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Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Five 

The Spindle 

Lowell High School 
Lowell, Massachusetts 









The 1975 Spindle is Dedicated to Raymond A. Sullivan 

For everything there is a season. And so it is that Raymond A. Sullivan, Headmaster of 
The Lowell High School, retired this year after a career in the public schools of Lowell 
spanning almost half a century. 

Retirement, like birth, marriage and death, is one of those milestones of life which, as 
Hamlet said, must give us pause. We live our lives from day to day, yet we don't count the 
time. We never see the days slipping by until, suddenly, we find that the time we have to 
give to our careers must come to an end. 

Our class of 1975, Raymond Sullivan's thirty-eighth as Headmaster, has already graduated, 
a little nucleus of humanity that overnight will explode and dissipate itself in all directions. 
Yet, before we hasten off on our separate journeys, it is only fitting that our last act as a 
class be to join the myriad of Mr. Sullivan's friends and colleagues who wish him retirement 
years which will be as full of happiness, good fortune and good works as were his years at 
Lowell High. 

Emerson said that an institution is but the lengthened shadow of one man. And seldom 
has that been more true than now. The Lowell High School will long reflect the influence of 
Raymond A. Sullivan. 

LHS during your junior high school days and 
thinking, "It's so big!" . . . getting lost on the first 
day of school . . . finding your locker on the third 
floor when your homeroom was in the basement 
. . . running into your old junior high school friends 
in the corridor . . . pushing through the crowded 
hallways to get to class on time . . . coming to 
school in the middle of the morning and getting out 
just before dark . . . getting into trouble and being 
sent to the floormaster . . . sneaking a smoke be- 
tween classes . . . skipping health . . . walking in the 
snow and the rain over to the Annex . . . finding 
out who your teachers were going to be for the 
next year and hearing all the horrible things about 
them from the kids who had them before . . . look- 
ing up to the seniors and wondering, "Am I ever 
going to be like that?" . . . forgetting your locker 
combination when you were in a hurry . . . having 
your lock stolen . . . being late for class . . . prac- 
ticing and practicing for Field Day . . . going to 
Rickie's Dog House for lunch . . . worrying about 
whether or not you'll be asked to the Senior Prom 
. . . trying to do the bamboo sticks in gym . . . 
making crib sheets. 







XT--., '-, 

MOMENTS TO REMEMBER . . . finding out your 
schedule for next year and trying to get it 
changed . . . hanging around after lunch and 
waiting for the bell to ring . . . buying your class 
ring . . . measuring ourselves for caps and gowns 
. . . having student teachers . . . going to the nurs- 
es' office . . . changing for gym . . . getting accept- 
ed to college . . . doing the Marine test in gym . . . 
running the mile . . . eating donuts in the caf in 
the morning . . . 

having your eyes tested in the auditorium . . . 
getting your first after-school job . . . getting your 
hair cut short for the first time in many years . . . 
registering to vote . . . copying homework . . . 
cutting classes . . . daydreaming in biology . . . 
waiting for the 2:15 bell . . . studying for your 
drivers' test to get your permit . . . doodling in 
your literature book . . . trying to get your sched- 
ule corrected in guidance . . . getting 3 and 3 . . . 


walking to school in the dark during the energy 
crisis . . . marching in the Field Day parade . . . 
getting your license . . . meeting your friends 
under the clock . . . registering for the draft . . . 
parking in the muddy lot across the canal . . . 
doing the Greek dance at the Chateau de Ville 
. . . walking up to the stage to receive your 
diploma from School Committeeman George 
Kouloheras . . . Going to Ashby on Senior Skip 
Day . . . skipping gym . . . 

listening to music on Lucy Larcom . . . getting 
stuck in the slow-moving crowds on the stairs 
between classes . . . flying paper airplanes in the 
auditorium ... dozing off in language lab ... 
partying on Lucy Larcom . . . having detention 
before school . . . waiting in the long lunch line 
and having the food run out . . . ducking teachers 
in the hall because you skipped their class . . . 
waking up and finding that class ended ten 
minutes ago . . . 

/ i 




I I 


» ■ 

^ / 


MEMORIES THAT LINGER . . . eating lunch 
in the hall . . . running to beat the lines in the 
lunchroom . . . watching the educational films 
in drivers' ed . . . wondering, "What is that 
awful smell coming from chemistry class?" . . . 
practicing for drill . . . getting hit on the head 
with a clacker . . . bringing back the yo-yo . . . 
having classes outside in the hot weather . . . 
visiting all the Christmas parties . . . wearing 
gym uniforms . . . meeting new friends . . . 
getting picked to work in an office for senior 
year . . . having your lock sawed off your 
locker . . . wishing you were a senior so you 
could have a senior skip day too . . . practicing 
the clubs . . . doing homework in another class 
. . . marching behind the auditorium . . . writ- 
ing on desks . . . smoking in the basement . . . 
having Mr. Finn, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. O'Neil and 
Mr. Murphy for floormasters . . . seeing the 
headmaster for the first time . . . coming in 
late to miss first period class . . . sneaking a 
bite to eat in class . . . waiting for Christmas 
vacation . . . going on a field trip . . . being told 
what courses to take . . . listening to the radio 
for no school announcements . . . going to the 
boys' club for gym. 

'» *^r 

the courtyard . . . the "old" building . . . the energy 
shortage . . . Beowulf . . . Hampton Beach the day after 
the prom . . . The Review . . . the dress code . . . the 
student council . . . hot pants . . . the rock and roll 
music history program in the auditorium . . . Tom 
Jones . . . the visit of the Apollo Astronauts . * . The 
Freedom Train . . . the 50's dance . . . speeches by 
Senators Brooke and Kennedy . . . "Yaz" . . . crowded 
lockers . . . tardy slips . . . music in the lunchroom . . . 
the language lab . . . College Boards . . . Mr. Trull . . . 

combination locks ... the library ... the National 
Honor Society . . . cuffs . . . clogs . . . mini-midi- 
maxi . . . warning reports . . . class dues . . . class 
elections . . . yearbook portraits . . . Honor Day . . . 
substitutes ... hot toothpicks . . . saddle shoes . . . 
the Red Raiders . . . basketball games . . . Miss Con- 
roy's cooking classes ... Rl, R2, R3, R4 . . . assem- 
blies ... Mr. Garvey's movies ... the red and gray 
... the stadium ... the student-faculty basketball 
games ... the donkey basketball game . . . Civil 
Service Exams . . . guidance . . . how happy you 
were to make Girl Officers . . . tryouts at the Rogers 

girls crying in the halls when Mr. Sullivan read the 
list of those who "made it" . . . assignment halls . . . 
tardy slips . . . clocks that did not keep time . . . 
bells and fire alarms that you could not hear . . . 
SCHOOL VACATIONS ... snow days ... The 
wrestlers . . . The Harvest . . . cheerleaders ... the 
talent shows ... the Cadet Officers' uniforms . . . 
streakers at LHS ... the closing of the boys' annex 
during sophomore year ... 6 fire drills in one day 
field trips to the Museum of Fine Arts and 
Canobie Lake . . . MacBeth ... the student walkout 
for Mr. Borst ... the broken water pipe downtown 
. . . the canal. 

WILL YOU EVER FORGET . . . how em- 
barrassed you were to get caught in your 
gym uniform during a fire drill . . . bomb 
scares ... all those studies in the audito- 
rium . . . "Attention, please, Daily Notice 
for ... ... ice cream in the caf . . . 

Chorus . . . the band . . . the G.O. and 
CO. formals (which were exciting even 
if you didn't go) . . . the New England 
Aquarium ... HOMEWORK ... cake 
sales . . . Whalom Park . . . minicourses 
. . . outside reading books . . . report cards 
. . . one thirds . . . the bell . . . open house 
. . . watching the first snow fall from 
your classroom window . . . skipping 
classes . . . having two senior skip days 
. . . checking out the girls . . . waiting 
impatiently for those last few days of 
school to go by . . . hoping to have 
enough money for the prom . . . begging 
teachers for a passing mark . . . playing 
cards . . . studying??? 

going to the Thanksgiving game . . . 
freezing in Mr. Delisle's class . . . getting 
yelled at by Mr. Murphy . . . looking at 
the clock . . . writing book reports . . . 
wondering if you'll graduate . . . riding a 
bike for the telethon . . . throwing snow- 
balls . . . sitting alone in your classrooms 
during senior skip day . . . driving with 
Mr. Riddick, Mr. Trull, or Mr. Grady . . . 
meeting someone special after school . . . 
writing term papers . . . walking through 
the mud in the parking lot . . . listening to 
all the noisy cars, trucks and motor- 
cycles going by on Kirk St. ... feeding 
the fish in the canal . . . watching the 
long lines for the Freedom Train and not 
being able to go ... meeting your 
boyfriend between classes . . . writing 
notes to get out of gym . . . standing at 
the radiator between classes . . . con- 
vincing Mr. Murphy??? 

1975 Spindle Staff 

Editorial Staff: Patricia Biron, Charlene Dyke, Gail Laverty, 
Nancy Macaione, Maryanne McMahon, 

O'Flahavan, Lynn Parrino, joe Quinlan 76, 
Richard Wedge. 

Advertising Manager: Maurice Martineau 

Advertising Staff: Donna Archambeauit, Mary GaiJ FarreJJ, 

James Gleason. 

Typists: Debbie Beiand, Teresa Berard, Debbie Gonzales, 
Judy Nadeau 76. 

Advisors: Brian McDonough 
Carole McDonough 

The yearbook staff wishes to thank the following for their 
contributions to the production of the 1975 Spindle: Richard 
Dacey. Helen Droney, Gerald LeBlanc, Martha Simoneau, Rita 





i s . 



1975 Class Officers are Elaine O'Donnell, Treasurer; Agnes Jean, Secretary; Dawn Noonan, Vice President; and 
Randy Jay, President. 


Student Council Leaders are Cathy Douglass, Treasurer; Mary Frances Mahoney, Vice President; John Moriarty, 
President; and Ann O'Connor, Secretary. 

Teresa Lynn Abraham 
4 Chatham Street 

Donna Ann Alberty 
91 Adams Street 

Mark S. Anastopoulos 
128 Sanders Avenue 

Debra J. Aclin 
607 Westford Street 

• >*c • • • 

y .♦■ 

• • • • >w l 

* a. -a*!. •' . 

George James 
45 Marion Street 

Eddie Lee Anderson 
186 South Street 

Deborah Marie Agrella 
192 Lawrence Street 

Kevin W. Allen 
30 Coburn Drive 

Judith Ann Anderson 
49 Juniper Street 

Marsha P. Angaries 
40 Fairgrove Avenue 

Richard Ansara 
66 Arlington Street 


Donna M. Archambault 
311 Pawtucket Street 

Ramiro Aguiar 
3 Lyon Street 

Harry Theodore Anastopoulos 
132 Mt. Vernon Street 

Michael James Andraktos 
777 Westford Street 

John Arguoyan 
71 Luz Drive 

John P. Asimakopoulos 
65 Fifth Street 

Cindy Austin 
44 Quebec Street 

Mary Ann Azarowski 
86 Gates Street 

Richard Bahou 
225 Gibson Street 

David M. Ayotte 
80 Bolton Street 

Frank Joseph Balas 
727 Westford Street 

mt '* p "^^^ 

r « 



Brian James Baraby 
454 Andover Street 

Sandra J. Ayotte 
4 Maple Place 

Catherine Baldwin 
55 Boynton Street 

David Barrett 
92 Branch Street 

"Pilot to Control Tower' 


* Mary C. Barrett 
224 Foster Street 

Duncan M. Bartlett 
51 Chase Avenue 

Timothy T. Bassett 
655 Stevens Street 

Diane R. Bedard 
364 Textile Avenue 

Debra Ann Beland 
222 Burnham Road 

Eileen Beaulieu 
68 Thayer Street 


Ralene Lillian Belair 
63 Pratt Avenue 

Gary Gerard Bellegarde 
178 Avon Street 

'O. K. Who Took the Glue?' 

Thomas R. Bellegarde 
178 Avon Street 

Debra Ann Bellerose 
83 Ursula Street 

Karen Ann Bellerose 
174 Willard Street 

Linda Ann Benoit 
23 Burlington Avenue 


Teresa Ann Berard 
91 Exeter Street 

Mary-Ellen Bergeron 
49 Bowden Street 

Starr Betses 
215 Parker Street 

Brian V. Bickdord 
29 Saratoga Street 

Charles Bickford 
29 Saratoga Street 

Jeffrey F. Bilby 
33 May Street 

Jennifer Bilby 
33 May Street 

Bernadette Billingsley 
291 Boylston Street 

Michael J. Bindas 
363 Wentworth Avenue 

Patricia Anne Biron 
7 Richardson Avenue 

Mark S. Bisson 
16 Fisher Street 

Marcia Bissonnette 
226 Textile Avenue 

"I'll just put a little dab of brown paint on each cracker. 


Thomas Bitler 
379 Beacon Street 

Clifford Leo Blake 
1263 Middlesex Street 

Geraldine Blanchard 
42 West Street 

Nancy Boisvert 
73 Inland Street 

Lee Jay Bordeleau 
167 West Sixth Street 

William C. Blydenburgh 
81 Acton Street 

Deborah A. Bolduc 
24 Maude Street 

Karen P. Borges 
71 Brattle Street 

i iMi. iMmM m4 . ■■ 





Richard John Bogdanowicz 
72 Swift Street 


Claude Boisvert 
79 Varney Street 

Theresa M. Borges 
30 Waite Street 

Michael Borodawka 
6 Ayer Avenue 

"Oh, I was just stocking up." 


Susan B. Boston 
68 Mt. Grove Street 

John Scott Botti 
80 Coburn Drive 

Joseph N. Boulanger 
340 Lincoln Street 

Doris M. Bourassa 
4 Horn Street 

Mark L. Boucher 
18 Christman Avenue 

Michael Bourk 
275 Beacon Street 


2w £*» 

■ ^l 



Claire L. Boulanger 
146 Gershom Avenue 

Lee Ann Boutselis 
354 Textile Avenue 

Maryann Boyle 
57 Pond Street 

'You're making a steel toothpick???" 


John Michael Breen 
36 Avenue B 

Nancy M. Broderick 
66 West Forest Street 

Deborah Marie Brown 
36 Terry Avenue 

Karen J. Brown 
196 Wilder Street 

Mary A. Brostek 
16 Burns Street 

Cynthia Marie Brouillette 
1099 Middlesex Street 

Barbara Brown 
73 Mansur Street 

"Do you promise you'll let us out again?' 

Diane Ellen Brule 
38 Barclay Street 

Gail Ann Brule 
38 Barclay Street 


Judith A. Brunelle 
170 French Street Ext. 

Lewis Brustas 
164 Cross Street 

Daniel Charles Bryan 
419 Lincoln Street 

Maureen Bubanas 
62 Huntington Street 

Ruth E. Burgoyne 
6 Lewis Street 

Patricia A. Burke 
9 Phillips Street 


Robert Burke 
31 Adam Terrace 

Ellen L. Burns 
25 Clifford Street 

Sheila Burke 
75 Pine Street 

Nancy Lynne Burns 
77 West Sixth Street 

Connecting the dots. 

* Mary F. Byrne 
28 553 Wilder Street 

Michael J. Byrne 
28 Atlantic Street 

Donna L. Byron 
1073 Middlesex Street 

Shelagh Jan Callahan 
53 Oakland Street 

Paul Callery 
58 Waverly Avenue 

Linda J. Cadran 
223 Remington Street 

Stephen T. Callahan 
12 Ludlam Street 

Karen G. Camacho 
1 Etta Road 

John Cafeteiro 
40 Warnock Street 

Sharon J. Callahan 
58 Holbrook Avenue 

Mary Jo Cameron 
68 Nelson Avenue 

James David Capsalis 

55 Fourth Street 29 

"I never did care for Shakespeare." 

Eileen R. Carbonneau 
21 Short Street 

Michael Robert Carignan 
78 Perry Street 

Dorothy Carlson 
672 School Street 

Julie M. Carignan 
188 Dracut Street 

Joyce Lynn Carkin 
183 Burnham Road 

Mark A. Carney 
65 South Wilder Street 

'I'd Jove to help you with your homework." 

Mary Ann Carroll 
105 Fulton Street 

Robert James Carroll 
68 Temple Street 

Nancy Cayer 
161 Lakeview Avenue 

Debbie Chaisson 
31 Stanley Street 

Linda Champagne 
30 39 Newbury Street 

Daniel A. Chartier 
5 Wamesit Court 

Donald P. Chartrand 
109 Aiken Avenue 

Susan Chin 
129 Bowers Street 

Sophia Chouprakos 
165 Trull Lane East 

Lorraine J. Cloutier 
57 Fourth Street 



William Nicholas Chingros 
209 Third Street 

Susan Marie Coan 

34 By Street 

■ i: v Br 



■- 1 / 

■»■■■. ■ : ->; ) *r "V'S-.-. «■•■;- 



Louise Therese Cognac 
158 White Street 

Edward R. Choate 
34 Murray Terrace 

Linda Coderre 
15 Sheldon Street 

Eileen A. Coleman 
179 Shaughnessy Terrace 

"We just love our work!!" 


Michael Colombo 
27 Florence Road 

Kathleen Marie Cordon 
302 Burnham Road 








1 ^^k 

w \ ' 

John Charles Considine 
90 Laurie Lane 

Deirdre Conway 
123 Butman Road 

Debra Lee Coombs 
50 Eustis Avenue 

Barry W. Corcoran 
152 Bedford Avenue 

Noreen Costopoulos 
121 Lexington Avenue 

Claire Rita Cote 
42 Merrill Street 

Get thee to a nunnery! 

Stephen Couillard 
37 Court Street 

Linda Marie Coughlin 
64 Bolton Street 

Gerilyn M. Coupe 
147 Moore Street 

Paula Courchaine 
201 West Manchester Street 

Deborah A. Coutu 
32 298 Riverside Street 

Normand Donald Couture 
- 146 Sixth Street 

Donna M. Coyne 
58 Fremont Street 

Timothy James Cremin 
22 Burtt Street 

Ann Marie Crevier 
738 Bridge Street 

Jeanne M. Crane 
155 Trull Lane East 

Russell Carle Crawford 
43 Sawtelle Place 

Kenneth J. Cregg 
178 West Sixth Street 

"Vacation starts tomorrow." 

Peter P. Cricones 
282 Foster Street 

Catherine E. Cross 
121 Hastings Street 


James J. Croteau 
21 Seventh Avenue 

John R. Croteau 
16 Boylston Street 

Lynn Currier 
42 London Street 

Joanna Ellen Cutting 
136 Princeton Blvd. 

Angela F. DaCunha 
59 Canton Street 



Between periods? 

Francisco M. DaSilva 
10 Linden Street 

I . 

John M. DaSilva 
1055 Gorham Street 

Theresa DaSilva 

Cynthia Lillian 

*" Gary C. David 

Joseph T. Day 

1055 Gorham Street 

77 Ludlam Street 


8 Quimby Avenue 

21 Belmont Street 

Charles Decker 
68 Lane Street 

Terry James Deignan 
495 Boylston Street 

Charlene A. DeLorme 
4 Washington Parkway 

Mike Edward DeMange 
9 Coburn Street 

Steven C. Demetriou 
112 Trull Lane East 

William E. Denommee 
19 White Street 

Ralph L. DePrenda 
83 Temple Street 

Marc Derkrikorian 
21 Smith Street 

Maura Descheneaux 
21 Beatrice Avenue 





Susan Desilets 
14 Dane Avenue 

Kathleen M. Desmarais 
347 Christian Street 

Dianne L. Dexter 
32 Dayton Street 


Sophie Diamantopoulos 
377 Walker Street 

Daniel Dickey 
67 Shaughnessy Terrace 

Michael F. Dillon 
41 Bigelow Street 

Alice R. Dixon 
142 Princeton Blvd. 







J A 





Paul V. Dion 
20 Leeds Street 

Jacqueline Marie DiSalvo 
110 Burnham Road 

John P. Dolan 
77 Fremont Street 

William Donaghey 
22 Fairfield Street 

Mark V. DiSciullo 
30 Second Avenue 

Brian W. Donahoe 
104 School Street 


The Gang's all here. 

Paul A. Donohoe 
70 Cosgrove Street 

Elizabeth Ann Donnelly 
60 Canton Street 

James C. Donovan 
236 Perry Street 

Patricia Ann Donovan 
86 Crescent Street 

Elizabeth A. Donoghue 
46 Butman Road 

Carol Anne Donovan 
129 Mary Theresa Terrace 

Thomas John Dor an 
26 Clare Street 

Anita Marie Doucette 
115 Wightman Street 

"Mother told me Ironing Wouldn't Be Easy." 

'What do you mean, 'The food's all gone' s 


i^tS^Jff . 

Patricia E. Dowd 
239 Perry Street 

Michael J. Doyle 
186 South Street 

"I wouldn't do that if I were you.'' 

Maryann Dube 
73 Crescent Street 

Anthony DuBose 
6 Frye Street 

Deborah Ann Ducharme 
56 Fourth Avenue 

Tina Dubois 
Bigelow Street 

1 ^* 



1 ^tt 

[ ; A 


Sandra Denise DuBose 
6 Frye Street 

Theresa M. Ducharme 
40 Branch Street 

Paula M. Duff 
1315 Pawtucket Blvd. 

Eileen Marie Dunn 
38 Cady Street 

•1 Carl Dunning 
38 330 Stevens Street 

Marianne H. Dunsford 
33 Burtt Street 

Jeanne DuPont 
100 Foster Street 

Robert Louis Durkee 
48 Temple Street 

David P. Durkin 
153 Winthrop Avenue 

"Maybe we can sell some of this stuff to Mr. Parlee." 

Jo Ann Durkin 
77 London Street 

Charlene A. Dyke 
191 Burnham Road 

Francis R. Dziedzinski 
556 Concord Street 

Janice I. Edgett 

Linda Edwards 

Chris Emanouil 

Edward Emrick 

493 East Merrimack 

998 Varnum Avenue 


45 C Street 

15 Columbus Avenue 


Bertha M. Entwistle 
10 Barrington Street 

Richard Joseph Espinola 
47 Cedar Street 

Jon Frederick Evans 
122 Princeton Blvd. 

Debra A. Faria 
70 Newhall Street 

Jean Ann Finnegan 
32 Mort Avenue 

Catherine Fallon 
610 Stevens Street 

Mary Gail Farrell 
105 Butterfield Street 

Karen E. Fitzgerald 
136 Totman Road 

"We've got to stop meeting like this." 

Kathleen M. Fitzgerald 
40 17 Greenfield Street 

Susan M. Fitzsimmons 
83 Gilmore Street 

Margaret Mary Fleming 
19 Livingston Avenue 

Karen M. Flint 
111 Boynton Street 

Debra Ann Foley 
361 Christian Street 

Thomas A. Fleming 
100 Agawam Street 

David P. Foley 
112 D Street 

Mary Louise Foley 
76 West Forrest Street 

"Is that an amoeba or a Paramecium? 

Michael J. Foley 
742 Broadway Street 

Mark R. Fontaine 
58 Grand Street 


Raymond }. Fortin 
1165 Lawrence Street 

Margaret Frappier 
55 West Fifth Avenue 

m F 1 

■k H ■ 

Michael A. Fratus 
75 C Avenue 

Paula Freitas 
506 School Street 

Pamela J. Fuller 
53 River Road 

Stephen P. Funaro 
393 Westford Street 

Sandra F. Frisone 
155 Havilah Street 

William F. Furey 
155 Butman Road 

Donna Marie Fryns 
5 Hazel Square 

David Gacek 
94 Lilley Avenue 

Kathleen M. Gagan 
65 Lura Street 

Comin' through! 


Colleen Marie Gagnon 
152 South Street 

Donna I. Gagnon 
15 Lamb Street 



Linda Miriam Gallagher 
191 Clark Road 

Leise F. Galvao 
184 Parker Street 

Gerald A. Gagnon 
61 Woodcock Street 

Kathy W. Gallant 
13 Stanley Street 

Mary-Ann C. Gamache 
268 West Sixth Street 

"I wonder what I'm doing here?" 

Richard G. Gannon 
19 Eighth Avenue 

Gabriel J. Garbarz 
1990 Middlesex Street 

David B. Gardini 
20V* Barclay Street 

David Eugene Garneau 
84 Dingwell Street 43 

Paul L. Garneau 
98 Andover Street 

Mary Gatzimas 
40 Marion Street 

. _. -V * 

_____ :,j^.....\r^\^ \_ • _ 

Lorraine V. Gaudette 
34 Saratoga Street 

Richard J. Gaudette 
46 Thirteenth Street 

Normand R. Gauthier 
289 Textile Avenue 

Patricia Ann Gauthier 
7 Hazel Square 

Stephen Paul Gaudette 
231 Pawtucket Blvd. 

Kathleen Geddes 
25 Delmont Avenue 

Lori R. Gelineau 
55 Rumford Street 

Lorraine J. Gauthier 
69 Stevens Street 

.$ ' #" 

Karen Y. Gehalo 
179 Ennell Street 

Donna M. Gennell 
38 Merrill Street 

"Imagine having to erase everything you wrote on a 


Nicolas G. Giavis 
32 Circle Road 

__ Denise R. Giguere 
805 Varnum Avenue 

Donna Beth Gill 
247 Sanders Avenue 

Patricia A. Gill 
50 Oakland Street 

Gail C. Gillis 
129 Beacon Street 


AnneMarie Gionet 
980 Middlesex Street 

Peter F. Giroux 
39 Caleb Street 

James Christopher 


P.O. Box 131 

William F. Goad 
91 Methuen Street 

William M. Godfroy 
2 West Eleventh Street 


Anthony Cabral Goes 
52 Auburn Street 

Leslie Kim Goins 
31 England Street 

William Thomas Golden 
68 West Third Street 

Jean L. Gordon 
35 Nelson Avenue 

Robert J. Gormley 
85 Frothingham Street 

Deborah Lou Gonzalez 
65 Summer Street 

Maxine Hope Gordon 
145 Post Office Square 


tmaj^m 1 

X** 1 

'%. **k .s4L . 

*-T% M 

Sandra Jean Gouveia 
24 Linden Street 

"Now I lay me down to sleep 

Kevin Thomas Grady 
46 Fetherston Avenue 

Janice M. Grandalski 
38 Elmwood Avenue 

Louise Anne Grandchamp 
66 Fifth Avenue 

Linda Valerie Gravelle 
22 Ware Street 


fvfargaret Graves 
9 Shaughnessy Terrace 

. Carolyn J. Greene 
6 Glidden Avenue 

Kathleen M. Greene 
17 Sutherland Street 

Lorna J. Gregoire 
20 Lawson Street 

Arthur S. Greenwood 
29 Frye Street 

Donna M. Grenier 
5 Penny Street 


Linda Lou Greenwood 
29 Frye Street 

Donna Marie Gulbicki 
952 Bridge Street 

Anastasia Halamoutis 
434 Adams Street 

Susan E. Greenwood 
145 Post Office Square 

Jolanta J. Guzowski 
37 Oak Street 

Glenn Hall 
25 Boynton Street 

"Is this what they mean by 'getting plastered'?" 


James A. Hall 
66 Chauncey Street 

Michael David Hall 
178 Dalton Street 

Sharon Jean Hall 
376 Hildreth Street 

Sharon T. Hand 
615 Princeton Boulevard 

David B. Hanks 
92 Vernon Street 

Bruce Edwin Hansen 
605 Broadway Street 

David R. Harmon 
57 La Plume Avenue 

Maureen Hanley 
78 Methueri Street 

Marcia Ellen Hardy 
65 Stafford Road 

Janice Marie Haugen 
147 Coburn Street 

"And after 'g' comes . . . 

Joyce A. Haugen 
48 147 Coburn Street 

Leslie A. Hayden 
46 Hudson Street 

Richard F. Hayes 
18 South Walker Street 

Cecile T. Hervieux 
39 Farmland Road 

Mary E. Hickey 
20 Newell Street 

Michael C. Hays 
120 Staples Street 

Karen Hickey 
21 Devine Avenue 

Michael Joseph Higgins 
255 Plain Street 

Darlene K. Hebert 
74 Foster Street 

Janet Heonakos 
71 Carroll Parkway 

Natalie A. Higgins 
5 Dane Street 

Michael William Higson 
10 Butler Avenue 

CIA undercover agent infiltrates military at L.H.S. 


Denise Hillery 
80 Tenth Street 

Michael H. Hogue 
16 Plymouth Street 

Marc N. Hubert 
374 Mammoth Road 

Gary T. Hirbour 
64 Hawthorne Street 

Maureen P. Holland 
9 Prospect Street 

Kathy Ann Hoar 
34 Sanders Avenue 

James A. Hodgson 
10 Burton Street 

David Stanley Hopler 
350 Wilder Street 

Madelaine Marguerite Houston 
117 River Road 

Pat Hughes 
103 Shaw Street 


"All I see is a big ole eye!" 

V 1 


Susanne M. Hughes 
30 Pine Street 

Station Break! 

Susan Humes 
58 West Third Street 

Doreen A. Hunt 
10 Kinsman Street 

Susan Jablonski 
159 Fort Hill Avenue 

Cheryl Jacobs 
108 Inland Street 

Joyce Jalbert 
81 Winthrop Avenue 

Richard Paul James 
43 Easton Street 

Donna Marie Janas 
311 Beacon Street 


Carol Anne Jankowski 
16 Lowell Street 

Peter F. Jankowski 
1460 Varnum Avenue 

Diane M. Jardin 
5 Bunker Hill Street 

Randall S. Jay 
234 Foster Street 

Agnes Jean 
95 Cashin Street 

Brerida Margaret Jeffers 
38 Otis Street 

Jo Ann Jordan 
950 Lakeview Avenue 


David Joslin 
89 Sayles Street 

Janice Helen Judd 
152 South Street 

George Kacavas 
373 Mammoth Road 

Karen Ann Kaczmarski 
896 Varnum Avenue 

"I thought I had a class here this period.' 


Charles Kafasis 
141 Mt. Vernon Street 

Gail Kafasis 
141 Mt. Vernon Street 

Chet J. Kalish 
31 By Street 

James A. Kane 
17 Eustis Avenue 

Cynthia Lee Kalergis 
101 Vamum Avenue 

David M. Kalivas 
5 Robin Lane 

Patricia A. Kane 
70 Seventeenth Street 

Fly with the Red Baron! 

Janice Kao 
196 Rogers Street 

Kim Donna Kazanjian 
21 Rindo Park Drive 

Sharon Ann Keefe 
35 Glenmere Street 

Patricia Ann Keenan 
78 Carlisle Street 


George H. Keene 
30 Beacon Street 

Judith M. Kelleher 
54 Montaup Avenue 

Robert F. Kelleher 
119 West Street 

Rosemary Kelleher 
377 Christian Street 

Donald E. Keniston 
359 Walker Street 

Lynne Ann Kerrigan 
195 N. Llewellyn Street 

Susan M. Kelleher 
188 Moore Street 

Karen Leigh Killgren 
1522 Varnum Avenue 

Sandra Ann Kelly 
349 Pawtucket Blvd. 

George Paul Kilmartin 
92 Fleming Street 

'But Mr. Murphy, I didn't actually light it!" 


"And I only came here to deliver the 
attendance sheets!" 

James Andrew Kilmartin 
301 Parkview Avenue 

Daniel Francis King 
15 Crescent Street 

** i 


«-* 1 





wnl * 


Kenneth Klier 
433 High Street 

Marcia Ann Kloza 
95 Staples Street 

Ellen M. King 
575 Andover Street 

Richard Kloza 
49 Daniels Street 

Susan Marie Kirane 
15 Bertha Street 

Marion Kniaziuk 
10 Crescent Street 

Chomp! Chomp!' 


"I just love argyle socks." 

Donna Marie Knox 
36 Beech Street 

Frances Kolios 
340 Market Street 

Demetra C. Kontoulis 
12 Shaffer Street 

All Roads lead to L.H.S. 

Patricia A. Kosik 
652 Wilder Street 

Arline F. Kostrzewa 
10 Roosevelt Place 

Stephanie Rose Kostrzewa 
10 Roosevelt Place 

Ava N. Koumantzelis 
241 Remington Street 

Catherine Koumoutseas 
17 E Street 

George Costas Koumpouras 
56 503 Beacon Street 

Robert W. Kowalchuk 
65 Coburn Street 

Denise Theresa Laferriere 
148 Methuen Street 

Elizabeth Mary Kramer 
108 Andrews Street 

Michael H. LaBrie 
60 Carolyn Street 

Stephen W.Lah iff - 
48 Billings Street 

Susan Marie Landry 
383 West ford Street 

.... „.. 

John A. Lange 
130 Virginia Avenue 

Debra Ann Krysiak 
8 Goward Place 

Teresa Ladebauche 
23 Burnside Street 

AnnMarie Landry 
359 Concord Street 

Cheryl Kukulski 
787 Princeton Blvd. 

Claire Laferriere 
28 Manchester Street 

Gloria Landry 
22 Webster Avenue 


Susan M. Langill 
34 Jacques Street 

Sandra J. Lapham 
39 Hadley Street 

Rose Lee LaPiere 
216 Shaughnessy Terrace 

Kenneth H. Larivee 
34 Rutland Street 

Anita LaRose 
94 Westwind Road 

Jeanne Therese Larrivee 
63 Fairlawn Street 

Gayle A. Laverty 
110 Campbell Drive 



David Lawrence 
149 B Street 

Has the Regiment changed that much? 

Ann M. Leary 
246 Parker Street 

Daniel M. Leavitt 
11 Dumerle Street 

Karen LeBlanc 
38 Burnham Road 

Brenda E. LeBrun 
148 Textile Avenue 

* Scott G. Lecuyer 
38 Third Avenue 

Jacqueline Lee 
31 Paige Street 


Maurice Lefebvre 
134 Foster Street 

John S. Leoutsacos 
129 Willie Street 

Dennis D. Levasseur 
348 Stackpole Street 

David Ronald Lehouillier 
24 Delmont Avenue 

Teddy G. Leoutsakos 
83 Queen Street 

Shelley A. Levasseur 
256 Baldwin Street 

Seth Julian Levy 
121 Staples Street 

Barry James Lewis 
1232 Gorham Street 

Kerry Ann Lekites 
12 Eighteenth Street 

Thomas J. Lenihan 
28 Fay Street 

Karen Lepine 
158 New York Street 

Mark Lesniak 
54 Virginia Avenue 

126 X 52 + 352 + 400 = ? 


Betty F. Lewis 
8 Adie Terrace 

Donna Marie Lilly 
69 West Fourth Street 

Howard Trent Lipinsky 
143 Upham Street 

Advanced Placement Reading. 

\ 71 



ft s. ~±M 


• ^±*~-*'u 


Steven E. Lisay 
86 Jewett Street 

Nina Marie Longtin 
176 Crosby Street 

James Francis Loughran 
143 Eighteenth Street 

Kathleen M. Lowe 
69 Barbara Street 

Luther Lucas 
15 Ellsworth Street 

iaureen M. Lucier 
of 50 Plummer Avenue 

Sharon Lynch 
1160 Lawrence Street 

Linda Marie Lyons 
101 Glenmere Street 

Sharon L. MacArthur 
1301 Lawrence Street 

Mark J. MacDonald 
130 Fairfield Street 

Timothy A. Lyons 
95 Virginia Avenue 

k 5 

W*W'~ -'~9>t!% 


H ' A 

^^r -*^H 

H'' tB 


Clinton Earl Maben 
257 Wilder Street 

Nancy Marie Macaione 
58 Fourth Street 

Test next Period. 

David Charles MacEnany 
101 Delmont Avenue 

Bernadette F. Machado 
57 Baltimore Avenue 


Manuela Machado 
1049 Gorham Street 

Richard Timothy MacKenney 
110 Glenmere Street 

Pauline MacMunn 
15 Belmont Street 

Mary Louise Mahoney 
54 Puffer Street 

Mark }. Maguire 
78 Hanks Street 

Paul A. Makiej 
27 Common Avenue 


Edward Maher 
189 D Street 

Eileen P. Malloy 
479 Douglas Road 


Mary Frances Mahoney 
356 Westford Street 

Evelyn M. Malloy 
479 Douglas Road 

M f*K* \.\ } 

Frances Maloof 
232 Remington Street 

Getting into the spirit. 


Gail Maniatis 
8 Wamesit Court 

William James Manchenton 
162 Fourth Avenue 

Pauline L. Marchand 
35 Exeter Street 

Steven M. Marcouillier 
74 B Street 

Michael E. Marais 
87 Humphrey Street 

Donna M. Marcotte 
111 Gershom Avenue 

Steven Marget 
101 Fairfield Street 


-.A • 

"I just can't put a good book down." 

Brenda L. Marion 
3 Myrtle Street 

William Marshall 
45 Shadow Drive 

Donna Jean Martell 
31 Arcadia Avenue 

Michael P. Martin 
10 Vincent Street 


Pamela F. Martin 
83 Stevens Street 

Maurice T. Martineau 
52 Cunningham Street 

PS? »*##V i ""* a t 

Jody L. Masse 
47 West Fifth Street 

Maryjoan Lynne Mayo 
96 Durant Street 

Robert L. Masse 
42 Arlington Street 

Diane P. McAndrews 
372 Parker Street 


Peter }. Matthews 
595 Westford Street 

Debra A. McAvoy 
65 Commonwealth Avenue 

Matthew P. McCafferty 
43 Saint James Street 

Roger N. Maxfield 
151 Patricia Lane 

Thomas MqCabe 
60 Manchester Street 


Frederick McCall 
52 Trull Lane West 

"The answer's gotta be here somewhere." 

James A. McCarron 
64 23 Fort Hill Avenue 

Stephen E. McCarron 
139 A Street 

Brenda }. McCarthy 
68 Varnum Street 

Karen R. McCarthy 
178 Mt. Pleasant Street 

Patricia Anne McCarthy 
215 Trull Lane East 



Wl • 





■kiifl ^R;*W 


Hi, c 

m It- i 

Darlene B. McCarthy 
83 Bowden Street 

Kathy Ann McCarthy 
154 Ludlam Street 

Karen C. McCormack 
19 Lawton Street 

"I know I left my lunch here someplace.' 

Patricia McCray 
62 Enfield Street 

Susan Anne McCue 
174 Crosby Street 


Robert Michael McCullough 
15 Fruit Street 

Robert E. McDonald 
366 Lincoln Street 

Gail A. McGowan 
123 Fetherston Avenue 

Marianne Louise McKee 
11 Dingwell Street 

Michael Bruce McLaughlin 
58 Brunswick Street 


Marcia Ann McGrail 
259 Methuen Street 

Patricia A. McGrath 
234 Boylston Street 

James P. McHale 
72 D Street 

Louise Ann McKenna 
525 Beacon Street 

James Vincent McLaughlin 
15 Bassett Street 

Larry David McLaughlin 
21 Dover Street 

Robert J. McLaughlin 
210 Boylston Street 

'I hate peanut butter without jelly." 

Maryanne D. McMahon 
38 Batchelder Street 

Paula McNulty 
95 Billings Street 


Earle F. McQuaide 
52 Bigelow Street 

Michael P. McMullen 
22 Fleming Street 

Thomas Gerard McOsker 
509 East Merrimack Street 

Robert P. McSwiggin 
151 Humphrey Street 

"If only that Bell would ring. 

Mark E. Meehan 
22 London Street 

Thomas E. Meehan 
363 Walker Street 

Robert B. Mellen 
11 Kathleen Circle 

Theodore Arthur Mellen 
494 Wilder Street 


Gail A. Mello 
78 Cosgrove Street 

Linda Marie Menard 
96 Orleans Street 

Deborah Anne Mercier 
19 Carmine Street 

Sharlene Mercier 
20 Monarch Street 


Audrey Lee Merrill 
50 Whitney Avenue 

Terry Messer 
588 East Merrimack Street 

Mary Metcalf 
38 Cliffside Road 

Steve P. Michaels 
23 June Street 

'All I need is a few hours sleep." 

Arthur George Michailides 
252 Suffolk Street 

Mary M. Michaud 
6 Conlon Terrace 

Mary-Beth Milinazzo 
157 Draper Street 

John R. Miller 
120 Remington Street 

*' Roland L. Milliard 
68 26 Humphrey Street 

Eugene Mitchell 
61 Howard Street 

Carol Ann Molligi 
360 Parker Street 

Pamela Ann Morris 
160 Luce Street 

Evelyn Morrison 
27 Cady Street 

Eneida Luz Morales 
35 LaGrange Street 

Robert H. Morris 
41 Luz Drive 

Alyce Mary Mortimer 
1150 Lawrence Street 

Deborah Ann Moreau 
25 Campaw Street 

John C. Moriarty 
346 Princeton Blvd. 

"This is the girls gym??" 

Muriel Maille Motard 
309 West Sixth Street 

Maureen Moynihan 
99 Highland Avenue 


William James Moynihan 
424 Princeton Blvd. 

Thomas D. Mullin 
3 Pleasant Street 

Helena Marie Murgia 
193 Moody Street 

Daniel F. Murphy 
31 Princeton Blvd. 

Edward L. Murphy 
75 Fairmount Street 

Jack Joseph Murphy 
30 Devine Avenue 

William J. Murphy 
138 Moore Street 

Jo any Murphy 
25 Brunswick Street 


Michael Murphy 
22 Ross Avenue 

John A. Murray 
179 Tenth Street 

"My father is going to love this ashtray." 

.' James Mutter 
70 139 Blackbrook Drive 

Norman Donald Nadeau 
54 Clifton Street 

Mary Elizabeth Nalezinski 
3 Vernon Street 

Leticia Maria Nieves 
31 LaGrange Street 

Dawn A. Noonan 
95 Endicott Street 

Joseph M. Nangle 
106 Highland Avenue 

Tina M. Nikitas 
76 Lura Street 

Gregory M. Noonan 
89 Georgia Avenue 

Rosemary E. Nangle 
76 Douglas Road 

William Patrick Nelson 
64 Thirtheenth Street 

Lisa J. Noonan 
89 Georgia Avenue 

Steven Normandie 
716 Lawrence Street 

'Now, If we mix this one with that one 


Mary Jo Normandy 
66 Second Avenue 

Jill M. Nyberg 
984 Bridge Street 

Karen O'Brien 
133 Forest Street 

Ann E. O'Connor 
21 Tyler Park 

MaryAnn Oczkowski 
116 Dingwell Street 

Maura J. O'Flahaven 
194 Cross Street 

Elaine P. O'Donnell 
157 Agawam Street 

Sharon Mary O'Keefe 
370 Westford Street 

Thomas Walter O'Donnell 
154 A Street 

Mary Gail Oliveira 
19 Newhall Street 

Faylene Debra Offenberg 
131 Bellevue Street 

Brenda A. Oliver 
14 Fay Street 

Michael Patrick O'Malley 
1305 Lawrence Street 

Kenneth P. O'Neill 
72 139 Andrews Street 

Kevin P. O'Neill 
139 Andrews Street 

Dennis Johnathan Ouellette 
12 Royal Street 

Armen Garo Oozoonian Jr. 
1211 Middlesex Street 

Patti Ouellette 
57 Columbia Road 

Kathleen A. O'Sullivan 
20 Kerry Street 

Zeke M. Ozella Jr. 
219 Lincoln Street 

Charles L. Ouellette 
18 Varnum Terrace 

Dennis M. Page 
44 Sayles Street 

Frances Papadopoulos 
58 Seventh Street 

Senior Skip Day?? 


Paul Pappas 
36 Chatham Street 


Dennis R. Parent 
28 Circuit Avenue 

Diane Marie Parker 
854 Stevens Street 

"I don't believe you said that!' 


Mark C. Parlee 
120 Agawam Street 

Lynda Joy Patterson 
174 Princeton Blvd. 

Sharon Lee Pekkala 
647 Chelmsford Street 

Lynn Parrino 
177 Fetherston Avenue 

Nancy Patterson 
15 Kantelis Avenue 

William Omer Pelchat 
7 O'Brien Terrace 

Dennis William Pelland 
17 Plain Street 

Tony D. Pelletier 
47 Cogger Road 

Paul Raymond Pelletier 
74 77 Lexington Avenue 

Thomas Ernest Pelletier 
. 208 Westford Street 

Patricia Ann Perreault 
1 Puffer Avenue 

Ruth Peterson 
93 Newbury Street 

Henry J. Plaistek 
70 Billings Street 

Daniel Perry 
25 Burlington Avenue 

James Piazas 
493 Wilder Street 

James J. Plunkett 
4 Forest Street 

Linda Maureen Perry 
43 Summer Street 

Vickey P. Pistolis 
83 Berkeley Avenue 

Estelle M. Peters 
568 Pine Street 

Edward Joseph Pitta 
529 Lakeview Avenue 

Norman Raymond Poirier 
34 Barclay Street 

Valerie Anne Poirier 
50 Endicotte Street 

"I'd love to be out there!' 


Raymond J. Poitras 
24 Riverside Avenue 

Susan Poitras 
82 South Walker Street 

Catherine Anne Polak 
10 Wyman Street 

Judith Ann Powell 
7 Court Avenue 

Dennis James Provost 
17 Rockingham Street 

Christine Margaret Portuese 
169 Wentworth Avenue 

Cynthia Ann Preble 
53 Laurie Lane 

Peter Daniel Psareas 
45 May Street 

'I never could learn to keep my left eye open." 

Joanne Psomiades 
76 g Burlington Avenue 

Robert Purtell 
•565 Princeton Blvd. 

David M. Quigley 
17 Belmont Street 

Edward M. Quinn 
109 Glenwood Street 

Kay Quinn 
62 Glenwood Street 

Mary Ralls 
99 Avenue C 

Susan G. Ramsden 
16 Burton Street 

William C. Rawnsley 
16 Smith Avenue 

"I still think this print is upside down." 

Brenda L. Reed 
1 Maple Place 

Colleen Ann Regan 
47 South Whipple Street 


Daniel R. Regan 
505 Wilder Street 

Sharon Ann Regan 
719 Middlesex Street 

John Cheswick Reid 
177 Wentworth Avenue 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair 


u J 

Philomena Bridgit Reid 
1331 Pawtucket Blvd. 

Paula }. Reno 
39 Coburn Drive 

Sheila Ann Rice 
1301 Middlesex Street 

'I don't even care about William the Conqueror." 

Leo T. Richard 
57 D Street 

Rebecca Ann Richards 
81 Fremont Street 

Kathy I. Rigg 
65 Billerica Street 

Karen Rigopoulos 
16 Bagley Avenue 

♦Ann Marie Riley 
78 72 C Street 

Brian J. Riley 
34 Dover Street 

Sheila Riley 
90 C Street 

Robert L. Roberge 
24 Carolyn Street 

Robert McQueen Robertson 
599 Westford Street 




Margaret Rivard 
25 By Street 

Nancy Alice Robart 
93 Stratham Street 

Mark Robbins 
70 Baltimore Avenue 

Waiting for the Teacher 


Judy M. Robillard 
29 Lupine Road 

Michael Dale Robinson 
75 Ludlam Street 

David Victor Robitaille 
20 Merrill Avenue 

Welcome to Marlboro Country! 

Lawrence Rocha 
730 Lawrence Street 

Daniel James Rogers 
102 Highland Avenue 

John E. Rogers 
328 Suffolk Street 

'These desks are getting smaller every year." 

Michael L. Rogers 
111 Humphrey Street 

Raymond M. Rondeau 
11 Dane Avenue 

Mark John Roth 
10 Montreal Street 

Linda Marie Rondeau 
131 Gershom Avenue 

Roland Joseph Rondeau 
1220 Varnum Avneue 

Francis E. Rouine 
112 Rogers Street 

Kenneth R. Rousseau 
45 Burnside Street 

Cameron K. Rowe 
28 Wilder Road 

.Robert S. Russell 
80 77 Durant Street 

Margaret E. Ryan 
69 Melrose Avenue 

Roberta Ann Ryder 
30 Haines Avenue 

Dave James Santos 
10 Shaughnessy Terrace 

Margaret Sara Rynne 
109 Fairmount Street 

Eddie Saba 
174 Eleventh Street 

Peter M. Sadlier 
54 Marlborough Street 

Mary Ellen Santos 
358 Steven Street 

"Hey, It really works!" 

Michael J. Santos 
25 Corbett Street 

Stephen C. Santos 
51 Rindo Park Drive 


Elaine Sarantos 
15 Washington Parkway 

Donna L. Sawers 
52 Avenue B 

Denise Violette Sawyer 
598 Bridge Street 

David H. Sayer 
37 Shedd Street 

Debra S. Scancarello 
38 Chippewa Street 

Kathleen Scannell 
91 Mansur Street 

James Spero Scondras 
236 School Street 

Denise Marie Sevigny 
107 Barbara Street 

Bonnie Sue Sharfman 
488 Pine Street 

Eileen Shea 
338 Varnum Avenue 

Donna M. Sheehan 
17 Ralph Street 

Cynthia Jane Shemchuk 
36 Boisvert Street 


Ladies' Choice? 


fc S? 

'It's 10:30 a.m. Maybe we should head for school' 

Denise T. Silva 
50 Burton Street 

Mary V. Silva 
351 Lawrence Street 

Rosemary Silva 
71 Chapel Street 

Paula M. Sicard 
114 South Loring Street 

Steven Marc Siegal 
317 Princeton Blvd. 

Rachel M. Simoneau 
272 White Street 

Joseph James Slattery 
292 Andover Street 

Sara. *"'' "L - 

Debra Anne Smith 
625 Bridge Street 

Madeline Smith 
44 D Street 

Margaret Tavares Soares 
493 Concord Street 

Ronald E. Sousa 
88 Cosgrove Street 

Karen Winchester Somers 
43 Surrey Lane 

Al Sousa 
189 Charles Street 

"Why do you have to give homework over the weekend?" 

Russ N. Soucy 
122 Ennell Street 

Vern Edward Spaulding 
67 Washington Street 

Roger P. St. Arnaud 
120 Sparks Street 

Nicholas Soukaras 
73 Marlborough St 

. S*" 

•sv.-s! : 


Joseph Michael Spellissy 
84 South Whipple Street 

Gloria C. St. Onge 
19 Farmland Road 

*'. Robert St. Sauveur 
84 197 Christian Street 

Louie M. Stafford 
25 Osgood Street 

Eleanor }. Stamas 
20 Burlington Avenue 

Frederick W. Starkey 
110 Orleans Street 

Richard Paul Stecchi 
79 Belrose Avenue 

George Stanley Stamas 
3 Kimball Avenue 

Ruth Ann Staveley 
162 Branch Street 

Robert Theodore Stemple 
16 Maitland Avenue 

'Books, Books, Books!" It goes in here somewhere." 

Linda M. Stemporzewski 
120Totman Street 

Cynthia L. Stephens 
272 Shaw Street 85 

John D. Stokes 
71 Royal Street 

Jay Robert Strauss 
78 West view Road 

Philip M. Streeter 
51 Princeton Blvd. 

Eileen Strombos 
37 South Whipple Street 

Headin' Home! 

Gerald Paul Stuart 

26 Hutchinson Street 

f»- m 


' / 


m*r^ '■ 

^5r ^ 


Louis Stylos 
683 Rogers Street 


r Kk 

Brenda Louise Sullivan 
289 Burnham Road 

Wayne Stuer 
38 Donald Terrace 

Barbara J. Sullivan 
289 Burnham Road 

Cheryl A. Sullivan 
41 West Fifth Street 

Deborah Jane Sullivan 
240 Varnum Avenue 

G. Douglas Sullivan 
30 Berry Road 

Mark Christopher Sullivan 
86 28 Rindo Park Drive. 

Maureen Sullivan 
25 Putnam Avenue 

jE Bk jp? 


Hm»v. # 


Robert Joseph Sullivan 
84 Tenth Street 

Sheree Marie Sullivan 
87 Bradstreet Avenue 

Steven W. Sumner 
1195 Varnum Avenue 

David R. Surprenant 
75 Lincoln Street 

John J. Suslovitch 
188 Concord Street 

Chester Joseph Szablak 
100 Durant Street 

Ronald Jay Sutphen 
210 Coburn Street 

Ann Szemplinski 
7 Alice Drive 

David M. Sutton 
21 Westwind Road 

Loretta C. Sutton 
21 Westwind Road 

Carolyn Talty 
263 Wilder Street 

Steven K. Tardiff 
116 Marshall Avenue 


"They help keep the hair out of my eyes. 

Mary M. Tatten 
4 Ames Place 

William G. Tessier 
84 West Wind Road 

Elizabeth Taylor 
310 Parkview Avenue 

Thomas Richard Tetreault 
88 Main Street 




William M. Taylor 
136 Myrtle Street 

J > > 

Bernice Rita Teague 
163 A Street 

Anthony James Texeira 
117 Glenmere Street 

Pamela Themelis 
61 Twelfth Street 

The Lowell High Rockettes. 

Joseph R. Theriault Jr. 
399 Christian Street 

Philip George Theriault 
399 Christian Street 

„• Jill Thibeault 
88 735 Varnum Avenue 

Greg Thomas 
27 Bunker Hill Avenue 

Nanette M. Thomas 
320 Douglas Road 

Harold Lee Thompson 
146 Aiken Street 

Neil P. Thompson 
74 Gates Street 

Bonnie Lee Tivey 
106 Congress Street 

Olga Maria Toledo 
1015 Gorham Street 

Brian Trainor 
22 Gaudreau Street 

Brenda Joyce Trudel 
1367 Pawtucket Blvd. 


David John Trudel 
3 Barton Avenue 

Janice M. Thune 
245 Stevens Street 

David T. Tobin 
102 Mt. Grove Street 

jf&?^ w*& 


j*3% fijg\l 

,.. : , ■,;,-. . 

R "*■:;„:•:>•'■ i 

Bffr ' 


Linda Marie Tousignant 
127 Blossom Street 

:. ■ ■ 

Debra Tsaknopoulos 
99 South Loring Street 

Brenda Jean Tucker 
98 Forrest Street 

Brian Joseph Turcotte 
48 Florida Street 

"I'm sick of this place!' 

Ronald I. Tye 
72 Lincoln Parkway 

Rebecca Maureen Underwood 
24 Murray Terrace 

June Mary Valcourt 
1958 Middlesex Street 

Gretchen Mae Underhill 
36 Douglas Road 

Wayne F. Vaillancourt 
16 Penny Street 

Robert Packard Valentine 
17 Marlborough Street 

Charles J. Valliere 
130 South Street 

Doreen G. Vandinter 
49 Kinsman Street 

Pnilomena Camara Veloza 
90 45 Walnut Street 

Mark A. Veseskis 
100 Lafayette Street 

Holly Vickery 
606 Stevens Street 

Michael Anthony Wallace 
26 Lane Street 

Karen Walsh 
169 Meadowcroft Street 

Maria Fernanda Vieira 
1053 Gorham Street 

John Thomas Walsh 
42 Hudson Street 

Mark D. Walsh 
178 Stevens Street 

Donna Marie Vigeant 
19 Newbury Street 

Peter Volonino 
104 Merrill Avenue 

'I wish these stories were more 'digestible'" 

Ginger Mary Ward 
85 Vernon Street 

Stacey Lynne Ward 
521 Douglas Road 


Maria Wardwell 
11 Lamb Street 

Karen A. Wayne 
682 Lawrence Street 

Richard F. Wedge Jr. 
469 Douglas Road 

Nancy J. Wilkins 
15 May Street 

Cynde Wolff 
136 Princeton Blvd. 

Janice Elaine Weissbach 
40 Talbot Street 

William Willett 
26 Clare Street 

Denise Wright 
231 Salem Street 

Arnold Wilkins 
1463 Varnum Avenue 

Peter G. Williams 
283 Burnham Road 

Joanne Anne Xifaras 
12 Cross Street 

Lise Ann Wilkins 
1463 Varnum Avenue 

Robert Wojcik 
86 Willie Street 

Joanne Catherine Yates 
382 Lincoln Street 

Dan Zabbo 
60 Bradstreet Avenue 

Maria Zajac 
3 Roosevelt Place 

Faye Zamanakos 
92 128 Foster Street 

Deana A. Zerriny 
201 Upham Street 

Habib Anis Zerriny 
201 Upham Street 

Robert H. Fewtrell 
7% So. Wipple Street 

Roberta Magee 
407 Lincoln Street 

Thomas G. Zipps 
11 So. Wilder Street 

Sylvia C. Guay 
96 Enfield Street 

Francis H. Minton 
288 Methuen Street 

:' ■■■ ■ ; . ■ 


if* 1 "* 


i||^||9N|f M 


m»» -■ M 

Michaela Ann Buckley 
9 Puffee Avenue 

Michael Patrick Conroy 
65 Fay Street 

Paul Houle 
471 Moody Street 

Nornamd Joseph Lafond 
45 Dalton Street 

Kevin M. Salome 
45 Sayles Street 

"O. K., Who took those fingers?' 




Faculty And 


Earl A. Sharfman 
Superintendent of Schools 

G. Douglas Sullivan, Deputy Superintendent, and 
Chester L. Somers, Assistant Superintendent 

THE LOWELL SCHOOL COMMITTEE. Seated: Katherine PhUbin Stoklosa, Mayor Armand W. LeMay, Chairman, Patricia A. Molloy. 
Standing: George W. O'Hare, Clement G. McDonough, Wayne R. Peters, George D. Kouloheras, Vice Chairman. 


Raymond A. Sullivan 

Thomas F. Murphy 
Senior Floormaster 

Stanley J. Stoklosa 


. 4JT=% «<TTV- , 

Arthur J. O'Neill 
Junior Floormaster 

Joseph M. Regan 
Dean of Faculty 

John F, O'Brien 
Sophomore Floormaster 

Eugene N. Wood 
Dean of Students 

Peter S. St am as 
Freshman Floormaster 


Nicholas Apostolakos 

Justine Arone 

Edward Babigan 

Donald H. Bailey 

Theodore J. Barrett 

Chester W. Battles 
Industrial Arts 

John J. Beaulieu 
Military Science 

Alexander J. Belida 
Social Economics 


Deanna M. Berman 

"You will pass the A.P. exam!" 


Patricia Blaze 

Ronald F. Boisjoly 

James Borst 

Actually, it's the students who need a good licking! 

Stephen G. Borst 

George Bossi 
Physical Education 

Doris R. Bourgeois 


Mary C. Callary 

Dennis J. Canney 


Bruce R. Carney 
Business Education 

Mary A. Burke 

Eileen M. Casey 
English Department Head 

John F. Casey 
Business Education 

Mary Collins 

Some students seem to resist our efforts to help them. 

Kevin M. Coyne 
Physical Education 

Barry Cronin 

Paul T. Crowley 

Martha Coyne 

Michael L. Crowley 

Richard J. Dacey 

Philip T. Dancause 
Military Science 

Carol A. Davis 


D. Scott Davis 

Nancy}. Deeney 
Home Economics 

David J. Delisle 
World Cultures 

Eleanor M. Donahoe 
Social Studies Dept. Head 

Priscilla Donlon 

Christine Demetriou 
Business Education 

John E. Donlon, Jr. 

Claudette Donohue 

Paul N. Demogenes 
Business Education 

Kathleen Dillon 

I hope this works! 

Carol Drapeau 

Helen Droney 
Coordinator of Structured 101 

John M. Earle 

Mary A. Fitzgerald 
Business Ed. Dept. Head 

Helen F. Flanagan 
French Department Head 

— -_ 



1 !i 

Barbara L. Foye 

Patricia M. Francis 

Mary G. Frawley 

Ruth W. Gagnon 
Business Education 

Anne M. Gallagher 
Business Education 

Frederic P. Gallagher 

Carl J. Garside 





^\ I 




Harold Garvey 
Business Education 

Frank H. Gentle, Jr. 

Christos Georgoulis 

Joseph B. Golas 
Business Education 

Jack J. Gordon 
Business Education 

Albert J. Gougeon 

•" Thomas J. Grady 
102 Driver Education 

Howard H. Graichen 


' **-* 


irL ~- 




| i 




• ■»♦- 






v * 


f . 

^ ^t 


jr - 


*|3 co » 





<N '%' 


P 1 


' ' 

■"SJ^l*** , 

Mary Margaret Gresco 

Walter J. Grondalski 
Science Department Head 

Sheila M. Hallissy 

Arthur Hickey 

Jan Hylen 

Joan Hancock 

Charles Hill 
Social Studies 

Mary Esther Kaknes 

"Don't you know a credit column from a debit column?" 


* Alexander Karkota 
Industrial Arts 

Adele G. Kaufman 

K. Jonalyn Kealy 

John J. Kelly 

M. Gladys Kennedy 
Business Education 

Patricia Kealy 

Robert M. Kealy 

James F. Kearns, Jr. 
Business Education 

James J. Kennedy, Jr. 

Rita A. Kilroy 
Social Studies 

Bessie Kourkoulakos 

Normand Lacerte 


'A few more years and you'll speak semi-fluent French" 

Rita Lamond 

John E. Lang 

Helen E. Lannon 

Thomas Leonard 

Athena Let sou 

Moira Lewis 
Business Education 

Frank T. Logiudice 

Gerald E. Leblanc 

Mary Leyden 
Business Education 

Victor Luz 
Mathematics Dept. Head 

'Fifty credits is not enough to graduate!' 

Margaret Mahoney 
*-VO Business Education 

Albert }. Mangan 
Director of Athletics 

Paul G. Mann 
Business Education 

George McCarthy 

Katherine McDonnell 

Brenda Matthews Pelland 

Leonard McDermott 
Social Studies 

Brian McDonough 

Carole McDonough 


Paul V. McLaughlin 

William A. Merrill 

Christopher J. Mitchell 
Placement Director 


Edward L. Morris 

John Nash 
Industrial Arts 

Walter L. Nelson 
Physical Education 

"I'll raise you one leg." 

Peter Nikitopoulos 

William J. Notini 
Band Director 

Roger O'Connor 

Mary V. O'Neil 
Spanish Department Head 

Richard O'Brien 
Social Studies 

Louise V. Oczkowski 
Physical Education 

Arthur Pard 

Edward R. Parlee 

Lauren F. Pelland 


Donna Petrick 

Joseph J. Petros 

Charles E. Peverill, Jr. 

Marquerite R. Royal 
Business Education 

Arthur J. Simensen 
Distributive Education 

Joseph F. Polak 

Grace S. Scanlan 

Vernon M. Smith 

Rev. Dr. Peter G. Rizos 
Social Studies 

J. Stephen Ronan 

Tomorrow is the last day of school! 

Michael Sokolowski 
Dramatics, Speech 

Mary E. Stroumbos 


Brendan C. Sullivan 

Daniel F. Sullivan 
Business Education 


Mary Sullivan 

Rita M. Sullivan 


Marie P. Sweeney 

Gertrude J. Thomas 

Daniel G. Thurston 
Industrial Arts 

B. Douglas Townshend 
Choral Arts 

L. Wyman Trull 

Manuel J. Vagos 
Physical Education 

Edward Sullivan 

Edward Sullivan retired this year after a career that spanned thirty-five 
years at Lowell High School. During that time, he was a dedicated teacher, 
one who always had a smile for students and fellow teachers. 

In recent years, as Head of the Business Department, he exhibited a talent 
for organization and management that was the envy of other departments 
within the school. Hundreds of students over the years learned the principles 
of office practice under Mr. Sullivan's direction, while keeping his large 
department running smoothly. 

Edward Sullivan's positive influence will be felt for a long time at Lowell 
High. We wish him well in his retirement. 

Mr. Sullivan 


Lance Wilkerson 

Thaddeus Wyrostek 

George F. J. Wood 
Business Education 

Always pick your neckties with care! 

James Finn 

In 1959, Jim Finn came to Lowell High School as an English teacher after a 
successful career as a newspaperman. Before he retired in 1974, he had been 
advisor of The Review, advisor of The Spindle, Freshman Floormaster, 
Master of Avco and Keith. These are the names of the jobs he held. They tell 
nothing of the man. He brought excitement to his English classes, enthusiasm 
and expertise to The Review, friendship to the faculty and student body. His 
humor brightened our days and his understanding smoothed the way for 
many a faltering ninth grader. Lowell High School is a duller place without 
him. We miss him. 


\ r* 

Mr. Finn 


Margaret Hetherman 

Miss Margaret Hetherman, who retired in June, 1974, after teaching at LovveJ] 
High School for forty years, died April 30, 1975. The students fortunate enough to 
have been in her classes will never forget this unselfish, dedicated teacher. She 
brought to her classes much more than an understanding of the assigned subject 
matter. Her method employed that spontaneous wit which enlivens the most 
commonplace lesson, special insight that deepens understanding, ideaiism that 
inspires students to greater heights, and a genuine compassion that breaks down 
any barrier between teacher and pupil. 

As her students and friends, we feel a great loss at her death. Our only solace lies 
in the delightful memories we have of this wonderful friend and teacher. 


Office Staff 

Mary Brady 

Mary Eyres 

School Nurses 

Alice Bebler R.N. 

Beatrice Marsden R.N. 

Custodial Staff 

Nancy McHugh 

Edith Murphy R.N. 

^H 1 


^Hr ■■■■ : - »** ' : -*j 

•' ... -.U-,''. ; 



' £ J 


f r 

/* , 




i r ▼ j 









4 M,J 

^^^^^^^M ^fc^^^^^ 



Junior Dinner Dance 

Below: Pamela Morris' lovely smile is enhanced by a colorful bouquet of roses and 
carnations, compliments of her date, Cameron Rowe. Right: Debbie Gonzales does her thing. 

Above: Looking both chic and elegant, Jim McHale, Brian Moffett, Elaine O'Donnell and Joanne Durkin enjoy a moment of after dinner 

Left: Mary Mahoney keeps an eye on Mark Reddy's 
cigarette, while Mark keeps an eye on Charlene 
Dulorme. Below: Karen Bellerose and Donna 
Marcotte, who could be posing for a Norman 
Rockwell painting, share a bit of exciting gossip. 

Our Junior Class Officers 
Hope to Begin New Tradition 

During junior year, our class officers, President, 
Tom Fleming; Vice President, Elaine O'Donnell; 
Secretary, Ann O'Connor; and Treasurer, Meg 
Fleming, with the cooperation of Submaster, Ar- 
thur O'Neill, initiated the concept of a Junior Din- 
ner Dance as the social highlight of our school 
year. Characteristically, the class responded with 
enthusiasm, and on June 7, 1974, a great number of 
our elegantly dressed classmates arrived at the 
Commodore Ballroom, brimming over with the ex- 
citement of what was, to many, their first formal 
affair. After greeting friends, partaking of a gour- 
met meal, and dancing to the music of "Image," all 
agreed that the evening was a tremendous success. 

It is to be hoped that this affair will be repeated 
by succeeding junior classes and that our class has 
helped to establish a new tradition at Lowell High 

Above: Lynn Kerrigan and Chuck Baldwin patiently await dessert. 

Above: Always sociable, Agnes Jean, Mike Andraktos, Mark 
MacDonald, and Ann O'Connor greet friends at other tables. Below: 
Matt McCafferty and Denise Sevigny enjoy a delightful evening in 
the company of Junior Class President, Tom Fleming, and his date, 
Mary Murray. 

Above: Debbie Skankarella and Dave Foley demonstrate admirable 
dancing form. 

The Class of 1975 
Enjoys its First Social 

Above: To the amusement of Theresa Doyle, Steve Creamer comes prepared for any emergency. 
Left: In her stunning new gown, Joyce Carkin swings to the latest tempo. 

Above. Mary Ann Dube, Mike Leahey, Linda Champagne and Cubby McGreavey make an attractive foursome. 

Girl Officer Try-Outs 
Climax Years of Preparation 

Above: Friends congratulate newly elected captain, Sharon Callahan. Beiow left: Beth 
Milinazzo learns she is a captain, too. Below right: First Lieutenant Donna Janas is 
delighted with her new title. 

Above: Captain Ellen King is delighted! Below: Major 
Rosemary Nangle shares her excitement with friends. 

Headmaster Raymond A. Sullivan repeats the good news to Captain Karen Rigopoulos 
and Adjutant Faye Zamanakos. 

Girl Officers 

Under the leadership of Colonel Eileen Shea and 
Lieutenant Colonel Karen Bellerose, the Girl 
Officers have demonstrated once again the fine 
points of marching, dancing, posture, voice and 
mass drill. Mrs. Beatrice Johnston, faculty advisor 
of the organization, is justifiably proud of the girls 
who wear the smart navy blue uniforms with brass 
buttons and gold chevrons. 

The seventy-two girls were selected by three out- 
of-town judges, from a field of many candidates, 
during a day of grueling competition. As chosen 
leaders, the officers teach gym exercises to under- 
classmen, represent the school at various civic 
activities, and help to develop future Girl Officers. 




Newly-elected Lieutenant Colonel Karen Bellerose and Colonel Eileen 
Shea are pleased with their success. 

Row 1 Capt. Sharon Callahan. Capt. Elaine O'Donnell, Capt. MarteD. Maj. Nancy Broderick. Maj. Rosemary Nangle, Lt. 
Col Karen BaDeroaa, Col Eileen Shea. Maj. Diane Brule, Maj. 
Sharon Maj Karen Hickey, Capt. Lynne Kerrigan, Capt. 
Agnai |,..,n How 2. Capt. Denise Sevigny. Capt. Mary Jo Normandy, 

- Brenda Oliver, Capt. Kerry Lekites. Capt. Darlene Hebert. 
Capl Kllm King, C<pt Deniaa Hillary, Capt. Mary Michaud, Capt. 
Marv Bath Milinasso, Capt. Deborah Ducharme. Capt. Karen 
Rigopouloa, Capl Catherine Polak. Row 3: 1st Lt. Donna Janas, 1st 
Lt Marilyn Colon. Ad, Susan Fitzsimmons, Adj. Shelagh ]. 

lahan, Adj Paya Zamanakoa, Capt. Eileen Strombos, Capt. Gail 
McGowao Capl I^e Ann Boutselis. Adj. Kathleen Gagen, Ad). 
Dehr.i Foley, 1st It I... ' McKenna, 1st Lt. Shelley Levasseur. 

Row 4: 1st Lt. Christine Portuese, 1st Lt. Judy Anderson, 1st Lt. 
Karen Fitzgerald, 1st Lt. Catherine Fallon, 1st Lt. Jo Ann Durkin, 1st 
Lt. Maryanne Boyle, 1st Lt. Mary Jo Cameron, 1st Lt. Sandra Kelly, 
1st Lt. Mary Hickey, 1st Lt. Kathleen Scannell, 1st Lt. Linda Lee 
Tetreault, 1st Lt. Mary Frances Mahoney. Row 5: 1st Lt. Dawn 
Noonan, 2nd Lt. Evelyn Malloy, 2nd Lt. Eileen Dunn, 2nd Lt. Mary 
Ann Oczkowski, 2nd Lt. Karen Camacho, 1st Lt. Margaret Frappier, 
1st Lt. Elaine Sarantos, 2nd Lt. Carol Jankowski, 2nd Lt. Diane 
McAndrews, 2nd Lt. Teresa Doyle, 2nd Lt. Karen McCarthy, 2nd Lt. 
Ava Koumantzelis, Row 6: 2nd Lt. Carol Lynne Parrino, 2nd Lt. 
Patricia GUI, 2nd Lt. Rosemary Kelleher, 2nd Lt. Mary Byrne, 2nd 
Lt. Karen Borges, 2nd Lt. Debra Aclin, 2nd Lt. Sophia Chouprakos, 
2nd Lt. Starr Betses, 2nd Lt. Rachel Simoneau. 

The Harvest 

Girl Officers Sponsor 
AnnuaJ Fall Dinner Dance 

The Sheraton Rolling Green furnished the setting, while a 
local group, "Image," provided the music for the first social 
event on the Girl Officers' calendar — the annual Harvest 
Dinner Dance, which was held on November 22, 1974. Among 
the honored guests were Headmaster and Mrs. Raymond A. 
Sullivan; Master Stanley Stoklosa and his wife, School Com- 
mitteewoman Kathryn Stoklosa; Dean of Students Dr. Eu- 
gene Wood and Mrs. Wood; and Mr. Donald Johnston and his 
wife, Beatrice Johnston, Director of the Girl Officers. 

The excitement of the merry-makers, the delightful music, 
and the sumptuous meal all contributed to a wonderfully 
successful affair. The music and the dancing, which began at 
eight o'clock, ended promptly at midnight. After pausing to 
bid their friends goodnight, the evening's Cinderellas and 
Prince Charmings departed, filling Andover Street with a 
steady stream of traffic as they headed back to Lowell. 

Above: A little music can do strange things. Upper right: Madeline Huston does the latest steps. 

Upper left: Elaine Katzoumis demonstrates her 
attractive dance form. Upper right: Sharing a 
romantic dance are Mary Frances Mahoney and 
Mark Parlee. Above: Peggy Frappier enjoys a 
break between sets. 

Concentrating on their dancing are Eileen Malloy. Matt McCafferty, Lilly Rey and John Miller. 


Above: Paul Pelletier, Kathy Gagen, Bob Kenney, and Cathy Polak make an 
attractive foursome. Below left: Janice Judd stops to chat with a friend. Below 
center: Sheila Rice sports an attractive new gown. Below right: Patty Gill does her 
own thing. 


The Harvest Begins 
Senior Social Whirl 


Above: Taking a break between dances are Rick Beuregard, Shelley Levasseur, Lorraine Gauthier, and 
Dennis Cloutier. Left: Brian Barraby and Kathleen Quinn prove that they've got rhythm. Below left 
Colonel Eileen Shea and Major Diane Brule are eager to get to their ice cream sundaes. Below right: Katey 
Scannell good-naturedly admires a similar dress. 


\ >jf^ j 

Cadet Officers 

Since 1880, the Cadet Officers' Brigade has 
been influential in developing the leadership 
potential of outstanding Lowell High School 
students. During their junior year, boys com- 
pete for ranks in both written and physical 
exams. The Generalcy, a grueling competition 
for promotions within the ranks, is conducted 
at the beginning of the senior year. 

Under the guidance of faculty directors, 
Colonel John Beaulieu and Lieutenant Philip 
Dancause, Brigadier General Timothy Lyons 
and Colonel David Hanks have led the bri- 
gade to the completion of another successful 

Captain Mike Murphy drills his company. 

Row 1: Capt. Kenneth Rousseau, Maj. G. Douglas Sullivan, Maj. David 
Durkin, Maj. Roland Milliard, Maj. Francis Rouine, Lt. Col. Mark 
Lesniak, Lt. Col. Daniel King, Brig. Gen. Timothy Lyons, Col. David 
Hanks, Lt. Col. Mark Parlee, Maj. Steven Demetriou, Maj. Louis Stylos, 
Maj. Richard Gannon, Sr. Capt, Ronald Tye, Capt. Michael Murphy. 
Row 2: 1st Lt. Jay Strauss, 1st Lt. Robert Roberge, Capt. Robert 
Valentine, Capt. Normand Gauthier, Capt. David Surprenant, Capt. 
Eugene Mitchell, Capt. Alfred Souza, Capt. David Tobin, Capt. William 

Manchenton, Capt. Richard Wedge, Capt. Robert Stemple, Capt. John 
Reid, 1st Lt. Donald Kenniston, 1st Lt. John Walsh. Row 3: 2nd Lt. 
George Koumpouras, 2nd Lt. Robert McLaughlin, 1st Lt. Michael 
Marais, 2nd Lt. James Loughran, 1st Lt. James Gleason, 2nd Lt. Stephen 
Marcouillier, 1st Lt. Nicholas Giavis, 1st Lt. Steve Michaels, 1st Lt. 
Gerry ^Gagnon, 1st Lt. Norman Poirier, 1st Lt. Ron Sutphen, 2nd Lt. 
Stephen Marget, 2nd Lt. John Paras. 

Upper right: Competing officers take a break during the 
Generalcy. Above: Steve Demetriou and John Reid await 
their turn in the competition. Left: Ron Sutphen and Gerry 
Gagnon carefully store rifles. 

• « 
« * 

















1 I 


c c 

u w 

<u — 

« ^ 

"33 oc 

i2 .5 

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a) a 

S 8 

• . j< 

o J 

c <u 


w J 

q; O 

— Q. 

Z « 

<u u 

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u . 

O m 
i I 

I s 

£ z 


12 Vivacious Girls 

Urge Raiders on to Victory 

With undauntable enthusiasm, the Lowell High School 
Cheerleaders, smartly attired in crisp red and white, lead 
Raider in spirited cheers and perform a series of 
intricate routines with seemingly inexhaustible energy. 

Under the direction of Mrs. Beatrice Johnston, the girls 
inspire victory in the hearts of Raider athletes and contrib- 
ute greatly to Lowell High's school spirit. 

Above left: Under Rose's leadership, Leanne, Mary Jo, and Kerry 
sing the high school song. Above: Ellen King gets ready to begin a 
cheer. Below left: Diane Brule praises "Raider Power." Below: Mary 
Jo, Leanne, Nancy, Kerry, and Diane use colorful shakers to arouse 


Above: Girls' voices blend in harmony as chorus entertains. Beiow: Chorus 
performs during Christmas assembly. 

Rehearsing with Mr. Townshend. Seated: Sue Fitzsimmons 
and Louie Stylos. Standing. Denise Sevigny, Starr Betses, and 
Diane McAndrews. 


Leaders: 2nd Leader, Beth Entwistle; Head Leader, Liz Kramer; 1st Leader, Debra Faria. 

Row i Betb Bntwfetle, Norma [ear McAndrews, Pam O'Malley, Cindy 
(albert, I.iz Kramer, |oanne Leahy, Linda Alberty, Doreen Robichaud, 
Debbie Parti How 2. Colleen O'Neill, Robin Richardson, Laurie 

Palmer, Debbie Krysiak, Director B. Douglas Townshend, Linda 
Rutledge, Gail Coutourier, Brenda Crowley, Debbie Soucy. 


The LoweU High Band entertains at the Golden Gloves. Among those 
present are: Debra Annis, Linda Annis, David Ayotte, David Barrett, 
Douglas Barrett, Wayne Branco, Patricia Burns, Levon Chertavian, 
Debbie Clark, Linda Coderre, Kathy Courtney, Judy Daigle, Susan 
Dolce, Pat Donovan, Paula Duff, Mary Duggan, Linda Edwards, Mark 
Ferman, Florence Fitch, Stan Fitch, Stefan Fitch, Robert Fitzpatrick, 
Joseph Flynn, Mary Jo Flynn, David Gacek, Marguerite Gallagher, Mark 
Giroux, Peter Giroux, Kevin Grady, Kathleen Greene, Michael 
Hannafin, Virginia Janeiro, Lydia Johnson, Donna Kaslowski, John 
Lawrence, Seth Levy, Lillis Corine, John Linnehan, Marie Demers, 

The Band 

Connie Demers, Judy Dillon, Victor Duarte, Matthew Stupakewicz, 
Peter Mathews, Roger Maxfield, Laura McCarron, Stephen McCarron, 
Tim McCarron, Gretchen Noll, Paul Pearsall, Michael Pelland, David 
Pelletier, Thomas Pelletier, Donna Perry, Diane Rajchel, Jan Rajchel, 
Kathleen Regan, Philomena Reid, Leo Richard, Brian Riley, Scott 
Saindon, Sean Sadlier, Michael Santos, Louis Stylos, Marleen Stylos, 
Paul Taylor, Miriam Toledo, Penny Tournas, Ronald Tye, David Tyler, 
Michael Wallace, Nicole Butters, Michael Maurais, Anastasia Michaels 
Aracelis Toledo, Pauline Landry, Maria DaSilva, Loraine Gaudette, 
Elaine Gaudette, Michelle Bessette, Louis Stamas. 

On drums, Mike Pelland, Mike Santos, and Roger Maxfield accompany Pat Donovan, Kevin 
Grady and John Linnehan, on trumpet. 

Demonstrating proficiency on the trumpet: Brian Riley (above), Thomas 
Pelletier (below), and Peter Giroux (below right). 

David Gacek entertains on the baritone sax. 

Upper left: John Reid. as Mr. Smith's boss, is the victim of the 
Smith family's plot to keep their father, played by Dave Hanks, 
in St. Louis. Upper right: Karen Fitzgerald and Grady Mulligan, 
as Esther Smith and Fred Gregory, sing "My Funny Valentine." 
Above left: In the roles of Agnes Smith, Mrs. Smith and Toody, 
Mary Michaud, Martha Jussaume, and Bonnie Sharfman make 
plans for Halloween. Right: Ralene Bellair and Doug Sullivan 
combine talents, as Lucille Pentard and Lon Smith, for the duet, 
"You're just in love." 

Meet Me in St. Louis 

Season's First Musical A Great Success 

On January 17, 1975, the drama and choral arts departments collaborated 
to produce the musical comedy, Meet Me in St. Louis. Under the direction of 
Michael Sokolowski and Douglas Townshend, students involved in the 
production, performing before a delighted audience, demonstrated once 
again that Lowell High School has a wealth of outstanding theatrical talent. 

Top In thr trolley scene, conductor Norman 
Gauthier steals the show Above As Rose, Diane 
delights Toody, played by Bonnie with the song. "Have Yourself .1 
Merry Little Christmas." Right The Smith 
f.imiU is dismayed to N'.irn Toody 
derailed the troll 

The G. O. 

Girl Officers' Formal 
Brightens Winter Season 

February 8, 1975, marked the occasion of 
the traditional Girl Officers' mid-winter for- 
mal, climaxing weeks of exciting preparation 
for the girls and their escorts. The Lowell 
Memorial Auditorium, lavishly decorated for 
the affair in vibrant red and white, was alive 
with the gaiety and laughter of exuberant 
young dancers. As waves of music from Billy 
Note's orchestra floated through the air, 
couples, in a kaleidoscope of beautiful gowns 
and elegant tuxedos, whirled about the floor, 
capturing the thrilling moments of the eve- 
ning in memories to be savored in the years to 

Upper left: Swaying gently to the music, Carol Jankowski and Tom McOsker enjoy a dance. Above: Pausing between - 
sets are Xavier Harrison, Denise Hilary, Anita Doucette and Zeke Ozella. 


The Grand March 
Highlights Evening 

To the delight of relatives and friends, who filled the 
balcony, the receiving line in which the girls and their 
escorts were greeted by city and school department 
officials, was followed by The Grand March. During this 
awe-inspiring procession, the girls, led by Colonel Eileen 
Shea and Charles Kelleher and Lieutenant Colonel Karen 
Bellerose and John Dolan, exhibited admirable poise and 
breathtaking dignity. 

Above: Reflecting the pride and graciousness of the occasion, 
Agnes Jean and Mark Roth participate in The Grand March. 
Left. Gail McGowan and Eddy Morowski are received by 
Major John Beaulieu and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Callary. Right: 
Leading The Grand March are Eileen Shea and Chucky 
Kelleher, and Karen Bellerose and John Dolan. 


Music . . . Dancing . . . Laughter 
Create a Memorable Evening 

Above left: Debbie Aclin and 
Mark Lesniak share a dance. 
Above Center: Nancy Broderick 
and Joe Hughey join in the 
festivities. Above right: 
Elegantly attired, John Moriarty 
and Sharon Keefe relax during 
intermission. Right: Mike 
Donohue and Margaret Rynne 
chat with Bob Burke. 

jjl > \ 





■■■■iJBre -' 

Above Jeft: Mike Dillon's boutonniere is given a last 
minute readjustment by Kathy Fallon. Above: Timmy 
Bassett and Diane McAndrews model the latest in 
elegant formal fashion. Left: Couples gather for a brief 
conversation during a pause in the music. 

Upper left: Mary Ann Oczkowski and Mark Fiermonti 
check the dance program. Upper right: George Kacavos 
and Ava Koumantzelis are among the early arrivers. 
Above: Ann O'Connor and Mark Byrne are elegantly 
attired. Right: Mark Ready and Mary Frances Byrne make 
a fast getaway. 

Radiant Smiles Reflect 
Magic of the Evening 

Upper left: Karen Camacho joins in the festivities. Upper right: Arriving early are Sandra 
Kelley and Don Dirubbo. Left: John Janas and Sharon Callahan model the latest in formal 
fashion. Above: Mrs. Mary Callary is justifiably proud of her son, Bob, who is Rachel 
Simoneau's escort. 

The Talent Show 

Students and Faculty Produce Another Hit 



Above left: John, your slip is showing. Top: Angie DaCunha wows the 
.nidience with her sophisticated charm. Above: Typical L.H.S. faculty. Below 
li.'ft. Marcia Hardy worries about her "rubber ducky." Below: Mike Wallace 
entertains on the bass tuba. 

Above left: Richard Wedge and Rachel Simoneau share a relaxing moment between 
dances. Above right: Mark Lesniak guides Eileen Malloy through the receiving line. 
Below Jeff: Al Souza and Ann McGregor join in the popular Greek dance. Below 
right: Waiting for the music to begin are Roland Milliard and Carolyn Greene. 

The C. O. 

Annual Cadet Officers' Formal 
Held at Commodore Club Ballroom 

Aglow with bright lights, a rainbow of elegantly gowned 
girls, and the strains of soft music, the Ballroom of the 
Commodore Club of Lowell provided a dramatic backdrop to 
the Cadet Officers' formal dance, the highlight of the social 
season for Lowell High's impressively uniformed brigade. 

Above: Brigadier General Timothy Lyons and Debra Foley 
prepare to lead The Grand March. Left: Colonel David Hanks 
and Cynthia Wolffe enjoy watching the dancers. Below. 
Michelle Comtois and Norman Poirier visit with Sue Leduc 
and Robert Roberge, who are sitting with their guest, Mrs. 

Right: Chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Christos 
Demetriou, are shown with their son, Steven, 
and his date, Mary Nolan. BeJow left: The 
Hully Gully has long been a favorite. BeJow 
right: Lorraine Gauthier joins in with 



Formal Dance Highlights 
Cadet Officers' Year 

As waves of music came floating over the gleam- 
ing dance floor, elegantly attired, carefree young 
couples whirled gracefully about the ballroom, the 
significance of the evening reflected in their ex- 
pressions of complete rapture. 

Upper Jeff Danny King stops to chat with Bob Valentine and Steve Michaels. Left: Gene Mitchell 
enjoys a dance with Pansy Anderson. Above: Superintendent of Schools Earl Sharfman greets 
Mike Murphy and his date, Debbie Coutu. 

Above: Vice President Denise Sevigny addresses the audience and the 
membership on the subject of scholarship. Right: Headmaster Raymond A. 
Sullivan opens the ceremony with an address to Society members and 
their guests. 

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 

CLASS of 1975, ELECTED 1974: Debra Aclin, Harry 
Anastapoulos, Mary Ann Azarowski, David Barrett, Mary 
Bergeron, Starr Betses, Mary Jo Cameron, Juliette Carignan, 
William Chingros, Eileen Coleman, Timothy Cremin, Joseph 
Day, Steven Demetriou, Ralph DePrenda, Mark DiSciullo, Jeanne 
Dupont, Susan Fitzsimmons, Linda Gallagher, Leise Galvao, 
Kevin Grady, Carolyn Greene, Kathleen Greene, Marcia Hardy, 
Denise Hillery, Kathy Hoar, Michael Hogue, Joyce Jalbert, Carol 
Jankowski, Robert Kelleher, Rosemary Kelleher, Ellen King, 
Daniel Leavitt, Jacqueline Lee, Timothy Lyons, Eileen Malloy, 

Evelyn Malloy, Matthew McCafferty, Frederick McCall, James 
McCarron, James McHale, Michael McMullen, Thomas McOsker, 
Earle McQuaide, Arthur Michailides, Mary Nalezinski, Ann 
O'Connor, Mary Oczkowski, Elaine O'Donnell, Brenda Oliver, 
Frances Papadopoulos, Mark Parlee, Lynn Parrino, Thomas 
Pelletier, Peter Psareas, Paula Reno, Mark Robbins, Kenneth 
Rousseau, Denise Sevigny, Mark Sullivan, Ron Sutphen, Chester 
Szablak, Bernice Teague, Ronald Tye, John Walsh, Cynthia 

Above: Members of the National Honor Society assemble on stage for the induction ceremony. 

Above: Secretary Starr Betses reads the list of candidates for induction. 
Left: Society President Carolyn Greene presents faculty advisor, Mrs. 
Grace Scanlon, with a gift of appreciation from the organization. Below: 
Senior members of the Society await the induction of juniors. 

CLASS of 1975, ELECTED 1975: Judith Anderson, Marsha 
Anganes, Mary Barrett, Timothy Bassett, Denise Bedard, Patricia 
Biron, Thomas Bitler, Mark Boucher, Leeann Boutselis, Maryann 
Boyle, Nancy Broderick, Barbara Brown, Linda Cadran, Sharon 
Callahan, James Croteau, Elizabeth Donnelly, Mary Ann Dube, 
David Durkin, Florence Fitch, David Gacek, Donna Gagnon, 
Richard Gagnon, Mary Gatzimas, Lorraine Gauthier, Nicholas 
Giavas, Donna Gill, Anne Marie Gionet, Richard Hayes, Richard 
James, Peter Jankowski, Cynthia Kalergis, Susan Kelleher, 
Marcia Kloza, Richard Kloza, Denise Laferrier, Susan Landry, 

Mark Lesniak, Linda Lyons, Sharon MacArthur, David 
MacEneny, Mary Frances Mahoney, Jody Masse, Kathleen 
McCarthy, Gail McGowan, Louise McKenna, Mary Michaud, 
Mary Milinazzo, John Miller, Roland Milliard, Thomas Mullin, 
Athena Nikitas, Dawn Noonan, Faylene Offenberg, Armen 
Oozoonian, Edward Pitta, Christine Portuese, Karen Rigapoulos, 
Nancy Robart, Lawrence Rocha, Elaine Sarantos, Bonnie 
Sharfman, Steven Siegal, Karen Somers, Louis Stylos, Jill 
Thibeault, Brain Trainor, Daniel Zabbo, Habib Zerriny. 

Clubs and Organizations 

Opposite page. Top: Officers of the National Honor Society: 
Secretary, Starr Betses; President, Carolyn Greene; Treasurer, Mark 
Sullivan; Vice President, Denise Sevigny. Center J eft: Officers of El 
Greco: Secretary, Marlene Stylos; Treasurer, Barbara LaNou; Vice 
President, Despo Baldoumas; President, Anastacia Michaels. Lower 
left: Officers of the Choral Arts Organization: (seated) Treasurer, Sue 
Fitzsimmons; President, Marcia Hardy; (standing) Vice President, Mary 
Michaud; Secretary, Diane McAndrews. Lower right: Officers of the 
Junior Classical League: (clockwise) Secretary, Karen Smith; President, 
George Alexandropoulos; Treasurer, Pat Toohill; Vice President, Marie 

Above left: Officers of the French Club: President, John Walsh; Vice 
President, Marie Demers; Treasurer, Maria Kozombolis; Secretary, Pam 
Koravos. Above: Officers of the Science Club: Treasurer, Jan Rachel; 
Secretary, Jim Scondras; Vice President, Alan Treadwell; President, 
Steve Michaels; Program Advisor, George Alexandropoulos. Left: 
Officers of the Virgilian Society: Secretary, Donald Carrigan; President, 
Richard Hayes; Vice President, Mark Anastopoulos; Treasurer, Chris 
Emmanouil. Below: Members of Mu Alpha Theta: (seated) Denise 
Hillery; Judy Anderson, Carol Jankowski, Peter Jankowski, Rosemary 
Kelleher, Marcia Hardy; (standing) Cyndy Wolffe, Carolyn Greene, 
Mike Hogue, Mark Lezniak, Harry Anastopoulos, Ralph DePrenda, 
Steve Demetriou. 

Above: Officers of the Spanish Club: (standing) Treasurer, Cindy Ashe: 
Secretary, Debbie Aclin; (seated) Vice President, Carolyn Greene; 
President, Faylene Offenberg. Below. Officers of the Ski Club: President, 
Gary Finneral; Vice President, Cynthia Kalergis: Secretary- Treasurer, 
Susan Kelleher. Above right: Officers of the Business Club: (seated) 
President, Bernice Teague; Vice President, Nancy Maccaione; (standing) 
Treasurer, Sandra Lapham; Secretary, Pauline Landry. Center right, DECA 
Class Officers: (Seated) President, Hank Plaistek; (standing) Vice 
President, Charles Kafasis; Secretary, Debbie Scancarello; Treasurer, Meg 
Fleming. Below right: Officers of the Distributive Education Club: (seated) 
Vice President, Linda Tetreault; (standing) Secretary, Jeanne Larrivee; 
President, Frances Maloof; Treasurer, Paul Pelletier. 




Upper left: Members of the Student Council Advisory Committee: 
Kathy Fallon, John Moriarty, Rick Stec, Charley Hagler. Center left: 
Upsila Alpha (international honor society in history) Award 
Winners: Honorable Mention; Ronald Tye, Bonnie Sharfman, 
Cynthia Wolff: Second Place; Ron Sutphen. Lower left: VFW 
Brotherhood Award Winner: Tom McOsker. Upper right: Voice of 
Democracy Essay Contest Winner: Arthur Michailides. Center right: 
Highest ranking student in accounting: Kenneth O'Neill. Lower 
right: DAR Good Citizenship Award Winner: Mary Frances 






Honor Day 

On Honor Day, May 16, 1975, many Lowell 
High School students were named recipients 
of scholarships and awards. Eleven scholar- 
ships were awarded by the Lowell Rotary 
Club to: Mary Barrett, Timothy Bassett, Mary 
Boyle, William Chingros, Denise Hillery, Den- 
nis Lavasseur, Kathleen McCarthy, Gail 
McGowan, Mary Michaud, James McHale, and 
Timothy Lyons. 

The Union National Bank awarded savings 
bonds to top Business Education Department 
students: Kenneth O'Neil (accounting); Anne 
Marie Landry (stenography); Anne Crevier 

Carol Donovan received a portable type- 
writer for excellence in typing from Betta 
Kopy and Duplicator Co. James McCarron and 
Harry Anastopoulos received the Lowell Post 
No. 87 American Legion Book Prizes. The 
Alexander's Market scholarship went to Da- 
vid Durkin and Brain Trainor. 

Other winners were: Marcia Hardy (Quota 
Club Valedictorian Award); Jill Thibeault (De- 
Moulas Market Scholarship); Bonnie Sharf- 
man (Alpha Epsilon Phi Award); Daniel Leav- 
itt (Dolores M. Regan Scholarship); Kathleen 
Green (Arion Foundation Award, Lowell Mu- 
sicians' Association); Daniel Zabbo (Jewish 
War Veterans' Auxiliary Award); Mary 
Frances Mahoney (DAR Good Citizenship 
Award); Elaine O'Donnell, Mary Ann Boyle, 
and Mary Michaud (Girl Officers' Alumnae 

Rosemary Kelleher is presented with the Byam Insurance Award. 

Brian Trainor and David Durkin are the recipients of $250 scholarships from 

Elected to receive the $200 scholarships from the Lowell Rotary Club: (right to left) Mary Barrett, Tim Bassett, William Chfngros, Dennis 
Levasseur, Mary Michaud, Kathleen McCarthy, Denise Hillery, James McHale, Gail McGowan, Timothy Lyons. 

Mary Ann Boyle receives one of the Lowell Rotary Club scholarships from Ken 

Mary Frances Mahoney received the 
Frances R. H. Leggatt Scholarship from the 
Girl Officers Alumnae; while Ron Stuphen 
received the Francis P. McHugh Scholarship. 
Other winners were: Jacqueline Lee (John 
Sakelarios Memorial Scholarship); Mary Nale- 
zinski (Middlesex Women's Club Scholar- 
ship); Daniel Leavitt (Ernest L. Kimball Schol- 
arship); Mark Parlee (Bausch and Lamb Honor 
Awards); David S. Barrett, Susan Fitzsim- 
mons, and Leslie Goins (Rella Park Memorial 
Scholarship); Marcia Hardy (The Lowell High 
School Faculty Club Music Achievement 
Award); Patricia Donovan and Thomas Pelle- 
tier (The L.H.S. Band Award); Kevin T. Grady, 
Marcia E. Hardy, Rosemary Kelleher, and 
James A. McCarron (National Merit Letters of 
Commendation); Jane Slattery (Alice L. Cluin 
Award); Ralph DePrenda (Charles D. Foley 
Award); and Chester Szablak (Gerald Ritter 

Also: Diane McAndrews (best actress) and 
Louis Stylos (best actor) from Alumni Players; 
Kathleen Greene (Class Odist Award); Mark I. 
Robbins (National Honor Society Prize from 
members); Michael Dillon, Catherine Fallon, 
Peter Giroux, Peter Jankowski, Randall Jay, 
Agnes Jean, Timothy Lyons, Kathleen 
McCarthy, Mary Frances Mahoney and John 
Moriarty (LHS Student Council Scholarships); 
Matthew McCafferty (50th Reunion Class Rel- 
la Park Scholarship); Gail McGowan (Shirley 
Boches Foundation Scholarship); Marcia 
Hardy, Kathleen Greene, Diane McAndrews 
and David Ayotte (Choral Arts Dept. Scholar- 
ship); and Stephen Donovan, James Alemisis 
(Student Council Service Awards). 


Agnrs |ean. 
jay, Peter |a 

Raymond A. Sullivan presents the Lowell High School Student Council scholarships to (right £ left) 
M,ry Frances Mahoney. John Moriarty. Peter Giroux, Kathleen McCarthy, Michael Ddlon, Randall 
nkowski, Timothy Lyons. 

The award for the highest 
ranking student in stenography 
is received by Anne Crevier. 






Erin Noonan, as Little Eva, enacts the Siamese version of Uncle Tom's Cabin. 

As Anna, Diane McAndrews attempts to teach 
the King, portrayed by Louis Stylos, the 
graciousness of Western dance. 

Diane McAndrews delights the audience with her vocal 

Mary Michaud's beautiful voice gives a special 
poignance to her portrayal of Tuptim as she sings, "He 
is Pleased with Me." 


The King's wives attend the introduction of the princes and princesses. 

The King and I 

On May 8th and 9th the Lowell High School Choral 
Arts and Drama Departments combined talents to 
produce the spectacular musical success, The King 
and I. Based on Margaret Landon's novel, Anno and 
the King of Siam, this delightful musical portrays the 
conflicts which develop when East meets West as the 
widow Anna Leonowens attempts to bring the culture 
of her beloved England to the country of Siam and its 

Arrayed in the finery of the harem are the King's wives, Joanne Leahy, Cheryl 
Guillemette, Sharon McArthur, and Cyndi Fields. 

The Spindle 

The Lowell High School yearbook, The Spindle, 
has undergone many changes during recent years. 
The most significant of these occurred four years ago 
when the members of the class of 1972 voted over- 
whelmingly for a fall delivery of the yearbook. Since 
then, a large majority of each class has been in favor 
of this procedure. Lowell High is the only major high 
school in the area to choose a fall delivery, although 
most colleges have been receiving their books in the 
fall for many years. Late delivery permits a more 
expansive yearbook, with full coverage of all senior 
activities, up to, and including, graduation. Other 
major changes in The Spindle include 16 full color 
pages, the largest color section of any high school 
yearbook in New England, and the addition of 64 
pages. In the last two years, the book has been 
enlarged from 176 to 240 pages. 


Above: ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Lynn Parrino, Pat Biron, Nancy Macaione, Charlene Dyke. Below: EDITORIAL STAFF: Gail Laverty, 
Mary Ann McMahon; (seated) Debbie Beland, Maura O'Flahavan, Judy Nadeau; (standing) Debbie Gonzales. 


The Personnel Department, founded in 1924, helps 
greatly in preparing senior girls for the future in the 
business world. This fine department is responsible 
for all mimeographing work done in the school, such 
as printed tests, office forms, absentee lists, daily 
notices and schedules. The girls are chosen for their 
outstanding work in shorthand and typewriting dur- 
ing their junior year by Mrs. Ruth Gagnon, head of 
the Personnel Department. 

Above: Nancy Wilkins trims paper to size. BeJow: Elizabeth 
Donohue, Gerilyn Coupe, Debbie Gonzales, and Jennifer Scott 
prepare the days work. Above right: Encida Morales and Doris 
Bourassa operate the duplicator. BeJow right: Carol Donovan 
completes an assignment. 

Field Day 

Field Day is a tradition at Lowell 
High School which predates the turn 
of the century. The exercises begin 
with a parade through downtown Lo- 
well featuring companies of white 
uniformed girls, carrying either color- 
ful crepe paper shakers or Indian 
clubs, and boys in military dress car- 
rying rifles. Traditionally, the girls, led 
by Girl Officers in their navy blue 
uniforms, participate in various ex- 
ercises, while the boys, under the su- 
pervision of the Cadet Officers, vie for 
honors in competetive drills. Gymnas- 
tic activities, which place added em- 
phasis on physical fitness, are includ- 
ed in the program for underclassmen. 

r 4»»»« 

* tr ^~. 

Karen Camacho exhibits her skill with clubs. 

Maryanne Boyle performs the club drill. 

Leaders of the Lowell High School Brigade conduct the Brigade Ceremonial Review. 






Above: Members of the Junior Varsity team: (row 1) Marlene O'Brien, Ginnie Janiero; (row 
2) Cindy Ashe. Linda Caldon. Michelle O'Brien; (row 3) Karen Rockers; (row 4) Marcia 
Brown. Below. Members of the Varsity team: (row 1) Leslie Kim Goins, Donna Krysiak, 
Mary Soukaros; (row 2) LeeAnn Sullivan. Pat Toohil; (row 3) Cathy Thomas. Jan Moriarty; 
(row 4) Laurene Daugherty. Below left: Laurene Daugherty looks for an opening. 



Left: Kerry Lekites comes down for a landing from a split leap. Above: 
Brenda Murphy executes a free front split on the balance beam. Below 
right: Cathy Fallon approaches the three quarter point of a cartwheel. 
Below left: Members of the girls' gymnastics team: (row 1) Lynn 
Marchacos, Cathy Fallon, Co-Captain Kerry Lekites, Co-Captain Chris 
Perron, Ann McLaughlin, Brenda Murphy; (row 2) Karen Price, Jackie 
Rondeau, Eileen Busby; (row 3) Denise Dunn, Lisa Clay; (row 4) Ellen 


The 1974 LHS football team was backboned 
by All American Tom McOsker. Behind the 
senior offensive line of tackles, Chet Szablak 
and Barry Lewis, guards Ken Cregg and Bill 
Rawnsley, and center Bob Gormley, Tom 
rushed 878 yards, directed the pass attack to 
ends Joe Slattery and Bill Furey, and punted 
the ball on fourth down situations. 

Ed Choate, the small blocking fullback, cut 
down much larger defensive linemen, enabl- 
ing junior halfback Ed Kulis to rumble for 

Greg Noonan, Jack Rogers, and Mark Walsh 
teamed with McOsker to bolster the Red and 
Gray defense. 

Larry Rocha, a valuable two-way performer 
as a junior, was sidelined by a knee injury for 
the first half of the season. His return to the 
defensive secondary in the Haverhill tilt 
helped halt the speedy Hillie offense. 

Three leading LHS ball carriers, McOsker, Choate and Kulis sweep left for 
valuable yardage. 

Bill Furey (83), Bob Maniatis (55), and Chet Szablak (79) leading the defense against Lawrence. 








The Season 










St. John's Prep 












Tom McOsker barking signals on Thanksgiving morning, his last 
appearance as a Riddickman. 

Chet Szablak (79) and Ken Cregg (63), outstanding lineman of the 
season, and outstanding lineman of the homecoming game with 
Leominster, respectively. 

Row 1: Jim Mellen, Jack Rogers, Ken Cregg. Barry Lewis, Tom McOsker, Greg Noonan, Larry Rocha, Ed. Choate, Chet Szablak, Joe 
Slattery How 2: Neil Murphy, Mark Byrne, Bill Rawnsley, Tom Fleming, Ted Mellen, Mark Walsh, Bill Furey, Bob Gormley, Ed Kulis. 
Row 3 Dean Garrett, Tom Sager, Jim Green, Bob Maniatis, Jim Pearson, Bill Gikas, Steve Nicholaides, Jim Molloy, Atmire Bailey. Row 
4. Tom Neville, Keith Ryan, Ed Dumont, Fred Hamel, Dennis Robertson, Bill Murphy, Gary Desmond, Issa Ansara, Marc Geoffroy, Mike 
Bernard. Row 5: Neil King, Bill McQuiade, Mike Moloney, Dave Geddes. 



Coach Mike Crowley's boys couldn't wait un- 
til the Tech Tourney to play top notch clubs: 
they faced seven tourney teams in regular sea- 
son competition. While all eleven losses were 
suffered to these teams, the Red and Gray swept 
its eight games with five lower-rated schools. 

Co-captain Tim Bassett headed the well-bal- 
anced scoring stats with 244 points. Steve Crea- 
mer and Paul Makiej also cleared the 200 point 
mark. Guards Al Dennis and Co-captain Steve 
Callahan and rebounders Mike McMullen and 
Dan Rogers supplied the remaining offense. This 
year's team could have won the Merrimack Val- 
ley Conference title, or placed high in the great- 
er-Boston League standings; but, unfortunately, 
L.H.S. was forced once again to play basketball 
without the advantages of a league affiliation. As 
an independent, Lowell challenged the state's 
best clubs and finished the campaign at .500. 

Paul Makiej eludes his Peabody opponent for an easy lay-up. 

Row 1: Greg Thomas, Mark Sullivan, Co-captain Tim Bassett, Co-captain Steve Callahan, Al Dennis, Mark Stanley. Row 2: Coach 
Crowley, Mike Hayes, Paul Makiej, Matt McCafferty, Joe Nangle, Tim Lyons, Mike McMullen, Steve Creamer, Dan Rogers, Assistant 
Coach Kelley. 

Center Tim Lyons applies a press in a game with 

aptain Steve Callahan drives to the basket for two points. 


Right: Starters Tom Graham and Ken O'Neil lead the team in warm-ups. 

Below: Tom Tetreault (6) and John Miller (8) help Goalie Bob Kelleher protect 
the Lowell net. 

Captain John Miller reverse? while Goalie Rick Stec observes the action. 


How 1 Phil Richards Mike Gallagher, Gary Desmond John Curseaden, Matt King. Row 2: Bob Kelleher, Ken O'Neil, Captain John 
Miller Tom Tetreault, Jim Donovan, John Gallagher, Jim Tully. Row 3: Coach Ed Sullivan, Rick Couillard, Dan Frawley, Tom Graham, 
Mike Campbell. John Lawrence. Al Millinazo, Dan Boucher, Neil Murphy, Joe Sweeney, Coach Russell and Coach Vagos. 



On March 1st, 1975, the Lowell High wrestling 
team, trained by Coach George Bossi, for the sec- 
ond time in three years clinched the top honors in 
the New England wrestling meet at Wayland High 
School. A week earlier in Brockton, L.H.S. out- 
distanced their host Boxers to win their third con- 
secutive state mat tide. Tri-captains Bill Furey, 
George Kacavas, and Earle McQuaide swept first 
place in their weight divisions in the Northern 
Sectionals, and the State and New England Tour- 
naments. Bill Rawnsley placed second statewide. 
Joining the above Raiders with Greater Lowell 
championships were teammates Dave Hopler, Mike 
Dillon, and Damon Demas. Kacavas was further 
honored with the Massachusetts' Outstanding 
Wrestler of the Year award, while George Bossi 
was cited as the state's Coach of the Year. 

Tri-captain Earle McQuaide, the New England Champ of 154 pounds, 
finishes a headlock. 

Row 1: Ed Saba, Tri-captain Earle McQuaide, Tri-captain Bill Furey, Tri-captain George Kacavas, Dave Hopler, Mike Dillon, 
Dennis Levasseur. Row 2: Coach George Bossi, Dave Quigley, Tom Sager, Bill McQuaide, Barry Lewis, Bill Rawnsley, Damon 
Demas, Dennis Robinson, Brian McMahon. 

The Season 




Springfield Tech 



Springfield Cathedral 












North Reading 









Tabor Academy 






Hamilton- We nham 












Phillips- Andover 



Tri-captain Bill Furey, New England Champ of 147 pounds, runs an armbar for a pin. 

Tri-captain George Kacavas. New England Champ at 107 pounds, in a rare 

moment - on the defensive. 


Boys' Track 

Tom McOsker hands the baton to Co-captain Mark Robbins in the quarter mile relay 
qualifying for state competition. 

Javelin thrower Larry Rocha also doubled in low and 
high hurdles. 

Row l: Mark Johnson Joe Quinlan, Tom Kenny, Henry Landry, Dave Caisse, Ed Kulis (in front of Ed is Erik Nelson), Pete Callery Jim 
TuUy, John O Donnell, Bob Jarek, Phil Myer. Row 2: Coach John Lang, Coach Walter Nelson, Tom McOsker, Peter Cricones Mark 
Sullivan, ^-captain Tom Fteming, Co-captain Mark Robbins, Seth Levy, Larry Rocha, Larry McLaughlin, Brian Grady, Norman 
Geoffrey Coach Patrick McMahon. Row 3: Neil Murphy, BUI Conant, Atmire Bailey, Bob Abbacunas, Jimmy Fleming, Dave Levy, Dave 
Martin, Jim Molloy, Angelo Karabatsos, Doug Mostrom. 

Mark Sullivan enroute to first honors in the high 

Coach John Lang spent the autumn of '74 
rebuilding his cross country team, which was 
led by its lone senior member, Tom McCabe. 
During a winter of no dual meets, the hearty 
faithful ran in all kinds of inclement weather 
on Centralville's hilly First Street. Come 
Spring, though, everything fell into place as 
the Raiders fashioned a 3-5 mark. Tom Flem- 
ing and Tom McOsker each contributed a 
triple win performance on separate occasions. 
The quarter mile relay squad, consisting of 
McOsker, Mark Robbins, Neil Murphy, and Ed 
Kulis, qualified for state competition. Larry 
Rocha overcame an aggravating football in- 
jury to fill his role, not only as the top L.H.S. 
low and high hurdler, but also as a respect- 
able 'rookie' javelin thrower. 


% f 

' '"" i 

The rebuilding cross country squad breaks into the winning column as they handily 
defeat Lawrence Yoke at Shedd Park. 

.plain Tom Fleming - 1st in the half mile. 



Donna Grenier, Kathy Geddes, and Julie Carignan demonstrate their winning forehands. 

Kneeling: Kathy Geddes, Julie Carignan, Denise Sevigny, Donna Grenier, Philomena Reid. Standing: Coach Dennis Krysiak, Karen 
Tenczar, Kathy McCalL Sandy Anderson, Cheryl Bolis, Cheryl Silver, Elinor Sullivan, Brenda Grappi, Janice Carroll, Mandy Hancock, 
Marlene O'Brien, Michelle O'Brien. 


w ! 


m- ; H?u 

Above: Chris Perron, winner of the all-state 80 yard hurdles championship and 
the N.E.A.A.U. 100 yard hurdles championship, easily outdistances her closest 
rival. Upper left: Diedre Conway and Doreen McMahon take a break between 
events. Left: Cathy Cross winds up for a discus throw. 

Girls' Track 

isa Clay, Maria McCullough, Sue LeDuc, MaryLou DaSilva, Michelle Bissett, Cathy Furey. Row 2: Ann McLaughlin, Cathy 
olleen Conlin, Barbara Geddes, Doreen McMahon, Liz Callahan. Row 3: Lisa McNiff, Jennie Janeiro, Kathy Thomas, Laureen 
Daugherty, Deidre Conway, Judy McMahon, Chris Perron, Mrs. Nelson. 


Seniors John Moriarty, John Miller, and Mark Sullivan 
were aided by a surprising sophomore, Joe Sweeney, dur- 
ing Lowell's 1975 golf season. These Raiders surpassed 
Coach Petros' expectations for a rebuilding year when they 
earned a 9-5 record on a schedule which included a few 
Greater-Boston schools plus neighboring Merrimac Valley 

Mark Sullivan on the green. 

Matt King '77 and Co-captain John Miller size up a putt. 

Coach Joseph Petros, Charles Donahue, Gary Finneral, Joe Sweeney, Co-captain John Moriarty, Mark Sullivan, Steve Poremba, Al 
Milinazzo, Matt King, Robert Phaneuf. 


Boys' Tennis 

The 1975 boys' tennis team recorded a 10-3 regular 
season ledger with a predominantly underclassmen 
squad. Lowell then entered the Eastern Massachusetts 
Tournament, but was ousted in the opening round by an 
older Coyle-Cassidy club. The lone senior was Mike 
O'Malley, who played first doubles with junior Mike 
Hickey. Another junior, Captain Mike Casey, weathered 
the season undefeated with a perfect 15-0 mark. 


Senior Mike O'Malley delivers a "cannon-ball" serve. 

Captain Mike Casey delivers a topspin forehand. 

Row V Mike Gallagher, Doug Parigian, Dave Hickey, Mike Hickey, Paul Laferierre. Row 2: Coach Scott Davis, John Mitchell, Mark 
Lafrenniere, Mike O'Malley, Captain Mike Casey, Ken Goodman, Bill Hamilton, Kevin Brodeur. 


The spring of 1975 saw Coach Skaff rebuilding his baseball 
team with only these seniors on his roster: Captain and 3rd 
baseman Jim McHale, outfielders Matt McCafferty and Dan 
Zabbo, and pitchers Mike McMullen and Dan Rogers. After 
its record was raised to 4-3 by Bob Kenney's second straight 
win — a 4-0 shutout of Somerville — the Red and Gray was 
dealt a severe set-back for a winning season when this 
undefeated pitcher became unavailable for the rest of the 
year from an arm injury. Mark Byrne and Steve Creamer, 
both undergraduates, batted .400 and .303 respectively, while 
Matt McCafferty hit at a .286 clip. 


• * l(i>liiiBIWWljWJ^B»-: : : : 




Captain Jim McHale flanked by coaches Cunha and Skaff. 

Senior Steve Santos on the alert. , 

Row 1: Dan Zabbo, Steve Santos, Jim McHale, Dan Chartier. Row 2: Asst. Coach George Cuhna, John McHale, Mike Campbell, Matt 
McCafferty, Mike McMullen, Tim Bassett, Dan Rogers, Jim Michaud, Scott Jangraw, and Coach Mike Skaff. 


Bob St. Sauveur on the rings. 

Larry McLaughlin in the air. 

Row 1: Tony Mennella, Robert St. Sauveur, Pat Mical, Larry McLaughlin, John Croteau, George Rushton. Row 2: Coach Vagos, Paul 
Lupien, Wally Chicoine, Mark Hood, Mark Giroux. 


Lake Whalom Trip 

(Photos by Richard Wedge) 

Above: Donna Martell finds a new friend. Below: Ken Rousseau sees 
himself in a new light. 

Upper left: Estelle Peters demonstrates her driver ed skills. Center left: 
"We really ought to give up this drinking." Lower left: "Is it too late to get 
off??" Above: "Wheeeee!" Below: Watching the world go round. 



The Senior Prom 







de Ville 

June 6, 



» « w 

n a 
R « " •• 



* It 

» « 

« tt » 

a :: : 

« !! 

f - K 8 (, 

« « 



Above: Adding dignity and graciousness to the festive occasion are L.H.S. Master, Stanley J. 
Stoklosa; his wife, School Committeewoman Kathryn Philbin Stoklosa; and School 
Committeeman Clement Gregory McDonough. 

Opposite: Mary Ann McMahon and Phil Therriault join in a spirited rendition of a L.H.S. 
favorite, "The Hully Gully." 

T W~ 



" ■— ~ 





i ■*>* 

- .» 

Above left: Randy Jay, President of the class of '75 presents the class gift. Above: 
Valedictorian Marcia E. Hardy speaks on the influence of music on life. 

796 Receive Diplomas 

On June 11, 1975, 796 seniors graduated 
during traditional ceremonies at Memorial 

George D. Kouloheras, Vice Chairman of 
the Lowell School Committee, awarded diplo- 
mas and Superintendent of Schools Earl 
Sharfman presented the honors, including the 
coveted Carney Medals, which go to the three 
highest ranking boys and the three highest 
ranking girls in the senior class. 

The invocation for the graduation exercise 
was delivered by the Very Rev. Walter B. 
Sullivan, O.P., P.G., while Capt. Merle R. Mill- 
er of the Salvation Army concluded the cere- 
monies with his benediction. 

Supt. Sharfman presents the Lowell Boston College Club Prize to Richard Hayes for 
excellence in Latin. 



Dr Sh.irfm.rn oonpattllatei this year's recipients of the Carney Medals: Starr Betses, Marcia Hardy, Carolyn Greene, Harry 
AflMtopouloa Steve Demetriou and Arthur Michailides. 


The Franklin E. Johnson Book Prize for 
excellence in English went to Carolyn J. 
Greene; Lowell Boston College Club Prize for 
Latin, to Richard Hayes; Alliance Francaise 
Prize for French, to Starr Betses; High School 
Alumni Association Prize for math to Carolyn 
J. Green; Alice F. D. Pearson Medals for busi- 
ness education, to Mary Jo Cameron (secretar- 
ial division) and Kenneth O'Neil (accounting 
Division) and the Margaret E. White Memorial 
Scholarship went to Jody L. Masse. 

Perfect Attendance Awards were given to 
Patricia Biron, Ralph DePrenda, Stephen 
McCarron and Mark Parlee. 

Hutl T AMitopouloi delivers bis Salutatory Address. 





During the ceremonies, honorable mention 
was made of those who attained a scholar- 
ship rank of 90 percent: David Barrett, Ralph 
DePrenda, Kevin Grady, Daniel Leavitt, James 
McCarron, Thomas McOsker, Mark Parlee, Mark 
Robbins, Ron Sutphen, Chester Szablak, Ronald 
Tye, John Walsh, Mary Jo Cameron, Juliette Ca- 
rignan, Eileen Coleman, Elizabeth Donnelly, 
Jeanne Dupont, Susan Fitzsimmons, Leslie Gal- 
vao, Denise Hillery, Kathy Hoar, Carol Jan- 
kowski, Rosemary Kelleher, Ellen King, Jacquel- 
ine Lee, Mary Ann Oczkowski, Elaine O'Donnell, 
Brenda Oliver. Paula Reno, Denise Sevigny, Ber- 
nice Teague, and Cynthia Wolff. 

Standing Ovation Accorded Headmaster 
by his Last Graduating Class 

Of the many tributes that have been accorded 
retiring Headmaster Sullivan recently, certainly 
one of the most significant was the standing 
ovation given him by the members of the gradu- 
ating class of 1975 and their parents at com- 
mencement exercises on June 11. The feelings 
expressed by these 796 graduates are symbolic 
of the feelings shared by the more than 30,000 
graduates who have been educated at Lowell 
High School during Mr. Sullivan's career. 

Grady Mulligan, Class of 1976, sings a farewell tribute of special 
significance to Headmaster Sullivan, "I Did It My Way." 

: Mmm, 


Look ahead and face the future, 

Have faith in God. 

Knowledge Jets your freedom grow. 

— Kathleen Greene 

■» ■■ • 



h 1. 

<^*- •*•***• ^* 


Graduates of 1975, 

joyous memories and sad 

left behind, 

iook for new horizons, bright futures. 


Now the world is out there waiting for you. 
Now the future is what you will make it. 

Which way to go? 

What job to seek? 

Where is the yellow brick road? 

One company represents so many different 

avenues there may be a job opportunity that just 

fits your particular talents. More important, 

a job that leads to a better job. Ask your 

guidance counselor where and when you can 

apply for an interview with 

New England Telephone. 

A people-to-people business. 

New England Telephone 
An equal opportunity employer 


Dr. and Mrs. Dewey G. Archambault 

Atty. and Mrs. John Bowers 

Lincoln Sq. T.V. Color Repairs 

Dunkin Donuts 

The Fruit Basket 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic P. Gallagher 

Jones Pharmacy 

Clermont's Market 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Kalergis 

Lincoln Hardware and Supply Co. 

Merrimack Valley Welders Supply 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Neves 
Northeast Pet and Aquarium 
Edward J. Owens, Esq. 
Peter Pan Drive-In 
Lowell Pro Shop 
Joseph C. Rosenberger 
Raymond A. Webb, Esq. 
Dr. Stuart G. Weisfeldt 


Megan Ahearn 

William M. Alexis 

Susan Archambault 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Azarowski 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Barrett Jr. 

Col. John Beaulieu 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Biron 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Biron 

Mr. Charles Bolianites 

Mrs. Doris R. Bourgeois 

Ernest R. Bowler 

Ronald J. Chiurri 

Diane and Ronnie Chubb 

M. Collins 

Sue Comtois 

Catherine E. Conway 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Coutu 

Mr. Joseph H. Coutu 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Coyne 

Mr. and Mrs. Christos Demetriou 

Mrs. Kathleen Dillon 

Mr. and Mrs. John Donlon 

Priscilla S. Donlon 

Carol Drapeau 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Eliopoulos 

Mrs. and Mrs. John Farrell 

Flip and Fuzz 

Mrs. Ruth Gagnon 

Millie Gauthier 

Richard Paul Georgeou 

J. B. Golas 

Groton Lowell Upward Bound 

Sheila G. Hallissy 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harvey Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hirbour II 

Miss Agnes Jean 

July 6th., 1974 

Miss Adell Kaufman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kirby 

Mrs. Dorothy Laverty 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. LeBlanc 

Mrs. Harold J. Lee 

Florence L. Lynch 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Mahoney 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Mahoney Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Maille 

Mrs. Rita Mastrullo 

Mr. McCarthy 

Thomas McCue 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. McGrail 

James J. McMahon 

Joseph T. McMahon 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McMahon 

Mrs. Blanche Merrill 

Marian Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. James Nikitas 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Parrino 

Mr. and Mrs. James Patsourakos 

Phil and Maryanne 

Cheryl Popik 

Mr. and Mrs. James Queenan 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Quinn 

Dee and Pete Regis 

Mrs. Grace S. Scanlan 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schell 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Stroumbos 

Dr. and Mrs. William Sweeney 

Mrs. Doris Taltz 

Mary F. Tobin 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Toupin 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Douglas Townshend 

Carolyn Walsh 

Mrs. Hester Weisberg 

Dr. Louis Yarid 


George Alexandropoulos 
Cindy Allard 
Mary Ann Azarowski H.ilas 
|.ihn H.izd.ines 
Patricia Biron 
Nancy Boisvert 
Michael Boland 
Miry Lou Bolduc 
Dons Bourassa 
Dennis R Bourque 
Brastrap In Cym 
|oseph Gampanello 
Chester & Shalom 
Louise Cognac 
Cail Collery 
Diane Connerton 
Mrs |ames A. Considine 

Debbie Coombs 

Pam Coravos 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cote 

Deborah Coutu 

James Croteau 

Angela DaCunha 

Joseph Davis 

Linda Demarais 

Darlene Desrochers 

Diane Dube 

Dave Durkin 

Enrollees of Neighborhood Youth Corps. 

Maura J. Farley 

Russell Fisette 

Claire Flevry 

Debra Ann Foley 

Peggy Frappier 

James C. Gleason 

David B. Hanks 

Marcia Hardy 

Paul Harvey 

Denise Hillery 

Gary Hirbour 

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Hobart 

Sue Landry 

Lanoue Family 

Vera Larrivee 

Arthur J. Laurent 

Gayle A. Laverty 

Joanne Leahy 

Karen LeBlanc 

Shelley Levasseur 

Seth Levy 

Cathy Lowe 

Nancy Macaione 

Sharon MacArthur 

Mary Frances Mahoney 
Marcia & Joe 
Maryann & Michael 
Roger Maxfleld 
Patricia McAlpine 
Patty McCray 
Katherine McDonnell 
James McHale 
Louise McKenna 
Elaine McMahon 
Audrey Merrill 
Eugene Mitchell 
Pamela Morris 
Evelyn Morrison 
Michael Murphy 
Mary E. Nalezinski 
Brenda Neary 
Michael J. Osborn 













. . . and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud 
of the part we have had in helping to make 
yourclassbook a permanent reminder of your 
school years, recording with photographs one of the 
happiest and most exciting times of your life! We 
hope that, just as you have chosen us as your 
class photographer, you will continue to think of 
Loring Studios when you want photographs to help 
you remember other momentous days to come! 
When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of 
the finest craftsmanship at the most 
moderate prices! 


New England's Fj Leading Portrait and Yearbook Photographers 

A & L taxi 

We Have One Of The Largest Fleets 
And Render Better Service 

455-5661 453-5552 

Look for The Green & Black Cabs 

Congratulations to 1974 Graduates 

"V/lwre lot nor rows Hair 
Styles are Created Today" 


School of Hair Design 

MALDEN: 330 MAIN ST. 324-7710 
LOWELL: 24 PALMER ST. 453-1822 

Bring refreshment into play 

have a Coke 

"CoW" Ii a nghitnd tradt-mark. 




is in 


TOW* 1«G»&*MINT 

Safety has many visible forms of expression. The familiar 

traffic signals, the hydrant near your home, the police 

officer on his rounds — all these are for your safety. 

A savings account in any of the Mutual Savings Banks of Lowell 

can be your own personal expression of safety 

and security. Saving now may mean your happiness later. 

Stop in today and open a savings account. It's fast, 

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o o o o 



173 Centra! Street Lowell, Mass. 

Best Of Luck 
To The Class of 1975 

en Real Estate 

PHONE 459-3701 



Peter Nikitopoulos 
Lucretia Nikitopoulos 
Jack O'Brien 

Congratulations to the 

LHS Class of 1975 


• SINCE 1933 • 


Hairstyling Institute 

• Accredited • Co-Ed 

136 Central St. GL2-8686 


Our exclusive Robert Newton and International Pivot 
Point techniques guarantees you'll be a good one. 

Day, evening and part-time 
courses. Come in or call for 

Best Wishes to the 

Graduating Class 



Your agent for 

World's finest class rings 




Downtown Lowell and Chelmsford Mall 




147 Central Street 


ROOM 201 







1516 Middlesex St. 

Lowell, Mass. 

Best Wishes 

Dennis Office Supply 

"Supplies for School, Home, and Office" 

• Typewriters 

• Calculators 

• Drafting Equipment 

• Artist Supplies 

109 Market Street 

Lowell, Mass. 





Lowell's Only . . . 

One Stop Wedding Center 


• Gowns By Bianchi 

• Tuxedos By Lord West 

and After Six 
4 Pine St., Lowell, Mass. Tel. 458-1451 


Albert H. Notini & Sons, 




225 Aiken Street 
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854 

Girls' and Boys' 

TraM Y«r Hn* Kair at 



For it 


Next lo Bon Mot che 

This Space in the Spindle is 

Respectfully Dedicated to 

The Men and Women 

Responsible for Educating the 

1975 Graduating Class of 

Lowell High School 






Fred. C. Church, Inc. 


wishes you every 
success at this 

important height 
in your career! 

Peace and Best Wishes 

to the Class of '75 

Lallas Buick, Opel Inc, 

Mary Lallas, Your Authorized Buick, Opel 


61 East Merrimack Street 

Good Luck (You Need It!) 

S.N.P. B.P. 

780 Rogers Street 

Next to the stadium 

Stephen N. Papleacos 

Best Wishes 


The Class of 1975 


100 PHOENIX AVE. -:- LOWELL, MASS 01852 

Mr. O's 

Jeans for He and She 

156 Merrimack Street 
Downtown Lowell 

Congratulations to 
Class of 1975 
from the employees and management 


Quality Bonut §t|ops, flnc 


Speedy Take-out Service 
Tel. 453-9294 

Best Wishes to 


irst Federal Savings 


Best Wishes from 


9 Middlesex Street 


Insurance Agency, Inc. 

701 Merrimack St., Lowell, Mass. 01852 


FEENEY The Florist 


TELEPHONE 452-0555 


Find Yourself In the U.S. Ait Force 

Air Force 



Warehouse Stores 

Where the Difference 


Extra Savings 

724 Rogers Street 









Men's Store Varsity Shop Boy's Dept. 

More Boosters 

Kathy O'Sullivan 

Brian Scotl 

Kathleen Paciorek 

Rachel Simmoneau 

Marc Parlee 

Thom. is Skrekas 

Patty Pernjaiilt 

Al Souza 


Robert Stemple 

Chris Portuese 

Eddie St(ip\ i.i 

Joanne Quinn 

Lowe Stylos 

Paula Reno 

Deborah Sullivan 

Rebecca Richards 

Doug Sullivan 

Betty (Bip Bit) Ro 



Mr. and Mrs. Leo 

Roberge Sr. 

Janet Walsh 

Steve Roper 

Nancy Wilkins 

Paula Rygiel 

Faye Zamanakos 

Susan Saba 

Established in 1866 


Stationery— School Supplies 

96-104-108 Merrimack Street 

Downtown Lowell 







455-5311 or 459-9071 



Class of '75 


Wholesale Sporting Goods — Sports Clothing 

Tel. 458-831 1 

Lowell, Mass 


Lowell High School, Lowell High School, 

May we ever stand 

Honest, faithful, and courageous, 

Loyal to our land. 

Lowell High School, Lowell High School, 

We shall all be true 

to the ideals you teach us, 

Through and through. 

The Lowell % High School Song