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Full text of "Spelman genealogy; the English ancestry and American descendants of Richard Spelman of Middletown, Connecticut, 1700 .."

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^Ijflman (BmtnU^^ 




The English Ancestry and American 

Descendants of Richard Spelman 

of Middletown, Connecticut 




Frank Allaben Genealogical Company 
3 West Forty-second Street, New York 

Copyright, 1910 


Frank Allaben Genealogical 



To my friend and cousin, Laura Spelman Rockefeller, the 
author desires to dedicate this volume, whose existence is due 
in a large measure to her never-failing patience and substantial 
encouragement. Many years of affectionate and valued inter- 
course, showing her high ideals of character, combined with the 
modesty of her walk through Hfe, have made her to me an 

inspiration for good. 

Fannie Cooley Williams Barbour 


This record would not be complete without an affectionate 
recognition of the trained discretion and diligence in research 
possessed to so rare a degree by 


who was so largely interested in its compilation. The responsive 
nature of Mrs. Barbour made her work a labor of love and devo- 
tion. She died on June 12th, 1908, leaving her work nearly 
ready for publication after many years of taxing service, and her 
last thought was an eager desire for its completion. The result 
is of special interest to all who find in this book precious names, 
vanishing indeed, but made alive again as the valued inheritance 
of the present generation of Spelmans. 


"In August, 1895." wrote Mrs. Barbour several years ago, in 
giving an account of her interest in the Spelman Genealogy, 
"Granville [Massachusetts] celebrated a Jubilee, at which a re- 
union of all the Spelmans present took place in the old Root 
homestead on the hill. While they were there entertained by Mrs. 
Brown, nee Spelman, Captain Benjamin Root Spelman, of Al- 
bany, N. Y., brought to the notice of the company assembled a 
genealogical record of the Spelmans, carried down to the year 
1875, which he had himself compiled, the laborious work of many 
years. It was a record of the lives and deeds of officers of the 
Revolutionary and Civil Wars, editors, judges, clergymen, and a 
State governor. A committee was appointed to consider the 
advisability and possibility of publication, but the death of Cap- 
tain Spelman postponed action in the matter, as they did not 
then feel able to attempt the arduous task of collecting the 
data, and compiling and editing the records down to the 
present time. 

"As chairman of the committee, I have now undertaken the 
work, feeling that it is time that our family history was put into 
a permanent form for the use of our own generation, and for 

To the nucleus left by Captain Benjamin Root Spelman, Mrs. 
Barbour added hundreds of lineages, at the same time verifying 
and greatly amplifying the data on the early generations in Amer- 
ica by her careful personal researches among the Colonial and 
Revolutionary records. The results appear in the old wills, in- 
ventories, abstracts of deeds, and rich background of biography 
in the present volume. Mrs. Barbour labored assiduously in 
gathering material to make the sketches of the heads of families 
full and interesting. 

Through investigations which she set on foot, the knightly 
race of Spelman has been traced in England for sixteen genera- 
tions, or more than five hundred years, prior to the beginnings 
of the family in America. The extensive account of the ances- 
tral homes, villages, churches, and monuments in England, and 
of the homes and monuments of the earlier generations in Amer- 
ica, is accompanied by some seventy full-page illustrations, in- 
cluding portraits and the Spelman arms, crest, and motto. This 
Genealogy is not a book of mere statistics, therefore, but a family 
history, breathing the atmosphere of character and achievement 
which twenty-five generations of Spelmans have created. 

8 Preface 

A list left by Mrs. Barbour of the names of persons to whom 
she desired to express special thanks for assistance rendered, in- 
cluded the following: Rev. Levi P. Spelman, of Covert, Michi- 
gan ; Mr. Emerson Davis Spelman, of Plainville, Connecticut ; 
Mr. William D. Spelman, of Brooklyn, New York; Mrs. Ange- 
line Hannah Coe Hillyer, of Waupun, Wisconsin ; Mr. George K. 
Black, of Blacklick, Ohio; Miss Cora A. Martin, of Blair, Ne- 
braska ; Mr. Frederick Brown Spelman ; Mr. Clarence Irving 
Spelman ; Miss Sarah Purkis ; Miss Cora Noble, of Granville, 
Massachusetts ; Mrs. Avery ; Mr. Morris Spelman ; Dr. Sylvester 
Spelman ; Miss Frances A. Ransom ; Mr. Jay Manuel Whitham ; 
Mrs. George C. Davis ; Mr. William Ohel Spelman ; Mr. William 
C. Spelman ; Miss Mary G. Robinson ; Mrs. Risser ; Mrs. Sedge- 
wick ; Rev. Richard Dickinson Spelman ; Mrs. Lina M. Jones ; 
Mrs. Edward M. Downer; Mrs. Robert Barclay; Mr. Dallett 
Fuguet ; Mr. Charles A. Hoppin. Mr. Hoppin made the final 
research in England. Others had identified the English parents 
of Richard Spelman, of Middletown, Connecticut. Mr. Hoppin 
carried the line back and connected it with the family pedigree 
worked out by Sir Henry Spelman. 

No reference to the years of study, labor, and self-sacrifice 
devoted to the Spelman Genealogy would be adequate without 
mention of the great assistance which Mrs. Barbour received 
from her mother, Mrs. Eliza Cooley Williams, the daughter of 
Jesse Barlow Spelman. Mrs. Williams spent many days by her 
daughter's side, arranging data, comparing correspondence, and 
writing biographies ; and to her the Editors and Publishers are 
indebted for many helpful suggestions while carrying the book 
through the press. 

Finally, to the unflagging interest and generosity of another, 
no small share of the credit for this volume is due — Mrs. John 
Davison Rockefeller, who before her marriage was Miss Laura 
Celestia Spelman. She gave most hearty and enthusiastic en- 
couragement to Mrs. Barbour throughout the progress of her 
great task; provided the necessary means for the exhaustive re- 
searches carried on in America and England ; and now makes 
possible the publication of Mrs. Barbour's work in this handsome 
volume, printed on Old Cloister Paper, and beautifully illustrated. 
Mrs, Barbour left an expression of her appreciation in the little 
note of Dedication to Mrs. Rockefeller, printed on a preceding 
page ; while the tribute to Mrs. Barbour, In Memoriam, is from 
the pen of Mrs. Rockefeller. 

To these three Spelman women, Mrs. Barbour, Mrs. Rocke- 
feller, and Mrs. Williams, all Spelman descendants are especially 
indebted for this labor of love. 

Frank Allaben. 

New York, June, 1910. 



In Memoriam 


The English Spelmans 
First Generation 
Second Generation 
Third Generation 
Fourth Generation 
Fifth Generation 
Sixth Generation 
Seventh Generation 
Eighth Generation 
Ninth Generation 
Tenth Generation 
Eleventh Generation 
Twelfth Generation . 
Thirteenth Generation 
Fourteenth Generation 
Fifteenth Generation 

Spelmans in America 
First Generation 
Second Generation 
Third Generation 
Fourth Generation 
Fifth Generation 
Sixth Generation 
Seventh Generation 
Eighth Generation 

Unplaced Spelmans 













Spelman Arms Frontispiece 















Brokenhurst Church 

Cowsfield-Spelman Manor House, Wiltshire 

Christ Church, Hampshire 

Spilmans-Place, Now Stow Hall 

St. Botolph's, Stow, Norfolk .... 

Monument to John Spelman in Narburgh Church 

Portrait of Sir Henry Spelman 

St. Gregory's from the Stour, Sudbury 

Thaxted — Church of St. John the Baptist . 

Map Showing English Migrations of the Spelmans 

Ancient Chelmsford 

St. Mary's, Great Baddow 

St. Mary's, Chelmsford 

Danbury, Essex . 

St. John's, Danbury 

Entrance to Gay Bowers 

Gay Bowers, Danbury 

Old Part of Gay Bowers, 1890 

Eve's Corner, Danbury 

Ground-Plan of Eve's Corner 

Fac-Simile of Burial Record of Richard Spilman . 

Replica of Richard Spelman's House in Middletown 

Fac-Simile of Baptismal Record of Richard Spelman 

Autograph of Richard Spelman .... 

Richard Spelman's Gravestone, Middletown 

Part of the Land Deeded to Richard Spelman in 1704 

Autographs of Richard Spelman and Others . 

Gravestone of Richard Spelman, Durham . 

Fac-Simile of John Spelman's Will . 

Part of the Original Homelot of Richard Spelman 

Gravestone of Alcey French Spelman 

Plan Showing First Settlement of Spelmans . 

Old Spelman Hotel, Durham Centre . 

Aaron Spelman's Home, East Granville . 

Sword of Captain Daniel Spelman . 



Congregational Church, East Granville 

Spelman Plot and Gravestones, East Granville 

Eber Spelman's Home, East Granville 

Timothy Spelman's Home, East Granville 

Portrait of Samuel Spelman 

Samuel Spelman's Home, East Granville . 

Stephen Spelman's Home, East Granville . 

Home of Jesse Spelman, East Granville . 

Jesse Spelman's Autograph 

Portrait of Mrs. Clarilla Tirzah Orr . 

Festus Spelman's Home, East Hartland . 

Portrait of Samuel Buel Spelman 

Portrait of Doctor Harvey Spelman . 

Portrait of Oliver Spelman 

Home of Mrs. Lucina Brown, East Granville 

Portrait of Emerson Davis Spelman . 

Emerson Davis Spelman's Home, Plainville 

Home of Mrs. Melissa Spelman Seymour . 

Portrait of Jesse Barlow Spelman 

Portrait of Captain Benjamin Root Spelman 

Portrait of Ralzamon Lucas Spelman 

Portrait of Mrs. Climena Spelman Coe . 

Portrait of Rev. Richard Dickinson Spelman 

Portrait of Harvey Buel Spelman . 

Portrait of Norman Wilcox Spelman . 

Portrait of Frederick Brown Spelman 

Portrait of Mrs. Eliza Cooley Williams . 

Portrait of Mrs. Angeline Hannah Coe Hillyer 

Portrait of Mark Rolla Spelman 

Portrait of Randolph Spelman Sizer , 

Portrait of Mrs. John Davison Rockefeller 

Portrait of Clarence Irving Spelman . 

Portrait of Mrs. Fannie Cooley Williams Barbour 

Portrait of Mrs. Edna Spelman Coe Hillyer Ford 

Portrait of Doctor Henry Waldo Coe 













tainly identified ancestor of this ancient house, was Lord of Bro- 
kenhurst in Hampshire, and of Cowsfield, Wiltshire, in the 
Twelfth Century. He was the head of the first known genera- 
tion of the Spelman family of England and America — a long line 
of Knights and Esquires, described in 1723 as "an ancient Fam- 
ily of that Name, who, about Henry Ill's time, were seated in 
Hampshire, but afterwards remov'd into Suffolk, and from 
thence into Norfolk." This appears in the "Life of the Author," 
in "The English Works of Sir Henry Spelman, K*." This Sir 
Henry Spelman, although not in the direct line of ascent from 
the first American Spelman, should be regarded as a benefactor 
by all of the name or blood, for a genealogical chart, made by 
him, has been the basis and point of departure for all that has 
been learned of the Spelman lineage in England. A portion of 
this chart, and an account of this illustrious member of the fam- 
ily, will appear further on in this book. 

In Hoare's History of Wiltshire it is stated that, at the time 
of the Norman Conquest, Cowsfield was held by Brictric, a 
Saxon ; that the Conqueror bestowed the Manor upon one of his 
Norman followers ; and that it passed next to Sir William Spile- 

In Domesday Book Aluric is recorded as owner of Broken- 
hurst, and the next known Lord of this Manor was Sir William 
Espileman. The Domesday chronicle says : "The same Aluric 
holds one hide in Broceste (Brokenhurst) which was held in 
parcenary by his father and his uncle, and was then assessed at 
one hide and now at one-half a hide. There is one ploughland 
in demesne, six borderers, and four servants, with a half plough- 
land. There is a church there and wood for XX hogs. It was 
worth in Edward's time XXXX shilHngs ; afterward iiii pounds." 

This old church, which beheld the coming of the Normans 
still stands in Brokenhurst, as when Sir William Espileman was 


i6 Spelman Genealogy. 

Lord of the Manor. Its interior, long ago stripped of its ancient 
furnishing, does not speak so vividly of the past — a past of nearly 
a thousand years, at least — as does the outside. But it has, fortu- 
nately, kept some relics of the former days of its glory, one the 
square Norman font of black marble which stands at one end 
of the nave. This has old curious carvings, and must possess 
an intense interest for all of the Spelman blood, for here many of 
the family received baptism. It is probable that ten Spelmans 
were buried within this church, but no effigies or monuments re- 
main to tell their resting-places. 

Beside the worn old church is an ancient yew-tree, said to 
have been there since the Norman Conquest. The approach to 
Brokenhurst Church from the village has been described : 

"For a piece of quiet English scenery nothing can exceed 
this. A deep lane, its banks a garden of ferns, its hedge matted 
with honeysuckle and woven together with bryony, runs wind- 
ing along a side space of green to the lich-gate, guarded by an 
enormous oak, its limbs now fast decaying, its rough bark gray 
with the perpetual snow of lichens and here and there burnished 
with soft streaks of russet-coloured moss, whilst behind it, in 
the church yard, spreads the gloom of a yew, which, from the 
Conqueror's day to this hour, has darkened the graves of gen- 

A charter of the Twelfth Century, though unconfirmed until 
29 Edward I., 1300-1301, was witnessed by Sir William Espile- 
man. This charter records the gift by Nigel Aumfrey, son and 
heir of Robert Aumfrey, to the Church of Saint Mary and Saint 
Michael and the Monastery of Bromore, of an acre of meadow in 
Avenmede, lying between the meadow of Thomas Holebroke and 
that of Nicholas Grigge, and stretching from the east to the 
west. The witnesses were : Sir William Espileman, Knight, 
Henry de Arnewode, William de Kyhavene, Roger de Bokeland, 
W^illiam de Gorlyton, Richard de Burghly, and Henry Tuluz. 

Sir William Espileman witnessed another charter, wherein 
the Nigel Aumfrey of the foregoing record bestowed upon 
Thomas de Pymperne, Prior of Bromore, and the Monastery of 
that place, for three marks of silver, four acres of land, lying in 
Hordhill, between the land of the Monastery and the land of the 
donor, and abutting to the south upon the donor's meadow and 
to the north upon the land of John the Clerk. The witnesses 
were : Sir William Espileman, Knight, John Treuehard, Roger 
de Bokeland, Henry de Arnewode, William de Kyhavene, John 
de Heyl, and Philip de Bachampton. 

Whether or not Sir William Espileman was a Crusader is 
unknown, but he was living during the Second Crusade — 1147- 
1149. The plates, as they are called, upon the Spelman Coat-of- 
Arms, give some color to the belief that he — with the thousands 

The English Spelmans 17 

of others, nobles and commoners, who rallied to the standard of 
the Cross — went forth on that gallant quest of Christian soldiers 
to rescue the Holy Sepulchre from the infidels. The necessity 
of ensigns, that each lord's followers might recognize their spe- 
cial rally-point in battle, became of great importance in the Cru- 
sades, when the men who fought side by side were of many na- 
tions and under thousands of leaders ; and the origin of European 
heraldry, or, at least, its rapid development, is believed to have 
been due to this practical need of the Crusaders for distinguish- 
ing emblems. Heraldists state that the use of bezants or plates 
on Coat-Armor was derived from the Byzantine coins which the 
Crusaders, after passing through Constantinople on their way to 
the Holy Land, took with them from the gorgeous Capital of the 
Eastern Empire, and actually fixed upon their shields in battle, 
as distinguishing devices. 

The Spelman Arms are blazoned : Sable, ten plates between 
two flanches argent. 

Crest: A woodman. 

Motto : Homo bulla. 

This Coat-Armor was anciently emblazoned in several 
churches of the Spelmans' worship, and in Spelman homes. 
From some of these it has disappeared, but it may still be seen 
in others, to which reference will be made as they are mentioned 
in this chronicle of the English Spelmans. 

In Warner's History of Hampshire the author says : "Over 
one of the south windows of Brokenhurst Church I remarked an 
ancient Coat-of-Arms, which, I apprehend, is that of the Spel- 
man family," 

The exact date of Sir William Espileman's death is un- 
known, but it was in 1167, or earlier, as in that year his son, 
William, held Brokenhurst and Cowsfield. (Hoare's History of 
Wiltshire, Volume V, Page 74.) 

The origin of the name Spelman is unknown, although it 
does not appear to have been derived from a place. Among the 
variants of the past and in present usage are: Spelman, Spell- 
man, Espileman, Spileman, Spilman, Spylman. 

In the Twelfth Century — soon after the year 1160 — an offer- 
ing was made to Missenden Abbey, in Buckinghamshire, by 
William Martel, who bestowed upon the Abbey the rent, amount- 
ing to forty shillings, of lands in Snapes and Aldsburgh, County 
Suffolk. The donor stated that he had also given the Monks of 
Missenden "all the land which Turstan Francigena held, and 
which, when he died, I gave to Spileman, 'famulo meo.' " This 
grant is preserved in the British Museum, Harl. MSS., fo. 161. 
The "famulo meo" indicated that Spileman bore service to 
William Martel, a service which, it is reasonable to suppose, was 
an honorable one, since it was so well rewarded. 

i8 Spelman Genealogy 

It is probable that William Mattel was a Norman, from his 
name, and since Turstan, his former tenant, was called "Franci- 
gena" — Frenchman ; for in the Twelfth Century, when this grant 
was made, few Normans held land under Saxons. So, also, 
Spileman, the approved and trusted henchman of the Norman 
land-holder, was probably a Norman, or of Norman race. 

The theory of a Saxon origin for the Spelmans of England 
has been supported. Hoare, in his History of Wiltshire, Volume 
V, Page 74, says : "The Saxon origin of this ancient race, which 
appears to have weathered the storm of the Norman Conquest, is 
attested by not only the name, but by the authority of written 
evidence, and three persons, if not three generations of the fam- 
ily, are consequently recorded before the time of the first men- 
tioned Sir William Spelman, the Lord of Brokenhurst and Cows- 

That the race was of the conquering Normans seems, how- 
ever, despite Hoare's statement, to be more probable. An item 
from the Patent Rolls, 9 Henry HI, 1225, is testimony that the 
name was found in France at that period. This records a patent 
or license to two merchants of Dieppe, Henry de Caldecot and 
William Spileman, to trade in the dominions of the King of 
England. "Witness the King at Westminster on the i8th day 
of April." 

It is not known certainly where was located the land given 
to Missenden Abbey by William Martel, and formerly held, suc- 
cessively, by Turstan and Spileman. Turstan was Sheriff of 
Hampshire from 11 55 to 1160, when his son, Ralph, succeeded 
him in that office. This, together with the fact that Broken- 
hurst, of which Sir William Espileman (who may have been 
identical with the "Spileman" who was Martel's tenant) was lord, 
is in Hampshire, has furnished ground for belief that the land 
which finally passed to the Monks of Missenden was in Hamp- 
shire. It is possible, however, that this land was in Wiltshire. 
Hoare says that Sir William Espileman "held lands in Wilts, by 
knight's service, 1156." (History of Wiltshire. Volume V, Page 
74.) Assuming that Sir William was the "Spileman" who had 
held Martel's land, the following is important evidence of the 
possibility that this land of William Martel was in Wiltshire. 

In the Great Roll of the Pipe of 2 Henry II, 1155-1156, pre- 
served in the Record Office, London, it is noted that William 
Spileman held land in Wiltshire of the annual tax value of five 
shillings and five pence. The records show that two years later. 
1 1 57- 1 158, he held land in the city of Wilton (Salisbury) of 
the annual tax value of fourteen shillings. This latter record is 
of Turstin's possessions. If this Turstin was the Turstan who 
had held Martel's Missenden Abbey bequest, before the latter 

The English Spelmans 19 

land passed to Spileman, the theory that this land was located in 
Wiltshire gains a significant argument. 

Two little records are in existence, in the curious old Latin of 
the mediaeval courts, which, while without proven connection 
with the Spelman lineage as known, have the interest which 
every mention of the name in those far-off times must have for 
Spelman descendants. The Rolls of the Curia Regis, the court 
held before the King's Justices, whose consecutive records date 
from 1 194, state, in the chronicle of cases from the Hundred of 
Braughing, in Hertfordshire, that William Blund and Spileman 
sold wine contrary to the assize, and that Spileman paid half a 
mark for this illegality. These little items give another shire, 
Hertford, as an abiding-place of the family. 
Child of Sir William Espileman : 

i William Spileman, lord of Brokenhurst ; m. Matilda, 

dau. of Sir William de Sarum, Knight (see Second 



WILLIAM' SPILEMAN (Sir William^) was probably bom 
at least as early as the eleven-hundred-and-forties, as he was evi- 
dently of age in 1167, when he had succeeded to his father's es- 
tates. He lived during the reigns of three English kings — Henry 
II, John, and Henry HI. 

He was credited, in Roll XV of the Pipe Rolls for Hamp- 
shire, 3 John, 1201, with having paid to the Sheriff of the 
County, for the Crown, twenty shillings for his sergeantry. In 
the Hampshire Pipe Rolls of the reign of Henry III it is noted 
that he paid one hundred shillings for a fine and seizen on land 
which had been his father's. In Testa de Nevill, in Liber Feo- 
dorum, a book of transcripts of Inquisitions concerning persons 
and villages, sergeantries and knight's fees, held of the King 
under the feudal system of tenure, he is mentioned as holding 
of the King one carucate of land in Brokenhurst for providing 
the service of an Esquire "in Coat-of-Mail" for forty days in 
England, and for providing litter for the King's bed and hay for 
the royal palfreys, when the King should lie at Brokenhurst. So 
Brokenhurst Manor housed a king of England, and William 
Spileman was a monarch's host. 

A carucate was as much land as could be tilled with one 
plough for a year. Whether this was bestowed on William 
Spileman for his equipment of an Esquire to fight in the wars of 
the time and for providing sleeping accommodations for the 
King's retinue and fodder for the King's horses during some 
martial expedition is not known. His services may have been 
required, and so rewarded, during the progress of a royal hunt; 
for Brokenhurst was on the border of the New Forest, the haunt 
of the red deer, in whose chase William the Norman was so 
ardent that he had set off this splendid woodland as a hunting- 

William' Spileman died before 1231-1232, as in that 
year his son. Sir William, was holding his lands, the latter 
having succeeded his brother, Peter. The wife of William' 
Spileman, and the mother of his three sons, Peter, William, and 
Henr\', — the last the ancestor of the American Spelmans, — was 
Matilda, daughter of William, Lord of Sarum, Knight. 

Children of William and Matilda (de Sarum) Spileman: 
i Peter Spileman (see immediately below). 


The English Spelmans 21 

ii Sir William Spileman (see below), 
iii Henry Spileman, of Christ Church, Twineham, an- 
cestor of the American Spelmans (see Third Gen- 

Peter, the eldest son and heir, died without issue. After 
his death an Inquisition Post Mortem was held by officers of the 
Crown to determine his holdings and their value, and his heir. 
This Inquisition shows that he held Brokenhurst and Cowsfield, 
and lands in Langford, Winterborne, Madyngton, and Drayton, 
in Wiltshire. These, his holdings, are also mentioned in Testa 
de Nevill, Edward II, Page 143. 

Sir WilHam Spileman succeeded his brother, Peter. Sir 
William was a minor at his father's death, and, apparently, at 
that of his brother. For some years thereafter the Spileman 
lands were held by the Sheriff of the County. The following 
records refer to this estate. 

(Fine Roll, 16 Henry III, 1231-1232, Membrane 6.) Will- 
iam Spileman made a fine with the King of 100 shillings for 
having seisin of the lands which William Spileman, his father, 
whose heir he is, held of the King by sergeantry in the bailiwick 
of the Sheriff of Southampton on the day he died, and which 
descend to him by hereditary right, and the King took his hom- 
age therefor. And the Sheriff of Southampton was commanded 
that, when he had taken security from the aforesaid William for 
the said 100 shillings, he should cause the said William, the son 
and heir, to have full seisin, as is aforesaid, of all the lands which 
belonged to the said WilHam, his father, on the day on which he 
died, in his bailiwick; and that, when he had received the afore- 
said security, he should notify the same to the Sheriff of Wilts, 
to whom the King had sent commands as to the lands in his 

(Fine Roll, 23 Henry III, 1238. Membrane 10.) Command 
was sent to the Sheriff of Southampton and Wiltshire that, when 
he had received security from the executors of the will of Will- 
iam Spileman to answer in the exchequer for any debts he might 
have owed to the King, he should cause them to have seisin of 
all the goods which belonged to him in his bailiwick. Witness 
the King, at Clarendon, on the 19th day of December. 

(Fine Roll, 23 Henry III, 1238- 1239, Membrane 8.) 
Southampton. John Byset made a fine of £150 for having cus- 
tody of the land and heirs of William Spileman till the lawful age 
of the same heirs, together with the marriage of the same heirs ; 
and commands were sent to the Sheriff of Southampton that he 
should cause the aforesaid John to have full seisin of all the 
lands which belonged to the aforesaid William, together with 
the aforesaid heirs. Witness the King, at Westminster, on the 
3rd day of March. 

22 Spelman Genealogy 

(Fine Roll, 25 Henry III, 1241, Membrane 11.) The King 
granted to John Byset that those £50 pounds which he ought to 
have paid to the King at this present close of Easter in the 25th 
year, etc., of the iioo fine which he made with the King for hav- 
ing custody of the lands and heir of William Spileman, he shall- 
pay to the King at the Feast of Saint John the Baptist next com- 
ing. And command is sent to the Barons of the Exchequer to 
cause him to have that respite. Witness the King, at West- 
minster, on the 3rd day of April. 

Sir William Spileman, the second son of the Ancestor in the 
Second Generation, was a man of importance in his day and 
his name appears in several documents of the period. In the 
Calendar of Charter Rolls, 41 Henry III, 1256-1257, is the fol- 

Inspeximus and confirmation of a charter, whereby in the 
40th year of the King, in the month of May, it was agreed be- 
tween William de Valencia, on the one part, and Roger, the 
Abbot, and the Abbey of Hyde, on the other part, that the said 
William give to the said Abbot and Abbey fifteen acres of arable 
land of his demesne upon Hoggendon, called la Tuthlangelonde, 
adjoining the demesne land of the said Abbey in the Manor of 
Colingeburn, to be possessed by the said grantees and their suc- 
cessors, and enclosed and tilled at their will ; in exchange for 
seven acres of which the said Abbot and Abbey of their land 
have given to the said William, which lie in his new park, with- 
out the covert of the wood of the said park, called la Frithe, on 
the north side of the wood of the said Abbot and Abbey in 
Colingeburn ; together with two acres and a half outside and ad- 
joining the said park, with common pasture estimated at thirty 
acres within the said park, of the land of the said Abbot, which 
pasture is called Butstiche ; to be possessed by the said William 
and his heirs, and to be enclosed and tilled at his will, with any 
common or right which the said Abbot and Monks had. or could 
have, in the said park. Witnesses: Sir Henry Husee, Sir Will- 
iam de Bucelles, Sir Richard de Havering, Sir James le Sauvage, 
knights, Henry Stormy, John le Wyke, Nicholas Dinkepenne, 
William Spileman, Henry de Foscote, Walter Trenchfoyle, and 
Robert de Sotton. 

Between the date of the foregoing exchange of lands, 1256- 
1257, and 1 271, William Spileman received the honor of knight- 
hood, as is attested by another confirmation of a charter which he 

(Calendar of Charter Rolls, 55 Henry III, 1271, July 13.) 
Confirmation of a charter whereby Peter de Lindwode gave to 
William le Rus, clerk, and Adam de la Bere, for his service and 
for 10 marks of silver which he gave to the said Peter, all the 
holding of the said Peter or of John de Nova Villa in Linde- 

The English Spelmans 23 

wode and adjoining Blache fords, to be held by the said WilHam, 
Adam de la Bere, and the heirs of Adam, by performing the 
services due to the lords of the fee ; and the said Peter has sur- 
rendered to the said grantees the charter of John de Nova Villa, 
which he had of the said lands. Witnesses : Sir Roger Molis, 
Sir Robert de Punchardun, Sir William Espileman, Sir John de 
Berchampton, Sir Roger de Langeford, knights ; Nicholas de 
Raumvill, Eustace Fuchet, John de Buceston, John de Badesle, 
John de Wodefaud, Robert Tesson, John, son of Roger de 

The following documents, which Sir William Spileman wit- 
nessed, cast an interesting sidelight upon those early times. 

(Charter Rolls, 7 Edward I, 1279, May 3.) Inquisition 
taken before the King, at Windesore, on Monday, the Octave of 
St. Stephen, in the presence of Hugh, son of Otho, the King's 
steward, Walter de Helyvin, Stephen de Penecestre, John de 
Kirkeby, and Walter de Wynburn. The King has sent word to 
William de Brayboef, Sheriff of Hampshire, that he had received 
the plaint of the Abbot of Quarr to the following effect. The 
said Abbot lately delivered his charter of liberties for inspection 
to Isabel de Fortibus, Countess of Aumale, and Adam de Strat- 
ton, at Caresbrok, and the said Adam, having seen the tenor of 
the charter, immediately tore it ("fregit et scidit"), to the dis- 
herison of the said Abbot and his Church. And for this reason 
the King called before him the said Adam and spoke to him 
touching the matter, who denied it, and put himself before the 
King on an Inquisition to be taken thereof. And thereupon the 
King ordered the Sheriff to summon before the King, on the 
third day after Christmas, wherever he might then be in Eng- 
land, thirty lawful knights, girt with the sword, as well of the 
Isle of Wight as elsewhere of his bailiwick, of no affinity to the 
said Countess, or Adam, or the Abbot, or the Bishop of Winches- 
ter, who is partly touched by this matter, to inform the King 
therein ; and the Sheriff was to inform the said Adam to be 
there present, if he should think fit. And he came, and the 
following knights, that is, Thomas de Evercy, Richard de Affton, 
William de Stratton, Philip de Houill, John de Grymsted, John 
de Wyndesore, Richard de Portesye, Richard Sturmey, John de 
Wotton, William Bluet, Henry de Wodcot, and William Spile- 
man ; who said, upon their oath, that the said Adam tore up the 
charter, as affirmed, and that, at the hour at which he tore it up, 
the charter was the Abbot's property, and was not so delivered 
to the said Countess as to be her property. And, therefore, it 
was adjudged that the said charter should remain in the same 
condition in which it was when it was torn up, and that the 
said Adam was guilty of the said trespass, and should be commit- 
ted to prison, and should satisfy the Abbot for his damages ac- 

24 Spelman Genealogy 

cording to the judgment of the King's court. And, therefore, as 
aforesaid, it is adjudged that the said charter shall remain in the 
same state in which it was torn and cut. And, for the perpetual 
memory of this matter, the King has ordered his seal to be 
affixed to this present writing. Given by the hand of Robert, 
Bishop of Bath and Wells, at Westminster, 3 May, 7 Edward I. 

(Charter Rolls, 7 Edward II, 1313, November 27.) Con- 
firmation of the following charter in favor of the Canons of 
Christchurch, Twynham. A writing whereby Isabel de Fortibus, 
Countess of Aumale and Devon and Lady of the Isle, in her 
widowhood, for the repose of the soul of William de Fortibus, 
late Count of Aumale, for her own soul, and for the souls of her 
children, Thomas, William, and Avelina, granted to the said 
Canons of Christchurch in frank almoin all their land of Henton, 
which they have of the gift of Eustace de Henton. Witnesses: 
Sir Henry Trenchard, Sir Richard de Affeton, Sir William 
Espileman, Sir John de Bachamton, knights ; Eustace Fulgere, 
John de Buttesthorum, John de Lymesi, Henry de Ernewode, 
Peter de Aven. 

In 1275 Sir William Spileman was sent by King Edward to 
Ireland on an important mission. This is recorded in a Close 
Roll, 3 Edward I, 1275, October 24, which states that the Crown 
appointed William Spileman and William Girberti to appraise 
the fifteenth of the value of all movable goods in the County of 
Ulster, Ireland, the prelates, barons, and others of the realm hav- 
ing granted the King a fifteenth, for the relief of his estate. 
"The king therefore orders William Spileman and William Gir- 
berti to execute the premises at days and places to be provided 
by them. The king has ordered the sheriff of Ulster to come be- 
fore the said William and William and assist them." 

The next year Sir William had been appointed a Justice. 

(A Close Roll, 4 Edward I, 1275-1276.) The King, at Lid- 
dington, orders the Sheriff of Wiltshire to deliver Alice, wife of 
Thomas de Furno of Idemeston, imprisoned at Salisbury for the 
death of Thomas, her son, wherewith she is charged, in bail to 
twelve men of that County, who shall give surety to have her be- 
fore the King's Justices at the first Assize when they come to 
those parts to stand to right if any one wish to speak against her 
in this behalf, as it is testified before the King by Hereward de 
Marisco and William Spileman, Justices lately appointed to de- 
liver Salisbury gaol, and by other trustworthy men, that Alice 
slew her son while she was mad, and not by malice or felony 

Another agreement which Sir William witnessed is found in 
a Close Roll, 4 Edward I. This agreement was made on 25 
August, 1276, between John de la Haleford, son of Edmund de 
la Haleford. and Gilbert de Teya and Matilda, his wife, con- 

The English Spelmans 25 

cerning a way, in John's tenement of Nussilling and Eling, which 
goes from La Caldewere to Caulewar, towards the New Forest. 
Gilbert and Matilda renounce ail privileges, indults to those 
signed with the Cross, and all remedy of law, both canon and 
civil, whereby the preceding agreement may be in any way an- 
nulled or weakened. Witnesses : Sir John de Havering, Sir 
Elias Cotele, Sir John de Bottele, Sir William Spileman, knights ; 
Master Richard de Hailing, William leBrun, Roger de Sharde- 
ford, Adam de Everle. 

The high rank of the Spelman family during this period 
may be inferred from the fact that Sir William witnessed a char- 
ter of Queen Eleanor herself. 

(Charter Rolls, 8 Edward I, 1280, November 8.) In- 
speximus and confirmation of a charter, whereby Eleanor, Queen 
of England, Avith the consent of King Edward, her husband, 
gave to Sir John de Weston and Christina, his wife, all the 
Manor of Middleton in the Isle of Wight, to be held by the said 
John and Christina and the heirs of their bodies, by the services 
due to the lord of the fee ; with remainder to the said John and 
his heirs. Witnesses : Sir John de Insula, Sir Thomas de 
Evercy, Sir Thomas de la Haule, Sir Robert de Glamorgan, Sir 
William Spileman, Sir Robert Folyet, Sir Geoffrey de Pyche- 
ford, Sir Giles de Fienles, and Sir Andrew de Saukevil. Dated 
at Dunamenel, 20 March, 8 Edward I. 

Sir Geoffrey de Pycheford, one of the witnesses to the 
Queen's charter, was concerned in some business matter with 
Sir William, as appears in a Close Roll, 8 Edward I, wherein is 
recorded, in July, 1280, the acknowledgment of William Spile- 
man that he owes to Geoffrey de Pyncheforde the sum of eighty 
marks ; and that, in default of payment, it was to be levied on his 
lands and chattels in County Southampton. 

Sir William Spileman married Ela. Her parentage is un- 
known, but her name appears in a Close Roll, 7 Edward I, 1278- 
1279, when Roger de Fynemere came before the King, on the 
Monday after Christmas and sought to replevy to William Spile- 
man and Ela, his wife, their land in Cestresham, which was 
taken into the King's hands for their default in his court against 
Philip de Shireburn and Margery, his wife. 

Sir William died about 1291, as in that year an Inquisition 
Post Mortem was held on his estate. This is in the Record 
Office, London, File 59 (10), and is dated at Southampton, the 
Wednesday before the Feast of Saint Michael, 19 Edward I. 
This Inquisition testifies that the estate of Sir William Spile- 
man consisted of the following: the Manor of Ebbeford, in 
Hampshire, held of the King in chief by service of one-half a 
knight's fee ; at MuUford, a water-mill, various rentals, etc., held 
of Lady Isabel de Fortibus of Albemarle by service of one thirty- 

26 Spelman Genealogy 

seventh of a knight's fee. The heir named was Peter, his eldest 
son, aged twenty-eight years. 

The date of this Inquisition shows the birth of Peter, the 
heir, to have been about 1263. He married Isabel, and died 
about 1 29 1, without issue, leaving two sisters, Matilda, or Maud, 
and Katherine. These three children of Sir William Spileman 
are named in Hoare's History of Wiltshire. Volume V, Page 74. 

Through the daughters, Matilda and Catherine, the Manors 
of Brokenhurst and Cowsfield passed from the Spelman name, 
though not from the Spelman blood. Alatilda married John de 
Grumstead, and their son, John, became Lord of Brokenhurst. 
Catherine became the wife of Richard de Testewode, and the 
Manor of Cowsfield passed to their son, John de Testewode, in 

(A Close Roll, 20 Edvvard i, 1292, January 18.) The King, at 
Westminster, orders Malcolm de Harleye (Escheator for the half 
of England south of the River Trent) to deliver to Isabel, late 
the wafe of Peter Spileman, tenant in chief, the lands that be- 
longed to Peter in Colesfeld. County Wilts, which are extended 
at 100 shillings yearly, and the lands that belonged to him in 
Ebbeford, County Southampton, which are extended at 118 
shillings, ii pence, and the lands that belonged to him at Mull- 
ford, which are extended at 64 shillings, 5 and Yi pence ; which 
the King has assigned to her in tenancia until he shall cause 
dower to be assigned to her. 

In a Close Roll of the following month is a memorandum, 
dated February 29, that Isabel, late wife to Peter Spileman, ten- 
ant in chief, came into chancery and demanded that she might 
receive her dower of Peter's lands from John de Grimstede, who 
married Maud, and from Richard de Torstewode, who married 
Katherine, sisters and heiresses of Peter ; which was granted to 
her. And the said John and Richard assigned to her the Manors 
of Ebbeford and Milleford for her dower ; and they came into 
chancery and acknowledged the grant, and agreed that they 
would cause their wives to come into chancery before Michaelmas 
next, to make such acknowledgment. 

Isabel was living in 13 16. In an Inquisition relating to 
Feudal Aids, made in Hampshire in that year. "Isabella Spy- 
leam" was reported as taxable, and as then residing in the ham- 
let of "Esseforde," which she held, in part, with the Bishop of 

Before passing to the history of Henry Spileman, the An- 
cestor in the Third Generation, some fugitive Spelman records, 
which have not been connected with any of the known pedigree, 
may be of interest, as Thirteenth Century notes of the name, 
and as possible clues to further research in England. 

(A Close Roll, 4 Edward I, 1276, February.) The King 

The English Spelmans 27 

pardons Alexander, son of William Poyne of Rotinton, and Rob- 
ert Spileman, imprisoned at Nottingham for the death of Robert 
de Hotot, wherewith they are charged. 

(Patent Rolls, 7 Edward I, 1278, November 27,) Commis- 
sion to William de Dun, Thomas le Rus, John de Monemue, and 
Eustace de Everle, to deliver the gaol of Old Sarum of Thomas, 
son of Eustace, and Andrew Spileman, taken and imprisoned 
there for the death of Nicholas le Frye. 

(Patent Rolls, 15 Edward I, 1287, November 5.) Letters 
were issued for Master John Spileman of Roddeberue, in 
Gloucestershire, gone to Paris to study, which name Robert 
Mael and John Spark to act as his representatives for three 

(Patent Rolls, 18 Edward I, 1290, July 30.) Here is re- 
corded a pardon to John de Asserugge of his outlawry for the 
death of Robert Spileman. 

In "The Chronicles and Monuments of Great Britain for the 
Middle Ages," it is stated that, during the term of office of 
Roger, the twenty-fourth Abbot of St. Alban's Abbey in Hert- 
fordshire, 1 260- 1 290, it Avas recorded of "Hugonis Spileman et 
Johannae" that they were in peaceful possession of a tenement in 
Watford, Hertfordshire, in which place the said Hugh Spileman 
was a plow-maker, or ploughman. 


HENRY* SPILMAN (William', Sir William') was the 
youngest son of William Spileman and Matilda, daughter of Sir 
William de Sarum. He died before either of his brothers, Peter 
and Sir William Spileman, and his descendants, therefore, did 
not, under the then laws of primogeniture, inherit any of the 
lordships and manors which had been his father's and his grand- 
father's. As we have seen, Brokenhurst passed to the heirs of 
one daughter of Sir William, his brother, and Cowsfield to those 
of another daughter of Sir William. 

Henry Spilman lived in the Parish of Christ Church, at 
Twineham, not far from Brokenhurst Manor. Little is known 
of his life. The name of his wife has not been found, but he 
had two sons, Robert and David, the former of the ancestral line 
of the American Spelmans. 

Henry Spilman died in 1270, and was buried in Christ 
Church. There are still extant several stone effigies in this old 
church, of which the inscriptions have worn away, and one of 
these may have been made to his memory. About 1625 Sir 
Henry Spelman, the most important historian of the Spelman 
family in England, to whom reference was made above, wrote 
that there was then an inscription in Christ Church to this Henry 
Spilman, his ancestor. 

Christ Church belonged to a Priory, and was partly de- 
stroyed by Henry VIII. The present building was the nave only 
of the original church. One tomb, which escaped destruction, 
bears the date of 1216. Ruins of the Priory, which was built 
before 1128 by Flambard, the Bishop of Durham, still remain. 

Children of Henry Spilman : 

i Robert Spilman. ancestor of the American Spelmans 

(see Fourth Generation), 
ii David Spilman. 

David, the younger of Henry Spilman's two sons, left Hamp- 
shire, and settled in County Norfolk, in Bekerton Manor, Stow. 
He married AveHne, and had one son, John, who married Isa- 
bella, and bequeathed to her, on his death, in 1304, land in Attle- 
burgh, near Stow. (Blomefield's History of Norfolk.) This date 
is the earliest regarding the residence of the Spelmans in Nor- 



ROBERT* SPILMAN (Henry; William^ Sir William^) 
was the elder of the two sons of Henry Spilman of Christ 
Church, Twineham, in Hampshire. The date of his birth is 
unknown. In the chart of Sir Henry Spehnan he is said to have 
lived in the reigns of John and Henry III. It does not appear 
probable, however, that he was born before the latter reign. As 
has been seen, the estate and heirs of William Spileman of the 
Second Generation appear to have been in the care of a guardian 
as late as 1240. Of the three sons of this William, — Peter, Sir 
William, and Henry, — the last was the youngest. Peter had died 
before 1231-1232, when his brother, William, was his heir. If 
William was a minor as late as 1240, and Henry was still 
younger, it seems probable that Henry was not born earlier than 
1218. His son, Robert, therefore, could not have been born dur- 
ing King John's reign, which came to a close in 1216. 

Robert Spilman may have followed his brother, David, into 
County Norfolk. As will appear under the Fifth Generation, 
Robert's son, Stephen, held land in Bekerton Manor, Stow, in 
Norfolk, where, as mentioned above, land had been held by his 
uncle, David. If this removal took place, its date is unknown. 
As is shown under the Third Generation, David Spilman's Nor- 
folk settlement was before 1304, and probably some time before, 
as his son had land in the County at that date, which he be- 
queathed to his widow. Christ Church Parish, Hampshire, was 
on the sea, and it is probable that Robert was engaged in mari- 
time commerce, and that the record following refers to him. If 
this is so, his difficulties with the authorities over the matter may 
have caused his removal from Hampshire. This would fix his 
possible settlement in Norfolk at about 13 12. Assuming, how- 
ever, that his going to the latter County was a fact, it may have 
taken place much earlier, but he may have retained land and 
business interests in Hampshire. 

The seizure of wines from a French merchant, to which the 
ensuing document has reference, was one of the many private 
and commercial quarrels which the constant wars and friction 
between England and France engendered. 

(A Close Roll, 6 Edward II, 1312.) An order, dated 28 
October, at Westminster, to Robert de Kendale, Constable of 
Dover Castle, states that, whereas the King lately appointed him 


30 Spelman Genealogy 

and Robert, son of Payn, to hear the complaints of merchants 
of parts beyond sea concerning robberies of their goods on the 
coast of Brittany by malefactors of the King's dominion, and to 
do them justice; and whereas, upon complaint of Poncius del 
Herbe, merchant of La Rochelle, that they had not done justice 
to him and his fellows, although they had found certain men 
guilty of robbing him and his fellow-merchants ; therefore the 
King commanded the said Robert, son of Payn, to certify him 
of their proceedings in this matter. The said Robert, son of 
Payn, returned that it was found by divers inquisitions taken by 
him and the said Robert de Kendale at Southampton and Ram- 
seye that sixty-eight tuns of white wine of the wines of the said 
Poncius and his fellows, — whereof each tun is appraised at 50s., 
— had come to the hands of the following men : to wit, thirty 
tuns of wine, price £75, to the hands of Robert Spileman and 
his mariners ; twelve tuns, price £30, to the hands of Thomas 
NoteshuUing and Richard Bagg and their mariners, and of the 
"coga Sancti Johannis de Luthampton" (the name of the ship) ; 
sixteen tuns, price .£40, came to the hands of John Oseborn, mas- 
ter of the ship "Le Sauve de Luthampton," and of Henry de 
Lym, and their mariners of the same ship ; eight tuns, price £20, 
to the hands of Robert de Manewode of the Isle of Wight and 
his mariners ; two tuns, price lOOs., to the hands of Thomas 
Stonherd of Kyhaven and his mariners. And the King was 
given to understand that the said Robert, son of Payn, and Rob- 
ert de Kendale had caused the Sheriff of Southampton to arrest 
goods of Robert Spileman to the value of the said £75, and also 
goods of the said others to the said values. As Louis, Earl of 
Evreux, has prayed the King, on behalf of the King of France, 
to cause amends to be made to the said Poncius, the King com- 
mands the said Robert de Kendale to levy the above £170 of 
goods without waiting for the presence of Robert, son of Payn, 
and to deliver them to the said Poncius, in the name of himself 
and fellows, in part satisfaction for their wines so stolen, and 
to arrest the said malefactors. The King has commanded the 
said Sheriff to obey him in all things connected herewith. He 
is to certify the King when he has executed these orders. "By 
the King, on the information of the Earl of Pembroke." 

Robert Spilman's name does not appear further on the 
Hampshire records, and little is known of his career. His wife's 
name does not appear, nor those of any of his children, except 
that of Stephen Spilman, his son. 

Child of Robert Spilman : 

i Stephen Spilman, of Bekerton Manor, ancestor of 
the American Spelmans (see Fifth Generation). 


STEPHEN' SPILMAN (Robert, Henry*, William', Sir 
William') is said, in Sir Henry Spelman's chart, to have lived 
in the reigns of Edward I and Edward II. 

About 1320 he is recorded as of Bekerton Manor in Stow, 
County Norfolk. This Manor was not held by the Spelmans at 
this time, although it passed into their possession early in the 
Fifteenth Century, but they seem to have been tenant-holders of 
the Manor or some part of it. 

The church at Stow, dedicated to Saint Botolph, still stands, 
its old roofing of thatch changed to modern slating. It is stated 
in Blomefield's Norfolk that Spelmans were buried in this church, 
but no memorials of them remain. Weever's Inscriptions (Page 
821) mentions "a fair tomb" of William Spelman, who died in 
1547, as having been here. 

Stephen Spilman's wife is not known, but they had two sons, 
John and Robert. These two sons head two lines of descent, 
Robert being the ancestor of the American Spelmans. John's 
descendants had an interesting history in County Norfolk, an 
account of which will be given before the chronicle of Robert's 
line is taken up. 

Children of Stephen Spilman : 

i John Spilman, ancestor of Sir Henry Spelman, the 
famous antiquarian, and of the Spilmans of Vir- 
ginia. Some account of this John Spilman and of 
his descendants immediately follows. 
ii Robert Spilman, of Stow, Attleburgh, and Sudbury, 
ancestor of the American Spelmans (see Sixth 

The two following items may refer to John, the son of 
Stephen Spilman. 

(Patent Rolls, 15 Edward II, 1322.) On January 15 the 
King, at Shrewsbury, issued a protection to John Spileman, who 
was going to Wales with William de la Zouche. 

(Patent Rolls, 10 Edward II, 1317.) On March 21. Com- 
mission of Oyer and Terminer was granted to William de 
Ormesby, Robert de Maddyngle, and Henry de Walepole, on the 
complaint by Philip de Caldecote that Hugh Spileman, John 
Spyleman, and nine others assaulted him at Great Narynges, 


32 Spelman Genealogy 

County Norfolk, and carried away his snoods. By the Chancellor, 
at the instance of the Earl of Hereford. 

It would be interesting to know who was the Hugh Spileman 
mentioned herein. 

John Spilman, son of Stephen, and brother of Robert, in- 
herited the possessions of his father at Stow, and here lived and 
died. He bought additional land at Stow in 1369 and in 1385, 
the latter purchase being from John de Wolterton, Clerk, and 
recorded in the Pedes Finium, now on file in Chancery Lane, 
London, He named his residence Spilmans-place. 

John Spilman died in 1392. He married twice, his first wife 
being Alice, and his second Johanna. By his second marriage 
he had issue : (a) Henry, of whom below ; (b) William, whose 
daughter, Matildis, married John Alleyn of Earlham ; (c) John; 
(d) Stephen, who became an Alderman of London, died without 
issue in 1419, being buried in Saint Michael Queenhith, London, 
and whose will was filed in that year in the Prerogative Court of 
the Archbishop of Canterbury; (e) a daughter, who married 
William Kemp. 

Henry, the son of John Spilman and his second wife, Jo- 
hanna, inherited Spilmans-place at Stow, and built thereon addi- 
tions which are now known as the old part of the mansion. Spil- 
mans-place was later called Bekerton Hall, then the Water 
House, and, finally, Stow Hall. Before 1752 an historian of 
Norfolk wrote of this old Spelman home : 

"In the parlour window I saw these shields, viz., Spelman, 
quartering gules, a chief ermine, impaling quarterly a chevron 
between three crescents, and a chevron between three leopard's 
faces : also Spelman impaling Manning and Brotherton." 

This emblazonry has long since disappeared. 

Henry Spilman died in 1432. His wife, Isabella, died in 
1444, and was buried by her husband's side in Stow churchyard. 
His will, dated 9 December, 1432, mentions his wife and two 
sons, and is given in abstract in Norfolk Archaeology, Volume I. 

The two sons of Henry and Isabella were Robert and John 
Spelman, their name being spelled with the "e."' Robert Spel- 
man was Prefect of the Church of Saint Gregory in Sudbury, 
County Suffolk, which place became the home of the direct an- 
cestors of the American Spelmans, as will appear. This Robert 
Spelman was undoubtedly the Robert Sylman who was appointed 
in 1464 to the office of Prefect or Master of this collegiate 
church. The College of Saint Gregory was founded in 1375 by 
Simon and John Theobald, sons of Nigel and Sara Theobald. 
Simon Theobald was the Bishop of London, and became, in 1375, 
Archbishop of Canterbury. (Victoria History of the Counties of 
England ; Volume TI, SuflFolk ; edited by William Page, F. S. A. ; 
1907; Pages 1 50- 1 51.) The college foundation was dissolved 

The English Spelmans 33 

in 1544 and its property given to Sir Thomas Paston, a gentle- 
man of the Privy Chamber. (Ibid, Page 155.) 

John Spelman, brother of Robert, and son of Henry and 
Isabella, is called "Esquire" in documents of the time. He was 
the first Spelman to become Lord of Bekerton Manor, or of any 
Manor in County Norfolk. In his father's time Stow was com- 
posed of three Manors. Bekerton was then held by Sir John 
Ryghley. Blomefield's Norfolk (Volume II, Page 279) states 
that the lordship of Bekerton passed from Sir John Ryghley's 
heirs to John Spelman, soon after 1425. The latter bought, also, 
in 1460, the Crow Manor in Stow. This had been held by the 
Crow family, but the last owner before John Spelman is said to 
have been Sir Richard Berney, The third of the Stow Manors, 
Bedon, was acquired by a later John Spelman, who bought it in 
1521 from Sir Edward Knevet, having, before that date, ac- 
quired a part of it. 

John Spelman of Spilmans-place, Lx)rd of the Manors of 
Bekerton and Crow, is said to have displayed the Spelman Coat- 
of-Arms conspicuously and caused some official recognition to be 
made of his right to bear these Arms. 

He married, first, Catherine, the daughter of Thomas Sty- 
ward of SwafTham, County Norfolk. She died in 1432, and was 
buried in Stow Church. The issue of this marriage was : Anna, 
who married — Fincham ; Elizabeth ; Katherine, who married, 
first, Edmund Paston, Knight, and, second, E. Clypesby ; Robert ; 
and Henry, of whom below. 

The second wife of John Spelman was Mariana, and by 
this marriage he had a son, John, and, perhaps, a son, William. 
Mariana survived her husband, at whose death, in 1460, she re- 
ceived Crow's Hall for her lifetime. His will was dated 24 April, 
1460, and mentions his wife and all his children. (Norfolk 
Archaeology, Volume I.) 

The heir of John Spelman was his eldest son, Henry, who 
became Lord of Stow, Brecklys, Great and Little Watton, Colny, 
Wetinge, Roclonde, and Crow, — coming into possession of the 
last estate at his stepmother's death. Henry Spelman advanced 
the fortunes of his family in various ways. He acquired much 
land, other than what came to him as his father's heir, and by 
his first marriage, to Ela, the widow of Thomas Shouldham, and 
the daughter and co-heiress of William de Narburgh, County 
Norfolk, Narburgh came to the Spelmans. Narburgh was about 
twenty-five miles from Stow, and thither Henry Spelman re- 
moved after his marriage. He studied the law, is mentioned as 
practising his profession in 1491, and became the Recorder of 
Norwich, the County-seat of Norfolk, and an Episcopal See. 

Henry Spelman died 23 September, 1496, as is inscribed on 
his tomb in Narburgh Church. His image on the tomb is clad 

34 Spelman Genealogy 

in his robes of office as Recorder, The Narburgh Arms, quar- 
tered with Spehiian, are emblazoned on this monument, and an 
inscription on brass reads : "Pray for the soul of Henry Spel- 
man, Recorder of the City of Norwich, and Ela, his wife, which 
said Henry died i8 Day of Sept., A. D., 1496." 

Near this tomb is a monument to the memory of Lady 
Agatha de Narburgh, who died in 1293, and was, perhaps, an 
ancestress of Ela de Narburgh, wife of Henry Spelman. 

The will of the Recorder of Norwich is still extant. It was 
made on the day of his death, and records his desire to be buried 
in the Chancel of Narburgh Church. He bequeaths alms that 
there may be "prayers for the souls of Thomas Beckerton and 
wife," for "the soul of my father, John Spelman," and for 
"Magister Robert Spelman, my uncle." 

Henry Spelman and his first wife, Ela de Narburgh, had 
issue : 

(i) William Spelman, who was a Knight, inherited Beker- 
ton Manor, which passed to his descendants. He married Anne, 
the daughter of Christopher Coo, and had issue : (a) Elizabeth, 
who married Francis Clophin ; (b) Anna, who married, first, 
William Save, and, second, John Woodhouse, Knight, of Brec- 
cles Hall, in a window of which are emblazoned the Spelman 
Arms (Norfolk Archaeology, Volume VHI) ; (c) Christopher, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Radclyff. and had 
Elizabeth, daughter and heiress, who married, first, Jenkins, and, 
second, Dethick, having issue by the second marriage; (d) Fran- 
cis, who married the daughter of Mason, and had (i) a daughter, 
who married Davison, "Legatus Regius" ; (ii) Francis, who mar- 
ried Isle. 

(2) Henry Spelman, Lord of Rockland, died without issue. 

(3) John Spelman was a Priest, and of Wimondham. 

(4) Katherine Spelman married, first, Robert Denry, and, 
second, Richard Sefoule de Waterden. 

(5) Anna Spelman married Henry Mackwilliams. 

(6) Elizabeth Spelman married John Goldingham de 

(7) John Spelman, of whom below. 

Henry Spelman, the Recorder of Norwich, survived his first 
wife, Ela de Narburgh, and married, second, Katherine. or 
Christian, the daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Manning of 
Great Elmingham, County Norfolk, and of the latter's wife, 
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Jenny. (Blome- 
field's Norfolk, Volume I, Pages 484-488.) By this marriage, 
Henry Spelman had a son, Thomas Spelman, Knight, Lord of 
Ellingham and Bechamwel by maternal inheritance, who married 
Anne, daughter of John, who was either the son or the son-in- 
law of Lord Robert Conyers. The son of Thomas Spelman and 


The English Spelmans 35 

his wife was Henry Spelman, Knight, who married Elizabeth 

It is stated in Blomefield's Norfolk, Volume I, on pages 84 
and 451, that Henry Spelman, the Recorder of Norwich, had 
another son, Christopher, by his second marriage, 

A brief pedigree of the family of de Narburgh, to which 
belonged the first wife of the Recorder of Norwich, Henry Spel- 
man, may be of interest. 

The first known ancestor was William de Narburgh, whose 
son, Robert de Narburgh, Knight, had issue : Hamo and Theo- 
baldus. Hamo de Narburgh, Knight, was living in the reign of 
Henry HI, and had issue: Adam de Narburgh, whose son was 
named Adam; and Hamo, who married a daughter of Bardolf, 
and had a son, William. William de Narburgh married Matildis, 
daughter of Alinandus de Acre and his wife, Alicia de Arfic, and 
had a son, Adam, whose son was William, William de Narburgh 
had a son, William, who married a daughter of Clere, and had 
issue : Ela de Narburgh, the wife of Henry Spelman, Recorder 
of Norwich. 

Sir John Spelman, Knight, son of Henry Spelman, the Re- 
corder of Norwich, and his first wife, Ela de Narburgh, was an 
eminent jurist, and became "Second Justice of the King's 
Bench," Before this, he acted as counsel to the city of Oxford 
in proceedings before Parliament against the University and the 
Charter of Henry VHI. To him belongs the credit of bringing 
again to the Spelman family the honor of knighthood. 

He rebuilt Narburgh Hall, which stands to-day, although the 
quartered Arms of Narburgh and Spelman which were formerly 
emblazoned over the entrance have disappeared since 1810. In a 
window in the great hall were once the Spelman Arms, with a 
cross gules engrailed in a bordure argent, for Leigh ; and in the 
drawing-room the Arms, quartered with an eagle displayed or, 
for Shouldham, a barry of six argent and sable, a bend over all 
ermine, for Fincham, and the Arms sable, a chevron ermine be- 
tween three bull's heads argent, for Saunders, Still may be seen 
about the ceiling of carven wood the mottoes, "Homo Bulla," 
and "Quand Dieu Voldra," and the Spelman Coat-Armor re- 
mains, cut in the stone of one of the walls. 

Sir John Spelman died in 1545, His wife was Elizabeth, 
daughter and heiress of Henry Frowick of Gunnersbury, Middle- 
sex, They were both buried in Narburgh Church, and their 
Altar-tomb is still there, of grey marble, with a representation 
of our Saviour's Resurrection, and figures of a man and woman 
kneeling. Above the man's effigy is inscribed : "Jesus Fill Dei, 
miserere me ;" and above that of the woman : "Salvator mundi, 
memento me." Underneath, an inscription begins : "Syre John 
Spelman, Knight." The Spelman Coat-of-Arms is emblazoned 

36 Spelman Genealcxsy 

on the monument, and on the robes of the effigy of Lady Eliza- 
beth Spelman are the Arms of Frowick and Sturgeon. Cotman's 
"Sepulchral Brasses of Norfolk" mentions this memorial as the 
only example of one bearing the figure of a judge in his robe and 
coif, and of the fine brass work. 

Lady Elizabeth Spelman was born of her father's second 

marriage, to a daughter of Davers. Henry Frowick's 

first wife was Margaret Lee. He was the son of Thomas 
Frowick, Knight, and Johanna, daughter and heiress of Stur- 

Sir John Spelman and his wife, Elizabeth Frowick, had a 
family of twenty children. Their eldest son, Henry, died in in- 
fancy, and his second son, John Spelman, Knight, fell heir to 
Narburgh, which passed to his descendants. 

The fifth son was Henry, who married, first, Anne, daughter 
of Thomas Knevet, Knight, and, second, Frances Sanders. By 
the second marriage he had a son. Sir Henry Spelman, the 
famous antiquarian and scholar, of whom mention has been made 
as the historian of the Spelman family. His parentage as given 
here is as it is found in the chart of his ancestry which he him- 
self made. In his "Works," published in London in 1723, the 
following appears in his "Life," written by the Bishop of Lin- 
coln : 

"Henry Spelman was born at Congham, a Village not far 
from Lynne, in the County of Norfolk. * * * His Father's 
Name was Henry Spelman, Esq; as I learn from a Pedigree of 
the Family under Sir Henry's own hand; and not John, as a 
late Writer has told us. His Mother was Frances, Daughter of 
William Sanders of Ewel in Surrey, Esq;" 

He was one of the most learned men of his period. A short 
account of his career will be of interest to all Spelmans. Born 
in 1 561, he graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge Uni- 
versity, became Sheriff of Norfolk, and was knighted by James 
L He married Eleanor, eldest daughter and co-heiress of John 
Le Strange of Sedgeside, Knight, and had four sons and four 
daughters. He died in London 25 July, 1643, ^"d, by command 
of Charles I, was buried in Westminster Abbey, near Camden, his 
fellow antiquarian, whom he calls his "Ancient Friend." His 
most celebrated work was his "History of Sacrilege." 

Two of Sir Henry Spelman's sons are of especial interest to 
the family in America. One of these is Henry, who came to Vir- 
ginia with the famous Captain John Smith. The boy was only 
fourteen years old, and soon after his arrival in the Colony was 
taken captive by the Indians. It is said that he believed that 
Captain Smith had connived at his imprisonment, in order that 
he might learn the language of the savages. Another story is 
that it was this lad, instead oi the Captain, who was rescued by 


The English Spelmans 37 

Pocahontas. Whether or not this was so, he escaped in some 
way, but was again captured in 1623, and, with twenty others, 
was murdered by the Indians. In the painting in the Capitol at 
Washington of the marriage of Pocahontas to John Rolfe, — the 
latter a native of Heacham, near the Spelmans' home at Nar- 
burgh, — is the figure of a boy, standing on a stairway, and sup- 
posed to represent Henry Spelman. 

Another son of Sir Henry was Clement Spelman, who is 
believed by the Spilman family of Virginia to be their ancestor. 
The following items regarding the life and career of Clement 
Spelman are found in the afore-mentioned "Works" of Sir Henry 
Spelman, published in 1723. He was the youngest son of Sir 
Henry, became a Councillor, and, upon the Restoration, was 
made Puny Baron of the Exchequer by Charles 11. He wrote 
some treatises on the Government and a Preface to his father's 
book, "De non temerandis Ecclesiis." He died in June, 1679, and 
was buried in the Church of Saint Dunstan, Fleet Street, London. 

The Spilmans of Virginia state that Clement Spelman had 
three sons, and that one of them had a son, Thomas Spelman or 
Spilman, who settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia, in 1729. 
This Thomas had a son, William Spilman of Westmoreland 
County, and there is a tombstone of John Spelman in Culpepper 
County, Virginia, dated 1775. A fact which lends support to 
this tradition of the ancestry of the Virginian family is their 
possession of a small picture of Sir Henry Spelman, upon the 
back of which is written some portion of the family pedigree. 

Spelmans continued to reside at Narburgh Hall until 1810. 
The descendants of William Spelman, the great-uncle of Sir 
Henry Spelman, and the son of Henry Spelman, the Recorder 
of Norwich, were for some time seated at Bekerton Manor, 
which William had inherited. Later they settled in different 
parts of Norfolk. But the memory of the Spelmans is preserved 
at Narburgh by the many inscriptions on brasses in All Saints' 
Church at Narburgh. These brasses are mentioned in Volume 
VI of Blomefield's History of Norfolk and in "Sepulchral 
Brasses of Norfolk." The Spelman Coat-of-Arms, as well as 
the Shouldham and Narburgh Arms, have disappeared from the 
windows of the church, and gone are the ancient oak seats, two 
of which bore the Spelman Arms carved on the end. 

Going back to Stephen Spilman, the Ancestor in the Fifth 
Generation, it will be recalled that he had not only the son, John, 
whose lineage has just been traced down to Sir Henry Spelman, 
the famous antiquarian, but, also, another son, Robert, the ances- 
tor of the American Spelmans. 


Spelman Genealogy 

The following is a quotation from the chart of the family 
pedigree made by Sir Henry and shows the line of descent from 
Sir William Spileman, the earliest known ancestor, down to 
Stephen, the father of Robert. 



Descriptio Genealogica per Henr. Spelmannum Equ. Aur. 

Gnil. Spileman Mil. Dom. = 
de Brokenherst in Com. 

Guil. Spileman = Matildis filia Dni. 

D. de Broken- 

Guil Sarum Mil. 

Henricus Spilman sep. in Ec. = 
clesia Christi Twinham. I 

I I 

Gulielmus Petrus 

David Spilman = Avelina 
de Bekerton. 1 


Robertus Spilman 
vixit temp. R R. 
Joh. & Henr. III. 

Stephanus Spilman = 

de Bekerton temp. 
Edw. I & II." 

The chart, which to all of the Spelman name and blood must 
appear Sir Henry Spelman's "magnum opus," is given in "The 
English Works of Sir Henry Spelman, K^," published in London 
m 1723. 


ROBERT* SPILMAN (Stephen', Robert', Henry', William', 
Sir William") was born at Stow, County Norfolk, about 1320. 
He was a younger son, and, doubtless, found small opportunity 
for advancement in Stow. At least be did not stay there, but 
went, first, to Attleburgh, and, later, settled in Sudbury, County 
Suffolk. It was at Attleburgh, a few miles to the eastward of 
Stow, that, as mentioned above, we find the earliest record of the 
Spelmans in Norfolk. David Spilman, the son of Henry of the 
Third Generation, it will be recalled, had a son, John, who, in 
1304, bequeathed to his widow, Isabella, land in Attleburgh, near 

Robert Spilman died about 1391, probably, as his son suc- 
ceeded him in that year. 

The evidence that Robert Spilman removed to Sudbury 
about 1349 was found in the British Museum, Additional MSS., 
19149. Data of the lineage descending from him was also found 
in this manuscript, in the Visitation of Essex in 1612 by John 
Raven, preserved in the College of Arms at London, and in the 
Court Rolls of the Honour of Clare, now in the Record Office, 
Chancery Lane, London, Much of the material so gathered was 
included by Augustine Page in his Supplement to the Suffolk 
Traveler, Pages 483, 973-4. The pedigree as obtained from these 
sources may be summarized as follows: 

Robert Spilman went to Sudbury, Suffolk, about 1349.^ 

Sir Anthony Spilman of Sudbury= 
succeeded his father in 1391. 1 

John Spilman of Lang- 
ham, etc., 1390. 

William= A daughter, who 







married about 
1421 Robert, sec- 
ond son of Wil- 
liam de Gryme- 
stone of Gryme- 
stone Garth, 

Robert Spilman,= A daughter 
eldest son and of 
heir; of St. William 

Gregory's Parish, de Gryme- 
Sudbury; had sue- stone of 
ceeded his father Grymestone 

John Spilman, 
settled in 
Thaxted about 
died there 

by 1421. 

Garth, Yorks. 1458 

Thomas Spilman of Sudbury and Thaxted, died 1483. 

Sudbury, the home of the Spelmans for four generations, 
was, during the period in which these ancestors lived, a witness 
to the benignant charities and the love of learning of ancient 


40 Spelman Genealogy 

England. Besides the College of Saint Gregory, of which it will 
be recalled another Robert Spelman was Prefect, there were two 
Hospitals. One was founded during the reign of King John by 
Amicia, the Countess of Clare, who dedicated her good work to 
the honor of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin. The Leper Hos- 
pital of Saint Leonard was founded toward the close of the Four- 
teenth Century by John Colneys, who was its first Warden. This 
was about a mile from Sudbury. It was one of the few hospitals 
in England which escaped destruction in the reigns of Henry 
Vin and Edward VL 

During the lifetime of Robert Spilman there was a Thomas 
Spylman living in County Suffolk, but his relationship to this 
family is unknown. 

(Patent Rolls, 5 Richard II, 1381, October 28.) Six 
marks were paid to the King by John Hadele for the acquisition 
by him of one moiety of the manor and advowson of Hyntely- 
sham in Suffolk. The moiety was acquired from him by Thomas 
Spylman and John Kyll and he subsequently re-acquired it. 

Children of Robert Spilman: 

i Sir Anthony Spilman, ancestor of the American Spel- 

mans (see Seventh Generation), 
ii John Spilman, of Langham. 


phen', Robert*, Henry', William', Sir William') was born about 
1345 or 1350, and succeeded as his father's heir in 1391. The 
occasion and circumstances of the bestowal of the honor of 
knighthood upon this ancestor are unknown. The authorities 
whose statements concerning this portion of the Spelman lineage 
have been summarized just above do not give the name of Sir 
Anthony's wife, but name his three sons, William, Robert, and 
John, and mention a daughter, who, about 142 1, married Robert, 
the son of William de Grymestone. (Augustine Page, in the 
Supplement to the Suffolk Traveller, Page 483.) Augustine Page 
says that Sir Anthony's lands in Rishangles and Ipswich, County 
Suffolk, passed into the possession of the Grymestone family, and 
that from this marriage of Sir Anthony's daughter were de- 
scended the Grymestones of Bradfield Hall, County Essex. Sir 
Harbottle Grimstone, of this house, was appointed Master of the 
Rolls at the Restoration. 

Children of Sir Anthony Spilman : 

i Robert Spilman, of Sudbury (see below), 
ii William Spilman, of Sudbury, ancestor of the Amer- 
ican Spelmans (see Eighth Generation), 
iii John Spilman, of Thaxted (see below), 
iv A daughter, who married Robert de Grymestone. 

Robert Spilman, eldest son and heir of Sir Anthony, married 
a daughter of William de Grymestone — probably a sister of Rob- 
ert de Grymestone, who married Sir Anthony's daughter. Rob- 
ert Spilman had succeeded Sir Anthony by 142 1, which may be 
an indication of the approximate date of the latter's death. The 
heirs of Robert became the owners of the Manor of Payton in 
Bures Saint Mary, a village a few miles from Sudbury. It 
passed from the family's possession in or before 1531. At that 
date it is mentioned in Court Roll 123/1859, Folios 22 and 23, 
Honour of Clare, as purchased by Sir Robert Norwicjie, Knight, 

Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, of "the executors of 

Spilman, gentleman." 

John Spilman, son of Sir Anthony, is mentioned in the 
Court Rolls of the Honour of Clare (204 — 12 — Mem. 8), as 
having been summoned before the Manor Court held at Sud- 
bury 15 April, 1401, in order that he might explain the reason 


42 Spelman Genealogy 

for a temporary obstruction in the highway "before his door." 
The Honour of Clare lay partly in Suffolk and partly in Essex, 
and John Spilman removed to Thaxted, a town belonging to the 
Honour of Qare and situated in Essex, some time between 1401 
and 1420. In the latter year his sale of three acres of land in 
Thaxted to Robert Avenaunte is recorded in a Court Roll of the 
Honour of Clare for a court held at Thaxted. (123/1859, 
Folio 114.) 

In 1426 a suit was brought against him by Robert, son of 
William Bird of Thaxted, regarding a messuage and land in 
Thaxted, in which he is called "John Spylman. feoffee of the said 
William Bird." 

John Spilman and his wife, whose name is unknown, were 
buried in Thaxted Church, as appears below in the will of their 
son, John. They had two sons of the name of John, a son, Rob- 
ert, and a daughter. This daughter was unmarried in 1461, when 
she is mentioned in the Court Rolls for a court at Thaxted 
(173/91), held on the Thursday after the Feast of Saint Lucy, 
as having been "fined 4^^ for respite of suit of court." In the 
Court Rolls for the years 1468, 1472, 1473, 1476, 1482, and 1507, 
she is also recorded as being fined each time the same amount for 
the same cause. It would be interesting to know the history of 
this matter. 

One of the two sons of John Spilman, who were named 
John, removed to Chipping Walden, County Essex, where he 
was a cloth merchant. The other John and his brother, Robert, 
appear to have remained in Thaxted. Their descendants there 
wrote themselves "Gentlemen," and seem to have prospered. The 
old inn at Thaxted, called "The Swan," was owned by members 
of the family. Robert was frequently mentioned in the Court 
Rolls between 1461 and 1492. He was a land owner and a mer- 
chant in business with his cousin, Thomas. The last record of 
him is in the Court Roll numbered 213/73, for the session of the 
court held at Thaxted before the Feast of the Conversion of 
Saint Paul, 8 Henry VII, 1492. 

"At this court the lady of the manor granted out of her 
lands to Robert Spilman one acre of land lying in Stanbrook, 
lying between the lands of the said Robert on either side, whereof 
one head abuts on the river Chelmer flowing towards Tyltey 
(thence to Chelmesford) and the other on the Kind's higrhway 
of Thaxtede leading to Donmow (and to Chelmesford). Seisen 
thereof is delivered to him by the rod, to hold to him, his heirs 
and assigns, at the will of the lady, at a rent of 4"^ yearly of new 
rent at the usual terms of the year." 

The following abstract of the will of the John Spilman, who 
removed to Chipping Walden is of much interest, as it mentions 

The English Spelmans 43 

his cousins. John and Thomas Spilman, of whom Thomas was 
the ancestor of the American Spelmans, as appears below. 

Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury. V. 24. 
John Spylman of Cheping Walden, 26 January, 1495. To be 
buried before the Altar of the Holy Trinity, by the body of my 
late wife there buried. Bequest to Thaxsted Church for the souls 
of my father and mother there buried. Bequests to the Church 
of Chepyng Walden, to the Priory, and to the Monks, as offer- 
ings for Masses for my soul. To the parish churches of Okley 
Ugley, Stansted, Newport, Wenden, Skylton, Elmender Elmdon, 
Claveryng, and Debden, XX shillings for prayers for my soul. 
To son Thomas Spylman XX^' when 21 and land lying towards 
prynas hall. To Elizabeth Spylman, and to Godsons and God- 
daughters, bequests. To cousyns John and Thomas Spylman of 
Thaxsted, minor bequests. To Margaret Spylman of Thaxsted 
gowne cloth. To cousyn John borman, clothe. To cousyn John 
pygge, clothe. To Margaret, my Doghter, twelve Sylver sponyes. 
Residue to Margaret my wyfe, inclusive of houses and land, 
with reversion to my son Thomas Spylman, and in default of 
heirs to heirs of my brother John Spylman. Proved 27 May, 


WILLIAM' SPILMAN (Sir Anthony', Robert', Stephen', 
Robert*, Henry*, William', Sir William'), the son of Sir An- 
thony Spilman of Sudbury, appears a numlDer of times in the rec- 
ords of the Court Rolls. These may be summarized as follows. 

Honour of Clare, Court Roll 204/14, Mem. i dors. Court 
held at Sudbury 4 April, 2 Henry V, 1414. William Spilman 
puts himself in the mercy (3d) for license to agree with John 
Dore in a plea of trespass. 

Ibid, Mem. 4. Court held at Sudbury 18 June, 3 Henry V, 
1415. The surety of William Spilman fined for not producing 
him to answer William Scherman in a plea of debt. 

Ibid. Court held at Sudbury 8 July, 3 Henry V, 1415. Will- 
iam Spilman pays 6d for license to agree with the said William 

Ibid, Mem. 4 dors. Court held at Sudbury 10 September, 
3 Henry V, 141 5. William Scherman fined 3d for not prose- 
cuting his plea against William Spilman. 

Ibid, Mem. 6 dors. Court held at Sudbury 15 April, 4 
Henry V, 1416. William Spilman fined 2d for having an ob- 
struction in front of his house. 

Ibid, Mem. 1 1 dors. Court held at Sudbury 6 June, 7 Henry 
V, 1419. William Spilman to be summoned to answer Simon 
Bocher of Bokkyng in a plea of debt. 

Ibid, Mem. 12. Court held at Sudbury 15 July, 7 Henry V, 
1419. The surety of William Spilman fined 3d for not pro- 
ducing him to answer Simon Bocher. 

Ibid. Court held at Sudbury 18 September, 7 Henry V, 
1419. William Spilman's surety fined 6d as above. 

Ibid, Mem. 13. Court held at Sudbury 9 October, 7 Henry 

V, 1419. It is found that William Spilman owes 27s, 6d, to 
Simon Bocher of Bokkyng. Damages, 2od. (The first part of 
this entry has been destroyed.) 

Roll 16, Mem. 6. Court held at Sudbury 24 April, 8 Henry 

VI, 1430. The jurors present that William Spylman has timber 
in the King's Highway, to the grave nuisance of the neighbors. 
He is in the mercy 4d. 

It is most probable that William Spilman was twice mar- 
ried, and that Agnes was his second wife. She survived her hus- 
band and married, second, John Caboche of Cosfield and Thax- 


The English Spelmans 45 

ted. As will appear under the next generation, she brought suit 
against William Spilman's daughter-in-law. 

Child of William Spilman : 

i Thomas Spilman, of Thaxted, ancestor of the Amer- 
ican Spelmans (see Ninth Generation). 

Although only one son of William Spilman is certainly 
known, it is possible that another son was the John Spilman, 
who, removing from Sudbury to the near-by Halstead, in County 
Essex, died there in 1494. He owned much land, as appears in 
his will, which names his wife, Margery, sons, William, John 
Edmund, and Thomas, and two daughters. This son, William, 
was of Thaxted, and died, leaving a will, in 1557. He brought 
an action in Chancery to recover a house and land in Great 
Leighs, County Essex, near Chelmesford, which was claimed by 
his wife, but held against her will by one William Fraunceys. 
(Early Proceedings, 167/46: 1486-1515.) It is probable that 
this suit was won, for soon after Spelmans were living in Great 
Leighs and Fairstead. (James, Will 1527.) 

As William Spilman, Ancestor in the Eighth Generation, 
was the last of the line of direct descent to the American 
Colonist to reside in Suffolk, it is appropriate to speak here of 
other Spelmans of that County. In the Sixteenth Century Spel- 
mans were seated at Woodbridge and Thrandeston, at Stoke-by- 
Qare, and at Harkenham. A John Spilman purchased, with 
three others, one-third part of the Manor of Exning from Robert 
Porter and the latter's wife, Alice. (Walter Rye's Calendar.) 
This may have been the John Spilman who sold land at Lang- 
ham in 1390. (Clare Court Roll, 123/1859, Folio 70.) Spelmans 
were living at Exning in 1410. (Suffolk Fines, Number 24, 12 
Henry IV.) 


THOMAS' SPILMAN (William*, Sir Anthony', Robert*, 
Stephen', Robert*, Henry", William', Sir William'), the son of 
William Spilman of Sudbury, removed to Thaxted, County Es- 
sex, some time before 1469. Court records as early as that year 
show him a resident of the latter place. Thaxted was a part of 
the Honour of Clare, and was given by King Edward IV to his 
daughter, Elizabeth, who became the wife of Henry VII. Henry 
VIII bestowed the town upon the Queen, Catherine of Arragon. 
At Horham Hall, Thaxted, Queen Elizabeth resided for some 
time as a princess. 

In the olden times Thaxted was the seat of the cutlers' in- 
dustry. Their Guild Hall still stands, a quaint old building re- 
sembling the toy-houses made now-a-days by the craftsmen of 
Nuremburg, and a part of the town is still called "Cutlers' 
Green." The Guild included armorers, gold-beaters, jewel- 
smiths, and makers of knives of all sorts. Later, the destruction 
of the woods about Thaxted by the fires of the cutlers' forges 
and the adoption of the use of coal for smelting ended the in- 
dustry there. It was sought to introduce the making of wool, but 
the attempt was not sufficiently successful to revive the pros- 
perity of the place, and Thaxted to-day is a charming, sleepy little 
town, a refreshing survival of the Middle Ages in the noisy, 
commercial England of the Twentieth Century. The old houses, 
with their overhanging gables, the marvellously beautiful old 
church, its windows glowing with rich glasswork, the stream 
gliding past the old mill and under the bridge, the picturesque 
little inn — all speak of another England, another way of life and 
thought. The modern railroad has, fortunately, not invaded the 
tranquility of Thaxted of sunny meadows and blossomy hedges, 
and it is to be devoutly hoped that the quiet pleasantness of the 
little town may long be preserved. 

Thaxted Church was dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. 
The building consists of chancel and nave, aisles, transepts, north 
and south porches, and a tower on the west, strengthened with 
flying buttresses. There are eight bells and a clock. The south 
porch was added about 1337 ; the north transept and north aisle 
were being built when the Spelmans settled in Thaxted; while 
the slender spire of the tower was built, and the chancel en- 
larged, before the death of Thomas Spilman. The present font 


The English Spelmans 47 

was in the church then, its cover of oak exquisitely carven. 
Nearly all of the beautiful carved work of the choir has dis- 
appeared, but a part of the Rood-screen remains, and the church 
has preserved much of its ancient decoration. On the east wall 
and the north porch are carvings of our Saviour's Crucifixion. 
Coats-of-Arms are carved on the strong old beams of the ceiling. 

Thomas Spilman bequeathed money for the restoration of 
the nave of this church, and another sum for the restoration of 
the old part of Saint Paul's in London, Thaxted then being in 
the diocese of London. 

He was a merchant and a land-holder, one of his holdings 
being property in Finchingfield, Essex. This he held from 
Agnes, his father's wife, who may have been Thomas' mother, 
although it seems more probable that he was the child of a 
former marriage of William Spilman, and that Agnes was the 
latter's second wife. As mentioned under the Eighth Genera- 
tion, she married, second, John Caboche or Caboge. After 
Thomas' death she brought suit in Chancery against his widow, 
as follows. 

Early Chancery Proceedings. Bill 79/64, dated i486. Ag- 
nes Caboge vs. Thomas Sterne concerning a messuage and no 
acres of land and meadow in Finchefeld, Essex, of which she 
was seized jointly with her husband, John Caboge. By reason 
of the confidence she had in Thomas Spylman, son of one Will- 
iam Spilman, sometime husband to the said Agnes and of the 
said Agnes, and in Elizabeth, wife of the said Thomas, she 
enfeoffed them in the premises to her own use for Hfe, after- 
wards to them and their heirs. For a long time she took the is- 
sues without let or interruption, but since Thomas' death one 
Thomas Sterne took the said Elizabeth to wife, and they now 
prevent her from taking the profits, etc. 

Nothing seems to have ensued from this Bill of Complaint, 
which was found in the Record Office, London. Another Bill, 
without date, and addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury as 
Chancellor of England and Keeper of the Great Seal, is in Early 
Chancery Proceedings, 124/62. 

Agnes, late wife of John Caboche, of Thaxted, co. Essex, 
widow, vs. Robert Huntingdon, gent, and Elizabeth, his wife. 
The said John Caboche and John Grene, late of Cosfeld, co. 
Essex, were seised of a messuage and 30 acres of land in Finch- 
ingfeld, to the use of the said John Caboche and the plaintiff, 
and their heirs. They enfeoffed one Thomas Spylman and Eliza- 
beth, daughter of one Thomas Herward, in the premises, to them 
and the heirs of their bodies, after the death of the said John 
Caboche and Agnes. After John's death Agnes continually took 
the profits for about 8 years, during which time the said Thomas 
Spilman died, 1483. after whose death the said Elizabeth was 

50 Spelman Genealogy 

"sometime husband," William Spilman. Her legal difficulties 
were only with Elizabeth, the former wife of Thomas, and her 
succeeding husbands, and she seems to have had friendly rela- 
tions with Thomas' son, William. 

Thomas Spilman's will shows him a man of religious ear- 
nestness, of charity, and as a good husband and father. 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Harward) Spilman : 
i John Spilman, of Thaxted and Great Baddow, an- 
cestor of the American Spelmans (see Tenth Gen- 
ii William Spilman, of Thaxted (see below), 
iii Thomas Spilman, of Thaxted (see below), 
iv Joan, mentioned in her father's will. 
V Agnes, mentioned in her father's will. 
vi Alice, mentioned in her father's will. 

Both William and Thomas Spilman, sons of Thomas Spil- 
man and his wife, Elizabeth Harward, were meat merchants, as 
had been their father. William, at least, appears to have con- 
tinued in partnership with his, Robert Spilman. 

Court Roll 213/73. Mem. 9. Court held Thursday after the 
Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, 8 Henry VH, 
1493. Robert Spilman and William Spilman paid a fine for entry 
into a piece of pasture called "le Hallegardyn," bought of Agnes 

Another item in the Court Rolls records that Robert and 
William Spilman were presented for disposing of meat under 
weight, while others mention purchase of four acres of land from 
Agnes Caboche, and the payment of a fee of twenty pence for a 
tenement, lying next "le Hallegate," bought of her. In Roll 
213/71, Mem. 5, his election as "overseer of bread" is recorded. 

William Spilman married Anne, and was living in Thaxted 
when he made his will, 6 June, 1548. He died between this date 
and the following 23 September, when this instrument was 
proved. He directs therein the burial of "my body to parish 
church of Thaxsted before the chauncell dore," bequeathes 13s., 
4d., for the expense of making his burial-place, and says : "I 
Doo geff to the hyghe alter of the same church for my tythys & 
offeryngs xiiis iiiid." He names in his will his wife, Anne, sons, 
William, Edmond, and Robert, and daughters, Anne and Mary. 

Thomas, another son of Thomas Spilman and Elizabeth, is 
mentioned in the Court Roll 173/92, Mem. 2, at a court held on 
the Feast of the Annunciation, 1507, as a meat merchant, and, 
also, at the same court, as paying 2d. for license to agree with 
Richard Dalton in a plea of debt. 

He married Agnes, and removed sometime after 1507 from 
Thaxted, settling in Sandon. County Essex. Here he held land 

Saufh-essttrn ErplanJ 
from Brx,^Ktr,hi^rSr.Hartn..T.V'tyti, I 

The English Spelmans 51 

owned by Cardinal Wolsey. The following is an abstract of his 
will, filed in the Commissary Court of Essex and Herts. 

The XXVIII of Januarye, 1535. I, Thomas Spylman, hus- 
bandman, of the parish of Sandon, Essex, bequeath my Sole unto 
Almyghty God and unto Our Lady Saint Mary. My body to be 
buried within the prche church yard. To Agnes Spylma my 
wyff all moveable goods. To Eilynor my Doughter best hamest 
gyrdyle the wchyche Angnes my wyff had att my Deptyng yff ytt 
may be sparyd aftr the dysasse of Angnes my wyfif. I make 
Angnes my wyff Sole executryx, whom I putt in trust to see 
this my Last wyll probat and ff ay th fully ffulfyllyd. Witnesses : 
John Alyn, Henry Damnell, Jamys Spyllma. 


JOHN'" SPILMAN (Thomas', William', Sir Anthony^ 
Robert', Stephen^ Robert*, Henry', William', Sir William'), the 
son of Thomas Spilman and Elizabeth Harward, appears to have 
been associated in business in Thaxted for a time with his 
brother, William, and their kinsman, Robert Spilman. 

Court Roll 173/92, Mem. i. Borough of Thaxted. Court 
General held there on the Morrow of Saints Philip and James, 
6 Henry VH, 1491. John Spilman, Robert Spilman, and William 
Spilman present at this court concerning their business. 

By 1492 he had removed from Thaxted, possibly on account 
of the decline of its industries as described above, and settled in 
Great Baddow, County Essex, near Chelmsford. 

In a Court Roll (213/71, Mem. 5) of a court held at Thax- 
ted at about this period is the following. 

To this court came John Spylman and Richard Wedowe, 
present in court, and surrendered into the hands of the lady two 
cottages lying together under one roof in "le melle ende" be- 
tween the tenement of John Spylman of Walden on the one side 
and the cottage of Joan Rowlee on the other, to the use of John 
Catelyn, William Hamond, and John Fan, cutler, to whom seism 
thereof was delivered by the rod, to hold to them, their heirs and 
assigns, at the will of the lady, of the manor, according to the 
custom of the manor. And they made a fine and did fealty. 

Court Roll 213/79, Mem. 9. Court held at Thaxted on 
Thursday before the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, 8 
Henry VII, 1493. John Spilman presented as a defaulting juror. 

The John Spylman of Walden, mentioned above as the 
holder of a cottage on one side of that which John Spilman and 
Richard Wedowe were surrendering, was mentioned under the 
Seventh Generation. He was the son of John Spilman, and the 
grandson of Sir Anthony Spilman, and removed to Chipping 
Walden, County Essex. It will be recalled that in his will he 
named his cousins, John and Thomas Spilman, of whom Thomas 
was the Ancestor in the Ninth Generation. 

Great Baddow, like Thaxted, was bestowed upon the Queen, 
Catherine of Arragon, by Henry VIII. Of the place, Morant, 
the ancient historian of County Essex, said: "Much Badow 
* * * being a very pleasant village, it hath been inhabited long 
by Families of Fashion." 


:!, tw, >rr' >v nr-TJ- 

o ^ 





^5 >. 

" 3 


The English Spelmans 53 

A thorough search of the Manor Rolls covering a century 
before the period of this John Spilman show that he was the 
first of the family to reside here. Unfortunately, the Rolls of 
the latter part of his life are missing, and the record, therefore, 
of land held by him has not been found. He made no will, or, if 
he did, it has not been discovered. 

John Spilman died at Great Baddow in May, 1540, as shown 
by the following entry in the parish register: "Burials, 1540. 
Maye, John Spylman was beryed the 30 Daye." Near this rec- 
ord appear the following: "1546. August. Julyan Spilman 
was buried the 25 Daye." "1548. November. Alse Spylman & 
Mother Wattes were buried ye 10 day." "1551. October. Joan 
Spyllman the 13 daye." 

Another item is: "1549. November. Isaac Spylman was 
buryed the 26 Daye." 

Lawrence Spilman moved from Great Baddow to Widford, 
a part of Chelmesford, and owned there land called "Spaynys," 
as appears in the Court Rolls for Widford, Roll 123/1859, Folio 
I36d, 33 Henry VHI, 1541. His children, grandchildren, and 
later descendants are mentioned in the parish registers of 
Chelmsford. One of them was, in 1626, accused "for that she 
did on the Saboth day fould and dry clothes in tyme of divine 

Child of John Spilman : 

i John Spilman, of Great Baddow, ancestor of the 
American Spelmans (see Eleventh Generation). 


JOHN" SPILMAN (John", Thomas^ William^ Sir An- 
thony^ Robert", Stephen^ Robert, Henry^ William^ Sir Will- 
iam^), the second John Spilman of Great Baddow, married Mar- 
gery. Her maiden surname is not known. It may have been 
Palmer, as in her will given below she mentions her sister, Mar- 
garet Palmer, although, of course, this may have been her sister's 
married name. She also names her son, Edward Sexton, and 
three other Sextons, John, Robert, and Edward, the two last 
being sons of John. It is, of course, possible that Edward Sex- 
ton was her son-in-law, but it is also possible that her marriage 
to John Spilman had been preceeded by an earlier marriage to 
one Sexton, that Edward and John were children of this mar- 
riage, and that Robert and Edward, sons of John, were, there- 
fore, her grandchildren. On the other hand, she makes her 
Executors her sons, John Spyllman, John Hycks, and Edward 
Sexton, and of these John Hycks was probably her son-in-law, 
as in her will she mentions a daughter, Joan Hix. Several be- 
quests to persons of the name of Buncheley may indicate that 
this was her maiden name. 

The will of Margery Spyleman of Much Baddow in the 
County of Essex, widow of John Spyleman, is filed in the Arch- 
deaconry Court of Essex, Lupton, 55. It is dated 20 August, 
1558, and bequeathes her property as follows: 

To the High Altar for tithes forgotten 3s., 4d. To Margery 
Chapman, my eldest daughter, 3 neat, 3 silver spoons, etc. To 
Custance Spyllman 3 neat, and to the said Custance, my daugh- 
ter, the bed that standeth in the parlour, 5 silver spoons, etc. To 
Joan Hix, my daughter, 3 neat, 5 silver spoons, etc. To Edward 
Sexton, my son, 5 silver spoons, a mattrass, etc. To Philip 
Chapman 4 nobles and 2 sheep at his marriage. To Ellen 
Strachey, m.y servant, 40s. at her marriage. To Robert Bunche- 
ley 20s. in money at his marriage. To Allen Buncheley 20s., and 
a pair of sheets to his wife. To Cicely Digbye a pair of sheets, 
etc. To Stephen Spilman a featherbed, etc. To John Sexton one 
cow, or, in case of his death, to his son, Robert, at 21 ; and, in 
case of his death, to Edward, his son, at 21. To Charles Bunch- 
ley a silver spoon. To Margaret Palmer, my sister, two sheep. 
To Margery Gose, my servant, one sheep. To every one of my 
Godchildren 4d. I give 40s. to the Priests and poor people at 


The English Spei.mans 55 

my burial. The linin in the Httle coffer shall be divided between 
my two daughters, Custance and Joan. The residue of my goods 
I give to my sons, John Spyllman, John Hycks, and Edward Sex- 
ton, whom I make mine executors ; and Mr. Robert Kynge and 
Richard Hyckes of Much Baddow, overseers. Witnesses : Sir 
Rychard Sache, Priest, John Farbessher, the elder, Rychard Mar- 

From the above, the children of John Spilman and his wife, 
Margery, may probably be named as follows : John ; Stephen ; 

Margery, who married Chapman ; Constance ; Joan, who 

married John Hycks ; and, perhaps, a daughter who married Ed- 
ward Sexton. If, however, the theory that Margery had been 
married before her union with John Spilman be admitted, we can 
only name with certainty, as the children of John Spilman, John 
and Constance. 

As appears from her will, Margery Spilman died sometime 
after 20 August, 1558. Her husband had predeceased her, as 
witnessed by the following entry in the parish registers of Saint 
Mary's Church at Great Baddow: "1555, November. John 
Spylman was buried the 28 Daye." 

Children of John and Margery Spilman : 

i John Spilman, of Great Baddow, ancestor of the 

American Spelmans (see Twelfth Generation), 
ii Constance ("Custance"'), mentioned in her mother's 
[The following are uncertain :] 

iii Stephen, mentioned in his mother's will, 
iv Margery, mentioned in her mother's will ; m. Chap- 
v Joan, mentioned in her mother's will ; m. John Hycks. 


JOHN" SPILMAN (John'\ John", Thomas', William', Sir 
Anthony', Robert", Stephen^ Robert*, Henry^ William^ Sir Will- 
iam^), the son of John and Margery Spilman of Great Baddow, 
was a "pannyer-maker," as stated in his will, that is, a maker of 
baskets and saddle-pouches. 

He married Agnes Bereman in Saint Mary's Church at 
Great Baddow, 14 February, 1548-9. The entry in the parish 
register reads: "1548. fTebruary. John Spyllman And Agnes 
Bereman maryed the 14 Day." 

So far as indicated by the church records, and by the grant 
of administration on his estate, as appears below, they had but 
one child, Richard. 

There are two items on the church books which may, pos- 
sibly, refer to another son, John, and the latter's widow. 

"1591 September Jhon Spilman was buried 2 Day" "1597. 
September. Joane Spyllman widdowe, was buried 4 Day" 

That John, the Ancestor in this generation, was called the 
elder and senior in the records of his and his wife's burial, sug- 
gests the inference that the above-mentioned John, who died in 
1591, was a son of John Spilman, the Ancestor. The term 
senior, however, in those days, did not necessarily indicate that 
the person of the name who would be called junior was son of 
the one known as senior, but merely that the latter was the elder 
of two persons of the same name, living in the same locality. 

John Spilman and his wife, Agnes Bereman, died within a 
few days of each other. The records of their burials in the regis- 
ter of Saint Mary's Church are as follows: "1589. Maye. John 
Spyllman the elder was Buryed, 24 Daye." "1589. June. Agnis 
Spillman wyflfe of John Spillman Sen*". Buryed i Daye." 

Proof that Richard Spilman, the great-grandfather of the 
Immigrant-Ancestor in America, was the son of John and Agnes 
Spilman, was found to hinge partly upon this fact that Agnes 
died so soon after her husband. For it made necessary the ap- 
pointment of an administrator on John Spilman's estate, since 
she had been named in his will as sole Executrix. Additional 
evidence was found, however, of his parentage in the record of 
Richard's first marriage, as will appear under the Thirteenth 

Commissary Court of London (Essex and Herts.). Ab- 


The English Spelmans 57 

stract of the will of John Spylman of Much Badew, co. Essex, 
pannyer-maker, dated 4 May, 1587, and filed 6 June, 1589. I 
bequeath my body to be buried in the parish churchyard of 
Badew aforesaid, by my ancestor and kindred there being buried. 
Concerning my goods, which God hath lent unto me in this 
world, I bequeath them wholly unto Agnis my wife, whom I 
make my sole executrix. Per me Jhon Spylman. Witnesses : 
The mark of Thomas Onghan, John Pease the writer, the mark 
of John Wood. This will was read aloud by the said John Spill- 
man, 21 May, 1589, in the presence of the above-named wit- 
nesses. Administration granted 6 June, 1589, to Richard Spil- 
man, son of the deceased, by reason of the death of the executrix 

Children of John and Agnes (Bereman) Spilman : 

i Richard Spilman, of Great Baddow and Widford, 
ancestor of the American Spelmans (see Thirteenth 
Generation) . 
[Uncertain] : 

ii John Spilman, of Great Baddow. 


RICHARD^' SPILMAN (John^", John", John", Thomas', 
William', Sir Anthony', Robert*, Stephen', Robert', Henry', Will- 
iam^ Sir William'), the son of John Spilman and Agnes (Bere- 
man) Spilman, was born in 1550 or later. He followed his 
father's occupation of "pannyer-maker" or "doffermaker," as he 
was called in records which will appear below, and was adminis- 
trator of his father's estate, as has been shown. 

In 1577-8 he married at Great Baddow Barbara Stabell. The 
record in Saint Mary's Church register is : "September, Rych- 
arde Spillman, sonne of John, thelder, and Barbary Stabell weare 
maryed the 15 day 1577." 

Sometime between January, 1591, when one of his children, 
as mentioned below, was buried at Great Baddow, and December, 
1615, when his daughter, Agnes, in her will is called daughter of 
Rychard Spilman of Wydford, he removed to Widford, two 
miles from Great Baddow, and a part of Chelmsford. In the 
parish register of Saint Mary's Church in Chelmsford is re- 
corded his marriage to EHzabeth . Whether there was 

issue of this second marriage has not been ascertained. The 
children of Richard Spilman and his first wife, Barbara Stabell, 
were : Prudence ; Agnes ; Richard ; and Robert. These are 
named in the register of Saint Mary's Church at Great Baddow. 

"Baptisms. 1584. April prudence Spilman the Doughf. of 
Rich ***** " 

"Baptisms. 1589 April. Angnis Spyllman Doughter of 
Richard Spyll * * * " 

"Baptisms. 1590. Januari. Richard Spillman sonne of 
Richard Spillman, Baptizd, 6 * * * 

"Burials. 1591. Maye. Robarte Spyllman sonne of Ric 
Spylma" Buryed 23 day." 

Agnes, Richard Spilman's daughter, died in December, 161 5. 
"1615. December. Agnis Spilman was buried, 4." This item 
appears in the register at Grwat Baddow. Two days before she 
was buried she made her will. 

Commissary Court of London (Essex and Herts.). Will 
filed 23 April, 1616. Will of Agnes Spilman, daughter of Rych- 
ard Spilman of Wydford, county of Essex, pannyermaker, dated 
2 December, 161 5. I give to my friend James Arwaker of Much 
Baddow, in part recompense of such charges as I have put him 


The English Spelmans 59 

to in the time of my sickness and at other times, £3. To Eliza- 
beth Arwaker, his wife, my best petticoat. No advantage shall 
be taken of the said James xA.rwaker concerning the bond wherein 
he is bound to me. All the rest of my goods whatsoever I be- 
queath to the said Richard Spilman, my father, and I make James 
Arwaker my executor, with allowance out of my goods if he be 
driven to sue for my money. The mark X of Agnes Spilman. 
Witnesses : the mark of Robert Rumball, Willm Archbolde. 

This is an interesting and suggestive document. Agnes 
Spilman was about twenty-seven years old at the time of her 
death. It is probable that she had inherited property from her 
mother, Barbara Stabell, or from her mother's family. That 
she bequeathed her estate almost entirely to her father would in- 
dicate that they were on the natural terms of father and daugh- 
ter, but that she was not, a young, unmarried woman, living in 
her father's household at Widford, but with friends at Great Bad- 
dow, may indicate some difficulties on account of her father's 
second marriage. She seems, too, to have considered it possible 
that some objection would be made to the administration of her 
estate by her executor, James Arwaker. 

Richard Spilman died at Widford in May, 1618, his burial 
being entered on the parish register of Saint Mary's Church, 

"1618. Maye. Richard Spillman of Widford in this parish, 
a panyer or ped maker, buryed 17 Daye.'' 

A few years later his widow, Elizabeth, died. The Chelmsford 
register records her burial as follows : 

"1620. May. Elizabeth widdowe of Richard Spilman late 
of this prshe deceased, Dofifermaker, was buryed on ffrydaye the 
XXVI of Maye." 

Children of John and Barbara (Stabell) Spilman: 
i Prudence, baptized in April, 1584. 
ii Agnes, baptized in April, 1589; died, unmarried, in 

December, 1615. 
iii Richard Spilman, of Chelmsford, baptized in Great 
Baddow, 6 January, 1590; ancestor of the Amer- 
ican Spelmans (see Fourteenth Generation). 
iv Robert Spilman, baptized 23 May, 1591. 


RICHARD" SPILMAN (Richard", John", John", John", 
Thomas', William*, Sir Anthony', Robert*, Stephen*, Robert*, 
Henry', William", Sir William^), the son of Richard Spilman of 
Great Baddow and Widford, County Essex, and his first wife, 
Barbara Stabell, was born about 1590-1, as evidenced by the 
record of his baptism in Saint Mary's Church at Great Baddow, 
as quoted above. It would be interesting to know if he received 
his education at the King Edward VI Grammar School in 
Chelmsford, which would have been natural, as Widford, to 
which his father removed in the younger Richard's boyhood, 
probably, was a part of Chelmsford Parish. 

At Saint Mary's Church in Chelmsford he was married in 


"1634. Oct. Richard Spillman of Chelmesford & Luce 
Spyte of the same parish booth singell persons marryed the 13 

The family of Spyte or Speight in Chelmsford were makers 
of cushions and mats. Lucy Spyte's father was named Thomas, 
and she had a brother, Thomas. 

The baptisms of the children of Richard and Lucy Spilman 
are noted in the parish register at Chelmsford. 

"1635. Nov. Abraham the son of Richard Spillman of 
Chelmesford & of Luce his wife was baptized upon the seav- 
enth Daye." 

"1636 Rebeckah the Doughter of Richard Spillman of 
Chelmesford husbandman & of Luce his wife was baptized the 
19th Day of September." 

Sometime between August, 1637, and March, 1638-9, was 
baptized Richard, the son of Richard Spilman of Chelmsford, 
and Luce, his wife, as entered in the church books. The exact 
dates are not found in the register at this period. 

Both Great Baddow and Chelmsford were influenced by the 
Puritan party of the time, and Thomas Hooker, the celebrated 
preacher, who became one of the founders of Hartford, Con- 
necticut, was for a time at Great Baddow. In 1626 the Puritan 
sympathizers in Chelmsford invited him to come to that place to 
preach. The Vicar of Chelmsford then was John Michaelson, 
and it was not long before Archbishop Laud put an end to 
Hooker's preaching in Chelmsford. It is said that a number of 


The English Spelmans 6i 

his hearers there followed him to Little Baddow, where he dwelt 
and preached in a house on Danbury Hill. Here with him was 
John Eliot, later known as "The Apostle to the Indians." 

Among Hooker's followers when he emigrated to New Eng- 
land was William Cornwell, and he was one of the men of Hart- 
ford in Connecticut who, about 1654, settled in Middletown, 
Connecticut, where the great-grandson of Richard Spilman of 
Chelmsford married the great-granddaughter of William Corn- 

It is of interest to the descendants of the colonists of New 
England to know that Springfield, Massachusetts, received its 
name from settlers who came from Springfield in Essex, one mile 
away from Chelmsford. 

Richard Spilman died at Chelmsford early in 1640-1. 
"Burials. Januar 1640. Richard Speelman Sen"" of Chel- 
mesford husbandman. Buried 25 Day." 

The date of his wife's death is unknown. Of their children, 
Abraham remained in Chelmsford, dying there aged fifty-nine 
years. No record of his marriage or of births of children have 
been found, nor is there mention, other than her baptism, already 
quoted, of his sister, Rebecca. 

Children of Richard and Lucy (Spyte) Spilman: 

i Abraham Spilman, of Chelmsford, baptized in No- 
vember, 1635 ; died there, aged fifty-nine, 
ii Rebecca, baptized 19 September, 1636. 
iii Richard Spilman, of Danbury, baptized at Chelms- 
ford between August, 1637, and March, 1638-9; 
ancestor of the American Spelmans (see Fifteenth 
Generation) . 


RICHARD'' S FILM AN (Richard", Richard'', John", 
John", John'", Thomas', William^ Sir Anthony', Robert', Ste- 
phen", Robert*, Henry", William', Sir WilHam'), the son of Rich- 
ard Spilman of Chelmsford and his wife, Lucy Spyte, was born 
probably sometime between August, 1637, and March, 1638-9, as 
during this period took place his baptism, as noted above. His 
father died in January, 1 640-1, when he was only a few years 
old, and little is known of his early life. It is possible that his 
mother married a second time, and that with her Richard went 
to Danbury, a few miles from Chelmsford. Before Lucy Spyte's 
marriage to Richard Spilman, Senior, she had lived in a part of 
Chelmsford Parish called Moulsham. In Moulsham also lived 
Sir Humphrey Mildmay, who was the owner of the greater part 
of Danbury. It is possible that Lucy or her family had some 
connection with property in Danbury, and that this was the cause 
of her son's being there when he first appears in public records. 

In 1679 he came into possession of a house at Eve's Comer, 
at Runsell in Danbury, and in 1685 he was holding a house at 
Gay Bowers. 

(Manor Court Rolls of Danbury, otherwise Runsell, Le 
Howe, from 1632 to 1718. On file at Record Office, Chancery 
Lane, London.) Court Baron of Thomas Western, Gentleman, 
held 12 June, 1679. Whereas on 8 September, 21 Charles II, 
1669, Richard Roberts was admitted tenant of one tenement at 
Eve's Corner, in the hamlet of Runsell, he now surrenders the 
same to the use of Richard Spilman of Danbury and his heires 
for ever. Said Richard was now admitted tenant. 

Court of the same. Rental dated 11 October, 1685. Copy- 
holders. Richard Spilman holds a tenement at Gay Bowers late 
of Richard Roberts, by yearly rent of I2d. 

Whether these holdings passed from Richard Roberts to 
Richard Spelman by process of business transaction, or whether 
there was any family connection between them is not known. If 
the latter supposition were confirmed, it might disclose the rea- 
son for Richard Spilman's being in Danbury at all. 

Richard Roberts was a blacksmith, and to this trade Richard 
Spilman succeeded with his occupancy of the house at Eve's 
Corner. In 1667 ^e was fined for not appearing in court, whither 
he had been summoned perhaps as a juror or as a witness in 



The English Spelmans 63 

some case. This is the first evidence of his residence in Dan- 

View of frank pledge with court baron held 2 May, 1667. 
Richard Spilman fined 4d for default. 

His house at Eve's Corner, with the little blacksmith's shop 
adjoining, is still standing. At the top of Danbury Hill, near 
the hamlet of Runsell, and overlooking a valley three hundred 
feet below, is Eve's Corner. Until about fifty years ago the 
house where Richard Spilman's anvils rung was occupied by a 
succession of smiths and wheelwrights, and is now the home of a 
young man, a contractor and builder, whose father before him 
lived there and built additional workshops. The house has been 
partly plastered, and its interior has been modernized by paint 
and wall-paper ; but the timbered roof, the old brick walls, and 
the deep old fireplaces are as in Richard Spilman's day. The 
large room at the right of the entrance door is used at present 
for the religious meetings of a body of Christian people known 
as "The Brethren." 

The Christian name of Richard Spilman's wife was Alice ; 
her surname is unknown. It is probable that several of their 
children were born in the little house at Eve's Corner, and this 
home of their ancestors should possess a deep interest to the 
Spelmans of America, for this was then the birthplace of Rich- 
ard Spilman or Spelman, the last of their line in England and the 
American Colonist. 

Children of Richard and Alice Spilman : 

i Richard Spilman or Spelman, of Danbury, Essex, 
England, and Middletown, Connecticut ; baptized at 
Danbury 7 March, 1674; ancestor of the American 
Spelmans (see Spelmans in America — First Gen- 
ii Daniel Spilman, mentioned in his father's will (see 

iii Thomas Spilman, buried 23 January, 1678-9 (see be- 
iv Thomas Spilman, mentioned in his father's will (see 

V Mary, baptized 29 January, 1679-80 (see below), 
vi Mary, baptized 24 December, 1682 ; married Henry 

Bartlett (see below), 
vii Elizabeth, married John Cottice or Curtis (see be- 
[Uncertain :] 

viii Martha, married George Paul (see below). 
The Rector of Danbury Church from 1665 to 1705 was Rob- 
ert Cory, and it was, perhaps, he who wrote the records of the 
baptisms of Richard Spilman's children in the parish register. 

64 Spelman Genealogy 

The first of these is that of Richard. "1674. Richard Spilman 
the son of Richard & AHce his wife Bapt : March : 7. 1674." 

Mary, the daughter of Richard and Alice Spilman, was bap- 
tized 29 January, 1679-80. She probably died in infancy, for, 24 
December, 1682, another Mary, daughter of Richard and Alice 
Spilman, was baptized. 

They had a son, Thomas, whose baptismal record has not 
been found. He died in January, 1678-79, the date of his burial 
in the register being given as 23 January, 1678. But another 
Thomas was born to them, although his baptism is not recorded 
at Danbury, for he is mentioned in his father's will, as given be- 
low. This Thomas must have been married at a very early age, 
for, between the date of burial of the first Thomas, in 1678-79, 
and the baptism of the second Mary, in 1682, was baptized, in 
1679-80, the first Mary. So Thomas, the second, it seems ap- 
parent, was not born before 1680-81, unless, indeed, he was born 
in the same year, 1678-79, in which the first Thomas died. At 
any rate, on 8 February, 1699-1700, Richard, the son of Thomas 
Spilman, was born at Danbury. 

In Richard Spilman's will, as given below, are named three 
sons, Richard, Daniel, and Thomas, and a son-in-law, John Cot- 
tice. This John Cottice, or Curtis, of Witham, was the husband 
of Elizabeth Spilman, the date of whose birth is unknown. They 
were married in Danbury Church 15 May, 171 2, and had three 
children baptized in Danbury Church : John, Richard, and Isaac, 
the last baptized 24 February, 1716-17. Elizabeth (Spilman) 
Cottice died soon after the birth of Isaac, and her husband mar- 
ried, second, Elizabeth Porter, 27 January, 1722-3. 

Martha Spilman of Chelmsford is said to have been a 
daughter of Richard Spilman of Danbury. In the register of 
Saint Mary's Church of Chelmsford is the following : "Married 
1707. George Paul of Moulsham, widdower, & Martha Spil- 
man of Chelmesford, single person, marrid by bans Sep. 28th." 
It will be recalled that the family of Lucy Spyte, the mother of 
Richard Spilman of Danbury, lived in Moulsham. 

Mary, the daughter of Richard and Alice, baptized at Dan- 
bury in 1682, was the Mary Spilman who was married in 
Chelmesford in 1707, as recorded in the books of Saint Mary's 
Church, "Married 1707. Henry Bartlett of Chelmesford, wid- 
dower, & In holder, & Mary Spilman of ye same, singleAvoman, 
married after banns canonically published, Decemb'' ye 9th 1707." 
This identity is proven by the will of her brother, Daniel Spil- 
man, as given below. 

Mary's husband died in 1718. "1718 Henry Bartlett of 
Chelmsford In keeper, buried Ocf ye 7th." (Saint Mary's 
parish register.) His widow's burial is recorded as follows: 
"1722: Mary Bartlett, widow, buried ye 18: flfeb.y" It would 


The English Spelmans 65 

be interesting to know the name of the inn, of which this Mary 
Spilman became "mine hostess." Sir Walter Scott describes one 
called "The Saracen's Head" in Chelmsford, as dating from the 
Fifteenth Century. "The Cross Keys" and "The Half Moon" 
were old-time hostelries, the latter now converted into a shop. 

Thomas Spilman, son of Richard and Alice, married Mary, 
and had children : Richard, whose baptism, as noted above, was 
in 1699-1700, Mary, Thomas, and Martha, all baptized in Dan- 
bury. Thomas' marriage record is not found in Danbury, nor 
those of his or his wife's death. He may have removed to 
Maldon, and returned to Danbury for a second marriage, for in 
the register of Danbury Church appears : "Thomas Spelman, 
widdower of Maldon, & Elizabeth Dawson, married April 6th 


Daniel Spilman, son of Richard, as named in the latter's 
will, was a maker of roof-tiles. These were made from clay 
and may, perhaps, be among those still seen on the old tiled 
houses of Danbury. He married Sarah, and had a daughter, 
Sarah, baptized at Danbury 30 January, 1705-6. Whether other 
children were born to him is not known, but, if they were, they 
probably died young, as they are not mentioned in his will. He 
was buried on 12 July, 1718. 

(Commissary Court of London — Essex and Herts. — 251 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Daniel Spilman of Danbury 
in the County of Essex, tylemaker, being sick and weak in body 
but (blessed be God) of sound and disposing mind and memory, 
do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner 
and form following (hereby revoking and making null and void 
all former and other wills by me heretofore made either by word 
or in writing). And first and principally I do commend my soul 
into the hands of Almighty God, hoping through the merits and 
intercession of my blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to ob- 
tain the remission of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life. 
And my body I commit to the earth to be decently interred 
therein at the discretion of my Executrix hereinafter named. 
And as for my worldly estate it hath pleased God to bless me 
with I give, devise, and bequeath all that my freehold Messuage 
or tenement, wherein I now dwell, with the Smiths Shop, yards, 
gardens, and appurtenances thereunto belonging, and also all 
those my three Closes or parcells of Copyhold land with the ap- 
purtenances, containing together by estimacion four acres more 
or less, and holden of the several Manors of St. Cleer's Hall in 
Danbury aforesaid and Layton Hall in Runsell in the said 
County, and all other my freehold and copyhold lands, tenements, 
and hereditaments whatsoever unto Sarah Spilman, my loving 
wife, for and during the term of her natural life, and from and 

66 Spelman Genealogy 

immediately after my said wife's decease I give and bequeath the 
same unto my Sister Mary Bartlett, the wife of Henry Bartlett, 
for and during the term of her natural life (if my said sister 
Mary shall outlive my said wife). And from and immediately 
after my said wife's and my said sister's decease I give, devise, 
and bequeath the same unto my nephew John Cottis the younger, 
the son of my brother in law John Cottis the elder, and to his 
heirs and Assignes for ever. Item I give and bequeath unto my 
said sister Mary my grey horse immediately after my death. 
Item I give and bequeath unto my brother Thomas Spilman all 
my wearing apparell both linnen and woollen. All the rest and 
residue of my Goods, chatties, plate, ready money, debts, and 
personal estate whatsoever (my debts and funerall expences be- 
ing first satisfyed and paid), I give and bequeath unto my said 
wife whom I make and appoint sole Executrix of this my last 
will and Testament. In witnesse whereof I have hereunto set 
my hand and seal the seventh day of July in the fourth year of 
the reign of our Sovereign Lord George, by the grace of God of 
Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, etc. Annoque Domini 
1718. The marke of Daniel Spilman. Signed, sealed, published, 
and declared by the above named Daniel Spilman, the Testator, 
to be his last will and testament, in the presence of us and at- 
tested by us in the Testator's presence. John Moodey, Thomas 
Stevens, John ffauntleroy. 

Proved the 22nd day of the month of August, A. D. 1718, 
by the oath of the Executrix. 

In this document Daniel Spilman does not mention his elder 
brother, Richard Spilman, who, long before, had crossed the 
ocean and settled in Middletown, Connecticut. 

As noted above, by 1685 Richard Spilman, the father of 
these children, was living at Gay Bowers, Danbury. He still 
held, however, the house and smithy at Eve's Corner, which he 
seems to have rented to one Obediah Barker. In a Court Roll 
is the following : 

View of frank pledge with court baron held 26 October, 
1693. The homage, with assent of the lady of the Manor and 
of Obediah Barker, Richard Spilman apportioned the rent of 
tenement to Obediah Barker at Eve's Corner. The said Richard 
Spilman, who hold to himself and his heirs said tenement with 
a "Smithes shopp" thereto belonging, shall pay Qd yearly. 

The Lady of the Manor at this time was Mary, the widow 
of Sir John Mildmay. 

Daniel, Richard Spilman's son, appears to have acquired 
from his father, during the latter's lifetime, the house and smithy 
at Eve's Corner. On 3 May, 1718, a few weeks after his father's 
death, and not long before his own, the Court confirmed this 
property to him. He mentions it in his will as a freehold. The 

The English Spelmans 67 

premises referred to in the following may have been other land 
held by Daniel. 

"On 7th July 1718. Daniel Spilman, customary tenant, sur- 
rendered said premises into the Lady's hands to the use of his 
will. Three proclamations made but nobody comes, so the bailiff 
is ordered to seise same into the hands of the lady of the manor." 

Interesting as every slightest mention must be to the Amer- 
ican descendants of these Spelmans of England are the follow- 
ing references to Richard Spilman, father of the American an- 

When, in 1675, Charles II levied a tax upon every house- 
holder, Richard Spilman was assessed and paid the "Hearth 
Tax," as it was called. (Lay Subsidy, 246/22, for Chelmesford 
Hundred, in Record Office, Chancery Lane, London.) 

In the Court Rolls for Danbury, 1691 and 1694, Richard 
Spilman was summoned, but did not appear. In 1698 he was 
again summoned and served as a juror. At the Court held 18 
July, 1700, it is noted that Richard Spilman enclosed one acre of 
the waste ground at Eve's Corner and was commanded to lay 
open the same. A similar item is dated 5 August, 1703, and on 
12 September, 1700, the same is noted, the waste land enclosed 
by him at this time being described as on Danbury Common. 

Court baron held 6 April, 1708. Lands of manor granted 
to Richard Spilman of Danbury, blacksmith, and his heirs. By 
the hands of Daniel Spilman, his attorney. A piece of land of 
the waste soil of this manor, containing about 5 acres in the 
hamlet of Runsell in the parish of Danbury on Runsell Common, 
abutting on the highway leading to Eves Corner on the north 
and upon "le goat house" towards the south, now in tenure of 
said Richard. And the lords granted to him seizen thereof by 
the rod, to hold to him and his heirs forever, at rent of 2s. 6d. 

View of frank pledge with court baron, 12 October, 1715. 
It is found by homage that on the 27th of November, 1714, 
Richard Spilman, customary tenant of manor of Runsell, out- 
side the court, surrendered by the rod to the hands of the lord 
all his customary messuages, lands, and tenements, to the use of 
his will. 

View of frank pledge, court baron 24 October, 1717. It is 
found that on 2nd March, 171 6, Richard Spilman of Eves Cor- 
ner in Danbury, blacksmith, customary tenant, outside the court, 
surrendered into the lord's hands 3 acres, one parcel of 5 acres, 
lately enclosed from v.nste ground adjoining "le goat house 
Bottome," to the use of Thomas Stevens of Danbury, forever, at 
yearly rent of 6d., and at the same time he surrendered other 2 
acres to the use of Daniel Spilman of Danbury and his heirs for 

68 Spelman Genealogy 

Richard Spilman died in April, 1718. On page 87 of the 
burial records in the Danbury parish register, written by George 
Pocock, the then rector, is the following: "A. D. 1718. Rich"^ 
Spilman was Buried Apr : 16*'^" 

(Commissary Court of London — Essex and Herts. — 224 

In the Name of God Amen. I, Richard Spilman of the 
parish of Danbury in the County of Essex, blacksmith, being 
weak in body but sound in mind and memory, doe ordain and 
make this my last will and testament in manner and forme fol- 
lowing: First, I bequeath my Soul to God in sure hope of a 
Resurrection, and my body to be buried at the charge of my 
Executor hereafter named. Item I give to my Son Richard 
Spilman one shilling of lawfull money of Great Britain to be 
paid by my Executor. Item I do give to my Son Daniel Spil- 
man one shilling of like money to be paid as aforesaid. Item 
I doe give to my Son Thomas Spilman the house wherein he 
now dwelleth together with the field thereto adjoining and all the 
appurtenances thereunto belonging. Item I do give and be- 
queath to my son Jno. Cottice all my working tools or household 
goods as also all money due to me by books debts or otherwise, 
particularly the summe of thirteen pounds now due to me from 
my son Daniel Spilman, or so much of it as shall remain unpaid 
at the time of my death, for and towards my funerall charges, and 
also the bed and bedstedde, ruggs, blanketts, and two new pair 
of sheets wherein I lye. And lastly I doe make, constitute, and 
ordaine my aforesaid son-in-law, John Cottice, to be executor of 
this my last Will and testament, utterly revoking all former wills 
by me made at any time heretofore. As Witnesse my hand and 
seal this 12th day of April 1718. Richard Spilman. In presence 
of Oliver Hill, George Barker, Thomas Hoydon. 

Proved on the i8th day of the month of April A. D. 1718 by 
the oath of John Cottice the executor. 

The testator, in bequeathing a shilling to his oldest son, 
Richard, carefully specified that the currency should be "of law- 
full money of Great Britain." The legatee, Richard, Jr., was then 
in America. 

It has been seen that Richard Spilman had. before making 
his will, given part of his property to his son, Daniel, and it is 
probable that his son, Richard, had also received his patrimony. 
It has been surmised that the house and land, the residence of 
Richard's son, Thomas, at the time the father's will was made, 
and bequeathed to Thomas in that will, was Gay Bowers. The 
charming name brings a picture of bright gardens and fair green 
hedges, of orchards and meadows, and a quaint, Old-World 
house with lattice windows and climbing roses, surely furnished 
with spindle-legeed chairs and tables and fragrant with laven- 

The English Spelmans 69 

dered linen in the mistress' store-chamber and flowers from the 
posy-beds. In the olden times it was the home of the noble fam- 
ily of St. Clere, who later resided at St. Gere's Hall, which still 
stands. The Gay Bowers of the St. Cleres was a feudal castle 
and long since demolished. What part of the present edifice 
was the home of Richard Spilman is unknown. A photograph 
taken some years ago of what was called the old part is here 
reproduced, but it is difficult to tell just what is now remaining 
of the Gay Bowers of his time. 

Some one has called Danbury "the true birthplace of the 
Waverly novels," and Sir Walter Scott lodged at the Griffin Inn, 
four centuries old, on the occasion of his visit to Danbury. A 
writer named Joseph Strutt had left unfinished a romance en- 
titled "Queenhoo Hall," and Murray, Scott's publisher, asked the 
latter to complete the tale, Strutt was a poet and antiquary and 
lived at Springfield Mill, near Danbury. The story, for which 
Scott wrote the concluding chapter, was of the families of 
D'Arcy and St. Clere. The scene is laid in the time of Henry 
IV, and a large portion of the narrative concerns the doings of 
the various characters at Gay Bowers, described as at that time 
falHng to ruins. 

In the old church at Danbury three effigies may still be seen 
of the St. Cleres. They are carved in oak and are of three 
knights, each clad in mail, with a lion at his feet. One knight 
draws his sword, another returns his to the scabbard, while the 
third clasps his hands in prayer. 

This church, dedicated to Saint John, dates from the Four- 
teenth Century. There is a curious legend that in the year 1402 
Danbury Church was attacked by the Devil and the steeple was 
broken ofif. Again, in 1750, the steeple was partly destroyed, 
struck by lightning. By the north side of the church is a row of 
tall lime-trees, and nearby are stately elms. From the church- 
tower may be seen Gay Bowers and Danbury village, the little 
houses of brick, or yellow and white plaster, with red tiled roofs 
and tall chimney stacks, each with its garden of bright flowers. 

The church and the peaceful churchyard are in the centre of 
what was long ago, in the reign of Alfred the Great, a Danish 
camp. The old earthworks are still traceable, and here in Dan- 
bury the dwarf elder bears the name of Danewort, its scarlet 
berries, — so the children say, — red with the blood of the Danes 
whom Alfred s^cv/. 

Danbury Palace was built in 1550 by Sir Walter Mildmay, 
Lord of St. Qere Manor. Later it was held by the Fytches and 
the Hilarys, and for the last half-century it was the residence of 
the Bishops of St. Albans. 

The homes of the race pass before the dreamy eyes of an 
American descendant of the Twentieth Century as a fantasy of 

70 Spelman Genealogy 

an old romance writer — Brokenhurst of the feudal towers, the 
ancient yew-tree eloquent of the change and ravage time and 
man have wrought ; Christ Church ; Stow, once rich in sculptured 
memorials of the Spelmans ; Sudbury, bright with charity ; quiet 
Thaxted, the fires of the Cutlers' Guild long burnt out; Great 
Baddow and Chelmsford; and, last of all, fair Danbury, with 
Richard Spilman's smithy yet lit by a forge, and the gardens of 
Gay Bowers. 

Here comes to an end the story of the English ancestors, 
for here in Danbury, probably in the little house at Eve's Comer, 
was bom Richard Spelman, the first of the lineage in America 
and the last in England. 

First of the line in America, he was of the Sixteenth Gen- 
eration of the English Spelmans. 


r-' V 

1= ■/■. 






I RICHARD' SPELMAN (Richard^ Richard", Richard", 
John", John", John'", Thomas*, WilHam', Sir Anthony', Robert', 
Stephen", Robert*, Henry', WiUiam", Sir William'), the son of 
Richard Spilman or Spelman and his wife, Alice, was born in 
Danbury, County Essex, England. As appears above, his bap- 
tism was recorded in the parish register of Danbury Church : 
"1674. Richard Spilman the son of Richard & Alice his wife 
Bapt: March: 7. 1674." According to the inscription on his 
tombstone, however, he was eighty-five years old in 1750, the 
year of his death, which would have made his birth about 1665. 

The earliest knowledge found of him is in 1695, when he 
obtained a license from the Archdeacon of Chelmsford, near 
Danbury, to marry Mary Baker of Tillingham. At this time 
he appears to have been living at Southminster. In the license 
it is stated that the marriage is to take place at Danbury, In the 
registers of the latter place there is no mention of this marriage, 
nor is it recorded at Tillingham, the bride's home. 

The Baker family of Tillingham was of good standing and 
to the present day the parish has received the benefit of a legacy 
of one Gregory Baker of £18 annually, an income from lands 
bequeathed by him. 

Richard Spelman and Mary made their home in Danbury, 
and there was their child born. In the registers of the Church 
of St. John the Baptist appears : "Aaron, son of Richard Spilman 
and Mary his wife, baptized Aug. 9, 1696." Some time between 
the birth of their little son and 1700 both the child and his mother 
died. They were probably buried at Danbury, but the burial 
records are lost between the years 1687 and 1700. Many of the 
old stones in the churchyard have been removed or have fallen 
into the earth, and so probably have disappeared the grave- 
stones of the Spelmans who were undoubtedly buried there. 

In 1700 Richard set sail for the new land across the seas. Just 
what were the motives that brought about this departure we may 
not know. Probably, as in the case of so many of our immigrant- 


76 Spelman Genealogy 

ancestors, more than one influence played a part in his decision 
to leave his English home for the sea's perils and an unknown 
country. With him on the ship went Alcey French, who has 
been thought to have been the daughter of one Hannah French, 
a widow, who was buried in St. Mary's Churchyard at Chelms- 
ford 28 February, 1683. The registers of St. Mary's give the 
item of her burial, with a note of a certificate for her burial in 
woolen, and the statement that she had resided in the house of 
Beaumont Oates in Chelmsford. 

Whether Richard Spelman had known Alcey French in 
England or whether their first meeting was on shipboard has 
never been decided. The ship on which they sailed is unknown, 
but it is family tradition dating far back that they came together 
to America, and that they were married here soon after their 
arrival. A quaint old story which has been handed down in the 
Spelman family is that Alcey embarked "with a finger of worsted 
on her hand." In the old way of spinning it was customary to 
wind the worsted close around the first finger of the left hand, 
from which it was untwisted by the large wheel, turned by the 
right hand. The idea seems to have been that the suddenness of 
Alcey's departure gave her no time even to remove from her 
finger the worsted which she was spinning. 

A Spelman tradition is that Alcey French was of Welsh 
ancestry. She was born about 1674, as she was ninety-three 
years old at her death, in 1767, as appears below. 

Wherever Richard Spelman and Alcey landed, their mar- 
riage speedily followed, and together they journeyed to Middle- 
town, Connecticut. Here they lived during Richard's lifetime, 
and here were their six children born. 

The records of the First Church at Middletown state that 
he "owned the covenant," that is, accepted the same, 25 Feb., 
1704. A grant of four acres of land w^s made to him by the 
town in the same year. 

"Aprill the 8th 1704: Lands of Richard Spilmans Recorded 
to him & his heirs for Ever as followeth : — 

"One parcel of upland on the mill hill disposed to him by 
the Committy Appointed by the town to dispose of the 12 : Lots 
on the mill hill whose names are here unto subscribed being in 
quantite four Acres : as it Lyeth is twenty Rods wide and thirty 
two Rods deep butting on Land formerly Given to Christopher 
west north and John Cook South & the highway East and un- 
divided or Common Land west: — by ord"" of the Comitte for 

that End Appointed : 

Tes. "John Hamlin 

"John Hamlin Registe--" "John Hall 

"William Ward" [Middletown Land 
Records.] This was the home-lot of Richard Spelman, and he 





. ' 









First Generation yy 

seems to have spent the rest of his Hfe upon it. The house he 
built there remained standing until as late as 1895, when it was 
torn down. The west end of this lot, consisting of one and one- 
half acres, was deeded by Richard Spelman to his eldest son, 
Daniel, in 1728, as recorded in the Town Records of Middletown, 
Vol. 2, pp. 486, 487. 

"To all people to whom these presents shall come : Greet- 
ing. Know ye that I Richard Spellman of Middletown in the 
county of Hartford In the colony of Connecticutt In New Eng- 
land for the Love goodwill and parental affection that I have for 
and do bare unto my son Daniel Spellman of the same town 
county and colony aforesaid : Do Give Grant Bargain Make over 
Convey and confirm : Likewise, I the said father Richard Spell- 
man by this present Instrument, from me and all other of my 
heirs executors & administrators, have given, granted. Bargained 
made over. Conveyed & fully freely & absolutely confirmed 
unto him my said son Daniel Spellman and to his heirs and 
assigns forever : one certain piece or parcel of Land within the 
Township of Middletown on the westside of Connecticutt River. 
Near South from the Town plott. Containing one acre and half 
acre of land att ye westermost end of my home Lott, and it is 
bounded southerly and westerly on highway northerly on Jona- 
than Blakes Land. Easterly on my own Land a part of the same 
lott, to extend so far easterly from the west end of the Lott the 
whole breadth of the Lott as to contain one acre and a half of 
land : together with all and Singular the profits priviledgis & ap- 
purtenancies thereon & thereunto propperly belonging to him my 
said son and his foresaids forever to have and to hold the same 
free and clear. And I the said father Richard Spellman Do here 
by covenant with the aforesaid son and his foresaids : that att 
and untill the ensealing and delivery of these presents : I am the 
true sole and lawfull owner of the above granted & hereby con- 
veyed premisses : & have good Rightfull Power and Lawfull 
Authority to Convey & dispoase of the same : In manner and 
form : as abovesaid : and that the same and every part there of is 
free & clear from all other & former bargains Sales Gifts Grants 
Dowries Leases Wills Intails Mortgages or any other Incum- 
brances as to title of land whatsoever : but that the said Daniel 
Spellman or his foresaids may presently enter into the Quiate 
and peaceable possession & enjoy ment of the same and may have 
hold fence Improve Manure sell use or Dispose thereof or any 
part thereof as his or their own propperty estate of inheritance in 
all time comeing : In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my 
hand and seal this tenth day of ffebey In the second year of the 
Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second of Great 
Britain &c King: anno que Domini 172 8/9 

"Richard Spillman (Seal) 

78 Spelman Genealogy 

"Signed sealed and delivered 
In the presence of us 

Joseph Rockwell [ 

Han^ Rockwell \ 

"Middletown ffeby loth 172 8/9 
"Then Richard Spellman the grantor per- 
sonally appeared and acknowdedged the above 
written Instrument to be his voUentary 
Actt and Deed Before me 

Joseph Wetmore Justice of peace" 
[Town Records, Middletown, Conn., Vol. 2, pp. 486-7]. 

On the same day that Daniel Spelman received this land 
from his father, he sold it to his brother, Richard Spelman, 
Junior, for the sum of £16-14-0, he having received a gift of 
twelve or more acres from his father-in-law, William Cornwell, 
located in the "Stony Hills in the Newfield." Another portion 
of this home-lot was sold by Richard Spelman, Senior, to his 
son, Samuel, 24 Feb., 1740-41, to which v/as added another 
portion in 1746, as the following deeds show. 

"Know ye that I Richard Spelman of Middletown In the 
County of Hartford & Colony of Connecticut In New England 
For the Confideration or the Sum of Six pound Current Money 
Reed to my full satisfaction of my fon Sam". Spelman of the 
fame Middletown 

Do give Grant Bargain Sell & Confirm unto the faid Samuel 
Spelman his Heirs and affigns forever, one Certain fmall part 
of my Homelot In said Middletown Containing thirty Rods of 
Ground and it is to be one Rod and half North and South and 
twenty Rods Eaft and Weft and it Abuts North on Blake's 
Homelot East on y^ highway South on my own Land West on 
Land belonging to the heirs of my fon Richard Spelman, with all 
y'^ privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging, Reserving to 
my felf y'^ Improvement During my own & my wife's Natural 

To have and to hold the above Granted and Bargained Pre- 
miffes with ye appurtences thereof unto him the faid Sam" Spel- 
man his heirs and Affigns for Ever to his and their own proper 
Ufe and Behoof And Alfo I the faid Richard Spelman Do for 
myfelf my Heirs Execut"^^ & Admin^'^ Covenant with the faid 
Sam" Spelman his Heirs and Affigns, That at and until the En- 
fealing of thefe Prefents I am well seifed of the Premiffes as a 
good Indefeafible Eftate in Fee Simple and have good Right to 
Bargain and Sell the fame in Manner and Form as is above writ- 
ten And that the fame is Free of all Incumbrances whatfoever. 
And Farthermore I the said Richard vSpelman do by thefe Pre- 
fents Bind myfelf & my Heirs for Ever to Warrant and De- 

j^-^o'v^Ar'^**^ i^fir^ o^A^'^^ %^oi^.^^/L4 A/*^i>-/2>c^-. 




First Generation 79 

fend the above Granted and Bargained Premiffes to him the 
faid Sam" Spelman his Heirs and Affigns against all Claims and 
Demands whatfoever. 

"In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto fet my Hand and Seal 
the 24th Day of Febry — In the 14th Year of the Reign of Our 
Sovereign Lord George y^ second of Great Britain &c King, 
Annoque Domini, 1740/41. 

"Signed Sealed and Delivered 
in Prefence of 
Joseph Adkins 
Jabez Hamlin 

Mav 24th 1 74 1 A True Record 
Teft Will*". Rockwell Regit'". 

"Richard Spilman (seal) 
"Middletown Feb 
24*1" 1740/41 
then Richard 
Spelman y^ Grantor 
this Instrument 
to be his free act 
act & Deed 
Before me 
Jabez Hamlin 
Jus* Paces." [Middletown Deeds, 
Vol. 9, p. 187]. 

"To all People to whom thefe Prefents fhall cone, Greeting 
"Know ye That I Richard Spilman of Middletown in the 
County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New-England 
For the Confideration of the Sum of Ten pounds old tenor bills 
Received to my full Satisfaction of Sam" Spilman of the fame 
Middletown Do Give, Grant, Bargain, Sell and Confirm unto the 
faid Sam" Spilman his Heirs and Affign for ever, one certain 
piece of Land lying on the Weft fide of Connecticut River in 
faid Middletown in the South farms, Containing one Rood 
which is bounded Eafterly on a highway, Wefterly on Land of 
the Heirs of my fon Rich*^ Spilman Dec<^ Northerly on my own 
Land and Southerly on Land of y^ Widow Mary Blake. To have 
and to hold the above Granted and Bargained Premiffes unto 
him the faid Sam" Spelman his Heirs and Affigns for Ever to his 
and their own proper Ufe and Behoof And Alfo I the said 
Richard Spelman Do for myself my Heirs Execut" & Admin" 
Covenant with the faid Sam" Spelman his Heirs and Affigns, 
That at and until the enfealing of thefe Prefents I am well Seifed 
of the Premiffes as a good Indefeafible Eftate in Fee Simple and 
have good Right to Bargain and Sell the fame in Manner and 
Form as is above Written And that the fame is Free of all Incum- 

8o Spelman Genealogy 

man do by thefe prefents Bind myfelf & my Heirs for Ever to 
Warrant and Defend the above Granted and Bargained Premiffes 
to him the faid Sam" Spelman his Heirs and Affigns against all 
Claims and Demands whatfoever. 

"In Witnefs Whereof I have hereunto fet my Hand and Seal 
the sixth Day of November — In the twentieth year of the Reign 
of Our Sovereign Lord George y^ second of Great Britain &c 
King. Annoque Domini, 1746. 

"Signed Sealed and Delivered 
in Prefence of 
John Harris 
Wm. Rockwell 
Nov 6 1746 A True Record 
Teft. Will"^ Rockwell Regt"- 

"Richard Spelman (Seal) 

Middletown Nov'" 6*^ 

1746 then Rich^ 

Spelman the Grantor 


this Instrum^ to 

be his free act 

and Deed Before 


Giles Hall 

Jus* Pace" [Middletown Deeds, 
Vol. 2, p. 197]. 

Richard Spelman, Senior, must have acquired more land, 
adjoining his original home-lot, for on 14 July, 1748, he sold 
the whole of his home-lot, in all about five acres, with buildings, 
to his sons, Samuel and Thomas, in equal portions, for the sum 
of £300. The following records this transfer : 

"To all People to whom thefe Prefents Shall Come, Greet- 
ing. Know Ye, that I Richard Spelman of Middletown In the 
County of Hartford, and Colony of Connecticut In New England 

* * * * The Sum of Three Hundred Pounds old Tenor Bills 

* * * * of my two Sons Thomas Spelman of Durham * 
the Co of New Haven in S'^. Colony and Sam". Spelman of 
Middletown aforefaid * * * * Thomas Spelman and Sam". 
Spelman / in Equal Parts / and to Their heirs and afsigns for 
Ever all The right title and Intereft / that I now have to the 
whole of my home-lot and the Buildings Thereon Lying and 
Being in the South farm in S*^. Middletown / Containing in the 
whole about five acres more or lefs being / bounded Eafterly on 
a highway wefterly on s^. Samuel Spelman's own Land / North- 
erly on the Homelot of Jona". Blake Referving only the Improve- 




First Generation 8i 

ment of the fame / for me and my wife during our Natural 

Lives * * * * Incumbrances except the above Reservation 

* * * * 

"Fourteenth Day of July 22""^ year Lord G 

"Richard Spehnan (Seal) 
"Giles Hall "Middletown July 14*^ 1748 

W™. Rockwell Then Rich<^. Spelman the Grantor 

Acknowledged this Instrument to be 
his ** and deed Before me Giles Hall 
Justce, Peace" [Middletown Town Records, 
Vol. 12, p. 429]. 

From the above transactions we infer that Richard Spelman 
at no time was an extensive land holder, and therefore that he 
was not a farmer but pursued some other avocation, though none 
of the records give any clue as to what it was. He died two 
years after disposing of his home to Samuel and Thomas, and 
lies buried in the old Farm Hill Cemetery at Middletown, where 
his tombstone is still to be seen, in good preservation and bearing 
the following inscription : 

"Here Lies the 

Body of Mr. 

Richard Spelman 

Formerly of Grate 

Britain Born in 

Danbury in the 

County of Essex 

He Died Apr 21 
1750 Aged 85 Years" 

Alcey (French) Spelman survived her husband many years. 
She died at the home of her son, Thomas Spelman, at East 
Granville, Mass., 15 Dec, 1767, at the ripe old age of ninety- 
three ; her death being the earliest recorded in the old burying- 
ground of East Granville. Her great-great-grandson, Emerson 
Davis Spelman, erected a tombstone over her grave which reads : 


Memory of 
Alcey French 
1674 — 1767 
Wife of 

Richard Spelman 
1665— 1750" 

Children [Danbury, England, and Middletown, Conn., 
Records] : 

82 Spelman Genealogy 

i Aaron, bap. in Danbury, England, 9 Aug., 1696; died 
there before 1699. 

2 ii Mary, b. 29 April, 1701 ; m. William Lucas. 

3 iii Daniel, b. 23 Marcch, 1704; m. Annah Cornwell. 

4 iv Richard, Jr., b. 28 Sept., 1706; m. Margery. 

5 V John, b. 23 April, 1709; m. Prudence Perce. 

6 vi Thomas, b. 26 April, 1712; m. Sarah Hickox. 

7 vii Samuel, b. 15 Feb., 1716; m. Dinah Cook. 




2 MARY" SPELMAN (Richard') was born 29 April, 1701, 
in Middletown, Conn. fMiddletown Town Records]. She was 
the first child of Richard Spelman and his second wife, Alcey 
French. The faithfulness of Richard to the memory of his first 
love, and the sweet unselfishness of the gentle Alcey, are both 
alike witnessed to in the name of this, their first and only 
daughter, who was given the name of Richard's first wife, Mary 
Baker, who, with her infant son, lay buried at Danbury, in the 
far away home country across the Atlantic. Shortly after the 
first grant of land to Richard in Middletown in 1704, the second 
child, Daniel, was born, and he and his sister were baptized 
soon after their father's admission to membership in the First 
Church in that town, upon the registers of which the following 
entry is found: "1705 March 11. Daniel & Mary ye children of 
Richard Spillman were baptized." The marriage and death of 
Mary Spelman are both entered upon the Records at Middle- 
town : "William Lucas Junr. & Mary Spillman were Joyned in 
Marriage July 14th 1726." "Mary the wife of William Lucas 
Junr. Departed this life August 22nd 1732." No details of the 
life of Mary (Spelman) Lucas are known. She seems to have 
spent her whole life at Middletown, and was but a young woman 
at the time of her death. Her husband, William Lucas, Jr., was 
born in Middletown 14 March, 1700-01, the son of William 
and Elizabeth (Rowley) Lucas. His grandfather, William 
Lucas, was one of the early settlers of Middletown, and the 
family was prominent and well known in that part of the Colony, 
the name, William, having descended through many generations 
both in England and America. After the death of Mary Spel- 
man, William Lucas married, second, Jerusha Bow, born 1707, 
who died 1750. By her he had seven children, viz.: Jerusha, 
Elizabeth, Rhoda, Gideon, and three others. His third wife was 
Mrs. Sarah Ward, by whom he had two children, whose names 
are unknown. William Lucas died in Feb. ,1768. 

Children [Middletown Records] : 

8 i Mary Lucas, b. about March, 1726-7; m. Ephraim 


9 ii William Lucas, Jr., b. Jan., 1728-9; m. Tryphena 



86 Spelman Genealogy 

lO iii Richard Lucas, b. 6 Nov., 1730; m. (i) Sarah Dar- 
row; (2) Mrs. Hannah (Royce) Boardman. 

3 DANIEL' SPELMAN (Richard*) was born in Middle- 
town, Conn., 23 March, 1704, and baptized 11 March, 1705 
[Middletown First Church Records, p. 62]. He married Annah 
Comwell of Middletown, the daughter of William and Mary 
(Thompson) Cornwell, as the following records show. "Anna 
daughter to Wm. & Mary Cornwell b. Jany 26 1707-8" [Middle- 
town Town Records, Vol. i, p. 22]. "Daniel Spelman and An- 
nah Cornwell were Joyned in Marriage Covenant Decemb'' 12*'' 
1728" [Ibid, Vol. 5, p. 55.] 

Daniel Spelman, about the time of his marriage, received a 
gift from his father, Richard Spelman, of which he should have 
been proud, since it was part of the latter's original home lot in 
Middletown, the first abiding place of the Spelman family in 
America. The deed reads : "fifeb^y 10*'^ 1728-9. . . . one cer- 
tain piece or parcel of Land within the Township of Middletown 
on the West side of the Connecticut River, near South from the 
Town plott. containing one acre and half acre of land at ye 
Wester most end of my hom Lott" [Middletown Records, Vol. 
2, pp. 486, 487. For full quotation of deed see biographical 
sketch of Richard Spelman] . For some unexplained reason, pos- 
sibly because his father-in-law, William Cornwell, had also pre- 
sented him with twelve or fourteen acres of land located on the 
"Stoney Hills in the Newfield," Daniel sold his father's land, the 
day he received it, 10 Feb., 1728, to his brother, Richard, Jr., for 
£16-14-0, with the stipulation that if Richard should ever desire 
to sell this property his brothers were first to be given the oppor- 
tunity to purchase it. This agreement was carried out at Rich- 
ard's death, in 1739, by his executor, Captain Joseph Coe. The 
full deed is as follows : 

"Know all men by thefe prefents, that I Daniel Spellman 
of Middletown in the County of Hart, in the/Colony of Connecti- 
cut in New England for and in/confideration of the sum of fix- 
teen pounds & fourteen fhillings current/money to me in hand 
paid by my brother Richard Spellman of the fame/Town County 
& Colony afnrefaid. or foficiantly fecured to be paid : whereof. 
I do acknowledge the Receipt, and myself therewith fully, and 
entirely fatisfied Have Bargained, fold, fet over and Delivered, 
and by thefe prefents, do Bargain,/fell, fet over and Deliver unto 
the faid Richard Spellman and to his heirs and/affigns one cer- 
tain piece or parcel of land within the bounds of Middle town 
on the weft side of Conn. River Southerly from the Town plott/ 
containing one acre and a half of land : it being the Westermoft 
end/of my Hon''^ ffather's, Richard Spellm?>n's home lott bounded 


Second Generation 87 

wefterly & souther/ly on highway & northerly on Jonathan 
Blake's Land ; to extend so far/from the weft end. the whole 
breadth of Said Lott eastward as to containe/one acre & a half & 
will bound eafter ly on the Remainder of my/f^father's home 
lott — the f<^ Richard oblidgeing himself if he shall fell f*^ lands to 
make tender of the fame to his father or brethren — to have and/ 
to hold, the faid bargain and premifes with the appurtenances 
to the proper ufe and behoof of him the faid Richard Spellman 
to his heirs executors adminiftrators and affigns forever, and 
I the faid Daniel Spellman by this present Inftrument for my- 
self my heirs executors and adminiftrators the faid bargained 
premifes unto the faid Richard Spellman & to his heirs executors 
and adminiftrators and afsigns, against all and all manner of 
perfons Shall and will warrant, and defend forever, by/thefe 
prefents. In witnefs whereof: with the delivery of the fame — 
I have hereunto fet my hand and feal this tenth Day of ffeb^'y — 
In the fecond year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George 
ye fecond/of Great Britain &c. King anno que Donim: — 1728/9 
"Signed, Sealed and delivered : 
in presence of 

Han^ Rochwell 1 «t^ • 1 c h /r 1^ 

Joseph Rochwell { ^^"^^^ ^P^""^^" (^^^^) 

"Middletown ffeb'"y 10*1^ 1728/9 
"then Daniel Spellman the Grantor, per- 
fonally appeared/and acknowledged the "True record of ye Deed/ 
above within Inftrument to be his free ffebry : loth 1728/9 — and 
vollentary actt and Deed — Teft Joseph Rochwell — Before me 
Izrahiah Wetmore Jufts of Peace Regifter" [Middletown Rec- 
ords, Vol. 2, p. 488] . 

The land received from William Cornwell was afterwards 
exchanged, for, 31 March, 1732, Daniel Spelman and Annah, his 
wife, and Mary Cornwell deeded to Capt. Joseph Cornwell land 
given to the said Annah and Mary by "Honored Father William 
Cornwell" in Newfield Quater and Stony Hills, consisting of 
about 12-T4 acres. Joseph Cornwell deeded them land in the 
same quarter of the town. [Middletown Records, Vol. 7, pp. 
20, 21.] 

Thus Daniel and Annah Spelman began their life together 
under auspicious circumstances. Three children were born to 
them ; then, when the youngest was but two months old and the 
eldest only four years, the happy little family was suddenly be- 
reft of the husband and father by a sad accident. He was 
drowned in the Connecticut River and his young widow was left 
alone with her three babies. "Daniel Spelman first above named 
departed this life by drownding Jan''^ 2^ 1733-4 [Ibid, Vol. 5, 

88 Spelman Genealogy 

p. 55]. Benjamin Cornwell, a brother of Annah, was afterwards 
chosen by the two boys to be their gijardian. 

"Court of Probate, Hartford. It was Certified to this Court 
by Giles Hall Justice of peace that Tomson Spelman a Minor in 
the i6th year of his age Son to Daniel Spelman Dec<^ before s^ 
Justice made Choice of his uncle Benjamin Cornwell to be his 
Guardign and also that Daniel Spelman a Minor in the 15th year 
of his age son to the s^ Daniel Spelman made choice of his uncle 
Benjamin Cornwell to be his Guardian which choice this Court 
allows and the s^ Benjamin Cornwell now before this Court ac- 
knowledges himself bound to the Judge of this Court or his Suc- 
cessors in a Recognizance of £500 money for each minor that he 
will faithfully discharge the Trust of a guardian To y^ s^ Minors 
during their Minority according to law" [Hartford Probate 
Records, Vol. 15]. 

Two years after the tragic death of Daniel Spelman, his 
widow married again, in 1735, her second husband being Samuel 
Mackey, by whom she had seven children : John, Sybil, Samuel, 
Annah (who died young), Phineas (who died young), Annah, 
and Phineas. 

Children [Middletown Records] : 

i Thompson, b. 19 Apr., 1730; m. Mary ; served 

in French and Indian wars in 1758, 1759, and 1762 
[Conn. Men in French and Indian Wars, pp. 18, 
no, 309] ; sold to brother, Daniel, 14 Apr., 1755, 
for £80, "half of cordwainers shop belonging to 
me and the said Daniel in equal parts, in New- 
field" [Middletown Deeds, Vol. 14, p. 248-9] ; with 
"Annah wife of Samuel Mackey" gave quit claim 
to "Nathaniel Cornel" to one and one half acres, 
eighteen rods, in Newfield, 4 Nov., 1861, for 
£9-13-6 [Ibid, Vol. II, p. 541] ; d. the following 
year as recorded by the Rev. E. Huntington, pastor 
of the First Church, Middletown, "A.D. 1762. Dec. 
13 attended the funeral of Thompson Spellman 
who died at Haddam in his return from the expedi- 
tion at the Havannah and was brot up hither to be 
interred" [First Church Records] ; estate insolvent 
and sold at Public Vendue to Samuel Mackey, 9 
Apr., 1764; inventory £37-3-9; widow married Jo- 
seph Williams [Early Conn. Marriages, Vol. 6, p. 
94], who sold right of wife to the administrators of 
the estate of Thompson Spelman, 
ii Daniel, b. 16 Dec, 1731 ; d. unm. in 1761. In his will 
he mentions : Brother Thompson ; share in land 
given us by mother in Newfield ; Bro. John Mecky ; 
Hannah Willcock, daughter of Israel Willcocks. 

i^'^/r^"^^ ii^mni^Q^^ 





Second Generation 89 

deceased; Hannah Cornwell, widow of Benjamin. 
Thompson Spelman was executor of the will which 
was made 9 March, 1761, and proved 6 April. The 
amount of his estate, as inventoried, was ^35-3-1. 
iii Sibyl, b. 2 Nov., 1733; probably d. in infancy, as 
her mother named her first daughter by her second 
marriag:e after her. 

4 RICHARD' SPELMAN (Richard^) was born in Middle- 
town, Conn., 28 Sept., 1706 [Middletown Town Records] ; bap- 
tized there 6 Oct., 1706 [First Church Records, Middletown] ; 
and died in Durham, Conn., 31 May, 1739 [Durham gravestone]. 
In 1728 he married Margery. 

Richard seems to have inherited from both father and mother 
some of that spirit of enterprise and zeal which prompted them 
to seize the opportunity for change and advancement which 
often comes but once in the course of a man's life. About the 
time of his marriage, in 1728, he purchased one and one-half 
acres of land in Middletown. His father had deeded this same 
land to his son, Daniel Spelman, 10 Feb., 1728-9, "for love," 
etc. ; but Daniel, having received a gift of twelve or fourteen 
acres from his father-in-law, William Cornwell, seems to have 
preferred money to the land, for on the day he received his 
father's gift he sold it to his brother, Richard, for the sum of 
£16-14-0, it "being the westernmost end of my Hon'"'^ ffathers 
Richard Spelman's hom lot" [Middletown Register of Deeds, 
Vol. 2, p. 488]. By the terms of this deed, if Richard at any 
time desired to dispose of this land, he was required to "make 
tender of the same first to his father and brethren." Richard 
held the land during his lifetime, although he left Middletown 
eleven years before his death. In 1742, three years after his 
death, his executor. Captain Joseph Coe, sold the land to the 
three younger brothers of Richard, John, Thomas, and Samuel, 
thus fulfilling the original agreement and in accordance with 
instructions contained in Richard's will. An abstract of the 
deed is as follows : 

"Whereas, Richard Spelman, late of Durham, in the County 
of New Haven, in the Colony of Connecticut, in New England, 
by his last will and testament, among other things, did fully 
impower and authorize his executor named in s*^ will, viz., Capt, 
Joseph Coe, of Durham, afores*^, to sell a piece of land, lying in 
Middletown, in the County of Hartford, being land that s^ 
Richard purchased of his brother, Daniel Spelman, for the pay- 
ment of certain debts that s^ Richard had contracted in his 
lifetime. Therefore, 

"Know all men that I, Joseph Coe, executor upon s^ last 

90 Spelman Genealogy 

will and testament, and by virtue of the power and authoritie to 
me therein granted and for the payment of the s'^ debts, for and 
in confideration of the snm of eighteen pounds, and ten shillings 
* * * to me well and truely payed by John Spelman, Thomas 
Spelman, both of s"^ Durham, and Samuel Spelman of s^ Middle- 
town, in the County of Hartford and Colony afores*^. Have Given, 
Granted, bargained, sold, aleniated, conveyed, and confirmed, 
and by these presents I, the s^ Joseph Coe, executor as afores<^, 
by the power and authority to me Given in and by s<^ 
last Will and testament do fully, freely and absolutely Give, 
Grant, bargain, sell, alienate, convey and confierme unto 
them the s^ John Spelman, Thomas Spelman and Samuel 
Spelman, their heirs and afsigns forever one certain piece or 
percell of Land, lying in s<^ Middletown, purchased as above, s'^ 
containing one acre and a half acre, being butted and bounded 
Westerly and Southerly on High ways. Northerly on Jonathan 
Blake's Land, and Easterly lo R. by Land belonging to Richard 
Spelman, Sr., which piece of Land is described in the deed that 
Richard Spelman (first herein mentioned) had of s"^ Daniel 
Spelman being Recorded in the Second Book of Records, folios 
487-488, reference thereunto being had : To Have and To Hold 
s^ Granted and bargained premefses with the preveledges and 
appurtenances to the same belonging or appertaining unto them 
the s^ John Spelman, Thomas Spelman, and Samuel Spelman, 
their heirs and afsigns, to be to them and theire onely only ufe, 
benefit and behoof forever. 

"In witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale 
this thirtieth day of June Anno Domini 1742. 
"Signed, Sealed and delivered : 
in prefsence of 

James Wadfworth ) "T^o^^^r, r^^ /c^^n 

Abigail Wadfworth 1 J°^^P^ ^°^ ^^eal) 

"then personally appeared Capt. Joseph 
Coe, the above ensealer, and acknowledged the above and within 
written Instrument, to be his vollentary act and deed — Before me 
James Wadfworth Afsistant." 

It is probable that Richard Spelman moved to Durham, 
Conn., the year after his marriage, as he began the purchase of 
his extensive land holdings there 7 May, 1729, when he bought 
of "Theophilous Morrison of Durham, for £49, a dwelHng house 
and one acre of land bounded East by Town St., North and West 
by land now set to Joseph Sanford, South by land of said Mor- 
rison" [Durham Land Records]. The next winter, 11 Feb., 
1729-30, he purchased more land, adjoining his own, of Joseph 
Sanford of Durham "for £28-10-0, i>4 acres bounded East 

Second Generation 91 

by s*' Spelman's lot, West by highway, North by land of s<^ 
Sanford, South by land of Daniel Hill" [Ibid, Vol. 4, p. 129]. 
12 May, 1730, he bought another parcel of land of Samuel Hen- 
man for "£31-10-0, bounded East by Town St. in part and partly 
by s^ Spelman's home lot. West by highway, North by the 
Parsonage lot. South by s'^ Spelman's lot" [Ibid, p. 146]. This 
was probably about two acres. Thus, two years after their 
marriage, Richard and Margery Spelman owned a home of their 
own and four and one-half acres of land well placed on the 
highway, for which they had paid approximately iyd. Upon this 
plot of ground the Third Congregational Church of Durham now 
stands. It lies immediately north of the once well-known Spel- 
man Hotel. This latter house may still be seen standing on the 
main street. The central portion is the original building; the 
wings have been added in later years. It was owned for a 
number of years by Phineas and Sherman Spelman,* Being 
situated on the direct thoroughfare between New York and 
Boston, this hostelry became famous for its welcome and good 

During the next few years Richard Spelman became the 
owner of considerable land in Durham and the vicinity, 10 
April, 1732, he bought four acres of Joseph Sanford "for i8, 
being part of a farm owned by Gurden Saltonstall" [Durham 
Land Records]. Two years later, 6 April, 1734, he purchased 
seven acres and fifty-eight rods of "Joseph Norton, land in 
Killingworth, property in said Durham," paying for it £14-15-0 
[Ibid]. In September of that same year he bought from Joseph 
Wheeler "for £18, 75^ acres of swamp" [Ibid]. After another 
interval of two years he purchased from the same Joseph 
Wheeler, 8 Dec, 1736, for £335 "15 acres West of the Swamp, 
bounded East and North by road leading to Wallingford, West 
by land of Moses Parsons, South by land of Ebenezer Robinson" 
[Ibid]. The following Spring, 11 April, 1737, he bought of 
Joseph Fowler, "for £36, 6 acres of meadow land" [Ibid], and 
on 9 Oct., 1738, he acquired from the same person a small parcel 
of sixteen and one-quarter rods, adjoining the above, for ten 
shillings [Ibid]. The year of his death, 1739, he became pro- 
prietor of still another holding, viz., a parcel of land in Haddam, 
belonging to John Camp, and consisting of twenty-two acres. 
Of this transaction the only trace is in a codicil to his will. 

Thus at the time of Richard Spelman's early death he was 
possessed of considerable property, consisting of fifteen acres 
of land in Middletown and about sixty-seven acres in and about 

*Though exhaustive enquiry has been made, no other trace of Sher- 
man Spelman has been found, beyond this record in the History of Dur- 
ham, p. 203: "next South, formerly Sherman and Phineas Spelman, then 
Dan'l Bates, now Parsons Coe." 

92 Spelman Genealogy 

Durham, — quite a respectable holding for those days. He was 
one of the signers of the celebrated "Book Company of Dur- 
ham," which was actually the first public library established in 
Connecticut. "The articles of the said Durham Book Company 
were drawn up and signed by thirty-three original members, 
who subscribed the amount of twelve shillings each on the 30 of 
Oct. Anno Domini, 1733, in the seventh Reign of our Sovereign 
Lord George Second, King." 

In the old Durham Cemetery still stands a gravestone bearing 
the following inscription : 

"In memory of 
Mr. Richard Spelman 
Who died May y^ 31^* 
A. D. 1739 In his 34**^ 
Behold and see as you 

Pass by 
As you are now 
So once was I 
As I am now so must you be 
Prepare for Death Sr follow me." 

The following will of Richard Spelman, dated 7 May, 1739, 
was made about three weeks before his death and probated the 
following July. The original is in the possession of Mr, Wil- 
liam D.* Spelman of Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

"I, Richard Spelman of Durham, in the County of Newhaven, 
in the Colony of/Connecticut, haveing been for some time in 
a weake State altho' of Sounde minde &/memory, thinke it my 
dutie to Settle my afifairs and declare my last will & Testa/ment ; 
which I do in the following maner, first of all I do Recommend 
my Soule/into the hands of God, hopeing for a Glorious Refur- 
rection and life thro the merrits/of my Saviour, the Lord Jesus 
Christ, in whom alone I hope for Salvation, ?v,d as to that portion 
of worly Goods that providence hath lent me the/Same I dispose 
of in the following maner. My will is that my Juft debts be 
/payed, and feareing there may be dififecultie in that affaire, my 
will is that my/Executor hearin after named, do Sell two pieces 
of my Land, viz*., one piece lying/in s<* Durham, which Land 
I purchafed of Jofeph Norton, Sen"", & it Joyneth to Cap*. 
/Crane's Land the other piece of Land lyeth in Middletown being 
that Land that/I bought of my Brother, Daniel Spelman, and it 
ad joyneth to my father Spelman's Land, all which two pieces 
of Land my s^ Executor shall sell and give deeds for and/he 
is thereunto fully impowered ^^ authorized by this my will & 
Testament, and/the money raifed by the sale of s'' Lands shall 


Second Generation 93 

be Improved to pay my debts./And I do Give & Grant to my 
Deare wife, Margere, the use & Improvement of/the one-third 
part of all my Hoiifeing & Lands dureing the term of her 
naturall/life, excepting onely the above mentioned two pieces 
of Land ordered to be sold/to pay my debts, and I do alfo give 
to my s^ wife one-third part of all my moveable/Estate to be at 
her own dispose. And I do Give & Grant to my son, Phinheas 
Spelman, to his heirs forever/my home lot & buildings thereon, 
and that piece of Land I bargained for of M^'./John Camp y« i*S 
and do order the deed to be given to the s<^ Phineas & his heirs/ 
and afsigns forever, and I do give to my s*^ Son one piece of 
land I have in the Govern-ours farm (commonly so called) and 
one piece of Land lying in the Greate Swamp/being that Land I 
bought of Job Wheeler, all which Lands and buildings I give to 
sVPhineas Spelman and his heirs forever. And as to the Refidue 
of my Lands be the same more or lefs, I do Give &/Grant the 
same to my two Daughters, Huldah & Ame, and to their heirs/ 
forever, and my s^ Daughters shall equally divide s^ Lands be- 
tween them./And I do alfo give my s^ two Daughters what 
moveables shall be left when/my Just debts are paide, (sapofeing 
that the s*^ two pieces of Land ordered/to be sold is not suffi- 
cient to anfwer my debts) and my wife hath taken/her third 
part out of my moveables, then the remainder of my moveables/ 
shall belong to my s^ Daughters, and so my will is. Moreover, 
I do make, ordain & constitute my good friend Cap^ Joseph 
Coe of/Durham to be executor of this my Last will & testament, 
with full power to sell/the firft above mentioned two pieces of 
land for the payment of my debts as afores'^,/declareing this & 
no other to be my laft will & Testament. In Witnefs whereof 1/ 
have heareunto set my hand & Seale this tenth day of Aperil 
Anno Domini 1739. 

"Richard Spellman. 

"Signed, Sealed, published & declared by the s** Richard Spel- 

man/to be his laft will & Testament. 
in the prefence of us/ 
James Wadfworth 
James Wadfworth, Jun"" 
Abigail Wadfworth 

"Be it known to all men that I, the within named Richard 
Spelman, have/on the tenth day of Aperil laft paft made & de- 
clared my laft will & testament/as the same is within writen, and 
where as I have in my said will ordered that/the deed of Land 
I had bought of Mr. John Camp should be given to my son 
within/named and whereas I have this day taken a deed of s^ 
Camp I do therefore Give/& Grant s^ Land, being in Hadam 
bounds containing twentie two acres & half/unto my s<^ 

94 Spelman Genealogy 

Phinehas Spelman & to his heirs forever and I do afo give to my 
son Phinehas my Create Bible and afo my Create Coate & 
my streight-bodied Blew Coate and I do Ratefie my s** laft will 
& testament within writen/and do declare that this above caudicile 
shall be & is a part of my /laft will & testament and shall be as 
firme & vallid to all Intents/& purpofes whatfoever as if the 
same had been writen & contained/in the within will & testa- 
ment. In witnefs whereof I have hereunto/set my hand & scale 
this seventh day of May Anno Domini 1739. 

"Richard Spellman. 

"Signed, Sealed, published & declared by the s^ Ric<^ Spelman 

to be part of his laft will &/Testament in prefence of who 

saw him sign & seal the same. 
James Wadfworth 
John Camp 
Joseph Meeker 

"Probated 17 July, 1739." [Original Will on file in the 
Registry of Probate of the Cuilford District, New Haven 
County, Guilford, Conn.] 

"Cap*. Jofeph Coe, Executor of the laft Will & Teftament 
of Richard Spelman, late of Durham, Dec*^, Exhibited an Inven- 
tory of s^ Deceafed's Eftate, which was approved in Court and 
ordered to be Recorded. 

"An Inventory of the Eftate/M"". Richard Spellman of 
Durham, Deceased, taken this fourteenth Day of/June Anno 
Domini, 1739. Inventory*^ by us whofe names/are under written 
appointed, Chofen & Sworn thereto, viz. : 

One hatt & one pair Gloves 0-16-0 

A Great Coat 8-00-0 

A Strait-Bodied Blew Coat 5-00-0 

An old Great Coat 0-15-0 

An old Strait Bodyed Coat 0-16-O 

A Calaminco Jaccout i-io-o 

A plain Cloath Coat 2-00-0 

A pair of Callaminco Britches 0-16-0 

Another pair of Britches o-io-o 

Two pair of Stockins 0-16-0 

A pair of fine Stockins 0-15-0 

One fine Shirt 0-16-0 

Two woolen Shirts 1-16-0 

An old Jaccoat o- 3-0 

Two pair of Buckles i- 5-0 

Totall 26-10-0 

One Gun & one hoe 1-15-0 

Second Generation 95 

One hetchell & one hatchet o- 8-0 

One ax & one pair of tonges 0-16-0 

A slice & one trammell 0-16-0 

One Iron Box and heators 1-16-0 

One Cycle & one pair of Stilyards 0-14-0 

One Iron pott & one hammer o-io-o 

One Iron pott an Iron Caytle 1-18-0 

One Bell metle Scylett 0-16-0 

One Brafs Cyetle 6-10-0 

A Small Brafs Cyettle 3-10-0 

One warming pann 0-18-0 

A frying pann o-io-o 

Totall of Iron & Brafs 19-17-0 

A pueter pot & old pueter 0-14-0 

A Great platter and 6 plates & three porringers 1-16-0 

One plumell & two Bafsons 0-13-6 

To fpoons o- 6-0 

Totall of pueter 3-9-6 

Chears, Bowls & trays 2-00-0 

Tubs, Barrells, hogshead and Buckett, all 5-09-6 

Earthen ware 0-04-0 

Paill and trenchers 0-06-6 

One Cann & two Difhes 0-02-6 

Tubs, Yz barrill, h a Churn 0-05-0 

Totall of woden ware 7-05-0 

One Great Bible 6-00-0 

One book 1-03-0 

Small Books & Book of ac*' 1-16-0 

A Drawing knife 0-06-0 

Knives and forks 0-19-0 

One Razor 0-03-0 

One Dutch wheel 2-00-0 

Small wheel 0-06-0 

Glafs bottles & pepper box 0-10-9 

To two Cafe Bottles 0-06-0 

Totall of Books & Botles 12-09-0 

To two Chefts 1-08-0 

One Box, one pair of cords o-i i-o 

To 16 bufhell of Rye 4-08-0 

And 10 bufhell of oats i-io-o 

Totall of Chefts & Grain 7-17-0 

96 Spelman Genealogy 

To two Looms ii-ioo 

Reeds & Geers 16-08-0 

Totall 27-18-6 

To two Bedfteads and Cords 1-17-0 

A trundle Beadftead 0-18-0 

One feather Bed, Bolsters and pillows 6-15-0 

To four pair of Sheets 5-14-0 

To feven Blankets 7-14-0 

Two Bed tickens o-io-o 

Three towels & one table 0-14-6 

Three table Cloaths 0-14-6 

One Looking Glafs 0-09-0 

Totall of Bedfteads, Beding and Lining 25-16-0 

One Cow and Calf 1 1-05-0 

Two Swine 6-06-0 

A Stone hammer & 2 gads O-03-9 

A flax Break o-io-o 

A Great wheel 0-09-0 

To flax and a plow 2-03-6 

Totall Catle & Swine 30-17-3 

House 95-00-0 

Barn 37-00-0 

Home Lott 120-00-0 

Mountain Lot. 15 acres 135-00-0 

Fowler Lott 42-00-0 

Swamp Lott 20-00-0 

Governers farm Lott 80-00-0 

Brainerd Lott 140-00-0 

James Curtis, 
John Camp. 
Capt. Joseph Coe, Execuf, Sworn in Co. Court. Teft Sam" 

Hill, Clerk. 

Debts : 

Credit due to s^ Spelman by book 199-08-5 

To what has been payed out on Bonds & Book Debts. . 179-10-6 

Widow's thirds 54-13-3 

Huldah 22-07-3 

Ame 22-07-3 

Guardianship Bonds dated 13 July, 1742. Margery Spelman 
appointed guardian to Huldah Spelman and Amy Spelman, minor 
daughters, and Phineas Spelman, a minor son, of the late Richard 

Second Generation 97 

Spelman. [Registry of Probate of the Guilford District, New 
Haven County, Guilford, Conn. Wills, Vol. 3, pp. 368, 369.] 

The quaintness of some of the articles enumerated invites 
us to pause a moment and picture to ourselves how Richard 
looked in his "Calliminco Jaccout" and pair of "Calliminco 
Britches ;" and the "beloved Margere" putting- on the "small 
Brass Cyettle" and the "pueter pot" in preparation for her hus- 
band's home coming. Margery's thrift is suggested by the fact 
that they owned two looms and geers, while they had but one 
looking-glass. This Margery has proved an elusive personality 
in the research. No record of her birth or death has been 
found. We know that she survived her husband, as she was left 
property by his will, and was also made guardian of the three 
children, who were all minors at their father's death. Her grave- 
stone has not been found, although there is room for her grave 
between that of her husband and first child. On 2 July, 1753, 
she was reappointed guardian of her son, Phineas, by the Pro- 
bate Court of Middletown, then recently set off as a probate 
district [Book i, p. 13]. At that date she was still of Durham 
and had not married again. 

Children, all born in Durham, Conn. [History of Durham] : 
i Amy, b. 7 Dec, 1729; d. 8 Jan., 1733. 

11 ii Huldah, b. 9 July, 1732; m. Abner Newton. The 

widow Huldah Newton married Lemuel Moffet, 21 
Oct., 1763. 

12 iii Amy, b. 3 July, 1734; m. Capt. James Robinson. 

13 iv Phineas, b. 7 Feb., 1736; m. EHzabeth Griswold. 

5 JOHN' SPELMAN (Richard') was born in Middletown, 
Conn., 23 April, 1709 [Middletown Town Records] ; baptized 
there 24 April, 1709 [Records of First Church, Middletown] ; 
died in Granville, Mass., late in 1769 or early in 1770, his will 
being dated 13 Dec, 1769, and probated 9 March, 1770. He 
married in Enfield, Conn., Prudence Perce, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Mary Perce; born 26 Nov., 1711 [Enfield Town Records, 
Vol. 2, p. 1596]. Their marriage is recorded as follows: "En- 
field, Oct'''' 27, 1734, marriage is intended between John Spelman 
of Sufiield & Prudence Perce of this town." "John Spelman 
of Suffield & Prudence Perce of this town were joyned in 
marriage Nov"" 21, 1734" [Ibid, pp. 1758, 1771]. She survived 
her husband, and died in West Granville, Mass., i March, 1783 
[Church Records, West Granville, Mass., Rev. T. M. Cooley]. 

As will be seen by his marriage record, John Spelman was 
resident at Suffield, Conn., at that time; but it is probable that 
he removed to Durham, Conn., very soon after, his first child 
being baptized there in 1736. He at once began to acquire land 
in Durham ; his first purchase there being on 13 May, 1737, 

98 Spelman Genealogy 

when he purchased from Samuel Osborn of Hebron ten acres 
of land for £40 [Durham Town Records]. One year later, 17 
June. 1738, he bought from Samuel Seward of Durham, a house 
and three acres of land for £220. Here the family evidently 
settled and made their home, the baptisms of six of the seven 
children being recorded in Durham, dating from 1736 to 1754 
[History of Durham]. He probably owned property in Suffield 
after his removal from there, as the following item appears upon 
tlie Suffield Town Records: "May 18, 1741, Voted to abate John 
Spelman 's rates committed to Edward Foster a former constable 
to collect: provided said Foster att his first opportunity Do col- 
lect the same of said Spelman & convert it to the Town's use." 
After this date he does not appear upon the Suffield Records. 
On 4 April, 1743, he purchased from Zachariah Henman five 
acres of land for £45 [Durham Town Records] ; his next trans- 
action being 6 Feb., 1743-4, as is shown by the following deed: 

"To all People to whom Thefe Prefents Shall Come Greet- 
ing, Know ye that I Ebenezer Seward of Bedford in Hampshire 
County and the province of the Mafsachufetts Bay in new Eng- 
land, for and in Confideration of the Sum of Seventy pounds, in 
Old Tenor to me in hand well and Truly paid by John Spelman 
of Durham in the County of new Haven and Collony of Con- 
necticutt In new England, Have Given Granted bargained Sold 
alienated Conveyed and Confirmed unto the sd Spelman to him 
his Heirs and afsigns two pieces or Parcels of Land Containing 
one Hundred and fifty acres as it now Lyes in the sd Bedford 
aforesd, butted and bounded that is to say one LIundred acres 
bounded Northwardly on Land belonging to Mofes Parfons of 
Durham in new Haven County, Southwardly upon Land belong- 
ing to John Jenkins and Weft on Land belonging to Rofe 

and East on Land belonging to Mr. John Hunt of Boston and the 
sd fifty acres butted Northward upon land of David Rose and 
west on Dolebeare Southward on Benjamin Mecar and John 
Grifwoold East on the sd Hunt's Land. To Have and To Hold 
the sd Hundred and fifty acres with the Privileges and appurte- 
nances to the same belonging or any way appertaining to him 
the sd Spelman to him and his Heirs and afsigns forever to be 
to his and their only ufe benefit and behoof forever and I the sd 
Seaward for myself and Heirs, executors and adminiftrators 
promife to and with the sd Spelman that I am the True Sole 
and Lawfull owner of the above sd Land and have in myself 
full and Lawfull authority to Sell and Convey the same in man- 
ner and form as aforesd and that the sd Spelman himself his 
Heirs Executors and Administrators may Lawfully Peaceably 
and Quietly Pofsefs and Enjoy the sd one Hundred and fifty 
acres of Land. I the sd Ebenezer Seaward for my Self my heirs 

Second Generation 99 

Executors and Adminiftrators Promise to Warrant Secure and 
Defend the one Hundred and fifty acres from all the Lawfull 
Claims of any Perfon or Perfons Whatfomever. Dated at Dur- 
ham this Sixth Day of February and One Thoufand Seven Hun- 
dred and Forty three four. 

"Ebenezer Seaward (Seal) 
Witnefses : 
John Leet 
Benjamin Penfield 

"Recorded, Hampshire f'g', Feb. 23, 1746." [Hampden Co., 
Mass., Deeds, Vol. 2, p. 175.] 

John Spelman was probably a resident of Durham as late 
as 8 June, 1746, when his son, Nathan, was baptized there ; but 
a few months later he was spoken of as of Bedford, Mass., in a 
deed dated 7 Nov., 1746, by which he sold to his brother, Samuel, 
three roods of land in Middletown [Middletown Town Records, 
Vol. II, p. 541], which was probably given him by his father 
before his marriage, though there is no record of its transfer to 
him. Two years later, 3 Aug., 1748, he sold to Thomas Can- 
field of Durham, for £25, land in Middletown purchased by him 
of Moses and Dorothy Bidwell [Ibid, Vol. 12, p. 473]. In this 
deed he is called John Spelman of Middletown. The exact date 
of his return to Bedford, or Granville, as it was called soon 
after, is not known. Historians state that Durham, Conn., sup- 
plied to Granville some of its sturdiest and most estimable 
citizens, and John Spelman seems to have been of this number, 
for by 1755 he had won the esteem and confidence of his fellow- 
townsmen sufficiently to be chosen by them for Selectman, which 
office he held successively from 1755 to 1758. In 1757 John 
Spelman of Granville sold to John Griswold, also of Granville, 
"10 acres with dwelling house part of Sam'l Prime's settling lot, 
out of Esq. Hunt's 1000 acre farm." This deed was signed 20 
April, 1757, and recorded 28 April, 1770 [Springfield, Mass., 
Hampshire Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 693]. Two days later, 22 April, 
1757, he sold to Rev. Jedediah Smith of Granville, ninety acres 
of land for iioo, the deed being signed by John Spelman and 
"Prudence wife of the above John" [Ibid. Vol. 3, p. 134]. Eight 
months later, 16 Dec, 1757, he purchased of John Hunt of Bos- 
ton, Mass., one hundred and twenty-seven acres of land in Gran- 
ville for £169-6-8 [Ibid, Vol. 9, p. 659]. Thus, in 1757, he sold 
one hundred acres and one dwelling house, and acquired one 
hundred and twenty-seven acres. 13 Dec, 1758, he bought 
nineteen acres and sixty rods in Granville from John Wendell 
of Plymouth, N. H., for £50-13-4 [Fbid, Vol. i, pp. 518, 519] ; 
and the following year, 27 Sept., 1759, he sold to Joseph Miller 
fourteen acres and thirteen rods for £38 [Ibid, Vol. 3, p. 370]. 

100 Spelman Genealogy 

On 20 March, 1761, he deeded to Seth Coe thirteen acres and 
one hundred and twenty-seven rods, bounded as follows : "Be- 
ginning at the highway at John Bates land North corner of land 
I now make deed of, South on highway 40 rods, North 57 rods. 
West 65 rods" [Ibid, Vol. 2, p. 473] ; and, 27 Oct., 1762, "John 
Spelman, yeoman," sold to Reynold Marvin Moor of Granville, 
for £90, three acres and three rods [Ibid, Vol. 3, p. 238]. He 
disposed of another hundred acres in Granville, 12 June, 1766, 
for £30, "to Alexander Phelps of Windsor yeoman, being part of 
the Boylston farm." [Ibid, Vol. 8, p. 751.] 

At his death in 1770 John Spelman was still possessed of a 
considerable amount of real estate, as well as personal property, 
as will be seen by his will and inventory, which follow. 

"In the name of God, amen. Being apprehensive that I 
draw Near to the Grave, and now Being of a sound mind and 
in tolerable state of Helth I make this my Laft Will and tefta- 
ment. I firft of all committ my soule to God that gaive it and 
my Bodey to the (grave?) to have a Defent Christian Bureall 
and as God has Given me so much of the Good things of this 
world that my Laft will is that they difposed of in the following 
manner viz., first of all that my debts and Legacys be paid out 
of my Perfonal Eftate. Imprimis I give and Bequeath to my 
Loving Wife Pruden the ufe of one Quarter Part of my Eftate 
both Real and Personal during the time that she shall be a wido. 
Itim I Give and Bequeath to my son Afhel thirty pound of 
Lawful mony. more than ani of the reft of my s'^ sons and to 
the rest Oliver John Nathan Ritchard and David to have an 
Equill share onely that the land that my son Nathan had a deed 
of from Mr. Benjamin Meeher of Sandif field their being a hun- 
dred acres of s^ land shall be — ( ?) and fet to s*^ Nathan as his part 
if their be enough and that the s*^ land be paid for out of my 
eftate. and further my will is that all my Land including the 
land that s<^ Nathan bought of Benjamin Meeher should be prized 
as New Land except that part of a setting Lot that I had of 
Ebenezer Seward onely that my son John should have a barn 
over and above his Equill share that he built and s<^ Barn stands 
on the setling lot that i had of the above Ben Seward. And 
further my will is that that lot that i had of Mr. John Hunt of 
Boston shall be fet to my s"* sons Afhel and Oliver. What lyeth the 
West side of Highway to Afhel and what lyeth the East sid of 
the Highway to Oliver so as to include the Buildings. And fur- 
ther my will is and I do hereby Constitute and a Point my son 
Oliver Spelman Executor of this my Last Will and Teftement in 
Witnefs Whear of I have hear unto set my hand and seal this 
13 day of December in the Ninth year of his Majisty's Raign 

^:^-^^ ,%e:^> ^^> ^"^^v^ ;^ 9y^^if^/i^ ^ ;?&^^% 

^^-^ ^.5^^ ad^^ :^/u^^~A^. *^2^ir viLxsz:^ 

0-^9 /i^ 


Second Generation ioi 

in year of our Lord 1769 in Preasants of us Timothy Robinson, 
Jacob Bates, David Bates. Sworn to March 9 (?), 1770. 

"John Spelman." 

'*An Inventory of all the Estate of John Spelman late of 
Granville Dei"^ Both Real and Perfonal Prefented to us to Be 
appraised by his Executor and wee the subscribers have under 
oath aprized them as they are hereafter severally set Down 
aprised Granville 3 Apr., A. D. 1770: 

The Homestead and Buildings thereon standing 600-04-0 

One other Tract containing about 127 acres & build- 
ings 177-16-0 

One otker Tract of unimproved Land 114 acres iio-oo-o 

One third Part of a Sawmill & old Saw and PriveHdge. 4-10-0 
One fire Lock one old Ditto 12s one small ditto 12s. . . . 2-04-0 
One Brafs Halbert 3s one sword is 3d two scikles 2/6. . 0-04-9 
One Frying Pan 9s one old Ditto 2/6 one Pare Hand- 
irons I2S 1-03-6 

One Gridiron 3s one Tofting 2s one Pare Stilyards 2/6. 0-07-6 
One Tea Kettle 4s one fire shovel 3s one Pare thongs 3s o-io-o 
One Pare of Hatchels 12s two Tramels 9s one warming 

pan I2S o-ii-o 

One Box Iron is one pron Difs Kettle 2/6 five Glafs 

bottles 2/6 0-06-0 

One Pewter Tea pot 1/6 one Pewter Quart Cut and 

one Point Ditto 3s 0-04-6 

Two Quart Bafons 4s five old Ditto 5s three Pewter 

platers 5s 0-14-0 

Five pewter Plates 5s one Brafs schimer 1/6 one 

Chopping Knife is 0-07-6 

One punch bowl 1/3 halfe a Set Tea Difhes 9d 0-02-0 

Six Tea Spoons one Tunnel & one Pepper box & one 

Glafs ale 0-02-0 

Three Cafe Knives 3s & Sundrey Earthen mugs 2 

Sundry books 12s 0-07-0 

One tin Lanthom 2s one feather bed bolfters & Pillows. 2-00-0 
One bedftead bed Cord & under bed & matt 9s three 

Coerleads 12s i-oi-o 

14 yard & halfe Rug Cloath 1-13-10 1-13-10 

One feather bed 20s one other feather bed i8s bolfters 

& Pillows 4s 2-02-0 

One bedftead Cord & under beds 6s three Coverleads 

I2S 1-04-6 

One blanket 5s one Pare flannel sheats 6s three Pare. , . 1-02-0 
10 y<^* Plain Goath 50s one old beaver hat 5s, two bead 

sheets for bed 3-10-0 

I02 Spelman Genealogy 

One Great Coat i6s one strait bodied Coat 9s one other 

Ditto 15s 2-00-0 

One old Coat 5s one silk Handkerchiel 2/6 one womans 

saddle 20s 1-07-6 

One mans saddle & Bridle 20s 6d one Pare Leather 

Breaches 1-04-6 

Two spining wheels 13s twenty four Bufhels Salt 6-01-0 

350 feet wooden ware 60s one weavers Loom & Tack- 
ling 50s 5-10-0 

One Half bufhel i one wheat Griddle 2s one meal 

serve 2s 0-05-6 

I Square Table 9s one Small ditto 2s i large table 8s. . . 0-19-0 

I Round Table 22s Eight Chares 12s 20 barrels 30s. . . . 3-04-0 

1 Barrel & Quarter of meat 75s .20 lbs. of flax los. . . . 4-05-0 
20 rons of yarn 16/8 five bags 8s wollen yarn 3s cotton 

wool 17s 2-04-8 

Small bag 1/6 six bufhels wheat 24s ten bufhels oats 12s 1-17-6 

2 bufhels Rye 6s one corn fan 6s one ax 4s 0-16-0 

One old ax 2s one Pare Door Hangings 2/4 one hand- 
kerchief 2s 0-06-4 

2 pare worfted stockings los three vests 13s Great 

coat 15s 1-18-0 

I Short bodied Coat 4s i Pare Leather Breeches los. . . 0-14-0 

I Caster Hat 12s one pare shofe & stockings 4s 2 Flan- 
nel Shirts 15s i-i i-o 

37 yd check clouth 6s one cafe Drawers 40s two 

cheftes 6s 2-12-0 

I Wooden Tunnel 2s one meal Trought 3s Sundry 

baskets 3s 0-08-0 

5 Water Pails 7s one Can 2s two Candle Stands 3s table 

frame 2s 0-12-0 

Neats leather 6/6 nine pounds feathers 10/6 Iron fet- 
ters 4s i-oi-o 

Pare Horse Traces 6s old iron 2/6 yoak Irons 2/6 

Curry comb 1/6 O-12-6 

Three Hay forks 4s one pare Horse traces 5s spade 3s 

Log chains 23s 1-15-0 

Staple & Ring 3s Sole leather 3s upper leather 3/4. . . . 0-07-0 

1 iron bound Cart 80s one plow & irons 12s Dung 

fork 4s 4-16-0 

Two Schithcs & Tacklings los old pare Plow Irons 8s. . 0-18-0 

2 neats hides i8s cip Skin 3s i-oi-o 

One bay mare 8-15 one old ditto 30s one Horfe 4-10. . . 14-15-0 

One colt 7-10 one Small Ditto 2-10 lo-oo-o 

One yoak oxen 9-10 Three cows and calfe 9-12 19-02-0 

Two heifers 4- 11 one steer 1-14 one bull 2-2-6 8-07-6 

One small bull 1-5 two sheep 9s three Swine 1-15 3-09-0 

Second Generation 103 

One Steel Trap 8s Iron wedge 3s one Bush Scith 2s. . . 0-13-0 
Small quantity flax 7/8 Hemlock bords 12s one chain 

13s 1-12-0 

I set drag teeth 30/6 five small tubs los 2-00-6 

Three Brafs kettles 31s one small chain 6s Stay & 

tackling 28s 3-05-0 

Two augers 5s 0-05-0 

"Aprizd by us in Granville April 3^ A. D. 1770 — Oliver 
Spelman Execuf 
Luke Hitchcock f 

Timo* Robinfon \ aprizers under oath : 
Samuel Coe" [ 

Prudence (Perce) Spelman survived her husband about 
thirteen years and continued to live in the old homestead at 
Granville, with her son, David Spelman. She died i March, 1783. 
At her death a final distribution of the estate of John Spelman 
was made, in November, 1783, and on 2 March, 1784. The 
Huldah mentioned in the distribution as one of the heirs was 
the only child of Richard, the youngest child of John and Pru- 
dence Spelman, The following is an abstract of this distribution : 

[Springfield Deeds, Box 139, No. 13.] "To Huldah Spel- 
man, one of the heirs of sd John, one piece of land at the west 
end of the deceased's land beginning at the north east corner, 
running south 20 rods, extending East 72 rods to contain 90 
acres with the priviledge to pass and repass on the northerly 
part. Also another piece of land beginning at the north east 
corner of Asahel Spelman's land, then north 20 degrees, east 21 
rods, west 20 rods with liberty to pass and repass. To David 
Spelman, one piece of land West of the Highway, bounded north 
on David Rose's land and his own land and west on the land 
distributed to Huldah Spelman thence to extend south 5 rods 
along one other piece of land being on the east side of the High- 
way, beginning at the north west corner of the bam to run east 
to the north west corner of the land distributed to Huldah Spel- 
man, bounded south on his own and John Spelman's land and 
half the barn standing thereon, also 1/4 part of the north half 
of the dwelling house, viz the north half of the kitchen, bedroom 
and chamber over them. To Oliver Spelman, heir to sd deceased 
one piece of land on the west side of the highway south of the 
land distributed to David Spelman, to run south 5 rods and west 
to the land distributed to Huldah Spelman and east to David 
Spelman's land, also 1/4 part of the north east half of the house, 
viz. the North Chamber and also one piece of land on the east 
side of the Highway, beginning at the north west corner of the 
barn to run North on the Highway 5 rods then east to Jacob 

IQ4 Spelman Genealogy 

Bates' land and to extend so wide at the east end as to contain 
4 acres bounded South on the land distributed to David and 
Huldah Spelman and East on Jacob Bates' land and west on 
the Highway." [The foregoing is dated 2 Mar., 1784.] 

"And also to Nathan Spelman heir to the deceased one piece 
of land lying on the west side of the Highway, south of the land 
distributed to Oliver Spelman, to run south 5 rods to the land 
distributed to Huldah Spelman, bounded East on David Spel- 
man's land with the priviledge to pass and repass from the 
Highway on David's and Oliver's land, also 1/4 part of the 
north end of sd house, viz. 2/3 of lower room on east side of 
the house. Also one piece of land lying on the east side of the 
Highway, beginning on the same Highway at the north west 
corner of the land distributed to Oliver Spelman, then north 5 
rods, thence east to Jacob Bates' land and to extend so far in 
width at the east end as to contain 4 acres bounded east on 
Jacob Bates' land, and south on the land distributed to Oliver 
Spelman, west on the Highway. Also to John Spelman, heir to 
said deceased, one piece of land on the west side of sd High- 
way, south of the land distributed to Nathan Spelman to run 
south 5 rods and west to the land distributed to Nathan Spelman, 
to run south 5 rods and west to the land distributed to Huldah 
Spelman and bounded east on David Spelman's land with privi- 
ledge to pass and repass from the highway on David and Nathan 
Spelman's land. And also 1/4 part of the N. half of the North 
half of the house viz. 1/3 part of the lower room on the north 
side and the garret on the north end of the house. And also 
one piece of land lying on the east side of the Highway being 
all the land lying between the land distributed to Nathan Spelman 
and David Rose's land." [Granville, Nov., 1783.] The Distrib- 
utors were David Parsons, Aaron Coe and Jacob Bates. 

Children, all but last baptized in Durham [History of 
Durham] : 

i Asabel, bap. 4 July, 1736; d. unm., 7 Mar., 1776. 
The Spelman family contributed not a few of its 
members to the service of their country during the 
troublous times preceding and contemporary with 
the American Revolution, many bearing that name 
appearing upon the military records of Massachu- 
setts, Connecticut, and New York. This eldest son 
of John and Prudence (Perce) Spelman entered 
service when he was barely twenty years of age, 
his name being upon a muster roll as enlisting in a 
Company in his Majesty's service 27 Nov., 1755, 
and serving until 24 May, 1756, at Fort William 
and Henry [Mass. Archives, Muster Rolls, Vol. 94, 

Second Generation 105 

p. 221]. The next record is for ten weeks, 4 days, 
as Private in Capt. Benjamin Day's Co., his 
Majesty's service, residence at Springfield; Co. on 
Crown Point Expedition [Ibid, Vol. 94, p. 88]. In 
1758 he appears upon a billeting roll of Capt. Jon, 
Ball's Co., Col. Wm. Williams' Regt, enlisted 10 
Apr., 1758, served fifty-one days, res. Granville 
[Ibid, Vol. 96, p. 329] ; name given as Asa. In 
1759, same Co. and Regt., seven mos., twelve days, 
res. Granville, his Majesty's service for the reduc- 
tion of Canada [Ibid, Vol. 96, p. 446] ; name given 
as Asel. On a return, receipts dated April, 1759, 
Asa Spelman was reported as having served in a 
former expedition in 1758 at Lake George, present 
service for the invasion of Canada, res. Granville 
[Ibid, Vol. 97, p. 236]. In an undated billeting 
roll, probably of 1759, Asa Spellman enlisted in 
Capt. John Bancroft's Co., Brig. Gen. Ruggles' 
Regt., billeting for twenty-nine days, amount 4s. 
lod. [Ibid, Vol. 97, p. 176]. In a hospital account, 
made up from 18 Aug., 1759, to 27 Sept. 1759, for 
men belonging to 2nd Mass. Regt. of Provincials, 
Easel Spelman charged for in hospital at Lake 
George, Aug. 21 to Aug. 26, at sd. per day [Ibid, 
Vol. 97, p. 228]. Asa Spelman on billeting roll 
dated 15 Feb., 1760, of Capt. John Bancroft's Co., 
Brig. Gen. Timothy Ruggles' Regt. [Ibid, Vol. 97, 
p. 402]. On a muster roll dated 11 Feb., 1760, of 
a Co., in his Majesty's service, Capt. John Ban- 
croft, Asahell Spelman, res. Granville, enl. 2 Apr., 
served until 29 Nov., endorsed "Company in Crown 
Point Expedition" [Ibid, Vol. 97, p. 368]. 

Asahel Spelman died at Granville, Mass., 7 
Mar., 1776 [Granville Church Records]. On 19 
Mar., 1776, his brother, Oliver Spelman, made the 
first administration of his estate, which was finally 
settled 13 May, 1785. The following is the record: 

"To the Honorable Eliza Porter Judge of the 
Probate Court for the County of Hampshire. In 
Obedience to a Warrant from you to us Derectted 
We have Distributed the Eftate of Afel Spelman 
late of Granville Defeast as follows Viz to Huldah 
Spelman one of the Hairs of s*^ Defeast Land, a 
Howes Beginning at the Southwest Corner of S*^ 
feast Land at the Highway called the South Lane 
running thence Eaft 76 Rods thenc North 20° Eaft 

io6 Spelman Genealogy 

Six Rods and six feet thence weft 76 Rods to the 
highway thence South 12° weft Six Rods and three 
feet to the first mentioned Corner to Oliver Spel- 
man one of the Heirs of S'^ Defes<i Land Beginning 
at the Northweft Corner of the Land Set off to 
Hnldah Spelman thenc Eaft "j^ Rods thenc North 
20° East Six Rods and six feet thenc weft 76 Rods 
to the Highway thenc South 12° weft Six Rods and 
three feat to the firft mentioned Corner ; to David 
Spelman one of the Heirs to S"^ Defeas Land Be- 
ginning at the Northweft Corner of the Land Laid 
out to Oliver Spelman thence Eaft 76 Rods thence 
North 20° East Six Rods and Six feat thence weft 
^^6 Rods to the Highway thenc South 12° weft Six 
Rods and three feet to the first mentioned corner 
to Nathan Spelman one of the heirs to S^ Defeaf"^ 
Land Beginning at the Northweft Corner of the 
Land Laid out to David Spelman thenc Eaft 76 
Rods thenc North 20° Eaft Six Rods and Six feet 
thenc weft ^6 Rods to the high way thenc South 
12° weft Six Rods and three feet to the first men- 
tioned corner, 

"to John Spelman one of the Heirs to S<^ Defeas** 
Land Beginning at the Norweft Corner of the Land 
Laid out to Nathan Spelman and Running Eaft so 
far as to Contain the Remaining part of S^ Defeas^ 
Land Bounded South upon Nathan Spelman North 
on His own Land and weft on the Highway and 
to Contain the whole of said Defeas** Land Be it 
more or Lefs. 
"Granville May: 13: 1785 

"Jacob Bates 

David Parfons \ Diftributors 
Aaron Coe J 

"Oliver Spelman Administers Estate of Afael Spel- 

Debts £169-15-0 
19 Mar., 1776 

Estate finally settled 13 May, 1785" [Springfield 
Probate Office, Box, 139, No, 12]. 

14 ii Oliver, bap. 25 Feb,, 1738-9; m, (i) Jane Ball; (2) 

Mrs. Mercy Cornwell, 

15 iii John, b. 5 Mar,, 1740-1 ; m, Damaris Rose, 

iv Phineas, bap. 4 Mar,, 1743-4; d, probably before 
1769, as he is not mentioned in his father's will, 
made in that year. 

Second Generation 107 

16 V Nathan, bap. in June, 1746; m. Sybil Burt. 

17 vi David, bap. 3 Nov., 1754; ni. (i) Lucy Moore. 

18 vii Richard, bap, 1756; m. Huldah Foster. 

6 THOMAS' SPELMAN (Richard^) was born in Middle- 
town, Conn., 26 April, 1712 [Middletown Records] ; m. 28 
March, 1732-3, Sarah Hickox, b, in Durham, Conn,, 14 April, 
1 71 6, the daughter of Stephen and Ruth Hickox of Durham. 
[Durham Records.] She died in Granville, Mass., i May, 1801. 
[Granville tombstone.] Thomas Spelman died in East Gran- 
ville, Mass., 18 Sept., 1790, 

Very soon after his marriage Thomas Spelman moved from 
Middletown to Durham, where his wife's parents lived and where 
the young couple made their home for many years, eight of their 
twelve children being born there. Thomas was a stone cutter 
by trade, and doubtless cut many of the family tombstones which 
have so well endured the ravages of time, being still in good 
preservation. He had a good reputation for ability in his work, 
v.'hich local historians have mentioned. In addition to this busi- 
ness he w^as also an extensive trader in land, both in Connecticut 
and, later, in Granville, Mass., where he moved about 1750 or 
a little after. The first deed of which we have record is dated 
12 Jan., 1733-4, when he bought from Samuel Hinman, for £120, 
one and one-quarter acres and thirty-four rods of land in Dur- 
ham, [Durham Land Records.] This land adjoined the home- 
lot of Richard Spelman, brother of Thomas, who had also bought 
his land from Samuel Hinman and settled in Durham about 1730. 
On 22 March, 1734, John Camp sold to Thomas Spelman five 
and one-half acres in Durham, for £16-50-0; also, 18 Dec. of 
that same year, John Camp sold to Thomas Spelman and Noah 
Lyman, for iio, half an acre. The next record is of a transfer, 
16 Mar., 1738-9, from Curtis Fairchild of Durham to Thomas 
Spelman, of one and one-half acres for £6^. In April, 1739, 
two deeds are recorded which seem to indicate an even exchange 
of property between Thomas and his brother, Samuel, or else that 
Thomas bought the land from Samuel as a matter of convenience 
for a short time. Thus, on 2 April, 1739, Samuel Spelman of 
Middletown sold to Thomas Spelman of Durham, for £150, one 
piece of land with dwelling house thereon, bounded north by 
Richard Spelman's home lot ; twelve days later Thomas sold to 
brother, Samuel, one and one-quarter acres, thirty-four rods, with 
dwelling house thereon, bounded north by Richard Spelman's 
home lot, east on highway, south by S. Roberts, and west on 
highway; the price was £150 and the deed is dated 14 Apr., 1739. 
The various deeds are in the Durham Land Records. 

On 14 July, 1748, Thomas and Samuel Spelman bought from 
their father, Richard Spelman, the whole of his home-lot, with 

io8 Spelman Genealogy 

buildings, in Middletown, containing about five acres, for £300; 
the father and mother to have the use thereof during their natural 
Hves. [See deed above in sketch of Richard^ Spelman.] On that 
same day "Sam'l Spelman of Middletown ... of the Sum of 
Forty Five Pounds old tenor Bills Received ... of Thomas 
Spelman of Durham . . . County of New Haven . . . one 
certain piece of land ... in South Farms three Rodds [roods] 
and three Rods and bounded easterly on sd Thomas Spelmans 
own land westerly on Widow Mary Blake's land and northerly on 
my own land. 14 July 1748. Giles Hall Wm. Rockwell, wit." 
[Middletown Records, Vol. 12, p. 428.] Still another deed in 
connection with this home-lot of Richard Spelman, Senior, is 
recorded on the same day, viz. : "Consideration of exchange of 
land by deed of the date hear of ... Thomas Spelman of 
Durham unto sd Thomas Spelman by right title and Interest in 
and unto the Southern equal half of the Home lot that did belong 
to my Hon'''^ Father Richard Spelman Lying in the South Farm 
in sd Middletown containing in the whole about five acres more 
or less and sd southern half is bounded easterly on the highway 
westerly on sd Spelman's own land, northerly on my own 
land and southerly on land of widow Mary Blake 14 July 1748. 
Samuel Spelman" [Ibid, p. 430]. In addition to this Thomas 
Spelman bought from Robert Johnson, for £700 "old tenor bills," 
"one certain piece of land being my Present home lot lying on 
the west of the Conn. River in sd Middletown with a dwelling 
house and a barn standing thereon land contains 4 A. bounded 
E & N by Anthony Seizers land W by a highway and S on Ste- 
phen Blakes land or a Lammes way (?) 13 May, 1749" [Ibid, 
p. 521]. 29 Jan., 1749-50, Thomas Spelman sold to Thomas Can- 
field four acres "near tlie old grist mill, part of home lot except 
bam" for ii6o. [Ibid, Vol. 13, p. 327.] 

In these Middletown transactions Thomas is described as of 
Durham, but about this time there was quite an exodus of people 
from Connecticut to certain parts of Massachusetts, which were 
then being opened to colonization. Thomas Spelman seems to 
have caught the fever of speculation also, for the following year, 
1750, he began to buy land in Bedford, Mass., and to sell off 
some of his Middletown holdings. In these deeds he is described 
as of Middletown, while in a later deed, in 1752, he is said to be 
of Hartford, but whether he actually lived there or merely 
owned land, does not appear. It is evident, however, that he had 
left Durham, and he finally settled at Bedford, which later be- 
came Granville, where he died. His first purchase at Bedford is 
recorded in the following deed: 

"To all People to whom thefe Prefents shall come Greeting 
Know ye that I Daniel Edwards of Bedford in the County of 


Second Generation 109 

Hampshire and province of the Mafsachufetts Bay in New Eno^- 
land For the Consideration of five Hundred & Seventy pounds 
old Tenor Bills Received to my full satiffaction of Thomas Spel- 
man of Middletown in the County of Hartford and Collony of 
Connecticutt in new England Do Give Grant Bargain sell and 
confirm unto the said Thomas Spelman his Heirs and afsigns 
forever, one Hundred and fourteen acres of land lying in Bed- 
ford aforesaid, one Hundred acres whereof is bounded as fol- 
loweth, viz* beginning at the Northwest Corner of a five Hun- 
dred acres farm laid out to Henry Dwight Esq. Dec*^ and from 
thence running East one Hundred & Eighty rods south eighty 
nine rods to the first Station and the Remaining Fourteen acres 
adjoyns to s*^ Hundred acres and is bounded as follows viz* begin- 
ning at the South East Corner of Cap* James Church's land, and 
runing wefterly one Hundred and Eighty Rods (adjoyning to 
s^ Hundred acres) then Extending North so far as to make s^ 
fourteen acres. Then Easterly a line paralel to the line on the 
south side till it comes to the East side of s"^ Churches farm. 
Then to the first mentioned To Have and To Hold the above 
Granted and bargained premifses with the appurtenances thereof 
unto him the said Tho^ Spelman his Heirs and afsigns forever 
to his and their own proper use and Behoof And also I the said 
Daniel Edwards do for myself my Heirs Executors and Admin- 
iftrators Covenant with the said Tho^ Spelman his Heirs and 
afsigns that at and Untill the Enfealing of thefe prefents I am 
well seized of the Premifses as a good Indefeafible Eftate In fee 
Simple. And have good Right to Bargain and sell the same in 
manner and form as is above written and that the same is free of 
all Incumbrances whatfoever And Farthermore I the said Daniel 
Edwards do by these prefents bind myself and my Heirs forever 
to Warrant and Defend the above Granted and Bargained 
Premifses to him the said Thomas Spelman his Heirs and afsigns 
against all Claims and Demands whatfoever In Witnefs whereof 
I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Twenty third day of 
August In 24*^ year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George 
the second of Great Brittain &c King, .\nnoque Domini 1750. 

"Daniel Edwards" (seal) 
"Signed Sealed and Delivered 1 
In Prefence of Wm Rockwell > 
Seth Rockwell J 

"Middletown August 2y^ 1750 M' Daniel Edwards the Grantor 
acknowledged this Instrum* to be his free act & Deed. 

"Coram Jabez Hamlin Jus* Pac^. 

"Rec*^ Septem"" 12^^ 1750 & Recorded from ye Original." [Spring- 
field Deeds, Liber. S, p. 442.] 

no Spelman Genealogy 

On the same day that he bought the land in Bedford, 23 
Aug., 1750, Thomas Spelman sold to Daniel Edwards of Bedford, 
for £1072, "2 pieces land in South Farms ... i piece present 
home lot, 4 A. other part of home lot of honored Father Richard 
Spelman deceased containing 3 A. E by highway W & S by Wid 
Blakes N by Sam'l Spelman" [Middletown Deeds, Vol. 13, p. 
327.] Two days later he gave a quit-claim to Daniel Edwards 
for the last mentioned three acres of land. [Ibid, p. 474.) His 
next transaction was the sale of 30 acres of land at Coventry, 
Conn., with a dwelling house upon it. In this deed, which fol- 
lows, Thomas calls himself "of Hartford." 

"To all people to whom these prefents shall come Know ye 
yt I Thomas Spelman of Hartford in ye County of Hartford in 
ye Colony of Conecticut in New England for and in confidera- 
tion of ye Sum of Six Hundred fifty pounds in Money in old 
tenor Bills of ye publick Credit alrady payd to me in hand by 
Jofeph Larebe of Coventry in ye County of Windham and Colony 
aforesd ye Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge My self 
to be fully satisfied Contented and payd therefore I do acquit and 
discharge ye sd Jofeph Larebe his Heirs executors and admin- 
iftraters for ever by these prefents have granted bargained Sold 
Convayed and Confirmed and by these prefents do fully freely 
and abfolutely give grant bargain Sell Convay and Confirm unto 
ye sd Jofeph Larebe his Heirs & afsigns a Certain peice of Land, 
Lying and being in ye Townfhip of Coventry Lying a Cros a 
Brook Called bare swamp Brook Joyning upon Coventry Town 
Line and is butted and bounded as folows beginning at a stake 
and stons at ye mile and quarter Line Running Northward fifty 
six Rood and Six Links to a Stake & stons thence Runing West 
Ninty Rods to a Stake and Stons thence Running South six Rods 
& Six Links thence West Sixteen Rods thence South 12 Rods 
forteen Links to a stake and Stons thence East twenty three Rods 
thence South thirty seven Rods to ye Mile & quarter Line thence 
East in ye mile and quarter Line to ye first mentioned Bounds 
Containing 30 acres and three quarters with a Certain dweling 
Hous To Have and to hold ye above granted premifes with all 
ye apurtenances and privilidges to ye same belonging or any wife 
appertaining unto him ye sd Jofeph Larabe his heirs and afsigns 
for ever to his and there one proper use banefit and behoof for 
ever and I ye sd Thomas Spelman for me my heirs executors 
and administrators do promife and grant to and with ye sd 
Jofeph Larabe his heirs and asfigns yt before ye Signing hereof 
I am ye true sole & Lawfull owner of ye sd Described prem.ifes 
and am Lawfully pofest of ye Same in myne own Right as a 
good true Indefutable title of Inharetance in fe Simple and have 
good Right full power and Lawfull authority to Convay ye same 

Second Generation hi 

in manner above mentioned and yt sd Jofeph Larebe his heirs 
and afsigns Shall and may from time to time and at all time for 
ever hereafter by vertue of these prefents have hold use ocoopy 
poses and In joy ye sd premifes quietly & peicably and that ye 
Same is free and Gear from all Incombrances whatsoever fur- 
thermore ye sd Thomas Spelman for me my heirs executers ad- 
ministrators do by these prefents Ingage to warrant and defend 
ye above demifed ( ?) premifes to him ye sd Jofeph Larebe his 
heirs & afsigns against all ye Lawfull Claims or Demands of any 
perfon or perfons whatsoever in Witnes whereof I ye sd Thomas 
Spelman have hereunto set my hand and Seal this ye 21 day of 
Aprel Anno Donini one thoufand and feven hundred and fifty 

"Thomas Spelman (Seal) 

"Signed Sealed and Delivered in Prefents of us ] 
Samuel Roberfen [ 

John Stanley J 

"Coventry in Windham County April ye 21st A. D. 1752. Then 
Mr. Thomas Spelman ye signer & enfealer of ye aforegoing 
Inftrument perfonally appeared and acknowledge ye same to be 
his free and volentary act & Deed before me Joseph Strong Jnr. 
Justis of ye peice." [Coventry, Conn., Deeds, Vol. 4, p. 74.] 

We next find Thomas Spelman in Bedford, or Granville, 
Mass., where he pursued his trade of stone cutter and continued 
to deal in real estate. Before leaving Connecticut he sold to 
Thomas Canfield of Durham, for £173-3-0, fifty acres of the land 
in Bedford which he had bought of Daniel Edwards in 1750, 
"being s. w. corner of farm formerly belonging to Henry 
Dwight." [Springfield Deeds, Liber S, p. 443.] He afterwards 
sold another portion of this land to Aaron Spelman, as will be 
seen by the following deed. 

"To all People to whom thefe Prefents fhall come Greeting. 
Know Ye That I Thomas Spelman of Granville in the County of 
Hampfhire and Province of the Mafsachufsetts Bay in New 
England Stone Cutter For and in Consideration of the Sum of 
Ten Pounds Currant Money of the Province aforesaid, to me in 
Hand paid before the Enfealing hereof by Aaron Spelman of 
said Granville in the County and Province aforesaid Hufband 
man, the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself 
fully Satisfied, contented, and paid, Have given, granted, bar- 
gained, fold, aliened, releafed, conveyed and confirmed, and by 
thefe Presents do fully, clearly, and absolutely give, grant, bar- 
gain, fell, aliene, releafe, convey, and confirm unto him the faid 

Aaron Spelman his Heirs and afsigns forever a certain tract 

or parcel of land lying and being in Granville Containing Sixty 

112 Spelman Genealogy 

four acres be it more or lefs, Bounded as follows viz. — begin- 
ning at the Northwest Corner of a five Hundred acre farm laid 
out to Henry Dwight Esq. Dec^ and from thence North twelve 
rods and one half to a stake and stones thence the East one 
Hundred and Eighty rods to a Stake and Stones thence South 
till you butt upon Thomas Canfield's land that he purchafed of 
one Thomas Spelman, from thence running west on s^ Canfield's 
lands one Hundred and Eighty rods to a Chestnut tree from 
thence to first mentioned Corner. To Have and to hold the be- 
fore granted Premifes, with the appurtenances and Priviledges 
thereto belonging, to Him the faid Aaron Spelman his Heirs and 
Assigns to him and their own proper use. Benefit and Behoof 
forevermore. And I — the faid Thomas Spelman for myself and 

Heirs, Executors, Aaron Spelman his Heirs and Afsigns 

forever, That before and until the Enfealing hereof, I am, the 
true, sole proper and lawful Owner and pofsefsor of the before- 
granted Premises, with the Appurtenances and haveing my self 
good Right, full Power and lawful Authority to give, grant, 
bargain, sell, aliene, release, convey and confirm the fame as 
aforefaid ; and that free and clear, and freely and clearly. Exe- 
cuted, acquitted and difcharged of and from all former and other 
Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leafes, Mortgages, Wills, Intails, 
Joyntures, Doweries, Thirds, Executions and Incumbrances 
Whatfoever. And furthermore, I, the faid Thomas Spelman for 
myself, heirs. Executors, Administrators do hereby Covenant, 
Promife, Engage the before granted Premises with the Appur- 
tenances unto Him the faid Aaron Spelman his Heirs and 

Assigns forever to Warrant, Secure, Defend against the lawful 
Demands of any Perfon or Perfons whatfoever In Witnefs 
whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Eighteenth 
Day of April A. D. 1757 and the thirtieth year of His Majestie's 

"Thomas Spelman (Seal) 
"Signed Sealed and Delivered In Prefence of us 1 
John Rose >• 

Timothy Robinfon J 

"Westfield April 28th 1757 Thos. Spelman the Subscriber 
to the above written Inftrument perfonally appeared and ac- 
knowledged the fame to be his act and Deed. 

"Coram Israel Afhley Justice Pac* 
"Rec'd May 4th 1757 & Recorded from the Original by 

"Edward Pyncheon Register." 
[Springfield Deeds, Liber Z, p. 164.] 

When Richard Spelman, Senior, died in 1750, his widow, 
Alcey (French), took the long journey, — as it then was, — from 







umoryof •. ^■*; - 
■meyrmh 'M2 

■ ^*^Jx,as^s* 




Second Generation 113 

Middletown to Granville and made her home for the remainder 
of her days with her son, Thomas, where she died in 1767 at 
the age of ninety-three. Her tombstone was erected by her 
great-great-grandson, Emerson Davis Spelman, and is to be seen 
in the old cemetery at Granville, as are also those of Thomas 
Spelman and his wife, Sarah Hickox. They were both members 
of the Granville Church, having united with it by letter in 1756. 
Of Sarah Spelman, her pastor, the Rev. Timothy Mather Cooley, 
said that she was eminently pious, of a cheerful and energetic 
disposition, attending meeting with great punctuality. In his 
church records he has written the following entry: "1801. May 
3. Committed to dust Sarah Spelman. 85 yrs." 

The inscriptions upon the gravestones of Thomas and Sarah 
Spelman read : 

"In memory of "In Memory of Sarah 

Mr. Thomas Spelman The Wife of Thomas 

who died Sept. 8 Spelman who Died 

A D 1790 May i, 1801, aged 

in the 79 year of his Age." 86 years," 

Children [the first eight from the Durham Records, the 
last four from those of Granville] : 

19 i Aaron, b. 22 Jan., 1733; m., ist, Elizabeth Rose; 

2nd, Deborah (Barlow) Rose. 
Mary, b. 18 Aug., 1736 ; m. Ephraim Pelton. 
Daniel, b. 12 July, 1738; m. Mary Carpenter. 
Elizabeth, b. 14 July, 1740; m. Samuel Bancroft, Jr. 
Martha, b. 21 Mar., 1742; d. 16 June, 1761, of ma- 
lignant fever caught while assisting the Stow fam- 
ily, three members of which had died of the disease. 
Charles, b. 24 Dec, 1743 ; m. Lucina Kent. 
Stephen, b. 5 Dec, 1745 ; m. Deborah Rose. 
Sarah, b. 29 or 30 Jan., 1747-8 ; m. Joseph Coe. 
Eber (Hebor), b. 2'j Oct., 1753; m. Lucy Thrall. 
Timothy, b. 15 Jan., 1756-7; m. Hannah Hayes. 
Jesse, b. Jan., 1757-8; d. in 1774, from accidentally 
cutting himself with a scythe. 
28 xii Martha, 2nd, b. 8 Aug., 1762; m. Jonathan Tillotson. 

7 SAMUEU SPELMAN ( Richard') was b. in Middle- 
town, Conn., 15 Feb., 1716 [Middletown Town Records] ; m. 
Dinah Cook, — "Samuel Spelman of Middletown and Dinah 
Cook of Wallingford were joyned in Marriage Covenant Nov"" 
22'^ 1738" [Ibid, Vol. I, p. 105] ; died at Monmouth, N. J., 26 
June, 1778. Dinah Cook was born at Wallingford, and was the 
daughter of John and Abigail (Johnson) Cook. 

Samuel was the voungest child of Richard and Alcev 
















114 Spelman Genealogy 

(French) Spelman, and lived all his life, with the exception of 
the periods of his military service, upon the same ground where 
he was born at Middletown, his house adjoining that of his 
father. He was the soldier of the family, serving in the French 
and Indian colonial wars and also in the Revolution. We first 
find him as a Private in Capt. John Slapp's Company from Dur- 
ham, Conn., which enlisted in the pay of the Province of New 
York 4 July, 1755, for the expedition into Canada. He also 
served in the expedition against Nova Scotia. [Colonial Series, 
Vol, I, Colonial Muster Roll, State of New York, pp. 661, 695, 
699, 712, 731.] In 1756 he was a Private in Major Jehoshophat 
Star's Company, Col. Fletcher's Regt. [Mass. Archives, Muster 
Roll, Vol. 94, p. 296.] From 26 March to 22 Nov., 1758, he 
was a Private in the First Regt. [Conn, in the F. & I. Wars, 
p. 20.] When the storm of the Revolution broke, Samuel Spel- 
man enlisted for the whole period of the war. He served as Pri- 
vate in Capt. Stephen Hall's Company, Col. Heman Swift's 7th 
Regt., Conn. Line. [Conn, in the War of the Rev., pp. 226, 
501.] This regiment was raised i Jan., 1777, for the new Conti- 
nental Line, and was to continue through the war. It was re- 
cruited in Fairfield and the neighboring counties, and went into 
camp the following Sept. at Camp Peekskill ; under Gen. Mc- 
Dougal it was ordered to join Washington's army in Pennsyl- 
vania and took part in the battle fought at Germantown 4 Oct., 
1777. The regiment wintered at Valley Forge, going into active 
service again the following spring. On 28 June, 1778, the 
memorable battle of Monmouth was fought, but Samuel Spelman 
had no part in that great victory. Two days before the battle he 
died in camp, a victim of the intense heat which prevailed at that 
time, and to which so many of the men on both sides succumbed. 
The real estate transactions of Samuel Spelman are very nu- 
merous, covering a period, with few intermissions, from 1740 to 
1755, after which it is probable that his military service occupied 
his attention and time. The first deed of which we have record 
is dated 24 Feb., 1 740-1, when Samuel bought from his father, 
Richard Spelman, for the sum of £6, a small portion of the lat- 
ter's home-lot containing thirty rods. [See sketch of Richard* 
for full deed.] This was probably for the beginning of a home 
for himself. His next transaction in land was rather a strange 
one, in which he lost money twice. 26 Jan., 1742-3, he bought 
from Daniel Collms of Middletown, for the sum of £30, one acre 
and eighty-six rods of land, bounded east by land belonging to 
heirs of Richard Spelman, his brother. [Middletown Deeds, Vol. 
9, p. 310.] In 1744, he sold this same piece of land to James 
Brown, for £22-8-0 old tenor [Ibid, Vol. 10, p. 88], and, just one 
year later, 4 June, 1745, James Brown gave a quit-claim deed to 
Samuel Spelman for this same one acre and eighty-six rods, for 

Second Generation 115 

£19-19-0. [Ibid, p. 466.] 6 Nov., 1746, Samuel again bought a 
small piece of his father's home-lot, containing one rood, for the 
sum of iio old tenor. [See sketch of Richard^ for full deed.] 
The next day, 7 Nov., 1746, he bought from his brother, John, 
who had moved to Bedford, Mass., three roods of land in Mid- 
dletown. [Middletown Deeds, Vol. 11, p. 541.] Three months 
later, 2 Feb., 1747, Samuel again acquired a small piece of the 
paternal home-lot, which he eventually must have owned almost 
in its entirety. 

An abstract of the deed reads : "Know ye that I Richard 
Spelman of Middletown In the County of Hartford & Colony of 
Connecticutt In New England For the Consideration of the Sum 
of Seven Pounds old tenor Bills Rec'd to my full satisfaction of 
my son Sam'^ Spelman of the same Middletown . . . Do Give 
Grant Bargain Sell & Confirm unto the said Samuel Spelman 
his Heirs and assigns forever one Certain ... in the South 
farms with all the Buildings Standing thereon which land con- 
tains twelve rods, being four rods Long Easterly and Westerly 
and three rods wide and is bounded Easterly on a highway 
westerly northerly and southerly on my own Land and is the 
place where my dwelling house & the Dwelling house of my said 
son now stands and s^ land shall Lye so as well to Encompass the 
s*^ Buildings Hereby Reserveing for myself and for my wife the 
Improvement of s^ land and my own Dwelling house During our 
Natural Lives ... " The deed is signed "Richard Spelman" 
and witnessed by Giles Hall and Samuel Brown. [Ibid, Vol. 11, 
p. 239.] 

The following year, 14 July, 1748, the father sold out his 
remaining interest in his Middletown home-lot to his two sons, 
Thomas and Samuel, in equal parts, for £300, making the usual 
stipulation for the use of the home for himself and wife during 
their lives. The land involved in this transaction amounted to five 
acres in all. The same day Samuel sold to his brother, Thomas, 
the three roods of land which he had bought of his brother, John, 
Thomas giving him £45 for it [Ibid, Vol. 12, p. 428], and at the 
same time, by an exchange of land, Thomas also acquired Sam- 
uel's portion of the paternal home-lot just sold to them by their 
father. [Ibid, p. 430; see also sketch of Thomas" Spelman.] 
30 Sept., 1747, Moses Bidwell and wife, Dorothy, sold to Samuel 
Spelman, for £50, nine acres and eighteen rods. [Middletown 
Deeds, Vol. 12, p. 307.] About this time he also bought from 
Ebenezer Arnold of Haddam, a piece of land for £475. 14 Jan., 
1748-9, he bought from Moses Bidwell one acre of land, giving 
him £40 for it [Ibid, p. iii], and the following 19 May, 1749, 
he bought from Moses and Dorothy Bidwell four and one-half 
acres for £60. [Ibid, Vol. 13, p. 239.] The same day he sold to 
Dorothy Bidwell, for £40, one acre "adjoining Moses Bidwell's 

ii6 ' Spelman Genealogy 

land," which would seem to be the same acre he had previously 
bought from them, or adjoining it. [Ibid, p. 240.] On 26 July, 
1749, Jonathan Ward sold to Samuel Spelman, for £42, one acre 
and eight rods, "being 45 rods long bounded W. by sd Spelmans 
own land." [Ibid, Vol. 12, p. 201.] 14 Feb., 1749-50, he sold 
to Thomas Canfield of Durham, for £30-4-0, five acres, ten rods, 
situated in the South Farms and adjoining land already sold to 
Thomas Canfield. [Ibid, Vol. 13, p. 302.] Three months later, 
26 May, 1750, Thomas Canfield of Durham gave to Samuel Spel- 
man of Middletown, a quit-claim deed for nine and one-half acres 
and eight rods [Ibid, p. 468], and the same day Samuel sold to 
Thomas Canfield, for i6o, one and one-half acres situated in the 
South Farms. [Ibid, 320.] 7 June, 1750, he sold to Daniel Ed- 
wards of Bedford, Mass., for £25 one rood of the South Farms 
land [Ibid, p. 345], and the following August he sold three acres 
more at South Farms to Daniel Edwards for £570, this land 
adjoining a portion already sold to Daniel Edwards by Thomas 
Spelman, and containing a house and barn. [Ibid, p. 343.] On 
4 Sept., 1750, Thomas Canfield of Durham gave to Samuel Spel- 
man a quit-claim deed for £160 for four acres of land near the 
old grist mill, at the same time buying from Samuel one and one- 
half acres in the same vicinity for £80-4-0. [Ibid, p. 351.] 29 
Oct., 1750, Samuel Spelman sold to Daniel Edwards, for £100, 
one and one-quarter acres in the South Farms. [Ibid, p. 129.] 
18 June, 1752. he sold to Ebenezer Arnold of Haddam, for £825, 
four acres near the old grist mill. [Ibid, Vol. 15, p. 100.] 17 
June, 1752, he bought from Thomas Canfield, for £80, one and 
one-half acres adjoining Spelman's own land, [Ibid, Vol. 16, p. 
146.] 23 Oct., 1752, Jonathan Church of Bedford sold to Sam- 
uel Spelman a part of the estate of the late Daniel Edwards of 
South Farms for £445-10-8. [Middlesex Co. Deeds, Vol. 15, p. 
163.] 26 Feb., 1753, Samuel Spelman sold to Ebenezer Lucas, 
for £42, one acre and eight rods [Middletown deeds, Vol. 15, p. 
323]. 16 Apr., 1753, Thomas Canfield of Durham sold to Samuel 
Spelman of Middletown, for £200, a piece of land in South Farms 
bounded east by Samuel's own land [Ibid, p. 223, Middlesex 
Deeds]. 8 May, 1754, Joseph Harris sold to Samuel Spelman 
one acre in South Farms, for £60 [Middlesex Deeds, Vol. 16, p. 
59]. 6 June, 1754, Samuel Spelman sold to Amos Coleman, for 
£208, three acres of land in South Farms, "bounded E. by own 
land W & S by land of Widow Blake N by Samuel Spelmans 
and Jonathan Blakes land." [Middletown Deeds, Vol. 16, p. 
48.] On 8 August, following, he sold to Isaac Woodward one 
acre of land in South Farms, for £66 [Ibid, p. 61]. The next 
month, 13 Sept., 1754. he sold to Jonathan Arnold, for £18, one 
acre and one-half in South Farms [Ibid, p. 66]. 4 Dec, 1754, 
he sold to George Phillips, for £96, one and one-half acres in 

^ohit Rolk' 

Vnimili4. Land, 
;i7ii - 

- -' Norf/i 

Plan. of/iillB'a 

Afi<^(f/e^on/n. Conn 

of Sp el man 3 ^ others. 


Second Generation 117 

South Farms, "bounded W & S by land sold to Amos Coleman N 
by own land E by highway, with right to buy back in five months 
for £96, with mterest." [Ibid, p. 91.] 25 Jan., 1755, Samuel 
bpelman sold to Jonah Fletcher, for £800, six acres in South 
Farms, with house and barn, bounded E. by highway, W. and S 
by Widow Blake's land, and N. by Jonathan Blake. ' [Ibid Vol 
16, p. 119.] 

CnipREN [Middletown Town and Church Records] : 
i Samuel, b. 7 Jan., 1739-40. 

29 ii Sarah, b. 4 Mar., 1743 ; bap. 6 Mar., 1743 ; m. Sam- 

uel Bates, 
iii Elihu,_ b. 3 Nov., 1745 ; bap. 10 Nov., 1745 ; was a 
soldier in the French and Indian wars ; enlisted in 
Capt Scranton's Co., 10 May, 1760, dischd. 22 
Nov., 1760. [Conn. Men in the French and In- 
dian Wars.] 

30 iv Mary, b. 17 Jan., 1747-8 ; m. Solomon Moss. 

V Huldah, b. 21 Apr., 175 1; d. 10 May, following; bu- 
ried in Farmhill Cemetery, South Farms, Middle- 
town ; on her tombstone is the inscription: "O 
Huldah my child I mourning goe for thee." 



8 MARY' LUCAS (Mary= Spelman, Richard') was born in 
Middletown, Conn., in March, 1726-7 (Middletcwn Records) ; 
married, about 1746, Ephraim Norton of Durham, Conn., the 
son of John and Elizabeth Norton of that place. [History of 

Mary Lucas was the eldest child of William Lucas and Mary 
Spelman, and was baptized in the First Church in Middletown 
in March, 1726-7 [First Church Records]. Her husband, 
Ephraim Norton, was baptized in Durham 27 Aug., 1721 [His- 
tory of Durham] , and was a descendant of Thomas Norton, one 
of the first settlers of Guilford, Conn. Ephraim and Mary 
"owned the covenant" at Durham 11 Dec, 1748 [Ibid], at which 
time it is probable that they presented their first child, Charles, 
for baptism. They continued to reside in Durham till 1756, when 
their third child was born there, but where they afterwards lived 
is not certain. They may have gone to Wrentham, Mass., from 
which town Ephraim Norton enlisted as a Private in Capt. Sam- 
uel Cowell's Company, Col. L. Robinson's Regt. 29 Jan., 1776, 
serving two months and four days [Mass. Soldiers and Sailors 
in the Rev., Vol. 11, p. 529]. In 1752 Ephraim Norton received 
a gift from his father of half the latter's farm at Durham as fol- 
lows : "18 June 1752. I John Norton in consideration of that 
Love & affection that I have and do have toward my son 
Ephraim Norton of Durham . . . one half of my dwelling 
house and one half of my farm where I now dwell on the west 
side of the swamp of Durham the one half containeth about forty 
acres." The witnesses were "Tohn Brownson, James Wads- 

Children, born in Durham [History of Durham] : 

31 i Charles Norton, b. 8 Dec, 1748; m. Elizabeth . 

ii Elizabeth Norton, b. 19 June, 175 1 ; bap. 23 June, 

iii Mindwell Norton, b. 21 Oct., 1756; bap. 14 Nov., 


9 WILLIAM' LUCAS (Mary' Spelman, Richard') was 
born in Middletown, Conn., 6 Jan., 1728-9, and baptized there 
12 Jan., 1728-9 [Middletown Town and First Church Records]. 
He married there, about 1753, his cousin, Tryphena Jones, whose 


122 Spelman Genealogy 

mother was a Lucas. She was born in 1729, and died in 1826 
at Lansing. Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

William Lucas was a Revolutionary soldier, serving four 
years. He enlisted as a Private, 5 May, 1775, ^" Capt. John 
Meig's Company, 2nd Conn. Regt., Col. John Spencer, taking 
part in Arnold's Quebec Expedition. From this he was discharged 

31 Oct., 1775. [New York in the Revolution, Supplement.] He 
next enlisted for three years 31 May, 1777, as a Private in Capt. 
Parkin's Company, 6th Regt., Conn. Line, Col. William Douglas. 
[Connecticut Men in the Revolution.] His name is mentioned 
in a list of Levies serving in 1780 in the 8th Regt. [Ibid.] He 
was taken prisoner of war 7 June, 1779, and during the winter 
of 1 780- 1 was confined in the old Sugar House in New York. 
He obtained his discharge 31 Jan., 1781. [New York in the 
Revolution. Supplement.] 

Little is known of the life of William Lucas and his family. 
They seem to have lived at Branford, Conn., in the early years 
of their married life, and then to have moved to Durham, Conn., 
where three of the children, Samuel, Timothy, and Tryphena, 
were baptized on i Sept., 1765. [History of Durham.] At his 
death the inventory of his estate amounted to £102-14-0. 
, Children [baptisms taken from History of Durham] : 

i Samuel Lucas, b. 1754; bap. i Sept., 1765; m. Lucy 
Starr ; no ch. He was a Revolutionary soldier, en- 
listing for the entire war in Capt. Parker's Com- 
pany, 31 Jan., 1777; appears as Corporal on Mus- 
ter Roll 18 June, 1778, and as Sergeant i Jan., 
1780. [Conn. Men in the Rev., p. 212.] 
ii Timothy Lucas, bap. i Sept., 1765 ; d. in Revolu- 
tionary service on board the privateer Royally. 

32 iii William Lucas, b. 11 Apr., 1760; m. Jane BroMm. 

iv Tryphena Lucas, b. 1763; bap. i Sept., 1765; d. 20 
Dec, 1766. 

V Olive Lucas, b. 1766; bap. 11 May, 1766; m. Jona- 
than Chapin ; d. in Lansing, N. Y., about 1846 ; 
had ch. 

vi Joel, b. June, 1768; bap. 14 Aug., 1768; d. 29 Oct., 

vii Joel Lucas, bap. July, 1771; m. Betsev Wicks; d. in 

Union Co., N. _Y. 
viii Polly Lucas, d. in Lansing, N. Y., unm., aged over 

10 RICHARD' LUCAS (Mary' Spelman, Richard') was 
bom in Middletown, Conn., 6 Nov., 1730 [Middletown Records] ; 
married Ci) 28 Dec. 1758, Sarah Darrow of Branford, Conn., 
bom 1744, died 24 Dec, 1778; (2) 10 Jan., 1780, Hannah 

Third Generation 123 

(Royce) Boardman of Wallingford, Conn., widow of Josiah 
Boardman. She survived Richard Lucas and Hved to the age of 
ninetv-nine vears and six months. Richard Lucas died in Oct., 

During the French and Indian wars, Richard Lucas enHsted 
in 1758 under Capt. Gaylord, 6th Co., ist Regt., serving from 29 
Mar. to 17 Nov. [French and Indian War Rolls, Vol. 2, p. 18] ; 
under Col. Whitney 15 Apr., 1759 to 4 Dec, 1761 [Ibid, pp. 127, 
273] ; and in 1762 from 22 Mar. to 18 Dec, under Capt. Hurlihy, 
6th Co., 1st Regt. [Ibid, p. 308]. He moved from place to place 
in Connecticut, never living many years in the same town. At 
various times he lived at Westfield in Middletown, Simsbury, 
North Guilford, Black Rock, Durham, and East Haven. He died 
at Westfield, Middletown. On 29 Mar., 1790, James Pandee of 
East Haven, transferred six acres of land in East Haven to 
Richard Lucas of Durham bounded west by highway, north by 
Enos Hemminway. east by river, and south by Timothy An- 
drew's land. At his death the inventory of his estate amounted 
to $609.02, of which his widow, Hannah, received one-third as 
dower, the remainder being equally divided among the eight chil- 
dren. The appraisement was taken 26 Jan., 1807. 
Children [births from a family record] : 
By first wife : 

i Edmund Lucas, b. 13 Oct., 1760, at Branford, Conn.; 
Revolutionary soldier; substituted May, 1777, Capt. 
Child's Co., Col. Well's Regt. Militia, discgd. i 
Aug., 1777; at Bennington, Vt. ; volun. 1778, Capt. 
Nathan Rowley's Co., Col. Jacob's Regt., discgd. 
2 Jan., 1779, at Freetown, R. I., served four and a 
half mos. ; volun. 1779, Capt. Clapp's Co., Col. Cha- 
pin's Regt.; volun. 1781, Capt. Saml. Thrall's Co., 
Col. Wyllys' Regt. ; was in battle when Col. Butler 
was killed; discgd. last of Nov., 1779; pension al- 
lowed for eight mos., twenty-nine days, 20 Oct., 
1834; d. 21 Feb., 1837. 
ii Asahel. or Asa Lucas, b. 22 Sept., 1762; Revolution- 
ary soldier : enlisted from Westfield when but 
eighteen years of age [Westfield Receipt dated 11 
July, 1780, £12 for six mos. service in Cont. 
Army] ; Private in Capt. Benj. Warren's Co., Lt. 
Col. John Brook's Regt, muster roll dated Apr., 
1781, West Point; discgd. 20 Feb., 1782, age 20, 
stature 5 ft. 6 in., complexion dark, hair dark, 
occupation weaver, birthplace Middletown, res. 
Westfield, enl. 26 Mar., 1781, 3 yrs. ; Private 5th 
Co., entries dated 17 Oct. and 2y Dec, 1783; was 
living in Dorset, Vt., in 1833. 

124 Spelman Geneialogy 

iii Amaziah Lucas, b. at Durham 20 July, 1764; Revo- 
lutionary soldier; substituted July, 1779, as Private 
in Capt. Jos. Clapp's Co., Col. Israel Chapin's 3rd 
Regt., two mos. ; enl. in same 16 Oct., 1779, serv. 
one mo., 12 days at Claverack, including 5 days 
(100 miles) travel home; enl. 13 July, 1780, and 
served three mos. in Capt. Ebenezer Sheldon's Co., 
Col. Seth Murray's Regt. mentioned in list dated 
Northampton, 14 Sept., 1780 men detached from 
Col. Israel Chapin's 2nd Hampshire Co. Regt., 
term 3 mos.; enl. Aug., 1781. Capt. E. B. Strong's 
Co., Col. Barnabas Lear's Regt., 3 mos. [Mass. 
Soldiers and Sailors in the Rev., Vol. 10, p. 2.] 
In a pension claim of Amaziah Lucas, "Levi 
Spelman testifies that he lives in Granville, Mass., 
that in the year CornwaUis was captured (1781) 
he served as Private in Capt. Samuel Thrall's Co., 
and was discharged at Ft. Herkimer, N. Y." The 
Pensioner resided in New Haven, Conn., 1832. In 
1834 he lived near Utica. N. Y. 

iv Sally Lucas, b. 24 Feb., 1766-7; bap. i Mar., 1767. 

V Stephen Lucas, b. 9 Apr., 1768. 

vi Rosalinda Lucas, b. 10 Mar., 1771-2. 

vii Lecta Lucas, b. 2 July, 1773; d. 15 Nov., 1795. 
viii Rufus Lucas, b. 3 Dec, 1776. 
By second wife : 

ix Huldah Lucas, b. 22 June, 1781. 

11 HULDAff SPELMAN (Richard^ Richard^) was born 
in Durham, Conn., 9 July, 1732 [History of Durham]. She 
married, ist, Abner Newton, son of Burwell Newton; and, 2nd, 
21 Oct., 1763, Lemuel MoflFet, who was made a freeman of Dur- 
ham 16 Sept., 1777 [History of Durham]. She died 5 July, 1779. 

Children : 

i Martha Newton, b. 16 Oct., 1749; bap. 5 Nov., 1749. 
ii Amy Newton, bap. 3 Feb., 1754. 
iii Cyrus Newton, bap. 8 Feb., 1756. 

12 AMY" SPELMAN (Richard', Richard') was born in 
Durham, Conn., 3 July, 1734; married in 1753 Capt. James Rob- 
inson ; died 8 Nov., 1805. 

Amy (Spelman) Robinson was a typical New England wife 
and mother, combining much of that Spartan fortitude with sub- 
mission to the Divine Will which are found so often in the his- 
tory of our Puritan grandmothers. She was the devoted mother 
of twelve children, eight of whom married and left descendants. 
Her grandchildren numbered fifty-nine, and their numerous de- 

Third Generation 125 

scendants have spread throughout the New England and Middle 
States. When her youngest son, Charles, was less than one year 
old, her husband was called to serve his country in the struggle 
for independence. With that courage which characterized so 
many of her sex at that time, she addressed herself to the care of 
her numerous family of little ones during his absence, finding 
valuable assistance in this from her eldest son, Joel, who had 
married at the age of twenty-one. Capt. Robinson was spared 
to return to his home, and together they passed the remainder 
of their lives at Durham. Mrs. Robinson died at the age of 
sixty-one years, beloved and respected by the entire community. 
On her tombstone in the Old Burying Ground at Durham is the 
following inscription : "Leaving numerous offspring to imitate 
her peculiar example of virtue and parental affection." 

Capt. James Robinson, son of David and Rebecca (Miller) 
Robinson, was born at Durham 10 June, 1741, his parents being 
among the first settlers of that town. His grandfather, Thomas 
Robinson, the Immigrant, settled in Hartford, Conn., in 1640. 
With his wife, Amy, he was received into the church of the Rev. 
M. Goodrich, the grandfather of "Peter Parley" (Samuel Good- 
rich). His first service in the Revolutionary Army was in 1776, 
when he served as Lieutenant in Col. James Wadsworth's Brig- 
ade, from Durham, 7 days [Conn. Men in the Revolution]. In 
1777 he was made Captain in loth Militia Regt., under Col. In- 
crease Moseley [Ibid] ; later he was Captain in Col. Thaddeus 
Cook's Co.. 2nd Battalion [Ibid]. His war service was from 
1776 to 1778. He died at Durham 3 Apr., 1806. His tombstone 
stands beside that of his wife in the old cemetery and bears the 
inscription: "His attachment to his country and correctness of 
judgment rendered him for a long time a very useful member 
of Society." 

Children [Durham Records and tombstones in old ceme- 
tery] : 

33 i Joel Robinson, b. 2 May, 1753: m. Hannah Wilcox. 

34 ii Ebenezer Robinson, b. 3 Oct., 1754; m. Hannah Aus- 

iii James Robinson, b. 16 Nov., 1756; d. 8 Dec, 1756. 

35 iv John Robinson, b. 30 Nov., 1757; m. Elizabeth Fran- 

V Amy Robinson, bap. 11 May, 1760; d. 3 May, 1762. 
vi Submit Robinson, b. 26 March, 1762; d. same day. 

36 vii James Robinson, b. i May, 1763; m. Thankful Dim- 


37 viii Content Robinson, b. 9 June, 1767; m. Samuel Rob- 

inson, Jr. 

38 ix Nathan Robinson, b. 23 Oct., 1769; m. (i) Patty 

Dimick ; (2) Ann Kellogg. 

126 Spelman Genealogy 

X Richard Robinson, b. ii Nov., 1771 ; d. 15 Sept., 


39 xi Richard Robinson, b. 15 Dec, 1773; m. (i) Tabitha 

Arnold; (2) Cynthia Parmalee. 

40 xii Charles Robinson, b. 24 Mar., 1776; m. Concurrence 

xiii "A Still born Daughter." 

13 PHINEAS' SPELMAN (Richard% Richard') was 
born in Durham, Conn., 7 Feb., 1736; married Elizabeth Gris- 
wold, born 2 July, 1736, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Gris- 
wold. Phineas died at Durham 31 Dec, 1783. Elizabeth died 4 
June, 1801 [History of Durham]. 

The local history and Town Records of Durham bear wit- 
ness that Phineas Spelman was a leading man in the town. He 
and his wife, Elizabeth, united with the Congregational Church 
there 16 Feb., 1755, one month before the birth of their first 
child. In Nov., 1766, he recovered judgment against one John 
Jones of Durham for a debt of £5-8-9, with costs [Durham Town 
Records]. On 21 Jan., 1768, he gave a quit claim deed for some 
land in Middletown to Lemuel Mofntt, for £11-1-0, the land be- 
ing bounded south by the Haddam line. This Lemuel Moffitt 
was the second husband of Phineas' sister, Huldah. 

After the second Continental Congress at Philadelphia, 5 
Sept., 1774, an association was formed to oppose the encroach- 
ments of the British Government upon the rights of several col- 
onies. In view of this, a town meeting was held in Durham 17 
Nov., 1774, at which it was voted that "Mr. Phineas Spelman, 
Elnathan Camp and Elias Camp be a committee to receive all 
such contributions as shall be voluntarily ofifered by any of the 
inhabitants of that town, for the relief and support of the poor 
of the town of Boston, suffering under the oppressive Port Bill 
(so called), passed by Lord George Second, King." Phineas 
Spelman was one of the first in Durham to take the "Oath of 
Fidelity" to the State of Connecticut, 28 Aug., 1777. He was also 
one of a committee chosen by the voters of the town of Durham, 
16 Sept., 1777, to divide the salt belonging to the town '"to each 
family in Durham in proportion to the numbers of souls which 
division shall be made on the 15th day of December, 1777" [His- 
tory of Durham, p. 143]. In 1779 he was chosen Representative 
to the General Assembly of Connecticut. 

At the corner of Main Street and Quarry Hill Road, Dur- 
ham, just south of the present Congregational Church, there still 
stands a quaint, though partly modern, house. This was, nearly 
one hundred and fifty years ago, the then famous "Spelman 
Hotel," kept for a number of years by Phineas and Sherman 
Spelman. Research has failed to reveal the identity of this Sher- 


Third Generation 127 

man Spelman [See note in sketch of Richard' Spelman, father of 
Phineas]. The land upon which it stands was bought of Theo- 
phihis Morrison in 1738 by Richard Spelman, father of Phineas, 
and the hotel was built by him. Situated upon the post-road, it 
is said that no less than six lines of stages from Boston to New 
•Haven and New York pass its doors, making it one of the 
famous hostelries along the King's Highway. The original 
house is still intact, and must have been a quaint and interesting 
relic of those early days before the two wings were added to it. 
After the death of Phineas it was occupied by his widow and two 
daughters, passing from them into the possession of Daniel 
Bates, and from him to his son-in-law, Parsons Coe, who re- 
modeled it, putting clap-boards instead of bricks on the outside 
of the lower story, and changing the gambrel into a peak roof. 
It would form a unique gathering place for a reunion of the 
Spelman family. 

In the old Cemetery at Durham is still to be seen the tomb- 
stone of Phineas Spelman, bearing this tribute to his character: 
"In memory of Mr. Phineas Spelman, who fell a victim of the 
small pox, Dec. 31, 1783, aged 47 years. He was a kind husband 
and an affectionate parent. His disposition was benevolent, his 
life useful, and his death lamented." 

Phineas Spelman's will, which was probated 2 Feb., 1784, 
appoints his wife, Elizabeth, executrix, and gives her "the use 
and improvement of one-third of the real estate during her life," 
as well as one-third of the personal estate after payment of just 
debts. It also states that, having already advanced £100 to his 
son, Richard, and the same sum towards the education of Robert, 
he gives iioo each to his sons, Nathan and Elizur ; £50 each to 
his daughters, Hannah and Ann, and £75 to Elizabeth. The 
residue of the estate to be divided among his four sons. If Rob- 
ert's share of the personal estate should not be enough to com- 
plete his education at college, his executor is to see that he is 
given sufficient for this. The will was signed 13 Dec, 1783. 
The widow, Elizabeth, gave bond 6 Apr., 1789, as guardian to 
Elizabeth. Nathan and Elizur Spelman, heirs to the estate of 
Phineas Spelman, and all minors. The estate was appraised at 
various times, up to i May, 1794, and consisted of windmill with 
appurtenances, £140; 44 acres of land, £128-10-0; barn on said 
land, parson's house and barn with ^ acre land; ij,^ acres ad- 
joining parson's lot; meadow land in swamp, consisting of 4 
acres, 20 rods; a piece of land lying at the great hill, 25 acres; 
land adjoining dwelling house belonging to heirs of Phineas Spel- 
man ; and land lying under the store and kitchen. The whole 
valued at $7,000, a large sum for those days. 

On 2 Aug., 1791, Mrs. Elizabeth Spelman sold to Abiatha 
Crane a parcel of land belonging to the heirs of Phineas Spel- 

128 Spelman Genealogy 

man and John Fairchild. She survived her husband eighteen 
years, during the first ten years of which she and her daughters 
continued to keep the Spelman Hotel. It seems to have been 
closed about 1793 by the town authorities, who deemed it super- 
fluous, judging from the following record: "29 Feb., 1793. 
Voted that in the opinion of this Town three Taverns are abun- 
dantly sufficient to entertain all Travailors passing thro' or com- 
ing into the Town on Business and whereas the unnecessary 
increase of taverns have a Tendency to promote Tavern haunting, 
occasion mispence of Time and Corrupt the Morals of People- 
Voted as the opinion of this Town that licensing of Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Spelman to keep Tavern in Durham the year ensuing will be 
unnecessary to accommodate Travailers and detrimental to the 
good order and INIorals of the inhabitants." 

Mrs. Elizabeth Spelman made her will in 1799, two years 
before her death, which occurred in 1801. In it she states that, 
having already bestowed all her moveable estate upon her two 
daughters, Ann Belknap and Elizabeth Spelman, and that 
whereas the legacy to her daughter, Ann, from her father's es- 
tate, had never been paid, she gives her one piece of land ; also 
to her two daughters, Ann and Elizabeth, one piece of land com- 
monly called the Kelsey lot, six and one-half acres, to be equally 
divided between them. And whereas her sons were provided for 
in their father's will, she gives them and to the heirs of her 
daughter, Hannah Francis, viz., Phineas T. and Polly Francis, 
a small remembrance of two dollars each. Dated 25 Oct., 1799. 
Children [History of Durham] : 

Hannah, b. 26 March, 1755 ; m. Ichabod Francis. 

Ann, b. 27 Jan., 1757 ; m. Ebenezer Belknap. 

Richard, Id. 3 Dec, 1758; m. Rhoda Camp. 

Robert, b. 7 Feb., 1767; m. Elizabeth Lloyd. 

Elizabeth, b. 13 May, 1774; m. in Durham 

Lane of North Killingworth, Conn. ; no children. 
45 vi Nathan, b. 23 Sept., 1777; m. Jemima Wilcox [Fam- 

ily Bible], 
vii Elizur, b. 7 Aug., 1780; d. unm., Oct., 1807. 

14 OLIVER' SPELMAN (John=, Richard^) was baptized 
in Durham, Conn., 25 Feb., 1738 [Durham Records] ; died at 
West Granville, Mass., sometime prior to 1816; married in West 
Granville 7 Oct., 1762, Jane Ball ; at her death he married again, 
14 Nov., 1797, Mrs. Mercy Cornwell, who, after his death mar- 
ried, before 25 Oct., 1816, Deacon Elihu Adkins. 

When Oliver Spelman was about twelve years of age his 
parents moved from Durham, Conn., to West Granville, Mass., 
where the remainder of his life was spent. When but twenty-two 
vears old he enlisted for service in the Colonial wars, as the fol- 










Third Generation 129 

lowing records show. In 1760 his name is on a return of men 
enlisted for his Majesty's service for the reduction of Canada, 
reported mustered 12 March [Mass. Archives, Vol. 97, p. 5], 
Also on a muster roll dated i Feb., 1761, Capt. Trustrum Davis' 
Co., "Centinal," res. Springfield, entered service 5 Mar., 1760, 
served until 25 Nov., 1760 [Ibid. Vol. 98, p. 271]. In 1777 we 
find Oliver Spelman as Sergeant in Capt. Aaron Coe's Co., Col, 
John Moseley's Regt., Hampshire County Militia; marched on 
alarm by Gen. Gates to reinforce the Northern Army, 21 Sept., 
1777 [Mass. Archives of the Revolution, Various Services, Vol. 
18, pp. 42-61]. 

About four years later the records of the Granville church, 
kept by Rev. T. M. Cooley, bear witness that "Jane Spelman and 
Oliver Spelman signed the Church Covenant, 19 Nov, 1781" 
and that "Oliver Spelman was appointed one of a Committee of 
Three to assist the Pastor in inspecting the state of ye flock." 
It was at this time also that he began to make extensive pur- 
chases of land in Granville, the land deeds showing that he owned 
over two hundred acres of farm land in Granville, a goodly hold- 
ing for those days. On 8 Jan., 1781, Oliver Phelps of Gran- 
ville, "for a just sum," sold to Oliver Spelman thirty-seven acres 
and fifty rods, "part of the Boylston Farm" [Springfield, Mass., 
Registry of Deeds, Warrenty Deeds, Book 19, p. 17]. 11 Apr., 
1783, John Jenkins of Providence, R. I., administrator of Robert 
Jenkins of Boston, for £26-14-0 sold to Oliver Spelman of Gran- 
ville, one hundred and seventy-eight acres, thirty-eight of which 
was "on Jesse Munson's and the Mill River" [Ibid, Book 22, p. 
552]. 25 April, 1782, Ohel Coe of Durham, Conn., "yeoman," 
for £8, sold to Oliver Spelman of Granville, "yeoman, 25 acres in 
Granville, being part of Sam'll Hathaway's & Jon^ Worthington's 
farm in north west part of said town, & lies in common & undi- 
vided with Sam'll & Jo^ Coe of Granville." 

We have no record of the death of Jane (Ball) Spelman, 
but the banns for the second marriage of Oliver are as follows: 
"This may certify that the Banns of Matrimony between Mr. 
Oliver Spelman and Mrs. Mercy Cornwell were this day made 
Publick, Oct. 22, 1797, the above named were married by Josiah 
Harvey, Esq. Attested by Jon^ Phelps. Town Clerk." Neither 
do we know the date of Oliver's death, but from the town records 
we find that his widow, Mrs. Mercy Spelman, married for the 
third time 25 Oct., 1816. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

By first wife : 
46 i Orpha, m. Anson Fairchild. 

ii Reuben, bap. 1764; m. Sarah Robinson; d. 4 July, 
1823. He was a Revolutionary soldier, serving in 
Capt. Benj. Barnes' Co., Col. Moseley's Hampshire 

130 Spelman Genealogy 

Co. Regt., 12 June to 17 June, 1782, six days, 
marched to quell the mob at Northampton [Mass. 
Archives, Various Services, Vol. 17, p. 30]. In 
1793 his wife inherited from her father, Joel Robin- 
son, Reuben Spelman being also mentioned in a 
hst of the heirs [Vol. 35. p. 212]. 28 Nov., 1797, 
Reuben Spelman purchased eleven acres in the 
Middle Parish. Granville, on the Oliver Spelman 
and Boylston Farm, owned and sold by Thaddeus 
and Huldah Keyes of New Marlboro, Mass., for 
$230 [Book 70, p. 390]. 17 Sept., 1808, Eleazer 
Pomeroy of Granville sold to Reuben Spelman and 
Sarah, his wife, twelve acres bounded by the 
grantee's land, for $360 [Book 70, p. 353]. In 
connection with this sale is recorded the right to 
Reuben and his wife, or the longest liver of the 
two, to cut fire wood, family lumber, for building 
and fencing and for repair of fence between the 
two properties [Vol. 67, p. 601]. i Oct., 1818, 
Reuben Hill gave a quit claim deed to Reuben and 
Sarah Spelman of twenty-six and one half acres, 
for $300 [Vol. 65, p. 598]. Reuben Spelman left 
no children; his will, made in Apr., 1822, and pro- 
bated in Aug., 1823, witnessed by his cousin, Rod- 
erick Spelman, named as his heirs his widow, Sarah 
Spelman ; his sister, Mrs. Orpha Fairchild, who had 
been left a widow eight years before with a large 
family to support ; and Samuel and Sally Curtiss. 
The Spelman and Robinson families have intermar- 
ried many times. 

iii Susannah, b. 14 Mar., 1768. 
By second wife : 

iv A son, b. 19 March, 1799; died same day. 

15 JOHN' SPELMAN (John=, Richard') was born in 
Durham, Conn., 5 Mar., 1 740-1, and baptized three days later 
[Family Bible and Durham Records]. He married in West 
Granville, Mass., 14 June, 1764, Damaris Rose [Family Bible]. 
Damaris Rose was born in Granville, Mass., 8 Mar., 1747, and 
was the daughter of John and Ruth (Holcomb) Rose [Gran- 
ville Town Records]. She died 11 Sept., 1814 [Family Bible]. 
John Spelman died 22 Sept., 1826 [Family Bible]. 

He moved from Durham to West Granville with his parents 
when quite a lad. He followed the occupation of a farmer, and 
owned considerable land in that place. The first transaction of 
which we have record is dated 8 May, 1772, when "John Spel- 
man of Granville, yeoman," sold to Aaron Coe of that place, for 

Third Generation 131 

£38, nineteen acres and twenty rods, "bounded on Benjamin Dol- 
bear's and David John and Richard Spelman's lands" [Spring- 
field Records, Vol. 11, p. 515]. On 14 May, 1772, he purchased 
from his brother, Asahel, five and three-quarter acres of land 
which the latter had from his father, John Spelman ; price £73 ; 
the land being bounded by John Bates, Benjamin Meeker's and 
the Dolbear farms [Ibid, Hampshire Deeds, Vol. 25, p. 664]. 
He next bought two small parcels of land from his brother, 
Richard, for £53 [Ibid, p. 658]. Twelve years later he pur- 
chased, 17 June, 1784, sixty- four and three-quarter acres of land 
from John Cornwell, yeoman, of Granville, for £165 ; bounded by 
land of Daniel Rose, Jr., John McNeill, Lt. Jacob Bates and his 
brother, Oliver Spelman, and was the land given to the grantor 
by his father, John Cornwell [Ibid, p. 667]. 

John Spelman has also a Revolutionary record, having 
served as Corporal in Capt. Wm. Cooley's Co.. Col. John Mose- 
ley's Regt. He first enlisted 23 Sept., 1776, and served one 
month and twenty-two days, muster roll dated from North Castle 
[Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Rev., Vol. 14, p. 714]. He 
also served in the same Co. and Regt. 17 Aug.. 1777, four days, 
marched on alarm from Bennington [Ibid, p. 714] ; and again as 
Corporal in Capt. Aaron Coe's Co., of same Regt., 21 Sept., 
1777, marched on alarm by order of Gen. Gates to reinforce the 
Northern Army, service, one mo., three days, roll dated North 
Castle [Ibid, p. 714]. 

Children, all born in West Granville [births recorded in 
Family Bible] : 

47 i Levi, b. 18 June, 1765; m. Salome Grossman, 

ii Eliakim, b. 6 Aug., 1767; d. 2 May, 1774. 

John, b. 7 May, 1769; m. Lucy Moore. 

Amy, b. 26 March, 1771 ; m. Luther Merry. 

Ruth, b. 24 March, 1773 ; m. Moses Tibbals. 

Jane, b. 29 April, 1775 ; m. John Dewey. 

Phineas, b. 20 June, 1777; m. Phoebe Smith. 

Luther, b. 27 July, 1779; m. Anna Vail. 

Calvin, b. 13 July, 1782; m. Catherine Stewart, 

16 NATHAN' SPELMAN (John% Richard') was baptized 
in Durham, Conn., 3 or 8 June, 1746 [History of Durham, p. 
286] ; died in Sandisfield, Mass., in 1824; married Sybil Burt, 
daughter of James and Margaret Burt, who survived him. 

Our knowledge of Nathan Spelman is very meagre. He fol- 
lowed the calling of a farmer, being entered in the Springfield 
Records as "Nathan Spelman Yeoman & Cybell his wife of 
Sandisfield, Berkshire Co." [Springfield Records. Vol. 37, p. 
341]. In 1793 Sybil Spelman inherited the estate of her parents, 
as appears by the following entry: "Sybil, wife of Nathan Spel- 















132 Spelman Genealogy 

man heir of estate of James Burt late of Granville and Margaret 
Burt his wife, 1793" [Ibid, p. 298]. 

When about thirty-one years of age, Nathan Spelman en- 
rolled his name among the defenders of his country in the war of 
the Revolution, having the following honorable record : Private 
in Capt. Elijah Denning's Co., Col. Ashley's Berkshire Co. Regt. ; 
entered service 26 April, 1777, discharged 20 May, 1777; service 
25 days at Ticonderoga ; Co. called out by Gen. Gates and ordered 
to Saratoga. Also, Private in same Co. and Regt., 8 July, 1777. 
to 19 July; service 12 days; Co. called out by Maj. Gen. Schuy- 
ler and ordered to march to Fort Edward. 

Nathan Spelman and his wife joined the Congregational 
Church at Sandisfield, Mass., 12 Sept., 1790, and presented four 
of their children, Nathan, James, Nancy, and Sybil, for baptism 
there, 24 July, 1791. He made his will and signed it 22 Aug., 
1818, six years before he died. It was probated 5 Oct., 1824. 
By it we see that during his life he gave to each of his children 
gifts of either money or land, — to the daughters as marriage por- 
tions, and to his sons to start in business or make a home for 
themselves. His daughter, Mrs. Sybil More, must have died be- 
tween 1818 and 1824, as her father bequeaths money to her in 
his will, while neither she nor any children of hers are mentioned 
in the list of those inheriting in 1824. The second daughter, Mrs. 
Lovisa Underwood, also died before 1824, her son, Samuel Spel- 
man Underwood, inheriting her share. The entire text of Na- 
than Spelman's will follows. 

"The last will and testament of Nathan Spelman of Sandif- 
field in the Co of Berkfhere Commonwealth Mafsachufsetts in 
the name of God i give my soul to god who gave it and my 
body to the grave to have a decent burial and out of my eftate 
to have decent Tomb Stone erected to the memery of my self 
and my Beloved wife, the reft of my real and perfonal eftate 
(if any left) to be Diftributed as folows, to my Dear and be- 
loved wife Sibel Spelman one third of my real eftate one horfe 
two cows ten sheep and one third of the household furniture to 
be ufed and improved by her during her naturil life i give to 
my eldest son Nathan Spelman now residing in penfilven one 
hundred and fifty dolars in adiftion to four hundred and fifty 
dolars formerly given him in Genefee (?) i do also give to my 
second son James Spelman now refiding in Sandiffield one 
dolar as i have given to the same six hundred Dolars in land by 
a deed of gift before the date of this will i give to my eldeft 
daughter Nancy wife of Joel Smith eighteen Dolars in addiftion 
to what she has Alryde rec'd out of my eftate and i do give to 
my third Daughter wido lois Moody twenty eight dolars in 
addifion to what she has recived before out of my eftate i give 

Third Generation 133 

to my daughter Sibel more now residing in Chester ten dolars 
in adifion to what she has received out of my eftate before this 
date i alfo give to my fourth daughter Sarah Stevens now re- 
siding in Worthing ton formerly of hampshire one dolar in 
adifion to what she has received out of my eftate. I also give 
to Roxane Spelman my fifth daughter two hundred dolars to be 
paid her when Caled for to be paid out of my real or perfonal 
eftate as to the reft of my property i Diftribute in the folloing 
maner my real eftate (if any left) to be divided ekerly between 
my two sons namly Nathan Spelman and James Spelman and 
unto Samuel Spelman Underwood son of my second daughter 
Lovice Spelman married to Samuel underwood i give and be- 
queath to him the sd Samuel Spelman Underwood forty dolars 
to be paid to him out of my real or perfonal eftate this is all 
he or his father is to receive out of my eftate. as to my perfonal 
property i give to James Spelman my second son my Cyder Still 
he paying thirty dolars to his brother Nathan Spelman the reft 
except the farming utenfils to be divided ekerly between my 
five daughters namely Nancy Smith wid lois Moody Sibel More 
Sarah Stevens Roxana Spelman and the household furniture 
after the deceafe of their mother to be divided equely among 
the five aforesed women, and i do hereby apoint Col. Josiah wol- 
cott and Mr Luke Deming Executors of this my last will and 
teftament. and further i the s'^ Nathan Spelman say that at the 
signing and sealing of this my last will and teftament I am 
in full use of my reafon and mental powers of mind. 

"Signed the 22 day of August in the year of our Lord 
eighteen hundred and eighteen Nathan Spelman. 

"Drake Mills. John Cornish. Reuer Smith 
"Real estate valued $908.50 

"Persenal estate valued $588.11 

^'Signed before Drake Mills, Justice of the Peace." 

"Admitted to Probate Oct. 5, 1824." 
"Of Nathan Spelman's heirs — 
Nathan Spelman resided in Pennsylvania. 
James Spelman resided in Sandisfield 
Nancy wife of Joel Smith resided in Sandisfield 
Lois widow of Ethan Moody resided in Chester, Hampshire Co. 
Sarah wife of Aaron Stevens 

Roxane wife of Drake both lived in Worthington, Hamp- 
shire Co. 
Samuel Spelman Underwood son 
of Lovise wife of Samuel Underwood, lived in State of New 

"Probate Court of Lenox 5 Oct. 1824." 

134 Spelman Genealogy 

"A certificate of advances to 7 Oct. 1826 to Roxana Drake 
Lenox. $200.00 in life time of testator $183.40 cents take this 
into consideration." [Springfield Probate Records.] 
Children, all born in Sandisfield, Mass. : 
i Nathan, bap. 24 July, 1791. 
ii James, bap. 24 July, 1791. 
iii Nancy, bap. 24 July, 1791 ; m. Joel Smith. 

55 iv Lovisa, m. Samuel Underwood, 
V Lois, m. Ethan Moody. 

vi Sarah, m. Aaron Stevens. 

vii Roxane, bap. i July, 1792; m. Drake. 

viii Sybil, m. More ; d. prior to 5 Oct., 1824. 

17 DAVID* SPELMAN (John'. Richard') was born in 
Durham, Conn., and bap. there 3 Nov., 1754 [Durham Records] ; 
married (i) Lucy Moore, born about 1761, daughter of Raynold 
Marvin and Mary (Robinson) Moore of West Granville, Mass., 
who died there 21 March, 1782 [Granville Church Records of 

Rev. T. M. Cooley]. He married (2) . The date and 

place of the death of David Spelman are unknown. 

With the other members of his father's family, David Spel- 
man moved from Durham to Massachusetts, making Granville 
his home. On i June, 1779, he bought from "Aaron Coe of 
Granville, for £36 . . . twelve acres bounded on Enoch Coe, 
David Rose and southerly on Wodow Prudence Spelman & west 
on the grantor," recorded 2.'] Jan., 1786 [Hampshire Deeds, Book 
25, p. 665]. Like so many of the Spelmans, David was also a 
Revolutionary soldier. On 21 Oct., 1776, he enlisted in Capt. 
Aaron Coe's Co., Col. John Moseley's Hampshire Co. Regt. ; 
discgd. 3 Nov., 1776; service 12 days; marched to reinforce the 
Northern Army under command of Col. Timothy Robinson 
[Various Services, Vol. 18, p. 34]. Again, 12 June, 1782, he 
enlisted as Private in Capt. Benj. Barnes' Co., Col. David Mose- 
ley's Hampshire Co. Regt. ; marched to quell the mob at 
Northampton: discgd. 17 June, 1782; service 6 days [Ibid, Vol. 
17, p. 30]. On 14 Dec, 1793, he and his second wife were ad- 
mitted' to the East Hartland, Conn., Congregational Church, 
where six of his children were baptized 10 Feb., 1794. The date 
of their removal from Massachusetts back into Connecticut is 
not known, but they lived at East Hartland for many years, and 
it is probable that David died there. 

Ctttldren [baptisms from Records of East Hartland Con- 
gregational Church] : 

By first wife [MS. Genealogy of the Robinson Family] : 
i A child who d. at East Hartland 16 Nov., 1793. 

56 ii Jndson, b. about 1782, bap. 10 Feb., 1794; m. Abi- 

gail Bassett. 

Third Generation 135 

iii Lucy, bap. 10 Feb., 1794; m. 3 Dec, 1801, Thomas 
56a iv Prudence, bap. 10 Feb., 1794; m. 28 Nov., 1799, 
WiUiam Wright. 
By second wife : 

V Doris, bap. 10 Feb., 1794. 
vi Polly, bap. 10 Feb., 1794. 
vii Content, bap. 10 Feb., 1794. 
viii David, bap. 29 March, 1795; d. 15 Dec, 1797. 
ix Ovid, bap. 25 Nov., 1798; d. 21 Sept., 1802. 
X Persis, bap. 8 March, 1801. 

18 RICHARD' SPELMAN (John% Richard') was bap- 
tized in 1756, but the place of his birth is not known, though it 
was probably Granville, his parents having moved there about 
that time. Little is known of this youngest child of John and 
Prudence (Perce) Spelman, beyond the fact that he died very 
young, according to the date of the inventory of his estate, which 
was administered by his brother, John, in 1774, about three 
months after the birth of his child. Huldah. His wife's name 
was Huldah, and, from the following abstract of a deed, it would 
seem that her surname was Foster, or else that she married 
again, her second husband's name being Foster. "13 Jan. 1783 
settling right of Dower of Hulday Foster alias Hulday Spelman 
wid of Richard. A piece of Land beginning at Oliver Spelman's 
S. E. corner thence S. on west side of highway 10 rods W. 30 
rods S. 10 rods to N. side Boilston farm, as far west as Oliver's 
E. line. To contain 10 acres with dwelling house also one other 
peace west of a brook called Pond Brook containing 14 A. Hul- 
day to have 7 A. of sd 14 A. piece." 

As administrator of Richard Spelman's estate, "John Spel- 
man of Granville yeoman" sold to Oliver Spelman, also of Gran- 
ville, eighteen acres and sixty-four rods of land bounding on 
Oliver's home lot and being part of the land of the late Richard 
Spelman: sold by order of the Court [Springfield Deeds, Vol. 22, 
p. 585]. On 7 Jan., 1783, William Cornwell was appointed 
guardian to "Huldah Spelman aged 9 years Child and heir of 
Richard Spelman." Also on 17 Feb., 1786, Aaron Coe was ap- 
pointed guardian to "Huldah Spelman under 14 child and heir to 
Richard Spelman." Part of the estate was sold to pay debts on 17 
Aug., 1780, and in Dec, 1783, the estate was valued at £93-8-0,^ 
showing that Richard died possessed of considerable goods for so 
young a man in those days. He died 10 Jan., 1774 [Granville 
Town Records] . The following is a copy of the inventory : 
"A True Inventory of all the Estate both Real and perfonal of 
M"" Richard Spelman Late of Granville Deceafed apprifed by us 
at Granville the 6th of April 1774. 

136 Spelman Genealogy 

"Imprimis i 1-8-0 
One Black Coat & vest 

" Light Color'd Surtout 7-0 

" brown plain cloth coat & vest 12 

" old brown " " " 2 

" pair Leather Breeches 2 

" pair white Fustian Breeches 2 
" pair Linnen Trowfers 

" pair Strip'd Do 1-6 

" pair Trowfers & Spatter lashes 1-6 

" Beaver Hatt Buckle & Strap 16 

Three check'd Linen Shirts 18 
one white Holland do 9/ one pair white worfted stockings 

for/ 13 

" pair blue worfted stockings 2/ one pair of do 3/ 5 

" white silk Handkerchief 4/ one Black do 2/ 6 

five yards new woolen shirting 10 

one pound stocking yarn 2 

one feather bed 18/ one do bolster & pillows 24/ 2-2-0 

" red bed blanket 15/ one Rugg 11/ 1-6-0 

" Bed " 24/ one old do 2/ 1-13 

three pair & half Linnen sheets 24/ i- 4 

5 pillow cases 5/ two diaper table cloths 7/ 12 

5 diaper Towels 5/ one Sett Valence & Curtains 12/ 17 
red cheft 16/ one desk 50/ one Round table 18 one red 

cheft 16/ 4-40 
I Square table 7/ Six white chairs 7/ one great 

chair 2/ 16 

1 Dutch wheel 5/ one Great do 5/ 10-6 
7 Barrels 10/6 one Cagg & half Barrell 3/ 1-13-6 

2 Sickles 1/6 one Gun 15/ three Tubs 5/ i- 1-6 
one Pail 1/ 5 bolls 3/ 3 Earthen Cream pots 2/ 0-6-0 
I milk pan 6d 3 glass bottles 1/6 i Earthen boll 1/ 0-3-0 
Sundry glafes 1/6 7 Tea Dishes & Saucers 2/ 3-6 
4 Earthen plates & one creamer 1/8 1-8 

4 Pewter platters 6/ 5 Pewter plates 5/ -11- 

5 pewter basons 6/ one Pewter Cup 2/6 8-6 
I pewter tea pot 3/6 7 Spoons 1/ 4-6 

1 Tin tunnel scimmer & Pan 1/ i-io 
one Looking Glafs 5/ one Tea Kettle 5/ 10- 
one meal Sieve 1/3 one pair flat Irons 4/6 5-9 

" iron pot 5/ i trammel 5/ i fire shovel 4 14- 

" pair tongs 0/3 Sundry books 4/ -7- 

2 bedsteads & one bed Rope & Matt -11- 

1 Scyth & tackling 3/ 2 broad Hoes 3/6 6-6 

2 Pewter porringers 4/ one Candlestick 8d i-O 
I pair shears 1/ 2 meal Baggs 3/6 4-6 

Third Generation 137 

I Saddle 15/ i Pillion 15/ i-io 

1 Horfe collar & Traces 10/ -10- 

2 pitch forks & rakes 3/9 3-9 
4 Knives & 4 forks 2/6 i Brafs kettle 10/ i pr 

Buckles 1/ 13-6 

I pr Gloves 6d i Pockett book 1/ 1-11-6 

I Iron Drag-g 20/ Plough Bows 14/ 1-14-0 

I Log chain & plough chain 3/ 1-6-0 

I Yoke & irons & Bows 5/ one old chain 3/ 0-8-0 

I Narrow ax 3/ -3-0 
one Mare iio one year old heifer £1-8 Sucking Calf 9/ 11-17-0 

one dwelling house and Barn & thirty acres Land 100- 0-0 

14 acres land west of the brook (called pond Brook 26-12-0 

£iyi- 4-8 

"Timot. Robinfon 
John Bates 
John Tibbals 

"John Spelman Admenftrator 

"Probated at Hatfield Mass. 7 June 1774 by John Spelman. 

"Articles of Household Furniture Allow'd Hulda Spelman Wid 
of Richard Spelman late of Granville Dec*^ Viz 

I feather Bed 18/ i ditto Bolster & Pillows 24/ i 2-2 

I Bed Blanket 24/ i old ditto 9/ 1-13 

three pair & half Linnon Sheets 24/ -1-04 
one square Table 7/ six white chairs 7/ one great 

do. 2/ 16 

one clutch Wheel 5/ one great do 5/ 10 

4 pewter Plates 6/ 5 pewter Plates 5/ 11 

5 Pewter Barons 6/ one Pewter Cup 2/6 -8-6 
I Looky Glafs 5/ one Tea Kettle 5/ 10 

I pair Tongs 3/ i Bedstead bed Rope & Matt 7/ 10 

one red chest 16/ 4 Knives 2 forks 2/6 18-6 

I brafs kettle 10/ 10 

"Hampshire fr June 7'^ 1774 
"For upholding of Life. 

"The bond of John Spelman as Administrator filed i Mar. 1774." 
[Springfield, Box 139, No. 14.] 

Child : 

i Huldah, b. 12 Jan., 1774, at Granville, Mass. 

19 AARON' SPELMAN (Thomas% Richard^) was born 
in Durham, Conn., 22 Jan., 1733 [Durham Records] ; died in 

138 Spelman Genealogy 

Granville, Mass., 28 Oct., 1820; married (i) Elizabeth Rose, 
bom 23 Feb., 1725, died 22 Oct., 1786; (2) Mrs, Deborah (Bar- 
low) Rose, born 30 June, 174-, widow of Justus Rose, brother 
of Elizabeth. 

When Aaron Spelman was about sixteen or seventeen years 
of age his parents moved from Durham. Conn., to Massachu- 
setts, settling- at East Granville, which thereafter became the 
home of the family. He seems to have been a farmer and owned 
some land in Granville, as the following abstracts show : "Aaron 
Spelman of Granville for £30, ... to Stephen Spelman of 
Granville Gentleman . . . land in Granville bounding in part 
on land formerly Thos. Spelmans." Signed 2 Mar., 1765, and 
recorded 2 Feb., 1802 [Springfield, Book 40, p. 285]. "Jonathan 
Parsons of Springfield for £10 ... to Aaron Spelman of 
Granville ... 3 acres in Granville, on land of Thomas Spel- 
man." Witnessed by Thomas Canfield, signed 18 Oct., 1764, 
and recorded 19 Oct., 1765 [Ibid, Book 6, p. 537]. 

Aaron Spelman was also a soldier and took part in the 
Colonial wars when he was a young man, and in the Revolution 
when he was a man of mature years. He enlisted 7 April, 1756, 
for the Crown Point Expedition, in Capt. Jon. Ball's Co., served 
26 weeks and 5 days, res. given as Springfield, rank, Private 
[Mass. Archives, Vol. 95, p. 'j'j'\. On 11 Oct., 1756. on this 
same expedition, he was reported "with the sick" at Fort Ed- 
ward [Ibid, Vol. 94, p. 528]. His name is also found in a de- 
scriptive list, undated, of Capt. Jon. Ball's Co., Col. Jos. Dwight's 
Regt., Private; laborer; res. Granville; joined from Capt. Pratt's 
Co., Col. Worthington's Regt. [Ibid, Vol. 94, p. 318]. Also on 
an account for billeting of Capt. Ball's Co. for the Crown Point 
Expedition, "said Spelman allowed los 6d for subsistence from 
Sprinfield, 105 miles" [Ibid, Vol. 94, p. 427]. In the height of 
the conflict for independence Aaron Spelman enlisted 21 Oct., 
1776, in Capt. Wm. Cooley's Co.. Col. John Moseley's Regt. 
(Hampshire County) ; marched to reinforce the Northern Army; 
discgd. 17 Nov., 1776; service 28 days [Various Services, Vol. 
17, p. 214]. 

The marriage of Aaron Spelman caused some odd relation- 
ships. His first wife was Elizabeth Rose, sister to Justus Rose. 
At the death of Elizabeth he married the widow of Justus, De- 
borah Barlow. His brother, Stephen, who was several years 
younger than Aaron, had married Deborah Rose, the daughter of 
Justus and Deborah. Thus Aaron and his second wife were, by 
marriage, at once the uncle and aunt, the step-father and mother, 
and the brother and sister-in-law to Stephen and his wife. In 
the graveyard of Granville is still to be seen the tombstone of 
Aaron's first wife, Elizabeth, bearing this inscription : 


Third Generation 139 

"In Memory of 
Mrs. Elizabeth 
Wife of Mr. Aaron 
Spelman who Died 
Ocf 22 A D 1786 
in the 61^* year 
of her asre. 

"Also Abigail Truman 
her own daughter 
lieth by her side." 

Children [Granville Town Records] : 
By first wife : 

57 i Lois, b. 30 Aug., 1762; m, Claudius L. Collins. 

58 ii Abigail, b. 4 Dec, 1763; m. Shem Truman. 

59 iii Elijah, b. 4 Apr., 1766; m. (i) Mary Chapman, (2) 

Mrs. Temperance (Bates) Bailey, (3) Mrs. Je- 
mima Clark. 

60 iv Elizabeth, b. 8 May, 1769; m. Asher Graves. 

20 MARY' SPELMAN (Thomas', Richard') was born in 
Durham, Conn., 18 Aug., 1736 [Durham Record?] ; died at 
South Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt., 16 Sept., 183 1 ; married in 
Granville, Mass., 25 April, 1754, Ephraim Pelton, born 12 June, 
1732, son of Henry and Mary (Rose) Pelton of Groton. Mass., 
died at South Hero, 31 Aug., 181 1. Their marriage record reads: 
"Ephram Pelton and Marah Spelman was joyned in Marage 
Apral the 25 day 1754"' [Granville Town Records]. 

Ephraim Pelton was a farmer, and also followed the occu- 
pation of a blacksmith. He and his wife resided in Granville 
for a time, then moved to Blandford, now Otis, Berkshire Co., 
Mass., where they were among the early settlers. Here they 
lived till late in life, when they removed with their son, James 
Pelton, to South Hero, Vt. Stephen Lawrence Pelton, a grand- 
son of Ephraim, said that his grandfather, whom he saw when 
he was sixteen years of age, was about five feet, seven inches in 
height, slender, of light complexion, with dark gray eyes. He 
heard him say that his ancestors came from Wales, which may 
have been true as to the port from which they sailed, but not as 
to their nationality. Ephraim was descended from John Pelton 
of Boston, whose name is found in the "Book of Possessions," 
which is the first land record of Boston, made about 1634. Mrs. 
Mary (Spelman) Pelton lived to the good old age of ninety-five 
years, having borne and brought up eight children, all of whom 
married and had large families, ranging from six to fifteen chil- 
dren, with innumerable descendants. 

140 Spelman Genealogy 

Children : 

i Samuel Pelton, b. in Granville, 9 May, 1757; m. in 
Wellino^ton, Ohio, 30 Oct., 1782, Mrs. Mary 
(Woodworth) Proven; 9 ch., 13 gv. ch. ; d. in Wel- 
ling;ton 28 Jan., 1849 ' ^^ ^^^^ a farmer, 
ii Thomas Pelton, b. in Granville, I Nov., 1759; m. in 
Palmer, Mass., 13 Sept.. 1787, Anna Smith; 8 ch., 
7 gr. ch. ; d. in Otis, Mass., 10 Dec, 1850; was a 
farmer and a Revolutionary soldier. 

iii Stephen Pelton, b. in Blandford, Mass., 9 Dec, 1761 ; 
m. about 1786, Alice Whitney; 15 ch., 25 gr. ch. ; 
d. in Lansingburgh, N. Y., 10 Dec, 1843 '> was a 
farmer and a Corporal in the Revolution. 

iv James Pelton, b. in Otis in 1766: m. (i) Sally 
Lawrence, (2) in 1813, Mrs. Abigail (Burch) 
McAuley; 12 ch., yy gr. ch. ; d. in Blenheim, Can- 
ada, in 1849; was a stone mason and brick maker. 

v Ephraim Pelton, b. in Otis 22 Apr., 1771 ; m. there in 
1791, Statira Holcomb ; 12 ch., 58 gr. ch. ; d. in 
Constable, N. Y., 3 Sept.. 1847 • was a farmer. 

vi Roxana Pelton, b. in Granville 16 x^pr., 1773 ; m. in 
Milton, Vt., 23 Oct., 1793, Col. Samuel Mix; 11 
ch. ; d. in Willoughby, Ohio, i June, 1849. 

vii Ruth Pelton, b. in Otis 25 June, 1774; m. in South 
Hero. Vt., 25 June, 1795, Salmon Phelps; 6 ch., 35 
gr. ch. ; d. in So. Hero 26 Apr., 1829. 
viii Mary (Polly) Pelton, b. in Otis 19 May, 1778; m. 
Abel Phelps 21 June, 1797; 6 ch., 29 gr. ch. ; d. in 
Alburgh, Vt., 3 Oct., 1865. 
For the descendants of these children see the Pelton Gene- 
alog}', by James M. Pelton. 

21 DANIEL' SPELMAN (Thomas^, Richard') was born 
in Durham. Conn., 12 July, 1738 [Durham Records] ; died in 
East Granville, Mass., 17 April, 1829; married in Providence, 
R. L, 18 June, 1780. Mary Carpenter of that town, born there 
10 July, 1754, died there 7 Aug., 1842. 

When Daniel Spelman was a lad of about thirteen his pa- 
rents moved from Durham to Bedford, or, as it was later called, 
Granville, Mass., and there he grew up to manhood. He seems 
to have been a soldier most of his life, first in the Colonial French 
and Indian war and then in the Revolution. During his later 
life he became a seafaring man. According to the earliest rec- 
ords which we have, he began his military life when about twenty 
years of age, taking part in the Lake George Expedition of 1758. 
His name appears upon a muster roll dated Boston. 27 Jan., 
1759, of a Company of Foot, Capt. Jona. Ball, Col. Wm. Will- 


Third Generation 141 

iam?' Regt. raised by Prov. of Mass. Bay, for invasion of Can- 
ada ; res. Granville; rank Private; enl. 10 April (year not stated, 
but from a billeting account it was 1758) ; served to 3 Nov., 7 
mos.. 12 days; father, Thos. Spelman [Mass. Archives, Muster 
Rolls, Vol. 96, p. 446]. On a return of men enlisted or im- 
pressed for his Majesty's service in Col. John Worthington's 
Regt., dated April. 1759, Daniel Spelman; res. Granville; enl. 
2 April; reported served on former expedition in 1758 at Lake 
George; men delivered to Capt. Jon. Ball [Ibid, Vol. 97, p. 232]. 
Muster roll dated Boston, 11 Feb., 1760, Capt. John Bancroft; 
Daniel Spelman, Private ; res. Granville ; enl. 2 April, served to 
I Dec, 34 weeks, 6 days; in Crown Point Expedition [Ibid, Vol. 
97, p. 368]. Muster roll of 30 Jan., 1761, Capt. Wm. Shepard's 
Co.; rank. Corporal; enl. 25 June; served to 16 Sept., 12 weeks, 
endorsed 1760 [Ibid, Vol. 98, p. 229]. On a muster roll of the 
same date for the same Company, Daniel Spelman is given as 
Sergeant; enl. 6 Sept., served to i Dec, 11 weeks [Ibid., Vol. 98, 
p. 229J. His next records are in the Revolutionary service. He 
enlisted 26 Feb., 1775, in Capt. Harvey's Co. of Mass. troops, 
serving nine months. He then served one year in Capt. Tress- 
:ott's Co., Col. Whitcomb's Regt., and afterwards enlisted at 
Ticonderoga in Capt. Haine's Co., Col. Ed. Wigglesworth's 
Regt., and was mustered out at Providence, R. I., in Dec, 1781, 
having served for three years of the time in Glover's Brigade. 
He took part in the battle of Bunker Hill ; the battles which 
culminated in the surrender of Burgoyne ; the battle of Mon- 
mouth, N. J., and of Rhode Island. His Revolutionary rank was 
that of Drum Major, and the sword which he carried in action is 
still in the possession of a descendant. He was placed on the roll 
of pensioners 19 April, 1819. While he was stationed at Provi- 
dence, R. I., he met Mary Carpenter, daughter of Jacob and 
Mary (Ingraham) Carpenter, to whom he was married 18 June, 
1780. She was a descendant of William Carpenter, who settled 
in Providence in 1637, being one of the twelve original incor- 
porators of that city. After their marriage they continued to live 
in Providence for many years, but a short time before his death 
he returned to his old home at Granville, where he died in the 
home of his nephew, Stephen Spelman, at the advanced age of 
ninety-one. He was buried in the Granville Cemetery. His wife 
survived him thirteen years and died at her old home in Provi- 
dence, only two, out of her seven children, surviving her. She 
died in the home of her daughter, Mary, Mrs. Robert Purkis. 
Children, born in Providence, R. I. : 

i Lydia, b. 15 July, 1781 ; d. at Providence 29 July, 

ii Jacob, b. 14 July, 1784; d. 30 Sept., followmg. 
61 iii John, b. 10 Feb., 1786; m. Persis Esterbrook. 

142 Spelman Genealogy 

62 iv Marv Carpenter (Polly), b. 18 June, 1787; m. Robert 


63 V Joseph, b. 13 Sept., 1788; m. Roxana Whiting. 

64 vi Oliver, b. 23 March, 1790; m. Sarah Perry. 

65 vii Ruth, b. 30 July, 1793; m. James Esdell. 

22 ELIZABETH' SPELMAN (Thomas^, Richard') was 
born in Durham, Conn., 14 July, 1740 [Durham Records], and 
died in East Granville, Mass., 26 July, 1836 [Granville Town 
Records] . She married Lieut. Samuel Bancroft. Their marriag-e 
is recorded in the Town Records of Granville as follows : "Sam- 
uel Bancroft and Elizabeth Spelman was joyned in marreige 
June the 14 day 1759" [Vol. i, p. 55]. 

Elizabeth (Spelman) Bancroft was one of the most estimable 
members of the Spelman family, and we may look back upon her 
record as one typical of all that is most admirable in those traits 
of character which our Puritan grandmothers possessed, and 
which every true American must reverence. She lived to the 
grand old age of ninety-six years, her life having been set in 
stirring times. She saw her husband, son, and other near rela- 
tives depart from the quiet mountain town of Granville to brave 
the perils of war in the struggle for the independence of the 
Colonies. Serene, faithful, and unshaken in her devotion to her 
family, she walked in the "even tenor" of her tranquil ways, 
rearing her family of nine children, and "training them in the 
way they should go." She was a woman of great piety, and had 
a wonderful influence over her own immediate family, and upon 
her friends and neighbors. 

Her grandson, Mr. Ashley A. Bancroft of San Francisco, 
wrote of her : "I remember her slightly. She was of medium 
size, a devoted Christian, and highly esteemed by those who knew 
her. She lived to a great age, retaining her faculties to the last." 

Her son, Azariah, wrote : "She was a woman of great en- 
durance, though slender, and had a faculty for accomplishing 
work which was a marvel. She did not possess great physical 
force, but managed to accomplish no inconsiderable amount in 
rearing a large family and providing for their temporal and spir- 
itual wants, clothing them, according to the custom of the time, 
with the wool and flax of her own spinning. The raw material 
entered the house from the farm and never left it except as warm 
durable garments upon the backs of its inmates. * * * I think 
a peep into my mother's 'factory,' as it was in the year 1800, 
would be found interesting to her descendants of the present day. 
This was before the day of our country carding machines. My 
mother had nine operatives at this time, of different ages, and not 
a drone among us all. All were busy with the little picking ma- 
chines, the hand cards, the spinning wheel, and the loom. One 

Third Generation 143 

may well imagine that my mother was much occupied with eleven 
children, two of whom died in infancy." 

Mrs, Bancroft's death was the result of a fall, which so often 
proves fatal to persons of advanced age. 

Her husband, Lieut. Samuel Bancroft, was a soldier of the 
French and Indian War and of the Revolution. He was bom 
22 April, 1737, at West Springfield, Mass., and was the son of 
Samuel and Sarah (White) Bancroft, early settlers of Gran- 
ville, then Bedford, Mass., where Samuel built in 1735 his first 
rude cabin. Samuel Bancroft was born 8 July, 171 1, and was 
married to Sarah White 16 Dec, 1736. They lived in Granville. 
He died 6 July, 1788. 

The father of this Samuel was Nathaniel Bancroft, who was 
born at Enfield, now in Conn., then part of Springfield, Mass., 
24 October, 1683, and whose intention of marriage to Ruth Haile 
is dated 20 Nov., 1708. His will is dated 3 Dec, 1752, and was 
presented for probate 20 Jan., 1753. Nathaniel Bancroft was the 
son of Thomas and Hannah (Gardner) Bancroft. Thomas Ban- 
croft was born in England in 1625, and was the son of John Ban- 
croft, the immigrant ancestor of the family. John was the son 
of Thomas, son of William, son of John Bancroft of Chellaston, 
Co. Derby, whose will was made in 1557. The Revolutionary 
record of Lieut. Samuel Bancroft is as follows : "Samuel Ban- 
croft served as 2nd Lieutenant in Capt. Wm. Cooley's 9th Co., 
Col. John Moseley's 3rd Regt., Hampshire Co., Mass., Militia; 
marched to reinforce the Northern Army. Commissioned 26 
April, 1776." [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revo- 
lution, Vol. I, p. 566.] 

There is hanging in the National Bank of Salem, N. Y., a 
"Lieutenant's Commission issued by the colony of Massachusetts 
Bay in New England, to Samuel Bancroft, Jr., Gendeman, April 
26, 1776, signed by the Council of that Colony, James Otis, W. 
Spooner, Caleb Gushing. John Whitcomb, Jed Foster, James 
Prescott, Moses Gill, Michael Farley, J. Palmer, S. Hotten, Eldad 
Taylor and B. White ; also by Perez Morton D. Secretary." The 
signatures are as distinct as when written over one hundred years 

Mr. Ashley A. Bancroft describes his grandfather as fol- 
lows : "My recollections of my grandfather are most pleasant. 
He was a tall, thin, voluable old gentleman, fond of jokes and 
anecdotes. After serving in the French and Indian Wars, and 
in the Revolutionary War, he was paid off in Continental money, 
receiving it in sheets which he never cut apart. He was very 
fond of relating incidents of the War, and was never happier 
than when surrounded by old comrades and neighbors, talking 
over different campaigns, with a mug of cider before the fire. 

144 Spelman Genealogy 

'Slim Legs' was the name given him by the soldiers." Lieut. 
Samuel Bancroft died 2 Jan., 1820. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. [Granville Town Rec- 
ords] : 

66 i Diana Bancroft, b. 18 Oct.. 1760; m., ist, Heman 

Barlow ; 2nd, Lemuel Hyde ; 3rd, Mead ; 

4th. Sherwood. 

67 ii Tabitha Bancroft, b. 2 Feb., 1763; m. Edmund Bar- 


68 iii Elizabeth Bancroft, b. 7 April, 1765 ; m. Ahimiaz 


69 iv Azariah Bancroft, b. 13 April, 1768; m. Tabitha 

v Sarah Bancroft, b. Q.y April, 1772: d. 12 Sept., 1777 
[Gravestone in Granville Cemetery]. 

70 vi Rhoda Bancroft, b. 4 July, 1774; m. Isaac Phelps, 
vii Malinda Bancroft, b. i Aug., 1777; d. 19 Sept., 1777 

[Gravestone in Granville Cemetery]. 

71 viii Samuel Bancroft, b. 17 Sept., 1778; m. Clarissa Rose. 
^2 ix Jonathan Barber Bancroft, b. 10 April, 1781 ; m., ist, 

Charlotte Bates ; 2nd, Betsey Clark. 

2^ CHARLES' SPELMAN (Thomas=, Richard') was 
born in Durham, Conn., 24 Dec, 1743 [Durham Records] ; died 
in Granville, Mass., 13 July, 1827 ; married in Southwick, Mass., 
in 1780, Lucina Kent, born there about 1761, daughter of Josiah 
Kent, died in Granville 22 Jan., 1816. 

Charles Spelman came to Granville, with the rest of his fa- 
ther's family, when he was a little boy about seven or eight years 
old, and there the remainder of his life was spent. He was evi- 
dently a farmer, and owned considerable land in Granville, as 
the following records show. On 20 March, 1773, David Bald- 
win of Litchfield, for £35, sold to Charles Spelman of Bedford, 
fifty acres in Bedford, bordering on farm that did belong to the 
late Henry Dwight [Spring-field Deeds, Vol. 34, p. 205]. The 
next transaction was signed 2 Oct., 1780, when Job and Samuel 
'Stiles. Jr., yeomen, of Granville, for i6o in silver, sold to Charles 
and Stephen Spelman, fifty acres in Granville, adjoining farm of 
late Henrv' Dwight [Ibid, p. 206]. 3 Jan., 1781, Mathew Talcott 
of Middletown, for £22-10. sold to Charles Spelman of Gran- 
ville, thirty and one-half acres, bounded by land of said Spelman, 
Thos. Gap, and Phineas Williams [Ibid. p. 203]. On 3 March, 
1783, Oliver Phelps of Granville, Gentleman, for £13, sold to 
Charles Spelman of Granville, yeoman, thirty acres in Granville, 
known as the Boylston East Farm [Ibid, Vol. 36, p. 105]. These 
four deeds were all recorded at Springfield on the same day, 
21 March, 1797. On 15 April, 1791, Charles Spelman sold to 

Third Generation 145 

his brother, Stephen, for £100, ninety-four acres "including all 
the land the grantor holds by deeds, excepting what is with my 
brother Stephen here deeded to our brother Aaron" [Book 40, 
p. 89]. On 28 Dec, 1792, Joel Clark and Phebe, his wife, of 
Hartland, Litchfield Co.. Conn., sold to Charles and Timothy 
Spelman of Granville, for £120 (quantity not stated). 29 Jan., 
1802, Charles Spelman sold to the legal heirs of his brother, 
Stephen Spelman of Granville, several small pieces of land 
[Book 40, p. 288]. 

During the Revolution, when so many of his relatives were 
sharing in the vicissitudes of the war, Charles Spelman also en- 
listed in Capt. Wm. Cooley's Co., Col. John Moseley's Hamp- 
shire Regt., serving from 9 July, 1777, to 12 Aug., 1777; march- 
ing to reinforce the Northern Army [Various Services, Vol. 18, 
p. 29]. Several others of the Granville Spelmans were in the 
same regiment and took part in the same expedition, and indeed 
the family may well be proud of the patriotism of its ancestors 
in the Colonial and Revolutionary wars. 

The will of Charles Spelman was dated 3 Feb., 1823. In 
it he bequeathed to his daughter, Salome, and her husband, 
Lemuel Bancroft, the farm on which they were at that time liv- 
ing, and also such part of his own farm as to make £33-16-0; 
on the death of Lemuel Bancroft the estate was to be divided 
between the heirs of his daughters, Ruth and Salome, both of 
whom had been the wives of Lemuel Bancroft. He also left to 
Lemuel and Salome one-half share in "storeage for cyder, cyder 
mill and old still," his son, Samuel Spelman, to have the other 
half, with the rest of his own farm. To his daughter, Lucina, 
wife of Roger Stiles, he left the farm on which they dwelt, while 
all his personal property was to be divided between Lemuel Ban- 
croft and his wife, Lucina Stiles, and Samuel Spelman; Samuel 
and Lemuel to be executors. The will was witnessed by Oliver 
Coe, Asa Seymour, and Stephen Spelman, and was probated in 
Aug., 1827. 

Children [Granville Church Records] : 
73 i Ruth, b. May, 1781 ; m. Lemuel Bancroft. 

A child; d. 1783. 

Lucina, b. 20 Sept., 1785 ; m. Roger Stiles. 
Samuel, b. 29 Aug., 1788; m. (i) Affa Gibbons, (2) 
Adah Gibbons. 

76 V Salome, b. Dec, 1792 ; m. Lemuel Bancroft, widower 

of her sister, Ruth. 

24 STEPHEN' SPELMAN (Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in Durham, Conn., 5 Dec, 1745 [Durham Records] ; died 
in South Lane, Granville, Mass., 8 Dec, 1800; m. in Granville, 





146 Spelman Genealogy 

28 June, 1770, Deborah Rose, born there 5 June, 1752, daughter 
of Justus and Deborah (Barlow) Rose, died 5 Dec, 1822. 

The life record of Stephen Spelman and his wife is a particu- 
larly pleasing one. Their lot was cast in stirring times, fraught 
with the perils and self-denials of war, yet, withal, leaving the 
memory of a sweet simplicity and godliness as a benediction to 
their posterity. Both were eminently pious, and their activities 
in church work were amply supported by the example of their 
lives at home and abroad. They united with the Congregational 
Church at Granville, but later, from conviction, took letters of 
dismissal from it to become members of the Baptist Church, 

Their old friend, Rev. Timothy Mather Cooley, pastor of the 
Congregational Church, wrote of them : "They were pillars of 
the church, , . . your father was of a different denomination 
from mine, but no member of my own church was more beloved 
by myself than he was ; his sincere and deep toned piety and 
unspotted example entwined around my youthful heart." 

Their son, Ohel Spelman, in a note book, relates the follow- 
ing incident which was told to him by his mother, and occurred 
about 1785. She said: "Your father went out one night and 
did not return until ten o'clock, when he came in looking very 
pale. I asked him where he had been and he replied that he had 
'been outside praying for our children : not only for all we have 
now, but for all we may have, that they may be brought into the 
fold of Christ.' " This touching episode reveals at once both the 
man's pure and upright life, strengthened by his belief in the 
efficacy of prayer, and also his simple, domestic life and habits, 
which give rise to comment that he should be absent from his 
home after ten o'clock at night. 

Of his mother, Ohel Spelman wrote : "The great mark she 
made in the world was the raising of a large family of Christian 
democrats and not a sham democrat among them." 

All of Stephen's twelve children were living at the time of 
his death in 1800. He had sixty-eight grandchildren, and a num- 
ber of great-grandchildren, whose descendants are now scattered 
all over the United States. 

The odd relationships brought about by the marriages of 
Stephen Spelman and of his eldest brother, Aaron, have been al- 
ready noticed in the biographical sketch of Aaron Spelman. 
Aaron's first wife was the sister of Justus Rose, the father of 
Stephen's wife, Deborah Rose, and thus they were the uncle and 
aunt of Stephen and his wife. Then Aaron married the widow 
of Justus, and mother of Stephen's wife, and became step-father 
to his own brother, who was at the same time his nephew and 

As well as bearing an exemplary record in his civil life, 
Stephen Spelman was also a good soldier. At the age of thirty- 




Third Generation 147 

one, he responded to his country's call and served in the Revolu- 
tionary Army as follows. In Capt. Wm. Cooley's Co., Col. John 
Moseley's Regt. ; enl. 23 Sept., 1776; discgd. 16 Nov., 1776; 
service 2 mos., i day; roll dated North Castle; 7 days travel in- 
cluded [Various Service, Vol. 17, p. 214]. In this record he is 
ranked as Private. In the same Co. and Regt., Stephen Spelman, 
Private, enl. 17 Aug., 1777; discgd. 19 Aug., 1777; 4 days; 
marched on alarm to Bennington [Ibid, p. 218]. On 21 Sept., 
1777, he enl. in Capt. Aaron Coe's Co. of the sam.e Regt. as 
Sergeant; served to 23 Oct., 1777, 33 days; marched on alarm to 
reinforce the Northern Army, by order of Gen. Gates [Ibid, Vol. 
18, pp. 42, 61]. 

The following quotation is taken from his own note book, 
carried with him during the time of his service : "Marched for 
New York, 25 Sept., ''j6, when we joined the rest of our company 
27 Sept. Marched to Farmington 28th, Mt. Carmel 29th, to 
New Haven and got there at ten o'clock 30th and went to meet- 
ing in the afternoon. Marched through old Milford to Strat- 
ford ; at evening heard the dulcimer and organ, i Oct., marched 
to Fairfield and drew our ammunition ; 2 Oct., our teams went 
back, and we staid there until the next week 8th; we marched 
to Norwalk by the landing place ; 9th marched to Horse Neck, 
loth marched to Westchester, where we drew our tents about 
sundown, pitched there that night and lodged in them." 

At Stephen Spelman's death he owned one hundred and 
thirty-eight acres and one hundred and twenty rods of land val- 
ued in the inventory of his estate at $5 per acre. On part of 
this land stood his house and two barns. He also owned what 
was called the East Hill Lot, containing about seventeen acres 
valued at $15 per acre, as will be seen by the following: 

"An inventory of the Real and Perfonal Eftate of Lieut. 
Stephen Spelman late of Granville deceased 

"Real Estate Dols. Cts. 

The Home Lot with Lands adjoining, together with One 
dwelling House & Two Barns Containing 138 Acres 
and 120 Rods of Land £5.0 p*" acre 2312.50 

East Hill Lot about 17 Acres 15 Dolls 255 

Personal Estate 

I Brown Horfe 40 

I Bay Mare 40 

I Brown Horfe 4 years old 23 

I Bay 2 years old Colt 27.50 

I pair working Cows 70 

I Do. Do. Do. 56 

148 Spelman Genealogy 

I yolk of 2 year old steers 23.50 

I Read Cowe 18 

I Do. Do. small 18 

I Do. Do white face 21 

I Brindled Do. 18 

I Read heifer & yong Calf 15 

I Read Do. two years old 14 

I vealing Calf i5-50 

3 ' Do. Do. @ $5 15 

II sheep 20 

1 Large swine 7.5 
6 small Do. @ 10/ 10 

15 Geefe 6.25 

4 Acres of Rye & wheat in the ground 60 
31 Bushels of Rye @ 5/6 2.50 
6 Bushels of oats @ 4/6 2 
10 Bushels of Pees @ 7/6 12.50 

2 Bushels Flaxfeed 2 

2 Bushels Salt 2.25 

16 old fider Barrels 2/8 5.33 

1 Do. Hogfhed i 

2 Dry Casks 2/ .67 
I Wash Tub 6/ 2 Old Tubs @ 1/6 1.50 
I Meel Cheft i 

17 quarts of Read Cloverseed 4.25 

3 Narrow axes @ 67 cts 2 

1 Broad Do. 1.33 i Narrow @ .34 1.67 

4 Hones @ .75 2.25 

2 Sithes with tackling 1.42 2.84 
2 sickle @ 0.16 0.24 40 
45 lb. Channes @ 12 5.62 
2 ox yocks @ i.o 2 

1 Do. Do. 0.50 50 

2 Gave & pins 0.33 66 
I Plane 2. 1/3 of a plane 13 

3 Ropes .50 3 pitchfork @ 25 1.25 
half of a Dung fork 25 

1 Drow Share 33 i bush sithe 25 58 

2 augors 25 50 
33 lb ae Iron 1.84 
Ox shoes & cart Boxes 84 
I set old slay Harness 3 

I Nail Hammer 16 

Slay Irons 2.25 

I Plow sheer 15 lbs 84 

Horfe tackling 2 

I Hay knife 50 

Third Generation i49 

I pr Cart wheels with boxes and bands 9 

I Slay bottom 4 

56 lb. Iron 3-50 

I Woman's saddle 6. 

1 Old mans do. 1.50 

2 Pillions @ $1.0 2 

1 Duct wheele 2.50 

2 old Do Do. 1.33 2.69 
2 Clock Reals @ 0.84 @ i.o 1.84 
4 pr new shoes (a) i.o . 4 
upper Leather 0.33 2.33 
7 sack Bags @ 0.33 2.33 

pr saddle Bags i 

Bridle 0.58 i Halter .40 98 

Cow bells @ 0.17 34 

Great Wheels @ 67 cents 1.33 

Beefe Hide 2.50 2 hog skins 1.0 3.50 

side sole Leather 2.50 

Iron wedge 33 lbs 33 

Looking glafs 50 

/4 part sawmill irons 4.50 

Razor @ 16 - 16 
House Furniture 

Feather Bead with Bedstead & cord 13 

Do. Do. & cord 11 

Do. Do. Do. Do. 12.50 

Do. Do. Do. Do. 5-0 

Do. Do. Do. Do. 5-50 

5 lb Bed Feathers 2.8 
Desk 3.0 I chest with drawers 3- 
Lowe Chest i 

: Tables @ $1.00 2 

Candle Stand .^7 

Case with Bottles i-50 

6 Chairs 3 
Iron Pot 25 
Iron Kettles @, (i^ 2 
Tea Kettle i 
Skillet 16 
Frying Pan 75 

: Flat Irons ^50 i 

Blue Bed quilt 1-67 

Green Do, Do 2.67 

Brown Do Do i-50 

Blue Do Do i-50 

Various colors Do Do i-7<3 

Callico Beadquilt 1-33 

ISO Spelman Genealogy 

I peas work Do Do 1.75 

I Rag Rug 50 

I Checked Blanket 3 

I Do Do 3 

1 Striped Do 1.50 

I Do Do 1.50 

I Read Spoted Do 1.75 

I Rop Rug 1.67 

1 Do. Do. 50 

7 Flannel Sheets 6.42 
15 Pair Linen Sheets 26.50 
4 Table Cloths 2.25 
9 Towels 2.50 

8 pr Pillow Cases 2 

2 Windowe Curtins 75 
Bed furniture 50 
I Gridiron i6c Slice & Tongs 1.75 1.91 
Puter $3.66 Crockery 84c 4.50 

3 Silver Tea Spoons at 33c i 
Tin Ware 1.33 
Earthen Ware 1.33 

1 Stove 67 4 wood pailes 0.25 1.67 

2 Bread Trays i 
One half of Thee Hatchels 1.90 

2 Tramels @ 0.84 1.67 
I pr Handirons 1.50 
I Loom with Reads 9 

I pr wood cards 25 

I Iron Crane 1.67 

I Do Do & hooks 1.33 

I pr Stilyards 0.84 1/2 pr 1.34 

3 Baskets 0.67 wood bottles & Bels 1.67 
I Clofe Bafket 25 
Knives and forks 1.50 
Wearing Apparel of the Deceafed 

I Hat 3.25 I Great Coat 4.50 7.75 

I " Do. Do. Do. 1.50 

I Strait boded Do. Do 3 

I Do Do Do 4.50 

I Do Do Do 1.50 

I Vest 1.50 I Vest 75 2.25 

I pr Cafsimeer Breches 2.67 

I pr Do 50 

I pr Do 84 

I pr Overalls 50 

I Linen Sheets ii.o 2 

I Woolin Do 75 

Third Generation 151 

4 pr Stockings 33 1.33 

2 shoes stockings 33 i 

2 shoes 0.50 I 

I pr Boots I 

"Israel Parsons 
Amos Root 
Asa Seymour" 

Children, born in East Granville, Mass. : 
yj i Naomi, b, 18 April, 1771 ; m. (i) Martin Tinker, 

(2) Asa Seymour. 

78 ii Stephen, b. 19 July, 1773; m. Charity Tinker. 

79 iii Jesse, b. 16 May, 1775; m. Anna Root. 

80 iv Festus, b. 29 April, 1777; m. Hannah Dickinson. 

81 V Rufus, b. 30 March, 1779; m. Sarah Cooley. 

82 vi Deborah, b. 15 July, 1781 ; m. James Barlow. 

83 vii Miriam, b. 12 Sept., 1783 ; m. Silas Root. 

84 viii Samuel Buel, b. 17 Jan., 1786; m. (i) Laura Sey- 

mour, (2) Mrs. Emeline Streator, (3) Harriet 
Hopkins, (4) Mrs. Fanny Dye. 

85 ix Mabel (Mehitable in letters of guardianship), b. 10 

April, 1788; m. Joseph Bradshaw. 

86 X Ohel, b. 18 Feb., 1791 ; m. Lavinia Oark. 
xi Jacob, b. 4 Nov., 1793 ; d. 4 Nov., 1811. 

xii Tirzah, b. 18 April, 1796; d. at Greeley, Colo., 8 
May, 1873; m., ist, 7 May, 1817, Alpheus Gib- 
bons of Granville, d. there 25 Sept., 1833 ; 2nd, in 
Rootstown, Ohio, 15 Sept., 1836, Deacon Gad Case. 

25 SARAH' SPELMAN (Thomas', Richard') was born in 
Durham, Conn., 29 or 30 Jan., 1747-8 [Durham Records] ; died 
in West Granville, Mass., 19 Feb., 1818; married in Granville 
28 July, 1785, as his second wife, Joseph Coe of that town. 

Joseph and Sarah (Spelman) Coe were admitted as mem- 
bers of the Congregational Church at Granville 4 July, 1790. He 
was the son of Josiah Coe, and, like Sarah Spelman, was born 
in Durham, the date of his birth being 18 March, 1748-9. His 
first wife was Sarah Ball, who died 17 Dec, 1784, when he mar- 
ried Sarah Spelman the following year. At her death he married 
for the third time, 3 March, 1819, Lydia Brace. He served as 
Private in Capt. Wm. Cooley's Co. Col. John Moseley's Hamp- 
shire Regt., 9 July, 1777; marching to reinforce the Northern 
Army [Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution]. 

Child [Granville Town Records] : 

87 i Luman Spelman Coe, b. 28 Sept., 1788; m. Nancy 


152 Spelman Genealogy 

26 EBER' SPELMAN (Thomas^ Richard') was born in 
East Granville, Mass., 27 Oct., 1753; baptized in 1757 [Gran- 
ville Church Records] ; died in Stafford, Conn., 15 Aug., 1829; 
married in East Granville in 1777, Lucy Thrall, born 23 July, 
1757, daughter of Samuel and Lucy (Winchell) Thrall. She 
died at Stafford 21 March (or Aug.), 1824. 

Eber Spelman was not behind his brothers and cousins in 
Revolutionary service. We find his name recorded as Private in 
Capt. Lebbeus Ball's Co. of Minute Men, Col. Timothy Daniel- 
son's Regt. ; marched on alarm of 19 April, 1775, from Gran- 
ville; service 9 days [Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Rev., 
Vol. 14, p. 713]. Again, on a muster roll, dated i Aug., 1775; 
same Co. and Regt. ; enl. 29 April, 1775 ; served 3 months, 10 
days. On a return of men ; same Co. and Regt. ; dated 6 Oct., 
1775; Eber Spelman, Private. Also his name is signed to an 
order for a Bounty Coat or its equivalent in money, due for eight 
months' service in 1775 ; same Co. and Regt., dated Roxbury, 22 
Dec, 1775 [Ibid. Vol. 14, p. 713]. 

In 1780 Eber Spelman built a house for himself in East 
Granville, about a quarter of a mile north from his father, 
Thomas Spelman's, house. Here he moved with his wife and 
two small children. This house has been occupied by continuous 
generations of Spelmans for one hundred and twenty-five years, 
and was the residence of Eber's great-grandson, William Har- 
mon Spelman, in 1900, and in it he died. About 1798, Eber 
Spelman moved with his family to Somers, Conn. ; the Granville 
Church Records showing that in that year he and his wife, Lucy, 
were recommended to the Congregational Church at Somers. 
Later, they moved to Stafford, Conn., where they both died. 

Children : 
88 i Daniel, b. 16 Oct., 1778; m. Salome BilHngs. 

ii Statira, b. 29 March, 1780; d. 17 Oct., 1781 [Gran- 
ville tombstone] . 

Eber, b. 14 July, 1782; m. Anna Cady. 

Apollos, b. 25 Nov., 1784; m. Myra Clark. 

Statira, b. 11 March, 1787; m. Jonathan Johnson. 

Sylvester, b. 7 Sept., 1789; m. (i) Emily Boardman, 
(2) Mrs. Mary (Quimby) Girling. 

Samuel Thrall, b. 4 March, 1792; m. Beulah Ellis. 

Charlotte, b. 21 June, 1794; m. Orrin Harwood. 

Alsamana French, b. 25 July, 1796; m. John Cady. 

Anson, b. 24 Dec, 1798; m. Lorinda Gushing. 

27 TIMOTHY^ SPELMAN (Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in East Granville, Mass., 15 Jan., 1756 [Granville Town 
Records] ; baptized there by Rev. Jedediah Smith [Granville 
Church Records] ; died in Granville, Ohio, 21 April, 1828; mar- 


















Third Generation 153 

ried in Hartland, Mass., 13 Oct., 1779, Hannah Hayes of that 
town, — "Timothy Spelman of Granville, Mass., and Hannah 
Hayes of Hartland, Oct. 13, 1779" [Hartland Church Records], 
— daughter of Seth and Elizabeth Hayes, bom 7 Oct., 1761 
[Granville Town Records], died in Granville, Ohio, 22 March, 

Timothy Spelman grew up in the midst of the stirring times 
of the American Revolution, and when he was about nineteen 
years old we find him enlisting in a Company of seventy-three 
men raised in Granville for the aid of the Continental Army. He 
enlisted for three years, his record being as follows. Muster 
roll ; Capt. Lebbeus Ball's Co., Col. Timothy Danielson's Regt. ; 
dated i Aug., 1775; served 3 months 3 days [Mass. Archives, 
Vol. 14, p. 40]. Return of Capt. Ball's Co., 6 Oct., 1775; Pri- 
vate; dated from Roxbury [Ibid, Vol. 54, p. 93]. An order for 
a Bounty Coat, or its equivalent in money ; for eight months' 
service in 1775; Capt. Ball's Co., Col. Danielson's Regt.; dated 
Roxbury 25 Nov., 1777 [Ibid, Vol. 57, file 10]. Return of men 
enlisted into Continental Army from Capt. Wm. Cooky's Co. of 
the 3rd Hampshire Regt.; 19 Jan., 1778 [Ibid, Vol. 63, p. 8]. 
He was Fifer of his regiment and was probably present at the 
battle of White Plains, under Gen. Washington, when Capt. 
Cooley was wounded. 

In the Spring of 1804, a movement was set on foot in East 
Granville for the purpose of forming a colony in the northwest of 
Ohio, at that time being opened to settlers. Three men were 
sent out to gather information as to land and prospects ; they re- 
turned in the Fall with favorable reports, and the "Licking Land 
Company" was formed at once. A meeting was held 7 Feb., 
1805, the members finally adjourning to meet again the first Mon- 
day of the following December, at 9 a. m., on the Hardy Section, 
Ohio. Timothy Spelman was one of the subscribers, and was 
appointed as one of the Board of Trustees to receive deeds and 
perform other duties specified. Preparations were at once begun 
for the exodus from Granville, and by the 2nd of November, 
1805, the first arrivals had reached Ohio. They were quickly 
followed by daily accessions, until forty-five families, consisting 
of two hundred and thirty-five persons, had arrived. The long 
and toilsome journey had been made, of course, by team and 
wagon, and had taken forty-two days to accomplish. We, of this 
day of steam and rushing railway cars, can hardly realize what 
a journey like that one meant. But those were days of hard 
work and much privation, the present generation reaping the 
comforts and luxuries sown by the toil of our forefathers. The 
character of the little colony is well depicted in the fact that 
about their first act upon their arrival at their new home was to 
gather together for worship, and to listen again to the sermon 

154 Spelman Genealogy 

being read, which their old pastor in Granville, Rev. Timothy 
Mather Cooley, had preached to them before leaving, when they 
had organized as a Presbyterian offshoot of the Congregational 
Church of which he was the pastor. The text was "If Thy 
presence go not with us, carry us not hence." 

The land had been resurveyed into hundred acre lots, and 
were put up to auction. The first choice of 12,000 acres was 
struck off to Timothy Spelman, and he bid in four lots more, 
paying an aggregate price of $736 for the whole. It is said he 
did not sleep all that night thinking he had paid too much for 
the land. The new Colony was named Granville, in affectionate 
remembrance of the old home in far-away Massachusetts. Mr. 
S. S. Williams, the Masonic historian of Granville, Ohio, wrote 
as follows: "Timothy Spelman was Charter Member of the 
Masonic Lodge of Granville, Ohio, and held the second office in 
the Lodge, which was organized in 181 1. He was well qualified 
for public office, and filled many important County offices with 
great acceptance to the community. He was a Baptist in his 
belief, and although he helped the Presbyterian Church (which 
was formed in East Granville, Mass., in front of his house, and 
there consecrated), he never became truly one of them in fellow- 
ship, but walked several miles to Welsh Hills, to the Welsh Bap- 
tist Church, although he could not understand a word of their 
language, but sat there listening with dignity. He said, Tt is the 
true belief, and that is what I worship.' " 

Timothy Spelman was connected with the Bank in Gran- 
ville, Ohio. In those days courtesies were extended from bank 
to bank. An inspector came at different times and made reports 
of the financial standing of each bank. One time the Bank of 
Wooster, Ohio, near Canton, needed funds to save its credit 
with the Government, and so notified the Granville Bank. After 
the inspector had visited the Granville Bank, Timothy Spelman 
put the money in saddle bags, and started alone on horseback for 
Wooster. He rode across country to enable him to reach Wooster 
ahead of the inspector, who went by "stage Hne." His fearless 
and intrepid character is shown in the fact that his v/ay led 
through an unbroken wilderness and through a part of the coun- 
try where horse thieves, counterfeiters and highwaymen had their 
rendezvous, the band being then known as "the League of 
Miami." The journey there took him three days. He arrived 
at Wooster in time and returned home by the way the inspector 
had travelled, the "stage line" route. This feat was talked of for 
many years. He was greatly interested in the Presbyterian 
church at Granville, and formed the first choir and maintained 
it for many years, his sons furnishing instrumental music with 
the bass, violin and cornet. He was also quite a poet, writing 
all the Fourth of July odes and many hymns, as well as verses 

WIMK ..yM 



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.rf-»^ " ■,.,w8b 

'"SWajfe^. . 


.J.«— — ^-. 


Third Generation 155 

about settling on the pleasant banks of the Ohio. The following 
poem was written by him on the departure of the emigrants from 
Granville, Mass., and was sung by the congregation before 


O fare ye well, my friends, 
We bid you all adieu : 
For Providence has call'd us, 
And we must surely go. 

To yonder fertile land, 
Our steady course we'll steer. 
And O that blessings rich, divine. 
Might crown our journey there. 

Tho' now a wilderness. 
Dear friends, to which we go ; 
But hark and hear the promises 
Which from the prophets flow. 

The prophets' sacred word 
How sweet the promise flows 
The fruitful desert sure shall bud 
And blossom as the rose. 

Emmanuel will appear 

To verify His word, 

Free captive souls made subject there 

And own their sovereign Lord. 

O Zion's precious friends 
Who love the Saviour dear, 
May harmony and peace descend 
And reign in triumph there. 

Go on with hand in hand 
In ways of righteousness, 
Till you arrive at Canaan's land 
Where perfect pleasure is. 

Dear friends, remember us, 
Your brethren far away. 
In yonder fertile wilderness, 
Be sure for us to pray. 

156 Spelman Genealogy 

That Jesus by His grace 
Amongst us would descend, 
And rear a standard to His praise, 
A bulwark to defend, 

From Satan's fatal snares 
May we be well secured. 
Encircled round with arms of love, 
We'll triumph in the Lord. 

But O, my precious friends, 

It grieves my joyful heart, 

We who have long in friendship livVl 

To think that we must part. 

Our Servant of the Lord 
We've long enjoy'd so dear, 
'Tis hard to take the parting hand 
Without a falling tear. 

But since we're call'd to part. 

No longer here to dwell, 

May grace divine reign in each heart, 

Adieu, dear sir, farewell. 

And may your prayers and cries 
In our behalf ascend 
Up to Immanuel in the skies, 
That He would be our friend. 

To guard us on our way, 
And guide us where we move. 
And grant us peace from day to day 
And bless us with His love. 

And you, my brethren dear. 
And sisters well belov'd, 
Why should we drop a falling tear, 
God's purpose cannot move. 

We sure must take the lot 
Design'd for us while here. 
May faith and hope and love unite 
To make our friendship dear. 

Dear friends and neighbors kind, 
With whom we here did dwell. 

Third Generation 157 

May friendship still unite our hearts, 
Farewell ! dear friends, farewell ! 

We leave you to enjoy 
The blessed gospel found, 
But O. if you neglect such grace, 
And slighters you are found, 

Sure you must rue the day 
That you abus'd such light. 
When Jesus spurns you far away, 
Chain'd down in endless night. 

But may we all be wise 

And seek the offer'd bliss. 

That we may reign above the skies 

Where perfect friendship is. 

Tho' now we part awhile 

We sure must meet again. 

When the shrill trumpet rends the skies 

Which all the slumberers bring. 

When there we're call'd to stand 
Before the judgment seat, 
May we be found at Christ's right hand, 
Qoth'd in long raiment white. 

Thence welcom'd far away 
In mansions there to dwell, 
There reign and sing in endless day 
And never bid farewell. 

Timothy Spelman's wife died two years after reaching the 
new home in Ohio, but he survived her twenty-three years, and 
died leaving a large and prosperous family of nine children and 
seventy-three grandchildren. His death is recorded in the Rev. 
T. M. Cooley's Church Records as accidental. He fell into the 
fire during an attack of epilepsy, from which he did not recover. 
He was buried in the old cemetery at Granville, Ohio. 

By trade Timothy Spelman was a house-builder, and houses 
erected by him still stand in Granville. 

Children, all but the youngest bom in East Granville, 
Mass. [Town Records] : 

97 i Rhoda, b. 10 Jan., 1780: m. Nathaniel Saunders. 

ii Spencer Timothy, b. 28 April, 1782 ; d. of hydro- 
phobia 25 July, 1785. 














158 Spelman Genealogy 

98 iii Sarah, b. 29 Feb. or 9 March, 1784; m. Hugh Kel- 

Spencer, b. 23 Feb., 1787; m. Ruth Gilman. 
Thomas Herrick, b. 19 Feb., 1789; m. Miriam Qark. 
Timothy, b. 3 Aug., 1791 ; m. (i) Abigail Graves, 

(2) Cynthia Wheeler, 
Elizabeth, b. 14 Nov., 1793; m. Timothy Case; d. 

about 1840-45 ; 7 ch. 
Hannah, b. 12 Sept., 1796; m. Ralph Granger. 
Electa, b. i May, 1799; m. William Wing. 
Marietta, b. autumn of 1805 ; m. John L. Atwood. 

28 MARTHA' SPELMAN (Thomas^ Richard') was born 
in East Granville, Mass., 8 Aug., 1762 [Granville Records] ; 
died there about 1837-38: married, about 1779, Jonathan Tillot- 
son. They lived at East Granville and at North Granby, Conn. 

Jonathan Tillotson served in the Revolutionary Army as 
Private in Capt. Joel Dickson's Co., Col. Charles Burrel's Regt. ; 
was taken prisoner and paroled 30 Aug., 1776 [Connecticut Men 
in the Revolution] . He died in Granville, Mass., his wife, Mar- 
tha Spelman, surviving him many years. She was a strong- 
minded, but affectionate woman, and made herself both useful 
and a comfort in the families of her two children, Gurdon and 
Polly, with whom she made her home after the death of her 
husband, dividing her time between them. 

Children, all born in East Granville, Mass. : 

105 i Gurdon Tillotson, m. (i) Hannah Loomis, (2) Mar- 

tha Loomis. 

106 ii Polly Tillotson, b. 3 Sept., 1782-3; m. (i) Archi- 

bald Kasson, (2) Abijah Rowe. 
iii Oliver Tillotson, d. aged 19, unm. 

29 SARAff SPELMAN f Samuel, Richard') was born in 
Middletown, Conn., 4 March, 1742-3 [Middletown Records] ; 
baptized 6 March ; died in Durham, Conn., 5 Sept., 1783 [Dur- 
ham tombstone] ; married in Durham 17 May, 1764, Samuel 
Bates [History of Durham] ; the record giving "both of Had- 

From her marriage record it would seem that Sarah Spel- 
man was at that time living in Haddam ; however this may be, 
they resided there for some time afterwards and then removed 
to Durham, where she died. On her tombstone in the old Ceme- 
tery at Durham is this inscription : 

"In Memory of 
Mrs Sarah wife of 
Mr Sam'l Bates 

Third Generation 159 

who died Sept. 5th 
1783 in the 45th year 
of her Age. 
At her Feet Hes Moses 
her son died Aug't 14th 
1783 Aged 20 Hours." 

Samuel Bates was a Revolutionary soldier, being Private in 
Capt. Ebenezer Strong's Co., Col. Sears' Hampshire Co. Regt. ; 
enl. 10 Aug., 1781 ; discgd. 20 Nov., 1781 ; at Saratoga; marched 
to Albany. He enl. 16 Oct., 1779, in Capt. Jos. Clap's Co., Col. 
Israel Chapin's 3rd Regt.; discgd. 21 Nov., 1779; service at 
Claverack ; marched to reinforce the Northern Army. From i 
Jan., 1778, he was stationed at Rhode Island; enl. for three 
months. His last record is dated 31 July, 1780, to Aug. 9, 
1780, 9 days at Rhode Island ; Capt. Gibb's Co., Lt. Col. White's 
4th Plymouth Regt. After Sarah Spelman's death he married 
again and resided at Hartland, Conn., where he and his wife 
were admitted to membership in the Church [Hartland Church 

Children, all born and baptized at Durham [History of 
Durham] : 

107 i Samuel Bates, bap. 10 March, 1765 ; m. Hannah 


108 ii Elihu Bates, bap. i March, 1767 ; m. Concurrence, 
iii Eunice Bates, bap. 10 Sept., 1769. 

iv Sarah Bates, bap. 28 June, 1772. 

V A child, bap. i Jan., 1775. 

109 vi Stephen Bates, bap. 9 Nov., 1777; m. Matilda Beach, 
vii Moses Bates, b. and d. 14 Aug., 1783. 

30 MARY" SPELMAN (Samuel; Richard') was born in 
Middletown, Conn., 17 Jan., 1747-8 [Middletown Records, Vol. 
I, p. 105] ; married in Wallingford, Conn., 23 Nov., 1770, Solo- 
mon Morse, born there 18 Feb., 1749, son of David and Mind- 
well (Doolittle) Morse. He died at Wallingford 4 June, 1820. 
They lived at Wallingford and Litchfield, Conn. 
Children : 

i Huldah Morse, d. 1803 ; m. John Evans of Conn, 
ii Elihu Morse, b. 6 July, 1774; m. Abigail Barber; 8 
ch. ; lived at Litchfield, Conn., Wolf Lake, Ind., and 
Pawaka, Wis. 
iii Solomon Morse, b. 19 Dec, 1777; m. (i) Huldah 
Gillett, (2) Thankful Merrill; lived at Burlington, 
Conn. ; 3 ch. by ist wife, 2 by 2nd. 
no iv Samuel Spelman Morse, b. 14 Feb., 1780-81; m. 
Phoebe Gay. 

i6o Spelman Genealogy 

V Chauncey Morse, m. Mahala Towner; lived in Wis.; 
I son. 

vi Friend Morse, m. Lydia ; 4 ch. 

vii James Morse. 
For descendants of these children see Morse Memorial, by 
Rev. Abner Morse. 



Mary" Spelman, Richard') was born in Durham, Conn., 8 Dec, 

1748, and married, about 1765, Elizabeth . On 12 Nov., 

1769, they acknowledged their baptismal covenant [History of 
Durham] . Captain Norton took the oath of fidelity to the State 
of Connecticut, 26 Aug., 1777, ^^^ one month later, 16 Sept., 
took his oath as freeman. [Ibid.] He was one of the most prom- 
inent men from Durham who served in the Revolution. He re- 
sponded to the call for men after the Battle of Lexington, hold- 
ing the rank of Sergeant and being credited with seven days' 
service [Connecticut in the Revolution]. In 1776, when troops 
were called for to reinforce Washington's army at New York, 
he was Ensign of the ist Company, 5th Battalion, Wadsworth's 
Brigade, Colonel Douglas. He served with his regiment in New 
York and on Brooklyn front and was in the battles of Long Is- 
land and White Plains. His enlistment expired 25 Dec, 1776. 
In 1777 he had risen to the rank of captain and served in the 
loth Regiment. His name is on the list of those to whom bounty 
money was paid at Fishkill, in October of that year, for which 
he received ii6. He commanded a company in Captain Increase 
Moseley's regiment, raised in July, 1779, at the time of the New 
Haven alarm. In 1780 he marched with a company from Wal- 
lingford to West Point, and in the same year is again mentioned 
as being in the 17th Regiment. On 13 Nov., 1780, Captain 
Charles Norton and others were chosen a committee to procure 
recruits for the Continental Army. Charles Norton was one of 
the appraisers of the estate of his cousin, Phineas Spelman, 
I May, 1784. 

Children, born in Durham, Conn. [History of Durham] : 
i Elizabeth. 

ii Miles, b. 30 May, 1769; bp. 12 Nov., 1769. 
iii Eunice, b. 6 Mar., 1771. 
iv Sarah, bp. 8 Aug., 1773. 
V Ephraim, bp. 3 Sept., 1775. 

32 WILLIAM* LUCAS (William' Lucas, Mary' Spelman, 
Richard') was born in Branford, Conn., 11 April, 1760, and died 
in New Woodstock, Madison County, N. Y., 9 Aug., 1842. He 
married, in 1794, Jane Brown of Blandford, Mass., bom 20 Dec, 















164 Spelman Genealogy 

1765, died 16 April, 1836. They lived in Simsbury, Conn., San- 
disfield, Mass., Berkshire, Tioga County, N. Y., and New Wood- 
stock, Madison County, N. Y. 

Children, born in Sandisfield, Mass. : 

Corintha, b. 20 May, 1795 ; m. Duncan Lapham. 
William, b. 7 Jan., 1797 ; m. Nancy M. Baird. 
Samuel, b. 8 May, 1799; d. 12 Mar., 1803. 
Robert, b. 25 Oct., 1800; m., ist, Anna Crandall; 

2nd, Mrs. Hannah F. Mott. 
Lucy, b. 25 May, 1802 ; unmarried. 
Samuel, b. 11 May, 1804; m. Julia A. Laird. 
Roxanna, b. 28 Aug., 1806; m. Leverett Hamilton. 
Lovander, b. 6 Nov., 1808; m., ist, Sarah L. Hamil- 
ton ; 2nd, Mrs. Eliza A. Warner. 
ix Jane. b. 31 July, 1810; d. 7 Jan., 181 1. 

33 JOEL* ROBINSON (Amy' Spelman, Richard', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Durham, Conn.. 2 May, 1753, and died 26 
Sept., 1835. He married there, 3 April, 1774 [History of Dur- 
ham], Hannah Wilcox, born about 1750, died 15 June, 1831. 
They removed early in life to Granville, Mass., and apparently 
later to Hartland, Conn., the adjoining town, as the records of 
the Second Church of Christ, Hartland, Conn., contain many 
references to them. Hannah, wife of Joel Robinson, joined that 
church 6 June, 1784, and was dismissed to the church in Gran- 
ville, Mass., 1787 [Records of the Second Church of Christ, 

Children : 

i Seth, b. 1776; d. in Whitestown, N. Y., about 1837; 

m. Coe of Granville, Mass. ; removed to 

Whitestown, N. Y. ; had ch. 

117 ii Amy, b. 1780; bp. 1781 ; m. Joseph Reynolds of Horse 


118 iii Elizur, bp. 22 Dec, 1782; m., ist, Betsey Baldwin of 

Granville, Mass. ; m. a second wife. 

34 EBENEZER* ROBINSON (Amy'' Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard') was born in Durham, Conn., 3 Oct., 1754, and died in 
April, 1817. He married, about 1780, Hannah Austin, born about 
1757- She died in Dec, 1817. He was baptized in Durham, 3 
Nov., 1754. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson resided in Durham, where 
his great uncle, Ebenezer Robinson, after whom he was named, 
left him by will a farm of twenty acres, with a dwelling house 
and barn on it ; also twenty acres more of land, and his cloak and 
silver tankard [History of Durham]. 

Children : 

i Abiah, d. in infancy. 

Fourth Generation 165 

119 ii Asher, m., ist, Rachel Bartholomew; 2nd, Rich- 

mond : 3rd, Parsons. 

120 iii Ebenezer, m. Margery Kelly. 

121 iv Moses, b. in 1790; m. Electa Bartholomew. 

35 JOHN' ROBINSON (Amy' Spelman, Richard', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 30 Nov., 1757, and died in 
Hartland, Conn., 17 Sept., 1829. He married, about 1779, Eliza- 
beth Francis, bom about 1771, died 29 March, 1833, aged sev- 
enty-two. They removed early from Durham, to Hartland, Conn., 
where the records of the Second Church of Christ state that 
Elizabeth joined that church 6 July, 1784. John Robinson was 
baptized in Durham, Conn., 4 Dec, 1757. 

Children [Records of Second Church, Hartland] : 

i Pamela (''Millie"), b. 1780; d. 20 July, 1816; m., in 
Hartland, Conn., 12 Nov., 1807, Dan Frost of 
Granville, Mass. ; no ch. 
ii Henry, bp. 28 Sept., 1783; d. 26 Aug., 1785. 
iii Content, bp. 18 Feb., 1787; d. unmarried. 

122 iv Catherine, bp. 26 July, 1789; m. William Beach. 

123 V Henry, bp. 2 Nov., 1794; m. Betsey Bates. 

vi "Died Dec. 31, 1799, an infant child of John and 
Elizabeth Robinson." 

36 JAMES' ROBINSON (Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Rich- 
ard') was born in Durham, Conn., i May, 1763, and died 19 
October, 1820. He married, in Durham, 16 March, 1785, Thank- 
ful Dimmock, born there 22 June, 1763 [History of Durham], 
daughter of Daniel and Thankful (Merriman) Dimmock of the 
same place. She died in New York City 18 Aug., 1834. James 
Robinson was baptized in Durham 8 May, 1763. Mr. and Mrs. 
Robinson both resided there from childhood for over half a cen- 
tury, and all their children were born in that place. He was so 
unfortunate in early life as to lose one of his legs from a slight 
wound in the knee. Mrs. Thankful Robinson died in New York 
City at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Peter Van Pelt. 

Children, born in Durham, Conn. [History of Durham] : 

124 i Samuel, b. 5 Dec, 1785 ; m. Ruth Camp. 

125 ii Henry, b. 23 Oct., 1787 ; m. Elizabeth Bingle. 

126 iii Israel, b. 12 April, 1789; m. Sarah A. Burgess. 

127 iv James, b. 14 Nov., 1791; m., ist, Patty Camp; 2nd, 

Hannah Hoxie ; 3rd, Jane Hoxie ; married a fourth 

128 V Emma, b. in 1797; m. Peter Van Pelt. 

37 CONTENT' ROBINSON (Amy' Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard') was born in Durham, Conn., 9 June, 1767, and died 

1 66 Spelman Genealogy 

in Guilford, Conn., 20 Sept., 1813. She married in Durham, 29 
Mar.. 1786, her cousin, Colonel Samuel Robinson of Guilford, 
born there 12 jNIar., 1762, died in Guilford, 17 Nov., 1839, son 
of Samuel and Elizabeth (Bishop) Robinson [New England 
Historical and Genealogical Register] . He married, 2nd, 20 Dec, 
181 5. Sarah Caldwell. 

Children, born in Guilford, Conn. : 

129 i Sarah Robinson, b. 3 June, 1787; m. Isaac Benton. 

130 ii Henry Robinson, b. 20 Dec, 1788; m. ist, Wealthy F. 

Brown; m. 2nd, Mrs. Mary C. (Gay) Judd. 

131 iii Elizabeth Robinson, b. 12 Mar., 1791 ; m. Colonel John 

B. Chittenden. 

132 iv Samuel Robinson, b. 16 Sept., 1795 ; m. ist, Lydia 

Chittenden; m. 2nd, Mrs. Ann (Curtiss) Baldwin. 

38 NATHAN* ROBINSON (Amy' Spelman, Richard', 
Richard*) was born in Durham, Conn., 23 Oct., 1769, and died 
in 1803 [History of Durham]. He was baptized in Durham 29 
Oct., 1769. He married, ist, Patty Dimmick of Durham, and, 
2nd, Ann Kellogg. He removed to Paris, N. Y., in 1794. 

Chiijdren, by ist wife: 


Chauncey, d. young. 


Isamer, d. young. 











Children, by 2nd wife: 








George, d. young. 


David, d. young. 




Ch., name unknown. 


Ch., name unknown. 


Ch., name unknown. 

Richard^, Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 15 Dec, 1773, 
and died 22 Feb., 1848. He married ist, in 1794, Tabitha Arnold, 
born in Durham 27 Dec, 1776, died 28 May, 181 1, daughter of 
Colonel James and Tabitha (Parsons) Arnold [History of Dur- 
ham]. He married 2nd, Cynthia Hill Parmelee, daughter of 
Hiel and Patience (Farnam) Parmelee of Killingworth, Conn. 
Richard Robinson was baptized in Durham, 15 Dec, 1773. 

Fourth Generation 167 

Children by ist wife, born in Durham, Conn. [Ibid] : 

133 i Eliza, b. 16 Nov., 1794; m. Alsen Parmelee. 

134 ii Orpha, b. 23 July, 1796; m. Marcus Parsons. 

135 iii Tabitha Arnold, b. 31 Jan., 1800; m. Henry F. Par- 

iv Sophronia, b. 17 Oct., 1802; m. ist, John Swathel, 
Jr., 3 Nov., 1819 [History of Durham states ist 
marriage was in 1820] ; m. 2nd, Herschel Camp. 

136 V Caroline, b. 16 Sept., 1805 ; m. Hiram O. Burnham. 
vi Angelina, b. 29 Oct., 1809; d. 12 Feb., 1894, at Dur- 
ham ; unmarried. 

Children by 2nd wife, born in Durham, Conn. [Ibid] : 

137 vii Emma, b. 26 April, 1815; m. ist, Phineas Coe; 2nd, 

Mr. Still, 
viii Richard Parmelee, b. 9 April, 1817; d. in Louisville, 
Ky., 8 Aug., 1855; m. a widow; no ch. ; removed 
to Texas and d. at Louisville, returning from a 
visit to his old home. 

138 ix Henry Elton, b. 17 Aug., 1819; m. Aurelia B. Plumb. 

139 X Cynthia Julia Ann, b. 19 Dec, 1821 ; m. Daniel B. 


140 xi Rosetta Fayette, b. 26 May, 1824; m. James Wads- 

xii James, b. 15 June, 1829; d. in Texas, in 1855; m. in 
Durham, Conn., Mrs. Julia Ann Strong; had one 
daughter; removed to Texas shortly before his 

40 CHARLES* ROBINSON (Amy" Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 24 Mar., 1776, and died 
there 27 Feb., 1861. He married in Durham, in 1794, Concur- 
rence Johnson, born there in 1780, daughter of Benjamin and 
Eunice Johnson of that place. She died 21 Jan., 1854. 

Children, born in Durham, Conn. [History of Durham] : 

141 i Phineas, b. 22 May, 1798; m. Sophronia Hickox. 

ii Content, b. 3 Jan., 1799 ; d. in Durham, 4 Nov., 1857; 

Harriet, b. 13 Oct., 1801 ; m. Jesse Knevals. 
John, b. 13 July, 1803 ; m. Phoebe Scranton. 
Charles, b. 30 Sept., 1805 ; d. in Durham, 9 Mar., 

1885 ; m. there o.'j Nov., 1828, Almira Chalker, b. 

1802, d. in Durham 31 Aug., 1881 ; no ch. 
George, b. 28 Jan., 1808; d. in Durham 14 Dec, 1828. 
Lyman Curtis, b. 20 April, 1810; m. Jane E. Canfield. 
Elizabeth, b. 24 Mar., 1813 ; d. New Haven, Conn., 

in May, 1879; "i- ^" New Haven Benjamin W. 










i68 Spelman Genealogy 

Field, b. N. Madison, Conn., son of Joel Field: 

no ch. 
ix William Henry, b. about 1815 ; d. in infancy. 
X William Henry, b. 2 Aug., 1818; d. in Medford, N. 

J., 16 Dec, 1901 ; unmarried. 
xi James, b. 13 July, 1822; d. in San Francisco, Cal., 12 

Dec, 1849; unmarried. 

41 HANNAH' SPELMAN (Phineas', Richard", Richard') 
was born in Durham, Conn., 26 Mar., 1755, and died 10 Jan., 
1784; married Ichabod Francis. 

Children : 
145 i Phebe Francis, m. John Swathel. 
ii Mary Francis, d. in infancy. 

iii Mary Francis, d. between 1799 and 1809 ; unmarried, 
iv Phineas T. Francis, d. between 1799 and 1809. 

42 ANN* SPELMAN (Phineas^ Richard^ Richard') was 
born in Durham, Conn., 2^ Jan., 1757, and died in New York 
City, 15 Sept., 1839, aged eighty-two years; married Ebenezer 
Belknap, born in Mass., 1760, died in New York City 8 Dec, 
1842 [Vital Records, N. Y. City]. He graduated at Yale College 
in 1785, in the same class with his brother-in-law, Robert Spel- 
man. Mr. and Mrs. Belknap resided in New York City. 

Children : 

i Eliza Belknap, d. in Boston, Mass., after 1842; unm. 
ii Sophia Belknap, d. in infancy. 

43 RICHARD* SPELMAN (Phineas', Richard^ Richard') 
was born in Durham, Conn., 3 Dec, 1758, and died there in 
Feb., 1805; married 17 Aug., 1781, Rhoda Camp, born 27 July, 
1756, died 24 Feb., 1829, daughter of Israel and Anna Camp of 
Durham. Richard Spelman appears on the roll of those inhab- 
itants of Durham who took the Oath of Fidelity to the State of 
Connecticut, with the date of administration of said oath. He 
took the oath as freeman 7 Sept., 1782. He and his wife, Rhoda, 
were admitted to full communion in December, 1782 [Durham 
Town Records], and he was later made a deacon. He served in 
the Revolutionary War with the following record : "Private in 
Captain Samuel Camp's company, Colonel Noahdiah Hooker's 
regiment, April 29th, 1777." Also "Private in Captain Camp's 
company, Colonel Hotchkiss' regiment, Connecticut Militia; E. 
Wolcott's Brigade; June 26th, 1777. Marched to Peekskill, N. 
Y., to hold position for General McDougal until the regular regi- 
ment (the seventh being one) should be ready to move. Actual 
service, sixty days." [Conn, in War of Rev., pp. 106, 226, 501]. 
According to tradition, he was held a prisoner on the prison 

Fourth Generation 169 

ship "Jersey." There are several records of sales of land by 
Richard Spelman and his wife after the Revolutionary period. 
They first sold to his father, Phineas Spelman, perhaps by way 
of exchange, "eight and one-half acres of land in Durham for £35 
of lawful money Jan. 15, 1782." The same day they sold to 
"Huldah Camp for £3 two acres of land." Another record states 
that "Richard and Rhoda Spelman sold to Hezekiah and Rejoice 
Camp for £13 three acres of land on April 24, 1782." They also 
sold to the same persons one-half a barn for £8. These sales 
were made a year before the death of Phineas Spelman, the 
father of Richard. Phineas Spelman bequeathed a large amount 
of land and £500 to his son, Richard, in 1783. Four years later, 
23 Feb., 1787, Richard and Rhoda Spelman sold to Captain 
James Robinson (the husband of Amy Spelman) eight and one- 
half acres of land for £120, and on 28 July, the same year, a 
large tract of land to Charles Burrit for £300. Notwithstanding 
his inheritance of £500 and a large amount of land from his 
father, Richard Spelman contested the dower right of his mother, 
who was given "the use and improvement of one-third of her 
husband, Phineas Spelman's, real estate, and one-third of her 
personal estate." In 1802 the court decided that "Richard, 
Robert, Hannah, Anne and Elizabeth had had their share, and 
Elizar and Nathan got the rest." [Middletown Probate Rec- 
ords.] Richard Spelman died three years later at the early age 
of forty-six. His widow survived him twenty-four years. Her 
will was dated nearly two years before her death, 27 Nov., 1827. 
An interesting characteristic of this branch of the family is their 
effort to secure for their children the highest educational ad- 
vantages of the day. The widow of Richard Spelman leaves her 
estate as follows : "Legatees. Grandson, John Swathel, one 
hundred dollars in bank stock held in trust for him by his aunt, 
Nancy Spelman, until the age of fourteen years, when the whole 
is to be appropriated to his education. To the granddaughters, 
Eliza A., Sarah C, Harriet M., and Francis L. Swathel, all the 
remaining money after debts are paid to be divided between 
them, and held in trust by Aunt Nancy until they are fourteen 
years of age, and then to be applied to their education. Witnesses. 
Sally Coe." Jennett White." The Probate record is as follows: 
"15th June, 1829, was filed the bond of Nancy Spelman and 
Henry Camp for estate of Rhoda Spelman. Will dated 27 Nov., 
1827." Rhoda (Camp) Spelman was buried in the Mortimer 
Cemetery in Durham, Conn. Her gravestone bears the inscrip- 
tion : "Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Rhoda Spelman, who died 
Feb. 24, 1829, aged 72 years." 
Children : 

i Phineas, b. 31 Jan., 1782; d. 12 Feb., 1783 [Grave- 
stone in Durham]. 

170 Spelman Genealogy 

146 ii Phineas, b. 17 Oct., 1783; m. Elizabeth A. Chamber- 

iii Ann. b. in Durham, 2 Nov., 1785 ; d. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., 17 Sept., 1853. After the death of her 
sister, Harriet Maria (Spelman) Svvathel, she took 
charge of her five children and removed with them 
to the State of IMichigan, about 1834 or 1835, trav- 
eling by way of the Erie Canal. They first lived 
in Manchester, Mich., and later removed to Ann 
Arbor. Miss Spelman was intellectually in advance 
of her day and generation. In addition to the 
ordinary branches of learning, many of which were 
not taught at that time in the schools, she was 
proficient in astronomy and the Spanish language. 
A book in possession of her great-niece, Mrs. S. W. 
Beakes, called "Select Dialogues or Spanish and 
English Conversations," by J, A. Pizarro, a pro- 
fessor in the academy of Captain Partridge at 
Middletown, Conn., was translated into English by 
her and published in 1828. She instructed her 
nephews and nieces in these branches and also in 
bookkeeping. One of them she taught navigation. 
Her death occurred at the age of sixty-eight at 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

147 iv Harriet j\Iaria, b. 7 April, 1788; m. William R, 

Swathel ; five ch. 

44 ROBERT* SPELMAN (Phineas', Richard^ Richard') 
was born in Durham, Conn., 7 Feb., 1767, and died 10 June, 
1803; married in West Granville, Mass., 11 Jan., 1787, Elizabeth 
Lloyd [Granville Church Records] ; graduated at Yale College 
in 1785 ; lived in Vermont. 

Cpiild [Ibid] : 

i A son, d. 22 Sept., 1787, in infancy. 

45 NATHAN* SPELMAN (Phineas', Richard', Richard') 
was born in Durham, Conn., 23 Sept., 1777, and died in Corn- 
wall, Conn., about 1865, aged eighty-eight; married Jemima 
Wilkinson (Family Record gives name as Wilcox), They lived 
in Cornwall, Conn. 

Children : 

i Maria, m. Mr. Whitbeck. 

148 ii Elizabeth, b. 27 April, 1803 ; m. John O. Hayden. 

iii Hannah, m. Mr. Roberts ; resided in South Norfolk, 

iv Harriet, m. Mr. Clark; d. 1869. 
V Eliza, b. about 1795. 

Fourth Generation 171 

149 vi Elizur, twin of Eliza ; m. Mary C. Lake, 
vii Sophia, d. in infancy. 

46 ORPHA* SPELMAN (01iver\ John^ Richard') was 
born in West Granville, Mass., baptized in 1764 by Rev. Obadiah 
Smith, and died in West Winfield, N. Y., i June, 1832, aged 67; 
married in Granville, in Sept., 1782, Anson Fairchild, born in 
Guilford, Conn., 27 Aug., 1759, died in Troy, N. Y., 13 May, 
181 5, son of Lewis Fairchild, and a descendant in the fifth gen- 
eration of Thomas Fairchild, of Stratford, Conn. By occupation 
he was a tailor, and served in the Revolution. They resided in 
West Granville until April, 1813, when they removed to Troy, 
N. Y. After her husband's death Mrs. Fairchild removed to 
West Winfield, N. Y. 

Children, born in West Granville, Mass. : 

i Harriet Fairchild, b. 25 July, 1785 ; d. Middletown, 

Conn., 2 Feb., 1835 ; m. Rev. Laban Clark, a 

Methodist minister. 
ii Orpha Fairchild, b. 2 Oct., 1788: d. West Winfield, 

N. Y., 5 June, 1832; unmarried, 
iii Sally Fairchild, b. 7 Nov., 1790; d. Ravenna, Ohio, 

16 June, 1868; m. Samuel Curtis, 
iv Jane Fairchild, b. 29 Jan., 1792; d. Owego, N. Y., 

23 Dec, 1831 ; m. Dr. Joel S. Paige. 

150 v Anson Perce Fairchild, b. i Jan., 1795 ; m. Emily 

vi Eliza Fairchild, b. 20 Nov., 1797: d. Troy, N. Y., 8 

Oct., 1814; unmarried, 
vii Betsey Fairchild, b. 15 Aug., 1800; d. Granville, 

Mass., I June, 1816 ; unmarried, 
viii Polly Fairchild, b. 2 April, 1803; d. Litchfield, Conn., 

23 Jan., 1848 ; m. Henry Adams. 

151 ix Wiliiam Fletcher Fairchild, a triplet, b. 24 Feb., 

1806 ; m. Ruth Green. 
X Walcott E. Fairchild, a triplet, b. 24 Feb., 1806; d. 
Albion, Mich., 24 Feb., 1871 ; m. Polly Seymour, 
in West Winfield, N. Y. 

152 xi Watson G. Fairchild, a triplet, b. 24 Feb., 1806; m. 

Alzina Button. 

47 LEVI* SPELMAN (John', John', Richard') was bom 
in West Granville, Mass., 18 June, 1765, and died in Dec, 1842 
[Granville Town Records] ; married in Granville, 31 May, 1787, 
Salome Grossman. In the Granville Town Records is the fol- 
lowing: "This certifyeth that the intention of Matrimony be- 
tween Levi Spelman and Serloma Grossman, both of Granville, 
have been Lawfully Published. Granville, i8th May, 1787. 

172 Spelman Genealogy 

David Robinson, Town Clerk. Granville, 31st May, 1787. Then 
I married the above Named Persons as the Law Directs. Aaron 
J. Borge, Minister." Although Levi Spelman could have been 
only sixteen years of age at the time of enlisting, it is believed 
that the following record of Revolutionary service refers to him : 
"Levi Spelman appears with rank of Private on Muster and 
Pav Roll 12, of Captain Samuel Thrall's company of Granville ; 
Colonel Marinus Gillet's regiment, August 21st, 1781. Three 
months' service on Mohawk River" [Mass. Soldiers and Sailors 
in Rev., Vol. 14, p. 714]. He also "appears with rank of Private 
on Muster and Pay Roll of Captain Benjamin Barnes' company, 
Colonel David Moseley's regiment ; time of enlistment, June 12, 
1782; time of service, six days. (Hampshire County regiment.) 
Marched to quell the mob at Northampton, and was allowed 
horse rations." [Ibid.] He is also mentioned in a "warrant to 
pay officers and men on a Roll bearing date June 13th, 1781, of 
Captain Samuel Thrall's company, including 9 days' (180 miles) 
travel home." [Ibid, Vol. 30, Warrants to Pay Rolls, p. 20.] 
Salome, wife of Levi Spelman, was received into the church at 
West Granville 5 Nov., 1815 [West Granville Church Records]. 
Children [Family Record] : 

Luman, b. 24 or 2'j Oct., 1788; m. Susannah Parker. 

Roderick, b. 24 May, 1791 ; m. Roxana Johnson. 

Lyman, b. 4 Feb., 1794; m. ist, Sylvia Haskins ; m. 
2nd, Elizabeth May. 
iv Salome, b. 28 Sept., 1797; d. i May, 1818; m. 1817 
(marriage intention pubHshed 15 Sept., 1817), 
William Shores ; no ch. ; lived in Granville. 

156 v Ethan, b. 14 Oct., 1800 ; m. Ehza A. Hamilton. 

vi Celestia, b. 17 July, 1804; d. in July, 1876; m. ist, 
4 April, 1826, Orrin Haskins of Washington, 
Mass. ; m. 2nd, Deacon George Fuller of Suffield, 
Conn. ; had four sons and one daughter, 
vii Levi, b. 30 June, 1807; d. 28 Feb., 1808. 
viii Carter, d. 21 Mar., 181 1, aged four years, probably 
a twin of Levi [North Granby, Conn., Church 

48 JOHN* SPELMAN (John', John", Richard') was born 
in West Granville, Mass., 7 May, 1769 [Granville Town Rec- 
ords], and died in Phelps, N. Y., 9 Sept., 1820; married, about 
1800, Lucy Moore, born about 1770, died in Phelps, N. Y., where 
they resided. 

Children, born in Phelps. N. Y. : 

157 i John, b. 1801 ; m. ist, Asenath Wright; m. 2nd, Mrs. 

ii Sophia, b. 1803; d. in 1844; unmarried. 






Fourth Generation 173 

49 AMY* SPELMAN (John\ John^ Richard^) was born 
in West Granville, Mass., 26 Mar., 1771 [Granville Town Rec- 
ords], and died between 1846 and 1868; married in Granville, 7 
Feb., 1788, Captain Luther Merry of that place [Ibid], who was 
baptized there in 1766. Mr. and Mrs. Merry removed to Phelps- 
town, Genesee County, N. Y., where they were living in 1846. 

Children : 

i Heth (Seth) Merry. 

ii Cornelius Merry, said to have been drowned in the 

Gulf of Mexico, 
iii Panthia Merry, m. Mr. Prescott. who d. before 1867; 
lived in Vienna, Ontario County, N. Y., and in 
Phelpstown ; m. 2nd, Mr. Edmonston and Hved in 
Canandaigua, N. Y. 
iv Powell Merry, m. in Deerfield, Ohio, Caroline Diver 
of that place ; had five or six ch. ; lived in Deerfield, 
later removing to Henry County, Ohio. 

V Emma Merry, m. Samuel Martin ; lived in Stafford, 

near Batavia, N. Y., and in Bethany, N. Y. 

50 RUTH* SPELMAN (John^ John^ Richard') was born 
in West Granville, Mass., 24 March, 1773 [Granville Town Rec- 
ords], and died 3 Oct., 1843; married in Granville, 18 April, 
1790, Moses Tibbals, born 20 Aug., 1769, son of John and Olive 
(Rose) Tibbals [Ibid]. In 1804 they removea to Deerfield, Por- 
tage County, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Qarissa Tibbals, b. in Feb., 1792; d. 1833; ^- Hamlet 
Coe ; several ch. 

158 ii Alfred M. Tibbals, b. 4 Aug., 1797; m. Martha H. 


159 iii Arriburt L. Tibbals, b. in 1799; m., but his wife's 

name is unknown, 
iv Francis Tibbals, m. and had two sons and three daugh- 
ters ; lived near Akron, Ohio. 

V Seymour S. Tibbals, b. in 1808 ; m. and had ch. ; lived 

in southern Ohio. 
vi A son, name unknown. 

51 JANE* SPELMAN (John', John^ Richard') was born 
in West Granville, Mass., 29 April, 1775 [Family Bible], and 
died in Chester, Mass., 15 March, 1807 [Ibid] ; married, 19 
March, 1795, John Dewey, born in Westfield, Mass., 14 March, 
1770, died in Chester, 3 March, 1843, son of Joseph and Ruth 
(Phelps) Dewey. They lived in Chester, where they owned a 
farm and kept an inn. Mr. Dewey was also interested in glass 

174 Spelman Genealogy 

works. After the death of his first wife, Mr. Dewey married 
twice again. 

Children, born in Chester, Mass. : 

i Franklin Dewey, b. 29 July, 1796; d. Chester, 2 Oct., 
1875; m. in 1836 Anna Kingsley; 3 ch., 13 gr. ch. ; 
he was a farmer, 
ii Frederick Dewey, b. 12 Mar., 1798; d. in Kent, Ohio, 
15 Feb., 1874; m. in 1831 Fanny Williams ; 3 ch., 7 
gr. ch. ; he was a farmer, 
iii Harriet Dewey, b. 3 April, 1800; d. in Chester, 6 Oct., 

iv Wealthy Dewey, b. i May, 1802; d. in Chester, 2 
June, 1832; m. 26 Sept., 1827, Gilbert Collins; 2 
ch., I gr. ch. 
V Thomas Jefferson Dewey, b. 13 Feb., 1804; d. in 
Independence, Kan., 6 June, 1891 ; m. ist, Jerusha 
A. Burr; m. 2nd, Mrs. Julia H. Beard; 7 ch., 17 
gr. ch. ; he was a physician, 
vi Harriet Dewey, b. 12 Feb., 1806; d. 22 Jan., 1869; m. 
13 Nov., 1834, Samuel B. Huggins ; 4 ch., 3 gr. ch. 
For descendants of these children see Dewey Genealogy, by 
Louis M. Dewey. 

52 PHINEAS* SPELMAN (John^ John", Richard') was 
born in West Granville, Mass., 30 May or June, 1777 [Family 
Bible], and died in New York City, 4 Dec, 1824 [Ibid] ; married 
in Ridgefield, Conn., in 1798, Phoebe Smith of that place, bom 
on Long Island, N. Y., 21 June, 1782, died in New York City, 
14 June, 1857, daughter of Jeremiah and Lydia (Smith) Smith. 
They lived in Granville, and afterwards in Ridgefield, in 1808 
removing to New York City, where for many years this family 
was the only one of the name. Phineas Spelman served as a 
private in the War of 1812. 

Children : 

160 i Elizabeth, b. 13 Oct., 1799; m. Barzillai Ransom. 

161 ii Smith, b. 24 Oct., 1801 ; m. ist, Jane W. Meldrum; 

m. 2nd, Cornelia E. Heermans. 

162 iii Harriet Jane, b. 9 Jan., 1804; m. Barzillai Ransom. 

163 iv William Buckley, b. in Feb., 1807; m. Margaret B. 


164 V Samuel Rose, b. 29 June, 1809 ; m. Catherine Howe. 

53 DR. LUTHER* SPELMAN (John', John', Richard') 
was born in West Granville, Mass., 27 July, 1779, and died in 
Williamsfield, Ohio, 3 Sept., 1863 ; married 22 Feb., 1804, Anna 
Vail of Morristown, N. J., born 16 Dec, 1783, died in Wayne, 
Ohio, 12 Mar., 1870, in her eighty-seventh year. Dr. Spelman 

Fourth Generation 175 

studied medicine with Dr. Harvey of Granville. In his twenty- 
second year he began the practice of his profession without re- 
ceiving any financial assistance from his father, who at that 
time was involved in monetary difficulties. He settled in Mor- 
ristown, N. J., where he married, and became a successful phy- 
sician. For several years he was in poor health. He removed 
to Deerfield, Ohio, and later to Yoimgstown, in that state. He 
afterwards lived in Petersburg, Ohio, where he remained about 
eight years. In 1823 he again removed to Wayne, Ohio, where, 
with his large family, he spent the forty remaining years of his 
life, becoming consulting physician for all the surrounding coun- 
ties. In 1832 he was made Judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas, which office he held for a number of years. Dr. Spelman 
was one of the most prominent citizens of Wayne, and notable as 
a public speaker. He possessed a large library and was a man 
of varied talents. He had great ability as a violinist and a 
vocalist. Many quaint poems by him are still in the possession 
of his descendants. It is told of him that in his old age his 
activity was so great that he would often challenge his grand- 
children to feats of strength in which he invariably was the 
victor. He died at the age of eighty-four. 
Children : 

Corintha, b. 12 Jan., 1807; m. Benjamin F. Palmer. 

Sarah, b. 28 April, 1808 ; m. Anson J. Giddings. 

Charles, b. 12 May, 1810; m. ist, Luvia Burton; m. 
2nd, Mrs. Sally (Mason) Skeels. 

Sidney, b. i April, 1812; d. in Petersburg, Ohio, 27 
July, 1822. 

Mary, b. 20 Mar., 1814 ; m. William J. Colby. 

Harvey, b. 19 June, 1816; m. Mary A. Wilcox. 

Henry, b. 30 Jan., 1818; m. Abigail Loomis. 

John, twin, b. 30 Jan., 1818; d. in Wayne, Ohio, 17 
Dec, 1841 ; m. Fidelia Hart, daughter of Captain 
Jerry Hart of Wayne, where she d. 14 June, 1842 ; 
no children. 

171 ix Morris, b. 21 Dec, 1820; m. Mrs. Rose (Boussard) 


172 X Franklin, b. 22 Oct., 1824; m. Sarah Woodworth. 

173 xi Jane, b. 18 Feb., 1828; m. Albigence Woodworth. 

54 CALVIN* SPELMAN (John', John^ Richard') was 
born in West Granville, Mass., 13 July, 1782, and died in South- 
wick, Mass., in 1834; married Catharine Stewart, who died 10 
June, 1819 ; they resided in Southwick. 

Children : 

174 i Elizabeth, b. in Granville, in Jan.. 1807 ["Jan., 1807, 

child to Calvin Spelman." — Births in Middle Par- 















176 Spelman Genealogy 

ish, Granville, kept by Rev. T. M. Cooley] ; m, 
Samuel Parker. 

175 ii Cornelia, b. 1809; m. Rev. Dr. Morgan. 

176 iii Catharine, b. 11 March, 181 1; m. James Carmichael. 
iv Sarah, d. before 1868. 

v Mary Ann, d. young. 

vi Harriet, d. before 1868; m. Mr. Lee; lived in South- 
wick, Mass., and later removed to the Black River 
Country, New York State. 
vii John, d. before 1868. 

viii Mary Ann, d. in Brockport, N. Y., after 1873 ; m. 
in Gaines, N. Y., Leveret Brockway ; i ch., who d. 
young; resided in Brockport. 
ix A child, d. young. 
X A child, d. young. 
xi A child, d. young. 
xii A child, d. young. 
xiii A child, d. young. 

55 LOVISA* SPELMAN (Nathan', John', Richard') died 
before 1818; married Samuel Underwood. 


i Samuel Spelman Underwood, mentioned in his grand- 
father Spelman's will, dated 1818; at the time of 
the settlement of his estate, in 1824, living in New 
York State. 

56 JUDSON* SPELMAN (David', John^ Richard') ^yas 
born about 1782, and died in Hartland, Conn., in 1813 ; married 
in Hartland, 20 June, 1799, Abigail Bassett [Hartland Church 
Records]. Mr. Spelman and his wife were admitted to the 
Congregational Church of Hartland, 29 May, 1804 [Ibid]. After 
her husband's death, when her youngest child was about two 
years of age, Mrs. Spelman removed with her family to Stock- 
bridge, Mass. 

Children, born in Hartland, Conn. : 

177 i Phoebe B., b. about 1801 ; m. William Comstock. 
ii Luman, d. in Hartland, 10 Oct., 1802 [Ibid]. 

iii Orson J., b. in 1803 ; bp. in Hartland, 23 Sept., 1804 
[Ibid] ; d. in Stockbridge, Mass., 10 Sept., 1873; 
m. Elizabeth J., b. in Jan., 1803, d. 5 Oct., 1873, 
aged 71 yrs., 9 mos. [gravestone in Stockbridge] ; 
no ch. ; lived in Stockbridge, where he d. intestate ; 
his wife survived him ; notice of the sale of his 
real estate at Stockbridge, 12 Sept., 1874, describes 
land which he acquired from Iram Curtis by deed 
recorded in Registry of Deeds, Pittsfield, Mass. 

Fourth Generation 177 

iv A son, d. in Hartland, 10 Jan., 1804. 

V Electa, b. in 1805, d. 20 Mar.. 1885 [gravestone in 

Stockbridge] ; bp. in Hartland, 23 June, 1805 ; 
unm. ; her will, dated 25 Feb., 1882, is as follows : 
"I give and bequeath to my nephew Orson Edgar 
Beckwith of Stockbridge all my estate both real 
and personal and to his heirs and assigns forever, 
and nominate him my executor." 
vi Curtis J., b. in 1807 [gravestone in Stockbridge] ; 
d. 18 April, 1881, intestate; unmarried; was a 
vii Abigail, d. before 1873 ; unmarried. 
178 viii Modena, m. Mark Beckwith. 

56a PRUDENCE* SPELMAN (David^. John^ Richard') 
was born 26 Feb., 1780; baptized 10 Feb., 1794, and died in 
Granville, Mass., 27 April, 1832. She was twice married, her 
first husband being William Wright, whom she married in East 
Hartland, Conn., 28 Nov., 1799. He died, from the results of 
an accident, on 28 April, 1806. Her second husband was Joseph 
Woodruff, bom at Farmington, Conn., 4 September, 1753, she 
being his third wife. He was a Revolutionary soldier and was 
of the fifth generation from Matthew Woodruff of Farmington, 
Conn. (Joseph*, John^ John^ Matthew^), his parents being 
Joseph Woodruff and Margaret North. Joseph^ Woodruff was 
born in New Britain, Conn.. 4 Sept., 1753, and died in Hartland, 
Conn., 2^ Feb., 1836, aged eighty-two. 
Children by first husband : 

i Giles Wright ; in pension record of Joseph Woodruff 
called Giles Woodruff, and thought by some to be 
his stepson by a fornier marriage ; went earlv to 
ii Rensselaer Wright ; in pension record of Joseph 
Woodruff called Rensselaer Woodruff, and 
thought bv some to be his stepson ; removed early 
to Ohio, 
iii Wealthy W^right, bp. 10 Feb., 1803; d. aged 2 yrs. 

8 mos. 
iv Sophia Wright, bp. 3 July, 1803; d. 25 Jan., 1807, 
aged 5 yrs. 

V Obed Gilson, b. i Mar., 1804: d. 29 Feb., 1876, aged 

75 yrs. 
vi Edna Wright, b. 22 Dec, 1805 ; d. 20 Jan., 1894, 
aged 88 yrs., m. — . 
Children by second husband, thought to have all been born 
in Granville, Mass. : 
178a vii Ursula Woodruff, b. i Mar., 181 1 ; m. John Coe. 

178 Spelman Genealogy 

178b viii Sophia Woodruff, b. 3 Mar., 1813 ; m, Joseph Ingra- 

178c ix Wealthy Ann Woodruff, b. 14 Feb., 1815; m. Jona- 
than Earle Cunningham. 
X Margaret Woodruff, b. i Sept., 1819 ; d. at Ware, 
Mass., 18 Nov., i860 ; m. i Nov., 1842, Sylvander 
A. Smith of Leominster, Mass., who d. in Spencer, 
Mass., 25 Nov., i860; no ch. 

I78d xi William Wright Woodruff, b. 16 Aug., 1821 ; m. 
Charlotte Ann Gibson, 
xii Lucy Woodruff, b. 5 Feb., 1823 ; d. 18 Jan., 1838. 

57 LOIS* SPELMAN (Aaron', Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in East Granville, Mass., 30 August, 1762, and died 23 
June, 1830 [gravestone] ; married Claudius L. Collins, who died 
26 March, 1852, aged eighty-two. They resided in Granville, but 
removed after some years to Collinsville, Conn. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

179 i Lois Collins, b. 12 June, 1792 ; m. David Dewey, Jr. 

180 ii Orpha Collins, b. 13 Mar., 1795 ; m. Arden Seymour. 
iii Maria Collins, b. 20 Oct., 1796; m., in Granville, 16 

Sept., 1816, William Seymour, 
iv Julia Collins, b. i Apr., 1799. 
v Bela Collins, b. 28 Oct., 1800. 

181 vi Anson Augustus Collins, b. 22 June, 1804; m., but 

wife's name is unknown. 

58 ABIGAIL* SPELMAN (Aaron*, Thomas^ Richard') 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 4 December, 1763 [Granville 
Town Records], and died in Canaan, Conn., in 1785; married 
about 1780, Shem Truman, born in 1760, died after 1804, son of 
Benjamin and Mary (Way) Truman. They lived in Westfield, 
Mass., and in Canaan, Conn., and after the death of his wife, 
Mr. Truman removed to New York State, where he married 
twice. He was a private in the Revolution, enlisting in Westfield 
in a Massachusetts regiment. He also served in Connecticut, and 
drew a pension while residing in New York State. 

Children : 

i Levi Truman, d. young. 

ii Lyman Truman, b. in Berkshire Co., Mass., in 1783 ; 
d. in Candor, N. Y., 2 Nov., 1822; m., in 1809, Lucy 
Barlow; 7 ch., 12 gr. ch. 
iii Aaron Truman, b. in Granville, 27 July, 1785 ; d. 13 
Jan., 1823; m., in 1805, Experience Parks; 10 ch., 
16 gr. ch. 
For descendants of this family see "The History of the 

Fourth Generation 179 

Treman, Tremaine, Truman Family in America," by E. B. Tre- 
man and M. E. Poole. 

59 DEACON ELIJAH* SPELMAN (Aaron', Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 4 April, 1766 [Gran- 
ville Church Records], and died there 12 September, 1846, aged 
eighty years. He married (i), about 1788, Mary Chapman, born 
in 1771, died 18 August, 1814; married (2), in Granville, 28 Sep- 
tember, 1815, Mrs. Temperance (Bates) Bailey of West Spring- 
field, Mass., widow of Jacob Bailey. She died 9 June, 1824, aged 
forty-eight years. He married (3) Mrs. Jemima (Winchell) 
Clark, daughter of Elisha and Mary (Thrall) Winchell, and 
widow of Joseph Clark. She died 29 March, 1861, aged ninety- 
two years. Elijah Spelman was deacon in the Granville Baptist 
Church for fifty years. He had seventeen children of his own 
and fourteen step-children, his second wife having six children 
by a previous marriage and his third wife eight. 

Children by first wife [Granville Church Records] : 

182 i Betsey, b. 31 Oct., 1789; m. (i) Ira Northway; m. 

(2) Stephen Herrick. 

183 ii Aaron, b. 8 Aug., 1792 [Family Record] ; m. (i) 

Eliza Northway ; m. (2) Elizabeth Gross, 
iii Mina, b. 30 Sept., 1793 [Family Record says 1798] ; 

m. in Granville, 8 Dec, 1814, Jeremiah Northway; 

they resided in Michigan, 
iv Mary, b. in Granville, in 1796; m. in Granville, i 

Mar., 1814, Joseph K. Cross ; they lived in Ohio. 

184 V Abbey, b. 13 Dec, 1797; m. Talcott Winchell. 
vi Adelia, b. about 1799; d. 28 Oct., 1822, aged 23. 

185 vii Elijah Chapman, b. 6 Jan., 1802 [Family Record] ; 

m. (i) Ruth S. Bancroft; m. (2) Emily A. Rose; 
m. (3) Nancy Banning. 

186 viii William Harmon, b. 24 Mar., 1803 ; m. Jane Clark. 

187 ix Levi Truman, b. 19 June, 1805; m. (i) True; 

m. (2) Diana Barlow. 
X Content, b. 9 Mar., 1807; d. in Castile, N. Y., 31 
Dec, 1884; m. (i), in Granville, Mass., 17 Apr., 
1828, Lemuel" Bancroft, Jr., b. in Granville, 29 
June, 1800, d. in Hartford, Wis., 29 Dec, 1856, 
son of Lemuel, Jr., and Ruth* (Spelman) Bancroft 
(Charles', Thomas', Richard^) ; m. (2), about 1859, 
Elias West, b. 28 Aug., 1796, d. 29 Dec, 1867; 
no ch. 

188 xi Emeline, b. 29 Jan., 1809; m. George Lewis, 
xii Newton, b. 1813 ; d. young. 

xiii Miles, d. young. 
Children by second wife : 

i8o Spelman Genealogy 

xiv A child, d. 23 Sept., 1816, in infancy [Granville 

Church Records]. 
XV Claramond, b. 18 Sept., 1817 [Family Record] ; 

m. Jacob Spelman Root (No. 244.) 

189 xvi Sarah F., b. 9 Sept., 1819 [Granville Church Rec- 

ords] ; m. Lambert V. Elliott. 

190 xvii Rosamond, b. 4 Feb., 1821 ; m. De Witt C. Stanford. 

60 ELIZABETH* SPELMAN (Aaron', Thomas', Rich- 
ard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 8 May, 1769; married 
in Granville, 30 Sept., 1788, Asher Graves [Granville Town 
Records] ; removed to New York. 

Children : 

i Lottie Graves, 

ii Asher Graves, 

iii Spelman Graves, 

iv Elijah Graves. 

V Another child, 

vi Another child. 

61 JOHN* SPELMAN (Captain Daniel', Thomas', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Providence, R. L, 10 February, 1786 [Provi- 
dence Records], and died in New Bern, N. C, about 1826. He 
married Persis Esterbrook of Warren, R. L, who survived him 
but a few years. They settled in Warren, but afterward moved 
to New Bern, where both died. 

Children : 

i John, b. about 1809; d. in infancy, 
ii David Esterbrook, b. 16 July, 1810 [Warren Town 
Records] . 

62 MARY CARPENTER* SPELMAN (Captain Daniel', 
Thomas', Richard*) was born in Providence, R. I., 18 June, 1787, 
and died there i March, 1867 ; married in Providence, 5 April, 
181 2, Captain Robert Purkis of Elin, En2:land, born 20 Septem- 
ber, 1785, died 13 August, 1865, in Providence, son of Nicholas 

Children, born in Providence, R. L : 

191 i John H. Purkis, b. 22 Dec, 1814; m. (i) Mary E. 

Shaw ; m. (2) Antoinette S. Shaw. 

192 ii Robert Purkis, b. 5 Oct., 1816; m. Harriet P. Calder. 
iii Joseph Spelman Purkis, b. 16 Mar., 1818; d. in 

Providence, 29 Sept., 1819. 
iv Joseph Purkis, b. 12 Jan., 1820; d. in Providence, 19 
Jan., 1820. 

193 V William E. Purkis, b. 11 Feb., 1821 ; m. Ann M. 


Fourth Generation i8i 

vi David E. Purkis, b. i8 Dec, 1822; d. in Providence, 
30 July, 1824. 

vii Mary Ann Purkis, b. 30 May, 1825 ; d. in Providence, 

14 Mar., 1878; unmarried, 
viii Nicholas A. Purkis, b. 27 Dec, 1827; d. 13 Apr., 

IX Sarah A. Purkis, b. 18 April, 1830; lives in Provi- 

63 CAPTAIN JOSEPH* SPELMAN (Captain Daniel', 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 13 September, 
1788 [Providence Town Records], and died there 15 February, 
i860; married in Providence, 4 January, 1810, Roxana or Ro- 
sanna Whiting- of Rehoboth, Mass., born there about 1786, died 
in Providence, 16 December, 1858, aged seventy-two years. 
Joseph Spelman survived his wife one year, and was buried in 
the North Burying Ground in Providence. Brought up in a 
town where the principal interests were connected with the sea, 
and surrounded by its influences from childhood, he naturally 
became a seafaring man and master of vessels. He and his son, 
Oliver, had a line of packets from Providence to Albany. At 
that time grain and produce from New York were brought to 
Southern New England by way of the Hudson River, which 
had not yet been crossed by a railroad. 

Children : 

Mary Carpenter, b. 13 June, 1811 ; m. John G. Ahlers. 
James Esdell, b. 13 Mar., 1813 ; m. Huldah Pond. 
Oliver, b. 5 or 18 Mar., 1815 ; m. Cordelia L. Brown. 
Martha Whiting, b. 10 July, 1817; m. John T. 
V Abby Elizabeth, b. in 1819; d. in infancy. 

198 vi Sarah A., b. 5 May, 1821 ; m. (i) Sylvanus Goff, 

Jr.; m. (2) Samuel Malick. 

199 vii Roxana or Rosana W., b. 10 May, 1824; m. William 

viii Ruth E., b. 1826; d. 1829. 

64 CAPTAIN OLIVER* SPELMAN (Captain Daniel', 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 23 March, 
1790, and died at sea off the coast of Africa. 23 March, 1820, on 
the thirtieth anniversary of his birth ; married, in 1812, Sarah 
Perry of Newport, R. I., born there about 1791, died 2 March, 
181 5, aged 24. Captain Spelman survived his family, his death 
occurring on his homeward voyage. He was buried at sea. 

Children : 

i Henry W., b. in Apr., 1813 ; d. 16 Aug., 1813. 
ii Oliver Perry, b. in Oct., 1814; d. 21 Feb., 1815. 








1 82 Spelman Genealogy 

65 RUTH* SPELMAN (Captain Danief, Thomas', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 30 July, 1793, and died there 
21 September, 1836; married in Providence, 5 April, 1812, Cap- 
tain James Esdell of Bordentown, N. J., born there about 1792, 
died in the Isle of France (Mauritius), 21 March, 1831, aged 
thirty-nine years. He was a sea captain and was on his home- 
ward voyage from Canton when he was taken ill, and the vessel 
put in to the Isle of France to obtain medical aid for him. He 
died two days later and was buried there. 

Children, born and died in Providence, R. I. : 

i Sarah Ann Esdell, b. in May, 1815 ; d. 16 Sept., 1821. 
ii Sarah Ann Bowen Esdell, b. in Jan., 1824; d. 13 Aug., 

66 DIANA* BANCROFT (Elizabeth'' Spelman, Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass. [Granville Town Rec- 
ords], 18 October, 1760; married (i) Heman Barlow; married 
(2) Lemuel Hyde; married (3) Mr. Mead; married (4) Mr. 

Children by first husband : 

i Heman Barlow. 

ii Sally Barlow. 
Child by second husband : 

iii Lemuel Hyde. 

67 TABITHA* BANCROFT (Elizabeth* Spelman, Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 2 Febru- 
ary, 1763 [Granville, Mass., Town Records], and died in Gran- 
ville, Ohio, 28 January, 1842; married, in 1786, Lieutenant 
Edmund Barlow, Jr., bom in Granville, Mass., 18 March, 1763 
[Ibid], died in Granville, Mass., 25 April, 1842, son of Lieutenant 
Edmund and Sybil (Root) Barlow. 

Children : 

i Elizabeth Barlow, b. in Granville, Mass., 3 Mar., 
1787 [Ibid] ; d. there, 26 Dec, 1869; unmarried. 

200 ii Heman Barlow, b. 25 Feb., 1790 [Ibid] ; m. Nancy 


201 iii Mary Barlow, b. 18 Nov., 1792 [Ibid] ; m. Oliver 

iv Edmund Barlow, b. 30 Jan., 1796 [Ibid] ; d. 3 Mar., 
1864 [Family Bible] ; m. Anna Reed of Brook- 
field, Mass. ; no ch. ; resided in Troy, N. Y. 

202 V Samuel Bancroft Barlow, b. 19 Apr., 1798 [Granville, 

Mass., Town Records] ; m. Rhoda Wadsworth. 
vi Diana Barlow, b. 2^ July, 1802 [Granville, Mass., 
Church Records] ; (Family Bible states her birth 
was in 1803) ; m. Levi T. Spelman. 

Fourth Generation 183 

vii Barber Barlow, b, 5 Aug., 1803 [Granville, Mass., 
Church Records] ; (Family Bible states his birth 
was in 1805). 

viii Frances Root Barlow, b. 28 Jan., 1805 [Granville, 
Mass., Church Records] ; d. before 1840. 

203 ix Roland or Rowland Barlow, b. 9 Oct., 1807 [Ibid] ; 

(Family Bible states his birth was on 8 Oct.) ; m. 
Cleo Stoddard or Goddard. 
X A child, d. in infancy, 
xi A child, d. in infancy. 

68 ELIZABETH* BANCROFT (Elizabeth* Spelman, 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 7 April, 
1765, and died in Granville, 4 February, 1791 [Gravestone, Gran- 
ville, Mass.] ; married Ahimiaz Reid. 

Children : 

i Melinda Reid. 
ii Anson Reid. 
iii Betsey Reid. 

69 AZARIAH* BANCROFT (Elizabeth' Spelman, Thom- 
as', Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 13 April, 
1768 [Granville Town Records], and died in Granville, Ohio, 25 
October, 1828. He married Tabitha Pratt, who was born 7 
March, 1771 [Ibid]. She was the daughter of Gerard and Dor- 
cas Pratt. In 1809 he removed with his family to Lake Lewis, 
now Eagles Mere, Lycoming County, Pa., where he erected glass 
works and established the industry. In 1814 he went to Gran- 
ville, Ohio, buying a farm one and a half miles south of the town, 
where he died. His widow died in the same place, 29 Jan., 1842. 

Children : 

i Gerard Pratt, b. 26 Dec, 1792, in Granville, Mass.: 
bp. there in Aug., 1802; d. 18 Jan., 1884 or 1885; 
m. 24 Jan., 1814, Jane P. or S. Little, b. 8 Dec, 
1794, d. II Sept., 1884 or 1883, daughter of Thom- 
as Little of Granville, Ohio. He was a deacon and 
by occupation a carpenter, 
ii Lucretia, bp. in Granville, Mass., in Aug., 1802. 
iii Matilda, bp. in Granville, Mass., in Aug., 1802. 

204 iv Azariah Ashley, b. 25 Jan., 1799; bp. in Granville, 

Mass., in Aug., 1802 : m. Lucy D. Howe. 

205 v Henry Lincoln, b. 10 Dec, 1800; bp. in Granville, 

Mass., in Aug., 1802; m. Almena Rose, 
vi William, b. about 1802 or 1803 ; d. in Oct., 1805, 

in his third year, 
vii William W., b. in Granville, Mass., and bp. there 19 

Jan., 1807; d. in Granville, Ohio, 22 June, 1870; 

184 Spelman Genealogy 

physician ; m. Anna Moseley Wright, b. 16 Oct., 
1809, d. in Portland, Ore., 15 Apr., 1890, aged 80 
years, daughter of Spencer and Abby (Cooley) 
viii Rhoda. 

ix Sarah. 

X A daughter. 

xi Another child. 

70 RHODA* BANCROFT (Elizabeth'' Spelman, Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 4 July, 1774 [Granville 
Town Records, Vol. i, p. 55] ; married in Granville, 20 Sep- 
tember, 1798, Isaac Phelps, Jr., of Granby [Granville Town 
Records] . 

Children : 

i Arabsia Phelps. 

ii Erastus Phelps. 
iii Alonzo Phelps, 
iv Caroline Phelps. 

V Elizabeth Phelps. 

71 JUDGE SAMUEL* BANCROFT (Elizabeth' Spelman, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 17 September, 
1778, and died in Granville, Ohio, 27 January, 1870, in his ninety- 
second year; married in Granville, Ohio, 28 May, 1807, Clarissa 
Rose, born in Granville, Mass., 29 January, 1787, died in Gran- 
ville, Ohio, 25 January, 1857, daughter of Judge Timothy and 
Lydia (Munson) Rose. Judge Bancroft was a teacher in early 
life in Granville, Mass., and was also leader of the choir. He 
received his education under the tutelage of Rev. T. M. Cooley 
of that place. In his twenty-eighth year he removed to Gran- 
ville, Ohio, and was the first who gave instruction in music there. 
His marriage was the first one solemnized in the town, and took 
place in the old log school house, at that time used as a church. 
He and his wife were married by the Rev. Mr. Robbins of Mari- 
etta, Ohio, there being no minister then resident in Granville. 
The bridal party walked from the home of the bride, a log cabin, 
to the school house, and later began their married life in a log 
cabin. In the War of 1812 Samuel Bancroft enlisted 23 May of 
that year, and was mustered in as the fifer of a company, but 
served as a member of the regimental band. Later he was a 
private in Captain John Sharp's company. Third Regiment of 
the First Army of Qhio, under Colonel Lewis Cass. He was 
present at Hull's surrender, and was one of the prisoners given 
up to the British. On his return home, while crossing the lake, 
he was so ill with fever that his life was almost despaired of. 
In his delirium he leaped overboard, and the shock restored his 

Fourth Generation 185 

reason. He was greatly honored in Granville, Ohio, where he 
resided for nearly sixty-four years, and was given many offices 
of trust by his fellow townsmen, among them being that of 
Justice of the Peace, in which he served for eighteen years, Asso- 
ciate Judge, serving twenty-one years, and Town Clerk and 
Collector of Taxes, which offices he filled for a long time. He 
was Clerk of the Congregational Church in Granville, of which 
he was a member for a period of sixty-two years. He and his 
wife resided in the same house in Granville for more than fifty 

Children : 
i Clarissa, 
ii Samuel, 
iii Diana. 

Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 10 
April, 1781 [Granville Town Records], and died 29 December, 
1870 [gravestone] ; married (i), in Granville, 13 June, 1805, 
Charlotte Bates, daughter of Nathaniel Bates. She died i April, 
1813, in her thirty-second year. He married (2), in the same 
place, in 1816 [Marriage Intention dated 15 January, 1816, 
Granville Town Records] , Betsy Clark of Pittsfield, Mass., born 
31 August, 1791 [gravestone], died 8 February, 1868 [Ibid]. 
Mr. Bancroft was Representative from Granville to the Massa- 
chusetts Legislature in 183 1, and held many public offices. In the 
National Bank of Salem, N. Y., are preserved two commissions 
issued to Jonathan B. Bancroft, the first dated i August, 1805 ! 
the second, 24 April, 181 1, signed by Elbridge Gerry, Governor 
of Massachusetts, and one of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence. He was a remarkable conversationalist, and his 
wit was long remembered. He was a great favorite with the 
children of the town, who visited him frequently and called him 
*'Uncle Barber," loving him for his humor and genial disposi- 
tion. His Christian life was beyond reproach. 

Child by first wife : 

206 i Juliet, m. Foot. 

Child by second wife : 

ii Benjamin Franklin, b. in Granville, Mass., 27 Oct., 
1816; d. 15 Nov., 1886; m. 12 June, 1844, Mary J. 
Buckley, b. North Granville, N. Y., 30 Aug., 1819, 
d. 22 Mar., 1881 ; no ch. ; he was a pupil of Rev. 
T, M. Cooley. 

73 RUTH* SPELMAN (Charles^ Thomas', Richard') was 
born in East Granville, Mass., in May, 1781, and died there 19 
May, 1812 [gravestone in Granville] ; married in Granville, i 

i86 Spelman Genealogy 

January, 1799 [Granville Town Records], by Rev, T. M. Cooley, 
to Lemuel Bancroft, Jr., of East Granville, Mass., born 7 April, 
1777, died 5 September, 1857 [gravestone in Granville], son of 
Lemuel and Comfort (Munson) Bancroft. They lived in North 
Lane, Granville. After the death of his wife, Ruth (Spelman) 
Bancroft, Lemuel Bancroft married (2) her sister, Salome Spel- 
man. He married (3) his cousin, Caroline Kent, and married a 
fourth and a fifth time. 
Children : 

i Lemuel Bancroft, b. in Granville, Mass., 29 June, 
1800; d. in Hartford, Wis., 29 Dec, 1856; m. in 
Granville, 17 Apr., 1828, Content Spelman, b. 9 
Mar., 1807, daughter of Deacon Elijah* and Mary 
(Chapman) Spelman; no ch. 
ii Ruth Sarepta Bancroft, b. i Mar., 1802; m. Elijah 

C. Spelman. 
iii William Zelotus Bancroft. 

207 iv Almira Bancroft, b. 11 Apr., 1810; m. Stephen Wright. 

74 LUCINA* SPELMAN (Charles^ Thomas^ Richard') 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 20 September, 1785, and died 
in Holyoke, Mass., 25 March, 1862 ; married 20 or 30 June, 1800, 
Roger Stiles of East Granville, Mass., born 5 August, 1783, died 
8 August, 1849, son of John and Ruth (Roberts) Stiles. They 
resided in East Granville until 1832, when they removed to 
Chicopee Falls, Mass. Roger Stiles served in the War of 1812, 
and his widow received a pension therefor. He was the leader of 
the band attached to his regiment, to which office the title of 
Dnmi Major is now given. 

Children, born in East Granville, Mass. : 

i Almira Stiles, b. i Jan., 1803 ; d. 14 May, 1804. 
ii Anna Stiles, b. 10 Aug., 1805 ; d. 14 Mar., 1813. 
iii Jeremiah Stiles, b. 5 June, 1807 ; d. in Barkhamsted, 
Conn., I Nov., 183 1 ; m. in Granville, Mass., 25 
Dec, 1828, Mary Crocker; i ch., 2 gr. ch. 
iv John Alsop Stiles, b. 3 May, 1809; d. Mishawaka, 
Ind., 19 Nov., 1850; m. (i) in Benson, Vt., i 
Feb., 1836, Maryett Cooley; m. (2*), 22 Jan., 1841. 
Mary Ann Keyes ; 7 ch., 10 gr. ch. ; he was a 

208 V Mary Stiles, b. 6 May, 181 1; d. 22 July, 1833; m. 

James Blair; i ch. 
vi Jerusha Stiles, b. 14 Feb., 1813; d. 5 Sept., 1843. 
vii Laura Stiles, b. 20 or 25 May, 1815 ; m. Barton B. 

209 viii Janette Stiles, b. 16 April, 1817; m. Elijah W. 



Fourth Generation 187 

ix Emeline Stiles, b. 21 or 27 May, 1819; m. Roderick 

Emmons ; 4 ch. 
X Ruth Sarepta Stiles, b. 22 Mar., 1821 ; d. 7 Mar., 

1842; m. Heman Cooley; i ch., d. in infancy. 
xi Charles Spelman Stiles, b. 22 Mar., 1823; m. (i) 14 
Nov., 1847, Henrietta Holton; m. (2), 14 Nov., 
1856, Ann Dewey; m. (3), 23 Sept., 1866, Sarah 
Clark ; 4 ch., 12 gr. ch. ; he was a market gardener, 
xii Maria H. Stiles, b. 17 June, 1826; d. 17 July, 1831. 
xiii Fidelia Stiles, b. 17 Nov., 1827; d. in Chicopee 
Falls, Mass., 8 May, 1882; m., 5 Jan., 1843, John 
Herrick ; 5 ch., 7 gr. ch. 
xiv Harriet Stiles, b, 12 May, 1829; d. 12 July, 1831. 

75 SAMUEL* SPELMAN (Charles', Thomas', Richard^) 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 29 Oct. [Granville Church 
Record says in August], 1788, and died there 29 March, 1870 
[gravestone in Granville]. He married (i), in East Granville, 9 
November, 1810, Affa Gibbons, born in Granville, 18 June, 1793, 
died in East Granville, 2 June, 1821 [Ibid), daughter of Timothy 
and Elizabeth (Hayes) Gibbons of East Granville; married (2), 
in Granville, 21 October, 1821, her sister, Adah Gibbons, bom 
there, 16 October, 1796 [Granville Church Records], died in that 
town 3 October, 1861 [gravestone in Granville].* 

Children by first wife, bom in Granville, Mass. : 

i Samuel Buel, b. 10 Oct., 1811 [Granville Church 
Records] ; d. 14 May, 1838 [gravestone, Gran- 
ville] ; unmarried. 

210 ii Adeline Jane, b. 11 May, 1813 [Granville Church 

Records] ; m. Elisha F. Miner. 

211 iii Affa Deborah, b. 25 July, 1815 [Ibid] ; m. Jesse 


212 iv James Hillyer, b. 9 Mar., 1817 [Ibid] ; m. Phoebe 

L. Burtis, 
V Lucius Gibbons, b. 2 June, 1819; d. in Granville, 28 
Mar., 1842 ; unmarried ; prepared for college under 
Rev. T. M. Cooley; student in Amherst College. 
Children by second wife : 

213 vi Charles Timothy, b. 11 May, 1823 [Ibid] ; m. Fannie 

E. Smith. 

214 vii Elizabeth Lucina, b. 9 April, 1827; m. Eleazer L. 


215 viii Marcus Festus, b. 7 Feb., 1832; m. Susan M. Vaille. 

*In 1832 he erected what subsequently became known as the "Old Red 
House," on South Lane ("Spelman Street"), East Granville, on the site 
of the house which his father, Charles^ Spelman, had erected long before. 

i88 Spelman Genealogy 

216 ix Emerson Davis, b. Granville, 21 Aug., 1837; m. 

Eliza A. White. 

'jd SALOME* SPELMAN (Charles^ Thomas^, Richard') 
was born in Granville, Mass., in December, 1792, and died there 
3 June (30 January, according to Granville Town Records), 
1826; married, in Granville, 25 November, 1813 [Ibid], Lemuel 
Bancroft, Jr., born 7 April, 1777, died 5 September, 1857 [grave- 
stone in Granville], son of Lemuel and Comfort (Munson) Ban- 
croft. He was a descendant of John Bancroft, the first of that 
name in this country, and a grandson of Samuel Bancroft, the 
first settler of Granville, Mass. Lemuel Bancroft, Jr., was mar- 
ried five times, his first wife being Ruth Spelman, sister of Sa- 
lome Spelman. His third wife was his cousin, Caroline Kent. 
Children : 

i Jacob S. Bancroft, b. 26 June, 1815 [Granville Town 

Records] ; m., in Collinsville, Conn., Susan Balsh; 

no ch., I adopted daughter; d. in Mishawaka, Ind., 

about 1859. 

217 ii Charles B. Bancroft, b. 8 Aug., 1817 [Ibid.] ; m. Eu- 

nice C. Hale of East Longmeadow, Mass. 

218 iii Harvey O. Bancroft, b. 4 Sept.. 1819 [Ibid] ; m. (i) 

Liddy Gains; m. (2) Amelia Maize, 
iv A child, d. in Oct., 1822, in infancy [Ibid]. 

-j-j NAOMI* SPELMAN (Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard') 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 18 April, 1771 [Granville 
Town Records], and died there 22 November, 1851 [Ibid] ; mar- 
ried (i), in Granville, 6 March, 1794 [Ibid], Martin Tinker, born 
in Granville, 12 March, 1767, son of Phineas and Charity (Mar- 
shall) Tinker. He died 6 January, 1812 [gravestone]. She 
married (2), in Granville, 18 January, 1813, Asa Seymour, bom 
in Hartford, Conn., 16 September, 1756, died 12 February, 1837 
[Ibid] , buried in Granville. By his first wife he had a large fam- 
ily, four members of which married Spelman descendants. 

Children : 

219 i Almira Tinker, b. 17 Dec, 1794; m. Carlos Gibbons, 
ii Ann Tinker, b. 25 Nov., 1796; d. 18 May, 1810 

[gravestone] . 

220 iii Sylvanus Tinker, b. 28 Dec, 1798 (or 22 Dec, 1798, 

22 Dec, 1799) ; rn. Charity Phelps. 

221 iv Naomi Tinker, b. 3 Apr., 1801 or 1800; m. Frederick 

V Charlotte Tinker, b. 24 Mar., 1804; m. Stephen Spel- 

222 vi Martin Buell Tinker, b. 18 Oct., 1806; m. (i) Lucy 

B. O'Bryan. 



Fourth Generation 189 

223 vii Phineas Lyman Tinker, b. 20 Feb., 1809; m. Phoebe 


78 STEPHEN' SPELMAN (Stephen^ Thomas', Richard') 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 19 July, 1773, and died there 
17 May, 1870; married, in Granville, 3 December, 1800, Charity 
Tinker, born in Granville 13 October, 1774, and died there 23 
September, 1859. Stephen Spelman lived in the old homestead 
in East Granville, where he was born.* He was a farmer. In the 
latter part of his life he became blind. His home during his last 
years was with his daughter, Caroline, who married Elijah Sey- 
mour of East Granville. At the time of his death, in his ninety- 
seventh year, he was the oldest man in that part of Hampden 
County, living to a greater age than any of his kindred of that 
generation. Three of his eleven brothers and sisters survived 
him. His will was dated in January, 1863, and probated in 1870. 
His estate was divided equally between his daughters, Caroline 
and Clarissa, and his grandchildren, Marshall Stowe and Elijah 
Seymour, the latter being the executor. 

Children, born in East Granville, Mass. : 

224 i Melissa, b. 6 Feb., 1802 [Granville Town Records] ; 

m. Elijah C. Seymour. 

225 ii Charity, b. 9 Nov., 1804 [Ibid], or 1803; m. Volney 

iii Caroline, b. 8 July, 1806; d. 18 June, 1896; m. 5 Apr., 

1861, Elijah Seymour; no ch. 
iv Clarissa, b. 18 Feb., 1808; m. Rufus H. Barlow. 
V Harriet, b. 31 July, 1814; d. 8 Sept., 1844 [gravestone 

in Granville] ; unmarried. 

79 JESSE' SPELMAN (Stephen', Thomas', Richard') was 
born in East Granville, Mass., 16 May, 1775, and died there 26 
April, 1842. He married, in Granville, 2 January, 1800, Anna 
Root, born there 7 October, 1776, daughter of Captain Amos 
and Anna (Roe) Root. She died in Albany, N. Y., 3 April, 1866. 
The old Spelman homestead in South Lane, East Granville, was 
the birthplace and happy home of Jesse Spelman, who was the 
fourth of twelve children born to Stephen and Deborah (Rose) 
Spelman. His early life was a busy one, helping his father on 
the farm. His warm heart and happy temperament won him 
many friends. Having a fine voice and great fondness for music, 
he spent many pleasant hours singing, accompanied by his sis- 
ters, Naomi, Miriam, and Mabel, which his kindred remember 

*In 1844 or 1845 he built a house, which is still standing upon or near 
the site of the original one erected in 1750 by his grandfather, Thomas^ 
Spelman. In 1900 this house was occupied by the widow of E. Chapman 

190 Spelman Genealogy 

with pleasure. He married Anna Root, and to their ideally 
happy home in their newly wedded life they took his brother, 
Ohel, when ten years of age, whose father had just died, leaving 
twelve children to the care of his widow. Ohel Spelman re- 
mained with them until eight children had been born to their 
household, when he married and went West. The beautiful 
Colonial home which Jesse Spelman built about the year 1812, 
and where his family lived so many years, still stands a short 
way down the hill, an ornament to the mountain town of Gran- 
ville. This, with the farm connected with it, gave occupation 
for its owner and his untiring and energetic wife, who, being 
the mother of nine children, never allowed an hour to pass with- 
out some duty fulfilled for her family, or for those who needed 
her ministrations. Jesse Spelman passed through many years of 
illness, cared for and tenderly nursed by his devoted wife. The 
following obituary notice is quoted from the New York Ob- 
server of 9 July, 1842 : "Few men leave to the world a legacy 
of a more unblemished character. In his youth he embraced 
the Christian hope and he lived an ornament to his profession. 
In the domestic circle the amiability of his character was re- 
markably displayed, and he exemplified the resolution of the 
godly Philip Henry 'that he would so order his household that 
his children should love their home.' " 

His widow, with their daughter, Clarilla, lived many years 
in the Spelman homestead, until, having sold it, they moved to 
the home of her son, Ralzamon L., in Albany, N. Y. She was a 
welcome visitor in the homes of her sons, Jesse Barlow, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Stephen, at Westfield, Mass., Benjamin R., at Al- 
bany, and of her daughter, Mrs. William B. Cooley, at Pittsfield, 
Mass. She passed away at the home of her son, Ralzamon L., in 
Albany, at the advanced age of eighty-nine years, tenderly cared 
for by her daughter, Clarilla, and was laid to rest by the side of 
her husband in the Spelman plot of the cemetery in East Gran- 

Captain Amos Root, father of Anna (Root) Spelman, served 
as Private in Captain William Cooley's company. Colonel John 
Moseley's Regiment; time of enlistment, August 17, 1777; Hamp- 
shire Co. Reg.; marched on alarm to Bennington [Mass. Revo- 
lutionary Records in the Boston State House, Various Services, 
Vol. 18, p. 7]. He also served as Private in Capt. Joseph Ray- 
mond's Company, Colonel Israel Chapman's Regiment; time of 
enlistment, October 23, 1777; regiment raised to reinforce Conti- 
nental Army for three months at Claverack [Ibid, Vol. 22, p. 

Children, born in East Granville, Mass.: 

226 i Jesse Barlow, b. 26 Mar., 1801 ; m. Eliza C. Cooley. 

227 ii Mary Ann, b. 14 June, 1802 ; m. William B. Cooley. 

190 Spelman Genealogy 

with pleasure. He married Anna Root, and to their ideally 
happy home in their newly wedded life they took his brother, 
Ohel, when ten years of age, whose father had just died, leaving 
twelve children to the care of his widow. Ohel Spelman re- 
mained with them until eight children had been born to their 
household, when he married and went West. The beautiful 
Colonial home which Jesse Spelman built about the year 1812, 
and where his family lived so many years, still stands a short 
way down the hill, an ornament to the mountain town of Gran- 
ville. This, with the farm connected with it, gave occupation 
for its owner and his untiring and energetic wife, who, being 
the mother of nine children, never allowed an hour to pass with- 
out some duty fulfilled for her family, or for those who needed 
her ministrations. Jesse Spelman passed through many years of 
illness, cared for and tenderly nursed by his devoted wife. The 
following obituary notice is quoted from the New York Ob- 
server of 9 July, 1842 : "Few men leave to the world a legacy 
of a more unblemished character. In his youth he embraced 
the Christian hope and he lived an ornament to his profession. 
In the domestic circle the amiability of his character was re- 
markably displayed, and he exemplified the resolution of the 
godly Philip Henry 'that he would so order his household that 
his children should love their home.' " 

His widow, with their daughter, Clarilla, lived many years 
in the Spelman homestead, until, having sold it, they moved to 
the home of her son, Ralzamon L., ip Albany, N. Y. She was a 
welcome visitor in the homes of her sons, Jesse Barlow, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Stephen, at Westfield, Mass., Benjamin R., at Al- 
bany, and of her daughter, Mrs. William B. Cooley, at Pittsfield, 
Mass. She passed away at the home of her son, Ralzamon L., in 
Albany, at the advanced age of eighty-nine years, tenderly cared 
for by her daughter, Clarilla, and was laid to rest by the side of 
her husband in the Spelman plot of the cemetery in East Gran- 

Captain Amos Root, father of Anna (Root) Spelman, served 
as Private in Captain William Cooley's company. Colonel John 
Moseley's Regiment; time of enlistment, August 17, 1777; Hamp- 
shire Co. Reg.; marched on alarm to Bennington [Mass. Revo- 
lutionary Records in the Boston State House, Various Services, 
Vol. 18, p. 7]. He also served as Private in Capt. Joseph Ray- 
mond's Company, Colonel Israel Chapman's Regiment; time of 
enlistment, October 23, 1777; regiment raised to reinforce Conti- 
nental Army for three months at Claverack [Ibid, Vol. 22, p. 

Children, born in East Granville, Mass.: 

226 i Jesse Barlow, b. 26 Mar., 1801 ; m. Eliza C Cooley. 

227 ii Mary Ann, b. 14 June, 1802; m. William B. Cooley. 





Fourth Generation 191 

iii Almon Roe, b. 2 Jan., 1804; d. unm. in Utica, N. Y., 
7 Oct., 1828. Almon Spelman was born and 
educated in East Granville, Mass., and at the age 
of twenty-three went to Albany, N. Y., where he 
was in business for a time with his brothers. He 
then moved to Utica, N. Y., to open a branch 
store. Six months after going there he was 
stricken with a fever. On learning of his illness, 
his father and mother started for Utica, and got 
as far as Albany, when, hearing of his death, she 
returned by stage, and his father, Jesse Spelman, 
drove with his own horse and wagon to Utica, and 
brought the body home. Few of us can realize 
the sorrow of a journey under such circumstances, 
or the grief of parting with a beloved son in the 
first flush of manhood, and of bringing his body 
on a journey of so many miles. This well-beloved 
son had been a devout and earnest Christian, tak- 
ing part in all the services of the church, and espe- 
cially assisting the choir with an uncommonly fine 
tenor voice. He was buried in the Spelman lot in 
East Granville, Mass., Cemetery. 

228 iv Stephen, b. 27 Sept., 1805; m., ist, Charlotte 

Tinker; 2nd, Eliza Ells; 3rd, Mrs. Abbey (Cur- 
tis) Case. 

V Clarissa, b. 3 Aug., 1807; d. 17 Feb., 1808. 

vi Amos Root, b. i Feb., 1809; d. 21 May, 1815. 

229 vii Benjamin Root, b. 12 Sept., 181 1; m. Isabella Dey 


230 viii Ralzamon Lucas, b. 2 Jan., 181 5 ; m. Lovisa Reed. 

ix Clarilla Tirzah, b. 28 May, 1818; m. in Albany, N. 
Y., 12 Sept., 1866, William Orr, b. 1803, d. in 
Albany, 5 Dec, 1885, aged eighty-two years. 
Clarilla Tirzah Spelman was the youngest of Jesse 
Spelman's family of nine children, and her child- 
hood and youth were spent in East Granville, 
Mass., in the dear old Spelman homestead under 
the hill, just below the Cooley parsonage. Here 
she lived with her mother for many years after 
the death of her father. Then they both moved 
to Albany, N. Y. Qarilla lived for a few years 
with her brother, Benjamin R. Spelman, after 
which they made their home with the youngest 
surviving brother, Ralzamon L. Spelman, and his 
wife. It was Clarilla's duty as well as her pleas- 
ure to sustain the declining years of her aged 
mother with that untiring love and devotion which 

192 Spelman Genealogy 

characterized her ever\' action. Wherever her 
home has been, that was a haven where the care- 
worn or sorrowing^ friend found shelter and sym- 
pathy, whether ailing in body or spirit. Her con- 
stant ministrations to the afflicted came from a 
heart overflowing with aflfection and sympathy. It 
has been a great privilege to know and experience 
the thoughtfulness and care of such a child of 
God. She now, as the oldest member of the 
First Presbyterian Church of Albany, N. Y., con- 
stantly receives such graceful remembrances as 
few have had the pleasure of accepting. Mr. 
William Orr was a well-known citizen of Albany, 
N. Y., where he resided and was a merchant for 
many years. He was a prominent member of the 
church, and was revered by all his associates. 

Mrs. Orr's hearty interest in the publication 
of the Spelman Genealog}'- has been most inspir- 
ing, and the correct information she has been able 
and willing to impart, of the old-time occurrences 
and family scenes in the history of Granville, have 
proved of much value. That she may be spared 
to read its printed pages and revel in the memories 
of times long past, is the earnest prayer of the 

80 FESTUS* SPELMAN (Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 29 April, 1777, and died in 
Randolph, Ohio, 8 Oct., 1818; married in Granville, 2 June, 1799, 
Hannah Dickinson of that place, born 28 Feb., 1781. died in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, 21 June, 1826. He was a deacon in the Congrega- 
tional church. 

The house occupied by him before his removal to Ohio was 
built in 1794. The date can still be seen upon the chimney. The 
house stood in East Hartland, Conn., just south of the Massa- 
chusetts State line, adjoining South Lane, East Granville, one 
and a half miles south of the old homestead of his grandfather, 
Thomas' Spelman. The house subsequently passed into the pos- 
session of members of the Cowdry family. 

Children, born in East Granville, Mass. : 

Climen.i, b. 17 May, 1800; m. Almon B. Coe. 

Aurilla, b. 23 Feb., 1802 ; m. Germanicus Cooley. 

Salmon A., b. 24 Jan., 1804; m. Elizabeth Pennock. 

Margaret, b. 14 Aug., 1806; m. Justin Belding. 

Marcus Festus, b. 31 May, 1809; m. Mary A. Reed. 

Deborah, b. 12 June, 181 1 ; m. Charles S. Sanford. 















Fourth Generation 193 

237 vii Richard Dickinson, b. 22 Sept., 1813; m. Elizabeth 


81 RUFUS* SPELMAN (Stephen', Thomas', Richard') 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 30 March, 1779, and died 
there 3 Feb., 1813 [Gravestone in Granville] ; married in Gran- 
ville, 1 Jan., 1804 [Granville Church Records], Sarah Cooley, 
born in Granville, 2 July, 1781, died about 1840, daughter of 
Clark and Sabra (Bancroft) Cooley. After the death of Rufus 
Spelman she married a Mr. Baldwin. 

Children : 

i Orpha, b. about 1806; d. in Granville, Mass., 15 
Aug., 1808, aged 2 years [Gravestone in Gran- 
ii Stephen Cooley, b. in 1807; d. in Rootstown, Ohio, 
in 1829. 

238 iii Rufus Rolla, b. 16 Aug., 1809; m. Hannah Gilbert. 

82 DEBORAH* SPELMAN (Stephen', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard') was born in Granville, Mass., 15 July, 1781 [Gravestone 
in Granville], and died there 16 May, 1865 [Ibid], aged 83 years 
and 10 months ; married in Granville, 28 March, 1804 [Granville 
Church Records], Colonel, at that time Ensign, James Barlow, 
born 10 July, 1771 [Gravestone in Granville], died 20 Sept., 
1837 [Ibid], son of Edmund and Sybil (Root) Barlow of Gran- 
ville. He was a widower with three daughters. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. [Granville Church and 
Town Records] ; 

i James Spelman Barlow, b. 14 Jan., 1805 ; d. i 
March, 1829; unmarried. 

239 ii John Howard Barlow, b. 7 Dec, 1806; m. Mary 

iii WilHam Barlow, b. 10 or 7 Jan., 1809; d. in New 

Orleans. La., in 1849 or 1837; unmarried, 
iv Matthew Barlow, b. 27 Feb., 181 1 ; d. in Nov., 1815 ; 

burned to death. 

240 V Rufus Henry Barlow, b. 25 Jan., 1813; m., ist, Alice 

Hayes ; m., 2nd, Clarissa Spelman. 

241 vi Jane Deborah Barlow, b. 24 July, 1814; m., ist, 

James H. Porter ; m., 2nd, Daniel Condit. 
vii Orpha Irene Barlow, b. 7 Sept., 1817; d. in Gran- 
ville, 8 Oct., 1886 : unmarried. 

242 viii Festus Spelman Barlow, b. 14 Nov., 1819; m. Emily 

A. Foote. 
ix Martha M. Barlow, b. 12 Dec, 1821 ; d. 25 or 24 
Aug., 1823. 

194 Spelman Genealogy 

83 MIRIAM* SPELMAN (Stephen', Thomas', Richard') 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 12 Sept., 1783, and died there 
20 March, 1855 ; married in East Granville, 18 May, 1808, Rev. 
Silas Root of that place, born there 27 June, 1783, son of Amos 
and Anna (Roe) Root. He was ordained minister of the Baptist 
church 5 June, 1817. The church in Granville was built for his 
occupation and he filled its pulpit about thirty years, until his 
death in Granville, 12 Sept., 1846. He was a farmer as well as a 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Harvey Root, b. 8 Aug., 1809; d. 18 Oct., 1827. 

243 ii Ann Root, b. 15 Oct., 1810; m. Rev. WiUiam 


244 iii Jacob Spelman Root, b. 19 July, 1812; m., ist, Clar- 

amond Spelman; m., 2nd, Elnora Northway ; ra., 
3rd, Sarah E. Van Doren. 
24s iv Marinda Root, b. 4 Nov., 1814; m. Randolph Sizer. 

V David L. Root, b. 19 July, 1822; d. 25 Aug., 1846; 

vi John A. Root, b. 5 May, 1826; d. 25 Feb., 1898; 
m., 1st, in Granville, 6 Jan., 1857, Jane Sarah 
; Bowers of Hartland, Conn., b. 22 Jan., 1834; d. 

f '. 6 Jan., 1869 ; m., 2nd, 19 Oct., 1875, Mrs. Jennie 

Kerby of Chelmsford, who d. in Jan., 1898 ; he 
lived in Granville ; no ch. 
vii Silas Harvey Root, b. 14 June, 1828; d. 12 Aug. or 
Sept., 1846. 

Thomas', Richard') was born in East Granville, Mass., 17 Jan., 
1786, and died in Rootstown, Ohio, 11 Aug., 1873, aged eighty- 
seven years. He married, first, in Granville, Mass., in 1810, 
Laura Seymour of East Granville, Mass., born 23 May, 1787, 
daughter of Asa and Abigail Seymour. She died in Rootstown, 
Ohio, in 1840. Samuel B. Spelman married there, 15 Sept., 1841, 
his second wife, Mrs. Emeline Streator, who died in that town, 7 
July, 1844. He then married, third, in Rootstown, 6 Nov., 1845, 
Harriet Hopkins, born in Nelson, Ohio, 26 Oct., 18 10, died in 
Rootstown, Ohio, 13 July, 1865, He married there, 30 Aug., 
1866, his fourth wife, Mrs. Fanny Dye, born in 1796, died in 
Talmadge, Ohio, iu 1889. 

Samuel Buel Spelman was born and bred a farmer, and fol- 
lowed that occupation through life. He qualified himself when 
young as a teacher, by improving the winter months in the com- 
mon schools ; and was employed in teaching for several seasons 
before his marriage. 

In the Spring of 181 1 he started with his young wife and 


Fourth Generation 195 

his household effects, in a two-horse wagon, for the West, pass- 
ing through New Jersey and Pennsylvania, over the Alleghany 
Mountains to Pittsburg; thence to Rootstown, Ohio, which was 
then an almost unbroken wilderness. One of his horses was 
drowned in the spring flood in crossing the Beaver River. He 
bought a yoke of oxen, and, putting the surviving horse in front, 
he continued the journey with notable courage. 

The War of 1812 occurred the year after his arrival, and 
the Indians, aided by the British, made the property and lives of 
the settlers unsafe. He left his wife and infant child to the 
care of Providence and joined with his neighbors in a military 
campaign in defense of the frontier, serving as Corporal in Cap- 
tain Frederick Care's Co., Major Stephen Mason's Second Regt., 
Fourth Brig., Fourth Div., active service from Aug. 22 to Sept. 4, 
181 2. He retained his interest in military affairs, and was, for sev- 
eral years. Captain of a Company of Militia of Rootstown. For 
many consecutive years he filled the office of Justice of the Peace 
to the entire satisfaction of all classes. He was thoroughly in- 
formed upon the political and religious questions of the day, and 
had decided convictions upon every subject, being ready to ex- 
press them upon all proper occasions. 

He was married four times, and his eldest son, Harvey 
Buel, wrote as follows : "The last marriage proved to be es- 
pecially fortunate, and his wife's tender and affectionate devo- 
tion to the welfare of her aged and infirm companion won for her 
the esteem of all who knew her." He was her fourth husband 
and she his fourth wife. He was the last survivor of a family 
of twelve children. Of this family the Rev. Dr. T. M. Cooley of 
East Granville, Mass., said in 1855 : "One-half of this numerous 
family have finished their course. I knew them all, how they 
lived and how thus far they have died, and I expect to meet this 
whole family in Heaven." He was an earnest and liberal sup- 
porter of the Congregational Church. 

Regarding the accompanying portrait of Samuel Buel Spel- 
man, his granddaughter, Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Senior, 
writes : "It was copied from a daguerreotype last year, by Ed- 
mundson of Cleveland. It is very good ; he was eighty-two years 
old when it was taken. We children always admired a wood- 
shed at his farmhouse and asked him how he could keep the 
wood piled up so nicely. He replied : 'I always thought that 
what was worth doing at all was worth doing well.' " 

Children bv first wife, all but first born in Rootstown, 
Ohio : 

246 i Harvey Buel, b. 15 Sept., 1811 ; m. Lucy Henry. 

247 ii Laura Melissa, b. 11 April or 17 Sept., 1813 ; m. 

Otis Reed, 
iii Orpha, b. 29 Dec, 1814; d. 4 July, 1815. 

196 Spelman Genealogy 

iv Seymour, b. 14 Aug., 1818 ; d. 26 Aug., 1823. 

V Jacob, b. 27 Sept., 1820; d. in infancy. 

248 vi Jacob, b. about 1822; m. Elizabeth Driscoil. 
vii Seymour, b. 2 Oct., 1832 ; d. 23 April, 1833. 

Child by second wife : 

249 viii Armenia Marv, b. 13 Oct., 1842; m. Charles B. Rus- 

Child by third wife : 

250 ix Franklin Eugene, b. 23 Sept., 1849; "^- Ellen 


ThomasS Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 10 April, 
1788, and died in Rootstown, Ohio, 29 July, 1869, aged 81 ; mar- 
ried there 20 Feb., 1828, Joseph Bradshaw of that place, who died 
there in 1845. They lived in East Granville, Mass., and in Roots- 
town, Ohio. 


251 i William J. Bradshaw, b. 17 March, 1829; m. Anna 


86 OHEL* SPELMAN (Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 18 Feb., 1791, and died in 
Eddyville. la., 26 Aug.. 1870, aged 79 years ; married in Gran- 
ville, Mass., 9 Sept., 1816, Lavinia Clark of Hartland, Conn., 
born there 22 Jan., 1793, died in Eddyville, la., 30 Jan., 1875, 
aged 82 years, daughter of Thomas and Rhoda (Clark) Clark. 
The old Clark homestead in South Lane, sometimes called Spel- 
man Street, on account of the six Spelman homesteads which 
were there, was the home of Lavinia (Clark) Spelman before her 
marriage. It was built on a hill, and had a central chimney 
twelve feet square. It had a basement which was divided into a 
large room used for rough work in connection with farming, the 
other half being a cellar. Over this were two stories and an 
attic. In one of the rooms of the first story was an old wooden 
clock, whose massive case supported a brazen fan-like headpiece, 
which required an elevation in the ceiling to give space for its 
circular form. In the second story was a large hall which occu- 
pied one end, where the youth of the neighborhood met for the 
dances which were not frowned upon in the rural New England 
of that day, as they are in many localities at the present time. 
The elevation for the accommodation of the clock in the floor be- 
low here formed the fiddlers' dais, and around the wall a circle 
of seats left a large space free for the dancers. Ohel Spelman 
was born at one of the six Spelman homesteads mentioned above. 
The land of his father, Stephen Spelman, adjoined that of his 
grandfather, Thomas, which, as we have already recounted, was 

Fourth Generation 197 

purchased by the said Thomas when he came, in 1750, from Dur- 
ham, Conn., with his family and accompanied by his aged mother, 
Mrs. AHce (French) Spehnan, the wife of the emigrant. Ohel 
Spelman was ten years of age when his father died. His eldest 
brother, Jesse, who had just married, took him to his home, 
where he remained for fifteen years, his young nieces and 
nephews looking upon him as an elder brother. In the summer 
of 1813 he was drafted into the army, serving as Quarter-Master 
Sergeant for nearly three months. Colonel Foot's regiment, in 
defense of Boston Harbor. He later assisted his uncle in his tan- 
nery, teaching school during the winter, and soon acquired a 
tannery of his own. On leaving Granville, he purchased a tan- 
nery in Vernon Center, Oneida Co., N. Y,, and married 
about a year later. Fie lived at various times in diflferent states, 
among which were Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Indiana, 
Illinois, and Pennsylvania, finally settling with his family in 
Edgeville, la. He and his wife celebrated their Golden Wed- 
ding Anniversary at their home in Edgeville, 9 Sept., 1866. 
There were present seven children and fifteen grandchildren. 
Ohel Spelman died suddenly of heart disease, having walked 
across the floor a few moments before apparently in his usual 
health. He and his wife were buried in Edgeville, la. 
Children : 

i Rhoda Livinia, b. in Vernon Center, N. Y., 25 June, 

1817; d. there 23 March, 1819. 
ii Rhoda Livinia, b. in Vernon Center, N. Y., 20 Sept., 

1819; d. in Boonville, Ind., 21 June, 1840; m. 

there, 15 April, 1840, William McKinney, b. in 

New Hampshire, son of William and Jane (Sher- 

ley) McKinney ; no ch. 

252 iii Mabel, b. 11 June, 1821 ; m. William H. H. Shelby. 

253 iv Thomas Clark, b. i May, 1823 ; m. Philomelia S. 

V Stephen, b. in Castile, N. Y., 28 Dec, 1824; d. in 

Boonville, Ind., 8 Jan., 1841. 
vi Ellen Deborah, b. in Castile, N. Y., 16 March, 1826; 
d. in Burlington, la., 12 Dec, 1900; m. in Boon- 
ville, 13 March, 1844, David Holbrook, b. in 
Darby, Conn., 17 March, 1820, son of David and 
Mary Holbrook ; he was killed by Indians in the 
battle of Birch Cooley, Minn., 2 Sept., 1862; 
no ch. 

254 vii Jane Elizabeth, b. 18 Oct., 1827; m. Abel Holbrook. 
viii Martha Amelia, b. in Castile, N. Y., 15 Oct., 1828; 

d. there, 15 March, 1829. 

255 ix Martha Amelia, b. 3 Jan., 183 1 ; m. Andrew W. 

198 Spelman Genealogy 

256 X Levi Parsons, b. 23 June, 1832; m. Mary E. Wal- 


257 xi John Adams, b. 22 July, 1834 ; m. Ellen G. Curtis. 

87 LUMAN SPELMAN* COE (Sarah' Spelman, Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 28 Sept., 1788, bap- 
tized there 21 Aug., 1791, and died in Mohawk, N. Y., 21 
Sept., 1862; married in Windsor, Conn., 14 Jan., 1810, Nancy 
Stiles, born in Northampton, Mass., 19 Jan., 1788, died in Chico- 
pee, Mass., 3 Jime, 1855, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Ells- 
worth) Stiles of Windsor, Conn. They lived in North Lane, 
West Granville, and both are buried in Granville. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

258 i Caroline Amelia, b. 5 Jan., 181 1; m. Samuel W. 

ii Emily Frances, b. 5 May, 1812 ; d. in Blandford, 
Mass., 13 Jan., 1881 ; m. in Granville, 19 Dec, 
1833, James C. Blair, who d. 24 Aug., 1874, aged 


iii Lysander Philetus, b. 8 Feb., 1816; d. m Amster- 
dam, N. Y., 24 Dec, 1894; m., ist, in Westfield, 
Mass., 31 Aug., 1842, Julia Buell, b. 15 March, 
1820, d. 24 Jan., 1858, daughter of Joseph Case 
and Mary (Kellogg) Buell of Wilbraham, Mass.: 
m., 2nd, in Westfield, in May, 1858, Sarah Phelps ; 
in 1842 removed to Mohawk, N. Y., where he was 
a merchant. 

iv Henry Augustus, b. 8 Dec, 1817; d. 10 Oct., 1851; 

259 v Benjamin Franklin, b. 12 Jan., 1820; m. Jane Diver, 
vi Sarah Elizabeth, b. 30 June, 1823; m. in Chicopee, 

Mass., 22 Nov., 1854, Orrin E. Darling. 

260 vii Samuel Ellsworth, b. 9 July, 1829; m. Nancy C. 

viii Helen Maria, b. 16 March, 1833 ; m. in Granville, 6 
April, 1853, William C. Hall. 

88 DANIEL* SPELMAN (Eber', Thomas', Richard') 
was bom in East Granville, Mass., 16 Oct., 1778, and died in 
Somers, Conn., 4 or 20 March, 1835; married, ist, in Somers, 5 
May, 1799, Salome Billings, born in that town 12 April, 1781, 
died there 27 Nov., 1829; married, 2nd, Mrs. Eleanor Dicken- 
son of Springfield, Mass. He moved with his parents to Stafford, 
Conn., and from thence to Somers. 

Children by first wife: 

261 i Lyman, b. 27 May, 1800; m., ist, Lovisa Davis; m., 

'2nd, Susan Edson ; m., 3rd, Julia A. Bond. 

Fourth Generation 199 

ii Daniel, b. in Somers, Conn., 4 Sept., 1803; d. 19 
Nov.. 1829, drowned in the Hudson River near 
West Point. 

262 iii Billings, b. I April, 1806 ;m. Phoebe Coe. 

263 iv Orlando, b. 9 April, 1808; m. Sophia Laribee. 

264 V Chauncey Franklin, b. 13 July, 1810; m. Mary A. 

vi Sophronia, b. 24 Sept., 1812; d. in 1849; unmarried, 
vii Lura E., b. 20 March, 1815; d. 25 Oct., 1836; un- 
viii Austin T.. b. 11 April, 1817; lived in Highland, N. 
Y. ; buried in Highland Falls, N. Y. ; had ch. and 
gr. ch. 

265 ix Henry Sylvester, b. 27 June, 1819; m. Julia Wyant. 

X Laurana, b. 11 Sept., 1822; d. 25 Oct., 1840; un- 

266 xi Adeline, b. 5 Sept., 1828 ; m. Jonathan Philbrick. 
Child by second wife : 

xii Clorinda. 

89 EBER* SPELMAN (Eber', Thomas', Richard') was 
born in East Granville, Mass., 14 July, 1782, and died in Mos- 
cow, N. Y., 16 Jan. or June, 1858, aged yj ; removed with his 
parents to Stafford, Conn.; married 31 March, 1807, Anna Cady, 
born 9 April, 1781, died in Moscow, N. Y., 6 July, 1852. He and 
his family removed to Moscow, N. Y., about 1822. 

Children : 

267 i Lucy Thrall, b. 3 Jan., 1808; m. Nathan Fenton. 

268 ii Jerusha Cady, b. 3 Sept., 1810; m. Charles Jencks. 
iii Mary Ann, b. 17 Jan., 1813 ; d. 7 Jan., 1815. 

iv Mary Ann, b. 11 July, 1815 ; d. 13 March, 1896; 
lived in Buffalo, N. Y., and in WilHamsville, Am- 
herst Township, N. Y. ; unmarried. 

269 V Oliver Wolcott, b. 16 Jan., 1817; m. Mary Marsh; 

m. a second time, 
vi Alsa Ann, b. 21 Dec, 1818; d. in Penzerne, N. Y., 
14 Nov., 1896; m. 10 Jan., 1843, I^ev. H, Mun- 
see, a Methodist minister ; resided in Mayfield^ 
N. Y., and in Johnsburg, N, Y. ; no ch. 
vii Jesse Austin, b. 18 Nov., 1821 ; m. Eleanor John- 
son ; lived in Brampton, Canada West ; no ch. 
viii Sylvester Eber, b. 4 Feb., 1824; d. 9 March, 1825. 

90 APOLLOS* SPELMAN (Eber*, Thomas', Richard') 
was born in Granville, Mass., 25 Nov., 1784; died in Stafford, 
Conn., 13 Nov., 1826; married in Stafford, 8 Sept., 1807, Myra 
Clark, born in Sturbridge, Mass., 25 Oct., 1789, died in Stafford, 

200 Spelman Genealogy 

Conn., 3 May, 1847. ^'J^'"- Spelman moved to Stafford with his 
father while a child and resided there all his life. 
Children, born in Stafford, Conn. : 

270 i Abigail, b. 30 Jan., 1809; m. Alanson Bugbee. 

271 ii Sarah, b. 10 May, 181 1 ; m. John K. Lord. 

272 iii Solomon Clark, b. 14 July, 1813; m., ist, Delia Mor- 

ris ; m., 2nd, Martha J. West ; m., 3rd, Elizabeth 
M. Newell, 
iv Wilham Patten, b. 9 Nov., 1815; d. in South Wil- 
braham, Mass., 31 Dec, 1875; m. Dorcas Thomp- 
son, b. 15 Feb., 1817; lived in South Wilbraham; 
no ch. 

273 v Horatio, b. 10 June, 1818; m. Mrs. Mary Wash- 


274 vi Augustus, b. 17 Nov., 1820; m. Zilpha A. Morse. 

275 vii Jasper Hyde, b. 19 March, 1824; m. Eliza A. Hor- 


91 STATIRA* SPELMAN (Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 11 March, 1787, and died in 
North Adams, Mass., 11 June, 1868, aged 81 ; married Jonathan 
Johnson, born in 1783, died 24 Dec, 1826. He was drafted in 
the War of 1812. She removed to Stafford, Conn., with her 
father, and settled in North Adams with her husband. 

Children : 

Louisa Statira Johnson, b. 22 Feb., 1807 ; m. Joseph 

Calvin W. Johnson, b. in 1810; m., ist, Juliet Sage; 

m., 2nd, Anna Cobb. 
Samuel S. Johnson, b. in 1813 ; m., but name of his 

wife is unknown. 
Sylvander Johnson, b. 2 Feb., 1815; m. Eliza Bige- 

Lucius A. Johnson, b. in 1818; m. Pamela Wilson. 
Parsons Johnson, b. 17 July, 1820; m. Roxanna Lit- 

Sarah H. Johnson, b. in Stafford, Conn. ; d. young. 
Abner Johnson, b. in Stafford, Conn. ; d. young. 

as', Richard') was born in East Granville, Mass., 7 Sept., 1789, 
and died in Granville, Ohio, 5 Sept., 1873, aged 84; married in 
Granville, Ohio, ist, 4 Oct., 1821, Emily Boardman, born in 
Rutland, Vt., 16 March, 1796, died in Granville, Ohio, 13 Dec, 
1842, daughter of Moses and Abigail (Mead) Boardman; mar- 
ried, 2nd, in Warren, Ohio, 2 May, 1848, Mrs. Mary (Quimby) 
Girling of Warren, Ohio, born 12 Jan., 1802, died 24 April, iT 














Fourth Generation 201 

Dr. Spelman studied medicine with Dr. Harvey in Granville, 
Mass. Removing to Granville, Ohio, in 1819, he practised there 
for twenty years, finally giving up his work as a physician to en- 
ter mercantile life. He was baptized in 1833, ^"^ for more than 
forty years was a member of the Baptist church in Granville, 
Ohio. For many years he was a member of the Board of Trus- 
tees of the College in Granville, Ohio. He was ill for a number 
of years prior to his death. 

Children, born in Granville, Ohio : 

i Abigail Lucy, b. 24 Feb., 1823 ; d. in Granville, Ohio, 

I May, 1826, or 5 July, 1824. 
ii Charlotte Maria, b. ii Feb., 1825; d. in Granville, 

Ohio, 18 Feb., 1903 ; unmarried. 
282 iii Martha Emily, b. 19 Dec, 1827 ; m. Edward M. 


93 SAMUEL THRALL' SPELMAN (Eber', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 4 March, 1792, and 
died in May, 1838; married Beulah Ellis. He removed with his 
father to Stafford, Conn., where he continued to reside. He 
served in the War of 1812 as a private in the Conn. Mihtia Com- 
mander Newhall Taintor's regt., from 23 Aug., 1812, to 25 Oct., 
1814 [Conn. Men in War of 1812, Adj. GenTs Report, p. 118]. 

Children, born in Staflford, Conn. : 

i Emily B., m. Alden Rodgers ; resides in Rockville, 

Conn. ; i ch. or more. 
ii Angeline, d. before 1873 5 "i- William Grover. 
iii Orlando, d. before 1873. 

94 CHARLOTTE* SPELMAN (Eber', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard^) was bom in East Granville, Mass., 21 June, 1794, and died 
in Stafford, Conn., 5 Oct., 1848; married 22 June, 181 1, Orrin 
Harwood of the same place, born 8 Aug., 1788, died in Hampden, 
Mass., 23 July, 1888, son of Jonathan and Marjorie Harwood. 
They resided in West Stafford, Conn. 

Children : 

i Julia Ann Harwood, d. aged 18. 

Sylvander Harwood, m. Abigail Fuller. 

Elizabeth Harwood, m. Walter Temple. 

Francis A. Harwood, b. 12 May, 1817; m. Clarissa 

Adeline Harwood, m. S. W. Bartlett. 
Martha Harwood, d. in 1866; m. Mr. Pool; i ch. 
Charlotte Harwood, m. IMorris Pease ; lives in 
Hampden, Mass. 
viii Julia Harwood, d. aged 17. 









202 Spelman Genealogy 

as^ Richard^) wa? born in East Granville, Mass., 25 July, 1796, 
and died after 1870; removed with her parents to Stafiford 
Conn. ; married John Cady of Stafford ; in 1870 living M^ith her 
daughter, Mrs. Brewer, in North Wilbraham, Mass. 

Children : 

i Sylvester Cady, d. aged 2 years. 

285 ii ]\iaria Cady, m. David Brown. 

iii Elizabeth Cady, m. Rev. Henry Bridge ; 2 ch. 

iv William O. Cady, m. and had ch. ; he was a minister. 

286 v IMarietta Cady, m. Anson C. Brewer. 

96 ANSON* SPELMAN (Eber^ Thomas^ Richard') was 
bom in East Granville, Mass., 24 Dec, 1798, and died in West 
Stafford, Conn., 3 March, 1885 ; married 26 May, 1825, Lorinda 
Gushing, born 10 March, 1808, died 9 Sept., 1891, daughter of 
Solomon Gushing. Mr. Spelman moved as a young man to West 
Stafford, Conn., with his father. 

Children, born in Stafford, Conn. : 

287 i Laura C, b. 6 Dec, 1826; m. Dr. Samuel R. Davis. 

288 ii Isaac F., b. 2 March, 1832 ; m. Mary L. Harris. 

iii Martin T. B., b. ii Oct., 1834; d. 18 March, 1835. 

289 iv Jane Antoinette, b. 28 Oct., 1844; ^n-. ist, Gardner 

Lull ; m., 2nd, Frederick A. Hayes. 

97 RHODA* SPELMAN (Timothy', Thomas', Richard') 
was born in East Granville, Mass., 10 Jan., 1780, and died there 
in 1815; married in Granville, Mass., 4 Feb., 1804 [Granville 
Church Record], Nathaniel Saunders of East Granville, Mass., 
where they resided after their marriage. 

Children : 

i Timothy Saunders. 

290 ii Ephraim Saunders, m. Adeline Curtiss. 

291 iii Rhoda Spelman Saunders, b. in Oct., 1811 ; m. 

William Hamilton. 

98 SARAH* SPELMAN (Timothy', Thomas*, Richard') 
was born in East Granville. Mass., 29 Feb. or 9 March, 1784, 
and died in Effingham Co., 111.. 13 April, 1853; married in Gran- 
ville, Mass., in Nov., 1803 [Granville Church Records], Hugh 
Kelley, born in 1780, died in Baltimore, Ohio, 5 April, 1854. 
They moved to Granville, Ohio, with the settlers from Mass., 
who went there in 1805, and later were among those who settled 
McKean, Ohio. Hugh Kelley built the second saw mill in that 
town in 1821-2, on Brushy Fork. He and his son, Hugh Dennis 
Kellev, were contractors on the canal in 1838. 

Fourth Generation 203 

Children, all except the two eldest born in Granville, 

292 i Hugh Dennis Kelley, b. about 1804; m., but name 

of wife is unknown. 

293 ii Sarah Morilla Kelley, b. 3 June, 1805 ; m. Benjamin 

I. Sutton. 

294 iii Timothy Milton Kelley, b. 23 Sept., 1806; m. Eliza- 

beth Hughes, 
iv Eliza Ann Kelley, d. in infancy. 

V Eliza Ann Kelley, d. before 1867. 

295 vi Elvira Mindwell Kellev, b. 3 Aug., 1810; m. Walter 

N. RufTner. 

296 vii John Spelman Kelley, b. 22 Sept., 1812; m. Mary A. 


297 viii Rhoda Electa Kelley, b. 29 July, 1815; m. Henry G. 


298 ix Orville Lumis Kelley, b. 13 Jan., 1818; m. Elizabeth 


299 X Samuel Sylvester Kelley, b. i March, 1820; m. 

Electa Mesnard. 

99 SPENCER* SPELMAN (Timothy', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 23 Feb., 1787, and mar- 
ried in Granville, Ohio, Ruth Gilman, who died there 5 Oct., 
1823, daughter of Squire Elias and Rachel Gilman. Spencer 
Gilman removed from Granville, Mass., with his father, Timothy 
Spelman, to Granville, Ohio, in 1805, at the age of fourteen. He 
was a musician, playing the clarionet, and was one of the pro- 
moters of the first band of Granville, Ohio, in which he played 
that instrument. His brothers and sisters were all musical. He 
was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Granville, Ohio. The 
record obtained from the Adjutant General's Department of the 
State of Ohio shows that he served in the War of 1812 as a 
private in Capt. John Spencer's Co., and was in active service 
from June i, 1812, to May 31, 1813. This regt. was a part of 
Hull's Brigade and included in the surrender. It also appears 
from the same report that Timothy Spillman, Sergeant Thomas 
Spilman, Musician, and Spencer Spilman, privates in Capt. Levi 
Ross' Co. of Col. Lewis Cass' 3rd Regt., saw active service from 
June I, 1812, to June i, 1813. 
Children : 

i Orlando, d. before 1867. 

ii Elias G., d. before 1867. 

iii Elisha. 

iv Laura. 

V Maria, b. 4 Oct., 1816; d. 5 Jan., 1892; unmarried 
vi Lois. 

204 Spelman Genealogy 

Thomas', Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 19 Feb., 
1789, and died in Alexandria, Ohio, 14 Oct., 1864; married 27 
Feb., 1810, Miriam Clark, born 15 Dec, 1792; died in Alexan- 
dria, Ohio, 24 Sept., 1855, daughter of Samuel and Miriam 
(Munson) Clark. He went to Granville, Ohio, with the Gran- 
ville, Mass., colony when his father emigrated in 1805. He served 
as a drummer in the company raised in Granville, Ohio, on the 
outbreak of the War of 1812; later served as a corporal in Capt. 
William jMitters' Co. of Mounted Militia, Pickaway Co., in active 
service from May 8, 1813, to May 20, 1813 ; was also a private 
in Capt. David List's Co., ist Regt., 2nd Brigade, in active serv- 
ice from July 28, 1813, to Sept. 6, 1813. He was a deacon in the 
Baptist church in Alexandria, seven miles from Granville, Ohio. 
He later lived in St. Alban's Township, adjoining Granville, 

Children, born in Granville, Ohio: 

Thomas Herrick, b. 18 Nov., 1812 ; m. Sylvia Cook. 

George, b. 25 July, 1815 ; m., ist, Jane Lansing; m. 
2nd, Naomi Cornell. 

Lewis M., b. 28 Aug., 1817; m. Victoria Buxton. 

Rowley, b. 28 Feb., 1820; m. L. Eaton. 

Miriam, b. 13 March, 1822; m., ist, Joseph D. Tal- 
bot ; m., 2nd, Mawhor. 

Harriet, b. 18 Jan., 1826; m., ist, John W. Monta- 
gue ; m., 2nd, John Smith ; m., 3rd, Samuel Parks. 

James, b. 17 Nov., 1828; d. 28 Nov., 1828. 

Ann, b. 25 June, 1830 ; m. Thomas H. Smith. 

loi TIMOTHY* SPELMAN (Timothy', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard*) was born in East Granville, Mass., 3 Aug., 1791, and died 
in Granville, Ohio, in Dec, 1879; married, ist, 2 June, 1812, 
Abigail (Lovina) Graves, born 4 March, 1793, died in Granville, 
Ohio, 10 Oct., 1818; married, 2nd, 10 Oct., 1819, Cynthia 
Wheeler, bom in Massachusetts, 11 April, 1797, died in April, 
1880. She came to Licking Co., Ohio, with her parents in 1815. 
In the War of 1812 Timothy Spelman enlisted in Capt. Rose's 
Co., Gen. Hull's Division, and took part in the battles fought on 
Lake Erie. A record of his service is as follows : Timothy Spel- 
man, 4th Sergeant in Capt. John Spencer's Co., 2nd Regt., 2nd 
Brigade, 2nd Division, active service May 5, 1813, to May 20, 
1813. He was a member of the Militia Co., formed in Granville, 
Ohio, in 1818. He lived in the part of Granville since called 
McKean, and at one time in Fredonia, Ohio, where he was a 
deacon in the Baptist church. In the latter years of his life he 
was paralyzed. 

Children by first wife, born in Granville, Ohio : 
























Fourth Generation 205 

i Timothy Merrick, b. 29 May, 1813 ; d. in 1900. 

ii Abigail Lovina, b. 28 June, 1814; d. 26 Aug., 1887. 

iii Almon, b. 27 May, 1816; d. 13 April, 1902. 

307 iv Thomas William, b. 12 April, 1818; m. Elizabeth 

Children by second wife : 

308 V Electa Mary, b. 7 June, 1821 ; m. Robert Tipton. 

vi Hannah Abigail, b. 20 May, 1823 ; d. in Arkansas 

in 1885. 
vii Lucian, b. 17 Aug., 1825 ; d. in Tama Co., la., 29 

Sept., 1853 ; unmarried, 
viii Franklin, b. 2 July, 1828; d. 20 April, 1859; m. 

Jane ; i ch., d. in infancy. 

George, b. 26 May, 1830. 

Harriet Asenath, b. 12 July, 1832 ; m. Rhode- 
John B., b. 20 Sept., 1834; m., ist, Frances A. Dilly; 

m., 2nd, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowen or Bowers. 
Louisa, b. 21 Dec, 1836; m. Stephen G. Atherton. 
Lewis G., b. 6 March, 1839; m., ist, Abbie Wheeler; 
m., 2nd, Julia F. Wheeler. 

102 HANNAH* SPELMAN (Timothy*, Thomas*, Rich- 
ard") was born in East Granville, Mass., 12 Sept., 1796, and died 
in Granville, Ohio, 27 Nov., 1855; married 14 or 4 July, 1813, 
Ralph Granger, born in Sandisfield, Mass., 16 March, 1790, died 
4 Aug., 1867, son of Thaddeus and Anna (Terrill) Granger of 
Deerfield. Ohio. He came to Granville, Ohio, from the Western 
Reserve in 1812, one year before his marriage, and established 
himself in business there, becoming proprietor of the Granger 
Hotel. He served in the War of 1812 in the same regiment with 
Jesse Grant, the father of General Grant. The following record 
of him was obtained from the office of the Adjutant General of 
the State of Ohio. Ralph Granger, private in Capt. Ira Morse's 
Co., Major Stephen Mason's 2nd Regt., 4th Brigade, 4th Divi- 
sion, active service, Aug. 24, 1812, to Sept. 4, 1812. Mr. Granger 
was closely affiliated with the political and official life of the time, 
as his uncle, Gideon Granger, was Postmaster-General and thus 
a member of the President's Cabinet. Hannah (Spelman) 
Granger removed with her father, Timothy Spelman, with the 
company of emigrants from Granville, Mass., to Granville, Ohio, 
in 1805, when she was eight years of age. She was a woman of 
great intellectual gifts, and her home became the meeting place 
for men of learning and ministers. In her sitting room was con- 
ceived the plan for the college in Granville, Ohio, now Denison 
University, which furnished so many professors for Chicago Uni- 
versity, among them the late Dr. Harper. Through her influence 

2o6 Spelman Genealogy 

a Baptist church, now one of the largest in the state of Ohio, was 
organized in Granville. She was one of its original eleven mem- 
bers. During the greater part of her life she was an invalid, 
which made the amount of good she accomplished still more 
Children : 

i Orville Granger, b. lo April, 1814; d. 24 Feb., 1815. 
ii A daughter, b. 6 Oct., 1815 ; d. in infancy. 
iii Elias Gilman Granger, b. 18 April, 1817; d. 18 Feb., 

1887 ; m. 22 Feb., 1838, Catherine Cook ; no ch. 
iv Lewis Cass Granger, b. in Granville, Ohio, 17 May, 
1819; d. in Oroville, Cal., 20 May, 1890; m. 3 
May, 1843, Isabella Wilson; 6 ch., 21 gr. ch. ; 
early settler and prominent lawyer of Los Angeles, 
V Sylvester Spelman Granger, b. in Granville, Ohio, 28 
March, 1821 ; d. in Johnson, Ohio, 28 Oct., 1885 ; 
m. 18 April, 1841, Elizabeth Walrath; 8 ch., 17 
gr. ch. ; a hotel keeper, 
vi Ralph Granger, b. in Granville, Ohio, 10 July, 1823 ; 
m. 8 Aug.. 1844, Miranda Kellogg ; 6 ch., 9 gr. ch. 
313 vii Mary Elizabeth Granger, b. 29 Oct., 1825; m. Peter 
viii William Wing Granger, b. in Granville, Ohio, 17 
Oct., 1828; m. 20 Feb., 1851, Charlotte A. Robin- 
son ; 4 ch., 5 gr. ch. 
ix Henry Allen Granger, b. 5 May, 183 1 or 1833 ; d. 13 

Nov., 1855, in Cal. 
X Sarah Electa Granger, b. in Granville, Ohio, 5 Aug., 
1834, or 1835 ; m. 2."] Feb., or Sept., 1855, William 
Hall Sedgwick ; 4 ch. 
xi Judson Granger, b. 3 Aug., 1835 ; d. 3 Aug., 1835. 
xii Martha Louise Granger, b. i Aug., 1838; d. 25 
Aug., 1839. 
For descendants of these children see the Granger Gene- 

103 ELECTA* SPELMAN (Timothy*, Thomas', Rich- 
ard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., i May, 1799, and died 
in Columbus, Ohio, 25 Sept., 1882, aged 83 years; married in 
Granville, Ohio, 28 March, 1822, William Wing, born in Wind- 
sor, Conn., I July, 1799, died in Columbus, Ohio, 13 Feb., 1878, 
son of Major Moses and Hannah (Denslow) Wing. He was sec- 
retary and auditor of the Central Ohio Railroad. They lived in 
Zanesville and Baltimore, Ohio. Mrs. Wing came to Ohio with 
her parents when a child. 

Children, all born in Baltimore, Ohio, except the eldest: 

Fourth Generation 207 

i Timothy William Wing, b. in Granville, Ohio, 12 
Dec, 1822; d. in that place, 28 July, 1824. 

ii George Wing, b. 18 Nov., 1824; d. in Granville, 
Ohio, 16 June, 1832. 

iii Susan Adeline Wing, b. 13 April, 1827; d. in Colum- 
bus, Ohio, 2 Sept., 1900 (12 Sept., 1899) ; m., ist, 
in Nev^-ark, Ohio, 29 Oct., 1844, William J. Fell, 
b. in Fayette Co., Pa., 20 April, 1818; d. in Chi- 
cago, III., 16 May, 1871, son of Israel and Polly 
Fell ; m., 2nd, in Columbus, Ohio, 5 June, 1877, 
Daniel McDougall ; no ch. 

314 iv Thomas Ralph Wing, b. 6 May, 1829; m., ist, Eliza- 

beth Seltzer; m., 2nd, Fannie M. Nichols. 

V Charles Wing, b. 3 Aug., 1833 (16 Feb., 1832) ; d. 

in Columbus, Ohio, 5 Aug., 1833. 

315 vi Sarah Louise Wing, b. 7 April, 1834; m, John W. 


316 vii Emily Frances Wing, b. i Sept., 1836; m. Josiah A. 

viii James Henry Wing, b. 14 March, 1839; d. in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio, 5 Jan., 1874. 
ix Hannah Elizabeth Wing, b. 14 March, 1841 ; d. in 
Baltimore, Ohio, 19 May, 1842. 

104 MARIETTA* SPELMAN (Timothy^ Thomas*, Rich- 
ard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, in the autumn of 1805, and 
died in Kearney, Neb., in 1868; married 15 May, 1827, John 
Langdon Atwood, born in New Hampshire, in 1804. They lived 
in Ohio, in Lincoln, Neb., and in Mount Pleasant, la. 
Children : 

i Ira F. Atwood, b. in Ohio, 8 March, 1828 ; d. 8 Sept., 

317 ii Mary Elizabeth Atwood, b. 12 April, 1830; m. Jo- 

seph W. Hartley. 
iii George W. Atwood, b. 16 June, 1832; d. 2 June, 

iv William S. Atwood, b. 9 Feb., 1834; d. 26 July, 


V William S. Atwood, b. 16 April, 1836; m. 28 Oct., 

1857, Ella R. Granger. 

318 vi John Langdon Atwood, b. 10 Feb., 1839; m. Emma 


319 vii H. Electa Atwood, b. 26 Dec, 1841 ; m. Moses H. 


320 viii Thomas H. Atwood, b. 27 Feb., 1843 ; m. Mary A 


2o8 Spelman Genealogy 

105 GURDON* TILLOTSON (Martha' Spelman, Thom- 
as', Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass. ; married, ist, 
in Granville, Mass., 12 Oct., 1812, Hannah Loomis [Granville 
Gnurch Record] ; married, 2nd, Martha Loomis. 

Children by first wife: 
i Marrietta. 

ii Prescott. 

iii Charles. 

iv Henry. 

V Lafayette. 
Children by second wife : 

vi Harriet. 

vii Zelotus. 

106 POLLY* TILLOTSON (Martha' Spelman, Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 3 Sept., 1782, or 1783, 
and died in North Granby, Conn., 15 Aug., 1835; married, first, 
in Granville, 14 June. 1801, Archibald Kasson, Jr., born in North 
Granby, 29 Sept., 1779, died there 24 April, 182 1, son of Col. 
Archibald and Martha (Douglass) Kasson. Col. Archibald Kas- 
son fought in the Revolution. His first wife was a Miss Park of 
Rhode Island, and the Kassons also were of that colony. Col. 
Kasson was a composer of music, as well as a soldier. Polly 
(Tillotson) Kasson and her husband, Archibald Kasson, Jr., ap- 
pear to have resided in Suffield, Conn., after leaving Granville. 
Mrs. Polly Kasson was dismissed from the church in Granville 
to that in Suffield [Granville Church Records]. They later re- 
moved to North Granby, Conn. She married, second, in North 
Granby, 7 April, 1825, Doctor Abijah Rowe, born in Salmon 
Creek, Conn., 5 Nov., 1779, died in that place i June, 1841, son 
of Abijah and Deborah (Forward) Rowe. Dr. Rowe first mar- 
ried Mary Van Riper of New Jersey, by whom he had two chil- 
dren, George Washington and DeWitt Clinton Rowe. Dr. Rowe 
did not practise his profession, but was a teacher. He and his 
wife, Polly (Tillotson) Rowe, resided in North Granby. 

Children by first husband, born in North Granby, Conn. : 
i Marcus Aurelius Kasson, b. 23 May, 1802 ; d. in 
Newark, III, 23 May, 1877; m. in Granville, 
Mass., 25 Nov., 1824, Mary Reynolds, b. there in 
1805 ; no ch. 

321 ii Emily Kasson, b. 7 Feb., 1804; m. Philander Dibble, 
iii Clarinda Kasson, b. 21 Sept., 1806; d. in Granville, 

Mass., 22 Feb., 1808. 
iv George Washington Kasson, b. 28 Nov., 1808; d. in 
Granville, Mass., 20 Nov., 1809. 

322 V Mary Clarinda Kasson, b. 15 Sept., 1810; m. Col. 

William W. Cowdrev. 

Fourth Generation 209 

vi George Morgan Kasson, b. 13 Feb., 1813 ; d. Bantas 
(Stockton), Cal., 23 Sept., 1896, on his ranch; 
Child by second husband: 
323 vii Caroline Amelia Rowe, b. i March, 1826; m. John 
Witham, 4th. 

107 SAMUEL* BATES (Sarah" Spelman, Samuel', Rich- 
ard^) was baptized in Durham, Conn., 10 March, 1765 [History 
of Durham] ; married, first, in Durham, 13 Nov., 1786 [Ibid], 
Hannah Southmayd, who died in Hartland, Conn., 28 Feb., 1800 
[Records of Second Church, Hartland] ; married, second, Eliza- 
beth, who died there 29 July, 1803, aged 25 [Ibid] ; married, 
third, in Hartland, 13 Feb., 1804 [Ibid], Mary Harding of Wood- 
bridge, Conn. Samuel Bates and his wife, Hannah, removed to 
Hartland, Conn., about 1794, as in that year we find the fol- 
lowing record of their admission to the Second Church of Christ 
in that place: "1794 May 4, Samuel Bates, Jun. and Hannah 
his wife from the church in Durham" [Ibid]. Of EHzabeth, the 
second wife, we have no record, save that of the baptism of her 
son and of her death. The following is the record of the admis- 
sion of the third wife, Mary (Harding) Bates, to the church in 
Hartland : "1805 6 Jan, Mary Bates, wife of Samuel Bates, Jr. 
by a Recommendation from the Church in Woodbridge" [Ibid]. 
Samuel Bates and his wife, Mary, removed to Vernon, N. Y., 
about 1808, as the following record will show: "1808 May 31, 
Samuel Bates, Jr. & Mary his wife [dismissed] to church in 
Vernon, N. Y." 

Children by first wife, first three born in Durham, Conn. : 
i Abiah Southmayd, b. 15 Dec, 1787 [History of 

Durham] . 
ii WilHam, b. 9 July, 1790 [Ibid]. 

iii Hannah, b. 24 Feb., 1793 [Ibid] ; d. in Durham, 13 
Feb., 1794 [Gravestone in the Old Cemetery in 
Durham] . 
iv Hannah, bap. in Hartland, Conn., 29 Feb., 1795 
[Records of the Second Church, Hartland] ; d. 
there 2 March, 1795 [Ibid]. 
Child by second wife : 

v Daniel, bap. in Hartland, 20 Sept., 1801 [Ibid]. 
Child by third wife: 

vi Eliza, bap. in Hartland, 28 April, 1805 [Ibid]. 

108 ELIHU' BATES (Sarah* Spelman. Samuef, Rich- 
ard^) was baptized in Durham, Conn., i A/[arch, 1767, and died 
at Haddam in 1830. His wife's name was Concurrence. Mrs. 
Concurrence Bate?, wife of Elihu Bates, was admitted to the 

2IO Spelman Genealogy 

church in Hartland, Conn., i July, 1798. Her estate was admin- 
istered 8 July, 1818. 
Children : 

i A child, d. in infancy, 6 March, 1794. 
ii John, bap. in Hartland, Conn., 23 Sept., 1798. 
iii Linus, bap. in Hartland, 23 Sept., 1798. 
iv Charles Chipman, b. in 1799; bap, in Hartland, 25 
May, 1880; d. in Hartland, 9 Nov., 1810. 

V Sarah, bap. in Hartland, 14 March, 1801, or 1802. 
vi Jared, b. in 1810; d. 11 April, 1813, aged 3 years. 

109 STEPHEN* BATES (Sarah' Spelman, Samuel', Rich- 
ard^) was baptized in Hartland, Conn., 9 Nov., 1777, and died in 
June, 1846, aged 65 years [Records of Second Church of Christ, 
Hartland] . He was admitted to church membership i July, 1798. 
He married, 16 Nov., 1803, Matilda Beach, born in 1773, died 12 
Aug., 1875, aged 92 years. 

Children [Records of the Second Church of Christ, Hart- 
land] : 

i Moses, bap. in Hartland, 7 Oct., 1804. 

ii Eunice, bap. in Hartland, 2 Oct., 1806. 

iii Abner, bap. in Hartland, 12 Jan., or 2 June, 1813. 

iv Ira, b. in 1817; bap. in Hartland, 2 Oct., 1817. 

V Clarissa, bap. in Hartland, 2 Oct., 1817; d. 29 Dec, 

1834; unmarried, 
vi Daniel, bap. in Hartland, 2 Oct., 1817. 
vii Elias, bap. in Hartland, 2 Oct., 1817. 
viii Howel, bap. in Hartland, 2 Oct., 18 17, 

no SAMUEL SPELMAN* MORSE (Mary* Spelman, 
Samuel^ Richard^) was born in Wallingford, Conn., 14 Feb., 
1780, or 10 Feb., 1781, and died in Vienna (Camden), N. Y., 6 
Dec, 1837; married in Wallingford, in 1804, Phoebe Gay, bom 
in Hebron, Conn., 20 March, 1784, daughter of Joel and Mar- 
gery (Tillotson) Gay of that place. 

Children, born in Vienna (Camden), N. Y. : 
324 i Albert, b. 27 Oct., 1808; m. Sarah J. Curtiss. 

ii Henry. 
iii Alanson. 



111 CORINTH A' LUCAS (William*, Jr., William*, Mary* 
Spelman, Richard^) was born in Sandisfield, Mass., 20 May, 1795 ; 
married, in 1834, Duncan Lapham of Painesville, Ohio. 

Children : 

i William Lapham. 
ii Samuel Lapham. 

112 Vv^ILLIAM' LUCAS (William*, William', Mary* Spel- 
man, Richard") was bom in Sandisfield, Mass., 7 January, 1797, 
and died in Saybrook, Ohio, 30 July, i860 ; married in Saybrook, 
6 January, 1830, Nancy M. Baird, born in July, 1810, died in 
Saybrook, 29 August, 1843. 

Children : 

i Nancy, b. 19 June, 183 1 ; d. 8 Mar., 1837. 
ii William, b. T.J Aug., 1833. 

113 ROBERT LUCAS (William*, William', Mary' Spel- 
man, Richard") was born in Sandisfield, Mass., 25 October, 1800, 
and died in Palos, Cook County, 111., 23 July, 1847; married (i), 
in Ashtabula, Ohio, 3 October, 1830, Ann Crandall, who died in 
Palos, 111., 16 June, 1835; married (2), 3 February, 1837, Mrs. 
Hannah F. Mott. 

Children by first wife : 

i George Homer, b. 13 Mar,, 1832. 

ii Charles Henry, b. 20 Aug., 1833 ; d. 9 July, 1836. 

iii James Robert, b. 17 Nov., 1834. 
Children by second wife : 

iv Ann Elizabeth, b. in 1838. 

V Lucy Selma, b. 28 Feb., 1842. 

vi Hannah Louisa, b. 4 Apr., 1846. 

114 SAMUEL" LUCAS (William*, William', Mary' Spel- 
man, Richard") was bom in Sandisfield, Mass., 11 May, 1804, and 
died 18 March, 1847; married, in September, 1841, Julia A. 

i Warren, b. 3 Oct., 1842. 

115 ROXANNA" LUCAS (William*, William', Mary" Spel- 
man, Richard") was born in Sandisfield, Mass., 28 August, 1806; 


214 Spelman Genealogy 

married Leverett Hamilton of Madison County, N. Y. 
Children : 

i Leverett L. Hamilton, 
ii Henry Homer Hamilton, 
iii Lorenzo L. Hamilton. 

ii6 LOVANDER"* LUCAS (William*, William*, Mary* 
Spelman, Richard^) was born in Standi sfield, Mass., 6 November, 
1808, and died 28 January, 1867; married (i), 29 January, 1840, 
Sarah L. Hamilton, born in Nelson, N. Y., in 1816, and died 6 
March, 1841 ; married (2) Mrs. Eliza Ann Warner. 
Children : 

i Frank Eliezer, b. 21 Jan., 1843 ! d. 10 July, 1847. 
ii Henry Lovander, b. 12 Oct., 1845. 
iii Sarah Louisa, b. 14 Oct., 1847 1 d. 28 Mar., 1862. 
iv Emma Roxanna, b. 28 Nov., 1849. 
V William Frank, b. 22 Aug., 1853. 

117 AMY" ROBINSON (Joel*, Amy' Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard^) was born, probably, in Granville, Mass., in 1780; 
married Joseph Reynolds of Horse Neck. She was left a widow 
and resided with her son, Joseph Reynolds, at the home of her 
father, Joel Robinson, in Hartland, Conn. 

Children : 

i Ann Reynolds, m. Asa Harmon of Suffield, Conn, 
ii Joseph Reynolds. 
iii James Reynolds, d. at Bethany, N. Y., aged 2.6. 

118 ELIZUR' ROBINSON (Joel*, Amy* Spelman, Rich- 
ard*, Richard^) was baptized in Hartland, Conn., 22 December, 
1782 [Church Records, Hartland] ; married '(i) Betsey Baldwin 
of Granville, Mass., who died 20 June, 1812, aged twenty-five; 
married a second time. He resided in West Granville, Mass. 

Children by first wife : 

i A daughter, name unknown; married, 
li A daughter, name unknown ; married. 
Children by second wife : 

iii Emma Alvira, bp. in West Granville, Mass., 5 Sept., 

1824 [West Granville Church Records], 
iv A child, b. 2 June, 1816 [Ibid] ; d. 2 June, 1816 [Ibid]. 

119 ASHER'' ROBINSON (Ebenezer*, Amy* Spelman, 
Richard", Richard^) married (i) Rachel Bartholomew of Wal- 

lingford, Conn.; married (2) Richmond; married (3) 

Parsons of Durham, Conn. ; removed, after first marriage, to 
Canaan, Conn. 

Children by first wife: 









Fifth Generation 215 

i A child, name unknown. 
ii A child, name unknown, 
iii A child, name unknown. 

120 EBENEZER"* ROBINSON (Ebenezer*, Amy' Spel- 
man, Richard^ Richard^) was born, probably, in Durham, Conn. 
He married Margery Kelly. After his death she married (2), 10 
October, 1825, Joel Blatchley of North Madison, Conn., a farmer 
and hotel keeper. He was a widower, his first wife being Annie 
Loper, by whom he had six children. He married a third time 
in Durham, Conn. 

Children : 

Mary Ann, b. 20 July, 1805 ; m. Samuel L. Blatchley. 
William, b. 31 Oct., 1806; m. Jennette Elliot. 
Lavinia, m. Henry Hodges of New Orleans, La. 
Hannah, b. 6 Nov., 1814; m. Luzerne Elliot. 
Sarah, b. 22 Feb., 1815; rn. (i) Nathan H. Hill; m. 

(2) Clement M. Parsons. 
Seth, killed at the age of 11. 
Henry, m. Phoebe A. Southmayd. 
Ebenezer, m. Dolly Barnes of 111. ; 5 ch. 

121 MOSES' ROBINSON (Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard^) was born in 1790, and died in Durham, Conn., 
14 November, 1820 [History of Durham] ; married, in 1812, 
Electa Bartholomew of Wallingford. Conn., born in 1791, died 26 
April, 1872. She married (2), 17 January, 1826, Asa Chamber- 
lain of Durham, Conn. [Ibid], by whom she had two children. 

Children : 

330 i Susan Malvina, b. 30 June, 1813 ; m. George Washing- 

ton Harris of Waterville. 
ii Andrew Jackson, b. 29 Apr., 181 5; m. Sarah Hopson; 
3 ch. 

331 iii Rachel Rice, b. 6 Feb., 1817; m. George Huse. 

iv Elizabeth Frances, b. 7 Sept., 1818; d. in Guilford, 

Conn. ; unmarried. 
v Moses Austin, b. in Durham, Conn., 17 Feb., 1821 
[Ibid]; m. Mary Morse; lived in Elizabeth, N. J. 

122 CATHERINE' ROBINSON (John*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard^) was baptized in Hartland, Conn., 26 July, 1789 
[Records of Second Church in Hartland] ; married William 
Beach of that place. 

Children : 

i Minerva Beach, 
ii Content Beach, 
iii Dan Frost Beach. 

2i6 Spelman Genealogy 

iv Blush Beach. 

V Betsey Beach, 
vi Fanny Beach, 
vii Frances Beach. 

viii Catherine Beach. 
ix William Beach. 
X Elbert Beach. 

123 HENRY" ROBINSON (John*, Amy' Spelman, Rich- 
ard*, Richard") was baptized in Hartland, Conn., 2 November, 
1794 [Records of Second Church, Hartland], and died in Hart- 
ford, Conn., 13 May, 1874; married, in Hartland, 20 June, 1813, 
Betsey Bates of that place [Ibid]. 

Children : 

i Harriet Maria, 

ii John Bates, 

iii Mille Francis, 

iv Abigail Lucretia. 

V Samuel Adolphus. 
vi Charles Emerson. 

vii Betsey Ann. 

124 SAMUEU ROBINSON (James*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard") was born in Durham, Conn., 5 December, 
1785, and died in New York City, 15 March, 1837; married Ruth 
Camp, born about 1786, died in Saybrook, Conn., in 1856, aged 
seventy, at the house of her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Morgan. She 
was a daughter of Rejoice Camp of Durham. Samuel Robinson 
removed with his wife from Durham to Petersburg, Va., and 
later to New York City. 

Children : 

i Maria, m. David Radall Newson of Petersburg, Va. 
ii Elvira, m. Triplit Irish of Indiana. 
332 iii Eliza A., m. Capt. Elisha E. Morgan, of the London 
packet "Victoria," who d. in New York, in April, 
iv Frances, m. William Dietz of New York City. 

V Henry, lived in New Harmony, Ind. 

vi Mary Jane, b. 12 Apr., 1832; d. in Aug., 1871 ; m. 
Robert Dale Owen of New Harmony, Ind., who 
married a second time after her decease. 

125 HENRY" ROBINSON (James*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard", Richard") was born in Durham, Conn., 23 October, 
1787, and died in Blue Island, III, in 1862 ; married, about 1809, 
Elizabeth Bingle of New York City, born in St. Mary's Parish, 
Woolwich, Kent, England, in 1791, died in Green Bay, Wis., in 

Fifth Generation 217 

185 1. Mr. Robinson was a successful merchant in New York 
City for a number of years, but, meeting with business reverses, 
removed to Chicago in 1842. 
Children : 

i James, m. Ruth Shadden ; he was an actor ; ch. and 

gr. ch. Hve near Blue Island, 111. 
ii Charles Drake, m., in New York City, Emily Bal- 
lard, born in Maidstone, Kent, England, d. in Blue 
Island, 111., where they removed in 1840; he was a 
graduate of Yale College, Class of 1829; d. in 
1893; one daughter, Mrs. Ann C. (Robinson) 
Fuller, resides at Blue Island. 
iii Henry, m. Clara De Minge. 
iv Joseph, m., in New York City, Amelia Kelso; they 

removed to California in 1850; ch. still living. 
V Sarah Ann, m. Edgar Doane, after whose decease she 
resided with a daughter in South Orange, N. J. 

126 ISRAEU ROBINSON (James', Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 12 April, 1789, 
and died in Philedelphia, Pa., 29 September, 1848 ; married, in 
that city, 10 January, 1827, Sarah Ann Burgess, born in Mary- 
land, 10 January, 1808, died in Philadelphia, 12 April, 1875. 
Mr. Robinson was engaged in business in Philadelphia for a 
number of years. 

Children : 

i WilHam, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., 10 Nov., 1828; d. 
at sea in 185 i. 

ii Emma Jane, b. 28 Sept., 1830; d. in Ridgewood, 
N. J., 25 Jan., 1896. 
333 iii Helena Elvira, b. 21 July, 1832; m. Joshua HoUins- 

iv Edward Augustus, b. 29 Aug., 1834; d. in Phila- 
delphia, 8 June, 1838. 

V James Bury, b. 15 Sept., 1836; d. in Philadelphia, 

15 Jan., 1881 ; m., in Philadelphia, Nellie Coffin, 
vi Ann Elizabeth, b. 12 June, 1839; d. in Philadelphia, 

16 Feb., 1895. 

vii Laura Rosalie, b. 7 Dec, 1842; d. in New Rochelle, 

N. Y., 13 Sept., 1848. 
viii Qara Virginia, b. i Mar., 1845 5 ^- '^^ Philadelphia, 

15 June, 1890. 

127 JAMES' ROBINSON (James*, Amy' Spelman, Rich- 
ard', Richard^) vv^as born in Durham, Conn., 14 November, 1791 ; 
married (i), about 1816, Patty Camp, daughter of Rejoice 
Camp, of Durham. She died about 1828. He married (2) Han- 

2i8 Spelman Genealogy 

nah Hoxie of New York City ; married (3) Jane Hoxie of New 
York City; and married a fourth wife in Worcester, Mass. In 
early life he removed to New York City, thence to Bridgeport, 
Conn., later to Iowa, and, in 1865, was living in Worcester, 
Mass., where he died at more than ninety years of age. 
Children by first wife : 

i Benjamin Franklin, m. Mrs. Caroline Hart of New 
York City, where he was a merchant tailor; she d. 
in 1883 ; no ch. 

334 ii Eliza, m. Capt. William Peck. 

iii James, m. Emily Kirtsey ; ch. ; settled in Iowa, 
iv Martha Jane, burned to death. 

128 EMMA' ROBINSON (James*, Amy* Spelman, Rich- 
ard°, Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., in 1797, and died in 
1874; married, in 1819, Peter Van Pelt of New York City, who 
died in 1842. 

Children : 

i Ann Maria Van Pelt, d. in infancy, 
ii Emma Van Pelt, d. in infancy. 

iii James Van Pelt, b. 25 Sept., 1822; d. in i860, lost 
at sea ; was a sea captain ; unmarried. 

335 iv Emma Van Pelt, b. 23 Mar., 1824; m. Soudon. 

V William Van Peh, b. in Dec, 1825. 

336 vi Cornelia Van Pelt, b. 16 Sept., 1827; m. Furman 

vii Peter Van Pelt, b. 26 Sept., 1829; m. ; is employed 

in the New York Post Office, 
viii Henry Van Pelt, b. 23 Mar., 1832; d. in Cal., in 

1864; unmarried. 
ix Samuel Van Pelt, d. in infancy. 

129 SARAH' ROBINSON (Content* Robinson, Amy* 
Spelman, Richard", Richard') was born in Guilford, Conn., 3 
June, 1787, and died in Mendon, 111., 18 December, 1829; mar- 
ried, in Guilford, in 1811, Isaac Benton, born in Branford, Conn., 
22 December, 1777, died in Mendon, 111., 28 August, 1863, son 
of Silas and Abigail (Lindley) Benton of Guilford. 


337 i Sarah Robinson Benton, b. 11 Oct., 1811 ; m. Richard 

W. Starr. 

inson, Amy* Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was bom in Guilford, 
Conn., 20 December, 1788, and died there 14 September, 1878, 
in his ninetieth year; married (i), in Hartford, Conn., 11 June, 
1823, Wealthy F. Brown, born 15 May, 1800, died in Suffield, 

Fifth Generation 219 

Conn., 24 March, 1833, daughter of William and Rachel (Bish- 
op) Brown; married (2), 8 April, 1835, Mrs. Mary Gushing 
(Gay) Judd, born in Suffield, Conn., 12 May, 1801, died in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 18 April, 1885, daughter of Rev. Ebenezer and 
Bathshua (Pynchon) Gay of Suffield, Conn., and widow of 
Spencer Judd of Springfield, Mass. Mr. Robinson was gradu- 
ated from Yale College in 181 1, and became a teacher in the 
Academy at Wethersfield, Conn., in 1812. He attended the 
Andover Theological Seminary from 1813 to 1816, and was a 
tutor in Bowdoin College in 1817. His first pastorate was in 
Litchfield, South Farms, Conn., where he remained from 30 
April, 1823, to 27 Oct., 1829. He then went to Sufifield, where 
Re was pastor from June, 1831, to April, 1837. His third pas- 
torate was in North Killingly, Conn., where he remained from 
1838 to 1843. From 1845 to 1847 he taught a private school 
in the Gay Manse in Suffield, Conn., when he accepted a call 
to the church in Plainfield, Conn., remaining there from 1847 
to 1856. He passed the remainder of his life in Guilford, dying 
at the advanced age of eighty-nine years, nine months, and 
twenty-four days. 

Children by first wife : 

i William Brown, b. in Sufifield, 31 Dec, 1825 ; d. 3 
Mar., 1851, lost at sea; was first mate on a mer- 
chant ship. 
ii Mary Ann, b. 16 Apr., 1828 ; d. in Hartford, 26 Mar., 

338 iii Margaret Elizabeth, b. 14 Aug., 1830; m. Peter W. 

iv Wealthy Frances (Fanny W.), b. 31 July, 1832; 
is a teacher ; resides with her brother and sister in 
the ancestral home in Guilford, Conn. 
Children by second wife : 

V Mary Gay, b. in Suffield, 13 Jan., 1836. She has been 
a teacher in Houghton Seminary, at Clinton, N. 
Y., and in Brooklyn, N. Y., and also a correspon- 
dent for the New York Observer, Pittsburg Advo- 
cate, and other daily papers, from home and 
abroad. She has travelled in most of the countries 
of Europe, visiting Spain, Portugal, France, and 
Italy. Miss Robinson resides a part of each year 
in the Robinson ancestral home at Guilford, and 
in the "Gay Manse," the Gay ancestral home, at 

339 vi Henry Pynchon, b. 29 Aug., 1840; m. (i) Jennie C. 

Perry; m. (2) Mrs. Eleanor Huse. 
vii Sarah Caldwell, b. in North Killingly, 23 May, 1842; 
d. in Plainfield, 2 June, 1848. 

220 Spelman Genealogy 

131 ELIZABETH ROBINSON (Content* Robinson, 
Amy* Spelman, Richard", Richard^) was born in Guilford, Conn., 
12 March, 1791, and died in Mendon, 111., 30 October, 1862 ; 
married, 12 January, 1814, Colonel John Baldwin Chittenden, 
born in Guilford, Conn., 16 January, 1790, died 23 January, 
1863, son of Deacon Abraham and Lydia (Baldwin) Chittenden 
of Guilford. In September, 183 1, Colonel and Mrs. Chittenden, 
with their four sons, went to Illinois, making the journey in a 
covered wagon, drawn by two horses. At East Haven, Conn., 
they joined others, making in all a train of five wagons. The 
party consisted of thirty-six persons, who were all bound for 
the same destination, Quincy, 111. After three months' journey, 
full of trials and hardship, they found themselves frozen in on 
the Mississippi River, at Scipio, near Hannibal, Mo. They 
finally arrived in Quincy, in December, 183 1. In March, 1832, 
Colonel Chittenden bought a farm of ten acres, near the present 
site of Mendon, then a trackless prairie. Here, in a log cabin, 
their youngest child was born. It was in this cabin that the first 
Congregational church in the State of Illinois was formed. In 
February, 1833, Colonel Chittenden bought more land and laid 
out the town of Mendon. Subsequently, he sold his interest in 
the village and retired to his farm, ten miles north of Mendon. 
Mrs. Chittenden's death occurred in 1862, and her husband sur- 
vived her but three months. He was an earnest worker in the 
cause of the public good, and much respected by all classes 
[History of Adams County, 111., p. 789]. 

Children, all born in Guilford except the youngest : 

i John Augustus Chittenden, b. 23 Oct., 1814; d. 25 
May, 1827, drowned while bathing in the West 
River, Guilford. 

340 ii Samuel Robinson Chittenden, b. 2 Oct., 1817; m. 

Caroline B. Frisbie. 
iii Henry Robinson Chittenden, b. 22 May, 1821 ; d. in 
Warsaw, 111., 19 Nov., 1892 ; m. there, 5 Feb., 1845, 
Emily Wells ; resided in Warsaw ; no ch. 

341 iv Abraham Chittenden, b. 15 Dec, 1824; m. Letitia 

V Sarah Caldwell Chittenden, b. 11 Nov., 1826; d. 18 
Nov., 1826, in Guilford. 

342 vi John Augustus Chittenden, b. 24 Dec, 1827; m. 

Elizabeth P. Frisbie. 
vii Sarah Elizabeth Chittenden, b. in Mendon, 111., 19 
Apr., 1832; d. there 7 Sept., 1854; m. in Mendon, 
21 Oct., 1852, Dr. D. H. Mason, b. in the State of 
New York. 

Fifth Generation 221 

T32 SAMUEL' ROBINSON (Content* Robinson, Amy' 
Spelman, Richard^, Richard*) was born in Guilford, Conn., 16 
September, 1795, and died in Hartford, Conn., 7 April, 1866; 
married (i), in Guilford, 23 September, 1819, Lydia Chitten- 
den, born 7 December, 1794, died in Madison, Conn., 13 Decem- 
ber, 1824, aged thirty, daughter of Abraham and Lydia (Bald- 
win) Chittenden; married (2), 12 September, 1827, Mrs. Ann 
(Curtiss) Baldwin, born in Durham, Conn., in 1806, died in 
Guilford, 9 October, 1830, daughter of John and Ruth (Parme- 
lee) Curtiss of Durham, and widow of George Baldwin. Mr. 
Robinson was a graduate of Yale College in 18 17. He was a 
teacher in Madison, Conn., in Guilford, Conn., and in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., for many years [N. E. Hist'l and Gen'l Reg'r]. He 
represented the town of Madison, Conn., in the State Assembly, 
and was Judge of Probate there. 
Child by first wife : 

i Lydia, b. in Guilford, 16 Feb., 1823; d. there 27 Sept., 
Children by second wife, born in Guilford: 

ii Anna Curtiss, b. 6 Feb., 1829; m., in Guilford, 28 
Feb., 1854, Thomas Tichenor Hyde, b. in Bur- 
lington, Vt., in 1826, d. in Chicago, 111., three 
months after his marriage, son of Isaac Tichenor 
and Florilla (Chittenden) Hyde. Mrs. Anna Cur- 
tiss (Robinson) Hyde resides in New Haven, 
343 iii Samuel Curtiss, b. 20 Sept., 1830; m. Sarah Henry. 

133 ELIZA' ROBINSON (Richard*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard*) was born in Durham, Conn., 16 November, 
1794; married Alsen Parmelee, son of Hiel and Patience (Farn- 
ham) Parmelee of Killingly ; they removed to Springfield, N. Y. 


i Watson Robinson Parmelee, b. about 1811 ; d. in 1832. 
He left his home, and his relatives never heard 
from him. It was reported that he had died during 
an epidemic of cholera in New Orleans. 

134 ORPHA' ROBINSON (Richard*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard*) was born in Durham, Conn., 23 July, 1796. 
She married in Durham, in 1814, Marcus Parsons, son of Aaron 
and Lucy Parsons of that place. 

Children : 

i Mary Melintha Parsons, b. 23 June, 1814; m. Henry 

Bailey ; ch. reside in Toronto, Canada, 
ii Harriet Melissa Parsons, b. 10 Oct., 1816; m. Russell 

222 Spelman Genealogy 

Shelley, son of Edmund Shelley, Jr. ; i ch., Ade- 
laide Gertrude, 
iii Aaron Arnold Parsons, b. 31 Oct., 1819; m. (i) 

Mary Rawley; m. (2) Kate M. Green, b. 23 Jan., 

1822 ; resides in Plainville, Conn, 
iv Leander Parsons, m. Frances Camp, daughter of Elias 

Camp ; left home, and was never heard from ; 4 or 

5 ch. 
V Ann Maria Parsons, m. Andrew Hull; i son, Frank 

Parsons Hull, who lives in Providence, R. I. 

Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 31 
January, 1800; married, in November, 1819, Henry F. Parmelee, 
son of Hiel and Patience (Farhham) Parmelee of Killingworth, 
Conn. They removed to Springfield, N. Y. 

Children : 

i Eliza Maria Parmelee, m. Joseph Bracket, 
ii Patience Elvira Parmelee. 

136 CAROLINE' ROBINSON (Richard*, Amy* Spelman, 
Richard", Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 16 September, 
1805 ; married, in 1826, Hiram O. Burnham of Michigan. 

Children : 

i Lucy Burnham. 

ii Jacob Orsemud Burnham. 

iii Lavinia Burnham. 

iv A child, name unknown, 

v A child, name unknown, 

vi A child, name unknown, 

vii A child, name unknown, 

viii A child, name unknown. 

137 EMMA* ROBINSON (Richard*, Amy* Spelman, 
Richard', Richard") was born in Durham, Conn., 26 April, 1815, 
and died in New York City, 22 August, 1902; married (i), in 
Durham, in November, 1833, Phineas Coe, son of Captain Jo- 
seph Coe. After his death, she married (2), in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Mr. Still, and removed to Michigan. 

Child : 

i Alice Coe, m. as a second husband Hart Conway. Mr. 
and Mrs. Conway have both adopted acting as a 
profession ; no ch. 

138 HENRY ELTON* ROBINSON (Richard*, Amy* 
Spelman, Richard", Richard') was born in Durham, Conn., 17 
Aug., 1819, and died there 5 Dec, 1850; married 6 Sept., 1841, 

Fifth Generation 223 

Aurelia Bowers Plumb of Westfield, Conn., born 5 Jan., 1821, 
who married, after his death, in 1862, Dr. Steven G. Hubbard of 
New Haven, Conn. 
Child : 

i Melville ; engaged in business in New York. 

Amy* Spelman, Richard^ Richard*) was born in Durham, Conn., 
19 Dec, 1821, and died in High Forest, Minn., 17 April, 1858; 
married in Durham, i Sept., 1841, Daniel Bates Coe, born in that 
place 10 Sept., 1821, died there 28 Aug., 1902, son of Parsons 
Coe of Durham ; his mother's maiden name was Bates. After 
the death of his wife, Mr. Coe married Mrs. North of Willi- 
mantic. Conn. 


344 i Ella Daniels Coe, b. 29 Dec, 1846 ; m. William F. 


Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was born in Durham, Conn., 
26 May, 1824, and died near New York City 17 Sept., 1866; 
married in Durham, 8 Sept., 1845, James Wadsworth [History 
of Durham, p. 441], born in that place in 1819, son of Wed- 
worth Wadsworth. He graduated from Yale College in 1841 ; 
resided in Buffalo, N. Y., at one time being Mayor of that city, 
and also Secretary of the State ; later removed to Plainfield, 
N. J., and practised law in New York City. Mrs. Rosetta Fay- 
ette (Robinson) Wadsworth was buried in Durham, Conn. 

Children : 

i Wedworth Wadsworth, m. Hetty Camp, daughter of 
Edward Camp ; he is an artist and resides in the 
old homestead at Durham. 

ii Fanny Wadsworth, m., ist, Phillips; m., 2nd, 

Conschoirs ; i ch., James Wedworth, who 

is unmaried. 

141 PHINEAS' ROBINSON (Charles*, Amy* Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard*) was born in Durham, Conn., 22 May, 1798, 
and died there 31 July, 1875 [Gravestone, Durham] ; married 
in Durham, Sophronia Hickox, born in that place 25 Dec, 1803, 
died 3 March, 1893 [Ibid], daughter of Daniel and Jerusha 

Children, born in Durham, Conn. : 

345 i Eliza, b. 7 Dec, 1824; m. Edward Canfield. 

346 ii Martha, m. Samuel Robinson. 

iii Caroline, b. 6 April, 1833 ! ^- i" Middletown, Conn., 
22 Dec, 1898; m. in Durham 23 June, 1854 [His- 

224 Spelman Genealogy 

tory of Durham], Joseph P. Camp of that place, b. 
there 22 July, 1824, son of Joseph and Mary Camp; 
no ch. 
iv George F., d. 11 April, 1836, aged 10 months. 

347 V Rosella, m. Samuel A. Camp. 

142 HARRIET ROBINSON (Charles*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 13 Oct., 1801, 
and died there in Feb., 1886; married in North Guilford, Conn., 
Jesse Knevals of New Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

348 i George Shuman Knevals, m. Susan Whittlesey. 

ii Harriet Knevals, m. Samuel A. Bassett of New 
Haven, Conn. ; was a singer in the choir of Trinity 
Church in New Haven for a number of years; 
no ch. 

iii John Knevals, m. Julia Cowles of Plainville, Conn.; 
no ch. 

iv Julia Knevals, m., ist, Oliver Sanford of New 
Haven; m., 2nd, Jerome Johnson of Durham; 
no ch. 

v Jesse, d. young. 

143 JOHN' ROBINSON (Charles*, Amy' Spelman, Rich- 
ard', Richard") was born in Durham, Conn., 13 July, 1803, and 
died there 20 Dec, 1856; married in Durham, 15 May, 1826, 
Phoebe Scranton, born in Durham, 10 March, 1804, died there 
8 Aug., 1874, daughter of Joy and Dinah (Curtis) Scranton of 

Children, born in Durham, Conn. : 

349 i Hannah Jane, m. Walter J. Chalker. 
ii Harriet, d. in Durham, in infancy. 

iii Angeline, d. in Durham, aged seventeen. 

iv Charles Leonidas, b. 22 Nov., 1835 ; m. Elbertina 

Haines of L. I. 
V Harriet E., b. 17 Sept., 1839; unmarried. 

144 LYMAN CURTIS' ROBINSON (Charles*, Amy' 
Spelman, Richard", Richard") was born in Durham, Conn., 20 
April, 1810, and died there 16 Nov., 1868 [Family Bible] ; mar- 
ried in Durham, 19 Jan., 1845, Jane Elizabeth Canfield of Dur- 
ham, born in Clinton, Canada, 26 Oct., 1825 [Ibid], or 29 Oct., 
1826, died in Durham, 12 Sept., 1879 [Ibid], daughter of Henry 
and Betsey (Robinson) Canfield. 

Children, born in Durham, Conn.: 

350 i Maria Angeline, b. 14 Oct., 1847; n^v ist, Eli Hub- 

bard ; m., 2nd, George H. Davis. 

Fifth Generation 225 

351 ii Geor_s:e Henry, b. 29 May, 1850; m., ist, Josephine 

Miller; m., 2nd, Fannie Hirschburg; m., 3rd, Min- 
nie Tompkins. 

352 iii Helen Elizabeth, b. 6 March, 1856; m. Frank L. 


353 iv John Edward, b. 6 March, 1863 ; m. Martha Miller. 

145 PHEBE" FRANCIS (Hannah* Spelman, Phineas*, 
Richard", Richard") married, in 1798, John Swathel of Durham, 

Children, born in Durham, Conn. [History of Durham] : 

354 i John Swathel, b. 8 Sept., 1799; "^- Sophronia Robin- 


355 ii Mary Ann Swathel, b. i Oct., 1806; m., ist, 

Bates ; m., 2nd, Horatio N. Fowler. 
iii Elizabeth Swathel. b. 24 March, 1809 ; m. in Durham, 

12 May, 1829, Jehiel U. Hand, 
iv Margaret Swathel, b. 30 June, 181 1; m. in Durham, 

25 Dec, 1833, Wed worth Wadsworth of Monroe, 

V Phineas Swathel, b. 17 Aug., 1814. 
vi Phebe Swathel, b. 6 Nov., 1815. 

146 PHINEAS' SPELMAN (Richard*, Phineas*, Rich- 
ard', Richard') was born in Durham, Conn., 17 Oct., 1783, and 
died in Middletown, Conn., 28 April, 1817, while on a journey 
[Family Bible] ; married in Boston, Mass., 17 Jan., 1814, Eliza- 
beth Austin Chamberlain, of that place, born 28 Dec, 1795, died 
in Pomeroy, Ohio, 5 Nov., 1840 [Ibid]. When he first settled 
in Boston he was employed in the shop of Israel Munson, who 
was a cousin of his mother, later forming a partnership with 
Francis Stanton, under the firm name of Stanton and Spelman. 
Soon afterwards Mr. Spelman died at the age of thirty-four. A 
monument to his memory and that of his family is erected at 
Middletown. It bears the name of himself, his wife, his daugh- 
ter, Mrs. Howe, and of Nancy Spelman and Edward Lucius 

Children, born in Boston, Mass. : 

356 i Harriet Maria, b. 21 Nov., 1814 [Ibid] ; m. Dr. Estes 


357 ii Israel Munson, b. 30 Dec, 1816 [Ibid] ; m. Martha 

H. Choate. 

147 HARRIET MARLV SPELMAN (Richard*, Phineas*, 
Richard', Richard") was born in Durham, Conn., 7 April, 1788, 
and died in Middletown, Conn., 14 July, 1828; married, about 
1804, William Robert Swathel of Middletown, born 10 Aug., 

226 Spelman Genealogy 

1780, died 9 July, 1824 [Gravestone at Middletown]. William 
Robert Swathel was a brother of John Swathel, who married 
Phoebe, daughter of Ichabod and Hannah (Spelman) Francis. 
He was the proprietor of a stage line from Middletown, and his 
wife conducted the business after his death. She survived her 
husband only four years, and five of their children were brought 
up by her sister, Miss Ann Spelman. 

Children, born in Middletown, Conn. : 

i Phineas Spelman Swathel, b. 27 July, 1805 ; d. 24 

Oct., 1832; unmarried. 
ii Henry Alexander Swathel, b. 4 Sept., 1807; d. 25 

July, 1833 [Ibid] ; immarried. 
iii Edward Lucius Swathel, b. 15 Sept., 1809; d. at 
Cumberland Harbor, Cuba, 14 Jan., 1830. He 
sailed from Boston, Mass., on the brig Atlantic, 
II Dec, 1829; unmarried, 
iv WilHam Robert Swathel, b. 23 Aug., 181 1; d. in 

Cuba, 10 Jan., 1832 ; unmarried. 
V John Theodore Swathel, b. 7 July, 1813; d. 18 June, 

vi Eliza Ann Swathel, b. 6 April, 181 5 ; d. 2 April, 1816. 

358 vii Eliza Ann Spelman Swathel, b. 5 May, 1817; m., 

1st, Charles M. D. Bull; m., 2nd, William M. Sin- 

359 viii John Theodore Swathel, b. 15 June, 1819; m., ist, 

Mary E. Noble; m., 2nd, Mrs. Elizabeth (Stuart) 

360 ix Sarah Chamberlain Swathel, b. i March, 1821 ; m. 

Hiram J. Beakes. 

361 X Harriet Maria Swathel, b. 7 Aug., 1823 ; m. William 

H. Wait. 

362 xi Frances Louisa Swathel, b. i Jan., 1825 ; m. James 

F. Hubbard. 

148 ELIZABETH' SPELMAN (Nathan*, Phineas', Rich- 
ard'. Richard^) was born 2y April, 1803, and died in Middletown, 
Conn., 20 July, 1876; married in Middletown, 26 Sept., 1824, 
John Ogden Hayden, born 29 March, 1797, died in Middletown, 
13 March, 1872. They lived in Middletown. 

Children, born in Middletown, Conn. : 

363 i John Spelman Hayden, b. 2 Sept., 1826; m. Mary 

ii Elizabeth Harriet Hayden, b. 7 July, 1828; d. 16 
March, 1848 ; unm. ; resided in Middletown. 

149 ELIZUR' SPELMAN (Nathan*, Phineas^ Richard', 
Richard') was born about 1795, and died about 1869; married, 

Fifth Generation 227 

about 1840, Mary C. Lake. They lived in Cornwall, Conn., or in 
Norfolk, Conn. His widow married, as a second husband, John 
Champion, and lived in West Worcester, N. Y. 
Children : 

i George, b. about 1842; d. about 1867. 
ii Charles, b. about 1846; d. about 1865. 
iii Benjamin, b. about 1849 ; d. about 1869. 
iv Eliza, b. about 1851; d. about 1863. 
V Lee, b. about 1855 ; lived at one time with Lloyd 

Humphrey in Norfolk, 
vi David, b. 18 Aug-., 1858; lived in Cromwell, Conn. 

150 ANSON PERCE" FAIRCHILD (Orpha* Spelman, 
Oliver', John", Richard^) was born in West Granville, Mass., i 
Jan., 1795, and died in West Winfield, N. Y., 13 Sept., 1868; 
married in Hadley, Mass., 5 Sept., 1816, Emily Smith of that 
place, born there 11 June, 1797, died in West Winfield, 23 April, 
1856, daughter of Eliakim and Submit (Gailord) Smith. They 
resided in West Winfield, where Mr. Fairchild removed when 
a young man, preceding his family. Besides his own large fam- 
ily, he brought up three young brothers. 

Children, all except the eldest born in West Winfield, 
N. Y.: 

i Charles, b. in Northampton, Mass., 27 July, 1817; d. 

in West Winfield, 15 May, 1825. 
ii Harriett Hunt, b. 10 Aug., 1819; d. in West Win- 
field, 14 Aug., 1819. 
Elizabeth Gailord, b. 2 Sept., 1821 ; m., ist, James 

V. Taft ; m., 2nd, Loren Huntley. 
Henry Adams, b. 5 March, 1824; m. Louise Tucker. 
Mary Ann, b. 27 March, 1826; d. Dansville, N. Y., 
23 March 1897; m. in Rochester, N. Y., 13 Sept., 
1845, Samuel J. Taft, b. in Vt, d. 19 March, 1904; 
no ch. 
Julia Amanda, b. 30 Oct., 1828; m. Sewall S. Mor- 
Martha McCall, b. 2 Dec, 1830; m. WilHam N. 

viii George William, b. 31 Dec, 1834; m. in East Win- 
field, I June, 1857, Maryetta Edwards, who d. in 
Herkimer, N. Y., 26 Feb., 1904; no ch. ; lives in 
West Winfield. 

Spelman, Oliver', John", Richard^) was born in West Granville, 
Mass., 24 Feb., i8o'6, and died in Albion, Mich., 24 March, 1864; 
married in Winfield, N. Y., 24 Dec, 1828, Ruth Green, born in 









228 Spelman Genealogy 

Winfield, i Feb., 1809, died in Albion, Mich., 6 July, 1897, 
daughter of Hezekiah and Lucy (Vaughn) Green. 

368 i Emily Jane, b. 11 June, 1832; m. Charles C. Ensign. 

152 WATSON G." FAIRCHILD (Orpha* Spelman, 
Oliver', John", Richard^) was born in West Granville, Mass., 24 
Feb., 1806, and died in West Winfield, N. Y., 20 July, 1883; 
married Alzina Button. 

Children : 

i William Henry, d. in West Winfield ; unmarried, 
ii Watson, d. in West Winfield ; unmarried, 
iii Mary Electa, m. Willett G. Stillman, D. D. S. ; re- 
sides in Madison, Wis. 
iv Hattie. 

153 LUMAN" SPELMAN (Levi*, John', John', Richard') 
was born in West Granville, Mass., 24 (27) Oct., 1788 [Family 
Record], and died there 12 Dec, 1870; married Susannah 
Parker of Haddam, Conn, She was admitted to the church of 
West Granville 5 Nov., 1815 [West Granville, Mass., Church 
Records] . 

Children : 

i A child, b. in 1810 [Ibid]. 

369 ii Luman Parker, probably b. in West Granville; bap. 

5 May, 1816; m., ist, Philena Osborne; m., 2nd, 
Achsa Loomis. 

370 iii Ellice (Alice), b. 21 July, 1817; m. Samuel Colton. 

154 RODERICK" SPELMAN (Levi*, John', John^ Rich- 
ard^) was born in West Granville, Mass., 24 May, 1791 [Family 
Record], and died in Suffield, Conn., 30 July, 1873, aged 82 
years ; married 14 Sept., 1813, Roxana Johnson of Barkhamsted, 
Conn., born 12 Jan., 1787, died in West Granville, in April, 1856. 
They lived in Barkhamsted. Roderick Spelman was a farmer, 
and owned much land in Granville, as is attested by the following 
abstracts of deeds. "Levi Spelman of Granville, Mass., yeoman, 
for $600.00 sells to Roderick Spelman of Granville, yeoman, 53 
acres in Middle Parish of Granville, bounded by the land of 
Wm. Terrett and of said Levi and of Nathan Booth. Signed 4 
Dec, 1822. Recorded 5 Aug., 1823." Another sale is recorded. 
"George W. Terrett and Wm. S. Terrett of Granville, Mass., 
sells to Roderick Spelman of Granville, yeoman, 40 acres in 
Granville, bounded by the land of Levi Spelman, Hiram Sand- 
ford, Jakes Adkins and land owned by the Boston Bank. Signed 
10 April, 1830. Recorded 13 April, 1830." 

Children, born in West Granville, Mass. : 

Fifth Generation 229 

371 i Lucy Lavina, b. 17 Nov., 1815; m. Henry Mitchell. 

372 ii Jane Maria, b. 28 Nov., 1817; m. Joseph F. Miner. 
iii Henry King, b. 11 Nov., 1819; d. in Sufifield, Conn., 

9 March, 1896; m., ist, in West Granville, 8 June, 
1843, Nancy Miner, b. in Southington, Conn., 6 
Aug-., 1821, d. in Suffield, 11 Oct., 1870, daughter 
of Adam and Betsey (Frink) Miner; m., 2nd, in 
Collinsville, Conn., 20 Jan., 1872, Melissa Miner 
Parsons, b. in West Granville, 11 April, in 1840, 
daughter of Luman B. and Priscilla Parsons. He 
was a physician, practising in Otis, Mass., for 
twenty-five years ; later removed to Suffield, Conn. 
No ch. 

373 iv Hiram Johnson, twin of Henry King; m. Jane Muz- 


374 V James Wing, b. 15 April, 1822; m. MeHssa Miner. 

vi Mary AmeHa, b. 10 May, 1830; d. in Rutland, Vt., 

10 Feb., 1887 ; m. in West Granville, James E. Bag- 
ley, a bridge builder ; resided in Springfield, Mass., 
and in Rutland, Vt. 

155 LYMAN' SPELMAN (Levi', John*, John', Richard^) 
was born in West Granville, Mass., 4 Feb., 1794 [Family Rec- 
ord], and died in Lee, Mass., in Oct., 1866, aged 75; married, ist, 
about 1817, Sylvia Haskins ; married, 2nd, about Feb., 1825, 
Elizabeth May of Washington, Mass. [Marriage Intention of 
Lyman Spelman of Peru, Mass., and Elizabeth May of Wash- 
ington, Mass., entered in the former town, 23 Jan., 1825]. Ly- 
man Spelman lived in Washington and in Peru, Mass. He is 
said to have been a soldier in the War of 1812. 

Children by first wife : 

i Salome L.. b. about 1819; d. 2 July, 1898; m. Amasa 
Heath ; lived in Valentia, N. Y. ; no ch. 

375 ii John H., b. 13 Nov., 1823 ; m. AngeHne Coffin. 
Children by second wife : 

376 iii Emeline Corintha, b. 12 Dec, 1825 ; m. Dexter Albee. 

377 iv William Lyman, b. 24 Sept., 1827 ; m. Eliza J. Beck- 


378 V Benjamin Franklin, b. 3 May, 1734, or i May, 1833; 

m. Elizabeth C. Smith. 

379 vi Esther, b. 3 March, 1836; m., ist, Reuben Spencer; 

m., 2nd, Andrew J. Norton. 

156 ETHAN' SPELMAN (Levi*, John', John*, Richard') 
was born 14 Oct., 1800 [Family Record], and died in Ludlow, 
Mass., 23 Nov., 1878; married in Granville, Mass., 3 March, 
1824 [Ibid], Eliza Ann Hamilton of Tolland, Mass., born 11 

230 Spelman Genealogy 

Sept., 1802, died 3 Dec, 1862. They lived in West Granville, 

Children [Ibid] : 

i Sylvia Celestia, b. 26 March, 1825 ; m. Henry Pratt, 
ii Laura Eliza, b. 6 March, 1727. 
iii Ethan Watson, b, 11 Dec.,, 1828. 

380 iv Seymour Luther, b. 23 Sept., 1830; m. Catharine 

v Lucy Celestina, b. 20 June, 1832. 
vi Fanny Maria, b. 17 May, 1834; d. 13 Oct., 1834. 
vii Levi Lemuel, b. 12 Sept., 1835. 
viii Charles Henry, b. 2 Nov., 1837; d. 3 March, 1839. 
ix Fanny Maria, b. 13 Oct., 1839. 
X Charles Edgar, b. 24 Nov., 1842. 
xi Helen Exene, b. 16 Aug., 1845 ! ^i- A. L. Bennett, 

V. M. D., and lives in Ludlow, Mass. 

157 JOHN' SPELMAN (John\ John^ John^ Richard') 
was born in Phelps, Ont. Co., N. Y., in 1801, and died after 
1874. He married, first, Asenath Wright, who died in March, 
1856; and, second, Mrs. Higby, a widow with two children. They 
resided in Phelps, N. Y., in Michigan, and later in Newark, 
Kendall Co., 111. 

Children by first wife : 

381 i Lucy, b. 24 Sept., 1824 ; m. Dr. Julius A. Freeman. 

ii John Luther, b. in Phelps, 22 Feb., 1827; d. before 
1874 ; married and lived in Toledo, Ohio ; 4 ch. ; 
he was a watchmaker. 

382 iii William H., b. 15 May, 1829; married; the name of 

wife unknown, 
iv Sarah Ann, b. in Pittsford, N. Y., 29 Nov., 183 1 ; d. 

before 1868. 
V Aaron W., b. in Pittsford, 24 May, 1834; d. before 

vi Julia K., b. in Pittsford, 25 Aug., 1836; d. before 


383 vii Perry, b. 6 Jan., 1838; m. Mary Higby. 
viii Charles T., b. 7 April, 1840; d. before 1868. 

ix Mary Emeline, b. 27 March, 1842 ; d. before 1868. 
X Asenath, b. 15 Dec, 1844; d. before 1868. 

158 ALFRED M.' TIBBALS (Ruth* Spelman, John*, 
John", Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 4 Aug., 1797, and 
died in 1858; married in 1821 Martha H. Swem of New Jersey, 
born in 1800, died in 1891. They lived in Deerfield, Ohio, where 
the parents of Mr. Tibbals had settled on their removal from 
Granville, and were among the pioneers of Summit County. 

Fifth Generation 231 

Children : 

384 i J. Lincoln, m. Mary C. Dewey. 

ii Frederick, resides in Deerfield, Ohio; no ch. 
iii Curtis, m. and has one son. 

385 iv Newell D., b. 18 Sept., 1833 ; m. Lucy A. Morse. 

159 ARRIBURT L." TIBBALS (Ruth* Spelman, John*, 
John^ Richard') was born in 1799, and was drowned before 1868. 
He married, but the name of his wife is unknown. 

Children : 

i Frank, m. and had several ch. ; removed to New 

ii A daughter, 
iii A daughter. 

160 ELIZABETH' SPELMAN (Phineas^ John', John*, 
Richard') was born in Ridgefield, Conn., 13 Oct., 1799, and died 
in New York City, 13 Feb.. 1826; married in that city 27 Dec, 
1817, Barzillai Ransom, born 29 Dec, 1795, died 7 Sept., 1851, 
who married, as a second wife, his sister-in-law, Harriet Jane 
Spelman, i Jan., 1829. 

Children, born in New York City: 

i William King Ransom, b. 20 Sept., 1818; d. in New 

York City in Feb., 1829. 
ii Edward Bancker Ransom, b. 5 July, 1820; d. in New 

Utrecht, N. Y., in March, 1840. 
iii Theodore Morton Ransom, b. 21 Dec, 1822; d. in 

Brooklyn, N. Y., 31 Jan., 1854; m. in that city, in 

March, 1845, Cynthia Smith Jones, b. in Ridgefield, 

Conn., in 1818, d. in 1883, daughter of Walter and 

Laura (Smith) Jones; no ch. 
iv Elizabeth Augusta (ComeHa Augusta), b. in 1824; 

d. in New York City, 8 Feb., 1828. 
V Adrian Van Bokkelyn, b. 14 Jan., 1825 ; d. in New 

York City, ii Feb., 1826. 

161 SMITH' SPELMAN (Phineas*, John', John^ Rich- 
ard^) was born in Ridgefield, Conn., 24 Oct., 1801, and died in 
Sparkhill, N. Y., 18 June, 1882 ; married, first, 20 Dec, 1826, 
Jane Wallace Meldrum, born in New York City in 1809, died 
there 23 May, 1838, daughter of James and Sarah (Armstrong) 
Meldrum ; married, second, in Ithaca, N. Y., 3 Oct., 1842, Cor- 
nelia Elizabeth Heermans, born in Ithaca, 21 Aug., 1819, daughter 
of Dr. Cornelius P. and Susan (Rathbone) Heermans of that 
place. He lived in New York City after 1808. 

Children by first wife, born in New York City : 

232 Spelman Genealogy 

386 i Roswell Smith, b. in 1827; m. Louisa Smith; d. 17 

d. 28 Aug., 1854 or 1855. 

387 ii Phoebe Viola, b. in 1829 ; m. Abraham Van Vlierden ; 

d. 28 Aug., 1854 or 1855. 
Children by second wife, first three born in Saugerties, 
N. Y.: 

iii Jane, b. in 1843 I d. in New York City, 30 Oct., 1889. 

388 iv William Russell, b. in 1845; "i- Elizabeth L. Lyon; 

lives in New York. 
V Clara Ewing, b. in 1846; unmarried; lives in New 

389 vi Henry Heermans, b, in Dec, 1852 or 1853 5 d- ^^ 

March, 1890; m. Marie Bendall. 

162 HARRIET JANE'' SPELMAN (Phineas*, John*, 
John^, Richard^) was born in Ridgefield, Conn,, 9 Jan., 1804, and 
died in Elwood Grove, East Palatka, Fla., 7 Feb., 1888; married 
in New York City, i Jan., 1829, Barzillai Ransom, born in that 
city 29 or 30 Dec, 1795, died in his summer residence at Jamaica, 
N. Y., 7 Sept., 185 1. At the age of sixteen Barzillai Ransom 
enlisted in the New York Volunteer Militia, which served in the 
War of 1812. His first wife v^^as Elizabeth, sister of Harriet 
Jane Spelman. In Nov., 185 1, Mr. and Mrs. Ransom removed 
to Boston, Mass., where they resided until Jan., 1872, when they 
went to East Palatka, Fla. 

Children : 

390 i Elizabeth Augusta Ransom, b. 25 Sept., 1829; m. 

George W. Cutter, 
ii Frances Araminta Ransom, b. in New York City, 4 
March, 1832 ; resides in Wakefield, Mass. ; unmar- 

391 iii William Edgar Ransom, b. 3 March, 1834; m. Mary 

C. Bowden. 
iv Henry Franklin Ransom, b. in New York City, i Jan., 
' 1836; went with a party to Australia in 1853, ^^^ 

nothing was heard from him after i860. 

392 V Phoebe Adeline Ransom, b. 5 May, 1838 ; m. Samuel 

E. Currier. 

393 vi Edward Minturn Ransom, b. 23 Aug., or May, 1840; 

m., 1st, Catharine M. Whittemore ; m., 2nd, Har- 
riet E. Dickerman ; m. 3rd. Fanny E. Culley. 

394 vii George Washington Ransom, b. 5 Dec, 1842; m. 

Wilhelmine E. Coxe. 

John', John", Richard') was born in Ridgefield, Conn., in Feb., 
1807, and died in Brooklyn, N. Y., 17 Dec, 1885; married in 

Fifth Generation 233 

New York City, in 1836, Margaret B. Campbell, born there in 
1805, died in Brooklyn, 14 June, 1872. Mr. Spelman went with 
his parents to New York City in infancy and resided in that place 
and in Brooklyn until his death. 

Children, born in New York City : 

i William, b. in 1837 ; m. in New York City, in 1864, 
Miriam Ryno, b. in 1839, daughter of Samuel and 
Rebecca Ryno ; i ch. 
ii Margaret Josephine, b. in Dec, 1839; m. in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., in 1884, Robert K. Duff, b. in Greenock, 
Scotland, in Feb., 1839, son of James and Agnes 
Duff. They reside in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; no ch. 

164 SAMUEL ROSE'' SPELMAN (Phineas*, John*, 
John', Richard^) was born in New York City, 29 June, 1809, and 
died in Mamaroneck. N. Y., 22 April, 1885 ; married in 1830, 
Catharine Howe, born in New York City, died in Mamaroneck, 
in 1882, daughter of Maj. Bizalul Howe, of Washington's staff. 

Children : 

395 i Jane Augusta, b. 4 Aug.. 1832 ; m. James M. Fuller, 
ii Helena Wicona, b. in New York City, in 1834; d. 

there in 1835. 

396 iii Mary Wicona, b. 19 Sept., 1836; m. Charles P. Cum- 


165 CORINTHA' SPELMAN (Luther\ John', John', 
Richard^) was born in Morristown, N. J., 12 Jan., 1807, and died 
in West Williamsfield, Ohio, 20 Feb., 1846. She married in 
Sept., 1824, Benjamin Franklin Palmer of W. Williamsfield, who 
was born in Stonington, Conn., 13 Feb., 1803, and died i March, 

Children : 

397 i Sally Maria Palmer, b, in Williamsfield, Ohio, 19 

Oct., 1826; m. Dr. Luther Loomis Woodworth. 

398 ii Henrietta Palmer, b. 18 June, 1834; m. Spencer Piatt. 

399 iii Emily Jane Palmer, b. 20 June, 1836; m. James 


400 iv Phoebe Victoria Palmer, b. 19 Sept., 1838; m. Ira 

Fobes ; resides in Richmond Centre, Ohio ; has 2 

401 V Benjamin Franklin Palmer, b. 23 March, 1843; ^^ 

Sarah Jane Patterson. 

166 SARAH' SPELMAN (Luther*, John*, John', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Morristown, N. J., 28 April, 1808 ; married 
24 March, 1831, Anson J. Giddings of Wayne, Ohio, son of 
Elisha and Philothea (Fish) Giddings. He died in Cherry Val- 

234 Spelman Genealogy 

ley, Ohio. They resided in Cherry Valley for more than fifty 
years. In the fall of 1867 they went to California by way of 
New York and Panama, with their daughter, Sarah, who was ill, 
hoping to save her life by taking her to a warmer climate, but 
she died soon after her arrival there. 
Children : 

i Addison L. Giddings, b. 23 Oct., 1839; d. 30 Sept., 

ii A. Eugene Giddings, b. 25 Dec, 1842; d. in Portage 
City, Wis., from disease contracted in the Union 
Army during the Civil War; served in Co. I. 
105th Ohio Volunteers, and was dicharged 5 
March. 1865 ; unmarried, 
iii Lucien A. Giddings, b. 29 March, 1845 5 <i- 12 Jan., 

1867; unmarried, 
iv Sarah Ann Giddings, twin, b. 29 March, 1845; d. in 
Cal., 26 April, 1868; unmarried. 

167 CHARLES' SPELMAN (Luther*, John', John^ Rich- 
ard^) was born in Deerfield, Ohio, 12 May, 1810, and died in 
West Williamsfield, Ohio, 6 Jan., 1875 ; married, first, 23 Oct., 
1831, Luvia Burton, born in June, 181 1, died in Wayne, Ohio, 6 
Aug., 1840; married, second, 4 Feb., 1841, Mrs. Sally (Mason) 
Skeels, widow of Lyman Skeels, born in Fort Ann, N. Y., 10 
Nov., 1805, died in Williamsfield, Ohio, 18 Sept., 1890. They 
lived in Wayne, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. 

Children by first wife, born in Wayne, Ohio : 

402 i Schuyler, b. 9 Sept., 1832 ; m. in Andover, Ohio, Jane 


403 ii Sarah, b. 5 Oct., 1834; m. Lester J. Burlingham. 

404 iii Fanny, b. ii Jan.. 1837; m. Hiram Crosby. 
Chiij)Ren by second wife, born in Wayne, Ohio: 

405 iv Elsina Jane, b. 21 Sept., 1843, or 1848; m. Abilene 

E. Beals. 

406 v Charles Leland, b. 3 Jan., 1850; m. Mary A. Morse. 

168 MARY' SPELMAN (Luther^ John^ John^ Richard') 
was born in Youngstown, Ohio, 20 March, 1814; married 23 
March, 1840, William J. Colby, of West Williamsfield, Ohio, and 
Cherry Valley, Ohio. They resided in Williamsfield. 

Chiidren : 

407 i Morris Colby, b. 13 March, 1841 ; m. Eliza Allen. 

ii Emma Naomi Colby, b. 25 April, 1845 ! ^- Abner 
Rose, a L^^nitarian minister ; 4 ch. d. young. 

169 DOCTOR HARVEY' SPELMAN (Luther*, John', 
John^ Richard') was born in Petersburg, Ohio, 19 June, 1816, 


Fifth Generation 235 

and died in Rome, Ohio, 10 Aug., 1877 ; married in Wayne, Ohio, 
8 July, 1838, Mary Ann Wilcox of that place, born 17 Oct., 
1818, died in Rome. 17 March, 1878, daughter of Norman and 
Rebecca (Case) Wilcox. In 1826 Dr. Spelman removed with 
his parents to Wayne. He studied medicine with his father. Dr. 
Luther Spelman, and later with Dr. Burke of Andover, Ohio, 
completing his studies at the medical college in Geneva, N. Y., 
graduating at the age of twenty-two. After his marriage he and 
his wife settled at Cherry Valley, Ohio, where he practised his 
profession for fifteen years. They removed to Rome, where Dr. 
Spelman purchased a farm. He continued practice there for 
twenty-five years as a physician, and also engaged in farming. 
He was an earnest advocate of temperance and an enthusiast in 
the cause of Abolition, as a public speaker and in private life. 
One of his sons was named for William Lloyd Garrison, the 
famous Anti-Slavery leader, and another for George Thompson, 
the great English emancipator. 

Children : 
408 i Norman Wilcox, b. 8 March, 1841 ; m. Matilda L. 

Darwin Roscoe, b. 15 April. 1843; n^- Sarah J. Gunn. 
Sidney V., b. 6 Jan., 1846 ; m. Mary A. Pruden. 
Electa Rebecca, b. 6 Feb., 1849 ; m. Hiram L. Morey. 
William Lloyd Garrison, b. 2 April, 185 1 ; m. Mary 
A. Pyre, 
vi George Thompson, b. 3 June, 1853 ; m. Rosalie M. 
Kelsey. He spent his childhood on his father's 
farm in Rome, Ohio, later entering the Normal In- 
stitute at Orwell. Ohio, receiving a first grade 
teacher's certificate at the age of nineteen. He 
taught for six years, working on the farm during 
the summer months. After his marriage he con- 
tinued farming for two years, and then removed to 
Parsons, Kan., where he engaged in mercantile 
business with his brother William. In 1883 ^^ sold 
his interest in the business to his brother and be- 
came interested in the oil trade, removing to 
Kansas City, Mo., in 1888, where he entered the 
service of the Standard Oil Company, in which he 
still continues. In 1896 he was transferred to the 
branch ofiice at Mankato, Mich., with his residence 
in Minneapolis, Minn. He has inherited the musical 
talent characteristic of the family, and is a per- 
former on the violin and piano. He has no chil- 
vii Lucy Josephine, b. in Rome, Ohio, 3 June, 1857; m. 
in Rome 7 Oct., 1878, Newell S. Arnold, b. in that 









236 Spelman Genealogy 

place 10 Feb., 1855, son of Selden and Dorothy 
Arnold. They live in Rome. No ch. 

170 HENRT SPELMAN (Luther*, John^ John^ Rich- 
ard*) was born in Petersburg, Ohio, 30 Jan., 1818, and died in 
Cherry Valley, Ohio, 27 Feb., 1867; married 12 March, 1840, 
Abigail Loomis of Williamsfield, Ohio. 


i Caslara Jane, b. 3 Sept., 1841 ; d. unmarried. 

171 MORRIS' SPELMAN (Luther*, John^ John^ Rich- 
ard^) was born in Petersburg, Ohio, 21 Dec, 1820; died 16 
July, 1891 ; married 5 July, 1871, Mrs. Rose (Boussard) Coulter 
of Crawford Co., Pa., born in Woodcock, Pa., 25 Dec, 1834, 
daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Flaugh) Boussard. Morris 
Spelman resided in Wayne, Ohio, and in Cherry Valley, Ohio, 
teaching school in both places. He was Justice of the Peace for 
six years. 

Child : 
413 i Samuel Adams Morris, b. 6 May, 1875 ; m. Gertrude 

172 FRANKLIN" SPELMAN (Luther*, John', John*, 
Richard*) was born in Williamsfield, Ohio, 22 Oct., 1824, and 
died in Wayne, Ohio, 8 April, 1852 ; married 30 Oct., 1845, Sarah 

Children : 

i Albigence Luther, b. 4 Sept., 1846; m. Emma E. 

ii Truman Franklin, b. 17 Nov., 1848; married, but had 
no ch. ; was employed by a railroad, and resided 
near Logansport, Ind. 
iii Temple, b. 27 July, 1851 ; resides in Wayne, Ohio. 

173 JANE' SPELMAN (Luther*, John', John^ Richard*) 
was born in Williamsfield, Ohio, 18 Feb., 1828, and died 28 
March, 1859; married 25 May, 1847, Albigence T. Woodworth 
of Wayne, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Corintha Jane Woodworth, b. 12 Jan., 1848 ; lived in 

Cherry Valley, Ohio, 
ii Wayne Woodworth, b. 9 Dec, 1850; Hved in And- 

over, Ohio, 
iii John Beecher Woodworth, b. 9 July, 1857; lived in 

Cherry Valley, Ohio, 
iv Jane Ann Woodworth, b. 6 March, 1859. 

Fifth Generation 237 

174 ELIZABETH' SPELMAN (Calvin*, John', John', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., in Jan., 1807; married 
in Gaines, Orleans Co., N. Y., Samuel Parker, who was bom i 
Jan., 1800, and died in Sept., 1861, four months after the death 
of his wife, which occurred at Gaines in May of that year. 

Children, born in Gaines, N. Y. : 

414 i Ely Parker, b. 25 Aug., 1834; m. Sarah C. Haak. 

415 ii Julia Parker, b. 28 Oct., 1836; m. Mr. Beckwith. 

iii Helen Parker, b. 7 Aug., 1840; d. in Gaines, N. Y., 
in 1856. 

175 CORNELIA' SPELMAN (Calvin*, John', John', 
Richard^) was born in 1809, and died in Buffalo, N. Y., before 
1868; married Rev. Dr. Morgan, a Presbyterian minister. She 
had been brought up in the home of the Congregational minister 
in Westfield, Mass. 

Children : 

i Lewis Morgan, 
ii Clarissa Morgan. 

Other children whose names are unknown. 

176 CATHARINE SPELMAN (Calvin*, John', John', 
Richard^) was born 11 March, 181 1 ; married, in 183 1, John Car- 
michael. She came to Ohio when a child with her aunt, Mrs. 
Tibbals. After her marriage she and her husband resided in 
Hartsgrove, Ohio. 

Children : 

i George Carmichael, b. 4 June, 1833 j d. 14 May, 1866; 
m. a Cornell ; i ch. ; he was a photographer, and re- 
sided in Cherry Valley, Ohio. 

ii Mary Carmichael, b. 29 May, 1836; m. Augustus 
Dolph, an artist ; 2 ch. ; resided in Erie, Pa. 

iii John Carmichael, b. 29 March, 1839; m. 23 Nov., 
1856, a Dayton ; i son ; he and his wife reside in 
Jefferson, Ohio, where he is a blacksmith. 

iv Calvin Carmichael, b. 22 Sept., 1844; he is the pro- 
prietor of an hotel. 

V Norman Carmichael, b. 3 March, 1850. 

vi A child, d. young. 

vii A child, d. young, 
viii A child, d. young. 

ix A child, d. young. 

177 PHOEBE B.' SPELMAN (Judson*, David', John', 
Richard^) was born in Hartland, Conn., about 1801, and died 
before 1873 ; married, in Stockbridge, Mass., William Comstock, 

238 Spelman Genealogy 

who died at the home of his son, George, in Keokuk, la. They 
Uved in Lee, Mass. 
Children : 

i George H. Comstock, Hves in Keokuk, la. 
ii Emily E. Comstock, m. Albert Johnson of Lee, Mass. ; 
lives in Dixon, 111. 

178 MODENA'^ SPELMAN (Judson*, David', John^ 
Richard^) was born in Hartland, Conn., and died in Pittsfield, 
Mass., 16 July, 1879; married in Stockbridge, Mass., 28 April, 
1842, Mark Beckwith [Stockbridge Vital Records], born in 
Great Barrington, Mass., died there in 1870. They resided in 
Great Barrington. Mrs. Beckwith was killed in a cyclone. 
Chiidren : 

i Charles B. Beckwith, b. in 1844; m. in 1869 Abbie 
Sullivan of Richmond, Mass. ; lived in Gardner, 
Mass., and in So. Ashburnam, Mass. 
416 ii Orson Edgar Beckwith, b. 7 June, 1847; m. Eliza- 
beth A. Lombard, 
iii A son, d. in infancy, 
iv Cornelia Beckwith, b. in 1851 ; d. in 1854. 

178a URSULA= WOODRUFF (Prudence* Spelman, 
David', John", Richard^) was born i March, 181 1 ; married John 
Coe and lived in Canaan, Conn. 
Children : 

i Frank Coe. 
ii Joseph Coe. 

iii Margaret Coe ; m. Fenn. 

iv Marietta Coe. 
V Robert Coe. 

178b SOPHIA' WOODRUFF (Prudence* Spelman, 
David^ John^ Richard^) was born 3 March, 1813, and married 
Joseph Ingraham. They resided in Berkhamsted, Conn, 
Children : 

i Wealthy Ingraham. 
ii Carrie Ingraham. 

178c WEALTHY ANN' WOODRUFF (Prudence* Spel- 
man, David', John", Richard^) was born 14 Feb., 1815, and died 
in Worcester, Mass., 8 Oct., 1893. She married, in Granville, 2 
May, 1832, Jonathan Earle Cunningham, born in Spencer, Mass., 
15 Nov., 181 1, son of Jonathan* Cunningham (Robert', John*, 
Robert^) and Deliverance' Earle (Marmaduke^ Robert*, Ralph*, 
William', Ralph'). He died in Worcester 4 Dec, 1874, aged 63 
years. They resided at Auburn, Leicester, and Worcester, Mass. 

Fifth Generation 239 

Children, all born in Leicester, excepting first two, born in 
Auburn : 

i Mary Warren Cunningham, b. 30 July, 1834; d. in 
Auburn, 5 Aug., 1836. 

417 ii Elliott Earle Cunningham, b. 27 Feb., 1836; m. Ab- 

bie Cornelia Howe, 
iii Mary Warren Cunningham, b. 21 June, 1838; d. unm. 
at Worcester 16 July, 1907. 

418 iv Hermon Erastus Cunningham, b. 26 Jan., 1840; m. 

Josephine Riley Cain. 
V Jane Elizabeth Cunningham, b. 21 May, 1841 ; d. at 

Leicester 2 Sept., 1841, aged 3 months. 
vi Hiram Edmund Cunningham, b. 25 Dec, 1843 ; d. at 

Leicester in 1844, aged 4 months, 
vii Clara Jane Cunningham, b. 8 Dec, 1845 ; living unm., 

in Worcester, in 1909. 
viii Horace Edgar Cunningham, b. 7 May, 1847; "!•» ist, 

3 April, 1871, Mary Matilda Harmon, by whom he 

had one son, Harman J. ; m., 2nd, 22 Feb., 1903, 

Alice May (Church) Day; lives at Los Angeles, 

ix Emmons Francis Cunningham, b. 25 Sept., 185 1 ; d. 

at Leicester i Sept., 1852. 

Spelman, David^ John^, Richard^) was born at Granville, Mass., 
16 Aug.. 1821 ; died at Paxton, Mass., 5 Jan., 1889 ; married 28 
Nov., 1844, Charlotte Ann Gibson, who was born 4 Sept., 1824, 
and died 4 Feb., 1889, at Paxton. They lived at Leicester, 
Worcester, and Paxton, Mass. 

Children, all born in Leicester: 

i George B., b. 16 Nov., 1845 ! d. at Worcester 21 
Sept., 1905 ; m., ist, Jane Wood of Leicester, by 
whom he had one son, who lived about 4 months ; 
m., 2nd, Mrs. Ella F. (Brimhall) Newton, dau. of 
Alvin C. Brimhall. 

419 ii Jason A., b. ^j Oct., 1848; m. Ada Estella Brimhall. 

420 iii Charles Allen, b. 7 April, 1850; m. Emma Elizabeth 

iv Emma, lived but a few months. 

179 LOIS' COLLINS (Lois* Spelman, Aaron', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 12 June, 1792, and died 
II Sept., 1875; married in Granville, 10 May, 1814, David 
Dewey, Jr., of that place, born there in 1781, son of David and 
Lovina (Holcomb) Dewey. His death occurred before that of 
his wife. 

240 Spelman Genealogy 

Children : 

i Eli Dewey, b. in 1818. 

ii Joseph May Dewey, b. in 1821 ; d. 5 Nov., 1822. 
iii Lovina Dewey, b. in 1822. 

iv Maria A. Dewey, b. in 1824; d. in 1876; m. 4 Aug., 
1842, Simon J. Kelsey, who d. before 1876. 
Descendants of these children are treated of in the Dewey 

180 ORPHA' COLLINS (Lois* Spelman, Aaron', Thom- 
as'", Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 13 March, 1795, and 
died 24 June, 1888, aged 93 years, 3 months and 11 days. 
[Gravestone, Granville, Mass.] ; married in Granville, 30 Nov., 
1815 [Ibid], Deacon Arden Seymour, born 4 Sept., 1792, died 
6 Sept., 1877, aged 85 years, 9 months and 2 days [Ibid]. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass.: 

i Ardon Augustus Seymour, b. i April, 1818 [Granville 

Town Records], 
ii Sophia Ensign Seymour, b. 23 Jan., 1820 [Ibid], 
iii Orpha C. Seymour, bap. 4 May, 1823 [Granville 

Church Records] ; d. 8 March, 1837 [Gravestone, 

Granville, Mass.] 
iv Susan Lienor [Granville Church Records]. 
V Bela Newton [Ibid]. 

181 ANSON AUGUSTUS' COLLINS (Lois* Spelman, 
Aaron\ Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 22 
June, 1804, and died in Granby, Conn. He married, but the 
name of his wife is not known. 


i A daughter, m. Peck ; one daughter, Nettie 

Peck, lived in Granville. 

182 BETSEY' SPELMAN (Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas', 
Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 31 Oct., 1789, and died 
26 March, 1874 [Gravestone, Granville, Mass.] ; married, first, 
in Granville, 27 Aug., 1807, Ira Northway [Granville Church 
Records], who died before 1825; married, second, Stephen Her- 
rick, born in Montgomery, Mass., died 19 March, 1874 [Grave- 
stone, Granville], aged about 85, his death occurring one week 
before that of his wife. 

Children by first husband : 

i Ira F. Northway, d. unm. in Hartland, Conn. ; buried 

in Granville. 
ii David N. Northway, m., ist, Nancy Tinker; m., 2nd, 

Humphrey ; d. and was buried in Granville. 

420a iii Lavinia A. Northway, m. William Bowers. 

Fifth Generation 241 

421 iv Mabel Northway, b. 22 March, 1820; m. Lester K. 


422 V Elnora Northway. b. 16 May [Granville Church Rec- 

ord says in Nov.], 1812; m. Jacob Root, 
vi Jane Northway, m. Solomon Hale ; 2 ch. 

183 AARON' SPELMAN (Elijah\ Aaron^ Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 8 Aug., 1792, and 
died 21 March [Rev. T. M. Cooley's Book of the Graveyard 
says 22 March], 1828, in East Granville [Gravestone, Granville] ; 
married, first, in Granville, 11 Sept., 1808, Eliza Northway 
[Granville Church Records], who died 4 April, 1810, aged 19, 
of consumption; married, second. EHzabeth Gross, born in Leb- 
anon, Conn., 8 May, 1793, died in East Granville, 26 Oct., 1848 
[Gravestone, Granville]. 

Children by second wife: 

423 i Solon Scott, b. 16 Sept., 181 5; m. Henrietta Moseley. 
ii Sarah L"^rsuline, b. in East Granville, o."] May, 1819; 

d. in Goshen, Conn.. 29 June, 1822. 

424 iii Onslow Gross, b. 11 Sept., 1821 ; m., ist, Harriet B. 

Sears; m., 2nd, Mrs. Olive (Merrill) Guild. 

425 iv Oscar Fitzerland, b. 7 Feb., 1825 ; m. Serepta Root. 

184 ABBEY= SPELMAN (Elijahs AaronS Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 13 Dec, 1797 [Granville 
Church Records], and died there 18 Dec, 1839; married in 
Granville, 24 Ma}^ 1814, Talcott Winchell [Ibid], born in Tur- 
key Hills, Conn., 21 March, 1793 [Ibid], or 31 May, 1792 
[Winchell Genealogy], and died 28 Dec, 1872; in 1801 he re- 
moved from Turkey Hills to Granville. After the death of his 
wife, Abbey (Spelman) Winchell, he married, second, Maria L. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. [Granville Church Rec- 
ords] : 

i Charlotte Winchell, b. 2 Oct., 1815 ; m. Lorenzo 
Luce ; 6 ch. 

ii Edwin Morris Winchell, b. 9 May, 1820; m., ist, in 
Southwick, Mass., 2 Nov., 1847, Sarah Smith ; m., 
2nd, in Waukokee, Minn., in July, 1865, Mary Tay- 
lor: I son. 

iii Chapman Winchell, b. 29 Feb., 1823 ; m. in West 
Granville, Mass., 29 Aug., 1863, Jane E. Shores; 
3 ch. 

iv Mary C. Winchell, b. 20 March, 1825 ; d. in Suffield, 
Conn., 28 Oct., 1844. 

V Adelia S. Winchell, b. 9 Jan., 1829; m. Marcus An- 
dros ; lives in Granville, Mass. ; 2 ch. 

242 Spelman Genealogy 

vi James Morton Winchell, bap. 9 Feb., 1833 ; m. in 

Southwick, Mass., in June, 1852, Eliza Smith; 

lives in Granville; 2 ch. 

vii Another child, d. young. 

viii Another child, d. young. 

ix Another child, d. young. 

185 ELIJAH CHAPMAN' SPELMAN (Elijah*, Aaron', 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 6 Jan., 1802, 
and died there 8 Oct., 1889, in his 88th year; married in Gran- 
ville, first, 30 Nov., 1826, Ruth Serepta Bancroft [Granville 
Town Records], born there i March, 1802, died in the same 
place 17 April, 1840, daughter of Lemuel and Ruth* (Spelman) 
Bancroft; married, second, Emily Ann Rose, born about 1814. 
died in Granville, 26 Nov., 1864 [Gravestone, Granville, Mass.] ; 
married, third, Nancy Banning of Hartland, Conn., born in Nov., 
181 7, died in Granville, in April, 1904. In early life Elijah 
Chapman Spelman was a shoemaker and made the slippers worn 
by his bride and the bridal party. He was afterwards a farmer. 
For many years the old pulpit used by the Rev. T. M. Cooley of 
Granville was preserved by him and kept in his barn, where it 
was an object of much interest for neighbors and friends. 

Child : 

426 i Frank Chapman, b. i April, 1829; m. Minerva Fuller. 

186 WILLIAM HARMON' SPELMAN (Elijah*, Aaron', 
Thomas^ Richard") was born in East Granville, Mass., 24 March, 
1803, and died there 3 Dec, 1859 [Gravestone, Granville] ; mar- 
ried in Granville, 19 March, 1827, Jane Clark [Granville Town 
Records], born in East Granby, Conn., 12 Oct., 1808, died in 
Granville, Mass., 7 July, 1862 [Gravestone, Granville], daughter 
of Joseph and Jemima (Winchell) Clark. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

427 i Mary Jemima, b. 26 April, 1829; m. David H. Car- 

ii Cordelia Jane, b. 28 Sept., 1831 ; d. in Granville, 14 
May, 1857 [Gravestone, Granville]. 

428 iii William Harmon, b. 19 Dec, 1838; m. Ellen L. Fel- 


187 LEVI TRUMAN"^ SPELMAN (Elijah*, Aaron*, 
Thomas', Richard') was born in East Granville, Mass., 19 June, 
1805, and died in Oct., 1887, in Granville, where he was buried ; 
married, first, Matilda True, born in Castile, N. Y. ; after her 
death, married, second, in Granville, 22 Jan., 1834, Diana" Bar- 
low, born there 27 July, 1802 [Granville Town Records] or 1803 
[Family Bible], daughter of Lieut. Esmond and Tabitha* (Ban- 

Fifth Generation 243 

croft) Barlow ; married a third wife, who died in Granville. He 
received an injury about ten years before his death, from which 
he never recovered. During his illness he was cared for by his 
sister Emeline, the wife of George Lewis. 
Children by first wife : 

429 i Myron T., b. about 1832 ; married ; his wife's first 

name was Lenora. 

430 ii Ellen M., b. about 1833 ; m, Gillett. 

188 EMELINE' SPELMAN (Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born 29 Jan., 1809. and died in Granville, Mass. ; 
married in Granville, 27 May, 1829, George Lewis [Granville 
Church Records], of Suffield, Conn., born there 6 Sept., 1806, 
died in East Rupert, Vt., 13 Feb., 1847, son of Capt. John and 
Mary (Gillett) Lewis. 

Children : 

i Dwight Lewis, 
ii Mary Lewis, 

189 SARAH F.' SPELMAN (Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas*, 
Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 9 Sept., 1819, and died 
in Penn Yan, N. Y., 4 May, 1903; married in Granville, 12 June, 
1845, Lambert Van Aelstyn Elliott, born in Seneca Falls, N. Y., 
II March. 1817, died in Washington, D. C, 15 May, 1904. They 
lived in Penn Yan. Before her marriage Mrs. Elliott was a 
teacher. Her husband was engaged in railroading in early life, 
but later was superintendent of gas manufactories. 

Children, born in Penn Yan, N. Y. : 

431 i George Edward Elliott, b. 6 March, 1846; m. PauHne 

ii Sarah Maria Elliott, b. 14 Sept., 1852; d. in Penn 
Yan, N. Y., 21 Feb., 1862. 

190 ROSAMOND' SPELMAN (Elijah*, Aaron', Thom- 
as*, Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 4 Feb., 1821, and 
died in Elizabeth, N. J., i Feb., 1902 ; married in 1843 De Witt 
Clinton Stanford of Penn Yan, N. Y., who died in 1880. He 
was a member of the National Greenback Party, to which he 
rendered valuable service. In the campaign of the fall of 1878 
he was its candidate for Sheriff of Union Co., N. J., and in con- 
junction with the Hon. Washington L. Hope, the member for 
Congress, made a vigorous canvas. Mr. Stanford was a man of 
great ability. He began life as a farmer in 1832 at Penn Yan, 
and in 1852 he was chosen as member of the Legislature of the 
State. Two years later he was made Deputy Clerk of the New 
York Senate, and served for two years. In 1858 he removed to 
Elizabeth, N. J., where he resided until his death. 

244 Spelman Genealogy 

Children : 

i Qay Stanford, b. in Penn Yan, N. Y. ; d. on the 

ii Frank Stanford, married and Hves in Ehzabeth, N. 

J. ; has ch. 
iii Rosamond Stanford, m., ist, George Cooper; m., 2nd, 

Robert Pierce; lived in Westmoreland, N. J. 
iv Carrie Stanford, lives in Elizabeth, N. J. 

V William Harmon Stanford, 
vi Clinton Stanford. 

vii A daughter. 

191 JOHN H.' PURKIS (Mary Carpenter* Spelman, 
Daniel*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 22 
Dec, 1814, and died there 2Q March, 1900; married, ist, in 
Buckfield, Me., 24 Aug., 1853, Mary E. Shaw of that place, bom 
in Troy, N. Y., 28 July, 1829, died 2 Aug., 1872, daughter of 
Jotham and Serepta Shaw ; married, 2nd, her sister, Antoinette S. 
Shaw, born in Buckfield. Mr. Purkis lived in Providence. 

Children by first wife : 

i Charles A., b. 9 June, 1854. 

432 ii Mary C, b. 8 Oct., 1855 ; m. Charles Allen. 

iii Robert J., b. 28 Jan., 1858; m. 20 Dec, 1887, Lucy 
M. Sargent; lives in Providence. 

433 iv Annie Florence, b. 2.^^ Nov., 1859 ; m. Frank B. Tal- 


V Sanford Hovey, b. 17 Jan., 1869; m. 11 Feb., 1899, 

Florence E. Ormsbee ; lives in East Providence. 
Child by second wife : 

434 vi Elizabeth Frances, b. 17 Jan., 1874; m, Melvin C. 


192 ROBERT PURKIS (Mary Carpenter* Spelman, Dan- 
iel', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 5 Oct., 

1816, and died there 30 Jan., 1880; married in Providence, 17 
Oct., 1839, Harriet P. Calder of that place, born there 4 May, 

1817, died there 31 Oct., 1880, daughter of John L. and Louisa 
H. Calder. They resided in Providence. 

Children, born in Providence, R. I. ; 

i James E., b. 12 July, 1842; d. in Providence, 16 or 
12 Feb., 1880; m. in Providence, 19 Feb., 1878, 
Viola Everett, b. in New Hampshire ; no ch. 
ii Louisa A., b. in Oct., 1844; d. in Providence, in Jan., 

iii Agnes Boyce, b. 3 Nov., 1845 ; d. in Providence, 13 
Sept., 1903; m., 1st, in Providence, 4 Feb., 1869, 
Sanford Charles Hovey, b. in Me., i Jan., 1844, ^. 

Fifth Generation 245 

in Providence. 14 Jan., 1881, son of Charles and 
Mary Hovey; m., 2nd, in Providence, 18 Dec, 1884, 
Walter Russell Wightman, b. in that city, son of 
George W. and Lydia Wightman ; no ch. 

435 iv John Calder, b. 7 Oct., 1850; m. Adele Leonard. 

V Mary, b. 17 June, 1854; d. in Providence, 4 July, 

vi Louisa H., b. 24 May, 1856; unmarried. 

436 vii Harriet M., b. 25 Dec, 1859 ; m. Willis A. Rankins. 

193 WILLIAM E.' PURKIS (Mary Carpenter* Spelman, 
DanieP, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 11 
Feb., 1821, and died there 12 May, 1887; married 11 Nov., 1844, 
Ann M. Coleman of Providence, where they lived. 

Children : 

i Sarah A., b. 22 March, 1846 ; m. 24 July, 1866, 
Charles E. Willard of Hartford, Conn., who d. 24 
Jan., 1898. 
ii Efia M., b. 13 Jan.. 1850; m. 19 Oct., 1880, William 
Nye ; resides in Providence. 

iel*, Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 13 June, 
1811, and died there 4 March, 1886; married in Providence 31 
July, 1833 [Town Records, Providence], Capt. John Gerard 
Ahlers, born in Hammelwarden, Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany, 
12 July, 1809, di^^i i" Providence, 21 July, 1888. 

Children, born in Providence, R. I. : 

i Ruth Edsell Ahlers, b. 24 June, 1835 ; d. in Provi- 
dence, 23 Aug., 1906; unmarried. 

437 ii Marv Carpenter Ahlers, b. 4 Nov., 1837; m. Horace 

M' Peck, Jr. 
iii John Gerard Ahlers, b. 24 May, 1840; d. in Provi- 
dence, 10 Aug., 1887; unmarried. 

438 iv Anna Josephine Ahlers, a twin, b. 24 May, 1840; m. 

Edwin Gushing. 

439 V Herman Henry Ahlers, b. 18 July, 1842; m. Harriet 

vi Ohver Spelman Ahlers, b. 29 Feb., 1844; lives in 
Providence; Maj. Ahlers engaged with others in 
the development of a mining company operating on 
Dunkard Creek, near Riverside, Wyo. 
vii Frederick Hodan Ahlers, b. 2 Nov., 1846; d. in Prov- 
idence, 26 April, 1847. 
viii Sophie C. Ahlers, b. 2 Dec, 1847 - ^- ^^ Providence, 
14 June, 1879, Albert L. Dodge, son of Solomon 
Dodge ; no ch. 

246 Spelman Genealogy 

ix Caroline Armington Ahlers, b. 15 Sept., 1849; ^- i" 
Providence, 29 July, 1876. 

195 JAMES ESDELU SPELMAN (Joseph*, Daniel*, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 13 March, 
1813, and died there 10 May, 1888. She married, first, in Dec, 
1836, Huldah Pond of Franklin, Mass., born 19 May, 1819, died 
24 July, 1855, daughter of Paul E. Pond ; married, second, in 
Providence, 12 or 11 Oct., 1857, Sarah G. Luther of that place, 
born there and died in Newport, R. L, 25 April, 1895. 

Children by first wife, born in Providence, R. L : 

i Huldah Elizabeth, b. 29 Dec. or Feb., 1837; d, 14 
Feb., 1854. 

440 ii Joseph, b. 16 Oct., 1841 or 1840; m. Isabella Glover. 

441 iii Mary Carpenter, b. 15 Dec, 1844; m. Dr. Joseph H. 

iv James Esdell, b. 28 Sept., or July, 1846; d. 11 or 9 

Sept., 1847 o^ 1846. 
v Abbie Gibbs, b. 8 Dec, 1850 or 7 Feb, 1849; d. 19 
Jan., 1851. 
Children by second wife, born in Providence, R. L : 
vi James Esdell, b. 8 Aug., 1858. 

Huldah E., b. 28 Feb., i860; m. Thomas G. Briggs. 
Oliver, b. 3 Feb., 1862 ; lives in Riverside, R. L 
Charles H., b. i June, 1864. 

Nelson T., b. 27 Sept., 1866; m. Annie K. Manuel. 
John L., b. 14 Sept., 1871 ; m. Grace M. Tallman. 

196 OLIVER' SPELMAN (Joseph*, Danief, Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 5 March, 1815 [Family 
Bible], and died 26 April, 1859; married in Providence 9 March, 
1842, Cordelia Lafayette Brown of Cumberland, R. I., born in 
Providence 2 July, 1817, died there i Aug., 1905. The year of 
Oliver Spelman's birth was a memorable one in Providence on 
account of the great storm which occurred, known as "the great 
September gale," in which a large part of the business section of 
the town was submerged and great damage done to the shipping 
interests. This must have been doubly memorable to the family 
of Oliver Spelman, whose home was near the Providence River 
and who were seafaring folk. His father was engaged in the 
shipping business, and at an early age his son, Oliver, assisted 
him, later establishing a line of packets between Providence and 
Albany. At that time, before the day of railroads, traffic be- 
tween these points was carried on by way of the Hudson River. 
Emigrants from New England, going to what was then "the far 
west," travelled to Providence, and from thence by sailing vessel 
to Albany, where they commenced the long journey, carrying 









From an oil painting 

Fifth Generation 247 

their families and household goods in wagons drawn by horses 
or oxen. Sometimes the journey up the Hudson was delayed by 
winds and lasted a week or longer. On the return trip the ships 
carried grain and flour, and it was the necessity of handling this 
freight which led Oliver Spelman to organize the firm of Spel- 
man and Metcalf, dealers in grain. He was the owner of sev- 
eral vessels, among them "The Oliver Spelman," which after his 
death was wrecked on Whale Rock, between Narragansett Pier 
and Beaver Tail Light. Mr. Spelman died at a comparatively 
early age. His widow survived him more than forty-six years, 
and died at the age of eighty-eight years and one month, as the 
result of an accident which fractured her hip. She was a de- 
scendant of ancestors who were prominent in the affairs of Rhode 
Island from 1636 to recent times. Among them was Chad 
Brown, who became minister of the First Baptist Church, Provi- 
dence, in 1642, and who assisted Roger Williams in organizing 
the colony. Oliver Spelman and his wife were buried in the 
Swan Point Cemetery, in Providence. 
Children : 

i Ellen Brown, b. 25 March, 1844 [Family Bible] ; d. 

16 May, 1849 [ibid]. 
ii Frank Henry, b. 17 Feb., 1846; d. 17 Sept., 1847. 
iii Emily Potter, b. 16 Jan., 1848; d. 23 or 24 July, 1849. 

445 iv Henry Whiting, b. 8 March, 1850; m. Marion A. 


446 V Walter Ahlers, b. 28 June, 1852, in Providence; m. 

Margaretta Munn Welsh. 

447 vi Frederick Brown, b. 7 Feb., 1854; m, Marion Sheldon 

vii Louis Edgar, b. 23 March, 1856; d. 21 Aug., 1857. 
viii Fannie Frothingham, b. i Jan., 1859; d. in Brooklyn, 

N. Y., II March, 1903; m. Thomas A. Hunter; 

no ch. 

iel', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Providence, R. I., 10 July, 
1817. She married in Providence, in 1839, John T. Greene of 
that place, who was also born there. 

Children : 

i Amy T. Greene, b. in 183a; d. 11 Aug., 1840. 

448 ii Amelia P. Greene, b. 26 Feb., 1841 ; m. Daniel C. 

iii Robert P. Greene, b. 4 April, 1843; <^- 28 Sept., 1844. 
iv Hopkins Greene, b. 6 Oct., 1844; m. in June, 1872, 

Mrs. Addie (Sherman) Miller. 
V Amy E. Greene, b. 22 Nov., 1849; <^- 18 Dec, 1849. 

248 Spelman Genealogy 

vi Arnold P. Greene, b. i Feb., 185 1 or 1852; m 


198 SARAH A* SPELMAN (Josephs Daniel*, Thomas', 
Richard^) was born 5 May, 1821 ; married, first, in Providence, 
R. L, 5 June, 1843, Sylvanns Goff, Jr., of that place, born in 
Providence in 1818, died there 4 Nov., 1858, aged 40; married, 
second, in California, in July, 1871, Samuel Malick, born in 
Carson City, Nev. 

Chiudren by first husband : 

i Sylvanus Gofif, b. in Providence, in Sept., 1844; lives 

in Nev., unmarried, 
ii George W. Gofif, b. in 1848; d. 25 Feb., 1854. 

199 ROXANA (ROSANA) W.\ SPELMAN (Joseph*, 
Daniel*, ThomasS Richard^) was born in Providence, R. L, 10 
May, 1824, and died there 28 March, 1862 ; married in Provi- 
dence in 1842 William Greene of South Kingston, R. L, born in 

Children : 

449 i Nelson A. Greene, b. 12 Nov., 1844; m., ist, Eliza- 

beth Hathaway; m., 2nd, Emma F. Hathaway, 
ii Ellen Greene. 

200 HEMAN" BARLOW (Tabitha* Bancroft, Elizabeth* 
Spelman, ThomasS Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 25 
Feb., 1790 [Granville Town Records], and died there 2 Dec, 
1884; married in Granville, 2 April, 1817 [Ibid], or 1816, Nancy 
Tillotson, born 24 Nov., 1793 [Granville Church Records], and 
died there. They lived in Granville. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. [Ibid.] : 
i Samuel, b. 2 Jan., 1818; unmarried, 
ii Lorin, b. 29 Jan., 1822 ; unmarried. 

450 iii Eliza, b. i Feb., 1824; m. John Day. 

iv Almira, b. 3 Nov., 1832 ; unmarried ; resided with her 
sister, Mrs. Day, in Jersey City, N. J. 

201 MARY* BARLOW (Tabitha* Bancroft, Elizabeth' 
Spelman, ThomasS Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 18 
Nov., 1792 [Granville Town Records] ; and died there 5 June, 
1886; married in Granville, 14 Oct., 1834, OHver Rose, born in 
Granville, 12 May, 1779, died there 18 Feb., 1855, son of Sharon 
and Mercy (Fowler) Rose. 

Child : 

451 i James Oliver Rose, b. 6 Dec, 1835 ; m. Flora A. Case, 

Fifth Generation 249 

Bancroft, Elizabeth' Spelman, Thomas'', Richard") was born in 
Granville, Mass., 19 April, 1798, and died there 28 February, 
1876; married Rhoda Wadsworth. He removed to New York 
with his family. 

Children : 

452 i Samuel Latham Mitchell, b. 5 June, 1826. 

453 ii Mary, m. Edward Weed. 

454 iii Harriet, m. Owen T. Coffin. 

455 iv Helen, m. Dr. Moore. 

203 ROWLAND' BARLOW (Tabitha* Bancroft, Eliza- 
beth" Spelman, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 
9 [Granville Church Records], or 8 [Family Bible], October, 
1807, and died 5 June, 1899 [Ibid] ; married in Granby, Conn., in 
February, 1831, Geo Goddard, or Stoddard, born in Granby. 

Children, mentioned in the will of their uncle, Edmund 
Barlow, as "of Granby" [Springfield Probate Office] : 
i Edmund, b. 8 Oct., 1832, in Granville. 
ii Leland Orrin, b. in May, 1836. 
iii Mary Jane, b. in Oct., 1837. 
iv Jane Elizabeth, b. 17 Oct., 1839. 
V Harriet Emeroy, b. in Mar., 1842. 
vi Arabella Susan, b. in 1844. 
vii Estelle Tabitha, b. in Aug., 1848. 
viii RoUa Hubert, b. in June, 1852. 

204 AZARIAH ASHLEY' BANCROFT (Azariah*, Eliza- 
beth' Spelman, Thomas", Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 
25 January, 1799, baptized there in August, 1802, and died in 
the Ohi Valley, Cal., 21 March, 1885. He married Lucy Damaris 
Howe, born in Vermont, 22 February, 1799, died about 1882, 
daughter of Curtis and Sybil (Phelps) Howe. Before her mar- 
riage Lucy Howe was a teacher in Granville and Irville, Ohio. 
They were married on 21 February, 1822, at Granville, Ohio, 
where he bought a farm adjoining the town on the north. 
When he was nine years old Mr. Bancroft had removed with 
his parents to Lake Lewis, Pa., and, in 1814, to Granville, Ohio. 
After his marriage he resided in Newark, Ohio. He was a 
builder of houses, and constructed many locks on the Ohio 
canals. In 1841 he and his family removed to New Madrid, 
Mo., but four years later returned to Granville, Ohio, on account 
of the unhealthfulness of the climate. In 1850 Mr. Bancroft 
joined a company from Licking County, Vv'hich went to Cali- 
fornia, by steamer to Chagres, and from Panama by sailing 
vessel, the voyage taking over six months. In 1852 he returned 
to Granville, Ohio. In 1854 he again left Ohio, going to the 

250 Spelman Genealogy 

prairie land of Illinois, where he lived for two or three years. 
In 1861 he was appointed Indian Agent for the Yakima nation 
at Fort Simcoe, where he remained nearly four years. In No- 
vember, 1864, he removed to San Francisco, and here he and 
his wife celebrated their golden wedding in 1872, at the home 
of their son, Hubert Howe Bancroft, the historian, and then, in 
memory of their wedding trip, returned on a visit to the East. 
His wife died in Oakville, Cal., 8 February, 1882. Mr. Bancroft 
then lived in the Ohi Valley, Cal., and here he died at Narahoff, 
surviving his wife three years. 
Children : 

i Curtis, went to Cal. 

456 ii Celia Matilda, m. (i) George Hunter Derby; 3 

daughters; m. (2) Mr. Kenney. 
iii Emily, m. Harlow Palmer of Buffalo, N. Y., son of 
George Palmer ; d. about 1852 or '53. 

457 iv Hubert Howe, b. 5 May, 1832; m. (i) Emily 

Ketchum ; m. (2) Matilda C. Griffing. 
V Mary Melissa, m. Trevett. 

vi A child. 

vii Albert Little, b. 15 May, 1841, at Granville, Ohio; 
m. Frances Ann Watts of Bloomington, Ind., 11 
Jan., 1866, in N. Y. City ; has resided in Cal. since 
1855, in Los Angeles, and now (1910) in Concord. 

205 HENRY LINCOLN' BANCROFT (Azariah*, Eliza- 
beth" Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 
10 December, 1800, and died in Granville, Ohio, i October, 1890; 
married, 27 March, 1823, Almena Rose, born in Granville, Mass., 
30 September, 1803, died in Granville, Ohio, 4 November, 1874, 
daughter of Timothy and Lydia (Munson) Rose. 

Children : 

i Barber R., living in Cal., in 1873. 

ii Harriet A., m. Kerr; had ch. 

iii Amelia. 

206 JULIET BANCROFT (Jonathan Barber*, Elizabeth* 
Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) married Foot. 

i Edwin Bancroft Foot. 

207 ALMIRA" BANCROFT (Ruth* Spelman, Charles', 
Thomas', Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 11 April, 1810 
[Granville Church Records], and died in Chicago, 111., in 1894; 
married Stephen Wright. 


i George Wright, lives in Chicago. 

Fifth Generation 251 

208 MARY" STILES (Lucina* Spelman, Charles*, Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 6 May, 1811, and 
died 22 July, 1833 5 married James Blair. 

Child : 

i Chauncey Stiles Blair. 

209 JANETTE' STILES (Lucina* Spelman, Charles', 
Thcmas^ Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 16 April, 
1817, and died in Holyoke, Mass., 21 March, 1881 ; married in 
Chicopee Falls, Mass., 11 December, 1838, Elijah WilHams 
Loomis of Somers, Conn., born in 1817, died in Holyoke 6 Jan- 
uary, 1870, son of Elijah Loomis. 

Children : 

458 i WiUiam Stiles Loomis, b. 7 Oct., 1840; m. Augusta R. 

458a ii Emma Janette Loomis, b. 5 July, 1847; "i- Edgar J. 

210 ADELINE JANE" SPELMAN (Samuel*, Charles', 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 11 May, 1813 
[Family Bible says in 1811], and died in Easthampton, Mass., 
2^ November, 1888; married in East Granville, 8 November, 
1837, Elisha Frink Miner, born in Stonington, Conn., 27 August, 
1808, died in West Granville, 17 May, 1861. Mr. Miner was a 
dealer in leather and proprietor of a tannery. He also had 
large agricultural interests. In 1859-60 he was Representative 
from Granville to the State Legislature, and was appointed to 
an extra session held at Boston to assist in revising the General 
Laws and Statutes of Massachusetts. 

Children : 

459 i Harriet Parsons Miner, b. 27 Aug., 1838; m. Lyman 

N. Baldwin. 

460 ii Elizabeth Ranney Miner, b. i Jan., 1840; m. Theodore 

L. Avery, 
iii Harvey Elizur Miner, b. in West Granville, 10 Feb., 
1842 ; d. there 4 May, 1842. 

461 iv Henry Elisha Miner, a twin, b. 10 Feb., 1842 ; m. 

Julia B. Russ. 

V Charles Timothy Miner, b. 6 Sept., 1844; d. in West 
Granville, 23 May, 1845. 

vi Ella Estell Miner, b. in West Granville, 16 Aug., 
1847 ; m- in Springfield, Mass., 9 June, 1864, Wil- 
liam P. Richardson, b. in Tolland, Mass., 17 June, 
1838, son of Moses and Hannah Richardson of 
that place ; no ch. They live in Easthampton, 
Mass., and Mr. Richardson is a photographer in 

252 Spelman Genealogy 

211 AFFA DEBORAH" SPELMAN (Samuer. Charles*, 
Thomas", Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 25 July, 1815, 
and married there, 23 January, 1850, Jesse Alexander, born in 
Troy, Pa., 6 February, 1813, died in Lena, 111., 28 January, 1902. 
Mr. Alexander was one of those who served the nation during 
the Civil War, enlisting at its outbreak in Company B, Thirty- 
first Massachusetts Volunteers. He and his wife went to Penn- 
sylvania, and afterwards to Lena, 111., where he died almost 
eighty-nine years of age. Mrs. Alexander is still living in Lena, 
and is over ninety years old. She is afflicted with blindness. 


i Qifford Ernest J. Alexander, b. in West Granville, 21 
June, 185 1 ; married; resides in Lena. 

(Samuel*, Charles', Thomas^, Richard") was born in Granville, 
Mass., 9 March, 1817, and died in New London, Pa., i June, 
1869 ; married in Brooklyn, N. Y., about 1847, Phoebe L. Burtis, 
born in Brooklyn, died in Springfield, Mass., daughter of Abram 
Burtis of Brooklyn. Mr. Spelman was a graduate of Williams 
College, and taught in the Fishkill Academy. He was a Presby- 
terian minister, and for a long time engaged in home missionary 
work. He was buried on Ocean Hill, Greenwood Cemetery, 

Child : 

i Abram Burtis, b. in Brooklyn, 11 Nov., 1848; unm. 

Charles\ Thomas^ Richard*) was born in Granville, Mass., 11 
May, 1823, and died in West Springfield, Mass., i September. 
1907; married in East Granville, i July, 1849, Fannie Elizabeth 
Smith, born in East Windsor, Conn., i July, 1831, died in West 
Springfield, 26 March, 1907, daughter of Albert Gallatin Smith 
of Granville. In i860 Mr. Spelman and his wife removed to 
West Springfield, where they resided until their deaths. They 
lived to celebrate their fifty-seventh year of married life. He 
survived his wife six months. 

Children : 

i Eudora Josephine, b. in East Granville, 21 Dec, 1850; 

d. 17 Dec, i860, 
ii Charles Franklin, b. 3 Sept., 1852, in East Granville; 

d. in Russell, Mass., 10 Nov., i860, 
iii Addie Marietta, b. 6 Nov., 1856; d. in West Spring- 
field, IT Apr., 1881 ; unmarried, 
iv Samuel Howard, b. in West Springfield, 20 Feb., 
1861 ; died there 6 Jan., 1865. 


Fifth Generation 253 

462 V Rolla Joseph, b. in West Spring^eld, 19 Oct., 1865 ; 

m. Lou vena Cook, 
vi Charles Leon, b. in West Springfield, 3 Dec, 1874; 
d. there 10 Mar., 1900; unmarried. 

Charles^ Thomas", Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 9 
April, 1827, and married, 25 April, 1848, Eleazer L. Brown, born 
in that town 11 January, 1825, son of Levi and Almeda (Strong) 
Brown. He died in Granville, 12 October, 1905, aged eighty 
years, nine months, and one day. Mrs. Brown spent much of 
her girlhood in the "Old Spelman Red House," and received the 
names of her two grandmothers, Hayes and Kent. Soon after 
her marriage, her husband purchased the old Joel Root home- 
stead on the hill at East Granville, near the church. The house 
is built in the Colonial style, and the door and entrance is much 
admired. Mrs. Brown has lived in it for fifty years, and still 
continues to reside there. Prior to 1861, her husband carried 
on the business of the manufacture of powder kegs, but after 
the introduction of metal cases for powder he resumed farming 
as an occupation. He held many town offices, and was promi- 
nent in its ajffairs. For several years he was a member of the 
Brass Band of Granville. Mrs. Brown was a singer, taking 
part in the Granville Jubilee of 1845 ^^d later in the Jubilee of 
1895, having retained her vocal talent for the intervening years. 
She was prominent in the affairs of the schools of Granville, 
and did much to aid them. At the time of the Jubilee of 1895 a 
reunion of the Spelman family took place at her house, and a 
large gathering of descendants was present, coming from all 
parts of the United States. 

Children^ born in East Granville, Mass. : 

i Ulissa Lucina Brown, b. 5 May, 1849; "^- i^ Spring- 
field, Mass., 22 Aug., 1886, Charles F. Root; no ch. ; 
they reside in Springfield. 

463 ii Jennie Elizabeth Brown, b. 16 Oct., 1852 ; m. Lester 

B. Dickinson, b. in Granville, son of Dea. Bevel and 
Sarah (Dewey) Dickinson; he m. as a 2nd wife 
Philura Gibbons. 

215 MARCUS FESTUS' SPELMAN (Samuel\ Charles*, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 7 February, 
1832; married in Tolland. Mass. (formerly West Granville), 14 
May, 1865, Susan M. Vaille of that place, daughter of Hiram and 
Bede (Smith) Vaille. They resided in East Granville, Plain- 
ville, Bristol or Forestville, Conn. 

Child : 

464 i Lila Adah, b. 8 July, 1866; m. William H. Rowe. 

254 Spelman Genealogy 

216 EMERSON DAVIS' SPELMAN (Samuel*, Charles', 
Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 21 Aug., 1837; 
married in Southwick, Mass., 23 June, 1863, Eliza A. White, 
born in Colt's Neck, N. J., 25 June, 1840, died in Plainfield, 
Conn., 17 Feb., 1906, daughter of Richard White and adopted 
daughter of Rev. John F. Temple of Trenton, N. J. 

Spelman, Charles^, Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Granville, 
Mass., 8 August 1817 or 1816; married 25 February, 1844, E^" 
nice C. Hale of East Long Meadow, Mass., born 25 February, 
1826, died in Rockville, Conn., 3 September, 1907, at the home of 
her daughter, Ellen. She was the daughter of Silas and Clarissa 
(Colton) Hale. Mr, Bancroft died at Kinderhook, 111., 4 Feb., 


Children : 

465 i Ellen Sophia, b. at Scitico, Conn. ; m. Buel Seymour, 
ii Clarissa Jane, b. East Granville, Mass. ; m. Lucius Os- 
good ; lives in Perry, Ralls Co., Mo. ; has ch. 

iii William Zelotus, b. in East Granville; m. Jane 
Tucker; lives in Denver, Col. 

218 HARVEY O." BANCROFT (Salome* Spelman, 
Charles", Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 4 
September, 1819, and died in Kinderhook, Pike County, Iowa; 
married (i) Liddie Gains, who died in August, 1906; married 
(2) Amelia Maize. 

Children by first wife : 

i George, served in the Civil War ; lives in Colorado 

Springs, Col. 
ii Lester, lives in Cannon City, Col. 
iii Charles, lives in Colorado Springs, 
iv Almon, lives in Kinderhook, Pike Co., la. ; possesses 

the original old Bancroft family Bible. 
V Lewis, lives in Colorado. 

219 ALMIRA* TINKER (Naomi* Spelman, Stephen*, 
Thomas^ Richard") was born 17 December, 1794, and died in 
Granville, Mass., 11 January, 1880; married, i March, 1*815, 
Carlos Gibbons [Granville Church Records], born 12 July, 1793 
[Ibid], son of Jedediah and Elizabeth (Cowdrey) Gibbons. 

i Nancy Gibbons, b. 3 May, or Mar., 1816; d. 18 Dec, 

466 ii Lucretia Almira Gibbons, b. 26 Feb., 1818, in Gran- 

ville ; m. Lyman Smith. 
iii Lucina Elvira Gibbons, a twin, b. 26 Feb., 1818; d. 
22 Nov., 1834. 



Fifth Generation 255 

467 iv Lydia Gibbons, b. 6 Aug., 1820; m. (i) John B. 

Holcomb ; m. (2) William F. Pratt. 

468 V Elizabeth Cowdrey Gibbons, b. 8 Aug., 1822; m. 

Edward Holcomb. 
vi Martha Naomi Gibbons, b. 9 Jan., 1825 ; d. 25 July, 
1896; m., 30 Dec, 1847, Edgar Holcomb. 

469 vii Martin Tinker Gibbons, b. 2"] Apr., 1827; m. Adelia 

E. Carpenter. 

470 viii Charlotte Angeline Gibbons, b. 26 June, 1829; m. 

Silas Noble. 

471 ix Edwin Carlos Gibbons, b. i Aug., 183 1 ; m. PauHne 


472 X John Murray Gibbons, b. 15 Nov., 1833; m. Mabel 

M. Gaines. 

473 xi Phineas Lyman Gibbons, b. 31 Oct., 1837; m. Maria 

H. Norton. 

474 xii Nancy Lucina Gibbons, b. 10 Nov., 1839; "i- John 

C. Carpenter. 

220 SYLVANUS' TINKER (Naomi* Spelman, Stephen', 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 28 December, 
1798 or 22 December, 1799, and died there 31 October, 1889; 
married in Granville, 21 November, 1827, by Rev. T. M. Cooley, 
to Charity Phelps of Windsor, Conn., born in East Granby, 
Conn., 24 November, 1796, or 21 August, 1797, died in Gran- 
ville, 21 August, 1869, daughter of Elihu and Charity (Phelon) 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

475 i Ann Janette, b. 26 Aug., 1828 ; m. Orville Carpenter, 
ii Nancy Delina, b. 13 Sept., 1830; d. in Granville, 15 

Feb., 1864; m., in Nov., 1856, David Northway. 

476 iii Martin Phelps, b. 16 July, 1832; m. Marietta M. 


221 NAOMF TINKER (Naomi* Spelman, Stephen*, 
Thomas*, Richard^) was born 3 April, 1801 or 1800, and died 
25 January, 1893 ; married, 5 or 25 January, 1837, Frederick 
Gillett, born 15 July, 1798, died 29 August, 1865. 

Children : 

i Martin Francis Gillett, b. 20 (11, 12) July, 1840; d. 

19 Dec, 1840. 
ii Sherman Francis Gillett, b. 22 April, 1842 ; d. 29 

Mar., or May, 1843. 
iii Julia Almira or Elvira Gillett, b. 12 Mar., 1844; d. 
22 Feb., 1895. 

477 iv Sibyl Maria Gillett, b. 6 Jan., 1846; m. John W. 


256 Spelman Genealogy 

222 MARTIN* BUELL (Naomi* Spelman, Stephen*, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born 18 October, 1806, and died 12 
Jul3% 1882: married (i), in 1837, Lucy Blanchard O'Bryan, who 
died 3 September, 1864 ; married, in Washington, D C, about 
1869, a second time. His name was originally Tinker, but 
in 1838 he had it changed to Buell by an act of the legislature. 
He lived in Washington. 

Children by first wife : 

i A daughter, m. Benjamin F. Gibbons. 

ii Mary, m. Ely ; lives in Westfield, Mass. 

Children by second wife: 

iii A daughter, b. in Oct., 1870. 

iv A daughter, b. 21 Mar., 1872. 

V Katie, b. 2 Jan., 1874; d. 20 Jan., 1879. 

vi Rose, b. 10 Oct., 1876; d. 2 July, 1877. 

223 PHINEAS LYMAN' BUELL (Naomi* Spelman, 
Stephen", Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 20 
February, 1809, and died in Orange, Mass., 17 or 18 November, 
1893; m.arried in Hartland, Conn., 10 September, 1851, Phoebe 
Gilman, born 12 February, 1822, or 8 February, 1823, the daugh- 
ter of George Clark and Sarah (Blakeley) Gilman, He was the 
son of Martin and Naomi* (Spelman) Tinker, but in 1838 his 
name was changed to Buell by an act of the legislature. He was 
the publisher of the WestUeld News Letter for thirty years. 

Children : 

478 i Sarah Naomi, b. 2y May, 1852 ; m. Henry W. Ely. 

479 ii Edward Martin, b. i June, 1861 ; m. Nettie A. Mar- 


224 MELISSA' SPELMAN (Stephen*, Stephen', Thom- 
as*, Richard") was born in East Granville, Mass., 6 February, 
1802 [Granville Town Records], and died in Granville, 5 Sep- 
tember, 1857, aged fifty-seven [gravestone, Granville] ; married 
in East Granville, 4 June, 1828, by Rev. T. M. Cooley, to Elijah 
C. Seymour, born in Granville, 15 February, 1797, died there 
in December, 1880, aged eighty-three. Mrs. Seymour and her 
sister. Charity Spelman, were married at the same time, the latter 
to Volney Stowe. Two years after his wife's death, Mr. Seymour 
married her sister, Caroline Spelman, He kept a shop in Gran- 
ville, and was a prominent citizen of the town.* 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Stephen E. Seymour, b. in Nov., 1830 or 183 1 ; m., 

but has no ch. ; lives in Springfield, Mass. 
ii Clara M. Seymour, b. 26 Nov., 1835 [gravestone, 
Granville] ; d. 15 Sept., 1859 [Ibid]. 

*The house occupied by him was built about 1800. 


256 Spelman Genealogy 

222 MARTIN' BUELL (Naomi* Spelman, Stephen*, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born 18 October, 1806, and died 12 
July, 1882; married (i), in 1837, Lucy Blanchard O'Bryan, who 
died 3 September, 1864; married, in Washington, D C., about 
1869, a second time. His name was originally Tinker, but 
in 1838 he had it changed to Buell by an act of the legislature. 
He lived in Washington. 

Children by first wife : 

i A daughter, m. Benjamin F. Gibbons. 

ii Mary, m. Ely ; lives in Westfield, Mass. 

Children by second wife : 

iii A daughter, b. in Oct., 1870. 

iv A daughter, b. 21 Mar., 1872. 

V Katie, b. 2 Jan., 1874; d. 20 Jan., 1879. 

vi Rose, b. 10 Oct., 1876; d. 2 July, 1877. 

223 PHINEAS LYMAN' BUELL (Naomi* Spelman, 
Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 20 
February, 1809, and died in Orange, Mass., 17 or 18 November, 
1893; married in Hartland, Conn., 10 September, 1851, Phoebe 
Gilman, born 12 February, 1822, or 8 February, 1823, the daugh- 
ter of George Clark and Sarah (Blakeley) Gilman, He was the 
son of Martin and Naomi* (Spelman) Tinker, but in 1838 his 
name was changed to Buell by an act of the legislature. He was 
the publisher of the Westfield News Letter for thirty years. 

Children : 

478 i Sarah Naomi, b. 27 May, 1852 ; m. Henry W, Ely. 

479 ii Edward Martin, b. i June, 1861 ; m. Nettie A. Mar- 


224 MELISSA" SPELMAN (Stephen*, Stephen', Thom- 
as', Richard") was born in East Granville, Mass., 6 February, 
1802 [Granville Town Records], and died in Granville, 5 Sep- 
tember, 1857, aged fifty-seven [gravestone, Granville] ; married 
in East Granville, 4 June, 1828, by Rev. T. M. Cooley, to Elijah 
C. Seymour, born in Granville, 15 February, 1797, died there 
in December, 1880, aged eighty-three. Mrs. Seymour and her 
sister, Charity Spelman, were married at the same time, the latter 
to Volney Stowe. Two years after his wife's death, Mr. Seymour 
married her sister, Caroline Spelman. He kept a shop in Gran- 
ville, and was a prominent citizen of the town.* 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Stephen E. Seymour, b. in Nov., 1830 or 1831 ; m., 

but has no ch. ; lives in Springfield, Mass. 
ii Clara M. Seymour, b. 26 Nov., 1835 [gravestone, 
Granville]'; d. 15 Sept., 1859 [Ibid]. 
♦The house occupied by him was built about 1800. 


Fifth Generation . 257 

225 CHARITY' SPELMAN (Stephen*, Stephen^ Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 9 November, 
1804 or 1803, and died in Granville, 24 February, 1853. (1859.) 
The gravestone, Granville, reads, "died 24 Feb., 1853, aged 55." 
She was married in East Granville, by Rev. T. M. Cooley, to Vol- 
ney Stowe, 4 June, 1828. He was born in East Granville, 30 
June, 1801 [Granville Town Records], and died in Granville, 
4 August, 1885, the son of Elihu and Mary Stowe. Mr. Stowe 
was a farmer. He and his wife lived in Granville, and they and 
their two children were buried there. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Mary Parsons Stowe, b. 29 Nov., 1829; d. 8 Mar., 
1850 [gravestone, Granville, reads, "8 Mar., 1850, 
aged 29"] ; unmarried, 
ii Marshall Volney Stowe, b. 28 Dec, 1834; d. 13 Dec, 
1898 ; he served in the Civil War in Co. E, 46th 
Reg. Mass. Vol. Militia ; his widow lives in East 

226 JESSE BARLOW^ SPELMAN (Jesse*, Stephen', 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 26 March, 
1801 [Granville Church Records], and died in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
8 August, 1878, aged seventy-seven years. He married in Gran- 
ville, Mass., 17 April, 1828 [Ibid], Eliza Content Cooley, born 
there 28 June, 1802, daughter of Rev. Dr. Timothy Mather and 
Content (Chapman) Cooley. She died in Brooklyn, N. Y, The 
following sketch of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Spelman was written 
by their daughter, Eliza Cooley (Spelman) Williams, 6 April, 

"The first-born son of Jesse Spelman advanced by perse- 
verance from a small boy on his father's farm, in the village of 
East Granville, Mass., to a successful merchant in New York 
City. The eldest of nine children, and the constant companion 
of his uncle, Ohel Spelman (who, at ten years of age, joined 
the family in the Spelman home), he roamed over the moun- 
tains and through the woods, with all the ardor of a strong and 
enthusiastic nature. The country school prepared him to enter 
the miore advanced classes of Reverend Doctor T. M. Cooley, 
who during his life tutored seven hundred pupils, some for 
college and others for active service in mercantile life. Having 
first served a year or two in his uncle, Joel Root's, country store, 
Jesse Barlow Spelman moved to Albany, N. Y., and there opened 
a fancy-goods and notion store. About that time he married 
Eliza Content, eldest daughter of the Reverend Doctor T. M. 
Cooley. They joined Reverend Doctor William B. Sprague's 
church in Albany, N. Y., and at once entered upon a life of 
active service and devoted Christian usefulness. 

258 Spelman Genealogy 

"In 1837 Mr. Spelman moved with his family to Brooklyn, 
N. Y., and founded in New York City the large and successful 
business which at first was conducted under the firm name of 
Spelman & Fraser ; then Spelman & Sons ; later Spelman Broth- 
ers. He was a man of fine personal appearance, tall and stately, 
with much dignity of manner and character, a man of few words, 
a close observer, regular in his habits, and punctual in his en- 
gagements. His home was always a centre of kind and generous 
hospitality, where guests were cordially welcomed. He was a 
devoted Christian, never failing, while health continued, to at- 
tend every service of his church, and to require the same of his 
children. During most of his life he held the office of Elder 
and Trustee of the Reformed Church on Brooklyn Heights. 
His heart was easily touched as he listened to countless tales of 
suffering. Many were the poor whom he aided, and many were 
the men whom he tided over difficult places. He had that large 
and beautiful charity of nature 'that envieth not' and 'thinketh 
no evil.' 

"In 1843 1^6 built a house on Brooklyn Heights, where he 
and his devoted wife spent many years of happy married life, 
and where, in 1878, they celebrated their golden wedding, sur- 
rounded by children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and friends. 
He passed away the same year, lamented by a large circle of 
loving friends, and was laid to rest in the Spelman lot in beautiful 
Greenwood Cemetery. 

"His widow survived him seventeen years, living to the 
advanced age of ninety-five years, tenderly cared for by her 
loving children and grandchildren in the home where she had 
lived for over fifty years. Hers was a sunny and genial tempera- 
ment, always looking for the silver lining behind every cloud. 
She went with her children to the Sunday School, and taught a 
large class herself. She was active in every benevolent work in 
the church, and at one time raised one thousand dollars for an 
object of especial interest. 

"Her wonderful memory was clear to the last, and even the 
winter before she died she learned, as usual, many new hymns 
and poems, and could recite whole chapters of the Bible. We 
recall the last summer of her peaceful life, when she sat with 
us one warm afternoon, on the piazza of our summer home over- 
looking the Hudson River, clothed in white, with her silver hair 
shining in the sunlight, repeating all the beautiful hymns and 
poems she had learned since childhood. The next April Mrs. 
Spelman passed away, after an illness of only a few days, and 
was laid to rest by the side of her beloved husband in Green- 
wood Cemetery." 

Children : 
480 i Eliza Cooley, b. 18 May, 1829; m. Edgar Williams. 


Fifth Generation 259 

481 ii Timothy Mather, b. 9 Oct., 1S31 ; m. (i) Mary E. 

Beck; m. (2) EHzabeth A. Chandler. 

482 iii William Chapman, b. 9 T^me, 1834; m. Sarah A. 

iv Jesse Barlow, Jr., b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 28 Mar., 
1837; d. in Collinsville, Conn., 9 Sept., 1838. 

227 MARY ANN' SPELMAN (Jesse\ Stephen', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 14 June, 1802, and died 
in Pittsfield, Mass., 2 July, 1895, aged ninety-three ; married in 
Granville, 25 November, 1827 [Granville Church Record] or 21 
November, 1827 [Granville Town Record], William Benjamin 
Cooley, born in Granville, 8 or 19 August, 1800, died in Pittsfield, 
27 August, 1870, aged seventy, son of Rev. Timothy Mather 
and Content (Chapman) Cooley. Mrs. and Mr. Cooley lived in 
Granville, and later removed to Williamstown, Mass. In 1842 
they went to Pittsfield. Here Mr. Cooley was the proprietor of 
the Berkshire Hotel, which was a famous hostelry throughout 
the East. On retiring from active business, he built a residence 
on East Street, Pittsfield, where he and his wife lived for many 
years and where their only surviving child, Miss Mary Jane 
Cooley, now resides. 

Children : 

i Catharine Maria Cooley, b. in Granville, 28 Nov., 
1828; d. in Pittsfield, i July, 1897; m. in that place, 
25 Dec, 1855, Thomas Colt, b. there 28 June, 1823, 
d. there 8 Nov., 1876. son of Ezekiel and Electa 
(Campbell) Colt; no ch. 
ii Mary Jane Cooley, b. in Williamstown, 11 Sept., 1833. 

228 STEPHEN' SPELMAN (Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in West Granville, Mass., 27 Sept., 1805, 
and died in Westfield. Mass., 26 January, 1878; married (i), in 
Granville, 4 July, 1833, Charlotte' Tinker, born there 24 March, 
1804, died there 26 July, 1854, daughter of Martin and Naomi 
(Spelman) Tinker; married (2), in Blandford, Mass., 24 De- 
cember, 1855, Eliza Ells, born there 25 March, 1805, died in 
Westfield, 24 or 25 April, 1865, aged fifty-nine, daughter of 
Joseph and Elizabeth Ells; married (3), in Westfield, 28 April, 
1869, Mrs. Abby C. (Curtis) Case, born in West Granville, 
daughter of Talcott and Mercy (Squires) Curtis of that place, 
and widow of Aca Case of Western New York. Mr. Spelman 
passed the early years of his life in East Granville. He and his 
son conducted a saw-mill, where they made the handles and 
stocks for the large whip factories in Westfield, which was noted, 
at that time, for this industry. His third wife survives him, and 
resides with her daughter, Abby J. Case, in Westfield. 

26o Spelman Genealogy 

Children by first wife : 
483 i Edward Stephen, b. 29 Mar., 1835; m. Mary L. 

ii Emily Charlotte, b. 8 Feb., 1837; d. in Westfield, 5 

Mar., 1871 ; lived in Westfield ; unmarried, 
iii Clarissa Almira, b. 23 Mar., 1839; d- ^" Dobbs Ferry, 

N. Y., 25 Aug., 1858, in the summer home of her 

uncle, Jesse Barlow Spelman. 
iv Cora Elizabeth, b. 27 Feb., 1844; d. in Westfield, 4 

Sept., 1856. 

Stephen', Thomas*, Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 12 
September, 181 1, and died in Albany, N. Y., 13 December, 1895, 
aged eighty-four; married in Albany, 20 June, 1844, Isabella 
Dey Ermand. born in that city 20 November, 1818, died there 
19 November, 1885, daughter of John and Mary Ann (Glover) 
Dey Ermand, who came from Ulster County, Ireland. Benjamin 
Root Spelman received his education in the little red schoolhouse 
at the junction of the lane and the turnpike in Granville. During 
his boyhood he assisted his father on the farm, and at the age 
of fourteen left home to join his brother, Jesse Barlow, in Albany, 
entering the latter's shop, where he was a clerk for ten years. 
In 1836 his brother removed to New York City, and left him in 
charge of the business. In 1842 the firm of B. R, and R. L. 
Spelman was organized, and for thirty-four years was one of 
the most respected in the State. In 1857 it was established in 
Number 582 Broadway, in a large building which extended to 
James Street. Mr. Spelman was a Charter member of the Albany 
Burgess' Corps, which did so much to correct the laxity then 
existing in the State Militia, and which was the foundation of 
the present National Guard. The Corps was organized in 1833. 
In 1842 he became its Commander, retaining that office for six- 
teen years. He was a member of the Histrionic Society of 
Albany, which also enrolled such names as Hugh Hastings, the 
editor of the Times, Cornelius Wendel, the Government printer 
at Washington, Thurlow Weed, James Kent, the great Chan- 
cellor, and Martin Van Buren. Among other societies to which 
he belonged were the Young Men's Association, the original call 
for which he signed, which he addressed on several occasions, 
and on whose committees he often served. Another was the 
Albany Institute, of which the Chancellor of the University of 
New York was President, and Humboldt, La Place, Agassiz, 
and other scientists, corresponding members. 

A Genealogy of the Spelman family was the fondly cher- 
ished dream of Captain Spelman, and to this end he labored 
assiduously for thirty years, gathering material and data. He 



Fifth Generation 261 

did much valuable work in this line in tracing the English an- 
cestry of the Spelmans, and his research has proven of great 
value in the compiling of this volume, which may literally be 
said to be built upon the foundation which he laid. For, as he 
advanced in years, the actual putting together of so vast a quan- 
tity of material seemed too arduous a task for him to undertake, 
or to carry through to completion. He therefore appealed to 
another Spelman descendant — the Author of this present Spelman 

Children, born in Albany, N. Y. : 

484 i William Dey Ermand, b. 22 Mar., 1845 5 ^- J^^ia F. 


485 ii Benjamin Root, b. 9 Dec, 1847; ^n- Sarah C. Wooster. 
iii Clarilla Louise, b. 14 Nov., 185 1; d. in Albany, 20 

Jan., 1852. 

iv Mary Glover, b. 3 Aug., 1853; lives in Albany. 

V Anna Root, b. 28 Mar., 1857 ; lives in Albany. 

vi Elizabeth (an adopted child), b. 19 Oct., 1844; m. 
(i), 24 Mar., 1870, George Miller, who d. in Coey- 
mans, N. Y., 3 Jan., 1884; m. (2) George Welsh, 
and had a daughter, Isabella Spelman, b. 13 Mar., 
1891 ; lives in Coeymans. 

230^ RALZAMON LUCAS' SPELMAN (Jesse*, Stephen*, 
Thomas", Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 2 Jan., 1815, 
and died in Albany, N. Y., 23 Dec, 1897 ; married in Albany, 18 
June, 1845, Lovisa Reed, born in that place 24 November, 1818, 
died there 19 November, 1863, daughter of William and Lovisa 
(Beals) Reed. Mrs. Lovisa (Reed) Spelman was a grand- 
daughter of the "Mountain Miller," whose name was Joseph 
Beals. He was a remarkable man, and the history of his con- 
version to Christianity was published by the Tract Society in a 
pamphlet called "The Mountain Miller." Ralzamon Lucas Spel- 
man was educated in the "red school house" in Granville, from 
which he graduated at the age of thirteen. He entered the vil- 
lage store as a clerk, and later removed to Williamstown, Mass. 
In 1836 he became a member of the firm of J. B., B. R. and 
R. L. Spelman, which he and his two brothers founded in 
Albany, where he spent the remainder of his life, with the ex- 
ception of a few years' residence in Pittsfield, Mass. He lived 
to be nearly eighty-three years of age, and during his long life 
was much respected and beloved by his many friends, among 
whom were eminent journalists, clergymen, and statesmen of all 
parties, who were attracted by his sympathetic nature, ready wit, 
and worth of character. He enjoyed the life-long friendship of 
the notable Quaker ladies, Abigail and Lydia Mott. Following 

262 Spelman Genealogy 

the traditions of his family, he was a member of the old Whig 

Children, born in Albany, N. Y. : " 

i Anna Lovisa, b. 4 Mar., 1849; d. in Bath, N. Y., 7 
June, 1854. 

486 ii Mary Reed, b. 21 Aug., 1851 ; m. William W. Whit- 

iii Jesse Howard, b. 23 Feb., 1858 ; d. in Albany, 23 Aug., 

231 CLIMENA' SPELMAN (Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 17 May, 1800, and 
died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Edwin Hillyer, in Wau- 
pun, Wis., 19 February, 1888, aged eighty-eight ; married in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, in March, 1818, Almon Buell Coe, a planter, born 
in Granville, Mass., 22 January, 1796, died in Randolph, Ohio, 
8 August, 1853, son of Deacon James and Nancy (Pratt) Coe. 
Mr. Coe was a descendant of Roger Coe of Suffolk, England, 
who was burned at the stake on account of his religious faith in 
1555. The emigrant ancestor of the family came to Plymouth, 
Mass., in 1637, with his three sons. Two ancestors were Cap- 
tain John Coe and Captain John Coe, 2nd, both in the Colonial 
Wars, and James Coe was another of the line who fought in the 

Children, born in Randolph, Ohio : 

487 i Festus Spelman Coe, b. 29 Nov., 1819; m. Fanny A. 


488 ii James Pratt Coe, b. 5 Apr., 182 1 ; m. Jane S. Specs. 

489 iii Matthew Lyman Coe, b. 27 June, 1823 ; m. Helen M. 


490 iv Angeline Hannah Coe, b. 7 July, 1827; m. Edwin 


491 V Samuel Buell Coe, b. 8 Aug., 1835; m. Mary J. Cronk- 


232 AURILLA" SPELMAN (Festus*, Stephen', Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 23 February, 1802, 
and died in Randolph, Ohio, about 1841 ; married in Randolph, 
about 1820, Germanicus Cooley, son of Deacon Levi Cooley, who 
died 18 April, 1840, aged thirty-eight. They returned to Massa- 
chusetts, and lived for some years on Deacon Cooley's farm at 
Granville, but eventually removed to the West, where Mrs. 
Cooley died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Coe. 

Children : 

i Levi B. Cooley, b. 14 Mar., 1822 ; d. in Randolph, 
Ohio, 14 Mar., 1829. 



Fifth Generation 263 

ii Festus Marcus Cooley, b. 9 Oct., 1830; d. in Ran- 
dolph, 29 Feb., 1 83 1. 

233 SALMON A.' SPELMAN (Festus*, Stephen*, Thom- 
as", Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 24 January, 
1804 [Family Bible] ; married in Marlboro', Ohio, 3 June, 1831 
[Ibid], Elizabeth Pennock, born in Virginia, 9 March, 1806 
[Ibid], died in Marlboro' 31 December, 1887, daughter of Wil- 
liam, Sr., and Catharine (Boon) Pennock. A Bible is in pos- 
session of the family which bears this inscription : "East Gran- 
ville Moral School. To Mr. Salmon Spelman a Present from 
Timothy M. Cooley, Feb. 13, 1816. Salmon Spelman his book, 
God give him grace therein to look." Salmon Spelman was a 
shoemaker. He was of a roving disposition, and one day, when 
his two sons were about five and six years of age respectively, 
he left home, never to return again. Years afterwards his sister, 
Mrs. Deborah (Spelman) Sanford, received a letter from him, in 
which he regretted having left his family. He also wrote to his 
brother, Marcus F. Spelman. The letter was dated at Piqua, and 
in it he spoke of soon leaving that place for South Carolina. 
He made inquiry for his wife and children, but did not return, 
and the date and place of his death is unknown. His wife edu- 
cated his two sons and finally made her home with her son, 
William Ohel Spelman, until she died in her eighty-second year. 
She was buried in Marlboro', Ohio. 

Children, born in Paris, Ohio : 

492 i William Ohel, b. 4 Mar., 1832 [Ibid] ; m. (i) Malinda 

C. Brandon ;m. (2) Sarah E. Brandon. 

493 ii Festus Buell, b. 15 Aug., 1833 [Ibid] ; m. Ella Reed. 

234 MARGARET SPELMAN (Festus', Stephen^ Thom- 
as", Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 14 August, 1806, 
and died in Randolph, Ohio, 9 September, 1890; married in 
Randolph, in November, 1824, Justin Belding, born in Sem- 
phronius, N. Y., 10 November, 1805, died in Randolph, 
10 December, 1869, son of Dr. Rufus and Nancy (Sabin) Beld- 
ing. He was a successful merchant in Randolph for thirty-five 
years, and Justice of the Peace. His widow lived in Akron, 

Children, born in Randolph, Ohio : 

i AdeHne Margaret Belding, b. 26 Aug., 1825 ; d. in 
Randolph, 7 July, 1845 ! "i. in that place, 20 May, 
1844, George Washington Miller, b. in Medina, 
Ohio ; lived in Randolph. 

494 ii Matilda Zoradah Belding, b. 21 Mar., 1829; m. (i) 

Dr. Allen D. Wilcox; m. (2) Jacob C. Bair; m. (3) 
James J. Curtis. 

264 Spelman" Genealogy 

495 iii Melinda Zeruah Belding, b. i Aug., 1834; m. Thomas 
P. Gilman. 

235 MARCUS FESTUS' SPELMAN (Festus\ Stephen', 
Thomas", Richard') was born in East Granville, Mass., 31 May, 
1809, and died in Rootstown, Ohio, 20 April, 1900; married in 
Rootstown, 2 or 6 October, 1831, Mary Ann Reed, born in that 
place 2 October, 181 1, died there 4 November, 1902, daughter of 
Abram and Siley (Hitchcock) Reed. In 1816 Marcus Festus 
Spelman removed with his parents from East Granville to Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, where his father bought a farm. After the death 
of his father, which occurred two years later, his mother married 
again, and the children were brought up by relatives. At eleven 
years of age, Marcus Spelman left Randolph and found his way 
to the home of his uncle, Samuel Buell Spelman, near Roots- 
town, with whom he continued to reside, and where his marriage 
took place. He and his wife settled on a farm near Edinburgh, 
Ohio, and during the first winter after their marriage lived in a 
log cabin. This cabin had a curtain instead of a door for pro- 
tection against the weather. For several years Mr. Spelman 
taught school during the winter for ten dollars a month which 
secured the means to carry on the farm in summer. His young 
wife aided him by helping to shear the sheep, pick the wool, spin 
the yarn, and finally weave it into cloth, some of which was sold 
to provide the first plow used on their farm. They remained on 
this farm until 1854, when they purchased another near Roots- 
town Centre, and later, in 1866, moved into that place, opposite 
the present High School. Mr. Spelman identified himself with 
the Anti-Slavery movement as early as 1845, ^^^ was one of 
those who aided the slaves to escape by means of the underground 
railroad. He and his wife gave protection to many slaves, and 
helped them on their way to Canada. He was a strong advocate 
of temperance. In i860 he was elected deacon of the Congre- 
gational Church in Rootstown, which office he held for forty 
years. He and his wife lived together for sixty-eight years. A 
year before his death their daughter and her husband, Mr. 
Collins, came from Oakland, Cal., to reside with them. He died 
at the age of ninety-one years, ten months, and twenty days, his 
wife surviving him two years and one month, passing away in 
the same house. During his long life he had committed to writ- 
ing many interesting facts connected with the history of Roots- 
town. The day before he died he spoke of "the importance of 
living so that we may have a peaceful hour in which to die." 

Children : 

i Henry, b. 2 Mar., 1833 ; d. 13 Apr., 1837. 
ii Joel Reed, b. 22 Sept., 1834; d. 8 July, 1839. 
iii Olive Adelaide, b. 30 Jan., 1836; d. 10 July, 1839. 

Fifth Generation 265 

496 iv Comfort Adelaide, b. 14 Feb., 1840; m. Nelson R. 


497 V Asa Mahan, b. 5 June, 1843 ! ^- Josephine Seymour. 

498 vi Henry Louis, b. 21 Feb., 1852; m. Julia A. Burt. 

236 DEBORAH'' SPELMAN (Festus\ Stephen', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 12 June, 181 1, and 
died in Oakland, Cal., 16 December, 1888 ; married in Rootstown, 
Ohio, 12 March, 1833, Charles Sherman Sanford of that place, 
born in Milford, Conn., 22 August, 1808, died in Rootstown, i 
December, 1881, son of Walker and Mabel (Bradshaw) San- 
ford. Mrs. Sanford, although afflicted with lameness, was noted 
for her great fortitude. Three of her sons died in early manhood, 
and her husband seven years before her own death. 

Children, born in Rootstown, Ohio : 

499 i Sherman La Grand Sanford, b. 11 July, 1835; ^• 

Harriet A. Harmon, 
ii Luther Robert Sanford, b. 21 Dec, 1837; d. in Lex- 
ington, Ky., 26 Feb., 1863 ; m. in Randolph, Ohio, 
4 Sept., 1861, Frances L. Brainard ; no ch. ; he was 
in the army as Lieut, in Co. I, 104 Ohio Vol. Inf. 

500 iii Festus Marcus Sanford, b. 14 June, 1842 ; m. Hattie 

H. Upson. 

501 iv Oel Merlo Sanford, b. 17 Dec, 1848; m. Sarah C. 


(Festus*, Stephen^, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in East Gran- 
ville, Mass., 22 September, 1813, and died in Fort Wayne, Ind., 
20 October, 1905 ; married in Somerset, Perry County, Ohio, 
I March, 1842, Elizabeth Beckwith, born in Somerset, ii Febru- 
ary, 1824, died in Fort Wayne, 29 January, 1906, daughter of 
Colonel John Beckwith, a descendant of Sir Sidney Beckwith of 
England. Her mother was Isabella Cassel, and was born in 
Philadelphia, Pa., 10 June, 1802. The parents of Mr. Spelman 
removed from Granville, Mass., to Portage County, Ohio, when 
he was three years old. His father died a year later, and, upon 
the re-marriage of his mother, he went to live with his uncle, 
Buel Spelman. At the age of sixteen he was apprenticed to a 
carpenter and joiner, and during the succeeding years worked at 
this trade and at cabinet making. He taught school in the 
winter. Later he was employed in a grocery store in Cleveland, 
and then went to Granville, Ohio. He afterwards taught school 
in Somerset, where he commenced the study of medicine, later 
practising in that place and in Alexandria. He then decided to 
enter the ministry of the Methodist Church, and began that work 
in BlufTton, Ind. He was licensed to preach in 1853, becoming 

266 Spelman Genealogy 

what is known as a "Circuit Rider," preaching; in thirteen dif- 
ferent places, riding from one to another. All the services were 
held in log cabins. Mr. Spelman served as chaplain of the One 
Hundred and First Regiment of Indiana Volunteers during the 
Civil War. He was a member of Anthony Wayne Post of Fort 
Wayne, and at the time of his death was one of the oldest Post 
Commanders in the United States. He was also one of the 
oldest ministers in the Northern Indiana Conference of the 
Methodist Church. The last twelve years of his life and of that 
of his wife were spent at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Emily 
A. Jones, at Fort Wayne. They were buried in the Lindenwood 
Cemetery in that place. 
Children : 

502 i Emily Aurilla, b. 11 Apr., 1843; n^- (i) I^^"- Webster 

W. Teague ; m. (2) Levi M. B. Jones. 
ii John Beckwith, b. in Alexandria, Ohio, 12 Apr., 
1845; d. in Des Moines, la., 22 Nov., 1872; m. 
there, 28 Sept., 1871, Mary Steele Beitzel ; i ch., d. 
in infancy ; was a veteran of the Civil War, having 
served as ist Lieut., 20th Ind. Vol. Inf. 

503 iii Elizabeth Isabelle, b. 31 Mar., 185 1 ; m. Rev. Marcellus 

M. Goddard. 

504 iv Charles Richard, b. 29 Aug., 1859 ! "^- Olive Waller. 

238 RUFUS ROLLA'' SPELMAN (Rufus*, Stephen*, 
Thomas", Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 16 Aug., 1809, 
and died in Mount Morris, N. Y., 26, 24, or 29 March, 1850 
or 1853 ; married, 6 July, 1840, Hannah Gilbert, born 29 No- 
vember, 1817, died in Castile, N. Y., in 1893. 

Children : 

i Dexter Mark (Mark Rolla), b. 5 Dec, 1840; d. 24 

or 26 July, 1841. 
ii Helen Grace, b. 11 Jan., 1844; d. 8 Mar., 1848. 

505 iii Mark Rolla, b. 5 Feb., 1846; m. Caroline Mersereau. 

239 JOHN HOWARD' BARLOW (Deborah* Spelman, 
Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 7 
December, 1806, and died in Newark, N. J., 28 October, 1894, 
aged eighty-seven years ; married in New York City, 16 Sep- 
tember, 1856, Mary Matilda Elmendorf, born there 6 December, 
1831, daughter of Ezra H. and Mary L. Elmendorf. Mr. Bar- 
lov/ was educated in East Granville. He removed to Newark, 
where he was a member of the firm of Barlow, Condit and 
Morris. He was for thirty years a warden of St. Paul's Episco- 
pal Church in Newark, and at his death its vestry held a special 
meeting in honor of his memory. The following expressed the 
loss sustained by the parish : "We are profoundly impressed by 


Fifth Generation 267 

the eminent saintliness of our brother, John Howard Barlow, 
and are thankful for the good example he has left us. His 
prayerful interest in the welfare of Saint Paul's parish was un- 
ceasing; his generosity was unfailing; his prayers and his alms 
have gone up as a memorial before God." 
Children, born in Newark, N. J. : 

i Howard Elmendorf, b. 6 Jan., 1858; d. in Newark, 

15 May, 1865. 
ii Kate Irene, b. 24 May, 1861 ; d. in Newark, 25 Mar., 
1889; m. in Newark, 16 June, 1887, Ransom C. 
Maynard, b. in Williamsport, Pa., in 1863, son of 
Guy W. and Mary Maynard ; lived in Williams- 
port, Pa. 
506 iii Arthur E., b. 12 Dec, 1867 ; m. Lillie A. Dixon. 

240 RUFUS HENRY' BARLOW (Deborah* Spelman, 
Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 25 
January, 1813, and died in Westfield, Mass., 21 March, 1887; 
married (i), in Granby, Conn., 4 April, 1837, Alice Hayes, born 
there 6 June, 1814 or 1811, died in Granville, 28 October, 1848, 
daughter of Zacceus and Anice (Holcomb) Hayes; married (2), 
in Granville, 13 November, 1849, his cousin, Clarissa^ Spelman, 
born in that place 18 February, 1808, died 26 February, 1900, 
daughter of Stephen* and Charity (Tinker) Spelman. They 
lived in Granville, where Mr. Barlow was prominent in the 
affairs of the town. 

Children by first wife, born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Margaret Alice, b. 12 May, 1838; m. in Granville, 21 
Oct., 1863, Ethan Dewey Dickinson, b. there 27 
Apr., 1836, son of Bevel Consider and Sarah 
(Dewey) Dickinson ; no ch. ; hves in Westfield, 
ii James Hayes, b. 22 Nov., 1842; d. in Sigourney, la., 
I Aug., 1900; m. in Pomeroy, Kan., in 1870, Har- 
riet Gilman ; had ch. ; was present at the Spelman 
Jubilee in 1895. 
iii John Howard, b. 30 Apr., 1846; d. in Granville, 16 
Oct., 1848. 

241 JANE DEBORAH' BARLOW (Deborah* Spelman, 
Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 24 
July, 1814, and died in Madison, N. J., 2 March, 1885 ; married 
(i), in September, 1834, James H. Porter, who died in Novem- 
ber of that year; married (2), in Granville, 2 July, 1846, Daniel 
Condit, born in Orange, N. J., 25 August, 1805, died in Newark, 
N. J., 25 September, 1890. They lived in Newark until 1865, 
and afterward in Madison. 

268 Spelman Genealogy 

Children by second husband, born in Newark, N, J. : 

507 i Anna Jane Condit, b. 22 June, 1847 5 "^- Louis A. 


508 ii Ella Matilda Condit, b. 10 Oct., 1849 ! ^- Henry I. 


iii Howard Carleton Condit, b. 4 Oct., 185 1 ; m. in Mad- 
ison, 24 Apr., 1901, Mrs. Fannie (Lovell) Baker, 
b. in Trenton, N. J., 9 Feb., 1847, daughter of 
Benjamin and Mary (Potter) Lovell; no ch. ; re- 
sides in Madison. 

iv Irene Barlow Condit, b. 5 May, 1854; d. in Newark, 
TO Oct., 1855. 

242 FESTUS SPELMAN' BARLOW (Deborah* Spel- 
man, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 
14 November, 1819, and died in Newark, N. J., 14 May, 1878 ; 
married in Southwick, Mass., 22 June, 1848, Emily Alice Foote, 
born there 26 November, 1824, daughter of Thaddeus and Polly 
(Forward) Foote. They lived in Newark, where Mrs. Barlow 
still continues to reside. 

Children, born in Newark, N. J. : 

i William Henry, b. 28 Feb., 1852 ; d. 29 Sept., 1869. 

509 ii Joseph Bell, b. 6 Sept., 1854 ; m. Grace B. Tronson. 
iii Alice Irene, b. 14 Sept., 1856; unm. ; lives in Newark. 

243 ANN' ROOT (Miriam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 15 October, 1810, and 
died in Waterville, Me., 2 November, 1849. Before her marriage 
she taught school. She married, 31 January, 1839, Rev. William 
Crowell, born in Middlefield, Mass., 22 September, 1806, died in 
Linden, N. J., 19 August, 1871. He studied at Brown University, 
Providence, R. I., and at the Newton Theological Seminary, 
graduating there in 1837. After graduation he was appointed as 
missionary to Greece, but declined this post in order to become 
editor of the Christian Watchman, published in Boston. He 
remained its editor from 1838 to 1848, and during this period 
was chaplain of the City Hospital in Boston. From 1848 to 1851 
he was pastor of the Baptist Church in Waterville, Me., and it 
was in the second year of his pastorate there that his wife died. 
In 185 1 he became editor of the Western Watchman, published 
in St. Louis, and was in charge of the St. Louis Female Insti- 
tute from 1851 to 1859. I" ^^^4 ^^ became pastor of the Baptist 
Church in Freeport, 111. He was author of the "Church Mem- 
ber's Manual," and other books. 

Children : 

i William Wayland Crowell, b. 26 May, 1841 ; d. 31 
Dec, 1843. 

Fifth Generation 269 

510 ii Henry Martyn Crowell, b. 7 Aug., 1842; m. Alice 

G. Stephenson, 
iii Charles JFrancis Crowell, b. 26 Nov., 1843; d. 31 Dec, 
1862, killed in the battle of Murfreesboro, serving 
in the Confederate army; lived in Memphis, Tenn. 

511 iv Edward Warren Crowell, b. 9 Jan., 1845; ^- Sally P. 

V Sarah Jane Crowell, b. 9 Apr., 1848; d. in the sum- 
mer of 1859. 

244 JACOB SPELMAN'' ROOT (Miriam* Spelman, 
Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 19 
July, 1812, and died 26 April, 1890; married (i), in Granville, 9 
April, 1839, Claramond^ Spelman, born in that place 17 Sep- 
tember, 1817, died in Illinois, 6 August, 1840. daughter of Elijah* 
and Temperance (Bates) Spelman; married (2), in Granville, 
Mass., 3 May, 1842, her niece, Elnora' Northway, born 16 May, 
1812, died in Granville, 16 July, 1866, daughter of Ira and Bet- 
sey^ (Spelman) Northway; married (3), in Penn Yan, N. Y., 7 
June, 1871, Sarah E. Van Doren, born in 1833, died in Gran- 
ville, 30 September, 1873. Mr, Root passed most of his life in 
his native town. On 24 October, 1836, in company with his 
sister and brother-in-law, Mrs. and Mr. Sizer. he went to the 
West. They reached Chicago late in the fall, then a village on 
the lake shore. Mr. Sizer went on to Ottawa, eighty miles 
southwest of Chicago, where some of his family still continue to 
reside. Mr. Root settled on Rock River, six miles from Rock- 
ford, in Winnebago County, 111. There for three years he lived 
on a farm. In 1838 he returned to Granville and married his 
cousin, Claramond Spelman. He returned with her to his new 
home, but a little more than a year later his wife and child died. 
He then went to Ottawa, where he taught school for two oi" 
three terms, but ill health soon compelled him to return to the 
East. In 1842 he married another cousin, his wife's niece, Elnora 
Northway. It was his intention to return to Illinois, but the 
death of his father occurring in 1846, he and his brother, John A. 
Root, came into possession of the old homestead, where he re- 
sided until his death. His second wife died in 1866, and in 1871 
he married Sarah E. Van Doren of Penn Yan, N. Y., who died 
in 1873, leaving an infant daughter. Mr. Root was made a 
deacon of the Baptist Church in Granville, and held that office 
from 1835 until his death. He was a selectman and assessor in 
that town. 

Child by first wife : 
i Elijah Spelman, b. in 111., 26 July, 1840; d. there 6 Sept., 

Children by second wife, born in Granville, Mass. : 

270 Spelman Genealogy 

ii Miriam, d. in infancy. 

Hi Ira Lyman, b. 31 May, 1843; d- i" Granville, Mass., 
29 Sept., 1864, from illness contracted while serving 
in Co. E, 46th Mass. Vols. ; unmarried. 

iv Claramond Spelman, b. 4 Sept., 1847 > d. at Granville, 
4 Nov., 1848. 

512 V Silas Boardman, b. 21 July, 1850; m. Henrietta 

vi Ellen Miriam, b. 26 July, 1851; d. 10 Jan., 1885; m. 
21 May, 1876, Truman J. Davis of Granby, Conn. ; 
no ch. ; lived in Granville. 
Child by third wife: 

513 vi Clara May, b. 20 May, 1872; m. Harry S. Hartley. 

245 MARINDA' ROOT (Miriam' Spelman, Stephen', 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 4 November, 
1814, and died in Ottawa, 111., 11 December, 1869; married in 
Granville, 4 October, 1836, Randolph Sizer of Blandford, Mass., 
born 9 April, 1812 or 181 1, died 28 September, 1856. Mr. and 
Mrs. Sizer were married at the old homestead in Granville, and 
started directly after the ceremony on their journey to the then 
wilderness of Illinois. Her brother, Jacob Root, accompanied 
them. Her father. Rev. Silas Root, took them as far as Albany 
in the old family carriage. Here they visited for a short time 
their cousins, members of the Spelman family. The only rail- 
road on their way extended for a short distance from Albany. 
The Erie Canal and the Great Lakes brought them to Chicago, 
their objective point. Here they were greatly disappointed to 
find a small village in the midst of a swamp, and Mr. Sizer 
decided that he could never make a home there, and they ac- 
cordingly took the stage for Ottawa, 111, This was in December, 
1836. The muddy roads compelled the two men to walk much 
of the way, carrying rails to pry up the sinking stage at intervals. 
Reaching Ottawa, they found high bluffs along the beautiful 
valley of the Illinois River, and there they made their home. 
Children : 

i John Randolph Sizer, b. 7 Dec, 1837; d. 20 Oct., 

ii Emerett Sizer, b. 5 June, 1840; m., 27 Oct., 1897, 
Alonzo Barnes of Lincoln, Neb., who d. in Chi- 
cago four days later ; lives in Ottawa, 
iii William Reddick Sizer, b. 7 Jan., 1843; d. 11 Sept., 


iv Laura Marinda Sizer, b. 29 Aug., 1845 ; d. in Lin- 
coln, Neb., 12 Aug., 1894; unmarried. 

V Helen Augusta Sizer, b. 13 Dec, 1847; d. 14 Mar., 


Fifth Generation 271 

514 vi Edward Randolph Sizer, b. 25 Aug., 1850; m. Eliza- 

beth C. Atkinson, 
vii Henry Austin Sizer, b. 13 Oct., 1853 ; d. 5 May, 1854. 

515 viii Frank Leonard Sizer, b. 29 Sept., 1856; m. Linda 


246 HARVEY BUEL" SPELMAN (Samuel Buel\ Ste- 
phen*, Thomas^ Richard^) was bo^n in Granville, Mass., 15 Sep- 
tember, 181 1, and died in New York City, 20 October, 1881 ; 
married, 16 November, 1835, Lucy Henry, born in Blandford, 
Mass., 28 February, 18 10, daughter of William and Rachel 
(Frary) Henry of Westfield, Medina County, Ohio. Her par- 
ents were married at Middletown, Conn. They went to Ohio 
when their daughter was about twenty years of age. After his 
marriage, Harvey Buel Spelman settled at Akron, Ohio. They 
afterwards removed to Cleveland, Ohio, and later to Brooklyn, 
N. Y., where Mrs. Spelman was active in the Women's Temper- 
ance Crusade in 1874. She died at the home of her daughter, 
Laura (Mrs. John Davison Rockefeller), at Cleveland, Ohio, 7 
September, 1897, in her eighty-eighth year. 

"The principal characteristics of my father," writes Mrs. 
Rockefeller, in 1905, "as they remain in my mind now, twenty- 
four years after his death, were a gentle, loving nature, loyalty 
to friends, and a deep interest in all the moving questions of the 
day. He believed in the church of God, and served it with 
unswerving fidelity, leading a most consistent Christian life. 
Crowning all was a profound conviction of the reality and power 
of religion, which he carried into every avenue of daily living. 
As a young man of twenty, he aided in organizing the first 
church in the village in which he was a clerk. Nine years after 
he rendered a similar service in Akron, Ohio, and again, twelve 
years later, in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a member of the Ohio 
State Legislature, and aided in establishing the first system of 
graded schools in that State, and served on the Board of Educa- 
tion in Cleveland, Ohio. He was active in the abolition move- 
ment, and in helping runaway slaves to escape to Canada. A 
school, started at the close of the Civil War at Atlanta, Ga., for 
colored girls, was named 'Spelman Seminary,' and is still largely 
maintained by his children. He felt deeply the curse of the 
sale and use of intoxicating drinks, and my mother marched with 
the Women of the Crusade in the streets of Brooklyn in 1874 
and 1875. Their children and children's children are richly 
blessed in the legacy they have inherited." 

Children : 

i Lucy Maria, b. in Westfield, 4 Mar., 1837. 

516 ii Laura Celestia, b. 9 Sept., 1839; m. John Davison 


2^2 Spelman Genealogy 

iii Henrv Jennings, b. in Akron, ii Dec, 1842; d. 15 
Mar., 1857. 

247 LAURA MELISSA' SPELMAN (Samuel Buel*, 
Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 11 
April, or 17 September, 1813, and died there 4 February, 1899; 
married in Rootstown, 18 September, 1832, Otis Reed, son of 
Abraham and Siley (Hitchcock) Reed; he died in Rootstown 
18 January, 1881. 

Children, born in Rootstown, Ohio: 

517 i Seymour Spelman Reed, b. 22 Jan., 1835; m. (i) 

Louise A. Packer; m. (2) Mrs. Diodamia E. Lisk; 
m. (3) Eliza A. Norton. 

518 ii Siley Rosette Reed, b. 26 Sept., 1836; m. Henry M. 

iii Laura Melissa Reed, b. 7 Sept., 1839 ; d. 23 June, 1840. 
iv Buel Reed, b. 29 or 24 Nov., 1841 ; d. in Rootstown, 

15 Mar., 1842. 
V Harlon Otis Reed, b. 26 Aug., 1844; d. in Rootstown, 

19 Apr., 1852. 

519 vi Ellen Melissa Reed, b. 22 Jan., 1853; m. Stephen B. 

vii Harvey O. Reed. b. 3 Jan., 1856; m. twice, has one 
ch. ; lives in Riverside, Cal. 

248 JACOB" SPELMAN (Samuel Buel*, Stephen*, Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in Rootstown, Ohio, about 1822, and 
died 12 August, or 5 July, 1856; married, about 1840, Elizabeth 
Driscoll. They lived in Edenburg, Ohio. 

Children : 

520 i John D.. b. 14 Nov., 1844; m. Kitty Rowand. 
ii Harriet C, b. 6 Oct., 1847. 

iii Keron F., b. 18 May, 1849. 

521 iv Thomas E., b. in 1859; "^- Caroline Engel. 

V Ella, m. McKinnon ; lives in Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

vi Louisa, m. Makensin ; lives in Degraff, Ohio. 

vii Belle, m. Wonder; lives in Bellefontaine. 

249 ARMENIA MARY" SPELMAN (Samuel Buel*, 
Stephen*, Thomas', Richard^) was born 13 October, 1842; mar- 
ried, II December, 1861, Charles B. Russell, who died in March, 
1871. They lived in Ravenna, Ohio. 

Child : 

i George Buel Russell, b. 4 Apr., 1864; unmarried. 

Stephen', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 23 

Fifth Generation 273 

September, 1849; married, 25 November, 1870, Ellen Header, 
bom 24 June, 1848. They lived in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Children : 

i Lilla F., b. 22 Jan., 1872. 
ii Jennie B., b. 15 Aug., 1875. 
iii Edward M., b. 11 Nov., 1878. 
iv Harvey Biiel, b. 3 May, 1884. 
V Lucy C., b. 26 Apr., i< 

251 WILLIAM J.^ BR.ADSHAW (Mabel' Spelman, Ste- 
phen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 17 
March. 1829; married there, 18 December, 1851, Anna Streater. 
They live in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Children, born in Rootstown, Ohio : 

i Mabel Ernestine, b. 8 Sept., 1856; d. in 1890. 
ii William Lincoln, b. 4 Mar., i860. 

252 MABEL^ SPELMAN (Ohel*, Stephen*, Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Vernon Centre, N. Y., 11 June, 1821, and 
died in Burlington, la., 4 August, 1892; married in Boonville, 
Ind., 6 March, 1840, William Henry Harrison Shelby, born in 
Kentucky, 22 February, 18 18, died in Boonville, son of Isaac 
and Nancy (Blue) Shelby, who both were members of prominent 
Kentucky families. William Shelby was the great-nephew of 
General Isaac Shelby, first Governor of Kentucky, and was a 
soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War. Mrs. Shelby 
died at the age of seventy-one. 

Children : 

522 i Isaac Ohel Shelby, b. i June, 1842; m. Mary L. 

ii Nancy Lavinia Shelby, b. in Charleston, Ind., 15 Oct., 
1845; d. in Boonville, 8 Mar., 1846. 

523 iii Irene Mabel Shelby, b. 5 Feb., 1847; "i- Albert E. 

iv James Shelby, b. in Boonville, 8 Feb., 1850; d. in 

that place, 10 Apr., 1850. 
v Thomas Shelby, b. in Boonville, 11 May, 185 1 ; d. i 

May, 1854. 

524 vi Henry Gaylord Shelby, b. 21 Feb., 1855; m. Kath- 

erine H. H. Van Arnum. 
vii Cora Orra Shelby, b. in Boonville, 22 Feb., 1858; 
lives in Burlington, la., where she was for many 
years a teacher in the public schools. 

253 THOMAS CLARK' SPELMAN (Ohel*, Stephen*, 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in Vernon Centre, N, Y., i May, 
1823, and died in Hill City, Kan., 26 Oct., 1893, aged seventy; 

274 Spelman Genealogy 

married in Boonville, Ind., 25 November, 1847, Philomelia Skil- 
linger Armstrong, born in Hamilton County, Ohio, 27 August, 
1827, daughter of Leonard and Rebecca (Riggs) Armstrong. 
His childhood was passed in Castile, N. Y., his youth and early 
manhood in Edenburg, Ohio, and Boonville, Ind. After his 
marriage he lived on a farm for five years, and then sold it to 
enter partnership with his father and two brothers-in-law in a 
flour mill company. Because of the opposition of neighbors, 
some dozen or more Anti-Slavery families took their property 
and moved to the Northwest from 1855 to 1857. The entire 
Spelman circle joined with these, the Congregational Church 
becoming extinct with this exodus. Thomas Spelman settled first 
in Mt. Pleasant, la., then called "The Schoolhouse of the State," 
and continued the milling business there and in Oakland Mills, 
and Eddyville, la., where he remained in partnership with his 
brother-in-law, Mr. A. W. Riggs. After the death of his parents 
and four of his children, he removed to Graham County, Kan., 
in 1880, and there built a large stone residence on the Solomon 
River, where his three children were married. 

Children, first four born in Boonville, Ind. ; last two in 
Oakland Mills, la.: 

i Stephen, b. 15 Sept., 1848; d. in Oakland Mills, 29 
Jan., 1861. 

525 ii Charles Aubrey, b. 30 Aug., 1850; m. Viola Warner. 

526 iii Rhoda, b. 6 Sept., 1852; m. William H. Rissler. 

iv Lina Frances, b. 6 Mar., 1835 ; d. in Eddyville, 14 

Sept., 1876. 
v John Thomas, b. in Mt. Pleasant, 13 Sept., 1857; d. in 

Eddyville, 3 Jan., 1879. 
vi Albert Stephen, b. 30 Nov., i860; d. in Oakland 

Mills, 9 Sept., 1861. 
vii Minnie Bella, b. 3 July, 1863; m. in Hill City, 27 

June, 1888, Henry S. Craig, who d. i Nov., 1899; 

no ch. ; lives with her aged mother in Hill City. 

254 JANE ELIZABETH' SPELMAN (Ohel*, Stephen*, 
Thomas*, Richard^) was born in Castile, N. Y., 18 October, 1827, 
and died in St. Anthony's Park, St. Paul, Minn., 6 January, 
1888; married in Boonville, Ind., 17 December, 1852, Abel Hol- 
brook, born in Kirtland, Ohio, 15 August, 1827, died 20 April, 
1893, son of David and Mary Holbrook, and brother of her sis- 
ter's husband. Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook lived on a farm in Boon- 
ville, but later removed to Sterling, III, and thence to La Soeur, 
Minn., in company with their brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. 
David Holbrook. After their children had reached maturity, 
they moved to St. Anthony's Park in the city of St. Paul, where 
Mrs. Holbrook died in 1888 and her husband five years later. 

Fifth Generation 275 

Children : 

527 i Charles Spelman Holbrook, b. 4 Mar., 1854; m. Laura 

M. Richardson. 
n John Fremont Holbrook, b. in Boonville, 10 Mar., 
1856; m., 16 Apr., 1890, in Frankfort, S. D., Carry 
Elvina Kallam, daughter of L. Kallam ; no ch. ; 
lives in Brook Park, Minn. 

528 iii Martha Isabella Holbrook, b. 11 Feb., 1859; m. Zenos 

S. Heminway. 

255 MARTHA AMELIA' SPELMAN (Ohel^ Stephen', 
Thomas^ Richard*) was born in Castile, N. Y., 3 January, 1831, 
and died in Eddyville, la., 6 February, 1869, aged thirty-eight; 
married in Boonville, Ind., 7 February, 1849, Andrew Wildman 
Riggs, born in Derby Conn., 7 June, 1827, died in Eddyville, 15 
April, 1906, son of Starr Benedict and Almira (Short) Riggs. 
They lived in Boonville and in Mt. Pleasant, la. Mr. Riggs 
married as a second wife Elizabeth Celina Armstrong, who was 
the intimate friend and bridesmaid of his first wife, and a sister 
of Mrs. Thomas Clark Spelman. 

Children : 

i Eva Isabella Riggs, b. in Boonville, 11 Sept., 1851 ; 
m., 15 Oct., 1873, Andrew Baker; no ch. ; lives in 

529 ii Isaac Short Riggs, b. ii Jan., 1854; m. (i) Ella 

McWilliams; m. (2) Nannie M. McMahon. 
iii Herbert Riggs, b. 5 Oct., 1856; d. 17 Dec, 1858. 

530 iv James Herbert Riggs, b. 25 Nov., 1858 ; m. Henrietta 

V Ellen Spelman Riggs, b. 7 May, 1861 ; d. i May, 

531 vi Cora Ellen Riggs, b. 3 Apr., 1863; m. Martin J. 


532 vii Ernest Starr Riggs, b. 28 Aug., 1865 ; m. Leonora 


533 viii George De Witt Riggs, b. 17 Sept., 1867; m. Nellie 


Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard*) was born in Castile, N. Y., 23 June, 
1832, and died 25 May, 1908; married, 21 October, 1863, Mary 
Elizabeth Waldron of Pontiac, Mich., born 3 January, 1840, 
daughter of Henry and Mary (Robinson) Waldron. Mr. Spel- 
man was named for the first American missionary to Palestine. 
He graduated from Wabash College, in Crawfordsville, Ind., in 
the class of 1856. He was always much interested in family his- 
tory, and in the summer of 1856, when he was twenty-four years 

276 Spelman Genealogy 

of age, he spent seven weeks in the East, visiting Spelman rela- 
tives in Oberlin, Cleveland, Rootstown, Randolph, and Paines- 
ville, Ohio ; in Granville and Westfield, Mass. ; in Albany and 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; and in Newark, N. J. He took with him on 
this journey a record of the family which had been written by 
his father in his youth. On his return to Cincinnati, Ohio, he 
entered the Lane Theological Seminary on Walnut Hill, and 
completed the full course in the class of 1859. After preaching 
in Illinois and Iowa, from time to time, he began his first pas- 
torate in Rochester, Mich., 20 January, i860, where he remained 
for three years. After his marriage he was established as pastor 
at St. Clair, Mich. Here he stayed for four years. He was 
afterwards pastor for eight years in Portland, four years in 
Stanton, and about six years in Covert, Mich. He then spent 
six years in Calhoun County, in several churches. After more 
than thirty years in the ministry, he removed with his family 
to a farm in Covert, in 1891, where they remained over eleven 
years. In 1902 this farm was sold, and they removed to the vil- 
lage, where he lived on Maple Avenue until April, 1907, when 
he and his wife moved into the home of their son, John Robinson 
Spelman. In September of that year Mr. Spelman suffered a 
slight stroke of paralysis, and again in December. After that 
time he was almost helpless, but his mind remained clear, and 
he was able to read to almost the last day of his life. He died 
in the following May, nearly seventy-six years of age. His 
widow and five of his children survive him. 
Children : 

534 i Henry Ohel, b. 18 Mar., 1865 ; m. Mary E. Bostwick, 

minister in St. Clair. 

535 ii Hattie St. Clair, b. i Oct., 1867 ; m. V/illiam G. Pack- 

ard, of South Haven, 
iii George Waldron, b. in Portland, Mich., 27 Nov., 1869 ; 
d. in Pontiac, Mich., 16 July, 1870. 

536 iv John Robinson, b. 19 Mar., 1873 ; m. Laura E. Lesley; 

lives in Covert. 

537 v Benjamin Bancroft, b. 19 July, 1878; m. Harriet B. 

Chase ; lives in Kalkaska, 111. 
vi Thomas Granville, b. 25 Feb., 1883, in Covert ; un- 
marned; lives in Covert. 

257 JOHN ADAMS' SPELMAN (Ohel*, Stephen', Thom- 
as', Richard^) was born in Edenburg, Ohio, 22 July, 1834, and 
died in Ellendale, N. D., 2 January, 1885 ; married in Union, 
Conn., 27 November, 1873, Ellen Grosvenor Curtis of that place, 
born in North New Salem, Mass., 5 June, 1839, daughter of Rev. 
Erastus and Deborah Hall Grosvenor (Newton) Curtis. Mr. 
Spelman graduated from Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind., 

Fifth Generation 2.']'j 

in the class of 1858. He studied law for some time. In October, 
1861, he entered the Third Minnesota Volunteer Regiment, and 
served in the Civil War until September, 1865. During that time 
he was detailed for work among the Indians in Minnesota, and, 
while there, in the winter of 1862-63. selected a spot for his future 
home. Accordingly, in the spring of 1867, he removed to Owa- 
tonna, Minn., buying a local newspaper there and becoming its 
editor. This paper, the Ozvatonna Journal, was a leading Re- 
pubHcan paper for many years. About 1873 ^^ gave up 
newspaper work, and in 1876 bought a stationery and fancy- 
goods store, but his health failing, in 1882 he removed to 
Dickey County, N. D., and settled on a farm of three hundred 
and twenty acres, eight miles from Ellendale. He died there in 
1885. The G. A. R. Post in Ellendale was named for him. His 
widow continued to reside on the farm and in Minneapolis, until 
her children reached maturity, and now lives in Oak Park, 111., 
with her two youngest sons. 
Children : 

538 i George Curtis, b. 17 Sept., 1874; m. Martha Oaks. 

539 ii Mabel Grosvenor, b. 23 Aug., 1876; m. James D. 

iii Herbert Francis, b. 4 Sept., 1878; lives in Oak Park. 
iv John Adams, b. 20 Sept., 1880; lives in Oak Park. 

258 CAROLINE AMELIA' COE (Luman Spelman*, 
Sarah', Thomas^ Richard^) was bom in Granville, Mass., 5 Jan- 
uary, 181 1, and died in Torringford, Conn., 2 February, 1844; 
married in Granville, 31 December, 1833, Samuel W. Squires. 


i Sarah Ellsworth Squires, b. 27 Jan., 1844. 

259 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN' COE (Luman Spelman*, 
Sarah" Spelman, Thomas'", Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 
12 January, 1820, and died there 8 May, 1862; married in Gran- 
ville, 2 September, 1841, Jane M. Diver. He was a jeweller in 

Children, born in Granville, Mass.: 

540 i Hyatt, b. 13 July, 1843; m. Mary Danly. 
ii Ida. 

iii Emma. 

260 SAMUEL ELLSWORTH' COE (Luman Spelman*, 
Sarah' Spelman, Thomas", Richard') was born in Granville, 
Mass., 9 July, 1829, and married in Mohawk, N. Y., i Septem- 
ber, 1858, Nancy Catharine Myers, born in German Flats, N. Y., 
15 December, 1833, daughter of John Henry and Maria (Bel- 

278 Spelman Genealogy 

linger) Myers of Herkimer, N. Y. Mr, Coe is an insurance 
agent in Mohawk. 

Children, born in Mohawk, N. Y. : 

i Clara Maria, b. 20 Jan., 1861 ; m. in Mohawk, 30 Nov., 
1905, George A. Loomis, b. in Palmer, Mass., 23 
Feb., 1854, son of Charles and Sarah Loomis. 
ii Frederick Ellsworth, b. 8 Sept., 1871 ; unmarried. 

261 LYMAN' SPELMAN (Danier, Eber', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard*) was born in Somers, Conn., 27 May, 1800, and died in 
Belchertown, Mass., in 1888; married (i), in Stafford, Conn., 
27 May, 1825, Lovisa Davis of Wales, Mass., who died 3 No- 
vember, 1830; married (2), 20 May, 1832, Susan Edson, born 4 
June, 1800, died in Stafford, in September, 1847, daughter of 
John and Lydia (Titus) Edson; married (3), 21 September, 
1847, Julia Ann Bond. 

Children, bom in Stafford, Conn. : 

541 i Dwight Lozine, b. 29 May, 1834; m. Harriet E. 


542 ii Emery Dan, b. 31 May, 1837; m. Sarah Francis. 

543 iii Emily Ann, twin, b. 31 May, 1837; m. Isaac A. Hall, 
iv Mary Jane, b. 4 Jan., 1839; d. in Stafford, 9 Apr., 

1878; m. in South Wilbraham, Mass., i June, i860, 
Henry Lucas ; 4 ch., all of whom d. in infancy ; 
lived in South Wilbraham, and in Windsor Locks, 

262 BILLINGS'' SPELMAN (Daniel*, Eber', Thomas', 
Richard*) was bom in Somers, Conn., i April, 1806, and died 
before 1886 ; married Phebe Coe of Cold Spring, N. Y., who also 
died before 1886. He was living in Cold Spring in 1870. 

Children : 

544 i Josephine, b. about 1850 ; m. Little. 

ii William, b. about 1852 ; at one time "employed on the 

N. Y. Central R. R. ; also lived in Mason, Tenn. 
iii Charles, was a telegraph operator in Memphis, Tenn,, 

in 1870. 
iv Lewis, was a telegraph operator in Memphis, Tenn., in 

V Emma, 
vi A son, who was supt. of telegraph co. in Texas, and 

later was in New Orleans, La. 

263 ORLANDO' SPELMAN ( Daniel', Eber', Thomas', 
Richard*) was born in Somers, Conn., 9 April, 1808, and died 12 
Jan., 1870, aged 61 ; married 29 March, 183 1, Sophia Laribee 
of Westfield, Mass. They lived in Granville, Ohio. 

Fifth Generation 279 

Children : 

i Melissa Ann, b. in Springfield, Mass., 6 Oct., 1832 ; 

d. 12 May, 1838. 
ii Charles Henry, b. in Hennepin, 111., 12 July, 1838; 
m. Ellen Brian ; in 1873 he was living in Ashley, 
111. ; 2 ch., one of whom d., and the other is living 
in Tenn. 
iii George Edward, b. in Alexandria, Ohio, 18 June, 
1841 ; m. Cassie Browning; i ch. 

Eber', Thomas', Richard') was born 13 July, 1810, and died 27 
Jan., 1872 ; married Mary Ann Case, born in Va., died before 
I Jan., 1900. He lived in Simsbury and Hartford, Conn., and 
was a drum major in the Civil War. 

Children : 

545 i James, b. 8 May, 1830; m., ist, Jane Northway; mar- 

ried a second time. 

546 ii William C, m. Sophia M. Chandler. 

547 iii Henry S., b. in 1852 ; m. Lette Holden. 
iv Laura, b. in 1854; lives in Hartford. 

v Sophronia, b. in 1856; m. Holcomb; lives in 

East Granby, 
vi Emma, m. Wright ; lives in Fall River, Mass. 

548 vii Annie, m. Corey. 

Thomas\ Richard') was born o.'j June, 1819, and died 11 April, 
1866 ; married Julia V/yant. 


i Mary, m. Wayant ; lives in Cold Spring, N. Y. 

266 AD ALINE C SPELMAN (Daniel*, Eber^ Thomas', 
Richard') was born in Springfield, Mass., 5 Sept., 1828, and died 
in Brodhead, Wis., 25 Nov., 1872; married in Springfield, 6 
Sept., 1845, Jonathan Philbrick, born in Salisbury, N. H., 27 
June, 1817, died in Brodhead, 7 Aug., 1901, son of Lydia (Ste- 
phens) Philbrick. They first resided in Mass., then in Vt., and 
about 1859 moved to Wis. 

Children : 

549 i Charles Henry Philbrick, b. ii April, 1847, i" Chicko- 

pee Falls, Mass. ; m. Bertha Preusser. 

550 ii Sarah Francis Philbrick, b. 6 Oct., 1848. in Topsham, 

Vt. : m. Joseph Cadieu ; d. at Beaver Dam, Wis., 8 
Sept., 1879. 
iii Byron Halsa Philbrick, b. 22 Dec, 1850, in Topsham. 

28o Spelman Genealogy 

551 iv Frank Austin Philbrick, b. 21 April, 1852, or 1853, 

in Barnet, Vt. ; m. Lavina McCrea. 

552 V James Lewis Philbrick, b. 11 Aug., 1854, in Barnet; 

m. Susan Hawkins. 

553 vi Edwin Eugene Philbrick, b. 7 June, 1857, in Barnet; 

m., as a second wife, Amelia Machelman; d. at 
Omaha, Neb., 26 May, 1904. 

554 vii Nellie Adaline Philbrick, b. 17 April, i860, in Or- 

fordville, Wis. ; m. Fremont H. Heath. 

555 viii Lura Etta Philbrick, b. 30 March, 1866, in Brod- 

head, Wis.; m. Ared White. 
ix Minnie Belle Philbrick, b. 12 Oct., 1869, in Brod- 
head, where she resides. 

267 LUCY THRALL' SPELMAN (Eber\ Eber', Thom- 
as', Richard^) w^as born in Stafford, Conn., 3 Jan., 1808, and 
died in Ossian, N. Y., 18 Jan., 1898; married in Stafford, 13 
Sept., 1827, Nathan Fenton, born in New Haven, Conn., 18 May, 
1801. They lived in Stafford, Conn., in Moscow, N. Y., and in 

Children : 

556 i Mary Jane Fenton, b. 25 May, 183 1 ; m. Isaac Hamp- 

ii Harriet Fenton, b. in Moscow, 4 Jan., 1836; d. there 
15 March, 1837. 

557 iii Lucius Charles Fenton, b. 14 Sept., 1841 ; m. Kather- 

ine E. McCartney. 

558 iv Sarah Annie Fenton, b. 13 June, 1846; m., ist, Hugh 

H. Rolison ; m., 2nd, Levi C. Pearce. 

268 JERUSHA CADY' SPELMAN (Eber*, Eber', Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in Enfield, Conn., 3 Sept., 1810, and 
died in Stillwater, Mich., 23 Jan., 1892 ; married in Jencksville, 
Mass., 20 Sept., 1836, Charles Henry Jencks, born there 4 Sept., 
1813, died in Waterford, N. Y., 26 Dec, 1858, son of Benjamin 
and Elizabeth (Brown) Jencks. He was buried in Jencksville, 

Children : 

559 i Helen A. Jencks, b. 5 Sept., 1837; m. William M. 

ii Amie Jencks, b. in St. Louis, Mo., 17 Julv, 1852 ; m. 
in Stillwater, Mich., 20 Sept., 1876, John H. Web- 
ster of Bangor, Me., who d. in Tallahassee, Fla., 
7 March, 1878; no ch. ; lives in Stillwater. 

269 OLIVER WOLCOTr SPELMAN (Eber*, Eber', 
Thomas', Richard^) was born 16 Jan., 1817, and died 31 March, 

Fifth Generation 281 

1892; married 16 Dec, 1849, Mary Marsh, born 8 March, 1825, 
died 19 May, 1857. Mr. Spelman married a second time, but 
the name of his second wife is unknown. He was named for 
Gov. OHver Wolcott of Conn. V/hen he was sixteen years of 
age he removed with his parents from Stafford, Conn., to Mos- 
cow, N, Y. It was his earnest wish to become a minister, but 
he had not the needed means to pursue the course of study 
necessary. For several years he taught school, and was also 
a painter by trade. He was a fluent writer, and often contrib- 
uted articles to newspapers, writing, a few days before he died, 
an article on Tariff Reform for a Buffalo paper. For fifty years 
he lived in Erie County, N. Y., the last twenty-seven being spent 
in the city of Buffalo. 

Children by first wife : 

i Mary Ellen, b. 3 Aug., 1850; m., i Sept., 1887, Joseph 

S. Centerbar, b. 16 Jan., 1844; no ch. ; lives in 

Glens Falls, N. Y. 

560 ii Anna Phoebe, b. 12 July, 1853 '■> ^- Robert Hodgson. 

561 iii Oliver Marsh, b, 17 Oct., 1854; m. Mary I. Coles. 

562 iv William Henry, b. ii July, 1856. His wife's name 

was Minnie. 
Child by second wife : 

V Charles Wolcott, b. 9 Nov., 1862; unmarried; lives 

in Buffalo. 

270 ABIGAIL' SPELMAN (Apollos\ Eber', Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 30 January, 1809, and 
died in Tolland, Conn., 16 July, 1888 ; married in Stafford, i 
March, or February, 1827, Alanson Bugbee, born in Mansfield, 
Conn., 26 August, 1804, died in Hartford, Conn., 3 March, 1898. 
They Hved in Stafford, Rockville, and Tolland, Conn. 
Children, first three born in Stafford, Conn. : 

i Harriet A. Bugbee, b. 7 Feb., 1828 ; m. in Tolland, 
16 Jan., 1853, Aden Pebbles, who d. in Hartford, 
21 Oct., 1892; no ch. ; lives in Hartford, 
ii Franklin A. Bugbee, b. 11 July, 1829; d. in Hart- 
ford, 30 July, 1887; m. Julia Hooker, 
iii Apollos S. Bugbee, b. 24 Aug., 1831 ; m. (i) JuHa 
A. Eaton; m. (2) Serepta Burrows; m. (3) Mary 
Newcomb ; lives in East Haddam, Conn. 

563 iv Elizabeth J. Bugbee, b. 26 Feb., 1834; m. Henry A. 


V Lucinda S. Bugbee, b. in Tolland, 20 Aug., 1836; d. 

in Westfield, Mass., 18 June, 1885 ; m., in Tolland, 
Le Roy Porter, 
vi Sarah M. Bugbee, b. in Burlington, Vt., 26 Dec, 
1838; d. in Tolland 13 July, 1851. 

282 Spelman Genealogy 

vii Sylvester C. Bugbee, b. in Tolland, 16 Nov., 1843; 
d. 29 June, 1864, killed in battle in the Civil War. 

564 viii Arthur Tappan Bugbee, b. 6 Oct., 1846; m. Anna 

D. Drout. 

565 ix Walter T. Bugbee, b. 20 May, 1850; m. Flora J. 


271 SARAH' SPELMAN (ApoUos*, EberS Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 10 May, 181 1, and died 
in Stafford Springs, Conn., 20 July, 1896; married John Knight 
Lord, born in Limington, Me., 8 Nov., 1809, died in Stafford 
Springs, 23 March, 1891, son of James and Hannah (Durrell) 
Lord. They lived in Stafford Springs. 

Children : 

i Myra Lord, b. in Stafford, 13 Apr., 1835 ; m. in 
Stafford Springs, 11 June, 1854, Julius Converse, 
b. there i Mar., 1827, son of Solva and Esther 
(Blodgett) Converse. 

566 ii James Madison Lord, b. 18 June, 1837 ; m. Hannah 


567 iii Jane Adeline Lord, b. 6 Oct., 1839; m. Henry 

iv Adeline C. Lord, d. young. 
V Adelaide L. Lord, d. young. 
vi John Knight Lord, d. young. 
vii Eva T. Lord, d. young. 

568 viii Louis Kossuth Lord, b. 21 Dec, 185 1 ; m. Mary 

A. E. Converse. 

(Apollos*, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Stafford, 
Conn., 14 July, 1814, and died in Hampden, Mass., 23 August, 
1883; married (i), in Wilbraham, Mass., i June, 1836, Delia 
Morris, born in Wilbraham, 31 July, 1810, died there, 28 April, 
1840, daughter of Robert and Lydia Morris; married (2), in 
Wilbraham, i June, 1842, Martha Jane West, born in Wilbra- 
ham, 14 February, 1821, died there, 17 August, 1855. daughter 
of John and Martha West; married (3) Elizabeth Malvina 
Newell, born in Wilbraham, 5 April, 183 1, daughter of John and 
Paulinah S. Newell. When he was about twenty-three years of 
age, Mr. Spelman removed from Stafford to Wilbraham, where 
he conducted a mercantile business until a few years before his 
death. He was a prominent member of the old-time Democratic 
Party, and held the offices of Trial Justice. Justice of the Peace, 
and Deputy Sheriff. He represented the town in the Legisla- 
ture. He was a freemason and Knight Templar, and an earnest 
worker in the Congregational Church. He eventually moved to 

Fifth Generation 283 

Springfield, Mass., and died in Hampden (formerly South Wil- 
braham), where he held the office of Postmaster. His widow 
resides in Springfield, Mass. 

Children by first wife, born in Wilbraham, Mass. : 

569 i Charles Clark, b. 3 Dec, 1843 '■> n^- Jennie H. Flagg. 

570 ii Delia Morris, b. 6 Oct., 1847; ^- Dr. George T. Bal- 

Child by second wife: 

571 iii William Patten, b. 26 Oct., 1868; m. (i) Catherine 

Porter; m. (2) Harriet B, Alden. 

273 HORATIO' SPELMAN (ApollosS Eber', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 10 June, 1818, and died 
in Rockford, 111., 19 August, 1866; married Mrs. Mary Wash- 

Children : 

i Horatio Adelbert, b. in Stafford, in 1845 ; married, 
ii Fred C, b. in Rockford; married. 

274 AUGUSTUS" SPELMAN (Apollos*, Eber', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn,, 17 November, 1820, and 
died in Staft'ord Springs, Conn., 29 January, 1898; married 
Zilpha A. Morse, bom in Willington, Conn., 3 April, 1827, 
daughter of Jonathan and Abigail Morse. 

Children : 

572 i Myra E., b. 13 Sept., 1848; m. Charles B. Gary, 

ii Jane S., b. in Staffordville, Conn., 8 June, 1852; d. 4 

Feb., 1854. 
iii Ida J. S., b. in Staffordville, 8 Dec, 1854; d. 27 Aug., 


275 JASPER HYDF SPELMAN (Apollos*, Eber', Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 19 March, 1824, and 
died in Stafford Springs, Conn., 30 September, 1863 ; married, 
2 August, i8z^4, in Stafford, Eliza A. Horton, bom in Willington, 
Conn., 28 Oct., 1825. 

Children, born in Stafford, Conn. : 

i Francis H., b. 25 Dec, 1845 '■> "^- ^^ Stafford Springs, 
II Oct., 1886, Sarah A. Spedding, daughter of Rich- 
ard and Alice Howard Spedding ; no ch. ; resides 
in Stafford Springs. 
ii S. Addie, b. 7 Nov., 1855. 

276 LOUISA STATIRA" JOHNSON (Statira* Spelman, 
Eber*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 22 Feb- 
ruary, 1807, and died in North Adams, Mass., 8 August, 1895 ; 

284 Spelman Genealogy 

married in Stafford, 23 January, 1826, Joseph Ellis, bom there 
9 September, 1800, died 29 April, 1863. They lived in North 
Adams, Mass. 
Children : 

573 ^ Jonathan Johnson Ellis, b. 18 July, 1827 or 1828 ; m. 

Frances H. Weldon. 

574 ii Lucius Augustus Ellis, b. 3 Nov., 1829; m. Carrie 


575 iii Samuel Johnson Ellis, b. 30 Nov., 1832 ; m. Susan B. 

iv Andrew Jackson Ellis, b. in Granville, Mass., 30 Nov., 
1833 ; d. in North Adams, Mass. ; m. in Westfield, 
Mass., 4 Jan., 1858, Rebecca Hickox, who lives in 
that town. 

V Sarah Jane Ellis, b. in Granville, 26 Oct., 1839 ; m. in 

Westfield, in Sept., 1866, John Moore, who d. in 
Kensington, Conn., 27 Apr., 1900. 
vi Mary Elizabeth Ellis, b. in Granville, 26 Oct., 1839 
(a twin), d. in Troy, N. Y., 8 May, 1897; m. (i), 
in East Bennington, Vt., 24 Aug., 1862, Horace 

Field; m, (2) Breckenridge ; lived in Troy, 

N. Y. 

277 CALVIN W.' JOHNSON (Statira* Spelman, Eber', 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., in 1810, and 
died 19 May, 1883; married (i) JuHet Sage, daughter of Russell 
Sage; m. (2) Anna Cobb, born 14 Oct., 1823, daughter of Row- 
land Cobb. 

Children : 

i EHza J. ; m. Henry Phelps ; 2 ch. 
ii Fannie, 
iii Emma, 
iv Antoinette. 

V Charles. 

278 SAMUEL S.' JOHNSON (Statira* Spelman, Eber*, 
Thomas^ Richard*) was born in Stafford, Conn., in 1813; mar- 
ried, but the name of his wife is unknown. 

Children : 

i Sarah, m. Babbett; 4 ch. 

ii Martha. 

iii Samuel, 

iv Edward. 

V A child, d. in infancy, 

vi A child, d. in infancy, 

vii A child, d. in infancy. 

Fifth Generation 285 

Spelman, Eber^ Thomas", Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 
2 February, 1815, and died in New York City, 11 May, 1882; 
married Eliza Bigelow, Mr. Johnson lived in North Adams, 
Mass., where he was an extensive manufacturer. He was a 
member of the State Legislature for five years, for some time 
one of the Governor's Council, and prominently identified with 
the Republican Party in Massachusetts. His widow was living 
in North Adams in 1885. 

Children : 

i Mary E., m. in North Adams, 6 June, 1867, Frank 

M. Grimes, 
ii Frances, 
iii WilHam. 
iv Carrie. 

280 LUCIUS A.' JOHNSON (Statira* Spelman, Eber*, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 1818, and died in Wisconsin ; 
married Pamela Wilson, daughter of John Wilson. They lived 
in Beloit, Wis. 

Child : 

i Alice Wilson. 

281 PARSONS' JOHNSON (Statira* Spelman, EberS 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Somers, Conn., 17 July, 1820, 
and died in Beloit, Wis., 17 December, 1891 ; married in Stam- 
ford (Readsboro'), Vt., i January, 1843, Roxanna Littlefield, 
born in Readsboro', 4 March, 1821. Parsons Johnson was edu- 
cated in the schools of Somers. He engaged in business in 
Rutland, Vt., until 1855, when he removed to Beloit, where he 
lived until his death. He was prominent in the affairs of that 
place, holding the office of City Marshall, and was for seven 
years a member of the Common Council. He also was Deputy 
Sheriff of his County, an active and influential Republican, and 
identified with the order of Freemasons. 

Children : 

576 i Mary Augusta, b. 7 May, 1845 ; ^- Theodore B. Wells. 

577 ii Edgar McEndra, b. 20 Sept., 1846; m. Harriet S. 


578 iii Emma Elizabeth, b. 16 July, 1850 : m. Henry G. Heff- 


282 MARTHA EMILY' SPELMAN (Sylvester*, Eber', 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 19 December, 
1827; married in Granville, 31 October, 1850, Edward Mott 
Downer, born 7 October, 1826, in Zanesville, Ohio, who was a 
graduate of the Episcopal Seminary in Granville, and of the 

286 Spelman Genealogy 

Dennison University of that place, of which he became a pro- 
fessor. Later he was cashier of the First National Bank of 

Children : 

579 i Appleton Avery Downer, b. lo Sept., 185 1 ; m. Nora 

Maria Sperry. 

580 ii Sylvester Spelman Downer, b. 12 Sept., 1853 ; m. 

Charlotte Hardin, 
iii Mary Downer, b. in Zanesville, 5 Oct., 1855 ; d. in 
Granville, 19 Mar., 1875. 

581 iv Francis Mott Downer, B. 2 Dec, 1857 ; m. Mabel Fox. 

V Emily Boardman Downer, b. in Granville, 21 Jan., 
1865 ; m. there, 18 June, 1889, Alfred Dodge Cole, 
who was professor of chemistry and physics in 
Dennison University; no ch. ; lives in Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

283 SYLVANDER" HARWOOD (Charlotte* Spelman, 
Eber', Thomas^, Richard^) married Abigail Fuller. 

Child : 
i Orrin. 

284 FRANCIS A.' HARWOOD (Charlotte* Spelman, 
Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 12 May, 1817, and died in 
Stafford, Conn., 24 January, 1884 ; married Clarissa Luther, bom 
9 September, 1821, died in Stafford, 13 December, 1878, daugh- 
ter of Calvin Luther. 

Children, born in Stafford, Conn. : 
i Calvin L., b. 24 June, 1844. 

582 ii Charles F., b. 25 June, 1849; ^n- Ella M. Pember. 

285 MARIA" CADY (Alsamana French* Spelman, Eber', 
Thomas^ Richard^) married David Brown. 

Children : 

i A. D. Brown, lives in Stafford, Conn, 
ii Another child. 

286 MARIETTA" CADY (Alsamana French* Spelman, 
Eber*, Thomas^ Richard^) married, in June, 1855, Anson Chat- 
terton Brewer of Wilbraham, Mass., born 22 May, 1826, son of 
Charlfs and Frances (Rice) Brewer. They live in Wilbraham. 

Children : 

i Charles Anson Brewer, b. 17 Aug., 1856. 
ii Oscar Cady Brewer, b. 9 June, 1858. 

287 LAURA C." SPELMAN (Anson*, Eber*, Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 6 December, 1826; mar- 

Fifth Generation 287 

ried Dr. Samuel R. Davis of Mott Haven, N. Y. (now a part of 
New York City). They were living there in 1900. 
Children : 

i Martin Davis, b. about 1855 ; d. in infancy, 
ii Laura Davis, b. about 1857. 
iii Hattie S. Davis, b. about i860, 
iv Sarah Davis, b. about 1862. 

288 ISAAC F.' SPELMAN (Anson*, Eber', Thomas', 
Richard") was born in Stafford, Conn., 2 March, 1832, and died 
in Becket, Mass., 27 May, 1890; married, in 1852, Mary Lucina 
Harris, who died in 1899. They lived in Chester, Mass., and in 
Becket, Mass. 

Children : 

i Anson F., b. in 1857 ; lives in East Longmeadow, 

ii Sylvester E., b. in 1861 ; lives in East Longmeadow. 
583 iii Frank Adelbert, b. i Feb., 1866; m. Estella Franklin. 
iv Merton H., lives in East Longmeadow. 
V Mary Lucina, lives in East Longmeadow. 

Thomas', Richard") was born in Stafford, Conn., 28 October, 
1844; married (i), 8 November, i860, Gardner Lull. They re- 
sided in V/est Stafford. She married (2), 2 September, 1883, 
Frederick A. Hayes. They reside in South Windsor, Conn. 

Children by first husband : 

i Alpha Lull, b. 5 Nov., 1862 ; d. in Sept., 1864. 

ii Forrest G. Lull, b. 21 Apr., 1865. 

iii Effie S. Lull, b. 25 Apr., 1876. 
Child by second husband : 

iv Frederick A. Hayes, b. 3 July, 1888. 

290 EPHRAIM^ SAUNDERS (Rhoda* Spelman, Tim- 
othy*, Thomas", Richard') married, about March, 1828, Adeline 
Curtis of Southwick, Mass. [Granville Town Records], their 
marriage intention being dated 17 March, 1828 [Ibid], at which 
time he lived in Granville, Mass. [Ibid]. 

Children : 

i A daughter, m. Rowe ; lives in Bridgeport, Conn. 

ii A daughter. 
iii A son. 
iv A son. 

man, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard") was born in October, 1811, 
and died in 1875 ; married in Enfield, Conn., 26 February, 1832, 

288 Spelman Genealogy 

William Hamilton of Scotland, who died in 1875. They lived 
in Hartford, Conn. 
Chilx)REN : 

584 i Thomas Hamilton, b. 25 Nov., 1832; m. Agnes L. 

ii Henry Hamilton, b. in 1835 ; d. in Hartford, in Apr., 

585 iii Mary Hamilton, b. 19 Mar., 1838; m. Thomas L. 

iv Ag:nes Hamilton, m. N. Preston; lives in Bridgeport, 

V Martha Hamilton, m. N. G. Colcord; lives in Lynn, 

vi William Hamilton. 

586 vii Margaret Hamilton, b. 14 July, 1850; m. John Y. 

viii Anne M. Hamilton. 

292 HUGH DENNIS' KELLEY (Sarah* Spelman, Tim- 
othy', Thomas", Richard^) was born about 1804, and died between 
1838 and 1867. In 1838 he was in partnership with his father, 
who was one of the contractors on the canal then being con- 
structed in Ohio. He married, but the name of his wife is un- 

Children : 

i Electa H., lives in Effingham, 111. 
ii Alfred H., married, and has three sons and one daugh- 
ter, all of whom live in Effingham. 

587 iii Sarah M., m. Lewis J. Hankins. 

iv Elizabeth E., d. 8 Oct., 1903 ; married, and had two 
sons and five daughters. 

293 SARAH MORILLA' KELLEY (Sarah* Spelman, 
Timothy', Thomas", Richard^) was born 3 June, 1805, and died 
in Shelbyville, 111., 6 September, 1866; married in Granville, 
Ohio, in 1824, Benjamin Ive Sutton, who was born in 1804. 

Children : 

588 i Joseph Hugh Sutton ; m. M. M . 

ii George Bentley Sutton. 

iii Ann Catherine Sutton, 

iv Eveline Sutton. 

V Benjamin Elias Sutton, 
vi Lewis Henry Sutton. 

589 vii Samantha Emeline Sutton, b. 3 June, 1846; m. Gil- 

man Sturdevant. 

590 viii James Lafayette Sutton, b. i Mar., 1848; m. Juliet 

I. Park. 

Fifth Generation 289 

ix Jasper Newton Sutton. 

294 TIMOTHY MILTON' KELLEY (Sarah* Spelman, 
Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard') was born in Granville, Ohio, 23 
September, 1806, and died in Effingham, 111., 9 June, 1866; mar- 
ried, in 1824, Elizabeth Hughes. 

Children : 

591 i Eli D., b. 26 Nov., 1832 ; m. Harriet Randall, 
ii Elvira, b. 18 Oct., 1834. 

592 iii Mary AdeHne, b. 22. Nov., 1836; m. (i) Jacob De- 

vore ; m. (2) Thomas Devall. 
iv Eliza Ann, b. 6 Dec, 1838. 

593 V Hugh Spelman, b. 26 Feb., 1840; m. Margaret Keat- 

vi Elizabeth L.. b. 14 June, 1843 \ n^- Keating. 

594 vii Rhoda Electa, b. 11 Aug., 1845; "^- (i) William T. 

Parker; m. (2) Oliver J. Crooks. 

595 viii Nancy Jane. b. 25 Mar., 1848; m. Alexander Martin. 

596 ix George Milton, b. 25 Dec, 1849; m. (i) Elizabeth 

Carter; m. (2) Sarah M. Walker. 

597 X WilHam Henry, b. 2 Oct., 185 1 ; m. Julia B. Johnson, 
xi Louis Allen, b. 22 Apr., 1854; d. 26 Aug., 1856. 

295 ELVIRA MINDWELU KELLEY (Sarah* Spelman, 
Timothy\ Thomas^ Richard') was born in Granville, Ohio, 3 
August, 1810, and died in Greenup, 111., 25 April, 1893 ; married, 
24 April, 1836, Walter N. Ruffner. 

Children : 

i Margaret Ann Ruffner, b. 26 Jan., 1837; "^-^ 23 Dec, 

1879, C. H. Spencer ; lives in Casey, 111. 
ii Sarah M. Ruffner, b. 13 July, 1839; d. 18 Aug., 1839. 

598 iii Catherine E. Ruffner, b. 18 July, 1840; m. WilHam 

D. Seymour. 

599 iv Martin J. Ruffner, b. 27 Nov., 1842; m. (i) Maggie 

L. Fox; m. (2) Helen V. Waters; m. (3) Mattie 
A. Carroll. 
V Sarah E. Ruffner. b. 13 Nov., 1844; d. 17 Jan., 1868. 

600 vi Henry Hugh Ruffner, b. i May, 1847; n^- Josephine 


601 vii Walter N. Ruffner, b. 20 Feb., 1853 ; m. Susan R. 


296 JOHN SPELMAN' KELLEY (Sarah* Spelman, 
Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Granville, Ohio, 22 
September, 1812, and died in Blue Mound. Kan., 29 November, 
1882; married in Pleasantville, Ohio, 11 February, 1838, Mary 
Ann Mesnard. 

290 Spelman Genealogy 

Children : 

i William Medill, b. 18 Dec, 1838; d. 14 June, 1876; 
m. (i), 30 Nov., i860, Maria Crocker; m. (2), 24 
Feb., 1868, Martha G. Irvin, who d. in Fort Scott; 
2 sons, I daughter. 
ii Louisa Electa, b. 16 May, 1840 ; d. 8 July, 1847. 
iii Samuel Sylvester, b. 3 Sept., 1842; d. 5 Sept., 1842, 
iv Walter Allen, b. 20 Aug., 1843; d. 21 May, 1847. 

602 v Mindwell Elvira, b. 2 Jan., 1846; m. Andrew M. 

vi Mary Ann, b. 26 Oct., 1848; d. 9 Oct., 1875; m., 5 
Apr., 1868, George A. Kelley; 2 sons. 

603 vii Elsie Matilda, b. 22 Nov., 1850; ra. (i) Samuel 

White ; m. (2) Samuel E. Johnson, 
viii Frank Pierce, b. 22 Aug., 1852; d. 6 Apr., 1901. 
ix Naomi Josephine, b. 22 May, 1854; d. i Nov., 1855. 
X John Spelman, b. 29 Feb., 1856; d. 5 Feb., 1880; m., 
2 Dec, 1878, Fannie Sims ; i daughter. 

604 xi Lovina Estelle, b. 6 July, 1858; m. Thomas H. Trice. 

297 RHODA ELECTA' KELLEY (Sarah* Spelman, Tim- 
othy*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 29 July, 
1815, and died in Black Lick, Ohio, 7 September, 1900; married 
in Baltimore, Ohio, 11 November, 1841, Henry George Black, 
born in New Salem, Ohio, 2 June, 1815, died in Black Lick, 5 
March, 1903, son of James Black. His mother's maiden name was 

Children, born in Baltimore, Ohio : 

i Sarah Black, b. 30 Dec, 1842; d. in Baltimore, 2 

Feb., 1845. 
ii Henry Black, b. 8 Feb., 1845 ; d. in Baltimore, 18 Feb., 

iii Georgiana Black, b. 28 Apr., 1848; d. in Baltimore, 7 

Feb., 1850. 
iv William Black, b. 10 Dec, 1850. 
V Isadora Black, b. 25 Apr., 1853 ; d. in Baltimore, 16 

Oct., 1855. 

605 vi George Kelley Black, b. 4 Mar., 1856; m. (i) Laura 

Atkinson; m. (2) Virginia A. Needham. 

298 ORVILLE LUMMIS' KELLEY (Sarah* Spelman. 
Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Ohio, 13 
January, 1818; married, 13 April, 1843, Elizabeth Hankins, who 
survives him and lives in Mason, 111. 

Children : 

606 i Eliza Ann, b. 8 Feb., 1846; m. (i) Samuel W. 

Haney; m. (2) Joseph P. Shewmake. 

Fifth Generation 291 

607 ii Francis Henry, b. 23 July, 1848 ; m. Phebe Y. Brown. 

608 iii Milton Presly, b. 24 Jan., 1850; m. Sarah E. Webb, 
iv Mary Jane, b. 24 Sept., 185 1 ; d. 27 Sept., 185 1. 

V Orville Lummis, b. 13 Mar., 1853 ; d. 4 July, 1853. 

vi Mariah, b. 16 Jan., 1855 ; d. 18 Jan., 1855. 

vii Alfred, b. 24 Oct., 1857 ; d. 5 Nov., 1857. 

609 viii John H. Lummis, b. 29 Jan., i860; m. Anna Cald- 


man, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 
I March, 1820, and died in Shelbyville, 111., i April, 1900; mar- 
ried, 22 September, 1842, Electa Mesnard. 

Children : 

610 i Hugh Andrew, b. 5 June, 1843 ! ^- Esther Crooks. 

611 ii John Spelman, b. 3 Aug., 1845; ^- Mary Miller. 
iii Alfred Sylvester, b. 3 Aug., 1847; d. in 1880. 

iv Charles Henry, b. 8 Dec, 1849; m., in Mar., 1874, 
Laura Mathews ; lives in Shelbyville, 111. 

612 V Orville Merite, b. 24 Nov., 1851 ; m. (i) Eliza Heu- 

son ; m. (2) Mary E. Dannenbarger. 
vi Electa Louisa, b. 18 Oct., 1852 ; d. 6 Aug., 1854. 

613 vii Samuel Monroe, b. 9 Apr., 1854; m. Marada Als- 

viii William Harrison, b. 12 Feb., 1856; d. 29 May, 1856. 

614 ix William Medill, b. 12 Mar., 1857; m. Martha E. 

X Edward Prebell, b. 12 Feb., i860; d. 25 Dec, 1861. 

615 xi Joseph Solomon, b. 12 Feb., 1862; m. Mary A. Tuttle. 

rick*, Timothy^ Thomas", Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 
18 November, 1812, and died 14 October, 1864; married, 2 Sep- 
tember, 1834, Sylvia Cook, born in Massachusetts, 25 February, 
1814, died in Cortland, Ohio, 8 June, 1906, daughter of Russell 
and Lydia Cook. 

Children : 

i Irwin Herrick, b. in Alexandria, Ohio, 14 Jan., 1836; 
m. in Warren, Ohio, Esther Gordon, daughter of 
Robert Gordon ; they live in Cleveland, Ohio, 
ii Linton, b. in Alexandria, 18 Sept., 1838; d. in Cort- 
land, in Nov., 1880. 

616 iii Isadola, b. 9 Feb., 1841 ; m. James W. Benson. 

301 GEORGE' SPELMAN (Thomas Herrick*, Timothy', 
Thomas^ Richard") was born in Granville, Ohio, 25 July, 1815, 
and died in Alexandria, Ohio, 15 December, 1855; married (i), 

292 Spelman Genealogy 

20 August, 1839, Jane Lansing, After her death he married (2), 
26 May, 1846, Naomi Cornell, born 3 January, 1820. Mr. Spel- 
man was killed in a sawmill which he owned. His widow lives 
in Columbus, Ohio. 

Children by first wife : 

617 i William Wing, b. 23 Aug., 1840; m. (i) Laura B, 

Wartenbe; m. (2) Jane A, Griffith. 

618 ii Mary Elizabeth, b. 23 Nov., 1842 or 1845; m. Israel 

Children by second wife: 
iii Ellen Jane, b. 5 Aug., 1847 5 d. 23 Nov., 1865. 

619 iv Susan T., b. 26 June, 1850 ; m. Howard M. Sedgwick, 
v Anna Louisa, b. 15 Feb., 1854; m. in Lanesville, Ohio, 

2 Sept., 1885, Cyrus Burt Wilson, who d. 5 Feb., 
1900; lives in Cambridge, Ohio; no ch. 

620 vi Georgiana, b. 18 June, 1856; m. Charles M. McMillan. 

302 LEWIS M." SPELMAN (Thomas Herrick*, Timothy, 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in St. Albans, Ohio, 28 August, 
1817; married, 6 March, 1845, Victoria Buxton, born in Brandon, 
Vt., 29 January, 1826, daughter of David and Betsey Buxton. 
Mr. Spelman read law for several years, but finally became a 


i Harry L., b. 9 Dec, 1845 ! ^-^ 22 Dec, 1869, Emma 

303 ROWLEY" SPELMAN (Thomas Herrick*, Timothy*, 
Thomas', Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 28 February, 
1820 ; married L. Eaton. He and his wife resided in Newton, la. 

Children : 

i Ella, lives in Kellogg, la. 
ii Gertie, lives in Kellogg, 
iii A daughter, 
iv A daughter. 

304 MIRIAM* (MYRA) SPELMAN (Thomas Herrick*, 
Timothy', Thomas', Richard*) was bom in Granville, Ohio, 13 
March, 1822; married (i), 19 March, 1840, Joseph D. Talbot; 
after his death married (2) Mawhor, and lived in Reynolds- 
burg, Ohio. 

Children by first husband : 

i Louis Spelman Talbot ; lives in Zanesville, Ohio, 
ii Rufus Spelman Talbot, a soldier of the Civil War; 
taken prisoner and d. in Andersonville Prison in 
iii Susan Talbot, d. just before her father's death. 

Fifth Generation 293 

iv Harriet Talbot, d. just before her father's death. 
Children by second huslaand : 

621 V Ella Mawhor, m. Beem. 

vi Thomas Mawhor, lives in Reynoldsburg. 

305 HARRIEr SPELMAN (Thomas Herrick*, Timothy*, 
Thomas'', Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 18 January, 
1826; married (i), near Alexandria, Ohio, i November, 1847, 
John Wicks Montague, born in Westford, Vt., i June, 1818, died 
near Mt. Sterling, III, 15 July, 1850, son of Joel A. and Anna 
(Williams) Montague. He was a lawyer. Mrs. Montague mar- 
ried (2) John Smith, and (3) Samuel Parks. She was left a 
widow for the third time. 

Children by first husband, born in Brown Co., 111. : 
i Anna Montague, b. in 1848; d. 17 Jan., 1884. 
ii Elora Montague, b. in Oct., 1850; d. 11 Feb., 1883. 

306 ANN' SPELMAN (Thomas Herrick*, Timothy', 
Thomas", Richard^) was born 25 June, 1830, and died 18 or 13 
July, 1865 ; married Thomas H. Smith, who died within ten 
months of his wife's death. 

Child : 

622 i Fanny Smith, b. 5 Dec, 1859 ; m. Asa Wells. 

307 THOMAS WILLIAM' SPELMAN (Timothy*, Tim- 
othy^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 12 April, 
1818, and died 26 December, 1847; married EHzabeth Benjamin. 

Children : 

i Abia, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
ii George, lives in Cincinnati. 

308 ELECTA MARY" SPELMAN (Timothy*, Timothy*, 
Thomas', Richard^) was born 7 June, 1821, and died in Kansas 
in 1882 ; married Robert Tipton. 

Children : 

i Helen Tipton, lives in Qeveland, Ohio, 
ii Martha Tipton, d. in Ohio, aged about ten years, 
iii Timothy Tipton, lives in Kansas, 
iv John Tipton, lives in Kansas. 

othy*, Thomas^ Richard^) was bom 12 July, 1832, and died 15 
November, 1853 ; married Rhodeback. 


i Almea Rhodeback; m., and has two sons; lives in 
Columbus, Ohio. 

294 Spelman Genealogy 

310 JOHN B.' SPELMAN (Timothy*, Timothy', Thom- 
as*, Richard') was born near Granville, Ohio, 20 September, 
1834; married (i), in Sarahsville, Ohio, 17 November, 1857, 
Frances Ann Dilly, daughter of James and Frances Ann (Berke- 
ley) Dilly of Virginia. On her mother's side she was a descend- 
ant of Lord Berkeley, Colonial Governor of Virginia. She died 
in Olathe, Kan., 17 August, 1874. Mr. Spelman married (2), in 
Kansas City, Mo., 22 January, 1876, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowen or 
Bowers, born in Pennsylvania, 22 January, 1846, died 8 October, 
1904. She removed from Pennsylvania to Illinois at the age of 
one year, and her mother, dying of cholera on the journey, she 
was adopted by Dr. Walker at the age of two. In 1857 they re- 
moved to Spring Hill, Kan. At the battle of Westport she aided 
in the care of the wounded. At the time of her marriage to 
Mr. Spelman, she was a widow with one child, named Ella. 
John B. Spelman was born on a farm near Granville, and lived 
there until he was thirty-one years of age, when he removed to 
Adamsville, Muskegan County, Ohio. He was engaged in the 
drygoods business there until 1872, when he removed to Mag- 
nolia, la. He remained there one year, and again moved to 
Olathe, Kan., where he was a merchant. In the spring of 1875 
he removed to Kansas City and organized a company which 
engaged in the hay and grain commission business, of which he 
is now president. In 1892 he took his son, Virgil K. Spelman, 
into partnership. Mr. Spelman is a member of the order of 
Freemasons, of the degrees of Royal Arch Mason and Master 

Children by first wife : 

A daughter, b'. 14 Sept., 1858; d. 15 Sept., 1858. 
Emma Gertrude, b. 9 Nov., 1859; d. 17 Sept., i860. 
Mary Alice, b. 22 June, 1861 ; d. 6 Oct., 1862. 
Cora Cyntha, b. 25 Oct., 1862 ; m. Harry Morse. 
Harry IBeecher, b. 21 Feb., 1866; d. 20 July, 1868. 
Virgil Kingsley, b. 17 Jan., 1868; m. Bessie Martin. 
Grace Berkley, b. 27 Oct., 1870; m. Henry Byars. 
viii Gertrude, b. 30 Sept., 1872; d. in Olathe, 29 Sept., 

311 LOUISA" SPELMAN (Timothy*, Timothy', Thomas*, 
Richard') was born 21 December, 1836; married Stephen G. 
Atherton ; lives in Newark, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Ernest Atherton. 

ii A daughter, m. Edward Galbreath ; lives in Hamburg, 
Germany; i son, Donald Galbreath. 











Fifth Generation 295 

312 LEWIS G." SPELMAN (Timothy', Timothy', Thom- 
as*, Richard') was born in Granville, Ohio, 6 March, 1839; mar- 
ried (i), in 1867, Abbie A. Wheeler, born 18 February, 1839, 
died near New Way, Ohio, 19 April, 1877, the daughter of Per- 
son and Angeline Wheeler; married (2), 31 Dec, 1890, Julia 
F. Wheeler, born in Marietta, Ohio, 14 March, 1845, di^*^ 
in Newark, Ohio, 28 June, 1906. In 1861, on the outbreak 
of the Civil War, Mr. Spelman enlisted in Alexandria, Ohio, for 
a term of three years, in Company D, Twenty-second Ohio Vol- 
unteers, under Captain Thrall. He took part in the battles of 
Fort Donaldson, Pittsburg Landing, Corinth, Vicksburg, Fort 
Smith, and Little Rock, returning to his home in 1864. He re- 
sides in Newark, Ohio. 

Children, born in Licking Co., Ohio. : 

626 i Flarry F., b. i Feb., 1869; m. Myrtle Tatham. 

627 ii Uretta, b. 27 Apr., 1870 ; m. Ira Moran. 

628 iii Julia, b. 27 Aug., 1871 ; m. A. B. Gosnell. 

iv Carrie, b. near New Way, 15 May, 1873; lives in 

Columbus, Ohio. 
V Mary, b. near New Way, i Jan., 1875 ; m. in Newark, 

22 Sept., 1897, William" E. McCurdy, b. in Mt. 

Gilliad, Ohio, 12 Apr., 1870, son of Joseph and 

Mary McCurdy ; they reside in Johnstown, Ohio. 

man, Timothy^ Thomas", Richard') was born in Granville, Ohio, 
29 October, 1825, and married, 10 July, 1845, Peter Risser, born 
in Friedelsheim, Rhenish Bavaria, 6 July, 1822, son of John 
Risser of that place. They live in Ornaga, 111,, where Mr. Risser 
is a merchant. 

Children : 

i Ralph Gilman Risser, b. 18 July, 1846; m., 22 Oct., 
1878, Eva Dunlap of Champaign, 111. ; lives in 
Kankakee, 111. 

ii John Lewis Risser, b. 19 Sept., 1848; m., 19 Aug., 
1871, Emily M. Wilson, b. in Ornaga. 

iii Charles Henry Risser, b. 4 July, 1852 ; m., 20 July, 
1874, Ella Dunlap of Champaign ; lives in Kan- 

iv WilHam S. Risser, b. 4 Feb., 1856; d. 27 Nov., 1858, 

314 THOMAS RALPH' WING (Electa* Spelman, Tim- 
othy', Thomas', Richard') was born in Baltimore, Ohio, 6 May, 
1829, and died in Medford, Mass., 25 April, 1894; married (i) 
in Columbus, Ohio, 12 November, 1852, Elizabeth Seltzer, born 
in Lebanon, Pa., 12 May, 1829, died in Columbus, 9 February, 
1867, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Fasnaught) Seltzer; mar- 

296 Spelman Genealogy 

ried (2), in Indianapolis, Ind., 27 February, 1869, Fannie Maude 
Nichols, born 26 April, 1844. Mr. Wing received a common 
school education and worked his way up through all branches of 
the railroad business, continuing this work throughout his entire 
life. His widow resides in Indianapolis. 

Children, born in Columbus, Ohio : 

i William Seltzer, b. 9 Nov., 1853 ; m. in Bloomington, 
111., 31 Oct., 1875, S. J. Hall. 

629 ii Mary Bella, b. 26 July, 1855 ; m. Charles H. Loomis. 
iii Evelyn Bliss, b. 16 Apr., 1857; unmarried. 

315 SARAH LOUISE^ WING (Electa* Spelman, Tim- 
othy*, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Baltimore, Ohio, 7 April, 
1834; married in Columbus, Ohio, 11 December, 185 1, John 
Weller Brown, born in Pittsfield, Mass., 14 June, 1829, son of 
James and Mary H. Brown. They live in Columbus. 

Children, born in Columbus, Ohio : 

630 i Carrie Wing Brown, b. 9 Oct., 1852; m. Thomas C 


631 ii Frank Newell Brown, b. 7 Sept., 1857; m. Mary 


632 iii William Fell Brown, b. 21 July, i860; m. Marguerite 


633 iv John Beals Brown, b. 8 Jan., 1864; m. Osee Arm- 

v Mary Evelyn Brown, b. 4 Jan., 1868 ; unmarried, 
vi Walter Thomas Brown, b. 18 Nov., 1870; unmarried. 

316 EMILY FRANCES' WING (Electa* Spelman, Tim- 
othy*, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Baltimore, Ohio, i Sep- 
tember, 1836; married in Columbus, Ohio, 9 July, 1861, Josiah 
Adkins Scannett, born in Marlow, N. H., 4 Nov., 1828. Mrs. 
Scannett was a church choir singer for many years. 

Children : 

i Susan Scannett, lives in Orange, Cal. ; unmarried, 
ii Flora C. Scannett. 

317 MARY ELIZABETH ATWOOD (Marietta* Spel- 
man, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Ohio, 12 April, 
1830 ; married in Bellefontaine, Ohio, 3 February, 1850, Joseph 
W. Hartley of Lincoln, Neb., born in that place, 3 March, 1827, 
died 31 March, 1900. 

Children : 

i William Dunn Hartley, b. in Bellefontaine, 7 June, 

1851 ; married twice; (i) in 1870, (2) in 1887. 
ii Carrie Marietta Hartley, b. 5 Apr., 1854; m. in 

Fifth Generation 297 

Omaha, Neb., 28 June, 1890, Charles W, Gring; 
Hves in Marquette, Mich. ; no ch. 

634 iii Alfred Atwood Hartley, b. 23 or 25 Feb., 1856; m. 

Flora Alexander, 
iv Mary Brown Hartley, b. 25 Mar., 1858; d. in Sept., 
or Nov., 1872. 

635 V Anson Brown Hartley, b. in New York City, 26 Mar., 

i860; m. Margie Dupray. 

vi Joseph Atwood Hartley, b. in New York City, 5 
May, 1862 ; lives in Columbus, Ohio ; unmarried. 

vii Russell Ellis Hartley, b. 13 Apr., 1864; lives in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio ; unmarried, 
viii Harry Hartley, b. in 1866; d. in 1867 or 1868. 

ix Edward Crane Hartley, b. in 1868 ; lives in Spokane, 

X Florence Belle Hartley, b. in Lincoln, Neb., 14 Apr., 
1875 ; m. in Marquette, Mich., 7 Oct., 1903, John 
L. Martin ; lives in Duluth, Minn. 

318 JOHN LANGDON' ATWOOD (Marietta* Spelman, 
Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Ohio, 10 February, 
1839, ^"^ ^'^^^ ^" CaHfornia, in 1896; married, 12 September, 
1861, Emma M. Whitehead. They lived in Ohio. 

Children : 

i Harry Atwood ; married, 
ii A daughter; married. 

319 H. ELECTA' ATWOOD (Marietta* Spelman, Tim- 
othy', Thomas^ Richard") was born 26 December, 1841, and 
married, 17 September, 1866, Moses Henry Sydenham of Eng- 
land, born in London, son of Moses and Mary (Snaggs) Syden- 
ham. They live in Kearney, Neb. 

Children : 

i Alvin Humphrey Sydenham, b. in Mt. Pleasant, la., 
28 June, 1867; d. in Ft. Canby, Mich., 9 Mar., 
1893; m. in Ft. Keogh, Mont., I'May, 1890, Helen 
ii Atwood Dallas Sydenham, b. in Ft. Kearney, Neb., 
23 Oct., 1868; m. in Sacramento, Cal., Maude C. 

636 iii Henry Hugh Sydenham, b. 14 June, 1872; m. Ida 

Mae Bailey. 

320 THOMAS H.' ATWOOD (Marietta* Spelman, Tim- 
othy*, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Ohio, 27 February, 1843 5 
married in Mt. Pleasant, la., 26 December, 1866, Mary A. Syden- 

2o8 Spelman Genealogy 

ham, born in London, England, daughter of Moses and Mary 
(Snaggs) Sydenham. They live in Sacramento, Cal. 

Children : 

637 i Frances Marietta, b. 25 Oct., 1867; m. George D. 

ii William Langdon, b. in Mt. Pleasant; d. 10 Aug., 

1886: lived in Sacramento, 
iii George Albert, b. in Lincoln, Neb., 21 Sept., 1872; 

m., 8 Nov., 1893 ; lives in Mexico. 

638 iv Minnie Sue, b. 18 July, 1876; m. Charles R. Pimley. 

321 EMILY" KASSON (Polly*, Martha' Spelman, Thom- 
as', Richard') was born in North Granby, Conn., 7 February, 
1804, and died in Santa Cruz, Cal., 17 December, 1888; married 
in North Granby, 22 December, 1824, Philander Dibble, born in 
Granville, Mass., in 1801, died ini88o. 

Children : 

i Mary Dibble, m. Humes ; lives in California. 

ii Martha Dibble, m. West ; Uves in California. 

322 MARY CLARINDA" KASSON (Polly*, Martha* 
Spelman, Thomas^, Richard") was born in North Granby, Conn., 
15 September, 1810, and died in Galesburg, 111., 24 September, 
1879; married in Granby, Conn., 31 March, 1830, Colonel Wil- 
liam Wright Cowdrey, born in Hartland, Conn., 24 March, 1807, 
died in Colesville, N. Y., 25 June, 1863. 

Children, born in Colesville, N. Y. : 

i Mary Clarinda Cowdrey, b. 7 Feb., 1832; m. in Coles- 
ville, 27 Sept., 1853, Edward D. Stoddard ; lives in 
Denver, Col. 
ii William Cowdrey, b. about 1834; d. in infancy, 
iii William Archibald Kasson Cowdrey, b. 2 Oct., 1836; 
d. in Stockton, Cal., 2 Dec, 1902; m. in Peoria, 
111., 22 Apr., i860, Minnie E. Davis. 

639 iv Lucretia Emily Cowdrey, b. 24 Oct., 1838 ; m. James 

P. Lee. 
V George A. Cowdrey, b. 16 Feb., 1841 ; d. 11 May, 

1 84 1, 
vi Martha Eudora Cowdrev, b. 11 Sept., 1842; m. in 
Binghamton, N. Y., 4 Mar., 1868, T. Clark Mc- 
Chesney ; lives in San Jose, Cal. 
vii Olin Wright Cowdrey, b. 21 Feb., 1845 ; d. in Gales- 
burg, 14 Apr., 1869; m. in Coventry, N. Y., 21 
Sept., 1867, Kate E. Jones. 

640 viii Edith Cordelia Cowdrey, b. 5 May, 1847; ^- Wyhe 


Fifth Generation 299 

641 ix Sara Desdemona Cowclrey, b. 7 Dec, 185 1 ; m. Rich- 

ard A. Van Deusen. 
X Mabel Climena Cowdrey, b. 3 Sept., 1855 ; m. in Lew- 
istovvn. III, I May, 1890, Plummer R. Wright. 

323 CAROLINE AMELIA' ROWE (Polly*, Martha* 
Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in North Granby, Conn., 
I March, 1826; married in North Colesville, Broome County, 
N. Y., 18 June, 1844, John Whitham, 4th, born in Leeds, Eng- 
land, 25 September, 1813, died in Warren, 111., i March, 1880, 
son of Rev. John and Hannah (Bradshaw) Whitham of Adding- 
ham, Yorkshire, England. He emigrated to America with his 
parents in 1820. They lived in Osborne Hollow, Broome Coun- 
ty, N. Y., until after 1854, when they removed to Warren, 111., 
where his widow still resides. 

Children, all of whom except the youngest were born in 
Osborne Hollow, N. Y. : 

i Hannah Whitham, b. 5 June, 1845; d. in Warren, i 
Jan., 1857. 

642 ii John Whitham, b. 5 Feb., 1847; ^- Alzina Matson. 

643 iii Joseph Whitham, b. 18 June, 1849; m. (i) Sophia 

Hayden; m. (2) Rella Mavity. 

644 iv Eliza Bradshaw Whitham, b. 12 Nov., 1851 ; m. 

Bradford C. Allen. 
v William Whitham, b. 15 Apr., 1854; unmarried; lives 
in Warren. 

645 vi Jay Manuel Whitham, b. 24 Aug., 1858; m. Rebekah 

E. Dashiell. 

324 ALBERT MORSE (Samuel Spelman*, Mary' Spel- 
man, Samuel^ Richard^) was born in Vienna, N. Y., 27 October, 
1808, and died in Cleveland, N. Y., 3 Apr., 1890 ; married in Cam- 
den, N. Y., 4 July, 1831, Sarah J. Curtiss, born there, 9 May, 
1812, died in Bernhards Bay, N. Y., 19 April, 1874, daughter of 
Joel and Lucretia (Beach) Curtiss of Camden. 

Children : 

i Joel, b. in Vienna, 12 Aug., 1833. 
ii Israel, b. in Vienna, 25 July, 1836; d. in Qeveland, 5 

Nov., 1901. 
iii Phoebe, b. in Yonkers, N. Y., 15 July, 1839; unmar- 
ried ; lives in Cleveland. 

646 iv Albert, b. 13 July, 1843; "^- Annie S. Cole. 

v Wallace W., b. in Vienna, 30 May, 1845 J d. in Her- 
kimer, N. Y., 9 Feb., 1883. 

vi Clara, b. in Vienna, N. Y., 4 Sept., 1848 ; d. in Cleve- 
land, 2 Mar., 1880. 

vii Henry C, b. in Constantia, N. Y., 22 Aug., 1854. 



325 MARY ANN' ROBINSON (Ebenezer*, Ebenezer*, 
Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 
20 July, 1805, and died in New Haven, Conn., 9 December, 1874. 
She married there, 2^) December, 1827, Samuel Loper Blatchley, 
born in North Madison, Conn., 13 February, 1804, son of Joel 
and Ruth (Loper) Blatchley. 

Samuel Loper Blatchley was a direct descendant of Thomas 
Blatchley, who emigrated from Wales to Boston in 1635 and 
moved, in 1640, to Hartford, Conn., in 1666 to Guilford, Conn., 
and later returned to Boston. He was educated in the Public 
Schools of North Madison, and was in turn an insurance agent, 
merchant, and real estate dealer. In 1846 he removed with his 
family to New Haven, where he owned numerous business 
houses and dwellings, including a large part of what is known as 
Fair Haven, where Blatchley Avenue was named for him. In 
1869 he took his sons into partnership under the firm name of 
S. L. Blatchley & Sons. They projected and operated the State 
Street Horse Railroad, and promoted many other public improve- 
ments. Mr. Blatchley was for twenty years senior warden of 
Grace Episcopal Church, New Haven, where he died, 26 July, 

Children, all but eldest and youngest born in North 
Madison : 

647 i Joel Sherland Blatchley, b. 8 Mar., 1829; m. Mrs. 

Marion Ball. 

648 ii Helen Lavinia Blatchley, b. 23 Apr., 1830; m. Rev. 

Horace C. Hovey. 
iii Mary Jane Blatchley, b. 10 Apr., 1832; m. William 
Ludden ; no ch. 

649 iv Ann Elizabeth Blatchley, b. 13 June, 1835 ; m. Alex- 

ander Emery. 
V AHce Kathleen Blatchley, b. 21 Feb., 1837; d. in 
New Haven, 15 Nov., 1877; unm. ; was a school 
vi Samuel Robinson Blatchley, b. 15 Nov., 1839; ^n. in 
Cincinnati, O., 28 June, (23 Jan.), 1864, Nancy 
McMullin Evans ; no ch. He graduated from 
Yale College in 1862; taught school for five years; 


304 Spelman Genealogy 

is now (1909) in the real estate business at New 

650 vii Charles Carroll Blatchley, b. 28 July, 1841 ; m. Susan- 

nah Emery, 
viii Sarah Louise Blatchley, b. 6 June, 1844; was a grad- 
uate of Vassar College; d. unm. at New Haven, 13 
Mar., 1873. 
ix Gara Isabel Blatchley, b. in New Haven 28 Oct., 
1846; d. there unm. 28 Dec, 1882. 

326 WILLIAM" ROBINSON (Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, 
Amy* Spelman, Richard^. Richard^) was born 31 October, 1806; 
married, 5 August, 1836, Jennette Elliot, daughter of Timothy 
and Lydia (Bartholomew) Elliot, born 2 March, 1811. They 
lived in Durham, Conn., and afterwards at Sharpsburg, Bath 
County, Ky. 

Children : 

i Ellen Maria Robinson, b. 22 Apr., 1837. 
ii Elliot Kelly Robinson, b. 6 July, 1843. 
iii Eugene Algelline Robinson, b. 2 Feb., 1849. 

327 HANNAH' ROBINSON (Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy' 
Spelman, Richard^ Richard*) was born in Durham, Conn., 6 No- 
vember, 1814; died there i November, 1888; married in that 
town, 24 September, 1839, Luzerne Elliot, son of Timothy and 
Lydia (Bartholomew) Elliot, born in Durham 4 March, 1814 
[History of Durham], died in Newton, Iowa, 26 October, 1884. 

Children, born in Durham : 

651 i Edgar Timothy Elliot, b. i July, 1840; m. Mrs. Isa- 

dore (Woodruf) Johnson, 
ii James Kelly Elliot, b. 24 Nov., 1845 '> m^ 20 Oct., 1868, 
Emma R. Cowles of Southington, Conn. 

328 SARAH' ROBINSON (Ebenezer", Ebenezer*, Amy* 
Spelman, Richard'. Richard*) was born in Durham, Conn., 22 
February, 181 5: died there 24 September, 1890. She was twice 
married. Her first husband was Nathan H. Hill of Madison and 
Haddam, Conn., who died in North Madison, Conn., some time 
prior to lo March, 1844, on which date she married her second 
husband, Clement M. Parsons of Durham, at which place they 
were married. He was born in that town in 1805, and was the 
son of Curtiss and Orpha Parsons. He died in Durham 12 
August, 1867. 

Child by first husband : 

i A child, who lived to be four years old. 
Children by second husband, born in Durham: 

Sixth Generation 305 

652 ii Louise Hill Parsons, b. 3 May, 1846 ; m. Lucius H. 

iii Alice Amelia Parsons, b. 20 Feb., 1848: m. in Dur- 
ham, 24 Sept., 1868, Howard A. Camp ; lives in 
Hartford, Conn. 

329 HENRY' ROBINSON (Ebenezer', Ebenezer*, Amy' 
Spelman, Richard^ Richard') married in Durham, Conn., 2 Sep- 
tember. 1835, Phebe A. Southmayd of North Branford, Conn. 
[History of Durham]. The date of his birth is unknown. 

Children : 
i Edward. 

Other children whose names are not known. 

330 SUSAN MALVINA" ROBINSON (Moses', Ebene- 
zer\ Amy' Spelman, Richard^, Richard') was born 30 June, 181 3, 
and died 18 January, 1890. She was married, 20 August, 1835, 
to George Washington Harris of Waterville, Conn. 


i Kate Harris, b. i June 1836; m., 15 Dec, 1859, Tal- 
madge Elwood Spaids ; resided in Chicago, 111. ; 2 
eh., Susan Electa Spaids and Kate Louise Spaids. 

331 RACHEL RICE" ROBINSON (Moses", Ebenezer*, 
Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was born 6 February, 181 7, 
and died at New York City in February, 1888. She was mar- 
ried near Winchester, Mass., to George Huse. They moved to 
Peoria, 111. 


653 i Eleanor Huse; m. (i) her cousin, John Wisner Huse; 

mi. (2) Henr^' Pynchon Robinson. 

332 ELIZA A.' ROBINSON (Samuel^ James*, Amy' 
Spelman, Richard^ Richard') married Captain Elisha E. Morgan 
of Saybrook, Conn., where they continued to live. He was 
captain of the packet ship "Victoria," and died in New York in 
1864. In his will, which was made 18 April, 1863, and pro- 
bated 3 August, 1865, he mentions his wife and four children, 
William D. and Ruth, both over twenty-one years of age; Mary 
Frances, aged twenty ; and Charles Leslie, aged eighteen. Captain 
Morgan was buried at Saybrook. 

Children : 

i William D. Morgan, 
ii Ruth Morgan, 
iii Mary Frances Morgan. 
iv Charles Leslie Morgan. 

3o6 Spelman Genealogy 

333 HELENA ELVIRA' ROBINSON (Israel, James*, 
Amy^ Spelman, Richard", Richard^) was born in Philadelphia, 
Pa., 21 July, 1832; married there, 22 February, 1872, Joshua 
HoUinshead, born in Hartford, N. J., 19 November, 1833, son 
of Joseph and Abigail (Budd) HoUinshead. They resided in 

654 i Emma Robinson HoUinshead, b. 23 Jan., 1874 ; m. Levi 
L. Dudley. 

334 ELIZA' ROBINSON (James', James*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard") married Captain William Peck. 

Children : 

i William Peck, 

ii Arthur Peck, 

iii Curtis Peck, 

iv Martha Peck. 

V CaroHne Peck, 
vi Lillian Peck, 

One of the three youngest daughters married Judson Buck, 
and lives at Ridgwood, N. J. 

335 EMMA' VAN PELT (Emma" Robinson, James*, Amy' 
Spelman, Richard", Richard') was born 23 March, 1824. Her 
husband's name was Soudon. 

Children : 

i George Soudon ; resides in New York City. 
Three other ch. ; names unknown. 

336 CORNELIA' VAN PELT (Emma' Robinson, James*, 
Amy' Spelman, Richard", Richard") was born 16 September, 1827, 
and married Furman Kneeland. After her husband's death, in 
1884, Mrs. Kneeland continued to reside in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
where she died about 1907. 


i Cornelia Kneeland. 

ii Lawrence Kneeland of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
iii Clayton Kneeland of Brooklyn, 
iv Agnes Kneeland. 

V Furman Kneeland of Brooklyn. 

337 SARAH ROBINSON'^ BENTON (Sally' Robinson, 
Content*, Amy' Spelman, Richard", Richard") was born in Guil- 
ford, Conn., II October, 1811 ; died in Mendon, 111., 18 Novem- 
ber, 1878 (October, 1879) ; married in Guilford, 27 April, 1834, 
Richard William Starr, born there 30 April, 1809, son of Deacon 
Comfort and Sallv Starr of that place. In May following their 

Sixth Generation 307 

marriage they removed to Mendon. Mr. Starr died there 11 
August, 1846. 

Children, born in Mendon: 

i Susan Maria Starr, b. 7 Nov., 1835 ; d. in Mendon 27 
Sept., 1837. 

655 ii Sarah Cornelia Starr, b. 2 Nov., 1837; m. Walter R. 


656 iii Caroline Elizabeth Starr, b. 28 Apr., 1840; m, Moses 

J. Fitch. 

657 iv Richard Burgis Starr, b. 25 June, 1842; m. Elizabeth 

A. Taylor. 

Henry^ Content*, Amy^ Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was bom 
in Suffield, Conn., 14 August, 1830; died at Asbury Park, N. J., 
II March, 1899; married, 20 June, 1849, at Plainfield, Conn., 
Peter Wallace Gallaudett, born in Hartford, Conn., 10 March, 
1826, son of Rev. Thomas H. and Sophia (Fowler) Gallaudett 
of Hartford. They lived in Holyoke, Mass., Orange, N. J., 
Brooklyn, N. Y., and New York City. Mr. Gallaudett died in 
Stamford, Conn., 11 January, 1903. 

Children : 

i Kate Gallaudett, b. in Hartford 27 Jan., 1852; d. 
the following August. 

658 ii Alice Isabel Gallaudett, b. in Orange, N. J., 8 Sept., 

1854 ; m. Alvin Beveridge. 
iii Thomas Hopkins Gallaudett, b. in New York 23 Nov., 

1857; d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in Sept., 1898. 
iv Frances Margurite Brown Gallaudett, b. in Brooklyn 

15 July, 1869; d. in Guilford, Conn., 8 Aug., 1870. 

Henry', Content*, Amy' Spelman, Richard", Richard') was born 
in Putnam, Conn., 29 August, 1840; married, at Westport, Conn., 
Jennie C. Perry, born 26 August, 1844, the daughter of Orrand 

and (Treadwell) Perry. She died in Westport in 1885. 

On 9 January, 1891, Mr. Robinson married for the second time 
Eleanor (Huse) Huse, widow of John Wisner Huse and daugh- 
ter of George and Rachel R. (Robinson) Huse. 

Children by first wife, born in Guilford, Conn. : 

i Mary Gay, b. 19 June, 1867; m., in Westport, Charles 
Osborne, son of Chester Osborne of Danbury, Conn, 
ii Jennie Perry, b. 9 May, 1870; m., in Danbury, Alfred 
Holly, son of Samuel Holly of that place. 

DEN (Elizabeth^ Robinson, Content*, Amy' Spelman, Richard', 

3o8 Spelman Genealogy 

Richard^) was born in Guilford, Conn., 2 October, 1817; died 
in Mendon, 111., 22 January, 1899; married in Mendon, 2 Janu- 
ary, 1845, Caroline B. Frisbie, born in Branford, Conn., daughter 
of Lyman Frisbie. 

Samuel R. Chittenden moved to Mendon with his parents 
when only a boy, and resided the remainder of his life in that 
place. He was one of the solid, substantial men of the county, 
highly esteemed for his general intelligence and moral character, 
and also for his social qualities and generous hospitality. Politi- 
cally he was a decided Democrat, and his party showed their 
appreciation of his ability and political astuteness in various ways 
[History of Adams County, 111.]. 

Children : 

i John Robinson; died in Mendon, leaving widow, 
ii Samuel F. 
iii George Rea. 

341 ABRAHAM' CHITTENDEN (Elizabeth' Robinson, 
Content*, Amy* Spelman, Richard^, Richard^) was born in Guil- 
ford, Conn., 15 December, 1824; died in Mendon, 111., 27 May, 
1904: married in Mendon, 19 December, 1852, to Letitia Barclay, 
a native of Lyons, N. Y. He moved from Connecticut to Illinois 
with his parents, when quite a small child, grew up in Mendon, 
and spent his life there. He was a farmer, owning one hundred 
and fifty-five acres of improved land, abundantly stocked with 
fruit trees [History of Adams County, 111.]. His widow resides 
in Mendon. 

Children : 
i Henry F. 
ii Sarah E. 
iii Abraham. 

Robinson, Content*, Amy^ Spelman, Richard'', Richard^) was born 
in Guilford, Conn., 24 December, 1827, and died in Mendon, 111., 
26 October, 1872. He married at Mendon, 10 June, 1852, Eliza- 
beth Parker Frisbie, born in Branford, Conn., 25 December, 1831, 
daughter of Lyman and Ann (Baker) Frisbie, and sister to the 
wife of Samuel R. Chittenden. Mr. Chittenden moved to Mendon 
with his parents in early childhood, and spent the rest of his 
life there. He resided with his family in the Chittenden home- 
stead, built by his father. Colonel John B. Chittenden, in 1832 ; 
his parents both died in his home, having passed the last years of 
their lives with him. His widow still occupies the old homestead. 

Children, all born in Mendon : 

i Charles A., b. 7 Apr., 1857; m. in Mendon, 25 Dec, 
1884, Frank E. Young, daughter of Peter and Vir- 

Sixth Generation 309 

ginia (Jay) Young; no ch. ; is a stock dealer and 
farmer in Mendon. 

659 ii Emeline Frisbie, b. 23 Oct., i860; m. Lewis L. Allen, 
iii Elizabeth Robinson, b. i Jan., 1864; d. in Mendon 

unm. 9 Jan., 1908. 

Content*, Amy^ Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was born in Guil- 
ford, Conn., 20 September, 1830 ; died in Brooklyn, N. Y., 20 
December, 1891, where he had been a physician for many years. 
He married in Brooklyn, 22 October, 1867, Sarah Henry, born 
in New York City, 15 June, 1837, daughter of Doctor James and 
Martha (Mattoon) Henry of Brooklyn. 

Children, born in Brooklyn : 

i A child, b. Nov., 1868 ; d. in infancy. 

ii James Henry, b. 24 May, 1870 ; lives in Sheffield, 

Mass. ; unmarried, 
iii Anna Curtiss, b. 16 June, 1871. 
iv Louisa Mattoon, b. 22 May, 1875 ; d. 21 Aug., 1876. 

344 ELLA DANIELS* COE (Cynthia Julia' Robinson, 
Richard*, Amy^ Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was born in 
Quincy, 111., 29 December, 1846, and died in New York City, 29 
March, 1897. She married in Hartford. Conn., 27 April, 1868, 
William Frederick Geisse, born in New York 21 June. 1835, son 
of William F. and Maria (Bunce) Geisse. He died in New York 
7 December, 1891. Mrs. Geisse was buried in Durham, Conn. 

Children : 

i William Coe Geisse, b. in Brooklyn 30 Jan., 1869; d. 

23 Feb. following, 
ii Bella Geisse, b. at Lakeview, N. J., 10 Sept., 1870; 

660 iii Ella Geisse, b. 8 June, 1874; m. Dallett Fuguet. 

345 ELIZA* ROBINSON (Phineas^ Charles*, Amy* Spel- 
man, Richard^ Richard') was born in Durham, Conn., 7 Decem- 
ber, 1824; married there, 22 November, 1842, Edward Canfield. 
bom in Durham, son of Henry and Betsey (Robinson) Canfield 
[History of Durham] . 

Chiudren : 

661 i Frederick Canfield, b. in Dec, 1843; m. (i) Fidelia 

Hickox; m. (2) Clara Bell. 

662 ii Jennie Canfield, b. 17 Apr., 1863 ; m. Prof. Karl Har- 


346 MARTHA' ROBINSON (Phineas', Charles*, Amy* 
Spelman, Richard^ Richard') married Samuel Robinson. 

310 Spelman Genealogy 

Children : 

i Rose Robinson; m. (i) Jackson; m. (2) Emile 

Fisher; resides in Hartford. 

ii Carrie Robinson; m. Spooner; resides in New 

iii Frank Robinson. 

347 ROSELLA' ROBINSON (Phineas^ Charles*, Amy* 
Spelman, Richard", Richard^) married Samuel A. Camp, son of 
Samuel Camp. 


i Perry Camp ; lives in Wolcott, Conn. 

348 GEORGE SHUMAN' KNEVALS (Harriet" Robin- 
son, Charles*, Amy' Spelman, Richard", Richard^) married Susan 
Whittlesey of Saybrook, Conn. 

i Hattie. 

349 HANNAH JANE' ROBINSON (John', Charles*, 
Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 
17 April, 1839, ^"d died in Meriden, Conn., March, 1902. She 
married in Durham, 9 July, 1849, Walter J. Chalker [History of 
Durham], born there in December, 1825. 

Children : 
663 i Clifford Carroll Chalker, b. 25 Mav, 1850; m. Nellie 
ii Walter Chalker, m. in Meriden to Effie Belden ; lives 

in East River, Conn, 
iii Charles Chalker; m., in Middletown, Conn., Alice 

iv Leonidas Chalker. 

Charles*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was born in Dur- 
ham, Conn., 14 October, 1847, ^"d married (i) in Southington, 
Conn., 3 June, 1873, Eli Hubbard of Durham, born in Batavia, 
N. Y., 10 November, 1820, son of Hezekiah and Sylvia (Norton) 
Hubbard of Killingworth, Conn. He died in Durham, 21 August, 
1882. She married (2) at Durham, 2 September, 1886, George 
Hale Davis, born in Guilford, Conn., i December, 1836, son of 
Watson and Olive (Hale) Davis of Durham. 

Child : 

i Julia Knevals Hubbard, b. in Durham 9 Apr., 1874; d. 
there, i Apr., 1879. 

Sixth Generation 311 

351 GEORGE HENRY' ROBINSON (Lyman Curtis', 
Charles*, Amy^ Spelman, Richard", Richard^) was born in Dur- 
ham, Conn., 29 March, or May, 1850, and married (i), in Meri- 
den, Conn., 1879, Josephine Miller, born in New Haven, Conn., 
in 1858, daughter of Joseph C. Miller. She died in New Haven in 
1881, and Mr. Robinson married (2), in Meriden, 1885, Fannie 
Hirschburg, born in Feeding Hills, Mass., in 1867; died in 
Meriden in 1889. A^Ir. Robinson married (3), in Bedford, N. Y., 
in 1901, Minnie Tompkins, born in York Town, N. Y., in 1868, 
daughter of Coles Tompkins. They live in White Plains, N. Y. 

Child by first wife : 
i Sadie. 

Charles*, Amy* Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was born in Dur- 
ham, Conn., 5 March, 1856, and married there, 18 March, 1873, 
Frank Lagrove Johnson, born in Meriden, Conn., 18 March, 185 1, 
son of Elim Loper and Lucy (Warner) Johnson. They reside in 

Children, born in Durham : 
664 i William Elim Johnson, b. 2 Nov., 1873 ; m. Eliza H. 
ii Hattie Nina Johnson, b. 3 Jan., 1875 ; living at Meri- 
den, 1909. 

353 JOHN EDWARD' ROBINSON (Lyman Curtis*, 
Charles*, Amy' Spelman, Richard", Richard^) was born in Dur- 
ham, Conn., 6 March, 1863, and married Martha Miller of 
Meriden, Conn., where they reside. 

Children : 

i Frank, b. about 1889. 
ii William Henry, b. about 1891. 
iii Jennie Maria, b. about 1893. 
iv Lena, b. about 1895. 
V George, b. about 1897. 

354 JOHN' SWATHEL (Phebe' Francis, Hannah* Spel- 
man, Phineas^ Richard", Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 
8 September, 1799 [History of Durham] ; died in 1826; married, 
3 November, 1820, Sophronia Robinson, born in Durham, 17 
October, 1802 [Ibid], daughter of Richard and Tabitha (Arnold) 
Robinson. (See Amy Robinson, Third Generation.) 

Children [History of Durham] : 
i Jane Maria, b. 2 May, 1821. 
ii John William, b. 25 Jan., 1822. 

312 Spelman Genealogy 

355 MARY ANN" SWATHEL (Phebe' Francis, Hannah* 
Spelman, Phineas*, Richard^ Richard^) was born in Durham, 

Conn., I October, 1806; married (i) Bates; married (2) 

in Durham, 12 September, 1827, Horatio N. Fowler of Middle- 
town, Conn. [History of Durham]. 

Child by second husband: 

i Mary Jane Fowler ; m. in Durham, i Sept., 1852, Ed- 
win Gatzmer of Philadelphia, Pa. [Ibid] ; lives in 

356 HARRIET MARIA' SPELMAN (Phineas', Richard*, 
Phineas*, Richard", Richard^) was born in Boston, Mass., 21 
November, 1814 [Family Bible], and died in Pomeroy, Ohio, 21 
August, 1843. She married in Boston, 20 August, 1838, Doctor 
Estes Howe, born in Worthington, Mass., 13 July, 1814, son of 
Judge Samuel and Sarah (Robbins) Howe. He graduated from 
Harvard in 1832, and from the Harvard Medical College in 1835. 
They lived in Cincinnati and Pomerov, Ohio, and finally re- 
turned to Cambridge, Mass. Doctor Howe married a second 

Children : 
665 i Elizabeth Spelman Howe, b. 30 Oct., 1839; m. Edwin 
J. Horton. 
ii Sarah Lydia Howe, b. 15 Oct., 1841 ; lives in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

357 ISRAEL MUNSON' SPELMAN (Phineas^ Richard*, 
Phineas', Richard^ Richard^) was born in Boston, Mass., 30 De- 
cember, 1816 [Family Bible] ; died in Marblehead, Mass., 5 
August, 1907 ; married, 4 June, 1846, Martha Hubbard Choate 
of Boston, born in Roxbury, Mass., 16 Aug., 1821, daughter of 
John and Sarah (Fairfield) Choate. 

Israel Munson Spelman began his education in the public 
schools of Boston, entering Harvard later, from which college he 
graduated in the class of 1836, and was the last surviving mem- 
ber of his class. After leaving Harvard, where he made a high 
record in his studies, he took up the profession of civil engineer- 
ing. He spent three years railroading in the West before he 
became identified with the Boston and Maine Railroad, of which 
he was first a member of its Board of Directors, and later filled 
the office of President of the system for thirty years. Part of 
this term was during the Civil War, when he inaugurated the 
necessary changes found needful at that time. He was at one 
time devoted to the study of railroad finances, and was connected 
with nearly all of the New England roads, as well as some in 
Ohio and farther West, holding many advisory positions of trust 
and responsibility. He located early in life in Cambridge, Mass., 

Sixth Generation 313 

the seat of his Alma Mater, where he resided until his death. 
Mr. and Mrs. Israel Munson Spelman celebrated their golden 
wedding anniversary in 1899. and lived together for fifty-eight 
happy years, Mrs. Spelman surviving him. His death, from old 
age, occurred at Marblehead, Mass., the summer home of his 
daughter, Mrs. F. I. Eustis. 
Children : 

i Harriet Maria, b. in Boston 21 May, 1848; m. in 
Cambridge, 21 May, 1868, Ernest Wadsworth Long- 
fellow, born in Cambridge 23 Nov., 1845 or 1846, 
the second son of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 
the celebrated American poet, by his wife, Frances 
(Appleton) Longfellow. Mr. Longfellow is an 
artist, and they live in New York ; no ch. 

666 ii Cora, b. 15 July, 185 1 ; m. Frank L Eustis. 

667 iii Henry Munson, b. 5 Nov., 1861 ; m. Amy F. Lewis. 

Maria" Spelman, Richard*, Phineas\ Richard", Richard^) was born 
in Middletown, Conn., 5 May, 1817; died in Detroit, Mich., 27 
February, 1896; married (i), 22 November, 1836, Charles M. D. 
Bull, born 29 May, 181 5, son of Judge Bull. He died in Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 22 June, 1847. ^^rs. Bull married (2) in Ann 
Arbor, Mich., 17 October, 1849, William M. Sinclair, born 6 
September, 1810; died July, 1874. 

Mr. Sinclair was a prominent mill owner of Ann Arbor. 
Mrs. Sinclair was of striking appearance, and had a most mag- 
netic personality. She was literary in her tastes, and wrote for 
many periodicals, among them the Detroit journals. In society 
she was much admired, having a fine talent for entertaining and 
a great flow of spirits. She also inherited the Spelman musical 
talent, possessing a cultivated voice, and taking part with her 
sister, Mrs. Sarah C. (Swathel) Beakes, in concerts, operas, and 
college commencement exercises. Her first husband, C. M. D. 
Bull, was a well-known merchant of Detroit and Manchester, 

Child bv first husband: 

668 i Ellen Emily Lyster Bull, b. 13 Mar., 1840; m. (i) Dr. 

Frederick A. Lord; m. (2) De Witt C. Gooding. 

359 JOHN THEODORE* SW\\THEL (Harriet Maria' 
Spelman, Richard*, Phineas', Richard", Richard^) was born in 
Middletown, Conn., 15 June, 1819; died in Ann Arbor, Mich., 
21 November, 1897; married there (i), 21 December, 1857, Mary 
Elizabeth Noble, born there 27 November, 1834, daughter of 
Sylvester and Europia (Taylor) Noble of Ann Arbor. She died 
there i February, 1865. He married (2) at Ann Arbor, 5 De- 

314 Spelman Genealogy 

cember, 1865, Mrs. Elizabeth (Stuart) Roy, born in RiverSale, 
N. Y., 9 November, 1820, daughter of Charles and Phoebe 
(Brower) Stuart; died in Ann Arbor, May, 1901. 

Mr. Swathel was in the flour milling business in Ann Arbor 
for many years, and was a resident of that town for sixty years, 
having gone there with his guardian and aunt, Nancy Spelman, 
when a child. He was a Christian, an honest man, and a gentle- 
man of the old school. Witty, polite, and agreeable in social 
intercourse, he was kind, affectionate, and gentle in his own home. 
His Christian fortitude enabled him to bear with wonderful pa- 
tience the prolonged years of illness during his later life. 
Children by first wife, born in Ann Arbor: 

i Theodore Henry, b. 20 Sept., 1859; d. 30 Sept., i860, 
ii Mary Louise, a twin, b. 7 Feb., 1861 ; d. 3 Oct. fol- 
iii Harriet Maria, a twin, b. 7 Feb., 1861 ; m. in Ann 
Arbor, 2 July, 1892, Jay Carbaugh, b. Portland, 
Mich., 28 Sept., 1868, son of William and Elizabeth 
(Gates) Carbaugh. She studied medicine, and 
graduated from the University of Michigan in 
1888; since which time to Sept., 1891, she has oc- 
cupied positions on the staff of very many of the 
large sanitaria of the country, and of several large 
hospitals, among which may be mentioned Battle 
Creek, Mich., Sanitarium ; Alma, Mich., Sanitarium; 
Medical Instructor, Training School for Nurses, 
Grand Rapids, Mich. ; Woman's Homeopathic Hos- 
pital, Philadelphia, Pa. ; and the Sanitarium at Clif- 
ton Springs, N. Y. She was located at Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn., during the Spanish War of 1898, and 
when the fearful scourge of typhoid fever broke out 
in Camp Thomas, was active in securing furloughs 
for sick soldiers, and removing them to her sani- 
tarium on Lookout Mountain, where the pure air 
aided the medical treatment they received in making 
good recoveries. Dr. Carbaugh is now permanently 
located at Portland, Mich., where she has an office 
practice, and is also Health Officer. Her husband, 
William Jay Carbaugh, graduated from the Law 
Department of the University of Michigan in 1892, 
and is practicing his profession at Portland. 

Maria" Spelman, Richard*, Phineas^ Richard^ Richard^) was born 
in Middletown, Conn., i March, 1821 ; died in Ann Arbor, Mich., 
7 September, 1904; married there, 3 October, 1854, Judge Hiram 
James Beakes, born in Middletown, N. Y., 6 September, 1827, 

Sixth Generation 315 

son of Joseph and Anna (Witter) Beakes ; died in Ann Arbor, 
18 May, 1882. 

Like her sisters, Mrs. Beakes was talented, especially in 
music. She played the piano from the time she was five years 
old until three weeks of her death. In their younger 
days, she and her sister, Mrs. Eliza A. S. (Swathel) Sinclair, 
were very good singers, and used to take part in concerts, private 
performances of operas, and in chuich choirs, always attending 
every concert possible. At the early College Commencement 
Days in Ann Arbor, the music was usually provided by the 
Swathel sisters, and Mrs. Annie Spelman Beakes has in her 
possession a volume of poems presented to her mother by the 
Class of 1852 in appreciation of her music. When she died, 
Professor Stanley, head of the musical department' of the Uni- 
versity of Michigan, said : "It will not seem like the May Fes- 
tival without Madam Beakes." She was considered to be very 
witty and original in all things by the friends who knew her best. 
She was buried in Ann Arbor Cemetery, where the Beakes lot 
adjoins those of the Sinclair, Swathel, and Spelman families. 

Judge Hiram J. Beakes was engaged in the practice of law 
in Ann Arbor. He was a member of the Ann Arbor Com- 
mandery of Knights Templar, and every Ascension Day, the an- 
niversary of his death, impressive services are held at his grave, 
which is decorated by his comrades, music being furnished by 
the Knights Templar Band. 
Child : 

i Annie Spelman Beakes, b. Ann Arbor, 2 Aug., 1856; 
m. there, 7 July, 1886, Samuel Willard Beakes, b. 
Burlingham, N. Y., 11 Jan., 1861, son of George M. 
and Elizabeth (Bull) Beakes. Mr. Beakes is a prac- 
ticing member of the bar at Washetenaw Co., Mich., 
and has been for nineteen years the successful editor 
of the Ann Arbor Argus. He has been twice Mayor 
of Ann Arbor, once Postmaster, and is now City 
Assessor. No children. 

361 HARRIET MARIA' SWATHEL (Harriet Maria' 
Spelman, Richard*, Phineas', Richard", Richard') was born in 
Middletown, Conn., 7 August, 1823; died in Rahway, N. J., 11 
January, 1897 ; married in Boston, Mass., i May, 1849, William 
Howard Wait. She was possessed of a gentle disposition and 
quiet, soothing personality. Her tastes were musical and literary, 
and she was noted as a charming letter writer. 
Children : 

i Harriet Maria Wait; d. young. 

ii Howard St. Clair Wait, b. 8 Oct., 1854; d. June, 1895 ; 
no ch. 

3i6 Spelman Genealogy 

iii Erskine Latimer Wait, b. 20 May, 1859; d. Mar., 1898; 
m. Emma Brown of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

362 FRANCES LOUISA" SWATHEL (Harriet Maria* 
Spelman, Richard*, Phineas', Richard", Richard^) was born in 
Middletown. Conn., i January, 1825 ; died in Ann Arbor, Mich., 
13 October, 1905 ; married there, 15 November, 1848, James 
Frederick Hubbard, born 29 September, 1817. 

Mrs, Hubbard lost her mother when quite a little child, and, 
with the younger members of her family, was taken care of by 
her aunt, Miss Nancy Spelman. With her she moved from 
Middletown, Conn., to Manchester, Mich., and later to Ann Ar- 
bor, where the little family settled. Here Mrs. Hubbard grew up, 
and in her youth was a favorite social leader. Her husband, 
James Frederick Hubbard, was a lawyer of brilliant attainments. 
They moved to California, going by way of Cape Horn. Their 
married life v/as spent in California, but after Mr. Hubbard's 
death she returned with her children to Ann Arbor, where slie 
resided until her death. She was of a sweet and affectionate dis- 
position, but led a secluded life, having been an invalid for 
twenty-five years. 

Chiijdren : 

i Frederick Theodore Spelman Hubbard, b. 3 Sept., 
1849 ; d. 16 Oct., 1854. 

ii Frances Louise Hubbard, b. 13 Apr., 1856; m. Dr. 
Ray Fisher. 

iii Frederick Spelman Hubbard, b. 15 Nov., i860; living, 
unmarried, in 1907. 

363 JOHN SPELMAN' HAYDEN (Elizabeth' Spelman, 
Nathan*, Phineas\ Richard^ Richard^) was born in Middletown, 
Conn., 2 September, 1826, and died there 30 March, 1876. He 
married in Middletown, in April, 1847, Mary Daniels of Boston, 
Mass., born in Guilford, Conn., 11 May, 1828. She died in 
March, 1889. 

Children", all born in Middletown : 

i Corneha Morrow, b. 5 Oct., 1848; m. (i), 14 Feb., 
1866, ; m. (2), 7 Apr., 1869, A. M. Bid- 

ii Mary Harriet, b. 28 Feb., 1850 ; m. Freeman. 

iii John Ogden, b. 21 Oct., 185 1. 

iv Robert Spelman, b. 20 Oct., 1853; d. in Middletown, 
unm., 16 Dec., 1874. 
668a v Sophia Catherine, b. 20 Apr., 1855 ; m. Edward D. 

Sixth Generation 317 

Perce^ Orpha* Spelman, Oliver', John^ Richard^) was born in 
West Winfield, N. Y., 2 September, 1821, and died in West 
Exeter, N. Y., 4 February, 1899. She married (i) in West 
Winfield, 18 December, 1842, James V. Taft, born in Rutland, 
Vt,, 2 March, 1820, died in Dansville, N. Y., 16 July, 1852; 
married (2) in West Winfield, 26 June, 1857, Loren Huntley, 
born 26 July, 1815, died 3 February, 1903. They lived at West 
Exeter, N. Y. 

Child by first husband : 

669 i James Anson Taft, b. 20 Nov., 1843 ; m. Josephine 

Children by second husband : 

670 ii Nellie Fairchild Huntley, b. i Aug., 1858; m. Benton 


671 iii Martha Elizabeth Huntley, b. 23 Jan., i860; m. John 

H. Watkins. 

365 HENRY ADAMS" FAIRCHILD (Anson Perce', 
Orpha* Spelman, Oliver^ John", Richard') was born in West Win- 
field, N. Y., 5 March, 1824, and married there, 3 January, 1850, 
Louise Tucker, born near Liverpool, England, 12 August, 1831. 
They reside in West Winfield. 

Children : 

Charles Henry, b. 8 Nov., 1852; m. Ida A. Tucker. 
Emily Jane, b. 18 Mar., 1856 ; m. Earl F. Rogers. 
Wolcott Samuel, b. 3 or 13 May, 1858 ; m. Carrie M. 

John FrankHn, b. 12 Feb., 1863; d. 10 Mar., 1884; 

George Edward, b. 19 May, 1865; m. Nellie M. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. 23 Aug., 1867; m. John Sanford. 

Orpha* Spelman, Oliver^ John'', Richard') was born in West Win- 
field, N. Y., 30 October, 1828, and died there 5 August, 1894. 
She was married, 10 October, 1847, to Sewell Spalding Morgan, 
born in Litchfield, N. Y., 12 December, 1827, son of Roswell and 
Roxanna (Knight) Morgan. He died in West Winfield, 19 Jan- 
uary, 1885. 

Children, all born in West Winfield : 

677 i Mina Morgan, b. 7 May, 1848; m. Albert P. Palmer, 
ii George Anson Morgan, b. 25 Dec, 1850; d. unm. 

678 iii Charles Edward Morgan, b. 27 May, 1854; m. Julia 












3i8 Spelman Genealogy 

iv Fred James Morgan, b. 7 June, 1857; d. at West 
Winfield, unm., i Aug., 1887. 

679 V Eva Lina Morgan, b. 4 Nov., 1863 ; m. John Henry 


367 MARTHA McCALL" FAIRCHILD (Anson Perce", 
Orpha* Spelman, 01iver^ John^ Richard^) was born in West 
Winfield, N. Y., 2 December, 1830, and married there, 29 No- 
vember, i860, William Nichols Dixon, born in Rochester, N. Y., 
24 May, 1831, son of George Hussey and Susan (Ayre) Dixon, 
They reside in Lansing, Mich. 

Children : 

i Roland Fairchild Dixon, b. in Mohawk, N. Y., 23 
Dec, 1861 ; d. there 23 Sept., 1862. 

680 ii Edgar Lee Dixon, b. 10 Apr., 1863 ; m. Anna Smith. 

681 iii Grace EHzabeth Dixon, b. i Feb., 1865; m. (i) Henry 

E. Sweet ; m. (2) Thomas S. Ainge. 

682 iv Curtis Ayre Dixon, b. 18 July, 1866; m. Anna M. 

V William Nichols Dixon, b. in Detroit, Mich., 11 Nov., 
1867; d. there 13 Sept., 1868. 

683 vi Isaac Loren Dixon, b. 16 Mar., 1871 ; m. Anna L. 


368 EMILY JANE' FAIRCHILD (William Fletcher', 
Orpha* Spelman, Oliver', John^, Richard^) was born in Winfield, 
N. Y., II June, 1832, and died in Albion, Mich., 5 February, 
1903. On 2 March, 1856, she was married in Albion to Charles 
Carroll Ensign, bom in Java, N. Y., 3 August, 1829, son of Abial 
and Abby (Higby) Ensign of that place; he died in Albion 27 
December, 1904. 

Children : 

i Carroll Fairchild Ensign, b. in Albion 16 Mar., 1857; 
d. there 30 Sept., 1858. 

684 ii Mary Adelia Ensign, b. 4 Apr., 1867; m. Walter H. 

iii Clara Parrish Ensign, b. 18 Oct., 1870; m. in Buffalo, 
N. Y., 4 Jan., 1904, Edward P. Kenyon, b. Batavia, 
N. Y., 4 June, 1866, son of Edward L. and Elma 
(Ensign) Kenyon. 

369 LUMAN PARKER* SPELMAN (Luman^ Levi', 
John^ John', Richard') was baptized in West Granville, Mass., 
5 May, 1816, and died in Westfield, Mass., in 1850 [Westfield 
Town Records]. His first wife was Philena Osborne of Bland- 
ford, Mass., daughter of Luke and Gilphy Osborne. He married 
(2), in February, 1842, Achsa Loomis, born in Westfield, Mass., 

Sixth Generation 319 

13 January, 1822 (26 December, 1821), daughter of Charles and 
Charlotte (Noble) Loomis of that town. She died there 26 May, 
1898. They resided in Westfield, where Mr. Spelman was a 
manufacturer of whip lashes. 
Children by first wife : 

685 i Luman Parker, b. 21 Jan., 1834; m. Elnora C. Keep. 

686 ii Dorman C, b. 1836; m. (i) Mrs. Henrietta (Beman) 

Miller; m. (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (Haynes) Russell. 
Children by second wife : 

687 iii Nelson; m. (i) Laura ; m. (2) Mena, or 

Meria . 

iv Miner Eli. 
V NelHe. 
vi Burton. 

370 ELLICE' (ALICE) SPELMAN (Luman', Levi*, 
John', John^ Richard") was born in Granville, Mass., 21 July, 
1817, and died in Springfield, Mass., 2 June, 1888. She married 
Samuel Colton, born in Longmeadow, Mass., 20 April, 1801, son 
of Samuel and Ann (Gregory) Colton. They lived at Springfield, 
Mass. ,where he died, 31 October, 1881. 

Children, bom in Granville : 

688 i Flavia Ann Colton, b. 25 Apr., 1841 ; m. Edwin A. 


689 ii Susan Spelman Colton, b. 21 Aug., 1843; ^- James 

B. Macready. 
iii Mary Elizabeth Colton, b. 21 Sept., 1846; d. 7 May, 

iv Edward Frank Colton, b. 8 Oct., 1849; d. 21 June, 

185 1. 
v Frank Edward Colton, b. i Feb., 1853 ; d. 17 Sept., 

vi Frederick Henry Colton, b. 11 July, 1855 ; m. in Chico- 

pee, Mass., 16 Sept., 1882, Mary J. Myrick, b. 

Louisville, Ky., 30 Apr., 1881. 

371 LUCY LAVINIA' SPELMAN (Roderick', Levi*, 
John*, John*, Richard") was born in West Granville, Mass., 17 
November, 1815, and died in Colebrook, Conn., 1861. She was 
married in West Granville to Henry Mitchell. They made their 
home in Colebrook. 

Children : 

i Gordon Mitchell ; went West, 
ii Cornelia Mitchell. 

372 JANE MARIA' SPELMAN (Roderick', Levi*, John*, 
John', Richard") was born in West Granville, Mass., 28 Novem- 

320 Spelman Genealogy 

ber, 1817, and died in Suffield, Conn., 2 November, 1895. She 
married in West Granville, 28 May, 1849, Joseph F. Miner, born 
8 March, 1813, son of Adam and Betsey (Frink) Miner. They 
lived in Springfield, Mass. 
Children : 

i Robert Miner ; fell from one of the Centennial Build- 
ings in Philadelphia, and was killed, in 1876. 
Two other children ; names unknown. 

373 HIRAM JOHNSON' SPELMAN (Roderick^ Levi*, 
John^ John^ Richard') v;as born in West Granville, Mass., 11 
November, 1819. and died in New Britain, Conn., March, 1898; 
married, in Bristol, Conn., Jane Muzzey. He was in the clock 
business in Plymouth, Conn, 

Child : 

i Adalbert ; lives in Newington, Conn. 

Levi*, John', John^ Richard') was born in West Granville, Mass., 
15 April, 1822; married, 8 June, 1843, Melissa Miner, born 8 
January, 1824, daughter of Adam and Betsey (Frink) Miner. In 
1900 he completed his fifty-first year of service as Deacon, the 
first nineteen of which were in the Congregational Church at 
Granville, the next thirty-two in Suffield, Conn.,, whither he re- 
moved, about 1868, and still resides. 

Children : 

i Martha Cordelia, b. 7 Nov., 1848; d. Suffield, 31 Oct., 

ii Lewis Burton, b. 10 Oct., 1850 ; d. 20 July, 1857. 
iii Elbert Jason, b. 10 Nov., 1853; unmarried. 

375 JOHN H.' SPELMAN (Lyman", Levi*, John', John*, 
Richard') was born in Washington, Mass., 13 November, 1823, 
and married, 5 February, 1852, Angeline Coffin, who died in 
Champlain, N. Y.. 7 July, 1903. They resided in Windham, 
Philmont, Barrytown, Marcellus, Schaghticoke, Chatham, and 
Champlain, all in New York State. Mr. Spelman still lives at 

Chiidren : 

i Evel>n S., b. Windham, 15 July, 1853 ; d. Philmont, 
29 Jan., 1861. 

690 ii Charles Wallace, b. 6 Feb., 1855 ; m. E. Adele Clark, 
iii John Luther, b. Philmont, 9 Apr., 1857; d. Cham- 
plain, 20 July, 1889; unmarried. 

691 iv Amasa Bishop, b. 30 Dec, 1858; m. Nancy V. Angell. 

V Belle, b. Philmont, 3 Nov., i860; unm. ; lives in Troy, 
N. Y. 

Sixth Generation 321 

vi William C, b. Philmont, 12 Jan., 1863 ; iinm. ; paper 

vii Catherine, b. Barrytown, 22 May, 1865 ; unm. ; lives in 

692 viii Jennie, b. 25 July, 1867 ■ ^- Albertus B. Angell. 

ix George, b. Schaghticoke, 5 Feb., 1871 ; unmarried. 

Levi*, John', John^ Richard*) was born in Washington, Mass., 
12 December, 1825, and died in Plainville, Conn., 12 January, 
1889 ; married Dexter Albee of Plainville, born in Dorset, Vt., 30 
October, 1820; died in Plainville, 19 August, 1904. 

Child : 

i Mary Elizabeth xMbee. b. Lenox, Mass., 8 Apr., 1851 ; 
m. in Plainville, 4 Nov., 1875. Joseph Huntington 
Edmond, b. Griswold, Conn., 15 Dec, 1843, son of 
Joseph Allen and Lucy (Bishop) Edmond of North 
Windham, Conn. ; lives in Plainville ; no ch. 

377 WILLIAM LYMAN" SPELMAN (Lyman^ Levi*, 
John', John^ Richard') was born 24 September, 1827, and died 
in Southington, Conn., 28 October, 1884; married in New Bri- 
tain, Conn., 21 May, 1849, Eliza Jane Beckwith, born in South- 
ington, 7 February, 1832, daughter of John and Eliza (Johnson) 
Beckwith of that town. She died in Plantsville, Conn., 2 Decem- 
ber, 1901. They resided in New Haven and Southington. Conn. 
Mrs. Spelman wrote that every one of her children was born a 
singer, and could sing before they could talk plainly. Her daugh- 
ters were both salaried singers in the churches in Southington, 
and also took part in concerts. 

Children : 

i Wallace Bruce, b. Southington, 18 Apr., 1850; d. Salis- 
bury, N. C, 8 Dec, 1864. 
ii Albert Joel, b. Plainville, Conn., 8 Aug., 1853; 
drowned in Lake Whitney, Whitneyville, Conn., i 
Aug., 1862. 

693 iii Catherine May (Kate), b. 13 May, 1856: m. Henry H. 


iv Jennie Hart, b. New Britain, Conn., 5 Jan. (Feb.). 
1859; ™- i" Plantsville, 30 Oct., 1879, Frederick W. 
Prill of Southington, b. 3 Aug., 1853, son of Chris- 
topher and Catherine Prill. They live in South- 

V Robert William, b. New Britain, 5 Oct., 1861 ; m. in 
Ocala, Fla., 15 Apr., 1892, Annie E. Geary, b. Boon- 
ton. N. J., 15 May, 1862, daughter of William and 

322 Spelman Genealogy 

Adeline Geary of Plantsville, Conn. They live in 
Newark, N. J. 
vi Herbert Wallace, b. Hampden, Conn., 3 Dec, 1863 ; 
m. 3 Nov., 1887, Carrie May Scribner, b. State Line, 
1865, daughter of Smith and Emma Scribner. They 
lived in Plantsville for one year, moving thence in 
1888 to Middletown, Conn., where they lived for ten 
years. They then went to Chicago, and finally re- 
turned East, and settled in Newark, N. J., where 
they now reside (1909). 

Levi*, John*, John^, Richard^) was born in Pittsfield, Mass., 3 
May, 1834 (or i May, 1833), and died in Glencoe, Okla., 13 
January, 1899. He married in Saybrook, Conn., 20 March, 1857, 
Elizabeth Cone Smith, born in Chester, Conn., 18 January, 1836, 
daughter of Charles and Melinda (Spencer) Smith of that place. 
They went West to Ohio about i860, and later moved to Indian 
Territory, now Oklahoma. Mrs. Spelman lives in Perkins, Okla. 

Children : 

i Henry, b. Lee, Mass., 14 Feb., 1856 ; d. there, 15 Jan., 


694 ii William Herbert, b. 16 Oct., 1859 ; m. Mrs. Jennie M. 

(Ralston) Dixon. 

695 iii Arretta Jerusha, b. 17 May, 1861 ; m. James G. Mur- 


379 ESTHER' SPELMAN (Lyman^ Levi*, John', John', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 3 March, 1836. She 
married (i) in Bristol, Conn., 4 July, 1852, Reuben A. Spencer, 
who died in Beaufort, S. C, 5 July, 1862; married (2) in Hart- 
ford, Conn., 9 April, 1864, Andrew Jackson Norton, born in 
Bristol, Conn., 18 September, 1813, died 12 February, 1897. Mrs. 
Norton lives in Plainville, Conn., which has been her home for 
many years, but spends much of her time with her daughter at 
Rocky Hill, Conn. Mr. Spencer was Sergeant in the First Con- 
necticut Light Battery. 

Child by first husband : 

i Frederick H. S. Spencer, b. Plainville, 7 Apr., 1854; 
m., in Hartford, Annie A. Sprout, b. East Hart- 
ford, Conn., 13 Aug., 1850, daughter of Charles 
and Nancy Sprout ; lives at New Rochelle, N. Y. ; 
no children. 

Children by second husband : 

696 ii Cora Norton, b. Plainville, 7 Jan., 1867; "^- Elwood 

F. Belden. 
iii Minton Andrew Norton, b. 31 July, 1869; m. in Plain- 








Sixth Generation 323 

ville, 21 May, 1897, Rebecca Almont, b. Great Bar- 
rington, Mass., Sept., 1866; is overseer of a large 
factory for knit underwear. 

380 SEYMOUR LUTHER' SPELMAN (Ethan", Levi*, 
John^ John^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 23 Sep- 
tember, 1830, and married in Granby, Conn., 5 October, 185 1, 
Catherine Hayes, born there 18 February, 183 1, daughter of 
Gurdon and Hannah (Dean) Hayes. She died in York, Neb., 10 
September, 1904. Mr. Spelman died at Charlestown, Neb., 4 
May, 1907. 

Children^ all but first born in Simsbury, Conn. : 

Charles S., b. Granby, 28 Aug., 1852 ; m. Myra Cor- 

Ella Irene, b. 4 Mar., 1854; m. Samuel Levett. 
George A., b. 9 Mar., 1856; d. Simsbury, 3 May, 1859. 
William Albert, b. 27 Dec, 1857; m. Elva Moores. 
v Katie E., b. 16 Sept., 1859 : d. Fox, 111., 28 Feb., 1870. 
700 vi George Edgar, b. 7 July, 1861 ; m. Hattie Calkins. 

381 LUCY' SPELMAN (John', John*, John', John', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Phelps, Ontario County, N. Y., 24 September, 
1824, and married in Newark, Hi., 23 September, 1849, Doctor 
Julius A. Freeman. She is now living in Millington, 111. 

Children : 

i Corwin A. Freeman, b. 11 Dec, 1850. 
ii Vesper V. Freeman, b. 14 Feb., 1856. 
iii John R. Freeman, b. 14 Oct., 1863. 
iv Herbert Freeman, b. 25 Sept., 1867. 

382 WILLIAM H.' SPELMAN (John', John*, John', 
John^ Richard") was born in Phelps, N. Y., 15 May, 1829; the 
name of his wife is not known. He lives in Pittsford, N. Y. 

Child : 

i Charles K. 

383 PERRY' SPELMAN (John', John*, John', John*, 
Richard") was born 6 January, 1838, and married Mary Higby. 
They lived for some years in Newark, 111., but are now (1909) 
residing in Ocala, Fla. 


i Charles, b. Newark, III, Aug., 1869. 

384 J. LINCOLN' TIBBALS (Alfred M.', Ruth* Spelman, 
John', John", Richard") married, 19 February, 1851, his cousin, 
Mary C. Dewey, born in Kent, Ohio, 29 August, 1832, daughter 

324 Spelman Genealogy 

of Frederick and Fanny (Williams) Dewey. She died 20 Oc- 
tober, 1892. 

Children, born in Kent, Ohio : 

i Florous, b. 16 Aug., 1852; d. 4 Oct., 1863. 
701 ii Charles F., b. i Mar., 1862; m. Grace E. Ferry, 
iii Frank E., b. 22 Aug., 1867. 
iv John S., b. 3 Apr., 1869. 
V Fred A., b. 12 Oct., 1870. 

385 JUDGE NEWELL D.* TIBBALS (Alfred M.', Ruth* 
Spelman, John', John", Richard^) was born in Deerfield, Ohio, 18 
September, 1833 ; married, 26 October, 1856, Lucy A. Morse, 
bom in Randolph, Ohio, 9 July, 1835, daughter of Huron and 
Alethea Morse. She died in Akron, Ohio, 27 October, 1894. 

Judge Tibbals graduated from McLane Academy, Salem, 
Ohio, in 1853, read law, and was admitted to the Bar in 1855. 
He began the practice of law in Akron, the details of his profes- 
sional and political career giving proof of his capability for per- 
forming the duties he has selected as his life work. He has 
always been an ardent Republican, and w^as elected Prosecuting 
Attorney in i860, and reelected in 1862. In 1865 he was elected 
Akron's first City Solicitor, and reelected to the same office. He was 
made State Senator to represent Summit and Portage Counties, 
1866-67 to 1870. He was a factor in the organization of Buchtel 
College, and has ever since been a member of its Board of Trustees. 
In 1875 he was elected Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 
being reelected in 1880. In 1883 he resigned that office to resume 
his increasing law practice. Judge Tibbals served in the Civil 
War in 1864 as Sergeant of Company F, One Hundred and 
Sixty-Fourth Ohio Volunteers, in the defense of Washington, D. 
C. On his return to Akron he was elected to the Fourth Battalion, 
Ohio National Guard, and commissioned by General Brough in 
1886. He was appointed Judge Advocate for tfie Department of 
Ohio, Grand Army of the Republic, by Commander A. L. Conger. 
In 1890 he was appointed Aide-de-Camp to Commander-in-Chief 
Russel A. Alger. In 1890 he was again appointed Judge Advo- 
cate to the G. A. R. by Deputy Commissioner P. H. Dowling. 
In 1894 he was elected Commander of Buckley Post, No. 12, G. 
A. R., and the same year was sent as delegate to the National 
Encampment at Pittsburg, Pa. He has been a member of the 
law firm of Tibbals and Frank since 1889. 

Mrs. Lucy A. (Morse) Tibbals made a host of friends during 
the war, when she took an active part in securing food and cloth- 
ing for Union soldiers. She was one of the originators of the 
Dorcas Society, out of which grew Akron's Board of Charities. 
She was a trustee of the Woman's Relief Corps, President of 
the Ladies' Cemeters' Association, and took an active part in 

Sixth Generation 325 

forming the Summit County Children's Home. She was a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Church. 
Children : 

i Martha A. ; m. Wilson M. Day ; lives in Cleveland, O. 
ii Jessie A. ; m. Dr. Albert Hower ; lives in Akron, 
iii Newell L. 
iv Gertrude A. 

V Ralph Waldo. 

386 ROSWELL SMITH* SPELMAN (Smith^ Phineas*, 
John\ John^ Richard') was born in New York City in 1827, and 
died in Evanston, 111., in 1880 or 1885. He married Louisa Smith, 
who died i August, 1902. 


i John L. ; m. ; no ch. ; lives in Wisconsin. 

387 PHOEBE VIOLA' SPELMAN (Smith', Phineas\ 
John", John^ Richard') was bom in New York City in 1829, and 
died in 1855 (or 28 August, 1854). She married Abraham Van 
Vlierden, and lived in Byron, 111. 

Children : 

i Ada Van Vlierden ; d. young, 
ii A child ; d. young. 

eas', John", John^ Richard') was born in Saugerties, N. Y., in 
1844 or 1845, a^d married in Elizabeth, N. J., 15 Oct., 1868, 
Elizabeth (Lilian) Lyon, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

702 i Josephine, b. 12 Jan., 1870; m. Franklyn D. Pagan, 
ii Henry H., b. 12 July, 1873. 

703 iii Catherine Amelia, b. 16 May, 1876 ; m. Edward 

iv William Russell, b. Apr., 1879. 

V Oscar Vonte, b. Sept., 1883. 

eas*, John^ John^ Richard') was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 
December, 1852 or 1853, and died in New York City, 9 March 
1890; married there, in 1885, Marie Bendall, bom in England 
in 1853. 


i A son ; b. and d. in 1889. 

Spelman, Phineas*, John', John', Richard') was born in New 
York City 25 September, 1829, and died in East Palatka, Fla., 

326 Spelman Genealogy 

3 December, 1885 (9 February, 1888). She married in Brooklyn, 
N. Y,, 5 September, 1849, George Washington Cutter, born in 
West Cambridge, Mass., 10 January, 1824, son of Ebenezer and 
Anna (Frost) Cutter. They resided in Wakefield, Mass. He 
died in Somerville, Mass., 7 March, 1894. 
Children : 

i George Ransom Cutter, b. 5 June, 1850; d. two days 

704 ii Frederick Ransom Cutter, b. 23 Dec, 1852; m. Mary 

E. Butler. 

705 iii Frank Frost Cutter, b. 11 Sept., 1859; m. Gertrude F. 


391 WILLIAM EDGAR' RANSOM (Harriet Jane' Spel- 
man, Phineas*, John^ John^ Richard^) was born in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 3 March, 1834, and died in St. Augustine, Fla., 21 August, 
1892. He married in Washington, D. C, 19 April, 1862, Mary 
Collier Bowden of that city, born in Boston, Mass., 19 September, 
1837, daughter of Elisha and Sarah Bowden. 

William Edgar Ransom was mustered into the United States 
service i May, 1861, serving as Corporal in the Eighth Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers, the first regiment to go to the defense of 
Washington, D. C, after the Baltimore massacre. He served in 
the Quartermaster's department from 1861 to 1865. Mr. and 
Mrs. Ransom lived in Maiden, Mass., and later in East Palatka, 
Fla., where Mrs. Ransom still resides. 
Children : 

i Howard Bowden, b. Alexandria, Va., 9 Sept., 1863 ; 

m., in 1894, . 

ii Virginia, b. Alexandria, 13 Aug., 1865 ; m., in 1893, 

706 iii Kate Stearns, b. 9 July, 1868 ; m. William S. Burdette. 

392 PHOEBE Adeline; ransom (Harriet Jane* 
Spelman, Phineas*, John^ John^ Richard^) was born in New York 
City 5 May, 1838, and married in South Reading (now Wake- 
field), Mass., 29 November, 1859, Samuel Emmons Currier, born 
in Alfred, Me., 17 August, 1835, son of John and Jerusha (Em- 
mons) Currier. They were long residents of Wakefield, but 
moved to Somerville, Mass. 

Children, all but second born in South Reading: 

707 i Mabel Louise Currier, b. 8 Sept., i860; m. James H. 

ii Harry Ransom Currier, b. 20 Jan., 1862; d. 7 Dec, 

iii Charles Elmer Currier, b. 3 June, 1863 ; d. 24 Sept., 


Sixth Generation 327 

708 iv John Albion Currier, b. 16 Aug., 1868; m. Ida F. 
V Samuel Herbert Currier, b. 23" July, 1871 ; d. 3 Feb., 

vi Harriet Ransom Currier, b. 11 Oct., 1875; lives in 

Somerville, Mass. 
vii Ruby H. Currier, b. 14 Oct., 1878 ; lives in Somerville. 

393 EDWARD MINTURN" RANSOM (Harriet Jane' 
Spelman, Phineas*, John', John^ Richard^) was born in New 
Utrecht, N. Y., 23 August, 1840. He married (i) in New York 
City, 13 March, i860, Catharine Margaret Whittemore, born in 
Boston, Mass., 22 July, 1839, daughter of Joshua and Catharine 
(Moore) Whittemore. She died in Newton, Mass., 8 February, 
1900, and Mr. Ransom married (2) in Boston, 18 November, 
1902, Harriet E. Dickerman, born in Brattleboro, Vt., October, 
1847, daughter of John Locke and Emily (Squires) Dickerman. 
At her death, in Newton, 9 December, 1902, he married (3) in 
Fitchburg, Mass., 12 July, 1905, Fanny Eliza Culley, born there 
31 July, 1 87 1, daughter of Eli and Martha (Redman) Culley. 

Mr. Ransom was mustered into the Thirteenth Massachusetts 
Regiment 16 July, 1861, and was discharged 20 December fol- 
lowing. He afterwards served in the Quartermaster's and Sub- 
sistence Departments, in Washington, D. C, and in Alexandria, 
Va., and at the front until 1865. He has resided at South 
Reading, now Wakefield, and Newton, Mass. 

Children by first wife, born in South Reading: 

i Frances Minturn, b. 27 Dec, i860; d. South Reading 

4 Oct.. 1861. 
ii Annie Moore, b. 13 Apr., 1863; m. in Wakefield, 9 
July, 1894, Charles Whittemore, b. Bridgewater, 
Mass., 1840, son of David and Urania B. Whitte- 
more ; lives at Newton ; no ch. 

Jane^ Spelman. Phineas*, John^ John^, Richard^) was born in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 5 December, 1842, and married in Chelsea,, 
Mass., 12 January, 1876, Wilhelmine Emerson Coxe, born in 
Lynnfield, Mass., 25 July, 1844. He enlisted in the United States 
Service on his eighteenth birthday, 5 December, 1861 ; was mus- 
tered in as Corporal 13 March, 1862, and discharged 13 March, 
1865. He is now Commander of the General Frank Blair Post, 
G. A. R. of Minnesota. 

Children, born in Prior, Minn. : 

i Edna Bancroft, b. 26 May, 1882, 
ii Henry Franklin, b. 7 July, 1887. 

328 Spelman Genealogy 

395 JANE AUGUSTA" SPELMAN (Samuel Rose', Phin- 
eas*, Jolin\ John", Richard") was born in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., 4 
August, 1832, and married, in 1851, James Malcolm Fuller, born 
in New York City. He died in 1885, They lived in Mamaro- 
neck, N. Y. 

Children : 

i Caroline x\ugusta Fuller, b. New York, 1852; m., 1882, 

Bradford Rhodes ; lives in Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
ii Kate Helena Fuller, b. 1854; m., 1887, Zachariah 

iii James Malcolm Fuller, b. 1856. 

iv Marv Spelman Fuller, b. i860; m., 1884, Everett 

396 MARY WICONA' SPELMAN (Samuel Rose', Phin- 
eas', John\ John'', Richard') was born in New York City 19 Sep- 
tember, 1836, and died in Mamaroneck, N. Y., 22 July, 1874. 
She was married at New York, 11 October, i860, to Charles 
Pittard Cummings, born there i November, 1833, son of Thomas 
Tier and Jane (Cook) Cummings. He died in New York 19 
August, 1879. Thomas T. Cummings was a warm friend of 
Samuel Rose Spelman, and a celebrated miniature painter of his 
day. He was a charter member of the National Academy of 
Design, New York, and its first treasurer, from 1827 to 1865. 
He was also a charter member of the Century Club, and the inti- 
mate friend of Professor S. F. B. Morse ; he received one of the 
first telegraphic messages at a private exhibition of the instru- 
ments before sending them to Washington, D. C, in 1836. The 
message is still in the possession of the family. 

Children, born in New York City : 

709 i Mary Wicona Cummings, b. 14 May, 1866 ; m. Ed- 

ward C. Ray. 

710 ii Florence Augusta Cummings, b. 18 July, 1872 ; m. 

Charles S. Dodd. 

397 SALLY MARIA" PALMER (Corintha' Spelman, Dr. 
Luther*, John^ John^ Richard") was born in Williamsfield, Ohio, 
19 October. 1826, and died at Wayne, Ohio, 15 November, 1865 
or 1866. She married, 26 October, 1846, Luther Loomis Wood- 
worth, born in Wayne, 1818 or 1820, son of Albigence and Sara 
Woodworth. He died 28 February, 1850 or 1853. 

Child : 

711 i Rhoda Maria Woodworth, b. Wayne, 19 May, 1848; 

m. Linus B. Jones. 

398 HENRIETTA' PALMER (Corintha' Spelman, Dr. 
Luther*, John*, John^ Richard") was born in West Williamsfield, 

Sixth Generation 329 

Ohio, 18 June, 1834, and died in Wayne, Ohio, i March, 1874. 
She married Spencer H. Piatt of Wayne, Ohio, son of Hezekiah 
and PermeUa Piatt, born in 1828. 

i William S. Piatt, b. in Wayne in 1856; m. Nettie Crosby 
of that place, where they reside. 

399 EMILY JANE' PALMER (Corintha' Spelman, Dr. 
Luther*, John\ John", Richard') was born in West Williamsfield, 
Ohio, 20 June, 1836, and died in Concord, Mich., in 1907. She 
married James C. Williams of Williamsfield, 3 September, 1861. 
He was born in 1826, and died in Concord, Mich., in 1892. 


712 i James Franklin Williams, b. in West Williamsfield in 

1863 ; m. Carrie Bell. 

400 PHOEBE VICTORIA' PALMER (Corintha' Spel- 
man, Dr. Luther*, John', John", Richard') was born in West Wil- 
liamsfield, Ohio, 19 September, 1838. She married Ira H. Fobes, 
who was born in Williamsfield in 1840, and who died at Parkers- 
burg, Iowa, in 1892. 

Chiu^ren : 

713 i Stella Fobes, b. 1862; m. P. A. Seaver. 

ii Lottie Fobes, b. 1864; m. Lester A. Leonard, b. in i^ 

Spelman, Dr. Luther*, John", John", Richard') was born in West 
Williamsfield, Ohio, 2;^ March, 1843, and died in West Andover, 
Ohio, 10 July, 1885. He married Sarah Jane Patterson, 3 Sep- 
tember, 1861. She was born in West Williamsfield, 18 November, 
1841, and died in West Andover 4 April, 1882. 

Children : 

714 i Carrie Belle Palmer, b. 8 Apr., 1865 ; m. Charles For- 

rest Lyman. 

715 ii Charles Donolds Palmer, b. 14 Aug., 1871 ; m. Laura 


402 SCHUYLER' SPELMAN (Charles*, Dr. Luther*, 
John', John", Richard') was born in Wayne, Ohio, 9 September, 
1832, and married in Andover, Ohio. 27 June, 1855, Jane Bur- 
lingham, born 8 April, 1835, daughter of Barnett and Lucinda 
Gillette Burlingham. 

Children : 

i Alma Naomi, b. Andover, 11 May, 1856; m., 6 June, 

1874, John Lisley; d. 26 Mar., 1875. 
ii Malona Custaria, b. Andover, 26 July, 1858; m.. 

330 Spelman Genealogy 

Wayne, 15 Nov., 1879, Lester B. Hart; resides in 
Red' Bluff, Cal. 
iii Effie Lucinda, b. 30 Sept., i860; m., 24 Aug., 1878, 
Hollis Rouse. 

716 iv Luvia Ulelah (or Ullela), b. 14 Mar., 1863; m. Louis 

F. Smith. 
V Julia Eliza, b. Andover, i Aug., 1865 ; m., 19 Sept., 

1888, Cheever L. Woodworth ; d. Wayne, 29 May, 

vi Edgar Adalbert, b. 26 Feb., 1868; d. Wayne, 6 July, 

vii Grace Alleen, b. Wayne, 30 Aug., 1870; m. in Wil- 
liamsfield, Ohio, 5 Apr., 1891, Frank N. Barrett, b. 
in Geneva, Ohio, 13 Oct., 1862; resides on a farm in 
Trumbull, Ohio. 

717 viii Pearl Schuyler, b. Wayne, 26 Jan., 1878; m., 28 Nov., 

1900, Abigail E. Hayes. 

403 SARAH' SPELMAN (Charles', Dr. Luther*, John', 
John^ Richard^) was born in Wayne, Ohio, 5 October, 1834, and 
died in Andover, Ohio, 23 December, 1862. She married in 
Andover in 1854, Lester J. Burlingham, born in Fort Ann, N. Y., 
8 July, 1830, son of Bernard and Lucinda (Gillett) Burlingham. 
He was an old settler and prosperous farmer of Cherry Valley, 
Ohio. After Sarah Spelman's death he married again, and has 
since died. 

Children : 

i Emma Burlingham ; d. aged seventeen, 
ii Elmer Burlingham; d. aged three. 

718 iii Charles Burlingham, b. Dec, 1862; m. (i) Martha 

Vaughn; (2) . 

404 FANNY" SPELMAN (Charles^ Dr. Luther', John', 
John^ Richard^) was born in Wayne, Ohio, 11 January, 1837, 
and died in Cherry Valley, Ohio, 3 April, 1897. She was mar- 
ried in Cherry Valley, 4 July, 1859, to Hiram Crosb}^, B^orn 3 
April, 1839. 

Children : 

719 i Lincoln Crosby, b. 24 Sept., 1859; "^- (i) Anna Perry; 

m. (2) Mrs. Ruth Beckwith. 

720 ii Sarah Ann Crosby, b. 20 Jan., 1863 ; m. George 


721 iii Minnie M. Crosby, b. 6 Aug., 1867; m. Albert Bailey. 

722 iv Charles Crosby, b. 30 Sept., 1876; m. Isabel Fetterman. 

405 ELSINA JANE' SPELMAN (Charles^ Dr. Luther*, 
John', John^ Richard^) was born in Wayne, Ohio, 21 September, 

Sixth Generation 331 

1843 or 1848, and died in Cherry Valley, Ohio, 21 June, 1906. 
She married in Jefferson, Ohio, 24 February, 1870, Abilene E. 
Beals, born in Cherry Valley 15 September, 1848, son of Ethener 
and Lucretia (Low) Beals of that place. He died there 22 May, 
1900. They began housekeeping on a farm, purchased for them 
by Mr. Beals' father, in Cherry Valley. 
Child : 

i Birney A. Beals, b. i Dec, 1876 (25 Apr., 1880) ; m. in 
Andover, 20 Oct., 1907, Irene Howe. 

Luther*, John^ John'', Richard^) was born in Wayne, Ohio, 3 
January, 1850, and married in Waterford, Pa., 17 November, 
1869, Mary A. Morse, born in Cherry Valley, Ohio, 18 December, 
1849, daughter of John and Sabra Morse. She died 17 Decem- 
ber, 1906. Mr. Spelman resides in West Williamsfield, Ohio. 

Children, born in West Williamsfield : 

i Howard Leander, b. 24 Mar., 1874; d. W. Williams- 
field, 17 Sept., 1876. 
Archibald Dane, b. 2 July, 1876; m. Laura E. Willey. 
Albert Leland, b. 22 Apr., 1883 ; m. Jeanette Pebbles. 
Harry Charles, b. 27 Jan., 1886; unm. 
James Boyd, b. 24 Sept., 1887 ; unm. 

407 MORRIS" COLBY (Mary' Spelman, Dr. Luther*, 
John', John^ Richard^) was born 13 March, 1841, and married 
Eliza Allen. He served in the Civil War in Company H., Thirty- 
Ninth Ohio Infantry, and was discharged 19 July, 1865. He 
was formerly a teacher, and now resides in West Williamsfield, 

Children : 
i Jessie, 
ii Another child, name unknown. 

408 NORMAN WILCOX' SPELMAN (Dr. Harvey^ Dr. 
Luther*, John*, John', Richard^) was born in Cherry Valley, 
Ohio, 8 March, 1841, and died in Kansas City, Mo., 2.6 Februar>^ 
1896; married in Jacksonville, III, 9 March, 1870, Matilda Lu- 
rania Owen of Kentucky, born in Scottsville, 111., 19 November, 
1849, daughter of George and Tabitha (Cherry) Owen. 

When Norman W. Spelman was three years old, his family 
moved to Rome, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He attended the schools 
there until he was sixteen, when he was sent to the Orwell Acad- 
emy. For five years he was, alternately, a pupil and a teacher. 
In the last year of the Civil War he was a student at the Austin- 
burg Academy, where he expected to prepare himself for the 
legal profession. When the last call for troops came, he enlisted, 







332 Spelman Genealogy 

and the school was closed, most of the students going- into the 
army. He served two enlistments ; was taken prisoner by Stone- 
wall Jackson at Harper's Ferry, and was later paroled. At the 
close of the war he was honorably discharged as a non-commis- 
sioned Lieutenant, and at once started West to seek his fortune. 
He chose Chicago as his starting point, and took a position in one 
of the wholesale grocery houses, then coming into prominence. 
He continued in this business for over twenty years, serving in 
various capacities and amassing a considerable fortune. He made 
his home in Jacksonville, III, after his marriage in that place, al- 
though conducting his business affairs in Chicago. In 1886 he 
retired as a merchant, and went to Kansas City, Mo., where he 
has conducted extensive real estate operations. 

Early in life Mr. Spelman had united with the Free Will 
Baptist church, but at the time of his marriage he united with 
that of his wife, the Christian church, in which his father-in-law, 
George Owen, was a power. For twenty-six years he served as 
Deacon. Choirmaster, and Bible teacher. He loved song, and 
was a painstaking musician, with talent above the average. He 
played the violin more than acceptably, and continued his musical 
instruction until his death, being a methodical drill master. He 
was the possessor of a splendid natural tenor voice, and taught 
both his children to play and sing by note. Industry was almost a 
hobby with him, his motto being : "Time is the stufif that life is 
made of." 

Among his other accomplishments, Mr. Spelman was a mas- 
terly exponent of the Spencerian system of penmanship, taking 
special courses in writing from P. R. Spencer, the originator of 
that method of writing. Between them they devised the theory 
that the name Spelman would be better balanced and would ap- 
pear to better advantage, if spelled with two "J's," and thus Mr. 
Spelman wrote it thereafter. There are many of the family in 
the vicinity who use the "11" in the name, but it is not confined to 
any one locality. 

Children, born in Jacksonville, 111. : 

i Howard Owen, b. 9 Jan., 1871 ; unmarried. 
725 ii Clarence Irving, b. 25 Feb., 1874; m. Lucille A. Mul- 
iii Llovd, b. 4 Dec, 1876; d. in Jacksonville 18 Dec, 

409 DARWIN ROSCOE' SPELMAN (Dr. Harvey', Dr. 
Luther*, John', John*, Richard^) was bom in Cherry Valley, Ohio, 
16 April, 1843, and died in Vermontville, Mich., i April, 1883. 
He married in Turnersville, Pa., 7 April, 1864, Sarah Jane Gunn, 
born in Wayne, Ohio, 28 January, 1844, daughter of W. W. and 
Betsey E. Gunn. They lived in Vermontville. x^fter Mr. Spel- 


Sixth Generation 333 

man's death she married (2) James R. Cooper, and lives in Battle 
Creek, Mich. 

Children, bom in Vermontville : 

726 i Frederick Eugene, b. 9 July, 1866; m. Ruth B. Hol- 


727 ii AHce Louise, b. 20 March, 1873 ; m. Walter S. Burn- 

iii Mabel Elizabeth, b. 7 June, 1876 ; m. in Miami, Fla., 
12 Feb., 1902, Louis W. Pierce ; they live at Miami. 

410 SIDNEY V.' SPELMAN (Dr. Harvey'. Dr. Luther*, 
John', John", Richard*) was born 6 January, 1846, and died in 
1881. He married 2(i April, 1870, Mary Ann Pruden, born 29 
August, 1848; died 23 February, 1897. 

Child : 

728 i Ward Vernon, b. 17 April. 1874; m. Ethel L Rice. 

411 ELECTA REBECCA" SPELMAN (Dr. Harvey', Dr. 
Luther*, John*, John', Richard*) was born in Cherry Valley, Ohio, 
6 February, 1849, ^"<^ died in Orwell, Ohio, 21 March, 1870. She 
was married in Pennsylvania 23 March, 1866, to Hiram L. Morey, 
born in Rome, Ohio, 24 October, 1850, son of William Ross and 
Susan Webster Morey. He is a professional musician and com- 
poser, and is now living in Akron, Ohio. Mrs. Morey had a very 
sweet soprano voice. 

Children : 

729 i Norman Harvey Morey, b. 28 Dec, 1866; m. Mabel 

ii Lizzie Ann Morey ; d. young. 

Harvey', Dr. Luther*, John', John', Richard*) was born in Cherry 
Valley, Ohio, 2 April, 185 1, and married in Fulton, Wis., 20 
April, 1881, Mary Augusta Pyre of Chicago, born in Fulton, 5 
March, 1856. daughter of Augustine and Harriet (Smith) Pyre. 

The early life of William L. G. Spelman was spent on his 
father's farm at Rome, Ohio; later he studied at the Orwell 
Academy. At eighteen years of age he taught the school in 
which he first received instruction. After teaching for six suc- 
cessive terms, he went to Chicago In 1875 ; remaining there for 
six years in the employ of a large grocery house. In 1881, he 
opened a grocery and queen's-ware store of his own in Parsons, 
Kans., which he managed successfully until 1896, when he sold 
out and took the position of city salesman with Ryley, Wilson & 
Co., a large grocery house in Kansas City, Mo. 

Children, bcrn in Parsons : 

334 Spelman Genealogy 

i Bonnie, b. 6 Aug., 1882; d. Kansas City, 15 Sept., 

ii Lloyd Pyre, b. 16 Aug., 1885. 

Dr. Luther*, John', John', Richard^) was born in Wayne, Ohio, 6 
May, 1875, ^rid married in Monroe, Ohio, in 1895, Gertrude 
Hammond, born there 4 December, 1874, daughter of Martin and 
Edna (Rowe) Hammond. They reside at Williamsfield, Ohio. 

Child : 

i Pauline Edna, b. 22 Aug., 1902. 

414 ELY* PARKER (Elizabeth* Spelman, Calvin*, John', 
John', Richard^) was born in Gaines, N. Y., 25 August, 1834, and 
died there 19 April, 1903. He married in Pennsylvania, 8 No- 
vember, 1866, Sarah Cordelia Haak, born in Crawford Co., Pa., 
19 May, 1844, daughter of Benjamin and Lena (Muckenhaupt) 
Haak of Springboro, Pa. They lived at Gaines, where Mrs. 
Parker still resides. 

Children, born in Gaines : 

i Homer Jay, b. 25 Oct., 1871 ; d. Ann Arbor, Mich., 26 

Nov., 1901 ; unm. 
ii Edith May, b. 7 Sept., 1873 ; m. in Gaines, 21 Oct., 
1903, William Charles Rowley, b. there 31 March, 
1874, son of Martin and Ellen M. Rowley. 

415 JULIA' PARKER (Elizabeth' Spelman, Calvin*, John', 
John*, Richard^) was born in Gaines, N. Y., 28 October, 1836, 

and died there; date not known. She married there 


Child : 

i Helen Beckwith ; lives in Buffalo, N. Y. 

416 ORSON EDGAR* BECKWITH (Modena* Spelman, 
Judson*, David', John', Richard") was bom 7 June, 1847, ^^^ 
married, in 1871, Elizabeth A. Lombard. They reside in Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Children : 

i Edgar b. and d. 1873. 
ii Lottie Louise, b. 1878. 
iii Charles Lombard, b. 1881 ; m. 1905. 

Ann*, Woodruff, Prudence* Spelman, David', John', Richard") 
was born in Auburn, Mass., 27 February, 1836; died at Worces- 
ter, Mass., 3 August, 1905 ; married at Spencer, Mass., 19 Octo- 
ber, 1859, Abbie Cornelia Howe, who was born at Shrewsbury.. 

Sixth Generation 335 

Mass., 26 June, 1835, and died at Worcester, 30 October, 1905. 
She was the daughter of Willard^ Howe (Aaron*, Ebenezer*, 
Eleazer*, Eleazer^ John^ John^) and Rachef Lane (Jeremiah*, 
William*, Joshua', William^ William^). They lived at Worces- 
ter, Mass., where Mr. Cunningham was a manufacturer. 
Children, all born in Worcester, Mass. : 

i Jennie Theodate, b. 22 Dec, i860; a physician in 
Worcester; grad. B. U. S. M. 1896; m. (i) at 
Worcester, 26 Dec, 1889, Wilton Charles Miner, b. 
6 Feb., 1862, at Pomfret, Conn., and d. at Worces- 
ter, Mass., 30 Sept., 1891, son of Charles H. and 
Elizabeth Miner. She m. (2) at Worcester, 20 
June, 1899, Rev. Benjamin Humphrey Lane, who 
was a Civil War soldier. He was b. at Yarmouth, 
Me., 8 March, 1844, and d. at Worcester, 11 Sept., 
1905, son of Edmund Cleaver'' Lane (Josiah*, Jo- 
siah^ Josiah*, James^ John^ James^) and Mary 
Ring Humphrey, daughter of Asa Humphrey, and 
a descendant of Miles Standish and John Alden. 
ii Leila Oriola, b. 28 Nov., 1862 ; a teacher in the public 

schools of Worcester. 
iii Ashton Elliott, b. 9 April, 1870; m. at Auburn, Mass., 
19 Oct., 1898, Rosa Matilda Gilbert, b. at Chelsea, 
Mass., 4 April, 1872 ; daughter of William and Ro- 
zena (Goss) Gilbert, 
iv Annabelle Cornelia, b. 17 March, 1872; d. at Worces- 
ter, Mass., 12 Aug., 1872. 

Ann' Spelman, Prudence*, David', John", Richard^) was born at 
Leicester, Mass., 26 January, 1840 ; died at Philadelphia, Pa., 
16 May, 1908; married at Philadelphia, 7 June, 1869, Josephine 
Riley Cain, who was born i December, 1848, daughter of Thomas 
and Catherine (Halfpenny) Cain. Mr. Cunningham was a 
manufacturer at Philadelphia. 

Children, all born at Philadelphia : 

i Clarence Benton, b. 28 Mar., 1873. 

ii Edgar Horace, b. 7 Feb., 1877 ; d. at Phila., 19 Feb., 

iii Frank Pierce, b. 12 Feb., 1879. 
iv Reuben Joseph, b. 18 Nov., 1883. 

419 JASON A.' WOODRUFF (William Wright*, Pru- 
dence* Spelman, David', John', Richard^) was born at Leicester, 
Mass., 2." October, 1848 ; married at Worcester, Mass., 7 March, 
1879, Ada Estella Brinhall, who was born in Worcester 24 No- 

336 Spelman Genealogy 

vember, 1859, daughter of Alvin Cutler Brinhall and Anna Au- 
gusta Gaylord. 

Children, born in Paxton, Mass. : 

i Minnie Lucetta. b. 2.2 Jan., 1880; m., 19 Apr., 1905, 
Charles McClary Bangs, son of Isaiah Lincoln Bangs 
and Elizabeth A. Steele of Cambridge, Mass. ; one 
ch., Elizabeth Dearborn Bangs, b. at Fitchburg, 
Mass., 24 Eeb.. 1906. 
ii Anna Elizabeth, b. 21 Oct., 1882. 

Wright^ Prudence* Spelman. David', John^ Richard^) was born 
at Leicester, Mass., 7 April. 1850; died at Clinton, Mass., 4 May, 
1893; married at Fitchburg, Mass.. 18 Feb., 1875, Emma Eliza- 
beth Holmes, who was born at Unadilla Forks, N. Y., 2 June, 
1852, and died at Paxton, Mass., 11 Feb., 1880, daughter of Asa 

Children : 

i Carlton Wright, b. at Paxton Mass., 5 Oct., 1878; d. at 

Perris. Cal., 17 June, 1906. 
ii Bertie Edsrar, b. at Paxton ^o Nov., 1879; d. there 5 
Jan., 1880. 

420a LAMNIA A.' NORTHWAY (Betsey' Spelman, 
Elijah*, Aaron'. Thomas°, Richard^) was born 3 June, 1808. and 
died 17 January, 1892 : buried at East Hartland, Conn. She 
married, 25 May, 1829, William Bowers, who was born 13 
August, 1806, at Woodstock, Conn., and died 2 December, 1866. 
Children : 

i Newell S. Bowers, b. 30 Jan., 1831 ; d. i Apr., 1832. 
ii Jane S. Bowers, b. 22 Jan., 1834; m., 6 Jan., 1857, 
John A. Root of Granville, I\Iass. ; d. 6 Jan., 1892; 
no ch. 

730 iii Pauline B., b. 4 July, 1835 ; m., 2 Oct., 1855, George 

R. Lathrop. 

731 iv Elnora C. Bowers, b. 10 Mav, 1837; m., 14 Apr.. 

1856. William H. Russell. 

732 V Martha A. Bowers, b. 11 June, 1841 ; m., 8 May, 

1862. Cowdry Banning, 
vi Harriet E. Bowers, b. 3 July, 1843 \ unm. 

733 vii Mary L. Bowers, b. 27 Feb., 1849; m., 21 Nov., 1871, 

Collins Pomeroy. 

421 MABEL* NORTHWAY (Betsey' Spelman, Elijah*, 
Aaron*, Thomas'. Richard') was born 22 March. 1820: married, 
13 December, 1841, Lester K. Gaines, who was born 22 Febru- 

Sixth Generation 337 

ary, 1816, and died 20 September, 1884. Mabel (Northway) 
Gaines died 19 November, 1876. 
Children : 

i George L. Gaines, b. 30 Aug., 1845 ; m., 23 Dec, 1869, 

Melissa Phelps of Granville, Mass. ; 3 ch. 
ii Charles S. Gaines, b. 3 June, 1847; d- 30 Sept., 1849. 
iii Edgar S. Gaines, b. 17 Nov., 1849; d. 15 Jan., 1850. 

734 iv David N. Gaines, b. 22 June, 1854; m. Fannie A. 

Brown of Winsted, Conn. 

V Emily M. Gaines, b. 17 Jan., 1858; m., 25 Apr., 1877, 
Eliott W. Emmons of Hartland, Conn. ; 2 ch. 

vi Arthur L. Gaines, b. 16 Feb., 1861 ; drowned in Illi- 
nois 5 Jan., 1885. 

422 ELNORA' NORTHWAY (Betsey^ Spelman, Elijah*, 
Aaron^ Thomas^ Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 16 
May [Granville Church Record says November], 1812. She 
passed her whole life there and was buried in Granville Ceme- 
tery. She married Jacob Root. 

Children : 

i Miriam Root ; d. in infancy, 
ii Ira L. Root ; served in Civil War ; d. in 1865 ; buried 

in Granville. 
iii Silas B. Root ; resided in Granville, 
iv Ellen M. Root; d., 1881, in Westfield, Mass.; buried 
in Granville. 

423 SOLON SCOTT" SPELMAN (Aaron^ Elijah*, 
Aaron^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 
16 September, 181 5, and died in Granville, at the home of Martin 
Tinker, 4 March, 1897. He married Henrietta Moseley, bom 
about 1820, died 13 April, 1846. He lived in Westfield, Mass. 

Children : 

735 i Emily, b. 1844; m. (i) Bliss; m. (2) Albert A. 

ii Helen Maria, b. Westfield, 8 Aug., 1845 I d. 20 Nov. 

424 ONSLOW GROSS' SPELMAN (Aaron'. Elijah*, 
Aaron^, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in East Granville, Mass., 
II September, 1821, and died in Williamsburg, Mass., 12 Febru- 
ary, 1905. He married (i) Harriet B. Sears, born in Williams- 
burg 13 August, 1827, and died there 25 May, 1887; married (2) 
in New Haven, Conn., 8 September, 1889, Mrs. Olive (Merrill) 
Guild of Sherbourne Falls, born there November, 1837, daugh- 
ter of Ira and Dolly Merrill. She survives Mr. Spelmar. 

Mr. Spelman left Granville when a small boy and spent the 

338 Spelman Genealogy 

rest of his life in Williamsburg, Mass., where he engaged in the 
business of button manufacture. In 1874 his entire plant was 
swept away in the Mill River disaster, caused by the bursting of 
a reservoir dam. After that he did not resume any regular busi- 

Children, born in Williamsburg: 

i Elizabeth Gross, b. 30 July, 1852; lives in Williams- 
burg ; unm. 
ii Darwin Dwight, b. 25 Jan., i860 ; d. 29 July following. 

Elijah*, Aaron*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Goshen, Conn., 
7 February, 1825 [Westfield Town Records], and died in Ander- 
sonville Prison, Ga., 22 August, 1864. He married, 16 April, 
1848, Serepta Root [Ibid], born in Southwick, Mass., 30 April, 
1826, daughter of Oliver Root [Ibid]. She died in Westfield 
31 August, 1892 [Ibid]. Mr. Spelman served during the Civil 
War in the Second Regiment, Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. 

Children, born in Westfield : 

i Preston O., b. 19 July, 1849 J d. 13 Jan., 1883 ; unm. 

ii Louis Kossuth, b. 18 June, 185 1 [Ibid] ; m. Westfield, 
4 Oct., 1894, Mrs. Jennie (Howard) Beman [Ibid], 
b. Grantham, N. H., about 1849, daughter of Abial 
and Ruth (Hall) Howard, widow of Irving H. Be- 
man ; no ch. They lived at Westfield, where Mr. 
Spelman was a farmer. He d. 12 May, 1902 [Ibid]. 
Mrs. Spelman survives him. 

iii Edmund R., b. 22 Feb., 1854 ; d. 22 July, 1897 [Ibid] ; 
m. Elizabeth Moore, who died before he did ; no 
ch. ; lived in New York City. 

iv Clara, b. 10 July, 1856 [Ibid] ; d., date unknown. 

V Lillian C, b. 24 July, 1857 [Ibid] ; d. 24 June, 1892 
[Ibid] ; unm. 

426 FRANK CHAPMAN' SPELMAN (Elijah Chapman', 
Elijah*, Aaron^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 
I April, 1829, and died 29 March, 1901. He married, in Castile, 
N. Y., 21 December, 1854, Minerva Fuller, born in Bennington, 
Vt., daughter of Elijah and Martha (Lewis) Fuller. They lived 
in Castile. He was a man of strong convictions, and could not 
be moved from what he knew to be right. He was a staunch sup- 
porter of our government, had strong religious beliefs, and was 
a loyal friend. Mrs. Spelman survives him (1909) and resides 
in dlean, N. Y. 

Children : 

i A child who died. 

Sixth Generation 339 

ii Elijah Vernie, b. Castile, N. Y., 17 Jan., 1859; lives 
there ; unm. 

427 MARY JEMIMA' SPELMAN (William Harmon', 
Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 

26 April, 1829, and married, 26 April, 1859, David Hosford Car- 
rier, born in Hartland, Conn., 25 Feb., 1830, son of Joseph Car- 
rier. They reside in Glastonbury, Conn., where Mr. Carrier is 
a market gardener. 

Children, all but first born in Glastonbury : 

736 i Byron Spelman Carrier, b. 10 Sept., i860; m. Phebe 


ii Lucy Lorintha Carrier, b. 7 Mar., 1863 ; d. Glaston- 
bury, 24 Jan., 1899. 

iii Frederick Wilson Carrier, b. 14 Oct., 1865 ; d. Glas- 
tonbury, 14 Aug., 1888. 

737 iv William Harmon Carrier, b. 21 Sept., 1867; m. Nellie 

A. Atwater. 

V George Huxford Carrier, b. 28 Apr., 1870 ; m. in East 
Hartford, Conn., 12 Oct., 1898, Kate L. Dunham, b. 
13 Apr., 1876, daughter of William T. Dunham ; 
lives at Glastonbury. 

mon", Elijah*, Aaron^, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Gran- 
ville, Mass., 19 December, 1838, and married there, 8 January, 
1861, Ellen Louise Felton, born in Chatham, Mass., 23 May, 
1840, daughter of Rev. George D. Felton, for many years the 
pastor of the Granville Baptist Church. She died in Granville, 

27 April, 1906, and was the oldest member of the Baptist Church. 
Mr. Spelman lived for many years on the farm of his grand- 
father, Elijah Spelman, and was one of the substantial farmers 
of Granville. He moved later to Glastonbury, Conn. 


i Frederick Elijah, b, Granville, 2 Mar., 1862; d. there 
3 July, 1863. 

429 MYRON TRUMAN' SPELMAN (Levi Truman', 
Elijah*, Aaron*, Thomas^ Richard') was born about 1832; date 

of death not known. He married Lenora , and they lived 

in Waverly, Iowa. 

Children : 

i Levi Truman ; lives in Waverly. 
ii William H. ; lives in Fargo, N. D. 
iii Nellie ; lives with her mother in Waverly. 

340 Spelman Genealogy 

430 ELLEN M.' SPELMAN (Levi Truman', Elijah*, 
Aaron', Thomas^ Richard^) was born about 1833, baptized 27 
July, 1834, and died in East Granville, Mass., in January, 1881, 
She married, before 1863, Gillett. 


i Alice Gillett; died. 

431 GEORGE EDWARD' ELLIOTT (Sarah ¥.' Spel- 
man, Elijah*, Aaron^ Thomas^ Richard') was born in Penn Yan, 
N. Y., 6 March, 1846, and died there 4 January, 1899. He mar- 
ried in New York, 26 January, 1869, Pauline Smith. He served 
in the New York State Militia during the Civil War. 

Children : 

i Edward, b. New York, 30 June, 1870; d. 10 Oct. fol- 
738 ii Lambert Spelman, b. 23 Oct., 1871 ; m. Ivah J. Turner. 

432 MARY C PURKIS (John H.^ Mary Carpenter* Spel- 
man, Daniel', Thomas", Richard') was born 8 October, 1855. and 
married, 12 June, 1884, Charles Allen. They live in Worcester, 

Child : 

i Mary Elizabeth Allen, b. 24 May, 1887. 

Carpenter* Spelman, Daniel*, Thomas", Richard') was born in 
Providence, R. I., 2y November, 1859, and was married there, 
17 November, 1881, to Frank Brown Talbot, born in Warren, 
R. I., 2 April, 1854, son of Simeon and Harriet Talbot. 

Children, all born and died in East Providence, R. I. : 

i Earl Purkis Talbot, b. 2 Oct., 1882 ; d. 30 Nov., 1887. 
ii Granville Howard Talbot, b. 13 June, 1891 ; d. 26 

Apr., 1892. 
iii John Simeon Talbot, b. 18 Dec, 1892; d. 24 July, 


Carpenter* Spelman, Daniel', Thomas", Richard') was born in 
Providence, R. I., 17 January, 1874, and married there, 12 
August, 1903, Melvin Clermont Johnson, born in Virgil, N. Y., 
25 September, 1877, son of Vivus and Elvira (Sherman) John- 
son. They reside at Providence, R. I. 

Child : 

i Mildred Purkis Johnson, b. Providence, i Sept., 1905 ; 
d. same day. 

Sixth Generation 341 

435 JOHN CALDER' PURKIS (Robert', Mary Carpen- 
ter* Spelman, Danier, Thomas', Richard") was born in Provi- 
dence, R. I., 7 October, 1850, and married, 6 October, 1878, 
Adele Leonard, born in Providence and died there 23 January, 
1902. Mr. Purkis continues to reside at Providence. 


i Agnes Sanford, b. Providence, 3 Dec, 1879. 

436 HARRIET M.' PURKIS (Robert^ Mary Carpenter* 
Spelman, Daniel', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Providence, 
R. I., 25 December, 1858, and married there, 6 October, 1880, 
Willis A. Rankins, born in Milford, Mass., 17 March, 1857, son 
of John and Ruth Rankins. The day of their wedding they set 
out for their new home in Cherokee, Iowa, where they lived 
until 1885, when they moved to Lincoln, Neb., which has since 
been their home. Mrs. Rankins is one of the nineteen charter 
members of Deborah Avery Chapter, Daughters of the American 

Child : 

i Lester W. Rankins, b. Cherokee, 31 May, 1885. 

437 MARY CARPENTER' AHLERS (Mary Carpenter* 
Spelman, Joseph*, Danief, Thomas*, Richard") was born at Prov- 
idence, R. I., 4 November, 1837, and married there, 16 Novem- 
ber, 1859, Horace Montraville Peck, son of Horace M. and 
Rachel Peck. He died from the accidental discharge of a pistol 
in his own hand, in Providence, 27 October, 1867, aged thirty- 


i Sarah Dalrymple Peck, b. Providence, 12 May, 1864 
or 1867; d. there 2 Jan., 1905. 

438 ANNA JOSEPHINE* AHLERS (Mary Carpenter* 
Spelman, Joseph*, Daniel', Thomas*, Richard") was born in Prov- 
idence, R. I., 24 May, 1840, and married in Alleghany, Cal., 2 
November, 1861, Edwin Cushing, born in Lime Rock, R. L, 15 
February, 1832, died 15 July, 1873. They lived in California, 
moving later to Nevada, where Mrs. Cushing lived after her hus- 
band's death in Carson City. 

Children : 

i Nellie Frances Cushing, b. Gold Hill, Nev., 7 Feb., 

ii Frederick Ahlers Cushing, b. Gold Hill, 24 Jan., 1868; 

m., 21 Apr., 1894, Josephine Fellows, 
iii Estelle May Cushing, b. (Tarson City, Nev., 31 Aug., 

342 Spelman Genealogy 

439 HERMAN HENRY' AHLERS (Mary Carpenter* 
Spelman, Joseph*, Danief, Thomas', Richard^) was born in Prov- 
idence, R. I., i8 July, 1842, and married in East Providence, 
R. I., II December, 1879, Harriet Dodge, daughter of Solomon 

Children, born in East Providence: 

i Oliver H. Gerard, b. 17 June, 1882, a twin. 
ii Albert Edward L., b. 17 June, 1882, twin of Oliver. 

440 JOSEPH' SPELMAN (James Esdell^ Joseph*, Dan- 
iel*, Thomas'', Richard') was born in Providence, R. L, 16 Oc- 
tober, 1841 (1840), and married, 30 January, i860, Isabella 
Glover of that place, born 28 September, 1843. They reside in 
Auburn, R. I. 

Children, born in Providence: 

739 i Abby G., b. 17 Dec, i860; m. Frank Burrows. 

ii Mary W., b. 13 Dec, 1863 ; m., 28 Dec, 1885, George 
N. Hinckley of Stonington, Conn. ; no ch. 

740 iii Joseph G., b. 8 Aug., 1868 ; m. Jennie R. Greene. 

Joseph*, Daniel*, Thomas", Richard^) was born in Providence, 
R. I., 15 December, 1844, and married there, 9 July, 1862, Doctor 
Joseph Hiram Turck, born in Athens, N. Y., 19 March, 1839, 
son of Joseph A. V. and Emily M. Turck. 

Children : 

i Harriet Hopper Turck, b. Qeveland, N. Y., 17 July, 
1863; m. there, 6 Sept., 1888, Augustus Cross, b. 
Indiana, 23 Jan., 1861, son of Adolphos L. and Anna 
M. Cross. He d. 11 July, 1890; no ch. 
ii Joseph A. Valentine Turck, b. Camden, N. Y., i Aug., 
1870; m. in Providence, 31 Oct., 1904, Florence 
Margaret Heise, b. there 24 Oct., 1884, daughter of 
Augustus H. and Louise C. Heise. Mr. Turck is the 
inventor of the Mechanical Accountant Adding Ma- 
chine, now used extensively in Europe and America ; 
he is engaged superintending its manufacture in 

442 HULDAH E.' SPELMAN (James Esdelf, Joseph*, 
Daniel*, Thomas", Richard') was born in Providence, R. I., 28 
February, i860, and died in Newport, R. I., 3 February, 1904. 
She married in Providence, 20 September, 1886, Thomas G. 
Briggs, born in Newport 4 March, 1859, son of William E. and 
Martha (Gladding) Briggs. 


i Ollie H. Briggs, b. Providence, 7 Nov., 1887. 

Sixth Generation 343 

Joseph*, Danief, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Providence, 
R. L, 27 September, 1866, and married in Newport, R. L, 30 
January, 1902, Annie Kalloch Manuel, born 26 August, 1877, 
daughter of William B. and Annie M. Manuel. They reside in 
New Bedford, Mass. 

Child : 

i Edwin Manuel, b. 13 Apr., 1905 ; d. 24 Oct. following. 

444 JOHN L.' SPELMAN (James Esdelf, Joseph*, Dan- 
iel*, Thomas^ Richard^) w^as born in Providence, R. L, 14 Sep- 
tember, 1871, and married there, i January, 1891, Grace M. 
Tallman, born in that city 28 January, 1873, daughter of Eugene 
S. and Annie E, Tallman. They live in Providence. 

Children : 

i Elizabeth A., b. 20 Mar., 1892 ; d. Providence, 2 Feb., 

ii Nelson E., b. 2 Aug., 1893. 
iii J. Esdell, b. 16 Feb., 1895. 

445 HENRY WHITING' SPELMAN (Oliver', Joseph*, 
Danief, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Cumberland Hill, R. I., 
8 March, 1850, and married there, 9 January, 1868, Marion A. 
Harris, born in Cumberland, R. I., 18 March, 1848, daughter of 
Eliab and Ann Harris, both of that place. 

Children : 

741 i Cora Brown, b. 20 Sept., 1872; m. Alfred Hunter. 

742 ii George Henry, b. 20 Apr., 1878; m. Fannie Sanderson. 

446 WALTER AHLERS' SPELMAN (01iver^ Joseph*, 
Danief, Thomas", Richard') was born in Providence, R. I., 21 
(28) June, 1852, and married in New York City, 12 April, 1887, 
Margaretta Munn Welsh, born there, daughter of Henry and 
Margaretta (Munn) Welsh. They reside in New York. 

Children, both born and died in New York : 
i A son, died in infancy. 
ii A son, died in infancy. 

seph*, ^)aniel^ Thomas', Richard') was born 7 February, 1854; 
married, 18 February, 1880, Marion Sheldon Andrews. Mr. was educated in Providence, R. I., attending, among 
others, the **01d Friends' School." On coming of age he went 
to the West, following the advice of Horace Greeley, who was a 
friend of his father. He travelled through the middle West, 
finally settling in Duluth, Minn., in 1885. He practised law there, 
before the United States Land Office and the Department of 

344 Spelman Geneialogy 

the Interior in Washington, D. C. Through practice connected 
with the Land Office, he became familiar with the resources of 
Northern Minnesota, and was very successful in acquiring land 
on the Missabe Range. He is now president of the Missabe Elec- 
tric Company, of Duluth. Mr. Spelman has no children. 

448 AMELIA P." GREENE (Martha Whiting' Spelman, 
Joseph*, Daniel', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 26 February, 
1841, and married in Providence, R. I., 25 or 28 November, 
1865, Daniel C. Dunkley of Haverhill, N. H. 


743 i Alice A. Dunkley, b. 25 Sept., 1866; m. Edwin Ken- 


449 NELSON A.' GREENE (Roxana W.' Spelman, Jo- 
seph*, Daniel', Thomas^ Richard') was born 12 November, 1844, 
and married (i), i July, 1863, Elizabeth Hathaway of Provi- 
dence, R. I., who died in April, 1866, aged nineteen. He married 
(2) her sister, Emma F. Hathaway, who died 8 September, 1896. 

Children : 

744 i Elizabeth Frances, b. 30 Julv, 1877 ; m. Howard Bush- 


ii Andrew Nelson, b. 4 Oct., 1880. 

450 ELIZA' BARLOW (Heman", Tabitha* Bancroft, Eliz- 
abeth' Spelman, Thomas", Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 
I February, 1824, and died in Jersey City, N. J., i January, 1908. 
She married in Granville, 13 July, 1862, John Jenkins Day, born 
in Woolavington, Somersetshire, England, 23 February, 1820, 
died in Jersey City 2 July, 1884. 

Mr. and Mrs. Day resided first in Ohio, and later moved to 
Jersey City, where she lived for over a quarter of a century. 
She was exceptionally alert and active all her life, taking an 
interest in many charitable undertakings in the city which was 
her home for so long ; she gave of her time and money to these, 
and was a member of the Board of Managers of the Home for 
the Homeless, as well as an active worker in St. Paul's Episcopal 
Church. She was busy with these until the very last weeks of 
her long life, and died at the age of eighty-five years. Her 
sister, Miss Myra Barlow, lived with her at her home on Fair- 
mount Avenue, while her only child and his family lived next 

Child : 

745 i Harry Barlow Day, b. Delaware, Ohio, 9 July, 1863 ; 

m. Mary A. Pendexter. 


Sixth Generation 345 

451 JAMES OLIVER' ROSE (Mary' Barlow, Tabitha* 
Bancroft, Elizabeth* Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
Granville, Mass., 6 December, 1835, and died there 19 January, 
1907. He married in Canton Centre, Conn., 24 October, 1864, 
Flora A. Case, born there 21 March, 1845. 

Children, born in Granville : 

i Arabella Barlow, b. in 1867 ; unm. 
ii Bertha, b. 1876; died four months later. 

(Doctor Samuel Bancroft^ Tabitha* Bancroft, Elizabeth' Spel- 
man, Thomas*, Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 5 June, 
1826, and died in Glen Cove, N. Y., 10 July, 1889. The name of 
his wife is not known. 

Doctor Samuel B. Barlow, after practising medicine for 
some time in Connecticut, removed to New York with his family. 
Young Barlow answered an advertisement, through which he 
obtained a situation with Melett & Gregg, Attorneys. This was 
in 1842, and his pay was one dollar per week. Several years 
later he was admitted to the Bar and made manager of the firm 
at a salary of $3,000. He was so successful in conducting the 
affairs of the firm's clients that it was suggested he should enter 
business on his own account, which he did, and soon had a large 
practice. At the age of twenty-three he obtained, under the 
treaty with Mexico, the charge of the settlement of claims, from 
which he obtained fees amounting to $250,000, quite a fortune 
at that time. Seven years later, four great trunk line railroads 
appointed him as umpire to settle a rate war, for which his fees 
were also large. His ability to make money was enormous. In 
1852 he made a trip of five weeks to Europe which brought him 
in $50,000. Three weeks' stay in London, in addition to the 
voyage across and back, paid him another $50,000 ; while he once 
received $25,000 for half an hour's work. This was for his 
settlement of a dispute between certain Americans, at the time 
of the Franco-German War, who had contracted to sell $2,000,000 
worth of arms to the French Government. A settlement being 
obtained through Mr. Barlow's tact and judgment, this large fee 
was willingly paid. One of the most celebrated legal fights in 
which Mr. Barlow was involved was that against Jay Gould, for 
the control of the Erie Railroad. He not only succeeded 
but forced Mr. Gould to pay over $9,000,000 to secure 
a settlement. Mr. Barlow was elected one of the di- 
rectors under the new management, and remained its 
private counsel, at a salary of $25,000. In 1852 he became a 
member of the firm of Bowdoin, Larocque & Barlow, which soon 
acquired an immense office practice. When his two partners 
died, leaving Mr. Barlow alone, he took in Joseph Larocque, 

346 Spelman Genealogy 

brother of the original member, and, later, Judge Shipman and 
Judge Choate, under the firm name of Shipman, Barlow, Larocque 
& Choate, which was one of the most famous law firms in New 
York. Mr. Barlow was an ardent Democrat, and supported 
General McClellen for the Presidency in 1864. About that time 
he acquired a large block of stock in the New York World, the 
policy of which paper he afterwards shaped until 1869, when he 
sold out. He was one of the original founders of the Manhattan 
Club, and one of its prominent leaders. He was a lover of fine 
arts, and at his town house in Madison Square, had accumulated 
a magnificent collection of paintings, bric-a-brac, and engravings. 
His private library was one of the most valuable in the United 
States, particularly for its works on the early history of, and 
voyages to, America, in which it was almost unique. His 
library of Americana was among the largest in the country, and 
only surpassed by the Brinley, Carter, Brown, and Lenox collec- 
tions. In connection with Henry Harisse, he edited "Notes on 
Columbus," an invaluable work for the biography and bibliog- 
raphy of the discoverer of the New World [New York, private 
print, 1866]. Also "Letters of Christopher Columbus, describing 
his first voyage" [London, 1875], and "Notes on Columbus" 
[New York, 1866, private print]. Mr. Barlow had a fine residence 
at the corner of Twenty-third Street and Madison Square, and a 
country seat at Glen Cove, L. L, where he kept blooded stock ; 
some of his dogs, particularly, being of the very best breeds, 
taking prizes at the Animal Bench Shows. He was also a bon- 
vivant, his cellars being stocked with the choicest brands of wines. 
In 1888 Mr. Barlow's firm lost between two and three hundred 
thousand dollars, through the dishonesty of a confidential clerk 
named Bedell, who, for a considerable period, had driven a flour- 
ishing business in bogus mortgages, which the firm paid, as if 
genuine, on the discovery of the rascality. Mr. Barlow died 
suddenly, on the morning of 10 July, 1889, at his country home, 
Elsinore, Glen Cove, L. I. [Nat. Ency. American Biog., Vol. 3, 
p. 259]. 

Children : 

746 i Peter Townsend, b. New York, 21 June, 1857; m. Vir- 

ginia Louise Matthews. 

747 ii Elsie ; m. Stephen Olin ; two daughters, both married. 

453 MARY* BARLOW (Doctor Samuel Bancroft', Tab- 
itha* Bancroft, Elizabeth^ Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) married 
Edward Weed. 

Child : 

i Edward B. Weed. 

Sixth Generation 347 

454 HARRIET' BARLOW (Doctor Samuel Bancroft*, 
Tabitha* Bancroft, Elizabeth* Spelman, Thomas^ Richard') ; died 
in July, 1906. She was married to Owen T. Coffin of Peekskill, 
N. Y., who predeceased his wife. 

Children : 

i Samuel Coffin, 
ii Madge Coffin. 

455 HELEN' BARLOW (Doctor Samuel Bancroft', Tab- 
itha* Bancroft, Elizabeth* Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) married 
Doctor Samuel Moore. 

Children : 

i Samuel Moore. 
ii Roger Moore. 

456 CELIA MATILDA' BANCROFT (Ashley Azariah*, 
Azariah*, Elizabeth' Spelman, Thomas", Richard^) was born in 
Newark or Granville, Ohio, date unknown. She married (i), 29 
July, 1845, George Hunter Derby, born in Little Falls, N. Y., 
6 March, 1823, son of Benjamin and Lizetta Derby. They lived 
in Buffalo, Geneva, and Auburn, N. Y. Mr. Derby died 15 Sep- 
tember, 1852, and she married (2) Kenny, with whom she 

moved to California. 

Children by first husband, born at Auburn, N. Y. : 
i A daughter, 
ii A daughter, 
iii A daughter. 

457 HUBERT HOWE' BANCROFT (Ashley Azariah', 
Azariah*, Elizabeth' Spelman, Thomas^ Richard') was born in 
Granville, Ohio, 5 May, 1832, and married (i) in Buffalo, N. Y., 
in the autumn of 1859, Emily B. Ketchum of that city, who 
died in 1869. He married (2) in New Haven, Conn., 12 October, 
1876, Matilda Coley Griffing, born in that city 10 May, 1748, 
daughter of John Starr and Mary (Coley) Griffing of that place. 

Hubert Howe Bancroft began his business career as clerk 
in a bookstore in Buffalo in 1848, and in 1852 he was sent by 
the book firm of Derby & Co. to establish a publishing house in 
California. In 1871 he declined nomination to Congress, pre- 
ferring a literary life. In 1875 he received the honorary degree 
of A. M. from Yale College, and was also made honorary member 
of many scientific and learned societies and associations, both in 
Europe and America. Mr. Bancroft began collecting Pacific 
Coast historical material in 1858, and continued his work in that 
line for over half a century, when, in 1905, the collection was 
turned over to the University of California at Berkeley Corners. 
"The Native Races of the Pacific States," published in 1875, was 

348 Spelman Genealogy 

the first of a historical series of thirty-nine volumes on Western 
North America. The Bancroft Library was the only library in 
San Francisco which escaped the great conflagration after the 
earthquake of 1906, and, as President Wheeler announced, is thus 
rendered priceless. 

Child by first wife : 

748 i Kate Ketchum ; m. Charles O. Richards. 
Children by second wife : 

749 ii Paul, b. 21 Aug., 1877; m. Louise Hazzard. 

750 iii GrifBng, b. 22 Jan., 1879 > ^- Ethel Works. 

iv Philip, b. San Francisco, 30 June, 1881 ; m. in Coro- 
nado, Cal., 30 June, 1905, Nina Eldred, b. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

V Lucy, b. San Francisco, 28 Sept., 1882 ; unm. 

458 WILLIAM STILES' LOOMIS (Janette' Stiles, Lu- 
cina* Spelman, Charles^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Monson, 
Mass., 7 October, 1840, and married in Cohoes, N. Y., 9 October, 
1866, Augusta R. Weston, born in Franklin, Mass., in 1842, 
daughter of S. J. Weston. She died in Holyoke, Mass., 4 Febru- 
ary, 1908. 

William Stiles Loomis was Lieutenant of Company B., 
Fourth Regiment. Massachusetts Volunteers, in the Civil War, 
and has since been made Post Commander of Kilpatrick Post, 
G. A. R. of Holyoke, Mass. From 1873 to 1887 he was pub- 
lisher and editor of the Holyoke Transcript , and 9 October, 1882, 
founded the Holyoke Daily Trmiscript. In 1888 Mr. Loomis 
was appointed Park Commissioner of the City of Holyoke for 
five years. He has been for many years Trustee and Superin- 
tendent of Forestdale Cemetery, was the founder of Holyoke 
Public Library, and is a Director of the Board of Trade, Notary 
Public, and Auditor of the Holyoke Savings Bank. Mr. Loomis 
is also President of the Holyoke Street Railroad, and a member 
of several local clubs. He has a lovely residence at Mt. Holyoke, 
where he and his wife dispensed a charming hospitality until 
her death. She was in every way a suited Hfe companion to 
him. They were always to be found together in all their social 
life, and equally so in their many charitable undertakings. In 
her death, the men of the Street Railroad felt they had sustained 
the loss of a personal friend. 


i Clara, b. 17 July, 1870; d. 18 Dec, 1877. 

458a EMMA JANETTE* LOOMIS (Janette' Stiles, Lu- 
cina* Spelman, Charles', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in New- 
buryport, Mass., 5 July, 1847; married at Holyoke, Mass., Edgar 
Josiah Pomeroy, born in Sunderland, Mass., 31 October, 1839; 

Sixth Generation 349 

died at Marietta, Ga., 2 January, 1891 ; son of Erastus and Maria 
(Delano) Pomeroy. Mrs. Pomeroy lives at Holyoke, Mass. 

Children, all born at Holyoke, Mass. : 
750a i Anna Emma Pomeroy, b. 14 July, 187 1 ; m. 13 Dec, 

1892, Benjamin Duncan Brantley. 
750b ii William Loomis Pomeroy, b. 6 June, 1873 ; m. 23 

June, 1896, Margaret Zenobia Trammell. 
iii Edgar Erastus Pomeroy, b. 17 Jan., 1878 ; m. 9 Sept., 

1903, Lucia Henry Williams, of Hamilton, Ga., 

daughter of James Cooper and Martha (George) 

750c iv Philip Loomis Pomeroy, b. 31 Oct., 1879; m. 13 June, 

1902, May Willard Fisher. 

459 HARRIET PARSONS" MINER (Adeline Jane" Spel- 
man, Samuel*, CharIes^ Thomas^ Richard") was born in Bland- 
ford, Mass., 27 August, 1838, and died in East Hampton, Mass., 
3 February, 1905. She married at West Granville, Mass., 29 
November, 1858, Lyman N. Baldwin of Granville, Mass., born 
there 12 September, 1837, son of Ezra and Amelia (Squires) 
Baldwin. They lived at Easthampton, where Mr. Baldwin died 
29 December, 1907. 

Children, the first and third born in West Granville: 

751 i Albert Norwood Baldwin, b. 20 Sept., i860: m. Net- 

tie C. Williams. 
ii Theodore Hayden Baldwin, b. Tolland, Mass., 8 May, 
1865 ; d. there 4 Aug., 1866. 

752 iii Ralph Lyman Baldwin, b. 27 Mar., 1872; m. Mary P. 


Spelman, Samuel*. Charles^ Thomas', Richard") was born in 
West Granville, Mass., i January, 1840, and married there, 4 
November, 1862, Theodore Lyman Avery of Easthampton, Mass., 
born there 16 June, 1839, son of Sidney S. and Julia (Wright) 

Children, born in New York City : 

753 i Hyatt Wilford Avery, b. 26 Aug., 1870 ; m. Flora A. 

ii Theodore Lyman Avery, b. 6 Jan., 1877; d. Spring- 
field, Mass., 29 Jan., 1878. 

461 HENRY ELISHA' MINER (Adeline Jane' Spelman, 
Samuel*, Charles', Thomas^ Richard") was born in West Gran- 
ville, Mass., 10 February, 1842, and died 12 September, 1906. 
He married in Springfield, Mass., i August, 1881, Julia B. Russ, 
born in that place. He enlisted at Springfield, in June, 1862, 

350 Spelman Genealogy 

Company G., First Massachusetts Cavalry, serving in the Army 
of the Potomac under General Sheridan ; mustered out in Bos- 
ton in August, 1865. Mr. Miner dropped dead in the street from 
heart disease. 

i Ruth Adeline, b. Chicopee, Mass., 21 Oct., 1884. 

462 ROLLA JOSEPH' SPELMAN (Charles Timothy*, 
Samuel', Charles*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in West Spring- 
field, Mass., 19 October, 1865 ; married in Denver, Colo., 31 
December, 1885, Louvena Cook, born in Cass County, Wis., 22 
February, 1869. 

Rolia J. Spelman graduated from the West Springfield High 
School in the Qass of 1880, learned the trade of sheet-metal 
worker under D. B. Montague in Springfield, Mass., and went 
West to perfect himself in that line in April, 1885. He worked 
both in St. Joseph, Mo., and Denver till the following May, when 
he located in Chicago, returning to West Springfield in January, 
1887. He was called to Washington, D. C, the following March, 
located there until January, 1888, when he returned to Chicago, 
remaining there until the summer of 1894. He went to New 
Orleans, La., with his family in September, 1894, where the 
family made their home until September, 1902. His business 
called him from home often. In 1900 he went to Texas, and was 
in Galveston until July, 1901, when he located in Beaumont until 
May, 1903. He then returned to West Springfield to care for 
his father and mother. He is now located in West Springfield, 
Mass., where he resides with his children. His father and mother 
died in his home within six months of each other, in 1907. 

Children : 

i Rolla Bertram, b. West Springfield, 26 Jan., 1887. 
ii Edwin Archival, b. Chicago, 11 Sept., 1888. 
iii Alhe May, b. Chicago, 16 Mar., 1890. 

463 JENNIE ELIZABETH' BROWN (Elizabeth Lucina' 
Spelman, Samuel*, Charles', Thomas', Richard') was born in East 
Granville, Mass., 16 October, 1852, and died there 15 September, 
1883. She married in her native town, 20 October, 1872, Lester 
B. Dickinson, born in Granville, son of Deacon Bevel and Sarah 
(Dewey) Dickinson. Mr. Dickinson married (2) Philura Gib- 

Children, both born in Granville: 
754 i Howard B. Dickinson, b. 5 July, 1874. 

ii Alice Dickinson, b. 7 Mar., 1877; d. 17 Mar., 1886. 

464 LILA ADAH' SPELMAN (Marcus Festus', Samuel*, 
Charles', Thomas', Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 8 

Sixth Generation 351 

July, 1866, and married in Bristol, Conn., 13 November, 1889, 
William Henry Rovve of that place, born in Wolcott, Conn., 14 
March, 1862, son of Andrew Rowe. They reside in Bristol. 

Children, born in Bristol: 

i Rolf Emerson Rowe, b. 25 Oct., 1896. 

ii Edwin Richard Rowe, b. 23 Oct., 1900. 

iii Mildred Rowe, b. 18 Feb., 1903. 

iv Donald Spelman Rowe, b. 25 Feb., 1905 ; d. 18 May, 

V Horace William Rowe, b. 5 Aug., 1906. 

465 ELLEN SOPHLV BANCROFT (Charles', Salome* 
Spelman, Charles', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Scitico, 
Conn., 4 October, 1847, ^"^ married in East Granville, Mass., i 
January, 1865, Buel Seymour, born there 15 July, 1840, son of 
Alfred and Achsah (King) Seymour. 

Children : 

755 i Amila Eveline Seymour, b. 2 Feb., 1867; m. Silas 

J. Watts, 
ii Clara Albina Seymour, b. 3 Jan., 1870; unm. 
iii Charles Sumner Seymour, twin, b. 16 Nov., 1873 ; d. 

16 or 19 Aug., 1874. 

756 iv Susan Seymour, twin, b. 16 Nov., 1873 ; m. Joseph C. 


466 LUCRETL\ ALMIRA" GIBBONS (Almira' Tinker, 
Naomi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas", Richard^) was born in 
Granville, Mass.. 26 February, 1818, and died there in 1903. 
She was married in her native town, 3 December, 1846, to Lyman 
Smith, born in Blanford, Mass., son of Russell and Susan Smith. 
He died in Granville in 1872. 

Children, all born in Granville: 

757 i Clinton Carlos Smith, b. 25 July, 1850; m. Lenora C. 


758 ii Caroline Almira Smith, b. 25 Mar., 1852 ; m. Sidney 

A. Clark, 
iii Elmer Ellsworth Smith, b. 22 Dec, i860; unm.; lives 
in Granville. 

467 LYDLA' GIBBONS (Almira' Tinker, Naomi* Spel- 
man, Stephen^ Thomas', Richard*) was born in Granville, Mass., 
6 August, 1820, and died 27 June, 1891. She married in Gran- 
ville, 8 May, 1840, John Benjamin Holcomb, born in Granby, 
Mass., 1824, son of Philetus and Theodocia (Reed) Holcomb. 
He died in Granville 27 September, 1850. She married (2), 19 
March, 1856, William Frederick Pratt. Mr. Pratt adopted his 

352 Spelman Genealogy 

wife's daughter by her first husband and, after his wife's death, 
went West to live with her. He died in Kearney, Neb. 
Child by first husband : 

759 i Elma Almira Holcomb, b. lo Mar., 1850; m. Hiram H. 


Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas", Richard^) was born 
in Granville, IMass., 8 August, 1822; married, 12 January, 1847, 
Edward Holcomb, born in West Granby, Conn., 30 December, 
1820, son of Harlow and Annie Holcomb of that place, and twin 
brother of the husband of her sister, Martha Naomi. After 
the death of her husband Mrs. Holcomb resided with her son, 
Elleret, in Granville, where she was still living in 1907. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

760 i Alton Edward Holcomb, b. i Nov., 1851 ; m. Pauline 

ii Clarence Harlow Holcomb, b. 9 July, 1854; d. 8 Nov., 

iii Elleret Gibbons Holcomb, b. 23 May, i860; m. in 

Westfield, Mass., 2 June, 1897, Lizzie M. Good, b. 

in Yalding, Kent, England, 26 Dec, 1867, daughter 

of Thomas and Mercy Bodkin Good ; no ch. 

761 iv Edgar Buell Holcomb, b. 9 Apr., 1865 ; m. Emma J. 


469 MARTIN TINKER' GIBBONS (Almira" Tinker, 
Naomi* Spelman. Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
Granville, Mass., t."] April, 1827, and married in Westfield, Mass., 
23 April, 1852, Adelia Elizabeth Carpenter of Southwick, Mass., 
born in Granby, Conn., 13 September, 1832, daughter of John 
Dart and Elizabeth (Fox) Carpenter. They lived in Granville, 
and, in 1907, made their home with their daughter, Mrs. Henryj 
but, soon after her death, on 15 June, 1908, went to reside with 
their son, Mr. Carlos C. Gibbons, in Los Angeles, Cal., where 
they still reside (1909). 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

762 i Florence Amanda, b. 6 Sept., 1855; m. (i) Harry A. 

McGrath ; m. (2) William W. Bemis. 
ii Carlos Carpenter, b. 5 Dec, 1856; m. in Bertrand, 
Neb., 13 Nov., 1890, Rena Florence Bruce, b. in 
Corydon, Ind., 7 Jan., 1863, daughter of Jacob and 
Rosanna (Venner) Bruce; no ch. He has adopted 
nis niece, Wilhelmina W. Bemis, and given her his 
name ; he resided in Bertrand, and later went to 
Los Angeles, Cal., where he now (1909) lives, 
iii Ina Adelia" b. 16 May, 1861 ; m. in Granville, 18 Oct., 

Sixth Generation 353 

1882, Edwin Nelson Henry, b. there 15 Feb., 1856. 
She resided in Granville until her death, about 1907 
or 1908. 

Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen^, Thomas^, Richard^) was born 
in Granville, Mass., 26 June, 1829, and married, i January, 1855, 
Silas Noble, born in Russell, Mass., 2 December, 1824, son of 
Reuben and Cynthia (Gowdey) Noble of Westfield. In 1871 
Mr. Noble was elected a member of the Massachusetts State 
Legislature, and in 1878 became a prominent toy manufacturer 
in Granville Corners. Mrs. Noble still resides there, with her 
eldest and youngest children, Cora Almira and Raymond Silas. 
They have a charming home, in which the author has enjoyed 
their hospitality. 

Children : 

i Cora Almira Noble, b. 23 Aug., 1857. 
ii Nellie Cynthia Noble, b. 15 Mar., 1859; d. 5 Nov., 

763 iii Orville Reuben Noble, b. 23 Nov., 1861 ; m. Annie C. 

iv May Charlotte Noble, b. 24 Apr., 1868. 
V Raymond Silas Noble, b. 14 Aug., 1875. 

471 EDWIN CARLOS" GIBBONS (Almira' Tinker, Na- 
omi* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas", Richard^) was born in Gran- 
ville, Mass., I August, 1831, and died in Seneca, Kans., 18 Sep- 
tember, 1869. He married in Granville, 7 May, 1856, Pauline 
Rose of Pittsfield, Mass., born 15 November, 1835, daughter of 
Jepthah and Polly (Gillette) Rose of Granville. They moved to 
Seneca in 1868. 

Children : 

764 i Flora Antoinette, b. 24 May, 1857; m., 3 Apr.. 1883, 

Frank E. Smith. 

765 ii Estelle Pauline, b. 2 Dec, 1861 ; m., 10 Apr., 1883, 

William Albro Perkins. 

766 iii Merwin J., b. 2 June, 1867; m. Jennie N. Dean. 

472 JOHN MURRAY' GIBBONS (Almira" Tinker, Na- 
omi* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Gran- 
ville, Mass., 15 November, 1833, and died there 18 February, 
1901. He married, 25 February, 1855, Mabel Miranda Gaines 
of North Granby, Conn., born there 18 May, 1836. 

John Murray Gibbons passed his whole life in Granville, and 
was a man of affairs in the community. At the age of sixteen 
he went to work in the village store, and a year later was the 
owner of the business. He served as Assistant Postmaster until 

354 Spelman Genealogy 

he was twenty-one, when he was appointed Postmaster, holding 
that position for forty-seven years. He was Town Clerk and 
Treasurer for thirty-two years, and Treasurer alone for three 
years longer. He retired from business about a year before 
his death. 

Chiij)Ren : 

i Elbert Solomon, b. 22 Mar., 1856; m., Sept., 1878, 

Hattie Belle Reader of Granville, 
ii Clara Belle (Claribel E.), b. Apr., 1858; d. 9 Mar., 

iii Edwin Murray, b. 30 Aug., i860; m., 4 July, 1886, 

Nellie Viola Scott; no ch. 
iv Almyra (Myra) De Ett, b. 15 Oct., 1865; m., 9 Oct., 
1895, Irving W. Wilcox of Meriden, Conn., b. i 
Dec, 1866. 
V Frederick Nye, b. 5 Mar., 1868; m. in Westfield, 
Mass., 5 Oct., 1896, Bessie M. Little, who died 
about a year after, 
vi William Clarence, b. 14 Mar., 1870; m., 5 July, 1892, 

Lottie Buel. 
vii Benjamin Franklin, b. 5 June, 1871 ; m., 10 June, 
1 89 1, Ida Lucretia Roberts, daughter of John Rob- 
erts ; 3 ch. ; live in Granville. 

473 PHINEAS LYMAN' GIBBONS (Almira" Tinker, 
Naomi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard') was born in 
Granville, Mass., 31 October, 1837, and married in Suffield, 
Conn., 22 February, 1866, Maria Hannah Norton, born there 26 
December, 1848, daughter of Benjamin Corpley Norton. 

Phineas L. Gibbons left his home in Granville when he was 
eighteen years of age and went to work in a carriage shop in 
Sufifield, Conn. He worked at his trade until he was twenty- 
nine years old, when he bought a farm in Feeding Hills, Mass., 
where he was a successful farmer until 1904, when failing health 
obliged him to sell his farm. Since that time he has made his 
home with his daughter, Mrs. Coe, in Southampton, Mass. 
Children, born in Feeding Hills, Mass. : 

i Jennie Maria, b. 22 May, 1868; m., Westfield, Mass., 
24 Oct., 1894, Wallace D. Jones, b. there 17 Feb., 
1872, son of J. Q. O. Jones. 
ii Mary Ette Luella, b. 23 July, 1872; m. in Westfield, 
8 Mar., 1893, Edwin Jason Coe, b. in Becket, Mass., 
13 Jan., 1867, son of Samuel Watson Coe; they live 
at Southampton, Mass. 
iii Edwin Dexter, b. 4 Oct., 1874; m. at Westfield, 20 
Oct., 1895, Minnie V. Good, b. there 8 Oct., 1874, 
daughter of Thomas Good. 

Sixth Generation 355 

^ 474 NANCY LUCINA* GIBBONS (Almira* Tinker, Na- 
omi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas", Richard') was born 10 No- 
vember, 1839, at Granville, Mass., and was married in that place, 
31 August, 1865, to John Chatfield Carpenter, born 3 August, 
1824, son of John and Elizabeth Carpenter. He died in Boston ; 
Mrs. Carpenter lives at East Granville. 
Child : 

i Mollie Ruth Carpenter, b. 12 Oct., 1880; d. same day. 

475 ANN JANETTE' TINKER (Sylvanus^ Naomi* Spel- 
man, Stephen*, Thomas*, Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 
26 August, 1828, and died there 31 January, 1891. She married, 
25 December, 185 1, Orville Carpenter, born 8 August, 1830. 


767 i Eva Jane Carpenter, b. 9 Nov., 1853; ^- George 


476 MARTIN PHELPS* TINKER (Sylvanus', Naomi* 
Spelman, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Granville, 
Mass., 16 July, 1832. and married, 25 August, 1858, Marietta 
Margaret Smith, born in Otis, Mass., 18 April, 1841, daughter of 
Albert and Sarah (Harger) Smith. They live in East Granville. 

Children, born in Granville : 

i Estelle Naomi, b. 11 Sept., 1862: d. 3 Sept., 1865. 
ii Emma Jennie, b. 5 Feb., 1865 ; d. 8 Sept., 1865. 
iii Sarah Charity, b. 24 May, 1867; d. 31 May, 1867. 

768 iv Martin Buel, b. 17 Mar., 1869; m. Ethel Bates. 

477 SIBYL MARIA' GILLETT (Naomi" Tinker, Naomi* 
Spelman, Stephen*, Thomas', Richard') was born 6 January, 
1846, and married, 9 November, 1868, John Wesley Mixter, bom 
8 April, 1844. They live in Westfield, Mass. 

Children : 

769 i Stella Naomi Mixter, b. 27 July, 1869; m. Robert H. 

ii Clara Mabel Mixter, b. 30 Sept., 1871. 
iii Frederick Gillett Mixter, b. 13 Mar., 1874. 
iv Ethel Louise Mixter, b. 21 Nov., 1875. 

478 SARAH NAOMI* BUELL (Phineas Lyman*, Naomi* 
Spelman, Stephen*, Thomas', Richard') was bom in Westfield, 
Mass., 27 May, 1852, and married there, 12 May, 1880, to Henry 
W. Ely, born there 10 November, 1853, son of Joseph Minor and 
Elizabeth (Gross) Ely. 

Children, born in Westfield, Mass. : 

770 i Joseph Buell Ely, b. 22 Feb., 1881 ; m. Harriet Dyson, 

356 Spelman Genealogy 

ii Florence Elizabeth Ely, b. 16 Apr., 1886. 
iii Charles Franklin Ely, b. 17 Nov., 1891. 

479 EDWARD MARTIN' BUELL (Phineas Lyman', Na- 
omi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard*) was born i June, 
1861, and married, 3 November, 1883, Nettie Amy Marshall, 
bom 14 October, 1862. They live in Orange, Mass. 

Children : 

i Harold Oilman, b. 14 Aug., 1884. 
ii Edward Cook, b. i Sept., 1885. 
iii Marshall Spelman, b. 4 Dec, 1893. 
iv Robert Allyn, b. 10 Sept., 1899. 

480 ELIZA COOLEY" SPELMAN (Jesse Barlow", Jesse*, 
Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard*) was born in Albany, N. Y., 18 
May, 1829. On 19 June, 185 1, in Brooklyn, N. Y., she was mar- 
ried to Edgar Williams. Mr. Williams was the son of Charles 
and Eunice (Smith) Williams, and was born in New York City 
on 18 February, 1825. He died at Manchester, Vermont, 26 
August, 1908. 

When nine years of age, Eliza Cooley Spelman left Albany 
with her parents to take up their residence on Brooklyn Heights. 
This home of Jesse Barlow Spelman and his descendants, the 
present residence of Mrs. Williams, has stood for nearly seventy 
years at Number 169, Hicks Street, an old house of quiet and 
dignified appearance. Could the walls speak, they would relate 
the joys and sorrows of three generations. They would tell of 
three happy marriages and six bridal receptions beneath that 
roof, and of the celebration of two golden and three silver wed- 
ding anniversaries, and would recall the countless times their 
hospitable doors had opened to family reunions and friendly gath- 
erings. They would fondly dwell upon blessed old age and joy- 
ous childhood meeting there, and describe a household bright 
with love and Christian peace. 

Eliza Cooley Spelman received her education at the Brook- 
lyn Female Academy, the present Packer Institute. In 1848 she 
was graduated with high honors, especially in mathematics. 

In early life she gave her heart to her Saviour, and devoted 
her talents to His service. She has been an earnest worker in 
church and Sunday-school, and was the first directress of the 
Society for Home Missions of her church for about forty years. 
Upon her marriage, she found a sympathetic and helpful com- 
panion in good works in her husband. Although an active busi- 
ness man for over sixty-three years, he was a zealous worker in 
the Bible and City Missions and the Tract Society, and for the 
greater part of fifty years he was a deacon or elder in the Second 
Presbyterian Church, of which he was a constant attendant and 


Sixth Generation 357 

a teacher in the Sunday-school over fifty years. He was a charter 
member of the Brooklyn Young Men's Association. Mr. Wil- 
liams' life was an example of Christian faith, courage, and pa- 
tience, and his memory is blessed. 

In the house on Brooklyn Heights Mrs. Williams made a 
home of comfort and delight for her father and mother, the 
latter living there to the age of ninety-five, the wonder and pride 
of all who knew her. Here Mr. and Mrs. Williams' two children 
were born, — Fannie Cooley Williams (Mrs. Thomas J. Barbour), 
the author of this Genealogy, in which work she was very greatly 
assisted by her mother ; and Alfred Williams, who died in child- 
hood. Here, where their marriage had taken place, they cele- 
brated their golden wedding anniversary, and here they lived 
together for more than half a century, a beautiful example of 
loving, Christian union. 

Mrs. Williams' realm is her home. There her gentle sway 
is supreme. She fills the place where she is with sunshine and 
peace, so that all who approach feel its rest and cheer. Hers is 
the story of a simple life, stirred by the melody of a gracious 
spirit, a tranquil life, animated by a valiant heart, exalted by 
Christian faith. For the crushing sorrows of her later years 
she summons a royal courage. The love she misses she bestows 
on others. She is the 

"rainbow to the storm of life, 
"The evening beam that chases clouds away." 

God bless her ! 

Children : 

i Alfred Spelman Williams, b. 28 Oct., 1852; d. in 
Brooklyn 10 Jan., i860. 
771 ii Fannie Cooley Williams, b. 25 April, 1854; m., 13 
Jan., 1880, Thomas Johnston Barbour. 

481 TIMOTHY MATHER' SPELMAN (Jesse Barlow*, 
Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Albany, N. Y., 
9 October, 183 1, and married (i), in Brooklyn, N. Y., 20 April, 

1853, Mary Eliza Beck, born in that place 23 December, 1832, 
daughter of Augustus and Lydia (Carman) Beck. She died in 
that city 6 September, 1883, and Mr. Spelman married (2), in 
Brooklyn, 2 June, 1885, Elizabeth Ada Chandler, born 28 October, 

1854, daughter of Miles Barzilla and Louisa E. (Caldwell) Chan- 
dler of Alton, 111. 

Timothy Mather Spelman was named after his grandfather. 
Reverend Timothy Mather Cooley, for many years pastor of 
the Congregational Church at Granville, Mass. After completing 
his education, he entered mercantile business with his father at 
an early age, and worked with great energy, becoming the senior 
member of the firm of Spelman Brothers. He and his brother, 

358 Spelman Genealogy 

William, built up a large business, which they carried on for 
forty years in New York City. They originated, in their time, 
three distinct methods of trade which became prevailing customs, 
viz., direct importation from Europe, selling by travelling, and, 
later, the mail order business by elaborate catalogues. Mr. T. M. 
Spelman resided with his family in Brooklyn, opposite the beau- 
tiful Washington Park, and his children were brought up there. 
His first wife, Mrs. Mary (Beck) Spelman, lived and died in 
this house. After giving up business, he spent three years trav- 
elling extensively abroad with his second wife, Mrs. E. A. 
(Chandler) Spelman, and they experienced, while crossing the 
Mediterranean Sea, the trying ordeal of shipwreck in a storm 
off the Island of Minorca, being rescued in a life boat. During 
his early married life, Timothy Mather Spelman's temperament 
found recreation from business and happy mental employment 
in the religious work of those days, when the great congrega- 
tions grew up, which made Brooklyn famous as the City of 
Churches. He was one of the organizers of Doctor Cuyler's 
Presbyterian Church, and an indefatigable worker in its mission 
work among the poor of the city. Later, he and his family united 
with "Old Plymouth," and all were members of that church when 
Henry Ward Beecher, its celebrated pastor, died. His kindly 
spirit and devout faith flourished under Mr. Beecher's preaching, 
developing a contented and cheerful mind, with which to greet 
advancing years and enforced inactivity. 

Children by first wife, born in Brooklyn: 

772 i Jessie Beck, b. 13 Aug., 1855 ; m. Augustus P. Rich- 


773 ii William Augustus, b. 27 July, 1857 ; m. Julia M. Beale. 
iii Frank Chapman, b. 25 Nov., 1859; d. Brooklyn, 18 

(8) Aug., 1866. 
iv Howard, b. 25 Oct., 1866 ; m. in Brooklyn, 29 Nov., 
1899, Hortense Booth, b. there 7 June, 1869, daugh- 
ter of James and Catherine Booth ; no ch. They 
live in Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jesse', Stephen", Thomas', Richard') was born in Albany, N. Y., 
9 June, 1834; married in Manchester, Vt., 23 September, 1862, 
Sarah Abigail Hoyt, born there 30 January, 1837, daughter of 
Fowler Walter and Abigail (Weeks) Hoyt. She died in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 12 March, 1895. 

One midsummer morning in 1834, a willing horse toiled 
over the Berkshire Hills, on the road from New York State to 
Massachusetts. On the back seat of the carryall, in a basket, 
was young William Chapman Spelman, aged seven weeks ! Born 
in Albany, 9 June, 1834, he thus accompanied his father, Jesse 

Sixth Generation 359 

Barlow Spelman, and his mother, Eliza Content Cooley, to their 
beloved Granville. There he was to make his first acquaintance 
with his grandfathers, maternal and paternal, the Reverend Tim- 
othy Mather Cooley and Jesse Spelman. one residing at the top, 
the other halfway down the principal hill of that little village. 
Perhaps it was even then, in this his first drive, that he imbibed 
his great love of nature and his enthusiasm for out of doors. 
Granville was his delight as a lad, and as he grew older it occu- 
pied a very warm spot in his affections. When he was about 
three years old, his parents removed to Brooklyn, with which 
city the family has ever since been identified. 

The influences of his home and the promptings of his heri- 
tage inspired him with a desire to become a minister. Though 
he had already embarked upon a business career, he gave it up, 
and entered Burr and Burton Seminary, Manchester, Vt., to 
prepare for college. In the fall of 1857 he went to Williams 
College for the purpose of studying theology. About three years 
later, just before the outbreak of the Civil War, feeling that the 
exigencies of his father's business needed him, he reluctantly left 

It was then, on his way home, that he met the love of his 
dreams. She was Sarah A. Hoyt of Manchester, Vt., a gradu- 
ate of Miss Willard's School at Troy. They were married at 
her home, 23 September, 1862, and went to live in Brooklyn. 
They both became active members of the Church on the Heights, 
where Mr. Spelman served for many years, first as Deacon, and 
later as an Elder. He was identified for twenty-five years with 
Bethany Mission, and it was largely through his instrumentality 
that its building was erected and the work developed on more 
liberal lines. Mrs. Spelman was interested in several charities, 
especially the Sanitary Commission and the Home for Destitute 
Children, of which she was the efficient Treasurer for many years.. 
These associations gave them a large circle of friends. In 1889 
Mr. Spelman retired from the firm, which, after his father's 
death, had become Spelman Brothers. Later, he was identified 
with an important mercantile concern as field manager, which 
necessitated extensive travel in the Southern and Western States. 
He had a country home at Manchester, Vt., where every summer 
was spent by the family. After his wife's death, Mr. Spelman 
made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Frederick E. Walker, at 
Short Hills, N. J., his leisure being spent in cultivating the 
garden and spoiling eleven grandchildren. He is a member of 
the Hamilton, Rembrandt, and Wool Clubs, of the Delta Upsilon 
Society, and the Williams Alumni Association. Time seems to 
leave no trace upon his buoyant personality, neither has sorrow 
dimmed that charm which so endears him to all. His latest 

360 Spelman Genealogy 

business connection was with Sherman & Sons Co., of New York 

Children : 

774 i Matilda, b. Brooklyn 3 Apr., 1864; m. Dr. Clark Bum- 


775 ii Hoyt, b. 24 July, 1867 ; m. Lilian Deutsch. 

iii Eliza Cooley, b. Brooklyn, 4 Jan., 1870; d. there, 25 
May, 1871. 

776 iv Marion, b. Brooklyn, 27 May, 1874; m. Frederick E. 

V William Chapman, b. Manchester, Vt., 21 Aug., 1876. 

483 EDWARD STEPHEN' SPELMAN (Stephen^ Jesse*, 
Stephen", Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 29 
March, 1835, and married in Blandford, Mass., 17 January, 1866, 
Mary Louisa Cowell, born in that place i August, 1838, daugh- 
ter of Cyrus and Julia (Hills) Cowell. 

Mr. Spelman was a member of the Forty-sixth Regiment, 
Massachusetts Volunteer Malitia, for nine months during the 
Civil War. He took part in the battles of Kinston, Whitehall, 
and Goldsborough, N. C, in the Eighteenth Army Corps, under 
Major-General Foster; also in the Second Army Corps in the 
Battle of Gettysburg. He was for over twenty years in the 
lumber business in Westfield, Mass., where he and Mrs. Spelman 
still reside. 

Children, born in Westfield: 

i Clarence Edward, b. 3 Feb., 1868 ; unm. ; an electrical 

engineer and lawyer ; lives in New York City. 
ii Ernest Stephen, b. 18 Oct., 1870; d. 25 Aug., 1871. 
'j'jj iii Harrison Alfred (Harry), b. 2 Dec, 1872; m. Emily 

Root', Jesse*, Stephen", Thomas^ Richard") was born in Albany, 
N. Y., 22 March, 1845, ^"^^ married there, 15 April, 1868, JuHa 
Frances Rodgers, born in that place 3 January, 1845, daughter 
of John and Mary (Hartness) Rodgers. 

William D. E. Spelman is one of those persons of whom 
little can be said subjectively. At the early age of six years, in 
a special visitation, God revealed him to himself as a sinner. 
From that consciousness the lad never escaped until, at the age 
of sixteen, God was pleased to reveal Christ to him as the 
Saviour. Instantly the boy made the response of faith, "Yes, 
Lord Jesus, yes!" He was fairly schooled, finishing in the Al- 
bany Academy ; he then clerked in a lumber yard, and worked 
granite quarries for eight years. For three years he built Do- 
mestic Trade stations for the Standard Oil Company ; but never 

Sixth Generation 361 

possessed any faculty for money-getting for himself. On the 
other hand, God was good. His providences never failed in any 
necessary thing. He early won the best of Christian wives ; and 
children and children's children have brought only gladness of 
heart. Home has always been with the amenities of life, while 
the opportunities for Christian service have been without inter- 
ruption for nearly half a century. He always kept in touch with 
good literature, and wrote at times himself for magazines. He 
was one of the better class of Bible scholars and teachers, 
preached the Gospel often, and has been privileged to see God 
gather to Himself many souls. 
Children : 

i John Rodgers, b. Quincy, Mass., 24 Feb., 1869; d. 
same day, 

778 ii John Rodgers, b. 18 Feb., 1872 ; m. Elsie Warnock. 

779 iii Isabella Rodgers, b. 7 June, 1873 ; m. Isaac W. Price, 
iv Walter Gray, b. Quincy, 23 Dec, 1874; d. 2 May, 

V Howard Benjamin, b. Albany, 16 Aug., 1877 ; d. there, 
I Mar., 1881. 

780 vi Alice French, b. 30 Oct., 1878; m. Theodore T. Snell. 

781 vii Mary Rodgers, b. 16 Sept., 1880; m. Frank O. Bristol, 
viii William Dey Ermand, b. Albany, 12 July, 1884; d. 

there, 2 Sept., if ' ' 

485 BENJAMIN ROOT SPELMAN (Benjamin Roof, 
Jesse*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Albany, N. Y,, 
9 December, 1847, "^^^ married there, 16 October, 1873, Sarah C. 
Wooster, born 26 November, 1850. They live in Chicago. 

Children : 
782 i Kate Wooster, b. 14 July, 1874 ; m. Hugo L. Klein. 

ii Elizabeth, b. 4 Apr., 1878; m., 25 Dec, 1907, Norval 
Hawkins Baxter, b. 3 May, 1878, at Chatham, Ont., 
son of William R. and Susan Baxter. 

486 MARY REED" SPELMAN (Ralzamon Lucas", Jesse*, 
Stephen', Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Albany, N. Y., 21 
August, 1851, and married there, 4 June, 1873, William Woods 
Whiting, born in Bath, N. Y., 26 May, 1847. They lived in Pitts- 
field, Mass., where Mr. Whiting was a paper manufacturer. He 
took a prominent part in the municipal affairs of the town, and 
was at one time Mayor of Pittsfield. After his death, 7 August;, 
1899, Mrs. Whiting continued to reside in Pittsfield, untill the 
marriage of her daughter, with whom she afterwards lived, in 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Children, born in Pittsfield : 

i Ralph Spelman Whiting, b. 5 May, 1874; m. in Brook- 

362 Spelman Genealogy 

line, Mass., 15 Apr., 1903, Mrs. Bertha (Shaw) 
Lowe, b. Bangor, Me., 7 June, 1875, daughter of 
William F. and Elizabeth (Wright) Shaw. He en- 
listed as a Private in Co. E., 8th Regt., Mass. Vol. 
Militia, 6 June, 1901, and was commissioned Second 
Lieut., 6 Nov., 1901 ; lives in Boston ; no ch. 
ii Clara Woods Whiting, b. 30 Nov., 1875 ; m. in Pitts- 
field, 4 June, 1904, William Sergeant, b. Spuyten 
Duyvil, N. Y., 17 Oct., 1869, son of Joseph Russell 
and Alice (Hall) Sergeant ; lives in Yonkers ; no ch. 

487 FESTUS SPELMAN" COE (Climena' Spelman, Fes- 
tus*, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard*) was born in Randolph, Ohio, 
29 November, 1819, and died in 1893. He married in Randolph, 
29 April, 1841, Fannie A. Merritt of Michigan, who died in Upper 
Placerville, Cal., 18 April, 1893. They lived in Randolph, Ohio; 
Sun Prairie, Wis. ; San Rafael and Upper Placerville, Cal. 

Children : 

783 i Merritt Lyman, b. 17 Jan., 1842; m. Kelly. 

784 ii Zephyrine Adelaide, b. 13 May, 1845 ! ^- B- T. Woos- 

iii Martha Angeline, b. 15 July, 1850; m. A. Turngrain; 
d. 28 Nov., 1877. 

785 iv Mary Ellen, b. 18 Aug., 1858; m. Edwin F. Pierce. 

488 JAMES PRATT' COE (Climena' Spelman, Festus*, 
Stephen', Thomas\ Richard') was born in Randolph, Ohio, 5 
April, 1821, and died there 8 November, 1895. He married in 
that place, 22 October, 1845, Jane E. Specs, born in Parkham, 
Ohio, 9 March, 1824, daughter of Alanson and Harriett (Cherry- 
tree) Specs. She died in Randolph, 3 February, 1883. He was 
a Deacon in the church. 

Chii-DREn, born in Randolph : 

786 i Emma Georgia, b. 11 Jan., 1847; ^- Henry Brainard. 

787 ii Almon Buel, b. 16 July, 1853; m. (i) Eva Bunce; 

m. (2) . 

788 iii Charles Pratt, b. 13 Aug., 1861 ; m. Ina B. Davis. 

489 MATTHEW LYMAN' COE (Climena= Spelman, Fes- 
tus*, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Randolph, Ohio, 
27 June, 1823, and died in Waupun, Wis., 8 October, 1864. He 
married there, 26 March, 1854, Helen Maria Davis, born in 
Dewittville, N. Y., 21 SeptemlDer, 1837, daughter of Simeon 
Hulbert and Louisa (Scofield) Davis of that place. In 1849 he 
went, by way of Cape Horn, to California, and spent four years 
there. He had a fine tenor voice, and was a Deacon in the 
church at Waupun, Wis. 

Sixth Generation 363 

Children, born in Waupun : 

i Glenni James, b. 13 May, 1857; d. Waupun, 24 Sept., 

ii True De Loss, b. 9 June, i860; m. in Clarksville, 
Iowa, 15 Jan., 1889, Mae Adelia Duncan, b. there, 
20 May, 1869, daughter of Edward and Mary (Tis- 
dale) Duncan; no ch. True De Loss Coe, M. D., 
is the only surviving child of his parents. His early 
years, until his father's death, were spent at the 
farm called Oak Grove, town of Chester. His 
mother disposing of the farm, they resided for a 
year or two at Waupun, Wis., and then went East 
to Dewittville, N. Y., which is a quaint little village 
on the shore of Chautauqua Lake. Here he en- 
joyed the advantages of outdoor life among the 
grand old woods and hills. Thence they moved to 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he attended a private 
school and also Coe College. Later, they moved to 
Western New York, and then to Waverly, Iowa, 
where his mother married a second time, in 1870, 
George R. Haner, a native of Chautauqua County, 
New York, and a Civil War veteran. He proved a 
devoted father to the lad, and was one of "God's 
noblemen." To this union was born three daugh- 
ters. Doctor Coe was graduated in June, 1880, 
from school in Waverly, and on account of delicate 
health, studied medicine in a doctor's office until 
1 88 1, when he entered Rush College, graduating in 
1884. After a short term in Cook County Hos- 

; pital, Chicago, he located in Qarksville, Iowa. In 

1892 he moved to Keithsburg, 111, His practice is 
a general one, but his specialty is obstetrics, and he 
has a record of the loss of but one mother during a 
period of twenty-two years. He is a member of the 
following Medical Societies : Bremer County, Iowa, 
Medical Society; Iowa State Association of Rail- 
way surgeons ; International Association of Railway 
Surgeons ; and the American Medical Association. 
He is the regular examiner for twenty-seven Life 
Insurance Companies, surgeon for the Iowa Central 
Railway Company, and was surgeon for the Rock 
Island Railway System. 
iii Marv Ashmun, b. 24 Jan., 1863; d. Waupun, 17 Oct., 

490 ANGELINE HANNAH' COE (Climena ' Spelman, 
Festus*, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Randolph, 

364 Spelman Genealogy 

Ohio, 7 July, 1827, and married there, 4 April, 1848, Edwin 
Hillyer, born in Atwater, Ohio, 30 September, 1825, son of 
David and Charity (Loomis) Hillyer of that place. 

Angelina H. Coe completed her education at the Ladies' 
Seminary at Hudson, Ohio, graduating with honors, and being 
especially talented in music. She has spent her married life in 
Waupun, Wis., where her home has been a social center of much 
prominence. She is interested in many philanthropic works, 
especially in the cause of Temperance, being an officer in the 
Juvenile Temperance Society and the Women's Christian Tem- 
perance Union, and taking part in church and Sunday School 

On 4 April, 1898, Mr. and Mrs. Hillyer celebrated their 
golden wedding, and both lived to see their sixty-first anniver- 
sary. Mr. Hillyer died in Florida in December, 1909. He was 
engaged in the Life and Fire Insurance business, and occupied 
his leisure in collecting books. He presented to the city of Wau- 
pun over six thousand volumes, which are now deposited in 
the new Carnegie Building. He was a man of sterling Christian 
character, and much beloved. 

Children, all but eldest born in Waupun : 
789 i Edna Spelman Coe Hillyer, b. 2 Aug., 1849 ; m, 
Charles H. Ford, 
ii Martha Jane Hillyer, b. 10 Nov., 185 1 ; d. Waupun, 27 

July, 1867. 
iii Henry L. Palmer Hillyer, b. 10 Jan., 1854 ; m., Wau- 
pun, 24 May, 1882, Phila Johnson, b. White Creek, 
Wis., daughter of Alfred Stanley and Elizabeth 
(Loomis) Johnson; no ch. After completing his 
education and trying various things, Henry L. P. 
Hillyer finally took up the study of law, graduating 
from the University of Wisconsin with the degree 
of LL. B. in 1880. Mr. and Mrs. Hillyer now 
reside at Topeka, Kans., where he manages the 
Loan Department of the North Western Life In- 
surance Company. Mrs. Hillyer is a graduate of 
the Whittlesey School of Music at Topeka. 
iv Homer Winthrop Hillyer, b. 26 Jan., 1859; m. in 
Baltimore, Md., 12 July, 1887, Harriet Amanda 
Robbins, b. Windham, Conn., 13 Oct., 1857, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Clemens and Harriet (Browness) 
Robbins ; no ch. After passing through the High 
School of his native city and graduating from 
Ripon College, Homer W. Hillyer took the degree 
of B. S. at the University of Wisconsin and then 
entered Johns Hopkins University at Baltimore, 
Md., with chemistry as his specialty. Leaving there 


Sixth Generation 365 

in 1885 with the deg^ree of Ph. D., he at once took 
the position of Professor of Organic Chemistry in 
the University of Wisconsin. This position he held 
for nine years, then, in 1894, he decided to take up 
fruit raising, and selected a farm for that purpose 
in Farmington, Conn., where he laid out orchards 
and gardens. Doctor Hillyer's papers on Chem- 
istry have been largely translated into the German 
and Russian languages. He also holds member- 
ship in American and German chemical scientific 
societies and associations. 
V Francis Edwin Hillyer, b. 30 Nov., 1870; d. Waupun, 
10 Apr., 1872. 

491 DOCTOR SAMUEL BUEL" COE (Climena" Spel- 
man, Festus*, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, 8 August, 1835, and married in Waupun, Wis., i 
January, 1857, Mary Jane Cronkhite, born in Cooperstown, N. Y., 
25 October, 1835, daughter of Jeremiah and Evelina (Jones) 

In early life Doctor Coe developed a fondness for the wild 
song birds of Ohio, and a skill in taxidermy, which later became 
a surgeon's skill. His education began in the public school and 
Academy in his native town. He next attended Shaw Academy 
at Cleveland, Ohio, and also Oberlin College, Ohio. Later, he 
attended Rush Medical College, Chicago, taking his degree at the 
Medical Department of the Western Reserve College of Cleve- 
land. During the Civil War he served in the Union Army as 
surgeon of the First Minnesota H. Artillery, and later as Captain 
and Lieutenant-Colonel in the Seventeenth Minnesota Militia. 
Among many important positions which Doctor Samuel B. Coe 
has held at various times are the following: Physician and sur- 
geon of Dodge County, Wis., Infirmary ; President of Pension 
Board, Fitzgerald, Ga. ; Medical Director of G. A. R., Depart- 
ment of Georgia ; Sanitary Minister of Old Soldiers' Colony, 
Fitzgerald, Ga. ; Local Railway Surgeon of North Dakota and 
Georgia ; member of Minnesota State and National Medical 
Association. While in the Minnesota Legislature, Doctor Coe 
formulated and secured as a law, "A bill defining scarletina as a 
contagious and infectious disease," and provided for its quaran- 
tine. This was the first pronunciamento, either professional or 
statutory, to this effect. To-day such laws are known throughout 
the world, and statistics show that thousands of young lives are 
thereby saved. Doctor Coe has now a large practice in the city 
of Minneapolis. 

Children, first three born in Waupun, Wis., last three in 
Morristown, Minn. : 









366 Spelman Genealogy 

Henry Waldo, b. 4 Nov., 1857 ; m. Viola Boley. 

Jennie Evelyn, b. 5 Apr., or 11 July, 1859; m. Frank 

Charles Almon, b. 11 July, i860; m. Lillie B. Allen. 

Samuel, b. 22 Feb., 1863; d. next day. 

Jay Hawthorne, b. 11 Sept., 1864; m. in Valley City, 
N. D., 9 Apr., 1891, Lettie F. Walker, b. Rushford, 
Me., 1867, daughter of Hiram and Celestia (Nims) 
Walker. They live in Portland, Ore., where Doctor 
Coe is a dental surgeon ; no ch. 
vi Angeline Qimena, b. 2 Oct., 1873; "^- ^^ Waterville, 
Minn., 25 July, 1893, Walter McBrown (Mc- 
Broom), b. Mapleton, Minn., son of James M. and 
Elizabeth (Kellett) McBrown. She is a graduate 
of the Mankato Normal College, and a cultured 
singer and violinist. They live in Minneapolis. 

492 WILLIAM OHEL" SPELMAN (Salmon A.^ Festus*, 
Stephen^ Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Paris, Ohio, 4 March, 
1832, and married (i) in Marlboro, Ohio, 17 April, 1859, Ma- 
linda C. Brandon of Stark County, Ohio, born in 1843, ^^^'^ ^t 
Camp Reno, Milwaukee, Wis., 3 June, 1865. He married (2), 
25 November, 1865, Sarah Elizabeth Brandon, born 18 July, 
1841, daughter of Thomas C. and Sophiah (Butts) Brandon, 
and a cousin of his first wife. 

When William O. Spelman was about six years old, his 
father left the mother and two boys and went away, never to 
return to them. Through the self-denying efforts of the mother, 
he received a good education, attending such schools as were 
then established in Marlboro, Ohio, the first school being in a log 
cabin. In his youth he was apprenticed to a cabinet maker, and 
became proficient in his trade, finally starting in a business of 
his own, in which he was successful for several years. His 
first child died while he was in the service of his country in the 
Civil War, working in the rifle pits at Richmond, Va. His sec- 
ond child was born just before his discharge from the Army, his 
wife having followed him to Camp Reno, at Milwaukee. She died 
there at the birth of her child. He brought her body home to 
Marlboro, and buried her in the beautiful cemetery near his 
former home. He then took the child to his mother. He served 
in the Union Army, One Hundred and Fourth Ohio Volunteers, 
enlisting 9 August, 1862, for three years. He was captured 
once, but came home from the war unharmed, save for the 
efi"ects of privation and hardship, which had destroyed his rugged 
health. He is a member of the Disciples of Christ. He belongs 
to A. G. Wileman Post, G. A. R. He is now engaged upon what 
he considers his life work, viz.. The Genealogy of the Bible. 

Sixth Generation 367 

Children by first wife : 

i Frank Festus, b. Marlboro, Ohio, 26 May, i860; d. 
there, 18 Dec, 1862. 

793 ii Anna Malinda, b. at Camp Reno, Milwaukee, 15 Mar., 

1865 ; m. Charles O. Carrington. 
Children by second wife : 

794 iii Jennie Helen, b. 2 Nov., 1868 ; m. Luther D. McGahan. 

795 iv Carrie Josephine, b. 28 Mar., 187 1 ; m. Benjamin W. 

V John Edward, b. Akron, Ohio, 6 Jan., 1875 ; d. Ne- 
braska, 16 Feb., 1875. 

493 FESTUS BUELL* SPELMAN (Salmon A.^ Festus*, 
Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Paris, Ohio, 15 August, 
1833, and married in Marlboro, Ohio, 15 June, 1868, Ella Reed, 
daughter of Ira S. and Susan Reed of that place. 

Mr, and Mrs. Spelman separated after the birth of their 
first child, whom the mother took with her. Mr. Spelman en- 
listed, in 1861, in the Sixty-fifth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer In- 
fantry, and reenlisted at the close of his term of service. All 
through the war he kept a diary, which has been transferred by 
his brother, William Ohel Spelman, into a book of large dimen- 
sions and of much interest. He resided for a time in Marlboro, 
Ohio, and later in Wheeling, W. Va., where he was a druggist 
and grocer. He now spends much of his time in the State Sol- 
diers' Home, near Sandusky, Ohio. 

Child : 

i Charles Clare, b. Marlboro, i May, 1869. 

494 MATILDA ZORADAH' BELDING (Margaret* Spel- 
man, Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was bom in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, 21 March, 1829, and married (i) in that place, i 
January, 1850, Doctor Allen Daniel Wilcox, who was born in 
Palmyra, Ohio, and died in Mesopotamia, Ohio, 30 September, 
1859. She married (2) Jacob Cook Bair, who died in Randolph, 
Ohio. She married (3) James Jefiferson Curtis, born in Lex- 
ington, Ky., 25 June, 1820, son of Jacob and Rebecca (Uall) 
Curtis. They live in Waldron, Ind. 

Child by first husband : 

i Mary Adeline Wilcox, b. Randolph, Ohio, 20 Oct., 
1850; d. Newark, N, J,, 20 Oct., 1894; m, in Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 4 Sept., , Col. Edward Albert Camp- 
bell of that city ; no ch. 

495 MELINDA ZERUAH' BELDING (Margaret* Spel- 
man, Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas", Richard') was born in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, I August, 1834, and married in Deerfield, Ohio, 8 

368 Spelman Genealogy 

October, 1853, Thomas Palmer Gilman, born in Troy, Vt., 4 May, 
1824, son of Clark and Elizabeth (Pike) Gilman. He died in 
Randolph, 17 March, 1878. Mrs. Gilman lives in Waldron, Ind. 
Children, born in Randolph : 

i Charles Clifford Gilman, b. 9 June, 1857 ; d. 16 June, 


ii Charles Justin Shepherd Gilman, b. 4 Feb., i860; m. 
in Niles, Ohio, 15 June, 1885, Sarah Ellen Erwin, 
b. there, daughter of David and Ellen Erwin ; had 
one son, who d. in infancy. They live in Cleveland. 

iii Birdie Belding Gilman, b. 26 Nov., 1866; d. in Ran- 

tus", Festus*, Stephen'', Thomas^ Richard^) was born, 14 Febru- 
ary, 1840, and married, 24 November, 1859, Nelson R. Collins. 
They reside in Rootstown, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Rollin S. Collins, b. 27 Feb., 1868; m., 15 Mar., 1898, 

; lives in Oakland, Cal. ; is a pharmacist. 

ii Willis H. Collins, b. St. Louis, Mo., 4 Nov., 1872 ; m. 
in Oakland, Cal., 2 Apr., 1901, Edith Phelps, b. in 
Cal., 25 Dec, 1876, daughter of Francis Marion and 
Alice (Mack) Phelps. 

497 ASA MAHAN" SPELMAN (Marcus Festus', Festus*, 
Stephen', Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Edinburgh, Ohio, 5 
June, 1843, ^n<^ married in Rootstown, Ohio, 24 January, 1866, 
Josephine Seymour, born there in 1846, daughter of Ashabel P. 
Seymour. Mr. Spelman served in Company L, One Hundred 
and Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil War. He 
and his wife now reside upon the old Marcus Festus Spelman 
homestead at Rootstown, where Mr. Spelman is engaged in 
poultry farming, and has about three thousand white Leghorns. 

Children, all but youngest born in Rootstown, Ohio : 

i Dwight Seymour, b. 27 Sept., 1867; graduated of Bal- 
timore College Physicians and Surgeons ; on Staff 
of the New York State Hospital for Insane, Ward's 
Island, New York, 1909. 
ii Ida Blanche, b. 25 Dec, 1871 ; d. Rootstown, 25 Mar., 

iii Herbert Blaine, b. 31 Aug., 1876; graduate of Penna. 

Coll. of Dental Surgery, Phila., Pa. ; unm. ; engaged 

with father in poultry farm, 
iv Mary Jane, b. Minerva, Ohio, 2 June, 1882; unm.; 

lives with parents at Rootstown. 

Sixth Generation 369 

498 HENRY LOUIS" SPELMAN (Marcus Festus^ Fes- 
tus*, Stephen^ Thomas', Richard') was born in Edinburgh, Ohio, 
21 February, 1852, and married in Brimfield, Ohio, 19 Septem- 
ber, 1874, Julia A. Burt, born 28 December, 1855, daughter of 
Washington L. and Electa (Babcock) Burt of that place. They 
live in Kent, Ohio. 

Children, born in Rootstown, Ohio : 

i Comfort Carrie, b. 14 Nov., 1875 ; m. in Rootstown, 
18 Jan., 1903, Charles Wentworth Mathivet, b. 
Cleveland, 10 Oct., 1878 ; no ch. 

796 ii Marcus Burt, b. i Oct., 1877 ; m. Jessie M. Hinds. 

797 iii Rollin Henry, b. 21 Nov., 1879 ' "^- Flora S. Herrick. 

(Deborah^ Spelman, Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas\ Richard') was 
born in Rootstown, Ohio, 11 July, 1835, and died in Wabash, 
Ind., 4 January, 1861. He married in Randolph, Ohio, 15 March, 
i860, Harriet A. Harmon, born there 9 September, 1841, daugh- 
ter of Chancy and Comfort (Dickenson) Harmon. Mrs. San- 
ford married a second time. 

Child : 

798 i Belle La Grand, b. 18 Apr., 1861 ; m. Guy Tilden. 

500 FESTUS MARCUS^ SANFORD (Deborah" Spelman, 
Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard') was born in Rootstown 
Ohio, 14 June, 1842, and died there 3 February, 1873. He mar- 
ried in Tallmadge, Ohio, 6 June, 1867, Hattie H. Upson, born 
there 18 October, 1842. 

Child : 

799 i Rufus Sherman, b. Rootstown, 31 May, 1871 ; m. Perlea 

E. France. 

501 OEL MERLO' SANFORD (Deborah' Spelman, Fes- 
tus*, Stephen^, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 
17 December, 1848, and married in Ravenna, Ohio, 15 May, 
1872, Sarah Campbell Locke, born in Wellington, Ohio, 19 No- 
vember, 1848, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Mary (Camp- 
bell) Locke. They live in Independence, Ore., on Lone Oak 

Children : 

i Eleanor Mabel, b. Ravenna, Ohio, 17 Apr., 1875; ^^ 
actress ; member of the Sothern-Marlowe Company. 
ii Maud Mary, b. Oakland, Cal., 10 Dec, 1877; d. there, 
24 Apr., 1878. 

502 EMILY AURELIA" SPELMAN (Reverend Richard 
Dickinson", Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas^, Richard') was born in 

3/0 Spelman Genealogy 

Alexandria, Ohio, ii April, 1843, and married (i) in Nobles- 
ville, Ind., 4 March, 1863, Doctor Webster Welsh Teague, who 
died in Wabash, Ind., 22 April, 1864, at the early age of twenty- 
four, from consumption, brought on by night riding and ex- 
posure. He was born in Dayton, Ohio, 1840, son of Samuel and 
Prudence (Cooper) Teague. She married (2) in Des Moines, 
Iowa, 14 February, 1869, Levi Marion Jones. He died in Fort 
Wayne, Ind., where she continued to live, caring for her parents 
in their last years. She now resides in Chicago. 
Child by first husband : 

800 i Lula Dell Teague, b. 31 Dec, 1863; m. (i) Edgar J. 

Ward; m. (2) Harry Downing. 

Richard Dickinson^ Festus*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was 
born in Farmland, Ind., 31 March, 185 1, and died in Cherokee, 
Kans., 25 March, 1886. She married in Waterloo, Ind., 21 July, 
1875, Reverend Marcellus Ebenezer Goddard, son of John and 
Amanda (Black) Goddard. He died in Topeka, Kans., 28 Jan- 
uary, 1905. 

Child : 

801 i Albert Russell Goddard, b. i Apr., 1876; m. Mabel D. 


ard Dickinson^, Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard") was born 
in La Gro, Ind., 29 August, 1859, ^"^^ died in Shelbyville, Ind., 
30 December, 1887. He married, 11 August, 1881, Olive Waller, 
daughter of Zachariah and Mary (Smith) Waller. She married 
a second time, about 1902, Robert Harrison of Shelbyville. 

Child : 

i Bertha Dhee, b. Fort Wayne, Ind., 4 July, 1883 ; lives 
in Shelbyville. 

505 MARK ROLLA' SPELMAN (Rufus Rolla^ Rufus*, 
Stephen', Thomas', Richard") was born in Mt. Morris, N. Y., 
5 February, 1846, and married, 12 May, 1868, Caroline Mer- 
sereau, born in Newark, N. J., 14 April, 1847, daughter of Daniel 
and Ann (Holcomb) Mersereau. They resided in Albany, N. Y., 
for some years, then removed to New Orleans, La., and later 
to New York City. He now resides in Hyde Park on the Hud- 
son, N. Y. 

Children : 

802 i Mary Mersereau, b. 5 Apr., 1869; m. Albert W. Sulli- 


803 ii Caroline Burnett, b. 20 Nov., 1870; m. Dr. Orrin L. 



Sixth Generation 371 

804 iii Anna Lovisa, b. 7 Aug., 1871 ; m. Charles N. Wogan. 
iv Isabel Hopkins, b. New Orleans, 20 Aug., 1883 ; m. in 
New York City, 5 Feb., 1908, Joseph Thomas 

506 ARTHUR E." BARLOW (John Howard^ Deborah* 
Spelman, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Newark, 
N. J., 12 December, 1867, and married there, 9 June, 1892, Lillie 
A. Dixon, born in that place 6 July, 1868, daughter of William 
and Amelia Dixon. They live in Newark. 

Child : 

i Arthur William, b. Newark, 25 Oct., 1897. 

507 ANNA JANE" CONDIT (Jane Deborah' Barlow, 
Deborah* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
Newark, N. J., 22 June, 1847, ^"d married in Madison, N. J., 9 
February, 1881, Louis Augustus Sayer, born in Madison, 9 Feb- 
ruary, 1848, son of Joseph Sayer. 

Children : 

i Louis Austin Sayer, b. 29 Apr., 1882 ; d. 20 Dec, 1882. 
ii Howard Condit Sayer, b. 16 May, 1884. 
iii Irene Barlow Sayer, b. 7 Dec, 1887. 

508 ELLA MATILDA' CONDIT (Jane Deborah" Barlow, 
Deborah* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
Newark, N. J., 10 October, 1849, and married in Madison, N. J., 
17 January, 1888, Henry Irving Brittin, born in that place 20 
April, 1850, son of William J. Brittin. They live in Madison. 

Children, born in Madison: 

i Dorothy Brittin, b. 22 Dec, 1889; d. Madison, 19 

June, 1890. 
ii Doris Condit Brittin, b. 7 June, 1892. 

509 JOSEPH BELL" BARLOW (Festus Spelman^ Deb- 
orah* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard*) was born in New- 
ark, N. J., 6 September, 1854, and married there, 21 August, 
1900, Grace Bell Tronson, born in that city 25 May, 1875, daugh- 
ter of John F. and Abby (Allison) Tronson. They reside in 

Children, born in Newark: 
i Alene Bell, b. i May, 1903. 
ii Elizabeth Bell, b. 27 Oct., 1905. 

510 HENRY MARTYN* CROWELL (Nancy or Ann* 
Root, Miriam* Spelman, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard') was bom 
in Granville, Mass., 7 August, 1842, and married in Memphis, 
Tenn., 16 April, 1867, Alice G. Stephenson, born in Decatur, 

372 Spelman Genealogy 

Ala., 31 December, 1847, daughter of William G. and Harriet 
(Jones) Stephenson. 

Mr. Crowell received his education in the schools of Water- 
ville, Me., and St. Louis, Mo., and then learned the trade of 
printer. He worked on the Memphis Appeal from 1871 to 1886, 
and on the Los Angeles Express from 1886 to 1896. He served 
during the Civil War in the One Hundred and Fifty-fourth 
Senior Regiment of Tennessee, Confederate Army, and was, with 
his brother Edward, a prisoner in Rock Island. He resides with 
his family in Los Angeles. 

Children, born in Memphis, Tenn. : 
i Miriam, b. 24 Aug., 1868; unm. 

805 ii Harry Martyn, b. 24 Apr., 1870 ; m. Sarah E. Whit- 

iii Ida, b. 10 Sept., 1872 ; d. 16 May, 1885. 

806 iv Edward Warren, b. 4 Oct., 1874; m. Cora I. Hold- 

V Alice Gray, b. 4 July, 1876; a teacher in the Los An- 
geles public schools, 
vi Vera, b. 10 Aug., 1878 ; d. 9 Oct., 1878. 
vii Frank Stephenson, b. 2 Feb., 1880; d. 15 Oct., 1884. 
viii Lula M., b. 5 May, 1882. 

511 EDWARD WARREN' CROWELL (Ann or Nancy" 
Root, Miriam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 
in Boston, Mass., 9 January, 1845, ^.nd died in Memphis, Tenn., 
29 November, 1888. He married in Memphis, 12 February, 1884, 
Sallie Paulina Cooper, born in Panla County, Miss., 24 June, 
1858, daughter of Honorable Lunsford P. and Paulina (Hender- 
son) Cooper of that city. 

Mr. Crowell was in the Confederate Army during the Civil 
War and, with his brother Henry, was confined in the Federal 
prison at Rock Island. He resided at Memphis, where his family 
still remain. 


i Edward C, b. in Bedford Co., Tenn., 9 Nov., 1886. 

512 SILAS BOARDMAN* ROOT (Jacob Spelman*, Mir- 
iam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Gran- 
ville, Mass., 21 July, 1850, and married in Canton, Mass., 23 
April, 1873, Henrietta Woodford, born 15 April, 1853, daughter 
of Lucien and Hannah Woodford. They were both living, in 
Granville, in 1907. 

Children : 

i Harry Austin, b. 16 Nov., 1874; m. in Southwick, 
Mass., 22 Dec, 1900, Clara Jones. 

807 ii Ethel Elnora, b. 10 May, 1876; m. Carl V. Beman. 


Sixth Generation 373 

iii Mabel Hannah, b. 16 Sept., 1878. 
iv Fannie Woodford, b. 9 Aug., 1883. 

513 CLARA MAY' ROOT (Jacob Spelman', Miriam* Spel- 
man, Stephen', Thomas", Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 
20 May, 1872, and married, 14 September, 1890, Harry Silvester 
Hartley of Brooklyn, N. Y., born 23 June, 1868. They live at 

Children, born in Granville : 

i Edwin Spelman Hartley, b. 17 May, 1891. 
ii Elizabeth Ellen Hartley, b. 6 Mar., 1896. 

514 EDWARD RANDOLPH' SIZER (Marinda' Root, 
Miriam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard*) was born in 
Ottawa, 111., 25 August, 1850, and married, 6 June, 1871, Eliza- 
beth C. Atkinson. 

Mr. Sizer was a pioneer in Nebraska, going there in 1874. 
His health failing during the winter of 1898, he went, in April, 
1899, to Cuba, where he improved so much that he decided to 
remain for a time. He returned for his daughter's wedding irt 
September, 1899, and then took back with him to Cuba his wife 
and youngest son. He now holds a position in the Custom House 
in Havana, Cuba. 
Children : 

i Maude, b. 10 Mar., 1872; d. i Nov., 1875. 
808 ii Edward Randolph, b. 26 June, 1875 ; m. Harriet Fish- 
iii Bessie Laura, b. 24 Dec, 1879; m., 6 Sept., 1899, Fred 

E. Hurd of Lincoln, Neb., where they live, 
iv William Atkinson, b. Lincoln, Neb., 17 Aug., 1883 ; m. 
in Ashland, Neb., 19 Sept., 1906, Edith W. Shedd, 
b. there, 4 Sept., 1884, daughter of Hibbard H. and 
Kate (Graves) Shedd of that place, 
v John Andrew, b. 30 Jan., 1888. 

515 FRANK LEONARD' SIZER (Marinda' Root, Mir- 
iam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard*) was born in Ottawa, 
111., 29 September, 1856, and married in Helena, Mont, 9 Sep- 
tember, 1885, Linda Pyle, born in Indianapolis, Ind., 28 Septem- 
ber, 1865, daughter of John Elliott and Margaret (Walker) Pyle. 

Mr. Sizer was educated in the University of Michigan, grad- 
uating as a Civil Engineer in 1878. He went immediately to 
Leadville, Colo., where he began the practice of his profession, 
mainly in mining engineering. From 1882 to 1883 he was Chief 
Clerk to the United States Surveyor-General for Montana ; 1883 
to 1885 was United States Deputy Mineral Surveyor for Mon- 
tana; 1886 to 1888, General Manager of the Empire Gold Mining 

374 Spelman Genealogy 

Company. 1889 to 1892 was spent in general practice as a mining 
engineer. In 1893 he was Chief of the Office of Irrigation In- 
quiry, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 1894 to 
1898 he spent in general practice; 1898 to 1902 was Mining 
Engineer for Senator Clark of Montana ; and since that date has 
been engaged as General Manager and Consulting Engineer for 
several large mining concerns throughout all that Western 

Children, born in Helena, Mont. : 

i Margaret Walker, b. 23 Sept., 1886. , 

ii Randolph Spelman, b. 3 May, 1889. 

iii Miriam, b. 2 Oct., 1892. 

iv Frank Milton, b. 17 Aug., 1894. 

V Mary Linda, b. 25 July, 1904. 

Samuel Buel*, Stephen", Thomas", Richard^) was born in Wads- 
worth, Ohio, 9 September, 1839, ^"d married, in 1864, John 
Davison Rockefeller, born in Richford, New York, the son of 
WilHam Avery and EHza (Davison) Rockefeller, 

Laura Celestia Spelman was taken by her parents as a child 
to Kent, Ohio, and later to Akron, Ohio. They eventually set- 
tled at Cleveland, and here she graduated from the Public 
Schools. Her education was finished at a boarding school in 
Worcester, Mass., and she then taught in the Public Schools of 
Cleveland for five years. 

After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller made their 
home in Cleveland until 1880, since which time it has been their 
custom to pass the winters in New York and the summers in 

Soon after her marriage, Mrs. Rockefeller transferred her 
membership from the Congregational to the Baptist Church, of 
which latter denomination her husband and all their children are 
members. During forty years she has been actively engaged in 
Sunday School and other religious work, and has been seldom 
absent from the weekly prayer meeting of her church, unless 
detained by illness. Years of experience have but deepened the 
loving confidence of her husband, her children, and her many 
friends, by all of whom she is cherished with tenderest affection, 
and with gratitude to the Giver of all good. 

John Davison Rockefeller received his education in the Pub- 
lic Schools. In 1853 he went to Cleveland, and was there a clerk 
in the commission house of Hewitt and Tuttle, becoming at the 
age of nineteen a partner in the firm of Clark and Rockefeller, 
commission merchants. This firm later engaged in the oil busi- 
ness, under the name of Andrews, Clark & Co., and in 1865, as 
Rockefeller & Co., built the Standard Oil works in Cleveland, 


Sixth Generation 375 

the firm in 1870 being consolidated with others into the Standard 
Oil Company. In 1882 the Standard Oil Trust was formed, but 
was dissolved in 1892. The various Standard Oil Companies are 
now operated separately, with Mr. Rockefeller nominally at the 
head of the entire business, though for some years he has taken 
no active part in the management. 

Mr. Rockefeller has amassed an immense fortune, and is 
probably the richest man in the world. He has given generously 
of his wealth to philanthropic and educational institutions. Those 
which have been the recipients of his largest benefactions are the 
General Education Board, to which he has given fifty-three 
million dollars, and the University of Chicago, to which his gifts 
aggregate upwards of twenty-one million dollars. His other 
benefactions have been very numerous, and, while no detailed 
statements as to their amount are available, it is conservatively 
estimated that they aggregate as much as his two principal gifts 
above mentioned. A recent application for a corporate charter, 
similar in form to that of the General Education Board, but 
broader in its purposes, indicates an intention to place other 
large sums at the service of humanity. One of the institutions 
created by him, which seems to offer great promise of service to 
mankind, is the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. 
There has already been discovered at this Institute a remedy 
for epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis, which has reduced the 
death rate from that disease from eighty per cent to twenty per 
cent. Other investigations are under way which seem likely to 
be productive of most beneficial results. 

Children : 

809 i Bessie Rockefeller, b. 23 Aug., 1866; m. Charles A. 

ii Alice Rockefeller, b. 14 July, 1869; d. 20 Aug., 1870. 

810 iii Alta Rockefeller, b. 12 April, 1871 ; m. E. Parmalee 


811 iv Edith Rockefeller, b. 31 Aug., 1872; m. Harold F. 


812 V John Davison Rockefeller, Junior, b. 29 Jan., 1874; 

m. Abby G. Aldrich. 

Melissa^ Spelman, Samuel Buel*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard') 
was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 22 January, 1835, and died there, 
6 July, 1887. He married (i), 3 October, 1863, Louisa A. 
Packer of Streetsboro, Ohio, who died in Rootstown, 2 August, 
1864. He married (2). i September, 1865, Mrs. Diodamia E. 
Lisk, born February, 1841, died in Ravenna, Ohio, 10 November, 
1873. He married (3) Ehza A. Norton, who died 4 June, 1897. 

In his early manhood. Captain Reed was a teacher, but gave 

376 Spelman Genealogy 

it up to study law. His studies were interrupted by the outbreak 
of the Civil War, and he enlisted in Company C, Seventh Ohio 
Volunteer Infantry, and at the time of the mustering out of the 
regiment, had risen to the rank of Captain. He lived in Roots- 
town, Ravenna, and Cleveland, Ohio. 
Child by first wife : 

813 i Louis A. Packer, b. 28 (18) July, 1864; m. Jennie S. 

Children by second wife, bom in Rootstown : 

814 ii Clarence, b. 11 Sept., 1866; m. Anna Wemick. 
iii Harry, b. 21 Oct., 1868. 

815 iv May, b. 8 July, 1870; m. John P. White. 

518 SILEY ROSETTE' REED (Laura Melissa' Spelman, 
Samuel Buel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 26 Sep- 
tember, 1836, and died in Rootstown, Ohio, 5 April, 1889. She 
married, 28 December, 1859, Henry M. Demming. Their home 
was in Rootstown. 

Children, all but last three known to have been born in 
Rootstown : 

i Laura Louise Demming, b. 26 May, 1861 ; unm. 

ii Buel Otis Demming, b. 17 Apr., 1863; d. 23 Sept., 

iii Minnie Rosetta Demming, b. 15 Oct., 1865 ; d. in 

Rootstown, Mar., 1899. 
iv Jesse Henry Demming, b. 23 Oct., 1866; d. Kansas, 

14 Sept., 1876. 
V May Ellen Demming, b. 14 July, 1868 ; unm. 
vi Otis Demming, b. 21 Nov., 1869; d. Kansas, 12 Sept., 

vii Kenneth Marshall Demming, b. Kansas, 20 Mar., 

1871 ; d. 4 Nov., 1874. 
viii Leo Cephas Demming, b. 23 Mar., 1874; a twin ; unm. 
ix Lucy Melissa Demming, b. 23 Mar., 1874; a twin; 
d. Rootstown, 29 Aug., 1877. 

816 X Henry Reed Demming, b. 16 Dec, 1880; m. Creta 


519 ELLEN MELISSA' REED (Laura Melissa* Spel- 
man, Samuel Buel*, Stephen*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
Rootstown, Ohio, 22 January, 1853, and married there, 27 Sep- 
tember, 1871, Stephen B. Parsons, born in that town, 12 Febru- 
ary, 1851. 

Children, born in Rootstown: 

i Fannie Reed Parsons, b. 19 July, 1874; m., 29 Nov., 
1906, Orton Bracket Yarian, b. in Randolph, Ohio, 
6 May, 1873. 

Sixth Generation 377 

817 ii John Strong Parsons, b. 25 Feb., 1877 ; m. Ida L, 

iii Arthur Otis Parsons, b. 21 Sept., 1881 ; m, in Roots- 
town, 4 Feb., 1906, Anna F. Holmes, b. in Cleve- 
land, 2 Dec, 1880. 

iv Charles Harvey Parsons, b. 9 Jan., 1884; unm. 

520 JOHN D.' SPELMAN (Jacob^ Samuel Buel*, Ste- 
phen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 14 November, 1844, and 
married, 5 August, 1865, Kitty Rowand. They reside in De- 
troit, Mich. 

Children : 

i Ada E., b. 25 Feb., 1867; d. 9 Mar., 1889. 
ii Delmar D., b. Bellefontaine, Ohio, 15 Sept., 1868; m., 
Springfield, Ohio, 14 Oct., 1896, Bertha Sharpless, b. 
Indianapolis, Ind., 16 Aug., 1869, daughter of Pen- 
nell and Hannah Sharpless ; no ch. They live in 
Detroit, where Mr. Spelman is a photographer. 

521 THOMAS E.* SPELMAN (Jacob', Samuel Buel*, Ste- 
phen*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born near Quincy, Ohio, in 1859, 
and married in Degraff, Ohio, in 1882, Caroline Engle, born in 
Mechanicsburg, Ohio, in 1861, daughter of J. G. and Harriet 
(Johnson) Engle. 

When Thomas E. Spelman was about three years old, his 
parents moved from Quincy to a farm near Lewistown, Ohio. 
Here he remained until he was twenty-one, when he moved to 
Degraff, where he learned the harness trade. The year after 
his marriage, in June, 1883, he returned to Quincy, Ohio, and 
started in the harness and shoe business, in which he has re- 
mained since. 

Children, born in Quincy : 
i Ralph, b. 1882. 

ii Louise, b. 1884. 

iii Fern, b. 1887. 

iv Roger, b. 1892. 

v Von Weber, b. 1895. 

vi Ruth, b. 1898. 

vii Katherine, b. 1900. 

Spelman, Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard*) was born in 
Charleston, Ind., i June, 1842, and died in Fort Conchio, Tex., 
9 Aug., 1883. He married in Vicksburg, Miss., 7 April, 1874, 
Mary L. Brown, daughter of George F. Brown. 

Lieutenant Shelby was brought up in Boonville, Ind., and 
Sterling, 111. He enlisted, at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in the Twen- 

378 Spelman Genealogy 

ty-fifth Iowa Infantry, 25 August, 1862, and was mustered out, 
31 May, 1865. He entered the service of the Treasury Depart- 
ment in Washington, D. C, remaining there a year and a half, 
meanwhile completing a business course at a night school. At 
the suggestion of General Logan, with whom he was somewhat 
of a favorite, he entered the Regular Army in July, 1867, joining 
the Third United States Infantry as Second Lieutenant. At the 
reorganization of the Army, in May, 1869, he was placed in the 
Sixteenth United States Infantry, and from i July, 1869, until 
his death in 1883, he held the rank of First Lieutenant. He was 
buried in Burlington, Iowa. He was a man of sterling Christian 
character, and from the time he first entered the Army until his 
marriage, when his younger brother was able to assume the 
charge he worked gladly for the support of his mother and the 
younger children. 
Children : 

i George Franklin, b. Baton Rouge, La., 26 Jan., 1875. 
ii Henry Isaac, b. Fort Riley, Kans., 16 Jan., 1879. 

523 IRENE MABEL' SHELBY (Mabef Spelman, Ohel*, 
Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Boonville, Ind., 5 Feb- 
ruary, 1847, ^^^ married in Eddyville, Iowa, 18 August, 1868, 
Albert Edmund Millspaugh, born in Hamilton County, Ohio, 7 
April, 1844, son of John Wells and Harriet (Armstrong) Mills- 

Mr. Millspaugh was a teacher in the public schools of Bur- 
lington, Iowa, where they resided for some years after their mar- 
riage, later moving to Winfield, Kans., where he took up the 
practice of law. He died in Winfield, Kan., 26 Sept., 1880, and 
was buried at Burlington, Iowa. His monument, overlooking 
the Mississippi River, stands near that of Lieutenant Isaac Ohel 
Shelby, the brother of Mrs. Millspaugh. 

Children, born in Burlington : 

818 i Shelby Edmund Millspaugh, b. 26 May, 1869; m, Jes- 

sie Burt. 

ii Stella Mabel Millspaugh, b. 26 July, 1870; d. Bur- 
lington, II Aug., 1871. 

iii Christmas Gift (Crissie) Millspaugh, b. 2y Dec, 1871 ; 
unm. ; a teacher in Burlington, 

819 iv Harriet Mabel Millspaugh, b. 18 Dec, 1873 ; m. 

Charles Lyon. 
V Grace E. Millspaugh, b. 2y Jan., 1877; m. Walter An- 
drew Riggs. 

524 HENRY GAYLORD' SHELBY (Mabel'' Spelman, 
Ohel', Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Boonville, Ind., 

Sixth Generation 379 

21 February, 1855, and married in Burlington, Iowa, 8 October, 
1894, Katherine H. H. Van Arnum of that city. 

Mr. Shelby resided for some )^ears in the home of his Spel- 
man grandparents at Boonville, and at the age of sixteen entered 
an insurance office in Burlington, Iowa. Later, he was in the 
employ of Mr. Crapo, a millionaire of that city, in the real estate 
business. He became general manager of the business, retaining 
that position until his health broke down, in 1895, when he re- 
tired from business. Mr. Crapo made him executor of his es- 
tate. He resides at Burlington with his family. 

Children : 

i Katherine Mabel, b. 10 Dec, 1896. 
ii Harold Van Arnum, b. 12 Jan., 1899. 

525 CHARLES AUBREY" SPELMAN (Thomas Clark', 
Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas", Richard^) was born in Boonville, Ind., 
30 August, 1850, and married in Leland, Kans., 26 April, 1893, 
Viola Warner, born in Warsaw, Ind., 25 June, 1859, daughter 
of Charles A. and Elizabeth (Hildman) Warner. He moved to 
Kansas in 1880. They reside on a farm in Morland, Kans. 

Children, last two born in Winfield, Kans. : 

i Phila Elizabeth, b. Hill City, Kans., 11 Apr., 1894. 
ii John Warner, b. 8 Aug., 1895. 
iii Charles Ohel, b. 17 Feb., 1900. 

526 RHODA" SPELMAN (Thomas Clark^ Ohel*, Ste- 
phen*, Thomas", Richard^) was born in Boonville, Ind., 6 Sep- 
tember, 1852, and died in Tarkio, Mo., ii September, 1898. She 
married in Hill City, Kans., 28 December, 1886, William H. 

Children : 

i Rebecca Rissler, b. 15 Oct., 1887. 
ii Neva Rissler, b. 12 Aug., 1894. 

beth" Spelman, Ohel*, Stephen\ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
Boonville, Ind., 4 March, 1854, and married in La Sueur, Minn., 
28 October, 1886, Laura Martha Richardson, born in Lexington, 
Minn., 14 February, 1858, daughter of Simeon L. and Charlotte 
D. Richardson. He was educated in Carlton College, Northfield, 
Minn., and was a teacher in White Bear, Minn. They live in 

Children, born in La Sueur, Minn. : 

i Gladys Ella, b. 10 Oct., 1887: d. St. Anthony's Park, 

Minn., 14 May, 1891. 
ii Shirley Richardson, b. 18 Feb., 1889. 
iii Harold Spelman, b. 23 Jime, 1890. 

380 Spelman Genealogy 

iv Qyde Meridith, b. 17 July, 1892. 

beth" Spelman, Ohel*, Stephen*, Thomas", Richard^) was born in 
Sterling, 111., 11 February, 1859, and married in St. Anthony's 
Park, Minn., 24 September, 1889, Zenos Seales Hemenway. They 
reside in Tacoma. She is very musical. 

Children, born in St. Anthony's Park, Minn. : 

i Benjamin Spelman Hemenway, b. 9 Sept., 1890. 
ii Ruth Hazel Hemenway, b. 8 Feb., 1893. 

529 ISAAC SHORT" RIGGS (Martha Amelia' Spelman, 
Ohel*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Boonville, Ind., 
II January, 1854, and died 15 February, 1903. He married (i), 
II March, 1874, Ella McWilliams, who died 11 April, 1880. He 
married (2), 22 July, 1880, Nannie M. McMahon. After his 
first marriage, he settled in Eddyville, Iowa, where he built up a 
good lumber business and became a prominent citizen. At his 
sudden death, in 1903, the event was pronounced "a public calam- 
ity." He had filled many positions of trust, and was City Treas- 
urer at the time of his death. His family continue to live at 

Children by first wife, bom in Eddyville : 

820 i Birdie Martha, b. 12 June, 1875 ; m. John Butcher. 

821 ii Walter Andrew, b. 6 Jan., 1877 '» "^- Grace E. Mills- 

Children by second wife : 
iii Clyde, b. 23 May, 1881. 
iv Mabel Lee, b. 25 Nov., i^ 
V Harrison, b. 20 Jan., iT 
vi Esther Jane, b. 15 June, 1891. 
vii Grace Isabella, b. 30 Jan., 1893. 

530 JAMES HERBERT RIGGS (Martha Amelia' Spel- 
man, Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Oakland 
Mills, Iowa, 25 November, 1858, and married in Grand Rapids, 
Mich., 25 July, 1889, Henrietta Kimball, born in Rochester, 111., 
4 March, 1858, daughter of Henry and Zilpha (Putnam) Kimball. 
He was editor of the Frontier in O'Neil, Neb., for a number of 
years, and is now editor of a paper in Waterloo, Neb. 

Children : 

i James Herbert, b. O'Neil, Neb., 3 Aug., 1890. 
ii Zilpha Martha, b. Randolph, Neb., 10 Sept., 1895. 
iii Marcia Louise, b. Fremont, Neb., 24 May, 1898. 

531 CORA ELLEN" RIGGS (Martha Amelia' Spelman, 
Ohel*, Stephen*, Thomas', Richard') was born 3 April, 1863, and 

Sixth Generation 381 

married, in 1885, Martin J. Meridith. They live in O'Neil, Neb. 
Children, born in O'Neil, Neb. : 

i Owen Riggs Meridith, b. 17 Dec, 1885; a student in 

the U."S. Military Academy at West Point, N. Y. 
ii Martha May Meridith, b. 29 Jan., 1887; d. 15 Aug., 

iii Lucille Meridith, b. 26 July, 1888. 
iv Ruth Meridith, b. 5 Sept., 1891. 
V Mabel Henrietta Meridith, b. 25 Aug., 1893. 
vi Cora Eva Meridith, b. 17 Aug., 1896. 

532 ERNEST STARR" RIGGS (Martha Amelia" Spel- 
man, Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 28 August, 
1865, and died 19 November, 1899. He married in Cleveland, 
Ohio, 22 December, 1890, Leonora Wagner. He was baptized 
in Eddyville, Iowa, at the golden wedding of his grandparents, 
Ohel and Lavinia (Clark) Spelman, by his uncle, Rev. Levi P. 
Spelman. He settled in Eddyville, where he became his father's 
partner in the flour milling business. He was prominent in 
Church circles, and a highly respected citizen. He was killed 
in an accident in 1899. 

Children : 

i Arthur Wildman, b. 29 Dec, 1891 ; a twin, 
ii Rae Andrew, b. 29 Dec, 1891 ; a twin, 
iii Harold Ernest, b. 28 Aug., 1894. 
iv Hazel Bella, b. 19 June, 1896. 

533 GEORGE DE WITT' RIGGS (Martha Amelia" Spel- 
man, Ohel*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born 17 September, 
1867, and married in O'Neil, Neb., 31 January, 1889, Nellie E. 
Beck. He was a printer by trade. In 1904 he moved to Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Children : 

i Helen Dale, b. 24 Nov., 1889. 
ii Lyman De Witt, b. 22 Feb., 1894. 
iii Andrew Way, b. 15 Mar., 1897. 

end Levi Parsons", Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas", Richard') was born 
in St. Clair, Mich., 18 March, 1865, and married (i) in Covert, 
Mich., 6 May, 1890, Mary Elizabeth Bostwick, born in Edinburg, 
Ohio, I December, 1866, daughter of George Clark and Lucretia 
(Bostwick) Bostwick. She died in Edgerton, Wis., 14 June, 

1899, and he married (2) in Three Oaks, Mich., 22 August, 

1900, Franc Allen Sheldon, born in Lawrence, Kans., 12 October, 
1867, daughter of Reverend James Blakesley and Sarah (Allen) 

382 Spelman Genealogy 

Mr. Spelman graduated in the classical course from Olivet 
College, Olivet, Mich., in the class of 1887, and from the Chicago 
Theological Seminary in the class of 1890. After about ten years' 
ministry, he spent a year in the latter college in post-graduate 
study. He resides in St. Clair, Mich., with his family, and is 
pastor of the church in which his father preached from 1863 to 
1867, and lives in the house in which he was born. 
Children by first wife : 

i Ohel Bostwick, b. Genoa Junction, Wis., 14 Mar., 1891. 
ii Clark Edmond, b. Angola, Ind., i Jan., 1893. 
iii Florence Lucretia, b. Red Cloud, Neb., 22 Dec, 1894. 
iv Frances Mary, b. Edgerton, Wis., 11 Dec, 1896. 
Children by second wife : 

V Henry William, b. Fairfield, Iowa, i Nov., 1903. 
vi Sheldon Levi, b. St. Qair, Mich., 16 Jan., 1906. 

535 HATTIE ST. CLAIR' SPELMAN (Reverend Levi 
Parsons^ Ohel*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Port- 
land, Mich., I October, 1867, and married in Leroy, Mich., 6 
September, 1888, William George Packard, born in Ganges, 
Mich., 30 October, 1863, son of William Oscar and Anna (Otto) 
Packard. She was educated in Olivet, Mich., and Oberlin, Ohio, 
perfecting herself especially in music, for which she showed 
much talent. After her marriage they lived first in Covert, Mich., 
whence they removed in a few years to South Haven, Mich., 
where they have an attractive home. Mr. Packard is a successful 
business man, and they are both well known in social circles. 

Children : 

i William Wells Packard, b. Covert, Mich., 23 Apr., 1890. 
ii Laurence Alfred Packard, b. South Haven, 7 Feb., 

536 JOHN ROBINSON' SPELMAN (Reverend Levi 
Parsons^ Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Port- 
land, Mich., 19 March, 1873, and married in Covert, Mich., 30 
November, 1899, Laura E. Leslie, born in that place, 13 June, 
1875, daughter of George W. and Ella (Shattuck) Leslie. He 
is engaged in the feed milling and lumber business in Covert, 

Children, born in Covert: 

i Mary Ella, b. 28 Jan., 1901 ; d. two days after, 
ii Leslie Pratt, b. 7 Mar., 1903. 

iii George Waldron, b. 27 July, 1906; d. 4 Oct. following, 
iv Lillian Theo, b. 13 Dec, 1907. 

Levi Parsons', Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard') was born in 

Sixth Generation 383 

Stanton, Mich., 19 July, 1878, and married in Covert, Mich., 2 
August, 1901, Harriet Beecher Chase, born in South Haven, 
Mich., 18 September. 1875, daughter of Augustus B. and JuHa 
(Moorehouse) Chase. 

After various moves to different places in Michigan, his 
parents bought a farm in Covert where Benjamin worked until 
he was twenty-one, with the exception of six months at Olivet 
College and two months in a business college in Kalamazoo, 
Mich. He clerked for a while for others, and then, in 1900, 
opened a small store in Covert, which, in five years, he built up 
into the largest store in the town. He owns a farm of one hun- 
dred and sixty acres in North Michigan, a twenty-acre fruit farm 
in Covert, and property in Cadillac, Mich. He moved recently 
to Kalkaska, 111. 

Children, born in Covert: 

i Benjamin Chase, b. 26 June, 1903 ; drowned in Covert, 

10 Apr., 1905. 
ii Willard Benjamin, b. 10 May, 1906. 

Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 17 September, 
1874, and married, i March, 1900, Martha Oaks of Oak Park, III 
His special delight is in music, and he possesses a deep baritone 
voice, which he has had in cultivation for ten years or more. He 
gives much time to this study, although also engaged in business. 

Child : 

i George Curtis, b. 20 June, 1903. 

Ohel*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard') was born in Owatonna, 
Minn., 23 August, 1876, and married, 3 May, 1902, James D. 
Archer. They live in Minneapolis. 

Child : 

i A son, b. in 1905. 

540 HYATT' COE (Benjamin Franklin", Luman Spelman*, 
Sarah' Spelman, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Granville, 
Mass., 13 July, 1843, ^"d married, i January, 1869, Mary Danly, 
born 22 December, 1850, daughter of Leander and Charlotte 
(McWithy) Danly of Bennington, N. Y. They reside in Attica, 
N. Y., where Mr. Coe is engaged in farming. 

Child : 
822 i Franklin, b. in Darien, N. Y., 4 Oct., 1871 ; m. Lillian 
Deborah Jewett. 

541 DWIGHT LOZINE' SPELMAN (Lyman', Daniel*, 
Eber', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Stafford, Conn., 29 May, 

384 Spelman Genealogy 

1834, and died there, 30 September, 1872. He married in Square 
Pond. 22 July, 1855, Harriet E. Stephenson, who died December, 
1870. They lived in Stafford. While out hunting one day, his 
gun exploded as he climbed a fence. He was so badly wounded he 
died from the effects seven days later. 
Children, born in Stafford : 

i Elizabeth L., b. i May, 1856 ; m. Charles Daniels. 

823 ii Ralph S., b. 15 May, 1859; m. 

824 iii Rosella E., b. 6 Mar., 1862; m. John L. Avery. 

iv Susan A., b. 8 Mar., 1865; m. George T. Crane; lives 

in Chaplin, Conn. 
V Merrill ; lives in Stafford. 

542 EMERY DAN' SPELMAN (Lyman^ Daniel', Eber*, 
Thomas^ Richard') was born in Stafford, Conn., 31 May, 1837, 
and died there, 26 February, 1888. He married in Stafford, 25 
October, 1858. Sarah S. Francis, born in that place October, 1834, 
daughter of William and Chloe (Eaton) Francis. Mr. Spelman 
was a carpenter, builder, and contractor in Stafford. 

Chiijdren, bom in Stafford : 

825 i Jennie Idella, b. 16 Nov., 1859; m. Charles Davis. 

826 ii Alonzo Dwight, b. 9 Aug., 1862 ; m. Eva A. Ferry. 

827 iii Arthur Francis, b. 20 Jan., 1868; m. Phoebe Irons. 

543 EMILY ANN' SPELMAN (Lyman", Daniel*, Eber*, 
Thomas^ Richard') was born in Stafford, Conn., 31 May, 1837, 
and married there, 29 March, 1858, Isaac Agard Hall, born in 
that place, 29 September, 1828, son of John and Pollie Hall. 
They live in Gilbert's Station, Iowa. 


828 i Emma Frances Hall, b. 11 Mar., i860; m. (i) Chester 

Q. Dunn ; m. (2) Elmer Keeney. 

544 JOSEPHINE' SPELMAN (Billings^ Daniel*, Eber*, 

Thomas", Richard') : married Little, who died before 1886. 

In 1884 she was living in New York' City. 


i A child, b. about 1874. 

545 JAMES' SPELMAN (Chauncey Franklin', Daniel*, 
Eber*, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Simsbury, Conn., in 1830, 
and married (i) in Granville, Mass., 1868, Jane Northway, who 

died 12 March, 1881. He married (2), , who died 10 

February, 1906, 

James Spelman enlisted in the Civil War in 1861, and again 
in 1865; was wounded four times in the legs, and once in the 

Sixth Generation 385 

left side. He reside? with his daughter, Mrs. Poehler, and is 
quite feeble in health. 

Children by first wife: 

i Etta May, b. about 1873; m. Poehler; lives in 

Woronoco, Mass. 
ii Emma Jane, b. about 1877. 

546 WILLIAM C SPELMAN (Chauncey Franklin", Dan- 
iel*, Eber', Thomas", Richard^) was born in Granby, Conn., and 
died in New York City from the efifects of escaping gas. He 
was one of General Sheridan's Staff Officers during the Civil 
War. He married, 4 March, 1865, Sophia Malissa Chandler, born 
8 March, 1841, daughter of Moses and Eliza (Forbes) Chandler. 
She died 16 December, 1876. 

Child : 

i William Edwin Chandler, b. 2 May, 1871 (1870) ; m. 
Mary O'Neal ; has ch. ; lives in Hartford, Conn. 

547 HENRY S.' SPELMAN (Chauncey Franklin^ Dan- 
iel*, Eber", Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Simsbury, Conn., in 
1852, and married there Lette Holden, born in New York City, 
I January, 1854. They lived in Tariffville, Conn. 

Children, born in Simsbury, Conn. : 

i L. A., b. 1878; m. in Cheshire, Conn., June, 1904, Mai 
Case, b. Avon, Conn., daughter of Mrs. Nettie Case 
of that place. They live in New Haven, Conn, 
ii Henry, b. 1882; lives at Tariffville; unm. 
iii J., b. 1884; lives in Tariffville. 
iv Wilburt, b. 1886; d. Simsbury, 1898. 
V G., b. 1888 ; lives at Tariffville. 
vi Edward, b. 1893 ; lives at Tariffville. 

548 ANNIE' SPELMAN (Chauncey Franklin', Daniel*, 
Eber', Thomlas^ Richard^) ; married Corey. 

Children : 

i John S. Corey ; lives in Granby, Conn, 
ii A daughter ; m. Clarence Veits ; lives in Hartford. 

Spelman, Daniel*, Eber\ Thomas', Richard^) was born in Chicko- 
pee Falls, Mass., 11 April, 1847, ^"d married in San Angelo, 
Tex., 9 March, 1879, Bertha Preusser, born 1857, daughter of 
Judge Preusser. They reside in Douglas, Ariz. 

Children : 

i Eva, b. San Angelo, Tex., 3 Mar., 1880; d. at Los 
Angeles, Cal., 6 Nov., 1903; m., 1895, R. J. Sadler; 
I ch., b. in 1902. 

386 Spelman Genealogy 

ii Ida, b. San Angelo, 9 Feb., 1882 ; m. in Bisbee, M\z., 

1895, M. J. Thomas ; i ch., b. 1902. 
iii Gladys, b. Lordsburg, N. M., 1887 ; unm. 
iv Charles, b. Deming, N. M., 1889 ; unm. 

Spelman, Daniel*, Eber^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Top- 
sham, Vt., 6 October, 1848, and died in Beaver Dam, Wis., 8 
September, 1879. She married, in 1867, Joseph Cadieu. He re- 
sides in Baraboo, Wis. 

Children : 

i Adah Cadieu, b. in 1870. 

ii Lura Cadieu ; m. Hagan ; has son, b. about 1897 ; 

lives in Baraboo. 
iii Maude Cadieu ; m. William Steckenbaur ; has son. 

man, Daniel*, Eber^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Barnet, Vt, 
21 April, 1852 or 1853, and married (i), in 1876, Lavina McCrea, 
who died in 1878. He married (2), in 1880, Hattie McGlashen. 
They live in Baraboo, Wis. 

Child by first wife : 

i A daughter, b. 20 Aug., 1877 I "^- Shortte ; resides 

in Milwaukee. 
Children by second wife : 

ii Roy, b. 3 June, 1882; m., 18 July, 1907, Leila Burn- 
ham ; lives in Chicago, 
iii Orriel, b. about 1889 ; unm. 

552 JAMES LEWIS' PHILBRICK (Adaline C Spel- 
man, Daniel*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Barnet, Vt., 
II August, 1854, and married in Austin, Minn., 22 December, 
1878, Susan Hawkins, born in Ohio, 27 October, i860, daughter 
of John and Sarah Hawkins. They reside in Rose Creek, Minn. 

Children, the first three born at Salem, S. D. : 
i Maude, b. 24 Oct., 1882; d. 11 Aug., 1900. 
ii Lura, b. 19 Feb., 1885 ; m., i Jan., 1906, Frank Scrip- 
ture ; they live in Austin, Minn, 
iii Sarah, b. 29 Jan., 1887; unm. 
iv Vincent, b. 15 Nov., 1892, in Rose Creek. 
V Milla, b. 6 May, 1895, in Rose Creek. 

553 EDWIN EUGENE' PHILBRICK (Adaline C." Spel- 
man, Daniel*, Eber", Thomas^ Richard") was born in Barnet, Vt., 
7 June, 1857, and died in Omaha, Neb., 26 May, 1904. He mar- 

i-ied (i) ^ who died. He married (2) Amelia Machelman, 

bom in Holstein, Germany, 29 June, 1892. 

Sixth Generation 387 

Children by first wife: 

i Anna ; m. Turpin ; lives in Omaha. 

ii Minnie; m. Hart; lives in Omaha. 

iii Jessie ; m. J. W. Carter ; lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa, 
iv William. 
Children by second wife, all born in Omaha: 
v Esther, b. 8 Dec, 1894. 
vi Edwin, b. 31 July, 1896. 
vii Antoinette, b. 14 Feb., 1900. 

Spelman, Danier, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Orford- 
ville, Wis., 17 April, i860, and married in Brodhead, Wis., 9 
March, 1879, Fremont Humphrey Heath, born in La Crosse, 
Wis., 7 July, 1856, son of Joel and Sophia Heath. They reside 
in Brodhead. 

Children, born in Brodhead : 

i Elmer Heath, b. 6 July, 1881 ; m., 18 Jan., 1905, Libbie 

Nicholson ; lives at Oregon, 111. 
ii Forrest Heath, b. 23 Aug., 1890. 
iii Mabel Heath, b. 25 Apr., 1895. 

555 LURA ETTA' PHILBRICK (Adaline C Spelman, 
Daniel*, Eber°, Thomas', Richard^) was born in Brodhead, Wis., 
30 March, 1866, and married in Juda, Wis., Ared White, born 
in Monroe, Wis., 6 December, 1858, son of Ared and Mary 
White. They live in Mason City, Iowa. 

Children, born in Mason City, Iowa: 

i Nellie White, b. 20 May, 1884; m., 27 Mar., 1903, 
James Arnold ; two ch., Grace Arlene and Alwyn 
Boyd Arnold ; lives in Mason City, 
ii Mary White, b. 25 Dec, 1886; m., 4 Sept., 1906, Wil- 
liam Arnold. 
iii Minnie White, b. 12 Feb., 1891. 
iv Ared White, a twin ; b. 27 Apr., 1894. 
v Harold White, a twin ; b. 27 Apr., 1894. 
vi Arthur White, b. 2 Nov., 1898. 
vii WilUs White, b. 14 Aug., 1903. 

556 MARY JANE* FENTON (Lucy Thrall' Spelman, 
Eber*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Moscow, N. Y., 
25 May, 1831, and married, 4 (8) December, 1849, Isaac Hamp- 
ton, born 20 April, 1820. They live in Ossian, N. Y. 

Children, born in Ossian, N. Y. : 

i Emma Jane Hampton, b. 5 Nov., 1850; m. in Ossian, 
22 July, 1886, Henry Cory don Hyde, b. there 23 

388 Spelman Genealogy 

July, 1849, son of Corydon and Ann Hyde ; no ch. ; 
lives in Ossian. 
ii Annie Delia Hampton, b. 10 Oct., 1852; m. in Ossian, 
10 Oct., 1882, George R. Hurlburt, b. Angelica, 
N. Y., 1852, son of Chauncey R. and Susana Hurl- 
burt ; no ch, ; lives in Johnson, Tenn. 

829 iii Isaac Fremont Hampton, b. 7 July, 1856; m. (i) 

Evelyn Welton ; m. (2) Anna Seymore. 

830 iv James Belmont Hampton, b. 22 Sept., 1858; m. Flor- 

ence Olp. 

831 v Cora Belle Hampton, b. 10 or 19 Apr., i860; m. 

William L. Hyde. 

832 vi Carrie Delia Hampton, b. 17 Mar., 1864; m. John 

or James M. Kennedy. 

833 vii Mary E. Hampton, b. 22 Mar., 1865 ; m. John M. 


834 viii Willis Herbert Hampton, b. 9 Sept., 1866 ; m. Minnie 

I. Blank. 

835 ix Nellie May Hampton, b. 23 Mar., 1872 ; m. John 


557 LUCIUS CHARLES' FENTON (Lucy Thrall' Spel- 
man, Eber*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Moscow, N. 
Y., 14 September, 1841, and married in Canaseraga, N. Y., 6 De- 
cember, 1864, Katherine Elizabeth McCartney, born in Mount 
Morris, N. Y., 4 November, 1840. 

Children : 

836 i Minnie Belle, b. 25 July, 1866; m. Wells Chittenden. 

837 ii James Merton, b. 13 Feb., 1868; m. Hattie M. Weeks. 

838 iii Sarah Adelaide, b. 3 Aug., 1869; m. Welcome C. 

iv Charles Henry, b. Ossian, N. Y., 12 July, 1873. 

558 SARAH ANNIE' FENTON (Lucy Thrall" Spelman, 
Eber*, Eber', Thomas", Richard') was born in Dansville, N. Y., 
13 June, 1846, and married (i) in Ossian, N. Y., 4 September, 
1879, Hugh Harrison Rolison, who died in Groveland, N. Y., 19 
April, 1886. She married (2) in Canaseraga, N. Y., 26 Novem- 
ber, 1901, Levi Carleton Pearce of Friendship, N. Y., born there, 
19 August, 1836, and died in that place, 4 May, 1906. 

Child by first husband : 

i Ralph Garfield Rolison, b. Canaseraga, 15 Oct., 1881 ; 

559 HELEN A." JENCKS (Jerusha Cady"^ Spelman, Eber*, 
Eber*, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Moscow, N. Y., 5 Sep- 
tember, 1837, and married in Waterford, N. Y., 2^ Septem.ber, 

Sixth Generation 389 

1858, William Monroe McCluer, born in Franklinville, N. Y., 
6 September, 1830, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Barber) 
McCluer. He died in Stillwater, Minn., 3 August, 1890. Mrs. 
McCluer is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion. She resides in Stillwater. 

i Charles Monroe McCluer, b. Stillwater, 5 Aug., 1859; 
d. there, 24 Oct., 1894; unm. ; was member of the 
Sons of the American Revolution. 

560 ANNA PHOEBE' SPELMAN (Oliver Wolcotf, 
Eber*, Eber^ Thomas", Richard^) was born in Williamsville, N. 
Y., 12 July, 1853, and married in Johnsburg, N. Y., 23 No- 
vember, 1875, Robert Hodgson, born there 20 August, 1851, son 
of Robert and Eleanor Hodgson. They live at Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Children, born in Johnsburg: 

i Oliver Hodgson, b. i Apr., 1886. 
ii Henry Hodgson, b. 29 Mar., 1891. 

561 OLIVER MARSH' SPELMAN (Oliver Wolcotf, 
Eber*, Eber', Thomas", Richard^) was born 17 October, 1854, and 
married, 8 June, 1887, Mary Isadore Coles, born 24 April, i86l. 
Resides in Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

i Harold James, b. 15 Mar., 1888. 
ii Edwin Bruce, b. 13 Feb., 1900. 

562 WILLIAM HENRY' SPELMAN (Oliver Wolcotf, 
Eber*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard') was born 11 July, 1856, and 

died 15 February, 1896. He married Minnie . They lived 

in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children, all residents of Buffalo : 
i Rose, 
ii Charles H. 
iii Oliver W. 
iv L. 

Six other ch. ; names unknown. 

563 ELIZABETH J.' BUGBEE (Abigail" Spelman, Apol- 
los*, Eber*, Thomas", Richard') was born in Wilbraham, Mass., 
26 February, 1834, and married in Tolland, Conn., November, 
1854, Henry Abbot Ashley, born there in 1830, son of Benjamin 
and Lovisa Ashley. He died in Ellington, Conn., in 1867. Mrs. 
Ashley resides in Hartford with her sister, Mrs. Pebbles. 

Children, born in Tolland : 

i Harriet Elizabeth Ashley, b. 4 Nov., 1858; d. 1876. 
ii Benjamin Alanson Ashley, b. 15 Dec, 1862; d. 1880. 

390 Spelman Genealogy 

564 ARTHUR TAPPAN' BUGBEE (Abigail' Spelman, 
Apollos*, Eber^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Tolland, Conn., 
6 October, 1846, and married in Springfield, Mass., 13 June, 
1869, Anna Dorset Drout of Lee, Mass., born there, 3 February, 
1847, daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth Drout. He is a railroad 

Child : 

i Mary Elizabeth, b. Enfield, Mass., 2 Apr., 1870; is a 
teacher in Springfield, 

565 WALTER T.' BUGBEE (Abigail' Spelman, Apollos*, 
Eber*, Thomas", Richard^) was born in Tolland, Conn., 20 May, 
1850, and married in Springfield, Mass., January, 1874, Flora J. 
Greenwood, born in Worcester, Mass., in 1854, daughter of Ap- 
pleton and Eliza (Wenzell) Greenwood. Mr. Bugbee is a mer- 
chant tailor in Springfield, Mass. 

Children, first three born in Waterbury, Conn. ; last two in 
Springfield, Mass. : 

i Walter T.. b. 1875 ; d. i Nov., 1878. 
ii Nellie Mabel, b. 1877 ; m. in Springfield, i Nov., 1899, 

Fred S. Carleton. 
iii Harry Greenwood, b. 1881 ; m. in New York, Jan., 

1906, Delia May Searles. 
iv Sadie Louise, b. 1883. 
V Alfred Van Ingen, b. 1892. 

566 JAMES MADISON' LORD (Sarah' Spelman, Apol- 
los*, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Stafford Springs, 
Conn,, 18 June, 1837, and married in Norwich, Conn., 19 Oc- 
tober, 1871, Hannah Whiton, bom in Stafford Sorings, 10 Sep- 
tember, 1845, daughter of Lucius and Almeda (Converse) 


i Kate Imogen, b. Stafford Springs, i Apr., 1882; grad- 
uated with degree of B. A, from Wellesley College, 

567 JANE ADELINE' LORD (Sarah' Spelman, Apollos*, 
Eber*, Thomas^ Richard') was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., 
6 October, 1839, and married in Palmer, Mass., 24 June, 1868, 
Henry C. McLaughlin, born in Neversink, N. Y., 5 November, 
1842, son of A. G. and Juliet (Dennison) McLaughlin. He 
died in Gloucester, Mass., 5 June, 1905. 

Child : 

i Imogen Lord McLaughlin, b. Stafford Springs, Conn., 
17 July, 1869, 

Sixth Generation 391 

568 LOUIS KOSSUTH' LORD (Sarah' Spelman, Apol- 
los*, Eber', Thomas", Richard") was born in Stafford Springs, 
Conn., 21 December, 1851, and married in Norwich, Conn., 29 
October, 1872, Mary Ann Ette Converse, born in Stafford Springs, 
5 August, 1853, daughter of Orrin and Mary Ette (Smith) Con- 
verse. They live in Parker, S. D. 


i Lou Ette, b. Stafford Springs, 22 Aug., 1880; d. New 
London. Conn., Aug., 1881. 

(Solomon Clark^ Apollos*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard") was born 
in Wilbraham, Mass., 3 December, 1843, ^^^ married in Spring- 
field, Mass., 4 October, 1871, Jennie H. Flagg, daughter of 
Charles W. Flagg of that city. 

Charles C. Spelman received his early education in the town 
school and the Munson Academy, and prepared for college at 
Williston Seminary. He entered Yale College in the Class of 
1867, and after graduating, took a full course in the Harvard 
Law School, continuing his studies with the Honorable E. H. 
Beach of Springfield, until he began the practice of law with the 
Honorable C. A. Winchester. He held the position of Clerk of 
the Springfield Police Court for thirteen years, at the same time 
continuing his practice. He was associated with the Honorable E. 
B. Maynard for some years. In 1887 Mr. Spelman was elected 
to the Legislature on the Democratic ticket, from a strong Re- 
publican District. He was placed on the Judiciary Committee, 
and the following year entered the Upper House as State Senator 
from the First Hampden District, serving with distinction on the 
Harbor and Land Committee and again on the Judiciary Com- 

Like his father. Solomon Clark Spelman, he takes much in- 
terest in Masonic affairs, being a member of Roswell Lee Lodge 
of Springfield, Morning Star Chapter, Springfield Commandery, 
all the Scottish Rites bodies, and the Consistory in Boston ; is an 
honorary member of the Supreme Council ; has been Past Master 
of the Lodge, head of the Council, Commander of the Com- 
mandery, and of the Scottish Rites ; and is a permanent member 
of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. He is also a Director of 
the Masonic Trust, an incorporator of the Masonic Hall Asso- 
ciation, and a prominent member of the Nayasset and Masonic 
Clubs. The family attend the Congregational Church, and reside 
on State Street, Springfield. 

Children, born in Springfield : 

i Charles Flagg, b. 30 Nov., 1873 ; m. in Springfield, 3 
Nov., 1903, Alice Helena Malley, b. there, 17 June, 

392 Spelman Genealogy 

1876, daughter of James and Mary (Connelly) Mal- 
ley ; is his father's law partner, 
ii Bessie M., b. 6 Oct., 1880; m. in Springfield, 20 Mar., 
1901, Edward M. West, b. in Ware, Mass., 11 Dec, 
1874, son of Marshall Otis and Mari Anita West. 

570 DELIA MORRIS' SPELMAN (Solomon Clark', 
Apollos*, Eber^ Thomas^ Richard') was born in Wilbraham, 
Mass., 6 October, 1847, ^^'^ married there, 8 June, 1870, Doctor 
George Tyler Ballard, born in Holland, Mass., 15 June, 1841, son 
of Squire J. and Frances A. Ballard. He died in July, 1907. 
They lived in Hampden, Mass. 

Children, born in Wilbraham: 

i Charles Spelman Ballard, b. 25 Apr., 1875 ; m. in 
Springfield, Mass., 31 Oct., 1901, Isabel Hitchcock, 
b. Palmer, Mass., 25 June, 1874, daughter of New- 
ton and Anna T. Hitchcock, 
ii Howard Thompson Ballard, b. 19 Dec, 1877. 

571 WILLIAM PATTEN' SPELMAN (Solomon Clark*, 
Apollos*, Eber', Thomas^, Richard') was born in Wilbraham, 
Mass., 26 October, 1868, and married (i) in Springfield, Mass., 
27 January, 1890, Catherine Porter, born in Fitchburg, Mass., 9 
December, 1868, daughter of Eugene C. and Susan (White) 
Porter. From her he obtained a divorce in South Dakota, and 
married there (2) Harriet B. Alden. Mr. Spelman has a fine 
voice, and was formerly a singer in the church in Springfield, 
where his second wife was the organist. They live in Meriden, 
Conn. ; his first wife living in Belchertown, Mass., with her two 

Children by first wife, born in Springfield : 
i Doris, b. 22 May, 1893. 

ii Clark Porter, b. 11 June, 1897. 
Children by second wife : 

iii Name unknown. 

iv Name unknown. 

572 MYRA E.° SPELMAN (Augustus', Apollos*, Eber*, 
Thomas^ Richard') was born in Tolland, Conn., 13 September, 
1848, and married Cnarles B. Gary, son of Levi and Sarah Gary. 
They live in Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Children, born in Stafford Springs: 
i Ethel S. Gary, b. 24 Oct., 1887. 
ii George J. Gary, b. 20 Apr., 1889. 

573 JONATHAN JOHNSON' ELLIS (Louisa Statira' 
Johnson, Statira* Spelman, Eber*, Thomas', Richard') was born 

Sixth Generation 393 

,^n Stafford, Conn., 18 July, 1827 (1828), and died in North 
Adams, Mass., 19 March, 1865. He married in Salem, Mass., 9 
j'uly, 1848, Frances H. Weldon, born in Valley Falls, R. I., 1831. 
Children : 

i Mary E., b. Salem, Mass., 1850; d. North Adams, 
1870; m. there Delus Clinch. 

839 ii Carrie Estel, b. 1852 ; m. John M. Thurber. 

574 LUCIUS AUGUSTUS" ELLIS (Louisa Statira' John- 
son, Statira* Spelman, Eber', Thomas\ Richard^) was born in 
Stafford, Conn., 3 November, 1829, and died in Friend, Neb., 18 
December, 1877. He married in Portsmouth, N. H., 17 March, 
1851, Carrie Cushman, born there, 21 August, 1833, who died in 
Friend, Neb., 2 February, 1879. They lived in North Adams, 
Mass., and later in Friend, Neb. 

Children : 

840 i Florence C, b. Nov., 1854; m. Orville G. Ellsworth. 

ii Lucius, b. North Adams, Julv, 1864; d. there Apr., 

iii Charles V., b. North Adams, Nov., 1866; is in the 

coffee business in Birmingham, Ala. 

575 SAMUEL JOHNSON" ELLIS (Louisa Statira" John- 
son, Statira* Spelman, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
East Granville, Mass., 30 November, 1832, and died in North 
Adams, Mass., 23 January, 1902. He married in Granville, 16 
March, 1856, Susan Berintha Rose, born there, 17 March, 1833, 
daughter of Salem Patrick and Laurilla (Graves) Rose of 
Granville. For a number of years he was in the grocery business 
with his brothers, Lucius and Andrew, and built up a large busi- 
ness and prospered. He was a member of the Universalist 
Church, and of the Knights of Pythias. He had a good memory, 
and was full of the reminiscences of North Adams for forty 
years, having lived there since 1865. 

Children, first three born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Wilson Cooley, b. 8 Mar., 1857 ; m. in North Adams, 
7 Mar., 1878, Annie R. Herrin, b. in Pittsfield, 
Mass., 6 Nov., 1856, daughter of William and Caro- 
line (Stoddard) Herrin; no ch. ; in wholesale dry 
goods business in North Adams. 
ii Emma Jane, b. 12 Mar., 1858; m. in North Adams, 
27 Dec, 1881, WilHam Silas Billings, b. Fitchburg, 
Mass., 13 July, 1851, son of Silas Billings; no ch. ; 
died North Adams, 8 Sept., 1886. 
iii Lucius Samuel, b. 23 Apr., i860; d. Granville, 23 
Aug., i860. 

394 Spelman Genealogy 

iv Samuel Arthur, b. 22 Dec, 1862 ; d. 2 Mar., 1875. 
V Justus, b. North Adams, 9 May, 1870; d. same day. 

576 MARY AUGUSTA' JOHNSON (Parsons^, Statira* 
Spelman, Eber^ Thomas". Richard^) was born in Coleraine, Mass., 
7 May, 1845, ^nd married in Beloit, Wis., 10 May, 1864, Theo- 
dore Baker Wells, born in Kingston, R. I., 2 February, 1840, son 
of Thomas C. Wells. They have resided in Chicago ever since 
their marriage, and Mrs. Wells has taken an active part in the 
social and philanthropic affairs of that city. She served as 
Treasurer on the Board of the Juvenile Court Commuttee when 
that was first organized. That and the Home of the Juvenile 
Court were the first Juvenile Court organizations in this coun- 
try, the work having now spread to almost every State in the 
Union. The results of this work in Chicago have been very 


i Edgar Sherman Wells, b. Beloit, Wis., 8 Dec, 1873; 
d. Chicago, i Jan., 1890. 

577 EDGAR McENDRA' JOHNSON (Parsons', Statira* 
Spelman. Eber", Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Bennington, 
Vt., 20 September, 1846, and died in Whitewater, Wis., 17 May, 
1898. He married in Beloit, Wis., 8 September, 1889, Harriet 
Stocking Keep. 

At the age of nine years, Edgar M. Johnson moved with 
his parents to Beloit, Wis., and attended the public schools there, 
starting his business career at the age of nineteen. By faithful- 
ness he became chief accountant of the Board of Public Works 
of Chicago. In 1878 he started a bank at Silverton, Colo., with 
his brother-in-law. Colonel Heffron. The enterprise prospered, 
but, desiring to give his family greater educational advantages, 
he moved to Whitewater, and started the Citizens' Bank, being 
its cashier for eight years. At the time of his death he had 
retired from active work in the bank, but was Vice-President of 
that and the National Bank. He was gifted as a public speaker, 
and for six years was a member of the Board of Regents of the 
State Normal School of Wisconsin. His wife and two children 
survive him. 

Children : 

i A daughter ; m. John E. Otterson ; lives in Newton, 

ii A son : name unknown. 

tira* Spelman, Eber^. Thomas^ Richard') was born in Union Vil- 
lage, N. Y., 16 July, 1850, and married in Beloit, Wis., 20 Octo- 

Sixth Generation 395 

ber, 1869, Colonel Henry Green Heffron, born in Oswego, N. Y., 
5 November, 1840. During the Civil War he was Colonel of 
the Seventy-ninth New York Highlanders, General Grant's 
Division. He served in twenty-eight regular engagements, includ- 
ing the first and last battles. They live in Los Angeles, Cal. 
Children, bom in Beloit, Wis. : 

i Coe Elizabeth Heffron, b. 5 Sept., 1870 ; d. Chicago, 30 
Nov., 1891 ; m. in Beloit, 17 Mar,, 1890, Elmer B. 
ii Harold Johnson Heffron, b. 10 Oct., 1884; a student in 
Leland Stanford University, Cal. 

579 APPLETON AVERY' DOWNER (Martha Emily' 
Spelman, Sylvester*, Eber^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Gran- 
ville, Ohio, 10 September. 185 1, and died in Columbus, Ohio, 23 
July, 1900. He married in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 16 October, 1879, 
Nora Maria Sperry. They resided in Lyndon, Kans., where he 
was in the banking business. 


i Edward Mott, b. Salina, Kans., 19 Mar., 1886. 

(Martha Emily'' Spelman, Sylvester*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born in Granville, Ohio, 12 September, 1853, and married 
in Paris, 111., 7 December, 1880, Charlotte Hardin. 

Judge Downer is a graduate of Dennison University, and of 
the Law School of Columbia College, New York City, Class of 
1876. He has served for twelve years as Judge in Boulder, Colo., 
where he resides. 

Children, born in Boulder, Colo. : 

i Edward Mott, b. 19 Nov., 1881 : d. Boulder, 22 Aug., 

ii Elizabeth, b. 21 Aug., 1884; a twin, 
iii Twin of Elizabeth, b. 21 Aug., 1884; d. 10 Sept., 1884, 

581 FRANCIS MOTT' DOWNER (Martha Emily" Spel- 
man, Sylvester*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Gran- 
ville, Ohio, 2 December, 1857. and married in Longmont, Colo., 
5 September, 1884, Mabel Fox. Mr. Downer is connected with 
the banking firm of Emerson and Buckingham, in Longmont, 
where he resides. 

Children, born in Longmont : 
i Mary, b. 9 June, 1885. 
ii Frank Fox, b. 6 Jan., 1887. 
iii George Spelman, b. 4 May, 1888. 
iv Ethel, b. 14 May, 1902. 

396 Spelman Genealogy 

582 CHARLES F.' HARWOOD (Francis A.\ Charlotte* 
Spelman, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Stafford, Conn., 
25 June. 1849, ^"^ married there, 15 October, 1874, Ella L, Pem- 
ber, born in Vernon, Conn., 7 May, 1848. They reside in Staf- 

Child : 

i Grace E., b. Stafford, 25 Jan., 1880. 

son*, Eber', Thomas^, Richard') was born in Otis, Mass., i Feb- 
ruary, 1866, and married in Middletown, Conn., 24 August, 
1898, Estella Franklin, born in Windham, Pa., 18 May, 1866, 
daughter of Burton B. and Sarah (Corbin) Franklin. They live 
in Somers, Conn. 

Children, last three born in Somers, Conn. : 

i John Franklin, b. Middletown, Conn., 14 June, 1899. 
ii Pauline Corbin, a twin, b. Brimfield, Mass., 3 Feb., 

iii Robert Harris, a twin, b. 3 Feb., 1901. 
iv Dorothy Estella, b. 24 Nov., 1903. 
V Frank Adelbert, b. 20 Apr., 1905. 
vi Ruth Margaret, b. 23 May, 1906. 

584 THOMAS" HAMILTON (Rhoda' Spelman, Rhoda*, 
Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Thompsonville, Conn., 
25 November, 1832, and married in Hartford, Conn., 21 May, 
1857, Agnes L. Gibson, born in Thompsonville, 8 January, 1834, 
daughter of David and Agnes (MacArthur) Gibson. They have 
lived in Hartford, with the exception of the years 1880 to 1885, 
which they spent in Boston. 

Child : 

841 i Minnie Genie, b. 6 June, 1861 ; m. Dr. Robert Barclay. 

585 MARY* HAMILTON (Rhoda'' Spelman, Rhoda*, Tim- 
othy*, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Tariffville, Conn., 19 
March, 1838, and married Thomas L. Mather, born in Hollin- 
wood, England, 8 February, 1832. They live in Cleveland, 

Children, born in Hartford, Conn.: 

i Alice M. Mather, b. 12 Sept., 1863 ; unm. ; lives in 

842 ii Helena Hamilton Mather, b. 26 Sept., 1864; m. Alex- 

ander V. H. Roemer. 

843 iii William H. H. Mather, b. 29 Aug., 1866; m. Lillian 

G. Cross. 

Sixth Generation 397 

586 MARGARET HAMILTON (Rhoda' Spelman, 
Rhoda*, Timoth3\ Thomas', Richard") was born in Thompson- 
ville, Conn., 14 July, 1850, and married in Hartford, Conn., 24 
December, 1873, John Y. Kenworthy, born in Tariffville, Conn., 
27 August, 1847, son of Thomas and Mary Kenworthy of Hart- 
ford. They live in Flushing, N. Y. 

Children, born and died in Hartford : 

i Clair Hamilton Kenworthy, b. 17 Dec, 1880; d. 10 

Aug., 1886. 
ii A son, b. 9 Mar., 1883 ; d. two days later. 

587 SARAH M.' KELLEY (Hugh Dennis^ Sarah* Spel- 
man, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard") ; married, 7 September, 1854, 
Lewis J. Hankins, and lives in Effingham, 111. 

Children : 

i James K. Hankins, b. 20 Sept. 1855 ; d. 29 Nov., 1899. 

ii Alfred S. Hankins, b. 18 Sept., 1857. 

iii William J. Hankins, b. 28 Dec, 1859. 

iv Sarah A. Hankins, b. 5 Sept., 1862. 

V Mary E. Hankins, b. 30 Nov., 1864. 

vi Martha C. Hankins, b. 19 Nov., 1867. 

vii George D. Hankins, b. 25 June, 1870. 

viii Estella A. Hankins, b. 12 July, 1873. 

ix Genetta M. Hankins, b. 7 May, 1876. 

X Charles P. Hankins, b. 29 Dec, 1878. 

xi Lola G. Hankins, b. 10 May, 1882. 

588 JOSEPH HUGH' SUTTON (Sarah Morilla" Kelley, 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard") ; married M. 

M , and died 14 January, 1893. They hved in Shelbyville, 


Child : 

i Lester H. ; m., and lives in West Baden, Ind. 

(Sarah Morilla^ Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy\ Thomas*, 
Richard") was born in Shelbyville, 111., 3 June, 1846, and died 
in Dexter, Me., 26 October, 1891. She married in Shelbyville, 
24 December, 1862, Gilman Sturtevant, born in Dexter, 19 April, 
1837, son of Nathan and Hannah Sturtevant. He died in Rox- 
bury, Mass., i October, 1903. 

Child : 
844 i Nellie Sturtevant, b. 28 Mar., 1868 : m. John Ganeau. 

590 JAMES LAFAYETTE" SUTTON (Sarah Morilla' 
Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^, Richard") was born 

398 Spelman Genealogy 

I March, 1848, and married, 17 March, 1872, Juliette I. Park. 
They live in Pleasant Plains, 111. 
Children : 

845 i Nellie, b. 3 Nov., 1874; m. Ernest Hilvety. 

846 ii Edna, b. 22 Sept., 1877; "^- Wallace Hensley. 

591 ELI D.' KELLEY (Timothy Milton', Sarah* Spelman, 
Timothy', Thomas^, Richard^) was born 26 November, 1832, and 
married, 9 February, 1854, Harriet Randall. They live at Shum- 
way, 111. 

Children : 

847 i William Randall, b. 19 Nov., 1854; m. Emma Mus- 


848 ii Milliard Milton, b. 25 Aug., 1856; m. Jennie E. Holt. 

849 iii Caroline Janett, b. 24 Oct., 1858 ; m. G. B. Whitacre. 

850 iv Effie Ann, b. 10 March, 1864 ; m. Frederick W. Miller. 

851 V Hattie Alice, b. 3 Nov., 1866; m. W. S. Adams. 

592 MARY ADELINE" KELLEY (Timothy Milton^ Sa- 
rah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^, Richard^) was born 22 No- 
vember, 1836, and died 10 August, 1905. She married, first, 
Jacob Devore ; second, in 1875, Thomas Devall. 

Children by first husband : 

852 i Dora Devore, b. 24 Jan., 1862 ; m. Robert J. Allen. 

853 ii lola Devore, b. 23 Sept., 1864; m. Andrew G. Ward. 

854 iii Eli Jacob Devore, b. 14 Dec, 1866; m. Elizabeth 

By second husband : 

855 iv Charles M. Devall, b. 28 June, 1879; m. Bertha Skin- 


593 HUGH SPELMAN* KELLEY (Timothy Milton^ Sa- 
rah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas*, Richard^) was born 26 Feb- 
ruary, 1840, and married, 2 January, 1866, Margaret Keating. 

Children : 

856 i Anna Elizabeth, b. 20 Oct., 1866; m. Festus Rosen- 

Maggie, b. 8 Feb., 1868 ; m. Mathew Hagen. 
Daisy, m. Michael Hogan. 
Charlotte, b. 1882; m. L. C. Warren. 
Flossie, b. 1886. 
Paul Chester, b. 1889. 
Six other ch. ; all d. ; names unknown. 

594 RHODA ELECTA' KELLEY (Timothy' Milton, Sa- 
rah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^, Richard^) was born 11 August, 
1845, and married, first, i October, 1863, William T. Parker; 









Sixth Generation 399 

second, 29 November, 1890, Oliver J. Crooks. They live in Shel- 
byville. 111. 

Children by first husband : 

860 i Elvira Comfort Parker, b. 20 July, 1864; m. T, J. 


861 ii Minnie Bell Parker, b. 29 Jan., 1869; m. George Hud- 


862 iii John William Parker, b. 22 July, 1876; m. Minnie 

iv Charles Henry Parker, a twin, b. 12 Sept., 1881. 

863 V Mary Elizabeth Parker, a twin, b. 12 Sept., 1881 ; m. 

(i) Frank Landers, (2) George Johnson. 

595 NANCY JANE' KELLEY (Timothy Milton^ Sa- 
rah* Spelman, Timothy\ Thomas^ Richard') was born 25 March, 
1848, and married, 17 February, 1867, Alexander Martin, They 
live in Blair, Neb. 

Children : 

i Elenor EHzabeth Martin, b. 19 June, 1868; d, 19 Apr. 

ii Cora Ann Martin, b. 8 March, 1870; lives in Blair, 
iii William Henry Martin, b. 2 Aug., 1873 ; d. 18 Nov., 

iv Ernest Manly Martin, b. 26 Nov., 1875. 
V Thomas Semon Martin, b. 31 Dec, 1878. 
vi Fred Alexander Martin, b. 13 May, 1880; m. 25 

April, 1906, Edna May Petrie. 
vii Mary lola Martin, b. 19 Dec, 1883 ; d. 20 June, 1884. 
viii Venia Winnefred Martin, b. ii June, 1886; d. 9 
Oct., 1895. 
ix Hugh Emory Martin, b. 2^ Feb., 1890. 

596 GEORGE MILTON" KELLEY (Timothy Milton', 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^, Thomas", Richard') was born 25 
December, 1849, ^^^ married (i) in 1871, Elizabeth Carter, (2) 
30 December, 1875, Sarah M. Walker. They live in Findlay, 111. 

Child by first wife : 

864 i Minnie C, b. 17 Feb., 1873 ; m. Charles Graven. 
By second wife : 

865 ii Lilly M., b. 16 Feb., 1877; m. John M. Growl, 
iii A son, b. Aug., 1878 ; d. same month. 

iv Joseph W.. b. 11 March, 1881 ; d. 11 Nov., 1881. 

866 V Timothy Milton, b. 6 Dec, 1882 ; m. Ruth B. Frazier. 
vi Charles, b. ii June, 1887; d. 26 March, 1889. 

597 WILLIAM HENRY' KELLEY (Timothy Milton', 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas", Richard') was born 2 Octo- 

400 Spelman Genealogy 

ber, 1851, and married, 25 January, 1881, Julia Belle Johnson. 
They live at Shumway, 111. 
Children : 

i Elmer Lorin, b. 16 Nov., 1881. 
ii Jessie May, b. 3 June, 1883. 
iii Mary Lenore, b. 8 April, 1887. 
iv A dau., b. 17 Jan., 1891 ; d. same day. 

V Henry Eli, b. 25 March, 1893. 
vi Ruby Julia, b. 30 July, 1897. 

598 CATHERINE E.° RUFFNER (Elvira Mindwell* 
Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 
18 July, 1840, and died 4 April, 1892. She married, 4 June, 1864, 
William D. Seymour. 

Children : 

867 i Elvira Jane Seymour, b. 24 Jan., 1865 ; m. William 

ii Walter Renick Seymour, b. 17 Oct., 1867. 

868 iii Kate Estelle Seymour, b. 19 March, 1870; m. U. S. 

iv WilHam Arthur Seymour, b. 4 Oct., 1872. 

V Mattie Ann Seymour, b. 28 Oct., 1874; d. 3 Jan., 

vi James Edwyn Seymour, b. 2 Oct., 1877. 
vii Felix Ray Seymour, b. 26 March, 1880. 

599 MARTIN J.' RUFFNER (Elvira Mindwell' Kelley, 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 27 
November, 1842. He married (i) 27 November, 1865, Maggie 
L. Fox; (2) 19 August, 1868, Helen V. Waters; and (3) 24 
May, 1893, Mattie A. Carroll. He lives in Greenup, 111. 

Children by second wife : 

i Charles Newman, b. 22 Sept., 1870; d. 31 March, 

869 ii Hugh Kellev, b. 18 Aug., 1872; m. Betta or Retta 

Hiram B., b. 23 Nov., 1874; m. America Rennels. 
Maggie M., b. 7 Nov., 1876 ; m. Doris Wilkinson. 
Maud A., b. 4 Jan., 1879; m. Charles Doty. 
Effiie A., b. 9 Sept., 1881 ; m. Blueford Higgins. 
Kate Irene, b. 9 Feb., 1884 ; d. 18 April, 1906. 
Rhoda Mabel, b. 9 Jan., 1886. 
Benjamin Harrison, b. 25 Sept., 1889. 
X Martin J., b. 22 Aug., 1891. 
Children by third wife : 

xi Orrel Wayne, b. 27 Oct., 1894. 












Sixth Generation 401 

600 HENRY HUGH' RUFFNER (Elvira Mindwell' Kel- 
ley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard') was born i 
May, 1847, ^nd married, 2^] September, 1877, Josephine Westall. 
They live in Vevay Park, 111. 


i Noah, b. 25 March, 1880. 

601 WALTER N.* RUFFNER (Elvira Mindwell' Kelley, 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') was born 20 Feb- 
ruary, 1853, and married, 10 July, 1881, Susan Rebecca Fox. 
They live in Greenup, 111. 

Children : 

i Eva, b. 24 Jan., 1883. 

ii Charles, b. 6 Jan., 1884. 

iii Maud, b. 24 May, 1885. 

iv Edwin, b. 10 May, 1888. 

V Bessie, b. 21 Nov., 1891. 

vi Lillie, b. 31 Dec, 1898. 

602 MINDWELL ELVIRA" KELLEY (John Spelman", 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard') was born 2 Jan- 
uary, 1846, and married, 24 June. 1866, Andrew Marshall Kirk- 
patrick. They live in La Harpe, Kans. 

Children : 

874 i Lilly Estelle Kirkpatrick, b. 10 Aug., 1867 ; m. Charles 

C. Slack, 
ii Marsia Ella Kirkpatrick, b. 11 Feb., 1869; d. 11 Aug., 

875 iii Joseph Spelman Kirkpatrick, b. 30 Sept., 1871 ; m. 

Lucind E. Hurst. 

876 iv Charles Edmond Kirkpatrick, b. 10 Jan., 1876; m. C. 

Anna Mclntyre. 

877 V Alta Maud Kirkpatrick, b. 20 June, 1879; m. Vinson 

W. Bruce. 

603 ELSIE MATILDA' KELLEY (John Spelman", Sa- 
rah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard') was born 22 Novem- 
ber, 1850, and married (i) 24 February, 1868, Samuel White, 
(2) 15 February, 1880, Samuel E. Johnson. They live in West 
Plains, Mo. 

Children by first husband : 

878 i lone Belle White, b. 4 March, 1869; m. (i) Louis L. 

Houck, (2) Edward Toller, (3) Albert B. Clark. 

879 ii Anna May White, b. 26 July, 1871 ; m. David B. 


880 iii Mary Alice White, b. 18 April, 1875 ; m. James J. 


402 Spelman Genealogy 

By second husband: 

iv Elsie Lovina Johnson, b. 9 Jan., 1881. 
V Emmert Eugene Johnson, b. 13 March, 1884. 
vi OHve Blanche Johnson, b. 7 Dec, il 

604 LOVINA ESTELLE' KELLEY (John Spelman^ Sa- 
rah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard") was born 6 July, 
1858, and married Thomas H. Trice. 

Children : 

i Chfford Trice. 

Two other ch. ; d. ; names unknown. 

605 GEORGE KELLEY" BLACK (Rhoda Electa' Kelley, 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Balti- 
more, Ohio, 4 March, 1856, and married (i) in Omaha, Neb., 2 
September, 1885, Laura Atkinson, born in Stoughton, Wis., 27 
November, 1854, daughter of J. W. and S. L. (Lindsay) Atkin- 
son. She died in Omaha 22 February, 1888, and he married (2) 
there, 24 April, 1895, Virginia A. Needham, born in Lancaster, 
N. Y., 15 January, 1853, daughter of C. P. and C. Z. (Peckham) 
Needham. They live at "Elmhurst," Black Lick, Ohio. 

Children by first wife: 

i Laura Sarah, b. Black Lick, 30 July, 1886; d. same 

ii Henry George, b. Omaha, 15 Feb., i{ 

606 ELIZA ANN' KELLEY (Orville Lummis', Sarah* 
Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard") was born 8 February, 
1846, and died about February, 1887. She married (i) 27 Sep- 
tember, 1863, Samuel W. Haney, (2) 12 March, 1871, Joseph P. 

Child by first husband : 

i J. L. Haney ; lives in Towerhill, 111. 
By second husband : 

Two sons and three daus. ; names unknown. 

607 FRANCIS HENRY' KELLEY (Orville Lummis*, 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Ef- 
fingham County, 111., 23 July, 1848, and married, 25 March, 1868, 
Phebe Y. Brown, born in Shelby County, 111., in 1852. They live 
in Avena, 111. 

Children : 

i Ida Almeda, b. 1869; m. 5 Sept., 1886, Lewis Hos- 

man ; nine ch. ; one d. 
ii Elizabeth Theresa, b. 1870; m. 25 July, 1904, Will P. 
Phelps ; two ch. 

Sixth Generation 403 

iii Mary Magdalene, b. 1872; m. 11 May, 1890, Charles 
Wesley Moon ; has one ch. 

iv Henry Clinton, b. 1874; m. 14 June, 1903, Maggie E. 
Townsend ; one ch. who d. 

V John Martin, b. 1877; m. 10 Oct,, 1902, Minnie Ash- 

vi Robert Vandever, b. 1880; m. ii Sept., 1899, Mollie 

Sparks ; two ch. 
vii Jessie Franklin, b. 1883. 

viii Ada Grace, b. 1886; m. 30 May, 1904, Enge Kuffle; 
one ch. 

ix Rosie Arthel, b. 1888; d. 1892. 

X Thomas Jefferson, b. 1891. 

xi Sarah Katherine, b. 1894. 

608 MILTON PRESLY' KELLEY (Orville Lummis', 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard^) was born 24 Jan- 
uary, 1850, and married, i January, 1871, Sarah Ellen Webb. 
They live at Mason, 111. 

Children : 

Eugene C, b. 8 March, 1872; m. Ora E. Donaldson. 
Erastus O., b. i Feb., 1874; m. Katie Francis. 
Mary E., b. 25 April, 1876; d. May, following. 
Leona Elvira, b. 22 Jan., 1878; m. 22 March, 1906, 

Peter J. Dierdorf ; lives in Terre Haute, Ind, 
Eurania Gertrude, b. 6 Nov., 1879 ; m. Roy M. Gives. 
Olivia I., b. 26 Sept., 1881. 
Alfred P., b. 7 Nov., 1883. 
Grover C, b. i June, 1886. 
Nellie E., b. 5 July, 1888. 
Jessie M., b. 30 Oct., 1890. 
Edgar E., b. 2 Nov., 1892. 
Raymond L., b. 18 Feb., 1895 ; d. 1900. 
Miriam L., b. 9 Nov., 1896. 

609 JOHN H. LUMMIS' KELLEY (Orville Lummis', 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') was born 29 Jan- 
uary, i860, and married, 29 March, 1879, Anna Caldwell. They 
live in Sorento, 111. 

Children : 

i W. L., b. 26 June, 1880. 

ii Mary Catherine, b. 24 Dec, 1882. 

iii Sylvester, b. 3 March, 1885. 

iv Sarah Ann, b. 30 March, 1887. 

v John H., b. 19 Aug., 1889. 

vi Rufus Clay, b. 24 Dec, 1891. 

















404 Spelman Genealogy 

610 HUGH ANDREW KELLEY (Samuel Sylvester", 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 5 June, 
1843, and married, 9 November, 187 1, Esther Crooks. They live 
in Shelbyville, 111. 

Children : 

i Charles, b. 18 Feb., 1873. 

884 ii Frank O., b. 26 Oct., 1874; m. Gertrude Smith. 
iii Estelle, b. i Jan., 1876; d. 19 Sept., 1877. 

iv Ellen, b. i Dec, 1878; m. (i) 3 June, 1894, Arthur 
Rouse, (2) 16 Jan.. 1906, Harry Stewart; lives in 
Danville, 111. 

885 v Bessie, b. 15 Feb., 1881 ; m. Wilburn Whitacre. 
vi Frederick, b. 21 Nov., 1884. 

vii Elmer, b. 15 Aug., 1887; d. 9 Aug., 1896. 
viii Clark, b. 23 Dec, 1890. 
ix Arthur, b. i March, 1893 ; d. 24 April, 1905. 

611 JOHN SPELMAN' KELLEY (Samuel Sylvester*, 
Sarah* Spelman. Timothy^, Thomas^ Richard^) was born 3 Au- 
gust, 1845, and married, 18 December, 1867, Mary Miller. They 
live in Shelbyville, 111. 

Children : 

886 i lone Belle, b. 4 July, 1870; m. George F. Myer. 

ii William Walter, b. 3 Oct., 1873; m. 10 Oct., 1901, 

Ada Phelps. 
iii Antoinette, b. 24 April, 1875; ^- ^7 Feb., 1877, 
iv Bessie Mandelia, b. 10 Dec, 1877 ; d. 25 Dec. follow- 

887 V Roy Lester, b. 10 Sept., 1878; m. Myrtle Austin. 

612 ORVILLE MERITE' KELLEY (Samuel Sylvester', 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 24 No- 
vember, 1 85 1. He married (i) 31 July, 1880, Eliza Heuson; 
(2) Mary E. Dannenbarger. He lives in Shelbyville, 111. 

Children bv first wife: 

i Orvilie Merite, b. 21 Nov., 1880; d. Sept., 1884. 
ii Homer Joseph, b. 27 April, 1884; d. 14 May, follow- 
By second wife : 

iii Chester Raymond, b. 27 May, 1886. 
iv Myrtle Anna, b. 26 Nov., 1888. 
V Bertha Ellen, b. 30 Sept., 1891 ; d. 25 July, 1901. 
vi Lydia Mae, b. 27 June, 1895. 
vii Marie, b. 24 Sept., 1899. 
viii Dora Lucille, b. 13 April, 1904. 

Sixth Generation 405 

613 SAMUEL MONROE' KELLEY (Samuel Sylvester', 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas', Richard") was born 9 April, 
1854, and died 6 July, 1884. He married in October, 1877, Ma- 
rada Alspaugh. 

Children : 

i Elvin, b. 24 July, 1878. 

888 ii Alta, b. 21 April, 1882 ; m. F. H. Edgar. 

614 WILLIAM MEDILL* KELLEY (Samuel Sylvester", 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard') was born 12 
March, 1857, and married Martha E. Reed. They live in La 
Harpe, Kans. 

Children : 

889 i Oscar Calvin, b. 29 June, 1878 ; m. Almeda Davis. 

890 ii Bertha Devilla, b. 13 Jan., 1880; m. M. Waddle. 

891 iii Samuel Andrew, b. 13 Jan., 1882; m. Lila King, 
iv Harry Edward, a twin, b. 4 Aug., 1883. 

V Harvey Joseph, a twin, b. 4 Aug., 1883. 

vi Roy Lester, b. 27 March, 1885 ; d. 17 April, 1886. 

vii Guy William, b. 31 Aug., 1888. 

viii Edith Almeda, b. 23 Aug., 1890; d. 10 Oct., 1895. 

ix Lilla A., b. 10 Dec, 1892 ; d. same day. 

X Ethel May, b. 30 July, 1895. 

xi Earl Bryan, b. 10 Dec, '1897. 

xii Nina Pearl, b. 2 Feb., 1899. 

xiii Ramon Earl, b. 19 May, 1901. 

xiv Nola Marie, b. 27 Dec, 1904. 

615 JOSEPH SOLOMON' KELLEY (Samuel Sylvester', 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas", Richard^) was born 12 Feb- 
ruary, 1862, and married, 24 December, 1885, Mary A. Tuttle. 
They live in Shelbyville. 111. 

Children : 

i Gertrude H., b. 19 Dec, 1886 ; m. 7 July, 1905, Henry 

ii Wilburn Cleveland, b. 6 June, 1888; d. 15 June, 1896. 
iii Homer Clarence, b. 26 Nov., 1889. 
iv Olive Ethel, b. 11 Nov., 1891 ; d. 23 Feb., 1894. 

V Elisha Reuben, b. 6 July, 1894. 

vi George Emerson, a twin, b. 3 Dec, 1896 ; d. 8 Jan., 

vii William Everett, a twin, b. 3 Dec, 1896; d. 6 Jan., 

viii Mary Dortha, b. 23 Feb., 1898. 

ix Harry Walter, b. 9 July, 1900. 

X Gladys Elizabeth, b. 4 Aug., 1902. 

xi Joseph Leroy, b. 15 Dec, 1904. 

4o6 Spelman Genealogy 

6i6 ISADOLA' SPELMAN (Thomas Herrick', Thomas 
Herrick*, Timothy', Thomas^, Richard*) was born in Fowler, 
Ohio, 9 February, 1841. She married in Warren, Ohio, 3 Sep- 
tember, 1867, James W. Benson, born in Vienna, Ohio, 31 Au- 
gust, 1834, son of Richard Benson of Wellsville, Ohio. He died 
in West Farmington, Ohio, 4 April, 1906. 
Children : 

i Frank E. Benson, b. Cortland, Ohio, 5 Jan., 1870 ; m. 
(i) in Parkman, Ohio, 31 Dec, 1894, Rose Owen, 
b. there, 1872, dau. of Horace Owen; m. (2) 
in Claridon, Ohio, 20 Aug., 1902, Mabel Adams, b. 
there, dau. of William Adams. 
ii Vema M. Benson, b. Fowler. 8 Oct., 1874; m. in 
Farmington, Ohio, 19 March, 1902, Perry White, 
b. Burton, Ohio, 10 April, 1876, son of Joseph 

617 WILLIAM WING' SPELMAN (George", Thomas 
Herrick*, Timothy', Thomas", Richard') was born near Alexan- 
dria, Ohio, 23 August, 1840. He married (i) in Granville, Ohio, 
23 October, 1862, Laura Ballou Wartenbe, born in Zanesville, 
Ohio, 18 July, 1839, daughter of Samuel and Lorinda (Ballou) 
Wartenbe. She died in Shirley, 111., 7 November, 1872, and he 
married (2) 12 April, 1883, Jane A. Griffith of Welsh Hills, 
Ohio, born 30 April, 1840. 

Mr. Spelman was educated in Dennison University. At the 
outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted, 3 September, 1861, in 
Company D, 22nd Ohio Volunteers. At the expiration of his 
term of service he returned home and taught school for several 
years, until failing health compelled him to retire. He is now 
engaged in fruit raising near Granville, Ohio. 

Children by first wife: 

892 i George Wartenbe, b. 15 Sept., 1863; m. Grace Wil- 

ii Lorinda Ballou, b. Washington, 111., 25 Sept., 1865 ; 

unm. ; lives in Qeveland. 
iii Alma Peters, b. Shirley, 111., 12 Feb., 1869; m. in 
Granville, Ohio, 27 July, 1899, William D. Kies of 
Norwalk, Ohio, b. in North Fairfield, Ohio, son of 
Day and Carrie Kies ; lives in Chicago. 

893 iv Garence Maywood, b. 22 April, 1871 ; m. Bessie Mc- 


618 MARY ELIZABETH* SPELMAN (George', Thomas 
Herrick*, Timothy*, Thomas", Richard') was born 23 November, 
1842, or 1845, ^"d married in Newark, Ohio, 10 October, 1865, 

Sixth Generation 407 

Israel Wilson, born 19 February, 1840. They live in Granville, 

Children : 

i Robert Lansing Wilson, b. Granville, Ohio, 30 July, 
j866; m. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 3 Sept., 1897, Mary 
Homes, b. in that city ; no ch. 

894 ii Ella Spelman Wilson, b. i July, 1868 ; m. Victor E. 


895 iii Jane Lovinia Wilson, b. 11 April, 1870; m. Frank D. 


896 iv Carrie Leona Wilson, b. 13 April, 1872: m. William 

G. Jones. 
V Hannah Canfield Wilson, b. 20 Dec, 1874; d. 4 Jan., 

vi Charles McMillan Wilson, b. 18 April, 1882; unm. 

619 SUSAN T.' SPELMAN (George", Thomas Herrick*, 
Timothy', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 26 June, 1850, and mar- 
ried in Alexandria, Ohio, 9 December, 1868, Howard M. Sedg- 
wick, who died 3 October, 1891. Mrs. Sedgwick lives with her 
children in Columbus, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Edgar C. Sedgwick. 
ii Ethel D. Sedgwick. 

620 GEORGIAN A' SPELMAN (George", Thomas Her- 
rick*, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Granville, Ohio, 
18 June, 1856, and married there, 12 October, 1881, Charles M. 
McMillan, born in Lafayette, Ind., 13 August, 1854. They live 
in Winterset, Iowa. 

Children, born in Winterset: 

i Hugh McMillan, b. 9 Feb., 1883. 
ii Ruth McMillan, b. 15 March, 1892. 

621 ELLA' MAWHOR (Miriam" Spelman, Thomas Her- 

rick*, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') married Beem, and 

lives in Black Lick, Ohio. 


i Howard Beem ; lives in Black Lick. 

622 FANNY" SMITH (Ann" Spelman, Thomas Herrick*, 
Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard') was bom 5 December, 1859, and 
married, 22 June, 1880, Asa Wells. They live in Columbus, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Clarence Arthur Wells, b. 29 Feb., 1884. 
ii Edith Alberta Wells, b. 22 Sept., 1887. 

4o8 Spelman Genealogy 

iii Howard Smith Wells, b. i Jan., 1890. 
iv Dorothy Helen Wells, b. 12 Jan., 1898. 

623 CORA CYNTHIA' SPELMAN (John B.", Timothy*, 
Timothy', Thomas", Richard^) was born 25 October, 1862, and 
died at Liberty, Mo., 27 June, 1897. She married Harry Morse, 
who died when their child was but a few months old. 


i Blanche Morse; d. before she was a year old. 

othy*, Timothy', Thomas', Richard^) was born 17 January, 1868, 
and married in Kansas City, Mo., in 1901, Bessie Martin. He is 
in the hay and grain commission business in Kansas City with his 

Child : 

i June Thelma, b. about 1902. 

othy*, Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born t.'] October, 1870, 
and married Henry Byars. They live in Omaha, Neb. 

Children : 

i Frances Byars, b. about 1895. 
ii Ruth Byars, b. about 1899. 
iii Naomi Byars, b. about 1902. 

626 HARRY F." SPELMAN (Lewis G.", Timothy*, Tim- 
othy*, Thomas*, Richard') was born near New Way, Ohio, i 
February, 1869, and died there, 22 August, 1906. He married in 
Alexandria, Ohio, 20 March, 1895, Myrtle Tatham, born 19 
March, 1877, daughter of Benjamin and Angle Tatham. 

Children : 

i Oleta, b. 15 Oct., 1897. 
ii Lewis, b. 3 June, 1901. 

627 URETTA' SPELMAN (Lewis G.*, Timothy, Tim- 
othy', Thomas*, Richard') was born in New Way, Ohio, 27 April, 
1870. She married there, 20 March, 1890, Ira Moran, born in 
Elizabethtown, Ohio, 17 September, 1868, son of Asbury and 
Nancy Moran. He died in New Way 29 July, 1900. Mrs. Moran 
lives in Liberty, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Dorothy Moran, b. New Way 6 Nov., 1889. 
ii Abbie Moran, b. near Granville, Ohio, 27 Dec, 1891 : 
d. near New Way 12 March, 1901. 

Sixth Generation 409 

628 JULIA' SPELMAN (Lewis G.\ Timothy*, Timothy*, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born near Newark, Ohio, 27 August, 
1871. She married there, i January, 1900, A. B. Gosnell, born 
near that place 17 July, 1870, son of Philander and Mary Gosnell. 
They live in Columbus, Ohio. 

Children, born in Columbus : 

i Walter Wayne Gosnell, b. 7 Dec, 1901 ; d. Columbus, 

19 July, 1902. 
ii Freda Lilian Gosnell, b. 12 Oct., 1803. 
iii Wendell Chase Gosnell, b. 23 Jan., 1906. 

629 MARY BELLA' WING (Thomas Ralph^ Electa* 
Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Columbus, 
Ohio, 26 July, 1855. She married there, 6 June, 1876, Charles 
Homer Loomis, born in New Haven, Conn., 18 October, 1850, 
son of Daniel and Asenath (Doolittle) Loomis. They reside in 
Medford, Mass., where Mrs. Loomis is a member of Sarah Brad- 
lee Fulton Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Children : 

i Arthur Thomas Loomis, b. Boston, Mass., 18 March, 
1877 ; unm. 
897 ii Grace Elizabeth Loomis, b. 3 Nov., 1880 ; m. Herbert 
F. Hatch, 
iii Harold Goldthwait Loomis, b. Medford, 9 July, 1885. 

630 CARRIE WING' BROWN (Sarah Louise' Wing, 
Electa* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio, 9 October, 1852, and married there, 11 December, 
1876, Thomas Carroll Hoover, born in Barnesville, Ohio, 6 Au- 
gust, 1849, son of Dr. Isaac and Sarah Ann Hoover. They live 
in Columbus. 

Children, born in Columbus : 

i Annie Louise Hoover, b. 7 Dec, 1877; m. in Colum- 
bus, II Dec, 1901, Charles H. McPherson, b. in 
Medford, Mass., 4 Dec, 1877, son of John and Eu- 
dora McPherson. 
ii Edna Brown Hoover, b. 10 Sept., 1879. 
iii Thomas Carroll Hoover, b. 27 Feb., 1886. 
iv Mary Evelyn Hoover, b. 28 Jan., 1888, 

631 FRANK NEWELL' BROWN (Sarah Louise' Wing, 
Electa* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio, 7 September, 1857, and married 17 April, , 

Mary Stokes, bom in Lebanon, Ohio. They live in Columbus. 

Children, born in Columbus : 

i Frank Newell, b. 24 Dec, 1887. 
ii Ruth Parshal, b. 10 Nov., 1892. 

410 Spelman Geneialogy 

632 WILLIAM FELL* BROWN (Sarah Louise* Wing, 
Electa* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard") was born in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio, 21 July, i860. He married in Chillicothe, Ohio, 10 
November, 1886, Marguerite Sexton, born in North Adams, 
Mass., daughter of Hiram J. and Jane Sexton. They live in 

Children, born in Columbus : 

i William Sexton, b. 4 Aug., 1887. 
ii Charles Wing, b. 20 Oct., 1896. 

633 JOHN BEALS' BROWN (Sarah Louise* Wing, 
Electa* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio, 8 January, 1864, and married there, 13 April, 1887, 
Osee Armstrong, born in that city 21 August, 1866, daughter of 
Eliott B. and Clara Armstrong. They live in Columbus. 

Children, born in Columbus : 

i Bessie Armstrong, b. 2 Oct., 1889. 
ii John Weller, b. 10 June, 1891. 

634 ALFRED AT WOOD' HARTLEY (Mary Elizabeth* 
Atwood, Marietta* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas", Richard") was 
born 23 or 25 February, 1856, and died in San Bernardino, Cal., 
30 or 31 July, 1886. He married in Lincoln, Neb., in 1877, Flora 
Alexander, daughter of David B. Alexander of Illinois. 

Children : 

i Lillie, b. 1881. 

ii Alexander, b. Aug., 1883. 

iii Frank, b. Aug., 1885. 

635 ANSON BROWN' HARTLEY (Mary Elizabeth' At- 
wood, Marietta* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard") was born 
in New York City 26 March, i860, and married in West Union, 
Neb., 6 March, 1884, Margie Dupray, born in Cummings County, 
Neb., I May, 1864. They live in Sargeant, Neb., where Mr. 
Hartley is in the feed and grain business. 

Children, first seven born in West Union, Neb. : 

i Carrie E., b. 21 Dec, 1884. 

ii Alfred A., b. 3 Sept., 1886. 

iii Mabel, b. 9 Sept., 1888, a twin, 

iv May, b. 9 Sept., 1888, a twin. 

V Bessie, b. 14 Nov., 1890. 

vi Earl, b. 27 Dec, 1892; d. 14 Feb., 1893. 

vii Evelyn S., b. 3 March, 1894. 

viii Grace E., b. 25 Sept., 1896. 

ix Elma B., b. 23 May, 1900. 

x Florence V., b. 12 Sept., 1903; d. 15 May, 1904. 

Sixth Generation 411 

636 HENRY HUGH' SYDENHAM (H. Electa' Atwood, 
Marietta* Spelman, Timothy", Thomas^ Richard') was born in 
Fort Kearney, Neb., 14 June, 1872, and married in Kearney, Neb., 
22 December, 1897, Ida Mae Bailey, born there 22 June, 1878, 
daughter of George A. and Ida G. Bailey. They live in Sacra- 
mento, Cal, 

Children, born in Kearney, Neb. : 

i Harold Gaslin, b. 30 Sept., 1898. 
ii Beatrice, b. 23 Sept., 1900. 

Marietta* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas*, Richard') was born in 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 25 October, 1867, and married in Sacra- 
mento, Cal., 25 October, 1888. George Daniel Poorman, born in 
Somerset, Ohio, 22 November, 1862, son of David and Rebecca 
(Boor) Poorman. They live in Sacramento. 

Children, born in Sacramento : 

i George Francis Poorman, b. 29 Sept., 1889. 
ii Rita Mary Poorman, b. 26 Dec, 1893. 

638 MINNIE SUE' ATWOOD (Thomas H.', Marietta* 
Spelman, Timothy'. Thomas", Richard') was born in Lincoln, 
Neb., 18 July, 1876, and married in Sacramento, Cal., 22 Octo- 
ber, 1904, Charles R. Pimley. They live in Sacramiento. 

Child : 

i Meta Alice Pimley, b. Sacramento t.^ Sept., 1905. 

Kasson, Polly* Tillotson, Martha* Spelman, Thomas^ Richard') 
was born in Colesville, N. Y., 24 October, 1838, and married in 
Galesburg, 111., 3 July, 187 1, James Peter Lee, born in Cincinnati, 
Ohio, 1819. He died in Corsicana, Texas, in 1894. Mrs. Lee re- 
sides in Denver, Colo. 

Children, first two born in Galesburg, 111. : 

i James William Lee, b. 1873 ; m. in Tehuacana, Tex., 

1902, Kate James, 
ii Bessie Mary Lee, b. 1875. 
iii George Herbert Lee, b. Northern Texas, 1877. 

640 EDITH CORDELIA' COWDREY (Mary Clarinda* 
Kasson, Polly* Tillotson, Martha' Spelman, Thomas^ Richard') 
was born in Colesville, N. Y., 5 May, 1847, ^^^ married in 
Greene, N. Y., 27 September, 1865, Wylie Salisbury, bom there 
24 October, 1841, son of Hale Salisbury. They live in Bing- 
hampton, N. Y. 

Children : 

i Mattie M. Salisbury, b. Greene, 19 Sept., 1866; m. in 

412 Spelman Genealogy 

Binghampton, Dec, 1887, Harvey Sherwood, b. 
West Windsor, N. Y., Jan., 1865, son of Theodore 
Sherwood ; no ch. 
898 ii Eva Mabel Salisbury, b. 9 April, 1874 ; m. Herbert 
iii Grace L. Salisbury, b. Greene 21 Jan., 1879. 

641 SARA DESDEMONA' COWDREY (Mary Clarinda' 
Kasson, Polly* Tillotson, Martha^ Spelman, Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born in Colesville, N. Y., 7 December, 175 1. She married in 
Afton, N. Y., 17 November, 1870. Richard A. Van Deusen, bom 
in Guilford, N. Y., 21 January, 1846, who died in Waverly, N. 
Y., 22 July, . Mrs. Van Deusen lives in Syracuse, N. Y. 

Children, first two born in Waverly: 

i Frances Mary Van Deusen, b. 5 Feb., 1872. 
ii George Kasson Van Deusen, b. 8 Feb., 1878. 
iii Sara Gertrude Van Deusen, b. Horse Heads, N. Y., 
24 May, 1883 ; m. in Waverly, N. Y., 3 Aug., 1904, 
Frank M. Hartman. 

642 JOHN' WHITHAM (Caroline AmeHa' Rowe, Polly* 
Tillotson, Martha* Spelman, Thomas', Richard^) was born in Os- 
borne Hollow, N. Y., 5 February, 1847, ^^id married in Scales 
Mound, 111., 8 December, 1872, Alzina Matson, born there in 
1850, daughter of John and Sarah Matson. They live in War- 
ren, 111. 

Children, born in Warren : 

i Myron Elwin, b. 30 Oct.. 1873 ; m. in Chicago 30 June, 
1901, Irma D. McCoy; is a mechanical engineer and 
lives in Rochester, N. Y. 
ii Josie Lovina, b. 10 Sept., 1882 ; d. Warren, 111., in in- 
iii Sarah Caroline, b. 24 May, 1883 ; d. Warren, 111., in 

Amelia" Rowe, Polly* Tillotson, Martha* Spelman, Thomas', Rich- 
ard^) was bom in Osborne Hollow, N. Y., 18 June, 1849. ^^ 
married (i) in Spring Creek, Neb., 31 December, 1876, Sophia 
Hayden, born in Kentucky, 25 December, 1856, daughter of A. J. 
and Sophia (Reid) Hayden. She died in Spring Creek 2 March 
1886, and he married (2) in that place. 17 July, 1887, Rella 
Mavity, born in Atchison County, Mo., 23 September, 1866, 
daughter of Joseph and Evelyn (York) Mavity. 

Mr. Whitham moved with his parents to Warren, 111., in 
childhood, and to Johnson County, Neb., in 1873. He was elected 

Sixth Generation 413 

County Commissioner in 1884, and Representative to the State 
Legislature in 1904 and 1906. 

Children, by first wife, born in Cook, Neb. : 
i Caroline, b. 2y April, 1878. 
ii Hattie, b. 28 Oct., 1880. 
iii Ella, b. 22 July, 1882. 
iv Jessie, b. 18 June, 1884. 

V Sophia, b. 2 March, 1886. 
By second wife : 

vi Jay Mavity, b. i May, 1888. 

vii Elmer, b. i Oct., 1890. 

viii Florence Estelle, b. f June, 1893. 

ix Everett Elbert, b. 19 Feb., 1898. 

X Josie Evelyn, b. 19 Dec, 1900. 

xi Raymond Arthur, b. 18 Dec, 1905; d. ii Feb., 1906. 

Amelia" Rowe, Polly* Tillotson, Martha' Spelman, Thomas^, Rich- 
ard^) was born in Osborne Hollow, N. Y., 12 November, 1851, 
and married, 9 January, 1877, Bradford Clarke Allen of Ne- 
braska, born in New York State, a descendant of Governor Brad- 
ford of "Mayflower" fame. Mr. Allen died in March, 1907, and 
Mrs. Allen lives with her children on her farm, ten miles from 
Fremont, Neb. 

Children : 

i Dwight Clarke Allen, b. 30 Oct., 1877; m. and lives 

near Fremont. 
ii Roy Rowe Allen, b. 24 March, 1879. 
iii Susie Gertrude Allen, b. 13 March, 1881. 
iv Myron John Allen, a twin, b. 6 Dec, 1883. 

V Mabel Grace Allen, b. 6 Dec, 1883. 
vi Molly DeEtte Allen, b. Jan., 1885. 

vii Henry Allen, b. 1887. 
viii Leverett Allen, b. 1890. 

(Caroline Amelia^ Rowe, Polly* Tillotson, Martha' Spelman, 
Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Warren, 111., 24 August, 1858. 
He married in St. Paul's Parish, Calvert County, Md., 17 July, 
1884, Rebekah Emmet Dashiell of Annapolis, Md.. born in Balti- 
more, Md., 19 November, 1862, daughter of the Rev, Dr. Julius 
Mathias and Mary (Voss) Dashiell. 

Mr. Whitham entered the U. S. Naval Academy at An- 
napolis in 1877, graduating in 1881. He cruised on the U. S. SS. 
Qulnnehaug and Galna in Mediterranean and South American 
waters until 1883, when he was commissioned by President Ar- 
thur and assigned as a teacher of Engineering at Annapolis. He 

414 Spelman Genealogy 

resigried from the Navy in February, 1886, and took the Chair of 
Engineering in the State University of Arkansas, and continued 
in that position until 1891, when he located in Philadelphia, and 
established himself as Consulting Engineer in matters relating to 
steam and hydraulics. He is the author of "Constructive Steam 
Engineering," "Steam Engine Design," and other works of a 
similar character. He is a member of the American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers ; American Society of Naval Engineers ; 
American Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers ; 
and the New England Water Works Association. 

Children, all but second born in Fayetteville, Ark. : 

i Jay Dashiell, b. 19 Dec, 1885 ' studying medicine in 

the University of Pennsylvania, 
ii Lloyd Bankson, b. Mechanicsville, Md., 27 July, 1887; 

a student in the University of Virginia. 
iii Eleanor Homassel, b. 25 Feb., 1889. 
iv Margaret Vaulx, b. 20 Dec, 1890. 

646 ALBERT' MORSE (Albert', Samuel* Spelman, Mary* 
Spelman, SamueF, Richard^) was born in Vienna, N. Y., 13 July, 
1843, ^"d married there, 13 January, 1869, Annie S. Cole, born 
in that town 7 October, 1849, daughter of Thomas and Ann 
(Audas) Cole of that place. 

899 i Harry A., b. 7 Oct., 1873 ; m, Emma E. Sixbery. 



Robinson, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy^ Spelman, Richard", Rich- 
ard^) was born 8 March, 1829, and died in New Haven, Conn., 8 
January, 1874 ; married in Dubuque, la., Mrs. Marion Hall. Mr. 
Blatchley graduated from Yale College in 1850, and practised 
law in Dubuque, San Francisco, and New Haven. 

Children : 

i Margery, 

Nine other children, names unknown ; not living. 

Robinson, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy^ Spelman, Richard", Rich- 
ard^) was born in North Madison, Conn., 23 April, 1830; mar- 
ried in New Haven, Conn., in 1856, Rev. Horace Carter Hovey, 
D.D., born in Rob Roy, Ind., son of Edmund Otis and Mary 
(Carter) Hovey. His father was formerly trustee and treasurer 
of Wabash College. Mrs. Hovey was educated in the schools 
of New Haven, where she taught for a time, later becoming a 
teacher in the Woodward and Hughes High Schools of Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, until her marriage. She and her husband have re- 
sided in various localities in the East and West, where he held 
pastorates. He is now minister of the First Presbyterian Church 
of Newburyport, Mass., having been installed there for four- 
teen years, a congregation originally gathered together by George 
Whitefield, whose bones repose in the crypt, and in the aisles of 
which church was enrolled the first company of regular volunteers 
who enlisted in the Continental Army. Dr. Hovey, at the age of 
nine, discovered the myriads of crinoids in the deposits of Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., which since have been sent to all the leading mu- 
seums of Europe and America. In 1854 he explored the caverns of 
southern Indiana, especially the famous Wyandotte Cave, and is a 
recognized authority on the geological formation of caverns and 
grottos, having examined many in this and other countries, and 
in 1897 having joined exploration parties in the mountains of 
France, Russia, and Siberia. He is the author of "Celebrated 
American Caverns," "Guidebook to Mammoth Cave." and "Mam- 
moth Cave Illustrated," and has contributed two articles on cav- 
erns to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He is a member of the Na- 
tional Geographical Society, the Inter-National Geological Con- 


4i8 Spelman Genealogy 

gress, and the Societe of Speleogie, of Paris, France. Mrs. 
Hovey is a Daughter of the American Revolution, and has been 
for many years president of the Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation of Newburyport. 
Children : 

i Helen Carter Hovey, b. in Madison, Ind., 4 Jan., 
1859; m. in Anniston, Ala., 6 April, 1890, Rev. 
Henry Field Ellinwood, b. in East Pembroke, N. 
Y., son of Henry Parsons and Helen (Allen) El- 
linwood. They live in Medina, N. Y. ; no ch. Mrs, 
Ellinwood is a musician. 

900 ii Edmund Otis Hovey, b. in New Haven, 15 Sept., 

1862; m. Esther Amanda Lancraft. 
iii Samuel Blatchley Hovey, b. in Florence, Mass., 29 
Aug., 1864; d. in Peoria, 111., 8 Aug., 1869. 

901 iv Qara Louise Hovey, b. 27 Nov., 1872 ; m. Rev. Royal 

W. Raymond. 

Robinson, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy* Spelman, Richard", Rich- 
ard*) was bom in North Madison, Conn., 13 June, 1835, and died 
in New Haven, Conn., 19 June, 1892. She married in New 
Haven, 18 November, 1856, Alexander Emery. 

Children : 

i Jacob Emery, 

ii Mary S. Emery, 

iii Alice Susan Emery ; unmarried, 

iv Charles A. Emery ; married and has ch. 

v Louise Emery. 

vi Elizabeth Emery. 

vii Helen Emery. 

viii Joel Emery, 

ix Samuel W. Emery ; married and has ch. 

Robinson, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Rich- 
ard*) was bom in North Madison, Conn., 28 July, 1841, and died 
in New Haven, Conn., 5 March, 1887 ; married in Hogansburg, 
N. Y., 27 November, 1863, Susannah Emery. Mr. Blatchley 
graduated from Yale College in 1863. He was a lawyer. 

Children : 

i Catherine E. 

ii Mary Nancy, 

iii Susan L. 

iv' Charles C. 

V Jacob Emery, 

vi Samuel L. 

Seventh Generation 419 

vii Alice, 
viii William Joel, 
ix Charles Alexander. 

651 EDGAR TIMOTHY^ ELLIOT (Hannah* Robinson, 
Ebenezer', Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was 
bom in Durham, Conn., i July, 1840, and died there 13 Novem- 
ber, 1897; married in Durham, 23 April, 1861, Mrs. Isadore 
(Woodruf) Johnson, born in Columbia, S. C, 17 December, 
1837. His w^idow lives in Durham. 

Child : 

902 i Margery Byington, b. 28 Sept., 1872 ; m. John B. 


652 LOUISE HILU PARSONS (Sarah* Robinson, Eben- 
ezer'', Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was born in 
Durham, Conn., 3 May, 1846. She married in Durham, 3 May, 
1866, Lucius Hubbard Foote, born there 29 December, 1844, son 
of Lucius and Lois (Hubbard) Foote of that place. 

Children, born in Durham, Conn. : 

903 i Martha Thayer Foote, bom 10 April, 1868; m. Ben- 

jamin J. Maltby. 

904 ii Alice Parsons Foote, b. 18 Sept., 1878; m. Albert W. 


653 ELEANOR' HUSE (Rachel R.' Robinson, Moses', 
Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) married, first, her 
cousin, John Wisner Huse of Winchester, Mass. After his death 
she married, second, as his second wife, Henry Pynchon Robin- 
son of Guilford, Conn. 

Children by first husband, born in Winchester, Mass. : 

i Frederick Robinson Huse, b. 6 Oct., 1868; m. Miss 

Oldham of Flatbush, L. I. 
ii Mabel Electa Huse, b. 9 Jan., 1871 ; m. in Duxbury, 
Mass., 6 Aug., 1907, Howard Hastings Carrol ; re- 
sides in Concord, N. H. 

vira* Robinson, Israer, James*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Rich- 
ard^) was born in Hartford, N. J., 23 January, 1874. She mar- 
ried there, 22 February, 1897, Levi Lippencott Dudley, bom in 
Fellowship, N. Y., 3 May, 1870, son of Clayton Haines and Anna 
(Roberts) Dudley. They live in Hartford. 

Children, born in Hartford, N. J. : 

i Marianna Dudley, b. 12 Dec, 1897. 
ii Ida Robinson Dudley, b. 7 March, 1900. 
iii Helen Emma Dudley, b. 2 Dec, 1901. 

420 Spelman Genealogy 

655 SARAH CORNELIA' STARR (Sarah Robinson* 
Benton, Sarah" Robinson, Content*, Amy' Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard^) was bom in Mendon, 111., 2 November, 1837. She mar- 
ried in that place, 20 April, 1865, Walter Reynolds Kingsbury, 
born in Andover, Conn., 25 December, 1832, son of Joseph and 
Amelia Kingsbury. They live in Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Children, born in Chicago, 111. : 

i Elizabeth Kingsbury, b. 5 June, 1866; d. in Chicago, 

21 July, 1866. 
ii Walter Starr Kingsbury, b. 18 Nov., 1869; d. in 

Makinac Island, 6 Aug., 1870. 
iii Helen Louise Kingsbury, b. i May, 1872; unmarried, 
iv Howard Lyman Kingsbury, b. 11 Aug., 1874; un- 

inson' Benton, Sarah^ Robinson, Content*, Amy' Spelman, Rich- 
ard^ Richard^) was born in Mendon, 111., 28 April, 1840; married 
in that place, 16 October, 1859, Moses Josiah Fitch, born in New 
Bedford, Mass., 24 August, 1834, son of Joel and Susannah 
Fitch. In 1852 Mr. Fitch removed to Chicago, 111., where he is 
now engaged in the wholesale paper business. 

Children : 

i Alfred Lyon Fitch, b. in Fowler, 111., 30 June, 1862; 
m. in North Easton, Mass., 4 Sept., 1889, Mary 
Eliza Foy, b. in Gardiner, Me., 19 April, 1863, 
daughter of John and Sarah (Earl) Foy; no ch. 
905 ii Jessie Caroline Fitch, b. 30 Dec, 1865 ; m. Alfred B. 
iii Walter Robinson Fitch, b. in Chicago, 26 Oct., 1870; 
d. there 19 April, 1877. 

657 RICHARD BURGIS' STARR (Sarah Robinson* 
Benton, Sarah" Robinson, Content*, Amy' Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard^) was born in Mendon, 111., 25 June, 1842 ; married in 
Urbana, 111., 9 November, 1871, Elizabeth Althea Taylor, bom 
in Dayton, Ohio, 31 January, 1848, daughter of Robinson Reese 
and Belinda Taylor of Urbana. Mr. and Mrs. Starr reside in 

Children, born in Mendon, 111. : 

i Gilbert Taylor, b. 8 April, 1873. 

ii Charles Burgis, b. 24 Oct., 1877 ; unmarried ; lives 

in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
iii Willis Fitch, b. 24 Aug., 1881 ; d. 14 Feb., 1884. 

658 ALICE ISABEL' GALLAUDET (Margaret Eliza- 
beth' Robinson, Henry*. Content*, Amy' Spelman, Richard*, Rich- 

Seventh Generation 421 

ard^) was born in Orange, N. J., 8 September, 1854; married in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 8 May, 1878, Alven Beveridge, born in that 
place 21 February, 1851, son of James and Cornelia A. Bever- 
idge. Mr. Beveridge is engaged in business in New York City. 
He and his wife reside in Plainfield, N. J. They and their sons 
have travelled extensively. 
Children : 

i James Wallace Beveridge, b. 3 Oct., 1879, in Brook- 
Ivn ; he is a physician and practises in New York 
ii Harold Gallaudet Beveridge, b. 5 Dec, 1880 ; resides 
in New York City, where he is in business ; is in- 
terested in mining. 

gustus', Elizabeth" Robinson, Content*, Amy' Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard') was born in Mendon, 111., 13 or 23 October, i860; mar- 
ried in that place, 4 October, 1880, Lewis Lucius Allen, born in 
St. Louis, Mo., in 1850, son of Lewis Lucius Lafern and Corinne 
(Potter) Allen. They reside in Pierce City, Mo., where Mr. Al- 
len is cashier of the Lawrence County Bank, of which his father 
is the president. 

Child : 

i Elizabeth Corinne Allen, b. in Pierce City, 25 Dec, 

660 ELLA' GEISSE (Ella Daniels' Coe, Cynthia Julia* 
Robinson, Richard*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was bom 
in Lakeview, N. J., 8 June, 1874; married in New York City, 8 
June, 1897, Dallett Fuguet, born in Philadelphia, Pa., 24 April, 
1868, son of William Henry and Emily (Dallett) Fuguet. Mr. 
and Mrs. Fuguet reside in Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Children, born in New York City: 

i William Dallett Fuguet, b. 18 March, 1898. 
ii Rita Fuguet, b. 26 Nov., 1901, 
iii Geisse Fuguet, b. 28 April, 1903. 

661 FREDERICK' CANFIELD (Eliza* Robinson, Phin- 
eas*, Charles*, Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard') was born in 
Meriden, Conn., in December, 1843, and died in Woodbridge, 
Conn., 4 March, 1899. He married, first, in Woodbridge, Mary 
Fidelia Hickox, who was born in that place 23 February, 1846, 
and died 7 April, 1880, daughter of Henry Charles and Harriet 
Amrilous (Miller) Hickox. He married, second, in 1885, Clara 
Bell, daughter of E. A. Bell of Bethany, Conn. 

Children by first wife: 

i A daughter, b. in Woodbridge; d. 15 Dec, 1870. 

422 Spelman Genealogy 

ii Carrie, b. 5 April, 1872; d. 12 Jan., 1876, 
iii Eddie, b. 11 Oct., 1875; d. 2 Jan., 1876. 
905a iv Nellie Ruth, b. 16 May, 1877, in Woodbridge; m. in 
Woodbridge, 17 July, 1895, Charles Hart Ford, b. 
in that place 10 March, 1868, son of Charles Lewis 
and Ann Eliza (Munson) Ford. 
Children by second wife: 
V Howard, b, 3 Jan., 1887. 
vi Jennie, b. 3 Aug., 1890. 
vii Carl, b. 14 Dec, 1892. 
viii William, b. 13 Nov., 1895. 

662 JENNIE' CANFIELD (Eliza* Robinson, Phineas*, 
Charles*. Amy' Spelman, Richard^ Richard^) was born in New 
Haven, Conn., 17 April, 1863 ; married in Middletown, Conn., 25 
November, 1886, Prof. Karl P. Harrington, born in Great Falls, 
N. H., 13 June, 1861, son of Calvin and Eliza Harrington. Mr. 
and Mrs. Harrington formerly lived in Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Children, born in Chapel Hill, N. C. : 

i Mark Edward Harrington, b. 23 March, 1894; d. in 

Chapel Hill, 23 March, 1894. 
ii Ruth Eliza Harrington, b. 5 May, 1897; d. in Chapel 

Hill, 21 May, 1897. 
iii Mabel Harrington, b. 10 Jan., 1899. 

Robinson, John', Charles*, Amy' Spelman, Richard*, Richard^) 
was born in Durham, Conn., 25 May, 1850; married in Meriden, 
Conn., 13 November, 1878, Nellie Clark, born in Plymouth, 
Conn., 4 October, 1857, daughter of Chapin E. and Emeline 
(Mather) Clark. They reside in New Haven, Conn. : 

Children, born in New Haven, Conn. : 
i Walter Chapin, b. 25 Aug., 1880. 
ii Leonidas Robinson, b. 29 July, 1882. 
iii Albert Royal, b. 23 March, 1884. 

664 WILLIAM ELIM' JOHNSON (Helen Elizabeth* 
Robinson, Lyman Curtis', Charles*, Amy* Spelman, Richard*, 
Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 2 November, 1873 ; mar- 
ried in Meriden, Conn., 25 April, 1894, Eliza Holmes Dudley, 
born in Guilford, Conn., 5 March, 1872, daughter of George and 
Harriet (Norton) Dudley. They live in Meriden. 

Children, born in Meriden, Conn. : 
i Lucy Warner, b. 10 Dec, 1897. 
ii Dudley Canfield, b. 3 Feb., 1901. 
iii Harold Elim, b. 12 May, 1904. 
iv Helen Comfort, b. 5 Jan., 1906. 

Seventh Generation 423 

665 ELIZABETH SPELMAN' HOWE (Harriet Maria* 
Spelman, Phineas^ Richard*, Phineas', Richard^ Richard^) was 
born in Boston, Mass., 30 October, 1839 ! married in Cambridge, 
Mass., 16 October, 1862, Edwin J. Horton, born in Pomeroy, 
Ohio, 22 May, 1838, died in Fhishing-, N. Y., 13 July, 1897, son 
of Valentine Baxter and Clara (Pomeroy) Horton. Mrs. Hor- 
ton still resides in Flushing. 

Children, bom in Pomeroy, Ohio: 

i Elizabeth Howe Horton, b. 8 Aug., 1863 ; unmarried. 

906 ii Charles Dabney Horton, b. 14 April, 1866; m. Char- 

lotte L. Buel. 
iii Henry Pomeroy Horton, b. 26 Feb., 1869; m. in Ann 

Arbor, Mich., 6 June, 1899, Cecile Adele Bond, b. in 

Lenox, Mass., 6 June, 1873, daughter of Chester 

and Ida (Brown) Bond, 
iv Aimee Alsop Horton, b. 4 April, 1874 ; unmarried. 

666 CORA' SPELMAN (Israel Munson', Phineas^ Rich- 
ard*, Phineas^ Richard^ Richard^) was born in Roxbury, Mass., 
15 July, 1851 ; married, 28 December, 1874, Frank Izard Eustis, 
bom in West Point, N. Y., 3 October, 1847, son of Brig. Gen. 
Henry Lawrence and Sarah (Eckley) Eustis. Mr. Eustis re- 
ceived the degree of B. A. from Harvard College in 1869, ^"^ 
that of M. A. in 1871. He and his wife reside in Cambridge, 

Children : 

907 i Martha Spelman Eustis, b. 23 Oct., 1875 ; m. Charles 

ii Lawrence Eckley Eustis, b. 5 May, 1877. 
iii Francis Fairfield Eustis, b. 21 Dec, 1882; d. 12 April, 

iv Richard Spelman Eustis, b. 3 Aug., 1886. 
V Helen Choate Eustis, b. 10 Oct., 1890. 

667 HENRY MUNSON\ SPELMAN (Israel Munson*, 
Phineas', Richard*, Phineas^ Richard^, Richard^) was bom in 
Cambridge, Mass., 5 November, 1861 ; married in Milton, Mass., 
5 November, 1895, Amy Field Lewis. They reside in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 


i Henry Munson, b. 3 Sept., 1899. 

668 ELLEN EMILY LYSTER' BULL (Eliza Ann Spel- 
man' Swathel, Harriet Maria" Spelman, Richard*, Phineas', Rich- 
ard', Richard^) was born 13 March, 1840, and died in Chicago, 
111., 14 February, 1886; married, first, Dr. Frederick Augustus 
Lord of Chicago, born 20 September, 1835, died in Chicago, 18 

424 Spelman Genealogy 

September, 1872. She married, second, in Chicago, 7 December, 
1876, De Witt Clinton Gooding, born in Bristol, N. Y., 21 July, 
1825, son of Charles and Ruth (Fisher) Gooding. 
Children by first husband : 

i William Sinclair Lord, b. in 1863 ; lives in Evanston, 
111., where he is the publisher of the "Enterprise." 

908 ii Edith Bird Lord, b. 11 Sept., 1865; m. Thomas C. 


iii Frederick Augustus Lord, b. in 1869; lives in Wau- 

iv Robert H. Lord, b. in Chicago, in 1872 ; m. in Spring- 
field, 111., in Dec, 1899, Eugenia Goltra, b. in 
Macon Co., 111., in 1877, daughter of Isaac V. and 
Margaret Goltra. They live in Springfield. 
Child by second husband : 

909 v Gertrude Emily Gooding, b. 6 Oct., 1879; m. Roy M. 


man', Elizabeth" Spelman, Nathan*, Phineas\ Richard^ Richard^) 
was born in Middletown, Conn., 20 April, 1855. She married 
there 19 February, 1878, Edward Dennison Merritt, born in 
White Plains, N. Y., 9 August, 1842, son of James and Nancy 
(Greene) Merritt. They live in Bridgeport, Conn. 
Children : 

i Albert Jones Merritt, b. 5 Nov., 1878; unmarried; he 

is a lawyer in Bridgeport. 
ii Harry McCoun Merritt, b. 2 Nov., 1880; unmarried; 

lives in Bridgeport, 
iii Harriet Hayden Merritt, b. i June, 1883; unmarried; 
lives in Bridgeport. 

669 JAMES ANSON' TAFT (Elizabeth Gaylord', Anson 
Perce" Fairchild, Orpha* Spelman, Oliver', John^, Richard^) was 
born in Rochester, N. Y., 20 November, 1843 5 married in West 
Exeter, N. Y., 9 January, 1868, Josephine C. Huntley, born in 
West Exeter, 5 November, 1844, daughter of Calvin and Olive 
Huntley. Mr. and Mrs. Taft lived in Petaluna, Cal., and at pres- 
ent reside in Sergeant Bluff, la. 

Child : 

i Laura G., b. in Sergeant Bluff, 2 Nov., 1879 ; d. in 
Monrovia, Cal., 21 April, 1904. 

lord' Fairchild, Anson Perce°, Orpha' Spelman, Oliver', John*, 
Richard') was born in West Exeter, N. Y., i August, 1858; died 
17 December, 1907; married in West Exeter, 15 March, 1877, 

Seventh Generation 425 

Benton Roberts, born in Plainfield, N. Y., i August, 1858, son of 

Thomas and Mary Ann (Munn) Roberts. They reside in West 


Children, born in West Exeter, N. Y. : 

i Minnie L. Roberts, b. 17 Sept., 1878; m. in West Exe- 
ter, 12 Sept., 1905, Prof. Lawrence A. Wilkins, b. 
in Des Moines, la., 19 Sept., 1878, son of Robert 
and Mary Wilkins. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins reside 
in New York City ; no ch. 

910 ii Jessie Almira Roberts, b. 3 March, 1881 ; m. Charles 
L. Keeler. 

Gaylord", Anson Perce" Fairchild, Orpha* Spelman, Oliver', John*, 
Richard^) was born in West Exeter, N. Y., 23 January, i860; 
married there, 24 September, 1885, John H. Watkins, born 4 
June, 1861. They live in West Exeter. 

Children : 

i Lawrence Huntley Watkins, b. 15 May, 1887. 

ii James Stanley Watkins, b. 21 July, 1890. 

iii Eleanor Almyra Watkins, b. i April, 1892. 

iv Palmer John Watkins, b. 27 Feb., 1894. 

V Thomas David Watkins, b. 26 June, 1897. 

vi Wheeler Dwight Watkins, b. 28 March, 1899. 

Anson Perce", Orpha* Spelman, 01iver^ John^ Richard^) was 
born in West Winfield, N. Y., 8 November, 1852, and died 5 
March, 1896, in Ithaca, N. Y. ; married, i April, 1877, ^t West 
Winfield, by Rev. I. A. Darling, Ida Adelia Tucker, born in Nor- 
wich, 15 February, 1856, died 7 March, 1899. 

Children : 

i Florence Emily, b. 29 Jan., 1883 ! ^n- 23 Dec, 1906, at 

Geneva, N. Y., Merritt P. Randall. 
ii C. Radcliffe, b. 25 March, 1886. 
iii Arrington Roberts, b. 23 Dec, 1888. 

673 EMILY JANE' FAIRCHILD (Henry Adams', Anson 
Perce", Orpha* Spelman, 01iver^ John\ Richard^) was born 15 
March, 1856, in West Winfield, N." Y., and died 22 March, 1882, 
at Binghamton, N. Y. ; married at West Winfield, 2 July, 1881, 
Earle F. Rogers. After his wife's death Mr. Rogers married a 
second time. 


i Earle F. Rogers, b. in Binghamton, N. Y., 7 March, 

426 Spelman Genealogy 

ams', Anson Perce^ Orpha* Spelman, 01ive^^ John", Richard^) 
was born 3 or 13 May, 1858, at West Winfield, N. Y. ; married 
in Oriskany Falls, N. Y., 19 March, 1882, Carrie Almira Allen, 
born at Oriskany Falls, daughter of Everett and Elizabeth Allen 
of Oriskany Falls. 

Children : 

i Ethel Louise, b. 17 June, 1885. 
ii Harold Allen, b. 10 Dec, 1892. 

ams*, Anson Perce', Orpha* Spelman, Oliver', John', Richard^) 
was born 19 May, 1865, ^t West Winfield, N. Y. ; married there, 
20 November, 1895, by Rev. E. H. Burt, Nellie M. Wright, born 
in West Winfield, daughter of Riley and Deborah Wright. 


i John Franklin, b. in West Winfield, N, Y., 17 Jan., 
1896 ; living at Utica, N. Y. 

ams*, Anson Perce^ Orpha* Spelman, Oliver^ John", Richard^) 
was born in West Winfield. N. Y., 23 August, 1867; married 
there, 23 February, 1887, John Sandford, born in Mendham, N. 
J., 25 December, 1864, son of Charles and Hannah S. Sandford. 

Children : 

i Mabel Louise Sandford, b. 18 April, 1891. 
ii Henry Fairchild Sandford, b. 10 March, 1895. 

677 MINA' MORGAN (Julia Amanda' Fairchild, Anson 
Perce^ Orpha* Spelman, Oliver^ John^ Richard^) was born in 
West Winfield, N. Y., 7 May, 1848; married there, 11 March, 
1875, Albert P. Palmer, born in Cortland, N. Y., 6 February, 
1846, son of Prosper and Lucy (Stillman) Palmer. Mr. and 
Mrs, Palmer reside in Lowville, N. Y. 

Children : 
911 i Morgan S. Palmer, b. 25 Dec, 1875; m. Winifred 

ii Stillman Fairchild Palmer, b. 4 Dec, 1881 ; gradu- 
ate of Syracuse University ; lives in Lowville. 
iii Emily Palmer, b. 24 Aug., 1889 ; lives in Lowville. 

678 CHARLES EDWARD' MORGAN (Julia Amanda* 
Fairchild, Anson Perce\ Orpha* Spelman, 01iver\ John^ Rich- 
ard') was bom in West Winfield, N. Y., 27 May, 1854; married, 
5 May, 1880, Julia Spencer, daughter of Dr. James and Sophronia 
Spencer. They reside at West Winfield. 

Children : 

Seventh Generation 427 

i Clara, b. 12 Feb., 1881 ; lives in West Winfield. 

ii Herbert, b. 16 Sept., 1882; d. 13 Feb., 1895. 

iii George, b. 23 Aug., 1884. 

iv Adell, b. 19 May, 1891. 

679 EVA LIN A' MORGAN (Julia Amanda' Fairchild, 
Anson Perce", Orpha' Spelman, Oliver", John^ Richard^) was 
bom in West Winfield, N. Y., 4 November, 1863 ; married there, 
18 June, 1884, John Henry Jones, born in Westerville, N. Y., 3 
April, 1855. They reside in Utica, N. Y. 

Child : 

i Sewell Morgan Jones, b. in West Winfield, 9 June, 
1885; lives in Utica. N. Y. 

680 EDGAR LEE' DIXON (Martha McCall* Fairchild, 
Anson Perce^ Orpha* Spelman, Oliver^ John^ Richard') was 
born in Mohawk, N. Y., 10 April, 1863 ; married in Lansing, 
Mich., in October, 1890, Anna Smith, daughter of Charles and 
Emma (Gilbert) Smith. They live in Detroit, Mich. 

Children : 

i Edgar Lee, b. in Detroit, 20 Aug., 1897. 
ii Merville, b. in Lansing, i May, 1901. 
iii Doris Alma, b. in Detroit, 23 Oct., 1904. 

^ 681 GRACE ELIZABETH' DIXON (Martha McCall* 
Fairchild, Anson Perce", Orpha* Spelman, 01iver^ John^, Rich- 
ard') was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, i February, 1865 ; married, 
first, in Mt. Clemens, Mich., 11 March. 1886, Henry Elmer 
Sweet, born in Canada. She married, second, in Detroit, Mich., 
29 October, 1890, Thomas Styles Ainge, born in Leamington, 
England, 12 November, i860, son of Thomas and Priscilla 
(Styles) Ainge. They live in Lansing, Mich. 
Child by first husband : 

i William Winer Sweet, b. in Cleveland, Ohio, 10 Feb., 
Children by second husband : 

ii Clarence Styles Ainge, b. in Detroit. 13 June, 1892. 
iii Gladys Fairchild Ainge, b. in Lansing, 2"] Jan., 1899. 

682 CURTIS AYRE' DIXON (Martha McCall' Fairchild, 
Anson Perce", Orpha* Spelman, Oliver', John^ Richard') was 
born in Detroit, Mich., 18 July, 1866; married in Chicago, 111., 6 
August, 190 1, Anna Mae Schooley, born in Paulding County, 
Ohio, 24 June, 1875, daughter of Charles and Flora (Champion) 
Schooley of Lansing, Mich., in which place Mr. and Mrs. Dixon 

428 Spelman Genealogy 


i Marjorie Leah, b. in Lansing, 9 April, 1906. 

683 ISAAC LOREN' DIXON (Martha McCall' Fairchild, 
Anson Perce^ Orpha* Spelman, Oliver', John^ Richard') was 
bom in Detroit, Mich., 16 March, 1871 ; married in Portland, 
Mich., 30 December, 1902, Anna Laura Newman, born there 26 
April, 1877, daughter of Asa and Effie (Rice) Newman of that 
place. They reside in Lansing. 

Child : 

i Ruth May, b. in Lansing, 20 Dec, 1904. 

684 MARY ADELIA' ENSIGN (Emily Jane' Fairchild, 
William Fletcher^ Orpha* Spelman, 01iver^ John^ Richard*) was 
born in Panna, Mich., 4 April, 1867 ; married in Albion, Mich., 6 
April, 1892, Walter H. Rogers, born in Marengo, Mich., 28 Oc- 
tober, 1865, son of Hiram and Emily (Mack) Rogers. They live 
in Albion. 

Children, born in Albion. Mich. : 

i Ruth Fairchild Rogers, b. 9 Jan., 1893. 
ii Marian Ethel Rogers, b. 28 July, 1895. 
iii Charles Ensign Rogers, b. 28 June, 1906. 

685 LUMAN PARKER' SPELMAN (Luman Parker', 
Luman^ Levi*, John^ John", Richard*) was born in Granville, 
Mass., 21 January, 1834, and died in Westfield, Mass., 29 May, 
1891 [Westfield Town Records] ; married Elenora Calista Keep, 
born 5 October, 1833. Mr. Spelman was a farmer in Westfield, 
where his widow still resides. 

Children : 

i Fanny I., b. in 1852; d. in Westfield, 26 Nov., 1867 

ii Frederick Luman, b. 25 June, 1858 ; d. in 1882 ; un- 
iii Alton Lester, b. 18 April, 1861 ; lives in Westfield, 
where he is a manufacturer of whip lashes ; unmar- 

912 iv Bela Johnson, b. 5 Nov., 1862; m. Caroline F. John- 

v Milton William, b. 22 June, 1867; unmarried. 

913 vi Nelson Wesley, b. 10 Oct., 1865 '> ^- Cora M. Marsh. 

686 DORMAN CJ SPELMAN (Luman Parker', Luman', 
Levi*, John', John^ Richard') was born in West Granville, Mass., 
in 1836; married, first, in Granville, in 1857, Mrs. Henrietta 
(Beman) Miller, born in West Granby, Conn., daughter of 
Thomas Beman of that place. He married, second, in Westfield, 

Seventh Generation 429 

Mass., 7 July, 1865 [Westfield Town Records], Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Haynes) Russell, born in London, England, 17 December, 1844, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth Haynes [Ibid]. They lived in 
Westfield, and later removed to Winsted, Conn., where Mr. Spel- 
man is a farmer. 

Children by first wife : 
i Burton Porter. 
ii Lydia Phylina. 

Children by second wife, born in Westfield, Mass. : 

iii Minnie Agnes, b. 13 Aug., 1867; m. and has ch. ; 

lives in Winsted. 
iv George Haynes, b. 28 July, 1869; m. and lives in 


687 NELSON' SPELMAN (Luman Parker', Luman", 
Levi*, John", John^ Richard^) was born in Lee, Mass. [Westfield 

Town Records] ; married, first, Laura , born in Granby, 

Conn. [Ibid] ; maried, second, Mena or Meria , born in the 

same place [Ibid]. Mr. Spelman was formerly a blacksmith in 
Westfield, but now resides in Wethersfield, Conn. 

Child by first wife : 

i Frederick Nelson, b. in Westfield, 8 April, 1871 
Child by second wife : 

ii Ernest L., b. in Westfield, 3 Sept., 1875 [Ibid]. 

688 FLAVIA ANN' COLTON (Ellise' Spelman, Luman', 
Levi*, John', John", Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 25 
April, 1841, and died in Springfield, Mass., 17 March, 1891 ; mar- 
ried in Springfield, 18 July, 1864, Edwin Augustus Potter, born 
in Plymouth, Conn., 18 August, 1832, son of Orrin Henry and 
Martha Potter. They lived in Springfield. 

Children, born in Springfield, Mass. : 

i Frank Colton Potter, b. 14 Oct., 1867 ; unmarried, 
ii Fred Potter, b. 21 March, 1873 ; d. in Springfield, 19 

March, 1876. 
iii May Potter, b. 2 May, 1876 ; lives in Springfield ; un- 

689 SUSAN SPELMAN' COLTON (Ellise* Spelman, 
Luman"*, Levi*, John*, John^ Richard*) was born in Granville, 
Mass., 21 August, 1843, and died in Springfield, Mass., i Feb- 
ruary, 1892; married in Granville, in August, 1862, James Burns 
McCready, born in Thompsonville, Conn., i February, 1840. Mr. 
McCready resides in Noroton Heights, Conn. 

Children : 

430 Spelman Genealogy 

914 i Charles Albert McCready, b. 24 July, 1864; m. Annie 
W. Kirby. 
ii Agnes McCready, b. 27 Nov., 1876. 

Y., 6 February, 1855 ; married in Chatham, N. Y., 26 September, 
1884, E. Adele Clark, born there, 29 August, 1856, daughter of 
Joseph D. Clark. Mr. Spelman is engaged in the coal business 
in Chatham, where they reside. 

Children, born in Chatham, N. Y. : 
i Ruth Pierson, b. 10 Aug., 1884. 
ii Emma Halsey, b. 26 May, 1890. 

691 AMASA BISHOP' SPELMAN (John H.*, Lyman', 
Levi*, John', John^ Richard^) was born in Philmont, N. Y., 30 
December, 1858; married, 13 August, 1883, Nancy V. Angell. 
Mr. Spelman is a merchant in Champlain, N. Y. 

Children : 

i Walter, b. 20 May, 1886. 
ii WilHam, a twin, b. 20 May, 1886. 

692 JENNIE' SPELMAN _ (John H.', Lyman', Levi*, 
John*, John^ Richard^) was born in Marcellus, N. Y,, 25 July, 
1867; married Albertus Bump Angell. They live in Champlain, 
N. Y. 

Children, bom in Champlain, N. Y. : 
i May Angell, b. 30 March, 1889. 
ii Louise Angell, b. in 1893. 
iii Edith Angell. b. in 1895. 
iv Muriel Angell, b. in 1900. 

693 CATHERINE MAY' SPELMAN (William Lyman*, 
Lyman', Levi*, John", John*, Richard^) was born in Plainville, 
Conn., 13 May, 1856; married in Plantsville, Conn., 13 April, 
1876, Henry Harrison Nichols, born in Trumbull, Conn., 14 May, 
1840, son of Abiah M. and Permelia Nichols. 


i Harry Moss Nichols, b. in Plantsville, 6 April, 1878 ; 

Franklin*, Lyman', Levi*, John', John", Richard^) was bom in 
Westbrook, Conn., 16 October, 1859; married in Winfield, Kan., 
29 May, 1897, Mrs. Jennie Myrtle (Ralston) Dixon of Perkins, 
Okla., born in Polk County, Ind., daughter of Charles W. and 
Sarah E. Ralston. He resides in Stillwater, Okla. 

Children, born in Payne County, Okla. : 

Seventh Generation 431 

i William Franklin, b. 24 Aug., 1898. 
ii Zonah Effiie, b. 27 March, 1900. 

Franklin', Lyman^ Levi*, John', John^ Richard') was born in 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 17 May, 1861, and died in Glencoe, Okla., 
6 September, 1903 ; married in Saginaw County, Mich., 29 
March, 1880, James George Murray, born in Oakville, Canada, 17 
July, 1857. They lived in Michigan, in Indian Territory, and 
in Oklahoma. Mr, Murray, with his younger children, resides in 
Glencoe, Okla. 

Children : 

i Henrietta Percival Murray, b. in Green Co., Mo. ; m. 

in Pawnee Co., Okla., in Jan., 1900, Frank G. 

Wells. They live in Sheland Co., Wash, 
ii John Franklin Murray, b. in Saginaw Co., Mich., 23 

Aug., 1883 ; m. in Pawnee Co., Okla., in March, 

1904, Cecil Heuston. They live in Pawnee Co. 
iii William Henry Murray, b. in Cherokee Nation, 5 

Sept., 1886. 
iv Lizzie Murray, b. in Cherokee Nation, 14 Jan., 1889. 
V James George Murray, b. in Payne Co., Okla., 19 

April, 1892. 
vi Frederick S. Murray, b. in Pawnee Co., Okla., 24 

Sept., 1894; d. there, 14 Oct., 1905. 
vii Samuel Fulton Murray, b. in Pawnee Co., Okla., 

10 March, 1898. 

696 CORA' NORTON (Esther* Spelman, Lyman', Levi*, 
John*, John^ Richard') was born in Plainville, Conn., 7 January, 
1867, and married there, 12 December, 1894, Elwood F. Belden, 
bom in Rocky Hill, Conn., 20 November, 1857, son of Lory and 
Emily Belden. They live in Rocky Hill. 

Child : 

i Walter Norton Belden, b. in Rocky Hill, 2 Oct., 1895. 

697 CHARLES S.' SPELMAN (Seymour Luther', Ethan*, 
Levi*, John', John", Richard') was born in Granby, Conn., 28 Au- 
gust, 1852; married, 5 May, 1876, Myra Corsett. They live in 
Nashville, Mich. 

Children : 
i Nellie, 
ii Gaud. 

698 ELLA IRENE' SPELMAN (Seymour Luther*. 
Ethan', Levi*, John*, John', Richard') was bom in Simsbury, 

432 Spelman Genealogy 

Conn., 4 March, 1854; married, 31 October, 1875, Samuel Levett. 
They reside in York, Neb. 
Children : 

i Harry Levett. 
ii Levis (Lewis) Levett. 

699 WILLIAM ALBERT' SPELMAN (Seymour Luther*, 
Ethan^ Levi*, John^ John^ Richard^) v^as born in Simsbury, 
Conn., 27 December, 1857; married in York, Neb., 16 November, 
1880, Elva Moores, born in Grand Detour, 111., daughter of 
George and Mary Moores. They reside in Charleston, Neb. 

Children, bom in Charleston, Neb. : 

i Agnes Lillian, b. 5 Sept., 1881 ; unmarried. 
ii Lee Oscar, b. 5 Aug., 1883; m. in Charleston, 24 
Jan., 1906, Bessie Airingdale. 

700 GEORGE EDGAR' SPELMAN (Seymour Luther', 
Ethan^ Levi*, John^ John^ Richard^) was born in Simsbury, 
Conn., 7 July, 1861 ; married in York, Neb., 10 February, 1891, 
Hattie Calkins, born in Iowa, 7 August, 1871, daughter of David 
J. and Melissa (Couch) Calkins. They reside in York. 

Children, born in Nebraska: 

i Mabel Lois, b. 25 May, 1892. 
ii Earl C, b. i July, 1894. 
iii Elmer G., b. 14 March, 1897. 
iv Florence V., b. 17 Oct., 1900. 
V Rayford H., b. 25 June, 1903. 

701 CHARLES F.' TIBBALS (J. Lincoln', Alfred M.", 
Ruth* Spelman, John', John^, Richard^) was born in Deerfield. 
Ohio, I March, 1862 ; married in Kent, Ohio, 21 November, 1898, 
Grace E. Ferry, born in Brimfield, Ohio, 19 October, 1872. They 
reside in Kent. 


i George Lincoln, b. in Kent, 10 Feb., 1900. 

702 JOSEPHINE' SPELMAN (William Russell', Smith', 
Phineas*, John', John", Richard^) was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
12 January, 1870; married in New York City, 25 October, 1894, 
Franklin David Pagan, born in Brooklyn, 22 May, 1872. They 
live in New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Children, born in New Rochelle, N. Y. : 
i Marion Pagan, b. 13 Nov., 1895. 
ii Evelyn Josephine Pagan, b. 21 Oct., 1904. 

sell', Smith", Phineas*, John', John^ Richard') was born 16 May, 

Seventh Generation 433 

1876; married, in May, 1898, Edward MacGrotty. They reside 
in New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Child : 

i A daughter, b. 17 Sept., 1899. 

gusta' Ransom, Harriet Jane^ Spelman, Phineas*, John', John', 
Richard') was born in Charlestown, Mass., 23 December, 1852; 
married in Danvers, Mass., 10 June, 1879, Mary Endicott But- 
ler, born there, 31 August, 1856, daughter of John Calvin and 
Margaret (Putnam) Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Cutter reside in 
West Newton, Mass., and he is in partnership with his brother, 
Frank Frost Cutter, in Boston, where, under the firm name of 
Cutter and Cutter, they carry on the trunk business in which 
their father was engaged. 


i Katherine Endicott, b. in Wakefield, Mass., 11 Dec, 

705 FRANK FROST CUTTER (Elizabeth Augusta' Ran- 
som, Harriet Jane^ Spelman, Phineas*, John', John'', Richard') 
was born in South Reading, now Wakefield, Mass., 11 Sep- 
tember, 1859; married in Brookline, Mass., 27 September, 1893, 
Gertrude Freeman Crosby, born in Brewster, Mass., 11 March, 
1863, daughter of Freeman and Octavia (Bangs) Crosby. Mr. 
Cutter is a member of the firm of Cutter and Cutter, in partner- 
ship with his brother, dealers in trunks, in Boston. 

Child : 

i Harold Bangs, b. in Brookline, Mass.. i Oct., 1899. 

706 KATE STEARNS' RANSOM (William Edgar', Har- 
riet Jane" Spelman, Phineas*, John', John^ Richard') was born 
in South Reading, now Wakefield, Mass., 9 July, 1868 ; married 
in Eustis, Fla., 20 April, 1891, William Seymour Burdette. They 
live in Palatka, Fla. 

Child : 

i Horace Burdette, b. in Palatka, 27 July, 1894. 

707 MABEL LOUISE' CURRIER (Phoebe Adeline' Ran- 
som, Harriet Jane'' Spelman, Phineas*, John', John'', Richard') 
was born in South Reading, now Wakefield, Mass., 8 September, 
i860 ; married in Somerville, Mass., 20 Jime, 1888. James Henry 
Woodbury, born in Bolton, Mass., 7 February, 1858, son of 
Ehjah Haven and Caroline Moore Woodbury. 


i Edna Currier Woodbury, b. in Somerville, 29 Aug., 

434 Spelman Genealogy 

708 JOHN ALBION' CURRIER (Phoebe Adeline' Ran- 
som, Harriet Jane° Spelman, Phineas*, John^ John", Richard^) 
was born in South Reading, now Wakefield, Mass., 16 August, 
1868; married in Somerville, Mass., 22 July, 1891, Ida Frances 
Simonds, born in Charlestown, Mass., 3 January, 1870, daughter 
of John Francis and Sarah (Abby) Simonds. They live in 
Arlington Heights, Mass. 

Children : 

i Durant Simonds, b. in Somerville, 18 July, 1892. 
ii Dorothy, b. in West Medford, Mass., 28 June, 1896. 

709 MARY WICONA' CUMMINGS (Mary Wicona' 
Spelman, Samuel Rose", Phineas*, John*, John^ Richard^) was 
born in New York City, 14 May, 1866; married there, 15 April, 
1884, Edwin Clement Ray, born in that city, 19 June, 1858, son 
of Edwin C. and Susan (Hubbard) Ray, Mr. Ray is a de- 
scendant of Doctor Comfort Starr, who was born in England 
in 1644, and emigrated to America, settling in Middletown, 
where he died in 1693, and where many of his descendants con- 
tinue to reside. Mr, and Mrs. Ray live in Greenwich, Conn. 

Children, born in New York City : 
i Clement Ray, b. 27 Dec, 1885. 
ii James Fuller Ray, b. 21 May, 1887. 

cona* Spelman, Samuel Rose^ Phineas*, John*, John^ Richard^) 
was born in New York City, 18 July, 1872; married in Newark, 
N. J., 22 April, 1896, Charles S. Dodd, born there, 23 January, 
1864, son of Samuel and Mary (Walker) Dodd. They reside 
in South Orange, N. J. 

Child : 

i Norman Dodd, b. in South Orange, 29 June, 1899. 

Palmer', Corintha" Spelman, Luther', John*. John^ Richard') was 
born in Wayne, Ohio, 19 May, 1848; married, 20 June, 1866, 
Linus B. Jones, born in Wayne, Ohio, 19 May, 1848, son of 
Linus H. and Lucy (Brainerd) Jones. Mr. Jones enlisted, 27 
April, 1864, in Company G., Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was 
in the battle of Kelley's Bridge, near Cynthiana, Ky. He was 
taken prisoner by John Morgan. 

Children, born in Wayne, Ohio : 

i Kate Maria Jones, b. 30 Apr., 1866 or 1867; d. il 

Jan., 1903. 
ii Maybelle Elizabeth Jones, b. 20 Nov., 1868. 
iii Albert Rowe Jones, b. 26 Sept., 1870. 
iv Franklin Palmer Jones, b. 27 July, 1877; m. in Wayne, 

Seventh Generation 435 

30 July, 1899, Bertha Pease, daughter of Henry 

and Nina Daniels Pease. 
V Luther Lucian Jones, b. 13 Jan., 1880; m. in Warren, 

Ohio, 25 Dec, 1904, Jennie Ailing, 
vi Ruby Emeline Jones, b. 21 May, 1884. 

Palmer, Corintha', Luther', John", John", Richard') was born 
in Williamsfield, Ohio, in 1863, and died in Concord, Mich., in 
1895. He married Carrie Bell. 

Child : 

i Robert Lawrence Williams, b. in 1892. 

713 STELLA' FOBES (Phoebe Victoria* Palmer, Corin- 
tha' Spelman, Luther*, John', John^ Richard') was born in 1862 ; 
married P. A. Seaver, who was born in 1863. 

Children : 

i Frank Fobes Seaver, b. in 1885. 
ii John Lawrence Seaver, b. in 1897. 

714 CARRIE BELLE' PALMER (Benjamin Franklin*, 
Corintha^ Spelman, Luther*, John', John^ Richard') was born in 
West Andover, Ohio, 8 April, 1865 ; married Charles Forrest 
Lyman of West Andover, who was born 31 May, i860. 

Children : 

i Charles Clenn Lyman, b. in W. Andover, 30 Apr., 1883. 
ii Lawrence Lowell Lyman, b. in W. Andover, 28 Apr,, 

Franklin', Corintha" Spelman, Luther*, John*, John*, Richard') 
was born in West Andover, Ohio, 14 August, 1871 ; married 
Laura Sweet of Andover. 

Children : 

i Mildred, b. 29 Sept., 1899; d. 12 Mar., 1903. 
ii Charles Donolds, b. 4 Mar., 1902. 
iii Hazel Isabella, b. 14 Nov., 1905. 

716 LUVIA ULLELA' SPELMAN (Schuyler*, Charles', 
Luther*, John*, John^ Richard') was born in Andover, Ohio, 14 
March, i860 ; married there, 19 November, 1890, Louis F. Smith. 
They reside in Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Cheever Louis Smith, b. 9 Sept., 1891. 
ii Frank Harold Smith, b. 20 Aug., 1902. 

436 Spelman Genealogy 

Charles', Luther*, John', John^ Richard') was born in Wayne, 
Ohio. 2.6 January, 1878; married there, 28 November, 1900, Abi- 
gail E. Hayes, born in Wayne, 24 August, 1878, daughter of 
Dillon and Emily (Parker) Hayes. They live on a farm at 

Children, born in Wayne, Ohio : 

i Hayes Schuyler, b. 14 Sept., 1901. 
ii Effie Ulelah, b. 21 Mar., 1905. 
iii Wynne Parker, b. 2 Feb., 1907. 

718 CHARLES' BURLINGHAM (Sarah* Spelman, 
Charles', Luther*, John', John^ Richard') was born in December, 
1862; married in Andover, Ohio, in 1882, Martha Vaughn, who 
died 8 April, 1884. Mr. Burlingham married a second time, but 
the name of his wife is unknown. 

Child by first wife: 

i Flossie, b. 8 Apr., 1884, 
Children by second wife: 

ii Earl, probably b. in 1888. 

iii Delo, probably b. in 1892. 

719 LINCOLN' CROSBY (Fanny' Spelman, Charles', 
Luther*, John*, John'', Richard') was born 24 September, 1859; 
married (i), 5 April, 1881, Anna Perry, born in 1857, died 31 
October, 1901. He married (2), in February, 1903, Mrs. Ruth 

Child by first wife: 

i Ruby, b. 8 May, 1882; m., in 1904, Wallace Hill. 

720 SARAH ANN' CROSBY (Fanny* Spelman, Charles', 
Luther*, John', John^ Richard') was born 20 January, 1863 ; 
married, 5 November, 1879, George Sweezey, born 5 December, 


Children : 

i Guy Sweezey, b. 5 Oct., 1880; m., 13 Mar., 1905, Eva 

ii Ray Sweezey, b. 24 May, 1885 ; m., 23 Nov., 1906, 

Florence Peck, 
iii Charles Sweezey, b. 3 Jan., 1888 ; d. 2 Sept., 1905. 

721 MINNIE M; CROSBY (Fanny' Spelman, Charles', 
Luther*, John', John*, Richard') was born 6 August, 1867, and 
died 17 April, 1907; married, 23 July, 1891, Albert Bailey, born 
5 September, 1867, 

Children : 


Seventh Generation 437 

i Fannie Bailey, b. 5 Feb., 1894. 
ii Robert Bailey, b. 24 Aug., 1895. 

722 CHARLES' CROSBY (Fanny' Spelman. Charles', 
Luther*, John'. John^ Richard*) was born 30 September, 1876; 
married, 18 October, 1891, Isabel Fetterman, born 18 April, 

Children : 

i Fanny, b. 7 June, 1903. 
ii Theodore, b. 6 Feb., 1906. 
iii Gene, b. 7 May, 1907. 

Charles', Luther*, John', John", Richard*) was born in West Wil- 
liamsfield, Ohio, 2 July, 1876; married, i December, 1904, Laura 
E. Willey of Ashtabula, Ohio, daughter of Albert P. and Fanny 
M. Willey. They reside in Youngstown, Ohio, where Mr. Spel- 
man is a practicing attorney-at-law. 


i Marion Phyllis, b. in Youngstown, 22 Feb., 1907. 

724 ALBERT LELAND' SPELMAN (Charles Leland*, 
Charles', Luther*, John'. John^ Richard*) was born in West 
Williamsfield, Ohio, 22 April. 1883 ; married in Jefferson, Ohio, 
30 April, 1904, Jeanette Pebbles, born in Leon. Ohio, 4 Janu- 
ary, 1882, daughter of James and Caroline Pebbles. They reside 
in West Williamsfield, Ohio. 


i lona Grace, b. 8 Oct., 1906. 

cox', Harvey', Luther*, John', John^ Richard*) was born in Jack- 
sonville, 111., 25 February, 1874; married in Washington, D. C, 
3 April, 1905, Lucille A. Mullett, born in Kansas City, Mo., 31 
December, 1883, daughter of Frederick and Martha Mullett. 
Mr, Spelman removed -with his parents to Kansas City when he 
was twelve years of age. His early education was received in 
the public schools of that place, after which he became a student 
in the University of Kansas, graduating in 1897 with a Bach- 
elor's degree. He then read law, and was admitted to the Bar, 
and has since practised in Kansas City. He is a member of tht 
Christian Church, a musician of ability, and is a Republican. 
He has no children. 

coe*, Harvey', Luther*. John', John^ Richard*) was born in Ver- 
montville, Mich., 9 July, 1866 ; married in Wichita, Kan., 23 

438 Spelman Genealogy 

June, 1888, Ruth Braxton Hollingsworth, born in McKinney, 
Texas, 10 April, 1867. They reside in Elk Falls, Kan. 
Children : 

i Sarah Eugene, b. in Levant, Kan., 10 Sept., 1889; d. 

there, 14 Sept., 1889. 
ii Darwin Roscoe, b. in Levant, 15 Oct., 1890; d. in 

Hartland, Kan., 18 May, 1896. 
iii Frederick Braxton, b. in Longton, Kan., 23 Apr., 1897. 
iv J. Gunn, b. in Frontenac, Kan., 28 Jan., 1900. 

y2y ALICE LOUISE' SPELMAN (Darwin Roscoe', Har- 
vey', Luther*, John', John^ Richard') was born in Vermontville, 
Mich., 20 March, 1873; married, i March, 1896, Walter Shu- 
maker Burnham, born in Climax, Mich., in 1869. 


i Neale Spelman Burnham, b. 20 Dec, 1896. 

728 WARD VERNON' SPELMAN (Sidney V.*, Harvey', 
Luther*, John', John*, Richard') was born in Rome, Ohio, 17 
April, 1874; married in Ripley, N. Y., 13 November, 1895, Ethel 
Irene Rice, born in Hartsgrove, Ohio, 25 February, 1879, daugh- 
ter of William and Irene Rice. They reside in Hartsgrove. 

Children, bom in Rome, Ohio : 

i Lillian Madge, b. 10 Aug., 1896. 
ii Marion Irene, b. 8 Aug., 1899. 
iii Mildred Ethel, b. 31 Mar., 1904. 

729 NORMAN HARVEY' MOREY (Electa Rebecca* 
Spelman, Harvey', Luther*, John', John', Richard') was born 
in Vermontville, Mich., 28 December, 1866; married in Rush- 
ville, Ind., 13 April, 1891, Mabel Havens, born in Washington, 
Ind., 21 February, 1872, daughter of Roel and Minerva Havens. 
Mr. Morey is a composer, and has written many popular songs 
and marches. He was the leader of the First Regiment Band, 
of the orchestra of the Opera House, and a teacher of the violin 
in Adrian, Mich., where they formerly lived. Mrs. Morey is a 
singer. They now reside in Toledo, Ohio. 

Children : 

i Norman Havens, b. in Akron, Ohio, 22 July, 1893. 
ii Pauline May, b. in Rushville, Ind., 7 May, 1895. 
iii Ruth, b. in Morristown, 22 luly, 1897; d. in Adrian, 

Mich., 27 Oct., 1898. 
iv Ronald Paul, b. in Toledo. 

730 PAULINE B.' BOWERS (Lavinia A.* Northway, 
Betsey" Spelman, Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas^ Richard') was born, 

Seventh Generation 439 

4 July, 1835, and married, 2 October, 1855, George R. Lathrop. 
She died the following year, 14 September, 1856. 
Child : 

915 i Panline B. Lathrop, b. 4 Sept., 1856; m. Alton Hol- 


731 ELNORA C: BOWERS (Lavinia A.' Northway, Bet- 
sey' Spelman, Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas^ Richard*) was born 10 
May, 1837, and married, 14 April, 1856, William H. Russell. 

Chh^dren : 

i John Henry Russell, b. 5 July, d, 30 July, 1861, 

916 ii Bertis Ira Russell, b. 27 July, 1864; m. . 

iii Wilbur B. Russell, b. 13 Sept., 1866; m., 5 Sept., 1895, 
Eva Bassitt ; no ch. 

917 iv Mary E. Russell, b. 10 May, 1870; m., 25 Apr., 1894, 

Horatio Newton. 
V Edgar N. Russell, b. 21 Mar., 1875 ; d. 5 June, 1891. 

732 MARTHA A.' BOWERS (Lavinia A.' Northway, 
Betsey'' Spelman, Elijah*, Aaron^, Thomas\ Richard*) was born. 
II June, 1841, and married, 8 May, 1862, Cowdry Banning, 

Children : 

i William B. Banning, b. 26 July, 1867; d. 7 Sept., 1888. 

918 ii Clara J. Banning, b. 17 Apr., 1873: m. Charles S. 


733 MARY L: bowers (Lavinia A.' Northway, Betsey* 
Spelman, Elijah*, Aaron^ Thomas", Richard*) was born 27 Feb- 
ruary, 1849, a"d married, 21 November, 1871, Collins Pomeroy 
of Westfield, Mass. She died 19 August. 1892. 

Child : 

919 i Silas C. Pomeroy, b. 21 Sept., 1876; m. Minnie Coffin. 

734 DAVID N.' GAINES (Mabef Northway. Betsey* 
Spelman, Elijah*, Aaron*, Thomas^, Richard*) was born 22 June, 
1854, and married, 3 December, 1874, Fannie A. Brown of Win- 
sted, Conn. They reside at East Hartland, Conn. 

Children : 

920 i Mabel, b. 8 July, 1877 ; m. Rollo B. Bunnell. 

ii Charles H. Gaines, b. 17 Sept., 1880; m., 19 Nov., 

1900, Rose Main of Peterburg, N. Y. ; no ch. 
iii Rolph A., b, 5 Apr., 1882; d. 24 May, 1883. 
iv Edna Gaines, b. 28 Mar., 1885 ; d. 28 Oct., 1885, 

735 EMILY' SPELMAN (Solon Scott', Aaron\ Elijah*, 
Aaron', Thomas^ Richard*) was born in 1844, and died 15 
August, 1878; married (i) Bliss. She married (2) in 

440 Spelman Genealogy 

Westfield, Mass., 22 May, 1867, Albert A. Hedges, born 24 May, 
1832, died 5 April, 1903. 

Children by second husband : 

i Albert Hedges, d. in infancy. 

ii Alice Louise Hedges, b. in Feb., 1878 ; d. 9 Aug., 1878. 
921 iii Helen Hedges, b. 11 June, 1874; m. Samuel B. Free- 

-jze BYRON SPELMAN' CARRIER (Mary Jemima' 
Spelman, William Harmon", Elijah*. Aaron^ Thomas^ Richard") 
was bom in Windsor, Conn., 10 September, i860; married in 
Sprague, Conn., 2 October, 1890, Phebe Chapman, born there, 
10 February, 1862, daughter of J. Fuller and Harriet E. Chap- 
man. Mr. and Airs. Carrier reside in Highland Park, Conn. 
Children : 

i Helen, b. in Manchester, Conn., 28 Jan., 1892. 
ii Gertrude, b. in Andover, Conn., 18 Feb., 1894, 
iii Raymond Chapman, b. in Andover. i Sept., 1897. 
iv Frederick Howard, b. in Andover, 26 Mar., 1899. 

Spelman, William Harmon^ Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas^ Richard") 
was born in Glastonbury, Conn., 21 September, 1867; married 
in Cheshire, Conn., 28 September, 1892, Nellie Adeline Atwater, 
born in New Haven, Conn., 21 January, 1863, daughter of Elizur 
and Julia Atwater. They reside in Glastonbury. 
Children, born in Glastonbury, Conn. : 
i William Harmon, b. 7 Mar,, 1895. 
ii Ethelwyn Atwater, b. 21 May, 1902. 

ward', Sarah F." Spelman, Elijah*, Aaron', Thomas^, Richard") 
was born in Penn Yan, N. Y., 23 October, 1871 ; married there, 
18 June, 1893, Ivah Jessie Turner, born in Montour Falls, N. Y., 
7 November, 1875, daughter of Daniel D. and Wilhelmina (Whip- 
py) Turner. They reside in Washington, D. C, where Mr. El- 
liott is in the Government Printing Office. Their daughter is the 
last of the line descended from Sarah F. (Spelrftan) Elliott. 


i Madeline Turner, b. in Washington, in Oct., 1903. 

739 ABBY G.' SPELMAN (Joseph', James E.^ Joseph*. 
Daniel', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Providence, R. I., 17 
December, i860; married, 27 November, 1882, Frank Burrows 
of Auburn, R. I. 

Children : 

i Sadie Belle Burrows, b. 12 Jan., 1884. 

Seventh Generation 441 

ii Frank S. Burrows, b. 26 Jan., 1892. 
iii Louise Grace Burrows, b. 31 May, 1894. 

740 JOSEPH G; SPELMAN (Joseph', James E.", Jo- 
seph*, Danief, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in Providence, R. I., 
8 August, 1868; married, 9 January, 1890, Jennie R. Greene of 
Washington, R. I. 

Children : 

i Joseph R., b. 28 Jan., 1891. 
ii Ruth E., b. 29 Sept., 1893. 
iii George Clark Greene, b. 28 May, 1895. 

741 CORA BROWN' SPELMAN (Henry Whiting', OH- 
ver", Joseph*, Danief, Thomas", Richard^) was born 20 Septem- 
ber, 1872; married, 8 November, 1894, Alfred Hunter, who died 
in Mt. Vernon, N. Y., in November, 1903. Mrs. Hunter resides 
in Cumberland Hill, R. L 

Child : 

i Irving Holley Hunter, b. 23 Sept., 1896; d. in the 
spring of 1904, accidentally shot by a playmate. 

742 GEORGE HENRY' SPELMAN (Henry Whiting', 
Oliver^ Joseph*, Danief, Thomas^ Richard') was born in Chi- 
cago, 111., 20 April, 1878; married in Woonsocket, R. I., 17 April, 
1901, Fannie Sanderson, born in Dedham, Mass., 6 April, 1880, 
daughter of William and Addie (Dunn) Sanderson. 

Child : 

i Marion Brown, b. at Lonsdale, R. I., 19 Feb., 1907. 

743 ALICE A.' DUNKLEY (Amelia P.' Greene. Martha 
Whiting' Spelman, Joseph*, Daniel', Thomas", Richard') was born 
25 September, 1866, and died in November, 1897; married Edwin 
Kenyon. They reside in Providence, R. I. 

Child : 

i Harold Kenyon. 

Roxana" Spelman, Joseph*, Daniel', Thomas^ Richard') was born 
30 July, 1877; married, 8 September, 1896, Howard Bushnell. 

Child : 

i Joseph Perkins Bushnell, b. 26 Oct., 1897. 

745 HARRY BARLOW' DAY (Eliza* Barlow, Heman', 
Tabitha* Bancroft, Elizabeth' Spelman, Thomas', Richard') was 
born in Delaware, Ohio, 9 July, 1863; married in Jersey City, 12 
October, 1886, Mary Augusta Pendexter, born there 2 December, 

442 Spelman Genealogy 

1863, daughter of Gustavus Frank and Clara W. (Southmayd) 

i Myra Barlow, b. 22 Aug., 1887. 

L. M.', Samuel B.*, Tabitha* Bancroft, Elizabeth" Spelman, Thom- 
as^ Richard') was born in New York City, 21 June, 1857; mar- 
ried Virginia Louise Matthews. Judge Barlow was graduated 
from Harvard College in 1879, and from the Columbia Law 
School in 1881. He is a City Magistrate, and resides in New 
York. He is a director of the Stirling Railroad Company, and 
the Witte River Company, and the manager of the New York 
Office of the Guardian Trust Company. His club membership 
includes the University, Union, Metropolitan, Harvard, Racquet, 
and New York Yacht Qubs, and he is also a member of the 
Down Town Association. 

Child : 
i A son. 

747 ELSIE' BARLOW (Samuel L. Mitchell', Samuel B.*, 
Tabitha* Bancroft, Elizabeth' Spelman, Thomas*, Richard*) ; mar- 
ried Stephen Olin. 

Children : 

i A daughter; married, 
ii A daughter ; married. 

748 KATE KETCHUM' BANCROFT (Hubert Howe*, 
Ashley Azariah", Azariah*, Elizabeth* Spelman, Thomas*, Rich- 
ard*) ; married Charles Olcott Richards of San Diego, Cal. 

Children : 

i Ruth Richards, 
ii Katherine Richards. 

749 PAUL' BANCROFT (Hubert Howe*, Ashley Azariah', 
Azariah*, Elizabeth' Spelman, Thomas^ Richard*) was born in 
Oakland, Cal., 21 August, 1877; married in San Diego, Cal., in 
1902, Louise Hazzard, born in that place. 

Child : 

i Hubert, b. in 1904. 

750 GRIFFING' BANCROFT (Hubert Howe*, Ashley 
Azariah*, Azariah*, Elizabeth' Spelman, Thomas*, Richard*) was 
born in New Haven, Conn., 22 January, 1879; married in Los 
Angeles, Cal., Ethel Works, who was born there. 


i Barbara. 

Seventh Generation 443 

750a ANNA EMMA' POMEROY (Emma Janette' Loomis, 
Janette^ Stiles, Lucina" Spelman, Charles', Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born at Holyoke, Mass., 14 July, 1871. She married 13 Dec, 
1892, Benjamin Duncan Brantley of Blackshear, Ga., the son of 
Benjamin Daniel and Janet (McRea) Brantley. 
Children : 

i Edgar Pomeroy Brantley, b. at Blackshear, Ga., 31 

Aug., 1894. 
ii Janet Brantley, b. at Blackshear, 26 Feb., 1896. 
iii Alice Brantley, b. at Blackshear, 12 Feb., 1904; d. 9 
Aug., 1905. 

750b WILLIAM LOOMIS' POMEROY (Emma Janette* 
Loomis, Janette^ Stiles, Lucina* Spelman, Charles^ Thomas^ 
Richard^) was born at Holyoke, Mass., 26 June, 1873. He mar- 
ried at Marietta, Ga., 2^ June, 1896, Margaret Zenobia Trammell, 
daughter of Leander Newton and Zenobia (Barclay) Trammell. 
Children : 

i Margaret Jeannette, b. at Marietta, Ga., 6 May, 1897. 
ii Dorothy Trammell, b. at Marietta, 9 Sept., 1899. 

750c PHILIP LOOMIS' POMEROY (Emma Janette' 
Loomis, Janette" Stiles, Lucina* Spelman, Charles^ Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born at Holyoke, Mass., 31 Oct., 1879. He mar- 
ried at Savannah, Ga., 13 June, 1902, May Willard Fisher, daugh- 
ter of George A. and Anna (Williamson) Fisher. 
Children : 

i William Loomis, b. at Delhi, N. Y., 7 Oct., 1903. 
ii George Fisher, b. at Delhi, 20 Aug., 1906. 
iii Anna, b. at Marietta, Ga., 2 May, 1908. 

sons' Miner, Adeline Jane" Spelman, Samuel*, Charles', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in West Granville, Mass., 20 September, 
i860 or 1861, and died in Springfield. Mass., 25 June, 1906; 
married in Easthampton, Mass., 2 September. 1885, Nettie C. 
Williams, born in Chicopee Falls, Mass., daughter of George R. 
and Elizabeth (Friselle) Williams. In early life Mr. Baldwin 
learned the printing trade, but soon began the study of music, 
in which he showed unusual ability, both as a teacher and a 
composer. He was leader of the old Easthampton Orchestra and 
travelled with that organization extensively. He was leader of 
the Easthampton and Northampton Bands, and, at the time of 
his death, was leader of the First Church Sunday School Orches- 
tra, in Northampton, and of the Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion Orchestra, composed of forty pieces. He also continued his 

444 Spelman Genealogy 

trade as a printer, and was for several years foreman of the 
Easthampton News Company. 

Children, born in Easthampton, Mass. : 
i Leon Norwood, b. 8 Feb., 1886. 
ii AttaHe Linnell, b. 30 Nov., i^ 

752 RALPH LYMAN' BALDWIN (Harriet Parsons' 
Miner, Adeline Jane* Spelman, Samuel*, Charles^ Thomas', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Easthampton, Mass., 27 March, 1872 ; married 
in Haydenville, Mass., 27 May, 1896, Mary Pierce Hosford of 
Haydenville, born there, 28 October, 1871, daughter of Charles L. 
and Harriet (Pierce) Hosford. Mr. Baldwin is supervisor of 
music in the public schools of Hartford, Conn. ; is organist and 
choir master of the Fourth Congregational Church in that place, 
and conductor of the Northampton Vocal Club, composed of 
sixty members. 

Children : 

i Dorothy Spelman, b. 4 Jan., igoo, in Northampton, 
ii Robert Miner, b. 6 Feb., 1902, in Northampton. 
iii Howard Hosford, b. in Haydenville, 17 Sept., 1904. 

753 HYATT WILFORD' AVERY (Elizabeth Ranney' 
Miner, Adeline Jane' Spelman, Samuel*, Charles', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard^) was born in New York City, 26 August, 1870 ; married in 
Torrington, Conn., 21 September, 1893, Flora Alice Steele of 
that place, born in Great Barrington, Mass., 16 June, 1873, 
daughter of George Benedict and xMice (Dimon) Steele. At 
the outbreak of the Spanish War, he enlisted in Company K., 
Second Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, 3 May, 1898, and 
served in Cuba during the summer with the rank of sergeant, 
returning in the hospital ship. Solace, from Siboney, Cuba. He 
was honorably discharged, 4 November, 1898. He and his wife 
reside in Meriden, Conn. 

Child : 

i Muriel Winifred, b. in Albany, N. Y., 12 Nov., 1894. 

754 HOWARD B.' DICKINSON (Jennie Elizabeth" 
Brown, Elizabeth Lucina" Spelman, Samuel*, Charles', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 5 July, 1874; married 
Lucy Moore. 

Children : 

i Bernice Howard, 
ii Buell. 

755 AMILA EVELINE' SEYMOUR (Ellen Sophia* Ban- 
croft, Charles', Salome* Spelman, Charles*, Thomas', Richard^) 
was iDorn in Tekamah, Neb., 2 February, 1867 ; married in South 

Seventh Generation 445 

Hadley, Mass., 14 January, 1890, Silas John Watts, born in 
Clinton County, N. Y., 18 March, 1867, son of Newell Albert and 
Cornelia Waters (Brooks) Watts. 
Children : 

i Marjorie Seymour Watts, b. in South Hadley, Mass., 

25 Feb., 1892. 
ii A son, b. in South Hadley, 26 May, 1894; d. a few 

hours after birth, 
iii Doris Ethel Watts, b. in Springfield, Mass., 9 Aug., 

756 SUSAN' SEYMOUR (Ellen Sophia' Bancroft, 
Charles", Salome* Spelman, Charles', Thomas'", Richard') was 
born in Sandy Hook, Iowa, 16 November, 1873 ; married in Aga- 
wam, Mass., 25 September, 1901, Joseph C. McVeigh, bom in 
Ireland in 1872, son of Samuel and Annie (Campbell) McVeigh 
of Scotland. 

Children, born in Springfield, Mass. : 
i Margaret McVeigh, b. 18 Aug., 1903. 
ii Helen Sykes McVeigh, b. 19 Dec, 1905. 

757 CLINTON CARLOS' SMITH (Lucretia Almira* Gib- 
bons, Almira" Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas', Rich- 
ard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 25 July, 1850; married in 
that place, in 1877, Lenora C. Bruch, born in Canton, Conn., in 
1858, died in Granville in 1890, daughter of Adolph J. and Mary 
Bruch. Mr. Smith resides in Granville. 

Children, all born in Granville, Mass., except the eldest: 
i Bertha, b. in Litchfield, Conn., in 1878; d. there in 

ii Ethel M., b. in 1879; d. in Granville in 1879. 
iii Viola L., b. in 1880; lives in Granville, 
iv Madge E., b. in 1882; lives in Granville, 
v Nina Louise, b. m. 1884; m. 30 Aug., 1905. James 
Wright, b. at Colebrook River, Conn., 5 Jan., 1859, 
son of Orin and Mercy (Cook) Wright; lives in 
vi Hettie L., b. in 1886; lives in Granville. 

758 CAROLINE ALMIRA' SMITH (Lucretia Almira* 
Gibbons, Almira" Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Thomas", Richard') 
was born in Granville, Mass., 25 March, 1852, and died there in 
1887; married in Granville, in 1873, Sidney A. Gark, born there 
in 1852. son of Timothy and Julia Clark. He resides in Gran- 

Children, born in Granville, Mass.: 

446 Spelman Genealogy 

i Wells L. Clark, b. in 1875 ; married in Westfield, 

Mass., in 1883 ; lives in that place, 
ii Ralph S. Clark; m. in Westfield, in 1905, Myrtle 

iii Roe S. Clark, b. in 1887; lives in Westfield. 

759 ELMA ALMIRA' HOLCOMB (Lydia' Gibbons, Al- 
mira* Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas", Richard^) 
was born in Granby, Conn., 10 March, 1850 ; married in Gran- 
ville, Mass., 30 September, 1874, Hiram Hudson Stoddard, born 
in Newington, Conn., 5 March, 1837, son of Hiram Edward and 
Fanny (Filley) Stoddard. Her father dying in her infancy, her 
mother married again when Mrs. Stoddard was six years of 
age, and she was adopted by her stepfather, William Frederick 
Pratt. She resides in Edgar, Neb. 

Children, born in Newington, Conn. : 

922 i Lynn Frederick Stoddard, b. 5 Oct., 1875 ; m. Irvine 

D. Albright, 
ii Leila Elma Stoddard, b. 28 Apr., 1877; d. in New- 
ington, Conn., 22 June, 1879. 

923 iii Zada Lydia Stoddard, b. 20 Feb., 1879; ^- Charles 

M. Lancaster. 

760 ALTON EDWARD' HOLCOMB (Elizabeth Cowdry' 
Gibbons, Almira^ Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas*, 
Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., i November, 185 1. He 
married, 8 June, 1875, in Bridgeport, Conn., Pauline Lathrop, 
born there, who died before 1907. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Aline Clara, b. 9 Mar., 1877; d. in Bridgeport, 16 Jan., 

ii Maude Ethelyn, b. 15 July, 1880; m. Harry Beach of 
West Hartland, Conn. 

761 EDGAR BUELU H9LCOMB (Elizabeth Cowdry* 
Gibbons, Almira" Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen*, Thomas', 
Richard') was born in Granville, Mass., 9 April, 1865 ; married 
in New Britain, Conn., 14 October, 1896; Emma J. Cooley, 
born in Independence, Iowa, 8 January, 1874, daughter of Milo 
and Lucy Cooley. 

Children : 

i Evelyn Cooley, b. 19 Jan., 1899, 
ii Doris Clark, b. 10 Jan., 1902. 

ker*, Almira" Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen*, Thomas*, Rich- 
ard') was born in Granville, Mass., 6 September, 1855, and died 

Seventh GeneratioinT 447 

there, 9 November, 1900; married (i) in Springfield, Mass., 15 
April, 1879, Harry Albert McGrath, born in Connecticut, about 
1847, died in Ware, Mass. She married (2) in Granville, 9 No- 
vember, 1895, William Wells Bemis, born in Wardsboro, Vt., 29 
April, 1859, died in Granville, 13 December, 1896. After her 
first marriage she resided in Holyoke, Mass., and with her second 
husband in Granville. 

Child by first husband : 

i Claribel Adelia Gibbons McGrath, b. in Holyoke, 20 
May, 1880; d. in Granville, 19 Sept., 1893. 
Child by second husband : 

ii Wilhelmina Wells Gibbons Bemis, b. in Granville, 4 
Jan., 1897; adopted by her uncle, Carlos C. Gibbons, 
with whom she resides in Bertrand, Neb. 

763 ORVILLE REUBEN' NOBLE (Charlotta Angeline' 
Gibbons, Almira" Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born in Granville, Mass., 23 November, 1861 ; 
married there, 23 October, 1890, Annie Cushman Wilcox, born in 
Granby, Conn., 17 March, 1867, daughter of Columbus and Jane 
(Cushman) Wilcox. He is a manufacturer of drums and toys 
in Granville. 

Children, born in Granville, Mass. : 

i Frederica Louise, b. 20 July, 1891. 
ii Katherine May, b. 20 May, 1898. 
iii Donald Edwin, b. 7 Aug., 1902. 

Almira' Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen\ Thomas*, Richard*) 
was born in Granville, Mass., 24 May, 1857 ; married, 3 April, 
1883, Frank Edwin Smith. They reside in St. Joseph, Mo. 

Children, born in Orange, N. J. : 

i William Henry Smith, b. 19 Mar., 1884. 
ii Edwin Carlos Smith, b. i Aug., 1886. 

Almira" Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard*) 
was born in Granville, Mass., 2 December, 1861 ; married there, 
10 April, 1883, William Albro Perkins. They reside in Pom- 
fret, Vt. 

Children, all except the eldest born in Pomfret, Vt. : 

i Laura Estelle Perkins, b. 22 Apr., 1884, in Plum 

Creek, Neb. 
ii Flora Gibbons Perkins, b. 24 May, 1887. 
iii Edith Bernice Perkins, b. 6 Nov., 1889. 
iv Martha Elizabeth Perkins, b. 3 Mar., 1892. 
V Dorothy Elsa Perkins. 

448 Spelman Geneialogy 

vi Helen Rose Perkins. 

vii William Stanley Perkins. 

766 MERWIN JEPTHA' GIBBONS (Edwin Carlos', 
Almira" Tinker, Naomi^ Spelman, Stephen', Thomas', Richard^) 
was born in GranA'ille, Mass., 2 June, 1867; married in West- 
field, Mass., 29 September, 1897, Jennie Naomi Dean, bom in 
Pittsfield, Mass., 15 September, 1869, daughter of Allen and 
Jane Dean. Mr. Gibbons graduated from Yale University in 
1894 with the degree of B. A. After studying civil engineering 
and working for some months on electric railways, he became 
a member of the engineering corps of the New York, New 
Haven and Hartford Railroad, and was stationed at New Haven, 
where he remained two years and a half. From 1898 to 1902 he 
was Assistant City Engineer at Pittsfield, Mass., and since then 
up to the present time (1907) has acted as transit man and 
assistant engineer at Utica and Albany, N. Y., for the New York 
Central and H^udson River Railroad Company. Mr. and Mrs, 
Gibbons reside at Rensselaer, N. Y. 

Children : 

i Marion Estelle, b. in Pittsfield, Mass., i Dec, 1898. 
ii Allen Edward, b. in Pittsfield, 3 Jan., 1901. 
iii Charlotte Cowan, b. in Utica, N. Y., 2,1 Aug., 1904. 

767 EVA JANE' CARPENTER (Ann Janette' Tinker, 
Sylvanus", Naomi* Spelman, Stephen*. Thomas', Richard") was 
born 9 November, 1853 > married George Thomas ; they resided 
for a time in Westfield, Mass. 

Children : 

i Edna Mary Thomas, 
ii A daughter. 

Phelps', Sylvanus", Naomi* Spelman. Stephen*, Thomas', Rich- 
ard") was born in Granville, Mass., 17 March, 1869; married 
Ethel Bates, born in Lima, N. Y., 28 February, 1883, daughter 
of Reverend Alfred H. and Louisa (Strong) Bates. Doctor 
Tinker graduated from the Jefiferson Medical College in Phila- 
delphia, in May, 1893 ; in 1895 he received the degree of B. S. 
from Harvard, and in 1899, that of M. D. from the University 
of Berlin, Germany, graduating with honors. On 5 July, 1900, 
he became resident surgeon in Johns Hopkins Hospital in Balti- 
more, remaining there until 15 May, 1903. when he became sur- 
geon at the sanitarium in Clifton Springs, N. Y., where he now 
resides. He is a lecturer on surgerv at Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Seventh Generation 449 

Child : 

i Martin, b. in Clifton Springs, N. Y., 6 Mar., 1906. 

769 STELLA NAOMF MIXTER (Sibyl Maria" Gillett, 
Naomi" Tinker, Naomi* Spelman, Stephen", Thomas', Richard') 
was born in Westfield, Mass., 27 July, 1869; married there, 5 
April, 1905, Robert Henry Buzby, born in Olney, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 25 October, 1875, son of Richard Jonathan and Jane (Gale) 
Buzby. They reside in Westfield. 


i Richard Gale Buzby, b. in Westfield, 29 Aug., 1906. 

770 JOSEPH BUELU ELY (Sarah Naomi" Buell, Phineas 
Lyman^ Naomi* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas", Richard') was 
born in Westfield, Mass., 22 Feb., 1881 ; married there Har- 
riet Dyson of that place. They reside in Springfield, Mass. 

i Richard, b. in Springfield, Mass., 15 July, 1907. 

Spelman, Jesse Barlow^ Jesse*, Stephen^, Thomas*, Richard') 
was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 25 April, 1854, and married there, 
13 Jan., 1880. Thomas Johnston Barbour, born in Brooklyn. 19 
March, 1852, the son of William and Elizabeth Johnston Bar- 
bour. Mrs. Barbour died 12 June, 1908. She had no children. 

Her devoted work of years in collecting the material for the 
Spelman Genealogy, of which she is the author, should win the 
gratitude of every descendant of Richard Spelman. Of Mrs. 
Barbour's personal life, her cousin, Mrs. Frank E. Walker (Mar- 
ion Spelman), has written the following appreciation: 

"In the time-honored Spelman home on Brooklyn Heights 
Fannie Cooley Williams was born. Surely the fairies were not 
absent then, nor were they niggardly with their gifts. Before 
she was eight years old, the child developed a peculiar and ex- 
traordinary talent for the piano. As she grew older she studied 
under eminent masters, whom she surprised b}' her wonderful 
musical memory. After reading a long and difficult selection for 
the first time, she could close the score and repeat it without a 
mistake. She easily improvised and composed melodies of her 
own, and all her life was ever ready to devote this gift to the 
pleasure of others. In her younger married life she faithfully 
presided at the piano for the Second Presbyterian Sunday School 
for fourteen consecutive years. Her literary tendencies, too, 
were not slow in their development. Many a childish poem 
amused and delighted her friends. The schools which she at- 
tended, the 'Brooklyn Heights Seminary,' and 'Miss Whit- 
comb's,' were eminently fitted to foster and cultivate her artistic 

450 Spelman Genealogy 

temperament. Being- interested in painting, she became skillful 
with the brush, and many excellent pictures upon historical and 
other subjects adorned her home. It was but natural that attain- 
ments so marked should seek expression in the society of those 
of kindred tastes. She called together the Woodman Choral 
Club of Brooklyn and was its first president. As one of the 
managers of the 'Home for Destitute Children,' she assisted in 
introducing the famous 'Kitchen Garden' classes for the instruc- 
tion of girls in all kinds of domestic work. 

"She married Thomas Johnston Barbour, of the New York 
Stock Exchange house, Barbour & Co. He is of Scotch descent, a 
man of sterling character and attractive personality. In the midst 
of a brilliant and useful life, Mr. Barbour's impaired health re- 
quired a change of climate. To give up home and associations 
when apparently at the height of success and happiness was a test 
of fortitude. The next five years were spent in sunny Southern 
climes abroad, principally Nice and Algiers. In both of these 
cities they established a home of their very own, opening hos- 
pitable doors to a charming coterie of American and cosmopoli- 
tan friends. Mrs. Barbour entered at once into the spirit of her 
surroundings, familiarized herself with the life about her, and 
studied the people, their customs and ideals. 

"It was then that her first literary aspirations took definite 
form. Her contributions of prose and verse were sought by 
American and foreign magazines. Her published articles are of 
special value because of her sympathetic insight which goes 
straight to the heart of her subject; their charm lies in delicacy 
of touch and felicity of expression. After a winter spent in Cali- 
fornia, Mr. Barbour's health being restored, they settled in the 
old Brooklyn home, where Mrs. Barbour took up the threads she 
had dropped and, broadened by travel and study, resumed her 
busy, useful life. In church and charitable circles, in musical 
and literary clubs, in patriotic associations, she was an important 
factor. Sparkling in conversation, enthusiastic and cultured, so- 
ciety demanded much of her. Sunny, sympathetic, a tender help 
in trouble, and a sincere Christian, her friendships were enduring. 
Though she had no children, she was gentle and winning with 
little ones, who loved to be with her. 

"It seemed at one time that the Spelman Genealogy, for 
thirty years the dream and labor of Captain Benjamin R. Spel- 
man, would fail for lack of one willing and qualified to complete 
the task so bravely begun. Mrs. Barbour, in spite of friendly 
protests and exacting duties, was induced to take up the work. 
This undertaking occupied her leisure time during five years, and 
she devoted her faculties and energies untiringly to its consum- 
mation. We cannot know how arduous was this labor of love, 
or how persistent her efforts, but all who cherish the name of 


Seventh Generation 451 

Spelman must bless and honor the memory of the compiler of 
these annals of their progenitors. Their pride and glory in her 
achievement will be her best tribute." 

772 JESSIE BECK' SPELMAN (Timothy Mather' Spel- 
man, Jesse Barlow', Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard') was 
born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 13 August, 1855 ; married there, 6 De- 
cember, 1877, Augustus Phelps Richardson, bom in New York 
City, 22 December, 1855, son of Henry T. and Harriet (Bliss) 
Richardson. They reside in Chicago, 111. Mrs. Richardson has 
travelled extensively, both in Europe and this country, and is a 
musician of ability. Her husband is a member of the firm of 
Richardson, Boynton and Company, of Chicago. 

Children, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

924 i Ethel Louise Richardson, b. 11 Mar., 1879; m. Robert 

J. Dunham. 

925 ii Adeline Richardson, b. 8 Apr., 1882; m. John K. 

iii Augustus Howard Richardson, b. 12 July, 1885 ; un- 
married ; lives in Chicago. 

Mather*, Jesse Barlow", Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas", Richard') was 
born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 27 July, 1857; married there, 19 De- 
cember, 1883, Julia May Beale, born in Brooklyn, 7 July, 1863, 
daughter of William Pomeroy and Amelia (Whiting) Beale. 
They live in Brooklyn, and have a summer residence in Garden 
City, N. Y. Mr. Spelman is the president of Stearns and Beale, 
manufacturing stationers. 

Children, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

i Herman Beale, b. 3 Nov., 1884; unmarried; lives in 

Brooklyn ; secretary of firm of Stearns and Beale. 
ii Timothy Mather, b. 21 Jan., 1891 ; lives in Brooklyn. 

774 MATILDA' SPELMAN (William Chapman', Jesse 
Barlow"*, Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard') was bom in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 3 April, 1864; married there, 23 May, 1888, Doctor 
Clark Burnham, born in Philadelphia, Pa., 15 September. 1855, 
son of Nathan and Mary (Pancoast) Burnham. They reside in 
Brooklyn, and have a summer residence in Manchester, Vt., in 
both of which places Doctor Burnham is a practising physician. 

Children, all but the fourth born in Brooklyn, N. Y. : 
i Lois Burnham, b. 4 Mar., 1891. 
ii Rogers Burnham, b. 19 Apr., 1894. 
iii Barbara Burnham, b. 4 June, 1897. 
iv Katharine Burnham, b. in Manchester, Vt., 6 Aug., 

452 Spelman Genealogy 

V Lyman Burnham, b. 6 Feb., 1902. 
vi Matilda, b. ii Feb., 1906; d. in Brooklyn, 15 Mar., 

775 HOYT SPELMAN (William Chapman", Jesse Bar- 
low*, Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 24 July, 1867; married in Elizabeth, N. J., 16 April, 
1891, Lilian Deutsch, born in that place, 2 February, 1868, daugh- 
ter of William M. and Frances Deutsch. They reside in West- 
field, N. J. Mr. Spelman is in business with the John Simmons 
Company in New York City. 

Children : 

i Margaret Frances, b. in Manchester, Vt., 29 May, 1895. 
ii Hoyt, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 21 Oct., 1904. 

776 MARION' SPELMAN (William Chapman', Jesse 
Barlow', Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas^, Richard") was born in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 27 May, 1874; married there, 20 April, 1898, Fred- 
erick Edgar Walker, born in New York City, 6 January, 1871, 
son of Captain Thomas Dixon and Mary Silva (Bryan) Walker, 
This was Mr. Walker's second marriage. By his first wife he 
had one son, Frederick. Mr. and Mrs. Walker reside in Short 
Hills, N. J., and his business is in New York City, where he is 
secretary of the John Simmons Company. 

Children : 

i Thomas Dixon Walker, b. in Brooklyn, 2 May, 1900. 
ii Anne Walker, b. in Short Hills, 28 July, 1902. 
iii William Spelman Walker, b. in Short Hills, 27 Jan., 

phen', Stephen', Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was born 
in Westfield, Mass., 2 December, 1872 ; married in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., I February, 1902, Emily Knapp, born in Hesse-Darmstadt, 
Germany, 16 August, 1872, daughter of August and Helena 
(Schneider) Knapp. They resided in Brooklyn, but later re- 
turned to Westfield, where they now live. 

Children : 

i Helen Louisa, b. in Brooklyn, 27 Apr., 1904. 
ii Edward Knapp, b. in Westfield, 17 June, 1906. 

778 JOHN RODGERS' SPELMAN (William Dey Er- 
mand', Benjamin Root", Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was 
born in Quincy, Mass., 18 February, 1872 ; married in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 19 January, 1899, Elsie Warnock, born in Marsville, Ont., 
Canada, i July, 1872, daughter of John and Ellen J. Warnock. 
They live in Rockville Centre, N. Y. 

Seventh Generation 453 

Children : 

i Howard Rodgers, b. in Brooklyn, 17 Nov., 1899. 
ii Malcolm Stewart, b. in Brooklyn, ii Dec, 1900. 
iii Walter Dey Ermand, b. in Elmhurst, L. I., 28 June, 

Ermand', Benjamin Root^ Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas", Richard') 
was born in Quincy, Mass., 7 June, 1873; married in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 30 January, 1901, Isaac Worthy Price, born in Calverton, 
N. Y., 16 March, 1866, son of Isaac and Hannah (Calvert) 
Price. They reside in Brooklyn, where Mr. Price is in the drug 
business, and spend the summers at Haines Falls, N. Y. 

Children, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

i Helen Elizabeth Price, b. 4 Dec, 1901 ; d. in Brooklyn, 

4 Dec, 1901. 
ii Paul Calvert Price, b. 2 May, 1903. 

mand', Benjamin Root"*, Jesse*, Stephen^, Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in Albany, N. Y., 30 October, 1878 ; married in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 25 October, 1905, Theodore Thomas Snell, born in Wash- 
ington, D. C, 9 September, 1875, son of Reverend M. Porter 
and Mary (Hallock) Snell. Mr. Snell is the grandson of Gerard 
Hallock, founder and president of the Associated Press and for 
thirty-three years editor of the New York Journal of Commerce. 

Child : 

i Gerard Hallock Snell, b. in Brooklyn, 15 Aug., 1906. 

781 MARY RODGERS' SPELMAN (William Dey Er- 
mand', Benjamin Root', Jesse*, Stephen', Thomas*, Richard') was 
born in Albany, N. Y., 16 September, 1880; married in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 25 April, 1904, Frank Osborne Bristol, born in Rochester, 
N. Y., 2 November, 1875, son of Jonathan Putnam and Lovina 
(Powers) Bristol. 


i Ruth Spelman Bristol, b. in Chatham, N. J., 3 Nov., 

782 KATE WOOSTER' SPELMAN (Benjamin Root', 
Benjamin Root", Jesse*, Stephen*, Thomas*. Richard') was born in 
Albany, N. Y., 14 July, 1874; married, 10 August, 1895, Hugo 
Ludwig Klein, born in Prague, Austria, 30 October, 1871, son 
of Ludwig and Elizabeth (Koreff) Klein. Mr. and Mrs. Klein 
reside in Chicago, 111. 

454 Spelman Genealogy 

Children, born in Chicago, 111. : 

i Elizabeth Koreff Klein, b. 28 Apr., 1896. 
ii Leslie Spelman Klein, b. 9 Mar., 1900. 
iii Robert Spelman Klein, b. at Chicago, 29 Sept., 1907. 

783 MERRITT LYMAN' COE (Festus Spelman', Cli- 
mena', Festus*, Stephen", Thomas', Richard*) was born in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, 17 January, 1842; married Kelly. He is de- 

Children : 
i Jessie, 
ii John, 
iii Mary. 

784 ZEPHYRINE ADELAIDE' COE (Festus Spelman*, 
Climena', Festus*, Stephen*. Thomas'', Richard*) was born in 
Randolph, Ohio, 13 May, 1845 ! married B. T. Wooster. 

Children : 

i Frank A. Wooster. 

ii Pearl O. Wooster. 
iii Chester C. Wooster. 
iv Alberta Wooster. 

V Carrie Wooster. 

785 MARY ELLEN' COE (Festus Spelman*, Qimena*, 
Festus*, Stephen", Thomas', Richard*) was born 18 August, 1858, 
and died in Milwaukee, Wis. ; married, 24 September, 1876, Ed- 
win Forrest Pierce of Milwaukee. 

Child : 
i George Forrest Pierce ; d. young. 

786 EMMA GEORGIA' COE (James Pratt', Qimena* 
Spelman, Festus*, Stephen", Thomas', Richard*) was bom in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, II January, 1847; married there, 2 May, 1869, 
Henry Clark Brainerd, born in Randolph, 8 June, 1845. They 
reside in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Children, born in Cleveland, Ohio : 

i Frank Coe Brainerd, b. 29 July, 1870; he was a sol- 
dier in the Spanish- American War ; unm. ; resides 
in Boston, Mass. 
ii Qark Specs Brainerd, b. 10 Mar., 1872 ; d. 29 Dec, 
926 iii Edith Brainerd, b. 21 July. 1875; m. Rev. Edwin E. 
iv Edna Elizabeth Brainerd, b. 4 Oct., 1878; unm. 


Seventh Generation 455 

787 ALMON BUEU COE (James Pratt', Climena* Spel- 
man, Festus*, Stephen', Thomas', Richarcr) was born 16 July, 
1853; married (i), 26 November, 1875, Eva Bunce. They re- 
sided in Kipp, Mont. He married a second time in Montana. 
He now lives in Ravenna, Ohio. 

Child by first wife : 

i Geors^e Leslie, b. 7 Feb., 1877. 
Children by second wife : 

ii Mary Janet, b. 7 Mar., 1885. 

iii James B., b. 28 Nov., 1886. 

iv Charles L., b. 16 May, 1889; d. 8 Aug., 1889. 

V Agnes B., b. 10 July, 1890. 

788 CHARLES PRATT COE (James Pratt', Climena* 
Spelman, Festus*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Ran- 
dolph, Ohio, 13 August, 1861 ; married in Cleveland, Ohio, 27 
October, 1886, Ina B. Davis, born in Harpersfield, Ohio, in 1869, 
daughter of Mr. C. M. C. and Julia (Humphrey) Davis of Ran- 

Children : 

i Emma Blanche, b. in Randolph, in 1888. 
ii Frederick Davis, b. in Randolph, in 1892. 
iii Frank Charles, b. in Rootstown, Ohio, in 1898. 

nah' Coe, Climena' Spelman, Festus*, Stephen', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard") was born in Randolph, Ohio, 2 August, 1849 5 married in 
Waupun, Wis., 9 June, 1867, Charles Howe Ford, born in Fair- 
port, N. Y., 31 July, 1837, son of Merry and Sarah (Howe) 
Ford. Mr. Ford is now deceased. Mrs. Ford was born at the 
home of her maternal grandparents in Randolph, but, on the 
return of her father from California, removed with her parents 
to Waupun, Wis. She entered Ripon College, at Ripon, Wis. 
She possessed musical talent, and was known as a singer during 
her college course. Later, while attending the Milwaukee 
Downer College, she was a member of the Milwaukee Philhar- 
monic Society, She has been interested in literary studies, and 
completed the Chautauqua course of reading in 1883. In 1887 
she removed to Chicago, in order that her son. Frederick H. 
Ford, might attend the Manual Training School in that city. 
While there, she studied at the Art Institute in the department of 
Decorative Design. She removed to Madison, Wis., on the death 
of her husband, and there her sons studied in the Electrical En- 
gineering School of the State University. Mrs. Ford was an 
active member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in 
Madison, and bought property there to prevent its being used in 
the interest of saloons. She, with others, succeeded in having the 

456 Spelman Genealogy 

first temperance district set apart about a portion of the University 
grounds. Cn the marriage of her eldest son and the graduation 
of her youngest, she again studied at the Art Institute in Chicago 
for one year. Since then, she has resided with her parents in 
Waupun, going with them to Florida and to California, and 
spending the summers with her younger son. She has studied 
art at the Harvard Summer School, and at the Handicraft Guild 
in Minneapolis. She is the author of a book, and has invented 
a device for holding eye glasses, on which she has French, Ger- 
man, English, and American patents. 

Children : 
927 i Frederick Howe Ford, b. 10 Apr., 1870; m. Harriet 

ii Arthur Hillyer Ford, b. in Chicago, 6 Feb., 1874; m., 

18 June, 1908, Sadie Hess. He studied for a year 
at Washburn College, Topeka, Kans., entered the University of 
Wisconsin in 1891, and graduated, four years later, from the 
electrical engineering course. For two years he held a Fellow- 
ship at the University of Wisconsin, and for one year at Colum- 
bia University. He then engaged in work connected with elec- 
trical companies in Schenectady, N. Y., Chicago, and New York ; 
later taught for a year in the Department of Electrical Engineer- 
ing at the University of Colorado ; for four years in the same 
Department at the Georgia School of Technology at Atlanta; 
and is at present (1907) Professor of Electrical Engineering at 
the State University of Iowa. He is a member of several scien- 
tific societies. Mr. Ford is a Congregationalist, is interested in 
mission work, and assisted in forming Congregational churches 
in Madison, Wis., and in Atlanta. 

790 DOCTOR HENRY WALDO' COE (Samuel Buel*, 
Climena" Spelman, Festus*, Stephen', Thomas*, Richard^) was 
born in Waupun, Wis., 4 November, 1857 ; married at Mandan, 
N. D., 20 June, 1882, Viola May Boley of that place, born in 
Bourbon, Ind., 20 April, 1863, daughter of Honorable Elijah 
and Sarah (Llewellyn) Boley. Doctor Coe graduated from the 
Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, N. Y., and immedi- 
ately afterward, in 1880, settled in Mandan. While there he 
held many important offices, among v/hich were those of mayor, 
president of the State Medical Society, superintendent of the 
State Board of Health, and member of the School Board. In 
1884 he founded "Crystal Springs," a private sanitarium for the 
treatment of nervous diseases, at Mt. Tabor, a suburb of Port- 
land, Ore., and is its medical director. He removed to Portland 
in 1 891, and since that time has been professor of nervous and 
mental diseases in Williamette University, consulting alienist to 
the State Insane Asylum of Oregon, consulting neurologist to 


Seventh Generation 457 

the School for Defectives of the State of Washington, and neur- 
ologist to the Multomah County Hospital. Since 1893 he has 
been the pubHsher of the Medical Sentinel of Portland, and is 
president of the American Medical Editors' Association. He is 
president of the Portland City and County Medical Society, and of 
the State Medical Society of Oregon. He has been a member 
of the House of Delegates to the American Medical Association, 
and State Senator from Multomah County to the Oregon Legis- 
lature. He is a Congregationalist and a Scottish Rite and Shrine 
Mason. He is also interested in lanj^e business enterprises out- 
side of medical lines, and is a m.ember of the Sons of the Revo- 
lution and of the American xA.ssociation for the Advancement of 
Science. In 1907, while on his way to inspect the hygienic condi- 
tions at Panama, as president of the Medical Editors' Associa- 
tion, on which he was commissioned to make report to President 
Roosevelt as well as to the Association, Doctor Coe and his wife 
were passengers on the City of Panama. The vessel was sup- 
posed to be lost on account of terrific storms encountered on the 
voyage, but finally made port in safety. Mrs. Coe is also a 
physician, having taken her degree at the Women's Medical 
College in Chicago, but has not practised since her removal to 
Oregon. She has written many articles on foreign travel, noted 
women, etc., which have been published in some of the Pacific 
Coast magazines, and interested herself in various philanthropic 
enterprises, having established, in 1894, with others, a Home for 
Unemployed Women, which has since been of benefit to thou- 
sands. Mrs. Coe is descended from the royal line of Llewellyn, 
Prince of Wales, through her mother, who was born in Virginia, 
and was, before her marriage, a Quakeress. The father of Mrs. 
Coe was formerly of Pennsylvania. 
Children : 

i George Clifford, b. in Mandan, 17 Jan., 1885 ; he is a 

student in Leland Stanford University (1906). 
ii Wayne Walter, b. in Portland, 10 Oct., 1894; he is a 

student in Portland Academy (1906). 
iii Earl Alphonso, b. in Portland, Ore., 8 Aug., 1896; 

he is a student in Portland Academy (1906). 

791 JENNIE EVELYN' COE (Samuel Buel', Climena*, 
Festus*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Waupun, Wis., 
5 April or II July, 1859; married in Valley City, N. D., 26 De- 
cember, 1879, Frank Wright, born in New York in 1849, son of 
Harry and Mary (Peerson) Wright of Wyoming, N. Y. They 
reside in Valley City, N. D. 

Children, born and died in Vallev City, N. D. : 

i Mary Wright, b 10 Oct.. 1880; d. 16 Sept., 1883. 
ii Harry Coe Wright, b. 18 Jan., 1884; d. 17 Apr., 1897. 

458 Spelman Genealogy 

792 CHARLES ALMON' COE (Samuel Buel', Qimena* 
Spelman. Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard") was born in 
Waiipun, Wis., 11 July, i860; married in Long Creek, Ore., 12 
August, 1900, Lillie Belle Allen, born in Iosco, Minn., i No- 
vember, 1866, daughter of William E. and Philena (Ward) Allen. 

Children, born in Long Creek, Ore. : 

i Minnie, b. 2 May, 1901 ; d. in Long Creek, 5 May, 

ii Mary, b. 8 June. 1902; d. in Long Creek, 13 Sept., 

iii Violet, b. 5 Oct., 1903. 

793 ANNA MALINDA' SPELMAN (William Ohel*, 
Salmon A.*, Festus*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard") was born in 
Camp Reno, Milwaukee, Wis., 15 March, 1865; married in Marl- 
boro', Ohio, 10 November, 1883, Charles Orvis Carrington, born 
there, 6 July, 1859, son of Job and Harriet (Specs) Carrington. 
They lived in Marlboro', but removed some years ago to Stark- 
weather, N. D. 

Children, first five bom in Marlboro', Ohio; last two in 
Starkweather, N. D. : 

i Nellie Carrington, b. 15 Mar., 1885; m. in Stark- 
weather, 15 Mar., 1904, Charles Anti Pownell, b. in 
Fulton, Ind., 11 Sept., 1884, son of James and 
Annie Pownell. 
ii Milton Carrington, b. 13 Aug., 1887; d. in Marlboro', 

3 Aug., 1889. 
iii Bessie Carrington, b. 29 Apr., 1892. 
iv Hattie Carrington, b. 23 May, 1894. 
v Walter Carrington, b. 11 Jan., 1897. 
vi Freddie Carrington, b. 24 Nov., 1903. 
vii A child, b. 13 Feb., 1906. 

794 JENNIE HELEN' SPELMAN (William Ohel', Sal- 
mon A.', Festus*, Stephen', Thomas*, Richard") was born in Marl- 
boro', Ohio, 2 November, 1868; married in St. Paul, Minn., 4 
June, 1899, Luther Dickey McGahan of Ravenna, Ohio, born 25 
September, 1865. They lived in Ravenna, in Devil's Lake, N. D., 
and now reside in Minot, N. D. Mr. McGahan was formerly ed- 
itor and proprietor of the Devil's Lake Free Press; he has held a 
clerkship for two terms at the State Capitol in Bismarck, and 
also held office in the municipal government of Devil's Lake. 

Children : 

i Aileen Swanston McGahan, b. in Devil's Lake, 25 

Aug., 1894. 
ii Luther Spelman McGahan, b. in Devil's Lake, 22 May, 

Seventh Generation 459 

iii Edward Albert McGahan, b. in Hartsville, Ohio, 10 

March, 1900. 
iv Alice Creel McGahan. b. in Minot, 21 Aug., 1905. 

Salmon A.', Festiis*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard') was born in 
Marlboro', Ohio, 28 March, 1871 ; married there, 3 May, 1896, 
Benjamin Winfield Warner, born in Canton, Ohio, 15 June, 1871, 
son of Levi J. and Lucinda Warner. They reside in Mogadore, 

Children : 

i Paul Russell Warner, b. 3 July, 1896, in Marlboro'; d. 

30 Aug., 1899, in Hartville, Ohio, 
ii Manard Luther Warner, b. 22 May, 1901, in Hartville. 
iii Kenneth Warner, b. in Mogadore, 17 Dec, 1903. 

796 MARCUS BURT' SPELMAN (Henry Louis", Mar- 
cus Festus^ Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard') was born in 
Rootstown, Ohio, i October, 1877 ; married in Kent, Ohio, 16 
March, 1905, Jessie May Hinds. They live in Kent, Ohio. 


i A son, b. in Kent, 26 Dec, 1905 ; d. there, 28 Dec, 1905. 

797 ROLLIN HENRY' SPELMAN (Henry Louis', Mar- 
cus Festus^ Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas", Richard') was born in 
Rootstown, Ohio, 21 November, 1879; married in Cleveland, 
Ohio, 14 January, 1903, Flora Scott Herrick, born there, 19 May, 
1878. They live in Canton, Ohio. 

Children, born in Canton, Ohio : 
i Pauline Herrick, b. 5 Mar., 1905. 
ii Rollin Henry, b. 9 Aug., 1906. 

grand', Deborah" Spelman, Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas', Richard') 
was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 18 April, 1861 ; married in Hiram, 
Ohio, 21 November, 1880, Guy Tilden, born in Youngstown, 
Ohio, II May, 1858, son of Daniel V. Tilden. They live in 
Canton, Ohio. 

Children, last three born in Canton, Ohio : 

i Cora Eva Tilden, b. in Alliance, Ohio, 2 Nov., 1881. 

ii Elmer A. Tilden, b. 10 Aug., 1887. 

iii Helen Tilden, b. 30 Mar., 1890. 

iv Ralph Sanford Tilden, b. 19 June, 1896. 

799 RUFUS SHERMAN' SANFORD (Festus Marcus*, 
Deborah" Spelman, Festus*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard') was 
born in Rootstown, Ohio, 31 May, 1871 ; married there, Perlea 

460 Spelman Genealogy 

E. France, born in that place, 4 December, 187 1. They reside 
in Rootstown, where Mr. Sanford's mother, who has been an 
invalid for five years, lives with them. 
Child : 

i Dwight Festus, b. in Rootstown, 19 Mar., 1898. 

800 LULU DELL' TEAGUE (Emily Aurilla' Spelman, 
Richard Dickinson^ Festus*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard^) was 
born in Peru, Ind., 31 December, 1863; married (i) in Fort 
Wayne, Ind., 4 January, 1883, Edgar J. Ward, born in Win- 
chester, Ind., 9 August, i860, died in Chicago, III, son of Thomas 
and Jane Ward of Winchester; married (2) in Chicago, in 1891, 
Harry Downing, born in Richmond, Ind., 26 September, 1858, son 
of Henry R. and Mary Downing of that place. Mrs. Downing 
was adopted by her stepfather, Mr. Levi M. B. Jones. She is a 
musician and, as the head of the "Morning Musicale," in Rich- 
mond, has a reputation throughout the State. 

Chldren by first husband : 

i Frederick Jones Ward, b. in Richmond, 12 Feb., 1883. 
ii Webster Lee Ward, b. in Fort Wayne, i Nov., 1887. 
Child by second husband: 

iii Mary Marguerite Downing, b. in Richmond, 19 July, 

beth Isabelle' Spelman, Richard Dickinson^ Festus*, Stephen*, 
Thomas', Richard') was born in Manchester, Iowa, i April, 1876; 
married in Clyde, Kan., 6 February, 1899, Mabel D. Fry, born 
in that place, 28 July, 1881, daughter of Charles C. and Cora E. 
Fry of Denver, Col. They reside in Newton, Kan., where Doctor 
Goddard is a dentist. 

i Earle Spelman, b. in Manhattan, Kans., 28 June, 1900. 

Rufus Rolla^ Rufus*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard*) was born in 
Bainbridge, N. Y., 5 April, 1869; married in New Orleans, La., 
6 February, 1893, Albert Walter Sullivan of Chicago, 111. They 
live in St. Louis, Mo. 

Children : 

i Adrienne Francoise Sullivan, b. in New Orleans, 27 

Feb., 1S96. 
ii Mark RoUa Sullivan, b. in Chicago, 29 Jan., 1898. 

la', Rufus Rolla^ Rufus*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard') was born 
in Albany, N. Y., 20 November, 1870; married in New Orleans, 

Seventh Generation 461 

La., 15 May. 1899, Doctor Orrin Leroy Smith, born in Shelby- 
ville, III., 22 June, 1870, son of Norman Pitt and Minerva Smith 
of Paris, III. They reside in Lexington, Ky. 
Children : 

i Anna Jean Smith, b. in Chicago, 7 Aug., 1900. 

ii Norman Pitt Smith, b. in Lexington, 27 Apr., 1905. 

804 ANNA LOVISA' SPELMAN (Mark Rolla', Rufus 
Rolla^ Rufus*, Stephen^ Thomas", Richard") was born in New- 
ark, N. J., 7 August, 1871 ; married in New Orleans, La., 15 No- 
vember, 1894, Charles Nicholas Wogan of that place, who is a 
member of the firm of Wogan Brothers. They live in Mande- 
ville, La. 

Children : 

i Caroline Wogan, b. in New Orleans, 22 Jan., 1896. 
ii Julia Wogan, b. in Bay St. Louis, Miss,, 30 Aug., 

1897; d. there, 23 May, 1899. 
iii Charles Nicholas Wogan, b. in Bay St. Louis, 3 Dec, 

iv Anna Wogan, b. in New Orleans, 8 Oct., 1902. 
v Daniel Spelman Wogan, b. 24 Nov., 1907. 

805 HARRY MARTYN' CROWELL (Henry Martyn', 
Nancy" Root, Miriam* Spelman, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard*) 
was born in Memphis, Tenn., 24 April, 1870; married in Los 
Angeles, Cal., 30 June, 1892, Sarah Etta Whitcomb, born in 
Ind., 4 October, 1868, daughter of Lysias and Julia Whitcomb. 
Mr. Crowell attended the public schools in Memphis. He was 
an iron moulder in that place and in Los Angeles, and now re- 
sides in Sunnyvale, Cal. 

Children, born in Los Angeles, Cal. : 
i Frank Earl, b. 8 Feb., 1894. 
ii Edith, b. 12 Dec, 1895. 

806 EDWARD WARREN' CROWELL (Henry Martyn*, 
Anna' Root, Miriam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in Memphis, Tenn., 4 October, 1874; married Cora I. Hold- 
redge, daughter of Rollin and Cordelia Holdredge. They reside 
in Los Angeles, Cal. 


i Warren H., b. in Los Angeles, 25 Oct., 1905. 

807 ETHEL ELNORA' ROOT (Silas Boardman', Jacob 
Spelman', Miriam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard*) was 
born in Granville, Mass., 10 May, 1876; married there, 8 August, 
1905, Carl V. Beman, born in Crown Point, N. Y., 6 August, 
1879, son of Irving L. and Jennie (Howard) Beman. His 

462 Spelman Genealogy 

mother married, as a second husband, Louis K. Spelman. Mr. 
and Mrs. Beman reside in Westfield, Mass. 
i Esther^Howard Beman, b. in Westfield, 11 June, 1906. 

dolph', Marinda^ Root, Miriam* Spelman, Stephen', Thomas', 
Richard^) was born in Lincoln, Neb., 26 June, 1875 ; married in 
Manila, P. L, in 1906, Harriet Fishtorn, born in Peru, Ind., 1877, 
daughter of John and Ernestine Fishtorn of Chicago, 111. Mr. 
Sizer served in the Spanish-American War, going to the Phil- 
ippines in 1898 as a member of the First Nebraska Volunteers. 
After the war he entered the Custom House at Manila. 


i Edward Randolph, b. in Manila, in 1906. 

809 BESSIE' ROCKEFELLER (Laura Celestia' Spel- 
man, Harvey Buel^ Samuel Buel*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard^) 
was born in Cleveland, Ohio, 23 August, 1866. She married, 22 
March, 1889, in New York City, Charles Augustus Strong. He 
is the son of Augustus Hopkins and Harriet Louise (Savage) 
Strong, and was born in Haverhill, Mass., 28 November, 1862. 
His father was the president of the Rochester Theological Sem- 
inary, and the family has been prominent in theological affairs of 
the Baptist Church. Mr. Strong was professor of psychology 
at the Chicago University, later holding the chair of philosophy 
at Columbia University. 

Mrs. Strong was for some years an invalid, and had gone to 
Cannes, France, for the benefit of her health. She died there 
14 November, 1906. She was the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. 
Rockefeller, and was greatly beloved by all who knew her. Her 
father built for her a beautiful home in Lakewood, New Jersey, 
wishing that she should always be near him. 

i Margaret Strong, b. at Pocantico Hills, N. Y., 11 
June, 1897. 

810 ALTA' ROCKEFELLER (Laura Celestia' Spelman, 
Harvey Buel', Samuel Buel*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard^) was 
born in Cleveland, Ohio, 12 April, 1871. She married in New 
York City, 17 January, 1901, E. Parmalee Prentice, born in Dav- 
enport, Iowa. 29 July, 1863, son of Sartell and Mary Adeline 
(Isham) Prentice of Albany, N. Y. 

Children : 

i John Rockefeller Prentice, b. in New York City. 17 
Dec, 1902. 

Seventh Generation 463 

ii Mary Adeline Prentice, b. in New York City, 29 
Nov., 1907. 

811 EDITH' ROCKEFELLER (Laura Celestia* Spel- 
man, Harvey Buel^ Samuel Buel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born in Cleveland, Ohio, 31 August, 1872. She married in 
New York City, 26 November, 1895, Harold Fowler McCormick, 
of Chicago. He is the son of Cyrus Hall and Annette (Fowler) 
McCormick, and was born in Chicago 2 May, 1872. Mr. and 
Mrs. McCormick reside in Chicago. 

Children : 

i John Rockefeller McCormick, b. in Council Bluffs, 

la., 24 Feb., 1897; d. in Pocantico Hills, N. Y., 2 

Jan., 1901. 
ii Harold Fowler McCormick, b. in Chicago 15 Nov., 

iii Muriel McCormick, b. in Chicago 10 Sept., 1902. 
iv Editha McCormick, b. in Chicago 17 Sept., 1903 ; d. 

II June, 1904. 
V Mathilde McCormick, b. in Chicago 8 April, 1905. 

(Laura Celestia" Spelman, Harvey Buef, Samuel Buel*, Stephen*, 
Thomas^, Richard^) was born in Cleveland, Ohio, 29 January, 
1874. He married in Warwick, R. L, 9 October, 1901, Abby 
Greene Aldrich, the daughter of United States Senator Nelson 
W. and Abby Greene Aldrich of Providence, R. I. She was bom 
in Providence, 26 October, 1874. 

Children : 

i Abby Aldrich, b. 9 Nov., 1903, in New York City, 
ii John Davison, b. 21 March, 1906, in New York City, 
iii Nelson Aldrich, b. 8 July, 1908, in Bar Harbor, Me. 

813 LOUIS A. PACKER' REED (Seymour Spelman*, 
Laura Melissa^ Samuel Buel*, Stephen', Thomas^ Richard*) was 
born in Rootstown, Ohio, 28 or 18 July, 1864; married Jennie 
S. Parsons, born in Rootstown, 28 July, 1865, daughter of John 
Strong Parsons of that place. 

Child : 

i C. Robert, b. 20 Dec, 1883. 

814 CLARENCE' REED (Seymour Spelman', Laura Me- 
lissa', Samuel Buel*, Stephen", Thomas', Richard*) was born in 
Rootstown, Ohio, 11 September, 1866; married Anna Wemick. 

Children : 

i Ruth Christine, b. 10 Dec, 1891. 
ii Lucile, b. 5 Aug., 1894. 

464 Spelman Genealogy 

815 MAY' REED (Seymour Spelman", Melissa' Spelman, 
Samuel Buel*, Stephen\ Thomas", Richard') was born in Roots- 
town, Ohio, 8 July, 1870; married John P. White. 

Children, born in Cleveland, Ohio : 
i Bessie May White, b. 3 Sept., 1891. 
ii Gladys White, b. 6 Aug., 1893. 
iii Marion White, b. 7 Aug.. 1898. 

816 HENRY REED' DEMMING (Siley Rosetta' Reed, 
Laura Melissa" Spelman, Samuel Buer, Stephen', Thomas*, Rich- 
ard') was born 16 December, 1880; married Creta Queen, daugh- 
ter of D. I. Queen. They reside in Kent, Ohio. 


i Donivan Reed, b. 2 Oct., 1902. 

817 JOHN STRONG' PARSONS (Ellen Melissa' Reed, 
Laura Melissa' Spelman, Samuel Buel*, Stephen', Thomas', Rich- 
ard') was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 25 February, 1877; married 
there, 29 January, 1902, Ida Louise Wemick, born in that place, 
16 October, 1876, daughter of Martin Wemick. 

Children, born in Rootstown, Ohio : 
i Mildred Ellen, b. 4 May, 1904. 
ii Helen Louise, b. 29 June, 1907. 

Shelby, Mabel" Spelman, Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard') was 
born in Burlington, Iowa, 26 May, 1869; married in Alexis, 111., 
in September, 1897, Jessie Burt. They live in Keokuk, Iowa. 

Children, last three born in Keokuk, Iowa: 

i Mabel Augusta, b. in Burlington, la., 4 Aug., 1898. 
ii Russell Edward, b. 28 Feb., 1900. 

iii John Burt, b. 8 Nov., 1903. 

iv Shelby Edmund, b. 18 July, 1906. 
v Clifford Eraser, b. 29 Nov., 1908. 

Shelby, Mabel" Spelman, Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard') 
was born in Burlington, Iowa, 18 December, 1873 ; married there, 
10 June, 1896, Charles Lyon, born in that place, son of William 
Lyon. They live in Palmyra, Mo. 

Children : 

i William Barkley Lvon, b. in Packwood, la., i June, 

ii Ruth Estelle Lyon, b. in Packwood, 4 Oct., 1898. 
iii Margaret Irene Lyon, b. in Kahoka, Mo., 13 June*, 

Seventh Generation 465 

iv Harriet Elizabeth Lyon, b. in Palmyra, 2 Feb., 1905. 

V Mabel Shelby Lyon, b. 4 Aug., 1906. 

820 BIRDIE MARTHA' RIGGS (Isaac Short', Martha 
Amelia' Spelman, Ohel*, Stephen', Thomas', Richard') was born 
in Eddyville, Iowa, 12 June, 1875 ; married, 26 June, 1898, John 
Butcher, who died, 29 January, 1900. She resides with her chil- 
dren in Eddyville. 

Children : 

i Helen Riggs Butcher, b. 15 Jan., 1897. 
ii Celia Butcher, b. 14 Apr., 1899. 

821 WALTER ANDREW RIGGS (Isaac Short', Martha 
Amelia' Spelman, Ohel*, Stephen^ Thomas^ Richard') was born 
in Eddyville, Iowa, 6 January, 1877; married in Burlington, Iowa, 
31 May, 1898, Grace E.' Millspaugh, born 27 January, 1877, 
daughter of Albert Edmund and Irene Mabef (Shelby) Mills- 
paugh. They live in Miles City, Mont. 

Children, born in Oskaloosa, Iowa : 
i Ella Alberta, b. 22 Mar., 1899. 
ii Bernice Estelle, b. 6 July, 1900. 
iii Dorothy Grace, b. 13 Aug., 1901. 
iv Walter Andrew, b. 12 Feb., 1903. 

V Nellie Byerlie, b. 12 Sept., 1907. 

822 FRANKLIN' COE ( Hyatt', Benjamin Franklin', Lu- 
man Spelman*, Sarah' Spelman, Thomas^ Richard") was born in 
Darien, N. Y., 4 October, 1871 ; married, 15 January, 1899, 
Lillian Deborah Jewett, born in Buffalo, N. Y., 3 July, 1876, 
daughter of Josiah and Grace (Hall) Jewett. Mr, Coe is the 
proprietor and editor of the Evening Times of Rochester, N. Y., 
and also manager of the Purchasing Department of Collier's Mag- 
azine, New York. 

Children : 

i Katherine, b. in Rochester, 27 Mar., 1900. 
ii Roger Jewett, b. in Buffalo, 22 June, 1901. 
iii Norman Ellsworth, b. in Boston, Mass., 25 Aug., 1904. 

823 RALPH S.' SPELMAN (Dwight Lozine', Lyman*, 
Daniel*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Stafford, Conn., 
15 May, 1859. He married, but the name of his wife is un- 
known. He is now deceased. 

Child : 

i Grace, lives in Chaplin, Conn. 

824 ROSELLA E.' SPELMAN (Dwight Lozine', Lyman , 
Daniel*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard') was born in Stafford, Conn., 

466 Spelman Genealogy 

6 March, 1862 ; married John L. Avery. They lived in Somers, 
Conn. She is now deceased. 
Children : 

i Merton Avery, 
ii A daughter. 

man', Daniel*, Eber*, Thomas", Richard^) was born in Stafford, 
Conn., 16 November, 1859, and died there, 6 April, 189 1 ; mar- 
ried in Stafford, 30 November, 1881, Charles Davis, born there, 
6 September, 1854, son of Edwin Davis. 


i Eva Gertrude Davis, b. in Mansfield, Conn., 4 Jan., 
1883 ; lives in Hadley, Mass. 

826 ALONZO D WIGHT SPELMAN (Emery Dan', Ly- 
man^ Daniel*, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard") was born in Stafford, 
Conn., 9 August, 1862; married there, 22 January, 1883, Eva 
Amelia Ferry, born in that place, 6 September, 1864, daughter of 
George Leroy and Lucy (Root) Ferry. They reside in Willi- 
mantic. Conn. 

Child : 

i Albert Erskine, b. in Wilimantic, 15 Oct., 1886. 

man^ Daniel*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard") was born in Stafford, 
Conn., 20 January, 1868; married there, 3 July, 1889, Phebe Anna 
Irons, born in Willington, Conn., 30 January, 1868, daughter of 
William and Sarah (Brown) Irons of Stafford. Mr. Spelman 
is a carpenter and builder. They reside in Stafford. 

Children, born in Stafford, Conn. : 
i William Arthur, b. 17 Nov., 1893. 
ii Jennie Gertrude, b. 12 July, 1899. 
iii Alonzo Everett, b. 11 Feb., 1906. 

828 EMMA FRANCES' HALL (Emily Ann' Spelman, 
Lyman', Daniel*, Eber', Thomas", Richard") was born in Stafford, 
Conn., II March, i860; married (i) in Gilbert Station, Iowa, 17 
September, 1892, Chester Ouinlan Dunn, son of Henry and 
America Dunn. He died in the Philippine Islands, 21 March, 
1900, aged about thirty-nine. She married (2) in Gilbert Sta- 
tion, 29 September, 1902, Elmer Keeney, born in Pennsylvania, 
8 March, 1851, son of Henry Minor and Rebecca Keeney. Mr. 
and Mrs. Keeney reside in Luther, la. 

Child by first husband: 

i Archibald Hall Dunn, b. in Summit, la., 10 Sept., 1893. 

Seventh Generation 467 

ton, Lucy Thrair Spelman, Eber*, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in Ossian, N. Y., 7 July, 1856; married (i) in Dansville, 
N. Y., 12 April, 1873, Evelyn Welton, who died there, 27 No- 
vember, 1893. He married (2) in Orchard Park, N. Y., in Oc- 
tober, 1899, Anna Seymore. 

Children by first wife, born in Ossian, N. Y. : 

i Jessie, 

ii May. 

iii Maude, 

iv Cora Lucy, 

v Katherine. 

vi Jane, 

vii Fremont, 

viii Marguerite. 

ton, Lucy Thrair Spelman, Eber*, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in Ossian, N. Y., 22 September, 1858; married in Mount 
Morris, N. Y., 10 November, 1880, Florence Olp. 

Children, born in Ossian, N. Y. : 
i Carrie, 
ii Howard Blaine, d. in Geneseo, N. Y. 

831 CORA BELLE' HAMPTON (Mary Jane' Fen- 
ton, Lucy Thrair Spelman, Eber*, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in Ossian, N. Y., 10 or 19 April, i860; married in that 
place, 17 April, 1879, William L. Hyde. 

Child : 

i Mabelle Hyde, b. in Ossian, 2 Oct., 1881. 

832 CARRIE DELLA' HAMPTON (Mary Jane* Fen- 
ton, Lucy Thrair Spelman, Eber*, Eber", Thomas^ Richard') was 
born in Ossian, N. Y., 17 March, 1864; married in Canaseraga, 
N. Y., 13 November, 1882, James or John Kennedy. 

Children, born in Ossian, N. Y. : 

i Elinor May Kennedy, b. 30 Oct., 1884. 
ii Isaac Donald Kennedy, b. 6 June, 1891. 
iii Lucy Evaline Kennedy, b. 15 May, 1898. 

833 MARY E.' HAMPTON (Mary Jane' Fenton, Lucy 
Thrall" Spelman, Eber*, Eber', Thomas*, Richard') was born in 
Ossian, N. Y., 22 March, 1865 ; married there, 15 February, 
1883, John M. McNair, who died in Dansville, N- Y., in No- 
vember, 1899. 


468 Spelman Genealogy 

i Hampton McNair, b. 4 Jan., 1885; d. in Dansville, 
in Nov., 1893. 

ton, Lucy Thrall" Spelman, Eber*, Eber^ Thomas^ Richard^) was 
born in Ossian, N. Y., 9 September, 1866; married in Canaseraga, 
N. Y., 16 April, 1890, Minnie I. Blank. 

Children : 

i Glenn Raymond, b. in Johnson City, Tenn, 25 July, 

ii Harold Leigh, b. in Johnson City, 25 Apr., 1900; d. 

there in 1901. 
iii Harry Neil, b. in Canaseraga, 26 Apr., 1903. 

835 NELLIE MAY" HAMPTON (Mary Jane" Fenton, 
Lucy Thralf Spelman, Eber*, Eber', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 
in Ossian, N. Y., 23 March, 1872; married in Dansville, N. Y., 
9 December, 1891, John Fontaine, born in Sheldon, N. Y,, 7 Sep- 
tember, 1868, son of Quphir and Mary Fontaine. They live in 

Children, born in Ossian, N. Y. : 

i Ross La Verne Fontaine, b. 9 Feb., 1893. 
ii Violet Maude Fontaine, b. 25 Feb., 1894. 

836 MINNIE BELLE' FENTON (Lucius Charles', Lucy 
Thrair Spelman, Eber*, Eber', Thomas', Richard^) was born in 
Ossian, N. Y., 25 July, 1866; married in Nunda, N. Y., 2 Octo- 
ber, 1887, Wells Chittenden. 

Children : 

i Ray Taylor Chittenden, b. in Portage, N. Y., 2 Octo- 
ber, 1889. 
ii Jessie May Chittenden, b. in Grove, N. Y., 18 Apr., 

iii Ethel Minnie Chittenden, b. in Mount Morris, N. Y., 

6 Feb., 1894. 
iv Lucy Luella Chittenden, b. in Ossian, N. Y., 17 Sept., 

837 JAMES MERTON' FENTON (Lucius Charles', Lucy 
Thrair Spelman, Eber*, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard^) was born in 
Ossian, N. Y., 13 February, 1868; married in Hume, N. Y., 8 
October, 1893, Hattie May Weeks, born in Scottsburg, N. Y., 29 
August, 1 87 1, daughter of BrazilHa and Charlotte Weeks. 

Children : 

i Clyde Llewellyn, b. in Mount Morris, N. Y., 10 July, 

ii Harry Lewis, b. in Belfast, N. Y., 26 July, 1895. 

Seventh Generatiok 469 

iii Mabel Gladys, b. in Belfast, 29 July, 1897. 

iv Lucius Brazillia, b. in Nunda, N. Y., 8 Dec, 1899. 

V Leola Catharine, b. in Ossian, 31 Jan., 1901. 
vi William Charles, b. in Ossian, 25 July, 1905. 

838 SARAH ADELAIDE' FENTON (Lucius Charles', 
Lucy Thrair Spelman, Eber*, Eber', Thomas*, Richard^) was 
born in Sparta, N. Y., 3 August, 1869; married in Ossian, N. Y., 
22 December, 1897, Welcome C. Paine, born in Clinton, Ohio, 12 
November, 1868, son of Delos and Harriet Paine. They live in 
Nunda, N. Y. 

Children, born in Nunda, N. Y. : 

i Ross Welcome Paine, b. 7 Nov., 1898. 
ii Grace Gladys Paine, b. 21 Nov., 1900. 
iii Mneatha Belle Paine, b. 22 Sept., 1902. 
iv Delos Fenton Paine, b. 22 Mar., 1904. 

V Helen Adelaide Paine, b. 21 Dec, 1905. 

839 CARRIE ESTEL' ELLIS (Jonathan Johnson', Louisa 
Statira* Johnson, Statira* Spelman, Eber*, Thomas^ Richard*) 
was born in East Granville, Mass., in 1852 ; married in Pawtucket, 
R. I., in 1871, John M. Thurber, born in Massachusetts, in 1852. 

Child : 

i Ellis P. Thurber, b. in Pawtucket, in 1872; m. there, 
in Apr., 1897 ; resides there. 

840 FLORENCE CJ ELLIS (Lucius Augustus', Louisa 
Statira" Johnson, Statira* Spelman, Eber*, Thomas", Richard*) 
was born in New Market, N. H., in November, 1854; married 
in North Adams, Mass., 5 March, 1874, Orville G. Ellsworth, 
born in Bennington, Vt., in July, 1850. They live in Friend, Neb. 

Children, all born in Friend, Neb., except the first: 

i Carrie F. Ellsworth, b. in North Adams, Mass., in 
Dec, 1874; m. in Friend, Neb., in Aug., 1894, 
Clarence I. Goodon ; lives in Denver, Col. 
ii Vina M. Ellsworth, b. in Dec, 1877. 
iii Maud W. Ellsworth, b. in Sept., 1881. 
iv Lucius A. Ellsworth, b. in June, 1884. 

V Orville E. Ellsworth, a twin, b. in June, 1884; d. in 

Friend, in Dec, 1892. 
vi Elmer E. Ellsworth, b. in Nov., 1889. 

841 MINNIE GENIE' HAMILTON (Thomas', Rhoda 
Spelman' Saunders, Rhoda* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas*, Rich- 
ard*) was born in Hartford, Conn., 6 June, 1861 ; married there, 
20 October, 1886, Doctor Robert Barclay of St. Louis, Mo., born 

470 Spelman Genealogy 

there, 8 May, 1857, son of D. Robert and Mary (Shepard) Bar- 
clay of that place. 

Children, born in St. Louis, Mo. : 

i Robert Hamilton Barclay, b. 10 Aug., 1887. 
ii Shepard Gibson Barclay, b. 25 May, 1889. 
iii McClelland Barclay, b. 9 May, 1891. 

ton, Rhoda Spelman' Saunders, Rhoda* Spelman, Timothy', Thom- 
as*, Richard^) was born in Hartford, Conn., 26 September, 1864; 
married in Hoboken, N. J., 2 September, 1894, Alexander Von 
Humboldt Roemer, born in Flushing, N. Y., in March, 1852, son 
of Major Jacob and Sybille (Mauer) Roemer. They reside in 


i Mary Sybille Roemer, b. in Flushing, 21 Mar., 1900. 

843 WILLIAM H. H.' MATHER (Mary' Hamilton, 
Rhoda Spelman' Saunders, Rhoda* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born in Hartford, Conn., 29 August, 1866; mar- 
ried Lillian G. Cross, born in Buffalo, N. Y., 13 November, 1867. 
They live in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Chiu)Ren, born in Cleveland, Ohio: 
i Thomas Hamilton, b. 8 Oct., 1892. 
ii John Bonner, b. 3 Aug., 1894. 

844 NELLIE' STURTEVANT (Samantha Emeline' Sut- 
ton, Sarah Morilla' Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born in Dexter, Me., 28 March, 1868; married 
there, 6 May, 1893, John Ganeau, born in that place, 25 January, 
1 87 1, son of Joseph and Mary Ganeau. They reside in Dexter. 


i Mildred Ganeau, b. in Dexter, 22 July, 1894. 

845 NELLIE' SUTTON (James Lafayette', Sarah Moril- 
la* Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas*, Richard^) was 
bom 3 November, 1874; married, 31 December, 1903, Ernest 


i Victor Sutton Hilvety, b. 3 Oct., 1904; d. 7 Oct., 1904. 

846 EDNA' SUTTON (James Lafayette', Sarah Morilla' 
Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas*, Richard^) was bom 
22 September, 1877; married, 13 February, 1895, Wallace Hens- 

Children : 

i Chester Hensley, b. 16 July, 1896. 

Seventh Generation 471 

ii Warren Hensley, b, 16 Sept., 1897. 

iii Helen Hensley, b. 15 Nov., 1899. 

iv Earl Hensley, b. 13 Feb., 1901. 

V Elbert Rawls Hensley, b. 28 Dec, 1903. 

Milton", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy", Thomas^ Richard^) was born 
19 November, 1854; married, 7 August, 1878, Emma Musson. 

Children : 

i Maude, b. 19 Sept., 1879. 

ii Florence, b. 4 Sept., 1882. 

iii Earl, b. 11 May, 1884. 

iv Charles, b. 25 June, 1887. 

V Emery, b. 28 Oct., 1889. 
vi Grace, b. 2 Dec, 1891. 

vii Beulia, b, 25 July, 1893. 
viii Daniel Eli, b. 7 Nov., 1896. 
ix Pansy, b. 24 July, 1897. 

848 MILLIARD MILTON' KELLEY (Eli D.', Timothy 
Milton^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy", Thomas", Richard^) was born 
25 August, 1856; married, 22 September, 1880, Jennie E. Holt. 
They live in Shumway, 111. 

Children : 
928 i Mamie, b. 4 Aug., 1881 ; m. J. L. Brummerstedt. 

ii Ray Holt, b. 18 Aug., 1883. 
iii Flossie, b. 11 Aug., 1885. 
iv Ralph, b. 15 Jan., 1888; d. 19 Feb., 1888. 

V Hallie H., b. 22 Mar., 1889. 

vi Benjamin Franklin, b. 2 Jan., 1892. 
vii Walter William, b. i Oct., 1896. 
viii Mabel, b. 26 June, 1901. 

849 CAROLINE JANETT' KELLEY (Eli D.', Timothy 
Milton^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 
24 October, 1858; died 5 March, 1884; married, 5 December, 
1878, G. B. Whitacre. 

Children : 

i Raymond Pearl Whitacre, b. 10 Oct., 1879 5 ^- ^ Mar., 

ii Walter Emory Whitacre, b. 2 Feb., 1881. 
iii Mable Grace Whitacre, b. 22 Nov., 1882. 

850 EFFIE ANN' KELLEY (EH D.', Timothy Milton*, 
Sarah* Spelman, Timothy", Thomas", Richard^) was born 10 
March, 1864 ; married, 4 May, 1898, Frederick William Miller. 

Children : 

472 Spelman Genealogy 

i Lucile Elizabeth Miller, b. 19 June, 1899. 

ii Theodore Roosevelt Miller, b. 4 Nov., 1900. 

iii Harriett Floretta Miller, b. 6 July, 1902. 

iv Mabel Marie Miller, b. 26 Mar., 1904. 

851 HATTIE ALICE' KELLEY (Eli D.', Timothy 
Milton^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy'', Thomas^ Richard^) was born 
3 November, 1866; married, 14 December, 1887, W. S. Adams. 

Children : 

_i Eli David Adams, b. 11 Oct., 1888. 
ii Ross A. Adams, b. 12 Feb., 1890. 
iii Jennie Mabel Adams, b. 10 July, 1895. 

852 DORA' DEVORE (Mary Adeline' Kelley, Timothy 
Milton^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas^, Richard^) was born 
24 January, 1862; married, 11 March, 1880, Robert J. Allen. 

Children : 

i Monroe Allen, b. 20 May, 1881. 

ii James E. Allen, b. 15 Sept., 1882. 

929 iii lola Allen, b. 13 June, 1884; m. Claude M. Brokaw. 

iv Clifford Allen, b. 4 July, 1887. 

V Hattie L. Allen, b. 8 Aug., 1889. 

vi Joe L. Allen, b. 17 June, 1894. 

vii M. Eva Allen, b. 3 Feb., 1902. 

853 lOLA' DEVORE (Mary Adeline* Kelley, Timothy 
Milton^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas', Richard^) was born 
23 September, 1864; married, 17 May, 1885, Andrew G. Ward. 

Children : 

i Mary Augusta Ward, b. i Oct., 1886. 

ii Roscoe Ward, b. 7 Oct., 1887. 

iii Louisa Ward, b. 28 July, 1889. 

iv Cora Ward, b. 8 Nov., 1890. 

V Ruth Ward, b. 24 June, 1897. 

vi Eldora Ward, b, 5 June, 1905. 

854 ELI JACOB' DEVORE (Mary Adeline* Kelley, Tim- 
othy Milton^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas", Richard^) was 
born 14 December, 1866; married, 25 August, 1889, Elizabeth 

Children : 

i George Warren, b. 7 Oct., 1891. 
ii Mary Catherine, b. 18 Mar., 1900. 

855 CHARLES M.' DEVALL (Mary Adeline' Kelley, 
Timothy Milton", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas", Richard^) 

Seventh Generation 473 

was born 28 June, 1879; married, 28 December, 1899, Bertha 

Children : 

i Effie, b. 16 Mar., 1901. 
ii Edgar C, b. 6 May, 1903. 

856 ANNA ELIZABETH' KELLEY (Hugh Spelman*, 
Timothy Milton', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard') 
was born 20 October, 1866; married, 6 May, 1891, Festus Rosen- 

Children : 

i Hase B. Rosenbalm, b. 26 Jan., 1892. 
ii Floyd H. Rosenbalm, b. 14 Aug., 1897. 
iii Julia M. Rosenbalm, b. 7 June, 1902. 
iv Hugh C. Rosenbalm, b. 24 Nov., 1905. 

857 MAGGIE' KELLEY (Hugh Spelman', Timothy Mil- 
ton*, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard') was born 8 
February, 1868 ; married, in 1894, Mathew Hagen. 

Children : 

i Florence S. Hagen, b. 2 Jan., 1896. 
ii M. Bernadine Hagen, b. 16 Mar., 1898. 

858 DAISY" KELLEY (Hugh Spelman', Timothy Mil- 
ton*, Sarah' Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard') ; married 
Michael Hogan. 

Children : 

i Stewart Hogan. 
ii Katherine Hogan. 

859 CHARLOTTE' KELLEY (Hugh Spelman', Timothy 
Milton", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard') was born 
in 1882 ; married, in August, 1902, L. C. Warren. 

Children : 

i A son, b. in 1903 ; d. in 1903. 

ii Florence Bernice Kelley, b. 27 Dec, 1905. 

860 ELVIRA COMFORT PARKER (Rhoda Electa* Kel- 
ley, Timothy Milton', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas*, Rich- 
ard') was born 20 July, 1864: married, 29 May, 1887, J. J. Miller. 
They reside in Shelbyville, 111. 

Children : 

i Oron Thomas Miller, b. 6 Dec, 1887. 
ii Alvin Miller, b. 28 Mar., 1889. 
iii Cecil Miller, b. 14 Mar., 1891. 
iv L. A. Miller, b. 6 July, 1893. 
V Rhoda Mabel Miller, b. 3 Feb., 1905. 

474 Spelman Genealogy 

86i MINNIE BELU PARKER (Rhoda Electa' Kel- 
ley, Timothy Milton^, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas^ Rich- 
ard') was born 29 January, 1869; married, 14 November, 1892, 
George Hudson. They reside in Shelbyville, 111. 
Children : 

i Neta Hudson, b. 29 Nov., 1893. 
ii Ruby Hudson, b. 26 Feb., 1895. 

862 JOHN WILLIAM' PARKER (Rhoda Electa' Kel- 
ley, Timothy Milton', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas", Rich- 
ard*) W2is born 22 July, 1876; married, 20 July, 1898, Minnie 
Brown. They live in Shelbyville, 111. 

Children : 

i Thomas Henry, b. 25 Apr., 1899. 
ii Dorothy Rhoda, b. 9 Oct., 1901. 
iii Neva Brown, b. 2 Apr., 1904. 

863 MARY ELIZABETH' PARKER (Rhoda Electa' Kel- 
ley, Timothy Milton", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Rich- 
ard*) was born 12 September, 1881 ; married (i), 26 September, 
1897, Frank Landers. She married (2), 10 December, 1900, 
George Johnson. 

Children by second husband : 

i Veva Johnson, b, 8 Jan., 1900. 
ii Ruth Frances Johnson, b. 24 Dec, 1903. 
iii Carroll Johnson, b. 20 Jan., 1905. 

864 MINNIE C: KELLEY (George Milton', Tim- 
othy Milton', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard*) was 
born 17 February, 1873; married, 17 March, 1891, Charles 
Graven. They live in Findlay, 111. 

Children : 

i Fern Graven, b. 31 Mar., 1893. 
ii Lola Graven, b. 2 Feb., 1895. 
iii Thomas Graven, b. 29 Oct., 1899, 
iv Juanita Graven, b. i Apr., 1901. 
v Ray Graven, b. 29 Sept., 1904, 

865 LILLY M.' KELLEY (George Milton', Timothy Mil- 
ton', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas", Richard*) was born 
16 February, 1877; married, 6 May, 1896, John M. Crowl. They 
live in Findlay, 111. 

Child : 

i Earl Kelley Crowl, b. 6 Feb., 1902. 

866 TIMOTHY MILTON' KELLEY (George Milton*, 
Timothy Milton', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard*) 

Seventh Generation 475 

was born 6 December, 1882; married, 3 September, 1903, Ruth 
B. Frazier. 

Children : 

i Elston Ward, b. 13 Mar., 1904. 
ii Ola Almarine, b. 25 Sept., 1905. 

867 ELVIRA JANE' SEYMOUR (Catherine E.' Ruff- 
ner, Elvira Mindwelf Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas', 
Richard') was born 24 January, 1865 ; married, 13 March, 1884, 
William Brussells, They live in Vevay Park, 111. 

Children : 

i Ada Brussells, b. 26 Mar., 1885. 
ii Ralph Brussells, b. 23 Apr., 1887. 
iii Essie May Brussells, b. 26 May, 1889 ; d. I June, 1897. 
iv William Brussells, b. 28 June, 1891. 

868 KATE ESTELLE' SEYMOUR (Catherine E.* Ruff- 
ner, Elvira Mindwell" Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', 
Richard') was born 19 March, 1870; married, 26 August, 1891, 
U. S. Phipps. They live in Carbondale, 111. 

Children : 

i Ena Phipps, b. 10 Oct., 1892. 

ii Elmer Ellsworth Phipps, b. 13 Oct., 1894. 

iii Ivy Burrell Phipps, b. 20 July, 1897. 

iv A daughter, b. 25 Feb., 1901 ; d. 10 Mar., 1901. 

869 HUGH KELLEY' RUFFNER (Martin J.', Elvira 
Mindwell' Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard') 
was bom 18 August, 1872; married, 11 October, 1891, Retta 

Children : 

i Martin A., b. 21 July, 1892. 
ii Willie L., b. 4 Apr., 1893. 
iii Ernest C, b. 21 Feb., 1897. 
iv Allen, b. 31 July, 1899. 
v Rhoda Mable, b. 26 Oct., 1901. 

870 HIRAM B.' RUFFNER (Martin J.' Elvira Mind- 
well' Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard') was 
born 23 November, 1874; married, 2 February, 1901, America 
Rennels. They live in Keene, 111. 

Children : 

i Helen Irene, b. 22 Feb., 1902. 
ii Kenneth, b. 12 Sept., 1904. 

871 MAGGIE M.' RUFFNER (Martin J.', Elvira Mind- 
weir Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas', Richard') was 

476 Spelman Genealogy 

bora 7 November, 1876 ; married, 5 July, 1898, Doris Wilkinson. 
They live in Mattoon, 111. 
i Paul B. Wilkinson, b. 20 Dec, 1903. 

872 MAUD A J RUFFNER (Martin J.*, Elvira Mind- 
well" Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy", Thomas^ Richard^) was 
born 4 January, 1879; married, 17 April, 1900, Charles Doty. 
They live in Lovington, 111. 


i Horace Lovington Doty, b. 13 Nov., 1903. 

873 EFFIE a; RUFFNER (Martin J.', Elvira Mind- 
well* Kelley, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas", Richard^) was 
born 9 September, 1881 ; married, 4 May, 1904, Blueford Hig- 
gins. They live in Mattoon, 111. 

i Scott Higgins, b. 17 Mar., 1904. 

vira' Kelley, John Spelman", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy", Thomas*, 
Richard^) was born 10 August, 1867; married, 13 April, 1887, 
Charles C. Slack. 

Child : 
i Lottchen Marshall Slack, b. 24 Dec, 1889. 

Elvira' Kelley, John Spelman", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thom- 
as", Richard") was born 30 September, 1871 ; married, 24 October, 
1893, Lucind E. Hurst. They live in Kansas City, Mo. 

Children : 

i Vivian Elvira, b. 18 May, 1894. 
ii Pauline May, b. 29 Apr., 1899. 

Elvira' Kelley, John Spelman", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy", Thom- 
as', Richard") was born 10 January, 1876, and died 29 May, 1901 ; 
married, 22 December, 1898, C. Anna Mclntyre. 

i Hazel Leon, b. 22 Feb., 1901. 

vira* Kelley, John Spelman", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy", Thomas*, 
Richard") was born 20 June, 1879; married, 24 February, 1898, 
Vinson W. Bruce. 

Children : 

Seventh Generation 477 

i Sable K. Bruce, b. 14 Feb., 1899. 

ii Charlotte Geraldine Bruce, b. 21 Oct., 1903. 

878 lONE BELLE' WHITE (Elsie Matilda' Kelley, John 
Spelman', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas", Richard*) was 
born 4 March, 1869; married (i), 30 May, 1889, Louis L. 
Houck. She married (2) Edward Toller; married (3) Albert B. 

Child by first husband : 

i Samuel L. Houck, b. 13 Feb., 1890. 

879 ANNA MAV WHITE (Elsie Matilda' Kelley, John 
Spelman", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard*) was 
born 26 July, 1871 ; married in Zenia, Kan., 31 March, 1889, 
David B. Murrow. They live in Blue Mound, Kan. 

Children, born in Bourbon County, Kan, : 

i Hugh White Murrow, b. 24 Apr., 1890. 

ii Cleda Rachel Murrow, b. 9 Apr., 1892. 

iii Sarah Elsie Murrow, b. 5 June, 1894. 

iv Charles Lester Murrow, b. 3 July, 1896. 

v Ulma Bernice Murrow, b. 27 July, 1899. 

vi Vera Arlene Murrow, b. 12 Mar., 1902. 

vii David Eldon Murrow, b. 23 Feb., 1904. 

viii A son, b. 10 Feb., 1907. 

880 MARY ALICE' WHITE (Elsie Matilda* Kelley, John 
Spelman', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy'*, Thomas^ Richard*) was 
born 18 April, 1875 ; married, 18 October, 1896, James J. Cope. 

Children : 

i Fern Lucille Cope, b. 28 Aug., 1897. 
ii Harold Eugene Cope, b. 26 Aug., 1900. 
iii Elsie Marie Cope, b. 25 Feb., 1904. 

881 EUGENE C: KELLEY (Milton Presly', Orville 
Lummis", Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard*) was 
born 8 March, 1872; married, 27 November, 1898, Ora E. Don- 
aldson. They live in Swanwick, 111. 

i Milburn, b. 28 Feb., 1904. 

882 ERASTUS O.' KELLEY (Milton Presly', Orville 
Lummis', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas", Richard*) was 
born I February, 1874; married, i January, 1894, Katie Francis. 
They live in Stehekin, Wash. 

Children : 

i Arthur J., b. 7 Aug., 1896. 
ii Henrietta, b. 5 July, 1898. 

478 Spelman Genealogy 

883 EURANIA GERTRUDE' KELLEY (Milton Presly', 
Orville Lummis', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy*, Thomas^ Richard^) 
was born 6 November, 1879; married, 2 August, 1903, Roy M. 
Qives. They live in Los Angeles, Cal. 


i Lois Clives, b. 24 June, 1904. 

884 FRANK 0/ KELLEY (Hugh Andrew*, Samuel Syl- 
vester^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard*) was born 
26 October, 1874 ; married, 30 June, 1901, Gertrude Smith. They 
live in Williamsport, Ind. 

Children : 

i Francis, b. 22 Mar., 1903. 
ii Eugene, b. 15 Apr., 1905. 

885 BESSIE' KELLEY (Hugh Andrew', Samuel Syl- 
vester^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy^ Thomas^ Richard') was born 
15 February, 1881 ; married, i July, 1895, Wilburn Whitacre. 
They live in Shelbyville, 111. 

Children : 

i Harry Whitacre, b. 22 Mar., 1898. 
ii Naudine Whitacre, b. 30 Apr., 1900. 
iii Hugh Whitacre, b. 22 Nov., 1905. 

886 lONE BELLE' KELLEY (John Spelman', Samuel 
Sylvester*, Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard*) was 
born 4 July, 1870; married, 23 September, 1895, George F. Myer. 
They live in Salem, 111. 

Children : 

i Ethel May Myer, b. 25 Dec, 1898. 
ii Edith Maud Myer, b. 27 June, 1901. 

887 ROY LESTER' KELLEY (John Spelman', Samuel 
Sylvester^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') was 
born 10 September, 1878; married, 15 March, 1898, Myrtle 
Austin. They live in Salem, 111. 

Children : 

i Chlooteel, b. 26 Feb., 1901. 
ii Theo, b. 14 Aug., 1904. 

ALT A' KELLEY (Samuel Monroe', Samuel Syl- 
vester', Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') was born 
21 April, 1882; married, 13 August, 1901, F. H. Edgar. They 
live in Lakewood, III. 
Children : 

i Alice Violet Edgar, b. 19 Sept., 1902. 

ii A son, b. 22 Sept., 1904; d. 22 Sept., 1904. 

Seventh Generation 479 

889 OSCAR CALVIN' KELLEY (William Medill', Sam- 
uel Sylvester^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas'^, Richard') 
was born 29 June, 1878 ; married, 6 January, 1898, Almeda Davis. 
They live in La Harpe, Kan, 


i Wayne, b. 11 Dec, 1899. 

890 BERTHA DEVILLA-' KELLEY (William Medill', 
Samuel Sylvester^ Sarah* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas^, Richard') 
was born 13 January, 1880, and died 27 March, 1904; married, 13 
March, 1897, M. Waddle. 

Children : 

i Myrtle Waddle, b. 10 Oct., 1897. 

ii Ralph Waddle, b. 6 Mar., 1899. 

iii Claude Waddle, b. 15 June, 1900. 

iv Earl M. Waddle, b. 15 Mar., 1902. 

V Murl R. Waddle, a twin, b. 15 Mar., 1902. 

891 SAMUEL ANDREW' KELLEY (William Medill', 
Samuel Sylvester^ Sarah' Spelman, Timothy", Thomas^ Richard') 
was born 13 January, 1882; married, 15 May, 1905, Lila King. 
They live in La Harpe, Kan. 


i Joseph Earl, b. 2 May, 1906. 

Wing*, George^ Thomas Herrick*, Timothy', Thomas^ Richard') 
was born in Alexandria, Ohio, 15 September, 1863; married in 
Sunbury, Ohio, 19 October, 1892, Grace Evelyn Wilcox of that 
place, born there 30 March, 1869, daughter of James and Cor- 
delia (Langdon) Wilcox. Mr. Spelman removed with his par- 
ents to Illinois, and after his mother's death, in 1872, he and his 
brothers and sisters were brought up by his maternal grand- 
mother, Mrs. Lorinda (Ballou) Wartenbe of Granville, Ohio. 
He is a graduate of Dennison University, with the degree of 
Ph. B. From 1887 to 1895 he was assistant engineer with the 
Illinois Central Railroad, and, from the latter date until 1896, 
was principal assistant to the chief engineer of the Wisconsin 
and Michigan Railroad. After 1896 for two years he engaged in 
the book business, and in 1898 entered the employ of the Brown 
Hoisting Machinery Company of Cleveland, Ohio, as structural 
draughtsman. Later, he went to Zion City, 111., as engineer in 
charge of the city works. He returned to Cleveland, where he 
now occupies his former position with the Brown Hoisting Ma- 
chinery Company. 

Children : 

i Edith Elliott, b. in Menominee, Mich., 8 Aug., 1895. 

480 Spelman Genealogy 

ii Gladys Winifred, b. in Cleveland, Ohio, 17 July, 1899. 
iii Agnes Marie, b. in Zion City, 111., 2 Dec, 1903. 

Wing', George^ Thomas Herrick*, Timothy*, Thomas", Richard^) 
was born near Shirley, 111., 22 April, 1871 ; married in Phoenix, 
Ariz., 4 September, 1898, Bessie McCoy, born in Trenton, N. J., 
12 February, 1871, daughter of Robert and Mary McCoy. Mr. 
Spelman was educated in the schools of Granville, Ohio, attend- 
ing the High School and the Academy there. He resides in 
El Paso, Tex. 

Children : 

i Laura Maywood, b. in Silver City, N. M., 28 Sept., 

ii Newton Ballou, b. in Granville, Ohio, 13 Feb., 1904. 

894 ELLA SPELMAN' WILSON (Mary Elizabeth* 
Spelman, Georg■e^ Thomas Herrick*, Timothy', Thomas^ Rich- 
ard^) was bom in Granville, Ohio, i July, 1868; married there, 
28 April, 1892, Victor E. Stark, born in that place, son of Barlow 

Child : 

i Ruth Louise, b. in St. Albans, Ohio, 13 July, 1893. 

895 JANE LOVISA' WILSON (Mary Elizabeth' Spel- 
man, George"*, Thomas Herrick*, Timothy*, Thomas", Richard^) 
was born in Newark, Ohio, 11 April, 1870; married in Granville, 
Ohio, 27 June, 1895, Frank D. Stark, born in that place, son of 
Barlow Stark. 

Child : 

i Robert Lansing Stark, b. in St. Albans, Ohio, 29 Dec, 

896 CARRIE LEON A' WILSON (Mary Elizabeth' 
Spelman, George", Thomas Herrick*, Timothy*, Thomas* Rich- 
ard') was born in Granville, Ohio, 13 April, 1872; married in 
Houston, Tex., 2 October, 1898, William Griffith Jones, son of 
Benjamin Jones. 

i Harold James Jones, b. in Houston, Tex., 25 July, 1900. 

897 GRACE ELIZABETH' LOOMIS (Mary Bella' Wing, 
Thomas Ralph^ Electa* Spelman, Timothy', Thomas", Richard*) 
was born in Medford, Mass., 3 November, 1880; married there, 
4 April, 1904, Herbert Fay Hatch, born in Boston, Mass., 2 
April, 1873, son of George Edwards and Catherine (Thayer) 
Hatch. Mr. and Mrs. Hatch reside in Newton Center, Mass. 

Seventh Generation 481 


i Elizabeth Loomis Hatch, b. in Chestnut Hill, Mass., 23 
Feb., 1905. 

898 EVA MABEU SALISBURY (Edith Cordelia* Cow- 
drey, Mary Clarinda° Kasson, Polly* Tillotson, Martha' Spelman, 
Thomas^ Richard") was born in Binghamton, N. Y., 9 April, 
1874; married, 30 June, 1896, Herbert Swartfiguer, son of Samuel 
Swartfiguer. They live in Rockville, Conn. 


i Harold Swartfiguer, b. 23 Feb., 1901. 

899 HARRY A.' MORSE (Albert', Albert^ Samuel Spel- 
man*, Mary' Spelman, Samuef, Richard') was born in Cleveland, 
N. Y., 7 October, 1873 ; married there, 17 December, 1895, 
Emma E. Sixbery, born in Evans Mills, N. Y., 22 March, 1877, 
daughter of Moses and Louisa (Senecal) Sixbery of that place. 

Children : 

i Harold Albert, b. in Oneida, N. Y., 9 April, 1898. 
ii Rhea Merle, b. in Cleveland, N. Y., 6 July, 1906. 



900 EDMUND OTIS' HOVEY (Helen Lavinia' Blatch- 
ley, Mary Ann' Robinson, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard') was born in New Haven, Conn., 15 Septem- 
ber, 1862 ; married in that place, 13 September, 1888, Esther 
Amanda Lancraft, born in New Haven, 21 August, 1863, daugh- 
ter of Henry Samuel and Cornelia Harriet (Tuttle) Lancraft. 
Mrs. Hovey is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College. Mr. 
Hovey graduated from Yale College in 1884, and from a post- 
graduate course there has the degree of Ph. D. Afterwards he 
studied for a year at Heidelberg, Germany. He has traveled 
extensively, making a study of geological formations, and is an 
expert on volcanoes, as was his father. He is now one of the 
Curators in the Museum of Natural History in New York City. 

Children : 

i Henry Lancraft, b. in New Haven, 7 July, 1893 ; d. 7 

July, 1893. 
ii Otis Lancraft, b. in New Haven, 17 Oct., 1894; d. in 

New York City, 17 Sept., 1896. 
iii Cornelia Helen, b. dead in New York City, 25 Oct., 

901 CLARA LOUISE' HOVEY (Helen Lavinia' Blatch- 
ley, Mary Ann' Robinson, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard", Richard') was born in Peoria, 111., 27 November, 1872; 
married in Newburyport, Mass., 15 September, 1896, Reverend 
Royal Wilkins Raymond, born in Westport, Conn., 15 January, 
1871, son of Franklin Merwin and Elizabeth W. Raymond. Mrs. 
Raymond is a musician of ability. She and her husband reside 
in New York City. 

Child : 

i Horace Hovey Raymond, b. in Newburyport, 29 June, 

othy'', Hannah' Robinson, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard') was born in Southington, Conn., 28 Septem- 
ber, 1872 ; married in Durham, Conn., 26 November, 1800, John 
Buckly Clark. 

Chiudren : 


486 Spelman Genealogy 

i Esther Elliot Clark. 

ii Kenneth Woodruff Gark. 

iii Gazell Nettleton Clark. 

iv Edgar Luzerne Clark. 

V Bradford Latham Clark. 

903 MARTHA THAYER" FOOTE (Louise Hill' Par- 
sons, Sarah* Robinson, Ebenezer", Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard', Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 10 April, 1868; 
married in that place, 6 November, 1889, Benjamin Josiah Malt- 
by of Northford, Conn., born there, 2'j April, 1863, son of Charles 
De Witt and Mary (Linsly) Maltby. 

Children, born in Northford, Conn. : 

i Lucius Foote Maltby, b. 15 Jan., 1891. 
ii Catharine Linsly Maltby, b. 14 Aug., 1893. 

904 ALICE PARSONS* FOOTE (Louise Hiir Par- 
sons, Sarah' Robinson, Ebenezer', Ebenezer*, Amy' Spelman, 
Richard^ Richard^) was born in Durham, Conn., 18 September, 
1878; married there, 21 October, 1903, Albert William Foote 
of Northford, Conn., born there, 2 June, 1877, son of Dwight M. 
and Inez (Williams) Foote. They live in Northford. 


i Louise Selina, b. in Northford, 15 Jan., 1905. 

905 JESSIE CAROLINE" FITCH (Caroline Elizabeth' 
Starr, Sarah Robinson' Benton, Sarah" Robinson, Content*, Amy* 
Spelman, Richard", Richard^) was born in Chicago, 111., 30 De- 
cember, 1865 ; married there, 4 April, 1895, Alfred Buckingham 
Willcox, born in New London, Conn., 19 July, i860, son of Giles 
Buckingham and Mary (Cooley) Willcox. 

Children, born in Chicago, 111. : 

i Gertrude Starr Willcox, b. 8 Jan., 1897; d. in Chi- 
cago, 8 Jan., 1897. 
ii Margaret Fitch Willcox, b. 21 Mar., 1898. 
iii Edward Whittemore Willcox, b. 20 June, 1899. 
iv William Brewster Willcox, b. 11 July, 1903. 

905a NELLIE RUTH^ CANFIELD (Frederick', Eliza' 
Robinson, Phineas^ Charles*, Amy' Spelman, Richard", Richard^) 
was born at Woodbridge, Conn., 16 May, 1877. She married 
there, 17 July, 1895, Charles Hart Ford, born in Woodbridge, 
10 March, 1868, the son of Charles Lewis and Ann Eliza (Mun- 
son) Ford. 

Children, all born in Woodbridge: 

i Carrie Ruth Ford, b. 16 Oct., 1896; d. at Wood- 
bridge, 29 July, 1899. 

Eighth Generation 487 

ii Milton Henry Ford, b. 8 Oct., 1898; d. at Wood- 
bridge, 17 Aug., 1899. 
iii Anna Fidelia Ford, b. 13 Dec, 1900. 
iv Elbert Charles Ford, b. 27 Dec, 1902. 

V Elsie Harriet Ford, b. 2 Aug., 1906. 

906 CHARLES DABNEV HORTON (Elizabeth Spel- 
man' Howe, Harriet Maria' Spelman, Phineas", Ric