

George Smith. 



James Hall to Nancy Welch 19 April 1787. Performed by George 

Smith . 

Thomas Bass to Susannah Bass 31 Deer. 31 1791. Certification 
was returned by Geo, Smith. 

Israel Nunnally to Margaret Gibspn 8 November 1792. License 
signed by Geo. Markham. 

William Bass to Sarah Shackleford 29 October 1789. Certification 
was returned by George Smith. 

John Cobbs to Sarah Fisher 19 November 1789. Certification 
was returned by George Smith. 

James Thaxton to Sarah Watts 5 Jany. 1790. Certification was 
returned by George Smith, 

BY J. C. Kolbe 

Dated 1825 Recorded 1828 

John Drewry rem'd to Nansemond and died there 

James Duncan rem'd to Norfolk 

Ro . Gwaltney rem'd to Isle of White 

Dated 1827 Recorded 1827 

Gray E. Adams rem'd to Surry 

BY J.C. Kolbe 

Dated 1807 Recorded 1810 

Green Camp to Norfolk 

Dated 1806 Recorded 1810 

Robert Wall to Chesterfield 

Dated 1814 Recorded 1816 

Joshua Lester to Norfolk 

William Mount-castle to Norfolk 

loth the Warwick and York lists include removals to Southside counties onl 




GRAVELY. Verna Gravely McCravy (Box 16, Rt. 6, Easley.SC 
29640) seeks information on John Hensley Gravely of Henry or 
Pittsylvania County. Married Peggy H. Ballenger (born 16-3-1762) 
in Goochland County. His brothers were Joseph and James. Did 
parents come to Virginia along with their sons? John H. and 
family came to Greenville, SC in the late 1790 's and died in 
Pickens County, SC in 1835. 

ADAMS. Felix Earle Luck (8 St. John's Ave., P.O. Box 369, 
Tabor, NJ 07878) seeks information on Polley Adams who married 
John Luck, 12-20-1784 mar. bond, Pittsylvania County, VA Sur. was 
Joseph (looks like) Leech. Have no other record of Polley. 
John Luck and ^■ daus . went to Iredell Co., NC in I825. Their 
son, James Adams Luck, stayed in Pitts. Co., m. I832 Susan Harrison 

CLIFTON/FOSTER. Mrs. W.F. Bishop ( Rt . 7, Box 5^■9 A, Oxford, 
Alabama 36203) would like to correspond with anyone doing 
research on the CLIFTON family who migrated from York Co.,VA 
to Isle of Wight in 17^1; and from anyone whose family inter- 
married with the Cliftons. Will exchange info on the Arthur 
FOSTER and allied families of Southampton and Surry Co.,VA. 

FAGAN. Mrs. James W. Cochran (P.O.Box II3, Pinson, Al 35126) 
William Fagan(Feagan) stated he served in Rev. War under Capt. 
Blackwell, VA . He possibly may have been the William Feagin in 

first census Fauquier Co.,VA. His wife Caty ? had sons William, 

Jr. m. Frances ? Son Silas m. Mary Lequire 1811 in Rutherford 

Co.,NC Daus: Molly Hambrick, Nancy Ridley, Betsy (m. George 
Dodson), Caty (m. Edward Satterfield, Pendelton Dist . ,SC 1814), 
Peggy (m. Gibson Hughes ) , Franks(m. Nathan Bassett) . Wm. Fagan's 
will Morgan Co.,GA I838. Need to identify WILLIAM FAGAN from 
many other of same name and Caty (CATHERINE) surname. 

MOSELEY. Mrs. Katherine B. Elliott (Box 353, South Hill,VA 
23970) searching for parents of a Robert Moseley supposedly 
born in VA ca I73O and died testate in Edgefield District, SC 
in 1796. He supposedly married (1) Sarah Turpin, (2) Mary 
Bransford and (3) Penelope Talley, who survived him. Children 
named in will-Rachel, Martha, Susannah, John, Anna, Robert, Daniel, 
Gracey, Elizabeth, Mary, Edward, Lyda, Jesse, Penelope, and 
Thomas. Will pay for or exchange information. 


EAST/VENABLE/VENABEL. Hazel Laffoon Christy (4120 Fifth 
Ave., Forth Worth TX, 76115) seeks information of any connection 
between the two families of EAST and VENABLE( VENABEL) , in VA 
or elsewhere. Will welcome any information, and will share 
what information I have on the two families who migrated to 
Stokes Co . , NC . 

Wish to buy copies of books: Albemarle Parish Register - 

Surry and Sussex Cos., Va 1739-1778, Nati onal Societ }^ C o 1 o n i a 1 

Dames of America, 1958. Also, Re 1 ique s of the Rives, James 
Rives Childs, J. P. Be'Tl Co., Lynchburg, VA 1 92 9T~WrTte : Mr s . 
Alice Thomure,2215 Falmouth Ave., Anaheim, CA 92801. 

CUMMINGS/LINDSEY. Miriam E. Dumville (Star Route, Box 
631-E, destin, Fl . 32541) William Henry Cummings b. 1861 Portsmouth, 
VA died 1918 Norfolk, VA. Was his father Joseph or James? 
What was the maiden name of his mother, Amanda? Was Jonathan 
Bray Lindsey b. 1807, d. 1856 in Currituck County, NC cousin 
in fact or courtesy of Susan Russell Sanderson Camber who died 
1855 in Portsmouth, Va? 

WILBURN. Esther Barnes Mulling(2321 Robinson Rd. N.E., 
Marietta, GA 30067) need information on the family of John (d. 
before 1796) and Martha Wilburn(m. John Deshazor 1796, after 
John died). Children of John and Martha: William m. Tabitha 
Stovall; Thomas m. Tabitha Bass and Mary Nelson Netherland; 
John Jr. (Jack) m. Eliz. "Betsy" Jackson; Mary"Polly" m. George 
Stovall; Martha "Patsy" m. Joshiah E. Maddox; Nancy m. ? Waddell; 
Ann m. Benjamin Davis; Daniel m. Rebecca Toney. Martha Deshazor 
in her will mentions son Robert Gilliam St granddaughter Louisa 
Blagrove Davis. Believe parents of John Wilburn Sr. to be Richard 
and Anne Wilburn of Goochland. Need proof. 

FANN/FENN. Myra L. Kujawa (150 Las Lomas, San Angelo, TX 
76904) would like to exchange information on FANN/FENN families. 
Zachariah Fenn or Fann in Dinwiddle Co.,VA ca 1757. Willoughby 
Fann(wife Mary) in Brunswick, Lunenburg and Mecklenburg Cos., 
VA ca 1757-1771. John Fann(wife Elizabeth) in Mecklenburg Co., 
VA by 1773. William Fann in Lunenburg Co, Va in 1764. Jesse 
Fann in Lunenburg Co., VA 1764 and Meckl enbur gCo . , VA 1771. 
All migrated into NC and GA. 

Four Winds Dr., Middletown, NJ 07748) Seeking information on 
Anderson WRIGHT, who m. 30 May 1793 Phebe Malone WATSON, dau. 
of Burwell WATSON, in Mecklenburg Co.,VA. She died and he married 
Elizabeth LANGFORDll Dec. 1794. In 1797 they moved to Warren 
Co., NC. There was apparently some relationship to the families 
of HOLMES and POOLE. Would like to correspond with anyone working 
on these famlies. 



< £2 















i/i 1 

o J 



m 1 




MAY 1 3 1985 

INFORMATION ^-'-"^^^^■"^lON 


III. NO. 2 

JANUARY 1, 1985 



January 1985 

Volume 3 













Number 2 



Lyndon H. Hart, J. Christian Kolbe, Editors 
Graphics by Bobby Sheppard 
Copyright 1985 

The subscription price is $16.00 per annum. All subscriptions begin with the 
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from this library 


Dear Subscribers, 

We wish to thank you all for your support in 1984. A 
particular note of thanks to those who have submitted genealogical 
information for us to publish. This material will be appearing 
in the upcoming issues. 

As always we welcome your opinions and advice on how 
we might make T h£_ S o u t_h_s _i d^£_ V_i r g_i n_i a n a more useful tool to 
you. Our best wishes to all of you for this new year. 

Sincere ly , 
The Editors 

Dr ak£- Arr_in^t^on_j Wh i.t.£~ZHZil££j i:illilZ^i!.°mi_All^_Zli£_£°^£'^_-^® 1 a t e d 

Southern Lines: Treadwell, Slade, Lacey, Harrison, Cathey, 
Redwine, Krider, Wood, McNair, Peden, Sandefer, Tompkins, Bennett, 
Hodges, Goodrich, Bechinoe, Williams, Bustin, Outlaw, Fox, 

^m_i_th_j ££££8£2 RS. 1.1.2 and Stable . By Jo White Linn, C.G. Published 


The format of this book consists of chapters devoted 
to each ofthe major families. Beginning with the first documented 
immigrant, Mrs. Linn has traced her immediate line of descent 
(and that of her husband) and has given additional material 
on the siblings of these ancestors. 

The subject of this reviei\T is an handsomely finished, 
hard bound volume. It contains several charts as well as copious 
photographs of individuals and their residences. Original 
wills and Bible records are also reproduced. The text is well 
documented and there is a complete index. 

This is a delightful and entertaining work. The families 
come alive thanks to the abundant use of family letters and 
stories. In addition to being a useful reference work on a 
number of Virginia and North Carolina families, this book is 
a pleasure to read and is highly recommended by your editors. 

To order, write: Mrs. Stable Linn, Jr. C.G. Box 1948, Salisbury, 
NC 28145-1948. The cost is $35.00 postpaid, NC residents add 
$1. 58. 


by L.H.Hart 

The following marriages are abstracted from the county records. 
These records are valuable because in most cases the mother's 
maiden name is included. 

The format used includes the names of both parties, the date 
of the marriage, the ages of both parties, birthplaces and 
residence of both parties, the parents of both parties, and the 
groom's occupation. 

Abbreviations used include: wid. - widowed, Din. - Dinwiddle, 
Fmr. - farmer, b - birthplace, r - residence. 

1. Joseph D. Moody to Olivia J. Spain 20 Mar. I86I 
20 21 

b Amelia b. Nottoway 

r Din. r. Din. 

Richard Moodyp Wm. Spain, Wilmoth Grubbs 

Ann Neal 


2. John B. Thrift to M.A .V.Fowlkes 28 Mar. I86I 
28 22 

b Din. b Nottov/ay 

r Din. r Din. 

John Thrift , Martha Tucker Wm. S. Fowlkes, Wilson 


3. William C. Belcher to Athelina K. Boisseau Apr. 11,1861 
26 wid 21 

b Amelia b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Isham Belcher, Clarissa Frost Edward L. Boisseau, 

Carpenter Everlina Barnes 

4. Isham B. Miles to Susan V. Jackson May 1^,1861 
^0 wid. 28 

b Din. b Din. 

r Amelia r Din. 

Jeremiah Miles, Dorothy Hawkins Joel Jackson, Susan Bishop 

School teacher 


5. Algernon L. Wells to Indiana E. Basker Apr. 25,1861 
23 22 

b Din. b Sus . 

r Din. • r Din. 

Peterson Wells, Lucretia Young Fred W. Basker, 

Fmr . 

6. Cad Belcher to Lucy Ann Traylor Apr. 25,1861 
23 21 

b Din. b Chesterfield 

r Din. • r Din. 

Nathan Belcher, Masy Andrews VJm. Traylor, Fanny Mail 


7. Marvin R. Griswold to Jane T. Thrift May 2, I86I 
61 wid. 46 

b Newberge Orange Co. NY b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Chauncey Griswold, May Coleman John Thrift, Martha Tucker 


8. John E. Dedman to Elizabeth Hardaway May 8,l86l 
34 26 wid. 

b Meek. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Sami. Dedman, Usley Hudson Chas. G. Hogwood, Sarah Lunsforc 


9. Miles C. Traylor to Sarah Stell May I6,l86l 
42 wid. 26 

b. Chesterfield b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Danl. Traylor, Frs . Blankinship Stell, Julia Perkinson 


10. Richd. Reames to Mary Merrymoon May 16,1861 
33 wid. 28 wid. 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Green Reames, Sarah Grigg Branch Perkinson, Julia Williams 


11. James Seymore to Jane Seymore May 19,1861 
32 32 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Zacariah Seymore, Nancy Elam John Seymore, Sarah Lunsford 


12. Matthew A. Wright to Henrietta Andrews May 29,1861 
28 23 

b Bruns . b Amelia 

r Din. r Din. 


Silas M. Wirght, Candis R. Ray Peterson Crowder and Julia Ann 

Lunsf ord 

13. Archer Valentine to Adalene Valentine June 19,1861 
38 23 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Fanny Valentine Cresy Valentine 

Fmr . 

1^. John C . Smith to Emma F . Gill June 26,l86l 
33 wid. 19 

b Lunenburg b Din. 

r Brunswick r Din. 

B.E. and Mary A. Smith Wm. M. and Nancy F. Gill 

15. William J. Pie rcy to Susan E . Tucker July 17,1861 
J,S wid. 25 

b Mecklenburg b Nottoway 

r Lunenburg r Din. 

Thos . A. Piercy, Jane G.Rainey Spencer G.Tucker, Elizabeth 


16. George E. Perkinson to Emeline J. Crowder 25 July I86I 
3^ wid. 23 

b Din. b Chesterfield 

r Din. r Din. 

Henry Perkinson, Mary Cole Hosea Crowder, Mary 

Shoemaker Perkinson 

17. Thos. K. Howerton to Elizabeth A. Bridgeman Aug. 1,1861 
52 wid. 37 wid. 

b Brunswick b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Drury Howerton, Elizabeth Biggs Burwell Elder, Mary 

Fmr. VJilliams 

18. John Kirkland to Mary E. Edwards Aug. 1^,1861 
30 18 

b Brunswick b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Wmson. Kirkland, Susan Lee Wm. N. H. Edwards, Susan Jackson 


19. David T. Andrews to Mary Ann Hardy Aug. 27,1861 
30 2k 

b Chesterfield b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Thos. Andrews, Mary Belcher Andrew Hardy, Frs . Perkinson 



20. James P. Chambers to Martha A. Derby Sept. 17, 1861 
38 28 

b Tenn. b Din. 

r Hardiman Co. Tenn r Din. 

Jas. P. Chambers, Perry L. Derby, Martha A . 

Merchant Jones 

21. Geo. T. Gray to Eugenia J. Vaughan Sept. 5 i 1861 
30 19 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. ■ r Din. 

Nath"!. Gray and Margaret Wynn Jas. Vaughan and J.C. Maitted 


22. Theophilus Evans to Catharine Brandon Oct. 25 1861 
30 19 

b Southampton b Din. 

r P °bg. r Din. 

Wm. Evans, Hannah Hunt Richmond Brandon, Maria Lewis 


23. Hamilton Risdon to Mary Ann Claypool Oct. l6,186l 
^'^■ wid. 28 

b Burlington Co. Nil b Bordentown NJ 

r Din. r Din. 

John Risdon, Hannah Hollingshead AE Claypool, Higgins 


Zk. William N. Perkinson to Martha Ann E. Tucker Oct. 22,1861 
27 35 wid. 

b P"bg. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

I sham Perkinson, Charity Stow John Conway, Nancy E. 

Fmr . Emmins 

25. Albert B. Williams to Mary E. Crowder Nov. 1^,1861 
26 21 

b Din. b Chesterfield 

r Din. r Din. 

Hartwell R. Williams, Martha Wms . Hosea Crowder, Mary A. 

Fmr. Perkinson 

26. Thomas R. Dew to Harriet C. Worsham Nov. 28,1861 
36 23 

b K. Wm. b Din. 

r Caroline r Din. 

Wm. Dew, Susan F. Jones H.C. Worsham, Maria Bland 



27. Peter Cole to Ann T. Williams Nov. 20,1861 
^■0 wid. 2^ 

b Din. b Din. 

r Amelia r Din. 

Reuben C^le, Elizabeth Ferguson Hartwell W. Williams, Martha 

Fmr. Williams 

28. James Williams to Martha B. Stell Dec. 9, 1861 
36 23 s 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Herbert Williams, Dorothy Wells Hubbard Wells, Anna Wheelhouse 


29. William S. Eanes to Mary A. Stow Dec. 24^1861 
29 22 

b Ches .terf ield b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

John Eanes, Nancy Andrews Robt. VJ . Stow, Mary Stow 


30. Henry Edwin Orgain to Polona A. Goodwyn 21 Jan. 1862 
26 21 

b Greensville b BrunS . 

r Din. r Din. 

Samuel Orgain, Jane T. Powell James Goodwyn, Mary A.M. Tally 

Capt. CSA 

31. Emmett A. Drewry to Laura Sallie Roney Feb. 12,1862 
23 20 

b So'n. b Din. 

r So'n. r Din. 

James Drewry, Mary Ann Myrick Isaac Roney, Mary P. Tucker 


32. James L. Cross to Amy A. Sandifer Jan. 31,1862 
2^■ 24 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Ro. Daniel Cross, Eliz . Wells Wm. Sandifer, Amy A . Chandler 

Soldier CSA 

33- James Wesley Bridgman to Amanda Cleton Morris 26 Feb. 1862 
23 16 

b Din. b Mecklenberg 

r Din. r Din. 

William B. Bridgman, Betsey Traylor John J. Morris, Judith 
Merchant C . Webb 


34. George Wesley Prince to Martha S. Alfriend 26 Feb. 1862 
21 22 

b Sussex "^ Dm. 

r Sussex ^ Dm. . . ,. . ^ 

John J. Prince, Martha T. Powell John W. Alfriend, Harriet 

Clk. of Ct. T. Hall 

35. Beverly J. Winn to Virginia A . Tucker 15 July 1862 
■^^ 36 26 wid. 

b Lunenburg t) Dm. 

r Din. " • ^ Din. 

Edmund P. Winn„ Judy Reese Burwell Hitchock, 

Pj^jp_ Elizabeth Jones 

36. William Fielding Baugh to Mary Frances Coker l6 July 1862 
23 19 , 

b Sussex b Dm. 

r Sussex ^ Dm. 

John M. Baugh, Amanda C. Rose Charles W. Coker, Rebecca 

Lt. CSA B. Warren 

37. William T. Whittaker to Mary Elizabeth Webb July 17,1862 
22 IS 

b P'bg. b Din. 

jp P'bg ^ Din. 

John Whittaker, Emeline Blick Dunkin H. Webb, Adelia Harwell 

Engineer on SSRR 

38. Thomas L. Aldridge to Emily F. Rains Sept. 9,1862 
35 23 

b Din. t) Pr. Geo. 

r Din. ^ Din. 

Peter 'Aldridge, Clasy Conway Raines, Todd 

Brick Business 

39. JohnB. Hitchcock to Harriet Ann Lewis Sept. 25,1862 

b Din. ^ Dm. 

r Din. ^ Dm. 

Burwell Hitchcock, Martha Nance Robt. A. Lewis, Susan A . 

Fmr. Booth 

-^0. JohnB. Jones to S.V. Johnson Oct. 8,1862 I 

28 wid. 23 ■ 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. ^ Dm. _ 

Gary Jones, Elizabeth Moore B.W. Johnson^ Liza Ogburn 


^1. Elijah Smith to Mary J. Webb Nov. 13,1862 
39 wid. 24 

b Din. b Brun swick 

r Din. r Din. 

John Smith , Elizabeth Harmon Thomas Webb, Sallie Chambliss 
Soldier CSA 

4-2. John W . Friend to Rosalia L. Stone Nov. 26,1862 
28 17 

b Chesterfield b Bruns wick 

r Din. r Din. 

Edwin W. Friend, Mary Thomas Walker Geo. Stone, Hannah J. 
Fmr . Turnbull 

H-3 . Cornelius A. Cabaniss 


b Din. 

r Din. 

John Cabaniss, Edy Harmon 


to Sarah E. Cabaniss 3 Dec. 1862 
32 wid. 
b Lurfenburg 
r Din. 

Rash . Roberts, Sarah 

^■^■. Laban Abernathy to Harriet E. B. Smith 11 Dec. 1862 

^■5 wid. ^■3 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Mas ton Abernathy, Sallie Goodwyn John Smith(T), Elizabeth 

Fmr . Harmon 

4-5. James R. Phillips to Mary E. Prosiro 13 Jan. I863 

37 wid. 22 

b Pr. Edward b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

John Phillips, Mary Wilson Samuel Prosiro, Emily A. 

Fmr. Reames 



James H. Dugar 


b K. Wm. 

r Rd. City 

Wm. H. Dugar, Agnes Dugar 

Ship Joiner 


Mollie C. Jones Dec. 25,1862 

b Nottoway 
r Din. 
Philip G. Jones s, Sallie Cox 

47. Henry T. Phillips 

b Pr. Edward 

r Pr . Edward 

Vincent Phillips, Harriet H. 



Musa Harper 5 Feb. I863 


b Nottoway 

r Din. 

N.M.Harper, Susan Hurt 


48. Joshua Pretlow to Annie E. Butler Feb. 3,1863 
35 s 27 s 

b So"n. b Din. 

r So'n. r Din. 

Thos. Pretlow, Jane W. Denson Jonathan Butler, Catherine L. 
Fmr. Lewis 

49. William H. Stell 

b Din. 
r Din. 

to India A. Childrey Feb. 12,1863 


b Din. 
r Din. 

Peter Stell, J. A. Perkinson 

Wm. Childrey, Martha Rickman 

50. Robt. G. Malone to 

b Din. 
r Din. 

Daniel Malone, Wilmoth 

51. John H. Hankins 
38 wid. 
b Din. 
r Din. 

Jas . Hankins 


Sallie A. Magee Feb. 28,1863 
b P. Geo. 

r Din. 

Jas. Magee, Elizabeth Harvell 

Lucy V. Hankins Mar. 3,1863 
38 s 
b Din. 
r Din. 
Wm. Hankins, Polly Roberts 

to Sarah B. Crittendon Mar. I75I863 


b Amelia 

r Din. 

W.A.M. Booker s, Mary Crittendon Jno . Crittendon, Amanda Barrett 

52. Wm. H. Booker 

b Amelia 
r Amelia 

53' Benjamin Cralle Jones to 

b Brunswick 
r Brunswick 

F.F.Jones, Sarah G. Thweatt 

Minna B. Feild 14 Apr. I863 

b Brun swick 
r Din. 

John Feild, Harriet M. 

54. Matthew Peterson to Mary P. Lewis Apr. 23,1863 

Goodwyn ^° 

IQ b Din. 

b Amelia ^ °in- 

P p'bg. H.H.Lewis, A.J. Hawthorn 

Edward A. Goodwyn, Martha C. 


Midshipman CSN 

S5' Robert L. Scott to Mary E. Hadden 21 Apr. I863 

32 25 

b Amherst b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Henry Scott, Martha Scott Edmund Hadden, Ann Perkins 
Min. of Gospel 

56. Francis A. Rainey to Caroline Meredith May 20, 1863 
23 22 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Henry W. Rainey, Nancy Williams Joseph Meredith, Elizabeth 

Fmr. W. Meredith 

57 . Stephen Moylan Bird to John Anna Alfriend 2 June I863 
22 21 

b P'bg. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Henry D. Bird, Mary Moylan Fox John W. Alfriend, Harriet 

Clergyman T. Hall 

58. Benjamin F. Vaughan to Sarah E. Tucker I3 Aug. I863 
27 27 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Jordan and Eliz. Vaughan David J. and Sarah Tucker 


59. B.W. Shelly to Mollie A. Hargrave Oct (after 21) I863 
S6 wid. 21 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Phillip Shelly, Elizabeth Cook James Hargrave, Harriet Chappell 


60. Joseph C. Coleman to Mary Adeline Powell 3 Nov. I863 
38 s 19 s 

b Brunswick b. Din. 

r Brunswick r Din. 

Nathaniel W. Coleman, Elizabeth William Cole Powell, 

A. Cheely Mary Claiborne 


61. William H. Williamson to Caroline M. Bristow Nov. 12,1863 
^2 wid. 40 wid. 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Chas. Williamson, Rhody Andrews Hambleton, 

Wheelwright Wmson. 

62. Archa. T. Smith to Evelyn Tucker Dec. 9,1863 
26 20 

b Din. b Din. 


r Din. r Din. 

James Smith, Rebecca Smith Argulus Tuckers Clara Woodley 


63. James B. Read to Etta Robinson Nash Dec. 16,1863 
k6 wid. 23 

b P'bg. b P'bg. 

r P'bg. r Din. 

John B. Read, Susan Pride E.P.Nash, Susan Hurbert 

Post Commissary of P'bg. 

64. Benjamin H. Boisseau to Rebecca J. Newhill Jan. 5,186'^ 
45 wid. ^'^■ s 

b Din. b Lunenburg 

r Din. r Din. 

David Boisseau, Tabitha Hatcher Newhill 


65. Jno. R.H. Dance? to Mary P. Williams 23 Dec. I863 
39 wid. 22 

b Din. b Din. 

r P'bg. r Din. 

Robt. H. Davis?, Sarah Malone Hartwell Williams and Martha 

Bootmaker Williams 

66. J.W.Kenedy to Martha Jane Foard Feb. 2^,1864 
23 wid. 23 

b Brunswick b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Joseph A. Kenedy, Julia A. Parish William Foard, Mary E. Jones 

Superintendent of Sawmill 

67. John J. Kelly to Mary Jane Wells 16 Feb. 1864 
22 18 

b Columbia SC b Din. 

r Columbia SC r Din. 

Gregory Kelly, Mary A.B.Britt Laban Wells, Matilda Anderson 


68. A.H.McQuie to Mary H. Allen Mar. 2,1864 
48 s 34 s 

b Lunenburg b Din. 

r Nottoway r Din. 

Andrew J. McQuie, Amelia Harvey E.H.Allen, Mary Alfriend 


69. Thomas Hendsen to Sarah M. Duval Mar. 2,1864 
36 22 

b Smithville NC b Nottoway 

r New Orleans ^ Din. 

William Hendsen, Mary Ann Slade Benj. R.Duval, Sarah G. Jones 



70. Jos. W. Whitehorn to Lucy M. Kelly Mar. 15,1864 
27 22 

b Sussex b Greensville 

r Sus sex r Din. 

Jos. Vifhitehorn, Martha Northcross John A . Kelly, Mariah Tatum 


71. Peter S. Reams to Mariah L. Coleman Mar. 17,1864- 

23 20 

b Din. b Amelia 

r Din. r Din. 

Stephen Reams, Emeline Reams Robt. Coleman, Irena Bevell 

Fmr. and Soldier 

72. Andrew Malone to Adalitha Elmore Apr. 27,1864 
22 22 

b Din. b Lunenburg 

r Din. r Din. 

Martha A . Malone Caroline Elmore 
Farm Hand 

73. Nathan A . Scribner to Mary E . Conway Apr. 20,1864 
46 wid. 21 

b m State b Din. 

r P'bg. r Din. 

John Scribner, Margaret Slother John Conway, Emmins? 


74. James A. Meredith to Salenie A.E. Roper May 3,1864 

24 16 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Chas . W.Meredith, Mary T. Chambers Joseph Roper, Elizabeth 

Soldier Grigg 

75. James Smithey to Eliz . Wells Nov. 17,1864 
55 wid. 30s 

b Amelia b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

John Smithey, Anna Meadows Tillman Wells, Sally 


76. Samuel M. McKenney to Mary E. Wells Dec. 15,1864 
66 wid. 16 

b Brunswick b Din. 


r Din. r Din. 

James McKenney, Mary Croft Wells 
Fmr . 

11. James M. Chappell to Elizabeth Tiltson Jan. 4,1865 

19 1? 

b Din. b N.Y. 

r Din. r Din. 

Thos. Chappell, M.E. Malone Lenny Tiltson, ? 

78. John Childrey to Elizabeth J. Cross Jan. 5,1865 

26 22 

b H alif ax, VA b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Wm. Childrey, Martha Rickman Daniel Cross, Betsy Wills 

79. P.H. Scott to 


b Din. 

r Din. 

Dr. W.B.Scott, 

Eliza Torborne 


80. C.W. Schooler to 

b Stafford Co. 
r Stafford Co. 

Mary J. Price Jan. 11,1865 

b Charlotte 
r Din. 
Samuel J.Price, 

John Schooler, Laurinda Jones 

Jennie C. Watts Jan. 10,1865 

b Din. 
r Din. 
J. 0. Watts, Susan 



Stanfeild C. Wills to Martha A . Hall Jan. 14,1865 

53 wid. 27 

b Din. b Din. 

r Greensville r Din. 

Tillman VJills, Sarah Brown VJilliam Hall, Rebecca 

R.R. employee 


Samuel T.R.Rice 

58 wid. 

b Din. 

r Din. 

Jno. B. and Lucy Rice 



Adelena M. Wyatt Oct. 18,1865 


b Din. 
r Din. 
E.A. and Adelena V. Wyatt 


83. Anthony D. Tally 


b Din. 

r Din. 

Jesse Tally ( Martha Crowder 


Harwell Nunely Oct. 25,1865 

3^ wiT 
b Din. 
r Din. 
Joseph Crowder 


8k. ? Simmons to Clara B. Lee Nov. 19,1865 
28 17 

b So'n. b Din. 

r So 'n. r Din. 

Henry Simmons, Sarah Williams Henry Lee, M.B .E .Young 

85. A.H.Scoggins to Mary A.W.Rainey Nov. 10,1865 
59 wid. 2? 

b P Geo. b Din. 

r P'bg. r Din. 

Jeremiah Scoggins, Elizabeth Henry Raney , Nancy Williams 



86. Dr. Eugene C. Powell to May Duke Nov. 21,1865 

25 20 

b Nottoway Co.Va. b Warren Co. NC 

r Din. r Din. 

Wm. Cole Powell, H.A.Claiborne James Duke, Bettie Baskerville 


87. Thos. Branch to Catherine Wmson. Nov. 22,1865 
31 2k wid. 

b Chesterfield b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

E.W.Branch, A.R.Pescud Jas . W. Davis, Martha A . Tucker 

Fmr . 

88. Sulivan to Davis Nov. 29,1865 

56 wid. 26 

b Lunenburg b Din. 

r Nottoway r Din. 

Woodson Sulivan, S. Stone Hartwell Davis, Ann Wells 


89. Richard A . Wilkinson to Ludora V . Stell Nov. 29,1865 
27 20 

b Amelia b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Jno. T. Wilkinson, Margaret Harris Ro. T. Stell, Nancy Browder 


90. T.W.Wills to Indie M. Howerton Dec. 6,1865 

26 23 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

D.P.Wills, May R. Williamson Thos. Howerton, Miss Williams 


91. JohnW. Williams to E.S.Brough Dec. 13,1865 
30 wid. 23 

b Amelia b Charlotte 


r Din. r Din. 

Thos. M.Williams, Eliza Merideth J.A.Brough, Martha A. 

Fmr. Lanier 

92. Chas. C. Davis to Mary L. Dance Dec. 20,1865 
23 20 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Jas. W. Davis, Martha A. R.H. Dance, Mary E. Bland 



93. Wm. S. Reams to Augusta Coleman Dec. 20,1865 
27 19 

b Din. b Din. 

r Din. r Din. 

Stephen Reams, Emeline Reams A.C.Coleman, M.C. Branch 



by L. H. Hart 

Robert Gil 1 iam 

James Hi te 

James Maclemore 

Jim Davis, free negro 

George Mattox 

John Felts 

Jim Valentine 

Prince George 
Smithf ield 
Prince George 

SeHthampten Western Country- 




by L.H. Hart 

This list was the only complete list for a Southside county that was 
not included in the "1790 Census of Virginia". The reason that these 
lists were compiled is uncertain, but may be the result of early attempts 
at enumeration by the recently formed United States. 

The list has been transcribed verbatim giving the name of the head 
of the household, the number of white souls, the number of dwelling houses, 
and the number of out houses. The originals are filed at the Archives _ 
Division of the Virginia State Library. 





Daniel Fisher 




Benjamin Simmons 




William Yates 



Benjamin Jones 




John Buckley 




Jesse Adkins 


Thomas Rivers 




Edmund Lucas 




Absolom Adkins 



William Vaughan 



John Camp 




Robert Slate 



Thomas Macklin 




Joel Smith 




Ann Mitchell 



Thomas Cocke 




John Ecrryman 




Edmund Wilkins 




Laurence House 




William Starke 




Hannah Parham 




William Allen (Quarter 

on Meherrin) 





Clem. p. Mallory 

Bethiah Sisson 

John Turner 

Drury Adams 

Peter Pelham 

Bridges Porch 

Alexander Williams 

William Atkinson 

Peter Butts 

John Butts 

George Cain 

Daniel Collier 

Armistead Goodwin 

Benjamin Goodrich 

Esau Goodwin 

John Hamilton 

Judkins Hunt 

Benjamin Jackson 

Thomas Lanier 

John Loftain 

Thomas Lock 

David Morrison at the Quarter 

James Maclin 

Evans Mabry 

William Maclin 

William Pettway 

John Pettway 

Edward Pettway 

Nathaniel Reves 

Robert Rivers 

David Smith 

William Smith 

Lewis Tyres 

Pierce Vaughn 

Wilborn Wilbourn 




































































































John Lucas 

Thomas Jolley (Overseer) 

Edith Watson 

William Waller's Quarter 

William Tomlinson 

William Johnson 

Peter Wyche 

Mrs . Hannah Parham 

Mrs. Sarah Malone 

Ingram Blanks 

James Blanks 

William Batte 

James Batte 

David Blanks 

Henry Bailey 

John Barlow 

William Barlow 

Thomas Collier 

Ann Collier 

William Dunn 

Matthew Davis 

James Eppes 

Burwell Grigg 

Frederick Grigg 

Lewis Grigg Senr. 

Sarah Harrison 

John Hobbs 

Thomas Lawrence 

Annis Lawrence 

Joseph Long 

William Mason 

Robert Mabry 

Nathaniel Mabry 

Charles Melton 

Hardy Melton 


































































































Peter Melton 

Jordan Richardson 

John Sammons 

David Thweatt 

Frederick Whittington 

Thomas Williams 

Mary Wynn 

James Wrenn 

Francis Wrenn 

Thomas Wrenn 

Alexr. Wrenn 

James Benford 

John Brown 

John Fox 

Edward Rowell 

Phebe Rodin 

Joel Prince 

James Roberson 

Littleberry Roberson 

Drewry Mitchell 

Solomon Jones 

Charles Heathcocke 

Jacob Dupree 

Isaac Rowell 

William Duprey 

Peter Clark 

Joshua Reams 

Haley Duprey 

Joshua Clark 

Andrew Jeter 

Jesse Jordan 

Henry Jordan 

Samuel Bass 

Aaron Atkins 

Lucy Parks 



5 , 
























































































Jeconias Parks 

James Coker 

Thomas Lewellin 

William Burt 

John Sherling 

William Goodrich 

Wilson Shehorn 

Henry Wye he 

Henry Williamson 

Charles Dillehay 

Ann Peebles 

William Robinson (B'k) 

John Collier 

Susannah Anderson 

William Walker 

Richard Massey 

John Massey 

Joseph Turner 

Batt Peterson 

John Britt 

Aaron Smith 

David Hines 

John Dupree Senr. 

Lewis Dupree Senr. 

Herbert Rives 

Turner Bynum 

John Spence 

John Grindstone 

Harry Bynum 

Buck Parks 

Major Parks 

Thomas Dupree junr. 

Thomas Dupree Senr. 

William Womack 

Lewis Dupree junr. 
































































































Jeremiah Dupree 
John Dupree junr. 
Henry Haley- 
James Turner 
Byrd Bass 

Nathaniel Thompson 
William Liefsey 
John Morris 
Robert Hicks 
Francis Dancey 
Frederick Davis 
Ann Davis 

Benjamin Rives Senr. 
James Haley 
Burwell Brown 
William Lundy 
Jessy Grigg 
James Lundy 
Jesse Britt 
Jabez Morris 
Simon Turner 
Isham Fennell 
William Lunn 
Hezekiah Reams 
Thomas Branscomb 
David Rosser 
Mary Smith 



9 > 































8 . 







































Copy Test. 

P. Pelham C.G.C. 



by J.C.Kolbe 

The following are abstracts of marriages and deaths from a major 
Petersburg newspaper giving all the genealogical information contained 
therein. Abbreviations used include d. for died. 

3 Sept. 1824 

d. Monday last 30th ultimate in Richmond. Mrs. Mary Williams 
wife of John Williams, late of Baltimore, but formerly a merchant 
'f Petersburg. Mentions 5 children. 

5 Oct. 1824 

d. Mon. evening 11th instant at his residence in Surry Co. David 
Price Esq., leaving a widow, four daughters, two sons, 
d. on Wednesday week at City Point Capt. George Humphreys master 
of the ship Harmony, native of Portsmouth (N.H.). 

11 Feb. 1825 

d. at Philadelphia on 5th instant. Thos. Bennett Jr., only son 

of Mr. Thos. Bennett, Merchant of this place. 

Thomas Bennett a native of Yorkshire, England, for 
merchant in Petersburg. 

Wednesday evening, 20th instant by Rev. Mr. Adams, Jame McFarland 
Esq. of Lunenburg to Miss Ann Eliza dau. of Col. James Scott of 
Dinwiddle . 

26 July 1825 

Thursday evening last by Rev. Minton Thrift, Mr. George Williamson 

to Miss Susan M. Wolf all of this town. 

d. Saturday evening 23rd instant at his residence in Ravenscroft, 

Daniel Vaughn 40 ys . Mention of wife & children. 


22 Nov. 1825 

On Wednesday evening last, Mr. Wm . F. Fisher to Miss Rebecca Woodcock 

both of this town. 

On Thursday evening last, Mr. R.J. Woodward to Miss Frances Davis 
dau. of Mr. Saml. Davis all of this town. 

On Thursday 17th instant, by the Rev. John Watts, Mr. Asa Kidd 
of Amelia to Miss Jane Sutherland dau. of Pendall Southerland 
of Dinwiddle Co . 

30 Dec. 1825 

on 17th instant in this town by Rev.. Benj. Rice Dr. Iddo Ellis 

of Augusta Geo. to Miss Mary Stillman of this place. 

on Tuesday evening last, by Rev. M. Thrift, Mr. William Fleshood 
to Miss Martha A. Barnes all of this town. 

28 July 1826 

25th instant by Rev. Andrew Syme, Marius Gilliam Esq. to Miss 

Rebecca G. Dunant. 

25 August 1826 

on Wednesday evening last by Rev. Minton Thrift, Mr. Hiram 

Hines to Miss Mary Philpotts of this town. 

d. Thursday morning last, Miss Mary M.C. dau. of Mr. Francis 
Follet merchant of this town. 

d. on Fri. afternoon the 18th instant at the residence of his 

father in Burlington (New Jersey) Bloomfield Mcllvaine of Philadelphia, 

30 ys. 

d. few hours afterwards, Hon. Joseph Mcllvaine Senator of New 
Jersey, 58 ys . (father of above). 

d. in Baltimore on Saturday morning last Paul Allen Esq. 

d. at Pine Orchard on Catskill Mountain, New York on 7th instant 
William A. Armistead of Norfolk Va. 

d. in Md., 27th July, General James Winchester advanced age. 

d. at Allentown Pa., 13 inst. Hon Henry Wilson member of Congress. 

1 Sept. 1826 

at the residence of Mr. Wm . E. Hardaway Jr. on Thur. evening 
24th inst. by Rev. James Chappell, Col. Wm . Ross to Miss Mary 
S. Holcombe both of Dinwiddle Co. 

d. on Sat. last at the residence of his mother in Lunenburg 
Co. Gen. Waller? Taylor, formerly a Senator in Congress from 

d. Columbia S.C. on 5th August last Mr. John M. Pagaud, a native 
of this state, for many years a resident of Norfolk, leaves 
an aged mother and numerour relations. 

Oct. 17, 1826 

d. on Sat. last, Mary Ellen infant dau. of Mr. Edmund Birchett 

of this town . 



d. on Sun. morning last, John Stith, youngest son of Mr. Edwin 
Beasley of this town. 

d. Fri. 29th ultimate, Robert William Oslin, eldest son of Mr. 
James Oslin of Brunswick Co. 7ys., 6mon,, 24 days. 

10 Nov. 1826 

d. on Wed. last, Mr. David Rawlings, formerly a merchant of this 

place . 

(Dec.) 1826 

30th ultimate by Rev. Mr. Hammett, Mr. Robert R. Collier attorney 

at law to Miss Mary Ann dau. of Samuel Davis all of this town. 

on 8th Sept. by Hon. Nathaniel Macon, Dr. Wm. H. Delony to Miss 
Susan dau. of Mr. Sherwood Sledge, all of Warren Co. N.C. 

1 May 1827 

d. at his residence iji Brunswick Co. on Friday last the 27th 

Dr. Jno. M. Walker, mention of wife & children. 

d. Thursday last, Mr. Wra. C. Winn, merchant , a native of Lunenburg 
Co., but for several years a resident of Petersburg. 

d. Monday 23 instant at his residence in Sussex, Gen. Nathaniel 
Cargill, mention of wife & children. 

10 July 1827 

on Tue. 3rd. instant by Rev. Wm . Hubbard, Mr. Henry W. Eppes 

of Sussex to Miss Sarah Floyd dau. of Mr. Jordan Floyd of Dinwiddie, 

d. morning of 5th instant, Mr. David Meade, 60 ys. 

July 31, 1827 

d. Wednesday night 25th instant Mrs. Rosina Crawley, widow of 

the late Mr. Patrick Crawley of this town. 

d. at his residence in Williamsburg, Tue. morning Rev. William 

H. Wilmer D.D. Rector of Bruton Parish and President of the College 

of William and Mary. 

17 Aug. 1827 

d. on Tue. 1st instant, in Dinwiddie Co. in her 18th year, Mary 

Eliza Hardaway dau. of the late Dr. P.M. Hardaway. 

d. on Sat. last, 73 ys. Luke Wheeler, formerly a merchant and 
recently a cashier of the Branch Bank of the U . States at Norfolk. 

Oct. 23, 1827 

on Tue. 16th Oct. Mr. John Wilson to Miss Sarah Spain all of 

Sussex Co . 

on 18th instant Mr. Geo. Wyatt of Dinwiddie to Miss Amanda M. 
Dau. of Col. Philemon Holcombe of Amelia. 

on Wed. 17th instant by Rev. Richard Latimore, Mr. Jesse Edwards 
to Miss Harriet B., eldest dau. of Mr. John Lilly of Sussex. 

d. Tue. 16th Miss Martha C.J.Woodlief 2nd. surviving dau. of 
Mrs. Catharine Woodlief. 


9 Nov. 1827 

1st. instant by Rev. Minton Thrift, Mr. Thomas Luffsie Jr. to 
Mrs. Atta Ann Tucker both of Prince George Co. 

d . in Norfolk Saturday last John R. Steed delegate from that 
borough to the Va . legislature. 

d. in Philadelphia on 3rd instant George Irvine recently of Halifax 
Co. N.C. and for many years an inhabitant of our town. 

d. 18 instant at her residence in Dinwiddle Co. Mrs. Martha Spain 
43 ys . , consort of Mr. God. I. Spain. Mentions her mother who 
is nearly four score years of age. 

d. at her father 's residence in Prince George on Friday 2nd 
instant. Miss Mary Ann, 2nd dau. of Mr. Lemuel Hunnicutt, 14 

ys . 

13 Nov. 1827 

on 24th James Stacy of Dinwiddle to Miss Nancy Lee of Sussex. 

d. in Greensville Co., 7th ultimate, Mr. Hart x-j ell Smith, 25 ys., 
ment ions wife . 

10 June 1828 

in Greenville Co. Thursday 5th instant, by Rev. Mr. Williams, 
Mr. David Wadkins to Miss Elizabeth Lundy all of this county. 

9 Sept. 1828 

Thur. last by Rev. Mr. Thrift, Mr. Howell Heath to Miss Mary 

H. Birchett dau. of Drury Birchett all of Prince George Co. 

d. at Fayetteville N. C. on Monday 1st Sept., David Hathday, 

a native of Scotland, and for many years a merchant in this place. 

d. on Tuesday last in hie 6th year, James W. Second son of Capt. 
Fielding Rose of Sussex. 

d. 24th ultimate at his Residence in Lunenburg Co. Rev. Sterhny 
Smith, 5 6 ys . 

26 Sept. 1828 

d. at residence of Capt. James Bass, in Greensville Mr. William 

A. Crichton son of Mr. James Crichton of Brunswick Co. Mention 

of brothers and sisters. 

d. evening of 13th instant, Mrs. Eliza Wanner wife of Wm . Wanner. 

■(Dec.) 1826 

d. 24 Sept. in Mecklenburg VA, Elizabeth youngest dau. of Mr. 
Samuel H. Warren. 

Editor's Note: These abstracts are from the issues available 
at the Virginia State Library. 


by L.H.Hart 

The following is a transcription of a list of tithables taken 
by Henry Gee in 1777. It is a verbatim copy, listing the tithables 
by name, the total number of tithables, the acreage owned, and wheeled 
carriages . 

A List of Tythables Taken by Henry Gee Land and Wheil Carriages the 

10th of June 1777. 

A Joel Adkins, Bob, Doll and Sail illegible 

John Avent and Cresay " 

Thomas Avent Phill Jacob and Gate " 

James Adams Isaac Adams 1 370 acres 

Thomas Adams Isaac Adams 2 200 acres 

Total tythables 17" 

B Henry Bailey Jr. 1 

Shadrick Bailey 1 

James Baird 1 

Arthur Bass 1 

ubin Baird _ and Camay 3 

Thomas Barham and Amey and Sue 3 

Benjamin Barham and Doll 1 
To Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes John Moss 

Jack Patt and Doll _4_ 


235 acres 
200 acres 

56 acres 
540 acres 
275 acres 

265 acres 

William Carles Will Edah and Judah 

Thomas Chappell and Phillis 

John Comann 

Archer Carlas Edward Harris 

Joe Adam & Hannah 
Micajah Cain 




250 (?) 
66 acres 

Charles Davi s 

Hardie Davis 

Wyatt Davis 

Morris Dunn 

John Dillehay & Aggey 


200 acres 
134 acres 
200 (?) acres 


I saac Eze 11 

Thomas Ezill Senr., Abell Ezill 

Thomas Ezill 



200 acres 
416 acres 

William Fire and John Fire 
Jessee Felts 

Frederick Fort and Roday 
Nathaniel Felts, Archibald Felts 
Arthur Freeman 





370 acres 
19? acres 

Benjamin Green and Linson 

Henry Gee Reace Daniel Joseph 

Stevenson Kitt Holland Frank 

Kitt Micheel Cain Dick Nan 

Sarah ? Hannah and Pegg 

William Graves Dissey Abb and Jane 

Abros Grizzard William Grizzard John 

Sam Luke Dinah & Moll 

Jones Glover beck abb and Mill 




217 acres 

320 acres 1 chair 

430 acres 

575 acres 

194 acres 









Geor g 




Pr is s 



s Home 
am Hard 
am Horn 


y Patt 
ns Hunt 
e Pompe 
Harwe 11 
Tom Jem 
im Sara 
s Hill 
Peter J 
and Jud 
ing Har 
1 Harwo 

Jame s 






ey To 

h Sil 


ack B 

od J 

Stepney Ned Matt 
m Isham Pegg Phillis 
e Patt Febb 
es Anthony Robin 
r Dinde and Minge 
dner Harwell Sambo 
ney Adam 
ar Janey Frank 

Dinah and Deday 
y Ned Cain Ofer 
en Hannah Rachel 

Cesar & Cale 
amey & Dil se 






174 acres 
130 acres 
170 acres 

1344 (?) acres 
58 ? acres 

851 acres 

489 acres 


To Mrs. Margera Hill 

William Chappell Hector Abraham Jamey Harry 
Chinah Anica Violet Pheby Amey and Sampson 

Richard Hay Sr. Sc 
Richard Hay Jr. 
Benjamin Hail Jr. 
Danil Harwood and 
Matthew Hubbard 
Seth Hay 
James Hubbard 

Hanah 2 



Peter 2 


600 acres 1 chair 

100 acres 

380 acres 

134 acres 

200 acres 

245 acres 

100 acres 


Micajah Hail 

William Harris and Reubin Harris 

Benjamin Hail and Jack 

John Hail 

Richard Harwell Jacob Ned Sam Joe 

Tom Lucy Poll Nan and Sarah 

John Harrison 




100 acres 

134 acres 

152 acres 

14- acres 

182 acres 

Joseph Ingram 

Solomon Watt Moses Jane and Dacus 6 

Edward Jones Irvin Jones Jeff and Nan 4 

Ephraim Ivey 1 

Chales Judkins Roger Elvin & Moll 4 

To land D° Pinnies 

Nicholas Jarrad Henry Jarrad 2 

555 acres 

250 acres 

200 acres 

523 acres 

Charles Lock 

Drury Lundy 

Lewis Lawhead Harry Ben Pat t 

& Bettey 

Henry Manry 

William Manry 

William Malone Tom Beck & Gate 

Edward Mitchel and D- 

To John Mitchel of Brunswick 



145 acres 

200 acres 

168 acre s 

William Mangum 1 

George Marrible Charles and Jane 3 

Jacob Mitchel Peter Anthony Grace 

Phillis and Esther 6 

Thomas Mason Will Jane and Chloe 4 
Matthew Moody Peter Bess Gate 4 

John Morgan Senr. John Morgan 

Champion & Patt 4 

Daniel ffebry Danie Peter Jacob Will 

Isaac Frank Ellick Patt Agga Annica 
hagar and Esther 12 

Daniel Mabry executor of Nathl. Wyche 

Deed. (0) 

David Mason Toby Cesar Frank Arthur 
Peter George Sam Sue Judy Betty 
Crisey Ailse Mary Rose Nan Rachel and 
Amey 19 


150 acres 

300 acres 

130 (?)acres 

615 acres 

340 acre s 

- 1 riding chair 
3 70 acres 

1110 acres 1 riding 

Littleberry Mason Peter Frank, harculus, Sorrow, 

Phillis and Amey 6 

William Mitchil Mingo and Gate 3 

800 acres 
100 acres 


Daniel Malone Sail, Sue, Agg 
Amy and gingo 

358 acres 

Nathaniel Newsum William Santie Austin 

& Jane 
Thomas Newsum Senr. Andrew Newsum Sam 

Sarah Juner and Amey 
Thomas Newsum Harry Sue & Kitt 
Richard Northcross Frederick 

Nor thcros s 
William Newsum and Sue 
Amos Newsum 




300 acres 

600 acres 

300 acres 

444 acres 

David Owen Joshua Owen Joe Dinah and 

M i 1 1 y 5 

ToBenjaminOwen Ben 1 

400 acres 
100 acres 

Benjamin Phipps and Dinah 
Edward Powell fortin 
Seymore Powell and Miner 

To Mrs. Susannah Parham Partrick Dick 
Jame & Sarah 

Matthew Parham and Nancy 

To Mrs. Mary Parham Thomus Parham 

Toney Will Batt Jupiter Sanney Sail 

Rose Lucy and Nutt 
John Prince 
Nicholas Prince 
Thomas Pate William Pate 
Edward Pate 
John Pate 



143 acres 

530 acres 

184 acres 

125 acres 

339 acres 



1 chair 

son William 

Cyrus Archer Charles 


John Rowland 
William Rose & 
Peter Randoll 

and Mil ley 
Seymore Robertson Frank & 
Richard . Rawl ings and Abram 
Isaac Rawl ings 
John Rivers Jr. and Betty 
William Richardson Peter Simon Jamey 

Patt Phillis & Sue 
Nathan Rogers 

John Sharman and Ned 

Jorden Stafford 

John Stewart 

William Sturdvant Robert Sturdvant 







250 acres 
370 acres 
240 acres 

812 acres 
100 acres 


& Betty- 

Jeff, Davee, 

Dick Jamey Sarah & Judah 

Cuthbert Stafford Glasgo 

Samuel Santee 

Nathaniel Roberson 

Wyatt Roberson 

John Anderson Sturdivant 

Pegg & hanah 
John Sands harry Rachel and Nell 
Lewis Solomon Joe and Hannah 
Thomas Sammons & Samuel Sammons 
Newit Sammons 
William Seborne 
Charles Sledge 
James Sammons Jr. 

William Sammons & John Sammons 

Thomas Sledge 

William Smith 

Augustine Sledge 

James Sammons & Benjamin Sammons and 

John Sledge 
Aron Spence Lutt 
John Spires 
Stephen Scott & Patt 

Benjamin Tyus Cock and Fanney 

To Joseph Tucker 

Lewis Thorp Rufus Sharper & Lidday 

Joseph Thorp Europe Sharper Mingo 

Nahum Jack Bridget Arica and Millay 
Henry T_der 
Richard Thorp Parrot Hall George and 


















75 acres 
































30 acres 

















U Absalemn Underwood 

W William Woodland Beck George Jane and 

For Robert Walker in Sussex Ned Hema 

Charles Aga and Jimmey 
Robert Wynnfield Amos Cato Patt Jamy(,) 

Jarwish Wynf ield( , ) Tim and Ben 
James Walker Thomas Williams Richard 

Marsh Daniel and phillis 
Thomas Williamson George and patt 

150 acres 

350 acres 

210 acres 
112 acres 


John Whitehorn 

James Wyche Silus Joe Abram Gate 


350 acres 


Charles Wood 1 173 acres 

Arthur Williamson Mingo Lewis David 

Will Mourning Hannah Milliy and Bess 9 515 acres 

John Wilborne Hannah and Zinah 3 400 acres 

James Williams 1 207 acres 

Benjamin Wilborne 1 50 acres 

Burrell Wilborne _1 10 acres 


Sumuel Yarbrough Roger Aron Patt 4 150 acres 

William Yarbrough Dick and Pegg 3 150 acres 



The following family record of John Limbrey Wilkins and 
his wife Catherine Stith of Brunswick County, Virginia was 
copied from this Bible prior to its destruction in a fire at 
"Belmont", the Wilkins family plantation in Northampton 
County, North Carolina in the mid-1920s. 

John L. Wilkins, son of Rebecca and Edmund Wilkins, Sr. was 

married to Catherine Stith, daughter of Col. Drury Stith 

and Elizabeth Stith, the 21st of October 1790. 
Catherine Wilkins, wife of John L. Wilkins, departed this 

life the 3rd day of April 1835, aged 64 years, 7 months, 

and 7 days . 
William W. Wilkins, brother of John L. Wilkins, departed this 

life September 30th, 1840. 
John L. Wilkins, son of Edmund and Rebecca Wilkins, born 21st 

October 1768. 
Catherine Stith, daughter of Col. Drury Stith and Elizabeth, 

his wife, was born 27th August 1767. 


by L.H. HART 

The following marriages are either stated or inferred from 
entries found in the Court Order Book No. 3 for Princess Anne 
County. Included in this abstract is the court date and the 
page reference. The names of both parties and any other 
identifying data given have been abstracted. 

Abbreviations used are the following: dau . -daughter , wid.- 
widow, sis. -sister, leg . -legatee , md. -married. It is recommended 
that in cases where the bride is legatee, one should consult the 
will to more fully determine the bride's relation to the testator. 

Oct. 2, 1717 

p.l James Cotton md. wid. of Adam Keeling (she is now 

deceased & he md. Katherine ). 

p. 2 John Whitehurst md. Ann dau. John Carroway Senr. (deed 
of gift to son-in-law). 
Feb. 5, 1717 

p. 5 Darby Bartlet md. executrix of Edwd. Old, Jr., deceased. 

Reodolphus Malbone md. administratrix of Thos. Richason. 
Mar. 5, 1717 

p. 10 Solomon White md. Barbara executrix of Capt. Francis Morse. 
Robert Hutchingson md. Jane Gisborn (md. by justice in NC) 
p. 11 James Haynes md. administratrix of Henry Woodhouse. 
June 4, 1718 

p. 18 David Barrot md . wid. of Moses Buskey. 

Leml . Newton md. Ann Lawson sis. of Anthony Lawson,dec. 
and dau. of Thomas Lawson, dec. 
July 2, 1718 

p. 20 Richard Smith md. administratrix of Wm . Moore. 

Joseph Smith md . Sarah dau. of Worsell Albertson, 

Oct. 1,1718 

p. 25 William Keeling md. Amy d Henry Woodhouse, dec. 
Nov. 5,1718 

p. 25 Joseph Perry (now dec.) md wid. of Mathew Godfrey. 
Nov. 6,1718 

p. 28 Joseph Wright md Rose Graham. 
Apr. 1,1719 

p. 35 Wm. Carroway md. Ann d Wm. Moore, dec. 
May 6,1719 

p. 38 John Pallet (now dec.) md. wid. of William Lovet (had ch Mary 
& Ann) 

Hill (now dec.) md. Elizabeth Lane d Morris Lane, dec. 

June 3,1719 

p. 45 William Easter md. Mary dau. of Jno. Holmes, dec. 

p. 46 Edward Bray md. Mary grdau. of Jacob Johnson the Elder, dec. 
July 1, 1719 

p. 48 Movignaud md. Sarah Mackeel (she is now dec. leaving a 

son Francis Mackeel) 

p. 49 James Chapman md. Dinah dau. of Lemuel Holmes, dec. 
Oct. 8, 1719 

p. 58 Henry Snaile Sr. md. wid. of Alexander Keeling. 
Dec. 2, 1719 

p. 61 Thos. Haynes md. Elizabeth wid. of Thomas Keeling. 
Feb. 3, 1719 

p. 65 Nathaniel Hutchings md. wid. of Edward Moseley Jr. (son of Edw. 

Mar. 2, 1719 

p. 67 George Booth md. exx. of Wm. Wicker. 

John Ancol md. dau. of Wm. Wicker, dec. 
Apr. 6, 1720 

p. 68 James Heath md. wid. of John Bryan. 
May 4, 1720 

p. 74 Mattux md. Margret Hoskins (she is now dec. and had a son 

William Hoskins). 

p. 76 Reodolphus Malbone md. exx. of Capt. Hora. Woodhouse. 
Nov. 2, 1720 

p. 91 Anthony Moseley md. admx. of Capt. Wm. Moseley. 
Nov. or Dec. (Torn) 

p. 93 John Smith md. Mary dau, of Richard Whitehurst, dec. 
Mar. 1, 1720 

p. 102 Tully Smyth md. Elizabeth dau. of George Poole, dec. 

p. 103 James Tenant md. Elizabeth dau. of Argal Thorowgood the Elder ^ Gent. , dec. 
Thomas Beasly md. Grace Morgan. 
July 5, 1721 

p. 113 Francis Woodhouse md. Mary only ch. of Henry Harrison, dec. 
Cason Moore (now dec.) md. wid. of Henry Harrison. 
Sept. 6, 1721 

p. 119 Erasmus Haynes md. Elizabeth legatee of Thomas At-wood,dec. 
Thomas Hill md. admx. of Robert Bell. 
Nov. 1, 1721 

p. 124 Henry Woodhouse md. Mary dau. William Lovet, dec. 

John Ivy md. Bridget next of kin to Mrs. Hannah Angus, dec. 
Feb. 7, 1721 

p. 132 Francis Morse md. wid. of John Jackson, dec. 
Mar. 7, 1721 

p. 136 Darby McCarty md. wid. & admx. of James Desmore. 
Apr. 4, 1722 

p. 140 Capt. Francis Land md. wid. of Capt. William Smyth. 
May 2, 1722 

p. 144 John McWilliams md. Rebecca grdau. of Wm. Martin, dec. 

^m Cartwright md Mary dau. of Thomas Keeling. 

July 4, 1722 

p. 148 John Butt md. Dinah dau. of John Godfrey, dec. 

Adam Keeling (now dec.) md. wid. of John Godfrey (page torn) 

Cotton md. wid. of John Godfrey. 

Nov. 7, 1722 

p. 156 Seth Pilkington md. wid. of Capt. Thomas Corprew. 
p. 157 James Nickolls md. wid. of Francis Jones. 


p. 157 Reodolphus Malbone md. wid. of Henry Woodhouse (2sons, Idau. 
of Henry Woodhouse). 
Mar. 6, 1722 

p. 165 Janes Nimmo md, Mary dau. of Jacob Johnson the younger, dec. 
John Carroway md. Margret dau. Thos. Keeling, dec. 
Thorowgood Keeling md. wid. of George Hancock, carpenter, 
p. 166 William Holmes md. Mary d John Holmes, dec. 
p. 167 Capt. Thomas Corprew (now dec.) md. wid. of John Dixson 
Andrew Wilson md. Mary dau. of John Shirley, dsc. 
Thomas Brinson md. Mary dau. of Edw. Land the elder, dec. 
July 3, 1723 

p. 175 Capt. Robt. Kingman md. wid. of Col. Adam Thorowgood. 
Aug. 7, 1723 

p. 177 Patrick Guy md. wid. of James Smith. 
Sept. 4, 1723 

p. 179 Adam Broughton (now dec.) md. wid. of Thomas Hattersly. 
Jan. 1, 1723 

p. 189 John Weblin md. Mary Fitzgerald (now dec. she had a son 

Wm. Fitzgerald), 
p. 191 Amos Moseley md. Elizabeth dau. Tully Emperer, dec. 
June 3, 1724 

p. 204 George Holmes md. sis of Ann Brocket, dec. 

Oct. 7, 1724 

p. 212 Etherington md. Joan McClanhan (now dec. she had a 

son John McClanhan). 
p. 213 Caleb Drout md. Mary dau. of Owen Mathews, dec. 
Richard Dudley md. wid. of Owen Mathews. 
Nov. 4, 1724 

p. 214 George Bush md. Mary dau. of Richard Stone, dec. 
p. 216 John Batten md. admx. of John Ashby. 
p. 216 Lemuel Hargrove md. Margret dau. Richard Stone, dec. 
Dec. 2, 1724 

p. 218 Thomas Haynes md. wid. of Thos. Keeling. 


Feb. 3, 1724 

p. 221 Thomas Moore md. Wid. of Mark Powell. 
May 5, 1725 

p. 227 John Thorowgood md. Elizabeth dau. of Capt. Christopher 
Cocke, dec. 
June 2, 1725 

p. 229 John Hopkins Jr. md. Frances dau. of Thomas Ilift, dec. 
Aug. 4, 1725 

p. 232 Arthur Barker md. wid. of Hugh Pew. 

p. 233 Robert Hawkins md. an heir of John Angus, dec. 

p. 234 Cason Moore is brother of half blood to John Angus, dec. 

Oct. 6, 1725 

p. 236 James Leamount md. Honour leg. of Robert Dearraore the elder, 

James Leamount md. Honour dau. of Robt. Dearmore the younger, 
Nov. 3, 1725 

p. 239 John Brett md. Mary dau. Capt. Christor. Cocke, dec. 
Dec. 1, 1725 

p. 241 Robert Bert md. Elizabeth d Edward Wood the yngr. dec. (and 
only sis. of Thos.Wood, dec.) 

p. 242 Edmond Ellegood md. Margret Finchley wid. 
Jan. 5, 1725 

p. 243 William Denney md. Amy dau. Lemuel Holmes, dec. 

p. 244 Robert Hawkins md. Isabella sis. of John Angus, dec. 
Feb. 2, 1725 

p. ?45 Henry Holmes the Elder md. admx. of Joseph Roberts. 
Mar. 2, 1725 

p. 248 James Condon md. Sarah dau. of Cason Moore, dec. 
Thomas Morse md. exx. of Thomas Lovet. 


Apr. 6, 1726 

p. 251 William Willoughby md. Martha sister of Elizabeth Warrington, 
dec. dau. of George Warrington the Elder, dec. 
Henry Southern md. Jane sis. of Joseph Suggs dec. 
Aug. 3, 1726 

p. 262 Thomas Cotance md. admx. of Malachy Harford. 
Sept. 7, 1726 

p. 263 John Hunter md. Jacomine dau. of Jacob Johnson the younger, 
Oct. 5, 1726 

p. 265 Henry Brinson md. wid. of William Brock. 

Francis Moseley md. Margret dau. of Capt. William Smyth, 
Capt. Richard Cheshire (now dec.) md. Susannah, wid. of Argall 

Nov. 2, 1726 

p. 267 Richard Simmons md. Elizabeth only dau. of William Brock, 
Dec. 7, 1726 

p. 271 Ambross Barfoot Sr. md. admx. of John Brinson. 
Feb. 2, 1726 

p. 275 William Cockroft md. Frances dau. of Geo. Mosele)? dec. 
Mar. 1, 1726 

p. 276 John Brock md. Frances d. Jas. Desmore, dec. 

Edward BroTim md. wid. of Darby McCarty who md. wid. of 
Jas. Desmore. 
May 3, 1727 

p. 284 Christopher Burrough md. exx. of Capt. Wm. Thorowgood. 

Henry Whitehurst (noxv dec.) md. admx. of George Moseley. 
p. 286 Francis Morse md. admx. of John Jackson. 
June 7, 1727 

p. 287 John Ralls md. Lidia wid. of James Read late of Mariland. 


Aug. 2, 1727 

p. 290 James Nimmo md. Mary sis. to Wm. Johnson, dec. 
Sept. 6, 1727 

p. 293 Francis Moseley md. admx. of Edwd. Land 
Oct. 4, 1727 

p. 295 Wm. Peirce md. Katherine dau. of Godwin Oast, dec. 
Charles Sayer next of kin to Dinah Moseley, dec. 

p. 296 John Weblin md. admx. of Henry Fitzgerald the Elder, dec. 
Dec. 6, 1727 

p. 300 Job Gasking md. admx. of Adam Hayes. 

p. 301 Griffin Floid md. wid. of Matthias Moore. 
Mar. 6, 1727 

p. 305 Wm. Poole md. wid. (Martha) of Thomas Harvey the younger. 
Apr. 3, 1728 

p. 307 Thomas Martin md. Ann d Mary Dobson, dec. 

p. 308 Richard Poole md. wid. of Thomas Ewell. 

p. 309 Robert Gervis md. Alice Brown, (now dec), wid. of James 
May 1, 1728 

p. 312 James Linton md. admx. of William Weblin. 

p. 316 Edmd. Ellegood md. admx. of Thos. Finckley. 
Sept. k, 1728 

p. 323 Capt. Anthony Moseley md. wid. of Francis Thelaball. 

p. 324 Thomas Lovel Edings md. wid. of John Cornick. 


by L.H. Hart 
(continued from Vol.11, page 15) 
An Act to oblige the free Male Inhabitane of this State above 
a Certain age to give assurance of Allegiance to the Same and 
for other perposes there in Mentioned. 

We whos names that is here under Written has comployd with the same 
To Witt 

Henry Briggs David Edwards Hordy Buck(?) Ethed. Drake 

Abraham Mitchell Isham Hill Willam Bolter(?) 

Joshua Beel Robt. Speed Joshua Joyner 


William Gresswitt 
Joseph Johnston 
William Pope 
Job Wright 
John Bryant Senr. 
Stephen Pope 
James Best 
Lumuel Roe 
John Edwards 
David Edwards 
Jesse Joiner 
Benjamin Beal,Senr 
Thomas Turner 
John Cobb 
Jesse Gardner 
William Edwards 
William Westra 
John Bryant 
Jonah Edwards 
William Fowler 
John Joyner 
Britton Joyner 
Nathan Joyner 
Moses Joyner 

John Johnston 
Willion Johnston 
Charles Woodard 
Henry Pope 
David Wright 
Thos. Mountfortt 
James Wright 
Richard Bui son 
John Br iant , Jr . 
George Washington 
Ben j m . Barns 
John Pledger 
George Woshinton 
John Pope 
Jacob Jengins 
Richard Murfee,Sener 
Joshea Joyner 
John Drake 
Richard Beal 
Thomas Drake 

Jopeh Joyner 
Will iam Muf ee 
Nicholus Williams 

(?) Cob 
Dempsey Cooper 
Mat. Williams 
Hardy Cobb 
James Will iams 
John Daughtrey 
Laz s . Cobb 
Saml. Cobb 
Matw. Cobb 
James Gardner 
Benjamin Beal Jur. 
Binm. Beal, son of Richd, 
Joseph Turner 
John Beal 

William Wester, Jur. 
John Gardner 

The above Oath Taken and Subscribed befor A. Jones by those 
Whose names is here annexd. 

N.B. The above names are transcribed as written in the original. 
It is noted that this list is composed of signatures and marks 
of the individuals themselves rather than being a copy compiled 
by the man giving the oath. L.H.H. 

• 88 

by J.C.Kolbe 

Halifax County was created in 1752 from Lunenburg County. 
The following tithable list of 1771 is the earliest list to 
name all the tithes in the particular household. The 1771 
list is not for the entire county. The reference to Miry Creek 
would indicate that the list covers the south west section 
of Halifax County. 

Jas. Turner [] List of tithes taken for the year 1771 

Henry Hopson, Thos. Kealin, George, Charles, Tom, [] Charles, 
James, David, Ben, Phillis, Nance, Beck & Agg -13 

John Moore Toby Creek, Frederick Farmer, Dick -3 

Jas. Legrand, Peard, Jo, Ben, Dick, Wall Samson, Cate, Milley, 
Catey, Milley 

Beverly Longan 
Henry Farmer Sen, 
Archabald Farmer 
David Farmer 
John Smith 

Henry Farmer Jr, 





William Dobbie, Robt. Rakestraw, Robt. Locksley Stubelfield, 
Lewis & Bettey -5 

John Lamay 


William Hamblet, Christopher Fitzgarald, Ribbin, James, Jane, 
Tab & Dick - 7 

John Hendrick Sen. & Kitt 

John Hurt Hendrick 

John Marlain, Robbin, Nan 

Humphrey Hendrick, Judey 

Elijah Witt 

Benjamin Echols 

Jezreel Williams 

James Smith, Richd. Smith 

Jos iah Cul 1 ins 




Phillip Me loane 

Thomas Wilson Miery Creek 

George Stublefield & Willm. Stublefield 

Thos. Witlock & Mol 

Will iam Wal ton 

Jas. Turner Sr. Danniel, Tamer, Jane 

John Spurlock 

Thos Peign, John Peign 

Willm. Cauthon 

Chas . Tre ign 

Ruth Peign, Pendixter Reign 


Macajah Watkins, Jas. Watkins, Sam, Dick, Jude , Let, Fan, Milley 

St Robbin -9 

Robt. Sanford, John Huson, Chas. Going Lucey, Bett, Sarah 


Talmon Warbour & Joel Warbour -2 

Herman Miller, Gregory. Jack -3 

John Carter, Jack, Chas., James -4 

John Waters -1 

Richd. Hutcheson -1 

John Mount. Const., John Mount Jr. -2 

Joseph Paterson, William Paterson -2 

Henry Hitt, [ ], Phill -3 

Robt . Lumkin -1 

Thos. Hope, Jas. Steven, Godfrey, Chas, Cillah, Jane -6 

Chas. Smith -1 

Richd. Coomer -1 

Shadrick Coin -1 

Thos. Lovelace ' -1 

Chas. Henderson -1 

Nathan Sullins -1 

Willm. Mays Sen., William Mays, Ben -3 

Nathan Chatman, John Chatman, frank, Dinah -4 

William Mackbe, Jas. Mackbe -2 


John Frederick Miller, Jacob Miller, John Miller, Frank -4 

Willm. Evins Capt., Willm. Anderson -2 

Jacob Miller, Moroco, Sal -3 

Jas. Harper- -1 

David Evins, Willm. Evins -2 

John Calwell, Jas., Catoe -3 

Willm. Hobson, Joseph Hobson Sr., York, Peter, Maser, 

Jack -5 

Moses Echols, Jack, Humphrey, Eve -4 

RichardEchols -1 

Larkin Caison -1 

Thos .Caison -1 

Benjamin Caison -1 

Herman Miller, Zacariah Hillin, Jack, Solomon, Aron, 

Tiller, two of which are ferrymen -6 

Ralph Owen, Henry Owen, Ralph Owen -3 

Abraham Owen -1 

Ambrus Owen -1 

Benja. Edwards -1 

Thomas Dodson Jr. -1 

Richd. Carter Gun Smith, Peg -2 

Thos. Spencer, Abraham Spencer, Thomas Sharp Spencer, 

Anthony, Will -5 

Willm. Walton -1 

Thos. Kendrick -1 

Thos. Guthrey -1 

Jas . Gunn -1 

Anthony Buckner, [ ] -2 

Willm. Solman, John Solman -2 

John Graves -1 

Mary Doxon, Chambeloe -1 

Alexander Duglass -1 

Michael Ozbrook -1 

John Gent -1 

Jas. Cairy cont. Jas Mcmullin -1 


Joshua Blanton, Henry Gwen, Nan, Nan 

Thos .Brooks 

Thos. Whtilock, moe 

Thos. Dodson, Naney 

Willm. Russel, Buckner Russel, Dick 

John Pinor, Hecktor, Jenney 

Thos. Lipscomb, George, Joe, Cesar, Rachel 

Henry Kirby (Hanover) 
Samuel Kirby 
Edward Terry 

Richd. Carter, Will, Peter, Jary 










Willm. Brandon, John Brandon, Irvin Brandon, David Brandon, 
Ben, Bet, harry, Rachel, Mingo -9 

Francis Brandon, Jincey 


John Lawson, Isaac Smith, Barton Comly, Tom, Alick, Sipey, 

Phillis, Pea, Pat -9 

David Brandon, George Ellit, John Johnson, Cockeye, Lucy 


William Edwards, Role, Luce, Hanna -4 

Allen Caldwell -1 

Theoderick Carter, Abram, Peter, Will ziL_ 

John Williamson -1 

Jesse Watson -1 

Thomas Wilson -1 

WilliamTurner, Moses Turner -1 

Littleberry Strange -1 

Richd. Shakelford -1 

Bernard Carnall & Mercer -1 

Daniel Cardwell -1 

John Waters, John Waters Jr., Thos. Waters -3 

Nathaniel Ayers & Ruimoleh Baker Ayers -1 

Josepp Dodson, Calep Dodson, Willm. Waters -3 

Joel Goodman -1 

Jas. Spradlin, Chas. Spradlin -2 

George Wade, Benajah Parker, Will Bob, Venus, 

Isaac -5 


William Owen 

John Owen 

William Walton 

John Owen 

William Walton 

Jas. Turner Jr., Will, James, Moll, Venus 







Elisabeth Stone, William Arrington, Will, Moll -3 

Willm. Tramell -1 

George Rainey -1 

Joseph Moor -1 

Thos. Cobbs, Richd. Pass, Charles, Pompy, Silvas, Moll 


Joseph Rogers -1 

John Yatesson, Willm. & Thos. -3 

Jos. Dodson Jr. -1 

Jas. Spradling Jr. -1 

John Linch -1 

Jas. Blackwell constable 

Willm. Ulton -1 

Nathl. Ulton -1 

Willm. Slayton -1 

Joseph Asbe, Jean -2 

[ ] 

Mr. Turners List Tithables 1771 




BLOXSOM. Norma Bloxsom Gates (6102 Ivor Avenue, Norfolk, 
VA 23502) seeks descendants of any BLOXSOM (Bloxom) who, prior 
tol850, lived in Norfolk Co., Nansemond Co. or City of Portsmouth. 
Would like to exchange information. 

LEWIS. Joyce M. Riedlin (Rd. 3, Box 150, St ewart s town. 
Pa. 17363) desires an^^ and all info, on Robert Lei^ris (B. VA 
D. Oct. 25,1846. in Christion Co., KY) and his wife Elizabeth 
Morris (B. VA D. Nov. 1853 in Rockingham Co., KY) They were 
m. Aug. 1, 17 91 in Rockingham Co., VA. Ufho were their parents etc. They 
had the following ch. Leonard, John, Listen H., Meredith, Sylverster, 
Chas., Andrex-r, Mary, Sally, Margaret and Alny Attra. 

NANCE/WEBB. Elizabeth W. Turner (307 West Riverside, Jupiter, 
Florida, 33458) Major Frederick Nance born 13 Aug. 1770 in 
Amelia Co.,VA was said to be first settler of Newberry, S.C. 
Was hisfather David who was murdered after returning home from 
the awful winter at Valley Forge? Need info as to Frederick's 
parents and grandparents. Joel W. Webb listed in 1850 census 
Charlotte Co.,VA as born ca 1809 Appomatox Co. VA; Married Charlotte 
Co. to Elizabeth S. Morton. Need proof of their parents. 

MOORE/SHOEMAKE(R) . Felix Earle Luck (8 St. John's Ave., 
P.O. Box 506, Tabor, NJ 07878) seeks information on John Moore 
and his son-in-lai'?, Josiah Shoemaker. John Moore's 1777 Caswell 
Co., NC will named sons Joseph & John, daus . Sarah McGehee, 
Elizabeth Shoemaker, and Frances Stewart. In 1768 Sarah, dau. 
of John Moore of Charlotte Co., VA m. Mumford McGehee in Prince 
Edward Co. Elizabeth m. Josiah Shoemaker, a Caswell Co. Rev. 
War sgt., and they were living in Richmond Co., GA by 1790, 
where he d. before 1793. The "r" in Shoemaker seems to have 
been dropped shortly after moving to GA. 

LEAGUE/MARCHBANKS. Mrs. Charles E. Willie (3610 Fleetwood 
St., Amarillo, TX 79109) James League married Mary Ann Marchbanks 
ca. 1750 in Amelia Co., VA. They were the parents of 15 children. 
Who were the parents of James League? Two sons migrated to Greenville 
Co., SC. My ancestor, Joab League died in Greenville Co., 1827. 

His wife was Patience , born ca 1760/70. Who was she? Children 

of James League married into Amelia Co. families of Hubbard, 
Chapman, Waddill and Holt. Would appreciate hearing from any 
doing research on the Marchbanks or League families. 

PARHAM. Mrs. William A. Sherratt (604 W. Wilson Creek 
Dr., Nexi7 Bern, NC 28560) The name of parents of Susan Parham 
who married John Leach in Brunswick Co.,VA Sept. 21,1803. (Brunswick 
Co. Marriage Registery 1751-1853, Va. State Library.) 



BREWER/KNIGHT. M. Virginia Jackson (3120A Napoleon Ct., 
Birmingham, AL 35243) would like to exchange information on 
these families. Name of ancestor Drury Brewer (d. 1847, Morgan 
Co. GA) who m. Abigail Knight (ca. 1795) suggests southern VA 
connections (Nansemond Co.). 

LAMBERT. Watha Lambert (6005 W. Indianola Av . , Phoenix, 
AZ 85033) need parents and wives of these Lamberts in 1790 census: 
MECKLENBURG: Jervis, John, John, Jr., Joseph, Joseph (war). 
CHARLOTTE: Hugh, Leroy. BRUNSWICK: Lewis, Richard. LUNENBURG: 
Lewis. NORFOLK: Solomon. 

HUDSON. William E. Hudson (450 Highland Ave., Athens, 
GA 30606) seeks information on the William HUDSON family living 
in Dinwiddle Co., VA in the latter half of the 1700's. Sons 
were Lt. William, Irby and Tuttle and a daughter Penelope who 
married a Young. See page 108, Vol. 2, No. 3, April 1984 "The 
Southside Virginian." Irby Hudson married Phoebe Feather s tone , 
Petersburg, VA and migrated to Hancock Co., GA. Who were the 
parents of the father William, need proof of his marriage to 
Susannah Irby as some claim. 

APO NY 09245) seeking information regarding the ancestry of 
James W. Walker (d. 1783), who served as a Justice of the Peace 
in Pittsylvania County. He married Mary Motley, and had daughters 
Wilmoth and Susannah. 

HILL. Robert R. Hill (631 South Echo Drive, Brandon, Fla. 
33511) is in need of help establishing the origins and parents 
of Moses Hill of Fairfield District, SC (1780-1821). Moses 
Hill's service in the Revolution has been established by the 
D.A.R. (1750-1820). Later information appears to indicate the 
D.A.R. dates are wrong and Moses Hill was born ca 1757-1758 
and died in Fairfield Dis tr ict , S . C . on July 1, 1821. His wife 
was Savilla N. Roden and they had nine children. Names among 
the children of Moses Hill are very close to those of the Hills of 
Roberson Co . , N . C . ( 1 7 68-1 790) and also the Hills of southern VA . 
counties (Isle of Wight and Surry). Was his father Thomas Hill? 
There are connections w/ the Mobley family of SC and VA indicated. 
Will pay for cost of copies, mailing, and share information. 

MOON. Mrs. Mavis H. Williams, Rt.l, Box 224, Ringgold, LA 71068. 
Seeking the parents of Stephen Moon 1660 where? d.l713 New Kent 
Co. VA. There are several references in St. Peter's Parish Register. 
One Abraham Moone and the Ship's Captain John Moone of Isle of Wight 
are not credited with sons, but is there a kinship with Stephen Moon? 
The following are listed on 1704 Quit Rent Roll of New Kent: Thomas, 
Stephen, Anne, Edward, John, and Pelham Moon. Are the related? Who 
were the parents of Elisabeth Smith wife of Peter Moon, son of Stephen? 
Any help or suggestions appreciated. 


DICKERSON. Mrs. O.D. De 1 1 inger , Jr . 2234 Leafmore Drive 
Decatur, GA 30033. Reuben T. Dicker son( Dickenson) 1800 
D. Halifax Co.,VA. Overseer. Married Ann Ford 1809 (Appomattox 
Co.jVA) D. July 1856(Halifax Co.,VA), daughter of George A. Ford. 
■Known issue: Sarah, Martha(M-. Jhrunji.^ T.hJ^Jn^l„s rijn.)^ iJj. 11 ij_ni -T^^, John, Lucy 
Will appreciate any help. 

GRAVES. Mrs. D . D . Fl etcher ( 70 1 White St. Whitesboro, TX 
76273) seeking parents of Thomas Graves (will probated 1839) 
married 1st Sarah ? 2nd Henrietta Greenwood, March 6, 1828 
in Mecklenburg Co. VA . Who were parents of Daniel Graves b. 
ca 1802 and married Mary "Polly" Spain, March 27,1820 in 
Mecklenburg Co.? Will exchange information on the Graves family 
of Southside VA and Granville Co. NC. 

NEWTON. Mrs. William B. Edmund, Jr. (2512 West Quincy 
Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74012) seeking T^7ife and parents of 
Giles Newton, was in Charlotte County Virginia around 1760-70. 
Have deeds for him about that time. Moved to S.C. after Revolution. 
Named son Younger Newton. Was he intermarried with Younger family? 
Wife's name was Bettie??? Would appreciate any help on this 
Newton line. 

COUNCIL. Mrs. William B. Edmund, Jr. (2512 West Quincy 
Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74012) seeking parents of Henry Council 
born 1712 married Elizabeth Pledger. Both supposedly residents 
of Amelia County, VA . Henry was Capt. in Revolutionary War. 
Moved to S.C. after war. Would appreciate help on either the 
Council family or the Pledger family. 

SCOGGIN(S)/LUNDY. Miss Margaret Scoggins( P.O.Box 473, Poplar 
Bluff, MO 63901) seeking information on John and Sarah Scoggin(s) 
Washington Co. VA late 1700's, and on Daniel Lundy of NW N.C., 
SW VA and TN late 1700's and early 1800's. Disowned by Quakers 
for marrying out of church. Who did he marry? 

TRIPLETT. Mrs. W.F. White,(145 Pinckney St., Chester, 
SC 29706) Sarah Triplett, b. 1889, Chester Co., SC, a dau. of 
Claudia Grant and Glover Triplett, married Charles Morris of 
Petersburg, VA. Would like to contact any descendants of this 
couple. They lived in or near Petersburg. 

Fifth Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76115) seeks information on William 
Laffoon, who purchased land (3 May 1736) in Henrico Parish, VA, 
(322 acres land on the branches of Tuckahoe Creek) from land 
patented by Thomas Boatright and his wife Margaret Boatright. 
Would like information on Laffoon or Boatright. 







X w 


-' o 

















■P^" MAY 1 3 1985 GENERAL m^^^ BUREAU 


iL. Ill, NO. 3 APRIL 1, 1985 



Volume 3 April 1985 Number 3 


















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by some of our subscribers. We appreciate these contributions 
and encourage others to send in Bible records containing 
information prior to 1853. 


The Editors 

Ancestors and Descendants of Char les Hu mphreys by Brent 

H. Holcomb traces the Humphreys family from Southside Virginia 

through Wake County, North Carolina to Chester County and 

Union County, South Carolina to the southwest. Pre-publication 

price(until May 1, 1985) is $20.00 postpaid. After May 

1, 1985 the price will be $25.00. Make checks to Brent 

Holcomb, P.O.Box 21766, Columbia, South Carolina 29221. 



1815 - 1819 
by L. H. Hart 

An important source for documenting migration is the power 
of attorney, recorded in county deed books. This instrument 
usually shows where a person has moved and gives some clue 
to his connection with the county in which the power of attorney 
is recorded. Often, two or three generations are mentioned 
within one instrument. 

The Index to Deeds for Lunenburg County has been examined, 
and those powers of attorney which contain genealogical information 
or evidence of migration have been abstracted. 

Standard state abbreviations are used as well as the following: 
DB-Deed Book; P-Page; L-Lunenburg County; Co. -County; Bro.- 
Brother; Sis. -Sister; Gr-Grand; PoA-Power of Attorney; Att.- 
Attested at (location). 

P. 7. Oglethorpe Co. GA. 

Whereas John Hudson, dec. of L. by will dated 15 June 

1790 lent his wife Mary (now Mary Ward) for life 

land on Waters of Couches Creek (200 acres) adj. 

Col. Edward Jordan, Shadrick Clarke to be divided 

at the death of sd. Mary among his 4 children: Frederick, 

Robert, Ward, & Betsey Hudson. Mary is alive and 

the heirs being of age, wish to dispose of sd. land. 

Robert Hudson, Ward Hudson, Nathaniel H. Smith & 

wife Elizabeth (formerly Hudson) PoA to Frederick 

Hudson to sell the aforesaid land. 

D. 28 Nov. 1815. 

Wit. Joseph Vinson. 

Att. Oglethorp Co., GA Nov. 28, 1815. 

R. 23 Dec. 1815. 

P. 135. Pleasant Crew, William Akin, Thomas Akin, Jane Akin 
all of L. PoA to Alexander Akin of L. to recover what 
is due us by devise of Thomas Akin who died in GA 
and to receive sd. devises from our grandfather and 
grandfather in law Thomas Akin. 
D. 29 Mar. 1816. 

Witness: Daniel B. Richardson, Thomas Garrett, James 
G . Richards on . 
R. Aug. 8, 1816. 


147. Nancy Farmer admx. of John Farmer dec. PoA to Danl . 
Talbourt of Nelson Co.,KY to collect all due me in 
VA both in my right as adm. and what is due me from 
my mother's and father's estates in VA. 
D. 27 May 1816. 
Witn. Ben Grayson. 

Att. Nelson Co. KY May 27, 1816. 

Receipt D. July 12, 1816. Rec'd. of Leonard Crymes 
ex. of Keziah Crymes the share and legacy of Nancy 
Farmer (formerly Crymes) in her mother Keziah Crymes' 
R. 8 Aug. 1816. 

174. Sarah Walker of Clarke Co., MS Territory PoA to Lovilass 
Mott of same, to handle business in VA and receive 
what is due me from John Estis. 
D. 3 Aug. 1716. 

Witn. Joseph Mott, Jno . D. Curtis, Sary Dent. 
Att. Clarke Co. MS Territory 6 Aug. 1816. 


Nov. 15, 1816 

P. 190. Elizabeth Smith of L. PoA to Clemmons(?) Smith of 

L. to receive my part of the estate of Thomas Appling 

dec. of Granville Co. NC. 

D. Dec. 10 1816. 

No witn . 

R. Dec. 16 1816. 

P. 201. Daniel Brown Senr. gdn. of my infant son Daniel Brown 
Jr. of TN PoA to Thomas Blackwell of L. to recover 
from Asa Cabiness of L. adm. of Charles Cabiness dec. 
the legacy of my son from his grandfather sd. Charles 
Cabiness . 
D. Oct. 31, 1816. 

Witn. Wm . Ragsdale, John Knight. 
R. Jan. 10,1817. 

P. 222. John Cabiness of Jones Co. GA PoA to William Cabiness 
to receive my portion of my dec'd. father Charles 
Cabiness' estate and sell it. 
D. 19 Dec. 1816. 

Witn. Chas. Cabiness, Matilda Martin. 
R. Jan. 9 1817. 

P. 223. Jones Co. GA Edward Freeman of Jones Co., GA PoA 

to friend Charles Cabaniss of Madison Co. MS Territory 

to recover of Asa Cabaness adm. of Charles Cabaness, dec 

of L. all that I am entitled to in right of my wife 

Martha Freeman. 

D. 13 Dec. 1816. 

Witn. Wm. Cabaness, John Cabaness. 

R. Jan. • 9 1817. 



Washington Co. GA. Elizabeth Gordan of Washington 
Co. GA (widow) PoA to friend Richard Gordan to receive 
my portion of estate of Lyddall Bacon, dec. (see 
will of sd. Bacon) 

D. Dec . 12, 1816 . 

H. Saffold, Darius Thomas. 
ton Co. GA. D. 12 Dec. 1816. 

Witn. Isham ... . 

Att. Washington Co< 
R. 9 Jan. 1817 

P. 225. Washington Co. GA Ann Dixon heir at law to part 

of estate of Lydal Bacon, dec. and Ann Dixon & Henry 

Dixon as executors of Robert Dixon dec. who was ex. 

of Lydal Bacon, dec. PoA to friend Tilman S. Dixon 

to receive sd. Ann's portion as heir of Lydall Bacon 

and to settle the estate. 

R. 12 Dec. 1816. 

Witn. Isham H. Saffold, Darius Thomas. 

Att. Washington Co. GA 12 Dec. 1816. 

R. Jan. 9, 1817. 

P. 258. James Samford of Fayette Co. KY PoA to friend Thos. 
Keeton of L. to handle my business and sell my land 
in VA 

D. Aug. 19 1816. 

Witn. George Bing, Matthew Laffoon. 
Att. Fayette Co. KY Aug. 19, 1816. 
R. Mar. 13, 1817. 

P. 320. Sarah Jones of L. PoA to son Thomas Jones of Pytsilvania 
to handle my business. 
D. Dec. 18 1816. 

Witn. John Booth, William Tisdale, James Garrett. 
R. 11 Sept. 1817. 

P. 349. Stephen Wood of Mason Co. KY PoA to friend C.T.Smithson 
to receive my interest in estate of David Wood, 
dec . 

D. 23 Sept. 1817. 

Witn. Samuel Ingram, Alfred T. Crawley. 
Att. Mason Co. KY Sept. 24, 1817. 
R. Nov. 14,1817. 

P. 357. Edmund P. Bacon of L. PoA to Capt. Lyddal Bacon of 
Abbeville Co. SC to receive from Robert Harrison 
of Egfield Co., SC as one of the securities of 
Mordecai Booth, it being a debt transfered to me 
by Christopher McConnico as assignee (refer to records 
of Brunswick Co.) now in the hands of my attorney 
Edmund Bacon of Egfield Co.,SC. 
D. 4 Jan. 1818. 
No witn . 
R. Jan. -- 1818. 


p. 382. Martin Pierce of Davidson Co. TN PoA to Sterling Fowlkes 
of L, to sell my land in Lunenburg. 
D. 19 Jan. 1818. 

Witn. Samuel Fowlkes, George Foster, Henry Fowlkes. 
R. 12 Feb. 1818. 

P. 406. Joel Hood and wife Martha (formerly Parham), Joseph 
Parham, and Mary Hudson (formerly Parham) all of 
L. PoA to William Monroe of Henry Co. KY to transact 
all business relative to slaves bequeathed by Daniel 
Parham to hiswife Rebecca (now wife of William Chandler), 
for her life then to his children. 
D. 21 Apr. 1818. 

Witn. Jeremiah Bates, William Hood. 
R. 22 Apr. 1818. 

P. 418. John Glenn of Abeville Co., SC, Esq. PoA to Tyree 
Glenn of Laurens Co, SC to sell my part of estate 
of Col. Lyddal Bacon, dec. of L. bequeathed me by 
his will in reversion or that may fall to me by marriage 
with Sally Bacon dau. of sd. Lyddal. 
D. Nov. 2 1793. 
Witn. Michael Cain. 

Att. Abbeville Co. SC Nov. 2 1793. 
R. 11 June 1818. 

P. 429. David Harrison of L. about to remove to TN PoA to 
friend William Palmer of Brunswick Co. to transact 
my business . 
D. 9 Apr. 1818. 

Witn. William Farguson, Edmund F. Taylor, James Gee, 
John Williams. 
R. 13 Aug. 1818. 

P. 502. Abner Crenshaw of Henderson Co. KY PoA to friend Thomas 
Fowlkes of Nottoway Co. VA to receive my legacy from 
the estate of my grandfather Joseph Dewprie, dec. 
of L, and to transact all business. 
D. 25 Jan. 1819. 

Witn. Mereweather Hurt, Sterling Fowlkes. 
R. 12 Mar. 1819. 

P. 536. Samuel Hopkins late of Orange Co. NC PoA to William 

Norwood to recover all due me as administrator of 

Samuel Love, dec. late of Orange Co. NC. 
D. Aug. 8, 1812. 

Att. Henderson Co. KY D.13 Aug. 1812. 
R. July 10,1819. 

P. 538. Mary Parrish of Caswell Co. NC PoA to friend William 
P. Payne of same to collect all due me in Lunenburg 


Co. for the rent of land my dec'd. husband James 

Parrish owned and to transact my business. 

D. Mar. 15,1819. 

Att. Caswell Co. NC Mar. 15,1819. 

R. Aug. 12,1819. 

by L.H. Hart 

The following individuals took the oath of allegiance to become 
citizens of Virginia. This information was found in Minute Book 17 of 
Norfolk County. The name of the new citizen? the date that he took 
the Oath of Allegiance, his birthplace or former residence, and, in some 
cases, his intended residence are given. 

P. 12 Jan. 15, 1821. George Blair, a native of Scotland admitted a 

citizen of Virginia by taking the oath. 

P. 22 Feb. 19, 1821. Daniel McCarthy, late migrated, was born in Co. 

Cork, Ireland and migrated from there, aged 21, intends to live in 


P. 27 Feb. 19, 1821 Patrick McComb and Thomas Lowry natives of Ireland 

took Oath of Allegiance and admitted as citizens. 

P. 50 Mar. 20, 1821. James Keenan, a native of Ireland, took the Oath 

of Fidelity and admitted a citizen. 

P. 57 Mar. 20, 1821 James Ogilvie of Banffshire in Scotland, aged 33 

years, appeared in court and made declaration of his intention to 

become a U.S. citizen, 

P. 92 June 18, 1821. James Francis Mary Lucas reported himself to court 

born R (smudge) aged 34 years, to reside in Norfolk, VA. 

P. 93 June 18, 1821. Walter DeLacy, born in Enniscorthy, Ireland, 

aged 24, intends to reside in Norfolk, VA. 

P. 97 June 18, 1821. James Lucas who was admitted on Jan. 20, 1817 as 

a citizen of VA. is a native of France not Ireland as stated in the 

previous record. 

P. 137 Aug. 21, 1821. William Morris presented self to court, born 

in Limerick, Ireland, aged 23, intends to live in Portsmouth, VA. 

P. 244 Mar. 18, 1822. Peter J. Titreville, a native of France, having migrated 

in 1794 and resided here since then, took Oath, and admitted a citizen. 

P. 352 Aug. 19, 1822. Timothy McCarta(y), born in Co. Cork, Ireland, aged 24 
years, intends to reside in Norfolk Co. 



by J. C. Kolbe 

The abstracted Henry County Militia list which is found 
at the Virginia State Library.- Th,e list is very detailed 
and the following capital letters will denote categories 
on the list: A. name B. bounty dollars C. age D. height 
E. trade F. residence G. draughted or enlisted 
H. date of enlistment or draught I. how long served. 

A return of the recruits raised for the. county of Henry 
under the Act of Assembly of October 1780 for Recruiting 
this States Quota of Troops to serve in the Continental 
Army and by Commissioners of the money Tax paid. 

John Wright B. 12000 C. 26 D. 5-5 3/4 E. Weaver 
F. Augusta G. Enlisted H. 7 Aug. 1781 
I. Euring the war. 

Stephen Garrison B. 12000 C. 22 D. 5 — 9 E. Farmer 

F. Henry G. Enlisted H.29 April 1781 
I. During the war. 

Peter Mitchell B. 4000 C. 20 D. 5-4 E. Farmer 

F. Henry G. Drafted H. 26 Nov. 1781 
I . 18 mon . 

Edward Wilson B. 8000 C. 24 D. 5-7^ E. Talor 

F. Henry G. Enlisted H. 7 Aug. 1781 
1 . 3 ys . 

Peter Eiker B. C. 36 D. 5-7^ E. Cooper F. N. 
Carr. EC G. Enlisted H. 20 May 1782 
I . 3 ys . 


John Nae B. 12000 C. 26 D. 5-7 E. Farmer F. Henry 
G. Enlisted H. 30 May 1782 I. During the 
war . 

Charles Bucktrout 

B. C. 21 D. 5-7 E. Farmer 

F. North Cao. G. Draughted H.30 

May 1782 I. 18 mon. 

John Ayers B. 4000 C. 2k D. 5-7 E. Waggonr. 

F. Henry G. Draughted H. 2 Mch. 1782 

I . 18 mon . 

John Hales B. 4000 C. 20 D. 5-10 E. Farmer 

F. Henry G. Draughted H. 1st April 17§2 

I . 18 mon . ' 

Benjamin Arnold 

B. C. 18 D. 5-11 E. Farmer 

F. Henry G. Draughted H. 30 May 1782 

I . 18 mon . 

Jno. Salmon 
Geo. Waller 
Henry Lyne 

] Coms sr , 

by L.H. HART 

John Loftin 
Baker Farham, Sr. 
Edward Smith 
John Walker 
Robert G. Tucker 






John Carsley 
Harris Heath 


Prince George 



by L. H. HART 

This record is found in the George B. Goode Personal Papers 
(Ace. 24813) on file at the Virginia State Library, Archives 
Divis ion . 

Family Record of Claiborne Barksdale in reference to his 
First Marriage: 

Claiborne Barksdale was born November 10th 1738 

Sarah Barksdale wife of the aforesaid was born July 22nd 1745 
Married the 6th March 1766 

Lucy Barksdale daughter of aforesaid Claiborne & Sarah was 
born Dec. 6th 1766 

Susannah Barksdale was born July 22nd 1768 
Sarah Barksdale was born October 29th 1769 

William Barksdale son of the aforesaid was born March 6th 1771 
Grief Barksdale son of the aforesaid was born December 25th 1774 
The aforesaid Sarah wife of Claiborne died 12th January 1775 

Record of Second Marriage of Claiborne Barksdale 
Claiborne Barksdale was born November 10th 1738 
Jane Barksdale wife of sd. Claiborne was born 14th Feb. 1745 
and married the 20th May 1778. 

Agnes Morton daughter of Claiborne & Jane was born 8th March 1779 
Claiborne Barksdale Jr. was born August 25th 1783. 
Mary Barksdale was born April 7th 1785 

The aforesaid Jane wife of Claiborne died 12th January 1821 
The aforesaid Claiborne Barksdale died 1st January 1825. 

Family Record of Grief Barksdale 
Grief Barksdale was married to Mary Allen Elliott the daughter 
of Andrew Elliot on Thursday 8th Feb. 1810 precisely at 10 o'clock P.M 
Sarah Ann first born of Grief & Mary was born 24th March 1811 
Charlotte Ella second child was born July 9th 1813 

Mary Ellen & Wm Henry Barksdale, Twins, were born January 7th 1816 
Eliza Lavalette was born July 30th 1818 
Claiborne Grief Barksdale was born April 2nd 1820 


Arabella, Born November 21st 1822. 
Lucy Jane, born 6th July 1825. 
Nancy Elliot born 30th June 1829 
Susan Emmett, born 15th May 1832. 

Note. Claiborne Barksdale's record notes that Jane Carter had 
two children by her first husband Jno. Carter in the following 
Frances Carter daughter of Jno & Jane Carter was born 14th Nov. 1769 
Elizabeth Carter daughter of the aforesaid was born 28th August 1775 

by L.H.Hart 
This record is found in the George B. Goode Personal Papers 
(Ace. 24813) on file at the Virginia State Library, Archives 
Divi s ion. 

Copies from the old Bible of my Gr eat-Grandf ather , Maj . 
William Goode. S.O.S. 

John Goode born March 1738 died June 12, 1790. 

Sarah Goode, wife of John Goode, was born Feb. 13, 1745 died in 1812 
William Goode, son of John & Sarah Goode, was born Oct. 25th 1761, 
died Sept. 27, 1845. 

Anne Ford, daughter of John & Sarah Goode, was born Feb. 16, 1764 
died Sept. 18, 1830. 

Robert and John Goode, sons of John & Sarah Goode, were born 
Jan. 22, 1766. 

Sally Goode, daughter of John & Sarah Goode, was born Feb. 27th 
1768 died 

Margaret Goode, daughter of John & Sarah Goode, born July 12, 1770. 
Benjamin Goode, son of John & Sarah Goode was born March 3, 
1771. died July 10, 1830. 

George, son of John & Sarah Goode, was born March 6, 1773. 
Joseph, son of John & Sarah Goode was born April 4, 1775. 


Elizabeth, daughter of John & Sarah Goode was born June k. 111 E , 

died Aug. 20th 1821. 

Mack Goode, son of John & Sarah Goode was born March 9, 1779 

Edward, son of John & Sarah Goode was born Feb. 27, 1780. 

Polly Goode, daughter of John & Sarah Goode was born Jan. 10, 1782. 

Susanna Goode, daughter of John St Sarah was born Dec.l, 1784 

Sally, daughter of John & Sarah Goode was born Sept. 30, 1786. 

Tappoley Goode, son of John & Sarah Goode was born May 12, 1788 

died Jan. 29, 1814. 

Phoebe Bass, wife of Maj . William Goode, was born Nov. 25, 1767. 

Died Dec. 11, 1804. 

Robt. Goode, son of William Goode & Phoebe, was born Sept. 21, 1789, 

& married Mary K. Soper 

Jane Goode, daughter of William & Phoebe Goode was born Sept. 5, 1791 

Judith W. daughter of Wm . & Phoebe Goode was born May 23, 1794 

died Dec. 31, 1840 

Elsee, daughter of Wm . & Phoebe Goode was born Aug. 23, 1796. 

Spencer R., son of Wm . & Phoebe Goode was born Nov. 23, 1798 

died Sept. 25, 1817. 

Col. John B., son of Wm . & Phoebe Goode was born June 13, 1800 

died Oct. 5, 1843 

Phoebe, daughter of Wm . & Phoebe Goode was born March 11, 1801. 

William R., son of John B. & Harriett Goode was born Aug. 6, 

1826 died March 1, 1843. 

Rebeccah, daughter of John B. & Harriett Goode was born July 31, 

1828 died June 23, 1830 

John B., son of John B. & Harriett M. Goode was born Aug. 24, 1830. 

Thadeus D. son of John B. & Harriett M. Goode was born Dec. 13, 1832. 

Semantha 0. Goode- was born Jan. 14, 1835. 

Octavia, daughter of John B. & Harriet Goode was born Nov. 3, 1840 

Mary Soper 1st wife of Robert Goode was born Sept. 15, 1801. 

Louisa Goode, daughter Robt. & Mary H. Goode was born Feb. 21st 1819 

Eliza Jane, daughter Robert & Mary H. Goode was born May 17, 1821 

Robt Wm, son of Robert & his 2nd wife Martha Childrey, was born 


Aug. k, 1837 

John C, son of Robert Goode & his 2nd wife Martha Childrey was born 

Adelaide daughter of Robert Goode & his 2nd wife Martha Childrey 

was born 

Julia A. Rudd departed this life June 

Bart Perdie departed this life July 26, 1840 

Elder Edward Goode departed this life Jan. 29, 1841 


by L.H. Hart 

Henry W. Adams 
John Anthony 
Charles Magee 
Jesse Neblett 
Washington Sturdivant 

Prince George 
Western Country 
Western Country 
Western Country 


by Julia Moseley Combs 

The following information was. contributed by a subscriber. 
It clarifies the marriage information found in the article on 
Princess Anne Marriages, 1737-44 (Vol.3, No.l, p. 27). It concerns 
the inferred marriage found on page 4 of Order Book 5. 

Mary was the daughter of Tully Emperour whose will(P.A. Deed 
Book 3, pp. 478, 479) identifies her husband as Henry Whitehurst. 
In fact, he was her third husband. Her first marriage to Edward 
Moseley, son of Arthur, ended with Edward's death in 1715(P.A. 
Minute Bk. 2, p. 198) after which she married his brother George 
Moseley. He died by June 4, 1718(P.A. Order Bk.3, p. 17). She 
then married Henry Whitehurst (P. A. Order Bk.3, p. 284), x^fho died 
in 1726 (P. A. Deed Bk. 4, p. 74). 



Continued from Vol. Ill No. 1, p. 39 
by Susan B. Sheppard 

7. WILL OF CHARLES HICKS. Partly proved March 26th 1821. 

In the name of god amen I Charles Hicks of Brunswick 
County being in health 

Item my will and desire is that my Brother John Hicks may have 
the use of my houses and plantation on avens creek and the 
land Bounded as follows during his life viz beginging on Allan 
Laniers line on the road that leads from Blacks ferry to Gees 
Bridge thence along the said Laniers line to beech lick creek 
to William Spains land thence dox-jn Beech lick creek to John 
Longbottoms line thence down the said creek to where the line 
crosses the creek thence along sd. Longbottoms line line to 
William Walkers line thence along his line to Avens creek thence 
up the sd. creek to the Bridge on Avens Creek at the road thence 
up the creek to where the line crosses the Creek thence up 
the road to the old road thence up the old road to the road 
thats used now thence up the said road to Allan Laniers to 
the beging Likewise my will and desire is that the above named 
John Hicks may have the use of Spring called for fur Spring 
towards the indian Branch. 

Item mj^ Vill and desire is that my Brother John Hisk's wife 
Nancey Hicks may have the use of my houses & plantation & land 
as is mentioned above during her widowhood. 

Item my will and desire is that after the death of my Brother 
John Hicks & his wie Nance}' Hick's widox^fhood Ceases that the 
above mentioned plantation & above bounded land may sold ^ 
the money to be Equall}' devided betxveen my Brother John Hick's 
three sons Namly Benjamin H. Hicks James Ransom Hicks & Charles 
Hicks . 
Item my will and desire is that my Brother James Hicks may 


have the use of all the residue of my land lying on Both sides 
of Avens creek Bounded as follows during his life Viz beginging 
on the Indian Branch on William Walkers line thence down the 
said Branch to Buckner Overbeys line thence down the said Branch 
to avens Creek on David Mosses land thence down the said creek 
to where the line crosses the creek thence along sd. Mosses 
line to Reuben Malones line thence along his line to William 
Walkers line at the road & thence along William Walkers to 
the creek thence up the sd. creek to where the line crosses 
the creek near the road & thence up the road to the old road 
thence along the old road to William Walkers Corner on a small 
drean thence along sd. Walkers line to the Indian Branch to 
the begining . 

Item my will and desire is that my Brother James Hick's wife 
Judah Hicks may have the use of the above bounded land during 
her widowhood. 

Item my will and desire is that after the death of my Brother 
James Hicks & his wife Judah Hicks widowhood ceases that the 
land before mentioned to My Brother James Hicks in this will 
may be sold and the money Equally devided Between my Brother 
James Hick's two sons Namly Thomas Hicks & James Hicks and 
lastley I appoint my two Brothers Namley John Hicks & James 
Hicks Executors of this my Last will and Testament In X'jitness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this sixth day of 
September one thousand Eight hundred. & five. 

Charles Hicks 
JTB likewise my will & desire is that my negro man Samson should 
be sold Si all the residue of my property to pay my Just & Lawful 
debts . 

Edward W infield 
John Saunders 
John Saunders 

Thos. Winfield (26th March 1821) 
Frances Winfield 


8. WILL OF CAPT. JOHN HICKS. (No docket). 

In the name of God amen. I John Hicks in sound mind 
and memory do constitute and make this my last will and testament 
in the manner and form following. Item. I lend to my beloved 
wife Nancy Hicks all of my estate that I may die possesed of 
both real and personal during her natural life and at her death 
I give and bequeath the same the same to my son Charles Hicks 
to him and his heirs forever and lastly I nominate and appoint 
my friend Reubin B. Hicks my executor to this my last will 
and testament signed sealed and delivered the third day of 
July eighteen hundred and twentj^ five in the presents of 
Thomas Hicks 

Nancy V. Walker John Hicks 

Sarah Hardaway 


In the Name of God Amen, I Frances Brumblelow of the 

County of Brunswick being of perfect mind and of disposing 

memory, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, 

in manner and form following, to wit. 

I give one bay mare to James Fisher, to him and his heirs forever. 

I give my Stock of Hogs, & Cows together with two Feather Beds 

& furniture to be equally divided between James Fisher, and 

John Fisher, together with all of my Estate both real and personal 

which I have not before devised. 

I nominate and appoint James Fisher & John Fisher Executors 

to this my last will and Testament, revoking and disanulling 

all others heretofore by me made. 

Witness my hand & Seal this 29th day of June 1818. 
Signed and acknowledged in 
in presence of 

William Orgain 
Littleberry Orgain 
Absalom Johnson 

Frances X Brumbelow 


10. WILL OF ANNE ALLEN. Partly proved 24 Nov. 1783 by Briggs 
Goodrich. (This will is torn in several places). 
In the name of God Amen I Anne Allen of the County 
of Brunswick & Meherin Parish be sick & weak in Body But of 
Perfect Sence & memory & Calling to mind The Mortallity of 
my Body & knowing That it is Appointed for all Persons once 
to Die do make & Ordain this my last will & Testament that 
is to say Principly & first of all I Give & recommend my Soul 
into the Hands of almighty God who Gave it me Hoping that I 
shall Rec[eiv]e full Pardon & forgiveness of Sins at the Re surrec [ t i ] on 
at the last Day & as to what Worldly Goods God hath Been Graciously 
Please to lend me I do Give & Bequeath in Manner & form following 
Revoking & Disanulling all other Wills by me Formerly made. 
Imprimices. Item I Give Unto my son Coleby Randle one Negro 
Man Named Harry to him hi-s Heirs & assigns forever. 
Item, I Give un[to] my Daughter Elizabeth Lightfoot one Bead 
& F[urni]ture [ ] Spinning Wheel To her & her Hei[rs] & assigns 
for ever. 

Item my Desire is th[a]t if my Mare is with foal & the foal 
doth well G[i]ve it to Sarah Jackson to her & her Heirs & 
a[ssi]gns for Ever. 

Item I Give unto my []nd Daughter Rebekah Jackson my Mare Saddl[eB] 
ridle to her her Heirs & Assigns for Ever. 

Item, I Give un[to M]y Daughter Susanah Jackson my Stock of 
shee[p] residue of my Household & kitchen fu[rniture t]hat 
I have not already Given away to he[r Si her Heirs] & assigns 
for Ever. 

And lastly I Do appo[int Co]leby Randle whol & Sole Executer 
of this my [last will & test]ament In Witness Wher[eof] I Have 
hearunto []d & seal this fourth day of October in the []rd 
One thousand seven Hundred & eig[] 
Signd seald The [ ] 
in presents of 

Briggs Goodrich Anne Allen 

David Til Iman 

c ] [ ] 


11. WILL OF ROBERT TUDER. Recorded as to the personal property 

only being but one Witness Sept. 1827. 

In the name of God amen. I Robert Tuder of Brunswick 

County Virginia do make and ordain this m}^ last Will & Testament 

and iNiith what Worldly goods it hath pleased God to bestow on 

me in this life I dispose of in the manner & form following 

Item. I wish a straight line run from Morris Pearson's line 

at the lower end of the Plantation a cross by a Walnut tree 

near the rails at a white oak to Wm . Pearson's line at the 

lane, and I wish my daughter Martha to have the use of it her 

life as a loan and after her death to be equally divided among 

her Children (She taking the south part next to Jackson's line) 

I also loan her my sorrel mare and if she brings a living foal 

I wish her son Henry to have it. 

Item. I wish m}'- dughter Nancy Justice to have the use of 

the other part of my land next to the road during her life 

and then to her Children shear & shear alike. 

Item. I have given to all my Sons (Namely,) Landon, Robert, 
John & Matthew all I intend them to have except my ba)'' colt 
to Matthew. I also wish all I have besides to be sold Crop, 
Stock, and all other property, and all my Children to shear 

& shear alike in the Money. 

Item. I also Nominate and appoint Morris Pearson my whole 

and sole Executor to this my last Will & Testament revoking 

all others by me before made. In witness whereof I have here 

unto set my hand and seal this 24th day of July 1827. 


Wmtess DV4-vT^ 

Robert X Tuder 

Ben j a . Kini 



In the name of God, amen; I Wfilliam Williams, being 
in a low state of health, but of a sound mind, and disposing 
memory, Do hereby make and ordain this my last Will, and Testament 
Revoking all other[s] heretofore by me made. Item (1st) I 
lend unto my Daughter, Alsey W. Williams one Fether bed (stead. 


cord, & mat) and furniture, and also one milk Cow, and increase 

during her natural life, and then I give the above sd. property 

to the joint heirs of her body, if there should be any, but 

if she should die without lawful issue, it is my wish for it 

to be equally divided between the surviving Brothers and Sisters 

Item (2nd) I lend unto my Daughter Lucy V. E. Williams, one 

Bed stead, cord, and mat, and one Dining Table, dureing her 

natural life, otherwise, to be devised as in item (1st). In 

witness I hereunto set my hand and, seal, this 15th day of 

August 1800 and forty four. In the the presence of us 


Will iam Allen 

William W. Caudle 

Jones J. Harrison 


William X Williams 

13. WILL OF NATHANIEL KING Proved October 1803 and executor qualified 

In the Name of God Amen, I Nathaniel King senr. of the County 
of Brunswick being weak in Body but of sound Memory Blessed 
be God, do this Twenty first day of July in the yea[r] one 
Thousand seven hundred & Ninety six Make and pub[lish] this 
my last Will and Testament in form following, (That is to say) 
First, I give to my Son Nathl. King Two Hundred and Forty five 
Acres of land. Called The lower tract whereon my father formally 
1 ived • 

Item. I lend to my Daughter Obedience Cely during her life 
and at her death to be divided eaqually amongst her Children, 
One Negro Girl named Lucy and her increase. 

Item. I lend to my Daughter Sarah Ann King during her life 
and at her death to be Eaqually divided between her Children 
One Negro Girl named Priss and her Increase Also I give the 
said Sarah One Sorrel mare three years old Saddle & Bridle 
One Bed Si furniture Two Cows & Calves and a larg Chest Calld. 
my Chest to her and her Heirs [crossed out: Her] forever 


Item. I lend to my beloved Wife Judith King all the remaining 

part of my Estate real & personal during her life or Widowhood 


Item. I Give to my son John King at his Mothers death or marriage 

The land wheron I now live not above given also two cows & 

calves one Bed & furniture a Chest Sr Table. 

Item, at the death of my Wife Judith King I give the remaining 

part of my Estate (not above given) to be Eaqually divided 

between all my Children without any Appraisment or sail. 

Item. I Appoint & Ordain Charles King jnr. & Edward King Sole 

executors of this my last will & Testament revoking and annulling 

all & every Will or Wills heretofore made by me. In witness 

whereof I the Said Nathaniel King senr. have to this my last 

Will & Testament set my hand and Seall the day & Year above 

Mentioned or Written. 

Nathaniel King 
Signed sealed & delivered by the said 
Nathl. King as & for his last will & Testament 
in the presence of us who were present 
at the signing & sealing there of. 
Arad Welton 
Miles King 

Brunswick County court October 26th. 1803 

This last*, will and Testament of Nathl. King deed, was proved 

by the Oaths of the Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded 

and on the moti[on] of Charles King one of the executors therein 

named who made oath th[ ] according to law and together with 

Stephen Smith and John King his securities entered into and 

acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Three thousand pounds 

with Condition as the law directs Certificate is granted him 

for Obtaining a probate thereof in due form Liberty being reserved 

the other executor therein named to join in the said probate 

when he may think fit. (This entry was crossed out.) 



Herbert Hill C[lerk] B[runswick] 

C[ ourt] 

14. WILL OF LUCY PARTIN. Partly proved by Isaac F. House January 

Court 1837. Executor qualified. 
In the name of God amen: I Lucy Partin of the County of Brunswick 
and parish of Mehein [Meherrin], being old and infirm, but 
of perfect memory, do make this my last will, in manner and 
form following, first of all I recommend my Soul into the hands 
of Almigh[ty] God who first gave it me and my body to its mother 
dust to be buried in a decent namer [Manner], according to 
the direction of my berinafter named Fxeciitor, and after 
the payment of Funeral expecis and all just debts. The balance 
of my wordly estate I dispose of in manner and form following. 
Item, I lend unto my Brother Benjamin Clary during his life 
one Negro boy Tom, and at his decease to go to Herod Clary 
and his heirs and assigns forever, also one Cow & Calf. Item 
I Lend unto my sister Mary Brewer & my neice Permilia Hudgins 
one negro woman Lyd[?],and her increase during their lives 
and at their deaths to go to (Dolly Pearson and in case she 
should die without lawfull issue) to go the Children of L[uke] 
Pearson to be equally divided between them, and to their heirs 
and assigns forever. I also desire that the land and plantation 
whereon I now live be sold by my executor and the proceeds 
to be equally divided between Mary Brewer & Permelia Hudgins. 
I also give them one mare named Jenny one sp. wheel & all 
my [hogs?] with all my wearing apparel to them and their heirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto my neice Lucy Clary one negro Girl Mary with 
all her future increase to her and heirs and assigns forever. 
Item. I give unto my nephew John Clary one negro woman Hariott, 
Sam, a boy, and Wilkins a boy, with all their future increase 
one Cow & Calf to him and his heirs and assigns forever, but 


in case that if Harriott should with her children as aforesaid 

be unwilling to go to John Clary in that case I direct that 

my Executor may make sale of them and pay over their proceeds 

to the said John Clary or his heirs and assigns 

Item. I give unto my Neice Jincey Clary one Bed & furniture 

to herr and her heirs and assigns fo[re]ver. 

Item, I give unto Lucy Clary, daughter of John Clary, one bed 

and furniture to her and her heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give to my niece Mour[in]g[?] Clary, one Cow and Calf 

which she is to have her choice, to her and her heirs and assigns 

forever . 

Item. I give unto my nephew Herod Clary, one negro woman Olive, 

one Loom, one Bofatt, one Long chest, one half the plantation 

tools and all my Pewter 1 Spining wheel with the balance of 

my Stock of Cattle [] not given away him and his heirs and 

assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto George Clary (son of Herod Clary) one negro 

boy Butcher to him and his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto James Clary, son of Herod Clary, one negro 

woman Sail with all her future increase to him and his heirs 

and assigns forever. 

Item. I give unto Robinson Clary, one negro boy Joe, to him 

and his heirs and assigns forever. 

The balance of my estate which is not herein disposed of I 

desire that my Executor may hold and retain in his hands untill 

all my deists are paid and the expences of a Suit which may 

be brought in consequence of a Fradulent spurious Deed of Gift 

in the hands of Edward Dromgoole Junr . and John Clary, obtaind 

from me without my having a right knowledge of the nature of 

the said conveyance, and which I have requested them to return 

to me, and they refuse to do so. the balance of the aforesaid 

undisposed property after the objects aforesaid are done, and 

satisfyed to be equally divided betwen Mourring Clary & Herod 

Clarys son Joseph Clarry to them and their heirs and assigns 

forever, and lastly I do appoint my friend Willie Harrison, 


whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament, 

disannulling and revoking all others heretofore made by me 

and declaring this to be my last. In Witness whereof I have 

hereunto sett my hand and affixed my owen seal this 11th day 

of July 1829. 


Lucy (x) Part in 
Signed Sealed acknd. and 
delivered in the presence of 
Isaac F. Howse (x) 23d. Jany 1837 
Joseph We s s on 

James [?] (x) Wright 


In the name of God, amen! I Elizabeth Harrison Senr. 
of the County of Brunswick Virginia, do order this my 1st will 
& testament, & hereby revoke all others. 

I give & bequeath to my daughter Caty Conner[?] all of 

my worldly property of every discription whatsoever for the 

benefit of herself, & then to her heirs forever, as witnes 

my hand & seal the 16th[?] day of July, one thousand eight 

hundred and thirty seven. 

E (x) Harrison Senr. 

Wi tne s s 

Wm . H. Worthington 
John J. [ ?] Tillman 
John Cleaton 



1757 - 1774 
by John Hale Stutesman 

In 1852, Francis N. Watkins of Farmville, Virginia published 
"for private circulation" A__Catalogue of the descendants of Thomas 
Watk ins , o f Chickahomony (si c) Va . , who was the common ancestor 
o f many of the fa milies of the name in Prince Edward, Charlotte , 
and Chesterfield Counties, Virginia. (New-York, J. F. Trow, printer) 

In an "Appendix" (pp. 46-50) he discussed the "Descendants 
of Benjamin Watkins, youngest brother of Thomas Watkins, of 
Chickahomony". Benjamin, born is 1725, became the first Clerk of 
Chesterfield County (Court Order Book 1, p. 1) and played a distinguished' 
and patriotic role in the early history of that county. On 27 May 
1774 he joined with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick 
Henry and others to issue an "Association" in support of "sister 
colonies" - one of Virginia's first overt acts of hostility to the 
British Crown. He attended the Virginia Convention in 1775, and 
again in 1777, representing his district, in continuing defiance 

of the King. 


On 9 February 1781 he made his will in Chesterfield County, 
naming heirs: wife "Eliza", and son Thomas He appointed John PRIDE 
of Amelia". William FINNIE, William LEIGH, and George MARKHAM to 
be Executors. (Chesterfield Will Book _3_ p. 267; probated 1781) 
He died 12 February 1781. 

Francis Watkins listed ten children of benjamin & Elizabeth 
(Gary ) Watkins, but he did not have the dates of their births. 
In 1859 he received a letter from a descendant, "N. Lockett" of 


Marion, Alabama, which quoted the following data from "...the 

Old Family Bible of My Grand Father Benjamin Wa tkins of Chesterfield 

which remains a valued heir loom in my family & was printed 

A.D. 1752 at Edinburg by... Adrian Watkins..." 

"Ben Watkins & Eliz Gary married oct 25th 1755 

"Hannah Watkins Daughter of Benjamin & Eliza was born Feby 
7th 1757 

"Benja Watkins Son of Benja & Eliza born Nov. 29th 1758 & Died 
July 29th 

"Thomas Watkins son of Benja & Eliza Watkins Born Sepr 4th 
1760 & Died Jany. 4th 1812 

"Eliz: Watkins Daughter of Ben. & Eliz: Watkins was Born Deer 
10th 1762 & Died Jany 5th 1802 

"Miles Gary Watkins son of Benja & Eliza Watkins was born Deer 
20th 1764 & died July 19th 1765 

"Benj: Watkins son of Benj & Eliz: was born June 8 1766 & died 
February 27th 1786 

"Richard Watkins Son of Do (ditto) born August 8th 1768 & Died 
Jany 4th 18 03 

"Rebecca Watkins do born Augst 7th 1770 Died Jany 4th 1830 

"Mary Watkins Do Born May 25th 1772 Died Feb 25th 1832 

"Susanna Watkins Do born March 23rd 1774 Died March 11th 1832 

"Ann Watkins Daught of do Oct 7th 1776 Died March 29th 1796 

"Jane Watkins Daughter of Do Birth Feb. 28 1779 & died 11th 
May 1799 

"Benjamin Watkins Sr died Feb: 12th 1781 

"Elizabeth Watkins died 24th of July 1801 

This letter dated 8 October 1859, Marion, Alabama 
continued with data on the Lockett family of the author, N. 
Lockett (Virginia State Library, George Brown Goode Papers- 
Watkins ) . 

Other sources establish that (1) Hannah Watkins married 

(l)William FINNEY (2) John WALKE; Thomas Watkins married 

Rebecca SELDEN; Elizabeth Watkins married (1) William LEIGH (2) 
Benjamin THWEAT; Rebecca ~l7at"RTns married Baldwin PEARCE; Susannah Watkins 
married Henry LOCKETT. 


by L.H.Hart 

These three wills were found among the District Court 
Papers filed in Prince Edward County. They are transcribed 
completely from copies found in the Margaret Morton Personal 
Papers (Ace. 25971) filed at the Virginia State Library, Archives 
Division, with whose kind permission these are printed. 

The Will of Richard Murray, of Buckingham County. 
In the name of God, Amen, I, Richard Murray of Buckingham County, 
do make this my last Will and Testament, 

In the first place, I give and devise to my son, John, and 
to his heirs, my land in Cumberland County and one negro man 
named, Harry, and all the estate personnally belonging to me 
in his possession. 

I lend to my son, Richard Murray, the land whereon he lives 
in Albemarle Co., which I purchsed of Peter Field Trent, also 
the following negroes, namely, Phillis^ Frank, Jeffery, tx^fo 
feather beds and furniture, 11 cattle, 8 sheep, a sorrel mare, 
a side saddle and whatever else he may have of mine in his 
possession, during his natural life, and after his death, I 
lend the said land, slaves and personal estate to his wife, 
Judith, during her life, or widowhood, and after her death 
or marriage with any other person, I give the said land, to my 
grandson, Allen, son of Richard, and to his heirs. And in 
case the said Allen does not live to enjoy the same, then I 
give the said land, slaves and personal estate to the heirs 
of the said Richard Murry. I give and devise to my son, Anthony 
Murray, and to his heirs, the land ^^rhereon I now live in the 
County of Buckingham purchased of Wm . Battersby; and the profits 
of my Mill, until my estate be divided as hereafter directed, 
also a negro felloxv named, Sampson, one feather bed and furniture. 


two cows and calves, hald-dozen hogs, old and young. 

I give unto William Terrel and his wife, one negro woman named 

Jude, and her increase, and one negro fellow named Andrew. 

I lend John Bryant and his wife, two negroes during their 

lives, and after their deaths, I give the same negroes to 

the heirs of the said Bryant's wife. 

I give to Peter Goldsby and his wife, one negro woman named 

Hannah and her increase, and do direct that my executors do 

purchase a negro boy or girl, about 12 years old, which the 

said Peter shall thank proper, which when purchased 

I give to said Peter. 

I give to Edward Walton and his wife, one negro girl named 

Jane, or a negro boy named Charles. 

I desire my executors shall purchase a negro girl of about 

14 years of age which I do hereby give to my daughter, Mary 

Terrell, to whom I also give a good feather bed. 

It is my will that after my debts and funeral expenses are 

paid, there be paid to each of my children ten pounds, to 

be applied in the education of their children, and if any 

estate be then remaining, that my granddaughter, Mary Terrell, 

shall have one-fourth part of the same, and the remainder 

be equally divided among my children. 

Lastly, I do appoint my sons, John Murray, and Anthony Murray, 

executors, of this my last Will and Testament. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and sael the 

-- day of April 1772. 

Richard Murray - (Seal) 
Signed, sealed, published and delivered, 

declared in presence of Thomas Ballow, Elizabeth Ballow, Josiah 
X Clark. At a Court held for Buckingham County, the 13th 
day of April, 1772. This Will was proved by the oaths of 
Thomas Ballow, Elizabeth Ballow and Josiah Clark, witnesses 
thereto, sworn to by John and Anthony Murray, the executors 
therein named, and ordered to be recorded. And on motion 
of said executors, who entered into and acknowledged bond 


with security, according to law. Certificate was granted them 
for obtaining a probate in due form. 

Teste - Rolfe Eldridge -Cl.Ct 
(A Copy) 

Teste - Rolfe Eldridge, CI. Ct. 

A suit was in progress in 1781. Edward Linthicum had married 
Mary Terrell, a daughter of William Terrell, late of Cumberland 
County, but now of Charlotte County. The said William Terrell 
had married Frances Murray, a daughter of a certain Richard 
Murray, late of the County of Buckingham, but now dead. Richard 
Murray, dec'd. owned property in Cumberland & Buckingham Cos. 
In a deposition, made 5/24/1781, Samuel Staples stated that 
in 1767 or 68, Richard Murray, now dead, asked him for the 
surveys of two tracts of land made by John Staples, who was 
then dead. The said Samuel Staple on returning home and examining 
the papers of the said John Staples, dec'd. found the surveys 
and carried them to Buckingham Court and delivered them to 
the said Richard Murray, in x^hose name they were made out. 

Suit - Cumberland County Court - 1786. 

Elizabeth Hylton - against - Francis Eppes and John Hyl ton , executor s 

of John Hylton, dec'd. and Ralph Hylton and Bowler Hylton, 

sons and legatees of the said John Hylton, (late of Chesterfield 

County) . 

The will"" of John Hylton made 11, 7/1773 and recorded Feb. 

--1774. Elizabeth Hylton, born Nov. 2, 1782, a daughter of 

the said John Hylton, and Sarah Hylton, now Sarah Cocke, was 

another daughter of John Hylton, dec'd. May 1, 1791, Elizabeth 

Hylton was now the wife of Beeke? Elizabeth Booker. March 

18, 1782. "We William X Minton, Theoderick Scruggs and Drury 

Scruggs, of Buckingham, are held firmly bound unto John Tayloe 

Grifin, of Goochland County, etc. 

Charles Ballow acknowledges an account of Mrs. Temperance 


Ballow, dating from 1771 to 1773, brought by William Ford 
and Co. , April 28, 1783. 

John Woodson (of Carter's Ferry) and John Scott, (of Albemarle), 
were indebted to the estate of Charles Lewis, of Goochland 
Co. as shown by suit brought against them by Robert Lewis, 
of Goochland Co. as shown by suit brought against them by 
Robert Lewis and Wm . Holman, exrs. of the said estate. 

John Montague was son of Thomas Montague, dec'd. as shownby 
deposition taken Nov. 4, 1780. Thomas Montague, Jr. was also 
a son. 

April 1784. The executors of Samuel Allen were:- Archer Allen, 
Samyel Allen and William Daniel. 

March 16, 1783. John Austin was living in Goochland County. 

John Fore complains of Daniel Mayo, that on the — day of — 

in the year 1750, in Cumberland Co., the said Mayo was indebted 

to the said Fore 5 lbs 15 shil. for labour and services as 

an overseer, also for goods, wares and merchandise by the 

said Fore sold to said Mayo. 

District Court Records-Buckingham County, Va . 
Will of Anthony Charroon. 
In the name of God, Amen. I, Anthony Charroon, of the County 
of Buckingham and Parish of Tillston, being in perfect sense 
and memory, but weak in body, do make and ordain this my last 
Will and Testament, and in the manner following, viz.. Imprimis, 
I lend unto my beloved wife, Elizabeth Charroon, her life 
in lieu of a dower, my negro fellow, Charles, a young bay 
horse, a woman's saddle and bridle, two cows and calves, two 
ewes and lambs, one bed and furniture, as also the plantation 
whereon I now live. 


Item, desire that my roan horse may be sold and the money be applied 
toward the discharge of my debts. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my son, Isaiah Charroon, the 
land whereon I now live, by estimation, two hundred and eighty- 
one acres to him and his heirs lawfully begtten of his body 

Item, I give and bequeath to my son, Anthony Charroon, my 
other tract adjoining to the Church which is called and known 
as Buckingham Church, by estimation, three hundred and ninety- 
eight acres, to him and his heirs lawfully begotten of his 
body forever. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughters, Ann Charroon, Susannah 
Charroon, Sarah Cherroon and Charley Charroon two negroes, 
namely, Jude and her chil Jina, with their increase, togather 
with all the rest of my movable estate and horses, cattle, 
hogs and sheep, to be equally divided between them, and that 
not till my son, Anthony Charroon, attains to the age of fourteen 
years, or in case of his death, not till the year of our Lord 
Christ, seventeen hundred and eighty three, and after my beloved 
wife Elizabeth, deceased. 

I further give and bequeath to my aforesaid daughters, the 
negro fellow, Charles, and all the rest of the estate which 
I have lent her, at her death, I give to them to be equally 
divided among them and their assigns forever. 

Item, My will and desire is that a house may be built at the 
discretion of my executors, on my land at the Church, for 
my mother to live in during her life or pleasure. 
Item, My will and desire is that what money may be remaining, 
after my debts are paid, my executors do purchase a negro 
girl, which girl togather with her increase, I give and bequeath 
to my aforesaid daughters in like manner as I bequeathed the 
aforesaid estate to them. 

I do nominate and appoint William Binnion and Henry Bell to 
be my whole and sole executors of this my last Will and Testament, 
revoking all other Will. In witness whereof I have hereunto 


set my hand and affixed my seal this first day of November, 

in the year of our Lord Christ, seventeen hundred and seventy. 

Anthony Charroon. L.S. 

Signed, sealed, published and delivered 

in the presence of - Drury Mims, 

Baldock, William Garner, Lucy Garner and Sarah Wheeten. 

At a Gourt held for Buckingham Gounty, the thirteenth day of 

May, Seventeen hundred and seventy-one. This Will was proved 

by the oaths of William Garner, Lucy Garner, two of the witnesses 

thereto, sworn to by William Binnion and Henry Bell, the executors, 

herein named, and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion 

of the said executors who entered into and acknowledged bond 

with security according to law, certificate was granted them 

for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. 

Teste, Rolfe Eldridge -Gt.Gl. 

A copy - Teste, Rolfe Eldridge, - 

Ct. Gl. 
The estate was appraised at Eighty pounds, fifteen shillings, 
three pence. Inventory and Appraisment - March, eighth. Seventeen 
hundred and eighty-three. 

Sarah Charroon sold her interest to Edward Curd on Oct. twenty- 
seventh, seventeen hundred and eighty-three. 

Jesse Hays gave receipt for his wife's interest in the estate, 
viz. Anna, on Dec. eleventh, seventeen hundred and eighty seven. 

Will of Nathaniel Jeffries 
A copy of a copy found in a package of District Court Papers 
filed in the office of the Clerk of the Gourt of Prince Edward 
County Virginia. Package marked "J". District Court was 
held at Prince Edward Gounty Court House for five counties, 
among them was B.uckingham County. 

Suit marked "Jeffries Vs. Jeffries". 

Copy of the will of Nathaniel Jeffries: 
In the name of God, Amen, I nathaniel Jeffries of the County 
of Buckingham, being in sound mind and memory, do make and 
ordain this to be my last Will and Testament, in manner and 


form following - After my just debts being paid, Imprimis, I give 

and bequeath to my son William Jeffries forty acres of land more 

or less adjoining Hooper's Road & line, where he now lives, 

to him and his heirs forever. My will and desire is that 

he is to enjoy no more part of my Land. Item, I lend to my 

daughter Sally Childress one Negroe Girl named Dilce during 

her natural life, after her decease my Will & desire is the 

said Dilce & her increase be equally divided among my said 

daughter Sally Childress's children. Also, I give my said 

daughter, Sally Childress, one feather bed & furniture to 

her and her heirs forever. My Will and desire is that she 

have no more of my estate. Item, I give to my son Jessee 

Jeffries one Negro boy named David, also one horse colt, also 

an equal part of the estate I shall leave with his mother, 

to him and his Heirs forever - Item, I give to my daughter, 

Mary Akers, one feather Bed and furniture to her and her heirs 

forever and no other part of my estate. Item, I give to my 

daughter, Susannah Harvey, five shillings cash, and my will 

and desire is that she have no more of my estate. I lend 

to my beloved wife, Mary Jeffries, all the rest of my estate, 

viz. Land, Negroes, horses, cattle, household furniture and 

everything I possess that could be called my estate during 

her natural Life or widowhood, after her decease I give and 

bequeath to my son, John Jeffries, that part of Land on Hooper's 

Road on the North side to Willises Creek, my will and desire 

is that ""all the rest of my Land be equally divided between 

my two sons, namely, James Jeffries and Jessee Jeffries, my 

will and desire is that my sons, Thomas Jeffries and Nathaniel 

Jeffries and William Jeffries, John Jeffries, James Jeffries, 

Jessee Jeffries, Lucy Brown, Nancy Morris in testimony 

and confirmation 

(Note by M.H.Morton, copyist, Sept. 6, 1961: It seems that 
the copyist of the original will must have omitted some words 

here as the wording is faulty or ambiguous.) in testimony 

and confirmation 


whereto I have set my hand and seal this twenty-ninth day 

of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three. Note 

the interlining was afore it was signed. Signed sealed and 

delivered in presence of 

John Redding 

Natt Morris (Signed): Nathaniel Jeffries 

William Jeffries 

Jesse Jeffries 

At a Court held for Buckingham County the 14th day of October, 

1793 the last will and testament of Nathaniel Jeffries deceased 

was proved by the oaths of John Redding and Jesse Jeffries 

two of the Witnesses thereto. At a Court held for Buckingham 

County the 9th day of December, 1793, the Order made at October 

Court last proving the Last Will and Testament of Nathaniel 

Jeffries, dec'd by consent is rescinded. 

On the motion of Mary Jeffries, Executrix of the Last will 
and testament of Nathaniel Jeffries, dec'd, for proof of the same proved 
by John Redding and on her motion. That Nathaniel Morris, another witness 
thereto Si Executor and legatee to the said Will, should be compelled to 
relinquish his right and interest in the said Will and prove the same, 
which motion was overruled by the Court and thereupon the said Mary Jeffries 
called on Jesse Jeffries, another legatee and subscribing witness to be 
compelled to relinquish his right and interest in the same and prove the 
same, which motion was also overruled. It appearing to the Court that 
all the subscribing witnesses to the said Will were interested except John 
Redding, from which opinion of the Court Mary Jeffries prayed an appeal 
to the next District Court of Prince Edward in April next which is granted. 

A copy teste- Boiling Branch, D.C. 

A copy teste- F. Watkins, C.D.C. 


by J.C.Kolbe 

An important source for documenting migration is the power of attorney, 
recorded in county deed books. This instrument usually shows where a person 
has moved and gives some clue to his connection with the county in which 
the power of attorney is recorded. Often, two or three generations are 
mentioned within one instrument. 

The Index to Deeds for Pittsylvania County has been examined, and 
those powers of attorney which contain genealogical information or evidence 
of migration have been abstracted. 

Standard state abbreviations are used as well as the following: 
DB- Deed Book; P- Page; Co.- County; p. a.- Power of Attorney. 

DB 1, p. 286. James Pattey of Barkley Co. S.C. to Jessey Pattey 
of Pittsy. blacksmith p. a. to recover money due me in Va. 
& to sell land left me by the will of James Pattey, the land 
being on Nixes Creek. Wit. James Talbat, John Doss, Elizabeth 
Doss . D. 7 Dec. 1768 . 

DB 2, p. 195. Joseph Fargason of Farnham Parish Essex Co. 
to Waters Dunn of Pittsy. Co. p. a. to receive debts due me. 
Wit. Robert Chandler, Richard Copland, Joshua Brown. D. 14 
June 1771. R. 21 June 1771. 

DB 2, p. 317. Daniel Blevin Sen. of Pittsy. & Daniel Blevin 
son of said Daniel Blevins Junr . of Botetourt to James Rentfrow 
Sen. of Pittsy. p. a. to receive from Joseph Stantone in Westerly 
formerly Narragincy in New Ingland 100 acres lying in Westerly 
New Ing\.and. Wit. Thos. Flowers, Geo. Lumkin, Robt. Lumkin, 
Robt. Pensey. D. 1771. R. 27 Sept. 1771. 

DB 2, p. 325. Robert Sweeling of Va. to Dutton Lane of Va. 

p. a. to go to Md. & recover possessions I have claim to . 

Wit. G. McCarr, James Denton, John Marr. D. 26 Sept. 1771. 
R. 26 Sept. 1771. 

DB 2, p. 332. William Simpson of Augusta Co. to Archibald Graham 
of Pittsy. p. a. to make a deed for land in Pittsy. to Israel 
Christian of Augusta Co. Wit. Thos. Madison, William Fleming, 
Michl. Barryer. D. 25 March 1769. R. 25 March 1769. 

DB 2, p. 334. John Fuller Lane & Elizabeth his wife of Pittsy. 
to Gidion Marr p. a. to go to Pennsylvania to receive any estate 


• 26 Sep.. 1771. ^^^''^ 3^%-; ^-- » = «„„. „e„,, stone " 




- ledford Co. land in ' Bedf o^d'co!" ""''" *'""> ■'■>'■" 

Miller of 

DB 4, p. 74. 
Jr. of Pittsy 

97 acres 



DB 4, 

John Smith Seu. or r.^^.,, p„ , , 

^o. to John Smith 
H, . ^^^ William Co. bein^ 

Hampton, James Dilliard th^ ^?^ 

T „ ^J-i-J-iara, Thomas Black 
1 Sept. 1774. R. 22 Sept. 

en. of Pittsy. 
p. a. to sell land 
Wit. Richd 
Young, John Smith. 



DB 7, p. 128. James Dalton of Pitt 

Dalton to Nathaniel Williams 

take possession of land 

Wit Wm. Arthur, Randolph Dalt;;; * j^ 

i<. 16 Sept. 1782. 

sy. Co 
of Guilford 
in Pittsy. Co. & 

. eldest son of Timothy 

Co. N.C. p. a. to 
claimed by John Chiles 
Cook. D. 1 Jan. 178[]. 

illiam; I'l' '"""'' ^°"^= °f Caswell 
eo Ph 1?:!; \° %%-^- -hat is due m 
iij-ij-ips, b . Strother. n i -7 i,t _ ^ 



Co. N.C, 
D. 17 Nov. 1783. 

to Robert 
R. Will iams 
R. 18 Nov. 

DB 7, p. 221. John Wynne Jr nf t^ 
Humphreys of Caswell Co Lmcoln 

negro boy George given 
& which was sold by 

state aforesaid 

Co. N.C. to George 

attachment of Sylv;ster AdUl I r ^^"^3^' ^7 virtue of an 

Tiffin, Jacob Stollwe i^ Nance Sti^^"';/"'" ''^'' "^'^^ ^hos 
R- 17 July 1784. Stillwell. D. 1 Jan. 1784. 


DB 7, p. 287. Alexander Robinson of Camden Dist. S.C. to Lodowick 
Tuggle of Pittsy. p. a. to sell 300 acres on Pigg River. Wit. 
Thos. Black, John Bredin, Mary Black. D. 3 Nov. 1783. R. 19 
March 1784. 

DB 7, p. 494. John Watson of Pittsy. Co. to laiah Watkins & Alice 

his wife p. a. to receive a negro, promised me by the governor of 

S.C. by his proclamation for 10 mon. service as a soldier in General 

Sumter's Brigade & under the command of Col. Wade Hampton. 
D. 20 Sept. 1785. R. 19 Sept. 1785. 

DB 7, p. 494. Isaiah Watkins of Pittsy. Co. to Col. Henry Hampton 
of Camden Dist. S.C. p. a. to recover from those indebted to me 
debts related to sale of land intended to be made in Camden Dist. 
S.C. Hampton is to sell the land & mill according to a deed granted 
to me by James Smith & Ester his wife, the land lying on Little 
Cedar Ck. D. 20 Sept. 1785. R. 19 Sept. 1785. 

DB 7, p. 636. Isaac Gross of Pittsy. Co. to Jacob Dains & Walter 
Guild of Pittsy. p. a. to receive from Anthony Asher all property 
I lay claim to in Baltimore Co. Md. Wit. James Gallaway, D. Tompkins, 
Simon Adams. D. 15 April 1786. R. 17 April 1786. 

DB 8, p. 68. David Grimes of Spartanburg Co. S.C. to Thomas James 
of Pittsy. Co. p. a. to recover land in Charlotte Co. with held 
by a certain Williams from me being heir at law of Francis Grimes. 
Wit. Haynes Morgan, Nancy Yeats. D. 4 Dec. 1786. R. 16 July 

DB 8, p. 228. Marve Nash of Lincoln Co. Va. to son William Nash 
p. a. to sell the legasee coming from Edmond Hodges est. Wit. 
Jabas Townsin, John Jackson, John Allin, John Briley. 
D. 1 March 1786. R. 19 May 1788. 

DB 8, p. 286. Adin Gray of Pittsy. Co. to bro. Jeremiah Gray 
of Montgomery Co. Md. p. a. to deliver a deed to Charles Cattron 
of county *•£< state last mentioned for 59^ acres to be acknowledged 
in the court of Montgomery. D. Sept. 1788. R. 15 Sept. 1788. 

DB 8, p. 295. John Clever of Henry Co. to John Cox of Henry 6o. 
p. a. to recover money due me from the est. of William Lightfoot 
deed, of Gloucester Co. & est. of William Lightfoot of Charles 
City Co. Wit. Danl. Tompkins, Robertson Shelton. 
D. 20 Oct. 1788. R. 20 Oct. 1788. 

DB 8, p. 356. John Laws & Ann Miller of Wilks Co. N.C. to Isaiah 

Watkins of Pittsy. Co. Va. p. a. to receive anything due us in 

Bedford Co. Va. Wit. Adam Poor, Nathaniel Poor, Lydall Wadkins. 

D. 15 May 1785. R. 16 May 1785. 


DB 8, p. 380. Thomas Black of Wilks Co. Ga. to John Smith of 
Pittsy. Co. p. a. to sell to Samuel Calland of Pittsy. Co. land 
on both sides of Snow Ck., 100 acres described in deed made by 
Archibald Young to me D. 5 June 1783. Wit. James Cowdon, William 
Cowdon, Lodk. Tuggle, Geo. Tuggle. d. 25 Oct. 1788. R. 15 Feb. 

DB 8, p. 394. Ruben Bennat of Wilks Co. Ga. to William Bennat 
of Pittsy. p. a. to receive anything due me. d. 13 April 1789. 
R. 20 April 1789. 

DB. 8, p. 432. Elisha Thomas of Mercer Co. Va. to Joshua Dodson 
of county aforesaid p. a. especially to handle 284 acres on the 
long branch of Stewarts Ck. D. 17 July 1789. R. 20 Aug. 1789. 

DB 9, p. 148. George Lumkin of Wilks Co. Ga. to son Robert Lumkin 
of Va. p. a. to receive all debts due me. D. 4 Feb. 1792. R. 
1 March 1792. 

DB 9, p. 348. John Davis of Pittsy. to Frederick Duncan of Culpeper 
Co. p. a. to receive debts due me from King William Co. 
D. 18 Feb. 1793. R. 18 Feb. 1793. 

DB 9, p. 359. Elizabeth Blades of Pittsy. Co. to Mr. James Woodie 
of county aforesaid p. a. to receive debts due me from New Kent 
Co. Wit. Larkin Brooks. D. 18 March 1783. R. 19 March 1793. 

DB 9, p. 441. William Lester late of Fairfax Co. Va . by his will 
d. Jan. 26, 1796 appointed his bro. Thomas Lester ex. Thomas Lester 
d. 17[] before distribution of the est. was made between the children 
of William Lester. The children were Mary Pagans wife of Joseph 
Pagans of Fairfax and Ann still an infant. The widow of Thomas 
Lester married John Ballinger and now resides in Pittsy. Co. 
Joseph Pagans to Samuel Shannon of Fairfax p. a. to recover 
for daus. Mary and Ann what is due from their father's estate. 
Wit. John Taylor, John Taylor Jr. R.- 29 Aug. 1793. 

DB 9, p. 457. 
Kezee of Pittsy 

Ben j am 
Co . p . a 

Kfcjzee u J. r J. L L b y . l.o. p. a. to rransa 
of Albemar who was ex. to my father 
Silles Bailey, Joseph Raynolds, Ric 
1791. D. 28 Feb. 1793. R. 21 Oct. 

in Burch of Lincoln Co. Kentucky to Jerem 
to transact business with James ^■^~~ 
to my father's est. Wit. John Bail 
Richard Kaase. D. 13 July 
-- 1793. 



DB 9, p. 499. John Dalton of Pittsy. Co. to Lidford Payne 

of S.C. p. a. in securing 2 negroes Peter & Hannah that Edward 

Waite deed, formerly of this county gave to me on marriage 

to his dau. at his wife's death. Wit. John Smith, James Newburg. 

D. 6 Feb. 1793. R. 17 Feb. 1794. 

DB 9, p. 503. Elias Paston of Hampshire Co. to Matthew Clay 
of Pittsy. Co. p. a. Wit. Thomas Watkins, T. Tunstall. 



27 Nov. 1793 

R. 18 Feb. 1794. 

DB 10, p. 52. Robert Walters Sen. of Franklin Co. Ga. to son 
Robert Walters j un . p. a. to sell land on south fork of Birch's 
Ck. containing 450 acres, 275 acres sold to Basil Wilson. 
Wit. John Walters, Elijah Walters. R. 15 Sept. 1794. 

DB 10, p. 111. John Oliver of Greenville Co., S.C. to William 
Hankins (son of Dinah) of Pitts}^. p. a. to sell 156 acres lying 
on James's branch. Wit. Jos. Akin, David Hodges, W. Wright. 
D. 15 Dec. 1794. R. 19 Jan. 1795. 

DB 10, p. 282. Thomas Gordon of town of Petersburg to James 
Hopkins of Pittsy. Co. p. a. to sell 6666 acres granted by 
patent 7 April 1781 in Pittsy. Co. and Franklin Co. Wit. Saml. 
Calland, Hugh Jones Jr., John Tompkins. D. 5 June 1795. 
R. 15 Feb. 1796. 

DB 11, p. 42. John Broughton and Caty his wife of Campbell 
Co. to Samuel Pannill of Pittsy. Co. p. a. to receive all that 
part of the est. of Col. Paulin Anderson deed, of Amelia Co. 
Wit. Francis Anderson, John Caplin. D. 16 Nov. 1796. R. 17 
April 1797. 

DB 11, p. 69. Mary LeGrand and her husband Will LeGrand. 
Mary was dau. of Elizabeth Comer and Samuel Comer dec. and 
sister of James Moss late of New Kent. p. a. to bro. Hugh Moss. 
Wit. John Sutherland, Elijah Yates, Achilles Whitlock. 
D. 1 May 1797. R. 15 May 1797. 

DB 11, p. 102. Dick Cox of Carter Co. Tenn. to William Canapax 
of Campbell Co. state aforesaid p. a. for all my landed interest 
on the expedition to Elenois under Capt. Riddle and also for 
may claims for taking Chicamago Indian Towns under Col. Grisly. 
Wit. W. Wright. D. 17 July 1797. R. 17 July 1797. 

DB 11, p.*- 141. George Brown of Sumner Co. Tenn. to Moses Eckels 

p. a. to sell 112 acres on Aliens Ck. formerly in possession 

of Thomas Moore. Wit. Elkanah Echols, Richard Anderson. 

D. 3 July 1797. R. 18 Sept. 1799. 

DB 11, p. 190. Ralph Smith of Pittsy. Co. to William Hopkins 
Junr . of Albemarle p. a. to convey to Robt. Harris of co. and 
state aforesaid my interest on the north side of Hardware River, 
in 200 acres of co. and state aforesaid. Wit. Edward Nunnilee, 
Saml. Calland. D. 20 Nov. 1797. R. 20 Nov. 1797. 

DB 11, p. 203. Elkanah Echols and Elizabeth his ^^^ife late 
of Pittsy. Co. Va. to Samuel Pannill of said county and state 
p. a. to collect. from the adm. of Paulin Anderson dec. of Amelia 


". -- .,wv. i/i./. K. 19 Dec. 1797. 

DB 11, p. 290. Thomas Gordon and wife late of tt 

Ga. late Lete Prestidee tn Tnhr, p Franklin Co. 

p. a. to receive a 1 due ^s by ^iirof^n'' f ^°- ^"' ^^^^^ aforesaic 

Of Pittsy. Co. Wit. Moses pLne t '^^^^^^her John Prestidge 

D. 26 Oct. 1797. R. 16i;riri798 '' Chandler. 

DB 11, p. 363. David Hodges of Pii-i-o, 

Nash of Lincoln Co. Kentucky r, / I "^ ^ ' '° "^^^^^ ^^^1 

me by Moses Hodges Wit ^oH^'tV 1° °''^^''' ^ warrant assi 
-sse Sprogins.^^D.- ir5;t^°?798!^'r I^^T Weatherford, 

DB 11, p. 399. Richard AndPr-.n. .f c 

- J- ^. -_ ., '" J- J- X J. ajii 

warrant assigned 

DB 11, 


Pannill of Pittsy pa to"°'' '"""'^ '°- ^^""- ^^ ^avid 
Of Paulin Ander o; I'ec' tharShrh r' "'"• °' '^^ ^^^^^^ 
Buckley, Edn,. Tunstall* Isaac ^^^ t'" ""^^^^^d. Wit. John 
Thos. Anderson. D. 2 J ' j;in798 !^%f 2' Jai!l79V^^^^^°"' 

" fa^he'; Jo'h; ^iVii^S'ir''' - '^--^^^ Co. Oa. to 
to sell 400 acres on Mrchrr* ^'"'^ ''^'" aforesaid p. a. 
dec. and given^^ John Prestf^.fT'"'? '" '°'^ Prestidge 

:^rpe^:-79^!^-' ^°-- ---^ - 

Murry of Davidson C< 

DB 11, p. 445^ Abraham 

of Abraham Murry dec ^7^^ "' ^aviason Co. Tenn. ex. 
of Matthew F. SLry dec to 7^%^""' "^"""^ ^^^^ ^^ 1-- 
Co. p. a. to affix names to W.h-'"'' '""'°"^ Lunenburg 
Clay Of Pittsy. Co to 38S ''^^'^^"g^°" Thompson or Matthew 
R. 15 /yaa ' '° ^^^ ^^'^^^^ D. 31 Oct. 1798. 


by J.C.Kolbe 
(continued from Vol. 3, p. 26) 

P. 46 By court order dated Feb. 19, 1761 appraisal of est. 

of James Wimbish.Appr. Wm. Booker, Nathaniel Barksdale, 
John Bigger, Thos. Flournoy. Ex. Saml. Wimbish, John 
Wimbish, Ben. Wimbish. R. 16 March 1761. 

P. 48 Will of Joseph Littlejohn of Pr. Edw. Wife-Margaret. 

Cusin- James Fulton that part of land where improvements 
are. Cusin- Joseph Parks part of unimproved land. Sisters; 
Mary Parks & Rose Fulton. Brother: John Fulton. Cousin 
Robert Hanna a bay colt 2 ys. old now running in Carolina, 
children of Mary Fulton: Jean Fulton, Catherin Fulton, 
Ann Fulton, Elizabeth Fulton, John Fulton & Mary Fulton. 
Ex. wife Margaret & John Fulton mentions bequest to 
Catharine Parks. Wit. James Parks, Joseph Cunningham, 
Tho. Cunningham. d. 13 Nov. 1761. 

P. 49 Appraisal of Est. of Joseph Littlejohn. Appr : John 

Cunningham, Samuel Cunningham. Ex. Margaret Littlejohn 
& John Fulton. d. 10 Aug. 1762, 

P. 51 Appraisal of est. of William Rice by court order d. 

13 Mar. 1760. Appr. John Watkins, Joseph Rice, Abraham 
Womack. Adm. Phil. Holcombe. R. 9 Sept. 1760. 

P. 52 Will of Henry Ligon Sen. of St. Patrick's parish Pr. 

Edw. son Henry Ligon. dau. Elizabeth Ligon. Son William 
Ligon part of land I now live on & negroes Jack, Jane, 
and Jemea. dau. Sarah Ligon negroes Jug, Matthew, 
and Peter. wife- Sarah. Ex. wife Sarah and son Henry 
Ligon. Wit. Chas. Anderson, Nathan Hall, Henry Lester, 
d. 12 Nov. 1759, R. 14 Dec, 1762, 

P. 54 Act of est. of Joseph Joseph Littlejohn, 
Littlejohn & John Fulton. 

Ex . Mar gre 1 1 

P. 55 Appraisal of Est. of Henry Ligon. Appr. Jacob Magguhee, 
Joseph Rice, Matthew Rice. Ex. Sarah Ligon, Henry 
Ligon. d. 29 Jan. 1763. R. 12 April 1763. 

P, 56 Will of James Donnell St. Patrick's Parish Pr. Edw. 
Wife-Jean. Son-James 400 acres. Son-John 300 acres 
joining James's plantation. Son-William 300 acres 
that I live on. Daus . -Mar grit , Meary, and Jean. 
Ex. wife Jean & son James. Wit. John Martain, Elliner 


Caldwell, Thomas Caldwell. d. 25 March 1763. R. 10 
April 1763. 

Inv. of James Donnel. Appr. George Ewing, John Caldwell, 
John Cunningham. Ex. Jane Donnel, James Donnel. R. 
18 July 1763. 

Will of John Read. bro. -James Read all my lands, 
bro. -Samuel Read. bro. -Robert Read. Ex. Father James 
Read & bro. James Read. Wit. Richd. Lankey, Robert 
Read. d. 1 June 1763. R. 18 July 1763. 

Will of Samuel Read. Wife Elizabeth. Son-James. Son- 
John. Ex. father James Read & wife Elizabeth Read. 
Wit. Richd. Lankey, John Morrison, d. 20 June 1763. 
R. 18 July 1763. 

Est. Account of Thomas Stone with Robert Hastie adm. 
Appraising the est. William Campbell. Thos. Woodson. 
R. 9 June 176[]. 

Est. of Mary Baker to James Anderson ex. to Saml. Wallace 
guardian of Mary Baker Legacy. pd. John Hill legacy, 
pd. Robert Baker legacy. legacy to James Anderson, 
legacy to 3 of children of Jas. Anderson. by court 
Order 17 Dec. 1763 act settled by Ab . Venable Jr. & 
John Morton. R. 19 Dec. 1763. 

Inv. of John Reed. Aprraisers Wm. Watson, Jas. McMachen, 
John Hill. Ex. James Reid, James Ried Jr. d. 30 July 

1763. R. 20 Feb. 1764. 

Inv. of Samuel Reid. Appraisers: Wm . Watson, Jas. McMackin, 
John Hill. d. 30 July 1763. R. 20 Feb. 1764. 

Robert Walton's Orphan Act. 1762 \ Charles Hire 6 months. 
h Philis Hire of Mother Hughes. 1763 \ Phillis & Davids 
Hire. h Peters Hire. \ Jame-s Hire, by John Hughes for 
rent. George Walton states above account true. d. 9 Jan. 

1764. R. 18 June 1764. 

John Morton orphan of Jos. Morton pd. sherriff of Halifax 
for quitrents. D. 20 Aug. 1764. R. Aug. 1764. 

To George Walton guardian for hire of Phillis, David, 
Peter, Jammey, and Charles. R. 20 Aug. 1764. 

Will of Thomas Bryand. Wife: Marthen. Sons: Robt. and 

John. Dau. Molly, Marthen, Jean. Ex. Abraham Venable, 

Charles Venable, Marthen Bryand. Wit. James Ewing Jr., 
Margaret Ewing. D. 13 Oct. 1764. 


p. 69 Will of William Harrison. Wife Mary. Dau. Fanny Harrison. 
Dau. Jane Harrison. Son Andrew Harrison negro Davy. Son 
Christopher a negroe Joe. Son James a negroe girl Mill. 
Son Benja. a negro Cambridge. Son Charles a negro Ceazer. 
Son Abner a negro Isbell. Son William a negro George. 
Ex. bro. Andrew Harrison & my wife Mary Harrison. Wit. 
[ ] See , Josiah Pace, Charles Adams. d. 3 April 1764. 
R. 18 March 1765. 

P. 70 Inv. of William Harrison. Appr. James Calicot, Thos. Hudson, 
Anthony Griffin. Ex. Mary Harrison. d. 31 Aug. 1765. 
R. 15 Dec. 1766. 

P. 71 Will of Michel Mc Dearmandro St. P. parish Pr . Edw. Co. 

Wife-Katherine. dau. -Judith. sons -Brian, James, Dudley. 
Ex. Richard Woodson, Richard Burks, Thomas Owen. Wit. John 
Clark, Alexad. Womack, James Rutledge Jr. d. 30 Jan. 1765. 
R. 20 May 1765. 

P. 72 Inv. of Michal Mc Dearmonroe. Appr. Thomas Clark, James 
Rutledge, [ ]. d. 8 June 1765. R. 19 Aug. 1765. 

P. 73 Inv. of Thomas Bryan. Appr. Alexander Roberdson, Isaac 

Roberdson, Saml . Southerland. Abra. Venable ex. R. 19 Aug. 

P. 74 Sale Account of est. of Daniel Dejarnatt deed, by court order 
of Jan. 1762. R. 20 May 1765. 

P. 75 Appraisal of est. of Wm . Hutcheson by order of court d. April 
1765. R. 15 July 1765. 

P. 76 Inv. of est. of Christr. Roberson. Appr. John Popham, Thos. 
Green, William Jackson. James Cole adm. 

p. 76 Will of Mary Dejarnat St. P. Prince Edw. Son-in-law 

Jacob McGehee. Ex. Son-in-law Jacob McGehee. Wit. Christ. 
Ford, Jas. Garden. d. 24 April 1765. R. 19 Aug. 1765. 

P. 77 Appraisal of est. of Mary Dejernatt. Appr. John Sutten Bowman, 
Rial Bowman. Ex. Jacob Mackgehee. d. 14 Sept. 1765. R. 
16 Sept. 1765. 

P. 78 Will of Duglas Baker. to dau. Jean Baker a negro boy Jame . 
to dau. Martha Baker a negro boy Rodger. wife Jane Baker. 
Ex. wife Jane Baker. Wit. George Shilliday, Samuel Baker, 
Andrew Baker. d. 16 Feb. 1765. R. 16 Sept. 1765. 


79 Inv. of est of Douglas Baker. Appr. Wm. Watson, John Fulton 
Joseph Cunningham. d . 25 Sept. 1765. R. 21 Oct! 1765. 

79 Inv. of Hugh Rose 
John Graham. Adm, 
R. 21 Oct. 1765. 

Appr. Richard Woodson, Theoderick Carter, 
Duncan Rose, John Fisher. d. None. 

P. 80 Will of Joseph Rice of Pr. Edw. Co. Son-in-law James Moor 
100 acres. Son John Rice 100 acres adjoining James Moor. 
Son William Rice 100 acres. Son Charles Rice the remainder 
of my land I now live on. Son David Rice 135 acres .Son Joseph Rice 
135 acres. Dau. Mary Rice. Wife Rachel Rice. Ex. Rachel Rice, David 
Rice, John Watkins Wit. John Watkms, Willm. Womack, Charles 
Rice. d. 14 Dec. 1765. R. 16 June 1766. 

P. 82 Appraisal of est. of Geo. Stewart. Appr. Robt. Atkins, John 
Crenshaw, Henry Ligon. Adm. Richd. Thomason. d. 19 June 
i/66. R. 21 July 1766. 

P. 83 Sale of est. of George Stewart. Adm. Richd. Thomason. 
d. 31 July 1766. R. 15 [ ] 1766. 

P. 84 Will of Hugh Richey of Pr. Edw. Co. Wife-Christiana a negro 

Harry. brother Charles' son Hugh Richey. brother Alexander's 
sons John, James, Samuel. Nephew Saml. Richey son to brother 
Saml. Ex. wife Christiana and brother Charles. Wit. Jno. 

'* ^^ nH^ °J ^^^^"^ Robertson in parish of St. P. Pr. Edw. Co. 
Wife Ann one hundred acres, a negro man Watt. Son John 
133 acres on James River in Manakin Town. Son Isaac 100 
acres lying in Fork of Mill Ck. Son Elexander 100 acres 
joining James Browning & Thomas Robison. If Elexander 

his i "T °'^ '"' '^"' '' ^^^^^ '^^ ^i-i^^d between 
his brothers Thomas & Zacharias. Son Thomas 100 acres 
bordering Elexander Robison's -line and Randals. If 

lsaac%far ""sTnT l^'"^' '"^n '^"' '° ''^' ^° ^^ grandson 
isaac^Peak. Son Zacharias 100 being the remainder of 


Appraisal of est. of Robert Rutledge. Appr. David Murray, 
Marvil Stone, Obediah Wright. d. 1 Dec. 1766. R. 15 

Dec. 1766 

89 Inv. of Robt. Read. Appr. Wm . Watson, John Hill, Thos. 
Graham. d. 10 [ ] 1766. R. 15 Dec. 1766. 


p. 90 Inv. of Hugh Richie. Appr. Jno . Bigger, Ben. Wimbish, John 
Ritchie. Ex. Chas. Ritchie. d . 21 Dec. 1766. R. 
19 Jan. 1767. 

P. 91 Appraisal of Est. of Isaac Robertson. 
Ewing, Saml. Richardson, David Tyree. 
d. none. R. 16 Feb. 1767. 

Appr. James 

Ex. Ann Robinson. 




P. 95 

Appraisal of est. of Joseph Rice. Appr. Saml. Goode, 
William Womack, Noel Waddell. d. 16 June 1766. R. 
16 March 1767. 

parish Pr . Edw. Co. Wife 
Wit. Frs. Watkins, Agness 
R. 16 Nov. 1767. 

P. 96 

Will o 
son Wi 
a negr 
a ne gr 
Peak B 
and Ca 
to my 
R. 21 

f Thom 
ng a n 
11 iam 
o man 
o woma 
u. Est 

girl t 
son Th 
t , Eli 
Oct . 1 

as Bo 
e gro 
n Hag 
er Ch 
g sho 
o be 
daus . 

z . Ba 




& ne 

ar Si 








ng Se 
a neg 
gro b 

ess a 
a neg 
die b 
ded b 
ding ' 
s. , W 
d, Th 


n . o 
r & 
ro m 
oy H 
2 ch 
ro g 
ef or 
e twe 
h, H 
s da 
OS . 

f Pr. E 
negro c 
an Samb 
arry . 
ro boy 
irl Phi 
e he CO 
en my s 
anah, A 
u . Es te 
am, Cal 



o . 








r B 

eb . 

. Bauldwin 

Co . son Thomas 

d Betty, 
son John Bouldinj 
Caleb Boulding 

es and Jacob. 

k. grandson. 

s . If Thomas 
of age the 
Thos . , Will iam, 
Martha, Sarah. 

oulding 10 
Wi t . Mary 

d. 4 June 1767. 


P. 98 Will of John Owen 
natural life plan 
and negro woman J 
her mother's dece 
man Sam . to dau . 
girl Millea. to 
mentioned) & negr 
land in Pr . Edw. 
243 acres & negro 
a negro woman Pat 
Brackett, and Jes 
Davidson.. Ex. wi 

of Pr. Edw. Co. wife Pheebe for 
tation on Sandy River, negro man Landu 
ud. to dau. Mary negro Jud after 
ase and also plantation, and negro 

Lidia Owen land on Sandy and negro 
dau. Jemima Owen land (acreage not 
o woman Sarah. to dau. Kesiah Owen 
on branch of Sandy River containing 

boy Sampson. to dau. Lucy Wooten 
t. to sons John William, Thomas, 
se, dau. Agness Clarke, dau. Sally 
fe Phebe Owen, son Brackett Owen, 


friend James Hamlett. Wit. Henry Dickenson, Arnold 
Thomason, John Holloway. d. 24 Feb. 1764. R. 28 Aug. 


by L.H. Hart 

The following deaths were noted in the register, but the interments 
apparently were in other localities. 

Stephen M. Jackson formerly of Petersburg, died in Mississippi, Jan. 8, 1847. 

William T. Mason late of Petersburg, died in Baltimore, Feb. 15, 1847. 

William T. Harwell died at Hicksford, March 8, 1847. 

George K. Taylor died in Prince George, March 16, 1847. 

Isaac N. Glidewell died in New Orleans, March 18, 1847. 

Albert T. Goodwyn died in Greensville Co., Virginia, April 13, 1847. 

Col. William C. Parker died in Southampton, August 26, 1847. 

William H. Bowers died in Arkansas, August 31, 1847. 

Daniel E. Allen died in Dinwiddle Co., Oct. 24, 1847. 

Peyton Pollard died August 3(4), 1847 in New Orleans. 

A.S. Naustedler died April 12, 1845, interred in Richmond. 

Dr. Gary Wilkinson died May 6, 1845 at Holly Springs, Mississippi. 

Benjamin Boisseau died July 29, 1845 interred in Dinwiddle Co., Virginia. 

Mrs. Jordan Branch died Sept. 9, 1846, interred in Chesterfield; 

William Weeks died in Williamsburg, Jan. 20, 1848. 

Benjamin Butterworth died Oct. 16, 1848. 



BLASENGAME. Mrs. Carol Buchanan (R.R. 1, Box 49 C, Waterloo, IL 62298) would 
like to find parents of John Blasengame who married Dolly Sledge, 1797 Surry Co., 
Va Their son, Amos Blasengame married Mary Ann H. Frazier, dau. of William Epes 
Frazier in Surry Co. 1828. Would like to correspond with persons searching Blasengames 
of VA or SC. 

WINFREY. Mrs. Carolyn S. Price (1907 Midway St., Montgomery, AL 36110) Mary 
Easley Winfrey b. 3 Feb. 1801 VA, d. 5 Sept. 1868 Newton Co. GA; married 21 Jan. 
1821 to John Bass b. 27 Aug. 1799 Nottoway Co.VA, d. 25 Aug. 1871 Newton Co. GA. 
John Bass removed to GA 1817 with his mother. Family tradition says he went back 
to VA to be married. Interested in parents, other siblings, and location of family 
of Mary Easley Winfrey. How is Louisa F. Justin Nottoway Co. VA related to Mary 
Winfrey Bass? 

MOORE/CLEMENTS/COTTON. Isabel Lockard (32 Jamestotm Rd, Charleston, SC 29407) 
Richard Moore d. 1841 Sussex Co. VA.Who were his parents? He married Rebecca S. CLEMENTS 
who was b. ca. 1788. Her parents were James Clements and Lucretia COTTON. Seeking 
additional information re. these families and will share. 

ANDRERSON. Robert Burns Jr. (609 Broadway Ave., Jackson, MS 39216) seeks informati 
on parents of George Thomas Anderson of Pendleton District , S.C. who are known 
to have been born in VA. George was born about 1805 in SC and was married to Elizabeth 
Pepper, dau. of John Pepper of Pendleton District. George's and Elizabeth's children 
were Arthana, Ruth, John, Jesse, George, Nathaniel, Henry and Martha. George Thomas 
Anderson and his family moved to Choctaw Co. MS about 1833 and he and his wife are 
buried in pontotoc Co., MS. 

WINN. Mary Holland Lancaster ( P.O.Box 2068, Florence, AL 35360) would like 
to correspond with anyone researching the family of Jesse Durrett WINN, born 1752, 
Albermarle Co. VA; John Albritton, Rev. sol. Born 1747, Newcastle, Hanover, VA; 
Gilbert HAY, born 1690 Surry VA; John MOORE, Baptist minister, born 1717 Nansemond 
Co. VA. 

LANIER/HILL. Mrs. Robert Aacock (P.O.Box 349, McGehee, Ark. 71654) Mary Lanier 
(dau. of Benjamin)born 1814 Henry Co. VA married Robert S. Hill 1833, where? Couple 
listed 1840 Sullivan Co. TN census, 1850 NcNairy Co. TN census. Need parents and 
birthplace of Robert Hill. 

JEAN. Maxine Carman (2400 S. Ocean C7314, Ft. Pierce, FL 33449-8029) In Warren 
Co NC in 1769, "William Jean, Planter, Brunswick Co, Va.," deeded a parcel of land 
"to William Hudson." Jean made his will in Stokes Co., NC Dec. 1803, naming wife 
Huldah and children William, Jr. Phillip, John, Joseph, Becky Morris, Betty Bobbit, 
Patty Pegram, Silvey Cummings, Nancy Williamson. Who were William and Huldah s 

LLOYD/ EMERY( EMORY). Mrs. J.R.Patterson (104 E. Oxford St. Pontotoc, MS 38863) 
needs information on John Lloyd, Sr., born London, England 1704, emigrated to Baltimor. 
Md. 1726; married 1742 Prudence Emery(Emory) . They moved to vicinity of Winchester, 
VA where he died 1781-2. Where in London did John Lloyd live? Who were his parents. Wh. 
were Prudence Emery's parents? John Lloyd, Jr. married Sarah Stuart m VA and his 
brother James married her sister Mary Stuard. Who were the Stuard girls parents. 


WARD. Mary Jane Vaden (2638 Memorial Ave.,SW. Roanoke, VA 24015) seeking 
parents of John WARD, SR. (ca. 1750-1827) who lived before, during and after Revolutionary 
his son T^v"' A°\?-H ^''° -^— ted in his descendants other than those ,°'"'^°"^^^ 
his son, William A. Ward, my great grandfather. Had sons Zadock and Leonard who 

Samuel EUetrLf ^.^^P^^^^ C^^^' ''' "'^ ^^^^^^^^' ^^^^^^^^ (^^^^3^) --i^^ 
bamuei hilett m Lunenburg Co. m 1837. 

STONE. Imogene Sawvell Davis(Box 154, Grove, OK 74344) Uriah STONE 

born ca. 1776, wife Polly (Mary) 7_. Need name of parents, brothers and 

sisters and surname of Polly. 

KNIGHT/THREEWITT. E.V.Knight (2737 Hillcrest Ave., Macon, GA 31204) seeking 

ElL'ah^th l-T"i ^"'''' ""' '^' ""'"^^ ^^^'^ °f ^i^ ^- --- ^1-tha and ' 
Elizabeth. Richard Knight bought land in Surry Co.,VA 1732. The land on 

the South Side of the Nottoway River on Hunting Quarter Swamp was cut off 
into Sussex Co. m 1754. Richard Knight was in Halifax Co., NC by Aug. 1759 
Where he died 1760-61. Children: Alice m. Edward Threewitt, ^EphraL mf Mary 
Mi7^di?h IT \ / '"^^.^P^^^i'" di^d 1800 Halifax Co.,NC. Ephraim's children: 
Meredith, Ephraim, Andrew, Abner, Stephen, Joseph, Charlotte Harriss. 

HUBBARD. Dr. James M. Edwards(1941 Twin Falls Road, Decatur, GA 30032) 
wants proof that Elizabeth Woodson, daughter of Benjamin, gggd of Dr. Robert 
Woodson married Joseph Hubbard about 1795. Reward offered for positive proof. 
(Woodson genealogy refers to marriage as to mr. Hubbard only.) 

(T^n ^^^^^'«.ff " MilesdOlO Via Amorosa, Arnold, MD 21012) when Henry Miles 
(Born ca. 1831) wed Mary Holloman in Southampton Co.VA in 1857, he listed 
Thomas and Sophia Miles as his parents. Any infomation would be greatly 
appreciated. Postage refunded. 

Fl 32^™/^^«ySL0™T(BLUNT). N. C. Slade, Jr. (4290 Great Oaks Lane, Jacksonville, 
Fl 32207) interested m John Smith of Dinwiddle Co. who was father of George 
Smith who was graduated MD, Univ. of Pa. c.l820. and the Irby family and The 
Blount(Blunt) line descending from Richard Blunt/Mary Flood. 

RAWLS. Ronald R. Rawls (10-A Heisz St., Edwardsville, PA 18704) would 
like any data on RAWLS surname and var. for future genealogy. Will exchange. 

GLENN,MOSS. Jane Nixon (517 W. 6th St., Lancaster, TX 75146) seeking 
info and correspondence on Simeon GLENN who mar. Nancy MOSS 1803 Louisa Co 
VA sur. Thos. Glenn gdn. Wm. Johnson wit. Sarah Johnson. Is he the Simeon 

'^°/°^!;^,^^^"" ^"^ Mary(Thomas) bap. 1782 St. James, Northern Par. Gooch. 
i>o. ; Will exchange. 

FOSTER. Barbara Longwell(2509 Jonquil Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701) 
seeks name of wife of Richard Foster who lived in Granville Co. NC in 1774 

John ^^'".'''''"tk'^"'''' '" ^^'' '"^^^"^ ^°"^ ^^^^^ ^"^ ^^^^"'^^ ^^d grandson 
John H. Foster. The son Ranson married in York Co. VA in 1772 Elizabeth Coman. 
Also seek her parentage. 

VA 23?08(°"'^''H''''^'f • """• '""^"^" '• """"^^^ ^^224 N. Fairwater Dr., Norfolk, 
VA 23508) needs information on any Old/Ould family members buried in cemeteries 
ot Petersburg VA area. Also searching for graves of Rev. Edward P. Wilson 


(dl895) & Robert B. Wilson both related to the Old/Ould family. 

GRAY. Jane Gray Buchanan(114 Berwick Dr., Oak Ridge, TN 37830) seeking 
ancestors and descendents of Alexander GRAY( 1791) who married Elizabeth 
FITZHUGH (d. 1823); they were living in Halifax Co., VA by 1761; had children: 
James; John, who married Annie PRICE, dau. of John PRICE of Halifax Co.; 

Alexander II; Robert; George ivrho m. Farnie BROOKS; Elizabeth who m. Cumbo; 

Mary (Polly) who m. Anthony STREET (1803) Caswell Co.,NC and Sally. Will 
exchange info. 

ALEXANDER. Mrs. Charles C. Alexander (903 Myers Ave. , Columbia, TN 38401) 
need information on DANIEL ALEXANDER, born ca, 1764 in VA, possibly in the 
Henry Co. area, was in 1790 census of Rockingham Co., NC, and by 1800 in 

Pendleton District, SC, where he died in 1850. His wife was MARY , 

born about the same time in VA. Children were named William, Emilia, Margaret 
(Peggy), Sarah, Micajah, and Letitia (Letty). Believe they were related to 
the GROGAN family of Henry Co. 

BURTON/HARRISON/ DAMERON/ HEREFORD /OLDHAM. Peter Wilson (404 E. Green, Urbana, 
II 61801) Mary (Harrison?) Burton, widow of A. Robert Burton, m. Joseph Dameron 
1792 in Caswell Co. NC. Children by Mr. Burton: Jane, Sally, Polly, Noel, 
Andrew and Lucy, whose guardian was Andrew Harrison rather than her stepfather, 
Joseph Dameron, suggesting that she was oldest. What became of this Lucy? 
Did she marry John Martin (1796)? So many Burton cousins migrated to Madison 
Co. KY and used the same names that they are hard to identify. 

NOEL. S.B.Harris(Rte. 4, Box 341, Gretna, VA 24557) James A. NOEL, 
b. c 1798 in Charlotee Co. VA md. Susan Y. Gilliland on 27 Dec. 1819 in Prince 
Edward Co. VA. Susan was dau. of Wm. Gilliland according to her marriage 
record. Was this the same Wm. Gilliland who married Nancy Johnson on 26 Sept. 
1792 in Prince Edward Co.? Nancy was dau. of Philip Johnson, wife unknown. 
Would like to know parents for any of these, especially James A. Noel. Would 
like to correspond with anyone working on these lines :Noel, Gilliland, Johnson. 

CHATHAM- CHEATHAM. Sargent W. Braden(4309 Hazelton, Houston, TX 77035) 
need information on the Chatham-Cheatham family that lived in Dinwiddie or 
Prince George Co. 1727-1792. Were members of Bristol Parish. 

CULLAM/ JOHNSON. Carol T. York(41 Four Winds Dr., Middletown,NJ 07748) 
seeking information on Thomas Cullam(died 1797, Sussex Co.,VA) and wife Elizabeth 
Johnson. Children: William (b. 1739; d. 1822 in Halifax Co.,NC), Elizabeth 
(b. 1742), Frederick(b. 1744), Anne (b. 1747), Thomas (b. 1750), Nicholas 
(b. 1752), Anslem (b. 1758; to SC?). Would like to correspond with any Cullam 
researchers . 

WILLIAMSON/COLLIER. Mrs. Gary mcConnaughey(P.O.Box 188, Amelia, VA 
23002) seeks parentage or other information on Sallie Williamson who married 
(Capt.) Nathaniel Collier in Brunswick Co., VA on Sept. 17,1802. She was 
mother of Nathaniel and Robert Ruffin Collier. Was she from SC? 

HARPER. Mrs. L. S. 0rrick(3629 Wedgway, Fort Worth, TX 76133) seeking 
descendants of George W. Harper, born VA 1797, married Susanna irtansel, born 


JO CD 1 

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JULY 1, 1985 


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July 1985 

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BOOK REVIEW ^ . . w n tt 

Records of Estates Halifax County, North Caro lina, Vol. 11 

by David B. Gammon. Mr. Gannon has compiled another interesting and Useful 
genealogical tool for those researching in the Roanoke River area and nearby 
Virginia and North Carolina counties. This book abstracts the available 
estate record books of Halifax County for 1765-1835. Lists of heirs or 
distributees are given when available. Dower allottments and estate administrations 
are recorded. There is a complete name index. This excellent work compliments 
his previous volume (see review The Southside Virginian , Vol. Ill, No. 1, 
p. 2) and together they give the researcher a thorough abstract of extant 
Halifax County estate records. 

The book has paper covers with velo-bind spine and has 12 7 pages. 

To order: send $14.00 + $1.25 postage and handling (NC orders 
add 63 cents state sales tax) David B. Gammon, 119 Brooks Avenue, Raleigh, 
NC 27607. 



by L.H.Hart 

The following are abstracted from the Dinwiddle County Order 
Book 1789 - 1791. References to guardian accounts and appointments 
and to children bound out are included. 

The format used includes the page reference, court 
date, and the orphan's name, parent's name, and guardian's name. 

Abbreviations used include: orph . -orphan, gdn . -guardian, 
OP - Overseers of the Poor, apptd.- appointed, AC - account. 

P. 1. Jan. Court 1789 _Barrett, orph of Thomas chose Daniel 
Pegram gdn. 

P. 2. Jan. Court 1789 Edward Young, orph of Edward chose 
Baker Pegram gdn; 

P. 2. Jan. Court 1789 Ruth Grigg apptd gdn to Williamson, 
Charles, Jane, Mary Grigg, orph of Wm.; 

P. 2. Jan. Court 1789 Thomas Parham orph of Ephraim chose 
Edward Pegram gdn 

P. 3. Jan. Court 1789 OP bind out Thomas Elliott 

P. 4. Feb. Court 1789 OP bind out Littleton Mitchell, Grief 
Vaughan, Edward Evans, Jane Adams, Routon Chatling, and 
Sydnor, orph of Joseph 

P. 4. John Smith apptd gdn to William Moore, orph of Wm . 

P. 5. Feb. Court 1789 Jane Cardwell, orph of Thomas chose 
Henry Thweatt gdn; Henry Thweatt apptd gdn to Elizabeth 
Cardwell, orph of Thos.; 

P. 5. OP bind out Edward, Mary, John, Martha, Joel Perkins, 
orph of Edmund. 

P. 9. Mar. Court 1789 Henry, Thomas Cardwell, orphs of 
Thomas chose Henry Thweatt gdn; 

P. 9. OP bind out Thomas Cardwell, orph of Thomas 

P. 29. May Court 1789 Elizabeth Burwell, orph of John, Gent, 
chose Robert Walker, Gent, gdn; 


p. 29. OP bind out Susanna, Claiborne Cross children of Elizabeth 
Cross; OP bind out Devereux Inge orph of Charge (I) 
( torn) 

P. 32. Quarter Sessions Edward Perkins, orph of Edward 
chose William Eppes gdn 

P. 37. (May 19,1789) Fisher Lanier gdn to Ann Morris Wainwright 
to render account of orphan's est. 

P. 47. June Court 1789 OP bind out John Seymore, Jeremiah 
Walker and Thomas Walker orph and bastard children 

June Court 1789 OP bind out Stephen Waldane 

P. 50. June Court 1789 OP bind out Drury Proctor orph 
of Thomas 

P. 54. July Court 1789 OP release Jermiah Walker from app rentishi p 
to George Timmons and bind him to William Browder 

P. 55. July Court 1789 OP bind out Anna Waldane orph of Patty 

P. 87. Aug. 20 1789 Gray Briggs Gent. apptd gdn to Berryman 
Jones Hill, Richard, Thomas, Sarah, Hannah, Polly Hill 
orph of Richard 

P. 116. Sept. Court 1789 Elisha Fitts charged with being 
father of a bastard ch of Sandall Keys 

P. 118. Oct. Court 1789 William Minetree, orph of William 
chose Archibald Minetree gdn 

P. 119. Oct. Court 1789 Stephen Williamson apptd gdn to Robert 
and Daniel Elder, orph of Edmund 

P. 119. Oct. Court 1789 William Meredith gdn to Nancy Meredith 
orph returned Gdn AC 

P. 119. Oct. Court 1789 Joel Pennington gdn to Benjamin 
Tucker, orph of Benj . returned Gdn AC 

P. 119. Oct. Court 1789 OP bind out Elizabeth Carter, orph 
of Will iam 

P. 120. Oct. Court 1789 David Meanley, orph of Abner chose 
Baker Pegram gdn 

P. 124. Nov. Court 1789 Martha and Mary Fowler orph of Joseph 
chose William Spain gdn 

P. 124. Nov. Court 1789 OP bind out Robert and Daniel Elder, 


orph of Edmund 

P. 140. Nov. Court 1789 Wm . Kirby apptd gdn to Sally Fowler, 
orph of Joseph 

P. 156. Dec. Court 1789 Jesse Caudle, orph of DSvid chose 
his brother Joseph Caudle gdn 

P. 156. Dec. Court 1789 James Cook, orph of James chose 
Nathaniel Nance gdn 

P. 156. Dec. Court 1789 Isham Eppes Dabney, orph of William 
chose John Pegram gdn 

P. 156. Dec. Court 1789 Thomas Chappell apptd gdn to Mary 
Briggs Fowler, orph of Joseph 

P. 157. Dec. Court 1789 William Chappell apptd. gdn to Willey 
Fowler, orph of Joseph 

P. 158. Jan. Court 1790 OP bind out Stephen Munn child of 

P. 158. Jan. Court 1790 George Pegram Jr. apptd gdn to Mary 
Barrett, orph of Thomas 

P. 163. Feb. Court 1790 Benjamin Perkins gdn to Lucretia 
Wynne, orph of Sloman returned gdn AC 

P. 163. Feb. Court 1790 Edward Pegram Jr. gdn to Thomas 
and Joanna Parham orph of Epharim Parham. 

P. 163. Feb. Court 1790 OP bind out James and Samuel 
Brown, orph of William 

P. 163. Feb. Court 1790 OP bind out Ann Morgan orph 

P. 203. Apr. Court 1790 OP bind out Patty and Honor Branton, 
orph of James 

P. 203. May Court 1790 Ludwell Worsham gdn to Elizabeth, 

Mary, and Lucy Jones Worsham, orph of Lewelling returned 
Gdn AC 

P. 236. June Court 1790 OP bind out Richard Stewart 

P. 236. June Court 1790 Benjamin Tucker, orph of Benjamin 
chose John Jones, Gent, gdn 

P. 238. July Court 1790 OP bind out Hannah Jump(l)er, dau. 
of Phillis Jumper 


p. 243. Aug. Court 1790 John Vaughan is reputed father of Claiborne 

Vaughan dec. who was surgeons mate to the First Regt. 
of Dragoons . i 

P. 250. Sept. Court 1790 Joseph Turner Jr. gdn to Elizabeth \ 

and Patty Hall Mines, orph of Charles returned gdn 


P. 250. Sept Court 1790 Joseph Turner gdn to Francis Markham 

Hardaway, orph of Ainsworth returned gdn AC 

P. 254. Oct. Court 1790 David Meanly, orph of Abner chose 

Boswell Goodwyn Jr. gdn 

P. 257. Nov. Court 1790 Nancy Clarke, orph of William 

chose Abraham North gdn 

P. 286. Dec. Court 1790 Anne Thweatt chose Baker Pegram 


P. 286. Dec. Court 1790 Susan Thweatt chose Thomas Manson 


P. 286. Dec. Court 1790 Thomas Manson apptd gdn to Mary Thweatt, 

Burwell Green Thweatt, John Manson Thweatt, infants. 

P. 288. Dec. Court 1790 Edward Pegram gdn of Thomas and Joanna 

Parham returned gdn AC 

P. 290. Jan. Court 1791 David Boisseau, orph of James chose 

Benjamin Boisseau gdn 

P. 291. Jan. Court 1791 William Meanly gdn of David and Turner 

Meanly, orph of Abner returned gdn AC 

by L.H. Hart 

This item was abstracted from Brunswick County Order Book 3. It is 
located on page 27 and was recorded at a court held April 3, 1745. 
It is unusually informative as it includes relationships. 

It is certified that John Blackwellder imported himself and his two 
sons: John and Caleb; his two daughters: Elizabeth and Margaret; and 
his sister: Catherine Blackwellder from the Marquiset of Durloch in 
Germany into Pennsylvania and thence into Virginia. 



by J.C. Kolbe 

During it session of 1806, the General Assembly passed 
an act which prohibited slaves from being brought into Virginia. 
In it session of 1811, the General Assembly ammend the 
previous act and allowed citizens of Virginia to bring slaves 
into the state which they had obtained by marri<ige or descent. 
Sixty days after their coming to Virginia, the owner was 
required to register his slaves with the clerk of court. 
The following petitions are from the collection of county 
petitions at the Virginia State Library. The petitions 
which follow were from slave owners who had unknowingly 
violated the state laws on bringing slaves into Va. These 
petitions reveal genealogical connections between Virginia 
and other Southern states. 


Petition of Henry Dupree: 

That a relative Michael Warren died last year in North Carolina 

possessed of a number of slaves whom he devised to be sold, 

the petitioner purchased the followng slaves: Daniel, Jack, 

Sam, David, Lydia, Aggy, Lettice, and Rebecca and has since 

brought them into the commonwealth. Michael Warren had 

removed to N.C. from Southamption Co. VA. where he had resided • 

for 60 ys. That the said testators place of residence in 

N.C. was not more than 3 miles from your petitioners in 



Petition of John Crenshaw 

that your petitioner in the Fall of 1809 visited his father 

Robert Crenshaw living in South Carolina. His father loaned 

him a slave Moses during his father's natural life. 



Petition of Robert Jones 

That your petitioner is dau. Patsey Wade Jones about llys. 

had latel}^ been given a present of a Negro girl Naney b}^ 

her uncle Thomas H. Butler of Person Co. N.C. 

Petition of John Wilson 

John Wilson guardian of Wm . W. Elam showeth that the father 
of Wm • W. Elam was a resident of Mecklenburg Co. Va. and 
sold his land and removed to Caswell Co. N.C. and there 
died. Your petitioner went to N.C. and got Wm . W. Elam, 
his mother and two sisters and supports them at his own 
expense. By the will of his father Wm . W. Elam inherited 
a women slave and six children. That your petitioner may 
bring the six slaves to his own house in Halifax Co. Your 
petitioner also supports Nancy Elam and asks to bring one 
small servant boy into Va. 


Petition of Edwin Clark 

That Edwin Clark in the earl}' part of Feb. 1807 married 

a Miss Polley Moore of Northampton Co. N.C., living near 

the Va. line possessed of an estate of slaves. 


Petition of James Sneed 

That your petitioner sometime in ^ril 1809 emigrated from 

the town of Wi 1 1 i amsbor ough in Granville Co. N.C. into Halifax 

Co. Va . where he has remained in the performance of his 

duties as a physician. That after your petitioner became 

a resident of Halifax, his father Stephen Sneed of Wmsboro, 

N.C. made a gift of sundry negro slaves: Ned, Anthony, Nero, 

Nelson, Jacob, Peter, Hannah, and Sarah. 


HENRY CO. VA. 1809 

Petition of William Draper 

Whereas Solloman Draper of Pearson Co. N.C. by his will 

bequeathed 2 negro men to your petitioner. 

HENRY CO. VA. 1809 

Petiton of John A. Verdel 

That in Oct. 1808 your petitioner hired one of his slaves 

to David Cook who shortly after removed to Surry Co. N.C. 

and the term of his hire being expired in February last 

removed the negro into this state. 

HENRY CO. VA. 1812 

Petiton of James Patterson 

That your petitioner's father died about 12 months past 

in S.C. possessed of sundry slaves, upon making a division, 

a young negroe man named Joe about twenty or twenty one 

years was alloted to your petitioner. 

HENRY CO. VA. 1816 

Petition of Benjamin Jones 

Your petitioner had a son moved S.C. and when he came 

to see us brought a negro girl with him. After awhile the son 

went to the western country. 


by Susan B. Sheppard 

The following is a transcription of a will and supporting 
documents found in Brunswick County Judgements 1784 A-B, Box 
67. It is styled Brodnax vs Hartwell. Printed with the kind 
permission of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. 

In the name of God Amen I Stephen Dewey of the County of Dinwiddie 

in the Colony of Virg being of sound mind & memory praised 

be almighty God for the same and being minded and disposed 

to settle my Estate and appoint how and in what manner the 

same shall pass and go after my decease do make this my last 

Will and Test"ament in manner and form following. 

Imprimis I give my Soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping 

for pardon & remission of my Sins thro' the merits and Intercession 

of my blessed Saviour and redeemer and my Body to the Earth 

to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter 


Item I will and desire that all my just Debts be paid and 

satisfied and after the same shall be so done I give Sc devise 

all and every part of my Estate as well real as personal within 

the said Colony of Virga. as also within the province of North 

Carolina to be equally divided amongst my two Friends William 

Brodnax & Thomas Hall to them and their Heirs forever except 

as is hereafter excepted that is to say, I Give and Devise 

to my God Son Stephen Edward Brodnax One hundred pounds Current 


Item I give to Elizabeth Brodnax Daughter of William Brodnax 

my negro boy Peter the Son of my negro Wench lately deceased 

called Pamila 

And lastly I do appoint my said Friends William Brodnax and 

Thomas Hall Executors of this my last will & Testament desiring 

they may not be obliged to give any Security of or concerning 


the same, as witness my hand & Seal this 10th day of June 1762, 

being all of my own handwriting. 

At a Court held for Dinwiddie County Monday May 21st 1770 

This will was presented in Court and there being no Witnesses 

thereto Neil Buchanan Senr. George Smith junr. & William Hamlin 

being severally sworn each declare that they verily believe 

that the said Will & the Name subscribed thereto are of the 

proper hand writing of the said Stephen Dewey being well acquainted 

with his Handwriting It is thereupon Ordered that the same 

be recorded as and or his last will & Testament 


Geo. Nicholas C[erk] D[inwiddie] C[ourt] 

Copy Teste 

Thos. Ruffin C[lerk] D[inwiddie] C[ourt] 

Brunswick [ ] 

Mary Brewer being first sworn, say's a bout five years ago 

last Christmas; she wase agoing to aMiley [Amelia] County and 

Cauled on Mrs. Anne Brodnax for quarters & after being there some 

Time Mrs. Brodnax asked her who she wase, & her Daughter Mrs. 

Evens answer'd her Mother, she wase an old aquaintance A Daughter 

of Mrs. Rottenbury, and That theay bouth had Bin worth a Prittey 

living but wase none the better for it now, Mrs. Broadax Then 

answer'd not to mind it, for she had Twelve or Thirteen negros 

tht wase her own Property, given To her before she wase Maryed 

by her granfarther or Her granmother, this Depoant [Deponant] 

is not shure which; including Her self, with giving a Part of 

the Sd. Slaves; naming Maney of them or the whole as §&¥-ets well 

as this Depoant Remembers; Towit; Pat, Annakiy[?], Florar, Cloe, 

Peter, & naney. This Depoant says she thinks Mrs. Brodnax said 

Mr. Evens wase then in Jail [?] below & Told her Daughter not 

to mind it or be Trobled at it, for she must shift a mong them; 

& Told of her own Slaves, &c. And further this Depoant Sayeth 

not; Sertified This 13th Day April 1775 

Douglass WilkinsC?] 
John Powell 


Brunswick [ ? ] Anne [?] Brodnax being Present &c . [?] 

Mary Ledbetter being first sworn, says That a Bout Seven 
years a go She wase at Mrs. William Evens, and That She heard 
Mrs. Evens say that her Grandfarther Gave Her a negro boy Peter, 
& a negro Girl Floro, and Som Time after; She the Depoant wase 
at Mrs. Evens ' s again, at which Time Her Grandfarther Mr. Dewey 
wase there and the Girl Floro Came in and the Depoant said To 
Mrs. Evens that She had better Put Sumthing on The Sd. Girl Floro 
as She apeard almost naked but Mrs. Evens Shook her head & fround 
(-) and further This Depoant Sayeth not, Sertified this 2[] Day 
July 1775. 

Will. Thom[so]n [?] 

[ ] 
John Powell 

Joel Night, being of Lawful age sayeth that twenty odd years ago 

he was Overseer for Capt. Wm. Brodnax in Dinwiddle and he happened 

in Company with Mrs. Dewey and she told him to take notice 

that she intended anegroe girl named Florore for her Doughter 

Ann Brodnax to be kept for the only use of Said Mrs. Brodnax 

so long as they might both Live and in case the sd. girl should 

live to have any increas that it was to be divided between 

the four daughters of Sd. A Brodnax, say Eliza., Rebea., Ann, 

& Martha Brodnax the first Child to Eliza, the second to Reba. 

& so on untill they got one apeice if she had as many, and 

if she had more then one apeice they ware to be propotioned 

between the said four girls, and then it should be in the power 

of the sd. Ann Brodnax to give her the sd. wench to which of 

her Children She might please, and this Dept. further sayeth 

that after the death of Mrs. Dewey, Capt. Brodnax sent him 

to Mr. Deweys for Some things that he had there and when he 

was coming of Mr. Dewey called him & delivered the sd. negroe 


girl to him, and said that it was the request of his wife on 
her deathbed that Mrs. A. Brodnax should have her & then repeeted 
the turms she was given on which was Verbatum as Mrs. Dewey 
had told him before 5i the sd. Mr Dewey Delevered him anegroe 
boy Named feter also. & told him to deliver him to Miss Eleza. 
Brodnax for that was the request of his wife also. 

Joel (x) Night 

Sworn to before 

W Parks 

Henry Brodnax sayith that the sd. Ann Brodnax Had many times 

told him the turmes that the Above named Florore was given 

to her on, & that it answer'd exectly With the Above Diposion 

of Joel Nights and ferther Sayith the sd. Ann Brodnax got him 

to forbid any person purchesing of the sd. Wench when she was 

sold by the sheriff which He the sd. Henry Brodnax did and 

ferther sayith that He nor his Farther Never Offered that wench 

for sale among Mr. Evans. (-) Negroes as she was only [ ]. 

Henry Brodnax 

Sworn to before 

W Park 

June 24 17[81?] 


submitted by Benjamin B. Weisiger 

These inscriptions were sent to me several years ago by the 
late Beasley Hancock of Powhatan. They had been copied b}^ Raymond 
Boelt, also of Powhatan, over an unknown period of time. 

HAGUE GRAVEYARD - near Macon, Va . 

Etta G. Hague 1868-1914 L.G. Hague 1861-1913 

Louise Hague 1837-1923 R.F. Hague 1832-1896 

Bernard M. Hague,, Jr. 1910-1968 

Burlie K. Hague (Mother) 1877-1923 

Wm. D. Hague (Father) 1870-1943 

Susan Jane Stratton 1834-1918 

M T. CARMEL CEMETERY - Smiths Cross Road 

Benj . Moody 1775-1841 

Augusta G. Royal, beloved wife of J.W. Royal, 1849, 55 years old 

George W. Flournoy 1800-1841 

George Wythe, son of Dr. G.W. & J.H.Tinsley 1845-1853 

Peter Tinsley 1810-1852 

John Hyde Saunders 1784-1861 

Geo. Silas Bryant 1850-1858 

Mary W. Smith 1818-1894 

Josiah S. Smith 1808-1900 

A t Meadville , the Mayo place, formerly Harrison's 
E.L. Murphy 1865-1910 

D ENOON CEMETERY - Macon District 

Ella Denoon Caine, wife of Geo. B. Caine 1870-1865 

Charles E. Denoon 1866-1929 

Eva L. Denoon 1866-1928 

Bernice L. Denoon 1899-1962 


James Denoon 1887-1961 
Esten S. Denoon 1853-1934 

CE METER Y A T " ELIOCH" - Route 711 

William Finney, died Nov. 1836, age 47 years 

Anthony Martain 1737-1805 

Edward Taylor, a negro slave, died 1873, age 60 years 
"Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant" 

HO BSON CEMETE RY - south side of Route 606 
Willis Wilson Hobson 1826-1917 
Arabella Gilliam Hobson 1828-1882 
Betty Lewis Hobson 1833-1895 

GR AVES AT "KESWICK"- Route 711 

Rosabelle Burfoot, wife of Thomas Howard 1825-1847 
Died of Pulmonary consumption 

Major John Clarke 1766-1844 

MA XEY CEMETER Y - on road to Jefferson Landing 

James H. Maxey 1855-1922 

A.J. Maxey 1819-1884 

Sarah Maxey 1822-1851 

Sylvanus Maxey 1847-1865 

I. G. Maxey 1827-1901 


Rev. John Wooldridge 1771-1859 

Martha, wife of Rev. John Wooldridge, died 1831, age 53 

Carion Hughes, 2nd wife of Rev. Wooldridge, 1784-1840 


Joseph Michaux, killed April 6, 1865, 20 years old 

Sallie Walthall, daughter of Robt. and Kate J. Dunn 


Jacob Michaux 1803-1868 

Mother- Fannie A. Michaux, died 1890 

Richard H. Ludlam 1848-1908 

William Walthall Michaux 1864-1944 

Byrd Sublett Michaux 1869-1962 

Frank E. Michaux 1888-1890 

Miller W. Michaux 1892-1961 

Marion Michaux Ward 1859-1885 

Page D. Michaux 1901-1919 

Frances Howell Michaux 1899-1918 

W.R. Michaux 1889-1911 


Anthony Dibrell Sledd 1858-1923 

Samuel Hobson Sledd 1897-1914 

Ella Royal Sledd 1858-1920 

Lucy E. Winfree, died 184 , 25 years old 

AT "MONTPELIER", home of Dr. R.W.Bradley 

Charles W. Dabney 1851-1854 


Lucy Ann, wife of Robt. K. Dabney 1795-1851 


Capt. Thomas Miller, died 1845, age 65 years 

Betty Gaines, widow of Harry Gaines died 1837, 86 years old 


Hilary Harris 1802-1874 

Fanny Martin, daughter of Hilary and Phoebe Harris, 1852-1876 

Sarah D. Harris 1844-1864 

In Memory of Lavinia, wife of Daniel Hatcher, died 1863, age 26 

Joseph H. Harris 1833-died in New Providence, Tenn 1858 

Capt. Hilary Valentine Harris, C.S.A., Born 1839, Died in Action 
Sailors Creek, April 6, 1865 

Little Vin, daughter of Abner & Flora Harris July 1, 1866 
Age 6 months 



Susan D. Tucker 1831-1898 

Mrs. S.B. Stratton, died 1931 

Richard Swann 1832-1897 

Richard Thomas Swann 1860-1943 

Lavella Courtney, dau. of C.W. & May Harvie Ligon 1888-1905 

John D. Taylor, died 1892, 77 years old 

Mary S. Taylor, died 1914, 89 years old 

Mary Harvie, dau. of D.W. £i Susan Tucker, & wife of C.W. Ligon, 

Sarvella Bernice, dau. of D.W. & Susan D. Tucker, 1893-1900 

Lt. Samuel Watkins, Va. Militia, Revolutionary War 

Nancy Bush 1804-1860 

Calvin Marshall Fariss 1872-1918 

R.J. Lambert, Co. I, 1st Va. Regt., C.S.A. 

Daniel Wilson Tucker 1827-1904 

John Swann 1793-1866 

Cora Stratton Swann 1867-1943 

Geo. W. Ligon 1850-1889 

Bettie A., wife of G.W. Ligon 1857-1877 

CEMETERY AT "SEVEN OAKS" - Clyde Bodie Schroder 

Here lie our father Mathew Hobson and our little brother Charlie 

Richard S. Hobson died 1857, age 7 yrs. 8 mos. 

John S. Hobson 1819-1854 

John Schroder died 1879 

Col. Andrew Schroder, died 1904 

James Allen, died 1917 

Josepha Schroder died 1889 

Otelia Schroder died 1884 


Wm. Spears, his body removed to Bethel Church 

Mary L., wife of Dr. Wm . B. Ward, dau. of T.B. & A.S.Dorsett 


GR AVEYARD AT "MULBERRY HILL" , home of Wyatt s. Sanders 

Mary Jane, wife of Geo. W. Sublett, dau. of John G. & H.A. Porter 

James Sanders 1817-1900 

Lucy Jane Sanders, wife of James Sanders, 1831-1912 

Peter Sublett 1784-1851 

Martha A. Ellett 1812-1872 

Annie P. Sublett 1790-1876 

G RAVEYARD ON ROUTE 615 west of Fariss to Route 621 

Samuel E. Stratton 1824-1909 Wife - Sarah Stratton 1832-1881 

Memory of James Freeland 1806-1808 

BE HIND SN EAD 'dANDRIDGE ' S HOME ON ROUTE 60 , about 1 mile 
Isham Stegar Mar. 29, 1778 - June 1845 

SID DONS graveyard , on Middle Road 1 mile west of Alice Fariss's 

Edward D. Fariss 1861-1937 

Mary Fariss Siddons 1835-1912 

Edward H. Fariss, killed at Fredericksburg 1862, C.S.A. 


Thomas James Scott 1811-1840, erected by his brother Wm . C. Scott 


Memory of Sally, wife of Dr. Thomas J. Turpin, and only dau. of 
John H. £< Martha J. Eustace of Richmond, Va. 1826-1855 

Memory of Martha Virginia Turpin 1829-1851, this slab placed 

over her remains by her bereaved Father & Mother Wm . A. & R.B. Turpin 

Rebecca, aged 10 years & Lizzie, aged 2 mos., children of 
Dr. T.J. & M.A. Turpin, sent to Heaven Jan. 1, 1873 

GR AVEYARD AT BIG OAK FARM , across from Huguenot Academy 

Memory of Moss Bentley, 1846, age 40 years. Erected by Cynthia, his 
widow and Maj . James R. Kent of Pulaski Co., his father in law 



by L.H.Hart 

The following is an abstract from Isle of Wight County 
Order Book 1830-34, p. 297. It was recorded at court held 
September 2, 1833. 

Dep. of Michael Murphrey D. Sept 2 1833 

John Murphrey of IW enlisted in US service in or abt. 1777 
and went North in the 15 VA Rgt . commanded by Col. David Mason, 
served 3 yrs. returned to IW and in abt. 2 mo. reenlisted; 
marched under command of Col. Burfoot continued to the end of 
the war returning home in 1782 or 3. He died about 1803 leaving 
an only child a son Pleasant Murphrey. Said Pleasant Murphrey 
died in Portsmouth in 1813 while serving a tour of duty as 
a volunteer in a volunteer co. of light infantry commanded 
by Capt. Henry Wills. The heirs to Pleasant Murphrey only 
heir to John Murphrey are: Wm . Murphrey son of Evans who was 
full brother to John. Patsey Miniard (formerly Murphrey), Michael, 
and Thomas Murphrey, Mary Murray (formerly Murphrey) and William 
Joseph and James Mitchell Murphrey sons of Wm . Murphrey who 
are the children and grandchildren of George who was full brother 
to John; William Murphrey, Catharine Fluhart (formerly Murphrey), 
John Murphrey, Hester Mitchil (formerly Murphrey) and John 
Howell, Lucy Howell, and Foster Howell children of Elizabeth 
Howell (formerly Murphrey) child of Henry Murphrey who was 
another full brother to sd. John; Mary Jones (formerly Murphrey) 
a full sister to said John; Charles and John Murphrey 'sons 
of Charles Murphrey a full brother to said John. Nancy Richards 
(formerly Murphrey) Sarah Powell (formerly Murphrey), Archibald 
Murphrey Patsey Murphrey William Murphrey, John & Nancy Hampton 
children of Nancy Hampton (formerly Murphrey) children & grandchildren 
of Dempsey Murphrey bro. of sd. John; Eliza Hall (formerly 
Murphrey) dau. of Jesse Murphrey bro. of sd. John.; Sarah Saunders 


(formerly Murphrey) \ sister of sd. John; Ann Stroud (formerly 
Murphrey) \ sister of sd. John. Eliza Ann & Josiah Murphrey 
children of William \ brother of sd. John. Deponent is aged 
abt . 7 A years . 


contributed by Susan B. Sheppard 
abstracted by L. H. Hart 

This suit was found among the loose judgments of Brunswick County. 
Its significance lies in the number of married daughters included in the 
suit and in the notation at the bottom of the document listing the 
residence of some of the parties in the suit. It is printed with the 
kind permission of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Brunswick County. 

Elizabeth Lester, widow of Andrew Lester, deed. Compt. 


Thos. Lester admr. and son of the said Andrew, John Lester, 
Andw. Lester, Francis Lester, Whitehead Lester, David Vaughan 
and Hannah his wife, John Wilson and Eliza, his wife, Thos. 
Wilkes and Mary his wife, Isaac Medley and Sarah his wife, 
Glaynus Wynne and Rebecca his wife, Martha and Rachel Lester 
children of the said Andrew by the said Thomas their next 
friend. Defts. 

This cause was heard at Novr. Ct. 1787 and by the consent 
of all parties, the dower of the complt. in the lands and 
slaves of the said Andrew Lester was ordered to be laid off 
and assigned to her by Christopher Haskins, John Haskins, Wm. 
Walker and George Trotter or any three of them. 

Andrew S. Carolina 
Franc is Do . 
David Vaughan not known 
Thos. Wilkes S. Caro. 
Glaynus Wynne Do. 


(Deed Books 1-6, Deeds & Wills 0) 
by L. H. Hart 

An important source for documenting migration is the power 
of attorney, recorded in county deed books. This instrument 
usually shows where a person has moved and gives some clue 
to his connection with the county in which the power of attorney 
is recorded. Often, two or three generations are mentioned 
within one instrument. 

The Index to Deeds. for Powhatan County has been examined, 
and those powers of attorney which contain genealogical information 
or evidence of migration have been abstracted. 

Standard state abbreviations are used as well as the following; 
DB-Deed Book; p-page; P-Powhatan County; Co. -County; Bro . -Brother ; 
Sis. -Sister; Gr-Grand; PoA-Power of Attorney; Att . -At t es t ed 
at (locat ion) . 

DB 0, p. 10. Robert Mayo of City of Richmond intending to 

leave VA shortly, PoA to friend Joseph Mayo of P to act in 

my name, etc. and to sell my land in Amherst Co. 

D. May 3 1810 

R. May 7 1810 

Witn. Thomas Lamprieve, John W. Bass, Edward Mayo. 

DB 0, p. 22. David Meade of P PoA to David Meade Jr. of 
Jessamine Co., Ky. to dispose of my interest in 2000 acres 
in Ky. which was patented to the late Everad Meade and by him 
willed to my bro. Everad and others and from him bought by 
me . 

D. May 11 1813 
R. May 11 1813 
( no witn . ) 

DB 1, p. 276. George Nix of P PoA to friend John Talbot 
of Campbell Co. Va. to transact all business and to apply for 
and obtain a warrant and locate & survey the land due me for 
my service in the state of Georgia as a soldier. 


D. Nov. 17 1784 
R. Dec. 16 1784 
Witn. V. Markham, N(elson) Patteson, William McCraw. 

DB 1, p. 428. Thomas Tarpley of Middlesex Co. Va. PoA to 

William Goode of P to transact my business. 

D. July 27 1787 

R. Aug. 16 1787 

Witn. Phillip Turpin, Peter (field) Turpin, John Harris, Jr. 

DB 1 , p. 503. 

of Fayatte Co. Ky . to 

Co. containing 44109% 

D. 15 Apr. 1789 

R. 16 Apr. 1789 

(no witn.). 

John Harris of P PoA to brother Jorda(i)n Harris 
sell my interest in ^ of a tract in Fayatte 
acres . 

of P PoA to John Fowler, 

DB 1, p. 526. Thomas Turpin Jr , 

Jr. of Woodford Co. to sell for me any land lying on the Western 

waters of this state. 

D. 17 Sept. 1790 

R. Sept. 17 1790 

(no witn . ) . 

DB 1, p. 
S . C. to 
D . Oct . 
R. Nov. 
( no witn 

653. Jacob Jacobs of P 
transact all my business. 

29 1791 

19 1791 

PoA to Samuel Jacobs of Charleston, 


1, p. 701. Horation Turpin of P PoA to friends Wade Woodson 
p'and Jordan'Harris of Woodford Ky. to transact all business 


21 June 1792 

21 June 1792 

(no witn. ) 


DB 2, p. 69. Littleberry Mosby Jr. of P 
Smith of P to make division of land entered in 
t law to my deceased brother John Mosby in Ky 


same . 

D. 17 Apr 

R. 17 Apr 

(no witn . ) 

to friend George 
my name as heir 
and convey 


Ky. executor of Charles 

DB 2, p. 105. Green Clay of Madison Co 

Clay, dec, late of P PoA to Col. Richard Crump of P to act. 

for me in the settlement of the decedent's estate. 

D. Oct. 12 1794 

R. Oct. 16 1794 

Witn. Robt. Biscoe, A(bner) Crump. 


DB 2, p. 492. Lunsford Pitts and Elizabeth Pitts of P PoA 
to our friend and brother Henry Crutcher to receive our Share 
of the estate of our father Thomas Crutcher of Caroline Co. 
VA being a fc60 legacy and 1/8 part of the residue, also 1/8 
part of the estate of our brother John Crutcher dec., also 
1/8 part of the estate of our brother Leonard ££ujth£r dec. 
of Essex Co., VA . 

D . Sept. , 1798' 

R. Sept. 19, 1798 

(no witn.) (Ack: by Elizabeth Pitts Nov. 21,1798). 

DB 2, p. 665. John Brackett of Shelby Co. KY PoA to my friend 

Ludwell Brackett of Amelia Co. VA to recover land in Hanover 

Co., VA which I claim as heir at law to my mother and to dispose 

of it for me . 

D. 5 Feb. 1800 

R. Sept. 17, 1800 

Witn. V(incent) Markham, Richard Crump. 

DB 3, p. 166. Martha Hall surviving executrix of Thomas Ballow 

dec. of Campbell Co. PoA to Jordan Ballow of P to sell land 

in P mentioned in will of decedent. 

D. Oct. 13, 1802 

R. Dec. 21,1802 

Witn. John Nunnally, Wm . Forlines. 

DB 3, p. 295. Matthew Farley of KY PoA to Arthur Farley of 

VA to sell my land and receive any monies due me. 

D. Apr. 10, 1805 

R. June 19, 1805 

Witn. David Flournoy, H(enry) W. Watkins , John Deane, John 

Winf ree . 

DB 3, p. 364. Josiah Thompson of Lunenburg Co., 

Josiah Thompson, dec. of P PoA to Thomas Watkins 

all business for me as executor of the decedent. 

D. Jan. 16, 1806 

R. Mar. 19, 1806 

Witn. H(enry) W. Watkins, John Bass, Sr. 

executor of 

of P to transact 

DB 3, p. 433. John Gouldin of Jessemine Co., KY PoA to 

friend John Maxey Jr. of P to sell all my interest in land 

in P which my late father Willm. Gouldin(g) died possessed 

of, and to sell same (83 acres). 

D. Oct. 30, 1806 

R. Nov. 19, 1806 

Witn. Peter Dupuy, Elisha Maxey, John Deane, Philip Deane. 

DB 4, p. 149. Solomon Edwards of Clarke Co., GA PoA to Gideon 
Flournoy of P to receive and sell my land in P which formerly 
belonged to Joseph Bingley and at his death devolved to his 
widow Judith, which was given to Joseph Bingley Larke at the 


death of said Judith and to recover the aforesaid land left 

to my brother Joseph Bingley Larke, dec. 

D. April 27, 1810 

R. May 16, 1810 

Witn. Joseph Stratton, D(aniel) W 

Michaux, T-. Turpin. 

DB 4, p. 217. Lemuel M. Hedges and Mary F. Hedges of Prince 

William Co.,VA PoA to William Robertson of P to sell our undivided 

parts of land in Dinwiddle Co.,. VA which was devised to said 

Lemuel M. and Mary F. Hedges and Hannah C. Robertson (formerly 

Hedges) by the last will of their grandfather Daniel Claiborne 

late of Dinwiddle Co. 

D. May 23,1810 

R. Dec. 19, 1810 

Witn. A(lexander) Henderson, James Deneale, Henry M. Smoot. 

Att. May 28, 1810. Prince William Co., VA. 

DB 4, p. 513. Francis Goode of P surviving administrator 

with will annexed of Robert Goode, dec. late of Whitby, Chesterfield 

Co., VA PoA to Charles Cunliff(e) of Chesterfield Co. to collect 

debt due decendent's estate from the representatives of David 

Leitch, dec., formerly of KY. 

D. May 19, 1813 

R. May 19, 1813 

(no witn . ) 

DB 5, p. 61. Richard H. Cocke of P PoA to brother J-ames 
Cocke of P to receive of John Hamblin executor of Abraham Green 
of Amelia Co., dec. and late gdn. of Eliza A. Cocke dau. of 
said Green before her marriage with Richard H. Cocke all said 
Eliza's share of her father's estate. 
D. Jan. 15, 1814 
R. May 18, 1814 
Witn. John W. Farrar, Joseph McDearmon, William A. Cocke Jr. 

DB 5, p. 415. Susanna Sallee relict of John, dec. of P and 
gdn. to Eliza, Thos., and Mary Sallee infant children of said 
John (by court order of Oct. 21, 1812) PoA to brother David 
Trabue of Jessomine Co., KY to receive the share due me as 
gdn. of the aforesaid children being their interest in the 
estate of their grandfather Joseph Sallee, dec. of KY. 
D. March 1816 
R. March 20 1816 
(no witn . ) . 

DB 6, p. 161. William Depp of Barren Co. KY PoA to son Peter 

Depp of same place to receive all money due me in VA and to 

sell my right in the land whereon my father Peter Depp formerly 

1 ived in P . 

D. Jan. 4, 1817 

R. Feb. 19, 1817 

Att. Barren Co. KY Jan. 4, 1817. 


DB 6, p. 259. Robert W. Mosby PoA to Richard W. Michaux of 
Rockingham Co. N.C, to receive money due me from John L. Lesueur 
of Rockingham Co. NC or John G. Smith his attorney. 
D. 21 May 1817 
R. 21 May 1817. 

DB 6, p. 411. See DB 5, p. 415 Susanna Sallee, relict of 
John, is now wife of Thomas Stratton of P PoA to Peter F. Deane 
son of John Deane Sr. 
D. Dec. 17 1817 
R. Dec. 17 1817. 

DB 6, p. 582. William Woodfin and Thomas Woodfin, now of P beinj 
about to change residence to some Western State PoA to Samuel 
Watkins of P to settle our unfinished business in VA and sell 
land in Fluvanna Co. (500 acres) which we inherited with our 
brother Arthur Woodfin from our father William Woodfin. 
D. June 6, 1818 
R. June 17, 1818 
Witn. Richd. Bass, Jos.- B. Davis, John Maxey, Jr. 

by Barbara Browder 

The photostat of the original is at the Virginia State Archives 
The Hicks Bible was published by M. Carey & Son, Chestnut Street, 
Philadelphia, 1817. 

Marriage s 

Daniel Hicks married Fanny Delony 

Edward B. 

22nd Sepr 1788 
Hicks was married to Elizabeth Stone 3 of November 1822 

B irths 

Edward B. Hicks born 11th July 1789 
Martha Hicks born 21 February 1791 
Daniel Hicks born 17th Septr 1792 
William Hicks born 22d January 1794 
Rebecca Hicks born 31st October 1795 
Fanny E. Hicks born 16 Deer 1797 
Henry D. Hicks born 6 January 1800 
Thomas Hicks born 9th Novr 1801 
Robert Lewis Hicks born 21st Sepr 1803 
Lewis F. Hicks born 1st Octr 1805 
Robert S. Hicks born. 23 May 1807 

Rebecca Hicks, Daughter 
November 1823 

of Edward & Elizabeth Hicks was born 18th of 

David S. Hicks son of Edw. & Elizabeth Hicks was born 11th May 1826 


Henry E. Jones born 27th August 1820 
Thomas L. Jones born the 26th June 1822 


Robert L. Hicks died March 25th 1805 

Thomas Hicks died Septr 26th 1815 

Robert S. Hicks died the 13th of March 1836 

Fanny Hicks died April 12th 1840' 

Daniel Hicks Jur died July 25th 1841 

Rebecca A. Hicks died suddenly February 20th 1854 

Fanny E. Hicks died on the 22 of February 1854 

Edward B. Hicks eldest son of Daniel & Fanny Hicks died the 27th 

of November 1858, age 69 
Fanny Hick-s wife of Daniel Hicks died April 12th 1840 
Daniel Hicks died November 1857 at the advanced age of ninety 

Martha Hicks daughter of Daniel & Frances Hicks died the 17th day 
of February 1861 age 70 years 

(Note: Henry E. & Thomas L. Jones were sons of Lucy D. Hicks, 

sister, of Daniel Hicks (d. 1857) and her husband, Ludwell 
E . Jones ) 


Leonard Goodwin Rem'd to Brunswick 
William Brown Rem'd to Brusk 
Warner Moore Rem'd to Mecklenburg 


William Coleman - Mecklenburg 

Daniel Crenshaw - Charlotte 

Thomas Carter - Nottoway 

William Hudson - Mecklenburg 

both by J.C. Kolbe 



contributed by Barbara Browder 
abstracted by J.C.Kolbe 

The following is a brief abstract of a Cumberland County 
chancery suit. The original is found among the loose Chancery 
Papers at the Virginia State Library, Archives Division and 
is printed with the kind permission of the Clerk of the Circuit 
Court .. . 

Orators and oratrixes John Hobson and Elizabeth his wife formerly 
Elizabeth Evans, James Wyche and Permelia his wife formerly 
Permelia Evans, John L. Boswell and Martha his wife, James 
Evans, Mary Evans, Catherine Evans, Cary C. Allen and America 
his wife, Virginia Evans and William Evans under 21 years who 
sue by their father William Evans. The said Elizabeth, Permelia, 
Martha, James, Mary, Catherine, America, Virginia and William 
are the children of Martha Evans dec. formerly Martha Hendricks 
one of the children of Elizabeth Hendricks. 

John Young died after having made his will which was recorded 
in the Court of Caroline Co. May 11, 1750. After giving certain 
legacies to his children the rest of his estate was given to 
his wife Sarah. John Young had the following children John, 
William, and Elizabeth. 

Zachariah Hendrick father of said Martha, married Elizabeth 
Young by whom he had the following children: Obadiah Hendricks 
who died in his mother's lifetime. John Hendricks, Elizabeth 
Hendricks wife of Lawson Hobson, William Hendricks, Martha 
who married William Evans, Rebeccah Hendricks, Elijah H. Hendricks, 
James Hendricks. Rebeccah Hendricks died under age without 
issue. James Hendricks went to a foreign country. Elizabeth 


Hendricks died interstate. 

The children of Obadiah Hendricks are William, Permelia 
who married Bennet Tinsley, Alexander, Matthew, David, Betsey 
who married Joseph Clarke, and Sally who married John Carter 
(also said Pleasant Carter). 

John Hendricks died during the life time of his mother. 
His children and heirs were'Betsey Bilbo formerly Hendricks 
and her dau. and sole heir Harriet Bilbo. Sally Ball formerly 
Hendricks and her children Ann wife of William Netherland, 
Harriet Ball, and Susan Ball. William Hendrick, James Hendrick, 
Ann Hendrick, Louisa Hendrick, Susan Hendrick, and Amanda 
Hendrick . 

William Hendrick died during the life time of his mother. 
His children were Sophia wife of Miller Woodson, Fermelia 
Goode, and William Hendricks. 

From other information in the suit the following was found: 

Martha Ball was the dau. of Sally Ball 

Harriet Ball was the wife of Peter Oglesby 

Sarah Young died 1796 or 1797 

Elizabeth Hendricks died 1817 

James Hendricks changed his name to James Montague Henry 

Catherine Evans was the wife of John : Gannaway 

Sarah Jones wife of Arthur Jones was the sister of Catherine 
Hendricks wife of Elijah H. Hendricks 

depositions were taken at Prince Edward C.H., at the house 
of Elijah H. Hendricks in Buckingham Co., the Eagle Hotel 
in the city of Richmond, at the house of Capt. Arthur Jones 
in Madisona Co. Alabama Territory at Huntsville, Alabama, 
Robert Hunter's tavern in Campbell Co., the Franklin Hotel 
in Lynchburg. 


by J. C. Kolbe 
(continued from Vol. 3, p. 

P. 101. Will of Elias Dejarnat of Pr. Edw. Co. St. P. Parish 
wife Elisabeth. dau. Rebeca. dau. Marrymiah wife of 
James Hinds. son Elias. son Jno. Thomas. son Thomas 
149 acres being part of grant by patent to George 
Bagley d. 1 Feb. 1768. Ex. Miller Woodson, John 
Bass. Wit. Josiah Pace, Miller Woodson, [ ]som pace. 
8. 9 Aug. 1768. R. [ ] July 1769. Further proved 
17 Sept. 1792. 

P. 102. Appraisal of Est. of Obadiah Woodson dec. 

Appraised 7 Nov. 1767. Appr. Jacob Garrott, Jno. 
Chiles, Henry Walker. D. 10 Feb. 1768. R. April 
Court 1768. 

P. 104. Inv. of Jane Stith Anderson. Appr. James Allen, 

Alex. LeGrand, Benja. Tyree. R. August Court 1768. 

P. 106. Appraisal of Est. of Jas. Masters. D. 19 Jan. 1768. 
R. May Court 1768. 

P. 107. Sale of Obadiah Woodson's dec. Est. R. Oct. Court 

P. 108. Appraisal of Est. of Thomas Baulding dec. Appr. 
Chs . Hudson, Jno. [ ]. d. Nov. 17, 1767. 

P. 109. Est. of Thomas Baulding deed. to 4 daus. legacies, 
to Caleb Baulding a negro woman named Hagera legacy 
to do. a boy a legacy. to William Baulding a negro 
man Sambo a legacy. to Thomas Baulding a negro man 
Bowser a legacy. to do. a negro girl Phillis a 
legacy. to Ester Baulding a legacy. Appr. Ab. Venable, 
Chs. Venable. D. 11 Oct. 1769. R. Oct. Coui<t 1769. 

P. 110. Act. of Robert Read to James Read (accounts for years 
1756-1766) to settle act. current of James Read ex. 
of Robert Read dec. R. March Court 1768. 

P. 111. Inv. of Edward Johnson's est. pursuant to court order 
d. Oct. Court 1769. Appr. Jno. LeNeve, Jo. Parks, 
Alex. Hambleton. D. 21 Nov. 1769. R. February Court 


p. 112. Inv. of Est. of John Owen. Appr. Henry Dickinson, Tho. 
Hudson, James Wade. Ex. James Hamblett, Brackett 
Owen. R. Sept. Court 1767. 

P. 113. Further Appraisal of John Owen's est. 
Dickinson, Thomas Hudson, Charles 
D. 3 Nov. 1767. R. 3 Nov. 1768. 

Appr. Henry 

P. 114. Inv. of James Parks. Appr. Wm . Watson, John Hill, 
Jno . Cunningham, Samuel Cunningham. 

P. 115. Will of Josiah Whitlock of St. P. Parish of Pr. Edw. 
son Charles Whitlock 390 acres. son Josiah Whitlock. 
son William Adams Whitlock 390 acres between my son 
Charles and George Moore's. son John Whitlock 390 
■acres and 2 negroes Nat and Jane. dau. Mary Wells 
for her natural life 200 acres in Charlotte Co. on 
great Owl Creek and a negro woman Tanner, then to 
be divided between my grandchildren, Elizabeth, Desdimonia, 
and Mary Wells. dau. Milla Whitlock U negroes: Hannah, 
Ceasar, Nan, Chelsay. dau. Elizabeth Foster. Ex. 
Thomas Flournoy, George Moore, William Booker. Wit. 
Matthew Jackson, John Cole, William Cole. d. 21 
Oct. 1769. R.March Court 1770. 

P. 117. Will of Edward Johnson. wife Egnas. son William 
87 acres joining my son William Smith's line, 
son John 80 acres joining my son William, dau. Geen, 
dau. Mary. dau. Agness. Ex. wife Agnes and Samuel 
Wallis. Wit. David Galispie, Samuel Arbuckle, Wm . 
Smith. d. 5 Sept. 1769. R. 16 July 1770. 

P. 118. John Watkin's Will. to sons Micajah and 
lying in Halifax Co. and on Dan River at 
of Burch's Ck. sons Thomas and James 60 
be equally divided. son William. bro. 
son Abner plantation after death or marr 
wife . daH--Eiigabeth-Hamfelin-an-negife-g 
gran. dau. Chaney Hamblin. daHr-Jadith- 
a negro boy named Dick. dau. Edith Watk 
boy Roger. dau. Sarah Watkins a negro g 
dau. Mary Watkins. wife Anne plantation 
now live with 300 acres of land and slav 
Paul, Linnes, Beck, Jenny during her nat 
or widowhood. After death or remarriags 
to be divided between sons. Ex. wife An 
son Micajah Watkins, bro. Thomas Watkins 
Johnson, William Sadler, Mary Sadler. d 
1762. R. None. • 

John land 

the mouth 
acres to 
Thomas Watkins 
iage of my 


ins a negro 

irl Suckey. 

where I 
es Boson , 
ural life 
s s lave s 
n Watkins, 

Wit. Gideon 
. 20 April 

P. 121. Codical of John Watkins, reference to selling 1800 
acres in Halifax Co. Wit. Henry Barksdale, Samuel 
[ ]. d.' 20 April 1762. R. 15 jan. 1770. 


statement that dau. Judith at time of John Watkins 
will had received her legacy and was dead, she married 
Henry Hamblin. 

P. 123. Will of Zachariah Leigh of St. P. Pr. Edw. Co. to 
be buried by my friends Paschall Greenhill, Thomas 
Scott, Clement Read, John Nash Jun. who I appoint 
my exors. - Slaves and personal property to grandchildren 
that son John has or may have by his wife Elizabeth 
widow Prudence. to two grandsons Zachariah Greenhill 
Leigh and Paschal Greenhill Leigh the land I now 
live on. that the estate between Capt. David Greenhill 
and self, that my part be to the maintenance of my 
wife, son and his wife and their family. Wit. Thomas 
Howlet. d. 6 Ap. 1770. r. 19 Nov. 1770. R. 17 June 

P. 125. Will of James Atwood St. P. parish Pr. Edw. wife 
Mary. son Benjamin Atwood. Ex. George Forest and 
son James Atwood. Wit. James Wade, Charles Wade, 
Josiah Cunningham. d. 2 July 1771. R. 21 oct. 1771. 

P. 126. Will of Samuel Mathews of Pr. Edw. Co. wife Anne, 
son William land he now lives on in North Carolina, 
dau. Sarah Pettycrew. dau. Rachel Granger. son Phillip 
plantation whereon I now live & 145 acres dau. Agnes 
68 acres joining Peter Coffees lines other dau. 
Hannah, Frances, Anne. Ex. wife and James Mathews 
of Buckingham Co. Wit. John McCroy, Joshua Coffee, 
Elizabeth Coffee. d. 21 May 1769. R. 19 March 1770. 

P. 128. Will of Thomas Caldwell. dau. Sarah and Violet. 

wife Elizabeth who is with child, four eldest sons 
George, Thomas, Paul, Henry. son George 100 acres 
joining the Bee Spring. son Thomas 100 acres on 
Maypole branch. sons Paul & Henry to have remainder, 
son John. son Andrew. Ex. wife Elizabeth and my 
bro. Henry Caldwell. Wit. John Bell, Ax. Ewing, 
To. Parks. d. 22 Oct. 1771. R. 17 Feb. 1772. 

P. 129. Will of Leander Hughes. to bro. Gedaliah Hughes 

a negro Abraham. to sister Molly a negro Nan. names 
father Leander Hughes and mother Edith. Ex. father 
Leander Hughes and bro. Gedaliah Hughes. Wit. John 
Nash, Peter Johnston, Andrew French. d. 13 Feb. 
1772. R. 19 Oct. 1772. 

P. 130. Will of James McCroy. wife not named. son Archable 

son John. son Hugh. son Samuel. dau. Mary. dau. 

Elizabeth. son James a negro Luce and land I live 

on after his mother's death. Ex. wife and my son 

Jame s . 

15 March 1770 


P . 131 
P. 132 

Inv. of James McCroy Sen. D. 19 Oct. 1772. 

Nov. Court 1772 

P. 134, 

P. 135 

P. 137. 

P. 139, 

P. 141 

P. 142. 

P. 143. 

Will of Peter Coffee. wife Susanna, son William 150 
acres on Vaughn's Ck. son Peter. son Joshua. dau. 
Catharina Thomas. dau. Mary Kindall. dau. Hannah 
Weakley. dau. Bettie. dau. Lydia. dau. Elizabeth 
plantation whereon I now live. ex. my wife & son 
William. Wit. Thomas B.rooks^ James Weakly, Hannah 
Weakley. d. 31 Jan. 1771. R. 16 Sept. 1771. 

John Graven. land bought of Mr. George Watton 
on River in Charlotte containing 350 acres 
res in Double Ck. in Pittsylvania. Wife 
au. Lucy. Ex. wife Mary & father in law 
nshaw. Wit. Joseph Brown, James Brown, John 
d. 3 July 1771. R. 17 Feb. 1772. 

Will of J< 

on Maheroi 

& 384 acres in Double Ck. in Pittsylvania. i 

Mary. dau. Lucy. Ex. wife Mary & father in 

John Crenshaw. Wit. Joseph Brown, James Broi 

Crenshaw. d. 3 July 1771. R. 17 Feb. 1772. 

Will of William Yarbrough. to son James Smith Yarbrough 
negro girl Silva until my son Oswald comes of age 
and the slave to be returned to my est. son Richard. 
to dau. Elizabeth is lent slave Sukey. son William. 
son Joseph. Ex. sons James Smith Yarbrough & Richard 
Yarbrough. Wit. Janney Yarbrough, Richard Beasley 
Junr. d. 4 March 1771. R. 18 Nov. 1771. 


Appraisal of est. of John Watkins by court order 
d. January 1770. App. Ben Haskins, Wm. Wootten, 
Noel Waddil. R. July Court 1770. 

Appraisal of est. of Josiah Whitlock. Appr. Thomas 
Green, Matthew Jackson, James Cole. d. 12 May 1770. 
R. May Court 1770. 

Appraisal of est. of Peter Coffee. Appr. Henry Walker, 
Robert Jennings, John Mucleroy. d. 15 Nov. 1771. 
R. Nov. Court 1771. 

Inv. of J. Watkins by court order Jan. 1770. Appr. 
James Legrand, John Carter, Charles Wall. R. July 
Court 1770. Halifax St. This is to certify the appr. 
were sworn before me. 

Jas. Turner Jr. 

Micajah Watkins 

Inv. of Selvanus Maxey. Appr. Ob. Woodson, David 
Walker, Lewis Harriss. Ex. Wm. Maxey. d. 4 July 
1770. R. Jan. Court 1770. 

P. 144. Inv. Owen 

P. 145. Inv. of John Ritchie dec. 


p. 147. 

P. 14i 

P. 150, 

P. 151. 

P. 151. 

Inv. of est. of William Yarbrough deed, taken by 
Richard Yarbrough ex. d. 31 Oct. 1771. 

Appraisal of est. of James Attwood dec. Appr. James 
Wade, Alexander Cunningham, Josiah Cunningham. Adm. 
John Leigh. d. 1771. 

Appr. of est. of Leander Hughes. Appr. Charles Hudson, 
Pugh Price Jr., Levelling Williamson. 

Inv. of est. of John Graven. Ex. John Crenshaw, 
Mary Graven. d. 18 May 1772. 

Sale account of est. of John Ritchie. d. 1 Jan. 

P. 154. John Brent, Robt. Caldwell, Edmund Brewer ordered 

to appraise Gate a negro slave & lately the property 
of James Attwood Sen. dec. -Oct. Court 1772. R. 
5 Jan. 1773. 

P. 155. Inv. of Bartholomew Fielder est. 
Joseph Simmons, Robert Martain. 
d. 7 Dec. 1773. 

Appr. John Simmons, 
signed Ann Fielder. 

P. 156 

P. 159, 

Will of James Garden. to wife Sarah for life plantation 
in Charlotte Co. I bought of Mr. Taylor & that also 
bought of Veoden adjoining it. to son Alexander 
my plantation in Cumberland and slaves Sam, Will, 
Charles, Ben, Jenny; to son James my plantation 
in Charlotte which I bought of John East and slaves: 
London, Liddy, Tully, Minto & Julius; to son John 
after his mothers decease Taylors Plantation with 
Veadens annexed to it and slaves: Nick, Daniel, Toney, 
Ceasar, Hanah; to dau. Ann 300 h , and slaves Tom 
& Nancy; to dau. Sarah 300 h and slaves Mally & 
Aggy. Ex. wife Sarah, Rev. Mr. James Craig, Robert 
Lawson. d. Oct. 1772. R. 21 June 1772. 

o be divided 
my s on . 


p. 160. 

P. 162. 

P. 163 

P. 165, 

P. 166 

P. 168. 

Will of Constant Woodson. to dau. Judith Fuquay 

Wit. John Garrott, Isham Jennings, Margret Davis, 
d. 17 July 1773. R. 15 Nov. 1773. 

Will of Thomas Caldwell. to bro. John Caldwell all 
my est. Ex. bro. John Caldwell. Wit. ( ) Caldwell 
Jr., Joh. Caldwell, Jno. Howarton, Delphia Caldwell, 
■d. 28 Sept. 1773. R. 18 April 1774. 

Will of Daniel McLard. Ex. James Wade, John Leigh. 
Wife Dorithy half the tract I live on;to S^a;;;d^on 
Daniel McLard other half of land. Son John McLard. 
Mary Harris. Wit. John Leigh, Robert Foster, Fran. 
Hunt. d. 27 Jan. 1774. R. 16 May 1774. 

Will of Mary Parks. Sister Rosana Fulton; cousin 
Mary Fulton; son Ezekiel Parks; son Joseph ^^I'^f' 
dau! Margaret Watson; dau. Mary Hanna; ^^^ ' ^athar me 
Wallace; son James Parks. Ex. sons Joseph P^rks, 
Douglas Watson, Andrew Wallace. Wit. Richd. Tankey, 
Francis Galispei. d. 7 June 1774. 

Will of William Hill. To son John Hill 300 acres 
where he lives joining Henry Watkins up both sides of 
Sawneys Ck. To son Davis Hill 300 acres. To wife 
Martha 150 acres after her death and 200 more acres to 
son William Hill joining bro. Davis & Elkanah Jennings. 
To my Sarah Mitchel 200 acres joining bro. Williams line, 

220 joining bro. William. To dau. 

dau. Mary Thurman. Ex. wife Martha. 

Joseph Webster, John Mitchell, 

15 Dec. 1770 R. 16 May 1774. 

To dau. Judith Hill 
Elizabeth Neal. To 
Wit. Thomas Brooks, 
Joseph Mitchel. d. 

son Jame s . 

Will of Benjamin Wimbish. wife Elizabeth, 
son Samuel. daus . Sary, Ann, Mary. Ex. wife, bro. 
John Wimbish, Matthew Watson. Wit. William Gary, 
John Biggin. d. 20 July 1773. r. 19 Sept. 1774. 


by J, C. Kolbe 

The records transcribed below are from the material 
in the Auditor of Public Accounts Office at the Virginia State 
Library (Auditors Item #282). 

The material consists of lists of guns and blankets 
that were impressed for the use of the Halifax County militia 
which marched to Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina. The 
smaller of the two lists shows the rate of inflation of the 
times. Many of these claims are not found in the Virginia 
State Library's list of public service claims. 

A List of Guns & Blankets belonging to sundry persons which 
were pressed for the use of the Halifax Militia when the 
[y] marched with Maj . Gen. Greene's Army to Guilford N. Carolina 
with their Apraisments in Specie Viz. 
For Cap.M. Daniels Company 
James Echols 
Nipper Adams 
James M. Daniel 
Wm. Sydnor 1 Smooth Gun 
Mack Millner 
John Eas 1 ey 
Richard Carter 
T ravis Tune 
Edward Murphy 
Nipper Adams 1 Rifle 
Samue 1 Bate s 
Anderson Fambourgh 
Edmund King 
Jesse Younger 

1 Rifle 


do . 


do . 




do . 


do . 




do . 


do . 



do . 


do . 


do . 


do . 



Azer iah Bailey- 
John Collins 
John Light 
David Crews 
Jonedab George 

From Cap. Powels Company 
Sahdrick Going 
George • Smith 
Joshua Powell 
do . . 
[]Martin Palmer 
Thomas Dickson 
John Pankey 
James Smith 
Charles Womack 
Robert Tucker 
Franc is Cox 
Azer iah Bailey 
Timothy Lax 
Gardner May 
John Martin 
John Watlington 
Mede Anderson 
James Brown 1 

do . 


do . 


do . 




do . 


1 Rifle 


do . 


Smooth Gun 




do . 


do . 




do . 


do . 


do . 


do . 




do . 


do . 


do . 


do . 


do . 


if le 


m. Gun 


A List of Blankets taken for the 
Cap. M. Daniels Com. Viz. 

1 Blanket 

use of 

John Gr i ggs 
John Word 
John Milner 
Henry Cox 
Thomas Dillon 
William Barksdale 
Will iam Carr 
Nicholas Gwyn 

do . 
do . 
do . 
do . 
do . 
do . 
do . 

fcO. 5. 


James Murphy do. 

Knock Farmer do. 

Travis Guthry do. 

Wm . Robertson do, 

John Welch do. 

Thomas Dickson • 2 do. 

a Copy 


Jno. Coleman [ ] 

List of Sundry 

Articles impressd 

for the use of 

the Halifax 

Militia ordered 

to [ ] Genl. 

Green . , N . C . 

Cap. Jno. Thomasons Comp. 

Frederick Farmer one gun appraised fc350 

Thomas Dejarnet one blanket do. (12/-) 


one gun do. 

one Blanket do . 

one' gun do. 

do . 







Wm . McDaniel Cap. 

James Morehead 
John Dunkley 
Robert Wooding 
Rubin Hurt on do 

Capt. James Turner one do-do 

George Dardan one Rifle do 

Henry Farmer one do. - do 

Thomas Douglas one do. - do 

John Nobles one do -do 

Frederick Miller one Musket-do 

Joseph Ligion one Blanke d. old Money 

Belonging to my Company John Thompson 

List of Sundry Articles impressed 

For the Halifax Militia ordered to Joine Genl. Green 



■ 2.5.0 
301 .10. 


Halifax [ ] 

I do hereby certifie that appraisments as mentioned was 
entered by the Appraisers to be if settled in Specie to be 
at one Hundred for one. 

John Coleman C.D. 
P.S. The within Articles was for the use of the Halifax Militia 
when the joined Genl . Green in Guilford No. Carolina. 

J . Coleman C.D. 


ROBINSON. Susan Sheppard (4909 Monumental St . , Richmond, Va. 
23226) is seeking parents, place of birth, any place of residence 
in VA. of Burwell Robinson, born 1745, married Anne Clack, died 
1816, Warren Co., N.C.; first found in Warren Co. in 1788. 

FISHER. . Susan Sheppard (4909 Monumental St., Richmond, VA. 
23226) interested in parentage and family Bible of Daniel Fisher 
(died circa 1795, Greensville, Co., VA . ) Also wish to locate 
the second part of the journal, kept in 1750s, of a (different) 
Daniel Fisher of Williamsburg. 

ALLEN. Ms. Mildred P. Tomlinson (2753 Claremont Circle, 
Jacksonville, FL. 32207) would like help with decendents of Wyatt 
Allen, who received slaves and land, 8th Nov. 1806, in Brunswick 
Co., VA from Jane Allen and George H. Jones, with whom property 
had been placed in trust by Robert Allen for Jane Allen and his 
children. Is this the same Wyatt Allen who married Nancy Tarver 
in Brunswick Co. VA in 1805? Is this the same Wyatt Allen in 
Pulaski Co. GA 1830 census, and Twiggs Co., GA 1840 census? Also 
need copy of Robert Allen's will and or appointment of George 
H. Jones as a trustee for Jane Allen and his children. Will pay 
all costs. 

KING/CELY/SHORT/VAUGHAN. LaNell K. Dunn (5713 Schutz, Houston, 
TX 77032) seeks proof of parents of Charles King who married Mary 
Cely in 1778, Brunswick Co., Va . , in a double wedding with Merritt 
Cely who married Obedience King, dau. of Nathaniel King. Miles 
King, son of Charles and Mary (Cely) King married Martha Short, 
1808, Brunswick Co., Va. and their son, Charles R. King married 
Mary M. Vaughan, 1831, Brunsx^rick Co., VA . Would like to exchange 
information with anyone researching these names. 

HICKS. Susan Sheppard. (4909 Monumental St., Richmond, VA. 
23226) interested in Rebecca Hicks, editor of The K a ledioscope , 
Petersburg, 1855-1857. Born 1823, Brunswick Co.,VA; married (1) 
Benjamin Isaac Hicks, 1844, (2) Hobart Fitzgerald, 1862. When 
and where did she die? Any info ., phot ograph greatly appreciated. 


WARREN/LANIER. Doris K. West( 4939 Evers Rd., San Antonio, TX 78228) 
seeks information oh a Warren-Lanier marriage and to exchange information 
on ther respective lines. Allen Warren, Jr. died in Surry Co. VA between 
16 Dec. 1732 and 16 Jan. 1733. His will names daughters : Elizabeth, Sarah, 
Lucy, Mary; sons: Robert, Allen III. Did Elizabeth marry Benjamin Lanier 
ca. 1737 in Surry Co? They moved to Brunswick Co., VA where many Warrens 
lived. Six children had Warren names. One son's Bible had daughter named 
Elizabeth Warren Lanier. 

STONE/SHELTON. Jo Ann Cuddy (1005 Sheringham Court, Kingsport, TN 
37660) seeks birgh, death dates for Jane, dau. of Abraham Shelton of Pittsylvania 
Co., and wife of John Stone of Pittsylvania and Logan Cos. Also need any 
data Susanna^ wife of Henry Robertson (1708-1782) of Amelia. 

ADAMS. Felix Earle Luck(8 St. John's Ave., P.O.Box 506, Tabor, NJ 
07878) seeks information on Policy Adams who married John Luck 
12/20/1784 mar. bond, Pittsylvania Co.,VA Sur. was Joseph (looks like-Leech). 
Have no other record of Polley. John and 4 daus. went to Iredell Co., NC 
in 1825, where dau. Sarah m. Soloman Claywell. Their son, James Adams Luck, 
stayed in Pitts. Co., m. 1832 Susan Harrison Coleman (dau. od Col. Daniel). 

MASON. Mrs. Sara M. Bolick ( R-1, Box 215, Blair, SC 29015) searching 
for parents of and information on John Mason. Perhaps born in VA; died 
in Fairfield District, SC 27 Jan. 1803. One source says he was sent to 
do Mission Work on Broad River Circuit in 1786. He probably married twice, 
name of first wife unknown. They had two children, Joseph and Milly. Married 
(2) Mary, maybe also named Mason, who survived him. Ten children by this 
wife. Family tradition claims he was from same line as John Young Mason, 
Secretary of Navy under Tyler. A census record gave the birthplace of one 
child as Georgia( Savannah) in 1792(3). Allied names: Kilgo, Carlisle, Pullig, 
Wyxick. Will pay for or exchange information. 

PENICK/PENIX/PINICK/PENNOCK. Nancy Penick Parker(10121 Welch Dr., 
Louisville, KY 40272) seeking marriages of Jeremiah Penick, son of William 
Penick & Judith Paite; Jeremiah was living Prince Edward Co. VA in 1759 
when he was appointed administrator of his bro. Edward Penick' s will. He 
was in Prince Edward Co. VA in 1771 when he bought 125 acres on Buffalo 
River from his bro. Charles Penick. Believe one of his marriages was to 
Mary Price, dau. of Pugh Price (issue of this marriage John Penick- b. 1757). 
Jeremiah came to Fayette Co. KY in late 1780s. He had ch: Rebecca m. Shadrick 

Moore; Mary m. James Withers; William, Frances m. ^ Moss; Edward b. 

1773 d. 1841 in KY m. 1801 Lincoln Co. KY Nancy Nash; Jeremiah; Martha 
"Patsey" m. Guthrie; Elizabeth m. Samuel Shanklin. 

SMITH. N.C.Slade (4290 Great Oaks Ln. , Jacksonville, FL 32207) seeks 
information on John Smith of Dinwiddle Co. NC who was father of George 
Smith, grad. MD Univ. PA Med. School in 1820, lived Hickford, VA went Vicksburg,MS 
1822 where died, had son Harry Avery Smith, other children. 

• 183 

CARVER. Jodie Updike (Rt. 1, Box 281, Billings, MO 65610) trying to find 
any information on James Carver, born Nov. 1753 Louisa Co.,VA. He married Judith 

Xwo of his children were William, born 1777 and Elizabeth. William married 
Mary Crockett Duncan and Elizabeth married Wingfield Cosby. Also trying to find 
the names and dates of birth, places of birth of William and Mary Carver's children. 
They had nine, Elijah being one. 

KNIGHT/MITCHELL/HILL. Mrs. E. Clark Liles(1^51 Palancia Ave., Coral 
Gables, FL 33146) Wm. Knight b 1790 VA, to Chester/Union Counties, SC before 
1815, married Elizabeth Mitchell; Rev. Elias Mitchell b ca 1759/60 VA or 
MD, to Chester/Union Co. area before 1780, married Permelia (Milly) Hill; 
Wm. Hill died 1804 Chester District, SC, married Molly . Wm. Jr. b 1771 VA. 

GRAY/FITZHUGH. Mrs. J.M. Setzler (501 Lake Shore Dr., Jackson, MS 39212) 
need parents of Alexander Gray, born c 1735 Scotland died 1791 Halifax Co.,VA 
and of his x^fife Elizabeth Fitzhugh born c 1740 died 1823 Halifax Co. VA. Their 
children: James; John married Anney Price; Alexander married Mary — ; Robert; 
George married Fannie Brooks; Henry; Elizabeth married? Cumbo; Mary(Polly) married 
Anthony Street; Salley. Would also like maiden name of Mary, wife of Alexander II. 

MARSHALL. Bill Morrow (332 Memory Lane, Edmond, OK 73034) would like readers /r 
researchers to ■contact me to share info regarding Isaac Marshall, born 1761 in 
VA. He served in the 10th and 14th VA Regiments during the Revolutionary War. 
Need names of Isaac's parents. Isaac Marshall died 17 April 1839 in Iredell Co., 
NC and his wife Mary Foote died 24 Dec. 1849 in Iredell Co. 

SMITH. Thomas C. Bell (25 Alberta, Ludlow, KY 41016) Mark Smith married 
Christina (Tena) H. ? . Need Maiden name and place. Tena was born 15 May 1796 
where? Died 15 Nov. 1875 Mexico, Miami, Indiana. Known children: Mark born 1816 
VA,died 1893, married Lucy Johnson 2 May 1838; Delila born 1819, died 1902, married 
Oliver P. Wingfield Apr. 1843. Need parents of Mark Smith & Tena. Also when and 
where Mark died. 

Bell. Thomas C. Bell ( 25 Alberta, Ludlow, KY 41016) need parents of Armiger 
Lilley Bell born about 1771 VA and died 1816 Indiana. Married Sarah Blackford 
Lexington, KY March 1795. Sarah was born in New Jersey about 1779 and died in 

HARDY. Mrs. J.R.Patterson, 104 East Oxford St., Pontotoc, MS 38863) 
need parents of Thomas Hardy who died in Pittsylvania Co., VA in 1778, leaving 
a will naming daughter Agnes who married David Wade. Was this Thomas Hardy connected 
with the Isle of Wight Co.,VA Hardy family? Correspondance invited. 

FENDLEY. Mrs. John H. Walker (Box 130, Dahlgren, VA 22448) William Fendley 

married Martha in 1781. He married secondly Frances Winfree, nee Cheatham, 

widow of Major Winfree, in 1819. Children by first wife were: Thomas, (Married 
Harriett Winfree), Martha J. (married first Harrison Winfree, married second Thomas 

Gregory, 1829), Elizabeth W. , (married Gregory). William Fendley had grandchild 

William Winston Fendley, Chastain Harrison Fendley and others. I am trying to 
identify his first wife and his parents. William lived in Chesterfield Co. 


PEEBLES. Anne Dobbins(310 Laurel Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78404) seeks 
complete first name and any additional information on "H. Peebles" listed 
as father of Mary A.M. Peebles in her marriage bond with John Anthony Person 
in Greensville Co., VA, 13 April 1818. Names of Hartwell Peebles of Southampton 
Co., VA and Howell Peebles of Northampton Co., NC have been suggested but 
no documentation provided in either case. 

BALLARD. Martha J. Hutchens (P.O.Box 92, Martin, TN 38237) needs 
parents, date, and place of birth of John Ballard who died 1787 in Mecklenburg 
Co., VA John m. Faith Edmunds, dau. of William and Mary Briggs Edmunds 
of Surry Co., VA Children: John; Lucy m. Isaac Holmes; Becky m. a Holloway; 
Martha m. a Holloway; Betty m. a Cook; Robert ; William. Will exchange 

ALLEN. Mrs. Paul M. Schmick(1319 Prince Rd., St. Augustine, FL 32086) 
seeks information about Christopher Columbus Allen born in N.C. (perhaps 
Greensboro) 7 June 1848. Name of father also C.C.Allen, birthplace unknown. 
Name and birthplace of mother unknown. He was married to Lydia M. Townsend 
and died in Hamilton Co., OH Dec. 9, 1926. Family information suggests 
that he had lived in DAnville, VA and enlisted in the service during the 
Civil War in Richmond, VA. 

YATES. Mrs. Evelyn Yates Carpenter(2101 Nashville Rd., Bowling Green, 
KY 42101) John Yates b. abt. 1699 or 1700 was living in Bedford Co., VA 
when son Thomas Yates was b. 1752, William Yates B. 1749, John Yates b. 

, James Yates b. 1762. Dau. were Joyce, Keziah, Elizabeth, and Milly 

Yates. John Yates died prior to 22 June 1779 in Caswell Co.,NC. A George 
Yates was living in Bedford Co.,VA in 1755 when he sold land in Orange 
Co., NC. Were John Yates and George Yates brothers? Who were their parents? 
Where were they born: Sons and some daughters moved to Robertson Co.,TN 
along with Thomas Kilgore, Sr., 1st settler. Will share information. 

BOWSER. Peg Scheidegger (2611 Illinois, Topeka, KS 66605) Surname 
Bowser, John and George B. Va. Anyone else working on this surname? 
1800' s lived Tn, Sull and Washington Co. 1850. 

PRICE. Mrs. H.E. Whitworth (105 Hidden Creek Dr., Ellisville, MO . 
63011) seeks information on the parents and family of Edward Price. He 
married Mary Mallory 16 Oct. 1816 Lynchburg, VA. Two sons Wm. M. and James 
Stump Price came to St. Louis, Mo. The Price family was in Campbell Co. 
and Prince Edward Co., VA. Any Mallory information would be appreciated 

WATKINS. Ruth Bock (Rt. 9, Box 9396, Midland, TX 79703) Micajah Watkins 
was born in Prince Edward Co. VA in 1781. His parents were James Watkins 
and Anna Miller and grandparents were John Watkins and Anne Easely or Easley. 
I need information on any of these families. Micajah married in Nashville 
TN. in 1815 to Nancy Smith dau. of Ezekial Smith. Is there an old Watkins 
Cemetery in Prince Edw. Co.? 

BUTLER. Doris Ann Butler Lucas (P.O.Box 718, Goodsprings, NV 89019) 
seeking descendants of Edmund Butler b ca 1701/2 Henrico Co, VA d 1747 
Goochland Co. VA m Frances Cook(e) sister of William Cooke. Some of family 


migrated to Cumberland Co., VA. Some to N.C. and some to Ga. 

HANKINS. Mrs. L.S.Orrick (3629 Wedgway, Fort Worth, TX 76133) Who 
were the Hankins in Dinwiddle Co., VA? Having trouble reading census correctly. 

CHESTER. Mrs. L.S.Orrick (3629 Wedgway, Fort Worth, TX 76133) seeking 
descendants of Thomas Chester d. 1757, VA. Children: David, Thomas, Mary 
McKay (wife of James), and Susanna Harrold. 

RAWLINGS. Mrs. R.J. Browder (4400 Cheyenne Rd. , Richmond, VA 23235) 
seeks names of Barents of Peterson Rawlings who died intestate ca. 1840, 
Brunswick Co., VA. He married 1816, Brunswick, Rebecca Jackson. (Peterson 
Rawlings had brother, James Rawlings, died testate, Brunswick, 1826, whose 
wife was Elizabeth Jackson.) 

young'. Mrs. R.J. Browder (4400 Cheyenne Rd. , Richmond, VA 23235) would 
be grateful for leads as to parents and/or origins of Samuel Young, resident 
Mecklenburg Co., VA. , by 1765, died intestate Mecklenburg by Feb. 1801, 
leaving sons Allen Young (m. Sarah Davis) and Samuel Young (m. Elizabeth 
Love); dau. Susanna Young (m. Howell Taylor); widow, Judith. What was 
Judith's maiden name? 

DUGGER. Mrs. R.J. Browder (4400 Cheyenne Rd., Richmond, VA 23235) 
seeks names of parents of Sterling Dugger, died ca. 1848, Brunswick Co.,VA., 
intestate. He married 1828, Brunswick, Frances Parish, who appears to 
have been dau. of Jones Parish and his wife, Vicey Rawlings. 

HILL/LANIER/WYATT. Mrs. Robert Adcock(P.O. Box 349, McGehee, AK 71654) 
need parents and birthplace of Robert Hill, born 1811 VA. married Mary 
Lanier of Henry Co. VA. 1836. Couple listed Sullivan Co. TN. 1840 census 
-McNairy Co. TN. 1850 census. Dau. Martha married Lenerd Cagger Wyatt, 
whose parents and birthplace I seek. His mother probably Zivil Rogers, 
dau. of William Rogers born 1790 VA. Where? 

MARTIN. Doris A. Lucas (P.O.Box 718, Good Springs, NV 89014) seeking 
data on Valentine Martin 6 1710 Bapt. 18 June 1710 New Kent Co. VA. m. 
1731 (where?) Jane Bridgewater 6 1714 (dau. of whom?) Issue - 11 children, 
John, Job(e), Valentine, Ester, Sarah, Jane, Orson, Mildred, Ann, Samuel, 
Isom. Valentine d ca. 1760 Cumberland Co. VA will proved 20 April 1760. 

WHITEHURST. Mrs. A.H. Graham Jr.(l Beverly Dr., Durham, NC. 27707) 
David Etheredge m. Aug. 21,1762 Mary Whitehurst .Hillary Mosely m. Oct. 
30,1765 Elizabeth Whitehurst .Christopher Etheredge m. Aug. 19,1790 Mary 
Whitehurst. All of Princess Anne Co. VA. I am seeking information on both 
of the Mary Whitehursts and on Elizabeth Whitehurst. 

JEAN. Maxine Carman (2400 S. Ocean., C7314, Ft. Pierce, Fl. 33449- 
8029) in Warren Co., N.C. in 1769, "William Jean, Planter, Brunswick Co., 
VA.," deeded a parcel of land ''To William Hudson." Jean made his will in 
Stokes Co., N.C. Dec. 1803, naming wife Huldah and children William Jr., 
Phillip, John, Joseph, Becky Morris, Betty Bobbit, Patty Pegram, Silvey 
Cummings, Nancy Williamson. Who were William and Huldah' s parents? 


HILTON. Margaret Marshall Mitchell (Sun City Center, Box 5676. FL 33570) 
Thomas Hitlon B, Pittsylvania Co. 1786, married Martha Oakes of Rowan Co. 
NC in 1810, d. Guilford Co. NC 1824. Who were his parents? His father-in- 
law Thomas Oakes, Davie Co. NC b. 1766. Where? Who were his parents? Who 
was his 1st wife? He died in Davie Co. NC in 1829. 2nd wife was Chloe Rector. 

ALLEN/ CHARLES. Phyllis Wilkinson (2130 Atchena Nene, Tallahassee, 
FL 32301) seeks information about the parents of Elizabeth Allen, born, 
c 1814, Surry Co., VA m. Samuel C. Charles, 17 April 1838, at Bacon's Castle,. 
Surry Co., VA. She died 31 March 1887, Petersburg, VA. She may have been 
the sister of Rebecca Allen, born c 1828, Surry Co., VA, who married Christopher 
Seward, 12 Oct. 1848, Surry Co., VA. Elizabeth Allen and Samuel C. Charles 
were the parents of James Charles, Selonia Miles, America A. Beames, and 
Richard G. Charles, all of Petersburg, VA. 

WILLIAMSON. Jason M. Williamson (4606 Kling Dr., Alexandria, vA 22312) 
wants parents & siblings of Lewis Williamson, b. ca 1750 (where?). Lived 
in Sampson Go. N.C. before moving to Bladen Co.N.C. ca 1785-87. He left 
will in Bladen Co, in 1795 naming wife Mary and children: Richard, Lewis, 
Laban, Joshua, Seth, Rebecca, Nancy, Susannah & Peggy. Another son Isham 
Williamson m. Margaret . Her parents needed also. 

FRANCIS. Hubert C. Francis (382 Fields Dr., Rt. 7, Box 748, Gumming, 
GA 30130) needs parents and time and place of m. for John and Maryann Francis 
of Campbell, Co. VA, before 1780. John may have been son of James and Obediance 
Francis of Charlotte Co., VA. James died there ca 1775. Will answer all 
corespondence and pay postage and or copies. 

SCOGGIN(S)/LUNDY/PICKEREL. Miss Margaret Scoggins (P.O.Box 473, Poplar 
Bluff, MO 63901) seeks information on Scoggin(s) family in Washington Co., 
VA late 1700' s, then Carter Co., TN and finally White Co. TN. Daniel Lundy 
was born 1770' s in N.J. Was then in NC and VA before going to White Co., 
TN early 1800' s. One source says he was a Doctor and was m. to Mary Pickerel. 
Will exchange information. 

DAVIS. Trudie Davis Long (8213 Mapleville Rd., Mount Airy, MD 21771) 
Robert William Davis is suppossdi to have married Mildred Pittard in Mecklenburg 
Co., VA. Their son Robert Jenkins Davis was born 1819 and married in Granville 
Co., NC. 1843 Emily F.M. (Frances) Lyon(s). Her parents are supposed to 
be John Lyon(s) and Lunna Moore. Robert Jenkins Davis' son William Beverly 
married Lou Margaret Hudson dau. of Hyram Hudson who died 1867 Halifax 
Co.,VA and fiancy Van Hook. Hyxam's parents were Thomas Hudson and ^Ann Foulks 
Hyram' s grandparents were John Hudson and Mary Ballow. These names were 
in an affadavit from Cumberland Co., VA 1845 for the settlement of the 
estate of Jesse Ballow. Any information appreciated on these people because 
all I know is their names. ALL SASE answered. 

S.W. 52nd Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328) Nathan Barnes d. 1793 Southampton 
Co., VA lived adjoining Pope, Joiner, Day; how was he connected to Davis, 
Bryant, Thomas, Jones? He and father, Thomas Barnes had wives named Martha, 
last names needed. Nathan had brother Edward. Barnes married Kinnebrew/Killebrew, 
Kirby, Barrow,, Turner. 


GREEN, EASTWOOD. Dorothy Haizlip Ward (11030 S.W. 52nd Court, Ft. 
Lauderdale, FL 33328) Zachariah Green married Geriah Geroth possibly in 
Halifax Co., VA ca 1760; need her last name and his parents. Zachariah 
had nephew, Elijah Casey. Elizabeth Green married 1782, Israel Eastwood, 
son of Elijah; were they connected to the Eastwoods of Norfolk Co., VA 

TOMLINSON,BIRDSONG. Mrs. Paul Duval(1716 Clay St., Vicksburg, MS 
39180) what is the date and place of marriage of Mary Tomlinson to Miles 
Birdsong? Mary was the dau. of Thomas Tomlinson whose will was proved 1793 
in Sussex Co., vA. What was the maiden name of Thomas' wife, Mary, whose 
will was proved in 1797 in Sussec Co.? 

SMITH. Mae D. Moore(2716 Richelieu Ave., S.W., Roanoke, VA 24014) 
Samuel Smith signed Halifax Co., VA 3 June 1765, for dau. Anne to get license 
to marry Stephen Wood who died in Franklin Co. VA 1815. Need any information 
on this Samuel Smith, parents, etc. Will pay postage and copying. 

IVEY/ADAMS. Hazel G. Aman (Rt. 3, Box 63C, Ashford, AL 36312) would like 
correspondence with anyone researching the Adams and Ivey-Ivy families 
of Southampton counties VA. late 1700. 

MAY/STILL/PORTER. Mildred Morgon (Rt. 7, #41 Niven Dr., Pine Bluff, 
Ark. 71603) seeking information on John May who married Susannah Porter 
Nov. 15,1777 Pittsylvania Co., VA. Also John Still who married Elizabeth 

. Some of the children were George May m. Dicey Still and Gabriel 

May m. Elizabeth Still Jan. 14,1817 Pittsylvania Co., VA. Gabriel and Elizabeth 
migrated to Tippah Co., MS. about 1836 and on to Ark. 1848 where they died. 
Who were the other children? Any information on either of these families 
would be appreciated. 

BROWN. Vinita Patrick (7217 Alto Rey, El Paso, TX 79912) seeking 
information on Richard Johnson Brown b Nov. 10,1847 in Abingdon, Wash. 
Ct.,VA. m 1878 in Hawkins Ct., TN. to Francis Jane Grigsby. Was his father 
George Brown and his mother Pulcherry Smith as his death certificate states? 

DRAPER. Alam W. Adcock (721 Pine Valley Dr., Wilmington, N.C. 28403) 
need parents of Thomas Draper d. 1792 Southampton Co., VA. Thomas m. Patience 
Denson (dau. of John) 1739 (Pagan Creek Quaker Minutes). Children were: 
Jesse m Priscilla Council (dau. of Hardy), Ephraim, Jeremiah, William, 
Thomas, Mouring, and Sarah. Would like to correspond with descendants 
of Thomas. 

HOLLEMAN/WOODARD. Mrs. Hope Hotchkiss Niedling (1008 Third St., Stevens 
Point, Wis, 54481) Bennett Holleman, son of Josiah Holleman and Nancy 
Clark, b. 4 Nov. 1797, isle of Wight, VA. d. Mar. 9,1847 Farmersville, 
Indiana (Posey Co.) m. Sarah Woodard b. c 1797 pr. VA. Need date of birth 
for Sarah and date and place of marriage; all information of Sarah's parents. 

BOWMAN. Sharon Stine (1050 Level Green Blvd., Va. Beach, vA. 23464) 
who were the parents of Henry Bowman. His dau. was 1794 in Amelia 
Va. He died before 1809 as his wife Mary Foster Bowman m Peter Farley. 



ABERNATHY, Laban 57 

ABERNATHY, Maston 57 

ABERNATHY, Rebecca 62 


ADAMS, Rev. Mr. 71 
ADAMS, Benjamin 19 
ADAMS, Charles 138 
ADAMS, Drury 66 
ADAMS, Elizabeth 19 
ADAMS, Gray E. A6 
ADAMS, Henry W. 109 
ADAMS, Isaac 1A,75 
ADAMS, Isaac #2 75 
ADAMS, James 75 
ADAMS, Jane l'^7 
ADAMS, John 45 
ADAMS, Margaret 19 
ADAMS, Nipper 17A 
ADAMS, Nipper #2 179 
ADAMS, Simon 132 
ADAMS, Sylvester 131 
ADAMS, Thomas 75 
ADAMS, William E. 21 
ADKINS, Absolom 65 
ADKINS, Jesse 65 
ADKINS, Joel 75 
AKERS, Mary 128 
AKIN, Alexander 99 
AKIN, Isam 33 
AKIN, Jane 99 
AKIN, Jos. 134 
AKIN, Thomas 99 
AKIN, Thomas (Sr.?) 99 
ALBERTSON, Sarah 31 
ALBERTSON, Worsell 81 
ALDRIDGE, Peter 56 
ALDRIDGE, Thomas L. 56 
ALEXANDER, Jas. S. 21 
ALFORD, Vator 34 
ALFRIEND, John Anna 59 
ALFRIEND, John W, 56,59 
ALFRIEND, Martha S. 56 
ALFRIEND, Mary 60 
ALLEN, America 171 
ALLEN, Anne 113 
ALLEN, Archer 125 

ALLEN, Gary C. 171 

ALLEN, Daniel E. 141 

ALLEN, E.H. 60 

ALLEN, James 161,173 

ALLEN, Mary H. 60 

ALLEN, Paul 72 

ALLEN, Samuel 125 

ALLEN, Samyel 125 

ALLEN, William 31,65,115 

ALLIN, John 132 

ALLIN, Saml. 31 

ALSOBROOK, James 19 

AMONET, Gharles 33 

AMOS, Francis 31 

ANCOL, John 82 

ANDERSON, Bartlett 10 

ANDERSON, Chas. 23,136 

ANDERSON, Francis 134 

ANDERSON, James 24,26,34, 

ANDERSON, Jane Stith 173 

ANDERSON, John 131 

ANDERSON, John (Sr.) 131 

ANDERSON, Jordan 32 

ANDERSON, Mary 26 

ANDERSON, Matilda 60 

ANDERSON, Mede 180 

ANDERSON, Nelson 131 

ANDERSON, Paulin 135 

ANDERSON, Paulin (Col.) 

ANDERSON, Richard 134, 

ANDERSON, Samuel 24,26 

ANDERSON, Sarah 131 

ANDERSON, Susannah 69 

ANDERSON, Thos. 26,135 

ANDERSON, Willm. 91 

ANDREWS, Da ^vid 14 

ANDREWS, David T. 53 

ANDREWS, Henrietta 52 

ANDREWS, Jesse 15 

ANDREWS, Masy 52 

ANDREWS, Nancy 55 

ANDREWS, Rhody 59 

ANDREWS, Richard 14 

ANDREWS, Stephen 14 

ANDREWS, Thos. 53 

ANGUS, Hannah 28 


ANGUS, Hannah Mrs. 83 

ANGUS, Isabella 85 

ANGUS, John 85(3) 

ANGUS, Eliza. 28 

ANGUS, Mary 28 

ANTHONY, John 109 


APPLING, Thomas 100 

ARBUCKLE, Samuel 174 


ARCHDEACON, Edmund 25 

ARCHDEACON, Edward 25,26 


ARCHDEACON, James (Jr.) 25 

ARCHER, Edward 28 

ARMISTEAD, William A. 72 

ARMISTED, John 31 

ARNOLD, Benjamin 105 


ARRINGTON, William 93 

ARTHUR, Wm. 131 

ARWHIN, Abraham 26 

ARWHIN, Andrew 26 

ARWHIN, Christopher 26 

ARWHIN, Christopher (Jr.) 

ARWHIN, John 26 

ARWHIN, Margaret 26 

ARWHIN, William 26 

ASBE, Joseph 93 

ASHBY, Widow 27 

ASHBY, John 2 7,84 

ASHBY, Sarah 27 

ASHLOCK, William 30 

ASHTOR, E.S. 38 

ATKINS, Aaron 68 

ATKINS, Benjamin 23 

ATKINS, Jea. 40 

ATKINS, Robt. 23,139 

ATKINS, William 23 

ATKINSON, Saml. 31 

ATKINSON, William 66 

ATTWOOD, James 177 

ATTWOOJJ, James (Sr.) 177 

ATWOOD, '"james 175 

ATWOOD, Thomas 83 

ATWOOT, Mary 175 

AUSTIN, John 1J5 



AVENT, John 75 

AVENT, Thomas 75 

AXTEAD, Thomas 29 

AYERS, John 105 

AYERS, Nathaniel 192 

AYERS, Ruimoleh Baker 

BACON, Ann(Kelley) 18 

BACON, Edmund 101 

BACON, Edmund P. 101 

BACON, Lyd(d)al Capt, 

BACON, Sally 102 

BAGBON, Elezebeth 34 

BAGLEY, Thomas 173 

BAGLEY, William 4A 

BAILEY, Azeriah 180 

BAILEY, Azeriah #2 180 

BAILEY, Henry 6 7 

BAILEY, Henry Jr. 75 

BAILEY, James C. 21 

BAILEY, John 133 

BAILEY, Richd. 42 

BAILEY, Samuel 41 

BAILEY, Shadrick 75 

BAILEY, Silles 133 

BAIN, Elijah 16 

BAIN, Lemuel 116 

BAIRD, James 75 

BAIRD, _ubin 75 

BAKER, Widow 28 

BAKER, Abraham 23 

BAKER, Andrew 138 

BAKER,' Caleb 24,26 

BAKER, Caleb (Sr.) 24 

BAKER, Douglas 24,139 

BAKER, Duglas 138 

BAKER, Elizabeth 28 

BAKER, Jane 138 

BAKER, Jean 138 

BAKER, John 26 

Baker, John (s of Sam'l) 

BAKER, Lewis 28 

BAKER, Margaret (d of Sam'l) 

BAKER, Margaret 26 

BAKER, Martha 138 

BAKER, Martha 24 

BAKER, Mary 24,137 

BAKER, Mary 24 

BAKER, Mary #2 137 

BAKER, Mary 26 

BAKER, Mary 26 

BAKER, Robert 24,137 

BAKER, Robert(gunsmith) 26 

BAKER, Robert 26 

BAKER, Robert 24,26 

BAKER, Samuel 24,26,138 

BAKER, Samuel 24 


BALDWIN, Anne(Wimbish) 26 

BALDWIN, John 25 

BALDWIN, Thomas 23 

BALDWIN, William 26 

BALEY, Benjamin 32 

BALEY, James 32 

BALEY, John 32 

BALEY, Wm. 33 

BALEY, Wm. #2 34 

BALL, Harriet 172 

BALL, James 45 

BALL, Martha 172 

BALL, Sally 172 

BALL, Sally(HenOricks) 172 

BALL, Susan 172 

BALLARD, Eliz. 140 

BALLARD, Thos. 140 

BALLEW, Charles 32 

BALLEW, Thomas 32 

BALLINGER, John 133 

BALLOW, Charles 124 

BALLOW, Elizabeth 123 

BALLOW, Jordan 167 

BALLOW, Temperance (Mrs.) 

BALLOW, Thomas 123, 167 

BANNISTER, James 28 

B ANTON, Wm. 33 

BARFOOT, Ambross 86 

BARHAM, Anne 21 

BARHAM, Benjn. /Benjamin 

BARHAM, James 41 

BARHAM, Robert 21 

BARHAM, Thomas 75 

BARKER, Arthur 85 

BARKER, Charles 30 

BARKER, David 14 

BARKER, Jesse 15 

BARKER, Joel 14 

BARKER, Nancy 14 

BARKER, Salley 14 

BARKSDALE, Agnes Morton 106 

BARKSDALE, Arabella 107 

BARKSDALE, Charlotte Ella 

BARKSDALE, Claiborne 106 

BARKSDALE, Claiborne (Jr.) 

BARKSDALE, Claiborne Grief 

BARKSDALE, Eliza Lavalette 

BARKSDALE, Grief 106 

BARKSDALE, Henry 25,26, 

BARKSDALE, Jane 106 

BARKSDALE, Lucy 106 

BARKSDALE, Lucy Jane 107 

BARKSDALE, Mary 106 

BARKSDALE, Mary Ellen 106 

BARKSDALE, Nancy Elliott 

BARKSDALE, Nathaniel 136 

BARKSDALE, Nathel 26 

BARKSDALE, Sarah 106 

BARKSDALE, Sarah (Jr.) 106 

BARKSDALE, Sarah Ann 106 

BARKSDALE, Susan Emmett 107 

BARKSDALE, Susannah 106 

BARKSDALE, William 106,180 

BARKSDALE, Wm. Henry 106 

BARLOW, Hugh 27 

BARLOW, William 67 

BARNES, Benjm. 88 

BARNES, Elizabeth 26 

BARNES, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 75- 

BARNES, Everlina 51 

BARNES, Jimmy 26 

BARNES, John 40 

BARNES, Martha A. 72 

BARNES, Mary 40 

BARNES, Nancy 41 

BARNES, Nathan 40 

BARNETT, Mary 140 

BARNETT, Richd. 131 

BARNS, Delpha 26 

BARNS, Catherine 25 

BARNS, Frances 26 

BARNS, Mary 25 


BARNS, Nanny 26 
BARNS, Susannah 25 
BARNS, Tempe 26 
BARNS, William 25 


BARRETT, Amanda 58 
BARRETT, Mary 149 
BARRETT, Thomas 147,149 
BARRINGTON, Samuel 27 
BARROT, David 81 
BARROW, Henry 42 
BARRYER, Michl. 130 
BARTLET, Darby 81 
BASDALE, Higginson 31 
BASDELL, Colloar 30 
BASKER, Fred W. 52 
BASKER, Indiana E. 52 
BASS, Arthur 75 
. BASS, Byrd 70 
BASS, James (Capt.) 74 
BASS, John 173 
BASS, John (Sr.) 167 
BASS, John W. 165 
BASS, Phoebe 108 
BASS, Richd. 169 
BASS, Samuel 68,179 
BASS, Susannah 46 
BASS, Thomas 46 
BASS, William 10,56 
BATES, Jeremiah 102 
BATTE, James 67 
BATTE, William 67 
BATTEN, John 2 7,84 
BAUGH, Abraham 32 
BAUGH, John M. 56 
BAUGH, Joseph 32 
BAUGH, Wiiliam Fielding 56 
BAULDING, Caleb 173 
BAULDING, Ester 173 
BAULDING, Thomas 173 . 
BAULDING, Thomas (Jr.) 173 
BAULDING, William 173 
BAULDWIN, Thos. 140 
BAXTER (Executor) 7 
BAXTER, James 8,9 

BAXTER, John, Jno, 7,8,9, 

BAXTER, Nancy 8,9 

BAXTER, Patcy 9 

BAXTER, Patcy(dau. of John) 

BAXTER, Petcy(w of John) 

BAXTER, Peterson 7,8,9 

BAXTER, Polly 7,8,9 

BAXTER, Wiley 7,8,9 

BAXTER, Wm., William 8,9 

BAXTERS, James 7 

BAXTERS, John 7 

BAYNE, Daniel 10 

BEACHAM, Isaac 30 

BEAKER, Caleb 22 

BEAKER, Caleb (Jr.) 23 

BEAKER, Henry 22,23 

BEAKER, Martha 23 

BEAKER, Samuel 22,23 

BEAL, Benjamin (Jr.) 88 

BEAL, Benjamin (Sr.) 88 

BEAL, Binm. (s. of Richd.) 

BEAL, John 88 

BEAL, Richard 88 

BEAL Plantation 40 

BEASLEY, Edwin 73 

BEASLEY, John Stith 73 

BEASLEY, Richard (Jr.) 176 

BEASLY, Thomas 83 

BEEL, Joshua 87 

BEELT, Raymond 158 

BELCHER, Cad 52 

BELCHER, Isham 51 

BELCHER, Mary 53 

BELCHER, Nathan 52 

BELCHER, William C. 51 

BELL, Henry 126 

BELL, John 175 

BELL, Robert 83 

BELL, Thos. 139 

BENFORD, James 68 

BENNAT, Ruben 133 

BENNAT, William 133 

BENNETT, Thos. /Thomas 71 

BENNETT, Thos. Jr. 71 

BENNITT, Mary(Edwards) 39 

BENTLEY, Cynthia 162 

BENTLEY, Moss 162 

BERRY, Mary (d of Robt.) 


BERRY, Mary (w of Robt.) 

BERRY, Patience 29 

BERRY, Robert 29 

BERRYMAN, John 65 

BERT, Robert 85 

BEST, James 88 

BEVAN, John 16 

BEVAN, John P. 16 

BEVELL, Irena 61 

BIGGER, Jno. /John 23,25, 

BIGGEN, John 178 

BIGGS, Elizabeth 53 

BILBO, Betsey(Hendricks) 

BILBO, Harriet 172 

BING, George 101 

BINGLEY, Joseph 33,167 

BINGLEY, Judith 167,168 

BINGLEY, Matthew 33 

BINNION, William 126 

BIRCHETT, Drury 74 

BIRCHETT, Edmund 72 

BIRCHETT, Mary H. 74 

BIRCHETT, Mary Ellen 72 

BIRD, Henry D. 59 

BIRD, Robt. 25 

BIRD, Stephen Moylan 59 

BISCOE, Robt. 166 

BISHOP, Martitia 36 

BISHOP, Matthew 37 

BISHOP, Susan 51 

BITTLE, William 42 

BLACK, Mary 132 

BLACK, Thos. /Thomas 131, 


BLACKWELDER, Catherine 150 

BLACKWELDER, Elizabeth 150 


BLACKWELDER, Margaret 150 

BLACKWELL, Jas . (constable) 

BLACKWELL, Thomas 100 

BLADES, Elizabeth 133 

BLAIR, George 103 

BLAND, Maria 54 

BLAND, Mary E. 64 



BLANKS, David 67 

BLANKS, Ingram 67 

BLANKS, James 67 

BLANTON, Joshua 92 

BLEVIN, Daniel (Sen.) 130 

BLEVINS, Daniel (Junr.) 

BLICK, Emeline 56 

BLUNT, Ben. 42 

BLUNT, Sam 42 

BOATRIGHT, Benja. 30 

BOHLEN, F.WiB. 160 

BOISSEAU, Athelina K. 51 

BOISSEAU, Benjamin 141, 

BOISSEAU, Benjamin H. 60 

BOISSEAU, David 60,150 

BOISSEAU, Edward L.^ 51 

BOISSEAU, James 11,150 . 

BOISSEAU, Jane 11 

BOISSEAU, Thomas R. 11 

BOLITHOE, John 27 

BOLITHOE, Yates 27 ' 

BOLLING, Catherine 12 

BOLLING, Harriet M. 58 

BOLLING, Robert 12 

BOLTER(?), Willam 87 

BOND, 29 

BOND, Bartho. 29 

BOND, Edward 31 

BOND, John 31 

BOND, Moses 30 

BOND, Page 30 


BONDURANT, Joseph 33 

BONNEY, Widow 27 

BONNEY, Edward 27 

BOOKER, Elizabeth 124 

BOOKER, Mary 23 

BOOKER, W.A.M. 58 

BOOKER, Wm. /William 25, 

BOOKER, Wm. H. 58 

BOOSE, Ellinor(Archdeacon) 

BOOTH, Beverley 42,43 

BOOTH, George 82 

BOOTH, John 101 

BOOTH, Michael 17 

BOOTH, Mordecai 101 

BOOTH, Moses Sr. 43 

BOOTH, Peter 17 

BOOTH, Robert 43 

BOOTH, Susan A. 56 

BORUM, Rd. Jr. 10 

BOSWELL, Elizabeth 12 

BOSWELL, John L. 171 

BOSWELL, Joseph 12 

BOSWELL, Martha 171 

BOSWELL, William Colget 12 

BOULDING, Ann 140 

BOULDING, Caleb 140 

BOULDING, Elizabeth 140 

BOULDING, Ester 140 

BOULDING, Hanah 140 

BOULDING, John 140 

BOULDING, Martha 140 

BOULDING, Sarah 140 

BOULDING, Thomas 140 

BOULDING, Thomas (Sen.) 

BOULDING, Thomas Peak 140 

BOULDING, William 140 

BOUSH, Samuel 28(2) 

BOUSH, Samuel (Col.) 27 

BOWDON, John 30 

BOWER, John 43 

BOWERS, John 43 

BOWERS, William H. 141 

BOWERS, Willis 43 

BOWLING, Major 31 

BOWMAN, John Sutten 138 

BOWMAN, Rial 138 

BOYKIN, Arthur 43,44 

BOYKIN, William 43 

BRAAZEAL, John 23 

BRACKETT, John 167 

BRACKETT, Ludwell 167 

BRADLEY, C.W.(Dr.) 160 

BRADLEY, Thos. 34 

BRANCH, Boiling 129 

BRANCH, Daniel 33 

BRANCH, E.W. 63 

BRANCH, Jordan (Mrs.) 141 

BRANCH, M.C. 64 

BRANCH, Newsom 42 

BRANCH, Thos. 63 

BRANDON, Catherine 54 

BRANDON, David 92 

BRANDON, Francis 92 
BRANDON, Irvin 91 
BRANDON, John 92 
BRANDON, Richard 54 
BRANDON, Willm. 92 
BRANFORD, John 33 
BRANSCOMB, Thomas 70 
BRANTON, Honor 149 
BRANTON, James 149 
BRANTON, Patty 149 
BRAWHITE, Edward 24 
BRAY, Edward 82 
BREDIN, John 132 
BRENER, Mary 117 
BRENT, John 177 
BRETT, John 85 
BREWER. Edmund 177 
BREWER, Mary 155 
BRIANT, John (Jr.) 88 
BRIDGEMAN, Elizabeth A. 53 
BRIDGMAN, William B. 55 
BRIDGMAN, James Wesley 55 
BRIGGS, Charles 42 
BRIGGS, Gray(Gentleman) 148 
BRIGGS, Henry 87 
BRILEY, John 132 
BRINSON, Widow 27 
BRINSON, Henry 86 
BRINSON, John 86 
BRINSON, John 27 
BRINSON, Thomas 84 
BRISTER, Nickolas 40 
BRISTOW, Caroline W. 59 
BRITT, Jesse 70 
BRITT, John 69 
BRITT, Mary A.B. 60 

BROCK, 29 

BROCK, Widow 29 
BROCK, Elizabeth 86 
BROCK, John 28,86 
BROCK, John Jr. 29 
BROCK, Samuel 29 
BROCK, William 86(2) 
BROCK, Winifred 28 
BROCKET, Ann 84 


BRODNAX, A. (Mrs.) 157 
BRODNAX, Ann 156,157 


BRODNAX, (Anne?) 156 

BRODNAX, Anne (Mrs.) 155 • 

BRODNAX, Eleza. (Miss) 157 

BRODNAX, Eliza 156 

BRODNAX, Elizabeth 154 

BRODNAX, Henry 157 

BRODNAX, Martha 156 , 

BRODNAX, Reba. 156 

BRODNAX, Rebes. 156 

BRODNAX, Stephen Edward 

BRODNAX, Wm. /William 

BRODNAX, Wm.(Capt.) 156 

BROME, Thos. 30 

BROOKS, Larkin 133 

BROOKS, Thos. /Thomas 

BROUGH, E.H. 63 

BROUGH, J. A. 64 


BROUGHTON, Caty 134 

BROUGHTON, John 134 

BROWDER, Nancy 63 

BROWDER, William 148 

BROWN, Alice (Mrs.) 87 

BROWN, Burwell 70 

BROWN, Daniel 11 

BROWN, Daniel (Jr.) 100 

BROWN, DanieKSenr.) 100 

BROWN, Edward 28,86 

BROWN, Elizabeth P. 11 

BROWN, George 13,134 

BROWN, Henry 16 

BROWN, James 16,87,149, 

BROWN, Jeames 30 

BROWN, John 68,131 

BROWN, Joseph 176 

BROWN, Joshua 130 

BROWN, Lucy 128 

BROWN, Mary 39 

BROWN, Richard 131 

BROWN, Richardson 39 

BROWN, Saml. /Samuel 

BROWN, Sarah 62 

BROWN, Wi. 23 

BROWN, William -16,149, 

BROWNE, Benjamin 16 

BROWNE, James 16 

BROWNING, James 139 

BRUKEY, Jarot 32 

BRUMBELAW, Frances 112 

BRYAN, Fred. 10 

BRYAN, John 44,82 

BRYAN, Thomas 138 

BRYAND, Jean 137 

BRYAND, John 137 

BRYAND, Mar then 137 

BRYAND, Marthen (Jr.) 137 

BRYAND, Molly 137 

BRYAND, Robt. 137 

BRYAND, Thomas 137 

BRYANT, Geo. Silas 158 

BRYANT, James 33 

BRYANT, John 31,88,123 

BRYANT, John (Senr.) 88 

BUCHANON, Neil (Sr.) 155 

BUCK, Widow 28 

BUCK, George 28 

BUCK, Lydia 28 

BUCK(?), Hardy 87 

BUCKLEY, John 65,135 

BUCKNER, Anthony 91 

BUCKTROUT, Charles 105 

BULLOCK, William 14 

BULSON, Richard 88 

BUMPAS, William 23,24 

BURCH, Benjamin 133 

BURFOOT, Col. 163 

BURFOOT, Ambross 27 

BURFOOT, Rosabella 159 

BURGESS, Alice 27 

BURGESS, John 27 

BURKS, Richard 138 

BURNER, John 30 

BURNET, John 31 

BURROUGH, Christopher 86 

BURT, William 69 

BURTON, Edith 45 

BURWELL, Elizabeth 147 

BURWELL, John (Gentleman) 

BUSH, George 84 

BUSH, Nancy 161 

BUSKEY, Moses 81 

BUTLER, Annie E. 58 

BUTLER, Jonathan 58 

BUTLER, Thomas H. 152 

BUTT, John 83 

BUTTERWORTH, Benjamin 141 

BUTTS, John 66 

BUTTS, Peter 66 

BYAN, Thomas 139 

BYERS, William 17 

BYNUM, Harry 69 

BYNUM, Turner 69 

CABANISS, Cornelius A. 57 

CABANISS, John 57 

CABANISS, Sarah 57 

CABANISS, Sarah E. 57 

CABINESS, Asa 100 

CABINESS, Chas. /Charles 100 

CABINESS, John 100 

CABINESS, Wm. /William 100 

CAIN, George 66 

CAIN, Lewellin R. 21 

CAIN, Micajah 75 

CAIN, Michael 102 

CAINE, Ella Denoon 158 

CAIRY, Jas. 91 

CAISON, Benjamin 91 

CAISON, Larkin 91 

CAISON, Thos. 91 

CALDWELL, (Jr.) 178 

CALDWELL, Allen 92 

CALDWELL, Andrew 175 

CALDWELL, Delphia 178 

CALDWELL, Elizabeth 175 

CALDWELL, Ellinor 136,137 

CALDWELL, George 178 

CALDWELL, Henry 175 

CALDWELL, Henry (b of Thos.) 

CALDWELL, Jno./John 24,25, 

CALDWELL, Joh. 178 

CALDWELL, Paul 175 

CALDWELL, Robt. 177 

CALDWELL, Sarah 175 

CALDWELL, Thomas 137,175, 

CALDWELL, Thomas (Jr.) 175 

CALDWELL, Violet 175 

CALICOT, James 138 

CALLAND, Samuel/Saml. 133, 

CALWELL, John 91 


CAMP, Gresn 46 

CAMP, John 33,65 

CAMPBELL, Bersheba 17 

CAMPBELL, Willm. /William 

CANAPAX, William 134 

CANNON, Benja. 30 

CANNON, Jearemiah 30 

CANYAX, John 34 

CAPLIN, John 134 

CARDWELL, Daniel 92 

CARDWELL, Elizabeth 147 

CARDWELL, Henry 147 

CARDWELL, Jane 147 

CARDWELL, Thomas/ Thos. 

CARDWELL, Thomas (Sr.) 14 7 

CARGILL, Nathaniel (Gen.) 

CARLAS, Archer 75 

CARLES, William 75 

CARNALL, Bernard- 92 

CARNER, Lucy 127 

GARNER, William 127 

CARR, William 180 

CARRINGTON, George (Col.) 


CARROWAY, John 84 

CARROWAY, John (Senr.) 81 


CARSLEY, John 105 

CARTER, Charles 31 

CARTER, Elizabeth 107 

CARTER, Frances 107 

CARTER, Jane 107 

CARTER, Jno./John 31,90, 

CARTER, John #2 31 

CARTER, Pleasant 172 

CARTER, Richard 92,179 

CARTER, Richd. (gunsmith) 

CARTER, Theoderick 92 

CARTER, Theodorick 139 

CARTER, Thomas 170 

CARTOR, Robart 30 


CARTWRIGHT, William 29 

GARY, William 178 

CASEY, W. 16 

CATTRON, Charles 132 

CAUDLE, David 149 

CAUDLE, Jesse 149 

' CAUDLE, Joseph 149 

CAUDLE, William W. 115 

CAUTHON, Willm. 90 

CELY, Obedience 115 

CHALLES, Hugh 26 

CHALLES, Martha(Wimbish) 

CHAMBERS, Jas". /James P. ' 54 

CHAMBERS, Mary T. 61 

CHAMBLISS, Sallie 57 


CHANDLER, Amy A. 55 

CHANDLER, Joseph 135 

CHANDLER, Robert 130 

CHANDLER, William 102 

CHANLOR, Robert 34 

CHAPMAN, Widow 27 

CHAPMAN, Henry (Capt.) 

CHAPMAN, James 82 

CHAPMAN, Nicholas 27 

CHAPMAN (?) Elizabeth 

CHAPMAN (?) Joyce 29 

CHAPPEL, Georpe 29 

CHAPPEL (?) Isabella 29 

CHAPPELL, James (Rev.) 

CHAPPELL, James M. 62 

CHAPPELL, Harriet 59 

CHAPPELL, Thos. /Thomas 
62,75, 149 

CHAPPELL, William 76, 


CHARLES, Jethro 44 

CHARLES, (?) 174 

CHARLTON, David 45 

CHARROON, Ann 126 

CHARROON, Anthony 125, 

CHARROON, Anthony (Jr.) 

CHARROON, Chariey 126 


CHARROON, Isaiah 126 

CHARROON, Sarah 127 

CHARROON, Susanah 126 

CHASTEEN, John 33 

CHASTEEN, John #2 33 

CHATLING, Routon 147 

CHATMAN, John 90 

CHATMAN, Nathan 90 

CHEATHAM, Betheny 25 

CHEATHAM, John 25 

CHEATHAM, Jonathan 25 

CHEELY, Elizabeth A. 

CHERROON, Sarah 126 

CHESHIRE, Richard (Capt) 

CHETHAM, Francis 33 

CHILDRESS, Ester 140 

CHILDRESS, Sally 128 


CHILDREY, India A. 58 

CHILDREY, John 62 

■ CHILDREY, Martha 108 

CHILDREY, Wm. 58,62 

CHILES, Jno./John. 131, 


CHODOIN, Francis 33 

CHRISTIAN, Israel 130 

CHRISTION, Thos. 30 

CLAIBORNE, Daniel 168 



CLANTON, Holt 41 

CLANTON, Jesse 22 

CLANTON, John 41 

CLANTON, Joseph 20 

CLANTON, William 41 

CLARDY, Benjamin 10 

CLARK, Charles 33 

CLARK, Edwin 152 

CLARK, John 138 

CLARK, Joshua 68 

CLARK, Josiah 123 

CLARK, Peter 68 

CLARK, Thomas 138 

CLARK, William 31 

CLARKE, Agness 140 

CLARKE, John (Maj.) 

CLARKE, Joseph 172 

CLARKE, Nancy 150 

CLARKE, Shadrick 99 

CLARKE, William 150 


CLARY, Joseph 118 

CLARY, Benjamin 117 

CLARY, George 118 

CLARY, James 118 

CLARY, Herod 117, 118 

CLARY, Jincey 118 

CLARY, John 117,118 

CLARY, Lucy 117,118 

CLARY, Hour 118 

CLARY, Robinson 118 

CLAY, Charles 166 

CLAY, Green 166 

CLAY, Henry 32 

CLAY, Henry Jr. 32 

CLAY, Matthew 133,135 

CLAY, Michel 32 

CLAY, Thomas 27 

CLAY, William 32 


CLAYPOOL, Mary Ann 54 

CLEAMONS, Edward 30 

CLEATON, John 119 

CLEMENTS, Richard P. 

CLEVER, John 132 

CLOUD, Isaac 131 

COB, (?) 88 

COBB, Burgoine 40 

COBB, Exum 41 

COBB, Hardy 88 

COBB, John 88 

COBB, Kinchen 40 

COBB, Lazs. 88 

COBB, Matw. 88 

COBB, Sally 40 

COBB, Samuel/Saml. 

COBB, Samuel Sr. 40 

COBBS, John 46 

COBBS, Thos. 93 

COCK, John 31 

COCK, Thos. 33 

COCKE, Christopher(Capt . ) 

COCKE, Elizabeth 85 

COCKE, Eliza (Green) 

COCKE, James 168 

COCKE, Mary 84 

COCKE, Richard H. 168 

COCKE, Sarah i ""■ 

COCKE, Thomas 65 

COCKE, William A. ( Jr. ) 

COCKROFT, William 86 

COFFEE, Bettie 176 

COFFEE, Elizabeth 

COFFEE, Joshua 175,176 

COFFEE, Lydia 176 

COFFEE, Peter 175,176 

COFFEE, Susanna 176 

COFFEE, William 176 

COKER, Charles W. 56 

COKER, James 69 

COKER, Mary Frances 56 

COKER, Wilson 42 

COLE, James 138 

COLE, John 174,176 

COLE, Mary 53 

COLE, Peter 55 

COLE, Reuben 55 

COLE, William 174 


COLEMAN, Augusta 64 

COLEMAN, Danill 31 

COLEMAN, Jno./John 

COLEMAN, Joseph C. 59 

COLEMAN, Mariah L. 61 

COLEMAN, May 52 

COLEMAN, Nathaniel W. 

COLEMAN, Robt. 61 

COLEMAN, Thos. 31 

COLEMAN, William 170 

COLES, Isaac (Jr.) 135 

COLLIER, Ann 67 

COLLIER, Daniel 66 

COLLIER, John 69 

COLLIER, Robert R. 

COLLIER, Thomas 67 

COLLINS, John 180 

COMANN, John 75 

COMER, Elizabeth 134 

COMER, Mary 134 

COMER, Samuel 134 

COMLY, Barton 92 

COMPTON, Richard 10 

CONDON, James 85 

CONN'- V .') Caty 117 

CONNYER, John 29 

CONWAY, Clasy 56 

CONWAY, John 54,61 

CONWAY, Mary E. 61 

COOK, Elizabeth 59 

COOK, James 149 

COOK, James (Sr.) 149 

COOK, Jos, 131 

COOMER, Richd. 90 

COOPER, Dempsey 88 

COOPER, George 18 

COOPER, Thomas (Dr.) 11 

COPLAND, Richard 130 

CORNICK, John 87 

CORNISH, Elias 28 

CORPREW, Thomas(Capt . ) 

COTANCE, Thomas 86 

COTANCE, William 27 


COTTON, James 81 

COURTNEY, Lavella 160 

COWDON, James 133 

COWDON, William 133 

COX, Dick 134 

COX, Francis 180 

COX, Henry 180 

COX, John 34,132 

COX, Sallie 56 

CRADDOCK, John 10 

CRAGHED, Robert 33 

CRAIG, James (Rev.) 

CRAWLEY, Alfred T. 101 

CRAWLEY, Patrick 73 

CRAWLEY, Rosina (Mrs.) 

CREASEY, John 30 

CREED, Thomas 28 

CREED (?) Eliza. 28 

CRENSHAW, Abner 102 

CRENSHAW, Daniel 170 

CRENSHAW, John 139, 

CRENSHAW, Robert 151 

CREW, Pleasant 99 

CREWS, David 180 

CRICHTON J. /Jas . /James 
38, 74 

CRICHTON, William A. 74 

GRISLY, Col. 134 

CRITTENDON, Jno. .5 8 "■ 




CROCKETT, Jno./John 
26, 140 

CROCKETT, William 25 

CROFT, Mary 62 

CROSS, Claiborn 148 

CROSS, Daniel 62 

CROSS, Elizabeth 148 

CROSS, Elizabeth J. 62 

CROSS, James L. 55 

CROSS, Ro. Daniel 55 

CROSS, Susanna 148 

CROWDER, Emeline J. 53 

CROWDER, Rosea 53,54 

CROWDER, Joseph 62 

CROWDER, Martlia 62 

CROWDER, Mary E. 54 

CROWDER, Peterson 53 

CROWLEY, John . 45 

CRUMP, A(bner ) 166 

CRUMP, Richard 167 

CRUMP, Richard (Col . ) 

CRUTCilER, Henry 167 

CRUTCHER, John 167 

CRUTCHFR, Thomas 167 

CRUTER, Leonard 167 

CRYMES, Keziali lUO 

CRYMES, Leonard 100 

CULLINS, Josiah 89 

CUNINGHAM, Jeames 31 

CUNINGHAM, Jeames Jr. 

CUNINGHAM, Jonathan 31 

CUNLIFF(E), Charles 168 

Alexander 23,179 


136, 139 


CUNNINGHAM, Samuel 136, 


CURD, Edward 127 

CURTIS, John 4 

CURTIS, Jno. D. 100 

DABNEY, Charles W. 160 

DABNEY, Isham Eppes 144 

DABNEY, Lucy Ann 160 

DABNEY, Robt. K. 160 

DABNEY, William 149 

DAINS, Jacob 132 

DALTON, James 131 

DALTON, John 133 

DALTON, Randolph 1 3"! 

DALTON, Timothy 131 

DANCE, Mary L. 64 

DANCE, R . H . 64 

DANCE(?), Jno. R.H. 60 

DANCEY, Francis 70 

DANDRIDGF, Sncad 162 

DANIEL, James M. 179 

DANIEL, M. (Cap. ) 179, 

DANIEL, William 125 

DANIELI,, Williams 31 

UARDAN, Gcorne 181 

DASHIFL, Josiah 42 


DAl'LEY, Lawrence 28 

DAVIDSON, Ambrous 2i 


DAVIDSON, Daniel 2i 

DAVIDSON, Elizabeth 23 

DAVIDSON, Georee 2 3 

DAVIDSON, John 2i 

DAVIDSON, Joshua 23 

DAVIDSON, Richard 23 

DAVIDSON, Sally 140 

DAVIDSON, William 23,25 

DAVIES, George 25,26 

DAVIFS, 6 3 

DAVIS, Ann 7 

DAVIS, Charles 33,75 

DAVIS, Chas. C. 64 

DAVIS, Edmund 27 

DAVIS, Edwin 44 

DAVIS, Frances 12,72 

DAVIS, Frederick 70 

DAVIS, Hardie 75 

DAVIS, Hartwell 63 

DAVIS, James 33 

DAVIS, Jas. W. 63,64 

DAVIS, JimCfree Negro) 

DAVIS, John 30,133 

DAVIS, Jos. B. 169 

DAVIS, Margret 178 

DAVIS, Mary Ann 73 

DAVIS, Matthew 67 

DAVIS, Nichles 31 

DAVIS, Sam' 1. /Samuel 

DAVIS, Sarah 25 

DAVIS, Wyatt 75 

DAVIS(?), Robt. H. 60 

DAVISON, Ann 23 

DAVISON, John 23 

DAVISON, Joshua 23 

DAVISON, Wm. 23 

DAVY, Peter 33 

DAWSON, Plantation 40 

DEANE, John 167 

DEANE, John (Sr. ) 169 

DEANE, Peter F. 169 

DEANE, Phillip 167 

DEARMORE, Honour 85(2) 

DEARMOKE, Robert (the 
elder) 85 

DEARMORE, Robert(the 
younger ) 8 5 

DEBORD, George 31 

DEDMAN, John E. 52 

DFDMAN, Saml. 52 

DEJARNAT, Elias 173 

DEJARNAT, Elisabeth 

DEJARNAT, Jno. Thomas 

DEJARNAT, Marrymiah 173 

DEJARNAT, Mary 138 

DEJARNAT, Rebeca 173 

DEJARNET, Thomas 181 

DEJARNATT, Christopher 

DEJARNATT, Daniel 23 

DEJARNATT, Daniel (Jr. ) 


DEJARNATT, Lidia 23 

DEJARNATT, Martha 23 

DEJARNATT, Martia 23 



DEJARNETT, Daniel 138 

DEJERNATT, Mary 138 

DELACY, Walter 103 

DELO^fY, Fanny 169 

DELONY, Wm. H. (Dr.) 73 

DENEALS, James 168 

DENNEY, William 85 

DENOON, Bernice L. 158 

DENOON, Ester S. 159 

DENOON, Eval 158 

DENOON, James 159 

DENSON, Jane W. 58 

DENSON, Joseph 4A 

DENSON, Took A3 

DENT, Sary 100 

DENTON, James 130,131 

DEPEE, John 33 

DEPP, Peter 168 

DEPP, Peter (Jr.) 33 

DEPP, William 168 

DERBY, Martha A. 5A 

DERBY, Perry L. 54 

DESMORE, Frances 86 

DESMORE, Jas. /James 83, 

DEVENPORT, Cathaarine 23 

DEVENPORT, James 23 

DEVENPORT, Julis 32 

DEW, Thomas R. 5A 

DEW, Wm. 54 

DEWEY, Mr. 156,157 

DEWEY, Mrs. 156,157 

DEWEY, Stephen 15A 

DEWPRIE, Joseph 102 

DICKENS, Christepher 31 

DICKENSON, Henry 141 

DICKINSON, Henry 174 

DICKSON, Thomas 180,181 

DILLEHAY, Charles 69 

DILLEHAY, John 75 

DILLIARD, James 131 

DILLIEN, Henery 31 

DILLIN, William 31 

DILLION, James 34 

DILLON, Thomas 180 

DIXON, Ann 101 

DIXON, Henry 101 

DIXON, Tilman S. ' 101 

DIXSON, John 84 

DOBBIE, William 89 

DOBIE, Nathaniel 15 

DOBIE, Nathaniel Jr. 15,19 

DOBIE, William 15,16 


DOBSON, Ann 87 

DOBSON, Joseph 28 

DOBSON, Mary 87 

DODSON, Calep 92 

DODSON, Jos. (Jr.) 93 

DODSON, Jose££ 92 

DODSON, Joshua 133 

DODSON, Thos. 92 

DODSON, Thomas (Jr.) 91 

DONNEL, Jane 137 

DONNEL, James 137 

DONNEL, James (Jr.) 137 

DONNELL, James 136 

DONNELL, James (Jr.) 136 

DONNELL, Jean 136 

DONNELL, Jean (Jr.) 136 

DONNELL, John 136 

DONNELL, Margrit 136 

DONNELL, Mary 136 

DONNELL, William 136 

DOREING, Widow 28 

DOREING, John 28 

DORSETT, A.S. 161 

DORSETT, T.B. 161 

DORSON, Martin 43 

DOSS, Elizabeth 130 

DOSS, John 130 

DOUGLAS, Thomas 181 

DOWDY, Jeames 32 

DOXON, Mary 91 

DRAKE, Ethed. 87 

DRAKE, John 88 

DRAKE, Thomas 88 

DRAKE, William 31,40 

DRAKE, Zelpha (Kirby) 40 

DRAPER, Solloman 153 

DRAPER, William 153 

DREW, B. 43 

DREWRY, Emmet t A. 55 

DREl-JRY, James 55 

DREWRY, John 46 

DRIVER, Giles 32' 

DROMGOOLE, Edward (Jr.) 

DROUT, Caleb 84 

DUDLEY, Richard 84 
DUDLEY, Wm. 34 
DUGAR, Agnes 57 
DUGAR, James H. 57 
DUGAR, Wm. H. 57 
DUGGER, Frances 12 
DUGGER, John 12 
DUGGER, Nancy (Edwards) 39 
DUGGER, Polley 39 
DUGLAS, Robart 30 
DUGLASS, Alexander 91 
DUKE, James 63 
DUKE, May 63 
DUNANT, Rebecca G. 72 
DUNCAN, Frederick 133 
DUNCAN, James 46 
DUNFORD, Philip 30 
DUNKLEY, John 181 
DUNN, Benjamin 16 
DUNN, Kate J. 159 
DUNN, Morris 75 
DUNN, Robt. 159 
DUNN, Thomas 16 
DUNN, Waters 130 
DUNN, William 67 
DUPREE, Henry 151 
DUPREE, Jacob 68 
DUPREE, Jeremiah 70 
DUPREE, John (Junr.) 70 
DUPREE, John (Senr.) 69 
DUPREE, Lewis (Junr.) 69 
DUPREE, Lewis (Senr.) 69 
DUPREE, Thomas (Junr.) 69 
DUPREE, Thomas (Senr.) 69 
DUPREY, Haley 68 
DUPREY, William 68 
DUPUY, Petgr 167 
DUVAL, Benj. R. 60 
DUVAL, Sarah M. 60 
EAGLESTON, Richard 32 
FANES, John 55 
EANES, William S. 55 
EASLEY, Daniel 33 
EASLEY, John 179 
EASLEY, Worren 32 
EAST, John 177 
EASTER, Mary 37 
EASTER, William 82 - 

ECHOLS, Benjamin 89 

ECHOLS, Elizabeth 134 

ECHOLS, Elkanah 134 

ECHOLS, James 179 

ECHOLS, Moses 91 

ECHOLS, Richard 91 

ECKELS, Moses 134 

ECKLES, Elizabeth 53 

EDINGS, Thomas LOVEL 87 

EDMUNDS, Elizabeth 40 

EDMUNDS, Howell Jr. 40 

EDWARD, Andrew 31 

EDWARD, Brambley 38 

EDWARDS, Benja. 91 

EDWARDS, Brambl(e)y 38,39 

EDWARDS, David 87,88 

EDWARDS, George 42 

EDWARDS, Jesse 39,73 

EDWARDS, John 88 

EDWARDS, Jonah 88 

EDWARDS, Mary E. 53 

EDWARDS, Simon 24 

EDWARDS, Solomon 167 

EDWARDS, William 44,88, 

EDWARDS, Wm. N.H. 53 

EIKER, Peter 104 

ELAM, 45 

ELAM, Nancy 52,152 

ELAM, Wm. /William 32,45 

ELAM, Wm. W. 152 

ELAM, Wm. W. (Jr.) 152 

ELDER, Burwell 53 

ELDER, Daniel 148 

ELDER, Edmund 148,149 

ELDER, Robert 148 

ELDRIDGE, John J. 20 

ELDRIDGE, Mary 20 

ELDRIDGE, Rebekah Ann 20 

ELDRIDGE, Rolfe 124,127 

ELEY, Eli 42,44 

ELLEGOOD, Edmd./Edmond 

ELLETT, Martha A. 162 

ELLIOTT, Andrew 106 

ELLIOTT, Mary Allen 106 

ELLIOTT, Thomas 147 

ELLIS, Henry 18 

ELLIS, Iddo (Dr.) 72 

ELLIT, George 92 

ELMORE, Adalitha 61 

ELMORE, Caroline 61 

EMMINS, Nancy E. 54 

EMMINS (?) 61 

EMPERER, Elizabeth ' 84 

EMPERER, Tully 84 

EMPEROLTR, Mary 109 

EMPEROUR, Tully 109 

ENDION, John Ward 32 

ENGLISH, Nathan 40 

EPPERSON, Francis 34 


Francis 124 


Henry W. 73 


James 67 


William 148 


Henry K. 18 


Abraham 26 


Christopher 26 


John 26 



John 100 


EUSTACE, John H. 162 

EUSTACE, Martha J. 162 


Mr. 157 


Catherine 171,172 


Edward 147 


Elizabeth 171 


James 171 


Martha 171 


Mary 171 


Permelia 171 


Theophilus 54 


Virginia 171 


Wm. /William 54,171 


William (Sr.) 171 


Mrs. 155 


John 32 


Samuel 33 


William (Mrs.) 156 


David 91 


Willm. 91 


Willm. (Capt.) 91 


Widow 27 


James 28 


Sarah 28 


Thomas 27,87 


Ax. 175 


Alexander 24 

EWING, Ann 24 

EWING, Charles 24 

EWING, Geo. /George 24,25, 

EWING, Jams./Jas. 25,26, 

EWING, James Jr. 137 

EWING, Jane 24 

EWING, Margaret 137 

EWING, Margaret (d of Samuel) 

EWING, Margaret (w of Samuel) 

EWING, Martha 23 

EWING, Martha (Baker) 24 

EWING, Mary 23 

EWING, Mary( Baker) 24 

EWING, Nathl. /Nathaniel 

EWING, Oliver 24 

EWING, Robert 24 

EWING, Samuel (Capt.) 24 

EWING, Samuel (gs. of Samuel) 

EZELL, Isaac 76 

EZILL, Thomas 76 

EZILL, Thomas (Sr.) 76 

FAGANS, Joseph 133 

FAGANS, Mary 133 

FAIRCLOTH, Ephraim 42 

FAIRCLOTH, Jno./John 42,44 

FAMBOUEGH, Anderson 179 

FARGASON, Joseph 130 

FARGUSON, William 102 

FARLEY, Arthur 167 

FARLEY, Francis 32 

FARLEY, Henry Sr. 22 

FARLEY, Matthew 167 

FARLEY, Thos. 34 

FARMER, Archabald 89 

FARMER, David 89 

FARMER, Enock 181 

FARMER, Frederick 89,181 

FARMER, Henry 181 

FARMER, Henry (Jr.) 89 

FARMER, Henry Sen. 89 

FARMER, Nancy (Crymes) 100 

FARRAR, John W. 168 

FARISS, Edward H. 162 

FARRISS, Alice 162 

FARRISS, Calvin Marshall 


FARRISS, Edward D. 162 

FEAILDS, Bartle 32 

FEAILDS, Prichard 31 

FEILD, John 58 

FEILD, Minna B. 58 

FELTS, Archibald 76 

FELTS, Jessee 76 

FELTS, John 64 

FELTS, Nathaniel 76 

FENNELL, Isham 70 

FENTRIS, Aron 27 

FENTRIS, Frances 27 

FENTRIS, William 28 

FENTRISS, Aron 28,29 

FENTRISS, Dinah 28 

FENTRISS, Eliza 29 

FENTRISS, Hezekiah 29 

FENTRISS, William 29 

FERGUSON, Elizabeth 55 

FIELDER, Ann 177 

FIELDER, Bartholomew 177 

FIFE, William 27 

FINCHLEY, Margret(Mrs.) 85 

FINCKLEY, Thos. 87 

FINNEY, William 121,159 

FINNIE, William 120 


FIRE, John 76 

FIRE, William 75 

FISHER, Christopher 12 

FISHER, Daniel 65 

FISHER, Edward 41 

FISHER, James 112 

FISHER, John 112,139 

FISHER, Jonathan 35 

FISHER, Martha Hill 12 

FISHER, Sarah 46 

FISHER, Sarah V. 12 

FISHER, Wm. F. 72 

FITMASH, John 9 

FITMASH, Polly 9 

FITMASH, Sally (Baxter) 9 

FITZGARALD, Christopher 89 

FITZGERALD, Henry(the elder) 



FLEAMON, Charles 31 

FLEAMON, Samson 30 

FLESHOOD, William 72 

FLOID, Griffin 87 

FLOURNOY, David 23,24 167 

FLOURNOY, George W. 158 

FLOURNOY, Gideon 167 

FLOURNOY, Matt. /Matthew 

FLOURNOY, Thos. /Thomas 

FLOWER, Josiah 17 

FLOWERS, Absalom 14 

FLOWERS, David 14 

FLOWERS, Thos. 130 

FLOYD, Jordan 73 

FLOYD, Sarah 73 

FLUHART, Catharine(Murphrey) 

FLURNEY, Samuel 133 

FOARD, Martha Jane 60 

FOARD, William 60 

FOLLET, Francis 72 

FOLLET, Mary M.C. 72 

FOLSOM, Israel 40 

FORD, Bety 23 

FORD, Christ 138 

FORD, William 125 

FORE, John 125 

FORLINES, Wm. 167 

FORSEY, Stephen 33 

FORT, Frederick 76 

FORT, John J. 42 

FOSTER, Elizabeth(Whitlock) 

FOSTER, George 102 

FOSTER, Moses 41 

FOSTER, Robert 178 

FOWLER, John 166 

FOWLER, Joseph 148,149 

FOWLER, Martha 148 

FOWLER, Mary 148 

FOWLER, Mary Briggs 149 

FOWLER, Titus 43 

FOWLER, William 88 

FOWLER, Killey 149 

FOWLKES, Henry 102 


FOWLKES, Samuel 102 

FOWLKES, Sterling 102 

FOWLKES, Thomas 102 

FOWLKES, Wm. S. 51 

FOX, John 68 

FOX, Mary Moylan 59 

FRANCIS, Thomas 43 

FRASER, Alexander 23 

FRASER, Margaret 11 

FRASER, Simon 11 

FREELAND, James 162 

FREEMAN, Arthur 76 

FREEMAN, Edward 100 

FREEMAN, Martha 100 

FRENCH, Andrew 175 

FRENCH, Hugh 45 

FRETWELL, Thos. Freman 31 

FRIEND, Edwin W. 57 

FRIEND, John W. 57 

FRIZELL, Widow 27 

FRIZELL, DanieKSr.) 27 

FROST, Clarissa 51 

FULTON, Ann 136 

FULTON, Catherin 136 

FULTON, Elizabeth 136 

FULTON, James 136 

FULTON, Jean 136 

FULTON, John 23,136,139 

FULTON, JohnCson of Mary) 

FULTON, Mary 136,178 

FULTON, Mary (Jr.) 136 

FULTON, Rosana 178 

FULTON, Rose 136 

FUQUAY, Judith 178 

GAINES, Betty 160 

GAINES, Harry 160 

GALISPEI, Francis 178 

GALISPIE, David 174 

GALLAWAY, James 132 

GAMBLE, Ginnet 131 

GAMBLE, Samuel 131 

GANNAWAY, Catherine(Evans) 

GANNAWAY, John 172 

GARDEN, Alexander 177 

GARDEN, Ann 177 

GARDEN, Jas. /James 138,177 

GARDEN, James (Rev. Mr.) 26 

GARDEN, James (Jr.) 177 

GARDEN, John 177 

GARDEN, Sarah 177 

GARDEN, Sarah (Jr.) 177 


GARDEN, Sarah (Wimbish) 

GARDNER, James 88 

GARDNER, Jesse 88 

GARDNER, John 88 

GARDNER, Thomas 27 

GARRETT, James 101 

GARRETT, Jno. 140 

GARRETT, Thomas 99 
GARRISON, Stephen 104 
GARROTT, Jacob 173 
GARROTT, John 178 
GARY, Ann 11 
GARY, John 11 
GARY, Richard 15 
GASAWAY, Benjamin 18 
GASKIN, Job 87 

GEE, 110 

GEE, Charles 15 
GEE, Charles Jr. 19 
GEE, Henry 75 
GEE, James 102 
GEE(?), Henry 76 
GENT, John 91 
GEORGE, Jonedab 180 
GERVIS, Robert 87 
GIBSON, Margaret 46 
GIBSON, Thomas 19 
GILES, Nicholas 32 
GILL, Emma F. 53 
GILL, Edward B. 11 
GILL, Mary A.G. 11 
GILL, Nancy F. 53 
GILL, Wm. M. 53 
GILLESPIE, Frenke 25 
GILLESPIE, George 25 
GILLESPIE, James 25 
GILLESPIE, Robert 25 
GILLESPIE, William 25 
GILLIAM, Henry R. 19 
GILLIAM, Jeames 30 
GILLIAM, Levi 21 
GILLIAM, Levi S. 21 
GILLIAM, Marius 72 
GILLIAM, Robert 64 
GIPSON, Harrod 34 
GISBORN, Jane 81 
GLENN, John 102 
GLENN, T3T:ee 102 
GLIDEWELL, Isaac N. 141 

26 GLOVER, Jones 76 

GLOVER, Phinehas 30 
GODFREY, Dinah 83 
. GODFREY, John 83(3) 
GODFREY, Mathev 82' 
GOFF, Samuel 32 
COIN, Shadrick 90 
GOING, Chas. 90 
GOING, Shadrick 180 
GOLDSBY, Peter 123 
GOOD, Bennet" 34 
GOOD, Frances 45 
GOOD, George B. 106 
GOOD, Robert 33 
GOODE, Anne Ford 107 
GOODE, Benjamin 107 
GOODE, Edward 108 
GOODE, Elder Edward 109 
GOODE, Elizabeth 108 
GOODE, Eliza Jane 108 
GOODE, Elsee 108 
GOODE, Francis 168 
GOODE, George 107 
GOODE, Harriett 108 
GOODE, Jane 108 
GOODE, John 45,107 
GOODE, John (Jr.) 107 
GOODE, John B. 108 
GOODE, John B.(Col.) 108 
GOODE, John C. 109 
GOODE, Joseph 107 
GOODE, Judith W. 108 
GOODE, Louisa 108 
GOODE, Mack 108 
GOODE, Margaret 107 



GOODE, Martha (Children' 

GOODE, Mary H. 108 

GOODE, Octavia 108 

GOODE, Permelia(Hendrick) 

GOODE, Phoebe (Jr.) 108 

GOODE, Phoebe(Bass) 108 

GOODE, Polly 108 

GOODE, Rebeccah 108 

Robt. /Robert 


Robt. Km. 108 
Sally 107,108 
Saml, 140 

GOODE, Sarah 107 

GOODE, Semantha 0. 108 

GOODE, Spencer R. 108 

GOODE, Susanna 108 

GOODE, Tappoley 108 

GOODE, Thadeus D. 108 

GOODE, William 166 

GOODE, William (Jr.) 102 

GOODE, William (Maj . ) 107, 

GOODE, William R. 108 

GOODMAN, Joel 92 

GOODRICH, Benjamin 66 

GOODRICH, Briggs 113 

GOODRICH, William 69 

GOODWIN, Albert T. 141 

GOODWIN, Armistead 66 

GOODWIN, Esau 66 

GOODWIN, Leonard 170 

GOODWIN, Sallie 57 

GOODWYN, Boswell (Jr.) 150 

GOODWYN, Burwell T. 21 

GOODWTN, Edward A. 58 

GOODWYN, James 55 

GOODWYN, Matthew Peterson 58 

GOODWYN, 'Polona A. 55 

GORDAN, Elizabeth 101 

GORDAN, Richard 101 

GORDON, Jane 22 

GORDON, John 22 

GORDON, John (Jr.) 22 

GORDON, Mary 22 

GORDON, Sarah 22 

GORDON, Thomas 134,135 

GORIN, J.D. 19 

GOULDIN, John 167 

GOULDIN(G), Willm. 167 

GRAHAM, Archibald 130 

GRAHAM, John 139 

GRAHAM, Mary 13,24 

GRAHAM, Rose 82 

GRAHAM, Samuel 24 

GRAHAM, Thos. 24,139 

GRAHAM, William 13 

GRANGER, Rachel(Mathews) 

GRASTY, John 135 

GRAVEN, John 176,177 

GRAVEN, Lucy 176 

GRAVEN, Mary 176,177 


GRAVES, John 91 

GRAVES, William 76 

GRAY, Adin 132 

GRAY, Benjamin ^0 

GRAY, Geo. T. 54 

GRAY, Jeremiah 132 

GRAY, Naf 1. 5A 

GRAYSON, Ben 100 

GREEN, Abraham 168 

GREEN, Benjamin 76 

GREEN, Thos. /Thomas 

GREENE, Maj. Gen. 179 

GREENHILL, David(Capt.) 

GREENHILL, Paschall 175 


GRESSWITT, William 40,88 

GRIFFIN, Anthony 138' 

GRIFFIN, Diana L. 13 

GRIFFIN, William 13 

GRIFFIN, William L. 13 

GRIFIN, John Tayloe 124 

GRIGG, Burwell 67 

GRIGG, Charles 147 

GRIGG, Elizabeth 61 

GRIGG, Frederick 67 

GRIGG, Jane 147 

GRIGG, Jessy 70 

GRIGG, Lewis Senr. 67 

GRIGG, Mary 147 

GRIGG, Ruth 147 

GRIGG, Sarah 52 

GRIGG, Wm. 147 

GRIGGS, John 180 

GRIMES, David 132 

GRIMES, Francis 132 


GRISWALD, Chauncey 52 

GRISWOLD,, Marvin R. 52 

GRIZZARD, Ambros 76 

GRIZZARD, David 19 

GRIZZARD, Thomas 41,43 

GRIZZARD, William 76 

GROSS, Isaac 132 

GRUBBS, Wilmoth 51 

GUILD, Walter 132 

GUIN, Wm, 135 

GUISBORN, Jane 28 

GUISBORN, John 28 

GUNN, Jas. 91 
GURLEY, George 44 
GUTHREY, Thos. 91 
GUTHRY, Travis 181 
GUTTREY, Thos. 30 
•GUY, James 28 
GUY, Patrick 84 
GWEN, Henry 92 
•GWIN, Widow 28 
GWIN, Joseph 28 
GWYN, Nicholas 180 
HADDEN, Edmund 59 
HADDEN, Mary E. 59 
HAGUE, Bernard 158 
HAGUE, Burliek 158 
HAGUE, Etta G. 158 
HAGUE, L.G. 158 
HAGUE, Louisa 158 
HUGUE, R.F. 158 
HAGUE, Wm. D. 158 
HAIL, Benjamin 77 
HAIL, Benjamin (Jr.) 76 
HAIL, John 77 
HAIL, Micajah 77 
HAILES, Linton 17 
HAILES, Micajah 17 
HAILES, Sherod 17 
HALCOMBE, Phil 24 
HALES, John 105 
HALEY, Henry 70 
HALEY, James 70 
HALL, Eliza(Murphrey) 163 
HALL, Harriet T. 56,59 
HALL, James 41,46 
HALL, John 6 
HALL, Martha 167 
HALL, Martha A. 62 
HALL, Nathan 136 
HALL, Thos. /Thomas 34,154 
HALL, William 62 
HALLAWAW, Jeames 31 
HALLAWAY, James 31 
HALLAWAY, Saml . 32 
HAMBLET, William 89 


HAMBLETON, Alex. 173 
HAMBLETT, James 174 
HAMBLIN, Chaney 174 

HAMBLIN, Henry 175 

HAMBLIN, Judith(Watkins) • 

HAMLIN, William 155 

HAMILTON, Alex/ Alexr. 22,24 

HAMILTON, Christian 139 

HAMILTON, John 66,139 

HAMLETT, James 23,141 

HAMMETT, Rev. Mr. 73 

HAMMON, Ambros 31 

HAMPTON, Henry (Col.) 132 

HAMPTON, John 163 

HAMPTON, Nancy 163 

HAMPTON, Nancy(Murphrey) 

HAMPTON, Richd. 131 

HAMPTON, S.E. 132 

HAMPTON, Wade(Col.) 132 

HANCOCK, Ann 28(2) 

HANCOCK, Beasley 158 

HANCOCK, Elizabeth 28 

HANCOCK, George 84 

HANCOCK, Mary 28 

HANCOCK, Simon 28(2) 

HANDCOCK, Saml. 23 

HANKINS, Dinah 134 

HANKINS, Harriet H. 57 

HANKINS, Jas. 58 

HANKINS, John H. 58 

HANKINS, Lucy V. 58 

HANKINS, Wm. /William 58,134 

HANNA, Mary 178 

HANNA, Robert 136 

HARDA, William 76 

HARDAWAY, Ainsworth 150 

HARDAWAY, Elizabeth 52 

HARDAWAY, Francis Markham 

HARDAWATi, Mary Eliza 73 

HARDAWAY, P.M. (Dr.) 73 

HARDAWAY, Sarah 112 

HARDAWAY, Thomas Jr. 3 

HARDAWAY, Thomas Sr. 3 

HARDAWAY, Wm. E. (Jr.) 72 

HARDY, Andrew 53 

HARDY, Benjamin 12 

HARDY, Martha C. 13 

HARDY, Mary 12 

HARDY, Mary Ann 53 


HAR7ELL, Nunely 62 

HARFORD, Malachy 86 

HARGRAVE, Austin 20 

HARGRAVE, James 59 

HARGRAVE, Jesse 20 

HARGRAVE, Mollie A. 59 

HARGRAVE, Samuel 20 

HARGRAVE, William 20,41 

HARGROVE, Lemuel 84 

HARMON, Edy 57 

HARMON, Elizabeth 57 

HARPER, Jas. 91 

HARPER, Musa 57 

HARPER, N.M. 57 

HARPER, William 10 

HARRIS, Benjamin 33 

HARRIS, Daniel 26 

HARRIS, Edward 75 

HARRIS, Elias 14 

HARRIS, Hilary 160 

HARRIS, Howell 19 

HARRIS, James 33 

HARRIS, John 33, 166 

HARRIS, John (Jr.) 166 

HARRIS, Jorda(i)n 166 

HARRIS, Jordan 166 

HARRIS, Joseph H. 160 

HARRIS, Margaret 63 

HARRIS, Mary 178 

HARRIS, Matthew 26 

HARRIS, Peter 33 

HARRIS, Phoebe 160 

HARRIS, Reubin 77 

HARRIS, Robt. 134 

HARRIS, Vin 160 

HARRIS, Wm. /William 33,77 

HARRIS, Zacheriah 20 


HARRISON, Abner 138 

HARRISON, Andrew 138 

HARRISON, AndrewCs of Wm.) 

HARRISON, Benj./Benja. 

HARRISON, Binns 20 

HARRISON, Charels 138 

HARRISON, Christopher 138 

HARRISON, David 102 

HARRISON, ElizabethCSenr.) 

HARRISON, Fanny 138 

HARRISON, Henry 83(2) 

HARRISON, James 138 

HARRISON, Jane 138 

HARRISON, John 23,77 

HARRISON, Jones J. 115 

HARRISON, Mary 83,138 

HARRISON, Robert 101 

HARRISON, Sarah 67 

HARRISON, Wm. /William 19,138 

HARRISON, William Sr. 15 

HARRISON, William (Jr.) 138 

HARRISON, Willie 118 

HARRISONS, Benja. 31 

HARRISS, Lewis 176 

HARRY, Hilary Valentin(Capt . ) 

HARTLEY, Alice 27 

HARTLEY, Thomas 27 


HARVELL, Elizabeth 58 

HARVEY, Amelia 60 

HARVEY, Martha(Mrs.) 87 

HARVEY, Thomas (the younger) 

HARVEY, Susannah 128 
HARWELL, Adelia 56 
HARWELL, Gardner 76 
HARWELL, Mark 76 
HARWELL, Richard 77 
HARWELL, Stirling 76 
HARWELL, William T. 141 
HARWOOD, Danil 76 
HARWOOD, Samuel 76 
HASKINS, Ben. 24,25,176 
HASKINS, Christopher 164 
HASKINS, Cread 33 
HASKINS, John 164 
HASKINS, Thos. 25 
HASTEY, Thos. 34 
HASTIE, Robert 137 
HATCHER, Benjamin 32 
HATCHER, Daniel 110 
HATCHER, Josiah 33 
HATCHER, Lavinia 160 
HATCHER, Tabitha 60 
HATHDAY, David 74 
HATTERSLY, Thomas 84 
HATTON, Roger 27 
HAUSSMANN, Jno. D. 43 

HAWKINS, Dorothy 51 

HAWKINS, Robert 85(2) 


HAY, Balaam 14 

HAY, John 14 

HAY, Richard 15 

HAY, Richard (Jr.) 76 

HAY, Richard(Sr.) 76 

HAY, Sealy 15 

HAY, Seth 76 

HAYES, Adam 87 

HAYNES, Erasmus 83 

HAYNES, James 81 

HAYNES, Thos. /Thomas 82,84 

HAYS, Anna 127 

HAYS, Jesse 127 

HEATH, Harris 105 

HEATH, Howell 74 

HEATH, James 82 

HEATHCOCKE, Charles 68 

HEDGES, Lemuel M. 168 

HEDGES, Mary F. 168 

HENDERSON, A(lexander) 168 

HENDERSON, Chas. 90 

HENDRICK; Amanda 172 

HENDRICK, Ann 172 

HENDRICK, Benja. 31 

HENDRICK, Humphrey 89 

HENDRICK, James 172 

HENDRICK, John (Senr.) 89 

HENDRICK, John Hurt 89 

HENDRICK, Louisa 172 

HENDRICK, Susan 172 

HENDRICK, William 172 

HENDRICK, WilliamCs of Eliza.) 

HENDRICK, Zachariah 171 

HENDRICKS, Alevander 172 

HENDRICKS, Betsey 172 

HENDRICKS, Catherine(w of 
Elijah H.) 172 

HENDRICKS, David 172 

HENDRICKS, Elijah H. 171, 

HENDRICKS, Elizabeth 171,172 

HENDRICKS, Elizabeth (Jr.) 

HENDRICKS, James 171,172 

HENDRICKS, John 171,172 

HENDRICKS, Martha 171 

HENDRICKS, Matthew 172 

HENDRICKS, Obadiah 171,172 

HENDRICKS, Permeliah 172 

HENDRICKS, Rebecca 171 

HENDRICKS, Sally 172 

HENDRICKS, William 171 

HENDRICKS, William (Jr.) 

HENDRICKS, Killiam(s of 
Obadiah) 172 

HENDSEN, Thomas 60 

HEDSEN, William 60 

HENRY, James Montague 172 

HENRY, Patrick 120 

HEVER, Samuel 33 

HICK, James (Jr.) Ill 

HICKS, Asa 21 

HICKS, Benjamin H. 110 

HICKS, Charles 110,111 

Charles (s ot" John) 






























Clement 21 
Daniel (Jr.) 


Daniel (f of Edwd. B.) 

David 169 

Edward B. 169,170 

Edward B. (Jr.) 169 

Fanny (w of Daniel) 

Fanny E. 169,170 
Henry D. 169 
Hicks? 21 
James 21,110,111 
James Ransom 110 
John 110,111 
John(Capt.) 112 
Joseph 21 
Judah 111 
Laban 21 
Lewis 169 
Lucy D. 170 
Martha 169,170 
Mary 21 
Nancy 110,112 
Rebecca(d of Edwd.) 

Rebecca (A.) 169, 

Reuben B. 112 
Robert 21,70 
Robert Lewis 169, 

HICKS, Robert (S.) 169,170 

HICKS, Thomas 111,112,169, 

HICKS, William 169 


HILL, 82 

HILL, Berryman Jones 148 

HILL, Charity 19 

HILL, Davis 178 

HILL, Green 18,19,76 

HILL, Hannah 168 

HILL, Herbert 117 

HILL, Herbin 19 

HILL, Isaac 18 

HILL, Isaac #2 18 

HILL, Isham 87 

HILL, Jesse H. 18 

HILL, John 24,26,137,139, 

HILL, Joseph 43 
HILL, Judith 178 
HILL, Margera (Mrs.) 76 
HILL, Martha 178 
HILL, Mildred (Hinds) 18 
HILL, Morris 28 
HILL, Polly 148 
HILL, Richard 148 
HILL, Sarah 148 
HILL, Thomas 76,83,148 
HILL, William 178 
HILL, William (Jr.) 178 
HILLIN, Zacariah 91 
HINDS, James 173 
HINDS, John 18 
HINDS, Mildred 18 
HINEZ, Calvin 21 
HINES, Allen 15 
HINES, Charles 150 
HINES, David 69 
HINES, Elizabeth 12,150 
HINES, Hiram 72 
HINES, Micajah 15 
HINES, Patty Hall 150 
HITCHCOCK, Burwell 56 
HITCHCOCK, John B. 56 
HITCHOCK, Burwell 56 
HITE, James 64 
HITE, Nathan 43 
HITT, Henry 90 
,HIX, Archer 34 


HIX, John 31 

HIX, William 31 

HIX, William Jr. 31 

HOBBS, Alexander 17,18 

HOBBS, Elizabeth 16,17 

HOBBS, Frances 18 

HOBBS, John 67 

HOBBS, Thomas 16 

HOBSON, Arabella Gilliam 159 

HOBSON, Betty Lewis 159 

HOBSON, Charlie 161 

HOBSON, Elizabeth 171 

HOBSON, John 171 

HOBSON, John S. 161 

HOBSON, Joseph (Sr.) 91 

HOBSON, Lawson 171 

HOBSON, Mathew 161 

HOBSON, Richard S. 161 

HOBSON, Willm. 91 

HOBSON, Willis Wilson 159 

HODGES, David 134,135 

HODGES, Edmond 132 

HODGES, Moses 135 

HODNETT, John 23 

HOGIAN, Daniell 31 

HOGWOOD, Chas. G. 52 

HOLCOMBE, Amanda M. 73 

HOLCOMBE, Mary S. 72 

HOLCOMBE, Phil. 136 

HOLCOMBE, Philemon (Col.) 

HOLCRAFT, James E. 11 


HOLLAND, Charles 31 


HOLLON, Thos. 30 

HOLLOND, John 30 

HOLLOND, William 31 

HOLLOWAY, Jtjhn 141 

HOLMAN, Wm. 125 

HOLMES, Widow 27 

HOLMES, Amy 85 

HOLMES, Dinah 82 

HOLMES, Edward 27 

HOLMES, Elizabeth 27 

HOLMES, George 27,84 

HOLMES, Henry 85 

HOLMES, Jno./John 82,84 

HOLMES, Lemuel 82,85 

HOLMES, Mary 82,84 

HOLMES, William 84 

HOLT, John 14,16 

HOLT, Nathaniel 16 

HOLT, William 10 

(HONCEY) Rudolph 32 

(HONEY) John 32 

HOOD, Joel 102 

HOOD, Martha(Parham) 102 

HOOD, William 102 

HOOPER, 128 

HOPE, Thos. 90 

HOPKINS, Widow 28 

HOPKINS, James 134 

HOPKINS, John 27,28 

HOPKINS, John Jr. 89 

HOPKINS, Keziah 29 

HOPKINS, Samuel 102 

HOPKINS, Sarah 27 

HOPKINS, William 134 

HOPKINS, (?) Katherine 29 

HOPSON, Henry • 34,89 

HORNE, Thomas 76 

HORNE, William 76 

HORSLEY, William 28 

HOSKINS, Margret 82 

HOSKINS, William 82 

HOUSE, Isaac F. 117 

HOUSE, Laurence 65 

HOWARD, Rosabella(Burfoot) 

HOWARD, Thomas 159 

HOWARD, Wm. 33 

HOWARTON, Jno. 178 

HOWELL, Elizabeth(Murphrey) 

HOWELL, Foster 163 

HOWELL, John 42, 163 

HOWELL, Lucy 163 

HOWERTON, Drury 53 

HOWERTON, Indie M. 63 

HOWERTON, Thomas 63 

HOWERTON, Thos. K. 53 

HOWLET, Thomas 175 

HOWSE, Isaac F. 119 

HUBBARD, James 76 

HUBBARD, Matthew 76 

HUBBARD, Wm. (Rev.) 73 

HUCCABY, John 33 

HUDGINS, Drury 30 

HUDGINS, Permelia 117 

HUDGINS, Robt. 31 

HUDSON, Betsey 99 

HUDSON, Charles/ Chs. 

HUDSON, Frederick 99 

HUDSON, John 99 

HUDSON, Mary 99 

HUDSON, Robert 99 

HUDSON, Thos./Tho. 138, 

HUDSON, Us ley 52 

HUDSON, Ward 99 

HUDSON, William 170 

HUDSON, William Jr. 44 

HUGES, Orlander 30 

HUGES, William 32 

HUGHES, Mother 137 

HUGHES, Mrs. 34 

HUGHES, Carion 159 

HUGHES, Edith 175 

HUGHES, Gedaliah 175 

HUGHES, John 137 

HUGHES, Leander 175,177 

HUGHES, LeanderCSr.) 175 

HUGHES, Molly 175 

HUGHES, Robert 34 

HUMPHREYS, George 131 

HUMPHREYS, George(Capt . ) 71 

HUNNICUTT, Lemuel 74 

HUNNICUTT, Mary Ann 74 

HUNT, Fran. 178 

HUNT, Hannah 54 

HUNT, Judkins 66,76 

HUNT, Robert 43 

HUNT, Thomas 43 

HUNTER, John 86 

HUNTER, Robert 172 

HURBERT, Susan 60 

HURT, James Meriweather 13 

HURT, Lewelling 13 

HURT, Mereweather 102 

HURT, Moses 31 

HURT, Nancy 13 

HURT, Rubin 181 

HURT, Susan 57 

HUSON, John 90 

HUTCHESON, Mathew 32 

HUTCHESON, Richd. 90 

HUTCHINGS, Nathaniel 82 
HUTCHINGS, Thomas 28 
HYDE, Robert 131 
HYLTON, Bowler 124 
HYLTON, Elizabeth 124 
HYLTON, John 124 
HYLTON, John (Sr.) 123 
HYLTON, Ralph 124 
HYLTON, Sarah 124 
ILIFT, Frances 85 
ILIFT, Thomas 85 
INGE, Charge (?) 148 
INGE, Devereux 148 
INGRAM, Joseph 77 
INGRAM, Samuel 101 
IRBY, Ann 20 
IRVINE, George 74 
IVEY, Ephraim 77 
IVEY, Joshua 8 
IVY, John 28,83 
IVY, Ursala 28 
JACKSON, Benjamin 66 
JACKSON, Henry 23 
JACKSON, Joel 51 
JACKSON, John 83,86,132 
JACKSON, Matthew 174,176 
JACKSON, Rebekah 113 
JACKSON, Sarah 37,113 
JACKSON, Stephen M. 141 
JACKSON, Susan 53 
JACKSON, Susanah 113 
JACKSON, Susan V. 51 
JACKSON, William 138 
JACOBS, Jacob 166 
JACOBS, Samuel 166 

JAMES, 28 

JAMES, Francis 34 
JAMES, Thomas 132 
JARRAD, Henry 77 
JARRAD, John 18 
JARRAD, John Nicholas 19 
JARRAD, Mary 18 
JARRAD, Nancy N. 18 
JARRAD, Nicholas 18,19,77 
JARRAD, Samuel 19 
JARRARD, John 16 


JARRARD, Samuel 19 

JARROTT, John N. 19 

JEFFERSON, Thomas 120 

JEFFRIES, James 128 

JEFFRIES, Jesse 129 

JEFFRIES, Jessee 128 

JEFFRIES, Mary 129 

JEFFRIES, John 128 

JEFFRIES, Mary 128 

JEFFRIES, Nathaniel 127 

JEFFRIES, NathanieKJr.) 

JEFFRIES, Thomas 128 

JEFFRIES, William 128,129 

JEFFS, Thos. 32 

JENGINS, Jacob 88 

JENKINS, Lewis 30 

JENNINGS, Elkanah 178 

JENNINGS, Isham 178 

JENNINGS, Robert 176 

JETER, Andrew 68 

JOHN, Joseph 3A 

JOHN, Robart 30 

JOHNS, Robt. 2A 

JOHNS, Thos. 32 

JOHNS, Wm. Combs 33 

JOHNSON, Absalom 112 

JOHNSON, Agnes 17^ 

JOHNSON, Agness 17^ 

JOHNSON, B. K. 56 

JOHNSON, Edward 173,176 

JOHNSON, Egnas 17A 

JOHNSON, Geen 17A 

JOHNSON, Gideon 174 

JOHNSON, Jacob (the elder) 

JOHNSON, Jacob (the younger) 

JOHNSON, Jacomine 86 

JOHNSON, James 43 

JOHNSON, James Holland 20 

JOHNSON, Jesse 40 

JOHNSON, John 20,92,174 

JOHNSON, Mary 84,87,174 

JOHNSON, Robert 24 

JOHNSON, Shadrack 44 


JOHNSON, Wm. /William 

JOHNSON(?), William Smith 

JOHNSTON, John 88 
JOHNSTON, Joseph 88 
JOHNSTON, Peter 175 
JOHNSTON, Ruth 23 
JOHNSTON, Ruth( Baker) 24 
JOHNSTON, Samuel 24 
JOHNSTON, Willion 88 
JOINER, Bennet 18 
JOINER, Curtis 18 
JOINER, Jesse 18,88 
JOINER, John 18 
JOLLEY, Thomas 67 
JONES, A. 88 
JONES, Arthur 172 
JONES, Benjamin 153 
JONES, Benjamin Cralle 58 
JONES, Gary 56 
JONES, Edward 77 
JONES, Edwin 2U 
JONES, Elizabeth 56 
JONES, F.F. 58 
JONES, Francis 83 
JONES, Harwood 42 
JONES, Henry 29 
JONKS, Henry E. 170 
JONES, Howell 14 
JONKS, Hugh (Jr.) 134 
JONES, John 42 
JONES, John(Gentleman) 149 
JONES, John H. 56 
JONES, John J. 21 
JONES, Jordon 44 
JONES, Kezia 4 
JONES, Laurinda 62 
JONES, Ludwell 3,4,170 
JONES, Martha A. 54 
JONES, Mary 3,14 
JONES, Mary E. 60 
JONES, Mary(Murphrey) 163 
JONES, Mollie C. 57 
JONES, Patsy Wade 152 
JONES, Philip G. 57 
JONES, Robert 29,152 
JONES, Samuel 131 
JONES, Sarah 3,4,101,172 
JONES, Sarah G. 60 
JONES, Solomon 68 
JONES, Susan F. 54 

JONES, Thomas 42,101 

JONES, Thomas L. 170 

JONES, William /Wm. 3,4 

JORDAN, Dorothea 12,13 

JORDAN, Edward (Col.) 99 

JORDAN, Henry 68 

JORDAN, Jesse 68 

JORDAN, Robert 12,13 

JORDAN, Thomas R. 13 

JOYCE, Alexr. 22 

JOYCE, Thos. Jr. 22 

JOYNER, Bridgman 43 

JOYNER, Britton 88 

JOYNER, Elizabeth 43 

JOYNER, Henry 43 

JOYNER, Jacob Jr. 41 

JOYNER, John 43,88 

JOYNER, Jopeh 88 

JOYNER, Joshea 88 

JOYNER, Joseph 44 

JOYNER, Joshua 43,87 

JOYNER, Lewis Jr. 43 

JOYNER, Moses 88 

JOYNER, Nathan 88 

JOYNER, William 44 

JUDKINS, Chales 77 

JUDKINS, Elizabeth M.(Jarrad) 

JUDKINS, Jordan 43 

JUDKINS, Samuel W. 18 

JUMPER, Phillis 149 

JUMP(L)ER, Hannah 149 

'JURERANT, Peter 33 

JUSTICE, Nancy 114 

KARR, James 133 

KEALIN, Thos. 89 

KEELING, Adam 81,83 

KEELING, Alexander 82 

KEELING, Elizabeth 82 

KEELING, Maogret 84 

KEELING, Mary 83 

KEELING, Thos. /Thomas 82, 

KEELING, Thorowgood 84 

KEELING, William 29,82 

KEELING, William Jr. 29 

KEENAN, James 103 

KEETON, Thos. 101 

KEELEY, John Sr. 18 

KELLO, Sam'l. 40 

KELLO, Saml. Jr. 30 


KELLY, Elizabeth 18 

KELLY, Gregory 60 

KELLY, John A. 61 

KELLY, John J. 60 

KELLY, Lucy M. 61 

KENDRICK, Thos. 91 

KENEDY, Joseph A. 60 

KENEDY, J.W. 60 

KENT, James R. (Maj.) 162 

KENT, Robart 32 

KEYS, Sandall 1^8 

KEZEE, Jeremiah 133 

KIUD, Asa 72 

KIMBLE, W. (Rev.) 71 

KINDALL, Mary 176 

KINDRED, John A0,A2 

KING, Benja. IIA 

KING, CharlPS (Jr.) 116 

KING, Edmund 179 

KING, Edward 116 

KING, John 116 

KING, Judith 116 

KING, Miles 116 

KING, NathanieKSr.) 

KING, Nathl.(Jr.) 115 

KING, Sarah Ann 115 

KINGMAN, Robt.(Capt.) 8A 

KIRBY, Henry 92 

KIRBY, John 40 

KIRBY, Moody AO 

KIRBY, Samuel 92 

KIRKLAND, Brambly (Edi^ards) 

KIRKLAND, John 53 

KIRKLAND, Pamelia 39 

KIRKLAND, Polley(Edwards) 

KIRKLAND, Wmson. 53 


KITCHEN, Fredrick 42 

KNIGHT, John 100 

KNOCK, Mary 13 

KNOCK, William 13 

KNOCK, William (Sr.) 13 

LAFFOON, Caty 36 

LAFFOON, Matthew 101 

LAINE, John 41 

LAINE, Peter 41 

LAM AY, John 89 

LAMB, Anthony 10 

LAMBERT, R.J. 161 

LAMOUNT, Widow 24 

LAMOUNT, James 24 

LAMPRIEVE, Thomas 165 

LAND, Widow 27 

LAND, Curtis 17,18 

LAND, Fdwd. 87 

LAND, Edward(the elder) 84 

LAND, Frans. /Francis (Capt.) 
27,29,83 ■ 

LAND, Margaret 29 

LAND, Mary 27,84 

LAND, Porter 21 

LANDERS, Matthew 33 

LANDROM, Samuel 33 

LANE, 11 

LANE, Augustus 28 

LANE, Benj. 19 

LANE, Dullon 131 

LANE, Dutton 130 

LANE, Elizabeth 19,82,130, 

LANE, Jesse 41 

LANE, John 12 

LANE, John Fuller 130 

LANE, Morris 82 

LANE, Samuel 41 

LANE, Sarah 12 

LANE, Wm. 19 

LANGFORD, David 41 

LANGFORD, Jessey 41 

LANGLEY, Elizabeth 18 

LANGSDON, Esther 34 


LANIER, Allan 110 

LANIER, Ben 15 

LANIER, Fisher 148 

LANIER, L(ittleton) 15 

LANIER, Martha A. 64 

LANIER, Thomas 66 

LANKEY, Richd. 137 

LARKE, Joseph Bingley 
• 167,168 

LATHROP, Alexander 8 

LATIMER, Henery Willson 35 

LATIMER, John Senr. 35 

LATIMORE, Richard (Rev.) 73 

LAWHEAD, Lewis 77 

LAWRENCE, Annis 67 

LAWRENCE, Thomas 67 

LAWS, John 132 

LAWSON, Widow 27 

LAWSON, Ann 81 

LAWSON, John 92 

LAWSON, Robert 177 

LAWSON, Thomas 81 

LAWSON, Thomas (Capt.) 27 

LAX, Timothy 180 

LEAMON, Widow 28 

LEAMON, Hardeous 28 

LEAMOUNT, James 85 

LEATH, Nancy 8 

LEATH, Heartwell 8 

LEDBETTER, Mary 156 

LEE, Clara B. 63 

LEE, Henry 63 

LEE, John 32,44 

LEE, Nancy 74 

LEE, Sarah 19,53 

LEE, Watt 34 

LEGON, Wm. 34 

LEGRAND, Alex. 173 

LEGRAND, Jas. /James 89,176 

LEGRAND, Mary 134 

LEGRAND, Will 134 

LEGRAND, Peter 25 

LEIGH, Elizabeth 175 

LEIGH, John 175,178 

LEIGH, Paschal Greenhill 

LEIGH, William 120,121 

LEIGH, Zachariah 175 

LEIGH, Zachariah Greenhill 

LEITCH, David 168 

LENEVE, J. 24 

LENEVE, Jno. 173 

LENTCH, John 30 


LESSENBERRY, Luranc (Hobbs) 


LESTER, Andrew 164 

LESTER, Andw.(Jr.) 164 

LESTER, Ann 133 

LESTER, Elizabeth 164 

LESTER, Francis 164 

LESTER, Henry 136 

LESTER, John 164 


LESTER, Joshua 46 

LESTER, Martha 164 

LESTER, Rachel 164 

LESTER, Thos. /Thomas 

LESTER, Whitehead 164 

LESTER, William 133 

LESTYEAR, Emanuel 28 

LESUEUR, John L. 169 

LESURE, David 33 

LEWELLIN, Thomas 69 

LEWIS, Benj. 43 

LEWIS, Catherine L. 58 

LEWIS, Charles 125 

LEWIS, Harriet Ann 56 

LEWIS, Henry W. 80 

LEWIS, H.H. 58 

LEWIS, Maria 54 

LEWIS, Mary P. 58 

LEWIS, Robert 125 

LEWIS, Robt. A. 56 

LEWIS, Za. 135 

LIEFSEY, William 70 

LIGHT, John 180 

LIGHTFOOT, Elizabeth 113 

LIGHTFOOT, William 132 

LIGION, Joseph 181 

LIGON, Bettie A. 161 

LIGON, C.W. 161 

LIGON, Elizabeth 136 

LIGON, Geo. W. 161 

LIGON, Henry 25,139 

LIGON, Henry (Jr.) 136 

LIGON, Henry (Sr.) 136 

LIGON, May Harvie 161 

LIGON, Sarah 136 

LIGON, William 136 

LILBURN, Widow 29 

LILBURN, William 29 

LILLY, Harriet B. 73 

LILLY, John 73 

LINCH, John 93 

LINSEY, William 45 

LINTHICUM, Edward 124 

LINTON, James 2 7,87 

LIPFORD, Henry 45 

LIPSCOMB, Thos. 92 

LITTLE, Adam 17 

LITTLE, Lucy 18 

LITTLEJOHN, Joseph 136 

LITTLEJOHN, Margaret 136 

LITTLEJOHN, Margrett 136 

LOCK, Charles 77 

LOCK, Thomas 66 

LOCKETT, Jean 45 

LOCKETT, Henry 121 

LOCKETT, N. 120 

LOCKIT, David 34 

LOCKITT, Gideon 32 

LOCKITT, Joel 32 

LOCKITT, Thomas 32 

LOFTIN, John 105 

LOFTIN, William 22 

LOFTON, Thomas 16 

LONG, Charles 21 

LONG, Joseph 6 7 

LONG, Winny 21 


LONGON, Beverly 89 

LOUVE, Ellener 41 

LOUVE, Henry 41 

LOUVE, Mary 41 

LOUVE, Silas 41 

LOVE, Eleanor 41 

LOVE, Elias 40 

LOVE, Elizabeth 21 

LOVE, Henry 41 

LOVE, Mary 41 

LOVE, Samuel 102 

LOVE, Silas 41 

LOVELACE, Thos. 90 

LOVET, Mary 83 

LOVET, Thomas 85 

LOVET, William 82,83 

LOVETT, Widow 28 

LOVETT, Adam 28 

LOWE, Ledbetter 43 

LOWE, Lev. 43 

LOWE, Lighbourn 43 

LOWRY, Thomas 103 

LUCAS, Edmund 65 

LUCAS, James 103 

LUCAS, James Francis Mary 

LUCAS, John 67 

LUCDDO, Peter 33 

LUDLAN, Richard H. 160 

LUFFSIE, Thomas (Jr.) 74 

LUFSIE, Alfred 12 

LUFSIE, Lucy 12 


LUFSIE, Wiley 12 

LOFTAIN, John 66 

LUNKIN, Geo, /George 130, 

LUMKIN, Mary(Archdeacon) 

LUMKIN, Robt. /Robert 

LUNDY, Drury 77 

LUNDY, Elizabeth 74 

LUNDY, James 70 

LUNDY, William 70 

LUNN, William 70 

LUNSFORD, Julia Ann 53 

LUNSFORD, Sarah 52 

MC CARR, G. 130 

MC CARTA(Y), Timothy 103 

MC CARTER, John 29 

MC CARTHY, Daniel 103 

MC CARTY, Widow 28 

MC CARTY, Darby 28,83,86 

MC CARTY, Eliza. 28 


MC CLANHAN, Joan 84 

MC CLANHAN, John 84 

MC CLINNEY, Hincha 41 

MC COMB, Patrick 103 

MC CONNICO, Christopher 

MC CRAW, William 166 

MC CROY, Archable, 175 

MC CROY, Elizabeth 175 

MC CROY, Hugh 175 

MC CROY, James 175 

MC CROY, James (Jr.) 175 

MC CROY, James (Sr.) 176 

MC CROY, John 175 

MC CROY, Mary 175 

MC CROY, Samuel 175 

MC DANIEL,' Wm. (Cap.) 181 



MC DEARMANDRO, Judith 138 


MC DEARMANDRO, Michel 138 

MC DEARMONROE, Michal 138 

MC DEARMON, Joseph 168 

MC ELROY, Archibald 26 

MC FARLAND, Jame (Esq.) 71 

MC GEHEE, Jacob 25,138 

MC GUIAR, John 31 

MC GUIAR, Zack. 32 

MC ILVAINE, Bloomfield 72 

MC ILVAINE, Joseph (Hon.) 


MC KENNEY, James 62 

MC KENNEY, Samuel M. 61 

MC KINNEY, John 30 


MC LARD, Daniel 178 

MC LARD, Daniel (g.s. Daniel) 

MC LARD, Dorithy 178 

MC LARD, John 178 

MC MACHEN, Jas. 137 

MC MACK, Jas. 137 

MC MULLIN, Jas. 91 

MC QUIE, A.H. 60 

MC QUIE, Andrew J. 60 

MC TAG ART, Mary 26 

MC TAG ART, Philip 26 


MABRY, Daniel 77 

MABRY, DanieKExec.) 77 

MABRY, Evans 66 

MABRY, Nathaniel 67 

MABRY, Robert 67 

MACGEHE, Jacob 25 

MACKBE, Jas. 90 

MACKBE, William 90 

MACKEEL, Francis 82 

MACKEEL, Sarah (Mrs.) 82 


MACKGEHEE, Jacob 138 

MACKLIN, Thomas 65 


MACLIN, James 66 

MACLIN, William 66 

MACON, Nathaniel (Hon.) 

MADISON, Constance A. Read 

MADISON, Laura 11 

MADISON, Robert Cooper 11 

MADISON, William A. 11 

MAGEE, Jas. 58 

MAGEE, Charles 109 

MAGEE, Sallie A. 58 

MAGGUHEE, Jacob 136 

MAGHEE,Ann Robinson 12 

MAGHEE, Prudence 12,13 

MAGHEE, William 12 

MAGRUDER, Wm. Mills 32 

MAIL, Fanny 52 

MAITTED, J.C. 54. 


MALBONE, Charles (Capt.) 

MALBONE, John 27,28 

MALBONE, Mary 28 

MALBONE, Reodolphus 

MALBONE, Sarah 28 

MALLORY, Clem. P. 66 

MALONE, Andrew 61 

MALONE, Daniel 5,58,78 

MALONE, Martha A. 61 

MALONE, M.E. 62 

MALONE, Reuben 111 

MALONE, Robt. G. 58 

MALONE, Sally 5,6 

MALONE, Sarah 60 

MALONE, Sarah (Mrs.) 67 

MALONE, Thomas 5 

MALONE, William 77 

MANGUM, William 77 

MANN, Dinton 40 

MANRY, Henry 77 

MANRY, William 77 



MANSON, Thomas 150 

MARKHAM, Geo. /George 

MARKHAM, V. 166 

MARKHAM, V(incent) 167 

MARKS, Harrison 10 

MARLAIN, John 89 

MARR, Gidion 130 

MARR, John 130 

MARRIBLE, George 77 

MARSH, Richard 79 

MARSHEL, Frank 33 

MARSHALL, Mary 45 


MARTAIN, Anthony 159 

MARTAIN, John 136 

MARTAIN, Robert 177 

MARTIN, Ann 2 7 

MARTIN, Antony 33 

MARTIN, Dorson 43 

MARTIN, Fanny 160 

MARTIN, Jn./John 23,180 

MARTIN, Matilda 100 

MARTIN, Thomas 27,87 

MARTIN, Volintine 30 

MARTIN, Wm. 83 

MASH, Charles 31 

MASON, David 77 

MASON, David (Col.) 163 

MASON, Joseph 19 

MASON, Littleberry 77 

MASON, Thomas 77 

MASON, William 67 

MASON, William T. 141 


MASSENBURG, William E. 15 

MASSEY, John 69 

MASSEY, Richard 69 

MASTERS, James 140,173 

MASTERS, Susanah 140 

MASTIES, Edward 33 

MATHEWS, Anne 175 

MATHEWS, Anne(d of Sam'l) 

MATHEWS, Frances 175 

MATHEWS, Hannah 175 

MATHEWS, James 175 

MATHEWS, Mary 84 

MATHEWS, Owen 84 

MATHEWS, Phillip 175 

MATHEWS, Samuel 175 

MATHEWS, William 175 

MATTHEWS, John 11 

MATTHEWS, Nancy 11 

MATTOX, George 64 


MAURY, Jno. 14 

MAURY, Matthew F. 135 

MAURY, Thomas Tabb 135 

MAXEY, A.J. 159 

MAXEY, Elisha 167 

MAXEY, I.G. 159 

MAXEY, James H. 159 

MAXEY, John 25 

MAXEY, John (Jr.) 167,169 

MAXEY, Sarah 159 

MAXEY, Selvanus 176 

MAXEY, Sylvanus 159 

MAXEY, Wm. 176 

MAXSEY, John 34 


MAXSEY, Wm. 36 
MAXSY, Charles 32 
MAXSY, Nathaniel 34 
MAXSY, Walter 32 
MAY, Albert 160 
MAY, Gardner 180 
MAYO, Mrs. 3U 

MAYO, 158 

MAYO, Daniel 125 
MAYO, Edward 165 
MAYO, Joseph 165 
MAYO, Robert 165 
MAYS, William 90 
MAYS, Willm. Sen. 90 
MEADE, David 73,165 
MEADE, David (Jr.) 165 
MEADE, Everad 165 
MEADE, Everad (Jr.) 165 
MEADOWS, Anna 61 
MEANLEY, Abner 148 
MEANLEY, David 148 
MEANLY, Abner 150 
MEANLY, David 150 
MEANLY, Turner 150 
MEANLY, William 150 
MEDLEY, Isaac 164 
MEDLEY, Sarah(Lester) 164 
MEDOR, Jonas 31 
MEDOWS, John 30 
MEGEE, Henry 18 
MELLROY, James 22 
MELOANE, Phillip 90 
MELTON, Charles 67 
MELTON, Hardy 67 
MELTON, Peter 68 


MEREDITH, Caroline 59 
MEREDITH, Chas. W. 61 
MEREDITH, Elizabeth W. 59 
MEREDITH, James A. 61 
MEREDITH, Joseph 59 
MEREDITH, Nancy 148 
MEREDITH, William 148 
MERIDITH, Eliza 64 
MERRITT, Henry 37 
MERRITT, Mary 37 
MESHEW, Jacob 34 

MICHAUX, Byrd Sublett 

MICFIAUX, D(aniel) W. 168 

MICHAUX, Fannie A. 160 

MICHAUX, Frank E. 160 

MICHAUX, Jacob 160 

MICHAUX, Joseph 159 

MICHAUX, Miller K. 160 

MICHAUX, Page D. 160 

MICHAUX, Richard W. 169 

MICHAUX, William Walthall 

MICHAUX, W.R. 160 

MICHIE, Andrew 13 

MICHIE, Catherine 13 

MILES, Isham B. 51 

MILES, Jeremiah 51 

MILLER, Ann 132 

MILLER Bcrsheba (Millpr) 

MILLER, Frederick 181 

MILLER, Ginnet 131 

MILLER, Herman 9(1,91 

MILLER, John 131 

MILLFH, Jolm Frederick 91 

MILLFK, Levi F. 18 

MILLFR, Thomas (Capt.) 

MILLNFR, Mack 179 

MILLS, William il 

MILNER, John 180 

MILTON, Saml. 31 

MIMS, Drury 127 

MINFTREF, Archiblad 148 

MINETREE, William 148 

MINETREE, William (Sr.) 

MINIARD, Patsey(Murphrey) 

MINTON, John 30 

MINTON, William 124 

MITCHEL, Edward 77 

MITCHEL, Jacob 77,91 

MITCHEL, John 77,91 _ 

MITCHEL, Joseph 178 

MITCHEL, Sarah 178 

MITCHELL, Abraham 87 


MITCHELL, Drel^^:y 68 

MITCHELL, Elizabeth 63 

MITCHELL, James 131 

MITCHELL, John 178 

MITCHELL, Littleton 147 

MITCHELL, Peter 104 

MITCHIL, Hester(Murphrey) 

MITCHIL, William 77 

MONROE, William 102 

MONTAGUE, John 125 

MONTAGUE, Thomas 125 

MONTAGUE, Thomas(Jr.) 125 

MOODY, Benj. 158 

MOODY, Joseph D. 51 

MOODY, Matthew 27 

MOODY, Richard 51 

MOOR, James 139 

MOORE, Ann 82 

MOORE, Cason 83,85 

MOORE, Elizabeth 56 

MOORE, George 174 

MOORE, James 29 

MOORE, James B. 21 

MOORE, John 21,89 

MOORE, Joseph 93 

MOORE, Mathias 87 

MOORE, Polley 152 

MOORE, Sarah ' 85 

MOORE, Thomas 85,134 

MOORE, Warner 170 

MOORE, Wm. /William 81,82, 

MOORE, Wm.(Sr.) 147 

MORFIIEAD, James 181 

MORGAN, Ann 149 

MORGAN, Grace 83 

MORGAN, Haynes 132 

MORGAN, Isabella 13 

MORGAN, James 13 

MORGAN, John 77 

MORGAN, John (Senr.) 77 

MORGAN, Tljomas 28 

MORRIS, Alec 28 

MORRIS, Amanda Cleton 55 

MORRIS, Eliza. 28 

MORRIS, Jabez 20 

MORRIS, John 27,70,75 

MORRIS, John J. 55 

MORRIS, Nancy 128 

MORRIS, Natt 129 

MORRIS, William 103 

MORRISON, Davidson 66 

MORRISON, John 137 


M0RRI3S, Doll(G)y (Edwards) 

MORRISS, Edward J. 38 

MORSE, Francis 83,86 

MORSE, Francis (Capt.) 81 

MORSE, Thomas 85 

MORTON, John 23,137 

MORTON, Jos. 137 

MORTON, Margaret 122 

MORTON, M.H. 128 

MORTON, Richd. 23,25 

MOSBY, John 166 

MOSBY, LittleberryCJr.) 166 

MOSBY, Robert W. 169 


MOSELEY, Amos 84 

MOSELEY, Anthony 83 

MOSELEY, Anthony (Capt.) 

MOSELEY, Arthur 109 

MOSELEY, Dinah 87 

MOSELEY, Edw. /Edward 82,109 

MOSELEY, Edward (Jr.) 82 

MOSELEY, Frances 86 

MOSELEY, Francis 86,87 

MOSELEY, George 27,86, 

MOSELEY, Mary 27 
MOSELEY, Km. (Capt.) 83 
MOSELY, Martha U5 
MOSELY, Thomas 32 
MOSLEY, Arter 32 
MOSLEY, Arter #2 33 
MOSLEY, Edward 32 
MOSLEY, John 32 
MOSLEY, Richard 32 
MOSLEY, William 32 
MOSS, David 111 
MOSS, Hugh 136 
MOSS, James 134 
MOSS, Joseph 34 
MOTHERAL, Joseph 17 
MOTT, Joseph 100 
MOTT, Loviless 100 
MOUNT, John (Const.) 90 
MOUNT, John (Jr.) 90 
MOUNTCASTLE, William 46 

MUCLEROY, John 176 

MUFEE, William 88 

MUNN, Betty 149 

MUNN, Stephen 149 

MURFEE, Richard(Sener) 88 

MURFEE, Simon 40 

MURPHY, Edward 179 

MURPHY, E.L. 158 

MURPHY, James 181 

MURPHREY, Archibald 163 

MURPHREY, Charles 163 

MURPHREY, Charles (bro. to 
John, R.S.) 163 

MURPHREY, Dempsey 163 

MURPHREY, Eliza Ann 164 

MURPHREY, Evans 163 

MURPHREY, George 163 

MURPHREY, Henry 163 

MURPHREY, James 163 

MURPHREY, Jesse 163 

MURPHREY, John 163 

MURPHREY, John (Rev. Soldier) 

MURPHREY, John (Son of 
Chas.) 163 

MURPHREY, Joseph 163 

MURPHREY, Josiah 164 

MURPHREY, Michael 163 

MURPHREY, Patsey 163 

MURPHREY, Pleasant 163 

MURPHREY, Thomas 163 

MURPHREY, William/Wm. 163 

MURPHREY, William (son of 
Elizabeth Howell) 163 

MURPHREY, Wm. (son of Evans) 

MURPHREY, William(tj bro. to 
John R.S.) 164 

MURPHREY, William (son of 
Wm.) 163 

MURRAY, Allen 122 

MURRAY, Anthony 122,123 

MURRAY, David 139 

MURRAY, Frances 124 

MURRAY, John 122, 123 

MURRAY, Judith 122 

MURRAY, Mary (Murphrey) 

MURRAY, Richard 122,123,124 

MURRAY, Richard (Jr.) 122 

MURREY, John 31 

MURREY, Mary 30 

MURRY, Abraham 135 

MURRY, Abraham #2 135 

MYRICK, David 42 

MYRICK, Howell 22 

MYRICK, Lucy 41 

MYRICK, Mary Ann 55 

MYRICK, Owen 42 

MYRICK, William 41 

NAE, John 105 

NANCE, Martha 56 

NANCE, Nathaniel 149 

NASH, E.P. 60 

NASH, Etta Robinson 60 

NASH, John 175 

NASH, John (Jr.) 175 

NASH, Marve 132 

NASH, William 132,135 


NEAL, Ann 51 

NEAL, Edward 44 

NEAL, Elizabeth 170 


NEBLETT, Jesse 109 

NETHERLAND, Ann (Ball) 172 

NETHERLAND, William 172 

NEWBURG, James 133 

NEWBY, John 18 

NEWBY, Sally P. (Jarrad) 


NEWHILL, Rebecca J. 60 

NEWJINT (Nugent), Sally 9 

NEWSOM, Barham 42 

NEWSOM, Elizabeth 42 

NEWSOM, Isham 44 

NEWSOM, Jacob 41 

NEWSOM, Joel 41 

NEWSOM, Littleberry 41 

NEWSOM, Mary 41 

NEWSOM, Sally 44 

NEWSOM, Tabitha 41 

NEWSOM, Wm. 42 

NEWSON, Isham 41 

NEWSON, Joel 44 

NEWSON, Joseph 44 


NEWSUM, Amos 78 

NEWSUM, Andrew 78 

NEWSUM, Jacob (Jr.) 41 


NEWSUM, Nathaniel 78 

NEWSUM, Randolph 41 

NEWSUM, Thomas 78 

NEWSUM, Thomas (Sr.) 78 

NEWSUM, William 78 

NEWTON, John 31 

NEWTON, Leml. 81 

NEWTON, Wm. 40 

NICHOLAS, Geo. 45,155 


NICHOLAS, John 27 

NICHOLLS, James 83 

NICHOLSON, Howell 19 


NIGHT, Joel 156,157 

NIMMO, James 84,87 

NIX, George 165 

NOBLES, John 181 

NORFLEET, John 40 

NORREL, Noel Craft 34 

NORTH, Abraham 150 

NORTHCROSS, Frederick 78 

NORTHCROSS, Martha 61 

NORTHCROSS, Richard 78 

NORTHERN, John 32 

NORWOOD, William 102 

NUNNALLY, Israel 46 

NUNNALLY, John 167 

NUNNILEE, Edward 134 

OAST, Godwin 28,87 

OAST, James 29 

OAST, Katherine 87 

OAST, Mary 28 

OBERRY, Jordan 41 

OGBURN, Liza 56 

OGELSBY, Thos. 30 

OGILBY, Richard 10 

OGILVIE, James 103 

OGLESBY, Harriet(Ball) 

OGLESBY, Feter 172 

OLD, Widow 24 

OLD, Edwd. 29 

OLD, Edwd. (Jr.) 81 


OLIVER, John 134 

ONEY, Thos. 42 

ORGAIN, Henry Edwin 55 

ORGAIN, Littleberry 112 

ORGAIN, Samuel 55 

ORGAIN, William 112 
OSLEN, Saml. 31 

OSLIN, James 73 

OSLIN, Robert William 73 

OVERBEY, Buckner 111 


OVERSTREET, William 23 

OWEN, 176 

OWEN, Abraham 91 

OWEN, Ambrus 91 

OWEN, Benjamin 78 

OWEN, Brackett 140,174 

OWEN, Chambers 11 

OWEN, David 78 

OWEN, Drury 20 

OWEN, Elizabeth 11 

OWEN, Frederick 20 

OWEN, Henry 91 

OWEN, Jemima 140 

OWEN, Jesse 140 

OWEN, John 93,140,174 

OWEN, John #2 93 

OWEN, John William 140 

OWEN, Joshua 78 

OWEN, Kesiah 140 

OWEN, Lidia 140 

OWEN, Mary 140 

OWEN, Pheebe 140 

OWEN, Ralph 91 

OWEN, Ralph #2 91 

OWEN, Thomas 131,138,140 

OWEN, William 23,93 
OZBROOK, Michael 91 
PACE, Josiah 138,173 
PACE, Osom 173 
PAGAUD, John M. 72 
PAIRUM, William 17 
PALLET, Ann 82 
PALLET, John 82 
PALLET, Mary 82 
PALMER, Ealis 32 
PALMER, Martin 180 
PALMER, William 109 
PALMOR, William 31 
PANKEY, Dorothy 33 
PANKEY, John 180 
PANNILL, D. 135 
PANNILL, David 135 
PANNILL, Samuel 134,135 
PAROTT, Edward 34 


PARHAM, Baker (Sr.) 105 

PARHAM, Booth 18 

PARHAM, Daniel 102 

PARHAM, Eph arim 149 

PARHAM, Ephraim 147,149 

PARHAM, Hannah 65 

PARHAM, Hannah (Mrs.) 67 

PARHAM, Joanna 149,150 

PARHAM, Littleton H. 22 

PARHAM, Martha Ann Elizabeth 

PURHAM, Mary (Mrs.) 78 

PARHAM, Matthew 78 

PARHAM, Rebecca 102 

PARHAM, Salley 5 

PARHAM, Sarah 22 

PARHAM, Susan 18 

PARHAM, Susannah (Mrs.) 78 

PARHAM, Thomas 147,149, 

PARHAM, Thomus 78 

PARHAM, William 19 

PARHAM, William K. 5,18 

PARISH, James 103 

PARISH, Julia A. 60 

PARKER, Archer 15 

PARKER, Benajah 92 

PARKER, William C.(Col.) 

PARKES, James 26 

PARKS, Major 69 

PARKS, Buck 69 

PARKS, Catharine 136 

PARKS, Ezekiel 178 

PARKS, James 24,25,136, 

PARKS, Jeconias 69 

PARKS, Jo. 173 

PARKS, Joseph 136,178 

PARKS, Lucy 68 

PARKS, Mary 136,178 

PARKS, To. 175 

PARKS, W. 157 

PARRISH, Mary 102 

PARSON, Rachel 21 

PARTIN, Lucy 117,119 

PARTRIDGE, Littleberry 21 

PASS, Richard 93 

PASTON, Elias 133 

PATE, Charlotte 19,20 

PATE, Charlotte(Adams) 19 

PATE, David 19 
PATE, Edward 78 
PATE, Elizabeth 17 
PATE, Harbart 19 
PATE, Hardy 15,16 
PATE, Herbert 19 
PATE, Jesse 19 
PATE, John 78 
PATE, Person 17 
PATE, Persons G. 16 
PATE, Polly 16 
PATE, Thomas 19,78 
PATE, Thomas Sr. 19 
PATE, William 78 
PATERSON, Joseph 90 
PATERSON, William 90 
PATTERSON, Gedin 31 
PATTERSON, James 153 
PATTESON, N(elson) 166 
PATTEY, James 130 
PATTEY, James (Sr.) 130 
PATTEY, Jessey • 130 
PAYNE, Lidford 133 
PAYNE, Moses 135 
PAYNE, William P. 102 
PEAD, William 29 
PEAK, Isaac 139 
PEARCE, Baldwin 121 
PEARSON, Dolly 117 
PEARSON, Luke 117 
PEARSON, Morris 11^ 
PEARSON, Wm. 114 
PEEBLES, Ann 69 
PEETE, Benjamin 15 
PEG RAM, Baker 148,150 
PEGRAM, Daniel 147 
PEGRAM, Edward 147,150 
PEGRAM, Edward (Jr.) 149 
PEGRAM, George (Jr.) 140 
PEGRAM, John 149 
PEIGN, John 90 
PEIGN, Ruth 90 
PEIGN, Thos. 90 
PEIRCE, Wm. 87 
PELHAM, P. 70 
PELHAM, Peter 66 
PENICK, Jeremiah 25 
PENNY, John 42 

PENSEY, Robt. 130 

PERCIVALL, Joseph 38,39 

PERDIE, Bart 109 

PERKINS, Ann " 59 

PERKINS, Benjamin. 149 

PERKINSON, Branch 52 

PERKINS, Edmund 147 

PERKINS, Edward 147,148 

PERKINS, Joel 147 

PERKINS, John 147 

PERKINS, Martha 147 - 

PERKINS, Mary 147 


PERKINSON, George E. 53 

PERKINSON, Henry 53 

PERKINSON, Isham 54 


PERKINSON, Julia 52 

PERKINSON, Martha C. 58 


PERKINSON, Mary A. 54 

PERKINSON, William N. 54 

PERREY, Saml. 32 

PERRON, Daniel 33 

PERRY, Joseph 82 

PERRY, Mouring 35 

FERRYMAN, Richd. /Richard 

PESCUD, A.R. 63 

PETERSON, Batt 69 

PETTWAY, Edward 66 

PETTWAY, John 66 

PETTYCREW, Sarah(Mathews) 

PEW, Hugh 85 

PHILLIPS, Geo. 131 

PHILLIPS, Henry T. 57 

PHILLIPS, James R. 57 

PHILLIPS, John 57 

PHILLIPS, Vincent 57 


PHIPPS, Benjamin 78 

PHLIPIN, Ralf 30 

PHLIPIN, William 31 

PIERCE, Martin 102 

PIERCY, Thos. A. 53 

PIERCY, William J. 53 

PIGG, John(Capt.) 131 


PINNICK, Edward 25 

PINOR, John 92 

PITTS, Elisha 148 

PITTS, Elizabeth 167 

PITTS, Lunsford 167 

PLEASANT, John 34 

PLEDGER, John 88 

POLLARD, Peyton 141 

POOLE, Elizabeth 83 

POOLE, George 83 

POOLE, Richard 27,87 

POOLE, Wm. 87 

POOR, Adam 132 

POOR, Nathaniel 132 

POPE, Henry 88 

POPE, John 88 

POPE, Stephen 88 

POPE, William 88 

POPHAM, John 138 

PORCH, Bridges 66 

PORCH, Martha 17 

PORCH, William 15 

PORTER, H.A. 162 

PORTER, John 33 

PORTER, John G. 162 

PORTER, Nathan 44 

PORTER, Thos. 34 

PORTLOCK, John 27 

POTTS, Sarah 11 

POVCUL, Richard 32 

POWEL, Capt. 180 

POWELL, Edward 3,78 

POWELL, Eugene C. (Dr.) 63 

POWELL, Jane T. 55 

POWELL, John 155,156 

POWELL, Joseph 40 

POWELL, Joshua 180 

POWELL, Mark 85 

POWELL, Martha T. 56 

POWELL, Martin 10 

POWELL, Mary Adeline 59 

POWELL, Polly N. ( Jarrad) 18 

POWELL, Sarah(Murphrey) 163 

POWELL, Seymore 78 

POWELL, Wm. /William Cole 

PRESSON, Nichs. 16 

PRESTIDGE, John 135 

PRESTIDGE, John (Sr.) 135 

PRESTIDGE, Larkin 135 

PRESTIDGE, Lete 135 


PRETLOW, Joshua 58 
PRETLOW, Thos. 58 
PRICE, David 71 
PRICE, Joseph 30 
PRICE, Mary J. 62 
PRICE, Pugh (Jr.) 177 
PRICE, Samuel J. 62 
PRICE, William 23 
PRIDE, John 120 
PRIDE, Susan 60 
PRINCE, John J. 56 
PRINCE, George Wesley 56 
PRINCE, Joel 68 
PRINCE, John 78 
PRINCE, Joseph 19 
PRINCE, Nicholas 78 
PROCTOR, Drury 148 
PROCTOR, Thomas 148 
PROSIRO, Mary E. 57 
PROSIRO, Samuel 57 
PROSSER, Thomas 33 
PRUDENCE, Widow 175 
PRUETT, Isham 30 
PUGH, Willoughby 33 
PURDY, William 28 
PURVINE, Sarah 27 
PURVINE, Thomas 27 
RADFORD, John 32 
RADFORD, John Jr. 33 
RAGSDALE, Wm. 100 


RAINEY, Francis A. 59 
RAINEY, George 93 
RAINEY, Henry W. 59 
RAINEY, Jane G. 53 
RAINEY, Mary A.W. 63 
RAINS, Emily F. 56 
RAKESTRAW, Robt . 89 
RALEY, John 34 
RALLS, John 86 

RANDAL, 139 

RANDLE, Coleby 113 


RANDOLL, Peter 78 
RANEY, Henry 63 
RANY, John 45 
RAWLINGS, David 73 

RAWLINGS, Isaac 78 

RAWLINGS, Richard 78 

RAY, Candis 53 

RAYNOLDS, Joseph 133 

REACE (?), Henry Gee 76 

READ, Clement 175 

READ, Elizabeth 137 

READ, James 86,137,173 

READ, James (Sr.) 137 

READ, James (s of Samuel) 

READ, James B. 60 

READ, John 137 

READ, John (s of Samuel) 

READ, John B, 60 

READ, Lidia (Mrs.) 86 

READ, Robt. /Robert 137,139 

READ, Samuel 137 

REAMES, Emily A. 57 

REAMES, Green 52 

REAMES, Richd. 52 

REAMS, Erne line 61,64 

REAMS, Hezekiah 70 

REAMS, Joshua 68 

REAMS, Peter S. 61 

REAMS, Stephen 61,64 

REAMS, Wm. S. 64 

REDDING, John 129 

REED, John 137 

REESE, Edward 17 

REESE, Judy 56 

REID, James 137 

REID, Samuel 137 

REID, William 16 

REIGN, Pendixter 90 

RENTFROW, James 130 

REVES, Nathaniel 66 

RICE, Benj. (Rev.) 72 

RICE, Charles #2 139 

RICE, Claybrook 26 

RICE, David 139 

RICE, Jno./John B. 38,62 

RICE, Joseph 24,25,26, 

RICE, Joseph (Jr.) 139 

RICE, Lucy 62 

RICE, Mary 139 

RICE, Matthew 26,136 

RICE, Obadiah 26 

RICE, Rachel 139 

RICE, Samuel T.R. 62 

RICE, William 136,139 

RICHARDSON, Daniel B. 99 

RICHARDSON, James G. 99 

RICHARDSON, Jordan 68 

RICHARDSON, Saml. 140 

RICHARDSON, William 78 

RICHASON, Thos, 81 

RICHEY, Alexander 139 

RICHEY, Charles 139 

RICHEY, Christiana 139 

RICHEY, Hugh 139 

RICHEY, Hugh (s of Chas.) 

RICHEY, James 139 

RICHEY, John 24,139 

RICHEY, Margaret 24 

RICHEY, Samuel 139 

RICHEY, Samuel (Jr.) 139 

RICHEY, Saml. (s of Alexander) 
139 V, 

RICHIE, Hugh 140 

RICHMOND, William 29 

RICHMOND(?), Elizabeth 29 

RICKMAN, Martha 58,62 

RIDDLE, Capt. 134 

RIED, James (Jr.) 139 

RISDON, Hamilton 54 

RISDON, John 54 

RITCHIE, Chas. 140 

RITCHIE, John 140,176, 

RIVERS, John (Jr.) 78 

RIVERS, Robert 66 

RIVERS, Thomas 65 

RIVES, Benjamin (Senr.) 70 

RIVES, Herbert 69 

ROBERDSON, Alexander 138 

ROBERDSON, Isaac 138 

ROBERSON, Christr. 138 

ROBERSON, James 68 

ROBERSON, John Jr. 31 

ROBERSON, Littleberry 68 

ROBERSON, Nathaniel 79 

ROBERSON, Wyatt 79 


ROBERTS, Henry 28 

ROBERTS, Joseph 85 

ROBERTS, Polly 58 

ROBERTS, Rash. 57 



ROBERTSON, Christopher 10 

ROBERTSON, Elexander 139 

ROBERTSON, Hannah C. (Hedges) 

ROBERTSON, Isaac 139,140 

ROBERTSON, Isaac (Jr.) 139 

ROBERTSON, John 34,139 

ROBERTSON, Seymore 78 

ROBERTSON, Thomas 139 


ROBERTSON, Zacharias 139 

ROBINSON, Ann 14u 

ROBINSON, Alexander 132 

ROBINSON, Isaac 18 

ROBINSON, William 18,29, 

ROBISON, Thomas 139 

ROCKWELL, Mary Ann (Mrs.) 

RODIN, Phebe 68 

ROE, Lumuel 88 

ROGERS, Joseph 93 

ROGERS, Nathan 78 

RONEY, Isaac 55 

RONEY, Laura Sal lie 55 

ROPER, Elizabeth Forrister 

ROPER, Joseph 61 

ROPER, Selenie A.E. 61 

ROSE, Amanda C. 56 

ROSE, Duncan 139 

ROSE, Hugh 139 

ROSE, James W. 74 

ROSE, Fielding (Capt.) 74 

ROSE, William 78 

ROSE, William (Jr.) 78 

ROSS, Peter 14 

ROSS, Wm. (Col.) 72 

ROSSER, David 8,70 


ROUTON, William 30 

ROW, Lemuel 43 

ROWELL, Edward 68 

ROWELL, Isaac 68 

ROWLAND, John 78 

ROWLETT, Daniel 12 

ROWLETT, Lucy 12 

ROYAL, Augusta G. 158 

ROYAL, J.W. 158 

ROYALL, Jos. 10 

RUDD, Julia A. 109 
RUFFIN, Jos. 44 
RUFFIN, Thos. 155 
RUNALS, John 30 
RUSELL, William 31 
RUSSEL, Buckner 92 
RUSSEL, Willm. 92 
RUTLEDGE, James 23,25,138 
RUTLEDGE, James (Jr.) 138 
RUTLEDGE, Judtih 25 
RUTLEDGE, Robert 139 
RUTTLEDGE, William 25 
SADLER, Mary 174 
SADLER, William 174 
SAFFOLD, Isham H. 101 
SALLEE, Eliza 168 
SALLEE, John 168,169 
SALLEE, Mary 168 
SALLEE, Susanna 168,169 
SALLEE, Thos. 168 
S ALLEY, Abram 30 
SALLEY, Francis 33 
SALMON, Widow 27 
SALMON, John 27, 131 
SAMFORD, James 101 
SAMMONS, Benjamin 79 
SAMMONS, Braxton 15 
SAMMONS, Grove 15 
SAMMONS, Hanslem 14 
SAMMONS, James 79 
SAMMONS, James (Jr.) 79 
SAMMONS, John 68,79 
SAMMONS, Nancy (Pate) 15 
SAMMONS, Newit 79 
SAMMONS, Samuel 79 
SAMMONS, Thomas 79 
SAMMONS, William 79 
SAMONS, John 31 
SAMSON, William 30 
SANDEFORD, Abraham 33 
SANDERS, James 162 
SANDERS, Lucy Jane 162 
SANDERS, Wyatt S. 162 
SANDIFER, Amy A. 55 
SANDS, John 79 
SANFORD, Doc Clarck 135 
SANFORD, Robt. 90 
SANTEE, Samuel 79 

SAUNDERS, Anne (Mrs.) 29 

SAUNDERS, John 111 

SAUNDERS, John Hyd 158 

SAUNDERS, Sarah (Murphrey) 

SAUNDERS (?), Mary 29 

SAYER, Arthur 27 

SAYER, Charles 87 


SCHOOLER, John 62 

SCHRODER, Andrew (Col.) 

SCHRODER , Clyde Bodie 161 

SCHRODER, John 161 

SCHRODER, Josepha 161 

SCHRODER, Otelia 161 


SCOGGINS, Jeremiah 63 

SCOTT, Ann Eliza 71 

SCOTT, Anderson 135 

SCOTT, Henry 59 

SCOTT, James (Col.) 71 

SCOTT, John 33, 125 

SCOTT, Joseph 40 

SCOTT, Martha 59 

SCOTT, P.M. 62 

SCOTT, Robert 180 

SCOTT, Robert L. 59 

SCOTT, Stephen 79 

SCOTT, Thomas 23,175 

SCOTT, Thomas James 152 

SCOTT, W.B. (Dr.) 62 

SCOTT, Wm. C. 162 

SCRIBNER, John 61 

SCRIBNER, Nathan A. 61 

SCRUGGS, Drury 30,124 

SCRUGGS, Theodorick 124 

SCRUGGS, Thos. 31 

SCULLY, Barnery 71 

SCURRY, John 33 

SEABORN, James 17 

SEABORNE, Howell 14 

SEBORNE, William 79 

SELDEN, Rebecca 121 

SEWARD, Britton 11 ' 

SEWARD, Elizabeth 11 

SEYMORE, James 52 

SEYMORE, Jane 52 

SEYMORE, John 52,148 

SEYMORE, Zacariah 52 


SEZAR, David 3A 


SHAKELFORD, Richd. 92 

SHANNON, Ann 133 

SHANNON, Joseph 133 

SHANNON, Mary 133 

SHARMAN, John 78 

SHARP, Thomas 91 

SHEHORN, Wilson 69 

SHELBU(-), George 26 

SHELLEY, John 38 

SHELLY, B.W. 59 

SHELLY, Phillip 59 

SHELTON, Robertson 132,135 

SHERLING, John 69 

SHILLIDAY, George 138 

SHIPP, Francis 28 

SHIRLEY, John 84 

SHIRLEY, Mary 84 

SIDDONS, Mary Farriss 162 


SIMMONS, Benjamin 65 

SIMMONS, Henry 63 

SIMMONS, John 177 

SIMMONS, Joseph 177 

SIMMONS, Peter 42 

SIMMONS, Richard 86 

SIMMS, Robert 42 

SIMPSON, William 130 

SISSON, Bethiah 66 

SLADE, Elizabeth 11 

SLADE, Jethro 41 

SLADE, John N. 11 

SLADE, Mary Ann 61 

SLADE, Samuel Sr. 41 

SLADE, SamueKthe younger) 

SLADE, Thomas 11 

SLADE, William 41 

SLATE, Robert 65 

SLATTER, Israel 28 

SLAYTON, Willm. 93 

SLEDD, Anthony Dibrell 

SLEDD, Ella Royal 160 

SLEDD, Samuel Hobson 160 

SLEDGE, Augustine 79 

SLEDGE, Charles 79 

SLEDGE, Elizabeth 17 

SLEDGE, Henry 17 

SLEDGE, John 79 

SLEDGE, Sherwood 73 

SLEDGE, Susan 73 

SLEDGE, Thomas 79 

SLOTHER, Margaret 61 

SMITH, Aaron 69 

SMITH, Archa. T. 59 

SMITH, Arthur 20 

SMITH, B.E. 53 

SMITH, Chas. /Charles 26,90 

SMITH, Childress 33 

SMITH, ClemmonsC?) 100 

SMITH, David 66 

SMITH, Edward 105 

SMITH, Elijah 57 

SMITH, Elizabeth 100 

SMITH, Elizabeth(Hudson) 

SMITH, Ester 132 

SMITH, Geo. /George 45,46, 

SMITH, George (Jr.) 155 

SMITH, Harriet E.B. 57 

SMITH, Hartwell 74 

SMITH, Henry 42 

SMITH, Isaac 92 

SMITH, Jas. /James 33,60, 

SMITH, Joel 65 

SMITH, John 17,57,83,89, 

SMITH, John (Jr. ) 131 

SMITH, John (Sen.) 131 

SMITH, John C. 53 

SMITH, Joseph 81 

SMITH, Josiah S. 158 

SMITH, Mary 70 

SMITH, Mary A. 53 

SMITH, Mary W. 158 

SMITH, Moses 30 

SMITH, Nathaniel H. 99 

SMITH, Ralph 134 

SMITH, Rebecca 60 

SMITH, Rich. /Richard 81,89 

SMITH, Robert 30 . 

SMITH, Stephen 116 

SMITH, Sterhny (Rev.) 74 

SMITH, Thomas 33 

SMITH, Wm. /William 29,34, 

SMTTH(?), William 174 

SMITH (T), John 57 

SMITHEY, James 61 

SMITHEY, John 61 


SMOOT, Henry M. 168 

SMYTH, Margret 86 

SMYTH, Tully 83 

SMYTH, William (Capt.) 

SNAILE, Henry (Sr.) 82 

SNEED, James 152 

SNEED, Samuel 152 

SOLMAN, John 91 

SOLMAN, Willm. 91 

SOLOMON, Betsey 45 

SOLOMON, Lewis 79 

SOPER, Mary 108 

SOPER, Mary K. 108 

SOUTHERLAND, Pendall 72 

SOUTHERLAND, Saml . 138,139 

SOUTHERN, Henry 86 

SPAIN, God_^ I. 74 

SPAIN, Martha(Mrs.) 74 

SPAIN, Nancy 22 

SPAIN, Olivia J. 51 

SPAIN, Sarah 73 

SPAIN, Wm. /William 51,110, 

SPEARS, Nichles 31 

SPEARS, Wm. 161 

SPEED, Charles 42 

SPEED, Henry 42 

SPEED, Robt. 87 

SPENCE, Aron 79 

SPENCE, John 69 

SPENCER, Abraham 91 

SPENCER, Thos. 91 

SPIRES, John 79 

SPIVEY, William 43 

SPRADLIN, Chas. 92 

SPRADLIN, Jas. 92 

SPRADLING, Jas. (Jr.) 93 

SPRAGGINS, Francis 12 

SPROGINS, Jesse 135 

SPURLOCK, John 90 

STACY, James 74 

STAFFORD, Cuthbert 79 

STAFFORD, Jordan 78 

STANTONE, Joseph 130 

STAPLES, John 124 


STAPLES, Samuel 124 
STARKE, William 61 
STEED, John R. 7A 
STEGAR, Ishan 162 

STELL, 52 

STELL, Ludorav 63 
STELL, Martha B. 55 
STELL, Peter 58 
STELL, Ro. T. 63 
STELL, Sarah 52 
STELL, William H. 58 
STEPNEY, James 76 
STEVEN, Jas. 90 
STEVENSON (?), Joseph 76 
STEWARD, Jane 13 
STEWARD, William E. 13 
STEWART, Geo. 139 
STEWART, John 78 
STEWART, Richard 145 
STEWART, Richd. Jr. A2 
STILLMAN, Mary 72 
STILLWELL, Nance 131 
STINER, Eliza 71 
STINER, Jacob 71 
STITH, Catherine 80 
STITH, Drury (Col.) 80 
STITH, Elizabeth 80 
STITH, Holly 37 
STITH, Thos. 37 
STOLLWELL, Jacob 131 
STONE, Elisebeth 93,169 
STONE, Geo. /George 29,57 
STONE, Henry 131 
STONE Margret 84 
STONE, Marvil 139 
STONE, Mary 84 
STONE, Richard 84(2) 
STONE, Rosalia L. 57 
STONE, S. 63 
STONE, Thomas 25,137 
STONER, Daniel 34 
STORY, Daniel 42 
STOVALL, Molly 45 
STOW, Charity 54 
STOW, Mary 55 
STOW, Mary A. 55 
STOW, Robt. W. 55 
STRACHAN, Rebecca P. 12 
STRACHEN, John B. (Dr.) 12 

STRANGE, Littleberry 92 

STRATTON, Joseph 168 

STRATTON, Samuel E. 162 

STRATTON, Sarah 162 

STRATTON, S.B. (Mrs.) 161 

STRATTON, Susan Jane 158 

STRATTON, Susanna (Sallee) 

STRATTON, Thomas 169 

STREET, Wm. 33 


STROUD, Ann(Murphrey) 164 

STUBELFIELU, Robt. Locksley 

ST'JBLEFIELD, George 90 


STURDIVANT, John Anderson 

STURDIVANT, Washington 109 

STURDVANT, Robert 78 

STURDVANT, William 78 

SUBLETT, Abram 45 

SUBLETT, Annie P. 162 

SUBLETT, Geo. W. 162 

SUBLETT, Mary Jane 162 

SUBLETT, Peter 162 

SUBLITT, Peter 33 

SUGGS, Jane 86 

SUGGS, Joseph 86 


SULIVAN, Woodson 63 

SULLINS, Nathan 9U 

SUMMERELL, Jeremiah 44 

SUMMOS, Joshua 8 

SUMPTER, (General) 132 



SWALLOW, Mary 26 

SWANN, Cora Stratton 161 

SWANN, John 161 

SWANN, Richard Thomas 161 

SWEELING, Robert 130 

SYDNOR, 147 

SYDNOR, Joseph 147 

SYDNOR, Wm. 179 

SYKES, Martha D. 13 

SYKES, Thomas W. 13 

SYKES, William Coles 13 

SYME, Andrew (D.D.) 11,22 

SYME, John 11 

SYME, Mary W. 11 


TABB, Thos. 31 

TABB, Thomas (Col.) 26 

TALBOT, James 130 

TALBOT, John 165 

TALBOURT, Daniel 100 

TALLY, Anthony D. 62 

TALLY, Jesse 62 

TALLY, Mary A.H. 55 

TANKEY, Richd. 178 

TARPLEY, Thomas 166 

TATAN, John 20 

TATAN, Thomas 20 

TATEM, Robert 15 

TATUM, Mariah 61 

TATUM, Peter 15,20 


TAYLOR, Mr. 177 

TAYLOR, Chas. 43 

TAYLOR, Edmund F. 102 

TAYLOR, Edward (Slave) 

TAYLOR, George K. 141 

TAYLOR, John 133 

TAYLOR, John Jr. 133 

TAYLOR, Martha 42 

TAYLOR, Mary S. 161 

TAYLOR, Saml. 30 

TAYLOR, Thomas 42 

TAYLOR, Waller? (Gen.) 72 

TENANT, James 83 

TENCH, Henry 13 

TENCH, Nancy 13 

TERELL, William 30 

TERRELL, Mary 123, 124 

TERRELL, William 124 

TERRY, Edward 92 

TERRY, Wm. M. 19 

T_DER, Henry 79 

THACKSTON, James 25,26 

THACKSTON, Mary (Wimbish) 

THAXTON, James 46 

THELABALL, Francis 87 

THELABALL, James 29 

THELABELL, Widow 27 


THELABELL, Lemuel 27 

THELABELL, Margaret 27 

THELABELL, Robert 27 

THOMAS, Ann 11 

THOMASON, Richd. 139 

THOMPSON, Darwill 13 

THOMPSON, David 31 

THOMPSON, John 131,181 

THOMPSON, Josiah 167 

THOMPSON, Josiah (Sr,) 167 

THOMPSON, Nathaniel 70 

THOMPSON, Priscilla 13 

THOMPSON, Washington 

THOM(S))N(?), Will 156 

THOROWGOOD, Adam (Col.) 84 

THOROWGOOD, Argal (the 
elder) 83 

THOROWGOOD, Argall 86 

THOROWGOOD, Elizabeth 83 

THOROWGOOD, John 29,85 


THOROWGOOD, Susannah(Mrs . ) 

THOROWGOOD, Win.(Capt.) 86 


THOROWGOOD(?), Mary 29 

THORP, Joseph 79 

THORP, Lewis 79 

THORP, Richard 79 



THRIFT, Rev. Mr. 72, 7A 

THRIFT, Jane T. 52 

THRIFT, John 51,52 

THRIFT, John B. 51 

THRIFT, Minton (Rev.) 

THURMAN, Mary 178 

THWEAT, Benjamin 121 

THWEATT, Anne 150 

THWEATT, Burwell Green 150 

THWEATT, David 68 

THWEATT, Henry 147 

THWEATT, Henry R. 147 

THWEATT, John Manson 150 

THWEATT, Mary 150 

THWEATT, Sarah G. 58 

THWEATT, Susan 150 

TIFFIN, Thos. 131 

TILLMAN, David 113 

TILLMAN, John J. (?) 119 

TILTSON, Elizabeth 62 

TILTSON, Lenny 62 

TIMMONS, George 148 

TINSLEY, Bennet 172 

TINSLEY, Fanny 12 

TINSLEY, George Wythe 158 

TINSLEY, G.W.(Dr.) 158 

TINSLEY, J.H. 158 

TINSLEY, John 13 

TINSLEY, Neeley 12 

TINSLEY, Peter 158 

TINDALE, William 101 

TITREVILLE, Peter J. 103 

TODD, 56 

TOMLINSON, William 67 


TOMPKINS, Danl. 132 

TOMPKINS, John 134 

TORBORNE, Eliza 62 

TORKSEY, Philip 27 

TOWNSIN, Jabas 132 

TRABUE, David 168 

TRAMELL, Willm. 93 

TRAYLOR, Betsy 55 

TRAYLOR, Danl. 52 

TRAYLOR, Lucy Ann 52 

TRAYLOR, Miles C. 52 

TRAYLOR, Wm. 52 

TREIGH, Chas. 90 

TRENT, Alexr. 31 

TRENT, Peterfd. 31 

TRENT, Peter Field 122 

TREVETHAN(?), Mary Anne 29 

TROTTER, George 164 

TROTTER, Hannah 35 

TUCKER, Argulus 60 

TUCKER, Atta Ann (Mrs.) 74 

TUCKER, Baraman(BerryTiian) 3 

TUCKER, Benjamin 148,149 

TUCKER, Benj ./Benjamin (Sr.) 

TUCKER, Colston 3 

TUCKER, Daniel Wilson 161 

TUCKER, David J. 59 ■ 

TUCKER, D.W. 161 

TUCKER, Evelyn 59 

TUCKER, Frances 3 

TUCKER, Isaac 4 

TUCKER, Joseph 79 

TUCKER, Martha 51,52 

TUCKER, Martha A. 63,64 

TUCKER, Martha Ann E. 54 

TUCKER, Mary P. 55 

TUCKER, Robert 4,180 

TUCKER, Robert G. 105 

TUCKER, Sarah 59 

TUCKER, Sarah E. 59 

TUCKER, Sarvella Berniece 

TUCKER, Spencer G. 53 

TUCKER, Susan 161 

TUCKER, Susan D. 161 

TUCKER, Susan E. 53 

TUCKER, Virginia A. 56 

TUCKER, Wood 4 

TUDER, John 114 

TUDER, Landon 114 

TUDER, Matthew 114 

TUDER, Robert 114 

TUDER, Robert (Jr.) 114 

TUGGLE, Geo. 133 

TUGGLE, Lodk./Lodowick 

TUNE, Travis 179 

TUNSTALL, Edm. 135 


TURDOR, Meggah 32 

TURK, James 18 

TURNBULL, Hannah J. 57 

TURNER, Mr. 93 

TURNER, Arthur 42 

TURNER, Catherine 12 

TURNER, Charlotte 42 

TURNER, Edmund 42 

TURNER, Ephrame 44 

TURNER, Jas. /James 12,42, 

TURNER, James (Capt.) 181 

TURNER, Jas. Jr. 93,176 

TURNER, Jas. (Sr.) 90 

TURNER, Jane (Anderson) 

TURNER, John 25,66 

TURNER, Joseph 69,88,150 

TURNER, Joseph (Jr.) 150 

TURNER, Joshua 44 

TURNER, Moses 92 

TURNER, Samuel 44 

TURNER, Simon 70 

TURNER, Thomas 42,88 

TURNER, William 92 


TURNOR, Nathan 31 

TURPIN, Horation 166 

TURPIN, Lizzie 162 

TURPIN, M. 168 

TURPIN, M.A.(Mrs.) 162 

TURPIN, Martha Virginia 

TURPIN, Peter(Field) 166 

TURPIN, Phillip 166 

TURPIN, R.B. 162 

TURPIN, Rebecca 162 

TURPIN, Sally (EuSLace) 

TURPIN, Thos. /Thomas 25,32 

TURPIN, Thomas (Jr.) 166 

TURPIN, Thomas J. (Dr.) 

TURPIN, Wm. A. 162 


TYREE, Benja. 173 

TYREE, iJavid 140 

TYRES, Lewis 66 . 

TYSON, William A. 11 

TYUS, Benjamin 79 

ULTON, Nathl. 93 

ULTON, Willm. 93 

UNDERWOOD, Ab salemn 79 

VALENTINE, Adalene 53 

VALENTINE, Archer 53 

VALENTINE, Cresy 53 

VALENTINE, Fanny 53 


VASSER, Richard 10 

VAUGHAN, Benjamin F. 59 

VAUGHAN, Claiborne 150 

VAUGHAN, David 164 

VAUGHAN, Daivd W. 12 


VAUGHAN, Eliz, 59 

VAUGHAN, Eugenia J. 54 

VAUGHAN, Grief 147 

VAUGHAN, Hannah (Lester) 

VAUGHAN, Jas./ James 42,54 

VAUGHAN, Jeremiah 11 

VAUGHAN, John 150 

VAUGHAN, Jordan 59 

VAUGHAN, Mary 12 

VAUGHAN, William 65 

VAUGHAN, William M. 12 

VAUGHAN, William Thomas 

VAUGHN, Daniel 71 

VAUGHN, Pierce 66 

VAUGHN, Semore 40 

VENABLE, Ab.,/Abra. /Abraham 

VENABLE, Ab. (Jr.) 137 

VENABLE, Chs. /Charles 

VENABLE, Nathaniel 178 , 

VEODEN, 177 

VERDEL, John A. 153 

VEST, John 34 

VEST, Phillop 34 

VICK, Eliza. 41 

VICK, James 41 

VICK, Jo. 44 

VICK, Jos. 43 

VICK, Josiah 18,40,42 

VICK, Parks N. 41 

VICK, Rebedca 41 

VICK, Richd. 41 

VILLION, John 33 

VINSON, Joseph 99 

WADDELL, Noel 140 

WADDIL, Noel 176 

WADDILL, Noel 41 

WADE, Charles 175 

WADE, George 92 

WADE, James 174,175,177, 

WADKINS, David 74 

WADKINS, Lydall 132 

WAINWRIGHT, Ann Morris 148 

WAITE, Edward 133 

WALDANE, Anna 148 

WALDANE, Patty 148 

WALDANE, Stephen 148 

WALKE, Elizabeth 27 

WALKE, John 121 

WALKE, Thomas (Col.) 27 

WALKER, Benja. 30 

WALKER, David 176 

WALKER, Duvey 177 

WALKER, George (Sr.) 177 

WALKER, Henry 140,173,176 

WALKER, James 79 

WALKER, Jane 177 

WALKER, Jeremiah 148 

WALKER, Jermiah 148 

WALKER, Jobe 30 

WALKER, John 105 

WALKER, Jno, M. (Dr.) 73 

WALKER, Mary Thomas 57 

WALKER, Nancy V. 112 

WALKER, Robart 30 

WALKER, Robert 79 

WALKER, Robert (Gentleman) 

WALKER, Sarah 100 

WALKER, Thomas 148 

WALKER, Wm. /William 69, 

WALL, Charles 176 

WALL, Robert 46 

WALLACE, Andrew 178 

WALLACE, Catherine (Parks) 
■ 178 

WALLACE, Ellen 11 

WALLACE, John 11 

WALLACE, Saml. 24,26,137 

WALLER, Benjamin 42 

WALLER, Easter 23 

WALLER, John 42,43 

WALLER, Lucy 42 

WALLER, William 67 

WALLIS, Samuel 174 

WALTERS, Elijah 134 

WALTERS, John ' 134 

WALTERS, Robert (Sen.) 134 

WALTERS, Robert (Jun.) 134 

WALTHALL, Sallie 159 

WALTON, Edgar 123 

WALTON, George 137 

WALTON, Robert 137 

WALTON, Willm. /William 

WANNER, Eliza(Mrs.) 74 

WANNER, Wm. 74 

WARBOUR, Joel 90 

WARBOUR, Talman 90 

WARD, Marion Michaux 160 

WARD, Mary 99 

WARD, Mary L. 161 

WARD, Wm. B. (Dr.) 161 

WARREN, Elizabeth 74 

WARREN, Lemuel 12 

WARREN, Martha 12 

WARREN, Michael 151 


WABREN, Rebecca B. 56 

WARREN, Samuel H. 74 

WARREN, Wilmoth 58 

WARRINGTON, Elizabeth 86 

WARRINGTON, GeorgeCthe eldei;) 

WARRINGTON, Martha 86 

WASHINGTON, George 88,120 

WASHINGTON, Richard 42 

WATERS, John 90,92 

WATERS, John (Jr.) 92 

WATERS, Thos. 92 

WATERS, Willm. 92 

WATKINS, Abner 174 

WATKINS, Adrian 121 

WATKINS, Agnes 140 

WATKINS, Alice 132 

WATKINS, Ann 121 

WATKINS, Anne 174 


Benjamin 32,120, 






















Benja.CJr.) 121 

Benj.#2 121 

Edith 174 

Edward 33 

Eliza 120 

Eliz. 121 

Elizabeth (Gary) 

F. 129 

Frs. 140 

Francis 178 

Francis W. 120 

Hannah 121 

Henry 178 

H(enry) W. 167 

laiah(Isaiah) 132 

J. 176 

Jas. /James 90,174 

Jane 121 

John 23,25,26,32, 


John (Jr.) 174 
Judith 175 
Macajah 90 
Mary 121,174 
Micajah 174,176 
Miles Gary 121 
Rebecca 121 

WATKINS, Richard 121 

WATKINS, Samuel 169 

WATKINS, SamueKLt.) 161 

WATKINS, Sarah 174 

WATKINS, Susanna 121 

WATKINS, Thos. /Thomas 32, 

WATKINS, Thomas (b of John 
Sr.) 174 

WATKINS, Wm. /William 


WATSON, James Baird 13 

WATSON, Douglas 178 

WATSON, James E. 13 

WATSON, Jesse 92 

WATSON, John 23,132 

WATSON, Margaret 178 

WATSON, Mary F. 13 

WATSON, Matthew 178 

WATSON, Wm. /William 


WATTON, George 176 

WATTS, Anna 38 

WATTS, Anna M.W. 38 

WATTS, Jennie C. 62 

WATTS, J.O. 62 

WATTS, John (Rev.) 72 

WATTS, Richard 38 

WATTS, Sarah 46 

WEAFORD, John 135 

WEAKLEY, Hannah 176 

WEAKLY, James 176 

WEATHERFORD , Maney 135 

WEATHERS, Benjamin 17 

WEATHERS, John 17 

WEATHERS, Thomas 17 

WEAVER," Jarratt 19 

WEBB, Dunkin H. 56 

WEBB, Judith C. 55 

WEBB, Mary Elizabeth 56 

WEBB, Mary J. 57 

WEBB, Thomas 57 

WEBLIN, John 84,87 

WEBLIN, William 81 

WEBSTER, Joseph 178 

WEEKS, William 141 

WELCH, John 181 

WELCH, Nancy 46 

WELLBORN, Nancy 45 

WELLS, 62 

WELLS, Algernon L. 52 

WELLS, Ann 63 

WELLS, Desdimonia 174 

WELLS, Dorothy 55 

WELLS, Eliz. /Elizabeth 

WELLS, Hubbard 55 

WELLS, Laban 60 

WELLS, Mary 174 

WELLS, Mary E. 61 

WELLS, Mary Jane 60 

WELLS, Mary (Whitlock) 

WELLS, Peterson 52 

WELLS, Tillman 61 

WELTON, Arad 116 

WESSON, Joseph 119 

WEST, John 45 

WESTBROOK, Henry 43 

WESTBROOK, Prissillah 43 

WESTER, William (Jur.) 88 

WESTRA, William 88 

WEVER, Ben 33 

WHEATEN, Sarah 127 

WHEELER, Luke 73 


WHITE, Widow 28 

WHITE, Isaac 27 

WHITE, James 16 

WHITE, Keziah 28 

WHITE, Samuel M. 44 

WHITE, Solomon 81 

WHITEHEAD, Benjamin 37 




WHITEHORN, Jos. W. 61 


WHITEHURST, Giddeon 29 

WHITEHURST, Henry 86,109 

WHITEHURST, John 29,81 


WHITEHURSH, Richard 83 

WHITLOCK, Achilles 134 

WHITLOCK, Charles 174 

WHITLOCK, John 174 

WHITLOCK, Josiah 174,176 


WHITLOCK, Josiah(Jr.) 174 

WHITLOCK, Milla 174 

WHITLOCK, Thos. 92 

WHITLOCK, William Adams 

WHITMORE, Young 3 
WHITTAKER, William T. 56 
WHITTINGTON, Frederick 68 
WICKER, Wm. 82(2) 
WICKES, Nathaniel 15 
WIGDEN, Isabella 13 
WIGDEN, Thomas G. 13 
WILBERN, James 21 
WILBORNE, Arthur 80 
WILBORNE, Benjamin 80 
WILBORNE, Burrell 80 
WILBORNE, John 80 
WILBORNE, William 45 
WILBOimN, Wilborn 66 
WILBURN, Henry H. 21 
WILBURN, John K.. 21 
WILBURN, Rebecca 21 
WILBURN, William 21 
WILKERSON, Gallio 45 
WILKERSON, Salley 45 
WILKES, Mary (Lester) 164 
WILKES, Thos. 164 
WILKINS, Catherine 80 
WILKINS, Edmund 65 
WILKINS, Edmund (Sr.) 80 
WILKINS, John L. 80 
WILKINS, John L(imbrey) 80 
WILKINS, John Limbrey 80 
WILKINS, Rebecca 80 
WILKINS, William W. 80 
WILKINS (?), Douglass 155 
WILKINSON, Cary(Dr.) 141 
WILKINSON, James 40,42,44 
WILKINSON, Jno. T. 63 
WILKINSON, Richard A. 63 
WILLIAMS, (Administrator) 7 
WILLIAMS, Miss 63 
WILLIAMS, Rev, Mr. 74 


WILLIAMS, Albert B. 54 
WILLIAMS, Alexander 66 
WILLIAMS, Alsey W. 114 
WILLIAMS, Ann T. 55 

WILLIAMS, Archibald 13 

WILLIAMS, Arthur 43 

WILLIAMS, Benjamin 43,44 

WILLIAMS, Benjamin G. 131 

WILLIAMS, Betsey 37 

WILLIAMS, Betsy 38 

WILLIAMS, Blythe 43 

WILLIAMS, Burges 43 

WILLIAMS, Drewry 43 

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 43 

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Brown 

WILLIAMS, Ethelbert 44 

WILLIAMS, Ethelbert Carr 

WILLIAMS, George 7 

WILLIAMS, Hartwell 54,60 

WILLIAMS, Hartwell W. 55 

WILLIAMS, Herbert 55 

WILLIAMS, James 55,80,88 

WILLIAMS, Jeremiah 43 

WILLIAMS, Jezreel 89 

WILLIAMS, John 44,71,102 

WILLIAMS, John W. 63 

WILLIAMS, Julia 52 

WILLIAMS, Lucy V.E., 115 

WILLIAMS, Ludwell 7 

WILLIAMS, Martha 54,55,60 

WILLIAMS, Mary 43,44,53 

WILLIAMS, Mary (Mrs.) 71 

WILLIAMS, Mary P. 60 

WILLIAMS, Mat. 88 

WILLIAMS, Nancey /Nancy 

WILLIAMS, Nathaniel 131 

WILLIAMS, Nicholus 88 

WILLIAMS, Peter 10 

WILLIAMS, Philip 37 

WILLIAMS, Pleasant 38 


WILLIAMS, Robert 131 

WILLIAMS, Sarah 63 

WILLIAMS, Sion 43 

WILLIAMS, Thomas 68,79 

WILLIAMS, Thos. M. 64 

WILLIAMS, Wilie 43 

WILLIAMS, William 38,43, 


WILLIAMSON, Anthony 29 

WILLIAMSON, Arthur 80 

WILLIAMSON, Benjamin F. 12 

WMSON, Catherine 13 


WILLIAMSON, George 71 

WILLIAMSON, Helen Elizabeth 



WILLIAMSON, Lewelling 177 

WILLIAMSON, Maria Louisa 


WILLIAMSON, Stephen 148 

WILLIAMSON, Thomas 79 

WILLIAMSON, William H. 59 


WILLIFORD, Sally 43 

WILLIFORD, Thomas 43 

WILLIS, L.E. 160 

WILLMER, D.D.(Rev.) 73 

WILLOUGHBY, William 86 

WILLS, Betsy 62 

WILLS, D.P. 63 

WILLS, Henry (Capt.) 163 

WILLS, Matthew 42 

WILLS, Stanfeild C. 62 

WILLS, Tillman 62 

WILLS, T.W. 63 

WILLSON, John 35 

WILLSON, Nancy 35 

WILLSON (?), Henery 35 

WILMORE, Daniel 34 


WILSON, Andrew 84 

WILSON, Basil 134 

WILSON, Benja. 30 

WILSON, Edward 104 

WILSON, Eliza (Lester) 164 

WILSON, Henry (Hon.) 72 

WILSON, John 73,152,164 

WILSON, Margaret 13 

WILSON, Mary 57 

WILSON, Nathaniel 13 

WILSON, Thos. /Thomas 

WIMBISH, Ann 178 

WIMBISH, Ben. /Benjamin 

WIMBISH, Elizabeth 178 


WIMB.ISH, James 26,136,178 

WIMBISH, James (Jr.) 26 

WIMBISH, John 26,136,178 

WIMBISH, Mary 178 

WIMBISH, Saml. /Samuel 

WIMBISH, Sarah 25 

WIMBISH, Sary 178 

WINCHESTER, James (Gen.) 72 

WINDHAM, Eustis A2 

WINDHAM, John Jr. 42 

WINDHAM, Willis 43 

WINFIELD, Edward 111 

WINFIELD, Frances 111 

WINFIELD, Thos. Ill 

WINFREE, John 167 

WINFREE, Lucy E. 160 

WINFREY, Isaac 31 

WINFREY, Israel 32 

WINN, Betsey 36 

WINN, Beverly J. 56 

WINN, Buckner 36 

WINN, Edmund P. 56 

WINN, Freeman 36 

WINN, Joseph 36 

WINN, Joyce 36 

WINN, Marian J. 36 

WINN, Oratio 36 

WINN, Robert 36 

WINN, Thomas 36 

WINN, Wm. C' 73 

WISHARD, George 27 

WISHARD, John 27 

WISHART, William 28 

WITLOCK, Thos. 90 

WITT, Elijah 89 

WOLF, Susan M. 71 

WOMACK, Abraham 136 

WOMACK, Alexad. 138 

WOMACK, Charles 180 

WOMACK, Hubbard 10 

WOMACK, Jacob 23 

WOMACK, James 8,10 

WOMACK, Margaret 25 

WOMACK, Willm. /William 

WOOD, Charles 80 

WOOD, David 101 

WOOD, Edward (the younger) 

WOOD, Elizabeth 85 

WOOD, Mary 42 

WOOD, Moses 42 

WOOD, Stephen 101 

WOOD, Thos. 25,85 

WOODARD, Charles 88 

WOODARD, Joel 28 

WOODCOCK, Rebecca 72 

WOODFIN, Arthur 169 

WOODFIN, Samuel 48 

WOODFIN, Thomas 169 

WOODFIN, William 169 

WOODFIN, William (Sr.) 169 


WOODHOUSE, Francis 83 

WOODHOUSE, Henry 81,82,83, 

WOODHOUSE, Hora. (Capt.) 83 


WOODIE, James 133 

WOODING, Robert 181 

WOODLAND, William 79 

WOODLEY, Clara 80 

WOODLIEF, Catherine (Mrs.) 

WOODLIEF, Martha C.J. 73 

WOODSON, Charles 140,178 

WOODSON, Constant 140,178 

WOODSON, Daniel 140,178 

WOODSON, David 140,178 

WOODSON, Jacob 140,178 

WOODSON, John 125 

WOODSON, Joseph 31 

WOODSON, Miller 172,173 

WOODSON, Ob./Obadia/Obadiah 

WOODSON, Obadiah (Jr.) 140 

WOODSON, Richard 138,139 

WOODSON, Sophia(Hendrick) 

WOODSON, Thos. 137 

WOODSON, Wade 166 


WOOLDRIDGE, Carion(Hughes) 



WOOLDRIDGE, John (Rev.) 159 

WOOLDRIDGE, Martha 159 ' 

WOOLDRIDGE, Thomas 34 

WOOTEN, Edward 16 

WOOTEN, George 16 

WOOTEN, Lucy 140 

WOOTTEN, Edward 16 

WOOTTEN, Eldridge 16 

WOOTTEN, Meranda 16 

WOOTTEN, Wm. 176 

WORD, John 180 

WORLEY, John 32 

WORLEY, Joseph 32 

WORLEY, Wm. 32 

WORRELL, John Sr. 44 

WORRELL, Richard 44 

WORRELL, Tabitha 44 

WORSHAM, Elizabeth 149 

WORSHAM, Harriet C. 54 


WORSHAM, Joshua 5 

WORSHAM, Lewelling 4,149 

WORSHAM, Lucy 3 

WORSHAM, Lucy Jones 149 

WORSHAM, Ludwell 4,149 

WORSHAM, Mary 12,149 

WORSHAM, William 12 

WORTHINGTON (Northington?), 
Samuel G. 38 


WOSHINTON, George 88 

WREN, David 22 

WREN, Evans 44 

WREN, Hannah 44 

WREN, Richard 44 

WRENN, Alexr. 68 

WRENN, Francis 68 

WRENN, James 68 

WRENN, Thomas 22,68 

WRIGHT, David 88 

WRIGHT, James 88 

WRIGHT, James (?) 119 

WRIGHT, Job 88 

WRIGHT, Jno./John 25,104 

WRIGHT, Joseph 82 

WRIGHT, Matthew A. 52 

WEIGHT, Obediah 139 

WRIGHT, Silas M. 53 

WRIGHT, W. 134 

WYATT, Adelena M. 62 

WYATT, Adelena V. 62 

WYATT, E.A. 62 


WYATT, Geo. 73 

WYCHE, Henry 69 

WYCHE, James 79,171 

WYCHE, Nathl. /Nathaniel 

WYCHE, Permelia 171 

WYCHE, Peter 67 

WYNFIELD, Jarwish 79 

WYNN, Margaret 54 

WYNN, Mary 68 

WYNNE, Binns 5 

WYNNE, Glaynus 164 

WYNNE, Jno./John 6 

WYNNE, John (Jr.) 131 

WYNNE, John H. 5,6 

WYNNE, Joshua 5,6 

WYNNE, Lucretia 149 

WYNNE, Lucy 5,6 

WYNNE, Nancy 6 

WYNNE, Peggy 6 

WYNNE, Rebecca (Lester) ' 

WYNNE, Robert Sr. 6 

liTYNNE, SI Oman 149 

WYNNE, William 6,131 

WYNNFIELD, Robert 79 

YARBROUGH, Archibald 10 

YARBROUGH, Elizabeth 176 

YARBROUGH, James Smith 176 

YARBROUGH, Janney 176 

Young, William 131,171 
YOUNGER, Jesse 179 














YATES, 27 

YATES, Elijah 134 

YATES, William 65 
YATESSON, John 93 

YEATS, Nancy 132 

YOUNG, Archibald 133 

YOUNG, Edward 147 

YOUNG, Edward (Sr.) 147 

YOUNG, Elizabeth 171 

YOUNG, John 171 

YOUNG, John (Jr.) 171 

YOUNG, Lucretia 52 

YOUNG, M.B.E. 63 

YOUNG, Sarah 171,172 


» 03 H 



C = 
X m