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|fl as sac hit setts S^jjislattfrs 

l8 95 


(Issued A nnually) 



Copyrighted 1X95, by 





HP HE "Souvenir" of 1895 is the first to contain recoras of men who sat in the 
* State House Extension to make and unmake laws tor the state. It was a 
Legislature remarkable for containing the largest proportion of members from 
one political party ever known. The House contained 194 Republicans and 
46 Democrats, while in the Senate there were only four Democrats to 36 
Republicans. There were not enough even of the former to secure a roll call. 
And yet there was no unusual partisan legislation attempted. The majority 
always passes more or less legislation against the protest of the minority. The 
business of the session, although of greater volume than ever, was completed 
decently and in order and prorogation reached at the unusually early date of 
June 5, or the earliest since 1SS8. The session of 1S95 was also remarkable for 
the unusual number of deaths among its members. One Senator and two 
Representatives elect died without taking the oath of office, while two died after 
having served several weeks, and one on the very morning of the day the 
Legislature was prorogued. This "Souvenir" contains the portrait of every 
"Legislator" of the state, whether in Senate or House or Congress, as well as all 
members of the Executive Department. Nearly all of the Staff and a good 
proportion of the Sergeant-at-arms' force are also represented. The pictures of 
the new House and of the old Senate chamber, included for the first time, make 
the volume more complete than ever as a Souvenir. It now contains not only 
the portraits of the members, their biographies and their autographs, but pictures 
also of the halls themselves in which they sat to legislate. If their successors 
serve the state as well as they, the people will be well served indeed. 




His Excellency FREDERIC T. GREENHALGE, Governor 

(5 ) 

Hun. W. M. OLIN, Secretary. Hon. II. M. PHILLIPS, Treasurer. 

His Honor ROGER WOLCOTT, Lieutenant-Governor. 
Hon. J. W. KIMBALL, Auditor. Hon. II. M. KNOWLTON, Attorney-General. 


Hon. W. M. OLIN, Secretary. Hon. E. P. SHAW, Treasurer. 

His Honor ROGER WOLCOTT, Lieutenant-Governor. 
Hon. J. W. KIMBALL, Auditor. Hon. H. M. KNOWLTON, Atty-General. 







Hon. Z. C. Keith, ist District. Hon. C. Savage, 2d District. 

Hon. F. H. Raymond, 3d Dist. Hon. B F. Southwick, 5th Dist. 

Hon. J. H. Sullivan, 4th Dist. 
Hon. J. M. Harlow, 6th Dist. Hon. A Barrus, 8th Dist. 

Hon. C. E. Stevens, 7th Dist. 
H. A. Thomas, Governor's Secretary. E. F. Hamlin, Executive Clerk. 

(9 ) 


Gen. Samuel Dalton, Adjt.-Gen. 
Gen. A. O. Davidson, Com. Gen. Gen. E. R. Champlin, J. A. G 

( io) 


Col. D. W. Farquhar, A. J). C. Col. P. H. Corr, A. D. C. 

Col. W. M. Bunting, A. I). C. Col. E. C. Benton, A. I). C. 

Col. G. F. Hall, I. G. R. P. Col. J. L. Carter, A. I. G. 


Col. Percy Parker, A. I. G. Col. F. G. King, A. A. G. 

Col. C. A. Page, A. A. (\. Col. J. A. Lakin, A. A. G. 

Col. P. S. Eovell, A. A. G. Col. A. H. Goetting, A. A. G 


Col. G. W. Moses, A. A. G. Col. F. S. Richardson*, A. 0. G. 

Col. H. Hastings, A. Q. G. Col. Wm. Barrett, A. O. G. 

Col. G. B. Billings, A. Q. G. Col. F. T. Walsh, A. Q. G. 

( 13 ) 


A. B. Wright, ist District. F. H. Gillett, 2d District. J. H. Walker, 3d District. 

L. D. Ai'si.ev, 4th District. M. T. Stevens, 5th District. Wm. Cogswell, 6th District. 

Senator George I-'. Hoar. Senator Henry CABOT Lodge. 

Wm. Everett, 7th District. S. W. McCall, 8th District. J. H. O'Neil, 9th District. 
M. J. MCETTRICK, 10th District. E. A. MORSE, 12th District. 

C. S. Randall, 13th District. 

< '4 ) 

W. F. Draper, nth District. 

A. B. Wright, ist Dist. F. H. Gillett, 2d Dist. J. H. Walker, 3d Dist. 
L. D. Apslkv, 4th Dist. W. S. Knox, 5th Dist. Wm. Cogswell, 6th Dist. 

Senator George F. Hoar. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. 

W. E. Barrett, 7th District. J. F. Fitzgerald, 9th District. 

S. W. McCall, 8th District. 
H. H. Atwood. 10th District. E. A. Mouse, 12th District. 

W. F. Draper, nth District. John Simpkins. 13th District. 

( IS ) 

As redistricted in 1891. 


Total for 1880 
Total for 1890. 

regulation by Counties according to Census 

Barnstable 29,172 

Berkshire Si, 108 

Bristol '86,465 

Dukes 4.369 

Essex 299,995 

Franklin . 58,610 

Hampden >35>7>3 

Hampshire 51, 859 

Middlesex • 431 , 167 

Nantucket 3,268 

Norfolk . 118,950 

Plymouth 92,700 

Suffolk 484,780 

Worcester 280,787 

Population by Congressional District*. 

First district 170,297 

Second district 175,951 

Third district 171,484 

Fourth district 170,221 

Fifth district 172,178 

Sixth district 169,418 

Seventh district 174,866 

Eighth district 174,274 

Ninth district 170,458 

Tenth district 174,008 

Eleventh district 173,185 

Twelfth district '7'i535 

Thirteenth district 173,068 



II. ]). Coolidge, Clerk. Rev. Edmund Dowse, Chaplain. 

Hon. W. M. Butler, President. 
W. H. Sanger, Assistant Clerk. F. E. Bridgman, Clerical Assistant. 

( !7) 

(The following inscriptions on the tablets adjoining the present young and thrifty elm briefly 
state the main facts of interest) : 

"THE OLD ELM destroyed by a gale Feb. 15, 1876. This elm planted A.D. 1876." 
"THE OLD ELM. — This tree has been standing here for an unknown period. It is believed 
to have existed before the settlement of Boston, being fully grown in 1722; exhibited marks of old 
age in 1792, and was nearly destroyed by a storm in 1832. Protected by an enclosure in 1854 
J. V. C. Smith, Mayor." 

( 18) 


Hon. G. v. L. Meyer, Speaker. 
E. A. Mclaughlin, Clerk. Rev. I). W. Waldron, Chaplain. 

J. W. Kimball, Assistant Clerk 





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( 22 ) 

Hon. Ledyard Bill, Hox. G, P. Lawrence, D. D. Stone, L. W. Clark, 
H E. Wallis, House Chairman, C. E. Wakefield, Clerk, 

Hox. Johx B. Ripley, Chairman, 
A. H. Turner, J M Burt, E. L. Moore, S. B. Root. 

( 23 ) 

Hox. S. Salisbury, Hon. John Ouixx, W. H. Hutchinson, E. A. Hale, 
G. A. Hibbard, House Chairman, L. P, Howe, Clerk, 

Hox. J. C. Leach, Chairman, 
Wm. Tolman, S. N. Mayo, A. E. Southworth, J. A. Gallivan. 


Hox. G. L. Ga(;e, Hon. E. S. Foss, A. S. Roe, G. E. Putnam, 

C. A. Jordan, House Chairman, G. H. Newhall, Clerk, 

Hon. E. S. Bradford. Chairman, 
C. E. Mills, J. F. Sheehan, G. B. Waterman, G. W. Turner. 

( 27 ) 

Hon. E. G. Frothingham, Hon. J. J. Corbett, G. H. Newhall, E. B. Crane, 
A. F. Barker, House Chairman, C. T. Phelps, Clerk, 

Hon. C. F. Sprague, Chairman, 
J. J. McCarthy, L. P. Howe, Robert Duddv, F. H. Rourke. 

( 29) 


F. \V. Dallixger, Chairman, J. B. Knox, Clerk, 

E. A. Hale, D. D. Stone, S. W. Flint, 

S. H. Mitchell, J. J. Flynn, 


E. W. Pinkham, D. C. Casey, G. M. Scates. 

( 3i ) 

Hon. J. B. Ripley, Hon. E. S. Foss, C. T. Balch, Wm. Carter. 

J. S. Gray, House Chairman, C. W. Goodrich, Clerk. 

Hox. G. A. Fuller, Chairman, 
B. McMackix, \V. P. Driscoll, S C. Higgins, John Winn. 

(33 ) 

Hon. Ledyakd Bill. Hon. G. W. Perkins, B. Porter, Jr., W. H. Drew. 
A. S. Roe, House Chairman, G. W. Penniman, Clerk 

Hon. J. D. Miller, Chairman, 
T. E. St. John, G. B. Bird, T. F. Keenan, Z. A. French. 

(35 ) 


S. Bancroft, Chairman, T. K. Parker. 

H. C. Bliss, W. W. Towle. G. T. Sleeper, Clerk. 

E. M. Moriarty, J. J. Nortox. 


C. L. Hammond, J. S. Gray, O. J. Barry. 

(37 ) 




i yi 

Hon. G. J. Burns, Hon. J. J. Corbett, C. G- Bancroft, G. F. Snow. 
J. B. Newhall, House Chairman, E J. Whitaker, Clerk. 

Hon. G A. Galloupe. Chairman. 
M. F. Ryder, J. M. Burt, D. C Casey, G. A. Hibbard. 



Hon. W. A. Morse, Hox. F. \V. Darling, Hon. J. J. Corbett. 



Hon. L. C. Southard, Hox. A. H. Wellman, Hox. E. S. Bradford. 

R. W. Irwin, G. H. Mellen, John G. Horan. 


.. <7„ 


Hon. Stephen Salisbury. Chairman, G. P. Sanger, E. S. Bradford, Clerk, 


W. P. Searls, Chairman, E. A. Stevens, J, H. Mellen, 

H. D. Humphrey, Clerk, A. L. Harwood, S. C. Warriner, 

S. W. George, Wellington Fillmore, T. F. Fallon. 

(These two committees sit jointly as the Committee on Expenditures.) 

(43 ) 

Hox. M. H. Wkitcomb, Hox. C. F. Sprague, M. O. Wheatox, G. A. Roper, 

D. F. Slade, House Chairman, M. B. Mulvkv. Clerk, 

Hox. G. A. Reed, Chairman, 

E. F. Barnes, S. S. Bourne, O. L. Leach, H. R. Barber. 

< 45 ) 


Hon. J. C. Leach, Hon. M. H. Whitcomb, H. F. Rick, R. A. Richardson, 
G. M. Eddy, House Chairman, A. A. Lawrence, Clerk, 

Hon. S. Smith, Chairman, 
T. B. Baker, H. S. Cook. J. F Moonev, J. A. Cochran. 


Hox. E. B. Atwood, Hox. W. A. Morse, F. W. Hathaway, Otis Foss, 
H. H. Fisk, House Chairman, E. E. WiiXARD, ClerK, 

Hox. J. O. Neill. Chairman, 
J. W. Stocker, T. Holland, H. O. Wood, T. J. Donovan. 


Hon. G. L. Gage, Hon. J. B. Maccabe, J. E. Hollis, C. L. Young, 
J. L. Bates, House Chairman, J. F. Porter, Clerk, 

Hox. E. B. Atwood. Chairman, 
J. C. Spofford, M. W. Collins, W. W. Davis, T. F. Hoban. 


Hon. G. P. Sanger, Hon. Dana Malone, Hon. W. A. Morse, 

Hon. L. C. Southard, 
J. J. MYERS, House Chairman, D. F. Slade, Clerk, 

Hon. W. B. Durant, Chairman, 
J. A. Bailev, Jr., G. L. Went worth, J. L. Gillingham, F.C.Lowell, 
R. W. Irwin, C. T. Phelps, C. I. Quirk. 

( 53 ) 


Hox. R. S. Grav, Hon. W. H. Mcmorrow, C. E. Ferson, W. H. Marden, 
S. Ross, House Chairman, Hox. P. Blodgett Chairman, L. E. Osgood, Clerk. 
\V. S. White, F. P. Harlow, William Moran, James F. Ryan. 

( 55 I 




Hon. W. B. Durant, Hon. I. P. Hutchinson, T. E. St. John, 

W. F. Spalding. 
J. J. Prevaux, House Chairman, G. W. Bailey, Clerk, 

Hon. S. Salisbury, Chairman, 
\V. E. Ford, L. D. Thurston, Henry Edgarton, J. F. Mela yen. 

( S7 ) 


,o w. 

4^¥-\ " to 



Hon. Svlvaxus Smith, Hon. M. B. Gilbride, A. M. Eldredge, T. P. Burt, 
E. W. Roberts, House Chairman, L. A. Drury, Clerk, 

Hon. M. H. Whitcomb, Chairman, 
M. E. Bradley, Samuel Hastings, G. W. Porter, James Keenan. 

( 59) 

Hon. L. C. Southard, Hon. M. B. Gilkride, S. Bancroft, A. F. Barker, 
A. L. SPRING, House Chairman, F. H. Krebs, Jr., Clerk, 

Hox. R. S. Gray, Chairman, 
Robert Duddy, J. F. Melavex, Alexander Grant, W. F. Donovan. 

( 61 ) 

Hox. D. Malone, Hon. I. P. Huron. \sox, G. M. Eddy, E. M. Moriartv, 
C. G. Bancroft, House Chairman, F. W. Kaan, Clerk, 

F. Chandler, A. L. Spring, R. T. Teamoh, W.J.Donovan. 


Hon. E. A. Bessom, Hon. C. F. Sprague, Hon. G. W.Perkins, J. L. Bates, 
George R. Jones .House Chairman, H. L. Bout well, Clerk, 

Hon. George P. Sanger, Chairman, 
F. W. Dallingek. A. E. Southworth, C. P. Weston, F. O. Barnes. 
John E. Tlttle, M. P. Geary, C. F. Light, James F. Creed. 

( 65 ) 

Hox. G. A. Reed, Hon. M. B. Gilbride, R. A. Richardson, G. E. Fowle, 
F. O. Barnes, House Chairman, C. F. Sargent, Clerk, 

Hon. J. B. Maccap.e. Chairman, 
Joseph B. Knox, T. K Parker, F, M. Kingman, F. L. Wadden, 

(67 ) 

Hon. F. W. Darling, Hon. H. H. Atherton, W. H. Hutchinson, H. Tower, 
T. E. St. John, House Chairman, J, F. Porter. Clerk, 

Hon. J. D. Miller, Chairman, 
A. T. Beaman, Henry D. Sisson, Henry Edgarton, D. J. Barry. 


-V ffff 

f ^»« 

-r. *»V 

»4f» I 


Hon. J. O. Neill, Hon. G. A. Fuller, C. F. Sturtevant, Caleb B. Huse, 

B. Porter, Jr.. House Chairman. R. T. Teamoh, Clerk, 

Hon. G. W. Perkins, Chairman, 

C. D. Brown, D. D. Rourke, G. A. Leach, A. H. Edgerton. 

(7i ) 

Hox. E. S. Foss, Hon. \V. H. McMorrow, F. H. Bradford, D. W. Allen, 
W. F. Spalding, House Chairman, \Y. T. Graham, Clerk, 

Hon. G L. Gage. Chairman, 
George M. Scates, B. C. Harvey. George J. Tarr, T. M. Denham. 

( 73 ) 

Hox. G. J. Burns, Hox. G. P. Lawrence, James H. Flint, 

Henry C. Bliss, House Chairman, J. B. Newhall, Clerk, 

Hon. Dana Malone, Chairman, 
Fred E. Austin, Albert L. Harwood, William W. Towle, 

Harry R. Dow, George T. Sleeper, Charles I. Quirk, 

( 75 ) 

Hon. J. O. Neill, Hon. P. Blodgett, B. C- Hathaway, Wm. Shepherd, 
John D. H. Gauss, House Chairman, G. E. White, Clerk, 

Hon. E. B. Harvey, Chairman, 
George Hammond, F. L. Wadden, W. S. Leach, Henry E. Gaylord. 

( 77 ) 

Hox. E. B. Harvey, Hon. J. C. Leach, G. E. White, F. A. Brown, 
John E. Tuttle, House Chairman, A. C. Smith, Clerk, 

Hon. I. P. Hutchinson, Chairman, 
Henry M. Smith, U. M. Driscoll, W. G. Kimball, George A. Wales. 


Hon. W. H. McMorrovv, Hon. W. B. Duraxt, E. Clarence Holt, 

C. F. Sturtevant, 
S. W. George, House Chairman, F. S. Bennett, Clerk, 

Hon. E. S. Foss, Chairman, 
Michael Tuite, F. M. Sibley, J. J. Gardner, Wesley O. Hawkes. 

(81 ) 



.A* * 


Hon. E. B. Atwood, Hon. J. B. Ripley, Hon. S. Smith, J. D. H. Gauss, 
T. E. Grover, House Chairman, Charles P. Bond, Clerk, 

Hon. A. H. Wellman, Chairman. 
J. J. McCarthy, Fred D. Stanley, C.L.Hammond, G.W.Bailey, 
T. E. Kellogg, D. T. Dickinson, Joshua B. Holden, Charles W. Carroll. 


Hon. G. A. Galloupe, Hon. A. H. Wellman, R. W. Ives, L. H. Perkins, 
Richard Newell, House Chairman, W. S. Jenks, Clerk, 

Hon. Ledyard Bill, Chairman, 
B. F. Blodgett, Romeo E. Allen, Benj. F. Estes, John M. O'Hara. 

( 85 ) 

Hox. G. P. Sanger, Hon. E. A. Bessom, Hon. Dana Malone, Hon. J. Quinn. 
Speaker G. v. L. Meyer. House Chairman, J. A. Bailey, Jr., Clerk. 

President W. M. Butler. Chairman. 
J. H. Mellen, J. J. Myers, G. L. Wentwotrh, G. R. Jones. 

R. W. Irwin, F. C. Lowell. G. W. Bailey. 

(87 ) 

Hon. J. B. Magcabe, Hon. G. A. Galloupe, Cyrus A. Jordan, C. H. Utlev, 
J. A. Bailejt, Jr., House Chairman, F. E. Austin, Clerk, 

Hox. E. G. Frothingham, Chairman, 
Clarence P. Weston, Samuel Ross, Johx T. Shea, Benjamin A. Jourdan. 

( 89 ) 


2 r£±_ ( 



Hon. E. B. Harvey, Hon. H. H. Atherton, E. P. Johnson, J. M. Lynch, 
J. H. Flint, House Chairman, G. H. Mellen, Clerk, 

Hon. G. P. Lawrence, Chairman, 
W. H. I. Hayes, M. J. O'Brien, Edward H. Wilson, George G. Russell. 

(9' ) 

Hon. E. G Frothingham, Hon. G. A. Fuller, J. H. Mellen, E. W. Pinkham, 
C. H. Utlev, House Chairman, Hon. G. J. Burns, Chairman, H. Newell, Clerk, 
A. A. Lawrence, I. P. Atsatt, Albert L. Wiley, Homer O. Strong. 

( 93 ) 

Hon. R. S. Gray, Hon. G. A. Reed, H. D. Sisson, Henry Tower, 
J. A. Macomber, 2d, House Chairman, J. P. Thacher, Clerk, 

Hon. H. H. Atherton, Chairman, 
Abner Greenwood, Hugo Mann, Gilman Waite, L. W. Clark. 

( 95 ) 

Hon. G. A. Reed, Hon. P. Blodgett, W. H. I. Haves, J. L. Woodfall, 
N. M. Quint. House Chairman, E. W. Roberts, Clerk. 

Hon. E. A. Bessom, Chairman. 
Fred. H. Bradford, John 7 T. Shea, William H. Foote, T. F. Murphy. 

(97 ) 

Hon. E. S. Bradford, Hon. John Quinn, William Tot. man, Otis Foss, 
A. M. Eldredge, House Chairman, Alfred S. Roe, Clerk, 

Hon. J. D. Miller. Chairman, 
W. S. White, I>. S. Bullock, John F. Sheehan, Thomas Donahue. 



Built in 1763 ; dedicated March 14, and completed the same month ; on the site of an 
earlier one, built in 1742, and burned on January 13, 1761. James Otis made the dedicatory 
address. Enlarged in 1805 to its present proportions. The grasshopper vane is an imitation of 
the pinnacle of the Royal Exchange in London, and was used on the first hall. The upper hall 
is the armory of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. Faneuil Hall is also known as 
"The Cradle of Liberty," because here are held by common consent the mass meetings in the 
interest of efforts to aid humanity. 

( IOO ) 

E. W. Roberts, R. W. Irwin, J. A. Gallivax, Clerk. 

Senator James P. Niles (Chosen To Fill a Vacancy). 

Rep. W. H. Burges (Resigned on Account of 111 Health). 
Rep. James A. Harrington (Chosen To Fill Vacancy). 

( ioi ) 


Built in 1730, on the lot of Gov. John Winthrop, corner of Milk and Washington streets, and 
dedicated in April of the same year. On November 27, 1773, heie was held the meeting at which it 
was resolved that the English tea should not be landed ; and on December 16 here was held the 
meeting, with 7,000 people attending, before the pouring of the tea into Boston harbor by the Sons of 
Liberty, disguised as Mohawk Indians. Here Warren spoke in March, 1775, three months before he 
was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill. In the siege of Boston it was used as a riding-school by the 
British. Its external appearance has not been changed for 150 years. No religious services have been 
held here since 1872. Now occupied by a loan collection of Revolutionary and other relics, the 
admission fees going to the preservation fund. 

C 102 ) 

T. J. Tucker, John Kinnear, J. Beatty, E. T. Pope. 

C. G. Davis, Capt. J. G. B. Adams, D. T. Rkmington. 

C. D. Ufford, C. H. Johnson, E. C. Gould, J. C. Newton. 

J. H. Allen, C. A. Raymond, F. W. Cole, J. L. Ripley. 

( 103 ) 

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Built in 1748, on site of burned town hall, at the head of State Street, Boston. 

In the foreground occurred the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770. Been used as State House, 
City Hall, and Post Office. British troops quartered here, 1768, and General Gage held council of 
war here before battle of Bunker Hill. Declaration of Independence read from balcony in view; from 
other end Washington reviewed procession in 1789. Here State Constitution planned and ratified. 
William Lloyd Garrison took refuge here from mob, October, 1835, it being then used for City Hall. 


( 112 ) 






Frederic Thomas Greenhalge, Republican, of Lowell, is a native of Eng- 
land, born in Clitheroe, a parliamentary borough in the county of Lancaster, July 1 9, 
1842. His education begun in Clitheroe, was continued in the Lowell public 
schools, and finished at Harvard College. Upon graduation from the High 
School, where he ranked as first scholar in his class, he received the first Carney 
medal ever given. He entered Harvard in 1859, and afterward became 
editor of Harvard Magazine. In Oct., 1863, joined Union army; connected with 
commissary department at Newbern, N. C. While engaged in this service, in 
April, 1864, he was seized with malarial fever, and after several weeks of 
sickness was sent home. Upon his recovery he resumed his legal studies, and in 
1865 was admitted to the Middlesex bar. In 1874 he was made a special justice 
of the police court of Lowell, and served ten years. In 1888 he was made 
city solicitor. His public life began with service in the Lowell Common Council 
in 1868 and 1869. From 1871 to 1S73 he was a member of the School Board: 
in 1880 and 1881 mayor of the city; in 1885 a representative of Lowell in the 
lower house of the Legislature; and in 188990 a member of the Fifty-first Con- 
gress representing the Eighth Massachusetts District. At Washington he 
ranked with the leaders in the New England delegation, as a ready debater, 
and was frequently heard on the floor of the House. In 1890 he was renominated 
by the Republicans of his district, but after a hot canvass, lost the election by 
about four hundred and fifty votes. He was delegate to the National Republican 
Convention in rS84, and in 1890 was chairman of the Republican State Con- 
vention. The autumn campaign of 1893 ended with his election to the governor- 
ship as the successor of William E. Russell, and he was again elected in 1894. 
He is a member of a number of societies and clubs, is president of the Humane 
Society, past president of the Unitarian and the History Clubs, and president of 
the People's Club in Lowell from 1SS5-93, and he also belongs to several clubs 
in Boston. He has been a trustee of the City Institution for Savings of Lowell 
since 1876, and is now president of the Institution. He is also a member of the 
Yorick and Highland Clubs of Lowell and of the University, Algonquin and 
Athletic Clubs of Boston. 

Vote of state: Frederic T. Greenhalge, 189,307; John E. Russell, Democrat, 
123,930; A. W. Richardson, Prohibition, 9965; G. H. Cary, People's Party, 9037; 
D. Taylor, Socialist Labor, 3104. 


His Honor Roger Wolcott, Republican, of Boston, was born in that 
city July 13, 1847, being a lineal descendant of Oliver Wolcott, one of the 



signers of the Declaration of Independence. He graduated from Harvard Uni- 
versity in the class of 1870, and was class orator. He was a member of the 
Boston Common Council in 1887-8-9, and of the House of Representatives in 
1882-3-4, serving on the committees on libraries, labor, and public charitable 
institutions, and being chairman of the standing House committee on elections. 
He was the first president of the Republican Club of Massachusetts, is an over- 
seer of Harvard University, and a trustee of the Massachusetts General Hospital. 
Was lieutenant-governor in 1893, and was on the committees on pardons, finance, 
charitable institutions, prisons, military affairs, and railroads. On the same com- 
mittees in 1894, and also on committee on State House extension. On the same 
committees in 1895 as in 1894, and also on nominations. 

Vote of the state: W. O. Dwinell, People's Party, 9290; M. E. Ruther, 
Socialist Labor, 3439; S. B. Shapleigh, Prohibition, 20,375; C. E. Stratton, 
Democrat, 118,149; Roger Wolcott, Republican, 178,821. 


Hon. William MiloOlin, of Boston, Republican, is the sixteenth incumbent 
of the office of Secretary of the Commonwealth since 1 710. He is serving his fifth 
term there. He was born of New England parents in Warrenton, Ga., Sept. 18, 
1845, but has been a resident of this state since 1850, and is a graduate of 
the public schools. He very early entered the office of the Worcester Transcript, 
starting at the bottom of the ladder as the "devil."' He followed that with 
work at the case until the breaking out of the rebellion. Then, although 
very young, he enlisted in the Thirty-sixth Massachusetts Volunteers, and 
served throughout the war in that organization. Returning to civil life, lie de- 
voted some time to study, under the guidance of Rev. Edward Everett Hale, 
and then joined the reportorial staff of the Boston Advertiser, with which paper 
he was connected for fourteen years, as reporter, editor, and Washington corre- 
spondent. In 1879 ne was appointed private secretary and military secretary, 
with the rank of colonel, by Gov. Talbot, and was reappointed by Gov. Long 
in 1880, 1 88 1, and 1882. Since then he has acted as private secretary to 
Collector Worthington, Senator Dawes, and Collector Beard; and he left the 
service of the last-named to take up the duties of his present office. He has 
been lieutenant-colonel and assistant adjutant-general under Gen. Wales, First 
Brigade, M. V. M., and adjutant-general of the National Encampment, G. A. R. 

Vote of state: William M. Olin, Republican, 188,459; c - A. DeCourcy, 
Democrat, 113,837; I. W. Skinner, People's Party. 9257; VV. D. Farnham, Jr., 
Prohibition, 8016; J. F. Malloney, Socialist Labor, 4960. 


Hon. Henry M. Phillips, of Springfield, Republican, was born in Athol, 
Aug. 11, 1845. Educated in public schools of Athol and Fitchburg and at Deer- 
field Academy and Norwich (Vt ) Military University. At sixteen enlisted as 
private in Seventh Squadron ot Rhode Island Cavalry, one company of wnich 
was composed entirely of undergraduates of Dartmouth College and Norwich 
University. Discharged at expiration of three months' term of enlistment, and 
entered service of Vermont, at Brattleboro, as drill officer of new regiments then 
being organized. Became private secretary of late Mayor Alexander of Spring- 
field, November, 1862, remaining there until December, 1863, when he was 
offered by Col. A. A. Rand a commission of second lieutenant in Fourth Massa- 
chusetts Cavalry, which he accepted. While holding a commission in this regi- 
ment, he served on the staff of the Tenth and Twenty- fifth Army Corps under 
Gens. Gilmore, Liinney, Weitzel, and Terry. Resigned February, 1865, and was 
brevetted captain U. S. V., March 13, 1865, "for gallant and meritorious services." 
Returned to Springfield in fall of 1865, and has since resided there. Treasurer 


of Phillips Manufacturing Company since organization in 1875, and its president 
since 1879. In l8 74 served on staff of Govs. Washburn and Talbot as colonel 
and aide-de-camp. In Springfield Common Council in 1871-2-3 ; member of 
House of Representatives, 1880-1 ; Senate, 1886-7. In 1S82 chosen Springfield's 
youngest mayor, and for three successive years was re-elected by increased 
majorities until promoted to Senate. Postmaster of city for four years 1890-4. 
Director of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Second National 
Bank and Five Cents Savings Bank ; director of Board of Trade since its organ- 
ization. Member of Springfield, Nayasset and Winthrop clubs, a companion of 
the Loyal Legion, a comrade of the Grand Army, a Mason of the thirty-second 
degree, and a Knight Templar. Resigned the office of treasurer to accept the 
position of Secretary of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company of 

Vote of State : E. Auerbach, Socialist Labor, 3413 ; J. M. Fisher, Prohibi- 
tion, 7953 ; J. S. Grinnell, Democrat, 117,890 ; M. W. Moran, People's Party, 
9710 ; Henry M. Phillips, Republican, 184,890. 

Hox. Edward P. Shaw, Republican, of Newburyport, was born in that city, 
Sept. 1, 1 841. He was educated in its public schools. Has always been engaged 
in business enterprises, especially street railways, and executing large government 
contracts. In the House of 188 [-2, he served on the committee on roads and 
bridges ; and again in 18889, on street railways. In the Senate of 1892, he was 
chairman of the committee on street railways and member of the committee on 
banks and banking. In 1S93 again chairman of street railways and member of 
committees on banks and banking, insurance, and fisheries and game. Director of 
First National Bank of Newburyport for last 20 years and now its president ; also 
a trustee for many years of the Five Cents Savings Bank of Newburyport. In 
the Republican state convention of 1S94 was a candidate for state treasurer. On 
resignation of Treasurer Phillips was nominated by the Republican caucus, April 
23, by unanimous vote on the fourth ballot, and was elected on April 25 by the 
solid Republican vote of both branches. 


Hox. Johx White Kimball, of Fitchburg Republican, a native of that 
city, was born Feb. 27. 182S ; educated in its public schools. Member of the 
House of Representatives in 1864, 1865, and 1S72, assigned to committee on 
military affairs each year. Again in House in 1888, 1889, 1890, and 1891, with 
service on committees on finance and railroads, being chairman of the latter 
committee in the two last years named ; appointed on joint special committee to 
convey to Congress the resolution relating to couplers and brakes on freight cars. 
He has held these offices : justice of the peace, tax collector, selectman, post- 
master, and aldermin of Fitchburg; police commissioner of Massachusetts; 
United States pension agent, Wt stern Massachusetts District ; custodian in 
United States Treasury Department, Washington ; commander of the Department 
of Massachusetts, G. A. R. ; before the war, captain and adjutant, Ninth Regi- 
ment, M. V. M. ; during the war, lieutenant-colonel Fifteenth Massachusetts 
Volunteers, colonel Fifty-third Massachusetts Volunteers, and brevet brigadier- 
general United States Volunteers ; since the war, colonel Tenth Regiment, M. V. 
M. A member of the Loyal Legion. He is a real estate agent. Is now serving 
his third term as auditor. 

Vote of State : John W. Kimball, Republican, 186,254; A. C. Whitney, 
Democrat, m 5.454; M. W. Land -rs, People's Party, 8892 ; W. M. Purrington, 
Prohibition, 82 74 ; C. N. Wentworth, Socialist Labor, 4220 


Hon. Hosea Morrill Kxowltox, New Bedford, Republican, born in Dur- 
ham, Me., May 20, 1847. Educated in Keene, (N. H.) High School and Powers 


Institute. Bernardston, Mass. Tufts college, class of 1867. Admitted to the bar, 
New Bedford, June, 1S70. City solicitor, 1877. Member of House, 1876-7, 
committees on insurance and on revision of the judicial system, and chairman of 
committee on elections. Member of Senate 1878-9, on railroad committee. 
District attorney for Southern District of Massachusetts, 1879, 1880, 1883, 1886, 
1889, 1892. At the last two elections no candidate was nominated in opposition. 
Vote of State : Hosea M. Knowlton, Republican, 1:6,940 ; H. F. Hurlburt, 
Democrat, 115,971 ; J- Sumner, People's Party, 8767 ; F. M. Furbush, Prohibi- 
tion, 7997 ; F. A. Nagler, Socialist Labor, 3419. 



Hon. Zir.A Cary Keith, of Brockton, Republican, was born in that city 
when it was the town of North Bridsjewater, and was educated in its public 
schools and Pierce Academy at Middleborough, becoming a book-keeper for a 
business firm after leaving the latter. In 1864, with Mr. Embert Howard, he 
opened a general store at Campello, now Wards 3 and 4 of the city. Mr. 
Howard kft the firm in 1866; but Mr. Keith continued it until 1883, when he 
retired from active business. Mr. Keith has been honored to an unusual decree 
by his fellow-citizens. In 1S75 and 1876, sent to the House of Representatives ; 
in 1879, selectman ; in 18S1, on committee to draft city charter ; in same year, 
chosen first mavor of Brockton ; also chosen to the same position for 18S4-5 and 
1891-3. In 1887-S he represented his district in Senate. In 1887-8-9, tax 
collector. An incorporator of Campello Co-operative Bank, Brockton Savings 
Bank, and Brockton National Hank, and has been an officer of each. Is presi- 
dent of the recently incorporated Plymouth Countv Safe Deposit and Trust 
Company. On committees on harbors and public lands, chaiitable institutions, 
military affairs, and railroads in council of 1893 ; on finance, harbors and public 
lands, military affairs, railroads, Stae House extension, and accounts, 1894; on 
finance, harbors and public lands (chairman) , military and naval affairs, railroads. 
State House extension, accounts (chairman), 1895. 

Vote of District : Z. C. Keith, Republican, 23,432 ; G. H. Palmer, Demo- 
crat, 10,484. 


Hon. Cyrus Savage, of Taunton, Republican, was born in Boston, Sept. 
2, 1832; educated in public schools. Learned trade of metal-worker with firm 
of Roswell Gleason & Sons, Dorchester Was connected for years with Dor- 
chester fire department, serving as assistant engineer. During the war was 
captain of Company I, Forty-second Regiment, raised in Dorehester. Enlisted, 
Sept. 16, 1862; mustered out, Au'2;. 9, 1864. Member of House of Represent- 
atives in 1874-5 and 18S6-7 and of the Senate, 1890-91, serving on committees 
on military affairs, prisons, expediting business and manufactures, in Hous^, and 
on engrossed bills, harbors and public lands, and parishes and religious societies 
in Senate. On committees of council on harbors and public lands, charitable 
institutions, prisons and military affairs, 1894. On committees on harbors and 
public lands, charitable institutions, prisons, military and naval aff lirs, and nomi- 
nations, 1895. 


Vote of district: Cyrus Savage, Republican, 27,400: Bushrod Morse, Dem- 
ocrat, 17,690. 


Hon. Francis H. Raymond of Somerville, Republican, born in Charles- 
town, Feb. 19, 1836, educated in public schools of Somerville. For three 
years trustee of its public library, and for twenty years director of the Market 
National Bank of Boston; manager of Cambridge Electric Light Company. 
In House in 1888-89-90, on the committee on railroads. In Senate of 1891, 
on same committee and chairman of committee on fisheries and game; in 1892 
chairman of railroads and on special committee on rapid transit. On com- 
mittees on finance, harbors and public lands, railroads, State House extension, 
and accounts in the council of 1895. 

Vote of district: Francis H. Raymond, Republican, 25,104; H. B. Tindall, 
Democrat, 15.398. 


Hon. John H. Sullivan of Boston, Democrat, was born in Ireland, in 
1848, and was educated in the national schools, and Comer's Commercial 
College of Boston in the class of 1868 Going at once into business he has 
been very successful therein. In 1884-5, he was a member of the Common Coun- 
cil and of the Board of Aldermen in 1886-7 ar >d 1891-2: In 1888, he was a 
member of the Senate, serving on the committees on liquor law and public 
service. Is a director and president of the Columbian Trust Company of 
East Boston. Is a member and treasurer of both the Democratic city and 
state committees. On committees on pardons, harbors and public lands, prisons, 
railroads, and warrants, 1S95. 

Vote of district: John H. Sullivan, Democrat, 18,725: A. B. Lattimore, 
Republican, 14,834. 


Hon. B. Franklin Southwick of Peabody, Republican, born in Lynde- 
borough, N. H., July 5, 1835; public school education. Secretary and treasurer 
and an ex-president of the Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange. Lieut, in 
Fifth regiment; has been a captain in Fifth Infantry, M. V. M. House, 1888, 
committee on military affairs and special committee on soldiers' records. Senate, 
1 891, committees on treasury and expenditures (chairman of each), agriculture, 
and military affairs; 1892, chairman of expenditures, treasury, and federal 
relations, and on committee on insurance. On committees on pardons, harbors 
and public lands, charitable institutions prisons, military and naval affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: B. Frank Southwick, Republican, 20,952; D. B. Lord, 
Democrat, 10,470; B. H. Bianey, People's Party, 2661. 


Hon. John M. Harlow, M. D.. of VVoburn, Republican, was born in 
Whitehall, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1819, and was fitted for college at the Troy Con- 
ference Academy at West Poultney, Vt., and at Ashby Academy in this state. 
He was assistant principal in the latter institution one year. He began the 
study of mrdicine and surgery in 1840 and pursued his studies at the Phila- 
delphia School of Anatomy and the Jefferson Medical College in the same city, 
graduating from the latter in 1844. In 1845, he began the practice of his 
profession in Cavendish, Vt., where he remained fourteen years, until compelled 
by ill health to take a vacation. Returning to Philadelphia, he passed nearly 
three years in study and travel, resuming practice in Woburn in the autumn of 


i86r, where he has ever since resided. Although never seeking public office, he 
has held many positions of public trust. For several years he was chairman of 
the Cavendish school committee; was commissioned special examiner of recruits 
by Gov. Andrew in 1862; has been vice president of the Massachusetts Medical 
Society and president of the Middlesex District Medical Society for several years; 
is now and has been for many years a councillor of the State Medical Society; 
is a director and vice president of First National Bank of Woburn; for fifteen 
years was a director and president of Woburn Gas Light Company; has served 
on Woburn school committee several years. In 18856, was member of Senate, 
on committees on public health, (chairman), education, and metropolitan drainage. 
Was an incorporator of Woburn Public Library and is one of its permanent 
trustees. Did no active service in the army, but is a member of Burbank Tost, 
No. 33, G. A. R. Of late years, besides his practice, has had management 
of large estates and trust funds. On committees on pardons, charitable institu- 
tions, prisons. State House extension and warrants, 1895. 

Vote of district: John M Harlow, Republican, 27,598: F. J. Simonds, 
Democrat, 18,125; E. F. Carr, People's Party, 1776. 


Hox. Charles E. Stevens, of Ware, Republican, was born in that town, 
April 21, 1843; educated in its public schools. He then entered the manufact- 
uring business of his father, the late Hon. Charles A Stevens. At his father's 
death, three years ago, he became proprietor and sole owner of the mills, and has 
continued the business under the firm name of C. A. Stevens & Co. Has long 
taken an active pait in politics. Represented Fifth Hampshire District in House 
in 1882, and Worcester-Hampshire District in Senate 18S9-90. being chairman of 
committee on railroads and member of committees on education and labor. For 
two years member of State Central Committee. Connected with many concerns 
besides his own manufacturing business. President and director of John Russell 
Cutlery Company, trustee of Ware Savings Lank, director in Turners Falls 
Water Power Company, Cotton and Woolen Insurance Company of Boston, 
Ware River Railroad Company, and Ware National Bank. Mr. Stevens is 
esteemed as one of Ware's most public-spirited citizens. On committees on 
pardons, finance charitable institutions, State House extension, and accounts 
in Courcil of 1894, on padons, finance, charitable institutions, State House 
extension, accounts, 1S95. 

Vote of district: Charles E. Stevens, Republican, 25.773; J. T. McLaughlin, 
Democrat, 13,802; M. Adams, Prohibition, 1441. 


Hon. Alvan Barrus, of Goshen, Republican, was born in that town, Oct 
14, 1831 ; educated in public schools. When he was twenty-one, worked in 
Holyoke a year, then manufactured bench and moulding planes in Goshen until 
1859, when he sold out, and with A. W. Crafts opened a country store. In May, 
1 861, enlisted in Company C, Tenth Regiment, but was not accepted. Enlisted 
again in August, 1862, in Company B, First Massachusetts Cavalry. Having se- 
vere throat and lung trouble was assigned to hospital duty in Baltimore as stew- 
ard. Joined his regiment in August, 1864, and was in several battles near Rich- 
mond, having his clothing perforated several times by rebel bullets, but escaping 
without a wound. Discharged in November, 1864. at expiration of term of en- 
listment, and has since devoted himself to agricultural pursuits on the old home- 
stead. Has held all the principal offices, having been selectman some eighteen 
years. Member of House in 1S79, on committee on county estimates ; Senate in 
1S83-4, on committees on printing, taxation, woman suffrage, and agriculture, 
being chairman of the last two. Justice of the Peace since 1S67 ; member of 


State board of agriculture three years ; of board of control of Massachusetts ex- 
periment station at Amherst, and secretary of board ; president of Hillside Agri- 
cultural Soci.ty of Cummington since he succeeded in getting it incorporated in 
1883 ; trustee of Haydenville Savings Bank since its incorporation, and is vice- 
president of same ; trustee of Northampton insane asylum ; Hampshire County 
1 01 respondent for United States agricultural department for last nine years. Was 
member of advisory council on farm culture and cereal industry of the World's 
Fair Auxiliary Congress, 1893. In spring of 1894, secured building of telephone 
line from Goshen to Williamsburg under auspices of his town. On committees 
on finance.military affairs.railroads, and warrants in Fxecutive Council of 1894; on 
finance, military and naval affairs, railroads, nominations, 1895. 

Vote of district : Alvan Barrus Republican 24,467 : W. S. Kellogg, Demo- 
crat, 15.750 ; W. W. Nash, Prohibition, 1454 ; C. C. Haradon, People's Party, 
1 45 1. 

Private Secretary. — Hexry Andrew Thomas was born in South Weymouth, 
Mass., July 29, 1856 ; educated in its public schools, and graduated at the High 
School with honors at seventeen, when he entered the Boston post-office as a 
clerk under Gen. W. L. Burt. By hard work and careful attention to his duties 
he was advanced through the various stages until 1889, when he was appointed 
by Postmaster-General Wanamaker superintendent of mails at the Boston post- 
office, in which position he remained until September 1893. In early part of 
1889, he was offered the position of superintendent of foreign mails at Washing- 
ton, but declined in order to keep up his old associations in Massachusetts. 
During the Harrison administration he was a prominent candidate for postmas- 
tership of Moston, and was the choice of the post-office department at Washing- 
ton as well as of a number of Congressmen and the Republican members of the 
Massachusetts Legislature. During the State campaign of 1893 he was an ear- 
nest advocate of the candidacy of Hon. F. T. Greenhalge for the governorship, 
and took a very active part in the preliminary canvass and in the campaign after- 
wards, which resulted in the election of Gov. Greenhalge. The first act of the 
governor after his inauguration was the appointment of Mr. Thomas as his pri- 
vate secretary. He has proven himself admirably fitted for this position, and his 
courteous manner and great tact have won for him a multitude of friends all over 
the State. In the public affairs of his native town he has always taken an active 
part, and has been instrumental in the formation of different organizations of a 
literary and social character, and is at present a member of the school board of 
Weymouth. On Memorial Day and other public occasions his voice has often 
been heard upon the platform, and his services as a public speaker are always in 

Executive Clerk — Edward F. Hamlin, Republican, of Newton, was born 
in Plainfield, Mass., in 1844; removed to Northampton in 1857. September, 
1862, enlisted as a private in Company I, Fifty-second Regiment, Massachusetts 
Volunteers ; promoted to first sergeant ; served in the Department of the Gulf, 
and mustered out by reason of expiration of service, Aug. 14, 1863. In 1867 was 
elected first lieutenant and captain, Company H, Second Regiment, Massachusetts 
Volunteer Militia; was appointed to a clerkship in the adjutant-general's office 
by Gov. Washburn in 1874. In 1877 was appointed clerk of the Governor and 
Council by Gov. Rice, and has held that position ever since. 




GEORGE F. Hoar, of Worcester, born in Concord, Mass., August 29, 1826, 
studied at Concord Academy ; graduated at Harvard, 1846 ; graduated at Dane 
Law School, Harvard University; settled at Worcester; city solicitor, i860; 
president of Trustees of City Library : member of State House of Representa- 
tives, 1S52 ; Senate, 1857; Representative to 41st and 44th Congresses, inclusive, 
declining renomination for the 45th; overseer of Harvard College, 1874-80; 
chosen president of the Association of the Alumni of Harvard, but declined ; 
presided over the Republican State Conventions of 1S71, 1877, 1SS2, and 1S85 : 
delegate to National Republican Convention at Cincinnati in 1876 and to conven- 
tions at Chicago in 1S80, [884, and 18SS. presiding over that of 1880 ; chairman 
of State delegation to three last named convent'ons ; one of managers on part of 
House of Representatives of Belknap impeachment trial in 1876 ; member of 
electoral commission of 1S76: regent of Smithsonian Institution in 1S80 ; has 
been president, and is now vice vice-president, of the American Antiquarian Society, 
trustee of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology, trustee of Leicester Academy ; 
member of Massachusetts Historical Society, American Historical Society, and 
Historic Genealogical Society; received degree of doctor of laws from William 
and Mary, Amherst, Yale, an 1 Harvard Colleges; elected to United States 
Senate to succeed George S. Boutwell ; took his seat March 5, 1877 ; re-elected 
in 18S3, 1889 and 1895. Term expires March 3, 1901. Committees on woman suf- 
frage (select), chairman, judiciary, privileges and elections, and relations with 

Henry Cabot Lodge, of Nahant, born in Boston, Mass., May 12, 1850 ; 
private school and collegiate education ; graduated from Harvard, 1871 ; studied 
at Harvard Law School ; graduated in 1875, receiving the degree of L L. B. ; 
admitted to Suffolk bar, 1876 ; profession, literature ; two terms in House of 
Representatives in Massachusetts Legislature ; 50th, 51st, 52nd, and 53d Con- 
gresses ; unanimously nominated for senator by Republicans of Legislature of 
1893 ; elected by vote of 29 senators and 161 representatives, to 10 senators and 
71 representatives for Hon. Patrick A. Collins. On committees on civil service 
and retrenchment, education and labor, immigration and organization, etc , of the 
executive departments. 



Ashley Bascom Wright, of North Adams, Republican, was born in 
Hinsdale, Berkshire County, Mass, May 25, 1841 ; received his early educa- 
tion at Hinsdale in public schools and Lincoln Academy; in 1861, on being 
appointed chief deputy collector of internal revenue foi the Tenth District of 
Massachusetts, removed to North Adams where he has since resided ; resigned 
in 1865 and engaged in mercantile business ; he was elected selectman, and lias 
served as chairman of board of selectmen several terms ; has tilled several offices 
in town where he resided; in 1884, elected county commissioner for county 
of Berkshire, serving for three year?, chairman one year ; in 1890 was elected to 
Executive Council of Massachusetts, re-elected in 1891 ; served on committees on 
pardons, finance, military, and charitable institutions ; is closely identified with 
commercial interests of his place of residence ; member of board of directors of 


Adams National Bank, and of investment committee of North Adams Savings 
Bank. Elected to the 53d Congress as a Republican, receiving 14,198 votes 
against 13.995 votes for Jo'.m C. Crosby, Democrat, 896 votes for lohn L. Kil- 
bon, Prohibitionist ; is a number of the committee on accounts, militia and ex- 
penditures in the post-office department. Elected to 54th Congress by 14,018 
votes to 9961 for A L Green, Democrat ; 585 for J. Johnson, People's Party ; 
and 839 for A. R. Smith, Prohibition. 


Frederick Huntington Gillett, Republican, lawyer, of Springfield ; 
born in Westfield, Oct. 16, 1 851, graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law 
School. Assistant attorney-general for three years. In Massachusetts House of 
1891, on judiciary and library committees ; chairman of House judiciary commit- 
tee anl m :mber of committee on rules, 1892. Member of 53d Congress ; elected 
to 54th Congress by 15,480 votes to 7924 for E. A. Hall, Democrat ; 746 for H. 
Lawrence, Prohibition ; and 1050 for G. M. Stearns, People's Party. 


Joseph Henry Walker, Worcester, born in Boston, Dec. 21, 1829 ; ad- 
mitted to firm of Joseph Walker & Co. in Worcester, 1S50 ; boot and shoe manu- 
facturing until 1 887 ; in 1S68 established business of manufacturing leather in 
Chicago ; still member of firm of Walker, Oakley & Co. ; member of City Coun- 
cil of Worcester several times ; Massachusetts House of Representatives. Wrote 
a -monograph on "Money, Trade, Banking," published by Houghton, Mifflin & 
Co. in 1882, which has run through many editions, and is accepted as an authority' 
in many educational institutions and colleges. Also in 51st, 52d, and 53d Con- 
gesses On commutes on banking and currency and ventilation and acoustics. 
Elected to 54th Congress by 13,788 votes to 592 for H. S. Brown, People's Party : 
8251 for C. Haggerty, Democrat ; and 568 for G. W. Wright, Prohibition. 


L. D. Apsley, of Hudson, was born in Northumberland, Pa., Sept. 29, 1S52 ; 
educated in public and private schools of Pennsylvania. In 1877 removed to 
Massachusetts, and engaged in rubber business. Is president and treasurer 
of Apsley Rubber Company of Hudson. Elected to 53d Congress as a Republi- 
can, receiving 16,209 votes against 13,05s for F. S. Coolidge, Democrat, and 
893 for Frank M. Forbush, Prohibition. On committees on agriculture, labor, in- 
valid pensions. Elected to 54th Congress by 16,992 votes to 8432 for J. J. Des- 
mond ; and 774 lor B. Sparhawk, People's Party. 


William S. Knox, of Lawrence, Republican, was born in Killingly, Conn., 
Sept. 10, 1843. Came to Lawrence when nine years of age, and has resided there 
since. Graduated at Amherst College in class of 1855 ; admitted to Essex bar in 
Nov 1866; practised law in Lawrence. Member of Massachusetts House of 
Representatives in 1874-5, serving on the judiciary committee; city solicitor of 
Lawrence in 1875-6, 1887-8-9-90. President of the Arlington National Bank of 
Lawrence. Elected a member of the 54th Congress for the Fifth Massachusetts 
District by 14. 37- votes to 12.341 for G. W. Fifield, Democrat ; 763 for H. W. 
K. Eastman, People's Party ; and 316 for W. F. Taylor, Prohibition. 


William Cogswell, Salem, born in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 23, 1838 ; 
entered Dartmouth College, August 23, 1855 ; graduated at Dane Law School, 


Harvard University, i860 ; lawyer; mayor of Salem, 1867. 1873 ; member of Mas- 
sachusetts House, 1870, 1881-3 ; Senate, 18S5 ; in Union Army from April, 1861, 
till July 25, 1865 ; held commissions as capt , lieut.-col., and col. in Second Mas- 
sachusetts Infantry, and brig.-gen. by brevet ; assigned to command of Third 
Brigade, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps ; elected to 50th, 51st, and 5 2d 
Congresses, and re-elected to 53d Congress as a Republican, receiving 16,385 
votes, against 10,228 for Henry B. Little, Democrat, 696 for John H. Davis 
Prohibition. Commander of Massachusetts Department, G. A. R, 1873 ; dele- 
gate from Seventh Massachusetts Congressional District to Republican National 
Convention, Chicago, I881 : delegate- at-large to Republican National Conven- 
tion, Minneapolis, 1892, and chairman of committee on credentials in same. 
Committees on appropriations, District of Columbia, i'i 53d Congress. Elected 
to 54th Congress by 16,206 votes to 1772 for J. K. Harris, People's Party; 
and 5747 for H. B. Little, Democrat. Died, in Washington at 1.30 a. m., May 
22, 1895. 


John Simpkins, Republican, of Yarmouth was born in New Bedford, 
June 27, 1862, and received his education in St. Mark's School, Southboro, and 
Harvard University. Member of the Senate of 1891, he was chosen chair- 
man of the committee on haroors and public lands and on the committees on edu- 
cation and towns. In the following year, being a member of the same body, he 
was chairman of the committee on harbors and public lands, and on the commit- 
tee on bills in the third reading. Is actively interested in agricultural matters on 
the Cape, being president of the Barnstable Agricultural Society. 

Vote of district : John Simpkins, Republican, 13,497 ; Robert Howard, Dem- 
ocrat, 8548. 


William E. Barrett, Republican, of Melrose was born in that town, 
De r . 29, 1858, and his ancestors on both sides have long been residents of 
Middlesex county. He was educated in the public schools and at Dartmouth 
College, class of 1880, having by teaching and other occupations done much to 
support himself through his college course. On leaving college he began the 
study of law, but gave it up to enter on his life work of journalism. For two 
years he was in St. Albans, Vt, and then he began as reporter on the Boston 
"Advertiser" and has been connected with that paper ever since, rising through 
the different grades of reporter, Washington correspondent, managing editor 
and publisher, until he is now chief owner of the "Advertiser' and '-Evening 
Record", both of which have become very prosperous under his direction. Mr. 
Barrett has always been a Republican. In 1887 he was sent to the House from 
his native town, and was returned annually for six years, and for the last live 
he was chosen Speaker. While this position took him largely from active work 
on the floor, yet his influence was always felt in the direction of legislation to 
benefit the people. He was specially instrumental in securing legislation to 
preserve to the cities and towns the right to make and sell gas and electricity, 
and the purchase by them of water company charters on equitable terms. His 
elections as Speaker were practically unanimous, and the last time he received 
every vote of the House. He is especially a man of the people, having risen 
largely by his own efforts and sometimes against strong opposition and difficulty 
which would have daunted a less courageous man. In the spring of 1893, he 
was the Republican candidate for Congress, to fill the vacancy caused by the 
election of Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge to the Senate, but was defeated by Hon. 
Wm. Everett, by about 40 votes. In this election, the People's Party put a 
candidate in the field, although it had none in the regular election, who received 


about 1000 votes. Renominated by the Republicans in 1894, he received the 
largest majority ever given in that district. 

Vote of district: William E. Barrett, Republican, 16,453; Samuel K. Hamil- 
ton, Democrat, 9601; W. L. Ramsdell, People's Party, 1310; G. M. Buttrick, 
Prohibition, 81 1; G. R. Peare, Socialist Labor, 310. 


SAMUEL Walker McCall. Republican, lawyer, of Winchester, was born 
in Bedford County, Penn., Feb. 28, 1851, and passd his early life in Illinois. 
Studied at New Hampton (N. H.) Academy and Dartmouth College, and then 
took a law course in Hoston. In State House of Representatives 18SS, chair- 
man of committee on probate and insolvency; 1889, chairman of judiciary com- 
mittee: 1892, 1 louse chairman of committees on election laws and on adminis- 
trative boards and commissions. Elected to 53d Congress by 15,671 votes to 
[4,679 for John F. Andrew, Democrat On committees on education and 
elections. Elected to 54th Congress by 15,188 votes 108747 for C. A. Conant, 
Democrat, and 756 for L. B. Porter, People's Party. 


John F. Fitzgerald, of Boston, was born in Boston, Feb. 11, 1865;' 
educated in the Eliot Grammar, English High, and Boston Latin schools, and 
Boston College, and took part of the Harvard Universitv course. Has been in 
real estate and insurance business for last four years. Was in Boston Custom 
House, 1 886-91, under Collector Saltonstall. In 1892 was member of the 
Boston Common Council. Is member of Division I. A. O. H,. of Fitzpatrick 
Court Order of Foresters, Young Men's Catholic Association of Boston College, 
Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order United Workmen, Charitable Irish Society, 
Young Men's Democratic Club, Bay State Club, and First Vice President Dem- 
ocratic City Committee of Boston. In Senateof 1S93-94 and chairman of com- 
mittee onergrossed bills, and on committees on election laws and liquor law: on 
committees on rules, liquor law, taxation ana transit., 1S94. Elected member of 
54th Congress and enjoys the distinction of being the sole representative of the 
Democratic party in New England in that body. 

Vote of district: John F. Fitzgerald, Democrat. 11,459; Jesse M. Gove, Re- 
publican, 9545; P. F. O'Neil, Socialist Labor, 511. 


Harrison H. Atwood, Republican, of Boston was born in North 
Londonderry, Yt , Aug. 26, 1863, but his parents soon removed to Boston and 
he was educated in its public schools, graduating from the Phillips Grammar 
school in the class of 1877. Then in law office of Godfrey Morse and John R. 
Bullard, but at seventeen took up the study of architecture. For four years with 
S. J. F. Thayer; and then a year with George A. Clough. Then began practice 
for himself, and some of his more notable work were his prize designs for Suffolk 
county court-house and First National Bank in Chelsea. In May, 1889, ap- 
pointed Boston City Architect; re-appointed, 1890. Among the principal build- 
ings he completed was the Horace Mann school-house. Chief of his new work 
were the four finest school-houses in New England, Henry L. Pierce and Bow- 
ditch grammar, and Prince and Adams primary. In I887-8-9 member of 
House of Representatives, receiving in 1891 largest vote ever given for any 
candidate in his district; on committees on State House extension, liquor law, 
mercantile affairs and cities. In 1888, alternate delegate, and in 1892 a delegate 
to Republican national convention; for past eleven years member of Republican 
city committee, being its secretary for four years. In 1887-8 on Republican 
state central committee. In [892, nominated for Congress and made splendid 


run. Member of St. John's Lodge of Masons, of St. Paul's Royal Arch Chapter, 
and of Boston Arch Commandery; also a member of the Odd Fellows. 

Vote of district: Harrison H. Atwood, Republican, 9833; M. D. Fitzgerald, 
Socialist Labor, 327; M. J. McEttrick, Democrat Citizen N. P., 8868; W. S. Mc- 
Nary, Democrat, 71 13; F. W. Peabody, Republican Independent N. P., 1187. 


William Franklin Draper, Hopedale, born in Lowell, Mass., April 9, 
1842: attended public and private schools; served in Union army from August, 
1 861, to October 1864; held commisions as 2d lieut. and 1st lieut. in Twenty- 
fifth Massachusetts Infantry; also as capt., major, and lieut-col., commanding 
Thirty-sixth Massachusetts Infantry: also as col and brig.-gen. by brevet; was 
shot through body at battle of .Wilderness, May 6, 1864, and again slightly 
wounded at Pegram farm, Sept. 30, 1864. Manufacturer of cotton machinery, 
and has made and patented many improvements in such machinery. President 
of Home Market Club in 1891-92; delegate to Republican National Convencion 
1876; col. on staff of Gov. Long from 1880 to 1883. Candidate for governor 
before Republican State Convention, 1888, and chosen presidential elector-at- 
lar^e same year. In 53d Congress on committees on foreign affairs and patents. 
Elected to 54th Congress by 16,905 votes to 916 for J. F. Dowd, People's Party, 
Labor; and 9456 for B. W. Warren, Democrat. 


Elijah Adams Morse, Canton, born at South Bend. Ind., May 25, 1841; 
removed with his parents to Massachusetts in his childhood, where he has resided 
since; received his education in public schools of Massachusetts and at Onondaga 
Academy, New York; business man and manufacturer; in Fourth Massachusetts 
Regiment, enlisting at nineteen; served three months under Gen. Butler in 
Virginia, and one year under Gen. Banks in Louisiana; taken prisoner at the 
capture of Brashear City, La.; entered service as private, promoted to corporal; 
Massachusetts House in 1S76; State Senate in 1886 re-elected in 1887; governor's 
council in 1888; 51st and 52c! Congresses, committees on manufactures and 
alcholic liquor traffic in latter. In 53d Congress, on important committee of 
public buildings and grounds, and on alcoholic liquor traffic. During this 
Congress he delivered several speeches upon important measures affecting his 
constituents, upon silver, the tariff, pension legislation, amending the naturali- 
ization laws, Chinese exclusion act, against admission of Utah and Arizona as 
States. Introduced an amendment to the Constitution to recognize God in the 
preamble, as is done in nearly all the State constitutions; also a bill for the 
punishment of seduction in the District of Columbia. Mr. Morse was re- 
nominated by acclamation as Republican candidate, and was re-elected a member 
of the Fifty-fourth Congress, by a plurality of 9506, being 1050 larger than 
the plurality given the Republican ticket in his district. The opinion is common 
that Mr. Morse can represent the Twelfth District as long as lie cares to. 
Elected to 54th Congress by 15,865 to 2096 for E. G. Brown, People's Party, 
Labor; and 6359 for W. H. Jordan, Democrat. 

{The following were in the fifty-third Congress, but were not re-elected.) 

Fifth District Moses T. Stevens, North Andover, born in that town Oct. 

10, 1825 : graduated at Phillips Academy, 1S42 ; entered Dartmouth College 
same year, but left in 1843 to learn manufacturing woolen goods ; been engaged 
in that business ever since; member of State Housa of Representatives, t86l ; 


Senate, 186S ; president of Andover National Bank ; 53d and 53d Congresses. 
On committee on ways and means. 

Seventh District. — William Everett, Quincy, born in Watertown, Mass., 
Oct. 10, 1839. A. B. at Harvard college, [859, and at Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, Eng., 1863. Studied law at the Harvard Law School (L. L. B. 1865), 
and in the office of Hon. Josiali G. Abbott. Admitted to the bar, 1867. Tutor 
in Harvard College, 1S70-73 : assistant professor of Latin, 1873-77. Ph.D (Har- 
vard) 1875, an d Litt.D. (Williams) 1889. Master of Adams Academy, Quincy, 
Mass.. [878-93. Licensed to preach by the Boston Association of Ministers, 
1.S72. Republican until 1884, then became a '•. Mugwump"'. On committees on 
foreign affairs and reform in the civil service. 

Ninth District. — JOSEPH H. O'Neil, Democrat, born in Fall River, Mass., 
March 23, 1 S 5 3 ; common school education. Boston school committee, 1875 i 
Massachusetts House of Representatives 1878-82, inclusive, and 1884 : board 
of directors for public institutions for five years, the last eighteen months being 
chairman of board. City clerk of Boston, 1887 and 1888. In 51st and 52d Con- 
gresses ; committee on appropriations in latter ; in 53d Congress, committees on 
appropriations and expenditures in department of justice. 

Tenth District. — MICHAEL J. McEttrick, Democrat, was born in Boston, 
June 22, 1846 ; attended public schools and Roxbury Latin School, receiving 
also a scientific and medical education. State House of Representatives for 
Seven years, 1885-91, on committees on roads and bridges, finance, expenditures, 
education, liquor law, woman suffrage, constitutional amendments, and labor 
(chairman), and on committee on child labor in 18S8. On special committee on 
municipal laws, appointed in 1891. In 1884, assistant assessor. Formerly civil 
engineer, but of late in literary uoik. Formerly especially famous as a long-dis- 
tance pedestrian. In 1865, in United States regular army. In 1891, chairman 
of Democratic members of the House. In 1892 Senate, committees on election 
laws, administrative boards and commissions, woman suffrage. In 53d Congress 
on committees on invalid pensions and alcoholic liquor traffic. 

Thirteenth District. — Charles S Randall, New Bedford, born in that 
city, Feb. 20, 1824 State Senate, r S83-S4 : 51st and 52:! Co lgresses. On 
committees on interstate and foreign commerce and naval affairs. 



Hon. William M. Butler of the Third Bristol District, comprising 
Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown. New Bedford, and Westport, was 
unanimously chosen president of that body for the second time. He is one of the 
youngest presidents the Senate has ever had. He was born in New Bedford, Jan. 
29, 1 861. He received his education in the local schools and at the Boston Uni- 
versity Law School, and was admitted to the bar September, 18S3. He has 
served in the New Bedford Common Council, and in the House of 1893 and 1891 
was appointed to the judiciary committee. Chairman of joint special committee 
on administrative boards and commissions, and member of committees on judiciary 
(Senate and joint) and on mercantile affairs, 1S92. Chairman of Senate and 


joint judiciary committees, on committees on probate and insolvency, bills in 
third reading, and printing, and chairman of Senate joint special committee to in- 
vestigate the penal institutions of the State, 1893. President of Senate, 1894. 

Vote of district : William M. Butler, Republican, 4874 ; Samuel M. Davis, 
Democrat, 1 1 78. 


First District. — Attleboro, Easton, Mansfield, North Attleboro, Norton, 

Raynham, Seekonk, and Taunton Hon. Louis C. SOUTHARD, Easton (North), 

Republican, born, Portland Me., April 1, 1854 ; educated in its public schools, Dor- 
chester high school, class of 1872, Maine State College, class of '75, Boston Uni- 
versity Law School. Studied law with Hon. W. W. Thomas, Jr., Hon. Thomas 
Haskell and Hon. Clarence Hale, all of Portland; admitted to bar of Maine su 
preme court, 1877. Soon removed to North Easton, and admitted to Massachu- 
setts bar. House of Representatives, 1886, committee on judiciary. On state 
committee to Centennial convention, Phila., 1887; delegate to National convention 
Republican League, 1887, in New York. President North Easton Republican 
Club, 1887. Admitted to bar U. S. supreme court, May 13, 1889. Republican 
state committee, 1S91-5, on its executive committee, 1883 4. Member town Re- 
publican committee, secretary Bristol county Republican committee. A 3 2d degree 
Mason, P. M. of Paul Dean Lodge. Member Algonquin, Bo-ton Press, University 
clubs, Boston, Pine Tree and Middlesex cluhs and Suffolk County Bar Associa- 
tion. Chairman committee on bills in third reading, and on committees on judici- 
ary and manufactures, 1895. 

Vote of district : Louis C. Southard, Republican, 4318 ; Lincoln S. Drake, 
Democrat, 1922. 

Second District — Berkley, Dighton, Fall River, RehobotJi, Somerset, and 
Swansea. — Hon. Joseph O. Neill, ot F.ill River, Republican, dealer in hard- 
ware, cutlery, builders' supplies, ammunition, rope, and blocks, was born in 
Calais, Me., Jan. 31, 1838, and was educated in the public schools. In April, 

1861. enlisted from Taunton in Company G of the Fourth Massachusetts, under 
Capt. Gordon. This was the first regiment in Virginia, landing at Fortress Mon- 
roe. Discharged, July 22, 1861, but again enlisted, from Taunton, in Company 
F, Twenty-ninth Massachusetts, Nov. 21, 1S61. Promoted to first sergeant ; to 
second lieutenant, May 18, 1862, at Norfolk, Va. ; to first lieutenant, Nov. 2, 

1862, at the front Resigned March 19, 1863, at Newport News, Va. Raised a 
company under Col. Wass for the Sixtieth Massachusetts, and on July 21, 1864, 
was commissioned captain of Company D. from Fall River. Member of the 
Common Council, 1867 ; alderman in 1878-9. Served as water commissioner. 
1 891-2-3. Member of Mount Hope Lodge, Fall River Royal Arch Chapter and 
Council of Masons, of Fall River Lodge of Odd Fellows, and is past commander 
of Richard Borden Post 96 of G. A. R. Was candidate against Robert Howard 
of Fall River for Senate in 1886-7, 1889-90-1-2, but was unsuccessful. In 1888 
received certificate of election over Howard, but latter successfully contested the 
seat on the ground of a misspelled ballot. Chairman of committee on federal re- 
lations, and on committees on public charitable institutions and woman suffrage, 
1894. Chairman committee on harbors and public lands, and on committees on 
printing, and charitable institutions, 1895. 

Vote of district . Joseph O. Neill, Republican, 5773 ; Robert O'Hearn, 
Democrat, 4391. 


First District.— -Wards 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Lynn, Naliant, and Swampscott.- 
Hon. EuCrUNE A. Bessom, Republican, was born in Lynn, June 11, 1855 ; en- 


gaged in the drug business in that city in 1884 ; graduated from the Massachu- 
setts College of Pharmacy in 1890 ; was formerly in the grocery trade. An active 
member of Ward 3 Republican and Lynn Republican Clubs ; served on the Re- 
publican City Committee several years. Member of the Sagamore Tribe, I. O. 
R. M., and East Lynn Lodge 1. O. O. F., in which he has passed the chairs. 
President of the Lynn Druggists' Association. Member of the committee on man- 
ufactures in House of 1892, clerk of committees or. banks and banking and federal 
relations in House of 1893. In 1893, author of "An act to provide for the pay- 
ment of an allowance ($i,ooo) to families of firemen killed or fatally injured in dis- 
charge of their duties." Chairman of committee on water supply, and on com- 
mittees on banks and banking and public health, 1894. Chairman of committee 
on water supply, and on committees on rules and metropolitan affairs, 1895. 
Chairman of the sub-committee of the water supply and metropolitan affairs, sit- 
ting jointly, and as such drafted the metropolitan water supply bill, one of the 
most important bills and involving the most money, some $27,000,000, ever put on 
the statute book. 

Vote of district ; Eugene A. Bessom, Republican, 3873 ; James H. Young, 
Democrat, 17^3 ; William P. Conway, People's Party, 624 ; Charles E. Wiley, 
Prohibition, 215 ; Louis Wolfso i, Socialist Labor, 176. 

Second District — Beverly, Marblehead, Salem Hon. George A. Gal- 
loupe, Republican, was born in Salem, Oct. 28, (850, of old New England 
stock, Capt. John Gallop, an ancestor, coming to Boston in very early days, and 
being first regular Boston pilot. Is a building contractor. Takes an active in- 
terest in horticultural matters, and is also an enthusiastic sportsman. Has been 
trustee of public library. Master of Liberty Lodge of Masons ; member of other 
Masonic bodies ; also of Roger Conant Council of Royal Arcanum. In House 
of 1892, on committees on federal relations and libraries ; and on federal relations 
and election laws, 1893 House chairman of committee on manufactures, and on 
committee on rules, 1894, and a monitor of fifth division. Chairman of election 
Jaws, and on roads and bridges, and State House, 1895. 

Vote of district : George A. Galloupe, Republican, 3851 ; Robert S. Ran- 
toul, Democrat, 3144 ; George A. Sanborn, People's Party, 404 ; Solon Lovett, 
Prohibition, 319. 

Third District. — Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, Ipswich, Manchester, New- 
bury, Newburyport (Wards 1 and 2), Rockport, Rowley, Topsfield, and West 
Newbury. — Sylvanus Smith, Republican, of Gloucester, was born in Rockport, 
March 10, 1829. Has been engaged in fishing as "hand" and master from early 
life until 1864, and since as owner and fitter of fishing vessels. In real estate 
business, director of First National Bank, of Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust 
Company ; vice-president of Gloucester Net and Twine Company ; for twenty- 
seven years director of Mutual Fish Insurance Company. Member of Bethlehem 
Commandery ot Masons. In House of Representatives 1892, on committee on 
fisheries and game, and House chairman of same committee, 1893. Chairman of 
same committee and on committee on harbors and public lands and liquor law, 
1S94. Chairman of fisheries and game, and on liquor law, and railroads, 1895. 

Vote of district : Sylvanus Smith, Republican, 3362 ; George W. Blatchford, 
Democrat, 1186; J. W. Perkins, Prohibition, 767; John C. Foster, People's 
P^rty, 394. 

Fourth District. — Amesbury, Haverhill, Merrimac, Newburyport (Wards 
3, 4, 5, and d), and Salisbury. — Hon. Edward G. Frothingham, of Haverhill, 
was born in Gloucester. Always lived in Haverhill, and was educa ted in its pub- 
lic schools. Druggist from 1859101885. Enlisted in Seventh New York Heavy 
ArtilLry in the summer of 1863 ; discharged in May, 1865, at expiration of war : 
s_*rvcd as hospital steward. Charter member of Major How Post, G. A. R., and 


its surgeon for sixteen years. Chairman Republican City Committee for six- 
years. Member of House in 1885-86, monitor each year. On committee on pub- 
lic health, 1885, chairman of same in (886, and on special redistricting committee. 
Appointed by President Harrison special examiner of drugs for port of Boston, 
Jan. 4, 1890 ; resigned in April, 1893: same accepted in October. Member of 
Haverhill Commandery of Knights Templar, and 33d degree Mason, Mizpah En- 
campment of Odd Fellows, past master of Burtt Lodge A. O. U. W., and member 
of Mohawk 7'ribe of Red Men. Chairman of committee on public health and on 
committees on State House and water supply, 1894. Chairman of committee on 
State House, and on constitutional amendments and taxation, 1895. 

Vote of district : Edward G. Frothi.igham, Republican, 4147 ; George Ad- 
ams, Democrat, 1879 ; Charles H. Bradley, People's Party, 674. 

Fifth District. — Box ford, Danvers, Georgetown, Groveland, Wards 1, 6, 7 
of Lynn, Lynnfield, Middleton, North Andover, Peabody, Sangus, Wenhatn. — 
Hon. Horace H. Atherton., Republican, of Saugus was born Oct. 23, 1847, in 
that town ; educated in public schools and Lynn high school, class of 1864. In 
1865 became clerk for Oliver Breed, lumber business, now carried on under firm 
name of S. A. Guilford & Co., Mr. Atherton being junior partner. Been auditor, 
assessor, selectman. House of Representatives, 1888, 20th Essex district, com- 
mittee on banks and banking ; also, 1889, committee on prisons, and special com- 
mittee to represent state at Ohio centennial at Columbus. Republican state 
committee, 1893-4. Director in Saugus Mutual Fire Insurance company ; secret- 
ary Republican town committee. Masons, Odd Fellows. Chairman committee 
on towns; on parishes and religious societies, street railways, 1895. 

Vote of district : Horace H. Atherton, Republican, 4605 ; William B. Sulli- 
van, Democrat, 2421 ; Alonzo W. Tyler, People's Party, 571 ; James L. Lewis, 
Socialist Labor, 1 18. 

Sixth District. — Andover, Bradford, Lazvrence, Methuen. — Hor. George 
L. Gage, of Lawrence, Republican, was born Feb. 6, 1845, in Methuen, and 
attended its public schools. Is a wood and coal dealer. Resident of Lawrence 
since 1871. Enlisted in Company C, Fifth Massachusetts, July 10, 1864 ; dis- 
charged Nov, 10, 1864, at expiration of term of service. Alderman in 1886. 
Past commander of Needham Post, G. A. R. Chairman of committee on public 
service, and on committees on insurance and prisons, 1894. Chairman commit- 
tee on prisons, on cities and insurance, 1895. 

Vote of district : George L. Gage, Republican, 4948 ; Thomas A. Brooks, 
Democrat, 3808 ; Fred C. Beal, People's Party, 425 ; William S. Searle, Pro- 
hibition, 189. 


First District. — Brimfield, Holland, Monson, Palmer, Springfield, Wales, 
Wilbrahajn. — Hon. Edward S. Bradford, Republican, was born in (North) 
Providence, R. I., Dec 1, 1842. Started life in wool business and manufacturing; 
afterwards was with Samuel Slater & Sons at Webster, and was chairman of the 
selectmen and overseers of the poor of that town for three years. In 1S78, re- 
moved to Springfield to take charge of manufacturing interests in Holyoke. Mem- 
ber of Springfield Common Council, 18S6-87-88 ; mayor of city, 1889-90-91. Dir 
ector of Chapin National Bank ; director of Hampden County Musical Associa- 
tion, member of park commission ; president of Winthrop Club ; president of 
Union Relief Association. On committees on cities and election laws in House, 
1894. Chairman of cities, and on bills in third reading, expenditures, treasury, 
woman suffrage, 1895. 

Vote of district : Edward S. Bradford, Republican, 4708 ; F. H. Stebbins, 
Democrat, 4014; Samuel M. Jones, People's Party, 403; W. G. Rogers, Prohibi- 
tion, 355. 


Second District. — Agawam, Ch'copee, East Longmeadow, Granville, Hamp- 
den,Holvoke, Lonomeadow. Ludlow, Montgomery, Southwick, Tolland, Westfield, 
West Springfield,— Hon. Marcienne H. VVhltcomb, Republican , of Holyoke was 

born in Reading, \'t., Oct 25, 1837 ; educated in public schools. Learned business 
of woolen manufacturing. Enlisted in Company C. i6th New Hampshire, Sept., 
1S62; mustered out in Au^. [863, having served in 2d brigade, 2d division, 9th 
corps brigade band. Re-enlisted in Oct. 1.863. in the same band and was mus- 
tered out in Nov. 1865. Member of Lafayette Lodge of Masons of Cavendish, 
Vt., of Royal Arch Chapter and Council of Holyoke, and of Springfv Id Comman- 
dery of Knights Templar. Removed to Holyoke in 1876; supt. of Springfield 
Blanket Co., 10 years, resigning in 1885, May. Appointed chief of police of Hol- 
yoke, Jan. 1886, holding the office five years. Proprietor of Whiicomb building, 
D wight street, and of other valuable real estate. Mayor of Holyoke, 1894. 
Stockholder and director of Keating Wheel Co., trustee of Holyoke savings bank, 
trustee of Citizens' Law and Order League. Chairman of committee on liquor 
law; and 01 committees on federal relatioas, and fisheries and game, 1895. 

Vote of district : Marcienne H. Whitcomb, Republican, 5 191 ; W. F. Smith, 
Democrat, 4655; C. G. Hart, People's Party, 294. 


First District. — Arlington. Medford, Somerville, Winchester. Hon. 

George W. Perkins, Republican, of Somerville was horn at Tamworth, N. H., 
July 1, [842; educated in common schools and New Hampshire Institution, New 
Hampton. Member of firm ot Ar Showe& Co., teas and coffee, Boston. Mas- 
01s. past master of Soley Lodge; Somerville Royal Arch Chapter; Orient Council 
Royal and S lect Masters ; De Molay Commandery ; Massachusetts Republican 
and Young Men's Republican Clubs of Boston; Mystic Valley Club. House of 
Representatives. 1891. chairman committee on drainage 11892, committee on cities. 
Chairman committee on printing; on education, metropolitan affairs, 1895. 

Vote of distiict : George W. Perkins, Republican, 6437 ; Franklin N. Poor, 
Democrat. 2S61 ; Frederick W. Walsh, Jr. Prohibition, 274. 

Second District. — Belmont, Concord. Lexington. Lincoln, Newton, Walt ham, 
Watertown. — Hon. James P. NlLES, Republican, of Watertown, was born in 
Halifax, Windham county, Vt., in 1S49 ; educated in its public schools and Shel- 
burne Academy, Mass. Studied dentistry in North Adams, followed by a course 
at Philadelphia Dental School, class of 1872. Practiced his profession in Watertown 
since 1SS5. Member of Republican town committee, 1890 to 1S95. Member of 
Pcquossette lodge of Masons, Royal Arch Chapter of Newton, and Gethsemane 
Commandery of Knights Templar of the same city; also member of Lafayette 
Lodge of Odd Fellows, of the Vermont Association of Massachusetts, and of 
Isaac Patten Post G. A. R Chosen at a special election Feb. 26, to succeed 
a vacancy caused by the death of Hon Oliver Shaw of Watertown, who died, in 
Dec. 1894. 

Vote of district: (Regular election) H. C. Hall, Democrat, 2803 ; Oliver Shaw, 
Republican, 5696; C. M. VVheaton, People's Party, 308. (Special election) 
C. S. Ensign, Citizen, 3132; James P. Niles, Republican, 3153. 

Third District — Wards 1, 2, 4, and 5 of Cambridge. — Hon. William B. 
Durant, of Cambridge, Republican, was born in Barre, Sept. 29, 1844. Grad- 
uated from Harvard, 1865, and from Harvard Law School, 1S69. House chair- 
man of committee on liquor law, 1890. House chairman of committee on 
probate and insolvency, and on committee on rules, 1892. In Senate of 1894, 
chairman of committee on bills in third reading and of special committee on re- 
vision of corporation laws.and on committees on probate and insolvency, and mer- 
cantile affairs. Chairman of Senate and joint judiciary, on libraries and public ser- 
vice. 1895. 



Vote of district: William B. Durant, Republican, 4213; R. D. W. Smith, 
Democrat. 2184; Herman Bird. People's Party, 11 59; C. L. Page, Prohibition, 

Fourth District. — Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Marlboro, 
Maynard, Natick, Sherborn, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston. — Hon. George A. 
Reed of Framingham, Republican, was born in Concord, Sept. 10. 1S42 ; educat- 
ed in public schools of Littleton and Framingham. Enlisted in Co. E of Acton, 
April 16, 1 861, mustered out Aug. 7, 1861 ; enlisted again same company Sept. 5, 
[861, mustered out Jan. 1, 1864, at New Iberia, La.; re-enlisted at once, mustered 
out as Lieut, at Gallop's Island, Boston harbor, Sept 23, 1865. 2d Lieut. Co. E, 
26th Mass. Vet. Vol., Post 142, G. A. R., Meridian Lodge of Masons, Royal Arch 
Chapter, Knights Templar ; U. V. U. Command No. 20 ; Mystic Shrine ; Red Men ; 
Odd Fellows : Daughters of Rebekah ; Railroad Conductors Selectman of Fram- 
ingham, 1887-8-9; town clerk. After discharge from army worked in Saxonville 
mills until June 6, 1866, when entered employ of B. & A. R. R. as brakeman ; 
been conductor 23 years. House, 1889, committee on military affairs, federal re- 
lations. Chairman of federal relations; military affairs, towns, water supply, 1895. 
Vote of district : George A. Reed, Republican, 4549 ; W. H. Walsh, Democrat, 
3481 ; W. H. Hovendon, People's Party. 321. 

Fifth District. — Acton, Ashby, Aycr, Bedford, Billerica, Boxborough, Bur- 
lington, Carlisle, Chemsford, Dracut, Dunstable, Grotou, Hudson, Littleton, 
Pep per ell, Shirley, Stow. Tewksbury, Townsend, Tyngsborough, West ford, Wo- 

Durn Hon. George J. Burns of Ayer, Republican, was born in Westford, July 

14, 1855 ; educated in Aver public schools, Boston University, class of 187S. 
Lawyer; author of history of Ayer. Trustee public library past seven years, 
member of St Paul Lodge of Masons, member of Republican town committee 
many years, and its chairman in 1874-5 ; on Republican state committee 1891-2-3. 
House, 1 886, committee on manufactures and street railways. Chairman of taxation; 
on probate and insolvency, and election laws, 1895. 

Vote of district: George J. Burns, Republican, 4601 ; John P. Crane, Demo- 
crat, 2622 ; A. B. Beers, People's Party, 202. 

Sixth District — Everett, Maiden, Melrose, North Reading. Reading, Stone- 
ham, Wakefield, Wilmington Hon. Arthur H. Wellman, Republican, lawyer, 

of Maiden was born in East Randolph (now Holbrook), Oct. 30, 1855. Educated 
at Newton High School, Amherst College, Harvard Law School, and Boston Univer 
sity Law School. In 1885 member of Maiden Common Council, and in 1889-90-91; 
city solicitor. He is now professor in Boston University Law School, as well as 
practising lawyer. One of trustees of Maiden hospital; also .of Maiden public 
library. In House in 1892, on committee on judiciary. House chairman of com- 
mittees on cities, in House of 1893. Same position in 1894, and on committee 0,1 
taxation ; also House chairman of special committee on the unemployed. Cli lir- 
man of railroads ; on roads and bridges, and bills in third reading, 1895. 

Vote of district: Arthur H. Wellman, Republican, 7061; N. F. Hesselline, 
Democrat, 3213. 

Seventh District.— Lowell.— Hon. Ether S. Foss, of Lowell, Republican, 
was Dorn in Saco, Me., June 10, 1834. and was educated in its common schools. 
At the age of eighteen, removed to Portland, where he foil wed the trade of ma- 
son until 1870. In 1865, became a contractor of masoa-work. In 1870, remov- 
ed to Boston, where he remained until 1876, when he removed to Lowell. Has 
executed some large contracts of mason-work in Lowell, such as City Hall, $120, 
000; Memorial Building, $47,000; City High School, $7S^oo; and four mills in 
1892, aggregating $400,000. Member of William North Lodge of Masons, and 
is also a thirty-second degree Mason. President of the Master Builders' Associa- 
tion of Lowell, 1892-93. On committee on railroads im House of 1893. On 


committees on finance, expenditures and federal relations, 1S94. Chairman of 
public service, and on cities, drainage and prisons, 1 895. 

Vote of district : Ether S. Foss, Republican, 6293 ; Peter J. Brady, Demo 
crat, 5955 ; T. F. Connolly, People's Party, 256. 


First District. — Braintree, Canton, Holbrook, Hyde Park, Milton, Quincv, 
Randolph, Weymouth — Hon. FRANCIS W. Darling, Republican, was born in 
Boston. Dec. 16, 1852. He went through the public schools of Boston, gradua- 
ting from the English High School, in 1870. Prepared for college, but was o- 
bliged to give up the study of law. In 1878, went into the coal business, and has 
continued in it to the present time. When in Boston, was a member of the board 
of government of the English High School Association and of the Mer- 
cantile Library Association. Moved to Hyde Park ten years ago. Was 
president of the Hyde Park Club for first two years of its existence; has been 
treasurer of the First Unitarian Society for six years, and is now president of the 
Hyde Park board of trade and chairman of the Republican town committee. 
In House of 1893, and on committee on mercantile affairs. House chairman of 
committee on railroads, and on committee on taxation, [894. Chairman of com- 
mittee on mercantile affairs; and on committees on engrossed bills, and parishes 
and religious societies, 1895. 

Vote of district: Francis W. Darling. Republican, 5490; Walter P. Beck, 
Democrat, 3313; T. R. Fitch, People's Party, 396. 

Second District. — Avon. Bellingham. Brookline, Dedham. Dover, Foxboro, 
Franklin. Medfield. Medway, Millis, Needham, Norfolk, Norwood, Sharon, 
Stoughton, Walpole, Welles'ley, Wrentham.— Ho.v. Robert S.Gray, of Wal- 
pole, Republican, was born Sept. 28, 1847, at Walpole. Educated at public 
schools of Walpole, West Newton English and Classical School, Friends' Acad- 
emy of New Bedford. Mass. and Institute of Technology. Proprietor of Walpole 
Bleach and Dye Works, bleachers and dyers of cotton yarns, threads, etc. 
Member of House, representing the seventh Norfolk District, in years 1889 and 
1880. Served on committee of manufactures both terms. Member and chairman 
for past ten years of Walpole school committee ; trustee for some time of 
Walpole Public Library. For p 1st fourteen years, a member of Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. Is a Mason, belonging, 
to the Lodge of Eleusis of Boston. Chairman of committee on woman suffrage, 
and on committees on treasury, expenditures and manufactures, 1894. On joint 
special committee on the unemployed. Chairman of committee on manufactures; 
and on com nittees on labor, and towns. 1895. 

Vote of district: Robert S. Gray, Republican, 5597 ; Charles Warren, Dem- 
ocrat, 2885; J. B. Hanners, Prohibition, 226. 


First District,— Abington, Cohasset {Norfolk County), Duxbury, Han- 
over, Hanson, Hingham, Hull, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Ply- 
mouth, Plympton, Rockland, Scituate, Whitman. — Hon. Edward Baker At- 
vvood, of Plymouth, Republican, was born in Wellfleet, May 13, 1845. He at- 
tended Plymouth common and high schools, and took a year's course at a business 
college. For past eleven years he has been in lumber business. He followed the 
sea before that, and was captain of a vessel in the coastwise and West Indian 
trade for fifteen years. President of the Co-operative Bank and trustee and on 
committee on investments in the Five Cents Savings Bank. On committee on 
fisheries and game in House of 1892. In House of 1893, and on committee on 
railroads. Chairman ol committee on insurance; on committees on engrossed bills, 
and railroads, 1S94. Chairman of committee on insurance , and on harbors and 
public lands, and railroads, 1895. 


Vote of district: Edward B. Atwood, Republican, 3849; B. F. Peterson, 
Democrat, 1373; C. D. Nash, People's Party, 544; L. Thompson, Prohibition, 

Second District. — Bridgewater, Brockton, Carver, East Bridgewater, Hal- 
ifax, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Middleboro, Rochester, Wareham, J I 'est 
Bridgewater. — Hon. James C. Leach, Republican, of Bridgewater, was born in that 
town, June II, 1831; educated in public schools. Learned the carpenter's trade, 
which he followed until i860, when he entered the employ of J. E. Carver, build- 
er of cotton-<;ins, with whom he remained until 1869. In 1870, commenced mak- 
ing oil-proof paper, which is extensively used by boot and shoe manufactiuers in 
the United States and Europe, and with the sale of leather, leather board, and 
boot and shoe counters, has built up a large and prosperous business that has se- 
cured for him a comfortable fortune. Chairman of the Republican Town Com- 
mittee for many years, and has been for a long time trustee of the Plymouth Coun- 
ty Agricultural Society, to which he has been one of the most liberal contributors. 
Director, manager, and president of the Plymouth County Creamery Company of 
Bridgewater, which he has pi iced in the first rank of such enterprises. Has long 
been trustee and member of the investment committee of Bridgewater Savings 
Bank, and a director of the Brockton National Bank since its organization; also 
trustee of Bridgewater Academy. Member of Brockton Commercial Club. H-is 
always encouraged ample appropriations for public improvements, particularly for 
education. Commissioned justice of the peace by Gov. Rice in 1877. Member 
of Fellowship Lodge, Masons, of Harmony Chapter, R. A. M„ both of Bridge- 
water, and of Brockton Council, Royal and Select Masters, and Bay State Com- 
mandery, Knights Templar, of Brockton. He is a lineal descendant of Giles 
Leach, who settled in Bridgewater before 1665, and of Rev. James Keith, the first 
minister in that section. On committee on banks and banking in House of 1893. 
House chairman of same committee, and on committee on street railways, 1894. 
Chairman of committee on banks and banking ; and on committees on fisheries 
and game, and public health, 1895. 

Vote of district : James C. Leach, Republican, 4386 ; George C. Holmes, 
Democrat, 3616. 


First District. — Ward 1 of Boston. Chelsea, Revere, Winthrop. — Hon. Jo- 
seph Brewster Maccabe, Republican, of Boston was born in Manches- 
ter, N. H., Nov. 19, 1858; educated in public schools. Boston Common Council, 
1888. Proprietor and editor of East Boston Argus and Advocate. Dept. com- 
mander Sons of Veterans, 1 892; National commander-in-chief of same organization, 
1893, Member of Baalbec Lodge of Masons. Zenith Lod<jeof Odd Fellows, King 
Lodge of Knights of Pythias, of Abenakis tribe of Red Men, and is a trustee of 
the Soldins' Home of Chelsea, House of 1S90, on committee on street railways, 
and special committee on county affairs and criminal costs. Chairman of committee 
on military affairs ; and on committees on insurance and State House, 1895. 

Vote of distiict: Joseph B. Maccabe, Republican, 5544; William Woolley, 
Democrat, 27S6 ; Seth Weston, Prohibition, 330; John W. Sullivan, People's 
Party, 245. 

Second District. — Wards 3, 4, 5, Boston. — Hon. Joseph J. Corbett, 
Democrat, was born in Boston (Charlestown) Dec. 24, 1863; educated in public 
schools, Boston University law school, 1885 ; admitted to bar same year and has 
since practised law in Boston. On committees on engrossed bills, constitutional 
amendments, and election laws, 1895. 

Vote of district: Joseph J. Corbett, Democrat, 3926; George N. Swallow, 
Republican, 2499. 


Third District. — Wards 6, 7, 8, Boston. — Hon. Michael B. Gilbridej 
Democrat, was born in Boston, Feb. 13, 1866 : educated in St. Mary's School and 
Boston College. For t'iree years traveling salesman ; two years superintendent of 
factory; since 1889, in farming tools and seed business, style of firm, Gilbride & 
Grey ; warehouse in Boston, factory at North Weare, N. H. Chairman board of 
directors of Hendricks club; first president of St. Mary's V. M. C. A ; Member 
of West End Council, Knights of Columbus. City Council, 1 890-1 ; Democratic 
city committee, 1889-90-1 -2-3-4-5. House of Representatives, 1892. committee 
on water supply; 1S93, committees on education and engrossed bills. On com- 
mittees on liquor law, manufactures, and mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : Michael B. Gilbride, Democrat, 3868 John J, Coffey, Jr. Re- 
publican, 1340. 

Fourth District. — Wards 2, 12, 16 of Boston. — Hon. Johx Quinn, Jr., Dem- 
ocrat, born in Boston, Dec. 16, i860; educated in its public schools, graduating 
from the English High School. Is a ship broker. Was member of the Common 
Council in 1891-92 ; is notary public and justice of peace. Member of St. James 
Young Men's Christian Temperance Society, Young Men's Catholic Association 
of Boston College, and Young Men's Christian Union. On committee on rapid 
transit, House of 1893 ; election laws, and clerk of committee on transit, House 
of 1894. Committees on rules, banks and banking, woman suffrage, 1895. 

Vote of district : John Ouinn, Jr.. Democrat, 3499; Oscar C. Emerson, Re- 
publican, 1 732. 

Fifth District — Wards 9, 10, ii of Boston — Hon. George P. Sanger, Re- 
publican, is a lawyer. He was born in Boston, Sept. 6, 1852, and was educated 
in the Boston public schools and at Harvard College, class of 1874. From Feb- 
ruary, 1877, to October, 18S2, he was an Assistant United States Attorney for the 
District of Massachusetts, and is a Commissioner of the United States Circuit 
Court. Member of the R -publican City Committee of Boston for two years. 
Member of the Common Council in 1886 and 1887, and in 1889 and 1890 of the 
House of Representatives, with appointment in the latter to the committees on 
rules, judiciary, probate, and insolvency, bills in the third reading, and constitu- 
tional amendments. Chairman of committee on cities, and on committees on judi- 
ciary, rules, and election laws, Senate of 1894. Metropolitan affairs (chairman), 
judiciary, rules, treasury and expenditures, 1895. 

Vote of district : George P. Sanger, Republican, 41 29 ; William P. Fowler, 
Democrat, 179 1. 

Sixth District. — Wards 13. 14, 15, Boston. — Hon. William H. Mc- 
Morrow, Democrat, was born in Boston. March 23, 1871. and was educated in 
the public schols, graduating from the Evening Hisjh School. Junior member of 
firm of John McMorrow & Co., liquor dealers. Memb;r of St. Augustine Court, 
M. C. O. F., of Knights of St. Rose, of City Point Catholic Association, and of 
the Young Man's Catholic Association of Boston College; executive committee 
from Ward 15 : member Democratic Ward and City Committee, 1893-4-5 i mem- 
ber Bellevue Club of Dorchester ; member of Division 11, A. O. H., Tremont 
Council Knights of Columbus, of City Point and South Boston Athletic Clubs. 
On committee on water supply in House of 1893. On committee on insurance in 
House of 1894. On committees on labor, prisons and public service, 1S95. 

Vote of district : William H McMorrow, 3588; Jeffrey R. Kagar, Republi- 
can, 3025 ; Joseph J. Casey, Democrat Citizen, 2292. 

Seventh District. — Wards 17, 18, 20 of Boston. — Hon. Isaac P. Hutchin- 
son, Republican, was born in Cambridge, Feb. 26, 1 S60 ; educated in common 
schools and Maine Wesleyan Seminary. In business in Boston for past 14 years. 
Member of Boston Common Council. 1890. In House of Representative, 1 891 



on committees of public service and drainage. Author of compulsory interchange- 
able mileage ticket law, which supreme court declared unconstitutional. Member 
of Republican Club of Massachusetts, Marketmen's Republican Club; Crand 
Lodge and Grand Encampment of Odd Fellows and Grand Lodge of Knights of 
Pythias. Prominent in bringing to successful termination the investigations of the 
Ward 17 election frauds in 1894. Author and promoter of law to prevent fraudu- 
lent impersonation of voters in Boston in 1895. President of the Republican City 
Committee of Boston, 1895. Chairman of committee on public health, and on 
committees on libraries and mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : Isaac P. Hutchinson, Republican, 4608 ; John Golding, 
Democrat, 41 21. 

Eighth District. — Wards 19, 22, 25, of Boston. — Hon. Granville A. Ful- 
ler, Republican, was born in that part of Boston now Ward 25, but formerly the 
town of Brighton, March 13, 1837; educated in the public schools. Has always 
followed the business of a lumber dealer. Call district chief of the Boston 
Fire Department. Mr. Fuller is a director of the National Market Bank, trustee 
and member of the investment committee of the Brighton Five Cents Savings 
Bank, and a director of the Citizens' Mutual Insurance Company of Boston. 
He is also president of the New England Investment Company of Denver, Col. 
Member of Bethsaida Lodge of Masons. On committees on finance and expendi- 
tures House of 1893; finance, expenditures, and taxation, in House of 1894. 
Chairman of committee on drainage; and on committees on printing, and taxation. 

Vote of district ; G. A. Fuller, Republican, 2722; John F. Cronan, Demo- 
crat-Independent, 2435 ; T. W. Coakley, Democrat-Citizens, 2325 ; H. L.Baker, 
Republican-Independent, 622. 

Ninth District. — Wards 21, 23, 24, Boston. — Hon. Charles F. Sprague, 
Republican, was born in Boston, June 18, 1857; educated in Boston schools, 
Harvard College, 1879. Lawyer; actively interested in politics. Boston Common 
Council, 1888-9; P ai "k commission, 1893-6. House of Representatives, 1890-r, 
on committees on engrossed bills, election laws, probate and insolvency. Chair- 
man of committee on constitutional amendments, and on committees on federal 
relations, and metropolitan affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : Charles F. Sprague, Republican, 8664 ; William F. Merritt, 
Democrat, 4964. 


First District. — Wards 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Worcester. — Hon. Stephen 
Salisbury, Republican, of Worcester, was born in that city March 31, 1835, and 
is the third of that name. In 1S52, he left the Worcester High School, and 
entered Harvard College, graduating from there in the class of 1856. Going 
at once to Europe, he spent two years in study at the Frederick William Uni- 
versity in Berlin, the Ecole de Droit in Paris, and in travel through the Cont- 
nent, Great Britain and Greece and Turkey. In 1858, he returned to Worcester, 
and studied law. In 1861. he received the degree of L L. B. from Harvard, and 
was also admitted to the bar. He then spent six months studying the Indian 
remains in Yucatan, embodying the results of his investigations in valuable 
contributions to the American Antiquarian Society. Since that time he has 
visited Spain and Holland and has twice repeated his journey to Yucatan. 
To his native city he has made valuable gifts, such as Institute Park and a 
building to the City Hospital; while to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
he has given a building for mechanical, physical and chemical laboratories. 
His positions of trust and honor have been many. In 1863-65-66, he was a 
member of the Common Council; president of the Worcester National Bank 


since 1884, and a director since 18(15; president of the Worcester County 
Institution for Savings since 1882; director of the State'Mutual Life Assurance 
Company since 18(13; and director of the Worcester, Nashua & Rochester and 
Boston, Barre & Gardner railroads until they were absorbed by other roads. 
Trustee of Worcester City Hospital from incorporation in 1871 until [889, and 
for seventeen years its secretary. Trustee of Washburn Memorial Hospital, 
and secretary for ten years. Trustee of Polytechnic Institute since [884, of 
Clark University since 1887, and of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology since 
1887. Member of the American Antiquarian Society (president sine e 1 S ,'S 7 j . of 
the American Geographical Society, Massachusetts Historical Society, New 
England Historic Genealogical Society, Conservatorio Yucateco, and Sociedad 
Mexicana de Geografia y Estadistica. In Senate of 1893, chairman of com- 
mittee on education, and on committees on expenditures and engrossed bills ; 
chairman of committee on banks and banking, and on committees on 
treasury and expenditures in Senate of 1894. Chairman of committees on 
treasury, expenditures and libraries ; and on committee on banks and banking, 
1895. Also appointed by the Governor as one of the commissioners to represent 
the state at the Mexican Exposition in 1896. 

Vote of district: Stephen Salisbury, Republican, 7586; E. I). Blake, 
People's Party, 504; John Hewitt, Prohibition, 302. 

Second District — Berlin, Blackstone, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton. Grafton, 
Harvard, Hupedale, Mendon, Milford, Northboro, Northbridge, Shrewsbury, 
Southboro, Upton, Uxbridge, Westboro. — Hon. Edwin B. Harvey, of West- 
boro, Republican, was born in 1834 in Deerfield. N. H. ; received collegiate 
education at Wesle}an University, Middletown, Conn., graduating in class of 
1859; was teacher of mathematics one year in Poukney Academy, Vt. ; two 
yea's principal of Macedon Academy, N. Y. ; two years professor of natural 
science Wesleyan Academy in this state; entered medical department, Harvard 
University, in 1864; received degree of M. D. in 1866, and immediately began 
practice in Westboro, and is still in active professional work. Is a member of 
the Massachusetts Medical Society, and has been frequently honored with im- 
portant offices within its gift; has been councillor of the Society for twenty 
years and was its anniversary chairman in 1886. In 1872, he visited the 
principal medical universities in Europe. Was appointed trustee of State reform 
schools by Gov. Washburn in 1873 and reappointed by Cov. Gaston in 1876. 
On the school board twenty years in his own town ; was superintendent of 
s :hools three years. Is now chairma.i of trustees of public library, member of 
board of health, and trustee of savings bank. In House of Representatives, 
1884-85; both years on committee of public charitable institutions, and was 
chairman of the committee in 1S85. Chairman of committee on public charitable 
institutions and on committees on drainage and public health, in Senate of 
[894. Chairman of committee on public charitable institutions, and on com- 
mittees on public health and street railways. 1895. 

Vote of district : Edwin B. Harvev, Republican, 4816; W. R. Dame, Dem- 
ocrat, 3288 ; C. L. Leonard, Prohibition, 287. 

Third District. — Auburn, Brook field, Charlton, Douglas, Pint lev. Leicester, 
Millbury, North Brookfield, Oxford. Paxton, Southbridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, 
Sutton, Warren, Webster and West Brookfield. — Hon. LEDYARD Bill, of 
Paxton, Republican, was born in Ledyard, Conn., May 14, 1836, and was edu- 
cated in the public schools and academy. He then took Horace Creeley's 
advice to young men to "go West," and settled in Louisville, Ky., where he en- 
gaged in the publishing business, which business was destroyed by the breaking 
out of the Civil War. He then engaged in the publishing business in New York 
City, where he remained until removing to Paxton in 1874. His father, Gurdon 
Bill, served in the war of 181 2. at the battle of Stonington, and was a member 


of the Legislature of Connecticut; and his grandfather, Joshua Bill, was 
wounded in the battle of Groton Heights, at Fort Griswold, Conn., in the 
Revolution, and was a Revolutionary pensioner. His ancestor and relative, 
Richard Bill, a merchant of Boston, was a member of the Governor's council in 
1 737-8-9-40-41. In 1 891 Mr. Bill was a member of the House and House 
chairman of the committee on agriculture ; influential in securing passage of 
the "anti-oleo" law, successfully opposed the increase of salaries of members, 
defended the rights of the farmers' boys on the game law question, opposed the 
granting of railroad passes to members (since become law,) and was always fa- 
vorable to sound legislation. Has given a soldiers' monument to his native 
town, and aided in founding the public library in his adopted town. Has always 
taken advanced position for State aid for public roads; and has, occasionally, 
for several years past, lectured on this subject. For the past dozen years has 
been chairman of selectmen, overseers of the poor, and of the school committee, 
and has acted as town treasurer. He is a corresponding member of the Historic 
Genealogical Society of Boston, and of the Wisconsin Historical Society. He 
has written several volumes of travel and history. His first work on Florida met 
with quite a large sale, and was largely instrumental in calling attention of the 
North to that State as a winter resort. The Literary Review pronounced it as 
one of the few successful publications of the year. Later on, a work on Min- 
nesota followed ; then a volume on genealogy; his last volume was in 1890, 
beino- the history of the town where he resides. In the winter of 1860-61, the 
first Union League Club in the country was organized at Louisville, Ky.. by 
Mr. Bill and a" few of his friends. This organization spread rapidly over a 
laro-e portion of Kentucky and East Tennessee, and was largely instrumental in 
saving Kentucky to the Union. In 1S93, he redeemed his senatorial district, 
which' had been Democratic for four years. Chairman of committees on roads 
and bridges and engrossed bills; and on committee on agriculture, in Senate 
of 1894. Chairman of committee on roads and bridges, and on committees on 
agriculture and education, 1895. 

Vote of district: Ledyard Bill, Republican, 4431 ; Timothy Howard, Dem- 
ocrat, 2907; M. A. Hamilton, People's Party, 228. 

Fourth District. — P"itcliburg, Haldol, Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, 
Princeton, Sterling, West Boyl'ston, Westminster, and Wards 2 and 3 of Wor- 
cester. Hon. Joel D. Miller, of Leominster, Republican, was born in Athol, 

Oct 10, 1837; educated in its public schools, Bernardston Academy, and Wil- 
liams College, graduating in the class of 1864. Taught one year in Jewett, N. Y., 
then for a year and eight months was principal of the Athol High School; and 
was then for twenty-five years principal of the Field High School of Leominster. 
For past eight years has owned the Leominster Enterprise, but continued teach- 
in°" until July, 1892. Has preached occasionally, but was never a candidate for 
settlement. Since July, 1892, has given his whole time to his paper. Appointed 
on the state board of education, May 16, 1895. Chairman of committees on 
liquor law and education, and on committee on parishes and religious societies in 
Senate of 1894. Chairman of committees on education, parishes and religious 
societies and woman suffrage, 1895. 

Vote of district; Joel D. Miller, Republican, 5943; H. M. Kendall, Demo 
crat, 2893 ; L. V. Leach, Prohibition, 227. 


Berkshire District — Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dal ton, Florida, Han- 
cock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, Lenox, New Ashford, North Adams. Ferity Pitts- 
field, Richmond. Savoy, Washington, Williamstown, Windsor. — Hon. George 
P. Lawrence, Republican, of North Adams was born there, May 19, 1859; ed- 
ucated in Drury Academy, North Adams, and Amherst College, class of [880 ; Co- 


lumbia Law School class of 1883 ; admitted to bar same year ; attorney at law in 
North Adams since ; appointed judge of district court of Northern Berkshire, 1885. 
Member of St. Paul's Commandery Knights Templar. Trustee of Drury Academy, 
five years ; trustee of public library eight years ; member of prudential committee 
of North Adams fire district three years. Member-at-large of committee on reso- 
lutions of Republican state convention, 1894. Chairman committee on street rail- 
ways, and on committees on agriculture, and probate and insolvency, r S95. 

Vote of district: George P. Lawrence, Republican, 5380; F. C. Bourne, 
Democrat, 3033 ; N. M. Cummings, People's Party, 287 ;J. H. Smith, Prohibition, 

Berkshire-Hampshire. — A I ford, Becket, Egremont, Great Barrington, Lee, 
Monterey, Mount Washington, New Marlboro, Otis, Sandisfield, Sheffield, 
Stockbridge, Tyringham, and West Stockbridge. in Berkshire County; Chesterfield, 
Cummington, Easthampton, Goshen. Hatfield, Huntington, Middlefield, North- 
ampton, Plainfield, Southampton. Westhampton, Williamsburg, and Worthing- 
ton in Hampshire County ; and Blaud/ord, Chester, and Russell, in Hamp- 
den County. — Han. John B. Ripley, of Chester, Republican, was born in Gran- 
ville. July 8, 1849, an d was educated in the public schools, is a farmer and wool 
and stock dealer. Member of Mount Moriah Lodge of Masons of Westfield and 
of Evening Star Chapter and Springfield council. Member of House in 1889, on 
committee on agriculture. Chairman of committee on drainage, and on commit- 
tees on agriculture and railroads, 1894. Chairman of committee on agriculture, 
and on committees on drainage and railroads, 1895. 

Vote of district: John R. Ripley, Republican, 4493 ; YV. H. Gross, Demo- 
crat, 3016; M. L. Gaylord, Prohibition, 385. 

Cape District. — Barnstable, Brewster, Bourne, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham, 
Falmouth, Harwich, Mashpee, Orleans, Provincetown, Sandwich, Truro, \\ r ell- 
fleet, and Yarmouth, in the county of Barnstable ; Chi/mark, Cottage City, Ed- 
gar town, Gay Head, Gosnold, Tisbury, West Tisbury, in the county of Dukes; 
and Nantucket. — Hon. William A. Morse, of Tisbury, Republican, born in Bos- 
ton July 27, 1S63, but has always resided at Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard. 
After completing his studies at the island schools, he studied at Hebron Academy, 
Me., and at Worcester Academy. Studied law with Knovvlton & Perry, New Bed- 
ford, Prince & Peabody, Boston, and at Boston University. Admitted to Suffolk bar 
Jan. 26, 1 886, and since admitted to the United States Circuit and District Courts, 
and the United States Supreme Court. Is a lawyer, with offices in the Equitable 
Building, Poston. For the heroic rescue, by a perilous dive, of a fisherman's son 
from drowning, at No Man's Island, while he was still a law student, was given a 
valuable medal by the Massachusetts Humane Society. Member of Paul Revere 
Lodge of Odd Fellows, Somerville. In House of Representatives, 1893, on com- 
mittees on county estimates and State House. Chairman of committee on en- 
grossed bills, and on committees on judiciary, and harbors and public lands, 1895 

Vote of district: I. F. Crosby, Democrat, 842: William A. Morse, Republi 
can, 3910; W. H. Woodwell, Prohibition, 232. 

Franklin District — Ash field, Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Colrain 
Conway, Dee field, Erving, Gill, Greenfield. Hawley, Heath, Leverett, Leyden 
Monroe, Montague, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, Rowe, Shelburne, Shutes 
bury, Sunderland, Warwick, Wendell, Whately, Franklin C'juuty; Ashburnham 
Royalston, Winchendon, Worcester county. — Hun. Dana Malone, of Greenfield 
Republican, was born in Arcade, N. Y ,Oct. 8, 1857, and was educated in the pub- 
lic schools and at Harvard Law School. Is an attorney-at-law. Is trial justice 
for Franklin County. Past master of Republican Lodge of Masons at Greenfield 
and Generalissimo of Connecticut Valley Commandery of Knights Templar 
Clerk of committee on judiciary in House of 1893. House chairman of same com- 


mittee and on rules, 1894. Chairman of committee on probate and insolvency, 
and on committees on judiciary, rules and mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : Dana M alone, Republican, 4576 ; George A. Kimball, Dem- 
ocat, 2086: J. C. Perry, Prohibition. 473. 

Worcester-Hampshire District. — Athol, Barre, Dana. Gardner, Hardwick, 
Hubbardston, New Brainlree, Oakham. Petersham. Phillipston, Rutland. Temp- 
let on. in Worcester county ; Amherst. Belchertown, Enfield, Granby, Greenwich, 
Hadley, Pelham, Prescott, South Hadley, II 'are, in Hamphire county. — Hon. 
PERCIVAL Llodgett, Republican, of Templeton, was born in Orange, July iS, 
1S41 ; educated in public schools Engaged in teaching some years, but in 
mercantile business since 1865. Member of Masons, Odd Fellows and Knights 
of Honor. Postmaster 16 years; school committee 21 years; town treasurer 
1 S years ; chairman selec. men and overseers of poor 14 years ; trustee public library 
26 years ; chairman Republican town committee 25 years. In House of Repre- 
sentatives,i889, committee on public charitable institutions: also in 1892, chairman 
committee on public reservations, chairman of committee on engrossed bills, and 
clerk of committee on rapid transit. Chairman committee on labor, and on com- 
mittees on public charitable institutions and water supply. 1S95. 

Vote of district: Percival Blodgett, Republican, 4299: John F. Green, Dem- 
ocrat, 2028; W. A. Magill, Prohibition, 352. 


Rev. Edmund Dowse, the chaplain, was born in Sherborn, Mass.. September 
17, 1 S 1 3 : graduated at Amherst College in 1836; was ordained and installed 
pastor of Pilgrim Church in Sherborn, his native town, in 1S38, and is still the 
only acting pastor. Was a member of the Massachusetts Senate in 1869 and 
[870; was chosen chaplain of the Senate in 1 880, and has been re-elected each 
succeeding year up to the present time. 

HENRY D Cooltdge. of Concord, the clerk, was born in Chels-a, Aug. 26, 
1828; was educated in the public schools; spent several vears in mercantile 
business. Upon the death of the venerable Hon. Stephen N. Gifford, clerk of 
the Senate, in May, 1886, and the election of his assistant, E. H. Clapp. as his 
successor, Mr. Coolidge was appointed by the latter as his assistant. He held 
this position in 1887 and 1888. and was unanimously elected clerk in 1S89, Mr. 
Clapp having removed from the State. He has been unanimously re-elected each 
year since. 

William H. Sanger, assistant clerk, was born in Louisville Ky., March 
12, 1862, his parents removing to Boston in 1866; attended the public schools of 
Boston and Hyde Park, graduating from the high school of the latter in 1880. 
After graduation did "suburban" and "city" work for the Boston Journal until 
1889, when he was appointed to his present position. Resigning his connection 
with the Journal in 1888, took charge of the New England correspondence of the 
New York Sun, and held that position until 1894. Is now New England corres- 
pondent of the New York World and Chicago Times. 

Frank E. Bridgman, clerical assistant, was born in Springfield, March 28, 
(Easter Sunday), 1868; removed with his parents to Keshena, Wis., in 1875; 
thence to Hyde Park, in 1879 ; thence, to Toledo, O., in 18S3 ; thence to Hyde 
Park, in 1887, where he still resides. Graduated from high school of Toledo, 
O., being salutatorian of class of 1887 : entered business life Aug. 8, 18S7, with 
Mechanics' Iron Foundry Company of Roxbury, Mass , in whose employ he re- 
mained until appointed to his present position, Jan. 1, 1894. 




Hon. GEORGE v. L. Meyer, Republican, who is a representative of Ward 
9 of Boston, which constitutes the ninth Suffolk representative district, is a mer- 
chant, and lives at No. 54 Beacon Street. He was born in Boston June 24, 1858. 
and was educated in its schools and at Harvard College. He was a member of 
the Common Council in 1889 and 1890, and of the Board of Aldermen in 1891. 
In 1S92. on committees on cities and taxation in the House. In 1893 author of 
bill, which was passed, to prevent "stock watering" of steam and street railways. 
House chairman of committee on railroads in the House, 1893. The Speaker re- 
ceived 1002 votes in 1894, or 91 more than the next highest on the ticket. He 
was chosen speaker for a second term by a vote of 231 to one. 


District No. 1 — Barns table, Bourne, Dennis, Falmouth, Mashpee, Sandwich, 
Yarmouth — Henry H. Fisk of (West) Dennis, Republican, born in that place, 
June 5, 1843. Been selectman, overseer of poor, and surveyor of highways., 
Deputy collector of customs at Dennis, 1889-94. President of Boston Marine 
Society, also of Riverside Trotting Park. Mason, and has held various offices in 
local societies. On committee on public health, 1894. House chairman of com- 
mittee on harbors and public lands, 1895. 

George E. White, of Sandwich, Republican, was born in Skowhegan, Me., 
June 13. 1849 ; educated in public schools and Bloomfield Academy of that, town ; 
graduated from Eaton Brothers' family and boarding school of Norridgewock, Me., 
1868. Went to work in a country store in Sharon, Mass., in the fallof 1868, suc- 
ceeding the present Congressman, Elijah A. Morse, as clerk. Moved from there 
to Boston in 1870; lived there as clerk and later as proprietor of a tea store until 
1877, when he was obliged to dispose of his business on account of his health. 
While in Boston had read medical works, and in 1877 to °k up the study in earnest; 
entered Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, in fall of 1877, graduating 
March, 1S80. Settled in Sandwich in July, 1880. Has taken prominent part 
in philanthropic and charitable works. Member of DeWitt Clinton Lodge of Ma- 
sons, and master of same for three years ; of Newton Royal Arch Chapter 
and DeMolay Commandery Knights Templar, of Boston. Member of board 
of health for several years ; correspondent of State Board of HeaPh. Mem- 
ber of Middlesex Club and Republican Club of Massachusetts. Member of 
Republican town committee several years, and its chairman since 1892. 
Clerk of committee on harbors and public lands, 1894. Clerk of committee 
on public charitable institutions, and on committee on public health, 1895; also 
member of House caucus committee. 

Vote of district: P. T. Brown, Prohibition, 10: S. Covil. Prohibition, 68; 
M. F. Delano, Democrat, 338; Henry H. Fisk, Republican, 1527; W. F. Make- 
peace, Democrat, 338; George E. White, Republican, 1329. 

District A T o. 2 — Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Harwich. Orleans. — The- 
OPHILus B. Baker Republican, of Harwich was born in that town, May 16, 1830; 
educated in its district schools. At age of 21 had become master of a sailing ves- 
sel and continued the same until 1866, when he bought a fleet of six fishing ves- 
sels and was engaged in that business until 18S9 when he retired from active bus- 
iness. Has been a Mason for 40 years, and has been secretary and treasurer of 
his local lodge for several years. Committee on fisheries and game, 1895. 


\'ote o£ district: Theophilus B. Baker, Republican, 755; Lewis B. Doane, 
Democrat, 127. 

District No. 3 Eastha/n, Provincetown, Truro, Wettfleet. — Heman S. 

Cook, of Provincetown, Republican, was born in that town. May 13, 1840 ; edu- 
cated in public schools. In fishing and whaling business fifteen years. Dealer 
in paper stock and metals ; auctioneer and real estate broker ; also local agent 
for Boston Board of Marine Underwriters. Registrar of voters four years, 
Trustee of Seaman's Savings Bank and director of Seaman's Aid Society. Past 
grand of Marine Lodge I. O. O. F., trustee of the same, and its treasurer for 
thirty consecutive terms. Treasurer of Republican town committee. On com- 
mittee on fisheries and game, 1894 ; same committee, 1895. 

Vote of district : Heman S. Cook, Republican, 498; L. Nickerson, Republi- 
can-Prohibition, N. P., 324. 


District No. 1. — Clarksburg, Florida, New Ash ford, North Adams, Will- 
iamstown. — Carlton T.Phelps, of North Adams, Repbulican, was born in New 
Ashford, Oct. 13, 1867; educated in North Adams public schools and at Boston 
University Law School, class of 1891. Lawyer. Member of Oneco Lodge of 
Odd Fellows; chairman of Republican town committee. On committees on edu- 
cation and revision of corporation laws, and on joint special committee on the 
unemployed, 1894. Clerk of committee on constitutional amendments, and on 
judiciary, 1895. 

George Brown Waterman, Republican, of Williamstown, was born in that 
town July 10, 1862; educated in its public schools and Glen Academy. Been 
clerk in mercantile houses; agent of National Express Company eight years and 
agent of T. W. Richmond & Co., coal dealers nine years, holding both positions 
at the same time. For last five years senior member of firm of Waterman & 
Moore, coal, lumber and building business. Committee on cities, 1895. 

Vote of district : S. Smith Joy, Democrat, 1030; NT. W. Kemp, Democrat, 
615; C. T. Phelps : Republican, 1857 ; W. L. Pratt, Prohibition, 70 ; J. J. Schrei- 
ber, People's Party, 269; George B. Waterman, Republican, 1845; Harrison 
White, Prohibition, 84. 

District No. 2. — Adams, Cheshire, Savoy. — William S Jexks of Adams, 
Republican, was born in that town, Dec. 1, 1855 ; educated in public schools and 
Greylock Institute of Williamstown. In paper-making business from 1874 to 
1880; in clothing business from 1S82 to 1890. Water commissioner of Adams 
fire district; director of First National Bank of Adams ; secretary of South Ad- 
ams Saving Bank of Adams; director of L. L. Brown paper company of Adams. 
King of Corinthian Chapter of Masons ; member of Aleppo Temple of Mystic 
Shrine; vice-chancellor of Adams Lodge of Knights of Pythias. On committee 
on printing, 1894 ; clerk of committee on roads and bridges. 1895. 

Vote of district: William S. Jenks, Republican, 7jS ; John M. Morin, Demo- 
crat, 446. 

District No. 3 Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesboro, Lenox, Peru, Richmond, 

Washington, Windsor. — Charles W. Goodrich, Republican, of Hinsdale, 
born Dec. 30, 1840; educated in public schools and Hinsdale academy. 
Merchant, carriage builder, deputy sheriff and justice of the peace. Member 
of Globe Lodge of Masons, and its master in 1889-90. Clerk of committee on 
drainage, 1895. 

Vote of district: Charles H. Ball, People's Party, 29: J. W. Cooney, 
Democrat, 439; T. A. Friscll, Prohibition, 61: Charles W. Goodrich, Re- 
publican, 564. 


District No. 4. — Da/ton, Pittsfield. — George W. 15a i ley, Democrat, was 
born in Brunswick, Me., March 20, 1848 ; educated in the public schools. Em- 
ployed in wholesale drv goods business, Boston, 1866 to 1 :- 7 7 ; retail dry goods 
business for himself, 1877 to 1879; in same business for himself in Pittsfield 
ever since. Is Captain General in Berkshire Commandery Knights Templar. 
Clerk of committee on libraries, and on committees on railroads and rules, 

William TOLMAN of Pittsfield, Republican, was born in Lanesboro, June 
2, 1858, and moved to Pittsfield at ten; educated in public schools until 1872, 
when became c erk in Agricultural Bank, holding that place six years. Entered 
Williston Seminary in 1878, graduating with honor in 1880.. Entered Williams 
College, but was obliged to Lave at end of three years on account of ill-health. 
After a year's work for various banks of the county, became special agent for 
Berkshire Life Insurance Company for Western Massachusetts, and has held the 
place for ten years ; one of the most energetic and successful of the company's 
representatives. Member of Crescent Lodge of Masons. On committee on 
education, 1894. Committees on banks and banking, and woman suffrage, 

Vote of district: George W. Bailey, Democrat, 1629; F. O. Bliss, Pro- 
hibition, 81; John Churchill, Democrat, 1442; I. M. Miller, People's Party, 
128; J. H. Reynolds, People's Partv, 133; C. 15. Scudder, Republican, 1529; 
William Tolman, Republican, 171 7; A. B. Whipple, Prohibition, 69. 

District No. 5. — Becket, L'e K Stockbridge He nry M. Smith, Republican, 

of Lee, was bom in that town, March 12, 1852; eaucated in the public schools. 
In retail drug business 14 vears; studien medicine 1882-5. and has practiced in 
Lee for nine vears. Member of Masons, all degrees but the 33d; Grangers, 
Knights of Pythias, and others. On school board 1886-92; board of health, 
18S8-9: board of selectmen, 1894-5. Operates two farms, is extensive and ex- 
perienced poultry fancier, and president and business manager of ''Dr. H. M. 
Smith Medical Company" of Lee. Committee on public health. 1895. 

Vote of district: E S Rogers. Prohibition, 40: H. L. Smith, Democrat, 
465 ; Henry M. Smith, Republican, 659. 

District No. 6. — .4 (ford, Egretnont, Great Harrington, West Stockbridge. — 

Erwin F. Barnes, Republican, of West Stockbridge was born in that town, 
March 14, 1846: educated in Hudson River Institute at Claverack, N. Y., and 
at South Berkshire Institute of New Marlborough, class of 1870. Been in 
milling business at Rock Dale Mills, (West Stockbridge), since 1872, having 
been postmaster there since 1877. Committee on federal relations, 1895. 

Vote of district: Erwin F. Barnes, Republican, 648; Charles Giddings, 
Democrat, 613 ; R. Higgins, Prohibition, 42. 

District No. 7. — Monterey, Mt. Washington New Marlboro, Otis, San- 
disjield, Sheffield. Tyringham. — Henry D. Sisson, Republican, of New Marl- 
boro was horn in that town, Dec. 8, 1836: educated in the common schools. 
Mechanic, farmer, manufacturer and dealer in lumber and "Jack at most any- 
thing". Enlisted in Aug. 1862, in Co. E, 49th infantry as 2d lieut; served in 
Department of the Gulf, and was at the surrender of Port Hudson. Member of 
House in 1871, serving on committee on elections, and got a "set-off" from Shef- 
field to New Marlboro in opposition to report of committee on towns ; also a 
railroad charter for the Konkapot Valley railroad. Committees on parishes 
and religious societies, and towns 1895. 

Vote of district : C. B. Brewster, Democrat, 358; H. A. Cook, Prohibition, 
45 : Henry D. Sisson, Republican, 492. 



District No. i Attleboro, North Attleboro, Norton, Seekonk Burrill 

Porter Jr.. of North Attleboro, was born in Charlestown, N. H., Feb. 22, 1832. 
His education was received in public schools of Langdon, N. H., in academies at 
Westminster and Saxton's River, Vt, and in Dartmouth college, Hanover. N. H., 
where he graduated in the class of 1856. He entered upon the profession of a 
teacher, and continued therein until 1879, during which time he taught acad- 
emies in Canaan, Alstead, and Svvanzey, N. H., and public schools in Cleveland 
and Fostoria. Ohio, and Braintree and Attleboro, Mass. Served five years as 
selectman, assessor, and overseer of the poor, and collector of taxes of Attleboro, 
and was postmaster at North Attleboro four years, until July, 1888. Represented 
First Bristol Representative District in the Legislature of Massachusetts in r88l. 
Is now editor of the Evening Chronicle, North Attleboro. Member of Aurora 
Lodge, No. 107, I. O. O. F. On committee on printing, and clerk of committee on 
constitutional amendments in House, 1893 ; House chairman of committee on print- 
ing, and on committee on towns, 1894; chairman of committee on printing and 
on committee on education, 1895. Republican. 

Mark O. Wheaton, Republican, of Attleboro, was born in that town, Nov. 
22, 1833 ; educated in common and private schools. Is a manufacturing jeweler. 
Enlisted Dec. 13, 1863 in Troop F. 3d Rhode Island cavalry and was discharged 
May 15, 1865. Past commander of W. A. Streeter Post G. A. R. Member of 
Republican town committee for 18 years. Committee on federal relations, 1895. 

Vote of district : H. E. Carpenter, Democrat, 444 ; J. 0. Hennigan, Demo- 
crat, 434; Burrill Porter, Jr., Republican, 1042; Mark O. Wheaton, Republican. 
1 140. 

District No. 2 — Easton, Mansfield, Raynham. — Warren S. Leach, Re- 
publican, of Raynham was born in Bridgewater, Feb. 23, 1847 ; educated in 
Bridgewater schools. Learned shoe cutting in Rockland ; foreman of cutting 
room of William O. Snow in Raynham nine years ; for past four years sales- 
man for his brother, Hon. J. C. Leach of Bridgewater. Member of Charles H. 
Titus Lodge of Masons of Taunton, and of King Phillip Lodge of Odd Fellows 
of same city. Chairman of Republican town committee several years. Commit- 
tee on public charitable institutions, 1895. 

Vote of district: H. W. Heath, Democrat, 426; Warren S. Leach, Re- 
publican, 725. 

District No 3. — Berkley, Taunton. — Frederick E. Austin, Republican, 
was born in Taunton, Aug. 7, 1885 : educated in public schools, going from the 
high school to Harvard, which poor health obliged him to leave, however, at the 
end of a year. Studied law with Hon. Charles A. Reed; admitted to the bar 
in October, 1892. Member of Common Council, 1889-90. Has been chairman 
of finance committee, and secretary of Taunton Republican club ; chairman 
of Republican City Committee, 1893-94-65. On committee on fisheries and 
game, 1894. Clerk of committee on State House, and on committee on pro- 
bate and insolvency. 1895. 

T. Preston Burt, Republican, of Taunton, born in Berkley, July 20, 
1844; educated in common schools. Learned house painting and decorating 
business. Enlisted in Co. C, 22d infantry, Aug. 17, 1862; discharged Sept. 
16, 1864. G. A. R. ; Mason ; treasurer of Weir Co-operative Bank. Commit- 
tee on liquor law, 1895. 

Edward Clarence Holt. Republican, of Taunton was born in Windsor, 
Vt., Jan. 13, 1850; educated in its public schools and academy. In the 
clothing business. Member ot King David Lodge of Masons of Taunton ; 
of St. Mark's Royal Arch Chapter, and of New Bedford Council, and 


of St. John's Commandery of Providence, R. I. Treasurer of the Bristol County 
Agricultural Society 1892 and 1894-5. In Common Council. [884-5 6-7-8. 
Committee on public service, 1895. 

Vote of district : Frederick E. Austin, Republican, 2385 ; T. Preston Burt, 
Republican, 2332; F. X. Greenwood, Democrat. 956; E. Clarence Holt, Re- 
publican, 2385; T. F. Reilly, Democrat, 918: W. A. Wheeler, Democrat, 

District No. 4 — Acnshnet, Fairliaven. Freetown. — James L. Gillingham 
of Fairhaven, Republican, born in Chelsea, July (2, 1857. Attorney at law. 
Chairman of selectmen of town ; trustee and treasurer of Millicent Library, 
[894-5. Mason and Odd Fellow. On committees on judiciary and taxation, 
[894. Chairman of House committee on engrossed bills, and on judiciary, 

Vote of district : James L. Gillingham, Republican. 526 ; J. M. Hath- 
away, Democrat, 63. 

District No. 5. — Wards 1, 2, 3, New Bedford— Thomas M. Denham,- 
Republican, of New Bedford was born in that city. Feb. 2, [840; educated in 
public schools, graduating from the High school in 1856. From 1856 to 1868 
clerk and book-keeper for the "Daily Standard'' and "Daily Mercury," in the 
office of Potter & Doane, whaling agents, and for two about years with W. A. 
Beard & Co., of Hilton Head, S. C, in the sutlering business. In 1S68, started 
in shirt manufacturing business in New Bedford, and lias continually increased 
his product until now in one day in good times he turns out as much as he did 
in his first whole year. In 1873, took his brother Edward into partnership, under 
the firm name of T. \\. Denham & Brother. In Common Council, 1876. His 
father was member of the House in 1854-5. sitting under the "Cod-fish," where 
the son sat with him one day. His father also served on same committee as 
son, that on prisons. 

Samuel Ross, Republican, cotton mule spinner, of New Bedford was 
born in Cheshire, Eng , Feb. 2, 1865. He has been prominent in labor circles, 
and was president of the National Cotton Mule Spinners' Association at its 
inception. He is now secretary of that association, ard of the New Bedford 
Mule Spinners' Association. He was in the House in 1892, serving on the 
committee on labor. House chairman of the same committee in House of 1893. 
Held the same position, 1N94. House chairman of committee on labor, and on 
committee on State House, 1895. 

Vote of district : G. P. Bailey, Republican Independent N. P., 474; B. B. 
Barney. Democrat, 520 : G. F. Brightman, Democrat, 749; Thomas M. Denham, 
Republican, 1274: Samuel Ross, Republican, i646. 

District No 6. — Wards 4, 5, and 6 of Neiu Bedford. — George Morton 
Eddy, Republican, was born in that city, Aug. 5, 1843. and was educated in its 
public schools At an early age he entered the dry-goods store of his father, 
later carrying on the business in partnership with his brother until 1889, when 
he retired from business. On committee on banks and banking in House of 
1893. House chairman of committee on fisheries and game, and on committee 
on mercantile affairs, 1894, and in the same positions in 1895. 

Fred D. Stanley, Republican, of New Bedford, was born in Leicester, 
Vt., Oct. 17, 1863; educated in the public schools; studied law at Harvard 
Law School and with Crapo, Clifford & Clifford of New Bedford ; admitted to the 
bar, Jan. [8, 1893 ; between 1882 and 1889 in lumber business in Minnesota. 
Member of Masons, and of Knights Templar. Committee on railroads, 1895. 

Vote of district: J. L. Ballou, Republican Independent N. P. 362: J. J. 
Donaghy, Democrat, 586; George M. Eddy, Republican, 1226; T. J. Meaney, 


Democrat, 589 ; W.B.Smith, Republican Independent N. P. 158; Fred D. 
Stanley, Republican, 11 24; F. S. Wilcox, Republican Citizen N. P. 589. 

District No. 7. — Dartmouth, Westport — John A. Macomber, 2d, of West- 
port. Republican, was born in that town, Jan. 25, 1849; educated in public 
schools and the Friends' Boarding-school of Providence, R. I. Taught school 
several years ; an undertaker for twelve years, selling out three years ago. Now 
in probate business. Town clerk, eighteen years; treasurer seven years; 
school committee, fifteen years; registrar of voters, ten years; justice of the 
peace, eight years; and trustee of free public library, three years. Director 
of New Bedford Safe Deposit and Trust Company. On committee on towns, 
[894 : House chairman of committee on towns, 1895. 

Vote of district: John A. Macomber 2d, Republican, 420 ; all others, 1. 

District No. S. Wants 1,2,3, 4.6, Fall River. — Thomas Donahue, 
Democrat, was born in Dublin, Ireland, August 20, 1853; educated in the 
public schools Has worked in cotton mills, iron mills, and the American Print 
Works of Fall River. Assistant assessor 1887-8 ; 1892-34. Past chief ranger 
of Court, "We'll Try," Ancient Order of Foresters. An old member and at one 
time president of the Young Irish American Society of Fall River. Committee 
on woman suffrage, 1895. 

Joseph F. Moonev, Democrat, born in Lonsdale, R. I.. May 2r, 1866. 
Educated in Fall River public schools. Druggist. Member of Division 6 A. 
O. H. Chairman of Democratic Ward Committee, 1892-3. On committee on 
county estimates 1894 ; committee on fisheries and game, 1895. 

William Moran, Democrat, was born in Manchester, Eng., Sept. 6, 1S55 : 
educated in public schools of Fall River. Is a barber. Secretary of Democratic 
City Committee for two years. Prominent in temperance work, having been 
president of the Robert Emmet Total Abstinence, Literarv, and Benevolent 
Society for a number of years. Prominent in labor organizations, being master 
workman of District Assembly No. 37 of Knights of Labor for some time. On 
committee on federal relations, 1894 ; committee on labor, 1895. 

Vote of district ; H. Beauparland, Republican, 2316; J. D. Crowley, Re- 
publican, 2158; Thomas Donahue, Democrat, 271 5 ; Robert Healy, Independent, 
$73; Joseph F. Mooney, Democrat, 2697; William Moran, Democrat, 2828; 
James Whitehead, Republican, 2500. 

District No. 9 — Wards 5, 7, 8 9, Fall River — Charles E. Mills. Re- 
publican, of Fall River, was born there, Dec 28. 1847; graduated from its High 
School in class of 1866. For last seven years been in insurance and real estate 
business as senior member of firm of Mills & Harrison. Member of Masons 
and Red Men; in Board of Aldermen, 1882: Common Council, 1894; school 
committee. Secretary of Fall River Board of Underwriters and member of ex- 
ecutive committee of Associntion of Fire Underwriters of Bristol county. On 
committee on cities, 1895. 

David F. Si.ade, of Fall River, was born in Somerset, Nov. 5. 1855; 
educated in its schools and at Fall River High School; graduated from Brown 
University, 1880. Studied law with Hon. James M. Morton, Justice of Supreme 
Judicial Court and Hon. Andrew J. Jennings, when these gentlemen were asso- 
ciated in law business at Fall River. Graduated from Boston University Law 
School with high rank in 1883 ; admitted to Massachusetts bar at New Bedford. 
June, 1883, In August of same year, entered into copartnership with Hon. 
Janus F. Jackson, ex mayor and city solicitor of Fall River. This partner- 
ship has continued to the prese it day under firm name of Jackson & Slade and 
Jackson, Slade & Borden. Mr. Slade never held political office before this 
position. Served for two years as treasurer of the Republican City Committee 


of Fall River, and has been a member of Republican Committee of Bristol 
County. A trustee of Fall River Five Cents Savings Bank. On judiciary com- 
mittee, 1894. House chairman of committee on federal relations, and clerk of 
committee on judiciary, 1895. 

Vote of district : W. Bitcliffe, Democrat, 1368: M. Cavanagh, Citizens' can- 
didate, 116; C. A. Marston, Democrat, 1514; Charles E. Mills, Republican, 
1983 ; David F. Slade Republican, 1857. 

District No. 10. — Dighton, Rehoboth, Somerset, Swanzey. — Henry O. 
Wood, Republican, of Swanzey was born in Providence, R. I., Feb. 26, 1837; 
educated in the common schools of Swanzey. Kept country store until 1887, and 
since then has been engaged in farming and gardening. Postmaster, 1867-87. 
Town clerk and treasurer since 1880, being elected each year without opposition. 
Member of Odd Fellows. Committee on harbors and public lands, 1895. 

Vote of district : Henry O. Wood, Republican, 722 ; all others, 2. 


Chilmark, Cottage City, Edgartoivn, Gay Head, Gosnold, Tisbury, West 
Tisbury — Otis Foss, of Cottage City, Republican, was born in Gouldsboro, 
Me., Oct. 4, 1838; educated in its common schools. Seaman in United States 
navy on the "Fearnaught", and was at capture of New Orleans. Discharged 
Dec. 6, 1S62. Followed the sea as master mariner until 1868, and has been in 
trade ever since. Has been selectman, assessor, overseer of the poor of Cottage 
Citv, 1S80-3. Member of Henry Wade Post, G. A. R., of Martha's Vineyard 
Lodge of Masons, and of Odd Fellows. On committee on harbors and public 
lands, 1894; on committes on harbors and public lands, and woman suffrage, 

Vote of district : J. Dias, Prohibition, 43 ; Otis Foss, Republican, 374; E. E. 
Howes, Republican Independent N. P. 28; W. S. Howland, Independent N. P. 


District No. 1. — Amesbury, Merrimac, Salisbury, West Newbury — Rich- 
ard Newell, Republican, of West Newbury was born in that town, April 17, 
1839; educated in common schools and Putnam Free School of Newburyport. 
In Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co's service in China line from 1866 to 1874; lived 
on present farm ever since. In House in 1881 and 1892, on committee on roads 
and bridges each year. Been selectman. House chairman of committee on 
roads and bridges, 1895. 

John J. Prevaux was born in Oakland, Cal., March 16, 1857, and was 
educated in the public schools. By profession he is a carriage-body builder. 
He is a prominent member of the Odd Fellows; a past officer in the Encamp- 
ment and Canton. For three years 1st lieutenant of Co. B. Eighth Regiment, 
M. V. M. Member of the House of 1889, on the committee of federal relations. 
House chairman of committee on constitutional amendments, and on committee 
on fisheries and game in House of 1893. Held same positions in House of 1S94. 
House chairman of committee on libraries, 1895. v 

Vote of district : Samuel F. Coffin, Democrat, 768; J. H. Hassett, Dem- 
ocrat, 540 ; Richard Newell, Republican, 1033; John J. Prevaux, Republican, 

District No. i.^Wards 1, 2, 4, 6, of Haverhill. — Samuel Wesley 
George, Republican, was born in Meredith, N. H. April 26, 1862. His father, 
a member of Co I, Twelfth New Hampshire having died in January, 1863, near 
Falmouth, Va., his mother moved to Concord, N. H., and thence to Northwood, 
N. H., where he was educated in public schools and seminary of the latter 

m6 a souvenir of 

town. After serving two years in a grocery store and post-office, removed to 
Haverhill early in 1883, and has since been identified with its shoe industry. 
Member of Common Council in 1888-89-90, serving as its president the latter 
year. Clerk of committee on labor. 1894. House chairman of committee on 
public service, and on committees on finance and expenditures, 1895. 

Thomas E. St. John, Republican, was born in Canterbury. Orange County, 
N. Y.. March 2. 1831 ; attended common schools of Central New York and 
Electric Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio. Agent of life insurance 
companies. Practised medicine from 1854 to 1859. In ministry of Universalist 
church from 185910 1881, and with the Unitarians since. Member of House of 
1886. on committees on education and federal relations. Chairman of Haverhill 
board of park commissioners. In House of 1892. on committees on education, 
and parishes and religious societies. House chairman of latter, and also on 
former, 1894. House chairman of committee on parishes and religious societies, 
and on committees on education and libraries, 1895. 

Vote of district: P.B.Flanders, People's Party, 257; Samuel W. George, 
Republican, 1297; J. A. Goss, Prohibition, 141 ; G. H. Hoyt, Prohibition, 86; 
J. W. Nason, People's Party, 234 ; Thomas E. St. John, Republican, [921. 
W. H. Smiley, Democrat, 805. 

District No. 3. — Bradford, Wards 3, 5, Haverhill, Methuen. — Levi A- 
Orurv, Republican, of Bradford was born in Westminster, Aug:. 9, 1848; 
educated in public schools and Appleton Academy, New Ipswich, N. H. 
In lumber, doors, sash and blind business, Gardner and Chicopee ; crock- 
ery and paper hanging, auction and commission business, Haverhill. En- 
listed Aug. 22, 1864, in Co. F. 4th Heavy Artillery; served 11 months in 
Army of the Potomac; wounded in right hand, at Fort Ward, Va, ; dis- 
charged July 15, I865. Member of Post 47 G. A. R., secretary and treasurer 
of its relief committee. Member of Mutual Relief Lodge of Odd Fellows of 
Haverhill. On board of registrars. 18S4 to 1890; served as moderator of 
town meeting a number of years. Clerk of committee on liquor law, 1895. 

Robert A. Richardson, of Haverhill, Republican, was born in Bridgton, 
Me.. Jan. 1, 1840 ; educated in Bridgton and Portland public schools. Removed 
to Haverhill ir. 1865, engaging in shoe manufacturing business, which he has fol- 
lowed ever since. Enlisted July 6, 1863, Company I, Sixtieth Regiment; dis- 
charged Nov. 25, 1864. Member of Major How Post, G. A. R. ; also of 
Pilgrim Fathers. Member of Common Council in 1881-82, and alderman in 
1883-84, and was chairman of overseers of poor 1894. Is member of Repub- 
lican city committee. Member of committee on military affairs in House of 
1893. On same committee, 1894. Committees on fisheries and game, and 
military affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : J. F. Carey, People's Party, 340 ; C. W. Chandler, Prohib- 
ition. 84 ; E. J. Donahue, Democrat, 1213; L. A. Drury, Republican, 1468; 
F. E. Eastman, People's Party, 182; J. O. Parker, Democrat, 922; Robert 
A. Richardson, Republican, 1642 ; G. L. Williams, Prohibition, 77. 

District No. 4. — Wards 1, 2, 3, Lawrence. — Joseph J. Flynn, Democrat, 
of Lawrence was born in Irelaad, May 1, 1862, came to Lawrence, I863 ; 
educated in its public schools. Worked in mills. Treasurer of Lawrence 
Opera House, manager and part owner of Lawrence Bill Posting Co. Commit- 
tee on county estimates, 1895. 

John M. Lynch, Democrat, was born in Lawrence, Nov. 26, i860; educa- 
ted in public schools. Meat and provision dealer. In Common Council, 
[889-90, Clerk of committee on fisheries and game. 1894. Committee on 
street railways, 1895. 


Vote of district: J. J. Hums. People's Party, 167; E. F. Byrne. People's 
Party, 121 : L. S. Crosby, Prohibition, 65: T. J. Fairbairn, Prohibition, 165; 
Joseph J. Flynn, Democrat, 1621 ; John M. Lynch, Democrat, 1607 ; James 
O'Neil, Republican, 1332 ; G. Elsteigler, Republican, 1278. 

District No. 5. — Wards 4, 5, 6, Lawrence. — Harry R. Dow, Republican 
of Lawrence was born in Methuen, Feb., 12, 1872; edu :ated in public schools 
and Harvard College. Lawyer. Mason. In Common Council, 1891-2-3, presi- 
dent of board in 1893. Committees on probate and insolvency, and engros- 
sed bills, 1895. 

Charles F. Sargent, Republican, of Lawrence, was born in Lawrence, 1858; 
educated in public schools. Lawyer. Odd Fellow; Sons of Veterans. In 
Common Council, 1 890-1, president 1891. Clerk of committee on military af- 
fairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: E. W. Blair, Democrat. 1437; J. S. Curnew, Prohibition, 
116: Harry R. Dow, Republican, 1739; G. H. Loring, Prohibition, 63 ; A. W. 
Phippen, People's Part)', 167 ; Charles F. Sargent, Republican, 1801 ; H. P. 
Simpson, People's Party, 213; D. Wood, Democrat, 1419. 

District No. 6. — Andover, North Andover — Louis Edgar Osgood, Re- 
publican, of Andover was born in that town, Feb. 13, 1865; educated in its 
public schools, graduating from the Johnson high school in the class of 1882, 
being its president. For several years he was a machinist, and for eleven 
years he was assistant librarian in the public library. In Oct. 1887, he be- 
came associated with The Andover Townsman, and is now one of its local ed- 
itors. Has had some experience as travelling salesman, In 1894, chosen mem- 
ber of the board of selectmen, assessors and overseers of the poor. Member 
of board of health ; and Republican town committee. Clerk of committee on 
labor, 1895. 

Vote of district: F. H. Anderson, Prohibition, 35; H. B. Foster, People's 
Party, 76 ; Louis Edgar Osgood, Republican, 842 ; J. S. Stark, Democrat, 

District No. 7. — Box/orJ, Georgetown, Groveland, Topsfield. — Charles T. 
Balch, Republican, of Groveland was born in that town, Feb. 23, 1844; ed- 
ucated in Merrimac and Atkinson, N. H. academies. Was in grocery business 
two years: then in shoe manufacturing under firm name of Pemberton & Balch, 
burned out in 1888 ; since then in farming. Selectman in 1894-5. Enlisted 
Julv 18 1S64, in 17th Unattached company of Mass. V. M. for 100 days; 
discharged Nov. 12; re-enlisted in same company Nov. 13 for one year; dis- 
charged July 8, 1865; stationed at Fort Pickering, Salem harbor. Member of 
Charles Sumner Post 101, G, A. R. Committee on drainage, (895. 

Vote of district : Charles T. Balch, Republican, 563 ; John Batchelder, 
People's Party, 54; Benjamin Home, Democrat, 273. 

District A'o. 8. — Newbury, Newburyport. — Edward A. Hale, of New- 
buryport, Republican, was born in that city, Jan. 11, I850; educated in public 
schools Is a manufacturer of paper boxes ; also partner in the firm of Casile- 
hun & Hale, dealers in music and musical instruments. In Common Council, 
1890 ; in Aldermen, 1891 ; on school committee, 1884. Member of St. John's 
Lodge of Masons and of Quascacunquen Lodge of Odd Fellows, Merrimac 
Lod^e A. O. U. W., and Essex Council Royal Arcanum. On committee on 
banks and banking, 1894. Committees on county estimates, and banks and 
banking, 1895. 

Caleb B. Huse, Republican, of Newburyport. was born in that city, Sept. 
r 3> 1 S33 ; educated in the public schools. Learned the printer's trade and was 
one of the publishers of the Newburyport Herald for 30 years. Has been an 


Odd Fellow for about 30 years. Member and trustee of Home Lodge No. 8. 
N. E. O. P. In House of Representatives, 1876- 7, on committee on print- 
ing. On same committee, 1895. 

Vote of district: R. G. Dodge, Democrat, 782 ; Edward A.Hale, Republi- 
can, 1 168 ; Caleb Huse. Republican, 1050; N.Johnson, Prohibition, 98; J. C. 
Stanley, Prohibition. 195 ; A. Withington, Democrat, 770. 

District No. 9. — Hamilton, Ipswich, Rowley, Wenham. — Daniel D. 
Stone, Republican, of Hamilton was born in Ipswich, Oct. 23, 1S43 ; educated 
in Ipswich schools. For past 26 years has been in meat and provision business. 
Member of board of selectmen, assessors and overseers of poor, 1890-1-2-3-45. 
Constable and collector, 1880 to 1884; constable 1888 to 1889. Treasurer of 
Alexander Hamilton Council No. 10 O. U. A. M., since it was organized Dec. 3, 
1889. Charter member of Ontario Tribe of Red Men. Committees o c county- 
estimates, and agriculture, 1895. 

Vote of district : Daniel D. Stone, Republican, 662 ; Caleb J. Norwood, 
Democrat, 368; J. A. Tucker, Prohibition, 48. 

District No. 10. — Essex, Gloucester, Manchester. — Charlrs D. Brown, 
Republican, of Gloucester was born in Newburyport. June 5, 1862 ; educated in 
its public schools. Clerk in store of bookseller and stationer in Newburyport 
three years', then for 10 years in the same business in Boston, and for last six 
years in same business forhimself in Gloucester. Member of Acacia Lodge of 
Masons, and its secretary in 1894. Fast noble grand of Ocean Lodge of 
Odd Fellows. Member of Common Council, 1893, and its president in 1894. 
Member of Republican city committee, 1S91-5, inclusive. Trustee of Odd 
Fellows Building Association. Member of Republican Club of Massachusetts 
since it was founded. Committee on printing, 1895. 

Benjamin S. Bullock, Republican, of Manchester was born that town, 
May 10, 1850; educated in the public schools. A baker and grocer for last 
eighteen years in Manchester. Member of Magnolia Lodge, of Odd Fellows and 
North Shore Lodge A. O. U. VV. On board of selectmen, assessors and overseers 
of poor 1 890- 1 -2 -3 4. Committee on woman suffrage, 1895. 

George J. Tarr, Republican, of Gloucester was born in that city, Feb., 1, 
1832. Made his first fishing voyage to the coast of Labrador when only 12. 
Attended school in winter months and went fishing in summer until 19, when 
became master of fishing vessel for a very short time. When only 22. without 
aid from any one, entered the fresh rsh business in Pigeon Cove, making Boston 
his market, and soon purchased nearly all the fresh fish landed at Pigeon Cove. 
In 1 86 1 added salt fbh and mackerel business to the other, and by 1863 he 
purchased and controlled the entire catch of salt fish and mackerel of Pigeon 
Cove, Lanesville and Rockport, and w<.s one of the largest buyers in Gloucester. 
In 1866, increased his business by establishing the fish oil business at Fort Point, 
Gloucester, following it with great success. In 1871, helped to form the Cape 
Ann Isinglass Co., which has been very successful. From 1871 to 1893 bought 
and controlled many fishing and coasting vessels, most all proving very successful. 
In 1885 incorporated Tarr's Isinglass Co., which is a large plant in Gloucester. 
Also was one of the pioneer parties starting the Gloucester Net & Twine Co. 
which employs a large force. In 1883 was a leader in forming the T Wharf 
Fresh Fish Association of Boston, the largest distributing fresh fish market in 
the world. Director of First National bank for 20 years; an original incor- 
porator of Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust Co.. and large stockholder in 
several other banks. Director of Gloucester Fire and Marine Insurance Co.; 
was director, and is still stockholder of Rockport Granite Co., capital $300,000. 
Owns many business blocks, residences and other real estate in Gloucester, 
Boston, and other cities and towns. Committee on prisons, 1895. 


Vote of district: Charles D. Brown, Republican, 1S51 ; Benjamin S. Bullock, 
Republican, 1703 ; E. S. Burnham, People's Party, 229 ; J. P. Carter, Democrat, 
464: A. A. Hollan, People's Party, 232; F. A. Shackelford, Democrat, 829; 
George J. Tarr, Republican, 1629 ; M. A. Walton, People's Party, 399. 

District No. 11 Ward 1 of Gloucester, Rockport — J. Loring Woodfall, 

of Rockport, Republican, born in that town, Sept. 15, 1847; educated in public 
schools. Book-keeper and paymaster twenty-three years. Since 1883. has had 
charge of tenements. Town auditor seven years ; chairman of Republican 
Town Committee ten years. Trustee of public library; trustee and clerk of 
Granite Savings Bank; water commissioner. Odd Fellows ; Masons. Clerk 
committee on water supply, 1894 ; on same committee, 1895. 

Vote of district : L. M. Haskins, Democrat, 309; B. Lurvey, Republican, 
Independent N. P. 257; L. Trainor, People's Party, 37; J. Loring Woodfall, 
Republican, 450. . 

District No. 12 — -Beverly. — Joseph W. Stocker, Republican of Beverly 
was born in Boston, May, 1824 ; educated in common schools. From 1841 to 
1861 a mariner. Enlisted Aug. ir, 1862, as private in Co. K, 40th infantry, 
served in Va., S C. and Fla. until July, 1865. Promoted to corporal, July, 1863 ; 
sergeant, April, 1 86 ' ; 1st sergeant to April, 1865 ; 1st lieutenant till discharged. 
Been officer of guard, officer of the day, vice commander and commander of Post 89, 
G. A. R. From 1865 to 1890 was s'ioe cutter; from 1890 to May, 1894. was in- 
spector of customs in Beverly and Salem. Committee on harbors and public 
lands, 1895. 

Vote of district : C. W. Bailey, Prohibition, 94 ; Joseph W. Stocker, Re- 
publican, 1 00 1 ; J. Whittier, People's Party, 79 ; W. M. Woodbury, Democrat, 

District No. 13. — Wards 1,20/ Salem. — John D. H. Gauss, Republi- 
can, was born in Salem, Jan. 4, 1861 : educated in public schools. Printer 
and publisher. Editor of Salem Observer, a weekly local newspaper. Vice- 
president of Salem Kindergarten Association : president of Young Men's Re- 
publican Club. On sc'.iool committee four years, ex-president of Salem Press 
Club. Past grand of Fraternity Lodge of Odd Fellows ; past high priest of 
Salem Encampment; member of Starr King Lodge of Masons; also of Naum- 
keag Tribe of Red Men. On committee on railroads, 1894. House chairman 
of committee on public charitable institutions, and ranking member on com- 
mittee on railroads, 1895. 

Vote of district: John D. H. Gauss, Republican, 923 ; J. C. Pulsifer, Peo- 
ple's Party, 98; D. A. Wentzel, Democrat, 514, 

District No. 14. — Wards 3,5 of Salon. — Cyrus A. Jordan, Republican, 
was born in Weston, Me., April 7, 1859; educated in its public schools and 
at the Western State Normal School at Gorham, Me. Taught for seven 
years : since then has been a grocer. Member of Common Council four years, 
being its president two years ; on school committee four years. Member of 
Starr King Lodge of Masons, Gorham Lodge of Odd Feilows, Naumkeag 
Tribe of Red Men, etc. On committee on cities, 1894. House Chairman of 
committee on cities, and on committee on State House, 1895. 

Vote of district : James F. Donovan, Democrat Independent N. P., 46? ; 
Cyrus A. Jordan, Republican, 1009. 

District No. 15. — ll'ards 4, 6, Salem. — George G. Russell, Republican, 
of Salem was born in Durham, Me., Nov. 4, 1845 ; educated in its public 
schools. Is in wholesale hay and grain business with office at 208, Chamber 
of Commerce Building, Boston. Enlisted in the 3d Maine, Co. E. Nov. 4, 
i86». at age of 16 years, serving three years and five months ; wounded in the 


head at battle of Mine Run, Va , and was a prisoner of war eight months at 
Andersc-nville and other prisons. Member of Washington Royal Arch Chapter 
of Masons. In Salem Common Council, 1882-8389; in Aldermen, 1S90. 
During his army experience served under every general who commanded the 
Army of the Potomac. Member of Phil. Sheridan Post 34 G. A. R. Com- 
mittee on street railways, 1895. 

Vote of district: j. Fay, People's Party, 107; George G. Russell, Re- 
publican, 696 ; G. W. Williams, Democrat, 678. 

District N o. 16 Marblehead. — Frank L. Wadden, Democrat, of Mar- 

blehead, was born in that town, April 21, 1847; educated in its common 
schools. Has always been a shoemaker. Has always been specially inter- 
ested in fire department matters, having been a member of the local depart- 
ment for the last 29 years, and having served in all its grades. Was fore- 
man of company one year, has been member of board of engineers for 11 
years, and was chief engineer in 18845 and in 1891-2-5. Member of, and 
a vice-president of, the Massachusetts State Firemen's Association ; presi- 
dent of Marblehead Firemen's Relief Association, 1 891-2. Enlisted in 27th 
Unattached Company, Dec. 17, 1864, and served until close of the war. Mem- 
ber of Monataug Tribe of Red men and of Great Council of Red Men of Mass- 
achusetts. Chairman Democratic town committee 1888-94, inclusive. In House 
of 1893, on committee on public charitable institutions. Committees on mil- 
itary affairs, and on public charitable institutions. 1895. 

Vote of district: Emery Brown, People's Party, 144; Charles H. Litch- 
man, Republican, 629 ; Frank L. Wadden, Democrat, 782. 

District No. 17. — Wards 2 and 3 of Lynn, Swampscott. — George H. 
Newhall, of Lynn, Republican, was born in Lvnn, Oct. 24, 1850 ; educated 
in public schools and Wesleyan Academy of Wilbraham. Has been a shoe 
manufacturer; now in real estate and insurance business. During existence of 
Lynn City Street Railway Company was its president. In Common Council, 
1886-87, being its president in 18S7; in Aldermen, 1889-93. Member of Gol- 
den Fleece Lodee of Masons; East Lvnn Lodge and Lvnn Encampment of 
Odd Fellows, Winnipurket Tribe of Red Men, Peter Woodland Lodge of 
Knights of Pythias, and Glen Lewis Council of Royal Arcanum, and Mvstic 
Lodge of Ancient Order of United Workmen. Clerk of committee on cities, 
and on committee on constitutional amendments, 1 894 ; same positions in 1895 

Edward W. Pinkham. of Lynn, Republican, was born in China, Me., 
Feb. 9, 1839; educated in public schools of Palermo, Me. To vn clerk; col- 
lector of taxes; selectman, assessor, overseer of poor. In 1874, member of 
Maine legislature. Moved to Lynn, 1882. In Aldermen, 1888. Grocer. Odd 
Fellow; Mason. On committee on revision of corporation laws in House of 
1894. House chairman of committee on leave of absence, and on committee 
on taxation, 1895. 

Vote of district : A. J. Blood, Prohibition, 202 ; J. A. Elliott, People's 
Party, 430: E. Keay, Prohibition, 136; J. S. Moore, People's Party, 386; 
George H. Newhall, Republican, 1896; F. E. Gelscher, Socialist Labor, 98; 
Edward W. Pinkham, Republican, 1661 ; A. J. Townsend, Socialist Labor, 11S. 

District No. 18. — Ward 4 of Lynn, Nahant. — Edward P. Johnson, of 
Lynn, Republican, was born in Georgetown, Oct. 21, 1844; educated in common 
and high schools. Was grocery clerk, in shoe business, and then clerk in the 
war records office and inspector-general's office in the war department, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Member of Mutual Relief Lodge of Odd Fellows. On Republi- 
can City Committee two years. On committee on public health, in House of 1894. 
Committee on street railways, 1895. 


John B. Newhall, of Lynn, Republican, was born in that city, Oct. 1, 
1862; educated in Lynn schools and at Harvard College, graduating from 
latter in class of 1885, and from Harvard Law School in class of 1888. 
Is a lawyer, Member of Common Council in 1890-91-92, being its president the 
last two years. Member of school board in 1891-92. Secretary of board of 
trade, 1891. Member of University Club, Boston. Chairman of committee on 
leave of absence, and on committee on rapid transit, in House of 1893. House 
chairman of committee on election laws, and on committee on transit, 1894. 
House chairman of committee on election laws, clerk of committee on probate 
and insolvency, 1895. 

Vote of district : Eugene Averhill, Prohibition, 42 ; P. A. Breen, Democrat, 
866 ; H. E. Chase, Prohibition, 44; C. S. Chipman, Socialist labor, 55 ; 
J. H. Clarke, People's Party, 158: Edward P. Johnson, Republican, 920 ; B. 
F. Lord, People's Party, 130: J. R. Morrow, Democrat, 482; John B. Newhall, 
Republican, 959; J. K. Pethybridge, Socialist Labor, 44. 

District No. 19. — Wards 1 , 5 <?/" Lynn, Lynnfield. — Daniel W. Allen, 
Republican, of Lynn was born in that city, June 17, 1827 : educated in its public 
schools. Began work as a shoemaker at 14. Was city messenger all through 
the war up to July 10, 1864, when he enlisted in Co. D. 8th regiment, and 
served until discharged, Nov. 10. 1864. In June, 1865, began the manufacture 
of shoes. In 186S formed a partnership with B. O. Sanborn under the name of 
D. W. Allen & Co, which was continued until 1S84, when it was terminated by 
the death of Mr. Sanborn. Mr. Allen then continued in business alone until 
1 S94, when he retired, after 29 years of success in business. Is member of Gen. 
Lander Post 5, G. A. R. of Lynn, and of Providence Lodge of Odd Fellows ; 
is an original member of the Park Club. Committee on prisons, 1895. 

Benjamin F. Estes, Republican, of Lynn was born in that city, Aug. 28, 
1836; educated in the public schools. Worked at shoemaking about ten years. 
Was then in heeling business until 1879, when went into business of enameline 
stains and colors. Past chancellor of Everett Lodge, Knights of Pythias ; 
member of Providence Lodge of Odd Fellows, of Sagamore Tribe of 
Red men, of Golden Fleece Lodge of Masons and is a 32d degree Mason. 
In Board of Aldermen in 1891 and president of the board in 1892. Com- 
mittee on roads and bridges, 1895. 

Vote of district ; Daniel W. Allen, Republican, 1181; J. Cowin, Socialist 
labor, 32; Benjamin F. Esies, Republican, 1175; G. W; Harnden, Prohibition, 
97; P. Herzig, Socialist Labor, 22; W. D. Huntington, People's Party, 157; 
W. H. Keay, Prohibition, 61 ; J. A. O'Keefe, Democrat, 568 ; W. M. Rowe, 
Democrat, 552; S. W. Wallace, People's Party, 160. 

District No. 20. — Wards 6 and 7 of Lynn, Saugus. — W. Henry Hutchin- 
son, of Lynn, Republican, was born in Lynn, March 26, 1834; educated in 
public schools. General dealer in paints and builders' hardware, having largest 
store in the county ; is also senior partner in firm of Hutchinson & Kimball, of 
Brockton, dealers in coal, wood, doors, sash, and blinds, and builders' hardware. 
Was vice president of Lynn Y. M. C. A., in 1883-84, and its president, 1884-S5. 
In Common Council, 1890-91; in Aldermen, 1892-93, serving on leading committees 
in both branches. Director of Lynn National Bank and of Lynn Safe Deposit 
and Trust Company, and trustee of public library. On committee on banks and 
banking, in House of 1894. Committees on banks and banking, and parishes 
and religious societies, 1895. 

William Shepherd, Republican, of Lynn was born in Red Hill, County 
Cavan, Ireland, Sept., 17, 1837, but came to this country when only nine years old. 
Educated in Boston public schools, graduating from the Mayhew grammar 
school. Removed to Lynn in 1857 and learned trade of shoemaking. Member 


of old fire department, and second foreman of the prize winner, Niagara No. 9. 
In Common Council ; Member of Mount Carmel Lodge of Masons since 1S68. 
In shoe manufacturing some years with his brother, Allen G. Shepherd, now of 
Richmond, Va. Of recent years, foreman of shoe factories. Committee on 
public charitable institutions, 1895. 

Vote of district : C H. Burleigh, Prohibition, 79 ; T. Cushman , Socialist; 
Labor, 79; Walter Deans, Socialist Labor, 56; C. F. Fowler, Democrat, 920; 
J. W. Gibboney, People's Party, 185; George B. Grant, Democrat, 1069; 
William Henry Hutchinson, Republican. 1427; W.N. Learned, Prohibition, 61 ; 
C. W. Pratt, People's Party, 184; William Shepherd, Republican 141 1. 

District No. 21. — Peabody. — Nicolas M. Quint, Republican, was born in 
Eaton, N. H., July 18, 1838; educated in its common schools and Fryeburg 
Academy, of Fneburg, Me. Removed to Peabody in 1858, and became a 
farmer. Enlisted in Company C, Fifth Massachusetts, July 21, 1862; mustered 
out, July 2, 1863. Since 1864 been a contractor and dealer in real estate. An 
assessor, 1885-86-87; water commissioner, 1886; superintendent of water works, 
1888-94. Member of Jordan Lodge of Masons, Holton Lodge of Odd Fellows, 
and Masconomo Tribe of Red Men. Commander of Union Post, G. A. R. 
Director of Peahody Co-operative Bank, and chairman of its security committee 
since its organization. Member of Peabody board of trade. On committee on 
water supply, in House of 1894. House chairman of same committee, 1895. 

Vote of district : W. A. Galeucia, Democrat, 847 ; Nicolas M. Quint, Re- 
publican, 984. 

District No. 22. — Danvers, Middleton. — J. Frank Porter, of Danvers 
Republican, was born in Danvers, April 8, 1847; educated in the public schools. 
In grocery and dry-goods business from 1865 to 1875; ar >d in furniture busiiess 
since then. Director of Danvers Gas Light Company ; one of investing com- 
mittee of Danvers Savings Bank ; trustee of Peabody Library of Danvers. 
Member of Danvers Lodge of Odd Fellows. Member of board of health. On 
committee on insurance, in House of 1S94. Clerk of committees on insurance, 
and parishes and religious societies, 1895, 

Vote of district : E. Carr, Democrat, 240 ; J. Frank Porter, Republican, 
747 ; O. E. Putnam, People's Party, 268. 


District No. \.—Bernardston, Greenfield, Shelbume. — Herbert Newell, 
Republican, of Shelburne was born in Whitingham, Vt., April 2, 1855 ; educated 
in public schools and Williston Seminarv, Easthampton. Employed as clerk in 
hardware store of Newell Bros, at Shelburne Falls; worked his way up until 
he became accountant and book-keeper and in 1877 was admitted to partner- 
ship. In 1879 bought out the business, which he has conducted to the pres- 
ent time. Member of Mountain Lodge of Masons, Connecticut Valley Com- 
mandery of Knights Templar; of the Odd Fellows, being a member of the 
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and from 1888-90 was colonel of the Third 
regiment of Patriarchs Militant. Has been a trustee and clerk of the Shelburne 
Falls Savings Bank since 1883 ; a director of the Shelburne Falls National Bank 
since 1890 and is now vice president ot latter. Auditor of town for several 
years. Clerk of committee on taxation, 1895. 

Vote of district : Herbert Newell, Republican, 906 ; A. Peck, Prohibition, 
104; D. W. Temple, Democrat, 439. 

District. No. 2. — Erving, New Salem, Orange, Shittesbioy, Warwick. — 
Samuel Hastings, Republican, of Warwick was born in that town, Feb. 1, 
1837; educated in its public schools. In express and livery stable business. 
Was selectman and assessor from 1879 to 1889 ; town clerk from 1876 to the 


present ; town treasurer from 1876 to 1880 and from 1891 to the present. Mem- 
ber of Orange Lodge of Masons and Royal Arch Chapter. In House of 1885, 
on committees on State House and payroll. Committee on liquor law, 1895. 
Vote of district : D. F. Carpenter, Prohibition, 60; Samuel Hastings, Re- 
publican, 864; G. M. Wheeler, Democrat, 333. 

District No. 3. — Gill, Montague, Northfield, Wendell. — Osgood L. Leach, 
Republican, of Northfield was born in Wendell, Sept. 18, 1848, educated in 
New Salem public schools and at Monson academy. Manufacturer and dealer 
in lumber. Member of Harmony Lodge of Masons. Selectman and overseer 
of poor 1891-2-94-5. Committee on federal relations, 1895. 

Vote of district : M. 15. Collins, Democrat, 618; Osgood L. Leach, Republi- 
can, 701 ; M. T. Moore, Prohibition, 27. 

District iVo. 4. — Conway, Deerfield, Leverett, Sunderland, Whately. — 
Luther W. Clark, Democrat, of Deerfield (South) was born in Chesliire, 
Sept. 19, 1S51; educated in the public schools. Is a successful farmer in 
Deerfield, whither he removed several years ago. Member of Masons and 
Knights Templar. On committees on agriculture and towns, 1895. 

Vote of district: Luther W. Clark, Democrat, 599; P. D. Bridges, Republi- 
can, 423; H. C. Townsend, Prohibition, qS. 

District No.z, — Ashfield. Buckland, Charlemont, Co/rain, Haivley, Heath, 
Leyden, Monroe, Rowe. — Hucjo Mann, Republican, of Buckland (Shelburne 
Falls) was born in Dornbutg, Germany, Sept. 27, 1S37, but has lived in this 
country over 40 years and for 36 in the village of SnelburneFalls. Educated 
in German schools. Been in employ of Lamson & Goodnow Cutlery Co. of 
Shelburne Falls for 36 years, for many years as foreman of the finishing 
room. Past grand of Alethiai Lod^e of Odd Fellows and for many years 
permanent secretary. From 1876 to 1889 on Buckland school board, for 
many years being its chairman. Is now chairman of prudential committee of 
the fire department, Committee on towns, 1895. 

Vote of district : J. F. Brown, Prohibition, 66; A. D. Flower, Prohibition, 
214 ; Hugo Mann, Republican, 741. 


District No. 1 . — Agawam, Blandford, Chester, Granville, Southwick, Tol- 
land — Silas B Root, Republican, of Granville, was born in that town, July 
21, 1850; educated at Granville and Westfield high schools and Delaware Liter- 
ary Institute. Franklin, N. Y. Has worked on a farm and at the carpenter's 
trade in Granville and Collinsville, Ct. Member of Village Lodge, Columbia 
Chapter and Lee Council of Masons, all of Collinsville. Chairman of selectmen 
1889-90 and chairman of school committee of Granville, 1889-90-1-2-3. Com- 
mittee on agriculture, 1895. 

Vote of cistrict : Silas B. Root, Republican, 546 ; Elmer E. Smith, Demo- 
crat, 369. 

District A'o. 2 Montgomery, Russell, Westfield, West Springfield. — Henry 

C. Bliss, Republican, of West Springfield, born in Norwich, Vt., May 5, 1846; 
Dartmouth College, 186S; Columbian University Law School. Asst. Atty. 
Gen., October, 1887, to April, 1891. Clerk of House committee on elections, 
and on committee on probate and insolvency, 1894. Committees on elections, 
and probate and insolvency, 1895. 

William Harrison Foote, Republican, of Westfield was born in South- 
wick, Jan. 15, 1833; educated in public schools, graduating at 13 from 
Dickinson Academy of native town. Began clerking in a country store in 
Westfield some 45 years ago, then was in Springfield with Wilson & Tink- 


ham in the dry goods business, then in Ohio for 2 1-2 years in the cloth- 
ing business as Foote, Brigham & Co., until firm was dissolved in panic of 
1857; then 2 1 2 years in grocery business as Foote, Calender & Co. For 
two years after that, in Boston in clothing business ; and then removed 
to Westfield and was again in clothing business for 22 years, retiring from 
that to enter the insurance business which he has since followed. Treas- 
urer of Westfield Mutual Insurance Co. until he successfully closed it out. 
Town clerk in 1868; in 1887, chairman of selectmen. House of Represent- 
atives, 1887, on committees on education and elections, clerk of both. Treas- 
urer and collector, 1878; school committee, 1882; auditor from 1878 to 1882 ; 
member of committee to prepare code of by-laws now in force ; member of 
committee to remodel the High School building; also of academy bond com- 
mittee and water supply committee. United States deputy collector of in- 
ternal revenue from Sept. 1, 1889, to Aug. 1, 1894, in charge of 13th di- 
vision. A 32d degree Mason and life member of Boston Consistory. Com- 
mittee on water supply, 1895. 

Vote of district: H. C. Bliss, Republican, 1440; J. W. Colton, Demo- 
crat, 1 173; William H. Foote, Republican, 1402; j. M. Justin, Democrat, 
1002; S. Verespej, People's Party, 72. 

District No. 3. — Wards 5, 6, 7, of Holyoke. — DwiGHT H. Ives, Republi- 
can, was born in Holyoke, Jan. 28, 1837; educated in public schools and 
Suffield Literary Institute of Suffield, Ct. Is a farmer, Member of Common 
Council. 1885. On committee on roads and bridges, 1894; on same com- 
mittee. 1895. 

Vote of district: Dwight H. Ives, Republican, 1330; P. J. Kennedy, 
Democrat, 996; Adam Ramage, Independent Labor, 224. 

District No. 4. — Wards 1, 2, 3. 4, Holyoke. — John F. Sheehan, Demo- 
crat, of Holyoke was born in that city, Sept. 2, 1864; educated in its pub- 
lic schools. Learned the moulder's trade, and is now engaged in same. 
Treasurer of local branches of Royal Arcanum and Ancient Order of For- 
esters of America. Has been for years an active worker in the labor or- 
ganizations of his city and the state, and is president of the Massachusetts 
state branch of the American Federation of Labor. Committees on cities, 
and woman suffrage, 1895. 

Vote of district: Eugene Finn, Democrat Independent N. P. 365; H. 
A. Porter, Republican, 382; John F. Sheehan, Labor Democrat, 1202. 

District No. 5. — Chicopee. — -Alexander Grant, Republican, was born 
in Lawrence, Sept. 26. 1853 ; educated in public schools of Lowell. Went 
to work in Lowell cotton mills at early age, and has followed the cotton 
business ever since except two and a half years spent in Lowell Machine 
shop. Came to Chicopee in March, 1878, and has worked ever since for 
Dwight Manufacturing Company, the last thirteen years as overseer. Mem- 
ber of Republican Town Committee six years; now serving second term as 
alderman from Ward 2. Past grand of St. John's Lodge of Odd Fellows ; 
also member of Mt. Pleasant Lodge, A. O. U. W. On committee on woman 
suffrage, 1894; committee on manufactures, 1895. 

Vote of district: Alexander Grant, Republican, 931 ; A. M.Moore, Peo- 
ple's Party, 113 ; J. T. Moriarty, Democrat, 807. 

District No. 6 —Wards 1,4,8, Spriugjie/d.— Lyman H. Perkins, Re- 
publican of Springfield was born in that 'city March 29, 1864; educated in 
its public schools, Has been connected with his father, Jason Perkins, as an 
architect. Member of Springfield Lodge of Masons. Been on the Republi- 
can City Committee for three years. First vice president of Young Men's 
Republican Club of Springfield. Committee on roads and bridges, 1895. 


George W. Turner, Republican, of Springfield was born in Dedham, 
Feb. 24. 1829; educated in public schools. Telegraph operator in Philadel- 
phia, 1852; manufacturer and dealer in furniture in New York, 1853-4; 
pipe organ builder and manufacturer for 36 years. Enlisted in Aug., 1862, 
in Co. C, 46th regiment, as private; promoted to 1st sergeant ; discharged, 
July 29, 1863. Common Council of Springfield, [888-9; Alderman, 1890. 
Charter member of Lyon Post 41 G. A. R. of Westfield, and for past [5 
years member of Wilcox Post 16, of Springfield. Member of Mount Moriah 
LoHge of Masons of Westfield since 185';, and master of lodge in [866 
and [875. Past grand chancellor of Knights of Pythias, and member of 
American Legion of Honor. Director of Massachusetts M.isonic Life As- 
sociation : treasurer of 46th Regiment Association. Chosen at special elec- 
tion, Feb. 19, to fill vacancy caused by death of Representative Joseph L. 
Shipley, and was placed on committee on cities to fill a vacancy. 

Vote of district (regular election): C. L. Burr. Democrat, 1265; D. T. 
Perkins, People's, Party, 102; Lvman H. Perkins, Republican, 1594; Joseph 
L. Shipley, Republican, 1613; E. V. Tanner, Republican Independent N. P. 
96: E. C. Watson, Democrat, [080 ; G. H. Wrenn, People's Party, 107. 
(Special election) : Edward A. Hall, Democrat, 772 ; George W. Turner. 
Republican, 854. 

District No. 7. — Ward 5, Springfield. — Charles L. Young, Republican, of 
Springfield, was born in Columbus, O., May 23, 1850; educated in public schools. 
Manufacturer of regalia and paraphernalia for all societies at present; also 
general agent for the Odd Fellows branch of the Bay State Beneficiary Associa- 
tion of Westfield. Knight Templar and 32d degree Mason ; past grand master 
and past grand representative of Odd Fellows: past <jrand representative of Red 
Men; Knights of Pythias ; United Order of American M -chanics ; and Patriotic 
Order of Sons of America. Was a police commissioner of Columbus, O. Com- 
mittee on insurance, 1S95. 

Vote of district: C. C. Spellman, Democrat, 753; S F. Strangford, 
People's Party, jj ; Charles L. Young, Republican, [292. 

District No. 8. — Wards 2, 3, 6, and 7 of Springfield — Benjamin C. Har- 
vey, Republican, was born in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Sept. 4, [847; educated in 
the public schools. Sealer in Fairbanks scale works for six years. In 1873 re- 
moved to Springfield, and for next twenty years was contractor and foreman in 
Smith & Wesson pistol shops. Is now salesman for National Cash Register 
Company. In Common Council, [889; in Aldermen, i890-9[-92. Member of 
Springfield Commandery Knights Templar, and past master of Roswell Lee 
Lodge of Masons ; past grand of Caledonia Lodge of Odd Fellows of St. Johns- 
bury, and past chief patriarch of Moose River Encampment. Vice president of 
Springfield Republican Club, since it was formed in 1892, to 1894, inclusive; 
president of Springfield Association of Sons and Daughters of Vermont. On 
committtee on public health in House of 1894 ; committee on prisons, [895. 

Stephen C. Warriner, Republican, was born, Aug. 25, 1839, at Monson, 
and was educated in its public schools and in Monson Academy. Is an insurance 
agent. Served in Springfield Common Council in 1878, and in Board of Alder- 
men in 1S80. Enlisted in Company E, Tenth Regiment, June 21, [86[, serving 
until Aug. 9, 1862, as private and sergeant. Was then commissioned as captain 
of Company E, Thirty-sixth Regiment, and served with it until April 28, 1864. 
Was on staff of Gov. Talbot in 1879. Has been post commander of Post 65, 
G. A. R., for two terms, and of Post 16 two terms. On committees on printing 
and engrossed bills in House of [893 ; on committee on elections, [894; com- 
mittees on finance and expenditures, 1895. 

Vote of district : H Buchholz, Democrat, 790; Benjamin C. Harvey, Re- 
publican, 1336; J. P. Rivett, People's Party, 160; Lawson Sibley, Democrat, 


855; J.C.Stevens, People's Party. 14S; Stephen C. Warriner, Republican, 

District No. 9. — East Longmeadoiv. Hampden. Longmeadow, Motison, 
Wales, Wilbraham. — J. Marshall Hurt, Republican of East Longmeadow 
was born in that town Aug. 28, 1842; educated at Williston Seminary, East- 
hampton, and a commercial college in Fhila. Has been member of Republican 
town committee almost ever since he was 21 years old, having been chairman for 
several years past. Member of Hampden Harvest Club. Been assessor one 
year. Member of Patrons of Husbandry, and of Roswell Lee Lodge of Masons 
of Springfield. Committees on election laws, and agriculture, 1895. 

Vote of district : J. Marshall Burt, Republican, 599; A. H. Hawkins, Dem- 
ocrat, 425. 

District No. 10. — Brimfield, Holland, Ludlow, Palmer. — HORACE E. 
Wallis, Republican, of Holland was born in that town Nov. 3, 1862 : educated 
in its common schools and Hitchcock Free High School of Brimfield, leaving the 
latter at the age of sixteen on account of ill health. Since 18 years of age has 
carried on a 200-acre farm very successfully. Makes a specialty of Devon cattle 
and Ohio improved Chester swine, and has taken many prizes at eight different 
fairs in this state and Connecticut, the past season. Member of Patrons of Hus- 
bandry, Sturbridge Grange No. 177. Is one of selectmen and has served as 
assessor and school committee: wa> postmaster 1 891-2-3. House chairman of 
committee on agriculture, 1895. 

Vote of district : Horace E. Wallis, Republican, 585 ; Charles L. Holden, 
Democrat, 472. 


District No. 1. — Easthampton, Northampton, Southampton.— Richard W. 
Irwin, of Northampton, Republican, was born in that city, Feb. 18, 1S57; 
educated in public schools and Boston University Law School, class of 1885. 
After leaving public schools, learned machinist's trade in Florence Sewing 
Machine Company's shop. Then worked two and half years in machine de- 
partment of Elgin (111.) Watch Company. Returned to Natick, and was in 
house-furnishing business with his brother, T. L. Irwin. Entered Boston Uni- 
versity Law School in 1882, graduating with LL. B. in 1885. Admitted to 
Hampshire Countv bar same year, and has practised in Northampton ever 
since. Member of Common Council, 1888 and 1889, president of same latter 
year. Now serving fifth consecutive year as city solicitor. First lieutenant of 
Company I, Second Regiment, from Nov. 25, 1887, to Aug. 27, 1889; cap- 
tain of same from latter date to Aug. 20, 1892, when resigned. Member of 
Nonotuck Lodge; of udd Fellows. Clerk of committee on probate and insol- 
vency, and on committee on constitutional amendments, 1894; House chair- 
man of committee on bills in 3d reading, on committees on judiciary and 
rules, and on the special committee to prepare a history of "Ye Ancient 
Codfish" in the hall of the House, 1895. 

Homer O. Strong, Republican, of Southampton was born in Southamp- 
ton, Oct. 22, 1850; educated in its public schools. Is engaged largely in 
agriculture. Member of Ionic Lodge of Masons. On board of selectmen, 
assessors and overseers of the poor, 1877-8-9. Master of Manhan Grange. 
Committee on taxation, 1895. 

Vote of district: H D. Burnham, Prohibition, 87; D. P. Carter, Demo- 
crat, 913; G. S. Graves, Democrat, 11 26; Richard W. Irwin, Republican, 1705 ; 
E. C. Purrington, Prohibition, 97 ; Homer O Strong, Republican, 1395. 

District No. 2. — Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Huntington. Mid- 
dlefield, Westhampton, Worthington. — William G Kimball, Republican, of 


Huntington was born in Topsham, Vt., Dec. 25, 1846 ; educated in common 
schools, and in Dartmouth Medical School, class of 1876. Resident physi- 
cian of Rainsford Island, Boston, assistant physician of Northampton Luna- 
tic Hospital, assistant port physician of Boston ; had seven years practice in 
Worthington, and has been nine years in Huntington. Member of Masons. 
On Worthington school committee four years, and on that of Huntington one 
year. Committee on public health, 1895. 

Vote of district: E. B. Bridgman, Prohibition, 114; William G. Kimball, 
Republican, 534. 

District No. 3. — Hadley, Hatfield, South Hadley, Williamsburg — -Henry 
E. Gavlord, Republican, was born in that town June 5, 1846; educated 
in public schools and at Hudson River Institute at Claverack, N, Y., class 
of 1864. Clerk in country store and post office at South Hadley Falls until 
1870 ; in grocery and provision business' at Easthampton until 1872 ; since then 
and at present in coal and wood business in Holyoke and South Hadley 
Falls. Mason of 32d degree; deputy grand high priest of the Fifth capi- 
tular district and grand king of Grand Chapter of Massachusetts. Asses- 
sor of South Hadley, 1885-6: selectman, 1886-7, chairman of board; water 
commissioner for past 20 years, chairman of board. President of South Had- 
ley Falls Electric Light Company ; director in Parsons and Valley paper 
companies. Committee on public charitable institutions, 1895. 

Vote of district: Henry E. Gaylord, Republican, 812; M. Lynch, Demo- 
crat, 466; C. E. Preston, Prohibition, 78. 

District No. 4. — Amherst, Belchertown, Granby — Charles E. Wake- 
field, Republican, of Amherst was born at Orange, Dec. 23, 1S54. Fitted 
for college at the high school of Burlington, Vt. Entered business at 20 
as bookkeeper for large wholesale furniture house, but owing to ill health left 
that position to engage in farming, which pursuit he now follows. An as- 
sessor since (892, and treasurer of Bay State Creamery for several years. 
Past master of Amherst Grange. In House of 1893, on committees on elec- 
tions, and public reservations. Clerk of committee on agriculture. 1895. 

Vote of district : Charles E. Wakefield, Republican, 601 ; M. N. Spear, 
Democra-, 273 ; Thomas Charmbury, Prohibition, 1 12. 

District No. 5. — Enfield, Greenwich, Pelham, Ware. — Frank M. Sibley, 
Republican, of Ware was b3rn in that town, Oct. 12, 1854 ; educated in the com- 
mon schools. Clerk for C. Hitchcock in a general store for 15 years and 
partner in the same store for the last ten years. Sehctnm i887-8S;town 
auditor, [883-4-5-6; secretary of Republican town committee, 1883-493-4. 
Chairman of Republican district committee 1892-3-4 ; Member of Republican 
county committee 1894. President of Library Association, of Ware Electric 
Light Company, of Ware Rod and Gun Club, of Village Improvement As- 
sociation ; trustee of Ware Savings Bank. Committee on public service, 1895. 

Vote of district: C. D. Haskell. Democrat, 527; Frank M. Sibley, Re- 
publican, 680. 


District No. 1. — Wards 1, 5, Cambridge. — David T. Dickinson, Republican 
of Cambridge, was born i 1 that city, Aug. 23, 1867: Harvard college, class of 
18S8, and Harvard Law school, class of 1891. Member of Suffolk bar and 
is practicing law in Boston. Member of Amicable Lodge of Masons, and 
Dunster Lodge of Odd Fellows ; of Boston Bar Association; of Middlesex and 
Massachusetts Republican clubs. Committee on railroads, 1895. 

James J. Myers, Republican, was born near Frewsburg, N. Y., where his 
grandparents on both sides were among the pioneer settlers. On his father's 


side they were the old Mohawk Dutch stock of Myers and Van Valkenburgh ; 
and on his mother's, the New England stock of Tracy and Stevens. He still 
owiis the farm where he was born, and it has been in the family ever since it 
was bought bv his grandfather of the Holland Land Company early in the 
century. While fitting for college, engaged more or less in the lumbering busi- 
ness for several years on the Alleghany and Ohio rivers. Graduated at Harvard, 
1869: at Harvard Law School, 1872. While in law school, taught mathematics 
one year in Harvard College. Spent one year in Europe and one year in a law 
office in New York City before beginning practice in Boston. In the fall of 1874, 
with J. B. Warner of Cambridge formed the partnership of Myers & Warner, 
and lias ever since been engaged in the practice of the law in Boston, residing in 
Cambridge. President for one year of the Library Hall Association of Cam- 
bridge, and now treasurer of the Citizens Committee for raising funds for the 
benefit of the Cambridge Public Library. For several years treasurer of the 
Cambridge branch of the Indian Rights Association, and for some years a 
member of the executive committee of the Cambridge Civil Service Reform As- 
sociation. Member of the Middlesex Club and Merchants' Club of Boston; 
president of the Colonial Club of Cambridge ; member of Cambridge Club, the 
University Club, the Union Club, and the St. Botolp'i Club of Boston; and of 
the University Club and the Zeta Psi Club of New York City. Member of com- 
mittees on probate and insolvency, elections and rules, and on recess committee 
on revision of corporation laws, in House of 1S93. House chairman of special 
committee on revision of corporation laws, rules, and judiciary, 1894; House 
chairman of committee on judiciary, and on rules, 1895. 

Vote of district : W. A. Bock, Democrat, 932 ; David T. Dhkinson, Re- 
publican, 1664; James J. Myers, Republican, 1632; E. A. Whitman, Democrat, 

District No. 2. — Ward 2, Cambridge. — Frederick. W. Dallixger, Re- 
publican, was born in Cambridge, Oct. 2, 1871 ; educated in public schools and 
at Harvard College, graduating in class of 1893, at heal of his class, receiving 
highest honors in political science. While in Harvard was president of the 
Harvard Union and of the Harvard International Law Club ; one of the origi- 
nators of Harvard-Yale joint debate, and one of Harvard speakers at both de- 
bates in New Haven, in 1S92 and 1893. Member of Phi Beta Kappa Society- 
Is at present tutor in Harvard University. President of Cambridge Young Men's 
Republican Club, and secretary of Cambridge Republican City Committe, 1893. 
4. Member of Massachusetts and Middlesex clubs. Clerk of committee on 
election laws, and on committee on taxation, in House of 1894; chairman of 
House committee on county estimates, and on committee on metropolitan affairs, 

Wellington Fillmore, Republican, of Cambridge, was born in Albert 
County, New Brunswick. Oct. 18, 1850; educated in public schools. Came to 
Cambridge in 1868. After learning the carpenter trade commenced business for 
himself as carpenter and builder in 1874. Member of Amicable Lodge, Cam- 
bridge Royal Arch Chapter and Boston Commandery of Masons. In Common 
Council 1 891-2 ; in Board of Aldermen, 18934. On committees on finance and 
expenditures, 1895. 

Vote of district : Fred W. Dallinger, Republican, 1341 : J. F. Donovan, 
Democrat, 11 39; Wellington Fillmore, Republican, 1206; C. J. Kelly, Demo- 
crat, 1 121 : J. Maitland, Prohibition, 119. 

District No. 3 — - Ward 3 of Cambridge. — John T. Shea, Democrat, was 
born in (East) Cambridge, Feb. 14, 1886; educated in public schools and Au- 
gustinian College of Thomas of Villa Nova, class of 1889. Junior partner 
of firm of Shea Brothers, funeral directors, Cambridgeport. Member of Common 
Council, 1S92-93, on committees on roads and bridges, claims, wires, and 


elections and returns. Deputy Grand Knight Cambridge Lodge of Knights of 
Columbus, Member of Saint John's Literary Institute, Young Men's Catholic 
Association of Boston College, and Young Men's Christian Union: financial 
secretary of Division 15, A. O. H. Member of Middlesex county board of 
directors of the A. O H.; of Gratton Literary Association of East Cambridge; 
of Cambridge Catholic Union. Clerk of committee on libraries in House of 
1S94; on committees on State House and water supply, 1S95. 

Vote of district: John T. Shea, Democrat, Republican, 1056; all others, to. 

District No. 4. Ward 4, Cambridge. — Sumner C. HlGGINS, Republi- 
can, was born in Standish, Me., Nov. 24, 1843. When he was very young 
his parents moved to Buxton, and here he was reared and educated in 
public and private schools. When 14 years old was indentured as an ap- 
prentice to the trade of plumber which has been his occupation ever since. 
Enlisted, Oct. 14, 1861, in Co. E. 10th Maine; served until regiment was 
mustered out; in battles of Winchester, Cedar Mountain, second Bull Run, 
South Mountain, Antietam and other smaller affairs. After leaving the army 
the next five years were passed in the states of Maine, New Hampshire, 
Massachusetts and New York, and he then settled in Cambridge where he 
has lived since. In 1882 entered into business on his own account as heat- 
ing and ventilating engineer and contractor for heating and ventilating plants 
of all kinds. Member John A. Logan Post 186 G. A. R. ; of Middlesex 
Club: of Franklin Council Royal Arcanum; of Citizens' Trade Association; 
of Middlesex Sportsman Club. On committee on drainage, 1895. 

Warren F. Spalding, Republican, was born in Hillsboro, N. H., Jan. 
14. 1S42; educated in public schools of Nashua, N. H. In furniture bus- 
iness in Nashua, i860 to 1869. Connected with Boston newspapers from 
1869 to 1879. Secretary of State board of commissioners of prisons from 
May, 1879, to July, 1888, and general superintendent of prisons from 
Nov. 1, 1887, to July, 1888. Resigned both positions to re-enter' journal- 
ism. In May, 1890, became secretary of Massachusetts Prison Association, 
which position he still holds. Treasurer of Massachusetts Hospital for Dip- 
somaniacs and Inebriates at Foxboro. Enlisted in August. 1864, as private 
in Co. F, First New Hampshire Heavy Artillery; mustered out, May, 1865. 
Member of John A. Logan Post, G. A. R. Clerk of committee on prisons 
in House of 1894; House chairman of committee on prisons, on committee 
on libraries, 1895. 

Vote of district: E. Ball, Prohibition, 105 ; J. B. Dolan, Democrat, 571 ; 
Sumner C. Higgins, Republican, 1274; E. Kendall, Prohibition, 614; War- 
ren F. Spalding, Republican, 11 53. 

District No. 5. — Ward 1, Somerville. — Amasa E. Southworth, Re- 
publican, of Somerville was born in Stoughton. May 10, 1844 ; educated in 
its public schools. Engaged in wholesale grocery business, and is now mem- 
ber of firm of Hyde & Southworth. 83 Broad street, Boston. Past master of 
Soley Lodge of Masons. Committees on banks and banking, and on metro- 
politan affairs, 1895. 

Vole of district: P. S. Farrell. Democrat, 323 : Amasa E. Southworth, 
Republican, 76 r. 

District No. 6. — Ward 2. Somerville. — Frank W. Kaan, Republican, 
was born in Medford, Sept. 11, 1861 ; was educated in the public schools of 
Somerville, Harvard College class of 1883, and Harvard Law School, taking 
the degree of A. M. and LL. B. Taught school in Buffalo, N. Y., 18S3- 
4, and in Waltham, Mass, 1884-5. Clerk of the overseers of the poor in 
Somerville, 1888-92: member of the Common Council, 1893, and its presi- 
dent, 1894; Past master of John Abbott Lodge of Masons, and one of the 


state lecturers of Masons 1894-95. Secretary of the Home for Aged 
Women in Boston. Admitted to the Suffolk Bar in 1887, and since then 
has been engaged in the practice of law in Boston. Clerk of the commit- 
tee on mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: Frank W. Kaan, Republican, 1005; S. W. Robbins, 
Prohibition, 54; I. F. Symonds, Democrat, 700. 

District No. 7. — Wards 3 and 4 of Somerville. — Robert Duddy, Re- 
publican, of Somerville, was born in Boston, educated at the Eliot School 
and a commercial college. Learned the cooper's trade, but never followed 
it. Enlisted in Eleventh Massachusetts Battery in December, [863, and ser- 
ved from 1863 to July, 1865, in Army of Potomac. Then followed produce 
and trucking business for twenty-four years, and is now superintendent of 
health department. Member of Common Council, 1886-87, and of Aldermen, 
18S8-89, serving as chairman of several important committees. President of 
the Eleventh Massachusetts Battery Association. Trustee of Willard C. Kins- 
ley Post, G. A. R. ; S. W. of Coeur de Lion Commandery; also member 
of Odd Fellows, Red Men, and Royal Arcanum, of Winter Hill Club, and 
Nine- hundred and Ninety-ninth Battery Club. Committee on prisons in 
House of 1894: committees on constitutional amendments, and manufactures, 

Vote of district : Joseph Cummings, Democrat, 656 ; Robert Duddy, Re- 
publican, 2217; C. P. Dyer, Prohibition, 145. 

District No. 8. Medford — Samuel N. Mayo, Republican, of Medford was 
born in Truro, May 24, 1839; educated in its public schools. Came to Boston 
about 1864, forming partnership for wholesale salt fish business with J. P. Nye 
under firm name of S. N. Mayo & Co. Purchased East Boston wharves now 
known as Mayo's wharves. About 1890 gave up fish business, and is now en- 
gaged in storage and warehouse business, although largely interested in other 
enterprises in other sections of the country. Resided in East Boston until about 
1884 when removed to Medford. Director of First Ward National Bank, East 
Boston; common councilman from Ward 2, Medford, 18934. Member of Royal 
Arch Chapter, Council and Commandery of Masons. Committee on banks and 
banking, 1895. 

Vote of district : Samuel N. Mayo, Republican, 1227; William C. Waite, 
Democrat, 710. 

District No. 9. — Maiden — Harvey L. Boutwell, Republican, of Maiden 
was born in Meredosia, 111., April 5, i860; educated in public schools and New 
Hampshire State College, class of 1882. Principal of Claremont, N. H., 
grammar school. 1882-3. Graduate of Boston University Law School, 1886; 
practiced law in Boston since then. Principal of Eliot evening school in Boston 
for ten years. Member of Maiden Lodge of Odd Fellows, A. O. U. W., Sons 
of Veterans, United Order of Golden Cross, representing the latter to Supreme 
Commandery in 1890. Member of Common Council, 1893-4. Clerk of com- 
mittee on metropolitan affairs, 1895. 

Ezra A. Stevens, Republican, of Maiden was born in Portsmouth, N. H., 
1827; educated in public schools. Then engaged in mercantile business until 
1870, when he became manager of the Barstow Stove Co. of Boston, which 
position he still holds. Removed to Maiden in 1870 and has lived there ever 
since. In Portsmouth was director of Mechanics & Traders National Bank and 
trustee of Portsmouth Savings Bank. In 18656 member of New Hampshire 
House of Representatives; in 1867-8, member of State Senate, and president in 
1868. School committee of the city several years and chairman of board part 
of time. Chairman of legislative committee on prisons, 1867, and on finance 
and banking while member of Senate. Was one of special committee of 20 to 


frame Maiden's city charter. Tn 1 881 -2, member of House of Representatives 
from the 8th Middlesex district, serving on committees on rules, finance and ex- 
penditures. Member of Maiden school committee 1S73-4-5, and on its sinking 
fund commission three terms, 1882-92 inclusive. Vice president of Maiden Co- 
operative l'.ank. Still member of St. John's Lodge of Masons, of Portsmouth, 
which he joined while living there. On committees on finance and expenditures, 


Vote of district; Harvey L. B iu^well. Republican, 1957 ; J.H. Cray. Pro- 
hibition, 245; Thomas F. Major, Democrat, 1052; Kirk Russell, Prohibition, 
177; Ezra A. Stevens, Republican, 2170. 

District 1X0. 10 Everett. — John C. Spofforh, Republican, of Everett was 

born in Webster, Me., Nov. 25. 1854; educated in its public and private schools, 
Monmouth Academy, Maine Wesleyan Seminary, and Lewiston Business College, 
being principal of the latter for some time. Spent some time in mason and 
carpenter trades. In 1879 entered office of Henry J. Preston, architect, Boston, 
where he remained 1 5 months. In Feb., 1881, entered office of Sturgis & Brigham, 
a leading architectural firm of the city. While with them had charge 
of construction of such buildings as Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance 
Company, 50 State street, and residence of H. H. Rogers, one of the Standard 
Oil kings, in New York. In 1887, with Willard M. Bacon formed the firm of 
Spofford & Bacon, and in 1888 became member of firm of Brigham & Spofford, 
which has designed such buildings as the additions to the Maine and Massachu- 
setts state capitols, Lewiston, Me., city hall, Belfast, Me., Memorial hall, Hospital 
for Inebriates and Dipsomaniacs at Foxboro, public library at Fairhaven, etc. 
In 1892, he sold out to his partner and now has elegant offices of his own at 13 
Exchange street. Since 1892 has been the architect of such buildings as the 
Bangor, Me, city hall, Masonic temple at Augusta, Me., Fredk. E. Parlin Me- 
morial Library, and Appleton strtet and Central avenue school houses in Everett 
and elegant private residences. He is a direct descendant of Capt. John Went- 
worth who fought under Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham at the battle of Quebec, 
also of Lieut. Gov. John Wentworth, of N. H., 1717 to 1730. Committee on 
insurance, 1895. Member of Masons. Odd Fellows, P. of H., Royal Arcanum, 
Pilgrim Fathers, has been G. P. of Knights and Ladies of Honor of Massachusetts, 
Middlesex Club, New England Historic Genealogical society, and odiers. 

Vote of district : E. H. Hadley, People's Party, 52 ; A. E. Hall, Republican 
Independent N. P., 610; John C. Spofford, Republican, 923; E. B. Wilson, 
Derrocrat, 602. 

District No. n ■ Melrose George R. Jones, Republican, was born in 

Lebanon, Me., but has lived in Melrose since childhood, and was educated in 
its public schools; also studied in collegiate department of Boston University 
and its law school, and then with Allen, Long & Hemenway. Admitted to the 
bar in 1886, and has practised since. In political campaigns has spoken fre- 
quently on the stump. On committees on constitutional amendments and probate 
and insolvency, in House of 1894; House chairman of committee on metropolitan 
affairs, and on rules, 1895. 

Vote of district: George R. Jones, Republican, 1191 ; A. M. Willis, Demo- 
crat, 474. 

District No. 12. Stoneham. — William H. Marden, Republican, of 

Stoneham was born in Charlestown, May 30, 1843. Enlisted in Co. L 6th infan- 
try, April, 1861 ; re-enlisted, Sept. 16, 1861, in 2d company of sharpshooters. 
Made 1 st sergeant after Gettysburg. Charter member of Post 75, G. A. R., 
commander 1894. Farmer; and a shoe laster. Active in organizations of the 
craft and held many of its offices; in 1883 chosen vice-president of the American 
Federation of Labor. Committee on labor, 1895. 


Vote of district : C. F. Blodgett, Democrat, 543 ; William H. Marden, Re 
publican, 609; H. A. Smith Prohibition, 54. 

District No. 13. — Wakefield. — Silas W. Flint, Republican, of Wakefield 
was born in Boston, Sept. 4, 1843; educated in its public schools. Was 
wire worker with Morss & Whyte for many years. Member of Good Will 
Lodge of Masons, of Reading Royal Arch Chapter, of Hugh de Payens Com- 
mandery ; and of Souhegan Lodge of Odd Fellows. Chairman of Republican 
town committee, 1 891 -2-3-4. Overseer of poor, 1886-7-8-9; selectman, 1891- 
2-3 ; chairman of municipal light board. Committee on county estimates, 

Vote of district: A. C. Albee, People's Party, 176; Silas W. Hint, Re- 
publican, 574; E. A. Upton, Democrat, 522. 

District No 14. — Reading. Woburn. — Solom Banckoft, of Reading, 
Republican, born in Reading, July 22, 1839: educated in public schools and 
Dartmouth College, class of 1864. Lawyer. Special justice of First Dis- 
trict Court of Eastern Middlesex. Trustee of Danvers Lunatic Hospital : 
school committee four years; Republican State Committee in 1884. Com- 
mittee on manufactures in House of 1894; Chairman of House committee 
on elections, on committee on manufactures, 1895. 

George E. Fowle, of Woburn, Republican, was born in Reading, July 
4, 1837; educated in Woburn and Lowell public schools and Warren Aca- 
demy of Woburn. Carpenter and builder in Woburn for past twenty-five 
years. Enlisted in Company K. Thirty-ninth Regiment, Aug. 22, 1862, as 
private; promoted to corporal, sergeant, 2d lieutenant, and 1st lieutenant; 
taken prisoner, Aug. 19, 1864, at Weldon Railroad; but escaped back to Union 
line; wounded at Hatcher's Run, Feb. 17, 1865; discharged from hos- 
pital, May 18, by general order from war department, and discharged from 
service at same time. Member of Woburn Post, G. A. R. On committee 
on military affairs in House of 1894, committee on military affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: Solon Bancroft, Republican, 1371 ; George E Fowle, 
Republican, 1568; C. L.Martin. Democrat, 1085; C. Wallace, Democrat, 

District N0.15, — Arlington, Winchester. — James A. Bailey, Jr., of 
Arlington, Republican, was born in that town. March 25, 1867 ; educated 
in public sc lools, Harvard College, class of 1888, and Harvard Law School, 
class of 1891. Admitted to bar in 1S90, practised in Boston since then. 
Mason and Odd Fellow, Treasurer of Middlesex Club. Member of Repub- 
lican State Committee. Member of executive committee of Republican Club 
of Massachusetts. Clerk of committee on judiciary, and on committee on 
elections in House of 1894. House chairman of committee on State House, 
committees on rules and judiciary, 1895. 

Vote of district: James A. Bailey, Jr., Republican, 1165; A. Patterson, 
Democrat, 662. 

District No. 16. — Belmont, Watertown. — Frank Chandler, Republican, 
of Belmont was born in Portsmouth, N. H. ; educated in public schools 
of Portsmouth and of Belmont. From Aug., 1867 to Aug., 1882, with A.J. 
Wilkinson & Co., hardware, Boston; since then of firm of Chandler & Far- 
quhar. Past master of Belmont Lodge of Masons, and high priest of Wal- 
tham Chapter. Selectman of Belmont, 1890. Committee on mercantile af- 
fairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: L. C. Blair, Democrat, 653 ; Frank Chandler, Republican, 

District No. 17. — Newton. — Albert L. Harwood, Republican, of New- 
ton was born in Hardwick, Sept. 10, 1S47; educated in public schools and 


Williston Seminary. Taught the Lincoln grammar school, Fall River, 1872 
3-4-5, then the Mason grammar school of Newton Centre, 187690, inclu- 
sive. Since 1890 has practiced law very successfully, having an office in 
Boston. On Newton school committee, [891-2-3. President of Newton Con- 
gregational club, 1890. Member of Newton Republican ward and city com- 
mittee, 1893-4-5. Past master of Dalhousie Lodge of Masons; past emi- 
nent commander of Gethsemane Encampment of Knights Templar; district 
deputy grand master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts ; for several 
years has been commissioner of trials of the Grand Lodge. On committees 
on probate and insolvency, finance, and expenditures, 1895. 

J. Edward Hollis. Republican, of Newton, was born in Boston in 1840; 
educated in the grammar and Latin schools. Has spent his life mostly in 
the insurance business. Served in the United States navy during the War 
of the Rebellion from Nov., '62 to May, '65. Past commander of E. W. 
Kinsley Post 113, G. A. R. Member of Eleusis Lodge of Masons. In New- 
ton Common Council, 1886; in Board of Aldermen, [887 ; now chairman of 
school committee. Committee on insurance, 1S95. 

Vote of district: P. C. Bridgham, Democrat, 829; E. O. Childs, Demo- 
crat, 859; E. D Conant, Prohibition, 88; Albert L. Harwood, Republican, 
2134; J. Edward Hollis, Republican, 2016; G. S. Houghton, Prohibition, 78. 

District 'Vo. iS. Waltham, Weston. — Charles P. Bond, Republican, 

of Waltham was born in Springfield, July 24, 1855; educated in its pub- 
lic schools and Amherst College, class of 1877. Been engaged chiefly in 
journalistic work. Graduated from Boston University Law School, 1880 ; ad- 
mitted to bar the same year ; practiced a short time, then took up journa- 
lism and has worked on Herald, 1 5 years as financial editor of Boston Trav- 
eler, also for some time on editorial staff of Boston Globe. Member of 
Monitor Lodge of Masons of Waltham; also of Royal Arch Chapter; 
and of Gov. Gore Lodge of Odd Fellows. In Waltham Board of Alder- 
men 1886 to 1890, inclusive, being its president for the last three ; on school 
board, 1893-4. Is member of Boston Newspaper Club ; has travelled over 
the United States and Mexico extensively ; is well known in financial and 
railroad circles. Appointed by Gov. Greenhalge on committee to represent 
the state at the Mexican Exposition, 1896. Clerk of committee on rail- 
roads, 1S95. 

Fred H. Bradford, of Waltham, Republican, was born in Lake Vil- 
lage, N. H., July 13, 1 85 1 : educated in public schools and at Appleton 
Academy of Mount Vernon, N. H: In stationery business in Waltham for 
last twenty-two years. Member of Monitor Lodge of Masons. On commit- 
tee on State House in House of 1894; committees on prisons and water 
supply, 1895. 

Vote of district: C. M. Bodge, Prohibition, 107; Charles P. Bond, Re- 
publican, 1726; Fred. H. Bradford, Republican, 1619 ; C. E. Davis, People's 
Party, 149; W. V. Hyde, Democrat, 846; J. O'Connell, People's Party, 385; 
F. E. Stanley, Democrat, 1048; S. H. Warren, Prohibition, 102. 

District No. 19. — Bedford, Burlington, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln. — 
John Winn, Republican, of Burlington was born July 3, 1828, in that town 
and was educated in the town schools and Warren Academy. Has always 
been engaged in agricultural pursuits. Honorary member of the Grand Army. 
Town auditor 189092-93; trustee and one of investment committee for 15 
years or more in the Woburn Five Cents Savings Bank. In House of Rep- 
resentatives in 1877, on committee on agriculture. Committee on drainage, 

Vote of district : John Winn, Republican, 880 ; all others, 20. 


District No. 20. Billerica, Chelmsford, North Reading, Tewskbury, Wil- 
mington. George F. Snow, Republican, of Chelmsford, was born in West- 

fordt June 12, 1841. Educated in Westford public schools and Academy, 
class of i860. Taught school, i860 to 1872; farmer and wheat merchant 
from 1872 to 1882 in Minn.; now owns a farm in Chelmsford. Supt. of 
Westford schools, 1869-72; supt. of Chelmsford schools, 1886-95 ; selectman, 
assessor, overseer of poor of Chelmsford, 1884-91; His been engaged in 
teaching and superintending schools most of his life, living on a farm. Com- 
mittee on election laws, 1895. 

Vote of district: George F. Snow, 10S1 ; all others, 10. 

District No. 21. Ward 1, Lowell. — Fred H. Rourke, Democrat, was 

born in Lowell, May 23, 1867; educated in the pubic schools. Wholesale 
and retail dealer in coal, wood, lime and cement. Common Council, 1S93- 
4, on committees on education and printing, and chairman of committee 
on finance. Charter member of Matthew Temperance Institute ; also a mem- 
ber of A. O. H., A. O. F. of A. and the Lowell Council Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Committee on constitutional amendments, 1895. 

Vote of district : H. C. Dexter, Republican, 408 ; D. Moyniian, Peo- 
ple's Party, 47; Fred. H. Rourke, Democrat, 987. 

District No. 22. Ward '2, Lowell. — George E. Putnam, Republican, of 

Lowell, was born in Croydon, N. H.. Feb. 9, 1851 ; educated in its public 
schools. Been engaged in wholesale produce business at 211 Market street, 
Lowell, for the last 15 years. Member of Pentucket Lodge of Masons, of 
Lowell Lodge and Monomake Encampment of O id Fellows, of Lowell Coun- 
cil of Ancient Order of United Workmen, and of Red Men; also of the 
Highland and Home Clubs of Lowell. An alderman in 188S-9; water com- 
missioner for three years, term expiring in 1897; committee on cities, 1895. 

Vote of district: Henry Hamer, People's Partv, 50 ; George E. Putnam, 
Republican, 1130; R. W. Stickney, Democrat, 791. 

District No. 23— Ward 3, Lowell— John J. O'Connor, Democrat, of Low- 
ell was born in that city April 12, 1871 ; educated in its public schools. 
Began as clerk with the American Bolt Company aid is no v paymaster and 
book-keeper for the same company, at Lowell. Is a law student. Member 
of Knights of Columbus and of Court Merrimack Ancient Order of Forest- 
ers of America. In Common Council, 1893-4. Committee on engrossed bills, 

1 ? 9 5 - 

Vote of district : T. H. Husband, Republican, 939 ; John Joseph O'Con- 
nor, Democrat, 1613 ; L. W. Weeks, People's Party, 51. 

District No. 24. — Dracut, Wards 4 and 5 of Lowell, Tyngsboro. — Frank 
S. Bennett, of Tyngsboro, Republican, was born in that town, May 12, 1857; 
educated in public schools. Is a farmer. On board of selectmen, assessors, 
and overseers of the poor six years, being chairman of board three of them. 
Trustee of public library. Member of Republican Town Committee. On 
committee on libraries in House of 1894; clerk of committee on public ser- 
vice, 1895. Died, April 10, 1895. 

William H. I. Hayes, Republican, of Lowell, was born in Boston, June 
21, 1848. His mother removed to Lowell in 1849, his father going to California, 
where he died. When eight years old, removed to Groton, goina; on a farm at 
eleven, and to scaool only in the winter. When o.dy thirteen, enlisted in Com- 
pany B, of the Sixth Regiment, under call for one-hundred-days men but re- 
turned as call was changed. In August, 1862, enlisted in Company B, Sixth 
Regime it. and served in Peck's division, Seventh Army Corps in Suffolk and 
Norfolk, Va. Here gained the nickname of -'Old Hundred," he was so young 


and small, being one of the very youngest soldiers who carried a gun. Mr. 
Hayes comes of fighting stock. His grandfather was in Mexican War; his great- 
grandfather on his mother's side was at battle of Bunker Hill; while his great 
great-grandfather was Capt. Oliver Parker, in same fight. The mother of Capt- 
Oliver Parker did her part also in the struggle against the Indians of those days, 
of whom she is said to h ive killed three, who attacked her house in the absence 
of its male defenders. Re-enlisted in November, 1S63, in Company B of the 
Fifty-sixth Regiment, and served all through Grant's campaigns ; mustered out 
Tuly, 1S65. President of Association of Survivors of Company B, Sixth Regi- 
ment; also of Association of Survivors of Fifty-sixth Regiment. After war, 
made cigars and travelled as salesman until going into business for himself in 
1877, now being a manufacturer of cigars and wholesale dealer in the same, 
making a specialty of the "Old Hundred" brand, named after the nickname 
given him while in the army. Overseer of poor. Is member and commander of 
B. F. Butler Post, G. A. R., also of the Red Men, Odd Fellows, Knights of 
Pythias, and Masons. Director of Middlesex Trust Company of Lawrence. On 
committees on elections and liquor law in House of (893; committees on in- 
surance and water supply in house of 1894; committees on street railways, 
and water supply, 1895. 

George Andrew Roper, Republican, of Lowell was born in Windham. N. 
H.July 25, 1849; graduated from Lowell high school, 1865. Clerk for three 
years in Chase Mills, then a year with D. Whithed, grocer. For the past 25 
years, supt. for Wm. H. Wiggin, oldest and largest building contractor in the 
city, who built many of the largest and best public buildings, including the 
new city hall, also many corporation mill buildings in Lowell, Lawrence and 
Nashua, N. H. A Knight Templar and member of Odd Fellows and Royal 
Arcanum. Member of Common Council [885-6. On committee on federal 
relations, 1895. 

Vote of district: Frank S. Bennett, Republican, 3094. J. Cryan, People's 
Party, 152; F. Frye, Democrat, 1595; W. B. Grierson, People's Party, 89; 
William H. I. Hayes, Republican, 3027; C. E. Paige, Democrat, 1433; W. 
Rafferty, People's Party, 89; E. W. Rogers, Democrat, 1384; George A. 
Roper, Republican, 3126. 

District No. 25. — Ward 6, Lowell — Thomas F. Hoban, Democrat, of 
Lowell, was bom in Winchester, Dec. 20, 1859, but has been a resident of 
Lowell for many years. Member of Common Council, 1892, serving on com- 
mittees on education and commons; in 1893, on committees on streets, appro- 
priations and commons. Member of Democratic city committee for four yeais. 
Member of Y. M C. I., the Cricket Association and Passaconawav Tribe of Red 
Men. Committee on insurance, 1895. 

Vote of district: H. J. Fay, Republican, Citizens' N. P., 769; B. F. 
Haskell, People's Party, 42 ; Thomas F. Hoban, Democrat, 1049. 

District No. 26. — Natick.- -Edward H. Wilson, Republican of Natick 
was born in Natick, Sept. 26, 1848; educated in public schools. Boot and shoe 
cutter by trade, and has been foreman most of the time. Member of Meridian 
Lodge of Masons, Parker Royal Arch Chapter, Natick Commandery of Knights 
Templar, having been worshipful master, high priest and warden. Committee 
on street railways, 1895. 

Vote of district : B. F. Moran, Democrat, 730 ; Edward H. Wilson, Republi- 
can, 864. 

District No. 27. — Ashland, Hopkinton. — Abner Greenwood, Republican 
of Ashland, born in that town, Sept. 10, 1826; educated in public and private 
schools. In Ashland in business from 1846 to 189 1, but has now retired. 
Member of Sons of American Revolution. Selectman and overseer of poor. 


1874 to 1880 ; assessor and collector from 1868 to 1881, inclusive, and then from 
1886 to the present. In House of Representatives, 1889, on committee on towns ; 
on same committee, 1895. 

Vote of district : Abner Greenwood, Republican, 523 ; C. F. Grout, Demo- 
crat, 487. 

District No. 28. — Framingham, Holtiston, Sherbom, Wayland. — George 
A. Leach, Republican, of Wayland (Cochituate) was born in Boston, Feb. 3, 
1848; educated in public and private schools. Brought up in wholesale dry 
and fancy goods business; burned out in the great Boston fire of 1872. 
Commercial traveller for ten years; moved to Natick in 1S75, thence to 
Cochituate in 1878 where he was in mercantile business until retiring in 
1890. Charter member of Takewambait Lodge of Odd Fellows; also mem- 
ber of Meridian Lodge of Masons, Parker Chapter and Natick Command- 
ery. Committee on printing, 1895. 

E. Lewis Moore, Republican, of Framingham was born in Lyme, Ct.. 
Jan. 21, 1834; educated in common schools, Connecticut Literary Institute 
and Connecticut Normal School at New Britain, class of 1856. Taught from 
1856 to 1861 ; after the war in business in New York for ten years and is 
at present a farmer. Was private secretary of Hon. Joseph Hawley, pres- 
ident of the United States Centennial Commission, 1876, and on staff of 
Gen. John W. Turner. Enlisted as private in Seventh Connecticut Infantry, 
Aug., 26, 1 861 ; promoted to be adjutant U. S. Vols. Oct., 27, 1864; 
discharged, Sept. 19, 1865. Member of J. G. Foster Post 163 G. A. R. 
of South Framingham. Service in armv was with General Joseph R. Hawley, 
now U. S. senator from Ct. Selectman in Framingham in 1893-4. Committee 
on agriculture, 1S95. 

Vote of district: Walter Adams, Democrat, n 75; T. W. Frost, Dem- 
ocrat, 909; John Heffron, People's Party, 153; G. A. Leach, Republican, 
1 185 ; E. Lewis Moore, Republican, 11 76. 

District No 29. — Hudson, Marlborough, Sudbury. — Louis Porter Howe, 
of Mar boro, Republican, was born in that city, May 29, 1858; educated in 
public schools and two years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, class 
of 1879. With the S. H. Howe Shoe Company and Marlboro building As- 
sociation. Member of Republican State Central Committee, 1893-4, of Re- 
publican Club of Massachusetts, and of Middlesex Club. Director of People's 
National Bank, of Marlboro Electrical Company, of Marlboro Street Rail- 
way Company, and of Marlboro Savings Bank Corporation. On committee on 
banks and banking in House of 1894; committees on banks and banking 
and constitutional amendments, 1895. 

Henry Tower, Republican, of Hudson, was born tn Stowe, June 24, 
1829 ; educated in common schools and Stowe Academy. Carpenter by trade; 
moved to Fentonville, now Hudson, in i860, and carried on the lumber, 
and coal business also. Foi the last 20 years prior to Jan. 1, 1894, was 
a milk contractor, running cars to Boston over the Fitchburg, Boston & Alba.iy 
and Boston & Maine roads. Is charter member of Trinity Commandery, Knights 
Templar; also its treasurer for the last 18 years. Assessor of Hudson from 1868 
to 1875; selectman from 1874 to 1879 and from 1891 to 1894; reelected in March 
1894 for another term of three years. Director of Hudson National Bank and 
president of Hudson Real Estate Company. Committee on parishes and religious 
societies, and towns, 1895. 

Vote of district: F. J. Clarke, People's Party, 263; Louis P. Howe, Re- 
publican, 161 1 , F. W. Millay, People's Partv, 254; T. F. O'Neill, Democrat, 
1219; J. J. Shaughnessy, Democrat, 1383; Henry Tower, Republican, 1561. 


District No. 30. — Acton, Boxboro, Carlisle, Littleton, Maynard, Stow. 

Josiah P. Thacher, Republican, of Littleton was born in Milton, April 8, 

1858 ; educated in the public schools. Clerk in country store for 1 1 years then, 
in 1890, formed the firm of Thacher & Ireland and engaged in general mer- 
chandise business in Littleton. Town treasurer, 188Q-90. Is descended in sev- 
enth generation from Anthony Thacher, who was shipwrecked in Boston harbor 
on Thacher's island, giving it its name, and who afterwards founded the town of 
Yarmouh, Mass. Clerk of committee on towns, 1895. 

Vote of district: J H. Ondorff, Democrat, 331; Josiah P. Thacher, Re- 
publican, 799. 

District No. 31. — Dunstable, Groton, Pepperell, Westford. — Wesley O. 
Hawkes, Republican of Westford, born in Heath, July 7,1842; educated in 
common schools; was farmer in Heath, but for last 22 years has been station a- 
gent at Crraniteville, Wtstford. Enlisted in July, 1864 in Co. K, 60th regiment, and 
served in Maryland and Indiana; discharged in Nov., 1864. Member of Union 
Veterans' Association of Westford. Member of 0')erlin Lodge of Odd Fellows 
of Lowell. Onboard of registrars, 1882-90, inclusive. Committee on public 
service. 1895. 

Vote of district: Wesley O. Hawkes, Republican, 780; F. L. Robbins, 
Democrat, 288. 

District No. 32. — Ashby, Aver, Shirley. Townsend. — Henry Edgarton, 
Republican, of Shirley was born Dt-c. 29. 1820; has been on board of selectmen 
and assessors, postmaster under Harrison, town treasurer and on school com. 
mittee. Committee on libraries, 1895. 

Vote of district : Henry Edgarton, Republican, 623 ; W. O. Loveland, Pro- 
hibition, 55; N. Spaulding, Democrat, 299. 


District No. 1. — Nantucket. — John J. Gardner, Republican, of Nantuck- 
et, was born there Feb. 22, 1853; educated in its public schools, graduating 
from its high school in the class of 1868. Learned the carpenter's trade in 
Brockton and worked at it a while, then learned the machinist's trade and follow- 
ed it until health gave way, then took up carpentering and building and has fol- 
lowed it till the present. Member of Masons ; also an Odd Fellow and has fil- 
led all the chairs in the lodge and in the encampment; also a member of the 
N. E. O. P. Ex-licensed marine engineer, having served in that capacity for 
several ytars on steam yachts; also been in government employ as engineer on 
steamer A. D. Bache in the coast survey the whole length of the eastern coast, 
and was four years in the life saving service at Surfside, Nantucket. Commit- 
tee on public service, 1895. 

Vote of district: A. Coffin, Independent, 152 ; John j. Gardner, Republican, 
250: J. Harps, Independent Citizens, 12 ; J. Hills, Democrat, 149. 


District No. \.—Dedham, Norwood.— Henry D. Humphrey, of Dedham, 
Republican, was born in Jamaica Plain (Boston), June 20, 1861 ; educated in 
Dedham public schools. Book-binder in Boston for 12 years. Secretary of 
Constellation Lodge of Masons for last nine years. Clerk of committees on finance 
and expenditures in House of 1894; committees on finance and expenditures 
(clerk), 1895. 

Vote of district : Henry D. Humphrey, Republican, 1017 ; F. B. Kingsbury, 
Democrat, 72 1. 

District No. 2.— Brookline.— H. Utley, Republican, was born 
in Boston, Nov. 27, 1857; educated in public schools, graduating from English 


High School in class of 1875. Senior member of produce commission firm of 
Utley & Rogers. Member of Boston Chamber of Commerce and of Fruit and 
Produce Exchange. Trustee of real estate of Chamber of Commerce, 1894; di- 
rector of Beacon Trust Company, of Quincy Cold Storage Company, and of Bay 
State Live Stock Company. Member of Boston Associated Board of Trade, 
representing the Chamber of Commerce. On committee on insurance in House 
of 1894; House chairman of committee on taxation, and on committee on State 
House, 1895. Director of Brookside Mills, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Vote of district: C. T. Duncklee, Democrat, 689; Charles H. Utley, Re- 
publican, 1 168. 

District No. 3. — Hyde Park. — Charles F. Light, Republican, of Hyde 
Park, was born in Dorchester, Mass., Aug. 1, 1860; educated in Boston schools 
ana Boston University Law school, class of 1887. Admitted to bar. 1887. 
Moved to Hyde Parkin 1889. President of Young Men's Republican Club of 
Hyde Park, 1891-4; Secretary of Hyde Park Club, 1892, and of the Rjpub- 
lican town committee, 1893. Practices law in Boston. Committee on metropoli- 
tan affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: H. M. Dean, Prohibition^ 82; J. D. Grant, Democrat, 426; 
Charles F. Light, Republican, 1045. 

District No. 4. — Canton, Milton. — Thom-as E. Grover, of Canton, Re- 
publican, was born in Mansfield, Feb. 9, 1846; educated in public schools and 
academies. Is a lawyer. Has been a member of school committee and board 
of water commissioners. Trial justice of Norfolk County for several years. Mem- 
ber of Blue Hill Lodge of Masons. Trustee of Canton Savings Bank. On com- 
mittee on railroads in House of 1894. House chairman of committee on rail- 
roads, 1895. 

Vote of district: Thomas E. Grover, Republican, 864; J. Pierce, Demo- 
crat, 437, 

District No. 5, — Quincy, Weymouth. — James H. Flint, of Weymouth 
Republican, was born in Middleton, June 25, 1852 ; educated in public schools 
and Phillips Academy of Andover, valedictorian of class of 1872 ; Harvard Col- 
lege, 1876; Boston University Law School, 1881. Principal of Marblehead 
High School, 1876-80. One year in New York City law office. Admitted to 
Suffolk bar, 1882 ; practised in Boston, Weymouth, and Quincy since. Author 
of "Flint on Trusts and Trustees'' ; editor of "Lewin on Trusts" ; and has done 
a good deal of literary work of various kinds. On school committee of Wey- 
mouth last six years. Secretary of Republican League of Massachusetts in cam- 
paign of 1888. Special justice of District Court of Eastern Norfolk at Quincy 
several years, besides holding various other positions of minor importance. Grand 
chancellor, grand representative in Knights of Pythias, and in the grand lodge 
of same; past junior warden of Delta Lodge of Masons, past warden of New 
England Order of Protection, and grand representative. Trustee of Weymouth 
Savings Bank, director of South Shore Co-operative Bank, member of Boston 
Bar Association ; chairman of Republican town committee, 1895. Vice-president 
of Weymouth Club. On committees on street railways and probate and insol- 
vency in House of 1894 Honse chairman of committee on street railways, 
and on probate and insolvency, 1895. 

Charles L. Hammond, of Quincy, Republican, was born in that city, 
Sept. 1, i860, and was educated in its public schools. Is a salesman. In 1891- 
92 was member of Common Council. Is past master of Rural Lodge of Odd 
Fellows. On committee on manufactures in House of 1893. Chairman of 
House committee en leave of absence, and oa committee on manufactures in 
House of 1894 ; chairman of House committee on pay roll, and on committee on 
railroads, 1895. 


George L. Wextworth, of Weymouth, Republican, was born in Ells- 
worth, Me., May 24, 1852; educated in public schools in Brewer until sixteen, 
then fitted for college under private tutors, but never entered. In October, 
1879, entered Boston University Law School, graduating in 1881. President of 
class, and appointed class orator. Admitted to bar in Sept, 1881, and since 
then has been in active practice in Boston. Fast grand of Wildey Lodge of Odd 
Fellows of South Weymouth ; past high priest of Fantalpha Royal Arch Chap 
ter of Masons; and has held prominent positions in Orphans' Hope Lodge of 
Masons and in South Shore Commandery of Knights Templar, both of Wey- 
mouth. Member of Weymouth school board, 1887-89; special county commis- 
sioner, 1890-93. On committee on the judiciary in House of 1894; committees 
on rules, and judiciary, 1895. 

Vote of district : L. W. Cain, Prohibition, 118: H. Chubbuck, Prohibition, 
1:9; G. H. Cunningham, Prohibition, 89: H. M. Federhen, Democrat, 1644; 
James H. Flint, Republican, 2573; Charles L. Hammond, Republican, 2510; 
F. W. Hardwick, People's Party, 228; J. E. Inkley, People's Party, 198; A. 
H. Kingsley, People's Party, 170: W. B. Orcutt, Democrat, 1590; M. Tir- 
rell, Democrat, 1490; George L. Wentworth, Republican, 2476. 

District No. 6. — Braintree, Holbrook. — Zenas A. French, Republican, of 
Holbrook, was born there Sept. 4, 1843 ; educated in its public schools. Member 
of school committee ; librarian of public library since it was established in 1874; 
member of Republican town committee. His father was member of House of 
Representatives in 1837 and 1839, and of the Senate in 1852. Committee on 
education, 1895. 

Vote of district: A. O. Clark, Democrat, 365 ; Zenas A. French, Republican, 
561 ; W. L. Hudson, People's Party, 68. 

District No. 7. — Avon, Randolph, Sharon, Stoughton, Walpole. — George 
W. Porter, Republican, of Avon was born in that town (East Stoughton) Jan. 
30, 1844; educated in its public schools. Started in shoe factory as cutter, but 
for last 20 years, has been prompter and mxnager of Porter's Brockton Orchestra, 
one of the best known organizations of its kind in that part of the state. Chair- 
man of Republican town committee. Committee on liquor law, 1895. 

George A. Wales, Republican of Stoughton was born in that town March 
26,1858; educated in public schools and a commercial college 18745. For one 
year had care of machinery and general work in shoe factory; two years in 
grocery and provision business, 1877-8. In 18/8 entered boot and shoe factory 
of Wallace, Elliott & Co. in Stoughton, and in 1880 was made superintendent of 
the fitting department, which position he still holds. Member of Rising Star 
Lodge of Masons; of Stoughton Lodge of Odd Fellows and of Mount Hebron 
Encampment, holding offices in all On Republican town committee for ten 
years or more, as secretary and chairman for three of them. A promoter of the 
Stoughton Cooperative Bank and an officer since its organization. Member of 
the Old Stoughton Musical Society and of the Grenadier Association. Secretary 
of Republican district committee three years, and on senatorial district committee, 
1894-5. On committee on public health, 1895. 

Vote of district: N. D. Atwood, Democrat, 1022; J. E. Foley, Democrat, 
1 123 ; A. R. Morse, Prohibition, 75; George W. Porter. Republican, 1238; D. 
C. Rose, Prohibition, 58: George Albert Wales, Republican, 121 8. 

District No. 8. — Bellingham, Foxboro, Franklin, Medway, Norfolk, Wrent- 

ham William Shaw White, Republican, of Foxboro was born in Pawtucket, 

R. I., Feb. 28, 1863; educated in its schools and Brown University, class of 
1886. In 1886-8 was employed in J. S. White's iron foundry and machine 
business in Pawtucket. Entered Tufts College Divinity School, 1888, graduating 
in 1891. His first pastorate was in Cleveland, O. Settled in Foxboro, 1892, as 


pastor of the Universalist church. Member of St. Albans Lodge of Masons, 
Foxboro, of Excelsior Lodge of Odd Fellows ; American Economic Association ; 
Union for Practical Progress. Traveled extensively in United States and 
Canada, and has been student of political economy at Chautauqua and Plymouth 
summer schools. Committees on labor, and woman suffrage, 1895. 

Elbridge J. Whitaker, Republican of Wrentham was born in Waulonsee, 
Kansas, Nov. 11, 1859; educated at Franklin High School, and Amherst College, 
class of 1883. Principal of Wrentham high school for seven years after leaving 
college ; since then practicing law with an office in Boston. Past master of Ex- 
celsior Lodge of Masons : past grand of Wampum Lodge of Odd Fellows, and 
is district deputy in Odd Fellows. Been moderator of town meeting for past 
four years. Chairman of Republican Town committee three years. President of 
Norfolk County Teachers' Association during his teaching days. Clerk of com- 
mittee on election laws, 1895. 

Vote of district : A. F. Everett, Prohibition, 120; C. F. Howard, Inde- 
pendent, 582; P. C. Lewis, Prohibition, 81 ; E.J. Whitaker, Republican, 1294; 
WilliamS. White, Republican, 1134. 

District No. 9. — Dover, Needham, Medfield, Millis, Wellesley. — William 
Carter, Republican, of Needham was born in Alfreton, Derbyshire, England, 
Feb. 25, 1830; educated in the public schools. Came to Needham, from Eng- 
land in 1853, and has resided there ever since. Selectman, 1884-85-86-87. On 
school committee 12 years, 1882 to 1894, inclusive. Is dealer in hosiery, under- 
wear and knit goods of all kinds. Member of Norfolk Lodge of Masons. Com- 
mittee on drainage, 1895. 

Vote of district : William Carter, Republican. 751 ; Harry Mori arty, Demo- 
arat Citizens N. P. 192 ; W. G. Moseley, Citizens, 492. 


District No. 1. — Plymouth. — William H. Drew, Republican, was born 
in that town. March 27, 1855 ; educated in public schools and Boston University, 
class of 1878, C. L. A. Is a manufacturer. Four years in Massachusetts militia, 
resigning: in 1882 with rank of lieutenant. On school committee, 1893-4. Mem- 
ber of Plymouth Lodge of Masons and Samoset Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. 
On committee on State House, in House of 1894 ; committee on education, 1895. 

Vote of district : William H. Drew, Republican, 637 ; James Millar, Demo- 
crat, 342 . E. S. Paulding, Prohibition, 48. 

District No. 2. — Duxbury, Kingston, Marshjield, Plympton. — William H. 
Burges, of Kingston, Republican, was born in Rochester, Nov. 3, 1S35; edu- 
cated in public schools and Rochester Academy. Merchant since 1866, first as 
Burges & Bailey, then as Buries & Keith, and as W. H. Burges & Co. Has 
been chairman of board of registration and of school committee; justice of the 
peace, appointed by Gov. Ames ; town clerk, treasurer, and collector ; director 
of Plymouth National Bank. On committee on mercantile affairs in House of 
1894. Appointed House chairman of committee on drainage and on mercantile 
affairs in the present House ; resigned from them on account of ill health; died 
the last day of the session, June 5. 

Vote of district: William H. Burges, Republican, 486 ; J. S. Ford, Democrat, 
170; J. W. Hartford, Prohibition, 33. 

District No. 3 Hanson, Norwell, Pembroke, Scituate. — Albert F. 

Barker, of Hanson, Republican, was born in Hanson, Oct. 24, 1859; educated 
in pnblic schools. Is a lawyer. On board of selectman, assessors, and overseers 
of the poor, 1888-89-90. Member of Plymouth Rock Lodge Knights of Pythias 
and of Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Chairman of Republican Town Com- 
mittee; associate member of T. L. Bonney Post, G. A. R. On committee on 


manufactures, in House of 1894; House chairman of committee on constitutional 
amendments, and on committee on manufactures, 1895. 

Vote of district : Albert F. Barker, Republican, 488 ; John J. Ford, Demo- 
crat, 126; G. A. Hammond, Prohibition, 29. 

District No. 4. — Cohasset {in Norfolk county), Hingham, Hull. — Amos A. 
Lawrence, Republican of Cohasset, was born in that town, Nov. 3, 1847; 
graduated from its high school, 1894 ; attended a Boston business college and 
began as book-keeper in an importing house in Boston. In nine years, he be- 
came head book-keeper, and later obtained an interest in the firm. He then took 
charge of the New York branch of the firm. In 1878, returned to Boston and 
founded the house of A. A. Lawrence & Co. Was first stockholder of the Lam- 
son Cash Strvice Company and still has an interest in that company. President 
of Cohasset Electric Lighting Co. since it was organized in 1890 ; a trustee of the 
Cohasset Savings Bank; chairman of trustees of Cohasset Masonic Hall; mem- 
ber of execut ive committee of Cohasset Yacht Club. Trustee of Cohasset Lodge 
of Odd Fellows, past master of Konohasset Lodge of Masons, and D. D. G. M. 
of 25th Masonic district. On school committee since 189 1. In House of 1892, 
on committee on towns ; clerk of committee on fisheries and game, and on tax- 
ation, 1895. 

Vote of district : C. F. Kenerson, Democrat, 204 ; E. G. Knight, Prohi- 
bition, 87 ; Amos A. Lawrence, Republican, 600. 

District No. 5. — Hanover, Rockland. — Joshua S. Gray, Republican of 
Rockland, was born in Rockland (formerly East Abington) Aug. 16, 1840; edu- 
cated in Maiden and Rockland public schools. Worked in shoe factory in Rock- 
land until became manager in 1879 ; was afterwards in dry goods business for 
ii years, from 18S1 to 1892. Is now town treasurer. Enlisted, Aug. 28, 1862, 
in Co. G., 43d infantry, served 1 1 months in North Carolina and Virginia ; dis- 
charged by expiration of term of enlistment, July 3, 1865, as corporal. Member 
of Hartsuff Post 74. G. A. R., been quarter-master, and commander, 1893- 4. In 
House of Representatives, 1892, clerk of committee on towns; in 1893, House 
chairman of same committee. President of Rockland Commercial Club, 1892; 
president of High School Alumni Association, 1893. House chairman of com- 
mittee on drainage, and on committee on pay roll, 1895. 

Vote of district: J. D. Carney, Democrat, 312 ; Joshua S. Gray, Republican, 
684 ; W. H Hebberd, Prohibition, 146. 

District, No. 6. — Abington, Whitman. — Franklin Powers Harlow, of 
Whitman, Republican, was born in Springfield, Vt, Dec. 8, 1827; educated in 
public schools. Foreman in finishing department of boot and shoe factory. 
Lieutenant-colonel of Seventh Regiment. Enlisted, June 15, 1861, as captain of 
Co. K, Seventh Regiment; promoted to major, Aug. 1, 1861 ; to lieutenant- 
colonel, Oct. 25, 1862 ; mustered out, June 27, 1864. Member of House in 1S71- 
72, on committee on labor. Past commander of David A. Russell Post, G. A. 
R. Member of Puritan Lodge of Masons; of Old Colony Commandery of 
Knights Templar ; of Plymouth Rock Lodge, Knights of Pythias. On committee 
on libraries, in House of 1894; committee on labor, 1895. 

Vote of district : A. B. Cole, Prohibition, 34 ; A. Coleman, People's Party, 
216; Franklin Powers Harlow, Republican, 905; M. Kane, Democrat, 400. 

District No. 7. — Carver, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester, Wareham. — 
Isaiah P. Atsatt, Republican, of Mattapoisett was born in that town, March 
17, 1848; educated in its public schools. In grocery business for eight years 
member of firm of Atsatt Bros. Member of Pythagorean Lodge of Masons, and 
its secretary since 1871. Town treasurer and collector for 13 consecutive years, 
1869 to 1882, inclusive; town auditor, 189 1-2-3-4; notary public and justice of 
the peace. Committee on taxation, 1895. 


Vote of district : Isaiah P. Atsatt, Republican, 60 1 ; A. F. Atwood, People's 
Party, 82 ; E. S. Lucas, Democrat, 230. 

District No. 8. Halifax, Lakeville, Afidd/e&oro.—SAMURL S. Bourne, 

Republican, of Middleboro, was born in Wareham, Dec. 9, 1850; educated 
in Wareham schools and Pierce academy, Middleboro. President of Middle- 
boro Co-operative Bank and trustee of Middleboro Savings Bank. Member 
of Odd Fellows, of board of engineers of fire department and of municipal 
lio-ht board. Committee on federal relations, 1895. 

Vote of district: Samuel S. Bourne, Republican, 761 ; T. C. Collins, Demo- 
crat, 218. 

District No. 9. — Bridge-water, East Bridgewater, West Bridge-water. — 
Francis M. Kingman, Republican, of East Bridgewater, was born in that 
town, May 25, 1837; educated in its common schools and Bridgewater Acad- 
emy.' Had charge of painting in Carver cotton gin factory in East Bridge- 
water from 1859 to 1891, except three years in the army. Clerk in United 
States pension agency, Boston, from April, 1891, to July, 1894. Member of 
Satucket Lodge of Masons, master of same 1883-4-5. Enlisted, April 20, 1861. 
mustered into service at Fortress Monroe, Va., May 22, i86l ; for three years. 
Served in Co. L, 4th infantry until July 16, 1861, when went to Co. L. of 
"Massachusetts Battalion" until Dec. 13, 1861, then in Co. C, 29th infantry 
for remainder of term. Promoted to color sergeant, and was afterwards detailed 
for duty in commissary department. Member of Justin Dimmick Post 1 24 G. 
A. R., and has held nearly all its offices, having been chosen commander three 
different times, in all serving eight or nine years as commander. Carried the 
colors of his regiment through Antietam and was personally complimented by 
Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher in command of the brigade. Committee on 
military affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: S. Harlow, Democrat, 331; Francis Marion Kingman, 
Republican, 736; E. E. Miller, Prohibition, 30. 

District No. 10.— Wards 4, 5, and 6, Brockton. — George W. Pennimax, 
Republican, of Brockton, was born in Quincy, May 31. 1859; educated in its 
public schools. Began newspaper life at 15 by connection with Quincy Pat- 
riot; in 1S76 became correspondent of Boston Traveler. From January, 
1876. to July, 1882, with Boston Globe as reporter and district correspondent, 
assistant sporting editor and assistant night editor. In 1882, went to Minne- 
sota to engage in newspaper work; returned in 1887. Two years later joined 
staff of Fall River Evening News, and in November, 1891, became editor of 
Brockton Dispatch, remaining until May, 1892, when rejoined Boston Traveler 
and afterwards became its city editor. Has traveled extensively in this^ and 
other countries and has lectured upon his travels for a number of years. Resigned 
from Traveler, and for more than a year gave entire time to lecture work and 
travel. Spent summer of 1894 in Mexico for this purpose. Member of Odd Fel- 
lows, Knights of Pythias, Knights of Honor, New England Order of Protection, 
Sons of Veterans, P. O. S. of A., Massachusetts Press Association, Suburban 
Press Association, and others. Prominent in temperance work: has been 
state secretary of reform clubs of Massachusetts, grand worthy templar of Tem- 
ple of Honor, is one of the directors of Massachusetts Total Abstinence Society, 
and o-rand worthy patriarch of Sons of Temperance of Massachusetts. President 
of Brockton Y. M. C. A., and trustee of Brockton pnblic library. Is asst. manV 
editor of Boston Daily Standard. Appointed by Gov. Greenhalge one of com- 
missioners to represent Massachusetts at International Exposition in Mexico, 1896 ; 
by Speaker Meyer on the delegation to represent Massachusetts at dedication of 
battle field of Chickamagua. Clerk of committee on education, 1895 

Vote of district: J. J. Dowd, Democrat, 953; George W. Penniman, Re- 
publican, 1 1 S3. 


District No. n. Wards 2, 3, of Brockton. — Alpheus M. Eldkedge, 

Republican, was born in Dorchester (Boston). Jan. 25, 1S2S : educated in publi- 
schools. Moved to Tonica, 111., in 1858, and carried on mason business there. 
Was school director seven years: village trustee several years. In 1876, 
moved to Brockton: building contractor. Member of board of health, 1S86- 
87. Member of St. George Lodge of Masons; of Patriotic Order of Sons 
of America. On committees on liquor law and woman suffrage in House of 
i.S<)4; House chairman of woman suffrage, on committee on liquor law, 

Vote of district: Alpheus M. Eldredge, Republican, 1231 ; all others, 

District Xo. 12- — Wards 1 and 2 of Brockton —Frederic William 
Hathaway, Republican, of Brockton, was born in Fairhaven, March 6, 1836; 
educated in the common schools of Fairhaven and New Bedford. Served in 
the War of the Rebellion in the Sixtieth Massachusetts Volunteers, and is 
now a member of Fletcher Webster Post, G. A. R. of Brockton. Has been 
active in local politics an 1 always an earnest Republican, serving many years 
on the Ward and City Committee. Has been a shoemaker by occupation. 
Member of the committee on harbors and public lands in House of 1893; on 
same committee, 1894; on same committee, 1895. 

Vote of district: B. F. Battles, Democrat, 454; Frederic W. Hathaway, 
Republican, 851. 


District No. 1 .Ward 1 of Boston. — John L. Bates, Republican, was 

born in (North) Easton, Sept. 18, 1859; educated in Boston public schools; 
Boston University, class of 1882; Boston University Law School, class of 1885. 
Taught school in Western New York, 1882-83, and in Boston in 1883-4; 
admitted to Suffolk bar, 18S5, and practised in Boston ever since. Member 
of Common Council, 1891-92. Director and secretary of Columbia Trust Co. 
President, 1893 4, of East Boston Citizens' Trade Association, trustee of Mer- 
idian Street Methodist Bethel Church, and of Bromfield Street M. E. Church. 
Member of Baalbec Lodge of Masons, ot Zenith Lodge of Odd Fellows, and 
president of the United Order of the Pilgrim Fathers, 1892. On committee 
on insurance a-id revision of corporation laws in House of 1894; House chair- 
man of committee on insurance, and on committee on metropolitan affairs, 

James A. Cochran, Republican, of Boston, was born in Windham, N. H , 
June 27, 1847; educated in district schools. Left home at 19 and worked as 
clerk in Boston four years, then bought out grocery and provision business 
in East Boston where has been located ever since. Member of Baalbec Lodge 
of Masons, St. John Royal Arch Chapter, William Parkman Commandery 
Knights Templar; Zenith Lodge of Odd Fellows. In Common Council, 1892- 
3-4. Committee on fisheries and game, 1S95. 

Vote of district: John L. Bates, Republican, 2004.; G W. Bond, Demo- 
crat, 1 138: James A. Cochran. Republican, 1 797 ; L- Nolan, Democrat, 

District Xo. 2.— Ward 2. Boston.— Manasseh E. Bradley, Democrat, 
was born in Donegal, Ireland, Aug., 15, 1863; removed to East Boston in 1867 
and was educated in its public schools. Is a shipping clerk. Member of A. 
O. H. and <>f Columbian Rowing Association of East Boston. In Common 
Council, 1893-4. Committee on liquor law, 1895. 

William J. Donovan, Democrat, was born in East Boston, Oct., 31, 
1862, and was educated in the public schools. Is junior member of the firm of 


Craig & Donovan, machinists and engineers, No. 9 Ouincy Row, Boston. Mem- 
ber of Boston Common Council in 1891-92. Member of American Legion of 
Honor, Ancient Order of Foresters, Knights of Columbus, A. O. H.. and Young 
Men's Catholic Lyceum (president); Citizens' Trade Association. Secretary of 
Democratic city committee, 1895. Member of National Association of Steam 
Engineers. On committee on cities in House of 1893; clerk of committee on 
roads and bridges, 1894; committee on mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: Manasseh E. Bradley, Demo;rat, 1499; William J. Don- 
ovan, Democrat, i486; W. H. Ensworth, Republican, 635; A. P. Fisher, Re- 
publican, 571. 

District No. 3. Ward 3, Boston. — Michael W. Collins, Democrat, 

born in Boston, Aug. 5, 1869; educated in public schools. Plumber. Pres- 
ident of Moulton Associates. Member of Democratic state central committee, 
for 1893-4; Common Council, 1S93-4. Committee on insurance, 1895. 

John M. O'Hara, Democrat, was born in Boston, July 2, 1865; educa- 
ted in Mayhew and Frothingham grammar schools. Common Council, 1892-3-4. 
Member of Royal Arcanum, Knights of Columbus. Committee on roads and 
bridges, 1895. 

Vote of district : Michael W. Collins, Democrat, 1428: H. I. Nason, Re- 
publican, 741 ; John M. O'Hara, Democrat, 1403; W. Scampton, Republican, 

District No. 4. — Ward 4 of Boston. — Timothy J. Donovan, Democrat, 
was born in Boston (Charlestown), April 17, 1867; graduated from the Bun- 
ker Hill school. Learned trade of tin-smith and worked at it ever since. In 
Common Council, 1893-4, on committee on water supply, fire department, grade 
crossings, etc., and on special committee on the new Charlestown bridge. The 
third Democrat to be chosen to the Legislature from this ward. Member of 
Thorndike Association and Jefferson Club. On committee on harbors and pub- 
lic lands, 1895. 

Jeremiah J. McCarthy, Republican, was born in C iirlestowa, 1852, 
and was educated in the Bunker Hill School. Early earning his own living- 
he learned the morocco- dressing trade, which he followed several years. When 
only seventeen, he ran as volunteer on the Bunker Hill fire-engine and later 
was a member of Washington Hose Company Was first treasurer of Charles- 
town Voluneer Firemen's Association, holding the office several years; was 
originator of the Firemen's Tournament on June 17,1890, and Gov. Brack- 
et^ put him on the State Board of Fire Commissioners to expend the $10, 
000 for disabled firemen ; president of the Charlestown Volunteer Firemen 
Association. Before and afcer Charlestown was annexed to Boston hi was ac- 
tive in politics, although this is the first office for which he has allowed his 
name to be used. In 1888, he was a leading spirit in the movement that 
sent Gen. Banks to Congress. He was alternate delegate to the Republican 
National Convention at Minneapolis in 1892. Committees on harbors and 
public lands, and rapid transit in House of 1893; clerk of committee on rail- 
roads and on committee on transit, 1894; committees on constitutional am ±nd- 
ments and railroads, 1895. 

Vote of district: Timothy J. Donovan, Democrat, 982; W. H. Marnell, 
Democrat, 786; J. J. McCarthy, Republican, 1246; John A. Melvin, Republi. 
can, 870. 

District No. $.— Ward 5 of Boston.— William T. Graham, Democrat, 
born in Charlestown, Feb. 1 1862; educated in public schools. Shipper at 
Chase & Sanborn's coffee warehouse. Member of Democratic Ward Commit- 
tee ; Common Council, 1889-92-93 ; of Prescott, Stevenson and Bachelor Clubs. 
On' committee on prisons, 1894 ; clerk of same committee, 1895. 


Michael James O'Brien, Democrat, born in Boston, Nov. 9, 1855; ed- 
ucated in public schools. Japanner; Democratic City Central Committee. 
Member of Bachelor and Stevenson and Moondyne clubs and Charlestown 
Catholic Literary Union. Committee on public health in House of 1893 ; on 
committee on cities. 1894; committee on street railways, 1895. 

Vote of district: F. W. Carter, Republican, 661 ; William T. Graham, Dem- 
ocrat, 1 194; F. A. Norton, Republican, 780: Michael J. O'Brien, Democrat. 

District No. 6 — Ward 6 of Boston. — Daniel D. Rourke, Democrat, 
born in Boston, 25 years ago ; educated in its public schools and St. Mary's 
Parochial School. Is a paper hanger. Common Council, 1893-4, chairman of 
committee on laws and ordinances, on committee on abolition of grade cross- 
inge, underground wires, regulating hours of city employes, public lands, Boston 
& Maine R. R. property, and new city hall. Secured passage of $400,000 
bill fur park in his section of city. President of St. Stephen's Young Men's 
Catholic Lyceum and of New England Amateur Barjje Rowing Association ; 
member of A. O. H., Charlestown Literary Union and many social organiza- 
tions. Committee on printing, 1895. 

Martin F. Ryder, Democrat, was born in Boston, Nov. 1, 1851;; ed- 
ucated in public schools. Is a steamboat pilot in Boston harbor. Member 
of famous Lakeman crew which held championship of New England, and 
now holds the championship colors. Democratic Ward Committee, 1893-94; 
Prince Council Legion of Honor. On committee on county estimates, 1S94; 
committee on election laws, 1895. 

Vote of district: O. F. Keating, Independent N. P. Republican, 435; 
Daniel D Rourke, Democrat, 1104; Martin F. Ryder, Democrat, 1029. 

District No. 7. — Ward'], Boston — Bernard McMackin, Democrat, of 
Boston, was born in Boston, April 2, 1869; educated in St. Mary's and 
Eliot schools Is an undertaker. Common Council, 1893-4. President of 
Carriage Drivers' Association ; also of Young Men's Catholic Association. 
Member of K lights of Columbus, and of Cneverous Court No. 6 of Ancient 
Order of Foresters. Committee on drainage, 1895. 

Timothy F. Murphy, Democrat, was born in Boston, Aug. 9, 1864; ed- 
ucated in public schools. Freestone carver. Common Council, 1892-93. Pres- 
ident of Freestone Cutters' Association, 1892-93. On committee on pay. roll, 
1894 . committee on water supply, 1895. 

Vote of district : C. E. Allen. Republican, 268 ; A. L. Bradford, Repub- 
lican, 238 ; Bernard McMackin, Democrat, 721 ; Timothy F. Murphy, Dem- 
ocrat, 693. 

District No. S.— lVard 8 of Boston. — William F. Donovan, Demo- 
crat, was born in Boston, Dec. 29, 1866: educated in public schools. En- 
tered Transcript office when a boy, but, after remaining there a few months, 
went to the Herald, where he has risen through various positions to that of 
exchange editor, which he now holds. Common Council, 1892-93, Member 
of Hendricks Club, Press Club, and Democratic City Committee. On com- 
mittees on engrossed bills and education, 1S94; committee on manufactures, 

Thomas Francis Keenan, Democrat, of Boston, was born in Boston, 
in 1854; educated in its public schools, graduating from English High School 
in 1 8^8. Since then has always been engaged in journalism in Boston, es- 
pecially on the Herald and Globe. Common Council 1888-9; Aldermen, 
1891-2. Introduced bills for free university in Boston, and to place statues 


of Gens. Grant, Sherman, Sheridan and "Fighting Joe Hooker - ' on the State 
Capitol grounds. Committee on education, 1895. 

Vote of district: C. G. F. Claus, Socialist Labor, 129; William F. Don- 
ovan, Democrat, 1049; H. T. Fletcher, Republican, 375; L. A. Hoey, Repub- 
lican, 308 ; Thomas F. Keenan, Democrat, 1025. 

District No. 9. — -Ward 9 of Boston — Robert T. Teamoh, Republican, 
was born in Boston, March 25, 1864; educated in public schools, graduating 
from Industrial Drawing School, 1879. Then learned photo-engraving, and 
followed view photography in New London, Conn, for five vears. Was editor 
of Boston Courant, 1892-93. For past seven years on staff of Boston Globe. 
Secretary of Rising Sun Lodge of Masons; master of exchequer of William C. 
Nell Lodge of Knights of Pythias, eastern and western hemispheres ; lieutenant- 
herald of E. N. Hallowell Division, U. R., Knights of Pythias. On executive 
committee Boston Young Men's Republican Club ; Boston Press Club, Bostonia 
Society ; also member of various literary and social societies. Clerk of con- 
stitutional amendments, and on committee on public service, 1894 ; clerk of 
committee on printing, on committee on mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district: W. H. Cuddy, Democrat, 476; J. Hagerty, Democrat, 
392; George v. L. Meyer, Republican, 1002 ; Robert T. Teamoh, Republican, 

District No. 10, — Ward, 10, Boston. — Arthur L. Spring, Republican, was 
born at Salmon Falls, N. H., Feb. 25, 1858 ; educated at Kimball Union Acade- 
my, Meriden, N. H.; Dartmouth College, class of 1880; Boston University, 
class of 1883. Admitted to New Hampshire bar in that year, and to Suffolk 
bar in 1887, and has practised in Boston ever since. Member of Boston Com- 
mon Council in 1890-91-92-93. Member of University Club; President of Dart- 
mouth Club ; Ex-assistant grand instructor Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Odd 
Fellows ; Ex-degree master and secretary of Commonwealth Lodge No. 3, Odd 
Fellows; member of Franklin Lodge of Masons of Lebanon, N. H. ; also of 
First Corps of Cadets of M. V. M., since 1887 ; Secy, of Sons of New Hamp- 
shire. Clerk of committee 01 mercantile affairs. 1894; House chairman of 
committee on manufactures and on committee on mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Clarence P. Weston, Republican, of Boston was born in Skowhegan, 
Me., Au" - . 23, 1845 ; educated in Bloomfield Academy, and Colby University, 
class of 1 873. Took partial course in Boston University Law School. Common 
Council of Somerville. two years; Common Council of Boston, 1891-2-3. On 
committees on metropolitan affairs, and on State House. 1895. 

Vote of district : M. C. Cook, Citizen's candidate, 216 ; H. F. Gill, Demo- 
crat, 238 ; D. A. Smith, Democrat, 241 : Arthur L. Spring, Republican, 692 ; 
Clarence P. Weston, Republican, 654. 

District No. 11. — Ward n, Boston. — Joshua Bennett Holden, Repub- 
lican, of Boston, was born in Woburn, March 5, 1850; educated in private schools, 
and Harvard Law School, class of 187 1. Has charge of real estate in Boston 
and Lowell belonging to the Joshua Bennett estate and the estate of George 
Holden, and has also large real estate interests of his own to look after. Is a 
Knio-ht Templar and 32d degree Mason. Member of Boston Common Counril, 
1893-4. Has a fine country place at Billerica, which was the homestead of his 
parents and grandparents, and takes a great interest in the affairs of the town. 
Committee on railroads, 1895. 

Francis C. Lowell, Republican, of Boston was born in that city, Jan. 7, 
1855; educated in private schools; Harvard College, 1876; Harvard Law 
School, 1877-9. Lawyer; member of firm of Lowell, Stimson & Lowell, Ex- 
change Building. Committees on judiciary, and rules, 1895. 


Vote of district : J. Clark, Democrat, S75 ; Joshua B. H olden, Republican, 
2126; G. Hubbard, Democrat, 780; Francis C. Lowell, Republican, 21 51. 

District No. 12. — Ward 12, Bos/on. — Daniel M. Driscoll, Democrat, 
of Boston was born in that city, Jan. 2, 1861 ; educated in Boston public schools, 
and Quincy High School, class of 1875. Engaged in drus: business from 1876 
to 1880, when he left it to engage with the firm of J. H. Mullane & Co., with 
which he is still connected. On Democratic city committee several years % Mem- 
ber of Prince Council No. 128, American Legion of Honor. Committee on 
public health, 1895. 

William P. Driscoll, Democrat, born in London, Eng. May 1, 1857, 
removing: to this country in 1858 : educated in Boston public schools. Is a litho- 
grapher : national vice president of Lithographers' Association, 1890-91. Com- 
mittee on dainage, 1895. 

Vote of district : Joseph Donovan, Democrat Citizens N. P. 370; Daniel 
M. Driscoll, Democrat, 536 : E. J. Holland, Democrat Independent N. P., 38; 
A. A. Macdonald, Republican, 250 ; Daniel J. Murphy, Democrat Citizens N. 
P. 258; F. E. Pope, Republican, 249: J. J. Sullivan, Democrat Independent N. 
P. 171; William P. Driscoll, Democrat, 460. 

District No. 13. — Ward 13, Boston — James A. Gallivan, Democrat, was 
born in South Boston, Oct. 22, 1866, and has always resided in Ward 13. Grad- 
uated from the Lawrence Grammar school, and the Boston Latin school receiving 
the Franklin medal at graduation. Entered Harvard University in 1 884 and gradu- 
ated with the degree A. B. in 1888. Since graduation has been engaged in 
journalism, writing for most of the Boston dailies; is also a frequent contributor 
to the magazines of the day. On special committee to prepare history of the 
"Ancient Codfish" that hangs in the Hall of tne House, and prepared the 
historical report of that committee. Committee on banks and banking, 1895. 

Michael P. Geary, Democrat, was born in Boston, Aug. 16, 1S6S; edu- 
cated in public schools and Comer's Commercial College. Is a publisher. Pres- 
ident of South Boston Catholic Institute and member of Irish- American Club. 
Committee on constitutional amendments, 1894; committee on metropolitan 
affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : James A. Gallivan, Democrat, 1339; Michael P. Geary, 
Democrat, 1222; T. Harrison, Republican, 156; J. S. McKenna, Democrat 
Citizens N. P. 120S; T. F. Stack, Republican, 125. 

District No. 14. — Ward 14, Boston. — Daniel J. Barry, Democrat, of Bos 
ton was born in Boston (South) Aug. 27, 1859; educated in its public schools. 
Is a blacksmith, and for the past 12 years has been in the employ of the Boston 
& Albany Railroad Company. Committee on parishes and religious societies, 
and on pay roll, 1895. 

Joseph J. Norton, Democrat, of Boston was born in that city Nov. 19, 
1870; educated in its public schools. Since leaving school been connected with 
Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange, now holding responsible position there. 
Secretary of Ward 14 Democratic committee; Secretary of Farragut Lodge 
Ancient Order of United Workmen ; member of Legion of Honor, Workmen's 
Benefit Association and several social clubs. Committee on elections, 1895. 

Vote of district : Daniel J. Barry, Democrat, 2137; S. M. Marshall, Re- 
publican, 1353 ; Joseph J. Norton, Democrat, 2091 ; M. C. Paige, Republican, 

District No. 15. — Ward 15, Boston, — James F. Creed, Democrat, of 
Boston, was born in Boston, Dec. 4, 1869 ; educated in public schools. Been 
commercial traveller for Empire Steam Cooked Food Co., for upholstered 


furniture and tobacco concerns in the South. Member of Royal Arcanum, orator 
and vice regent; A. O. U. W., Massachusetts Court of Foresters, Knights of 
St. Rose and Knights of Columbus. At present is a law student in the Boston 
University Law School ; chosen class orator of same for Commencement, June 
5, class of 1895. Committee on metropolitan affairs, 1895. 

John Gregory Horan, Democrat, of Boston was born in Boston, Nov. 28, 
1868; educated in Andrew and English High Schools, Briagewater Normal 
School and Harvard College. Is a law student. Committee on bills in 3d 
reading, 1895. 

Vote of district : James F. Creed, Democrat, 1709 ; A. Cummings, Republi- 
can, 706 ; John G. Horan, Democrat, 1720; E. R. McLarin, Republican, 627. 

District No. 16. — Ward 16, Boston James Keen an. Democrat, of 

Boston, born in County Armagh, Ireland, March 4, (850 ; educated in pub- 
lic schools of Dover, N. H., Phillips Academy of Exeter ; for two years in 
[874 class of Harvard College. In wholesale glassware business. Common 
Council, 1892-3-4. Democratic ward and city committee; Irish Charitable 
Society. Committee on liquor law, 1895. 

James F. Ryan, Democrat, of Boston, was born in the city of Cork, 
Ireland, Jan, 6, 1864, but came to Boston about 26 years ago and has re- 
sided there ever since ; educated in its public schools. Learned plumbing 
and gas fitting business; and started in business for himself in 1893, hav- 
ing contracts with the Brookline Gas Light Company. In March, 1894. became 
foreman for the same company and still holds same position. Was one of 
the first to be nominated under the Australian ballot system in a Democratic 
caucus. Member of Constantine Court 49 M. C. O. F., and Knights of St. 
Rose. Committee on labor, 1895. 

Vote of district : James Keenan, Democrat, 708 : A. W. Philbrick, Repub- 
lican, 558; C. H. Reinhart, Democrat Independent N. P. 489; T. D. Roberts, 
Republican, 520 ; James F. Ryan, Democrat, 647. 

District No. 17. — Ward 17, Boston. — -Franz H. Krebs, Jr., Republican, 
of Boston, was born in that city, Aug. 13, 1868; educated at public schools 
and Harvard College. Is a law student. Clerk of committee on manufactures, 

William Warren Towle, Republican, of Boston, was born in Frye- 
burg, Me., Aug. 21, i860; educated in Fryeburg, Academy, Me., and Bow- 
doin College, class of 1881. Studied law at Boston University Law School, 
class of 1884; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan. 23, 1S84; practiced law in Boston since. 
Member of Wm. Parkman Lodge of Masons and of Beacon Lodge of Knights of 
Pythias. Common Council, 1889-90. Committees on elections, and probate and 
insolvency 1895. 

Vote of district: J. H. Doyle, Democrat, 799; Franz H. Krebs, Jr., Re- 
publican, 935; D. A. Mahoney, Democrat, 803; J. H Porter, Prohibition, 66; 
G. B. Sherman, Republican Independent N. P. 232; William W. Towle, Re- 
publican, 1063; J. T. White, Independent Democrat, N. P. 194. 

District No. 18 Ward 18 of Boston. — George A. Hibbard, Repub- 
lican, was born in Boston, Oct. 27, 1864; educated in public schools. Vice 
president of Hibbard-Mason Co., tailoring, 51 5 Washington street. Chairman 
of Republican city committee, 1894. Clerk of committee on banks and bank- 
ing, 1894; House chairman of committee on banks and banking, and on com- 
mittee on constitutional amendments from which he resigned to go on com- 
mittee on election laws, 1895. 

Albert C. Smith, Republican, of Boston, was born in Boston, March 
14, 1845 ; educated in public schools. Prominent in Masonry, having held 


many offices in the order ; a past commander of William Parkman Command- 
ery of Knights Templar, grand high priest of Massachusetts Grand Chapter, 
and has received the 33d degree of the Scottish Rite. Common Council, 
1892-3-4. President of Suffolk Dispensary of Boston; treasurer of Boston 
Masonic Mutual Benefit Association. In wholesale drug business, member of 
firm of Smith, Benedict & Co' Clerk of committee on public health, 1895. 

Vote of district: George A. Hibbard, Republican, 1 43 7 ; J - v - Neary, 
Democrat, 63S; C. W. Rowley, Democrat, 613; Albert C Smith, Republican, 

District No. 19.— Ward 19 0/ Boston— Thomas F. Fallon, Democrat, was 
born in Providence, R. I., Dec. 7, 1857; educated in Boston public schools. 
Is a law student in Boston University. Common Council, 18856, 18S8. In 
House of 1891, on committee on printing. On committee on federal relations, 
1894 ; committees on finance and expenditures, 1895. 

Timothy Holland, Democrat, was born in Boston, July 12, 1865; ed- 
ucated in public schools. Employed by Chickering & Sons, piano manufac- 
turers. Member of various political and social organizations. On committee 
on harbors and public lands, 1894; on same committee. 1895. 

Vote of district: J. L. Bartlett, Republican, 992; B. F. S. Bullard, Re- 
publican, 835; Thomas F. Fallon, Democrat, 1099; Timothy Holland, Demo- 
crat, 1021 ; F.J. O'Toole, Democrat Citizens N. P. 811. 

District No. 20.— Ward 20 of Boston. — Daniel C. Casey, Democrat, 
born in Boston. Aug. 10, 1867; educated in public schools. Employed by 
New England Piano Company. Member of A. O. H. and A. O. U. W. On 
committee on State House, 1894; committees on election laws, and leave of 
absence, 1895. 

Charles I. Quirk, Democrat, of Boston, was born is Boston, Aug. 15, 
1871 ; educated in its public schools, and Boston College, class of 1891. 
Professor at Boston College for one year; studied law at Boston University 
Law School, being in class of 1895 of that institution; admitted to Suffolk 
bar, Dec. 12, 1894. Committees on judi:iary, and probate and insolvency, 


Vote of district: Daniel C. Casey, Democrat, 2160; B. M. Crampton, 
Republican, 181 7; F. E. Gordon, Republican, 1662; Charles I. Quirk, Dem- 
ocrat, 2078. 

District No. 21 — Ward 21, Boston.— William W. Davis, Republican, 
of Boston, was born in Cambridge, Aug. 6, 1862; educated in its public 
schools. In hotel business since 1888, and is now manager of the Norfolk 
House, Boston, and Turk's Head Inn, at Rockport. Member of Royal Ar- 
canum, Home Circle, Mass. Hotel Association, H. M. M. B. A. In Boston 
Common Council, 1894. Committee on insurance, 1895. 

George M. Scates. Republican, of Boston, was born in Ossipee, N. H., 
but he when was a few months old his parents removed to Effingham, N. H., 
and he was educated in its public schools and Gorham, Me., male academy. 
Is a produce dealer. Common Council, 1892-3. Member of Washington Lodge 
of Masons, Roxbury Lodge of Knights of Honor; also of Boston Fruit and 
Produce Exchange and of Boston Chamber of Commerce. Member of House, 
1894, on committee on liquor law; committees on leave of absence, and pris- 
ons, 1895. 

Vote of district; William W. Davis, Republican, 2385; C. Hunneman, 
Democrat, 1301 ; George M. Scates, Republican, 2263 ; J. F. Wogan, Dem- 
ocrat, 1 168. 

District No. 22. — Ward 22, Boston. — Mark B. Mulvey, Democrat, born 


in Boston, July 9, 1868; educated in its public schools. Decorator and paint- 
er. Member of Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters and Jamaica Plain 
Council Knights of Columbus. Clerk of committee on federal relations, 

Vote of district: F. Bleiler, Republican, 1181; J. T. Brickley, Peoples 
Party, Labor, 214; Mark B. Mulvey, Democrat, 1524. 

District No. 23 — Ward 23, Boston. — William E. Ford, Republican, 
was born in Milton, July 20, 1823; educated in Dorchester public schools; 
learned trade of silversmith; connected with Mechanic' Apprentices' Library 
several years, honorary member of same. Employee of Boston Public Library 
32 years; resigned, 1890; sines then devoted to works of charity. Lifelong 
member of Order of Odd Fellows. Initiated in Siloam lodge, No. 2, Bos- 
ton, Aug. 29, 1844, has taken part in most of benevolent efforts in behalf 
of the Order for past 50 years. Assisted in 1857 in establishing the Odd 
Fellows Relief Association ; now its treasurer. On his motion committee was 
appointed that purchased Odd Fellows' burial lot in Mt. Hope cemetery. 
1 860 ; now president of its trustees. While representative to grand lodge of 
United States, submitted design for fla?, which was adopted Sept., 1868, 
and is now universally recognized as the Odd Fellows flaa: throughout the 
world. In 1887, reported to grand lodge of Massachusetts plan for establishing 
an Odd Fellows home. It was accepted, and as result of his efforts and 
that of his associates, a splendid home has been established at Worcester for 
the indigent Odd Fellow, his wife, widow and orphans ; and where now 50 
aged members enjoy its blessings under the watchful care of its president, 
Mr. Ford. Has held many offices of trust and honor in the order from, 
that of grand master of Massachusetts to grand representative to United 
States Grand Lodge, and has always devoted much time to other objects of 
charity. Committee on libraries, 1895. 

Charles F. Sturtevant, Republican, was born in New Bedford, March 31 > 
1848; educated in its public schools. Been book-keeper for Nathaniel Plymptom 
Clark, Plympton & Co; and for fifteen years was with Clark, Adams & Clark — 
all crockery ware importers. In 1888-89 was general office manager for Phila- 
delphia City Pottery of Philadelphia. From 1850 to 1893 business manager and 
editor of the West Roxbury News. Member of Elliott Lodge of Masons, of 
Daniel Henry Lodge of Odd Fellows, and Royal Arcanum. On committee on 
prisons, 1894; committees on printing and public service, 1895, acting clerk of 
latter most of the session. 

Vote of district : William E. Ford, Republican, 2017; W. B. Heath, Dem- 
ocrat, 1796; W. Johnson, People's Party, 134; D. M. Ladd, People's Party, 
159; C. J. Rueter, Democrat, 1859; C. F. Sturtevant, Republican, 2043. 

District No 24. — Ward 24, Boston.— George Barnes Bird, Republican, 
of Boston, was born in Boston, (Dorchester district) Feb. 15, 1867; educated in 
grammar and Dorchester high school. For a number of years in wholesale and 
retail carpet business ; then with Dorchester Gas Light Company ; now in whole- 
sale tobacco trade. Is a descendant of the first settlers of Dorchester. Member 
of Boston Republican city committe 1890-91-92-93-94. On committee on educa- 
tion, 1895. 

John E. Tuttle, Republican, was born in Newburyport, Nov. 3, 1835, and 
was educated in its public schools. Removed to Salem where he remained three 
years, removing thence to Nashua, N. H., where he learned the trade of machinist 
before he was twenty-one, and was employed in a machine shop until he was twen- 
ty-eight. He then entered the employ of the Putnam Machine Company of Ne- 
ponset, with which he remained twenty-seven years, serving in all departments 
and acting as its travelling agent, when he left its service to go into the real es- 
tate and insurance business. For two years he was a member of the lumber firm 


of Clark, Whitney & Co., from 1874 to 1S76. Is now member of the firm of 
Eaton & Tuttle, office at 734 Broadway, South Boston. During the war was em- 
ployed on the government war vessels constructed at Loring's City Point works, 
including the monitors "Nahant," and "Canonicus," the "Merrimac," '-Missis- 
sippi," "Ontario," and "Erie," and the famous "Hartford." Clerk of the com- 
mittee on public charitable institutions, and on committee on woman suffrage in 
1893. Clerk of committee on State House, and on committee on public health, 
[894; House chairman committee on public health and on committee on metro- 
politan affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : George B. Bird, Republican. 3287 ; H. B. Callender, Repub- 
lican Independent N. P. Democrat Independent N. P. 1324; O. A. Lothrop, 
Democrat. 1334; A. H. Stock, Independent, 148; P.Troy, Democrat, 1084; John 
E. Tuttle, Republican, 3160. 

District No 25. Ward 25. Boston — Samuel H. Mitchell, Republican, 

was born in Cape Breton, 1844. Educated in Newburyport public schools. En- 
listed in June, 1862, in Co. A, 39th Regiment; discharged June, 1865. Boot and 
shoe business, in Wakefield, 1S65-75, and since ia Ward 25. Common Council 
1893-4, Commander of Francis Washburn Post 92, G. A. R.; member of Odd 
Fellows, Red Men and Golden Cross. Committee on county estimates. 1895. 

Vote of district: Samuel H. Mitchell, Republican, 1233; G. H. Wentworth, 
Democrat, 11 19. 

District No. 26. — Wards 1, 2 and 3, Chelsea — Franklin O. Barnes, Re- 
publican of Chelsea, was born in that city Nov. 14, 1841; educated in its public 
schools, and in Wilbraham Academy, class of 1859. Is practising law. En- 
listed Aug. 16, 1 862, in Co. H, 43d infantry: served as corporal; discharged July, 
30.1863. Charter member of Theodore Winthrop Post 35 G. A. R.; its com- 
mander in 1876. Past master of Robert Lash Lodge of Masons; past grand chief 
of Knights of Golden Eagle of Mass ; past grand leader of Home Circle of Mass.; 
past regent of Royal Arcanum and past master workman of A. O. U. W. In 
Common Council, 1870-71-75-76, and its president the last two years. Member of 
school committee since Jan. 1, 1879. In House of Representatives, 1S89, on 
committees on labor and printing; in 1890 on rules, House chairman of commit- 
tee on manufactures, and on special committee on G. A. R. encampment. House 
chairman of committee on military affairs, and on committee on metropolitan af- 
fairs in 1895. 

Edward E. Willard, Republican of Chelsea was born in Lancaster Sept. 
25, 1862 ; educated in Worcester Academy and Hinman's business college, Wor- 
cester. For eleven years was with E. L. Rollins of Boston, wall paper manufac- 
turer and jobber; at present New England agent for M. H. Birge & Sons of Buf- 
falo, N. Y., wall paper manufacturers. Member of Masons and Knights of Pyth- 
ias and Veteran Firemen's Association. Common Council of Chelsea, 1890; 
Board of Aldermen, 1892-3-4. Clerk of committee on harbors and public lands, 

Vote of district: Franklin O. Barnes, Republican, 141 1 ; J. M. Currier, Pro- 
hibition, 61 ; A. Hess, People's Party, 60; C. A. Lamont, Prohibition, 61 ; M. M. 
Merritt, Democrat, 1234; J. K. Montgomery, Democrat, 11 62; D. J. Scully, Peo- 
ple's Party, 63; Edward E. Wiilard, Republican, 1268. 

District No. 27. Ward 4, Chelsea; Revere, Winthrop — Ernest W. Rob- 
erts, Republican, of Chelsea, was born in East Madison, Me., Nov. 22, 1858 ; ed- 
ucated in Chelsea, schools, Highland Military Academy in Worcester, Boston Un- 
iversity, graduating from its law school in class 188 1. Lawyer. Member of 
Chelsea Common Council in 1887-88. C. of H. in Shekinah Chapter; C. G. in 
Palestine Commandery. Member Republican Ward 2 City Committee, 1884-88 ; 
secretary of same, 188688. Committee on water supply, 1S94 ; House chairman 


of committee on liquor law, clerk of committee on water supply, and chairman of 
special committee on history of the "Ancient Codfish," 1895. 


District No. 1.— Athol, Phillipston Royalston. — Harding R. Barber, Re- 
publican, of Athol was born in Warwick, Dec. 20, 1839 ; educated in its public 
schools. Served as clerk in stores in Erving, Athol, Orange, Greenfield and 
South Royalston until 1862. Enlisted in Co. E, 53d Massachusetts infantry, 
Aug., I862 ; discharged Sept. 2, 1S63. Served three terms as worshipful 
master of Star Lodge of Masons. Been in business of trunks, bags, harness and 
horse furnishings for nearly 30 years. Member of H. V. Smith Post, G. A. R. 
Committee on federal relations, 1895. 

Vote of district : Harding R. Barber, Republican, Si 7; J. Him^nway, Pro- 
hibition, 119. 

District No. 2. — Ashburnham, Gardner, Templeton, Winchendon — Theo- 
dore Kendall Parker, of Winchendon, Republican, born in Brighton, Sept. 
3, 1841 ; educated in Winchendon public schools. Machinist. Enlisted in Co. 
D. Second Infantry, May 11, 1861 ; taken prisoner, May 25, 1862; made 2nd 
lieut., Oct. 24, 1862; wounded at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863; made capt. Oct. 24, 
1864 ; discharged, July 8, 1865. Member of Gilman C. Parker Post, G. A. R., 
and of Loyal Legion. Been member of fire engineers, and now is trustee of 
public library. Mason. On committee of elections, 1894; committees on 
elections, (House,) and on military affairs, 1895. 

Gilman Waite, Republican of Templeton was born in Hubbirdston, May 
2, 1831 ; educated in its public schools and academy. Interestel in lumber 
business from 1864 to 1871 , since then has been manufacturer of chairs. Mem- 
ber of Hope Lodge of Masons, of Crystal Lodge of Knights and Ladies of 
Honor, Gardner, and of Baldwinville Lodge of United Order of Golden Cross. 
Selectman and overseer of pjor, 1883 ; trustee of Templeton Savings Bank, 
1883-95. One of the incorporators of Hospital Cottages for Children at Bald- 
winville, has always been a trustee, and was chairman of the building committee 
for new buildings. Committee on towns, 1895. 

Vote of district: G. E.Bryant, Democrat, 762; G. Heywood, Democrat, 
1024; J. Q. Mellen, Prohibition, 140; Theodore K. Parker, Republican, 1248 : 
Gilman Waite, Republican, 1 147 ; H. M. Wneeler, Prohibition, 164. 

District No. 3. — Barre, Dana, Hardxvick, Petersham. Rutland. — Albert 
L. Wiley, Republican, of Hardwick (Gilbertville) was born in Hope, Me., Dec. 
14, 1835; educated in public and private schools of native town and in West- 
brook Seminary. Came to Massachusetts in 1856 and learned trade of machinist 
in Boston. Went South on account of his health in 1860 and was in New 
Orleans at the breaking out of the War of the Rebellion. Returned North in 
June, 1 861, and during the war was at work on machines for rifling guns for the 
government. Member of Park Lodge of Masons of New York. Member of 
town board of health ; justice of the peace. Foreman for the George H. Gil- 
bert Manufacturing Co. for the last 26 years. Member of House in 1888, on 
committee on manufactures. Committee on taxation. 1895. 

Vote ot district: Charles G. Allen. Prohibition, 63; Frank G. Bartlett, 
Democrat, 250 ; Albert L. Wiley, Republican, 558. 

District No. 4. — Holden, Hubbardston, Paxton, Princeton, Westminster. — 
A. T. Beaman, Republican, Princeton, born in that town, Jan. 6, 1847; ed- 
ucated in the public schools and Williston Seminary of Easthampton. Has been 
in the summer hotel business 25 years, the firm name being P. A. Beaman & Son. 
On board of selectmen 1873-76 ; on school committee, 1S72-75 ; trustee of 


public library since it was founded in 1885. Committee on parishes and religious 
societies, 1895. 

Vote of district : Algernon T. Beaman, Republican, 609; Harry C. Beaman, 
Democrat, 138. 

District No. 5 — Brookfield, New Braintree, North Brookfield, Oakham, 
Sturbridge,. Warren, West Brookfield — Benjamin F. Rlodgett, Republican, of 
West Brookfield, was born in Monson, June 6, 1844. Educated in Warren pub- 
lic schools. In a general store business as member of the firm of E. H. Blair & 
Co. Later he formed the firm of Blodgett & Converse which is his present firm 
and business. From 1865 to 1S75 was in business in Springfield, when he re- 
turned to West Brookfield. Committee on roads and bridges, 1895. 

Albert H. Edgerton, Republican, of Sturbridge, was born in Millbury, 
Aug. 23, 1843 ; educated in common schools. Worked as a machinist, having 
been employed by the Snell Manufacturing Co. since 1865. Enlisted in Co. G, 
42d infantryjuly. 1864, for 100 days; served in and around Alexandria, Va. Mem- 
ber of Post 168, G. A. R. Served as assessor 1885 to 1890, and as selectman 
from [890 to the present. Committees on parishes and religious societies and 
printing, 1895. 

Vote of district: Benjamin F. Blodgett, Republican, 1302 ; Albert H. Edger, 
ton, Republican, 1 1 78 ; J. D. Hastings, Democrat, 767 ; J. J. Skipper, Democrat, 

District No. 6. — Leicester, Spencer — Lyman D. Thurston. Republican, of 
Leicester, was born in Paxton, Sept 8, 1832; educated in its common schools and 
Leicester academy, class of 1849. Learned trade of card clothing manufacture. 
In 1858 went into trade in Leicester and has kept a general store there until the 
present. Has been postmaster since 1861 ; town clerk since 1879 and town treas- 
urer from 1885 to 1891. Committee on libraries, 1895. 

Vote of district. John McTammany, Prohibition, 37 ; R. Olney, Democrat. 
664; G. O. Reynolds, People's Party, 120; Lyman D. Thurston, Republican, 809. 

District No. 7. — Charlton, Dudley, Southbridge. — George Hammond, of 
Charlton, Republican, was born in that town Dec. 14, 1839; educated in public 
schools. Farmer. Been in lumber business. Tax collector, assessor and se- 
lectman and overseer of the poor. Mason. Committee on towns, 1894 ; commit- 
tee on public charitable institutions, 1895. 

Vote of district : George Hammond, Republican, ;86; H. J. Raymond, Dem- 
ocrat, 671. 

District No. 8. — Auburn, Oxford. Webster. — Frederick A. Brown, Re- 
publican, of Webster, was born in that town, Oct. 24, 1856; educated in public 
schools and Phillips Academy of Andover, class of 1878, and University of Penn- 
sylvania, class of 1882. His father was a member of the House of 1863, and of 
the Senate of 1868 ; his grandfather was in the House in 1832, and voted for the 
bill to incorporate the town of Webster; and his great-grandfather was also a 
member of the Legislature. An ancestor on the maternal side was killed at Lex- 
ington, and another fought at Bunker Hill. Is a physician and surgeon. Mem- 
ber of Maanexit Lodge of Odd Fellows, and of Webster Lodge A. O. U. W. 
Committee on public health, 1895. 

Vote of district: Frederick A. Brown, Republican, 714; L. C. Davis, Pro- 
nibition, 38 ; F. A. Deon, Democrat, 536. 

District No. 9. — Douglas, Millbury, Sutton — Henry F. Rice, Republican, 
of Sutton, was born in that town, Jan. 29, 1844 ; educated in its public schools. Is 
maker of a pattern chain used in looms for weaving fancy cottons, used in a har- 
ness motion called the a Dobbie." Began business in 18S3. Enlisted July 28, 
1862; mustered in, Sept. 1, in Co. E, 31st regiment infantry. Discharged July 


27, 1863, at expiration of term of service; re-enlisted Aug 30, 1864 in 1st Battal- 
ion Heavy Artillery discharged June 25, 1865, at the close of the war. Has taken 
all degrees of Masonry, including the 32d decree in the Boston Consistory. Se- 
lectman in 1880, assessor in 1884-5-6-7-8-9-90, selectman in 1 891-2, treasurer and 
collector of taxes, 18934-5. Member of George A. Custer Post 79, G. A. R. 
Committee on fisheries and game, 1895. 

Vote of district : W. E. Jones, Democrat, 465 ; Henry F. Rice, Republican, 671 . 

District No. \o.—Northbridge, Upton, Uxbridge— Ben t jamin A. Jourdan, 
Republican, of Upton, was boVn in Grafton, July 20, 1832 ; educated in its 
schools; In meat business in Upton since (853, with farming and ice business. 
Member of Franklin Lodge of Masons, Grafton. Some 20 years on the board 
of selectmen and one year assessor. In House of 1880 on committee on State 
House ; on same committee, 1895. 

Vote of district: Benjamin A. Jourdan, Republican, 911; W. H. Wellington, 
Democrat, 429 ; E. C. Wood, Prohibition, 69. 

District No \\.—Blackstone, Hopedale, Mendon, Milford— Charles W. 
Carroll, of Milford, Democrat, was born in that town Nov. 1, 1863 ; educated 
in public schools. Member of firm of Carroll Brothers, dealers in Milford gran- 
ite. President of Milford Literary and Debating Society. Chairman of Demo- 
cratic Town Committee. On committee on public service, 1894; committee on 
railroads, 1895. 

Michael Tliite, of Blackstone, Democrat, born in that town, June 29, 
1853 ; educated in the public schools. In a woolen mill, and clerk in a grocery 
store. Been on board of selectmen and assessors, and master workman of local 
assembly of Knights of Labor. On committee on banks and banking, 1894; 
committee on public service, 1895. 

Vote of district: H. C. Adams, Republican, 1 237 ; Charles W. Carrroll, 
Democrat, 1378; W. S. V. Cooke, Republican, 1315; W. W. Nelson, Prohibi- 
tion, 49 ; F. E. Pettingell, Prohibition, 61 ; Michael Tuite, Democrat, 1325. 

District No. 1 2 Berlin, Grafton, Northboro, Shrewsbury, Southboro, West- 

boro. Romeo E. Allen, Republican, of Shrewsbury, was born in that town 

Oct. 17, 1852 ; educated in its public schools. Studied civil engineering in office 
of Charles A. Allen and A. W. Woods in Worcester, and has practised it for 20 
years since. Also engaged in farming and lumbering for the past 1 5 years. 
Clerk of board of selectmen and town auditor several years. Committee 0.1 roads 
and bridges, 1895. 

Bowers C. Hathaway, of Westboro, Republican, was born in Freetown, 
March 18, 1823 ; brought up and lived on a farm 15 years. Educated in public 
schools. Went to sea for two years. When seventeen years old, went to New 
Bedford and spent about three and one-half years learning carpenter trade. In 
fall of 1847, came to Westboro to work on State reform school buildings, which 
were finished Nov. 1. 1848. Was there when the first boy inmate came. Worked 
there about twelve years, having charge of repairs ; was there at time of fire in 
1859. Rebuilt all that was rebuilt. Had charge of building addition in 1875-76, 
costing $90,000, under trustees. Have built nearly all largest buildings of the 
town.° Built the last five four room school-houses of Waltham. Enlisted as pri- 
vate in Company Sixth of Independent Division of Massachusetts Volunteers, 
May 2, 1864; discharged, Aug. 2, 1864; did guard duty in the State; member of 
A. G. Biscoe Post 80, G. A. R. Has been a Republican ever since the party was 
formed, and voted the Wnig ticket before then. Chairman of the Twebfth Wor- 
cester Republican District Committee five years. Chief engineer of fire depart- 
ment three years; selectman three years, chairman two years ; president of 
board of trade two years. Member of Siloam Lodge of Masons. On committee 
on public charitble institutions, 1894 ; same committee, 1895. 


Voteof district : Romeo E. Allen, Republican, 1251 ; C. R. Axtell, Prohibi- 
tion, rio; L. Babcock, Prohibition, 82; C. M. Batchelder, Democrat, 427; Bow- 
ers C. Hathaway, Republican, 1265 ; J. Matthews, Democrat, 383. 

District No. 13. — Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Harvard, Lancaster, Sterling, 
West Boylston. — Charles G. Bancroft, of Clinton, Republican, was born in 
Lancaster, Dec. 3, 1866 ; educated in public schools and Phillips (Exeter) Acad- 
emy, Boston University Law School, class of 1889 Is a lawyer. Been town 
treasurer and school committee of Lancaster, 1889-90. Member of Trinity Chap- 
ter of Masons and of Clinton Lodge of Odd Fellows. Treasurer of water board. 
On committee on bills in third reading and mercantile affairs, 1S94 ; House chair- 
man of committee on mercantile affairs, and on committee on election laws, 1895. 

Arthur H. Turner, Republican, of Harvard, was born in that town, Sept. 
28, 1858 ; educated in its public schools, Lancaster High School and Lawrence 
Academy, droton. Has been engaged in farming and book-keeping. On board 
of health, 1892; on school committee 1887 to 1897, inclusive. Committee on 
agriculture, 1S95. 

Vote of district: Charles G. Bancroft, Republican, 1764 ; Jeremiah Fiske, Pro- 
hibition, 69; G. S. Gibson, Democrat, 1169; M. B. Heywood, Democrat, 1046; 
A. H. Melendy, Prohibition, 57; Arthur H. Turner, Republican, 1660. 

District No. 14. — Leominster. Lunenburg. — James L. Harrington, Re- 
publican, of Lunenburg was born in that town, Oct. 17, 1854; educated in its 
public schools. Taught school in various towns for 10 years, including the 
grammar school in Leominster and advanced English in the Ashby high school. 
Is now running a 100 acre farm, making a specialty of fruit and milk. On school 
committee in 1881-90, also '95 ; on Republican town committee, 1886. Lecturer 
of Lunenburg Grange for several years and is now its overseer ; has been lecturer 
of Middlesex- Worcester Pomona Grange. A vice-president of Worcester North 
Agricultural Society. For several vears town constable, specially charged with 
the enforcement of the liquor law. Chosen representative at special election, Apr. 2, 
to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Representative Gilbert Cooke of Lunen- 
burg. Owing to advanced state of legislative business was not placed on any 
regular committee, but was very active and efficient on matters affecting interests 
of the farmers. 

Vote of district (Regular election) : Charles C Cook, Democrat, 399 ; Gilbert 
Cooke, Republican, iiot; M. F. Prue, Republican Independent, N. P., 117. 
(Special election): J. L. Harrington, Republican, 228. 

District A T o. 15. — Fitchburg. — Clarentine E. Fersox, Republican, born 
in Francestown, N. H., May 19, 1845 ; educated in Lowell schools. Enlisted 
Feb. 11, 1862, in Co. L, First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, discharged as 
sergeant, Feb. 14, 1865. In Fitchburg machine works as foreman of the black- 
smith department. Common Council, 1888-89. Commander of Edwin V. 
Sumner Post 19, G. A. R., 1891. Aide-de-camp on staff of Commander-in-chief 
John Palmer of the G. A. R., 1892. Member of Masons, Odd Fellows, and 
Ancient Order United Workmen. On committee on labor, I894; same position, 

John E. Kellogg, Republican, was born in Amherst, July 2, 1845 ; edu- 
cated in public schools, Amherst Academy, Williston Seminary, and Amherst 
College, class of 1869. Has always been in newspaper business, on Springfield 
Republican, with Associated Press in New York City, on Taunton Gazette, and 
since February, 1873, as one of the owners and editor of the Fitchburg Sentinel. 
Clerk of Common Council nine years ; on school committee three years. Mem- 
ber of Apollo Lodge of Odd Fellows and of Park and Athletic clubs. Clerk 
of committee on manufactures, 1894 ; committee on railroads, 1895. 

Vote of district : Clarentine E. Ferson, Republican, 2075 5 John E. Kellogg, 
Republican, 1651 ; A. Wellington, Democrat, 1198. 


District No. 16. — Ward i of Worcester. — Alfred Seelye Roe of 
Worcester, Republican, was born in Rose, Wayne County, N. Y., June 8, 1S44. 
Graduated from Wesleyan University, 1870 : from that date to 1875, principal of 
the Ashland, Mass., High School; from 1875 to 1880, a master in Worcester 
High School ; and, from 1880 to 1890 was principal of same. Served during the 
Rebellion in Ninth New York Heavy Artillery, and was captured at Monocacy, 
Md., July 9, 1864, being held a prisoner till 22d of the following February. 
House chairman of committee on libraries, and on committee on education, 1892. 
House chairman of committee on education in House of 1893. Held same 
position in 1894; also clerk of committee on woman suffrage, and on committee 
on libraries ; House chairman of committee on education, clerk of committee on 
woman suffrage, and on committee on cities, 1895. 

Vote of district : H. L. Bunnell, People's Party, 85 ; S. H. Record, Prohibi- 
tion, 23 ; Alfred S. Roe, Republican, 908. 

District No. 17. — Ward 2 of Worcester. — William P. Searls, Republi- 
can, was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 3, 1 S 5 1 ; educated in private schools. In 
stock brokerage, banking, mining and railroading business. On committee on 
election laws, 1894 ; chairman of committee on finance, and House chairman 
of committee on expenditures, 1895. 

Vote of district : E. J. Cutting, Prohibition, 74; E. S. Goodwill, People's 
Party, 189; William P. Searls, Republican, 1371. 

District No. 18. — Ward 3 of Worcester. — Eugene M. Moriartv, Dem- 
ocrat, was born in Ireland, April 15, 1849. He came to the United States when 
a youth, and has since made his home in the city of Worcester, in whose school 
board he has served during the past eighteen years. Has seen ten years' service 
in the Legislature, having served in the House from 1880 to 1883 inclusive, 
and from 1890 to 1895, inclusive. He has served upon nearly all of the most 
important committees, has been prominent in the legislative debates, • and active 
in shaping legislation. On committees on insurance and mercantile affairs in 
House of 1893. On committees on mercantile affairs and transit, 1894; com- 
mittees on elections and mercantile affairs, 1895. 

Vote of district : A. A. Coburn, Republican, 438 ; Eugene M. Moriarty, 
Democrat, 686. 

District No. 19. — Ward 4 of Worcester James Henry Mellev, Demo- 
crat, editor, of Worcester, was born in that city, Nov. 7, 1845, and attended its 
public schools. He sat in the House in 1877-78-79, 1881, 1883. 1886, and 188S- 
89, serving on the committees on labor, prisons, public charitable institutions, 
revision of the statutes, convict labor, rules, expediting legislative business, and 
mercantile affairs. In the House of 1891 he served on committees on rules and 
mercantile affairs. He has been State master workman of District Assembly 30, 
K. L. Amoig many labor-measures he directly introduced are the following : 
1878, order requiring children under thirteen to be able to read and write before 
they could be employed in manufacturing establishments; 1879, order for mu- 
nicipal weekly payments, on which was reported and passed the first weekly pay- 
ment bill of the State ; 188 r, a secret-ballot bill, also an order which made the 
committee on labor a regular standing committe, also an order for the abolition 
of grade crossings ; 1886, order for guard on freight cars, also an arbitration 
bill; 1888, order for making Labor Day a legal holiday, also a bill to make a 
ten-hour day for street-railway employees. Served on Tewkesbury Investigation 
Committee, and helped write minority report sustaining Gen. Butler. He is a 
tax-reform man, and for ten years was editor of the Worcester Daily Times, 
Democratic labor-paper. In 1892, on committees on rules and railroads. In 
1893, on committees on rules, railroads and taxation; also on committee on 
resolutions on death of Gen. B. F. Butler. In 1894, on committees on finance, 


rules, expenditures and taxation ; also a monitor. Requested by the "assembly 
of the unemployed" at the State House, February 20, to present their address to 
the Legislature, and did so. Committees on finance, rules, expenditures, taxation, 

Vote of district: Fred de Bos, Prohibition, 340; J. J. Hughes, Democrat In- 
dependent N. P. 238; James H. Mellen, Democrat, 707; D. S. Scannell, 
People's Party, 31 : J. J. White, Democrat Citizens N. P. 106. 

District No. 20 — -Ward 5 of Worcester. James F. Melaven, Democrat, 
painter, of Worcester, born in that city, Nov. 19, 1858, educated at its public 
schools. In House of 1892, on committee on public service; in 1893, on same 
and on drainage; clerk of committee on drainage, and on committee on public 
service, 1894; committees on libraries and manufactures, 1895. 

Vote of district : F. W. Grout, Republican, 227 ; James F. Melaven, Demo- 
crat, 1069; O. G. Petterson, People's Party, 121. 

District No. 21. — Ward 6, Worcester. — Ellery Bicknell Crane, Repub- 
lican, of Worcester was born in Colebrook, Coos county, N. H., Nov. 12, 1836. 
In 1837, with a few other families, his parents removed to the then far West and 
founded what is now the city of Beloit, Rock county, Wis. Was here educated 
in the public schools and Beloit Seminary, the latter institution being the found- 
ation of the present Beloit College. In April, 1867, removed to Worcester and 
has since lived there, being engaged in the lumber business. President of 
the Builders' Exchange, 18S6-7-8. President of the Worcester County 
Mechanics' Association 1890-1891. President of the Worcester Society 
of Antiquity 1S81 to 1893. in Common Council; 1S76 7-8-9, in Aldermen, 
1886 and 1887 : is also a director and a vice president of the Equity Co- 
operative Bank. Cast his first presidential vote for Abraham Lincoln, at a place 
called Strawberry Vallev, situated on the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, 

Vote of district : (regular election) Henry Y. Simpson, Republican, 966; C. 
D. Walker, People's Party, 165. (Special election) Feb. 19, Ellery B. Crane, 
Republican, 502; John S. Kavanaugh, Democrat, 106. 

District No. 12 — Ward 7 of Worcester. — Joseph B. Knox, Republican, 
was born in Blandford, Dec. 12, 1828; educated in district and high schools: 
Has been farmer, engraver, and die sinker, in fire, life and accident insurance 
business, and traveling salesman. City marshal in 1SS6. Member of Common 
Council, 1869-70. Has held office in the Masonic Fraternity, as master, five 
years, 1861-2-3-4-5 ; district deputy grand master, and other minor positions. 
Colonel of Encampment 83, Union Veteran Legion. Is now past senior vice 
national commander, also member of George H. Ward Post 10, G. A. R. In 
August, 1 86 1, began recruiting a company, and had many names on his list who 
joined the Twenty-fifth Massachusetts Regiment Infantry then being formed, 
being mustered in Sept. 27, 1861. Capt. Knox was appointed sergeant of 
Company D, was in battles of Roanoke Island and New Berne , N. C. Com- 
missioned second lieutenant, June 22, 1862, and first lieutenant, Jan. 2, 1863. 
President Lincoln commissioned him first lieutenant in signal corps of United 
States Army, July 15, 1894; brevetted captain, March 13, 1865, for meritorious 
service ; was detailed acting signal officer, September, 1862, and on May 1, 1864, 
was placed in command of signal corps district of North Carolina, department of 
Virginia and North Carolina, on staff of Gen. I. N. Palmer. Appointed chief 
signal officer on staff of Major Gen. T. D. Cox, commanding Twenty-third 
Army Corps and honorably discharged at Georgetown, D. C, at end of war, 
Aug. 21, 1865. During his service in the army had a Masonic Lodge, for four 
years under dispensation from R. W. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Or. com- 
mittee on military affairs, 1894; clerk of House committee on county estimates, 
and committee on military affairs, 1895. 


Vote of district : G. W. Jones, Prohibition, 129; Joseph B. Knox, Republi- 
can, 1545. 

District No. 23. — Ward '8, Worcester. — George H. Mellen, Republican 
of Worcester, was born in Brookfield, Oct. 2, 1850: educated in its public 
schools and Amherst College, class of 1874. After leaving college, taught 
school for four years then entered the law office of Frank P. Goulding, Esq. of 
Worcester and was admitted to the bar in 1882; has practiced in Worcester 
ever since. Member of Masons and of Royal Arcanum. Registrar of voters 
in Worcester since 1883. Clerk of committee on street railways, 1895 

Vote of district . George H. Mellen, Republican, 1305 ; F. H. Stevens, Pro- 
hibition, 77. 


Daniel Wingate Waldron, the chaplain of the House, was born in 
Augusta, Me., Nov. n, 1840. Graduated from Bowdoin College in 1862, from 
Andover Theological Seminary in 1866. Was ordained and installed pastor of 
East Weymouth (Mass.) Congregational church April 3, 1.867; dismissed, May 
14, 1 87 1, to become acting pastor of Maverick Ccngregational Church, East 
Boston, which position he held until Dec. 1, 1872. Since Feb. 1, 1S73, con- 
nected with the City Missionary Society, Boston, now being its secretary and 
superintendent. Elected chaplain of the House in 1879, and has been re-elected 
each year since; preached the Election Sermon, Jan. 7, 1880. 

Edward A. McLaughlin, clerk, was born in Boston, Sept. 25, 1853. Was 
educated at Boston College and at Loyola College, Baltimore, Md., where he 
took the degree of A. B. in 1871. He entered the law office of Hon. William 
Gaston, and took the degree of LL. B. at Boston University in 1877; and in 
the same year, on motion of Mr. Gaston, was admitted to the bar. In 1871-74 he 
was professor of languages at Loyola College, and held the same position in 
1875-76 at Seton Hall College, Orange, N. J. In 1891 he was president of the 
Charitable Irish Society of Boston, established in 1737, and the oldest charitable 
corporation in the country. In 1878 he was appointed assistant clerk of the 
House by Clerk Marden, and held that position until 1883, when he was elected 
clerk, Mr. Marden having been chosen speaker. He has been re-elected every 
year since, with practical unanimity. 

James W. Kimball, assistant clerk, was born in Lynn, Dec. 17, 1858. He 
received his education in the public schools ; and on leaving school he entered 
the printing business, which trade he has since followed. In 1883 he was 
appointed a page of the House of Representatives, was afterwards appointed a 
messenger of the same branch, and in 1888, when a vacancy occurred in the 
assistant clerkship of the House, he was appointed to fill that position, and has 
held the same ever since. 


Capt. John G. B. Adams, sergeant-at-arms, born in Groveland, Oct. 6, 1841. 
In 1 861 enlisted in Major Ben. Perley Poore's Rifle Battalion, later part of Nine- 
teenth Regiment. Left with regiment, Aug. 28, 1 861, sixth corporal of Co. A; 
first sergeant, March 1, 1862; soon captain, which rank he held until close of war. 
Was in every battle of Army of the Potomac in which his regiment took part ; 
twice saved regimental colors at Fredericksburg ; twice severely wounded at Get- 
tysburg ; rejoined his regiment so as to be with it from the Wilderness to Peters- 
burg, being captured at latter June 22, 1864; nine months in Libby, Macon, 
Charleston, Columbia and Raleigh, being one of six hundred kept under fire 
three months at Charleston ; escaped twice ; recaptured each time. Since the 


war, foreman in a Lynn shoe factory, inspector in Boston Custom House for fif- 
teen months, postmaster at Lynn eight years, deputy warden of the Concord Re- 
formatory few months, resigning ; sergeant-at-arms in January, 1886. Past com- 
mander-in-chief of Grand Army of the Republic. First recruit of Post 5, G. A. R. 
of Lynn ; its commander three times ; department commander of State one year ; 
nineteen times delegate to National Encampment ; for many years president of 
Association of Survivors of Rebel Prisons. President of board of trustees of 
Soldiers'Home at Chelsea for 13 years. Messenger to carry the electoral vote of 
State to Washington in 1868. 

Major Charles G. Davis, first clerk, born in New York City, Nov. 29, 
1839. removed to Lowell, 1840; educated in public schools. Enlisted Sept. 4, 

1 86 1, in Co. C, First Massachusetts Cavalry. Made first sergeant, second lieu- 
tenant, first lieutenant, captain, and major. Wounded at Kelly's Ford, Va.; 
wounded and captured at Aldie, Va. Prisoner 17 months and 19 days at Libby 
Prison, Danville, Macon, Charleston (where he was kept under fire), Columbia, 
escaping from latter Nov. 4, 1864, and reaching Knoxville after travelling 31 
nights. In Lookout Mountain Hospital 11 days; reached Washington Jan. 3, 
1865; was mustered out as major. Secretary of '-The Boys of 1861-65," of 
Massachusetts Legislature; president of Massachusetts Association of Union ex- 
Prisoners of War ; president of National Association of Union ex-Prisoners of 
War; first vice president of Cavalry Society of the United States ; member of 
Massachusetts Commandery of Loyal Legion; Post 15, G. A. R., and its com- 
mander in 1 871; adjutant of Ancient and Honorable Artillery in 1875, and first 
lieutenant in 1887 ; president of the First Massachusetts Cavalry Association 
eight years, 1883-91, also 1894; assistant adjutant-genet al of the Grand Army of 
the Republic. 

David T. Remington, Senate door-keeper, was born at Plainfield, June 5, 
1846, and was educated in the common schools. Enlisted Oct. 9, 1861, in Co. B, 
31st Massachusetts, and served until Oct. 23, 1S65, when he was discharged with 
the rank of corporal. Severely wounded at Sabine Cross Roads, La., April 8, 
1864, and wounded again at Blakely, near Mobile, April 8, 1865. Held all offices 
of Jerusalem Lodge of Masons of Northampton, and deputy of the Thirteenth 
Masonic District 1891-94. Member of W. L. Baker Post, G A. R., where he 
has held all the offices but commander. Appointed messenger 1890, and door- 
keeper, 1893. 

Thomas J. Tucker, House door-keeper, was born in Boston, Dec. 21, 1831; 
graduated from the Mayhew School ; engaged in business until appointed on the 
messenger corps of the Legislature under Sergeant-at-arms Benjamin Stevens. 
Was appointed assistant doorkeeper in 1869, and door-keeper in 1875. Mr. 
Tucker has been prominent in temperance work, having served in all the active 
and honorary offices of the Massachusetts Division of the Sons of Temperance ; 
also member of the National Division, and life director of the Massachusetts To- 
tal Abstinence Society. 

John Kinnear, assistant House door-keeper, was born in Glasgow, Scot- 
land, Nov. 24, 1836, but came with his parents to this country when he was only 
twenty-two months old, and has lived in Cambridge ever since. He was com- 
missioned as third lieutenant in Co. C of the Third Masssachusetts Regiment, the 
first volunteer company of the Rebellion, but on arriving at Fortress Monroe re- 
ceived a commission as first sergeant, as the United States did not recognize such 
an office as he originally held. At the expiration of his time, July 22, 1861, he 
was discharged. He then recruited Co. E of the Thirtieth Massachusetts, and 
was appointed its first lieutenant by special order from President Lincoln Jan. 19, 

1862. Was mustered out of service, Sept. 22, 1862. Was appointed messenger 
of the House in 1880, and made assistant door-keeper in 1884. 

1 90 


James Beatty, postmaster, was born in England, in the city of Manchester, 
Aug. 26, 1845, an d came to this country when only two years old, going at once 
to Salem, where he was educated in the common schools. Enlisted Sept. 22, 
1 861, in Co. I, Twenty-second Massachusetts, and served three years as bugler in 
the Fifth Corps of the Army of the Potomac, taking part in all the engagements. 
Mustered out Oct. 18, 1864. In auctioneer and furniture business. Appointed 
at the State House in 1886. Member of Waltham G. A. R. post; member of 
Prospect Lodge of Odd Fellows and A. O. U. W. 

Ezra T. Pope, of Sandwich, was born in that town Aug. 27, 1825 ; edu- 
cated in public and private schools. Is a farmer. Member of the House from 
First Barnstable District in 1864-65. Been constable and deputy sheriff ; ap- 
pointed messenger in 1874. 

Charles D. Ufford. of Springfield, was born in Stamford, Conn., May 12, 
1837. Educated in New York and Springfield schools, and at Springfield busi- 
ness college. Enlisted April 20, 1861, in Co F, Tenth Massachusetts: re-enlist- 
ed, Dec. 21, 1863; transferred to Co. I. 37th regiment, June 21, [864: trans- 
ferred to Co. K, Twentieth, June 21, 1865; mustered out Tuly 16, 1865. Clerk in 
railroad office and railroad yard-master since the war. Member of Roswell Lee 
Lodge of Masons, of Hampden Lodge of Odd Fellows, and E. K. Wilcox Post, 
G. A. R. Appointed messenger in 1885. 

Charles H. Johnson, of Woburn, was born in that city Sept. 19, 1843. 
and was educated in its public schools. Clerk in store until July, 1862, when he 
enlisted as private in Co. K, 39th regiment, Massachusetts "for three years or the 
war." Promoted to be corporal, June, 1863, and was discharged with the regi- 
meut at Readville at the close of the war. Then learned the currier's trade. Ap- 
pointed messenger in 1891. Member of Post 61, G. A. R. ; also of No. 61, A. O. 
U. W., of Woburn. 

Edwin C. Gould, of Melrose, was born Aug. 19, 1540, at Wilmington; ed- 
ucated in the Bath, Me., schools. In [856 published in Melrose its first paper, 
the Melrose Advertiser; went to Atchison, Kan., 1857 ; crossed the plains in i860 
at the time of Pike's Peak gold fever, and was employed in the mines when the 
war broke out. Enlisted Sept. 1, 1861, in Co. F. First Colorado Cavalry- 
wounded at battle of Glorietta, New Mexico ; discharged Oct. 16, 1864; post- 
master at military post, Fort Lyon, Col., 1862; in 1866, entered employ of Bridge- 
port Conn., Rubber Company, where he remained 13 years. From 1879 to 1891, 
cashier for F. M. Holmes Furniture Co. of Boston. B>en commander of the U. 
S. Grant Post, G. A. R.; member of "Sons of the American Revolution" ; tyler of 
Wyoming Lodge of Masons; town auditor, justice of the peace, and notary pub- 
lic. Appointed messenger in 1891. 

John C. Newton, born in Marlboro, N. H., 1835 ; educated in common 
schools ; learned trade of machinist and engineer. Enlisted, February, 1862, in 
First Battalion, Heavy Artillery, Massachusetts; mustered out as second lieuten- 
ant, October, 1865. Assistant engineer and machinist at present time. Member 
of Fellowship Lodge of Masons, G A. R.; and sons of American Revolution. Ap- 
pointed engineer at State House, Oct. 1, 1889. 

Joseph H. Allen, of New Bedford, born July 23, 1875 ; educated in public 
schools, graduating from high school, 1893. Appointed Senate page Jan. 1, 1894. 

Carl A.Raymond, of Westminster, appointed House page Jan. 1, 1894, 
born in Westminster, Sept. 19, 1876, and educated in its public schools, graduat- 
ing from its high school, also from Comer's Commercial College. 

Jay L. Ripley, of Chester, was born in Granville, June 23, 1875 ; educated 
in the public schools and Child's Business College. Appointed assistant clerk of 
the document room, Jan. 1, 1895. 


Frank W. Cole, of South Framingham, appointed page of the House Jan. 
1, 1895, was born in Framingham, July 4, 1877 ; educated in public schools ; is a 
box maker. Member of Co. E, Sixth regiment, M. V. M., and of Sons of Vet- 


Adjt. Gen. Samuel Dalton, born in Salem, June 25, 1840; educated in 
public schools. Clerk and salesman until 1 861, when he enlisted in the Four- 
teenth Regiment, afterwards known as the First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, 
and was soon made sergeant. Commissioned second lieutenant, Feb. 15, 1862; 
June 7, 1862, first lieutenant; mustered out in 1864 after full three years' service. 
Business in Boston firm of Nichols & Dalton. In 1866 re-enlisted in Salem Cadets 
as captain of the company of which he had been a member from 1858 until en- 
listing for the war. In May, 1874, elected major of the corps, and in March, 
1877, lieutenant-colonel. In 1881 appointed inspector of ordnance, with rank of 
colonel, by Gov. Long; in January, 1883, appointed to his present position, with 
rank of brigadier-general by, Gov. Butler; advanced to rank of major-general 
by Gov. Robinson. He aLo holds the position of inspector-genera), quarter- 
master general, and pay-master general. Under his direction the militia has 
attained a degree of efficiency acknovvleged by all to be far superior to what had 
ever been known before. 

Brig. Gen. A. O. Davidson, commissary general, born in Genesee Falls, 

N. Y. Enlisted in 1863 and served his term of nine months. For 27 

years agent of Aetna Mills of Watertown : president of Watertown Savings 
Bank and of Watertown Water Supply Company. 

Brig. Gen. Edgar R. Champlin, judge advocate general, was born in 
Boston 'but has lived mostly in Cambridge. Harvard Law School, 1SS0; 
lawyer in Boston ; member of Cambridge city government several years. 

Col. David W. Farquhar, aide-de-camp, of Newton, was born in Boston, 
Jan. 18, 1844; educated in Newton public schools and Phillips Exeter Academy ; 
entered class of 1866, Harvard College. Has been in hardware business in 
Sacramento, Cal., and New York City; and is now in the roofing business 
in Boston, treasurer of the corporation of John Farquhar's Sons. Been alder- 
man of Newton. Delegate to Republican National Convention, and secretary 
of Massachusetts delegation to Chicago, 1888. Past most excellent high priest of 
Newton Royal Arch Chapter and past noble grand of Newton Lodge of Odd 

Col. Peter H. Corr, aide-de-camp, of Taunton, was born 33 years ago; 
public schools and Manhattan College, N. Y. ; Taunton city government four 
years. Is a manufacturer, 

Col. William M. Bunting, aide-de-camp, of Boston, born in Philadelphia, 
March, 24, 1855 ; educated in public schools. Clerk in broker's office in Phil- 
adelphia; in fire arms business in New York: in 1882 appointed general agent 
of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., for Mass., and in 1884 made general 
manager (Plympton & Bunting) for N. E. Member of Algonquin, Art, Athletic, 
County, Suffolk and New England Clubs, and Beacon Society. 

Col. Everett Chamberlin Benton was born at Guildhall, Vt, Sept. 25, 
1862. Educated in the common schools of his native State, and at Coldbrook 
and Lancaster Academies in New Hampshire. Served as deputy county clerk 
of Essex County, Vt., for four years, and as ckrk to the Secretary of State 


for two sessions. Removed to Boston in 1882, and entered the office of John 
C. Paige, insurance, with whom he is now employed. Col. Benton's political 
work in Massachusetts began as a member of the Republican Town Committee 
of Belmont, which position he occupied for several years. He was elected to 
the Republican State Committee in 1891, and is now serving his fourth year 
as a member of that body. In 1892 he served as chairman of the committee 
on towns, and was elected chairman of the executive committee in 1893, 1894, 
and 1S95. He was appointed aid-de-camp on the staff of His Excellency, Gov. 
Greenhalge, January, 1894. 

Col. George F. Hall, inspector general of rifle practice, was born in 
Charlestown, July 31, 1S44. Served in 44th regiment ; and has passed through 
all offices of Edward W. Kinsley Post 113, G. A. R. Member of Eleusir Lodge 
of Masons, of St. Bernard's Commandery Knights Templar, member of 'Sons 
of the Revolution" and "Society of Colonial Wars." 

Col. James Lowell Carter, of Brookline was born in Cambridge, Jan. 21, 
1848; United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md; 1st lieut. from 1864 
to 1 866, in U. S. C. T. Been civil and mechanical engineer on railroads in 
Iowa and other sections of the West ; now Transfer Ag^ent of the C. B. & O. 
R. R. Company. On staff of Gov. Russell, 1892 and 1893 with rank of colonel 
and assistant inspector-general, which rank he now holds. 

Col. Percy Parker, assistant inspector general, of Lowell, was born in 
Dracut, March 4, 1857; West Point, class of 1879. Paper manufacturer; 
prominent in Lowell commercial and financial circles. Second lieutenant of Nth 
U. S. Infantry from June, 1879, to July, 1882, serving in Nev., Cal., and Ari. 

Col. FREDERick G. King, of Boston, was born in Port Richmond. N. Y., 
Aug. 16, 1856 ; educated in public schools. Entered employ of The Barbour 
Brothers, linen thread manufacturers, in April, 1871, with whom he has remained 
ever since, at present being the manager of their New England business. En- 
listed in Company C, Fourth Battery, M. V. M., March 19, 1877; appointed 
corporal, Dec 22, 1879; sergeant of Company C, First Regiment, June 16, 1879; 
second lieutenant, Dec. 22, 1879; adjutant. April 28, i88r ; major, Dec. 28, 1885; 
resigned and discharged, Jan. 15, 1891. Appointed assistant inspector-general, 
with rank of colonel on staff of Gov. Russell, Jan. 13, 1S92, and held that posi- 
tion until reappointed by Gov. Greenhalge in January, 1894, to date from 
original appointment. Has never held public office, but was selected as chief 
marshal of the great Republican demonstration in Boston in November in the 
presidential campaign of 1888, when Gen. Harrison was elected President. Is a 

Col. Cyrus A. Page, assistant adjutant-general, of Boston, was born in 
Bedford, June 9, 1847; educated in Boston public schools. Editor and pub- 
lisher of the Boston Beacon. Boston Common Council, 1872-73-74-75; board 
of directors for Boston's public institutions, 1873-75. 

Col. James A. Lakin, assistant adjutant-general, of Westfield ; born in 
Boston, Feb. 7, 1841 ; public schools. Enlisted in First Massachusetts Regi- 
ment, 1 861 ; on staff of Gen. R. A. Alger ; member and commander of Lyon 
Post, G. A. R. ; manager of Masons' Fraternal Accident Association of 
America; president of American Casket Hardware Company; senior partner 
of J. A. Lakin & Co., standard manufacturers. In House of 1891-92; com- 
mittee on insurance and railroads. President of the Westfield Street Railway 
Co. ; and also president of the Business Men's Club. 

Col. B. S. Lovell, Asst. Adj. Gen., of Weymouth, was born there, July 10, 
1840. Treasurer John B. Lovell Ar.ns Company. Served in Co. A, 42d regi- 


merit; commander of Reynolds Post, G. A. R., 15 consecutive years, and has held 
many high, state and national offices, in that order. Been member of House four 
years, of Senate, one year; on staff of Gov. Long, three years; delegate to 
National Republican Convention, 1880-4-8-92, Prominent in Masons and Odd 

Col. August H. Goettixg, assistant adjutant general, was born and edu- 
cated in the State of New York, and was prominent in its politics, being a member 
of the State delegation to the National Republican Convention of 1880. Removed 
to Springfield in 1883; secretary of the Republican City Committee in 1885; 
chosen member of the Republican State Committee in 1889, ana chairman of its 
executive committee in 1892 ; is chairman of the second Republican Congressional 
Committee, and eighth Republican Councillor Committee ; member of the Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company; and served on Gov. Brackett's staff in 1891. 
Col. Goetting is a manufacturer. 

Col. George W. Moses, assistant adjutant general, of Chelsea, was born in 
Boston, May 16, 1852 ; educated in its public schools. President of First Ward 
National Bank of Boston ; treasurer of Chelsea Gas Light Company and of Win- 
nisimmet Company; sinking fund commissioner of Chelsea 

Col. F. S. Richardson, assistant quartermaster general, born in North 
Adams, Oct. 18, 1856, always resided there. Treasurer of various local corpora- 
tions. In militia, 1878-82, as 2d and 1st lieutenant and corporal. 

Col. Henry Hastings, of Boston, assistant quartermaster general, born in 
West Medford, Dec. 31, 1857 ; educated in Boston public schools. Ship-owner, 
also represents the largest iron and steel works of Sweden; was assistant adjutant- 
general on staff of Gov. Butler, 1883. President for six years of the ''Commo- 
dore Club " 

Col. William Barrett, assistant quartermaster-general, of Concord, was 
born and educated in that town. He is now engaged there in the insurance busi- 
ness, representing the Middlesex Insurance Company. 

Col. George B. Billings, one of the working young Republicans of Boston, 
was born in Boston 30 years ago; educated in Boston schools: graduated in 
Chauncy Hall in 1881. For a number of years he has been engaged in the boot 
and shoe business; also secretary of the Boston Base Ball Association. Devoted 
considerable time to military work, and for three years served in the 1st corps of 
Cadets. Member of Ancient and Honorable Artillery, and is now serving his 
second year as colonel on the staff oi Gov. Greenhalge. Chairman of ward 1 1 
Republican committee, a position that he has held for four years. One of the 
most active workers in movement to nominate Mr. Greenhalge for Governor, and 
as secretary of the Middlesex Club has made the dinners of ihat organization 
known the whole state over. Member of the Boston Athletic Association, and 
also of Sons of the Revolution. 

Col. Frederick T. Walsh, Lowell, born in Pawtucket, R. I., educated in 
public schools. Assistant superintendent of Hamilton Print Works of Lowell. 
Member of school board, 1S92-3, being chairman of committee on military in- 
struction ; also served two years on Republican City Committee. Has been di- 
rector in Vesper Boat Club; Worshipful master Ancient York Lodge of Masons. 


George T. Sleeper, Republican, of Winthrop, was born Sept. 15, 1852 ; 
educated in public schools and Eastern State Normal School of Maine. Select- 
man of South Thomaston, Me, for five years; clerk of supreme judicial court of 
Knox county Me. : since then has practised law, now having an office in Sears' 


building Boston. Member of Aurora Lodge of Masons. Rockland, Me. Com- 
mittees on elections, and probate and insolvency, 1895. 

Vote of district: John D. Coughlan, Democrat, 465: C. C. Cunningham, 
People's Party, 118: G. M. Cushing, Democrat, 498 : H. R. Danforth, Prohib- 
tion, 103: W. H. Morse, People's Party, 83: H. F. Rich. Prohibition, 195 : E. 
W. Roberts. Republican, 1 9 1 5 : G. T. Sleeper, Republican, 1828. 


The caucus committee of the House Republicans for the session was as 
follows: Chairman, Mr. Prevaux: secretary, Mr. Bailey; Messrs. Hibbard, Jones, 
Bancroft of Clinton, Porter of North Attleboro, Howe and White of Sandwich. 

The committee to arrange the annual legislative banquet of Republican mem- 
bers was: Messrs. McCarthy, Hayes, Irwin, Barnes of Chelsea, Harvey of 
Springfield and Prevaux. The banquet was held at the American House, Tues- 
day, March 26, Gov. Greenhalge being an invited guest. 

Resolutions on the death of Fred Douglass were adopted in the House 
March 1, after remarks by Messrs. Teamoh, Roe, Myers, Dallinger, J. H. Mellen, 
Dickinson and Lowell. As a further mark of respect, on motion of Mr. Krebs, 
the House then adjourned. The same resolutions were subsequently adopted in 
the Senate without discussion. 

Representative Cooke of Lunenburg died Feb. 18, and Messrs. Wallis, Fer- 
son. Turner, Drury, Thacher, Ckark and Hawkes were appointed a special com- 
mittee to attend his funeral and prepare suit ible resolutions. 

Hon. James P. Niles, of Watertown. who had been chosen at a special election 
to till the vacancy caused by the death before the opening of the session of Sena- 
tor-elect Oliver Shaw of Watertown, was qualified and took his seat March 1 1. 

A special committee appointed by the Council reported that it was impossible 
to determine where was held the nr?t "town meeting" and the first free public 

The Senate met in its usual chamber until Feb. 16, when it was voted to 
remove for six weeks to rooms in the "Extension" pending the completion of cer- 
tain changes in the walls of the old chamber in connection with the uniting of the 
same with the "Extension." At the expiration of the allotted time, the body 
removed back to the old chamber. 

The Senate, on the first day of its session, on motion of Mr. Sanger of Suf- 
folk, adopted resolutions on the death of Hon. Oliver Shaw of Watertown, sena- 
tor-elect from the 2d Middlesex district. 

The inauguration of the Governor took place in the hall of the new House, 
and it was 1 2.30 before he began reading his address, there being an unusual 
amount of delay necessary in the preliminary exercises by reason of the distance 
between the new House and the Executive Cianaber, etc. 

The addition of a new committee, this year, that on metropolitan affairs, 
tended to expedite business by relieving two or three that had been overloaded 
of late. 

The committee for the caucus for the nomination of a United States senator 
was: Messrs. Speaker Meyer, Prevaux, Myers, Roe, Irwin, Warriner, Phelps, 
Hammond of Quincy, F. W. Hathaway, Porter of North Attleboro and Foss. 


The session of 1895 was remarkable for several things. It assembled in the 
hall of the old House at 1 1 a. m., Jan. 2, the last legislative body ever to assem- 
ble in that hall. Mr. St. John, of Haverhill, senior member-elect, called the mem- 
bers to order and prayer was offered by Rev. William S. White, of Foxboro, a 
member-elect. The House was formally organized in the usual manner In his 
address, on taking the chair of Speaker, Mr. Meyer called on Mr. Roe of Wor- 
cester to give the Honse the result of his extended research into the history of the 
State House, then being occupied for the last time. This was done by Mr. Roe 
in an eloquent and interesting address that held the closest attention of the mem- 
bers for upwards of an hour, and which was ordered printed as a House docu- 
ment. At 2.18, on motion of Mr. Tuttle of Boston, the House adjourned, and the 
sessions of a Massachusetts House of Representatives in this hall, which had been 
used for this purpose since 1798 were forever closed therein. 

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, each branch made choice of a United States senator 
for the ensuing six years. The vote in the Senate was: Hon. George F. Hoar, of 
Worcester, 34 ; Hon. John E. Russell of Leicester, 4. In the House Mr. Hoar 
had 180 votes, and Mr. Russell 39. The following day the two branches met in 
joint convention in the hall of the House, and President Butler declared Senator 
Hoar to have been re-elected. 

Representative Frank S. Bennett of Tyngsboro died, April 10, and Messrs. 
Hayes, George, Wheaton, Snow, F. H. Rourke, Roper, Hawkes, Holt and Put- 
nam were appointed a special committee to attend the funeral and prepare 
suitable resolutions. 

On Thursday, Jan. 10, Mr. Searls of Worcester announced the death o* 
Henry Y. Simpson, member-elect from the 21st Worcester district, and 
offered resolutions, which were spoken to by Messrs. Searls, Roe, J. H. Mellen 
and Speaker Meyer. 

The Middlesex county members had a reunion and dinner, April 24th. 

The Republicans had a caucus on nomination of treasurer, April 23d: Dem- 
ocrats, the 25th ; and Hon. E. P. Shaw was chosen on the 25th. 

Representative W. H. Burges of Kingston died, June 5, the last day of the 
session, and Messrs. Drew, Barker, Penniman, Eldredge, Harlow and Gray were 
appointed to attend the funeral and prepare resolutions. 

Senators Galloupe and Frothingham and Representatives Jordan, Gauss, 
Russell, Drury, Woodfall and Parker were a special committee to escort the 
remains of Congressman Cogswell from Washington to Salem. 

The Democrats had a reunion and a dinner, April 16. James H. Mellen 
presided and C. I. Quirk was toast-master. Speeches were made by Messrs. 
John F. Fitzgerald, Josiah Quincy, George Fred Williams, and John W. 

The Senators, through Mr. Durant, presented President Butler, as a testi- 
monial, an elegant colonial sideboard, Messrs. Corbett, Bessom and Southard 
also speaking to the resolutions : through Mr. Quinn, seconded by Mr. Miller, 
a beautiful rug to Clerk Coolidge ; and through Mr. Morse a fine couch to 
Doorkeeper Remington. The Representatives, through Mr. Moriarty, seconded 
by Messrs. Harwood, Bates, C. G. Bancroft, Stanley, Sleeper, Young and Shea, 
presented to Speaker Meyer as a testimonial a solid silver salver; and, through 
Mr. Spring, to Clerk McLaughlin a set of Parkman's works. 



One of the most interesting ceremonies of the session was that attending the 
transfer of the "Ancient Codfish" from the old hall of the House of Represen- 
tatives to the new. This was on Thursday, March 7. At 3 p. m. the subject 
was taken up by special assignment. Consent was given to enter in full on the 
journal of the House resolutions from the Business Men's Association of the 
City of Gloucester in tavor of retaining this emblem of their industry, symbolizing 
the sources of their original wealth, the nursery of mariners who manned their 
frigates, our issues and struggles with England ; in 1S94 the fleets of Gloucester 
took from the ocean fifty-three million (53,000,000) pounds of this valuable fish 
product. Messrs. Woodfall of Rockport, Tarr of Gloucester, Wadden of 
Marblehead, Brown of Gloucester, Jordan of Salem. Foss of Cottage Citv, 
Russell of Salem, Cook of Provincetown, Irwin of Northampton, Roberts of 
Chelsea, Gallivan of Boston, Bullock of Manchester, Stocker of Beverly and 
Gardner of Nantucket were appointed a special committee to bring the Codfish 
from the old hall to the new. Escorted by the sergeant-at-arms they proceeded 
to the old hall and took position in front of the figure. It was just 4.12 when 
Assistant Doorkeeper John Kinnear lowered down the Ancient Emblem to the 
hand barrow wrapped in the American flag, which had been made ready for its 
transportation. Messenger Thomas Pedrick of Lynn took the forward end of 
the barrow. Messenger Sidney Gardner of Gloucester, the rear; and Messenger 
B. F. B. Willson of Boston walked beside to steady the same. When the House 
was reached, Messenger Edwin Gould of Reading was added to the force of 
bearers, and as they entered the House the Ancient Emblem was raised upon 
their shoulders. As the door was entered, Senator Sylvanus Smith of Gloucester, 
a fit representative of rock-ribbed Essex, bowed low in appreciative reverence of 
the symbol of his county's glory. The Speaker rapped the House to rise, and 
so with honors of state the Ancient Emblem of one of Massachusetts most 
important industries was received back to the fold. Messrs. Roberts of Chelsea, 
Irwin of Northampton and Gallivan of Boston, a special committee to prepare a 
complete history of the "Codfish," made their report. Mr. Gauss of Salem intro- 
duced a resolve for the printing and distribution of this report : and Mr. Roberts 
of Chelsea put in a resolve for the proper painting of the Emblem and its sus- 
pension from the ceiling and above the Speaker's chair. But later in the 
session, owing to an objection by the architect that this position would not be 
harmonious with his design of decorating, it was suspended between the pillars 
of the main gallery and directly over the main entrance. 


r 9 7 


£ r yj^ /,, THE EXEa, TlVE DEPARTMENT. 


£Z. -•-• 


r 9 8 




-I."/// / iu?/U '" lXi 



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{jCr^'l^-dU^J j/n* &d y£l^ Utfluwu uhltjYZj? 



^^GL^ l^iu^ f/~^4i 



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7Yz^ ^^l/^, f/WM^ &? T uy{j4^ 

J&^L^vu^- & j£ff~»*. jXtnwaA, tt&d-a*u /-^ffZll'Uei/*', l//c/7#l 


^\"i;^..^:^ <.l<-^-cU — A)«~~~£ h fizzy* 


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^Jp—tee. ^~t^L^ 4W^ L <0£^ 


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yfrCi*— /U^yi^x^^ 



The State officers, the executive council, the staff, and the members of Con- 
press are followed by the joint committees, arranged alphabetically, while these 
groups are separated by miscellaneous pictures that have a direct or indirect re- 
lation to our State government, as follows: State House, State House Extension, 
Old State House. Congressional Map, Faneuil Hall, The Old Elm on boston 
Common. Doric H.dl. View from Cupola to South, the "Old South Meeting- 
house," and various views of the Senate and Old and New House. 




bketi 11. 

Greenhaliic F. T 



Ravmond. F. H. 



Wolcott, Roger 



Sullivan. J. H. 



Olin, W. M. 


I 14 

Southwick, B F 



Phillips. 11. M. 



Harlow, J. M. 



Shaw, E. 1'. 



Stevens, C. E. 



Kimball. J. W. 



Barrus, A Ivan 

. 9 


Knowlton, H. M. 



Thomas, H. A. 



Keith. Z. C. 



Hamlin, E. F. 



Savage, C. 









Hoar, G. F. 



Everett. Wm. 



Lodg^. H. C. 



McCall, S. W. 



Wright, A. B. 



Fitzgerald, J. F. 



Gillett, F. H. 



O^NeibJ. H. 



Walker, J. H. 



Atwood, H. H. 



Apsley. L. I). 



McEitrick, M. J 



Knox, J. S. 



Draper, W. F. 



.Mevens, M. T. 



Morse. E. A. 



Cogswell, Wrr. 



Simpkins. John 


I 22 

liarrett, W. E. 



Randall, C. S. 








Atherton. H. H. 

6 9 



Lawrence, G. P. 



At wood, E. 1>. 




Leach, J. C. 



Bessom, E. A. 




McCabe, J. B. 



Bill, Ledyard 

23-35- s 5 


Malone, Dana 53 



Blodgett, 1'. 




McMorrow, W. 

H. 55-73-Si 


Bradford, E. S. 



Miller. J. D. 



Burns, G. J. 



Morse, W. A. 



Butler, W. M. 



Neill, I. 0. 



Corbett, J. J. 




Xiles. J. P. 



Darling, F. W. 




Perkins. G. W. 



Durant. W. B. 




Quinn, J. Jr. 


1 33 

Foss, E. S. 


73-8 • 


Reed, G. A. 4 



Frothingham, E. 

G. 2 



Ripley, J. B. 



Fuller. G. A. 




Salisbury, S. 



Ga<ie. ( i. I. 




Sanger, G. P. 4; 



Galloupe, G. A. 




Smith, S. 



Gilbride, M. B. 




Southard, L. C. 



Gray. R. S. 




Sprague, C. F. 



Harvey, E. B. 




Wellman, A. H. 



Hutchinson, I. 1 

■ 57 



Whitcomb, M. H. 45-47-59 






Allen, I). W. 
Allen, R. E. 
Atsatt, I. P. 
Austin, F. E. 
Bailey, G. W. 
Bailey, J. A. Jr. 
Baker, T. B. 
Balch, C. T. 
Bancroft. C. G. 
Bancroft, S. 
Barber, H. R. 
Barker, A. F. 
Barnes, E. F. 
Barnes, F. O. 
Barry, D. J. 
Bates, J. L. 
Beaman, A. T. 
Bennett, F. S. 
Bird, G. B. 
Bliss, H. C. 
BlocVett, B. F. 
Bond, C. P. 
Bourne, S. S. 
Boutwell, H. L. 
Bradford, F. H. 
Bradley, M. E. 
Brown, C. D. 
Brown, F. A. 
Bullock, B. S. 
Burges, W. H. 
Burt, J. M. 
Burt, T. P. 
Carroll, C. W. 
Carter, Wm. 
Casey, D. C. 
Chandler. F. 
Clark, L. W. 
Cochran, J. A. 
Collins, M. W. 
Cook. H.S. 
Crane, E. B. 
Creed, J. F. 
Dallinjier, F. W. 
Davis, W. W. 
Denham, T. M. 
Dickinson, D. T 
Donahue, T. 
Donovan, T. J. 
Donovan, W. F. 
Donovan, W. J. 
Dow, 11. R. 
Drew. \\ T . H, 
Driscoll, D. M. 
Driscoll, W. P. 






























3' -39 


3* -65 
























Drury, L. A. 
Duddy, R. 
Eddy, G. M. 
Edgarton, H, 
Edgerton, A. H. 
Eldredge, A. M. 
Estes, B. F. 
Fallon, T. F. 
Ferson, C. E. 
Fillmore, W. 
Fisk, H. H. 
Flint. J. H. 
Flint, S. W. 
Flynn. J. J. 
Foote, W. H. 
Ford, W. E. 
Foss, Otis 
Fowle, G. E. 
French, Z. A. 
Gallivan, J. A. 
Gardner, J. J. 
Gauss, J. D. H. 
Gay lord, H. E. 
Geary, M. P. 
George, S. W. 
Gillingham, J. L. 
Goodrich, C. W. 
Graham, W. T. 
Grant, A. 
Gray, J. S. 
Greenwood, A. 
Grover, T. E. 
Hale, E. A. 
Hammond, C. L. 
Hammond, G. 
Harlow, F. P. 
Harrington, J. L. 
Harvey, B. C. 
Harwood. A. L. 
I Listings, S. 
Hathaway, B. C. 
Hathaway, F W. 
Hawkes, W. O. 
Hayes, W. H. I. 
Flibhard, G. A. 
Higgins, S. C. 
Hoban, T. F. 
Holden, J. B. 
Holland, T. 
Hollis. J. E. 
Holt, E. C. 
Horan, J. G. 
Howe, L. P. 
Humphrey, H. I). 















4i 53 
























Huse, C. B. 



Pinkham, E. W. 

31-93 1 


Hutchinson, VV. H. 



Porter, B. Jr. 

35-71 ] 


Irwin, R. W. 41 



Porter, G. W. 

59 i 


Ives, D. H. 



Porter, J. F. 



Jenks, W. S. 



Prevaux, J. J. 

57 1 


Johnson, E. P. 



Putnam, G. E. 

27 1 


Jones, G. R. 



Quint, N. M. 

97 1 


Jordan, C. A. 



Quirk, C. I. 

53-75 1 


Jourdan, B. A. 



Rice, H. F. 

47 1 


Kaan, F. W. 



Richardson, R. A, 

47-67 i 


Keenan, J. 



Roberts, E. W. 

59-97-toi i 


Keenan, T. F, 



Roe, A. S. 

27-35-99 > 


Kellogg 1 , J. E. 



Root, S. B. 

23 i 


Kimball, W. G. 



Roper, G. A. 

45 > 


Kingman, F. M. 



Ross, Samuel 

55-89 1 


Knox, J B. 



Rourke, D. D. 

71 ] 


Krebs, F. H. Jr. 



Rourke, F. H. 

29 1 


Lawrence, A. A. 



Russell, G. G. 

91 ] 


Leach, G. A. 



Ryan, J. F. 

55 1 


Leach, L. 



Ryder, M. F. 

39 1 


Leach, W. S. 



Sargent, C. F. 

67 1 


Light, C F. 



Scates, G. M. 

3J-73 ' 


Lowell, F. C. 



Searls, W. P. 



Lynch, J. M. 



Shea, J. T. 

91-97 i 


Macomber, J. A. 2c 

I, 95 


Sheehan, J. F. 

2 7-99 ] 


Mann, Hugo, 



Shepherd, Wm. 



Marden, W. H. 



Sibley, F. M. 



Mayo, S. N. 



Sisson, H. D. 



McCarthy, J. J. 



Slade, D. F. 



Mc.VIackin, B. 


'75 ■ 

Sleeper, G. T. 



Mel.iven, J. F. 



Smith, A. C. 



Mellen, G. H. 



Smith, H. M. 



Mdlen, J. H. 



Snow, G. F. 



Meyer, G. v. L. 



Southworth, A. E. 



Mills, C. E. 



Spalding. W. F. 

57-73 ' 


Mitchell, S. H. 



Spofford, J. C. 

5i ' 


Moouey, J. F. 



Spring, A. L. 



Moore, E. L. 



Stanley, F. I). 

S3 ' 


Mor^n, Win. 



Stevens, E. A. 

43 1 


Moriarty, E. M. 



St. John, T. E. 



Mulvey, M. B. 



Stocker, J. VV. 

49 1 


Murphy. T. F. 



Stone, D. D. 



Myers, J. J. 



Strong, H. O. 



Newell. H. 



Sturtevant, C. F. 

71-81 1 


Newell, R. 



Tarr, G. J. 



Newhall, G. H. 



Teamoh, R. T. 

63-71 1 


Newhall, J. B. 



Thacher, J. P. 

95 1 


Norton, J.J. 



Thurston, L. I). 

57 1 


OBrien, M. J. 

91 i 


Tolman, Wm. 

25-99 > 


O'Connor, J. J. 



Tower, H. 



O'Hara, J. M. 



Towle, W. \V. 

37-75 1 


Osgood, L. E. 



Tuite, M. 



Parker, T. K. 



Turner, A. H. 

23 1 


Penniman, G. W. 

35 ' 


Turner, G. W. 

27 1 


Perkins, L. H. 



Tut tie, J. F. 

65-79 1 


Phelps, C. T. 

29-53 1 


Utley, C. H. 

S9-93 1 








Wadden, F. L. 



Whitaker, E. J. 


I 70 

Waite, G. 



White, G. E. 



Wakefield, C. E. 



White, W. S. 



Wales, G. A. 



Wiley, A. L. 



Wallis, H. E. 



Willard, E. E. 



Warriner, S. C. 



Wilson, E. H. 



Waterman, G. B. 



Winn, John 



Wentworth, G. L. 



Wood, H. O. 



Weston, C. P. 



Woodfall, J. L. 



Wheaton, M. 0. 



Young, C. L. 








Bridgman, F. E. 



McLaughlin, E. A 



Coolidge, H. D. 



Sanger, W. H. 



Dowse, Rev. Edmund i 7 


Waldron, Rev. D. 

W. 19 


Kimball, J. W. 









Adams, J. G. B. 



Newton, J. C. 



Allen, J. H. 



Pope, E. T. 



Beatty, J. 



Raymond, C. A. 



Davis, C. G. 



Remington, D. T. 



Gould, E. C. 



Tucker, T. J. 



Johnson, C. H. 



Ufford, C. D. 



Kinnear, J. 




or's staff. 





Barrett, Win. 



Hall, G. F. 

I I 


Benton, E. C. 

I I 


Hastings, H. 



Billings, G. B. 



King, F. G. 



Bunting, W. M. 

I I 


Lakin, J. A. 



Carter, J. R. 

I I 


Lovell, B. S. 

I 2 


Champlin, E. R. 



Moses, G. W. 



Corr, P. H. 

I I 


Page, C. A. 



Dalton, Samuel 



Parker, Percy 



Davidson, A. O. 



Richardson, F. S. 



Farquhar, D. W. 

I I 


Walsh, F. T. 



Goetting, A. H. 

I 2