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>f ' .-^VniiJ^'-i 









Massachusetts Legislators 

19 15 

Volume XXIV 




Photographs by the "Royal Photographer." Elmer Chickering, 
21 West Street. Boston, Mass. 

Engravings by the Suffolk Engraving and Electrotyping Company, 
89i Atlantic Avenue, Boston. Mass. 

Composition by "The Sentinel Print," Stoughton, Mass. 

e.3* tS^ «.?% . . 

PRESS \VOJ?K BY... .•, ; 





The Legislature of 1915 early found the meaning of "Efficiency"; and, 
having found it, proceeded to put it into practice. As a result, it established 
a new record for cleaning up the matters before it. The pace at which it 
went through the matters assigned it, both in committee hearings and in dis- 
posing of them after being reported upon, has never been surpassed. By 
the first of May it had so nearly disposed of its business that but little re- 
mained except certain railroad and similar important measures, such as al- 
ways require unusual consideration; and in spite of all this, in spite of un- 
usual delay on the railroad matters, including special messages from the 
Governor, prorogation was reached on June 4, the earliest date since 1905. 
In contrast with the House of 1914, which lacked a majority in any one party, 
that of 1915 was strongly Republican in both branches; and legislation al- 
ways proceeds more swiftly with a good working majority on one side or an- 
other politically. President Coolidge and Speaker Cox are entitled to much 
of the credit for the short session as they kept skilful guiding hands on all 
matters; work was well done even though done with neatness and despatch. 
Less new legislation was passed than usual, as it was deemed wise to let 
some of the most recent have a fair trial before shaking it up. With no 
opposition worth mentioning the amendment to the Constitution in favor of 
woman suff"rage was passed along to the people, with the idea that it was 
time to give the voters a chance to pass upon the question directly. There 
was no test of the sentiment of the Legislature on the merits of the question. 
Several important matters were referred to recess commissions or sent to 
the next Legislature, the time for action not being considered ripe. 
"What's in a name?" This was the first House on record with "Sin-nott" 
in it. The committee on agriculture contained as members a "Lamb" and a 
"Wolfe", with only a "Read" between them. 

' ' A. M. BRIDGMAN, 



Half Tone Courtesy of Stoughton News 



Hon A P Langtry, Secy o State Hon C L Burrill, State Treasurer 

His Honor GRAFTON D. GUSHING, Lieutenant Governor. 

Hon Alonzo B Cook, State Auditor Hon H C Attwill Attorney- general 




I— I 




Hon David P Parker Hon Guy A Ham Hon Timothy J Buckley 

Hon Herbert P Wasgatt Hon Edw'ard G Frothingham 

Hon Henry C Mulligan Hon Daniel E Denny Hon Charles H Wright 

T H Connelly, Gov's Secretary Edward F Hamlin, Ex. Secy. 

A T Treadway F H Gillett C D Paige S E Winslow 

John J. Rogers Augustus P Gardner M F Phelan F W Dallinger 

Hon Henry Cabot Lodge Hon John W Weeks 

E W Roberts Peter F Tague Geo Holden Tinkham J A Gallivan 

William H Carter Richard Olney, 2d Wm S Greene Joseph Walsh 

H D Coolidge, Senate Clerk Rev E A Horton, Senate Chaplain 

Hon Calvin Coolidge, President Hon Channing H Cox, Speaker 

J W Kimball, Clerk of House Rev D W Waldron, Chaplain of House 






















Hon C A Kimball Hon J H Sheehan S H Bailey A C Dowse 

E E Chapman (H Ch) Hon H E Cummings (Ch) AW Colburn (CI) 
Austin F Adams Arthur F Lamb Cyril R Read Walter E Wolfe 












Hon W B Fay Hon J F Cavanagh J W Allen Samuel H Mildram 

H A Wilson (H Ch) Hon Martin Hays (Ch) H F Furness (CI) 

G H Creighton Maurice R Flynn Edward G Morris T B Mulvehill 



Hon W B Fay Hon F Bartlett Hon J R Tetler ^^ J ^ Harrop 

A E Bliss (H Ch) Hon A P Doyle (Ch) H C Woodill (CI) 

D Herbert Cook Fred Lewis Wm A Dodge J E Maybury 

Michael H Cotter D J Buckley T J Giblin J J RelUy 



Hon C A Norwood Hon P J McGonagle A C Catheron J S Smith 

F-H Smith Jr (H Ch) Hon F Bartlett (Ch) A Santosuosso (C^) 

D H Cook Ralph H Smith P J Donaghue John N Levins 




Hon O T Mason Hon J W Martin Jr James Coffey I Fteitter Jr 

G F Morse Jr (H Ch) Hon G E Marchand (Ch) J A Saunders (CI) 

C A Ericson Louis LaDame John J Murphy Joseph McGrath 












Hon L F R Langelier Hon E W Clark A Bower F W Cross 

W M Armstrong (H Ch) Hon J W Bean (Ch) J J Benson (CI) 

Joseph Belcher J L Mather D J Sullivan John P Mahoney 



Hon C W Hobbs Jr Hon R S Fitzgerald H Wing A E Bliss 

J H Sherburne (H Ch) Hon J W Martin Jr (Ch) B H Crosby (CI) 

Aaron C Dowse Roland D Sawyer T H Brennan C F Garrity 









Hon C W Eldridge Hon R S Fitzgerald F H Lucke M E Streeter 

H Achin Jr (H Ch) Hon W E McLane (Ch) G E Curran (CI) 

W F Prime Joseph L Barry D A Murphy E P Murphy 


Hon E C R Bagley Hon F S Farnsworth M E Streeter G F Morse Jr. 

J S Smith (H Ch) Hon C W Eldridge (Ch) J W Churchill (CI) 
James M Lyle B G Collins Joseph S Gates J H Parker 
















Hon O T aMson Hon C S Beal H Wing J B ,McLane 

E J Sandberg (H Ch) Hon L F R Langelier (Ch) H F Field (CI) 

E W MacKenzie W Souther Jr T R Kelley D F Duggan 


Hon F Bartlett Hon G H Jackson Hon J Leonard H Achin Jr 

S Davis (H Ch) Hon W E McLane (Ch) J G Page (CI) 

Harvey E Frost J T Bagshaw W C Renne G J Rabouin 

J J Courtney Peter Carr Michael J Sherry G A Whitney 

Hon N A Tufts Hon S Bates Hon J F Cavanagh Hon W J Sullivan 

W W Kennard (H Ch) Hon C A Norwood (Ch) R Robinson (CI) G P Drury 

Essex S Abbott J L Barry E K Bowser A A Casassa 

Arthur E Burr Philip H Ball J F Doherty W H Sullivan 




Hon C L Gifford Hon J Leonard E E Lincoln J /;^^tone 

H E Frost (H Ch) Hon C S Beal (Ch) W J Donahoe (CI) 

Edmund H Baker W C Renne Fred W Cross Edmond P Talbot 



Hon M Hays Hon W J Sullivan Hon J I Green F H Magison 

M Caro (H Ch) Hon E H Perley (Ch) W E Monk (CI) 

Kenneth L Nash T Weston Jr John M Gibbs J E MacPherson 

Felix A Marcella C H McGlue J J Donahue John L Monahan 




Hon C W Eldridge Hon P J McGonagle Hon J P Timilty F H Lucke 

R H Smith (H Ch) Hon E C R Bagley (Ch George J Wall (CI) 

J F Carman Fred E Cadv Frank B Edgell F F Clauss 

C N James E F Harrington J H Sheehan J E Phelan 


Hon N A Tufts Hon E C R Bagley Hon J I Green 

H E Bothfeld (H Ch) Hon J 
W F Prime C B Seagrave 

M M Lomasney J F Sullivan 

H A Wilson 

F Cavanagh (Ch) 

C F Rowley 
W M McMorrow 

J O Knox (CI) 

F J Brown 
J A Donoghue 


Hon W A L Bazeley Hon J R Tetler J F Carman F P Greenwood 

A N Newhall H Ch) Hon C L Gifford (Ch) J T Potter (CI) 

Harry C Gates Thomas E Dowd A F Ogden H J McLaughlin 




I— < 






Hon E W Clark Hon G H Jackson T H Day A N Newhall 

G D Chamberlain (H Ch) Hon W B Fay (Ch) J Halliwell (CI) 
Albert T Quiry Frederic W Burke John D Ryan W N Cronin 



Hon C A Norwood Hon A P Doyle F Mulveny 

G F Hart (H Ch) Hon E W Clark (Ch) J T 

E H Whitney John P Nickerson D W Murray 

Fred O Lewis 
O'Dowd (CI) 
J H McAllister 



Hon J W Bean Hon G E Marchand Hon P J McGonagle 

E P Greenwood (H Ch) Hon J R Teller (Ch) J J 
Frederick Butler E H Nutting Charles H Annis 

Joseph H Perry A M Sinnott W F Russell 


F X LeBoeuf 
Gilbride (CI) 
A P Beardsley 
J J Kelley 


Hon A P Doyle Hon M Hays Hon J P Timilty C E Stanwood 

J E Tolman (H Ch) Hon H G Wells (Ch) J J Brennan (CI) 

J F Hatch Jr F H Magison Theodore H Day M L Quinn 

Shirley P Graves D A Murphy J F McCarthy M J McNamee 





Hon L F R Langelier Hon G H Ellis J N Osborne J W Churchill 

Henry F Long (H Ch) Hon J Garst (Ch) W J Foley (CI) . 

Arthur W Barker Samuel W Weare J LaFlamme M A Higgins 


Hon J W Haigis Hon J W Martin Jr Hon C A Kimball R MWashburn 

W M Robinson (H Ch) Hon G W Gordon (Ch) R T Kent (CI) 
G M Worrall George Bunting W E Tarbell John L Mather 

John L Donovan Frank A Manning J H Lynch Daniel W Casey 



Hon J Garst Hon J F Sheehan Carl C Emery G B Waterman 

H C Foster (H Ch) Hon J W Haigis (Ch) Albert Holway (CI) 
McKenzie A Schuyler Clapp P J Curley A J Moore 






Hon G W Gordon Hon H G Wells Hon C W Hobbs Jr Hon R S Fitzgerald 

C H Cox (H Ch) Hon C Coolidge (Ch) H F Long (CI) J H Sherburne 

H E Bothfeld R M Washbui'n V F Jewett W W Kennard 

G D Chamberlain F-H Smith Jr E F McLaughlin W N Cronin 




Hon E H Perley Hon J W Haigis G M Worrall S I Collins 

E P Felton (H Ch) Hon O T Mason (Ch) Hugh E Mullen (CI) 
James M Lyle J A Oakhem J J Kearney R H Newell 



Hon W A L Bazeley Hon W J Sullivan W M Armstrong J C Perry 

A G Catheron (H Ch) Hon G H Ellis (Ch) AM Chandler (CI) 

G Oscar Russell C H Morrill E F Davis W J Barry 



Hon W E McLane Hon H G Wells Hon J P Timilty RM Washburn 

V F Jewett (H Ch) Hon C W Hobbs Jr. (Ch) C Pepm (^1) 

Walter D Cowls F Mulveny I Pfeiffer Jr ^ .^ J Cooley 

E S Abbott John Mitchell P E Murray Jr E F McLaughlin 



Hon G H Ellis Hon F S Farnsworth Hon J Leonard S H Mildram 

A P Drury (H Ch) Hon N A Tufts (Ch E J Dailey (CI) 

E P Felton J F Stone E H Perry, C B Frothingham 

Francis Norwood Alvan T Fuller L R Sullivan John P Good 


p^ >-% 


Hon C S Beal Hon H E Cummings J N Osborne 

J S Gates (H Ch) Hon F S Farnsworth (Ch) 

Silas B Root George B Leonard S H Bailey 

T W jBlanchard 
R L Nash (CI) 

J T Crowley 








Hon S Bates Hon H E Cummings H L White J^J",,^!^^^^''^ 

J L Harrop (H Ch) Hon G H Jackson (Ch) Edgar H Hall (CI) 

Peter C Paradis M L Quinn Dennis F Reardon M F Maione 

Hon G W Gordon Hon J W Bean Hon J F Sheehan Hon C L Gifford 

J B Hull (H Ch) Hon W A L Bazeley (Ch) J G Faxon (CI) J E Warner 

Samuel I Collins R Knowles H H Atwood Jacob Bitzer 

Frank E Lyman M M Lomasney M J Carbary James J Murphy 


















HIS EXCELLENCY, DAVID I. WALSH, Democrat, Fitchburg, born in 
Leominster, Nov. 11, 1872; public schools. Holy Cross College, A. B., L. L. D.; 
Boston University Law School 1897. Lawyer. In House 1900-01 on com- 
mittees on bills in 3d reading, metropolitan affairs, revision of statutes ; Lieu- 
tenant Governor in 1913, committees on pardons, charitable institutions, 
prisons (chairman,) finance, warrants (chairman); nominations (chairnian). 
Elected as Governor in Nov. 1913, for term of one year; re-elected m 1914 tor 

second term. „r ,«■ ^ n i-. -mo 

Vote of state: A. H. Evans, Pro., 5264; Samuel W. McCall, Rep.. 198. 
2G7; A. E. Reimer, Soc. Lab., 2205; S. C. Roberts, Soc, 9520; Joseph Walker, 
Prog., 32, 145; David I. Walsh, Dem., 210,442. 


born there Aug. 4, 1864; private school. Harvard College 1885. Lawyer. 
President Massachusetts Republican Club 1905-06; president Society for Pre- 
vention of Cruelty to Children. In House 1906-11, on committees on educa- 
tion (chairman), libraries, liquor law (chairman), metropolitan affairs (chair- 
man), rules, ways and means; public utilities (special, chairman), child labor 
(special, chairman); Speaker 1912-13-14. ^.^^t 

Vote of state: Edward P. Barry, Dem., 193, 264; GRAFTON D. GUSH- 
ING, Rep., 212,201; A. Howard, Pro., 4807; J. P. Magenis, Prog., 28,207; S. J. 
McBride. Soc, 10.216; P. Mulligan, Soc, 2337. 


HON. ALBERT P. LANGTRY, Republican, Springfield, was born in 
Wakefield, July 27, 1860; public schools. Editor and publisher of Spring- 
field "Union". In House 1910-11, on committees on mercantile affairs, elec- 
tion laws (chairman), fisheries and game, rules. Chosen secretary of state, 
by Legislature, to fill vacancy. Chairman State House commission 1914. 

Vote of state: P. B. Ball, Soc, 11,856; F. J. Donahue, Dem.,. 189,889; J. 
W. Holden, Soc. Lab., 3970; ALBERT P. LANGTRY, Rep., 200,549; W. G. 
Merrill, Pro., 5165; R. A. Wood, Prog.,, 31,778. 


HON. CHARLES LAWRENCE BURRILL, Republican, Boston, born 
there Jan. 3, 1862; English High School 1882. Banking business; assistant 
cashier Second National Bank; vice-president Adams and American Trust 



Companies; president Paul Revere Trust Company; a governor of Boston City 
Club; secretary Boston Y. M. C. U; member Boston Press City and Art clubs. 
First term as treasurer and receiver general. 

Vote of state: CHARLES LAWRENCE BURRILL, Rep., 203^06; J. M. 
Coldwell, Soc, 11,850; F. Fosdick, Prog., 28,168; T. A. Fi-issell, Pro.. 3929, 
K. Lindstrand, Soc.-Lab., 2654; F. W. Mansfield, Dem., 189,925. 


HON ALONZO B. COOK, Republican, Boston, born there July 31, 1866; 
Roxbury High School, Boston University Law School LL. B. 1902. Book- 
keeping, insurance; lawyer. Candidate for registrar of probate of Nortolk 
county 1913, ex-public administrator Suffolk county; Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company, Masons, Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, Moose, sons of 
American Revolution, associate member G. A. R., Massachusetts and Lincoln 
Republican clubs; first term as state auditor. 

Vote of district: ALONZO B. COOK, Rep., 197,411; D. R. Donovaii, Soc, 
13,125; J. Drysdale, Pro., 4,339; F. P. Glazier, Prog., 27,978; F. E. Oelcher, 
Soc.-Lab., 2,266; F. H. Pope, Dem., 186,558. 


HON. HENRY C. ATTWILL, Republican, Lynn, born there March 11, 
1872; Law School 1893. Lawyer. House 1896-7-8, committee on judiciary; 
Senate 1899-01, drainage (chairman), constitutional amendments, judiciary 
(chairman), probate and chancery, street railways; investigation metropo- 
litan water board (special), revision Public Statutes (special). Assistant dis- 
trict attorney 1905-10; district attorney 1910-14. First term. 

Vote of state: HENRY C. ATTWILL, Rep., 204,902; T. J. Boynton, Dem., 
185,566; J. Hildreth, Prog., 29,357; H. B. Rand, Pro., 3,599; J. W. Sherman, 
Soc, 11,622; W. Taylor, Soc.-Lab., 2,771. 



HENRY CABOT LODGE, Republican, Nahant, born in Boston May 12, 
1850; Harvard College 1871. Profession,-literature. Massachusetts House 
two terms; 50th-53rd Congresses inclusive; Senate since March 4, 1893. 
Chairman Republican National Convention 1900; chairman committee on reso- 
lutions National Convention 1904; chairman National Convention 1908; on 
Alaska Boundary Commission; regent Smithsonian Institution. 

JOHN W. WEEKS, Newton, Republican,b orn in Lancaster, N. H., April 
11, 1860; public schools, U. S. Naval Academy 1881. Banker and broker. 
In command Div. of auxiliary navy in Spanish- American war; Burnett camp 
S. W. V. Alderman; mayor; 50th and subsequent Congresses; chosen Senator 
Jan. 14, 1913. 




ALLEN TOWNER TREADWAY, 1st district, Republican, Stockbridge, 
born there Sept. 16, 1867; Amherst College 1886. Masons. Hotel proprie- 
tor. Mass. House 1904; Senate 1909-11 (president 1910-11). 2d term. 

FREDERICK H. GILLETT, 2d district. Republican, Springfield, born in 
Westfield, Oct. 16, 1851; Amherst College 1874; Lawyer, Mass. House 1891-92. 
Congress since 1892. 

CALVIN DeWITT PAIGE, Republican, Southbridge, born there May 
20 1848; public schools. Cotton manufacturer. Bank director and president. 
Director Home Market Club. Mass. House 1878; Executive Council 1907-08; 
presidential elector 1904; delegate to National Convention 1884. 2d term. 

SAMUEL E. WINSLOW, 4th district, Republican, Worcester, born April 
11, 1862; Harvard 1885. Chairman state committee 1893-94; delegate to 
National Convention 1908. Staff of Gov. Brackett (colonel). 2d term. 

JOHN JACOB ROGERS, 5th district, Republican, Lowell, born there 
Aug. 17, 1881; Harvard 1904; its Law School 1907. Lawyer. 2d term. 

AUGUSTUS PEABODY GARDNER, 6th district, Republican, Haiwilton, 
born in Boston, Nov. 5, 1865; Harvard 1886. Asst. adj. gen. staff of Gen. 
Wilson in Spanish-American war. Trustee and public official. Mass. Senate 
1900-01. Elected to 57th Congress to fill vacancy; all subsequent. 

MICHAEL F. PHELAN, 7th district, Democrat, Lynn, born there Oct. 
22, 1875; Harvard 1897; its Law School 1900. Lawyer. Mass. House 1903-05. 
2d term. 

FREDERICK W. DALLINGER, 8th District, Republican, Cambridge, 
born there Oct. 2, 1871; Harvard College 1893; A. M., same 1894; LL. B. same 
1897. Lawyer. Mason, Odd Fellows, Grange. House 1894-5, committees 
on county estimates, election laws, metropolitan affairs, taxation; Senate 
1896-97-98-99, counties (chairman), engrossed bills, constitutional amend- 
ments (chairman), probate and chancery, metropolitan affairs (chairman). 
American, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Boston Bar associations; Boston City, 
Colonial (Cambridge), Massachusetts, Middlesex, Massachusetts Republican, 
Appalachian Mountain clubs; author of "Nominations for Elective Office" 
(Longman's 1897), and other works on political science. 1st term. 

ERNEST W. ROBERTS, 9th district. Republican, Chelsea, born in East 
Madison, Me., Nov. 22, 1858; B. U. Law School 1881. Lawyer. Mass. 
House 1894-96, Senate 1897-8, Regent Smithsonian Institute. 56th Congress, 
all subsequent. 

PETER F. TAGUE, 10th district. Democrat, Boston, born there June 4, 
1871; public schools. Manufacturing chemist. Mass. House 1897-98, 1913-14; 
Senate, 1899-00, committees on cities, federal relations, metropolitan affairs, 
engrossed bills, prisons, railroads, rules. A. O. U .W., K. C, M. C. 0.. F. 1st 

GEORGE HOLDEN TINKHAM, 11th district, Republican, Boston born 
there Oct. 29, 1870; Harvard College 1894. Lawyer; trustee. Masons, 32d 
degree. Common Council 1897-98; Aldermen 1900-01-02. Massachusetts 
Senate 1910-11-12, committees on banks and banking (chairman), constitu- 



tional amendments, education, harbors and public lands (chairman), legal 
affairs, public health; milk investigation (special 1910.) 1st term. 

JAMES A. GALLIVAN, 12th district, Democrat, Boston, born there 
Oct. 22, 1866; Harvard College 1888. Journalism. Mass. House 1895-96, 
Senate 1897-98; committees on banks and banking, engrossed bills, mercan- 
tile affairs, ways and means, congressional .i-edistncting, history ol the 
"Ancient Codfish". K. C, A. O. H. Street commissioner 1900-14. 2d term. 

WILLIAM H. CARTER, 13th district. Republican, Needham, born there 
June 15, 1864; Comer's Commercial College. Manufacturer of underwear. 
Park commission; Masons, Shrine; Odd Fellows; Mass. House 1906, com- 
mittee on public lighting; Republican State Committee 1907. 1st term. 

RICHARD OLNEY, 2d, 14th District, Democrat, Dedham, born in Milton, 
N H Jan 5, 1871; Brown University 1892. Wool Merchant in Boston. 
Chairman Leicester selectmen 1902-3. Massachusetts House 1903, committee 
on ways and means. 1st term. 

WILLIAM S. GREENE, 15th district. Republican, Fall River, born in 
Tremont, 111., April 28, 1841; Fall River schools. Mayor; delegate National 
Convention 1880; postmaster; superintendent Mass. prisons 1888-93; 55th 
Congress, filling vacancy; all subsequent. 

JOSEPH WALSH, 16th District, Republican, New Bedford, born in Bos- 
ton, Dec. 16, 1875; Boston University Law School. Lawyer. Massachusetts 
House of Representatives 1906, committees on probate and chancery; state re- 
districting. Presidential Elector 1912; 1st term. 


District No, 1. 

HON. DAVID L. PARKER, Republican, New Bedford, born there Aug. 
30, 1851; Friends' Academy. Mayor two years. Board Public Works three 
years; postmaster four years; director Pierce Manufacturing Company, Po- 
tomska Mills, and other corporations; Knights of Pythias, Veteran Firemen's 
Association, Wamsutta, Dartmouth, Yacht clubs; honorary member City 
Employees' Union, City Guards. Committees on finance, accounts and war- 
rants; harbors and public lands and railroads; military and naval affairs in 
Council of 1915. 

Vote of district: J. D. W. Bodfish, Prog., 5,725; J. P. Doran, Dem., 17,964; 
DAVID L. PARKER, Rep., 23,688; E. A. Wright, Soc, 1926. 

District No. 2. 

HON. GUY ANDREWS HAM, Republican of Milton was born in Boston, 
July 8, 1878; Dartmouth College 1900. Harvard Law School 1903. Lawyer. 
Assistant United States District Attorney 1904-08. President of Stoughton 
Trust Company ;v ice president Dorchester Trust Company; director Massa- 
chusetts, Medford and Boulevard trust companies; vice-president and direc- 
tor Massachusetts Fire & Marine Insurance Company; general counsel and 
director New England Casualty Company; St Omar Commandery Knights 
Templar, 32 degree Masons, Eastwn Star; Sons of Veterans, S. A. R. House 
1903-04, committees on bills in third reading (chairman), railroads (clerk ), 



revision of corporation laws; Council of 1913, committees on finance,, ac- 
counts and warrants; harbors and public lands, and railroads; State House; 
in 1915, pardons, charitable institutions and prisons; finance, accounts and 
warrants; harbors and public lands, and railroads. 

Vote of district: F. H. Bishop, Prog., 6380; C. W. Guy, Dem., 25, 685; 
GUY ANDREWS HAM, Rep., 31,428. 

District No. 3. 

HON. TIMOTHY J. BUCKLEY, Democrat, Boston, born in Ireland, 
April 24, 1870; public schools. Y. M. C. A. Evening Law School; Boston 
Globe 15 years, lawyer. K. C, Elks, A. O. U. W., Foresters. House 1906-07, 
committees on fisheries and game, harbors and public lands, prisons; Council 
1914-15, pardons, charitable institutions, prisons; harbors and public lands, 
railroads, (chairman); State House; nominations. 

Vote of district: TIMOTHY J. BUCKLEY, Dem., 29,924; A. C. Russell, 
Rep., 9,369. 

District No. 4. 

HON. HERBERT P. WASGATT, Republican, Everett, was born in 
(South) Boston Aug. 26, 1865; educated in public schools. Shoe manufac- 
turer since 1884; treasurer of the Andrews-Wasgatt Company, Everett. Mt. 
Talbot lodge Masons (P. M)., East oston Council, St. John's chapter (P. H. 
P.), William Parkman commandery Knights Templar, all of East Boston; 
Palestine lodge and Bethesda chapter of Everett; Treasurer Everett lodge 
Elks, ti*easurer Everett Board of Trade; president Everett Trust Company; 
executive committee Mayors' Club; board of aldermen 1908-09; mayor 1911; 
school committee 1912-13-14-15. Committees on finance, accounts and war- 
rants; State House; military and naval affairs in Council of 1915. 

Vote of district: W. H. Barter, Dem., 21,933; F. S. Harlow, Prog., 4974; 
HERBERT P. WASGATT, Rep., 26,624. 

District No. 5. 

HON. EDWARD G. FROTHINGHAM, Republican, Haverhill, born in 
Gloucester, lived in Haverhill since he was five years old; public schools. 
Has care cf estates. In U. S. army from 1863 to close of war. Past com- 
mander Major Hov/ post G. A. R.; president "Boys in Blue of '61" of Legis- 
lature, Ancient and Honorable Artillery; president Haverhill Historical So- 
ciety, director Groveland Mutual Fire Insurance Company, trustee Haver- 
hill Savings Bank; A. 0. U. W. ( P. M. W.), J. 0. U. A. M., I. 0. O. F,Masons, 
K. T.; city committee (chairman seven years), treasurer Essex Club. House 
and Senate two years each; committees on public service and State House 
(chairman in each branch), water supply, taxation, constitutional amend- 
ments, state redistricting (special); Executive Council 1912-13-14-15, com- 
mittees on harbors and public lands, railroads; State House (chairman); 
military and naval affairs; pardons, charitable institutions, prisons; nomina- 

Vote of district: N. K. Atkins, Prog., 3,604 EDWARD G. FROTHING- 
HAM, Rep., 27,225; G. H. Leonard, Soc, 2369; C. D. Smith, Dem., 18,477. 

District No. 6. 

HON. HENY COOLIDGE MULLIGAN, Republican, Natick, born there 
March 6, 1854, its public schools. Harvard College 1879; its Law School 1879- 
81; admitted to bar 1883. Lawyer. Trial justice 20 years, school board 24 



years, chairman 16 years, president Five Cents Savings Bank since 1905. 
Meridan lodge Masons, Natick commandery Knights Templar, charter mem- 
ber Henry Wilson camp Sons of Veterans; Loyal Legion. Selectman 18«y, 
library trustee 21 years, president of board since 1905, ex-president Commer- 
cial Club. Senate 1910-11-12, committees on constitutional amendments 
(chairman), engrossed bills (chairman), legal affairs, printing banks and 
banking, election laws (chairman), pudiciary, (chairman) metropolitan attairs 
(chairman), rules; on pardons charitable institutions, prisons; harbor and 
public lands, railroads; State House, Council of 1915. 

Vote of district: J. J. Hogan, Dem.. 27.350; H. C. Hunter, Prog., 7,679, 
HENRY C. MULLIGAN, Rep., 28,055. 

District No. 7. 

HON. DANIEL E. DENNY, Republican, Worcester, born there July 14, 
1845- Worcester Academy. Machinist; U. S. railway service 20 years; real 
estate, insurance. Co. E 42d regiment; G. A. R., Masons, K. T.; K. P. Com- 
mon Council two years (president 1905). House 1906-9, committees on 
cities, military affairs (chairman); Senate 1910-12, cities, military affairs 
(chairman), public service; Extcutive Council 1913 1915, pardons, charitable 
institutions, prisons; military and naval affairs (chairman); harbors and pub- 
lic lands, railroads. _ 

Vote of district: DANIEL E. DENNY, Rep., 30,083; C. B. Perry, Prog- 
Dem., 23,916. 

District No. 8. 

HON. CHARLES H. WRIGHT, Republican, Pittsfield, born in Hinsdale 
Sept. 12, 1870; Pittsfield High School, Williston Seminary, 1888; Williams 
College (A. B., 1892; George Washington University (LL. B.) 1894; private 
secretary Congressman Wright 1892-5; lawyer in Pittsfield since 1895. 
Common council 1897-8; aldermen 1899; board of health 1900-08 (chairman); 
commission to revise city charter 1903-04; assistant district attorney 1906- 
14; appointed examiner of titles in Land Court 1898; trustee western diocese 
Episcopal church. Masons ( past master Crescent lodge) Scottish rite; Elks 
(P. E. R. Pittsfield lodge; P. D. D. western Massachusetts); Trustee of St. 
Andrew's church, Washington, D. C; Park and Country clubs. On com- 
mittees on finance, accounts and warrants; State House; military and naval 
affairs in Council of 1915. 

Vote of district: H. L. Bowles, Prog.-Dem., 24,168; W. A. King, Soc, 
2613; CHARLES H. WRIGHT, Rep., 27,116. 


HON. CALVIN COOLIDGE, President, of the Berkshire-Hampden-Hamp- 
shire district, — Agawam, Alford, Becket, Blandford, Chester, Chesterfield, 
Cummington, East Longmeadow, Easthampton, Goshen, Granville, Great 
Barrington, Hatfield, Huntington, Lee, Lenox, Longmeadow, Middlefield, Mon- 
terey, Montgomery, Mt. Washington, New Marlborough, Northampton, Otis, 
Plainfield, Richmond, Russell, Sandefield, Sheffield, Southampton, Southwick, 
Stockbridge, Tolland, Tyringham, Wasnington, West Stockbridge, Westnamp- 
ton Williamsburg, Worthington. — Republican, Northampton, born in Ply- 
mouth, Vt., July 4, 1872; Amherst College 1885. Lawyer. City council 1899; 



city solicitor 1900-01; clerk of courts 1903; chairman Republican city commit- 
tee 1904- mayor 1910-11; vice-president Nonotuck Savmgs Bank. House 
1907-8 committees on banks and banking, constitutional amendments, judici- 
ary, mercantile affairs; Senate 1912-13, agriculture (chairman), cities, legal 
affairs, (chairman), municipal finance, railroads (chairman); Lawrence strike 
(special, chairman); transportation in western Massachusetts (special, chair- 
man) President in 1914-15, (chairman of Senate and Joint Rules). 

Votfof district: CALvIn COOLIDGE, Rep., 6381; R. H. Staab, Prog.- 
Dem.. 3593. 


First District.— Attleboro, Berkley, Dighton, Easton, Mansfield, North 
Attleborough, Norton, Raynham, Rehoboth, Seekonk Taunton.— HUN. 
JOSEPH WILLIAM MARTIN, JR., Republican, North Attleborough born 
there Nov. 3, 1884; public schools. Editor and part owner North Attleboro 
Chronicle House 1912-13-14, committees on counties (chairman), public 
lighting, rules, towns (chairman); Senate 1915, counties,election laws (chair- 
man), street railways. ^T ^ T • 1 n ICCA 
Vote of district: J. F. Burke, Dem., 3209; H. D. Lincoln, Prog., 1564; 
JOSEPH WILLIAM MARTIN, JR., Rep., 5459. watttttj 
Second 'Districtv— Fall River, Somerset, Swansea.— HON. WALili.K 
McLANE, Republican, Fall River, born in Taunton, Dec. 30, 1863; public 
schools. Clerk; cotton broker. Masons, Elks, Moose. Alderman 1908-11; 
Senate 1912-15, committees on bills in 3d reading, federal relations, (chair- 
man), fisheries and game, insurance (chairman), liquor law, (chairman), 
railroads, taxation; revision of rules (special 1914). 

Vote of district: E. S. Connolly, Prog., 492; C. Lavoiex, Dem., 5110; 
WALTER E. McLANE, Rep., 6447. 

Third District.— Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown, New Bed- 
ford, Westport.— HON. ANDREW P. DOYLE, Republican, New Bedford, 
born in Ireland, Aug. 15, 1869; public schools. Shoe-maker. A. O. H. Elks. 
House 1906-13, committees on cities (chairman), insurance, liquor law, mun- 
icipal finance. State House and libraries, (insurance, special, 1906); Senate 
1914-15, cities (chairman), labor (chairman), public health, public lighting. 

Vote of district: D. T. Devoll, Dem., 2831; ANDREW P. DOYLE, Rep., 
5976; W. A. Halliday, Prog., 2054. 


First District.— Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 Lynn, Nahant, Swampscott.— HON. 
GEORGE H. JACKSON, Republican, Lynn, born in Lowell, March 9, 1865; 
Haverhill public schools. In Nov. 1881, entered employ of A. M. Bridgman,, 
then editor and owner o Haverhill Gazette and editor and publisher of this 
"Souvenir". Job printing for his own account in Haverhill and Old Orchard 
Beach, Me. Removing to Lynn in 1890, has ever since been connected with 
the Lynn Item. Common council 1899-1900; alderman 1901-02; A. C. Moody 
lodge Knights of Pythias; East Lynn lodge Odd Fellows, Beulah lodge of 
Rebekahs; Lieut, Col. Mudge Camp Sons of Veterans, Lynn lodge of Elks, 
Lynn Typographical Union, past president East Lynn Republican Club. House 
1902-3-4-5-6, committees on harbors and public lands, metropolitan affairs 
(clerks) printing (clerk), liquor law, public health (chairman); Senate 1915, 
insurance, Municipal finance, v/ater supply (chairman). 

Vote of district: GEORGE H. JACKSON, Rep., 6266; A. S. McLaud, 
Prog., 4522; J. E. Van Sciver, Soc, 498. 

Second District. — Beverly, Danvers, Marblehead, Salem. — HON. E. 
HOWARD PERLEY, Republican, Salem, born there Dec. 10, 1875; educated in 


its Classical and High school, Boston University Law School 1900. LL. B. 
Member Essex bar since 1900; master in chancery smce 1902. Starr Kmg 
lodge Masons, Sutton lodge of Perfection; Now and Then Association; balem 
common council 1903-4-5-6-7-8 (president 1908); aldermen 1911. Committees 
on engrossed bills, legal affairs (chairman), State House and Libraries, Senate 

Vote of district, J. F. Browning, Prog., 1436; E. HOWARD PERLEY, 
Rep., 5231; J. C. Stevens, Dem., 4295. 

Third District. — Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, Ipswich, Manchester, New- 
bury, Newburyport, Rockport, Rowley, Salisbury, Topsfield, Wenham, West 
Newbury.— HON. C. AUGUSTUS NORWOOD, Republican, Hamilton, born 
there Aug. 21, 1880; Harvard 1902, its Law School 1905. Lawyer. Masons, 
Grange; bank officer. House 1910-12, committees on judiciary, fisheries and 
game, water supply; Senate 1913-15, counties (chairman), constitutional 
amendments, judiciary (chairman), military affairs (chairman), public health, 
public service (chairman). 

Vote of district: A. W. Andrews, Prog.-Dem., 2842; C. AUGUSTUS 
NORWOOD, Rep., 5628. 

Fourth District. — Amesbury, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Merri- 
mac, Middleton, Peabody.— HON. HENRY G. WELLS, Republican, Haver- 
hill, born in Bridgeport, Ct., Oct. 12, 1879; Haverhill public schools. Tilton, 
N. H., Seminary, Wesleyan University of Middletown, Ct., 1902; Harvard 
Law School 1905. Lawyer. Masons, Grange, Royal Arcanum. House 1910- 
11-12, committees on insurance (clerk, chairman), election laws, (congres- 
sional redistricting (special); Senate 1913-14-15, judiciary, legal affairs, pub- 
lic institutions, public lighting (chairman), railroads, rules; recess committee 
on legislative procedure (chairman) 1914. 

Vote of district: C. S. Grieves, Soc, 639; C. I. Pettingell, Dem., 3337; 
HENRY G. WELLS, Rep., 5839. 

Fifth District. — Andover, Lawrence, Methuen, North Andover. — HON. 
JAMES R. TETLER, Republican, Lawrence, born there Aug. 26, 1877; public 
schools. Master plumber. Common council 1903-04. Masons, Odd Fellows, 
Eagles, Elks. House 1909-10, committees on federal relations, pay roll 
(chairman); Senate 1914-15, cities, counties (chairman), military affairs, pub- 
lic institutions (chairman), State House and Libraries. 

Vote of district: J. E. Cuddy, Dem.,. 5452; J. A. Murphy, Soc, 528; 
JAMES R. TETLER, Rep.. 6389. 


First District.— Springfield.— HON. GURDON W. GORDON, Republi- 
can, Springfield, born in Sheffield, Nov. 26, 1871; its public schools. Great Bar- 
rington High School 1891. Teacher two years; Williams College 1897; Bos- 
ton University Law School 1900. Lawyer. House 1912,, committee on street 
lailways; Senate 1913-15, public lighting (chairman), rules, street railways 
(chairman), ways and means. 

Vote of district: GURDON W. GORDON, Rep., 5981; C. D. Monroe, Prog.- 
Dem., 4040; G. H. Wrenn, Soc, 1848. 

Boston University. House 1895-98, 1904-05, committees on cities, towns, 
water supply, woman suffrage; Senate 1914-15, agriculture, education, en- 
grossed bills, fisheries and game, roads and bridges, ways and means. 

Second District. — Chicopee, Holyoke, West Springfield, Westfield.— HON. 
JOHN F. SHEEHAN, Dem., Holyoke born there Sept. 2, 1869, its public schools 

Vote of district: W. F. Cook, Rep., 5085; J. Hall, Jr., Soc, 729; JOHN F. 
SHEEHAN, Dem., 6756. 



First District. — Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, 
Newton, Sherborn, Watertown, Weston.— HON. GEORGE H. ELLIS, Repub- 
lican Newton, born in Medfield, Oct. 3, 1848; public schools. Printer and 
publisher. President United Typothetae of America three years; alderman 
three years, trustee Massachusetts Agricultural and Simmons Colleges; mem- 
ber of many Clubs. House 1910-11-12-13-14, committees on labor (chairman), 
street railways, railroads (chairman), social welfare. Senate 1915, public ser- 
vice, social welfare (chairman), taxation. 

Vote of district: GEORGE H. ELLIS, Rep., 7493; A. Garbutt, Prog., 944; 
M. T. Hall, Dem., 6235. 

Second District.— Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Cambridge.— HON. JAMES 
W. BEAN, Rep., Cambridge, born in Somerville May 11, 1866; High School 
1884. Proprietor Cambridge Chronicle; Masons, Elks, Board of Trade, Boston 
City Club. House 1909-12 committees on rules, ways and means; milk investi- 
gation (special). Congressional redistricting (special); Senate 1915 educat- 
ion (chairman), public institutions, way and means. 

Vote of district: JAMES W. BEAN, Rep., 4600; J. P. Brennan, Dem., 
4417; E. D. Stickney, Prog.-Cit., 275. 

Third District.— Somerville.— HON. CHARLES W. ELDRIDGE.— Re- 
publican, Somerville, born in Boston Oct. 16, 1877; public schols. Tea and 
coffee salesman. Odd Fellows, Commercial Travelers' Association, Fourth of 
July Association, Clarendon Club, Grange, Elks, Board of Trade. Alderman 
1907-08-09. House 1911-13, committees on mercantile affairs (chairman), 
prisons. State House and Libraries (chairman); Senate 1914-15, federal re- 
lations, fisheries and game (chairman), mercantile affairs. 

Vote of district: C. W. Berry, Prog., 952; J. J. Brennan, 3283; CHARLES 
W. ELDRIDGE, Rep., 5857. 

Fourth District.— Everett, Maiden, Melrose.— HON. JAMES F. CAV- 
ANAGH, Republican, Everett, born in Chelsea June 19, 1872; Everett public 
schools, Y. M. C. A. Evening Law School, Boston University Law School LL. 
B. and LL. M. Insurance business, 1889-1907,w hen began practice of law. 
Boston City Club, Court City of Everett Foresters of America, Charitable 
Irish Society, Young Men's Catholic Association of Boston, Everett Board of 
Trade, associate member Post 156 G. A. R., Kearsarge Association Naval Vet- 
erans, Co. B Eighth Regiment, Everett Y. M. C. A. House 1910-12 com- 
mittees on banks and banking (chairman), insurance, railroads, rules, taxa- 
tion; Southbridge Savings Bank investigation (special 1910), special to inves- 
tigate money lenders (chairman, 1911); Senate 1915, banks and banking judi- 
ciary, metropolitan affairs (chairman). 

Vote of district: JAMES F. CAVANAGH, Rep., 6287; C. M. Cox, Prog., 
4811; R. C. Shea, Dem., 1851. 

Fifth District. — Belmont, Concord, Hudson, Lexington, Lincoln, Marl- 
borough, Maynard, Stow, Sudbury, Waltham, Wayland.— HON. NATHAN A. 
TUFTS, Republican, Waltham born in Fitchburg April 15, 1879; Brown Uni- 
versity 1900, B. U. Law School 1903. Lawyer. Masons, Odd Fellows, Elks, 
Moose, Grange. Alderman 1907-09. House 1910-14, committees on engrossed 
bills (chairman), legal affairs (chairman), election laws, rules, ways and 
means, child labor (special), congressional redistricting (special); Senate 
1915, judiciary, metropolitan affairs, taxation (chairman). 

Vote of district: P. J. Duane, Dem., 5043; F. R. S. Mildon, Prog., 873; 
NATHAN A. TUFTS, Rep., 7367. 

Sixth District.— Arlington, Medford, Stoneham, Wakefield, Winchester, 
Woburn.— HON. WILTON B. FAY, Republican, Medford, born in Hyde Park, 



Oct. 3, 1865; educated in private and public schools in Boston, graduating 
from the English High in 1883. Accountant with Bliss, Fabyan & Co. since 
1890. Member Medford Park Commission 1904-15, chairman since 1910; 
treasurer Republican city committee 1900, chairman same 1901-06; treasurer 
8th Congressional District committee 1901-11; Republican State committee 
1908-12 (finance committee); alternate to Republican National conventions 
1908 1912; member Massachusetts Republican, Middlesex, Boston Art, Med- 
ford, Medford Boat clubs; Medford Historical Society, Board of Trade, Horti- 
cultural Society; Boston Horticultural Society (life member). House 1910- 
11-12, committees on counties (chairman), ways and means, congressional 
redistricting (special 1912); Senate 1913, banks and banking (chairman), 
fisheries and game (chairman), ways and means; 1915, banks and banking, 
cities, municipal finance (chairman). 

Vote of district: E. N. Curtis, Prog., 1559; C. A. Dean, Dem., 5285. WIL- 
MOT B. FAY, Rep., 6611. 

Seventh District. — Acton, Ayer, Bedford, Billerica, Boxborough, Burl- 
ington, Carlisle, Littleton, Wards 5, 9 Lowell, Ward 6 Lynn, Lynnfield, North 
Reading, Reading, Saugus, Tewksbury, Westford, Wilmington. — HON. 
CHARLES A. KIMBALL, Republican, Littleton, born there Feb. 23, 1867; 
public schools, Phillips-Exeter Academy 1891, Yale College 1895. In rail- 
road office, teacher, farmer. Selectman 1901-06; assessor 1901-06; over- 
seer of poor 1901-06; treasurer and collector 1907-09; town clerk 1910 to 
1915; school committee 1907-10; real estate conveyancer, justice of the peace. 
Masons; Littleton Grange (Pastmaster). House 1914, committee on educa- 
tion; Senate 1915; agriculture, engrossed bills (chairman), street railways. 

Vote od district: H. P. Dunn, Dem., 4685; CHARLES A. KIMBALL, 
Rep., 5351; A. Brooks Parker, 890. 

Eighth District. — Ashby, Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, Groton, Wards 
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, Lowell, Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, Tyngsborough.— HON. 
GEORGE E. MARCHAND, Republican, Lowell, born there Dec. 22, 1877; 
public schools. Chauffeur. Common council 1907-08. Lowell aerie Eagles, 
Central, Centralville, Pawtucketville and other clubs. House 1910-11, com- 
mittee on prisons (chairman); Senate 1915, bills in third reading, counties 
(chairman), public institutions. 

Vote of district: H. J. Draper, Dem., 4935; C. B. Livingston, Prog., 1899; 
GEORGE E. MARCHAND, Rep., 5354. 


First District. — Ward 26 Boston (Hyde Park), Braintree, Canton, Hol- 
brook. Milton, Quincy, Randolph, Weymouth.— HON. LOUIS F. R. LANG- 
ELIER, Republican, Quincy, born in Boston Nov. 20, 1873; public schools. 
Publishing. City council, 1899, 1902; Odd Fellows. Elks, Masons, N. E. 0. 
P. House 1900-11 on the committees on banks and banking, harbors and 
public lands (chairman), roads and bridges; Senate 1914-15, constitutional 
amendments, education (chairman), harbors and public lands (chairman), 
municipal finance (chairman), public service. 

Vote of district: LOUIS F.. R. LANGELIER, Rep., 8674, C. W. Proctor, 
Dem., 5557. 

Second District. — Avon, Bellingham, Brookline, Dedham, Dover, Fox- 
borough, Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Needham, Norfolk, Plainville, 
Sharon, Stoughton, Walpole, Wellesley, Westwood, Wrentham. — HON. 
ORION T. MASON, Republican, Medway, born there April 4, 1865; public 
schools. Been railroad agent, express agent, now market gardening. House 
1905, 1914, committees on public health and State House; Senate 1915, coun- 



ties, harbors and public lands, State House and Libraries (chairman). 

Vote of district: C. E. Abbott, Prog.-Dem., 5499; ORION T. MASON, 
Rep., 9157. 


First District. — Abington, Carver, Cohasset, Duxbury, East Bridgewater, 
Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Hingham, Hull, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, 
Pembroke, Plymouth, Plympton, Rockland, Scituate, Whitman. — HON. 
CHARLES S. BEAL, Republican, Rockland, born there Aug. 14, 1856; public 
schools. Teacher, grocer, superintendent of tannery, John Cutler lodge. 
Masons (past master), Old Colony commandery Knights Templar past- 
eminent commander), Aleppo temple Mystic Shrine; 32d degree; Massachu- 
setts Consistory. Park commissioner 1909-15. Union Glee Club. House 
1910, committee on drainage; Senate 1915, harbors and public lands, labor 
(chairman), towns. 

Vote of district: CHARLES S. BEAL, Rep., 4073; C. E. Burbank, Prog., 
2247; C. E. Mansfield, Uem., 3254; F. O. Nicholes, Soc, 294. 

Second District. — Bridgew^ater, Brockton, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoi- 
sett, Middleborough, Rochester, Wareham, West Bridgewater. — HON. EZRA 
W. CLARK, Republican, Brockton, born in Glover, Vt., Oct., 12, 1842; Orleans 
Liberal Institute, Newbury Seminary, Jefferson Medical College. Teacher; 
physician since 1870. Selectman, superintendent of schools, Derby, Vt.,; 
Brockton school committee three years; Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows. 
House 1905-07, committees on constitutional amendments, counties, election 
laws, printing, public service; Senate 1912-15, education (chairman), liquor 
law, municipal finance, public health (chairman), public institutions, public 

Vote of district: EZRA W. CLARK, Rep., 5714; E. N. Dahlborg, Prog., 
2656; Z. Thibadeau, Soc, 688; J. J. Whalen, Dem., 3738. 


First District. — Ward I Boston, Chelsea, Revere, Winthrop, — HON. ED- 
WARD C. R. BAGLEY, Republican, Boston, born in (East) Boston July 
22, 1875; public schools. Salesman, Real estate and insurance, Baalbec lodge 
Masons, Zenith lodge Odd Fellows, Boston lodge Elks, Winthrop lodge N. E. 
O. P., Ridgeley encampment. Republican Club of Ward One, Massachusetts 
Republican and Winthrop Republican clubs. Hooker Association. House 1911- 
12, committees on mercantile affairs, taxation; Senate 1913-15, fisheries and 
game, harbors and public lands, mercantile affairs (chairman 1913-14-15), 
metropolitan affairs, roads and bridges. 

Vote of district: EDWARD C. R. BAGLEY, Rep., 7918; A. M. Huddell, 
Prog., 834; T. L. Sorenson, Dem., 3493. 

Second District.— Wards 2, 3, 4, 5 Boston, Wards 1, 2, 3 Cambridge.— 
HON JAMES I. GREEN, Democrat, Boston, born there April 9, 1885; Boston 
College Lawyer. House 1911-12, committees on federal relations (clerk), 
harbors and public lands; Senate 1915, engrossed bills, legal affairs, metro- 
politan affairs. 

Vote of district: JAMES I. GREEN, Dem., 7161; B. F. Thompson, Rep., 

Third District.— Wards 6, 7, 8 Boston, Ward 4 Cambridge.— HON. 
PHILIP J McGONAGLE, Dem., Boston, born there Oct. 21, 1872; public 
schools. Roofer. K. C, A. 0. H.; Common Council 1902-06. House 1907-08, 



committees on parishes and religious societies, State House; Senate 1913-15, 
constitutional amendments, engrossed bills, mercantile affairs, public institu- 
tions, towns. 

Vote of district: F. P. Dyer, Cit, Norn. 454; J. H. Farley, Prog.-Rep., 
1490; PHILIP J. McGONAGLE, Dem., 3448. 

Fourth District.— Wards, 9, 12, 17, Boston.— HON. JOSEPH LEONARD, 
Dem., Boston, born there Oct. 14, 1877; public schools. Life, insurance. 
Knights of Equity, Knights of Columbus, Young Men's Catholic Association; 
Sheridan, Quincy, Ward Nine Yacht clubs; Cathedral Young Men's Catholic 
Association; Arena Athletic Association; Ward 17 Tammany Club. Com- 
mon Council 1907. House 1909, 1911-13, committees on cities, election laws, 
insurance, printing; Senate 1914-15, bills in third reading, insurance, labor, 
municipal finance, taxation, towns. 

Vote of district: JOSEPH LEONARD, Dem., 4460; A. Seaver, Rep., 2144. 

Fifth District.— Wards 10, 11, 25 Boston.— HON. MARTIN HAYS, Rep., 
Boston, born in New York City Oct. 14, 1876; public schools. Lawyer. Ma- 
sons, Elks, A. 0. U. W. R. A. Heptasophs, Lincoln Club. House 1910, 1912- 
14, committees on election laws, legal affairs municipal finance, public light- 
ing (clerk, chairman); Senate 1915, banks and banking (chairman), legal af- 
fairs, public lighting. 

Vote of district: G. E. Burnham, Prog., 843; MARTIN HAYS, Rep., 
5477; T. C. O'Brien, Dem.' 3444. 

Sixth District.— Wards 13, 14, 15, 16 Boston.— HON. WILLIAM J. SUL- 
LIVAN, Democrat, Boston, born in Wales, April 14, 1865; public school, B. U. 
Law School 1898. Lawyer. House 1901-2, 1911, committees on judiciary, 
mrcantile affairs, probate and chancery, codification of Revised Laws (spec- 
ial); Senate 1915, judiciary, legal affairs. Social welfare. 

Vote of district: T. B. Bradley, Prog.-Rep., 2154; WILLIAM J. SULLI- 
VAN, Dem., 7612. 

Seventh District.— HON. JAMES P. TIMILTY, Democrat, Boston, born 
in Roxbury, March 28, 1865; public schools. Contractor. Member of Eagles, 
A. O. U. W., president of city and town employees, president of Pavers'' Un- 
ion, president. Democratic city committee. Senate 1911-12-13-14-15, com- 
mittees on drainage, mercantile affairs, public lighting, railroads, rules. 

Vote of district: J. F. Hanley, Dem.-Ind., 2804; N. T. Kjellstrom, Prog., 
319; W. C. F. Krone, Rep., 2297; JAMES P. TIMOTHY, Dem., 4354. 

Eighth District.— Wards 20, 21 Boston.— HON. REDMOND S. FITZ- 
BERALD, Democrat, Boston, born there July 2, 1882; Dorchester High 
School. Real estate. K. C, M. C. 0. F., Senate 1913-15, committees on elec- 
tion laws, federal relations, insurance, roads and bridges, rules. State House 
and Libraries. 

Vote of district: REDMOND S. FITZGERALD, Dem., 6786; L. C. Green- 
leaf, Rep., 5499; W. J. Paul, Prog., 1014. 

Ninth District.— Wards 23, 24 Boston.— HON. SANFORD BATES, Rep., 
Boston, born there July 17, 1884; public schools, Y. M. C. A., Law School 
1906. Lawyer. Boston City, Massachusetts Republican, Lincoln, Dorchester, 
Young Men's Republican clubs; Ashmont Improvement Association, Massa- 
chusetts Bar Association, Royal Arcanum, Boston Y. M. C. .A. House 1912- 
1914, committees on engrossed bills, constitutional amendments (chairman), 
mercantile affairs (clerk); Senate 1915, bills in third reading (chairman), 
judiciary, water supply. _ 

Vote of district: SANFORD BATES, Prog.-Rep., 6119; J. H. Burns, Prog.- 
Ind., 276; C. S. Lawler, Dem., 5248. 


First District.— Wards, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Worcster.— HON. JULIUS 



GARST, Republican, Worcester, born Dayton, 0., Dec. 12, 1855; University of 
Illinois, Medical Department of University of Michigan 1878. Physician 12 
years, American Academy of Political and Social Science, American Sociologi- 
cal Society, National Municipal League, American Political Science Associa- 
tion, American Economic Association, Worcester Economic Club, Worcester 
Chamber of Commerce. House 1903-04, committees on election laws, print- 
ing, (clerk), taxation; Senate 1913, election laws, engrossed bills (chairman), 
public service (chairman); 1915, bills in 3d reading, public service (chairman)i 
roads and bridges. 

Vote of district: J. T. Flanagan, Dem., 5588; JULIUS GARST, Rep., 7116; 
J. S. Thomson, Prog., 540. 

Second District. — Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Harvard, Holden, 
Lancaster, Sterling, West Boylston, Wards 1, 2, 3 Worcester. — HON. CLAR- 
ENCE W. HOBBS, Republican, Worcester, born in Woodsfords, Me,, Oct, 1, 
1878; Harvard 1902, its Law School 1904. Lawyer. House 1910-12, com- 
mittees on engrossed bills, judiciary (clerk), elections (chairman), legal af- 
fairs (clerk); Senate 1913-15, cities (chairman), constitutional amendments 
(chairman) election laws, fisheries and game, judiciary (chairman), railroads 
(chairman), rules. 

Vote of district: CLARENCE W. HOBBS, Rep., 5468; W. C. McDonald, 
Prog., 541; E. L. Moore, Dem., 8784, 

Third District. — Ashburnham, Athol, Fitchburg, Gardner, Leominster, In- 
nenburg, Royalston, Westminster, Winchendon.— HON. FRANK S. FARNS- 
WORTH, Republican, Leominster, born in Fitchburg, Oct. 12, 1864; public 
schools, business college. Heating and plumbing. Odd Fellows, Royal Ar- 
canum; selectman 1900-03, 1906-07, House 1913-14, committes on public 
lighting, street railways (clerk) ; Senate 1914, fisheries and game, taxation, 
towns (chairman). 

Vote of district: FRANK S. FARNSWORTH, Rep., 6222; A. L. Leeman, 
Soc, 683; E. N. Sibley, Prog.-Dem., 5021. 

Fourth District. — Auburn, Blackstone, Douglas, Grafton, Hopedale, Men- 
don, Milford, Millbury, Northborough, Northbridge, Oxford, Shrewsbury, 
Southborough, Sutton. Uxbridge. Webster, Westborough.— HON. WILLIAM 
A. L. BAZELEY, Republican, Uxbridge, born in Builth, Wales, Oct. 7, 1872; 
public and private schools. Trustee of properties, and in real estate busi- 
ness. Treasurer New England Conservatory of Music, trustee Thayer School 
Funds, trustee public library; Republican town committee; Naval Brigade in 
1890-04, First Corps of Cadets in 1894-00; president Blackstone Agricultural 
Society. House 1909, 1912, committees on railroads, ways and means; Senate 
1913-14-15, military affairs, railroads, social welfare (chairman) taxation, 
ways and means (chairman). 

Vote of district: WILLIAM A. L. BAZELEY, Rep., 6294; J. H. McCooey, 
Dem., 4898. 

Berkshire District. — Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Florida, Han- 
cock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, New Ashford, North Adams, Peru, Pittsfield, 
Savoy, Williamstown, Windsor.— HON. FRANK BARTLETT, Republican, 
Pittsfield, born Saratoga, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1854; Amsterdam, N. Y„ public 
schools, Amsterdam Academy 1872, Shoe business. City council 1898-9, Odd 
Fellows; Masons. House 1900-1-2, committees on prisons (clerk), public ser- 
vice (chairman); Senate 1915, cities, constitutional amendments (chairman), 

Vote o district: FRANK BARTLETT, Rep., 5828; T. C. Collins, Dem., 
4549; C. C. Cook, Prog., 791. 

Cape District.— Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Chatham, Chilmark, Den- 



nis, Eastham, Edgartown, Falmouth, Gay Head, Gosnold, Harwich. Mashpee, 
Nantucket, Oak Bluffs, Orleans, Provincetown, Sandwich, Tisbury, Truro, 
West Tisbury, Yarmouth.— HON. CHARLES L. GIFFORD, Republican, 
Barnstable, born there March 15, 1871; public schools. High school teacher; 
dealer in real estate, conveyancer. House 1912-13, committees on insurance, 
pay roll, public service; Senate 1914-15, bills in third reading (chairman), 
labor, military affairs (chairman), towns (chairman), ways and means. 

Vote of district: L. A. Crocker, Prog., 444; CHARLES L. GIFFORD, 
Rep., 2806; W. T. Makepeace, Dem.. 1607. 

Franklin-Hampshire District. — Amherst, Ashfield, Belchertown, Bernards- 
ton, Buckland, Charlemont, Colrain, Conway, Deerfield, Erving, Enfield, Gill, 
Granby, Greenfield, Greenwich, Hadley, Hawley, Heath, Leverett, Leyden, 
Monroe, Montague, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, Pelham, Prescott, Rowe, 
Shelburne, Shutesbury, South Hadley, Sunderland, Ware, Warwick, Wendell, 
Whately.— HON. JOHN W. HAIGIS, Republican, Montague, born there 
(Turners Falls), July 31, 1881; public schools. Stationer; business manager 
Greenfield Recorder. Pastmaster Mechanics lodge Masons; Samosett tribe 
Red Men; Valley lodge Odd Fellows; Order of Harugari. House 1909-10-11- 
12, committees on federal relations (chairman), railroads, (clerk), rules 
(clerk); Congressional redistricting (special 1911). 

Vote of district: H. W. Field, Prog., 832; P. W. Goldsbury, Dem., 2414; 
JOHN W. HAIGIS, Rep., 5883; E. K. Sheldon, Soc, 323. 

Worcester-Hampden District. — Barre, Brimfield, Brookfield, Charlton, 
Dana, Dudley, Hampden, Hardwick, Holland, Hubbardston, Leicester, Ludlow, 
Monson, New Braintree, North Brookfield, Oakham, Palmer, Paxton, Peters- 
ham, Phillipston, Princeton, Rutland, Southbridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, Tem- 
pleton, Wales, Warren, West Brookfield, Wilbraham.— HON. HERBERT E. 
CUMMINGS, Republican, North Brookfield, born in Leverett, April 11, 1851; 
public schools. Merchant, lumber dealer. Meridian Sun lodge Masons, 
Woodbine lodge Odd Fellows; pastmaster North Brookfield Grange. House 
1914, committee on agriculture; Senate 1915, agriculture (chairman), towns, 
water supply. 

Vote of district: A. Boyer, Jr., 4949; HERBERT E. CUMMINGS, Prog.- 
Rep., 5413. 



HON. CHANNING H. COX of Ward 10, Boston, Republican, was born 
in Manchester, N. H., Feb. 28, 1879; Dartmouth College, Harvard Law 
School 1904. Lawyer. Masons, Elks; Republican, University, City, Lincoln 
clubs; Boston, Massachusetts bar associations. Republican city committee 
1906-09, common council 1908-09. House 1910-11-12-13-14, committees on 
bills in third reading, (chairman), judiciary (chairman), legal affairs, mer- 
cantile affairs, (chairman), rules; special on public utilities; acting speaker 
several weeks in 1913. Speaker in 1915, chairman of House, on joint rules. 


District No. 1. — Barnstable, Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee, Sandwich. — 



ALBERT HOLWAY, Republican, Bourne, born in Sandwich Aug. 28, 1872; 
public schools. Postmaster 1893 to the present; railroad station agent ZU 
years; selectman and assessor 1902-3, 1911-12-13; edge tool manufacturer 10 
years; DeWitt Clinton lodge Masons, Manomet lodge Knights of Fythias; 
Megansett tribe Red Men. House 1914, committee on taxation; 191o, roads 
and bridges (clerk). 

Vote of district: ALBERT HOLWAY, Rep., 917; E. M. Robinson, Ind., 
381; G. L. Thacher, Prog.-Dem., 705. . „ . ^ ^ ,, .nuxr p 

District No. 2.— Chatham, Dennis, Harwich, Yarmouth.— JOHJN P. 
NICKERSON, Republican, Harwich, (West), born there Feb. 15, 1876; pub- 
lic schools. Tufts Medical School 1901. Physician. Mt. Horeb lodge Ma- 
sons, Sylvester Baxter chapter royal arch Masons; school committee last 10 
years. Committee on public health. House 1915. 

Vote of district: JOHN P. NICKERSON, Prog., Rep.-Dem., 691; all 
others, one. 

District No. 3.— Brewstei*, Eastham, Orleans, Provincetown, Truro, 
Wellfleet.— JEROME SANDS SMITH, Republican, Provincetown, born there 
Nov. 19, 1850; public schools. At sea; beef and dairying business. Masons 
and Odd Fellows. House 1912-13-14-15, committee on fisheries and game 
(chairman), constitutional amendments, labor, towns. 

Vote of district: C. F. Poor, Prog., 319; JEROME SANDS SMITH, Rep., 


District No. 1.— Clarksburg, Florida, Wards 3, 4, 5 North Adams, Sa- 
voy.— JAMES TRACY POTTER, Republican, North Adams, born in Benning- 
ton, Vt., Jan. 26, 1870; public schools, Andover Academy, Yale College 1894. 
Lawyer. Greylock lodge Masons, 32d degree Mason; North Adams lodge 
Elks, Olympian lodge Knights of Pythias; captain Co. M Second Infantry M. 
V. M. Clerk ofc ommittee on military affairs. House 1915. 

Vote of district: J. B. Farley, Dem., 602; JAMES TRACY POTTER, 
Rep., 768; J. W. White, Prog., 180. ^,^,r^ ,-, 

District No. 2.— Wards, 1, 2, 6, 7 North Adams.— LOUIS LaDAME, Dem., 
North Adams, born Burlington, Vt., Nov. 30, 1856; public schools. Iron and 
brass moulder. Division 4, A. O. H.; Bracewell Court, M. C. O. F. Specially 
interested and influential securing the establishing of an institution lo_r 
feeble-minded in five western counties. Committee on counties. House 191t). 

Vote of district: Edward Davies, Rep., 659; LOUIS LaDAME, Dem., 797. 

District No. 3.— Adams, Cheshire, Hinsdale, New Ashford, Peru, Wind- 
sor.— GEORGE J. RABOUIN, Republican, Progressive-Republican, Adams, 
born three Aug. 19, 1889; public schools, Valleyfield College, Valleyfield, Can- 
ada; Bliss Business College North Adams, Odd Fellows, French Republican 
Club, Forest Park Country Club. Committee on insurance. House 1915. 

Vote of district: —J. P. McGovern, Dem., 1027; GEORGE J. RABOUIN, 

District No. 4. — Dalton, Hancock, Lanesborough, Ward I Pittsfield, Wil- 
liamstown.— GEORGE B. WATERMAN, Republican, Williamstown, born 
there July 10, 1862; public schools. Glen Academy. Agent National Express 
Company and agent T. W. Richmond & Co.; member firm of Waterman & 
Moore, coal, lumber and building business for 18 years; real estate and in- 
surance; post-master. Selectman 1907-8 (chairman). Cemetery Commission 
(clerk) 1896 to present. House of 1895, committee on cities; on roads and 

"vot^e^ of district: J. J. Connolly, Dem., 823; E. W. Otis, Prog., 127; GEORGE 
B. WATERMAN, Rep., 1032. 



District No. 5.— Wards 2, (5, 7 Pittsfield.— ROBERT T. KENT, Republi- 
can, PiLLKfiold, horn West Stockhridge, Dec. '50, 188:5; Pittsfield public schools, 
Berkshiie Business College. Carriage l)usiness, paper manufacturing; real 
estate, Masons, Anglers' Club, Berkshire Gun Club. City committee 10 
years, Committee on street railways (clerk) House 1915. 

Vote of district: M. E. Callahan, Dem., 840; E. Hick, Prog., 187; ROBERT 
T. KENT, Rep., 12:!;5. 

District No. 6.— Wards 8, 4, 5 Pittsfield.— WILLIAM C. RENNE, Rep., 
Pittsfield, born there May 29, 1855; public schools. Military Academy of 
Claverack, N. Y., and Syracuse University. Real estate business, formerly 
shoe manufacturer, Masons, Knights Templar, Mystic Shrine, Park Club, 
Pittsfield Board of Trade. Committees on insurance and labor House 1915. 

Vote of district: F. E. Belden, Prog., 148; T. M. Nimmons, Dem., (}i;5; 
WILLIAM C. RENNE, Rep., 1:558. 

District No. 7. — Becket, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, New Marlboro, Otis, 
Richmond, Sandisfield, Tyringham, Washington.— JOHN H. McALLISTER, 
D(!m()ciat, Lee, born there y\ug. JO, 18()9, public schools, Chicago Veterinary 
College 189:5. Veterinarian. Evening Star lodge Masons, Lee Grange. An- 
imal inspector last 15 years. Committee on public health House 1915. 

Vote of district: E. S. Delafield, Rep., 784; JOHN II. McALLISTER, 
Dem., 1058. 

District No. 8. — Alford, Egremont, Great liarrington, Mt. Washington, 
Sheffield, Stockbridge, West Stock1)ridge.— JOHN Jl HULL, Republican, 
Great Harrington, born in Stockbridge, July 17, 1871; Massachusetts Agri- 
cultural College. Coal business. Masons; Grange. House 191:5-14-15, com- 
mittee on rules, ways and means (chairman). 

Vote of district: A. N. Bartlett, Soc, 57; R. M. Bartlett, Prog., 66; 
JOHN B. HULL, Rep., IIII; II. W. Weaver, Dem., 7:38. 


DiHtrict No. 1. — Attleboro, North Attleborough, Norton, Seekonk. — 
CYRIL R. READ, Republican, Seekonk, born there Jan. 29, 1876; public 
schools, l^'armer. Selectman 1905-1910. (chairman); assessor 1905-15, 
(chairman 1914-15). Committee on agriculture House 1915. 

(;E0R(;E M. WORRALL, Republican, Attleboro, born in Marshfield, 
Dec. 11, 18()9; public schools. Real estate and insurance; Assessor 1905-i:j 
(chairman); selectmen 1907-12 (chairman); Ezekiel Bates lodge Masons, 
Orient lodge Odd Fellows. House 191:5-14-15, committees on election laws. 
State House and Libraries, street railways. 

Vote of district: F. A. Bartlett, Prog., 996; W. A. Briggs, Prog., 788; 
F. J. Condon, Dem., 859; (;. M. Gustin, Dem., 10G:5; CYRIL R. READ, Rep., 
2020; GEORGE M. WORRALL, Rep., 2182. 

District No. 2.— Easton, Mansfield, Raynham.— GEORGE B. LEONARD, 
Republican, Raynham, born there Jan. 21, 1868; pul)lic schools. Tack ancl 
nail manufacturer. Selectman and overseer of poor since 1909 (chairman ex- 
cept 191:5). Republican town committee two years; town auditor 1904-08. 

Vote of district: L. M. Harlow, Dem., 655; GEORGE B. LEONARD, 
Rep., 709; M. J. Lincoln, Prog., 280. 

District No. :}.— Wards 5, 7, 8 Taunton.— MATTHEW A. HIGGINS, Dem., 
Taunton, born in Stoughton, Jan. 25, 1860; public schools. Grocer. House 
1914-15 committees on fisheries and game, pay roll, public service. 

Vote of district: E. J. Ducharme, Rep., 874; MATTHEW A. HIGGINS, 
Dem., 10.'52. 



District No. 4.— Wards 2, .'5, 4 Taunton.— JOSEPH E. WARNER, Re- 
publican, Taunton, born there May IG, 1884, Harvard CoHckc IDOC, its Law 
School li)08. Lawyer. Common council 1907-11. Odd Fellows, K. P., Ma- 
sons. House 19i;M4-ir), committees on ways and means (clerk). 

Vote of district: JOSEPH E. WARNER, Rep., 1144; all others, one. 

District No. .'). — Berkley, Dift-hton, Rehoboth, Wards 1, H Taunton.— E. 
ELLSWORTH LINCOLN, Republican, Di^hton, born there July 20, 1801; 
public schools. Paper manufacturer. Selectman, school committee, trustee 
public library. House 1914-15. committee on labor. 

Vote of district: E. ELLSWORTH LINCOLN, Rep., 722; F. E. Smith, 
Dem., 3r,9. 

District No. 6. — Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown.— HER- 
BERT WING, Republican, Dartmouth, born there Sept. 14, 1814; public 
schools, Farmer. Selectman, overseers of poor, board of health. Masons. 
House 1908, committees on drainage, fisheries and game; 1914-15, election 
laws, harbors and public lands. 

Vote of district: W. T. Dunn. Dem., 199: HERBERT WING. Rep.. 881. 

District No. 7.— Wards 1, 2. 8 New Bedford.— I). HERBERT COOK, 
Republican, New Bedford, born there June 2, 18.^)1; public schools. Contrac- 
tor, builder. K. P., Common council 1904, 1907, 1910-11-12. House 1918-15, 
committees on cities, constitutional amendments, counties (clerk). 

JOHN F. HATCH, JR., Republican, New Bedford, born there Auk^ 4, 
1881; Exeter Academy. Bank teller. Dartmouth Club, New Bedford lodf,'e 
Elks, school committee one year, common council one year, aldermen two 
year.s. House 1914-15, committees on banks and banking:, public Jitrhtinp;. 

Vote of district: D. HERBERT COOK, Rep., 2:!07; JOHN F. HATCH, 
JR., Rep., 2189; T. F. McCrohan, Rep.-Ind., 1284; I). L. McGee, Rep.-Ind., 
1440; J. T. Sloane, Dem., 1272. 

District No. 8.— Wards 4, 5, fJ New Bedford. — lOIIN HALLTWELL, Re- 
publican, New Bedford, born Mossley, Lancashire, En^^Iand, Feb. 27, 18(;4; 
public schools. Mule spinner. Common council 1905-(i-7. Manchester Un- 
ity; A. O. U. W., Washington Social Club. House 1914-15, committee on 
municipal finance (clerk). 

RICHARD KNOWLES, Republican, New Bedford, born in Boston, Jan. 
1, 1889; Harvard College 1909; its Law School 1911. Lawyer. Common 
council 1912-1.*}; (president 1918). House 1914-15, committees taxation 
(clerk), ways and means. 

Vote of district: J. H. Backus, Jr., Dem., 1575; W. A. Burns, Rep.-Tnd., 
885; J. Enos, Soc, 177; R. Goodman, Prof?., 209; JOHN HALLIWELL, Rep., 
2849; G. Hotte, Dem., 650; RICHARD KNOWLES, Rep., 2219; E. Smith, 
Soc, 184. 

District No. 9.— Wards 1, 2 Fall River, Westport— JOHN F. DOHER- 
TY, Democrat, Fall River, born in Wareham June 1, 1881, public schools, 
Boston University Law School 1912. Auditing,' and accounting; lawyer. 
House 1918-15, committees on banks and banking, le^al affairs, judiciary. 

EDMOND P. TALBOT, Democrat, Fall River, born in Tin^wick, P. Q., 
Canada, April 21, 1884; public schools and St. Anne's Commercial CoUoffc. 
Pharmacist. Fall River council No. HO Knights of Columbus; St. Jean de 
Baptiste of America: court St. Anne Catholic Onler Foresters; Fall River 
lodf^e Moose; Garde Napoleon; First Cercle Canadian (president); Calumet, 
Kinp Philip, Franco, State Franco-Democratic clubs; park commission last 
eight years (chairman 1918-14, secretary now). Committee on labor House 

Vote of district: S. W. A.shton, Prog., 261; JOHN F. DOHERTY, Dem., 



1938; F. M. Hunter, Frog., 148; R. L. Manley, Rep., 1447; William Place, 
Rep., 1461; EDMOND P. TALBOT, Dem., 1829. 

District No. 10.— Wards 3, 4, 5 Fall River.— EDWARD F. HARRING- 
TON, Democrat, Fall River, born there Aug. 10, 1878; parochial school, 
business college. Common council, aldermen; Fall River council Knights of 
Columbus, Y. M. I. A. Temperance Society, Bishop Stang court Catholic 
Order of Foresters, Sons of St. Patrick, Sacred Heart Holy Name Society, 
division I. A. O. H. House 1909-15, committees on libraries, mercantile af- 
fairs, water supply. 

AMBROSE F. OGDEN, Democrat, Fall River, born there Sept. 7, 1871; 
public schools. Salesman. Alderman 1907-8, 1909-10-12. Eagles, A. 0. F., 
A. O. H. House 1914-15, committees on military affairs, water supply. 

Vote of district: I. X. Cuttle, Rep., 1294; EDWARD F. HARRINGTON, 
Dem., 1848; AMBROSE F. OGDEN, Dem., 1605. 

District No. 11. — Wards 6, 7, 8, 9 Fall River, Somerset, Swansea. — 
JAMES T. BAGSHAW, Republican, Fall River, born in Allendale, R. I., Jan. 
31, 1869; public schools. Grocer, real estate, insurance, auctioneer. K. P., 
Elks, Moose. Alderman-at-large 1903-4-5-6. House 1914-15 committees on 
elections (clerk), insurance. 

FRANCIS X. LeBOEUF, Republican, Fall River, born in Canada April 
21, 1853; public schools. Insurance. House 1912-15, committees on federal 
relations, pay roll (chairman) public institutions. 

FRANK MULVENY, Republican, Fall River, born there June 14, 1885; 
public schools, law schools. Lawyer. Masons. House 1911-15, committees 
on elections (clerk ), legal affairs, public health, railroads, water supply 

Vote of district: JAMES T. BAGSHAW, Rep., 3784; W. J. Hale, Dem.., 
1509; FRANCIS X. LeBOEUF, Rep., 8453; FRANK MULVENY, Rep., 3405. 


Chilmark, Edgartown, Gay Head, Gosnold. Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, West 
Tisbury.— BENJAMIN G. COLLINS, Republican, Edgartown, born there 
Dec. 25, 1860; public schools, Massachusetts Institute of Technology class of 
1881. Mechanical engineer, surveyor; wholesale and retail dealer in fish and 
shell fish. Oriental lodge Masons (J. D.), town auditor 1893-1914; secretary 
town committee 1897-1915. House of Representatives 1900-01-02, com- 
mittee on fisheries and game (clerk '00, chairman '01-02); on same. House 

Vote of district: BENJAMIN G. COLLINS, Rep., 539; C. A. Merrill, Ind.- 
Non . partisan, 219. 


District No. 1.— Amesbury, Merrimac— SAMUEL I. COLLINS, Repub- 
lican, Amesbury, born in Salisbury March 4, 1851; High School, Real estate, 
dairy farming. Odd Fellows, J. O. U. A. M. Salisbury school committee; 
selectman, overseer of poor (clerk). Masons, Massachusetts and Essex Coun- 
ty Republican clubs; finance committees. House 1911-12-13-14-15, commit- 
tees on fisheries and game, public service, roads and bridges (clerk and chair- 
man). State House and Libraries, ways and menas. 

Vote of district: SAMUEL I. COLLINS, Rep., 907; J. Spofford, Soc, 
110; P. A. Wilson, Dem., 417. 

District No. 2.— Wards, 1, 2, 3 Haverhill, FRED H. MAGISON, Rep., 



Haverhill, born in Mooers, N. Y., June 26, 1880; public schools; Y. M. C. A. 
Law School 1910. Harvard Law School 1910-11; Lawyer. House 1914-15, 
committees legal affairs, public lighting. 

Vote of district: C. P. Driscoll, Dem„ 513; F. M. Knight, Prog., 84; FRED 
H. MAGISON, Rep., 599. 

District No. 3.— Wards 4, 6 Haverhill.— ESSEX S. ABBOTT, Republi- 
can, Haverhill, born in Lynn, March 11, 1870. Lawyer. City solicitor 1903- 
04-05. House 1913-14-15, committee on judiciary, railroads. 

Vote of district: ESSEX S. ABBOTT, Rep., 1006; D. M. Goodyear, Prog., 
475; G. H. Preston, Dem., 442. 

District No, 4.— Ward 5 Haverhill.— CHARLES H. MORRILL, Social- 
ist, Haverhill, born there Oct. 6, 1874; public schools. Justice of peace. 
House 1910-15, committees on education, social welfare, taxation. 

Vote of district: G. W. Andrews, Dem., 148; W. J. Bergeron, Prog.-Rep., 
519; CHARLES H. MORRILL, Soc, 65. 

District No 5.— Wards 1, 2 Lawrence, Methuen.— ARTHUR BOWER, 
Republican, Lawrence born in Bradford, England, Sept. 1, 1877; public 
schools, Instructor in Lawrence Industrial School. Odd Fellows, Common 
council 1907-8. House 1914-15; committees on counties, education. 

GEORGE BUNTING, Republican, Methuen, born in Lawrence Aug. 31, 
1868; public schools. Clerk. Selectmen, assessors, overseers of poor, board 
of health 1904-6; registrar 1902-3; Masons, Eagles, Elks. House 1907-8, 
committees on pay roll, taxation; Senate 1909-10, drainage (chairman), 
counties, engrossed bills, taxation, (chairman); House 1915. street rail- 

Vote of district: ARTHUR BOWER, Rep., 2116; GEORGE BUNTING, 
Rep., 2197; T. V. Keegan, Dem., 1514; W. H. Kuhnert, Soc, 323; M. J. Mc- 
Quade, Dem., 1503; C. Vogt, Soc, 306. 

District No. 6.— Wards 3, 4 Lawrence.— PETER CARR, Lawrence, Dem., 
born in Ireland May 2, 1883; public schools, Lawrence Commercial School. 
Mill employee; wool sorter. President Immaculate Conception Holy Name 
Society; A. O.. H., Eagles, Father Mathew Catholic Temperance Society, 
Mammoth Social Club. House 1914-15, committees on insurance, taxation. 

Vote of district: PETER CARR, Dem., 1925; all others, none. 

District No. 7.— Ward 5 Lawrence.— FREDERICK BUTLER, Republican, 
Lawrence, born there Sept. 21, 1884; public and private schools. Highland 
Military Academy, Worcester. Banker and broker; clothing. Tuscan lodge 
Masons, Lawrence Canoe Club, Merrimac Valley Country Club; Agawam 
Club, Havei'hill; North Andover Club. House 1914-15, committees on elec- 
tions, public institutions. 

Vote of district: FREDERICK BUTLER, Rep.-Prog., 986; D. F. O'Brien, 
Dem., 697. 

District No. 8.— Ward 6 Lawrence.— JAMES T. O'DOWD, Democrat, 
Lawrence, born in Manchester, N. H., Oct. 20, 1877; public schools. Master 
plumber. M. C. 0. F. K. E. House 1914-15 committee on public health 

Vote of district: JAMES T. O'DOWD, Dem., 1217; E. W. Pockens, Prog., 

169; P. L. J. Pomerleau, Rep., 475. 

District No. 9.— Andover.— SAMUEL H. BAILEY, Republican, Andover, 
born there Sept. 11, 1848; public schools. Farmer. St. Matthew lodge Ma- 
sons, Andover lodge Odd Fellows (past noble grand), Lincoln lodge A. O. U. 
W., Andover Grange (past master); Essex Pomona, State and National 
Grange; selectman and overseer of poor 1902-12; Andover Club. House 



1914-15, committees on agriculture, towns, „.^ -r. iir u + ,,^ii 

Vote of district: SAMUEL HENRY BAILEY, Rep., 746; E. W. Boutwell, 

Prog., 80: W. J. Cronin, Dem., 399. , .,, xt ^i. a j 

District No. 10.— Boxford, Groveland, Ward 7 Haverhill, North Andover- 
— JAMES G. PAGE, Republican, Haverhill, born in Bradford (ward 7 Haver- 
hill) Aug. 2, 1881; public schools. Harvard College 1904. Insurance. Merri- 
mack lodge Masons, Merrimac Valley lodge of Perfection; Pythias lodge 
Knights of Pythias; Enterprise council J. O. U. A. M. Committee on insur, 
ance (clerk) House 1915. 

Vote of district: F. Leach, Dem., 620; JAMES G. PAGE, Rep., 1035; G. 
P. Webster, Prog., 654. 

District No. 11.— Peabody.— MICHAEL J. SHERRY, Democrat, Peabody, 
born there Oct. 28, 1887; Peabody grammar and High schools, Salem Com- 
mercial School 1903. Dealer in shoe stock. Democratic town committee 
1909 to present; town auditor 1912; Division No. 11 A. 0. H.; Leo council 
No 518 Knights of Columbus. Committee on insurance House 1915. 

Vote of district: J. H. Finn, Soc, 77; W. A. Shea, Rep., 1147; MICHAEL 
J. SHERRY, Dem., 1179. 

District No. 12.— Ward 3 Lynn, Swampscott.— CHARLES H. ANNIS, 
Republican, Lynn; born there Jan. 13, 1859; public schools. Shoe-maker. 
Past grand East Lynn lodge Odd Fellows, past chief patriarch Lynn encamp- 
ment, past sachem Winnipurket tribe Red Men, Evangeline lodge Daughters 
of Rebekah, Common council 1907; aldermen 1908-09. House 1913, commit- 
tee on federal relations, 1915, public institutions. 

MARTIN LEWIS QUINN, Republican, Swampscott born in Lynn Jan. 
19, 1862; public schools. Roofing, Red Men. House 1909-1911, 1915, com- 
mittees on harbors and public lands, public lighting, water supply. 

Vote of district: CHARLES H ANNIS, Rep., 2417; W. P. Jackson, Prog., 
1254; MARTIN L. QUINN, Prog.-Rep., 2056. 

District No. 13.— Wards 1, 5. 7 Lynn. Lynnfield.— ARTHUR W. BARKER, 
Republican, Lynn, born in (East) Stoneham, Sept. 19, 1847; public schools 
and North Bridgeton (Me)., Academy. In carpenter business last 33 years, 
as master builder. Mt. Carmel lodge Masons, Sutton royal arch chapter, 
Olivet commandery Knights Templar; past grand of Providence lodge Odd 
Fellows, past high priest Palestine encampment. House 1905-06-07, com- 
mittees on public health, libraries (chairman), taxation; 1915, public service. 

CHARLES B. FROTHINGHAM, Republican, Lynn, born there Nov. 11. 
1858; Dartmouth College 1891. Physician. Masons, K. P., Odd Fellows, N. 
E. O. P. City physician school committe four years each. Committee on taxa- 
tion House 1915. 

Vot of district: C. J. Arroll. Dem., 1238; ARTHUR W .BARKER, Rep., 
1649; R. W. Currier, Prog., 862; M, Damm, Soc, 191; A. H. Dennett, Soc, 
189; J. Doherty. Dem., 1507; CHARLES B. FROTHINGHAM, Rep., 1548; E. 
W. Lundahl, Prog., 254. 

District No, 14.— Wards 2, 4 Lynn.— JOSEPH L. BARRY, Republican, 
Lynn, born there Nov. 21, 1880; Harvard College, its Law School 1905. Law- 
yer. House 1913-15, committees on banks and banking, federal relations, 

CHARLES H. McGLUE, Democrat, Lynn, born there Sept. 18, 1887; 
public schools; College of Liberal Arts, Boston University, 1910; its Law 
School 1913. Lawyer. House 1914-15, committees on bills in third reading, 
harbors and public lands (clerk), legal affairs. 

Vote of district: JOSEPH L, BARRY, Rep,, 1649; G, H, Breed, Prog., 



561; J. J. Burke, Soc, 175; C. A. Cann, Soc, 167; F. W. Ford, Rep.' 1404; 
CHARLES H. McGLUE, Dem., 1508; T. J. L. Sheehan, Dem., 962; G. H. 
Peabody, 290. 

District No. 15.— Ward 6 Lynn.— FREDERICK W. BURKE, Democrat, 
Lynn, born there May 30, 1892; public schools, Y. M. C. A. Law School, Law- 
yer. Lynn lodge Elks, court George Washington, M. .C. O. F., court West 
Lynn M. C. O. F., National Board of Erin, division 1, A. O. H., president He- 
brew Naturalization club West Lynn, Democratic city committee. House 
1914-15, committees on municipal finance. State House and Libraries (clerk). 
MICHAEL H. COTTER, Democrat, Lynn, born in Ireland April 7, 1867; 
National schools. Insurance, real estate, cigar business. A. O. H., Eagles, 
M. C. O. F., Chamber of Commerce, K. C, Irish National Foresters, Holy 
Name Society; Lynn Democratic Club; chairman Democratic city committee 
1910-11; Democratic state committee 1910-11; Sacred Heart Temperance So- 
ciety. Common council 1903-4. House 1911-12-13-14-15, committees on elec- 
tions, cities, drainage, insurance. 

Vote of district: T, W. Baxter, Rep., 1597; FREDERICK W. BURKE, Dem., 
1834- J A. Colby, Rep.-Prog., 1208; MICHAEL H. COTTER, Dem., 1749; C. 
E. Light, Prog., 688; C. F. N. Pratt, Soc, 239. 

District No. 16.— Marblehead.— JOHN N. OSBORNE, Republican, Marble- 
head born there Jan. 28, 1853; public schools. Shoe manufacturer. Select- 
man 1902-03-04-05 (chairman 1904-05). Manatuge tribe Red Men. House 
1914-15, committee on public service, towns. 

Vote of district: C. M. Crowell, Dem,, 494; JOHN N. OSBORNE, Rep., 

District No. 17.— Wards 1, 2 Salem.— JAMES COFFEY, Republican, Sa- 
lem, born in Waterford, Ire., May 27, 1849; public schools.Carpenter. A. O. 
U. W. House 1914-15, committees on counties, water supply. 

Vote of district: J. D. Burns, Dem., 650; JAMES COFFEY, Rtp., 942. 
District No. 18.— Wards 3, 5 Salem.— CHAUNCEY PEPIN, Republican, 
Salem, born in Quidneck, R. I., March 5, 1869; public schools. Watch maker; 
musician. Lynn Musicians' Association, ex-president St. John Mutual As- 
sociation Canadian; Social, Klondike, French National, Union clubs. House 
1912-15, committees on mercantile affairs, railroads (clerk), water supply. 

Vote of district: CHAUNCEY PEPIN, Rep.* 1483; H. A. ullivan, Dem., 

District No. 19.— Wards 4, 6 Salem.— DENIS J. SULLIVAN, Democrat, 
Salem, born Peabody July 24, 1889; public schools. Salesman. Committee 
on education House 1915. 

Vote of district: A. Pierce, Prog.-Rep., 957; DENIS J. SULLIVAN, 
Dem., 1098. 

District No. 20.— Beverly, Danvers.— ALLISON G. CATHERON, Rep., 
Beverly, born in Kempt, Queen's county, N. S., June 26, 1878: public schools. 
Bates College 1900, Harvard Law School 1905. Lawyer. Masons. House 
1913-14-15, committees on constitutional amendments, Social welfare (chair- 

HON. FRANCIS NORWOOD, Republican, Beverly, born in Rockport, 
Jan. 10, 1841; public schools. Shoe manufacturer; retired. Trustee Beverly 
Savings Bank; Beverly Republican Club. Postmaster 1898-1914. Odd Fel- 
lows. Senate 1881-2, committees on federal relations (chairman), fish and 
game (chairman), manufactures; Executive Council 1897, committees on 
finance, harbors and public lands, charitable institutions, prisons, accounts; 
House 1915, committee on taxation. 



Vote of district: ALLISON G. CATHERON, Rep., 2346; J. F. Desmond, 
Dem., 882; H. E. Lindsay, Prog., 488; FRANCIS NORWOOD, Rep., 2135; W. 
Sl<)pford, Dem., 1041; W. W. Trotter, Prog., 411. 

District No. 21.— Wards 4, 5, 8 Gloucester, Manchester.— HON. HARRY 
C. FOSTER, Republican, Gloucester, born in Swampscott Aug. 27, 1871; 
Gloucester and Boston public and private schools. Civil engineer. Tyi'ian 
lodge Masons, Business Men's Association, Elks, Moose, Red Men; Mayor 
1913-14; chairman Republican city committee 1898-01; Republican state com- 
mittee 1900-01. House 1898, committees on roads and bridges; Senate 1892- 
3, harbors and public lands, insurance, liquor law, public health (chairman), 
water supply; roads and bridges (chairman) House 1915. 

Vote of district: F. A. Foster, Dem., 205; HARRY C. FOSTER, Rep., 
609; F. M. Gorman, Rep., Cit., 395; A. Hubbard, Rep., Cit., 385; W. H. Vivian, 
Prog., 37. 

District No. 22.— Wards 3, 6, 7 Gloucester.— HON. JAMES E. TOLMAN, 
Republican, Gloucester, public schools. University of Michigan (L. B.), Bos- 
ton University Law School. Knights of Pythias (P. C), Red Men, Masons; 
Odd Fellows (past noble grand). Common council 1899-1901 (president 1900- 
01), mayor 1903-04; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention 
1904. Lawyer. House 1909, committee on public lighting (clerk); Senate 
1910-11, bills in 3d reading (chairman), constitutional amendments, legal af- 
fairs (chairman), mercantile affairs, public lighting (chairman), special on 
congressional redistiucting; House 1914-15, legal affairs, public lighting 

Vote of district: A. N. Donahue, Dem., 259; JAMES E. TOLMAN, Rep., 
647; F. A. Woodward, Prog., 233. 

District No. 23.— Ward 1, 2 Gloucester, Rockport. JAMES MacFARLANE 
LYLE, Progressive-Republican, Gloucester, born there Jan. 10, 1886; public 
schools. Salesman. House 1914-15, committees on fisheries and game, har- 
bors and public lands. State House and Libraries. 

Vote of district: JAMES M. LYLE, Prog.-Rep., 963; D. D. Morrison, Dem., 

District No. 24. — Essex, Hamilton, Ipswich, Middleton, Rowley, Topsfield, 
Wenham.— HENRY FOLLANSBEE LONG, Republican, Topsfield, born there 
Sept. 29, 1883; High School, Salem Commercial School 1900. Treasurer Wa- 
ban Rose Conservatories, chairman selectmen, and assessors; chairman com- 
missioners of trust funds; Fountain lodge Odd Fellows (past noble grand), 
Topsfield Grange (past master). Mosaic lodge Masons, Rowena lodge Daugh- 
ters of Rebekah, Topsfield lodge A. O. U. W., Chairman Republican Town 
Committee six years, Boston Bank Officers' Association; Topsfield Historical 
Society, Essex Institute (director), Essex County Republican Club (director). 
House 1914-15, committees on rules (clerk), public service (chairman), water 

Vote of district: F. F. Byron, Dem., 556; HENRY F. LONG, Rep., 1272. 

District No. 25.— Wards 1, 2, 3, 4 Newburyport.— CARL C. EMERY, Rep., 
of Newburyport was born in Haverhill Nov, 4, 1888; educated in Newbury- 
port High School 1907. Grocer. St. John's lodge Masons, King Cyrus chap- 
ter, Newburyport lodge Elks, Common council 1912, aldermen 1913-14 (presi- 
dent 1914). Essex County Republican, Atlantic clubs. Committee on roads 
and bridges House 1915. 

Vote of district: C. W. Ayers, Prog., 165; CARL C. EMERY, Rep., 1014; 
P. T. Winkley, Dem., 409. 

District No. 26. — Wards 5, 6 Newburyport, Salisbury, West Newbury. — 
SAMUEL WEBBER WEARE, Progressive-Republican, Salisbury, born Cape 



Neddick, York, Me., Dec. 29, ISfil; public schools. Blacksmith and wheel- 
wright, in carriage shops until 1807; since then in same business for himself. 
Lucullus lodge Knights of Pythias, having filled all chairs; past chancellor 
commander and representative of lodge 1905-11; past counsellor of Colchester 
council J. O. U. A. M., 1904; representative and chief judge of state judiciary 
of same 1912. Town treasurer and collector 1905-15, inclusive. Committee 
on public sei'vice House 1915. 

Vote of district: C. H. Lord, Dem., 607; SAMUEL W. WE ARE, Rep., 


District No. 1.— Ashfield, Buckland, Charlemont, Colrain, Conway, Haw- 
ley, Heath, Monroe, Rowe, Shelburne, Whately.— JOSEPH C. PERRY, Rep., 
Shelburne (Falls), born in Ferrisburg, Vt., May 1, 1856; public schools. Den- 
tist. Mountain lodge Masons, Franklin royal arch chapter, Titus Strong 
council, Connecticut Valley commandery Knights Templar; Alethian lodge 
Odd Fellows; school comrnittee 1913-15; ex-president Shelburne Falls Club; 
president lecture course 1906-15. Committee on social welfare House 1915. 

Vote of district: JOSEPH C. PERRY, Rep., 840; all others, five. 

District No. 2.— Greenfield.— FREDERICK B. FELTON, Republican, 
Greenfield, born there Aug. 25, 1856; public schools. Provisions, manufactur- 
ing; assessors. House 1918-15, committees on election laws, municipal finance. 
State House and Libraries (chairman), taxation. 

Vote of district: FREDERICK B. FELTON, Rep.. 880; H. B. Mowry, 
Prog., 108; H. A. Weymouth, Dem., 684; F. E. Whitcomb, Soc, 134. 

District No. 4.— Ervins:. New Salem, Northfield, Orange, Shutesbury, 
Warwick, Wendell.— HARRY C. GATES, Republican, of Orange was born in 
Northfield June 2, 1872; its public schools. Dry goods business. Committee 
on military affairs House 1915. 

Vote of district: HARRY C. GATES. Rep., 874; C. H. Holmes, Prog., 604; 
J. E. Rodgers, Dem., 152; H. M. Rogers, Soc, 31. 

District No. 3. — Bernardstcn, Deerfield, Gill. Leverett, Leyden, Montague, 
Sunderland.— PHILIP H. BALL, Republican, Deerfield, born there May 23, 
1882; B. U. Law School 1905. Lawyer. Masons, M. V. M. Committee on 

judiciary House. 1915. 

Vote of district: PHILIP H. BALL, Rep., 923; M. J. Carey, Dem., 718. 


District No 1.— Brimfield, Holland, Monson, Palmer, Wales.— FRED E. 
CADY, Republican, Monson born in Greenfield Oct. 15, 1866; public schools, 
Greenfield Academy. In newspaper work. Committee on mercantile affairs 
House 1915. 

Vote of district: FRED E. CADY, Rep., 1278; C. A. LeGro, Dem., 628. 

District No. 2. — Agawam. Blandford, Chester, East Longmeadow, Gran- 
ville, Tolland, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Montgomery, Russell, South-wick, Tol- 
land, West Springfield. Wilbraham.— EDWARD EARLE CHAPMAN, Rep., 
Ludlow, born in Springfield. Feb. 13. 1862; public schools. School committee 
1901-10; town committee 1912-13; Masons, Odd Fellows, Hampden Harvest 
Club; overseer Massachusetts State Grange 1910-13; master same 1914-15. 
Committee on agriculture House 1914-15 (chairman 1915). 

SILAS B. ROOT, Republican. Granville, born there July 21, 1850; Gran- 
ville and Westfield public schools. Delaware Literary Institute, Franklin, 



N. J., Farming; mechanic last 20 years. Village lodge Masons, Columbia 
chapter, Lee council, all of Collinsville, Conn; Metacomet tribe Red Men. 
School committee (chairman 1885-91), selectmen (chairman 1890-91), town 
clerk 1907-15, town treasurer 1907-14. House 1895, committee on towns; 
also in 1915. 

Vote of district: J. Aldrich, Prog.-Dem., 838; EDWARD EARLE CHAP- 
MAN, Rep., 1775; D. J. Collins, Prog.-Dem., 1289; SILAS B. ROOT, Rep., 1427. 

District No. 3.— Ward I Springfield.— JOHN J. COURTNEY, Democrat, 
Springfield, born there Nov. 17, 1877; public schools. Cigars. M. C. O. F. 
House 1913-15, committees on insurance, labor. 

Vote of district: JOHN J. COURTNEY, Dem., 1313; A. C. Fairbanks, 
Rep., 993; C. E. Field, Prog., 134; W. H. Ruscoe, Soc, 98. 

District No. 4.— Wards 2, 3 Springfield.— JOHN MITCHELL, Democrat, 
Springfield, born there Sept. 4, 1877; public schools. Hay, grain, feed. M.C. 
O. F. House 1912-15, committees on elections, fisheries and game, public in- 
stitutions, railroads (clerk), social welfare. 

Vote of district: J. J. Garvey, Soc, 78; JOHN MITCHELL, Rep.-Dem., 
870; J. J. Walsh, Prog., 340. 

District No. 5.— Wards 4, 5, 6 Springfield.— GEORGE D. CHAMBER- 
LAIN, Republican, Springfield, born in Troy, N. Y., Sept. 28. 1858; Spring- 
field Collegiate Institute. Executive officer Federation Boys' Clubs of Amer- 
ica. Masons. Common council 1906-07; aldermen 1908-10. House 1913-15, 
committees on cities, municipal finance (chairman), rules, social welfare. 

WILLIAM A. DODGE, Republican, Springfield, born in Chicopee' 1858; 
Springfield public schools. Grocer 30 years. Common council 1904-08 inclu- 
sive; aldermen 1909-12 inclusive. Odd Fellows; Committee on Little River 
water system, and municipal group public buildings. Committee on cities 
House 1915. 

Vote of district: GEORGE D. CHAMBERLAIN. Rep., 1882; WILLIAM 
A. DODGE, Rep., 1508; V. Lizote, Soc, 140; S. W. Maxfield, Dem., Soc, 222; 
C. C. Spencer, Prog.-Dem., 1187. 

District No. 6.— Ward 7 Springfield.— JULIUS F. CARMAN, Republican, 
Springfield, born in South Coventry, Ct., Aug. 7, 1861; public schools. Real 
estate. Aldermen. House 1913-15, committee on election laws, mercantile 
affairs, military affairs. 

Vote of district: JULIUS F. CARMAN, Dem.,-Rep., 2028; A. E. Fenton, 
Soc, 157; J. Swain, Prog., 471. 

District No. 7.— Ward 8 Springfield.— MERRILL E. STREETER, Repub- 
lican, Springfield (Indian Orchard), born in Wilbraham Aug. 2, 1850; public 
schools. Carriage maker; cement contractor 1911-15. Indian Orchard lodge 
Masons (tyle); Comon Council 1913; Aldermen 1904-05. House 1913-1415, 
committee on federal relations fisheries and game, harbors and public lands. 

Vote of district: A. Claus, Soc, 138; J. R. Ramsay, Prog.-Dem., 697; 

District No. 8.— Chicopee.— DANIEL J. BUCKLEY, Democrat, Chicopee, 
born there March 30, 1876; public schools. Plumber. K. C, R. M., A. O. H. 
Alderman 1908-11, Committees on cities, military affairs, public service. State 
House and Libraries House 1912-13-14-15. 

Vote of district: DANIEL J. BUCKLEY, Dem., 1498; T. McCoubrey, Rep., 

District No. 9.— Wards 1, 2, 4 Holyoke.— JOHN J. MURPHY, Democrat, 
Holyoke, born there March 26, 1889; parochial and High schools. Holyoke 
correspondent Springfield Union; secretary Paper City Baseball League four 



years. Committee on counties House 1915. 

Vote of district: George Clark, Dem., Cit., 237; A. G. Greaney, Rep., 755; 
JOHN J. MURPHY, Dem., 1082. 

District No. 10.— Wards 3, 6 Holyoke.— FREDERICK W. MacKENZIE, 
Republican, Holyoke, born there, Oct. 15, 1879; public schools. Textile 
worker. Masons, Moose, Committee on harbors and public lands House 1915. 

Vote of district: W. Kurth, Soc, 195; FREDERICK WILLIAM Mac- 
KENZIE, Rep., 1020; D. F. Sullivan, Dem., 1010. 

District No. 11.— Wards 5, 7 Holyoke.— JOHN D. RYAN, Democrat, Holy- 
oke, born in Springfield, July 30, 1869; public schools. Proprietor and pub- 
lisher of "Holyoke Democrat." Aldermen for four years; Democratic candi- 
school committee three years. House 1914-15, committees on mercantile af- 

Vote of district: JOHN D. RYAN, Dem., 1831; all others none. 

District No. 12.— Westfield.— THOMAS J. COOLEY, Republican, West- 
field, born in Southwick, July 27, 1850; public schools. Clothing business. 
Mt. Moriah lodge Masons; Evening Star chapter; Springfield commandery 
Knights Templar; Melba temple Mystic Shrine; Woronoco lodge Old Fellows; 
school committee three years. House 1914-15, committees on mercantile af- 
fairs, railroads. 

Vote of district: THOMAS J. COOLEY, Rep., 2045; all others none. 


District No. 1.— Northampton.— JOHN L. MATHER, Republican, North- 
ampton, born in Amherst Jan. 9, 1851; public schools, ontractor. Masons, 
K. T.; Odd Fellows, K. P. Common council 1883-84; aldermen 1895; sewer 
commission (president); city committee (chairman 1911-12; mayor 1897-00. 
House 1913, 1915, committees on cities (clerk), education, labor, street rail- 

Vote of district: W. Grant, Prog., 808; JOHN L. MATHER, Rep., 1072; 
H. W. Warner, Dem., 977. 

District No. 2. — Chesterfield. Cummington, Easthampton, Goshen, Hunt- 
ington, Middlefield, Plainfield, Southampton, Westhampton, Williamsburg, 
Worthington. — FRANK E. LYMAN, Republican, Easthampton, born in Graf- 
ton, Vt., Sept. 15, 18G6; public schools. Farmer; milk dealer. Ionic lodge 
Masons, Easthampton lodge Moose, Easthampton Grange, J. A. Loomis camp 
Sons of Veterans. Selectman 1907-15 inclusive; secretary of Republican 
town committee 1912-15; president Republican Club 1913-15; chairman of 
celebration of 125th anniversary of settlement of town, in 1915; chairman of 
committee that secured the town new union stations, passenger and freight; 
chairman Board of Survey 1912-15. Committee on ways and means in House 
of 1915. 

Vote of district; R. H. Friel, Dem., 544; FRANK E. LYMAN, Rep., 1546. 

District No. 3.— Amherst, Hadley, Hatfield, South Hadley.— WALTER D. 
COWLS, Republican, Amherst, born there June 30, 1852; Williston Seminary, 
Massachusetts Agricultural College 1872. Farming, lumbering, street rail- 
way contractor, onion raiser, general trader. President Amherst & Sunder- 
land Street Railway Company 10 years; president North Amherst library, 
trustee ministerial fund North Amherst Congregational Church, director Am- 
herst Home for Aged Women. House 1913-14-15, committee on railroads. 

Vote of district: WALTER D. COWLS, Rep., 1156; G. H. Everson, Prog., 
387; H. 0. Pease, Dem., 444. 

District No. 4. — Belchertown, Enfield, Granby, Greenwich, Pelham, Pres- 
cott, Ware.— ROLAND D. SAWYER, Democrat, Ware, born in Kensington, 
N. H., Jan. 8„ 1874; Boston University. Congregational clergyman in Brock- 



ton, Hanson, Haverhill, Ware. Grange, Moose, Odd Fellows. House 1914-15 
committees on education, election laws. „„^_„ ^ 

Vote of district: F. R. Person, Rep., 830; ROLAND D. SAWYER, Dem., 


District No. 1.— Wards 1, 2, 3 Cambridge.— JOHN H. LYNCH, Demo- 
crat, Cambridge, born in Salem Oct. 28, 1884; public schools. Common 
council 1912-14; House 1914-15, committees on street railways, water supply. 

HUGH E. MULLEN, Democrat, Cambridge, born there Feb. 1883; pub- 
lic schools. Comer's Commercial College. Electrical business. East Cam- 
bridge Business Men's Association; Cambridge Board of Trade. Common 
council 1907-08-09; aldermen 1913-14. Committee on State House and Li- 
braries (clerk) House 1915. ,,^,^ , ^^.t 

Vote of district: JOHN H. LYNCH, Dem., 1855; HUGH E. MULLEN, 
Dem., 1657. 

District No. 2.— Wards 4, 5, 6, 7 Cambridge —ALBERT MINOT CHAND- 
LER, Republican, of Cambridge, born there Aug. 29, 1878; public schools. 
Harvard College 1900, its Law School 1903. Lawyer. Common council 
1908-11; Board ofTrade, ward and city committee (vice-president 1913), Re- 
publican Club of Massachusetts, Harvard Club, Boston City Club, Colonial 
Club of Cambridge; Mizpah lodge Masons. Committee on social welfare 
(clerk) House 1915. 

FREDERICK F. CLAUSS, Republican, Cambridge, born in Watertown 
July 28, 1879; pubic schools. Advertising; N. E. O. P. Committee on mer- 
cantile affairs House 1915. 

CHARLES N. JAMES, Republican, of Cambridge, born there Sept. 3, 
1873; public schools. Maker of automobile bodies. Masons, Odd Fellows, 
Committee on mercantile affairs House 1915. 

Vote of district: ALBERT M. CHANDLER, Rep., 2508; FREDERICK F. 
CLAUSS, Rep., 2469; T. A. Glennon, Dem., 2221; S. H. Harrington, Dem., 
2087; CHARLES N. JAMES, Rep.. 2308; J. H. Murphy, Dem., 2162; J. M. 
Murray, Prog.-Cit., 236; J. F. Ollis, Prog.-Cit., 157; A. M. Richards, Prog., 289. 

District No. 3.— Wards 8, 9, 10, 11 Cambridge.— PATRICK J. CURLEY, 
Democrat, Cambridge, born in Ireland Jan. 27, 1854; public schools. Con- 
tractor. Alderman 1910-13. House 1913-15, committees on roads and 
bridges, taxation. 

JOHN P. GOOD, Democrat, Cambridge, born there Feb. 1, 1876; public 
schools. Dentist. Committee on taxation House 1915. 

C. BURNSIDE SEAGRAVE, Republican, Cambridge, born in Uxbridge 
Aug. 3, 1862; public schools. Editor. House 1912, committee on fisheries 
and game (clerk) ; 1915, metropolitan affairs. 

Vote of district: PATRICK J. CURLEY, Dem., 2487; JOHN P. GOOD, 
Dem., 2553; J. J. McCarthy, Dem., 2447; A. K. Reading, Prog., 2379; W. H. 
Reed, Prog., 267; C. BURNSIDE SEAGRAVE, Prog.-Rep., 2454; R. D. 
Swaim, Prog.-Rep., 2844; R. L, Williams, Pro.g., 137. 

District No. 4.— Newton.— J. WESTON ALLEN, Republican, Newton, 
born in Newton (Highlands), April 19, 1872; Newton and New Haven public 
schools; Yale University, 1893; Harvard Law School, 1896. Lawyer. Com- 
mittees on bills in 3d reading (chairman), banks and banking House 1915. 

HENRY E. BOTHFELD, Republican. Newton, born New York City 
March 4, 1859; Newton public schools. Manufacturer; real estate. Com- 
mon council 1891-2; aldermen 1893-4; mayor 1895; school committee 1902- 
12; bank director, etc. Committees on liquor law (chairman), metropolitan 
affairs (chairman), rules; Lawrence strike (special). House 1910-15, in- 

THOMAS WESTON JR., Republican, Newton, born there Aug. 12, 1875; 



Harvard College 1895; Harvard Law School 1899. Teacher one year; lawyer. 
Alderman 1904-09 (vice-president 1907, president 1908-09.) Committee on 
legal affairs House 1915. _ _ , , ^ 

Vote of district: J. WESTON ALLEN, Rep., 3319; W. B. Arnold, Prog., 
585; HENRY E. BOTHFELD, Rep., 3292; W. O. Holmes, Prog., 474; J. A. 
McCarthy, Dem., 1650; G. H. Melien, Prog.,648; J. P. Tierney, Dem., 1624; 
J. A. Waters, Dem., 1701; THOMAS WESTON, JR., Rep., 3262. 

District No. 5.— Waltham.— GEORGE P. DRURY, Republican, Waltham, 
born in Boston Aug. 13, 1876; Waltham public and private schools. Harvard 
College 1897, its Law School 1900. Lawyer. Assistant clerk Superior 
Court Suffolk county 1901-09. Masons, Grange. House 1912-15, committees 
on bills in 3d reading (chairman), judiciary, labor (chairman), taxation 

JOHN M. GIBBS, Republican, Waltham, born St. John N. B., July 13, 
1874; Boston and Waltham schools, Harvard College 1898; Boston University 
Law School 1902. Monitor lodge Masons (steward), Waltham royal arch 
chapter (steward), Adoniram council (principal conductor); Waltham Grange, 
N. P. Banks, camp Sons of Veterans; James A. Dermody Camp, Spanish War 
Veterans; Republican ward and city committee 1901-02-03; aldermen 1908-09- 
10-11, (president in 1910-11). Committees on engrossed bills (chairman), 
legal affairs House 1915. 

Vote of district: M. F. Carney, Dem., 1734; GEORGE P. DRURY, Rep., 
2524; JOHN M. GIBBS, Rep., 2386; G. W. Moyse, Prog., 634; T. A. Quirk, 
Dem., 1712. 

District No. 6.— Natick.— THOMAS H. BRENNAN, Democrat, Natick, 
born there Sept. 25, 1875; public schools. Shoe worker. Committee on elec- 
tion laws House 1915. 

Vote of district: THOMAS H. BRENNAN, Dem., 1163; G. F. Whitney, 
Rep., 1011. 

District No. 7.— Framingham.— JAMES E. MacPHERSON, Republican, 
Framingham, born there Jan. 12, 1888; Dartmouth College 1910, Harvard 
Law School 1914. Lawyer. Garfield council Royal Arcanum; Hope lodge 
A. O. U. W., Masons. Committees on bills in 3d reading, legal affairs House 

Vote of district: JAMES E. MacPHERSON, Rep., 1330; J. R. Nicholson, 
Prog., 162; J, J. Slattery, Dem., 1092. 

District No. 8. — Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Sherborn. — AARON C. 
DOWSE, Republican, Sherborn, born there March 27, 1856; public schools, 
Allen's English and Classical School, West Newton, two years in Boston 
University Law School. Editor New England Grocer at 21, remaining there 
25 years; now farmer. Maiden common council 1884-5-6; Maiden school 
committee 1887-91; 1894-9 (chairman 1890, 1895-9), executive committee 
National Editorial Association, delegate to same 1898-9, 1901-2-3; president 
Massachusetts Press Association 1898-00; vice-president Suburban Press As- 
sociation; Mystic commandery Golden Cross, Maiden street commission two 
years; Sherborn school committee, trustee Sawin Academy and Dowse High 
School 10 years, selectmen 1910-15 (chairman 1911-15); Sherborn Grange 
(lecturer) ; charter member and secretary until 1908 Mass. Retail Grocers' 
Association; executive committee Sherborn Historical Society, Republican 
town committee (chairman 1912-15). House 1900-3, committees on educa- 
tion (clerk, chairman), election laws, monitor; 1915 agriculture, election laws. 

Vote of district: E. Carr, Prog., 548; AARON COOLIDGE DOWSE, 
Rep., 628; J. J. Murtaugh, Dem., 442. 

District No. 9.— Marlborough.— JOHN H. PARKER, Democrat, Marl- 
borough, born in Manchester, N. H., Aug. 27, 1859; public schools. Shoe- 
maker; conductor. Common council 1893-4, 1901; aldermen 1895. Com- 
mittee on fisheries and game House 1915. 



Vote of district: A. G. Boudreau, Rep., 1309; H. S. Fay, Prog., 288; JOHN 
H. PARKER, Dem., 1348. 

District No. 10. — Boxborough, Hudson, Maynard, Stow.— GEORGE H. 
CREIGHTON, Republican, Maynard, born in Little Falls, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1862; 
public schools. President Maynard Trust Company, overseer of poor. Com- 
mittee on banks and banking House 1915. 

Vote of district: GEORGE H. CREIGHTON, Rep., 703; B. H. Garrigan, 
Dem., 696; A. E. McCleary, Prog., 611. 

District No. 11.— Acton, Ayer, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Littleton, West- 
ford.— EDGAR H. HALL, Republican, Acton, born there March 25, 1861; 
public schools, Worcester Academy. Manufacturer of wooden ware. Chas. 
A. Welch lodge Masons, Acton Grange, chairman water commission. Com- 
mittee on water supply (clerk) House 1915. 

Vote of district: EDGAR H. HALL, Rep., 1126; C. F. Johnson, Dem., 
614; J. L. Kennison, Prog., 375. 

District No. 12. — Ashby, Dunstable, Groton, Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, 
Tynsborough.— JOSEPH A. SAUNDERS, Republican, Pepperell, born there 
Dec. 3, 1862; Pepperell High School, Lawrence Academy of Groton. General 
store and house furnishings; newspaper correspondent, editor and publisher 
20 years; president Pepperell Cemetery Trust Corporation, Peppex*ell finance 
committee and auditor; Republican town committee 15 years, M. V. M, Lincoln, 
Massachusetts Republican Middlesex clubs, Massachusetts Suburban Press 
Association; Cavalry Veteran Association, Pepperell Country Club, Odd Fel- 
lows; St. Paul lodge Masons, and council. Committee on counties (clerk), 
pay roll House 1915. 

Vote of district: P. J. Kemp, Dem., 439; JOSEPH A. SAUNDERS, Rep., 
828; A. P. Wright, Prog., 289. 

District No. 13. — Bedford, Concord, Lincoln, Sunbury, Hayland, Weston. — 
IMMANUEL PFEIFFER, JR., Republican, Bedford, born in Franklinville, N. 
J.,. July 23, 1879; public schools, Grand Rapids (Mich)., Veterinary Col- 
lege 1904. Farmer, veterinarian, manufacturer. Selectman 1907-15; board 
of health 1909-15; treasurer Pfeiffer Manufacturing- Company; treasurer and 
general manager Bedford Safety Razor Company 1911 to present. Thomas 
Talbot lodge Masons (J. W)., Cambridge commandery Knights Templar, Al- 
eppo temple Mystic Shrine; Waltham lodge Elks; Shawsheen tribe Red Men; 
Hawthorn chapter Eastern Star. Committees on counties, railroads House 

Vote of district: W. H. Fairbank, Dem., 670; J. S. Hart, Prog., 478; IM- 
MANUEL PFEIFFER, JR., Rep., 1170. 

District No. 14.— Dracut, V/ard I Lowell.— ARTHUR W. COLBURN, 
Republican, Dracut, born there Dec. 1, 1877; public schools, New Hampshire 
College 1897. Farmer. Selectman 1903-6 (chairman 1906); school commit- 
tee 1901-2-3; registrar of voters 1908; tax collector 1909 10-11-12-13-14, 15; 
Centralville lodge Odd Fellows; Dracut Grange (past master). Committee 
on agriculture (clerk) House 1915. 

Vote of district: J. W. Brennan, Dem., 887; ARTHUR W. COLBURN, 
Rep., 941; M. A. Lee, Prog., 65. 

District No. 15.— Ward 2 Lowell.— DENNIS A. MURPHY, Democrat, Lo- 
well, born there Sept. 6, 1876; Harvard Law School 1900. Principal Franklin 
Evening School. House 1911, 1913-15, committees on federal relations, pub- 
lichealth (clerk), public lighting, public service (clerk). 

Vote of district: DENNIS A. MURPHY, Dem., 874; all others, none. 
District No. 16.— Wards 4, 5 Lowell.— JOHN J. GILBRIDE, Democrat, 
Lowell, born there Sept. 14, 1889; High School. Druggist. House 1914- 
15, committees on election laws (clerk), public institutions (clerk). 
Vote of district: JOHN J. GILBRIDE, Dem., 1873; all others, none. 



District No. 17.— V/ards 3, 6, 7 Lowell.— HENRY ACHIN, JR., Republi- 
can, Lowell, born there June 30, 1883; public schools. Insurance. Common 
council 1909-11. House 1912-15, committees on federal relations (chairman), 
insurance, roads and bridges. 

VICTOR FRANCIS JEWETT, Republican, Lowell, born in Tynsborough, 
Nov. 26, 1881; Harvard College 1905. Vinegar manufacturer. House 1912- 
15, committees on election laws, railroads (chairman), rules, taxation; tuber- 
culosis (special). 

Vote of district: HENRY ACHIN, JR., Rep., 2562; P. A. Brousseau, 
Prog., 262; T. H. Corcoran, Dem., 1476; VICTOR FRANCIS JEWETT, Rep., 
2552; J. H. Jodin, Dem., 1413. 

District No, 18. — Ward 8 Lowell.— FRED O. LEWIS, Republican, Lo- 
well, born there June 12, 1878; public schools. Pharmacist. Knights of 
Pythias, Royal Arcanum, Highland Club, Mt. Pleasant Golf Club, Republican 
city committee 12 years, Middlesex County Republican Club; Board of Trade. 
House 1914-15, committee on cities, public health. 

Vote of district: P. Caddell, Prog., 354; FRED C. LEWIS, Rep., 1069. 

District No. 19.— Billerica, Ward 9 Lowell, Tewsksbury.— BURTON H. 
CROSBY, Republican, Lowell, born there Aug. 9, 1874; public schools. Ma- 
son and builder. City committee 1909-10-11; common council 1904-05; alder- 
man 1906-07; Eliot, United States Bunting clubs. Committee on election 
laws (clerk) House 1915. 

Vote of district: BURTON H. CROSBY, Rep., 1334; J. J. Kiggins, Dem., 

District No. 20. — Burlington, North Reading, Reading, Wilmington, Wo- 
burn.— FRED J. BROWN, Republican, Woburn, born there Sept. 1, 1855; pub- 
lic schools, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1877. Treasurer "O. D. C. 
Company", 83 West street, Boston. School committee 1912-17 inclusive; 
alderman 1906-9 (president 1907-8); trustee, executive committee Choate 
Memorial Hospital; trustee Warren Academy Industrial School; president 
Associates Post 161 G. A. R.; asociates Woburn Mechanics Phalanx; Towanda 
Club; Boston Chamber of Commerce; Boston Fruit & Produce Exchange; 
trustee and investment committee Woburn Five Cents Savings Bank; director 
and investment committee Woburn Co-operative Bank. Committee on metro- 
politan affairs House 1915. 

JARED B. McLANE, Republican, North Reading, born in Pugwash, N. 
S., May 8, 1853; public schools. Blacksmithing and carriage manufacturing. 
North Reading Board of Trade (chairman). Director First National Bank, 
North Reading Grange. Committee on harbors and public lands House 1915. 

Vote of district: D. P. Blake, Dem., 1547; FRED J. BROWN, Rep., 2229; 
E. W. Kenney, Dem., 1432; JARED B. McLANE, Rep., 2214. 

District No. 21.— Wakefield.— EDEN K. BOWSER,— Progressive-Repub- 
lican, Wakefield, born in Sackville, N. S., June 26, 1874; Harvard College 
1896; Harvard Law School 1899. Lawyer. Masons, Elks, Moose, Selectman 
1899-1902; school committee 1896-1902; sewer committee 1900-03. Commit- 
tee on judiciary House 1914-15. 

Vote of district: EDEN K. BOWSER, Prog.-Rep., 1098; G. H. Leach, Soc, 
74; G. E. Walker, Dem., 795. 

District No. 22.— Melrose.— HARRY C. WOODILL, Republican, Melrose, 
born in Halifax, N. S., June 16, 1872; public schools, commercial college. 
Drug business; railroad; salesman. Masons. Registrar 1904-12 (chairman 
six years); aldermen 1913-14; city committee (secretary three years, treas- 
ui*er three years) ; Fourth Middlesex senatorial district committee three 
years; tally clerk National Republican convention 1912. Clerk of committee 
on cities in House 1915. 

Vote of district: E. F. Phillips, Prog., 1280; HARRY C. WOODILL, Rep., 




District No. 23.— Maiden.— ALVIN E. BLISS, Republican Maiden, born 
Brookline Sept. 16, 1858; Brookline and Maiden public schools. Whole- 
sale and retail dry-goods business 1876-1886; electric light and gas business 
since, being general superintendent of the Tenney Service Companies. Ma- 
son, 32d degree; Royal Arcanum, Knights of Pythias, Odd tellows (all 
branches). Maiden Club (president); Kernwood, Nyasset; Melrose Athletic 
clubs; Belmont Spring Country Club (executive committee). House 1910-11- 
12-13, committees on cities (clerk and chairman), constitutional amend- 
ments, municipal finance (chairman), rules; recess committee on municipal 
finance (chairman); cities (chairman), election laws, House 1915. 

MAURICE R. FLYNN, Democrat, Maiden, born there July 28, 1889; 
Holy Cross College 1906, Harvard College 1910, Harvard Law School 1913. 
Lawyer. House 1914-15, committees on bills in 3d reading, banks and bank- 
ing (clerk), elections. 

ALVAN T. FULLER, Progressive, Maiden, born Boston Feb. 27, 1878; 
public schools. Merchant. Converse lodge Masons. Committee on taxa- 
tion House 1915. . _ 

Vote of district: ALVIN E. BLISS, Rep., 2582; E. G. Davis, Rep., 2027; 
MAURICE R. FLYNN, Dem., 2374; ALVAN T. FULLER, Prog., 2078; F. M. 
Sawtell, Rep., 2062; F. E. Simpson, Dem.-Rad., 189; J. G. Tilden, Prog., 1848; 
J. G. Wright, Prog., 1168. 

District No. 24.— Everett.— HOWARD F. FURNESS, Republican, Ever- 
ett, born there May 24, 1889; Everett High School. Mortgage broker at 
1012 Old South Building, Boston. Everett lodge No. 642 Elks, Board of 
Trade, Board of Health, Gen. A. P. Martin camp Sons of Veterans, chairman 
city committee 1193-14-15. Semper Idem council Royal Arcanum. Commit- 
tee on banks and banking (clerk) House 1915. 

FRED P. GREENWOOD, Republican, Everett, born in Alstead, N. H., 
May 29, 1855; public schools. Wholesale produce; Seaman's Friend Society. 
House 1911-15, committees on education, military aff'airs, public institutions 
(chairman), public service. 

Vote of district: E. M. Carpenter, Ind.-Cit., 271; HOWARD F. FURNESS, 
Rep., 1750; FRED P. GREENWOOD, Rep., 1844; E. A. Hilton, Prog., 881; 
C. J. MacNamara, Dem., 1118; F. B. Rich, Prog., 1429. 

District No. 25.— Wards 1, 3, 4, 5 Somerville.— WILLIAM M. ARM- 
STRONG, Republican, Somerville, born in Mechanics Falls, Me., Aug. 17, 
1850; High School, Chatham, Mass. Manufacturer and dealer in cooperage. 
Common council 1890; aldermen 1905-07. John Abbott lodge Masons, A. 0. 
U. W., Royal Arcanum, ex-president Y. M. C. A., associate G. A. R. House 
1909-11, 1913-15, committees on education (chairman), liquor law, social wel- 
fare (chairman). 

HARVEY E. FROST, Republican, Somerville, born in Lawrence, Oct. 
2, 1875; public schools. Financial secretary Board of Trade, Winter Hill 
lodge Knights of Pythias, Fourth of July Association, N. E. O. P., Winter 
Hill lodge Golden Cross (past commander), several other clubs. House 1914- 
15, committees on insurance, labor (chairman). 

WILLIAM W. KENNARD, Republican, Somerville, born there Sept. 3, 
1874; Harvard College 1897; its Law School 1900. Lawyer. House 1912-15, 
committees on elections, cities (chairman), election laws (chairman), judi- 
ciary (chairman), water supply, rules. 

Vote of district: WILLIAM M. ARMSTRONG, Rep., 2889; A. W. Berry, 
Prog., 441; E. H. R. Burroughs, Prog., 390; HARVEY E. FROST, Rep., 2771; 
J. E. Harney, Dem., 1443; WILLIAM W. KENNARD, Rep., 2730; J. J. Mur- 
phy, Dem., 1404; P. F. Nangle, Dem., 1445; J. F. Wilber, Prog., 358. 

District No. 26.— Wards 2, 6, 7 Somerville, JOSEPH O. KNOX, Republi- 
can, Somerville, born in Boston (Charlestown), May 28, 1878; public schools, 
Mechanic Arts High School 1896. Salesman for Chase & Sanborn 19 years. 



King Solomon lodge Masons, past grand Paul Revere lodge Odd Fellows; 
Somerville Council; United Travelers; alderman 1910-12 (president 1912); 
Major Cummings camp S. of V.; president Republican city committee 1911. 
House 1914-15, committee on metropolitan affairs (clerk), street dailways. 

JOSEPH H. PERRY, Republican, Somerville, born in Livermore Falls, 
Me., May 4, 1869; public schools. Manufacturer of paper boxes; printing. 
Mizpah, Somerville (charter member) lodges Masons; Aleppo temple Mystic 
Shrine; Caleb Rand lodge Odd Fellows (past grand); Somerville lodge Elks; 
Sons of Maine, Massachusetts Republican clubs; New England Paper Box 
Association; Somerville, Cambridge Boards of Trade; ward alderman 1912, at- 
large alderman 1913-14, chairman important committees. Committee on 
public institutions House 1915. 

RALPH M. SMITH, Republican, Somerville, born in Providence June 23, 
1883; public schools, Y. M. C. A. Law School 1904. Lawyer. Alderman 
(vice-president 1910, president 1912). M. V. M. 1902-15 Captain Co. C 1907-15, 
resigned April 12, 1915. Masons. House 1913-15, committees on constitu- 
tional amendments, mercantile affairs (chairman), military affairs, public ser- 
vice (chairman). 

Vote of district: W. F. Blaser, Prog., 560; JOSEPH O. KNOX, Rep., 
2858; J. J. McCarthy. Dem., 1679; JOSEPH H. PERRY, Rep., 2675; O. C. 
Scales, Prog., 494; B. J. Sheridan. Dem., 1G93; RALPH M. SMITH, Rep., 2691; 
W. M. Smith, Dem., 1652; F. E., Prog., 495. 

District No. 27.— Wards 3, 6 Medford, Winchester.— WINFIELD F. 
PRIME, Republican, Winchester, born in Charlestown Nov. 22, 1860; B. U. 
Law School 1886. Lawyer. Masons, Odd Fellows. House 1890, 1913-15, 
committee on probate and insolvency, judiciary, federal relations, metropo- 
litan affairs. 

Vote of district: R. B. Coolidgc, Prog., 926; WINFIELD F. PRIME, Rep., 

District No. 28.— Wards 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 Medford.— JOSEPH JOYCE DONA- 
HUE.— Democrat, Medford, born there Sept. 26, 1885; Dartmouth College, 
Harvard Law School 1910. Lawyer. Member Boston City, Merrimac Val- 
ley Country, Dartmouth, Beta Theta Pi, Bellamy clubs; Middlesex and Amer- 
ican Bar associations. Committee on legal affairs House 1915. 

Vote of district: JOSEPH JOYCE DONAHUE, Dem., 1114; H. F. Dowell, 
Rep., Ind., 398; R. J. Dv.yer, Reo., 1092; G. L. Harden, Prog., 305. 

District No. 29.— Arlington, Lexington.— JACOB BITZER, Republican, 
Arlington, born in Durrv/angen, Wurtemburg, Germany, Jan. 16, 1865, public 
schools. Bethel lodge Odd Fellows (past grand); selectman 1910-13; vice 
president Arlington Boat Club 1914; finance committee of Arlington several 
years; chairman Republican town committee ; alternate delegate to Republi- 
can National Convention 1912 from Eighth district. Committee on ways and 
means House 1915. 

Vote of district: JACOB BITZER, Rep., 1372; C. E. Dallin, Prog., 715; J. 
F. McCarthy, Dem., 810. 

District No. 30.— Belmont. Watertown.— WESLEY E. MONK, Republi- 
can, Watertown, born in Stoughton, Aug. 21, 1874; Brockton public schools. 
Brown University 1896, A. B. Harvard Law School 1899 LL. B. Lawyer, offices 
in Watertown and Boston. Pequossette lodge Masons (S. W).; Sons of Vet- 
erans, Board of Trade, Unitarian Club, selectman 1912-14, (chairman 1913- 
14). Committee on legal affairs (clerk) House 1915. 

Vote of district: J. P. Keefe, Dem., 1381; WESLEY E. MONK, Rep., 1778. 

District No. 31.— Stoneham.— ARTHUR N. NEWHALL, Republican, 
Stoneham, born in Appleton, Me., Sept. 26, 1875; public schools. Shoe sup- 
plies. House 1912-15, committees on drainage, military affairs (chairman), 
municipal finance. State House and Libraries (clerk). 



Vote of district: L. V. Colahan, Dem., 482; ARTHUR N. NEWHALL, 
Rep., 664; A. S. Parker, Prog., 227. 


EDWARD H. PERRY, Republican, born in Boston, Aug. 6, 1866; public 
schools. Selectman, school committee; assessor; ship builder; I. 0. 0. F., R. 
M., K. P. House 1914-15, committees on public service, taxation. 

Vote of district: EDWARD H. PERRY, Rep., 414; all others none. 


District No. 1.— Dedham, Needham.— CHARLES E. STANWOOD, Re- 
publican, born St. Albans, Me., Feb. 19, 1863; Revere Grammar, Newburyport 
High schools, French's (Boston) Commercial College. Book-keeper; public 
accountant last 22 years. Norfolk lodge Masons (past master), NeM^tonville 
chapter, Gethsemane commandery, Knights Templar; Elliott lodge Odd Fel- 
lows; town treasurer last eight years'; treasurer and trustee Glover Home 
and Hospital; selectmen, overseer of poor and board of health 1897-1901; 
town auditor 1885-90; president Needham Real Estate Associates; president 
Needham Business Association and Board of Trade 1913. House 1914-15 
committees on public lighting; elections (chairman), public lighting. 

Vote of district: H L Cummings, Prog., 681; J. S. Delaney, Dem., 891;, 

District No. 2.— Brookline.— CHARLES F. ROWLEY, Republican, Brook- 
line, born in Titusville, Pa., Aug. 3, 1882; public schools, Harvard College 
1905, Harvard Law School 1907. Lawyer. Harvard, Boston City Clubs, Bos- 
ton Bar Association. Committee on metropolitan affairs House 1915. 

JOHN H. SHERBURNE, Republican, Brookline, born in Boston Jan. 29, 
1877; private schools, Harvard College 1899. Lawyer. Masons. Major First 
Battery Field Artillery M. V. M., House 1912-19, committees on constitutional 
amendments (chairman), election laws (chairman), metropolitan affairs, rules, 
State House and Libraries. 

Vote of district: J. Carolan, Dem., 1262; CHARLES F. Rowley, Rep., 
2700; JOHN H. SHERBURNE, Rep., 2701. 

District No. 3.— Hyde Park (Ward 26 Boston).— DAVID W. MURRAY, 
Democrat, Hyde Park, born in Boston Sept. 9, 1874; Boston College. Lawyer .ii 
House 1911-12, 1915, committees on bills in third reading, election laws, public 
health, taxation; cold storage commission (special). 

Vote of district: David Murray, Soc, 89; DAVID MURRAY, Dem., 1195; 
W. E. Robbins, Prog.-Rep., 1080. 

District No. 4.— Canton, Milton.— JOSEPH FAYETTE STONE, Repub- 
lican, born in Prescott, Feb. 8, 1858; public schools. New Salem Academy. 
School teacher; carpenter, building contractor. Blue Hill lodge Masons 
(past master), past district deputy G. M. 22d Masonic district; Mt. Zion 
chapter royal arch Masons (P. H. P.); thrice illustrious master Hyde Park 
council; Cyrus commandery Knights Templar; Canton chapter Order Eastern 
Star (past pati'on); Aleppo temple Mystic Shrine; Ponkapoag Grange; Nor- 
folk Club; school committee 1882-2-3-4; Republican town committee last 20 
years. House 1914-15 committee on labor taxation. 

Vote of district: JOSEPH F. STONE, Rep., 1387; J. A. Turner, Dem., 

District No. 5.— Wards 1, 2, 3 Quincy.— CHARLES A. ERICSON, Re- 
publican, Quincy, born in Roslags-Bro, Sweden, Oct. 19, 1873; Swedish public 
schools. Rural lodge Masons, St. Stephen I'oyal arch chapter, Quincy com- 
mandery Knights Templar, Aleppo Temple Mystic Shrine; John Ericson 
court Foresters of America No. 155; Quincy Board of Trade, Quincy Yacht 
Club. City council 1910-11-12-13-14. Committee on counties House 1915. 



Vote of district: CHARLES A. ERICSON, Rep., 1352; M. T. Sullivan, 
Dem., 1350. 

District No. 6.— Wards 4, 5, 6 Quincy.— EDWARD J. SANDBERG, Re- 
publican, Quincy, born in Sweden, Oct. 21, 1866; Swedish public schools. 
Teaming, contracting^ Councilman-at-large 1910^13; president Board ot 
Trade 1904-06; director same 14 years; life member Quincy Yacht Club; 
Elks, Moose (past dictator); Mount Wollaston lodge Odd Fellows, Manet 
Encampment, Canton Shawmut No. I (Boston), George L. Gill lodge Re- 
bekahs. House 1906-07, committee on drainage; 1914-15, drainage, harbors 
and public lands (chairman). 

Vote of district: H. 0. Cassidy, Prog., 555; D. F. Corcoran, Dem., 940; 
EDWARD J. SANDBERG, Rep., 1052. 

District No. 7.— KENNETH L. NASH, Republican, (South) Weymouth, 
born there July 14, 1888; public schools. Brown University 1912; Boston 
University Law School. Teacher; tutor. Played with Cleveland m American 
League in 1912-13; St. Louis in National League 1914. House 1914-15, com- 
mittees on legal affairs, public lighting, towns, (clerk). 

Vote of district: F. E. Briggs, Soc, 67; A. W. Hastings, Prog., 366; KEN- 
NETH L. NASH, Rep., 1132; D. J. Slattery, Dem., 931. 

District No. 8.— Avon, Braintree, Holbrook.— HARTLEY L. WHITE, 
Republican, Braintree, born in Holbrook, Dec. 26, 1869; public schools, Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology 1891. Civil engineer, surveyor; member 
Boston Society of Civil Engineers; with Metropolitan Sewerage Board four 
years; town engineer of Braintree; on appropriation committee 10 years 
(chairman three years); in city, town, county and street railway engineer- 
ing 16 years; Rural lodge Masons (past master), (D. D. G. M. of old 24th 
and new 26th districts) Quincy commandery Knights Templar. Committee 
on water supply House 1915. 

Vote of district: E. Avery, Dem., 865; R. A. Newcomb, 382; HARTLEY 
L. WHITE, Rep., 993. 

District No. 9.— Randolph, Sharon, Stoughton.— JOSEPH BELCHER, 
Republican, Randolph, born in Holbrook, Oct. 3, 1854; public schools. Bridge- 
water Normal School 1878. Teacher 38 years; silent partner with brother 
in grocery business. Member of Rising Star lodge No. 16 Odd Fellows; held 
all offices in Subordinate lodge and also held offices in Nemasket encamp- 
ment of Brockton; grand master grand lodge of Massachusetts 1906; grand 
representative to Sovereign grand lodge 1907; past regent Randolph council 
Royal Arcanum; ex- town auditor; moderator of town meetings; president 
Norfolk County Teachers' Association two years; its treasurer 12 years. 
Committee on education House 1915. 

Vote of district: JOSEPH BELCHER, Rep., 1255; W. H. Toomey, Dem., 

District No. 10.— Norwood, Walpole, Westwood.— THOMAS B. MULVE- 
HILL, Democrat, born in Westwood, (then West Dedham), Jan. 10, 1875; 
public schools. Livery business. Norwood council Knights of Columbus, 
Cutham lodge A. O. U. W., Norwood lodge Elks, Norwood Board of Trade, 
charter member and director "Safe Road for Horse Association"; St. Mary's 
Total Abstinence Society of Dedham; first Democrat to represent this dis- 
trict. Committee on banks and banking House 1915. 

Vote of district: F. T. Fuller, Prog., 343; THOMAS B. MULVEHILL, 
Dem., 1080; H. M. Stowell, Rep., 995. 

District No. 11.— Dover, Medfield, Millis, Norfolk, Wellesley.— ARTHUR 
SCHUYLER CLAPP, Republican, Norfolk, born in Milton, May 4, 1882; Mil- 



ton and Boston public schools. Civil engineer, engaged in building bridges, 
buildings, etc. Excelsior lodge Masons, Miller royal arch chapter, both of 
Franklin. Chairman school committee three years; chairman Republican 
town committee five years, Norfolk Republican Club, Boston Society of Civil 
Engineers. Comittee on roads and bridges. House 1915. 

Vote of district: A. SCHUYLER CLAPP, Rep., 1142; W. M, Hill, Prog.- 
Dem., 928. 

District No. 12. — Bellingham, Foxborough, Franklin, Plainville, Wren- 
tham. — ORLANDO McKENZIE, Republican, Foxborough, born in Pictou, N. 
S., April 23, 1868; public schools. Blacksmith. Norfolk town clerk, treas- 
urer, sealer weights and measures, chairman Republican town committee, 
manager Brass Band, trustee Josiah Ware fund; Foxborough selectman, 
overseer of poor, board of health; director Foxborough Savings Bank and on 
its building committee; president Board of Trade 1911-12; president Fox- 
borough Association 1913 to present, chairman Republican town committee 
1908-15; St. Alban's lodge Masons, Keystone royal arch chapter, Bristol 
commandery Knights Templars, Aleppo temple Mystic Shrine; Excelsior 
lodge Odd Fellows; Walpole lodge No. 29 A. O. U. W.; Norfolk and Fox- 
borough clubs, Foxborough Fraternity. House 1915, committee on towns, 
roads and bridges. 

Vote of district: G. R. Ellis, Prog., 522; ORLANDO McKENZIE, Rep., 
1122; M. F. Ryan, Dem., 550. 


District No. 1.— Plymouth.--JOHN W. CHURCHILL, Republican, Ply- 
mouth, born there Nov. 17, 1853; public schools. Cranberry grower. School 
committee 1891-92; /water commissioner i900il5 (chairman); selectman 
1911-12; Masons, Odd Fellows, Red Men. House 1913-15 committees on con- 
stitutional amendments, fisheries and game (clerk), public service. 

Vote of district: JOHN W. CHURCHILL, Rep., 908; L. H. Grant, Prog., 
132; W. T. Way, Dem., 453. 

District No. 2. — Duxbury, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Scituate. — 
EDMUND BAKER, Republican, Marshfield, born there June 24, 1877; public 
schools. Grocer. Republican town committee several years; Corner Stone 
lodge Masons of Duxbury. Committee on labor House 1915. 

Vote of district: EDMUND BAKER, Rep., 824; R. C. Ewell, Prog., 154; 
E. L. Hitchcock, Dem., 281. 

District No. 3.— Cohasset, Hingham, Hull.— WILLIAM O. SOUTHER, 
JR., Democrat-Independent, Cohasset, born there Feb. 8, 1880; public schools. 
Mason and builder in Boston. Cohasset lodge Odd Fellows; selectman 1910 
-14; assessor 1910-14; chairman overseers of poor 1910-12. House 1914-15, 
committees on constitutional amendments (clerk), harbors and public lands. 

Vote of district: E. H. Clark, Rep., 792; WILLIAM O. SOUTHER, JR., 
Dem.-Ind., 902. 

District No. 4.— Hanover, Hanson, Rockland.— WILLIAM J. BARRY, 
Democrat, Rockland, born there July 20, 1861; public schools. Printer-jour- 
nalist. Selectmen, overseers of poor 1913-14. Committee on social welfare 
House 1915. 

^„, X?,*^ °^ district: F. S. Alger, Rep., 866; WILLIAM J. BARRY, Dem., 
985; W. E. Everson, Prog., 247; C. H. Nugent, Soc, 64. 

District No. 5.— Abington, Whitman.— JOHN T. CROWLEY, Democrat, 
Abmgton, born m Somerville, Nov. 15, 1872; public schools. Superintendent 



worsted mill; textile machine shop, K. C, A. O. H.; Eagles; Board of Trade. 
Committee on towns House 1915. 

■ Vote of district: JOHN T. CROWLEY, Dem., 908; H. P. Gurney, Prog., 
889; C. Padelford, Soc, 86; E. C. Taft, Rep., 569. 

District No. 6. — Carver, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester, 

Wareham. HORACE F. FIELD, Republican, Mattapoisett, born in Boston 

Aug 13, 1877; public schools. Farmer. Selectman, overseer of poor 1902- 
15, assessor 1902-11. Wamsutta Club of New Bedford; Loyal Legion; Mat- 
tapoisett Grange. Committee on harbors and public lands (clerk) House 

Vote of district: HORACE F. FIELD, Rep., 604; H. S. Griffith, Prog., 242; 
L. Wing, Dem., 253. 

District No. 7.— Halifax, Kingston, Middleborough, Plympton.— THOMAS 
W. BLANCHARD, Republican, Plympton, born there July 14, 857; educated 
in its public schools. Grocery, grain and lumber business. Middleborough 
Commercial Club; Selectman, overseer of poor, board of health 1893-08; 
road commissioner one year, Plympton Grange (executive committee). Com- 
mittee on towns House 1915. 

Vote of district: THOMAS W. BLANCHARD, Rep., 651; C. D. Mala- 
guti„ Dem., 286; L. P. Thomas, Prog., 495. 

District No. 8. — Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater. — 
ALLSTON MARDEN SINNOTT, Republican, Bridgewater, born in Dux- 
bury, Aug. 1, 1863; its public schools, Boston School of Drawing and Paint- 
ing; So. Kensington School of Design, London, England, Salesman; interior 
decorator. Committee on public institutions House 1915. 

Vote of district: Cleaveland A. Chandler, Prog., 579; E. A. McMaster, 
Dem., 506; ALLSTON M. SINNOTT, Rep., 609. 

District No. 9.— Wards 3, 4 Brockton.— ERNEST F. B. G. Davis, Indepen- 
dent-Citizens-Democrat, Brockton, born there July 30, 1892; Brockton High 
School 1912, Clark University 1912-13; Boston University Law School 1916. 
Boot and shoe worker, salesman, laborer, farmer. Campello lodge A. 0. U. 
W., Brockton Y. M. C. A., Y. P. S. C. E. and Men's Club, Harmony Club 
(honorary member), vice-president Wilson Club, Brockton High School Alum- 
ni Association. Committee on social welfare House 1915. 

Vote of district: J. A. Anderson, Soc, 318; ERNEST F. B. G. DAVIS, 
Ind.-Dem., 883; G. A. Monk, Rep., 815; A. F. Straffin, Prog., 792. 

District No. 10.— Wards 1, 2, 5 Brockton.— J. EDWIN MAYBURY, Re- 
publican, Brockton, born (South) Braintree, March 4, 1879; public schools. 
Telephone business; test man of Brockton Exchange. Damocles lodge 
Knights of Pythias, Mayflower lodge N. E. O. P., Brockton aerie Eagles, 
Bi-ockton nest Owls (president 1911, treasurer 1912-15). Common council 
1911-12; alderman 1913-14. Committee on cities House 1915. 

WALTER F. RUSSELL, Democrat, Brockton, born in Sandwich, March 
15, 1866; public schools. Railroading; shoe cutting. Owls, Eagles, B. & S. 
W. U. House 1913-15, committees on labor, municipal finance, public institu- 

Vote of district: J. F. Conley, Dem., 1627; J. Lindsay, Prog., 578; J, 
EDWIN MAYBURY, Rep., 1675; WALTER F. RUSSELL, Dem., 1651; A. P. 
Snow, Rep., 1266; J. D. Snow, Prog., 444; H. Timpany, Soc, 195; J. H. Winer, 
Soc, 174. 

District No. 11.— Wards 6, 7 Brockton.— FRANK A. MANNING, Demo- 
crat, Brockton, born there June 25, 1889; public schools. Shoe worker, 



Eagles. Common council 1911-13; Jefferson Club. Committees on harbors 
and public lands, street railways House 1914-15. 

Vote of district: B. DeGrasse, Soc, 235; J. A. Laird, Rep., 81S; FRANK 
A. MANNING, Dem., 1217; N. W. Sampson, Prog., 589. 


District No. 1.— Ward I Boston.— THOMAS J. GIBLIN, Democrat, Boston 
born there May 7, 1873; St. Mary's College. Broker, builder. Alderman 
1909-10. House 1913, 1915, committees on cities, harbors and public lands. 

THOMAS R. KELLEY, Democrat, (East) Boston born there Dec. 20, 
1888; High School. Clerk. Elks, M. C. O. F.; K. C. Committee on harbors 
and public lands House 1915. 

Vot of district: E. J. Fox, Rep., 1446; C. E. Durgin, Prog., 119; 
THOMAS J. GIBLIN, Dem., 2007; J. J. Girrior, Prog., 101; THOMAS R. 
KELLEY, Dem., 1879; G. E. Leet, Rep., 792. 

District No. 2.— Ward 2 Boston.— JOHN J. KEARNEY, Democrat, (East) 
Boston, born there March 14, 1883; public schools. Hotel, restaurant. 
Eagles, Heptasophs. Committee on State House and Libraries House 1915. 

JOHN F. SULLIVAN, Democrat, Boston, born there May 17, 1875; pub- 
lis schools. Contractor, Director Columbia Trust Company; trustee Sumner 
Savings Bank. House 1906-08, 1914-15, committees on printing, metropolitan 

Vote of district: J. A. Caggiano, Rep., 230; L. Greenfield, Pro., 61; 
JOHN J. KEARNEY, Dem., 1313; E. J. Smith, Rep., 189; JOHN F. SULLI- 
VAN, Dem., 1276. 

District No. 3.— Ward 3 Boston.— JAMES J. BRENNAN, Democrat, Bos- 
ton, born in Charlestown May 2, 1882; public schools. Engineer. K. C, A. O. 
U. W; common council 1908-09. House 1911-13, 1915 committees on pay roll, 
public lighting (clerk), water supply. 

HENRY J. McLAUGHIN, Democrat, Boston, born there Dec. 7, 1876; 
public schools. Paving inspector. Heptasophs. House 1914-15, committees 
on federal relations, military affairs. 

Vote o district: JAMES J. BRENNAN, Dem., 1563; R. Hodgkins, Rep., 
169; G. H. Huff, Rep., 161; HENRY J. McLAUGHLIN, Dem., 1543. 

District No. 4.— Wards 4, 5 Boston.— JOHN P. MAHONEY, Democrat, 
Boston, born Cardiff, Wales, May 26, 1888; Boston English High School. 
Stenographer. K. C. Committee on education House 1915. 

MICHAEL J. McNAMEE, Democrat, Boston, born there Jan. 26, 1889; 
public schools. Salesman. M. C, 0. F. Committee on public lighting House 

EDWARD P. MURPHY, Democrat, Boston, born in Bennington, Vt., 
March 24, 1887; Boston public schools. Banking, brokerage. A. 0. H. House 
1913-15, committee on banks and banking, ways and means, federal relations. 

Vote of district: A. W. Forbush, Rep., 395; A. S. Holman, Rep., 365; 
JOHN P. MAHONEY, Dem., 2234; MICHAEL J. McNAMEE, Dem., 2214: 
EDWARD P. MURPHY, Dem., 2175; F. L. Omond, Rep., 346. 

District No. 5.— Wards 1, 2 Chelsea.— MAURICE CARO, Republican, 
Chelsea, born there Sept. 18, 1880; public schools. Harvard College 1901. 
Harvard Law School 1904. Lawyer. Masons, Foresters, Eagles. House 
1913-15, committees on cities, municipal finance (chairman), legal affairs 



Vote of district: MAURICE CARO, Rep., 884; H. H. Howe, Soc, 117; L. 
F. Quigley, Prog.-Dem., 577. 

District No. 6.— Ward 6 Boston.— FELIX A. MARCELLA, Democrat, 
Boston, born there Aug. 19, 1887; St. Mary's parochial, English High schools, 
public schools, Boston University Law School 1910. Lawyer. Knights of 
Columbus. Committee on legal affairs House 1915. 

ALFRED SANTOSUOSSO, Democrat, Boston, born there Feb. 22, 1889; 
public schools, Boston University Law School 1910. Lawyer. Knghts of 
Columbus, Foresters of America, Sons of Italy. Committee on constitutional 
amendments (clerk) House 1915. 

Vote of district: E. D. H. Boynton, Rep.-Ind., 91; J. E. Cushman, Rep.- 
Ind., 79; A. M. DeVito, Rep., 459; J. A. Langone, Prog., 171; F. R. Lentine, 
Prog., 63; FELIX A. MARCELLA, Dem., 717; C. H. McGlinchey, Dem., Ind., 
396; ALFRED SANTOSUOSSO, Dem., 784. 

District No. 7.— Ward 7 Boston.— JOHN L. DONOVAN, Democrat, Bos- 
ton, born there June 8, 1876; public schools. Eagles, A. 0. H. Common 
council 1898-9; 1908-9. House 1900-1, 1912-15, committees on drainage, har- 
bors and public lands, printing. State House and Libraries, street railways; 
gypsy moth (special). 

Vote of district: JOHN L. DONOVAN, Dem., 684; J. B. Grant, Prog.- 
Rep., 172. 

District No. 8.— Ward 8 Boston.— MARTIN M. LOMASNEY, Democrat, 
Boston born there Dec. 3, 1859; public schools. Real estate. Alderman 
1893-95, 1901-03; Senate 1896-07; House 1899, 1905-09, 1911-15, committees 
on engrossed bills, constitutional amendments, harbors and public lands, 
manufactures, metropolitan affairs, public health, public service, ways and 
means; public utilities (special), state redistricting (special). 

ROBERT ROBINSON, Democrat, Boston, born there Jan. 4, 1889; Bos- 
ton University 1910. Lawyer. K. P., Heptasophs. House 1913-15, com- 
mittees on cities, judiciary (clerk). 

Vote of district: J. T. Gibbons, Dem.-Cit., 222; MARTIN M. LOMAS- 
NEY, Dem., 1618; M. Rabinowitz, Dem.-Cit., 303; ROBERT ROBINSON, Dem, 
I486;' N. Winer, Rep., 333. 

District No. 9.— Ward 9 Boston.— JOHN A. DONOGHUE, Democrat, 
Boston, born there Aug. 12, 1886; public schools. I. B. E. W. House 1914-15, 
committees on metropolitan affairs, water supply. 

JOHN F. SHEEHAN, Democrat, Boston, born in Killarney, County 
Kerry, Ireland, Aug. 25, 1879; public and parochial schools. Instructor; 
clerk; time-keeper; reporter. House 1914-15, committee on mercantile affairs. 

Vote of district: W. L. Crosman, Prog., 123; JOHN A. DONOGHUE, 
Dem., 1195; A. Herman, Soc, 103; T. C. Murch, Rep., 271; M. H.Newman, 
Prog., 145; J. Regan, Soc, 75; P. E. Richardson, Rep., 260; JOHN F. SHEE- 
HAN, Dem., 1133. 

District No. 10.— Ward 10 Boston.— SAMUEL DAVIS, Republican, Bos- 
ton, born in Philadelphia, June 4, 1866; public schools, Boston University Law 
School (LL. M.) 1912. Came to Boston in 1893; formerly associate editor of 
"Journal Insurance Economics". Admitted to bar in 1907; lawyer since then. 
House 1914-15, committees on engrossed bills (chairman), insurance (chair- 

Vote of district: C. J. Campbell, Rep.-Ind., 57; D. J. Corcoran, Dem., 684; 
CHANNING H. COX, Rep., 1487; SAMUEL DAVIS, Rep., 1315; J. M. De- 
war, Prog., 258; J. A. Sullivan, Dem., 577; J. L. Tuckerman, Prog., 264. 

District No. 11.— Ward 11 Boston.— ARTHUR E. BURR, Republican, 



Boston, born there July 23, 1870; Boston Latin School, Harvard College 1891, 
Harvard Law School 1894. Lawyer. Ward 11 Republican ward committee 
and city committee; Braeburn Country, Massachusetts Republican, Phi Beta 
Kappa, University and Harvard clubs; Mt. Lebanon lodge Masons. Com- 
mittee on judiciary House 1915. 

FITZ-HENRY SMITH, JR., Republican, Boston, born there Nov. 20, 1873; 
public schools; Harvard College 1896, Harvard Law School 1899. Lawyer. 
General Council American Bar Association, executive committee Maritime 
Law Association, Boston and Massachusetts Bar associations, Boston Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Director Bostonian Society, Ward 11 Republican committee, 
Republican Club of Masachusetts, Massachusetts Club. House 1914-15, com- 
mittees on constitutional amendments (chairman), metropolitan affairs, rules. 

Vote of district: ARTHUR E. BURR, Rep., 1861; J. W. Butler, Dem., 512; 
W. F. Dorothy, Prog., 182; D. H. O'Connell, Dem., 493; FITZ-HENRY 
SMITH, JR., Rep., 1685. 

District No. 12. — Ward 12 Boston. — EDWARD F. McLAUGHLIN, Boston, 
born there June 6, 1883; public schools. Insurance. House 1913-15 com- 
mittees on social welfare, rules, railroads. 

JAMES J. MURPHY, Democrat, Boston, born there Feb. 11, 1885; public 
schools. Insurance. House 1911-12, 1914-15, committees on State House and 
Libraries (clerk), labor, ways and means. 

Vote of district: J. B. McGregor, Rep., 928; EDWARD F. McLAUGH- 
LIN, Dem., 1201; JAMES J. MURPHY, Dem., 1149; W. D. Rich, Prog.-Rep., 
700; F. E. Shute, Prog., 162. 

District No. 13.— Ward 13 Boston.— WILLIAM J. FOLEY, Democrat, 
Boston, born (South) Boston March 2, 1887. Lawrence grammar, South Bos- 
ton and English High schools, Boston University Law School 1908. Lawyer. 
M. C. O. F., division 4 A, 0. H., Irish-American Athletic Association. Com- 
mittee on public service (clerk) House 1915. 

JOHN N. LEVINS, Democrat, (South) Boston, born there Aug. 10, 1886; 
public schools. Steamship business. K. C. Committee on constitutional 
amendments Houe 1915. 

Vote of district: WILLIAM J. FOLEY, Dem., 1168; JOHN N. LEVINS, 
Dem., 933; W. J. Manning, Dem.-Cit., 852; J. McDonough, Rep., 124. 

District No. 14.— Ward 14 Boston.— DANIEL W. CASEY, Democrat, 
Boston, born there Sept. 10, 1892; public schools. Salesman; law student. 
Secretary Boston Democratic city committee; president South Boston High 
Alumni; Knights of Equity, St. Eulalia Men's Club. House 1915, committee 
on street railways. 

WILLIAM N. CRONIN, Democrat, Boston, born in Somerville Sept. 4, 
1885; B. U. Law School 1912. Lawyer. Elks, Charitable Irish Society, Moose, 
Boston Press Club. Committees on counties (clerk), municipal finance, rules, 
House 1914-15. 

Vote of district: B. J. Arntz, Prog., 117; J. C. Bibber, Rep., 470; DANIEL 
W. CASEY, Dem., 1974; J. A. Cornev, Prog., 125; WILLIAM N. CRONIN, 
Dem., 1904; J. J. Mungovan, Rep., 396. 

District No. 15.— Ward 15 Boston.— JOHN L. MONAHAN, Democrat, 
Boston, born there Nov. 7, 1883; Boston University 1905. Lawyer. K. C; 
A. 0. H. Committee on legal affairs House 1915. 

EDWARD GEORGE MORRIS, Democrat, Boston, born there Dec. 11, 
1879; public schools. Broker. Heptasophs. Hillside, Gusta and Madison 
social clubs, St. Alphonsus Lyceum; M. C. O. F. Committee on banks and 
banking House 1915. 



Vote of district: JOHN L. MONAHAN, Dem., 1918; EDWARD G. MOR- 
RIS, Dem., 1905. 

District No. 16.— Ward 16 Boston— JOHN F. McCARTHY, Democrat, 
Boston, born there July 21, 1880; public schools. Clerk; salesman. House 
1911-13, committees on harbors and public lands, public lighting, liquor law; 
1915, public lighting. 

GEORGE J. WALL, Democrat, Boston, born there June 11, 1889; public 
schools. Newspaper advertising. N. E. 0. P., committees on mercantile af- 
fairs (clerk), public institutions House 1914-15. 

Vote of district: JOHN F. McCARTHY, Dem., 1871; A. R. Mitchll, Rep., 
840; GEORGE J. WALL, Dem., 1855; S. C. Weil, Rep., 679. 

District No. 17.— Ward 17 Boston.— JOSEPH A. OAKHEM, Democrat, 
Boston, born there (Roxbury) Jan. 5, 1882; public schools. Produce merchant. 
A. 0. H. Committee on State House and Libraries House 1915. 

JOHN J. REILLY, Democrat, Boston, born there Oct. 4, 1884; public 
schools. Statistician. House 1914-15, committee on State House and Libra- 
ries, cities. 

Vote of district: M. B. Byrne, Prog., 141; A. M. Cutter, Rep., 485; JO- 
SEPH A. OAKHEM, Dem., 1939; JOHN J. REILLY, Dem., 1772; H. D. Sterl- 
ing, Rep., 414; J. A. Walsh, Prog., 194. 

District No. 18.— Ward 18 Boston.— GEORGE EDWARD CURRAN, 
Democrat, Boston, born there Jan. 28, 1873; public schools. Theatrical con- 
tractor. Elks, Eagles, K. C., A O. H., Irsh Charitable Association, Theatrical 
Mechanics Association, Ward 18 Democratic club, Boston Yacht Club. House 
1914-15, committees on military affairs, federal relations (clerk). 

PATRICK EDWARD MURRAY, JR., Democrat, Boston, born there Aug. 
22, 1869; public schools. Undertaker. Roxbury Historical Society, M. C. O. 
F., Knights of Columbus, A. O. H., A. 0. U. W., Roscommon Club. House 
1913-15, committees on public lighting (clerk), railroads. 

Vote of district: J. C. Barrus, Rep., 569; J. A. Crawford, Rep., 673; 
GEORGE EDWARD CURRAN, Dem., 1054; A. Kohan, Prog., 85; PATRICK 
EDWARD MURRAY, JR., Dem., 1070. 

District No. 19.— Ward 19 Boston.— DENNIS F. REARDON, Democrat, 
Boston, born there June 28, 1868; public schools. Insurance business and 
real estate, Fairview Land Co., 101 Tremont St., Eastern Athletic Associa- 
tion, St. Alphonsus Association, Division 50 A. O. H., St. Alphonsus court 
Foresters. Committee on water supply House 1915. 

WILLIAM H. SULLIVAN, Democrat, Boston, born in Stoneham, Feb. 
20, 1869; public schools, Boston College 1889, Boston University Law School 
1890. Lawyer. Boston lodge Elks, executive committee Catholic Union, St. 
Alphonsus Association, St. Alphonsus Association Boat Club, Division 3 A. O. 
H., St. Francis court M. C. 0. F., Commonwealth Country Club. John Martin 
Club. Traveled in all European countries, except Russia; Africa, Labrador, 
Newfoundland and Canada and in all the United States except five. Com- 
mittee on drainage, in 1912 House; judiciary, 1915. 

Vote of district: T. H. Bates, Prog., 128; G. E. Glazier, Rep., 517; DEN- 
NIS F. REARDON, Dem., 2557; W. H. Riahards, Rep., 426; WILLIAM H. 
SULLIVAN, Dem., 2730. 

District No. 20.— Ward 20 Boston.— PETER J. DONAGHUE, Democrat, 
Boston, born Quebec, Aug. 5, 1876; Evening High School, Y. M. C. A. Law 
School. Lawyer. House 1913, 1915, committees on engrossed bills, con- 
stitutional amendments, railroads. 



JOSEPH McGRATH, Democrat, Boston, born there Dec. 20, 1890; High 
school. Real estate broker. M. C. 0. F.; justice of peace, notary public. 
Committee on counties House 1915. 

LEWIS R. SULLIVAN, Democrat, Boston, born there Aug. 29, 1874; 
public schools. Clerk. House 1913-15, committees on constitutional amend- 
ments, public service taxation. 

Vote of district: F. H. Cook, Prog., 585; PETER J. DONAGHUE, Dem., 
4506; C. A. Dunham, Rep., 3068; JOSEPH McGRATH, Dem., 4411; L. S. Sea- 
ver, Prog., 538; E. D. Stone, Prog., 1030; LEWIS R. SULLIVAN, Dem., 4257; 
C. J. Upham, Rep., 3037; J. Hasseman, Rep. 3293. 

District No. 21.— Ward 21 Boston.— ADDISON P. BEARDSLEY, Repub- 
lican, Boston, born in Harborville, King's county, N. S., Feb. 8, 1874; public 
academy, Pennsylvania College Dental Surgery 1903. Dentist since 1903. 
Wari-en lodge Odd Fellows (past noble grand), Samaritan encampment, I. 0. 
O. F.; Knights of Malta; Somerset lodge N. E. 0. P.; Massachusetts Dental 
Society, National Dental Association; Middlesex, Lincoln, Massachusetts Re- 
publican clubs; Republican city commitee last six years; secretary Ward 21 
Republican committee 1912-13-14; delegate to Republican state convention 
1910; Roxbury Improvement Society (president 1913-14,) Roxbury Board of 
Trade, Roxbury Historical Society, Roxbury Charitable Society, member 
Advisory Board Roxbury School Center; delegate Boston United Improvement 
Association. Committee on public institutions House 1915. 

SHIRLEY P. GRAVES, Republican, Boston, born Franklin, Me., April 7, 
1882; Westbrook (Me) Seminary, University of Maine 1903, Harvard Law 
School 1906. Lawyer. Massachusetts Republican, Lincoln clubs; Roxbury 
Improvement Association, Roxbury Board of Trade. Ward committee 1912- 
14 (chairman 1913, vice president city committee 1914). Committees on en- 
grossed bills, public lighting House 1915. 

Vote of district: ADDISON P. BEARDSLEY, Rep., 2054; SHIRLEY P. 
GRAVES, Rep., 2095; J. T. Kenney, Dem., 1908; C. J. O'Brien, Dem., 1749; 
F. E. Robinson, Prog., 271; E. Woodaman, Prog., 214. 

District No. 22.— Ward 22 Boston.— JEREMIAH J. KELLEY, Democrat, 
Boston, born in Ireland March 25, 1863; publici schools. Farrier. House 
1904, 1914-15, committees on parishes and religious societies, printing, mili- 
tary affairs, public institutions. 

ALFRED J. MOORE, Democrat, Boston, born there Aug. 7, 1889; public 
schools. Musician, K. C, Red Men, M. C. 0. F. Committee on roads and 
bridges House 1915. 

Vote of district: P. Barth, Soc, 137; P. Karkin, Soc, 102; JEREMIAH 
J. KELLEY, Dem., 2085; ALFRED J. MOORE, Dem., 2148; G. Penshorn, 
Prog., 1891; B. L. Thomas, Prog., 1352. 

District No. 23.— Ward 23 Boston.— WILLIAM M. McMORROW, Demo- 
crat, Boston, born there Oct. 22, 1885; public schools. Boston College 1906. 
Harvard Law School 1911; lawyer. A. O. H.; House 1911-12, 1914-15, com- 
mittees on banks and banking, engrossed bills, election laws, metropolitan af- 

JAMES E. PHELAN, Democrat, Boston, born there Oct. 21, 1884; Even- 
ing High School. Florist, gardener. House 1914-15, committees on election 
laws, mercantile affairs. 

Vote of district: G. A. Oilman, Rep., 2372; B. C. Lane, Rep., 2156- WIL- 
LIAM M. McMORROW, Dem., 2655; JAMES E. PHELAN, Dem., 2524- W. 
Scampton, Prog., 322; J. F. Waters, Prog., 466. 

District No. 24.— Ward 24 Boston.— HON. HARRISON H. ATWOOD, 



Republican, Boston, born North Londonderry, Vt., Aug. 26, 1863; Phillips 
grammar school , Boston. Architect. City architect 1889-90. In House 
1887-8-9, committees on cities, liquor law, mercantile affairs. State House. 
Alternate delegate to Republican national convention in 1888, 1892, delegate 
to same in 1896, 1900, 1904, 1908. Republican city committee 1884-97 (secre- 
tary 1885-89); Republican state committee 1887-89. St. John's lodge Masons, 
Boston commandery Knights Templar; Franklin lodge Odd Fellows. Member 
54th Congress, committees on election of President, vice president and repre- 
sentatives in Congress; ventilation and acoustics. Committee on ways and 
means House 1915. 

JOSEPH J. BENSON, Democrat, Boston, born there Aug. 6, 1885; public 
schools. Clerk; conductor. House 1913, 1915, committee on education 
(clerk), military affairs. 

SAMUEL H. MILDRAM, Republican-Progressive, Boston, born in Arl- 
ington Dec. 4, 1867; M. I. T. Consulting engineer, accountant. City council 
1899-02. House 1907-10, 1915, committees on banks and banking, taxation 

Vote of district: T. J. Ahern, Dem., 2626; HAI«lISON H. ATWOOD, 
Prog.-Rep., 2862; JOSEPH J. BENSON, Dem., 2878; J. H. Flanagan, Dem., 
2540; SAMUEL H. MILDRAM, Prog.-Rep., 2776; W. B. Willcutt, Prog.-Rep., 


District No. 25.— Ward 25 Boston.— WILLIAM J. DONAHOE, Democrat, 
Boston, born there Oct. 4, 1886; English High School. Monument salesman; 
law student, K. C, A. O. H., Granadas. Committee on labor (clerk) House 

HERBERT A. WILSON, Republican, Boston, born there Nov. 27, 1870; 
public schools. Civil engineer. Masons. House 1913-15, committees on 
metropolitan affairs (clerk), education, banks and banking (chairman). 

Vote of district: WILLIAM J. DONAHOE, Dem., 2062; F. E. Dowling, 
Rep., 1987; E. T. Keefe, Dem., 1798; G. B. Webster, Prog., 440; HERBERT 
A. WILSON, Rep., 2295. 

District No. 26.— Wards 3, 4 Chelsea.— WILLIAM M. ROBINSON, Re- 
publican, Chelsea, born there July 21, 1875; public schools. Worcester Aca- 
demy. Furniture business. Alderman 1903-6; Masons. House 1907-10, 1913- 
15, committees on election laws, federal relations (clerk), street railways 
(clerk, chairman). 

Vote of district: J. J. O'Brien, Dem., 787; WILLIAM M. ROBINSON, 
Rep., 833. 

District No. 27.— Ward 5 Chelsea, Revere, Winthrop.— ANDREW A. 
CASASSA, Republican, Revere, born in Boston Sept. 17, 1886; Revere public 
schools, B. U. Law school Elks, K. C, A. O. U. W. House 1913-15, committees 
on engrossed bills, legal affairs metropolitan affairs, judiciary. 

EDGAR H. WHITNEY, Republican, Winthrop, born in Dublin, N. H., 
Dec. 29, 1859; public schools. Merchant. Mononmock lodge Odd Fellows, 
Winchendon (past grand); Artisan lodge Masons, Winchendon; Boston com- 
mandery Knights Templar, New York consistory; 32d degree; past regent Bos- 
ton Athletic Association; treasurer Winthrop Yacht Club 1902-6; commodore 
since 1906. House 1908, committee on roads and bridges; public health, 1915. 

Vote of district: W. E. Boardman, Prog., 570; ANDREW A. CASASSA, 
Rep., 3285; F. H. Farrell, Dem., 1309; C. E. Greeley, Prog., 642; B. V. Sbraccia, 
Dem., 1236; EDGAR H. WHITNEY, Rep., 2839. 




District No. 1. — Athol, Dana, Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston.— FRED 
W. CROSS, Progressive, Royalston, born in Royalston Sept. 15, 1868; Cush- 
ing Academy 1896, Williams College 1900. Teacher, public speaker, lecturer; 
Phi Beta Kappa Society; justice of peace, notary public; school committee 
1907-09; overseer of poor 1908-09. House 1914-15, committees on education, 

Vote of district: FRED W. CROSS, Prog., 1020; R. L. Farr, Soc, 78; M. 
B. Waterman, Dem.-Rep., 954. 

District No. 2. — Ashburnham, Gardner, Templeton, Winchendon. — FRANK 
B. EDGELL, Republican, Gardner, born there May 11, 1867; public schools. 
Insurance business. Clerk and treasurer of "Chair Town" Co-operative bank; 
Hope lodge Masons (secretary), Gardner royal arch chapter, Ivanhoe com- 
mandery Knights Templar, (Generalissimo); Order Eastern Star (past pa- 
tron); Gardner Boat Club (clerk and treasurer), Ridley Club. Registrar of 
voters 1899-1913; Republican tovi^n committee 1903-12 (secretary and treas- 
urer 1907-12.) House 1914-15, committee on mercantile affairs. 

ARTHUR F. LAMB, Republican, Templeton, born there Dec. 20, 1852; 
public schools. Cabinet maker five years; lumberman 26 years. Fire en- 
gineer 11 years; Republican tovm committee 12 years; president Templeton 
Inn Corporation 1914-15. Committee on agriculture House 1915. 

Vote of district: C. L. Day, Prog., 478; FRANK B. EDGELL, Rep., 1766; 
J. J. Hunt, Dem., 917; ARTHUR F. LAMB, Rep., 1228; R. Laprade, Dem., 1004; 
P. R. Welch, Prog., 387. 

District No 3. — Barre, Holden, Hubbardston, Oakham, Princeton, Rut- 
land, Sterling, Westminister.— AUSTIN F. ADAMS, Republican, Barre 
(Plains), born there July 15, 1840; Barre High School, NeM^ Salem Academy. 
Farmer and house builder. Selectman 1871-3, 1882-3, 1886-7. President of 
First National Bank of Barre, Director of Second National Bank of Barre; 
trustee of Barre Savings Bank, director of Barre Public Library, former 
president of Worcester County West Agricultural Society. Committees on 
agriculture House 1898; same and elections, 1899; agriculture, 1915. 

Vote of district: AUSTIN F. ADAMS, Rep., 1144; all others, two. 

District No. 4.— Brookfield, Hardwick, New Braintree, North Brookfield, 
Warren, West Brookfield.— WARREN E. TARBELL, Republican, Brookfield, 
born in Worcester, April 18, 1860; its public schools and Worcester Business 
College. Deputy sheriff since Jan. 1, 1891; book-keeper from 1881 to 1886; 
merchant in general store in East Brookfield 1886 to 1903; local manager of 
New England Brick Company since 1901, justice of peace and notary public 
since 1906. Olive Branch lodge Masons, of Millbury; Good Will lodge Odd 
Fellows and Moose Hill encampment, both of Spencer; Wachusett council 
Royal Arcanum of Spencer. Worcester lodge Elks, Major in Worcester Con- 
tinentals, Co. C. 2d regiment M. V. M., 1880-8, retiring as 1st lieutenant; Wor- 
cester Light Infantry Veteran Associates. Selectmen 1896-7-8, 1913-14-15 
(chairman 1914-15), water commissioner 1908 to 1915 except 1910, (chairman). 
House of 1906, on committees on railroads, revision of taxation laws (special 
recess); House 1915, street railways. 

Vote of district: WARREN E. TARBELL, Rep., 1255; all others, 11. 

District No. 5.— Charlton, Southbridge, Sturbridge.— JOSEPH LAFLAM- 
ME, Democrat, Sturbridge, born there May 28, 1878; public schools. General 
store. Town auditor 1907-09; selectman 1912-13; assessor 1906. House 1914- 
15, committees on public service, towns. 



Vote of district: R. A. Beckwith, Prog.-Rep., 1164; JOSEPH LAFLAM- 
ME, Dem., 1222. 

District No. G. — Auburn, Leicester, Paxton, Spencer, — WALTER W. 
WOLFE, Democrat, Auburn, born Belmont (Waverly), May 6, 1879; public 
schools. Market gardener. Market Gardeners' Association, Worcester Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Committee on agriculture House 1915. 

Vote of district: C. H. Derby, Rep., 926; J. P. Eaton, Prog., 121; WAL- 
TER E. WOLFE, Dem., 1143. 

District No. 7.— Dudley, Oxford, Webster.— GEORGE FRED HART, Re- 
publican, Webster, born there Nov. 9, 1859; public schools. Nichols Academy, 
University of Vermont Medical School 1884. Physician and surgeon. Web- 
ster lodge Masons, 32d degree Mason; Mt. Sinai lodge Knights of Pythias, 
Massachusetts Medical Society, Associated Boards of Health; selectman 1910- 
12; board of health 1897-1911. House 1913-15, committees on public health 
(chairman). State House and Libraries; sub-committee on reorganizing State 
Board of Health 1914. 

Vote of district: GEORGE FRED HART, Rep., 1229; J. N. O'Kane, Dem., 

District No. 8. — Blackstone, Douglas, Grafton, Millbury, Shrewsbury, Sut- 
ton, Uxbridge.— ROBERT H. NEWELL, Republican, Uxbridge, born there 
June 1, 1869; public schools. Contractor, Masons, Odd Fellows. Committee 
on State House and Libraries House 1915. 

PETER C. PARADIS, Republican, Millbury, born Jan. 6, 1854, St. Guil- 
laume, P. Q., Canada; public and private schools. General store business last 
33 years. Selectman 1911-14 (chairman 1911, 1913-14); Republican town com- 
mittee last 10 years; president Naturalization Club; Foresters of America; St. 
Jean Baptiste Society. Committee on water supply House 1915. 

Vote of district: (regular election); R. F. Brown, Dem., 1429; J. J. Kelley, 
Dem., 1502; PETER C. PARADIS, Rep., 1794; FRED C. TAFT, Rep., 1739 
(deceased). Special election; ROBERT H, NEWELL, Rep., 1349; O'Brien, 
Dem., 745. 

District No. 9. — Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, Northbridge, Upton. — MAT- 
THEW J. CARBARY, Democrat, Milford, born in Hopkinton, Oct., 11, 1872; 
public schools. Provision dealer. Milford lodge Elks, Milford aerie Eagles, 
Moose, Div. 7, A. O. H., associate member G. A. R., House 1912-15, committee 
on agriculture, mercantile affairs, ways and means; special on tuberculosis. 

DENNIS FRANCIS DUGGAN, Democrat, Northbridge, born in Ireland, 
June 3, 1861; National schools. Livery. K. C, Moose, Elks, A. O. H.; select- 
men 1907-17, street commissioner 1909-15. Committee on harbors and public 
lands 1915. 

Vote of district: MATTHEW C. CARBARY, Dem., 1851; DENNIS F. 
DUGGAN, Dem., 1770; A. A. Messinger, Rep., 1721; B. C. Wood, Prog.-Rep., 

District No 10.— Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Nortkborough South- 
borough, West Boylston, Westborough.-Hon. JOSEPH S. GATES Republi- 
can, Westborough, born in Petersham Oct. 3, 1856; public schools. Merchant; 
Masons, Odd Fellows; Royal Arcanum. Town auditor 1893-00; town clerk 
1900 to now; tax collector 1906-to now; town committee 1891-08 (chairman 
10 years) ; Grange, Board of Trade. House 1908-9, committee on agriculture 
(clerk, chairman) ; Senate 1911, agriculture, fisheries and game, prisons (chair- 
man); House 1915, towns (chairman), fisheries and game. 

GEORGE A. WHITNEY, Republican, Clinton born in Peru, Vt., March 10, 



1854; public schools, of Rindge, N. H., Conant High School of Jaffrey, N. H. 
Teacher; chair shops in Gardner seven years; caterer, ice cream manufacturer 
last 26 years. Trinity lodge Masons, Clinton royal arch chapter; Clinton 
lodge Odd Fellows, Board of Trade, Lambsdec Club, Clinton Historical Society. 
Committee on insurance House 1915. 

Vote of district (regular election); Eben S. Cobb, Dem., 1636; JOSEPH S. 
GATES, Rep., 1744; W. D. MacCarthy, Dem., 1370; S. M. Marshall, Prog., 
490; W. J. Mayberry, Prog., 326; E. C. Riohards, Ind., 189; GEORGE A. 
WHITNEY, Rep., 1636 (tie between Cobb and Whitney), Special election, 
A. K. Kittredge, Dem., 1306; GEORGE A. WHITNEY, Rep., 1858. 

District No. 11. — Ward 6 Fitchburg, Harvard, Lancester, Leominster, 
Lunenburg. — GEORGE F. MORSE, Jr., Republican, Lancaster, born in Phila- 
delphia, May 16, 1885; Phillips-Exeter Academy. Poultry and tree work. 
School committee 1911-13, gypsy moth extermination commission 1908-11. 
Committees on counties (chairman), fisheries and game House 1914-15, 

EDWARD H. NUTTING, Republican, Leominster, born there July 6, 
1869; public schools. Baker and caterer. Leominster lodge Elks, Leominster 
lodge Odd Fellows, Wachusett tribe Red Men, Columbia lodge Knights of Py- 
thias (past chancellor); selectmen 1909-13 (chairman 1911-12), treasurer 
Republican town committee 1911-12; E. A. Bennett camp Sons of Veterans. 
House 1913, 1915, committees on public institutions, water supply. 

Vote of district: E. J. Driscoll, Dem., 1161; J. F. Kelley Dem 1068; P. T. 
Merrill, Prog., 734; GEORGE F. MORSE, Jr., Rep., 1954; EDWARD H. NUT- 
TING, Rep., 1846. 

District No. 12.— Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Fitchburg.— EDWARD J. DAILE\, 
Democrat, Fitchburg, born there March 16, 1888; High School, Boston Y. M. 
C. A. Evening Law School. Lawyer. K. C, Elks. House 1914-15, commit- 
tees on taxation (clerk), water supply. 

JOHN G. FAXON, Republican, Fitchburg, born at City Point, Va., Dec. 
9, 1864; Quincy High School 1880, Adams Academy 1884, Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology (not graduated). Boston Herald 20 years as special 
writer; insurance business since. Common council 1899-1900; clerk city 
council committees and clerk common council six years; trustee public li- 
brary, Board of Trade, Historical Society, treasurer First Unitarian Parish; 
Vice president Worcester County Unitarian Conference; Aurora lodge Masons, 
Thomas chapter (past high priest), Jerusalem commandery Knights Templar; 
Fitchburg lodge Elks. House 1913, committee on insurance; Republican legis- 
lative committee 1913; ways and means (clerk) 1915. 

Vote of district: W. J. Beattie, Soc, 273; EDWARD J. DAILEY, Dem., 
1792; JOHN G. FAXON, Rep., 1876; R. C. Fosdick, Prog.-Rep., 1661; E. W. 
Gilson, Dem., 1698. 

District No. 13.— Ward I Worcester.— FREDERICK H. LUCKE, Republi- 
can, Worcester, born in Greenfield, Sept. 15, 1869; public schools. Jeweler. 
Masons, L O. 0. F., R. M., Elks; common council 1906-08; aldermen 1911-12. 
House 1913-15, committees on federal relations, mercantile affairs. 

Vote of district: FREDERICK H. LUCKE, Rep., 1928; all others, none. 

District No. 14.— Ward 2 Worcester.— G. OSCAR RUSSELL, Republican, 
Worcester, born in Sweden Dec. 17, 1876; Worcester public schools. Insurance, 
real estate. Common council 1911-14. Committee on social welfare House 

Vote of district: H. Davenport, Dem., 864; J. W. Litchfield, Prog., 183; G. 
OSCAR RUSSELL, Rep., 1113. 



District No. 15.— Ward 3 Worcester.— MICHAEL E. MALONE, Demo- 
crat, born Limerick, Ire., Nov. 25, 1879; public schools. Jewelry salesman. 
Common council 1909-10; aldermen 1913-14. Committee on water supply 
House 1915. 

Vote of district: J. W. Lavigne, Rep., 744; MICHAEL E. MALONE, Dem., 

District No. 16.— Ward 4 Worcester.— CHARLES F. GARRITY, Demo- 
crat, Worcester, born in Milford, N. H., Dec. 25, 1880; Holy Cross College 1902, 
B. U. Law School 1905. Lawyer. K. C, A. O. H., Common council 1911-12; al- 
dermen 1913-14. Committee on election laws House 1915. 

Vote of district: L. E. Feingold, Rep., 482; CHARLES F. GARRITY, 
Dem., 1268. 

District No. 17.— Ward 5 Worcester.— THOMAS E. DOWD, Democrat, 
Worcester, born in Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 8, 1872; public schools. Tea and cof- 
fee merchant. Foresters. House 1914-15, committee on military affairs. 

Vote of district: THOMAS E. DOWD, Dem., 1132; G. W. Hargraves, Rep., 

District No. 18.— Ward 6 Worcester.— GEORGE A. LINDBERG, Repub- 
lican, Worcester, born there Aug. 15, 1881; public schools. Traveling sales- 
man. Member "United Commercial Travelers", trustee Aaron and Lucretia 
Bancroft School Commission Fund. Common council 1911-12. Appointed 
sealer of weights and measures. Committee on water supply House 1915. 

Vote of district: GEORGE A. LINDBERG, Rep., 1331; J. S., McDonough, 

District No. 19.— Ward 7 Worcester.— JAMES L. HARROP, Republican, 
Worcester, born in England April 2, 1866; public schools. Dry goods, I. O. O. 
F., Masons; common council 1909-10; alderman 1911-12. House 1913-15, 
committees on cities, insurance, water supply (chairman). 

Vote of district: T. B. Fox, Dem., 7G4; JAMES L. HARROP, Rep., 1374. 
District No. 20.— Ward 8 Worcester.— THEODORE H. DAY, Republican, 
Worcester, born there Oct. 24, 1852; public schools. Retired. Worcester 
lodge Odd Fellows (past noble grand), Wachusett encampment (past chief 
patriarch, past chief patriarch of Massachusetts); Worcester lodge A. O. U. 
W. House 1914-15, committees on municipal finance, public lighting. 

Vote of district: D. S. Curtis, Prog., 535; THEODORE H. DAY, Rep., 

District 21.— Ward 9 Worcester.— ALBERT T. QUIRY, Republican, Wor- 
cester, born in Spencer Nov. 2, 1872; public schools. Contracting decorator 
and general jobbing. Worcester County Republican Club. Committee on 
municipal finance House 1915. 

Vote of district: R. R. Griswold, Prog., 414; ALBERT T. QUIRY, Rep., 919. 
District No. 22.— Ward 10 Worcester.— ROBERT MORRIS WASHBURN, 
Republican, Worcester, born there Jan. 4, 1868; Harvard College 1890; its 
Law School 1892. Lawyer. Massachusetts Republican, Worcester County 
Republican, Massachusetts clubs; city committee 1905-06. House 1908-15, 
committees on libraries, liquor law, railroads (clerk, chairman), rules, street 
railways; chairman ways and means; public utilities (special), investigation of 
Southbridge Savings bank (special ); pardon of John A. Hall (special). 

Vote of district: M. N. Nahigan, Prog., 211; ROBERT M. WASHBURN, 
Rep., 1609. 




HENRY DINGLEY COOLIDGE, Concord, Senate clerk, born in Chelsea, 
Aug. 2G, 1858; public schools, private instruction. Assistant clerk May, 1886, 
to 1889, when unanimously elected clerk; unanimously re-elected every year 

Rev. EDWARD AUGUSTUS HORTON, Senate chaplain, born in Spring- 
field, Sept. 23, 1843; University of Michigan (A. M., 1880), Meadville Theo- 
logical School, Heidelberg University. In United States navy in Civil War. 
Pastorates: Leominster 1868-75; Hingham 1877-80; Second Church, Copley 
Square; Boston, 1880-92. President Benevolent Fraternity of Churches, Bos- 
ton, 1881-91, most of the time; president Unitarian Sunday School Society 
since 1892. Editor "Every Other Sunday"; author several manuals for reli- 
gious and moral education. Chaplain Massachusetts grand lodge Masons; 
also Kinsley Post No. 113 G. A. R. Senate chaplain 1904 to now. 

JAMES W. KIMBALL, HOUSE CLERK, Lynn, born there Dec. 17, 1858; 
public schools. Printing business. Appointed page of House, 1882; then mes- 
senger; appointed assistant clerk 1888; elected clerk 1897, re-elected annually 
since. Golden Fleece lodge Masons. 

REV. DANIEL WINGATE WALDRON, House chaplain, Boston, born in 
Augusta, Me., Nov. 11, 1840; Bowdoin College 1862, Andover Theological Sem- 
inary 1866. Ordained and installed pastor Congregational Church, East 
Weymouth, April 3, 1867; dismissed May 14, 1871; pastor Maverick Church, 
East Boston until Dec. 1, 1872; since Feb. 1873, connected with Boston City 
Missionary Society, now its secretary and superintendent. Preached "Elec- 
tion Sermon" Jan. 7, 1880, First elected chaplain 1879; re-elected annually 
ever since. 

THOMAS H. CONNELLY, born in Boston 1882; English High, Bryant & 
Stratton; Y. M. C. A. Professional Shorthand School; Evening Law School. 
Lawyer. Appointed assistant secretary, Jan. 1, 1914; secretary, July 1, 1914. 

EDWARD F. HAMLIN, executive secretary, Newton, born Plainfield 
1884; to Northampton in 1857. Co. I 52d regiment Sept. 1862; 1st sergeant; 
mustered out Aug. 14, 1863; 1st lieutenant and captain Co. H, 2d regiment, 
1867; clerk in adjutant general's department 1874; clerk of Governor and 
Council 1877; title changed, March 1898; held same office ever since. Masons, 
G. A. R., Republican Club of Massachusetts. 





The State Officers, Congress and Executive Council are followed by the 
joint committees arranged in groups. Other important illustrations are: 
State House (pageS), Council Chamber (page 10), Senate Reading Room 
(page 11), Hall of the House (page 12), House Reading Room (page 13), 
Office of Secretary of State (page 77), Office of State Treasurer (page 78), 
Office of State Auditor (page 79), Office of Attorney General (page 80). 

Executive Department. 

Portrait Sketch 

Walsh, David I. 5 81 

Gushing, Grafton, D. 5 81 

Langtry, Albert, P. 5 81 

Burrill, Charles L. 5 81 

Cook, Alonzo, B. 5 82 

Attwill, Henry C. 5 82 

Parker, David P. 7 84 

Ham, Guy Andrews 7 84 

Buckley, Timothy J. 7 85 



Wasgatt, Herbert P. 



Frothingham, E, G. 



Mulligan, Henry C. 



Denny, Daniel 



Wright, Charles H. 



Connelly, Thomas H. 



Hamlin, Edward F. 



Members of Congress. 

Carter, William H. 8 

Dallinger, Fred W. 8 

Gallivan, James A, 8 

Gardner, Augustus P. 8 

Gillett, Fred H. 8 

Greene, William S. 8 

Olney, Richard, 2d 8 

Paige, Calvin D. 8 

Bagley, E. C. R. 31-43-45 

Bartlett, Frank 19-21-35 

Bates, Sanford, 37-75 

Bazeley, W. A. L. 47-67-76 

Beal, C. S. 33-39-73 

Bean, James W. 25-53-76 

Cavanagh, J. F., 17-37-45 

Clark, Ezra W. 25-49-51 

Coolidge, Calvin 63 

Cummings, H, E. 15-73-75 

Doyle, A. P. 19-51-55 

Eldridge, C. W, 29-31-43 

Ellis, G. H. 57-67-71 

Farnsworth, F. S. 31-71-73 

Fav. Wilton B. 17-19-49 

Fitzgerald, R. S. 27-29-63 

Garst, Julius 57-61 

Gifford, C. L. 39-47-76 

Gordon, G. W. 63-69-76 

Green, J. I. 41-45 

84 Phelan, Michael F. 8 

83 Roberts, Ernest W. 8 

84 Rogers, John J. 8 

85 Tague, Peter F. 8 

83 Tinkham, George H. 8 

84 Treadway, Allen T. 8 

82 Walsh, Joseph 8 
84 WEEKS, JOHN W. 8 

83 Winslow, Samuel E. 8 

The Senate. 

91 Haigis, J. W. ..61-65-69 
93 Hays, Martin, 17-41-55 

92 Hobbs, C. W., Jr., 27-59-63 

93 Jackson, G. H. 35-49-75 
91 Kimball, C. A. 15-69 
89 Langelier, L. F. 25-33-57 
89 Leonard, Joseph 35-39-71 

91 Marchand, G. E. 23-53 

86 Martin, J. W. Jr, 23-27-69 

94 Mason, O. T. 23-33-65 

87 McGonagle, P. J. 21-43-53 
89 McLane, W. E. 29-35-59 
89 Norwood, C. A. 21-37-51 
93 Perley, E. H. 41-65- 
89 Sheehan, J. F. 15-61-76 

92 Sullivan, W. J. 37-41-67 

93 Tetler, J. R. 19-47-53 
93 Timilty, J. P. 43-55-59 

88 Tufts, N. A. 37-45-71 
91 Wells, H. G. 55-59-63 





Abbott, E. S. 
Achin, Henry, Jr., 
Adams, A. F. 
Allen, J. W. 
Annis, C. H. 
Armstrong, W. M. 
Atwood, H. H. 
Bagshaw, J. T. 
Bailey, S. H. 
Baker, Edmund 
Ball, P. H. 
Barker, Arthur W. 
Barry, J. L. 
Barry, W. J. 
Beardsley, A. P. 
Belcher, Joseph 
Benson, J. J. 
Bitzer, Jacob 
Blanchard, T. W. 
Bliss, Alvin E. 
Bothfeld, Henry H. 
Bower, Arthur 
Bowser, Eden K. 
Brennan, James J. 
Brennan, Thos. H. 
Brown, Frederic J. 
Buckley, Daniel J. 
Bunting, George 
Burke, Frederic W. 
Burr, Arthur E. 
Butler, Frederick 
Cady, Fred E. 
Carbary, M. J. 
Carman, Julius F. 
Caro, Maurice 
Carr, Peter 
Casassa, Andrew A. 
Casey, Daniel W. 
Catheron, A. W. 
Chamberlain, G. D. 
Chandler, A. M. 
Chapman, Ed. E. 
Churchill, John W. 
Clapp, A. Schuyler 
Clauss, Frederic F. 
Coffey, James 
Colburn, Arthur W. 
Collins, Benj. G. 
Collins, Samuel I. 
Cook, D. Herbert 
Cooley, Thos. J. 
Cotter, Michael H. 
Courtney, John J. 
Cowls, Walter D. 

House of Representatives. 

Portrait Sketch 













































































































(Cox, Channing H.) 
Creighton, Geo. H. 
Cronin, Wm. N. 
Crosby, Burton H. 
Cross, Fred W. 

Crowley, J. T. 

Curley, P. J. 

Curran, Geo. E. 

Dailey, E. J. 

Davis, Ernest F. 

Davis, Samuel 

Day, T. H. 

Dodge, Wm. A. 

Doherty, John F. 

Donaghue, P. J. 

Donahoe, W. J. 

Donahue, Joseph J. 

Donoghue, John A. 

Donovan, John L. 

Dowd, Thos. E. 

Dowse, Aaron C. 

Drury, George P. 

Duggan, Dennis F. 

Edgell, Frank B. 

Emery, Carl C. 

Ericson, C. A. 

Faxon, John G. 

Felton, Fredrick B 

Field, Horace F. 

Flynn, M. R. 

Foley, Wm. J. 

Foster, Harry C. 

Frost, Harvey E. 

Frothingham, C. B. 

Fuller, Alvan T. 

Furness, H. F. 

Garrity, Chas. F. 

Gates, Harry C. 

Gates, Joseph S. 

Gibbs, John M. 

Giblin, Thos. J. 

Gilbride, John J. 

Good, John P. 

Graves, Shirley P. 

Greenwood, Fred P 

Hall, Edgar H. 

Halliwell, John 

Harrington, E. F. 

Harrop, James L. 

Hart, Geo. F. 

Hatch, John Jr., 

Higgins, M. A. 

Holway, Albert 

Hull, John B. 

























































;. 65-71 


































'. 47-53 























James, Chas. N. 43 

Jewett, Victor F. 59-63 

Kearney, John J. 65 

Kelley, Jeremiah J. 53 

Kelley, Thos. R. 33 

Kennard, Wm. W. 37-63 

Kent, Robt. T. 69 

Knowles, Richard 76 

Knox, Joseph 0. 45 

La Dame, Louis 23 

La Flamme, Joseph 57 

Lamb, Arthur F. 15 

Le Boeuf, Francis X. 53 

Leonai'd, Geo. B. 73 

Levins, John N. 21 

Lewis, Fred O. 19-51 

Lincoln, E. E. 39 

Lindberg, Geo. A. 75 

Lomasney, Martin M. 45-75 

Long, Henry F. 57-63 

Lucke, Frederick H. 29-43 

Lyle, Jas. M. 31-65 

Lyman, Frank E. 26 

Lynch, John H. 69 

MacKenzie, Frederick W. 33 

MacPherson, Jas. E, 41 

Magison, Frederick H. 41-55 

Mahoney, John P. 25 

Malone, Michael F. 75 

Manning, Frank A. 69 

Marcella, Felix A. 41 

Mather, John L. 25-69 

Maybury, J. Edwin 19 

McAllister, John H. 51 

McCarthy, John F. 55 

McGlue, Charles H. 41 

McGrath, Joseph 23 

McKenzie, Orlando 61 

McLane. Jared B. 33 

McLaughlin, Edw. F. 59-63 

McLaughlin, Henry J. 47 

McMorrow, Wm. M. 45 

McNamee, Michael J. 55 

Mildram, S. H. 17-71 

Mitchell, John 59 

Monahan, John L. 41 

Monk, Wesley E. 41 

Moore, Alfred J. 61 

Morrill, Chas. H. 67 

Morris, Edw. G. 17 

Morse, G. F., Jr., 23-31 

Mullen, Hugh E. 65 

Mulvehill, Thos. B. 17 

Mulveny, Frank 51-59 

Murphy, Dennis A. 29-55 

Murphy, Edw. P. 29 

Sketch Portrait 

106 Murphy, James J. 76 

109 Murphy, John J. 23 
116 Murray, David W. 51 
120 Murray, P. E. Jr., 61 

116 Nash, Kenneth L. 41-73 

110 Newell, Robert H. 65 

96 Newhall, Arthur N. 47-49 

97 Nickerson, John P. 51 
110 Norwood, Francis 71 

95 Nutting, Edward H. 53 
122 Oakhem, Joseph A. 65 
122 O'Dowd, James T. 51 

98 Ogden, Ambrose F. 47 

96 Osborne, John N. 57-73 

118 Page, James G. 35 
109 Paradis, Peter C. 75 

97 Parker, John H. 31 
125 Pepin, Chauncey 59 

117 Perry, Edward H. 71 
102 Perry, Joseph C. 67 

124 Perry, Joseph H. 53 
102 Pfeiffer, L Jr., 23-59 

105 Phelan, James E. 43 

106 Potter, James T. 47 
105 Prime, Winfield F. 29-45 

107 Quinn, Martin L. 55-75 

98 Quiry, Albert T. 49 

116 Rabouin, Geo. J. 35 

125 Read, Cyril R. 15 
115 Reardon, Dennis F. 75 

117 Reilly, John J. 13 

105 Renne Wm. C. 35-39 

115 Robinson, Robert 37 
96 Robinson, Wm. M. 69 

119 Root, Silas B. 73 
100 Rowley, Chas. F. 45 

120 Russell, G. Oscar 67 
114 Russell, Walter F. 53 
109 Ryan, John D. 49 

118 Sandberg, Edw. J. 33 

116 Santosuosso, Alfred 21 

120 Saunders, Joseph A. 23 
116 Sawyer, Roland D. 27 

121 Seagrave, C. B. 45 
104 Sheehan, John F. 43 
118 Sherburne, John H. 27-63 
111 Sherry, Michael J. 35 
120 Sinnott, Allston M. 53 

99 Smith, Fitz-Henry, Jr, 21-63 
118 Smith, Jerome S. 21-31 
124 Smith, Ralph M. 21-43 

106 Souther, Wm. O., Jr, 33 
113 Stanwood, Chas. E. 55 

98 Stone, Joseph F. 39-71 

108 Streeter, Merrill E. 29-31 
116 Sullivan, Denis J. 25 





1 1»7 







Portrait Sketch 

Sullivan, John F. 45 116 

Sullivan, Lewis R. 71 120 

Sullivan, Wm. H. 37 109 

Talbot, Edmond P. 39 97 

Tarbell, Warren E. 69 122 

Tolman, James E. 55 102 

V/all, Geo. J. 43 119 

Warner, Joseph E. 76 97 

Washburn, R. M. 59-63-69 125 

Waterman, Geo. B. 61 95 

Weare, Samuel W. 

Weston, Thos. Jr., 

White, Hartley L. 

Whitney, Edgar H. 

Whitney, Geo. A. 

Wilson, Herbert A. 
Wing, Herbert 
Wolfe, Walter E. 

Woodill, Harry C. 

Worrall, Geo. M. 

Clerks and Chaplains. 

Coolidge, Henry D. 
Horton, Edward A. 


Kimball, James W 
Waldron, Daniel W.