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Full text of "Souvenir of the golden jubilee. June 5, 1921"

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Elmhurst Academy And Junior College, 

Elmhurst, Illinois 



illniBllBmirsfl M,€m(i(Bmj m^^ jMn®r C®1< 




^nl&^ttFU Jubtlaum 


of tljp 

(gnl&^n 3ubtk^ 

June S, 19^1 

O l 30 

1 Br 1 


192 1 



Administration Building 


ilcr licrr Imt ij^n 

j»u bicfes iimij; cmvfinibcnc €oblte6 6o~ pfalmiftcn barf 
audi unferc franaclifdjc Synobc am ^cftc 6c5 (Solbcneii 3"'^^= 
Idums il?rcr Scljranftalt iii i£hnl)urft eiiiftimmcii. Der fjcrr i)at 
in 6cr Cat (SroijcJ an i£lntt}ui-ft getan. Jn ben rerci,anj;ciicn 
fiinf.^ig jabrcn bat er iin£> iibcr Bitten unb Derftcl^en acfcsjuot. 
(£r Ijat bas IPcrf, bas vox fiinf.^ic; jii^Ji'*-'" K'nffornartia an = 
gcfangcn ipurbe, irunberbar gcbciticn laffcit. Unfcr profcininar 
ift 5U einer fogcnsftdttc fiir pick gctrorbcn. Von it^m ift cin 
5tioni bcs €cbcn5 befnid^tenb, fegncnb unb bclcbenb biird} bai 
fynobale (Scfilbc gesogcn. Daruni riil^incn n-'ir in biefen ,fcft= 
tagen bie groge €icbc unb Bavniljer.iigfcit unfcres (5ottes: 3'^- 
(5ott l)at ©roi^es an uns getan; bes finb unr froblidi- ^£s fci 
audi unferc l)erslid)e Bittc, bafy (Sott unferc ^ebraitftalt audi 
fernerljin bcfdjirmen unb bcroabren rrollc. llToge fie burdi 
©ottes llladjt unb (5nabc roadifcn, biiit^en unb gebeiben unb 
sum gro^en Scgen fiir bic ganje Ifelt trerben. 

ZTtogc aud) biefes con bcr (£lmJjurftcr ^afultdt rcrfa);te 
2tlbum ba.5u bcitragen, bie £iebc unb Crcue (Sottes .^u rcr= 
tjerrlidjen, unb ba^u anfporncn, bai Scidi unfcres Iierrn unb 
fjcilanbes um fo treuer bauot .^u [)clfen. 

Soli Deo Gloria. 


The Golden Jubilee of Elmhurst College is an occasion of 
praise and thanksgiving. When we think of the many tokens of 
God's wonderful love and of the marvelous way the mercy and 
wisdom of God have led us, then we are constrained to glorify 
God, for He, indeed, has done great things for us. 

Thruout the entire past half-century God has acknowledged 
and honored the efforts of our Evangelical Synod to establish 
and maintain an educational institution at Elmhurst. Nearly two- 
thousand persons have, partly or entirely, received their educational 
training at Elmhurst. And they have gone forth to serve God and 
mankind as preachers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, business men, 
journalists, engineers, etc. 

May in the coming years Elmhurst continue to be more and 
more a' power-house from which shall radiate strength and bless- 
ing even unto the uttermost parts of the earth. And may this 
Album, a labor of love on the part of the Faculty, contribute to 
make tne name of Elmhurst better known; to magnify the love 
and wisdom of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, and to help 
in the upbuilding of His Kingdom. 

Soli Deo Gloma. 


Melanchthon Seminary 

©a mar in ©bansDille, 9Inno 1871, ba, tciltcu fid) bie Sxnilfcn 
be§ SweifctS' toelc^c jroei ijaftrc long bo-o *4>rofcminar bcr CJuangcIi^ 
fd)en Sqnobe be§ 3Seften§ ftor bcm flarcn Jagc bcr 2iMrfIid)tcit iier= 
borgcn fatten. 2)ic bammcrnbc .s>clligfcit luanbcltc fid) allmalilid) 
jum Silbcrglanse unb biefcr gct)t nunincbr in bas ticfcrc unb reidierc 
©olb iiber. SSie einc Stnroro '33orcaIi5 hat bcr Sdiimmcr fc()r fialb 
fcinen Crt ncrdnbert, nm bann abcr nod) ?trt cine:' Airftcrn? cinen 
feftcn Stanb cinjimebmcn. ^^sn Gnanc'Uiflc ift bcr nrfpriinglid)c 5rii()= 
fd)cin ben Jlngcn bcr SRcnfdicn cntfdinniubcn, unb cine Uiad)fcnbc 
Stditfiillc Iiat fid) iintcr iiircm cigcncn ©cfctie bcc- Strablcnbrudeo 
iibcr G-Iml)urft gciagcrt, unb jmciinal dot fie fid) jnm feftlid)cn Srans 
getLinnt, suerft im tieblidicn ©ilbcrfdjcin unb nun im priid)tigcn @oIb= 
g[Qn3. SSie einc (Frlcud)tnng \vav e§ iibcr bic ©encraifonfcrens ber 

Fifty Years of Elmhurst 

Three dates, all in the year 1871, are important in the his- 
torj' o! Elmhurst College. They are the seventeenth of January, 
the thirtieth of August and the sixth of December. On January 
IT, 1871, the Proseminar of the "Deutsche Evangelische Synode 
des AVestens" was opened at Evansville, Indiana, with the Rev. 
Karl Friedrich Kranz as "inspector" and sole teacher. The en- 
riiUment at the beginning was nine, to which six more students 
were added in the course of the next few months. 

The opening exercises at nine o'clock in the morning, with 
the formal reception of nine students by the Board of Control, 
the members of which were the Eev. C. A. Clausen, G. Jliiller, 
A. Schory and ilr. Feldwisch. The nine were G. Stanger, ^X. F. 
Gieselmann. H. Walser, H. C. AV. Graeper, J. Fink, H. Steller, 
.T. Rausch. G. Appel. and J. Hang, the last mentioned, of whom 





Stiiiobc Des SBefteng com ^ai)te 1869 aefommen: 2Bir miiffen baS 
i'rcbigerfcminar bei Siartfjasintte Don aHen SorbereitungSfloffen ent= 
laften itnb an aitberem Orte eiiie fiefonbere ajorfc^ule fiir baSfelBe er- 
rid)ten, bie sugleiii) als Sebrcrfeminar luib als attgemcine 33ilbuug5= 
QitftQlt bteneu foil. Srdger bes Sicfjtew in brcifacf)cr Mcilic! 5lm an= 
bcren Orte! Ihib ber roar (JuanSLiillc. Uiib am 17. Csniuiar 1871 
umrbc bet ber feierlid)en (Jrijffrunig ber i^lnitalt uiu boo gi.ittlid)e 5e= 
rtcuc4icf)t fiir ben nod) bunflcn "i'fab gcflebt. ilJod) in benifelben .^sabr 
bicB es icieber: ?(n anbcrcm Crte! 2cun bei ber i'cfd)riinfti)eit bee- 
Siaumej, ber nod) ba^u nur gemietet roar, crroies fid) bie rocite nnb 
freunblid)e Stabt mit bem breiten Silberftreifen bc5 Dbio^i^-lnffeJ 
al'J einc gar fleine unb triibe Siammcr, ja al? eine ftarfe llebcrfd)cffe= 
lung fiir bai^ neue Cid)t, hai im .ftreife ber Siinobe aufgcgaugeu roar. 
Hub an anbcrem Orte, in ©Imburft, tat fid) ein grof3er flfaum auf, ber 
bem '^'id)t feinc Sd)ranfcn jog: ein Slreal Hon 29 Sicfer, auf bem fid) 
ein gute? Su^enb grofser !2id)trocrfe anicgen liefj. S^vav ftrablte bier 
fd)oii ein anbcrc? yid)t oon grofjer 2d)onbeit, bai' 9.1(e[and)tbon.2eiui = 
nar ber Stinobc be? "Jiorbroeftcno. ^ilber ha bai-- ftiirfere !^id)t bee- 
^rebigerfeminarj bci 'iiiartbavLnlle ben nunmebr nereinigtcn Snno= 
ben biente, fo fonntc baC' fd)roiid)cre 2id)t erlofdjen unb burd) ein an- 
ber§ gcartetes 2id)t crfelst roerben, burd) bao "^.'rofeminar ber gemcin- 
famen Sonobe, bie balb barauf ben ucuen ilcainen „Teutfd)e Cfnaii- 
ge(ifd)e 3t)nobe oon 9corb=3[merifa" annabm. 

Xer i^lubrud) biefet- Sid)tc§ in GfansniUe, besicbcnllid) in (Jhn= 
burfi, jtibrt fid) nun ^um 50. i'calc. Xie 50 ^abre finb 50 Sirf)tiabrc 
geroefen. ?lber ber SBeg bat and) burd) mand)C6 Tunfet gefiibrt. Gs 
gebt nun einmal nirgeiibo in ber il'elt ohne 'iKed)feI beo yid)to unb 
ber Ainl'terniS. SSo 2id)t ift, ba ift and) 5d)atten. 3d)atten ber iriib= 
fal, Sd)atten ber Siinbe! Unb fcine meiifd)lid)c Cfr(eud)tung lier= 
mod)tc Sid)t unb ®d)atten gcnau absugren^en. ©clegentlid) bat fid) 
roobi and) ba§ triigcrifd)e O^rrfi'^t gcjcigt. 3(ber gefud)t bat man 

did uot, however, remain long. Hereupon the board, accompanied 
by tlie inspector, the students, Pastors Schrenk, Burkart and 
Rausch, and members of Zion Church of Evansville and others 
uearby adjourned to the single class-room for a service of worship. 
Addresses were delivered by Pastor Clausen, who installed Inspec- 
tor Kranz, and by the new inspector, who chose for his text Psalm 
GO, 1'^ : "Through God we shall do valiantly." 

Witliiu a few weeks, the following five students entered the 
new school: W. Keller, E. Haefliger, F. Karbach, C. Miiller, F. 
Schaubhert and J. H. Dinkmeier, — S. Speicher entered in the fall. 

In the summer of 1871, the officers of the Evangelische Synode 
des Westens met the officers of the Evangelische Synod des Nord- 
westens to draw up an instrument for the imion of these synods, 
which was accepted by both bodies in 1873 at a general conference. 
There was so little doubt, however, that the synods would unite, 
that the officers of both proceeded at once to eft'eet a merger of the 
only institutions possessed by each — the theological seminary at 
ilarthasville, Missouri, and the Prosemiuar at Evansville, Indiana, 
of the Synode des Westens, and the Melanchthon theological semin- 
ary at Elmliurst, Illinois, of the Synode des Nordwestens. It was 
arranged that the students of the Melanchthon Seminary should be 
transferred to the older and larger seminary at Marthasville, while 
tlie Prosemiuar was to be removed from Evansville to Elmhurst. 
This arrangement was completed on August 30, at the Melanchthon 

On December 6, 1871, Inspector Kranz arrived with fourteen 
students of the Prosemiuar at Elmhurst, and before long had es- 
tablished the school as comfortably as possible in the house that 
had been the home of the Melanchthon Seminary. The school year 
was completed in June, 1872, and two of the students were grad- 
uated, both as teachers. They were the Eev. J. H. Dinkmeier 
and W. F. Gieselmann. 

niiinL'f mil- ftav umliru ii\d}i. 2k \\m\ iun-[teliciibcn 'initcr obiT Xi- 
reftorcii, bic iiad)[tel)ciib cjciiaiint fiub, liabcii fid) alio ols i^iiibcr bco 
iiid)t5 beiuicfcn: Si. .S^raii^, Sliiitcijeit 1871 — 1875; 3- 'ilccufd) bis 
1880; i?. ©bbcl bis 1887; T. :5rion bis 1919; .v\ ';^. 5<i,\d fcit «o= 
ncmbcr 1919. icicle anbcre .sliiibcr bcs !iiid)ts fiub in uiifcrL' .s^nUcn 
ciiuicjogcii, iim fritlicr obcr fpiitcr mit uerftiirftcr iicud)tfraft uiicbcr 
in bie Selt (liuQuC'oUjiclK'ii. Xio Selircr, iintcr meldie bie Xirrftoreii 
init3iircd)ncii finb, babcu nainciit(id) aui] ah i'citditcu bc5 SSiffciivi 
gcbicnt. Gin Stern iibcrtrof bcii anbcrn an Hlarticit. Wiondic bic< 
fcr Sterne finb nnter ben .s>Liri,uint biefer '-h?elt oefuiifen, inn iin- 
berc'Uio micber anfsngelieu. 

„Tic I'clircr lucrbcii Icitriitcn luic bco .S>iiiiinclc' Odnii,^" 

v,n ber erften 3cit mar ber vsufpt-'ftor (i^rau^) jiigleid) bas gauje 
i-'elirerfollegium, ein ganjcr .Qrans. ©r Iiatte allein als uianbelnbec' 
^IJrisma bic gan^e Sfala ber iierfd)iebenartigeu !Gid)tnaturen jn ein= 
Iicitlid)er Sid)tniirfung jn nereinigcu biird) bo'^' alien gemeinfame 
2id]tbanb ber t'iebc jur 3(uftnlt, ;iiir Siinobc, jum ))}eid)e OVittce'. 'Jlber 
bie grofjen nnb fleiuen 2id)ter ber iQelirer unb Sd)iilcr fomnien nnb 
gedcn in beftanbigem S(uf nnb Sib. 9inr ein Stern liat, frcilid) als 
oeranberlid)er Stern, faft aUc bie 50 viadre am .sjimntci ber Hnftalt 
gelcnditet, ber Stern Jrion. ^subeni voir bie 50jalirige Q5efd)id)tc ber 
-Hin'talt an nnferem Jliige iioriiber,5ielien taffen, mirb nns eiite lange 
;Weibe rafd) inedjfelnber Sininbelbilber Uorgefiilirt. 9Senn bic Siinobe 
in bicfen Jagcn ben f(icheuben Sdicinmerfcr ber intenfiuen Jlnfmerf- 
fanifeit anf (Sfmtinrft riditet, bann mirb bie Jfnftalt ifirerfcitJ fid) im 
Spiegel ber Setbftcrfenntuis bcfd)anen. Sie barf aber audi fagen, 
baf; fie in ben 50 ^sabren bnrd) fid)tbare nnb iinfidjlBore Strahlen 
riel i.'id)t nnb flraft in bic Srinobe nnb bis nad) .sjonbura* nnb :^sn= 
bien ansgefanbt bat. 

(fine befLinbers glanuiolle ;Jieit mar bie 'Jlera v>rii-''i', fd)on allein 


ilelanchtliou Seminary was begun as a private institu- 
tion at Long Grove, Illinois, then removed to Waukegan, aud a lit- 
tle later still to Lake Zurich. Here it was in rented quarters, 
when, iji 18G5, it was taken over by the Synod of the Northwest. 
Ijooking about for a permanent lionie, the directors were acquainted 
with an opportunity to buy a tract of about twenty acres, with 
a large house, in Elmhurst. to which ilr. Thomas Bryan, a public- 
spirited citizen of Elmhurst, was willing to add as a gift, ten ad- 
joining acres. The oifer was accepted, aud Melanchthon Seminary 
was removed to the new home at Elmhurst in the fall of ISUS). 
We have already noticed that Melanchthon Seminary gave place 
in 1871 to the Prnseminar that was removed from Evansville. 

Jlelanchthon House, the first home of the Proseminar stood 
on the site of the present Dining Hall, from which it was removed 
in 1895 to niake way for the Dining Hall that was built in 1896 
as the gift of the Evangelical Synod to Elmhurst on the occasion 
of its twenty-fifth anniversary. 

Imagine the comforts which the old house afforded fourteen 
students, besides Inspector Kranz and his wife ! The "front roonr" 
became the class-room, in which the students spent the greater 
part of the day, reciting by tui'us and studying at roughly nurde 
tables set before long benches. The professors desk stood back 
of the double door leading into the rear-room, which was a sort 
of library and study for the professor. AVhen a second teacher 
was called, the professors divided the time between them, since 
there was but one class-room. 

Tlie students were given the rooni on tlie lower Huor of llic 
right wing as a study. The left wing was occupied by the kitcbi'u 
and dining-room. On the second floor, two front rooms were the 
apartments of the inspector and his wife. The students slept in 
the attic, "where the beds stood so close that you could get at 
them onlv from the foot. Making beds under such conditions was 

biird) bte Suinniicniufl ber Stdiliuirfinig in langer leaner, bonn abcv 
and) bitrd) mcl)rfad)e .s>olicrf;ianmnuj bcs Sidjtcs, nameiitlid) im £'et)r. 
furfus, bcr bte niebrigcrcu Stufcn immer mclir a6ftic{3 uub [idj burd) 
bic hoftercn Stiifcn 5crcicf)crtc. ^stii vsQtjrc 1896 hat man ber Jtn- 
ftolt ben filtierncu Shreufranj mifgefetpt. llnb auf lialfiem aSegc mm 
lilfacrnen jam golbencn Mraiij untrbe oi"''-''!! •V'all in ben Hranj bcr 
?[nitalt5gc&anbc cingefiigt. Sac- roar im oi-tljre 1912. 5)ie 3afi[ 
bcr 2rf)iilcr, bic Don bcui GImOnrftcr QUaiijc angelocft ronrbcn, Iiatte 
fid) ftctig gciiobcn, Iiic- fie in bcm gicidjcn ^siljrc, 1912, mit 175 iiirc 
(Vlnfliijtie errciditc. v,fi bic ilfengc bcr Stubcutcn an fic^ fd)an nnter 
llmitcinbcn bcr I'diiinftc CJlirenfranj fiir cine liiJlicre 2d)ulc, fo hat un= 
fcrc (flnihnrftcr i'luftalt fd)on Jtnno 1910 nod) cincn anbercn (fhrcn= 
fran.', babnrd) crhaltcn, bai3 ihr bie StaatsuniDcriitiit bic fiinnlicfic 
SliR'rfcniuing gcuuihrtc, itnb ^roar niit eincm roeitcrcn v^a'Keefrebit 
fiir bie 3lbiturientcn in Xcntfd), Catcin nnb 6iricd)ifd). 

23et bcm Hehergang uon bcr Slcra ^srion 3ur ?[era Sd)ief, aii- 
eine Ginleitiing bes golbencn ^snbiliiunis, rourbe abcrmals cin nnd)= 
tiger 2d)ritt Dorroiirts gctan, nnb jii'ar burd) bie Snncitcrung bee 
ftnrfus jn eineni fediojcihrigen, roouon bie erften Dier ^ahre anf bie 
^Jkabemi) nnb bie lebteii jroci auf boo GoEegc entfalloi. Ginc ^Mc 
neuen X!id)tc5' ift burd) bie nen hinjnfommenben 2ehrfiid)er hercingc- 
I'tromt: i'fodjoiogie, '^shitofophic, 3o3toIogie, .'pebrnifd), Slrignometric 
(bao Ichte ais iinihlfad)). Sun: erften i'cal dietet nnferc Sinftalt inut 
aud] foId)en Stttbentcn, tt)eld)e fid) anf anbcre i^ernfe al5 ba§ 'iM'irr^ 
antt £)orbcrciteit rooflen, bie ninfaffcube aflgemeine 33ilbnitg eiiie-j 
v>iinior Gotlegc. vsft &'c Jinftalt jetst and) in 3roei Stnfenrciheit gc- 
fd)icbcn, in Jtcabcint) nnb College, nitb bcr '^sbee nad) in jroci 3[6tcilnn= 
gen gefoitbert, i'rebigerahtcilnng tinb allgetncine JIbtcilnng, fo ift 
fie bod) cine cinhcitlid)c 'i'lnftalt in Jl^cfen nnb Strehen, in 2id)t nnb 

ilinn prangt bic Jfnftalt iui golbencn OUanae. Uub ale- hefonberc 

a dilBcult art wliic-li fell out of use. The windows were few and 
small, but the ventilation was excellent; in faet, the beds were fre- 
quently covered with several inches of snow blown through the 

If 14 students found Melanchthou House none too commo- 
dious, we may imagine the predicament of the inspector, when the 
number rose to 34, aud still more applicants sought admission. A 
now building became absolutely necessary, and what is now called 
the Music House was erected in 18T3 at a cost of about $13,000. 
The number of students at this time was 34. Fully a dozen ol 
tliese had lived for a year in a one-room shack that some of their 
mnnber l)uilt. 

The pioneer davs were over with the completion of the new 
liuikling, but the continued rapid increase in enrollment soon be- 
gan to crowd the students uneomfortalily. The erection of what 
lias ever since been called the Main Building, was therefore Ix'gnn 
in 1878, at a cost of ahout $24,000. 

The enrollment during the first ten years was: IsTl. 14: 
isrs, 3.".: 18T3, (iG : 1874. .53: 1875, 61; 187G, 59: ls77, 7!i: 
1878. 97: 18:9. 103: 1S80. 85. Now, the curious thing is that, 
with far more rooiu (almost adequate for those days) to take care 
ot students after the erection of the Main Building, the enroll- 
ment did not show a corresponding increase. It stood at about 
the same figures (about 100) from 1878, when the Main Building 
was begun and completed, to 1889. In that year, the number rose 
t(i 113, and for the decade following, the average attendance did 
not greatly exceed this figure (the average is about 118) . 

In 1898 a noticeable decline set in and continued for almost 
a ck'cade. The average attendance for the period from 1898 to 
1906 is what it began with in 1898, viz., 95. This is in spite of 
the fact that the building of the Dining Hall in 1896 had added 
appreciably to the comfort and convenience of students. 


Jitfietgatie foil in biefem ^ofire eiu 2?ibIiotr)efgeDaube ben altercn 
©efitiubcn fic^ anrciften. (Sine neiie Sicfjtanlagc, ein Sfefcruoir fiir 
cine xvaim glut oon Sid)t! Unb atlc itnfcre ©ebdube — crftcs ueu 
crridotctcs ©cbiiube 1873, jeljt ah 4'iuiif()au§ befanut; ^'QUptgcbiiubc 
1878; 3iMrtfd)aftooc6iiubc 1907; v.riou .s^qII 1012 — tucrbcu Don bcm 
©laiijc bes golbcneii v.itbiIiiuiTiS biirdjfoitiit. Slbcr nid)t burd) bicycu 
uiclir ciiiBcrlicbcn Oilaii^, fonbcrn burd) ben inncren (Slanj bcr uial= 
tcnbcu ''Vcrfonlidifcilen unb aUcr i^nnodncr mcrben bie non ben ?(rd)i= 
tefton nur duf5erlid) oriianifierten Stoinliaufcn mirflid) cntftciuert, 
lu'Iiditet, belebt, befecit, bcrcbt. 

2iMr trctcn burc^ bie golbcne 'i^forte bcS Jci'^cS in bac tjolbcne 
•VianC' bt'y vs'ibels unb Tanfcs. Ser (Ibronift logt ben Ji-'Ibi'tcdier bcr 
riirffd)Qucnbcn l-^eridjlcritattung ouJ ber ^">anb, in bcm uoHcn i*e>Dui3t- 
fein, bQi3 allc ©efd^id^tjdjrcibung, nicbercr unb t)i3[)erer Slrt, bem ©e- 
fel3c ber Strablenbrednmg unterinorfen ift. I^en genauen unb inJLi= 
fern gerabcn 2>crlauf fd)ant nur bai oEfebenbe 3(ugc ©ottej. llnb 
bas Acrnrobr ber propbetifdien gorfdjung i[t uns noIIenb'S nid)l gcge= 
ben. gragenb trifft iinfcr Sluge ben Sd^Ieier ber Sufinift; an ciner 
cinjigen Stelle bring! bie innere Stnfdjauung binburdi unb in aly- 
nungc'DoKer Scrne begegnel fie bem biomantenen Strnbl. 

.S5cil bir, Sdma 9J?ater, in bcinem golbenen ©dmiucfe! ,s>eil bir, 
bu Sommlerin unb Spenbcrin be§ Sidjtcs! Ser @ott aUec- ^Mcxdy- 
tunis begabc bid^ fernerbin! S^ miiffe fid) bir erfiiflen bie ,3cit bes 
britten SteonS — eine 3eit unb no(^ eine Seit unb cine balbc 3eit! 
llnb Quf bcinem ^mipte ergldnjc ergonjenb bei Silber unb @oIb aR" 
bnnn ber bii^enbe Sbelftetn! 

Witli an enrollment in the fall nf 1906 suddenly increased 
from 105 to 124, there begins a period of about ten years marlfed 
by a steady rise in the enrollment, culminating in the year 1914 
witli 169. During this period, it became necessary to build Irion 


Hall, completed in 1913, in order to take care of the increase. But 
again, the attendance, after a decade of increase, begins to show 
a gradual decline to about 135 in 1930. What makes the decrease 
in numbers less alarming, however, is the fact that the annual 
new registration, has varied but slightly in all this time, and the 
graduating classes likewise have not yet decreased in numbers to 
an alarming extent. A larger proportion of students than formerly 
is entering higher classes, and therefore remaining fewer years. 

As the school grew in numbers, and new buildings were added 
to take care of the growth, so the faculty grew in numbers. 

In the first year. Inspector Krauz was the sole teacher. Tlie 
next year, the Eev. F.' Weygold was appointed "first professor." 
In 1873, a separate English department was established. In 1876,. 
the Eev. G. v. Luternau was appointed as so-called "second pro- 
fessor," and a department of music was created. The faculty now 
consisted of five regularly appointed instructors, including the 
inspector, besides one assistant. In 1883, Professor Brodt began 
liis long term of service as head of the pedagogical department. 
The faculty now consisted of six. In 1890, Professor Bauer be- 
gan his work at Elmhurst as the seventh member of the faculty, 
and in 1893 an eighth member waS added as second instructor in 
music. Since 1896, Professor Stanger has had sole charge of 
music, but the number of instructors was kept at eight. There it 
remained until the opening of the Junior College in 1919 made it 
necessary to add another member to the faculty. Dr. Irion re- 
maining at the same time as professor, while the Eev. H. J. Schick 
became the new president, the number of instructors is now ten. 
The seminary board in 1920 created the position of physical di- 
rector and registrar, filled by the Eev. E. W. Leonhardt. 

May the fntui'e years see Elmhurst College and Academy pros- 
per exceedingly and become more and more a blessing for the en- 
tire Church, yea the entire world. 

First Three Inspectors 

1. Carl Fr. Kranz, 2. Philipp Friedrich Meusch, 
3. Peter Goebel. 

3it ^cmcrtam. 

Tic folgcnbcn Inograpfiifcficu ?iott,5cn fiiib bcm Jfiibcnfcn bcr= 
jcnigeit SJianner ijctuibmct, bic liiuiicrc obcr fiirjcrc 3cit am '^^rofcmi^ 
nar aU 2ct)rcr gcroirft lictbcn iiiib cingegangcn fiiib 311 ilirc;- $errn 

3nf<)chor (Sari (^■^. ftrnnj iinirbc gc&orcn ju ©ritubcrg in 2dilc= 
fien am 31. Sejembcr 1839 iinb crbielt feine Sfusbilbung aiif bcm 
©Qmnafium unb ber Uiiitierfitiit fciner .^cimot. 3ri§ Saiibibat bcr 
iiicologie fam cr in bic§ Sanb itnb ttiurbc in ^nbianapoIi'S Con 'i^a= 
ftor Guiniu'o orbinicrt. 3ein crftcs 3(rbeit5fclb roar iWiflioroafa, 

vsnb. I'on bort one- ronrbc cr als ^snfpcftor an bai- ncngcgriinbctc 
"Vrofcminar nad) GoanSDiflc, ^snb., berufen. 3(m 17. ^anuar 1871 
bcgann cr jcinc i'lni'taltsorbcit mit bcm SSortc: ..SJiit @ott roollen roir 
Sotcn tnn." Jm Xc3cmbcr bcslclbcn ^sabres ronrbc bic 3{nita(t Don 
SoaneLnllc nad) (Slmhnrft Pcrlegt, roo baj- "l^rojcminar in ben !)}dnmcn 
bcc- friihcrcn ?.lccIand)tlion>3cminarj fcinc blcibcnbc vV'cimat gcfnn= 
ben fiat. SlTan,5 roar cin gntcr Ccbrcr nnb bat als Scitcr bcr 
jnngcn 3[nitalt bic anfjcrft fdjWicrigcn 31nfang§arbciten mit .'pingabc 
nnb @cfd)icf bnrd)gcfiiftrt. Gnbc 1874 Icgtc cr fcin 3(mt am '!pro= 
fcminar nicbcr nnb trot roicbcr in? ^'farramt juriicf. Gr ftarb am 
12. Tcaembcr 1885 aB 'i'aftor ber enang. St. Snfac^Qcmeinbc ,5n 
^GonistiilTe, fill. Seine friificren 2d)ii[cr balten itin in banfbarcm 

"i^nftor *^iif)ilipi) ^ricbrid) *)Jicit|rf) ronrbc bcr 3iad£)fo[ger Oon ^'^a- 
[tor .siranj im onfpcftorat be? i^rofeminarj. Gr nerroattcte bas 3(mt 
Don 1875 — 1880. ^nfpeftor D.licnfd) roar geboren am 17. -^suni 1836 
nnb batte feine t[ieoIogifrf)e Sfuebilbnng im G»angclifd)cn 15rebigcrfe= 
minor bci 'iOiartbasnille, Sio., erfialtcn. ^sahrelang jtanb cr im @e= 
mcinbcbicnft, bis cr 5nm ^snfpcttor be? ^l>rofcminar§ crnannt ronrbc. 
Gr roar cin fflcann Don roaf)rer grommigfeit nnb liefcm fittlidicm 
Grnft. llntcr jcincr !2citnng gebieb bic jungc Jlnftalt snfebenbj, nnb 
bic 3abl bcr Stnbicrcnben rond)? Don Jaftr 3U ^sabr. Gr Derftanb cs, 
bic jnngcn Sente geiftig anjnfaiicn nnb feeIforgcrIi(^ sn bccinflnffcn. 
"Saber crfrcute er fid) grofjer a^elicbtficit. 2oc^ roaren feine Srafte 
nad) roentgen ^ahrc" anfgejebrt, unb cr criag am 25. .Juli 1880 ci= 
ncm iiJicrenlcibcn. Seine Sd)ulcr beroafiren iftm cin cbrenbc§ 3[n= 
benfen, nnb mand)cr Dcrbanft fcinem Ginflnfj ben 3[ntrie& jn eincm 
nencn geiftlid)cn Ccbcn. Seine Ok^beinc ruben auf bcm 3[nftalt5= 


'iMiftur ^>cfcr Wocbcl iibcniQlnii ba-:- Csnfpcftorat nlv Oiad)foUu'V 
lum x\iiH'. 'I'lCiiidi iiii Csalire ISSO unti fiilirtc es' bt5 5itni Sommcr 
liS87. Tniin trat er uw cnaiici. '■^^farramt suriid unb inirftc iiodi 
iabrcloiui im ecflcii an bcrfdiicbciicu ©cmcinbcn. Gr bat fid) biird) 
fciiic cruftc bcr;,nd)c ^.-rbminiiifcit bic ?lditung atter cruun-bcn, mit 
biMii'ii cr in uiiberc '^criibruiuj fam. Seine *i^fIid)t ftanb ibm ftct« 
obenan, unb cr fonntc in ber trcncn, fclbftlofcn Grfittlnncj bcrfclbcn 
ciIIlmi fcincn £d)iilcrn al-i ^inirbilb bicncn. ©cin 3[nbenfen bicibt ini 
Scocn. (It ftarb am 3. ^snnt 1111)5 infolijc cincs' nnfaH'Suncrftiartot 

"i-^rof. Si'iit. Si. eaiicrlJicr mnrbe im ^sofire 1875 aB Scftrcr bcr 
eiuilifdicn Spradu' nnb ^itcratur an'? ^^vrofcntinar bcrufcii unb fiat 
bav 'Jlmt bi-? ju fcincm 3;obc im rftobcr 1879 mit ircue nnb Grfoln 
ncfiifirt. Gr crfrcutc fid) bci fcinen Sd)itlern grof3cr 33clicbtl)cit nnb 
iienciJ il)r boHe? 3>crtrancn. ''^^l■of. Smicrbicr mar ang Qfiio gcbiirtiii 
unb hattc fcinc afabcmifrfjc "iMIbnng anf bcr llniucrfitnt ^n 3:iffiu in 
fcincm .'ocimatftaatc crlangt. (Jr fanb fcinen lob bci cincv (Jifcn 
bafiiifollificin sn SliaDlroob, ^sH. 

I^ruf. Jsricbririi 7\-- il'cDnolb, iicLuircn ben 6. ^fngnft 1837 ^u 
Unnn in ii^cftfnlcn, umr cinige ^sai')vc Inng Scbrcr im '•^'rLifcminar 
iur ;-)Cit bcc- CsnfP- firon^ Sr mar cin iWann lunt ansgcbclmtcm iKif= 
fen nnb grofjer Scbrgabc. ^vn fcinen jiingcrcn ^sahrcn mar er an bcr- 
fdiicbencn bbheren 2d)nlcn in feiner \">eimat, jnletst im SJanhen .Viaitfe, 
alC' Schrer tiitig geinefcn. (Snbc bcr fcd)3igcr l^sabrc folgtc cr cinon 
'1iufc anc' iicbrcrfcminar jn Cincinnati, Dhia, unb bom ^^ahrc 1872 
bi-j 1874 mirftc cr als '^jrofeffor im '^Jrofcminar. SBcgcn fciucr anc" 
gcbcbntcn .fienntuiffe mar cr cin Q5cgcni"taub bcr 53cmuubcru)tg fiir 
feine Sd)iiler. Spntcr nahm er cinen 5Ruf bcr St. ^^5aul§=@eiueinbc 
-,n i.'oniC'bittc, fit)., an unb mirftc bort aU Seclforgcr biv jum ^al)re 


18'ii . Xann 3011 er fid) bci fcbr gcfdimdd)tcr Wefunbheit in ben :'1iuhe= 
ftanb juriirf. Gr ftarb am \'k iVai llUlii. 

il^rof. Jricbrid) 5(. .'pciiniuncr entftammte einer alten i^rofeffo^ 
rcnfamilic. (Jr mar am 25. Juli 1834 in bem Si'i'ftcntnm Jlfcufj, 
j. i?., geborcn nnb crfticlt fcinc QSpinnafialbilbung in bem bcriibmtcn 
Merrnlmtcr 'iHibagcginm sn 'i'licSfg in ©dilcfioi. 3it ©nabcnfclb in 
Cberfd)(cftcn ftubiertc cr ^l)cofogie. .*pierauf bctleibctc cr langcrc 
^salirc binbnrd) Sdjulftedcn in ijcrrnfint unb fpiiter in Gnglaub. v>'ii 
^alirc 1873 fam cr nad) Jlmerifa unb iibcrnafim bic Scitung einer 
.'ood)fd)uIc in .s?icrmann, ^.iio. S^on bort an^S murbc cr im ^safire 1874 
al'o Schrer ine ^^'rofeminar berufen, bcbicit aber bicfc Stettc nnr bi-5 
(Jnbe 1875 unb trat bann in? '^^farramt fiber. Sr bebicnte nad)cin- 
anber ©emcinben in vSO'dq^ ^[liiuiic- unb ?,'tiffouri. Sein ^iib crfolgtc 
am 3(1. .^sannar 1885. 

'i^rofcfiur (sricbrid) Sinuffntniui mar cin 35iirttcmherger iu\h 
liatte fcinc ^luc-bilbung anf bem flaffifd)en UH)mnafium ju i'lanlbrann 
nnb in i^afel erbalten. 'Jlls junger *]?rcbigcr fain cr nad) Jlmcrifa 
nnb bebicnte bis simi ^^abrc 1866 cine (Semcinbc bci iHirlington, ^.c 
'inm bort auj murbc er alv tbcoIogtfd)cr Ccftrer an§ euang. 'l.*rebtgcr= 
fcniinar bci iifartbasbiUc, 4'io., berufcn. 5)ie§ Hint befleibctc cr bk- 
3um Jadrc 1871. Tarouf trat cr micber ini "i.'farramt cin. O'lu 
vsabrc 1876 murbc cr 2e()rer am i'rofeminar bi^S in ben Sonuner 
1880. Xann fchrte cr in fcinc miirttcnibergifd)e .vieimat .piriicf nnb 
trat bort ins *i.'farramt cin. 3115 Cebrer ber flaffifd)en Sprad)en unb 
ber bcutfdicn Sitcratur hat cr 53cbcutcnbe5 geleiftct. Gr Iiictt gern cin 
offenc'j ,s>au5 unb fab gernc Jlmtsbriibcr, fomic and) fcine 2d)iilcr in 
fcincm 5QiniIic"frci5. 5(nd) nad) feiner 9?iicffe[)r in bic ^t'cimat hat 
er unfcrer fiird)c unb Jlnftalt ein treneo, licbenbc^ Stnbcnfcn bcmahrt 
unb einc gan^e S[n3ahl Csii"flIi»QC 3ur Jlnsbilbnng in unferen 3[n- 
ftalten fitr ben cbang. ,S5ird)enbicnft gelnorben, uon bcncn jc(5t nod) 

nielc iiii I^icnfu' imfcrcr «ird)c ftcljcn. Gr itnrb im ^sa{)t\; 1895. 
Sciii i'liitiL'iifL'ii bk'ibt bci nwi im £ci]i-'n. 

2r. (*i. 31. 5i"<'"crmnim mar Seljrer bcr flaffifdicn Sprodien iinb 
(}5efd)id)tc im oalirc \^ir,. (fr mar am 21). Cftobcr 1850 311 l^afel, 
in ber Sdimcij, acboren uiib hattc feiuc 3>orbiIbuuc! in ben flaffifdicn 
©d}it[cn feiner .'^cimat crlmltcn. ^sm friilicrcn 4tieland)t[)on=Scminar 
ftnbierte er Jhcologii'. .sliieanf fclirte cr nad) ©nropa jnritcf itnb cr= 
marli fid) auf bcr llniucriltiit jn $allc ben Softer ber ^^^iiilofopljie. 
9iad) fcincr j)?iicffc(ir in bic5 L'aub licfj cr fidi in lAdicago nieber nnb 
mnrbe cinine Csahrc long Scfirer ber 3;iicoIogie in bcm SI)icago ®em= 
inart). @Icid)5eitig mar er Snperintcnbent bc'3 bcntfd)en ®eparte= 
mentS ber oftcntlidicn Sd)nleu in Eiiicago, ein '■^often, ben er lango 
^afirc tiefleibete. ^n ben neun^iger Jsafiren griinbete er bie St. ^0= 
f)anni5=@cmeinbe anf ber ilcorbfcite, bercn Seelforgcr er 6i§ ju fei= 
ncni am 5. v.annor 1905 erfolgten Jobe blieb. ^r. Simmermann 
mar ein fehr frnditbarer Sd)rift[teller. fiitcratnr nnb @efdiid)te t]at 
er fleifeig bearbeitet. Sine brcibiinbige @efd)id)te be§ 19. v,a[)rlliin= 
bertg, eine Sammlnng non @ebid)ten beut|d)ameritanifdier 3!;id)tcr 
nnb eine ganj^e Stnsabt iibnlirfier 2i>erfe fiaben ibn jnm ^'crfaHer. 

^<rof. 6nrr To6fri)nl(, geboren am '2:1. ilcoiiember 1831 jn i're?- 
Ian, in Sd)Ie[ien, Uerbanfte feine 'i^irbilbnng bem ©tjmnalium unb 
ber llninerfitiit feiner ."peimatftabt. Kinige ^abrc long roar er '•^^far- 
rer in Sd)Iefien nnb bebiente fpdtcr bie eUangelifc^e ©emeinbe jn WlC' 
baninifle, -Jnb. I'on bort an? ronrbc er a[§ Sefircr ins 'i>rofeminar 
bcrnfen im '^\ai)ve 1883. Gr blieb nnr jmci ^aftre in bicfer Stellnng; 
bann manbte er fid) mieber bem ©cmcir'^pbienft 3n. SlJit jnnehmeubem 
Stiter 5og er fid^ Dom ?fmte juriid nnb licf; fid) in Dfbfofb, ii'is., nie- 
ber. Sr ftarb am 19. Srprit 1905. 

5Prof. QJiiftnli 3(bo(f (fOinciirr, geboren am Hi. 0>iinnar 1850 jn 

Sd)ottmar, Sippe-Xetmolb, mar ein griinblidi gebilbeter, befi.inberC' 
auf bem ©ebiete ber OSermaniftif titd)tiger iJebrer. ^sabrelang mar er 
Ccljrer anf oerfd)iebenen (^nmnafien 2entfd)Ianb5. vsm vsabrc 1883 
fam er uad^ Slmerifa unb mar juerft ^mei '^ahvc in einem Seminar in 
9?o^efter, iit. f)., aU bentfd)er Sebrer tatig. l^on bort an? fan; er tn§ 
■•Ijrofeminar al-o Sebrer ber altcn 2prad)cn, bentfd)en Siteratur unb 
S)catbenmtif. ^ini ^saftre 1890 manbte er fid) bcr ^onrnaliftif jn unb 
murbc ;}iebaftcnr ber „(i()icago Jsreie ^4>reffc," fpater ber ,,'iOiilmanfce 
65ennania" nnb ,5u(cljt bcr „SincoIu Pi-rcie "Jvrcffc." (it ftarb am 12. 
Jlnguft 1908 in Lincoln, 'Jiebr. 

■j^^rof. (J. £tto, ber grof^e Oiclebrtc nnb Xenfer, ftanunte an;- ber 
X.'utl)erftabt iViansfetb, mo cr am 7. ;5anuai-" 1837 bac- Sidjt ber 5i>clt 
erbtidtc. 5" feiner ^nflcnb befndite er baJ Beriil)mte Qipuuiafinm 
'Sd)uIpfortc, ficrnad) bie Uniucrfitiit ju .s?alle. iUad) beenbigtcm Stn= 
binm mar er einige :vsal)re al5 i3el)rer in ben 5rnnrfefd)cn Stiftnngen 
in .violle tiitig nnb manberte im Jsnljrc 18G7 nad) Slmerifa anS, um in 
ben (^icmcinbcbicnft ciujntreten. 3(ns biefem murbc cr im vsal)re 
1870 al§ *^^rofeffor an ba5 ■'^.'rebigcrfeminar bci aicartbasbiflc bcrnfen. 
Jsm ^\ai)xc 1880 gab er bie Stetlc anf unb iibcrnabm mieber eine &c- 
meiube. ysm ^abre 1890 fam cr ahi Sebrer ber altcn £prad)cn, ber 
bcutfd)en Siteratur nnb ber @efdiid)te anS ^^U-ofeminar. "iliac^ 14fah= 
riger Jatigfeit 309 cr fid) bom Sebramt ^uriid nad) Solumbia, tsU-- 
nnb mar non ha ab banptfdd)Iid} fdjriftftcUcrifd) tatig. Gr ftarb am 
10. ^suli 1916 int 511tcr Hon nabc^u 80 ^ntiren. 'ilJrof. Otto mar nid)t 
blof; ein groRcr ©clebrtcr, fanbern and) ein bemiitiger Sbrift, trolj 
feiner frititd)en l^eranlagung. Gin grof^er fireiy Hon banfbareii 
Sd)iilern bdlt fcin Slnbcnfen in Gbren. 

I^rof. Wottfricb Don I'litcrnnii mar am 29. liiaUicmber 1842 im 
Manton "in'm, in ber Sd)Uiei,5, gcboreu. 5einc i^lnc-bilbung erbieit 
cr anf uerfdiiebenen .s>od)fd)nlen feinco .Vieimatlanbeo. Ginige Csfibrc 


(aiu] tvav cr Dffisier in bcr yc[)tnci3crif(^cn 3frmcc, bod) jchntc cr fid) 
baiiaif), in ben Sirdienbicnft cinjutrctcn. Xcslialb aioubcrte cr nacf) 
^Imcrifa am iiiib trat in baC' cuong. '^>rcbiflcrfcmtnar cin, urn 2t)eo= 
loLiic 3n ftnbicrcn. 'Jiad) bccnbicjtcm Stubinm iibernaf)m cr cine @e= 
mcinbc. ^m Csahrc ISTii Unirbc cr ali Selircr ber Wiatlicntatif iinb 
bcr ilJaturmiiicnjdjaftcn ans ''l^rofcminar bcrufcn. ))lad) fcdjojiiliriijcr 
Sef)rtatigfcit trot cr in? 'i'farramt jnriicf nub inirfte nod) jaljrclang 
im Segen an Cerft^icbcncn ©cmcinbcn. S'llclst mar cr in ^oiua 
^arf, 2eja§, tiitig, mo cr am 13. :vsannar 1913 cingedcn bnrftc ^n 
fcincS .ficrni Jsrcnbc. >3cincn Sd)iilcrn liat cr ftct? burd) fcin on'ogc 
bcbntcj Sl'iifcii nuii fcinc aiifriditigc Armniniiifcit inuionicrt. 

*^>ruf. ^ufinitu 6. ;){ttf)ii, "IvrofcilLir bcr i'lnfif Hon ISSG — 9o, mar 
am 17. Acbrnar 1833 ,;n Cbcralimcn, .Sjcifcu-Tarmftabt, gc&orcn. 
Seine Jhubitbnng erliielt cr in bcm Setircrfcminar jn (vricbberfl. 
Gr (icfaf; cine grofje Jsertigfeit anf bem '•^.^iano, unb qI§ bcbcntcuber 
Crganift mar cr in meiten .ftreifcn Ccfannt. ^m ^adre 1870 mar 
cr cingemanbert nnb mirftc langc ^(il)vc ahi Sctjrcr unb Drganift in 

ber St. '$aulc'=@emeinbc in (S()icago. Ison bort murbe cr one ''^ro= 
feminar bcrufcn. Sicun ^ai)vc laug bientc er ber Jfuf'talt aB 4)iulif= 
IeE)rer. "^m ^ai)xe 1905 jog cr fic^ com 3[mtc juriid' ins iH-iOatlcben. 
Sein Sob erfolgte im '^ai)ve 1905. 

^^rof. •t'crmnitn iPrubt, gcboren am 15. ge^ruar 1855 ju 3cd= 
lin, b. Stolp, in "i.vommcrn, al5 ©oljn eincS SefirerS, erfiiett fcine S(u§= 
bilbnng im Sebrcrfcminar jn i^ttom. ^m '^ai)xe 1878 fam cr in 
bies Sanb nnb fanb JlnftcUung als Sef)rcr in ber ©d)ulc ber St. "^e- 
tcr=@cmcinbc unb f^citer in bcr 3ii^i'-"®etnen'be in Chicago, ^sm 
^safjre 1882 murbc er inl '•^rofeminar bcrufcn aU 'il^rofefjor bcr 'ini- 
bagogif unb bes ^cntfd)en, cine Stcttung, bie cr cttoa 36 "^aim lang 
inncbatte. -Jm ^abre 1918 5og er fic^ bom 3[mtc juriid. :5;n Hcc- 
thobif nnb 8d)nlfnnbc ift er einer grofjen 3abl feiner Siftiiler lior= 
bilblid) gemorben, nnb befonberS bie il'cetbobif be^-' 9}eligionounter= 
rid)tC' fanb bei ibm forgfditige 33ead)hmg. 'Eamit bat cr fidi ben 
Tanf feiner ©d)iiler reblid) oerbicnt. Qx ftarb am 19. Dftober 1919. 


Seminary Board 

Uppm- Row — Rev. F. L. Darn, Ph. D., Rev. H. Nieter. Rev. W. Hackmann. Rev. S. Kruse. Rev. E. Jaeger. Secoriri Rmo — Rev. G. A. Neumann, 
Sec, Rev. D. Bruening, Chairman, Rev. C. ip. Baumann, Vice-Chairman, Rev. J. Kircher, Treas. Third Roio — Mr. J. L. Knauss. Mr. A. J. Breuhaus. 
Mr. J. Blaul, Mr. L. Brandt, Mr. F. Riechman. Last Row — President S. D. Press, President H. J. Schieli. 


Dcr ^pvadfli<ifc Untcvvidft, 

'E-ai- &cn fprQct)Iid)i'u llntirridit anliL-trifft, fo t\at itnferc 3lnftalt, 
bcvm .s>nuptmifiiabc cc- Ins oor fiiracm roar, juttfle 4'idnncr fiir bcii 
Ciintritt ins ^^.'rcbiflcrfcminor Dorjitbcreitcn, immcr gropes ©croidit 
ciiif bic dTlermmg Pon v2pra(f)cn gclcgt, inbcm [ie tion ber oftne S^ci' 
fi't rtditisicii 5>orQii5fcl3inig aitsging, boR fiir Jficologie Stubierenbc 
iiid)t5 roid)tigcr iinb rocrtoollcr fci ahi niclfeitigc itnb gcbiegctii' 

.S?icr&ci lianbcltc CJ fid) jiiiinrfjft urn bic fiir boj t[)CoIogifd)e Js-nd)= 
iiubiuin luitigen 2prQd)en, urn bic gricd)ifd)c unb lateinifdic fobami 
urn bic bciitfd)c unb cnglifd)c SprQd)c, mit bercn vilfc fie fpiitcr bao 
2i.Hirt @ottc5 oil Pcrt'iinbigcn liattcii. Ten tatfdd)Iid)cii l\ertinltiiiffcn 
;'iediniing tragcnb, roiirbc in ben erftcn Pierjig ^aftrcn itireS 'i3cftc= 
Iicns bem Xeutfd)cn ein griiBcrer Spielroiim auf bem Stunbcnptan 
eingerdnint ali bem (Snglifd}cn. 

•JU-o bann, an« aflgeniein bcfannten ©riinbeii, ba^ SBerlongcn 
nndi cnglifd)-rcbenbcn 'i'rebigcrn immcr lautcr unb bringcnbcr rourbe, 
fad man fid) gcndtigt, mehr 3cit nnb Jslcifj anf bic ©riernung bcr 
Vanbcofprad)c 311 Perrocnben. 

5Senn man bobci in 33etrad)t 5ic()t, bafs bic Shibcnten fid) jcbt 
ini tdglid)en 3Scrfe()r an§td)Iiei3ltd) ber cnglifd)cn ®prad)c bcbicnen, 
nub bafj bie Sofit berjenigen nnter ben ncneintretenben >Stubcnten, 
bic fid) nod) im Tcntfd)cn an§3ubriicfcn Dcrmogcn, immcr gcringcr 
mirb, fo roirb man Perfteften, bafj ha^ Teutfd)e eincn harten etanb Iiat. 

SBic fid) nun and) in 3iifii"ft bic Tinge geftaltcn mi3gcn, man 
roirb £)icr bei benen, bie fid) fpdter bem Shibinm bcr Jheologie uiib= 
men inoEen, nac^ roie Por, auf griinblid)e Griernung bcr beutfd)eii 
Sprai^e bringen. Tie bcutfd)e Sprad)c ift unb bleibt nun einmal fiir 
unfere ^irc^e bie ®prad)e ber ^Reformation. 

i)iunmel)r ift aber unfere Stnftalt Pdflig umgeftaltet roorben, unb 
roir baben es bier oon jctst an nod) mit ciner anberen .^laffc Pon Stu> 
benten ju tun, mit foId)en, bie nur eine aCgemcine „GoIIcge".'-PiIbung 
fnd)cn. To licgt co nun auf ber .^anb, iia\i e§, urn bicfen gered)t ^u 
merben, £ad)c bcr i^ebiJrbc unb (S-afuItdt fein mirb, fiir hen fprad)Ii= 
d)cn Hnterrid)t in biefcr 3tbtei(ung gana anbere Seftimmungcn 3u 

SSdbrenb in ber jum Gintritt in§ ^rcbigerfeminar PorbereitcUf 
ben JIbteilung bas @ried)ifd)e, ba5 2ateinifd)c (i'pcbrdifd)e) unb bae- 
Teutfd)e roie bi^-ber obligatorifd) bleibcn rocrben, fo biirfte in ber 
nnbcrcn ?(bteiluug nur baS Satcinifd)c aU eigentlid) obIigQtorifd)e5 
And) au3ufcbcn fein. Ta§ Teutfd)e bagcgen roiirbc bier ncbcn eincr 
ober 3roci anberen juoberncn 2prad)cn, ctroa bem (vrau3i.ififd)en obcr 
bem £pQnifd)en, unter bie fafuItatiPeu (roablfrcien) A'icficr eingcreibt 
roerben miiffen. 

^m ganscn roirb roobl bie .s?auptarbeit im fprad)Iid)cn nntcrrid)t 
in ber Sffabemic gctan roerben miiffen, rodbrcnb im „GoIIege" bie fpc= 
3ififd) roiffcnfd)nft(id)eu ?;'dd)cr in ben ^luirbergrnnb trcten rocrben. 


Elmhurst Memorial Library 


Old Library 

Present Library Quarters 

The Memorial Library 

The library is a threefold memorial. When in 1912 the librar}' of the Meusch Society was taken over by the faeully, ^leusch ilenio- 

rial Library was the official name agreed upon for the new iustitutiou, in commemoration of the ]\ev. F. Philipp Jlensch, 

President of Elmhurst College from 1875 to 1880. This collection of books now amounts to over 5000 volumes. An 

almost equal number, now know as the Bryan Memorial Library, has accrued from the estate of the late 

Honorable Thomas B. Bryan of Elmhurst. The third memorial is about to be erected by the 

Evangelical League, in commemoration of those of our deiuuniiuition wIki have fallen 

in the World War of 1914-1918. This building, which is to house both 

memorial libraries, will itself be a memorial to those who 

have made the supreme sacrifice to tlieir country. 



The Faculty 



Et'v. Carl Fr. Kraiiz f 


Eev. I'll. Fr. ileiiscli f 


Ecn-. Peter Goebcl f 

1S80— 1887 

Rev. D. Irion. D. D. 


Rev. H. J. Schick 

since 1919 


Rev. Fr. Weygold f 


Rev. Fr. Henuinger f 


Rev. Dr. G. A. Zimiiierinaiiu f 

1875, 6 montlis 

Rev. Fr. Kauffinau f 


Rev. G. von Luteruauf ' 

• 1876—1882 

Rev. Carl Dobschall f 


Prof. G. A. Ebmeyer f 


Prof. W. K. Sauerbier f 


Prof. J. C. Rahn f 


Prof. H. Brodt t 


Prof. E. Otto t 


Prof. J. Liieder. D.D. 187.5— ISTG 

and 1881-1910 

Prof. J. iliter 


Prof. Fred. Berchtold 


Prof. Tlieo. Goebel 


Prof. G. Bohnstengcl 


Prof. H. BuriLS 

1879, 4 months 


H. Hogan 
P. C. Recher 
C. J. Albert 
J. Merkel 
Geo. F. Eosche 
C. W. Eern 

F. A. Kern 
F. C. Weisse 

C. Kuntze 

G. Eamge 

Dr. J. J. Wilkinson 

H. Arlt 

Dr. Alb. Aron 

The Faculty ix 
President H. J. Schick 
Prof. D. Irion 1877- 

Prof. Paul X. Crusius 
Prof. Carl Bauer 
Prof. C. G. Stanger 
Prof. G. A. Sorrick 
Prof. H. L. Breitenbach 
Prof. J. E. Schmale 
Prof. E. Hansen 
Prof. Dr. C. Abbetmeyer 
Prof. R. Leonhardt 


THE Jubilee- Year 

since 1919 

-18S0 and since 1885, 39 years 

1910—1915 and since 1919 

since 1890 

since 1896 

1892—1903 and since 1904 

since 1907 

since 1915 

since 1917 

since 1920 

since Dec. 1920 

p.we nineteen 

The Faculty 

Prof. C. Bauer 

2. Prof. C. G. Stang-er 

3. Prof. G. E, Sorrick, A. M. 

Pl-of. H. L. Breitenbach 1 

5. Pres. Em. D. Irion, D. D. 
6. President H, J. Scliieii. Dean 

incipal P. N. Crusius. A. M. 
Prof. E. H. Hansen 
9. Prof. J. E. Schmale, A. B. 


College Sophomores 

e. Walter Dippold. Armin Krebill, Carl Bohnenkamper. Center Roic — Carl Gaertner. Harold Fr 
Front Row — Otto Meyer, Theophil Menzel. Ralph U'eisser. Paul Blaufuss, Paul Schaeffer. 

r f 't f !■ f f $ f • . 

t f t ft fit^ 

Colleg:e Freshmen 

Talmage Miller, George Ellerbrake. Herman Dedcker. Rodney Heckmann, Erwin Buenemann. Gottlob Seybold, Arthur Gerhold, 

Back Row- 
Fred Niedringhaus, Arthur Wegener, Paul Molz. Center Row — Julius Kallenb 
Elmer Hoefer, Gilbert Schrodt, Ludwig Emigholz, Charles Meyer, Otto Grabowsk 
Otto Krueger. Edward Busekros, Robert Kienle, Adam Scherer. Orvill 
Missing — Adelbert Helm. 

Walter Herrscher, Roy Schwartz, Ralph Abele, Theodore Lehmann, 
Garfield Hafermehl. Front Row — Ewald Schwengel. John Flucke. 
William Baur. Norman Maunz. George Pruessner. Helmuth Rath. 


Academy Seniors 

imerniann, Carl Meyer, William Anderson, Edwin Eigenrauch, William Rest. Vernon 

-.^-. r-- — -^ ' — Reuben Bareis, Walter Schadewald, Henry Damm, Heie Johnson, Otto Bassler, Carl 

bturm, Rudolph Gruencke. Ernst Dreusicke, Henry Bertelkamp, Erwin Steinbeck, Irving Dietsche. Front Row — Paul Reichert, Willie Scholze, Louis 
Landgrebe, Theodore Kitterer, Ortwin Schaumburg. Charles Binder, Ernest Maurer, Fred Edglinsdoerfer, Gerhard Schultz. Arthur Reiss, Carl Mollenhauer. 


Back Row — Arthur Koring, Daniel Schlinkmann, Carl Zii 
Schiek, Fred Krueger, Herbert Hugo, Rudolph Brink. Center Ro 

f t;#.s< «! fi, f 



Back Row — Jacob Eberle. 
Herbert Gass, Edward Brue- 
seke, Walter Weiland, Elmer 
Bueker. Carl Albers. Alfred 
Schroeder, Louis Stueber. 

Front Rotv — Gerhard Friz. 
Carl Schletz, Carl Maurer, 
Henry Warber, Clarence 
Hamman, Gerhard Holste, 
Armin Schiek. Missing — Mar- 
tin Hamann. Ernst Wieden- 

Academy Sopho 

Academy Freshmen 


Back Roic — Rheinhard Krause, Firdel 
Paul. Samuel Mory, Armin Blaufuss. Theo- 
dore Lapp. Center Row — Erich Novak. El- 
mer Schewe, Henry Walch. Louis Koenecke, 
Herman Fenske. Telfair Boesch, Otto Hille. 
Front Row — Arthur Schreck. Theodore Hotz. 
Oscar Egg-er, Charles Walters, Werner Sie- 
bert, William Miller. 

Academy J 


Back Row — John Haradon. Earl Klein, Ed- 
win Lincks, George Haradon, Edward Vintus, 
George Bock. Center Row — Emil Vogel, Len- 
ard Duntemann, Otto Laatsch, Albin Boelter, 
Paul Kasper, Ferdinand Zerrel. Front Row — 
George Elmer. Chester Gaum. Adolph Voigt. 
Paul Peter, Rudolph Kalwitz. August Vintus. 


College Band 

Back Ro 

^'Se Ellerbrake. Henry Damm. Oscar Egger. Harold Freund, Fred Krueger, Ernst Dreusicke, Edward Brueseke. Elmer Schewe, 
Su t ^^t. '^®"'^'" ^°^ — Gottlob Seybold, Louis Landgrebe, Louis Koenecke, William Miller. John Haradon. Rudolph Brink, Leader, Ortwin 

bchaumburg, Charles Bmder, Telfair Boesch, Heie Johnson, William Baur. Front Row — Vernon Schiek, Clarence Hamman, Gerhard Holste, Erich Novak, 
Carl Sturm, William Rest, Reuben Bareis, Samuel Mory, Carl Mollenhauer, Henry Walch, 


Music at Elmhurst 

III this Golden Jubilee Year of our school we are also cele- 
iirating the Golden Jubilee of Music at Elmhurst. Xot only has 
tiiat line art always been fostered here; not only have those who 
were able to play or sing when they entered always had an oppor- 
tunity to make use of their talent in concerts and at social gather- 
ings, but music has been a part of the curriculum from the begin- 
ning on, and rightly so. Some musical accomplishment is neces- 
sary to round out a general education. Especially do our students 
need it, as most of them enter Eden Seminary after graduating 
at Elmhurst, and eventually find their sphere of activity in the 
ministry, where their musical ability stands them in good stead. 
JIany of them will find it necessary to elevate the standard of music 
in their churches. Many will be called upon to train their church 
choir. If an organ is to be installed, the pastor will naturally be 
on this committee to plan it and select the firm to build it. He 
will find it necessary to help arrange programs for church con- 
certs and the musical part of Young People's entertainments, and 
in many other ways will he be able to make good use of his musical 
knowledge and ability. 

Our institution is endeavoring to prepare its students for such 
work. All are expected to learn to play the piano and the reed or- 

gan. If they are sufficiently advanced in the senior year of tlio 
Academy, they will receive instructions on the pipe organ. All 
take part in the vocal instructions given in the first and second 
years of the Academy, and are expected to sing in the chorus, con- 
sisting of third and fourth year Academy and first and second year 
college students. Anthems are sung at the services in the local 
church, and part songs and cantatas are rehearsed for the annual 
spring concert. In this Jubilee Year a special effort has been made 
in this direction, the cantata ''The Voyage of Columbus" by Dudley 
Buck having been" learned and successfully sung at the concert on 
April 12th. An orchestra of about twenty pieces also takes part in 
these events, and a brass band furnishes the music at the annual 
outdoor festival, and renders many a program in the open. 

The college owns and puts at the disposal of the students for 
IM'actice purposes twelve pianos, five reed organs, two pipe organs, 
a set of band instruments, and some of the instruments used in 
the orchestra. 

Music answers a twofold purpose here. It makes life more in- 
teresting and enjoyable for our students at Elmhurst, and gives 
them part of their equipment for their profession. 


College Orchestra 

Left to Right — William Miller. Paul Reichert, Orville Brummer. Fred Krueger, Arnold Koch, Gottlob Seybold, Charles Binder, Theodore Lapp, 
Rudolph Brink. Ortwin Schaumburg. Reuben Bareis. Paul Blaufuss, Telfair Boesch. Harold Freund, Arthur Reiss, Theophil Menzel. Julius Kallenbach, 
Vernon Schiek. Henry Damm, Arthur Koring. Henry Warber. Prof. C. G. Stanger, Director. 


1. Chemical Laboratory — 2. Physical Laboratory — 3. Botanical Laboratory 


Mathematics and Science 

Mathematics and Science have, to a certain extent, Joined the 
''Forward Movement." As yet they have not advanced far beyond 
the courses given in the Academy. However, a short time ago these 
subjects had scarcely advanced beyond the work of the eighth grade. 
So there has been a "Forward Movement." 

This change is in the right direction, it is real progress. It 
is a serious mistake to call the amount of mathematics and science 
taught in Elmhurst at present "much mathematics and science." 
A minister certainly needs a broad education, a sympathetic under- 
standing of the marvellous achievements of science in our modern 
times. It has done so much for the betterment of mankind that 
this age is beginning to think there is no need for a spiritual force. 
We are said to live in a materialistic age. Our young men must 
be trained so that they can explain these material forces as God's 
laws. They must be able to show there is no real conflict between 
science and religion. How can they do that if their knowledge of 
science is extremely limited? Is not a study of the material world, 
God's handiwork, worthy of the theological student? To under- 
stand how the rays of light have been separated in producing a 
beautiful sunset; to be familiar with the biological laws that pro- 
duce the delicious apple or the fragrant rose; to Icnow something 
of the laws by which God holds the infinite heavenly bodies in their 
course; or to know how the mountain and the valley are made, is 
not sacrilegious. No study except that of the Bible, God's word, 
can compare with the study of science in its ability to reveal the 
infinite power and love of God. 

May the Department of Science enter the Forward Movement 
with more vigor the next fifty years than it has done in the past. 


New Chapel in Irion Hall, Fi 




2. Library Staff — 3. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet — 4. Officers of Schiller Society — 5. Orpheus 

1. Football Squad — 2. Basket Ball Team — 3. Soccer Team — 4. Base Ball Team ~ 5. Track Team — 6. Lawn Tennis Team 



Xot many years ago athletiis were looked upon as a side issue 
and in many cases as a liiudrauce by some schools, and for this 
reason were prohibited by a great number of schools thruout the 
country. Times have changed since then, and now we find ath- 
letics looked upon as a necessity by the great majority of schools, 
many of them nuiking athletics a part of the regular curriculum. 
But why this great change in the viewpoint concerning athletics? 
Simply because it has been found that athletics serve a very good 
purpose in school life. Athletics develop sound, strong, healthy 
bodies in the students and keep them so. They increase the effi- 
cienc}' of the student in the class-room, for if the body is sound 
and healthy the mind will work so much clearer and faster. And, 
last but not least, athletics play a great part in the building of 
character. They develop those characteristics in the youth which 
are .so neces.sary to the man in later life, among which are the fol- 
lowing: close observation, quick, accurate thinking and acting, self- 
control, courage and determination, a sense of fairness and consid- 
eration for the next man, even tho he may be an opponent or rival. 

There has always bCen athletics of some kind at Elnihurst, as 
there necessarily must be in any institution where so many healthy 
and active voung men live together as one large family. Still ath- 
letics were restricted to interclass games or just games among the 
students them.selves. Xo contests with teams from other schools 
in the vicinity were held. In the year 1902, however, a number of 
the students, after having obtained permission from the proper au- 
thorities, organized the .Mhlotic Association of Elnihurst College. 
By means of animal dues from each member the necessary funds 
with which to purchase the necessary paraphernalia and outfits for 
the different sports were raised. From this time on games and con- 
tests have been held with teams from other schools in the vicinity. 
.\t the time the a.ssociation was organized only three branches of 


Board of Directors Athletic Association 

athletics were represented at Elnihurst, namely soccer football, 
liaseball, and track and field events. From time to time new sports 
were added so that now there are, besides those named above, bas- 
ketliall, rugby and tennis. Elnihurst has a fine record in all 
branches of athletics. Altho a comparatively small school and only 
an Academy and Junior College, Elnihurst is scheduling and hold- 
ing contests in all branches of athletics with many of the full- 
fledged colleges anil univorsities in the vicinity, and is making a 
good showing. 

\n attempt is made to get every student to take part in some 
form of athletics thru interclass games and games among the stu- 
dents themselves. Besides this, however, there are regular gym- 
nasium classes in which every student must take part unless the 
JKiuse physician to the contrary. In these classes the stu- 
dents :irc drilled in marching, calestlienics, exercises with the in- 
diaii chil)s. cliiiiib liells. wands and on the different apparatus, par- 
allel bars, hori/.iinlal bar, horse and buck, ladder, and living rings. 

Supt. and Mrs. Gernand 

. " -T(fnmTi?ririii 

Entrance to College Campus 


1. Chief Engineer, Oscar Irion — 2. Campus, Elmhurst College, Elmhursl, 

3. The Baker — 4. The Janitor — 5. The Fireman 


1. Campus, Looking South. - 2. The Youngest Member of the College Family, Dorothy Louise Schiek - 3. Initiation of Freshmen - 4. Uwn Tennis Courts 
PAGE THIRTY-SIX ^' ^^^ ^*" ^'^'^'''^^ ~ ^- ^^^ "^^"«'' Halves" of the Professors 

I. A popular Winter Sport — 2. The House Physician Dr. E. Marquardt and President Schiek — 3. The Freshmen Parade 
4. After the Fire June 1920 — 5. On the Gridiron 


1. Waiters — 2. The Faculty after a Ball Game — 3. Pie — 4. Reunion of the "Mobchiane." 1920 - 5. Pole Vaulting 


H. Gerdes, Treasurer Women's Ai 
4. Mrs. J 

E. Schi 

- 2. Mrs. H. J. Schiek, 
ale, Secretary Women's Ai 

President Women' 

Woman's Auxiliary 

The Elmhurst Academy and Junior College has taken a great "For- 
ward Step" in welcoming into its midst the cooperation of women to 
assist in promoting the welfare of the institution. 

The Woman's Auxiliary was organized Jan. 4, 1920, and consists 
of active and passive individual members, contributing $1.00 per year 
as annual dues: also organized Bible classes and Ladies' Aid Societies, 
contributing .$10.00 as annual dues. 

The Elmhurst women and those who can conveniently reach the 
institution meet the last Thursday of the month lor the purpose of 

Auxiliary — 3. Mrs. D. Irion, Vice-President Women's Auxiliary 
— 5. Elmhurst Section of Women's Auxiliary 

household sewing, mending garments for students, and performing 
such deeds of helpfulness which the House Committee may have in 
store tor them. 

The membership of the Auxiliary after 15 months of existence to- 
tals 80 women's societies and 312 individual members. Membership 
dues and all other donations are used to the best advantage in con- 
tributing toward a bright, cheerful and dignified home atmosphere, 
and also providing occasional social functions. 

The officers are as follows: President, Mrs. H. J. Schiek: Vice- 
President, Mrs. Daniel Irion: Secretary, Mrs. J. E. Schmale: Treas- 
urer, Mrs. P. Gerdes. 



A School of Principles and Methods 


for Sunday School Teachers and Officers 

Class procession — Commencement Day 


Iiui-iii,u' tile ten ilays in .Inly onc-h year the beantil'nl Elm- 
nist College gronnds eniild welcome uo happier group of people 
I mil is brought there by the Training School for Sunday School 
\\'iirl<ers. Bring to this place, which college boys inhabit from 
S('|itenilier until June, from three to ioxir hundred Sunday school 
Workers, full of enthusiasm and life and alive to God's call to serv- 
ice, with consecrated men and women to train them, and you have 

to Evangelical Sunday School Work 

One of the greatest proljleius which confronts the local church 
today is that of trained teachers and leaders in the Sunday school. 
It is an increasing problem because of the wonderfully growing 
recognition of the opportunity and duty of Sunday school teachers. 
The pastors and Sunday school superintendents are few who arc 
not looking for more and better teachers. 

Eecognizing this need for trained Sunda}" school workers and 
to meet the constantly increasing demand for efficient teachers, the 
Board of Sunday Schools established the Elniluirst Summer Train- 
ing School. 

Xo Summer School for Sunday school workers can be a suc- 
cess without adequate buildings and cquipiuent. This has been 
so liljcrally supplied l)y Elmhurst College, with its spacious campus. 
its lecture halls, dormitories and dining hall. It would be difficult 
to find a more beautiful and better equipped home for the E. S. 
T. S. 

This has been the unique contribution toward the training 
of Sunday school workers made by the college each summer since 

"Jlav her name be ever glorious !" 



"How dear to «iur heart? are the .•ieeiies around Elmhurst, when fond recollections present them to view. 

College Flag Pole 

Prescnlwl by KImhurat Summer Training School 
atudenu of (he years 1915. 1916. 1917 and 1918. 

Tlui.-; saiifT tlie Elniliursl Snniriiri- 'rrniiiin^' 
scliool stmleiits of the suiniiR'i- ol' r.H."). IDIC and 
1!)1T. In their niemorv slie stood, dear old Elin- 
luirst Collejre, witli the familiar frymiiasium, its 
dormitories and the great dining liall. No one 
ever forgot tlie beautiful eami)us. the whispering 
Elm and the big council (ire. And yet, something 
was missing which E. 8. T. S. enthusiasm was 
ready to supply. 

"Why not present the College with a real 
flag pole from which 'Old (ilory' might daily 
wave?" — someone said. "Old Glory hasn't a real 
chance at Elmhurst. It is true there is something 
like a flag pole on the administration building, 
linl iliat doesn't do justice to Elmhurst College." 

Hardly was the thought expressed and a let- 
ter mailed by the Sunday School Board (o former 
E. S. T. S. students and the beautiful gift of the 
eighty-five foot steel flag pole was made. During 
the Summer School .session of 1018 it was erected 
and with impressive ceremony dedicated and jire- 
.sented to the College. At the base of the pole 
there were placed, sealed in a metal tube, the 
names of the 21!) donors. 

Those who participalcd in tli,. dedicatory 
ceremony were : 

Rev. Paul Pfeifter, Dean Elmhurst Summer 

Tiaining .School 
Rev. D. Irion, D. D.. Pies. Em.. Elmhurst Col- 
Rev. Theo. Mayer, Secretary Elmhurst Sum- 
mer Training School 
Rev. R. Niebuhr, Secretary War Welfare Corn- 
Rev. F. R. Daries, Camp Pastor at Camp Tay- 

Rev. R. H. Keller. Camp Pastor at Camp Grant 
Rev. L. Suedmeyer. E. S. T. S. Bugler 
Capt. Eugene Mayer. Master of Ceremonies 
Two Boy Scouts 

The Flag Pole 

The pole is eighty-five feet high. 
Dedicated and first flag hoisted, July 

presenting names of 219 E. S. 
ntributors, donors of flag pole, 
for insertion into pole. 

List of Alumni 1871-1921 

Exclusive of this year's graduates. 
Arranged according to professions and occupations. 

Students '3 

Ministers li^^ 

Teachers and Organists I'i8 

Instructoi-s and Prol'i'ssm-s 1!"! 

College Presidents 3 

President General 1 

Doctors ■-> 

Biisiness nu'ii 1'"^ 

IT S. Service ■! 

Missionaries "' 

Lawyers 4 

Journalists 3 

Pharmacists ^ 

Superintendents of Inslitutinns 3 

Engineers 9 

Artists 3 

Other occupations G~l 


Deceased l''"'^ 

Total l.SSr 


List of Alumni 1871 — 1921 

shows year graduated. 
•V time spent at Elmhurst. 

Single date after name 
Two dates after name sho 

Abele. Rev. Adolf. (1913) 

EUiston. Ohio. 
Abele. Eniil, (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 
Abele. Rev. F.. (1908) 

Milford. Neb. 
Adomeit. Hugo. (1899-1900) 

Chicago. 111. 
Agricola. Rev. E. R. O.. (1902) 

Chesterfield. .Mo. 
Agricola. Moritz. (1896-1898) 

Bern. Mo. 
Ahrens. Herman C. (1920) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Alber, Rev. W. H., (1890) 

Jackson, Mich. 
Albers. Gerhard. (1S7G-1S771 

Monee. 111. 
Alberswerth. Rev. A.. (1911) 

Owensville. Mo. 
Albert. Rev. E. G.. (1889) 

Pasadena. Cal. 
Albert. Rev. Phillipp. (1889) 

( Deot-ased ) . 
Albert. Teacher Theo.. (1896) 

Spokane. Wash. 
Albrccht. Martin. (1918) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
.\lbrecht. Rev. S,. (1915) 

Har.sle.v. Iowa. 
Aldinger. Theodore. (1881-1882) 

Pomero>', Ohio. 
Aldinger. Rev. Theo.. (1912) 

Liberty. Neb. 
Aleck. Adolf. (1918) 

.Mlardl. Louis. (1879-1881) 

DeerfleUI. 111. 
Alt. Walter R, (19ir,-1916) 

Buffalo. N. Y. 
Althoff. Albert. (1891-1892) 

Concordia. Mo. 
Althoff. Henry. (1874-187.i) 

Freeport, 111. 
Althoff. Otto. (1911-1913) 

Bottkins. Ohio. 
Altus. W. Waller (1911-1912) 

LeRoy. Texas. 
Alvermann. Wm. H.. (1879-18S0) 

Westfleld. Wis. 
Anderes. Fr., (1883-1884) 

Summerfleld 111. 
Andres. Obed.. (1895-1896) 

Henderson. Ky. 
Andrae. Gottlieb. (1873) 

Apel. Teacher John. (1894) 

Apitz. Fred. (1913-1914) 

Baltimore. Md. 


Apitz. Robert, (1912-l!iHi) 

Chicago. 111. 
-Vppel. Teacher George. (1S74) 

.\ppel. John. Ph.. (1897) 

( Deceased ) . 
.\rends. Benjamin. (1899-1903) 

Ackley. Iowa. 
Arends. Rev. Edwin. (1900-1901) 

Le Sueur, Minn. 
Arends. Grover, (1911-1913) 

Alexander, Iowa. 
Arends. John. (1896-1897) 

Alexander, Iowa. 
.\rlt, Gustave. (1911) 

Koblenz, Germany. 
Arlt, Erich. (lillO-1911) 

Koblenz. Germany. 
Arndt. Teacher Frank, (1S9S) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Arnold. George W., (1918-1919) 

Buffalo, N. r. 
.\s.imann. Rev. Theo., (1907) 

.\ufdei-haar. Rev. Wm.. (1893-1896) 

Minier. 111. 
Aulenbach. Carl. (1879-18S1) 

Woodsfield. Ohio. 
Auler. Rev, H.. (1915) 

Hondui-as. C. A. 
Baas. Michael. (1920) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Bachmann. Rev, A. W.. (1876) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Bahnsen. Rev. A., (1914) 

Richmond. Cal. 
Bahnsen. Rev. H. T., (1899) 

St. Louis. .Mo. 
Balke. Carl. (1911-1912) 

Cogar. Okla. 
Balmann. Friedr,. (1893-1894) 

Louisville. Ky. 
Baltzer. Rev. Adolph. (1881) 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Baltzer, Armin, (1912-1913) 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Baltzer, Rev, D,, (1910) 

Houston, Tex. 
Baltzer. Rev. Eugene. (1910) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Baltzer. Rev. F., (1878) 

Nashville, III. 
Baltzer. Rev. John. (1878) 

(Pres., Ev. Svnod) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Baltzer. Rev. Otto. (1889) 

( Deceased ) . 

Bamberger. Valentine, (1SS9-1S90) 

Huntingburg. Ind, 
Banzhaf. Fred. (1911-1913) 

Marshalltown. Iowa, 
Bartels. Rev. Waldo. (1914) 

Louisville. Ky. 
Barth. Rev. Chr.. (1895) 

Hampton. Iowa. 
Barth. Rev. H. L,. (1898) 

Kewaskum, Wis. 
Barton. Rev. J,. (1907) 

West. Texas. 
Bast. Rev. Wm,, (1902) 

Bathe, Otto. (1890-1891) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Batz. Rev. W., (1883) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Bauer. Prof. Carl. (1885) 

Elmhurst, 111. 
Bauernfeind. Wm,. (1895-1896) 

Elkhart Lake. Wis. 
Baum, Ernst. (1S91-1S94) 

Carthage. Ohio. 
Baumann. Rev. Carl F,. (1884) 

Aurora, 111. 
Baumann. Rev. W.. (1913) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Baur. Rev. Th.. (1907) 

New Baden. Ill, 
Baur, Prof. Wm., (1886) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Bechtold. Herbert F.. (1918-1920) 

Cappeln. Mo. 
Bechtold. Rev. W.. (1898) 

Kahoka. Mo. 
Beckei-. Rev. A. H.. (1876) 

New Orleans. La. 
Becker. .-Vlexander T.. (1S81-1S83) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Becker, Rev. E. J.. (1905) 

Duluth. Minn. 
Becker. Ernst. G.. (1906-1907) 

Marthasville. Mo, 
Becker. George H.. (1910-1911) 

Louisville. Kv, 
Becker. Rev. H.. (1903) 

Ellinwood. Kan. 
Becker, Henry, (1S79-1SS0) 

Carrolton, Iowa, 
Becker. Val.. (18S7-15S8) 

( Deceased ) . 
Beckmann. William. (1903-1904) 

Alhambra. Ill, 
Beckmeyer. Teacher Ed., (190.^) 

Washington. Mo. 
Beckmeyer, Fred G.. (1892-1893) 

Hoyleton. 111. 

Beckmeyer. Gustave. (1905-1906) 

Hoyleton. 111. 
Beckmeyer. Paul. (1906-190S) 

Irvington. 111. 
Beckmeyer. Rev. Th.. (1901) 

Frostburg. Md. 
Beckmeyer. William. (1899-1900) 


Begemann, Friedr, W,. (1873-1874) 

Freelandville. Ind, 
Behrens. Gustav.. (1919) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Beier. Rev, E,. (1898) 

Carlyle. Ill, 
Beineke, WiUiam, (1885-1888) 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Beissenherz, Rev. Edwin. (1909) 

Jamestown. Mo. 
Bek, Teacher C. (1893) 

Chicago. 111. 
Bek, Theophil. (1875-1577) 

Se^vard, Neb, 
Bellebaum, L,. (1887-1888) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Benkendoerfer. Rev. C, Em.. (1901) 

Electra. Texas, 
Benkendoefer. Teacher Fr., (1898) 
Benthin, Rev. Paul A.. (1905) 

Donnellson. Iowa. 
Berbaum, William. (1896-1898) 

Wausau, Wis. 
Berens. H.. (1902) 

(Instructor Austin H. S. ) 

Chicago. 111. 
Berens. Reinhard. (1902-1904) 

Cleveland. Ohio. 
Berg. Teacher Ernst. (1886) 

Michigan City. Ind. 
Bei-gmann. Rev. A,, (1896-1897) 

Bergmann. William, (1884-1885) 

Freeport, 111. 
Bergstraesser. Rev. E., (1912) 

Enid. Okla. 
Berke, Teacher A.. (1893) 

Chicago. 111. 
Berkenheyer. Bernhard. (1881-1882) 

Minonk, 111. 
Berlekamp, Rev. E. W.. (1904-1907) 

Wichita. Kan. 
Berlekamp. George. (1892-1893) 

St. Charles. Mo, 
Berlekamp, John L,. (1887-1888) 

St. Charles. Mo. 
Berlekamp. Rev. Th.. (1909) 

Nebraska Citv, Neb. 
Berndt. Arthur. (1913-1914) 

Ripon. Wis, 

Berndt, Wm., D. D. S., 


Bode, Rev. H.. 

(ISSl ) 

Braun, Rev. J. J.. 

( 190 1 ) 

Broekelmever, Teacher 

W.. (1897) 

Menononiee Falls, 


St. Louis, Mo. 

Telluride, Col. 

Broeland. William. 


Berner, Gottfried, 


Bode, Rev. Theo., 


Braun, Rev. Theodore, 

(1890 1 

S.llf ■L.Av \ 


( Deceased ) . 

Buffalo. N. Y. 

St. Louis. Mo. 

Bronniiik mi \ ,ii, 


Beutler, Rev. R, 


Bodmer, Isaak I., 


Braun. Rev. Theo.. 


Detroit. Mich. 

Strassburg, Ohio. 

Bolivar, Ohio. 

Bronn.ii'i' . ' - ' , I 

( 1898-1899 ) 

Beutler, Rev. Rob., 


Boeker, Rev. L., 


Bredehoeft, Rev. H., 


T. II i ■;!■, , Irnl. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Pleasant Hill, 111. 

CollinsviUe, 111. 

Bruckniann. .\lbcn. 


Bettex, Rev. E., 

(ISSB 1 

Boettcher, Teacher F.. 


Breisacher. William, 


Elgin, 111. 

Idalia, Col. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Hoyleton, 111. 

Brueckner, Harry, 

rinnc-i 9117 1 

Bickel, Nicholas, 


Bofinger, Carl, 

( 1SS2-1SS3) 

Breitenbach, Teacher H 


Hallowavville, 1 1 

Femme Osage. M 

Michigan City. Ind. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bruning, Rev. David, 


Bierbauni, Armln, 


Bohle, William, 


Breitenbach, Rev. H. L. 


Baltimore, Md. 

Cecil, Wis. 

St. Louis, Mo. 


Bruning. David, 


Bierbauni, Rev. Herni., 

(lS9M-lS9:i 1 

Bohn. Rev. A.. 


Elmhurst College 

. Elmhurst. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Bloomington, 111. 

Uohn, Theodore 



Bruhn, Fred R., 


Bierbauni. Rev. Jonathan, (lOln 1 

Muskegon, Mich, 

Breitenbach. Rev. Wm., 


Evanston, 111 

Lexington. Mo. 

r.olhoefner, Gottlob. 


Chicago. 111. 

Brune, Rev. G., 


Bierbauni. Rev. Paul, 

(189S-1SI)9 1 

Zoellenbeck. Gern 


Brenion, Rev. E., 


Reading, Ohio 

( Deceased ) . 

Bollens, H.. 


Andrews, Ind. 

Brune, Gustave. 


Bierbauni, Raymond F.. 


Chicago, 111. 

Biethauer, Rev. H.. 


Independence .M 

Blooniington, III. 

Bollens, Rev. J., 


San Antonio, Tex; 

Bninn. William .!., 

' (1916-1917) 

Bierbauni, Rev. T. F., 


Chicago, 111. 

Bi-etz, August. 


Omaha. Neb. 

Elgin, 111. 

Bombard, Rev. William 

(1891 ) 

Huntingburg, Ind. 

Buchmueller, Rev. D., 


Birk, Wm. O., 


Sharpsburg, Sta. 


Bretz, Rev. D., 


Trenton, 111. 

Portsmouth, Ohio 


Evansville, Ind. 

Buchmueller. Hev. P., 


Birnstengel, Rev. L., 


Booch, Rev. H.. 

' (1891 1 

Bretz, George P., 


Minonk, 111. 

Pocahontas, 111. 

Borchers, Walter, 


St. Anthony, Ind. 

Buchmueller, Samuel, 


Bisping, Rev. A. H., 


l;l,M kiMiin. Mo. 

Bretz, Hubert, 


St. Louis, Mo. 

Keokuk, la. 

Boi-i;. J.liiiL , W ,11,'r. 


Huntingburg, Ind 

Buck. John, 


Bittner, Rev. S., 


1. -Mill. Kn". 

Bi-etz, Rev. William, 


Hoyleton, 111. 

Bolivar, Ohio. 

BorsiiiiTin, '-.111 II,, 


Columbus, Ohio. 

Buck. Teachei- J.. 


Bizer, Armin, 


Cappeln. .\lo. 

Breuhaus, Julius. 


Buehr-ig-. Adolph. 


Eden Seni., St. Louis, Jlo. 

Borgwardt, Teachei- F., 

(1893 ) 

Elmhurst, 111. 

Columbia. III. 

Bizer, Rev. C, 



Breuhaus, Rev. O. W.. 


Buelow. Harry. 

( 1917-1918) 

Dayton, Ohio. 

Bottin, Otto. 


Lowell. Ohio. 

Chicago. 111. 

Bizer, Rev. E., 


Pekin. 111. 

Briesemeister, Rev. P., 


Buerkle, -August, 


Lake Zurich, 111. 

Bourquin. Edward. 


Columbia. Pa. 

Ackley. Iowa. 

Bizer, Rev. Julius W., 


Kasson. Ind. 

Biill. Emil, 


Buescher. Rev. Job., 


Colby, Wis. 

Dourquin, Rev. P.. 


Austin. 111. 

Burlington, la. 

Elankenhahn. Teacher A\ 

m., (1S76) 

Rlvrin, Ohi". 

Blink, Rev. E. C. 


Buescher, O. W., 

(1910-1911 ) 

Chicago, 111. 

BoUMinin. H,-, W.. 

(1896 ) 

Welden Springs. JIo. 

Hartsburgh, Mo. 

Blasberg, Rev. D., 


l;rM,,klM,, .\. Y. 

Blink. Rev. G., 


Buettner, Frank, 

(1882-1883 1 

Owensboro, Ky. 

Crakrn.<i. k, i';,i 1. 

(inOli-1907 ) 

Waterloo, III. 

Mendota, 111. 

Blautuss, Rev. Phil., 


I'appuln. .Mo. 

Brink, Teacher L., 


Buettner. Henrv. 


Denver, Iowa. 

Biandstaedtner. Herm.. 


Hoyleton. 111. 

Burk.sville, III. 

Block, Edw. F., 

(187S-1S79 1 

Mokena, 111. 

Brink. Rev. Paul. 


Buls. Fred W.. 


( Deceased ) . 

Bratzel. Rev. E., 


Hardtner. Kan. 

( Ilecea.sed). 

Block, Otto, 

(1910-1911 ) 

Arenida de Belgida, Havana, 

Britzius. Carl. 


Bunge, Gus., Attorney, 


Bruceville, Texas. 


Newburg. Ind. 

Downers Grove, 


Bloesch, Edw.. 


Bratzel, Rev. G., 


Britzius. Gustave R.. 


Bunge, Rev. J., 



Lancaster, AVis. 

Newburg. Ind. 

Granada, Minn. 

Bloesch, Herbert, 


Bratzel, Rev. P. T.. 


Britzius. John C. 


Bunge, Martin, 


Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Milwaukee. Wis. 

Newburg. Ind. 

Eitzen, Minn. 

Blumberg, William, 


Braumueller. Henry. 


Brockmeier. Gustave. 


Bunge. Paul. 


Edwardsville, 111. 

Chicago, 111. 

Okawville. 111. 

Eitzen. Minn. 

Blume, Fr.. 


Braun, Henry C. 


Brodt. Rev. Herbert. 


Bunge. Rev. ^^'.. 


Elmhurst, 111. 


Chicago, 111. 

Rochester. Minn. 

Bock, Rev. A., 


Braun, Teacher C, 


Brodt. Hugo. 


Burl, George. 


Arthur, 111. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Elmhurst. III. 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Bockstruck, Rev. A., 


Braun, Rev. Fr., 


Brodt. Leonard. 


Burkhardt. Rev. J. J., 


De Soto, Mo. 

Belleville, III. 

( Deceased ) . 

Baltimore, Md. 

Bode. Rev. Gottfried, 


Braun, Julius, 


Brodt. Lothar W.. 


Burkhardt. John. 


Plymouth. Neb. 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Elmhurst. 111. 

( Deceased ) . 


Buschniann. Armin, 

Belleville. 111. 
Buschmann. Rev. F. J.. 

Edwaldsville. 111. 
Buschmann. Frank. 

Bdward.sville. 111. 
Caldemeyer. Emil. 

Holland. In.l. 
Caldeme> ei-. Rev. S.. 

Shelbyville. Ind. 
Canteen. P.. 

Buffalo. N. y. 
Chr-istiansen, Rev. Chr.. 

( Deceased). 
Christiansen. Rev. J.. 

Clemen. Carl. 

Detroit. Mich. 
Conitz. Leopold. 

Wanatah. Ind. 
Conrad, Benjamin. 

Elkhart. Wis. 
Cramm. Carl. M. U.. 

Fulda. Ind. 
Cramm, Rev. W., 

Dubois, Ind. 
Crusius. Rev. C. 

Chicago, 111. 
CT'Usius, Rev. E., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Crusius, Helmut, 

Eden Sem.. St. Loi 
Daehler. Rev. Emil. 

( Deceased ). 
Dallmann, Rev. H. C. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
Dallmann, \V., 

Eden Sem.. St. Loi 
Dallmeyer, Wilfred, 

Burton, Texas. 
Dammann, Rev. M., 

Marshalltown, low 
Daries, Rev. Fred R.. 

Indianapolis. Ind. 
Daries. Rev. F. , 

Mt. Vernon. Ind. 
Daudermann. Ervin. 

Alhambra. 111. 
Daum. Adam J., 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Daume, .lohn W.. 

Jackson. Mo. 
David. Rev. P.. 

Brookflelrt, Wis. 
Davis, Rev. M.. 

Bisrampur, C. P.. 
Decker, Rev. C, 

Marietta. O. 
Denkhaus, Math., 

.lustus. Ohio. 
Deschler, August, 
Detering. Fr.. 

Plum Hill, 111. 



Deters. Ewald, 

EJtzen, Minn. 



Deters. Rev. H., 

( Deceased ) . 


(1899-llKll ) 

Dettbarn, Rev. Ernst, 
Baltimore, Md. 


1 ISliT-ltllH) 

Deuschle, Rev. Fr., 
Beaufort, Mo. 



Dewall, George D., 

Black Creek, Wis, 



Dexheimor, Rev. C, 

Granite Citv. III. 


(1SS1-1SS3 1 

Dickniann, Fred. 
Chicago. 111. 



Dlckmann. Rev. W.. 
Seneca. Kan. 



Dickmann. Rev. W., 

Kingfisher. Okla. 



Dierking. Christian E.. 
Bensenville. 111. 



Dieterle. Rev. J., 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 



Dietze, Alfred, 


Eden Sem., St. Lo 

uis. Mo. 


Digel, Rev. J., 

Massillon, Ohio. 



Dinkmeier. Teacher Fr., 
St. Charles. Mo. 



Dinkmeier. Rev. H., 
Chicago. 111. 



Dinkmeier. Rev. John H 


Jis. Mo. 

St. Charles, Mo. 


Dippel C. 


Dircks, Fred, 




Dittmann. Teacher J. P. 



Doehring, Teacher S., 


.lis. Mn. 

Chicago, 111. 


Doellefeld. C, 

Chicago, 111. 



Doellefeld, Rev. F., 

Stillwater, Minn. 



DoeT-nenburg. Rev. C, 
Caseyville, 111. 



Dorjahn, Rev. J. H., 
Dolton, 111. 



Dorjahn. John, 

Dolton, 111. 



Dorn. Rev. Wm. Hugo. 


Douma, Meinhardt, 


1 1908-1910 ) 

Ontarioville, 111. 

Drees, Rev. Fr.. 


(190 4) 

( Deceased). 

Drees. Rev. H., 



St. Louis, Mo. 

E. India. 

Drees, William, 




Dresel, Albert, M. D., 



Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Dresel, Rev. W. N., 



Evansville, Ind. 


Drewel, Henry G., 

Wellington, Mo. 


Drewelow, William, 


Palatine, 111. 

Drott, Henry, 


New Orleans, La. 

Drott, William, 


New Orleans, La. 

Due, Teacher E.. 


St. Louis, Mo. 

Due. Theodore. 

(1901 ) 

Duecker, Rev. O., 


St. Louis, Mo. 

Duensing. Rev. George. 


Tilden. Neb. 

Duerr, Berthold, 


Eudora, Kan. 

Durup de Dombal, H.. 


Bombay. East India. 

Durup de Dombal. J.. 


Bombay. East Ind 


Duval, Rev. George. 


St. Louis, Mo. 

Dyck, Rev. P., 


Lowden, Iowa. 

Eberbach, H. J., 


Pomeroy, Ohio. 

Echelmeyer, Rev. Wm. 


Los Angeles, Cal. 

Eckholdt, Teacher J., 


St. Louis. Mo. 

Eggen. Rev. F.. 


Troy, 111. 

Egger, Rev. S., 


Rockford, Ohio. 

Egger, Rev. Theo. C, 



Egli. Rev. Armin. 


Truman, Minn. 

Egli, Rev. Adolf, 


Amhurst, Ohio, 

Egli, Rev. Oscar., 


Taborton, N. T. 

Ehlers, John, 


Linwood, Mo. 

Ehrhard, Rev. G., 


Cincinnati, O. 

Eidmann, H.. (Banker), 


Chicago, 111. 

Eilers. Rev. E., 


Shermerville, 111. 

Eilts, Rev. E. H.. 


St. Louis, Mo. 

Eisen, Rev. Th.. 


Sandusky, Ohio. 

Eisinger, Rev. J.. 


Vallejo, Cal. 

Eitermann. Franz. 


Chicago, 111. 

Eller, Rev. C 


Lorton, Neb. 

Ellerbrake. Rev. J., 


Arlington Heights, 

, 111. 

Ellerbrock, Teacher J., 


Quincy, 111. 

EUerbusch. Teacher H., 

Quincy, 111. 
Emigholz, Rev. C, (1892) 

Lamar, Ind. 
Emigholz, Wilson, (1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Enders, Rev. C. (1904) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Engelbrecht, Arthur, (1918) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Engelbrecht, Glenward, (1917-1920) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Engler. Otto H., (1900-1901) 

Lester Prairie, Minn. 
Enke, Herman C, (1901-1903) 

Bem, Mo. 
Eppens. Rev. E.. (1893) 

Ernst, Rev. A., (1902) 

Webster Groves, Mo. 
Ernst, Rev. J. L., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Erzkus, Oscar R., 

Buffalo, N. T. 
Esser, Walter, 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Esser, Rev. Wr 












Ewald, Fred, 

Chicago, 111. 
Ewald, Martin C. E., 

Chicago. 111. 
Eyrich, Rev. George S 

Minnesota Lake 
Eyrich. H., 

Le Seuer, Minn. 
Fandre, Fred, 

Wausau, Wis. 
Fandre, Gustave, 

Wausau, Wis. 
Fauth, Rev. C, 

Clarence, Iowa. 
Fehsenfeld, Teacher H., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Feierabend, Rev. H.. 

Mahasamudra, India. 
Fell, Hans, (1896-1899) 

Chicago, 111. 
Feil, Joseph, (1881) 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Feix. Rev. Henry. (1874-1876) 

Cannelton. Ind. 
Feld, Teacher J., (18861 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Feldkamp, Joseph, (1917-1918) 

Manchester, Mich. 
Feldmann. Rev. C, (1879) 

Fetzer, Theodore W., (1918-1919) 

Attica, N. T. 
Fiedler. Rev. R., (1908) 

Chicago, 111. 
Fink. Rev. Jacob J., (1873) 


Fillbrandt. Rev. R. R.. Ph. D., (1907) 

Huntingrburg, Ind. 
Fischer. Alfred, (1899-1901) 

(Instructor. Dept. of Physics). 

University of Chicago. Oii- 

cago. 111., Res.. Elmhurst. 111. 
Fischer. Rev. John. (1S8.5) 

Hartley, Iowa. 
Fischer. Paul, (1914-1916) 

Hartley, Iowa. 
Fischer, Rev. Th., (1900) 

Rochester, Pa. 
Fischer, Walter, M. D., (1892-1S94) 

Chicago, III. 
Fischer. Rev. W., (1892) 

Winside, Neb. 
Flach, Teacher W., (1891) 

Cannelton, Ind. 
Flasfoller, Henry, (lSSl-1882) 

New Orleans, La. 
Fleer. Rev. A., (1SS7) 

Chicago. III. 
Fleer, Rev. Armin, (1907) 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Fleer, George. (1896) 

Elgin, 111. 
Fleer. Rev. G. D., (1894) 

Kewanee, 111. 
Fleer, Herbert. F., (1906-1907) 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Fleer, Rev. H. H., (1875) 

( Deceased ) . 
Fleer, Rev. H. J.. (1883) 

( Deceased). 
Fleer, Rev. J. C, (1889) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fleer, Raymond F.. (1915-1916 1 

Kewanee, 111. 
Fletcher. Wellington. (190S-19111 

Flohr, Rev. O., (1916) 

Guide Rock. Neb. 
Flottman. Rev. J., (1895) 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Foeltz, Henry, (1908-1909) 

Hankinson, N. D. 
Foerster, John, (1889-1890) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Foerster, Oscar, (1903-1905) 

Washington, Mo. 
Folz, Edward, (1892-1893) 

Newburgh, Ind. 
Forler, Henry. (1892-1893) 

Niles, Mich. 
Foss, William, (1878-1879) 

Evansville. Ind. 
Fox, Rev. H., (1901) 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Frank, Ernst. (1912-1913) 

Harvey, 111. 
Frank. Henry, (1S78-1S79) 

Sandwich, III. 
Franke, Rev. A. C. (1914) 

Calumet. Iowa. 

Franke. Rev. C. (1890) 

Elkader, Iowa. 
Franke. Rev. Th. H., (1916) 

Junction Cit.y. Kan. 
Frankenfeld. Rev. F.. (1S97) 

Rochester. N. Y. 
Frankenfeld. Rev. J. W.. (1890 1 

Supt. Emmaus Asylum. 

St. Charles. Mo. 
Frankenfeld. Rev. P.. (1909) 

Rochester. N. T. 
Frankenfeld. William. (1896-1899) 

St. Charles. Mo. 
Freese. Rev. Ben., (1911) 

Greenview, 111. 
Freese, Herman. (1888-1889) 

Chicago. 111. 
Freiberg, A.. (Banker). (1906) 

New Albin, Iowa. 
Freudenreich, C, (1883-1884) 

Bremen. Germany. 
Freund. Rev. F. H., (1881) 

Portland, Ore. 
Freund. Rev. H. G.. (1894) 

Higginsville. Mo. 
Frev. Teacher George. (1880-1S83) 
Frey, John. (1877-1878) 

Henderson, Ky. 
Frevtag. Rev. C, (1893) 

Galena, 111. 
Frick, Herman. M. D., (1894-1895) 

Evansville. Ind. 
Frick. Theodore. (1890-1891) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Friedemeier. Rev. H., (1876) 

Marinette, Wis. 
Frigge, Rev. H., (1888) 

Fritzemeyer. Rev. W., (1889) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Friz, Rev. A.. (1915) 

Pinckneyville. 111. 
Friz. Rev. H., (1915) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Froemming, August, (1896-1897) 

Frohne. Gottlieb. (1908-1909) 

Holland. Ind. 
Frohne. Rev. J.. (1892) 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Frohne. Paul. (1916-1918) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Frohne, Rev. Th., (1894) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Frohne, Victor, (1920) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Fruechte. Rev. A., (1907) 

Chicago, 111. 
Fuehring, F., (1914) 

Instructor. High School. 

Evansville. Ind. 
Fuerst. David. (1873-1874) 

Kewanee, 111. 

Fuerst, William, (1890-1891) 

Kewanee, 111. 
Fuhrmann. Rev. Walter, (1903-1908) 

Bayonne, N. J. 
Gaare. H. C. C, (1907-1908) 

Palatine, 111. 
Gabelmann. Rev. Friedrich. (1891) 

Warren, Mich. 
Gabler, Rev. Ch.. (1893) 

Blackburn, Mo. 
Gabler. Paul G., (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Gabler. Theophil F., (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Gadow. Rev. Fr., (1886) 

California, Mo. 
Gaebe. Rev. Alb. B.. (1908) 

Monee, 111. 
Gaebe, Carl, (1873-1874) 

Addieville, III. 
Gaebe, Rev. J. W., (1898) 

Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 
Gauss. Louis, (1884-1885) 

Kreischerville, L. I. 
Gauss, Oscar, (1875-1876) 

Vausburg. Germany. 
Gebauer. Rev. Carl. (1889-1890) 

Sunman, Ind. 
Gebauer, Rev. Theo. C. (1882-1884) 

( Deceased ) . 
Gebauer. Theophil. (1891-1894) 

Sunman. Ind. 
Gebhardt. Rev. H.. (1914) 

Gresham. Oregon. 
Gehle. Rev. E.. (1903) 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Gehm. Rev. Paul, (1899) 

Piqua, Ohio. 
Gehrke. Rev. A., (1878) 

Detroit, Mich., (Deceased). 
Geib. Charles D.. (1918-1920) 

MiUersburg, Ohio. 
Geisler, Rev. Fr., (1916) 

Laramie, Wyo. 
Geith. Rev. C. (1891) 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 
Gemmer. Austin, (1903-1906) 

Bippus, Ind. 
Gemmer, Carl, (1900-1901) 

St. Joseph. Mo. 
Gemmer. Edwin, (1904) 

Chicago. 111. 
George. Rev. Jos. J., (1912) 

Chicago, 111. 
Gerdes. Teacher P., (1895) 

Elmhurst, 111. 
Gerhold, Rev. S.. (1898) 

Lincoln, III. 
Germann, William. (1912-1913) 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gernand, Arthur, (1920 1 

Elmhurst. 111. 
Gersch. Bernhard H., (1905-1906 1 

Chicago, 111. 

Gersch, Rudolf. 11904-1906) 

Chicago, III. 
Geske, W., (1917) 

McCormick Seminar.\'. 

Chicago, III. 
Gever, Adolf, (1874-187);) 

Gever, Julius, (1897 1 

Gierth. Carl Aug., (1882-1883) 

Lebnitz, Saxony, Germany. 
Giese, Teacher John C, (1885) 

Wausau, Wis. 
Gieselmann, W. Frederick. (1872) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Gille, Rob.. (191S-1919) 

Zanesville, Ohio. 
Gischel. Edmund C (1914-1915) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Glade. Rev. A., (1894) 

Chicago, 111. 
Glascow. Ernst. (1884-1886) 

Rochester, N. T. 
Glueck. Teacher Alb., (1886) 

Goebel. Rev. George W., (1887) 

Des Plaines, III. 
Goebel. Rev. J., (1887) 

Chicago. 111. 
Goebel, Rev. L., (1903) 

Chicago. 111. 
Goebel. Rev. Paul, (1916) 

Chicago, 111. 
Goebel, Theophil. (1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 
Goetz. Rev. August. (1884) 

Buffalo. N. Y. 
Goffeney, Rev. W., (1912) 

South Bend, Ind. 
Gosswiller, John, (1871-1872) 

Longgrove. 111. 
Grabowski. Adolf, (1910-1913) 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Grabowski. Rev. Paul. (1916) 

Albion, Mich. 
Graebedinkel. Rev. H. G.. (1884) 

Graeper. Rev. F. H., (1899) 

Annapolis, Md. 
Graeper. Rev. H., (1872) 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Graf. Rev. J. R., (1911) 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Graff. William. (1891-1894) 

Lincoln. Neb. 
Grau. August, (1880-1881) 

Chicago, III. 
Graue. Albert, (1876-1880) 

Elmhurst, 111. 
Grauer. Teacher A.. (1899) 

Cleveland. Ohio. 
Grauer, Rev. E.. (1891) 

Wausau. Wis. 
Grauer. Rev. C. L., (1903) 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Grauer. Gerhard. (1917-1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 


Grefe, Rev. H. F.. (1900) 

Louisville. Ky. 
Greimann. Teacher G.. (1S99) 

( Deceased ) . 
Grether. Edward. (1901-1902) 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Greve, Rev. C. (1901 ) 

( Deceased ) . 
Grieger. Herman. (1S73-1876) 

Medaryville, Ind. 
Groschau. Edward. (1S89-189U) 

Duluth. Minn. 
Groschau. Henry. (1S89-1S9II) 

Duluth. Minn. 
Grosche. Gustave O.. (1908-1909) 

Matteson. 111. 
Grotefeld. Rev. W.. (1887) 

Downers Grove. 111. 
Gruencke. Paul. (1897-1901) 

Owensboro. Ky. 
Gruetter. Rev. Alex. J.. (1904) 

Grunewald. Rev. R.. (1881) 

Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Grunewald. Rev. W.. (1907) 

Norwood. Ohio. 
Grusendorf, Edward. (1S82-1S83) 

Chicago, 111. 
Gubler. August. (1S9.5-1S99) 

Oquawka. 111. 
Gubler. Teacher O.. (1896) 

Detroit. Mich, 
iludex. Arthur. ( 19n.')-1906 ) 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Guebner. G.. (1S82-1883) 

Berber, Mo. 
Guehring. Arthur F. (1920) 

Eden Seni.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Guenther. Carl H.. (1891-189.T) 

Baltimore. Md.. 
Guenther. Frank, (1873-1874) 

Kewanee. 111. 
Guertler. Piosper. (1910-1911) 

Fort Worth. Texas. 
Gundert. Teacher. H.. (1884) 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Outh. Rev. W.. (1911 ) 

Haack. Rev. J., (1886) 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Haag. John G.. (1904-1905) 

( Deceased ) . 
Haas. August. (1892-1893) 

Chicago. 111. 
Haas. Rev. C. (1911) 

Irvington. N. J. 
Haas, Rev. C, (1883) 

Buffalo, N. T. 
Haas. Teacher F.. (1892) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Haas. Rev. H.. (191.i) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Haas, Rev. Th.. (1893) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Haaser. Jacob, (1881-1882) 

Manchester, Mich. 


Rev. C. G., (1908) 

Dunkirk, N. T. 
Haass, Rev. O., (1887) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Habecker, Max.. (1910-1912) 

St. Joseph. Mo. 
Hackemeier. Francis, (189.5-1S96) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Hackmann, Rev. William, (1880) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Haeberle. Armin, (1893) 

U. S. Consular Service. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Haeberle, Fr., M. D., (1880-1881) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Haetele, Rev. Theodore A.. (189.".) 

St. Louis, ilo. 
Haetemeyer, Frank. (1898-1901) 

Elgin. 111. 
Haefliger. Teacher Rudolf. (1874) 

Hannibal, Ohio. 
Haeker, William. (1890-1891) 

Warren, Mich. 
Haerdtle. John. (1883-1884) 

Hallowayville. 111. 
Haeussler. Rev. Armin. (1910) 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Haeussler, Bernhard, (1908-1909) 

Waverly, Iowa. 
Hagemann. Friedr. R., (1888-1893) 
Hagemann, John. (1889-1892) 

Bartlett. 111. 
Hagemann. Theophil, (1894-1896) 

Bartlett, 111. 
Hagen, Elmer, (1911-1912) 

Hagen. Harold. (1909) 

Hagen, Hugo, (1909) 

Hahn, Rev. Gottfried. (1910) 

Jersey City, N. J. 
Hahn, Rev. H. J., (1906) 

Valley City, O. 
Hahn, Herman, (1881-1882) 

Lowden, Iowa. 
Hahne, Henry, (1882-1883) 

Chicago, 111. 
Haizchocki, J., Ph. G., (1883) 

( Deceased ) . 
Hake. Teacher C. F., (189.5) 

Hoyleton, 111. 
Hallmann. Rudolf. (1916-191S) 

Hudson. Kan. 
Hammer. Rev. A. (188.5) 

Verona. Mo. 
Hammerschmidt. Emil. (1900-1902) 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Hanbaum. Ernst L.. (1914-1913) 



Haneberg. Rev. C. (1902) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Hanebuth. John, (1889-1891) 

Jackson, Tenn. 
Harder, Rev. J. A. F.. (1871) 

Fuliersburg. 111. 

Hardt, Alfred, (1918) 

Chicago, 111. 
Hardt, Rev. E., (1889) 

Clarksville, Iowa. 
Hardt. Bwald, (1911-1914) 

Clarksville. Iowa. 
Hardt, Paul, (1916-1917) 

Clarksville, Iowa. 
Hardt. Alexander. (1915-1916) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Hartmann, Henry. (18S4-18S7) 

Edwardsville. 111. 
Hartmann. Rudolf. (1913) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Hass, Harry. (1909-1910) 

Baroda. :Mich. 
Hassivarl. Joseph, (1SS0-1S81) 

Philadelphia. Pa. 
Hattendorf, Otto. (1908-1909) 

Chicago. 111. 
Hattendorf, Rev. Wm., (1S76) 

Hauck, Benjamin. (1S94-1896) 

Freistadt, Mo. 
Hauck, Christopher P., (1895-1896) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Hauck. Rev. J.. (1885) 

Napoleon, Mo. 
Hauck. Rev. Th.. (1914) 

Seattle. Wash. 
Haussmann, Chr.. (1SS9-1S91) 

Elvria, Ohio. 
Hausmann, Rev. J. B., (1876) 

Oilman, 111. 
Hausmann, Rev. J. F., (1892) 

Madison. Wis. 
Hausmann, Rev. Paul, (1901) 

Louisville, Ky. 
Hausmann. Theophil. (1909-1912) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Hausmann, Rev. W., (1909) 

Steubenville, Ohio. 
Heblich. Rev. A., (1891) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Heck, Carl, (1876-1877) 

Salemville. Wis. 
Heck, George, (1887-1889) 

Baltimore, Md. 
Heck, Phillpp, (1883-1884) 

Cannelton, Ind. 
Hegar, Rev. J.. (1907) 

West. Texas. 
Heggemeyer. Rev. O.. (1908) 

Alton. 111. 
Hehl. Rev. Gustave. (1887) 

Heidenreich, John H., (1906-1907) 

Freelandville, Ind. 
Heim, Reuben, (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Hein, George C ' (1918-1919) 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Hein, Rev. H.. (1917) 

New Florence, Mo. 

Heiner, Rev. Henry, (1873-1876) 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Heiner, Nathaniel, (1895-1898) 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Heiner, Rudolf, (1897-1899) 

Lincoln. Neb. 
Heinrich. Max, (1888-1892) 

Clinton, La. 
Heithaus, Rev. B., (1888) 

JIascoutah, 111. 
Helberg. Robert M., (1912-1913) 

Faribault. Minn. 
Held. Rev. Conrad, (1882) 

Batesville, Ind. 
Helm, Rev. A.. (1890) 

Rovalton. Wis. 
Helmkamp. Rev. D.. (1885) 

"Wellington. Mo. 
Helmkamp, Teacher F. W., (1884) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Helmkamp, George, (1888-1890) 

Moro. 111. 
Helmkamp, Rev. J. F. W., (1882) 

Sedalia, Mo. 
Helmkamp. Rev. L., (1886) 

Hempel. Rev. C. R., (1897) 

Belleville, 111. 
Hempelmann. Emanuel, (1901-1902) 

Hempelmann, Rev. O., (1902) 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Hempelmann. Rev. Theo.. (1900) 

Louisville. Ky.. 
Hengstenberg. Charles. (1919-1920) 

Elmhurst. Illii 
Hennies. Henry. (1879-1880) 

Warren. Lee Co., Iowa. 
Henning. Oscar, (1903-1907) 

■\Veldon Springs. Mo. 
Henzel. Rev. E., (1905) 

Heppe, George H., (1879-1880) 

Chicago, III. 
Herbert. Edward, (1880-1883) 

Grant Park, 111. 
Herbold. William J., (1904-1906) 

(Deceased) . 
Herget, George W., (1873-1875) 

Pekin 111. 
Herget, Henry. (1878-1879) 

Pekin. 111. 
Herget. Louis. M. D.. (1888-1891) 

Louisville, Ky. 
Hermann, R. H.. M. D., (1887-1889) 

Chicago. 111. 
Hermsen Teacher. F.. (1893) 

( Deceased ) . 
Herr. George E.. (1897-1898) 

Corning. N. T. 
Herrmann. Rev. T.. (1908) 

Little Falls, Minn. 

Hetzel Cai-l A., (1906-19IIS) 

St. Joseph, Midi. 
Hetzel. Rev. W.. (1912) 

Royal Oak, Mich. 
Heuser. Rev. Her.. (1914) 

Hieronlmus, Alfred C. (1879-lSSn) 

Chicago, 111. 
Hildebrand, Rev. C. A.. (1909) 

St. Jacob, 111. 
Hildebrand, Rev. G., (1917) 

Dupo, 111. 
Hilkerbaumer, R., (18S2-18S.3) 

Drake, Mo. 
Hille. John, (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Hilligardt Teacher Fr. P., (1912) 

Waveiiy. Iowa. 
Hilligardt. Paul, (1909-1911) 

Waverly, Iowa. 
Hils, Rev. A., (1893) 

Tonawanda, N. y. 
Hils, Gottlob, (1901-1902) 

Keokuk, Iowa. 
Hinze, Edward. (1910-1911) 

Bruceville, Tex. 
Hinze, Herman O., (1916-1917) 

Hamburg. Iowa. 
Hinze, Rev. R., (1897) 

Boonville, .Mo. 
Hippen, Henry, (1878-1879) 

Pekin, 111. 
Hirtz, Gntthold C, (1902-1904) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hirtz, Otto, (1S97-1902) 

Hoch, Theodore, M. D., (1894-189.".) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Hochalter. Louis, (1900-1901) 

Newburg, Ind. 
Hochhalter, Phillipp, (1874-187.5) 

Newburg, Ind. 
Hoefer, Rev. J. A., (1S9(>) 

Breese, 111. 
Hoefer, Rev. M. C, (1901) 

Chicago, 111. 
Hoefer, Rev. Theo., (1S92) 

Talmage, Neb. 
Hoelscher, Arlie, (1920) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Hoeltje, Herman, (1874-1S7.3) 

Longgrove. 111. 
Hoelzel, Frank, (1880-1881) 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Hoeppner, Rev. H., (1915) 

Augusta, Mo. 
Hoffmann, Rev. C. (18S9) 

Freepoi-t, III. 
Hoftmeister, Rev. J.. (187(i) 

Lena, 111. 
Hoffmeister, Rev. S., (1876) 

Hohmann, Edward, (1S99-190O) 

Nashville, 111. 

Hohmann, Elmo, (1911-1912) 

Nashville, III. 
Hohmann, Rev. Fr., (1S83) 

Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. 
Hohmann, Rev. Louis, (1896) 

Louisville, Ky. 
Hohmann, Rev. Rudolf, (1915) 

Murphvsboro, 111. 
Hohne, H., (1882-1883) 

Chicago. 111. 
Holdgraf. Rev. J., (1881) 

Bloomingdale, III. 
Holdgraf, R., (1919-1920) 

Bloomingdale, 111. 
Hoike, Fr., (1889-1890) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Holtorf. Rev. Theo. W., (1914) 

Glen Ellvn. 111. 
Holtzschue, Ernst. (1899-1901) 

St. Joseph. Mo. 
Holz, Rev. Waldemar. (1902) 

( Deceased). 
Hopf, Miltnn F.. (1916-1919) 

Newstadt. Ontario, Canada. 
Horak, Rev. F., (1915) 

Horny, Rev. H.. (1897) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Horst, Rev. G.. (190.3) 

Beecher. 111. 
Horst Teacher, P.. (1917) 

Hovleton. III. 
Horstmann, Rev. E., (1913) 

Everett, Wash. 
Horstmann, George D. (1893-1894) 

Brownsville, :viinn. 
Horstmann. Rev. J. H., (1888) 

St. Louis. Mo- 
Hosto, Rev. Armin T.. (1914) 

Matteson, 111. 
Hosto, Carl. (1903-1'905) 

Alhambra. 111. 
Hosto, Rev. Erwin, (1904) 

( Deceased ) . 
Hosto. George F., (1903-1904) 

Alhambrn. 111. 
Hosto. Rev. Herbert. (1914) 

Favetteville, 111. 
Hosto. Rev. Ravmord. (1917) 

Grand Mo. 
Hosto. Rev. RnUind. (1914-1916) 

Jasper. Ind. 
Hosto, Teacher Theophil. (1912) 

Hosto, Rev. Wm. (1883) 

Smithton. 111. 
Hotz. Rev. A. J. J., (1893) 

Peotone. 111. 
Hotz. Teacher F. A., (1895) 

Hoyleton. 111. 
Huebschmann. Rev. H.. (1S96) 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Huebschmann, Rev. J. S., (1902) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Hugo. Rev. E., (1880) 


Hummel. John. (1895-1897) 

( Deceased). 
Hundhausen, Rev. E., (1881) 

Huneke, Teacher Heinr., (1886) 

Freeport, 111. 
Huse, Ad., (1917-1919) 

Baltimore, Md. 
Idecker, Arthur H.. (1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Ihrig, Henry. (1884-1887) 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ilgen, Peter, (1884-1885) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Illgen, Romeo, (1909-1910) 

Monee, 111. 
rion. Rev. Christian, (1873) 

Irion, Rev. D., D. D. (Prof.), (1874) 

Elmhurst College. Elmhurst, 

111., (Director for 32 years), 
rion. Rev. Edwin A., (1917) 

c/o T. M. C. A.. Moline. 111. 
rion. Rev. E., (1905) 

Akron, Ohio, 
rion. Rev. J.. (187.5) 

Los Angeles. Cal. 
rion. O.scar D.. (1896-1898) 

Elmhurst. 111. 
rion. Rev. Paul. (1878) 

Michiean Oitv. Ind. 
rion, Rudolf J . (1902) 

rion. Rev. Theo.. (1897), Wis. 
Iseli, Fred, (1919) 

T'niversitv of Minnesota. 
Jabin. Te-icher Julius. (1885) 

( Deceased ) . 
Jaeckle Walter. (1909-1913) 

Hunt'ngburg, Ind. 
Jaeger. Rev. E.. (1901) 

E. St. Louis. III. 
Jahn. Rev. J., (1897) 

Minnesota T^ake, M=nn. 
Janke. Helmuth E.. (1904-1905) 

Brillion, Wis. 
Jann, Rev. J.. (1882) 

Jans. .Tohn T. (1904-1907) 

Jans, P. C. E.. (1908) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Janssen. Albert. (1903-1904) 

Los Angeles. Cal. 
Janssen. Henry. (1903-1904) 

Monrovia, Cal. 
Jenne, John, (1874-1875) 

Monroe, Wis. 
Jennrich, John, (1888-1890) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Jennrich, Theodore, (1902-1904) 

Jenny, Teacher Friedolin, (1883) 

Jens, Rev. F. P.. (1888) 

Supt.. Deaconess Hospital, 

Belvidere, 111. 
Jcrger. Fried. H., (1915-1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Jeschke. Rev. W.. (1912) 

New York, N. Y. 
Jeude. August. (1879-1881) 

Kasson, Ind. 
Jeutter, Th., (1899) 

r Deceased). 
Joerding, Carl. (1895-1896) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
John. Rev. R. A.. (1874) 

Chicago. 111. 
John. Robert. (1918-1920) 

Louisville. Ky. 
John, Rev. Samuel A.. (1884) 

Louisville. Ky. 
John. Rev. Th.. (1885) 

( Deceased ) . 
Jordan. Henry, (1873-1874) 

Niles, Mich. 
Jud. Rev. Daniel. (1895-1897) 

Chicago. 111. 
Jud. Rev. Th.. (1888) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Juergens, Rev. A.. (1884) 

Juergens. Rev. Arthur. (1907-1911) 

Franklin. Iowa. 
Juergens. Frank. (1S79-1SS0) 

Hutchinson, Minn. 
Juergens, Rev. H.. (1883) 

AVest Park. Ohio. 
Jung. Rev. A.. (1882) 

Jung. Robert. (1883-1884) 

Higginsville. Mo. 
Jung. Theodore C. (1891-1894) 

New Bremen, Ohio. 
Jung. Rev. W., (1897) 

Nashville, 111. 
Juppenlatz, Teacher A., (189o) 

Mansfield, Pa., Tioga Co. 
Kaefer. Christian. (1896-1899) 

Hamilton. Ohio. 
Kaefer. Rev. P., (1911)) 

Port Washington, Ohio. 
Kahler. Henry, ( 1896-1 S97) 

Baltimore, Md. 
Kalkbrenner, Ad.. (1918-1919) 

Prairie View. 111. 
Kalkbrenner, Robert, (1918-1920) 

Prairie View, III. 
Kammann. Alvin. (1912) 

Cleveland, Wis. 
Kamphenkel. Rev. Wm.. (1916) 

Bemidji. Minn. 
Kampmeier, William, (1897-1899) 

Chicago. 111. 


Kaney. John. (1917) 

University of Illinois. 
Kanzler. Rev. G., (1S99) 

Cannelton. Ind. 
Karbach. Teacher Frederick. (1873) 

( Deceased ) . 
Karbach. Teacher S.. (1S7S) 

Karbach. William. M. D.. (1S81) 

Kansas City. Kan. 
Karow, Elmer. (1915-1916) 

Chicago. III. 
Kasmann. Rev. R,, (1907) 

Herman. Mo. 
Katerndahl, Rev. Richard, (1873) 

( Deceased). 
Katerndahl. R.. Attorney. (1903) 

Idaho City. Idaho. 
Kathriner. Elmer A.. (1913-1914) 

Clayton. Mo. 
Katterjohn. Rev. Albert, (1899) 

Wright Citv. Mo. 
Katterjohn. Rev. H., (18S9) 

Kenton. Ohio. 
Katzniann. Fred. (1889-1890) 

Ivouisville, Ky. 
Kehle. Rev. P.. (1911) 

Le Mars. Iowa. 
Kehoe. .lohn. (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 
Keller. Elmer. (191S-1919) 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Keller. Emanuel. (1913-1917) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Keller, Rev. J., (1911) 

Bourbon. Ind. 
Keller. Rev. Robert. (1914) 

Gowanda. N. Y. 
Kelling. Henry, (1872-1873) 

Chicago, 111. 
Kern. Eugene. (1892-1894) 

( Deceased ) . 
Kern. Teacher J.. (1896) 


Carmi. 111. 
Kern. Louis. (1894) 

Red Bud. III. 
Kettelhut. Rev. C. G.. (1891) 

Mt. Vernon. Ind. 
Kettelhut, Rev. Herbet, (191."i> 

Louisville, Kv. 
Kettelhut. Rev. Th.. (1K89) 

Supt. Deaconess Hospital, 

Faribault, Minn. 
Kettelhut. Rev. W., (191.")) 

Fowler, III. 
Kicker. Rev. W.. (1913) 

Loudonville. Ohio. 
Kienker. Rev. O. F.. (1913) 

.St. Louis. Mo. 
Kies, Rev. N.. (187.i) 

( Deceased). 
Kies. Theophil. (1.87 4-1 87."; ) 

( Deceased ) . 


Kikhoefel. W., (1898) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Kimbal. Clarence. (1915-1917) 

Tripoli. Iowa, 
Kindt. Karl. (1915-1920) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Kinzle, Stanley. (1912-1914) 

Trenton. Ohio. 
Kircher. Rev. J. G., (1880) 

( Decease<;l ) . 
Kircher. Rev. Jul., (1884) 

Chicago, 111. 
Kirchhoft. Robert. (1898-1899) 

Manheim. 111. 
Kirchhoft, William, (1S85-1S86) 

Freelandville. Ind. 
Kirschenhoter. Anton. (1896-1898) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Kirschmann, Teacher J. P., (1884) 
Kirschmann, Paul, (1880-1884) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Kirschmann, Rev. W.. (1882) 

Richmond. Va. 
Kirves. Edward. (1897-1899) 

Evansville. Ind. 
Ki-ssel, Victor T., (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Kissling, Carl, (1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Kistemann, William. (1882-1884) 

Greitswald. Germany. 
Kitterer. Rev. A. A.. (1908) 

Kansas City. Kan. 
Kitterer. Rev. A. E.. (1914) 

Powhatan Point. Ohio. 
Kitterer, Emil. (1912-1913) 

Bland. Mo. 
Kitterer. Friedrick. (1881-1883) 

Homewood. 111. 
Kitterer. Rev. G., (1884) 

Bland, Mo. 
Kitterer, Teacher H., (1880) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Kitterer, Paul. (1918) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Kitterer. Walter. (1908-1909) 

Kixmiller, Carl W., (1914-1915) 

Freelandville, Ind. 
Kixmiller, P., (1912) 

Vincennes, Ind. 
Kixmiller, Reinhard, (1908-1909) 

Freelandville. 111. 
Kleeb. George J.. (1912-1914) 

Chicago. 111. 
Kleemann. Friedr.. (1883-1884) 

Kleemann. Louis F.. (1890-1891) 

Hoyleton. III. 
Kleemann, Rev. L.. (1881) 

Indianapolis. Ind. 
Kleemann. Louis. (1910-191:)) 

Indianapolis. Ind. 
Klein. Erich, (1914-1917) 

Brookfleld. Wis. 

Klein. Teacher. Fr.. (1888) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Klein. Rev. K.. (1916) 

Washington. Iowa. 
Klein, Leopold. (1880-1884) 

Chicago, 111. 
Klein, Otto. (1910-1911) 

Brookfleld. Wis. 
Klein, Rev. Walter, (1916) 

Grand Junction. Colo. 
Kleinhaus. John. (1880-1881) 

Chicago. 111. 
Klemme. Rev. Fr., (1880) 

Klemme, Rev. F. H.. (1903) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Klemme. Rev. Herm. G.. (1906-1909) 
Klenk, Carl, (1915-1916) 

Tiffin, Ohio. 
Khck. Rev. A., (1911) 

Tiffin. Ohio. 
Klick, Rev. B., (1915) 

SI. Louis, Mo. 
Klick. Frank. (1915-1917) 

Hebron. N. D. 
Klick, Rev. F., (1899) 

.St. Joseph, Mo. 
Kling, John J., (1873-1875) 

Kling, Rev. L. J., (1894) 

Three Oaks. Mich. 
Klingeberger, Rev. J. C, (1911) 

Louisville. Kv. 
Kloke. Teacher J., (1916) 

Merrill, Wis. 
Kloppe. Teacher F.. (1890) 

Geronimo. Texas. 
Klopsch. Emil G.. (1887-1891) 

Michigan Citv, Ind. 
Klopsch. Teacher O.. (1888) 

Peoria, III, 
Klug, Rev. A., (1901) 

Peotone, 111. 
Kluge, Rev. Karl, (1916) 

Dubois. 111. 
Klutey, Rev. E.. (1916) 

Fort Branch. Ind. 
Klutey. Rev. H., (1908) 

Oak Harbor. Ohio. 
Knauss, Emanuel, (1877-1880) 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Knees, William, (1877-1879) 

Chicago, 111. 
Kniesche. Max, (1890-1891) 

Stolpe. Mo. 
•■"niker, Rev. A., (1912) 

Jefferson Barracks. Mo. 
Kniker, Rev. Christian. (1883) 

Areola. 111. 
Kniker. Rev. C, (1881) 

Cibolo. Texas. 
Kniker. Paul, (1919) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Kniker. William, (1881-1883) 

Hoyleton, III. 

Knipping. Rev. A.. (1912) 

Columbus. Ohio. 
Knoke. Herman. (1878-1879) 

Chicago. III. 
Knorr. Rev. R., (1898) 

Brawley, Cal. 
Koch, Rev. A.. (1915) 

Leavenworth, Kan. 
Koch, Edwin J., (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Koch, Ervin, (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Koch, Rev. F., (1878) 

Fredericksburg, Iowa. 
Koch. K., (1916) 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Koch. Oswin. M. D., (1898-1900) 

Chicago, 111. 
Koch. Otto, (1916) 

Monrovia, Cal. 
Koch. Paul, (1902-1904) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Koch, Teacher, R.. (1895) 

Freelandville. Ind. 
Koch. Rev. W. A., (1916) 

Clarksville. Iowa. 
Koebbemann, William. (1897-1898) 

Bensenville, 111. 
Koehler, Carl, (1919) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Koehler. Rev. C, (1916) 

Troy. Mo. 
Koelling. A., (1917) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Koelling. Louis. (1895-1896) 

Farina. 111. 
Koelseh. Teacher M., (1898) 

Quincy, III. 
Koenig. Edward, (1908-1910) 

V, S. Navy electrician, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Koenig, Gottlieb. (1885-1886) 

Freelandville. Ind. 
Koenig. Rev. Hermann, (1910) 

Union. Mo. 
Koenig. Herman, (1882-1885) 

Freelandville. Ind. 
Koenig. Teacher J. H., (1882) 

San Antonio, Texas. 
Koenig. Rev. J., (1907) 

Baitalpur, C. P., E. India. 
Koenning. Edwin W., (1912-1913) 

Peotone. 111. 
Koepke. F., C. E.. (1915) 

Chicago. III. 
Koepke. Herman. C. E.. (1914) 

Chicago. 111. 
Koerner, Teacher Herb. A., (1913) 
Koether, Jaroslav, (1893-1894) 

( Deceased ) . 
Koetitz. Teacher C, (1888) 

Koetitz, Otto, (1886-1889) 

Tippecanoe, Ohio. 

Kofer, Rev. R., 

Granite City, III. 
Kohler, Rev. W., 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Kohlstedt, Jolin, 

Monee, 111. 
Kollath, Rev. E., 

Shawano, Wis 
KoUing, Melvyn C, 

Faribault, Minn. 
Konemmel, August, 

Acklev, la. 
Kopp, Fr., 

Burlington, la. 
Koppert. Ph., 

Plymouth, Neb. 
Koring, Rev. W.. 

Faribault, Minn. 
Korsmeier, August D., 

Alhambra, 111 
Korte. E. F. Wm., 

-Hoyleton, 111. 
Kossack, William, 

Bensenville, 111 
Kottich, Rev. H., 

Plattsmouth, Neb. 
Kottich, Walter, 

Falls City. Neb. 
Kottler, Alfonso, D. c 

Chicago, 111. 
Kowitz, Edw. C, 

Chicago, 111. 
Kramer Teacher A., 

Ripon, Wis. 
Kraemer, Edward, 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Kraemer, Rev. H A 

Buffalo, N. T. ' 
Kraemer, Teacher Ph. 
Krafft, Carl R., 

Landscape Painter 

Chicago, 111. 
Krafft. Rev. E. N., 

Newark, Ohio, 
Krafft, Rev. F., 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Krafft, L. Adolf, 

Chicago, 111. 
Kraft, Wm, J., 

Jeffersontown, K 
Kramer, Rev. Carl, 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Kramer, Julius, 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Kramer. Rev. L., 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Kramer. O., Banker, 

Alton, 111. 
Kramme, Friedrich, (18S3-1SS.5) 

Dittmer's Store, Mo. 
Krampf, Louis, (1891-IS93 1 

De Soto, Mo. 
Kranz, Paul, Ph. G., (1899) 

Louisville, Ky. 

(1899 I 

















(1909-1910 } 











Krause, Rev. G., 

Chelsea, Mich. 
Krause. Rev. W., 

Melrose Park. 111. 
Krauss, Rev. Ph., Ph. D., 

Meadville, Pa. 
Krayer, Harry, (1 

Troy, Ohio, 
Krayer. TVilliam. (1 

Troy. Ohio. 
Kreikenbaum. Albert. (1 

Franklin. Iowa. 
Kreikenbaum. Edwin, (1 

Franklin, Iowa. 
Kreis, Arthur, (1 

McKena. 111. 
Kreischer, Phil.. (1 

Van Wert, Ohio. 
Kreuzenstein, Rev. G. , 

Shepherd, Mont. 
Kreuzenstein, Paul, (1 

Kreuzer, Rev. John, 

Marissa, 111. 
Krickhahn, Rev. C 

Coloma, Mich. 
Kreigsmann. Arthur, (1 

Chicago, 111. 
Kroeger, Martin. (1 

Los Angeles. Cal. 
Kroehler, Rev. A., 

Hardin. Mont. 
Kroehnke. Paul. (1 

San Francisco. Cal. 
Kroencke. Alfred, (1 

Kroehnke, Daniel, (1 

( Deceased ) . 
Kroencke. Rev. Emil. 

Mexico. Mo. 
Kroencke, Rev. H., 

Chicago, 111. 
Kroencke, John, (1 

Ki'oenke, Rev. J., 

(Deceased ). 
Krohne, Rev. Fr., 

Chicago, 111. 
Krome. Ferdinand, (1 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Krone, Henry, ( 1 

Krone, Rev. H., 

( Deceased). 
Kropp. Henry. (1 

Desperes. Mo. 
Kiueger. Rev. E. R.. 

Sheboygan. Wis. 
Krueger. Teacher Fr.. 

Chicago. 111. 
Krueger. Rev. J.. 

Marlette. Mich. 
Krueger, Oscar E., (1 

Steinauer, Neb. 
Krueger. Rev. Th., 



Krueger. Rev. W. L.. 


Labes, William C. 


Louisville. Kv. 

La Porte. Ind. 


Kruemmel. August. 


La Cour. William. 


Ackley. la. 

Hubbard. Iowa. 


Krumni. G.. 

Middletown. Ohio 


Ladwig. Wesley. 
Ripon. Wis. 




Krumm. Oscar, 

Woodman, Wis. 

' (1916-1918) 

Lagemann, Alfred. 
Chamois. Mo. 




Krumm, Theodore, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Lambreeht. Rev. G.. 
Frankfort. 111. 



Krummel. William, 


Lambreeht. Rev. H. E.. 


Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 

Chicago. 111. 


Kruse, Cornelius, 
Urbana, 111. 


Lammers. Rev. Louis. 
Wahpeton. N. D. 



Kruse, Rev. Samuel, 


Lampert. Carl A.. 


Webster Groves, : 


Chicago. 111. 


Krusekopf, Rev. Heni-y. 


Landsberg, Edward. 


Chamois. Mo. 

Conrad, Iowa. 


Krusekopf. Teacher. P.. 


Landwehi'. Edgar G.. 



New Melle. Mo. 


Kudell, Carl W.. 


Lang. Teacher G. H.. 



Norwood, Ohio. 


Kuebler. Teacher Fred.. 


Lang. William. 




St. Phillipp. Ind. 

Langerhans. Rev. C. L. 


Kuebler. John J.. 


Hamilton. Ohio. 


Manchester. Mich. 

Langhorst. Rev. F.. 


Kuebler. Rev. Robt. L.. 


O'Fallon. 111. 


Louisville. Ky. 

Langhorst. Rev. P.. 


Kuelker. Louis. 


St. Louis, Mo. 


Baileyville. 111. 

Langhorst. Theophil. 


Kuenzler, Rev. E.. 


Langkopf. Teacher W.. 



Baltimore, Md. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Kuether. Rev. F. C, 


Laubengayer, Rev. Osca 

r C. 



Ripon. Wis. 

Buffalo. N. T. 


Kuhagen. Teacher Wm. 


Lautei-bach. August. 


Kuhl, Harry. 


Pekin, 111. 


Chicago. III. 

Lawrenz. Rev. E. F.. 


Kuhlenhoelter. Carl Z.. 


Wakaruca, Ind. 


Chicago. 111. 

Leemhuis. Rev. H.. Dr.. 


Kuhlmann. Chr.. 


Quincy. 111. 


St. Louis. Mo. 

Lehmann. Carl. 




Kuhlmann. W. J.. 


Akron. Ohio. 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Lehmann. E.. 



Kuhlo. Arnold, 


Cannelton. Ind. 

Hoyleton, 111. 

Lehmann. Teacher L.. 



Kuhlow, August, 

Tower Hill, III. 


Lehmann. Rev. Paul. 
Toledo. Ohio. 



Kulbartz. Rev. J.. 


Lehmann, Rev. Reinhar 



Buffalo. N. T. 

Cape Girardeau. 


(1881 ) 

Kuntze. Teacher E.. 


Lehmann. Rev. Timothf 



Kunze. Carl A.. 


Columbus. Ohio. 


Chicago. 111. 

Lehmann. Rev. Titus, 


Kurz. Rev. C. 


Jackson, Mo. 


Oilman. 111. 

Leibner, Rev. E., 


Kurz. Rev. J.. 


Affton, Mo. 


Healthy. Ohio. 

Leisy. John. 



Kurz. Rev. L. F.. 


Keokuk. Iowa. 

Davis. 111. 

Lenz. John. 


(191.:> ) 

Kurz. Rev. R. S. G.. 



New Franklin. Mo. 

Leonhard. Rev. Robeit. 



Kurz. William. 


Registrar. Elmhurst College, 

Chicago. 111. 

Elmhurst. 111. 


Kuske. William K.. 


Licht. Fr. W.. 



Kankakee. 111. 


Limper. Rev. Aitluii-, (1916) 

San Bruno. Cal. 
Limper, H., (1916) 

Lindenmnn, Frank. (18SS-1889) 

Cass Co.. Iowa. 
Lindenmeyer Teacher H.. (1901) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Lindenmeyer. Rev. .S.. (1SS6) 

Portsmautli. Ohio. 
Lippelmann, Edward. (1S90-1S91) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Lissack, Edmund, (1911-1913) 

Shelby, Iowa. 
Locher. Rev. C. W.. (ISSI) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Locher. Rev. R.. (191.)) 

Trov, N. Y. 
Loesche. Bmil C. (1904-190.-,) 

Darmstadt. 111. 
Lohse, A.. (Engineering), (1907) 

Chicago, 111. 
Loos, Rev. C. (1SS9) 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Lorengen, Albert, (1913-1914) 

Marshalltown, Iowa. 
Low, Rev. George, (1916) 

Boston, N. Y. 
Ludwig. Rev. A., (1S97) 

Menomonee Falls, Wis. 
Ludwig. Rev. F.. (1S92) 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Ludwig. Felix. ( 1904-190.-> ) 

Perry, Texas. 
Luebke. Richard, (1894-1S97) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Lueck, Gustave A.. (1899-1900) 

.Marinette. Wis. 
Lueder, George. (1890-1894) 

Elmhurst, 111. 
Lueder, Walter, (1S96-19D0) 

Elmhurst, 111. 
Luedtke, Teacher Franz, (1893) 

Keokuk, Iowa. 
Lueg, Felix, (1SS4-1886) 

McComb, Miss. 
Luehr, Edwin, ( 190.')-1906 ) 

Spring Grove, Minn. 
Luehr. John, (189.5-1896) 

Germania, Pa. 
Luternau, Bernhard V.. (1902) 

Iowa Park, Texas. 
Luternau, Hans V., (1889-1892) 

Iowa Park, Texas. 
Luther, Teacher W. M., (1S93) 

Mack, Carl, (1906-1908) 

Oshkosh, Wis. 
Maeurer-, Teacher Wni., (1893) 

BoonvlUe, Ind. 
Malkemus, Alvin. (1905-1908) 

Hovleton, 111. 
Malkemus, Teacher L.. (18S6) 

Newcastle, Ind. 


Mangold, Rev. J. G., (1887) 

Pomona, Cal. 
Mann. Albert C, (1913-1917) 

Louisville, Kv. 
Manrodt, Rev. Manfred, (1917) 

New York, N. Y. 
Manthe, Reinhard, (1S9I-1S911 

Kewanee, 111. 
Marchand, Henry Geo.. (1S73-1S74) 

Warrington, Ind. 
Marquardt, August, (1S76-1S7S) 

Wausau. Wis. 
Marshall, Rev. Thomas, (1917) 

Loup City, Neb. 
Marten. Rev. Wni.. (1893) 

Burlington, Iowa. 
Martin. Rev. A.. (1SS7) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Marty, Adam, (1874-1873) 

Monroe, Wis. 
Marx, Teacher J., (1887) 

Amherst, Ohio. 
Marx, Ludwig, (191S) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 
Mast. Andrew, (1918) 

Bremen, Ind. 
Matliias, John, (18S1-1884) 

Mascoutah, 111. 
Mauch, Rev. G., (1910) 

LarchW'ood, la. 
Maul, David, (1914-1915) 

Lincoln, Neb. 
Maul, Rev. G. C. (1896) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Maul, Theophil, (1882-1884) 

Maurer, Henry, (1893-1S95) 

Maurer, Paul. (1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
May, Ludwig, (1885-1886) 

Eltville. Germany, 
Mayer. Armin, (1910-1912) 

Niles Center, III. 
Mayer. Rev. A., (1913) 

Papineau, 111. 
.Mayer. Teacher Chr., (1883) 

Mayer, Rev. E., (1910) 

Grant Park, 111. 
Mayer, Rev. F., Ph. D., (1885) 

Professor. Eden Seminary, 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Mayer. Rev. G., (1879) 

New Ulm, Minn. 
Mayer, Geoi-ge F. T., (1916-1917) 

New Ulm, Minn. 
Mayer, Rev. J. J.. (1882) 

Niles Center, 111. 
Mayer, Rev. Otto. (1909) 

New York City. 
Mayer, Rev. Theo.. (1906) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Mays, George, (1S82-1S83) 

Maystown, 111. 

McGrath, Louis Phillip, (1918-1920) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
McQueen, Rev. Fred, (1914) 

New Orleans, La. 
Mehl, Rev. H. M., (1891) 

Jlehl, Theophil, (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Jlehl, Rev. Wm. F., (1S92) 

Louisville, Ky. 
Meier, Ernst, (1906-1907) 

Clarksville, Iowa. 
Meier, Rev. Herman L., (1876) 

( Deceased ) . 
Meinershagen, Willjani, (1SS0-1S91) 

Meinershagen, William, (1882-1885) 

Higginsville, Mo. 
Meintz, M. H., (1SS4-1S86) 

Meinzer,. Gotthold, (1907-1908) 

Ackley, Iowa. 
Meise, Adolf, (1913-1921) 

Chicago, 111. 
Meisenheimer. Rev. W.. (1914) 

Lewisville, O.. 
Meisenhelter, Rev. G., (1887) 

Meister, Teacher J., (1912) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Melchert, Rev. J. C, (1916) 

Bishop. Texas. 
Melges, William, (1888-1889) 

Chicago, 111. 
Menzel, Rev. Alfred, (1S86) 

Chicago, 111. 
Menzel, Rev. E., (1916) 

Buffalo, N. T. 
Menzel, Rev. Paul A., (1SS3) 

Washington, D. C 
Mercord. Carl, (1878-1881) 

Prescot, Pierce Co., Wis. 
Jlernitz. Rev. R., (1897) 

Chicago Heights, 111. 
Mernitz. Roland, (1919-1920) 

Chicago Heights, 111. 
Jlersbach, Carl, (1879-1880) 

Frederika, Ohio. 
Merten, Rev. Theo.. (1S98) 

Lorain, Ohio. 
Merz, Rev. E., (1912) 

Delano, Minn. 
Merzdorf. Rev. J., (1907) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Merzdorf, Rev. W., (1908) 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
.Meusch, Rev. F. A.. (1895) 

New Albany. Ind. 
Meusch. Theophil. (1S77-1SS2) 

St. Louis, ^lo. 
Meyer, Rev. A., (1908) 

Tell City, Ind. 
Mever. Rev. A. F., (1910) 

Central Provinces, E. India. 

Meyer, Rev. A. T., (1914) 

Meyer, Arthur, (1887-1888) 

New Baden, Texas. 
Meyer, Carl, (1916-1918) 

Winnipeg, Canada. 
Meyer, Charles, (1888-1889) 

Chicago, 111. 
Mever, Christian, (1879-1883) 

Carlinville, 111. 
Meyer, Clarence, (1913-1917) 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Meyer, Emil Otto, (1886-1888) 

Meyer, Ernst Wm., (188S-18S9) 

(Deceased ) . 
Mever, Helmut, (1918-1919) 

Chicago, 111. 
Meyer, Henry W., (1892-1893) 

Sedalia, Mo. 
Meyer, Rev. J. P.. (1903) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Meyer, Richard, (1900-1901) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Mever, Teacher William, (1882) 

Lincoln. 111. 
Meyer, Rev. William, (1886) 

Elgin, 111. 
Meyer, William H., (1913-1917) 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Meyer, Wm. "Walter, (1914-1915) 

Elgin, 111. 
Miche, Rev. C, (1881) 

Highland. 111. 
Miche. Teacher William. (1878-1880) 

Michel, G. P., M. D., (1899) 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Michel, Teacher J. A., (1890) 

Chicago, 111. 
Michels. Rev. K.. (1887) 

Muscatine, Iowa. 
Miller, Carl, (1878-1879) 

Richton, 111. 
Miller, Conrad H., (1876-1877) 

Columbia, 111. 
Miller, George, (1883-1884) 

Chicago, 111. 
Miner, Rev. O. C, (1881) 

Louisville, Ky. 
Mittendorf, Rev. F., (1904) 

Genoa, Ohio. 
Moellentin. P., (1909) 

Chicago, 111. 
Moenkhaus, Rev. William, (1917) 

Liberty, Neb. 
Moerke, Rev. Ewakl. (1912) 

Madison, Wis. 
Moerlin. Carl, (1893-1893) 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Moerschel. Andrew, (1895-1896) 

Casco, Mich. 
Moessner. Rev. L. R., (1905) 

Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Mohme, El-win, (191G) 

Elkhart Lake, Wis. 
Mohr, Teacher Chr., (1S97) 

Jefferson City, Mo. 
Mohr, Rev. R., (1913) 

Ben Arnold, Texas. 
Moog, Teacher George, (1875) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Moritz, Rev. Carl, (1873) 

(Deceased) . 
Moritz, Rev. Daniel, (1901-1905) 

Marion, Otiio. 
Moritz, Rev. Emanuel. (1909-1912) 

Florence, Mo. 
Moritz, Rev. J., (189S) 

Moritz. Rev. P., (1900) 

Independence, Mo. 
Moritz, Teacher William, (1897) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Mornhinweg, Rev. G., (1S96) 

- New Braunfel.s, Texas. 
Morrow, Walter, (1916-1917) 

Plymouth, Ind. 
Mory, Walter, (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Mottschall Teacher F., (1898) 

Chicago, 111. 
Mottschall, Hugo. (1S97-1S9S) 

Chicago, 111. 
Muecke, Rev. O., (1916) 

Miltonsburg, Ohio. 
Muehler. Teacher A., (189.)) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Mueller, Adolf, (1894-1S97) 

Millstadt, 111. 
Mueller, C, Organist, (1910) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Mueller, Rev. Carl, (1874) 

Mueller, Rev. C. J.. (1893) 

Towerhill, 111. 
Mueller. Rev. E., (1888) 

Clayton, Mo. 
Mueller. B., (1917) 

Rosenberg, Texas. 
Mueller, Emil. (1913-1915) 

Brenham, Texas. 
Mueller, Rev. G., (1S81) 

Dayton, Ohio. 
Mueller. George. (18S3-1884) 

Elmhurst, 111. 
Mueller, Rev. H. F.,. (1901) 

Champaign, 111. 
Mueller, Rev. L. C. F., (1909) 

Mueller, Rev. Max, (1911) 

Mueller, Otto, (1916-1918) 

Sauk Rapids, Minn. 
Mueller, Rev. Samuel, (1895) 

( Deceased ) . 
Mueller. Rev. Th. L., (1880) 

Idalia. Colo. 
Mueller. Rev. T.. (1912) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mueller, Rev. Wm. C, (19111) 

Millersburg, Ohio. 
Munstermann, Alvin, (1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Munzert, Rev. Th., (1874) 

Evanston, 111. 
Mysch, Rev. G. A., (1882) 

Supt.. Orphans Home, 

Bensenville, 111. 
Mysch, Emil. (1877-1882) 

Sheboygan, Wis. 
Nagel, Arniin, (1918-1920) 

Rush Hill ,Mo. 
Nagel, Rev. C, (1S92) 

Antigo, Wis. 
Nagel, Rev. H. C, (1889) 

( Deceased ) . 
Nagel, Otto, (1880-1881) 

Warsaw, 111. 
Nagel, Teacher Wm., (1886) 

Nagel, Wm. H. R., (1919-1920) 

Rush Hill, Mo. „_,_^ 

Maujoks, Teacher F. L., (1903-1907) 

Lorain, Ohio. 
Nestel. Rev. J. C, (1880) 

Armstrong, Ind. 
Neucks, Gustave. (1897-1901) 

Chicago, 111. ,„,-, 

Neuhaus, Arthur, (191o-1917) 

Rosslyn, Texas. 
Neumann, Kilmer J., (1917-1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Neumann. Paul, (1910-1911) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Neumann, Victor. (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Niebuhr, Rev. H.. (1912) 

Prof.. Eden Seliiinary, 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Niebuhr, Rev. R., (1910) 

Detroit. Mich. 
Niederecker, Oscar, (1902-1904) 

O'Fallon, 111. „,^^ 

Niedermeyer, Rev. P., (1913) 

McGirk, Mo. ,,„oo, 

Niefer, Rev. H., (1892) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Niekrenz, George, (lS87-lS8b) 

Niles Center, 111. 
Nies, Alfred J.. (1914-1918) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis, Mo. 
Niethammer, Rev. A., (189-) 

Niewoehner. Conrad, (1889-1891) 

Warrenton, Mo. 
Nitz, Emil. (1914-1916) 

Baroda, Mich. 
Noehren, Rev. H., (1874) 

Wayland. N. T., 
NoUau, Fred. (1908-1910) 

Webster Groves, Mo. 
NoUau, Rev. John, (1900) 


Nolting, Ernst, (1885-1890) 

Nolting. Herman. (18S6-1S90) 

Freeport, 111. 
Nott, Herman, (1874-1S75) 

Freeport, 111. 
Nussmann, Rev. G., (1894) 

Pomeroy, Ohio. 
Nussmann, Rev. Oscar, (1901) 

Miami, Pla. 
Oberbeck. W. H., (1892-1894) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Oberhellmann, Rev. Th.. (1888) 

Concordia, Mo. 
Oberkircher, Rev. F., (1907) 

Erie, Pa. 
Oberlaender, Carl, (1876-1877) 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Oehler, Emanuel, (1893-1895) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Oekel, August, (1S86-188S) 

Toledo, Ohio. 
Oestreich, Herman, (1S90-1S91) 

Oestreicher. L., (1919) 

Somerville, Ind. 
Otner, Teacher William, (1910) 

Ohrt, Richard, (1903) 

Ott. Rev. B. C, (1897) 

Chicago, 111. 
Ott, Rev. W.. (1917) 

Winesburg, Ohio. 
Otto, Emil. (1S90-1894) 

Columbia, 111. 
Otto, Rev. G., (1890) 

( Deceased). 
Otto, Herman, (1884-1887) 

( Deceased ) . 
Otto, John, (1885-1S87) 

Denver, Colo. 
Overbeck. Rev. J.. L, (1905) 

Vincennes, Ind. 
Paetzold. Edward. (1918) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 
Paff, C. Sch. C, (1880) 

Wausau, Wis. 
Pahl, Rev. G., (1S89) 

Chicago, 111. 
Pannier, Carl W., (1878-1879) 

Dessau, Germany. 
Papsdorf, Fred. (1903-1904) 

Detroit, Mich, 
lorf, Paul, D. D. S., (1909) 

Chicago, 111. 
Papsdorf. Rev. Th.. (1901) 

Chicago, 111. ,„,,, 

Paschen. Walter O., (1917) 

Patberg, Melvin C. (1916-191.) 

Holland. Ind. 
Pauli, Henry B., (1884-1886) 

Blberfeld, Germany. 

Penningroth, August, (1902-1904) 

Hartley, Iowa. 

Penningroth. Juliu.«. (1901-19115) 

Chicago, 111. 
Persch, Rev. Albert, (1916) 

Salt Lake Citv, Utah. 
Peter, William, (1S95-1S96) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Peters, Hilbert, (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Peters, Rev. J. C, (1S76) 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Peters, Victor, (1877-1878) 

Weinsberg, Ohio. 
Petersen, Henry, (1900-1903) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Pfaff, Teacher G.. (1884) 

Pfeiffer, Teacher Fr., (1892) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Pfeiffer, Rev. P.. (1895) 

Springfield, Ohio. 
Pfitzer, Rev. F., (1915) 

Loui.sville. Kv. 
Pflug, Theodore. (1908-1909) 

Somerville, Ind. 
Pfundt. Rev. E.. (1913) 

Billings. Mo. 
Pfundt, Rev. Th., (190" ) 

Clifton, Texas. 
Pheiffer. Rev. Harry, (1913 1 

Sandusky, Ohio. 
Pielemeier, Teacher E.. (1884) 

Vincennes, Ind. 
Pielemeier. Edwin, (1914-1915) 

Chelsea. Mich. 
Piepenbrock. Rev. E., (19111 

Wabash. Ind. 
Piepenbrock, Rev. Fr.. (1910) 

Marthasville, Mo. 
Piepenbrock. Rev. P., (1907) 

Weimar, Texas. 
Pinckert. Rev. Edw.. (18S4) 

West Chicago, 111. 
Pinckert, Louis T.. (1919) 

Manheim, 111. 
Pinckert. Rev. O.. (1913) 

Lincoln. Kan. 
Pinckert, Teacher P. C (1880) 

( Deceased ) . 
Pister. Rev. H.. (1906) 

Evan.?ville. Ind. 
Pister. ftev. Jacob, (1887) 

Chicago. III. 
Pister. John C. (1914-1915) 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Pister, Robert. (1898-1899) 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Pister, William, (1886-1887) 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Pistor. Herman. (1S81-1S82) 

Willow Springs. Kan. 
Plassmann. Rev. E.. (1917) 

Hornick, Iowa. 
Pleger. Rev. C, (1885) 

St. Louis. Mo. 


Pobanz, Rev. Ph.. 

Inkster, N. D. 
Polster. Rev. Joseph, 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Polzin, Frank, 

Chicago, 111. 
Poss, Carl, 

Lewiston, Minn. 
Preiss, Otto, 

Desperes, Mo. 
Piell, Rev. Paul, 

Shepherd, Mont. 
Piess. Rev. G., 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Press, Rev. O.. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Press, Rev. Paul, 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Press, Rev. Sam, D., D. 

Pres., Eden Semi 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Puhlmann, Rev. F., 

Cumberland, Ind. 
Quinius, Henr.v, 

Waco, Texas. 
Quinius, Rev. J. P., 

New Orleans, La. 
Racherbaemer, Teacher 

Hoyleton, 111. 
Rague, Rev. S. H. v., 

New Bremen, Ohi 
Rahmoeller, Fr. ^X.. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
, Rev. Adolf, 

Hookdale, 111. 

Rev. E., 

Chicago, 111. 


Rahn, El- 


Niles, Mich. 
, Rev. Fred.- 

Niles, .Mich. 
Rahl., Rev. H.. 

Edward-sville. III. 
Rapp. John. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Rasche, Rev. August C, 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
Rasche, Rev. C, 

West Burlington, 
Rasche, Fr., 

Burlington, Iowa. 
Rasche, John, 

Burlington, Iowa. 
Rath. Rev. Wm.. 

Norwood, Minn. 
Rath, Wm. G., 

Eden Sem., St. Loi 
Rathert, Adolf, 

St. I^ouis, Mo. 
Rathsfeld, Gottlieb, 

Chicago, III. 
Rathmann, Rev. E.. 

Chicago. 111. 











D.. (1893) 


L., (1911) 




1 1883-1885) 





lis. Mo. 



Rathmann, Rev. Wr 

Bartlett, 111. 
Ranch, Martii 



. 111. 
Raukohl. Teacher H.. (1879) 

Quincy, 111. 
Rausch. Fuerchtegott. (1880-lSSl) 

Haubstadt. Ind. 
Rausch, Rev. J., (1874) 

Claremont, III. 
Ray, George, (1S86-1S87) 

Waterloo, 111. 
Reh. Rev. Otto F.. (1916) 

Centralia, 111. 
Rehsteiner, Edm., (1878-1880) 

St. Louis, ^lo. 
Reichert, Rev. J., (1893) 

Portage, Wis. 
Reichert. Wm.. (1SS7-18S9) 

Manchester. Mich. 
Reifschneider, H., (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 
Reimund, Harold. (1913-1913) 

Meadville, Pa. 
Reinhard, Rev. .\ugiist. (1873-1874) 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Reinhaid, Otto, (1912-1913) 

Marion. Texas. 
Reinert, Ludwig. (1914-1916) 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Reinicke, Rev. Joseph, (1881) 

Wooster, Ohio. 
Reinke. Teacher j., (1878) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Reinke, Chi-istian, (1909-1911) 

Saginaw, .Mich. 
Reller, Rev. H., (1879) 

Albany, N. Y. 
Reller, Hugo N., Banker, (1894-1S96) 

Vincennes, Ind. 
Reller, Rev. O., (1909) 

Rochester, N. Y. 
Reller, William, (1SS3-1SS7) 

Miltonsburgh, Oliio. 
Reller, Teacher Wni., (1874) 

( Deceased ) . 
Rensehler, W., (1916-1919) 

Shepherd, Mont. 
Rest, Rev. C, (1897) 

Marsalltown, Iowa. 
Reuling, Edwai-d, (1S7S-1S79) 

Pekin, 111. 
Reusch, .\.. (1.895) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Richardt, Paul, (191i;-1917) 

Huntingburg, Ind. 
Richey, Charles. (1914-1915) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Richey, P., (1917) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Richter, Robt., (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Riechmann, Alvie. (1912-1913) 

Irvington. 111. 

Rieder, Rev. H., 

Marshall. Okla. 
Rieger, Rev. J. C, 

Quinc.v, 111. 
Rieger, Rev. N., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Riemann, Carl, 

Ti-enton, 111. 
Riemann, John, 

Trenton, 111. 
Riemann, Rev. Rudolph 

Lenox, Mich. 
Riemann, Rev. William, 

Minnesota Lake, : 
Riemeier, Rev. J., 

( Deceased ). 
Riemeier, Rev. William. 

Carlinville, 111. 
Riese. Henry, 

Pekin, 111. 
Ringle. Rev. O.. 

Wausau. Wis. 
Rinkert. Fred, 

Hollywood, Kan. 
Rintelmann, Ewald. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ritterskamp. William, 

Fi-eeiandville, Ind 
Ritzmann. Samuel, 

( Deceased ) . 
Rixmann, Paul, 

Long Prairie, Min 
Rodenbeck, Rev. F.. 

Griswold, Iowa. 
Rodenberg, Albert, 

Napoleon. Mo. 
Roedei-er. Elmei-. 

Jeffersontown, Ky. 
Roelfsema. John, 

Ale.xandei-. Iowa. 
Roerig. Rev. Wm. H.. 

Barmen, Germany 
Rohrmann, Henry, 

Zanesville, Ohio. 
Rolf, Rev. F. J.. 

Rock Island, 111. 
Rolf, Teacher William, 

Pekin, 111. 
Roloff, Carl. 

Sheldenhein. 111. 
Rosche. Daniel, 

Navarre, Ohio. 
Rose, Richai-d, 

Parkville, Md. 
Rosendahl, E., 

Petersburg. 111. 
Roth, Rev. A. C, 

Westphalia, Ind. 
Roth. Rev. C. 

Elmwood Place. Oh 
Roth. Rev. C. 

Chillicothe. Ohio. 
Roth. Louis, ( 


(1911) Roth, Rev. William. (1S85) 
Benton Harbor, Mich. 

(1880) Roth, William, (1906-1907) 

St. Joseph, Mich. 
(1883) Rueckert, Fi-.. (1905-1907) 

Holyrod, Kan. 
(18S6-1887) Rueggeberg, Rev. C, (1915) 

Pavette, Idaho. 
(1SS6-18S7) Runge, Alfred, (1913-1916) 

Peotone, 111. 

(1912) Saeger. Teacher F., (1880) 
( Deceased ) . 

(1910) Saeger. Teacher L.. (1874) 
linn. St. Charles, Mo. 

(1876) Saenger, Rev. C, (1902) 

El Centre, Cal. 
(1880) Saffran. Rev. P.. (1897) 

Niles. Mich. 
(1875-1876) Sailer, Fi-ed, (1884-1885) 

Acklev, lo-n-a. 
(1898) Salatin, Carl, (1891-1892) 

Chicago, 111. 
(1905-1907) Saleske. Rev. P.. (1913) 

Coshocton, Ohio. 
(1915-191S) Sandreczki. P., M. D., (1897) 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
(1884-1885) Saxler, Hai-old W. J., (1911-1912) 

Chicago, 111. 
(1886-1888) Schaefer, Rev. Carl, (1916) 

Schaefer, C. Theo., (ISSO) 

(1906-190S) (Deceased). 

1. Schaefer, Rev. Fr.. (1916) 

(1911) Colby, Kan. 
Schaefer, Rev. F. W.. (1876) 

(1907-1919) (Deceased). 

Schaefer, Walter, (1918) 

(1916-1919) Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo. 

Schaeffer, Rev. C, (1:89) 

(1900-19111) Hammond, Ind. 

Shaei-, Rev. C , (1879) 

(1887-1889) Piqua, Ohio. 

Schaible, Paul, (1895-1896) 

(1S86-1SS7) Sharon, Mich. 

Schaub, Emanuel, (1884-1885) 

(1903) (Deceased). 

Schaubhut, Rev. Cai-1 F., (1873) 

(1895-1899) Schaubs, Ei-nst J., (1900-1903) 

Brillion, Wis. 
(1892-1893) Schauer. Rev. John, (1912) 

Lockport, N. Y. 
(1878-1880) Schaumburg, Martin, (1915-1916) 

Lester Prairie, Minn. 
(1896-1898) Scheerer, Jacob, (1883-1884) 

Huntington, Ind. 
(1894) Scheible, Teacher A., (1900) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
(1891) Scheidemann, Rev. A., (1883) 

(1879) Scheidemann, Walter, (1906-1908) 

Acklev, Iowa. 
(1909) Scheitel, H., (1918-1919) 

Rulo, Neb. 
3-1896) Scheliha, Paul, (1878-1879) 

Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Schcmmer. Rev. A. F.. (1909) 

Hinckley, 111. 
Schenck. Edgar, (1912-1913) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Schenk. Rev. F. J., (1913) 

Ft Madison. Iowa. 
Scherer. Teacher Th., (1882) 

Chicago, 111. 
Scherf, C, (1912) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Scherzer, Carl, (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Scheuber, Rev. J., (1895) 

( Deceased ) . 
Schewe. Teacher F. Vt'm.. (1878 1 

Schick. G.. (1896) 

Schiek, Rev. Herman J.. (1897) 

Pres., Blmhurst College, 

Elmhurst. 111. 
Schiek, Theophil E., (1900-1903) 

( Deceased ) . 
Schiek, Theodore \V., (1892-1894) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Schild, Rev. William. (1881) 

Bultalo, N. Y. 
Schiffmann, Albert P., (1914-1915) 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
Schleicher, Teacher Fr.. (1886) 

Schlierbach. Th.. M. D., (1878-1881) 

Pana, 111. 
Schlinkmann. Emil, (1883-1884) 

Schlinkmann, Rev. F., (1904) 

Fields Landing, Cal. 
Schhnkmann, Teacher J., (1914) 

Schlinkmann, Rev. Wm., (1906) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Schluer, Teacher H., (1877) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Schlueter, August, (1883-1884) 

Brake, Germany. 
Schlueter, R., M. D., (1903-1906) 

Chicago, 111. 
Schlundt, Teacher. D., (1896) 

Chicago, 111. 
Schlundt, Emil, (1895-1896) 

Parkers Settlement, Ind. 
Schlundt, Rev. Th., (1894) 

Dover, Ohio. 
Schlundt, Theo.. Jr.. (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Schmale, Rev. Th., (1903) 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Schmidt, Rev. C. E., (1907) 

Wapokoneta. Ohio. 
Schmidt, Ernst. (1903-1906) 

Scranton. Pa- 
Schmidt. Fr., (1884-1885) 

Farina, 111. 
Schmidt, Rev. F. C. (1909) 

St. Joseph, Mich. 
Schmidt, Rev. G. A., (1884) 

Denver. Colo. 

Schmidt, George G. A.. (1905-1906) 

Howard City, Mich. 
Schmidt, Teacher H., (1887) 

Portage, Wis. 
Schmidt. Rev. H. C, (1876) 

Howard City, Mich. 
Schmidt. John. (1885-1887) 

Seward. Neb. 
Schmidt, John, (1914-1915) 

Schmidt. Louis H., (1906-1907) 

Hinckley. 111. 
Schmidt. Paul W., (1918) 

Chicago, 111. 
Schmidt. Teacher P., (1878) 

Schmidt. Rev. Paul L., (1914) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Schmidt. Rev. Ralph. (1917) 





Schmidt, Willi! 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Schmidt, Wm. G. C. 

Reading, Ohio. 
Schmiemeier, Teacher Aug., (1881) 

( Deceased ) . 
Schnake, Alfred. (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Schnake, Emil, (1913-1917) 

Nashua. Iowa. 
Schnake. Rev. Paul, (1909) 

Warsaw, 111. 
Schnathorst. Rev. F.. (1913) 

Petersburg, 111. 
Schnathorst, Rev. F. W.. (1883) 

( Deceased ) . 
Sdmeider. Rev. A.. (1917) 

Hannibal, Ohio. 
Schneider. Rev. C (1909) 

Prof., Eden Seminary. 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Schneider. Edward C, (1917-1918) 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Schneider. John, (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Schneider, Rev. J. U.. Dr., (1883) 

Evansville. Ind. 
Schnell. F. W.. (1884-1885) 

New Orleans, La. 
Schnierle. Carl, (1898-1899) 

Clinton, Mich. 
Schoen, Rev. A.. (1890) 

Manchester, Mich. 
Schoenauer. Teacher Ernst, (1883) 

Schoenhuth, Nathaniel. (1893^1894) 

New Salem. N. D. 
Schoenstedt, Chr„ (1S81-1883) 

Monee, III. 
Schoenstedt, F. C. (1875-1877) 

Monee. 111. 
Schoenstedt, Otto, (1890-1891) 

Monee, 111. 
Schoettel, G. U. (1883-1884) 

Freeport, 111. 

Schoettle, Rev. Herman, (1897-1900 

Dexter. Mich. 
Schoettle, Rev. Jac, (1883 

Cambridge, Ind. 
Schoettle, Paul, (189.3-1894 

Manchester, Mich. 
SchoU. Rev. Frank. (1915 

Covington, Ky. 
Scholz, Carl W. B., (1884-1886 

Peterwitz, Silesia. 
Schonscheck, Edward. (1912-1913 

Detroit. Mich. 
Schoon, William, (1887-1889 

Wamego, Kan. 
Schoppe. Teacher A., (1885 

Wellston, Mo. 
Schoppe, Rev. P.. (1914 

Manitowoc, Wis. 
Schory. Teacher H., (1880 

Indianapolis. Ind. 
Schory. Rev. St.. (1880 

Schory. Rev. Theo., (1878 

New Palestine, Ind. 
Schott, Jacob, (1883-1885 

Schowalter, Clarence. (1915-1919 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Schrade. George, (1880-1881 

Wucrttemberg, Germany. 
Schreiber. Teacher A. G., (1910 

Champaign, 111. 
Schrodel. Martin P.. (1919 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Schroeder, Rev. Adam, (1873 

( Deceased ) . 
Schroeder. Albert H.. (1911-1912 

Peotone. 111. 
Schroeder, Rev. Fr., (1915 

Chicago, 111. 
Schroeder, John, (1893-1895 

New Haven. Mo. 
Schroeder, John Fr., (1892-1895 

Chicago, 111. 
Schroeder. Justus. (1909 

S. Amherst. Ohio. 
Schroeder. Rev. O., (1904 

Utica, N. T. 
Schroeder, Rev. Paul M.. (1909 

New Orleans. La. 
Schroerluke. Rev. O.. (1910 

Schubert. Carl, (1886-1887 

Berlin. Germanv. 
Schuch, Rev. J. N., (1897 

Washington. Mo. 
Schueler, Rev. F. D., (1897 

Lawrenceburg, rnd. 
Schuessler, Teacher H., (1908 

Quincv, 111. 
Schuessler, H.. (1920 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis, Mo. 
Schuessler, Teacher W., (1912 

Chicago. 111. 
Schuh, Benjamin, (1908-1909 

Monroe. Wis. 

Schuldt. Franz, (1886-1888) 

Hamburg. Germanv. 
Schultz. Rev. A.. (1882) 

Schultz. Edward, (1887-1888) 

Lyons, III. 
Schultz, Rev. G., (1908) 

Haubstadt. Ind. 
Schultz, John J. W., (1918) 

Eden Sem.. St. Louis. Mo. 
Schultz. Norbert, (1919) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Schultz. Rev. W.. (1906) 

Burlington. Iowa. 
Schultze, Adolf A.. (1880-1881) 

Chicago. 111. 
Schulz, Rev. A.. (1909) 

Muskegon, Mich. 
Schulz. Rev. O.. (1900) 

Schulz, Rev. P.. (1893) 

Schulz, Waldemar C, (1911-1913) 

Menomonee, Mich. 
.Schulz, William, (1882) 

Schumacher, Teacher G,. (1878-1880) 

St Louis, Mo. 
Schumacher. Rev. T., (1912) 

Chesterfield, Mo. 
Schumm, Herman, (1S75-1876) 

Medaryville, Ind. 
Schuster, Teacher G.. (1892) 

Michigan CItv. ind. 
Schwab, Rev. J. P.. (1905) 

New York. X. Y. 
Schwartz, C, (1907) 

( Deceased ) . 
Schwartz. Teacher C. (1893) 

( Decease*) ) . 
Schwartze, Rev. Robert. 11915) 

Ellsworth. Wis. 
Schweickhardt. Rev. L.. (1898) 

New Orleans, La. 
Schweinfurth. Rev. F.. (1914) 

Newburg. Ind. 
Schwemmer. Wm. C, (1920) 

Eden Sem., St. Louis. Mo 
Schwenk, Henry, (1885-1886) 

Seissen. Wittenberg. 
Schwichtenberg, Max., (1875-1877) 

Michigan City, Ind. 
Seeger, George, (1877-1880) 

Haubstadt. Ind. 
Seefeld, C. A., (1883-1884) 

Franklin. Iowa. 
Seibert. William. (1880-1881) 

( Deceased ) . 
Seiberth, Teacher. J.. (1893) 

Seiberth. Rev.. Ph., (1894) 

Prof., Washington University, 

St Louis, Mo. 
Seiftert. William, (18S4-1885) 

Okawville. 111. 
Senne, Henry. (1918) 

Bensenville. 111. 
Severing, Ernst, (1S99-1900) 

Freeport. 111. 


Seybold. Rev. E.. (1907) 

Ackley. Iowa. 
Seybold. Gottlob. (1883-1884) 

New Orleans, La. 
Seybold. Rev. I. T., 11876) 

Blue Springs, Mo. 
Seybold, Rev Jonathan, (1876) 

( Deceased ) . 
Seybold, Rev. M.. (19H) 

New Douglas. 111. 
Seybold. Teacher, P., (1S79I 

Davis, 111. 
Seybold. Rev. Theo., (1910) 

Raipur. E. India. 
Siebenpfeifter, ■R'ni.. (1S79-1S80) 

Rochester. N. Y. 
Siegenthaler, Rev. A.. (1898) 

( Deceased ) . 
Siegenthaler. Rev. G.. (1909) 

Buffalo, N. T. 
Siegenthaler. O-war. (1893-1894) 

Erie, Pa. 
Sielemann, Fred, 

Quincy, 111. 
Sieniers^ Walter. (1903-1904) 




Silldorf. Julius C, (I873-187.T) 

Shermerville. 111. 
Simon. Peter, ( 191 7-1 92m ) 

\V'ind.sor, Colo. 
Sinning. Kev. Edw.. (1916) 

Louisville. Kv. 
Slupianek, Eniil, (1904-1906) 

Iladstone. Neb, 
Socll, Kev. E., 

Elmore. Ohio. 



Keokuk. Iowa, 
ich. J. F.. (1887-1888) 

SL Louis. iMo. 
Sonneborn. George. (1919) 

Eden .Sem., St. Loui.^, .\[o 
S..nneborn. Rev. H. J.. (1908) 

Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Spangcnberg. Rev. H., (1898) 

Millbury, Ohio. 
Sparenberg, Oscar, (1900-1903) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Spathelf. Rev. E. H., (1900) 

Elkhart. Ind. 
Spelcher, Daniel. ( 187.'i-1876 ) 



Speicher. Teacher Sylvester, (1874) 

( Deceased ) . 
Speicher. Sylvester, (1896-1897) 

Evansville, Ind. 
Spcidel. I.. D. D. S.. (1907-190S) 

Buffalo. N. Y. 
Speidel, Rev. P.. (1876) 

( Deceased ) . 
Sperber, A., (1896-1897) 

St. I.-ouis. Mo. 
Sperber, Teacher O.. (1892) 

( Deceased ) . 


Spoerneder, Carl. (1892-1893) 

Centralia. 111. 
Sprenger, Rev. C. (1898) 

Rome. N. Y. 
Staehlin. Emanuel. (1896-1899) 

Chicago. 111. 
Staehlin. Paul. (1891-1894) 

Chicago. III. 
Stahlhut, Gustave. (1886-1887) 

Edwardsville. 111. 
Stange, Rev. P.. (1913) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Stanger. Rev. C. G.. (1891) 

Prof.. Elnihurst College. 

Elmhurst. 111. 
Stanger. Rev. Gottlob H., (1873) 

Hinsdale, III. 
Stanger. John. (1S78-1882) 

Boston. Mass. 
Stanger. Robert. (1918) 

Eden Sem.. St. Loui<!. Mo. 
Stanger. Theophil. (1892-1894) 

( Deceased ). 
Starck. Rev. C. A.. (187.5) 

( Deceased). 
Starck. Phillipp. (1876-1878) 

Chicago, 111. 
Stauss. Teacher John. (1881) 

Glenbeulah, Wis. 
Stave, Henry, (1900-1901) 

Baltimore. Md. 
Stech, H.. (190-.) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Stegen. Julius. (1902-1904) 

Marthasville. Mo. 
Steinmark, H. F.. (1916-1919) 

Armv of Occupation. 

Coblenz. Germany. 
Steller. Henry. (1871-1873) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Stengell. Leo.. (1918-1920) 

Louisville. Ky. 
Stille. Teacher, J.. (1890) 

Quincy. 111. 
Stilli. Rev. Edwin A.. (1901-11)02) 

I^ouisville. Ky. 
Stilli. Rev. John G.. (1903) 

Louisville. Kv. 
Stock. Herm., (1918-1920) 

Baxter, Iowa. 
Stoelting, Rev. F. A.. (IS.V?) 

Holland. Ind. 
Stoerker. Adolf. (1918) 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Sioerker. Rev. F.. (1908) 

Nickerson, K-in. 
Stoerker. Rev. P.. (1902) 

Jefferson City, Mo. 
Stoerker. Rev. Th.. (1915) 

New Albin. Iowa. 
Stoll. Theodore. (1900-1901) 

Chicago. III. 
Stommel. Rev. Bwald. (1917) 

Crown Point. Ind. 


Stonckmeier, Fred. 

Hoyleton. 111. 
Storrer, Alvin, 

( Deceased ) . 
Strasburg, T., (1918-1919) 

Hutchinson. Minn. 
Strate. Rev. W.. (191.5) 

Straube. Teacher K.. (1893) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Strauch. Oscar T.. (1907-1908) 

Delano, Minn. 
Strauss, Rev. J., (1874) 

Robinson. Texas. 
Strauss, J. D.. (1906) 

Waco. Texas. 
Streib. Rev. Geo. W., (1887-1889) 

Cottleville, Mo. 
SIreich. Rev. H. L.. (1904) 

Buffalo. N. Y. 
Strbtker. Bernhard. (1919-1920) 

Beaufort. Mo. 
Strbtker. Rev. H., (1887) 

Beaufort. Mo. 
Strub. Rev. H.. (190.5) 

Erie. Pa. 
Strubbe, Christian. (lg91-lS92) 

Lincoln. Neb. 
Struckmeier. Rev. C, (1887) 

San Francisco. Cal. 
Struckmeier, F.. (1891-1892) 

Hoyleton. III. 
Struckmeyer. Teacher C, (1912) 

W.ilerloo. III. 
Suedniover. Rev. L.. (1897) 

Buffalo. N. Y. 
Suhl. Richard. (1910-1911) 

Tu.scola. III. 




SuiiOtt. Rev. A.. (1913) 

New Palestine. Ind. 
Suter, Samuel R. I>h . (1889-1891) 

Bloomington. III. 
Tangemann. Gottlob. (1887-1888) 

Newton. Kan. 
Tanner, Armin. (1908-1910) 

Carlvle. 111. 
Tanner. Edmund. (1901-1904) 

Dallas. Tex. 
Taylor. Samuel. (1883-1884) 

Elmhurst. 111. 
Tepas. Rev. Bernhard J., (191.5) 

Rochester. N. Y. 
Tesch. Rev. H., (1890) 

( Deceased). 
Tester. Rev. P.. (1,S79) 

El Cajon. Calif. 
Thcis. Edward H.. (1916-1917) 

Granite City. 111. 
Thcis. Emory (1918) 

McCormick Theo. Seminary. 

Chicago. 111. 
Thiclkcr. Carl L.. (1912) 

Sand Prairie, 111. 

Thomas. Carl. (1882-1884) 

New Hanover. 111. 
Thormann. Leo.. (1892-1896) 

Huntingburg. Ind. ,„„^, 

Thoi-ward, Henry T.. (1873-1875) 

Powhattan Pt.. Ohio. 
Thumm. John, (1889-1892) 

Columbia, Pa. 
Thurmann. Henry W., (1881-1883) 

Madison Co.. 111. „,„, 

Tiedemann. A. T.. (1910) 

Public Accountant. 

Manheim. 111.. 
Tiedemann. Elmer H.. (1910) 

Public Accountant. 

Manheim. III.. ,„,-, 

Tiedemann. P. Thomas, (1916) 

Franklin Park, 111. 
Tiedemann, Th. H.. (1879-1881) 

Manheim. 111. 
Tietke. Herman, (1908-1911) 

Bari'ington, HI. 
Tietz. Robert J.. (1912-1913) 

Manly, la. ,„„„, 

Tillmanns. Rev. E.. M. D.. (1898) 

Los Angeles. Cal. 
Tillinanns, Rev. Theodore, (1898) 

Lawrence, Kan. 
Tjardes. John. (1S85-1SS7) 

(Deceased). ,,nna-. 

Toelle. Rev. H., (1906) 

Paducah, Ky. 
Toennies. Benjamin, (1912-1913) 

St. Louis, Mo. ,iai9^ 

Toennies, D., (1912) 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Tofft. Andrew, (1887-1889) 

Watervliet, Mich. 
Torbitzki. Edward J., (1884-1885) 

Dittmer's Store, Mo. 
Totzke. Henry E.. (1918) 

Trabandt. Ferdinand. (1910-1916) 

Traeger. Rev. John, (1885-1888) 

Chicago. 111. ,,oo<:% 

Trefzer. Rev. J. C, (ISSb) 

(Deceased). „„„^ 

Trojahn, Justus. (1890-1893) 

Oak Hai'bor, Mich. ,,„„-, 

Trost. Teacher Theo.. (1887) 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Trupp. George. (lS8J-l«si» 

Tippecanoe, Ohio. 

Tschudy. Emiil. (1883-1884) 

Monroe. Wis. 

Tschudv. Rev. F.. (1904) 

New Haven, Mo. 

Tschudv. Jacob. (1874-1875) 

Monroe, Wis. 

Twente. Rev. Theo.. (1910) 

Sakti. C. P., E. India. 

Twiehaus. Henry, (1874-1875) 



Uhlhorn, Rev. R., 


Van Wert, Ohio. 

Uhlhorn, Walter, 


Oak Park, 111. 

Uhrland, Rev. W. B., 


Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ulbricht, William. 


Tell City. Ind. 

Umbeck, Rev. F. P.. 


California, Mo. 

Utlaut, Lorenz, 


Malta Bend, Mo. 

Vehe, Carl, 


Palatine. 111. 

Vehe, Rev. William, 


Cherokee, Iowa. 

Vehlow, Max W. R., 


Wausau, Wis. 

Veith, Henry D., 


Meadville, Pa. 

Vetter, Gottfried, 



Viehe, Rev. A. E.. 


Hamburg, N. Y. 

Viehe, Rev. (3ottlieb, 


Tulare, S. D. 

Viehe, G. H., 


Henderson, Ky. 

Voeks, Rev, J. C. 


Palatine, 111. 

Vogelmann, Rev. C. 


Wendeville, N. Y 

Vogelsang, A., 


Commercial Artist, 

Chicago, 111. 

Voges. Conrad, 


Red Bud. 111. 

Vogt, Alfred B., 


Bdwardsville, 111. 

Voight. Louis H.. 


Elmhurst, 111. 

Voigts, Emil E., 


Rosedale, Kan. 

VoUbrecht. Rev. W., 


Hamilton, Ohio. 

Voile, Carl P., 


Freelandville, Ind 

Voile. Henry. 


Evansville, Ind. 

Vonderheidt. John, 


Chicago, 111. 

Von der Ohe, Rev. A., 


Mapleton, Iowa. 

Voss, Rev. Dr. A., 


Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wachenteld. Fried., 


Augusta. Mo. 

Wagner. Carl, 


Bensenville, 111. 

Wagner, Rev. H., 


Bensenville. 111. 

Wagner, Herman, 


Bensenville, 111. 

Wahl, Rev. A., (1911) 

Attica. N. Y. 
Wahl Christian W., (1892-1893) 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Wall, Wendelin, (1872-1873) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
AValser. Rev. Henry, (1873) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Walser, Otto T., M. D., (1896-1897) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Walter, Carl, (1885-1886) 

North Amherst, Ohio. 
Walterhause, Geo. Von. (1901-1904) 

Forest Park. 111. 
Walther, Sam. M.. (1873-1874) 

Powhattan Point, Ohio. 
Walz, Rev. A.. (1882) 

Walz, Teacher A., (1901) 

River Rouge, Jlich. 
Wambach, Fred W., 

Elkhart, Ind. 
Wandtke, Teacher E., 

Edwardsport. Ind. 
Warber, Rev. E. ^V. C, 

Alhambra, III. 















Warskow. Rev. 

Quihcv. 111. 
Waiskow. Ernst, 

Coloma, ilich. 
Warth, Paul, 

( Deceased ) . 
Webbink, Rev. G., 

Owosso, Mich. 
Webbink. Rev. W., 

Foi-restville, Mich 
Weber, Ernst, 

Freudenstadt, Wuerttemberg. 
Weber, F., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Weber, Kuno, 

Pearl City, 111. 
Weber. Rev. L. C, 

Chillicothe, Ohio. 
Weber, Teacher O., (1882) 

Weber, Otto, (1898-1899) 

Manchester, Midi. 
Weber, Teacher S., (1900) 

Chicago. III. 
Wedeking. Otto. (1877-1879) 

( 1 >eceased ) . 
Wehrhalin, Henry, (1884-18S6) 

Chicago, 111. 
Wehrli, Rev. .\., (1913) 

Registrar, Eden Stminar.v, 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Wehrmann, Gustave, (1879-1880) 

Weil, Rev. P., (1S86) 

Hammond, Ind. 
Weinheimer, Geo. H., (1873-1874) 

Chicago, 111. 
Weiser, Rev. C, (1889) 

Weiss. Teacher C. A., (1880) 

Chicago, 111. 
Weiss. Teacher Fr.. (1876) 

( Deceased ) . 
"iVeiss. Teacher Louis, (1886) 

( Deceased ) . 
Weissbrodt, Teacher Wni., (1883) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Weithe, Arthur, (1907-1909) 

( Deceased ) . 
Weizel, George, (1894-1896) 

Meadville, Pa. 
Weking, Louis, (1892-1893) 

Hovleton, 111. 
Welcker. Fred, (1917-1918) 

Bensenville, 111. 
Wellhoelter, Rev. Arthur. (1909) 

Wellner. Carl, (1878-1879) 

Bensenville, 111. 
Weltge, Rev. F. W., 

Belvue, Kan. 
Weltge. Rev. P., 

Holyrood, Kan. 
Weltge. Rev. William, 

Du Quoin, 111. 
Wendland, Herman, 

Elmhurst. 111. 
Werhahn. Rev. F. H. W.. 

Chicago, 111. 
Wei-heim, Rev. Dr. Wm. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Werner, Adolf. 

Lahr, Baden. 




Werner, Eugene, 

Chicago, 111. 
Werner, .Tulius, 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
AVerth, Nathaniel, 

Hartsburg, Mo. 
Werth. Rev. W., 
Westerbeck, Rev. E., 

Addieville, 111. 
Westerbeck. Roy, 

Quincy, 111. 
Westerteld. Fred, 

Hoyleton, 111. 
Wettle, Teacher W., 

Lasalle, 111. 
Wetzeler, Rev. Walter R. 

Eden Sem., St. Louis, Mo. 
Wetzeler, Rev. William. (1893) 

Schleswig, Iowa. 
Wicht, Teacher H.. (1883-1885) 

Wiebusch. August, (1881-1885) 

( Deceased ) . 
Wiehmann. Ceroid, (1907-1908) 

Laramie, Wvo. 
Wiegemann. Teacher G., (18S9) 

Chicago, 111. 
Wiegmann, L., Banker, (1885) 

Hoyleton, lit. 


















Wieland, O. C, 

Supt. of Gern 
Lacrosse. Wi; 

Wierth, Raymond, 

Wiese, Hugo, 

Eyota, Minn. 
Wiesecke, Rev. H. JI., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Wiesecke, Teacher W., 

( Decciised ) . 
Wiggermann, Rev. P. H., 

Newport, Kv. 
Wilke, Teacher Richard, 

Bayonne, N. J. 
Wilkening. Henry A.. 

Hamel, 111. 
Wilking. Fred, 

St. Louis. Mo. 
Winger, Rev. P.. 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Winkel, August, 

Pekin, 111. 
Wintermeyer, Rev. H., 



Wischemeyer, Rev. W 
Witt, Rev. W., 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Witte, Albert J.. 

Cumberland. Ind. 
Witte, Rev. R., R. Ph., 

Chicago, III. 
Wittlinger, Eugene 

Tonawanda, X. Y. 
Wittlinger, Rev. O., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Wittlinger, Rev. Th., 

Valmeyer, 111. 
Witzke, Rev. B., 

Lester Prairie, Mil 
Wlange, August, 

Houston. Texas. 
Wobus, Rev. P., 

Lebanon, 111. 
Wobus, Rev. R.. 

Sidney, Onio. 
Wobus, Rev. Th., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wolf. Alfred, 

Des Plaines, 111. 
Wolf, Edwin C, 

Dunkirk, N. Y. 
Wolf. Rev. H., 

Des Plaines, 111. 
Wolf. Otto, C. E.. 

Des Plaines, 111. 
Wolf, Peter, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Wolf, Ph. C, 

Massillon, Ohio. 
Wolf, Reinhard, 

Des Plaines, 111. 
Wolf, Theodore. 

Des Plaines, 111. 


















WolSC, Re.v. C, 

Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Wordel. Robert, 

trhicago, 111. 
■VVoth, Rev. A., 

Seward. Xeb. 
Woth, Rev. Fr.. 

Baltimore. Md. 
Wuellner. Teacher W.. 

Chicago, 111. 
^Vulfmann, Rev. B.. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Wulfmann, Daniel, 

Huntingburg, Ind. 
Wulfmann, Gustave. 

Breese, lU. 
Wulfmann, Rev. J., 

Port Huron, Mich. 





Wulfmann. Rev. J., (1891-1894) 

Port Huron. Mich. 
Wulfmann, Samuel, (1882-1884) 

Breese, III. 
Wullschleger, Albert, (1917-1919) 

Wullschleger, Rev. E., (1914) 

Judson, N. D., 
Wullschleger, Teacher E., (1916) 

Elmhurst. 111. 
Yostmeyer, Mairs, (1912-1913) 

Amsterdam, N. T. 
Young, Charles, (1920) 

Eden Sem., St, Louis, Mo. 
Zeiler, Martin, W., (1908-1912) 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Zeiler, Robert, (1908-1913) 

Elmhurst, 111. 

Zeiler, Albert, 


Buffalo, N. T. 

Zeiler, -Alexander, 


Tilsit, Mo. 

Zeiler, Rev. Paul E., 


Scranton, Pa. 

Zeyher. Rev. C, 


Wahpeton, N. D. 

Ziemer, Rev. Armin, 


Zlemer, Otto W., 


Ziesch, Julius, 


Richburg, Okla. 

Zimmermann, Rev. A., 


Pekin, 111. 

Zimmermann, C. Sch. J. 


Zimmermann, Fred. 

Chesterton, Ind. 
Zimmermann, John, 

New Glarus, W 
Zimmermann, Julius. 

Chicago, 111. 
Zimmermann, Rev. Robert, 

Dittmer. Mo. 
Zink, Rev. A. R. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Zwilling. Rev. O., 

Hudson, Kan. 
Zwilling, Rev. Paul R., 

Louisville, Ky. 
Zwilling. Teacher Ph. J 





•t, (1906) 






Eden FiTBLisBrao House, St. Louis, Mo. 
PrlDtefB and Binders